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Os determinantes da desigualdade de renda no Brasil: Luta de classes ou heterogeneidade educacional?  

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Este trabalho considera a questão: quais os principais determinantes da desigualdade de renda no Brasil? Após lembrar a importância da questão para a nossa economia, o artigo sugere um arcabouço genérico para categorizar os determinantes da distribuição de renda, baseado em cinco grupos de fatores: caraterísticas natas dos indivíduos; suas características adquiridas; o papel do mercado de trabalho; o papel

Francisco de Hollanda Guimarães Ferreira



Fermentação da proteína de seis alimentos por microrganismos ruminais, incubados puros ou com monensina ou rumensin®  

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RESUMO - Avaliaram-se os efeitos da fermentação in vitro de seis alimentos: fubá de milho (FM), farelo de soja (FS), farelo de trigo (FT), sorgo (SO), glúten de milho (GM) e uréia (UR), incubados puros ou com o antibiótico monensina, esse na forma pur a para análise (Monensina) ou comercial (Rumensin®). O experimento constituiu-se de 18 unidades experimentais (três alimentos

Natália Guarino Souza Barbosa; Rogério de Paula Lana; Antônio Bento Mâncio; Arnaldo Chaer Borges; Cesar de Queiroz; Juliana Silva Oliveira




EPA Science Inventory

The restriction sites of Rachiplusia ou nuclear polyhedrosis virus (RoMNPV) DNA were mapped for the endonucleases SmaI, KpnI, BamHI, SacI, XhoI, and EcoRI. Of the 60 DNA restriction sites of RoMNPV, 35 mapped in similar positions as compared to the restriction sites of Autographa...


Verifying entanglement in the Hong-Ou-Mandel dip  

SciTech Connect

The Hong-Ou-Mandel interference dip is caused by an entangled state, a delocalized biphoton state. We propose a method of detecting this entanglement by utilizing inverse Hong-Ou-Mandel interference, while taking into account vacuum and multiphoton contaminations, phase noise, and other imperfections. The method uses just linear optics and photodetectors, and for single-mode photodetectors we find a lower bound on the amount of entanglement.

Ray, Megan R.; Enk, S. J. van [Department of Physics, Oregon Center for Optics, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon 97403 (United States)



OU help-line for teachers of physics  

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In the 1980s, the Open University has developed new approaches to open learning. The experience gathered from preparing and delivering undergraduate courses, largely by distance-teaching methods, has been invaluable, but new OU initiatives often need to be based on entirely novel assumptions about audience and styles of delivery. A particularly good example is the Physics for Science Teachers project, which

Jeff Thomas; Alan Cooper; Barbara Hodgson; Tim Horton; C. Butlin



Eielson Air Force Base OU-1 baseline risk assessment  

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This Baseline Risk Assessment report is the second volume in a set of three volumes for operable Unit 1 (OU-1). The companion documents contain the Remedial Investigation and the Feasibility Study. Operable Unit 1 (OU-1) is one of several groups of hazardous waste sites located at Eielson Air Force Base (AFB) near Fairbanks, Alaska. The operable units at Eielson are typically characterized by petroleum, oil, lubricant/solvent contamination, and by the presence of organics floating at the water table. In 1989 and 1990, firms under contract to the Air Force conducted field studies to gather information about the extent of chemical contamination in soil, groundwater, and soil air pore space (soil gas) at the site. This report documents the results of a baseline risk assessment, which uses the 1989 and 1991 site characterization database to quantify the potential human health risk associated with past Base industrial activities in the vicinity of OU-1. Background data collected in 1992 were also used in the preparation of this report.

Jarvis, M.T.; Jarvis, T.T.; Van Houten, N.C.; Lewis, R.E.



Electronic Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometer for multimode entanglement detection  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We show that multimode entanglement of electrons in a mesoscopic conductor can be detected by a measurement of the zero-frequency current correlations in an electronic Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometer. By this means, one can further establish a lower bound to the entanglement of formation of two-electron input states. Our results extend the work of Burkard and Loss [Phys. Rev. Lett. 91, 087903 (2003)] to many channels and provide a way to test the existence of entangled states involving both orbital and spin degrees of freedom.

Giovannetti, Vittorio; Frustaglia, Diego; Taddei, Fabio; Fazio, Rosario



Les programmes d’écolabellisation face aux motivations égoïstes ou altruistes des consommateurs et à la nature publique ou privée des attributs environnementaux  

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La réussite des écolabels tient dans la combinaison des deux principaux facteurs que constituent, d’un côté, les interactions entre la nature privée ou publique des attributs environnementaux (c’est-à-dire le type de bénéfices individuels ou collectifs qu’ils procurent) et, de l’autre, la part des consommateurs ayant une attitude sociale égoïste ou altruiste. Ce second facteur permet notamment de comprendre pourquoi certains

Gilles Grolleau; Lisette Ibanez; Naoufel Mzoughi



Hong Ou Mandel interferometer: A quantum measurement tool  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Quantum computing research has been around for several decades, since it was first proposed by Richard Feynman. Many efforts have been made to utilize quantum systems in creation of new computing devices in the recent years. One of the essential tools used for characterization and manipulation of optical quantum systems is a Hong Ou Mandel (HOM) Interferometer. It is used in this work to provide information about propagation, distortion and degree of indistinguishability of single photons. This work provides complete characterization of an optical tunneling effect in dielectric Bragg gratings. Samples with different thin film configurations are examined and their corresponding propagation delay times are calculated with sub-femtosecond precision. It is determined that for specific configurations for dielectric stacks, propagation delays can exhibit superluminal behavior. The distortion due to this effect is also calculated using HOM profiles. HOM interferometer is also used to calculate the degree of coalescence between two dissimilar sources. Single photons generated by quantum dot emission and parametric down conversion are tailored through aggressive filtering techniques to be identical in their spectral, temporal and polarization profiles. The degree of their coalescence is then calculated in an attempt to create quantum interference. This work attempts to provide better understanding of single photon interactions through use of an HOM interferometer.

Borjemscaia, Natalia


Signatures of Hong-Ou-Mandel interference at microwave frequencies  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Two-photon quantum interference at a beam splitter, commonly known as Hong-Ou-Mandel interference, is a fundamental demonstration of the quantum mechanical nature of electromagnetic fields and a key component of various quantum information processing protocols. The phenomenon was recently demonstrated with microwave-frequency photons by Lang et al (2013 Nature Phys. 9 345-8). This experiment employed circuit QED systems as sources of microwave photons, and was based on the measurement of second-order cross-correlation and auto-correlation functions of the microwave fields at the outputs of the beam splitter using linear detectors. Here we present the calculation of these correlation functions for the cases of inputs corresponding to: (i) trains of pulsed Gaussian or Lorentzian single microwave photons and (ii) resonant fluorescent microwave fields from continuously driven circuit QED systems. In both cases, the signature of two-photon quantum interference is a suppression of the second-order cross-correlation function for small delays. The experiment described in Lang et al (2013) was performed with trains of Lorentzian single photons, and very good agreement with experimental data is obtained. The results are relevant not only to interference experiments using circuit QED systems, but any such setup with highly controllable sources and time-resolved detection.

Woolley, M. J.; Lang, C.; Eichler, C.; Wallraff, A.; Blais, A.



Stratégie d'implantation régionale, nationale ou internationale : quelle influence sur le développement des entreprises françaises ?  

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[fre] Stratégie d'implantation régionale, nationale ou internationale : quelle influence sur le développement des entreprises françaises ? . Aux stratégies d'exportation de biens et de services, les entreprises françaises superposent, de plus en plus, une stratégie d'implantation de leurs structures productives dont l'étendue leur donne une dimension régionale, nationale ou internationale. . En 1991, les entreprises ayant la même dimension

Marie-Christine Parent



Dynamique sédimentaire comparative dans les bassins stéphano-permiens des Ida Ou Zal et Ida Ou Ziki, haut Atlas Occidental, MarocDynamic sedimentology of two Upper Stephano-Lower Permian basins: Ida Ou Zal and Ida Ou Ziki, western High Atlas, Morocco  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The intra-mountainous Ida Ou Zal Basin developed as a graben during the Stephanian (Carboniferous) and Lower Permian. Along its borders from east to west are the remnants of basal conglomerates. Passing laterally towards the centre of the basin are fine-grained fluvial-lacustrine sediments or flood-plain deposits. The important accumulation (1800 m) of sediments, associated with climatic and tectonic changes, caused substantial subsidence in a late orogenic setting. The remnants of sporadic volcanic products (shards) found in the Ida Ou Zal and the Ida Ou Zika Basins suggest nearby simultaneous magmatic activity. A comparison between the basins of Ida Ou Zal and Ida Ou Ziki suggest that the two basins formed a single unit, called the Souss Basin, ultimately terminated between the Lower Permian and Upper Permian times by a sinistral movement of the N70-80° Agadir Ou Anzizen Fault (west branch of the Tizi N'Test Fault) at the very end of the Hercynian Orogeny in Morocco.

Saber, H.; El-Wartiti, M.; Broutin, J.




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O presente estudo de caso foi realizado em duas organizações agroindustriais, a AGCO do Brasil Comércio e Indústria Ltda. e a Tecno Moageira S\\/A, tratando-se de um estudo de caso de natureza exploratória e descritiva, que objetivou analisar os motivos pelos quais essas organizações implementaram a certificação ISO 9001, em torno da seguinte problemática: Qual o real interesse da certificação

Alexandre Melo Abicht; Alessandra Carla Ceolin; Augusto Faria Correa; Paulo Rodrigo Pereira; Tania Nunes da Silva



Mulheres, homossexuais e Forças Armadas no Brasil  

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O trabalho analisa a incorporação de mulheres às Forças Armadas do Brasil. Em caráter preliminar analisa também o debate sobre a possível incorporação de homossexuais. No caso das mulheres observa-se que, apesar de preconceitos e limitações em termos de promoção na carreira, foram assimiladas pelas três Forças brasileiras de forma bastante positiva. Ao contrário, o debate sobre o acesso explícito

Maria Celina D'Araujo


Dynamique sédimentaire comparative dans les bassins stéphano-permiens des Ida Ou Zal et Ida Ou Ziki, haut Atlas Occidental, Maroc  

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The intra-mountainous Ida Ou Zal Basin developed as a graben during the Stephanian (Carboniferous) and Lower Permian. Along its borders from east to west are the remnants of basal conglomerates. Passing laterally towards the centre of the basin are fine-grained fluvial-lacustrine sediments or flood-plain deposits. The important accumulation (1800 m) of sediments, associated with climatic and tectonic changes, caused substantial

H. Saber; M El-Wartiti; J Broutin



Determination of the O/U ratio in substoichiometric UO{sub 2}  

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The possible application of thermogravimetry, gas chromatography, hydriding-dehydriding, and emf of a high-temperature solid-electrolyte galvanic cell to the determination of the O/U atomic ratio in UO{sub 2-x} is investigated. The studied methods have an analytical uncertainty of {+-} 0.001 O/U units. However, the emf method, which is highly accurate near the stoichiometric composition, is applicable only for homogeneous UO{sub 2-x}. The useful range of the emf method can be expanded for analyzing substoichiometric UO{sub 2}.

Baranov, V.G.; Godin, Yu.G.; S`edin, Yu.D.; Kosykh, V.G.; Nepryakhin, A.M.; Komarenko, F.F.; Kutyreva, G.A.



Un nouveau discoglossidé (Amphibia, Anura)dans le Miocène supérieur du gisement marocain «Oued Zra»A new discoglossid frog from the Upper Miocene of 'Oued Zra', Morocco.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The fossil anurans of Morocco remain rare and poorly known. The study of the anuran remains from the Upper Miocene (Vallesian) of Oued Zra has revealed a new discoglossid described as Latoglossus zraus n. gen., n. sp. It is morphologically close to the Neogene European genus Latonia. It differs from the latter and from all other discoglossids by the morphology of its angular s.l. The Miocene discoglossid of Beni-Mellal, previously identified as Discoglossus[11], assigned to Latonia[8, 10], and then to Discoglossus[9], might belong to this new taxon.

Hossini, Saïda




EPA Science Inventory

TN-368 cells were infected simultaneously with the closely related Autographa californica (AcMNPV) and Rachiplusia ou (RoMNPV) nuclear polyhedrosis viruses. Progeny viral isolates were plaque purified, and their DNAs were analyzed with restriction endonucleases. Of 100 randomly c...



EPA Science Inventory

A passive reactive barrier (Biowall) was installed at the OU-1 site at Altus Air Force Base, Oklahoma to treat TCE contamination in ground water from a landfill. Depth to ground water varies from 1.8 to 2.4 meters below land surface. To intercept and treat the plume of contamin...


Spatial and temporal variation of the water quality of an intermittent river - Oued Fez (Morrocco)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In the South of the Mediterranean basin, many rivers are characterized by an alternation of very long dry periods only cut by short flood events. Currently, the socio-economical development of these zones is limited by the water scarcity but also by the poor quality of the water resources. In fact, human activities, generally concentrated in overpopulated cities, generate large quantity of domestic and industrial effluents which are directly rejected in the environment without any treatment. In Morocco, the well known city of Fez illustrates perfectly this situation observed in all the Maghreb countries. During the dry period, the Oued Fez which crosses the city, is only fed by non-treated anthropogenic inputs. Accumulation of pollutants is observed in the river bed sediments. Domestic and industrial effluents (200 000 m3/day) pollute all the down stream water bodies some of which are used for irrigation and other for fresh water supply. During floods, mainly generated by urban runoff, river bed sediments could be remobilized and a significant flush effect could occur. This study aims at characterising and quantifying the pollutant concentrations and fluxes in various points of the Oued Fez hydrological network and assessing its impact on the Sebou River; water resources of this river being considered as national priority in Morocco. Due to the peculiar Mediterranean hydrological regime, specific observation networks are set up to assess the temporal and spatial variability of pollutant fluxes in the river and to rank water and pollutant sources. The sampling sites on the Fez and Sebou oueds are selected based these criteria. A reference station is chosen upstream of the Oued Fez less than 300 metres from the direct anthropic inputs. Water quality is evaluated through nutrients (Total nitrogen, and total phosphorus essentially), heavy metals (essentially chromium) and suspended solids. The results of 4 sampling campaigns indicate that: in terms of nitrogen, phosphorus and chromium, the pollution levels are high (> 60 mg/l N, > 10mg/l P, > 0,5mg/l Cr, respectively) at the most polluted sites. The nitrogen, phosphorus and chromium fluxes, in steady state conditions, show that more than 500 kg/hour of nitrogen, 60 kg/hour of phosphorus and 2,5 kg/hour of chromium are flushed by the Oued Sebou downstream of its confluence with the Oued Fez. In spite of the high flux values, a significant fraction of the particulate form of studied pollutants are stored in the riverbed sediments, and can be remobilized by the urban flash floods which occur after each rainfall event.

Perrin, Jean-Louis; Bellarbi, Meriem; Lombard-Latune, Rémi; Rais, Naoual; Chahinian, Nanée.; Ijjaali, Mustafa



Fontes de metionina em rações formuladas com base em aminoácidos totais ou digestíveis para frangas de reposição leves e semipesadas  

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RESUMO - Foram conduzidos dois experimentos com o objetivo de avaliar a utilização de duas fontes de metionina (em pó ou líquida) em rações formuladas com base em aminoácidos digestíveis ou totais para frangas de reposição leves e semipesadas, nas fases inicial (de 1 a 6 semanas de idade) e de crescimento (de 11 a 16 semanas de idade). Em

Luiz Gustavo Rombola; Douglas Emygdio de Faria; Bruno José Deponti; Flávio Henrique Araujo Silva; Daniel Emygdio de Faria Filho; Otto Mack Junqueira



Improved hydrogen production by uptake hydrogenase deficient mutant strain of Rhodobacter sphaeroides O.U.001  

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Rhodobacter sphaeroides O.U.001 is a purple non-sulfur bacterium producing hydrogen under photoheterotrophic conditions. Hydrogen is produced by Mo-nitrogenase enzyme and substantial amount of H2 is reoxidized by a membrane-bound uptake hydrogenase in the wild type strain. To improve the hydrogen producing capacity of the cells, a suicide vector containing a gentamicin cassette in the hupSL genes was introduced into R.

Gökhan Kars; Ufuk Gündüz; Gabor Rakhely; Meral Yücel; ?nci Ero?lu; Kornel L. Kovacs



Recombination of Autographa californica and Rachiplusia ou Nuclear Polyhedrosis Viruses in Galleria mellonella L  

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SUMMARY Cotransfection of Rachiplusia ou nuclear polyhedrosis virus (RoMNPV) and BamHI or SmaI fragments from the genome of Autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus (AcMNPV) yielded a high frequency of virus recombinants in Galleria mellonella larvae. When larvae were cotransfected either with the entire genome of AcMNPV and RoMNPV restriction fragments or with a mixture of the two viruses, only AcMNPV

G. Croizier; L. Croizier; J. M. Quiot; D. Lereclus



Les processus de croissance des entreprises sont-ils déterminés ou indéterminés ?  

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[fre] Les processus de croissance des entreprises sont-ils determinés ou indeterminés?. . La comparaison des taux de croissance des entreprises conduit à mieux en comprendre le processus.. La distribution statistique des taux de croissance ne permet pas de vérifier l'hypothèse d'un modèle aléatoire correspondant à la loi de Gibrat, bien que l'on ne puisse déceler de liaison linéaire entre la

Alain Bienaymé



Photoproduction of hydrogen from sugar refinery wastewater by Rhodobacter sphaeroides O.U. 001  

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Pretreated sugar refinery wastewater (SRWW) was used for the production of hydrogen by Rhodobacter sphaeroides O.U.001 in a 0.4 l column photobioreactor. Hydrogen was produced at a rate of 0.001 l hydrogen\\/h\\/l culture in 20% dilution of SRWW. To adjust the carbon concentration to 70 mM and nitrogen concentration to 2 mM, sucrose or L-malic acid was added as carbon

M. Yetis; U. Gündüz; I. Eroglu; M. Yücel; L. Türker



Influence of nitro group on biotransformation of nitrotoluenes in Pseudomonas putida strain OU83  

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Pseudomonas putida OU83 is a soil organism capable of degrading 3-nitrotoluene (3-NT), 2,4-dinitrotoluene (DNT), 2,6-DNT, and mono and polychlorinated biphenyls. An investigation of the nitro group dependent biotransformation of nitrotoluenes in P. putida revealed accumulation of two metabolic products, a and b from each of the three tested NT isomers (2-, 3-, and 4-NT). Gas chromatography-mass spectrophotometer (GC-MS) analysis of

Satish K. Walia; Shadan Ali-Sadat; G. Rasul Chaudhry



Caracterisation des proprietes acoustiques des materiaux poreux a cellules ouvertes et a matrice rigide ou souple  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

L'objectif global vise par les travaux de cette these est d'ameliorer la caracterisation des proprietes macroscopiques des materiaux poreux a structure rigide ou souple par des approches inverses et indirectes basees sur des mesures acoustiques faites en tube d'impedance. La precision des approches inverses et indirectes utilisees aujourd'hui est principalement limitee par la qualite des mesures acoustiques obtenues en tube d'impedance. En consequence, cette these se penche sur quatre problemes qui aideront a l'atteinte de l'objectif global precite. Le premier probleme porte sur une caracterisation precise de la porosite ouverte des materiaux poreux. Cette propriete en est une de passage permettant de lier la mesure des proprietes dynamiques acoustiques d'un materiau poreux aux proprietes effectives de sa phase fluide decrite par les modeles semi-phenomenologiques. Le deuxieme probleme traite de l'hypothese de symetrie des materiaux poreux selon leur epaisseur ou un index et un critere sont proposes pour quantifier l'asymetrie d'un materiau. Cette hypothese est souvent source d'imprecision des methodes de caracterisation inverses et indirectes en tube d'impedance. Le critere d'asymetrie propose permet ainsi de s'assurer de l'applicabilite et de la precision de ces methodes pour un materiau donne. Le troisieme probleme vise a mieux comprendre le probleme de transmission sonore en tube d'impedance en presentant pour la premiere fois un developpement exact du probleme par decomposition d'ondes. Ce developpement permet d'etablir clairement les limites des nombreuses methodes existantes basees sur des tubes de transmission a 2, 3 ou 4 microphones. La meilleure comprehension de ce probleme de transmission est importante puisque c'est par ce type de mesures que des methodes permettent d'extraire successivement la matrice de transfert d'un materiau poreux et ses proprietes dynamiques intrinseques comme son impedance caracteristique et son nombre d'onde complexe. Enfin, le quatrieme probleme porte sur le developpement d'une nouvelle methode de transmission exacte a 3 microphones applicable a des materiaux ou systemes symetriques ou non. Dans le cas symetrique, on montre que cette approche permet une nette amelioration de la caracterisation des proprietes dynamiques intrinseques d'un materiau. Mots cles. materiaux poreux, tube d'impedance, transmission sonore, absorption sonore, impedance acoustique, symetrie, porosite, matrice de transfert.

Salissou, Yacoubou


Fungal microflora biodiversity as a function of pollution in Oued Sebou (Morocco).  


An inventory of the fungal microflora present in sediments collected at 11 sites along Oued Sebou has been established. The influence of some climatic parameters (temperature, rainfall) and of pollution on the composition of the fungal communities has been questioned. Emericella nidulans, Eurotium amstelodami, Neosartotya fisheri var. glabrum (Ascomycetes), Dreschslera biseptata (Dematiaceae), Penicillium citrinum (Mucedinaceae) and Phoma sp. (Sphaeropsidale) can be considered as strains sensitive to pollution. Penicillium janthelinum, Trichoderma koningii (Mucedinaceae) and Candida albicans (Yeast) were found only at the most polluted sites; Talaromyces flavus (Ascomycete) Rhodotorula rubra, Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Yeasts) and Fusarium oxysporum (Tuberculariales) were more often found at heavily polluted sites than at lightly polluted ones. PMID:9253167

Sage, L; Bennasser, L; Steiman, R; Seigle-Murandi, F



Variographic analysis of water table data from the Oued-Souf phreatic aquifer, northeastern part of the Algerian Sahara  

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Phreatic aquifers present many serious problems for local public authorities, and they have done so especially for the water\\u000a resources managers in Oued-Souf, Algeria, since 1980. Recently, a perturbation in piezometric level was observed in Oued-Souf.\\u000a The spatial distribution of piezometric level data was analyzed by applying geostatistical methods, which provide an indication\\u000a of the uncertainty of the estimation using

Hakim Saibi; Ahcene Semmar; Mohamed Mesbah; Sachio Ehara



Proposal for demonstrating the Hong–Ou–Mandel effect with matter waves  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Hong–Ou–Mandel effect is a demonstration of destructive quantum interference between pairs of indistinguishable bosons, realised so far only with massless photons. Here we propose an experiment to realize this effect in the matter-wave regime using pair-correlated atoms produced via a collision of two Bose–Einstein condensates and subjected to two laser-induced Bragg pulses. We formulate a measurement protocol for the multimode matter-wave field, which—unlike the typical two-mode optical case—bypasses the need for repeated measurements under different displacement settings of the beam splitter, markedly reducing the number of experimental runs required to map out the interference visibility. Although the protocol can be used in related matter-wave schemes, we focus on condensate collisions. By simulating the entire experiment, we predict a Hong–Ou–Mandel dip visibility of ~69%. This visibility highlights strong quantum correlations between the atoms, paving the way for a possible demonstration of a Bell inequality violation with massive particles in a related Rarity–Tapster setup.

Lewis-Swan, R. J.; Kheruntsyan, K. V.



Proposal for demonstrating the Hong-Ou-Mandel effect with matter waves.  


The Hong-Ou-Mandel effect is a demonstration of destructive quantum interference between pairs of indistinguishable bosons, realised so far only with massless photons. Here we propose an experiment to realize this effect in the matter-wave regime using pair-correlated atoms produced via a collision of two Bose-Einstein condensates and subjected to two laser-induced Bragg pulses. We formulate a measurement protocol for the multimode matter-wave field, which-unlike the typical two-mode optical case-bypasses the need for repeated measurements under different displacement settings of the beam splitter, markedly reducing the number of experimental runs required to map out the interference visibility. Although the protocol can be used in related matter-wave schemes, we focus on condensate collisions. By simulating the entire experiment, we predict a Hong-Ou-Mandel dip visibility of ~69%. This visibility highlights strong quantum correlations between the atoms, paving the way for a possible demonstration of a Bell inequality violation with massive particles in a related Rarity-Tapster setup. PMID:24759808

Lewis-Swan, R J; Kheruntsyan, K V



Water quality assessment of a highly polluted Mediterranean River - Oued Fez (Morocco)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In the South of the Mediterranean basin, many rivers are characterized by an alternation of very long dry periods only cut by short flood events. Currently, the socio-economical development of these zones is limited by water scarcity and poor quality of the water resources. Indeed human activities, generally concentrated in overpopulated cities, generate large quantity of domestic and industrial effluents which are directly rejected in the environment without any treatment. In Morocco, the well known city of Fez illustrates perfectly this situation, observed in most developing countries. The oued Fez receives continuously the non-treated domestic and industrial effluents (90.000 m3/day) of the city and pollutes all the downstream water bodies. Indeed, it is a tributary of the Sebou River, a major body of great economical importance used for irrigation and freshwater supply. This study aims at characterising and quantifying the pollutant concentrations and fluxes in various points of oued Fez's hydrological network and assessing its impact on the Sebou River; this river's preservation being considered a national priority in Morocco. A coupled water quality-water quantity monitoring scheme has been implemented on oued Fez since 2008. In addition to basic hydrological data, water quality samples are collected at regular intervals at 8 locations where discharge is simultaneously measured using an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP). Water samples are analysed for different forms of nitrogen (nitrates, nitrites, ammonium and total nitrogen), phosphorus (soluble reactive phosphorus and total phosphorus) but also total chromium which is used in the leather tanning processes, one of the most important industrial production of the city of Fez, using a photospectrometer (Hach Lange DR 2800 VIS-photometer (Germany). The results of 17 sampling campaigns, carried out over 3 hydrological years, indicate that the rural areas contribute mostly to baseflow during the wet period while non-treated anthropogenic inputs constitute most of the flow during the dry period. The pollution levels are very high as the mean values reach 39 mg/l N, 5 mg/l P, 0.2mg/l Cr, for total nitrogen, total phosphorus and total chromium respectively at the most polluted sites. Even if the hydrological conditions induce important concentration variations, the pollution levels remain high all along the year. The nitrogen, phosphorus and chromium fluxes calculated for steady state conditions, show that more than 500 kg/hour of nitrogen, 60 kg/hour of phosphorus and 2.5 kg/hour of chromium are flushed by the oued Sebou downstream of its confluence with the oued Fez. These fluxes are due to human activities and do not vary significantly with the hydrological conditions. This study shows that a relatively limited observation network allows the characterization of the temporal and spatial variability of the pollution levels if the monitoring points are selected by taking into account the main pollution sources and the specificity of the hydrological conditions.

Perrin, J.-L.; Bellarbi, M.; Raïs, N.; Chahinian, N.; Moulin, P.; Ijjaali, M.



Scalable Hong-Ou-Mandel manifolds in quantum-optical ring resonators  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Quantum information processing, from cryptography to computation, based upon linear quantum-optical circuit elements relies heavily on the ability offered by the Hong-Ou-Mandel (HOM) effect to "route" photons from separate input modes into one of two common output modes. Specifically, the HOM effect accomplishes the path entanglement of two photons at a time such that no coincidences are observed in the output modes of a system exhibiting the effect. In this paper, we prove, in principle, that by operating a specific nanophotonic device properly, one can conditionally "bunch" coincident input photons in a way that is more configurable than with an ordinary 50:50 beam splitter, while maintaining the inherent scalability of such an on-chip device.

Hach, Edwin E.; Preble, Stefan F.; Elshaari, Ali W.; Alsing, Paul M.; Fanto, Michael L.



Interactions between the hydrology and hydrochemistry of an intermittent southern Mediterranean River- Oued Fez (Morocco)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Mediterranean catchments are often characterized by highly variable rainfall inputs and intermittent flows. In comparison to the existing knowledge on their hydrological behaviour, the interactions between flow conditions and pollution levels remain less documented. This study aims at filling that gap through a case study on Oued Fez (Morocco). Oued Fez is an intermittent river located in central-eastern Morocco. It has a 615 km2 catchment 10% of which corresponds to the city of Fez, the 3rd biggest in the kingdom (1.2 M inhabitants). Oued Fes is a tributary of the Sebou River, a major body of great economical importance used for irrigation and freshwater supply. A coupled water quality-water quantity monitoring scheme has been implemented on Oued Fez since 2008. In addition to basic hydrological data, water quality samples are collected at regular intervals at 8 locations where discharge is simultaneously measured using an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP). Water samples are analysed for different forms of nitrogen (nitrates, nitrites, ammonium and total nitrogen) and phosphorus (soluble reactive phosphorus and total phosphorus) using a photospectrometer (Hach Lange DR 2800 VIS-photometer (Germany). The results of the study indicate that, despite variations in annual rainfall, the catchment's hydrological response is controlled by the urban impervious zones during floods. The rural areas contribute mostly to baseflow during the wet period while non-treated anthropogenic inputs constitute most of the flow during the dry period. This in turn affects the water quality results. Indeed: - during low flow conditions the pollution levels are very high and total nitrogen and total phosphorus concentrations reach 45 mg/l N and 6.5 mg/l P respectively at the most polluted sites. - during average and high flow conditions the pollution levels decrease due to dilution. Total nitrogen and total phosphorus concentrations reach 32 mg/l N and 3.5 mg/l P respectively with minimum values lower than 20 mgN.L-1 and 2 mgP.L-1 during the flood of March 2010. The hydrological conditions also impact the distribution of the relative part of the different forms of nitrogen (NH4 and Norg) which varies significantly in time and clearly evolves with temperature. The NH4/Norg ratios vary between 0.25 in winter and 2 in summer because of ammonification processes. Despite of the variations in flow conditions, nitrogen and phosphorus fluxes remain quite stable at the sites directly influenced by waste water inputs (more than 500 kg/hour of nitrogen and 60 kg/hour of phosphorus). However, in low flow conditions, a significant fraction of the particulate forms of these pollutants is stored in the downstream riverbed sediments, and can be remobilized during high flow conditions. The study highlights the importance of coupled monitoring schemes on intermittent rivers.

Perrin, J.-L.; Bellarbi, M.; Chahinian, N.; Raïs, N.; Moulin, P.; Ijjaali, M.



Measuring optical tunneling times using a Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometer.  


We report a prediction for the delay measured in an optical tunneling experiment using Hong-Ou-Mandel (HOM) interference, taking into account the Goos-Hänchen shift generalized to frustrated total internal reflection situations. We precisely state assumptions under which the tunneling delay measured by an HOM interferometer can be calculated. We show that, under these assumptions, the measured delay is the group delay, and that it is apparently 'superluminal' for sufficiently thick air gaps. We also show how an HOM signal with multiple minima can be obtained, and that the shape of such a signal is not appreciably affected by the presence of the optical tunneling zone, thus ruling out the explanation of the anomalously short tunneling delays in terms of a reshaping of the wavepacket as it goes through the tunneling zone. Finally, we compare the predicted tunneling delay to a relevant classical delay and conclude that our predictions involve no non-causal effect. PMID:18825239

Papoular, D J; Cladé, P; Polyakov, S V; McCormick, C F; Migdall, A L; Lett, P D



The New Absolute Parameters of OU Gem - The Star of BY Dra Type  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The spectra of OU Gem were obtained with the fiber-fed echelle spectrograph SOPHIE at the 1.93-m telescope of the Observatoire de Haute- Provence (France). The temperatures of components of the system were defined and are equal to 5013 ± 15 K and 4486±50 K for primary (A) and secondary (B) components, accordingly. The rotation velocity of components are measured: for primary component it is equal to 5.1±1 km/s and 6.2 ± km/s for the secondary one. The definition of radial velocities of components by LSD profile method and redetermination of spectral orbital elements were carried out. New absolute parameters of components were obtained too.

Mishenina, T. V.; Glazunova, L. V.; Soubiran, C.; Kovtyukh, V. V.



Cloning of bacterial genes specifying degradation of 4-chlorobiphenyl from Pseudomonas putida OU83.  

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Genes capable of 4-chlorobiphenyl (4-CBP) degradation were cloned from 4-CBP-degrading Pseudomonas putida OU83 by using a genomic library which was constructed in the broad-host-range cosmid vector pCP13. P. putida AC812 containing chimeric cosmid-expressing enzymes involved in the 4-CBP degradation pathway were identified by detecting 3-phenylcatechol dioxygenase activity (3-PDA). Chimeric cosmid clones pOH83, pOH84, pOH85, pOH87, and pOH88 positive for 3-PDA grew in synthetic basal medium containing 4-CBP (5 mM) as a carbon source. Restriction digestion analysis of recombinant cosmids showed DNA inserts ranging from 6 to 30 kilobase pairs. Southern hybridization data revealed that the cloned DNA inserts originated from strain OU83. Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis of the metabolites of P. putida AC812(pOH88) incubated with 4-CBP and 4'-chloro-3-phenylcatechol showed the formation of 4-chlorobenzoic acid and benzoic acid. These results demonstrate that the cloned DNA fragments contain genes encoding for chlorobiphenyl dioxygenase (cbpA), dihydrodiol dehydrogenase (cbpB), 4'-chloro-3-phenylcatechol dioxygenase (cbpC), a meta-cleavage compound (a chloro derivative of 2-hydroxy-6-oxo-6-phenylhexa-2,4-dienoate) hydrolase (cbpD), and a new dechlorinating activity (dcpE). The location of the cbpC gene specifying 3-PDA was determined by subcloning an EcoRI DNA fragment (9.8 kilobase pairs) of pOH88 in plasmid vector pUC19. The cloned gene encoding 3-PDA was expressed in Escherichia coli HB101 and had substrate specificity only for 3-phenylcatechol and 4'-chloro-3-phenylcatechol. Images

Khan, A; Walia, S



Le syndrome du canal d'Alcock ou n?vralgie pudendale : un diagnostic ? ne pas m?conna?tre  

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Résumé Le syndrome du canal d’Alcock – ou névralgie pudendale – est lié à la compression chronique du nerf pudendal dans la fossette ischiorectale ou au niveau du ligament sacroépineux. Le diagnostic du syndrome d’Alcock est surtout clinique. Les examens complémentaires sont dominés par les explorations électrophysiologiques et le test de bloc anesthésique. Le diagnostic repose sur des critères bien précis, soit les critères de Nantes. La prise en charge doit être globale, comprenant un traitement médicamenteux, des infiltrations, des techniques de neuromodulation, et dans les cas graves ou résistants, un traitement chirurgical qui consiste à libérer le nerf pudendal. Les névralgies pudendales peuvent être rencontrées après traitement d’une incontinence urinaire d’effort par bande-lettes sous-urétrales (TVT). Ce syndrome motive des consultations en urologie, car la douleur intéresse le territoire du périnée et des organes génitaux. Des signes urinaires peuvent aussi accompagner cette douleur. Il est donc judicieux de connaître cette pathologie.

Ziouziou, Imad; Bennani, Hassan; Zizi, Mohamed; Karmouni, Tarik; Khader, Khalid El; Koutani, Abdellatif; Andaloussi, Ahmed Iben Attya



Progress in the thermodynamic modelling of the O-U binary system  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The fuel of civil nuclear plants, UO 2, melts at 3120 K. During an hypothetical severe accident, urania, submitted to high temperatures and various oxygen potentials, presents a wide non-stoichiometry range: the melting temperature of UO 2± x, related to oxygen potential, decreases in all cases. In this scenario, urania could react with other materials, firstly zircaloy, and the melting temperature of (U, Zr)O 2± x still decreases. That is why the critical assessment of the O-U binary system including the non-stoichiometry range of urania, is a major step to a correct thermodynamic modelling of multicomponent systems for nuclear safety. The very numerous experimental information has been compiled and analysed. The associate model was used for the liquid phase, and a sublattice model for UO 2± x; U 4O 9- y, U 3O 8 and UO 3 were treated as stoichiometric. Phase diagram and thermodynamic properties have been calculated from the optimised Gibbs energy parameters. The calculated consistency with the experimental ones is quite satisfactory.

Chevalier, P.-Y.; Fischer, E.; Cheynet, B.



Observation of Quantum Interference in the Plasmonic Hong-Ou-Mandel Effect  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) are electromagnetic excitations coupled to electron-charge density waves at metal-dielectric interfaces. They have recently been found to enable a range of nanophotonic devices for controlling systems at the quantum level, including single-photon sources, transistors, and ultracompact quantum circuitry. An important quantum feature of SPPs yet to be fully explored is their bosonic nature. In this work, we report direct evidence of the bosonic nature of SPPs in a scattering-based beam splitter. A parametric down-conversion source is used to produce two indistinguishable photons, each of which is converted into a SPP on a metal-stripe waveguide and then made to interact through a semitransparent Bragg mirror. In this plasmonic analog of the Hong-Ou-Mandel experiment, we measure a coincidence dip with a visibility of 72%, a key signature that SPPs are bosons and that quantum interference is clearly involved. Our work opens up possibilities for the study of fundamental quantum effects in plasmonic systems and their related applications.

Di Martino, G.; Sonnefraud, Y.; Tame, M. S.; Kéna-Cohen, S.; Dieleman, F.; Özdemir, ?. K.; Kim, M. S.; Maier, S. A.



Prise en Charge du Syndrome de Lyell ou Necrolyse Epidermique Toxique  

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Summary Le syndrome de Lyell ou nécrolyse épidermique toxique (NET) est une pathologie très grave des dermatoses bulleuses d'étiologie médicamenteuse. Il se caractérise par une nécrose aiguë de l'épiderme sur toute la hauteur du corps muqueux. L'aspect clinique de la NET est celui d'une brûlure étendue du deuxième degré profond. A ce tableau s'associent constamment des lésions muqueuses et une atteinte multiviscérale qui aggrave le pronostic. Nous rapportons deux cas de NET qui illustrent l'importance d'une prise en charge précoce et multidisciplinaire de ces patients atteints au sein d'un service de réanimation des brûlés, dont les fondements reposent sur l'asepsie rigoureuse, l'apport hydroélectrolytique et nutritionnel, la prévention de l'infection et son traitement par une antibiothérapie adaptée, et un nursing et des soins locaux. L'efficacité supposée des immunoglobulines intraveineuses ne repose que sur des cas isolés et il n'y a pas encore d'études randomisées.

Siah, S.; Baite, A.; Bakkali, H.; Atmani, M.; Ababou, K.; Ihrai, H.



Comparative analysis of the genomes of Rachiplusia ou and Autographa californica multiple nucleopolyhedroviruses.  


The Rachiplusia ou multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus (RoMNPV) is a variant of Autographa californica MNPV (AcMNPV) but is significantly more virulent against several major agricultural pests. The genome sequence of the R1 strain of RoMNPV was determined and compared to that of AcMNPV strain C6. The RoMNPV genome is approximately 131.5 kbp with a G+C content of 39.1 %. The homologous repeat regions (hrs) described for AcMNPV-C6 are present in RoMNPV-R1 but the hrs of RoMNPV have fewer palindromic repeats. The RoMNPV-R1 nucleotide sequence is almost completely collinear with the sequence of AcMNPV-C6 and contains homologues of 150 of the 155 ORFs described for AcMNPV-C6. Deletions, insertions and substitutions have resulted in the loss of homologues for AcMNPV ORFs ac2 (bro), ac3 (ctl), ac97, ac121 and ac140 from the RoMNPV genome. The average amino acid sequence identity between RoMNPV and AcMNPV ORFs is 96.1 % and there are differences in promoter motif composition for 23 of these ORFs. Maximum-likelihood analysis of selection pressures on AcMNPV and RoMNPV ORFs indicate that ORFs ro18/ac20-ac21 (arif-1) and ro135/ac143 (odv-e18) have undergone positive selection. PMID:12810877

Harrison, Robert L; Bonning, Bryony C



Migração Familiar e Trabalho Infantil no Brasil Urbano  

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O principal objetivo desse estudo é analisar como os pais alocam o tempo dos filhos de 10 a 14 anos entre estudo e trabalho no Brasil urbano, considerando entre os possíveis determinantes, a condição de migração intersetorial da família. Para tanto, foram utilizados dados do Censo Demográfico 2000 do IBGE. A análise empírica foi dividida em duas partes. Primeiro, utilizou-se

Shirley Pereira Mesquita


Contributed Article Dynamics and toxicity of Anabaena aphanizomenoides (Cyanobacteria) waterblooms in the shallow brackish Oued Mellah lake (Morocco)  

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The structure and abundance of phytoplankton communities were investigated during 1997 to 1999 in Oued Mellah, a shallow brackish and hypertrophic lake, with particular regard to Anabaena aphanizomenoides dynamics. Important events of algal blooms were observed mostly by the cyanobacteria Microcystis ichthyoblabe, Anabaena aphanizomenoides and Oscillatoria chlorina and by the ichthyotoxic haptophyceae Prymnesium parvum. Anabaena aphanizomenoides proliferated during late summer

Brahim Sabour; Mohammed Loudiki; Brahim Oudra; Vitor Vasconcelos; Said Oubraim; Brahim Fawzi



200-DV-1OU Sediment and Pore Water Analysis and Report for Samples at Borehole C8096  

SciTech Connect

This is an analytical data report for sediment samples received at 200-DV-1 OU. On August 30, 2011 sediment samples were received from 200-DV-1 OU Borehole C8096 for geochemical studies. The analyses for this project were performed at the 331 building located in the 300 Area of the Hanford Site. The analyses were performed according to Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) approved procedures and/or nationally recognized test procedures. The data sets include the sample identification numbers, analytical results, estimated quantification limits (EQL), and quality control data. The preparatory and analytical quality control requirements, calibration requirements, acceptance criteria, and failure actions are defined in the on-line QA plan 'Conducting Analytical Work in Support of Regulatory Programs' (CAW). This QA plan implements the Hanford Analytical Services Quality Assurance Requirements Documents (HASQARD) for PNNL.

Lindberg, Michael J.



Mantle dynamics and mantle melting beneath Niuafo’ou Island and the northern Lau back-arc basin  

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A suite of young volcanic basaltic lavas erupted on the intra-plate island of Niuafo’ou and at active rifts and spreading\\u000a centres (the King’s Triple Junction and the Northeastern Lau Spreading Centre) in the northern Lau Basin is used to examine\\u000a the pattern of mantle flow and the dynamics of melting beneath this complex back-arc system. All lavas contain variable amounts

Marcel Regelous; Simon Turner; Trevor J. Falloon; Paul Taylor; John Gamble; Trevor Green



Le stress vu par les dirigeants ou tenir compte des représentations des acteurs pour améliorer la santé des salariés  

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La question du mal-être au travail, que ce soit sous l'angle du stress ou des suicides au travail récemment médiatisés, a brutalement fait irruption dans l'agenda stratégique des dirigeants. Afin d'améliorer la santé des salariés et de promouvoir leur bien être, il est utile de s'appuyer sur les travaux existants en matière d'interventions de gestion du stress (notamment Brun et

Stéphan Pezé



Stratigraphy and palaeoceanography of the Cenomanian-Turonian Boundary Event in Oued Mellegue, north-western Tunisia  

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An expanded Cenomanian-Turonian section along Oued Mellegue in north-western Tunisia provides a high-resolution record of the latest Cenomanian Oceanic Anoxic Event in an upper bathyal, pelagic to hemipelagic environment. A rapid >2|Pg positive excursion in |MD13C starts at the base of the organic-rich Bahloul Formation, which represents the Cenomanian-Turonian Boundary Event (CTBE) in Tunisia. The transition to a dysaerobic environment

Alexandra J Nederbragt; Andrea Fiorentino



L'administration postnatale de cortico?des pour traiter ou pr?venir les affections pulmonaires chroniques chez les pr?matur?s  

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Le présent énoncé est conçu à l’intention des professionnels de la santé qui soignent des nouveau-nés et de jeunes nourrissons. Il vise à examiner les effets à court et à long terme de l’administration postnatale de corticoïdes systémiques et par inhalation pour prévenir ou traiter une affection pulmonaire chronique évolutive ou établie et à faire des recommandations quant à l’usage de corticoïdes chez les nourrissons à très faible poids de naissance. Le recours systématique à la dexaméthasone systémique pour prévenir ou traiter une affection pulmonaire chronique n’est pas recommandé chez les nourrissons à très faible poids de naissance.



Evaluation of hydrogen production by Rhodobacter sphaeroides O.U.001 and its hupSL deficient mutant using acetate and malate as carbon sources  

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Rhodobacter sphaeroides O.U.001 is one of the candidates for photobiological hydrogen production among purple non-sulfur bacteria. Hydrogen is produced by Mo-nitrogenase from organic acids such as malate or lactate. A hupSL in frame deletion mutant strain was constructed without using any antibiotic resistance gene. The hydrogen production potential of the R. sphaeroides O.U.001 and its newly constructed hupSL deleted mutant

Gökhan Kars; Ufuk Gündüz; Meral Yücel; Gabor Rakhely; Kornel L. Kovacs; ?nci Ero?lu



Devenir sans-domicile, le rester : un problème lié à l'accès au logement ou à la rupture des liens sociaux et familiaux ?  

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[fre] Comparés aux personnes qui occupent un logement ordinaire, les sans-domicile aidés vivent plus souvent seuls et disposent de faibles revenus. La plupart sont inactifs, au chômage ou occupent des métiers très peu qualifiés d'ouvriers ou d'employés. En outre, nombre d'entre eux ont connu des événements difficiles : immigration, séparation, décohabitation précoce, décès d'un des parents pendant l'enfance. Quant aux

Cécile Brousse



Dephasing in single-electron generation due to environmental noise probed by Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometry  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We consider the effect of dephasing on a quantum dot which injects single electrons on a chiral edge channel of the quantum Hall effect. Dephasing is described by the coupling of the dot to a bosonic bath which represents the electromagnetic environment. Using the input-output formalism of quantum optics, we derive the density matrix of the edge degrees of freedom. Results are illustrated by computing the zero frequency current-current correlations when two such single-electron emitters achieve a collision at the location of a quantum point contact, in the same spirit as the Hong-Ou-Mandel experiment of quantum optics. Such correlations are directly linked to the quantum mechanical purity. We show that, as observed in a recent experiment, the effect of dephasing leads to a lifting of the Hong-Ou-Mandel dip when the time delay between the two electron wave packets is zero. Generalizations to time filtered wave packets as well as to asymmetric, detuned injection between opposite edges are obtained.

Iyoda, Eiki; Kato, Takeo; Koshino, Kazuki; Martin, Thierry




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2 ABSTRACT.- BRASIL-SATO, M. DE C.; SANTOS, M. D. DOS (Helminths of Myleus micans (Lütken, 1875) (Characiformes: Serrasalminae) from the São Francisco river, Brazil.) Helmintos de Myleus micans (Lütken, 1875) (Characiformes: Serrasalminae) do rio São Francisco, Brasil. Revista Brasileira de Parasitologia Veteriná- ria, v. 12, n. 3, p. 131-134, 2003. Departamento de Biologia Animal, UFRRJ, Km 47, Antiga Rod. Rio-São



Catabolism of L-phenylalanine and L-tyrosine by Rhodobacter sphaeroides OU5 occurs through 3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine.  


Rhodobacter sphaeroides OU5 utilized l-phenylalanine as sole source of nitrogen for growth. The metabolites of l-phenylalanine catabolism, i.e. 4-hydroxy phenylalanine (l-tyrosine), 3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (DOPA), 3,4-dihydroxyphenyl-pyruvic acid (DOPP), 3,4-dihydroxyphenyllactic acid (DOPLA), 3,4-dihydroxyphenyl-acetic acid (DOPAc) and 3,4-dihydroxybenzoic acid (PC), were identified using liquid chromatography-mass spectroscopy (LC-MS). With 2-oxoglutarate as an amino acceptor, DOPA aminotransferase activity was observed with cell-free extracts and the product DOPP was confirmed through mass analysis. Reductive deamination of DOPA also occurred in the absence of 2-oxoglutarate, whose products were 3,4-dihydroxyphenylpropionic acid (DPPA) and ammonia. The enzyme DOPA-reductive deaminase (DOPARDA) was purified to its homogeneity and characterized. DOPARDA has an obligate requirement for NADH and is functional at low concentrations of the substrate (<150 microM). The molecular mass of the purified enzyme was approximately 274kD and the enzyme could be a heterotetramer of 110, 82, 43 and 39kD subunits as determined by SDS-PAGE. PMID:17616348

Ranjith, N K; Sasikala, Ch; Ramana, Ch V



The planetary nebula IPHASXJ211420.0+434136 (Ou5): insights into common-envelope dynamical and chemical evolution  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

While analysing the images of the IPHAS (INT/WFC Photometric H? Survey of the northern Galactic plane) survey, we noticed that the central star of the candidate planetary nebula IPHASXJ211420.0+434136 (also named Ou5) was clearly variable. This is generally considered as an indication of binarity. To confirm it, we performed a photometric monitoring of the central star, and obtained images and spectra of the nebula. The nebular spectrum confirms that IPHASXJ211420.0+434136 is a planetary nebula of moderately high excitation. It has a remarkable morphology with two nested pairs of bipolar lobes and other unusual features. The light curve of the central star reveals that it is an eclipsing binary system with an orbital period of 8.74 h. It also displays a strong irradiation effect with an amplitude of 1.5 mag. The presence of multiple bipolar outflows adds constraints to the formation of these nebulae, suggesting the occurrence of discrete ejection events during, or immediately before, the common-envelope phase. IPHASXJ211420.0+434136 also adds evidence to the hypothesis that a significant fraction of planetary nebulae with close binary central stars have a peculiar nebular chemistry and a relatively low nebular mass. This may point to low-mass, low-metallicity progenitors, with additional effects related to the binary evolution. We also suggest that these objects may be relevant to understand the abundance discrepancy problem in planetary nebulae.

Corradi, R. L. M.; Rodríguez-Gil, P.; Jones, D.; García-Rojas, J.; Mampaso, A.; García-Alvarez, D.; Pursimo, T.; Eenmäe, T.; Liimets, T.; Miszalski, B.



Geo-environmental risk in the upper valley of the Oued Sebou (Fès, Central Morocco): a preliminary approach  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In the framework of several projects sustained by the Regional Sardinian Government Laws no. 43 (28/09/1990) and no. 19 (11/04/1996), research groups of the University of Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy) and of the University Mohamed V-Agdal of Rabat (Morocco) have started a series of preliminary geo-environmental studies in the basin of the Oued Sebou. An area of almost 1000 square km around the famous city of Fès has been studied, using satellite images and two ground surveying campaigns. These surveys aim to define the geological and structural settings, the vegetation and land use, in order to define the landscape units and to select the areas of major hydrogeological and geo-environmental risk. The satellite data used are the LANDSAT TM5 images taken on the 9th of October 1997. These images have been analysed to obtain the different bases for further thematic mapping, resulting in the geo-environmental map of the area around Fès that constitutes an up-to-date representation of the geological and environmental state of the territory and a useful instrument for further risk assessment and urban and territorial planning.

De Waele, J.; Di Gregorio, F.; El Wartiti, M.; Fadli, D.; Follesa, R.; Marini, A.; Melis, M. T.




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RESUMO RESUMO RESUMO RESUMO RESUMO: No preparo de medicação, cabe ao profissional manter a segurança microbiológica evitan- do que ocorra contaminação. Um dos pontos descritos para evitar a contaminação do líquido aspirado por meio de seringas é não tocar no êmbolo durante o preparo da medicação. Esta pesquisa teve como objetivos descrever as recomendações técnicas quanto a tocar ou não

Adriano Menis Ferreira; Alexandre Duarte Toledo; Gláucia Pereira dos Santos; Kátia Rezende


Subventions a la consommation ou subventions a la production: comment les gouvernements doivent-ils depenser l'aide a la garde d'enfants?  

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Les subventions a la garde d'enfants versees directement aux consommateurs (la demande) ont-elles un effet different des subventions versees aux fournisseurs de garde d'enfants (l'offre)? Les auteurs concluent qu'il ya, ou peut y avoir, des differences d'effets entre les subventions a la consommation et les subventions a la production.

G. H. Cleveland; D. E. Hyatt



Sobrevivência ou Colapso? B. F. Skinner, J. M. Diamond e o Destino das Culturas Survival or Collapse? B. F. Skinner, J. M. Diamond and the Fate of Cultures  

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Resumo Um dos aspectos mais interessantes e polêmicos da obra de B. F. Skinner é sua interpretação sobre a evolução das culturas. De acordo com o autor, as conseqüências de práticas culturais retroagem sobre as culturas, no sentido de aumentar ou diminuir suas chances de sobrevivência. O livro \\

Alexandre Dittrich


Sur les anomalies structurales de l'anticlinal de l'oued Bahloul de Tunisie : héritage tectonique et plissement cisaillant de couverture  

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The Oued Bahloul structure exists in the central Atlas of Tunisia. This structure is oriented N70 and it shows a very particular geometry characterized by: (i) an important disharmony between the northern and the southern flanks; (ii) a dissymmetry between the east and the west parts of the structure; (iii) several gaps and progressive unconformities present in the Cretaceous and

Ahmed Saadi; Noureddine Boukadi; Ali Gaaya



La pr?vention et le traitement des infections bact?riennes chez les enfants aspl?niques ou hypospl?niques  

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L’asplénie, qu’elle soit fonctionnelle ou anatomique, s’associe à un accroissement du risque d’infection potentiellement fatale ou constituant un danger de septicémie postsplénectomie (SPS). En raison du risque accru de bactériémie par des bactéries encapsulées chez les enfants aspléniques, la vaccination visant à prévenir une infection au Streptococcus pneumoniae, à l’Haemophilus influenzae de type b (Hib) et au Neiserria meningitidis est recommandée. Malgré la prévalence croissante de S pneumoniae pénicillinorésistant, on recommande aussi l’usage de pénicilline prophylactique chez les enfants aspléniques de moins de cinq ans, et pendant au moins un an après une splénectomie. La poursuite de la prophylaxie antibiotique après cette période dépend de la situation clinique de chaque enfant et de la prévalence de S pneumoniae pénicillinorésistant au sein de la collectivité. Lorsque des enfants aspléniques font de la fièvre ou présentent des symptômes non spécifiques, ils devraient faire l’objet d’une évaluation immédiate. Si on présume la présence de septicémie bactérienne, il faut procéder à une analyse du sang et des autres liquides organiques pertinents et entreprendre sur-le-champ une antibiothérapie à large spectre par voie parentérale, laquelle doit agir également contre les souches de S pneumoniae présentes dans la collectivité. Chez les enfants aspléniques souffrant d’une septicémie foudroyante à S pneumoniae, le taux de mortalité est élevé, malgré l’utilisation rapide d’une antibiothérapie convenable, d’où l’importance des mesures préventives.



Substitution for petroleum products in Brasil: Urgent issues  

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Brazililan energy policy during the last decade has focused on the replacement of imported petroleum with domestic energy sources, combined with efforts at conservation. The substitution results, however, have been more spectacular by far. The strategy of replacement is based on two elements. first, to increase domestic petroleum exploration and production. Second, to promote non-petroleum fuels as alternatives to the industrial and transportation sectors, for the substitution of fuel oil and gasoline, respectively. A combination of the substitution strategy, the country's petroleum refining structure, and the composition of the substitution strategy, the country's petroleum refining structure, and the composition of demand, has resulted in large surpluses of both gasoline and fuel oil, while diesel has become the most used among petroleum products. The surpluses are not easily exportable because there is ample availability of fuel oil in the world market, and because the low octane number of the gasoline produced in Brasil is not compatible with the engines of cars elsewhere in the region and in the world. Furthermore, although gasoline might be upgraded, the question remains that prospects for the world market are not encouraging, and an export-based strategy does not seem justified in view of the growing surpluses. The objective of this analysis is to review the mechanisms of themajor petroleum-substitution programs currently in existence, identifying their past impact on the energy market and the possible consequences of changes in the goals and operating conditions of these programs, in the light of the new prospects for increased domestic oil production and self-sufficiency. 23 refs., 2 figs., 1 tab.

de Araujo, J.L.; Ghirardi, A.



Análise comparativa do isolamento do ruído aéreo entre diferentes painéis de vedação utilizados no Brasil  

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RESUMO: O artigo aborda a avaliação do isolamento acústico de painéis de vedação que vem sendo utilizados no Brasil. Os painéis que surgem como alternativa à alvenaria convencional e o seu uso indiscrimado, sem uma avaliação dos requisitos mínimos de desempenho, são o principal objetivo deste trabalho. A análise dos resultados do índice de isolação sonora é feita através do

Danielly Borges


Regulação Econômica e a Expansão dos Serviços de Distribuição de Gás Natural Canalizado no Brasil  

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Esta dissertação trata da questão da regulação do setor de distribuição de gás natural canalizado no Brasil e as implicações que uma política de expansão dos serviços tem na regulação ótima. A primeira parte faz uma análise institucional do setor de distribuição de gás natural, identificando o papel da regulação no mesmo. A segunda parte é uma breve resenha sobre

Pablo Aurélio Lacerda de Almeida


Nuevas Actividades Exportadoras en Brasil: Ventaja Comparativa, Políticas o Auto-Descubrimiento?  

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Este documento examina los hallazgos de Brasil en la exportación de aviones, teléfonos celulares y carne de cerdo. Todos los casos confirman la importancia que tienen el aumento de la eficacia y los costos irrecuperables en la expansión de las exportaciones y llevan a las siguientes conclusiones: la política económica y la ventaja comparativa desempeñaron un papel importante en la

Armando Castelar Pinneiro; Regis Bonelli



Impacto social da produção integrada de abacaxi no estado do Tocantins – Brasil  

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Além do objeto da produção em si, a produção integrada tem como princípios o bem-estar social e a preservação ambiental. Neste artigo avaliam-se os impactos sociais da produção integrada de abacaxi no Estado do Tocantins (Brasil) em oito estabelecimentos rurais. A ferramenta empregada na avaliação, denominada Ambitec Social, foi desenvolvida pela Embrapa, sob a liderança da Embrapa Meio Ambiente. O

Clovis Oliveira de Almeida; Aristoteles Pires de Matos; Carlos Estevao Leite Cardoso



Resultados do desenvolvimento de um propulsor à plasma no Brasil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Uma das partes mais importantes de um satélite é o controle de atitude do mesmo. E se tratando de um satélite científico, a atenção para este sistema deve ser redobrada. Uma possibilidade atraente para executar esta tarefa é a propulsão elétrica. Aqui, mostraremos resultados obtidos pelo propulsor à plasma PHALL-01, desenvolvido na Universidade de Brasília entre 2000 e 2003. Este é derivado do propulsor russo SPT-100 (Stationary Plasma Thruster), mas com o emprego inovador de um arranjo de imãs permanentes como fonte do campo magnético, este último o agente da aceleração do plasma. Esta alteração foi motivada pelo objetivo de que o mesmo operasse com o mínimo de potência elétrica. A partir da formulação teórica do mecanismo de aceleração, tendo como base as equações da magnetohidrodinâmica, pode-se obter vínculos sob os quais o propulsor pudesse ser construído. O mais forte destes é o que dita a topologia do campo magnético. Sendo assim, foram realizadas simulações computacionais, que definiram a geometria do propulsor. Após construído, este foi diagnosticado usando-se sondas de Langmuir e analisadores de energia. Como resultados, obtivemos a distribuição espacial da temperatura, densidade e potencial do plasma, bem como a distribuição angular do feixe produzido pelo mesmo em vários regimes de operação. O espectro de energia do feixe de plasma também foi medido, indicando íons de até 560eV. Combinando estes resultados, calculou-se o empuxo do propulsor: 84mN; e o impulso específico: 1083s. Estes demonstram que o mesmo estará qualificado, num futuro próximo, para o emprego no controle de atitude de satélites científicos, ou até mesmo como parte do conjunto propulsor primário, responsáveis pela transferência de órbitas.

Ferreira, I. S.; Ferreira, J. L.



Total petroleum systems of the Trias/Ghadames Province, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya; the Tanezzuft-Oued Mya, Tanezzuft-Melrhir, and Tanezzuft-Ghadames  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Undiscovered conventional oil and gas resources were assessed within total petroleum systems of the Trias/Ghadames Province (2054) as part of the U.S. Geological Survey World Petroleum Assessment 2000. The Trias/Ghadames Province is in eastern Algeria, southern Tunisia, and westernmost Libya. The province and its total petroleum systems generally coincide with the Triassic Basin. The province includes the Oued Mya Basin, Melrhir Basin, and Ghadames (Berkine) Basin. Although several total petroleum systems may exist within each of these basins, only three ?composite? total petroleum systems were identified. Each total petroleum system occurs in a separate basin, and each comprises a single assessment unit. The main source rocks are the Silurian Tanezzuft Formation (or lateral equivalents) and Middle to Upper Devonian mudstone. Maturation history and the major migration pathways from source to reservoir are unique to each basin. The total petroleum systems were named after the oldest major source rock and the basin in which it resides. The estimated means of the undiscovered conventional petroleum volumes in total petroleum systems of the Trias/Ghadames Province are as follows: [MMBO, million barrels of oil; BCFG, billion cubic feet of gas; MMBNGL, million barrels of natural gas liquids] Total Petroleum System MMBO BCFG MMBNGL Tanezzuft-Oued Mya 830 2,341 110 Tanezzuft-Melrhir 1,875 4,887 269 Tanezzuft-Ghadames 4,461 12,035 908

Klett, T. R.



Heavy metals analysis of water, soils and sediments along the Oued Boufekrane river (central Morocco) using WD-XRF and ICP-AES  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Oued Boufekrane is a river that takes its source about thirty kilometers southern the city of Meknes central Morocco) The water of this river is used for the irrigation of agricultural soils and it also covers the needs of water for part of rural population. When passing through Meknes city, it is loaded by waste waters of urban and industrial origin and particularly from artisanal tanneries and potteries. The purpose of this study is to measure the heavy metal concentrations in soil, sediment and water samples along the Oued Boufekrane river by means of WD-XRF and ICP-AES. The heavy metals content measured revealed to be below the critical levels defined as risk levels except for Cu in water and sediment which content, in some sites, is close to these risk levels; forCr in sediments, which content increase from up- to downstream of Meknes city and for Pb in soils, which concentrations revealed to be high in the vicinity of road axes.

Bounakhla, M.; Tahri, M.; Benyaïch, F.; Zahry, F.; Bilal, E.; Gruffat, J. J.; Moutte, J.; Garcia, D.



D?tention provisoire des jeunes femmes accus?es d'avortement clandestin ou d'infanticide au S?n?gal  

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Introduction L'activité sexuelle chez les jeunes les expose à un accroissement du risque de contracter des grossesses non désirées. Le recours à l'avortement clandestin avec son corollaire de complications peut entrainer le décès de la jeune femme. Avortement et infanticide sont interdits et sanctionnés par la loi sénégalaise. Comment ces jeunes femmes vivent-elles leur détention? Existe-il des alternatives à la détention pour éviter leur désocialisation? Méthodes Cette étude rétrospective portait sur la maison d'arrêt des femmes de Dakar située à Liberté 6, un quartier de Dakar. Nous avons procédé à des entretiens avec des femmes détenues à la maison d'arrêt des femmes de Dakar et suspectées d'infanticide ou d'avortement clandestin. Résultats Les femmes de notre échantillon ont une moyenne d’âge inférieure à 25 ans avec parmi elles une fille mineure de 16 ans. Nous avons trouvé 18,51% de femmes suspectées d'infanticide ou d'avortement. Dans notre étude 50% des femmes sont originaires de la périphérie et de la banlieue de Dakar et presque 44% proviennent des autres régions du pays. La durée moyenne de détention provisoire est de neuf mois. Conclusion Malgré leur qualification distincte dans le code pénal: l'infanticide est un crime et l'avortement un délit, les femmes suspectées d'avoir commis ces actes sont soumises à de longues détentions préventives.

Soumah, Mohamed Maniboliot; Pemba, Liliane Flore



Calcification and silicification: fossilization potential of cyanobacteria from stromatolites of Niuafo'ou's Caldera Lakes (Tonga) and implications for the early fossil record.  


Calcification and silicification processes of cyanobacterial mats that form stromatolites in two caldera lakes of Niuafo'ou Island (Vai Lahi and Vai Si'i) were evaluated, and their importance as analogues for interpreting the early fossil record are discussed. It has been shown that the potential for morphological preservation of Niuafo'ou cyanobacteria is highly dependent on the timing and type of mineral phase involved in the fossilization process. Four main modes of mineralization of cyanobacteria organic parts have been recognized: (i) primary early postmortem calcification by aragonite nanograins that transform quickly into larger needle-like crystals and almost totally destroy the cellular structures, (ii) primary early postmortem silicification of almost intact cyanobacterial cells that leave a record of spectacularly well-preserved cellular structures, (iii) replacement by silica of primary aragonite that has already recrystallized and obliterated the cellular structures, (iv) occasional replacement of primary aragonite precipitated in the mucopolysaccharide sheaths and extracellular polymeric substances by Al-Mg-Fe silicates. These observations suggest that the extremely scarce earliest fossil record may, in part, be the result of (a) secondary replacement by silica of primary carbonate minerals (aragonite, calcite, siderite), which, due to recrystallization, had already annihilated the cellular morphology of the mineralized microbiota or (b) relatively late primary silicification of already highly degraded and no longer morphologically identifiable microbial remains. PMID:22794297

Kremer, Barbara; Kazmierczak, Józef; Lukomska-Kowalczyk, Maja; Kempe, Stephan



Impact of climate change on sediment yield in the Mekong River Basin: a case study of the Nam Ou Basin, Lao PDR  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This paper evaluates the impact of climate change on sediment yield in the Nam Ou Basin located in Northern Laos. The Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) is used to assess future changes in sediment flux attributable to climate change. Future precipitation and temperature series are constructed through a delta change approach. As per the results, in general, temperature as well as precipitation show increasing trends in both scenarios, A2 and B2. However, monthly precipitation shows both increasing and decreasing trends. The simulation results exhibit that the wet and dry seasonal and annual stream discharges are likely to increase (by up to 15, 17 and 14% under scenario A2; and 11, 5 and 10% under scenario B2 respectively) in the future, which will lead to increased wet and dry seasonal and annual sediment yields (by up to 39, 28 and 36% under scenario A2; and 23, 12 and 22% under scenario B2 respectively). A higher discharge and more sediment flux are expected during the wet seasons, although the changes, percentage-wise, are observed to be higher during the dry months. In conclusion, the sediment yield from the Nam Ou Basin is likely to increase with climate change, which strongly suggests the need for basin-wide sediment management strategies in order to reduce the negative impact of this change.

Shrestha, B.; Babel, M. S.; Maskey, S.; van Griensven, A.; Uhlenbrook, S.; Green, A.; Akkharath, I.



Respostas religiosas ? aids no Brasil: impress?es de pesquisa1  

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Resumo O texto encontra-se estruturado em quatro partes. Na primeira delas, apresentamos um conjunto de considerações e informações acerca da situação da aids no Brasil, das relações entre religião, sexualidade, aids e estado laico, bem como uma descrição mais clara do Projeto Respostas Religiosas ao HIV/Aids no Brasil, do qual este texto apresenta algumas impressões de pesquisa preliminares. A seguir, dedicamos um item a apresentação da Pastoral de DST/Aids, sua história, estrutura e objetivos. No item seguinte problematizamos diversas questões em particular no âmbito das relações Estado e Igreja, relações entre agentes de pastoral e hierarquia da Igreja, e questões ligadas mais diretamente à sexualidade e aids, todas referenciadas ao trabalho da Pastoral de DST/Aids. Ao final, apresentamos a bibliografia e fontes consultadas.

Seffner, Fernando; da Silva, Cristiane Goncalves Meireles; Maksud, Ivia; Garcia, Jonathan; Rios, Luis Felipe; Natividade, Marcelo; Borges, Priscila Rodrigues; Parker, Richard; Terto, Veriano



Avança Brasil: Environmental and Social Consequences of Brazil's Planned Infrastructure in Amazonia  

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“Avan?a Brasil” (Forward Brazil) is a package of 338 projects throughout Brazil; the portion of the plan to be carried out\\u000a in Brazil's Legal Amazon region totals US$43 billion over 8 years, US$20 billion of which would be for infrastructure causing\\u000a environmental damage. Brazil's environmental impact assessment system is not yet capable of coping with the challenge presented\\u000a by Avan?a

Philip M. Fearnside; André Araújo



“Sou Doméstica:” Construções de Identidade e Saúde das Trabalhadoras Domésticas Salvador, Bahia Brasil  

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O mundo do trabalho doméstico é um mundo invisível de discriminação, desvalorização e exploração. No Brasil, existem milhões de trabalhadoras domésticas, na sua maioria mulheres, negras e que vêm de histórias pobres. Essas trabalhadoras domésticas enfrentam uma agressão profunda contra a dignidade, direitos, saúde, e identidade delas.\\u000aNesta pesquisa, perguntamos sobre a relação entre identidade e saúde. Como é que

Jenny Fauci




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Addressing three aspects of sustainability, environment, society and economy, the proposed renovations of Curitiba Brasil'sPasseio Públicointend to demonstrate the impact that a sustainable designed park can have on visitors and the surrounding area. Passeio Público celebrated 150 years as a park this year ant it was the first Zoo of Curitiba. The park has an area of 70.000 square meters,

Kelly Woodward; Thomas Calderwood; Eloy F. Casagrande Jr; Sarah Vesseld


Determination of heavy metals in suspended waste water collected from Oued El Harrach Algiers River by Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A preliminary study of the atmospheric pollution in the centre of Algiers is one of the important fields of applications in the environmental science. Nowadays, we need to evaluate the level of the contamination which has an unfavourable effect on physicochemical properties of soils and plants and namely also on human health. In the present work, water samples collected from Oued El-Harrach Algiers River, have been filtered in 0.45 ?m Millipore filters to be analysed by Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence technique using 109Cd radioisotope source. Concentrations of the toxic elements like heavy metals are determined and compared with the published ones values by Yoshida [1] and those obtained using PIXE and NAA techniques [6].

Ouziane, S.; Amokrane, A.; Toumert, I.



Doação de órgãos e tecidos no Brasil: podemos evoluir? Organ and tissues donation in Brazil: can we evolve? Donación de órganos y de tejidos en el Brasil: ¿podemos desarrollarnos?  

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ReSumO: Desde 1997, quando da aprovação da chamada Lei dos transplantes, até os dias de hoje, tivemos várias oportunidades de esclarecimentos à população acerca da doação de órgãos e tecidos no Brasil. Adicionalmente, também tivemos um importante avanço nessa área, possibilitando aos profis- sionais mudanças e melhorias em suas práticas assistenciais. Mas ainda buscamos não somente entender o significado da

Bartira De Aguiar Roza; Ben-Hur Ferraz Neto; Tadeu Thomé; Janine Schirmer


[Questionnaire development in ELSA-Brasil: challenges of a multidimensional instrument].  


This article describes the development of the Brazilian Longitudinal Study for Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil) questionnaire. We first address the selection of topics whose contents have to cover the knowledge available on the complex causal network of outcomes and allow comparability with similar studies. Then we deal with the "translation and adaptation of measurement instruments" including neighborhood environment rating scales, depression and anxiety disorder rating scale and a food frequency questionnaire and discuss criteria that guided "theme block sequencing". And finally we focus on the practical importance of "pretesting and pilot studies". The ELSA may provide an original contribution regarding factors that cause or aggravate the outcomes of interest in the Brazilian population, as well as protective factors. PMID:24346718

Chor, Dóra; Alves, Márcia Guimarães de Mello; Giatti, Luana; Cade, Nágela Valadão; Nunes, Maria Angélica; Molina, Maria del Carmen Bisi; Benseñor, Isabela M; Aquino, Estela M L; Passos, Valéria; Santos, Simone M; da Fonseca, Maria de Jesus Mendes; de Oliveira, Letícia Cardoso



Reproductive biology of the characid dourado Salminus franciscanus from the São Francisco River, Brasil.  


The neotropical characid Salminus franciscanus is an economically valuable migratory fish whose populations have been drastically reduced in recent decades due to industrial and economic development in Brasil. To study its reproduction, a total of 283 adult specimens were captured in the Upper São Francisco River, downstream from the Três Marias dam, Minas Gerais, south-eastern Brasil, from August 2009 to July 2010. The gonadal maturity stages were determined from histological features of the gonads and gonadosomatic index (GSI). Gametogenesis was assessed by light and electron microscopy. For analysis of the oocyte's surface and fecundity, mature females were subjected to hormonal induction and oocyte stripping. Fish in resting (Stage 1) were common in all samplings, ripening/ripe and spawning (Stages 2 and 3) were predominant in October-November and December-January and post-spawning (Stage 4) occurred from December-January extending until April-May. The GSI followed the morphological changes of gonadal maturation, with a peak in October-November, when maximum GSI (7.08 in females and 3.46 in males) was achieved. From scanning electron microscopy, stripped oocytes showed a funnel-shaped micropyle and a simple oocyte surface arrangement, which is typical for non-adhesive eggs. Fecundity ranged from 160 to 440×10(3) oocytes per female and 129 to 175×10(3)oocytes/kg. The results of this study indicate that S. franciscanus reproduces in the Upper São Francisco River from October to January, exhibiting a total spawning pattern, non-adhesive eggs and high fecundity, providing support for aquaculture and conservation biology of this important neotropical characid fish. PMID:23618945

Freitas, Leonardo J A; Prado, Paula S; Arantes, Fabio P; Santiago, Kleber B; Sato, Yoshimi; Bazzoli, Nilo; Rizzo, Elizete



Rapid spread of an invasive snail in South America: the giant African snail, Achatina fulica , in Brasil  

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Beginning around 1800, but primarily since the early and mid-twentieth century, the giant African snail, Achatina (Lissachatina) fulica Bowdich, 1822, has been introduced throughout the tropics and subtropics and has been considered the most important snail\\u000a pest in these regions. In Brasil, specimens probably brought from Indonesia were introduced into the state of Paran? in the\\u000a 1980s for commercial purposes

Silvana C. Thiengo; Fábio André Faraco; Norma C. Salgado; Robert H. Cowie; Monica A. Fernandez



[The "Farmácia Popular do Brasil" Program and aspects of public provision of medicines in Brazil].  


In 2004, the Federal Government introduced the "Farmácia Popular do Brasil" Program, which was an example of policy innovation, establishing a co-payment scheme as a strategy for access to medication. The study analyzed the original model of the Program. Data were obtained from interviews with key stakeholders, program documents and user prescriptions and registers. The results showed widespread expansion of the PFPB network and in the number of people attended. Despite the ever-increasing number of people attended with prescriptions from the private sector, a large demand from public sector users, namely the original focus of the program, was observed. From the standpoint of the federative pact, the program reinstates the centralized model of essential medication distribution which, in the decentralized public system is under state and municipal responsibility. The results point to the difficulty in compliance by states and municipalities with medication distribution responsibilities, mainly in the North and Northeast regions of Brazil. The study concludes that the population has been consistently turning to the PFPB for essential medication it has not been able to access in the public sector. PMID:21709993

Santos-Pinto, Cláudia Du Bocage; Costa, Nilson do Rosário; Osorio-de-Castro, Claudia Garcia Serpa



Maternal education, anthropometric markers of malnutrition and cognitive function (ELSA-Brasil)  

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Background The early exposure to poor social and nutritional conditions may influence cognitive function during adult age. However, the relative impact of these factors has not yet been established and they can vary during the course of life. Methods Analysis of data from 12,997 participants (35-64 years) of the baseline exams (2008-2010) of the Longitudinal Study of Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil), a cohort of Brazilian civil servants. Four cognitive tests were applied: learning, recall and word recognition; semantic and phonemic verbal fluency; trail-making test version B. The markers of early nutritional and social conditions were maternal educational level, birth weight, and length of trunk and leg. The presence of independent association between every early marker and the poor performance in each cognitive test was investigated by multiple logistic regression, after mutual adjustment and considering the effects of gender, age and participant’s schooling level. The cut off for poor performance was the worst age-specific percentile of the final score distribution for each test. Results After full adjustments, lower maternal education increased the chances of poor performance in all cognitive tests, with a dose-response gradient; low birth-weight was related to poor performance in the trail-making test B (OR?=?1.63, 95% IC?=?1.29-2.06); and greater trunk length decreased the chances of poor performance in the semantic and phonemic verbal fluency (OR?=?0.96, 95% IC?=?0.94-0.97) and in the trail-making test B (OR?=?0.94, 95% IC?=?0.92-0.95). Leg length was not associated with any of the tests examined. The associations found were not modified by the educational attainment of the participants. Conclusions Early exposure to adverse social and nutritional conditions appear detrimental to semantic memory, learning, concentration, executive control and language among adults, independent of adulthood educational achievement.



EFICIÊNCIA PRODUTIVA DE EMPRESAS DA INDÚSTRIA DE ALIMENTOS NO BRASIL Grupo de Pesquisa: Estrutura, Evolução e Dinâmica dos Sistemas Agroalimentares e Cadeias Agroindustriais  

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Resumo: A indústria de alimentos no Brasil é um setor de g rande importância para a economia brasileira com poucos estudos publicados quanto ao seu desempenho operacional. Este trabalho avalia a eficiência relativa (técnica e de escala) de uma amostra de empresas de diferentes segmentos desta indústria, utilizando-se para tanto o Método DEA. Os segmentos analisados foram: Conglomerados Alimentícios; Óleos

Apresentação Oral-Estrutura; OSCAR TUPY


Respostas religiosas ? aids no Brasil: impress?es de pesquisa acerca da Pastoral de DST/Aids da Igreja Cat?lica1  

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O texto encontra-se estruturado em quatro partes. Na primeira delas, apresentamos um conjunto de considerações e informações acerca da situação da aids no Brasil, das relações entre religião, sexualidade, aids e estado laico, bem como uma descrição mais clara do Projeto Respostas Religiosas ao HIV/Aids no Brasil, do qual este texto apresenta algumas impressões de pesquisa preliminares. A seguir, dedicamos um item a apresentação da Pastoral de DST/Aids, sua história, estrutura e objetivos. No item seguinte problematizamos diversas questões em particular no âmbito das relações Estado e Igreja, relações entre agentes de pastoral e hierarquia da Igreja, e questões ligadas mais diretamente à sexualidade e aids, todas referenciadas ao trabalho da Pastoral de DST/Aids. Ao final, apresentamos a bibliografia e fontes consultadas.

Seffner, Fernando; Silva, Cristiane Goncalves Meireles da; Maksud, Ivia; Garcia, Jonathan; Rios, Luis Felipe; Natividade, Marcelo; Borges, Priscila Rodrigues; Parker, Richard; Terto, Veriano



Les lombalgies chroniques : symptôme ou pas symptôme ?  

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This article examines a psychological aspect involved in some somatic disorders, in particular chronic back pain. Several cases of patients with low back pain received in psychotherapeutic interviews show that the status of pain changes, depending on whether they consider that it has symptom value or not, in the psychoanalytical sense. The “choice” of this status is personal, subjective, unconscious,

Patrick Martin-Mattera; Ly-Thanh-Huê; François Garnier; Jean-François Huez; Vincent Benoist



Régénération des ovocytes : fantasme ou réalité ?  

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The central dogma of female reproductive biology has long held that oogenesis ceases around birth in almost all mammals. Consequently, the ovarian reserve is definitely fixed and will continuously deplete up to the menopause in humans. New papers by Johnson et al. (2004) and by Bukovsky et al. (2004, 2005) overturn this dogma since they claim that female mice and

A. Gougeon



OU Engineering Media Lab: Significant Digits  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This item is an interactive demonstration of the topic of significant digits. It computes the error that can be introduced by rounding during a calculation. Users input numbers and operations and select the number of significant digits for rounding the inputs. The result of the calculation is computed using the actual and rounded inputs, along with the percent difference between two. Users may select from addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division for the operations. This item is part of a collection of instructional materials for introductory engineering courses on six topics: Statics, Dynamics, Fluids, Thermodynamics, Calculus, and Multimedia. See related items on this page for a link to the complete collection.

Gramoll, Kurt



Hernie inguinale ou v?sicale ?  

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Résumé Si la hernie inguinale est une pathologie fréquente en chirurgie digestive, elle touche rarement la vessie. La hernie vésicale ne se manifeste généralement par aucun signe particulier, et son diagnostic est le plus souvent peropératoire, parfois même postopératoire lors de l’apparition de complications. Le traitement est chirurgical ; il consiste à réintégrer la partie herniée et à réaliser une pariétorraphie. Le présent article fait état de l’observation médicale d’un patient présentant une hernie vésicale de découverte peropératoire.

El Anzaoui, Jihad; El Harrech, Y.; Abbaka, N.; Touiti, D.; Lahkim, M.; Fihri, J. Fassi; Bakzaza, W.; Majdane, M.; Achour, A.



Culture ou Intercultures (Culture or Intercultural).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

While planet Earth endeavors to transmit information instantaneously, cultural misunderstanding interferes with communication more than any language barrier. The article urges teachers of French to be cognizant of their role as cultural mediators. (Author/CK)

Steele, Ross



Partitioning of inorganic nitrogen assimilation between the roots and shoots of cerrado and forest trees of contrasting plant communities of South East Brasil  

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Summary  Woody plants growing in cerrado and forest communities of south-east Brasil were found to have low levels of nitrate reductase\\u000a activity in their leaves suggesting that nitrate ions are not an important nitrogen source in these communities. Only in the\\u000a leaves of species growing in areas of disturbance, such as gaps and forest margins, were high levels of nitrate reductase

G. R. Stewart; C. A. Joly; N. Smirnoff



Low velocity zone beneath the central Ou Backbone Range of Tohoku, northeast Japan, bounded by active reverse faults, derived from dense seismic array and a tomographic method with spatial correlation of velocities  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Tohoku arc is located in the northeastern Honshu, Japan. The Ou Backbone Range runs through the Tohoku arc in the N-S direction and is bounded by active reverse faults in the middle part of the arc. There were several large in-land earthquakes associated with the active faults. The purpose of the present study is to understand the relation between deep structure of active faults and 3-D velocity structures. From 1997 to 1999, the Japanese university group carried out an intensive seismic observation campaign in the central part of the Tohoku arc. We also conducted a dense seismic array observation (DSO) of microearthquakes using off-line seismic stations in the area bounded by the active faults. We obtained 33,993 P- and 18,483 S-wave arrivals from 706 natural sources and 40 quarry blasts for traveltime inversion analysis. We also used 2,803 P-wave traveltime data from 10 explosives in 1997 obtained by the RGES for our study. We used a traveltime inversion method with spatial correlation of velocities (Matsubara et al., 2001). We divide the medium into four layers by three seismic velocity discontinuities. We assume a three dimensional (3-D) grid net individually for each layer to express the 3-D velocity structure. We located grid nodes in the horizontal direction at 2.5-km spacing in the upper crust, at 10-km spacing in the lower crust, and at 30-km spacing in the mantle wedge in the Pacific Plate. We relocated hypocenters and origin time of 706 earthquakes and horizontal location and origin time of 27 quarry blasts. We solved 706 x 4 + 27 x 3 hypocentral parameters and 18,539 slowness unknowns of VP and 17,916 of VS. We used a modified two-dimensional (2-D) velocity model derived by a refraction study (Iwasaki et al., 2001) as an initial velocity structure. Each layer has a one-dimensional velocity distribution, which is model by averaging Iwasaki_fs 2-D model. The RMS of P-wave travel time residuals is 0.343 s before the inversion and is reduced to 0.186 s after 19 iterations. That of S-wave is 0.441 s before the inversion and is reduced to 0.280 s. Beneath the area of DSO, the inversion gives 5-10 % low VP and VS beneath the Kitakami Low Land at the surface. We also observe a 6-8 % lower VP zone and 2-6 % lower VS zone than the average velocity beneath the Ou Backbone Range. This zone is located at depths of 5-15 km and elongated about 18 km from north to south with a about 10-km width in E-W direction. The low velocity zone coincides with the electrically conductive zone derived from a magnetotelluric study (Ogawa et al. 2001). Array seismic observations over the eastern half of the Backbone Range mapped seismic scatterers using natural and artificial seismic sources (Asano et al., 1999). These correlations suggest that an element of mid-crustal low velocity zone will be interpreted as fluids. In spite of low velocity, the values of VP/V_S ratio are 1.65-1.70. These values are smaller than that of solid granite, 1.70. We can interpret that the fluid is aqueous not molten rock (Mavko, 1980; Takei, 2002; Watanabe, 1994). We can estimate liquid fraction with application of the values of 6.27 km/s VP, which is 8.3 % lower than that in solid granite, 3.68 km/s VS, which is 5.16 % lower, and 1.65-1.70 VP/V_S into Takei_fs theory (Takei, 2002). The liquid volume fraction is a range of 0.3-5 %.

Matsubara, M.; Hirata, N.; Sakai, S.



Autographa californica multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus ODV-E56 envelope protein is required for oral infectivity and can be substituted functionally by Rachiplusia ou multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus ODV-E56.  


The Autographa californica multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus (AcMNPV) odv-e56 gene encodes an occlusion-derived virus (ODV)-specific envelope protein, ODV-E56. In a previous analysis, the odv-e56 gene was found to be under positive selection pressure, suggesting that it may be a determinant of virus host range. To assess the role of ODV-E56 in oral infectivity and host range, we constructed recombinant AcMNPV clones (Ac69GFP-e56lacZ and AcIEGFP-e56lacZ) in which ODV-E56 protein synthesis was eliminated by inserting a beta-galactosidase (lacZ) expression cassette into the odv-e56 open reading frame. We also constructed a recombinant virus, Ac69GFP-Roe56, in which the native AcMNPV odv-e56 coding sequence was replaced with that of Rachiplusia ou multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus (RoMNPV), a closely related virus that is significantly more virulent towards some host species than AcMNPV. The odv-e56 recombinant viruses exhibited no alterations in polyhedron production and morphogenesis or in the production of infectious budded virus in cell culture. In bioassays using three lepidopteran host species, the oral infectivities of the odv-e56 mutant viruses Ac69GFP-e56lacZ and AcIEGFP-e56lacZ were profoundly impaired compared with those of wild-type and control recombinant viruses. Oral infectivity was restored fully by marker rescue of the odv-e56 mutant viruses with either the AcMNPV or the RoMNPV odv-e56 gene. In bioassays using two host species that are more susceptible to RoMNPV than to AcMNPV, Ac69GFP-Roe56 killed larvae with LC50 values similar to those of recombinant viruses expressing AcMNPV ODV-E56. This result indicated that replacement of the AcMNPV odv-e56 gene with the RoMNPV orthologue did not increase virulence against these two species. PMID:20032203

Harrison, Robert L; Sparks, Wendy O; Bonning, Bryony C



Reliability of the MacArthur scale of subjective social status - Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil)  

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Background The MacArthur Scale of Subjective Social Status intend to measure the subjective social status using a numbered stepladder image. This study investigated the reliability of the MacArthur scale in a subsample of the Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil). Method Three scales were employed using different references: 1) the overall socioeconomic position; 2) the socioeconomic situation of the participant’s closer community; 3) the workplace as a whole. A total of 245 of the ELSA participants from six states were involved. They were interviewed twice by the same person within an interval of seven to fourteen days. The reliability of the scale was assessed with weighted Kappa statistics and intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC), with their respective 95% confidence interval (CI). Results Kappa values were 0.62(0.58 to 0.64) for the society ladder; 0.58(0.56 to 0.61) for the community-related ladder; and 0.67(0.66 to 0.72) for the work-related ladder. The ICC ranged from 0.75 for the work ladder to 0.64 for the community ladder. These values differed slightly according to the participants’ age, sex and education category. Conclusion The three ladders showed good stability in the test-retest, except the community ladder that showed moderate stability. Because the social structure in Brazil is rapidly changing, future qualitative and longitudinal studies are needed to confirm and understand the construct underlying the MacArthur Scale in the country.



ExposiÁªo humana ao metilmercœrio em comunidades ribeirinhas da Regiªo do TapajÛs, ParÆ, Brasil Methylmercury human exposure in riverine villages of Tapajos basin, ParÆ State, Brazil  

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1 Resumo Avaliou-se a exposição humana ao metilmercúrio e ao mercúrio total em comunidades ribeirinhas do rio Tapajós e da região metropolitana de Belém, no Estado do Pará, Brasil, através da determinação de mercúrio total e metilmercúrio em amostras de cabelo nos anos de 1994 e 1995. Observou-se que as concentrações médias de mercúrio total variaram de 2 ± 1µg\\/g-1

Maria da Conceição; Nascimento Pinheiro; Junko Nakanishi; Manoel Quaresma; Bernardo Cardoso; Walter W. Amoras; Masazume Harada; Carlos Magno; Luis F. Vieira; Marilia Brasil Xavier; Denise R. Bacelar


Negative life events and migraine: a cross-sectional analysis of the Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil) baseline data  

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Background Stress is a typical migraine trigger. However, the impact of negative life events on migraine activity is poorly studied. The aim of this study is to investigate the association between negative life events and migraine using data from the Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil) baseline assessment. Methods ELSA-Brasil is a multicenter cohort study conducted in six Brazilian cities. Baseline assessment included validated questionnaires for headache classification and the occurrence of five pre-specified negative life events (financial hardship, hospitalization other than for childbirth, death of a close relative, robbery and end of a love relationship), focusing on a 12-month period before evaluation. We built crude and adjusted logistic regression models to study the association between the occurrences of negative life events and migraine diagnosis and activity. Results We included 4,409 individuals with migraine and 4,457 participants without headache (reference). After adjustment for age, sex, race, income and educational level, we found that the occurrence of a negative life event (Odds ratio?=?1.31; 95% confidence interval?=?1.19 – 1.45) was associated with migraine. However, after stratifying with subgroup analyses, only financial hardship (Odds ratio?=?1.65; 95% confidence interval?=?1.47 – 1.87) and hospitalization (Odds ratio?=?1.47; 95% confidence interval?=?1.25 – 1.72) were independently associated with migraine. Further adjustment for a current major depression episode and report of religious activity did not significantly change the results. Considering migraine frequency as (a) less than once per month, (b) once per month to once per week, or (c) more than once per week, financial hardship and hospitalization remained significantly associated with migraine in all episode frequency strata, with higher odds ratios for higher frequencies in adjusted models. We also observed a significant association between the death of a close relative and the highest migraine frequency stratum (Odds ratio?=?1.38; 95% confidence interval?=?1.09 – 1.75) in full-adjusted model. Conclusions The occurrence of financial hardship and hospitalization had a direct and independent association with migraine diagnosis and frequency. The death of a close relative was also independently associated with the highest migraine frequency stratum.




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Les prépositions sont presque toujours une zone d'ombre dans l'apprentissage d'une langue étrangère, car elles portent non seulement des traits sémantiques, mais aussi des traits culturels, y compris une représentation du monde qu'une description grammaticale n'arrive pas à expliquer. Pour le cas qui nous intéresse, c'est-à-dire, la maîtrise des prépositions du français par des apprenants dont la langue maternelle est

Marta Gonçalves; Sandra de Melo


L'escargot ou les difficultés de l'hermaphrodisme  

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The article summarizes the research carried out in Besançon on the stylommatophoran snail Helix aspersa, a pulmonate gastropod mollusc.The influence that external factors like photoperiod and temperature have on growth and reproduction was studied in this animal. The obtained results made possible a great development of snail breeding.The potentialities of the hermaphroditism emerge from the observations made on the ovotestis:





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Results from a National School Survey carried out in November 2001, in a sample of 40000 students, from High School (grades 10th to 12th), representative at different geographical levels, are presented. Prevalences of use of drugs and other psychoactive substances, at national, regional and district levels, globally and by gender, are reported. These results are compared with those from the



Artificial Intelligence: Promises or Results. Inteligencia Artificial: Promessas ou Resultados.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The computer as a tool to help man in his mental tasks is compared with other traditional tools such as farm tractors, automobiles, telephones, etc. Artificial intelligence is defined and examples are given of intelligent behavior by machines and their so...

C. Derennaesouza



"Etre" ou ne pas "etre" in Immersion French.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Examines verbal auxiliary selection in the speech of French immersion students. Examines variation in auxiliary selection in the oral discourse to determine to what extent it resembles that of native speakers. (Author/VWL)

Knaus, Valerie; Nadasdi, Terry



L’arganier ou la richesse d’un patrimoine  

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Résumé  L’arganier, Argania spinosa (L.) Skeels, Sapotacée du sud-ouest marocain, est un arbre endémique, patrimoine national et mondial á la fois. Arbre forestier\\u000a á rôle écologique, luttant contre l’érosion des sols et fourrager, alimentant les troupeaux de caprins, il est également fruitier.\\u000a On extrait de son amandon l’huile d’argan, réputée internationalement pour ses qualités diététiques et cosmétologiques. Son\\u000a tourteau, résidu de

K. Alaoui; Fondation Mohammed



O amor no feminino: ocultamento e\\/ou revelação?  

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The feminine love: secret and\\/or revealed? The aim of this article is to discuss implications of the loving relationship when it is or not visible and shared by the loving partners, in a free and spontaneous way, with all the social groups they belong to, or they socialize with. The love life stories of three women from the city of

Denise Ramalho Dantas de Araújo; Dantas de Araújo




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Quando há o entendimento de que crescimento e desenvolvimento são sinônimos, tende-se a prezar uma dimensão do desenvolvimento em detrimento das outras, o que acaba por prejudicar a população por meio de carências nas condições de vida e destruição do meio ambiente principalmente. O ideal do desenvolvimento sustentável surge na tentativa de harmonizar crescimento econômico, igualdade social e preservação ambiental.

Luciana Dal Gianluppi; Paulo Dabdab Waquil



Le pore nucléaire: machine biochimique ou démon de Maxwell?  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The nuclear pore complex sits as the gateway between the genomic, nuclear environment and the primarily enzymatic realm of the cytoplasm. Large channels traversing the two membranes of the nuclear envelope, the nuclear pores govern the passage of specific molecules between these two major compartments of the cell. Its ability to limit passage to specific molecules, and furthermore to pump them against a gradient in concentration, raises intriguing physical questions. This article reviews basic aspects of the structure and operation of this biochemical pump, whose thermodynamic cycle differs from that of conventional machines.

Elbaum, Michael



Earlier age at menarche is associated with higher diabetes risk and cardiometabolic disease risk factors in Brazilian adults: Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil)  

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Objectives Early menarche has been linked to higher risk of type 2 diabetes in Western and Asian societies, yet whether age at menarche is associated with diabetes in Latin America, where puberty and diabetes may have different life courses, is unknown. We tested the hypothesis that earlier menarche is associated with higher diabetes risk in Brazilian adults. Methods We used data from 8,075 women aged 35-74 years in the Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil) who had complete information on age at menarche, diabetes status, and covariates. Diabetes was defined based on self-reported physician diagnosis, medication use, and laboratory variables (fasting glucose, 2-hour glucose, and glycated hemoglobin). Poisson regression was used to generate risk ratios (RR) and 95% confidence intervals (CI). Results Menarche onset < 11 years [vs. 13-14 years (referent)] was associated with higher risk of diabetes (RR = 1.34; 95% CI: 1.14-1.57) after adjusting for sociodemographic factors, maternal education, maternal and paternal diabetes, and birth weight. This persisted after further control for BMI at age 20 years and relative leg length. Additionally, among those not taking diabetes medications, earlier menarche [<11 years vs. 13-14 years (referent)] was associated with higher % glycated hemoglobin (p < 0.001), alanine aminotransferase (p < 0.001), triglycerides (p < 0.001), C-reactive protein (p = 0.003), waist circumference (p < 0.001), and BMI measured at baseline exam (p < 0.001). Conclusion These findings support the hypothesis that earlier menarche is associated with greater risk for adult diabetes and cardiometabolic disease in the Brazilian context.



Presentation of the Multimédia Game "Geolover" Concept, to Educational Enchancement of the Geolocical Heritage of the Following Regions: "Ilha do Fogo" (Cabo-Verde), Seridó (Brasil), Sabugal (Portugal) and Açores (Portugal)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

"Geolover" - Presentation of the multimédia game concept, to educational enchancement of the geolocical heritage of the following regions: : "Ilha do Fogo" (Cabo-Verde), Seridó (Brasil), Sabugal and Açores (Portugal). "Geolover" is a multitouch game, played by four players simultaneously, identified by 4 mascots and using as sceneries, the four regions landscapes, aimed to the young people with ages between 8 and 12 years old. The main objective is value the geological heritage of the Ilha do Fogo (Cabo Verde), Seridó in State of Rio Grande do Norte (Brasil) , Sabugal in Beira Alta province (Portugal) and Arquipélago dos Açores (Portuguese autonomous region). These regions have a great geological heritage like volcanology, plutonic rocks, sedimentar formations, metamorphic, paleontologic, mineralogic, geomorphologic, hydric and mining resources. Such heritage is being used in the different regions has base of studies to senior scientists and were used to great scientific researches. The diversified and distinguished cultural heritage of these four regions is referenced and it's a value to the union of the students from these three continents, with the Portuguese language as communication tool. The variety of the geological wealth and cultural of these regions, results in the common objective of their valuing like Geoparks. His creation on these three regions is a strategy with a great relevance to the socio-economic development. With the creation of this game, we promote the union of these 3 countries from these three continents, the universal values of the heritage richness that are offered by our planet.

Cabral, João; Gomes, Ana; Alfama, Vera; Oliveira, Sirlene; Pinharandas, Carlos; Fonseca, Pedro; Campos, José; Nobre, José



Estudo fotomicrográfico das caractErísticas dE supErfíciE dE pontas diamantadas: EfEito do método dE EstErilização por Estufa ou autoclavE. PhOt OmiCROgRaPhiC St Udy Of diamOnd b URS SURfaCe ChaRaCte RiSti CS: effeCt Of the SteRilizatiOn methOd by dR y heat OR aUt OClave  

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rEsumo Introdução: A limpeza, desinfecção e esterilização dos instrumentos são imprescindíveis para evitar in- fecções cruzadas no consultório odontológico. Visando testar a eficiência das pontas diamantadas, são avaliadas, por meio de fotomicrografias, as alterações superficiais dessas pontas em função do uso da estufa ou autoclave. Métodos: Para isso, foi realizado um estudo in vitro com 108 terceiros molares humanos e

Lígia Antunes; Regina Helena; Barbosa Tavares da Silva; Ivone Lima Santana; Laiza Maria Grassi Fais; Dalton Geraldo Guaglianoni


How brasil grows motor fuel  

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The general background in technical, economic, and political terms is discussed, along with the experience of using alcohol in automobiles. Since 1973 a concerted effort has been made to utilize various crops for the production of alcohol. The disposal of stillage is considered. 10 refs.

Yang, V.; Trindade, S.C.; Branco, J.R.C.



Health and safety plan for operations performed for the Environmental Restoration Program. Task, OU 1-03 and OU 4-10 Track 2 investigations  

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This document constitutes the generic health and safety plan for the Environmental Restoration Program (ERP). It addresses the health and safety requirements of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA); Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 29 CFR 1910.120 standard; and EG&G Idaho, Inc. This plan is a guide to individuals who must complete a health and safety plan for a task performed for the EPR. It contains a task specific addendum that, when completed, specifically addresses task specific health and safety issues. This health and safety plan reduces the time it takes to write a task specific health and safety plan by providing discussions of requirements, guidance on where specific information is located, and specific topics in the Addendum that must be discussed at a task level. This format encourages a complete task specific health and safety plan and a standard for all health and safety plans written for ERP.

Trippet, W.A. II [IT Corp., (United States); Reneau, M.; Morton, S.L. [EG and G Idaho, Inc., Idaho Falls, ID (United States)



Le vécu de la fratrie d’un enfant souffrant de handicap mental ou de troubles autistiques : résilience, adaptation ou santé mentale compromise  

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The authors underline the recent interest for the psychic life experience of siblings of children with mental disabilities in particular for autistic disorders. They describe the sibling’s function in the subject’s psychic development. They analyse in the domain of mental disabilities in general, the different factors influencing the sibling’s life: composition of the brotherhood, type of disabilities and parental psychic

A Wintgens; J.-Y Hayez



A recente reforma trabalhista e o trabalhador brasileiro  

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O texto trata da flexibilização da CLT, contemplada no Projeto de Lei 5.483\\/2001, que introduz o princípio que empresta ao acordo ou convenção coletiva a mesma força que tem a lei. A agenda de modernização trabalhista do Brasil está inconclusa. As mudanças nos campos da organização sindical e da Justiça do Trabalho são etapas importantes para dar força a tudo

Anelino Francisco da Silva



Composição química e digestibilidade de fenos tratados com amônia anidra ou uréia  

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The experiment was conducted to evaluate the changes on the chemical composition and in vitro dry matter digestibility (IVDMD) of the Brachiaria decumbens Stapf, Brachiaria brizantha (Hochst ex. A. Rich) Stapf, jaragua (Hyparrhenia rufa Ness Stapf) hays, harvested following the seed ripening stage and treated with anhydrous ammonia (3.0% DM) or urea (5.4% DM). The data showed that anhydrous ammonia

Ricardo Andrade Reis; Luis Roberto de Andrade Rodrigues; João Ricardo Alves Pereira; Ana Cláudia Ruggieri



Performances comparées des machines à aimants et à réluctance variable. Maximisation du couple massique ou volumique  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The subject of this article is to compare the performances of electrical machines using three different principles of functioning which are recently exploited. We consider possibilities to realise actuators with high torque and power per unit of mass for direct drive applications. The three different machines involved in the comparison are: (i) the classical synchronous structure with permanent magnets in the inductor, (ii) the vernier reluctance structure, (iii) the vernier reluctance structure with permanent magnets. To allow a good comparison, the architecture of those three motors has to be identical, particularly the shape of the main elements. L'objet de cet article est de comparer directement, pour la première fois à notre connaissance, les performances de machines électriques mettant en oeuvre trois principes de fonctionnement différents, très récemment exploités. Nous examinons les possibilités de réalisation d'actionneurs à fort couple et puissance massique élevée, pour des applications d'entraînement direct, conçus à partir soit d'une structure synchrone classique utilisant des aimants pour l'inducteur, soit d'une structure à réluctance variable vernier soit, enfin, d'un dispositif combinant l'effet de réluctance variable à l'utilisation d'aimants. Pour permettre une comparaison réellement directe, l'architecture des trois moteurs exploitant les concepts évoqués, ainsi que la forme de leurs principales pièces, seront pratiquement identiques.

Matt, D.; Llibre, J. F.



Maisons de disques et artistes : convergence ou conflit d’intérêts face au numérique ?  

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We model the relationship between an artist and a record company as a revenue-sharing game that stems from two complementary markets: the recorded-music market and the live-music market. Artists are heterogeneous according to their potential success as well as to the amount that live music represents in their total revenues. The model shows that: (i) the bargaining power between a

Nicolas CURIEN; François MOREAU



Stabilité physicochimique de trois produits régulièrement utilisés seuls ou en association en mésothérapie traumatologique  

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Mesotherapy is a technical used for the treatment of the tendinous muscular pain. We analyzed the physical-chemistry stability of three products usually used: procaine, thiocolchicoside and piroxicam.

R. Blondel; C. Ceysson; F. Guittard; J. Pinguet; S. Boisgard




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L'étude de cas commence par la problématique et cherche à résoudre le problème. Mais la résolution est-elle toujours le plus important ? N'est-ce pas aussi la problématique tendant la situation qui devrait être à l'horizon de l'étude ? Ceci sera discuté à partir du cas de la problématisation cybernétique du contrôle par Anthony.

Jean-Luc Moriceau



Devant une OAT idiopathique: Traitement ou assistance médicale à la procréation?  

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Resume  Face aux médiocres résultats obtenus avec les traitements médicamenteux dans l'oligoasthénotératozoospermie (OATS), différentes\\u000a techniques d'assistance médicale à la procréation (AMP) ont été successivement proposées pour pallier les insuffisances spermatiques.\\u000a L'insémination intra-utérine (IIU) a constitué la première technique utilisée, et demeure une méthode d'AMP „d'actualité”\\u000a si les indications sont correctement posées: test post coïtal médiocre et caractéristiques du sperme présentant des

J. F. Guerin



Les tumeurs myofibroblastiques inflammatoires : association fortuite ou complication peu connue du post-partum ?  

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The inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour has clinical, biological or histological features sometimes misleading with a septic condition. Presenting symptoms are variable and arising circumstances remain obscure. We report three cases occurring in a postpartum context. The first patient, a 28-year-old female, had left psoitis with a sepsis the first day postpartum in relation with an inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour of the meso-ovary.

E. Chelbi; A. Chadli-Debbiche; M. Ferchiou; C. Ajmi; N. Kourda; N. Labbène; O. Khayat; R. Zermani; R. Cherif; M. Ben Ayed




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Resumo - Os hidratos de metano constituem uma fonte interessante de ener- gia cujas reservas oceânicas recenseadas em 2001 foram estimadas em duas vezes as reservas conhecidas de gás natural, petróleo e carvão reunidas. Encontram-se nos sedimentos marinhos das margens continentais, e a fraca profundidade, no perma- frost. Tendo em conta a necessidade crescente da sociedade em energia e o




Fixação de enxerto cutâneo em malha de espessura total com sutura ou cola de fibrina  

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficiency of fibrin glue, derived from snake venom, on fixation and integration of skin graft. Nine crossbred dogs, with average weight of 15kg were used. Wounds measuring 4×4 cm were induced at the cranioproximal aspect of the right and left forelimb. Full-thickness skin grafts were harvested from thoracic area, and meshed

M. S. P. Amaral; S. C. Rahal; V. Dal-Pai; S. R. C. S. Barraviera; A. F. M. Lima; A. J. Crocci



Entreprises de groupe ou entreprises indépendantes : quel impact sur les réallocations d'emplois ?  

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[ger] Gruppenunternehmen oder unabhängige Unternehmen: welche Auswirkungen auf die Reallokationen der Arbeitsplätze? . . Die Bruttoschaffung und - vernichtung von Arbeitsplätzen geben Aufschluss über die Anzahl der von den Unternehmen jährlich geschaffenen und abgebauten Arbeitsplätze. Diese Ströme unterscheiden sich hauptsächlich nach der Größe der Unternehmen, ihrem Tätigkeitssektor und ihrer Zugehörigkeit oder Nichtzugehörigkeit zu einem Konzern. Anhand der über die Konzerne

Philippe Lagarde; Richard Duhautois



The Ehrenfest Chain as an Approximation to the O-U Process.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

A sequence of birth-death processes successively approximating Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process is described. These Ehrenfest approximations have advantages of tractability and computerability required for subsequent development of certain diffusion processes r...

J. Keilson U. Sumita M. Zachmann



High explosive spot test analyses of samples from Operable Unit (OU) 1111  

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A preliminary evaluation has been completed of environmental contaminants at selected sites within the Group DX-10 (formally Group M-7) area. Soil samples taken from specific locations at this detonator facility were analyzed for harmful metals and screened for explosives. A sanitary outflow, a burn pit, a pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN) production outflow field, an active firing chamber, an inactive firing chamber,

D. McRae; W. Haywood; J. Powell; B. Harris



Morfologia do fruto, semente e plântula do Mororó (ou pata de vaca) - Bauhína forficata Linn  

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The mororó or cow paw (Bauhinia forficata Linn) presents great importance for the savanna paraibana, so much for the home-made medicine as for its economical value, in spite of it is threatened of extinction according to caririzeiros of the area. It was aimed at the morphologic knowledge of the fruit, seed and plantule of this species. The fruits were collected

Giselle Medeiros; Humberto Silva; Myrthis Virginia; Alves de Almeida; Mário Luiz Farias; Patrícia de Lima Martins


Using statistics to determine data adequacy for environmental policy decisions (shootout at the OU-3 corral)  

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The discipline of statistics often plays an important role in environmental policy decision-making, when decisions are, if not completely based on, at least informed by environmental data. Statistics provides guidance for the type, quantity, and quality of data required to support the policy decisions, as well as the techniques for assessing the data once it is collected. Environmental policy decisions occur at many levels, national, regional, state, and local. This paper describes the use of statistics to support policy decisions at the local level. Even at the local level, decisions can involve millions and, in some cases, billions of dollars. Additionally, local policy decisions can have ramifications for policy decisions at the state, regional and national levels. The two major regulations that drive environmental restoration are the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) (also known as Superfund), and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). In many areas state water quality standards and other requirements are also important drivers. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) has placed the statistician right in the center of the environmental restoration work. It has done this by issuing guidance that recommends that planning for environmental data collection follows the Data Quality Objectives (DQO) Process (USEPA 1994), and evaluation of the data follows the Data Quality Assessment (DQA) Process (USEPA 1996). These processes are based on formal statistical techniques such as hypothesis testing and estimation, and explicitly link data collection to risk management decisions through specification of acceptable levels for statistical decision errors.

Kelly, E.; Campbell, K. [Los Alamos National Lab., NM (United States); Michael, D.; Black, P. [Neptune and Co., Los Alamos, NM (United States)



Groundwater Strategy for the Ou-1 Landfill Area, Miamisburg Closure Project, Ohio  

SciTech Connect

The general objective of the study was to assist the Miamisburg Closure Project in their efforts to develop and refine a comprehensive, technically sound strategy for remediation of groundwater contaminated with trichloroethylene and other volatile organic compounds in the vicinity of the landfill in Operable Unit 1. To provide the necessary flexibility to the site, regulators and stakeholders, the resulting evaluation considered a variety of approaches ranging from ''no further action'' to waste removal. The approaches also included continued soil vapor extraction, continued groundwater pump and treat, monitored natural attenuation, biostimulation, partitioning barriers, hydrologic modification, and others.




Designing the Professional Development of Staff for Teaching Online: An OU (UK) Case Study  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

We maintain that an understanding of the working contexts of staff is a critical consideration when designing for effective professional development. The process of embedding theory into good practice does not simply depend on the design of a good seminar, because it may also be affected by who else attends, or perhaps by who the participants talk…

Macdonald, Janet; Poniatowska, Barbara



Étude expérimentale du séchage infrarouge et convectif de peintures automobiles modèle sur supports plastiques ou métalliques  

Microsoft Academic Search

This work aims to study car paint drying and to better understand the complex physico-chemical transformations which occur during this process. Two different model painting systems were studied: •- a water-based epoxy-amine paint applied on steel support;•- a solvent based polyurethane paint applied either on sheet molding compound support (SMC) or on steel support.In these two cases, drying is an

Séverine Vessot; Denise Blanc; Pierre Laurent; Julien Andrieu



Mort de la fripe en Afrique ou fin d'un cycle ?  

Microsoft Academic Search

Second hand clothes have invaded African markets for several decades. In all African countries, this kind of trade gives job and money to thousands of people without resources. Poor populations also buy cheap clothes. Firstly, the paper focuses on the arrival of second hand clothes during the past century in countries of Cape Verde, Ivory Coast and Senegal. Secondly,

Sylvie Bredeloup; Jérôme Lombard



Trouble déficit de l'attention\\/hyperactivité ou manie de l'enfant  

Microsoft Academic Search

In recent years, the relationship between juvenile mania and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has been the focus of renewed clinical research and controversial debates. We have reviewed the recent literature about bipolar disorder and juvenile mania in children in order to clarify the knowledge in assessment, phenomenology and diagnosis of prepubertal bipolar disorder. Despite the fact that prepubertal mania has

V. Vantalon; D. M. Cohen



Quand le changement devient soluble ou l'idéologie managériale du changement organisationnel  

Microsoft Academic Search

Le contraste des postures et des propositions de la recherche concernant l'étude du cynisme organisationnel permet d'engager une analyse critique sur la figure moderne du changement organisationnel. Tout d'abord le constat la multiplication d'attitudes et de sentiments négatifs (retrait, apathie, cynisme) exprimés par les individus en situation de changement. Ces divers « symptômes » peuvent être entendus comme des manifestations

Véronique Perret



Démission et licenciements : quels liens avec les changements organisationnels et\\/ou technologiques des entreprises ?  

Microsoft Academic Search

Nous exploitons une enquête de la statistique publique (COI2006) auprès d'un échantillon représentatif d'entreprises privées et auprès d'un échantillon aléatoire de salariés de ces entreprises dont une sélection d'une trentaine est réinterrogée lors d'entretiens qualitatifs deux ans plus tard. Nous proposons de résoudre l'énigme des liens entre la rupture des contrats de travail, démission et licenciement, et les changements organisationnels

Fabienne Berton; Coralie Perez



S?vices ? des enfants ou insensibilit? cong?nitale ? la douleur?  

PubMed Central

L’insensibilité congénitale à la douleur est une affection rare qui peut être responsable de l’apparition accidentelle de lésions externes et internes chez l’enfant. Dans un contexte de présomptions de sévices à des enfants, le fait de connaître l’existence de cette affection peut compliquer l’interprétation médico-légale de nos constatations. Le diagnostic d’insensibilité congénitale à la douleur, dans la forme qui nous intéresse, nécessite plusieurs éléments : l’absence de sensibilité à la douleur depuis la naissance, l’atteinte de la totalité de la surface corporelle, l’intégrité des réflexes ostéo-tendineux et des autres modes de sensibilité, la négativité des examens paracliniques, y compris histologiques. Nous présentons un cas de deux enfants de la même fratrie, examinés dans le cadre d’une procédure judiciaire d’urgence au sein de l’unité de médecine légale du Centre hospitalo-universitaire de Grenoble, en France. L’interprétation médicolégale des faits et de l’examen doit être prudente en cas de complications judiciaires et faire suite à une analyse des problèmes médico-sociaux de l’enfant depuis sa naissance et de ceux de sa famille. Le soutien socio-éducatif de ces familles et la transmission d’information sur cette maladie doivent être une priorité afin d’éviter tout dépassement dans la prise en charge et la surveillance de l’enfant et tout quiproquo face aux autres.

Escard, E; Barret, L



Le comportement des étudiants sur le marché du téléphone mobile : inertie, captivité ou fidélité ?  

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Avec près de 41 millions de clients fin décembre 2003, soit un taux de pénétration de 68%, et une croissance annuelle de 10,7% en chiffres d'affaires, le marché français du téléphone portable affiche une excellente santé. Cependant, sur la même période, le nombre de clients a seulement augmenté de 6,2%. Dans ce contexte, le problème de la fidélisation est un

Corentine Le Roy



Trappe à chômage ou trappe à pauvreté. Quel est le sort des allocataires du RMI ?  

Microsoft Academic Search

On the basis of the results of the INSEE survey about recipients of the RMI, we aim to evaluate the empirical relevance of analyses based on the notion of the unemployment trap, according to which recipients of the RMI suffer financial disincentives to work. The unemployment trap does not function very much for recipients of the RMI. First, recipients who

Danièle Guillemot; Hélène Zajdela



La conjuration de l'erreur humaine: accepter ou refuser le risque, lequel ?  

Microsoft Academic Search

What is it looking for when studying human error? Mastering the consequences of human error in the perspective of improving aviation safety? Eradicate human error from the flight deck or maintenance actions? Managing the human error or to tolerating the consequences? Risk management is a responsibility shared by each actor of aviation domain and the approaches are various in order

Florence Reuzeau



Transfert de masse à l'interface d'un film turbulent libre ou cisaillé  

Microsoft Academic Search

Mass transfer of weakly soluble gases through gas-liquid turbulent interfaces is analysed by means of the Large-Eddy Simulation technique. Two different flow configurations are considered, namely an open channel flow with a shear-free surface and a liquid layer driven by an interfacial shear. The very good agreement found between the global mass transfer coefficients provided by the simulation and those

Isabelle Calmet; Jacques Magnaudet



Brazil = Brasil. America = Las Americas [Series].  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Written for teachers to use with migrant children in elementary grades, this bilingual English/Spanish social studies resource booklet provides an encyclopedia-style overview of Brazil's history, geography, economy, and culture. Topics include Brazil's form of government; geographic regions; holidays; climate; people; music; carnaval celebration;…

Toro, Leonor; And Others


Future of alcohol fuels programs in Brasil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

An updating is given of the Brazilian National Alcohol Program's production and utilization achievements to date in the substitution of ethanol and methanol for imported oil products. A series of Eucalyptus forestry and processing-industry projections are made for fuel output and jobs creation that may be expected by the year 2000. With few exceptions, methanol produced from wood grown on poorer soils than can now be used for sugarcane substitute for oil products and result in jobs creation several orders of magnitude higher than petroleum fuels.

Carvalho, A. V., Jr.; Rechtschaffen, E.; Goldstein, L., Jr.


Méthodologie de reproduction de l'Entéropathie Epizootique du Lapin (EEL) : contamination par contact direct ou indirect avec un ou plusieurs lapins inoculés avec l'inoculum TEC 2  

Microsoft Academic Search

Methodology of reproduction of Epizootic Rabbit Enteropathy syndrome (ERE) : direct or indirect contact contamination with one or several rabbits inoculated with TEC2 inoculum. The purpose of this trial was to study rabbit contamination by direct or indirect contact with one or several rabbits inoculated with TEC 2 inoculum. Direct or indirect contact of rabbits with one rabbit inoculated with



Teor de matéria seca, pH e amônia volatilizada da cama de frango tratada ou não com diferentes aditivos  

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The aim of this experiment was to determine the dry matter content, pH and the volatilized ammonia from the poultry litter treated or not with different additives. Four hundred and forty birds were used, in randomized block design, with five treatments (1 - new litter; 2 - reused litter (RL); 3 - RL treated with aluminum sulfate; 4 - RL

Maria Cristina de Oliveira; Clayton Vieira Almeida; Dalton Oliveira Andrade; Stella Maris Marino Rodrigues



Novilhas Alimentadas com Bagaço de Cana-de-Açúcar Tratado com Amônia Anidra e, ou, Sulfeto de Sódio1  

Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMO - Foram utilizadas 16 novilhas ½ Holandês\\/Indubrasil, com peso vivo médio de 230 kg, alojadas em baias individuais cobertas, distribuídas em um delineamento inteiramente casualisado, com quatro tratamentos e quatro repetições, definidos conforme a alimentação: T1 - Bagaço sem tratamento (controle); T2 - Bagaço tratado com 2,5% de Na2S; T3 - Bagaço tratado com 4% de NH3 e T4

Aureliano José Vieira Pires; Rasmo Garcia; Sebastião de Campos; Valadares Filho; Odilon Gomes Pereira; Paulo Roberto Cecon; Fabiano Ferreira da Silva


Formation des adultes ou transformation des structures de l'entreprise (Manpower Development or the Transformation of Industrial Structures).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This action research study describes how the Centre Universitaire de Cooperation Economique et Sociale (CUCES) set up an initial instructor training program for senior engineers in a large French cement firm and eventually progressed toward overall organizational change. Beginning with research methodology and some practical problems encountered…

Caspar, Pierre


Etats-unis: Ou va l'enseignement precoce (United States: Where Is Early Language Instruction Going)?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Elementary school second language instruction began in 1840 but has in general been restricted to a limited number of schools and programs. In 1969, Louisiana initiated an effort to become the country's center of French language study, bringing together resources from French-speaking nations and setting an example for other communities. (MSE)

Lafayette, Robert C.



Using Television as a Unique Teaching Resource for OU Courses. I.E.T. Papers on Broadcasting No. 225.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This discussion and critique of television programs used in two courses--D102 (vandalism) and M101 (mathematics)--at the British Open University suggests that the television presentation of real life-like raw material can facilitate the comprehension of abstract material inasmuch as it provides concrete illustrations, and provides an opportunity…

Salomon, Gavriel


Imagerie par contraste en reflexion ou transmission lors d'une procedure par laser au dioxyde de carbone  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The use of laser micromachining is now reaching maturity. Laser micromachining is now competing with traditional methods in procedures such as welding, cutting or melting. This thesis will focus on various aspects of the uses of laser in the industry. In each aspect we are drawing our attention on the method to image a given procedure in real-time. In this manuscript we are applying Maxwell's equations to describe the propagation of an electromagnetic wave across various interfaces between media. The approach is tantamount to using Fresnel equation by taking into account the thickness between two successive interfaces bounding a given medium. This theory becomes useful when investigating the evaporation of matter, welding of two dissimilar materials and etching at the surface of a substrate. The progression of welding and etching will be imaged in real-time using an effect of contrast. Various planes of observation that are available in our set-up will allow us to draw firm conclusions in real-time as the procedure develops. Using the principle of contrasting regions it was found that the progression of a laser procedure can be imaged and give interesting details as it evolves in time. It will be also possible to determine when it is time to stop the operation during a laser procedure when a substance evaporates on a substrate. In the case of a laser welding procedure, it will be shown that the imaging method can give some information about the quality of a weld between two different materials. Lastly, it will also be shown that we can image a laser etching procedure by using the contrast of reflectance in neighbouring regions.

Bourdon, Alexandre


Substances fluorescentes du type ptérinique dans la peau ou les yeux de la grenouille (Rana nigromaculata) et leurs transformations photochimiques  

Microsoft Academic Search

Summary We proposed the collective name of “Rana-chrome” for the fluorescent substances isolated from the skin and eyes ofRana nigromaculata. Pyrrol-chrome corresponds to Rana-chrome 1, Rana-chrome 4 is the same as or very similar to fluorescyanine or ichtyopterin. Each of Rana-chrome 1, Rana-chrome 3 or Rana-chrome 4 transforms into Rana-chrome 5 on irradiation. Data available permit assigning to Rana-chrome 5

T. Hama



Les acides nucléiques des œufs de grenouille fécondés par des spermatozoïdes irradiés ou traités par une chloréthylamine (nitrogen mustard)  

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Summary Treatment of the sperm with U.V. radiation before the fertilization of the frog's egg leads to a typical haploid development, due to the early and complete elimination of the irradiated chromatin. On the other hand, if the sperms are treated with a nitrogen mustard, the development is quickly lethal: very unequal synthesis of DNA occurs in the two halves

J. Brachet



Action des Enamines Sur Les Allenes Phosphores: Synthese de 1-( N -morpholino ou N -pyrrolidino)-phosphomethylenbicycloalcanes  

Microsoft Academic Search

In this work we studied the reaction of enamines 1 with allenylphosphonates and -phosphine oxides 2 which lead to the 1-( N -morpholino or N -pyrrolidino)-phosphomethylen-bicyclolkanes 3 . The structure of compounds 3 was confirmed by NMR-( 1 H, 13 C, and 31 P) and IR spectroscopy.

Afifa Hafidh; et Belgacem Baccar



Cerb-B2 ou Her2 : marqueur d'intérêt dans la prise en charge du cancer du sein ?  

Microsoft Academic Search

Breast cancer is a public health problem due to its high frequency. The cancerisation process is characterized in part by the dysfunction of cellular communication pathway, like on one implicating Her-2. Her-2 is overexpressed by 30% in breast cancer and is associated with poor prognosis, with a decrease overall survival and a shortening time to disease progression. The Her-2\\/neu oncogene

N. Ravanel; F. X. Brand; D Pasquier; M. Mousseau; A. S. Gauchez



Perles et saphirs ou comment parer votre expression francaise (Pearls and Sapphires or How to Embellish Your French Expression).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Illustrates the pitfalls of French grammar and syntax by reproducing a student's composition, which mangles the language. Draws from similarly frustrating experiences and from a "New York Times" article entitled "The Fumble-rules of Grammar" to compile a list of "General Principles for the Improvement of Oral and Written French Expression." (MES)

Geno, Thomas H.



Transfert de pedagogie: pour qui?, jusqu'ou?, comment? (Exportation of Methodology: For Whom?, Going Where?, and How?)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

It is proposed that the transfer of current European foreign-language teaching methodology for use in Arab countries is inappropriate and creates more problems than it resolves because of basic cultural differences and that a better approach would be to create new methodologies appropriate to the Arab cultural context. (MSE)

Abback, Idriss; Bossuyt, Marcel



Canada's Kids: Thriving? Or Just Surviving? = Les enfants du Canada: Se developpent-ils bien ou vivotent-ils simplement?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This quarterly journal issue (in English and French versions) includes the following articles: (1) "Canada's Kids: Thriving? Or Just Surviving?" (McCloskey, Donna), an overview of the latest research on the well-being of Canada's children; (2) "The Fence at the Edge of the Cliff: Approaching Family Policy in Canada" (Mirabelli, Alan), which…

McCloskey, Donna, Ed.



Une malformation artério-veineuse, une exostose bi-condylienne et un kyste synovial calcifié du coude : association ou coïncidence ?  

Microsoft Academic Search

Arteriovenous malformations of the upper limb are rare. Their usual location near the joints and their random association of anatomical variations and structural abnormalities make their surgery extremely difficult. Esthetic risks and functional requirements of surgical resections require a special management by an experienced surgeon. We report the case of a 20-year-old athlete, who had an original association or coincidence

M. Bouayad; B. Lekehal; S. El Khaloufi; I. Elouakili; Y. Sefiani; A. El Mesnaoui; F. Ammar; Y. Bensaid


Nash versus von Neumann et Morgenstern : continuité ou rupture dans l'histoire récente de la théorie des jeux  

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[eng] Nash versus Von Neumann and Morgenstern : continuity or rift in recent game theory history. This paper considers the relationship between, on the one hand, Theory of Games and Economic Behaviour (TGEB) published in 1994, and, on the other hand, Nash's works which were issued around the fifties and originated the non cooperative games. This comparison demonstrates that Nash's

Christian Schmidt



Rate Constants for Collisional Deactivation of Br2 B(3)II(Ou+) by Br2(X) and He.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Electronic self-quenching of Br2 (B) was investigated in the gas phase. The molecules were excited to individual rovibrational levels by a pulsed dye laser, and the fluorescence decay monitored in real time. Negativity curved Stern-Volmer plots were obtai...

L. J. van de Burgt M. C. Heaven



Croissance française à l'horizon 2000 : haut niveau de chômage ou réduction de la durée du travail ?  

Microsoft Academic Search

[eng] French economic growth by the end of the century: high unemployment or reduction in weekly hours of work? Eric Confais, Gérard Cornilleau, Alain Gubian, Catherine Mathieu By the end of the century, the French economy would succeed in maintaining both a low inflation rate and balanced external accounts. However, the average annual growth rate of the French economy, lower

Gérard Cornilleau; Catherine Mathieu



Le faire-valoir indirect ou l'association conflictuelle du propriétaire et de l'exploitant  

Microsoft Academic Search

[eng] According to the traditionnal economic theory, landlord would be a rentier stranger to the farm, while the leaseholder should be considered to be an entrepreneur. This picture misleads. Land proprietor influences the definition of the farm ; he supervises its functionning and investments. He is concerned in the life of the farm. Enterprise is divided in two parts. One

Denis Barthélemy



Les développements récents dans l'étude de la communication et de la détresse maritale: évolution ou révolution?  

Microsoft Academic Search

En deux décennies, la recherche portant sur les déterminants de la détresse maritale s'est considérablement développée. Cette recension critique traite du lien entre la communication et la détresse conjugale. Aprés avoir défini les principaux concepts á l'élude, un bilan de la recherche transversate dans ce domaine est établi. Nous procédons d'abord à une analyse dcs corrélats comportementaux el cognitifs de




L'Universite du 21e siecle: culturelle ou "excellente"? = The 21st Century University: Cultural or "Excellent"?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

When the nation-state was the dominant political and economic entity, the university was an institution of culture, essential for forming the national identity. In this era of globalization, universities teach economic liberalism and serve the interests of supranational corporations with little regard for democratic principles. Academics must…

Lenoir, Yves



A l'ecoute ou 55 ans de radio scholaire. (Listening In or 55 Years of Educational Radio).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Traces history and gives an example of educational radio in Sweden for second language learning. Describes French language program, "Listening In," which includes both audiovisual and written materials. (BK)

Barbier, Michel; Lundgren, Rolf



An analysis of the F(Ou+) ion-pair state of I2 by optical-optical double resonance  

Microsoft Academic Search

An optical-optical double resonance (OODR) technique has been applied to study the spectroscopic details of the F(0u+) ion-pair state of I2 which correlates with I-(1S) + I+(3P0) at the dissociation limit. In the excitation scheme, F(0u+)-B3Pi(0u+)-X1Sigmag+, the OODR excitation spectra show the vibrational progressions consisting of O, Q, and S branches in accordance with the selection rule (DeltaJ = 0,

Takashi Ishiwata; Tatsuo Kusayanagi; Takefumi Hara; Ikuzo Tanaka



Le comportement multicanal du consommateur est-il une simple évolution ou constitue-t-il une véritable révolution ?  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper sums up the appearance of the internet and especially the multi-channel offer on consumer behaviour in Belgium and France. Does the multi-channel offer condition the new behaviour of the buyer or is the multi-channel offer the result of a consumer behaviour modification ? A study realised in French speaking context brings to the fore the importance of including

Ingrid Poncin



La dysplasie fibreuse ou maladie de Jaffe-Lichtenstein de la clavicule: ? propos d'un cas  

PubMed Central

La dysplasie fibreuse est une maladie osseuse rare, elle représente environ 2,5% des maladies osseuses et 7% des tumeurs osseuses. Nous rapportons le cas d'un enfant âgé de 10 ans, admis pour prise en charge d'une tuméfaction sus claviculaire droite évoluant dans un contexte de conservation de l’état général et chez qui le bilan para clinique a été en faveur de la dysplasie fibreuse de la clavicule.

Atarraf, Karima; Arroud, Mounir; Afifi, Moulay Abderrahmane



La chronique de la gynéco: Human papillomavirus et assistance médicale à la procréation: « Liaisons dangereuses »1 ou flirts sans lendemain ?  

Microsoft Academic Search

Résumé  Au début de ce XXIe siècle, il est nécessaire de s’interroger sur la coexistence des Human papillomavirus (HPV), virus quasi ubiquitaires, et des techniques d’assistance médicale à la procréation (AMP) non pas sous l’angle des\\u000a résultats de l’AMP mais du risque potentiel encouru par les femmes de développer des lésions épithéliales du tractus génital\\u000a suite à une transmission de certains

C. Seznec


Comparaison des qualités de la viande et de la carcasse d'agneaux produits en élevage biologique ou conventionnel  

Microsoft Academic Search

Comparison of the meat and carcass quality of lambs raised in organic or conventional production systems. The 'organic' label on a product guarantees that synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and hormones are not used in the production process and that the use of pharmaceutical products and drugs is limited. However, product quality is often questioned and we have to anticipate the consumer

S. Prache; J. Ballet; R. Jailler; K. Meteau; B. Picard; M. Renerre; D. Bauchart; J. Pourrat; C. Legay; A. Thomas


Educação formal, mulher e gênero no Brasil contemporâneo  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumo: Resumo: Resumo: Resumo: Resumo: O objetivo do artigo é evidenciar o descompasso entre a situação de homens e mulheres no sistema educacional brasileiro e as metas nacionais e internacionais de igualdade de oportunidades de gênero na educação. Para tanto analisa e interpreta estatísticas educacionais, resoluções das conferências internacionais da década de 1990 e documentos de instâncias multilaterais, governamentais e




Regionalização da agricultura do Estado do Paraná, Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

This work presents a characterization of the agriculture of Paraná State based on thirty-five variables extracted from Agricultural Census of 1995\\/96 and two variables from the Map of Soil Aptitude. These are related to land access, land use, utilization of chemical and mechanical technologies, use of capital assets, labor relationships and tercerization, soil fertility and mechanization suitability. The Factor analysis

Rafael Fuentes Llanillo; Mauro Eduardo Del Grossi; Flávio Oliveira dos Santos; Paula Daniela Munhos; Maria de Fátima Guimarães




Microsoft Academic Search

SUMMARY The objective of this article is to undertake a deep analysis of the pedagogical aspects related to the teacher's dialogical ability under teaching conditions. The work begins with a study of the outline, content and meaning of activities that are considered to be able to stimulate an effective dialogue with students, according to opinions expressed by teachers. The contextualized



Tarifas deImportação e Evasão Fiscal no Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

A evasão de impostos, sobretudo por meio de subfaturamento das importações, sempre foi motivo de preocupação da administração aduaneira. Além da redução de receita tributária, a sonegação impõe perdas de competitividade aos importadores que assumem todos os encargos tributários, e reduz o grau de proteção à produção doméstica. O objetivo deste trabalho é verificar empiricamente a relação entre os níveis

Honorio Kume; Guida Piani; Pedro Miranda



Situation Reports--Bahamas, Brasil, Guatemala, Netherlands Antilles (Curacao), Uruguay.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Data relating to population and family planning in four foreign countries are presented in these situation reports. Countries included are Bahamas, Guatemala, Netherlands Antilles (Curacao), and Uruguay. Information is provided under two topics, general background and family planning situation, where appropriate and if it is available. General…

International Planned Parenthood Federation, London (England).


Curriculum Studies in Brasil: A Study of the Teaching Practice.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This study analyzes how undergraduate university teachers are thinking in the classroom about the theoretical and practical contents related to the subject called "Curriculum Studies." The study focuses on the aspects of the theory-practice relationship, the idea of curriculum, and the theoretical references used by the undergraduate teachers. The…

Marcondes, Maria Ines; Tura, Maria de Lourdes Rangel; de Macedo, Elizabeth Fernandes


The Scientific program with RIBRAS (Radioactive Ion Beams in Brasil)  

SciTech Connect

The Radioactive Ion Beams Facility (RIBRAS) is in operation since 2004 at the Pelletron Accelerator Laboratory of the University of Sao Paulo and consists of two superconducting solenoids capable of producing low energy secondary beams of light exotic nuclei. Measurements of the elastic scattering, breakup and transfer reactions with radioactive projectiles such as {sup 6}He,{sup 8}Li,{sup 7}Be on several targets have been performed. A review of the research program carried on along the last four years using the RIBRAS facility is presented.

Lichtenthaeler, R.; Lepine-Szily, A.; Guimaraes, V.; Faria, P. N. de; Mendes, D. R. Jr.; Pires, K. C. C.; Morcelle, V.; Hussein, M. S.; Barioni, A.; Condori, R. Pampa; Morais, M. C.; Alcantara Nunez, J.; Camargo, O. Jr.; Otani, Y.; Leistenschneider, E.; Scarduelli, V. [Instituto de Fisica da Universidade de Sao Paulo, C.P. 66318, 05389-970 Sao Paulo (Brazil); Benjamim, E. A. [Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Depto. Fisica Particulas, Facultad Fisica, Campus Sur s/n 15786 Santiago de Compostela (Spain) (Spain); Moro, A. M. [Departamento de FAMN, Universidad de Sevilla, Apdo 1065, E-41080, Sevilla (Spain); Arazi, A. [Laboratorio Tandar, Departamento de Fisica, Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica, Av. del Libertador 8250, (1429), Buenos Aires (Argentina); Assuncao, M. [UNIFESP-Campus de Diadema, SP (Brazil)] (and others)




Microsoft Academic Search

THE BRASILIANO OROGENY AT THE CENTRAL SEGMENT OF RIBEIRA BELT, BRAZIL The structure of the central segment of the Ribeira belt is defined by three large thrust sheets (Lower, Intermediate and Upper) which override the autochthonous domain, towards the southern portion of the São Francisco Craton. Four lithotectonic associations are individualized within the domains: basement rocks (pré-1,8 Ga rocks); orthogneisses



Acesso ao casamento no Brasil: uma questão de cidadania sexual  

Microsoft Academic Search

R R R R Resumo esumo esumo esumo esumo: A instituição do casamento deve estar acessível a todos os cidadãos, independen- temente de sua orientação sexual, sob pena de discriminação vedada na Constituição Federal. Contribui para essa conclusão a jurisprudência que, utilizando-se da analogia, tem reconhecido uniões estáveis entre pessoas do mesmo sexo sem que para isso seja obstáculo o

Roberto Arriada Lorea



Esfingídeos (Lepidoptera, Sphingidae) do município de Beruri, Amazonas, Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

Hawkmoths were collected at District of Beruri, low river Purus, State of Amazonas in three periods September-October\\/2002, July\\/ 2003 and November-December\\/2003. A 250W mixed mercury vapor lamp was used to atract insects on a white sheet in the nights collecting periods of 12 consecutive hours. 295 specimens were collected of 46 species, and 20 genera were identified, with predominance of

Catarina da Silva Motta; Francisco Felipe Xavier-Filho




Microsoft Academic Search

The article discusses the concept of an independent central bank and investigates the existence of such independence in the case of Brazil. The empirical analysis is based on the construction of indicators that seek to evaluate the central bank's ability to resist government pressures related to the political calendar and to public budget financing. The main conclusion points to a

Marcos Holanda; Leonardo P. Freire


Desempenho de novilhos Simental alimentados com silagem de sorgo, cana-de-açúcar e palhada de arroz tratada ou não com amônia anidra  

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The performance of steers fed diets using as roughage rice straw treated with anydrous ammonia, rice straw+urea, sugar cane + urea and sorghum silage were evaluated. Sixteen PO Simental steers, averaging 400 kg initial LW, were assigned to a completely randomized design. The experiment last 88 days, 15 days of adaptation and 61 experimental days, divided in three periods of

Gláucon César Cardoso; Rasmo Garcia; Alexandre Lima de Souza; Odilon Gomes Pereira; Carlos Maurício Soares de Andrade; Aureliano José Vieira Pires; Fernando Salgado Bernardino



La telematique a l'Ecole ou de l'Obligation de repenser l'enseignement (A Telematic Network at School or the Obligation To Rethink Teaching).  

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This report summarizes 2 years of activity within the Edutex network. Launched in 1990, the Edutex initiative aimed to explore the educational possibilities and limitations of a telematic network for schools. Teachers and pupils in 20 primary and secondary classrooms in the French, Italian, and German speaking parts of Switzerland and in France…

Behrens, Matthis


Les Sciences Physiques À L'école Maternelle: Un Cadre Sociocognitif Pour La Construction Des Connaissances ET/OU LE Développement Des Activités Didactiques  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

NATURAL SCIENCES IN KINDERGARTEN: A SOCIO-COGNITIVE FRAMEWORK FOR LEARNING AND TEACHING - The present study presents a socio-cognitive framework for the construction of the scientific knowledge of natural phenomena among pre-school children and for the development of science activities at kindergarten. It involves elements from theories of social interaction; social psychology of development and cognitive functioning; and research in natural-science teaching methods which acknowledge the importance and fundamental role of social interaction in the development of cognitive operations and learning. The study also presents some of the more significant results of the research carried out on different aspects of this topic. The discussion unfolded here supports the hypothesis that the construction of natural-scientific knowledge at the pre-school age and corresponding scholastic activities are necessary and effective.

Ravanis, Konstantinos



Características de carcaça de bovinos Nelore e Caracu selecionados para peso aos 378 dias de idade recebendo alimentação restrita ou à vontade  

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The objective of this trial was to evaluate carcass traits of 56 bulls from three genetics groups averaging 18 months of age and receiving two feeding levels. Twelve bulls were slaughtered in the beginning of the study and used as reference animals. The remaining 16 genetically improved Nellore, 12 ordinary Nellore, and 16 genetically improved Caracu averaging 404, 345, and

Antonio Gesualdi Júnior; Augusto César de Queiroz; Flávio Dutra de Resende; Guilherme Fernando Alleoni; Alexander George Razook; Leopoldo Andrade de Figueiredo; Ana Cristina Ladeira de Souza Gesualdi; Edenio Detmann



(Auto)biographie contre fiction ou la valeur du témoignage dans les récits d'esclavages de Jacobs et de Stowe  

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Cette étude comparée a pour projet de souligner les différences culturelles qui existent entre deux genres littéraires de la période antebellum : les récits d'esclaves et la fiction abolitionniste. Via l'approche d'extraits de textes tirés de l'autobiographie d'Harriet Jacobs Incidents in the Life of A Slave Girl, écrite sous le pseudonyme de Linda Brent et du roman de Harriet Beecher-Stowe

Anne Garrait-Bourrier


L'observation populaire de la chute des météorites (Deux enquêtes publiques sur des chutes de météorites ou La population face à des phénomènes célestes).  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The fall of meteorites are among the most impressive celestial events for the general public. Two inquiries were hold at Strasbourg in 1955 and 1977 about two falls in order to determine the physical properties of the corresponding meteorites. The author gives some informations about the responses in function of diverse parameters like age, sexe etc. and gives copies of some typical letters. The fact that questionnaires were proposed in the newspapers makes the responses less spontaneous.

Florsch, A.


Modalités de prise de décision chez les filles et les garçons en la présence ou en l'absence de l'enseignant  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

How girls and boys take decisions in the presence and absence of a teacher - This work is part of an innovative approach to physical and sports education in Tunisia, and team sports in particular. It uses language studies carried out within the framework of this teaching both to generate a reflective attitude on the part of students, and to identify the effect of gender as a variable in the ways in which they make decisions. Discourse analysis highlights the importance of language output by girls and boys in football teaching when a teacher is present or absent. The teacher is an institutional authority who imposes specific uses of language, and when he/she is absent, emotional tensions predominate and may reflect the repression of ideas that occurs when the teacher is present. Although girls appear to take part in the discussion, their utterances are fewer in number, and their analytical statements less effective than those of boys. Girls never gain the upper hand over boys. The study also suggests a redefinition of social role divisions on the basis of gender - masculinity and femininity.

Zghibi, Makram; Sahli, Hajer; Jabri, Mohamed; Ouelhezi, Samira; Guelmemi, Noomen; Wallian, Nathalie



Magnetic Resonance Imaging versus Computed Tomography in Transient Ischemic Attack and Minor Stroke: The More ?ou See the More You Know  

PubMed Central

Background Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is proposed as the preferred imaging modality to investigate patients with transient ischemic attack (TIA). This is mainly based on a higher yield of small acute ischemic lesions; however, direct prospective comparisons are lacking. In this study, we aimed to directly compare the yield of acute ischemic lesions on MRI and computed tomography (CT) in the emergency diagnosis of suspected TIA or minor stroke. Methods Consecutive patients aged 18 years or older presenting with minor stroke (NIHSS <4) or high-risk TIA and who were examined by a stroke neurologist within 24 h of symptom onset were prospectively enrolled in the CATCH study. Patients who had undergone both a baseline CT and an MRI within 24 h of symptom onset were included in this substudy. Baseline MRI and CT were interpreted independently to identify an acute ischemic lesion. The rates of acute ischemic lesions on CT and MRI were compared, and the volume of acute ischemic lesions was measured on MRI. In addition, the volume of acute ischemic lesions on MRI was compared between patients who had evidence of acute ischemia on CT and in those who did not. Results A total of 347 patients were included, 168 with TIAs, 147 with minor strokes and 32 with a final diagnosis of a mimic. Acute ischemic lesions were detected in 39% of TIAs by using MRI versus 8% by using CT (p < 0.0001) and in 86% of minor strokes by using MRI versus 18% by using CT (p < 0.0001). Compared to MRI, CT had a sensitivity of 20% and a specificity of 98% in identifying an acute ischemic lesion. The infarct volume on diffusion-weighted MRI was larger in cases where the CT also showed an acute ischemic lesion (median 5.07 ml, IQR 10) as compared to lesions seen only on MRI (median 0.68 ml, IQR 1.31, p < 0.0001). Conclusion MRI is superior to CT in detecting the small ischemic lesions occurring after TIA and minor stroke. Since these lesions are clinically relevant, MRI should be the preferred imaging modality in this setting.

Moreau, Francois; Asdaghi, Negar; Modi, Jayesh; Goyal, Mayank; Coutts, Shelagh B.



Colleges and Rural and Remote Communities: Challenge and Opportunity = Les colleges de collectivites rurales ou eloignees: Les defis et les perspectives d'avenir.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This issue of College Canada looks at the challenges confronting Canada's rural community colleges. Topics addressed in the issue include information technology and community colleges, public policy for rural community colleges, and educational partnerships. Articles include: (1) "Gather 'Round, Let's Talk... Anchoring the Community College in…

Malcolmson, Lorna, Ed.



Isolation and molecular identification of actinomycete microflora, of some saharian soils of south east Algeria (Biskra, EL-Oued and Ourgla) study of antifungal activity of isolated strains  

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As part of a research program whose aim is to identify new antifungal metabolites from rare actinomycetes, three Saharan soils from south east Algeria were analyzed. Twenty-seven (27) strains of actinomycetes were isolated and tested for their antifungal activity. The soil from the region of Biskra gave the highest number of actinomycetes, i.e. 52% versus 18% and 30% for the

A. Boudemagh; M. Kitouni; F. Boughachiche; H. Hamdiken; L. Oulmi; S. Reghioua; H. Zerizer; A. Couble; D. Mouniee; A. Boulahrouf; P. Boiron



Maturation syntaxique chez le jeune enfant (9-36 mois): Continuite ou rupture (Syntactic Maturation in the Young Child [9-36 Months]: Continuity or Rupture)?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article deals with an important question in the area of developmental psycholinguistics. It studies the conditions for a presyntactcic utterance to become a "canonical sentence" or "canonical utterance" at the stage of the two-word combinations. Two main points are highlighted: (1) how a prelinguistic utterance between 9-12 months of age can…

Konopczynski, Gabrielle



"Le Petit Prince" ou la bonne pedagogie: Une analyse semiotique des structures didactiques ("The Little Prince" or Good Teaching: A Semiotic Analysis of Didactic Structures).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Saint-Exupery's story, "The Little Prince," is analyzed from the point of view of the structures through which the author wishes to inspire and instruct the reader. The use of disguised didactic discourse and the manipulation of words toward this end are examined. (MSE)

Kaminskas, Jurate



Du management à la gouvernance ou la permanente réinvention de l’eau tiède (From management to governance the endless process of reinventing the wheel)  

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Le management est l’art de diriger efficacement une organisation en vue d’atteindre les effets désirés avec le minimum de gaspillage. Outre la rationalisation, cela nécessite du charisme : un manager extrait de l’angoisse de son organisation et y instille de l’enthousiasme. Ainsi défini, et contrairement à une idée reçue, le management n’est pas né dans l’Amérique des années 1920. Il




Tomorrow's Families: Triumph of the Individual or Sharing the Caring? (Les familles de demain: Triomphe de l'individu ou partage des soins a donner?).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This theme issue of the Canadian newsletter "Transitions" in both English and French explores the question of the future of families in a period of broken marriages, difficult times, and an obsession with individual success and materialism. "Families of the Future: New Ways to Do the Same Old Things," summarizes the findings of Canada's…

Theilheimer, Ish, Ed.



Évaluation de la mobilité des métaux dans les sédiments fluviaux du bassin de la Vire (Normandie, France) par extractions simples ou séquentielles  

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This work compares the quantities of labile metals removed from the Vire River (Normandy) sediments by a sequential extraction procedure to those liberated by single leaches (Mg(NO3)2, HCl and EDTA). Compared to the other extractions, Mg(NO3)2 underestimated the mobility results. The sequential procedure was the most aggressive, except for Ca and Pb. The hypothetic correlation between quantities of an element

Lydia Leleyter; Fabienne Baraud



Évaluation de la mobilité des métaux dans les sédiments fluviaux du bassin de la Vire (Normandie, France) par extractions simples ou séquentielles  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This work compares the quantities of labile metals removed from the Vire River (Normandy) sediments by a sequential extraction procedure to those liberated by single leaches (Mg(NO 3) 2, HCl and EDTA). Compared to the other extractions, Mg(NO 3) 2 underestimated the mobility results. The sequential procedure was the most aggressive, except for Ca and Pb. The hypothetic correlation between quantities of an element removed by single leaches and its fractionation in the sediment according to the sequential procedure was not satisfying. Finally, it should be underlined that enrichments of Cd, Pb and Zn were noticed in the Vire sediments. To cite this article: L. Leleyter, F. Baraud, C. R. Geoscience 337 (2005).

Leleyter, Lydia; Baraud, Fabienne



Après le bac professionnel ou technologique : la poursuite d'études jusqu'à bac + 2 et sa rentabilité salariale en début de vie active  

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[fre] Le rendement salarial que les bacheliers professionnels et technologiques peuvent attendre de la poursuite de leurs études dépend de leur réussite, incertaine, au diplôme de niveau bac + 2. Le calcul de ce rendement est fondé sur le supplément de salaire que pourraient escompter ces bacheliers, compte tenu de leurs caractéristiques individuelles, s'ils poursuivaient leurs études en cas de

Stéphanie Moullet



Le rôle de l'analyse économique dans la planification de l'affectation des terres aux usagers agricoles ou aux usagers urbains  

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[eng] It has been shown that agriculture has little chance of survival in areas where urban development has a strong potential ; that restrictions on the use of land have economic implications both in rural and urban areas ; the market forces alone cannot be expected to solve land use problems in peri-urban areas. It is in this context that

Aage Walter-Jorgensen




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The methods applied for the evaluation of antibacterial and antiparasitary activities rely in the first stage on in vitro tests. But some difficulties arise and some extracts active in vitro have no or quite no in vivo activity whereas some plants generally used for microbial or parasitary affections do not present any in vitro activity. The methodological approach has to


Time series geophysical monitoring of permanganate injections and in situ chemical oxidation of PCE, OU1 area, Savage Superfund Site, Milford, NH, USA.  


In situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) treatment with sodium permanganate, an electrically conductive oxidant, provides a strong electrical signal for tracking of injectate transport using time series geophysical surveys including direct current (DC) resistivity and electromagnetic (EM) methods. Effective remediation is dependent upon placing the oxidant in close contact with the contaminated aquifer. Therefore, monitoring tools that provide enhanced tracking capability of the injectate offer considerable benefit to guide subsequent ISCO injections. Time-series geophysical surveys were performed at a superfund site in New Hampshire, USA over a one-year period to identify temporal changes in the bulk electrical conductivity of a tetrachloroethylene (PCE; also called tetrachloroethene) contaminated, glacially deposited aquifer due to the injection of sodium permanganate. The ISCO treatment involved a series of pulse injections of sodium permanganate from multiple injection wells within a contained area of the aquifer. After the initial injection, the permanganate was allowed to disperse under ambient groundwater velocities. Time series geophysical surveys identified the downward sinking and pooling of the sodium permanganate atop of the underlying till or bedrock surface caused by density-driven flow, and the limited horizontal spread of the sodium permanganate in the shallow parts of the aquifer during this injection period. When coupled with conventional monitoring, the surveys allowed for an assessment of ISCO treatment effectiveness in targeting the PCE plume and helped target areas for subsequent treatment. PMID:22459605

Harte, Philip T; Smith, Thor E; Williams, John H; Degnan, James R



Time series geophysical monitoring of permanganate injections and in situ chemical oxidation of PCE, OU1 area, Savage Superfund Site, Milford, NH, USA  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) treatment with sodium permanganate, an electrically conductive oxidant, provides a strong electrical signal for tracking of injectate transport using time series geophysical surveys including direct current (DC) resistivity and electromagnetic (EM) methods. Effective remediation is dependent upon placing the oxidant in close contact with the contaminated aquifer. Therefore, monitoring tools that provide enhanced tracking capability of the injectate offer considerable benefit to guide subsequent ISCO injections. Time-series geophysical surveys were performed at a superfund site in New Hampshire, USA over a one-year period to identify temporal changes in the bulk electrical conductivity of a tetrachloroethylene (PCE; also called tetrachloroethene) contaminated, glacially deposited aquifer due to the injection of sodium permanganate. The ISCO treatment involved a series of pulse injections of sodium permanganate from multiple injection wells within a contained area of the aquifer. After the initial injection, the permanganate was allowed to disperse under ambient groundwater velocities. Time series geophysical surveys identified the downward sinking and pooling of the sodium permanganate atop of the underlying till or bedrock surface caused by density-driven flow, and the limited horizontal spread of the sodium permanganate in the shallow parts of the aquifer during this injection period. When coupled with conventional monitoring, the surveys allowed for an assessment of ISCO treatment effectiveness in targeting the PCE plume and helped target areas for subsequent treatment.

Harte, Philip T.; Smith, Thor E.; Williams, John H.; Degnan, James R.



Du texte au texte: Ou l'on dit ce qu'il faut faire (From Text to Text: Where One Is Told What to Do).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A variety of authentic materials drawn from explanatory texts or offering instructions for performing some daily or common task are presented, and classroom activities for building foreign language competence based on the materials are outlined. (MSE)

Bertocchini, Paola; Costanzo, Edwige



Étude de la colonisation par des ostéoblastes humains de métaux poreux à base de nitinol ou de tantale dans un modèle de culture cellulaire tridimensionnelle  

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Acting as scaffolds for cell spreading and new tissue ingrowth once implanted into living tissues, porous materials have been used for several years for reconstructive surgery. In the field of dentistry and orthopedics, the biomechanical requirements for the implants have lead to an extensive use of biocompatible alloys. However, in a solid form these alloys have always exhibited inadequate fixative

A.-C. Maurin; R. Fromental; D. Cantaloube; R. Caterini



Qu’en est-il du sentiment de guérison chez le jeune adulte atteint d’un cancer dans l’enfance ou dans l’adolescence ?  

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Résumé  Une étude du sentiment de guérison à distance d’un cancer traité avant l’âge de 15 ans a été conduite, au cours d’entretiens\\u000a semi-directifs menés par la psychologue, chez 25 jeunes gens de 18 à 31 ans médicalement guéris, recrutés à l’occasion d’une\\u000a consultation de suivi avec le même oncopédiatre référent 8 à 20 ans après le diagnostic. Les traces ineffaçables

M. Delage; J.-M. Zucker



Pour Savoir ou vous en etes. Evaluez vous-meme vos connaissances (Knowing Where You Are. Evaluate Your Knowledge by Yourself).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A form is presented for language teacher self-evaluation concerning attitudes and knowledge about learning theories, general linguistics, sociolinguistics, pragmatics, discourse analysis, teaching methodology, the communicative approach, class activities, class management, instructional support, and evaluation. (MSE)

Aiello, Angelo; And Others



Rifting actif ou passif en Éthiopie ? éléments de réponse apportés par l'étude des xénolites péridotitiques de la région du lac Tana  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The comparative study of peridotitic xenoliths from Oligocene and Quaternary volcanic formations of north-western Ethiopia shows that the textural, mineralogical, thermal and geochemical characteristics of the lithospheric mantle of this region were acquired in Oligocene times. These data suggest that the impinging of the Afar plume beneath the Ethiopian lithosphere occurred prior to the traps emplacement and the Plio-Quaternary rifting. This favours a model of active rifting for the Afar triple junction.

Roger, Stéphan; Pik, Raphaël; Dautria, Jean-Marie; Coulon, Christian; Yirgu, Gezahegn; Ayalew, Dereje; Legros, Pascale



Quelles sont les motivations des départs à la retraite en Europe : situation personnelle, familiale, professionnelle, ou rôle de la protection sociale ?  

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L'objectif de cette recherche consiste à appréhender le processus de départ à la retraite des seniors et de mieux comprendre les différences entre les pays européens, au regard des différentes dimensions - individuelle, familiale, professionnelle, et institutionnelle - qui sont susceptibles d'influencer l'offre de travail. Pour cela, nous utilisons les données longitudinales de l'enquête SHARE (2004-2006) complétées par des séries

Thierry Debrand; Nicolas Sirven



Image et Langage, ou Comment ne pas Parler avec des Images (Image and Language, or How Not to Speak with Images)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article discusses the relationship of the audiovisual method to the instruction of French, especially the audiovisual image as a sign which encourages cognitive development an therefore linguistic development. (Text is in French.) (AM)

Jacquinot, Genevieve



Étayer les relations parents–enfants en groupe de jeux quand l’enfant souffre d’autisme ou de troubles envahissants du développement  

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The process of one's body mental integration depends notably on the quality of the first cares given to him\\/her in the beginning of his\\/her life in a reciprocal game of solicitations in his\\/her mothering surrounding. However, in autism and pervasive development disorders, the solicitations coming from the child are difficult to translate by parents. Then the sufferance of some parents

C. Bopp-Limoge; M. Pegliasco; L. Morgenthaler; V. Pascal



Aeration of cattle slurry at low or high temperature in finish climate. Aération du lisier bovin à basse ou haute température en climat finlandais  

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The farms can produce up to 2 500 m 3 of slurry in Finnish climate with 7-9 months indoor feeding period the slurry must be spread as fertilizer in May or June onto grass if the cultivation of cereal is unprofitable. The hygienization in an individual farm has been done as farm size scale both at low temperature or at

Helvi Heinonen-Tanski



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Os Estados-membros do Mercosul ratificam, ao longo do século passado, os principais Convênios da Organização Internacional do Trabalho (OIT), referentes às normas trabalhistas; direitos sociais do trabalho; direitos fundamentais no trabalho; e políticas de emprego e de mercado de trabalho. Dessa maneira, as políticas ativas de mercado de trabalho, postas em prática pelos quatro países da região, vêm acompanhando as

Maria Cristina Cacciamali


Etude de l'effet de la température de dépôt ou de recuit sur la formation de l'interface Au\\/GaSb(100) par diffraction d'électrons lents et spectroscopies d'électrons Auger ou de pertes d'énergies  

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Auger electron spectroscopy (AES), energy electron loss spectroscopy (EELS) and low energy electron diffraction (LEED) are used to precise the interaction of gold with GaSb(100) surfaces grown on GaSb substrates by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). After the growth, the GaSb layers, produced in the laboratory, were transferred by the mean of an ultra vacuum lock chamber, into an other ultra

M. Rouanet; W. Oueini; M. Nouaoura; N. Bertru; J. Bonnet; L. Lassabatere



Statistics of Students Aborad, 1962-68: Where They Go, Where They Come From, What They Study. Statistiques des etudiants a l'etranger, 1962-1968: Ou vont-ils? D'ou viennet-ils? Qu'etudient-ils?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This volume, an analysis of international trends in student exchange programs, is presented in two parts. Part One contains the actual analysis, supplemented by an annex of tables which summarize world and regional trends. Part Two contains "country tables" for 151 countries and territories in which students abroad are presented according to (a)…

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, Paris (France).



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The Canine Visceral Leishmaniasis is a worldwide distributed zoonosis caused by protozoa of the genus Leishmania and Leishmania chagasi is the causal agent of the disease in Brazil. The transmission between vertebrate hosts occurs through the bite of a phlebotomine, whose main representative in the country is the Lutzomyia longipalpis. The disease has been described in some cities, presenting important




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The aim of this paper is to analyze the competitive ness of the sugar cane industry in Brazil and in Paraná. The Paraná state occupies the second position in productivity and in the total production of the sector, reason why this paper ana lyzes the competitiveness of the complex and its evolution in Brazil and in Paraná between 1 990



Peso Adulto de Matrizes em Rebanhos de Seleção da Raça Nelore no Brasil 1  

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The main objective of this work was to evaluate the Nellore breed in Brazil with respect to the phenotypic and genetic variation of the mature size of cows. The observations were taken from 34 herds of eleven different beef cattle product ion regions in the country. There were considered cows of the horned and polled varieties, raised on pastures, from

Nascimento Rosa; Henrique Nunes de Oliveira; Luiz Antonio; Framartino Bezerra



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Este trabalho é resultado de uma investigação sobre a ação dos órgãos oficiais de Assistência Técnica e Extensão rural (ATER) no nordeste brasileiro, com o objetivo avaliar as ações dos mesmos visando a implementação da nova Política Nacional de ATER (PNATER), na região como referência para o país. Ela contemplou os Estados de Bahia, Pernambuco, Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte,

José Ribamar; Furtado de Souza


Relación entre turismo, género y sexo. El caso de Buzios - Brasil  

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The relationship between sex and tourism has followed different paths starting from the Gay \\/ Lesbian friendly market to nudist tourism or prostitution. Not withstanding, there are sill few initiatives to stop this kind of tourism that brings with its huge social problems and scandalizes the public opinion. This is probably due to the fact that from an historic point

Juana A. Norrild



Planificación urbana versus autoregulación: la ciudad de Fortaleza (Brasil) como tablero de juego de diferentes agentes  

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Fortaleza es una ciudad relativamente jóven en cuanto a su importancia como metrópoli regional, caracterizándose sobre todo en las últimas décadas por una muy fuerte dinámica demográfica, económica y política. En este contexto el espacio urbano se ha convertido en una mercancía de alto costo, disputada entre los intereses contradictorios de compañías influentes, especuladores inmobiliarios, políticos y el resto de

Waltraud Rosner; Ulli Vilsmaier



Karyotype composition of some rodents and marsupials from Chapada Diamantina (Bahia, Brasil).  


The Chapada Diamantina (CD) is located in Bahia State, between 11-14 degrees S and 41-43 degrees W, being part of the Serra do Espinhaço. The occurrence of different habitats and transition areas permits an interesting mammal fauna composition, with species from different biomes living in sympatry. Species of Didelphimorphia and Rodentia are important members of mammal communities in almost all different habitats, and morphological and cytogenetic characters are important for a correct identification of most of these species. In this work 258 specimens of small mammals from the orders Didelphimorphia (six genera and six species) and Rodentia (two families, five Sigmodontinae tribes, nine genera and 11 species) were collected during the whole field work (44 nights with traps). Chromosome preparations were obtained from 145 specimens from the species: Marmosops incanus, Gracilinanus microtarsus, Monodelphis domestica, Akodon aff. cursor, Necromys lasiurus, Cerradomys sp., Oligoryzomys fornesi, O. nigripes, O. rupestris, Calomys expulsus, Rhipidomys macrurus, Wiedomys pyrrhorhinus and Thrichomys inermis. Didelphis albiventris, Micoureus demerarae, Thylamys karymii and Nectomys sp. were identified by morphological characters. Most analyzed specimens do not show karyotype variation. However, numerical chromosomic variation was found in two individuals of Akodon aff. cursor (2n = 15) and in one individual of Cerradomys sp. (2n = 51). Structural variation in karyotype was observed in seven individuals of Cerradomys sp., showing one additional pair of metacentric chromosomes. PMID:18094834

Pereira, L G; Geise, L




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É notória a crescente importância das medidas técnicas, sanitárias e fitossanitárias às exportações brasileiras de produtos agrícolas, tais como: certificação de origem, avaliação de conformidade, normas e procedimentos técnicos, etc. Essas medidas têm sido formalizadas em notificações aos acordos TBT e SPS da OMC, vigentes desde 1995. Cabe ressaltar, no entanto, que essas medidas podem servir como barreiras protecionistas quando

Braulio Martins Bueno; Orlando Monteiro da Silva



Transferencias entre gobiernos y representación política: elementos empíricos de juicio de Argentina, Brasil y México  

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(Disponible en idioma inglés únicamente) En los países en desarrollo, las transferencias entre gobiernos desde el nivel central son una fuente importante de ingresos para la mayoría de los gobiernos subnacionales. Y es probable que su importancia aumente aún más, si se toman en cuenta las iniciativas de descentralización en América Latina y otras regiones. En este trabajo se investiga

Moritz Kraemer




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Changes in the shape of characteristic spectral profile of soybean are associated with the development conditions of plants, especially meteorological and management. The objective of this study was to analyze the differences among spectral profiles taken on different producer regions of soybean in the southern of Brazil. The biomass monitoring, done from September 1999 to March 2000, was made using

E. Weber; L. A. Guasselli


Nova espécie de Pimelodus (Siluriformes, Pimelodidae) dos rios Tapajós e Tocantins, Brasil  

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A new species of Pimelodus (Siluriformes, Pimelodidae) from Tapajós and Tocantins rivers, Brazil. Pimelodus tetramerus sp. nov. differs from the other species of Pimelodus Lacepède by its typical coloration, with four dark stripes on the sides of the body, the most dorsal beginning just behind the pre-dorsal plate and finishing at the end of the adipose-fin base; the second, wider

Frank Raynner V. Ribeiro; Carlos Alberto S. de Lucena



Ceramica avancada no Brasil: estagio atual e perspectivas. (Advanced ceramics in Brazil: actual stage and perspectives).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The development of advanced ceramics in Brazil, the perspectives of the world and Brazilian markets, the raw materials, the equipments for industry and research, the human resources, and the disposable technology, are presented. The researches on advanced...

E. D. Zanotto



Esquistossomose em área de ecoturismo do Estado de Minas Gerais, Brasil  

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This paper discusses schistosomiasis transmis- sion in São José da Serra, a village with a popula- tion of 500 in the county of Jaboticatubas, Minas Gerais State, Brazil. The area receives thousands of visitors a year for ecotourism. The study was motivated by a case of acute schistosomiasis in- volving a couple that spent the 2007 Carnival (Mardi Gras) holiday

Cristiano Lara Massara; Graciela Larissa Amaral; Roberta Lima Caldeira; Sandra Costa Drummond; Martin Johannes Enk; Omar dos Santos Carvalho



Comunidade de Carabidae (Coleoptera) em manchas florestais no Pantanal, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil  

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Carabid community (Coleoptera) in forest patches in Pantanal, State of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. This work addresses the effects of the size, flooding susceptibility and vegetation complexity on ground beetles community structure (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in forest patches (capões) in the sub-regions Miranda and Abobral of the Pantanal, State of Mato Grosso do Sul. Thirty pitfall traps were run for

Letícia Vieira; Frederico S. Lopes; Wedson D. Fernandes; Josué Raizer



Análise de programas de preservação da audição em quatro indústrias metalúrgicas de Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brasil  

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This study analyzes noise control programs in four metallurgical factories in Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil. From 1997 to 2001, 741 workers were examined and the programs were analyzed based on workers' profiles (2,270 audiometric exams) and documents on hearing preservation programs. 41% of workers presented hearing loss (mean age 42.3; mean years of work 16.7). 104 workers with more than

Cláudia Giglio de Oliveira Gonçalves; Aparecida Mari Iguti




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The flood plain of Paraná river problably mantain, one of the last considerable populations of neotropical big cats, represented by jaguar (Panthera onca) and puma (Puma concolor). Large felids depend on the landscape to obtain food and habitat. Fire is a huge natural agent that can change the landscape, modifying flora and fauna species. In the Ilha Grande National Park,

Kauê Cachuba de Abreu; Letícia de Paulo Koproski; Ângela Márcia Kuczach; Pedro Chaves de Camargo; Tiago Giarola Boscarato



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2, 4 RESUMO: Acritarcos anormais são indivíduos portadores de anomalias morfológicas e que são encontrados em diversos níveis ao longo da série siluriana, mas particularmente abundantes dentro do limite Llandovery\\/Wenlock. São poucos os trabalhos que fazem referências a acritarcos anormais. Na primeira citação foi descrito um Veryhachium europaeum \\



Anatomia foliar de bromélias ocorrentes em áreas de cerrado do Estado de São Paulo, Brasil1  

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Leaf anatomy of bromeliads from the cerrado of São Paulo State, Brazil). Our aim was to indicate typical features of Bromeliaceae as well as possible adaptive features found in cerrado species. We studied the leaves of five Bromelioideae, seven Tillandsioideae and one Pitcairnoideae. Usually the stomata of Bromelioideae are located only on the abaxial leaf surface, there is epidermal and

Suzana Lúcia Proença


12 item allodynia symptom checklist/Brasil: cross-cultural adaptation, internal consistency and reproducibility.  


Since there was no Portuguese questionnaire to evaluate cutaneous allodynia, which has been pointed out as a risk factor of migraine, we aimed to perform the cross-cultural adaptation of the 12 item Allodynia Symptom Checklist for the Brazilian population and to test its measurement properties. It consisted in six stages: translation, synthesis, back translation, revision by a specialist committee, pretest and submission the documents to the committee. In the pretest stage, the questionnaire was applied to 30 migraineurs of both sexes, who had some difficulty in understanding it. Thus, a second version was applied to 30 additional subjects, with no difficulties being reported. The mean filling out time was 3'36", and the internal consistency was 0.76. To test reproducibility, 15 other subjects filled out the questionnaire at two different times, it was classified as moderate (weighted kappa=0.58). We made available to Brazilian population an easy, quick and reliable questionnaire. PMID:23175197

Florencio, Lidiane Lima; Chaves, Thais Cristina; Branisso, Lívia B; Gonçalves, Maria Cláudia; Dach, Fabíola; Speciali, José Geraldo; Bigal, Marcelo Eduardo; Bevilaqua-Grossi, Débora




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In the two last decades, in many countries of Latin America, a renaissance of the agrarian politics was verified. These had been implemented, almost always, in the context of the programs of combat to the poverty and promotion of the agricultural development. In this situation it fits to mention the system of land lease, sufficiently used in some latin and

Patrícia José de Almeida


Efeito cicatrizante e atividade antibacteriana da Calendula officinalis L. cultivada no Brasil  

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Healing effect and antibacterial activity of Calendula officinalis L. cultivated in Brazil. Since ancient history medicinal properties are attributed to flowers of Calendula officinalis L. (Asteraceae), mainly concerning its healing activity. Studies about the general activity of medicinal plants in healing wounds have been conducted without specifying in which healing phase the plant acts. In this work, the anti-inflammatory and

Patologia Geral


USO E ABUSO DE DROGAS PSICOTRÓPICAS NO BRASIL Use and abuse psychotrophics drugs in Brazil  

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The author describes the studies performed by CEBRID on the drugs consumptiom in the country, commenting the main results, with emphasis in the surveys among students and the 1 st household survey in São Paulo's State.

José Carlos Fernandes Galduróz; Aldous Huxley


[The nursing administration scientific publications in Brasil since 1947 until 1972].  


The Nursing Administration was added to the Nursing Undergraduation Curriculum when the evidence of this need came clear to the brazilian nurses. The main objective of the present investigation is to describe the history pathway of scientific productions about Nursing Administration to evidence the special points of this history, intended to contribute to the understanding of the sequence of their productions and the utilization of this concepts in the administration nursing practice. The study referred from 1947 to 1972, by the searching in the electronic nursing scientific publications data base named--PERIENF. The results were 19 indications submitted to a thematic analysis treatment. This procedure reveals that since the forties the nurses were conscious of the difficulties they had experimented in their administration performance, growing up to the inclusion of this theme in the undergraduate courses and demonstrating its organization until the definition of the "Curriculo Mínimo do Curso de Enfermagem e Obstetricia" in 1972, granting a special place of this discipline. PMID:16334196

Martins, Elaine Guimarães; Sanna, Maria Cristina



Abertura Financeira e Vulnerabilidade Externa na América Latina: os impactos sobre Brasil, México e Argentina  

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Resumo: Este trabalho, na primeira seção, define o que costuma ser entendido como um processo de abertura financeira, identifica os níveis que compõem este processo, e lista as principais justificativas teóricas costumeiramente apresentadas para a implementação deste tipo de política. Na segunda seção, discute-se teoricamente o impacto dos processos de liberalização financeira na autonomia de política econômica e no grau

Juan Pablo Painceira; Marcelo Dias Carcanholo


Consideracoes Historicas sobre o Ensino Profissionalizante no Brasil (Historical Considerations about Professional Education in Brazil).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Analyzes the paths taken in professional education in Brazil from the colonial period until the formation of the republic. Refers to specialists as well as specific laws for each period described in the study. (BT)

Barros, Marta Silene Ferreira



Situation Reports--Brasil, Cambodia, Fiji, Malaysia (West), Thailand, and Uganda.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Data relating to population and family planning in six foreign countries are presented in these situation reports. Countries included are Brazil, Cambodia, Fiji, Malaysia (West), Thailand, and Uganda. Information is provided, where appropriate and available, under two topics, general background and family planning situation. General background…

International Planned Parenthood Federation, London (England).



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This paper evaluates the contribution of cash transfer programmes to the observed fall in inequality in Brazil between 1995 and 2004 as well as its impact on poverty. We use the 2004 Brazilian National Household Survey (PNAD) that for the first time collected data on the incidence of some of the cash transfer programmes. We develop a methodology to separate

Fabio Veras Soares; Sergei Soares; Marcelo Medeiros; Rafael Guerreiro Osório




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List of mammals from Santa Catarina State, southern Brazil. The mammal fauna from Santa Catarina State, southern Brazil, is one of the least known of the country. Works on terrestrial mammals are scarce and new species of aquatic mammals have been registered in the last years. For that reason, a commented list of the mammals of Santa Catarina based on

Jorge J. Cherem; Paulo C. Simões-Lopes; Sérgio Althoff; Maurício E. Graipel; Servidão Adélia; C. Cherem



Baixo peso ao nascer em duas coortes de base populacional no Sul do Brasil  

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Low birthweight infants (under 2500 g) are much more likely to have severe diseases or die in the first year of life. This study's objective was to compare occurrence of low birthweight, preterm births, and intrauterine growth retardation in two cohorts born in the years 1982 and 1993 in Pelotas, Southern Brazil. All hospital births (corresponding to over 99% of

Bernardo L. Horta; Fernando C. Barros; Ricardo Halpern; Cesar G. Victora



Sugestões para o uso do mini-exame do estado mental no Brasil  

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RESUMO - Modificações no mini-exame do estado mental (MEM) foram sugeridas anteriormente em nosso meio. Neste artigo relatamos sugestões para aplicação uniforme deste instrumento. Método: Avaliamos 433 indivíduos saudáveis sem queixas de memória através do MEM tendo seu desempenho sido avaliado quanto às variáveis demográficas. As modificações propostas foram detalhadamente descritas. Resultados: A escolaridade foi o principal fator que influenciou

Sonia M. D. Brucki; Ricardo Nitrini; Paulo Caramelli; Paulo H. F. Bertolucci; Ivan H. Okamoto




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While in the social and in the ethical realms the Cardoso administration was successful, its economic outcomes were frustrating. In this administration's eight years the investment rate did not increase and income per capita growth lagged, while the public debt and the foreign debt increased substantially. This poor economic performance may be explained by three chained causes: a mistake in

Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira


Mortalidade precoce por doenças do coração no brasil. Comparação com outros países  

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Objetivo - Comparar a mortalidade por doenças do coração e pela doença coronária (DC) nas faixas etárias dos 45 aos 64 anos, no período 1984-87, em capitais bra- sileiras com outros países. Métodos - Foram utilizadas as estatísticas oficiais de mortalidade de 8 capitais com boa qualidade de informa- ção: Belém, Recife, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Ja- neiro, São

Paulo Andrade Lotufo



The Research Program at RIBRAS (Radioactive Ion Beams in Brasil)-III  

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A part of the research program developed in the RIBRAS facility over the last four years is presented. Experiments using radioactive secondary beams of light exotic nuclei such as {sup 6}He, {sup 7}Be, {sup 8}Li on several targets have been performed. Elastic angular distributions have been analysed by the Optical Model and four body Continuous Discretized Coupled Channels Calculations (4b-CDCC) and the total reaction cross sections have been obtained. A comparison between the reaction cross sections of {sup 6}He and other stable projectiles with medium-heavy targets was performed. Measurements of the proton transfer reaction {sup 12}C({sup 8}Li,{sup 9}Be){sup 11}B are also presented.

Lichtenthaeler, R.; Lepine-Szily, A.; Guimaraes, V.; Faria, P. N. de; Mendes, D. R. Jr; Pires, K. C. C.; Morcelle, V.; Barioni, A.; Morais, M. C.; Pampa Condori, R. [Instituto de Fisica da USP, Sao Paulo, Brazil, C.P. 66318, 05314-970 (Brazil); Assuncao, M. [Departamento de Ciencias Exatas e da Terra, Unifesp, Campus de Diadema, Sao Paulo (Brazil); Moro, A. M. [Departamento de FAMN, Universidad de Sevilla, Apdo. 1065, E-41080, Sevilla (Spain); Rodriguez-Gallardo, M. [Departamento de FAMN, Universidad de Sevilla, Apdo. 1065, E-41080, Sevilla (Spain); Instituto de Estructura de la Materia, CSIC, Serrano 123, E-28006 Madrid (Spain); Arazi, A. [Laboratorio TANDAR, Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica (Argentina)



Desigualdades geográficas e sociais na utilização de serviços de saúde no Brasil  

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Health care service consumption is related not only to need and individuals' behav- ior, but also to factors associated to the supply side of health care market. The new Brazilian Constitution (1988) established the Unified Health Care System (SUS) which is based on universal access to health care services. The sys- tem was implemented in 1990. The principle of equity

Cláudia Travassos; Francisco Viacava; Cristiano Fernandes; Célia Maria Almeida



Microcystins (cyanobacteria hepatotoxins) bioaccumulation in fish and crustaceans from Sepetiba Bay (Brasil, RJ)  

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Blooms of cyanobacteria in water bodies cause serious environmental problems and the occurrence of toxic strains are also related with the human health. Aquatic animals could bioaccumulate microcystins (cyanobacteria hepatotoxins) and so, beyond water, the ingestion of contaminated food represents a human health risk. Recently, WHO recommended a maximum concentration of microcystins (MCYSTs) in drinking water and established the tolerable

V. F. Magalhaes; M. M. Marinho; P. Domingos; A. C. Oliveira; S. M. Costa; L. O. Azevedo; S. M. F. O. Azevedo



Rickettsioses emergentes e reemergentes numa região endêmica do Estado de Minas Gerais, Brasil  

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This article describes a serological survey for rickettsiosis in the county of Novo Cruzeiro, Minas Gerais State, Brazil, in 1998, testing schoolchildren and dogs. Sera included 331 samples from schoolchildren from an endemic area and 142 samples from schoolchildren from a non-endemic area in the county. All children examined were healthy and had not reported clini- cal symptoms of Brazilian

Márcio A. M. Galvão; Joel A. Lamounier; Elido Bonomo; Margarete S. Tropia; Eliane G. Rezende; Simone B. Calic; Chequer B. Chamone; Mirtes C. Machado; Márcia E. A. Otoni; Romário C. Leite; Camila Caram; Cláudio L. Mafra; David H. Walker



Eunotiaceae (Bacillariophyceae) em igarapés da Amazônia Central, Manaus e Presidente Figueiredo, Brasil  

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RESUMO Estudos florísticos e taxonômicos envolvendo diatomáceas são escassos para a região amazônica. As publicações existentes incluem registros de diatomáceas da Amazônia brasileira, do Equador, da Colômbia e do Peru e comumente mostram que Eunotia e Actinella (Eunotiaceae) são gêneros bem representados nessa região. A maioria dos igarapés amazônicos costuma apresentar potencial hidrogeniônico (pH) ácido, característica aquática que promove o

Fernanda Ferrari; Letícia Knechtel Procopiak; Yamile Benaion Alencar; Thelma Alvim Veiga Ludwig



Mapeamento dos ambientes aquáticos e da cobertura da terra na Bacia do Rio Purus, Amazonas, Brasil  

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The present work aims to map and characterize the aquatic environments and the ways of use and occupancy of land along the basin of purus river. To implement this work were used images of optical sensor TM \\/ satellite Landsat 5. The software was used SPRING. the floodplain covers an area of 22,184 km2. The lakes dendritic present the largest

Alberto Furtado; Martins Junior



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Background After hearing about the reproducible and excellent results of the Ponseti method for clubfoot treatment, a group of Brazilian orthopaedic surgeons organized and participated in a standardized national program to teach the Ponseti technique in 21 different cities across Brazil. Methods A total of 21 Ponseti symposiums were organized in a standard fashion from January, 2007 to December, 2008. They consisted of a two-day program with lectures, hands-on cast application, and discussion of local clinical cases presented by orthopaedic surgeons. Thirteen Brazilian orthopaedic surgeons, who had been trained by the University of Iowa or centers recognized by them, taught the method. Financial support for travel was provided by an English charity: La Vida (Vital Investment for Developing Aid in Latin America). The physicians who attended the symposiums answered questionnaires before and after the training. Results About 7% of the 8000 orthopaedic surgeons in Brazil (556 orthopaedic surgeons) were trained. These orthopaedic surgeons stated that they had treated about 4905 babies in the previous year via other methods, including extensive surgery. Seventeen percent of the surgeons did not know about the Ponseti technique at the start of the symposium. Eighty-eight percent reported they felt able to treat children with the Ponseti technique after the symposium. Ninety-four percent of respondents reported that the symposium changed their way of treating clubfoot Conclusions These Ponseti symposiums brought about an exchange of medical information and empowered the participants. This program is a good educational tool which can be used in eradicating neglected clubfoot in Brazil.

Nogueira, Monica Paschoal; Pereira, Julio Cesar Rodrigues; Duarte, Paulo Schiavom; Lourenco, Alexandre; Tedesco, Ana Paula; Ferreira, Laura Alves; Forlin, Edilson; Volpi, Reinaldo; Violante, Francisco; Brandao, Gilberto; Novaes, Eduardo; Zabeu, Jose Luis Amin; Kim, Jung Ho; Aguiar, Carlos; Merlotti, Maria Henriqueta Renno



Brasil: Novo Desafio a Saude do Adulto (Brazil: The New Challenge of Adult Health).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The study focuses on the problems which the Brazilian health system will face in coming decades as the population gets older, and as chronic and degenerative diseases and AIDS increase. The focus is on the causes of mortality which become dominant in the ...



Novos Aspectos da Regulação do Trabalho no Brasil. Qual o Papel do Estado?  

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Uma inserção civilizada dos trabalhadores nos âmbitos econômico, social e político da vida brasileira depende da existência de relações assalariadas com direitos trabalhistas e previdenciários assegurados. Não obstante, ao longo dos anos 1990 e em parte dos atuais, os trabalhadores tenderam a assumir outras posições na estrutura de ocupações – posições quase sempre distintas da de assalariados formalmente registrados. Em

André Gambier Campos



Compatibilizando Direitos Sociais com Competividade: Fiscais do Trabalho e a Implementação da Legislação Trabalhista no Brasil  

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Este estudo trata da seguinte questão: como compatibilizar direitos trabalhistas e proteção social com competitividade e produtividade das empresas? Na América Latina, há um intenso debate sobre a perversidade da legislação trabalhista (considerada prejudicial para os trabalhadores e para as empresas) e, em resposta, a política recomendada atualmente enfatiza a desregulamentação e a flexibilização dos direitos trabalhistas existentes. Em contraposição

Roberto Pires



Políticas trabalhista, Fundiária e de Crédito Agrícola e Seus Impactos Adversos Sobre a Pobreza no Brasil  

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This paper discusses the question of the concentrated pattern of agriculturaldevelopment in Brazil, as expressed in the predominance of large-scale production,high level of mechanization and low absorption of non-qualified labor. It is proposed,initially, the existence of two conflicting explanations for this fact: the first, thatblames our historical heritage, characterized by the predominance of the latifúndio,with the implication that the solution

Gervásio Castro de Rezende



Adaptabilidade e estabilidade de genótipos de trigo irrigado no Cerrado do Brasil Central  

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The aim of this work was to estimate the adaptability and stability of irrigated wheat genotypes under conditions of Central Brazil savannah area. Grain yield of five cultivars and nine lines of irrigated wheat was measured in assays of cultivation value and use. The assays were conducted during the years 2005 and 2006, in six locations in Minas Gerais State,

Embrapa Soja



Etiologia e estratégias de controle de viroses do mamoeiro no brasil  

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Etiology and control strategies of papaya virus diseases in Brazil The major disease problems affecting papaya (Carica papaya) throughout the world are caused by viruses. These diseases cause serious reductions in fruit production, even totally destroying affected orchards. Although more than ten different viruses have been registered in papaya world- wide, only three have been identified to date that naturally




Public Health Assessment. Libby Asbestos NPL Site. OU4: Screening Plant, Export Plant, Town of Libby, and Affected Libby Valley Residential and Commercial Properties Lincoln County, Montana, Region 8. EPA Facility ID: MT0009083840.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Libby is the county seat of Lincoln County, in northwest Montana. Vermiculite was mined from Zonolite Mountain near Libby from the early 1920s until 1990 and was processed for export in and around the town of Libby. The vermiculite mined in Libby is conta...



Etude des Problemes Poses Par l'Emission des Fumees de Soudage en Procedes Semi-Automatiques MIG ou Mag (Study of the Problems Caused by Fumes in Automatic Welding Operations, MIG or Mag Procedures).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

A weld fume extraction system was developed. The aspiration chamber and glass fiber filter are described. The efficiency and reproducibility of the system are experimentally determined. The influence of welding parameters is explored. It is shown that the...

D. Beaufils



Construction de distributions en surface ou dans le volume d'hyperellipsoides dans un espace a 2K dimensions. (Construction of hyper ellipsoids distributions in surface or in the bulk in a 2 K dimensions space).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

For a particles beam having an hyper ellipsoidal distribution in a 2k dimensions (k=3) phases space, this work deals with the construction of hyper ellipsoids particles distributions in surface, and for the system transmission with the construction of vol...

T. Aniel



Dual Exchange Markets versus Exclusive Forward Exchange Rate Support (Double marché des changes ou soutien exclusif des taux de change à terme) (Los mercados cambiarios dobles y el apoyo exclusivo al tipo de cambio a plazo)  

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This paper compares two mechanisms of official intervention in the foreign exchange market that provide a stable exchange market accessible to traders while insulating the money supply and reserves by the inducement of capital inflows (outflows) equal to the trade deficit (surplus). The first policy involves the establishment of a dual exchange market, giving official support exclusively to the commercial

William H. L. Day



Remedial investigation report for Chestnut Ridge OU 2 (Filled Coal Ash Pond/McCoy Branch) at the Oak Ridge Y-12 Plant, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Environmental Restoration Program  

SciTech Connect

CH2M HILL was contracted by Energy Systems to conduct a Remedial Investigation (RI) for Solid Waste Management Unit (SWMU) D-112, the Filled Coal Ash Pond (FCAP), at the Y-12 Plant. This site is identified by Energy Systems as associated with the Y-12 Plant Group 3 Sites. The RI was conducted in accordance with an existing RCRA Facility Investigation plan prepared by Battelle Columbus Division. The site investigation was conducted to define the nature and extent of contamination at the SWMU; it was designed to collect information to assess the migration pathways of contaminants and to assess the potential risk to human health from site contaminants. An alternatives assessment was also conducted to identify preliminary remedial alternatives appropriate for the SWMU.

Not Available



Monetary Stabilization with and without Government Credibility (Stabilisation monétaire avec ou sans crédibilité gouvernementale) (Estabilización monetaria y credibilidad del gobierno)  

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This paper presents an analytical and empirical study of the effects of monetary stabilization programs on prices, output, and exchange rates in major industrial countries. The Federal Republic of Germany is taken as a case study. The focus is on an investigation of: (i) the rational-expectations view that the monetary authorities can curb inflation rapidly at little cost in terms

Jacques R. Artus



Dosage a tres bas niveau de radionucleides a longue periode emetteurs (beta) ou (alpha) par spectrometrie de masse a couplage plasma inductif. (Measurements of (beta) or (alpha) emitter long lived radionuclides using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The measurement of long-lived radionuclides is highly important for characterizing nuclear wastes for their later storage. The main techniques are (alpha) spectrometry, (beta) counting and (gamma) spectrometry. The large period of these isotopes leads to ...

O. Provitina



Comportamento anodico do aco inoxidavel ferritico AISI 430 em solucoes aquosas contendo ions cloreto ou ions sulfato. (Anodic behaviour of the stainless steel AISI 430 in aqueous solutions of chloride and sulphate ions).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The kinetics of the dissolution of stainless steel AISI 430 in the presence of chloride and sulphate ions has been studied in terms of the ion concentration, the pH variation, and the velocity of the working electrode. The experimental method utilized was...

M. Z. Sebrao



La haute technologie est-elle l'exclusivite des entreprises ou peut-elle s'appliquer a l'ensemble d'un secteur d'activite? Donnees recueillies aupres des nouvelles entreprises axees sur la technologie  

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Les changements structurels qui se traduisent par une demande accrue de travailleurs specialises suscitent un interet considerable et on s'efforce de bien les comprendre. Ces changements sont percus comme etant le resultat de developpements associes a l'emergence ce qui est aujourd'hui mieux connu sous le nom d'economie du savoir, dont le potentiel est souvent lie a la croissance des nouvelles

John R. Gellatly Guy Baldwin



Rationale and design of the Patient Related OuTcomes with Endeavor versus Cypher stenting Trial (PROTECT): randomized controlled trial comparing the incidence of stent thrombosis and clinical events after sirolimus or zotarolimus drug-eluting stent implantation.  


Drug-eluting stents (DES) reduce restenosis rates compared to bare-metal stents. Most trials using DES enrolled selected patient and lesion subtypes, and primary endpoint focused on angiographic metrics or relatively short-term outcomes. When DES are used in broader types of lesions and patients, important differences may emerge in long-term outcomes between stent types, particularly the incidence of late stent thrombosis. PROTECT is a randomized, open-label trial comparing the long-term safety of the zotarolimus-eluting stent and the sirolimus-eluting stent. The trial has enrolled 8,800 patients representative of those seen in routine clinical practice, undergoing elective, unplanned, or emergency procedures in native coronary arteries in 196 centers in 36 countries. Indications for the procedure and selection of target vessel and lesion characteristics were at the operator's discretion. Procedures could be staged, but no more than 4 target lesions could be treated per patient. Duration of dual antiplatelet therapy was prespecified to achieve similar lengths of treatment in both study arms. The shortest predefined duration was 3 months, as per the manufacturer's instructions. The primary outcome measure is the composite rate of definite and probable stent thrombosis at 3 years, centrally adjudicated using Academic Research Consortium definitions. The main secondary end points are 3-year all-cause mortality, cardiac death, large nonfatal myocardial infarction, and all myocardial infarctions. This large, international, randomized, controlled trial will provide important information on comparative rates of stent thrombosis between 2 different DES systems and safety as assessed by patient-relevant long-term clinical outcomes. PMID:19958855

Camenzind, Edoardo; Wijns, William; Mauri, Laura; Boersma, Eric; Parikh, Keyur; Kurowski, Volkhard; Gao, Runlin; Bode, Christoph; Greenwood, John P; Gershlick, Anthony; O'Neill, William; Serruys, Patrick W; Jorissen, Brenda; Steg, P Gabriel



Effets de la nature de Dirac ou de Majorana, ainsi que de la masse, sur le comportement du neutrino. (Dirac or Majorana nature and mass effects on the neutrino behaviour).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This work deals with the Dirac or Majorana nature and mass effects on the neutrino behaviour. In the first part of this study are given the Dirac equation properties and the Majorana neutrino definition. As the difference between a Dirac and a Majorana ne...

J. E. Campagne



Fabrications of BAlGaInN Multi-Layer or Quantum Well Structure for Blue t oU V Light Emitter and Its Applications to Optical Devices  

Microsoft Academic Search

New epitaxial growth technology (Flow Modulation Epitaxy (FME for short) or Alternative Source Feeding Epitaxy (ASFE for short)) was applied in order to obtain high quality niteride semiconductors. This new technology was firstly applied for the growth of thin and thick GaN, AlN and AlGaN epitaxy. We also applied (AlN\\/GaN) multi buffer layer structure for control the residual strain and



Can a combined screening/treatment programme prevent premature failure of renal transplants due to chronic rejection in patients with HLA antibodies: study protocol for the multicentre randomised controlled OuTSMART trial  

PubMed Central

Background Renal transplantation is the best treatment for kidney failure, in terms of length and quality of life and cost-effectiveness. However, most transplants fail after 10 to 12 years, consigning patients back onto dialysis. Damage by the immune system accounts for approximately 50% of failing transplants and it is possible to identify patients at risk by screening for the presence of antibodies against human leukocyte antigens. However, it is not clear how best to treat patients with antibodies. This trial will test a combined screening and treatment protocol in renal transplant recipients. Methods/Design Recipients >1 year post-transplantation, aged 18 to 70 with an estimated glomerular filtration rate >30 mL/min will be randomly allocated to blinded or unblinded screening arms, before being screened for the presence of antibodies. In the unblinded arm, test results will be revealed. Those with antibodies will have biomarker-led care, consisting of a change in their anti-rejection drugs to prednisone, tacrolimus and mycophenolate mofetil. In the blinded arm, screening results will be double blinded and all recruits will remain on current therapy (standard care). In both arms, those without antibodies will be retested every 8 months for 3 years. The primary outcome is the 3-year kidney failure rate for the antibody-positive recruits, as measured by initiation of long-term dialysis or re-transplantation, predicted to be approximately 20% in the standard care group but <10% in biomarker-led care. The secondary outcomes include the rate of transplant dysfunction, incidence of infection, cancer and diabetes mellitus, an analysis of adherence with medication and a health economic analysis of the combined screening and treatment protocol. Blood samples will be collected and stored every 4 months and will form the basis of separately funded studies to identify new biomarkers associated with the outcomes. Discussion We have evidence that the biomarker-led care regime will be effective at preventing graft dysfunction and expect this to feed through to graft survival. This trial will confirm the benefit of routine screening and lead to a greater understanding of how to keep kidney transplants working longer. Trial registration Current Controlled Trials ISRCTN46157828.



Proposta de criterio para valoracao monetaria de danos causados por derrames de petroleo ou de seus derivados no ambiente marinho. (Proposal of criterium for valuation of damages accused by petroleum and its derivatives spills on marine environment).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Answering to a Prosecuting Council request, CETESB-Environmental Protection Agency for the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, developed the above proposal, which aim is to have the valuation for damages caused by petroleum and its derivatives spill on the sea. T...

A. Marcelino E. Haddad H. Aventurato M. A. V. Campos R. R. Serpa



Aeromonas hydrophila Dans Les Eaux de Boisson a Djibouti: Germe Commensal ou Agent de Diarrhee. (Aeromonas Hydrophila in Drinking Waters in Djibouti: Commensal Germ or Diarrhoea Agent). (Reannouncement with New Availability Information).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

To investigate the bacteriological quality of drinking water used by inhabitants of the Republic of Djibouti who were not supplied with piped running water, we analyzed 16 freshwater samples from various sources. Only 3 samples were sterile; they were tak...

E. Fox I. A. Mikhail R. L. Haberberger E. A. Abbatte G. M. Ahmed



The value of IN novative ICT guided disease management combined with T elemonitoring in OU tpatient clinics for C hronic H eart failure patients. Design and methodology of the IN TOUCH study: a multicenter randomised trial  

Microsoft Academic Search

Background  Although the value of telemonitoring in heart failure patients is increasingly studied, little is known about the value of\\u000a the separate components of telehealth: ICT guided disease management and telemonitoring. The aim of this study is to investigate\\u000a the value of telemonitoring added to ICT guided disease management (DM) on the quality and efficiency of care in patients\\u000a with chronic

Arjen E de Vries; Richard M de Jong; Martje HL van der Wal; Tiny Jaarsma; Rene B van Dijk; Hans L Hillege



L'E.A.P. ou l'anglais enseigne dans les etudes superieures. Un guide pour le debutant (E.A.P. or English for Academic Purposes: A Guide for the Beginner).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Addresses those readers who are not familiar with EAP, offering an introductory discussion of its objectives and methods, in two parts. Devotes the first part to the needs that justify an EAP approach, and the second to its methodology, with particular attention to interdisciplinary, task-oriented instruction. Societe Nouvelle Didier Erudition, 40…

Roe, Peter J.



Cooperation or Competition. The American and French Foreign Policies in Africa (Cooperation ou concurrence. La politique africaine de la France et des Etats-Unis en Afrique sub-saharienne).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Thanks to the technology and globalisation of our times, the rapid exchange of information today creates diplomatic and political relations that change faster than ever before. American and French foreign policies in Sub- Saharan Africa are simply a few e...

A. R. Giraud



Saúde Mental na atenção básica à saúde de Campinas, SP: uma rede ou um emaranhado? Mental health in the primary care system of Campinas, SP: network or spider's web?  

Microsoft Academic Search

This article relates a study on the organi- zation of the mental health services in the primary care network of the city of Campinas (SP), begin- ning with the implantation of the management model called Matrix Support. This organizational arrangement is aimed at integrating primary and mental care by redirecting indiscriminate actions to the logic of co-responsibility in order to

Mariana Dorsa Figueiredo; Rosana Onocko Campos


News and Views: Space technology in the oil industry; OU to play role in next stage of Mars exploration; Viking revisited; Wish you were here? GOCE gets going again  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The troubles flowing from BP's Macondo oil well in Gulf of Mexico have focused attention on the technological demands of safe deep-water drilling. European Space Agency research presented in a Space and Energy Seminar in August offers spin-off technologies that could support oil exploration and production in extreme environments, from corrosion control to better robotics. NASA and the European Space Agency have embarked on a joint programme to study the chemical composition of the atmosphere of Mars from 2016. They have just announced the providers of five scientific instruments for the first mission, including two consortia in which the Open University has a major role.



Le Jeu de la regle et du hasard, ou comment rehabiliter la grammaire en jouant avec la litterature (The Game by the Rules or by Chance, Or How to Rehabilitate Grammar while Playing with Literature)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article proposes the use of literary texts as a means of teaching French grammar, and to help remedy problems encountered in learning, particularly by intermediate-level students. (Text is in French.) (CLK)

Gaudin, Colette; Kogan, Vivian



Proprietes complexantes des principaux acides organiques utilises dans les solutions de decontamination. Reactions impliquees dans leur degradation ou leur elimination. (Complexing properties of the main organic acids used in decontamination solutions and reactions involved in their degradation or elimination).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This paper presents a study that, parallel with the industrial development of the decontamination chemical process, has been performed more fundamentally on the chemical properties of used products: degradation reaction during process or after decontamina...

D. Noel O. Kerrec B. Lantes R. Rosset B. Bayri



Identification et Proprietes de Bitumes Modifies ou Non pour Chapes d'Etancheite (Research on the Problem of Remedying the Intrinsic Causes of Deterioration in Waterproofing Courses in Mastic Asphalt).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The study is a contribution to the problem of remedying the intrinsic causes of deterioration observed in certain waterproofing courses in mastic asphalt, particularly those which are intended as substrates for relatively horizontal layers (bridge decks a...

F. Choquet



Methodologies de revelation de la variabilite preexistante ou induite chez l'oeillet (Dianthus caryophyllus L.). (Procedures for expressing natural or induced variability in the carnation (Dianthus Caryophyllus L.)).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Mutagenesis (gamma rays) and in vitro organogenesis are used separately or both to diversify carnation varieties by revealing and creating variability. As regards to in vivo mutagenesis, an important diversification of the flower colour is obtained by app...

M. H. Simard



76 FR 30081 - National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan; National Priorities List...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Upper California Gulch (OU4), ASARCO Smelter/Colorado Zinc-Lead Mill Site (OU5), Stray Horse Gulch (OU6), Apache Tailing (OU7), Arkansas River Floodplain (OU11), and Site-wide Surface and Groundwater Quality (OU12) will remain on...




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The main objective of this paper was to test the h ypothesis that at least 46 counties of Maranhão State may be included into th e Brazilian Semi-arid Zone. Such hypothesis comes from the climatic, social as well economical characteristics prevailing in those counties. In order to do this job, we utiliz ed the Aridity Index. Unfortunately, we only have

O Maranhão; José de Jesus; Sousa Lemos


Acompanhamento do crescimento em crianças menores de um ano: situação nos serviços de saúde em Pernambuco, Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

A situational diagnosis was performed on infant growth monitoring in Greater Metropolitan Rec- ife and in the interior of the State of Pernambu- co, Brazil, using the database from the Survey on Maternal and Child Health in the State of Per- nambuco, 1998, which included 816 infants (< 1 year of age) and 120 health units. Epi Info ver- sion

Michelle Figueiredo Carvalho; Pedro Israel Cabral de Lira; Sylvia de Azevedo Mello Romani; Iná S. Santos; Ana Amélia Corrêa de Araújo Veras; Malaquias Batista Filho




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Discussions related to urban environmental quality play important emphasis in the present. Several scientific studies have been developed in order to contribute to developments related to the theme. Among them, many believe the presence of vegetation as an important indicator of urban environmental quality. Although there is no consensual definition, the term used to designate the urban vegetation is \\

Lindon Fonseca Matias; Danúbia Caporusso



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SUMMARY By means of standardized methods, the nutritive value of some beetle species that are eaten in Mexico and that of Pachymerus nucleorum from Brazil was analyzed and compared. It is con- cluded that the edible beetles of Mexico and P. nucleorum show a high nutritive value in proteins, amino acids, fats, calories, and minerals. Their ingestion contributes to the

Julieta Ramos-Elorduy; Eraldo Medeiros; Costa Neto; José M. Pino Moreno; Ivonne Landero-Torres; Sergio C. Ángeles Campos; Águeda García Pérez



Participação social nos serviços de saúde: concepções dos usuários e líderes comunitários em dois municípios do Nordeste do Brasil  

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Social participation in management of the health care system at different levels of government is one of the key policies promoted by the Unified National Health System (SUS) in Brazil. As with any new policy, success hinges on several factors such as stakeholders' interests and opinions, which have not always been considered in the past. This paper analyzes the un-

María Luisa Vázquez; Maria Rejane Ferreira da Silva; Eliane Siqueira Campos; Ilma Kruze Grande de Arruda; Alcides da Silva Diniz; Ida Leite Veras; Ana Paula Campos Pereira



Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in sediments from Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon in the urban area of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.  


Regular (non-alkylated) polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and their alkylated homologues were determined in sediments from Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon using gas chromatography with mass selective detector (GC-MSD). Concentrations varying from 405 to 11734 ng x g(-1) were found for total PAHs (regular and alkylated homologues). The study showed a pyrogenic and petrogenic contribution, probably due to the incomplete burning of fossil fuels as a result of the intense traffic of boats and motor vehicles added to the anthropogenic activity of several gas stations present in the region of Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Sediment Quality Guide, PAHs concentration should not exceed 4000 ng x g(-1) (Long et al., 1995) The obtained data present values above the NOAA limit for some sampling points indicating chronic contamination of those sites probably due to anthropogenic activities related to petroleum and its derivatives. PMID:17365308

Stefens, Josemar; dos Santos, João Henrique Z; Filho, João Graciano Mendonça; Peralba, Maria do Carmo Ruaro



Gravidez na adolescência: perfi l sócio- demográfi co e comportamental de uma população da periferia de São Paulo, Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

To identify the socio-demographic behavioral profile of low-income pregnant teenagers, 1,000 adolescents admitted to a Brazilian public ma- ternity hospital from July 24, 2001, to November 27, 2002, were interviewed. Socio-demographic and behavioral variables were assessed through a questionnaire. Over the 492 days of the study, 24.3% of admissions were adolescents (930 for childbirth and 70 for miscarriage). Mean ma-

Elisa Chalem; Sandro Sendin Mitsuhiro; Cleusa P. Ferri; Marina Carvalho; Moraes Barros; Ruth Guinsburg; Ronaldo Laranjeira


Atividade da celulase de fungos isolados do solo da Estação Ecológica de Juréia-Itatins, São Paulo, Brasil  

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(recebido: 13 de novembro de 2002; aceito: 27 de novembro de 2003) ABSTRACT - (Cellulase activity of fungi isolated from soil of the Ecological Station of Juréia-Itatins, São Paulo, Brazil). Eighty filamentous fungi strains isolated from soil of the Atlantic rainforest in the Banhado Grande, an Ecological Station region of Juréia-Itatins, São Paulo State, Brazil, were analysed concerning their potential

Marcelo J. S. Ruegger; Sâmia M. Tauk-Tornisielo



Mapas Auto-Organizáveis Aplicados ao Mapeamento do Potencial Mineral na Província Mineral de Carajás, Norte do Brasil  

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A preliminary Self-Organizing Map (SOM) was designed with the aim of integrating and searching for patterns in airborne geological and geophysical gamma-spectrometric and magnetic data of the Serra Leste region, Carajás Mineral Province. SOM is an unsupervised Artificial Neural Network method that performs a non-linear mapping from a high-dimensional data space to a 2-dimensional grid, whereas preserving the topological relations

Emilson Pereira Leite


Perfil clínico-epidemiológico de pacientes com neurocisticercose atendidos no Hospital Universitário Regional de Maringá, Paraná, Brasil  

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The aim of this study was to drawn an epidemiological and clinical profile of the neurocysticer- cosis (NCC) patients assisted by Hospital Universitário Regional de Maringá. A transversal, retrospective and descriptive study based on 6,100 records of the Neurology, Neuropediatry, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry clinics was done from January\\/1998 to December\\/2004. Of these, 48 were selected with diagnosis of NCC. The

Márcia Regina Benedeti; Dina Lúcia Morais Falavigna; Ana Lúcia Falavigna-Guilherme; Silvana Marques de Araújo



A high spatial resolution outdoor dose rate map of the Rio de Janeiro city, Brasil, risk assessment and urbanization effects.  


Geophysical surveys have been widely used for geological mapping, and with appropriate ground calibration the database can be converted to radiometric surveys. Herein we present a case study of a high resolution map of the City of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, constructed by integrating aerial and in situ (ground) measurements. This allowed assessing the influence of urbanization observed between 1978 and 2009 on radiation external exposure. Radiometric, geological and demographics databases were integrated in a Geographic Information System (GIS) facility. The average absorbed dose rate recorded for the city was 96 ± 0.3 nGy h(-1) and ranged from 22 to 152 nGy h(-1) among districts. The corresponding annual effective dose was determined as 0.09 ± 0.01 mSv. The number of people at risk per year according to the estimated natural radiation levels was 17 ± 1.4, among the 28,000 new cases estimated by the INCA (Brazilian National Cancer Institute) within a population of approximately 6.3 million people. PMID:23933084

Licínio, M V; Freitas, A C; Evangelista, H; Costa-Gonçalves, A; Miranda, M; Alencar, A S



Tabaco, álcool e outras drogas entre adolescentes em Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil: uma perspectiva de gênero  

Microsoft Academic Search

This study assesses the relationship between gender and use of psychoactive substances (al- cohol, nicotine, and illicit drugs) by teenagers. In 2002, a cross-sectional study was carried out in the urban area of Pelotas, southern Brazil. Multi-stage sampling was used to obtain a sam- ple of adolescents, 15 to 18 years of age. Subjects were interviewed using a self-applied confiden-

Rogério Lessa Horta; Bernardo Lessa Horta; Ricardo Tavares Pinheiro; Blanca Morales; Marlene Neves Strey



Conglomerados de homicídios e o tráfico de drogas em Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil, de 1995 a 1999  

Microsoft Academic Search

The article presents a spatial analysis of homicides in Belo Horizonte according to the Minas Gerais Military Police records from 1995 to 1999. The authors identify clusters of high mortality risk and relate them to areas with drug traffic and associated violence. SaTScan soft-

Cláudio Chaves Beato Filho; Renato Martins Assunção; Bráulio Figueiredo Alves da Silva; Frederico Couto Marinho; Ilka Afonso Reis; Maria Cristina de Mattos Almeida



Ecologia de mosquitos (Diptera, Culicidae) em áreas do Parque Nacional do Iguaçu, Brasil: 1 ­ Distribuição por hábitat  

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A study of the mosquito fauna in the Iguaçu National Park focused on population be- havior in four biotopes with different types of plant cover inside the Park. Systematic bimonthly diurnal and nocturnal human bait and Shannon trap captures were conducted in both forest and domiciliary environments over the course of 24 months. A total of 20,273 adult mosquito specimens

Anthony Érico Guimarães; Catarina Macedo Lopes; Rubens Pinto de Mello; Jeronimo Alencar



Mamíferos de médio e grande porte atropelados em rodovias do Estado de Santa Catarina, sul do Brasil  

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Running over of mammals on roads of Santa Catarina state, southern Brazil. Road deaths represent a factor of great impact on fauna. This is probably one of the main causes of mortality, even for threatened species. However, studies on this subject are unknown in Santa Catarina state, southern Brazil. Considering this lack, the present study presents records of medium to

Jorge J. Cherem; Marcelo Kammers; Ivo R. Ghizoni-Jr; Anderson Martins


Uma Análise Tipológica da Dinâmica dos Arranjos e Sistemas Produtivos e Inovativos Locais (Aspil?S) Do Nordeste do Brasil  

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O presente trabalho tem como objetivo apresentar a dinâmica produtiva e inovativa dos Arranjos e Sistemas Produtivos e Inovativos Locais (ASPILs), tendo como foco os ASPILs nordestinos. Para tanto, foi utilizado o arcabouço da teoria evolucionária tendo por base o conceito de Sistema Nacional de Inovação do qual gerou a conceituação de ASPIL. Assim, buscou-se apresentar a dinâmica de arranjos

Diogo Araújo Sampaio


Formas Plurais no Franchising de Alimentos: Evid?ncias de Estudos de Caso na França e no Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

O problema de formas plurais é importante tema de interesse na literatura dedicada ao franchising. A coexistência de lojas próprias e unidades franqueadas em uma mesma rede é fato bem conhecido, merecendo a grande atenção que vem recebendo dos pesquisadores. Acontece, porém, que formas organizacionais no franchising são mais diferenciadas do que sugere a literatura. De fato, informações oriundas de

Vivian Lara; S. Silva; Paulo Furquim de Azevedo



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The services provided by the pollinators are directly linked to the reproductive success of the plants, since the transference of the pollen (genetic flow) up to the production of fruits and seeds. Five groups of floral visitors of the umbuzeiro were identified: bees (5 species), ants (6 species), wasps (6 species) and flies (8 families). The potencial pollinators were: Apis

Lílian Santos Barreto; Synara Mattos Leal; Joseane Costa dos Anjos; Marina Siqueira de Castro


Dogmatism and the "Knowledge Gap" among Users of the Mass Media of Communication: A Study in Brasilia, Brasil.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A study was conducted to discover whether (1) use of each of the print and broadcast media could be correlated with subjects' knowledge level, and (2) whether controlling for dogmatism would increase the proportion of media users, with higher levels of knowledge among those less dogmatic, and decrease the proportion among the more dogmatic.…

Simmons, Robert E.; Garda, Eduardo Carlos


Estratificação vertical de bromélias epifíticas em diferentes estádios sucessionais da Floresta Ombrófila Densa, Ilha de Santa Catarina, Santa Catarina, Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

(recebido: 2 de junho de 2005; aceito: 9 de março de 2006) ABSTRACT - (Vertical stratification of epiphytic bromeliads on different stages of secondary succession of Atlantic Rainforest, in Santa Catarina Island, Santa Catarina, Brazil). The present study aims to characterize the distribution of bromeliads height preference at four sucessional stages (\\



Amamentação e padrões alimentares em crianças de duas coortes de base populacional no Sul do Brasil: tendências e diferenciais  

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Breastfeeding is fundamental for infant health. However, its median duration in Brazil is very short, and national campaigns since the mid-1980s have attempted to revert this situation. In the present paper, data on breastfeeding are compared for two population-based cohorts of chil- dren born in 1982 and 1993 in the city of Pelotas in Southern Brazil. All hospital births in

Bernardo L. Horta; Maria Teresa A. Olinto; Cesar G. Victora; Fernando C. Barros; Paula R. V. Guimarães



Mortalidade materna: um estudo dos níveis e das causas de óbitos no México e no Brasil entre 2000 e 2004  

Microsoft Academic Search

A mortalidade materna se apresenta como um grave problema social e de saúde pública, representando um importante indicador para avaliar as condições de assistência à saúde feminina. A preocupação com as mortes maternas está relacionada principalmente às repercussões sociais e econômicas que a morte de uma mulher acarreta para as famílias. Isto porque as mulheres assumem atribuições centrais na organização

Ana Paula Belon


A Produção e o emprego industrial no Brasil e o impacto da abertura comercial (1990-2008)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Analisou-se a liberalização comercial, o nível de emprego e a produção industrial no período entre 1990 e 2008. Em 1980, o Modelo de Substituição de Importações (MSI) sofreu com os efeitos retardados de três grandes choques adversos que estrangularam a balança de pagamentos gerando estagflação. Era evidente o MSI tinha se esgotado. O modelo adotado em 1990, o Modelo do

Luis Emmanuel Rodrigues Monteiro


Impasses da energia nucleoeletrica no Brasil na decada de 80. (Nucleoelectric energy dilemma in Brazil in the 1980's).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Production of electrical energy by nuclear reactors is unnecessary in Brazil. This option, which was concrete by the beginning of the 1970's, had its origins in the industrialized countries of the northern hemisphere. It signified a political ideological ...

M. D. P. Darella




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RESUMO: A suíte Serrinha localiza-se na porção meridional do Cráton São Francisco e é representada pelo quartzo diorito do Brito, granodiorito Brumado de Cima, granodiorito Brumado de Baixo, dois corpos granofíricos e dois corpos subvulcânicos - vulcânicos félsicos. As relações de campo apontam que os corpos da suíte Serrinha são intrusivos em rochas metamáficas, metaultramáficas e metassedimentares do greenstone belt



The Effect of an Organic Pesticide on Mortality and Learning in Africanized Honey Bees (Apis mellifera L.) in Brasil  

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Seven experiments were conducted. First, the influence of the consumption of different concentrations of the organic pesticide Bioganic ® on mortality was assessed at 11 different time intervals in Africanized honey bees (Apis mellifera L.) as was direct application of the pesticide to the abdomen. Results indicated that the pesticide was not lethal to bees regardless of concentration at any

Charles I. Abramson; Jordan B. Singleton; Maritza K. Wilson; Paulo A. Wanderley



Novos materiais de Propraopus Ameghino, 1881 (Mammalia, Xenarthra, Cingulata) do Pleistoceno final, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

NEW FOSSIL MATERIAL OF PROPRAOPUS AMEGHINO, 1881 (MAMMALIA, XENARTHRA, CINGULATA) OF THE LATE PLEISTOCENE, RIO GRANDE DO SUL, BRAZIL Propraopus Ameghino, 1881 is a genus of Dasypodidae that was widely distributed during the Pleistocene times in South America. In Brazil it was recorded in many localities and distinct latitudes, between the Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene. This work discuss new

Vanessa Gregis Pitana; Ana Maria Ribeiro


Haroldo Leitão Camargo. Uma pré-história do turismo no Brasil: recreações aristocráticas e lazeres burgueses (1808-1850)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Na efeméride dos duzentos anos da chegada da Coroa Portuguesa a ter- ras brasileiras e na esteira das inovações que trouxe consigo — como a cria- ção de instituições de ensino superior, indústrias, imprensa e museus, entre outras —, observamos que a historiografia tem revisitado esses temas. No en- tanto, poucos especialistas têm se debruçado sobre o estudo das formas

Sandra C. A. Pelegrini



76 FR 36923 - Formations of, Acquisitions by, and Mergers of Bank Holding Companies; Correction  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...York heading, the entry for Banco do Brasil S.A., Brasilia, Brazil, is revised...New York 10045-0001: 1. Banco do Brasil S.A., Brasilia, Brazil, and Caixa de Previdencia dos Funcionarios do Banco do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; to...



Les mammiferes aquatiques: lexique anglais-francais des mammiferes marins actuels ou recemment disparus, y compris les especes d'eau douce des groupes surtout marins (Aquatic Mammals: English-French Glossary of Livinq or Recently Extinct Marine Mammals, Including the Fresh Water Species of Prevalently Marine Groups).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Introduces a new glossary of aquatic mammals representing recent taxonomic revisions. Describes its design, which consists of the glossary proper, listing the scientific name of each entry followed by its English and French equivalents, and of two indexes, listing other common names for the same entries referred back to the scientific term. (MES)

Nekrassoff, Vladimir N.



L'identite ethnolinguistique et les eleves 16 ans ou plus qui frequentent les ecoles secondaires de langue francaise de l'Ontario. Rapport de recherche (The Ethno-Linguistic Identity of Students Aged 16 Years or Older Attending French-Language Secondary Schools in Ontario. Research Report).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The report, written in French, presents the results of a study on the ethno-linguistic identity of students aged 16 years or older attending French language secondary schools in Ontario. Goals of the questionnaire study included the following: (1) gathering demographics on students about to graduate from high school, regarding their gender,…

Duquette, Georges


Les phénomènes d'adsorption, d'échange ou de rétention à l'interface solide solution aqueuse.1.Connaissance des propriétés structurales, texturales et superficielles des solidesAdsorption, exchange and retention phenomena at the solid aqueous solution interface. 1. Influence of structural, textural and superficial properties of solids.LE POINT SUR...CONCISE REVIEW PAPER  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A crucial step, leading to a proper understanding of adsorption mechanisms at the solid-aqueous solution interface, lies in the precise determination of the structural, textural and energetic properties of the solid phases under study. The various conventional techniques for characterizing the textural properties (specific surface area and porosity) are first reviewed. The use of a new adsorption volumetric technique in quasi-equilibrium conditions is then detailed. Using such a technique, the gas adsorption isotherm can be obtained precisely on the whole domain of monolayer filling. The DIS (Derivative Isotherm Summation) method applied to the experimental results then allows a study of the surface energetic heterogeneity, which was difficult to assess using conventional techniques. Two examples are then used to illustrate the potentialities of the technique. Through a judicious choice of the adsorbate, such analysis can be used to characterize the exchange properties of solids and to assign precisely the crystallographic origin of the Cationic Exchange Capacity (CEC) of kaolinite. It can also be utilized to understand the retention mechanisms of organic pollutants such as phenol on activated carbons.

Cases, Jean-Maurice; Villiéras, Frédéric; Michot, Laurent




Microsoft Academic Search

Este artículo hace una revisión de las masas sólidas renales bilaterales en niños y sus diagnósticos diferenciales basados en la edad de presentación y en las características observadas en las imágenes diagnósticas. Las lesiones más frecuentes son el tumor de wilms, el linfoma no Hodgkin y la nefroblastomatosis. Conocerlas es importante para la planeación de los tratamientos médico y quirúrgico

Hugo Hernán Ferreira Traslaviña; Gustavo Triana; Jennifer León Martínez; Nelson Bedoya


Elaboration d'une typologie des activities de simulation d'echanges interpersonnels en pedagogie des langues secondes ou etrangeres (Elaboration of a Typology of Interpersonal Interaction Simulation Activities for Second or Foreign Language Instruction). Tomes 1 and 2. Publications B-210 and B-211.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A typology of role-playing and simulation exercises based on interpersonal interactions, used in second language instruction, is presented. Ten dimensions of such simulations were identified, which can then be used as criteria for classifying the exercises. The dimensions include: the starting point of the simulation; complexity of the…

Perez, Marcel


Coordination Compounds of Strontium. Syntheses, Characterizations, and Crystal Structures of [Sr(u-ONc)(2)(HONc(4))]2 and Sr(5)(u(4)-O)(u(3)-ONep)(4)(u-ONep)(4)(HONep)(solv)(4) (ONc=O(2)CCH(2)CMe(3));Nep=CH(2)CMe(3); solv=tetrahydrofuran or 1-methyl-imida  

SciTech Connect

The authors have synthesized and characterized two novel Sr compounds: [Sr({mu}-ONc){sub 2}(HONc){sub 4}]{sub 2} (1, ONc = O{sub 2}CCH{sub 2}CMe{sub 3}), and Sr{sub 5}({mu}{sub 4}-O)({mu}{sub 3}-ONep){sub 4}({mu}-ONep){sub 4}(HONep)(solv){sub 4} [ONep = OCH{sub 2}CMe{sub 3}, solv = tetrahydrofuran (THF), 2a; 1-methyl-imidazole (MeIm), (2b)], that demonstrate increased solubility in comparison to the commercially available Sr precursors. The two metal centers of 1 share 4 unidentate bridging {mu}-ONc ligands and complete their octahedral geometry through the coordination of 4 monodentate terminal HONc ligands. The structure arrangement of the central core of 2a and b are identical, wherein 4 octahedral Sr atoms are arranged in a square geometry around a {mu}{sub 4}-O ligand. An additional 7-coordinated Sr atom sits directly atop the {mu}{sub 4}-O to form a square base pyramidal arrangement of the Sr atoms but the apical Sr-O distance is too long to be considered a bond. In solution, compound 1 is disrupted forming a monomer but 2a and b retain their structures.

Boyle, Timothy J.; Tafoya, Cory J.; Scott, Brian L.; Ziller, Joseph W.



Les enquêtes client mystère:un dispositif de gestion au service des transformations organisationnelles ou comment réorganiser l'entreprise «au nom du client» - The Mystery shopping: a management mechanism in order to support organizational changes or how to reorganize the company “in the name of the customer”  

Microsoft Academic Search

(VF)La technique des enquêtes client mystère fait partie de la panoplie des outils fréquemment utilisés par les organisations (privées comme publiques) pour atteindre un double objectif : (1) séduire\\/rassurer\\/fidéliser le destinataire du service ; (2) faire entendre la voix du « client » dans l’organisation et légitimer le changement auprès des salariés. Malgré la forte diffusion de cet outil dans

Damien Collard



L'effondrement de la plate-forme du Saint-Laurent : ouverture de Iapetus ou de l'Atlantique ? Apport de la reconstitution des paléocontraintes dans la région de Québec (Canada)The collapse of the Saint-Lawrence Platform: Iapetus or Atlantic opening? Insights from palaeostress reconstructions in the region of Quebec City (Canada)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Saint-Lawrence Lowlands correspond to the Cambrian-Early Ordovician passive margin of the Iapetus Ocean, overlain by Ordovician deposits of the Appalachian foreland. A structural and palaeostress study of this platform near Quebec City allowed reconstructing its tectonic evolution since the Palaeozoic. The collapse of the Iapetus margin (NW-SE extension) has induced N040 normal faults. Appalachian compressions (WNW and north-south) have reactivated these border faults, and induced strike-slip faults trending N090 and N140. During the Mesozoic, NNE to NNW extensions have reactivated N090 and N040 faults. The following NE-SW compression has been active until today.

Rocher, Muriel; Tremblay, Alain



Les événements de la limite Permien Trias : derniers survivants et/ou premiers re-colonisateurs parmi les ostracodes du Taurus (Sud-Ouest de la Turquie)The events of the Permian Trias boundary: last survivors and/or first colonisers among the ostracods of the Taurides (southwestern Turkey)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Very few data on Early Triassic marine ostracods are available. In most of cases, the data concern the upper part of the Early Triassic. The Çürük da? section, located in the Western Taurides (Turkey), well stratigraphically constrained by conodonts and foraminifera, has been re-sampled for ostracod study. A significant fauna has been discovered in the Late Permian and the levels of the Earliest Triassic ( Hindeodus parvus and Isarcicella isarcica staeschei zones). The ostracods of the basis of the Kokarkuyu Fm. are the oldest Triassic forms ever discovered. The occurrence of Palaeocopes in the earliest Triassic and similarity between the Permian and Induan assemblages suggest that the Lower Triassic Çürük da? ostracods represent a survival assemblage after the Permo-Triassic mass-extinction. To cite this article: S. Crasquin-Soleau et al., C. R. Geoscience 334 (2002) 489-495.

Crasquin-Soleau, Sylvie; Richoz, Sylvain; Marcoux, Jean; Angiolini, Lucia; Nicora, Alda; Baud, Aymon


Associação entre aves e flores de duas espécies de árvores do gênero Erythrina (Fabaceae) na Mata Atlântica do sudeste do Brasil  

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Association between birds and flowers of two species of trees of the genus Erythrina (Fabaceae) in the Atlantic forest of southeastern Brazil. Flowers are considered important resources in the diet of birds during the dry season. We studied the interaction between birds and two species of the trees of genus Erythrina (E. falcata and E. verna) at four localities in

Ricardo Parrini; Marcos A. Raposo



Aplicação de dados SRTM, sensoriamento remoto e SIG em etnomapeamento: o caso da Terra Indígena Kampa do Rio Amônia na fronteira Brasil-Acre\\/Peru-Ucayali  

Microsoft Academic Search

Indigenous lands occupy 12% of Brazil and are not considered conservation units. While they are an essential instrument for protection of indigenous cultures, these lands also conserve natural resources and maintain environmental services. Ethnic mapping of indigenous lands has become an important tool for Indigenous management of these lands. In the case of the Kampa Indigenous Land of the Amonia

Antonio Willian; Flores de Melo


Landslide Susceptibility Analysis by the comparison and integration of Random Forest and Logistic Regression methods; application to the disaster of Nova Friburgo - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (January 2011)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The study of landslide susceptibility by multivariate statistical methods is based on finding a quantitative relationship between controlling factors and landslide occurrence. Such studies have become popular in the last few decades thanks to the development of geographic information systems (GIS) software and the related improved data management. In this work we applied a statistical approach to an area of high landslide susceptibility mainly due to its tropical climate and geological-geomorphological setting. The study area is located in the south-east region of Brazil that has frequently been affected by flood and landslide hazard, especially because of heavy rainfall events during the summer season. In this work we studied a disastrous event that occurred on January 11th and 12th of 2011, which involved Região Serrana (the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro State) and caused more than 5000 landslides and at least 904 deaths. In order to produce susceptibility maps, we focused our attention on an area of 93,6 km2 that includes Nova Friburgo city. We utilized two different multivariate statistic methods: Logistic Regression (LR), already widely used in applied geosciences, and Random Forest (RF), which has only recently been applied to landslide susceptibility analysis. With reference to each mapping unit, the first method (LR) results in a probability of landslide occurrence, while the second one (RF) gives a prediction in terms of % of area susceptible to slope failure. With this aim in mind, a landslide inventory map (related to the studied event) has been drawn up through analyses of high-resolution GeoEye satellite images, in a GIS environment. Data layers of 11 causative factors have been created and processed in order to be used as continuous numerical or discrete categorical variables in statistical analysis. In particular, the logistic regression method has frequent difficulties in managing numerical continuous and discrete categorical variables together; therefore in our work we tried different methods to process categorical variables , until we obtained a statistically significant model. The outcomes of the two statistical methods (RF and LR) have been tested with a spatial validation and gave us two susceptibility maps. The significance of the models is quantified in terms of Area Under ROC Curve (AUC resulted in 0.81 for RF model and in 0.72 for LR model). In the first instance, a graphical comparison of the two methods shows a good correspondence between them. Further, we integrated results in a unique susceptibility map which maintains both information of probability of occurrence and % of area of landslide detachment, resulting from LR and RF respectively. In fact, in view of a landslide susceptibility classification of the study area, the former is less accurate but gives easily classifiable results, while the latter is more accurate but the results can be only subjectively classified. The obtained "integrated" susceptibility map preserves information about the probability that a given % of area could fail for each mapping unit.

Esposito, Carlo; Barra, Anna; Evans, Stephen G.; Scarascia Mugnozza, Gabriele; Delaney, Keith




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Recognized in the State of São as one of the last f rontiers of development paulista, the Pontal do Par anapanema, has its main base in the agricultural economy, but needs to further diversify and increase technology. Order to support actions of public and private actors with r egard to rural development, this work had as main o bjective to

Ricardo Firetti; Vanderlei José Sereia; Eduardo Cardoso de Oliveira; Antônio Assiz de Carvalho



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This article analyzes the exportation of soy, and other derived products, in Brazil and in Paraná state, from 1990 to 2007. The methodological procedures consist of identification of the most representative products of the chain - the soy in grain, the soy bran and soy oil, and analysis of the results using the Constant Market-Share (CMS) model. The sources of

Carlos Eduardo Caldarelli; Marcia Regina Gabardo Camara; Vanderlei Jose Sereia



Density and Magnetic Susceptibility of Pre-Cambrian Rocks in Southeastern Brazil Densidade E Suscetibilidade Magnetica de Rochas Pre-Cambrianas Do Se Do Brasil.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Density and magnetic susceptibility measurements of different rocks from SE Brazil were done with the aim to estimate some physical properties of the main rock formations of this area. Although the results could be affected in some regions by insufficient...

A. P. Padilha



Early Detection of Malaria Epidemics in Brazil: a Proposal for Automation Detecção precoce de epidemias de malária no Brasil: uma proposta de automação  

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Summary In Brazil, 99% of reported malaria cases occur in the Amazon Region. To date, however, an automated system has not yet been defined to detect epidemics in this area. This study proposes several statistical methods that could be useful for early detection of malaria epidemics. Five types of graphs were investigated: average +1.96 standard deviations (Cullen method); inter-quartile range

Rui Moreira Braz; Pauline Lorena Kale; Rio de Janeiro-RJ



Bactérias transportadas em mutucas (Diptera: Tabanidae) no nordeste do estado do Pará, Brasil Bacteria transported by horseflies (Diptera: Tabanidae) in the northeast of Pará State, Brazil  

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Resumo: Os insetos da família Tabanidae (Diptera), conhecidos vulgarmente como mutucas, são considerados potenciais pragas ao homem e animais domésticos pelo comportamento hematófago de suas fêmeas. São capazes de transportar mecanicamente vírus, bactérias e helmintos, pelo fato desses patógenos aderirem-se à estrutura da probóscide. As coletas dos insetos foram realizadas em áreas peri-urbanas e florestadas, utilizando-se armadilhas Malaise e cavalos

Willy Cristiano Luz-Alves; Inocêncio de Sousa Gorayeb; José Caetano Lima Silva; Edvaldo Carlos; Brito Loureiro


Efeitos da Exploração Madeireira de Baixo Impacto sobre uma Comunidade de Aves de Sub-bosque na Floresta Nacional do Tapajós, Pará, Brasil  

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RESUMO Este estudo compara a resposta de uma comunidade aves à exploração madeireira de baixo impacto através da distribuição das espécies em floresta controle e manejada ao longo de cinco anos com amostragem pré e pós-exploração. O procedimento de ordenação mostrou que a similaridade da comunidade de aves após a exploração madeireira foi menor que a similaridade entre as amostras

Luiza Magalli; Pinto HENRIQUES; Joseph M. WUNdERLE; C. OREN; Michael R. WILLIG


Parvovirus B19 infections in state of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil: 526 sera analyzed by IgM-enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and polymerase chain reaction  

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In this study were analyzed 526 sera; the patients aged from two days to 65 years old presenting exanthema, which was the most frequent symptom observed, besides fever, adenomegaly, and arthralgia. These sera were nega- tive by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (IgM-ELISA) for either rubella (495), toxoplasma (41), cytomegalovi- rus (12), measles (40), dengue (56), and they were submitted to nested

MCL Mendonça; SB Ribeiro; JNSS Couceiro; MG von Hubinger



Oxacilin-resistant Coagulase-negative staphylococci (CoNS) bacteremia in a general hospital at S?o Paulo city, Brasil  

PubMed Central

In the last decades, coagulase-negative staphylococci (CoNS), especially Staphylococcus epidermidis have become an important cause of bloodstream infections. In addition, rates of methicillin-resistance among CoNS have increased substantially, leading to the use of glicopeptides for therapy. The objective of this study was to evaluate eleven consecutives clinically relevant cases of oxacillin-resistant CoNS bacteremia in a general hospital localized in São Paulo city, Brazil. Five different species were identified by different phenotypic methods, including S. epidermidis (5), S. haemolyticus (3), S. hominis (1), S. warneri (1) and S. cohnii subsp urealyticus (1). A variety of Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis profiles was observed by macrorestriction DNA analysis in S. epidermidis isolates, but two of three S. haemolyticus isolates presented the same profile. These data indicated the heterogeneity of the CoNS isolates, suggesting that horizontal dissemination of these microorganisms in the investigated hospital was not frequent. One S. epidermidis and one S. haemolyticus isolates were resistant to teicoplanin and susceptible to vancomycin. The selective pressure due to the use of teicoplanin in this hospital is relevant.

d'Azevedo, P.A.; Secchi, C.; Antunes, A.L.S.; Sales, T.; Silva, F.M.; Tranchesi, R.; Pignatari, A.C.C.



A fauna de Rotallida (Foraminiferida) da borda do recife de Itacimirim, Bahia, Brasil: um estudo comparativo do sedimento e das algas como substrato  

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This study aimed to compare the Rotaliida fauna (Foraminiferida) that lives in the sediment with that attached on algae from the Itacimirim's reef border, Bahia's north coast. Six samples of sediment and six of algae were collected in sites distributed along the reef border. The first 200 foraminnifers of each sample were selected, identified and the specimens belonging to the

Yonara S. Braga; Altair J. Machado; Simone S. Moraes



Factores de la deserción escolar en Brasil. El papel de la paternidad temprana, la mano de obra infantil y la pobreza  

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This paper aims to identify the major factors that lead to school abandonment in an urban surrounding, namely, the shantytowns of Fortaleza, northeast Brazil. We use an extensive survey addressing risk factors faced by the population in these neighborhoods, which covered both in-school and out-of-school youth of both genders. The role of early parenthood, child labor, and poverty in pushing

Ana Rute Cardoso; Dorte Verner



Magnetic fabric and emplacement mechanisms in a co-mingled mafic and felsic magma chamber: the Espinharas granite (Borborema Province, NE Brasil)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Espinharas granite is a co-mingled mafic and felsic magmatic complex forming part of the widespread Brasiliano plutonism that affected the Borborema Province during the Neoproterozoic. Syenogranite is mixed and mingled with diorite generating a range of aluminous shoshonitic hybrid rocks containing mafic microgranular enclaves (MME) of various shapes and orientations. Geochemical modelling shows that the pluton originated by upper-mantle magma underplating and fault-assisted intrusion of diorite, which would supply heat for partial melting of the crust and formation of syenogranite. The Espinharas granite comprises syenogranites and diorites associated with quartz-monzonites, monzodiorites and syenites mainly deformed in the magmatic state. The pluton is emplaced within Paleoproterozoic augen gneisses from the basement and is bounded by high-temperature NE-trending mylonitic shear zones at its western and eastern borders. To the south, the pluton is in contact with the E-trending high-grade transpressional Patos shear zone. Magmatic foliations can be observed throughout the syenogranite and in the felsic rocks, being defined by a SPO of feldspars and quartz. However, they appear to be absent in the diorite. The microgranular enclaves display irregular contacts with the host syenogranite and may be often aligned in agreement with the magmatic foliation; they are also randomly dispersed and disrupted by monzo- to syenogranitic veins. The Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility (AMS) technique was employed in order to investigate the mechanical relationships between mingled mafic and felsic magmas, as well as their emplacement mechanisms. Susceptibilities are usually high (k > 1.3 mSI), suggesting that Ti-magnetite is the main carrier of the magnetic signal. The magnetic lineation plunges shallowly to NE, parallel to the pluton main elongation axis. Zircons from diorite and syenogranite yield U-Pb (SHRIMP) ages of ~ 620 Ma, which are attributed to the crystallization of the granite and are younger than the main metamorphic event in the Seridó Belt (~ 575 Ma). These data suggest that the magnetic fabric of the Espinharas granite records the high-temperature deformation observed in the Seridó Belt. This deformation was active during a prolonged time range (~ 100 Ma) in a hybrid magmatic chamber emplaced in the middle- to shallow continental crust. These conditions indicate that the Patos shear zone controlled the development of the magmatic- to solid-state fabric of the Espinharas granite, highlighting the contribution of strain partitioning in the mechanical mingling of magmas in the continental crust.

Viegas, G.; Gouveia, F.; Archanjo, C.; Hollanda, M.



Ocorrência de carrapatos em tamanduá-bandeira (Myrmecophaga tridactyla) e tamanduá-mirim (Tamandua tetradactyla) na região do Pantanal Sul Mato-Grossense, Brasil  

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The occurrence of ticks on anteaters in the Pantanal region, Mato Grosso do Sul state, Brazil, between March and February 2001 is described. Tick species identified were Amblyomma cajennense (123 males and 63 females), A. parvum (35 males, 67 females) and A. nodosum (2 males), species considered as specific of anteater in its adult phase. A. cajennense was found in

João Ricardo Martins; Ísis Meri Medri; Carlos Marcos Oliveira; Alberto Guglielmone



Diversidade de helmintos intestinais em mamíferos silvestres e domésticos na Caatinga do Parque Nacional Serra da Capivara, Sudeste do Piauí, Brasil  

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Biodiversity studies allow ecosystem assessment and monitoring of environmental changes and impacts. Parasite diversity could reflect the host\\/ parasite coevolutionary process and the environment changes that permit the loss, gain or maintenance of species. This survey used species\\/morphotypes of helminths eggs found in feces from seven wild mammal species (the groups Dasypodidae and Large Cats, and Tamandua tetradactyla, Cebus apella,

Martha Lima Brandão; Marcia Chame; José Luis Passos Cordeiro; S. A. de M. Chaves



Caracterização do microhabitat e vulnerabilidade de cinco espécies de arapaçus (Aves: Dendrocolaptidae) em um fragmento florestal do norte do estado do Paraná, sul do Brasil  

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Microhabitat characterization and vulnerability of five woodcreeper (Dendrocolaptidae) species in a forest fragment in northern state of Paraná, southern Brazil. Little information is available on the ecological requirements of the woodcreepers (Aves: Dendrocolaptidae), and on the causes of their tendency to disappear from forest fragments in the Neotropics. Here, we documented microhabitat selection of five syntopic species of woodcreepers in

Fabíola Poletto; Luiz dos Anjos; Edson Varga Lopes; Graziele Hernandes Volpato



O Direito Costumeiro na Legislacao e na Jurisprudencia do Brasil: A Desescravizacao (Common Law in Legislation and Jurisprudence in Brazil: Abolition of Slavery).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Demonstrates that in Brazil, common law was an important component for development of the political project, elaborated with the objective of organizing and disciplining the formation of a market of free workers. Considers that the history of work relations originated in the Portuguese discovery of Brazil in the 16th century. (BT)

Gebara, Ademir



A Ideia de Universidade no Brasil: Influencia do Movimento de Cordoba (The Idea of the University in Brazil: Influences of the Cordoba Movement).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Examines influences of the Cordoba Movement in formulation of ideas concerning the inseparability among teaching, research, and extension--a new paradigm for the Brazilian university. Finds the formulation of this inseparability had its origins in the Brazilian student movement of the 1960s which included theses of the Cordoba Manifesto. (BT)

Mazzilli, Sueli



Cidadania Negada: A Educacao como Instrumento de Combate a Pobreza no Brasil (Denial of Citizenship: Education as a Way to Fight Poverty in Brazil).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Compares two compensatory social/educational programs developed by the Brazilian government in the last 15 years. States that although one was formulated during the military regime and one during the present government, they both combat poverty and encourage privatization. Concludes that this promotes a process that sees education as social…

Germano, Jose Willington



Teores de ácido anacárdico em pedúnculos de cajueiro Anacardium microcarpum e em oito clones de Anacardium occidentale var. nanum disponíveis no Nordeste do Brasil  

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Anacardic acid, a phenolic compound present in cashew apple and in some medicinal plants, is being associated to some specific biological effects. The purpose of this work was to determine anacardic acid content in peduncles of A. microcarpum and eight clones of A. occidentale from Northeastern Brazil, evaluating some physical-chemical and sensory characteristics of these peduncles. Cashew apples from BRS

Tânia da Silveira Agostini-Costa; Katiane Arrais Jales; Deborah dos Santos Garruti; Viviane Azevedo Padilha; Jedaias Batista de Lima; Maria de Jesus Aguiar; João Rodrigues de Paiva



Produção de frutos e distribuição espacial de angiospermas com frutos zoocóricos em uma Floresta Ombrófila Mista no Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil  

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Fruit production and spatial distribution of animal-dispersed angiosperms in a Mixed Ombrophilous Forest in State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil). We investigated, during 14 months, patterns of fruit production of animal dispersed angiosperms in a patch of Mixed Ombrophilous Forest (MOF) in the National Park of Aparados da Serra, State of Rio Grande do Sul, south Brazil. For a

Gabriela Paise; Emerson M. Vieira



Avaliação do impacto ambiental do uso e ocupação da terra na sub-bacia hidrográfica do Rio Vacacaí-Mirim\\/RS-Brasil  

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The study aimed to evaluate the impacts of landuse in the watershed Vacacaí-Mirim River, located in the central region of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) for the lifting of the use and coverage of the earth were used topographic charts of Camobi and Santa Maria, on the scale of 1:50,000, and images CCD\\/CBERS 2 were used (October 2006) 3B4R2G composition.

Aline Batista Ferreira


Simulated Extreme Prepitation Indices over Northeast Brasil in Current Climate and Future Scenarios RCP4.5 and RCP8.5  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In this study, we analyzed extreme precipitation indices, for present and future modeled climates over Northeast of Brazil (NEB), from CORDEX simulations over the domain of Tropical Americas. The period for the model validation was from 1989-2007, using data from the European Center (ECWMF) Reanalysis, ERA-INTERIM, as input to drive the regional model (RAMS 6.0). Reanalysis data were assimilated via both lateral boundaries and the entire domain (a much weaker "central nudging"). Six indices of extreme precipitation were calculated over NEB: the average number of days above 10, 20 and 30 mm in one year (R10, R20, R30), the number of consecutive dry days (CDD), the number of consecutive wet days (CWD) and the maximum rainfall in five consecutive days (RX5). Those indices were compared against two independent databases: MERRA (Modern Era Retrospective analysis for Research and Applications) and TRMM (Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission). After validation, climate simulations were performed for the present climate (1985-2005) and short-term (2015-2035), mid-term (2045-2065) and long-term (2079 to 2099) future climates for two scenarios: RCP 4.5 and RCP 8.5, nesting RAMS into HadGEM2-ES global model (a participant of CMIP5). Along with the indices, we also calculated Probability Distribution Functions (PDFs) to study the behavior of daily precipitation in the present and by the end of the 21st century (2079 to 2099) to assess possible changes under RCPs 4.5 and 8.5. The regional model is capable of representing relatively well the extreme precipitation indices for current climate, but there is some difficulties in performing a proper validation since the observed databases disagree significantly. Future projections show significant changes in most extreme indices. Rnn generally tend to increase, especially under RCP8.5. More significant changes are projected for the long-term period, under RCP8.5, which shows a pronounced R30 enhancement over northern states. CDD tends to decrease over most of NEB in the short but this trend is reverted toward the end of the century in both scenarios with a significant increase in the duration of the dry season over Northwestern and Eastern NEB (exceeding 50 days over certain areas), whereas projected CWD changes are smaller. Rx5 shows a general increasing trend especially in the long term period,under RCP8.5.

Wender Santiago Marinho, Marcos; Araújo Costa, Alexandre; Cassain Sales, Domingo; Oliveira Guimarães, Sullyandro; Mariano da Silva, Emerson; das Chagas Vasconcelos Júnior, Francisco



Área Temática: Operações Avaliação do Nível de Serviço de Operadores Logísticos no Brasil: uma Aplicação de Análise Fatorial e Regressão Logística Binária AUTORES  

Microsoft Academic Search

In the last few years, significant economical changes have begun to affect the societies commercially developed and industrialized. This evolution has occurred not only in the industrial sector but also in the distribution sector and it has been characterized by the integration of the supply chain and also by the profound organizational changes, influencing significantly the organization's logistics system. The



Políticas Trabalhista e Fundiária e seus Efeitos Adversos Sobre o Emprego Agrícola, a Estrutura Agrária e o Desenvolvimento Territorial Rural no Brasil  

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This paper discusses the question of the concentrated pattern of agricultural developmentin Brazil, as expressed in the predominance of large-scale production, high level ofmechanization and low absorption of non-qualified labor. It is proposed, initially, theexistence of two conflicting explanations for this fact: the first, that blames our historicalheritage, characterized by the predominance of the latifúndio, with the implication thatthe solution

Gervásio Castro de Rezende



Respeito às Normas e Crescimento Econômico: Como Promotores Públicos Garantem o Cumprimento das Leis e Promovem o Crescimento Econômico no Brasil  

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Esta pesquisa examina como os membros do Ministério Público (MP) brasileiro conseguem que empresas instaladas em território nacional cumpram com a legislação trabalhista e ambiental sem perder a competitividade. Nos casos analisados, promotores e procuradores percebem que os gargalos que dificultam o cumprimento da lei estão freqüentemente fora das empresas infratoras e de suas respectivas cadeias de valor, e que,

Salo Vinocur Coslovsky




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Social-environment aspects of freshwater praws fisheries (Macrobrachium amazonicum Heller, 1862 e Macrobrachium rosenbergii de Man, 1879) (Decapoda, Palaemonidae) of Bragantina Region - Pará - Brazil Among abundance of native shrimp species with high fisheries potential and good commercial relationships like Macrobrachium amazonicum (Heller, 1862), exotic species like Macrobrachium rosenbergii has been done introduced with aquaculture aims. Study was conducted with

Julliany Lemos Freire


BIT Recueil de directives pratiques: La gestion du handicap sur le lieu de travail  

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[From Preface] Les personnes handicapées ne forment pas un groupe homogène. Elles peuvent présenter une incapacité physique, une déficience sensorielle ou intellectuelle ou des troubles psychiques. Leur handicap peut remonter à la naissance, à l’enfance, à l’adolescence ou être survenu plus tard, au cours de leurs études supérieures ou de leur vie professionnelle. Ce handicap peut ne pas avoir une

Genève BIT



Superfund record of decision (EPA Region 3): Langley AFB/NASA Langley Center, Area E Warehouse Operable Unit, Hampton, VA, September 28, 1998  

SciTech Connect

This Record of Decision (ROD) presents the selected remedial action for the Area E Warehouse Operable Unit (OU) at the NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) in Hampton, Virginia (the Site). This actions addresses the principle threat at the OU by imposing land use restrictions that will prevent any non-industrial activities to take place on the OU.




The Legacy and Impact of Open University Women's/Gender Studies: 30 Years On  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In 1983, the UK Open University (OU) offered its first women's/gender studies (WGS) course. Although a late entrant to the area, OU WGS courses were influential nationally and internationally for many feminists and WGS teachers and scholars. Not only did OU WGS courses have the largest WGS student cohort of any UK institution with over 8000…

Kirkup, Gill; Whitelegg, Elizabeth



MØtodo Mªe Canguru: aplicaÁªo no Brasil, evidŒncias cientÌficas e impacto sobre o aleitamento materno Kangaroo Mother Care: scientific evidences and impact on breastfeeding  

Microsoft Academic Search

Objective: To describe the history of the Kangaroo Mother Care and present scientific evidence about benefits of this practice on morbidity and mortality, psychological and neurological development and breastfeeding of low birth weight infants. Sources of data: Papers about Kangaroo Mother Care published from 1983 to 2004 were consulted, selected in Medline and Lilacs, as well as books, thesis and

Sonia Isoyama Venancio; Honorina de Almeida


I processi cumulativi nella crisi del debito degli anni 80: una lettura dai casi di Argentina, Brasile e Messico Cumulative processes in the 1980s debt crisis: an analysis from Argentina, Brazil and Mexico's case studies  

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This paper analyses the 1980s Latin American debt crisis in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico and, in particular, the influence of cumulative processes at work in its early and final stages. The paper is organised in three sections. The first examines the crisis<92> features in the three countries, and maps the key macroeconomic and behavioural relationships at its onset and resolution.

Andrea de Panizza



Projeto Serge: Trabalho de Campo Referente AO Experimento Sir-a No Brasil (Fase 2) (Shuttle Experimental Radar for Geological Exploration (SERGE) Project: Field Work Relating to the Shuttle Experimental Radar A (SIR-A) in Brazil (Phase 2)).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The ground observations undertaken over the northern position of Minas Gerais State, and part of Distrito Federal from 7 to 12 December 1982, along the Space Shuttle 2 flying orbit 22 of November 1981 are described. Field data related mostly with litholog...

M. G. Balieiro P. R. Martini J. R. Dossantos J. T. Demattos



Condicionantes E Mecanismos Do Processo de Inovacao Tecnologica No Brasil: Atuacao de Institutos de Pesquisa (Conditions and Mechanisms of the Process of Technological Innovation in Brazil: The Role of Research Institutes).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This paper analyzes the role of research institutes concerning the Technological Innovation Process (PIT), in view of the bounds which are imposed on them by their external environment and by their organizational characteristics. As to the external enviro...

H. Decarvalhokataoka



Stereo Photo Series for Quantifying Cerrado Fuels in Central Brazil: Volume 1 (Series de Estereo-Fotografias para Quantificar a Biomassa da Vegetacao do Cerrado do Brasil Central. Volume 1).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Five series of single and stereo photographs display a range of natural conditions and fuel loadings in Cerrado ecosystems in central Brazil. Each group of photographs is accompanied by information summarizing vegetation composition, structure and biomass...

R. D. Ottmar R. E. Vihnanek H. S. Miranda M. N. Sato S. M. A. Andrade



Foreign body aspiration in children and adolescents: experience of a Brazilian referral center* Aspiração de corpo estranho por menores de 15 anos: experiência de um centro de referência do Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

Objective: To describe the clinical, radiological and endoscopic characteristics of foreign body aspiration among individuals under the age of 15 treated at a referral center in the city of São Luís, Brazil. Methods: This was a descriptive study using data from the medical charts of patients treated for foreign body aspiration at the Hospital Universitário Materno Infantil between 1995 and

Sílvia Teresa; Evangelista Vidotto; Marco Antonio Barbieri; José Albuquerque de Figueiredo Neto


Anthropically dislodged assemblages of sponges (Porifera: Demospongiae) in the River Araguaia at Araguatins, Tocantins State, Brazil Assembléias de esponjas desalojadas no Rio Araguaia em Araguatins, Estado do Tocantins, Brasil  

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A recent outbreak of an human ocular disease at Araguaia River by the town of Araguatins, TO, Central Amazonia, along the low water period of 2005 required pathological analyses of surgically extracted ocular tissues. Spicules which invest the gemmules of the freshwater sponges Drulia uruguayensis and D. ctenosclera were found inside these ocular materials. Such relation between an ocular disease

C. Volkmer-Ribeiro; Salvador França; Rodovia Washington Luís


O modelo de Solow-Swan na linguagem de dinâmica de sistemas: uma aplicação para o Brasil [The Solow-Swan model in the system dynamics language: an application for Brazil  

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This paper aims at contributing to the Brazilian economic growth discussion based on a new approach: system dynamics. Specifically, we intend to develop a systemic version of Solow-Swan model which allows the exploration of new angles of some important insights from recent Brazilian studies using that model and the assessment of the ability of the economy to grow in the

Newton Paulo Bueno



Perfil do nível de atividade física na vida diária de pacientes portadores de DPOC no Brasil* Profile of the level of physical activity in the daily lives of patients with COPD in Brazil  

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Objective: To evaluate characteristics of physical activities in daily life in COPD patients in Brazil, correlating those characteristics with physiological variables. Methods: Physical activities in daily life were evaluated in 40 COPD patients (18 males; 66 ± 8 years of age; FEV 1 = 46 ± 16 % of predicted; body mass index = 27 ± 6 kg\\/m 2 )

Nidia Aparecida Hernandes; Denilson de Castro Teixeira; Vanessa Suziane Probst; Antonio Fernando Brunetto; Ercy Mara; Cipulo Ramos; Fábio Pitta



Planificacion linguistica y constitucion de un bloque regional: El caso del Mercosur (Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay y Uraguay) y de Chile (Language Planning and the Constitution of a Regional Bloc: The Case of Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay) and Chile.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The common market of the South is a new linguistic and cultural area. The resurgence of innermost identities within member states proves that Mercosur identity can neither be universal nor specific. The outcome of this quest for identity will depend on the ability to carefully handle an area of cultural diversity and a place of common allegiance…

Chareille, Samantha



ISOLATION OF Rickettsia bellii FROM Amblyomma ovale AND Amblyomma incisum TICKS FROM SOUTHERN BRAZIL AISLAMIENTO DE Rickettsia bellii A PARTIR DE GARRAPATAS Amblyomma ovale Y Amblyomma incisum PROCEDENTES DEL SUR DE BRASIL  

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Objective. To isolate and characterize rickettsiae from the ticks Amblyomma ovale and Amblyomma incisum collected in the state of São Paulo. Materials and methods. Adult, free-living A. ovale and A. incisum were collected in an Atlantic rainforest area in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Each tick was tested using the hemolymph assay; samples from positive ticks were placed in

Richard Pacheco; Simone Rosa; Leonardo Richtzenhain; Matias P. J. Szabó; Marcelo B. Labruna


Forame Oval Patente e AVC Criptogênico: situação do PC-trial no Brasil e no mundo Patent Foramen Ovale and Cryptogenic Stroke: the PC-trial in Brazil and around the world  

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SUMMARY Introduction: Several studies have shown an association between cryptogenic stroke and embolism from patent foramen ovale (PFO) but the question how to prevent further events is unresolved. PC-trial is a randomized clinical trial comparing the efficacy of percutaneous closure of PFO with medical treatment in patients with cryptogenic embolism, and is going on. The objective of this manuscript is

Marcia Maiumi Fukujima; Célia Maria Camelo Silva; Carlos Eduardo; Bernini Kapins; Antonio Carlos


Publicações indexadas geradas a partir de resumos de congressos de angiologia e cirurgia vascular no Brasil Indexed publications generated from abstracts of angiology and vascular surgery congresses in Brazil  

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Background: Great part of the scientific production presented in congresses is not published. Even in developed countries, figures show an expressive difference between presentations and publications. Objective: To evaluate the number of published and indexed articles, based on available national and international databases, searching for titles and authors of papers and panels from Brazilian vascular surgery congresses held in 2001

Winston Bonetti Yoshida; Nicole França Holmo; Gabriela Tieme Corregliano; Karina Marcellino Baldon


Evaluación experimental de rodolitos como sustratos vivos para la infauna en el Banco de Abrolhos, Brasil Experimental evaluation of rhodoliths as living substrata for infauna at the Abrolhos Bank, Brazil  

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Over large areas of the Brazilian continental shelf, coralline algal rhodoliths provide habitats with high community diversity. In order to understand the role of rhodoliths in structuring the poorly studied infauna of these habitats, we determined seasonal patterns of their size and shape related to the associated biota, and experimentally tested the influence of living substrata in the Abrolhos Archipelago

K Santos de Menezes; EM Costa-Paiva; PC Paiva; CRR Ventura


As Atividades de Treinamento Em Sensoriamento Remoto No Instituto de Pesquisas Espaciais-Inpe/Brasil (Training Activities in Remote Sensing at the Instituto de Pesquisas Espaciais-Inpe/Brazil).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The Institute for Space Research (Instituto de Pesquisas Espaciais - INPE) began its research program in remote sensing in 1972, with the launching of the American LANDSAT satellites. Research was developed mainly in the field of natural resources, throug...

T. M. Sausen R. Pereiradacunha




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The presented paper aims to analyze the perception on 3 dimensions of business associateship (management skill, business relationship and representativeness) by young entrepreneurs, besides putting in context the associativity movement in Brasil. In order to do so, the article presents a brief theoretical review, a few data on the entrepreneurial context in Brasil and finally a quantitative survey research introduces



Cidadania, identidade e multiculturalismo Cidadania, identidade e multiculturalismo Cidadania, identidade e multiculturalismo Cidadania, identidade e multiculturalismo Cidadania, identidade e multiculturalismo  

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Resumo: O argumento desenvolvido neste artigo procura demonstrar a necessidade de incorporar a discussão das diferenças no conceito de cidadania. No Brasil, a diferença étnico-racial sempre foi geradora de desigualdades entre brancos e negros. A construção de um conceito de cidadania que leve em consideração tal fenômeno certamente contribuirá para diminuir as desigualdades entre brancos e negros no Brasil. O

Márcio Mucedula Aguiar


77 FR 72776 - Airworthiness Directives; Embraer S.A. Airplanes  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Putim--12227-901 S[atilde]o Jose dos Campos-SP- BRASIL; telephone +55 12 3927-5852 or +55 12 3309-0732...Putim--12227-901 S[atilde]o Jose dos Campos--SP--BRASIL; telephone +55 12 3927-5852 or +55 12 3309-0732;...



77 FR 33334 - Airworthiness Directives; Embraer S.A. Airplanes  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Putim--12227-901 S[atilde]o Jose dos Campos--SP-- BRASIL; telephone +55 12 3927-5852 or +55 12 3309-0732...Putim--12227-901 S[atilde]o Jose dos Campos-SP--Brasil; telephone +55 12 3927-5852 or +55 12 3309-0732;...



Impacto da redução dos encargos trabalhistas sobre a formalização e o salário das empregadas domésticas  

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O presente artigo faz uma avaliação da polarização de renda no Brasil para os anos de 1981 e 2003. Após diferenciar os conceitos de polarização e de desigualdade de renda, calculamos o índice de polarização da renda no Brasil, com base na metodologia proposta por Esteban, Gradin e Ray (1999). Os resultados indicam que a bipolarização se manteve praticamente constante

Maria Isabel Accoroni Theodoro; Luiz Guilherme Scorzafave



La Leche League International  


... support: Choose a Country... Algeria (Arabic, French) Argentina (Spanish) Australia (English) Austria, La Leche Liga Österreich (German) ... Dutch) Belgium (French, German, English) Bermuda (English) Bolivia (Spanish) Brasil (English, Portuguese) Bulgaria (Bulgarian) Canada (English) Canada ( ...


Diffraction des neutrons : principe, dispositifs expérimentaux et applications  

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La diffraction de neutrons, sur monocristal ou sur échantillon polycristallin (ou poudre), est une technique très largement utilisée, en science des matériaux comme en biologie, lorsque l'on souhaite déterminer la structure cristalline d'un composé ou d'une molécule. Toutefois, le degré de précision de la détermination structurale est très corrélé au choix de l'instrument utilisé. Il s'en suit que la question

C. Muller



Rôle et activités de l'Administration Générale Belge de la Coopération au Développement  

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L'AGCD gère 60% de l'aide publique belge au développement. Celle-ci consiste essentiellement en l'envoi de personnel belge qualifié ou d'experts, en l'apport d'équipement et de matériel, en le financement d'études ou en la formation de cadres locaux. En pratique l'AGCD travaille soit en responsabilité directe soit en collaboration avec des institutions spécialisées, universités, centres de recherche, organisations non gouvernementales ou

C. Winterbeeck



Superfund record of decision (EPA region 8): Hill Air Force Base, Operable Unit 2, Davis County, Ogden, UT, September 30, 1996  

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This decision document presents the selected remedy for Operable Unit 2 (OU2) at Hill Air Force Base (HAFB), Utah. The remedy selected for OU2 addresses contaminated groundwater, contaminated soil, and contaminated surface water at OU2. This ROD also addresses a dense, non-aqueous phase liquid (DNAPL) composed mainly of chlorinated solvents which contributes to contamination of groundwater. The selected remedy for OU2 addresses the principal threats posed by the site by minimizing or preventing direct contact with contaminated soils; preventing ingestion of and direct contact with contaminated groundwater and surface water; and preventing further offsite transport of contaminants.




Effect of single and multiple administration of an O?6-benzylguanine\\/temozolomide combination: an evaluation in a human melanoma xenograft model  

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The purpose of the present study was to examine the effect of O\\u000a 6-benzylguanine (O\\u000a 6-BG) on the antitumour activity and toxicity of 8-carbamoyl-3-methylimidazo [5, 1-d?]?-1,2,3,5-tetrazine-4(3H)-one (temo-zolomide) in a human malignant melanoma xenograft model following single and multiple administration of the combination.\\u000a O\\u000a 6-BG irreversibly inactivates the DNA-repair protein O\\u000a 6-alkylguanine-DNA alkyltransferase (AGT), which confers resistance to temozolomide. Preadministration of

Stephen R. Wedge; Julia K. Porteous; E. S. Newlands



Performance of a multi-disciplinary emergency department observation protocol for acetaminophen overdose.  


The availability of 20-h N-acetylcysteine (NAC) infusion for low-risk acetaminophen (APAP) overdose enabled our center to implement an Emergency Department observation unit (OU) protocol as an alternative to hospitalization. Our objective was to evaluate our early experience with this protocol. This retrospective cohort study included all patients treated for low-risk APAP overdose in our academic hospital between 2006 and 2011. Cases were identified using OU and pharmacy records. Successful OU discharge was defined as disposition with no inpatient admission. Differences in medians with 95 % confidence intervals were used for comparisons. One hundred ninety-six patients received NAC for APAP overdose with a mean age of 35 years (SD 14); 73 % were white, and 43 % were male. Twenty (10 %) received care in the OU; 3/20(15 %) met criteria for inclusion in the OU protocol and 13/20(65 %) were discharged successfully. Out of the 196 patients, 10 met criteria for inclusion in the OU protocol but instead received care in the inpatient setting. The median total length of stay from presentation to ED discharge was 41 h for all patients treated in the OU, compared to 68 h for ten patients who met criteria for inclusion in the OU protocol but who were admitted (difference 27 h, 95 % CI 18-72 h). ED observation for APAP overdose can be a viable alternative to inpatient admission. Most patients were successfully discharged from the OU. This evaluation identified both over- and under-utilization of the OU. OU treatment resulted in shorter median length of stay than inpatient admission. PMID:23793935

Beauchamp, Gillian A; Hart, Kimberly W; Lindsell, Christopher J; Lyons, Michael S; Otten, Edward J; Smith, Carol L; Ward, Michael J; Wright, Stewart W



Effects of growing region and maturity stages on oil yield and fatty acid composition of coriander ( Coriandrum sativum L.) fruit  

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Changes on oil yield and fatty acid profiles were studied during maturation of coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) fruits cultivated in Menzel Temime and Oued Beja, Tunisia. Oil and petroselinic acid biosynthesis proceeded at a steady rate up to 16 DAF in Oued Beja and in 33 DAF in Menzel Temime. The first results show that a rapid oil accumulation started

Kamel Msaada; Karim Hosni; Mouna Ben Taarit; Mohamed Hammami; Brahim Marzouk



Publicly Funded and Family-Friend Care in the Case of Long-Term Illness: The Role of the Spouse  

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RÉSUMÉ Depuis quelques années, on s’intéresse énormément à la valeur économique du travail non rémunéré. La prise en charge des malades chroniques ou des personnes handicapées est un aspect très important du travail non rémunéré, dont le corollaire est de savoir si le travail fourni par les aidants familiaux ou amis allège le fardeau du système de santé publique. À

Lynda Hayward; Sharon Davies; Roberta Robb; Margaret A. Denton; Greg Auton



Analayse de la valeur acquise en contexte d'interdépendance des chemins: la solution PNET  

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En gestion de projet, le dépassement des délais ou des coûts est fréquent. Le contrôle de projet ou la mesure de la performance s’avère important. À cet égard, l’outil de mesure de performance disponible est la valeur acquise, laquelle repose sur une planification de base PERT \\/ CPM. Dans un travail récent, Ika (2004), après avoir relevé un certain nombre

Lavagnon Ika



Le masculin et le féminin dans les modèles éducatifs des parents  

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[fre] Le masculin et le féminin dans les modèles éducatifs des parents . Les parents ne nourrissent pas les mêmes ambitions scolaires pour les garçons et pour les filles : envisageant un niveau d'études plus élevé pour ces dernières, ils préfèrent une formation technique ou scientifique pour les premiers. La réussite ou l'échec scolaire effectifs affectent différemment leur projet :

Jean-Pierre Jarousse; Marie Duru-Bellat



Superfund Record of Decision (EPA Region 8): Midvale Slag, Operable Unit 1, Midvale, UT., April 28, 1995.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This decision document presents the selected remedial action for Midvale Slag, Operable Unit No. 1 (OU1) in Midvale, Utah. The response actions described in this Record of Decision address all known occurrences of hazardous substances at OU1 that have bee...



Superfund record of decision (EPA Region 3): Langley AFB/NASA Langley Center, Tabbs Creek Operable Unit, Hampton, VA, September 30, 1998  

SciTech Connect

This Record of Decision (ROD) presents remedial action for the Tabbs Creek Operable Unit (OU) at the NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) in Hampton, Virginia (the Site). This action addresses the principle threat at the OU by dredging and disposing contaminated sediment.





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RESUMO Métodos: Avaliou-se in vitro a infiltração marginal em perfurações de furca do Agregado Trióxido Mine- ral (MTA) isolado ou associado à resina composta com ou sem condicionamento ácido e a porcentagem de extrusão dos materiais. Utilizaram-se 36 molares humanos extraídos, os quais foram divididos em três grupos experimentais (n=10): Grupo 1 - MTA, Grupo 2 - MTA + resina

Beatriz Belardinelli; Érico de Mello Lemos; Danilo Minor Shimabuko


Superfund Record of Decision (EPA Region 5): North Bronson Industrial Area, Operable Unit 1, City of Bronson, Branch County, MI., June 19, 1998.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This document presents the selected remedial action for the North Bronson Industrial Area Superfund site (the site), Operable Unit I (OU 1). OU 1 is an interim action that addresses the eastern and western sludge lagoons, groundwater impacted by the sludg...




EPA Science Inventory

In July and August 2000, we conducted 3-D reflection, tomography, and downhole seismic studies at Operable Unit 2 (OU2) at Hill Air Force Base (HAFB) in Ogden, Utah. OU2 has been the subject of ongoing remediation efforts to remove dense nonaqueous phase liquids (DNAPLs) that con...


Superfund Record of Decision (EPA Region 10): USNavy Naval Undersea Warfare Engineering Station, Operable Unit 1, Keyport, WA., September 28, 1998.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The NUWC Keyport site consists of two operable units. Operable Unit 1 (OU 1) addresses Area 1 (the former base landfill) while Operable Unit 2 (OU 2) addresses the remaining Areas (Areas 2, 3, 5, 8 and 9). The chemicals of concern are chlorinated aliphati...




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4 D.S. - DEC\\/UFV, . Resumo: Há uma estreita relação entre qualidade de vida, sustentabilidade dos recursos hídricos e controle de cargas poluidoras. Uma gama de doenças está relacionada à qualidade da água utilizada; estima-se que até 10% do tempo útil de trabalho no mundo seja desperdiçado devido às condições da água utilizada. O grande déficit nos serviços de saneamento

Aníbal da Fonseca Santiago; Maria Lúcia Calijuri


Torio: uma das aplicacoes analiticas da ativacao neutronica e espectrometria alfa no CDTN nas ultimas tres decadas do Brasil. (Thorium: one of the analytical techniques in neutronic activation and alpha spectrometry of the CDTN (Brazilian Nuclear Technology Development Center) in the last three decades).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

For long years, the CDTN (Brazilian Nuclear Technology Development Center ) has applied several analytical techniques in the thorium determination. This work is about the evolution of the neutronic activation in the thorium 232 analysis from the 1960's to...

M. A. B. Menezes C. V. S. Sabino



ESTUDO DE VIABILIDADE TÉCNICO-ECONÔMICA PRELIMINAR PARA PRODUÇÃO DE CARVÃO ATIVADO NO BRASIL A PARTIR DOS RESÍDUOS DO COCO: ESTUDO COMPARATIVO DOS CENÁRIOS DE PRODUÇÃO 1 Preliminary Technological-Economic Viability Study for Activated Charcoal Production in Brazil From Residual Coconut Biomass: A Comparative Study of Two Production Scenarios  

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Resumo: O objetivo da pesquisa foi desenvolver uma rota para utilização de resíduos de coco para produção de carvão ativado com co-produção de energia, visando o máximo aproveitamento e máximo rendimento energético, com o mínimo de perdas de matéria-prima. Depois de realizadas pesquisas bibliográficas sobre o atual estado de tecnologia na produção de carvão ativado com base na biomassa residual

Brunno Henrique; Souza Santiago



Relation Between Ocean Temperature and Ocean Level Change in the Tropical Atlantic and Precipitation in the Amazon Region of Northeast Brazil Relacoes Entre Temperatura DA Agua Do Mar E Divergencia AO Nivel Do Mar No Atlantico Tropical E Precipitacao NAS Regioes Amazonica E Nordeste Do Brasil.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The precipitation series for the rainy season over northeastern Brazil (Fortaleza and Quixeramobim) and the Amazon Region (manaus, Belem, Taperinha, Conceicao do Araguaia and Alto Tapajos) and a 48 station average of normalized departure of annual precipi...

M. T. Kagano



Découverte d'une mégafaune holocène à la Toca do Serrote do Artur (aire archéologique de São Raimundo Nonato, Piauî, Brésil). A gruta do Serrote do Artur (área arqueológica de São Raimundo Nonato, Piaúi, Brasil): dataçoes holocênicas para megafáuna de mamíferos  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The cave of Toca do Serrote do Artur (São Raimundo Nonato Archaeological Area, southeastern Piauí, Brazil) has yielded a Mammalian community constituted of Dasypus septemcinctus, Propraopus cf. sulcatus, Hoplophorus euphractus, Glyptodon clavipes, Conepatus sp., Panthera onca, Equus neogaeus, Dicotyles tajacu, Tayassu pecari, Palaeolama major, Mazama guazoubira, Mazama americana and a large Cervid. In comparison with the Mammalian fauna of the other sites from the same area, such a list shows a comparatively reduced biodiversity together with the presence of rare ( Hoplophorus, Conepatus) or unknown ( Propraopus, Palaeolama major) taxa. Explanation lies in the more recent age of the fossiliferous layers, probably Lower Holocene, as demonstrated by two 14C dating of 8 490 ± 120 BP and 6 890 ± 60 BP of the highest one. Moreover, that fauna shows the late survival of some genera ( Propraopus, Hoplophorus, Glyptodon, Equus, Palaeolama) together with climatic modifications related to the Pleistocene-Holocene transition.

Faure, Martine; Guérin, Claude; Parenti, Fabio



The influence of cement type and admixture on life span of reinforced concrete utility poles subjected to the high salinity environment of Northeastern Brazil, studied by corrosion potential testing (A influência do tipo de cimento e adição na vida útil de postes de concreto armado submetidos ao ambiente de alta salinidade do Nordeste do Brasil, estudada pela técnica de potencial de corrosão)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Reinforced concrete structures installed in coastal zones have constantly been threatened by environmental damaging elements. The chloride ion is known as one of the most aggressive of these elements, causing, among other damages, corrosion of the steel reinforcement and then degradation of the concrete matrix. The goal of this work was to determine the influence of cement type on the

A. Joukoski; K. F. Portella; O. Baron; C. M. Garcia; G. R. Vergés; A. Sales; J. F. de Paula


Formacion de Formadores en Planeamiento y Administracion de la Education: Informe Final. Reunion Tecnica de la Red REPLAD, Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brasil, 9-13 de noviembre de 1987. (Educational Development of Professionals in Educational Planning and Administration: Final Report. Proceedings of the Meeting of the Major Project for Education (Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 9-13, 1987).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This final report provides a synthesis of conference presentations by representatives from institutions in 17 Latin American and the Caribbean nations. The material includes descriptions about institutions of higher education planning and developing of their respective schools of education, ministries of education, and national and regional…

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, Santiago (Chile). Regional Office for Education in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Petrologia, geoquimica de elementos maiores, tracos, terras raras e isotopos (Sr, O, H, S) nos batolitos da Meruoca e Mocambo, Ceara, Nordeste do Brasil. (Petrology, geochemistry of major elements, traces, rare earths and isotopes (Sr, O, H, S) on Meruoca and Mocambo batholith, Ceara State, Northeast of Brazil).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Values of (delta) sup(18) O of whole-rock Meruoca granite and mineral separates form a remarkable bull's-eye pattern. Toward the periphery, the granite appears to be normal I type ((delta) sup(18) O = +7 to +8 permil sub(SMOW)). Whole-rock isochron gives ...

A. N. Sial



Modulation of cyclophosphamide activity by O?6-alkylguanine-DNA alkyltransferase  

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Purpose: The human medulloblastoma cell line D283 Med (4-HCR), a line resistant to 4-hydroperoxycyclophosphamide (4-HC), displays\\u000a enhanced?repair of DNA interstrand crosslinks induced by phosphoramide mustard. D283 Med (4-HCR) cells are cross-resistant\\u000a to 1,3-bis(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea, but partial sensitivity is restored after elevated levels of O\\u000a 6-alkylguanine-DNA alkyltransferase (AGT) are depleted by O\\u000a 6-benzylguanine (O\\u000a 6-BG). Studies were conducted to define the activity

Henry S. Friedman; Anthony E. Pegg; Stewart P. Johnson; Natalia A. Loktionova; M. Eileen Dolan; Paul Modrich; Robert C. Moschel; Robert Struck; Thomas P. Brent; Susan Ludeman; Nancy Bullock; Cynthia Kilborn; Steve Keir; Qing Dong; Darell D. Bigner; O. Michael Colvin



La matiere noire dans l'Univers.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Parmi les mille questions que l'on peut se poser sur l'Univers, les plus fondamentales concernent son contenu : De quoi est faite la matière de l'Univers ? Est-ce que la matière de l'Univers est principalement constituée d'étoiles, ou bien de gaz interstellaire, de poussières interstellaires, de planètes, petits astéroïdes, ou de trous noirs ? Ou doit-on admettre que l'Univers est composé d'une autre forme de matière que l'on ne connaît pas, qui serait basée sur des particules élémentaires plus exotiques que les protons, neutrons et électrons qui constituent la matière ordinaire, dite baryonique?

Mamon, G.


Les Théories Implicites du Développement et de l’Education  

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Résumé  Les termes «théories implicites du développement et de l’éducation» désignents les connaissances relatives aux processus du\\u000a développement et à l’action éducative des parents, des enseignant(e)s ou des éducateurs qui, sans avoir la fonction professionnelle\\u000a de psychologues ou de psychiatres, prennent en charge l’éducation des enfants dans le cadre de la famille ou d’institutions\\u000a telles que la crêche et l’école. L’auteur

Christiane Vandenplas-Holper



Contrôle de l'orientation et de l'alignement moléculaire par un train d'impulsions soudaines  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Les récents progrès technologiques dans le domaine des Lasers permettent d'envisager le contrôle de nombreux processus quantiques jouant un rôle dans une variété de problèmes s'étendant de la réactivité chimique à l'information quantique. Dans ce contexte, nous nous sommes intéressés au contrôle de l'orientation ou de l'alignement moléculaire en utilisant un train d'impulsions soudaines. Nous avons défini des états cibles qui maximisent à la fois l'orientation ou l'alignement et sa durée dans le temps et montré comment atteindre ces états à l'aide de stratégie systématique ou optimisée

Sugny, D.



Superfund record of decision (EPA region 10): Fort Wainwright, Operable Unit 4, Fairbanks-North Star Borough, Fairbanks, AK, September 24, 1996  

SciTech Connect

This Record of Decision (ROD) presents the selected remedial actions for the Operable Unit 4 (OU-4) at Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks, Alaska. OU-4 comprises three source areas: the landfill, the Coal Storage Yard (CSY), and the Fire Training Pits (FTPs). Specific groundwater contaminants of concern at the landfill include benzene; 1,1,2-trichloroethane; 1,1,2,2-tetrachloroethane; bis(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate; cis-1,2 dichloroethene; and trichloroethene (TCE). Groundwater contaminants at the CSY include TCE; bis(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate; toluene; and benzene. The ROD addresses soil and groundwater contamination at OU-4.




The melting relations at 1 bar of pyroxenes composed largely of Ca, Mg, and Fe-bearing components  

Microsoft Academic Search

Temperature-composition sections were constructed from the results of quenching experi- ments (l bar pressure; oxygen fugacity values close to those of the assemblage iron-wtistite) using bulk compositions in the pyroxene quadrilateral composition plane, MgrSirOu{aMg SirO.-CaFeSirOu-Fe2Si2Ou. The new results were combined with previously published phase equilibrium data for metasilicate compositions in the pure system MgO-CaO-FeO-SiOr to derive a comprehensive phase diagram




The Morris-Lecar neuron model embeds a leaky integrate-and-fire model.  


We show that the stochastic Morris-Lecar neuron, in a neighborhood of its stable point, can be approximated by a two-dimensional Ornstein-Uhlenbeck (OU) modulation of a constant circular motion. The associated radial OU process is an example of a leaky integrate-and-fire (LIF) model prior to firing. A new model constructed from a radial OU process together with a simple firing mechanism based on detailed Morris-Lecar firing statistics reproduces the Morris-Lecar Interspike Interval (ISI) distribution, and has the computational advantages of a LIF. The result justifies the large amount of attention paid to the LIF models. PMID:22623224

Ditlevsen, Susanne; Greenwood, Priscilla



Stroke - Multiple Languages: MedlinePlus  


... ????) Hmong (Hmoob) Japanese (???) Korean (???) Portuguese (português) Russian (???????) Somali (af Soomaali) Spanish (español) Tagalog ( ... PDF Health Information Translations Return to top Portuguese (português) Stroke Acidente Vascular Cerebral (AVC ou derrame) - português ( ...


77 FR 12616 - Notice of Lodging of Consent Decree Under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...threatened release of hazardous substances at the South El Monte Operable Unit of the San Gabriel Valley Area 1 Superfund Site in South El Monte, Los Angeles County, California (the ``South El Monte O.U.''). Under the proposed Partial...



76 FR 40393 - Notice of Lodging of Consent Decrees  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...threatened release of hazardous substances at the South El Monte Operable Unit of the San Gabriel Valley Area 1 Superfund Site in South El Monte, Los Angeles County, California (the ``South El Monte O.U.''). The United States' and...



Tests of Fermilab built 40 mm aperture full length SSC dipole magnets.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Several 40 mm aperture, 17 m long dipoles have been built by Fermilab as developmental prototypes for the Superconducting Super Collider. These magnets differ from those manufactured at Brookhaven National Laboratory in that they have an external inner-ou...

W. Koska M. Bleadon R. Bossert J. Carson S. Delchamps



Etude polarographique du méthyl-phényl-dodécyl-triméthylammonium (désogène)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Rèsumè Le méthyl-phényl-dodécyl-triméthylammonium (désogène), donne une vague polarographique caractéristique, en utilisant comme électrolyte de support l'hydroxyde de tétraméthylammonium, le CILi ou le ClK.

L. Robert; R. Goldstein; J. Polonovski



77 FR 74222 - Notice of Lodging of Consent Decree Under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Remedial Actions for Superfund Sites with PCB Contamination.'' EPA selected a cleanup level of 40 ppm for subsurface dioxins and dioxin-like PCBs. Remedial action will be required where sampling within areas of OU-3 show concentrations above...



Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse - Multiple Languages: MedlinePlus  


... Hindi (??????) Japanese (???) Korean (???) Portuguese (português) Russian (???????) Somali (af Soomaali) Spanish (español) Tagalog ( ... PDF Health Information Translations Return to top Portuguese (português) Substance Abuse or Dependence Abuso ou dependência de ...



EPA Science Inventory

Public health surveillance has played a key role in controlling the spread of communicable disease and identifying the need for specific publich health practices, such as the filteration and chlorination of drinking water supplies. However, the characteristics of waterborne ou...


Derivation of residual radioactive material guidelines for 13 radionuclides present in Operable Unit IV at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, New York.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Residual radioactive material guidelines for 13 radionuclides (americium-241; cobalt-60; cesium-137; europium-152, -154, and -155; plutonium-238, -239, and -240; strontium-90; and uranium-234, -235, and -238) were derived for Operable Unit (OU) IV at Broo...

E. Faillace M. Nimmagadda C. Yu



Portable Spectrometric Analyzer for Air Pollutants.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The research aims are stated in two parts: (a) the development of a readily portable spectrometric equipment for direct field measurement of air pollutants, sufficiently sensitive to compete with current chemical methods, and in real time; (b) to carry ou...

D. T. Williams



Strengthening of the Technological Capability of the Thai Packaging Center. Technical Report: Development of Packaging for Distribution of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Dimensions and performance specifications of boxes for domestic and regional (neighboring countries) distribution of fruits, vegetables and fisheries products are defined. Procedures for testing are proposed. Boxes and a basket were designed to be made ou...

E. Pichler



Removal of heavy metal ions from oil shale beneficiation process water by ferrite process.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The ferrite process is an established technique for removing heavy metals from waste water. Because the process water resulting from oil shale beneficiation falls into the category of industrial waste water, it is anticipated that this process may turn ou...

R. K. Mehta L. Zhang W. E. Lamont C. W. Schultz



Should You Have the Air Ducts in Your Home Cleaned?  


... likely to be contaminated with mold and other biological contaminants? Y ou may be familiar with air ... Other testing methods are not reliable. Explain why biological growth cannot be removed by physical means, such ...


Fiscal year 2002 annual summary report for 200-UP-1 and 200-ZP-1 pump-and-treat operations  

SciTech Connect

This fiscal year 2002 annual progress and performance evaluation report discusses progress for the 200-UP-1 and 200-ZP-1 Operable Units (OU) groundwater interim remedial actions in the 200 West Area of the Hanford Site.




Stability of Epinephrine in Dental Anesthetic Solutions: Implications for Autoclave Sterilization and Elevated Temperature Storage.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Epinephrine is the least stable component of local anesthetic solutions and therefore the limiting factor for elevated temperature storage. Autoclave sterilization seems to be limited by the carpule's physical ability to withstand autoclave conditions. Ou...

J. R. Kelly G. W. Dalm



Multimegajoule Laser Design.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

New technologies make multimegajoule glass lasers economically feasible. We have devised new laser architectures using harmonic switchout, target-plane holographic injection, phase conjugation, continuous apodization, and higher amplifier efficiencies. Ou...

K. R. Manes R. G. Ozarski W. F. Hagen J. F. Holzrichtr



Functional Validation of H2 Relaxin and Its Downstream Effectors as Mediators, Therapeutic Targets, and Potential Biomarkers of Prostate Cancer Progression.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Currently, castrate resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) remains incurable. The identification of novel pathways that promote castrate resistant growth of prostate cancer (CaP) cells is critical for the development of successful new therapies to treat CaP. Ou...

R. W. DeVere White



Superfund Record of Decision (EPA Region 5): Sangamo Electric/Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge, Carterville, IL., February 19, 1997.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This Record of Decision (ROD) has been prepared for the Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) Explosives/Munitions Manufacturing Areas (EMMA) Operable Unit (OU). The results of the Baseline Risk Assessment (BRA) concluded that conditions at Sites CO...



Superfund Record of Decision (EPA Region 4): Sangamo Weston/Twelvemile Creek/Lake Hartwell Site (Operable Unit 2), Pickens, SC., June 1994.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This decision document presents the selected remedial action for the Sangamo Weston/Twelvemile Creek/Lake Hartwell PCB Contamination Superfund Site - Operable Unit Two ('Sangamo OU2') in Pickens County, South Carolina. This action, Operable Unit Two, addr...



Protéger les méthodes commerciales liées à Internet : un frein au développement ?  

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La protection juridique des méthodes commerciales liées à Internet est très controversée. Est-il opportun de protéger des biens immatériels ou des idées ? N'est-ce pas menacer durablement le développement de la \\

Benoit Delzelle



76 FR 18782 - Notice of Lodging of Consent Decree Under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Specifically, the United States' complaint alleges that the defendants sent spent catalyst that contained hazardous substances, including, but not limited to nickel and molybdenum, to OU-1 for disposal or treatment. Under the Consent...



High-Speed Laser Imaging, Emission and Temperature Measurements of Explosions.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This presentation reports results of laser high brightness imaging, optical temperature, emission and heat flux measurements of explosive combustion products by explosives. High brightness images were recorded by a high-speed camera synchronized to the ou...

T. Piehler B. Homan R. Ehlers R. Lottero K. McNesby



EQLBRM: A Computer Program to Calculate High Temperature Chemical Equilibrium.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The report describes a program written to calculate the equilibrium composition of high temperature chemical systems. The program is generally applicable to systems for which the appropriate thermodynamic data is available. The method of calculation is ou...

A. D. Cross



Long-Term Monitoring Network Optimization Evaluation for Operable Unit 2, Bunker Hill Mining and Metallurgical Complex Superfund Site, Idaho.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This report presents a description and evaluation of the groundwater and surface water monitoring program associated with the Bunker Hill Mining and Metallurgical Complex Superfund Site (Bunker Hill) Operable Unit (OU) 2. A monitoring network consisting o...



Electrotherapy for Treatment of Facial Nerve Paralysis (Bell's Palsy).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The Office of Health Technology Assessment (OHTA) emphasizes three basic principles in its assessment activities: (1) broad and open participation both within and outside of the Federal government, (2) reliance onthe expertise and research abilities of ou...

B. Waxman



Remedial investigation/feasibility study report for Lower Watts Bar Reservoir Operable Unit.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This document is the combined Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study Report for the lower Watts Bar Reservoir (LWBR) Operable Unit (OU). The LWBR is located in Roane, Rhea, and Meigs counties, Tennessee, and consists of Watts Bar Reservoir downstrea...



RF-4C Digital Signal Transfer Unit Multisensor Display System (DSTUMDS).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This document is a final report which describes the design, development, and preliminary evaluation of a Digital Signal Transfer Unit Multisensor Display System (DSTUMDS) for the RF-4C aircraft and associated avionics equipment. The body of this report ou...

G. Raymer



78 FR 49939 - National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan; National Priorities List...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Priorities List: Partial Deletion of the Torch Lake Superfund Site AGENCY: U.S. Environmental...Deletion of the Quincy Smelter and Calumet Lake parcels of Operable Unit 3 (OU3) of the Torch Lake Superfund Site (Site), located in...



77 FR 64790 - National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan; National Priorities List...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...for Partial Deletion of the Isle Royale Stamp Tailings and Michigan Smelter Tailings parcels of OU3 and the Mason Sands parcel of...This partial deletion pertains to the surface tailings, drums and slag piles of Isle Royale and...



78 FR 2710 - Applications for Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity and Foreign Air Carrier Permits  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Conforming Applications, or Motion to Modify Scope: January 7, 2013. Description: Application of SmartLynx Airlines Estonia OU requesting a foreign air carrier permit and exemption authority authorizing the carrier to operate charter foreign air...



77 FR 61249 - Addition of Certain Persons to the Entity List  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...persons under Cyprus; one person under Estonia; eleven persons under Finland; five...entries under Cyprus; one entry under Estonia; eleven entries under Finland; five...Kolonakioy Center, Limassol, Cyprus. Estonia (1) Yaxart OU, Kalevipoja 12A,...



Superfund Record of Decision (EPA Region 10): Idaho National Engineering Lab (USDOE), Operable Unit 8-98, Idaho Falls, ID., September 29, 1998.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This decision document presents the selected remedial actions for nine sites in Operable Unit (OU) 8-08 at the Naval Reactors Facility (NRF) located on the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory (INEEL). The remedial action objectives, as...



Chaotic Motion of an Elastic-Plastic Beam.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The authors looked for evidence of chaotic behavior both under impulsive loading and under periodic excitation, in the pin ended elastic-plastic Shanley model. Their results and conclusions in the impulsive loading ('free vibration') case disagree with ou...

P. S. Symonds G. Borino U. Perego



Demonstration of Surfactant-Enhanced Aquifer Remediation of Chlorinated Solvent DNAPL at Operable Unit 2, Hill AFB, Utah, Draft Final.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

During 1996 and 1997, five separate partitioning interwell tracer tests (PITTs) were conducted as part of two separate surfactant-enhanced aquifer remediation (SEAR) demonstrations targeting DNAPL (primarily TCE) at Operable Unit 2 (OU2), Hill Air Force B...



Les quartiers des grandes villes : contrastes sociaux en milieu urbain  

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[fre] L'espace urbain est loin d'être homogène : à l'intérieur des villes, les différences de statut social ou de structure des ménages façonnent les contrastes d'un quartier à l'autre. Ces contrastes différencient les villes entre elles, suivant la prédominance de tel type ou de telle configuration de quartier. Aux banlieues industrielles anciennes du Nord s'opposent ainsi les quartiers récents de

Michèle Mansuy; Maryse Marpsat



The generalized Chen's conjecture on biharmonic submanifolds is false  

Microsoft Academic Search

The generalized Chen's conjecture on biharmonic submanifolds asserts that any biharmonic submanifold of a non-positively curved manifold is minimal (see e.g., [CMO1], [MO], [BMO1], [BMO2], [BMO3], [Ba1], [Ba2], [Ou1], [Ou2], [IIU]). In this paper, we prove that this conjecture is false by constructing foliations of proper biharmonic hyperplanes in a 5-dimensional conformally flat space with negative sectional curvature. Many examples

YE-LIN OUAND; Liang Tang



La complexité d'une évaluation des compétences à travers des situations complexes : nécessités théoriques et exigences du terrain 1  

Microsoft Academic Search

Quel que soit leur cadre de référence, tous ceux qui inscrivent leur réflexion, ou mieux leur pratique pédagogique, dans l'approche par compétences s'accordent aujourd'hui pour dire que celles-ci s'exercent lorsqu'il s'agit de résoudre des situations-problèmes nécessitant la mobilisation de plusieurs ressources. Que ce soit pour l'apprentissage des compétences ou pour leur évaluation, il convient donc de situer l'élève dans un

François-Marie GERARD



La visite pre-operatoire en chirurgie cardio-vasculaire  

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Résumé  Ce texte destiné aux résidents d’anesthésie-réanimation en début de stage dans un service cardio-vasculaire, discute du risque\\u000a opératoire et de certains problèmes courants chez les patients devant subir une intervention chirurgicale cardiaque ou vasculaire.\\u000a On classifie le risque en risque habituel, accru ou élevé, selon la présence de facteurs aggravants du risque (mauvaise fonction\\u000a ventriculaire, angor instable, âge, etc. …).

Bernard Paiement; Jean-Guy Maillé; Marcel Boulanger; Jean Taillefer; Philippe Sahab; Conrad Pelletier; Ihor Dyrda



Le transfert de connaissances entre les mathematiques et les sciences. Une etude exploratoire aupres d'eleves de 4e secondaire  

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Au moment ou dans plusieurs pays on travaille a refondre les programmes d'etudes, tant au primaire qu'au secondaire, l'interet pour le transfert renait. Un des concepts fondamentaux en apprentissage consiste en l'habilete a reutiliser de facon consciente et efficace un acquis d'une situation a une autre situation. Cette recherche emane de preoccupations professionnelles au moment ou le chercheur etait enseignant

Ghislain Samson



Evaluation of an access route to higher education through a work?based assessment strategy  

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The Open University (OU) is the UK’s largest university, with over 200,000 people studying, part time and at a distance, a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses and packs. Research and development carried out at the OU’s Centre for Outcomes?Based Education (COBE), has provided a new way of enabling students to be accredited at higher education level for their learning

Morag Harvey; Tim Slaughter



Superfund record of decision (EPA region 4): Camp LeJeune Military Reservation (US Navy), operable unit 8, site 16, Onslow County, NC, August 23, 1996  

SciTech Connect

This decision document presents the selected remedy for Operable Unit (OU) No. 8 (site 16), at Marine Corps Base (MCB) Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. The selected remedial alternative for OU No. 8 is no further action. Following land use restrictions being implemented by MCB, Camp Lejeune, this remedial alternative involves taking no further remedial actions (including long term monitoring), at the site and leaving the environmental media as they currently exist.




Les comportements des Français en matière d'assurances  

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[fre] Risque d'accident de la circulation, de vol, ou d'incendie, menace sur l'emploi, le revenu ou la santé, la plupart des actions de la vie quotidienne sont soumises à une part de hasard dont les conséquences peuvent être néfastes. Face à l'incertain, au risque, la souscription d'un contrat d'assurance répond à des motivations individuelles complexes. Elle s'analyse aussi comme un

Daniel Verger



Taille de pays et stratégie de concurrence fiscale des petits pays  

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Dans cet article, nous tentons d'appréhender le choix des politiques économiques des pays à la une du critère de taille. En effet, selon le cas ou un pays est grand ou non, celui-ci aura incitations différentes quant au choix de sa stratégie de croissance. Ainsi théoriquement, un grand pays favorisera plus une politique qui stimule la demande alors qu'un petit

Nicolas Chatelais



Des adaptations différenciées aux contraintes internationales : les enseignements d'un modèle  

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[fre] plus ou moins intensif de l'accumulation du capital est décrit par l'intermédiaire du rapport que les progrès de productivité entretiennent avec l'investissement ou avec la croissance de la production industrielle.. Un modèle de simulation a été construit selon ces principes pour interpréter les évolutions différentes de l'Allemagne, de la France et de l'Angleterre à la suite de perturbations monétaires

André Orléan; Gilles Oudiz; Michel Aglietta



Efficacité et innocuité de l’administration de fer dans les populations juvéniles  

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RésuméL’anémie ferriprive (AF) infantile réduit la durée de vie maximale, la capacité cognitive et peut menacer la vie d’une mère adolescente à l’accouchement. L’administration de fer est une composante des stratégies de prévention ou de traitement de la carence en fer (CF) et le fer peut être administré par voie parentérale, orale, par des compléments alimentaires ou l’enrichissement des aliments.

Klaus Schümann; Noel W. Solomons



Periodic solutions of wave equations for asymptotically full measure sets of frequencies  

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We prove existence and multiplicity of small amplitude periodic solutions of the completely resonant wave equation u_tt - u_xx + f(x,u)=0 with Dirichlet boundary conditions where f(x,u)=a_2 u^2 + a_3(x) u^3 + O(u^4) or f(x,u)= a_4 u^4 + O(u^5) for a Cantor-like set of frequencies omega of asymptotically full measure at omega=1.

Pietro BaldiMassimiliano Berti; Massimiliano Berti



Le Hericium erinaceus: des propriétés essentiellement dépendantes du neuronal growth factor  

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Résumé  Le Hericium erinaceus (HE) induit la synthèse de neuronal growth factor (NGF), impliqué dans les maladies neurodégénératives comme la maladie d’Alzheimer ou plus généralement dans les troubles\\u000a trophiques (estomac, intestin, foie) ou les cicatrisations (peau, cartilage, os). Le HE stimule aussi les voies TH1 et TH2\\u000a (antiparasitaire puissant), ce qui le positionne parmi les aliments potentiellement utiles contre les maladies

B. Donatini



Les variations de prix de six produits agricoles pendant dix ans  

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[fre] Les variations de prix de six produits agricoles pendant dix ans par Guy BONNAYS et Michel PROST . Dans quelle mesure le prix de la viande achetée par la ménagère suit-il celui du bœuf ou du porc vendus par l'agriculteur? Comment évoluent le prix du kilo de pommes de terre ou du litre de vin acheté chez le détaillant

Guy Bonnays; Michel Prost



Superfund record of decision (EPA Region 9): Newmark Groundwater Contamination Site, San Bernardino, CA, August 1993  

SciTech Connect

This decision document presents the selected remedial action for the Newmark Operable Unit, Newmark Groundwater Contamination Superfund site. EPA has selected an interim remedy for the Newmark plume of groundwater contamination in the Newmark Groundwater Contamination Superfund Site. This portion of the site cleanup is referred to as the Newmark Operable Unit (OU). The Newmark OU is an interim action focusing on contamination in the undergound water supply in the Bunker Hill Basin of San Bernardino, north and east of the Shandin Hills.

Not Available



Photopolymérisation des monomères multifonctionnels dans une matrice polymère Effet de différents paramètres sur la réactivité des monomères  

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Un matériau polymère semi-interpénétré a été obtenu par polymérisation d'un monomère diacrylate, le tripropylène glycol diacrylate (TPGDA) ou le 1,6-hexanediol diacrylate (HDDA) dispersé dans une matrice organique qui est le polystyrène ou le copolymère élastomérique SBS. L'amorçage de la réaction se fait par voie photochimique en utilisant des photoamorceurs qui se décomposent rapidement sous l'action des radiations UV émises par

T. Bendaikha; S. Boussaad; M. Boutamdja



Mise en Évidence De Résidus d'Antibiotiques Dans le Lait de Vache Produit Dans l'Algérois  

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La présence de résidus d'antibiotiques outre les risques directs ou indirects relativement modérés qu'ils présentent pour le consommateur, peut se révéler un véritable fléau pour l'industrie de transformation du lait en produits laitiers. En effet, ces résidus peuvent être à l'origine de l'inhibition totale ou partielle des phénomènes fermentaires d'origine bactérienne La présente étude a eu pour objectif la recherche

Sabrine Ouslimani


Diagnostic de la constipation chez l’enfant  

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RésuméLa constipation est un motif fréquent de consultation d’un pédiatre. A titre de symptôme, une constipation peut être due à des etiologies diverses en termes de fréquence, de nature et de gravité. La constipation peut être d’origine médicale ou chirurgicale, ou idiopathique. Les étiologies chirurgicales sont principalement représentées par la maladie de Hirschsprung. Il s’agit du principal diagnostic différentiel même

Frédérique Sauvat



Astronomie et optique : un couple heureux  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Les développements de l'optique ont accompagné le flot de découvertes qui caractérise le développement de l'astronomie depuis trois ou quatre décennies. Les instruments en cours ou en projet s'attaquent tout particulièrement à la résolution angulaire, avec des applications majeures concernant l'observation des trous noirs massifs au centre des galaxies, dont la nôtre, et des planètes extrasolaires. Ces aspects sont brièvement évoqués ici, à propos de l'optique adaptative et de l'interférométrie optique.

Léna, Pierre



Politique conjoncturelle et investissement dans les années 70  

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[fre] Cet article examine l'influence, sur les fluctuations conjoncturelles de la période 1973-1980, des politiques économiques ayant affecté directement ou indirectement l'investissement des entreprises. La première partie de l'article propose un bilan des études économétriques de l'investissement réalisées au cours de ces dernières années. Ces études ont fait apparaître le rôle prépondérant de l'évolution anticipée de la demande (ou effet

Pierre-Alain Muet; Patrick Artus; Agnès Picard; Claude Peyroux



Partage des coûts et tarification des infrastructures - Enjeux, problématique et pertinence du partage efficace des coûts  

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La plupart des organisations, sinon toutes, répartissent d'une manière ou d'une autre des coûts communs entre leurs diverses composantes ou encore entre leurs différents partenaires. Ces problèmes de partage de coûts communs se posent avec de plus en plus d'acuité car les règles de partage de coûts communs sont des facteurs importants de compétitivité et de performance. Bien que leur

Marcel Boyer; Michel Moreaux; Michel Truchon



Partage des coûts et tarification des infrastructures : Enjeux, problématique et pertinence  

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La plupart des organisations, sinon toutes, répartissent d'une manière ou d'une autre des coûts communs entre leurs diverses composantes ou encore entre leurs différents partenaires. Ces problèmes de partage de coûts communs se posent avec de plus en plus d'acuité car les règles de partage des coûts communs sont des facteurs importants de compétitivité et de performance. Bien que leur

Marcel Boyer; Michel Moreaux; Michel Truchon



Travailleurs âgés, nouvelles technologies et changements organisationnels : un réexamen à partir de l'enquête « Reponse ». Suivi d'un commentaire de Luc Behaghel : emploi des seniors - Des effets du changement technologique aux recommandations  

Microsoft Academic Search

[fre] L'adoption par les entreprises d'innovations technologiques (micro-ordinateur, internet), de changements organisationnels ou leur ouverture au marché international posent la question de l'adaptation des travailleurs âgés (seniors) : les entreprises concernées évincent-elles plus souvent ou non les seniors de leur main-d'oeuvre ? L'analyse du stock d'emploi en 1998 confirme l'hypothèse d'un biais de ces changements défavorable aux seniors. Dans l'industrie

Patrick Aubert; Luc Behaghel; Sévane Ananian



Sentiment d'autonomie et équilibre personnel Le rôle modérateur du soutien hiérarchique  

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L'équilibre personnel d'une personne dans son emploi et plus globalement dans sa vie est l'un des éléments essentiels de son bien-être. Les problèmes de mécontentement, de frustration ou de stress sont souvent liés à une rupture d'équilibre, à des conflits de rôle que la personne a du mal à résoudre dans sa vie professionnelle, dans sa vie privée ou entre

Alain Roger; Othmane Jamel



Prospective Randomized Comparison of Open versus Transperitoneal Laparoscopic Ureterolithotomy: Experience of a Single Center from Northern India  

PubMed Central

Aim Prospective randomized study on transperitoneal laparoscopic ureterolithotomy (TPLU) versus open ureterolithotomy (OU) for treatment of large impacted ureteric stones (? 1.5 cm) and assessment of overall results. Material & Methods In a prospective study between 2010 to 2012, 30 patients underwent TPLU and 30 OU based on 1:1 randomization. The operation was indicated primarily in 44 cases or after failed shock-wave lithotripsy/ureteroscopy in 16 cases. Two groups were compared for operative time, success rate, visual pain score, analgesic requirement, hospital stay, and postoperative complications. Statistical analysis was performed with SPSS® version 16.0 using Fisher exact or Mann-Whitney U tests with p < 0.05 considered statistically significant. Results The difference in visual pain score (6.2 in TPLU group vs 3.1 in OU group on day 1; 4.8 vs. 2.4 on day 2) and tramadol requirements (184.32 mg in TPLU group vs. 150.87 mg in OU group on day 1; 97.34 mg vs. 65.56 mg on day 2) were statistically significant and more in OU. Hospital stay and convalescence were significantly lower in the TPLU. However, stone removal in one attempt was similar in both the groups. Conclusion Although successful stone removal rates are equal in both groups, TPLU is associated significantly with less postoperative pain, less analgesic requirement, shorter hospital stay and short convalescence in comparison to OU.

Garg, Manish; Singh, Vishwajeet; Sinha, Rahul J.; Sankhwar, Satya N.; Kumar, Manoj; Kumar, Amit; Prakash, Jai; Kumar, Pradeep; Pandey, Mohit



Reciclaje Sostenible de Botellas de PET en Rio de Janeiro  

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Este trabajo presenta un estudio de caso exitoso implementado en la ciudad de Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, evidenciando la utilización de un instrumento basado en el mercado con el propósito de perfeccionar la calidad de los servicios de aseo urbano de la ciudad. En esto estudio de caso se demuestra la viabilidad técnica y económica del proceso de reciclaje de

Luiz Edmundo Costa Leite; José Henrique Penido Monteiro




Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMO: O estudo foi baseado no projeto da OEA e adaptado pela Escola de Enfermagem da UNIFESP, buscando analisar a situação sobre os conteúdos de álcool e outras drogas ministradas na graduação de enfermagem no Brasil. O objetivo desse trabalho foi avaliar a situação do ensino sobre a temática, álcool e drogas, na graduação em Enfermagem da Universidade Federal do

Robison Boni; Sandra C Pillon; Elisangela C. Santos; Marcio W. Camata; Marluce S. Macieira



Microsoft Academic Search

This work is to analyze the university's mission, in a context of changes imposed by globalization and tech- nological innovations. During the decade of 30, with the Universidade do Brasil, in Rio de Janeiro and the Universidade de São Paulo The Brazilian university appears. It is approximately 80 years old, it's histo- rical period is short compared to that of




Estados Unidos y cuatro países de América Latina se unen para combatir el cáncer

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) de Estados Unidos formalizó esta semana alianzas bilaterales con los gobiernos de Argentina, Brasil, México y Uruguay, para acelerar el avance contra el cáncer en la población hispana de Estados Unidos y de América Latina y mejorar la investigación del cáncer.



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RESUMO: Estima-se, atualmente, que existam no Brasil cerca de três milhões de hectares irrigados e algo em torno de 355.000 hectares de área irrigada na bacia do rio São Francisco. Sendo a irrigação considerada um uso consuntivo, grande parte da água empregada fica indisponível para a produção de energia e demais usos. O abastecimento humano, a dessedentação animal e o

Alan Vaz Lopes; Marcos Airton de Sousa Freitas



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Nos anos 1990 observou-se na região sul do Brasil um significativo avanço de formas alternativas de produção agrícola lastreada na construção de canais alternativos de comercialização, em especial as feiras ecológicas e lojas especializadas. Mas, nos anos recentes nota-se um arrefecimento do ritmo inicial. As hipóteses levantadas no artigo são de que isto está relacionado a dois aspectos principais: a)

Marcelo Santos Souza; Raquel Pereira Souza



Poder de mercado das exportações brasileiras de carne bovina in natura para a União Européia Grupo de Pesquisa: Comercialização, Mercados e Preços  

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Resumo: A União Européia é o principal mercado do setor ex portador de carne bovina do Brasil e é marcado por práticas de protecionismo qu e distorcem o equilíbrio de mercado. Além disso, as exportações brasileiras para a UE do tipo in natura vêm sofrendo quedas contínuas. Neste contexto, o principal objetivo des te trabalho foi mensurar o poder de

Apresentação Oral-Comercialização; ALINE CRISTINA CRUZ; MARCELO JOSE BRAGA


Mundos Torcidos: diferenças entre crioulos e africanos na dinâmica da construção de comunidades de grandes propriedades no Sudeste brasileiro do século XIX. Twisted worlds: differences between African and Creole in the dynamics of building communities of large properties in the Southeast of Brazil of the nineteenth century  

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Resumo: Este trabalho tem como objetivo identificar e analisar elementos constitutivos das relações entre grupos de escravos oriundos da diáspora africana e seus pares nascidos no Brasil, em busca de um padrão cultural e de fundamentos morais que organizariam as diferenças instauradas no cativeiro, buscando compreender um pouco mais a dinâmica do manuseio de patrimônios imateriais, quer trazidos na travessia

Carlos Engemann


Occurrence of Clavellisa ilishae (Copepoda: Lernaeopodidae) parasitizing herrings (Actinopterygii: Clupeidae) in Brazil.  


The lernaeopodids are highly specialized copepods which are widely distributed worldwide. In this paper the first record of Clavellisa ilishae Pillai, 1962 in the Neotropical region is documented parasitizing Sardinella brasiliensis from coastal zone of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. PMID:24473893

Moreira, Juliana; Paschoal, Fabiano; Cezar, Anderson Dias; Luque, José Luis



O Potencial Distributivo do Imposto de Rendapessoa Física (IRPF)  

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Este texto argumenta a favor de níveis mais elevados de Imposto de Renda-Pessoa Física (IRPF). Verificamos que, de todos os países para os quais existem informações, o Brasil é o que menos arrecada IRPF relativo à Carga Tributária Bruta (CTB). O IRPF é responsável por algo em torno de 6% da CTB, um pouco mais que 2% do Produto Interno

Sergei Soares; Fernando Gaiger Silveira; Claudio Hamilton dos Santos; Fábio Monteiro Vaz; André Luis Souza



Crescimento ponderal de filhotes de tartaruga gigante da Amazônia (Podocnemis expansa) submetidos a tratamento com rações isocalóricas contendo diferentes níveis de proteína bruta  

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RESUMO - A criação de Podocnemis expansa, a tartaruga-da-amazônia, com finalidade comercial foi implantada no Brasil em 1992. Contudo, muitas questões acerca do manejo, da nutrição, da sanidade e, principalmente, da reprodução ainda são obscuras. Visando contribuir para o desenvolvimento de uma metodologia alimentar da espécie, objetivou-se testar diferentes níveis de proteína da dieta. Uma amostra de 480 animais neonatos

Vinicius Augusto Sá; Leonardo C. Quintanilha; Gustavo Eduardo Freneau; Vera Lucia Ferreira Luz; Arcádio de Los Reyes Borja; Paulo César Silva



The Study of Some Personality Traits in Theological Students Using the Rorschach Test  

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Pesquisa realizada com 50 alunos da Faculdade de Teologia de Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil, com objetiva de analisar alguns traços comuns no Feitio de Personalidade e quanto ao Tipo de Trabalho Mental, a partir da prova de Rorschach. Optou-se para verificar dados que aparecem com mais freqüência e não construir um protocolo médio. Apresenta-se os dados mais

Maria Célia Esgaib Kayatt Lacoski; Vera Nice Assumpção do Nascimento



Non-conventional application of AC drives - Use of AC drives in emergency systems. Case study: tilting system of torpedo car in CST BOF shop  

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Nowadays, variable speed drives (VSD's) are very often used in many industrial systems, but almost always in traditional applications. This paper describes the successful application of VSD's in the CST-Arcelor Brasil torpedo car tilting system in the basic oxygen furnace BOF (steelmaking plant), in normal operation condition and also in emergency system condition during blackouts. The electrical system uses a

P. H. Zanandrea; A. C. V. Goncalves; E. V. Ardisson; E. V. Dias; J. F. Campos; E. D. Gomes



Disponibilidade e valor nutritivo de forragem de leguminosas nativas (Adesmia DC.) e exóticas (Lotus L.)  

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RESUMO - O gênero Adesmia DC. possui 17 espécies nativas no Brasil, distribuídas nos Estados do Sul, cuja importância está vinculada a sua adaptação ao solo e clima regionais, além de ser de crescimento hibernal (temperadas). Este trabalho teve o obj etivo comparar o padrão de acúmulo de matéria seca (MS) e valor nutritivo de forragem de A. latifolia, A.

Simone Meredith Scheffer-Basso; Aino Victor Avila Jacques; Miguel Dall'Agnol; João Riboldi; Stela Maris Jesuz Castro



Vegetais fósseis do Terciário brasileiro  

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A bacia de Fonseca, situada na região do Quadrilátero Ferrífero, no estado de Minas Gerais, sudeste do Brasil, constitui um clássico exemplo de sedimentos terciários, tendo despertado o interesse de vários pesquisadores, desde a segunda metade do século passado, por conter depósitos de \\

Claudio Limeira Mello; Lílian Paglarelli Bergqvist; Lucy Gomes Sant


a Biopirataria: a pilhagem da natureza e do conhecimento , de Vandana Shiva (Petrópolis, Vozes, 2001)  

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Biodiversidade, proteção do meio ambiente, agricultura sustentável, agribusiness e alimentos geneticamente modificados - tais são os temas que cada vez mais ocupam o centro das controvérsias atuais sobre a agricultura, no mundo inteiro. O Brasil não é exceção, e entre os movimentos que dão a eles maior destaque encontra-se o MST. Imbuído de forte consciência ecológica desde sua fundação, e

Hugh Lacey; Marcos Barbosa de Oliveira




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Em junho de 2005 houve em todo o Brasil uma intensa mobilização de produtores rurais a qual culminou com manifestações em praças e estradas nas quais os tratores se faziam presentes ruidosamente, bloqueando o acesso e impedindo o trânsito. Foi intensa a cobertura da imprensa a estas manifestações que levaram a concessões governamentais e mudanças nos instrumentos de política agrícola

Amilcar Baiardi; Januzia Mendes; Maria Lucia Sodre; Elizabeth Maria Ramos; Vivian Liborio Pinto



Photoproduction of charm particles at Fermilab  

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A brief description of the Fermilab Photoproduction Experiment E831 or FOCUS is presented. The experiment concentrates on the reconstruction of charm particles. The FOCUS collaboration has participants from several Central American and Latin American institutions; CINVESTAV and Universidad Autonoma de Puebla from Mexico, University of Puerto Rico from the United States, and Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas in Rio de Janeiro from Brasil.

Cumalat, John P. [University of Colorado, Department of Physics Boulder, Colorado 80309 (United States)



77 FR 73270 - Airworthiness Directives; Embraer S.A. Airplanes  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Publications Section (PC 060), Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2170--Putim--12227-901 S[atilde]o Jose dos Campos--SP--BRASIL; telephone +55 12 3927-5852 or +55 12 3309-0732; fax +55 12 3927-7546; email;...



75 FR 31332 - Airworthiness Directives; Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica S.A. (EMBRAER) Model EMB-120, -120ER...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Publications Section (PC 060), Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2170--Putim-- 12227-901 S[atilde]o Jose dos Campos--SP--BRASIL; telephone: +55 12 3927-5852 or +55 12 3309-0732; fax: +55 12 3927-7546; e-mail:...



Blood Evaluation Of Cl and Na Concentration In Crioulo Breed Horses Using NAA: Comparison With Humans Levels  

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Neutron Activation Analysis was utilized for determining the concentration of chlorine and sodium in blood of Crioulo breed horses used for hyperimmune sera production (Bothrops, Diphtheria and Tetanus) at Butantan Institute (Sao Paulo city, Brasil). These data are an important support for a toxicological control of adverse reactions in patients who will receive the hyperimmune serum.

Baptista, Tatyana S. [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP) Av. Professor Lineu Prestes 2242 05508-000 Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Instituto Butantan Av Vital Brasil 1500 05503-900 Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Zamboni, Cibele B.; Medeiros, Jose Agostinho G. de [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP) Av. Professor Lineu Prestes 2242 05508-000 Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Marcelino, Jose R.; Higashi, Hisako G.; Freitas, Monica G. [Instituto Butantan Av Vital Brasil 1500 05503-900 Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)



Educating and Training Undergraduate Applied Statisticians.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A course on Applied Statistics, offered since 1978 at the Instituto de Matematica e Estatistica, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brasil, is designed to educate statisticians at the bachelor's level for jobs in government statistical offices, industry, and business. (Author/LMO)

Peres, Clovis A.; And Others



78 FR 9800 - Airworthiness Directives; Embraer S.A. Airplanes  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Publications Section (PC 060), Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2170--Putim--12227-901 S[atilde]o Jose dos Campos--SP--BRASIL; telephone +55 12 3927-5852 or +55 12 3309-0732; fax +55 12 3927-7546; email;...



16 CFR 300.25 - Country where wool products are processed or manufactured.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR refer to a kind of species of product. Variant spellings which clearly indicate the English name of the country, such as Brasil for Brazil and Italie for Italy, are acceptable. Abbreviations which unmistakenly indicate the name of a country, such...



Exotic Nuclei in South America  

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The Radioactive Ion Beams in Brasil(RIBRAS) is described. Experiments using radioactive secondary beams of light rare isotopes such as {sup 6}He, {sup 7}Be, {sup 8}Li on several targets have been performed and the results are presented.

Lichtenthaeler, R.; Lepine-Szily, A.; Guimaraes, V.; Faria, P. N. de; Mendes, D. R. Jr; Pires, K. C. C.; Morcelle, V.; Barioni, A.; Morais, M. C.; Pampa Condori, R. [Instituto de Fisica da USP, Sao Paulo, Brazil, C.P. 66318, 05314-970 (Brazil); Assuncao, M. [Departamento de Ciencias Exatas e da Terra, Unifesp, Campus de Diadema, Sao Paulo (Brazil); Moro, A. M. [Departamento de FAMN, Universidad de Sevilla, Apdo. 1065, E-41080, Sevilla (Spain); Rodriguez-Gallardo, M. [Departamento de FAMN, Universidad de Sevilla, Apdo. 1065, E-41080, Sevilla (Spain); Instituto de Estructura de la Materia, CSIC, Serrano 123, E-28006 Madrid (Spain); Arazi, A. [Laboratorio TANDAR, Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica (Argentina)



16 CFR 300.25 - Country where wool products are processed or manufactured.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR refer to a kind of species of product. Variant spellings which clearly indicate the English name of the country, such as Brasil for Brazil and Italie for Italy, are acceptable. Abbreviations which unmistakenly indicate the name of a country, such...



Reforma do Fundo de Participação dos Estados (FPE)  

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Este documento focaliza as opções para a reforma do Fundo de Participação dos Estados (FPE), que constitui uma das principais transferências intergovernamentais no Brasil. Este enfoque se justifica pelo fato de que essa reforma tornou-se uma prioridade política urgente após a decisão do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF) que declarou a inconstitucionalidade da fórmula atual de distribuição horizontal do FPE e

Teresa Ter-Minassian



Experiments with a double solenoid system: Measurements of the 6He + p Resonant Scattering  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A recent experiment has been performed in the double solenoid system Radioactive Ion Beams in Brasil (RIBRAS) by impinging a pure 6He secondary beam on a thick CH2 target to measure the 6He + p excitation function. Results of this experiment will be presented.

Pampa Condori, R.; Lichtenthäler, R.; Lépine-Szily, A.; Gasques, L. R.; de Faria, P. N.; Mendes, D. R.; Morais, M. C.; Pires, K. C. C.; Scarduelli, V. B.; Leistenschneider, E.; Alcántara-Núñez, J. A.; Shorto, J. M. B.; Assunção, M.



Rickettsial infection in capybaras (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) from São Paulo, Brazil: serological evidence for infection by Rickettsia bellii and Rickettsia parkeri  

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Introducción. En Brasil, los capibaras (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) son importantes huéspedes para garrapatas del género Amblyomma, las cuales transmiten rickettsiosis a humanos y animales. Por lo tanto, estos roedores pueden ser potenciales centinelas para detectar infección por rickettsia. Objetivos. Este trabajo evaluó la infección por rickettsia en capibaras de diferentes regiones del estado de São Paulo, donde las rickettsiosis nunca han

Richard C. Pacheco; Mauricio C. Horta; Jonas Moraes-Filho; Alexandre C. Ataliba; Adriano Pinter; Marcelo B. Labruna




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RESUMO Historicamente, as políticas de saúde para o campo no Brasil estiveram associadas aos interesses econômicos ligados à garantia de mão-de-obra sadia para a exploração dos recursos naturais. Esse artigo busca caracterizar as políticas oficiais de saúde para a população do campo, analisando o contexto histórico, princípios, objetivos, estratégias e resultados. A experiência do Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra

Fernando Ferreira Carneiro; Anamaria Testa Tambellini



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Considerando-se que existe um déficit na capacidade estática de armazenamento de grãos no Brasil, aliado a baixa margem de rentabilidade auferida pelos produtores de commodities agrícolas, notadamente a soja, bem como o fato de que a armazenagem em nível de propriedade rural pode vir a se constituir em um diferencial positivo ao produtor no momento da comercialização desta oleaginosa, buscou-se

Alberto Silva Dutra; Joao Armando Dessimon Machado; Regis Rathmann



Do lar para as ruas: capitalismo, trabalho e feminismo  

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Neste artigo, busca-se discutir as influências sociais, culturais e econômicas que contribuíram para a formulação de um discurso e práticas coletivas feministas 1 . Com efeito, esse discurso passou a se manifestar na Europa e nos Estados Unidos ainda no século XIX, sendo que, no caso do Brasil, o mesmo fenômeno ocorreu nas últimas décadas deste e nos primórdios do

Natalia Pietra Méndez


As relações da Revista Estudos Feministas com os movimentos de mulheres  

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R R R R Resumo esumo esumo esumo esumo: Este artigo tem como objetivo refletir sobre o diálogo da REF, nesses últimos 15 anos, com os movimentos de mulheres no Brasil. Recupera os temas dos diversos dossiês que, em grande medida, focaram temáticas de extrema relevância e atualidade para a agenda política do feminismo. Resgata alguns desses dossiês como exemplos

Leila Linhares Barsted



Práticas naturalistas e feministas. Debate educacional e a construção da carreira de Bertha Lutz na comunidade científica e política das décadas de 1920 e 30  

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Resumo: Analisamos a trajetória da naturalista do Museu Nacional, Bertha Lutz nos anos iniciais de sua carreira, buscando compreender em que medida seu ingresso e atuação na instituição estão relacionados com o contexto de profissionalização e especialização científica no Brasil, e como participou em meio às culturas científicas - também políticas - e formas de sociabilidade. Este movimento, permeado pelo

Lia Gomes; Pinto de Sousa


Papaya Lethal Yellowing Virus (PLYV) Infects Vasconcellea cauliflora  

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Papaya lethal yellowing virus (PLYV) é um dos três vírus descritos infectando mamoeiros (Carica papaya L.) no Brasil. Vasconcellea cauliflora (Jacq.) A. DC., antes denominada de Carica cauliflora (Jacq.), é uma reconhecida fonte de resistência natural ao Papaya ringspot virus (PRSV), causador da \\

P. P. R. Amaral; Resende de R. O; M. T. Souza



Autoras de obras didáticas e livros para o ensino da leitura produzidos no Rio Grande do Sul: contribuições à história da alfabetização (1950-1970)1  

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Resumo: A História da Alfabetização tem se constituído um importante campo de pesquisa no Brasil nos últimos anos, enfatizando, entre outras coisas, métodos e processos de ensino da leitura e da escrita, materiais de alfabetização, com destaque para as cartilhas escolares, histórias e trajetórias de vida de professoras alfabetizadoras, etc. Na pesquisa que realizamos desde 2001, temos privilegiado a análise

Eliane Peres


Sistema de tratamiento y disposicion final de los residuos urbanos en la Region Metropolitana de Salvador, Bahía  

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Este artículo trata de las innovaciones tecnicas en el tratamiento de los residuos industriales en la región metropolitana de Salvador y las principales medidas adoptadas para una gestión ambiental de la petroquímica en Bahia, Brasil. La adopción de procedimientos y criterios en conformidad con las normativas internacionales añade una nueva dimensión en la gestión del espacio regional.

Hilda Maria de Carvalho Braga



Avaliação da evolução dos valores pagos pelo SIH em Minas Gerais frente à inflação setorial da saúde no período de fevereiro de 1996 a maio de 2007  

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Resumo Uma questão atual nas políticas públicas de saúde no Brasil é o financiamento dos prestadores de serviços médico-hospitalares do Sistema Único de Saúde - SUS. Um dos meios de financiamento é o pagamento de procedimentos informados ao Sistema de Informações Hospitalares - SIH, em que o valor pago deriva do número de procedimentos efetuados conforme o valor de cada

Helen Cristiny; Teodoro Couto; Juliana Ferreira Castro; Bruno Pérez Ferreira