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Games are widely recognized , without exemption of race, creed and ide- ology. Its origins are traced back to Greece civilization. The Helenic idea of the game appears in the epic of Homer and Hesiod, it was conceived as the notion of Physical power, then it becomes paidea as the innocent game of children. *Este trabajo ha sido financiado por

Carmen Minerva Torres


Campo de velocidade peculiar na teoria linear  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Aglomerados e superaglomerados de galáxias são responsáveis pela chamada velocidade peculiar (movimentos relativos à expansão pura do universo) das galáxias. A amplitude destas perturbações depende da densidade de matéria do universo e do contraste de densidade no interior do volume onde está localizada a galáxia. Em 1980, Peebles introduziu o fator "f", que relaciona a amplitude das perturbações da velocidade com o campo gravitacional peculiar, no contexto da teoria linear. No presente trabalho obtemos uma solução geral analítica para o fator "f" de Peebles do campo de velocidades peculiares, em termos de funções hipergeométricas, válida para qualquer geometria do universo. Como um teste de nossa solução, os resultados encontrados originalmente por Peebles em 1980 e os resultados mais gerais encontrados por O. Lahav e colaboradores em 1991, são reobtidos.

Pires, N.



[Formula: see text]AULA virtual reality test as an attention measure: Convergent validity with Conners' Continuous Performance Test.  


The majority of neuropsychological tests used to evaluate attention processes in children lack ecological validity. The AULA Nesplora (AULA) is a continuous performance test, developed in a virtual setting, very similar to a school classroom. The aim of the present study is to analyze the convergent validity between the AULA and the Continuous Performance Test (CPT) of Conners. The AULA and CPT were administered correlatively to 57 children, aged 6-16 years (26.3% female) with average cognitive ability (IQ mean = 100.56, SD = 10.38) who had a diagnosis of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) according to DSM-IV-TR criteria. Spearman correlations analyses were conducted among the different variables. Significant correlations were observed between both tests in all the analyzed variables (omissions, commissions, reaction time, and variability of reaction time), including for those measures of the AULA based on different sensorial modalities, presentation of distractors, and task paradigms. Hence, convergent validity between both tests was confirmed. Moreover, the AULA showed differences by gender and correlation to Perceptual Reasoning and Working Memory indexes of the WISC-IV, supporting the relevance of IQ measures in the understanding of cognitive performance in ADHD. In addition, the AULA (but not Conners' CPT) was able to differentiate between ADHD children with and without pharmacological treatment for a wide range of measures related to inattention, impulsivity, processing speed, motor activity, and quality of attention focus. Additional measures and advantages of the AULA versus Conners' CPT are discussed. PMID:23638628

Díaz-Orueta, Unai; Garcia-López, Cristina; Crespo-Eguílaz, Nerea; Sánchez-Carpintero, Rocío; Climent, Gema; Narbona, Juan



The Aula Espazio and the Master of Space Science & Technology in the Universidad del País Vasco (Spain)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present the Aula Espazio, a facility dedicated to teach Space Sciences and Technology at Master and Doctorate level at the Universidad del País Vasco(Spain)and to promote development in this field in both the public and private sectors. A new University Observatory which homes a 50 cm telescope, a solar telescope and other instruments is also associated to the Aula. The most important activities of the Aula are developed within the context of the Master in Space Science and Technology offered in the Engineering School of Bilbao (Spain) which is designed to provide a link between basic research and space technology. The Master in Space Science and Technology is a one year master designed to give an overall view of the science and technology involved in space projects. It is open for graduates in Engineering and graduates in Physics. This master covers both the basic science aspects of space science and the technological development that space activities require. It is a multidisciplinary master with several University departments participating (Applied Physics, Theoretical Physics, Systems Engineering and Automatic control and Electronics and Telecommunications) and with important contributions from companies involved in space technology and Spanish public organisms in the space area. More information at: Acknowledgements: The Aula Espazio is funded by the Diputación Foral de Bizkaia/Bizkaiko Foru Aldundia, the Escuela Ténica Superior de Ingeniería de Bilbao and the Universidad del País Vasco.

Sanchez-Lavega, A.; Pérez-Hoyos, S.; Hueso, R.; Del Río-Gaztelurrutia, T.; Oleaga, A.



76 FR 6153 - Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed Campo Regional Landfill Project on...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Statement for the Proposed Campo Regional Landfill Project on the Campo Indian Reservation...allow for the proposed Campo Regional Landfill Project (Proposed Action) to be located...California, to develop the Campo Regional Landfill Project (Proposed Action). There...



Teaching Space and Planetary Sciences: The Aula Espazio and the Master in Space Science, Technology and Observations at Universidad del País Vasco (Spain)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present the Aula Espazio, a facility dedicated to teach Space Sciences at Master and Doctorate level at the Universidad del País Vasco (Spain) and to promote development in this field in both the public and private sectors. A new University Observatory which homes a 50 cm telescope, a solar telescope and other instruments is associated to the Aula. We present here the teaching and outreach activities to be organized regarding Planetary Sciences. The most important ones are developed within the context of the Master in Space Science, Technology and Observations offered in the Engineering School in Bilbao (Spain) which is designed to provide a link between basic research and space technology. Detailed information about the aula can be found at: Acknowledgements: This facility is funded by the local government: Diputación Foral de Bizkaia, the Escuela Ténica Superior de Ingeniería de Bilbao and The Universidad del País Vasco.

Sanchez-Lavega, Agustin; Hueso, R.; Pérez-Hoyos, S.; del Rio, T.; Oleaga, A.




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Existe evidencia suficiente para declarar a la tuberculosis como enfermedad ocupacional en diversos profesionales especialmente entre los trabajadores de salud. En el Perú están normados y reglamentados los derechos laborales inherentes a la tuberculosis como enfermedad ocupacional, como la cobertura por discapacidad temporal o permanente. Sin embargo, estos derechos aún no han sido suficientemente socializados. En este trabajo se presenta información sobre el riesgo de adquirir tuberculosis en el lugar de trabajo, se revisan las evidencias para declarar a la tuberculosis como enfermedad ocupacional en trabajadores de salud y se presenta la legislación peruana vigente al respecto.

Mendoza-Ticona, Alberto



75 FR 8986 - Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed Campo Regional Landfill...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Statement for the Proposed Campo Regional Landfill Project on the Campo Indian Reservation...sublease for the proposed Campo Regional Landfill Project (proposed action) on the Campo...disposal facility would consist of a landfill waste disposal area, a well field...



Using the Spanish Online Resource "Aula Virtual de Espanol" (AVE) to Promote a Blended Teaching Approach in High School Spanish Language Classrooms  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The study explores the effectiveness of the implementation of blended teaching (BT) by combining the Spanish online resource "Aula Virtual de Espanol" (AVE) with the face-to-face (F2F) delivery approach in second language Spanish programs in two high schools in Alberta, Canada. Findings demonstrate the effectiveness of combining the online…

Pellerin, Martine; Montes, Carlos Soler



"Ask Argonne" - Edwin Campos, Research Meteorologist, Part 2  


Argonne's Edwin Campos has for the last two decades studied weather, and in particular, clouds. His research can help make solar power a more viable option for the U.S. and the world. In this video, Dr. Campos answers questions that were submitted by the public in response to his introductory video: We will be posting a new "Ask Argonne" video every other month, on various topics. Keep an eye out for your next opportunity to submit a question and see if it gets answered - and if you get a shout-out on camera.


"Ask Argonne" - Edwin Campos, Research Meteorologist, Part 2  

SciTech Connect

Argonne's Edwin Campos has for the last two decades studied weather, and in particular, clouds. His research can help make solar power a more viable option for the U.S. and the world. In this video, Dr. Campos answers questions that were submitted by the public in response to his introductory video: We will be posting a new "Ask Argonne" video every other month, on various topics. Keep an eye out for your next opportunity to submit a question and see if it gets answered - and if you get a shout-out on camera.

Edwin Campos



"Ask Argonne" - Edwin Campos, Research Meteorologist, Part 2  


Argonne's Edwin Campos has for the last two decades studied weather, and in particular, clouds. His research can help make solar power a more viable option for the U.S. and the world. In this video, Dr. Campos answers questions that were submitted by the public in response to his introductory video: We will be posting a new "Ask Argonne" video every other month, on various topics. Keep an eye out for your next opportunity to submit a question and see if it gets answered - and if you get a shout-out on camera.

Edwin Campos



Cosmogenic Radionuclides in the Campo Del Cielo Iron Meteorite  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Cosmogenic Be-10, Al-26, Cl-36, Ca-41, and Ni-59 were measured in the Campo del Cielo iron meteorite. Our results led us to conclude that the pre-atmospheric radius might have been approximately 2 m. Comparisons with other big bodies are also presented. Additional information is contained in the original extended abstract.

Liberman, R. G.; FernandezNiello, J. O.; Reedy, R. C.; Fifield, L. K.; diTada, M. L.



Consideraciones para el desarrollo de la creatividad y la enseñanza problémica en el aula  

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La “Metodología para estimular y desarrollar la creatividad técnica a través de la enseñanza del dibujo básico” ofrece un material docente contentivo con un conjunto de orientaciones e indicaciones que contribuya a estimular la creatividad técnica en la solución de problemas técnicos para los estudiantes que cursan carreras técnicas y como vía para la capacitación de los docentes. La misma

Angel Carvajal Castillo; María Elena Sierra Sandoval




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RESUMO ñ O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar a produtividade de fitomassa da parte aØrea e o acœmulo de N, P e K nas leguminosas arbÛreas em sistemas agroflorestais de alØias, bem como verificar o efeito da adiÁªo de fÛsforo sobre as leguminosas. Foram realizados experimentos de campo com a utilizaÁªo de leguminosas, com e sem adiÁªo de P, por

Luciano Rodrigues Queiroz; Cunha Coelho; Deborah Guerra Barroso; Aparecida Vieira



[Life and work at the petroleum industry in Campos Basin].  


In this paper we detach the subject of confinement as a central axle in the activity at maritime oil platforms of Campos Basin, in north region of the Rio de Janeiro state. This work reality that determines for offshore workers, as they are known, a rupture between two different moments in there lives: the period of fourteen days in the sea and the life in land per twenty one days. We adopt as material empiricist, the research carried out on this universe, detaching here the way as these professionals understand the conditions of confined work in which they are submitted. PMID:20069186

Leite, Rose Mery dos Santos Costa



The Campo Imperatore Near Earth Object Survey (CINEOS)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Campo Imperatore Near Earth Object Survey (CINEOS) is an Italian survey dedicated to the search and follow-up of Near Earth Objects (NEOs). It is operated with the 90 cm f/3 Schmidt telescope at the Campo Imperatore of the Rome Astronomical Observatory (INAF-OAR) as a joint project with the Istituto di Astrofisica Spaziale and Fisica Cosmica (INAF-IASF) in Rome. Since the end of 2001 CINEOS has covered about 4,250 sq. deg to 20th magnitude in the course of about 160 nights. This effort led to the discovery of 7 Near Earth Asteroids (NEAs), 1 comet (167P/CINEOS; a member of the Centaur group) and a few other unusual objects including 2004 XH50 with a unique comet-like orbit. CINEOS has also contributed almost 2,200 preliminary designations and over 30,000 detections to the Minor Planet Center. About 20% of the survey effort was carried out at low solar elongations (LSE), although no object with an orbit interior (Inner Earth Objects, IEO class) or nearly interior to the Earth (Aten class) was found. The work at LSE was, however, very important to test survey strategies implemented with larger telescopes. We also provide the results of a CINEOS simulation on a reliable NEO population model based on the results of two larger scale surveys, Spacewatch and LINEAR.

Boattini, Andrea; D'Abramo, Germano; Valsecchi, Giovanni B.; Carusi, Andrea; di Paola, Andrea; Bernardi, Fabrizio; Jedicke, Robert; Harris, Alan W.; Dotto, Elisabetta; de Luise, Fiore; Perna, Davide; Leoni, Riccardo



La posesión como hecho punible  

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Este trabajo estudia el delito de posesión, el cual se extiende semánticamente hasta términos como custodia, mantener disponible, almacenar, etc., y como conminada con la pena se halla la posesión de explosivos, de armas de fuego, de drogas, de pornografía infantil, etc. En este mismo trabajo se analizan, bajo la óptica del Código Penal alemán, cómo las acciones graves o

Friedrich Christian Schroeder



Microsoft Academic Search

En la actualidad debemos considerar imprescindible, como premisa fundamental, la defensa de la persona ante las posibles arbitrariedades de los órganos de poder, así como otras que a menudo vulneran derechos que atañen al ciudadano. Quizás algunos crean que se trata de una quimera inalcanzable, otros, por el contrario, confían que puede ser posible. Sin embargo, considero que mientras los

Liechert García Rojas



Estagio atual de conhecimento da geoquimica organica das bacias de Campos e Espirito Santo. (Actual stage of organic geochemical knowledge from Campos and Espirito Santo basins, Brazil).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Campos and Espirito Santo basins display several similar geochemical aspects. The microbial and other degradation processes caused changes in the composition of the oils in the reservoir rocks. The oils are biodegraded in different degrees, with the reser...

P. C. Gaglianone L. A. F. Trindade



Late Quaternary vegetation, climate and fire history of the Araucaria forest and campos region from Serra Campos Gerais, ParanáState (South Brazil)  

Microsoft Academic Search

New palynological and charcoal data from a bog (24°40?S, 50°13?W, 1200 m asl) of Serra Campos Gerais, northeastern ParanáState, allow a complete and detailed reconstruction of the late Quaternary vegetation and climate history of the South Brazilian highlands. The late-glacial period, which starts at 12,50014C yr BP, indicates the predominance of a diverse grassland vegetation (campos) with scattered stands of

Hermann Behling




Microsoft Academic Search

This work aims to present the green areas map and preliminaries results of the socioeconomic diagnosis and of environmental perception accomplished in Campos Gerais city, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The planning and the research of green areas and the application of socioeconomic and environmental questionnaire are of highest importance for the city's maintainable development. Campos Gerais is not so much geographically

Rafael Vilela Pereira; Marta Felícia Marujo Ferreira


"Ask Argonne" - Edwin Campos, Research Meteorologist, Part 1  


Dr. Edwin Campos is a Research Meteorologist at Argonne National Laboratory. For the last two decades, he has studied weather, and in particular, clouds. Clouds are one of the most uncertain variables in climate predictions and are often related to transportation hazards. Clouds can also impact world-class sporting events like the Olympics. You may have questions about the role of clouds, or weather, on our daily lives. How is severe weather monitored for airports? What is the impact of clouds and wind on the generation of electricity? One of the projects Edwin is working on is short-term forecasting as it relates to solar electricity. For this, Edwin's team is partnering with industry and academia to study new ways of forecasting clouds, delivering technologies that will allow the incorporation of more solar power into the electric grid. Post a question for Edwin as a comment below, and it might get answered in the follow-up video we'll post in the next few weeks.


"Ask Argonne" - Edwin Campos, Research Meteorologist, Part 1  

SciTech Connect

Dr. Edwin Campos is a Research Meteorologist at Argonne National Laboratory. For the last two decades, he has studied weather, and in particular, clouds. Clouds are one of the most uncertain variables in climate predictions and are often related to transportation hazards. Clouds can also impact world-class sporting events like the Olympics. You may have questions about the role of clouds, or weather, on our daily lives. How is severe weather monitored for airports? What is the impact of clouds and wind on the generation of electricity? One of the projects Edwin is working on is short-term forecasting as it relates to solar electricity. For this, Edwin's team is partnering with industry and academia to study new ways of forecasting clouds, delivering technologies that will allow the incorporation of more solar power into the electric grid. Post a question for Edwin as a comment below, and it might get answered in the follow-up video we'll post in the next few weeks.

Edwin Campos



Subsidence history and tectonic evolution of Campos basin, offshore Brazil  

SciTech Connect

The tectonic component of subsidence in the Campos basin reflects different stages of crustal reequilibration subsequent to the stretching that preceded the breakup of Pangea. Concomitant with rifting in the South Atlantic, Neocomian lacustrine rocks, with associated widespread mafic volcanism, were deposited on a vary rapidly subsiding crust. The proto-oceanic stage (Aptian) is marked by a sequence of evaporitic rocks whose originally greater sedimentary thickness is indicated by residual evaporitic layers with abundant salt flow features. An open marine environment begins with thick Albian/Cenomanian limestones that grade upward and basinward into shales. This section, with halokinetic features and listric detached faulting sloping out on salt, is characterized by an increased sedimentation rate. The marine Upper Cretaceous to Recent clastic section, associated with the more quiescent phase of thermal subsidence, is characterized by drastic changes in sedimentation rate. Stratigraphic modeling of the sedimentary facies suggests a flexurally controlled loading mechanism (regional compensation) with a temporally and spatially variable rigidity. Locally, the subsidence in the rift-phase fault-bounded blocks shows no correspondence with the overall thermal subsidence, implying that the crust was not effectively thinned by simple, vertically balanced stretching. Deep reflection seismic sections show a general correspondence between sedimentary isopachs and Moho topography, which broadly compensates for the observed subsidence. However, even the Moho is locally affected by crustal-scale master faults that apparently are also controlling the movement mechanisms during the rift-phase faulting.

Mohriak, W.U.; Karner, G.D.; Dewey, J.F.



"Ask Argonne" - Edwin Campos, Research Meteorologist, Part 1  


Dr. Edwin Campos is a Research Meteorologist at Argonne National Laboratory. For the last two decades, he has studied weather, and in particular, clouds. Clouds are one of the most uncertain variables in climate predictions and are often related to transportation hazards. Clouds can also impact world-class sporting events like the Olympics. You may have questions about the role of clouds, or weather, on our daily lives. How is severe weather monitored for airports? What is the impact of clouds and wind on the generation of electricity? One of the projects Edwin is working on is short-term forecasting as it relates to solar electricity. For this, Edwin's team is partnering with industry and academia to study new ways of forecasting clouds, delivering technologies that will allow the incorporation of more solar power into the electric grid. Post a question for Edwin as a comment below, and it might get answered in the follow-up video we'll post in the next few weeks.

Edwin Campos



78 FR 34373 - Campo Verde Solar, LLC; Supplemental Notice That Initial Market-Based Rate Filing Includes...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Regulatory Commission [Docket No. ER13-1541-000] Campo Verde Solar, LLC; Supplemental Notice That Initial Market- Based...supplemental notice in the above-referenced proceeding of Campo Verde Solar, LLC's application for market-based rate...



Energy and Mass Balance At Gran Campo Nevado, Patagonia, Chile  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Gran Campo Nevado (GCN) Ice Cap on Peninsula Muñoz Gamero, Chile, is lo- cated in the southernmost part of the Patagonian Andes at 53S. It comprises an ice cap and numerous outlet glaciers which mostly end in proglacial lakes at sea level. The total ice covered area sums up to approximately 250 km2. GCN forms the only major ice body between the Southern Patagonian Icefield and the Street of Magallan. Its almost unique location in the zone of the all-year westerlies makes it a region of key interest in terms of glacier and climate change studies of the westwind zone of the Southern Hemisphere. Mean annual temperature of approximately +5C at sea level and high precipitation of about 8.000 mm per year lead to an extreme turn-over of ice mass from the accumulation area of the GCN Ice Cap to the ablation areas of the outlet glaciers. Since October 1999 an automated weather station (AWS) is run continuously in the area at Bahia Bahamondes for monitoring climate parameters. From February to April 2000 an additional AWS was operated on Glaciar Lengua a small outlet glacier of GCN to the north-west. Ablation has been measured at stakes during the same pe- riod. The aim of this study, was to obtain point energy and mass balance on Glaciar Lengua. The work was conducted as part of the international and interdisciplinary working group SGran Campo NevadoT and supported by the German Research Foun- & cedil;dation (DFG). Energy balance was calculated using the bulk approach formulas and calibrated to the measured ablation. It turns out, that sensible heat transfer is the major contribution to the energy balance. Since high cloud cover rates prevail, air tempera- ture is the key factor for the energy balance of the glacier. Despite high rain fall rates, energy input from rain fall is of only minor importance to the overall energy balance. From the energy balance computed, it was possible to derive summer-time degree-day factors for Glaciar Lengua. With data from the nearby AWS at Bahia Bahamondes we computed summer ablation for the summer seasons of 1999/2000 and 2000/2001. Ablation at 45o m a.s.l. sums up to about 7 m in 1999/2000 and to 5.5 m in 2000/2001. This is in excellent accordance (+/-2%) with measurements at ablation stakes that have been drilled into the glacier on its ablation area. Surface velocity measured from the displacement of the ablation stakes is estimated to 62 m per year. A RADAR survey with ice penetrating RADAR conducted on the ablation area of Glaciar Lengua during the austral summer 2000/2001 reveals glacier depths between 120 m and 200 m ap- 1 proximately. The data sampled will allow to set up a model for mass flow and ablation at a cross-section of Glaciar Lengua at 450 m a.s.l. Glaciar Lengua has no accumu- lation area itself but obtains all of its ice mass through icefall from the heights of the GCN Ice Cap. Therefore, this model will be of fundamental importance to understand the glacial regime of the entire ice cap. 2

Schneider, C.; Kilian, R.; Casassa, G.


Como Lo Hago Yo: Myelomeningocele  

PubMed Central

Fortificación con ádico fólico es efectiva, pero aún falta conciencia en los jóvenes. La legalidad del aborto aumenta la importancia de la consulta prenatal. Realizo la cirugía bajo microcoscopio por razones didácticas. Irrigación continua para reducir la temperatura del tejido. Trato a la plaqueta como tejido viable. No suturo la plaqueta. No cierro músculo. ATB por una semana después de cirugía. Hidrocefalia: Válvula en todos los casos de ventriculomegalia. Médula anclada: Desanclar una sola vez. Chiari II: Revisar la válvula. Incluir en el seguimiento rendimiento escolar, puede indicar obstrucción de la válvula o médula anclada.

Lazareff, Jorge



High-sensitivity Raman scattering substrate based on Au/La(0.7)Sr(0.3)MnO(3) periodic arrays.  


We have developed Au/La(0.7)Sr(0.3)MnO(3) (Au/LSMO) periodic arrays with tunable surface plasmon properties that can be used as novel surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) substrates. The periodic arrays are created by electron beam lithography of LSMO resist and metal film deposition. The LSMO electron beam resist is unique in that it exhibits either positive or negative resist behaviors depending on the electron beam dosage. Interestingly, surface plasmon behavior of the arrays can be controlled by just changing the electron beam dosage when presented with a fixed design pattern. Scanning confocal microscopy and spectral microreflectometry have been adapted to directly demonstrate this unique behavior. Furthermore, we show that our novel Au/LSMO array can be used as a high-sensitivity Raman scattering substrate. To illustrate this working principle, the Au/LSMO periodic array is applied to enhance the Raman scattering of a thin film containing 0.1 wt % poly-3-hexylthiophene (P3HT) in poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA). By controlling the geometry of the patterned substrate that exhibits gold surface plasmon near the excitation wavelength, we can enhance the intensity of Raman scattering of P3HT at 1350 cm(-1) up to 4 orders of magnitude as compared with previously generated planar Au substrates. PMID:20356118

Wu, Ming-Chung; Chou, Yi; Chuang, Chih-Min; Hsu, Che-Pu; Lin, Jhih-Fong; Chen, Yang-Fang; Su, Wei-Fang



Glacial changes and glacier mass balance at Gran Campo Nevado, Chile during recent decades  

Microsoft Academic Search

Within the framework of the program Global Land Ice Measurements from Space (GLIMS) a glacier inventory of the Peninsula Muñoz Gamero in the southernmost Andes of Chile (53°S) has been generated using aerial photopgrahy and Landsat Thematic Mapper imagery. The Peninsula is partly covered by the ice cap of the Gran Campo Nevado (GCN), including several outlet glaciers plus some

C. Schneider; M. Schnirch; R. Kilian; C. Acuña; G. Casassa



Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Meteorological and Air Pollution Data in the ‘Campo De Gibraltar’ Region, Spain  

Microsoft Academic Search

A complete statistical analysis of meteorological and air pollution data was carried out in the ‘Campo de Gibraltar’ region (in the South of Spain) from 1999 to 2002. This is a heavy industrialized area where, up to date, very few air pollution studies have been made. The main objectives of the study presented here have been the characterization of the

Francisco Javier González Gallero; Manuel Galán Vallejo; Arturo Umbría; Juan Gervilla Baena



Hydrology, morphology and sedimentology of the Campos continental margin, offshore Brazil  

Microsoft Academic Search

Slope sand deposits have accumulated from at least the Neogene to the Present on the southeastern Brazilian continental margin (Campos Basin area). This region shows sand accumulations concentrated on the upper portion and on the base of the continental slope with a middle to lower slope bypass zone. A synthesis of preliminary results, supported by recent cores, high-resolution geophysical surveys,

A. R. Viana; J. C. Faugeres; R. O. Kowsmann; J. A. M. Lima; L. F. G. Caddah; J. G. Rizzo



Teaching Planetary Sciences at the Universidad del País Vasco in Spain: The Aula Espazio Gela and its Master in Space Science and Technology  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Planetary science is a highly multidisciplinary field traditionally associated to Astronomy, Physics or Earth Sciences Departments. Spanish universities do not generally offer planetary sciences courses but some departments give courses associated to studies on Astronomy or Geology. We show a different perspective obtained at the Engeneering School at the Universidad del País Vasco in Bilbao, Spain, which offers a Master in Space Science and Technology to graduates in Engineering or Physics. Here we detail the experience acquired in two years of this master which offers several planetary science courses: Solar System Physics, Astronomy, Planetary Atmospheres & Space Weather together with more technical courses. The university also owns an urban observatory in the Engineering School which is used for practical exercises and student projects. The planetary science courses have also resulted in motivating part of the students to do their master thesis in scientific subjects in planetary sciences. Since the students have very different backgrounds their master theses have been quite different: From writing open software tools to detect bolides in video observations of Jupiter atmosphere to the photometric calibration and scientific use or their own Jupiter and Saturn images or the study of atmospheric motions of the Venus' South Polar Vortex using data from the Venus Express spacecraft. As a result of this interaction with the students some of them have been engaged to initiate Ph.D.s in planetary sciences enlarging a relative small field in Spain. Acknowledgements: The Master in Space Science and Technology is offered by the Aula Espazio Gela at the Universidad del País Vasco Engineer School in Bilbao, Spain and is funded by Diputación Foral de Bizkaia.

Hueso, R.; Sanchez-Lavega, A.; Pérez-Hoyos, S.



Preliminary statistical studies concerning the Campos RJ sugar cane area, using LANDSAT imagery and aerial photographs  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The two phase sampling technique was applied to estimate the area cultivated with sugar cane in an approximately 984 sq km pilot region of Campos. Correlation between existing aerial photography and LANDSAT data was used. The two phase sampling technique corresponded to 99.6% of the results obtained by aerial photography, taken as ground truth. This estimate has a standard deviation of 225 ha, which constitutes a coefficient of variation of 0.6%.

Parada, N. D. J. (principal investigator); Costa, S. R. X.; Paiao, L. B. F.; Mendonca, F. J.; Shimabukuro, Y. E.; Duarte, V.



Chimpanzees' choices of prey between two sympatric species of Macrotermes in the Campo Animal Reserve, Cameroon  

Microsoft Academic Search

Details are presented relating to chimpanzees' choices between two sympatric species of termites,Macrotermes lillijeborgi andM. vitrialatus, as food in the Campo Animal Reserve, southwest Cameroon, West Africa. An attempt was made to determine the various factors\\u000a that affected such choices. The two species of termites seemed to have almost the same value in terms of ecological factors.\\u000a However, chimpanzees fed

Y. Muroyama



Infrared inspection applied to offshore platforms: Petrobras experience at Campos Basin  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Bacia de Campos (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil) is one of the biggest offshore petroleum fields in the world today. In June 2001, Bacia de Campos, having more than 490 oil wells, 34 offshore platforms and 7 modified ships in operation, reached 1,3 million barrels/day. If compared to OPEP countries only nine of them got an average production higher than 1 million barrels/day in 2000, which means it can be placed on the 10th position in the rank of oil producers. In this context this work aims not only to show the results achieved within the introduction of thermographic inspections in offshore oil production (platforms and ships), but also the financial results (ROI - Return of Investment) considering the use of this particular technique. Bacia de Campos got a ROI around 7 million dollars in the last 4 years, which means a hundred times higher than the total cost of thermographic services in the same period. As far as we know this is one of the best results already reported in the world. We also present the methodology applied to analyze thermal anomalies in electrical components and data management software, including advanced Digital Reports sent via Internet.

Verdini, Edson A.; Veratti, Attilio B.




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Resumo: A preocupação com questões ambientais tem crescido nos últimos anos motivada, principalmente, pela busca da sociedade por conhecimentos que apontem amenização e soluções de problemas tanto em áreas urbanas como rurais. Diante desta preocupação e utilizando como base teórico-metodológica a Geomorfologia Ambiental, este trabalho apresenta um estudo geoambiental do curso médio da bacia hidrográfica do rio Verde, localizado no

Maristela Moresco Mezzomo; Andreia Quintão Soares


Petroleum geology of Campos Basin, Brazil: A successful case history of deep water exploration  

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Campos Basin, the most prolific Brazilian basin, produces almost 400,000 bbl of oil per day and contains 70% of the national reserves. The basin is located on the southeastern coast of Brazil, covering a prospectable area of 100,000 km{sup 2} Campos is a passive continental margin basin originated by the breakup of Pangea and the rifting of the South American and African plates in the Early Cretaceous. The basin's sedimentary section encompasses three megasequences: nonmarine, transitional, and marine, ranging in age from Neocomian to Holocene. Hydrocarbon generation is related to nonmarine organic-rich shales and marls, and hydrocarbon entrapment assumes ascendent migration along fault planes and through salt gaps toward reservoirs ranging in age from Neocomian to Tertiary (mainly turbiditic sandstones). The first onshore stratigraphic well was drilled based on gravity surveys in 1958. The acquisition of new geophysical data, mainly seismic reflection data, followed after 1968. The first offshore well was drilled in 1971, and in 1974, the first oil field, Garopua, was discovered. Giant hydrocarbon accumulations have been discovered in water depths ranging from 400 to 1,800 m since 1984. As of mid-1989, 35 offshore oil fields have been discovered, 760 million bbl of oil, and 490 bcf of gas have been produced. The basin oil and equivalent gas reserves are estimated in 6.0 billion bbl, 60% of which is located in the deep-water giant oil fields.

Franke, M.R.; Lugon, H.A.F.; Beraldo, W.L. (Petrobras, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil))



Petroleum exploration plays of the onshore Douala/Kribi Campo of Cameroon, West Africa  

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Generally, rifting and drifting phases characterize the Douala/Kribi Campo Formation. The rifting phase resulted from a progressive northward plate tectonic evolution, which extended from Late Jurassic to Neocomian-Turonian time, involving both an extensional process and strike-slip movements along fracture zones. The drifting phase was established during the Albian period, with the first marine incursion in the basin. During this phase, sedimentation was controlled by such factors as sea level variations, drainage systems and climate. Consequently, the onshore sector of the Douala/Kribi-Campo Basin can be subdivided into two major areas with different petroleum exploration plays. The southern area in which the rifting phase has thick Albo-Aptian sediments of terrigenous and clastics nature. These were deposited in coalescing fan deltas, locations of which were controlled by collapsed and tilted blocks. Trangressive deposits of the drifting phase overlie the erosional surface. In the northern area, the rifting phase consists of a system of horsts and grabens of Aptian time. The drifting phase consists of shelf sandstones and Upper Cretaceous turbiditic deposits.

Seme Abomo, R. [Societe Nationale des Hydrocarbures (Cameroon)



Homogeneous interface-type resistance switching in Au/La0.67Ca0.33MnO3/SrTiO3/F:SnO2 heterojunction memories  

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La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 thin films are fabricated on fluorine-doped tin oxide conducting glass substrates by a pulsed laser deposition technique with SrTiO3 used as a buffer layer. The current-voltage characteristics of the heterojunctions exhibit an asymmetric and resistance switching behaviour. A homogeneous interface-type conduction mechanism is also reported using impedance spectroscopy. The spatial homogeneity of the charge carrier distribution leads to field-induced potential-barrier change at the Au-La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 interface and a concomitant resistance switching effect. The ratio of the high resistance state to the low resistance state is found to be as high as 1.3 × 104% by simulating the AC electric field. This colossal resistance switching effect will greatly improve the signal-to-noise ratio in nonvolatile memory applications.

Zhang, Ting; Ding, Ling-Hong; Zhang, Wei-Feng




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El hombre es un ser potencialmente creativo, pues la creatividad se desarrolla a lo largo de toda nuestra vida, haciéndose necesario e importante que los docentes puedan potenciarla desde las primeras edades, correspondiendo a la escuela y a la educación, influir en la expresión creativa de nuestros educandos en la actividad cognoscitiva y para la vida. La creatividad como proceso

Yaina Martínez Viel; Dariela Pérez Obregón



[Water fluoridation analysis of Campo Grande (MS) urban zone public supply].  


The objective of this study was to analyze the fluoride concentration on the water that flows of the tap in the urban area of the city of Campo Grande (MS). For the fluoride concentration analysis, it was collected water samples of 21 schools placed in the 7 sub districts of the city, in 3 different opportunities, was made by the specific electrode method (using an Orion 9609 BN combined fluoride measuring electrode, coupled with an Orion EA-940 digital potentiometer). The results showed that 63.5% of the water samples presented acceptable fluoride levels (between 0.60 and 0.80 ppm) and 36.5%, unacceptable levels. In relation to the condition of the collect places, 76.2% were considered appropriate and 23.8% were inappropriate. PMID:19721966

Bellé, Bruno Luiz Lessa; de Lacerda, Valéria Rodrigues; De Carli, Alessandro Diogo; Azfalon, Edílson José; Pereira, Paulo Zárate



Life cycle of Glyphepomis spinosa Campos & Grazia (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae): a new pest of rice in Brazil.  


Nymph and adult biology of Glyphepomis spinosa Campos & Grazia (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) was studied on rice plants under laboratory and greenhouse conditions. The full life cycle of G. spinosa lasted 50.1 day. Nymph development ranged from 2.7 days for the first instar up to 11.9 days for the fifth instar. The egg stage showed the highest per capita rate of mortality (0.16). Nearly 13% of all eggs were laid on the same day. The sex ratio was 0.5. The average hatching rate was 58.0%. Pre-oviposition, oviposition, and post-oviposition periods took 12.9, 34.4, and 6.2 days, respectively. PMID:23949667

Alves, T M; Barrigossi, J A F; Quintela, E D



Identification and seasonal variation of atmospheric organic pollutants in Campos dos Goytacazes, Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Organic aerosol samples collected during a 1 year study at three sites in the city of Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, were examined by gas chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Samples were acquired using a standard high-volume air sampler (Hi-Vol); extracts prepared and fractionated into aliphatic, aromatic and polar compounds. These compounds were quantified and their seasonal ambient concentration patterns discussed. High winter and low summer concentrations were observed for retene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and total suspended particulate matter (TSP), with a seasonal (winter) peak for all compounds studied. The higher concentrations observable from May to September may result from crop burning processes, which occur in the sugarcane plantations, mainly during this part of the year. The studied sites may be considered unpolluted as concentrations of benzo[a]pyrene and benzene were lower than the regulation lower limits. On the other hand, two sites were considered polluted by TSP determination.

de Almeida Azevedo, Débora; dos Santos, Celeste Yara Moreira; de Aquino Neto, Francisco Radler


Ostracodes from the Aptian-Santonian of the Santos, Campos and Espírito Santo basins, Brazil  

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The Lower and Upper Cretaceous deposits from the Brazilian marginal basins present a rich and diversified fauna of ostracodes in continental, marine and mixohaline paleoenvironments. While the Cretaceous ostracodes from the northeastern region have already been the subject of many taxonomic and biostratigraphical studies, data from the southeastern basins are still scarce and restricted to the record of a few species. The present study represents a comprehensive contribution to the systematic knowledge of the Aptian-Santonian ostracodes from the Brazilian southeastern marginal basins. A total of 1045 cutting samples were analyzed from 10 wells drilled offshore in Santos, Campos and Espírito Santo basins. Thirty-eight ostracode taxa were recorded from different depositional environments, including the following six new species: Amphicytherura fragilis sp. nov., Brachycythere multidifferentis sp. nov., Fossocytheridea ballentae sp. nov., Fossocytheridea elegans sp. nov., Nigeroloxoconcha itanhaensis sp. nov. and Paracypris eniotmetos sp. nov.

Piovesan, Enelise Katia; Nicolaidis, Demétrio Dias; Fauth, Gerson; Viviers, Marta Claudia



Radiogenic Xenon-129 in Silicate Inclusions in the Campo Del Cielo Iron Meteorite  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Iron meteorites present a challenge for the I-Xe dating technique because it is usually the inclusions, not metal, that contain radiogenic xenon and iodine. Silicate inclusions are frequent in only types IAB and IIE, and earlier studies of irons have demonstrated that I-Xe system can survive intact in these inclusions preserving valuable age information. Our previous studies of the I-Xe record in pyroxene grains from Toluca iron suggested an intriguing relationship between apparent I-Xe ages and (Mg+Fe)/Fe ratios. The I-Xe system in K-feldspar inclusions from Colomera (IIE) had the fingerprint of slow cooling, with an indicated cooling rate of 2-4 C/Ma. Here we present studies of the iodine-xenon system in a silicate-graphite-metal (SiGrMet) inclusion of the IA Campo del Cielo iron meteorite from the collection of the Museum of Natural History in Vienna.

Meshik, A.; Kurat, G.; Pravdivtseva, O.; Hohenberg, C. M.



78 FR 2423 - Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the Proposed Shu'luuk Wind Project on the Campo...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Statement (DEIS) for the Proposed Shu'luuk Wind Project on the Campo Indian Reservation...Agency (EPA) for the Proposed Shu'luuk Wind Project in San Diego County, California...and operation of the proposed Shu'luuk Wind Project. Subsequent to the approval...



Carbon and Oxygen Stable Isotope Data as Paleoenvironmental Indicators for Limestones from the Campos, Santos and Espirito Santo Basins, Brazil.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Carbon and oxygen isotope data of limestones from Campos, Santos and Espirito Santo basins provided additional information on the sedimentation environments of these carbonates. The predominance of gamma sup 13 C values between + 1.0 per mille and - 10 pe...

T. Takaki R. Rodrigues




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L'approccio comunemente utilizzato per il calcolo teorico del campo di deformazione indotto da una sorgente sismica in un mezzo elastico è basato sull'equivalenza fra una dislocazione di taglio elementare e una doppia coppia di forze puntiformi. Il campo prodotto da una sorgente di dimensioni finite viene poi ottenuto tramite sovrapposizione lineare dei campi generati da una distribuzione di doppie coppie

S. Tinti; A. Armigliato; A. Manucci


Las técnicas GPS como herramienta en la gestión ambiental  

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RESUMEN El presente artículo describe el sistema GPS y sus aplicaciones de manera general y con relación a la gestión ambiental, Se hace referencia a estudios re- lativos a múltiples aplicaciones, estudios que ya se han realizado con un nota- ble éxito. De este artículo se desprende que el sistema GPS es totalmente via- ble en el campo y en

Roberto Rodríguez-Solano Suárez; Santiago Mancebo Quintana


EXAFS Study of Co/Mo Multilayers.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The reduction of the measured moment in magnetic multilayers relative to the bulk value is a poorly understood phenomenon. This lack of understanding is clearly illustrated by two studies on Co/Mo where the reduced moment is attributed to two very different mechanisms. Sato reports a ``dead layer'', i.e., Co atoms near the Mo layers have no moment or a reduced moment(Noboru Sato, J. Appl. Phys. 63), 3476 (1988), while Wang, et al. report the presence of a non-magnetic compound--Co_7Mo_6.(Y. Wang, et al., J. Mag. Mag. Mater 102), 121 (1991). These studies report different saturation magnetizations for thicker Co layers; however, they agree that crystalline order vanishes as both layer thicknesses decrease and that magnetism decreases greatly for thinner Co layers. We have done structural and magnetic studies(C.L. Foiles, et al., MRS Symposium Proc. 384) (in press) on dc magnetron sputtered Co/Mo multilayers and find that the most striking feature is how the saturation magnetization scales with the apparent coordination number using EXAFS data with a Co standard. Data from the various studies will be compared.

Franklin, M. R.; Foiles, C. L.; Loloee, R.



Comparison of four meteorite penetration funnels in the Campo del Cielo crater field, Argentina  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

More craters may be discovered in the future, but as it is currently known, the Campo del Cielo crater field is 18 km long by 4 km at its widest point. Such a distribution of craters suggests that the parent meteoroid entered and traversed the atmosphere at a very low angle relative to horizontal. The crater field contains at least 20 small craters produced by the larger fragments of the parent meteoroid. Four of these are explosion analog craters and the rest are penetration funnels. During four field seasons, we have constructed topographic and magnetic maps of four of the penetration funnels as found, and then dug trenches across them to learn their original structures and recover meteorites preserved within them. Structures of these penetration funnels indicate very low angles of impact, i.e., 9-16° relative to horizontal. This supports the idea that the parent meteoroid traversed the atmosphere at a low angle. Data given here for the four penetration funnels include projectile masses, lengths, widths, depths, and estimates of impact angles and azimuths. One of the penetration funnels described here (No. 6) can almost be classified as an explosion analog crater.

Vesconi, Mario A.; Wright, Shawn P.; Spagnuolo, Mauro; Jacob, Robert; Cerrutti, Carlos; Garcia, Luciana; Fernandez, Evangelina; Cassidy, William A.



Environmentally associated ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.  


Herein, we report tick species found on wild and domestic animals and in the environment during a one-year sampling period at the Brazilian Farming Research Company beef cattle unit (Embrapa Beef Cattle), which is located within the urban area of Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. From 55 wild hosts including six different species (Nasua nasua, Cebus spp., Cerdocyon thous, Myrmecophaga tridactyla, Tamandua tetradactyla and Dasyprocta aguti), 323 ticks were collected. Amblyomma ovale ticks were found solely on coatis, and Amblyomma nodosum was identified solely on anteaters. No ticks were found on capuchin monkeys. However, Amblyomma cajennense was found on all parasitized host species with the exception of capuchin monkeys. Giant anteaters displayed the highest infestation abundance, with a mean of 53 ticks?animal. Environmental sampling yielded 166 adult A. cajennense ticks. The tick species found on domestic animals (Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus, R. sanguineus, Dermacentor nitens and A. cajennense) were those typically found on these hosts in Brazil. The most prevalent tick species, A. cajennense, was found on both wild and domestic animals and was also prevalent in the environment. Thus, this tick species is the primary vector that allows pathogens to bridge wild and domestic animals in the Cerrado. PMID:24252958

Garcia, Marcos Valério; Silva, Dayana Campelo da; Almeida, Robson Ferreira Cavalcante de; Cunha, Rodrigo Casquero; Matias, Jaqueline; Barros, Jacqueline Cavalcante; Andreotti, Renato; Szabó, Matias Pablo Juan



Pollination of Cambessedesia wurdackii in Brazilian Campo Rupestre Vegetation, with Special Reference to Crepuscular Bees  

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Cambessedesia wurdackii Martins (Myrtales: Melastomataceae) is presumably endemic to the Chapada Diamantina, Bahia State, Brazil. A majority of the species of this family are pollinated by diurnal bees that buzz the floral anthers to collect pollen. The present work examined the interactions between C. wurdackii and visiting bees, focusing on temporal, morphological, and behavioral features, especially in regards to the crepuscular bees Megalopta sodalis (Vachal) (Hymenoptera: Halictidae) and Ptiloglossa off. dubia Moure (Hymenoptera: Colletidae). The study was undertaken in an area of campo rupestre montane savanna vegetation located in the Chapada Diamantina Mountains of Bahia State, Brazil, between August/2007 and July/2008. Flowering in C. wurdackii occurred from April through July, with a peak in May. A total of 592 visits by diurnal and crepuscular bees to the flowers of C. wurdackii were recorded, with a majority of the visits made by M. sodalis and P. dubia (92%) near sunrise and sunset. The anthers of C. wurdackii are arranged in two tiers, which favors cross pollination. The morphological, temporal and behavioral characteristics of M. sodalis and P. dubia indicated that they were potential pollinators of C. wurdackii, in spite of the fact that the colorful and showy flowers of this species are more typical of a diurnal melittophilous pollination syndrome.

Franco, Emanuella Lopes; Gimenes, Miriam



[Work-related accidents on oil drilling platforms in the Campos Basin, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil].  


The offshore oil industry is characterized by complex systems in relation to technology and organization of work. Working conditions are hazardous, resulting in accidents and even occasional full-scale catastrophes. This article is the result of a study on work-related accidents in the offshore platforms in the Campos Basin, Rio de Janeiro State. The primary objective was to provide technical back-up for both workers' representative organizations and public authorities. As a methodology, we attempt to go beyond the immediate causes of accidents and emphasize underlying causes related to organizational and managerial aspects. The sources were used in such a way as to permit classification in relation to the type of incident, technological system, operation, and immediate and underlying causes. The results show the aggravation of safety conditions and the immediate need for public authorities and the offshore oil industry in Brazil to change the methods used to investigate accidents in order to identify the main causes in the organizational and managerial structure of companies. PMID:11241934

Freitas, C M; Souza, C A; Machado, J M; Porto, M F



Management of Lake Como: a multiobjective analysis  

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This paper describes a heuristic approach for improving the performance of multipurpose reservoirs that have already been in operation for a certain number of years. The main characteristic of the method is that the analyst must first learn from the past experience of the manager and synthesize it into a simple operating rule. Then, the analyst must point out, with the help of the manager, what the acceptable modifications of such a rule are. After this has been accomplished, the optimal improvements of the operating rule can be obtained by using standard optimization techniques. Quite satisfactory results have been obtained by applying this approach to Lake Como (Northern Italy), which has been regulated since the end of World War II. In fact, the method shows that both flood protection on the lake shores and water supply to the downstream agricultural areas can be substantially improved, without lowering the mean yearly electricity production of the downstream run-of-river plants. For this reason the operating rule proposed by the method has been programmed on a microcomputer, which is now used every day by the manager as an essential support for his final decision. This and the fact that other actions suggested by this analysis have indeed been undertaken by the local authorities gave to this study the chance to have a positive and direct impact on the lake management.

Guariso, G.; Rinaldi, S.; Soncini-Sessa, R.



Como Lo Hago Yo: Mielomeningocele En Bolivia  

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Introducción: Las malformaciones del tubo neural (MTN) representan la segunda causa más frecuente de anomalías congénitas, luego de las cardiopatías. En este grupo se destaca el mielomeningocele (MMC) por su mayor incidencia, y por ser la más incapacitante y la más compleja entre todas las demás malformaciones del sistema nervioso c`entral (SNC). En Bolivia, como en muchos países de Sudamérica, los bajos niveles socio-culturales y la debilidad en el sistema sanitario, hacen que su incidencia y su morbilidad, sean mayores que en las naciones más desarrolladas. Material y Métodos: Se realizó un estudio retrospectivo y descriptivo de 70 casos de MMC, atendidos por un equipo multidisciplinario en el Hospital Universitario Japonés (HUJ) de Santa Cruz de la Sierra, entre 2008-2011. De ellos, 60 fueron intervenidos quirúrgicamente. Resultados: Se realizaron controles prenatales sólo en 27 mujeres (38.6%), diagnosticándose una disrafia espinal en apenas dos casos (7.4%). La edad de ingreso del MMC en su mayoría fue después de las 24 horas (65.6%), predominando su localización en la región lumbosacra (64.3%). De ellos, 67.2% eran abiertos, presentando un 32.9% un daño neurológico motor parcial mientras que 47.1% tenían paraplejia por debajo de la lesión. De los 70 casos, tres (4.3%) no fueron intervenidos, por presentar defectos congénitos severos o estado general grave. Las principales complicaciones posoperatorias inmediatas fueron: dehiscencia de sutura y/o infección de la herida (16.6%), fístula de líquido cefalorraquídeo (LCR) (10%) e infección del SNC (11.7%). La mortalidad general y postoperatoria fue de 7.1% y 3.3%, respectivamente. Al mes de vida presentaban hidrocefalia un 80% de los pacientes operados, colocándose una derivación ventriculoperitoneal (DVP) de presión media. De 9 pacientes que tuvieron un acompanamiento de dos o más años, seis presentaron una médula anclada, que fueron intervenidas quirúrgicamente. Conclusión: En esta serie, el diagnóstico prenatal del MMC fue ocasional y la derivación al HUJ de los recién nacidos con esta malformación fue generalmente tardía. No hubo predominio de género y la mayoría de los casos presentaron sus lesiones en la región lumbar y lumbosacra. La mortalidad general y postoperatoria fue similar a la reportada en la literatura. Pocos enfermos realizaron controles posteriores al alta hospitalaria. Igual que otros países de Sudamérica, las falencias en el sistema público de salud y el nivel sociocultural, son factores determinantes para un mal pronóstico en estos niños. Por sus múltiples complicaciones, el MMC requiere de una especial atención gubernamental, sobre todo de carácter preventivo mediante el uso de ácido fólico en mujeres fértiles, como también de un equipo profesional multidisciplinario, a fin de realizar un tratamiento adecuado y oportuno. Al mismo tiempo, trabajos multicéntricos en hospitales de América Latina, ayudarán al mejor manejo de estos pacientes.

Dabdoub, Carlos F.; Dabdoub, Carlos B.; Villavicencio, Ramiro; Quevedo, German



Ground-water in the Teresina-Campo Maior area, Piaui, Brazil  

USGS Publications Warehouse

The Teresina-Campo Maior area lies in a presently developing farming and grazing region near the margin of drought-prone northeast Brazil where irrigated farming offers the best potential for economic development. The area comprises 9,700 square kilometers largely of catinga-covered tabular uplands which are drained by the perennial Rio Parnatba. The climate is hot and humid most of the year but with distinct wet and dry seasons. Temperature extremes range from 20?C to 39?C and the annum rainfall averages 1,200 millimeters. The area's ground-water reservoir is contained chiefly in sandstone aquifers of six westward-dipping sedimentary rock formations, all part of the Maranhao sedimentary basin. The youngest of these formations, namely the Piaut (Pennsylvarian), Poti (Mississippian), Longa (Upper Devonian), and Cabecas (Middle Devoniar), contain the principal aquifers. Precipitation is the primary source of recharge to these aquifers and is more than sufficient to replenish current withdrawals from wells. Underlying the principal aquifers are the untapped Pimenteiras and Serra Grande Formations (both Lower Devonian) which in areas adjacent to the report area are moderately good to excellent water producers. These aquifers are recharged principally by lateral inflow from the east. Water also occurs in the alluvial deposits (Quaternary) underlying the flood plain of the Rio Parnatba but recurrent and uncontrolled flooding at present (1966) precludes their development. Of little economic importance, because they lie above the zone of saturation, are the thin erosional remnants of the Pastos Bons (Upper Triassic), Matuca, and Pedra de Fogo (both Permian) Formations. There are in the report area about 200 drilled wells most of which are pumped with power-driven engines. The wells range from 40 to 500 meters deep but most do not exceed 150 meters, and practically all are completed open hole. Yields range from 500 liters per day for 6-inch-diameter domestic wells to 240,000 liters per hour for 10-inch high-capacity municipal wells. Although there are many more dug wells than drilled wells, dug wells account for less than 1 percent of the current (1966) draft. The current annual withdrawal from the principal aquifers is approximately 5 million cubic meters of which almost half is used for municipal supply and the rest for rural household and irrigation uses. Additional water for public supply is available from aquifers now being pumped, and larger yields probably could be obtained from rural wells designed to take full advantage of the aquifer. Analyses of 28 samples show that the chemical quality of the water is well below the accepted limits of mineral concentration for most uses. Water from the Longa Formation averages 842 milligrams per liter in total dissolved solids and is more mineralized than that in the Piaul and Port Formations which contain water averaging less than 300 milligrams per liter. The water in the Piaui and Poti aquifers is the most suitable in the area for irrigation and has SAR values of C1-S1 and C2-S1. The quantities of water currently being used for irrigation are relatively small (600,000 cubic meters annually) but will increase substantially when intensive irrigation becomes a reality. Divisio de Hydrogeologia da Superintendancia do Desenvolvimento do Nordeste estimates that about 2,500 million cubic meters of water per year would be needed to irrigate about 250,000 hectares in the Teresina-Campo Maior area (about 25 percent of the total area). This goal, however, is not likely to be realized as the water requirement is five times the estimated natural recharge to the aquifers of the area. Most of the water-bearing formations in the report area have barely been tapped and can be developed a great deal more. In fact, the current annual withdrawal from the principal aquifers is less than 0.0025 percent of a conservative estimate of annual replenishment from rainfall. Additionally, only the

Rodis, Harry G.; Suszczynski, Edison F.



15. Como gatehouse (outlet tower) and access bridge, looking west ...  

Library of Congress Historic Buildings Survey, Historic Engineering Record, Historic Landscapes Survey

15. Como gatehouse (outlet tower) and access bridge, looking west from dam crest (Trash rack visible in reservoir pool behind and right of tower) - Bitter Root Irrigation Project, Como Dam, West of U.S. Highway 93, Darby, Ravalli County, MT


Continuous Mantle Exhumation at the Outer Continental Margin of the Santos, Campos and Espírito Santo Basins, Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The interpretation of 12,000 km of very deep (PSTM to 16 sec., PSDM to 25 km) 2D seismic sections, coupled with gravimetric and magnetometric modeling line-by-line, and the integration of the results with the regional data bank of Petrobras, all together viewed in terms of the recent tectonic models developed for the rupturing and separation of mega-plates, led to a regional (500,000 km2), first-time ever, 3D-view of the deep structure underlying the prolific sedimentary basins of Santos, Campos and Espírito Santo in southeastern Brazil. The three basins are situated onto a continental margin that narrows gradually, from south to north, from a very wide (Santos), through an intermediate (Campos), and then to a narrow (Espírito Santo) passive margin. The seismic sections shows very well the dual rheological behavior of the continental crust, consisting of a deeper and plastic lower crust (with numerous short and strong reflections that display sub-horizontal ductile flow) and a shallower and brittle upper crust (represented by a mostly transparent and faulted seismic facies topped by the sedimentary sections of the rift and thermal subsidence phases). The crustal structure of the Santos Basin shows a zonation from west to east of alternating bands of NE-SW-trending thin (plastic basement terrains) and thick (resistant basement terrains) stretched continental crust. In vertical section this zonation is displayed as a series of necking zones, leading to a highly irregular, low to moderate crustal taper. Such zonation is less developed in the Campos Basin, where the crustal taper is moderate and regular, and practically non-existent in the Espírito Santo Basin, where the crustal taper is high. The most outstanding crustal feature shared in common by the three basins is the exhumation of mantle between the tip of the hyper-extended continental crust and the tabular-shaped oceanic crust. Although the crustal taper varies significantly from basin to basin their continental crust pinches out invariably on the flanks of exhumed mantle. This gives rise to a remarkable long (900 km along a N-S direction and 600 km in E-W direction), relatively narrow (15 to 70 km wide) and continuous belt of exhumed mantle that marks the passage from continental crust to oceanic crust in all three basins. The Santos, Campos and Espírito Santo Basins thus form a typical magma-poor passive margin. These are in sharp contrast with the adjacent basin to the south, the Pelotas Basin, that in turn is a typical volcanic passive margin displaying a long (1000 km in a N-S direction) and wide (100 to 220 km) belt of seaward-dipping reflectors at its outer margin and no exhumation of the mantle at the continent-ocean boundary.

Zalan, P. V.; Severino, M. G.; Rigoti, C. A.; Magnavita, L. P.; Oliveira, J. B.; Viana, A. R.



Extraction of Vanadium from Campo Alegre de Lourdes (BA, Brazil) Fe-Ti-V Ore by Partial Reduction/Magnetic Concentration/Salt Roasting/Hot Water Leaching.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

A process under development at COPPE/UFRJ to rocover vanadium from a titaniferous magnetite type ore from Campo Alegre de Lourdes (Bahia, Brazil), throxgh magnetizing roasting/magnetic concentration/salt roasting/hot water leaching, is described. The resu...

E. M. Alcantara T. Ogasawara F. T. Silva E. F. Fontes



Restoration in plan view of faulted Upper Cretaceous and Oligocene horizons and its bearing on the history of salt tectonics in the Campos Basin (Brazil)  

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In the Campos Basin (Atlantic margin of Brazil), Cretaceous and Tertiary sediments show abundant evidence for thin-skinned deformation, above a layer of Aptian salt. Near the coast, there is a domain of downslope extension; further offshore, a domain of donwslope contraction. Thus we attribute the domainal pattern to gravitational gliding on the salt layer. Gravitational gliding appears to be driven

D. Rouby; P. R. Cobbold; P. Szatmari; S. Demercian; D. Coelho; J. A. Rici



Thermospheric Winds and Temperatures Observed by OI 6300 Angstrom Emission at Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil, during the Second Sundial Campaign.  

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Thermospheric neutral wind and temperature observations measuring OI 6300 angstroms Doppler shift and broadening by means of a Fabry-Perot interferometer were carried out at Sao Jose dos Campos (23.2 deg S, 45.9 deg W), Brazil, during the period September...

Y. Sahai H. Takahashi N. R. Teixeira R. G. Roble



Ilha de Calor e Segregação Espacial: estudo de caso - sítios da Macrozona Sul do município de São José dos Campos\\/SP  

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The aim of this work is to correlate the urban heat island effect with the residential buildings characteristics in three intra-urban areas, with different social-economic conditions, inside the south region of São José dos Campos city. For this purpose a hyperspectral image was employed. It was acquired in 2006 by the airborne Hyperspectral Scanner System (HSS), sensor operated by Brazilian

Livramento Andrade; Sandra Maria Fonseca Costa; Ruy Morgado de Castro; Romero da Costa Moreira


The effect of an oil drilling operation on the trace metal concentrations in offshore bottom sediments of the Campos Basin oil field, SE Brazil  

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The concentrations of Al, Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, Pb, Ni, Cr, Ba, V, Sn and As in offshore bottom sediments from the Bacia de Campos oil field, SE Brazil, were measured at the beginning and at 7 months after completion of the drilling operation. Concentrations of Al, Fe, Ba, Cr, Ni and Zn were significantly higher closer to the drilling

C. E Rezende; L. D Lacerda; A. R. C Ovalle; C. M. M Souza; A. A. R Gobo; D. O Santos




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RESUMO Historicamente, as políticas de saúde para o campo no Brasil estiveram associadas aos interesses econômicos ligados à garantia de mão-de-obra sadia para a exploração dos recursos naturais. Esse artigo busca caracterizar as políticas oficiais de saúde para a população do campo, analisando o contexto histórico, princípios, objetivos, estratégias e resultados. A experiência do Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra

Fernando Ferreira Carneiro; Anamaria Testa Tambellini


Co/Mo multilayers deposited by ion-beam sputtering  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Co/Mo multilayers have been prepared by using ion-beam sputtering. The samples had a periodic layered structure and an in-plane easy axis of magnetization. The structures of Co layers were disordered, fcc or fcc + hcp, depending upon the thickness of the Co layer ( tCo), as well as the thickness of the Mo layer ( tMo). A nonmagnetic compound, Co 7Mo 6, was observed to form at the Co/Mo interfaces, unlike compounds found in Co/Mo multilayers prepared by magnetron sputtering. The existence of this compound was considered to be an important reason for the decrease of the saturation magnetization of crystalline samples with tCo < 40 Å, among others. The dependence of the coercivity on tCo and/or tMo was also studied.

Wang, Y.; Cui, F. Z.; Li, W. Z.; Fan, Y. D.



Upper Cretaceous bioturbated fine-to-medium sands: A problem for deep-water exploration in Campos Basin, Offshore Brazil  

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The presence of bioturbation in oil-prone turbidite deposits has detained a better exploration of upper Cretaceous siliciclastic reservoirs in Campos Basin. Bioturbated sandstones have degraded their permo-porosity with impact in oil production. They occur associated to unbioturbated sandstones with similar seismic amplitude, becoming difficult to separate them in seismic mapping. A comprehensive study in order to reduce the exploratory risk must consider firstly the recognition of genetic facies association through cores, and secondly the calibration of sonic well-logs and seismic velocity sections with rock data. This study deals with sedimentary facies association. The range of main facies in such reservoirs includes: (1) medium-to-coarse siliciclastic sandstone with cross stratification; (2) fine-to-medium massive sandstone with thin traction carpets, bioturbated by opportunistic ichnofabrics and, (3) bioturbated, muddy, fine-to-medium, quartz-feldspatic and glauconitic sandstone over 60 in thick. The genetic facies associations suggest that the sandwich reservoirs were formed by high density turbidite currents deposited en masse or by thin traction carpets. The bioturbated sandstone was originated by reworking of bottom currents rich in nutrients and oxygen. Detritic and biogenic glauconite covered and/or filled bioturbations indicate a basinward movement of the bottom currents. The successive alternation of high-energy with low-energy ichnofabrics reflects cyclic variations in current velocities.

Carminatti, M.; Zimmermann, L.; Jahnert, R.; Pontes, C.



Analysis of the Astronomical Concepts Presented by Teachers of Science, Physics, and Mathematics of São José dos Campos / SP Municipality  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The aim of this work is to conduct a survey of alternative conceptions about the basic concepts of Astronomy from schoolteachers in the City of São José dos Campos. This study covers the the state-run education system and complies with legal documents related to the curriculum of educational systems, such as the Curriculum of São Paulo State and the Parameters of the National Curriculum (PCN). Alternative conceptions, mentioned in Langhi (2009) as very important, were used, because it is believed that if a student can learn these concepts before the methodological intervention, it is possible to prepare contextualized presentations for teachers, and consequently students, to compare what they already know with the new information they obtain in the sessions at the digital mobile planetarium (DMP) of the Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul. Afterwards, they may discuss in a forum, in the form of debate, seeking to draw conclusions relevant to the topic, and transmitting the same to students in Basic Education (EB). This is a case study with a quantitative survey and a qualitative analysis of data on astronomical concepts collected through two questionnaires, one before and one after the intervention, respecting the implementation period of the study,- here called methodological intervention of content presentations at the mobile planetarium - and on respective discussions.

Pereira Gonzaga, Edson; Voelzke, Marcos Rincon



Internal Rb-Sr Age and Initial 87Sr/86Sr of a Silicate Inclusion from the Campo Del Cielo Iron Meteorite  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Internal Rb-Sr age of 4.54±0.08 Ga with initial 87Sr/86Sr of 0.69926±0.00027 was determined for a silicate inclusion in Campo del Cielo IAB iron. This result is consistent with the ages of Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd and Ar-Ar obtained from the plagioclase-diopside-rich materials in Caddo IAB iron.

Liu, Y.; Nyquist, L.; Wiesmann, H.; Shih, C.; Schwandt, C.; Takeda, H.



Impact of two conceptual precipitation modeling schemes on the mass balance of the Gran Campo Nevado Ice Cap, Patagonia  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A linear model of orographic precipitation (OPM) (Smith & Barstad 2004) including the airflow dynamics, the advection of condensed water, and the downslope evaporation was used to downscale orographic precipitation dynamically for the Gran Campo Nevado Ice Cap (GCN) in southwest Patagonia. The model is driven by using Reanalysis data of the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) and the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) for the time period 2000-2010. The OPM is evaluated by using daily precipitation data from automatic weather stations in the investigated area. GCN is mostly influenced by orographically induced precipitation, providing a suitable basis for downscaling precipitation by applying a linear orographic precipitation model. The amount and spatial distribution of modeled orographic precipitation are in good agreement with observed precipitation fields. The application of an orographic precipitation model to downscale precipitation even in complex terrain and to obtain a detailed estimate of the spatial distribution of precipitation provides a promising technique for further studies, such as glacier mass balance studies. A long-term application of the OPM for the time period 2000-2010 is implemented in order to improve surface mass balance (SMB) studies at GCN. The SMB is calculated using a degree-day model which is driven by two different downscaled precipitation datasets based on a linear precipitation gradient and daily modeled orographic precipitation. The main intention of this study is the analysis of the sensitivity of GCN to changes in precipitation and the achievement of significantly higher accuracies of the SMB calculations. The variation of the precipitation gradient on the east and west side of the mountain range is assumed to be of crucial importance and should be considered in the calculation of glacier mass balance.

Reinartz, S.; Sauter, T.; Schneider, C.



Evapotranspiration estimation in pastures at the municipality of Campo Grande, Brazil, using SEBAL and remote sensing data  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The knowledge of the total water loss by evapotranspiration is essential for plant growth and development assessments. Studies show that the success of the Brazilian livestock is directly linked to the fact that bovine cattle is reared in pastures, which enables low cost beef production. However, many factors influence the productive capacity of pastures and, consequently, beef production. Among these, there are variations in precipitation, causing periods of water deficit even during rainy seasons, which makes evapotranspiration a major factor in the diagnosis of climatic and environmental conditions of pasture areas. Remote sensing information has been used by several models and algorithms for obtaining parameters of the Earth's surface. The Surface Energy Balance Algorithms for Land (SEBAL) is an algorithm for evapotranspiration estimation for large areas. It is processed by means of computational steps, which predict a full assessment of the solar radiation and energy on the Earth's surface. For that it uses data of sensors that collect wavelengths in the visible, reflective infrared and thermal bands. This study aimed at estimating actual daily evapotranspiration (ETdaily) in pasture areas at Embrapa Beef Cattle's Experimental Farm, located in the municipality of Campo Grande, Brazil, by means of the SEBAL algorithm and Landsat 5-TM images. For the scenes of May 9, June 28, July 7 and October 2, 2009, the ETdaily varied from 0.50 to 3.50 mm d-1 with an average of 1.85 mm d-1 for pasture areas. The application of the SEBAL algorithm proved itself adequate in extensive areas, and it is possible to use it for monitoring pasture conditions, thus contributing to making decisions that favor beef cattle production with environmental sustainability.

Andrade, R. G.; Leivas, J. F.; Hott, M. C.; Alvarez, I. A.; Vicente, L. E.; Nogueira, S. F.; Takemura, C. M.



Evapotranspiration estimation in pastures at the municipality of Campo Grande, Brazil, using SEBAL and remote sensing data  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The knowledge of the total water loss by evapotranspiration is essential for plant growth and development assessments. Studies show that the success of the Brazilian livestock is directly linked to the fact that bovine cattle is reared in pastures, which enables low cost beef production. However, many factors influence the productive capacity of pastures and, consequently, beef production. Among these, there are variations in precipitation, causing periods of water deficit even during rainy seasons, which makes evapotranspiration a major factor in the diagnosis of climatic and environmental conditions of pasture areas. Remote sensing information has been used by several models and algorithms for obtaining parameters of the Earth's surface. The Surface Energy Balance Algorithms for Land (SEBAL) is an algorithm for evapotranspiration estimation for large areas. It is processed by means of computational steps, which predict a full assessment of the solar radiation and energy on the Earth's surface. For that it uses data of sensors that collect wavelengths in the visible, reflective infrared and thermal bands. This study aimed at estimating actual daily evapotranspiration (ETdaily) in pasture areas at Embrapa Beef Cattle's Experimental Farm, located in the municipality of Campo Grande, Brazil, by means of the SEBAL algorithm and Landsat 5-TM images. For the scenes of May 9, June 28, July 7 and October 2, 2009, the ETdaily varied from 0.50 to 3.50 mm/day with an average of 1.85 mm/day for pasture areas. The application of the SEBAL algorithm proved itself adequate in extensive areas, and it is possible to use it for monitoring pasture conditions, thus contributing to making decisions that favor beef cattle production with environmental sustainability.

Andrade, R. G.; Leivas, J. F.; Alvarez, I. A.; Vicente, L. E.; Nogueira, S. F.; Hott, M. C.; Takemura, C. M.; Gomes, D.



Valorisation of Como Historical Cadastral Maps Through Modern Web Geoservices  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Cartographic cultural heritage preserved in worldwide archives is often stored in the original paper version only, thus restricting both the chances of utilization and the range of possible users. The Web C.A.R.T.E. system addressed this issue with regard to the precious cadastral maps preserved at the State Archive of Como. Aim of the project was to improve the visibility and accessibility of this heritage using the latest free and open source tools for processing, cataloguing and web publishing the maps. The resulting architecture should therefore assist the State Archive of Como in managing its cartographic contents. After a pre-processing consisting of digitization and georeferencing steps, maps were provided with metadata, compiled according to the current Italian standards and managed through an ad hoc version of the GeoNetwork Opensource geocatalog software. A dedicated MapFish-based webGIS client, with an optimized version also for mobile platforms, was built for maps publication and 2D navigation. A module for 3D visualization of cadastral maps was finally developed using the NASA World Wind Virtual Globe. Thanks to a temporal slidebar, time was also included in the system producing a 4D Graphical User Interface. The overall architecture was totally built with free and open source software and allows a direct and intuitive consultation of historical maps. Besides the notable advantage of keeping original paper maps intact, the system greatly simplifies the work of the State Archive of Como common users and together widens the same range of users thanks to the modernization of map consultation tools.

Brovelli, M. A.; Minghini, M.; Zamboni, G.



Environmental impact studies of barium and radium discharges by produced waters from the “Bacia de Campos” oil-field offshore platforms, Brazil  

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Produced water samples from different E&P offshore petroleum platforms, belonging to the Bacia de Campos oil field, Brazil, were analyzed for barium, 226Ra and 1Ra. The concentrations measured are in the range of 0.36–25.7mgl?1 for barium, 0.012–6.0Bql?1 for 226Ra and <0.05–12.0Bql?1 for 1Ra. A strong correlation between the concentration of barium and radium isotopes was observed (226Ra: r2=0.926; 228Ra: r2=0.785).

S. F Jerez Vegueria; J. M Godoy; N Miekeley



Morphological investigation of nanostructured CoMo catalysts  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This work reports the morphological investigation of nanostructured sulfided CoMo catalysts by means of high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM). The catalysts were supported on Ti-modified hexagonal mesoporous silica (HMS-Ti) and P-modified HMS-Ti (P/HMS-Ti) materials. The oxide precursors were characterized by specific surface area (S BET), temperature-programmed reduction (TPR), diffuse reflectance infrared Fourier transform spectroscopy in the OH region (DRIFTS-OH) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) in order to elucidate the influence of the impregnation sequence (successive vs. simultaneous) and the effect of P-incorporation into HMS-Ti material on the morphology of calcined CoMo catalysts. Both TPR and XPS measurements indicate that the catalysts prepared by successive impregnation possess well-dispersed MoO 3 and CoO phases, whereas their counterparts prepared by simultaneous impregnation additionally possess the CoMoO 4 phase. For all sulfided catalysts, the presence of MoS 2 phase with particle size in the range 3.3-4.4 nm was confirmed by HRTEM. Catalytic activity was evaluated in the reaction of hydrodesulfurization (HDS) of dibenzothiophene (DBT) carried out in a flow reactor at 593 K and hydrogen pressure of 5.5 MPa. P-incorporation into the HMS-Ti material led to an overall increase in HDS activity and the hydrogenation ability of the sulfided catalysts. All catalysts proved to be stable during 10 h time-on-stream (TOS) operation. The activity of sulfide catalysts in the target reaction depends linearly on the surface exposure of Co species in the oxide precursors, as determined by XPS, and on the morphology of the sulfide form of catalysts (surface density of MoS 2 particles and their sizes) as determined by HRTEM.

Pawelec, B.; Castaño, P.; Zepeda, T. A.



Leishmania chagasi in Opossums (Didelphis albiventris) in an Urban Area Endemic for Visceral Leishmaniasis, Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil  

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We investigated the occurrence of Leishmania infantum chagasi in Didelphis albiventris opossums at a wild animal rehabilitation center in the city of Campo Grande, Brazil. A total of 54 opossums were tested for L. i. chagasi infection in peripheral blood and bone marrow samples. The samples were analyzed by direct examination, culturing in a specific medium, and polymerase chain reaction–restriction fragment length polymorphism. Leishmania i. chagasi DNA was detected by polymerase chain reaction–restriction fragment length polymorphism in 11 (20.37%) animals. A total of 81.81% of positive opossums were captured in areas of known visceral leishmaniasis transmission. These results suggest a role for D. albiventris in the urban transmission of visceral leishmaniasis.

Humberg, Roberta M. P.; Oshiro, Elisa T.; Cruz, Maria do Socorro Pires e; Ribolla, Paulo E. M.; Alonso, Diego P.; Ferreira, Alda M. T.; Bonamigo, Raquel A.; Tasso, Norton; de Oliveira, Alessandra Gutierrez



Levelling profiles and a GPS network to monitor the active folding and faulting deformation in the Campo de Dalias (Betic Cordillera, southeastern Spain).  


The Campo de Dalias is an area with relevant seismicity associated to the active tectonic deformations of the southern boundary of the Betic Cordillera. A non-permanent GPS network was installed to monitor, for the first time, the fault- and fold-related activity. In addition, two high precision levelling profiles were measured twice over a one-year period across the Balanegra Fault, one of the most active faults recognized in the area. The absence of significant movement of the main fault surface suggests seismogenic behaviour. The possible recurrence interval may be between 100 and 300 y. The repetitive GPS and high precision levelling monitoring of the fault surface during a long time period may help us to determine future fault behaviour with regard to the existence (or not) of a creep component, the accumulation of elastic deformation before faulting, and implications of the fold-fault relationship. PMID:22319309

Marín-Lechado, Carlos; Galindo-Zaldívar, Jesús; Gil, Antonio José; Borque, María Jesús; de Lacy, María Clara; Pedrera, Antonio; López-Garrido, Angel Carlos; Alfaro, Pedro; García-Tortosa, Francisco; Ramos, Maria Isabel; Rodríguez-Caderot, Gracia; Rodríguez-Fernández, José; Ruiz-Constán, Ana; de Galdeano-Equiza, Carlos Sanz



Levelling Profiles and a GPS Network to Monitor the Active Folding and Faulting Deformation in the Campo de Dalias (Betic Cordillera, Southeastern Spain)  

PubMed Central

The Campo de Dalias is an area with relevant seismicity associated to the active tectonic deformations of the southern boundary of the Betic Cordillera. A non-permanent GPS network was installed to monitor, for the first time, the fault- and fold-related activity. In addition, two high precision levelling profiles were measured twice over a one-year period across the Balanegra Fault, one of the most active faults recognized in the area. The absence of significant movement of the main fault surface suggests seismogenic behaviour. The possible recurrence interval may be between 100 and 300 y. The repetitive GPS and high precision levelling monitoring of the fault surface during a long time period may help us to determine future fault behaviour with regard to the existence (or not) of a creep component, the accumulation of elastic deformation before faulting, and implications of the fold-fault relationship.

Marin-Lechado, Carlos; Galindo-Zaldivar, Jesus; Gil, Antonio Jose; Borque, Maria Jesus; de Lacy, Maria Clara; Pedrera, Antonio; Lopez-Garrido, Angel Carlos; Alfaro, Pedro; Garcia-Tortosa, Francisco; Ramos, Maria Isabel; Rodriguez-Caderot, Gracia; Rodriguez-Fernandez, Jose; Ruiz-Constan, Ana; de Galdeano-Equiza, Carlos Sanz



The effect of an oil drilling operation on the trace metal concentrations in offshore bottom sediments of the Campos Basin oil field, SE Brazil.  


The concentrations of Al, Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, Pb, Ni, Cr, Ba, V, Sn and As in offshore bottom sediments from the Bacia de Campos oil field, SE Brazil, were measured at the beginning and at 7 months after completion of the drilling operation. Concentrations of Al, Fe, Ba, Cr, Ni and Zn were significantly higher closer to the drilling site compared to stations far from the site. Average concentrations of Al, Cu, and in particular of Ni, were significantly higher at the end of the drilling operation than at the beginning. Comparison between drilling area sediments with control sediments of the continental platform, however, showed no significant difference in trace metal concentrations. Under the operation conditions of this drilling event, the results show that while changes in some trace metal concentrations do occur during drilling operations, they are not significantly large to be distinguished from natural variability of the local background concentrations. PMID:12222892

Rezende, C E; Lacerda, L D; Ovalle, A R C; Souza, C M M; Gobo, A A R; Santos, D O



Campo Lucian FRANCISCO LIMBERGER LEO TETELBOM STEIN AIRMON NOCCHI Kolola ANTONIO Postoperative pain preoperative outcomes after laparoscopic radical hysterectomy abdominal radical hysterectomy patients w with early cervical cancer: randomised controlled trial. Trials (London). v.14 p.293 - 2013.  

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Did you mean: Campo Lucian FRANCISCO LIMBERGER LEO TETELBOM STEIN AIRMON NOCCHI Kolola ANTONIO Postoperative pain preoperative outcomes after laparoscopic radical hysterectomy abdominal radical hysterectomy patients w with early cervical cancer: randomised controlled trial. Trials (London). v.14 p.293 - 2013. ?


The Permian post-orogenic collapse in the Alps: insights from the Campo unit (Austroalpine nappes, N-Italy, SE-Switzerland)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The final stage of the Variscan orogeny (310-270 Ma) is characterized by an intense tectonic, magmatic and metamorphic event. During the Permian, acid and mafic intrusions were emplaced at all crustal levels and are associated to high-temperature contact metamorphism. While most of the studies focus either on the formation of Permian basins or on the lower crustal magmatic and metamorphic evolution, the characterization of the middle crust is lacking. Therefore, this study aims to unravel the processes active at mid-crustal levels during the Permian. We investigate the contact aureole of the Sondalo gabbro emplaced in a mid-crustal position during the Permian, exposed in the Austroalpine Campo unit (N-Italy). This work is based on a multidisciplinary approach linking structural geology, metamorphic petrology and geochronology. The country rock of the gabbroic intrusion is composed of Grt-St micaschists and paragneisses indicating a prograde path in the amphibolite facies associated with the formation of a N-W steeply dipping S2 foliation. This foliation is pervasively reworked by a N-E trending sub-vertical S3 fabric made of Ms-Bt metasediments. This S3 fabric is also found in metapelitic septa in the core of the mafic intrusion, whereas in the narrow contact aureole a moderately dipping S4 fabric roughly parallel to the margins of the pluton is developed. From host-rock to the center of the intrusion, the metapelites show destabilization of muscovite, appearance of sillimanite, spinel, cordierite, crystallization of a large amount of garnet and finally disappearance of biotite and potassic feldspar. As a consequence, the kinzigitic restites of the contact aureole are replaced by Grt-Sil-Crd-Spl granulites in an intra-plutonic position. Qualitative P-T estimates indicate a barrovian prograde path during D2, similar to P-T evolutions found in other Austroalpine units (e.g. Ulten zone). Thermodynamic modelling of the high-grade granulites due to the thermal effect of the ~290 Ma (U-Pb on zircon) mafic intrusion give conditions of ~6 kbar and > 900°C. Our results bring constrains on the thermal and mechanical relation between the pluton and the host rock in the middle crust and confirm the mid-crustal position of the Campo unit during the Permian. Furthermore, this study highlights the contrasted evolution of mid-crustal levels compared to lower-crustal systems such as the Ivrea zone. Eventually at a larger scale, these results provide insights on the tectonic and magmatic processes and thermal conditions of the continental crust during Variscan post-orogenic evolution.

Petri, Benoît; Mohn, Geoffroy; Štípská, Pavla; Manatschal, Gianreto; Schulmann, Karel




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RESUMEN En el presente estudio se evalúa la levadura Saccharomyces cerevisiae de forma desintegrada (LD) y tres fracciones celulares obtenidas de ella: complejo pared-membrana (FP), núcleo-proteínas (FN) y citoplasma (FC) como aditivo alimentario utilizando al crustáceo Artemia franciscana como modelo de experimentación. Se realizaron dos bioensayos para determinar el efecto que ejercían dichos aditivos en el crecimiento, biomasa seca, supervivencia

Yamilé Comabella; Tsai García-Galano; Olimpia Carrillo; Yadir Mauri


A emergência da categoria “agricultor familiar” como sujeito de direitos na trajetória do sindicalismo rural brasileiro  

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O processo de reconhecimento dos agricultores familiares como sujeitos de direitos apesar de ser recente quando pensado a partir da trajetória do sindicalismo rural brasileiro demonstra ter suas primeiras raízes ainda na constituição da legislação trabalhista-sindical dos anos de 1930. Visando explorar esse processo o artigo tem por objetivo analisar a emergência dos agricultores familiares como sujeitos de direitos na

Everton Lazzaretti Picolotto



Prevalence of latent tuberculosis and treatment adherence among patients with chronic kidney disease in Campo Grande, State of Mato Grosso do Sul.  


Introduction The primary strategy for tuberculosis control involves identifying individuals with latent tuberculosis. This study aimed to estimate the prevalence of latent tuberculosis in chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients who were undergoing hemodialysis in Campo Grande, State of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, to characterize the sociodemographic and clinical profiles of patients with latent tuberculosis, to verify the association between sociodemographic and clinical characteristics and the occurrence of latent tuberculosis, and to monitor patient adherence to latent tuberculosis treatment. Methods This epidemiological study involved 418 CKD patients who were undergoing hemodialysis and who underwent a tuberculin skin test. Results The prevalence of latent tuberculosis was 10.3%. The mean patient age was 53.43±14.97 years, and the patients were predominantly men (63.9%). The population was primarily Caucasian (58.6%); half (50%) were married, and 49.8% had incomplete primary educations. Previous contact with tuberculosis patients was reported by 80% of the participants. Treatment adherence was 97.7%. Conclusions We conclude that the prevalence of latent tuberculosis in our study population was low. Previous contact with patients with active tuberculosis increased the occurrence of latent infection. Although treatment adherence was high in this study, it is crucial to monitor tuberculosis treatment administered to patients in health services to maintain this high rate. PMID:24861295

Chagas, Aucely Corrêa Fernandes; Hans Filho, Günter; Oliveira, Sandra Maria do Valle Leone de; Ivo, Maria Lúcia; Corrêa Filho, Ruy Alberto Caetano; Donatti, Maria Ilizabeth



Hamacantha (Hamacantha) boomerang sp. nov. from deep-sea coral mounds at Campos Basin, SW Atlantic, and redescription of H. (H.) schmidtii (Carter, 1882) (Hamacanthidae, Poecilosclerida, Demospongiae).  


There are 22 species of Hamacantha registered from all over the world, and frequently from deep-waters, only two of which had previously been reported from the SW Atlantic. Here we describe a third species for this area, Hamacantha (H.) boomerang sp. nov., collected from deep-sea coral mounds at Campos Basin (off Rio de Janeiro state). We found oxeas 271-630 µm long, diancistras in three size classes, 125-155, 45-69 and 20-29 µm, and toxas, 58-82 µm. This is the only Hamacantha combining oxeas and toxas, but the latter are very rare. The species approaches the Caribbean H. (H.) schmidtii (Carter, 1882), where we observed oxeas 390-495 µm long, and diancistras in three size classes, 109-124,  44-54 and 26-41 ?m, however toxas appear to be absent. Both species are clearly distinct by micrometric values, as well as the overall morphology of the smaller diancistras, distinct from the intermediate category in the new species, but quite similar in H. (H.) schmidtii. Hamacantha (Vomerula) falcula approaches the new species very closely in microsclere dimensions and morphology, but is set apart by its styloid and smaller megascleres. PMID:24872308

Hajdu, Eduardo; Castello-Branco, Cristiana



Environmental impact studies of barium and radium discharges by produced waters from the "Bacia de Campos" oil-field offshore platforms, Brazil.  


Produced water samples from different E&P offshore petroleum platforms, belonging to the Bacia de Campos oil field, Brazil, were analyzed for barium, 226Ra and 'Ra. The concentrations measured are in the range of 0.36-25.7 mg l(-1) for barium, 0.012-6.0 Bq l(-1) for 226Ra and <0.05-12.0 Bq l(-1) for 1Ra. A strong correlation between the concentration of barium and radium isotopes was observed (226Ra: r2=0.926: 228Ra: r2=0.785). Additionally, seawater and sediment samples were taken at different distances (from 250 to 1,000 m) from the two selected platforms. Water samples were analyzed for dissolved and particulate barium, 226Ra and 225Ra and the sediment samples for total and leachable barium, 226Ra and 228Ra. The results showed that even for the shortest sampling distance (250 m) from the discharge point, barium, 226Ra and 228Ra concentrations are similar to the local background, indicating that dispersion by local currents is enough to minimize environmental impacts. PMID:12141605

Jerez Vegueria, S F; Godoy, J M; Miekeley, N



Ecological aspects of phlebotomines (Diptera: Psychodidae) in endemic area of visceral leishmaniasis, Campo Grande, State of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.  


Aspects of phlebotomine behavior were investigated in the city of Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul state. The insects were captured weekly during December 2003 to November 2005, with Centers for Disease Control light traps at seven different sites including forests and residential areas. In total, 11,024 specimens (7,805 males and 3,219 females) were collected, from which 9,963 (90.38%) were identified as Lutzomyia longipalpis, the proven vector of American visceral leishmaniasis agent. The remaining 9.62% comprised 21 species. L. longipalpis was the most frequent species in all sampled sites, and the first in the ranking of standardized species abundance index. In residential areas this species clearly predominated in the peridomicile (90.96%), in contrast to the intradomicile (9.04%); in animal shelters, it was more numerous in hen houses and prevailed at ground level, inside, and at forest edge around the residences; this aspect is worrying because this insect may remain sheltered in forested environments during the use of insecticides in homes. In the forest environment, other probable or proven vector of cutaneous leishmaniasis agents were also captured such as Lutzomyia whitmani (=Nyssomyia whitmani, sensu Galati), Lutzomyia antunesi (=Nyssomyia antunesi, sensu Galati), and Lutzomyia flaviscutellata (=Bichromomyia flaviscutellata, sensu Galati). PMID:22308770

Oliveira, Alessandra Gutierrez; Galati, Eunice Aparecida Bianchi; Fernandes, Carlos Eurico; Dorval, Maria Elizabeth Cavalheiros; Brazil, Reginaldo Peçanha



Distribution and mineralogy of platinum-group elements in altered chromitites of the Campo Formoso layered intrusion (Bahia State, Brazil): control by magmatic and hydrothermal processes  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Polyphase, penetrative hydrothermal metasomatism in chromitites of the Campo Formoso layered intrusion produced spectacular chromite - ferrian chromite zoning and transformed the primary intercumulus silicates into a chlorite - serpentine - carbonate - talc assemblage. Alteration did not substantially modify the composition of chromite cores and the distribution of platinum-group elements (PGE) through the sequence of chromitite layers, which still are consistent with magmatic fractionation processes. Texture and composition of laurite and Os-Ir-Ru alloys included in chromite cores indicate that these PGM were not altered, and are probably magmaticin origin. In contrast, the PGM located in the intergranular chlorite matrix (laurite, Ir-Ru-Rh sulfarsenides and Pt-Pd compounds with Sb, Bi and Te) display evidence of hydrothermal reworking. These PGM are intimately intergrown with low-temperature Ni-sulfides. The paragenesis suggests that the Ni-sulfides-PGM assemblage formed at the expenses of unknown PGM precursors, which must have been originally present in the intercumulus silicate matrix. Mechanism of formation involves a sequence of dissolution-precipitation events controlled by variation of redox conditions during chromite alteration. The presence of a secondary ore mineral assemblage consisting of galena, bismuthinite, native antimony, and various Pb-Sb compounds suggests a possible contribution of fluids derived from the adjacent granite.

Garuti, G.; Proenza, J. A.; Zaccarini, F.



Environmental Impact in Sediments and Seawater due to Discharges of Ba, 226 Ra, 228 Ra, V, Ni and Pb by Produced Water from the Bacia de Campos Oil Field Offshore Platforms  

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Produced water samples from the Bacia de Campos oil field offshore Pargo and Pampo platforms were analyzed for Ba, 226 Ra, 228 Ra, V, Ni and Pb. The activity concentrations measured were in the range of 1.6-6.0 Bq\\/L for 226 Ra and 0.7-8.2 Bq\\/L for 228 Ra for both platforms. For Ba, V, Ni and Pb the concentrations measured were

Sergio F. Jerez Veguería; José M. Godoy; Norbert Miekeley



How does the crust thin during final rifting: evidence from the Bernina/Campo domain in the Central Alps (SE-Switzerland and N-Italy)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A long-standing problem in Earth Sciences is to understand how continents break apart to form new oceanic basins. Many of the questions that currently frame ongoing debates about continental break-up are related to the mechanics of extreme lithospheric extension. It is generally accepted that subcontinental mantle is exhumed at magma-poor rifted margins. However, much less attention has been paid to the processes that predate mantle exhumation. An increasing number of observations from magma-poor rifted margins show evidence for extreme crustal thinning to less than 10km without seismic evidence for significant normal faulting. This leads to the question of what structures/processes can explain such major crustal thinning and where and when are they active? The low resolution of the available offshore data and the small number of drill holes in present-day deep water rifted margins make it difficult to answer these questions. A more direct access to the sedimentary record of deep-water rifted margins and the underlying crustal and mantle rocks are exposed in the Alps in Western Europe. Remnants of the ancient Alpine Tethys rifted margins are well exposed and their paleogeographic evolution can be restored reasonably well. We initiated a research project in the Bernina/Campo domain in SE Switzerland, which exposes remnants of the fossil transition between the proximal and the distal/deep Adriatic margin, comparable with the necking zone in present-day magma-poor rifted margins. In the Bernina/Campo domain, primary, i.e. pre-Alpine contacts between sub-continental mantle, lower, middle and upper crustal rocks and pre-, syn- and post-rift sediments are locally preserved, which enables to unravel the structural, petrological and sedimentary evolution during extreme crustal thinning. Our results show that crustal thinning results from the interplay between detachment and decollement systems. The juxtaposition of pre-rift upper crustal rock against mafic lower crustal rocks in the most distal parts of the margin and the omission of the ductile quartzo-feldspatic middle crust in the necking zone suggests that extreme crustal thinning is strongly controlled by the rheological evolution of the extending lithosphere. The timing of extreme crustal thinning is well documented by the exhumation and cooling of mid to lower crustal rocks along low-angle detachment faults and their reworking in the syn-extensional sediments. The results show that the thinning of the continental crust is characterized by a system of conjugate crustal scale detachment systems along which the middle crust is omitted (necking zone). We believe that our results can help to better understanding the extreme thinning of the crust during final rifting as well as to better understand the rheological and isostastatic evolution of hyper-extended rifted margins.

Mohn, G.; Manatschal, G.; Masini, E.; Beltrando, M.; Muntener, O.; Kusznir, N. J.



Atomic-Scale Structure of Co–Mo–S Nanoclusters in Hydrotreating Catalysts  

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By means of scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), it has been possible to obtain the first atomic-scale images of the Co–Mo–S structure present in hydrodesulfurization (HDS) catalysts. Information on the catalytically important edge structures has been obtained by synthesizing single-layer Co–Mo–S nanoclusters using the Au(111) herringbone structure as a template. It is observed that the presence of the Co promoter atoms

J. V Lauritsen; S Helveg; E Lægsgaard; I Stensgaard; B. S Clausen; H Topsøe; F Besenbacher



Investigation of nanoindentation on Co\\/Mo multilayers by the continuous stiffness measurement technique  

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The mechanical properties of evaporated Co\\/Mo multilayers with periodicity of 4–16 nm were investigated. The microstructures of the films were analyzed using X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy. Continuous stiffness measurement technique was used in the nanoindentation tests to determine the hardness and elastic modulus of the films. A Hall–Petch-like behavior is observed in the Co\\/Mo multilayers, in which the

G. H. Yang; B. Zhao; Y. Gao; F. Pan



The Santa Terezinha-Campos Verdes emerald district, central Brazil: structural and Sm-Nd data to constrain the tectonic evolution of the Neoproterozoic Bras?´lia belt  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Structural analysis coupled with Sm-Nd isotope data and a detailed description of the geology of the Santa Terezinha-Campos Verdes emerald district (Goiás State, Central Brazil) constrain the evolution of the Neoproterozoic Bras?´lia belt. The area is composed of tectonic slices of Archean-Paleoproterozoic gneiss, a Meso-Neoproterozoic metavolcanic sedimentary sequence called the Santa Terezinha sequence, and crustal-derived intrusive rocks such as mylonitic (ortho)gneiss and a syntectonic porphyry granite. It underwent a Neoproterozoic greenschist facies polyphase ductile deformation (D 1-D 3). Structures indicate an event of rotational deformation along a typical frontal ramp dipping gently to the west (i.e. an event of simple shear with top to ESE relative regional movement due to a subhorizontal WNW-ESE compression). A Sm-Nd whole-rock isochron age of 577±77 Ma for the intrusive rocks constrains the timing of at least part of the deformation/metamorphism in the area. Primary and metamorphic planar structures (mainly D 1-D 2) strike SW-NE and dip at low to moderate angles to the NW in the northern part of the area. However, they gradually rotate to SSE in the central SE part, where the Peixe River synclinorium is developed. This synclinorium is also the nest of the D 2 sheath folds that control emerald ore shoots. The Santa Cruz dome is a basement-cored, major elliptic structure in the SW of the area. The Santa Terezinha sequence represents a back-arc basin that received input from the Neoproterozoic Goiás magmatic arc to the west and the São Francisco ancient continental margin to the east. The basal and upper sections of this sequence correlate, respectively, with other passive margin and back-arc sequences of the Bras?´lia belt.

D'el-Rey Silva, Luiz José Homem; Barros Neto, Leonel de Souza



Isotopic composition of xenon and krypton in silicate-graphite inclusions of the El Taco, Campo del Cielo, IAB iron meteorite  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Noble gases, extracted by temperature-stepped pyrolysis from acid-resistant silicate, schreibersite, and graphite residues of inclusions from the IAB iron meteorite El Taco (Campo del Cielo), have been analyzed for their isotopic composition. The concentrations of spallogenic (light) gases agree with previous data on adjacent specimens. Nominal feldspar and pyroxene fractions have lost up to 80% of their 3He during, or towards the end of, the exposure of El Taco to the cosmic radiation. In olivine the 3Ne/21Ne and NePNe ratios are as low as 2.18 ± 0.01 and 1.09 ± 0.03, respectively, presumably because the silicates were irradiated within a FeNi matrix under extremely heavy shielding. Argon, Kr, and Xe in the silicates are dominated by a trapped "planetary" component with 100 ? 36Ar/132Xe ? 700 and 1.7? 84Kr/132Xe ? 2.2 . Xenon released from the silicates at extraction temperatures > 1000°C is isotopically close to ureilite Xe, while the high- T Xe from graphite and schreibersite is unlike any of the presently well-established types of Xe. The isotopic composition of this Xe can be generated as a mixture of mass-fractionated U?Xe, with light isotopes depleted by (2.2 ± 0.1) % per atomic mass unit, and 244Pu?Xe. The fission component, 10% in the case of 136Xe, is not due to in situ-production; it must have been added prior to incorporation of the Xe into the El Taco parent body and presumably underwent the mass fractionation process together with U?Xe. From the silicates 127I( n, ?)-produced 128Xe ? and radiogenic 129Xe ? are released together, with the same 128Xe?/129Xe? ratio in nominal olivine, pyroxene, and feldspar although the maximum release from pyroxene occurs about 300°C higher than from feldspar. From this the cooling rate of silicates for the temperature range 1500-1200°C is deduced to be ?100°C per million years. The 80Kr/82Kr ratio of 79,81Br( n, ?)-produced 80,82Kr is 2.86 ± 0.04, in agreement with the value found in inclusions of the IAB Linwood but higher than observed in almost all stone meteorites.

Mathew, K. J.; Begemann, F.



XPS characterization of zirconium-promoted CoMo hydrodesulfurization catalysts  

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CoMo hydrodesulfurization catalysts (HDS) supported on mixed ZrO2-Al2O3 and ZrO2-SiO2 oxides have been prepared via a two-step impregnation using the incipient wetness method. The SBET method, X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) were used for characterization of the samples. Increasing the ZrO2 content decreases the surface areas and the pore volumes of supported CoMo catalysts. The effect of

S Damyanova; L Petrov; P Grange



Mesoporous molecular sieve MCM-41 supported Co–Mo catalyst for hydrodesulfurization of petroleum resids  

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In this work, we explored the potential of mesoporous zeolite-supported Co–Mo catalyst for hydrodesulfurization of petroleum resids, atmospheric and vacuum resids at 350–450°C under 6.9MPa of H2 pressure. A mesoporous molecular sieve of MCM-41 type was synthesized; which has SiO2\\/Al2O3 ratio of about 41. MCM-41 supported Co–Mo catalyst was prepared by co-impregnation of Co(NO3)2·6H2O and (NH4)6Mo7O24 followed by calcination and

Kondam Madhusudan Reddy; Boli Wei; Chunshan Song




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RESUMO - Na área de empréstimo da Ilha da Madeira (13 m de decapeamento) são desenvolvidos um conjunto de medidas conservacionistas desde 1993. Os resultados visuais são lentos e, como estratégia de agilizá-los, desenvolvemos um manejo paisagístico das bordaduras, onde o cinturão vegetal é composto por espécies arbustivas e arbóreas selecionadas em função de sua rusticidade, características plásticas individuais e

Magna Cunha; Ricardo VALCARCEL


Planificación urbana versus autoregulación: la ciudad de Fortaleza (Brasil) como tablero de juego de diferentes agentes  

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Fortaleza es una ciudad relativamente jóven en cuanto a su importancia como metrópoli regional, caracterizándose sobre todo en las últimas décadas por una muy fuerte dinámica demográfica, económica y política. En este contexto el espacio urbano se ha convertido en una mercancía de alto costo, disputada entre los intereses contradictorios de compañías influentes, especuladores inmobiliarios, políticos y el resto de

Waltraud Rosner; Ulli Vilsmaier



Surface chemistry of model CoMo catalysts supported on planar. gamma. -AlâOâ  

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We have done some TPD work on our planar model catalysts and a planar aluminium oxide support. Benzene did not adsorb on a planar alumina surface significantly. Benzene adsorbed on the sulfied planar Co-Mo model catalysts significantly and the desorption starts at 450 K. We could not get enough information from this set of data due to evaporated of SiOâ

T. Sahin; W. K. Ford



O papel dos Larídeos como portadores de Salmonella e Listeria spp  

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Resumo: Tal como noutros países, a população de gaivotas (larídeos) aumentou exponencialmente em Portugal. Para averi- guar as implicações na Saúde Pública deste sobrecrescimento, duzentas e oitenta e cinco amostras de fezes de gaivotas foram analisadas para dois agentes potencialmente patogénicos para o Homem, Salmonella spp. e Listeria sp. Isolou-se Salmonella sp em trinta e sete amostras (13%). Os serotipos

E. L. Duartea; M. M. Guerra; F. M. Bernardo; CIÊNCIAS VETERINÁRIAS


Topical observations on centric diatoms (Bacillariophyceae, Centrales) of Lake Como (N. Italy)  

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In 2001 a qualitative analysis of the centric diatoms in Lake Como was made. In this work 15 taxa of the genus of Stephanodis- cus, Cyclotella, Melosira, Aulacoseira and Stephanocostis were recorded. Among them the taxa Cyclotella pseudostelligera, C. comensis, C. comensis morphotype minima, C. costei, Stephanodiscus minutulus and Stephanocostis chantaicus were of special in- terest to us with regard




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1. Introdução Este estudo tem por objetivo fazer uma reflexão, sob a luz da análise do discurso da linha francesa, acerca do humor na literatura, mais precisamente, da linguagem transgressiva que se instaura no discurso literário-teatral em decorrência de fenômenos como ironia e paródia. Esse enfoque será norteado a partir da peça Calabar - o elogio da traição (1973), de

Manuella Felicíssimo


El desarrollo de la creatividad a través del proceso docente como problema social  

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El artículo tiene como propósito reflejar aspectos sobre el desarrollo de la creatividad en estudiantes de Educación Inicial del Programa Nacional de Formación de Educadores y Educadoras (PNFE). En tal sentido el Problema científico es ¿Cómo perfeccionar los modos de actuación en los estudiantes del PNFE? El Objetivo está dirigido a la Elaboración de una metodología para favorecer el desarrollo

Magaly Sarmiento Romero



Land subsidence and Late Glacial environmental evolution of the Como urban area (Northern Italy)  

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The Late Glacial and Holocene geological and environmental evolution of the Como lacustrine–palustrine basin has been broadly reconstructed based on (a) the collection and analysis of more than 100 borehole stratigraphies, (b) the drilling of three new shallow boreholes and the analysis of a new geological section and (c) several in situ and laboratory analyses (mineralogical, organic and pollen content,

Valerio Comerci; Sabrina Capelletti; Alessandro M. Michetti; Sabina Rossi; Leonello Serva; Eutizio Vittori



Pregadoras murshidat como agentes de mudança no Marrocos: uma perspectiva comparativa  

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Resumo As feministas marroquinas tem como objetivo promover posições de poder para as mulheres através da educação, da auto- consciência e do conhecimento de novos direitos legais; e também disseminando informações a respeito do novo código da família e do novo código trabalhista por meio de suas ONGs e grupos comunitários. O ativismo das mulheres contribuiu de maneira significativa para

Moha Ennaji



Un estudio exploratorio sobre el desarrollo de creencias sobre síntomas como señales de hipertensión arterial  

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Aunque la hipertensión arterial es un trastorno asintomático, muchos pacientes hipertensos están con- vencidos de experimentar síntomas indicadores de los cambios en su tensión arterial (TA), y los con- sejos y prescripciones médicas pueden verse afectados por estas creencias. Diversos estudios han mos- trado que los pacientes hipertensos usan con frecuencia síntomas como indicadores del estado de su tensión arterial

Genoveva Granados Gámez; Jesús Gil Roales-Nieto; José Luis; Ybarra Sagarduy



Hydrologic flowpaths and biogeochemical cycles in the subalpine Como Creek catchment, Colorado Front Range, USA  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

An outstanding question for snowmelt-dominated watersheds of the western US are the responses of biogeochemical processes to two major drivers of environmental change: directional changes in climate and increasing dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN) deposition in wetfall. In the Colorado Front Range, atmospheric deposition of DIN has increased several-fold in the last 25 years. In response, nitrate concentrations at the alpine Green Lakes 4 (GL4) catchment have increased from 1985 to 2009 by 0.27 ?eq L-1 yr-1. In contrast, we see no directional change in either nitrate concentrations or fluxes in the subalpine Como Creek catchment. We hypothesize that differences in surface/groundwater interactions result in the differing behavior of stream nitrate between the alpine and subalpine catchments that are receiving similar amounts of DIN from atmospheric deposition. For both basins we sampled precipitation, snowpack, snowmelt, surface water, and subsurface waters. All water samples are analyzed for geochemical, nutrient and isotopic (?18O, ?D) composition. Stream chemistry data from the last ten years at Como Creek show increases in nitrate concentration during baseflow conditions and then a sharp decline during snowmelt. In contrast, in the alpine basin there is sharp increase in surface water nitrate during snowmelt. Hydrograph separation at the alpine GL4 using end member mixing analysis (EMMA) shows that stream flow is a mixture of three components, groundwater, talus, and new snowmelt that each contribute to roughly a third of discharge, with talus flow supplying the majority of nitrate. In contrast, and somewhat surprisingly, EMMA shows that for the subalpine Como Creek basin, annual streamflow is a mixture of only two components, groundwater and new snowmelt. During snowmelt the groundwater and snow contributions are nearly equal and subsurface flows dominate the remainder of the year. Newly installed piezometers at Como Creek provide evidence that the basin is largely a losing reach during snowmelt, with water levels in the piezometers increasing 5-7 m. After peak snowmelt however, Como Creek becomes a gaining stream, with piezometer levels dropping. Thus, both EMMA and piezometers show that surface-groundwater interactions are tightly coupled during snowmelt, with snowmelt at Como first replenishing the subsurface water deficit and increasing groundwater levels before contributing to discharge. Thus, in contrast to the alpine GL4 basin, DIN released in snowmelt is assimilated belowground as snowmelt infiltrates the subsurface in the subalpine basin. Interestingly, at the subalpine Como Creek basin, isotopic and geochemical solute concentrations undergo shifts during periods of winter baseflow prior to snowmelt. In winter much of the stream is frozen and we hypothesize that cryo-concentration of solutes and fractionation of isotopes may influence the concentrations of winter stream samples.

Cowie, R. M.; Williams, M. W.; Zeliff, M. M.; Parman, J.



Trophic modifications in Lake Como (N. Italy) caused by the zebra mussel ( Dreissena polymorpha )  

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A large scale study on the western basin of Lake Como (N. Italy) was started in 1995 to examine the effects of the zebra mussel\\u000a colonization which began in early '90. Our results have been related to '91–92 data (pre-Dreissena period), before the maximum\\u000a colonization of zebra mussel. In spring and summer of the post-Dreissena period total phosphorus, P-PO4, nitrate

A. Binelli; A. Provini; S. Galassi



Megaturbidite deposits in the Holocene basin fill of Lake Como (Southern Alps, Italy)  

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For the first time, limnogeological investigations have been carried out in Lake Como, the deepest lake of the Alps, combining a bathymetric survey (multibeam Simrad 3000) with a high-resolution seismic reflection study (single-channel 3.5 kHz sub-bottom profiler) and a coring campaign (gravity corer). This data set enables detailed characterization of the sedimentary subsurface in the western branch of the lake, the

Daniela Fanetti; Flavio S. Anselmetti; Emmanuel Chapron; Michael Sturm; Luigina Vezzoli



Interseções entre cultura midiática, cibercultura e gamecultura: o Ragnarök como processo sociocomunicacional e mediador da conscientização ambiental  

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Os games on-line são estudados na atualidade como mídias interativas complexas. Neste artigo compreendemos os games on-line como resultados das relações entre a cultura midiática, cibercultura e gamecultura. Propomos demonstrar que sua finalidade está na socialização dos jogadores, nos \\

Igor Ramady; Lira de SOUSA; Henrique Paiva de MAGALHÃES



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Resumen: Revisión bibliográfica sobre el análisis de citas como método para el estudio del uso y las necesidades de información por parte de los investigadores como usuarios de bibliotecas. Una vez comparados los estudios locales basados en las publicaciones de los usuarios potenciales de una biblioteca con los estudios de análisis de citas basados en la bibliografía circulante a nivel

Cristóbal Urbano Salido



Hydrofining of Athabasca derived heavy gas oil over Ni-W and Co-Mo catalysts  

SciTech Connect

The hydrotreatment of heavy gas oil derived from Athabasca bitumen was studied in a trickle bed reactor over Ni-W and Co-Mo zeolite catalyst at 350-425/sup 0/C, 3.55 to 10.44 MPa, and LHSV of 1-4. The effects of temperature and liquid flow rates on the product were investigated. ASTM distillation, aniline point, viscosities and densities of the product oil were measured and correlated with various parameters. Activity of the catalysts for hydrodenitrogenation is compared.

Mann, R.S.; Diaz-real, R.



Characterization of K 2CO 3/Co-MoS 2 catalyst by XRD, XPS, SEM, and EDS  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

MoS 2, Co-MoS 2 and K 2CO 3/Co-MoS 2 catalysts have been characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). XRD analysis indicates that Co-MoS 2 is a primary phase in K 2CO 3/Co-MoS 2 catalyst and the diffraction lines of Co-MoS 2 are not changed by the addition of K 2CO 3. Co 9S 8 phase is not present at Co/Mo mole ratio of 0.5 using a co-precipitation method for preparation of cobalt-molybdenum catalyst. The binding energies (BEs) of chemical species present on the surface of the catalysts are compared through the course of catalyst preparation. K 2CO 3/Co-MoS 2 catalyst has been investigated as a function of dispersion of K on the surface and exposure to a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen (syngas) by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS). The distribution of potassium on the surface of the K-promoted catalyst is not uniform.

Iranmahboob, Jamshid; Hill, Donald O.; Toghiani, Hossein



A Utilização da Astronomia como Tema Interdisciplinar e Aplicações de Objetos de Aprendizagem  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Este trabalho visa analisar a possibilidade de relacionar conteúdos aplicados no ensino fundamental e médio de forma interdisciplinar por intermédio da astronomia, com a intervenção de objetos de aprendizagem que possam integrar as disciplinas e a utilização de recursos tecnológicos. Em uma pesquisa prévia com 20 professores de uma escola estadual situada na cidade de Guarulhos foi observado que apenas 25% dos professores utilizam algum recurso tecnológico para o desenvolvimento de conteúdos pertinentes à sua disciplina, tais como sites e softwares educativos, sendo que a maioria absoluta continua ensinando apenas com livros didáticos. A maior parte dos professores apresenta dificuldades em trabalhar sua disciplina de forma interdisciplinar, ou seja, 75% dos professores preferem aplicar os conteúdos seguindo uma hierarquia linear de tópicos, evitando a discussão de temas que de alguma forma estão relacionados. A astronomia pode vir à fascinar o ser humano e despertar sua curiosidade promovendo um maior interesse no aprendizado, podendo favorecer análises interdisciplinares de forma lógica e objetiva, desta forma colocar a astronomia como tema motivador interdisciplinar, pode ser relevante no que se refere ao distanciamento da fragmentação dos conteúdos. No Estado de São Paulo, a implantação da proposta curricular no ensino fundamental e médio mostra claramente a inserção da astronomia na maior parte das séries, principalmente na 6ª série em que todo o bimestre se fala de astronomia.

da Silva, L. A.; Voelzke, M. R.



IR study of the interaction of phenol with oxides and sulfided CoMo catalysts for bio-fuel hydrodeoxygenation  

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The adsorption of phenol on supported sulfide CoMo catalysts and on oxides is investigated using IR spectroscopy. On silica, phenol mainly interacts via hydrogen-bonding, whereas on alumina it dissociates on the acid–base pairs of this oxide leading to the formation of strongly adsorbed phenolates species. On a sulfided CoMo catalyst supported on alumina, phenol dissociates on the support but does

Andrey Popov; Elena Kondratieva; Jean-Pierre Gilson; Laurence Mariey; Arnaud Travert; Francoise Maugé



Co–Mo catalysts for ultra-deep HDS of diesel fuels prepared via synthesis of bimetallic surface compounds  

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The synthesis of bimetallic Co–Mo compounds from ammonium heptamolybdate, citric acid and cobalt acetate for the preparation of catalysts for the ultra-deep hydrodesulfurization (HDS) of diesel fuel is reported. The structure of the Co–Mo compounds formed in solution and on alumina surfaces was studied by 95Mo, 17O, 13C, and 27Al NMR, FTIR, Raman and XAS spectroscopy. It was found that

Oleg V. Klimov; Anastasiya V. Pashigreva; Martin A. Fedotov; Dmitri I. Kochubey; Yuri A. Chesalov; Galina A. Bukhtiyarova; Alexandr S. Noskov




PubMed Central

Introduccion La diabetes mellitus y las demencias constituyen dos problemas crecientes de salud entre la población adulta mayor del mundo y en particular de los paises en desarrollo. Hacen falta estudios longitudinales sobre el papel de la diabetes como factor de riesgo para demencia. Objetivo Determinar el riesgo de demencia en sujetos Mexicanos con diabetes mellitus tipo 2. Materiales y Metodos Los sujetos diabéticos libres de demencia pertenecientes al Estudio Nacional de Salud y Envejecimiento en México fueron evaluados a los dos años de la línea de base. Se estudió el papel de los factores sociodemográficos, de otras comorbilidades y del tipo de tratamiento en la conversión a demencia. Resultados Durante la línea de base 749 sujetos (13.8%) tuvieron diabetes. El riesgo de desarrollar demencia en estos individuos fue el doble (RR, 2.08 IC 95%, 1.59–2.73). Se encontró un riesgo mayor en individuos de 80 años y más (RR 2.44 IC 95%, 1.46–4.08), en los hombres (RR, 2.25 IC 95%, 1.46–3.49) y en sujetos con nivel educativo menor de 7 años. El estar bajo tratamiento con insulina incrementó el riesgo de demencia (RR, 2.83, IC 95%, 1.58–5.06). Las otras comorbilidades que aumentaron el riesgo de demencia en los pacientes diabéticos fueron la hipertensión (RR, 2.75, IC 95%, 1.86–4.06) y la depresión (RR, 3.78, 95% IC 2.37–6.04). Conclusión Los sujetos con diabetes mellitus tienen un riesgo mayor de desarrollar demencia, La baja escolaridad y otras comorbilidades altamente prevalentes en la población Mexicana contribuyen a la asociación diabetes-demencia.

Silvia, Mejia-Arango; Clemente, y Zuniga-Gil



La valoraciòn econòmica de bienes y servicios ambientales como herramienta estrategica para la conservaciòn y uso sostenible de los ecosistemas  

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Resumen El trabajo corresponde a un estudio piloto hacia la implementación de una metodología que permita aproximar el valor monetario de los Bienes y Servicios Ambientales (BSA) ofertados por un ecosistema hídrico, caso “Ciénaga de la Caimanera, municipio de Coveñas, departamento de Sucre-Colombia”, como herramienta estratégica para incentivar la conservación y uso sostenible de los ecosistemas. Avanzar en procesos de




Transformaciones en el Discurso sobre la Epidemia al VIH como una Epidemia Sexuada - Paradojas y Enigmas en la Respuesta Global  

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Así como el discurso sobre sexualidad experimentó la influencia central de los procesos técnicos y políticos generados por la epidemia, igualmente el discurso global sobre la epidemia de SIDA a lo largo de tres décadas ha sido marcado por estos momentos cambiantes en el discurso sobre la sexualidad y su diversidad. Desde un momento inicial en que el SIDA fue

Carlos F. Cáceres


Vientos estelares MHD en campos magnéticos difusivos  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This article generalizes the analytic class of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) solutions introduced by Low and Tsinganos (1986) for rotating, axisymmetric, steady stellar outflows embedded in partially open magnetic fields. The goal of this work is to analyze the case of finite conductivity plasmas, that is, diffusive fields, partially because the traditional infinite conductivity treatment (see, for example, Trussoni & Tsinganos, 1993; Rotstein & Ferro Fontán, 1995) leads to a vanishing equatorial velocity of the wind. This treatment introduces a new class of solutions basically because now surfaces of constant mass flux do not necessarily coincide with surfaces of constant magnetic flux. Say in other words, under the finite conductivity assumption velocity field is not necessarily parallel to magnetic field up to a rigid rotation of each individual flux surface, that is, magnetic and velocity fields are now decoupled. Nevertheless, the inclusion of diffusive fields and rotation still poses a mathematical formidable problem. For this reason some idealizations are needed in order to keep the treatment in an amenable level. But unlike the infinite conductivity analysis we can not, in this case, prescribe the magnetic field configuration, but to autoconsistently solve it as an unknown of the problem. On the other hand, we do not need now to fix the location of any singular ``point" (corresponding to the surfaces where the flow matches the velocity of three MHD modes) because magnetic and velocity fields are precisely decoupled. In a first step, some simple although plausible flux distributions are analyzed, as well as the thermodynamics of the problem.

Rotstein, N.


Electrochemical stability of Co-Mo intermetallic compound electrodes for hydrogen oxidation reaction in hot KOH solution  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In order to obtain a hydrogen electrode with high-performance and stability for H 2-O 2 alkaline fuel cells, Brewer-type Co-Mo alloys are manufactured in the 35 to 57 wt.% Mo composition range by an arc-melting method. The electrochemical stability of alloys composed of Co 3Mo and Co 7Mo 6 phases is investigated in hot KOH solution deaerated with N 2 gas by means of electrochemical methods such as cyclic voltammetry, potentiostatic polarization and potentiodynamic polarization. Co-Mo alloy is extensively dissolved because the cobalt in alloy is soluble in hot KOH solution. The dissolution current of the alloys increases with increasing electrolyte temperature, electrolyte concentration and Mo content in the alloy.

Lee, Chang Rae; Kang, Sung Goon


Factors Affecting the use of Dreissena polymorpha as a Bioindicator: the PCB Pollution in Lake Como (N. Italy)  

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The aim of this study was to assess the PCB pollutionof the South-Western branch of Lake Como by using thezebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) as abioindicator since its recent reintroduction. Someenvironmental and physiological variables influencingaccumulation processes of organochlorine compounds inDreissena were investigated because climaticfactors may affect life cycle, reproductive stage andage. PCB levels were highest in the soft tissues ofDreissena close

A. Binelli; S. Galassi; A. Provini



A computa»c~ao numerica como ferramenta para o professor de F¶‡sica do Ensino Medio  

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A proposta deste trabalhoe apresentar ao professor de F¶‡sica do ensino medio uma forma de empregar recur- sos computacionais para esclarecer e aprofundar conceitos de F¶‡sica que s~ao explorados de forma limitada por n~ao se poder recorrer ao Calculo Diferencial e Integral. O p^endulo simplese usado como prototipo para o trata- mento sugerido. Mostramos que apenas com o aux¶‡lio de

Augusto Cesar; Claudio Gon; Marcus Vinicius; Tovar Costa



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This work presents the analysis of data collected during the accomplishment of a field research in that the technologies of the information and communication were used as education resource for the introductory teaching of the Physics of the Sound. The research was carried through in a public school of average education of the city of Campo Grande, in Mato Grosso

Rodrigo Claudino Diogo; Shirley Takeco Gobara




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Resumo: O texto discute questões relacionadas à formação inicial no curso de licenciatura em Artes Visuais na Faculdade de Artes do Paraná, focando-se nas percepções das alunas sobre as aulas de arte nos espaços escolares e seus estágios curriculares. Entende-se a formação inicial como parte do processo de profissionalização, na qual é possível perceber a maneira como os alunos pensam

Sônia Tramujas Vasconcellos


Hydrotreatment of Athabasca bitumen derived gas oil over Ni-Mo, Ni-W, and Co-Mo catalysts  

SciTech Connect

The hydrotreatment of Athabasca bitumen derived heavy gas oil containing 4.08% S and 0.49% N was carried out in a trickle bed reactor over Ni-W, Ni-Mo, and Co-Mo catalysts supported on zeolite-alumina-silica at 623-698 K, LHSV of 1-4, gas flow rate 890 m[sup 3][sub H2]/m[sup 3][sub oil] (5,000 sef/bbl), and pressure of 6.89 MPa. Analyses for viscosity, density, aniline point, ASTM mid boiling point distillation, C/H ratio, and percentage of N and S in the final product were carried out to characterize the product oil. The amounts of N and S removed indicated the hydrodenitrogenation and hydrodesulfurization activity of the catalysts. Results of zeolite-alumina-silica-supported catalysts are compared to those obtained with commercially available Ni-Mo, Ni-W, and Co-Mo on [gamma]-alumina. Ni-Mo supported on zeolite-alumina-silica was most active and could remove as much as 99 % S and 89% N present in the oil at 698 K. The data for HDN and HDS fitted the pseudo first order model. The kinetic model is described in detail.

Diaz-Real, R.A.; Mann, R.S.; Sambi, I.S. (Univ. of Ottawa, Ontario (Canada). Dept. of Chemical Engineering)



Comparing the hydrodesulfurization reaction of thiophene on ?-Al 2 O 3 supported CoMo, NiMo and NiW sulfide catalysts  

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The thiophene hydrodesulfurization (HDS) reaction on ?-Al2O3 supported CoMo, NiMo and NiW sulfide catalysts was compared in order to gain insight into the promoter effect on direct desulfurization\\u000a (DDS) and hydrogenation (HYD) pathways. Ni-promoted Mo (or W) sulfide catalysts favor the hydrogen transfer reactions relative\\u000a to CoMo sulfide catalyst, which facilitates the direct route instead. This different performance and also

Sergio L. González-Cortés




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Dicen Larsen- Freeman y Long (1991) que las premisas básicas para un experimento son que todos los factores excepto uno sean constantes para poder comprobar el efecto de ese factor sobre el fenómeno que se inves- tiga, y que se cuente con dos criterios esenciales: primero, que haya al me- nos dos grupos incluidos en el estudio, uno de control

Guadalupe Ruiz Fajardo



Como funciona un extintor  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

In this Spanish-language chemistry activity, learners use simple materials to explore how fire extinguishers work to put out fires. Safety note: this activity involves the use of a small candle with a burning flame.

Figueroa, Randall; Foundation, Cientec



Phytoplankton assemblage structure and dynamics as indicator [-2pt] of the recent trophic and biological evolution of the western basin of Lake Como (N. Italy)  

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We studied the phytoplankton assemblage of the western basin of Lake Como (Northern Italy) during 1997. The phytoplankton assemblage was composed of 65 taxa, belonging to six taxonomic groups. Chlorophyta were represented by the highest number of taxa (28) followed by Bacillariophyceae (17), Cyanoprokaryota (9), Dinophyceae (6), Chrysophyceae (3) and Cryptophyta (2). The total assemblage density and biomass ranged from

R. Bettinetti; G. Morabito; A. Provini



Un estudio de los Institutos Nacionales de la Salud indica que dos dosis de vacuna contra los VPH pueden proteger tanto como el tratamiento completo

Dos dosis de Cervarix, la vacuna contra virus del papiloma humano (VPH), fueron tan efectivas como la pauta normal actual de tres dosis después de cuatro años de seguimiento. El estudio de vacuna en Costa Rica, patrocinado por el NCI, fue diseñado para evaluar la eficacia de Cervarix en una población determinada.


Respeito às Normas e Crescimento Econômico: Como Promotores Públicos Garantem o Cumprimento das Leis e Promovem o Crescimento Econômico no Brasil  

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Esta pesquisa examina como os membros do Ministério Público (MP) brasileiro conseguem que empresas instaladas em território nacional cumpram com a legislação trabalhista e ambiental sem perder a competitividade. Nos casos analisados, promotores e procuradores percebem que os gargalos que dificultam o cumprimento da lei estão freqüentemente fora das empresas infratoras e de suas respectivas cadeias de valor, e que,

Salo Vinocur Coslovsky



Extended x-ray absorption fine structure determination of the structure of cobalt in carbon-supported Co and Co-Mo sulfide hydrodesulfurization catalysts  

SciTech Connect

The structure of the cobalt present in carbon-supported Co and Co-Mo sulfide catalysts was studied by means of x-ray absorption spectroscopy at the Co K-edge and by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). Thiophene hydrodesulfurization activities were used to measure the catalytic properties of these catalysts. By comparison of the EXAFS and XANES spectra of the catalysts with those of Co{sub 9}S{sub 8} and CoS{sub 2} model compounds, it was concluded that all Co atoms in a catalyst prepared with nitrilotriacetic acid as complexing agent were in the Co-Mo-S state, while the Co atoms in a conventionally prepared catalyst were partly present in a Co{sub 9}S{sub 8}-like structure and partly in a Co-Mo-S structure. The Co atoms in the Co-Mo-S state have a distorted 5- to 6-fold sulfur coordination, and on the average, every Co atom is in contact with two Mo atoms at a distance of 2.80 {angstrom}. On the basis of these data, the most likely position for the Co atoms is in front of the square sulfur faces of the MoS{sub 6} trigonal prisms along the edges of the MoS{sub 2} crystallites with two additional sulfur atoms or H{sub 2}S molecules attached.

Bouwens, S.M.A.M.; Koningsberger, D.C.; de Beer, V.H.J.; Prins, R. (Eindhoven Univ. of Technology (Netherlands)); van Veen, J.A.R. (Koninklijke/Shell-Laboratorium, Amsterdam (Netherlands))



Effect of the nature of the additives of metal cations (Sr, Ba, and La) on the properties of CoMo hydrodesulfurization catalysts  

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The effect of the nature of the support modified with the ions of alkaline earth and rare earth elements (Sr, Ba, and La)\\u000a on the properties of Co-Mo catalysts for the hydrodesulfurization of dibenzothiophene (DBT), 4-methyldibenzothiophene (4-MDBT),\\u000a and 4,6-dimethyldibenzothiophene (4,6-DMDBT) was studied using a set of physicochemical and catalytic techniques. It was found\\u000a that the introduction of modifying additives decreased

E. V. Korneeva; A. S. Ivanova; G. A. Bukhtiyarova; P. V. Aleksandrov; V. I. Zaikovskii; I. P. Prosvirin; A. S. Noskov



Low-cost and high-performance CoMoS4 and NiMoS4 counter electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells.  


Porous chalcogels CoMoS4 and NiMoS4 made by a facile solution reaction displayed good electrocatalytic activity in the redox reaction of the I(-)/I3(-) shuttle. Dye-sensitized solar cells with these ternary compounds as counter electrodes (CEs) showed photovoltaic performance similar to the devices made with noble metal platinum CE (7.46%). PMID:24022304

Zheng, Xiaojia; Guo, Jiahao; Shi, Yantao; Xiong, Fengqiang; Zhang, Wen-Hua; Ma, Tingli; Li, Can




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Resumen Desde los años setenta y hasta la fecha muchos países han experimentado crisis bancarias. Estos fenómenos, que han sido ocasionados por un conjunto de factores macro y microeconómicos, tanto internos como externos, se han dado tanto en países desarrollados como en países en vías de desarrollo, demostrado la fragilidad del sistema financiero ante el crecimiento explosivo del volumen de

Mónica Isabel; López Cardoza


Effect of heat treatment on the crystalline structure of martensite in iron-, nickel-, manganese- and silicon-doped Co-W and Co-Mo alloys  

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X-ray investigation of the crystalline structure of martensite of Co-W-Fe, Co-Mo (Fe, Ni, Mn, Si) single crystals is performed after quenching and preliminary aging in [alpha] and [beta] phases. Continuous decomposition of a and [beta] solid solutions at aging at temperatures 500 700C is observed. In Fe- and Ni-doped alloys the multilayer martensite polytypes are formed. In Co-Mo-Fe and Co-Mo-Ni single crystals such polytypes are found at the satellite stages of decomposition.

Nikolin, B.I.; Babkevich, A.Yu.; Izdkovskaya, T.V.; Petrova, S.N. (Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Vernadsky, (Ukraine). Institute of Metal Physics)



Novel Au/La2O3 and Au/La2O2SO4 catalysts for the water-gas shift reaction prepared via an anion adsorption method.  


An anion-adsorption technique in which [Au(OH)(4)](-) is preferentially adsorbed onto La(2)O(3) and La(2)O(2)SO(4) surfaces is used to prepare two catalysts active for the low-temperature water-gas shift reaction. PMID:22498919

Lessard, Joseph D; Valsamakis, Ioannis; Flytzani-Stephanopoulos, Maria



Fibromialgia: o que é, como diagnosticar e como acompanhar?  

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SUMMARY The main objective of this article is to review the clinical characteristics, diagnóstic criteria and follow up methods of the fibromyalgia syndrome. The author also presents a brief historical review of the knowledge on this syndrome. It is also commented the necessity of this knowledge divulgation in order to obtain early diagnosis to improve the patients quality of life.

José Eduardo Martinez


Influence of the Additives and The pH On the Cobalt-Molybdenum (Co-Mo) Alloy Electrodeposited On n-TypeSilicon  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In this work, thin films of metal alloys (Co-Mo) have been electrodeposited onto silicon (Si) surface. The effects of two different additives (H3BO3 and Na2CO3) and the pH of the solution on the electrochemically deposited films (morphology, stochiometry…) have been investigated. The properties of the deposits were characterized by using X-Rays Diffraction (XRD), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS). The results show that the morphology and the film composition depend on both the pH of the solution and the additives. The presence of boric acid favors the Mo deposition. Crack-free homogeneous deposits with a low percentage of molybdenum can be easily obtained from high pH bath. The deposits were shown to exhibits a good crystalline structure.

Fekih, Z.; Ghellai, N.; Fortas, G.; Chiboub, N.; Sam, S.; Chabanne-sari, N. E.; Gabouze, N.


Tal Como Somos/just as we are: an educational film to reduce stigma toward gay and bisexual men, transgender individuals, and persons living with HIV/AIDS.  


In this article, the authors describe the development and dissemination of a film-based educational intervention to reduce negative attitudes toward gay and bisexual men, transgender women, and people living with HIV/AIDS in Latino communities, with a focus on youth. The intervention, Tal Como Somos/Just as We Are, is based on stigma and attribution theories, extensive formative research, and community input. Evaluation findings among educators and school youth suggest the film has the potential to effectively influence attitudes toward gay and bisexual men, transgender women, and people living with HIV/AIDS. The film and intervention are being disseminated using diffusion of innovations theory through community-based organizations, schools, television broadcasting, and film festivals. PMID:24377496

Ramirez-Valles, Jesus; Kuhns, Lisa M; Manjarrez, Dianna



La biodiversidad como recurso estratégico  

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Con los nuevos desarrollos y avances ocurridos en los últimos años, vinculados al conocimiento genético, que motivaron que se desarrollara la lectura e interpretación del genoma humano, y que detonaron todo un sin fin de estudios (que se venia realizando a desde tiempos atrás), en los seres vivos del planeta principalmente animales y plantas, posicionaron a la biodiversidad de todo

Edgar Talledos Sánchez



Structure of the molybdenum sulfide phase in carbon-supported Mo and Co-Mo sulfide catalysts as studied by extended x-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy  

SciTech Connect

The structure and dispersion of the active phase present in carbon-supported Mo and Co-Mo sulfide catalysts were studied by means of Mo K-edge EXAFS. In situ EXAFS measurements were carried out at liquid N{sub 2} temperature on freshly sulfided (at 673 K) catalysts. Due to the high signal-to-noise ratio of the experimental data, detailed information about the structural parameters of the active phase could be obtained. The catalysts probably consist of small MoS{sub 2}-like particles with an average local ordered structure of 5-6 Mo atoms (Mo/C) and 7-8 Mo atoms (Co-Mo/C). Comparison with literature data shows that the MoS{sub 2} dispersion in these carbon-supported catalysts is probably as good as in their alumina-supported counterparts. A detailed EXAFS data analysis shows the presence of carbon neighbors next to the Mo atoms in both catalysts with a Mo-C coordination distance of 2.1 {plus minus} 0.1 {angstrom}.

Bouwens, S.M.A.M.; Prins, R.; de Beer, V.H.J.; Koningsberger, D.C. (Eindhoven Univ. of Technology (Netherlands))



Thermal effects on Co/Mo2C multilayer mirrors studied by soft x-ray standing wave enhanced photoemission spectroscopy  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Here is presented the spectroscopic study of the evolution of the first buried interfaces of a B4C capped Co/Mo2C multilayer mirror induced by thermal treatment up to 600°C. This kind of study is typically performed to simulate the response of multilayer optics working in extreme conditions, as for instance when irradiated by new high brilliance sources as Free Electron Lasers. In fact, the efficiency of multilayers is related to the optical contrast between the alternating high and low density layers, and then to the degree of interdiffusion and the creation or evolution of interface compounds. The analysis has been performed at the Co L23 edge with different soft x-ray spectroscopic techniques including diffuse and specular reflectivity, total electron and fluorescent yield at the BEAR beamline at Elettra (Trieste) ( The presentation is focused on the spectroscopic results obtained by soft x-ray standing wave enhanced photoemission (XSW) from the Mo 3d, B 1s, C 1s, O 1s core levels by using a photon energy close to the Co L23 edge and corresponding to the first Bragg peak of the multilayer. The experimental results have been compared with simulations to obtain information both on the chemical state (e.g. oxidation state) and interface morphology in terms of profiles of distribution of elements and interdiffusion of B, oxidized B and C in the interface region. In summary, it is possible to conclude in favour of a good stability of the multilayer in the investigated temperature range, as confirmed by the good performance in terms of reflectivity. These results confirm the usefulness of XSW for this kind analysis of multilayer optics.

Giglia, A.; Mukherjee, S.; Mahne, N.; Nannarone, S.; Jonnard, P.; Le Guen, K.; Yuan, Y.-Y.; André, J.-M.; Wang, Z.-S.; Li, H.-C.; Zhu, J.-T.



La mosca blanca Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) como plaga y vectora de virus en fríjol común (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) The whitefly Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) as pest and vector of plant viruses of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)  

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2 Resumen. La mosca blanca Bemisia tabaci es una de las plagas más ampliamente distribuidas en regiones tropicales y subtropicales del mundo donde afecta más de 600 especies de plantas cultiva- das y silvestres. Los daños que causa se deben a diversos efectos del insecto en las plantas atacadas, como el debilitamiento de la planta por la extracción de nutrientes;




Dinámica del sistema agroforestal de chagras como eje de la producción indígena en el Trapecio Amazónico (Colombia) Chagras' agroforestal system dynamics as the basis for indigenous production in the Amazonian Trapezium (Colombia)  

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Resumen: La tradición indígena, la pertenencia a la cuenca Amazónica y la cercanía a un importante centro urbano como Leticia (Amazonas, Colombia) son factores que aportan elementos característicos al sistema de producción de Ciudad Jitoma y lo dife- rencian de otras formas de producción indígena y no-indígena, incluso dentro de la misma región ama- zónica. En el presente estudio se

Luz Amparo Triana-Moreno; Nohra Cecilia Rodríguez; Jesús García


De Mestre Valentim a Roberto Burle Marx: los jardines históricos brasileros  

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A América nasceu sobre o signo do paraíso perdido no imaginário do europeu, navegador e renascentista. O novo território prestou-se como um campo de experimentação, os conquistadores dominaram seus nativos, organizaram cidades e campos, e na dialética das culturas, criou-se o laboratório americano. No clássico confronto entre civilização e natureza, o território brasileiro acomodou peculiares experimentações, as quais valeriam descrever

Hugo Segawa; Guilherme Mazza Dourado


Temperature and Doping Dependence of Andreev Reflection in Au/La2-XSrxCuO4 Point-Contact Junctions  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We performed point-contact experiments on high-quality La2-xSrxCuO4 polycrystalline samples with 0.116 ? x ? 0.186 by using very sharp Au tips (~ 2?m of diameter). In most cases we observed conductance curves indicating the occurrence of Andreev reflection. The stability of the contact allowed us to study the temperature dependence of these curves up to Tc. The well reproducible results give no evidence of a pseudogap even in the underdoped samples. We fitted the curves at various temperatures by using the generalized BTK model by Tanaka and Kashiwaya allowing for different symmetries of the order parameter, and we obtained the best fit in the (s+d)-wave case. All the symmetries give similar values of the isotropic component of the gap ?is, which, at low temperature, is always greater than the anisotropic one ?an and has a different behaviour in temperature. In the overdoped region, ?is obtained from Andreev reflection almost coincides with the gap determined by quasiparticle tunneling or ARPES. In the under-doped regime the Andreev gap decreases with x, while, following recent measurements, the gap measured by ARPES rapidly increases at the lowering of x. These results seem to confirm in LSCO the hypothesis, recently appeared in literature, of the existence of two distinct energy scales, one associated with the pair formation and the other related to the achievement of the phase coherence in the condensate.

Gonnelli, R. S.; Calzolari, A.; Daghero, D.; Natale, L.; Ummarino, G. A.; Stepanov, V. A.; Ferretti, M.


Evaluacion de la Interaccion Adulto-Nino en Aulas Pre-escolares de Concepcion, Chile. [Evaluation Adult-Child Interaction in Preschool Classrooms of Concepcion, Chile.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Presents findings from investigation of the validity of the Arnett Caregiver Interaction Scale, CIS (1989), in preschools in Concepcion, Chile. Demonstrates the reliability and validity of the scale to evaluate the interaction of the childhood educator with young children, suggesting changes to the scale. Notes differences found for school type.…

Mathiesen De G., Maria Elena; Herrera G., Maria Olivia; Villalon B., Malva; Suzuky S., Emy



Como Lo Hago Yo: Lipomas Medulares  

PubMed Central

Basados en la experiencia de 82 casos; en 5% se observaron anomalías pélvicas asociadas. En los menores de 3 años el motivo de consulta (85%) fue la tumoración. En los mayores de 3 años (42%) tenía problemas neurológicos. Solo el 24% preocupados por la tumoración. El objetivo de la cirugía es desanclar la médula y no remover la totalidad del lipoma. El lipoma de filum es el que es mas simple para operar. Aún cuando la escuela francesa propone operar solamente cuando hay síntomas favorezco cirugía preventiva. Favorezco una segunda cirugía si hay signos de anclaje postoperatorio, aún cuando observamos empeoramiento postoperatorio motor en 2.5% de los operados y urológico a largo plazo en 6% de los operados.

Portillo, Santiago



Textile wastewater reuse in northern italy (COMO)  

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An extensive research programme has been carried out on advanced treatment of secondary effluents discharged by centralized activated sludge treatment plants fed on mixed textile\\/domestic effluents in order to produce a final effluent suitable for reuse in the textile factories. Activated carbon adsorption or membrane filtration (ranging from microfiltration to reverse osmosis) have been investigated at pilot plant scale in

A. Rozzi; F. Malpei; L. Bonomo; R. Bianchi



Particle-associated contaminants in street dust, parking lot dust, soil, lake-bottom sediment, and suspended and streambed sediment, Lake Como and Fosdic Lake watersheds, Fort Worth, Texas, 2004  

USGS Publications Warehouse

A previous study by the U.S. Geological Survey of impaired water bodies in Fort Worth, Texas, reported elevated but variable concentrations of particle-associated contaminants (PACs) comprising chlorinated hydrocarbons, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and trace elements in suspended and bed sediment of lakes and streams affected by urban land use. The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the City of Fort Worth, collected additional samples during October 2004 to investigate sources of PACs in the watersheds of two impaired lakes: Lake Como and Fosdic Lake. Source materials and aquatic sediment were sampled and analyzed for PACs. Source materials sampled consisted of street dust and soil from areas with residential and commercial land use and parking lot dust from sealed and unsealed parking lots. Aquatic sediment sampled consisted of bottom-sediment cores from the two lakes and suspended and streambed sediment from the influent stream of each lake. Samples were analyzed for chlorinated hydrocarbons (organochlorine pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, major and trace elements, organic carbon, grain size, and radionuclides.

Wilson, Jennifer T.; Van Metre, Peter C.; Werth, Charles J.; Yang, Yanning



Codigo de calculo de campos magneticos FLINESH. (FLINESH computer code for magnetic fields calculation).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This paper describes the 'FLINESH' computer code for magnetic fields calculation developed for the simulation of field configurations in plasma magnetic confinement devices. The expressions for the poloidal field and flux, the program structure and the in...

C. S. Shibata A. Montes R. M. O. Galvao



Pesticide Safety for Farmworkers (Uso Seguro de Pesticidas para los Trabajadores del Campo).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The manual was developed as a supplemental guide to the Farmworkers Pesticide Safety Training slide-tape program. The manual provides basic pesticide safety information for farmworkers including: pesticide label information, protective clothing, recognizi...

B. Poli S. S. Fluker



La epigenética y los estudios en gemelos en el campo de la psiquiatría  

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SUMMARY The sequence of the human genome integrates the keystone of our life. Part of it is transcribed to RNA, which in turn provides the information required by our cells to produce proteins. Discoveries in the genetics field have been essential to medicine and have been used to develop strategies to modify, prevent and propose new therapeutic approaches for human

Adriana Estrella González Ramírez; Alejandro Díaz Martínez; Adriana Díaz-Anzaldúa



Produccion y Uso de Gliricidia: Manual de Campo (Gliricidia Production and Use).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Winrock International and the Nitrogen Fixing Tree Association (NFTA) have published NFTA's popular field manual Gliricidia Production and Use (Produccion y Uso de Gliricidia) in Spanish. Gliricidia is a versatile, fast-growing nitrogen fixing tropical tr...

J. Brewbaker P. Cheeke N. Glover C. Hughes D. Kass M. Kass B. Seibert J. Stewart J. Sumberg F. Wiersum



Notarios y agricultores: Crecimiento y atraso en el campo mexicano, 1780–1920  

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In 1909, with Mexico on the verge of revolution, a public notary from the central-plateau town of Jilotepec published a book that would deeply influence the tenor and tone of national resource policy in the twentieth century. Andres Molina Enriquez's Los Grandes Problemas Nacionales set forth a scathing critique of the hacienda system, faulting its feudalistic tendencies, venal landlords, and

Jeff M. Banister



A diarrheal diseases control program among Nicaraguan refugee children in Campo Luna, Honduras.  


A pilot study was planned and carried out in a Nicaraguan refugee camp in Honduras during November and December 1978 in an effort to reduce the incidence of severe dehydration among diarrheal patients arriving at the health center and to determine whether or not an auxiliary with limited training could correctly triage and supervise oral rehydration of children with diarrheal diseases. 71 refugee children arriving at the Camp Luna Health Center with mild or moderate diarrhea were admitted to the study. Diagnoses and assessments of dehydration were performed by a trained nurse auxiliary solely on the basis of the following clinical signs: decreased skin turgor; sunken eyes or fontanel; rapid, faint, or irregular radial pulse; diminished urine output; dry mucosa; and general appearance. Mothers were provided with 2 liters of "Oralyte" solution and were instructed to administer as much solution to the children as they could tolerate, beginning with an initial regimen of 200cc every 3-4 hours. Breastfeeding was encouraged. The auxiliary demonstrated how to correctly prepare and use the solution. 83% of the cases occurred in children younger than age 2, 66 of the 71 children completed the course of treatment, and 52 (80%) were completely asymptomatic at discharge. 12 were fully rehydrated but had persistent mucoid stools; 1 was discharged despite continued vomiting; and 1 was referred to a hospital. Overall, the study underscored the need to educate mothers regarding diarrheal disease and the proper use of oral rehydration. The study demonstrated that with proper instruction and supervision mothers can successfully deliver oral rehydration therapy to their children in a field setting. PMID:7236934

Isaza, P; de Quinteros, Z T; Pineda, E; Parchment, C; Aguilar, E; McQuestion, M J



Model Programs: Compensatory Education. The Juan Morel Campos Bilingual Center, Chicago, Illinois.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The bilingual program described in this booklet offers intermediate-grade English and Spanish instruction to Spanish-speaking children from an economically disadvantaged neighborhood in one of Chicago's largest school districts. The descriptive information presented here concerns context and objectives, necessary personnel, educational…

National Center for Educational Communication (DHEW/OE), Washington, DC.


Recursive Analysis of the Geomagnetic Vector Field Calculo Recursivo Do Vetor Campo Geomagnetico.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

A computer program to evaluate the geomagnetic field components in geographic reference systems by using the Gauss model of order and degree 10 and with the International Geomagnetic Reference Field Coefficients 1980 is presented. The algorithm is recursi...

R. V. D. F. Lopes V. Carrara H. K. Kuga V. M. Demedeiros




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Hydrogen induced fracture (HIF) plays an important role in the performance of cold-drawn prestressing steel wires in harsh environments. To this end, the knowledge of residual stresses and plastic strains in wires due to cold-drawing, as well as of wires hydrogenation from harsh environments are the keys to successful predictions of wire lives. This paper advances previous analyses of HIF

V. Kharin; J. G. Ballesteros; J. A. Blanco; D. Vergara; J. Toribio


A indústria petroquímica no próximo século: como substituir o petróleo como matéria-prima?  

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THE PETROCHEMICAL INDUSTRY IN THE NEXT CENTURY: HOW TO REPLACE PETROLEUM AS RAW MATERIAL. The world reserves of petroleum will finish in about 100 years. For a tropical country like Brazil, biomass will be the natural substitute for petroleum. For the best utilization of biomass, it first needs to be separated into its principal components: cellulose, hemicelluloses, lignins, vegetable and

Ulf Schuchardt; Marcelo L. Ribeiro; Adilson R. Gonçalves



eVALUACiÓn deL eFeCto ReSidUAL deL teMePHoS en LARVAS de Aedes aegypti en LiMA, PeRÚ  

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ReSUMen El temephos ha sido usado como la única estrategia de control para Aedes aegypti en Lima durante los últimos años. Objetivo: EvaluarlaeficaciaresidualdetemephosparaelcontroldeAe. aegypti en condiciones de campo y laborato- rio en Lima, Perú. Materiales y métodos: Se eligieron ocho tanques bajos de concreto (TBC) depósitos predominan- temente infestados con Ae. aegypti en el distrito de San Juan de Lurigancho,

Miriam Palomino S; Lely Solari; Walter León C; Rosario Vega H; Máximo Vergaray C; Luis Cubillas; Rosa Mosqueda C; Norma García A


El trabajo político e ideológico en la universidad cubana de hoy. El socialismo en las nuevas condiciones del siglo XXI: una opción viable  

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Un objetivo de primer orden en todos los años de Revolución ha sido lograr en los graduados universitarios la formación integral de un profesional revolucionario. Los cambios operados en la situación internacional después del derrumbe del campo socialista y la desaparición de la URSS así como el incremento de la agresividad económica e ideológica del gobierno de Estados Unidos y

Anay Pulgarón Ramos



A new estimate of the negro population and negro vital rates in the united states, 1930–60  

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\\u000a Resumen  El análisis demogárafico de la población negra de los Estados Unidos se ha dificultado debido a que las estadísticas censales\\u000a y vitales se conocen como incompletas y sesgadas. Como resultado de un alfabetismo creciente, mayor bienestar económico y\\u000a una calidad mejor del trabajo de campo del censo con respecto a la población negra, el recuento del Censo de 1960 parece

Donald J. Bogue; Bhaskar D. Misra; D. P. Dandekar



Radiación acústica por superficies planas: aplicación a altavoces  

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En los sistemas de reproducción sonora es habitual la utilización de altavoces dinámicos. Sin embargo,\\u000aen aplicaciones específicas, puede ser necesaria y\\/o conveniente la utilización de altavoces alternativos con\\u000asuperficies planas como diafragma, como los electrostáticos o los basados en la tecnología NXT© . Estos\\u000aaltavoces generan el campo acústico mediante la vibración de una superficie rectangular. Se puede suponer,

Jesús Alba Fernández; Jaime Ramis Soriano; Víctor Espinosa; Víctor Sánchez



Observaciones de campo sobre la biologia de Metriona elatior (Col.: Chrysomelidae) en Solanum elaeagnifolium (Solanaceae) del uruguay  

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\\u000a Abstract  Field observations on the biology ofMetriona elatior (Col.: Chrysomelidae) onSolanum elaeagnifolium (Solanaceae) from Uruguay.\\u000a \\u000a Specimens ofMetriona elatior were found feeding on leaves of the silverleaf nightshade,Solanum elaeagnifolium, from the eastern of Uruguay since 1984. According to a field study the young leaves were skeletonized since spring to early\\u000a autumn by larvae and adults. Oothecae and pupae were found mainly on

R. Ponce de Leon; E. Morelli; P. Gonzalez Wainer



Análisis de los métodos de cálculo de la conductividad hidráulica saturada de campo medida con permeámetro Guelph  

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measurements at 15 cm were done with a Guelph permeameter in a 19.75 ha catchment located in Lugo, using two constant head levels (5 and 10 cm) under differents land uses: grassland, cropland, forest and scrubland. Richards' method is generally used to calculate the field saturated hydraulic conductivity (Kfs), but invalid (negative) values are obtained in some cases. Other methods

J. Dafonte Dafonte; M. Valcárcel Armesto; X. X. Neira Seijo; A. Paz González


¿Qué traen las personas al juego? Experimentos de campo sobre la cooperación en los recursos de uso común  

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El estudio de la acción colectiva requiere la comprensión de los incentivos individuales y de las restricciones institucionales que guían a las personas en la decisión de cooperar o no, en el grupo que enfrenta este dilema. El uso de ecosistemas locales por parte de grupos de individuos es sólo un ejemplo en el que la extracción individual incrementa el

Cárdenas Juan Camilo; Elinor Ostrom



Carbon Isotopic Heterogeneity of Graphite in the San Juan Mass of the Campo Del Cielo IAB Iron Meteorite  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The origin of IAB iron meteorites is still a matter of debate. It is generally believed that iron meteorites originated from molten cores in small planetesimals because the fractionation trend of trace elements (e.g., Ir, Ge, Ga, etc. vs. Ni) for most iron meteorites can be more or less explained by fractional crystallization from metal melts. However, this process cannot produce trace element characteristics of the IAB (and other) iron meteorites. To explain these trace element abundance patterns, several models have been proposed. Although most of these models require a high temperature, clear evidence has recently been obtained for a sub-solidus formation of IAB iron meteorites from noble gas analyses. Moreover, heterogeneous distributions of some trace elements in metal and other phases also suggest a low temperature origin of at least some IAB iron meteorites. Here we use the carbon isotopic compositions of graphite to constrain the origin of IAB iron meteorites. Our data confirm a possible low temperature origin of IAB iron meteorites.

Maruoka, T.; Kurat, G.; Zinner, E.; Varela, M. E.; Ametrano, S. J.



Riesgo laboral y residencial por exposición a campos electromagnéticos Labour and residential risk due to electromagnetic fields exposition  

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In the recent years, there has been an increment of ex- position to electromagnetic fields (EMF), specially residen- tial and labour exposure. Some scientist allege that exposure to electric and mag- netic fields generated mainly by electric power delivery sys- tems is responsible for health problems as reproductive dys- function, birth defects, neurological disorders and cancer. This article provides a

M. Física; Pastor Vega



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They will be presented resulted gotten from the exe cuted digital mapping in the arenaceous pontal and in the dune field located in the beach of Atafona, São João da Barra (RJ), from geodesic surveys with GPS, in the ways relative and kinematic, with use of GTR-A\\/TechGeo dredges. Ahead of the ambient problem installed in this litt oral zone, next



Evaluation of Exploitation Alternatives of Iron - Titanium - Vanadium Ore from Campo Alegre de Lourdes (Bahia-Brazil).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

An evaluation of experiences carried out in order to develop an economic process for vanadium, is presented. The attempts which are being developed in the Metallurgical Engineering Program at COPPE/UFRJ, are described, and the other technical and economic...

J. C. S. Cassa T. Ogasawara F. T. Silva O. D. Cuellar



76 FR 29261 - Notice of Intent To Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed Campo Wind Energy...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...the potential environmental impacts of the construction and operation...level in the Draft Environmental Impact Report/ Environmental Impact Statement for the East County...or from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, you...



‘An Amazonian Heroickess’: The Military Leadership of Queen Henrietta Maria in Margaret Cavendish's Bell in Campo (1662)  

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During the English Civil War, Queen Henrietta Maria’s (1609-1669) active involvement in her husband’s, and therefore her own, political party’s defense served as both a model and mirror for Royalist women across the country. Some women were left alone to take defensive measures on the home front, while other women participated in more organized offensive fronts. The queen’s public example

Kamille Stone Stanton



Pioneer 8 Extraterrestrial Magnetic Field Data Processing Elaborazione Dei Dati di Campo Magnetico Extraterrestre Ottenuti Dalla Sonda Pioneer 8.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The computer programs for Pioneer 8 interplanetary magnetic field data reduction are presented. After a review of the technical characteristics of the magnetometer, data sequencing, and data organization on the tapes, the various computer programs are div...

B. Bavassano A. Castelli



Morphology and anatomy of leaf mine in Richterago riparia Roque (Asteraceae) in the campos rupestres of Serra do Cipó, Brazil.  


The leaf mine in Richterago riparia is caused by a lepidopteran larva (lepidopteronome). The leaves of R. riparia show campdodrome venation; the epidermis is unistratified, with stomata and glandular trichomes in adaxial and abaxial surfaces. The mesophyll is bilateral and the vascular system is collateral. During the formation of the mine, the larva consumes the chlorenchyma of the mesophyll and the smaller vascular bundles (veins of third and fourth orders). Structural alterations in the tissues of the host plant were not observed, except for the formation of a wound meristem and the presence of cells with phenolic substances next to the mine. Three cephalic exuviae of the miner were found in the mesophyll. This lepidopteronome is parenchymatic and the epidermis remains intact, but forms a protective layer for the mining insect. PMID:12185918

Melo De Pinna, G F A; Kraus, J E; de Menezes, N L



Prevalence of dyslipidemia and risk factors in Campos dos Goytacazes, in the Brazilian State of Rio de Janeiro  

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(P<0.001), male sex (P<0.001), low familial income (P<0.001), familial history (P<0.01), overweight\\/obesity (P<0.001), waist measure (P<0.001), high blood pressure (P<0.001), and diabetes mellitus (P<0.001). The following variables had no influence on dyslipidemias: ethnicity, edu- cational level, smoking habits, and sedentary lifestyle. Conclusion - The frequency of lipid changes in the population studied was high, suggesting that measures for the early

Luiz José de Souza; João Tadeu Damian Souto Filho; Thiago Ferreira de Souza; Aldo Franklin Ferreira Reis; Carlos Gicovate Neto; Diogo Assed Bastos; Vitor Azevedo Côrtes; Félix Elias Barros Chalita; Cláudio Luiz Teixeira



Espectroscopía del triplete del CaII de gigantes rojas del campo de la Nube Menor de Magallanes  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Using spectra obtained with the VLT (Chile), we determined the metallic- ity of 360 red giant field stars surrounding 15 Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC) star clusters previously studied by us. Using this information, as well as that available for 13 other previously studied fields and for our 15 clusters, we found no evidence of metallicity gradient in the SMC. Besides, we observed a clear tendency for the field stars to be more metal-poor than the corresponding cluster they surround. FULL TEXT IN SPANISH

Parisi, M. C.; Geisler, D.; Grocholski, A. J.; Clariá, J. J.; Sarajedini, A.


Homogeneous interface-type resistance switching in Au\\/La0.67Ca0.33MnO3\\/SrTiO3\\/F:SnO2 heterojunction memories  

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La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 thin films are fabricated on fluorine-doped tin oxide conducting glass substrates by a pulsed laser deposition technique with SrTiO3 used as a buffer layer. The current-voltage characteristics of the heterojunctions exhibit an asymmetric and resistance switching behaviour. A homogeneous interface-type conduction mechanism is also reported using impedance spectroscopy. The spatial homogeneity of the charge carrier distribution leads to field-induced

Zhang Ting; Ding Ling-Hong; Zhang Wei-Feng



Como Lo Hago Yo: Tratamiento Quirurgico Del Mielomeningocele  

PubMed Central

En Argentina hay plan de fortificación con ácido fólico. Diagnostico prenatal no siempre es correcto. Cierre según técnica. Cerramos músculo. No favorecemos corpectomía temprana en casos de cifosis. Suturamos la plaqueta. Cerramos el plano muscular. Hidrocefalia: Válvula de derivación, generalmente dentro de los dos primeros meses. Ventriculostomía no está indicada. Chiari II. Laminectomia cervical alta. Siringomielia: Derivación desde la cavidad al peritoneo.

Portillo, Santiago



Las líneas de aluminio neutro como diagnóstico cromosférico  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Se presenta un modelo atómico para el cálculo de las lí neas del Aluminio neutro que se forman en la cromósfera solar. En particular, se estudia la línea ? 3961 Å, que, por estar muy próxima a la lí nea H del Ca II y a H? es muy frecuentemente observada. Observaciones en esta lí nea obtenidas con el espectrógrafo a instalarse en el CASLEO, serán utilizadas para el estudio de fulguraciones solares.

Fernández Borda, R.; Mauas, P. J. D.


Como Planear Mi Vida = Make a Life for Yourself.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This booklet for teenagers about life planning is presented in parallel English and Spanish versions with a special focus on young Hispanics growing up in America. It discusses hopes and dreams that adolescents may have and gives tips for reaching goals. A sentence completion exercise is included to help readers set goals. Four important goals for…

Haffner, Debra; Casey, Sean



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This article aims to reflect about the production and implementation of interactive exercises created with the Hot Potatoes software in Foreign Language classes. These exercises were applied to High School students at Prieto Martinez State School in Curitiba. The activities were made available on a web site and the students accessed them in the school computer laboratory. The Hot Potatoes





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RESUMEN Cada día que pasa, más países, más profesionales y más empresarios en el contexto global se interesan, estudian y aplican estándares internacionales de información financiera. En Colombia, estudiantes, profesores, profesionales y empresarios, también han venido acercándose al tema, muchos de ellos por necesidad, otros por curiosidad y otros para poder participar en las continuas disertaciones y confrontaciones que se

Helio Fabio Ramirez Echeverry; Luis eduardo Suarez Balaguera



La inulina y derivados como ingredientes claves en alimentos funcionales  

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e - r e s ). SUMMARY. Inulin and derivates as key ingredients in functional foods. Inulin is a non-digestible carbohydrate that is contained in many vegetables, fruits and cereals. It is industrially produced from the chicory's root (Cichorium intybus) and it is widely used as ingre- dient in functional foods. Inulin and its derivate compounds (oligofructose, fructooligosaccharides) are usually

Lorena Madrigal; Elba Sangronis



COMO: A UML-Based Component Development Methodology  

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Many organizations have begun to consider implementing applications using reusable components. They envision that writing a component once and reusing it in many subsequent software systems will effectively amortize the development cost among all users. Recent technology advances such as JavaBeans\\/EJB, COM, CORBA, and others spur this interest. However, the systematic development process and practical instructions for building software components

Sang Duck Lee; Young Jong Yang; Eun Sook Cho; Soo Dong Kim; Sung Yul Rhew



Understanding Your Child's Learning Differences = Entienda como aprende su hijo.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Children who are bright and hard-working, yet find school a struggle, or children who can discuss things they have learned but whose written work is of surprisingly poor quality, might have learning differences that are hindering them from reaching their full potential. Some children are visual learners, others are auditory learners, and others…

Fielding, Elizabeth N.


Problematização como estratégia de educação nutricional com adolescentes obesos  

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Obesity is a public health issue with relevant social determinants in its etiology and where interventions with teenagers encounter com- plex biopsychological conditions. This study evaluated intervention in nutritional education through a problem-posing approach with 22 obese teenagers, treated collectively and individ- ually for eight months. Speech acts were collected through the use of word cards, observer recording, and tape-recording.

Érika Marafon Rodrigues; Maria Cristina Faber Boog



A narrativa como uma técnica de pesquisa fenomenológica  

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Narrative as a phenomenological research technique.. The focus of this paper is the narrative as a modality of phenomenological research according to Walter Benjamin's conception. Using narratives, the author discusses the theoretical and methodological framework of phenomenology, based on heideggerian ontology and on the phenomenological and existential psychology. The purpose of this discussion is to demonstrate that experience, as a

Elza Dutra



Como Iniciar una Cooperativa (How to Start a Cooperative).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This is a step-by step detailed guide to forming a cooperative, beginning with promotion, and going on to cover the following topics: The first meeting of potential members; work of the planning committee; second meeting of potential members; work of the ...

I. W. Rust



Como Organizar una Cooperativa (How to Organize a Cooperative).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Four pamphlets explain co-ops in general, co-ops as businesses, how co-ops succeed and how to form a co-op. Co-ops in the American Private Enterprise System compares co-ops with other businesses. The Business Co-op explains how a co-op can function as a p...



Desulfurization of benzenethiol on Co?Mo(110) phases  

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The desulfurization of benzenethiol on Co-covered Mo(110) (?Co = 0.25–1.3 ML) produces benzene, H2 and adsorbed carbon and sulfur. Benzene is formed via adsorbed phenyl thiolate, which is identified by X-ray photoelectron and electron energy loss spectroscopies. Benzene production is attributed to reaction on Co, since it is evolved at a temperature well below that required for sulfur-induced aggregation of

D. A. Chen; C. M. Friend; H. Xu



Estudo de não gaussianidade nas anisotropias da RCF medidas Wmap  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A investigação do campo de flutuações da Radiação Cósmica de Fundo (RCF) pode oferecer um importante teste para os modelos cosmológicos que descrevem a origem e a evolução das flutuações primordiais. De um lado, apresenta-se o modelo inflacionário que prevê um espectro de flutuações adiabáticas distribuídas segundo uma gaussiana e, de outro, os modelos de defeitos topológicos (dentre outros) que descrevem um mecanismo para a geração de flutuações de isocurvatura que obedecem a uma distribuição não gaussiana. Este trabalho tem como objetivo caracterizar traços do modelo não gaussiano de campo misto (entre flutuações adiabáticas e de isocurvatura) nos mapas do Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP). Simulações das anisotropias da RCF no contexto de mistura indicam traços marcantes na distribuição das flutuações de temperatura, mesmo quando consideradas pequenas contribuições do campo de isocurvatura (da ordem de 0.001). O efeito da mistura entre os campos resulta na transferência de potência de flutuações em escalas angulares intermediárias para flutuações em pequenas escalas angulares. Este efeito pode ser caracterizado pela relação entre as amplitudes dos primeiros picos acústicos no espectro de potência da RCF. Neste trabalho, investigamos a contribuição do campo de isocurvatura, no contexto de mistura, sobre as observações recentes da RCF realizadas pelo WMAP. As previsões do modelo de campo misto, uma vez confrontadas com as observações em pequenas escalas angulares, podem ajudar a revelar a natureza das flutuações primordiais.

Andrade, A. P. A.; Wuensche, C. A.; Ribeiro, A. L. B.



Extensión del Formalismo de Orbitales de Defecto Cuántico al tratamiento del efecto Stark (SQDO).  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

El estudio experimental de las interacciones de átomos Rydberg altamente excitados con campos eléctricos ha experimentado un creciente interés durante las dos últimas décadas debido, en gran medida, al desarrollo de nuevas técnicas para crear y estudiar átomos Rydberg en el laboratorio. Acompañando a estas nuevas técnicas experimentales, es necesario el desarrollo de modelos teóricos que nos permitan contrastar sus medidas y conocer mejor los fundamentos de los mismos. Desde el punto de vista teórico el conocimiento del desdoblamiento de los niveles energéticos de un átomo en función de la magnitud del campo eléctrico aplicado (lo que se conoce como mapa Stark) es el mejor punto de partida para la descripción del sistema y un prerrequisito fundamental para el cálculo de distintas propiedades atómicas en presencia del campo eléctrico tales como intensidades de transición, umbrales de ionización de campo eléctrico, tiempos de vida, posición y anchura de cruces evitados, etc. En este trabajo presentamos la adaptación del método de orbitales de defecto cuántico [1,2,3] al tratamiento del efecto Stark (SQDO) [4] y su aplicación al cálculo de los desdoblamientos energéticos y fuerzas de oscilador de estados Rydberg en los átomos de Li, Na y K. El propósito de este estudio es, por un lado, desarrollar métodos fiables para la determinación de propiedades atómicas en presencia de campos eléctricos y, por otro, mostrar la fiabilidad de las funciones de onda QDO en la descripción del efecto Stark en sistemas atómicos.

Menéndez, J. M.; Martín, I.; Velasco, A. M.


Ensino de astronomia e óptica: é possível fazê-lo de forma contextualizada no nível médio?  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Discutimos nossa participação em um curso de treinamento para professores de diversas disciplinas do ensino médio. Nossa preocupação básica foi desenvolver instrumentos educacionais adequados para levar à sala de aula, nesse nível de ensino, de forma contextualizada, questionamentos freqüentes dos alunos sobre astronomia e sua relação com tecnologia e sociedade. Encaminhamos questões como: a evolução da astronomia, suas relações com outros ramos do conhecimento humano e conseqüentes aplicações; avanços na tecnologia dos instrumentos ópticos versus a importância da observação do céu a olho nu; a relação entre olho humano, luneta e telescópio; e desenvolvimento da tecnologia espacial e sua influência em nosso cotidiano. Objetivamos com isto fazer um resgate histórico e pedagógico das aplicações e observações do céu no cenário escolar, destacando a relação entre eventos astronômicos, olho humano, instrumentos mediadores e suas contextualizações históricas e sociais. Produtos desta abordagem foram o desenvolvimento e a adaptação de práticas e materiais instrucionais diversos (e.g., "espelhos" de isopor e "raios luminosos" de bolinhas de gude; montagens envolvendo velas, lasers, lentes e espelhos; desmonte e análise de peças de um telescópio; etc.). Além disto, como outro resultado deste trabalho, elaboramos textos sobre história da astronomia e da óptica para atividades em classe. Com estas ações visamos facilitar a concretização de conceitos físicos envolvidos, exemplificar um ensino contextualizado e interdisciplinar motivado por temas astronômicos e favorecer que práticas e discussões feitas com os treinandos possam ser transpostas para a sala de aula. A reação dos professores às práticas propostas foi bastante positiva. Todos esses aspectos são discutidos em detalhe neste trabalho. (PPGECNM/UFRN; PRONEX/FINEP; NUPA/USP; Temáticos/FAPESP)

Sobrinho, A. A.; Jafelice, L. C.



Observaciones de la corona solar interior con un coronógrafo de espejo  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

El plasma de la corona solar es un buen indicador de las líneas de fuerza del campo magnético. Por lo tanto, el análisis de estructuras coronales cuasiestacionarias en la corona da importante información sobre el campo magnético y la actividad asociada. Se trata de poner límites a los modelos teóricos existentes mediante el estudio de distintas estructuras en la corona interior. En agosto de 1997 comenzó a operar el coronógrafo solar (MICA) en El Leoncito como parte del Observatorio Solar Alemán-Argentino. Desde su instalación obtiene imágenes de la corona solar (1.05 a 2.0 radios solares) en 2 líneas espectrales correspondientes a la emisión de Fe XIV y Fe X. El instrumento puede obtener imágenes cada minuto por lo que es ideal para estudiar procesos rápidos. Presentamos observaciones recientes que muestran la capacidad del coronógrafo así como la evolución de algunos eventos dinámicos observados por MICA.

Stenborg, G.; Schwenn, R.; Francile, C.; Rovira, M.


Durabilidade natural de 46 espØcies de madeira amazÙnica em contato com o solo em ambiente florestal Natural durability of 46 Amazonian woods species in an in- ground essay in a forest environment  

Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMO: Neste trabalho estªo apresentados os dados referentes ‡ degradaÁªo, ‡ susceptibilidade a organismos xilÛfagos e ‡ durabilidade natural de 46 espØcies de madeira AmazÙnica, expostas por mais de 8 e de 10 anos em ensaio de campo. As seguintes espØcies foram classificadas como altamente durÆveis: Andira parviflora Ducke, Buchenavia oxycarpa Eichler, Clarisia racemosa Ruiz et Pavon, Dinizia excelsa Ducke,

Maria Aparecida de Jesus; Wellington de Morais; R. LiØge; Souza de Abreu; Maria de FÆtima; C. Cardias


[Prevalence of anodontia in 2nd level students in Sao Jose dos Campos-correlation between third molar anomalies and other teeth].  


The authors studied 201 school children form both sexes, aging 12 to 14 years, in order to identify anodontia, including in third molars. The results indicated a congenital absence of teeth in 24.37% of the examined children, distributed into 10.44% of boys and 13.93% of girls. Anodontia was observed concerning third molar teeth and other teeth, and the correlation was calculated by the total, sex, and hemiarch. The data were presented and discussed, and the results included several conclusions. PMID:2099557

de Melo Castilho, J C; Nicodemo, R A; Bazzarella, C B; de Moraes, L C



Dinamica de defectos puntuales en un campo de tension. Aplicaciones a metales hexagonales compactos (hcp). (Point defects dynamics in a stress field. Application to hexagonal close packed metals).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The dependence of anisotropic defect diffusion on stress is studied for a hexagonal close packed (hcp) material under irradiation and uniaxially stressed. The diffusion is described as a discrete process of thermally activated jumps. It is shown that the ...

N. Smetniansky de De Grande



Internal Rb-Sr Age and Initial Sr-87/Sr-86 of a Silicate Inclusion from the Campo Del Cielo Iron Meteorite  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The largest group of iron meteorites, IAB, is distinguished by the presence of diverse silicate inclusions. In principle, Rb-Sr and Sm-Nd radiometric dating of these silicate inclusions by internal isochron techniques can determine both the times of melting and parent/daughter ratios in the precursor materials via initial Sr-87/Sr-86 and Nd-143/Nd-144 ratios. The Sr-87/Sr-86 and Nd-143/Nd-144 ratios could distinguish chondritic precursors from already differentiated silicates. We reported Rb-Sr and Sm-Nd internal ischron ages of 4.52+/-0.03 Ga and 4.50+/-0.04 Ga, respectively, for plagioclase-diopside-rich material in the Caddo County IAB iron meteorite. These results are essentially identical to literature values of its Ar-Ar age of 4.520+/-0.005 Ga and its Sm-Nd age of 4.53+/-0.02 Ga. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the formation and evolution of silicate inclusions in IAB iron meteorites by determination of their initial Sr-87/Sr-86 ratios combined with higher-resolution chronology and mineralogical and geochemical studies.

Liu, Y.; Nyquist, L.; Wiesmann, H.; Shih, C.; Schwandt, C.; Takeda, H.



Occurrence of Neospora caninum in dogs and its correlation with visceral leishmaniasis in the urban area of Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil  

Microsoft Academic Search

Neospora caninum is an obligate intracellular protozoan that can infect domestic and wild canids, as well as ruminants and equines, and is described as causing neuromuscular alteration and death in dogs. Visceral leishmaniasis (VL) is an infectious disease that affects both humans and animals, being caused by protozoan parasites of the genus Leishmania, of which Leishmania (Leishmania) chagasi is found

Renato Andreotti; Jacqueline Marques Oliveira; Elaine Araujo e Silva; Leandra Marla Oshiro; Maria de Fatima Cepa Matos



Generalizacao algebrica do parentesis de Dirac simetrico. Aplicacoes a teoria de campo. (Algebraic generalization of symmetry Dirac bracket. Application to field theory).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The A set of observable of a physical system with finite e infinite number of degrees of freedom and submitted to certain constraint conditions, is considered. Using jordan algebra structure on A in relation to bymmetric Poisson bracket obtained by Droz-V...

T. M. Rocha Filho



Anais do 14. encontro nacional de fisica de particulas e campos. (Proceedings of the 14. national meeting on particle physics and fields).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This publication contains the papers presented during the 14. national meeting on particle physics and fields. Works on the areas of gravitation, cosmology, quantum mechanics, string models; symmetry, current algebras, interaction models; particle decays ...



Anais do 12. Encontro Nacional de Fisica de Particulas e Campos. (Proceedings of the 12. National Meeting on Particle Physics and Fields).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This publication contains the Proceedings presented during the 12. National Meeting on Particle Physics and Fields. Works on the areas of gravitation, quantum mechanics, string models; symmetry, current algebras, interaction models; particle decays, and t...

A. L. Santos E. R. B. Mello J. A. M. Simoes J. A. Chinellato V. Pleitez



Como ayudar a su hijo a aprender a leer ingles como segunda lengua. (How Can I Help My Child Learn to Read English as a Second Language.)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Suggestions for ways in which parents can help their children learn to read English are contained in this short booklet written in Spanish. Activities to be performed in the home, such as listening to and talking to the child in any language, reading aloud, reading for oneself, obtaining books for the home, and organizing study time for the child,…

Garcia, Ricardo L.; Deyoe, Rita Maxine


Los cambios en la velocidad de rotación terrestre y los fenómenos geomagnéticos  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Uno de los aspectos importantes relativos a la geodinámica del interior terrestre es la correlación entre los eventos de cambio en la velocidad de rotación terrestre y los determinados en los elementos del campo geomagnético por ejemplo, la Declinación Magnética, o los coeficientes de los modelos matemáticos de representación global de dicho campo. En este trabajo se presentan los resultados de las características espectrales de los cambios observados en la longitud del día (ldd), y su relación con la estructura espectral de las coeficientes de los modelos matemáticos de campo denominados Campo Internacional Geomagnético de Referencia (CIGR). El intervalo estudiado comprende los últimos 100 años. Los resultados muestran una correlación en las bandas de 60 y 30 años, con posibles períodos mucho mayores que no son posibles determinar a partir de los modelos de CIRG. Se efectúa una simulación a partir de los resultados obtenidos por la aplicación del método de máxima entropía con longitudes del filtro predictor de error comprendida entre el 10% y el 95% de la longitud de la serie analizada. Se observan procesos sicrónicos y asincrónicos que, en muy largos intervalos de tiempos, podrían suponerse como caóticos.

Gianibelli, J. C.


Modelo semi-empírico de protuberancia solar a partir del diagnóstico de densidades  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A partir de la observación del espectro del quintuplete de C III alrededor de 1175 Å, se ha realizado el diagnóstico de la densidad y presión electrónica, basado en el cálculo del cociente de las intensidades observadas. Una vez establecida la densidad electrónica, y con el cálculo de las velocidades Doppler, hemos investigado el flujo de masa en la protuberancia en función de la temperatura. Estableciendo como hipótesis la conservación del número de partículas que ingresan y salen del cuerpo de la protuberancia, se investiga la variación del área de un tubo de flujo semi-empírico en función de la temperatura. A partir de dicho diagnóstico, se examina el comportamiento del radio del tubo magnético en función de la temperatura, los que dan cuenta de la abertura de las líneas de campo magnético que confinan el plasma y de la divergencia del campo magnético en diferentes alturas de la atmósfera solar.

Cirigliano, D.; Vial, J. C.; Rovira, M.



Microsoft Academic Search

This paper aims at collecting data that demonstrate the importance of the playful activities in literacy, since plays and ludic activities in according to the scholars are effective experiences that relate to the environment and must be applied in children in school phase. It has searched theoretical fundament for sustentation of ideas, reflections and concepts in expressive authors who approach

Lindaura Morais Azevedo



Microsoft Academic Search

Marine yeasts comprise a group of microorganisms which existence has been questioned. As a result, the knowledge about its physiology and biotechnology use is scarce. The ecological importance of the marine yeasts is due, at least in part, to their contribution in the ocean's organic matter recycling. In addition, they are valuable sources of biological reagents, cell protein, vitamins, pigments,

Mar Bermejo



Erupción cutánea eritematosa como primera manifestación de leucemia linfática prolinfocítica de células T  

Microsoft Academic Search

We present a case of a man 84 years-old, whose presentation feature was a cutaneous inespecific rash, and was diagnosed of T prolymphocy- tic leukaemia (T-PLL). In this review we analize actual aspects concer - ning biology, diagnosis, classification, prognosis and treatment of this rare mature T cell leukaemia.

L. Beltrán Fernández; B. di Martino Ortiz; J. GiI Herrera; J. A. López-Herce; J. de Portugal Alvarez; J. Menárguez Palanca



Envelhecimento, Condições de Vida e Política Previdenciária. Como ficam as mulheres?*1  

Microsoft Academic Search

1 INTRODUÇÃO Historicamente, os sistemas previdenciários foram constituídos com base nos contratos de gênero, onde o homem assumia o papel de provedor e a mulher, o de cuidadora da casa, das crianças, dos idosos, ou seja, dos dependentes. Isso delimitava, claramente, a posição de dependência da mulher para o sistema. Desde a segunda metade do século passado, tem-se observado mudanças

Ana Amélia Camarano; Maria Tereza Pasinato



Microsoft Academic Search

This article has the object to present an analysis about the importance of managerial games as a pedagogic tool in some business ad- ministration programs in Bogotá D.C. In order to achieve this, a bibliographic review of works developed about managerial games was made, both in international and national scopes, as well as a fi eld work in fi ve




Inmigración y barbarie. La construcción social y política del inmigrante como amenaza  

Microsoft Academic Search

Immigration and barbarism. The social and political construction of the immigrant as it threatens This text analyzes the topic of the nowadays close relation between the international migra- tion and the resurgence of the racist ideas and behaviors. To explore the density of this topic, it leaves from a dynamic and constructivist perspective that, insisting on the complexity of the

Enrique Santamaría



El tractocile como tratamiento de mantenimiento en la amenaza de parto prematuro en casos seleccionados  

Microsoft Academic Search

Preterm delivery is one of the main causes of perinatal morbidity and mortality. The management of this entity is an unresolved issue in modern obstetrics, since its incidence has not decreased.Currently, tocolytic treatment in acute episodes of preterm labor is maintained for 48h to induce lung maturation pharmacologically. However, the ideal situation is to prolong pregnancy until a healthy, term

M. Pato; C. Varillas; P. Frade; D. Gómez-Sánchez; L. Castro-Vilar; S. Blanco




Microsoft Academic Search

Sandvik Bioline High-N and 316 LVM are two austenitic stainless steels specially developed to applications as biomaterials. Their localized corrosion resistance were investigated using electrochemical methods including potentiodynamics cyclic polarization and potentiostatic polarization, in a salt solution attenuated by fosfate and in solution for simulated crevices, i. e., solutions planned for tests of crevice corrosion. Sandvik SAF 2507 (a high-performance

C. Ulfvin


Metanol como combustivel: avaliacao da contaminacao atmosferica. (Methanol as fuel: evaluation of atmosphere contamination).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

With the beginning of methanol use as automotive fuel in Sao Paulo city, 1990, Special measurements of methanol, formaldehyde, ethanol and acetaldehyde in atmosphere were realized. Other indicators of air quality such as carbon and ozone monoxide were als...

C. D. Alonso J. Romano M. L. G. Guardani



Fibra solúvel e amido como fontes de carboidratos para terminação de novilhos em confinamento  

Microsoft Academic Search

The effects of starch or neutral detergent soluble fiber associated with two dietary levels of NDF on performance of finishing feedlot beef steers were evaluated in this trial. Twenty-four crossbred ½ Angus x ½ Nellore steers averaging 18 months of age and 329 ± 24 kg of body weight at the beginning of the trial were used. All four diets

Cristian Faturi; Jane Maria Bertocco Ezequiel; Nivia Araujo Fontes; Marcelo Gil Stiaque; Octávio Guilherme da Cruz e Silva




Microsoft Academic Search

Based on the cognitive distinction between tourist and native spaces, the article establishes the anthropological construction of tourism space. Since the early times of tourism in El Puerto as a seaside resort, the beach was both a healthy and a ludic space. The article analyses the causal relation among class society, leisure and health and the histocial conection between tourism

Antonio Miguel; Nogués Pedregal



Como si le Falta un Brazo: Latino Immigrant Parents and the Costs of Not Knowing English  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This study examined the perspectives of Latino/a immigrant parents about the place of English in their lives. The parents described how they had come to the United States with intentions of learning English, but various obstacles made it an overwhelming challenge. The author questions whether, despite rhetoric to the contrary, financially…

Worthy, Jo



Como Ayudar a sus Hijos a Aprender Ciencia (Helping Your Child Learn Science).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Because most parents say they do not or cannot help their children with science, this booklet was designed to help them do so, easily and with pleasure for both parent and child. The introduction presents information on why and how parents should help their children and provides a general orientation to the ideas and activities offered in the…

Paulu, Nancy; Martin, Margery


Reappearance of Human Diphyllobothriasis in a Limited Area of Lake Como, Italy  

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Background: Very few sporadic cases of autochthonous diphyllobothriasis have been reported in Italy during the past 20 years, probably\\u000a due to the drastic decrease or disappearance of some fish species, mainly Perca fluviatilis L, known as the intermediate host of the infective larval stage of this tapeworm. However, increasing consumption of raw\\u000a or undercooked fish during the last years as

R. Terramocci; L. Pagani; P. Brunati; S. Gatti; A. M. Bernuzzi; M. Scaglia



International Perspectives on Affirmative Action. A Bellagio Conference (Lake Como, Italy, August 16-20, 1982).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This volume presents nine papers read at a conference on affirmative action, sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation and held at Columbia University in August 1982; a preface, summary paper, and list of participants are also included. Each paper addresses the issue of affirmative action within a different country and describes: (1) the policies…

Rockefeller Foundation, New York, NY.



Microsoft Academic Search

This work reports investigation results about Didactic and Teaching History Methodology published in Brazil during XX century. Aimed at teachers, the manuals might be taken as sources to investigate the presence of elements which, in specifical historical times, delimited the manners of thought and the manners of developing teaching in this country. The reflections brought by this work are part

Maria Auxiliadora Schmidt; Maria F. Braga Garcia



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RESUMO A presença cada vez mais marcante das tecnologias de comunicação e informação no cotidiano dos sujeitos tem alertado aos profissionais da educação para a necessidade de construir e utilizar a potencialidade dessas ferramentas. O objetivo deste artigo é mostrar que os pressupostos da Teoria da Complexidade, num ambiente virtual, contribuem de forma decisiva para potencializar a aprendizagem da língua

Dulci Marlise BOETTCHER


Vinhoto e cama de frango como coadjuvantes na compostagem de bagaço de cana de açúcar  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumo: Atualmente, a agricultura está passando por um proc esso de modernização, trazendo com isso inúmeros fatores negativos que influenciam na degradação do meio ambiente. Dejetos estão sendo jogados em lugares impróprios trazendo danos ao ar, solo e águas. Percebendo a gravidade deste problema, este trabalho foi realiza do visando contribuir para o melhoramento das condições ambientais e propor renda

Fernando Lira; Renato Cassol de Oliveira



Guia Practica: Como Manejar Abejas Africanizadas (Practical Guide: How to Manage Africanized Bees).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The report discusses beekeeping equipment and methods, including beehive construction and dismantling. Covered are characteristics of African bees as compared with European types. Also, addresses various disease symptoms and general management.

R. Bailey D. Anderson



Geni e o Zepelim X Bola de Sebo : a intertextualidade vista como um procedimento de originalidade  

Microsoft Academic Search

The aim of the comparative analysis between the intertextual variant Geni e o Zepelim , written by Chico Buarque de Holanda, and the basis text Boule de Suif , written by Guy de Maupassant, is to prove that, despite recovering another's discourse, intertextuality adds to the originality of the creation undertaken by the subject's enunciation variant. Such statement is justified

Fernanda Isabel Bitazi


O diafragma como método contraceptivo: a experiência de usuárias de serviços públicos de saúde  

Microsoft Academic Search

This study, started in August 1989, describes the acceptability of diaphragms as part of the daily routine of 194 women enrolled at five public health care centers in Osasco, (Greater São Paulo). Follow-up of the cohort was performed by semestral home interviews until August 1991. Our data indicate that the diaphragm can be a viable alternative within the public health

Suzana Kalckmann; Tania Giacomo do Lago; Regina Maria Barbosa; Wilza Villela; Samuel Goihman



"Tanto Necesitamos De Aqui Como Necesitamos De Alla": "Leer Juntas" among Mexican Transnational Mothers and Daughters  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper presents part of the results of a qualitative study about literacy practices of Mexican transnational mothers, who live in and frequently cross the border between two countries (the United States and Mexico). Drawing on sociocultural approaches to literacy and literature on transnationalism, I analyze one practice: "leer juntas"…

de la Piedra, Maria Teresa



Fluoroquinolonas respiratorias como antibiótico de primera línea en neumonía adquirida en la comunidad, posición en contra  

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The newer fluoroquinolones are active against most of the potencial pathogens of community acquired pneumonia (CAP), and have high bioavailability and low toxicity. They could be considered a first line option for CAP. Ciprofloxacin presents low resistance rates for S. pneumoniae, but an increasing incidence of resistance among enterobacteriaceae. Quinolones' resistance is growing, in Hong Kong achieved 13.3%. In Argentina

Autores Alfredo Monteverde; Charles Feldman; Alfredo Monteverde


Como Lo Hago Yo: Defectos Del Cierre Del Tubo Neural En Nicaragua  

PubMed Central

En Nicaragua no hay un plan de forltificación de alimentos con ácido fólico. Las madres son muy jóvenes. En La Mascota operamos mas de cuarenta niños por año. Derivación tardía es un problema. La infección preoperatoria tiene que ser descartada. Vancomicina y Ceftriaxone estan indicadas. Estricta regla de asepsia operatoria. Suturamos la plaqueta para asemejar su forma al cilindro normal de la médula. No ceramos la capa de músculo.

Gonzalez, Juan Bosco



The Struggle for Mexico's First Gay-Straight Alliance: Como una Novela Real  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In 2004, a group of high school students at a private American school in Mexico City started the first gay-straight alliance in Mexico. A small group of conservative parents and a Mormon principal organized in opposition. This paper details the students' struggle to keep their club and offers lessons learned about student activism, school change,…

Macgillivray, Ian K.




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Acidulated phosphate rock as phosphorus source in limed and non-limed acid soils Partial acidulation of the phosphate rock (PR) with sulfuric acid (SA) has been successfully used to improve its solubility and increment the agronomic effectiveness of this P source. To prove the efficiency of PR acidulated with SA and\\/or ammonium thiosulfate (ATS), two greenhouse experiments were conducted with potted

Armando Morillo; Omaira Sequera; Ricardo Ramírez



Los derechos de participación como elemento de integración de los inmigrantes  

Microsoft Academic Search

Este informe pretende ofrecer un análisis de la relación entre las diferentes formas de participación social y política de las personas inmigrantes y el proceso de integración en las sociedades de acogida. La integración política de los extranjeros está estrechamente relacionada con los actuales debates sobre la ciudadanía y la inmigración, y se ha convertido en una cuestión emergente en

de Lucas Martín Javier; Añón Roig María José; Galiana Saura Ángeles; García Añón José; Mestre i Mestre Ruth; Miravet Bergón Pablo; Ruiz Sanz Mario; Simó Noguera Carles Xavier; Solanes Corella Ángeles; Torres Pérez Francisco


Utilización de datos de satélite operacionales en Centro América como apoyo en el manejo de desastres  

Microsoft Academic Search

In order for Central American countries to be able to respond to weather related disasters, they need to have strong meteorological forecasting capabilities, knowledge of the current state of the land and water resources, and emergency plans of action. In response to the devastating effects of Hurricane Mitch (October 1998), the United States Agency for International Development funded a project



Fibropapilomatosis oral múltiple como manifestación inicial de Síndrome de Cowden. Caso clínico  

Microsoft Academic Search

Cowden syndrome is a rare hereditary disease included within hamartoma-type gastrointestinal polyposis. It is cha- racterised by associated mucocutaneous anomalies and by the extraordinary tendency to develop malignant neoplasia, mainly in the breast and thyroid. Early diagnosis of the syndrome and adequate tumoral screening in patients with mucocutaneous papillomatosis make it possible to make an earlier diagnosis of associated pathologies

Luis Miguel Capitán Cañadas; José Luis Salinas Sánchez; Sergio Luis Martínez Castillo; Ildefonso Leopoldo Labrot Moleón; David Durán Moreno; Darío Sánchez López; Eduardo Valencia Laseca; Capitán-Cañadas LM; Salinas-Sánchez JL; Martínez-Castillo SL


78 FR 36163 - Bitterroot National Forest, Darby Ranger District, Como Forest Health Project  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...potential mortality of large diameter ponderosa pine caused by increasing mountain pine beetle populations; (2) reduce fuel loads and...project area to: (1) Reduce potential mountain pine beetle-caused tree mortality in large...



EXAFS Study of the Structure of Co-Mo Hydrodesulfurization Catalysts.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

By analysing the extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) of the Mo absorption edge, structural information about both calcined and sulfided Mo/Al sub 2 O sub 3 and Co-Mo/Al sub 2 O sub 3 catalysts has been obtained. The calcined catalysts show on...

B. S. Clausen H. Topsoe R. Candia J. Villadsen B. Lengeler



El embarazo en la adolescencia como problema público: una visión crítica  

Microsoft Academic Search

The present work is a review of the most commonly used arguments to define pregnancy during adolescence as a pub- lic problem: its supposed increase, contribution to acceler- ated population growth, adverse effects on maternal and child health and contribution to the persistence of poverty. Some elements are proposed for an alternative explanation with the intention of defining with more




Percepción de la imagen corporal como aproximación cualitativa al estado de nutrición  

Microsoft Academic Search

Objective. To compare body image perception with body mass index (BMI) calculated from the weight and size de- clared by subjects, and to evaluate its usefulness in classify- ing the nutritional status. Material and methods. A representative sample of the Spanish population was se- lected consisting of 517 males and 483 females older than 15 years of age. Variables were

Herlinda Madrigal-Fritsch; Jokin de Irala-Estévez; Miguel A. Martínez-González; John Kearney; Michael Gibney; J. Alfredo Martínez-Hernández



Propiedades astrofísicas de objetos catalogados como cúmulos estelares en la Nube Menor de Magallanes  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present the results on the age estimates of 11 Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC) clusters obtained for the first time from CCD Washington CT1 T2 photometry. CMD cluster features - mainly cluster RCs and MSTOs - turn out to be identificable when performing annular extractions around their re- spective centres, once they were cleaned from field star contamination. We estimated ages for the cluster sample using the T1 index, and metallicities from the SGB technique. The resultant ages and metallicities for the control clusters are in excellent agreement with those previously published, thus confirming our present age/metallicity scale. We also confirmed the ages and metallicities derived for the clusters by fitting theoretical isochrones. FULL TEXT IN SPANISH

Piatti, A. E.


Gerenciamento de riscos na prática ortodôntica: como se proteger de eventuais problemas legais  

Microsoft Academic Search

Introdução: A relação profissional-paciente na área de Ortodontia e Ortopedia facial é bas- tante desgastante face à longa duração dos tratamentos e, por causa disso, muitas vezes essa relação pode se deteriorar trazendo prejuízos a ambas as partes. Objetivo: Este trabalho visa informar o leitor, em linguagem acessível, sobre os principais problemas jurídicos que podem envolver o ortodontista em sua

Ricardo Machado Cruz; Carla Pádua



Escuelas sin Drogas. Como Actuar. Edicion 1992. (Schools without Drugs. What Works. 1992 Edition).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Across the United States, schools and communities have found ways to turn the tide in the battle against drugs. This guidebook describes the methods they have used and the actions they have taken. The first section, "Children and Drugs" outlines the nature and extent of the drug problem and summarizes the latest research on the effects of drugs on…

Department of Education, Washington, DC.


Análisis integral como sistema de medición y gestión de capitales intangibles en organizaciones y territorios  

Microsoft Academic Search

In the knowledge society, it is necessary to have new approaches of measurement and management for all the intangible ones that generate value, not only for companies but also for the national, regional or local territories. The most widespread methods have begun in the business area; these are support to the macro systems implemented in the last years, under the




Projeto educação em ciências com observatórios virtuais: a participação da Escola Moppe no período 2000-2003  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

O projeto Educação em Ciências com Observatórios Virtuais foi concebido pelo Instituto Astronômico e Geofísico da USP, agregando diversas instituições de ensino e pesquisa no país para desenvolver competências diversas na educação fundamental, média e superior utilizando a astronomia como ferramenta multidisciplinar. Este trabalho descreve a participação da MOPPE, escola-piloto do INPE no projeto, no período de 2000-2003. Serão apresentadas 1) a criação de um clube de ciências (1999 a 2001) cujo tema foi a colonização de Marte e 2) a ementa de astronomia trabalhada com as 7a. e 8a. séries do ensino fundamental. A proposta do projeto Colonizando Marte foi estudar diversos aspectos de uma missão interplanetária e construir experiementos que permitissem quantificar esses aspectos. Os resultados obtidos incluiram apresentações nas SBPC Jovem em 2000 e 2001. Discutiremos também as ementas de astronomia trabalhadas desde 2001 e o envolvimento dos alunos com atividades ligadas a astronomia, fora da aula de ciências. A inclusão de astronomia no currículo das últimas séries motivou a participação de mais alunos culminando com a conquista de duas medalhas para alunos da 7a. série na Olimpiada Brasileira de Astronomia em 2002. Houve também um aumento no número de participantes na OBA 2003 e nos projetos de astronomia mais elaborados nas Feira de Ciências de 2001 e 2002. Destacamos em 2003 a inclusão da MOPPE no projeto TIE - Telescopes in Education - da NASA, que utiliza o telescópio do Observatório de Mount Wilson (EUA) para observações remotas em projetos pedagógicos para o ensino de astronomia.

Wuensche, C. A.; Gavioli, E.; Oliveira, A. L. P. R. S.; da Silva, C.; Cardoso, H. P.; Estácio, S.



La formación de la Nube de Oort y el entorno galáctico primitivo  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Se analizan las condiciones de formación de la nube de Oort en el medio galáctico primitivo, bajo la suposición de que los objetos que alcanzaron la nube fueron planetesimales residuales eyectados por los planetas gigantes durante las etapas finales de su acreción. Los objetos que adquieren órbitas cuasiparabólicas están sujetos a las perturbaciones de estrellas vecinas y al potencial del disco galáctico, las que desacoplan sus perihelios de la región planetaria, dando a los objetos una larga estabilidad dinámica. Se demuestra que un entorno galáctico como el presente pudo, sin embargo, no ser suficiente para formar un reservorio cometario con una vida dinámica comparable a la vida del sistema solar. La existencia de la nube de Oort después de 4600 millones de años es, pues, una fuerte indicación de que el sistema solar se formó en un entorno galáctico mucho mas denso que el presente, tal vez en una nube molecular y/o un cúmulo abierto, que es el modo de producción de la mayoría de las estrellas. Se encuentra que un campo perturbador externo mas intenso, producto de un entorno galáctico mas denso, sería capaz de formar una nube de Oort mas compacta, con un radio del orden de 103- 104 UA. El campo externo mas intenso cesó de actuar una vez que la nube molecular y/o el cúmulo abierto se disiparon, previniendo entonces que ese mismo campo externo disolviera el reservorio cometario.

Fernández, J. A.


On ambiente de binárias de pequena massa em formação: o caso do glóbulo cometário CG30 e IRAS08076-3556  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Neste trabalho, combinamos observações de polarização linear no óptico (banda R), dados no infravermelho distante (IRAS) e observações de transições moleculares em radiofreqüências (CO e espécies isotópicas, HCN e HCO+) para analisar o glóbulo cometário (GC) CG30 (na região da IRAS Vela Shell), que apresenta objetos Herbig-Haro e ejeções de matéria, além de uma fonte pontual IRAS em seu interior. Os objetivos deste estudo são: determinar a eficiência de formação estelar nos glóbulos cometários, através da relação entre a massa total do GC e da massa das estrelas em formação; determinar como o campo magnético influencia na formação de estrelas no interior destes objetos; e analisar as modificações que ejeções de matéria de estrelas em formação causam no gás e no campo magnético dos GCs. Combinando nossos dados com trabalhos já publicados, mostramos que CG30 tem uma eficiência de formação estelar em torno de 3%; que o campo magnético é importante na manutenção da estrutura global do GC e demonstra sinais de torção e compressão; e que a ejeção bipolar de matéria das estrelas do par formam uma ejeção quadripolar, a qual influencia na densidade e temperatura do gás e no grau de polarização dos grãos de poeira associados ao gás do GC.

Hickel, G. R.; Vilas-Boas, J. W. S.



Resultados do desenvolvimento de um propulsor à plasma no Brasil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Uma das partes mais importantes de um satélite é o controle de atitude do mesmo. E se tratando de um satélite científico, a atenção para este sistema deve ser redobrada. Uma possibilidade atraente para executar esta tarefa é a propulsão elétrica. Aqui, mostraremos resultados obtidos pelo propulsor à plasma PHALL-01, desenvolvido na Universidade de Brasília entre 2000 e 2003. Este é derivado do propulsor russo SPT-100 (Stationary Plasma Thruster), mas com o emprego inovador de um arranjo de imãs permanentes como fonte do campo magnético, este último o agente da aceleração do plasma. Esta alteração foi motivada pelo objetivo de que o mesmo operasse com o mínimo de potência elétrica. A partir da formulação teórica do mecanismo de aceleração, tendo como base as equações da magnetohidrodinâmica, pode-se obter vínculos sob os quais o propulsor pudesse ser construído. O mais forte destes é o que dita a topologia do campo magnético. Sendo assim, foram realizadas simulações computacionais, que definiram a geometria do propulsor. Após construído, este foi diagnosticado usando-se sondas de Langmuir e analisadores de energia. Como resultados, obtivemos a distribuição espacial da temperatura, densidade e potencial do plasma, bem como a distribuição angular do feixe produzido pelo mesmo em vários regimes de operação. O espectro de energia do feixe de plasma também foi medido, indicando íons de até 560eV. Combinando estes resultados, calculou-se o empuxo do propulsor: 84mN; e o impulso específico: 1083s. Estes demonstram que o mesmo estará qualificado, num futuro próximo, para o emprego no controle de atitude de satélites científicos, ou até mesmo como parte do conjunto propulsor primário, responsáveis pela transferência de órbitas.

Ferreira, I. S.; Ferreira, J. L.



Percepção astronómica de um grupo de alunos do ensino médio de uma escola da rede estadual de São Paulo  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Sendo a Astronomia uma das cièncias mais antigas da humanidade, e considerando sua importáncia histórica e cultural, é de extrema releváncia que tópicos relacionados a ela sejam tratados nas escolas. Embora os Parámetros Curriculares Nacionais do Ensino Médio (PCN-EM) e as Orientaçiacute;es Complementares aos Parámetros (PCN+) apontem a importáncia de uma abordagem significativa de conceitos relacionados à Astronomia nas aulas de Física, muitos estudantes terminam o Ensino Médio (EM) sem compreender a razão de certos acontecimentos de origem celeste, ainda que estes façam parte de seu cotidiano e sejam alvos da curiosidade natural dos jovens. Da observação dessa curiosidade em alunos de uma escola pública paulista, na cidade de Suzano, surgiu o interesse em investigar os conhecimentos básicos em Astronomia dos alunos do Ensino Médio desta escola, constituindo-se este como principal objetivo desta pesquisa. Para tanto foi elaborado um questionário de múltipla escolha aplicado inicialmente a 34 alunos do primeiro ano e, posteriormente, a mais 310, distribuídos entre as très séries do Ensino Médio dos períodos matutino e noturno. Dessa forma, observou-se que 73,9% dos estudantes identificaram o Sol como sendo uma estrela, 67,1% mostraram compreender a sucessão entre dia e noite e 52,3% relacionaram o Big Bang à origem do Universo. Em contrapartida, apenas 34,5% relacionaram as estaçíes do ano à inclinação do eixo de rotação da Terra, 21,3% indicaram a influència gravitacional simultánea da Lua e do Sol como responsável pelo fenòmeno das marés, 24,5% indicaram corretamente quais são os objetos celestes mais próximos da Terra, 36,1% identificaram ano-luz como uma medida de distáncia e 34,2% reconheceram as estrelas cadentes como meteoros, evidenciando-se assim o pequeno discernimento dos estudantes quanto aos fenòmenos e termos astronòmicos do cotidiano. Além disso, foram comparadas as respostas de alun! os de diferentes séries e períodos, observando-se, dentre ou tras coi sas, que os estudantes do terceiro ano apresentam um percentual de acertos semelhante ao dos alunos do primeiro, caracterizando que a abordagem de tópicos relacionados à astronomia no Ensino Médio não tem contribuído de forma significativa para uma maior compreensão dos fenòmenos e conceitos.

de Oliveria, E. F.; Voelzke, M. R.




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This is an exploratory study of how Internet technologies are likely to have an impact on a specific industrial activity. Maintenance has long been the poor relation in industry despite being indispensable both in continuous process manufacturing and in discrete production. The research starts from the premise that maintenance has two key functions that can be related to management disciplines.

Tim White


Transformation of the Extended Gamma Function Gamma>^2,0_0,2 [(b,x)] with Applications to Astrophysical Thermonuclear Functions DOS Campos, Brazil, 10-14 November 1997.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Two representations of the extended gamma functions Gamma^2,0_0,2 [(b,x)] are proved. These representations are exploited to find a transformation relation between two Fox's H-functions. These results are used to solve Fox's H-function in terms of Meijer's G-function for certain values of the parameters. A closed form representation of the kernel of the Bessel type integral transform is also proved.

Aslam Chaudhry, M.


Rapporti ISTISAN 11/29: L'agricoltura sociale come opportunia di sviluppo rurale sostenibile: prospecttive di applicazione nel campo della salute mentale. (Social Farming as an Opportunity for Sustainable Rural Development: Perspectives of Application in Mental Health).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

On April 19th 2011 the Department of Cell Biology and Neurosciences of the Istituto Superiore di Sanita, in collaboration with the Istituto Nazionale di Economia Agraria, has organized the meeting 'Social farming as opportunity for sustainable rural devel...

A. Berry E. Alleva F. Circulli M. Borgi N. Francia




Microsoft Academic Search

En esta investigación se comparan dos pruebas de bondad de ajuste en términos de su error tipo I: ji-cuadrada de Pearson y Rao-Scott con corrección de segundo orden, aplicadas a datos recolectados mediante técnicas de muestreo que no cumplen los supuestos de independencia e igual probabilidad de inclusión de las observaciones, llamadas muestras complejas. Ambas pruebas se usaron para ajustar

María A. Quintero-Méndez; Mariano J. Durán-Núñez



Efectos de los campos magnéticos de baja y extremadamente baja frecuencia sobre el desarrollo del globo ocular en el embrión de pollo Effects of low and extremely low-frequency magnetic fields on eye development in chick embryo  

Microsoft Academic Search

Introduction: We performed an experimental study on the possible effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on eye develop- ment. Material and methods: An incubator (Masalles 65) was pla- ced between two Heltmholtz coils (homogeneous EMF genera- tor). The biological material studied was Gallus Domesticus embr- yo exposed to EMF during a 15 or 21-day incubation period. Three experiments were conducted including

Casanova Llivina; Pascual Morenilla; López Soler; Roda Moreno


Projeto Serge: Trabalho de Campo Referente AO Experimento Sir-a No Brasil (Fase 2) (Shuttle Experimental Radar for Geological Exploration (SERGE) Project: Field Work Relating to the Shuttle Experimental Radar A (SIR-A) in Brazil (Phase 2)).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The ground observations undertaken over the northern position of Minas Gerais State, and part of Distrito Federal from 7 to 12 December 1982, along the Space Shuttle 2 flying orbit 22 of November 1981 are described. Field data related mostly with litholog...

M. G. Balieiro P. R. Martini J. R. Dossantos J. T. Demattos



On Some Experimental Activities of the Aeronautical Institute of the University of Pisa in the Field of Applied Aerodynamics . Su Alcune Attivita Sperimentali Dell Istituto di Aeronautica Dell Universita di Pisa Nel Campo Della Aerodinamica Applicata.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The research is reported on air transport problems using STOL and VTOL aircraft. The principle characteristics of a STOL model, and the simulation technology are described along with the construction problems. The aerodynamic balance results are discussed...

G. Barsotti C. Casarosa A. Delpuglia A. Salvetti



Resultados Preliminares DA Analise Visual de Dados Sarex E Descricao das Atividades de Campo NA Floresta Nacional Do Tapajos (Preliminary Results of the Visual SAREX Data and Description of the Field Work Activities in the Tapajos National Forest).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This work presents the preliminary results of the visual interpretation of the C/SAREX data, HH polarization, narrow and swath mode. This data was compared with TM/Landsat data. The test site corresponds to the Tapajos National Forest and surroundings. Th...

P. H. Filho L. V. Dutra S. Amaral



Attivita del Centro di Linguistica Applicata nel campo della lingua e della cultura italiana all'estero (Activities of the Italian Center for Applied Linguistics concerning Italian Language and Culture Abroad).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Outlines the activities of a recently created section of the Italian Center for Applied Linguistics (CILA), dealing with "Teaching Italian Abroad." Describes these activities as encompassing four areas: research, teaching methodology, consultation, teachers' training and bibliographical information. Lists statistical surveys, research papers, and…

Boriosi Katerinov, Maria Clotilde



Estudo da quebra de simetria conforme em teorias de campo em fundo gravitacional com uso de integrais de caminho. (Study of the conformal symmetry breaking in field theories in gravitational background using path integrals).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Some general aspects on field theories in curved space-time and a introduction to conformal symmetry are presented. The behavior of the physical systems under Weyl transformations is discussed. The quantization of such systems are performed through the fu...

M. Souza Alves



Results of investigation at the Miravalles geothermal field, Costa Rica. Resultados de las investigaciones en el campo geotermico de Miravalles, Costa Rica; Parte 2, Muestreo de fluidos pozo abajo  

SciTech Connect

Samples of the geothermal fluids in the Miravalles, Costa Rica, geothermal system were collected from production wellbores using downhole fluid samplers, from flowing wellheads using miniseparators, and from hot springs that discharge in the area. The reservoir fluid at Miravalles is a neutral-chloride-type water, but fumaroles and acid-sulfate springs are present within the main thermal area, and there are bicarbonate-rich hot springs that are clearly related to the neutral-chloride reservoir fluids. Dissolved gases are primarily a mixture of CO{sub 2} with air, but samples collected in the fumarolic areas also contain H{sub 2}S. Water-stable isotope analyses suggest local meteoric recharge, and the reservoir fluid shows oxygen isotopic shifts of about 2.5% due to high-temperature oxygen exchange between water and rock. Chemical geothermometer temperatures are consistent with the measured downhole temperature of 220{degrees} to 255{degrees}C. This pattern of neutral-chloride reservoir fluids with acid-sulfate springs near the source region and bicarbonate-rich chloride hot springs at the periphery of the system suggests a lateral outflow type of hydrothermal system. In addition to the geochemical evidence, temperature profiles from several of the wells show temperature reversals that are characteristic of lateral outflow plumes. We find no evidence for the underlying, higher temperature (300{degrees}C) system, which has been suggested by other investigators. 24 refs., 14 figs., 6 tabs.

Grigsby, C.O.; Goff, F.; Trujillo, P.E. Jr.; Counce, D.A.; Dennis, B.; Kolar, J.; Corrales, R. (Los Alamos National Lab., NM (USA); Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad, San Jose (Costa Rica))



Fields without Borders: An Anthology of Documentary Writing and Photography by Student Action with Farmworkers' Interns = Campos sin Fronteras: Una Antologia de Obras Escritas y Fotografia por Estudiantes Internos de Accion Estudiantil con Trabajadores Agricolas.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In this booklet, essays and poems, presented both in English and in Spanish, portray the feelings, conditions, and economic plight of migrant and seasonal farmworkers in North and South Carolina, often in their own words. A preface describes Student Action with Farmworkers summer internships in which college students spend 10 weeks working with…

Manly, Libby, Ed.; Okie, Alejandra, Ed.; Wiggins, Melinda, Ed.



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In this article we expose the existing problems in the analysis of the reflection levels of the speec h, either of physical education teachers or of sports trainers, in order to improve this aspect and to establish formative programs or to provide feedback to imporove this competency and the performance of the sportsmen. We define the concepts of reflectio n

J. Viciana; M. A. Delgado; Del Villar



Microsoft Academic Search

SUMMARY Plant tissue culture methodologies were developed five dec- ades ago. However, expensive reagents and faulty technology transfer have prevented farmers in developing countries to ben- efit from these techniques. In Venezuela, cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) is a neglected crop harvested by poor farmers in marginal areas. Several constraints plot against large scale cassava cultivation, but the most important ones

Gustavo Romay; Juan Matehus; Armando Gerstl; Rodrigo Rueda; María A. Santana



El Balneario Marítimo como Espacio Utópico: los casos de Portmeirion (Gales), Thorpeness (Inglate rra), Pedernales (España) y Piriápolis (Uruguay)  

Microsoft Academic Search

(Estados Unidos). 1 Esta ponencia dirige la mirada a otro tipo de balneario marítimo, la pequeña colonia de vacaciones establecida por un empresario por motivos utópicos, tratando de construir un espacio de placer para llevar a habitantes y visitantes hacia un estado de perfecta tranquilidad y de aislamiento de los problemas del mundo exterior. Propongo un análisis comparativo de cuatro

Reino Unido


Tetrahydrothiophene desulfurization on Co-Mo/. gamma. -Al sub 2 O sub 3 : A temporal analysis of products (TAP) investigation  

SciTech Connect

The catalytic reactions of tetrahydrothiophene, thiophene, 1-butene, 1,3-butadiene, and n-butane with hydrogen were studied at low pressure over a commercial cobalt molybdate catalyst. The formation sequence of tetrahydrothiophene desulfurization products was monitored with submilli-second time resolution using the temporal analysis of products (TAP) transient microreactor technique. The TAP experiments showed that butene and were the only hydrocarbon desulfurization products formed, although rapid dehydrogenation to thiophene was also observed. The exceptional time resolution of the TAP spectrometer provided evidence that the butene formed could not be accounted for by a mechanism involving butadiene hydrogenation. The results suggested a desulfurization mechanism for tetrahydrothiophene wherein C{sub 4} hydrocarbon formation proceeds via a surface butene thiolate intermediate produced by a single {beta}-hydride elimination of the intermediate, while rapid C-S bond hydrogenolysis involving surface hydrogen is responsible for butene formation.

Moser, W.R.; Rossetti, G.A. Jr. (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA (USA)); Gleaves, J.T.; Ebner, J.R. (Monsanto Chemical Co., St. Louis, MO (USA))



Adenocarcinoma de colo uterino com disseminação linfática apresentando-se como carcinoma en cuirasse da vulva: relato de caso.  


We report the case of a patient with carcinoma "en cuirasse" of the vulva. Case report: A female patient presented complaining of inguinal lymphadenopathy. Lymph node excision, immunohistochemistry analyses, and further exams showed the presence of cervical adenocarcinoma. The cancer was surgically removed and the patient was treated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy with a good initial response. Some months later she presented with intense edema of the lower limbs, hardening and thickening of the labia majora, and pelvic and genital ulceration. A cutaneous biopsy with subsequent immunohistochemical staining showed lymphatic dissemination of adenocarcinoma to the vulva. Discussion: Carcinoma "en cuirasse" is a rare presentation of cutaneous metastasis in which the affected skin shows hardening and induration, acquiring a sclerodermoid appearance. This is, to the best of our knowledge, the first report in Brazil of carcinoma "en cuirasse" of the vulva associated with cervical adenocarcinoma. PMID:24852775

Silva de Lima, Adma; Casemiro, Karla Patricia; Rovere, Rodrigo Kraft




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Para llevar a cabo el presente trabajo se partió de una revisión bibliográfica en la cual se sustenta el análisis y la sistematización de los contenidos teóricos referidos. La recogida de información se realiza a través de un conjunto de técnicas complementarias entre sí respondiendo a los objetivos de la investigación. En la obtención de los datos se parte primeramente

Sara Dilaidis Rodríguez Betancourt



How Can We Provide Safe Playgrounds? = Como podemos proveer lugares con juegos infantiles que no sean peligrosos para los ninos?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Outdoor playgrounds can be exciting places where children explore their environment and develop motor and social skills; however, they can also pose serious safety hazards. With the exception of California, no mandatory state or federal standards currently exist regarding manufacture or installation of playground equipment or surfaces. The…

ACCESS ERIC, Rockville, MD.


Uso de imagens LANDSAT como subsídio ao estudo da dispersão de sedimentos na região da foz do rio São Francisco  

Microsoft Academic Search

The construction of a sequence of water reservoirs along the lower São Francisco river basin has caused a severe change in the supply of water and sediments to the coastal zone. We present in this paper a first attempt to use Landsat data to estimate de Suspended Sediment Content (SSC) of the coastal plume. A simple log model proposed by

João Antonio Lorenzzetti; Eduardo Negri


Insuficiencia respiratoria aguda como forma de debut de síndrome de Lambert-Eaton asociado a carcinoma pulmonar de células pequeñas  

Microsoft Academic Search

The Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome is a rare disorder of neu- romuscular transmission, usually presenting as a paraneoplastic process associated with a small cell lung cancer. Recently, respiratory muscular impairment has been described in these patients. Acute respiratory failu- re as a presenting symptom has been reported in few cases. We present a case of acute ventilatory failure as the first

F. Jover; E. Chiner; J. M. Arriero; J. Signes-Costa; J. Marco; V. Izura




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Este trabajo resume, por un lado los aportes centrales de una investigación más amplia denominada Políticas Públicas y Formación pa ra el Trabajo en Argentina. Articulaciones de una Política Neoliberal2 , cuyo eje fue e l análisis, desde una perspectiva c rítica, de un Programa focalizado e implementado a escala nacional en la República Argentina - el Proyecto Joven -

Esther Levy


"Tras de un Amoroso Lance" como Estructura Expresiva (The Poem, "Behind the Amorous Cast" as an Expressive Structure).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

An analysis of a poem by San Juan de la Cruz (St. John of the Cross), the sixteenth century Spanish mystic, identifies symbols and images, explains themes, and offers a synthesis of his structural patterns. The poem, "Tras de amoroso lance", deals with the theme of the search of the beloved (i.e., the soul) for the lover, and incorporates the…

Bratosevich, Nicolas



Como ayudar a los padres a prevenir el envenenamiento por plomo (Helping Parents Prevent Lead Poisoning). ERIC Digest.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Children are at greater risk than adults for lead poisoning because children absorb lead more readily than adults, and a small amount of lead in children's bodies can do a great deal of harm. This Spanish-language Digest summarizes some of the causes and effects of childhood lead poisoning and suggests some lead poisoning prevention strategies…

Binns, Helen J.; Ricks, Omar Benton


Efecto potenciador de la respuesta inmune contra el Factor de Crecimiento Epidérmico mediante el empleo de liposomas como adyuvante  

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Enhancing effect on the recombinant Epidermal Growth Factor immune response using liposomes as adjuvant. The use of liposomes as adjuvant in order to potentiate the immune response against epidermal growth factor (EGF) was studied. Firstly, the attention was focused on the influence of phospholipid composition of dehydration- rehydration vesicles (DRV) on the EGF encapsulation efficiency and its release from liposomes.

María del Carmen; Luzardo Lorenzo; Lesly Calderón Domínguez; Isabel Fabiola; Pazos Santos



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The objective of this experiment was to evaluate the performance of Durofel, a hardness meter (Shore A adapted by Ctifl) and a chromameter Minolta CR 300 measuring ground color as non destructive estimators of firmness in melting flesh peaches. Correlation between firmness, measured with Durofel and measured with a penetrometer, and between firmness and ground color, measured with a chromameter

Claudio O. Budde; Alejandro Tula; Gustavo Polenta; Carlos Lucangeli; Ricardo Murray; Casilla de Correo; Aires Argentina




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The production of calves from dairy herds reared on whole milk is not economically viable. Different milk substitutes with animal or vegetal protein have been tested, but always showed allergic or practical management problems. The texturized soybean protein is obtained from whole soybean extruded, which takes a better digestibility and an inactivation of allergic principles. The objective of this trial



Caracteristicas de la Instruccion Programada como Tecnica de Ensenanza (Characteristics of Programed Instruction as a Teaching Technique).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This discussion of programed instruction begins with the fundamental psychological aspects and learning theories behind this teaching method. Negative and positive reinforcement, conditioning, and their relationship to programed instruction are considered. Different types of programs, both linear and branching, are discussed; criticism of the…

Dorrego, Maria Elena



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This research explores the role of mailing lists in open source software projects as a tool for knowledge sharing and problem resolution. One of the benefits that firms can derive from using Open Source Software (OSS) is informal development collaboration. The primary tool for collaboration and coordination are group mailing lists, followed by asynchronous discussion forums, bug reports, and chat.

Martínez Torres; M. R. Toral Marín; S. L. Barrero García



Evaluación de los ácidos grasos n-3 de 18 especies de pescados marinos mexicanos como alimentos funcionales  

Microsoft Academic Search

SUMMARY. n-3 fatty acid evaluation in eighteen Mexican ma- rine fishes as functional food. The objective of the present work was to characterize the n-3 fatty acid composition of eighteen spe- cies of Mexican marine fishes and to evaluate their potential as func- tional food. Total lipids and fatty acid (FA) compositions were ob- tained of the edible portion of

Castro-González MI; Ojeda VA


Estudo Reológico de Tintas de Poliuretano Contendo PAni-DBSA Aplicadas como Materiais Absorvedores de Microondas (8-12 GHz)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumo: Neste trabalho preparou-se tintas condutoras baseadas em blendas de poliuretano contendo polianilina em diferentes proporções. Estudou-se as influências do método de dopagem da polianilina (PAni) e do tempo de processamento da mistura no comportamento reológico da tinta. Verificou-se que a dopagem, com o ácido dodecilbenzeno sulfônico (DBSA), por processamento reativo (PAni-DBSA-pr) afetou, de maneira mais acentuada, a viscosidade da

Rogério S. Biscaro; Edson C. Botelho; Centro ITA; Técnico Aeroespacial; Marta F. K. Takahashi



International Workshop on Mathematical Methods in Combustion Held in Como, Italy on 18-22 May 1992.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The overall objective of the Workshop was to try to improve communications and promote cross-fertilizations between applied mathematicians and computational scientists, by pointing out promising directions as well as effective means of interaction. Specif...

L. De Luca, E. S. Oran, M. Q. Brewster, M. K. Strelets, B. V. Novozhilov



Relación entre lípidos séricos y estado de las vitaminas C y E como antioxidantes en adultos mayores venezolanos  

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RESUMEN. En el envejecimiento se observa tendencia a hiperlipidemias, cambios en la distribución de lipoproteínas y una declinación del sistema de defensa antioxidante del organismo. El objetivo de este estudio fue relacionar concentraciones séricas de colesterol total, fracciones, triglicéridos y Vitaminas C y E. Se evaluaron 61 adultos mayores de 60 años de edad, de enero-marzo, 2006. Se diagnosticó estado

Lesbia Meertens; Gloria Naddaf; Adelmo Rodríguez




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SUMMARY The effects of vinasse and filter cake compost were evaluated on the chemical properties of the soil, culture nutrition, sugar- cane yield and juice quality, as well as on the comparative anal- ysis of the costs of its use as an organic fertilizer. The experi- ment was carried out in the Pujiltic sugarmill, Chiapas, México. The treatments were vinasse

Gloria I. Hernández Melchor; Sergio Salgado García; David J. Palma López; Luz del C. Lagunes; Mepivoseth Espinoza; Castelán Estrada; Octavio Ruiz Rosado; Lagunes Espinoza



A statistical evaluation of preparation conditions on the performance of Ce-promoted CoMo Fischer-Tropsch catalyst  

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This paper describes a statistical approach to the optimal selection of preparation conditions for a ceria-promoted Co-Mo\\u000a catalyst used during CO hydrogenation. Eight catalyst samples based on a full factorial design were prepared via incipient\\u000a wetness method. Evaluation was carried out in laboratory packed bed reactor using synthesis gas containing H2:CO=2 at 280 °C and 110 kPa. BET was unaffected

K. Eisenacher; Adesoji A. Adesina



Sistemas de Informação Geográfica como ferramenta para o diagnóstico e gestão de macrobacias no arco do desmatamento na Amazônia  

Microsoft Academic Search

The Amazon basin is rather known by their peculiar ecossystem with high biodiversity spreaded out by a large drainage basin which produces almost 15% of the world's drinking water. The human impacts of deforestation during he last 30 years are responsible for about 653.000Km2 of a clear forest surface shaped and denominated as the deforestation arch. Most of the deforestation

Ralph Trancoso



La dinámica de las publicaciones y las patentes como una aproximación al desarrollo científico y tecnológico de los países  

Microsoft Academic Search

The purpose of this paper is to propose a characterization, different from the traditional ones, of developed and developing countries, in terms of science and technology. First, we identify the generating processes of the publication and patent series of the countries. Then we relate the development stages of the countries (Banze (2000)) with the dynamics of the series. The results

Clemente Forero; Andrés Zambrano




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Los desastres ocurridos en centros urbanos, no sólo en Colombia (sismo de 1983 en Popayán, el sismo de 1999 en el eje cafetero), sino en otros países del mundo1, han generado interés acerca de las implicaciones de las amenazas en las ciudades. Ante ello el gobierno colombiano ha expresado su preocupación a través de una serie de reformas y leyes

Alexandra Vallejo


Characterization and hydrodesulfurization activity of CoMo catalysts supported on boron-doped sol–gel alumina  

Microsoft Academic Search

A series of hydrodesulfurization (HDS) catalysts was prepared by impregnation of Co and Mo on sol–gel B–Al2O3 supports with B\\/Al ratios of 0, 0.02, 0.04, 0.08, 0.20, 0.32, 0.49, and 0.61. The thiophene HDS and dibenzothiophene (DBT) HDS activities were both maximal for the catalyst with B\\/Al=0.04, with respective values 70 and 42% higher than those for an industrial reference

Franck Dumeignil; Koichi Sato; Motoyasu Imamura; Nobuyuki Matsubayashi; Edmond Payen; Hiromichi Shimada



Estadísticas de visitas en portales web institucionales como indicador de respuesta del público a propuestas de divulgación  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The presence of institutions on the internet is nowadays very important to strenghten communication channels, both internal and with the general public. The Córdoba Observatory has several web portals, including the official web page, a blog and presence on several social networks. These are one of the fundamental pillars for outreach activities, and serve as communication channel for events and scientific, academic, and outreach news. They are also a source of information for the staff, as well as data related to the Observatory internal organization and scientific production. Several statistical studies are presented, based on data taken from the visits to the official web pages. I comment on some aspects of the role of web pages as a source of consultation and as a quick response to information needs. FULL TEXT IN SPANISH

Lares, M.


Programa Academico de Dominio de Ingles Como Lengua Extranjera (Academic Program in English as a Foreign Language).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The guide presents the newly-developed curriculum of the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana at Iztapalapa (Mexico) for its program in English as a foreign language. An introductory section provides background information on the initiative to design a new curriculum. The second section presents the principles on which the curriculum and its methods…

Flores Revilla, Maria Teresa; Zoreda, Margaret Lee; Vivaldo Lima, Javier; Blanco Lopez, Guadalupe; Caballero Robles, Teresita del Rosario; Mercau Appiani, Virginia


La ecología espacial como punto de encuentro entre la ecología animal y vegetal. Modelos espacialmente explícitos de dispersión endozoócora  

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Spatial ecology as a crossroad for animal and plant ecology. An example using spatially explicit models of endozoochorou s seed dispersal. In this article, we use seed-dispersal systems to exemplify the importance of spatial ecology for the study of plant -animal interactions. The study of seed-dispersal systems has been traditionally biased towards their plant component, with a relative disregard for

L. Santamaría; A. R. Larrinaga; A. Arceiz; J. Rodríguez Pérez


Análise da adaptabilidade e da estabilidade de genótipos de trigo como ferramenta auxiliar na recomendação de novas cultivares  

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The analysis of adaptability and stability of wheat genotypes helps the plant breeder in the recommendation of new cultivars, recommending lines of broad or specific adaptation to environments. This procedure is particularly important in wheat cropping, mainly when the great diversity of environments to which this cereal is submitted in Brazil is taken into consideration. Thus, the objective of this

Eduardo Caierão; Márcio Só e Silva; Pedro Luiz Scheeren; Leo de Jesus Antunes Del Duca; Alfredo do Nascimento Junior; João Leonardo Pires



Diferentes Metodologias Aplicadas ao Ensino de Astronomia  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Espera-se que o educando ao final da educação básica, adquira uma compreensão atualizada das hipóteses, modelos e formas de investigação sobre a origem e evolução do Universo em que vive. O presente trabalho tem como principal objetivo compreender dentre três práticas pedagógicas adotadas no Ensino de Astronomia, na terceira série do Ensino Médio, da Escola Estadual Colônia dos Pescadores, qual melhor cumpre o papel de formação e aprendizagem para vida. A pesquisa preliminar foi através de um questionário onde o intuito foi diagnosticar o conhecimento já existente acerca do tema em questão. O questionário é composto de vinte questões dissertativas e objetivas, onde os educandos das três turmas envolvidas o responderam. Este trabalho utiliza as seguintes metodologias: a tradicional, onde o professor é um repassador de informações, fazendo uso exclusivo de lousa e giz; a segunda também de forma tradicional, porém com auxílio de multimídia para desenvolvimento das aulas e aterceira sob forma de seminários, elaborados e apresentados pelos educandos, no qual o educador faz apenas as intervenções necessárias. Ao final do trabalho os alunos responderão novamente o questionário inicial para diagnosticar dentre as três metodologias utilizadas qual apresentou melhor resultado. Os resultados preliminares obtidos, já podem ser observados e, dos 119 alunos entrevistados, as respostas obtidas são as mais diversas e evidenciam que a grande maioria nunca teve em sua vida escolar o tema Astronomia. Ao serem questionados se já haviam estudado Astronomia as respostas foram: turma A: sim 43%; turma B: sim: 21%; turma C: sim: 24%. Porém quando questionados a respeito do significado de Astronomia observou-se que: turma A: 100% de acertos; turma B: 64% acertos; turma C: 84% de acertos, demonstrando claramente a aprendizagem em diferentes esferas, não dependendo unicamente da escola. Até o presente momento, verificou-se que há interesse em estudar o tema Astronom! ia entre os educandos.

Albrecht, E.; Voelzke, M. R.



A estabilidade dos PAHS em função da energia da radiação interestelar nas faixas UV e raios-X  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A nebulosa CRL 618, uma proto-nebulosa planetária cuja nuvem molecular espessa envolve uma estrela B0, contém uma grande quantidade de C2H2 e CH4. Estas moléculas são consideradas os tijolos da criação de grandes moléculas carbonadas como os Hidrocarbonetos Policíclicos Aromáticos (PAHs). Esta nebulosa, por estar exposta a intensos campos de UV e Raios-X, é uma região de fotodissociação molecular que propicia a formação de novas moléculas, confirmada pela presença de C4H2 e C6H6 (Benzeno), que é a unidade básica dos PAHs. Atribui-se a esta família de moléculas orgânicas duas propriedades fundamentais, a resistência para sobreviver ao campo de radiação UV interestelar e a geração das bandas de emissão não identificadas (UIR) observadas no infravermelho. No entanto, alguns autores questionam a resistência dos PAHs ao campo de radiação UV interestelar. Empregando a técnica de Espectrometria de Massas por Tempo de Vôo, no modo de coincidência fotoelétron-fotoíon, estudamos a ionização e fragmentação das seguintes moléculas: Benzeno, Benzeno deuterado, Naftaleno, Antraceno e Fenantreno. Utilizamos uma fonte de Hélio monocromática em 21,21 eV (584,5 Å) e a radiação Síncroton do Laboratório Nacional de Luz Síncroton (LNLS) em diferentes energias nas proximidades da borda do C 1s ( 290 eV). Comprovamos a estabilidade dos PAHs sob ação de UV (21,21 eV), onde eles apresentam um baixo nível de fotodissociação, produzindo fragmentos ionizados com rendimento total na ordem de 5 por cento em relação ao íon molecular pai. Entretanto, em altas energias, na faixa de Raios-X, a quebra destas moléculas torna-se mais intensa, com a produção de muitos fragmentos. Como uma das rotas de fragmentação do Naftaleno é [(C10H8) = > (C6H6+) + (C4H2) + (e-)], e como temos as evidências observacionais da existência do C4H2 e C6H6 na nebulosa CRL 618, sugerimos que este ambiente também possui o Naftaleno.

Pinotti, R.; Costa, R. K.; Boechat-Roberty, H. M.; Lago, A.; Souza, G. B.



Autoguía para el telescopio 2,15 mts de CASLEO  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Se está desarrollando un sistema de autoguía para el telescopio de 2,15 mts. El mismo se realizará aprovechando el Offset Guider. Al ocular móvil de éste se vinculará alguna cámara digital (ST4-ST7-CH250) para lograr la visión del objeto. El funcionamiento del equipo será el siguiente: primero, dadas las coordenadas del objeto a observar, se tomarán las coordenadas del telescopio para que, a través de una base de datos, se determine un campo de objetos que sirvan para la cámara de visión, luego, la PC obtendrá el offset entre la estrella de observación y la estrella seleccionada como guía, este valor será trasladado a los motores que posicionarán en forma automática el ocular. Una vez que la estrella es visualizada en la cámara (monitor de PC ) se correrá el programa que guiará el telescopio automáticamente.

Aballay, J. A.; Casagrande, A. R.; Pereyra, P. F.; Marún, A. H.


Movimiento regular y caótico en cúmulos globulares  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Los cúmulos globulares exhiben diferentes grados de elipticidad y se mueven en el campo gravitatorio de la galaxia a la que pertenecen. Las órbitas de sus estrellas no necesitan, por ello, conservar la energía ni el momento angular, y resulta probable la presencia de movimientos caóticos. Como paso preliminar de una investigación más extensa, presentamos aquí los resultados de un estudio de órbitas estelares en un cúmulo globular levemente triaxial que describe una órbita circular dentro de una galaxia. Las órbitas se investigan utilizando dos métodos: 1) La clasificación por frecuencias de D.D. Carpintero y L.A. Aguilar (1998, MNRAS, en prensa), y 2) Los exponentes de Lyapunov (subrutina LIAMAG, gentilmente suministrada por D. Pfenniger). Utilizando diversos espacios de condiciones iniciales, investigamos las familias de órbitas de las estrellas del cúmulo. Confirmamos la presencia de órbitas caóticas, particularmente en las zonas externas del cúmulo, y discutimos su importancia para la estructura del cúmulo.

Carpintero, D. D.; Muzzio, J. C.; Wachlin, F. C.


Análisis del espectro infrarrojo del polvo interestelar asociado con cúmulos globulares y de su evolución temporal  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

El trabajo que se presenta investiga la dinámica de las partículas de polvo interestelar eyectadas por estrellas gigantes rojas en un cúmulo globular utilizando simulaciones numéricas de su interacción con el campo gravitatorio y con la radiación electromagnética de las estrellas. Se pretende con ello determinar la distribución espacial de ese material como una función del tiempo en un sistema similar a NGC 104 (47 Tuc). A partir de la distribución espacial resultante se obtuvo el espectro infrarrojo integrado el cual sugiere que el máximo contraste con la radiación estelar ocurre en longitudes de onda cercanas a 300 ?m y que decrece rápidamente hacia longitudes de onda menores, en las que suelen realizarse las observaciones.

Pellizza, L. J.; Forte, J. C.; Carpintero, D.


Contribuições para o projeto da câmara infravermelha Spartan do telescópio SOAR  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Como parte de uma colaboração entre a Divisão de Astrofísica do INPE, IAG-USP, Instituto do Milênio MEGALIT e a Michigan State University, trabalhamos durante um ano junto ao grupo do Dr. Edwin Loh (MSU) no projeto e detalhamento de diversos subsistemas para a câmara infravermelho Spartan do telescópio SOAR. Trata-se de um imageador para as bandas J, H e K que explora todo o potencial, em termos de qualidade de imagem e campo de visada, fornecido pelo sistema de óptica adaptativa de primeira ordem do telescópio SOAR. Projetamos soluções detalhadas para os subsistemas de rodas de filtros/grismas/máscaras de Lyot; subsistema de compactação do mosaico de detectores em duas versões distintas; subsistema de alimentação de Nitrogênio líquido. Mantivemos sempre uma supervisão geral sobre todas as partes restantes e os respectivos envelopes volumétricos produzindo soluções para a integração de todos os componentes. Neste trabalho, ilustramos as principais contribuições e fornecemos um resumo do estado atual do instrumento.

Laporte, R.; Jablonski, F.; Loh, E.



Effect of acclimation to outdoor condition on the sexual performance of mass-produced Medflies (Diptera: Tephritidae)  

SciTech Connect

Application of the sterile insect technique (SIT) as part of integrated area-wide programs to control the Mediterranean fruit fly (medfly) Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) require that the released males attract wild females and transfer sterile sperm. However, knowledge about male sexual performance after they are released is scarce. We conducted a study to evaluate male sexual performance in field cage tests, according to standard quality control procedures. Mass-reared 5-d-old sterile males from the genetic sexing strain VIENNA 7mix2000 were acclimated for 0, 1, and 3 d to outdoor conditions before competing with wild males for wild females. Although the proportion of mating (PM) in the test was satisfactory, the resulting relative sterility index (RSI) data showed no significant differences among the treatments. The data indicate that pre-conditioning males to outdoor conditions in Madeira did not confer an advantage in field cage sexual performance. (author) [Spanish] La aplicacion de la tecnica del insecto esteril (TIE) como parte de un programa integrado de amplio efecto para el control de la mosca mediterranea de la fruta Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) requiere que los machos liberados atraigan las hembras naturales y transfieran su esperma. Sin embargo, el conocimiento del desempeno sexual de los machos despues de ser liberados es muy escaso. Nosotros realizamos un estudio para evaluar el desempeno sexual de los machos en pruebas usando jaulas del campo, segun los procedimientos estandardizados de calidad. Machos esteriles de 5 dias de edad de la raza que separa los sexos geneticamente VIENNA 7mix2000 criados en masa fueron aclimatados por 0, 1 y 3 dias en condiciones de campo antes de competir con machos naturales para las hembras naturales. Aunque la proporcion del apareamiento en la prueba fue satisfactorio, el indice relativo de esterilidad (IRS) resultante no mostro ninguna diferencia significativa entre los tratamientos. Los datos indicaron que al condicionar los machos anteriormente a las condiciones de campo en Madeira no conferio ventaja alguna en el desempeno sexual en la jaula de campo. (author)

Pereira, R.; Silva, N.; Quintal, C.; Abreu, R.; Andrade, J.; Dantas, L. [Programa Madeira-Med, Estrada Eng. Abel Vieira, 262, 9135-260 Camacha, Madeira (Portugal)



Estudio teórico de moléculas de interés en Astrofísica: compuestos binarios policarbonados  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Se han detectado en el espacio distintos compuestos binarios policarbonados (que se pueden formular como CnX), algunos de ellos con elementos de la primera fila del sistema periódico, pero también existen otros que contienen elementos de la segunda fila, como azufre o silicio. La información experimental sobre estos últimos compuestos es escasa, por lo que los estudios teóricos son especialmente valiosos en este campo. En esta comunicación presentaremos los avances mas recientes que sobre el tema ha realizado nuestro grupo. Incidiremos particularmente en dos aspectos. En primer lugar resumiremos los estudios en los que hemos intentado proporcionar información estructural sobre carburos metálicos formados por sodio, magnesio, aluminio o calcio, que pueda ser de ayuda a la hora de caracterizar estas moléculas en laboratorio como paso previo a su eventual detección en el espacio. Un aspecto importante dentro de este primer apartado es el análisis de las propiedades moleculares en función del tamaño del sistema (cuantificado en el numero de átomos de carbono) con el objeto de intentar sistematizar su estudio. En segundo lugar comentaremos brevemente algunos de los estudios realizados sobre posibles reacciones que pueden ser vías de síntesis de este tipo de compuestos en el medio interestelar.

Largo-Cabrerizo, A.


Ondas de choque em jatos de quasares e objetos BL Lacertae  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Este trabalho é parte de um projeto que vem sendo realizado há dois anos no CRAAM, cujos objetivos principais são analisar e aplicar um modelo generalizado de ondas de choque em jatos relativísticos de plasma, presentes em quasares e objetos BL Lacertae, para explicar a variabilidade observada nestes objetos. O método consiste em uma decomposição de curvas de luz em séries de explosões similares, em várias freqüências, baseando-se em uma evolução espectro-temporal média das explosões. A partir da evolução média, um ajuste de cada explosão é feito com base em equações empíricas, modificando-se apenas parâmetros específicos de cada explosão. Inicialmente o modelo foi aplicado ajustando-se as curvas de luz a explosões delineadas por uma evolução do choque em três estágios, segundo a predominância do processo de emissão: síncrotron, Compton e adiabático. Entretanto, nesta nova fase de projeto, visando uma parametrização mais concisa, uma otimização do algoritmo de ajuste e uma convergência mais rápida, a formulação para cada evento foi assumida com uma evolução em apenas dois estágios: subida e descida. Isto possibilitou uma ótima delineação das curvas de luz das fontes OV236, OJ287, 3C273 e BL Lac, entre 1980 e 2000, nas freqüências 4.8, 8.0, 14.5 e 22 GHz, utilizando-se dados do Observatório da Universidade de Michigan, do Observatório do Itapetinga (Atibaia SP) e do Observatório Metsähovi. Como conclusões importantes, verificou-se que: os parâmetros ajustados descrevem o comportamento do jato; os valores do índice que descreve a expansão do jato sugerem que o mesmo se expande de uma forma não-cônica; o campo magnético é turbulento atrás da frente de choque; e as peculiaridades das explosões são devidas à influência de grandezas tais como o coeficiente da distribuição espectral de energia dos elétrons, a intensidade de campo magnético e o fator de feixe Doppler, no início do choque.

Melo, F. E.; Botti, L. C. L.



Desenvolvimento das câmeras de raios-X duros do satélite MIRAX  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

O MIRAX (Monitor e Imageador de RAios-X) é um projeto de desenvolvimento de um pequeno satélite astronômico de raios-X (~200 kg, ~240 W). A estratégia básica da missão será observar continuamente (~9 meses por ano) a região central (~1000 graus2) do plano Galáctico e realizar estudos espectroscópicos de banda larga (2-200 keV) e alta sensibilidade de um grande conjunto de fontes através de imagens com resolução de ~6'. Isso proporcionará uma cobertura inédita do "espaço de descobertas" através da detecção, localização, identificação e estudo detalhado de fenômenos imprevisíveis, tais como transientes fracos de raios-X, novas rápidas de raios-X e bursts de raios gama, assim como o estudo de fontes com emissão persistente. Neste trabalho apresentamos o projeto das duas câmeras de raios-X duros (CXDs) do MIRAX, que irão operar na faixa de 10 a 200 keV. Cada CXD consistirá de um plano de detectores CZT (Cd0,9Zn0,1Te) de 0,5 mm de resolução espacial e 370 cm2 de área total, e de uma máscara codificada com elementos quadrados de 1,3 mm de lado e 0,5 cm de espessura. A máscara terá dimensões de 315 cm ´ 275 cm e será montada a 700 cm de distância dos detectores. Com essa configuração as CXDs terão 6' de resolução angular e, quando colocadas a um ângulo de 29° entre si, as duas câmeras propiciam um campo totalmente codificado de 39° ´ 6°12' e um campo total de 76° ´ 44°. Serão apresentadas simulações de observações da região do plano Galáctico com o conjunto formado pelas duas CXDs.

Braga, J.; Rothschild, R.; Staubert, R.; Heise, J.; Remillard, R.; D'Amico, F.; Jablonski, F.; Mejía, J.; Carvalho, H.; Heindl, B.; Matteson, J.; Kendziorra, E.; Wilms, J.; in't Zand, J.; Kuulkers, E.




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This article intends to register an analysis of the virtual environm ent of Second Life, for the forms of conflict resolution. But the idea is to start a discussion in the face of virtual environments that are emerging about virtual well, applicability of law in the face of questions concerning the network. Despite no longer mention the proportionality of the

Karla Cristina da Costa; Silva Matos Ferragi



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C.S. Peirce states that a sign represents only some aspect of an object, which means that no representation can be perfect. The form - or information - grounding the sign's ability to represent its object is always deficient in some measure. If we take the difference between the form of the object and the form represented in the sign to

B. Roy Frieden; Vinicius Romanini



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This research project studies the effectiveness of a programme of applica- tion of vocabulary learning strategies of English as a foreign language in Secon- dary Education. The combination of Association\\/Elaboration and Keywords is examined when it is used by an experimental group (N=23) against a control group (N=18) with strategic freedom. The programme is beneficial for the low performance group




Abordagem do tema hipertensão arterial e suas relações com o tabagismo e a obesidade como forma de avaliação da aquisição e socialização de conhecimentos em Feiras de Ciências  

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O presente trabalho apresenta a experiência vivenciada por um professor do Ensino Fundamental de Escola Pública do Paraná, na orientação de uma equipe de alunos de 8ª série, em 2008, visando o desenvolvimento de trabalhos em Feiras de Ciências. A temática da equipe enfoca a hipertensão arterial e seus fatores de risco, tabagismo e obesidade, no município de Floresta. Escolheu-se

Eduardo de Almeida Grenier; Celso Ivam Conegero




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Phytoliths recovered from pedological profiles in the Teotihuacan Valley, Mexico, as part of a paleoenvironmenal study of the region, are indicators of paleosols as well as fluctuations in the spatial distribution of soils and vegetation through time. In this analysis, grass (Poaceae) phytoliths represented by the subfamilies Pooideae, Panicoideae and Chloridoideae, are considered. A two-stage study included a cross-valley sampling

McClung de Tapia; Héctor Cabadas-Báez; Ernestina Vallejo-Gómez; Jorge Gama-Castro


O Brincar como uma Acao Mediadora no Trabalho Desenvolvido com Criancas Hospitalizadas (Play as a Mediating Activity in Work Developed with Hospitalized Children).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Describes experiences with hospitalized children through the extension project "Writing and Reading at the University Hospital", State University of Maringa Hospital (Brazil). States the initial project proposal provided educational assistance to the children separated from school due to being in the hospital. Used play and games as an effective…

Goulart, Aurea Maria Paes Leme; de Moraes, Silvia Pereira Gonzaga



Como Lo Hago Yo: Anomal?as del Tubo Neural en Guatemala -- Mielomeningocele Unidad de Espina B?fida e Hidrocefalia  

PubMed Central

En Guatemala nacen por añ 786 niños con defectos de tubo neural. Operamos 65 a 70 niños con mielomenigocele por año. Tenemos equipo multidisciplinario. Recomendamos parto por cesárea. Infección antes de la cirugía es un problema mayor. Derivación tardía es un problema. Disecamos la plaqueta con la técnica clásica. Suturamos la plaqueta para restituir la forma de la médula. Corpectomía en casos de cifósis. Hidrocefalía: Operamos el 80% de los niños. Chiari II: Operamos basados en los síntomas, primero nos aseguramos que la válvula funciona bien. Médula anclada: Operamos basados en los síntomas.

Manucci, Graciela; von Quednow, Enzo



Structural and kinetic study of CoMo/. gamma. Al/sub 2/O/sub 3/ hydrodesulfurization catalyst using EXAFS and XANES  

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In situ Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (EXAFS) and X-ray Absorption Near Edge (XANES) spectroscopies were combined in a study designed to elucidate the molecular structure of molybdenum in CoMo/..gamma..Al/sub 2/O/sub 3/ hydrodesulfurization catalysts. This structure was related to catalytic activity using a model thiophene hydrodesulfurization reaction. Oxide CoMo/..gamma..Al/sub 2/O/sub 3/ was found to consist of tetrahedrally coordinated molybdenum with two or three short Mo = O bonds and one or two oxide ligands with longer Mo-O distances. The catalyst reacts with H/sub 2/S at 25 C with terminal Mo = O species being replaced by sulfur ligands. As the sulfiding temperature is increased, oxysulfides are replaced with a MoS/sub 2/-like phase. No evidence was found of oxysulfides at sulfiding temperatures in excess of 200 C. The first shell sulfur and second shell molybdenum coordination numbers were observed to increase linearly with sulfiding temperature, as was the present MoS/sub 2/-like phase. The MoS/sub 2/-like phase is remarkably similar to MoS/sub 2/, but has a Mo-S coordination number of only four. The second shell coordination is also lower, with only three molybdenum neighbors at 3.16 A. Sulfiding is about 90% complete after two hours at 400 C, with only minor change after 24 hours of sulfiding. This information is consistent with a structural model consisting of small MoS/sub 2/ crystallites of c.a. 10 A if the perimeter molybdenums are considered to have lost labile sulfur. Kinetic EXAFS, XANES and sulfur uptake measurements were made in situ during catalyst sulfiding and HDS. These measurements showed that at high temperature (400 C) the rate of sulfur adsorption onto the catalyst limits the rate of reaction between surface sulfur and molybdenum.

Parham, T.G.



A Mo-K edge XAFS study of the metal sulfide-support interaction in (Co)Mo supported alumina and titania catalysts  

SciTech Connect

The metal-support interaction in oxidic and sulfided (Co)Mo/Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} and (Co)Mo/TiO{sub 2} catalysts has been studied with X-ray absorption spectroscopy. Analysis of the oxidic catalysts showed that on both Mo/Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} and Mo/TiO{sub 2} the molybdenum oxide particles possess a highly distorted octahedral structure with Mo-O distances ranging from 1.71 {Angstrom} to 1.94 {Angstrom}. The second shell Mo-Mo coordination number of less than 1.0 indicated that the size of the molybdenum oxide particles is very small. Upon addition of Co the particle size is increased to approximately four Mo atoms per particle. EXAFS data analysis showed the presence of second shell Al and Ti neighbours indicating a linkage of the molybdenum oxide particles to the support via Mo-O-X (X = Al or Ti) bonds. Upon sulfidation of the oxidic catalysts small MOS{sub 2} particles are formed with second shell Mo-Mo coordination numbers ranging from 0.8 to 3.9. {Angstrom} Mo-O contribution at 2.0 {Angstrom} was found in the first coordination shell of Mo in the sulfided catalysts. Since the coordination number of this Mo-O contribution correlated with the MOS{sub 2} particle size, deduced from the second shell Mo-Mo coordination number, this Mo-O contribution was assigned as an interfacial Mo-O{sub support} linkage. This Mo-O{sub support} linkage stabilizes; the small MOS{sub 2} particles and prevents them from sintering. It is proposed that the activity of these catalysts can be controlled by optimising the molybdenum sulfide-support interaction, which consists of the observed MO-O{sub support} bonds. 56 refs., 11 figs., 6 tabs.

Leliveld, R.G.; Dillen, A.J. van; Geus, J.W.; Koningsberger, D.C. [Univ. of Utrecht (Netherlands)] [Univ. of Utrecht (Netherlands)




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This paper describes a qualitative methodology for the assessment of rock fall physical risk index at large-scale (1:1000). Through a detailed geologic and geomorphological survey both rock fall deposits and rock fall sources are identified and mapped. Analysis of the rock fall deposits give indications over the temporal frequency and spatial distribution of the phenomenon and point out the most

Medio Ambiente; R. D. V Geoconsulting


Approvechamiento de Desechos para la Generacion de Bio-Gas como Fuente de Energia (Utilization of Residues for the Obtention of Bio-Gas as an Energy Source).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This report explains the production of methane gas by the process of anaerobic fermentation, from organic sources such as poultry or cow manure. Analyzes the inconveniences at the present of using human excreta. Other sources are: food waste, mud, vegetab...

J. C. Gonzalez B L. A. Munoz V



Simulacion de Temblores como Procesos Estocasticos No Estacionarios (Simulation of Accelerograms as Sample Functions of a Non-Stationary Stochastic Process).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

A procedure for the simulation of accelerograms as sample functions of a non-stationary stochastic process is presented. The frequency content and the amplitude of motion are both considered as evolutionary. The spectral density of the acceleration is rep...

S. Ruiz A. Arias H. Sandoval




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The objective of the present study was to investigate the interaction between three light qualities (red, white and blue) and two nitrogen levels (IRRI +N and IRRI -N) on the simbiosis Azolla filiculoides - Anabaena azollae through the evaluation of parameters such as: Growth rate of vegetative cells and heterocists, chlorophyll, protein and proline contents and the nitrogenase and nitrate

Javier Mosquera Lenti; Abelardo Calderón Rodriguez


A fauna de Rotallida (Foraminiferida) da borda do recife de Itacimirim, Bahia, Brasil: um estudo comparativo do sedimento e das algas como substrato  

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This study aimed to compare the Rotaliida fauna (Foraminiferida) that lives in the sediment with that attached on algae from the Itacimirim's reef border, Bahia's north coast. Six samples of sediment and six of algae were collected in sites distributed along the reef border. The first 200 foraminnifers of each sample were selected, identified and the specimens belonging to the

Yonara S. Braga; Altair J. Machado; Simone S. Moraes



Surface Chemistry of Model Co-Mo Catalysts Supported on Planar gamma -Al sub 2 O sub 3 . Annual Technical Progress Report, September 1, 1985-August 31, 1986.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

During the first year major effort was devoted to the building new equipment, modifying the existing equipment and training of the graduate students for the UHV analytical techniques. Meantime some experimental work was also done. The first task, the plan...

T. Sahin W. K. Ford



Antecedentes y presencia de trastornos depresivos como factor de riesgo de ingreso hospitalario en pacientes mayores de 74 años atendidos en un servicio de urgencias  

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IntroductionDepression is especially frequent in the elderly. In addition to impairing quality of life, this disorder can affect the outcome of medical diseases. The objective is to analyze whether depressive disorders in elderly individuals attending an emergency room for medical complaints constitute a risk factor for admission.

Mónica Suárez-Linares; Jesús Vicente Cobo-Gómez; Francisco Manuel Suárez-García; Elena García-Carreño; Antonio Álvarez-Álvarez



O desenvolvimento compartilhado de impressos como estratégia de educação em saúde junto a trabalhadores de escolas da rede pública do Estado do Rio de Janeiro  

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This article describes the process and results of an experience with preparing a mural entitled A Day in the Life of the School Lunch Cook, conducted with public school employees in the State of Rio de Janeiro by a team of researchers and students from the Specialization Course in Workers' Health at the Center for Studies on Workers' Health of

Kátia Reis de Souza; Brani Rozemberg; Adriana Kelly-Santos; Nancy Yasuda; Marta Sharapin



Las pasantías del docente de ciencias como estrategia de formación y desarrollo profesional The stage of science teachers as strategies of formation and professional development  

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This text analises the science teachers comprehention process dealing with the nature and scientific practices from a cooperation model between researches and sciencies teachers. This project is organized by the UNESCO Montevi- deo education, PEDECIBA (development program of basic science) and Admnistra- tion National Education of the Republic Uruguay.




A música como experiência e diferencial mercadológico no turismo: um estudo de caso sobre o trecho Serro a São Gonçalo do Rio Preto - Estrada Real - MG  

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The search for places, which provide meaningful and unique experiences, is increasing in the tourism activity, and consequently, it is necessary to change the marketing strategy in places and attractions. The musical expression of Minas Gerais is not promoted as cultural contrast, although it is a great tourist attraction. This article suggests the use of the experimental marketing and the

Mariana Helena; Diniz Ferreira; Mileno Dias Marquezini


How To Talk to Your Teens and Children about AIDS = Como hablar con sus adolescentes y sus ninos sobre el SIDA.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Two brochures, one in English and one in Spanish, provide parents with basic information that will enable them to educate their children about Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Contents address 11 questions: (1) What is AIDS? (2) How do you get AIDS? (3) How is AIDS not spread? (4) Who can get AIDS? (5) How can you tell if someone has…

National PTA, Chicago, IL.


O processo de aquisicao das vogais semi-abertas "e,""o" portuges (brasileiro) como lingua estrangeira (Vowels "e" and "o" in Brazilian Portuguese as a Foreign Language).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Study looks at whether Spanish-speaking learners of Brazilian Portuguese as a foreign language demonstrates advantage or disadvantage in acquisition of semi-open vowels e and o. To research the question, eight students enrolled in first-year Portuguese were given a listening discrimination test composed of 18 minimal pairs to determine the extent…

Simoes, Antonio R. M.; Kelm, Orlando R.



Análise de Componentes Principais em Imagens Multitemporais TM\\/Landsat como Subsídio aos Estudos de Vulnerabilidade à Perda de Solo em Ambiente Semi-Árido  

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This study shows a methodological approach to evaluate soil losses and environmental vulnerability of the semi-arid regime on the northeast of Brazil. In order to perform this work Landsat\\/TM bands (red and infrared), from distinct hydrological periods were used by PCA (Principal Component Analysis).The results obtained indicate different features of the land use changes, that were categorized on three landscape

Alessandra Rodrigues Gomes; Francisco Dario Maldonado



Cidadania Negada: A Educacao como Instrumento de Combate a Pobreza no Brasil (Denial of Citizenship: Education as a Way to Fight Poverty in Brazil).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Compares two compensatory social/educational programs developed by the Brazilian government in the last 15 years. States that although one was formulated during the military regime and one during the present government, they both combat poverty and encourage privatization. Concludes that this promotes a process that sees education as social…

Germano, Jose Willington




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The present paper deals with the evaluation of the effectiveness of a sample of Sodium dichloroisocyanurate compared with the usual pool c hlorine, calcium hypochlorite, on the mortality of Aedes aegypti larvae, vector of dengue. Laboratory bioassays wer e carried out with the concentrations of 0.6 ppm of Sodium dichloroisocyanurate and 1ppm of swimming pool chlorine, as representing its common

Edmilson Ricardo Gonçalves


Los Residuos de Cosecha como Estrategia para la Alimentacion de Rumiantes Menores (Crop Residues as a Strategy for Small Ruminant Feeding).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Crop residues and preharvest foliages are being used for small ruminants in intensive and extensive feeding systems. Optimum use of these materials will depend on knowledge of animal requirements, which vary with breed type and production class, and on nu...

W. L. Johnson



Los ?-agonistas adrenérgicos como modificadores metabólicos y su efecto en la producción, calidad e inocuidad de la carne de bovinos y ovinos: una revisión  

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Resumen. Los ?-agonistas adrenérgicos (?AA) se han utilizado en la producción animal, incluidos los rumiantes, propiciando una The ?-adrenergic Agonists as Metabolic Modifiers and their Effect on Production, Quality and Innocuousness of Beef Cattle and Sheep Meat: a Review Abstract. The ?-adrenergic agonists (?AA), improve animal production because they manipulate the efficiency of food use, affecting carcass characteristics and the

Ignacio A. Domínguez-Vara; Jaime Mondragón-Ancelmo; Manuel González Ronquillo; Félix Salazar-García; José Luis Bórquez-Gastelum; Andrés Aragón-Martínez



On the effects of calcination conditions on the surface and catalytic properties of ?-Al 2O 3-supported CoMo hydrodesulfurization catalysts  

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A series of alumina-supported cobalt-molybdenum catalysts were prepared by the incipient-wetness method. Different calcination temperatures (673–873K) and durations (2–96h) were used to obtain the catalysts. Samples of the catalysts were characterized by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). Depending on the calcination condition, two forms of molybdenum (Mo4+ and Mo6+) and sulfur (S1 and S2) were identified. The ratio of Mo4+\\/Mo6+ appeared

Y. S. Al-Zeghayer; B. Y. Jibril



Creacion de un programa de ensenanza de espanol como segunda lengua para ninos de edad prescolar (Creating a Spanish as a Second Language Program for Preschool Children).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Presents suggestions for planning a Spanish as a second language program for preschool children. The rationale and means of implementing the program are considered, and guidelines for teaching vocabulary are discussed. A variety of classroom activities are also presented. (TR)

Rosenbusch, Marcia H.



Commercial scale expanded bed hydroprocessing of Solvent Refined Coal (SRC) extract. October monthly technical progress report. [Ni\\/Mo, Co\\/Mo, Ni\\/W  

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Catalyst screening runs of two additional commercially available desulfurization\\/denitrogenation catalysts (Ni\\/Mo-B and Ni\\/Mo-C) have been completed. A total of three nickel-molybdenum, two cobalt-molybdenum, and one nickel-tungsten catalyst was included in the catalyst screening program. Within the constraints of the 10-day maximum run duration for individual catalyst screening runs, the nickel-molybdenum catalyst (Ni\\/Mo-A) was the best catalyst tested to date for



Além da Informalidade: Entendendo como os Fiscais e Agentes de Desenvolvimento Promovem a Formalização o Crescimento de Pequenas e Médias Empresas  

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Na maioria dos países em desenvolvimento, o número de pequenas e médias empresas (PMEs) no setor informal tem crescido continuamente na última década em conseqüência do excesso de regulação e da crescente concorrência internacional. Hoje, nesses locais, o grande desafio para formuladores de políticas e agentes de desenvolvimento é conciliar o crescimento econômico com as normas legais. Por um lado,

Mansueto Almeida



Arejamento Como Medida de Proteccao Contra a Erosao de Cavitacao em Obras Hidraulicas (Aeration to Prevent Cavitation Erosion in Hydraulic Structures).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The aim of the work is the study of the flow aeration in order to prevent caviation erosion in hydraulic structures. Due to the relevance of the caviation phenomenon within the scope of the present work, a brief description of the physical process is pres...

J. de Saldanha Goncalves Matos



Tips for Parents on Keeping Children Drug Free = Consejos para Los Padres Sobre Como Mantener a Los Hijos Libres de La Droga.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Research shows that recent trends in youth drug use have stabilized; however, the rates of use remain at high levels. It has been shown that the earlier drug use is initiated, the more likely a person is to develop drug problems later in life. Youth substance abuse may lead to many other problems that affect not only the child, but also the…

Department of Education, Washington, DC. Office of Intergovernmental and Interagency Affairs.


O planejamento estrategico como insumo da qualidade em empresas de energia eletrica. (The strategical planning as quality intake in electric power utilities).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

A methodology for a strategical plan elaboration aiming the electric power distribution sector is shown, including the following steps: thr company business; company goal; environmental analysis; definition of the company behaviour principles, guidelines,...

A. Silva Filho M. L. R. Cordeiro



La pizarra digital y sus posibilidades en el mundo educativo  

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Nuevos aprendizajes y nuevas mentes, llevan consigo la necesidad de profundizar en la metodología a la hora de innovar y de aplicar las nuevas tecnologías en el aula. La inquietud de un grupo cada vez más numeroso de profesores, junto a las tímidas aproximaciones de las diversas administraciones a la hora de dotar a los centros con nuevas tecnologías, hace

Ramón Domenech



QUEST: An Assessment Tool for Web-Based Learning.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In 1997, the Software Engineering Laboratory at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) implemented the first version of AulaNet (TM) a World Wide Web-based educational environment. Some of the teaching staff will use this environment in 1998 to offer regular term disciplines through the Web. This paper introduces Quest, a tool…

Choren, Ricardo; Blois, Marcelo; Fuks, Hugo


Studying the Jovian System with small telescopes  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We describe a learning activity performed at the Aula Espazio Gela UPV/EHU in which students of the Master of Space Science and Technology study the Jovian System (Jupiter and satellites) and deduce some of its parameters using their own images obtained with telescopes ranging from 11 to 20 inch in diameter by means of the lucky-imaging technique.

Sanchez-Lavega, Agustin; del Rio Gaztelurrutia, T.; Hueso, R.



Building Learning Management Systems Using IMS Standards: Architecture of a Manifest Driven Approach  

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Among the existing web-based Learning Management Systems (LMSs), there is an exponentially increasing need of content interoperability. This has caused the apparition of different standardization initiatives. In this paper we describe our approach to the design of Aula>, a new LMS which adheres closely to IMS standards in an attempt to evaluate the practical viability of those standards. The architecture

José Luis Sierra; Pablo Moreno-ger; Iván Martínez-ortiz; Javier López-moratalla; Baltasar Fernández-manjón



Sensitive and selective system of benzene detection based on a cataluminescence sensor.  


Au/La2 O3 nanomaterials were prepared through calcining Au-modified La(OH)3 precursors. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and X-ray diffractometry (XRD) were employed to characterize the as-prepared samples. Benzene, a common volatile organic compound, was selected as a model to investigate the cataluminescence (CTL)-sensing properties of the Au/La2 O3 nanomaterials. Results indicated that the as-prepared Au/La2 O3 exhibited outstanding CTL properties such as stable intensity, high signal-to-noise values, and short response and recovery times. Under optimized conditions, the benzene assay exhibited a broad linear range of 1-4000?ppm, with a limit of detection of 0.7?ppm, which was below the standard permitted concentrations. Furthermore, the gas sensor system showed outstanding selectivity for benzene compared with seven other types of common volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The proposed gas sensor showed good characteristics with high selectivity, fast response time and long lifetime, which suggested the promising application of the Au/La2 O3 nanomaterials as a novel highly efficient CTL-sensing material. Copyright © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. PMID:23832690

Li, Bo; Zhang, Yuejin; Liu, Juefu; Xie, Xin; Zou, Dan; Li, Minqiang; Liu, Jinhuai



Peculiaridades observadas no espectro da estrela magnética HD 190073 - candidata a estrela do tipo Ae de Herbig  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Apresentaremos os resultados de uma investigação espectroscópica cooperativa da estrela magnética HD 190073. As observações foram conduzidas no Observatório do Pico dos Dias (LNA/MCT), European Southern Observatory (ESO, Chile), e Crimean Astrophysical Observatory (CrAO, Ucrânia), entre 1998 e 2002. Discutiremos em detalhe um dos padrões mais marcantes do espectro desse objeto - as multicomponentes em absorção das linhas Ca ii K e H. De acordo com nossos resultados, a estrutura complexa desse perfil permaneceu constante durante várias decadas (dos anos 30 até os anos 80) após o que apresentou mudanças marcantes nos anos 90. Essa variabilidade apresenta óbvia contradição com a interpretação tradicional desse fenômeno como o resultado de espalhamento ressonante atuando seletivamente sobre o vento estelar em distâncias diferentes. Propomos uma explicação alternativa com base em uma topologia especí fica do campo magnético estelar. Essa hipótese permite, também, explicar uma série de outras peculiaridades observadas no envoltório de HD 190073, tais como: (a) a baixa velocidade de rotação pode ser o resultado da interação entre a magnetosfera estelar e um disco equatorial hipotético; (b) o gás circumstelar acumulado em loops magnéticos em latitudes intermediárias pode estimular a formação de regiões gasosas densas a distâncias intermediárias da estrela, onde linhas em emissão com perfil simples são formadas.

Franco, G. A. P.; Pogodin, M. A.; Lopes, D. F.




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RESUMO Ensaio imunoenzimático indireto utilizando antígeno total (ELISA-Gt) e sonicado (ELISA-Gs) de Mycoplasma agalactiae e conjugado de proteína -G foi padronizado para detecção de anticorpos em caprinos. A padronização da técnica foi realizada utilizando soros caprinos com e sem sinais clínicos de agalaxia contagiosa. Quarenta e seis soros caprinos coletados com intervalo de 45 dias, obtidos em rebanho infectado com

Dom Manoel de Medeiros


Densidade de estados para o modelo de Anderson Bi-dimensional na presenca de um campo magnetico com meio quantum de fluxo por plaqueta. (Density of states for the Bi-dimensional Anderson model in the presence of a magnetic field with quantum plaque flux).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The regularity properties of the integrated density of states and the state density of the Anderson bidimensional tight-binding model, in the presence of a uniform magnetic field, perpendicular to the plane of the system by means of quantum flux with plaq...

N. M. Kuehl



Tratamento 1/N de dois modelos em teoria quantica de campos: modelo O(N) x O(N) e modelo de Thirring. (Two models 1/N treatment in quantum field theory: O(N) x O(N) and Thirring model).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Two models in quantum field theory (QFT) are studied: O(N) x O(N) and the three dimensional Thirring models. No references are made to their association with phenomenological models. (L.C.J.A.). (Atomindex citation 25:023515)

R. F. Ribeiro



Estudo do campo hiperfino magnetico no (sup 181)Ta nos sitios de Nb e V nas ligas de Heusler Co(sub 2)YAl (Y=Nb,V). (Magnetic hyperfine fields on (sup 181)Ta at the Nb and V sites in Heusler alloys Co(sub 2)YAl (Y=Nb,V)).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Magnetic hyperfine fields (MHF) acting on sup(181)Ta at the Nb and V sites have been determined in the Heusler alloys Co sub(2) NbAl and Co sub(2) VAl by the time differential perturbed angular correlation (TDPAC) technique utilizing the well known 133-48...

W. Pendl Junior



Estudo sistematico dos campos hiperfinos em ligas de Heusler do tipo Rh(sub 2) YZ com impureza de (sup 119) Sn por espectroscopia Moessbauer. (Systematic study of hyperfine fields in Rh(sub 2) Y Z type Heusler alloys with (sup 119) Sn impurity using Moessbauer spectroscopy).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The magnetic hyperfine fields in the Heusler alloys Rh(sub 2) Mn (sub .98) Ge Sn (sub 02), Rh(sub 2) Mn Ge(sub .98) Sn(sub .02), Rh(sub 2) Mn Pb (sub .98) Sn (sub .02) and Rh(sub 2) Mn Sn has been studied by (sup 119) Sn Moessbauer spectroscopy at 293 K, ...

S. M. M. Ramos



Modelos cosmologicos tipo Bianchi I, II, VIII, IX e Kantowski-Sachs com fluido perfeito e campos eletromagneticos com corrente de condutividade. (Bianchi - I, II, VIII, IX and Kantowski-Sachs-like cosmological models with perfect fluid and electromagnetic fields with conductivity current).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Three processes of solutions of the Einstein-Maxwell equations for Bianchi - I, II, VIII, IX and Kantowski-Sachs-like cosmological models with perfect fluid in magnetohydrolodynamical regimem are presented. Diagonal Bianchi-like models are considered with...

R. Portugal



Inactivación de formas esporuladas de Bacillus subtilis mediante campos eléctricos pulsantes de alta intensidad en combinacion con otras tecnicas de conservacion de alimentos\\/Inactivation of Bacillus subtilis spores using high intensity pulsed electric fields in combination with other food conservation technologies  

Microsoft Academic Search

The inactivation of Bacillus subtilis spores using high intensity pulsed electric fields (HIPEF) was investigated. Spores were not inactivated when HIPEF treatment (60 kV\\/cm, 75 pulses) was used alone. The combination of-HIPEF and moderate temperatures around 60°C, and\\/or the activation of spore suspension prior to HIPEF treatment, and\\/or the use of up to 5000 IU\\/ml lysozyme, did not inactivate spores.

R. Pagán; S. Esplugas; M. M. Góngora-Nieto; G. V. Barbosa-Cánovas; B. G. Swanson



Quarto Progetto di Ricerca sugli Aspetti Etici, Psico-Sociali, Giuridici, Comportamentali, Assistenziali e Della Prevenzione nel Campo dell'AIDS. Piano Executivo (Fourth Research Project on the Ethical, Psycho-social, Legal, Behavioral, Patient Care and Prevention Issues on AIDS. Operational Plan.)  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The project is divided into four sub-projects: (1) Prevention; (2) Health care; (3) Experimentation and diffusion of information on available treatments; (4) Evaluation of treatment. The report contains the funds given to each project (63 as a whole) and ...

P. Verani



Communicacion Expresiva: Como los ninos nos envian mensajes [and] Comunicacion Receptiva: Como los ninos entienden nuestros mensajes [and] Interacciones de Comunicacion: Hacen falta dos. Hojas informativa de DB-LINK (Communication Interactions: It Takes Two [and] Receptive Communication: How Children Understand Your Messages to Them [and] Expressive Communication: How Children Send Their Messages to You. DB-LINK Fact Sheets).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This document consists of three separately published fact sheets combined here because of the close relationship of their subject matter. The first fact sheet, "Communication Interactions: It Takes Two" (Kathleen Stremel), defines communication; suggests ways to find opportunities for interactive communication; offers specific suggestions for…

Stremel, Kathleen



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This focused ethnography explored the beliefs, values, habits and behavioral patterns of diabetic pregnant women who were treated in Hospital Doutor Enrique Tejera, residents of three poor, urban communities in the city of Valencia, Venezuela. The purpose of this study was to find the meaning of self-care for these pregnant women. The Health Analysis, the Theory of Diversity, and the

Carmen Amarilis; Guerra de Castillo; Marta Lucía Vásquez



Detecção da fase impulsiva de uma explosão solar gigante até 405 GHz  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A explosão ocorrida no dia 25/08/2001 foi uma das mais intensas do presente ciclo solar em ondas de rádio de altas frequências. Foram medidas em ondas milimétricas e submilimétricas, aproximadamente, 105 e vários milhares de unidades de fluxo solar, respectivamente. Apresentamos um estudo deste evento em múltiplas frequências, desde microondas (1GHz), até ondas submilimétricas (405 GHz) detectadas pelo Telescópio Solar para ondas Submilimétricas (SST). Esta base de dados foi complementada utilizando-se o experimento Yohkoh, incluindo a emissão em raios-X duros e raios-g (até 100 MeV), e imagens em raios-X moles da região ativa envolvida. Enfocamos e discutimos principalmente os seguintes aspectos da fase impulsiva do evento: (i) as implicações deduzidas do espectro eletromagnético, obtido pela primeira vez até 405 GHz; (ii) a dinâmica da região ativa. Os resultados mostram que para explicar o espectro rádio observado, são necessários entre 3.5×1037 e 1.5×1039 elétrons acelerados acima de 20 keV em uma região de campo magnético entre 300 e 800 Gauss. A estimativa do fluxo de fótons que seria produzido por estes elétrons, mostra que grande parte deles não precipitou na baixa atmosfera. A evolução temporal da emissão em raios-X moles revela que a configuração magnética da região ativa foi muito dinâmica durante a fase impulsiva da explosão. Em particular, mostramos que a produção dos elétrons altamente energéticos foi iniciada junto com a aparição, na baixa coroa solar, de um novo sistema compacto de estruturas magnéticas. Este fato sugere que os locais de aceleração estão localizados na baixa atmosfera do Sol, como resultado da interação entre o novo sistema compacto e o campo magnético ambiente da região ativa.

Raulin, J.-P.; Makhmutov, V.; Kaufmann, P.; Pacini, A. A.; Luethi, T.; Hudson, H. S.; Gary, D. E.; Yoshimori, M.



Sexual selection on multivariate phenotypes in Anastrepha Fraterculus (Diptera: Tephritidae) from Argentina  

SciTech Connect

Despite the interest in applying environmentally friendly control methods such as sterile insect technique (SIT) against Anastrepha fraterculus (Wiedemann) (Diptera: Tephritidae), information about its biology, taxonomy, and behavior is still insufficient. To increase this information, the present study aims to evaluate the performance of wild flies under field cage conditions through the study of sexual competitiveness among males (sexual selection). A wild population from Horco Molle, Tucuman, Argentina was sampled. Mature virgin males and females were released into outdoor field cages to compete for mating. Morphometric analyses were applied to determine the relationship between the multivariate phenotype and copulatory success. Successful and unsuccessful males were measured for 8 traits: head width (HW), face width (FW), eye length (EL), thorax length (THL), wing length (WL), wing width (WW), femur length (FL), and tibia length (TIL). Combinations of different multivariate statistical methods and graphical analyses were used to evaluate sexual selection on male phenotype. The results indicated that wing width and thorax length would be the most probable targets of sexual selection. They describe a non-linear association between expected fitness and each of these 2 traits. This non-linear relation suggests that observed selection could maintain the diversity related to body size. (author) [Spanish] A pesar del interes por la aplicacion de metodos de control de bajo impacto ambiental sobre Anastrepha fraterculus (Diptera: Tephritidae), como la Tecnica del Insecto Esteril (TIE), no existe aun informacion suficiente sobre su biologia, taxonomia y comportamiento. Este trabajo tiene como objetivo evaluar el desempeno de moscas en jaulas de campo a traves del estudio de la competitividad sexual entre machos salvajes (seleccion sexual). Para ello, se muestreo una poblacion de Horco Molle, Tucuman (Argentina). En jaulas de campo se liberaron machos y hembras adultos virgenes para evaluar la competicion por el apareamiento. Se midieron ocho rasgos morfometricos en machos exitosos y no exitosos: ancho de la cabeza, ancho de la cara, largo del ojo, largo del torax, largo del ala, ancho del ala, largo del femur y largo de la tibia. Se realizaron analisis morfometricos para determinar la relacion entre el fenotipo multivariado y el exito copulatorio. Para evaluar la seleccion sexual sobre el fenotipo del macho se utilizaron diferentes combinaciones de metodos estadisticos multivariados y analisis graficos. Los resultados demostraron que el ancho de ala y el largo de torax serian los blancos mas probables de seleccion sexual, y describen una asociacion no lineal entre el exito copulatorio y cada uno de estos dos rasgos. Dicha asociacion sugiere que la seleccion observada mantendria la diversidad para el tamano del cuerpo. (author)

Sciurano, R.; Rodriguero, M.; Gomez Cendra, P.; Vilardi, J. [Depto. Ecologia, Genetica y Evolucion. Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires, C1428EGA Buenos Aires (Argentina); Segura, D.; Cladera, J.L. [Instituto de Genetica, Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia Agropecuaria (Argentina); Allinghi, Armando [Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica (Argentina)



A Influência da Escola e da Mídia na Obtenção dos Conhecimentos Astronômicos  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

O universo em que vivemos possui segredos jamais imaginados pelo homem, fruto da pequena proporção que ocupamos diante de um cosmos infinito. A astronomia funciona como um instrumento que sacia a sede humana em desvendar esses segredos, estudando as galáxias, quasares, pulsares além da existência de todos os elementos que preenchem o espaço cósmico, o vácuo, não mais vazio como se pensou em outros tempos. A mídia explora esse campo de forma mística e também científica. A difusão adequada e dentro dos padrões educacionais vigentes, de conceitos astronômicos, se faz necessária, devido sua presença nos conteúdos escolares, centros de ciência e na mídia, de modo geral. A reforma do Currículo Básico da Escola Pública da maioria dos Estados brasileiros introduziu conceitos astronômicos desde a pré-escola até o Ensino Médio. Num estudo realizado com 1.032 alunos do Ensino Médio de seis escolas estaduais, revelou-se através da aplicação de um questionário que abordava conheciment os básicos em astronomia, como estes foram adquiridos e qual era a infra-estrutura oferecida pela escola: para 66,2% dos entrevistados o professor já fez alguma apresentação a respeito de astronomia. O presente estudo revelou também que 44,5% dos alunos entrevistados adquiriram seus conhecimentos astronômicos na escola, 28,1% através da televisão e 27,4% afirmaram que seus conhecimentos foram obtidos através de outros tipos de mídia (internet, filmes e revistas). Embora o estudo revele claramente que há certo equilíbrio na forma em que os alunos obtiveram seus conhecimentos astronômicos, a mídia ainda explora e muitas vezes desperta o interesse pela astronomia com assuntos que não fazem parte de nosso cotidiano como, por exemplo, o homem na Lua, os projetos espaciais e a primeira viagem de um astronauta brasileiro no espaço. Porém, em certos casos, a mídia pode promover conhecimentos incompletos ou mesmo equivocados sobre os conceitos que envolvam a astronomia, como por exemplo a propagação do som no vácuo observado na maioria dos filmes de f icção científica ou da existência das estações do ano em função da distância da Terra ao Sol, em conformidade com o questionário aplicado.

da Cunha, W. S.; Voelzke, M. R.; Amaral, L. H.



Varied mechanisms underlie the free sialic acid storage disorders.  


Salla disease and infantile sialic acid storage disorder are autosomal recessive neurodegenerative diseases characterized by loss of a lysosomal sialic acid transport activity and the resultant accumulation of free sialic acid in lysosomes. Genetic analysis of these diseases has identified several unique mutations in a single gene encoding a protein designated sialin (Verheijen, F. W., Verbeek, E., Aula, N., Beerens, C. E., Havelaar, A. C., Joosse, M., Peltonen, L., Aula, P., Galjaard, H., van der Spek, P. J., and Mancini, G. M. (1999) Nat. Genet. 23, 462-465; Aula, N., Salomaki, P., Timonen, R., Verheijen, F., Mancini, G., Mansson, J. E., Aula, P., and Peltonen, L. (2000) Am. J. Hum. Genet. 67, 832-840). From the biochemical phenotype of the diseases and the predicted polytopic structure of the protein, it has been suggested that sialin functions as a lysosomal sialic acid transporter. Here we directly demonstrate that this activity is mediated by sialin and that the recombinant protein has functional characteristics similar to the native lysosomal sialic acid transport system. Furthermore, we describe the effect of disease-causing mutations on the protein. We find that the majority of the mutations are associated with a complete loss of activity, while the mutations associated with the milder forms of the disease lead to reduced, but residual, function. Thus, there is a direct correlation between sialin function and the disease state. In addition, we find with one mutation that the protein is retained in the endoplasmic reticulum, indicating that altered trafficking of sialin is also associated with disease. This analysis of the molecular mechanism of sialic acid storage disorders is a further step in identifying therapeutic approaches to these diseases. PMID:15516337

Wreden, Christopher C; Wlizla, Marcin; Reimer, Richard J



Mapa Geologico de Venezuela a Escala 1:750,000  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Se presenta un mapa geologico digital de Venezuela sobre un fondo de relieve sombreado. Los datos geologicos e hidrologicos del norte del rio Orinoco proceden de la digitalizacion de mapas geologicos en papel a escala 1:500.000. Estos datos fueron integrados con el mapa geologico digital del Escudo de Guayana Venezolano, a su vez derivado de hojas en papel a escala 1:500.000. La informacion sobre los tipos de fallas mostrados en el mapa es igual que en las fuentes originales. Los poligonos geologicos fueron atribuidos por edad, litologia y nombre de la unidad siguiendo el Codigo geologico de Venezuela. Se incorporaron revisiones significativas de la geologia de la Cordillera de la Costa a partir de las nuevas hojas integradas a escala 1:25.000. Toda esta informacion geologico-estructural se sobrepuso a una imagen de relieve sombreado, producida por el procesamiento de los datos de radar interferometrico con 90 m (3 arcosegundos) de resolucion espacial obtenidos por la mision topografica de radar del transbordador espacial (SRTM). Las areas de la base de datos del SRTM carentes de informacion fueron llenadas por medio de la interpolacion de los datos de las celdas adyacentes. Para producir la imagen de relieve sombreado se uso una direccion de iluminacion de 315 deg con un angulo de 65 deg sobre el horizonte. La proyeccion usada en el mapa es conica equidistante, con latitudes de 4 y 9 deg norte como paralelos estandar y una longitud de 66 deg al oeste como meridiano central. Los datos en el mapa proceden primordialment de hojas a escala 1:500.000 y el producto esta preparado para una impresion optima en escala 1:750.000. Los usuarios pueden obtener ampliaciones mayores, sin embargo no se garantiza la precision del mapa a escalas mas detalladas. Especialmente en la region de Guayana, al sobreponer los mapas geologicos sobre la reciente imagen SRTM, se notan grandes discrepancias no sistematicas tanto en contactos como en fallas. Esto es debido a que los mapas geologicos de Guayana tienen como base topografica las imagenes de radar de vision lateral (SLAR), con muy control de campo de los a?os 1970's. La correccion de estos desfases esta planificada para el futuro.

Hackley, Paul C.; Urbani, Franco; Karlsen, Alex W.; Garrity, Christopher P.



Fisica a escala de Planck usando o principio de incerteza generalizado: efeitos nas flutuações primordiais e buracos negros  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Em escalas proximas à escala de Planck todas as teorias perturbativas de cordas produzem essenciamente a mesma relação de conmutação entre as coordenadas e impulsos (a chamada "álgebra deformada"), permitindo assim estudar a física resultante independentemente dos detalhes da teoria de cordas que seja considerada correta. Este resultado completamente geral, que inclui as interações gravitacionais junto com o resto dos campos pode ser considerada uma versão generalizada (GUP) do Princípio de Incerteza de Heisenberg. Aplicamos neste trabalho essas relações de conmutação para dois sistemas físicos bem definidos: buracos negros de massas próximas à massa de Planck, e flutuações quânticas em pequenas escalas antes do universo sofrer inflação. Obtemos dois resultados concretos dos efeitos do GUP : o primeiro é que o GUP impede a evaporação completa de buracos negros microscópicos na extensão do formalismo semiclássico, deixando assim remanescentes de pequena massa que já foram postulados como candidatos a matéria escura. O segundo resultado é o 'smoothing' das flutuações primordiais em pequenas escalas que levariam à produção de buracos negros primordiais após a inflação, impedindo assim a produção abundante destes últimos e predizendo abundancias atuais bem menores do que os limites disponíveis. Concluimos que, analogamente a utilização do Princípio de Incerteza de Heisenberg para estudar e determinar propriedades fundamentais das interações sem gravitação, o GUP e uma ferramenta poderosa para estudar uma ampla variedade de sistemas trans-Planckianos e predizer seu comportamento dispensando cálculos mais detalhados proprios da teoria quântica da gravitação.

Horvath, J. E.; Custódio, P. S.



Precessão do jato de 3C120: simulações hidrodinâmicas 3D  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Observações com técnicas de interferometria com longa linha de base têm mostrado a existência de um jato relativístico com componentes superluminais na região central de 3C 120. Estas componentes são ejetadas em distintas direções no plano do céu e com diferentes velocidades aparentes. Estas características foram interpretadas em trabalhos anteriores como efeitos da precessão do jato relativístico. Neste trabalho, realizamos simulações tri-dimensionais do jato de 3C 120 utilizando os parâmetros de precessão determinados em trabalhos anteriores e variando as características iniciais do jato e meio ambiente, tais como densidade numérica e temperatura. Todas as simulações foram feitas com o código hidrodinâmico YGUAZÚ-A, assumindo-se um jato adiabático descrito por uma equação de estado relativística. Pelo fato de estarmos utilizando um código hidrodinâmico, nós assumimos que a intensidade do campo magnético e a distribuição de partículas, necessários para se calcular a emissão sincrotron, são proporcionais à pressão hidrodinâmica. Comparação entre dois cenários distintos, nos quais o material do jato é ejetado com velocidade constante (jato contínuo) e com velocidade modulada por um padrão sinusoidal no tempo (jato intermitente), é apresentada e discutida. Para jatos que apresentam fenômenos de precessão e intermitência, com amplitude de variação na velocidade de injeção maior que dez por cento da velocidade média de injeção, a hipótese balística, controlada pela intermitencia, é mais provável. Por outro lado, para jatos com precessão mas sem intermitência (ou com amplitude de variabilidade em velocidade mais baixa que no caso anterior), o efeito da precessão na morfologia do jato não é desprezível. Portanto, de um modo geral, ambos efeitos (precessão e movimentos balísticos) devem estar concorrendo para afetar a morfologia dos jatos superluminais.

Caproni, A.; de Gouveia dal Pino, E. M.; Abraham, Z.; Raga, A. C.



Comparison of longevity between a laboratory strain and a natural population of Anastrepha Fraterculus (Diptera: Tephritidae) under field cage conditions  

SciTech Connect

The South American fruit fly Anastrepha fraterculus (Wiedemann) is one of the most destructive fruit pests in this region, infesting major fruit crops. Implementation of the sterile insect technique (SIT) as part of an area-wide integrated approach against this species requires information on the survival of mass-reared and sterilized insects in the field and their ability to mate with wild females. The survival rates in field cages of both non-irradiated and irradiated laboratory flies were compared with that of wild flies. Both types of laboratory flies survived longer than their wild counterparts over the 8 days under the experimental conditions. The irradiation dose (70 Gy) did not affect survival of the laboratory reared flies. Our results improve the prospect of integrating the SIT into the control of A. fraterculus populations in Argentina. (author) [Spanish] Anastrepha fraterculus (Wiedemann), la mosca sudamericana de la fruta, es una de las plagas mas destructivas en la region que infesta a los principales cultivos de frutas. La implementacion de la Tecnica del Insecto Esteril (TIE) como parte de un manejo integrado en areas extensivas contra esta especie requiere ensayos que demuestren que los insectos producidos en forma masiva y esterilizados son capaces de sobrevivir en el campo y aparearse con las hembras silvestres. Se comparo la supervivencia de individuos de una linea de laboratorio, tanto irradiados como no irradiados con la de individuos de una poblacion natural. Los dos tratamientos de moscas de laboratorio sobrevivieron mas tiempo que las salvajes durante los 8 dias y en las condiciones ensayadas. La dosis de radiacion (70 Gy.) no afecto la supervivencia de las moscas criadas en laboratorio. Nuestros resultados mejoran las perspectivas de integrar la TIE en el control de las poblaciones argentinas de A. fraterculus. (author)

Gomez Cendra, P.; Vilardi, J. [Depto. Ecologia, Genetica y Evolucion, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires, (1428) Buenos Aires (Argentina); Segura, D.; Cladera, J. [Instituto de Genetica, INTA Castelar, CC25, (1712), Buenos Aires (Argentina); Allinghi, A. [Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica, CNEA, Buenos Aires (Argentina)



Estudo do campo hiperfino magnetico no sitio do (sup 181)Ta nas ligas de Heusler Co(sub 2) Sc Sn, Co(sub 2) Sc Ga e Co(sub 2) Hf Sn. (Study of the hyperfine magnetic field at Ta(sup 181) site in the Heusler Co(sub 2) Sc Sn, Co(sub 2) Sc Ga and Co(sub 2) Hf Sn alloys).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The hyperfine magnetic fields acting on (sup 181) Ta nuclei at the Sc and Hf sites have been measured in Heusler alloys Co(sub 2) Sc Sn and Co(sub 2) Sc Ga and Co(sub 2) Hf Sn using the Time Differential Perturbed (gamma)-(gamma) Angular Correlation (TDPA...

R. N. Attili



What Makes a Good Teacher? Children Speak Their Minds=Qu'est-ce qu'un bon maitre? Les enfants ouvrent leur coeur=Como debe ser un buen maestro? Los ninos opinan.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This booklet is a product of the UNESCO Associated Schools Project, a network of some 3,800 schools in 131 countries, which conducts pilot projects to promote education for peace, international understanding, and cooperation. Schools taking part in the project participated in an international contest asking for spontaneous reactions to the…

Khawajkie, Elizabeth, Ed.; And Others


Como ayudar a su hijo a ser un buen lector: Con actividades para los ninos desde el nacimiento hasta los 6 anos (Helping Your Child Become a Reader: With Activities for Children from Infancy through Age 6).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

When parents and other family members read with their children, help them with homework, talk with their teachers, and participate in school or other learning activities, they give their children a tremendous advantage. The foundation for learning to read is in place long before children enter school and begin formal reading instruction. Families…

Lehr, Fran; Osborn, Jean


Aplicacion de tecnicas de fosfatacion sobre acero al carbon y aluminio, utilizando como agente oxidante la nitroguanidina. (Application of phosphating techniques to aluminium and carbon steel surfaces using nitro guanidine as oxidizing agent.).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Phosphate coatings are inorganic crystalline deposits laid down uniformly on properly prepared surfaces by a chemical reaction with the treated base metal. The reaction consists in dissolving some surface metal by acid attack and then causing surface neut...

S. A. Briseno



A utilização da segmentação de imagens-fração como técnica de classificação da cobertura vegetal na região central e entorno da FLONA do Tapajós, utilizando imagem CCD\\/CBERS-2  

Microsoft Academic Search

This work has as main objective the mapping of the vegetable covering in the central area and around of the Tapajós National Forest, located to the south of the city of Santarém-Pará, Brazil. For this purpose, over the 2005 image of sensor CCD\\/CBERS-2 the following digital processings were accomplished: a linear spectral mixture model; segmentation and classification. The application of

Igor da Silva Narvaes; Roberto dos Santos


Como Promover el Exito de las Ninas y las Minorias en las Ciencias y en las Matematicas. Para Padres/sobre Padres (How To Promote the Science and Mathematics Achievement of Females and Minorities. For Parents/about Parents).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Some minority and female students traditionally have not been given the help they need to enroll and succeed in mathematics and science classes. Now, however, various approaches are available to give these students the extra attention they need. Parents can help children develop an interest in science and mathematics by: (1) identifying role…

Schwartz, Wendy


Nota científica COMPUESTOS DERIVADOS DE AJO COMO AGENTES INDUCTORES DE BROTACIÓN EN CULTIVO ORGÁNICO DE UVA DE MESA Compounds derived from garlic as bud induction agents in organic farming of table grape  

Microsoft Academic Search

Viticulture is one of the most important economic activities in the Northwest of Mexico. A major obstacle for the economic production is the insufficient period of chilling temperatures. This problem leads to poor budbreak, which results in reduced yields. This problem is aggravated when plants are cultivated using the organic farming system, mostly because there are not organically approved restbreaking

Irasema Vargas-Arispuro; Consuelo Corrales-Maldonado


Surface Chemistry of Model Co-Mo Catalysts Supported on Planar G-Al/sub 2/O/sub 3/: Quarterly Technical Progress Report for Period March 1, 1987 to May 31, 1987.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Five samples were prepared and characterized by XPS in calcined, reduced and sulfided states. These catalysts will be used to study the adsorption characteristics of thiophene and cyclohexene in the SIMS/TPD chamber. We have done some preliminary TPD expe...

T. Sahin W. K. Ford



La lectura literaria como arte de "performance": la teoria transaccional de Louise Rosenblatt y sus implicaciones pedagogicas (The Use of Literature as Performance Art: The Transactional Theory of Louise Rosenblatt and Its Pedagogical Implications).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper focuses on the work that Louise Rosenblatt and her followers in the United States have done to improve the teaching and learning of literature at all educational levels. Although these researchers have focused almost exclusively on the use of literature in the native language, the paper uses transactional theory as a basis for teaching…

Zoreda, Margaret Lee


O Imperio como Argumento: Um Contraponto entre Joaquim Nabuco e o Bispo D. Jose Mauricio da Rocha (The Empire as Argument: A Counterpoint between Joaquim Nabuco and the Bishop Dom Jose Mauricio da Rocha).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Dialogs with the previous article establishing a comparative analysis between the political acceptance present in the reactionary speech of Dom Jose Mauricio da Rocha and in the monarchist words of Joaquim Nabuco. (PA)

Marson, Izabel Andrade



El compostaje como tecnologia para el tratamiento de residuos: compostaje de bagazo de sorgo dulce con diferentes fuentes nitrogenadas. (Composting as a waste treatment technology: composting of sweet sorghum bagasse with different nitrogen sources).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The purpose of this work is to study aerobic solid fermentation of sweet sorghum bagasse in mixture with other additives as nitrogen sources to evaluate the utilization of this material as a substrate for composting. The characteristics of sweet sorghum b...

J. Vicente J. E. Carrasco M. J. Negro



La Migracion Como Una Transicion Critica para la Persona en Su Ambiente. Una Interpretacion Organismico Evolutiva. (Migration as a Critical Person-in-Environment Transition: An Organismic-Developmental Interpretation.)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In order to explore some of the changes and stresses connected with migration and return migration, a study was conducted among migrants returning from the United States mainland to Puerto Rico. The sample consisted of 75 adolescents participating in a Bilingual Education program in Puerto Rico. Data were collected using Psychological Distance…

Pacheco, Angel M.; And Others



Microsoft Academic Search

Due to the increasing of competitiveness in the different sectors of economy, corporations have been changing the way to lead their business in order to generate better performance and results. In this way, continuous reorganizations of the resources used in the operations have been done, and the real estate as well. The decisions about this resource have been better judged,

Carolina Andrea; Garisto Gregório; João da Rocha


Aproveitamento do melaço e vinhaça de cana-de-açúcar como substrato para produção de biomassa protéica e lipídica por leveduras e bactéria Use of sugar cane molasses and vinasse for proteic and lipidic biomass production by yeast and bacteria  

Microsoft Academic Search

This work evaluated the lipid and protein growth and synthesis capacity by Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Rhodotoruda mucilaginosa, Candida lipolytica, a yeast isolated from vinasse lakes and Corynebacterium glutamicum in 10% molasses and sugar cane crude vinasse. All microorganisms grew both in molasses and vinasse. The highest growth in crude vinasse was performed by R. mucilaginosa (7.05 g\\/L), and in 10% molasses,

Marcia Luciana Cazetta; Maria Antonia


Como Trabajar y Vivir en la Realidad: Pasos Basicos Para Jovenes con Incapacidades, sus Padres y sus Profesores (How to Work and Live in the Real World: Basic Steps for Youth with Handicaps and Their Parents and Teachers).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This Spanish version of "How to Work and Live in the Real World: Basic Steps for Youth with Handicaps and Their Parents and Teachers" is for young people with handicaps who are getting ready to graduate from high school and begin working and living in the adult world. The booklet places a special focus on individuals with cultural differences. It…

Patton, Patricia L.; And Others


Evaluación experimental de rodolitos como sustratos vivos para la infauna en el Banco de Abrolhos, Brasil Experimental evaluation of rhodoliths as living substrata for infauna at the Abrolhos Bank, Brazil  

Microsoft Academic Search

Over large areas of the Brazilian continental shelf, coralline algal rhodoliths provide habitats with high community diversity. In order to understand the role of rhodoliths in structuring the poorly studied infauna of these habitats, we determined seasonal patterns of their size and shape related to the associated biota, and experimentally tested the influence of living substrata in the Abrolhos Archipelago

K Santos de Menezes; EM Costa-Paiva; PC Paiva; CRR Ventura


Un estudio de evaluacion educativa manipulativos en el aprendizaje de las matematicas con estudiantes hispanos adquiriendo ingles academico como segunda lengua (A Study of the Use of Manipulatives in the Assessment of Mathematics Instruction with ESL Hispanic Students).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

As an alternative form of mathematics assessment for use with limited-English-proficient students, 14 mathematics tasks using manipulatives were administered to 45 Hispanic students in grades 1-3 and readministered 2-3 weeks later. Test reliability and validity, task difficulty, and the relationship among test subscales across grades were…

Lara-Alecio, Rafael; Parker, Richard; Aviles, Claudia; Mason, Samantha; Irby, Beverly J.



Introversion/Extroversion & Teachers' Perception on Dominican EFL College Students' Performance = La Introversion/Extroversion vs. La Percepcion Profesoral en el Desempeno de Estudiantes Universitarios Dominicanos de Ingles como Lengua Extranjera  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article discusses the relationship between introversion/extroversion and a student's performance (academic achievement) as perceived by Teachers of English as a Foreign Language in three regional centers of the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo. There have been a great number of international studies already published to try to explain…

Tavarez Da Costa, Pedro




Microsoft Academic Search

Windbreaks now occupies around 500 hectares in Santa Cruz province (ARGENTINA). Populus nigra is the most common specie for the purposes of sheltering plantations and livestock by wind. Wood treated with certain preservatives provide high quality material, primarily suited for use as a structural and framing timber. The responses of two poplars woods origins was evaluated. Test of available CCA-C

EEA Santa Cruz


Como ayudar a su hijo durante los primeros anos de la adolescencia: Para los padres con ninos entre las edades de 10 a 14 anos (Helping Your Child through Early Adolescence: For Parents of Children from 10 through 14).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Recognizing that parents and families can greatly influence the development of their 10- through 14-year-olds, this Spanish-language booklet is part of a national effort to provide parents with the latest research and practical information to help them support their children both at home and in school. The booklet is organized in 13 sections…

Paulu, Nancy


Como Mejorar la Administracion de la Cooperativa: Con Enfasis en el Ambiente Agricola y Hacia el Director (How to Better Manage Agriculture Cooperatives with a Focus on the Director's Role in Management).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Improving management of farmer cooperatives provides suggestions for improving the administration of the business matters of cooperatives. The importance of the specifics of the legal structure, and quality of administrative or managerial personnel are em...



Health Survey Among People Living Near an Abandoned Mine. A Case Study: Jales Mine, Portugal  

Microsoft Academic Search

Campo de Jales is a village surrounding the abandoned Jales mine. The area is heavily contaminated with heavy metals and dusts from large tailings piles as result of centuries of mining operations. The aim of this study is to investigate potential health threats associated with site contamination. The population studied comprised two groups: people living in Campo de Jales (n

Olga N. Mayan; Maria J. Gomes; Amélia Henriques; Susana Silva; Andrea Begonha



77 FR 72776 - Airworthiness Directives; Embraer S.A. Airplanes  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Putim--12227-901 S[atilde]o Jose dos Campos-SP- BRASIL; telephone +55 12 3927-5852 or +55 12 3309-0732...Putim--12227-901 S[atilde]o Jose dos Campos--SP--BRASIL; telephone +55 12 3927-5852 or +55 12 3309-0732;...



77 FR 33334 - Airworthiness Directives; Embraer S.A. Airplanes  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Putim--12227-901 S[atilde]o Jose dos Campos--SP-- BRASIL; telephone +55 12 3927-5852 or +55 12 3309-0732...Putim--12227-901 S[atilde]o Jose dos Campos-SP--Brasil; telephone +55 12 3927-5852 or +55 12 3309-0732;...



Hydrogeology in North America: past and future  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This paper is a retrospective on the evolution of hydrogeology in North America over the past two centuries, and a brief speculation of its future. The history of hydrogeology is marked by developments in many different fields such as groundwater hydrology, soil mechanics, soil science, economic geology, petroleum engineering, structural geology, geochemistry, geophysics, marine geology, and more recently, ecology. The field has been enriched by the contributions of distinguished researchers from all these fields. At present, hydrogeology is in transition from a state of discovering new resources and exploiting them efficiently for maximum benefit, to one of judicious management of finite, interconnected resources that are vital for the sustenance of humans and other living things. The future of hydrogeology is likely to be dictated by the subtle balance with which the hydrological, erosional, and nutritional cycles function, and the decision of a technological society to either adapt to the constraints imposed by the balance, or to continue to exploit hydrogeological systems for maximum benefit. Although there is now a trend towards ecological and environmental awareness, human attitudes could change should large parts of the populated world be subjected to the stresses of droughts that last for many decades. Cet article est une rétrospective de l'évolution de l'hydrogéologie en Amérique du Nord sur les deux derniers siècles, et une brève évaluation de son futur. L'histoire de l'hydrogéologie est marquée par le développement de plusieurs techniques de terrain telles, l'hydrologie des eaux souterraines, la mécanique des sols, les sciences du sol, la géologie économique, l' ingénierie pétrolière, la géologie structurale, la géochimie, la géophysique, la géologie marine et plus récemment l'écologie. La science a été enrichie par la contribution de plusieurs chercheurs distingués, provenant de toutes ces branches. A présent, l'hydrogéologie est à la transition entre la volonté de découvrir de nouvelles ressources et l' exploitation la plus bénéfique au possible, et un management judicieux des ressources finies, interconnectées, qui sont vitales pour l' approvisionnement des hommes et autres formes de vie. Le futur de l' hydrogéologie sera dicté par la balance subtile dans laquelle intervient les cycles de l'hydrologie, de l'érosion, de la nutrition, et la décision d'une société technologique qui s'adapterait aux contraintes de la balance, ou qui continuerait d'exploiter les systèmes hydrologiques pour un bénéfice maximum. Par ailleurs il y a une nette tendance à inclure les aspects écologiques, les aspects environnementaux, et les changements humains qui pourraient être influencés par les modifications hydrogéologiques observées depuis une dizaine d'années. Este articulo es una retrospectiva sobre la evolución de la hidrogeología en Norte América en los pasados dos siglos, y una breve especulación de su futuro. La historia de la hidrogeología está marcada por desarrollos en muchos campos diferentes tal como hidrología de aguas subterráneas, mecánica de suelos, ciencia del suelo, geología económica, ingeniería del petróleo, geología estructural, geoquímica, geofísica, geología marina, y más recientemente, ecología. El campo se ha enriquecido por las contribuciones de investigadores distinguidos en todos esos campos. Actualmente, la hidrogeología se encuentra en transición de un estado de descubrir nuevos recursos y explotarlos eficientemente para un beneficio máximo, a un estado de gestión juiciosa de recursos finitos, interconectados, que son vitales para el sustento de humanos y otras cosas vivientes. El futuro de la hidrogeología posiblemente esté determinado por el balance sutil con el cual funcionan los ciclos nutricionales, erosionales e hidrológicos, y la decisión de una sociedad tecnológica para ya sea adaptarse a las restricciones impuestas por el balance o para continuar con la explotación de los sistemas hidrogeológicos para un benefici

Narasimhan, T. N.



Hydraulic properties and scale effects investigation in regional rock aquifers, south-western Quebec, Canada  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This paper reports on the characterization of hydraulic properties of regional rock aquifers carried out within a groundwater resources assessment project in the St. Lawrence Lowlands of south-western Quebec. To understand the aquifer behavior at both the fracture level and at field scale, hydraulic investigations were carried out using various aquifer tests. The groundwater flow at the local scale is controlled mostly by the fracture system. Results of the constant-head injection tests show a weak decreasing trend of hydraulic conductivity with depth indicating that a major part of the groundwater flow occurs in the first meters of the rock sequence. At the regional scale, the equivalent porous media approach is applicable. The hydraulic conductivity measurements were correlated to the scale of the aquifer tests expressed with the investigated aquifer volume. A simple interpolation procedure for the hydraulic conductivity field was developed based on the distance between field measurements and the tested aquifer volumes. The regional distribution of the hydraulic conductivity for the major fractured aquifer units indicates that dolostone is the most permeable whereas sandstone and crystalline rocks are the least permeable units. Este artículo trata de la caracterización de las propiedades hidráulicas en acuíferos regionales rocosos, la cual se llevó a cabo dentro del proyecto de evaluación de los recursos de agua subterránea en St. Lawrence Lowlands al suroeste de Quebec. Para entender el comportamiento del acuífero tanto a nivel de fractura como a escala del campo, se ejecutaron investigaciones hidráulicas usando varias pruebas de acuífero. El flujo del agua subterránea a escala local está controlado principalmente por el sistema de fracturas. Los resultados de las pruebas de inyección con cabeza constante muestran una tendencia decreciente débil de la conductividad hidráulica con la profundidad, indicando que la mayor parte del flujo de agua subterránea sucede en los primeros metros de la secuencia rocosa. A escala regional se puede aplicar la aproximación equivalente de medios porosos. Las medidas de la conductividad hidrálica fueron comparadas con la escala de las pruebas del acuífero, expresadas con el volumen investigado del acuífero. Se desarrolló un proceso de interpolación simple para la conductividad hidráulica de campo, con base en la distancia entre las medidas de campo y los volúmenes probados del acuífero. La distribución regional de la conductividad hidráulica, para las unidades acuíferas fracturadas mayores, indica que la dolomita es más permeable mientras que la arenisca y las rocas cristalinas son las unidades menos permeables. L'article présente les propriétés hydrauliques d'un aquifère régional rocheux qui ont été mesurées dans le cadre d'un projet concernant l'estimation de la ressource en eau de la plaine de St. Lawrence située dans la partie sud-ouest de Quebec. Affin de comprendre le comportement de l'aquifère tant à l'échelle de fracture qu'à l'échelle régionale on a mené des investigations hydrauliques en utilisant des essais differents. À l'échelle locale l'écoulement est déterminé en principal par le système des fractures. Les résultats des essais d'injection au niveau constant ont montré une tendence de décroissance de la conductivité hydraulique avec la profondeur ce qui indique que l'écoulement ait lieu en principal dans les premiers mètres de la structure rocheuse. À l'échelle règionale on peut appliquer l'approche de milieux poreux equivalent. Les mesures de conductivité hydraulique ont été corrélées avec l'échelle des essais de pompage exprimée en termes de volume investigué de l'aquifère. On a mis au point une méthode simple d'interpolation pour le champ de la conductivité hydraulique basée sur la distance entre les essais in situ et les volume investigués de l'aquifère. La distribution règionale de la conductivité hydraulique montre que pour la majorité des unités de roche fracturé les plus perméable sont

Nastev, M.; Savard, M. M.; Lapcevic, P.; Lefebvre, R.; Martel, R.


Quality management systems for fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) sterile insect technique  

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The papers presented in this issue are focused on developing and validating procedures to improve the overall quality of sterile fruit flies for use in area-wide integrated pest management (AW-IPM) programs with a sterile insect technique (SIT) component. The group was coordinated and partially funded by the Joint FAO/IAEA Programme of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture, International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria, under a five-year Coordinated Research Project (CRP) on 'Quality Assurance in Mass-Reared and Released Fruit Flies for Use in SIT Programmes'. Participants in the CRP from 16 countries came from both basic and applied fields of expertise to ensure that appropriate and relevant procedures were developed. A variety of studies was undertaken to develop protocols to assess strain compatibility and to improve colonization procedures and strain management. Specific studies addressed issues related to insect nutrition, irradiation protocols, field dispersal and survival, field cage behavior assessments, and enhancement of mating competitiveness. The main objective was to increase the efficiency of operational fruit fly programs using sterile insects and to reduce their cost. Many of the protocols developed or improved during the CRP will be incorporated into the international quality control manual for sterile tephritid fruit flies, standardizing key components of the production, sterilization, shipment, handling, and release of sterile insects. (author) [Spanish] Los articulos presentados en este numero se enfocan en el desarrollo y la validacion de procedimientos para mejorar la calidad total de moscas de las frutas esteriles para su uso en programas de manejo integrado de plagas en donde la tecnica del insecto esteril (TIE) es uno de los componentes clave. El grupo fue coordinado y parcialmente financiado por la Division Conjunta de Tecnicas Nucleares para la Alimentacion y la Agricultura de la FAO/OIEA, Viena, Austria, por un periodo de cinco anos bajo el proyecto de Investigacion Coordinada (PIC) sobre 'el Aseguramiento de la Calidad de Moscas de las Frutas Criadas y Liberadas para su Uso en Programas de TIE'. Los participantes en el PIC representan 16 paises con experiencia en campos de investigacion basica y aplicada. Para asegurar que los procedimientos desarrollados fueran apropiados y pertinentes, se realizaron una variedad de estudios para el desarrollo de protocolos para evaluar la compatibilidad y para mejorar los procedimientos de colonizacion y manejo de cepas salvajes. Estudios especificos trataron asuntos relacionados con la nutricion de insectos, los protocolos de irradiacion, la dispersion y supervivencia en el campo, evaluacion del comportamiento en jaulas de campo, y el mejoramiento de la competitividad sexual. Los objetivos fundamentales fueron el aumentar la eficiencia y reducir los costos de los programas operacionales de control de moscas de las frutas donde TIE es utilizada. Muchos de los protocolos desarrollados o mejorados durante el PIC seran incorporados en el Manual Internacional de Control de Calidad para Moscas Estriles de la familia Tephritidae, para estandarizar componentes claves como la produccion, esterilizacion, envio, manejo y liberacion de insectos esteriles. (author)

Caceres, C.; Robinson, A. [Joint FAO/IAEA Programme of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture, International Atomic Energy Agency, Agency's Laboratories, A-2444 Seibersdorf (Austria); McInnis, D. [USDA-ARS USPBARC, 2727 Woodlawn Drive, Honolulu, HI 96720 (United States); Shelly, T. [USDA/APHIS/CPHST, 41-650 Ahiki St. Waimanalo, HI 96795 (United States); Jang, E. [USDA-ARS USPBARC, P.O. Box 4459, Hilo, HI 96720 (United States); Hendrichs, J. [Joint FAO/IAEA Programme of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture, International Atomic Energy Agency, Wagramerstrasse 5. P.O. Box 100, A-1400 Vienna (Austria)



Teaching Planetary Sciences with the Master in Space Science and Technology at Universidad del País Vasco UPV/EHU: Theory and Practice works  

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The Master in Space Science and Technology is a postgraduate course at the Universidad del País Vasco in Spain ( It has two elective itineraries on space studies: scientific and technological. The scientific branch is intended for students aiming to access the PhD doctorate program in different areas of space science, among them the research of the solar system bodies. The theoretical foundations for the solar system studies are basically treated in four related matters: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Physics of the Solar System, Planetary Atmospheres, and Image Processing and Data Analysis. The practical part is developed on the one hand by analyzing planetary images obtained by different spacecrafts from public archives (e. g. PDS), and on the other hand from observations obtained by the students employing the 50 cm aperture telescope and other smaller telescopes from the Aula EspaZio Gela Observatory at the Engineering Faculty. We present the scheme of the practice works realized at the telescope to get images of the planets in different wavelengths pursuing to study the following aspects of Planetary Atmospheres: (1) Data acquisition; (2) Measurements of cloud motions to derive winds; (3) Measurement of the upper cloud reflectivity at the different wavelengths and position in the disk to retrieve the upper cloud properties and vertical structure. The theoretical foundations accompanying these practices are then introduced: atmospheric dynamics and thermodynamics, and the radiative transfer problem. Acknowledgments: This work was supported by Departamento de Promoción Económica of Diputación Foral Bizkaia through a grant to Aula EspaZio Gela at E.T.S. Ingeniería (Bilbao, Spain).

Sanchez-Lavega, Agustin; Hueso, R.; Perez-Hoyos, S.



Resistance switching properties of sol-gel derived La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 thin films on F-doped SnO2 conducting glass  

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The electric-pulse-induced resistance switching of the Au-La0.67Ca0.33MnO3(LCMO)-FTO (fluorine-doped tin oxide) heterostructures was studied by electrochemical workstation. A distinct current-voltage characteristic of the device with pronounced reproducible nonlinearity, asymmetry, and hysteresis was observed at room temperature. The current-voltage characteristics suggest a Poole-Frenkel and space-charge-limited current type mechanism controlled by Au\\/LCMO interface traps. The resistance switching behavior shows obvious multilevel resistance switching.

Ting Zhang; Zhaohui Su; Hongju Chen; Linghong Ding; Weifeng Zhang



Comportamiento del Helio en estrellas químicamente peculiares  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Las estrellas químicamente peculiares (CP) se caracterizan por tener deficiencias y sobreabundancias de algunos elementos químicos de hasta 106 veces la abundancia solar. Además presentan variaciones en las líneas espectrales. Se piensa que ello se debe a que los campos magnéticos presentes en este tipo de estrellas son principalmente dipolares, con un eje de simetría diferente del eje de rotación. La distribución de los elementos sobreabundantes y deficientes no es homogénea sobre la superficie estelar y las variaciones observadas serían una consecuencia directa de la rotación estelar. Entre los elementos con abundancia anómala se encuentra el Helio, cuyas líneas tienen intensidades que no son consistentes con una abundancia normal, que no puede ser determinada del modo usual, o sea, considerando una atmósfera con composición solar. Con el fin de determinar la abundancia de este elemento, se inició un estudio de estrellas anómalas de Helio, Hew y He strong. Además se determinarán las abundancias de otros elementos anómalos como ser el Si, Cr, Mg, Mn y Fe. Las mismas se determinan del modo tradicional, o sea: a) medida de los anchos equivalentes de las líneas de los distintos elementos analizados; b) adopción de la temperatura efectiva, gravedad y abundancia del Helio; c) cálculo del modelo de atmósfera d) comparación con las observaciones y reinicio de un proceso iterativo hasta lograr un acuerdo entre todos los parámetros analizados. Las observaciones se llevaron a cabo en el Complejo Astronómico El Leoncito. Se observaron setenta y ocho estrellas anómalas de Helio. En este momento se está procediendo a calcular las abundancias correspondientes a los distintos elementos químicos. Para ello se hace uso de los modelos de Kurucz, ATLAS9. Los cálculos NLTE de las líneas de Helio se llevan a cabo con el programa MULTI y se compararán con los realizados con el programa WIDTH9 de Kurucz (LTE), con el objeto de resaltar la importancia de los efectos NLTE.

Malaroda, S. M.; López García, Z.; Leone, F.; Catalano, F.


Estudo espectral em raios-X duros de fontes do tipo Z com o HEXTE/RXTE  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Apresentam-se os resultados de um estudo espectral em raios-X de fontes do tipo Z. As fontes do tipo Z são binárias de raios-X de baixa massa (BXBM) com campo magnético intermediário (B~109G). Esta classe de fontes é composta por apenas 6 fontes Galácticas (a saber: ScoX-1, 9, 7, CygX-2, 5 e 0). A nossa análise se concentra na faixa de raios-X duros (E ~ 20keV), até cerca de 200keV, faixa ótima de operação do telescópio "High Energy X-ray Timing Experiment" (HEXTE), um dos três telescópios de raios-X à bordo do Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE). Nossa motivação para tal estudo, uma busca de caudas em raios-X duros em fontes do tipo Z, foi o pouco conhecimento sobre a emissão nesta faixa de energia das referidas fontes quando comparadas, por exemplo, as fontes do tipo atoll (também BXBM). Apresentam-se a análise/redução de dados e explicita-se a maneira como o HEXTE mede o ru1do de fundo. Especial atenção é direcionada a este item devido a localização das fontes do tipo Z e também ao problema de contaminação por fontes próximas. Com exceção de ScoX-1, nenhuma cauda em raios-X duros foi encontrada para as outras fontes, a despeito de resultados de detecção dessas caudas em algumas fontes pelo satélite BeppoSAX. As interpretações deste resultado serão apresentadas. Do ponto de vista deste estudo, nós deduzimos que a produção de caudas de raios-X duros em fontes do tipo Z é um processo disparado quando, pelo menos, uma condição é satisfeita: o brilho da componente térmica do espectro precisa estar acima de um certo valor limiar de ~4´1036ergs-1.

D'Amico, F.; Heindl, W. A.; Rothschild, R. E.



Evidences for the austroalpine - southalpine up-doming after the end of the variscan orogenesis (central and eastern alps)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The structural and petrographic studies of the basement units in the Alpine region, independently from their present tectonic setting in the nappe pile, suggest that at the end of the Variscan orogenesis they were in such a position that they suffered relevant up-doming and cooling since Late Carboniferous (Thöni, 1981; Mottana et al., 1985; Martin et al., 1996; Bertotti et al., 1999). This up-doming has been interpreted as due to an isostatic rebound related to the detachment of the slab after the cessation of the subduction at the end of the Variscan orogenesis (Neubauer and Handler, 2000; Ranalli, 2003). The metamorphic setting of the Southalpine basement between the Tonale pass and Lake Maggiore in the Southern Alps, is due to processes which, by extension denudation and erosion, locally took to the surface portions of middle-to-high grade basement, within a horst-graben environment (Cassinis et al., 1997). The basements of the Orobic, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore areas are composed of kyanite-garnet or sillimanite-bearing schists (e.g., Gneiss di Morbegno, Scisti di Edolo, Scisti dei Laghi; Boriani et al., 1990; Siletto et al., 1993), or of low grade schists (e.g., Filladi di Ambria) intruded by Early Permian plutons, covered by continental and volcanic deposits of Late Carboniferous to Permian age, after a marked unconformity (Cadel et al., 1996). The thickness of this clastic cover ranges between a few hundreds to thousands of meters; the clast compositions suggest a low-grade basement as a dominant source; the structures indicate alternance of uplift and collapse and continue deformation during sedimentation (Cassinis et al., 1974). Most of the Upper Austroalpine units of the central and eastern Alps (e.g., Tonale nappe, Languard, Ortles and Campo units) have structural and lithological similarities with the Orobic, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore basement units confirming their appartenance to the same pre-Alpine paleogeographic environment which suffered up-doming and collapse (Martin et al., 1996). The Austroalpine units have a sedimentary cover including basal clastic sediments younger (Late Permian, Verrucano; Furrer, 1985), than the Orobic ones (Late Carboniferous-Permian) indicating erosion and sedimentation diachronous in respect to the Orobic and Lake Como areas. Most of the lower Austroalpine basement units are composed of middle-to-high grade rocks (e.g., Margna) and are covered by very thin Permian sediments, or directly by carbonatic sequences (Campo and Bernina units) typical of a rapid drowning of the passive margin after erosion (Froitzheim and Manatschal, 1996). In this picture, the Variscan basement of the central and eastern Alps suffered a relevant, even if diachronous, up-doming during Late Carboniferous-Permian time. This involved the basement which at present corresponds to the Lower Austroalpine (e.g., Err, Bernina and Margna) and to the Upper Austroalpine units (e.g.; Ortles, Languard and Campo). The up-doming is mostly evidenced by structural and petrographic observations rather than the geochronology because these basements have been thermally re-setted by intrusion of several Early Permian plutons which altered their cooling history. In some places the magmatic activity continued up to Trias with hydrothermal veins and pegmatites, which slowed the cooling evolution down to the Jurassic time. Rb-Sr cooling ages from high grade Austroalpine and Southalpine basements cumulate around Late Jurassic confirming this time as the end of the pre-alpine thermal evolution of the Variscan basement in the Alps (Sanders et al., 1996). References: BERTOTTI G., SEWARD D., WIJBRANS J., VOORDE M.TER, HURFORD A.J. (1999) - Crustal thermal regime prior to, during, and after rifting: A geochronological and modeling study of the Mesozoic South Alpine rifted margin. Tectonics, 18-2: 185-200 BORIANI A., GIOBBI ORIGONI E., BORGHI A., CAIRONI V. (1990) - The evolution of the "Serie dei Laghi" (Strona-Ceneri and Scisti dei Laghi): upper component of the Ivrea-Verbano crustal section; Southern Alps, North It

Martin, S.; Tumiati, S.



If Your Child Learns in Two Languages: A Parent's Guide for Improving Educational Opportunities for Children Acquiring English as a Second Language = Si su nino aprende en dos idiomes: Una guia para que las familias sepan como mejorar las oportunidades educativas de los ninos que adquieren el ingles como segunda lengua = Neu lon Ban Hoc Bang Hai Thu Tieng: Chi-nam cua phu-huynh de cai tien co hoi hoc van cua con em dang hoc Anh van nhu sinh ngu thu hai.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This guide, in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese, aims to inform parents of students who have learned or are learning English as a Second Language about appropriate approaches for educating children so that they can work with schools to ensure a high quality education for their children. The emphasis is on explaining the laws, schools, and research…

Zelasko, Nancy; Antunez, Beth


78 FR 31939 - Formations of, Acquisitions by, and Mergers of Bank Holding Companies  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...RESERVE SYSTEM Formations of, Acquisitions by, and Mergers of Bank Holding...proposal also involves the acquisition of a nonbanking company...also includes whether the acquisition of the nonbanking company...El Campo, Texas; to merge with City State...



Instantánea de nanotecnología

Resumen básico de la nanotecnología, la cual consiste en el diseño y la creación de dispositivos tan pequeños que solo pueden medirse a escala molecular. También se incluye información sobre las investigaciones que realiza el NCI en este campo.


The Author and His Work  

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Critical evaluation and biographical comments on contemporary Spanish authors Arcadio de Larrea Palacin, Leopoldo de Luis, Andres Bosch, Condesa de Campo Alange, Gonzalo Torrente Ballester, and Juan Rof Carballo. (DS)

Spain Today, 1972



76 FR 59155 - Notice of Availability of South Coast Draft Resource Management Plan Revision and Draft...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...meetings in Campo, San Diego, Temecula, and Santa Clarita in December 2007, and invited...are exclusion areas under Alternative B. Santa Ana River Wash............ 750 750 750 750 Santa Margarita River..............



Excavations at Tumacacori 1979/1980: Historic Archeology at Tumacacori National Monument, Arizona.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This report documents excavation conducted by Western Archeological and Conservation Center in the Campo Santo (cemetery), granary, and convento area of Tumacacori National Monument, Arizona, prior to a series of stabilization projects within the mission ...

C. M. Barton K. Simpson L. Fratt



MEMIN Project: The Search for Suitable Projectile Material in Meso-Scale Hypervelocity Cratering Experiments  

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We report textural and geochemical data (EMP, LA-ICP-MS) for different types of steel and the iron meteorites Arispe (IC) and Campo del Cielo (IAB) that are evaluated as projectile materials in hypervelocity cratering experiments .

I. Domke; A. Deutsch; L. Hecht; T. Kenkmann



Comportamiento social emergente - Formacion de Reglas y Simbolos a traves de la Dinamica de Sistemas  

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Abstract—Este articulo trata de mostrar,algunos de los conceptos principales en el campo,de vida artificial a fin de enfocarse en el concepto de emergencia, el cual es uno de los mas importantes en este campo,y en el cual se presentan,varios tipos de problemas interesantes a estudiar. La emergencia,presenta,distintos tipos de mecanismos,a partir de los cuales se establecen etapas claramente diferenciadas,en las

Jean Paul Manjarres Correal


The Full Employment Budget Surplus Concept as a Tool of Fiscal Analysis in the United States (L'excédent budgétaire de plein emploi, instrument de l'analyse budgétaire aux Etats-Unis) (El concepto de superávit presupuestario en pleno empleo como instrumento de análisis fiscal en los Estados Unidos)  

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The paper describes the concept of the full employment surplus and its method of estimation in the United States and analyzes (1) its general use as a summary measure of budget impact for purposes of policy evaluation and (2) its use in rules that govern the formulation of budgetary policy. The principal emphasis is on the first use of the

Daryl A. Dixon




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The oil palm industry in Colombia, the fifth world manufacter, generates lignocelulosic waste like the empty fruit bunch (EFB), which remains after removing the fruit of oil palm. Keeping in mind this characteristic, it can be used as substrate for cellulases production. In this study we evaluate the productivity of cellulases through native crop of Trichoderma viride T12 using EFB.


LGF («LIVER GROWTH FACTOR») como factor de proliferación, migración y diferenciación de las células madre neurales y su posible utilidad en enfermedad de Parkinson LGF («LIVER GROWTH FACTOR») as a factor involved in the proliferation, migration and differentiation of neural stem cells: Potential use in Parkinson's disease  

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Liver growth factor (LGF) promotes the proliferation and regeneration of different cell types, and preliminary studies indicate that LGF might be useful for neuroregenerative therapies. The aim of this work was to study the cell pro- liferative and neurogenic effects of LGF in a 6-OHDA Parkinson's disease (PD) experimental model. Intraventricular infusion of LGF increased bromodeox- yuridine (BrdU) incorporation in



Sintesis y caracterizacion del WxRuySez para la reduccion electroquimica de oxigeno y su posible aplicacion como electrodo en celdas de combustible. (Synthesis and characterization of the WxRuySez from the electrochemical reduction of oxygen and their possible application as electrode in fuel cell).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In this communication the synthesis of the W(sub 0.03)RuSe(sub 0.47)O(sub 0.3) from the transition metal carbonyl compounds and the chalcogenide in m Xylene, the chemical characterization of the novel material was performed by neutron activation analysis ...

S. D. Ramirez



o sup 14C como tracador do fluxo do carbono assimilado pelas plantas (milho, cana-de-acucar, feijao) e sua liberacao ao solo. ((14)C as tracer in the carbon flow assimilated by the plants (maize, sugar cane, bean) and it liberation to the soil).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The flow of carbon in three different crops, maize, beans and sugar cane was studied by use of (sup 14)V. The plants were exposed to an atmosphere with a constant concentration of the tracer for 12 hours in a biosynthesis chamber. The detection of the iso...

B. J. F. Paula Eduardo



Avaliacao de Dados Do MSS-LANDSAT-4 Para O Mapeamento Geomorfologico No Semi-Arido COMO Suporte AO Planejamento Regional: Uma Abordagem Integrada (Area-Teste Regiao de Juazeiro-BA) (Evaluation of LANDSAT 4 MSS Data for Geomorphological Mapping in the Semiarid Environment for Regional Planning Purposes: An Integrated Approach (Study Site, the Juazeiro Region)).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The utilization of LANDSAT-MSS data is evaluated for geomorphological mapping at 1:100 scale in a semiarid environment for regional planning purposes. An integrated mapping approach was used. The study site is located in northern Bahia State and covers ne...

T. Gallottiflorenzano



Validating growth and development of a seabird as an indicator of food availability: Captive-reared Caspian Tern chicks fed ad libitum and restricted diets [La validaci??n del crecimiento y desarrollo de un ave marina como un indicador de la disponibilidad de comida: pichones de Hydrogprogne caspia criados en cautiverio y alimentados ad libitum y dietas restringidas  

USGS Publications Warehouse

For seabirds raising young under conditions of limited food availability, reducing chick provisioning and chick growth rates are the primary means available to avoid abandonment of a breeding effort. For most seabirds, however, baseline data characterizing chick growth and development under known feeding conditions are unavailable, so it is difficult to evaluate chick nutritional status as it relates to foraging conditions near breeding colonies. To address this need, we examined the growth and development of young Caspian Terns (Hydroprogne caspia), a cosmopolitan, generalist piscivore, reared in captivity and fed ad libitum and restricted (ca. one-third lower caloric intake) diets. Ad libitum-fed chicks grew at similar rates and achieved a similar size at fledging as previously documented for chicks in the wild and had energetic demands that closely matched allometric predictions. We identified three general characteristics of food-restricted Caspian Tern chicks compared to ad libitum chicks: (1) lower age-specific body mass, (2) lower age-specific skeletal and feather size, such as wing chord length, and (3) heightened levels of corticosterone in blood, both for baseline levels and in response to acute stress. Effects of diet restriction on feather growth (10-11% slower growth in diet-restricted chicks) were less pronounced than effects on structural growth (37-52% slower growth) and body mass (24% lower at fledging age), apparently due to preferential allocation of food resources to maintain plumage growth. Our results suggest that measurements of chick body mass and feather development (e.g., wing chord or primary length) or measurement of corticosterone levels in the blood would allow useful evaluation of the nutritional status of chicks reared in the wild and of food availability in the foraging range of adults. Such evaluations could also inform demography studies (e.g., predict future recruitment) and assist in evaluating designated piscivorous waterbird conservation (colony) sites. ?? 2011 The Authors. Journal of Field Ornithology ?? 2011 Association of Field Ornithologists.

Lyons, D. E.; Roby, D. D.



Capital Flows as an Offset to Monetary Policy: The German Experience (Les flux de capitaux peuvent-ils mettre en échec la politique monétaire? L'expérience allemande) (Los flujos de capital como neutralizadores de la política monetaria: La experiencia alemana)  

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Cette étude a pour objet d'établir le rapport existant entre les décisions de politique monétaire prises en Allemagne de 1963 à 1970 et les flux de capitaux et en particulier, d'examiner si le recours aux modifications des coefficients de réserves obligatoires est un moyen efficace de neutraliser les effets de flux de capitaux sur la masse monétaire. Fait important: la

Michael G. Porter



Datura GENUS WEEDS AS AN EPIDEMIOLOGICAL FACTOR OF Alfalfa mosaic virus (AMV), Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV), AND Potato virus Y (PVY) ON SOLANACEUS CROPS Malezas del género Datura como factor epidemiológico del Virus del mosaico de la alfalfa (AMV), Virus del mosaico del pepino (CMV) y Virus Y de la papa (PVY) en Solanáceas cultivadas  

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A B S T R A C T Plant samples of jimsonweed (Datura stramonium L.) and thornapple (D. ferox L.) were collected to determine the presence of Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV), Alfalfa mosaic virus (AMV), and Potato virus Y (PVY) in Santiago, Chile (33º34' S lat, 70º38' W long, altitude 625 m.o.s.l.), using double stranded RNA (dsRNA) analysis and ELISA.

Juan Ormeño; Paulina Sepúlveda; Ricardo Rojas; Jaime E. Araya


Revolucionarios Silenciosos: Una Resena de la Campana Contra el Hambre que Llevan a Cabo los Cientificos Agricolas (y de Como Pudo Ayudar un Cultivo Desdenado: la Mandioca) (Quiet Revolutionaries: A Look at the Campaign by Agricultural Scientists to Fight Hunger and How the Much Neglected Cassava Could Help).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Over the next 30 years, yields of the major food crops must double to keep pace with global population growth. The essay tells two related stories about the fight against hunger. It looks at how agricultural researchers worldwide help feed a hungry world....

D. Wigg



O Passado como Nacao: Imagens do Imperio nas Falas Reacionarias dos Anos 30 e 40 do Seculo XX: Uma Pequena Arqueologia do Debate Publico e Privado (The Past as Nation: Images of the Empire in the Reactionary Words of the 30s and 40s in the 20th Century: A Small Archaeology of the Public Debate versus the Private One).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Suggests an archaeology of the public debate versus the private one in Brazil through analysis of the reactionary speech of a religious leader, Dom Jose Mauricio da Rocha, which produced innumerable representations of the Brazilian Empire. (PA)

de Freitas, Marcos Cezar



Efectos Especiales de Anclaje (Estudio sobre Regresiones de Juicios Condicionales). Parte 2: Invariancia del Juicio No-Condicional Como Valor Estandar Para el Juicio Condicional (Special Effects of Anchoring (Study of Regression of Conditional Judgements) Part 2: Invariance of Unconditional Judgments as Standard Value for the Conditional Judgment). Publication No. 31.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

From the best-fit lines corresponding to sets of families of conditional judgements, the constant stimulus family and the constant condition family, both defined for a same scale object, the coordinate values of the point of intersection of both lines (indifference point) are obtained. These values are studied in relation to the mean values of the…

Lopez Alonso, A. O.


How To Talk to Your Doctor (and Get Your Doctor To Talk to You!). An Educational Workshop on Doctor Patient Communication = Como Hablarle a su Doctor (iY que su doctor le hable a usted!). Un seminario educativo sobre la comunicacion entre el doctor y el paciente.  

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This workshop, written in both English and Spanish, focuses on improving communication between physician and patient. In the workshop, the trainers will talk about "building bridges" between patient and doctor by understanding the doctor's role and his/her duty to the patient. According to the workshop, a person's doctor should communicate…

Baylor Coll. of Medicine, Houston, TX.


Jacobsen's catalyst anchored on Al-MCM-41 and NH2 group modified Si-MCM-41 as heterogeneous enantioselective epoxidation catalyst using in situ generated dimethyldioxirane as oxidant Catalizador de Jacobsen inmovilizado en Al-MCM-41 y en Si-MCM-41 modificada con grupos amino y su actividad en la epoxidación enantioselectiva heterogénea utilizando dimetildioxirano generado in situ como oxidante  

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The enantioselective epoxidation of three prochiral olefins over Jacobsen's catalyst immobilized on Al-MCM-41 and NH2-Si-MCM-41 in the presence of in situ generated DMD as the oxygen source was investigated. Experimental results indicate that the catalyst did not significantly suffer any change in its chemical structure. Therefore, the reusability of catalyst could be successfully achieved when it was immobilized by chemical

Jairo Cubillos; Wolfgang Hölderichb



La geoquímica de Fe, Ti y Al como indicadora de la sedimentación volcanoclástica en la laguna costera de San Quintín, Baja California, México Geochemistry of Fe, Ti and Al as an indicator of volcanoclastic sedimentation in San Quintín coastal lagoon, Baja California, Mexico  

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The geochemistry of Fe, Ti and Al and the grain-size distribution were studied in 32 surficial sediment samples from San Quintín coastal lagoon (SQCL) in Baja California, in order to identify the presence of volcanoclastic sediment derived from the weathering and erosion of basaltic rocks from the San Quintín volcanic field (SQVF). The composition of the SQVF rocks is characterized

E Navarro; LW Daesslé; VF Camacho-Ibar; MC Ortiz-Hernández; EA Gutiérrez-Galindo


Análise Temporal da Coma de CO+ no Cometa P/Halley  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Observações fotográficas e fotoelétricas da coma de gás ionizado do cometa P/Halley a nível de CO+ em 4250 angstroms fizeram parte do programa de Monitoramento do Halley desenvolvido pela Universidade de Bochum (Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum) na Alemanha, realizado de 17 de fevereiro a 17 de abril de 1986 no European Southern Observatory (ESO) em La Silla (Chile). Nesta faixa espectral é possível observar a contínua formação, bem como o movimento e expansão das estruturas de plasma. Para observar a morfologia destas estruturas foram analisadas 32 placas fotográficas de CO+ (placas de vidro) do cometa P/Halley. Tais placas possuem um campo de visão de 28,6 por 28,6 graus sendo obtidas entre 29 de março e 17 de abril de 1986 com tempos de exposição entre 20 e 120 minutos. Todas as placas foram digitadas com o auxílio de um microdensitômetro PDS 2020 GM (Photometric Data System) do Instituto Astronómico da Westfaelischen Wilhelms-Universitaet em Muenster, Alemanha (um pixel = 25 por 25 micrômetros correspondendo aproximadamente a 46,88 por 46,88 segundos de arco). Após a digitação os dados foram reduzidos à intensidades relativas, sendo que os posssíveis de calibração também foram reduzidos à intensidades absolutas, expressas em termos de densidade colunar utilizando-se dos sistemas de tratamento de imagens MIDAS (Munich Image Data Analysis System; ESO - Image Processing Group, 1988) e IHAP (Image Handling And Processing; Middleburg, 1983). Com o auxílio do método de teta mínimo de Stellingwerf (Stellingwerf, 1978) obteve-se um período de 2,22 +/- 0,09 dias a partir da análise de estruturas na coma de plasma através da subtração de imagens subsequentes. Este método foi comparado com o método de Fourier. Provavelmente exista um segundo ciclo com período aproximado de 3,6 dias. A idéia de subtrair imagens subsequentes é devido ao fato de que os efeitos de rotação são apenas 10% dos fenômenos de distribuição gasosa. Portanto as imagens de diferença são usadas para suprimir a componente estática da nuvem de gás. - ESO - Image Processing Group, 1988, in: MIDAS Manual, ESO, Garching. - Middleburg F., 1983, in: IHAP Manual, ESO, Garching. - Stellingwerf R.F., 1978, ApJ 224, 953.

Voelzke, M. R.; Schlosser, W.; Schmidt-Kaler, Th.



A emissão em 8mm e as bandas de Merrill-Sanford em estrelas carbonadas  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Estrelas carbonadas possuem bandas moleculares em absorção no visível e, no infravermelho (IR) as principais características espectrais se devem a emissão de grãos. Recentemente foi detectada a presença de bandas de SiC2 (Merrill-Sanford, MS) em emissão sendo atribuída à presença de um disco rico em poeira. Neste trabalho analisamos uma amostra de 14 estrelas carbonadas, observadas no telescópio de 1.52 m do ESO em 4 regiões espectrais diferentes, a fim de detectar as bandas de MS em emissão. Nossa amostra é composta de estrelas que apresentam além da emissão em 11.3 mm, outra em 8 mm. Esta última emissão, não usual nestes objetos, tem sido atribuída ou a moléculas de C2H2, ou a um composto sólido ainda indefinido. A detecção de emissões de MS e aquelas no IR, simultaneamente, revelaria um cenário mais complexo que o habitualmente esperado para os ventos destes objetos. No entanto como primeiro resultado, verificamos que as bandas de Merrill-Sanford encontram-se em absorção, não revelando nenhuma conexão com a emissão a 8 mm. Assim, temos duas hipóteses: (a) a emissão a 8 mm se deve à molécula C2H2 ou (b) essa emissão é resultado da emissão térmica de grãos. Testamos a segunda hipótese modelando a amostra com grãos não-homogêneos de SiC e quartzo, o qual emite em aproximadamente 8mm. Este grão seria produzido em uma fase evolutiva anterior a das carbonadas (estrelas S) e por terem uma estrutura cristalina são destruídos apenas na presença de campos de radiação ultravioleta muito intensos. Os modelos para os envoltórios utilizam o método de Monte Carlo para descrever o problema do transporte da radiação. As conclusões deste trabalho são: (1) as bandas de Merrill-Sanford se encontram em absorção, sugerindo um cenário usual para os ventos das estrelas da amostra; (2) neste cenário, a emissão em 8 mm seria resultado de grãos de quartzo com mantos de SiC, indicando que o quartzo poderia sobreviver a fase evolutiva S.

de Mello, A. B.; Lorenz-Martins, S.



Proximity-induced pseudogap: evidence for preformed pairs.  


The temperature evolution of the proximity effect in Au/La(2-x)Sr(x)CuO(4) and La(1.55)Sr(0.45)CuO(4)/La(2-x)Sr(x)CuO(4) bilayers was investigated using scanning tunneling microscopy. Proximity-induced gaps, centered at the chemical potential, were found to persist above the superconducting transition temperature, T(c), and up to nearly the pseudogap crossover temperature in both systems. Such independence of the spectra on the details of the normal-metal cap layer is incompatible with a density-wave order origin. However, our results can be accounted for by a penetration of incoherent Cooper pairs into the normal metal above T(c). PMID:20365947

Yuli, Ofer; Asulin, Itay; Kalcheim, Yoav; Koren, Gad; Millo, Oded



Concluding Remarks  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Let me first express my warmest acknowledgements to Cesare Barbieri for having taken the initiative of convening this symposium. These two days offered a unique opportunity to celebrate the scientific achievements and the legacy of Galileo Galilei. It allowed not only celebrating the scientist but also the philosopher and the human being. It was a fantastic journey in the past, present and future exploration of our universe and a fantastic retrospection into the Renaissance world which no better city than Padova would be able to offer. During these two days we could listen to a well balanced and well prepared set of excellent papers and presentations. All participants should be congratulated for their very active interactions during the discussions in the aula and also during coffee and lunch breaks.

Bonnet, Roger M.



Sexual competitiveness and compatibility between mass-reared sterile flies and wild populations of Anastrepha Ludens (Diptera: Tephritidae) from different regions in Mexico  

SciTech Connect

The mass-reared colony of Anastrepha ludens (Loew) currently used in Mexico for suppression of the Mexican fruit fly has been in use for over 10 years. Sterile flies are released into a wide range of environmental conditions as part of an integrated area-wide approach to suppress diverse populations of this pest in the Mexican Republic. This paper assesses the performance of the sterile flies interacting with wild populations from the different environments. We investigated the sexual compatibility and competitiveness of the sterile flies when competing with wild populations from 6 representatives Mexican states: Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Sinaloa, Nayarit, Michoacan, and Chiapas. Results show that the males of the wild populations differed in the time to the onset and peak of sexual activity. Nevertheless, the index of sexual isolation (ISI) reflected sexual compatibility between the populations and the mass-reared strain, indicating that the sterile individuals mate satisfactorily with the wild populations from the 6 states. The male relative performance index (MRPI) showed that the sterile male is as effective in copulating as the wild males. The female relative performance index (FRPI) reflected a general tendency for wild females to copulate in greater proportion than the sterile females, except for the strains from Tamaulipas and Chiapas. In general, the lower participation of the sterile females in copulation increases the possibilities of sterile males to mate with wild females. The relative sterility index (RSI) showed that the acceptance by wild females of the sterile males (25-55%) was similar to that of wild males. Females of the Chiapas strain showed the lowest acceptance of sterile males. Finally, the results obtained in the Fried test (which measures induced sterility in eggs) showed a competitiveness coefficient ranging from 0.2 to 0.5. This suggests that sterile males successfully compete and are compatible with flies from different geographic origins. (author) [Spanish] La colonia actualmente usada para controlar la mosca mexicana de la fruta, Anastrepha ludens (Loew), en Mexico tiene mas de 10 anos en cria masiva. Los insectos esteriles son liberados en una gran variedad de condiciones ambientales como parte de un control integrado para suprimir diversas poblaciones de esta plaga dentro de la Republica Mexicana. El objetivo de este documento esta dirigido a revisar el desempeno de las moscas esteriles frente a poblaciones silvestres procedentes de diferentes ambientes y para esto se realizaron comparaciones de compatibilidad y competitividad sexual de las moscas esteriles contra poblaciones silvestres de seis estados representativos de la Republica Mexicana: Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Sinaloa, Nayarit, Michoacan y Chiapas. Los resultados obtenidos manifiestan diferencias en el horario de inicio de llamado y mayor actividad sexual del macho entre las moscas provenientes de cada estado. Sin embargo el indice de aislamiento (ISI) reflejo compatibilidad sexual entre la cepa de laboratorio y todas las poblaciones analizadas, indicando que los individuos esteriles pueden aparearse satisfactoriamente con las poblaciones silvestres de los seis estados. El indice de efectividad de apareamiento del macho (MRPI) reflejo de manera global que los machos esteriles son tan efectivos para copular como los silvestres. El indice de efectividad de apareamiento de la hembra (FRPI) reflejo que en la mayoria de los estados las hembras silvestres copularon en mayor proporcion que las hembras esteriles, excepto para las poblaciones de Tamaulipas y Chiapas. En general, la baja participacion de las hembras esteriles en el campo permitio al macho esteril ampliar su probabilidad de apareamiento con las hembras silvestres. En cuanto al indice de esterilidad relativa (RSI), observamos que la aceptacion de las hembras silvestres al macho esteril (25-55%) fue similar a la de los machos silvestres. Las hembras de la poblacion de Chiapas registro la menor aceptacion. Finalmente, los resultados obtenidos en la prueba de Fried, la cual determi

Orozco-Davila, D.; Hernandez, R.; Meza, S.; Dominguez, J. [Programa Moscamed Moscafrut-Desarrollo de Metodos, Central Poniente No. 14 altos-Esq. 2a Avenida Sur. CP 30700 Tapachula, Chiapas (Mexico)



Determinantes de las visitas a los parques y jardines urbanos: aplicación de un modelo de gravedad\\/Determinants of the Visits to Urban Parks: A Gravity Model  

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El trabajo que se presenta pretende modelizar el comportamiento de los ciudadanos en sus visitas a los parques y jardines de las ciudades. Para ello se utiliza una herramienta desarrollada en otras áreas de la economía, pero inédita en el campo de la recreación en zonas verdes urbanas. En concreto se aplica la \\





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RESUMEN. En un sistema de riego localizado resulta muy importante conocer la distribución de agua en el suelo para evitar pérdidas por percolación y conseguir un nivel de producción óptimo. Para ello, en la fase inicial de diseño agronómico deben realizarse pruebas de campo previas, consistentes en aplicar un volumen de agua acorde a las necesidades del cultivo con un

G. Arbat; J. Puig; F. Ramírez de Cartagena



Research and Clinical Center for Child Development Annual Report, 1982-1983.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Most of the seven articles in this collection present research on the social development of young children. Specifically, "Issues in Socio-Emotional Development " (Kazuo Mikyake, Joseph Campos, and Jerome Kagan) and "Japanese vs. United States Comparison of Mother-Infant Interaction and Infant Development: A Review" (Shing-jen Chen and Kazuo…

Miyake, Kazuo, Ed.



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En el Archivo General de Indias de Sevilla se conserva el expediente de un pleito que enfrentó a Alonso Pérez, copista y clérigo de Medina del Campo, y a Francisco Fernández de Córdoba, conocido impresor de Valladolid, en activo entre 1541 y 1570. Cada uno de los litigantes pretendía los derechos de publicación de los cantorales para las Indias, en

Emilio Ros-Fábregas



Presentation 4: Lineages Part 2

WHO Classification of Tumors of Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Tissues , 4th edition, S. Swerdlow, E. Campo, N. Lee Harris, E. Jaffe, S. Pileri, H. Stein, J. Thiele, J. Vardiman, IAR C, Lyon, France, 2008 2010 Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Neoplasm Case Reportability and Coding Manual, C. Hahn Johnson, M. Adamo, S. Peace, NCI SEER, 2009 Advances in Understanding and Management of Myeloproliferative Neoplasms, Alessandro M.



Microsoft Academic Search

2 Campo Experimental Uruapan, INFAP, 3 IRD-Francia. 4 Instituto de Recursos Naturales. Colegio de Postgraduados. § Autor para correspondencia: ABSTRACT In the upper part of Cuitzeo Lake watershed, Michoacan, Mexico, farmers use a traditional short-fallow production system. With this system, land is sown one year, and left without cultivation from one to three years for grazing. This system is used

Lenin Ejecatl; Medina Orozco; Miguel Bravo Espinosa; Christian Prat; Mario Martínez Menes; Enrique Ojeda Trejo; Blanca Estela; Serrato Barajas



Radar Studies of the Solar Corona: A Review of Experiments Using HF wavelengths.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The use of high frequency (9 to 40 MHz), high power radars to study the solar corona has a remarkable history. Solar radar experiments were proposed and started at the beginning of the modern era of space physics research. Early in the 1960's the El Campo...

P. Rodriguez



Eventos de Septiembre (September Events).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Written in Spanish, this booklet contains brief information on 10 September events celebrated by Puerto Ricans: Arturo Somohano, the beginning of the academic year, Dia del Trabajo (Labor Day), Pedro Albizu Campos, Lola Rodriguez de Tio, William Howard Taft, El Grito de Lares, Dia del Indio Americano (American Indian Day), las retretas, and…

Toro, Leonor, Ed.


Volcanic hazards at Fossa of Vulcano: Data from the last 6,000 years  

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Stratigraphic reconstruction of the complete sequence of deposits that formed the Fossa cone of Vulcano has distinguished four principal eruptive cycles: Punte Nere, Palizzi, Commenda, and Pietre Cotte. At least three additional eruptive cycles, one of which ends with the Campo Sportivo lava, occur between deposits of the Punte Nere and Palizzi cycles. However, exposure is inadequate for their characterization.

G. Frazzetta; P. Y. Gillot; L. La Volpe; M. F. Sheridan



PowerPoint Presentation

Dr. Yvette Colon, Michigan, Ovarian cancer survivor, Oncology social work, American Pain Association Ms. Lourie Campos, California, Filipina cancer survivor, Community health partnerships, Young survivorship Ms. Kelly L. Cotter, Illinois, Childhood leukemia survivor, Young survivorship, Attorney Ms. Nancy Davenport-Ennis, Virginia, Breast cancer survivor, Head and neck cancer (co-survivor), Founder, Patient Advocate Foundation, Health Insurance Advocate Expertise Dr.


El mercado de los economistas y el mercado de los sociologos  

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Este artículo explora la posible ‘fertilización cruzada’ entre la sociología y la economía recurriendo a trabajos sociológicos recientes sobre las relaciones de mercado. Muestra que la principal diferencia entre estas dos disciplinas reside en el tipo de organización social que suponen sus modelos respectivos, y la atribuye a que los investigadores de ambos campos tienen aspiraciones distintas: mientras que los

Pétronille Rème



Caos en el mercado cambiario mexicano. Aplicación de la teoría del caos en los tipos de cambio  

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El presente trabajo estudia la dinámica cambiaria en México bajo el enfoque de una metodología poco conocida: la Teoría del Caos o, en términos de nuestra ciencia, la Economía Dinámica Caótica. Dado lo relativamente reciente de esta metodología, se presentará de manera clara y lo más rigurosamente posible sus bases teóricas, metodologías y campos de aplicación reciente; lo cual permitirá

Julián Ibarra Onofre



SAFE: un metodo per comprendere, ridurre ed accettare i rischi di progetto  

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Il presente lavoro descrive gli elementi fondamentali di un metodo di gestione del rischio di progetto che integra diversi approcci di pubblico dominio come il PRM body of knowledge del Project Management Institute, il CTC del Software Engineering Institute, il modello delle strategie Euromethod nonché quelli descritti da McFarlan, Archibald ed altri ancora. Benché originato nel campo delle Tecnologie dell'Informazione

Roberto Meli



Influenza delle politiche pubbliche sulle strategie logistiche di impresa  

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Lo sviluppo delle attività di trasporto, distribuzione e logistica avuto in Europa nel corso degli ultimi venti anni risulta strettamente connesso con lo sviluppo economico ed industriale e, in un secondo momento, con i processi di globalizzazione. Si amplia quindi il campo di riferimento della logistica che esce dai singoli confini nazionali e necessita di nuovi modelli gestionali e di

Claudia Burlando; Manuela Basta



Merging Cognition and Affect in HCI (Guest Editor's Introduction)  

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E' importante considerare gli aspetti affettivi del ragionamento umano, nella costruzione di agenti intelligenti? O il crescente numero di iniziative in questo campo non è altro che una moda, destinata ad essere superata in favore di altri slogan? Noi crediamo che una moda non sia, ma che si tratti di una esigenza reale. L'accettabilità di un sistema è sempre più

Fiorella de Rosis


Socialist Consciousness Raising and Cuba's School to the Countryside Program  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

As a participant-observer, the author relates observations, interviews, and surveys from her experience in a Cuban Escuela al Campo ("School to the Countryside," or EAC) camp located on a collective farm outside of the city of Havana. The Pioneers, the youth section of the official Cuban Communist Party, organize the EAC program nationwide. The…

Blum, Denise



Revista Mandrágora: gênero e religião nos estudos feministas  

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R R R R Resumo esumo esumo esumo esumo: Gênero e religião compõem uma equação ainda pouco discutida e pouco admitida. No campo dos Estudos Feministas essa relação ainda é abordada de forma muito acanhada. As iniciativas de estudo dessa temática são bastante escassas, especialmente no que tange à publicação de periódicos específicos a esse respeito. Duas das revistas acadêmicas

Sandra Duarte de Souza




Microsoft Academic Search

El objetivo del trabajo es el cálculo de la variación de bienestar que se produce en los consumidores por una mejora en su calidad medio ambiental. El análisis se basa en la aplicación del método de precios hedónicos (Rosen, 1974) al campo medio ambiental. En una primera etapa se estima el precio de la variable medio ambiental y, posteriormente, su

Alvaro Espina Montero



Los hechos regionales, base para las estructuras de gobierno en la ciudad-región de Medellín  

Microsoft Academic Search

La fusión urbana de los municipios del Área Metropolitana de Medellín, asociada al mejoramiento de las infraestructuras que la conectan con el oriente y occidente cercanos, han cambiado la realidad urbana, regional, social y económica. Sin embargo, las respuestas públicas a los fenómenos de la conurbación y a las dinámicas campo-ciudad siguen siendo respuestas municipalistas y fuertemente determinadas por la

Luis Fernando Agudelo Henao




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RESUMEN: El objeto de este trabajo es presentar -muy esquemáticamente- la evo- lución producida entre los años 1975\\/2005 en Argentina, en tres campos: sistema de gobierno, Poder Judicial y derechos fundamentales. En cada caso será necesario dis- tinguir cronológicamente los tramos y subtramos principales. En algunos, acoplar algunas veces datos posteriores al 2005, pero imprescindibles para una recta intelec- ción

Néstor Pedro Sagüés



Interview no. 368  

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Nacio en Arriaga (Sierra Panjano) en la tribu Otomin; padre, trabajador de campo; madre, quehaceres domesticos; tuvo 24 hermanos; no tuvo escuela; vivia en cuevas; trabajo desde nino; habla del gobierno, economia, etc. de su tribu; su alistamiento en el ejercito; recuerda la entrevista Taft y Diaz de 1909; su encuentro con Francisco Villa; pertenecio al Segundo Batallon de Porfirio

Jose Ramirez G



A taxonomic review of species of the Neotropical pericaline genus Oreodicastes Maindron, 1905 (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Lebiini)  

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Based on adult character states, a key is provided to the seven known species of Oreodicastes Maindron 1905 (type species Oxyglossus subcyaneus Chaudoir 1843). Two new species (with type locality) are described: 0. virginia (Fazenda dos Campos, Virginia, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil) and 0. zikani (Macieiras, Itatihia, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

Danny Shpeley; George E. Ball




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Sommario La vita di un materiale metallico in presenza di so llecitazioni meccaniche e termiche variabili nel tempo in campo plastico può essere investigato mediante modelli di danneggiamento descritti dettagliatament e in letteratura. Per la calibrazione dei modelli costitutivi e di danneggia mento è necessario un numero di prove di caratterizzazione, standard e non, dipende nti dal livello di approfondimento

C. Delprete; R. Sesana; A. Vercelli


Micronucleus test and observation of nuclear alterations in erythrocytes of Nile tilapia exposed to waters affected by refinery effluent  

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Micronuclei and nuclear alterations tests were performed on erythrocytes of Oreochromis niloticus (Perciformes, Cichlidae) in order to evaluate the water quality from Paraíba do Sul river, in an area affected by effluents from an oil shale processing plant, located in the city of São José dos Campos, Brazil-SP. Water samples were collected on 2004 May and August (dry season) and

Tatiana da Silva Souza; Carmem S. Fontanetti



DCLG Mtg Summary 9-13-15-2004 Approved.doc

Members Present Mr. Doug Ulman, Chair Ms. Peggy L. Anthony Ms. Vernal H. Branch Mr. William P. Bro Ms. Lourie Campos Ms. Nancy Davenport-Ennis Dr. Beverly Laird Dr. Sylvia M. Ramos Mr. Eric Rosenthal Ms. Mary Jackson Scroggins Ms. Sue Sumpter Dr. Marisa Weiss Ms. Celeste Whitewolf Col. (Ret.) James E.


Magmatismo e tectonismo cenozoico na regiao de Cabo Frio, RJ. (Magmatism and cenozoic tectonism in the Cabo Frio region, RJ, Brazil).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The western portion of the Campos Basin is limited by a hinge line that bounds the deposition of pre-Aptian sediments in the offshore region. The Cabo Frio arch corresponds to a platform with smaller relative subsidence, where Tertiary sediments are depos...

W. U. Mohriak A. Z. N. Barros A. Fujita



Brazilian Experience.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This presentation discusses the technology and experience of Petrobras in the development of deep-water exploitation off the coast of Brazil. The company recently found important oil deposits in waters over 300 m deep in Campos Basin, the main petroleum p...

A. C. S. Agostini



226Ra and 228Ra in scale and sludge samples and their correlation with the chemical composition  

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In order to contribute to a future waste management policy related to the presence of technologically enhanced natural occurring radioactive material (TENORM) in the Brazilian petroleum industry, the present work presents the chemical composition and the 226Ra and 228Ra content of sludge and scales generated during the offshore E and P petroleum activities in the Campos Basin, the primary offshore

José Marcus Godoy; Rosana Petinatti da Cruz



The transformation of a tail into limb after xenoplastic transplantation  

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Riassunto Bottoni caudali di Triton e di Axolotl trapiantati sul campo dell'arto di Discoglossus (allo stadio di neurula) si differenziano in code, le quali talvolta, all'epoca della metamorfosi dell'ospite, si trasformano in arti. Viene discusso il meccanismo di tale trasformazione.

N. Farinella-Ferruzza



The Organization of Wariness of Heights in Experienced Crawlers  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Most infants with more than 6 weeks of crawling experience completely avoid the deep side of a visual cliff (Campos, Bertenthal, & Kermoian, 1992; Gibson & Walk, 1960). However, some experienced crawlers do move onto the transparent surface suspended several feet above the ground. An important question is whether these "nonavoiders" lack wariness…

Ueno, Mika; Uchiyama, Ichiro; Campos, Joseph J.; Dahl, Audun; Anderson, David I.



Histopathology of the synapses in the ganglia of the human solar plexus  

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A study was made of the interneuronal synapses in the ganglia of the solar plexus of persons who had died from various diseases. The corresponding ganglia of persons who had died as a result of accident served as a control. The material was treated by silver impregnation by the method of Campos. In the controls the nerve elements and the

P. G. Shilev



Identification of lift-off mechanism failure for salt drill-in drilling fluid containing polymer filter cake through adsorption\\/desorption studies  

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Drilling fluid's contact with the productive zone of horizontal or complex wells can reduce well productivity by fluid invasion in the borehole wall. Salted drilling drill-in fluid containing polymers has often been applied in horizontal or complex petroleum wells in the poorly consolidated sandstone reservoirs of the Campos basin, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This fluid usually consists of natural polymers

Denise F. S. Petri; João C. de Queiroz Neto



Influence of the cooling circulation water on the efficiency of a thermonuclear plant  

Microsoft Academic Search

In the present study, the feasibility of intercalating two cooling towers in the present circulation water system used at Almaraz Nuclear Power Plant, located at Campo Arañuelo district (SW Spain), has been technically evaluated in order to increase the efficiency of the thermodynamic cycle used at present. Thus, the working cycle has been analyzed, the power produced by the turbines

J. Gañán; A. Rahman Al-Kassir; J. F. González; A. Mac??as; M. A. Diaz



Study of horizontal air showers from EAS-TOP: a possible tool for UHE neutrino detection?  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Horizontal air showers, i.e. events observed at "quasi" horizontal incidence, are studied from EAS-TOP at Campo Imperatore (National Gran Sasso Laboratories). The "reality" of such events as due to deeply penetrating particles is discussed from the experimental point of view. The possibility to develop the technique for UHE ? detection is discussed.

Navarra, G.



Influência da Proximidade Geográfica na Dinâmica Inovativa de Firmas Localizadas em Sistemas Locais de Inovação  

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Propõe-se uma discussão a respeito da compreensão da dinâmica inovativa de firmas pertencentes a Sistemas Locais de Produção (SLPs). O objetivo é compreender a dinâmica inovativa de firmas localizadas em SLPs por meio das características dos fluxos de informação e conhecimento estabelecidos pelas firmas. Para tanto, foi realizada uma investigação de campo comparativa entre dois aglomerados do segmento produtor de

Janaína Ruffoni; Wilson Suzigan



Cosmogenic Nuclides Found in the El Taco Iron Meteorite  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

With recent improvements of high sensitive analytical techniques, we come to a better understanding of the cosmic-ray exposure history of Campo del Cielo. Total irradiation age of ca. 200 million years is estimated for the El Taco iron meteorite.

Honda, M. H.; Nagao, K. N.; Takaoka, N. T.



The Study of Some Personality Traits in Theological Students Using the Rorschach Test  

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Pesquisa realizada com 50 alunos da Faculdade de Teologia de Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil, com objetiva de analisar alguns traços comuns no Feitio de Personalidade e quanto ao Tipo de Trabalho Mental, a partir da prova de Rorschach. Optou-se para verificar dados que aparecem com mais freqüência e não construir um protocolo médio. Apresenta-se os dados mais

Maria Célia Esgaib Kayatt Lacoski; Vera Nice Assumpção do Nascimento



Brazil tests world's largest environmental monitoring system  

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An elaborate environmental monitoring system paid for by Brazil, Sivam was built by the US defense electronics contractor Raytheon Co. (Lexington, Mass.) and two Brazilian outfits, Embraer (Sao Jose dos Campos) and Atech (Sao Paulo)-the former an aeronautics company that has supplied planes for Sivam, the latter the Brazilian system integrator. The US $1.4 billion system pulls together information from

H. Riebeek



Incorporating the Hybrid Learning Model into Minority Education at a Historically Black University  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Proponents of hybrid learning proclaim it to be an effective and efficient way of expanding course content that supports in-depth delivery and analysis of knowledge (Young, 2002) and increases students satisfaction (Campos & Harasim, 1999; Dziuban & Moskal, 2001; Rivera, McAlister, & Rice, 2002; Wu & Hiltz, 2004). In the years to come, hybrid…

Buzzetto-More, Nicole A.; Sweat-Guy, Retta



Vingt ans d'échanges internationaux : l'Europe sur la défensive  

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[spa] Veinte anos de intercambios internacionales. Europa a la defensiva - Las relaciones de fuerza en el seno de la economia mundial se modificaron profundamente en el transcurso de los últimos veinte años. Para describir el estado en el que se encuentra el « campo de batalla », se pueden distinguir once sectores de actividades : los sectores dominados por

Gérard Lafay; Colette Herzog



Non-Linear Effects of Self Generated Alfven Waves in Oblique Shocks and Cosmic Ray Acceleration Efficiency  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

RESUMEN. Se presentan resultados numericos para un modelo hidrodinamico de cuatro componentes (plasma de fondo, particulas energeticas, ondas de Alfven autogeneradas y campo magnetico) para choques oblicuos. ABSTRACT. Numerical results of a four component hydrodynamic model (background plasma, energetic particles, self-generated Alfven waves and magnetic field) for oblique shocks are presented. Keq wo't : COSMIC RAY-GENERAL - PLASMAS - SHOCK WAVES

Medina-Tanco, G. A.; Opher, R.




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Numerosos trabajos han estudiado la influencia del consejo de administración en las decisiones y resultados de sus empresas. No obstante, la enorme popularidad alcanzada en el campo del gobierno corporativo por estos estudios, no viene acompañada por sus resultados, que han sido ambiguos y, a veces, conflictivos En esta investigación proponemos que la efectividad de los consejos depende de las

C. Barroso Castro; M. M. Villegas Periñan; L. Pérez-Calero



77 FR 73270 - Airworthiness Directives; Embraer S.A. Airplanes  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Publications Section (PC 060), Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2170--Putim--12227-901 S[atilde]o Jose dos Campos--SP--BRASIL; telephone +55 12 3927-5852 or +55 12 3309-0732; fax +55 12 3927-7546; email;...



75 FR 31332 - Airworthiness Directives; Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica S.A. (EMBRAER) Model EMB-120, -120ER...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Publications Section (PC 060), Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2170--Putim-- 12227-901 S[atilde]o Jose dos Campos--SP--BRASIL; telephone: +55 12 3927-5852 or +55 12 3309-0732; fax: +55 12 3927-7546; e-mail:...



78 FR 9800 - Airworthiness Directives; Embraer S.A. Airplanes  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Publications Section (PC 060), Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2170--Putim--12227-901 S[atilde]o Jose dos Campos--SP--BRASIL; telephone +55 12 3927-5852 or +55 12 3309-0732; fax +55 12 3927-7546; email;...



Checkout System Software for the Brazilian Satellite.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This project was developed in the context of the first Brazilian Space Mission and is part of the Integration and Test Laboratory at INPE-Sao Jose dos Campos. The checkout system software constitutes a tool that, interposed between the test engineer and t...

F. E. C. Viola D. T. Fernandes M. J. C. Ciurria M. C. A. Amorim A. R. Benatti



Reflectance, leaf area index and structural studies of a rain forest canopy using the “Opération Canopée” association's tree top raft ? hot air airship combination  

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To gain a better understanding of high variations observed in the spectral reflectance of rain forest canopies, an experiment was conducted in Campo, Cameroon to: 1. identify relationships between multispectral reflectance recorded at several altitudes and structural parameters such as the canopy roughness analyzed on the strength of aerial photographs, or the Leaf Area Index measured from the ground, 2.

Y. Laumonier; V. Trichon; P. Birnbaum



Highly Endemic, Waterborne Toxoplasmosis in North Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil  

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In Campos dos Goytacazes, northern Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil, reports of uveitis consistent with toxoplasmosis led to a survey of the prevalence and risk factors for Toxoplasma gondii infection in 1997-1999. The survey population was selected randomly from schools, randomly chosen communities, and an army battalion. Serum samples from 1,436 persons were tested. With results adjusted for age, 84%

Lílian Maria Garcia Bahia-Oliveira; Jeffrey L. Jones; Juliana Azevedo-Silva; Cristiane C. F. Alves; Fernando Oréfice; David G. Addiss



The 'three waves' of research in mental health geography: a review and critical commentary  

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RIASSUNTO. Scopo — Valutare la ricerca condotta nel campo della geografia della salute mentale, concentrandosi sui la- vori pubblicati in lingua inglese. Metodi — L'articolo offre una lettura globale, approfondita e critica della letteratura relativa alla geografia della salute mentale, a partire dal sorgere di questo settore di ricerca nei primi anni '70. Risultati — L'articolo identifica tre fasi di




Autoras de obras didáticas e livros para o ensino da leitura produzidos no Rio Grande do Sul: contribuições à história da alfabetização (1950-1970)1  

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Resumo: A História da Alfabetização tem se constituído um importante campo de pesquisa no Brasil nos últimos anos, enfatizando, entre outras coisas, métodos e processos de ensino da leitura e da escrita, materiais de alfabetização, com destaque para as cartilhas escolares, histórias e trajetórias de vida de professoras alfabetizadoras, etc. Na pesquisa que realizamos desde 2001, temos privilegiado a análise

Eliane Peres


Aminotransferase changes and acute hepatitis in patients with dengue fever: analysis of 1,585 cases  

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Introduction: Type 3 dengue virus caused an extensive epidemic in the state of Rio de Janeiro in summer 2002. In some of the patients, it was found in an atypical form with increased aminotransferase levels and acute hepatitis. Material and Methods: An analysis was made of 1,585 serologically confirmed dengue cases at the Dengue Reference Center in Campos dos Goytacazes,

Luiz José de Souza; José Galvão Alves; Rita Maria Ribeiro Nogueira; Carlos Gicovate Neto; Diogo Assed Bastos; Edno Wallace da Silva Siqueira; João Tadeu Damian Souto Filho; Thiago de Abreu Cezário; Carlos Eduardo Soares; Rodrigo da Costa Carneiro



Restoration of degraded Chaco woodlands: Effects on reptile assemblages  

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We report changes in snake and lizard diversity and abundance following 25 years of Chaco forest restoration based on grazing suppression in Salta, Argentina. Reptile diversity and abundance was compared between a restored native forest (Los Colorados Biological Station, 10,000ha) and an adjacent overgrazed area (Campo Grande, 7500ha). The following parameters were measured: (a) habitat characteristics (cover of herb, shrub

Gerardo C. Leynaud; Enrique H. Bucher




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CAMPOS, F. A. D.; DAROS, L. B.; MASTRASCUSA, V.; DOURADO, A. C.; STANGANELLI, L. C. R. Anthropometric profile and motor performance of junior badminton players. Brazilian Journal Biomotricity, v. 3, n. 2, p. 146-151, 2009. This study aimed at assessing the anthropometric profile and motor performance of young badminton athletes. The sample included 20 athletes (10 male athletes, mean age

Fabio Angioluci; Diniz Campos; Larissa Bobroff Daros; Vera Mastrascusa; Antonio Carlos Dourado; Luiz Claudio; Reeberg Stanganelli



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RESUMO: A suíte Serrinha localiza-se na porção meridional do Cráton São Francisco e é representada pelo quartzo diorito do Brito, granodiorito Brumado de Cima, granodiorito Brumado de Baixo, dois corpos granofíricos e dois corpos subvulcânicos - vulcânicos félsicos. As relações de campo apontam que os corpos da suíte Serrinha são intrusivos em rochas metamáficas, metaultramáficas e metassedimentares do greenstone belt




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During a week of November 2004 a series of microwave, infrared and visible satellite images were acquired over the oceanic area of Campos Basin, at the SW South Atlantic off Brazil in conjunction with a hydrographic campaign. The main oceanographic feature present during that period was a well- developed cyclonic Brazil Current (BC) frontal eddy. An oil seepage was present

J. Granja


Relationships between the mineralogical and chemical composition of tropical soils and topography from hyperspectral remote sensing data  

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Airborne Visible\\/InfraRed Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS) data acquired in 1995 in the vicinity of Campo Verde, central Brazil, were analyzed to investigate the relationships between the mineralogical and chemical composition of different soil types and topography. Band depth analysis following the continuum removal separated areas of exposed soils from the other scene components. Principal component analysis (PCA) was applied to this

Lênio Soares Galvão; Antônio Roberto Formaggio; Eduardo Guimarães Couto; Dar A. Roberts



Entrepreneurship and the Impact of Managerial Role on Family Business Success  

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Family businesses are commonly addressed as two separate entities: the family and the business (Weigel, Weigel, Berger, Cook & Del Campo, 1995; Hollander & Elman, 1988; Langsberg, 1983). This approach suggests that managerial procedures and decisions typically respond to the needs of only one or the other component. However, business and family decisions are interrelated, and the way that overlapping

Linda S. Niehm; Nancy J. Miller



Llindar de dolor i diferències individuals en rates  

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El objetivo del experimento que se describe es el de contribuir a validar la hipótesis de García (1974) de que la deambulación en el Campo abierto podría ser un análogo en ratas de la dimensión extraversión-introversión de la teoría de Eysenck (1957, 1967). Para ello, observamos si se obtenía entre dearnbulación y tolerancia al dolor en ratas el mismo tipo

Núria Duran Borràs



Descubrimiento de una nueva asociación OB en la Gran Nube de Magallanes  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

En base a observaciones CCD de la binaria eclipsante Sk-67o105 llevadas a cabo en el CASLEO, se ha descubierto una nueva asociación OB a la cual dicha estrella pertenece. Este hallazgo pone en duda la existencia de las llamadas estrellas O de campo, sugiriendo que éstas podrían ser miembros de asociaciones aún no descubiertas.

Ostrov, P. G.; Morrell, N.; Niemela, V.


40Ar– 39Ar dating of plagioclase grain size separates from silicate inclusions in IAB iron meteorites and implications for the thermochronological evolution of the IAB parent body  

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In order to better constrain the thermochronological evolution of the IAB parent body we performed a 40Ar\\/39Ar age study on individual silicate inclusions of the IAB irons Caddo County, Campo del Cielo, Landes, and Ocotillo. In contrast to earlier studies, several plagioclase separates of different grain sizes and quality grades were extracted from each inclusion to reduce the complexity of

Nadia Vogel; Paul R. Renne



Movimientos anti-mineros: el caso de Pascua-Lama en Chile  

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En los últimos años, el aumento de proyectos de minería aurífera en América Latina ha dado lugar a toda una serie de protestas comunitarias englobadas en la consigna del “NO a la minería de oro”. El conflicto de Pascua-Lama, en el chileno Valle del Huasco, fue estudiado durante cuatro meses de trabajo de campo dentro de la metodología de Investigación-Acción.

Leire Urkidi Azkarraga



A institucionalização da precariedade: Estado e habitação popular no Aglomerado Urbano de Florianópolis  

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A persistente crise brasileira e as políticas econômicas adotadas nas últimas décadas reduziram drasticamente os recursos aplicados em habitações sociais. O quase desaparecimento dos programas federais que, ainda que marginalmente, financiaram populações de baixas rendas e construíram conjuntos de moradias, deu lugar a um vazio no campo das políticas habitacionais que produziu inúmeros movimentos de ocupações de áreas urbanas precárias.

Luís Fugazzola Pimenta; Margareth de Castro Afeche Pimenta



A recente reforma trabalhista e o trabalhador brasileiro  

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O texto trata da flexibilização da CLT, contemplada no Projeto de Lei 5.483\\/2001, que introduz o princípio que empresta ao acordo ou convenção coletiva a mesma força que tem a lei. A agenda de modernização trabalhista do Brasil está inconclusa. As mudanças nos campos da organização sindical e da Justiça do Trabalho são etapas importantes para dar força a tudo

Anelino Francisco da Silva



Alcune osservazioni sulle cause di tenuta del settore del franchising nelle fasi recessive  

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La ricerca esamina le imprese che operano in franchising attraverso microdati raccolti da Assofranchising, la principale associazione italiana nel campo del franchising. Mediante tecniche esplorative e multivariate si dimostra che, ceteris paribus, un aumento della scala delle reti, basata sulla crescita delle risorse umane e materiali, ha un effetto positivo sull’efficienza aziendale attraverso il miglioramento di indicatori strategici di produttività.

Antonio Bernardi



Coincident observation of air Cerenkov light by a surface array and muon bundles by a deep underground detector  

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We report on the simultaneous observation of atmospheric Cerenkov light by a prototype five telescope array, GRACE, (Gran Sasso Air Cerenkov Experiment) with deep underground muons in the MACRO (Monopole Astrophysics and Cosmic Ray Observatory). The telescope array was deployed at Campo Imperatore above the Gran Sasso Laboratory for a run completed in the fall of 1992. The total live

M. Ambrosio; R. Antolini; G. Auriemma; R. Baker; A. Baldini; B. Bam; G.C. Barbarino; B.C. Barish; G. Battistoni; R. Bellotti; C. Bemporad; P. Bernardini; H. Bilokon; V. Bisi; C. Bloise; C. Bower; S. Bussino; F. Cafagna; M. Calicchio; D. Campana; M. Carboni; A. Corona; S. Cecchini; F. Cei; V. Chiarella; R. Cormack; S. Coutu; G. Decataldo; H. Dekhissi; C. Demarzo; M. De Vincenzi; A. Di Credico; E. Diehl; O. Erriquez; C. Favuzzi; C. Forti; P. Fusco; G. Giacomelli; G. Giannini; N. Giglietto; M. Grassi; P. Green; A. Grillo; F. Guarino; P. Guarnaccia; C. Gustavino; A. Habig; R. Heinz; J.T. Hong; E. Iarocci; E. Katsavounidis; E. Kearns; M. Kertzman; S. Kyriazopoulou; E. Lamanna; C. Lane; D. Levin; P. Lipari; G. Liu; R. Liu; M. Longo; Y. Lu; G. Ludlam; G. Mancarella; A. Margiotta-Neri; A. Margiotta-Neri; A. Marin; D. Martello; A. Marzari Chiesa; D. Michael; S. Mikheyev; L. Miller; M. Mittlebrunn; P. Monacelli; M. Monteno; S. Mufson; J. Musser; D. Nicoló; R. Nolty; S. Nutter; C. Okada; G. Osteria; O. Palamara; S. Parlati; V. Patera; L. Patrizii; B. Pavesi; R. Pazzi; C. Peck; J. Petrakis; S. Petrera; N. Pignatano; P. Pistilli; F. Predieri; J. Reynoldson; F. Ronga; G. Sanzani; A. Sanzgiri; C. Satriano; L. Satta; E. Scapparone; K. Scholberg; A. Sciubba; G. Sembroski; P. Serra Lugaresi; M. Severi; M. Severi; P. Spinelli; M. Spinetti; M. Spinetti; J. Steele; R. Steinberg; J. Stone; J. L. Stone; A. Surdo; G. Tarlé; V. Valente; C. Walter; R. Webb; C. W. Walter



The Measurement of X Rays 30 Kev in the Brazilian Magnetic Anomaly with Omnidirectional Detectors Medidas de Raios-X 30 Kev COM Detetores Oni Direcionais NA Anomalia Magnetica Brasileira.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Atmospheric X-Rays measurements, with energies or = 30 KeV, were performed at Sao Jose dos Campos-Brazil (23 S, 46 W Geographic) on April 14 and December 19, 1981, using omnidirectional NaI (Tl) scintillation counters on board stratospheric balloons. The ...

O. Pinto A. W. L. Gonzales A. L. D. Degonzales I. M. Martin S. L. G. Dutra



New records of Primnoidae (Cnidaria: Octocorallia) in Brazilian deep waters  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The knowledge of octocorals occurring in Brazilian deep waters is still lacking, with only a few studies conducted so far, most of which focused on large-scale marine habitats characterization. Primnoidae are common and characteristic of seamounts and deepwater coral banks, often providing habitat for other marine species. Although primnoids occur in all ocean basins, only Primnoella and Plumarella species were recorded along the Brazilian coast before this study. Primnoid specimens were obtained through dredging and remotely operated vehicles (ROV) sampling, collected by research projects conducted off the Brazilian coast, between 15 and 34°S. Taxonomic assessment resulted in 5 new records of Primnoidae genera in Brazil: Calyptrophora, Candidella, Dasystenella, Narella and Thouarella. The occurrences of Narella—off Salvador and Vitória, and in Campos Basin (935-1700 m), and Calyptrophora—in Campos Basin (1059-1152 m), are herein reported for the first time in the South Atlantic. Calyptrophora microdentata was previously known in Lesser Antilles, New England and Corner Rise Seamounts, between 686 and 2310 m. Candidella imbricata geographical distribution includes Western and Eastern Atlantic (514-2063 m and 815-2139 m, respectively), being registered herein in Campos Basin, between 1059 and 1605 m. Dasystenella acanthina collected off Rio Grande do Sul state (810 m) and occurs also off Argentina and Southern Ocean, between 150 and 5087 m. Plumarella diadema, which type locality is off São Sebastião, Brazil, has its geographical range extended northwards, occurring in Campos Basin (650 m). Thouarella koellikeri previously known for Patagonia and Antartic Peninsula, is registered for the off Brazil for the first time, in Campos Basin and off São Sebastião (609-659 m). There is a lot of work yet to be done in terms of taxonomic knowledge of Brazilian deep-sea octocorals. Research projects focusing on the investigations, including ROV sampling, of other geographical regions and depth ranges along Brazilian coast will certainly reveal other new octocorals occurrences and species.

Arantes, Renata C. M.; Loiola, Livia L.



Water-gas dynamics and coastal land subsidence over Chioggia Mare field, northern Adriatic Sea  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A major development programme comprising 15 gas fields of the northern Adriatic Sea has recently been submitted to the Ministry of the Environment, VIA Committee for the assessment of the environmental impact, by ENI-Agip, the Italian national oil company. One of the largest reservoirs is Chioggia Mare, located about 10 km offshore of the Venetian littoral, with a burial depth of 1000-1400 m. The planned gas production from this field is expected to impact the shoreline stability with a potential threat to the city of Venice, 25 km northwest of the center of Chioggia Mare. To evaluate the risk of anthropogenic land subsidence due to gas withdrawal, a numerical model was developed that predicts the compaction of both the gas-bearing formations and the lateral/bottom aquifer (water drive) during a 13-year producing and a 12-year post-production period, and the transference of the deep compaction to the ground surface. To address the uncertainty of a few important hydromechanical parameters, several scenarios are simulated and the most pessimistic predictions obtained. The modeling results show that at most 1 cm of land subsidence over 25 years may be expected at the city of Chioggia, whereas Venice is not subject to settlement. If aquifer drawdown is mediated by water injection, land subsidence is arrested 5 km offshore, with the Chioggia littoral zone experiencing a rebound of 0.6-0.7 cm. Résumé. Un important programme de développement portant sur 15 gisements de gaz du nord de l'Adriatique a été récemment soumis au Comité VIA pour l'évaluation de l'impact sur l'environnement du Ministère de l'Environnement, par la société ENI-Agip, la compagnie nationale pétrolière italienne. L'un des plus importants réservoirs est celui de Chioggia Mare, situé à environ 10 km au large du littoral vénitien, à une profondeur de 1000 à 1400 m. La production de gaz prévue pour ce gisement laisse envisager un impact sur la stabilité du trait de côte, avec une menace potentielle pour la ville de Venise, à 25 km au nord-ouest du centre de Chioggia Mare. Afin d'évaluer le risque de subsidence du sol provoquée par les prélèvements de gaz, un modèle numérique a été développé pour prévoir la compaction des formations réservoirs de gaz en même temps que celle de l'aquifère latéral et sous-jacent, par effet de drainance, sur une période de 13 ans de production, suivie de 12 ans, et pour prévoir le transfert de la compaction profonde jusqu'à la surface du sol. Afin de prendre en compte l'incertitude sur un petit nombre de paramètres hydromécaniques importants, plusieurs scénarios ont été simulés et les prévisions les plus pessimistes ont été obtenues. Les résultats de la modélisation montrent qu'on doit s'attendre, au cours des 25 ans, au plus à une subsidence du sol de 1 cm à Chioggia, tandis que Venise ne subira aucun effet. Si la baisse de l'aquifère est compensée par une injection d'eau, la subsidence du sol s'arrêtera à 5 km au large et la zone côtière de Chioggia subira un effet de 0,6 à 0,7 cm. Resumen. Recientemente, la compañía nacional italiana del petróleo, ENI-Agip, ha enviado al Ministerio de Medio Ambiente de Italia (Comité VIA) un gran programa de desarrollo de 15 campos de gas en el norte del Mar Adriático para la evaluación de su impacto medioambiental. Una de las reservas principales de gas se halla en el mar de Chioggia, a unos 10 km mar adentro de la costa veneciana, a una profundidad de entre 1.000 y 1.400 m. Se espera que la producción en este campo produzca un impacto en la estabilidad de la línea de costa, y que suponga una amenaza potencial para la ciudad de Venecia, situada a 25 km al noroeste de la explotación. Se desarrolló un modelo numérico para evaluar el riesgo de subsidencia debido a la extracción de gas a lo largo de los 13 años de producción y del período post-productivo de 12 años. Sus predicciones indican que se causará la compactación tanto de la formación que contiene el gas como del acuífero inferior y lateral. Además, esta compac

Teatini, Pietro; Baú, Domenico; Gambolati, Giuseppe



On Ensino da Astronomia no Ensino Médio sob Diferentes Abordagens Metodológicas  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

O presente trabalho, sobre a intervenção de metodologias de ensino, foi desenvolvido na Escola Estadual Colônia dos Pescadores, na cidade de Caraguatatuba - SP, em três turmas do terceiro ano do Ensino Médio, perfazendo um total de 119 educandos, entre 16 e 19 anos. Antes de iniciar-se a intervenção, um questionário de vinte perguntas objetivas e dissertativas foi desenvolvido, aplicado pelo professor da classe, que ministrou as aulas correspondentes. Este questionário foi o mesmo em todas as três classes com o objetivo de diagnosticar o conhecimento prévio dos alunos sobre Astronomia. Começando a intervenção nas turmas, o professor envolvido usou três diferentes metodologias de ensino: (A) em forma de seminários, elaborados e apresentados pelos alunos, nos quais o professor fazia apenas as intervenções necessárias, (B) na forma tradicional, com a ajuda de multimídia para o desenvolvimento das aulas e a terceira (C) a tradicional, fazendo uso exclusivo de lousa e giz. No final do trabalho os alunos responderam o mesmo questionário novamente, de modo que os três métodos utilizados puderam ser comparados. Os resultados apresentados após a intervenção foram melhores que os resultados iniciais indicando a ocorrência de uma aprendizagem significativa. Quando os estudantes foram inicialmente questionados sobre quantos planetas existem no nosso sistema solar, a classe A obteve 39% de respostas certas, a classe B 48% e a classe C 46%, mas após o desenvolvimento das atividades, as classes obtiveram respectivamente 94%, 97 % e 90% de aproveitamento. No término do bimestre, foi sugerido aos educandos que elaborassem uma história em quadrinhos, a qual serviu para averiguar se os conceitos inicialmente observados foram alterados e se novos foram agregados. A análise das histórias foi dividida em três partes: Criatividade; Temas abordados; Emprego correto dos conceitos estudados. Ao final quatorze histórias foram confeccionadas. O aprendizado foi tão significativo que os alunos produzira m histórias em quadrinhos, com informações muito ricas. Outro dado muito importante é que, apesar da Astronomia ser um tema amplamente recomendado, não é ensinado nem em escolas de ensino fundamental nem no ensino médio.

Voelzke, Marcos Rincon; Albrecht, Evonir



Dinámica y crecimiento de los granos de polvo en la nebulosa protoplanetaria  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

En el escenario estándar de la formación planetaria, los planetesimales (cuerpos de tamaño kilométrico) crecen a partir de granos de polvo, similares a los interestelares, embebidos en un disco gaseoso denominado nebulosa protoplanetaria. Durante esta etapa, los movimientos del gas pueden tener gran influencia en la dinámica y el crecimiento de los granos de polvo, dado que el flujo kepleriano del gas frena el movimiento de los mismos haciendo que caigan hacia el Sol, y la turbulencia inhibe la inestabilidad gravitacional de la capa de polvo. Aunque se acepta que los planetesimales fueron los elementos constituyentes de los planetas, todavía se desconoce cómo se produjo la formación de los mismos. Por esta razón, en los estudios más recientes, existe un renovado interés por comprender mejor la evolución de la capa de polvo inmersa en el disco gaseoso de la Nebulosa. El gas que fluye en el disco puede engendrar estructuras carentes de simetría axial, como por ejemplo ondas espirales y vórtices, a partir de gran variedad de mecanismos de excitación e inestabilidad. En 1995, Barge y Sommeria pusieron de manifiesto que la existencia de vórtices gaseosos persistentes en la nebulosa solar tendría importantes consecuencias sobre la formación de los planetesimales y el posterior crecimiento de los planetas gigantes. La investigación desarrollada en esta Tesis analiza la relación entre el polvo y el gas debida al acoplamiento por fricción dinámica entre ambos; en concreto, se estudia el efecto del flujo medio del gas sobre la dinámica de las partículas de polvo. El primer objetivo es investigar en profundidad los procesos de captura y crecimiento de los granos de polvo dentro de un vórtice y su posible relevancia en cuanto a la formación de los planetesimales. El segundo objetivo es la exploración de los efectos de ondas espirales propagándose en el disco gaseoso sobre la dinámica y el crecimiento de las partículas. La presencia de líneas de corriente no circulares perturba significativamente el movimiento de las partículas alrededor del Sol e incrementa su vida media en la Nebulosa. El flujo medio del gas se modela de forma simple, analizándose la dinámica y el crecimiento de las partículas mediante simulaciones numéricas. Al incrementarse la vida media y la densidad superficial de las partículas sólidas, los mecanismos de confinamiento derivados de la presencia de vórtices y ondas espirales actuan sobre el material sólido de la Nebulosa (mediante agregación colisional o inestabilidades gravitacionales) de manera mucho más eficiente que la previamente considerada. Esto ofrece nuevas posibilidades para la formación de planetesimales y núcleos de planetas gigantes, y puede explicar la formación rápida de planetas extrasolares gigantes. Además, esta Tesis analiza la respuesta de las partículas, en un disco protoplanetario con un radio de 100 UA en torno a una estrella de tipo solar, al campo gravitatorio derivado de la presencia de dos estrellas compañeras ligadas en una órbita relativamente elongada (300-1600 UA). Para llevar a cabo este análisis, se han realizado una serie de simulaciones numéricas de configuraciones jerárquicas coplanares utilizando un programa FORTRAN que integra directamente las ecuaciones del movimiento con el objeto de modelar la presencia de las fuerzas gravitacionales y viscosas. El disco protoplanetario masivo se encuentra en torno a una de las componentes de la binaria. La evolución temporal del subdisco de polvo depende directamente de la naturaleza (directa o retrógrada) de la revolución relativa de la compañera estelar, y de la temperatura y la masa del disco circunestelar.

de La Fuente Marcos, Carlos



Direct simulation of groundwater transit-time distributions using the reservoir theory  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Groundwater transit times are of interest for the management of water resources, assessment of pollution from non-point sources, and quantitative dating of groundwaters by the use of environmental isotopes. The age of water is the time water has spent in an aquifer since it has entered the system, whereas the transit time is the age of water as it exits the system. Water at the outlet of an aquifer is a mixture of water elements with different transit times, as a consequence of the different flow-line lengths. In this paper, transit-time distributions are calculated by coupling two existing methods, the reservoir theory and a recent age-simulation method. Based on the derivation of the cumulative age distribution over the whole domain, the approach accounts for the whole hydrogeological framework. The method is tested using an analytical example and its applicability illustrated for a regional layered aquifer. Results show the asymmetry and multimodality of the transit-time distribution even in advection-only conditions, due to the aquifer geometry and to the velocity-field heterogeneity. Résumé Les temps de transit des eaux souterraines sont intéressants à connaître pour gérer l'évaluation des ressources en eau dans le cas de pollution à partir de sources non ponctuelles, et aussi pour dater quantitativement les eaux souterraines au moyen des isotopes du milieu. L'âge de l'eau est le temps qu'elle a passé dans un aquifère depuis qu'elle est entrée dans le système, alors que le temps de transit est l'âge de l'eau au moment où elle quitte le système. L'eau à la sortie d'un aquifère est un mélange d'eaux possédant différents temps de transit, du fait des longueurs différentes des lignes de courant suivies. Dans ce papier, les distributions des temps de transit sont calculées en couplant deux méthodes, la théorie du réservoir et une méthode récente de simulation des âges. Basée sur la dérivation de la distribution