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Quantifying Mechanisms of Aquifer Salinization at the Alto Piura Valley, Northern Part of Peru  

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The Alto Piura aquifer (Peruvian northern coastal area) supports the important agricultural activity in the region and provides water supply for 150,000 residents. Recent studies show a salinization process in the northwest area of the aquifer. Further groundwater degradation could create economic and social problems for the region. An infiltration-tracer test in a typical agricultural field of the Alto Piura

C. A. Rivera Villarreyes; N. Weisbrod; A. Yakirevich; I. Benavent; A. M. Chavez



Quantifying Mechanisms of Aquifer Salinization at the Alto Piura Valley, Northern Part of Peru  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Alto Piura aquifer (Peruvian northern coastal area) supports the important agricultural activity in the region and provides water supply for 150,000 residents. Recent studies show a salinization process in the northwest area of the aquifer. Further groundwater degradation could create economic and social problems for the region. An infiltration-tracer test in a typical agricultural field of the Alto Piura region was carried out to explore water and solute transport mechanisms. The main objective was to mimic the mechanism of flood irrigation (25 cm head once a month) typically used by Peruvian farmers in banana plots. Soil and groundwater contaminations were monitored in a 3x3 m area and a calcium chloride solution (3.07 m3) was injected as a tracer during the irrigation event. The initial and final conditions of the soil profile were studied by drilling three boreholes inside and one outside the plot prior to, and 2, 4, 7 and 10 days following the irrigation event. In total, 289 soil samples were collected to follow the gravimetric water content (GWC) and electrical conductivity (EC) profiles during the experiment. Soil samples were extracted in 20 cm resolution from the upper 2 m and 50 cm resolution for the rest of soil profile to 4.5 m, the initial watertable depth. Likewise, thirty groundwater samples were taken and analyzed for major ions, EC, and total dissolved solids (TDS). Bulk density and soil texture were also measured along the soil profiles. The GWC profiles indicated faster water movement through the unsaturated zone with respect to the salt movement. An infiltration test using double ring infiltrometer estimated Ks value of 0.24 m day-1.The EC soil profiles indicated a clear salt accumulation in the first 1 m layer that did not manifest changes until the end of the 10 day measurement period. Groundwater salinity varied within the 3x3 m zone. It increased, decreased or changed with time in respect to the initial salinity. This variability within the limited 3x3 m zone, suggests that preferential flow played a major role in the salt transport. The preferential transport of salts in some areas suggests that fertilization and flood irrigation events will produce both soil and groundwater salinization. Hydrus 2D/3D model was used to simulate water flow and solute transport of the infiltration test. GWC data, TDS values and watertable readings were used to calibrate soil hydraulic properties and dispersivity values. The simulation suggest a combined mechanism of salinization: the flood irrigation flushes down to the aquifer the accumulated solute from the first 1 m layer, producing new salt accumulation in the soil profile originating from external sources such as fertilizers. Simulations based on conventional Richards’ equation showed the necessity to incorporate preferential flow processes on a field-scale. Modeling of flow and transport in the aquifer, considering the irrigation return flow effect, presents the challenging avenue of the ongoing research.

Rivera Villarreyes, C. A.; Weisbrod, N.; Yakirevich, A.; Benavent, I.; Chavez, A. M.



Modeling the impact of solute recycling on groundwater salinization under irrigated lands: A study of the Alto Piura aquifer, Peru  

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SummaryStudies of groundwater quality in arid and semi-arid lands show that irrigation return flow is one of major factors contributing to aquifer salinization. Existing mathematical models do not account explicitly for solute recycling during irrigation on a daily scale, which is considered as an important salinization input. The main objective of this research was to develop a mathematical numerical model that can simulate impact of irrigation return flow by coupling water and solute fluxes at the soil surface with quality of water pumped from the aquifer. This was obtained with a Quasi-3D model representing flow in the vadose zone - aquifer system by series of 1D Richards' equations in a variably-saturated zone and by a 3D flow equation in groundwater. The 3D advection-dispersion equation is solved in the entire domain. Concentration of irrigation water is calculated at each time step as a function of concentration of both surface water and groundwater extracted at specific locations. The model was applied to simulate the impact of irrigation on groundwater salinization of Alto Piura aquifer (Northern Peru) over thirty years. Three scenarios were considered: (i) use of flood irrigation and groundwater extraction (the present situation); (ii) increase of groundwater pumping by 50% compared to the first scenario; and (iii) transition from flood irrigation to drip irrigation, thus decreasing irrigation volume by around 60% compared to the first scenario. Results indicate that in different irrigation areas, the simulated increase rates of total dissolved solids in groundwater vary from 3-5 to 15-17 mg/L/year, depending on hydrogeological and hydrochemical conditions, volumes of water extracted, and proportion between surface water and groundwater applied. The transition from flood irrigation to drip irrigation decreases the negative impact of return flow on groundwater quality; however drip irrigation causes faster soil salinization compared to flood irrigation. Irrigation return coefficients were calculated in the order of 21-23% and 22-24% for the first and second scenarios, respectively.

Yakirevich, A.; Weisbrod, N.; Kuznetsov, M.; Rivera Villarreyes, C. A.; Benavent, I.; Chavez, A. M.; Ferrando, D.




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En el presente trabajo de investigación se identifica el principal problema que viene afectando a la formación profesional de los alumnos de la Facultades de Ingeniería de la Universidad Nacional de Piura (Ingeniería Industrial, Ingeniería Mecatrónica, Agroindustrial, Minas, Petróleo, Química y Pesquería) que consiste en la “Inadecuada preparación académica tecnológica de los alumnos de las Facultades de Ingeniería de la

José Julián Ipanaqué; Dubert Reyes Vásquez; Guido Ticona Olarte



Calar Alto Academy  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Calar Alto Academy was initiated in 2007 with the aim to give students from different Spanish universities the chance to perform professional observational work at Calar Alto Observatory. The second edition of this innovative educational project has increased the number of participating universities and has almost doubled the quantity of visiting students, in a significant step towards the consolidation of this undergraduate and graduate school of observational astronomy.

Pedraz, Santos; Galadí, David


The radioactive beam facility ALTO  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Transnational Access facility ALTO (TNA07-ENSAR/FP7) has been commissioned and received from the French safety authorities, the operation license. It is allowed to run at nominal intensity to produce 1011 fissions/s in a thick uranium carbide target by photo-fission using a 10 ?A, 50 MeV electron beam. In addition the recent success in operating the selective laser ion source broadens the physics program with neutron-rich nuclear beams possible at this facility installed at IPN Orsay. The facility also aims at being a test bench for the SPIRAL2 project. In that framework an ambitious R&D program on the target ion source system is being developed.

Essabaa, Saïd; Barré-Boscher, Nicole; Cheikh Mhamed, Maher; Cottereau, Evelyne; Franchoo, Serge; Ibrahim, Fadi; Lau, Christophe; Roussière, Brigitte; Saïd, Abdelhakim; Tusseau-Nenez, Sandrine; Verney, David



Academic Festival P enn State Mont Alto  

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.................................................14 Jessica Mellott CHILDHOOD OBESITY.................................................................16 Stephanie Troxell BILINGUALISM OF YOUNG CHILDREN IN THE UNITED STATES8 Academic Festival P enn State Mont Alto 3rd Annual Academic Festival April 16, 2008 P enn State

Boyer, Elizabeth W.


Bike/ped bridge To Palo Alto  

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Foundation Palo Alto Medical Foundation California Avenue Train Station Green Earth Sciences Allen (CIS) Gates Lokey Vi (Classic Residence by Hyatt) Parking Structure 6 (PS6) Parking Struct.1 (PS1) Crate & Barrel


4. photocopy of an advertisement (from Penn Alto Hotel archives, ...  

Library of Congress Historic Buildings Survey, Historic Engineering Record, Historic Landscapes Survey

4. photocopy of an advertisement (from Penn Alto Hotel archives, Altoona, Pennsylvania) ADVERTISEMENT TO SELL STOCK IN PENN ALTO HOTEL - Penn Alto Hotel, 1120-1130 Thirteenth Avenue, Altoona, Blair County, PA


3. photocopy of an advertisement (from Penn Alto Hotel archives, ...  

Library of Congress Historic Buildings Survey, Historic Engineering Record, Historic Landscapes Survey

3. photocopy of an advertisement (from Penn Alto Hotel archives, Altoona, Pennsylvania) ADVERTISEMENT TO SELL STOCK IN PENN ALTO HOTEL - Penn Alto Hotel, 1120-1130 Thirteenth Avenue, Altoona, Blair County, PA


Chief, Medical Service VA Palo Alto Health Care System  

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located at the Palo Alto Division. VAPAHCS provides a full range of patient care services with state and rehabilitation, neurology, oncology, dentistry, geriatrics, and extended care. An affiliation with the worldChief, Medical Service VA Palo Alto Health Care System An Affiliation of Stanford University School

Quake, Stephen R.


City of Palo Alto (ID # 4168) City Council Staff Report  

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: Recommendation that the City Council Adopt a Resolution Amending the City's Renewable Energy Resources (Attachment A) amending the City of Palo Alto Electric Utility's Renewable Energy Resources Procurement Plan renewable energy resources by 2015. The City's goal exceeds California's Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS


Pollution in coastal fog at Alto Patache, Northern Chile  

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Background  The Atacama Desert in Northern Chile is one of the most arid places on earth. However, fog occurs regularly at the coastal\\u000a mountain range and can be collected at different sites in Chile to supply settlements at the coast with freshwater. This is\\u000a also planned in the fog oasis Alto Patache (20°49?S, 70°09?W). For this pilot study, we collected fog

Ellen Sträter; Anna Westbeld; Otto Klemm



Production of Mass-Separated Fission Fragment Beams at ALTO  

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Yields of neutron-rich isotopes produced by the photofission were measured at the ISOL ALTO facility. The identification was achieved by a combined measurement of {beta} and {gamma}-rays. Production rates for Xe, Kr, Sn, In and I isotopes are presented here. In parallel, empirical estimations for the yields based on the PARRNe experimental data and the results provided by a very recent FLUKA simulation are presented.

Lebois, M.; Cheikh Mhamed, M.; Curaudeau, J. M.; Ducourtieux, M.; Essabaa, S.; Franchoo, S.; Gales, S.; Guillemaud-Mueller, D.; Ibrahim, F.; Lau, C.; Lesrel, J.; Mueller, A.; Raynaud, M.; Roussiere, B.; Said, A.; Verney, D.; Vogel, C. [Institut de Physique Nucleaire, CNRS-IN2P3/Univ. Paris Sud-XI, F-91406 Orsay Cedex (France)



Impedance comparison of high-quality alto and soprano saxophones  

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Measuring the input impedance of high-quality wind instruments requires both a system able to provide the physical quantity in less than a few seconds and the possibility to do the measurement on a wide number of instruments. If we have such a system measuring system giving us the possibility to obtain impedance curves for the whole musical range of the instrument the second condition cannot be achieved without the strong collaboration of an instrument maker. The present study has been realized on Selmer saxophones and on instrmuents from two other factories. They include vintage instruments (as Mark VI) and the most recent commercialized ones. It allows one to study the evolution of the instruments. We will show that some alto saxophone models have reached an incredible harmonicity of their resonances while less common models present other characteristics. We will discuss these results and their relations with the audible quality of the instruments.

Gibiat, Vincent; Selmer, Jerome



PANIC: the new panoramic NIR camera for Calar Alto  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

PANIC is a wide-field NIR camera, which is currently under development for the Calar Alto observatory (CAHA) in Spain. It uses a mosaic of four Hawaii-2RG detectors and covers the spectral range from 0.8-2.5 ?m (z to K-band). The field-of-view is 30×30 arcmin. This instrument can be used at the 2.2m telescope (0.45arcsec/pixel, 0.5×0.5 degree FOV) and at the 3.5m telescope (0.23arcsec/pixel, 0.25×0.25 degree FOV). The operating temperature is about 77K, achieved by liquid Nitrogen cooling. The cryogenic optics has three flat folding mirrors with diameters up to 282 mm and nine lenses with diameters between 130 mm and 255 mm. A compact filter unit can carry up to 19 filters distributed over four filter wheels. Narrow band (1%) filters can be used. The instrument has a diameter of 1.1 m and it is about 1 m long. The weight limit of 400 kg at the 2.2m telescope requires a light-weight cryostat design. The aluminium vacuum vessel and radiation shield have wall thicknesses of only 6 mm and 3 mm respectively.

Baumeister, Harald; Alter, Matthias; Cárdenas Vázquez, M. Concepción; Fernandez, Matilde; Fried, Josef; Helmling, Jens; Huber, Armin; Ibáñez Mengual, Jose-Miguel; Rodríguez Gómez, Julio F.; Laun, Werner; Lenzen, Rainer; Mall, Ulrich; Naranjo, Vianak; Ramos, Jose-Ricardo; Rohloff, Ralf-Rainer; García Segura, Antonio; Storz, Clemens; Ubierna, Marcos; Wagner, Karl



Veterans Administration Palo Alto Health Care System An Affiliation of Stanford University School of Medicine  

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Veterans Administration Palo Alto Health Care System An Affiliation of Stanford University School of Medicine at the Veterans Administration Palo Alto Health Care System (VAPAHCS) and Stanford University for the administrative and clinical care and treatment of veterans within the VAPAHCS. Individuals with experience

Quake, Stephen R.


Occupational safety and health practices among flower greenhouses workers from Alto Tietê region (Brazil)  

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In this preliminary study the occupational safety and health practices among flower greenhouses workers were evaluated. the study was carried out in the alto tietê region, located at the sao paulo state, brazil. inadequate welfare facilities; poor pesticide storage, use and disposal conditions; use of highly toxic pesticides; lack of adequate data regarding pesticide use; and incorrect use and maintenance

Marcela G. Ribeiro; Camilla G. Colasso; Paula P. Monteiro; Walter R. Pedreira Filho; Maurício Yonamine


Schooling and Critical Citizenship: Pedagogies of Political Agency in El Alto, Bolivia  

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This article explores the formation of citizenship as social practice in a school in El Alto, Bolivia. I examine interactions between "banking" forms of education, students' responses, and embodied practices of belonging and political agency, and argue that the seemingly passive forms of knowledge transmission so criticized by critical pedagogy…

Lazar, Sian



Deconstructing the best case scenario: lessons from water politics in La Paz–El Alto, Bolivia  

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For nearly a decade the La Paz–El Alto concession in Bolivia was heralded by donor organizations, the state and the commercial water industry alike as an emblematic ‘pro-poor’ water concession under the private sector model. Managed by one of the largest water multinationals in the world (the French company Suez), the network was extended beyond the new connections required by

Nina Laurie; Carlos Crespo



Assessment of Change Drivers Affecting the Sustainability of Gravity Fed Water Supply in the Alto Beni Watershed of Bolivia  

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In the Alto Beni region of Bolivia, most communities rely on gravity fed systems for their drinking water. Gravity fed drinking water systems are often viewed as a feasible and sustainable method of delivering safe natural spring water to developing communities, because minimal treatment is required and pumping is unnecessary. However, communities in the Alto Beni watershed are finding the

L. M. Fry; J. R. Mihelcic; D. W. Watkins; N. Reents



Costs of producing fruit in Alto Valle Del Rio Negro, Argentina  

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. Rollo L. Ehri, ch A study was undertaken in the Alto Vs lie de Rfo Negro, Argentina, to compare fruit production costs and returns for farms representing four different size groups. Sixty-six representative farms producing apples and pears, selected... at random within eacn group, were surveyed as a means of 1dent1fying the main factors that determine differences in costs and returns by size. After presenting the more important structural characteristics of the fruit industry, data were summa- rized...

Bongiorno, Aldo



77 FR 58203 - AER Energy Resources, Inc.; Alto Group Holdings, Inc.; Bizrocket.Com Inc.; Fox Petroleum, Inc...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Inc.; Alto Group Holdings, Inc.; Bizrocket.Com Inc.; Fox Petroleum, Inc.; Geopulse Explorations Inc.; Global Technologies...accuracy of press releases concerning the company's revenues. 4. Fox Petroleum, Inc. is a Nevada corporation based in New...



The Gran Telescopio Canarias and Calar Alto Virtual Observatory Compliant Archives  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Gran Telescopio Canarias and Calar Alto archives are the result of the collaboration agreements between the Centro de Astrobiología and two entities: GRANTECAN S.A. and the Centro Astronómico Hispano Alemán (CAHA). The archives have been developed in the framework of the Spanish Virtual Observatory and are maintained by the Data Archive Unit at Centro de Astrobiología. The archives contain both raw and science ready data and have been designed in compliance with the standards defined by the International Virtual Observatory Alliance, which guarantees a high level of data accessibility and handling. In this paper we describe the main characteristics and functionalities of both archives.

Alacid, J. M.; Solano, E.; Esteban, F. J.; Velasco, A.



Brief Therapy Based on Interrupting Ironic Processes: The Palo Alto Model  

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The model of brief therapy developed by Fisch, Weakland, Watzlawick, and colleagues in Palo Alto is based on identifying and interrupting ironic processes that occur when repeated attempts to solve a problem keep the problem going or make it worse. Formulations of ironic problem-solution loops provide a template for assessment and strategic intervention, indicating where to look to understand what keeps a problem going (look for “more of the same” solution) and what needs to happen for the complaint to be resolved (someone must apply “less of the same” solution). Supporting research is preliminary but suggests this approach may be well suited for change-resistant clients. PMID:19997533

Rohrbaugh, Michael J.; Shoham, Varda



CALIFA, the Calar Alto Legacy Integral Field Area survey. III. Second public data release  

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This paper describes the Second Public Data Release (DR2) of the Calar Alto Legacy Integral Field Area (CALIFA) survey. The data for 200 objects are made public, including the 100 galaxies of the First Public Data Release (DR1). Data were obtained with the integral-field spectrograph PMAS/PPak mounted on the 3.5 m telescope at the Calar Alto observatory. Two different spectral setups are available for each galaxy, (i) a low-resolution V500 setup covering the wavelength range 3745-7500 \\AA\\ with a spectral resolution of 6.0 \\AA\\ (FWHM), and (ii) a medium-resolution V1200 setup covering the wavelength range 3650-4840 \\AA\\ with a spectral resolution of 2.3 \\AA\\ (FWHM). The sample covers a redshift range between 0.005 and 0.03, with a wide range of properties in the Color-Magnitude diagram, stellar mass, ionization conditions, and morphological types. All released cubes were reduced with the latest pipeline, including improved spectrophotometric calibration, spatial registration and spatial resolution. The spectr...

García-Benito, R; Sánchez, S F; Husemann, B; de Amorim, A L; Castillo-Morales, A; Fernandes, R Cid; Ellis, S C; Falcón-Barroso, J; Galbany, L; de Paz, A Gil; Delgado, R M González; Lacerda, E A D; López-Fernandez, R; de Lorenzo-Cáceres, A; Lyubenova, M; Marino, R A; Mast, D; Mendoza, M A; Pérez, E; Asari, N Vale; Aguerri, J A L; Ascasibar, Y; Bekerait?, S; Bland-Hawthorn, J; Barrera-Ballesteros, J K; Cano-Díaz, M; Catalán-Torrecilla, C; Cortijo, C; Delgado-Inglada, G; Demleitner, M; Dettmar, R -J; Díaz, A I; Florido, E; Gallazzi, A; García-Lorenzo, B; Gomes, J M; Holmes, L; Iglesias-Páramo, J; Jahnke, K; Kalinova, V; Kehrig, C; Kennicutt, R C; López-Sánchez, Á R; Márquez, I; Masegosa, J; Meidt, S E; Mendez-Abreu, J; Mollá, M; Monreal-Ibero, A; Morisset, C; del Olmo, A; Papaderos, P; Pérez, I; Quirrenbach, A; Rosales-Ortega, F F; Roth, M M; Ruiz-Lara, T; Sánchez-Blázquez, P; Sánchez-Menguiano, L; Singh, R; Spekkens, K; Stanishev, V; Torres-Papaqui, J P; van de Ven, G; Vilchez, J M; Walcher, C J; Wild, V; Wisotzki, L; Ziegler, B; Aceituno, J



Petrology and geochemistry of Alto Peak, a vapor-cored hydrothermal system, Leyte Province, Philippines  

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Based on detailed petrological information on secondary mineral assemblages and the composition of fluids trapped in inclusions and discharged from five wells, the Alto Peak geothermal field was found to represent a combined vapor and liquid-dominated system. A central core or chimney, with a diameter of about 1 km, a height of some 3 km and occupied by a high gas vapor (1.1 to 5.6 molal CO{sub 2}), is surrounded by an envelope of intermediate salinity water (7,000 mg/kg Cl) with temperatures between 250 and 350 C. The transition from purely vapor-dominated to liquid-dominated zones takes place via two-phase zones occupied by fluid mixtures of highly variable compositions. Much of the lower temperature, mature neutral pH Cl water is likely to have formed during an earlier stage in the evolution of the system. High temperatures of > 300 C, and associated alteration, are limited to wells AP-1D and the lower parts of AP-2D and are ascribed to re-heating by recent magmatic intrusions. The isotopic composition of the well discharges suggests that they contain some 40 to 50% of magmatic water. Alto Peak is considered a typical example of hydrothermal systems associated with many dormant volcanoes.

Reyes, A.G. [Philippine National Oil Co.-Energy Development Corp., Fort Bonifacio (Philippines). Geothermal Div.] [Philippine National Oil Co.-Energy Development Corp., Fort Bonifacio (Philippines). Geothermal Div.; [Inst. of Geological and Nuclear Sciences, Lower Hutt (New Zealand); Giggenbach, W.F. [Inst. of Geological and Nuclear Sciences, Lower Hutt (New Zealand)] [Inst. of Geological and Nuclear Sciences, Lower Hutt (New Zealand); Saleras, J.R.M.; Salonga, N.D.; Vergara, M.C. [Philippine National Oil Co.-Energy Development Corp., Fort Bonifacio (Philippines). Geothermal Div.] [Philippine National Oil Co.-Energy Development Corp., Fort Bonifacio (Philippines). Geothermal Div.



Fuel dynamics by using Landscape Ecology Indices in the Alto Mijares, Spain  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Land abandonment in Mediterranean regions has brought about a number of management problems, being an increased wildfire activity prevalent among them. Agricultural neglect in highlands resulted in reduced anthropogenic disturbances and greater landscape homogeneity in areas such as the Alto Mijares in Spain. It is widely accepted that processes like forest fires, influence structure of the landscape and vice versa. Fire-prone Mediterranean flora is well adapted to this disturbance, exhibiting excellent succession capabilities; but higher fuel loads and homogeneous conditions may ally to promote vegetation recession when the fire regime is altered by land abandonment. Both succession and recession make changes to the landscape structure and configuration. However, these changes are difficult to quantify and characterize. If landscape restoration of these forests is a management objective, then developing a quantitative knowledge base for landscape fuel dynamics is a prerequisite. Four classified LandsatTM satellite images were compared to quantify changes in landscape structure between 1984 and 1998. An attempt is made to define landscape level dynamics for fuel development after reduced disturbance and fuel accumulation that leads to catastrophic fires by using landscape ecology indices. By doing so, indices that best describe the fuel dynamics are pointed. The results indicate that low-level disturbance increases heterogeneity, thus lowers fire hazard. No disturbance or severe disturbance increases homogeneity because of vegetation succession and may lead to devastating fires. These fires could be avoided by human induced disturbance like controlled burning, harvesting, mechanical works for fuel reduction and other silviculture measures; thus bringing in more heterogeneity in the region. The Alto Mijares landscape appears to be in an unstable equilibrium where succession and recession are at tug of war. The effects are evident in the general absence of the climax species of Quercus ilex. It have also been recognised that just one index is rarely sufficient to describe the complex dynamics in any landscape; it is usually a group of indices that needs to be consulted in order to perceive the wider picture. The study indicates that there is a need for landscape and social restoration in areas like Alto Mijares to make best use of available resources and avoid catastrophic fires.

Iqbal, J.; Garcia, C. V.



La frontera a alto corrimiento al rojo historia de la formacion de las galaxias  

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This review presents a brief discussion of the theory of Cold Dark Matter of structure formation in the universe, describing the main processes determining the power spectrum, the non-linear gravitational collapse, the formation of galaxies and the evolution of the intergalactic medium. Recent advances in the observations of high redshift galaxies, and their interpretation in the context of this theory, are then summarized. Este artí culo de revisión presenta una breve exposición de la teorí a de la Materia Invisible Frí a de la formación de estructura en el universo, describiendo los procesos más importantes que determinan el espectro de potencia, el colapso gravitatorio no lineal, la formación de galaxias y la evolución del medio intergaláctico. Resumimos también los avances recientes en las observaciones de galaxias a alto corrimiento al rojo, y la interpretación en el contexto de esa teorí a.

Miralda-Escudé, J



Making the Poor Work for their Services: Neoliberalism and ‘Pro-Poor’ Privatization in El Alto, Bolivia  

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This paper critically analyzes how the neo-liberal agenda to promote the participation of the poor and privatization have been linked in the water and sanitation sector. Drawing on three case studies of “participatory” water and sanitation projects in El Alto, Bolivia, I argue that the mobilization of the poor people's labour in the construction of urban water and sewage systems

Susan J. Spronk



Valuation and characterization of the timber species in remnants of the Alto Uruguay River ecosystem, southern Brazil  

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Turvo Park in the Alto Uruguay River region of the State of Rio Grande do Sul is the last intact remnant of the Seasonally Deciduous Forest in southern Brazil. This forest once covered large parts of southern Brazil but it is now reduced to less than 3% of its original size due to intensive logging caused by its exceptional richness

Ademir R. Ruschel; Miguel P. Guerra; Bruno M. Moerschbacher; Rubens O. Nodari



[Work condition of workers and recommended individual protective means in cyprokonasol (alto) usage via surface and aviation methods].  


While using cyprokonasol via surface and aviation methods, workers are exposed to unfavorable microclimate, noise and pollution of overalls, skin and workplace air with the fungicide. Necessity for safe work of operators, pilots and signalmen, while using alto, is complex application of individual protective means. PMID:25335429



Sedimentation survey of Lago Loíza, Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico, July 2009  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Lago Loíza is a reservoir formed at the confluence of Río Gurabo and Río Grande de Loíza in the municipality of Trujillo Alto in central Puerto Rico, about 10 kilometers (km) north of the town of Caguas, about 9 km northwest of Gurabo, and about 3 km south of Trujillo Alto (fig. 1). The Carraizo Dam is owned and operated by the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA), and was constructed in 1953 as a water-supply reservoir for the San Juan Metropolitan area. The dam is a concrete gravity structure that is located in a shallow valley and has a gently sloping left abutment and steep right abutment. Non-overflow sections flank the spillway section. Waterways include an intake structure for the pumping station and power plant, sluiceways, a trash sluice, and a spillway. The reservoir was built to provide a storage capacity of 26.8 million cubic meters (Mm3) of water at the maximum pool elevation of 41.14 meters (m) above mean sea level (msl) for the Sergio Cuevas Filtration Plant that serves the San Juan metropolitan area. The reservoir has a drainage area of 538 square kilometers (km2) and receives an annual mean rainfall that ranges from 1,600 to 5,000 millimeters per year (mm/yr). The principal streams that drain into Lago Loíza are the Río Grande de Loíza, Río Gurabo, and Río Cañas. Two other rivers, the Río Bairoa and Río Cagüitas, discharge into the Río Grande de Loíza just before it enters the reservoir. The combined mean annual runoff of the Río Grande de Loíza and the Río Gurabo for the 1960–2009 period of record is 323 Mm3. Flow from these streams constitutes about 89 percent of the total mean annual inflow of 364 Mm3 to the reservoir (U.S. Geological Survey, 2009). Detailed information about Lago Loíza reservoir structures, historical sediment accumulation, and a dredge conducted in 1999 are available in Soler-López and Gómez-Gómez (2005). During July 8–15, 2009, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Caribbean Water Science Center (CWSC), in cooperation with PRASA, conducted a bathymetric survey of Lago Loíza to update the reservoir storage capacity and estimate the reservoir sedimentation rate by comparing the 2009 data with the previous 2004 bathymetric survey data. The purpose of this report is to document the methods used to update and present the results of the reservoir storage capacity, sedimentation rates, and areas of substantial sediment accumulation since 2004.

Soler-López, Luis R.; Licha-Soler, N.A.



Occupational safety and health practices among flower greenhouses workers from Alto Tietê region (Brazil).  


In this preliminary study the occupational safety and health practices among flower greenhouses workers were evaluated. The study was carried out in the alto Tietê region, located at the Sao Paulo State, Brazil. Inadequate welfare facilities; poor pesticide storage, use and disposal conditions; use of highly toxic pesticides; lack of adequate data regarding pesticide use; and incorrect use and maintenance of PPE were observed in most of the visited greenhouses. These results suggest that, in greenhouses, workers may be at higher risk of pesticide exposure, due to many factors that can intensify the exposure such as the lack of control on reentry intervals after pesticide application. Specific regulations are needed to ensure better OSH practices on pesticide use and to improve working conditions in greenhouses, in order to deal with the peculiarities of greenhouse working environment. Some of the special requirements for greenhouses workers' protection are the establishment of ventilation criteria for restricted entry interval; clear reentry restrictions; and EPI for workers other than applicators that need to enter the greenhouse before expiring REI interval. Another important way to improve OSH practices among workers includes the distribution of simple guidelines on the dos and don'ts regarding OSH practices in greenhouses and extensively training interventions to change the perception of hazards and the behavior towards risk. PMID:22134030

Ribeiro, Marcela G; Colasso, Camilla G; Monteiro, Paula P; Pedreira Filho, Walter R; Yonamine, Maurício



a Comparative Study of Alto Saxophone Reeds Through Spectral and Subjective Analyses.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The purpose of this study was to analyze six brands of cane reeds and five brands of synthetic reeds to determine the differences in tone quality produced by each. Spectral analysis was used to determine the individual reed which conformed most closely to the average profile of each brand. A panel of seven saxophone performers then presented their opinions of the each reed's tone quality upon hearing a live performance of an excerpt from Eugene Bozza's Aria for alto saxophone and piano performed on the reeds most representative of each brand. The evaluation form used by the judges included ten sets of bipolar adjectives: good-bad, harmonious-dissonant, clean-dirty, light-dark, pleasurable-painful, beautiful-ugly, strong-weak, complex -simple, masculine-feminine, and interesting-boring. The results indicated that the primary factors influencing the tone quality of a given reed were the strength of the overtones present regardless of their order and the dominance of either the fundamental or the first overtone. Although professional musicians normally hand-select their reeds for performance, this research based on both spectral and subjective analyses provides clear evidence for both musicians and music educators to refine and improve their reed selection process.

Henderson, Caroline Blythe


La frontera a alto corrimiento al rojo: historia de la formacio'n de las galaxias  

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This review presents a brief discussion of the theory of Cold Dark Matter of structure formation in the universe, describing the main processes determining the power spectrum, the non-linear gravitational collapse, the formation of galaxies and the evolution of the intergalactic medium. Recent advances in the observations of high redshift galaxies, and their interpretation in the context of this theory, are then summarized. Este art\\'\\i culo de revisi\\'on presenta una breve exposici\\'on de la teor\\'\\i a de la Materia Invisible Fr\\'\\i a de la formaci\\'on de estructura en el universo, describiendo los procesos m\\'as importantes que determinan el espectro de potencia, el colapso gravitatorio no lineal, la formaci\\'on de galaxias y la evoluci\\'on del medio intergal\\'actico. Resumimos tambi\\'en los avances recientes en las observaciones de galaxias a alto corrimiento al rojo, y la interpretaci\\'on en el contexto de esa teor\\'\\i a.

Jordi Miralda-Escude



Ethnobotanical notes about some uses of medicinal plants in Alto Tirreno Cosentino area (Calabria, Southern Italy)  

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Background The present paper contributes to enrich the ethnobotanical knowledge of Calabria region (Southern Italy). Research was carried out in Alto Tirreno Cosentino, a small area lying between the Tyrrhenian coast and the Pollino National Park. In the area studied medicinal plants still play a small role among farmers, shepherds and other people who live far from villages and built-up areas. Methods Information was collected by interviewing native people, mainly elderly – engaged in farming and stock-raising activities – and housewives. The plants collected, indicated by the locals, have been identified according to "Flora d'Italia". The exsiccata vouchers are preserved in the authors' own herbaria. Results 52 medicinal species belonging to 35 families are listed in this article. The family, botanical and vernacular name, part of the plant used and respective manipulation are reported there and, when present, similar or identical uses in different parts of Calabria or other Italian regions are also indicated. Conclusion Labiatae, Rosaceae and Leguminosae are the families most frequently present, whilst Compositae and Brassicaceae are almost absent. The uses of the recorded species relate to minor ailments, mainly those of the skin (15 species), respiratory apparatus diseases (11), toothache, decay etc. (10) and rheumatic pains (8). The easy availability of these remedies provides a quick way of curing various minor complaints such as tooth-ache, belly and rheumatic pain and headaches and can also serve as first aid as cicatrizing, lenitive, haemostatic agents etc. The role in veterinary medicine is, on the contrary, more important: sores, ulcers, tinea, dermatitis, gangrenous wounds of cattle, and even respiratory ailments are usually cured by resort to plants. PMID:17983476

Leporatti, Maria Lucia; Impieri, Massimo



Fish mercury concentration in the Alto Pantanal, Brazil: influence of season and water parameters.  


The tropical flood plain Pantanal is one of the world's largest wetlands and a wildlife sanctuary. Mercury (Hg) emissions from some upstream gold mining areas and recent findings of high natural Hg levels in tropical oxisols motivated studies on the Hg cycle in the Pantanal. A survey was made on total Hg in the most consumed piscivorous fish species from rivers and floodplain lakes in the north (Cáceres and Barão de Melgaço) and in the south part of Alto Pantanal (around the confluence of the Cuiabá and Paraguai rivers). Samples were collected in both the rainy and dry seasons (March and August 1998) and included piranha (Serrasalmus spp.), and catfish (Pseudoplatystoma coruscans, pintado, and Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum, cachara or surubim). There was only a small spatial variation in Hg concentration of the 185 analyzed fish samples from the 200 x 200 km large investigation area, and 90% contained total Hg concentration below the safety limit for regular fish consumption (500 ng g(-1)). Concentration above this limit was found in both Pseudoplatystoma and Serrasalmus samples from the Baia Siá Mariana, the only acid soft-water lake included in this study, during both the rainy and dry seasons. Concentration above this limit was also found in fish outside Baia Siá Mariana during the dry season, especially in Rio Cuiabá in the region of Barão de Melgaço. The seasonal effect may be connected with decreasing water volumes and changing habitat during the dry season. The results indicate that fertile women should restrict their consumption of piscivorous fishes from the Rio Cuiabá basin during the dry season. Measures should be implanted to avoid a further deterioration of fish Hg levels. PMID:11036973

Hylander, L D; Pinto, F N; Guimarães, J R; Meili, M; Oliveira, L J; de Castro e Silva, E



SEGUNDA LISTA -FI-195 1. Um particula de massa m e colocada no alto de um anel preso na  

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SEGUNDA LISTA - FI-195 1. Um part´icula de massa m ´e colocada no alto de um anel preso na posi anel. 2. Uma part´icula de massa m desliza sem atrito sobre um bloco de in- clina¸c~ao e massa M. O. (c) Escreva as equa¸c~oes de movimento usando um multiplicador de Langrange. Resolva o problema e

de Aguiar, Marcus A. M.


Biodiversity of Archaea and floral of two inland saltern ecosystems in the Alto Vinalop? Valley, Spain  

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Background The extraction of salt from seawater by means of coastal solar salterns is a very well-described process. Moreover, the characterization of these environments from ecological, biochemical and microbiological perspectives has become a key focus for many research groups all over the world over the last 20 years. In countries such as Spain, there are several examples of coastal solar salterns (mainly on the Mediterranean coast) and inland solar salterns, from which sodium chloride is obtained for human consumption. However, studies focused on the characterization of inland solar salterns are scarce and both the archaeal diversity and the plant communities inhabiting these environments remain poorly described. Results Two of the inland solar salterns (termed Redonda and Penalva), located in the Alto Vinalopó Valley (Alicante, Spain), were characterized regarding their geological and physico-chemical characteristics and their archaeal and botanical biodiversity. A preliminary eukaryotic diversity survey was also performed using saline water. The chemical characterization of the brine has revealed that the salted groundwater extracted to fill these inland solar salterns is thalassohaline. The plant communities living in this environment are dominated by Sarcocornia fruticosa (L.) A.J. Scott, Arthrocnemum macrostachyum (Moris) K. Koch, Suaeda vera Forsk. ex Gmelin (Amaranthaceae) and several species of Limonium (Mill) and Tamarix (L). Archaeal diversity was analyzed and compared by polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based molecular phylogenetic techniques. Most of the sequences recovered from environmental DNA samples are affiliated with haloarchaeal genera such as Haloarcula, Halorubrum, Haloquadratum and Halobacterium, and with an unclassified member of the Halobacteriaceae. The eukaryote Dunaliella was also present in the samples. Conclusions To our knowledge, this study constitutes the first analysis centered on inland solar salterns located in the southeastern region of Spain. The results obtained revealed that the salt deposits of this region have marine origins. Plant communities typical of salt marshes are present in this ecosystem and members of the Halobacteriaceae family can be easily detected in the microbial populations of these habitats. Possible origins of the haloarchaea detected in this study are discussed. PMID:20942947



4D modelling of the Alto Tiberina Fault system (Northern Apennines, Italy)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Alto Tiberina Fault (ATF) in the Northern Apennines of Italy is a low-angle normal fault dipping to the East and accommodating up to 10 km of extension. The fault is ~70 km long and is the detachment for the SW-dipping Gubbio normal fault. The ATF fault system has been dramatically exhumed and the ATF footwall has evolved in a horst bounded to the east by ATF synthetic faults and to the west by the Corciano west-dipping normal fault. The fault has been widely studied over the last years in order to understand its mechanical behaviour, its present-day deformation rate and its seismological role. By using a wide data-set including subsurface data (seismic reflection profiles and boreholes) and surface geological data (new maps of the CARG project of Italy), we have reconstructed the 3D geometry of both the fault and of the main lithostratigraphic boundaries at the fault hanging-wall and foot-wall. The CARG map data were integrated by local observations and mapping using mobile GIS software (BeeGIS) and Android app (Geopaparazzi). Surface data were combined with seismic reflection profiles and wells interpretation and other data from available literature. The large amount of information were combined in MOVE software (Midland Valley Exploration ltd). Our reconstruction allows to i) build up a three-dimensional geological model of the subsurface including the main faults and lithostratigraphic boundaries; ii) identify a set of east-west trending faults the role of which was previously underestimated; iii) test a 3D-restoration of extension for the visualization of the time evolution and for the validation of the structural reconstruction. The restored structures are the main normal faults in the region. The sequential restoration was performed by taking into account the timing of deformation as derived from the literature. The model was sequentially restored according to the following chronological order from the latest to the oldest: 1a) last deformational event along Gubbio Normal Fault on ATF coeval with 1b) latest event along Corciano fault and 2) ATF detachment fault activity. The resulting maximum values of displacements has been calculated as: 1a) about 2300m with a throw of about 1600m (measured in the 3D model on the top of Carbonates surfaces cut off); 1b) about 1900m for the slip and 2900m for the throw (measured along this fault both on the top of Carbonates as on acoustic Basement cut off); 2) 8 km of maximum extension measured between Umbertide e Citta' di Castello and progressively decreases toward NW and SW.

De Donatis, Mauro; Susini, Sara; Mirabella, Francesco; Lupattelli, Andrea; Barchi, Massimiliano



Guanaco traces and hunting strategies at Alto Patache North Chilean fog oasis  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

1. In foregoing Fog Conferences, some of us have made explicit the rich botanic and faunistic inventory to be found at this Chilean Fog site. This was specially apparent under strong ENSO conditions, as it happened in 1997/98 in the area. Among the mammal biggest species represented, the guanaco (Lama guanicoe Müller) merits special mention. Clear traces of their presence and eventual hunting and slaughtering by primitive populations have survived until present times. Among them, the myriads of guanaco trails still covering practically all the slopes along the foggy area, close to the sea, and their wollowing and defecating places are found. Also, although less studied, plant eating traces left behind by roaming camelids can be seen. 2. Guanaco hunting traces still visible at Alto Patache can be portrayed differently through : A) Analysis of lithic artifacts used as arms in hunting operations; B) Botanic response to animal attack; C) Examination of topographic traits used by primitive man in guanaco hunting strategies. A. Hundreds of lithic instruments made of stone, were abandoned by hunters in situ, some of them were intact, some fragmented, which would demonstrate a direct relationship with hunting and slaughtering, and also their elaboration in workshops at place. Lithic points, scrapers and knives were found at places specially apt for hunting or slaughtering activities. Total isolation of the mountain fog site previous to our arrival in 1996, favoured their conservation at place. B. Careful observation of some local plants showed clear traces of guanaco feeding habits. As a proof thereof, old cactus of the species Eulychnia iquiquensis show in their basal portions clear signals in the forms of scars, caused by the eating by guanacos. Guanaco faeces were found at the foot of Ephedra plants. Many dead Stipa ichu plants (Gramineae), in different areas of the oasis provide evidence of cutting close to their basis, caused by sharp guanaco tooth under severe food scarcity. C. Special lookouts located at high places offering clear visibility were used by hunters. Some were built up, some others consisted of natural stone arrangements. The same can be said for the wollowing places, located in plains with loose or sandy soils. Pictures showing different artifacts, plants or topographic traits used, will be presented here as evidence of guanaco hunting activity at place.

Larrain, H.; Cereceda, P.; Pérez, L.



Alto Patache fog oasis in the Atacama Desert: Geographical basis for a sustainable development program  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Alto Patache coastal fog oasis is a protected area located south of Iquique, Northern Chile, being presently in charge of the Atacama Desert Center (ADC) research group of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, since 1997. On 2007, the Chilean Government bestowed a piece of land stretch covering 1,114 hectares to ADC scientific group for scientific research, ecosystem protection and environmental education. This oasis has been recently studied from different points of view: climate, biogeography, fog collection, geomorphology, soil survey and land use planning, plant distribution, conservation and archaeology. During 2009, a study of the geographical basis to elaborate a general management plan was undertaken to collect information to fulfill our planned out objectives. Through this study, georreferenciated strategic information was compiled to evaluate future actions conducting to a sustainable development within the protected area. This information was translated into thematic maps showing the spatial distribution of variables like: climate, geology, geomorphology, soils, vegetation, fauna, archaeological sites and management zones. The methodology used is the analysis of satellite imagery, using GPS by creating a cartographic Data Base incorporated in GIS. Results show that the area starts at the littoral plain, ranging from 500 m to 2.000 m, being continued in parts by a piedmont intercepted by a very abrupt mega-cliff, or hectares of climbing sand dunes leading to a short high plateau limited by a soft hilly area to the East. Two soil types are characteristic: Entisols (Torriorthent) covering the coastal beach sediments, and Aridisols along the cliff and adjacent hills. Vegetation consists not only of a very rich lichen cover, but also of endangered vascular species associations constituting a very fragile sub-tropical coastal desert community, such as Eulychnia, Cumulopuntia, Eriosyce cacti, and Lycium - Nolana- Ephedra communities. Fog oasis stretches from 500/600 m. to 900 m high. Biogeogeographical contrasts between the foggy section, the areas located below the stratocumulus cloud influence (fog), and the higher hills, show interesting results for the understanding of the area complexity. Future human activities at place should be restricted to scientific studies, environmental education and specialized tourism. Some zones, like lichen prairies, should be totally closed for visitors. Protected area management program should be mainly focused in biome conservation and natural resources restauration.

Calderón, M.; Cereceda, P.; Larrain, H.; Osses, P.; Pérez, L.; Ibáñez, M.



Low-Cost Sensor Network for Stream Flow Monitoring in the Alto Beni Region of Bolivia  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Lack of data is a persistent problem in hydrology and other field work in developing countries. Low cost monitoring devices allow investigators to maximize spatial coverage on a limited budget, as well as to minimize the financial risk of loss of instruments placed in vulnerable locations. This work contributes to an ongoing project to evaluate the sustainability of discharge from springs supplying gravity-fed potable water systems in the Alto Beni region of Bolivia where land use is rapidly changing from forest to agriculture. The approach is to estimate ground water recharge as a function of land use variables using a water balance model in several representative watersheds. Monthly stream discharge is currently estimated using monthly manual measurements of water level by a local technician. Continuous water level measurements will allow an improved estimate of the cumulative discharge, and generate data on statistical distribution of daily flow that may be useful to estimate discharge in similar, ungaged watersheds. Continuous water level measurements, along with available precipitation data, will allow analysis and comparison of the response of watersheds to individual precipitation events as a function of land use variables. We assembled a low cost level logging system for stream flow monitoring that measures and records distance up to 6 m to the nearest 25 mm every ten minutes, and runs for a month on six rechargeable AA batteries. The system consists of a sonic range finder sensor (MaxSonar-EZ2, Maxbotix Inc., Baxter, MN, 30), a temperature sensor (MCP9701, Microchip Technology Inc., Chandler, AZ, 0.25), and a datalogger (Hobo U12, Onset Computer Corp., Pocasset, MA, 104) along with a weather-resistant enclosure and common items for a total cost of 230 per unit. The level loggers were attached to bridges over three subject streams. A local technician visits the sites monthly to download data, replace the rechargeable batteries, and take a manual water level measurement. Simultaneous recording of temperature is necessary to correct the distance measurement for the temperature dependence of the speed of sound in air. We report the data processing, temperature correction procedure, and performance of the system relative to manual measurements and discuss suitability of the system for hydrological applications in other settings.

Rowe, M. D.; Fry, L. M.; Mihelcic, J. R.



Liquefaction Hazard Maps for Three Earthquake Scenarios for the Communities of San Jose, Campbell, Cupertino, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Milpitas, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, Saratoga, and Sunnyvale, Northern Santa Clara County, California  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Maps showing the probability of surface manifestations of liquefaction in the northern Santa Clara Valley were prepared with liquefaction probability curves. The area includes the communities of San Jose, Campbell, Cupertino, Los Altos, Los Gatos Milpitas, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, Saratoga, and Sunnyvale. The probability curves were based on complementary cumulative frequency distributions of the liquefaction potential index (LPI) for surficial geologic units in the study area. LPI values were computed with extensive cone penetration test soundings. Maps were developed for three earthquake scenarios, an M7.8 on the San Andreas Fault comparable to the 1906 event, an M6.7 on the Hayward Fault comparable to the 1868 event, and an M6.9 on the Calaveras Fault. Ground motions were estimated with the Boore and Atkinson (2008) attenuation relation. Liquefaction is predicted for all three events in young Holocene levee deposits along the major creeks. Liquefaction probabilities are highest for the M7.8 earthquake, ranging from 0.33 to 0.37 if a 1.5-m deep water table is assumed, and 0.10 to 0.14 if a 5-m deep water table is assumed. Liquefaction probabilities of the other surficial geologic units are less than 0.05. Probabilities for the scenario earthquakes are generally consistent with observations during historical earthquakes.

Holzer, Thomas L.; Noce, Thomas E.; Bennett, Michael J.




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TM Lyme IgG\\/IgM (Trinity biotech) la presencia de anticuerpos contra Borrelia burgdorferi. Además, se colectaron garrapatas en animales domésticos por búsqueda directa. Resultados: Se detectó seropositividad en 9,9 % de los sueros evaluados. Asimismo, de 433 garrapatas colectadas se identifica- ron los géneros: Ixodes (5,5%), Amblyomma (18,0%), Rhipicephalus (23,5%), Anocentor (31,1%) y Boophilus (21,7%). Conclusiones: Existen personas seropositivas por Borrelia

Martha Glenny A; Leonardo Mendoza U; Eduardo Falconí R


Cloning of elite, multipurpose trees of the Prosopis juliflora \\/ pallida complex in Piura, Peru  

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The nitrogen fixing trees of the Prosopis juliflora\\/P. pallida complex are among the most adaptable and fastest growing trees in the truly tropical arid regions and have become naturalized\\u000a in semi-arid tropics in Latin America, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Sahelian Africa, the Indian subcontinent and northern Australia.\\u000a The trees have been regarded both as a serious weed and as a valuable

L. Alban; M. Matorel; J. Romero; N. Grados; G. Cruz; P. Felker



Does Infrastructure Reform Work for the Poor? A Case Study on the Cities of La Paz and El Alto in Bolivia  

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From 1994 onward, Bolivia undertook a major reform of its infrastructure sectors. Foster and Irusta examine the impact of the reforms from the perspective of poor households in the adjacent cities of La Paz and El Alto, particularly in terms of access to services. Different policies adopted across the infrastructure sectors led to diverging outcomes.In the water and sewerage sector,

Vivien Foster; Osvaldo Irusta



Health Outreach Program to Educate (HOPE) Palo Alto Shane Morrison, MS1, Krishnan Subrahmanian, MPhil1, Shah Ali, BA1, and Lars Osterberg, MD, MPH2  

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Health Outreach Program to Educate (HOPE) Palo Alto Shane Morrison, MS1, Krishnan Subrahmanian mortality rates.1,2,3 New strategies are needed to improve the delivery of health education to this population of patients.4,5 Current strategies to increase health literacy amongst low-income patients through

Kay, Mark A.


Advanced interpretation of ground motion using Persistent Scatterer Interferometry technique: the Alto Guadalentín Basin (Spain) case of study  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Subsidence related to fluid withdrawal has occurred in numerous regions of the world. The phenomena is an important hazard closely related to the development of urban areas. The analysis of the deformations requires an extensive and continuous spatial and temporal monitoring to prevent the negative effects of such risks on structures and infrastructures. Deformation measurements are fundamental in order to identify the affected area extension, to evaluate the temporal evolution of deformation velocities and to identify the main control mechanisms. Differential SAR interferometry represents an advanced remote sensing tool, which can map displacements at very high spatial resolution. The Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI) technique is a class of SAR interferometry that uses point-wise radar targets (PS) on the ground whose phase is not interested by temporal and geometrical decorrelation. This technique generates starting from a set of images two main products: the displacement rate along line of sight (LOS) of single PS; and the LOS displacement time series of individual PS. In this work SAR data with different spatio-temporal resolution were used to study the displacements that occur from 1992 to 2012 in the Alto Guadalentin Basin (southern Spain), where is located the city of Lorca The area is affected by the highest rate of subsidence measured in Europe (>10 cm/yr-1) related to long-term exploitation of the aquifer (González et al. 2011). The objectives of the work were 1) to analyse land subsidence evolution over a 20-year period with PSI technique; 2) to compare the spatial and temporal resolution of SAR data acquired by different sensors, 3) to investigate the causes that could explain this land motion. The SAR data have been obtained with ERS-1/2 & ENVISAT (1992-2007), ALOS PALSAR (2007-2010) and COSMO-SkyMed (2011-2012) images, processed with the Stable Point Network (SPN) technique. The PSI data obtained from different satellite from 1992 to 2012 were compared with some predisposing and trigger factors as geological units, isobaths of Plio-Quaternary filling, soft soil thickness and piezometric level. The PSI data were compared with measurement obtained by two GPS station located near the Lorca city: the value of deformation detected by satellites and ground-based tools are well correlated. The results are the following: a) the subsidence processes are related to soft soil thickness distribution; b) land subsidence rates shows that the area interested by the higher value is the same over the monitored period, a deceleration rate of subsidence has been recorded during the period 2011- 2012; c) the deformation rates are not correlated with the piezometric level trend, a delay time between piezometric level variations and ground deformations is evident. References González, P. J. & Fernández, J.,(2011) Drought-driven transient aquifer compaction imaged using multitemporal satellite radar interferometry. Geology 39, pp. 551-554.

Bonì, Roberta; Herrera, Gerardo; Meisina, Claudia; Notti, Davide; Zucca, Francesco; Bejar, Marta; González, Pablo; Palano, Mimmo; Tomás, Roberto; Fernandez, José; Fernández-Merodo, José; Mulas, Joaquín; Aragón, Ramón; Mora, Oscar



Lack of identification of Flaviviruses in oral and cloacal swabs from long- and short-distance migratory birds in Trentino-Alto Adige (North-eastern Italy)  

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Background West Nile virus (WNV) and Usutu virus (USUV), both belonging to the genus Flavivirus, are emerging in Italy as important human and animal pathogens. Migratory birds are involved in the spread of Flaviviruses over long distances, particularly from Africa to Europe. Once introduced, these viruses can be further be dispersed by short-distance migratory and resident bird species. Thus far, there is still a considerable knowledge gap on the role played by different bird species in the ecology and transmission mechanisms of these viruses. The Region of Trentino-Alto Adige (north-eastern Italy) is located on the migratory route of many of the short- and long-distance migratory birds that cross the Alps, connecting northern Europe and western Asia with southern Europe and Africa. Until now, only a silent circulation of WNV and USUV within the territory of the Province of Trento has been confirmed by serological screening, whilst no cases of infected humans or animals have so far been reported. However, continuous spillover events of both viruses have been reported in neighbouring Regions. The aim of this study was to monitor the circulation of WNV and USUV in Trentino-Alto Adige, in order to detect if active virus shedding occurs in migratory birds captured during their seasonal movements and to evaluate the role that different bird species could play in the spreading of these viruses. Methods We carried out a biomolecular survey on oral and cloacal swabs collected from migratory birds during seasonal migrations. Birds belonging to 18 transaharian and 21 intrapaleartic species were examined during spring (n?=?176) and autumn (n?=?146), and were tested using a generic nested-PCR. Results All samples tested negative for Flaviviruses. The possible causes of unapparent shedding, along with ecological and epidemiological implications are discussed. Conclusions The lack of detection of active virus shedding in these bird species does not exclude the circulation of these viruses within the Trentino-Alto Adige region, as reported in previous studies. The possible ecological implications are discussed. PMID:24119320



Water and Energy Savings using Demand Hot Water Recirculating Systems in Residential Homes: A Case Study of Five Homes in Palo Alto, California  

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This report summarizes a preliminary study aimed at estimating the potential of saving potable water, (and the electrical energy used to heat it), that is presently lost directly to the drain while occupants wait for hot water to arrive at the faucet (point of use). Data were collected from five single-family homes in Palo Alto, California. Despite the small sample size in this study, the results make a compelling case for retrofitting homes with hot water recirculation systems to eliminate unnecessary wastage of water at the point of use. Technical as well as behavioral and attitudinal changes towards water conservation are necessary for a fulfilling and successful conservation effort. This report focuses on the technical issues, but behavioral issues are also noted, which may be factored into future studies involving local and state governments and utility companies.

Ally, M.R.



Coaching como herramienta de liderazgo para el desarrollo de equipos de alto desempeño en el área de ventas (Coaching like tool of leadership for the development of teams of high acting in the area of sales)  

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Resumen. El presente artículo busca vincular el coaching como herramienta de liderazgo para el desarrollo de equipos de alto desempeño en el área de ventas. Para cumplir con este propósito se realizó una revisión de bibliografía y documentos publicados en la web sobre a esta temática, que permitieron definir conceptualmente su relación con el coaching y los distintos estilos de

Fidel Moreno



An investigation of ground-water recharge by injection in the Palo Alto Baylands, California : hydraulic and chemical interactions; final report  

USGS Publications Warehouse

The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the Santa Clara Valley Water District, has completed a study of ground-water recharge by injection in the Palo Alto baylands along San Francisco Bay, California. Selected wells within the Water District 's injection-extraction network were monitored to determine hydraulic and chemical interactions affecting well-field operation. The well field was installed to prevent and eliminate saline contamination in the local shallow aquifer system. The primary focus of this study is on factors that affect injection efficiency, specifically well and aquifer clogging. Mixing and break-through curves for major chemical constituents indicate ion exchange, adsorption, and dissolution reactions. Freshwater breakthrough was detected in water-level data, which reflected fluid-density change as well as head buildup. Dissolution of calcium carbonate caused by dilution of saline ground water probably accounts for an apparent increase in specific capacity possibly related to improved aquifer permeability. Adsorption evidently removed trace elements during passage of injected water through the aquifer. In terms of hydraulic and chemical compatibility, the well field is a viable system for ground-water recharge. Aquifer heterogeneity and operational constraints reduce the efficiency of the system. Efficiency may be maximized by careful attention to extraction distribution and quantity and to injection distribution, quantity, and water quality. (USGS)

Hamlin, S. N.



Mathiasite-loveringite and priderite in mantle xenoliths from the Alto Paranaíba Igneous Province, Brazil: genesis and constraints on mantle metasomatism  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Alkali-bearing Ti oxides were identified in mantle xenoliths enclosed in kimberlite-like rocks from Limeira 1 alkaline intrusion from the Alto Paranaíba Igneous Province, southeastern Brazil. The metasomatic mineral assemblages include mathiasite-loveringite and priderite associated with clinopyroxene, phlogopite, ilmenite and rutile. Mathiasite-loveringite (55-60 wt.% TiO2; 5.2-6.7 wt.% ZrO2) occurs in peridotite xenoliths rimming chromite (˜50 wt.% Cr2O3) and subordinate ilmenite (12-13.4 wt.% MgO) in double reaction rim coronas. Priderite (Ba/(K+Ba)< 0.05) occurs in phlogopite-rich xenoliths as lamellae within Mg-ilmenite (8.4-9.8 wt.% MgO) or as intergrowths in rutile crystals that may be included in sagenitic phlogopite. Mathiasite-loveringite was formed by reaction of peridotite primary minerals with alkaline melts. The priderite was formed by reaction of peridotite minerals with ultrapotassic melts. Disequilibrium textures and chemical zoning of associated minerals suggest that the metasomatic reactions responsible for the formation of the alkali-bearing Ti oxides took place shortly prior the entrainment of the xenoliths in the host magma, and is not connected to old (Proterozoic) mantle enrichment events.

Almeida, Vidyã V.; Janasi, Valdecir de A.; Svisero, Darcy P.; Nannini, Felix



El Universo a alto redshift  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Universe we see today is the result of structures and galaxies that have been evolving since earlier times. Looking the evolution of the galaxy population at z ˜ 1 has emphasized the important role played by high redshift data. This is the case of the morphology - density relationship, where the morphological type of galaxies in distant clusters has given us a clear vision of evolutionary processes, partly led by environmental effects. I review part of the data available at high redshifts that are fundamental today to check the validity of galaxy formation models in reproducing local and basic galaxy properties. Briefly, I will comment about high redshift studies, a still little explored portion of the Universe, and the current strategies that allow us the study. In this sense, the epoch of reionization is essential for understanding the formation of structures because it is the phase where the first protogalaxies were formed, creating stars and enriching the intergalactic medium. Because of the great distances involved in these studies, gamma-ray bursts, quasars and Lyman-? galaxies are the best tools to study these earlier times. FULL TEXT IN SPANISH

Alonso, M. V.


Construction of a manual of work processes and techniques from Centro de Dispensação de Medicamentos de Alto Custo (CEDMAC), Hospital de Clínicas, Unicamp.  


The Centers for High Cost Medication (Centros de Medicação de Alto Custo, CEDMAC), Health Department, São Paulo were instituted by project in partnership with the Clinical Hospital of the Faculty of Medicine, USP, sponsored by the Foundation for Research Support of the State of São Paulo (Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo, FAPESP) aimed at the formation of a statewide network for comprehensive care of patients referred for use of immunobiological agents in rheumatological diseases. The CEDMAC of Hospital de Clínicas, Universidade Estadual de Campinas (HC-Unicamp), implemented by the Division of Rheumatology, Faculty of Medical Sciences, identified the need for standardization of the multidisciplinary team conducts, in face of the specificity of care conducts, verifying the importance of describing, in manual format, their operational and technical processes. The aim of this study is to present the methodology applied to the elaboration of the CEDMAC/HC-Unicamp Manual as an institutional tool, with the aim of offering the best assistance and administrative quality. In the methodology for preparing the manuals at HC-Unicamp since 2008, the premise was to obtain a document that is participatory, multidisciplinary, focused on work processes integrated with institutional rules, with objective and didactic descriptions, in a standardized format and with electronic dissemination. The CEDMAC/HC-Unicamp Manual was elaborated in 10 months, with involvement of the entire multidisciplinary team, with 19 chapters on work processes and techniques, in addition to those concerning the organizational structure and its annexes. Published in the electronic portal of HC Manuals in July 2012 as an e-Book (ISBN 978-85-63274-17-5), the manual has been a valuable instrument in guiding professionals in healthcare, teaching and research activities. PMID:25054595

Bertolo, Manoel Barros; Ferreira, Bruno Silva de Araújo; Marchiore, Adriana G Mucke; Carvalho, Glaucia Pereira do Amaral; de Souza, Débora Pessoa; Psaltikidis, Eliane Molina



Relationship between spatial variations in active creep and large magnitude hanging wall earthquakes associated with the Alto Tiberina low angle normal fault, central Italy.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Alto Tiberina fault (ATF) in central Italy is a rare instance of a low angle normal fault that appears to be actively creeping at shallow to mid-crustal depths. While conventional Anderson earthquake mechanics dictate that these faults should lock up under extension, recent studies using GPS velocity data and simple fault models suggest that the ATF accommodates slip by aseismic creep below ~4 km depth in the latitude range of 43.2 N to 43.5 N. This creeping section of the ATF is well imaged and there are no instrumentally recorded large magnitude earthquakes in the hanging wall. There is no evidence for active fault creep north and south of the creeping section where large hanging wall earthquakes have occurred. We use geodetically determined images of fault creep and earthquake focal mechanisms data to explore the stress transfer relationships between the creeping section of the ATF and adjacent portions of the fault zone, which appear to be locked. In one interpretation, hanging wall earthquakes occur as a result of strain accumulation caused by variations in creep on the low angle normal fault. An alternative explanation is that creep on the low angle fault has been inhibited in the vicinity of the large magnitude hanging wall earthquakes. These spatial relationships notwithstanding, the resolution of the imaged pattern of creep is relatively low. A borehole strainmeter network would provide unprecedented temporal resolution of aseismic creep transients that would help to evaluate the possible relationships between hanging wall stress accumulation and stress sensitive creep. The combination of modeling and seismic/geodetic monitoring with a new borehole strainmeter array would also help to decipher the fault structure, earthquake mechanisms, and seismic risk in a populated area.

Mencin, David; Bennett, Rick; Jackson, Lily J.; Casale, Gabriele



The incidence of bar-like kinematic flows in the first data release of the Calar Alto Legacy Integral Field spectroscopy Area Survey  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Kinematic models of Halpha velocity fields for galaxies in the Calar Alto Legacy Integral Field Area Survey (CALIFA) first data release (DR1) are determined in order to constrain the incidence of bar-like, or bisymmetric, flows therein. Of the 100 CALIFA DR1 galaxies, 47 are found to have suitable inclinations and sufficient Ha emission for kinematic modelling. This modelling is carried out using the publicly available code DiskFit, which was designed to detect non-circular flows. A routine is written to automate the successive application of DiskFit to the 47/100 suitable CALIFA galaxies, and rotation only, bisymmetric, radial and warp kinematic models are applied to each. Valid DiskFit results are returned for 37/47 of the galaxies. The remaining 10/47 had kinematic inclinations outside the adopted range or exhibited signs of interactions. The optimal model for each system is determined by examining the quality of the returned disk geometry and kinematics, the statistical significance of detected non-circular flows, and the pattern of data - model residuals. DiskFit is found to reliably determine the disk geometry regardless of the kinematic model selected. The chi-square test used to evaluate the significance of non-circular flows is accurate for 24/29 (83%) of the modelled galaxies containing sufficient Ha to search for non-circular flows, suggesting its utility in automating the model determination process for future surveys. In 4/23 (17%) of the modelled galaxies classified as either photometrically barred (B) or unbarred (A), the photometric classification belies a different kinematic classification. This suggests that samples of galaxies selected using photometric bar classifications could be systematically contaminated.

Holmes, Lindsay Anne



Climate change and development impacts on the sustainability of spring-fed water supply systems in the Alto Beni region of Bolivia  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

SummaryIn the Alto Beni region of Bolivia, as in other locations of the developing world, gravity-fed water supply systems provide a significant portion of domestic water needs. However, sustainability of these sources depends on whether discharge can be sustained to accommodate future water needs. There is a perception that agricultural expansion in the region is resulting in reduced spring discharge. To investigate this claim, we incorporate low-cost field methods for hydrologic data collection and evaluate two satellite-derived precipitation data products (CMORPH and TRMM-3B42) for input to a hydrological model used to predict recharge rates in eleven watersheds under scenarios of climate change and agricultural expansion. The stressors on the local water supply examined in this study are changes in land use and climate, along with increases in population and consumption, and improvements in water and sanitation coverage. Although predicted changes in runoff range from -69% to +137%, depending on the climate and land use scenario, recharge is predicted to decrease under all scenarios (by 28% to nearly 100%) between the periods of 1970-1999 and 2070-2099. The predicted impacts from climate change are considerably larger than those from agricultural expansion, calling into question local perceptions that spring flow has declined because of changes in land use from agricultural growth. The ratio of water use to availability under most scenarios of climate change and water and sanitation service expansion suggests that use of groundwater is sustainable in the region when considering the entire recharge to the watersheds. However, the small recharge areas of the springs may result in insufficient recharge to support planned water and sanitation expansion unless new water supplies are developed.

Fry, Lauren M.; Watkins, David W.; Reents, Nathan; Rowe, Mark D.; Mihelcic, James R.



South San Francisco Bay tidal marsh vegetation and elevation surveys-Corkscrew Marsh, Bird Island, and Palo Alto Baylands, California, 1983  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Changes in the topography and ecology of the San Francisco Bay Estuary ('Estuary') during the past 200 years have resulted in the loss of nearly 80 percent of the historical salt marsh in the region. Currently, numerous projects are being undertaken by federal, state, and local governments in an attempt to restore wetland habitat and ecosystem function at a number of locations within the Estuary. Much information is needed concerning the historical topographic and ecologic characteristics of the Estuary to facilitate these restoration efforts. This report presents previously unpublished vegetation and elevation data collected in 1983 by the California State Lands Commission at Corkscrew marsh, Bird Island, and Palo Alto Baylands, all located in South San Francisco Bay. These precise and detailed elevation and plant surveys represent a snapshot of South Bay flora before invasion by the Atlantic smooth cordgrass, Spartina alterniflora. Such precise elevation data are rare for relatively undisturbed marshes in the San Francisco Bay; publication of these historical data may facilitate wetland restoration efforts. Marsh-surface and tidal-channel elevations were determined at a total of 962 stations by differential leveling to established tidal benchmark stations at each site and referenced to Mean Lower Low Water (MLLW) relative to the National Tidal Datum Epoch (1960-78). In addition, presence or absence of nine salt marsh species, percentage plant cover, and percentage bare soil were recorded for 1-square meter quadrats at 648 stations where elevations were determined. Collectively, over the three sites, salt marsh vegetation ranged in elevation from 0.98 to 2.94 m above MLLW. S. foliosa and Salicornia virginica were the most frequently observed plant species. Atriplex patula, Deschampsia cespitosa, and Limonium californicum were each recorded at only one of the three sites.

Orlando, James L.; Drexler, Judy Z.; Dedrick, Kent G.



Implications of agricultural land use for sustainability of gravity fed water distribution systems relying on natural springs in the Alto Beni Region of Bolivia  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Gravity-fed distribution systems from natural springs are frequently used as a method for providing drinking water to developing communities throughout the world. They are seen as an appropriate technology for their relatively simple operation and maintenance requirements. Spring discharge, however, depends on recharge rates in the spring’s catchment area, and the storage and distribution system must be designed with this potentially non-stationary input in mind. The dependence of recharge rates on land use varies with slope, soil type, vegetation, and humidity of the region. Therefore, in many developing communities where there is little watershed monitoring, little is known about how changes in land use may result in variability or long term trends in spring flow. Appropriate, low cost methods that can be carried out with local knowledge and labor are required for assessing the sustainability of natural springs as sources of drinking water in local settings, especially where land use is rapidly changing. We present results from an analysis evaluating the sustainability of discharge from springs supplying gravity-fed water systems in the Alto Beni region of Bolivia, where land use is rapidly changing from forest to agriculture. This analysis is accomplished using appropriate data collection methods with the assistance of local technicians and could be readily transferred to other watershed studies in developing communities. The study involves eleven local watersheds with varying percentage of land use devoted to agriculture area. Preliminary results show that discharge variability is higher in watersheds with more agriculture, suggesting that recharge rates in the region decrease with increased land area devoted to agriculture.

Fry, L. M.; Watkins, D. W.; Mihelcic, J. R.; Reents, N.



Magnetic fabric of Pleistocene continental clays from the hanging-wall of a low-angle normal fault (Alto Tiberina Fault, Italy)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) represents a valuable strain proxy able to detect subtle strain effects in very weakly deformed sediments, since the AMS ellipsoid compares to the strain ellipsoid (Hrouda 1982; Borradaile 1988; Tarling & Hrouda 1993; Borradaile & Henry, 1997; Borradaile & Jackson, 2004). During the last decades a large number of AMS studies have documented that in compressive tectonic setting the maximum susceptibility axes (i.e. the magnetic lineations) are parallel to fold axes (and thrust faults) and local bedding strikes, while in extensional regimes (Sagnotti et al., 1994; Mattei et al., 1999; Cifelli et al., 2004) they are perpendicular to the normal faults and, thus, parallel to the strata dip directions. One of the most striking active structures of the northern Apennines is represented by the Alto Tiberina Fault (ATF), a NE-dipping low-angle normal fault bounding the High Tiber Valley. The ATF is largely documented to represent a primary detachment of the Plio-Quaternary extensional tectonics affecting the Apennine belt. The long-lasting activity of the ATF produced 5 km of total displacement and up to 1200-m-thick basin infill of syntectonic, sandy-clayey continental succession. Thus, the AMS analysis of the sediments lying above the ATF represents a unique opportunity to document the strain field affecting the hanging-wall of low-angle normal faults. We collected 133 oriented cores at 13 different localities within the High Tiber Valley, and the AMS was measured in the paleomagnetic laboratory at the INGV (Rome, Italy) with a spinner Multi-Function Kappabridge. The AMS ellipsoids and their parameters resulted well defined at 12 sites. Most of the sites show a predominantly sedimentary fabric, while prolate ellipsoids at two sites are suggestive of a pervasive tectonic deformation. The magnetic lineation is well-developed and has a prevailing NNE direction. At seven sites the magnetic lineations are sub-parallel to local bed-strikes, implying that these sites probably underwent a ESE-directed compressive stress. Other lines of evidence (i.e. the AMS parameters) indicate that four more sites could have be affected by a similar compressive tectonics, whereas a clear extensional magnetic lineation is present at only one site, where the magnetic lineation is sub-parallel to the strata dip direction. Our results show geological evidence of compressive strain field affecting the sediments deposited on the hanging-wall of the ATF. The coexistence of compressional structures within an extensional tectonic domain leaded by a low-angle normal fault may have different causes: (i) arrangement of local folds with axes sub-parallel to the regional trend of the main fault, related to non-planarity of the detachment fault at depth and not to compressive events punctuating the Quaternary extensional phase, as previously proposed; (ii) the shallow effect related to roll-over of the hanging-wall in purely extensional tectonic settings, as already documented in the Basin and Range Province and by numerical modelling.

Pucci, S.; Maffione, M.; Sagnotti, L.; Speranza, F.



District Level Plans: Computer Science Education, Palo Alto Unified School District; Computer Education Foundation Program, Los Angeles Unified School District, Office of Instruction; Microcomputers in the Public Schools, A Management Plan, Keene, New Hampshire, School District; [and] School Level Plans: Technology Plan, Cincinnati Country Day School, Cincinnati, Ohio.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The first report details the computer education plans of the school district in Palo Alto (California), where the use of the computer is part of normal school activities in grades K-6, all seventh grade students participate in a computer awareness unit, and students in grades 9-12 are encouraged to enroll for one quarter in a computer studies…

Learning Tomorrow: Journal of the Apple Education Advisory Council, 1986



Detection of rickettsia parkeri from within Piura, Peru, and the first reported presence of Candidatus rickettsia andeanae in the tick Rhipicephalus sanguineus.  


Domestic farm animals (n=145) were sampled for the presence of ectoparasites in northwestern Peru during March, 2008. Ninety domestic animals (62%) were positive for the presence of an ectoparasite(s) and produced a total collection of the following: 728 ticks [Amblyomma maculatum, Anocentor nitens, Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus, Rhipicephalus sanguineus, and Otobius megnini], 12 lice (Haematopinus suis), and 3 fleas (Ctenocephalides felis). A Rickettsia genus-specific qPCR assay was performed on nucleic acid preparations of the collected ectoparasites that resulted in 5% (37/743, 35 ticks and 2 fleas) of the ectoparasites positive for the presence of Rickettsia. DNA from the positive individual ticks was tested with 2 other qPCR assays for the presence of the ompB gene in Candidatus Rickettsia andeanae or Rickettsia parkeri. Candidatus R. andeanae was found in 25 A. maculatum ticks and in two Rh. sanguineus ticks, whereas R. parkeri was detected in 6 A. maculatum ticks. Two A. maculatum were co-infected with both Candidatus R. andeanae and R. parkeri. Rickettsia felis was detected in 2 fleas, Ctenocephalides felis, by multilocus sequence typing of the 17-kD antigen and ompA genes. These findings expand the geographic range of R. parkeri to include Peru as well as expand the natural arthropod vector of Candidatus R. andeanae to include Rhipicephalus sanguineus. PMID:23488453

Flores-Mendoza, Carmen; Florin, David; Felices, Vidal; Pozo, Edwar J; Graf, Paul C F; Burrus, Roxanne G; Richards, Allen L



February 13, 2010 (PhotoAlto / Getty)  

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with autism Melanie Reid A genetic defect that causes children to dislike being hugged and sometimes reject. "They don't look in people's eyes, they won't hug their parents and they are hypersensitive to touch

Contractor, Anis


Bike/ped bridge To Palo Alto  

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Station Green Earth Sciences Allen (CIS) Gates Lokey Vi! (Classic Residence by Hyatt) Parking Structure 6 (PS6) Crate & Barrel Stanford Park Hotel Stanford Barn Hoover Pavilion Bing Concert Hall 700 801 1000


Near-Field Receiving Water Monitoring of Trace Metals and a Benthic Community Near the Palo Alto Regional Water Quality Control Plant in South San Francisco Bay, California: 2006  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Results reported herein include trace element concentrations in sediment and in the clam Macoma petalum (formerly reported as Macoma balthica (Cohen and Carlton 1995)), clam reproductive activity, and benthic macroinvertebrate community structure for a mudflat one kilometer south of the discharge of the Palo Alto Regional Water Quality Control Plant in South San Francisco Bay. This report includes data collected for the period January 2006 to December 2006, and extends a critical long-term biogeochemical record dating back to 1974. These data serve as the basis for the City of Palo Alto's Near-Field Receiving Water Monitoring Program, initiated in 1994. Metal concentrations in both sediments and clam tissue during 2006 were consistent with results observed since 1990. Most notably, copper and silver concentrations in sediment and clam tissue increased in the last year but the values remain well within range of past data. Other metals such as chromium, nickel, vanadium, and zinc remained relatively constant throughout the year except for maximum values generally occurring in winter months (January-March). Mercury levels in sediment and clam tissue were some of the lowest seen on record. Conversely, selenium concentrations reached a maximum level but soon returned to baseline levels. In all, metal concentrations in sediments and tissue remain within past findings. There are no obvious directional trends (increasing or decreasing). Analyses of the benthic-community structure of a mudflat in South San Francisco Bay over a 31-year period show that changes in the community have occurred concurrent with reduced concentrations of metals in the sediment and in the tissues of the biosentinel clam M. petalum from the same area. Analysis of the reproductive activity of M. petalum shows increases in reproductive activity concurrent with the decline in metal concentrations in the tissues of this organism. Reproductive activity is presently stable, with almost all animals initiating reproduction in the fall and spawning the following spring of most years. The community has shifted from being dominated by several opportunistic species to a community where the species are more similar in abundance, a pattern that suggests a more stable community that is subjected to less stress. In addition, two of the opportunistic species (Ampelisca abdita and Streblospio benedicti) that brood their young and live on the surface of the sediment in tubes, have shown a continual decline in dominance coincident with the decline in metals. Heteromastus filiformis, a subsurface polychaete worm that lives in the sediment, consumes sediment and organic particles residing in the sediment, and reproduces by laying their eggs on or in the sediment, has shown a concurrent increase in dominance. These changes in species dominance reflect a change in the community from one dominated by surface dwelling, brooding species to one with species with varying life history characteristics. For the first time since its invasion in 1986, the non-indigenous filter-feeding clam Corbula (Potamocorbula) amurensis has shown up in small, but persistent, numbers in the benthic community.

Lorenzi, Allison H.; Cain, Daniel J.; Parchaso, Francis; Thompson, Janet K.; Luoma, Samuel N.; Hornberger, Michelle I.; Dyke, Jessica L.; Cervantes, Raul; Shouse, Michelle K.



Relaciones hidrogeologicas y medioambientales entre el mar mediterraneo, El saladar y el acuifero de agua amarga (provincia de alicante). Incidencia de las explotaciones de las desaladoras de alicante I Y II Y medidas correctoras  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Agua Amarga coastal aquifer, located in the south of Alicante province, has been subjected to successive anthropogenic actions: salt works activity (1925-1975) and water withdrawal to supply the Alicante I and II desalination plants (since 2003). These interventions have influenced the salinity and the flow regime. Due to the existence of a salt marsh of ecological interest linked to the aquifer, the 'Mancomunidad de los Canales del Taibilla' (agency responsible for the desalination plants) designed a piezometric network for monitoring piezometry and electrical conductivity (in operation since May 2008). Soil humidity and piezometrics levels have been recovered by means of a seawater pouring programme over the salt marsh (since December 2009),which represents the third anthropic intervention. In this memoria, we investigate the Agua Amarga coastal aquifer to develop a physical conceptual model. Firstly, the study area is characterized in relation to climatology, geology, geomorphology and hydrogeology, using published information, describing, in addition, the desalination plants catchment system. Next, based on hydrogeological studies prior to the start up of the desalination plants, the aquifer is characterized: type, lithology, hydraulic parameters, thickness, surface extension, etc. Water quantity relating to rainfall, water withdrawal and pourings over the salt marsh, have been integrated in conjunction with data from monthly piezometric campaigns. In adittion, in order to gain insight into the groundwater mixing processes, chemical and isotope analyses were carried out on meteoric water and groundwater samples taken at different locations. The results were used to elaborate a conceptual physical model and a water budget. As an extension tool to understand processes and assess aquifer management, a 3-D fluid-flow and solute-transport model is designed with SEAWAT. Also, the 2-D physical characterization of scenarios with seawater intrusion and salt flats is presented. Finally, after describing ecological values of the salt marsh, the effect of the seawater pouring programme on aquifer piezometry and salinity is studied, assessing the possibility of applying this pilot scheme to other scenarios.

Manteca, Ivan Alhama



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Resumo Propondo-se o concreto como alternativa construtiva de estruturas destinadas a guarda e conservação de alimentos como parte da solução das questões relacionadas à preservação e viabilidade do crescimento da população mundial, não obstante dos conceitos de uma engenharia sustentável, onde a durabilidade torna-se sine qua non e, por meio dos métodos de dosagem desenvolvidos pelos pesquisadores do LMABC (Laboratório

Sandra Maria de Lima; Jefferson Benedicto; Libardi Libório



Hip Hop as Empowerment: Voices in El Alto, Bolivia  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In response to neoliberal policies that have been in place since 1985, Bolivian young people have increasingly used hip hop music as a means of protest and to reclaim social and political participation. Hip hop in Latin America tells the story of the struggles that marginalized people have suffered, and speaks to the effects of international…

Tarifa, Ariana



Les Earnest 12769 Dianne Drive; Los Altos Hills, CA 94022  

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Mashed Potatoes, Blue Lake Green Beans, and Baby Carrots Chardonnay or Zinfandel wine with the meal Coffee, Decaf, Herbal tea or Iced tea Trio of Italian Gelato Those who prefer a vegetarian main course

Pratt, Vaughan


Quasi 3D modeling of water flow in vadose zone and groundwater  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

SummaryThe complexity of subsurface flow systems calls for a variety of concepts leading to the multiplicity of simplified flow models. One habitual simplification is based on the assumption that lateral flow and transport in unsaturated zone are not significant unless the capillary fringe is involved. In such cases the flow and transport in the unsaturated zone above groundwater level can be simulated as a 1D phenomenon, whereas the flow and transport through groundwater are viewed as 2D or 3D phenomena. A new approach for a numerical scheme for 3D variably saturated flow using quasi 3D Richards' equation and finite difference scheme is presented. The corresponding numerical algorithm and the QUASI-3D computer code were developed. Results of the groundwater level simulations were compared with transient laboratory experimental data for 2D data constant-flux infiltration, quasi-3D HYDRUS-MODFLOW numerical model and a FULL-3D numerical model using Richards' equation. Hypothetical 3D examples of infiltration, pumping and groundwater mound dissipation for different spatial-time scales are presented. Water flow simulation for the Alto Piura aquifer (Peru) demonstrates the QUASI-3D model application at the regional scale. Computationally the QUASI-3D code was found to be more efficient by an order of 10-300%, while being accurate with respect to the benchmark fully 3D variable saturation code, when the capillary fringe was considered.

Kuznetsov, M.; Yakirevich, A.; Pachepsky, Y. A.; Sorek, S.; Weisbrod, N.



In Proceedings of the International Workshop on Information Processing in Sensor Networks pp. 376-391, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC),Palo Alto, Apr 2003  

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assumes that global information is not available (neither a map, nor GPS). Our algorithm deploys a network.g. building rubble due to an earthquake or other causes). We require the robot to cover all areas of the space

Sukhatme, Gaurav S.



Microsoft Academic Search

Concrete in normal conditions is a versatile and strong construction material. However under certain environmental conditions it may deteriorate in a short period of time. This fact has led researchers in recent times to develop the high-performance concrete. In this scenario, the aim of this paper is to present the effects of the different types of coarse aggregate on the

A. G. Magalhães; E. P. de França; M. T. P. Aguilar; J. M. Calixto; W. L. Vasconcelos



Microsoft Academic Search

The aim of this work is to produce blocks for hydraulical structure in concrete using alkali activated slag (AAS) as cement, granulated slag of blast furnace as fine aggregate and air-cooled blast furnace slag as coarse aggregate. Literature was consulted in order to select the shape and geometry to build the hydraulic structure. Mechanical, physical and durability concrete properties are

Maria Antonina Magalhães Coelho; Maristela Gomes da Silva; Robson Sarmento; Eliana Zandonade; Tsutomu Morimoto; José Luiz Helmer


Evaluación de Concretos Reforzados Adicionados con Escoria de Alto Horno, Cenizas Volantes y Microsilica con EIS  

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In this work two types of reinforced concrete are comparate, added with puzzzolanic and ground granulate blast furnace, were designed two mixed, replacing in one 10% of weigth of cement with Fly Ash (CV) and 10% with ground granulate blast furnace (EAH), in the other, 10% with microsilica (MS) and 10% with EAH, to each specimen were immersed two steel

R. E. Núñez Jaquez; C. P. Barrios Durstewitz; C. Gaona Tiburcio; F. Almeraya


SL9 Impact Imaging, Spectroscopy, and Long{T erm Monitoring from the Calar Alto Observatory  

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with the meteor ash of entry, and the second, brighter one approximately a minute later, corresponding" high in the atmosphere, depositing a signi cant fraction #12;of its energy on entry, and leading

Hamilton, Douglas P.



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into the rotor and that opposing tubes are filled to the same level with liquid of the same density. Make sure that buckets containing Quick-Seal tubes have the proper floating spacers inserted (if applicable) before radius and speed (r2) to the standard acceleration of gravity (g) according to the following formula

Pawlowski, Wojtek



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and that opposing tubes are filled to the same level with liquid of the same density. Make sure that buckets containing Quick-Seal tubes have the proper floating spacers inserted (if applicable) before installing radius and speed (r2) to the standard acceleration of gravity (g) according to the following formula

Pawlowski, Wojtek


The Poor Survival among Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients in Chiapas, Mexico: The Case of Los Altos Region  

PubMed Central

Objective. To analyse survival in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) and factors associated with such survival. Design. Study of a cohort of patients aged over 14 years diagnosed with PTB from January 1, 1998 to July 31, 2005. During 2004–2006 a home visit was made to each patient and, during 2008-2009, they were visited again. During these visits a follow-up interview was administered; when the patient had died, a verbal autopsy was conducted with family members. Statistical analysis consisted of survival tests, Kaplan-Meier log-rank test and Cox regression. Results. Of 305 studied patients, 68 had died due to PTB by the time of the first evaluation, 237 were followed-up for a second evaluation, and 10 of them had died of PTB. According to the Cox regression, age (over 45 years) and treatment duration (under six months) were associated with a poorer survival. When treatment duration was excluded, the association between poorer survival with age persisted, whereas with having been treated via DOTS strategy, was barely significant. Conclusions. In the studied area it is necessary that patients receive a complete treatment scheme, and to give priority to patients aged over 45 years. PMID:22701170

Najera-Ortiz, J. C.; Sanchez-Perez, H. J.; Ochoa-Diaz-Lopez, H.; Leal-Fernandez, G.; Navarro-Gine, A.




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El artículo presenta los resultados de un estudio efectuado en relación al turismo de Golf en Balears en 2005 y su evolución en relación a otros anteriormente efectuados en 1997 y en 2001. En é l se analiza la demanda de turismo de golf y su evolución a partir de determinados aspectos descriptivos, asimismo se evalúa el impacto económico y

Joan B. Garau Vadell


PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA--In a comfortable SiliconValley boardroom, a world away from  

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violence of Iraq, Shyam Sankar projects a satellite map of Baghdad on a screen. "Now let's look from a collaborationofre- searchers at Prince- ton University and the U.S. Military Academy at West of color--a heat map of violence. "The attacks turn out to be correlated over time and space

Kuzmanovic, Aleksandar


99129-5/2002-DR/SC O $alto dos orgnicos  

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: Moacir Loth - SC 00397 JP Coord. de Divulgação e Marketing/ Redação: Artemio R. de Souza (Jornalista´El Rei S. S. Martins Romilda de Assis (Apoio) Impressão: Jojafe Comunicação e Marketing Ltda " Frase

Floeter, Sergio Ricardo


International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring Palo Alto, CA. Sept. 11-13, 2007  

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the Cochlea: Micromachined Biomimetic Acoustic Sensors Robert D. White, Robert Littrell, and Karl Grosh is demonstrated. This type of system is capable of acoustic sensing and simultaneous mechanical frequency analysis characteristics in a very compact design. The mechanics of the fluid-structure interaction within the cochlea

White, Robert D.


Restoration of resaca wetlands and associated wet prairie habitats at Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Site  

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hydrologic study was initiated to evaluate the groundwater hydrology in disturbed versus undisturbed resaca wetlands and explore potential restoration strategies. Transplanting S. spartinae in the fall season was more successful (80% survivability) than...

Margo, Michael Ray



BY M. MITCHELL WALDROP n the foothills above Palo Alto, California, physicists have set up  

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of photosynthetic molecules, and more. "XFELs, without any doubt, are disruptive technology," says Keith Moffat". But XFELs have also been controversial technology -- especially the THEBIG GUNSPowerful

Uppsala Universitet


Assessment Laboratory Model-Fire Captain Promotional Examination Developed for City of Palo Alto, California.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The assessment laboratory is a full-day program devoted to evaluations of the candidates during various exercises. The test involves participation by the candidates in an in-basket exercise; a leaderless group exercise; a 5-minute oral presentation; an unstructured group discussion requiring solutions and consensus; and one requiring…

Harris, J. David; Macrae, Donald S.


Stylus Input and Editing Without Prior Selection of Mode Palo Alto Research Center  

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. In draw mode, pen strokes become literal markings of digital ink. In command mode, pen strokes represent proven to be a barrier to the usability of pen/stylus systems. We offer a novel Inferred-Mode interaction, if possible, from the properties of the pen trajectory and the context of the trajectory. If the intent

Saund, Eric


The Wendelstein Calar Alto Pixellensing Project (WeCAPP): the M 31 nova catalogue  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present light curves from the novae detected in the long-term, M 31-monitoring WeCAPP project. The goal of WeCAPP is to constrain the compact dark matter fraction of the M 31 halo with microlensing observations. As a by product we detected 91 novae benefiting from the high cadence and highly sensitive difference imaging technique required for pixel-lensing. We thus can now present the largest sample of optical/CCD nova lightcurves towards M 31 to date. We also obtained thorough coverage of the light curve before and after the eruption thanks to the long-term monitoring. We apply a nova taxonomy to our nova candidates and found 29 S-class novae, 10 C-class novae, 2 O-class novae, and 1 J-class nova. We investigated a universal decline law on the S-class novae. In addition, we correlated our catalogue with the literature and found 4 potential recurrent novae. Part of our catalogue has been used to search for optical counterparts of the super soft X-ray sources detected in M 31. Optical surveys like WeCAPP, when coordinated with multi-wavelength observation, will continue to shed light on the underlying physical mechanism of novae in the future.

Lee, C.-H.; Riffeser, A.; Seitz, S.; Bender, R.; Fliri, J.; Hopp, U.; Ries, C.; Bärnbantner, O.; Gössl, C.



Acta Granatense, 6: 1-14. 2007 Vegetacin de los humedales del Alto Guadalquivir: las  

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Guadalquivir wetlands: karstic and "rañas" ponds in northeastern of the Jaén province F. ORTEGA, C. SALAZAR Y F, macrophytes, Mediterranean region, wetlands. RESUMEN Este trabajo supone la continuación de un estudio sobre

Herrera, Carlos M.


Low-Cost Sensor Network for Stream Flow Monitoring in the Alto Beni Region of Bolivia  

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Lack of data is a persistent problem in hydrology and other field work in developing countries. Low cost monitoring devices allow investigators to maximize spatial coverage on a limited budget, as well as to minimize the financial risk of loss of instruments placed in vulnerable locations. This work contributes to an ongoing project to evaluate the sustainability of discharge from

M. D. Rowe; L. M. Fry; J. R. Mihelcic



Manejo Fisioterapéutico de Menisectomia en Atleta de Alto Rendimiento Manejo Fisioterapéutico de Menisectomia en Atleta de Alto Rendimiento\\/Physical Therapist Handling of meniscectomy in Athlete of High Performance  

Microsoft Academic Search

Summary The meniscus and the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee become the structures that suffer the most injuries in the sports field, and is the factor that tends to move athletes away from the competitive area. Postoperative rehabilitation is an important part of the athletes complete recovery and return to his sports field. A 27 years old athlete was

Fariñas Erick


AIAA Applied Aerodynamics Conference, 10th, Palo Alto, CA, June 22-24, 1992, Technical Papers. Pts. 1 AND 2  

SciTech Connect

Consideration is given to vortex physics and aerodynamics; supersonic/hypersonic aerodynamics; STOL/VSTOL/rotors; missile and reentry vehicle aerodynamics; CFD as applied to aircraft; unsteady aerodynamics; supersonic/hypersonic aerodynamics; low-speed/high-lift aerodynamics; airfoil/wing aerodynamics; measurement techniques; CFD-solvers/unstructured grid; airfoil/drag prediction; high angle-of-attack aerodynamics; and CFD grid methods. Particular attention is given to transonic-numerical investigation into high-angle-of-attack leading-edge vortex flow, prediction of rotor unsteady airloads using vortex filament theory, rapid synthesis for evaluating the missile maneuverability parameters, transonic calculations of wing/bodies with deflected control surfaces; the static and dynamic flow field development about a porous suction surface wing; the aircraft spoiler effects under wind shear; multipoint inverse design of an infinite cascade of airfoils, turbulence modeling for impinging jet flows; numerical investigation of tail buffet on the F-18 aircraft; the surface grid generation in a parameter space; and the flip flop nozzle extended to supersonic flows.

Not Available



namely TIN2, rather than on POT1. Alto-gether, these results converge to a model  

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. In particular, Dicer-family RNase III enzymes are central to the biogenesis of Argo- naute-associated small, W., O'Connor, M.S., and Songyang, Z. (2007). Nature 445, 559­562. A Deathly DNase Activity for Dicer.05.004 Recently reporting in Science, Nakagawa et al. describe an unexpected role for Dicer in chromosome frag

Xue, Ding


Published by the Centrifuge Instrument Systems Development Center of Beckman Coulter, Inc., Palo Alto, California 94304 SW 41 Ti ROTOR  

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containers are loaded symmetrically into the rotor and that opposing tubes are filled to the same level with liquid of the same density. Make sure that buckets containing Quick-Seal tubes have the proper floating of the centrifugal acceleration at a specified radius and speed (r2) to the standard acceleration of gravity (g

Pawlowski, Wojtek


Penn State Mont Alto Directory Listings2/7/2014 LAST NAME FIRST NAME EMAIL ADDRESS TELEPHONE  

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Professor of English Borromeo Renee 6020 117A Sci-Tech Senior Instructor in Physical Therapy Technology Beidel Joshua 6226 Physical Plant Maintenance Mechanic B Benedick Ashley 6175 124B MAC Assistant Coach of Women's Basketball Betonte Anthony 6169 304 General

Boyer, Elizabeth W.


Las macrófitas de algunos lagos alto-andinos del Ecuador y su bajo potencial como bioindicadores de eutrofización  

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Macrophytes from some high Andean lakes of Ecuador and their low potential as bioindica- tors of eutrophication. The occurrence of macrophyte in three high Andean lakes of Ecuador, Lago San Pablo, Laguna La Mica and Lago Cuicocha was recorded in 5-9 transects per lake. The first two lakes are eutrophic, the third is an extremely oligotrophic caldera lake. The dominant

Benjamin Kiersch; Ralf Mühleck; Günter Gunkel


Rendimiento experto y percepción de las actividades de entrenamiento en lanzadores de martillo españoles del alto rendimiento  

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The purpose of this study was to investigate how expert ham- mer throwers perceived their training activities. Thirty two Spanish ham- mer throwers participated in this study; all of them were components of the Spanish track and field team. They ranged in age from 14 to 30 years (M= 19). Twenty were male and twelve female. The Perception of Train-

Luis Miguel Ruiz Pérez; Jesús Durán Piqueras; Joseán Arruza Gabilondo; Spanish Hammer



Soraya de Chadarevian and Nick Hopwood, eds., Models: The Third Dimension of Science (Palo Alto, CA: Stanford University Press, 2004),  

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brings a new dimension to our understanding of scientific representation, practice, and pedagogy experience unified his practice of modeling artificial anatomies with practices of real anatomical dissection

Dietrich, Michael R.


Did Indians of the Americas Preserve Linguistic Place-names Like Willimantic, CT, Indicating Some Islamic Interactions and Applied Physics Use, Before Columbus?  

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Modern Peruvians document: ``Ñari Huallac is the name of the town in the north of Peru (Piura) where our families come from. The words Ñari Huallac mean Serpent God, [editorial emphasis by underlining script is added], and are some of the few words which remain from the ancient Tallan civilization.'' Tallan seems related to The God, Allah, of Islam, as

Erica Crory; Roger D. Mc Leod



Climatic signals in growth and its relation to ENSO events of two Prosopis species following a latitudinal  

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. Urb. San Eduardo. Piura. Peru´, zCREAF (Center for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications of the unprotected soil is a common problem. Such dry-land degradation is of great international concern, not only gradient in Latin America, from northern Peru to central Chile: Prosopis pallida from a semi-arid land

Gracia, Carlos


Dendrochronologia ] (  

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documentation of an El Nin~ o (though not by that name) in 1532 during the epoch of the Spanish conquest. The Spanish landed in this area in 1528 and their historical records provide the first historical of abundance; Sears, 1895; Murphy, 1926). Piura was the first Peruvian city found by the Spanish in July

Evans, Michael N.


Fruit spot of sweet lime ( Citrus limetta ) caused by Septoria sp. in Peru  

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In 2002, a severe fruit spot of sweet lime (Citrus limetta) was observed in Piura and Lambayeque provinces in northern Peru. Affected fruits showed large oval and sunken lesions, often\\u000a surrounded by chlorotic haloes. Septoria sp. was isolated from affected fruits. Sweet lime isolates showed larger pycnidia and pycnidiospores than those of Septoria spp. previously described on citrus. In addition,

Luis A. Álvarez-Bernaola; Javier Javier-Alva; Antonio Vicent; Maela León; José García-Jiménez



Surto de peste bubônica na localidade de Jacocha, Huancabamba, Perú Outbreak of bubonic plague in -Jacocha, Huancabamba, Perú  

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Climatic alterations arising in the north of Perú as a result of the El Niño phenomenon (ENSO) have caused variations in the crop volume, changes in the direction of rivers and probably an increase in the rodent population. In February 1999, in a native community in Jacocha, Huancabamba, Piura's mountains, Perú, an outbreak of bubonic plague appeared with five human

Victor Alva Dávalos; Marco Arrieta Torres; Carlos Olguín Mauricci; Victor Alberto Laguna-Torres; Mónica Pun Chinarro


Implications of agricultural land use for sustainability of gravity fed water distribution systems relying on natural springs in the Alto Beni Region of Bolivia  

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Gravity-fed distribution systems from natural springs are frequently used as a method for providing drinking water to developing communities throughout the world. They are seen as an appropriate technology for their relatively simple operation and maintenance requirements. Spring discharge, however, depends on recharge rates in the spring's catchment area, and the storage and distribution system must be designed with this

L. M. Fry; D. W. Watkins; J. R. Mihelcic; N. Reents



Recommended Academic Plan for BS Degree in Nursing (NURS/GNURS for students at University Park, Altoona, Erie (Behrend), Fayette, Mont Alto and Worthington Scranton)  

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Recommended Academic Plan for BS Degree in Nursing (NURS/GNURS for students at University Park 142 Physiology Laboratory 1 HD FS 129 (GS) Intro to Human Development and Family Studies 3 ENGL 015 in Nursing Practice and Nursing Informatics 2 NURS 230 Introduction to the Fundamentals of Nursing 4 NURS 251

Lee, Dongwon


VA Palo Alto Stanford University Thank you for agreeing to participate in our gait studies. This list was created to help your test  

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"rocker" or "shape-up" shoes to your test. Please bring a comfortable colored (non-black) t-shirt. o We. This list was created to help your test day run smoothly. Please review and call the laboratory at 650 will apply double sided tape to your legs. Please bring your low-top walking shoes/sneakers and low-cut socks

Stanford University


Variação sazonal na sociabilidade de forrageamento das garças Ardea alba (Linnaeus, 1758) e Egretta thula (Molina, 1782) (Aves: Ciconiiformes) na planície alagável do alto rio Paraná, Brasil  

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Seasonal variation in the foraging sociability of Great White Egret (Ardea alba) and Snowy Egret (Egretta thula) (Aves: Ciconiiformes) in the upper Paraná river floodplain, Brazil. The seasonal variation of foraging sociability of Great White Egret (Ardea alba) and Snowy Egret (Egretta thula) on the lagoons of the upper Paraná river floodplain, Brazil, was analyzed. Quarterly samplings of birds were

Márcio Rodrigo



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We studied the acuatic macro invertebrates community associated with the water tank of Tillandsia turneri (Bromeliaceae) in a montane cloud forest (at 3000 m altitude) of Cundinamarca, Colombia. Thirty seven plants were sampled for which the amount of water and some morphological and physicochemical variables were also determined. Twenty eight of macro invertebrates morphospecies were found, 20 of which were



1996 International Conference on Circuits and System Sciences, Shanghai, China, June 20-25, 1996. * This research is partially supported by Electric Power Research Institute, Palo Alto, California  

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1996 International Conference on Circuits and System Sciences, Shanghai, China, June 20-25, 1996 from experience. Over the past one and half decade the theory has evolve into a new technology. It has area of fuzzy logic control. A ship- mounted satellite tracking antenna is used to illustrate

Lin, Tsau Young


Variation of Indoor Radon Levels in Some Caves of Parque Estadual Turistico do Alto Ribeira (PETAR), SP, Brazil with Ventilation and Rain  

SciTech Connect

In order to assess the radon exposure for the tour guide workers, radon levels in several galleries of the most visited caves of PETAR (High Ribeira River Turistic State Park), were determined by using Makrofol E tracks detectors. A two-years surveillance, from 2003 to 2005, showed radon average levels varying from 153{+-}44 Bq{center_dot}m{sup -3} to 6358{+-}1619 Bq{center_dot}m{sup -3}. Those results showed that the wide variation between the minimum and maximum concentrations values are strongly related with cave ventilation. In order to establish other factors contributing to this variation, beside the well known temperature effect, rain data over the entire period were also considered, showing that, apparently, radon concentrations inside the caves rise with drought.

Alberigi, Simone; Pecequilo, Brigitte Roxana Soreanu [Institutu de Pesquisas Energetical e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP) Av. Professor Lineu Prestes 2242 05508-000 Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)



Successful Experiences of Sustainable Land Use in Hyperarid, Arid and Semiarid Zones from Peru  

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Three case studies of successful measures of sustainable use of arid coastal and semiarid Andean mountain ecosystems from\\u000a Peru are presented. The first case study is on agroforestry and silvo-herding systems located in the northern arid coast (Piura),\\u000a where El Ni?o events, especially the 97\\/98 (December to May) one, had impacted the productivity of these systems. The second\\u000a case study

Juan Torres Guevara; Dora Velásquez Milla


Teaching internationally: Texas A&M professor travels the world teaching water resources engineering  

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and government agencies in Spain, Portugal, Finland, Morocco, Brazil, and Peru. Although he tailors each course to the needs of the audience, Olivera said all the courses involve his research of using GIS to study such topics as quantifying the effects... of insufficient funds, 25 years later the school invited him to teach there. ?Teaching at CEDEX was a very rewarding experience,? he said. In fall 2007, he traveled to South America to teach courses in Brazil and Peru. The course in Piura, Peru, was a one...

Wythe, Kathy



Proc. of the 13th IEEE Symp. on High-Performance Interconnects (Hot Interconnects 2005), Palo Alto, CA, August 2005. Also available as Los Alamos technical report LA-UR-05-2635.  

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with the existing Ethernet infrastructure. With the advent of 10-Gigabit Ethernet and TCP Offload Engines (TOEs), whether this performance gap be bridged is an open question. In this paper, we present a detailed interface, and (iii) application-level evalua- tions using the Apache web server. Our experimental results

Balaji, Pavan


1010 Corporation Way, Palo Alto, CA 94303 General Info: (415) 672-6020, (408) 368-8469 Sponsorship Hotline: (408) 666-6648; (510) 299-4392  

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,000 volunteers, and live audiences totaling more than 45,000. The show is rated the top 7th show in the US:// Youngsters (under 18), saving 30% on Sunday matinee tickets only (cannot combined with other discounts

Wechsler, Risa H.


701-A Welch Road, Suite 2207, Palo Alto, CA 94304, Stanford Interdepartmental Mail Code: 5753, Phone: 650-723-7188 Fax: 650-498-5020 Page 1 of 2  

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goods or services consumed by, or used on, patients. · Commercial Support: Financial, or in or product-specific advertisement of any type is prohibited in association with any Stanford medical education activity. The juxtaposition of editorial and advertising material on the same products or subjects

Kay, Mark A.


Chemical composition and physicochemical properties of shiitake mushroom and high fiber products Composición química y propiedades físico-químicas del hongo shiitake y de productos con alto contenido de fibra  

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Increasing dietary fiber (DF) intake may help to decrease risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and colon cancer. The objective of this work was to study and compare the chemical composition and physicochemical properties of some products used as DF sources. The DF source products evaluated were Metamucil, Kania, Tarasca, Nopalinaza, Xotzil and dried shiitake mushroom (Lentinus

H. E. Martínez-Flores; D. C. Maya-Cortés; J. D. Figueroa-Cárdenas; M. G. Garnica-Romo; J. Ponce-Saavedra




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RESUMO: as habilidades sociais vêm sendo amplamente reconhecidas como importante componente do processo de escolarização especialmente dos alunos com deficiência mental. A revisão da literatura evidencia escassez de pesquisas que focalizam a inclusão desses alunos no sistema regular de ensino. Considerando tal situação, este estudo teve como objetivos: avaliar e comparar o desempenho social (habilidades sociais e problemas de comportamento)

Andréa Regina Rosin-PINOLA; Zilda Aparecida; Pereira DEL PRETTE; Almir DEL PRETTE


«Amigos con derecho a roce»: una oportunidad para contraer la infección por el virus de la inmunodeficiencia humana en hombres homo\\/bixesuales con prácticas sexuales de alto riesgo  

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ObjectiveDespite prevention efforts, the prevalence of unprotected anal intercourse (UAI) remains substantial among men who have sex with men (MSM). This study describes and analyzes how a group of MSM manages sexual risk with sexual partners.

Percy Fernández-Dávila



Since 1979, Magic a Palo Alto-based public service organization, has worked in partnership with Stanford University to regenerate native California oaks on university lands. Through this collaboration, begun  

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- (650) 323-7333 PLANT OAKS & BUNCH GRASSES tems, enjoy the out-of-doors, exercise, and work for common good. Magic offers Planting for the Second Hundred Years and other programs to demonstrate how people

Wechsler, Risa H.


Genetic Characterization of Goutanap Virus, a Novel Virus Related to Negeviruses, Cileviruses and Higreviruses  

PubMed Central

Pools of mosquitoes collected in Côte d’Ivoire and Mexico were tested for cytopathic effects on the mosquito cell line C6/36. Seven pools induced strong cytopathic effects after one to five days post infection and were further investigated by deep sequencing. The genomes of six virus isolates from Côte d’Ivoire showed pairwise nucleotide identities of ~99% among each other and of 56%–60% to Dezidougou virus and Wallerfield virus, two insect-specific viruses belonging to the proposed new taxon Negevirus. The novel virus was tentatively named Goutanap virus. The isolate derived from the Mexican mosquitoes showed 95% pairwise identity to Piura virus and was suggested to be a strain of Piura virus, named C6.7-MX-2008. Phylogenetic inferences based on a concatenated alignment of the methyltransferase, helicase, and RNA-dependent RNA polymerase domains showed that the new taxon Negevirus formed two monophyletic clades, named Nelorpivirus and Sandewavirus after the viruses grouping in these clades. Branch lengths separating these clades were equivalent to those of the related genera Cilevirus, Higrevirus and Blunervirus, as well as to those within the family Virgaviridae. Genetic distances and phylogenetic analyses suggest that Nelorpivirus and Sandewavirus might form taxonomic groups on genus level that may define alone or together with Cilevirus, Higrevirus and Blunervirus a viral family. PMID:25398046

Kallies, René; Kopp, Anne; Zirkel, Florian; Estrada, Alejandro; Gillespie, Thomas R.; Drosten, Christian; Junglen, Sandra



Community Academic Profile Stephen Ezeji-Okoye, MD  

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Stanford Hospital 4/2000 ­ 1/2001 Acting Chief of Staff Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System, Palo ACOS for Ambulatory Care Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System, Palo Alto, CA 1997 - 2008 Deputy Chief of Staff, San Jose and Monterey Clinics Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System, Palo

Ford, James


Notes on human cases of cystic echinococcosis in Peru.  


Cystic echinococcosis (CE) is a high prevalent zoonosis in the central and southern Peruvian Andes. Serum samples (n50)from patients presenting presumptive clinical and radiological diagnosis of CE (group 1), were tested for antibodies against Echinococcus granulosus metacestode using Arc-5 double diffusion assay (DD5), immunoelectrophoresis (IEF), and immunoelectrotransfer blot (EITB) techniques. Serum samples (n18) from patients presenting other parasite infections (paragonomiasis, cysticercosis, and fascioliasis) or healthy blood donors (n15), were designated as control groups. The overall sensitivity of the tests was of 94% (DD5 and IEF tests) or 96% (EITB test). Only patients from group 1 were seropositive for CE. Polypeptides of 21, 31, and 48 kDa were considered positive for CE. Based on these results, this study demonstrates that CE also occurs in other coastal departments (Piura, Ancash, Ica, Arequipa, and Tacna) besides Lima. PMID:16862333

Romani, Elizabeth Luz Sanchez; Rodrigues-Silva, Rosângela; Maldonado, Arnaldo; Machado-Silva, José Roberto; Gomes, Delir Corrêa



Consultant - media research, design, and evaluation, Palo Alto, CA and Santa Barbara, CA, 1981-present. Work with producers to research and develop interactive media and technologies. Conduct user testing and research; provide design recommendations for the content, interface, interaction design, user experience, and educational effectiveness of interactive products for children, adolescents, and adults  

Microsoft Academic Search

Was responsible for the research, design, educational quality, and effectiveness of Nintendo video games for health promotion. Developed the games' instructional design based on theory and research in the social sciences, health communication, instructional technology, and human-computer interaction. Wrote successful grant proposals to healthcare providers, foundations, and the National Institutes of Health and served as principal investigator for nationwide clinical

Zowie Intertainment


Book Review: Mindsight: Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences in the Blind, by Kenneth Ring and Sharon Cooper. Palo Alto, CA: William James Center for Consciousness Studies\\/Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, 1999, 217 pp. + xix, $12.95, pb  

Microsoft Academic Search

I approached Mindsight: Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences in the Blind with my usual anticipation in reading work done by Kenneth Ring, who is known to me personally and through his scholarly writing over many years of research into near-death experiences (NDEs). Together with his co-author, Sharon Cooper, he has produced another fascinating book reflecting research into apparent “mindsight” of people

Stuart W. Twemlow



COMUNICAÇÃO SELEÇÃO P ARA ALTO TEOR DE ACILAÇÚCARES EM GENÓTIPOS DE TOMATEIRO E SUA RELAÇÃO COM A RESISTÊNCIA AO ÁCARO VERMELHO (Tetranychus evansi) E À TRAÇA (Tuta absoluta) Selection towards high acylsugar levels in tomato genotypes and its relationship with resistance to spider mite (Tetranychus evansi) and to the South American pinworm (Tuta absoluta)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Selection for high foliar levels of allelochemicals has been proposed as a suitable strategy for breeding tomatoes for arthropod pest resistance. In the Lycopersicon pennellii (Correll) D Arcy accession LA-716, acylsugars exsudated by type IV glandular trichomes present in all aerial parts of the plant reportedly mediate resistance to arthropod pests. This paper intended to study the levels of resistance

Guilherme Victor; Nippes Pereira; Wilson Roberto Maluf; Luciano Donizete Gonçalves; Luís Antônio; Augusto Gomes; Vicente Licursi


Annales Geophysicae (2001) 19: 14111420 c European Geophysical Society 2001 Geophysicae  

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-Planck-Institut f¨ur Aeronomie, Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany 7Lockheed-Martin Palo Alto Research Laboratory, Palo Alto physics (planetary bow shocks; Correspondence to: E. M¨obius ( energetic

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


West Residences Family Sports  

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Downtown Palo Altoenlo Park Lytton Plaza Palo Alto Transit Center Packard MSOB LKSC Falk Crate & BarrelMedical FoundationFoundation Palo Alto Medical Foundation California Avenue Train Station Green Earth Sciences Allen


Bike/ped bridge CAMPUSDRIVEWEST  

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Palo Alto MedicalMedical FoundationFoundation Palo Alto Medical Foundation Green Earth Sciences Allen (CIS) Gates Lokey Cogen Vi (Classic Residence by Hyatt) Parking Struct.1 (PS1) Crate & Barrel Stanford Barn


2012-2013 U B C B A N D S  

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Christopher Ward, Assistant Conductor Serenade Derek Bourgeois (b. 1941) Stuart Martin, Assistant Conductor Liang, bass Saxophone Michael Morimoto, alto* Christopher Ward, alto* Kaylar Chan, alto Asa Abbott Vaughan* Piano Kelly Bao* Harp Samantha Ballard* Sheryl Hung Percussion Sean Buckley* Julia Chien Victoria

Pulfrey, David L.


December 14, 2009 Application for  

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submitted projects to the City of Los Altos. The same prototype building with the same relative 1st and 2nd and cost analysis Cost Effectiveness #12;City of Los Altos Application for Locally Adopted Energy Standards 3 Ordinance Summary The City of Los Altos is updating its Green Building Regulations Ordinance


Negevirus: a Proposed New Taxon of Insect-Specific Viruses with Wide Geographic Distribution  

PubMed Central

Six novel insect-specific viruses, isolated from mosquitoes and phlebotomine sand flies collected in Brazil, Peru, the United States, Ivory Coast, Israel, and Indonesia, are described. Their genomes consist of single-stranded, positive-sense RNAs with poly(A) tails. By electron microscopy, the virions appear as spherical particles with diameters of ?45 to 55 nm. Based on their genome organization and phylogenetic relationship, the six viruses, designated Negev, Ngewotan, Piura, Loreto, Dezidougou, and Santana, appear to form a new taxon, tentatively designated Negevirus. Their closest but still distant relatives are citrus leposis virus C (CiLV-C) and viruses in the genus Cilevirus, which are mite-transmitted plant viruses. The negeviruses replicate rapidly and to high titer (up to 1010 PFU/ml) in mosquito cells, producing extensive cytopathic effect and plaques, but they do not appear to replicate in mammalian cells or mice. A discussion follows on their possible biological significance and effect on mosquito vector competence for arboviruses. PMID:23255793

Vasilakis, Nikos; Forrester, Naomi L.; Palacios, Gustavo; Nasar, Farooq; Savji, Nazir; Rossi, Shannan L.; Guzman, Hilda; Wood, Thomas G.; Popov, Vsevolod; Gorchakov, Rodion; Gonzalez, Ana Vazquez; Haddow, Andrew D.; Watts, Douglas M.; da Rosa, Amelia P. A. Travassos; Weaver, Scott C.; Lipkin, W. Ian



Southern Oscillation Signal in South American Palaeoclimatic Data of the Last 7000 Years  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

During strong El Niño events, rainfall anomalies and changes in wind patterns are observed in different regions of South America. Along the central Brazilian coast, during the 1983 El Niño year, the frontal systems were blocked to the south, provoking a reversal of the longshore sand transport. Long-duration reversals of longshore transport were also recorded in Holocene beach-ridge terraces from the Rio Doce coastal plain. This led to the formulation of a model relating these reversals of longshore transport to El Niño-like conditions. El Niño-like conditions are past average climate situations that generate the same perturbations as the strong El Niño events observed during the last decade. They are likely to correspond to the long-duration low phase of the Southern Oscillation. To confirm this hypothesis we compared the Holocene beach-ridge record with other palaeoenvironmental records from regions where strong El Niño events would have a substancial signal as well: (1) water-level fluctuations of Lake Titicaca, (2) a pollen and sediment record in an eastern Amazonian lake, (3) changes of the Rio Xingu discharge in eastern Amazonia, and (4) variations of sand supply at the Rio Piura and Rio Chira outlets in the Sechura Desert. The occurrences of El Niño-like conditions were numerous before 3900-3600 yr B.P., absent between 39003600 and 2800-2500 yr B.P., and infrequent after 2800-2500 yr B.P.

Martin, Louis; Fournier, Marc; Mourguiart, Philippe; Sifeddine, Abdelfatah; Turcq, Bruno; Flexor, Jean-Marie; Absy, Maria Lucia



Traditional medicinal plant use in Northern Peru: tracking two thousand years of healing culture  

PubMed Central

This paper examines the traditional use of medicinal plants in Northern Peru, with special focus on the Departments of Piura, Lambayeque, La Libertad, Cajamarca, and San Martin. Northern Peru represents the center of the old Central Andean "Health Axis," stretching from Ecuador to Bolivia. The roots of traditional healing practices in this region go at least as far back as the Moche period (AC 100–800). Although about 50% of the plants in use reported in the colonial period have disappeared from the popular pharmacopoeia, the plant knowledge of the population is much more extensive than in other parts of the Andean region. 510 plant species used for medicinal purposes were collected, identified and their vernacular names, traditional uses and applications recorded. The families best represented were Asteraceae with 69 species, Fabaceae (35), Lamiaceae (25), and Solanaceae (21). Euphorbiaceae had twelve species, and Apiaceae and Poaceae 11 species. The highest number of species was used for the treatment of "magical/ritual" ailments (207 species), followed by respiratory disorders (95), problems of the urinary tract (85), infections of female organs (66), liver ailments (61), inflammations (59), stomach problems (51) and rheumatism (45). Most of the plants used (83%) were native to Peru. Fresh plants, often collected wild, were used in two thirds of all cases, and the most common applications included the ingestion of herb decoctions or the application of plant material as poultices. PMID:17090303

Bussmann, Rainer W; Sharon, Douglas



Plasmodium vivax hospitalizations in a monoendemic malaria region: severe vivax malaria?  


Severe malaria caused by Plasmodium vivax is no longer considered rare. To describe its clinical features, we performed a retrospective case control study in the subregion of Luciano Castillo Colonna, Piura, Peru, an area with nearly exclusive vivax malaria transmission. Severe cases and the subset of critically ill cases were compared with a random set of uncomplicated malaria cases (1:4). Between 2008 and 2009, 6,502 malaria cases were reported, including 106 hospitalized cases, 81 of which fit the World Health Organization definition for severe malaria. Of these 81 individuals, 28 individuals were critically ill (0.4%, 95% confidence interval = 0.2-0.6%) with severe anemia (57%), shock (25%), lung injury (21%), acute renal failure (14%), or cerebral malaria (11%). Two potentially malaria-related deaths occurred. Compared with uncomplicated cases, individuals critically ill were older (38 versus 26 years old, P < 0.001), but similar in other regards. Severe vivax malaria monoinfection with critical illness is more common than previously thought. PMID:24752683

Quispe, Antonio M; Pozo, Edwar; Guerrero, Edith; Durand, Salomón; Baldeviano, G Christian; Edgel, Kimberly A; Graf, Paul C F; Lescano, Andres G



After the Coup: Four Dramatic Versions of Allende's Chile  

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FALL 1978 39 After the Coup: Four Dramatic Versions of Allende's Chile RAMÓN LAYERA In his preface to Victor Torres' Una casa en Lota Alto (A House in Lota Alto, 1973) Augusto Boal, renowned Brazilian director, playwright and drama... plays written by Chilean playwrights about the Allende years illustrate the paradox inherent in Augusto Boal's proposition.1 Victor Torres' Una casa en Lota Alto, Sergio Vodanovic's Igual que antes {Same As Ever, 1972-73), Jorge Díaz' Mear contra el...

Layera, Ramó n



Estudo teórico das contribuições energéticas envolvidas na formação dos complexos : [Mg(H2O)n-base nucleica]2+.  

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??Dissertação (mestrado)—Universidade de Brasília, Instituto de Química, 2013. Atualmente, apenas estudos teóricos de alto nível são capazes de tratar de maneira acurada interações específicas entre… (more)

Oliveira, Vytor Pinheiro




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Aerospace Research Laboratories Applied Mathematics Research Laboratory Wright-Patterson Air Force Base 3251 Hanover Street Palo Alto, California Professor Emilie Haynsworth Auburn University Mathematics

Higham, Nicholas J.


59 FR- Notice Pursuant to the National Cooperative Research and Production Act of 1993; The ATM Forum  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Frankfort, GERMANY; Telstra Research Laboratories, Clayton Vic., AUSTRALIA; Toshiba Corporation, Kawasaki, JAPAN; VTT Information Technologies, Espoo, FINLAND; Valor Electronics, San Diego, CA; Xerox Corporation, Palo Alto, CA; and...



Students' Perceptions of Black-Latino Conflicts in Public Schools  

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the current views of violence and punishment (Burstyn et alto violence. The imposition of punishments and harsherviolence has worsened. Zero tolerance has two primary components: detection and punishment.

Ysais, Michelle



r e s e n t a t i o n s  

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. Nguyen Andy Vesalius, Kid Professor David Myung "The War Quartet" Shostakovich"The War Quartet Associate Professor, Anesthesia, Stanford University Staff Anesthesiologist, Veterans Affairs Palo Alto


Modelagem termodinamica de equilibrio liquido-liquido em sistemas envolvendo liquidos ionicos com modelos de composição local/contribuição de grupo e estruturas moleculares determinadas via quimica quantica.  

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??Líquidos iônicos são sais orgânicos de alto peso molecular que são líquidos a temperatura ambiente. Estas substâncias têm recebido considerável atenção como solventes ecologicamente corretos,… (more)

Rilvia Saraiva de Santiago Aguiar



Intimate (Ubiquitous) Computing Genevieve Bell*, Tim Brooke*, Elizabeth Churchill+  

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~ *Intel Research Intel Corporation Hillsboro, OR 97124 + FX Palo Alto Laboratory, 3400 Hillview Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304 ~ Intel need to employ new metaphors and create new models. A BRIEF HISTORY OF (INTIMATE) UBIQUITOUS COMPUTING

Paulos, Eric


Third International Diagnostic Competition DXC'11 Scott Poll1  

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. The paper describes the systems, diag- nostic problems of the tracks, fault scenarios, evaluation metrics , Sriram Narasimhan6 , and Adam Sweet1 1 NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA, 94035, USA 2 Palo Alto Research Center, Palo Alto, CA, 94304, USA dgarcia

Daigle, Matthew


Data-Driven Districts.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Describes the use of data-driven decision-making in four school districts: Plainfield Public Schools, Plainfield, New Jersey; Palo Alto Unified School District, Palo Alto, California; Francis Howell School District in eastern Missouri, northwest of St. Louis; and Rio Rancho Public Schools, near Albuquerque, New Mexico. Includes interviews with the…

LaFee, Scott



UC: A Fluid Interface for Personal Digital Libraries Lance Good, Ashok C. Popat, William C. Janssen, Eric Bier  

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UC: A Fluid Interface for Personal Digital Libraries Lance Good, Ashok C. Popat, William C. Janssen, Eric Bier Palo Alto Research Center 3333 Coyote Hill Road Palo Alto, California 94304 {good obliterates the traditional boundary separating the acquisition of materials from their use. In addition


Fluid Interface for Personal Digital Libraries L.E. Good, A.C. Popat, W.C. Janssen, and E.A. Bier  

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Fluid Interface for Personal Digital Libraries L.E. Good, A.C. Popat, W.C. Janssen, and E.A. Bier Palo Alto Research Center 3333 Coyote Hill Road Palo Alto, California 94304 {good to blur the traditional separation between searching for materials and using them. The system presented


Your article is protected by copyright and all rights are held exclusively by Springer  

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of Veterans Affairs. C. A. S. Reber PGSP-Stanford Psy.D. Consortium/VA Palo Alto Health Care System, Palo Alto Investigation of Mindfulness Skills and Changes in Emotion Regulation Among Military Veterans in Posttraumatic for posttraumatic stress disor- der (PTSD). The sample consisted of 50 male veterans who were assessed

Gross, James J.


NASA Technical Memorandum 108846 Interviews with the Apollo  

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. Eppler, SAIC, Houston, Texas Daniel G. Morrow, Decision Systems, Los Altos, California September 1994 * SAIC, Houston, Texas. ** Decision Systems, Los Altos, California. lThe Apollo program was comprised-17 successfully landed on the lunar surface and returned to Earth. Apollo 13 was aborted after an explosion

Rathbun, Julie A.


Ages of Quaternary Rio Grande terrace-fill deposits, Albuquerque area, New Mexico  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Results from luminescence dating on 13 samples from the Albuquerque area show that major-drainage fluvial deposits represent significant periods of aggradation that formed paired, correlatable terraces on the east and west margins of the Rio Grande valley . The youngest terrace fills (Primero Alto) formed during late Pleistocene as a result of streamflow variations with climate cooling during Marine Oxygen-Isotope Stage 3; our ages suggest aggradation of the upper part of the fill occurred at about 47–40 ka . Deposits of the second (Segundo Alto) terraces reached maximum height during climate cooling in the early part of Marine Oxygen-Isotope Stage 5 as late as 90–98 ka (based on dated basalt flows) . Our luminescence ages show considerable scatter and tend to be younger (range from 63 ka to 162 ka) . The third (Tercero Alto) and fourth (Cuarto Alto) terraces are dated on the basis of included volcanic tephra. Tercero Alto terrace-fill deposits contain the Lava Creek B tephra (639 ka), and Cuarto Alto terrace-fill deposits contain tephra of the younger Bandelier Tuff eruption (1 .22 Ma), the Cerro Toledo Rhyolite (1 .47 Ma), and the older Bandelier Tuff eruption (1 .61 Ma). These periods of aggradation culminated in fluvial terraces that are preserved at maximum heights of 360 ft (Cuarto Alto), 300 ft. (Tercero Alto), 140 ft (Segundo Alto), and 60 ft. (Primero Alto) above the modern floodplain. Despite lithologic differences related to local source-area contributions, these terracefill deposits can be correlated across the Rio Grande and up- and down-valley for tens of miles based on maximum height of the terrace above the modern floodplain.

James Channing Cole;Shannon A Mahan;Byron D Stone;Ralph R Shroba



Ages of Quaternary Rio Grande terrace-fill deposits, Albuquerque area, New Mexico  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Results from luminescence dating on 13 samples from the Albuquerque area show that major-drainage fluvial deposits represent significant periods of aggradation that formed paired, correlatable terraces on the east and west margins of the Rio Grande valley. The youngest terrace fills (Primero Alto) formed during late Pleistocene as a result of streamflow variations with climate cooling during Marine Oxygen-Isotope Stage 3; our ages suggest aggradation of the upper part of the fill occurred at about 47-40 ka. Deposits of the second (Segundo Alto) terraces reached maximum height during climate cooling in the early part of Marine Oxygen-Isotope Stage 5 as late as 90-98 ka (based on dated basalt flows). Our luminescence ages show considerable scatter and tend to be younger (range from 63 ka to 162 ka). The third (Tercero Alto) and fourth (Cuarto Alto) terraces are dated on the basis of included volcanic tephra. Tercero Alto terrace-fill deposits contain the Lava Creek B tephra (639 ka), and Cuarto Alto terrace-fill deposits contain tephra of the younger Bandelier Tuff eruption (1.22 Ma), the Cerro Toledo Rhyolite (1.47 Ma), and the older Bandelier Tuff eruption (1.61 Ma). These periods of aggradation culminated in fluvial terraces that are preserved at maximum heights of 360 ft (Cuarto Alto), 300 ft (Tercero Alto), 140 ft (Segundo Alto), and 60 ft (Primero Alto) above the modern flood-plain. Despite lithologic differences related to local source-area contributions, these terracefill deposits can be correlated across the Rio Grande and up- and down-valley for tens of miles based on maximum height of the terrace above the modern floodplain.

Cole, J. C.; Mahan, S. A.; Stone, B. D.; Shroba, R. R.



ECPR Joint Session, April 2006 Workshop n. 15: Neighbourhood Politics, Policymaking and the  

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of immigration flow. On the opposite, the community participation pattern in Grenoble results from a top down and Trentino-Alto Adige). The definition of neighbourhood is also problematic, both in terms of spatial scale

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


The Electronic Adventure It's a small world and it's getting smaller!  

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in Palo Alto with a capital investment of $538 and a Sears-Roebuck drill press. · In 1940, the Walt Disney in the twelve specially-equipped theatres that showed the Disney film Fantasia. · William Hewlett was granted

Doran, Simon J.



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REVERSE ENGINEERING OF METABOLIC PATHWAYS FROM OBSERVED DATA USING GENETIC PROGRAMMING John R. Koza Biomedical Informatics, Department of Medicine Department of Electrical Engineering Stanford University, Stanford, California, William Mydlowec Genetic Programming Inc., Los Altos, California

Fernandez, Thomas


Budget Advisory Committees: Making Sense of Complex Issues.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Associate superintendents for business services from four California school districts (Los Altos, Vallejo City, San Juan, and Oakland) offer their insights on how to work effectively with budget advisory committees. (Contains 14 references.) (PKP)

Goldring, Leslie



Microsoft PowerPoint - Chris Becker PPD_NCI_Biospecimens

A leading global CRO Research Team in addition to PPD Patient Recruitment, Phlebotomy and Initial Collection Tube Manipulations Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) Arthur Bobrove, M.D., Director of Research Multiplexed Immunoassay (IA) Development Millipore Corp.


75 FR 51114 - Notice Pursuant to The National Cooperative Research and Production Act of 1993-Pistoia Alliance...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...plaintiffs to actual damages under specified circumstances. Specifically, Allergan Sales, LLC, Irvine, CA; Bayer Schering Pharma AG, Berlin, GERMANY; Syapse, Palo Alto, CA; and Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, GERMANY, have been added as parties to...



2012 TECHNICAL REPORT Program on Technology Innovation  

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of Technology Helion, Inc. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory University of Texas Princeton Plasma Physics for Commercial Electricity Production. EPRI, Palo Alto, CA: 2012. 1025636. #12;#12; v Abstract Fusion energy


ProfessorMassoudAmin,D.Sc. Professor Massoud Amin ( witnessed the 1977 NYC blackout, the 9/11 tragedies near DC, and the  

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blackout, the 9/11 tragedies near DC, and the collapse of the I-35W bridge. He works on enabling smart of increasing responsibility at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) in Palo Alto. After 9/11, he

Amin, S. Massoud


Estimation of saturated pixel values in digital color imaging  

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Laboratories, 3500 Deer Creek Road, MS 26M-3, Palo Alto, California 94304 David H. Brainard Department are often confronted with the prob- lem of pixel saturation. Consider the case of a red­ green­blue (RGB

Brainard, David H.


13. Photocopy of archtect's drawing (original in Documents Collection, College ...  

Library of Congress Historic Buildings Survey, Historic Engineering Record, Historic Landscapes Survey

13. Photocopy of archtect's drawing (original in Documents Collection, College of Environmental Design, University of California, Berkeley, CA) December 27, 1921, Julia Morgan, architect SECOND FLOOR PLAN - John G. Kennedy House, 423 Chaucer Street, Palo Alto, Santa Clara County, CA


14. Photocopy of architect's drawing (original in Documents Collection, College ...  

Library of Congress Historic Buildings Survey, Historic Engineering Record, Historic Landscapes Survey

14. Photocopy of architect's drawing (original in Documents Collection, College of Environmental Design, University of California, Berkeley, CA) December 27, 1921, Julia Morgan, architect MAIN (FRONT) ELEVATION - John G. Kennedy House, 423 Chaucer Street, Palo Alto, Santa Clara County, CA


12. Photocopy of architect's drawing (original in Documents Collection, College ...  

Library of Congress Historic Buildings Survey, Historic Engineering Record, Historic Landscapes Survey

12. Photocopy of architect's drawing (original in Documents Collection, College of Environmental Design, University of California, Berkeley, CA) December 27, 1921, Julia Morgan, architect FIRST FLOOR PLAN - John G. Kennedy House, 423 Chaucer Street, Palo Alto, Santa Clara County, CA


15. Photocopy of architect's drawing (original in Documents Collection, College ...  

Library of Congress Historic Buildings Survey, Historic Engineering Record, Historic Landscapes Survey

15. Photocopy of architect's drawing (original in Documents Collection, College of Environmental Design, University of California, Berkeley, CA) December 27, 1921, Julia Morgan, architect REAR ELEVATION - John G. Kennedy House, 423 Chaucer Street, Palo Alto, Santa Clara County, CA


11. Photocopy of architect's drawing (original in Documents Collection, College ...  

Library of Congress Historic Buildings Survey, Historic Engineering Record, Historic Landscapes Survey

11. Photocopy of architect's drawing (original in Documents Collection, College of Environmental Design, University of California, Berkeley, CA) December 27, 1921, Julia Morgan, architect FOUNDATION PLAN - John G. Kennedy House, 423 Chaucer Street, Palo Alto, Santa Clara County, CA


40 CFR 81.258 - Northwest Iowa Intrastate Air Quality Control Region.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2012 CFR

...In the State of Iowa: Buena Vista County, Calhoun County, Cherokee County, Clay County, Dickinson County, Emmet County, Ida County, O'Brien County, Osceola County, Palo Alto County, Pocahontas County, Sac...



40 CFR 81.258 - Northwest Iowa Intrastate Air Quality Control Region.  

...In the State of Iowa: Buena Vista County, Calhoun County, Cherokee County, Clay County, Dickinson County, Emmet County, Ida County, O'Brien County, Osceola County, Palo Alto County, Pocahontas County, Sac...



40 CFR 81.258 - Northwest Iowa Intrastate Air Quality Control Region.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...In the State of Iowa: Buena Vista County, Calhoun County, Cherokee County, Clay County, Dickinson County, Emmet County, Ida County, O'Brien County, Osceola County, Palo Alto County, Pocahontas County, Sac...



75 FR 1809 - National Register of Historic Places; Notification of Pending Nominations and Related Actions  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...09001287. Suffolk County Fire Island Light Station Historic District...States MPS) Burma Rd., Fire Island, 09001288. Puerto Rico Trujillo...Trujillo Alto, 09001289. Rhode Island Kent County Hopkins Hollow Village...District, Bounded roughly by Ellis St., Meador Ave.,...




Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMEN: RESUMEN: RESUMEN: RESUMEN: RESUMEN: Se realizó un análisis acerca del motivo de consulta, las causas del control inadecuado, el horario en que son atendidos estos pacientes, y se encontró que un alto porcentaje tiene un mal seguimiento al \\

Iván Justo Roll; Aniubis Díaz Ballester; Susana Balcindes Acosta; Suylleng Yee Seuret; Sandra Arnaiz Ferrer


76 FR 71443 - Enhanced-Use Lease (EUL) of Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Real Property for the Development...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...AGENCY: Department of Veterans Affairs. the VA Palo Alto Health Care System (Menlo...priority placement for homeless and/or at-risk Veterans and their families...Under Secretary for Health for applying the...



POPULATION AND COMMUNITY ECOLOGY Direct and Indirect Effects of Animal Detritus on Growth, Survival,  

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competitive interactions affect virusÐ host dynamics (Alto et al. 2005). Containers (e.g., tree holes, discarded automobile tires, and bamboo stumps) receive inputs of organic detritus, which have profound

Juliano, Steven A.


Published: June 30, 2011 r 2011 American Chemical Society 6349 |Anal. Chem. 2011, 83, 63496354  

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, 300 Pasteur Drive, S-287, Stanford, California 94305-5118, United States § Veterans Affairs Palo Alto for seven million office visits and more than one million hospital admissions each year.4 For clinical

Wong, Pak Kin


UNCORRECTEDPROOF 2 Releasing the A3 pulley and leaving flexor superficialis intact  

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, New York, USA 9 c Rehabilitation Research and Development Center, Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health 14853-7501, USA 8 b Laboratory for Biomedical Mechanics and Materials, The Hospital for Special Surgery

Valero-Cuevas, Francisco


Diversity in U.S. Medical Schools: Revitalizing Efforts to Increase Diversity in a Changing Context, 1960s-2000s  

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Department of Veterans Affairs for hospital and medical careGeneral Hospital, the San Francisco Veterans Affairs MedicalHospital and Clinics, the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, the Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center, the Palo Alto Veterans Affairs

Lee, Philip R.; Franks, Patricia E.



HP Web / Knowledge Management Intern  

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HP Web / Knowledge Management Intern Requisition # 426393 HP in Palo Alto - Ensure current content on key portal pages - Evaluate alternative knowledge management solutions in Knowledge Management, Information Science, Library Sciences, Computer Science or Computer Engineering

Ravikumar, B.


IFAS Faculty Assembly Meeting 3:00-5:00 p.m., 3 October, 2011  

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: No vote; minutes are posted on website and will be voted upon at next meeting where quorum present 2. SVP: Mike Kane Family, Youth & Community Sciences: Suzanna Smith Florida Medical Entomology Lab: Barry Alto

Jawitz, James W.


The Value of Information in the Newsvendor Problem  

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We consider the problem of managing the inventory of a perishable product subject to random demand, in the ..... Extended Abstracts of 2005 MSOM Student Paper Competition. Manu- facturing and ... Stanford Business Books, Palo. Alto, CA.



January 2325, 2013 | Coronado, California  

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Speaker: David Erickson, Head of Global Equity Capital Markets, Barclays Capital, New York City 9 Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, Palo Alto, California Keith F. Higgins, Ropes & Gray LLP, Boston Panelists Dana


65 FR 49264 - Notice Pursuant To the National Cooperative Research and Production Act of 1993-Ole for Process...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Finland; VenturCom., Inc., Palo Alto, CA; VISCOM Visual Communications, Bern, Switzerland; VMIC Huntsville, AL; VTT Automation, Espoo, Finland; Yamatake Corporation, Tokyo, Japan; and Z System Co., Ltd., Ehime, Japan have been...



Paediatric Resuscitation Instructor Training: Bridge to the future: from basic to highly advanced simulation  

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stations: - Basic life support & respiratory insufficiency - Vascular access & neonatal resuscitation'Hebron, Barcelona, Spain, 3 Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Children Hospital Manchester, United Kingdom, 4 Referat Luftrettung, PICU Paediatric Intensive Care Unit / Childrens Hospital Manchester, White Cross, Alto Adige

Manstein, Dietmar J.


Microsoft PowerPoint - Becker Caprion NCI OBBR March 2010

Research Team in addition to Caprion Patient Recruitment and Phlebotomy Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) Arthur Bobrove, M.D., Director of Research Multiplexed Immunoassay (IA) Development Millipore Corp.


Finding an Impulse Response Function Using Genetic Programming Martin A. Keane John R. Koza James P. Rice  

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Finding an Impulse Response Function Using Genetic Programming Martin A. Keane John R. Koza James P@Cs.Stanford.Edu 415-941-0336 Stanford University Knowledge Systems Laboratory 701 Welch Road Palo Alto, California

Fernandez, Thomas


5/3/12 Physics Division ESH Bulletin 2004-XX Power Tool Safety 1/  

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Equipment for Work on or Near Energized Electrical Equipment >50 Volts. An electrical accident was handled by the lab's own trained firefighters and by Palo Alto paramedics. Posted in The Mercury News


27 CFR 12.21 - List of examples of names by country.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...examples of foreign nongeneric names of geographic significance under § 4.24(c) (1) and (2) of this chapter. (a) Argentina: Alto Colorado, Valles Calchaquies. (b) Australia: Adelaide, Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, Cowra,...



27 CFR 12.21 - List of examples of names by country.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2011 CFR

...examples of foreign nongeneric names of geographic significance under § 4.24(c) (1) and (2) of this chapter. (a) Argentina: Alto Colorado, Valles Calchaquies. (b) Australia: Adelaide, Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, Cowra,...



Home About Us FAQ Back Issues Email Us Choosing a high-speed logic analyzer probe  

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MERES Agilent Technologies, Palo Alto, CA Over the past decades, digital designers have be characterized as an RLC network. At lower frequencies, the resistor will dominate the probe's impedance

LaMeres, Brock J.


77 FR 60672 - Grant of Authority for Subzone Status; Tesla Motors, Inc., (Electric Passenger Vehicles), Palo...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Grant of Authority for Subzone Status; Tesla Motors, Inc., (Electric Passenger Vehicles...passenger vehicle manufacturing facilities of Tesla Motors, Inc., located in Palo Alto and...and related powertrain components at the Tesla Motors, Inc., facilities located...




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MedicalMedical FoundationFoundation Palo Alto Medical Foundation Green Earth Allen (CIS) Gates Lokey Vi (Classic Residence by Hyatt) Parking Struct.1 (PS1) Crate & Barrel Stanford Barn Hoover Pavilion Stanford


Bike/ped bridge CAMPUSDRIVEWEST  

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Foundation Palo Alto Medical Foundation California Avenue Train Station Green Earth Allen (CIS) Gates Lokey Cogen Vi! (Classic Residence by Hyatt) Parking Struct.1 (PS1) Crate & Barrel Stanford Barn Hoover Pavilion

Bogyo, Matthew


Bike/ped bridge CAMPUSDRIVEWEST  

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MedicalMedical FoundationFoundation Palo Alto Medical Foundation Green Earth Sciences Allen (CIS) Gates Lokey Cogen Vi! (Classic Residence by Hyatt) Parking Structure 6 (PS6) Parking Struct.1 (PS1) Crate


Bike/ped bridge CAMPUSDRIVEWEST  

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Foundation Palo Alto Medical Foundation Green Earth Sciences Allen (CIS) Gates Lokey Cogen Vi (Classic Residence by Hyatt) Parking Structure 6 (PS6) Parking Struct.1 (PS1) Crate & Barrel Stanford Barn Hoover Pavilion 700


Bike/ped bridge CAMPUSDRIVEWEST  

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Foundation Palo Alto Medical Foundation California Avenue Train Station Green Earth Allen (CIS) Gates Lokey Vi (Classic Residence by Hyatt) Parking Struct.1 (PS1) Crate & Barrel Stanford Barn Hoover Pavilion Park Hotel


Bike/ped bridge CAMPUSDRIVEWEST  

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Foundation Palo Alto Medical Foundation California Avenue Train Station Green Earth Sciences Allen (CIS) Gates Lokey Vi (Classic Residence by Hyatt) Parking Structure 6 (PS6) Parking Struct.1 (PS1) Crate & Barrel


Engineering and Applied  

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Foundation Town & Country Shopping Center Palo Alto High School California Avenue Train Station Green Earth Sciences Allen (CIS) Gates Lokey Vi! (Classic Residence by Hyatt) Parking Structure 6 (PS6) Crate & Barrel

Bogyo, Matthew



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Foundation Palo Alto Medical Foundation Green Earth Sciences Allen (CIS) Gates Lokey Cogen Vi (Classic Residence by Hyatt) Parking Struct.1 (PS1) Crate & Barrel Stanford Barn Hoover Pavilion el 700 780 801 1000 1101 900


Holy anorexia in modern Portugal  

Microsoft Academic Search

Jo~o de Pina-Cabral, Sons of Adam, Daughters of Eve: The Peasant Worldview of the Alto Minho (Oxford: Oxford University Press, Clarendon Press, 1986). The riverside parishes of Pago de S. Miguel and Couto de S. Fins in the Alto Minho region of northwestern Portugal have not grown much in population since the 1790s. In the 1950s and 60s, substantial numbers

Caroline Walker Bynum



O Prof. Paulo Helene Professor Titular da Universidade de So Paulo, Educador, Pesquisador renomado e respeitado Consultor. Engenheiro Civil, EPUSP. Especialista em "Patologa de las Construcciones", Instituto  

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Califórnia em Berkeley, USA. Consultor do Concreto de Alto Desempenho HPC utilizado no Edifício mais alto do concreto bombeado no país. Autor do CD desenvolvido em colaboração com a ABCP, destinado ao projeto, Execução e Controle de Estruturas de Concreto usando HPC, publicado em 1999. Em 2002 alcançou o Recorde

Paraná, Universidade Federal do


Student Recital: James-Ace Thackston, Saxophones (March 2012)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Fantasia \\/ Heitor Villa-Lobos I. Animé II. Lent III. Très animé\\u000aHistoire du Tango \\/ Astor Piazzolla I. Bordel 1900 II. Café 1930 III. Night-club 1960 IV. Concert d’aujourd’hui\\u000aJazz Conception for Saxophone Duets \\/ Lennie Niehaus II. Swing VI. Jazz Waltz James-Ace Thackston, alto saxophone Chelsea Fisk, alto saxophone\\u000aJazz Conception for Saxophone Duets \\/ L. Niehaus IV. Blues

James-Ace Thackston



Mitochondrial D-loop nucleotide diversity in Astyanax (Osteichthyes, Characidae) from the upper Paraná and upper Paraguay River basins.  


The morphological discrimination between the species Astyanax altiparanae and A. asuncionensis of the upper Paraná River and Paraguay River basins, respectively, has always been difficult. Two D-loop haplogroups of A. altiparanae are known, one with the presence (AltoPR) or the absence (AltoPR-D) of a 32-bp block similar to that in A. asuncionensis. We examined these samples to characterize A. altiparanae and verify whether A. asuncionensis occurred in the upper Paraná River prior to the submergence of the Sete Quedas Falls when Itaipu reservoir was impounded. D-loop sequences were analyzed in A. altiparanae of the upper Paraná and Iguaçu Rivers and those of A. asuncionensis of the upper Paraguay River. The haplogroup AltoPR was found at all sites of the upper Paraná and Iguaçu Rivers, whereas AltoPR-D occurred in the Itaipu reservoir, floodplain and in the Tietê and Grande Rivers. Two haplogroups of A. asuncionensis were identified and both did not have the 32-bp block. However, AltoPR and AltoPR-D differed from one another in 5.1% of their bases and between 8.9 and 12.5% with regard to the haplogroups of the upper Paraguay basin. Further, AltoPR-D occurred in the Grande River upstream the Marimbondo Falls and other older reservoirs than Itaipu. The results reject the hypothesis of the establishment of A. asuncionensis and suggest that the haplogroup AltoPR-D existed in the upper Paraná River before the impounding of the Itaipu reservoir. Moreover, morphological similarity and high genetic variation within the altiparanae/asuncionensis group suggest the existence of a cryptic species complex. PMID:22614275

Prioli, A J; Carlo, V A; Soria, T V; Prioli, S M A P; Pavanelli, C S; Prioli, R A; Gomes, V N; Júlio, H F; Prioli, L M



Molecular study of Astyanax altiparanae (Osteichthyes, Characidae) as a probable species complex.  


Astyanax altiparanae, belonging to the bimaculatus group, which includes species with similar colors and morphology, occurs in the upper Paraná River basin. As the use of mitochondrial DNA has made great strides in the diagnosis of species, in previous researches, two strains were detected in A. altiparanae with a high divergence in the D-loop region, provisionally called AltoPR and AltoPR-D. Evidence led to the hypothesis that the two strains did not belong to the same species. Phylogenetic hypotheses were produced by maximum-likelihood. Mean internal distances of the AltoPR and AltoPR-D groups were respectively 0.002 and 0.003, with the distance between them being 0.037. Sequences from GenBank of specimens collected from the Paraíba do Sul River basin were also divided into two groups, of which one may be identified as AltoPR. Since the other group provided an intermediate distance when compared to AltoPR-D, an in-depth investigation was required. The other species analyzed showed a greater distance and was revealed to be a monophyletic taxon. The results suggested that they are really two species and that neither corresponds to the other species used in the current study. PMID:25117359

Deprá, I C; Gomes, V N; Deprá, G C; Oliveira, I J; Prioli, S M A P; Prioli, A J



Robust decision-making under uncertainty for a moorland ecosystem's water resources management under scenarios of climate variability  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A climate-informed water resources decision-making framework can help effectively manage the complexity of water resources while adapting to climate change effects. The decision-making framework allows for more effective and inclusive water resources management, and results in better informed decisions about water allocation and adaptation strategies. This study focuses on modeling the moorland ecosystem's water resources management under climate variability, and strengthening the capacities of local actors through a robust decision-making under uncertainty framework to analyze and plan water resources use in the region of Piura, Peru. The objective is to determine the reliability of the moorland ecosystem's water supply and to provide relevant hydrological information under scenarios of climate variability and other non-climate uncertainties. As a first step, a participatory workshop was carried out with key regional actors to obtain information that would help to define the uncertainties that define availability of water resources, the potential strategies for adaptation to improve existing conditions, and the performance indicators by which to assess these uncertainties and strategies. For the identification of these factors, we used the XLRM assessment framework (eXogenous uncertainties, policy Levers, Relationships, and Measures). The XLRM framework allows us to organize the important elements of risk analysis and vulnerability in the four assessment categories. This study also used the WEAP (Water Evaluation And Planning system) platform to support water resources planning and decision-making under uncertainty e.g. climate change and other stresses in the system. Within the R component, WEAP was used to model the hydrological response of the moorland ecosystem. The model includes the results of the XLRM framework and seeks to determine the importance that the moorlands have on the regional water system. Results of this model include the head flows produced that feed the watershed management model under different sensitivity scenarios of precipitation and temperature. Vulnerability is observed on the produced base flows of the moorlands ecosystem due to a decrease in moorlands' area and to climate variability-related impacts during the 50 years of simulation. This system-level vulnerability has significant effects on the water supply available for downstream demand sites, including rural and agricultural users that rely exclusively on a reservoir.

Flores-Lopez, F.; Forni, L.; Escobar, M.; Purkey, D. R.



Shadows of the colonial past - diverging plant use in Northern Peru and Southern Ecuador  

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This paper examines the traditional use of medicinal plants in Northern Peru and Southern Ecuador, with special focus on the Departments of Piura, Lambayeque, La Libertad, Cajamarca, and San Martin, and in Loja province, with special focus on the development since the early colonial period. Northern Peru represents the locus of the old Central Andean "Health Axis." The roots of traditional healing practices in this region go as far back as the Cupisnique culture early in the first millennium BC. Northern Peru and Southern Ecuador share the same cultural context and flora but show striking differences in plant use and traditional knowledge. Two hundred fifteen plant species used for medicinal purposes in Ecuador and 510 plant species used for medicinal purposes in Peru were collected, identified,. and their vernacular names, traditional uses, and applications recorded. This number of species indicates that the healers, market vendors, and members of the public interviewed in Peru still have a very high knowledge of plants in their surroundings, which can be seen as a reflection of the knowledge of the population in general. In Ecuador much of the original plant knowledge has already been lost. In Peru, 433 (85%) were Dicotyledons, 46 (9%) Monocotyledons, 21 (4%) Pteridophytes, and 5 (1%) Gymnosperms. Three species of Giartina (Algae) and one species of the Lichen genus Siphula were used. The families best represented were Asteraceae with 69 species, Fabaceae (35), Lamiaceae (25), and Solanaceae (21). Euphorbiaceae had 12 species, and Poaceae and Apiaceae each accounted for 11 species. In Ecuador the families best represented were Asteraceae (32 species), Euphorbiaceae, Lamiaceae, and Solanaceae (11 species each), and Apiaceae, Fabaceae, Lycopodiaceae (9 species each). One hundred eighty-two (85%) of the species used were Dicotyledons, 20 Monocotyledons (9.3%), 12 ferns (5.5%), and one unidentified lichen was used. Most of the plants used (83%) were native to Peru and Ecuador. Fresh plants, often collected wild, were used in two thirds of all cases in Peru, but in almost 95% of the cases in Ecuador. The most common applications included the ingestion of herb decoctions or the application of plant material as poultices. Although about 50% of the plants in use in the colonial period have disappeared from the popular pharmacopoeia, the overall number of plant species used medicinally has increased in Northern Peru, while Southern Ecuador shows a decline of plant knowledge since colonial times. PMID:19187546

Bussmann, Rainer W; Sharon, Douglas



Identification of an overprinting gene in Merkel cell polyomavirus provides evolutionary insight into the birth of viral genes  

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Many viruses use overprinting (alternate reading frame utilization) as a means to increase protein diversity in genomes severely constrained by size. However, the evolutionary steps that facilitate the de novo generation of a novel protein within an ancestral ORF have remained poorly characterized. Here, we describe the identification of an overprinting gene, expressed from an Alternate frame of the Large T Open reading frame (ALTO) in the early region of Merkel cell polyomavirus (MCPyV), the causative agent of most Merkel cell carcinomas. ALTO is expressed during, but not required for, replication of the MCPyV genome. Phylogenetic analysis reveals that ALTO is evolutionarily related to the middle T antigen of murine polyomavirus despite almost no sequence similarity. ALTO/MT arose de novo by overprinting of the second exon of T antigen in the common ancestor of a large clade of mammalian polyomaviruses. Taking advantage of the low evolutionary divergence and diverse sampling of polyomaviruses, we propose evolutionary transitions that likely gave birth to this protein. We suggest that two highly constrained regions of the large T antigen ORF provided a start codon and C-terminal hydrophobic motif necessary for cellular localization of ALTO. These two key features, together with stochastic erasure of intervening stop codons, resulted in a unique protein-coding capacity that has been preserved ever since its birth. Our study not only reveals a previously undefined protein encoded by several polyomaviruses including MCPyV, but also provides insight into de novo protein evolution. PMID:23847207

Carter, Joseph J.; Daugherty, Matthew D.; Qi, Xiaojie; Bheda-Malge, Anjali; Wipf, Gregory C.; Robinson, Kristin; Roman, Ann; Malik, Harmit S.; Galloway, Denise A.



PYRAMIR: construction and implementation of the world's first infrared pyramid sensor  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In this paper we present an overview of the construction and implementation of the unmodulated infrared pyramid wavefront sensor PYRAMIR at the Calar Alto 3.5 m telescope. PYRAMIR is an extension of the existing visible Shack-Hartmann adaptive optics system ALFA, which allows wavefront sensing in the near-infrared wavefront regime. We describe the optical setup and the calibration procedure of the pyramid wavefront sensor. We discuss possible drawbacks of the calibration and show the results gained on Calar Alto.

Peter, D.; Baumeister, H.; Bizenberger, P.; Feldt, M.; Henning, Th.; Hippler, S.; Ligori, S.; Mall, U.; Neumann, U.; Salm, N.; Storz, C.; Wagner, K.



An online climate database for Texas  

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Nordeen, Michele Lynn



The list below are those covered by our insurance. The ones with *'s in front of their names are, I think, those that deal more with ages 6-10. The last 4 (all *'d) are farther away.  

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· Bulimia Nervos · EAP Substance · Eating Disorder · Grief/Bereavem More BRAUER, ALAN PAUL, MDPsychiatrist 630 UNIVERSITY AVEPALO ALTO, CA 94301-2019650-329-8001Details | Map · Anorexia Nervo · Bulimia Nervos 2055 WOODSIDE RD STE 155REDWOOD CITY, CA 94061-3347650-364-4200Details | Map · Anorexia Nervo · Bulimia

Vakil, Ravi


Mechanosensing by the Primary Cilium: Deletion of Kif3A Reduces Bone Formation Due to Loading  

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of Orthopaedic Surgery, Stanford University, Stanford, California, United States of America, 8 Department of Surgery-Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Stanford University, Stanford, California, United States Rehabilitation R&D Center, Department of Veterans Affairs, Palo Alto, California, United States of America, 2

Stearns, Tim



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in Innovation, Domiciliary Service, VA Palo Alto Health Care System, May 2013 GRANTS DOD Military Suicide Research Consortium August 2013 - present Development and Evaluation of a Brief, Suicide Prevention-Anon Family Groups: Who stays and who drops out? Submitted for publication. #12;Short Vitae 2 2. Short, N. A

Hull, Elaine


PIP1: A Personal Information Portal with wireless access to an information infrastructure  

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Kay in the late 1960's. He envisoned that the portable notebook sized device would be the ``personal Ioannidis Gerald Q. Maguire Jr. 450 Computer Science Columbia University New York, NY 10027 ji, Smalltalk­78, and Smalltalk­80, ffl programming environment for the Alto, ffl window oriented environments


Chopping secondary mirror control systems for the W. M. Keck Telescopes  

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The Keck 1 chopping secondary was built by the Palo Alto Research Laboratories of the Lockheed (now Lockheed Martin) Missiles and Space Company. The only software component of the delivered system is a proprietary error correction algorithm; Keck wrote software to generate acceleration-limited azimuth and elevation demands, to rotate these demands as a function of telescope position, to interact with

William Lupton



Preprint typeset in JINST style -HYPER VERSION The EXO-200 detector, part I: Detector design and  

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.3 Passive shielding and Rn enclosure 29 4.4 Cosmic-ray veto system 30 4.5 Activation control, France Corresponding author. §Now at TESLA Motors, Palo Alto CA, USA ¶Now at KLA-Tencor, Milpitas CA, USA and installation 30 5. Background modeling 31 5.1 -ray

Gratta, Giorgio


Preprint typeset in JINST style -HYPER VERSION The EXO-200 detector, part I: Detector design and  

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.3 Passive shielding and Rn enclosure 29 4.4 Cosmic-ray veto system 30 4.5 Activation control, Canada §Corresponding author. ¶Now at TESLA Motors, Palo Alto CA, USA Now at KLA-Tencor, Milpitas CA, USA and installation 30 5. Background modeling 31 5.1 -ray leakage thr

Piepke, Andreas G.


Face composite effects reveal abnormal face processing in Autism Spectrum Disorders  

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1 *, CHERYL KLAIMAN2 and ROBERT T. SCHULTZ3 1 Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN 2 Children's Health Council, Palo Alto, CA 3 Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, PA *Corresponding Author: Department adolescents with ASDs to controls matched on sex, age and IQ on a more complete version of the composite

Palmeri, Thomas


Advanced computational methods in lightning performance the EPRI Lightning Protection Design Workstation  

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In 1992, EPRI (Palo Alto, CA) released a lightning performance simulator for overhead lines, called LPDW (Lightning Protection Design Workstation). The program is based on travelling wave simulation like EMTP, with customizations for lightning analysis, and with interfaces to lightning data collected by the National Lightning Detection Network. The code has been tailored for use by utility engineers, rather than

T. E. McDermott; V. J. Longo



University Fire Marshal's Office Holiday Fire Safety Information  

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- retardant solution or process approved by the State Fire Marshal. Fire retardant spray is available by the State Fire Marshal's Office for Flame retardant application Kiwanis Club, Stanford Stadium, Stanford Barron Park Nursery, 3876 El Camino Real, Palo Alto (650) 424-9466 Fire retardant solutions are also

Straight, Aaron


Adalanto Clayton Gonzales Live Oak Agoura Hills Clearlake Grand Terrace Livingston  

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Gustine Los Altos Hills Arcata Corcoran Half Moon Bay Los Banos Arroyo Grande Corning Hawaiian Gardens Los Dorris Imperial Beach Menlo Park Belmont Dos Palos Indian Wells Mill Valley Belvedere Duarte Industry Blue Lake Emeryville King City Mount Shasta Blythe Escalon Kingsburg Needles Bradbury Etna La Canada


BRAINA JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY Alterations in functional connectivity for language  

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prematurely (n = 22; 600­1250 g birth weight), without neonatal brain injury on neonatal cranial ultrasound for Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences Research, Stanford University School of Medicine, Palo Alto, CA, USA 4 Department lobes when compared to term controls. We conclude that at 12 years of age, children born prematurely


Center of Mass Estimation for Rehabilitation in a Multi-contact Environment: a Simulation Study  

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, hayashibe} Emel Demircan Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Stanford University Palo Alto Terms--center of mass, parameter identification, oper- ational space, Kalman filter, balance, multiple and to assess fall risks. CoM position can be estimated by measuring the subject's pose and making use

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Nuclear Medicine CT Angiography  

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rotation is based at the Palo Alto VA Medical Center and gives the cardiology fellow experience. Understand the indications for exercise treadmill testing and specific nuclear cardiology tests, safe use patient and learn the importance of physical and pharmacologic stress in nuclear cardiology 3. Interpret

Ford, James



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© Internet Research Group, 1999 THE NETWORK PROVIDERS BUSINESS CASE FOR INTERNET CONTENT DELIVERY Peter Christy Vice President Internet Research Group 399 Main St., Los Altos, CA 94022 (650) 559-2103 #12;The ISP Business Case for Internet Content Delivery Page i

Venkataramani, Arun


Research Note Vegetation Composition and Nutritional Quality of Forage for Gazelles in  

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abundant. The shrubs and dwarf shrubs were least common (7% and 12% of all species) with Artemisia frigida arbustos pequen~os fueron los menos comunes (7% y 12% del total de las especies). El Artemisia frigida´ceas Allium spp. y Astragalus spp. y un arbusto pequen~o Artemisia frigida tuvieron el valor ma´s alto en

Murray, Martyn G.



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En este documento se realiza una descripción de la producción científica colombiana en las disciplinas de medicina social y medicina básica para la base de datos Thompson ISI en el periodo comprendido entre 1975 y 2005. La caracterización de medicina social permite observar una baja producción de artículos internacionales de alto impacto propios de la disciplina, pues los artículos más

Hernán Jaramillo Salazar; Oscar Avila



Corrosion Control Using Regenerative Biofilms on Aluminum 2024 and Brass in Different Media  

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Corrosion Control Using Regenerative Biofilms on Aluminum 2024 and Brass in Different Media F Institute, Palo Alto, California 94303, USA The corrosion behavior of Al 2024-T3 and C26000 brass exposed of corrosion rates and an ennoblement of Ecorr were also observed for brass in both media in the presence

Wood, Thomas K.


Multicomponent fluid flow by discontinuous Galerkin and mixed methods in unfractured and fractured media  

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is correctly approximated in anisotropic and in highly heterogeneous media, and should have low mesh dependence media H. Hoteit and A. Firoozabadi1 Reservoir Engineering Research Institute, Palo Alto, California, USA, and fractured media is presented in single phase. In the numerical model we combine the mixed finite element

Firoozabadi, Abbas


Rev. 05-2009 Welcome to the  

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, water, medical supplies and communication equipment. IF IN DOUBT AS TO THE SERIOUSNESS OF AN INCIDENT and protection measures. As a guest you are expected to consider SAFETY and the protection of the environment with the City of Palo Alto to have a full-time staffed Fire Station on our campus. This station is dedicated

Wechsler, Risa H.


Psychosocial characteristics of applicants evaluated for surgical gender reassignment  

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Social, sexual, economic, familial, and psychological characteristics of 764 applicants for surgical gender reassignment, 479 males and 285 females, who completed the application questionnaire and were subsequently interviewed by the Gender Dysphoria Program in Palo Alto, California, are examined. All information except diagnosis was obtained from the applicants' responses to a standardized 100-item questionnaire. Diagnosis was determined by a psychiatrist

Jean M. Dixen; Heather Maddever; Judy Van Maasdam; Patrick W. Edwards



B A S E S D E D A T O S E S P E C I A L I Z A D A S La Universidad de Chile cuenta con ms de 130 de Bases de Datos en las distintas  

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: Business Insight y Market Line e incluye Product Launch Analytics ECONLIT 1.007.500 registros texto completo. Base de datos interdisciplinaria. Datamonitor 360 Ofrece las bases de datos resúmenes de artículos de más de 10.000 revistas internacionales de alto impacto. Journal Citation Reports

Matamala, Martín


Effect of Voice-Part Training and Music Complexity on Focus of Attention to Melody or Harmony  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The purpose of this study was to investigate the possible effects of choral voice-part training/experience and music complexity on focus of attention to melody or harmony. Participants (N = 150) were members of auditioned university choral ensembles divided by voice-part (sopranos, n = 44; altos, n = 33; tenors, n = 35; basses, n = 38). The music…

Williams, Lindsey R.



JOURNAL DE PHYSIQUE Colloque C5, suppl6ment au n0ll, Tome 48, novembre 1987  

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such as extremely long electron hole recombination lifetimes, tunable electron and hole conductivity, giant*", D. MARS"**, J.N. MILLER*"" and J. WHINNERY Electrical Engineering Department and Electronics Deer Creek Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94304-1317, U.S.A. Using a shadow-mask MBE technique for the fabrication

Boyer, Edmond


Summary of WWW Characterizations James E. Pitkow  

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Summary of WWW Characterizations James E. Pitkow Chair, HTTP-NG WCG Xerox Palo Alto Research Center: Statistics, Metrics, Analysis, and Modeling Introduction In August 1997, the World Wide Web Consortium model and protocols. In order to determine the efficiency of the new protocol, controlled experiments



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NBR 5627 NOV/1980 Exigências particulares das obras de concreto armado e protendido em relação à inicial NBR 5735 JUL/1991 Cimento Portland de alto-forno NBR 5738 JAN/2004 Concreto - Procedimento para moldagem e cura de corpos-de- prova NBR 5739 MAIO/2007 Concreto - Ensaios de compressão de corpos

Maier, Rudolf Richard


La tarea integradora. Necesidad y realidad en la formación del técnico medio en la especialidad hidráulica  

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La tarea integradora en la especialidad Hidráulica, en el actual contexto histórico social que caracteriza la Educación Técnica y Profesional en Cuba, precisa que en el transcurso del proceso de su formación como trabajador sea expuesto a la solución de tareas docentes con un alto grado de integración de saberes y de los componentes académico, laboral e investigativo.

Isabel María Almaguer Guerrero; Miguel Alejandro Cruz Cabeza; Mariela Siva Cruz



Head & Neck Cancer Care Program  

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OROPHARYNGEAL CANCER PROGRAM THYROID AND PARATHYROID PROGRAM · Alexander Colevas, MD · Vasu Divi, MD · ChrisHead & Neck Cancer Care Program NONPROFITORG. U.S.POSTAGE PAID PALOALTO,CA PERMITNO.188900BlakeWilburDrive PaloAlto,CA94304 Starting February 24, 2014, the Head & Neck Cancer Care Program is moving to a new

Bogyo, Matthew


American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Efficiency Benefits Using the Terminal Area Precision  

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typically used during descent, which reduces fuel consumption, noise and air pollution. NASA has developed Moffett Field, California, 94035 Paul Lin3 Optimal Synthesis Inc. Los Altos, California, 94022 Anthony Y. Seo4 and Leonard N. Bagasol4 University of California, Santa Cruz NASA Ames Research Center Moffett


Paleontology and Geology of Indiana Department of Geological Sciences | P. David Polly 1  

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Geol G308 Paleontology and Geology of Indiana Department of Geological Sciences | P. David Polly 1. Fossil Invertebrates. Blackwell Scientific: Palo Alto). #12;Department of Geological Sciences | P. David Polly 2 Classification Class Anthozoa (Precambrian to recent) Order Rugosa (Middle Ordovician through

Polly, David



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O estudo descrito neste trabalho pretende realizar uma análise econométrica a cerca do consumo de açaí, fruto regional de alto consumo pelos Paraenses, realizada na região metropolitana de Belém no Eviews 3.1 utilizando a relação do consumo com algumas variáveis definidas para a pesquisa (preço da farinha de tapioca, da farinha, das despesas familiares com alimentação e quantidade de pessoas

Carlos Gilberto Vieira da Silva Júnior; Edivaldo Lima Sousa Filho; Rafaela Casseb e Silva; Heriberto Wagner Amanajás Pena




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'una torre deixem caure una bola, i observem que tarda 5 segons a caure al terra, calculeu a) L'altura de la torre. b) La velocitat quan toca el terra. Desde lo alto de una torre se deja caer una bola, observando

Escolano, Francisco


Automatic Design of Both Topology and Tuning of a Common Parameterized Controller for Two Families of Plants using Genetic Programming  

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of Plants using Genetic Programming Jessen Yu Genetic Programming Inc., Los Altos, California jyu characteristics of the plant) for two families of plants. The automatically designed controller is created controller for all plants of both families for the integral of the time-weighted absolute error (ITAE

Fernandez, Thomas



ERIC Educational Resources Information Center





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RESUMO Os metais refratários são amplamente utilizados principalmente devido ao alto ponto de fusão e a resistência à oxidação. Dentre os metais refratários, destacam-se o tântalo (Ta) e o nióbio (Nb), aplicados nas áreas de supercondutividade, geração e transmissão de energia elétrica, transporte e mineração, além de equipamentos das indústrias química, aeronáutica, nuclear e biomédica. O processo de refino realizado

G. A. S. Martínez; G. Silva; C. A. R. P. Baptist


Euthyneure Meeresschnecken Brasiliens (2)  

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Especies do sublitoral de Ubatuba (23 27’ S, 45 06‘ W), no lodo com maior ou menor quantidade de conchas, são: 1) Aglaja unsa, sp. n., com órgão masculino tipo B (Marcus 1966, f. 28) e verrugas espinhosas na base do penis; 2) Philine trachyostraca Watson, 1897, classificada pela concha; 3) Ph. mera, sp. n., com lábio externo mais alto

Ernst Marcus



From Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on User Modeling. Banff, Alberta: Springer. User Modeling in Adaptive Interfaces  

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. User Modeling in Adaptive Interfaces Pat Langley? Adaptive Systems Group DaimlerChrysler Research and Technology Center 1510 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304 USA LANGLEY@RTNA.DAIMLERCHRYSLER.COM Abstract. In this paper we examine the notion of adaptive user interfaces, interactive sys- tems that invoke machine

Langley, Pat


2 0 1 3 | P E N N S T A T E N U R S I N G P A G E 2 0 1 3 A M A G A Z I N E F O R A L U M N I & F R I E N D S  

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at the Altoona, Behrend (Erie), Fayette, Mont Alto, and Worthington Scranton campuses. Beginning in fall 2014 with dementia, those at the end of life, and adults with sleep apnea, among others. We are helping to shape O v e r NOTE: For news about the Penn State College of Health and Human Development, please visit


Combining Scalability and Expressivity in the Automatic Composition of Semantic Web Services  

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Combining Scalability and Expressivity in the Automatic Composition of Semantic Web Services Anupriya Ankolekar HP Labs Palo Alto Abstract Automatic web service composition preconditions and effects of ser- vices are described in an ontology. In its most expressive formulation, WSC

Hoffmann, Jörg -FR 6.2


Transactional Mutex Locks Michael F. Spear, Arrvindh Shriraman, Luke Dalessandro, and Michael L. Scott  

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. Scott Department of Computer Science University of Rochester {spear, ashriram, luked, scott locks alto- gether. In particular, reader/writer (R/W) locks, read-copy- update (RCU) [11 exceptions are used for rollback in a TL2- like STM, contention for a R/W lock halves scalability rela- tive

Scott, Michael L.


The Eighth Continent: A Vision for Exploration of the Moon and Beyond  

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The Eighth Continent: A Vision for Exploration of the Moon and Beyond No¨el M. Bakhtian and Alan H., Palo Alto, California 94306 Four decades have passed since man first set foot on the Moon. The ensuing aspiration quickly faded. Should we return to the Moon? Should we visit some other solar system destination

Alonso, Juan J.


Site-specific cancer deaths in cancer of unknown primary diagnosed with lymph node metastasis may reveal hidden  

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, Stanford University School of Medicine, Palo Alto, CA 4 Cancer Gene Therapy Group, Molecular Cancer Biology response. For CUP, identification of the primary site would be of utmost importance because therapy with cervical nodal squamous cell carcinoma should undergo positron emission computed tomography (PET

Hemminki, Akseli


.,-.4~) ~ (I, O~ 4.-(~ (0 0 ~  

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. Collins Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Palo Alto, CA 8:40 "A Review of Technical Trends in High-Density Memory Development." Dr. Yoshio Nishi Toshiba Corporation, Kawasaki, Japan presently with: Hewlett) * * **** * * *** * * *** * * ** ** * * * ***** * * * * ***** * ** ** ** * *** *** * * * * ** VENDOR'S SHOW (California Ballroom - Right) 8:00 - 5:00 Vendor's Exhibits GENERAL INFORMATION

Wu, Junqiao


Reducción de la pobreza y la desigualdad en el hemisferio. VI Cumbre de las Américas  

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Resumen Ejecutivo. No obstante la heterogeneidad de los países que la componen, históricamente América Latina y el Caribe (LAC) se ha caracterizado por altos y persistentes niveles de pobreza, desigualdad y exclusión social. Para algunos analistas LAC es la región más desigual del mundo no solamente en términos de ingresos sino también en cuanto a acceso a oportunidades (Ferreira y

Roberto Steiner; Adriana Sabogal Moreno



Privatisation and Renationalisation: What Went Wrong in Bolivia?s Water Sector?  

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This paper investigates the concentration of access to safe water across income levels in Bolivia. In particular, it focuses on how privatisation has changed coverage, affordability and the concentration of access to water on the part of the poor. We compare the performance of cities in which the service was privatised (La Paz and El Alto) with a city in

Degol Hailu; Rafael Guerreiro Osorio; Raquel Tsukada



Air Quality Impacts of Distributed Energy Resources Implemented in the Northeastern United States  

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of California­Irvine, Irvine, CA Eladio Knipping and Naresh Kumar Electric Power Research Institute, Palo Alto and Energy Program, National Fuel Cell Research Center, The Henry Samueli School of Engineering, University economics and emission factors was used to estimate the most likely implementation of DER. The methodology

Dabdub, Donald



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RESUMEN La presente investigación tiene por objetivo explorar posibles soluciones a los problemas que se presentan en los minerales sulfurados auríferos, los cuales por tener metales cianicidas (acompañantes del Oro) no pueden ser cianurados por el alto consumo de reactivo, lo que hace antieconómico el proceso. Siendo además un problema que golpea a la pequeña minería nacional, que disponen de

Daniel Lovera; Janet Quiñones; Vidal Aramburú; Pedro Gagliuffi; Luis Puente; Lía Concepción; Rosario Flores


STAR inscribe 6.139 Mujeres en el primer año

El Estudio del Tamoxifeno y Raloxifeno (STAR) inscribió en el primer año 6.139 mujeres posmenopáusicas con un alto riesgo de desarrollar cáncer de seno en este trascendental estudio para la prevención, que comenzó el primero de julio de 1999.


Modeling a densely urbanized watershed with an artificial neural network, weather radar and telemetric data  

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Artificial neural networks (ANN) are widely used in a myriad of fields of research and development, including the predictability of time series. This work is concerned with one of such applications to simulate and to forecast stage level and streamflow at the Tamanduateí river watershed, one of the main tributaries of the Alto Tietê river watershed in São Paulo State,

Augusto José Pereira Filho; Cláudia Cristina dos Santos



Agroforestry diffusion and secondary forest regeneration in the Brazilian Amazon: further findings from the Rondonia Agroforestry Pilot Project  

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In July 1992 the Rondonia Agroforestry Pilot Project (RAPP) was launched in two agricultural munici- palities (Nova Uniao and Alto Paraiso) in the western Brazilian Amazon State of Rondonia. The purpose of the RAPP was to assess the conditions under which colonist farmers in the western Amazon would integrate agroforestry plantings into their small-scale farming systems and to assess the

John O. Browder; Randolph H. Wynne; Marcos A. Pedlowski



Philosophy Department Spring 2001 Electives  

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into the absorbing state. Vari- ous procedures have been proposed for dealing with this ``accidental death,'' which , and which circumvents the accidental death problem alto- gether. See Bro¨ker and Grassberger 8 for work . It will be convenient to work with ``spins'' sj 2nj 1, so that sj 1. The symbol s sj then represents the set

Huang, Jianyu


Equivalence of stationary state ensembles H. J. Hilhorst and F. van Wijland  

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into the absorbing state. Vari- ous procedures have been proposed for dealing with this ``accidental death,'' which , and which circumvents the accidental death problem alto- gether. See Bro¨ker and Grassberger 8 for work . It will be convenient to work with ``spins'' sj 2nj 1, so that sj 1. The symbol s sj then represents the set

van Wijland, Frédéric - Laboratoire Matière et Systèmes Complexes, Université Paris 7


Cross-Comparison Between Two Multi-Channel EMG Decomposition Algorithms Assessed with Experimental and Simulated data  

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Gill, Rehab. R&D Center VA Palo Alto, USA, Abstract--The reliability of automated analyzed the performance of two multi-channel decomposition algorithms--Montreal [1] and Fuzzy Expert [2 data, median agreement between the Montreal and Fuzzy Expert algorithms at 10, 20 and 50% MVC was 95

Clancy, Ted


From Local Patterns to Global Models: The LeGo Approach to Data Mining  

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From Local Patterns to Global Models: The LeGo Approach to Data Mining Arno Knobbe1 , Bruno Cr Group, Germany; 4 Hewlett-Packard Labs, Palo Alto, USA Abstract. In this paper we present LeGo a framework, called From Local Patterns to Global Models (LeGo), con- sisting of a number of steps. Each step

Fürnkranz, Johannes


Journal of applied mechanics  

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Nov 11, 2009 ... stant pore pressure (0' = O) and constant ?uid content (f = 0)' ... Lockheed Aircraft Company. Palo Alto. Calif. ..... that no air be trapped in the pores near the surface. .... It is interesting to examine the limits of the coef?cient 0:.


Control del cáncer y salud mundial: noticia del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI)

En combinación con una reunión de alto nivel de las Naciones Unidas sobre enfermedades no transmisibles en países en vías de desarrollo, el doctor Harold Varmus, director del NCI, y el doctor Ted L. Trimble, del NCI, han publicado un comentario en Science Translational Medicine sobre “La integración del control del cáncer en la salud mundial" (Integrating Cancer Control into Global Health).


Preguntas y respuestas acerca del Estudio del Tamoxifeno y Raloxifeno (STAR)

El Estudio del Tamoxifeno y Raloxifeno (STAR, por sus siglas en inglés) es un estudio clínico (un estudio de investigación conducido con voluntarios) diseñado para ver cómo el medicamento raloxifeno (Evista®) se compara con el medicamento tamoxifeno (Nolvadex®) en reducir la incidencia de cáncer del seno en las mujeres con alto riesgo de desarrollar la enfermedad.


18 de febrero de 201322 Considerando que la participacin de jvenes recin doctorados  

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1. Fortalecer el quehacer científico y docente de alto nivel, apoyando a recién doctorados para que desarrollen un proyecto de investigación novedoso en la UNAM. II. Perfil de los candidatos 1. Deberán de haber

Islas, León


13 de febrero de 2012 23 Considerando que la participacin de jvenes recin doc-  

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. Fortalecer el quehacer científico y docente de alto nivel, apoyando a recién doctorados para que desarrollen un proyecto de investigación novedoso en la UNAM. II. Perfil de los candidatos 1. Deberán de haber

Islas, León


An Anthropology of "The Good Life" in the Bolivian Plateau  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper addresses my understanding of well-being as harmonious relations in the city of El Alto, Bolivia. My approach shows the complexity of issues emerging when dealing with social relations. First of all, I analyse a specific case study showing the moral obligation involved among household members. Then I attempt to provide an insight into…

Calestani, Melania



Personal Dynamic Media  

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The Learning Research Group at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center is concerned with all aspects of the communication and manipulation of knowledge. We design, build, and use dynamic media which can be used by human beings of all ages. Several years ago, we crystallized our dreams into a design idea for a personal dynamic medium the size of a notebook

A. Kay; A. Goldberg



Memorias del Cuarto Simposio Internacional Sobre Polticas, Planificacin y Economa de los Incendios Forestales: Cambio Climtico e Incendios Forestales  

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Cifuentes Medina2 Resumen Los mega incendios forestales son eventos de alto grado de criticidad e impacto accesibilidad al lugar, las complicaciones que se tuvo que resolver, sus consecuencias sobre el turismo y la, impactos económicos, mega incendios, El fuego como agente perturbador a escala regional. En Chile, y todo

Standiford, Richard B.



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algorithm is the sliding­window fast RLS algorithm of order N , where 2 Ÿ N ø L. The value of the projection­9501680. Data was provided by Local Silence, Inc., Palo Alto, CA. # Equation # Mults. 0 Initialization: ff

Douglas, Scott C.


estudio V estrategias para el desarrollo  

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internacional, hoy es necesario considerar el desarrollo económico de los territorios en redes. Las regiones de misiones: ofrecer una enseñanza superior de alto nivel, seguimiento de investigaciones finalizadas y estrategia de desarrollo, las fluctuaciones del mercado, las dificultades vinculadas al medio ambiente

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


La cachama blanca (Piaractus brachypomus), una especie potencial para el mejoramiento genético  

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En Colombia, la piscicultura continental es una alternativa de seguridad alimentaria, que tiene un alto incremento (10% anual), considerándose especies como Tilapia (Oreochromis sp) y cachama blanca (Piaractus brachypomus), los dos renglones más importantes para su desarrollo. Aunque la cachama blanca es una especie en la cual se han realizado investigaciones que han demostrado su potencial zootécnico, gracias a características

Martha N Mesa-Granda; Mónica C Botero-Aguirre


Alameda County Medical Center Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston MA  

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Medical Center, Palm Springs Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and Medical Center Huntington Memorial and Miller Children's Hospital Mount Sinai Medical Center NY Naval Hospital, Oceanside Naval Medical Center, Manhattan NY VA Michael E. DeBakey, Houston VA Palo Alto VA San Diego Updated July 2012 #12;Clinical

Gleeson, Joseph G.



EPA Science Inventory

The Santa Clara Valley Water District owns and operates a water reclamation facility located in the Palo Alto Baylands area in Northern California. The purpose of the facility is to provide reclaimed water suitable for injection into the groundwater, thereby providing a salt wate...


Simulation Packages Expand Aircraft Design Options  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

In 2001, NASA released a new approach to computational fluid dynamics that allows users to perform automated analysis on complex vehicle designs. In 2010, Palo Alto, California-based Desktop Aeronautics acquired a license from Ames Research Center to sell the technology. Today, the product assists organizations in the design of subsonic aircraft, space planes, spacecraft, and high speed commercial jets.



Measuring Asphaltenes and Resins, and Dipole Moment in Petroleum Fluids  

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Measuring Asphaltenes and Resins, and Dipole Moment in Petroleum Fluids Lamia Goual Earth Science, Palo Alto, CA 94306 A petroleum fluid can be di®ided into three types of species: asphaltenes, resins or mildly polar. The interaction among these species strongly affect asphaltene precipitation from petroleum

Firoozabadi, Abbas


Today's Personal Computers: Products for Every Need--Part II.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Looks at microcomputers manufactured by Altos Computer Systems, Cromemco, Exidy, Intelligent Systems, Intertec Data Systems, Mattel, Nippon Electronics, Northstar, Personal Micro Computers, and Sinclair. (Part I of this article, examining other computers, appeared in the May 1981 issue.) Journal availability: Hayden Publishing Company, 50 Essex…

Personal Computing, 1981



An Analysis of Vocal Jazz Repertoire by Three Selected Publishing Companies  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The purpose of this study was to analyze SATB (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) vocal jazz octavos (N = 150) from three publishers in an effort to (a) identify the most prolific arrangers/composers, (b) cite improvisation opportunities, (c) document publisher improvisation markings, (d) indicate repeated titles, (e) identify most popular styles, and…

Baker, Wilbur R., Jr.



Exploiting locality in a TMS Johan de Kleer  

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Exploiting locality in a TMS Johan de Kleer Xerox Palo Alto Research Center 3333 Coyote Hill Road of the knowledge representation of the problem solver to the TMS. The TMS then uses this local- ity information follows from the formulae. Our TMS exploits the observation that if the set of propositional formulae

de Kleer, Johan



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, the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, the Palo Alto Veterans Administration Health Care System, the SantaOFFICE OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE COMMUNIQUÃ? MAY 2013 This Month's Contents: Leadership Changes in the Office of Academic Affairs Announcement from Dean Minor on Billet Cap and Expanded PI

Kay, Mark A.


Stanford University HRPP Commonly Used Acronyms  

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to Participants or Others) VA Veterans Administration VAPAHCS Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System #12; Representative LPCH Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford MTA Material Transfer Agreement NIH National Serious Adverse Event SHC Stanford Hospital and Clinics Spectrum Stanford Center for Clinical

Puglisi, Joseph


Gamma-Ray Bright BL Lac Object RX J1211+2242.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

RX J1211+2242 is an optically faint (B approximately equal to 19.2mag) but X-ray bright (f2-10kev = 5 x l0(exp -12)erg per square centimeter per second) AGN, which has been shown to be a BL Lac object at redshift z = 0.455. The ROSAT X-ray, Calar Alto opt...

V. Beckmann, P. Favre, F. Tavecchio, T. Bussien, J. Fliri, A. Wolter



Community Academic Profile Nancy Plauth, MD, MPH  

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. Preventive Medicine in Managed Care 2000;1:35-42 #12;1 Anna E. Plauth, M.D., M.P.H. Palo Alto Veterans health examinations. Preventive Medicine in Managed Care 2000;1:35-42. Presentations Plauth AE, Pearson

Ford, James


What Just Happened? Explaining the Past in Planning and Execution  

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, during its mission in 2009, NASA's Spirit rover was exploring the region known as "Home Plate" on the surface of Mars when its human operators noticed an inconsistency with their expectations: Spirit, Institute for Advanced Computer Studies, College Park, MD 20742; USA. Now at Palo Alto Research Center (PARC

Gupta, Kalyan Moy


Costes y determinantes del crimen en América Latina  

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La presencia de violencia desestructurada y criminalidad supone una notable amenaza para la seguridad ciudadana en América Latina. Al margen de la pérdida directa de calidad de vida que se deriva de vivir en contacto con la violencia, los países que presentan altos niveles de criminalidad e inseguridad pueden ver reducidas sus oportunidades de crecimiento económico a nivel agregado. Este

Ángel Luis González Esteban



The Seyfert 2 galaxy IC 184 and its surrounding group  

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The Seyfert galaxy IC 184 and the group around it are described. IDS spectra of IC 184 obtained at the ESO on November 10, 1985 and CCD spectra of IC 184 obtained at Calar Alto on January 17 and February 7, 1987 are analyzed. Seven galaxies are observed in the field around IC 184 and four galaxies form a physically

W. Kollatschny; K. J. Fricke




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of people for their contributions to this document. Staff at the Aquatic Habitat Institute have provided (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Sam Luoma (U.S. Geological Survey, Palo Alto) and David Young (EPA be mentioned and thanked for their needed votes of confidence at critical periods. Finally, I wish to again


Being "An Authentic Alteno": Young People in a Bolivian Andean City  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

What does it mean to be young in El Alto, a Bolivian shantytown? Based on ethnographic research, this article looks at cultural resilience among young people in a vulnerable urban context. It emphasises how young people value informal youth groups as a tool to valorise their own indigenous culture. This is echoed in the world of adults, implying…

Calestani, Melania



Optical synthetic aperture imaging with spatial heterodyne interferometry  

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Experimental demonstrations of optical synthetic aperture imaging using spatial heterodyne interferometry have been achieved at the Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center in Palo Alto, CA. In laboratory experiments, a reflective binary star scene and an Air Force resolution bar target were illuminated and imaged by a 532 nm laser and an afocal telescope. The real aperture diffraction limit in the

Mel S. Ni; J. Wes Irwin




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Since 1992, thanks to the exceptional interest generated by caving teams crossing Kalimantan from west to east in 1988, a large quantity of archaeological discoveries has been revealed. A Franco-Indonesian team has surveyed caves and rockshelters in East Kalimantan to shed some light on an archaeologically unknown territory. Alto- gether, more than 100 caves have been visited and checked, of

Jean-Michel Chazine; Jean-George Ferrié


La acrilamida en los alimentos y el riesgo de cáncer

Hoja informativa que examina las investigaciones sobre una posible conexión entre la acrilamida en los alimentos y el riesgo de cáncer. La acrilamida es una sustancia química que se encuentra en ciertos alimentos, a niveles especialmente altos en papitas fritas, papas a la francesa y en otros alimentos que se cocinan a temperaturas altas.


Reconstructions of GaN(0001) and (000 ) Surfaces: Ga-rich Metallic Structures  

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1 Reconstructions of GaN(0001) and (000 ) Surfaces: Ga-rich Metallic Structures A. R. Smith,1 R. M, 3333 Coyote Hill Road, Palo Alto, California 94304 Abstract Reconstructions of GaN(0001) and (000 electron spectroscopy, and using first-principles theory. Attention is focused on Ga-rich reconstructions

Feenstra, Randall


Negation in Nonliteral Sentences Raluca Budiu (  

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Coyote Hill Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA John R. Anderson ( Carnegie Mellon University, 5000 negatives. This result presents evidence against the traditional Clark and Chase (1972) model of negation to Clark and Chase (1972), who assume that negation acts as a post-processing operator: the sentence


hysicist, university president and science adviser to former US president  

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D in applied physics at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, in 1967. He joined the faculty envi- ronmental groups long critical of the lab. His commitment to public engagement was central to his and agencies follow- ing the September 2001 terrorist attacks and anthrax scares, and helped to orient US

Colorado at Boulder, University of


Microtus californicus (Rodentia: Cricetidae) NICHOLE L. CUDWORTH AND JOHN L. KOPROWSKI  

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are recognized (Hall 1981): M. c. aequivocatus Osgood, 1928:56: Type locality ``San Quintin, [Baja] California locality ``Bay of San Francisco, in California;'' restricted to San Fran- cisquito Creek, near Palo Alto of San Francisco by Bailey (1900:37). Arvicola trowbridgii Baird, 1857:529. Type locality ``Mon- terey

Hayssen, Virginia


Neotropical Ichthyology, 4(4):401-409, 2006 Copyright 2006 Sociedade Brasileira de Ictiologia  

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of Brazil and has published, but unconfirmed localities in the rio Purus and rio Tocantins basin, and P dos rio Purus e Tocantins, e P. weberi é conhecida do río Marañon, río Ucayali, e drenagens do alto

Armbruster, Jonathan W.


Effects of Antiagglomerants on the Interactions between Hydrate Particles  

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Research Institute, Palo Alto, CA 94306 DOI 10.1002/aic.11378 Published online December 27, 2007 in Wiley hydrate particles to examine antiagglomeration using surfactants. Results show that hydrate particle size concentrations, and that affect the interfacial properties of a hydrate-forming system rather than the bulk phase

Firoozabadi, Abbas


Prevention of condenser failures: the state of the art  

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An EPRI sponsored seminar on prevention of failures in steam surface condensers was held first in Palo Alto, California, on January 21-22, 1981, then again in Arlington, Virginia, on November 4-5, 1981. The objective of the seminar was to explain how condenser failures occur, where in the condenser they occur, and how the incidence of such failures is dependent on




A Recorded Aid for Braille Music. Paper No. 3. The Prospectus Series.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The Recorded Aid for Braille Music is designed to teach instrumental music to visually handicapped students through the integration of tape recordings with established methods of reading braille music notation and playing by ear. Packages of instructional materials for clarinet, flute, alto saxophone, trumpet, and trombone contain the recording,…

Levine, S. Joseph


Introducing wearable force sensors in martial arts  

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In a collaborative effort, the Stanford Taekwondo Program, the Palo Alto Research Center, and Impact Measurement recently developed and introduced sensor technology for the unforgiving environment of the martial arts sparring ring. Our system, called SensorHogu, uses piezoelectric force sensors on body protectors to help Taekwondo judges and referees score tournament matches. We have two objectives for the technology: it

E. H. Chi



First International Diagnosis Competition DXC'09 Tolga Kurtoglu*, Sriram Narasimhan**, Scott Poll***, David Garcia****, Lukas Kuhn  

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the systems used in DXC'09, description of faults and data sets, a listing of participating DAs, the metrics Technologies @ NASA Ames Research Center ** University of California, Santa Cruz @ NASA Ames Research Center *** NASA Ames Research Center **** Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies @ NASA Ames Research Center Palo Alto

de Kleer, Johan


January 2325, 2013 | Coronado, California  

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Speaker: David Erickson, Head of Global Equity Capital Markets, Barclays Capital, New York City Commentator: Edward F. Greene, Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP, New York City 9:30­10:45 a.m. | Preparing, Palo Alto, California Keith F. Higgins, Ropes & Gray LLP, Boston Panelists Dana G. Fleischman, Latham

MacIver, Malcolm A.


Coherent interference effects in a nano-assembled diamond NV center  

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. Barclay1,, Charles Santori2, Kai-Mei Fu2, Raymond G. Beausoleil2, and Oskar Painter1 1Thomas J. Watson, Sr Page Mill Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA Abstract: Diamond nanocrystals containing NV. Cowan and J. F. Young, "Optical bistability involving photonic crystal microcavities and Fano line

Painter, Oskar


6.0 REFERENCES Adriano, D. C. 1992. Biogeochemistry of Trace Metals. Lewis Publishers, Boca Raton, Florida.  

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. Jackson (eds.). 1980. Glossary of Geology. American Geological Institute, Second Edition, Falls Church. EPRI EA-5321, Electric Power Research Institute, Palo Alto, California. Allard, B., and J. Rydberg. Choppin (eds.), pp 275-295, ACS Symposium Series 216, American Chemical Society, Washington, D.C. Allison


Panoramic Video Capturing and Compressed Domain Virtual Camera Control  

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Panoramic Video Capturing and Compressed Domain Virtual Camera Control Xinding Sun*, Jonathan Foote Avenue Palo Alto, CA 94304 {foote, kimber} ABSTRACT A system for capturing panoramic video applications such as classroom lectures and video conferencing. The proposed method is based on the Fly

California at Santa Barbara, University of


Semi-Supervised Learning for Facial Expression Recognition  

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Semi-Supervised Learning for Facial Expression Recognition Ira Cohen1 , Nicu Sebe2 , Fabio G. Cozman3 ,Thomas S. Huang4 1 HP Labs, Palo Alto, CA, USA 2 Faculty of Science, University unlabeled data can be used in learning to improve classification performance. We discuss the implications

Sebe, Nicu



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TO ORDER: 1:38 PM APPROVAL OF APRIL MEETING MINUTES · Motion (Apr.): Keith Schneider; 2nd ­ Jim Preston Engagement Guidelines. o 2nd: Barry Alto o Motion is passed CURRICULUM ­ PHIL KAUFMAN · Met for the final

Jawitz, James W.


Organization USPostagePaid  

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:30 Welcome Remarks and Introduction Dr. Scott McHugo Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, CA 8:40 "Ferroelectric Capacitors for Non-Volatile Memory Applications" Dr. Ted Moise Texas Instruments, Palo Alto, CA 11 for silicon wafers" Dr. K.V. Ravi INTEL, Santa Clara, CA 3:00 REFRESHMENTS (Vendor Exhibit Area) 3

Wu, Junqiao


Curriculum Vitae INFORMAZIONI PERSONALI Martina Deturres  

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FORMAZIONE febbraio 2010 ­ marzo 2013 Laureato Magistrale in Intelligenza Artificiale e Robotica "Sapienza" Università di Roma, Roma (Italia) Intelligenza Artificiale, Robotica, Robotica Mobile, Visione e Perfezione Automatico, Pianificazione interazione di azioni ad alto livello, Robotica 18 giugno 2012 ­ 24 giugno 2012

Di Pillo, Gianni


nature genetics volume 24 march 2000 257 Evidence for gene transfer and expression of factor IX  

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University School of Medicine, Palo Alto, California, USA. 4The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia doses of vector suggests that dose calculations based on animal data may have overestimated the amount and life-threatening bleeding compli- cations of the disease3,4. Thus, the goal of gene therapy

Kay, Mark A.


Tecnologia de informação na análise da eficácia de equipes de trabalho: o modelo de Page-Jones Information technology in the analysis of team effectiveness: the Page-Jones model  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumo Nas organizações modernas, muita importância tem sido dada às relações de trabalho, incluindo a liderança e motivação de funcionários e o desenvolvimento de equipes eficientes. Em particular, a formação e interação de equipes de alto desempenho tem implicações diretas na capacidade das empresas de aumentar sua produtividade e promover a disseminação interna de sua base de conhecimentos. Apesar da

Cleuton S. de Melo; Luiz Flavio Autran; Monteiro Gomes; Flavia Cavazotte




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EN ESTRUCTURA DE LA MATERIA: DESDE LAS PARTÍCULAS ELEMENTALES A LOS SISTEMAS DE ALTO PESO MOLECULAR investigación que se desarrollan actualmente en el Instituto de Estructura de la Materia a estudiantes de los Física de la Materia Desordenada. Fenómenos Sorprendentes en Núcleos Exóticos. Reacciones y Estructura


Instant Messaging in Teen Life Rebecca E. Grinter  

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to concerns around peer pressure, peer group membership and creating additional opportunities to socializeInstant Messaging in Teen Life Rebecca E. Grinter Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) 3333 Coyote Hill Messaging (IM) is being widely adopted by teenagers. In a study of 16 teenage IM users, we explore IM

Grinter, Rebecca Elizabeth


Make It Work  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Annie McQueen, librarian at David Starr Jordan Middle School in the Palo Alto Unified School District in California, is used to figuring out creative ways of getting what her media center needs, even though her budget is minuscule. McQueen gets additional support from the funds generated by the couple of book fairs she hosts each year. Plus, she…

Schaffhauser, Dian



Recuento y determinación de viabilidad de Giardia spp. y Cryptosporidium spp. en aguas potables y residuales en la cuenca alta del río Bogotá  

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Introducción. La transmisión de enfermedades de origen hídrico está relacionada con la contaminación de origen fecal en aguas residuales y potables. Estas enfermedades son causadas por la presencia de bacterias, virus y parásitos, los cuales generan altos porcentajes de morbimortalidad, especialmente, en la población infantil. Se han seleccionado Giardia spp. y Cryptosporidium spp. como organismos indicadores de contaminación de origen

Marlen Andrea Alarcón; Milena Beltrán; Martha Liliana Cárdenas; María Claudia



Journal of Machine Learning Research 11 (2010) 2229-2240 Submitted 11/09; Revised 5/10; Published 8/10 Erratum: SGDQN is Less Careful than Expected  

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Journal of Machine Learning Research 11 (2010) 2229-2240 Submitted 11/09; Revised 5/10; Published 8 - Universit´e Pierre et Marie Curie 4, Place Jussieu 75005 Paris, France Jonathan Chang JONCHANG@FACEBOOK.COM S. Alex Smith ASMITH@FACEBOOK.COM Facebook 1601 S. California Avenue Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Learning from Logged Implicit Exploration Data Alexander L. Strehl  

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Learning from Logged Implicit Exploration Data Alexander L. Strehl Facebook Inc. 1601 S California Ave Palo Alto, CA 94304 John Langford Yahoo! Research 111 West 40th Street, 9th where only the value of a chosen action is learned. The primary challenge in a variety of settings

Kakade, Sham M.


NYNEX Portholes: Initial User Reactions and Redesign Implications  

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Westchester Avenue 3400 Hillview Avenue University of Toronto White Plains, NY 10604 USA Palo Alto, CA 94304, design, glance, port- holes, privacy, reciprocity, surveillance, Web. INTRODUCTION We are at a juncture availability of media space applications, and the ease of linking people enable physically distributed organi

Redmiles, David F.


JOURNAL DE PHYSIQUE IV Colloque C4, supplement au Journal de Physique III, Volume 4, avril 1994  

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1994 Application of laser scanning image cytometry for human chromosome microdissection and DNA (Ludecke et al., 1989; Meltzer et al., 1992). We describe here application of laser scanning image:// #12;C4-266 JOURNAL DE PHYSIQUE IV an argon ion laser (Coherent 92-5, Palo Alto

Boyer, Edmond


F. Fasso`. Universita` di Padova. a.a. 2013-14 Presentazione del Corso di Laboratorio  

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programmazione simbolico- numerico di alto livello, del tipo degli attuali Maple, Mathematica, MuPad, etc. Per programmazione utilizzato e` Mathematica. Questo non e` pero` un corso su Mathematica; piuttosto, e` un corso con finale svolto in modo autonomo (ma sempre in gruppo). FAQ: · Perche` solo Mathematica e non anche altri

Fassò, Francesco


A Qualitative Physics Compiler Adam Farquhar \\Lambda  

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A Qualitative Physics Compiler Adam Farquhar \\Lambda Knowledge Systems Laboratory 701 Welch Road, Bldg. C Palo Alto, CA 94303 Adam Abstract Predicting the behavior of physical (e.g. mass conservation), processes (e.g. liquid flows), or entities (e.g. containers). The specific

Kuipers, Benjamin


A SemiQuantitative Physics Compiler Adam Farquhar  

E-print Network

A Semi­Quantitative Physics Compiler Adam Farquhar Knowledge Systems Laboratory Stanford University Palo Alto, CA, USA Ph: +001 415­723­9770 Fax: +001 415­725­5850 Adam Giorgio are measured (e.g. flow rates of minor tributaries are not measured at all); the amount of runoff

Kuipers, Benjamin


Cambio tarifario P VelzquezColn  

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Embajadores Acacias Puerta de Toledo Marqués de Vadillo Urgel Oporto Opañel Usera Pueblo Nuevo Ascao García Bueno Batán Campamento Empalme Laguna Carpetana Lucero Alto de Extremadura Eugenia de Montijo

Delmotte, Nausicaa


Fast and accurate read alignment for resequencing  

PubMed Central

Motivation: Next-generation sequence analysis has become an important task both in laboratory and clinical settings. A key stage in the majority sequence analysis workflows, such as resequencing, is the alignment of genomic reads to a reference genome. The accurate alignment of reads with large indels is a computationally challenging task for researchers. Results: We introduce SeqAlto as a new algorithm for read alignment. For reads longer than or equal to 100 bp, SeqAlto is up to 10 × faster than existing algorithms, while retaining high accuracy and the ability to align reads with large (up to 50 bp) indels. This improvement in efficiency is particularly important in the analysis of future sequencing data where the number of reads approaches many billions. Furthermore, SeqAlto uses less than 8 GB of memory to align against the human genome. SeqAlto is benchmarked against several existing tools with both real and simulated data. Availability: Linux and Mac OS X binaries free for academic use are available at Contact: PMID:22811546

Mu, John C.; Jiang, Hui; Kiani, Amirhossein; Mohiyuddin, Marghoob; Bani Asadi, Narges; Wong, Wing H.



B I R D I N G E C O N O M I C S by Cagan H.  

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. I focus on less-developed countries, especially in the tropics, and I provide a few exam- ples from my own birding experience in more than 30 less-developed coun- tries, to supplement limited pub hydroelectric project. Alto Madidi National Park, Bolivia; October 1998. © Cagan H. Sekercioglu. #12;B I R D I N

Sekercioglu, Cagan Hakki


Recirculatory Pharmacokinetic Model of the Uptake, Distribution, and Bioavailability of Prochlorperazine Administered as a  

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, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, Illinois (M.J.A., T.C.K.); Department, Inc., Palo Alto, California (D.A.S., P.M.L., J.V.C.); and Department of Chemistry and Lewis intravenously as 10 mg of prochlorperazine edisylate in an emergency department setting (Jones et al., 1989

Rabinowitz, Joshua D.



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G M C P S N B EW Emergency Assembly Point Map Emergency Contact Numbers If you have a medical emergency, call 911 Vaden Health Center (Students) 650.498.2336 Stanford Hospital Emergency Room 650.723.5111 Palo Alto Medical Foundation Urgent Care Clinic 650.853.2958 Occupational Health Center (Faculty

Straight, Aaron


Caracterización de tintas de titanio dopadas con óxidos metálicos  

Microsoft Academic Search

Se prepararon tintas de Diisopropoxido de titanio bis(acetilacetonato) por el método sol-gel para aplicar en la elaboración de nanoestructuras mediante la técnica de escritura directa. Esta técnica permite estructurar materiales con alto índice de refracción a escala micro y nanométrica en tres dimensiones mediante extrusión, para elaborar cristales fotónicos. El tratamiento de las nanoestructuras extruidas a temperaturas elevadas para transformarlas



A Spring in their Steps? Possibilities for Professional Renewal through Sport Education in Australian Schools  

Microsoft Academic Search

We report on three projects and an accompanying critical research agenda designed to establish and evaluate a new pedagogy in Australian physical education based on the sport education curriculum model first published by Siedentop et al. [Siedentop, D., Mand, C. & Taggart, A. (1986) Physical Education: Teaching and Curriculum Strategies for Grades 5?12 (Palo Alto, Mayfield]. The projects, involving over

Ken Alexander; Andrew Taggart; Stephen Thorpe



Curriculum Vitae Elena Cherkaev  

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1400 East, JWB 233 Salt Lake City, UT 84112 Phone: (801) 581 7315, Fax: (801) 581 4148, e­mail: elena ­ August 8, 2003, Salt Lake City, UT ffl SIAM representative and Co­organizer: Sixth International University, Palo Alto, 1998; University of Bath, England, 1997; University of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, 1997

Cherkaev, Elena


Curriculum Vitae Elena Cherkaev  

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1400 East, JWB 233 Salt Lake City, UT 84112 Phone: (801) 581 7315, Fax: (801) 581 4148, e-mail: elena-organizer: VIGRE Mini-course: Waves in Inhomogeneous Media, July 28 - August 8, 2003, Salt Lake City, UT · SIAM Science, 1999; Stanford University, Palo Alto, 1998; University of Bath, England, 1997; University of Rio

Cherkaev, Elena


The Astrophysical Journal, 720:14051416, 2010 September 10 doi:10.1088/0004-637X/720/2/1405 C 2010. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A.  

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. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A. SOLAR MAGNETIC TRACKING. III. Hagenaar3 , C. E. Parnell4 , and B. T. Welsch5 1 Catholic University of America, NASA Goddard Space Flight 252, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA 4 School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of St. Andrews, St

Parnell, Clare E.


VizieR Online Data Catalog: VR light curves of AA Tau in 2007-2013 (Bouvier+, 2013)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Optical observations of AA Tau were obtained at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory (CrAO) from October 2007 to February 2013. Additional BVRcIc photometry was obtained on December 23, 2011 using the Cafos focal reducer in direct imaging mode with CCD SITE1d 15 on the 2.2m Calar Alto Telescope. (1 data file).

Bouvier, J.; Grankin, K.; Ellerbroek, L.; Bouy, H.; Barrado, D.



Plenary & Invited Reviews & Seminars (2008-2013) Duncan H Mackay Key plenary and invited reviews are given in bold.  

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). 5. International Space Science Institute, Bern Switzerland (August 2008). 6. Seminar at Lockheed Martin Space Science Division, Palo Alto, USA (October 2008). 7. Solar Activity Cycle 24 Workshop, Napa 2008): Plenary. 9. National Astronomy Meeting, UCLAN, UK (March 2009). 10. International Space Science

Mackay, Duncan


Data Mining for Modeling Chiller Systems in Data Centers  

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levels of the IT infrastructure "stack" and derive overall measures of the efficiency of energy flow Alto, CA 94034, USA Abstract. We present a data mining approach to model the cooling infrastructure in data centers, particularly the chiller ensemble. These infrastructures are poorly understood due


Intelligent Simulation Tools for Mining Large Scienti c Data Sets 1 Intelligent Simulation Tools for Mining  

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Intelligent Simulation Tools for Mining Large Scienti#12;c Data Sets 1 Intelligent Simulation Tools for Mining Large Scienti#12;c Data Sets Feng ZHAO Xerox Palo Alto Research Center 3333 Coyote Hill Road, Palo. Keywords Intelligent simulation, Scienti#12;c data mining, Qualitative reasoning, Reasoning about physical

Bailey-Kellogg, Chris


Molecular markers for biodiversity analysis of wildlife animals: a brief review  

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Los marcadores moleculares constituyen unas herramientas indispensables para determinar la variación genética y la biodiversidad con un alto grado de precisión y reproductibilidad. Dichos marcadores se clasifican principalmente en dos tipos: marcadores mitocondriales y nucleares. Los marcadores de DNA mitocondrial, que se utilizan mucho, son en orden decreciente de secuencias conservadas ADNr 12S < ADNr 16S < citocromo b <

I. A. Arif; H. A. Khan



Using a Statistical Metrology Framework to Identify Systematic and Random Sources of Die-and Wafer-level ILD Thickness Variation in CMP Processes  

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Using a Statistical Metrology Framework to Identify Systematic and Random Sources of Die- and Wafer and *Hewlett Packard Co., Palo Alto, CA 94304 ABSTRACT A statistical metrology framework is used to identify are integrated via statistical metrology to deconvolve ILD thickness variation into constituent varia- tion

Boning, Duane S.


Uso Eficiente del Agua en Ingenios Azucareros  

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El impacto que produce el alto consumo de agua en regiones donde este recurso es limitado, alienta al desarrollo de nuevas técnicas que permitan analizar la administración eficiente del agua en las industrias y que comúnmente se concreta realizando balances detallados para diferentes configuraciones propuestas de uso de agua. En este trabajo se presenta una metodología alternativa, mediante el cálculo

Alejandra Ingaramo; Humberto Heluane; Mauricio Colombo; Tomás Argüello; Mario Cesca


MACAW: A Media Access Protocol for Wireless LAN's  

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In recent years, a wide variety of mobile computing devices has emerged, including portables, palmtops, and personal digit al assistants. Providing adequate network connectivity y for these devices will require a new generation of wireless LAN technology. In this paper we study media access pro- tocols for a single channel wireless LAN being developed at Xerox Corporation's Palo Alto Research

Vaduvur Bharghavan; Alan J. Demers; Scott Shenker; Lixia Zhang



Journal of Anxiety Disorders 26 (2012) 233238 Contents lists available at SciVerse ScienceDirect  

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(i.e., cognitive reappraisal) on PTSD symp- tom severity and positive affect among military Veterans with PTSD. This work was supported by a Veterans Affairs Clinical Science Research and Development (CSR Alvarezc , James J. Grossd a National Center for PTSD & Center for Health Care Evaluation, VA Palo Alto

Gross, James J.


Sergio Arrau, el dramaturgo ignorado  

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las Américas por Una casa en Lota Alto en 1973. Nota del entrevistador). El Taller ART, sigla de los apellidos de sus integrantes, se mantuvo por fructíferos cinco años, hasta poco antes del golpe militar, que nos desperdigó a los tres por distintos...

Bravo-Elizondo, Pedro



Construcción de identidades en la dramatización de la realidad chilena  

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; campesinos en Los que van quedando en el camino, I. Aguirre, 1969; obreros textiles en Tela de cebolla, G. Cordero, 1972; mineros del carbón en Una casa en Lota Alto, Víctor Torres, 1973. Las identidades están construidas socialmente y tienen vínculos...

Hurtado, Marí a de la Luz



Entornos generosos para el crimen: Analisis del narcotrafico en Colombia  

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El objetivo de este trabajo es explicar el éxito de la industria de las drogas ilegales en Colombia mediante el concepto de «generosidad del entorno». La industria de las drogas ilegales en Colombia se puede considerar exitosa porque los narcotraficantes colombianos han: (i) movilizado altas cantidades de cocaína alrededor del mundo, (ii) generado altos niveles de recursos financieros y (iii)

Isaac Beltrán y Eduardo Salcedo-Albarán; Isaac Beltrán; Eduardo Salcedo-Albarán



Population studies of Galaxias maculatus (Jenyns) (Osteichthys: Galaxiidae) in Chile with reference to the number of vertebrae  

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G. maculatus presenta dos poblaciones que difieren en el número de sus vertebras, en el sistema lacustre fluvial de Valdivia, Chile. Una población con un bajo número de vertebras esta en alopatria en los lagos y la otra con un alto número de vertebras esta en semi?alopatria en el estuario. Ambas poblaciones estan en simpatria en el río. Diferencias entre

Hugo Campos



Application for Locally Adopted Energy Standards by the City of Morgan Hill  

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regulations for residential and commercial building projects. The sustainable building ordinance specifies Email: Cost effectiveness data referenced from: "City of Palo Alto's Revised Energy Efficiency Ordinance Cost-Effectiveness Study" conducted by Michael Gabel (Gabel Associates


Site Alias None Network of Conservation Areas (NCA) NCA Site ID NCA Site Name NCA Site Code S.USCOHP*5778 1956  

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(Populus angustifolia), with an understory of western birch (Betula occidentalis), Bebb's willow (Salix bebbiana), wild rose (Rosa woodsii), and mesic forbs, sedges, and grasses. Further from the channel, mixed woodlands of Rocky Mountain juniper (Juniperus scopulorum) and Gambel oak (Quercus gambelii) predominate, extending the forest\\/woodland as much as 100 meters on either side of Rito Alto Creek. At the driest

Sangre de Cristo; San Luis



Trade-off of lossless source coding error exponents Cheng Chang Anant Sahai  

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Trade-off of lossless source coding error exponents Cheng Chang Anant Sahai HP Labs, Palo Alto EECS, UC Berkeley ISIT 2008 Chang (HP Labs), Sahai ( UC Berkeley) Error Exponents trade-off ISIT 2008 1 (HP Labs), Sahai ( UC Berkeley) Error Exponents trade-off ISIT 2008 2 / 14 #12;Stabilizing an unstable

Sahai, Anant


An Analysis of Multimedia Searching on AltaVista Bernard J. Jansen  

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An Analysis of Multimedia Searching on AltaVista Bernard J. Jansen School of Information Sciences 1070 Arastradero Road Palo Alto, CA USA 94304 ABSTRACT Web searching is a significant activity for many people seeking multimedia information. Major Web search engines, such as Alta

Jansen, James


Ttulos Propios de la UAM (curso acadmico 2007 / 2008) TTULOS PROPIOS DE LA UAM  

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Máster en Tecnología Nuclear Procesos de Mediación Sociambiental CIENCIAS ECON�MICAS Y EMPRESARIALES Literatura neohelénicas Máster en Alto Rendimiento Deportivo MEDICINA Diploma de Formación Superior en

Autonoma de Madrid, Universidad


UAMcifrasen Universidad Autnoma de Madrid  

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de Residuos. Enero-Octubre 2007 Máster en Tecnología Nuclear. Marzo- diciembre 2006 DERECHO Máster en TED). Febrero 2007 - junio 2007 Máster de Alto Rendimiento Deportivo. Enero 2007 ­ junio 2009 MEDICINA

Autonoma de Madrid, Universidad


Listmode-Driven Optimal Gating (OG) Respiratory Motion Management: Potential Impact On Quantitative PET Imaging  

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PET Imaging K Lee*, D Hristov , Radiation Oncology, Stanford University School of Medicine, Palo Alto PET imaging. Methods: During the PET acquisitions, an optical camera tracked and recorded the motion of a tool placed on top of patients' torso. PET event data were utilized to detect and derive a motion

Kay, Mark A.


Privacy Against Statistical Inference Flavio du Pin Calmon  

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Privacy Against Statistical Inference Fl�avio du Pin Calmon Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA 02139 Email: Nadia Fawaz Technicolor Palo Alto, CA 94301 Email: Abstract--We propose a general statistical inference framework to capture the privacy threat incurred


Stanford University School of Medicine Department of Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery  

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Goals & Objectives : Skills & Knowledge 10 General Surgery Rotation 10 Stanford Head and Neck Team PGY2 Appendix F: Palo Alto Veteran's Affairs Rotation Checklist Documentation Policies Scheduling Surgery CasesStanford University School of Medicine Department of Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery Resident

Kay, Mark A.


Scope and Methods for Impact and Recovery Andreas Hanemann1  

E-print Network 3 Hewlett Packard Labs 1501 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304-1126, USA claudio faults or performance degradations can have critical consequence to IT service provisioning so making process and, as a consequence, such decisions are made on the basis of staff experience in many



ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Brief information is provided on the region, climate, agriculture and industry of 10 provinces in Portugal: Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro, located in Portugal's northeastern region; Beira Alta, the province with Portugal's highest elevation point; Beira Baixa, one of Portugal's poorest regions; Beira Litoral, located in central Portugal along the…

Eckles, David; Toro, Leonor, Ed.



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-2007. Scientific Affairs Committee, American College of Medical Informatics (ACMI), 2003-2004. Invited participant/17/2013 EDUCATION Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts, B.A. (Mathematics) University of Washington, Seattle.D. Graduate Student, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, 1977-1984 Research Associate, Knowledge

Yetisgen-Yildiz, Meliha


Acoustic and Perceptual Measures of SATB Choir Performances on Two Types of Portable Choral Riser Units in Three Singer-Spacing Conditions  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Under controlled conditions, we assessed acoustically (long-term average spectra) and perceptually (singer survey, listener survey) six performances of an soprano, alto, tenor, and bass (SATB) choir ("N" = 27) as it sang the same musical excerpt on two portable riser units (standard riser step height, taller riser step height) with…

Daugherty, James F.; Manternach, Jeremy N.; Brunkan, Melissa C.



Hints for Computer System Design  

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Studying the design and implementation of a number of computer has led to some general hints for system design. They are described here and illustrated by many examples, ranging from hardware such as the Alto and the Dorado to application programs such as Bravo and Star.

Butler W. Lampson



19 Social Regulation of Reproduction: What Changes and Why?  

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Alto, CA, USA Ã? 2009 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Chapter Outline 19.1 Introduction 683 19.2 Fish, flying at night, use the echoes from ultra- sounds they emit to probe the darkness, forming images from, Brain and Behavior (2009), vol. 1, pp. 683-691 Author's personal copy #12;19.2 Fish Models for the Study

Fernald, Russell


A TSG101\\/MDM2 regulatory loop modulates MDM2 degradation and MDM2\\/p53 feedback control  

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* Department of Genetics, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA 94305; Clontech Laboratories, Inc., Palo Alto, CA 94303; and Amgen Institute, and § Ontario Cancer Institute and the Departments of Medical Biophysics and Immunology, University of Toronto, 620 University Avenue, Toronto, ON M5G 2C1, Canada Contributed by Stanley N. Cohen, December 26, 2000 The p53 tumor suppressor protein and

Limin Li; Jian Liao; Jürgen Ruland; Tak W. Mak; Stanley N. Cohen



Echinococcus multilocularis in red foxes ( Vulpes vulpes) of the Italian Alpine region: is there a focus of autochthonous transmission?  

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Alveolar echinococcosis, caused by the metacestode of Echinococcus multilocularis, is a zoonosis with a wider distribution area than described in the past. Fox populations living in the Alpine regions of Italy had been considered free from this parasite until 2002, when two infected foxes (Vulpes vulpes) were detected in the Bolzano province (Trentino Alto Adige region) near the Austrian border.

A. Casulli; M. T. Manfredi; G. La Rosa; A. R. Di Cerbo; A. Dinkel; T. Romig; P. Deplazes; C. Genchi; E. Pozio



VizieR Online Data Catalog: Transits of HAT-P-16 and WASP-21 (Ciceri+, 2013)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

For both planetary systems, we observed one transit event simultaneously with two telescopes (Figs. 1 and 2). These observations were carried out between September and October 2012 with the 1.52m Cassini telescope from the Loiano observatory and with the 1.23m Calar Alto telescope. An additional transit of HAT-P-16 was observed on October 29th 2010 from Loiano during the PLAN microlensing campaign towards M31 (Calchi Novati et al. 2009ApJ...695..442N, 2010ApJ...717..987C). Another transit of HAT-P-16 was observed in Calar Alto on August 22th 2011. In total we present six new light curves, five of them being from defocussed 1.2-1.5m telescopes (see table 1). File contain the data used to plot the lightcurves in Fig. 3 and 4 in the paper. (7 data files).

Ciceri, S.; Mancini, L.; Southworth, J.; Nikolov, N.; Bozza, V.; Bruni, I.; Calchi Novati, S.; D'Ago, G.; Henning, T.



FIRST Quantum-(1980)-Computing DISCOVERY in Siegel-Rosen-Feynman-A.-I. Neural-Networks: Artificial(ANN)/Biological(BNN) and Siegel FIRST Semantic-Web and Siegel FIRST ``Page''-``Brin'' ``PageRank'' PRE-Google Search-Engines!!!  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Belew[Finding Out About, Cambridge(2000)] and separately full-decade pre-Page/Brin/Google FIRST Siegel-Rosen(Machine-Intelligence/Atherton)-Feynman-Smith-Marinov(Guzik Enterprises/Exxon-Enterprises/A.-I./Santa Clara)-Wunderman(H.-P.) [IBM Conf. on Computers and Mathematics, Stanford(1986); APS Mtgs.(1980s): Palo Alto/Santa Clara/San Francisco/(1980s); MRS Spring-Mtgs.(1980s): Palo Alto/San Jose/San Francisco/(1980-1992) FIRST quantum-computing via Bose-Einstein quantum-statistics(BEQS) Bose-Einstein CONDENSATION (BEC) in artificial-intelligence(A-I) artificial neural-networks(A-N-N) and biological neural-networks(B-N-N) and Siegel[J. Noncrystalline-Solids 40, 453(1980); Symp. on Fractals, MRS Fall-Mtg., Boston(1989)-5-papers; Symp. on Scaling, (1990); Symp. on Transport in Geometric-Constraint (1990)

Rosen, Charles; Carl-Ludwig Siegel, Edward; Feynman, Richard; Wunderman, Irwin; Smith, Adolph; Marinov, Vesco; Goldman, Jacob; Brine, Sergey; Poge, Larry; Schmidt, Erich; Young, Frederic; Goates-Bulmer, William-Steven; Lewis-Tsurakov-Altshuler, Thomas-Valerie-Genot



Enrichment and Association of Bacteria and Particulates in Salt Marsh Surface Water  

PubMed Central

Elevated counts of bacteria were found during outgoing tides in surface microlayers (?300 ?m) of Sippewissett salt marsh, Falmouth, Massachusetts, and Palo Alto salt marsh, Palo Alto, California. At both sampling sites, the degrees by which bacteria were concentrated into the surface microlayer were linearly dependent upon surface concentration of particulate material. A significant percentage of bacteria in the microlayer were found to be attached to particulate material, while bacterial populations in the subsurface water were largely planktonic. Proportions of the bacterial populations which could be grown on seawater nutrient agar were also greater in the microlayer than in the subsurface waters and were positively correlated with the fraction of bacteria attached to particulate matter. Data from these studies suggest that particulates in the microlayer waters of the salt marsh influenced the observed increase in both the readily grown and the total numbers of bacteria. PMID:16345554

Harvey, R. W.; Young, L. Y.



Recent GRBs Observed with the 1.23 m CAHA Telescope and the Status of Its Upgrade  

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We report on optical observations of Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs) followed up by our collaboration with the 1.23m telescope located at the Calar Alto observatory. The 1.23m telescope is an old facility, currently undergoing upgrades to enable fully autonomous response to GRB alerts. We discuss the current status of the control system upgrade of the 1.23m telescope. The upgrade is being

Javier Gorosabel; Petr Kubánek; Martin Jelínek; Alberto J. Castro-Tirado; Antonio de Ugarte Postigo; Sebastián Castillo-Carrión; Sergey Guziy; Ronan Cunniffe; Matilde Fernández; Nuria Huélamo; Víctor Terrón; Nicolás Morales; José Luis Ortiz; Stefano Mottola; Uri Carsenty



Family Perspectives on the Quality of Pediatric Palliative Care  

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Background: As a prelude to establishing a Pediatric Palliative Care Program, we solicited information from families about their experiences and their suggestions for improving the quality of end-of-life care. Participants were English- and Spanish-speaking family members of de- ceased pediatric patients who received care at Lucile Salter Packard Children's Hospital, Stanford University Medi- cal Center, Palo Alto, Calif. Methods: Sixty-eight

Nancy Contro; Judith Larson; Sarah Scofield; Barbara Sourkes; Harvey Cohen



Viewpoint Paper: Early Experiences with Personal Health Records  

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Over the past year, several payers, employers, and commercial vendors have announced personal health record projects. Few of these are widely deployed and few are fully integrated into ambulatory or hospital-based electronic record systems. The earliest adopters of personal health records have many lessons learned that can inform these new initiatives. We present three case studies—MyChart at Palo Alto Medical

John D. Halamka; Kenneth D. Mandl; Paul C. Tang



Early Experiences with Personal Health Records  

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Over the past year, several payers, employers, and commercial vendors have announced personal health record projects. Few of these are widely deployed and few are fully integrated into ambulatory or hospital-based electronic record systems. The earliest adopters of personal health records have many lessons learned that can inform these new initiatives. We present three case studies—MyChart at Palo Alto Medical




HC:816 (2/14) After Hours Care Info Sheet After Hours Care  

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Sunday Walk In Urgent Care 10am-3pm Palo Alto Medical Foundation--Main 2025 Soquel Avenue at Capitola Rd copay applies for UC SHIP) Dominican Hospital Emergency Room 1555 Soquel Drive, Santa Cruz, CA 95065's downtown) 600 Front St. (at Soquel), Santa Cruz, CA 95060 (831) 426-7444 Hours--M-F 8am-9pm; Sat 9am-6pm

Belanger, David P.


First Observational Results from ALFA with Natural and Laser Guide Stars  

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The sodium laser guide star adaptive optics system ALFA, which is installed at the Calar Alto 3.5-m telescope, has been undergoing an intensive optimisation phase. Observations using natural guide stars that are presented in this paper, show that for bright stars (V~<8) it is now possible to reach K-band Strehl ratios in excess of 60% and to easily resolve binaries

R. I. Davies; W. Hackenberg; T. Ott; A. Eckart; S. Rabien; S. Anders



First Observational Results from ALFA with Natural and Laser Guide Stars  

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The sodium laser guide star adaptive optics system ALFA, which is installed\\u000aat the Calar Alto 3.5-m telescope, has been undergoing an intensive\\u000aoptimisation phase. Observations using natural guide stars that are presented\\u000ain this paper, show that for bright stars (V~<8) it is now possible to reach\\u000aK-band Strehl ratios in excess of 60% and to easily resolve binaries

S. Hippler; M. Kaspar



Evaluaci'on del Desempe~no en Metasistemas Mariela J. Curiel Yudith C. Cardinale Carlos E. Figueira  

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Claves: Metasistemas, Evaluaci'on de desempe~no, Medidas, Instrumentaci'on de c'odigo, Aplicaciones Java'isica, la qu'imica o la biolog'ia computacional impuls'o durante las d'ecadas de los 80 y 90 el desarrollo estado de desarrollo, en t'erminos del acceso transparente a recursos computacionales de alto desem­ pe

Cardinale Villarreal, Yudith C.


Conservación in vitro de Dioscorea alata L. clon caraqueño (Dioscoreaceae)  

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-1 + carbón activado 2 g.L -1 y el MS al 75% + vitaminas MS + sacarosa 30 g.L -1 + carbón activado 2 g.L -1 + BAP 0,1 mg.L -1 permitió de manera efectiva la conservación de vitroplantas a partir de segmentos uninodales de D. alata clon caraqueño durante 9 y 12 meses con altos porcentajes de supervivencia, un

Misterbino Borges García; Yaimara Alarcón Sánchez; Bernard Malaurie; Hernandez Jerez; Juan Jose Silva Pupo



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impresso, anota��es ou meios eletr�nicos. Boa prova. #12;Quest�o 1. Duas bolas, 1 e 2, s�o lan�amento a �nica a��o sobre a bola � a da gravidade. A bola 1 descreve uma par�bola que vai mais alto que a descrita pela bola 2. J� a bola 2 cai mais longe que a 1, como � mostrado pelas trajet�rias na figura

Floeter, Sergio Ricardo


Air Conditioner Efficiency Under Hot Dry and Hot Humid Conditions - The Utility Perspective  

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Air Conditioner Efficiency under Hot Dry and Hot Humid Conditions - The Utility Perspective Ammi Amarnath Technical Leader, Energy Efficiency & Demand Response Program Electric Power Research Institute 3420 Hillview Avenue Palo Alto, CA... 94304 E-mail: Phone: (650) 855-1007 Energy efficient residential air conditioning is important to utilities and their customers. In almost all parts of the U.S., an air conditioner for a dwelling has a high peak demand...

Amarnath, A.


Designing Pro-Poor Water and Sewer Concessions: Early Lessons from Bolivia  

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To design pro-poor concession arrangements in the water sector, policymakers must pay careful attention to how the proposed contract, and existing or proposed regulations, will affect private concessionaires' ability, obligations, and financial incentives to serve low-income households.The Bolivian government awarded a concession for water and sewer services in La Paz and El Alto in 1997. One goal of doing so

Kristin Komives


378 Sample Business Plans  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Created by Palo Alto Software, offers this collection of Sample Business Plans to help small and medium-sized businesses reach their financial goals. Exemplary company histories, mission statements, sales objectives, and product descriptions are available in addition to advice on business start ups, marketing, and "Cash v. Profit"--a real-life illustration of typical financial pitfalls. Users may also benefit from an annotated list of business planning links.


Factor Structure of the Benton Visual Retention Tests: Dimensionalization of the Benton Visual Retention Test, Benton Visual Retention Test–Multiple Choice, and the Visual Form Discrimination Test  

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Six sequential experiments were conducted on archival data of 610 U.S. Veterans seen at the Palo Alto Veteran's Affairs Hospital, to understand the dimensionalization of the Benton Visual retention test in both the recall (BVRT) and multiple-choice (BVRT-MC) format as well as the Visual Form Discrimination Test (VFDT). These tests were dimensionalized by the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale–Revised (WAIS-R) revealing

Courtney A. Lockwood; Yael Mansoor; Elizabeth Homer-Smith; James A. Moses Jr



Agroforestry diffusion and secondary forest regeneration in the Brazilian Amazon: further findings from the Rondônia Agroforestry Pilot Project (1992–2002)  

Microsoft Academic Search

In July 1992 the Rondnia Agroforestry Pilot Project (RAPP) was launched in two agricultural municipalities (Nova Unio and\\u000a Alto Paraiso) in the western Brazilian Amazon State of Rondnia. The purpose of the RAPP was to assess the conditions under\\u000a which colonist farmers in the western Amazon would integrate agroforestry plantings into their small-scale farming systems\\u000a and to assess the performance

John O. Browder; Randolph H. Wynne; Marcos A. Pedlowski



The CADIS Picture of Galaxy Evolution in the Range 0 < z < 1  

Microsoft Academic Search

We present a galaxy evolution model to explain the galaxy number counts in B, R and K as well as the galaxy colors and their evolution in B-R and R-K. Basic ingredients in the model are the galaxy luminosity function and the type mix determined from our Calar Alto Deep Imaging\\u000a Survey (CADIS). The model reproduces the galaxy counts in

M. W. Kümmel; K. Meisenheimer; J.-S. Huang; D. J. Thompson; C. Wolf; J. Fried; H. Hippelein; B. von Kuhlmann; S. Phleps; H.-J. Röser



2318 de febrero de 2013 I. Objetivo  

E-print Network

2318 de febrero de 2013 I. Objetivo 1. Fortalecer el quehacer científico y docente de alto nivel UNAM. II. Perfil de los candidatos 1. Deberán de haber obtenido su doctorado en una institución de estancia posdoctoral en la UNAM. IV. Requisitos 1. Contar con el perfil señalado en el apartado II de la

Islas, León


An Early-Cambrian U?Pb apatite cooling age for the high-temperature regional metamorphism in the Piancó area, Borborema Province (NE Brazil): initial conclusions  

Microsoft Academic Search

The Borborema Province (BP) of northeastern Brazil is a complex crustal assemblage, which has undergone a polycyclic evolution during the Proterozoic. In the Piancó-Alto Br??gida belt, a metamorphosed leucosome vein inserted in amphibolites has a trace element pattern suggesting a T-MORB protolith. Apatites yield a REE pattern indicating growth in equilibrium with garnet, thus pointing to its metamorphic origin. U?Pb

Bruno Dhuime; Delphine Bosch; Olivier Bruguier; Renaud Caby; Carlos Archanjo



Natural and anthropogenic consequences of tropical forest soils in Northern Peru using environmental radionuclides as radiotracers  

Microsoft Academic Search

Environmental radionuclides (40K, 137Cs, 210Pb, 226Ra) were determined in soils under semi-arid stands, a transition area from thorn to deciduous forest in El Angolo, and heath\\u000a stands in the Alto Mayo in Northern Peru in order to elucidate their activity level in soil, and to trace underground environment\\u000a in remote areas of little anthropogenic intervention. Anthropogenic 137Cs was only found

R. Fujiyoshi; Y. Satake; T. Sato; T. Sumiyoshi; J. Dietz; R. Zimmermann



Clasificación orbital  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Presentamos un método para clasificar órbitas generales en potenciales de 2 y 3 dimensiones, basado en el concepto de dinámica espectral introducido por Binney y Spergel (ApJ 252, 308, 1982). Este método distingue correctamente órbitas regulares e irregulares, familias de órbitas (cajas, tubos, etc.), y resonancias, aún cuando son de alto orden o de rango mayor que 1. Se propone asimismo una nueva nomenclatura para la clasificación de órbitas.

Carpintero, D. D.; Aguilar, L. A.


Field Independence–Dependence and Self-Esteem in Preadolescents: Does Gender Make a Difference?  

Microsoft Academic Search

This study investigated the relationship between field independence–dependence (FD) and self-esteem in preadolescent girls and boys. Sixty-three Grade 6 students (33 girls, 30 boys) completed the Group Embedded Figures Test [H. Witkin, P. Oltman, E. Raskin, and S. Karp (1971). A Manual for the Embedded Figures Test, consulting Psychologists Press, Palo Alto, CA] and the Self-Esteem Inventory [S. Coopersmith, (1967)].

Sandra Bosacki; Wilfred Innerd; Shelagh Towson



submitted to AJ March 10, 2006 Galaxies in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field: I. Detection, Multiband  

E-print Network

-by-object comparison. We have combined detections from i , z , J+H, and B+V +i +z images into a single com- prehensive, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, 3400 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21218, USA 2 Instituto de Astrof´isica de Andaluc´ia (CSIC), Camino Bajo de Hu´etor 50, Granada 18008, Spain 3 Calar Alto Observatory, Almer


Observational Observations of 162173 (1999 JU3) during the 2011-2012  

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), Steward 1.55m (USA), TenagraII 0.81m (USA), Bosque Alegre 1.5m (Argentina), Calar Alto 1.2m (Spain), HTC 2. communication). Deff = 810 (+14/-23) m, pV = 0.058 (+/- 0.003) thermal inertia around 200 (100 Institute, Korea, 3Astronomical Institute, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague



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JORNADAS 2012 INSTRUCCIONES PARA LOS CARTELES El cartel puede estar escrito en español o en inglés y debe tener las siguientes dimensiones como máximo: 120 cm de alto x 160 cm de ancho. Los carteles presentado. Las sesiones de carteles iniciarán el lunes 17 de septiembre a las 10:00 y a las 12:30 horas; el

Islas, León


13 C isotope discrimination correlates with biological nitrogen fixation in soybean ( Glycine max (L.) Merrill)  

Microsoft Academic Search

A preliminary study was conducted on greenhouse-grown soybean plants to investigate if carbon isotope (13C) discrimination (?) is related with the capacity to fix atmospheric nitrogen (N2). Seven soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) cultivars (Goldsoy, A-100, Lee, Ada, D61-2694, Alto and Evans) inoculated with a mixture of Bradyrhizobium japonicum were tested. A salinity treatment imposed on one set of plants

K. S. Kumarasinghe; C. Kirda; A. R. A. G. Mohamed; F. Zapata; S. K. A. Danso



Evaluation of a PCR–RFLP–ITS2 assay for discrimination of Anopheles species in northern and western Colombia  

Microsoft Academic Search

Anopheles mosquitoes are routinely identified using morphological characters of the female that often lead to misidentification due to interspecies similarity and intraspecies variability. The aim of this work was to evaluate the applicability of a previously developed PCR–RFLP–ITS2 assay for accurate discrimination of anophelines in twelve localities spanning three Colombian malaria epidemiological regions: Atlantic Coast, Pacific Coast, and Uraba-Bajo Cauca-Alto

Astrid V. Cienfuegos; Doris A. Rosero; Nelson Naranjo; Shirley Luckhart; Jan E. Conn; Margarita M. Correa



Part 8, Authors: K To Kyzer  

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. Palo Alto. California. Contrib. Catedra Hig. y Microbiol. Farm. 5. Cong. Nac. Med.?-Contribuci?n de la Catedra de Higiene y Microbiologia de Far-macia al Vo Congreso Nacional de Medi- cina. Rosario. Contrib. Dept. Hyg., Govt. Research Inst., Formosa....?Contributions from the Depart- ment of Hygiene, Government Research In-stitute, Formosa, [n. p.] Contrib. Entom. Lab., Bussey Inst.?Contri butions from the Laboratory of Entomol ogy. Bussey Institution of Applied Bi-ology. Harvard University. Boston. Contrib...

Segal, Dorothy B.; Ray, Doris H.; Carson, Gertrude B.; Hassall, Albert; Doss, Mildred A.



UHF-radio Propagation Predictor for Temporal Variations in Populated Indoor Environments  

Microsoft Academic Search

Ray-tracing is often used for site-specific propagation predictions, but current methods generally fail to accommodate shadowing and reflections caused by the movement of people: these represent significant effects in indoor radio environments. The method presented here improves site-specific indoor propagation predictions by including multiple, moving human bodies. The model, based on a hybrid image and ray-shooting approach, alto takes into

F. Villanese; W. G. Scanlon; N. E. Evans

394 1 of 2 11/11/2004 12:55 PM  

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intuitive. "We discovered people don't like to think. They'd rather have the thinking done for them," Chi/11/2004 12:55 PM Paul Sakuma, AP Xerox PARC psychologist and computer scientist Ed Chi wears a head/06/2002 - Updated 05:31 PM ET High-tech quest for a user-friendly Web PALO ALTO, Calif. (AP) -- How do people find

Chi, Ed Huai-hsin


New books in review  

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THE VERBAL ICON; Studies in the Meaning of Poetry. By William Kurtz Wimsatt, Jr. Lexington: University of Kentucky Press, 1954. pp. xviii+299. $4.00.THEORY OF PROSODY IN EIGHTEENTH?CENTURY ENGLAND. By Paul Fussell, Jr. Connecticut College Monograph No. 5. New London, Connecticut: Connecticut College, 1954; pp. x+170. $3.50.PERMANENCE AND CHANGE, AN ANATOMY OF PURPOSE. By Kenneth Burke. (Revised Edition). Los Altos, California:

Wallace A. Bacon; Charlotte Lee; Marie Hochmuth; Ray Nadeau; Owen M. Peterson; Hollis L. White; Arthur L. Woehl; James L. Jackson; Albert E. Johnson; Joseph D. Batcheixer; E. J. West; Richard Woellhaf; Henry L. Mueller; Willard Bellman; William R. Gondin; Elwood Murray; Wilhelmina G. Hedde; Lester L. Hale; George P. Rice Jr; Arleigh B. Williamson; Harold P. Zelko; Lindsay S. Perkins; S. J. Crandell; Martin Maloney; Kenneth Harwood; Ross Scanlan; Milton Dickens; Franklyn S. Haiman



Learning by structural remodeling in a class of single cell models K J Kelleher (  

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37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 Learning and Biochemistry, University of Houston, Houston, TX 77204-5001 V Hajdik Facebook, 156 University Ave., Palo Alto in the brain. We consider two models, derived from the clusteron (Mel, 1992), to study this method of learning

Josic, Kresimir


Comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 (SL-9) Impact Images  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC) at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center has announced availability of the latest Comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 (SL-9) impact images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, Keck telescope, Calar Alto, European Southern, La Palma, MSSSO, etc. NSSDC staff has gathered close to 200 observations and associated results from around the world. The server has been accessed over 340,000 times.


Drainage and reclamation of salt-affected soils in the bardenas area, Spain  

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Chapter 1The Ebro basin is situated in north-eastern Spain and forms a geographic unit bounded by high mountains. The Bardenas area lies in the Ebro basin and forms part of the Bardenas Alto - Aragón irrigation scheme, which was designed to make use of the surface water resources from the Pyrenees.Chapter 2The Ebro basin is a tertiary sedimentation basin in

J. Martinez Beltran



Evolución en Núcleos Activos de Galaxias y QSOs I. Relación Starbursts y AGNs en Galaxias Próximas  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We have started a new part of our program: ``Study of Evolution of AGNs & QSOs''. This new part is mainly a study of the relation between Starbursts and AGNs-QSOs in nearby galaxies (using our model of Evolutive, Composite & Explosive AGNs-QSOs). In particular, we have started spectrophotometric and imaging observations at CASLEO, Bosque Alegre, Gemini, Calar Alto, etc. This study also includes the analysis of Archive Data. Here we show our first results for NGC 1097. FULL TEXT IN SPANISH

Lípari, S.; Merlo, D.; Moyano, M.


Constraints to the evolution of Ly-alpha bright galaxies between z = 3 and z = 6  

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Galaxies at high redshift with a strong Ly-alpha emission line trace massive star formation in the absence of dust, and can therefore be regarded as a prime signature of the first major starburst in galaxies. We report results of the Ly-alpha , search within the Calar Alto Deep Imaging Survey (CADIS). With the imaging Fabry-Perot interferometer, CADIS can detect emission

C. Maier; K. Meisenheimer; E. Thommes; H. Hippelein; H. J. Röser; J. Fried; B. von Kuhlmann; S. Phleps; C. Wolf



Revision of the status of various bird species occurring or reported in Colombia  

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The following species are added to Colombia's bird checklist: Parkinson's Petrel Procellaria parkinsoni; Leach's Storm-Petrel Oceanodroma leucorrhoa; Grey-headed Gull Chroicocephalus cirrocephalus; Tapaculo Scytalopus sp. (Alto de Pisones bird); and Black-and-white Tanager Conothraupis speculigera. The following species are removed: Curlew Sandpiper Calidris ferruginea, Scaly-naped Pigeon Patagioenas squamosa; Amazonian Pygmy-Owl Glaucidium hardyi; Long-tailed Hermit Phaethornis superciliosis; Spot-tailed Antwren Herpsilochmus sticturus; Caribbean Martin

Thomas Donegan; Paul Salaman; David Caro



Advances in the proposed electromagnetic zero-point field theory of inertia  

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A NASA-funded research effort has been underway at the Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center in Palo Alto and at California State University in Long Beach to develop and test a recently published theory that Newton's equation of motion can be derived from Maxwell's equations of electrodynamics as applied to the zero-point field (ZPF) of the quantum vacuum. In this ZPF-inertia

Bernhard Haisch; Alfonso Rueda; H. E. Puthoff



Original research Dynamic joint stiffness of the ankle during walking: Gender-related differences  

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Objectives: To characterize and compare dynamic joint stiffness (DJS) of the ankle in the sagittal plane during natural cadence walking in both genders. Design: Observation, cross-sectional and matched pairs. Participants: Twenty-one males (mean age ¼ 2774.2 years) and 18 females (mean age ¼ 22.974.1 years). Setting: Laboratory at the University de Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro. The DJS of the ankle

Ronaldo C. Gabriel; Joao Abrantes; Kevin Granata; Pedro Melo-Pinto; Vitor Filipe


Del 29 de Junio al 13 de Julio de 2012 Curso ONLINE (convalidable* por 2 crditos de Libre eleccin). 50 horas.  

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Campus Virtual de la UA y software Photoshop. Para realizar el curso es imprescindible disponer de una versión de Photoshop CS2 o superior. Evaluación mediante entrega de ejercicios con Photoshop. Nivel: medio ­ alto. (El/la alumno/a debe poseer nociones básicas de Photoshop). Temario: 1. Introducción. 2. Gestión

Escolano, Francisco


1906 Earthquake Scenario: San Francisco Bay Area  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This map shows estimated Modified Mercalli Intensity (MMI) values for the City of San Francisco and the eight counties of the Greater Bay Area, in a scenario based on the 1906 earthquake along the San Andreas fault. The 430 kilometers of fault rupture included several segments during one massive earthquake. Links are supplied to more detailed maps of the cities of Rohnert Park, Pittsburg, Antioch, San Francisco, and Palo Alto.


Groundwater arsenic in Chimaltenango, Guatemala.  


In the Municipality of Chimaltenango, Guatemala, we sampled groundwater for total inorganic arsenic. In total, 42 samples were collected from 27 (43.5%) of the 62 wells in the municipality, with sites chosen to achieve spatial representation throughout the municipality. Samples were collected from household faucets used for drinking water, and sent to the USA for analysis. The only site found to have a concentration above the 10 ?g/L World Health Organization provisional guideline for arsenic in drinking water was Cerro Alto, where the average concentration was 47.5 ?g/L. A health risk assessment based on the arsenic levels found in Cerro Alto showed an increase in noncarcinogenic and carcinogenic risks for residents as a result of consuming groundwater as their primary drinking water source. Using data from the US Geological Survey and our global positioning system data of the sample locations, we found Cerro Alto to be the only site sampled within the tertiary volcanic rock layer, a known source of naturally occurring arsenic. Recommendations were made to reduce the levels of arsenic found in the community's drinking water so that the health risks can be managed. PMID:25252357

Lotter, Jason T; Lacey, Steven E; Lopez, Ramon; Socoy Set, Genaro; Khodadoust, Amid P; Erdal, Serap



Continuous Commissioning at Alamo Community College District  

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. JOHN W. STRYBOS, P.E. ASSOCIATE VICE CHANCELLOR OF FACILITIES DECEMBER 18, 2013 ESL-KT-13-12-26 CATEE 2013: Clean Air Through Energy Efficiency Conference, San Antonio, Texas Dec. 16-18 Outline ? Alamo Colleges ? Energy Conservation Programs... Senate Bill 898 2ESL-KT-13-12-26 CATEE 2013: Clean Air Through Energy Efficiency Conference, San Antonio, Texas Dec. 16-18 Alamo Colleges San Antonio College (SAC) St. Phillip’s College (SPC) Palo Alto College (PAC) Northwest Vista College (NVC...

Strybos, J.



Characterization and performance of the 4k x 4k Hawaii-2RG Mosaic for PANIC  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

PANIC, the PAnoramic Near-Infrared Camera for Calar Alto, is one of the next generation instruments for this observatory. In order to cover a field of view of approximately 30 arcmin, PANIC uses a mosaic of four 2k x 2k HAWAII-2RG arrays from Teledyne. This document presents the preliminary results of the basic characterization of the mosaic. The performance of the system as a whole, as well as the in-house readout electronics and software capabilities will also be briefly discussed.

Naranjo, Vianak; Mall, Ulrich; Ramos, José Ricardo; Storz, Clemens; Wagner, Karl; Alter, Matthias; Baumeister, Harald; Bizenberger, Peter; Cárdenas, M. C.; Fernández, Matilde; Fried, Josef W.; García Segura, Antonio J.; Helmling, Jens; Huber, Armin; Ibáñez Mengual, J. M.; Laun, Werner; Lenzen, Rainer; Rodríguez Gómez, Julio F.; Rohloff, Ralf-Rainer



Prescribed Range Burning in Texas (Spanish)  

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truenan y se parten. En general el combustible de los pastos es relativamente seguro de quemar, mientras que las plantas con altos contenidos de aceite son explosi- vas y pueden causar problemas serios. El contenido de humedad del zacate muerto, hojas y..., cuando el pasto no es flamable (figura 6). Use la misma pr?ctica para cualquier mogote de matorral o material muerto concentra- do en montones. El fuego caliente en los mogotes destruye la vegetaci?n existente, en especial si se quema en la temporada de...

White, Larry D.; Hanselka, C. Wayne



Safety for Senior Farmers and Ranchers (Spanish)  

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Social o de jubilaci?n, los granjeros mayores esperan poder tener de 10 a 20 a?os m?s de productividad. La edad promedio de un granjero estadounidense es de 57 a?os, el cual es un promedio notablemente m?s alto que ?l de cualquier otra ocupaci?n. Ser... sean f?sicamente incapaces de realizar las tareas esenciales, o cuando llegue a ser demasiado arriesgado seguir trabaja- ndo. La agricultura figura consistentemente entre las labores m?s peligrosas. Los datos de la Oficina de Es- tad...

Smith, David



Early Experiences with Personal Health Records  

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Over the past year, several payers, employers, and commercial vendors have announced personal health record projects. Few of these are widely deployed and few are fully integrated into ambulatory or hospital-based electronic record systems. The earliest adopters of personal health records have many lessons learned that can inform these new initiatives. We present three case studies—MyChart at Palo Alto Medical Foundation, PatientSite at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and Indivo at Children’s Hospital Boston. We describe our implementation challenges from 1999 to 2007 and postulate the evolving challenges we will face over the next five years. PMID:17947615

Halamka, John D.; Mandl, Kenneth D.; Tang, Paul C.



University Calendar, November 13, 2012  

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Committees. 6 p.m. Kansas Union. Free. Sponsored by University Governance. Call 785-864- 3710. Seminar. Graduate Writing in Science Programs. Erin Adamson. 6 p.m. Anschutz Instructional Center (AIC), Anschutz Library. Sponsored by Applied English Center... by Spencer Museum of Art. Call 785-864-4710. Concert. KU School of Music Student Recital Series: Tyler Graves, alto saxophone. 2:30 p.m. 130 Murphy Hall. Free. Sponsored by School of Music. Call 785-864-3436. Concert. KU School of Music Student...



Ground state energy of large atoms in a self-generated magnetic field  

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We consider a large atom with nuclear charge $Z$ described by non-relativistic quantum mechanics with classical or quantized electromagnetic field. We prove that the absolute ground state energy, allowing for minimizing over all possible self-generated electromagnetic fields, is given by the non-magnetic Thomas-Fermi theory to leading order in the simultaneous $Z\\to \\infty$, $\\al\\to 0$ limit if $Z\\al^2\\leq \\kappa$ for some universal $\\kappa$, where $\\al$ is the fine structure constant.

Laszlo Erdos; Jan Philip Solovej



Three new species of Thrasychiroides Soares & Soares, 1947 from Brazilian Mountains (Opiliones, Eupnoi, Neopilionidae).  


Three new species of the genus Thrasychiroides are described from the Brazilian Atlantic Rain Forest mountains: Thrasychiroides moporanga sp. nov. (type locality: Reserva Biologica de Alto da Serra de Paranapiacaba, State of São Paulo), T. toryba sp. nov. (type locality: São Francisco de Paula, State of Rio Grande do Sul) and T. ybytyra sp. nov. (type locality: Parque Nacional do Itatiaia, State of Minas Gerais). The male genital of Thrasychiroides brasilicus Soares & Soares, 1947 is illustrated for the first time. A remarkable structure on the penis of Thrasychiroides species is described and defined as pair of "arms", also considered a putative synapomorphy of the genus. PMID:25283931

Pinto-da-Rocha, Ricardo; Bragagnolo, Cibele; Tourinho, Ana Lúcia



To concentrate or ventilate? Carbon acquisition, isotope discrimination and physiological ecology of early land plant life forms  

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. Goffinet Megaceros cf. vincentianus simple thallus, no pores, pyrenoid mainly in the younger uniplastidic cells of the growing thallus margins but not in the multiplastidic cells elsewhere, CCM? Alto de Piedra, Santa Fe´, Panama´ (on rock, growing... solely the internal (mesophyll) conductance, gint. At TWCO100%, the external liquid conductance, gliq, was then calculated from gl and gint. For the derivation of leakiness from the CCM, the approach of Berry (1989) was used, DZ am F1KF3 F1 Cb F3 F1 ; ð2...

Meyer, Moritz; Seibt, Ulli; Griffiths, Howard



The Black Mountain asperity - Seismic hazard of the southern San Francisco Peninsula, California  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

A slip deficit region running 75 km from Black Mountain south of Palo Alto to San Juan Battista is studied to assess earthquake hazard. If this region were ruptured in its entirety, the event would produce a M-sub-s = 6.9 earthquake. The conditional probability of this rupturing in the near future is the highest of any section of the San Andreas fault except Parkfield. This earthquake would rupture 30 km farther northwest and be about 3 times larger than that previously proposed by others (Lindh, 1983, and Sykes and Nishenko, 1984). This constitutes a greater risk to the southern San Francisco Peninsula than previously expected.

Scholz, C. H.



Video-coaching as biofeedback tool to improve gated treatments: Possibilities and limitations.  


For respiratory gated radiotherapy the manufacturers of linear accelerators offer dedicated gating technologies. The video-based Varian RPM Gating system (Varian Medical Systems, Palo Alto/CA, USA) includes in a standard configuration a support tool for regular breathing called audiocoaching. As this approach has limitations regarding direct control of the patient's breathing due to a missing feedback, we designed an additional tool offering videocoaching. In order to evaluate the impact of this additional functionality, we measured parameters defining the image quality of 4D-CT data as well as the treatment duration which is mainly influenced by the patient's limited ability to achieve a stable breathing pattern. PMID:22356943

Cossmann, Peter H



Vibrato of saxophones  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Several alto saxophone players' vibratos have been recorded. The signals are analyzed using time-frequency methods in order to estimate the frequency modulation (vibrato rate) and the amplitude modulation (vibrato extent) of each vibrato sample. Some parameters are derived from the results in order to separate the two ways of vibrato playing: vibrato ``à la machoire'' and vibrato ``sur l'air.'' Moreover, time domain simulations of single-reed instrument vibratos are created. The model is controlled by two parameters: the mouth overpressure and a parameter characterizing the reed-mouthpiece system. Preliminary comments and comparisons between the simulated vibratos and recorded vibratos results are made.

Gilbert, J.; Simon, L.; Terroir, J.



Vibrato of saxophones.  


Several alto saxophone players' vibratos have been recorded. The signals are analyzed using time-frequency methods in order to estimate the frequency modulation (vibrato rate) and the amplitude modulation (vibrato extent) of each vibrato sample. Some parameters are derived from the results in order to separate the two ways of vibrato playing: vibrato "à la machoire" and vibrato "sur l'air." Moreover, time domain simulations of single-reed instrument vibratos are created. The model is controlled by two parameters: the mouth overpressure and a parameter characterizing the reed-mouthpiece system. Preliminary comments and comparisons between the simulated vibratos and recorded vibratos results are made. PMID:16266184

Gilbert, J; Simon, L; Terroir, J




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TENDENCIAS laTERCERA sábado 1 9 D E A B R I L D E 2 0 0 32 6 ESTA SEMANA SE PRESENTARON RASTROS DE civilizaciones como chavín, paracas, nazca e inca. bién llegó al Norte Grande de Chile. "La evidencia más antigua de su presencia data del 400 a.C., en el sector de Alto Ramírez (Valle de Azapa, Arica). Se le puede

Westneat, Mark W.


Origen y evolución de la estructura del Universo  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Se presenta una revisión de diversos tópicos vinculados a la evolución de estructuras en el Universo y se discuten los escenarios más aceptados para la comprensión de las irregularidades primigenias y de su evolución temporal. Se analizan evidencias observacionales de la naturaleza jerárquica en los mecanismos de formación de sistemas, tales como las indicaciones provenientes de las correlaciones espaciales y de velocidades, la naturaleza del Universo a alto redshift, y la habilidad de los modelos jerárquicos en predecir diversas propiedades dinámicas, fotométricas y químicas de las galaxias.

García Lambas, D.


Continuity in Evolution: Juan José Arreola as Dramatist.  

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implicitly takes on the characteristics of Rodin's "Age of Bronze," which symbolizes the awakening of human con science and the initial triumph of reason over bestiality.32 In this respect the newborn one represents the potential for excellence and his... seso in Los sueños, ed. Julio Cejador y Frauca (Madrid: Ediciones de "La Lectura," 1917), XXXIV, 62. 14. Raúl Leiva draws a spatial contrast, "lo más alto aloja a lo más bajo y bestial," "Autores y libros," México en la cultura, No. 301 (26 Dec. 1954...

Herz, Theda M.



El consumo de tabaco y la exposición al humo de tabaco en el ambiente durante el embarazo pueden poner en peligro la salud de mujeres y niños en países en desarrollo

Las conclusiones de un estudio del NIH indican que las tasas de consumo de tabaco durante el embarazo, así como la exposición de mujeres embarazadas y de sus niños al humo de tabaco en el ambiente constituyen amenazas significativas para la salud en varios países de ingresos medios y bajos. En unos pocos de los países en donde se tomaron las muestras, incluso algunos de América Latina, los índices de exposición al humo de tabaco probablemente ya son lo suficientemente altos como para justificar una preocupación considerable.


Lembranías da Companhia dramática Nacional  

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, pois que a primeira, na gestão de Abadie Faria Rosa, sob o título de "Comédia Brasileira," aconteceu em 1940 mas logo foi transformada em sociedade civil, por entraves burocráticos. Claro que eu tinha um grande conhecimento do assunto. Fui durante 2....D.N. levar-se-á em conta não só o alto nível literário das peças, mas também o seu valor teatral. VII. Fica o Diretor do Serviço Nacional de Teatro autorizado a designar ou admitir, no período de duração das temporadas, nos termos da legislação e normas...

Calvet, Aldo



Drinking Water Problems: Nitrates (Spanish)  

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con o derivados de organismos vivos) e inorg?ni- cos. Una vez que el cuerpo los ha ingerido, los nitratos se convierten en nitritos. Los nitratos ocurren naturalmente en el agua potable. Sin embargo, si hay niveles altos, probablemente es a causa de... disuelven f?cilmente en agua y se pueden mover r?pidamente por el suelo hacia el sum- inistro de agua potable, pudiendo formar acumula- ciones con el transcurso del tiempo. Para la mayor?a de los adultos, no es probable que los nitratos sean perjudiciales...

Dozier, Monty; Melton, Rebecca; Hare, Michael; Hopkins, Janie; Lesikar, Bruce J.




PubMed Central

Woody-Karrer, Pearl (Palo Alto Medical Research Foundation, Palo Alto, Calif.) and Joseph Greenberg. Resistance and cross resistance of Escherichia coli S mutants to the radiomimetic agent nitrofurazone. J. Bacteriol. 85:1208–1216. 1963.—Cross-resistance relationships are described for 73 mutants of Escherichia coli strain S selected in one step for resistance to nitrofurazone. The test agents included ultraviolet radiation, five radiomimetic compounds, and penicillin; 12 different types of mutants could be selected. Two of these were chemoresistant, three were identical to radioresistant types previously isolated by use of other radiomimetic agents, and seven represented previously unobserved radioresistant types. The majority of radioresistant strains did not respond to plating-medium reactivation after ultraviolet radiation, despite the ultraviolet radiation responses of several minority representative strains. The data presented indicate that radioresistance in E. coli S does not involve resistance to most toxic agents; on the other hand, cross resistance to radiomimetic compounds is not restricted to alkylating agents. PMID:14047210

Woody-Karrer, Pearl; Greenberg, Joseph



Recent GRBs observed with the 1.23m CAHA telescope and the status of its upgrade  

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We report on optical observations of Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs) followed up by our collaboration with the 1.23m telescope located at the Calar Alto observatory. The 1.23m telescope is an old facility, currently undergoing upgrades to enable fully autonomous response to GRB alerts. We discuss the current status of the control system upgrade of the 1.23m telescope. The upgrade is being done by the ARAE our group, based on members of IAA (Instituto de Astrofiisica de Andalucia). Currently the ARAE group is responsible to develop the BOOTES network of robotic telescopes based on the Remote Telescope System, 2nd Version (RTS2), which controls the available instruments and interacts with the EPICS database of Calar Alto. Currently the telescope can run fully autonomously or under observer supervision using RTS2. The fast reaction response mode for GRB reaction (typically with response times below 3 minutes from the GRB onset) still needs some development and testing. The telescope is usually operated in legacy interac...

Gorosabel, Javier; Jelinek, Martin; Castro-Tirado, Alberto J; Postigo, Antonio de Ugarte; Carrion, Sebastian Castillo; Guziy, Sergey; Cunniffe, Ronan; Fernandez, Matilde; Huelamo, Nuria; Terron, Victor; Morales, Nicolas; Ortiz, Jose Luis; Mottola, Stefano; Carsenty, Uri; .,



Vielfarben-Klassifikation in CADIS und die Suche nach Quasaren.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Calar Alto Deep Imaging Survey (CADIS) is a deep photometric multicolor survey on ten rather empty fields of the sky well suited for extragalactic studies. As part of this work, a photometric classification technique was developed which sorts all objects into the classes "star", "galaxy", "quasar" and "unclassified". This classification is based on published spectral libraries. It also performs a redshift estimation for galaxies and quasars. Instead of a template fitting procedure, a mathematically almost equivalent procedure is used in this work that is essentially deduced from classification theory and can be implemented much more efficiently than a template fitting algorithm. A general introduction into the subject of classification is given in this report and its application to CADIS is detailed. The performance of the classification was checked by taking slit spectra of about 100 objects in the CADIS 9 h- and 16 h-fields using MOSCA at Calar Alto. Another 150 identifications in the 3 h-field were taken from the Canada-France Redshift Survey, increasing the number of objects with both photometric and spectroscopic classification to about 250. Among these, only five objects were misclassified (=2%) showing the classification to be excellent. After sorting the CADIS objects into the various classes, the sample of quasar candidates was analysed in more detail.

Wolf, C.



[Trichogramma species (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) parasitoids of Lepidopteran eggs in Lara State, Venezuela].  


This work was conducted to determine the occurrence of Trichogramma wasp species in Lara State, Venezuela. Lepidopteran egg samples collected from various crop leaves were observed daily under laboratory conditions for emergence of Trichogramma species adult wasps. Trichogramma were also obtained from traps containing eggs from the hosts Sitotroga cerealella (Olivier) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) and Spodoptera frugiperda (J. E. Smith) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). In the laboratory, specimens of Trichogramma species were mounted on microscope slides to show male genitalia and other morphological characters used for its identification. Trichogramma atopovirilia Oatman y Platner emerged from S. frugiperda eggs collected in a cornfield at La Palomera, Humocaro Alto and at El Parchal, Humocaro Bajo, Municipio Morán. T. atopovirilia also emerged from S. frugiperda eggs collected in a cornfield at Sabana Grande and from S. cerealella eggs used as traps in a pepper culture at Tintinal, Municipio Andrés Eloy Blanco. T. exiguum Pinto y Platner emerged from S. frugiperda eggs used as traps or collected in cornfield at Totumito and at La Palomera, Humocaro Alto. T. pretiosum Riley emerged from Phthorimaea operculella Zeller eggs collected on stored potatoes at Monte Carmelo, Sanare. The identification of Trichogramma species in Lara State would be useful in the development of biological control programs for lepidopteran pests. PMID:17934619

Morales, José; Vásquez, Carlos; Pérez B, Nieves L; Valera, Neicy; Ríos, Yolmar; Arrieche, Norayda; Querino, Ranyse B



Springtime cloud properties in the Taiwan Strait: synoptic controls and local processes  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This paper examines the springtime cloud properties in the Taiwan Strait (TS), with emphases on their dependence on synoptic controls and local processes, using a suite of in situ and remote sensing observations. Cloud properties in the TS are inferred from a combination of MODIS and in situ observations and further classified into two synoptic conditions: continental cold air surge and frontal system. The study reveals a predominance of synoptic-scale controls in regulating the cloud properties in the TS. The sensitivity of clouds to the local thermodynamic mechanisms as well as the underlying surface conditions is fundamentally dependent on synoptic-scale flow patterns. The springtime clouds over the TS are commonly a mixture of stratocumulus and alto clouds. More precisely, there is a preponderance of stratocumulus over the strait. A preferential occupancy of stratiform alto clouds is recognized during cold air surge, whereas vertical development of cloud layers (mostly the stratocumulus) is commonly observed with frontal passage. The most distinct difference between the local clouds formation associated with the two synoptic conditions is the suppression of very low cloud and fog along with cold air surge. Stratus clouds and fog are present within the northward prefrontal airflow from warmer to colder water sites, along with an increase in stability relating to lower altitudes of boundary layer clouds. Although the rainfall occurrences are about the same for both synoptic conditions, the frontal rain amounts are larger on average.

Kueh, Mien-Tze; Lin, Pay-Liam



HS 0705+6700: a New Eclipsing sdB Binary  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

HS 0705+6700 is a newly discovered eclipsing sdB binary system consisting of an sdB primary and a cool secondary main sequence star. CCD photometry obtained in October and November 2000 with the 2.5m Nordic (NOT) telescope (La Palma, Tenerife) in the B passband and with the 2.2m Calar Alto telescope (CAFOS, R filter) yielded eclipse light curves with complete orbital phase coverage at high time resolution. A periodogram analysis of 12 primary minimum times distributed over the time span from October 2000 to March 2001 allowed to derive the following exact period and linear ephemeris: prim. min. = HJD 2451822.759782(22) + 0.09564665(39) ? E A total of 15 spectra taken with the 3.5m Calar Alto telescope (TWIN spectrograph) on March 11-12, 2001, were used to establish the radial velocity curve of the primary star (K1 = 85.8 km/s) , and to determine its basic atmospheric parameters (Teff = 29300 K, log g = 5.47). The B and R light curves were solved using our Wilson-Devinney based light curve analysis code MORO (Drechsel et al. 1995, A&A 294, 723). The best fit solution yielded exact system parameters consistent with the spectroscopic results. Detailed results will be published elsewhere (Drechsel et al. 2001, A&A, in preparation).

Drechsel, H.; Heber, U.; Napiwotzki, R.; Ostensen, R.; Solheim, J.-E.; Deetjen, J.; Schuh, S.


Oncology Practice Trends From the National Practice Benchmark, 2005 through 2010  

PubMed Central

Oncology Metrics, a division of Altos Solutions, has been conducting organized surveys of practicing oncologists since 2005. In this article, we present data that represent trends in community oncology practice over a 6-year period, 2005 to 2010, and make projections on the basis of these data. Over the next 3 years, operating margins will continue to decrease, gains in business and clinical operating efficiencies will slow, and labor costs will rise. The cost of drugs provided to patients is also increasing while the amount above cost that is being reimbursed continues a slow decline. The gap between practice costs and practice revenue will continue to narrow, and as this occurs, community oncology practices will find it difficult to maintain their current business models. PMID:22211122

Barr, Thomas R.; Towle, Elaine L.



VizieR Online Data Catalog: Galaxies morphology and IR photometry II. (Gavazzi+ 1996)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present near-infrared H-band (1.65?m) surface photometry of 297 galaxies (mostly) in the Coma Supercluster obtained with the Arcetri NICMOS3 camera, ARNICA, mounted on the Gornergrat Infrared Telescope. Magnitudes and diameters within the 21.5mag/arcsec2 isophote, concentration indices, and total H magnitudes are derived. Combining these observations with those obtained similarly using the Calar Alto telescopes (Paper I, ) we find a strong positive correlation between the near-infrared concentration index and the galaxy H-band luminosity, and we analyze the consequent dependence of near-infrared growth-curves on H-band luminosity. For a description of the H band photometric system, see e.g. (2 data files).

Gavazzi, G.; Pierini, D.; Baffa, C.; Lisi, F.; Hunt, L. K.; Randone, I.; Boselli, A.



1.65?m (H-band) surface photometry of galaxies. II. Observations of 297 galaxies with the TIRGO 1.5m telescope.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present near-infrared H-band (1.65?m) surface photometry of 297 galaxies (mostly) in the Coma Supercluster obtained with the Arcetri NICMOS3 camera, ARNICA, mounted on the Gornergrat Infrared Telescope. Magnitudes and diameters within the 21.5mag/arcsec^2^ isophote, concentration indices, and total H magnitudes are derived. Combining these observations with those obtained similarly using the Calar Alto telescopes (Paper I, 1996A&AS..120..489G) we find a strong positive correlation between the near-infrared concentration index and the galaxy H-band luminosity, and we analyze the consequent dependence of near-infrared growth-curves on H-band luminosity.

Gavazzi, G.; Pierini, D.; Baffa, C.; Lisi, F.; Hunt, L. K.; Randone, I.; Boselli, A.



The computational structural mechanics testbed architecture. Volume 4: The global-database manager GAL-DBM  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

This is the fourth of a set of five volumes which describe the software architecture for the Computational Structural Mechanics Testbed. Derived from NICE, an integrated software system developed at Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory, the architecture is composed of the command language CLAMP, the command language interpreter CLIP, and the data manager GAL. Volumes 1, 2, and 3 (NASA CR's 178384, 178385, and 178386, respectively) describe CLAMP and CLIP and the CLIP-processor interface. Volumes 4 and 5 (NASA CR's 178387 and 178388, respectively) describe GAL and its low-level I/O. CLAMP, an acronym for Command Language for Applied Mechanics Processors, is designed to control the flow of execution of processors written for NICE. Volume 4 describes the nominal-record data management component of the NICE software. It is intended for all users.

Wright, Mary A.; Regelbrugge, Marc E.; Felippa, Carlos A.



Sequential Determination of U and Th Decay Series in Santana Cave, Southwest Brazil  

SciTech Connect

Parque Estadual Turistico do Alto Ribeira (PETAR) is located in the South-western part of Sao Paulo State, in the Ribeira Valley. In this national state park a large number of caves are found, which are among the most visited of the country. These caves, located in a karstic zone, are characterized by the presence of carbonaceous rocks frequently fractured and collapsed. Although, carbonates (dolomites and calcitic rocks) usually have low U content, this element can be found in the structure of the surrounding rocks. This paper aims to determine {sup 238}U, {sup 234}U, {sup 226}Ra and {sup 210}Pb concentration in samples of rock, soil, river water and sediment, in Santana cave. The radionuclide {sup 238}U was determined by alpha spectrometry using a surface barrier detector. {sup 226}Ra and {sup 210}Pb were determined by measuring the gross alpha and beta activity on a gas flow proportional counter.

Silva, P. S. C.; Damatto, S. R.; Mazzilli, B. P. [Centro de Metrologia das Radiacoes Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares Av. Prof. Lineu Prestes 2242-Cidade Universitaria-CEP 05508 000 Sao Paulo (Brazil)



MRI Artifacts of a Metallic Stent Derived From a Human Aorta Specimen  

SciTech Connect

Magnetic resonance imaging has proved to be a useful technique to get images of the whole body. However, the presence of ferromagnetic material can cause susceptibility artifacts, which result from microscopic gradients that occur near the boundaries between areas displaying different magnetic susceptibility. These gradients cause dephasing of spins and frequency shifts in the surrounding tissues. Intravoxel dephasing and spatial mis-registration can degrade image quality. An aorta with a metallic stent was preserved in formaldehyde at 10% inside acrylic cylinders and used to obtain MR images. We tested pulsed spin echo and gradient echo sequences to improve image quality. All experiments were performed on a 7T/21 cm Varian system (Varian, Inc, Palo Alto, CA) equipped with Direct Drive technology and a 16-rung birdcage coil transceiver. The presence of metallic stents produces a lack of signal that might give falsely reassuring appearances within the vessel lumen.

Soto, M. E. [Departamento de Inmunologia, Instituto Nacional de Cardiologia, 14080 Mexico DF (Mexico); Flores, P. [Departamento de Instrumentacion Electromecanica, Instituto Nacional de Cardiologia, 14080 Mexico DF (Mexico); Marrufo, O.; Hidalgo, S. S.; Rodriguez, A. O. [Departamento de Ingenieria Electrica, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Iztapalapa, 09340 (Mexico)



Optical design and cryogenic mounting of the optics for a pyramid waterfront sensor working in the near infrared wavelength range  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This paper describes the whole process of designing, manufacturing and assembling the optics for an infrared pyramid wavefront sensor, called PYRAMIR. This sensor is built to work with the adaptive optical system at the 3.5 m telescope of the Calar Alto Observatory, Spain, which controls a 97 actuator deformable mirror. PYRAMIR is working in combination with an infrared science camera, which is used for observations. Since the wavefront sensor works in the near infrared (1.0 ?m to 2.4 ?m), the detector, the optics and all the mechanics are cooled to liquid nitrogen temperature. For this cryogenic condition, special care has to be taken for the optical design and the mounting of the lenses. We describe in detail the process from infrared optical design and cryo-mechanical engineering, to the final assembly of the opto-mechanical units and testing in the lab. Technical solutions are illustrated and the final performance is demonstrated.

Bizenberger, P.; Baumeister, H.; Büchler Costa, J.; Peter, D.



Opto-mechanical design of PANIC  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

PANIC, the Panoramic Near-Infrared Camera, is a new instrument for the Calar Alto Observatory. A 4x4 k detector yields a field of view of 0.5x0.5 degrees at a pixel scale of 0.45 arc sec/pixel at the 2.2m telescope. PANIC can be used also at the 3.5m telescope with half the pixel scale. The optics consists of 9 lenses and 3 folding mirrors. Mechanical tolerances are as small as 50 microns for some elements. PANIC will have a low thermal background due to cold stops. Read-out is done with MPIA's own new electronics which allows read-out of 132 channels in parallel. Weight and size limits lead to interesting design features. Here we describe the opto-mechanical design.

Fried, Josef W.; Baumeister, Harald; Huber, Armin; Laun, Werner; Rohloff, Ralf-Rainer; Concepción Cárdenas, M.



Environmental assessment of the area surrounding Dam Rio Verde - Parana/Brazil. An overview of environmental geomorphology.  


This paper presents a brief essay on the situation in which the environment of the dam of the Rio Verde Basin-Parana, from the vision of environmental geomorphology. The area is located between the cities of Campo Magro and Campo Largo, Paraná plateau in the first part of theAlto Iguaçu basin. This study aims to raise the concepts relating to environmental geomorphology, to identify the anthropogenic impacts caused in the reservoir areas, identify the environmental compartments found around the dam and characterize the geologic and physiographic region. It was found that the area has intense anthropogenic influence, as urban growth is present in areas and wavy and rough terrain, subject to mass movements and floods. Besides these aspects, the use of land for agriculture contributes to fragility of the area. PMID:23424831

Garcia, Claudia Moreira; Carrijo, Beatriz Rodrigues; Sessegolo, Gisele; Passos, Everton



GOES-K solar panel inspection at Astrotech  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Space Systems/LORAL employees inspect solar panels for the GOES-K weather satellite in the Astrotech facility at Titusville, Fla., as they begin final testing of the imaging system, communications and power systems of the spacecraft. The GOES-K is the third spacecraft to be launched in the new advanced series of geostationary weather satellites for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The GOES-K is built for NASA and NOAA by Space Systems/LORAL of Palo Alto, Calif. The launch of the satellite from Launch Pad 36B at Cape Canaveral Air Station on an Atlas 1 rocket (AC-79) is currently planned for Apr. 24 at the opening of a launch window which extends from 1:56 to 3:19 a.m. EDT.



Titanium addition practice, and maintenance for the hearths in AHMSA`s blast furnaces  

SciTech Connect

Altos Hornos de Mexico (AHMSA) is a steel company located in Northern Mexico, in the state of Coahuila. Currently there are three blast furnaces in operation and one more about to finish its general repair. This last one is to remain as a back-up unit. Because of blast furnace hearth wear outs AHMSA has developed some maintenance procedures. These procedures are based on titanium ore additions and hearth thermic control monitoring. There are also some other maintenance practices adopted to the working operations to assure that such operations detect and avoid in time hearth wear outs that place personnel and/or the unit in danger (due to hearth leaks). This paper describes titanium ore addition to No. 2 blast furnace during the final campaign and it also illustrates maintenance practices and continuous monitoring of temperature trends both of which were implemented at AHMSA`s No. 5 blast furnace.

Boone, A.G.; Jimenez, G.; Castillo, J. [Altos Hornos de Mexico, Monclova (Mexico)



PANIC in the lab: status before commissioning  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

PANIC is the new PAnoramic Near-Infrared camera for Calar Alto, a joint project by the MPIA in Heidelberg, Germany, and the IAA in Granada, Spain. It can be operated at the 2.2m or 3.5m CAHA telescopes to observe a field of view of 30'x30' or 15'x15' respectively, with a sampling of 4096x4096 pixels. It is designed for the spectral bands from Z to K, and can be equipped with additional narrow-band filters. The instrument is close to completion and will be delivered to the observatory in Spain in fall 2014. It is currently in the last stage of assembly, where the optical elements are being aligned, which will be followed by final laboratory tests of the instrument. This paper contains an update of the recent progress and shows results from the optical alignment and detector performance tests.

Dorner, Bernhard; Huber, Armin; Cárdenas Vázquez, M. Concepcion; Ferro Rodriguez, Irene; Bizenberger, Peter; Naranjo, Vianak; Panduro, Johana; Mall, Ulrich; Alter, Matthias; Mathar, Richard; Storz, Clemens; Rohloff, Ralf-Rainer; Fopp, Patrick; Laun, Werner; Ibañez, José; Miguel; García Segura, Antonio J.; Terrón, Víctor; Fried, Josef W.; Fernández, Matilde; Rodríguez Gómez, Julio F.; Meisenheimer, Klaus



VizieR Online Data Catalog: Kepler planet host candidates imaging (Lillo-Box+, 2014)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We applied the lucky imaging technique to the selected targets to achieve diffraction-limited resolution. We used the AstraLux North instrument located at the 2.2m telescope at the Calar Alto Observatory (Almeria, Spain). The targets were observed along three visibility windows of the Kepler field during 2011, 2012, and 2013. The results regarding the non-isolated KOIs of observations on 2011 were published in Lillo-Box et al. (2012A&A...546A..10L, Cat. J/A+A/546/A10). In the present work, we report the results concerning the isolated candidates observed in 2011 and the new results for the 2012-2013 observing runs. (5 data files).

Lillo-Box, J.; Barrado, D.; Bouy, H.



Stratigraphical distribution of the Ordovician conodont Erraticodon Dzik in Argentina  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Three different species of the Ordovician genus Erraticodon Dzik are described and illustrated. Erraticodon patu Cooper is reported from the Lower-Midde Ordovician strata of the Acoite and Alto del Cóndor formations. E. cf. Erraticodon balticus and Erraticodon hexianensis from Middle Ordovician carbonate deposits of the San Juan Formation are analyzed and compared to specimens of these species from Australia, China, Newfoundland, and Baltica. E. patu and E. hexianensis are recorded for first time in the San Juan Formation of Precordillera. The elements of E. cf. E. balticus resemble closely E. balticus Dzik but lack the important denticle on the posterior process of the S elements. An evaluation of the stratigraphic occurrences of these species relative to those of key Lower and Middle Ordovician conodont species such as Trapezognathus diprion Lindström, Oepikodus intermedius Serpagli, Baltoniodus triangularis (Lindström), Baltoniodus navis Lindström, Yangtzeplacognathus crassus (Chen and Zhang) and Eoplacognathus pseudoplanus (Viira) indicates they value for biostratigraphic correlation.

Heredia, S.; Carlorosi, J.; Mestre, A.; Soria, T.



Verification of FANTASTIC integrated code  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

FANTASTIC is an acronym for Failure Analysis Nonlinear Thermal and Structural Integrated Code. This program was developed by Failure Analysis Associates, Palo Alto, Calif., for MSFC to improve the accuracy of solid rocket motor nozzle analysis. FANTASTIC has three modules: FACT - thermochemical analysis; FAHT - heat transfer analysis; and FAST - structural analysis. All modules have keywords for data input. Work is in progress for the verification of the FAHT module, which is done by using data for various problems with known solutions as inputs to the FAHT module. The information obtained is used to identify problem areas of the code and passed on to the developer for debugging purposes. Failure Analysis Associates have revised the first version of the FANTASTIC code and a new improved version has been released to the Thermal Systems Branch.

Chauhan, Rajinder Singh



A decision-theoretic approach to the display of information for time-critical decisions: The Vista project  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

We describe a collaborative research and development effort between the Palo Alto Laboratory of the Rockwell Science Center, Rockwell Space Operations Company, and the Propulsion Systems Section of NASA JSC to design computational tools that can manage the complexity of information displayed to human operators in high-stakes, time-critical decision contexts. We shall review an application from NASA Mission Control and describe how we integrated a probabilistic diagnostic model and a time-dependent utility model, with techniques for managing the complexity of computer displays. Then, we shall describe the behavior of VPROP, a system constructed to demonstrate promising display-management techniques. Finally, we shall describe our current research directions on the Vista 2 follow-on project.

Horvitz, Eric; Ruokangas, Corinne; Srinivas, Sampath; Barry, Matthew



Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) 2005 annual report  

SciTech Connect

The Electric Power Research Institute, with major locations in Palo Alto, California and Charlotte, North Carolina, is an independent, non-profit center for public interest energy and environmental research. The annual report highlights progress during 2005. Projects reported include: plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, intelligent universal transformer; air pollution toxicology research; and Ohio River ecological research. EPRI's Coal Fleet for Tomorrow initiative is described. This has provided the US Congress with an analysis of proposed financial incentives for the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and by developing plant design guidelines for integrated gasification combined cycle power plants. In 2006 the work will be extended to examine combustion systems designed for near-zero emissions. The report outlines EPRI's governance, includes its financial report up to 31 December 2005, and lists its members.




Diffraction Limited Imaging of High Redshift Galaxies with Adaptive Optics  

E-print Network

The major cornerstone of future ground-based astronomy is imaging and spectroscopy at the diffraction limit using adaptive optics. To exploit the potential of current AO systems, we have begun a survey around bright stars to study intermediate redshift galaxies at high resolution. Using ALFA to reach the diffraction limit of the 3.5-m telescope at Calar Alto allows us to study the structure of distant galaxies in the near-infrared at scales of 100-150 pc for z=0.05 and at scales 1.0-1.5 kpc at z=1. In this contribution we present the initial results of this project, which hint at the exciting prospects possible with the resolution and sensitivity available using an AO camera on the 8-m class VLT.

R. I. Davies; M. Lehnert; A. J. Baker; S. Rabien



Virtual tools for teaching electrocardiographic rhythm analysis.  


Electrocardiographic (ECG) rhythm analysis is inadequately taught in training programs, resulting in undertrained physicians reading a large percentage of the 40 million ECGs recorded annually. The effective use of simple tools (calipers, ruler, and magnifier) required for crucial measurements and comparisons of intervals requires considerable time for interactive instruction and is difficult to teach in the classroom. The ECGViewer (Blaufuss Medical Multimedia Laboratories, Palo Alto, Calif) program was developed using virtual tools easily manipulated by computer mouse that can be used to analyze archived scanned ECGs on computer screens and classroom projection. Trainees manipulate the on-screen tools from their seats by wireless mouse while the instructor makes corrections with a second mouse, in clear view of the trainees. An on-screen ladder diagram may be constructed by the trainee and critiqued by the instructor. The ECGViewer program has been successfully used and well received by trainees at medical school, residence, and subspecialty fellow level. PMID:16387064

Criley, John Michael; Nelson, William P



Stanford Humanities Center: Events Archive  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Stanford University invites many distinguished guests to its campus in Palo Alto every year, and the Stanford Humanities Center certainly sees its fair share of those various talented individuals. In the past few years, the Center has worked to make more and more of their talks and lectures available to the general public via this site. The archive dates back to 2003, although the first lecture available online is from 2004. The guests include such figures as New York Times critic Anthony Tommasini, Marina Warner, and Richard Taruskin. For many of the lectures, visitors can play the talk or lecture directly from the site, or they can also download the file directly to their own computer. Additionally, visitors may also wish to check out the Stanford iTunes Podcasts site, as there is a link provided here as well.


The Study of the Gas-Phase in the CALIFA Galaxies  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A new generation of wide-field surveys based on integral field spectroscopy (IFS) are allowing us to obtain spatially-resolved information of the gas-phase emission in nearby late-type galaxies, based on large samples of regions and full 2D coverage. In particular, the Calar Alto Legacy Integral Field Area survey (CALIFA) is observing a statistically well-defined sample of ~600 galaxies in the local Universe. These observations are allowing us to discover and characterise abundance differentials between galactic substructures and new scaling relations with global physical properties, e.g. a statistical approach to the abundance gradients of spiral galaxies, which indicates a universal radial gradient for oxygen abundance, and improved abundance calibrations for the high-metallicity regime.

Rosales-Ortega, F. F.; Sánchez, S. F.; Califa Team



Effect of an X-Class Solar Flare on the OI 630 nm Dayglow Emissions  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

We present a striking event that shows a prompt effect of an X-class solar flare (X6.2/3B) in the neutral optical dayglow emissions. This flare occurred on 13 December 2001 at 1424 UT and peaked at 1430 UT. The peak-to pre-flare X-ray intensity ratio as observed by GOES-10 was greater than 300 and the EUV flux observed by SEM/SOHO was greater by around 60%. As a response to this flare, the daytime redline (OI 630 nm) column integrated emission intensity measured from Carmen Alto (23.16degS, 70.66degW), in Chile, showed a prompt increase of around 50%. Our results show that this prompt enhancement in the thermospheric dayglow seems to be caused mainly due to an increase in photoelectrons due to a sudden increase in the solar EUV flux associated with this flare.

Das, Uma; Pallamraju, Duggirala; Chakrabarti, Supriya



Psychotherapeutic intervention by telephone  

PubMed Central

Psychotherapy conducted over the telephone has received increasing amounts of empirical attention given practical advantages that side-step treatment barriers encountered in traditional office-based care. The utility and efficacy of telephone therapy appears generalizable across diverse clinical populations seeking care in community-based hospital settings. Treatment barriers common to older adults suggest that telephone therapy may be an efficient and effective mental health resource for this population. This paper describes empirical studies of telehealth interventions and case examples with psychotherapy conducted via telephone on the Spinal Cord Injury Unit of the Palo Alto Veterans’ Administration. Telephone therapy as appears to be a viable intervention with the aging population. PMID:18686761

Mozer, Erika; Franklin, Bethany; Rose, Jon



Software workstations; One-stop shopping for utilities  

SciTech Connect

This paper reports that to help electric utilities use their software more efficiently, California's Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has been integrating groups of programs related to common engineering functions - for example, system grounding - into single packages. More than a dozen of these packages are already available. Almost a dozen more, in various stages of development in the Palo Alto institute's technical divisions, are scheduled to be ready between now and 1993. What they offer is one-stop shopping for software solutions. Whether a project involves designing a new transmission line, troubleshooting an equipment problem at a power plant, or planning for future generating needs, utilities have for many years used software to get the job done fast while keeping expenses down. More recent advances in computing power and software engineering have even accelerated the development of programs for utility applications.

Ben-Yaacov, G. (Electric Power Research Inst. (US)); Hoffman, S.



Proyecto para la medición sistemática de seeing en CASLEO  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

La calidad del seeing astronómico es ciertamente uno de los parámetros mas importantes que caracterizan el sitio de un observatorio. Por tanto se desea determinar si el alto valor de seeing observado con el telescopio de 2.15 m se debe a efectos internos y/o del entorno a la cupula o si se debe simplemente al seeing propio del lugar. El actual mecanismo de refrigeración del espejo primario del 2.15, parece haber mejorado notablemente la calidad del seeing. Sin embargo se hace necesario saber hasta que punto el valor del seeing puede ser mejorado. La primera etapa del proyecto consistió en la puesta a punto del telescopio emplazado para este propósito y la adquisición de las primeras medidas tentativas de seeing.

Fernández Lajus, E.; Forte, J. C.


Albedo polarimétrico de asteroides del grupo Hungaria  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

La región del cinturón de asteroides en donde se encuentra el grupo de los Hungarias (a= 1.79 a 1.98 UA, i=15 a 40 grados) es la única zona donde es común encontrar objetos de tipo taxonómico E, caracterizados por altos albedos, colores relativamente neutros y espectros sin detalles. Este tipo de asteroides está relacionado espectralmente con ciertos meteoritos (aubritas) que indican la existencia de episodios de gran calentamiento que ocurrieron durante la formación del Sistema Solar. Como el espectro de los asteroides de tipo E es idéntico a los de tipo M y P, la única forma de clasificar un asteroide en alguno de estos tres tipos taxonómicos es mediante el albedo. En este trabajo se presentan resultados preliminares sobre la determinación polarimétrica de albedos para objetos de este grupo utilizando el polarímetro CASPROF de CASLEO.

Gil-Hutton, R.; Benavidez, P.


Air Quality Standards for Particulate Matter (PM) at high altitude cities.  


The Air Quality Standards for Particulate Matter (PM) at high altitude urban areas in different countries, must consider the pressure and temperature due to the effect that these parameters have on the breath volume. This paper shows the importance to correct Air Quality Standards for PM considering pressure and temperature at different altitudes. Specific factors were suggested to convert the information concerning PM, from local to standard conditions, and adjust the Air Quality Standards for different high altitudes cities. The correction factors ranged from: 1.03 for Santiago de Chile to 1.47 for El Alto Bolivia. Other cities in this study include: Mexico City, México; La Paz, Bolivia; Bogota, Cali and Medellin, Colombia; Quito, Ecuador and Cuzco, Peru. If these corrections are not considered, the atmospheric concentrations will be underestimated. PMID:23202983

Bravo Alvarez, H; Sosa Echeverria, R; Sanchez Alvarez, P; Krupa, S



Near-infrared calibration systems for precise radial-velocity measurements  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present work done to prepare two new near-infrared calibration sources for use on high-precision astrophysical spectrographs. Uranium-neon is an atomic calibration source, commercially available as a hollow-cathode lamp, with over 10 000 known emission lines between 0.85 and 4 ?m. Four gas cells — containing C2H2, H13CN, 12CO, and 13CO, respectively—are available as National Institute of Standards and Technology (nist) Standard Reference Materials (SRMs), and provide narrow absorption lines between 1.5 and 1.65 ?m. These calibration sources may prove useful for wavelength-calibrating the future near-infrared high-precision radial-velocity spectrometers, including the Calar Alto high-Resolution search for M dwarfs with Exo-earths with a Near-infrared Echelle Spectrograph (CARMENES),1 the SpectroPolarimetre InfraROUge (SPIRou)?, and the Habitable-Zone Planet Finder (HPF).2

Redman, Stephen L.; Kerber, Florian; Nave, Gillian; Mahadevan, Suvrath; Ramsey, Lawrence W.; Smoker, Jonathan; Käufl, Hans-Ulrich; Figueira, P. R. L.



Protection of normal tissues from the cytotoxic effects of radiation therapy: focus on amifostine.  


Evidence for the use of amifostine (Ethyol, ALZA Pharmaceuticals, Palo Alto, CA/US Bioscience, West Conshohocken, PA) as a radioprotectant has been gathered in a number of clinical trials conducted over the past decade. This report briefly reviews those trials, as well as highlights results of a recent phase II trial conducted to evaluate the efficacy of daily amifostine administration in reducing the incidence of radiation-induced esophagitis in patients with stage III non-small cell lung cancer. Of 25 patients evaluated, none experienced grade 3 or 4 esophagitis or dyspnea. No patients required discontinuation of therapy due to amifostine-induced hypotension. There was a 60% objective response rate and 1-, 2-, and 3-year survival rates were 55%, 23%, and 23%, respectively. Thus, amifostine administration reduced radiation-induced toxicities without reducing antitumor efficacy. PMID:9794996

Mehta, M P



New optical polarization measurements of the Crab pulsar  

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The Crab nebula and its pulsar have been observed for about 3 hours with the high-speed photo-polarimeter OPTIMA in January 2002 at the Calar Alto 3.5m telescope. The Crab pulsar intensity and polarization are determined at all phases of rotation with higher statistical accuracy than ever. Therefore, we were able to separate the so-called 'off-pulse' phase emission (with an intensity of about 1.2% compared to the main peak, assumed to be present at all phases) from the pulsed emission and show the 'net' polarization of the pulsed structures. Recent theoretical results indicate that the measured optical polarization of the Crab pulsar is similar to expectations from a two-pole caustic emission model or a striped pulsar wind model.

G. Kanbach; A. Slowikowska; S. Kellner; H. Steinle



Mapping dust-obscured light in CALIFA galaxies  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Calar Alto Legacy Integral Field Area (CALIFA) survey is the first and largest survey of its kind, aiming to obtain optical datacubes for 600 nearby (z ˜ 0.01) galaxies. Over 300 objects have already been observed. The spatial and spectral resolutions in CALIFA, combined with its sample size, offer unprecedented good quality data to study spatially resolved dust properties. This work focus on how dust is mapped by the ionised gas. By carefully removing the underlying stellar population, we measure the emission-line Balmer decrement (H?/H?) in different regions in galaxies, separating H II complexes from diffuse emission. We show that the effective dust attenuation measured on an integrated spectrum is underestimated with respect to the effective attenuation on H II regions. This implies that star formation indicators based on optical and UV data should be used with care and may need to be corrected by differential dust attenuation.

Vale Asari, N.; Wild, V.; Kennicutt, R.; Cid Fernandes, R.



Comorbidity in Chronic Shyness  

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Abstract The data,reported,were,gathered,on 114 patients,who,presented at The Palo,Alto,Shyness,Clinic,between,1991 and,1997. All subjects,were,evaluated,using,the,Anxiety,Disorders,Interview Schedule,(ADIS; DSM III-R or IV) and,were,administered,the Minnesota,Multiphasic,Personality,Inventory,(MMPI-I or MMPI- II), the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory (MCMI), or both.,Ninety-seven,percent,of this,sample,received,an ADIS diagnosis of generalized social phobia, and 57% met criteria for,a second,Axis,I diagnosis.,The,most,common,disorders,in addition,to social,phobia,were,dysthymia,(29%) and generalized anxiety disorder (27%). According to the MCMI, 94% of the sample had a

Lynne Henderson; Philip G. Zimbardo



Integral Field Spectroscopy of supernova host galaxies  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We used optical Integral Field Spectroscopy of nearby supernova (SN) host galaxies to look for correlations in the environmental parameters at the location of different SN types. Our sample consists of 47 galaxies observed by the Calar Alto Legacy Integrated Field Area (CALIFA) Survey, complemented with other 24 previously observed with the same instrument. We updated the analysis tools implemented in our pilot study (Stanishev et al. 2012) to derive stellar population and ionized gas parameters from the 3D datacubes. According to our results SNe Ib/c explode closer to the galactic core and are more associated with HII regions than SNe II. SNe Ia occur on average farther from the center of the galaxy and are associated with regions with lower current star formation and older stellar populations.

Galbany, L.; Stanishev, V.; Mourão, A. M.; Rodrigues, M.; Flores, H.



Extending cable life with better jackets  

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Better materials may result from a $1.1 million research program funded by the Electric Power Research Institute, Palo Alto, California and awarded to Southwire Co., Carrollton, Ga. The University of Connecticut`s Electrical Insulation Center (EIRC) will assist Southwire in testing the results of a recent study that found a promising new way to improve the protective jackets on underground power cables. EIRC`s Director Matthew Mashikian said, {open_quotes}Extending the life of power cables with a better jacket is worth millions to utility companies and their customers.{close_quotes} EIRC has a patent pending on a method of using chemical scavengers to reduce the presence of ions in groundwater that can penetrate a power cable`s jacket and invade the insulation.




The Disk Mass project; science case for a new PMAS IFU module  

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We present our Disk Mass project as the main science case for building a new fiber IFU-module for the PMAS spectrograph, currently mounted at the Cassegrain focus of the 3.5m telescope on Calar Alto. Compared to traditional long-slit observations, the large light collecting power of 2-dimensional Integral Field Units dramatically improves the prospects for performing spectroscopy on extended low surface brightness objects with high spectral resolution. This enables us to measure stellar velocity dispersions in the outer disk of normal spiral galaxies. We describe some results from a PMAS pilot study using the existing lenslet array, and provide a basic description of the new fiber IFU-module for PMAS.

Marc Verheijen; Matthew Bershady; David Andersen; Rob Swaters; Kyle Westfall; Andreas Kelz; Martin-Matthias Roth



Techniques for reducing fiber-fed and integral-field spectroscopy data: An implementation on R3D  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This paper describes the general characteristics of raw data from fiber-fed spectrographs in general and fiber-fed IFUs in particular. The different steps of the data reduction are presented, and the techniques used to address the unusual characteristics of these data are described in detail. These techniques have been implemented in a specialized software package, R3D, developed to reduce fiber-based integral field spectroscopy (IFS) data. The package comprises a set of command-line routines adapted for each of these steps, suitable for creating pipelines. The routines have been tested against simulations, and against real data from various integral field spectrographs (PMAS, PPAK, GMOS, VIMOS and INTEGRAL). Particular attention is paid to the treatment of cross-talk. Based on observations collected at the Centro Astron?ico Hispano Alemán (CAHA) at Calar Alto, operated jointly by the Max-Planck Institut für Astronomie and the Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (CSIC).

Sánchez, S. F.



A non-conventional procedure for the 3D modeling of WWI forts  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

2014 is the hundredth anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War (WWI) - or Great War - in Europe and a number of initiatives have been planned to commemorate the tragic event. Until 1918, the Italian Trentino - Alto Adige region was under the Austro - Hungarian Empire and represented one of the most crucial and bloody war front between the Austrian and Italian territories. The region borders were constellated of military fortresses, theatre of battles between the two opposite troops. Unfortunately, most of these military buildings are now ruined and their architectures can be hardly appreciated. The paper presents the initial results of the VAST project (VAlorizzazione Storia e Territorio - Valorization of History and Landscape), that aims to digitally reconstruct the forts located on the plateaus of Luserna, Lavarone and Folgaria. An integrated methodology has been adopted to collect and employ all possible source of information in order to derive precise and photo-realistic 3D digital representations of WWI forts.

Nocerino, E.; Fiorillo, F.; Minto, S.; Menna, F.; Remondino, F.



The computational structural mechanics testbed architecture. Volume 2: Directives  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

This is the second of a set of five volumes which describe the software architecture for the Computational Structural Mechanics Testbed. Derived from NICE, an integrated software system developed at Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory, the architecture is composed of the command language (CLAMP), the command language interpreter (CLIP), and the data manager (GAL). Volumes 1, 2, and 3 (NASA CR's 178384, 178385, and 178386, respectively) describe CLAMP and CLIP and the CLIP-processor interface. Volumes 4 and 5 (NASA CR's 178387 and 178388, respectively) describe GAL and its low-level I/O. CLAMP, an acronym for Command Language for Applied Mechanics Processors, is designed to control the flow of execution of processors written for NICE. Volume 2 describes the CLIP directives in detail. It is intended for intermediate and advanced users.

Felippa, Carlos A.



Drug treatment clients and their community peers: how they differ.  


Free-at-Last is a drug treatment program in East Palo Alto, California, a low-income predominantly African American community in Silicon Valley. In this research, a cohort of treatment clients was compared to a random sample of community residents. Both groups used drugs. Two-way analysis of variance was used to identify factors that predicted the number of drugs used, controlling for client or community sample status. Significant predictors turned out to be perception of race discrimination, ever selling drugs, contact with the police, the number of relatives who died suddenly as a juvenile, ever having thoughts of suicide, and marital status. Path analysis was used to show the relationship between predictors of the number of drugs used for treatment clients; a second path was done for community clients. By comparing each path analysis, we were able to show how treatment clients arrived at significantly higher drug use than peers in the community. PMID:20509083

Bowser, Benjamin P; Lewis, David; Dogan, Derrick; Word, Carl



Measurement of precipitation induced FUV emission and Geocoronal Lyman Alpha from the IMI mission  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

This final report describes the activities of the Lockheed Martin Palo Alto Research Laboratory in studying the measurement of ion and electron precipitation induced Far Ultra-Violet (FUV) emissions and Geocoronal Lyman Alpha for the NASA Inner Magnetospheric Imager (IMI) mission. this study examined promising techniques that may allow combining several FUV instruments that would separately measure proton aurora, electron aurora, and geocoronal Lyman alpha into a single instrument operated on a spinning spacecraft. The study consisted of two parts. First, the geocoronal Lyman alpha, proton aurora, and electron aurora emissions were modeled to determine instrument requirements. Second, several promising techniques were investigated to determine if they were suitable for use in an IMI-type mission. Among the techniques investigated were the Hydrogen gas cell for eliminating cold geocoronal Lyman alpha emissions, and a coded aperture spectrometer with sufficient resolution to separate Doppler shifted Lyman alpha components.

Mende, Stephen B.; Fuselier, S. A.; Rairden, R. L.



An assessment of the Tongonan geothermal reservoir, Philippines, at high-pressure operating conditions  

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An evaluation of the Tongonan geothermal reservoir was conducted to improve the power recovery through reservoir and process optimization. The performance of the existing production wells was reviewed and the response of the field based on the anticipated production levels was simulated at various operating conditions. The results indicate that the Tongonan geothermal reservoir can be exploited at a high pressure operating condition with substantial improvement in the field capacity. The authors calculate that the Upper Mahiao and the Malitbog sectors of the Tongonan field are capable of generating 395 MWe at 1.0 MPa abs., on top of the existing 112.5 MWe plant, compared with 275 MWe if the field is operated at 0.6 MPa abs. The total capacity for the proposed Leyte A 640 MWe expansion can be generated from these sectors with the additional power to be tapped from Mahanagdong and Alto Peak sectors.

Sarmiento, Z.F.; Aquino, B.G.; Aunzo, Z.P.; Rodis, N.O.; Saw, V.S. [PNOC-Energy Development Corp., Fort Bonifacio (Philippines)] [PNOC-Energy Development Corp., Fort Bonifacio (Philippines)



Contribution of the disks to the SFR in the local Universe using Integral Field Spectroscopy from CALIFA  

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The Calar Alto Legacy Integral Field Area survey (CALIFA survey) is providing Integral Field Spectroscopy (IFS) data in the entire optical window for a diameter-limited sample of 600 objects in the Local Universe (0.005$star formation in nearby galaxies free from the limitations associated to either UV (dust attenuation) or narrow-band H$\\alpha$ imaging (underlying H$\\beta$ absorption). These are limitations that have prevented (until now) carrying out a detailed study of the evolution of the SFR by components (nuclei, bulges, disks), even locally. This kind of studies are key, for example, for understanding how galaxies really evolve from the Blue Cloud to the Red Sequence. We will first discuss in detail the validity of the assumption that the SFR given by the extincion-corrected H$\\alpha$ is a good measure of the total SFR by means of cross-comparing this with other SFR estimators, namely the integrated UV...

Catalán-Torrecilla, Cristina; Castillo-Morales, África; Iglesias-Páramo, Jorge



COMET-AR User's Manual: COmputational MEchanics Testbed with Adaptive Refinement  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The COMET-AR User's Manual provides a reference manual for the Computational Structural Mechanics Testbed with Adaptive Refinement (COMET-AR), a software system developed jointly by Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory and NASA Langley Research Center under contract NAS1-18444. The COMET-AR system is an extended version of an earlier finite element based structural analysis system called COMET, also developed by Lockheed and NASA. The primary extensions are the adaptive mesh refinement capabilities and a new "object-like" database interface that makes COMET-AR easier to extend further. This User's Manual provides a detailed description of the user interface to COMET-AR from the viewpoint of a structural analyst.

Moas, E. (Editor)



The complex ecology of hantavirus in Paraguay.  


Following an outbreak of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) in the Paraguayan Chaco in 1995, Calomys laucha was identified as the rodent host for the hantavirus associated with these cases. To explore the possibility of additional hantaviruses in Paraguay, we collected 636 mammals from 10 of the 17 departments. Plasma from 27 animals in Alto Paraguay and Boquer6n in the Chaco and Neembucú and Itapúa in the eastern region had antibody to Andes virus antigens. Of these 27, five individuals (among four species) were positive for hantavirus RNA. Sera were collected from indigenous people in eastern Paraguay to ascertain whether persons were being infected with hantavirus outside of the Chaco. Seventeen percent were antibody-positive. These results suggest that several different hantaviruses are co-circulating in Paraguay, and that HPS cases occurring in eastern Paraguay may result from exposure to hantaviruses that are distinct from those in the Chaco. PMID:14628942

Chu, Yong-Kyu; Owen, Robert D; Gonzalez, Liza M; Jonsson, Colleen B



Cardiac Imager Project Mechanical Design  

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La nota riporta i criteri principali di progetto di una camera proporzionale a multianodi a filo, sviluppata per la scintigrafia del cuore, nell¹ambito di un progetto finanziato dalla Comunità Europea. I rivelatori ad alto counting rate risultano di grande interesse nell¹ambito della medicina nucleare, perchè garantiscono immagini dinamiche ad alta risoluzione statistica, pur a fronte di una consistente riduzione dell¹intensità della dose radiogena minima e del conseguente tempo di esposizione. E¹ stata svilupppata quindi una gamma camera ad elevata velocità riempita di una miscela di Xenon gas ultrapuro ed Etano; il sistema è utilizzato ad una pressione di esercizio compresa tra i 5 ed 10 bar abs. La superficie attiva è di $250x250 mm^{2}$. Al fine di garantire condizioni di esercizio stabili per tempi lunghi, senza degradazione dell¹efficienza, è stato progettato un sistema di purificazione in continua del gas, integrato a bordo del rivelatore. E¹ stato realizzato un prototipo funzionante da or...

Pepato, Adriano



Lockheed Solar Observatory and the Discovery of Moreton-Ramsey Waves  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Moreton Waves are high-speed disturbances seen traveling away from large solar flares in H-alpha movies of the solar chromosphere. They were discovered by the observer Harry Ramsey in the late 1950s, and then published and publicized by the director Gail Moreton, both of the Lockheed Solar Observatory in the Hollywood Hills of Southern California. These efforts established the scientific reputation and secured continuing funding of the observatory, whose present-day successor is the Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Lab in Palo Alto. Moreton waves are rare, and there was limited interest in them until the EIT instrument on SOHO began seeing large numbers of similar waves in the corona in the late 1990s. The exact relation between the two observations is still a research topic today. This talk will describe some of the history of the observatory and the discovery and early interpretation of the waves.

Tarbell, Theodore D.



Vibrational mode shapes in Caribbean steelpans. I. Tenor and double second.  


Vibrational mode shapes have been studied in several tenor (soprano range) and double-second (alto range) steelpans by three well-known makers. Normal modes are determined from operating deflection shapes recorded by means of electronic TV holography. Vibrational modes of the various note areas are designated by the number of radial and circumferential nodal lines. Tuners generally tune one mode an octave above the fundamental and, if possible, a third mode is tuned either a twelfth or two octaves above the fundamental. Note dimensions follow an approximate scaling law L=Kf(213), and the larger note areas can be roughly modeled as rectangular plates with simply supported edges. Modal shapes in the skirt correspond to standing bending waves propagating around the ring. PMID:10955647

Rossing, T D; Hansen, U J; Hampton, D S



Palynology as an age-control tool for ice cores. First results of PAMOGIS - Pollen Analyses of the Mt. Ortles Glacier Ice Samples  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Glacier ice cores from the mid latitude are capable of retaining essential information on past climate, environmental and human activities on a seasonal/annual time resolution. However, for a correct interpretation of the ice record a good chronological control is essential. Absolute time markers such as 3H peaks and Sahara dust horizons, together with radiometric methods such as 210Pb, radiocarbon from carbonaceous aerosol particles and AMS-dating are commonly used to obtain the age depth model of ice cores. In this frame we present the first pollen-based chronology from the Eastern Alps. Results of pollen analyses performed on a 10 m firn core taken on the top of Alto dell'Ortles Glacier (3905 m a.s.l.) will be discussed. Palynological data are compared and complemented with stable isotopes, major ions and trace elements analyses. Based on the single species flowering periods, our results show that the pollen spectrum presents seasonal and inter-annual variability that enables to distinguish snow accumulated in the three different flowering seasons and winter snow. According to these four components a seasonal and annual chronology was established, proving that the 10 m firn core encompasses four years of snow accumulation and presents a clear seasonal palynological signal. These first results reveal the potential of pollen content of glacier snow and ice as a chronological tool that can contribute to the construction of a robust chronological model with a seasonal to annual resolution. This study is the first step and the base for future research on deeper ice cores on the Alto dell'Ortles Glacier (Ortles project:

Festi, Daniela; Kofler, Werner; Gabrielli, Paolo; Oeggl, Klaus



The O-type eclipsing contact binary LY Aurigae - member of a quadruple system  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The eclipsing binary LY Aur (O9 II + O9 III) belongs to the rare class of early-type contact systems. We obtained 23 new spectra at the Ond?ejov and Dominion Astrophysical Observatories, which were analysed with four older Calar Alto and one ELODIE archive spectra. A new result of this study is that the visual companion of LY Aur - the spectral lines of which are clearly seen in our spectra - is also an SB1 binary having an orbital period of 20.46d, an eccentric orbit, and a radial velocity semi-amplitude of 33 km s-1. The H? line blend contains an emission component, which shows dependence on the orbital phase of the eclipsing system, with the strongest emission around the secondary eclipse. Revised elements of the eclipsing binary and the orbital solution of the companion binary are determined from our set of spectra and new light-curve solutions of the eclipsing pair. The mass of the primary of 25.5 M? agrees well with its spectral type, whereas the secondary mass of 14 M? is smaller than expected. From an O-C analysis of the minimum times of LY Aur that span more than 40 years, we found that the orbital period is decreasing, indicating the presence of interaction processes. The system is likely in a phase of non-conservative mass exchange. Based on spectral observations collected at the German-Spanish Observatory, Calar Alto, Spain; Dominion Astrophysical Observatory, Canada; Ond?ejov Observatory, Czech Republic, and an archival Haute Provence Observatory ELODIE spectrum.

Mayer, Pavel; Drechsel, Horst; Harmanec, Petr; Yang, Stephenson; Šlechta, Miroslav



Ecology, distribution, harvest, and conservation of the Amazonian manatee, Trichechus inunguis, in Ecuador  

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Recent summaries of the distribution of the Amazonian manatee Trichechus inunguis record specimens from much of the Central Amazon Basin in Brazil, eastern Peru, and extreme southeastern Colombia, but not Ecuador. During October and November of 1983...Recientes sumarios de la distribución de los manaties amazónicos Trichechus inunguis registran especimenes de la mayor parte de la cuenca amazónica en Brasil, el oriente de Peru, y el suroriente de Colombia, pero no de Ecuador. Durante octubre y noviembre de 1983 nosotros fuimos en busca de manaties en los sistemas de los rios Aguarico y Cuyabeno de la Provincia del Napo, Ecuador oriental. Aqui documentamos la existencia de manaties amazónicos en Ecuador, proveemos estimaciones aproximadas de su actual distribución, describimos varios aspectos de su ecologia en Ecuador, documentamos el uso de manaties por gentes indigenas, y documentamos la cosecha comercial actual de manaties para carne. Manaties feuron observados por nosotros en varias localidades separadas en las tierras bajas del Ecuador oriental. Adicionalmente, reportamos varias observaciones por otros, asi como tambien registros históricos publicados que fueron previamente pasados por alto. Nuestras observaciones de manaties son de habitaciones en aguas negras en selva iluviosa primaria no alterada de tierras bajas, en aguas con un pH de 5.5 a 6.0 y temperatura de 25.0 a 30.7C. En la región del alto Cuyabeno, los indios de la tribu Siona, quienes han cosechado manaties por generaciones, se han impuesto asi mismos prohibiciones en la caza de manaties en Ecuador y tierras adyacentes de Peru. La mayoria de la carne obtenida es usada por los militares ya sea ecuatorianos o peruanos. Nosotros encontramos abundantes manaties sólo en una localidad, la Laguna Lagarto Cocha. Sin embargo, esta población esta siendo activamente cazada, y la carne es vendida a los destacamentos militares del lugar. Estimamos que si el nivel actual de caza continua al mismo ritmo los manaties amazónicos habran desaparecido del Ecuador en unos 10 a 15 anios....

Timm, Robert M.; Albuja V., Luis; Clauson, Barbara L.



XMS and NG1dF: extreme multiplex spectrographs for wide-field multi-object spectroscopy  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Two feasibility studies for spectrographs that can deliver at least 4000 MOS slits over a 1° field at the prime focuses of the Anglo-Australian and Calar Alto Observatories have been completed. We describe the design and science case of the Calar Alto eXtreme Multiplex Spectrograph (XMS) for which an extended study, half way between feasibility study and phase-A, was made. The optical design is quite similar than in the AAO study for the Next Generation 1 degree Field (NG1dF) but the mechanical design of XMS is quite different and much more developed. In a single night, 25000 galaxy redshifts can be measured to z~0.7 and beyond for measuring the Baryon Acoustic Oscillation (BAO) scale and many other science goals. This may provide a low-cost alternative to WFMOS for example and other large fibre spectrographs. The design features four cloned spectrographs which gives a smaller total weight and length than a unique spectrograph to makes it placable at prime focus. The clones use a transparent design including a grism in which all optics are about the size or smaller than the clone rectangular subfield so that they can be tightly packed with little gaps between subfields. Only low cost glasses are used; the variations in chromatic aberrations between bands are compensated by changing a box containing the grism and two adjacent lenses. Three bands cover the 420nm to 920nm wavelength range at 10A resolution while another cover the Calcium triplet at 3A. An optional box does imaging. We however also studied different innovative methods for acquisition without imaging. A special mask changing mechanism was also designed to compensate for the lack of space around the focal plane. Conceptual designs for larger projects (AAT 2º field, CFHT, VISTA) have also been done.

Content, Robert; Barden, Sam; Becerril, Santiago; Boehm, Armin; Clark, Paul; Costillo, Pedro; Dubbeldam, C. Mark; Farrell, Tony; Glazebrook, Karl; Haynes, Roger; Meisenheimer, Klaus; Miziarski, Stan; Nikoloudakis, Nikolaos; Prada, Luis Francisco; Rohloff, Ralf-Rainer; Shanks, Tom; Sharples, Ray M.; Wagner, Karl



Evaluation of artificial recharge in the Mojave River Ground-Water Basin, California  

USGS Publications Warehouse

The Mojave River Basin relies almost entirely on ground water to meet the needs of its growing population and agriculture, which has resulted in overdraft conditions. Some of the ground-water management alternatives being proposed to mitigate the effects of overdraft include artificial recharge using water from the California State Water Project (SWP) and using SWP water in lieu of ground-water pumpage. A calibrated ground-water flow model was used to evaluate six proposed water-management alternatives using SWP water during a 20-year simulation period, 2000-2019, using constant rates from 1999 for recharge and pumpage (with the exception of recharge derived from Mojave River streamflows which were variable). The measured streamflow for the period of 1970-1989 was used to simulate the Mojave River streamflow. Water-management alternative 1 assumed that none of the Mojave Water Agency allocation of SWP water was available for mitigation measures and resulted in increases in hydraulic head in the floodplain aquifer in years of above-average streamflow (2008-2010, 2013) and decreases in years of below average streamflow. In general, simulated hydraulic heads in the regional aquifer declined with the exception of the El Mirage and Harper Lake areas. Also, average storage depletion for the entire ground-water basin over the 20-year simulation was 40,940 acre-feet per year. Water-management alternative 2 assumed that 30,000 acre-feet per year of SWP water was artificially recharged at Rock Springs Road Outlet (RSO). By 2019, the simulated hydraulic heads were as much as 75 feet higher in the Alto at the recharge site, 24 feet higher in the Transition zone, 15 feet higher in the Centro, and 17 feet higher in the Baja model subareas than the hydraulic heads resulting from water-management alternative 1. Water-management alternative 2 affected simulated hydraulic heads by as much as 5 feet in an area totalling 290 square miles; most of the change occurred in the Alto and Baja model subareas. Average storage depletion for water-management alternative 2 for the entire ground-water basin for the 20-year simulation period was 15,880 acre-feet per year, 25,060 acre-feet per year less than water-management alternative 1. Also, water-management alternative 2 indicated that the artificial recharge at RSO resulted in less simulated ground-water recharge from stream leakage in the Alto model subarea, which led to greater streamflow at the Lower Narrows, Barstow, and Afton Canyon streamflow gages. This increased streamflow resulted in an increase in simulated ground-water recharge from stream leakage, primarily in the Centro and Baja model subareas. Water-management alternative 3 assumed that 4,000 acre-feet per year of SWP water was artificially recharged at Manzanita and Oro Grande Washes (a total of 8,000 acre-feet per year) in the Alto model subarea. By 2019, the simulated hydraulic heads beneath the recharge sites were as much as 278 feet higher than heads resulting from water-management alternative 1. Changes in simulated hydraulic head greater than 5 feet covered almost 138 square miles in the Alto model subarea. Water-management alternative 3 had little effect on simulated hydraulic heads in the other model subareas. Model results indicated that the average storage depletion for the entire ground-water basin during the 20-year simulation was 32,940 acre-feet per year, about 8,000 acre-feet per year less than water-management alternative 1. Water-management alternative 3 had essentially no effect on simulated streamflows during the 20-year simulation period and, therefore, little effect on simulated net stream leakage. Water-management alternative 4 assumed 10,000 acre-feet per year of SWP water was artificially recharged near Newberry Springs in the Baja subarea. By 2019, the simulated hydraulic heads beneath the recharge site were as much as 193 ft higher in the Baja model subarea than the hydraulic heads res

Stamos, Christina L.; Martin, Peter; Predmore, Steven K.



The Tempo of Recent Volcanism on Terceira, Azores  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Terceira is an active volcanic island with offshore eruptions recorded in the 19th and 20th centuries. It is constructed by three main volcanic centres aligned along a NW-SE-trending fissure zone. Eruptions from vents along this main fissure zone are a persistent feature in the island's history, including the two recent offshore eruptions in 1867 and 1995-2002, and the 1761 basaltic eruption, the only recorded historic event on the island that has been inhabited since about 1485 AD. Early work [1] on the volcanic succession of the island established a stratigraphic sequence for the Upper Terceira Group (UTG), the on-land products of the past ~ 20,000 years of volcanism, with very little chronological control. Since then, two more studies have added detail on the timing of eruptions in the UTG and the older history of the island, including ignimbrite-forming eruptions and volcano-building lavas, using both 14C and 40Ar/39Ar dating [2, 3]. Further age determinations have been made and are reported here together with a reassessment of the stratigraphic significance of some of the ages obtained in the past. We present here an estimate of the number and type of eruptions in the UTG, concentrating on the last 3,000 years. Ignimbrite-forming eruptions have not occurred since one or two events took place 20-23,000 years ago [3] from the northern caldera of the Pico Alto-Guilherme Moniz volcanic centre, the middle of the three main central volcanoes. The Santa Barbara composite volcano has a record of 12-14 eruptions over the past three millennia; all but one formed comendite-pantellerite lava domes and coulées, of which three were preceded by explosive sub-plinian phases forming tephra-fall deposits. One flank eruption formed a basaltic scoria cone and lava flow. In approximately the same time period, Pico Alto-Guilherme Moniz produced 11-14 eruptions from the northern caldera (Pico Alto), all of which formed comendite-pantellerite lava domes and coulées, with one or two preceded by explosive sub-plinian phases. Uncertainty in the number of eruptions is due to lack of knowledge about the number of events contributing to some of the complex clusters of lava domes. The fissure zone hosted 6-7 basaltic-intermediate scoria/spatter cone and lava-forming eruptions during the past 3,000 years, and one event that formed comenditic trachyte lava domes. Thus, Terceira's volcanoes contribute to a rapid tempo of volcanism, having recently produced an eruption approximately every century, but clustering is evident in the chronological record. Interestingly, there is no reported historic on-land eruption in the ~ 300 years between colonization and 1761. We hope to improve our understanding of the tempo of volcanism on Terceira as more age determinations are performed. Furthermore, it is known that there are more eruptive units than accounted for in the UTG stratigraphy, thus the numbers of events must be considered a minimum.

Self, S.; Calvert, A.; Pimentel, A.; Gertisser, R.



The Cariris Velhos tectonic event in Northeast Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Borborema Province in northeastern South America is a typical Brasiliano-Pan-African branching system of Neoproterozoic orogens that forms part of the Western Gondwana assembly. The province is positioned between the São Luis-West Africa craton to the north and the São Francisco (Congo-Kasai) craton to the south. For this province the main characteristics are (a) its subdivision into five major tectonic domains, bounded mostly by long shear zones, as follows: Médio Coreaú, Ceará Central, Rio Grande do Norte, Transversal, and Southern; (b) the alternation of supracrustal belts with reworked basement inliers (Archean nuclei + Paleoproterozoic belts); and (c) the diversity of granitic plutonism, from Neoproterozoic to Early Cambrian ages, that affect supracrustal rocks as well as basement inliers. Recently, orogenic rock assemblages of early Tonian (1000-920 Ma) orogenic evolution have been recognized, which are restricted to the Transversal and Southern domains of the Province. Within the Transversal Zone, the Alto Pajeú terrane locally includes some remnants of oceanic crust along with island arc and continental arc rock assemblages, but the dominant supracrustal rocks are mature and immature pelitic metasedimentary and metavolcaniclastic rocks. Contiguous and parallel to the Alto Pajeú terrane, the Riacho Gravatá subterrane consists mainly of low-grade metamorphic successions of metarhythmites, some of which are clearly turbiditic in origin, metaconglomerates, and sporadic marbles, along with interbedded metarhyolitic and metadacitic volcanic or metavolcaniclastic rocks. Both terrane and subterrane are cut by syn-contractional intrusive sheets of dominantly peraluminous high-K calc-alkaline, granititic to granodioritic metaplutonic rocks. The geochemical patterns of both supracrustal and intrusive rocks show similarities with associations of mature continental arc volcano-sedimentary sequences, but some subordinate intra-plate characteristics are also found. In both the Alto Pajeú and Riacho Gravatá terranes, TIMS and SHRIMP U-Pb isotopic data from zircons from both metavolcanic and metaplutonic rocks yield ages between 1.0 and 0.92 Ga, which define the time span for an event of orogenic character, the Cariris Velhos event. Less extensive occurrences of rocks of Cariris Velhos age are recognized mainly in the southernmost domains of the Province, as for example in the Poço Redondo-Marancó terrane, where arc-affinity migmatite-granitic and meta-volcano-sedimentary rocks show U-Pb ages (SHRIMP data) around 0.98-0.97 Ga. For all these domains, Sm-Nd data exhibit TDM model ages between 1.9 and 1.1 Ga with corresponding slightly negative to slightly positive ?Nd( t) values. These domains, along with the Borborema Province as a whole, were significantly affected by tectonic and magmatic events of the Brasiliano Cycle (0.7-0.5 Ga), so that it is possible that there are some other early Tonian rock assemblages which were completely masked and hidden by these later Brasiliano events. Cariris Velhos processes are younger than the majority of orogenic systems at the end of Mesoproterozoic Era and beginning of Neoproterozoic throughout the world, e.g. Irumide belt, Kibaride belt and Namaqua-Natal belt, and considerably younger than those of the youngest orogenic process (Ottawan) in the Grenvillian System. Therefore, they were probably not associated with the proposed assembly of Rodinia. We suggest, instead, that Cariris Velhos magmatism and tectonism could have been related to a continental margin magmatic arc, with possible back-arc associations, and that this margin may have been a short-lived (<100 m.y.) leading edge of the newly assembled Rodinia supercontinent.

dos Santos, Edilton José; Van Schmus, William Randall; Kozuch, Marianne; Neves, Benjamim Bley de Brito


A high altitude paleoclimate record from an ice core retrieved at the northern margin of the Mediterranean basin  

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Atmospheric temperatures in the Alps are increasing at twice the global rate and this change may be amplified at the highest elevations. There is a scarcity of paleo-climate information from high altitudes to place this current rapid climate change in a paleo-perspective. The 'Ortles Project' is an international scientific effort gathering institutes from six nations with the primary goal of obtaining a high altitude paleo-climate record in the Mediterranean area. In 2011 four ice cores were extracted from Alto dell'Ortles (3859 m, South Tyrol, Italy) the highest glacier in the eastern Alps. This site is located ~30 km away from where the famous ~5.2 kyr old Tyrolean Ice Man was discovered emerging from an ablating ice field (Hauslabjoch, 3210 m) in 1991. The good state of conservation of this mummy suggested that the current warming trend is unprecedented in South Tyrol during the late Holocene and that unique prehistoric ice was still present in this region. During the ice core drilling operations we found that the glacier Alto dell'Ortles shows a very unusual thermic behavior as it is transitioning from a cold to a temperate state. In fact, below a 30 meter thick temperate firn portion, we observed cold ice layers sitting on a frozen bedrock (-2.8 C). These represent remnants of the colder climate before ~1980 AD, when an instrumental record indicates a ~2 C lower temperature in this area during the period 1864-1980 AD. By analyzing one of the Ortles cores for stable isotopes, dust and major ions, we found an annually preserved climatic signal embedded in the deep cold ice of this glacier. Alto dell'Ortles is therefore the first low-accumulation (850 mm w.e. per year) alpine drilling site where both winter and summer layers can be identified. Preliminary annual layer counting and two absolute time markers suggest that the time period covered by the Ortles ice cores spans from several centuries to a few millennia. In particular, a Larix (larch) leaf discovered at 74 m depth suggests a 14C bottom ice age of 2664 ×166 years (early European Iron Age) supporting the idea that exceptional prehistoric ice is still present at the highest elevations of South Tyrol. Here we present the records of the first Ortles core analyzed in terms of ?18O (proxy of mid-tropospheric temperature), major ions and dust. We found that ?18O measured in the shallowest layers of this glacier exceeds the average deeper values indicating that the Ortles cores capture the recent increase in atmospheric temperatures at high elevation and that this is anomalous over a time scale that extends from hundreds to thousands of years.

Gabrielli, P.; Barbante, C.; Carturan, L.; Davis, M. E.; Dalla Fontana, G.; Dreossi, G.; Dinale, R.; Draga, G.; Gabrieli, J.; Kehrwald, N. M.; Mair, V.; Mikhalenko, V.; Oeggl, K.; Schotterer, U.; Seppi, R.; Spolaor, A.; Stenni, B.; Thompson, L. G.; Tonidandel, D.



CARMENES instrument overview  

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This paper gives an overview of the CARMENES instrument and of the survey that will be carried out with it during the first years of operation. CARMENES (Calar Alto high-Resolution search for M dwarfs with Exoearths with Near-infrared and optical Echelle Spectrographs) is a next-generation radial-velocity instrument under construction for the 3.5m telescope at the Calar Alto Observatory by a consortium of eleven Spanish and German institutions. The scientific goal of the project is conducting a 600-night exoplanet survey targeting ~ 300 M dwarfs with the completed instrument. The CARMENES instrument consists of two separate echelle spectrographs covering the wavelength range from 0.55 to 1.7 ?m at a spectral resolution of R = 82,000, fed by fibers from the Cassegrain focus of the telescope. The spectrographs are housed in vacuum tanks providing the temperature-stabilized environments necessary to enable a 1 m/s radial velocity precision employing a simultaneous calibration with an emission-line lamp or with a Fabry-Perot etalon. For mid-M to late-M spectral types, the wavelength range around 1.0 ?m (Y band) is the most important wavelength region for radial velocity work. Therefore, the efficiency of CARMENES has been optimized in this range. The CARMENES instrument consists of two spectrographs, one equipped with a 4k x 4k pixel CCD for the range 0.55 - 1.05 ?m, and one with two 2k x 2k pixel HgCdTe detectors for the range from 0.95 - 1.7?m. Each spectrograph will be coupled to the 3.5m telescope with two optical fibers, one for the target, and one for calibration light. The front end contains a dichroic beam splitter and an atmospheric dispersion corrector, to feed the light into the fibers leading to the spectrographs. Guiding is performed with a separate camera; on-axis as well as off-axis guiding modes are implemented. Fibers with octagonal cross-section are employed to ensure good stability of the output in the presence of residual guiding errors. The fibers are continually actuated to reduce modal noise. The spectrographs are mounted on benches inside vacuum tanks located in the coudé laboratory of the 3.5m dome. Each vacuum tank is equipped with a temperature stabilization system capable of keeping the temperature constant to within +/-0.01°C over 24 hours. The visible-light spectrograph will be operated near room temperature, while the near-IR spectrograph will be cooled to ~ 140 K. The CARMENES instrument passed its final design review in February 2013. The MAIV phase is currently ongoing. First tests at the telescope are scheduled for early 2015. Completion of the full instrument is planned for the fall of 2015. At least 600 useable nights have been allocated at the Calar Alto 3.5m Telescope for the CARMENES survey in the time frame until 2018. A data base of M stars (dubbed CARMENCITA) has been compiled from which the CARMENES sample can be selected. CARMENCITA contains information on all relevant properties of the potential targets. Dedicated imaging, photometric, and spectroscopic observations are underway to provide crucial data on these stars that are not available in the literature.

Quirrenbach, A.; Amado, P. J.; Caballero, J. A.; Mundt, R.; Reiners, A.; Ribas, I.; Seifert, W.; Abril, M.; Aceituno, J.; Alonso-Floriano, F. J.; Ammler-von Eiff, M.; Antona Jiménez, R.; Anwand-Heerwart, H.; Azzaro, M.; Bauer, F.; Barrado, D.; Becerril, S.; Béjar, V. J. S.; Benítez, D.; Berdiñas, Z. M.; Cárdenas, M. C.; Casal, E.; Claret, A.; Colomé, J.; Cortés-Contreras, M.; Czesla, S.; Doellinger, M.; Dreizler, S.; Feiz, C.; Fernández, M.; Galadí, D.; Gálvez-Ortiz, M. C.; García-Piquer, A.; García-Vargas, M. L.; Garrido, R.; Gesa, L.; Gómez Galera, V.; González Álvarez, E.; González Hernández, J. I.; Grözinger, U.; Guàrdia, J.; Guenther, E. W.; de Guindos, E.; Gutiérrez-Soto, J.; Hagen, H.-J.; Hatzes, A. P.; Hauschildt, P. H.; Helmling, J.; Henning, T.; Hermann, D.; Hernández Castaño, L.; Herrero, E.; Hidalgo, D.; Holgado, G.; Huber, A.; Huber, K. F.; Jeffers, S.; Joergens, V.; de Juan, E.; Kehr, M.; Klein, R.; Kürster, M.; Lamert, A.; Lalitha, S.; Laun, W.; Lemke, U.; Lenzen, R.; López del Fresno, Mauro; López Martí, B.; López-Santiago, J.; Mall, U.; Mandel, H.; Martín, E. L.; Martín-Ruiz, S.; Martínez-Rodríguez, H.; Marvin, C. J.; Mathar, R. J.; Mirabet, E.; Montes, D.; Morales Muñoz, R.; Moya, A.; Naranjo, V.; Ofir, A.; Oreiro, R.; Pallé, E.; Panduro, J.; Passegger, V.-M.; Pérez-Calpena, A.; Pérez Medialdea, D.; Perger, M.; Pluto, M.; Ramón, A.; Rebolo, R.; Redondo, P.; Reffert, S.; Reinhardt, S.; Rhode, P.; Rix, H.-W.; Rodler, F.; Rodríguez, E.; Rodríguez-López, C.; Rodríguez-Pérez, E.; Rohloff, R.-R.; Rosich, A.; Sánchez-Blanco, E.; Sánchez Carrasco, M. A.; Sanz-Forcada, J.; Sarmiento, L. F.; Schäfer, S.; Schiller, J.; Schmidt, C.; Schmitt, J. H. M. M.; Solano, E.; Stahl, O.; Storz, C.; Stürmer, J.; Suárez, J. C.; Ulbrich, R. G.; Veredas, G.; Wagner, K.; Winkler, J.; Zapatero Osorio, M. R.; Zechmeister, M.; Abellán de Paco, F. J.; Anglada-Escudé, G.; del Burgo, C.; Klutsch, A.; Lizon, J. L.; López-Morales, M.; Morales, J. C.; Perryman, M. A. C.; Tulloch, S. M.; Xu, W.



Distance, structure and bright stellar content of the dwarf irregular galaxy UGC 685  

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B,R, and J frames taken with the Calar Alto 3.5m telescope of the dwarf irregular galaxy UGC 685 are presented. The brightest part of the stellar population is resolved in B and R, very few also in J. The stellar color-magnitude diagram is discussed. An estimate of the distance to UGC 685 of 5.5 Mpc is derived based on the brightest blue supergiant stars. Most of the resolved bright stars show colors in the range $-0.1 \\le B-R \\le +0.7$. The continuum light of the unresolved stars is distributed rather regular in B, R, and J, showing only minor irregularities. This surface brightness distribution follows an exponential law in all three colors with a scale length $r_c = 0.33$ kpc. The central surface brightnesses are $21.57 \\pm 0.09 mag/\\Box''$, $20.65 \\pm 0.06mag/\\Box''$, and $20.11 \\pm 0.11 mag/\\Box''$, in B, R, and J, respectively. The surface brightness can be traced out to 5 $r_c$ in B and R. Thus, UGC 685 belongs to the class of dwarfs where the HI distribution is much more extended (here 2.6 times) than the optical (stellar) light distribution, but contrary to many objects of this type, it does not belong to the class of low-surface brightness objects. The overall colors are $B-R = + 0.97$, $B-J = +1.55$ and the magnitude is B = 14.55 ($M_B^o$ = -14.5). The classification as an irregular dwarf results from the few HII regions of UGC 685. On an H${\\alpha}$ Calar Alto 2.2m telescope CCD image, I identified only 5 HII regions. The total H${\\alpha}$ flux corresponds to a mildly on-going star formation with a rate of 0.003 \\Msolar yr$^{-1}$, a low rate even in comparison to other dwarfs. The available data do not indicate any major deviation from this rather low star formation rate within the last $10^9$ yr.

Ulrich Hopp



Interaction between regional and local tectonic forcing along a complex Quaternary extensional basin: Upper Tiber Valley, Northern Apennines, Italy  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In extending areas undergoing regional tectonic uplift, the persistence of subsidence at a normal-fault hanging-wall depends on the competition between regional and local tectonic effects. When regional uplift exceeds the subsidence of the hanging-wall block, denudation prevails at both the hanging-wall and the foot-wall. When local tectonic subsidence exceeds regional uplift, sedimentation occurs over the hanging-wall block, supplied by foot-wall erosion. We analyzed a Pliocene-Quaternary continental basin, currently crossed by the Tiber River in Italy. The tectono-sedimentary evolution of the basin developed at the hanging-wall of a regional low-angle extensional detachment, the Alto Tiberina Fault, in the axial region of the Northern Apennines of Italy. This area is affected by regional uplift on the order of 0.5-1.0 mm/yr. The present-day activity of the fault is revealed by both microseismicity and geodetic (GPS) data. We investigated the mid- (10-100 ka) and long-term (0.5-3.0 Ma) evolution of the three depocenters by studying the continental Pleistocene succession infilling the basin as well as fluvial terraces and higher paleosurfaces carved into the Pleistocene deposits. By using surficial geologic data and an interpretation of a set of seismic reflection profiles, we show that the three depocenters experienced a fairly similar evolution during the Pliocene-Early Pleistocene, when a 1000-m-thick continental succession was deposited. On the contrary, geomorphological observations indicate that, at the beginning of the Middle Pleistocene, a switch occurred in the evolution of the three depocenters. In the northernmost Sansepolcro sub-basin, bounding normal faults are active and hanging-wall subsidence outpaces regional uplift. Concurrently, in the Umbertide and Ponte Pattoli sub-basins uplift dominates over the hanging-wall subsidence, promoting river incision and exhumation of the Pleistocene deposits. For these two depocenters, by means of terrace-river correlations, we estimate that the incision rate is ?0.3-0.35 mm/yr, suggesting a maximum tectonic subsidence of 0.2 mm/yr. The identification of a heterogeneous uplift pattern along the hanging-wall of the Alto Tiberina Fault, driven by different displacement rates of its fault splays, allowed us to characterize fault segments with different activities and, possibly, different seismic behaviors.

Pucci, S.; Mirabella, F.; Pazzaglia, F.; Barchi, M. R.; Melelli, L.; Tuccimei, P.; Soligo, M.; Saccucci, L.



Rigorous noise test and calibration check of strong-motion instrumentation at the Conrad Observatory in Austria.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In the framework of the European InterregIV Italy/Austria project: "HAREIA - Historical and Recent Earthquakes in Italy and Austria" the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG) and Mathematic and Geosciences Department of University of Trieste (DMG) are upgrading the transfrontier seismic network of South-Eastern Alps with new 12 accelerometric stations to enhance the strong motion instrument density near the Austria/Italy border. Various public institutions of the provinces Alto Adige (Bolzano Province), Veneto (ARPAV) and Friuli Venezia Giulia (Regional Civil Defense) in Italy and in the Austrian province of Tyrol are involved in the project. The site selection was carried out to improve the present local network geometry thus meeting the needs of public Institutions in the involved regions. In Tyrol and Alto Adige some strategic buildings (hospitals and public buildings) have been selected, whereas in Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia the sites are in the free field, mainly located near villages. The instruments will be installed in an innovative box, designed by ZAMG, that provides electric and water isolation. The common choice regarding the instrument selection has been the new Kinemetrics Basalt ® accelerograph to guarantee homogeneity with the already installed instrumentation and compatibility with the software already in use at the different seismic institutions in the area. Prior to deployment the equipment was tested at the Conrad Observatory and a common set-up has been devised. The Conrad Observatory, seismically particularly quiet, permits to analyze both the sensor and the acquisition system noise. The instruments were connected to the network and the data sent in real-time to the ZAMG data center in Vienna and the DMG data center in Trieste. The data have been collected in the database and analyzed using signal processing modules PQLX and Matlab. The data analysis of the recordings at the ultra-quiet Conrad Observatory pointed out some differences in the seismic response of the 12 instruments, mainly within the tolerance stated by the factory, and an optimization of a few sensors can be carried out in order to guarantee compatible high quality measurements.

Steiner, R.; Costa, G.; Lenhardt, W.; Horn, N.; Suhadolc, P.



Fog Collection and Sustainable Architecture in Atacama Coast  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

It is imperative to integrate renewable energy and climate into zero-carbon buildings in arid lands, particularly when it is reinforced by natural and social science-based innovation in natural and built environs. The aim is twofold: On one hand, to establish potential natural and urban habitats and their yields required in different scales of intervention and, on another hand, augment rate and yield of fog collection used for drinking and irrigation in chosen locations. The purpose of this study is to integrate zero-carbon energy, landscape and sustainable architecture as a whole and thus envision potential inhabitation through self-sufficient space-frame configurations along the coast of Tarapacá Region in Chile. In a sequential way, this study distinguishes three scales of interventions: A. Territorial scale. It consists of rural and natural zones along the shore of Tarapacá Region: Fog oases, creeks or corridors. The strategic allocation of large fog collectors can bring local agriculture back and thus stop rural emigration; and also repair existing fragile ecosystems in several fog oases by harvesting and distributing mainly crop water. B. Local scale. The space-frame fog collectors are allocated in Alto Patache (fog oasis) and Iquique city (low-income sprawl of Alto Hospicio). These artefacts can supply both water and electricity to small communities through forestation, sustainable micro-agriculture and complementary electrification. C. Domestic scale. It consists of the design of autonomous housing configuration based in polygonal space-frames. This inhabitable unit is modular, deployable and lightweight; with an adjustable polyvalent membrane which performs as water repellent skin (facing South and SW winds) and shading device facing Equator. In addition, a domestic wind turbine is installed within the structural frame to provide autonomous electrification. Water collector, filtering (purification) and irrigation network is designed with available materials and local techniques. This research integrates climatic, structural and constructional factors by employing agile space-frame configurations; implementing appropriate low-passive energy technologies and testing hydrophobic and durable fabrics. The overall design target will upgrade the following aspects: 1. Increasing rate and yield of advection fog that can be anticipated from the fog harvesting rate and the uncertainty of climatic conditions 2. Structural reinforcement of fog collectors through lightweight, modular and deployable space-frames 3. Reducing installation and maintenance of fog collection 4. Purification of drinking water due to concentrations of pollutants 5. Lowering frame impacts on ground and surrounding mainly in lomas The methods mainly consists of literature review; fieldwork; comparative analysis of existing fog collection’s techniques and climatic design simulations.

Suau, C.



Mesoproterozoic rapakivi granites of the Rondonia Tin Province, southwestern border of the Amazonian craton, Brazil-I. Reconnaissance U-Pb geochronology and regional implications  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Rapakivi granites and associated mafic and ultramafic rocks in the Rondonia Tin Province, southwestern Amazonian craton, Brazil were emplaced during six discrete episodes of magmatism between ca 1600 and 970 Ma. The seven rapakivi granite suites emplaced at this time were the Serra da Providencia Intrusive Suite (U-Pb ages between 1606 and 1532 Ma); Santo Antonio Intrusive Suite (U-Pb age 1406 Ma); Teotonio Intrusive Suite (U-Pb age 1387 Ma); Alto Candeias Intrusive Suite (U-Pb ages between 1346 and 1338 Ma); Sao Lourenco-Caripunas Intrusive Suite (U-Pb ages between 1314 and 1309 Ma); Santa Clara Intrusive Suite (U-Pb ages between 1082 and 1074 Ma); and Younger Granites of Rondonia (U-Pb ages between 998 and 974 Ma). The Serra da Providencia Intrusive Suite intruded the Paleoproterozoic (1.80 to 1.70 Ga) Rio Negro-Juruena crust whereas the other suites were emplaced into the 1.50 to 1.30 Ga Rondonia-San Ignacio crust. Their intrusion was contemporaneous with orogenic activity in other parts of the southwestern Amazonian craton, except for the oldest, Serra da Providencia Intrusive Suite. Orogenic events coeval with emplacement of the Serra da Providencia Intrusive Suite are not clearly recognized in the region. The Santo Antonio, Teotonio, Alto Candeias and Sao Lourenco-Caripunas Intrusive Suites are interpreted to represent extensional anorogenic magmatism associated with the terminal stages of the Rondonian-San Ignacio orogeny. At least the Sao Lourenco-Caripunas rapakivi granites and coeval intra-continental rift sedimentary rocks may, in contrast, represent the products of extensional tectonics and rifting preceding the Sunsas/Aguapei orogeny (1.25 to 1.0 Ga). The two youngest rapakivi suites, the Santa Clara Intrusive Suite and Younger Granites of Rondonia, seemingly represent inboard magmatism in the Rondonian-San Ignacio Province during a younger episode of reworking in the Rio Negro-Juruena Province during the waning stages of the collisional 1.1 to 1.0 Ga Sunsas/Aguapei orogeny. The six intra-plate rapakivi granite episodes in the southwestern part of the Amazonian craton form three broad periods of anorogenic magmatism that have age-correlative events composed of similar rocks and geologic environments in eastern Laurentia and Baltica, although the exact timing of magmatism appears slightly different. Recognition of lithologic and chronological correlations between various cratons provide important constraints to models explaining the interplay between rapakivi granite magmatism and deep crustal evolution of an early Mesoproterozoic supercontinent. They are, furthermore, important to plate tectonic models for the assembly, dispersal and reassembly of Amazonia, Laurentia and Baltica in the Mesoproterozoic and Neoproterozoic.

Bettencourt, J.S.; Tosdal, R.M.; Leite, W.B., Jr.; Payolla, B.L.



Deep structure of a stretched lithosphere: Magnetotelluric imaging of the southeastern Borborema province, NE Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Magnetotelluric data were collected at 25 stations along a NNW-SSE linear profile deployed perpendicularly to the main structures in the southeastern portion of the Borborema province, northeast Brazil. The geotectonic scenario is characterized by a broad range of tectomagmatic events including periods of compressive tectonism associated with amalgamation of lithospheric blocks during the Brasiliano orogeny in the Late Neoproterozoic, superimposed by extensional events related to the continental break-up and plate drift that led to the formation of the southern Atlantic Ocean in the Early Cretaceous. Strike analysis and distortion decomposition show that most of the data are two-dimensional (2D) but sensitive to distant off-profile structures. Data fit an ENE regional geoelectric strike direction, consistent with the geological and tectonic setup. A joint 2D inversion of the TE and TM modes defined by this strike direction was undertaken and the obtained model exhibits signatures of the different tectonic events in the area. The model suggests that the SE Borborema province is electrically separated into two parts. The first, comprising the southern domain of the province (Sergipano belt and Pernambuco-Alagoas block), has a highly heterogeneous crust and an anomalously conductive upper mantle. The second, comprising the transversal domain of the province (Alto Moxotó terrain), displays crust and upper mantle predominantly homogeneous and resistive. A deep Neoproterozoic lithospheric shear zone (Pernambuco lineament) marks the limit between the two contrasting domains. Also, the region where the Jatobá basin is located in the southern domain presents a striking conductor at upper- to mid-crustal depths beneath the basin. These results correlate well with seismic refraction data that indicate thicker crust for the transversal domain than for the southern domain, with the thinnest crust coinciding with the location of the Jatobá basin. The data support the conclusion that the lithosphere of the southern domain of the Borborema province was significantly stretched in the Cretaceous during the opening of the South Atlantic Ocean, allowing refertilization of depleted upper mantle with incompatible elements from enriched deeper mantle material and reactivation of older crustal fabrics. The conductivity increase below the Jatobá basin is associated with ionic conduction in a currently reactivated fracture zone filled with high salinity fluid. Apparently, the Alto Moxotó terrain worked as a region of higher resistance to stretching, causing the crustal thinning and geoelectric effects to be concentrated to the south of the Pernambuco lineament.

Santos, Andrea C. L.; Padilha, Antonio L.; Fuck, Reinhardt A.; Pires, Augusto C. B.; Vitorello, Icaro; Pádua, Marcelo B.



Espectroscopia multi-objeto e imageamento de Abell 586 com GMOS - o estado dinâmico de um aglomerado de galáxias com arcos gravitacionais  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Nesse trabalho é apresentado um estudo do conteúdo de massa do aglomerado de galáxias A586 (z = 0.171) bem como sua distribuição espacial. Isso foi feito a partir de dados de espectroscopia multi-objeto e imageamento obtidos com o instrumento GMOS acoplado ao telescópio Gemini-Norte. A massa desse aglomerado foi estudada a partir da posição dos seus arcos gravitacionais (lentes fortes), da medida estatística da distorção na forma das galáxias de fundo (lentes fracas) e através da dispersão de velocidades de uma amostra de cerca de 30 galáxias pertencentes ao aglomerado (teorema do virial). Os dois primeiros métodos não dependem do estado dinâmico do aglomerado, enquanto que o terceiro sim. Desse modo, comparando seus resultados pode-se estimar o grau de relaxamento desse sistema. Dados de raios X presentes na literatura também serão incluídos nessa análise. Nossos resultados preliminares a partir das técnicas de lentes fracas, mostram que, supondo que a distribuição de massa desse aglomerado seja a de uma esfera isotérmica, espera-se que ele apresente uma dispersão de velocidades de 1330+/-78 km s-1, em contradicao com medidas similares feitas por Dahle et al. 2002 que encontram valores tão altos quanto 1680 km s-1. Já o estudo dinâmico resultou numa dispersão de velocidades de ~950 km s-1.

Cypriano, E. S.; Sodrã©, L., Jr.; Kneib, J.-P.; Campusano, L.



Ground-based astronomical instrument for planetary protection  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Planetary protection consists of the measurement and characterization of near-earth objects including earth threatening asteroids and earth orbiting debris. The Lockheed Martin STAR Labs in Palo Alto California is developing new astronomical instruments for use in planetary protection. The observation of asteroids is standard for astronomical facilities and there are available instruments designed with this specific science mission in mind. Orbital debris observation and characterization has a somewhat different set of requirements and includes large fields of view with simultaneous spectro-polarimetric data on multiple closely spaced objects. Orbital debris is comprised of spent rocket bodies, rocket fairing covers, paint chips, various satellite components, debris from satellite collisions and explosions and nonoperational satellites. The debris is present in all orbital planes from Low Earth orbit out to the geosynchronous graveyard orbit. We concentrate our effort on the geosynchronous and nearby orbits. This is because typical groundbased astronomical telescopes are built to track at sidereal rates and not at the 1 degree per second rates that are required to track low earth orbiting objects. The orbital debris materials include aluminum, mylar, solar cell materials, composite matrix material and other materials that are used in the fabrication of satellites and launch vehicles. These materials typically have spectral features in different wavebands than asteroids which are mostly composed of materials with molecular absorption bands such as in H2O. This will drive an orbital debris material identification instrument to wavebands and resolutions that are typically not used in asteroid observations.

Kendrick, Richard L.; Bennett, Dave; Bold, Matthew



Uso de Sustancias en Mujeres con Desventaja Social: Riesgo para el Contagio de VIH/SIDA  

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Antecedentes La caracterización epidemiológica en Chile apunta a feminización, pauperización y heterosexualización de la epidemia del VIH, lo que implica un mayor riesgo para las mujeres en desventaja social. Si a esto se suma la utilización de sustancias, la vulnerabilidad de este grupo frente al VIH/SIDA aumenta. Objetivo Describir el uso de sustancias en mujeres con desventaja social e identificar factores de riesgo de contagio de VIH, asociados a este consumo. Material y Método 52 mujeres fueron entrevistadas como parte del proyecto “Testeando una intervención en prevención de VIH/SIDA en mujeres chilenas” GRANT # RO1 TW 006977. Se describen variables sociodemográficas y de consumo de sustancias a través de estadísticas descriptivas y se analiza la relación entre variables a través de pruebas de correlación. Resultados Los resultados indican un perfil sociodemográfico que sitúa a las mujeres en situación de vulnerabilidad frente al contagio de VIH/SIDA, con alto índice de uso de sustancias que acentúa el riesgo. Conclusiones Los hallazgos apuntan a la necesidad de considerar intervenciones que se enfoquen en la prevención de VIH en mujeres, abordando los riesgos asociados al consumo de sustancias. PMID:21197380

Cianelli, R.; Ferrer, L; Bernales, M.; Miner, S.; Irarrazabal, L.; Molina, Y.



Case series of 226 ?-hydroxybutyrate-associated deaths: lethal toxicity and trauma.  


?-Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) and its prodrugs are drugs of abuse that were also sold as "dietary supplements." Users present to emergency departments with overdose, impaired driving, withdrawal, and associated trauma. We compiled a series of GHB-associated deaths to elucidate lethal risks, GHB concentrations, cointoxicants, products, uses, and medical interventions. Death records were reviewed for toxicology, autopsy findings, and history. Inclusion cutoffs were as follows: 5/10 mg/L of GHB (antemortem blood/urine) and 50/20/7 mg/L of GHB (postmortem blood/urine/vitreous). Of 226 deaths included, 213 had cardiorespiratory arrest and 13 had fatal accidents. Seventy-eight deaths (35%) had no cointoxicants. Sixteen deaths involved "supplements" and 1 involved pharmaceutical GHB (Xyrem, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Palo Alto, CA). Postmortem blood GHB was 18 to 4400 mg/L (median, 347 mg/L) in deaths negative for cointoxicants. Cardiorespiratory arrest occurred prehospital in 100% of 184 cases with available history. Of 72 cases with antemortem adverse effects reported, medical assistance was delayed or absent in 66; of these, acute GHB ingestion was known in 51, including 40 left to "sleep off" adverse effects. Thirty others were left "sleeping" and found dead. ?-Hydroxybutyrate is lethal even without cointoxicants, directly and through fatal accidents. Medical interventions were frequently delayed or absent despite known GHB ingestion, and witnessed adverse events and cardiorespiratory arrest occurred prehospital. Education is needed about the lethality of GHB and the necessity for prompt medical intervention. PMID:20825811

Zvosec, Deborah L; Smith, Stephen W; Porrata, Trinka; Strobl, A Quinn; Dyer, Jo Ellen



High resolution studies of sunspots and flux tubes  

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This contract is for a three-year research study of sunspots and magnetic flux tubes in the solar atmosphere, using tunable filter images collected with a CCD camera during observing runs at the Canary Islands observatories in Spain. The best observations are analyzed and compared with theoretical models, to study the structure and dynamics of sunspots, their connections with surrounding magnetic fields, and the properties and evolution of smaller flux tubes in plage and quiet sun. Scientific results are reported at conferences and published in the appropriate journals. The contract is being performed by the Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory, part of the Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory (LPARL) of the Research and Development Division (RDD) of Lockheed Missiles and Space Co., Inc. (LMSC). The principal investigator is Dr. Alan Title, and the research is done by him and other scientific staff at LPARL and Solar Physics Research Corporation (SPRC), often in collaboration with visiting scientists and students from other institutions. Highlights during this reporting period include completing the final version of a paper on the Evershed effect, writing a paper on magnetic diffusion, continuing work on contrast of small flux tubes, and work on the development of new models to interpret our sunspots observations.

Title, Alan



Investigation of active regions at high resolution by balloon flights of the Solar Optical Universal Polarimeter (SOUP)  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

SOUP is a versatile, visible-light solar observatory, built for space or balloon flight. It is designed to study magnetic and velocity fields in the solar atmosphere with high spatial resolution and temporal uniformity, which cannot be achieved from the surface of the earth. The SOUP investigation is carried out by the Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory, under contract to NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. Co-investigators include staff members at a dozen observatories and universities in the U.S. and Europe. The primary objectives of the SOUP experiment are: to measure vector magnetic and velocity fields in the solar atmosphere with much better spatial resolution than can be achieved from the ground; to study the physical processes that store magnetic energy in active regions and the conditions that trigger its release; and to understand how magnetic flux emerges, evolves, combines, and disappears on spatial scales of 400 to 100,000 km. SOUP is designed to study intensity, magnetic, and velocity fields in the photosphere and low chromosphere with 0.5 arcsec resolution, free of atmospheric disturbances. The instrument includes: a 30 cm Cassegrain telescope; an active mirror for image stabilization; broadband film and TV cameras; a birefringent filter, tunable over 5100 to 6600 A with 0.05 A bandpass; a 35 mm film camera and a digital CCD camera behind the filter; and a high-speed digital image processor.

Tarbell, T.; Frank, Z.; Gilbreth, C.; Shine, R.; Title, A.; Topka, K.; Wolfson, J.



Measurement of the time-dependent distribution of ionization states in an argon plasma from a Mach-10 jet  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Results from experiments designed to measure the time-dependent distribution of ionization states in an argon plasma produced by laser irradiation of a high-Mach-number gas jet are presented. The gas valve/nozzle target system was designed for nominal Mach-10 performance and produced a jet of neutral gas several centimeters long from a nozzle exit of 1.5 mm diameter. The jet was irradiated at a position having an approximate atomic density of 1 x 10(18)/cu cm by 500 J of 351-nm laser light with a pulse width of 600 ps at the NLUF's OMEGA laser facility. It was necessary to pre-ionize the gas in order to couple-in sufficient laser energy to produce a plasma. An argon plasma was then created that was dominated by charge states of Ar VIII through Ar XI. Comparison with a theoretical model which solved the time-dependent rate equations indicates that a plasma temperature of approximately 70 eV was achieved. A subsequent development effort carried out at the Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory (LPARL) to improve the gas jet target system is also described. This work indicated that by increasing the pressure in the valve by a factor of 5 increased the coupling to the laser and produced significantly larger signals and higher plasma temperatures.

Filbert, P. C.; Fisher, T. R.; Kohler, D.; Perez, J. D.; Walton, R. A.; Dahlbacka, G.