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Shower Tower, Miele Showroom, Johannesburg South Africa  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper presents the design and testing results of a prototype passive downdraft evaporative cooling tower PDEC installed and tested to guide the design of a permanent tower intended as a cost effective retrofit to the Miele Showroom at the South African head offices in Johannesburg. The showroom forms a large part of the building which was completed 2 years

Paul Carew; Gerry Joubert


Evaluación de la posible adulteración de mieles de abeja comerciales de origen costarricense al compararlas con mieles artesanales provenientes de apiarios específicos  

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SUMMARY. Evaluation of the potential adulteration of com- mercial honey distributed in Costa Rica compared with artesanian honey samples coming from specific apiaries. Honey is the principal apiculture product, produced by Apis mellifera bee. This, as any other food product, has to accomplish certain quality standards, including physicochemical, organoleptic and microbio- logical properties. Within these parameters, different measures are considered

Maurico Ureña Varela; Esteban Arrieta Bolaños; Eduardo Umaña; Luis Gabriel Zamora; María Laura Arias



Efecto del uso de dos reinas en la población, peso, producción de miel y rentabilidad de colonias de abejas (Apis mellifera L.) en el altiplano mexicano The effect of using two honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) queens on colony population, honey production, and profitability in the Mexican high plateau  

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of a two-queen\\/beehive management system on colony population, honey production, and profitability. Ninety two experimental colonies (46 colonies with one queen and 46 with two queens) were established in the Mexican high plateau region. The following variables were estimated: honey yields, cost per kilogram of honey produced, bee populations, and

Angélica Genoveva; Gris Valle; Ernesto Guzmán-Novoaab; Adriana Correa Benítez; J. Antonio; Zozaya Rubio


Are coffee and toffee served in a cup? Ortho-phonologically mediated associative priming.  


We report three masked associative priming experiments with the lexical decision task that explore whether the initial activation flow of a visually presented word activates the semantic representations of that word's orthographic/phonological neighbours. The predictions of cascades and serial/modular models of lexical processing differ widely in this respect. Using a masked priming paradigm (stimulus onset asynchrony, SOA = 50 ms), words preceded by ortho-phonologically mediated associated "neighbours" (oveja-MIEL, the Spanish for sheep-HONEY; note that oveja is a phonological neighbour of abeja, the Spanish for bee) were recognized more rapidly than words preceded by an unrelated word prime (Experiments 1 and 3). Furthermore, the magnitude of the ortho-phonologically mediated priming effect (oveja-MIEL) was similar to the magnitude of the associative priming effect (abeja-MIEL). With visible primes and a 250-ms SOA, only the directly associated words showed a priming effect (Experiment 2). These findings pose some problems for a modular account and are more easily interpreted in terms of cascaded models. PMID:19031156

Duñabeitia, Jon Andoni; Carreiras, Manuel; Perea, Manuel



Historia Verdadera de Una Gota de Miel. (The True Story of a Drop of Honey).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Part of the series "Coleccion Mini-Libros" (Mini-Book Collection), the booklet is a factual account of the life of a bee. Designed to provide a tool for education of the Spanish-speaking child, as well as to stimulate an interest in Spanish among the youth of our country, the publication is a compilation of photographs with a description of bees…

Galarza, Ernesto


Historia Verdadera de Una Gota de Miel. (The True Story of a Drop of Honey).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Part of the series "Coleccion Mini-Libros" (Mini-Book Collection), the booklet is a factual account of the life of a bee. Designed to provide a tool for education of the Spanish-speaking child, as well as to stimulate an interest in Spanish among the youth of our country, the publication is a compilation of photographs with a description of bees…

Galarza, Ernesto


Capitulo 18. Apoidea: Las Abejas. In: I. Gauld & P. Hanson, Hymenoptera de la Region Neotropical  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

This chapter provides a comprehensive characterization of the bees of the Neotropics, the region from southern Mexico to the southern tip of South America. The bees of this region are very diverse. There are over 3680 species known with many additional species yet to be discovered. The biology, es...


Identificacion de Enfermedades de las Abejas en el Apiario (Identifying Bee Diseases in the Apiary).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Eight major diseases of bees are the subject of the pamphlet. Their causes and modes of transmission are described, and ways of diagnosing the illnesses are presented. Diseases reviewed included foulbrood diseases, sacbrood diseases, egg/larva fungi, 'Nos...



Guia Practica: Como Manejar Abejas Africanizadas (Practical Guide: How to Manage Africanized Bees).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The report discusses beekeeping equipment and methods, including beehive construction and dismantling. Covered are characteristics of African bees as compared with European types. Also, addresses various disease symptoms and general management.

R. Bailey D. Anderson




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In two production cycles, 2003 and 2004, the polyamine content in anthers of Japanese pear (Pyrus pyrifolia Nakai), cvs. Niitaka, Housui and Choujuurou, was determined through the technique of high performance liquid chromatography, 3, 2, 1 and 0 d before anthesis (DBA). In the three cultivars, the putrescine content decreased from between 9.8 and 11.2, to 4.2 and 5.6 mmmm

Omar Franco-Mora; Kenji Tanabe; Koyama Minami


Zur Belastungssituation von Eltern mit einem hörgeschädigten Kind Was belastet - was entlastet Eltern? Was leistet das Cochlear Implant? Eine vergleichende Studie zur Belastung von Eltern mit einem hörgeschädigten Kind in Deutschland und Polen  

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Wenn wir auf die Zeit vor 10 - 15 Jahren zurückblicken, als die ersten Kinder, damals noch wesentlich ältere Kinder als heute, implantiert wurden, war die erhoffte Entlas- tung durch eine Cochlea - Implantation sehr groß. Aber auch die Entscheidung für eine Implantation war keine leichte Entscheidung, denn zu viele Fragen, die damit verbunden waren, konnten noch nicht beantwortet werden.




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Honey is a natural food elaborated from floral and extrafloral secretions of the plants usually visit by the honeybee (Apis mellifera), where it takes the necessary elements for maintenance and the sustenance for the beehive. This work, show final results corresponding to the physicochemical parameters used in the characterization and determination of the quality of the honeys harvested in two

Guillermo Salamanca Grosso; Juan Antonio Serra Belenguer


5. Typical plankcovered flume. View looks west near Luna de ...  

Library of Congress Historic Buildings Survey, Historic Engineering Record, Historic Landscapes Survey

5. Typical plank-covered flume. View looks west near Luna de Miel Street. - Lake Hodges Flume, Along San Dieguito River between Lake Hodges & San Dieguito Reservoir, Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego County, CA


Aerodynamic heating of ballistic missile including the effects of gravity  

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The aerodynamic heating of a ballistic missile due to only convection is analysed taking into consideration the effects of\\u000a gravity. The amount of heat transferred to the wetted area and to the nose region has been separately determined, unlike A\\u000a Miele’s treatise without consideration of gravity. The peak heating rates to the wetted area and to the nose of the

S. N. Maitra



Hiatus Resolution in Spanish: An Experimental Study  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|In Spanish, adjacent vowels across and within word boundaries are either in hiatus or form a diphthong. Generally, when either of the unstressed high vowels /i/ and /u/ appears next to any of the other vowels /e/, /a/, or /o/ the result is a diphthong (i.e., "puerta" "door" less than [pwer.ta], "miel" "honey" less than [mjel], and so on). All…

Souza, Benjamin J.



Function in Stereotyping of Older Persons  

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In first encounters, age is one of the earliest characteristics we notice about other people (Fiske 1998; Kite, Deaux, and Miele 1991). Conscious or not, noticing age drives our interactions with others. Age seems to an- swer: How should I address them? What are their political views? What do they know about popular culture? Will they be competent? Socially aware?

Amy J. C. Cuddy; Susan T. Fiske


Creating Cultures of Peace: Pedagogical Thought and Practice. Selected Papers from the 10th Triennial World Conference (September 10-15, 2001, Madrid, Spain)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The 10th Triennial World Conference of the World Council for Curriculum and Instruction (WCCI) was held September 10-15, 2001 in Madrid, Spain. The theme of the conference was "Cultures of Peace." Thirty-four papers and presentations are divided into nine sections. Part I, Tributes to the Founders of WCCI, includes: (1) Tribute to Alice Miel

Benton, Jean E., Ed.; Swami, Piyush, Ed.




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La Loque Americana es una de las más serias enfermedades que afecta a las larvas de las abejas Apis mellifera. El agente causal es Paenibacillus larvae subespecie larvae, una bacteria Gram positiva, perteneciente al grupo Bacillus (Bailey y Ball, 1991). P. l. larvae se dispersa en forma de esporas altamente resistentes al calor y a la deshidratación, siendo capaces de

Pablo Zunino; Karina Antúnez


Suffering for justice in Chiapas: Religion and the globalization of ethnic identity  

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Examined here is the way in which the indigenous uprising in Chiapas has been able to mobilize international support by employing globally shared discourses to articulate collective identities and political demands. The focus is on the group of liberation theology Roman Catholics in San Pedro Chenalhó and their political association Las Abejas, today one of the most potent symbols of

Heidi Moksnes



Das polnische Familienrecht im Reformprozeß der staatlichen Ordnung  

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Zusammenfassung. Die politische Neuordnung Polens, die Ratifizierung internationaler Konventionen und der beabsichtigte Beitritt zur Europäischen Union erfordern eine Überarbeitung des Zivilrechts und des bislang in einem eigenen Gesetzbuch geregelten Familien- und Fürsorgerechts. Der Verfasser untersucht die bisherigen Vorschläge der Kommission für die Kodifizierung des Zivilrechts und unterbreitet eigene Lösungsansätze. Bereits eingeführt wurde u.a. die fakultative Zivilehe und die Erweiterung der

Tadeusz Smyczynski



The Cultural Crafting of Embryonic Stem Cells: The Metaphorical Schematisation of Stem Cell Research in the Polish and French Press1  

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In diesem Artikel werden Ähnlichkeiten und Unterschiede in der anfänglichen Schematisierung der Stammzellenforschung im öffentlichen Diskurs Polens und Frankreichs untersucht. Zwei Zeitungskorpora (Le Monde und Gazeta Wyborcza) aus den Jahren 1998-2000 wurden im Hinblick auf die Frage analysiert, inwiefern beide Zeitungen ähnliche oder kulturspezifische Metaphernnetzwerke in der Bildung von ‚Stammzellrealitäten' aufbauen. Der Artikel basiert auf der Annahme, dass Metaphern im

Martin Döring; Jörg Zinken


Antibiotic Stewardship through the EU Project \\  

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\\u000a Zusammenfassung  Die Problematik der zunehmenden Resistenz mikrobieller Krankheitserreger erfordert die Implementierung entsprechender Antibiotika\\u000a Stewardship-Programme. Im September 2006 begann in Belgien, Deutschland, Italien, Österreich, Polen, Slowenien, der Slowakei,\\u000a Tschechien und in Ungarn das Projekt \\

Franz Allerberger; Annegret Frank; Roland Gareis



Erholungstendenzen in den MOEL  

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GERMAN: Die Wirtschaft dürfte sich in den mittel- und osteuropäischen Ländern (MOEL) beleben, allerdings länderweise in unterschiedlichem Ausmaß. Zwischen September 2008 und März 2009 hatte sie teilweise einen schweren Rückschlag erlitten. Polen und Albanien waren die einzigen MOEL, deren Wachstum sich nur verlangsamte, während die Wirtschaftsleistung der baltischen Länder und der Ukraine drastisch schrumpfte. Eine Rückkehr zu den kräftigen Wachstumsraten

Josef Pöschl



Creating a Chinese \\  

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This paper analyzes the country-of-origin effects of Chinese brands going international. To approach this topic, the author uses a comparative case study, in which a Chinese manufacturer of white goods, Haier, and a German manufacturer, Miele, serve as examples. Fueled by “China trash†reports in EU and US media, the image of China as country of origin still has a

Cora F. Jungbluth



On optimal running downhill on skis.  


In the paper the problem of the minimum time schuss is discussed. The skier is modelled as a point mass moving on the slope. The profile of the slope may be represented by any given function. Initial and final conditions are given. The control function is the aerodynamic drag of the skier's body. Miele's method is applied for the optimum control problem stated in such a manner. The nature of the optimal solution is independent of the slope shape. PMID:2373716

Maronski, R



V4-top geeft Midden-Europa nieuw elan  

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Recentelijk vonden er parlementsverkiezingen plaats in drie van de vier Visegrad-landen (V4), het Midden-Europese overlegverband van Tsjechië, Slowakije, Hongarije en Polen. In het vierde lid van de Visegrad-landen vonden presidentsverkiezingen plaats na de tragische dood van president Lech Kaczynski, die omkwam bij het vliegtuigongeval in de omgeving van Smolensk op 10 april van dit jaar. Hij was op weg naar

L. Marácz



Methylmercury concentrations in six fish species from two Colombian rivers.  


The objective of this study was to determine whether fish collected from the La Miel or Nechí Rivers (Colombia) differed in muscle methyl mercury (meHg) concentration. Two fish from six different species were collected from markets adjacent to each river. Overall, fish collected from the market adjacent to the Nechí River contained higher levels of meHg. This result however is being driven by very high meHg concentrations in four individual fish, three of which are Pimelodid, long-whiskered catfish. These catfish may represent ideal sentinel organism for the detection of meHg contamination in Colombian rivers. PMID:22065125

Alvarez, Santiago; Jessick, Ashley M; Palacio, Jaime A; Kolok, Alan S



On the convergence of Newton-type methods under mild differentiability conditions  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We introduce the new idea of recurrent functions to provide a new semilocal convergence analysis for Newton-type methods, under mild differentiability conditions. It turns out that our sufficient convergence conditions are weaker, and the error bounds are tighter than in earlier studies in some interesting cases (Chen, Ann Inst Stat Math 42:387-401, 1990; Chen, Numer Funct Anal Optim 10:37-48, 1989; Cianciaruso, Numer Funct Anal Optim 24:713-723, 2003; Cianciaruso, Nonlinear Funct Anal Appl 2009; Dennis 1971; Deuflhard 2004; Deuflhard, SIAM J Numer Anal 16:1-10, 1979; Gutiérrez, J Comput Appl Math 79:131-145, 1997; Hernández, J Optim Theory Appl 109:631-648, 2001; Hernández, J Comput Appl Math 115:245-254, 2000; Huang, J Comput Appl Math 47:211-217, 1993; Kantorovich 1982; Miel, Numer Math 33:391-396, 1979; Miel, Math Comput 34:185-202, 1980; Moret, Computing 33:65-73, 1984; Potra, Libertas Mathematica 5:71-84, 1985; Rheinboldt, SIAM J Numer Anal 5:42-63, 1968; Yamamoto, Numer Math 51: 545-557, 1987; Zabrejko, Numer Funct Anal Optim 9:671-684, 1987; Zinc?ko 1963). Applications and numerical examples, involving a nonlinear integral equation of Chandrasekhar-type, and a differential equation are also provided in this study.

Argyros, Ioannis; Hilout, Saïd



Die Europäische Union, die Europäische Gemeinschaft und ihre Rechtsordnung, die Europäische Lebensmittelkontrolle  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Die Europäische Union (EU) ist ein Zusammenschluss von siebenundzwanzig unabhängigen Staaten, um deren wirtschaftliche, politische und soziale Zusammenarbeit zu verstärken. Seit 1. Mai 2007 hat sie die folgenden Mitglieder: Österreich, Belgien, Bulgarien, Dänemark, Finnland, Frankreich, Deutschland, Griechenland, Irland, Italien, Luxemburg, die Niederlande, Portugal, Spanien, Schweden, das Vereinigte Königreich von Großbritannien und Nordirland, Zypern, die Tschechische Republik, Estland, Ungarn, Lettland, Litauen, Malta, Polen, Rumänien, die Slowakei und Slowenien [1]. (Hinweis: Die Republik Zypern hat juristisch Souveränität über die ganze Insel, da die Türkische Republik Nordzypern international nicht anerkannt wird.)

Gallhoff, Gudrun; Rimkus, Gerhard G.


[A new putative principle for diagnosis of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease].  


Creutzfeldt-Jakob's disease and bovine spongiform encephalitis (BSE) are both prion diseases, i.e., diseases caused by an abnormally folded isoform of cellular prion protein. A variant of Creutzfeldt-Jakob's disease can probably be transmitted from cattle with BSE to humans. To prevent spread of BSE, whole stocks of cattle are destroyed when symptoms of the disease appear. However, this is too late to prevent transmission during the about 5 years long incubation time. A method for presymptomatic diagnosis of BSE is clearly desirable. Miele and colleagues at Roslin Institute in Edinburgh present a potential molecular marker for prion diseases in the March issue of Nature Medicine. It is a dramatically decreased expression of a transcript called erythroid differentiation-related factor (EDRF). This change is detectable early in the course of the disease also in tissues outside the central nervous system, for instance blood. PMID:12090164

Sjögren, Magnus; Blennow, Kaj



Drainage areas of the Monogahela River Basin, West Virginia  

USGS Publications Warehouse

This report contains data for 1,127 drainage-area divisions of the Monongahela River Basin, from the headwaters to the confluence of the Monongahela River and Dunkard Creek. Data, compiled in down- stream order, are listed for streams with a drainage area of approximately 2 square miels or larger, and for U.S. Geological Survey streamflow- gaging stations. The data presented are the stream name, the geographical limits, the latitude and longitude of the point, the name of the county and the 7-1/2 minute quadrangle in which the site lies, and the drainage area of that site. The total drainage area of the Monongahela River Basin, West Virginia, is 4,374.94 square miles.

Stewart, D. K.; Mathes, M. V.



Minimum-time running and swimming: an optimal control approach.  


During analysis of the competitor's velocity in a run, strong assumptions are imposed upon the runner's tactic. It is assumed that the competitor uses his/her maximal propulsive force in short-distance events. The runner's velocity is assumed constant in long-distance races. None of these assumptions is satisfied during middle-distance races. In this study, the competitor's velocity, minimizing the time taken to cover the distance, is determined by means of extremization of linear integrals using Green's theorem (Miele's method). The model of the competitor's motion is based on two differential equations: the first one derives from Newton's second law, the second one is the equation for power balance. The theory is illustrated with two examples referring to competitive running and swimming. The minimum-time competitive run can be broken into three phases: -the acceleration, -the cruise with the constant velocity, and -the negative kick at the end of the race. The problem has a similar solution in competitive swimming, however, the acceleration is replaced by the gliding phase. PMID:8849819

Maro?ski, R



On optimal velocity during cycling.  


This paper focuses on the solution of two problems related to cycling. One is to determine the velocity as a function of distance which minimizes the cyclist's energy expenditure in covering a given distance in a set time. The other is to determine the velocity as a function of the distance which minimizes time for fixed energy expenditure. To solve these problems, an equation of motion for the cyclist riding over arbitrary terrain is written using Newton's second law. This equation is used to evaluate either energy expenditure or time, and the minimization problems are solved using an optimal control formulation in conjunction with the method of Miele [Optimization Techniques with Applications to Aerospace Systems, pp. 69-98 (1962) Academic Press, New York]. Solutions to both optimal control problems are the same. The solutions are illustrated through two examples. In one example where the relative wind velocity is zero, the optimal cruising velocity is constant regardless of terrain. In the second, where the relative wind velocity fluctuates, the optimal cruising velocity varies. PMID:8132689

Maro?ski, R



Transient phenomena in the pulse radiolysis of retinyl polyenes. l. Radical anions  

SciTech Connect

The spectra and kinetics of formation and decay of radical anions of a number of retinyl polenes have been studied in methanol and 2-propanol at room temperature, using pulse radiolysis and kinetic spectrophotometry. The bimolecular rate constants for the attachment of solvated electrons, e/sup -//sub MeOH/, to the retinyl polyenes are in the diffusion-controlled limit (8.6 x 10/sup 9/-1.6 x 10/sup 10/ M/sup -1/ s/sup -1/). The radical anions of retinol and retinol acetate have their spectral maxima at 370 to 390 nm, and undergo decay very slowly with second-order kinetics. On the other hand, the radical anions of retinal, retinal n-butylamine Schiff base, and retinoic acid/ester have spectral maxima at 430 to 510 nm, and decay by first-order kinetics in methanol with rate constants in the range 1 x 10/sup 4/ - 1 x 10/sup 6/ s/sup -1/. The decay rates of radical anions of retinal and retinoic acid/ester become considerably longer on going from methanol to less acidic alcohol, 2-propanol, suggesting that protonation by sovent is the major mode of their decay in protic media. In the case of retinal Schiff base, an additional slow process with bimolecular rate constant 9.0 x 10/sup 7/ M/sup -1/ s/sup -1/ in methanol is observed for the formation of radical anion and is ascribed to the electron-transfer reaction from the methanol radical, CH/sub 2/OH. 6 figures.

Raghavan, N.V.; Das, P.K.; Bobrowski, K.