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Your results will appear, in order of relevance, in the middle section of your screen. You may also sort results by rank, date, title, or author or limit to specific sources.

Selecting and Exporting Results

Selecting and Viewing Results

Checking the box next to any result will add that result to Your Selections. These selections remain available for viewing until you delete them or close your browser.

The My Selections link, directly above your results pane, allows you to view results you have selected, with the option of exporting them into your citation manager.

You can clear all selections by clicking the trash icon above the results pane, or by clicking the minus icon beside each selection.

From the Your Selections page, select Back to previous pageto return to your original result list.

Exporting Results

Available result export options include emailing results, citations export and printing. If you use a bibliographic reader such as EndNote, RefWorks or Bib Tex, you may download the selected results into your citation manager via an RIS formatted download. Your citation manager should automatically display the results downloaded.

Emailing Results

  • The envelope icon above the results pane allows you to email a set of results to yourself, friends, or colleagues
  • Select the envelope icon, and enter the required information, indicated by red asterisk:
  • You can email only your selected set of results.
  • If you do not receive your email results in a few minutes, check your spam filter.
Email Results

Exporting Results - Citations Management

Citations management
Citations Management is only available from the Your Selections page. You must select results you would like to export into a citation manager from the main set of results, then visit Your Selections.



You may export your selected results into your preferred online management system or to your desktop in RIS format.

Your citation manager should automatically display the results downloaded.

Print Results

The Print icon option allows you to print selections from the Your Selections page, or directly from your main results page.

Source Status

Source Status
The Source Status link will present a dialog log showing the responsiveness of each separate source. The Check markindicates that the search at that particular source completed successfully; the Unresponsiveindicates that the source was unresponsive.

Spelling Suggestion will suggest words and phrases when a misspelling is detected. You'll see this in the upper left corner of the results page. Simply select the suggested term and a new search will be performed with the corrected query information.

Search Tips

Queries can include:

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