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Fermentação da proteína de seis alimentos por microrganismos ruminais, incubados puros ou com monensina ou rumensin®  

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RESUMO - Avaliaram-se os efeitos da fermentação in vitro de seis alimentos: fubá de milho (FM), farelo de soja (FS), farelo de trigo (FT), sorgo (SO), glúten de milho (GM) e uréia (UR), incubados puros ou com o antibiótico monensina, esse na forma pur a para análise (Monensina) ou comercial (Rumensin®). O experimento constituiu-se de 18 unidades experimentais (três alimentos

Natália Guarino Souza Barbosa; Rogério de Paula Lana; Antônio Bento Mâncio; Arnaldo Chaer Borges; Cesar de Queiroz; Juliana Silva Oliveira



Macroscopic Hong-Ou-Mandel interference  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We report on a Hong-Ou-Mandel interference experiment for twin beams with photon numbers per mode as large as 106 generated via high-gain parametric down conversion (PDC). The standard technique of coincidence counting leads in this case to a dip with a very low visibility. By measuring, instead of coincidence counting rate, the variance of the photon-number difference, we observe an extremely well-pronounced peak. From the shape of the peak, one can infer information about the spectral properties of the PDC radiation, including the number of frequency/temporal modes.

Iskhakov, T. Sh; Spasibko, K. Yu; Chekhova, M. V.; Leuchs, G.



Restriction Map of 'Rachiplusia ou' and 'Rachiplusia ou-Autographa californica' Baculovirus Recombinants.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The restriction sites of Rachiplusia ou nuclear polyhedrosis virus (RoMNPV) DNA were mapped for the endonucleases SmaI, KpnI, BamHI, SacI, XhoI, and EcoRI. Of the 60 DNA restriction sites of RoMNPV, 35 mapped in similar positions as compared to the restri...

G. E. Smith M. D. Summers



Restriction Map of Rachiplusia ou and Rachiplusia ou-Autographa californica Baculovirus Recombinants.  


The restriction sites of Rachiplusia ou nuclear polyhedrosis virus (RoMNPV) DNA were mapped for the endonucleases SmaI, KpnI, BamHI, SacI, XhoI, and EcoRI. Of the 60 DNA restriction sites of RoMNPV, 35 mapped in similar positions as compared to the restriction sites of Autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus (AcMNPV) DNA. Two plaque-purified viruses, obtained from randomly picked plaques of a wild-type isolate of RoMNPV, were recombinants of RoMNPV and AcMNPV. The recombinants were shown to have RoMNPV and AcMNPV restriction fragments as well as structural polypeptides from each parental virus. Both recombinant viruses had a major RoMNPV capsid protein but were occluded in the AcMNPV polyhedrin protein. PMID:16789188

Smith, G E; Summers, M D



Hipertensão arterial sistêmica no Brasil: o que avançamos no conhecimento de sua epidemiologia? Systemic hypertension in Brazil: how much have we improved our knowledge about its epidemiology?  

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RESUMO A hipertensão arterial sistêmica (HAS), um dos prin- cipais determinantes da morbidade e mortalidade cardiovasculares, tem sido objeto de estudo em todo o mundo, seja por seus aspectos clínicos, fisiopatológicos ou como problema de saúde na coletividade. No Brasil, os primeiros estudos sobre prevalência surgiram na década de 1970, com produções crescentes na litera- tura e em congressos desde

Marta de Medeiros Neder; Arthur Augusto; Nogueira Borges


Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometer with cavities: Theory  

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We study the number of coincidences in a Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometer exit whose arms have been supplemented with the addition of one or two optical cavities. The fourth-order correlation function at the beam splitter exit is calculated. In the regime where the cavities lengths are larger than the one-photon coherence length, photon coalescence and anticoalescence interference is observed. Feynman's path diagrams for the indistinguishable processes that lead to quantum interference are presented. The construction of an optical XOR gate is discussed as an application for the Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometer with two cavities.

Olindo, C.; Sagioro, M. A.; Monken, C. H.; Padua, S.; Delgado, A. [Departamento de Fisica, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Caixa Postal 702, 30123-970 Belo Horizonte MG (Brazil); Center for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information, Departamento de Fisica, Universidad de Concepcion, casilla 160-C, Concepcion (Chile)



La résilience : concept abstrait ou pratique de vie  

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Lorsqu'une personne fait l'expérience d'une grande difficulté existentielle, un abandon, une violence, une tragédie, elle en reste souvent marquée pour longtemps, sinon pour la vie. Une telle situation est particulièrement néfaste dans le jeune âge. Pourtant, certains individus s'en tirent mieux que d'autres. On dit alors qu'ils sont résilients, c'est-à-dire que même s'ils ont été blessés par un traumatisme ou

Margot Phaneuf


Eielson Air Force Base OU-1 baseline risk assessment  

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This Baseline Risk Assessment report is the second volume in a set of three volumes for operable Unit 1 (OU-1). The companion documents contain the Remedial Investigation and the Feasibility Study. Operable Unit 1 (OU-1) is one of several groups of hazardous waste sites located at Eielson Air Force Base (AFB) near Fairbanks, Alaska. The operable units at Eielson are typically characterized by petroleum, oil, lubricant/solvent contamination, and by the presence of organics floating at the water table. In 1989 and 1990, firms under contract to the Air Force conducted field studies to gather information about the extent of chemical contamination in soil, groundwater, and soil air pore space (soil gas) at the site. This report documents the results of a baseline risk assessment, which uses the 1989 and 1991 site characterization database to quantify the potential human health risk associated with past Base industrial activities in the vicinity of OU-1. Background data collected in 1992 were also used in the preparation of this report.

Jarvis, M.T.; Jarvis, T.T.; Van Houten, N.C.; Lewis, R.E.



Hong-Ou-Mandel cloning: Quantum copying without an ancilla  

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In this paper we report an experimental realization of an ancilla-free 1{yields}2 phase-covariant quantum cloner. The cloner is realized by interfering a linearly polarized photon, which we wish to clone with a circularly polarized photon at a beam splitter. The two-photon effect can be understood in light of Hong-Ou-Mandel interference. The fidelity of the cloner was measured as 0.829{+-}0.008 for the 0/90 basis and 0.835{+-}0.006 for the 45/135 basis, which is in good agreement with the theoretical prediction of 5/6 fidelity. The experimental scheme is straightforward and has a high cloning success rate.

Ali Khan, Irfan; Howell, John C. [Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York 14627 (United States)



Signatures of Hong–Ou–Mandel interference at microwave frequencies  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Two-photon quantum interference at a beam splitter, commonly known as Hong–Ou–Mandel interference, is a fundamental demonstration of the quantum mechanical nature of electromagnetic fields and a key component of various quantum information processing protocols. The phenomenon was recently demonstrated with microwave-frequency photons by Lang et al (2013 Nature Phys. 9 345–8). This experiment employed circuit QED systems as sources of microwave photons, and was based on the measurement of second-order cross-correlation and auto-correlation functions of the microwave fields at the outputs of the beam splitter using linear detectors. Here we present the calculation of these correlation functions for the cases of inputs corresponding to: (i) trains of pulsed Gaussian or Lorentzian single microwave photons and (ii) resonant fluorescent microwave fields from continuously driven circuit QED systems. In both cases, the signature of two-photon quantum interference is a suppression of the second-order cross-correlation function for small delays. The experiment described in Lang et al (2013) was performed with trains of Lorentzian single photons, and very good agreement with experimental data is obtained. The results are relevant not only to interference experiments using circuit QED systems, but any such setup with highly controllable sources and time-resolved detection.

Woolley, M. J.; Lang, C.; Eichler, C.; Wallraff, A.; Blais, A.



Peut-on encore occuper des emplois qualifiés après un CAP ou un BEP ?  

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[fre] Peut-on encore occuper des emplois qualifiés après un CAP ou un BEP? . . Les diplômes de niveau V (CAP, BEP, etc.) permettent moins que par le passé d'accéder à des emplois d'ouvriers ou d'employés qualifiés. Cette évolution conduit à s'interroger sur les facteurs qui conditionnent l'accès des jeunes à un emploi qualifié au terme de leur formation initiale:

Sylvie Mendès-Clément; Liliane Bonnal; Pascal Favard



The Hong-Ou-Mandel effect in the context of few-photon scattering.  


The Hong-Ou-Mandel effect is studied in the context of two-photon transport in a one-dimensional waveguide with a single scatterer. We numerically investigate the scattering problem within a time-dependent, wave-function-based framework. Depending on the realization of the scatterer and its properties, we calculate the joint probability of finding both photons on either side of the waveguide after scattering. We specifically point out how Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometry techniques could be exploited to identify effective photon-photon interactions which are mediated by the scatterer. The Hong-Ou-Mandel dip is discussed in detail for the case of a single two-level atom embedded in the waveguide, and dissipation and dephasing are taken into account by means of a quantum jump approach. PMID:22714220

Longo, Paolo; Cole, Jared H; Busch, Kurt



Chimiothérapie néoadjuvante et cancers du sein avancés ou inflammatoires à Yaoundé (Cameroun)  

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Résumé  Le but de cette étude était de relever les facteurs limitant la pratique de la chimiothérapie néoadjuvante dans le traitement\\u000a des cancers du sein avancés ou inflammatoires en milieu africain au sud du Sahara. Il s’agit d’une étude prospective transversale\\u000a dans laquelle l’équipe médicale s’était proposée d’administrer une chimiothérapie avant le traitement de tous les cancers\\u000a du sein avancés ou

S. Takongmo; J. Yomi; M. L. Guifo; C. Pisoh Tangnyin; P. Ndom; J. M. Mendimi Nkodo; J. L. Essame-Oyono


Deterministic quantum splitter based on time-reversed Hong-Ou-Mandel interference  

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By utilizing a fiber-based indistinguishable photon-pair source in the 1.55 {mu}m telecommunications band [J. Chen et al., Opt. Lett. 31, 2798 (2006)], we present the first, to the best of our knowledge, deterministic quantum splitter based on the principle of time-reversed Hong-Ou-Mandel quantum interference. The deterministically separated identical photons' indistinguishability is then verified by using a conventional Hong-Ou-Mandel quantum interference, which exhibits a near-unity dip visibility of 94{+-}1%, making this quantum splitter useful for various quantum information processing applications.

Chen, Jun; Lee, Kim Fook; Kumar, Prem [Center for Photonic Communication and Computing, EECS Department, Northwestern University, 2145 Sheridan Road, Evanston, Illinois 60208-3118 (United States)



Le contrat : un instrument légal ou un outil en mode gestion de projet ?  

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Le Project Management Institute (PMI) définit le projet comme étant « une entreprise temporaire décidée dans le but de créer un produit, un service ou un résultat unique ». Cet aspect de temporalité indique donc que le projet se déroule entre deux paramètres : un début et une fin. En conséquence, les délais ont une importance primordiale dans ce mode

Daniel Gagnon




EPA Science Inventory

A passive reactive barrier (Biowall) was installed at the OU-1 site at Altus Air Force Base, Oklahoma to treat TCE contamination in ground water from a landfill. Depth to ground water varies from 1.8 to 2.4 meters below land surface. To intercept and treat the plume of contamin...


Hydrogen production by Rhodobacter sphaeroides O.U.001 in a flat plate solar bioreactor  

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Rhodobacter sphaeroides O.U.001 can produce hydrogen under anaerobic conditions and illumination. The objective of this study was to investigate the performance of an 8l flat plate solar bioreactor operating in outdoor conditions. Different organic acids were used as carbon sources (malate, lactate and acetate) and olive mill waste water was used as a sole substrate source. The consumption and the

?nci Ero?lu; Altan Tabano?lu; Ufuk Gündüz; Ela Ero?lu; Meral Yücel



Production of a novel indole ester from 2-aminobenzoate by Rhodobacter sphaeroides OU5  

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Culture supernatants of Rhodobacter sphaeroides OU5 grown in the presence of 2-aminobenzoate gave an orange-red color-reaction with Salper’s reagent, suggesting the presence of an indole derivative. This production was light-dependent and inducible only with 2-aminobenzoate. Replacement of 2-aminobenzoate with other 2-substituted benzoates did not result in the formation of indole. Fumarate appeared to be the conjugating molecule with 2-aminobenzoate, resulting

M. R. Sunayana; Ch. Sasikala; Ch. V. Ramana



Caracterisation des proprietes acoustiques des materiaux poreux a cellules ouvertes et a matrice rigide ou souple  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

L'objectif global vise par les travaux de cette these est d'ameliorer la caracterisation des proprietes macroscopiques des materiaux poreux a structure rigide ou souple par des approches inverses et indirectes basees sur des mesures acoustiques faites en tube d'impedance. La precision des approches inverses et indirectes utilisees aujourd'hui est principalement limitee par la qualite des mesures acoustiques obtenues en tube d'impedance. En consequence, cette these se penche sur quatre problemes qui aideront a l'atteinte de l'objectif global precite. Le premier probleme porte sur une caracterisation precise de la porosite ouverte des materiaux poreux. Cette propriete en est une de passage permettant de lier la mesure des proprietes dynamiques acoustiques d'un materiau poreux aux proprietes effectives de sa phase fluide decrite par les modeles semi-phenomenologiques. Le deuxieme probleme traite de l'hypothese de symetrie des materiaux poreux selon leur epaisseur ou un index et un critere sont proposes pour quantifier l'asymetrie d'un materiau. Cette hypothese est souvent source d'imprecision des methodes de caracterisation inverses et indirectes en tube d'impedance. Le critere d'asymetrie propose permet ainsi de s'assurer de l'applicabilite et de la precision de ces methodes pour un materiau donne. Le troisieme probleme vise a mieux comprendre le probleme de transmission sonore en tube d'impedance en presentant pour la premiere fois un developpement exact du probleme par decomposition d'ondes. Ce developpement permet d'etablir clairement les limites des nombreuses methodes existantes basees sur des tubes de transmission a 2, 3 ou 4 microphones. La meilleure comprehension de ce probleme de transmission est importante puisque c'est par ce type de mesures que des methodes permettent d'extraire successivement la matrice de transfert d'un materiau poreux et ses proprietes dynamiques intrinseques comme son impedance caracteristique et son nombre d'onde complexe. Enfin, le quatrieme probleme porte sur le developpement d'une nouvelle methode de transmission exacte a 3 microphones applicable a des materiaux ou systemes symetriques ou non. Dans le cas symetrique, on montre que cette approche permet une nette amelioration de la caracterisation des proprietes dynamiques intrinseques d'un materiau. Mots cles. materiaux poreux, tube d'impedance, transmission sonore, absorption sonore, impedance acoustique, symetrie, porosite, matrice de transfert.

Salissou, Yacoubou


Spatial two-photon interference in a Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometer  

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We report the observation of the cosine modulation in the coincidence rates from a Hong-Ou-Mandel (HOM) interferometer. Spatial interference fringes are seen by minute rotations of one mirror about the vertical axis, while the beam splitter is fixed in the center position. The results show that the maximum visibility of the fringe is 0.81, and the photon pairs separated by less than 1.52 mm in the source plane are measured to be indistinguishable. It turns out that it is possible to invert the HOM dips to peaks by the rotation of the mirror.

Kim, Heonoh; Kwon, Osung; Kim, Wonsik; Kim, Taesoo [Department of Physics, University of Ulsan, Ulsan 680-749 (Korea, Republic of)



Water quality assessment of a highly polluted Mediterranean River - Oued Fez (Morocco)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In the South of the Mediterranean basin, many rivers are characterized by an alternation of very long dry periods only cut by short flood events. Currently, the socio-economical development of these zones is limited by water scarcity and poor quality of the water resources. Indeed human activities, generally concentrated in overpopulated cities, generate large quantity of domestic and industrial effluents which are directly rejected in the environment without any treatment. In Morocco, the well known city of Fez illustrates perfectly this situation, observed in most developing countries. The oued Fez receives continuously the non-treated domestic and industrial effluents (90.000 m3/day) of the city and pollutes all the downstream water bodies. Indeed, it is a tributary of the Sebou River, a major body of great economical importance used for irrigation and freshwater supply. This study aims at characterising and quantifying the pollutant concentrations and fluxes in various points of oued Fez's hydrological network and assessing its impact on the Sebou River; this river's preservation being considered a national priority in Morocco. A coupled water quality-water quantity monitoring scheme has been implemented on oued Fez since 2008. In addition to basic hydrological data, water quality samples are collected at regular intervals at 8 locations where discharge is simultaneously measured using an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP). Water samples are analysed for different forms of nitrogen (nitrates, nitrites, ammonium and total nitrogen), phosphorus (soluble reactive phosphorus and total phosphorus) but also total chromium which is used in the leather tanning processes, one of the most important industrial production of the city of Fez, using a photospectrometer (Hach Lange DR 2800 VIS-photometer (Germany). The results of 17 sampling campaigns, carried out over 3 hydrological years, indicate that the rural areas contribute mostly to baseflow during the wet period while non-treated anthropogenic inputs constitute most of the flow during the dry period. The pollution levels are very high as the mean values reach 39 mg/l N, 5 mg/l P, 0.2mg/l Cr, for total nitrogen, total phosphorus and total chromium respectively at the most polluted sites. Even if the hydrological conditions induce important concentration variations, the pollution levels remain high all along the year. The nitrogen, phosphorus and chromium fluxes calculated for steady state conditions, show that more than 500 kg/hour of nitrogen, 60 kg/hour of phosphorus and 2.5 kg/hour of chromium are flushed by the oued Sebou downstream of its confluence with the oued Fez. These fluxes are due to human activities and do not vary significantly with the hydrological conditions. This study shows that a relatively limited observation network allows the characterization of the temporal and spatial variability of the pollution levels if the monitoring points are selected by taking into account the main pollution sources and the specificity of the hydrological conditions.

Perrin, J.-L.; Bellarbi, M.; Raïs, N.; Chahinian, N.; Moulin, P.; Ijjaali, M.



Variographic analysis of water table data from the Oued-Souf phreatic aquifer, northeastern part of the Algerian Sahara  

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Phreatic aquifers present many serious problems for local public authorities, and they have done so especially for the water\\u000a resources managers in Oued-Souf, Algeria, since 1980. Recently, a perturbation in piezometric level was observed in Oued-Souf.\\u000a The spatial distribution of piezometric level data was analyzed by applying geostatistical methods, which provide an indication\\u000a of the uncertainty of the estimation using

Hakim Saibi; Ahcene Semmar; Mohamed Mesbah; Sachio Ehara



Hydrogen gas production by combined systems of Rhodobacter sphaeroides O.U.001 and Halobacterium salinarum in a photobioreactor  

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Rhodobacter sphaeroides O.U.001 is a photosynthetic non-sulfur bacterium which produces hydrogen from organic compounds under anaerobic conditions. Halobacterium salinarum is an archaeon and lives under extremely halophilic conditions (4M NaCl). H. salinarum contains a retinal protein bacteriorhodopsin in its purple membrane which acts as a light-driven proton pump. In this study the Rhodobacter sphaeroides O.U.001 culture was combined with different

Baker Zabut; Kamal El-Kahlout; Meral Yücel; Ufuk Gündüz; Lemi Türker; ?nci Ero?lu




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Rhodobacter sphaeroides O.U.001 is a photosynthetic non sulfur bacterium produces hydrogen from organic compounds under anaerobic conditions. Halobacterium salinarum is an archaeobacterium lives under extremely halophilic conditions (4M NaCl). Halobacterium salinarum contains a retinal protein bacteriorhodopsin in its purple membrane which acts as a light driven proton pump. In this study the Rhodobacter sphaeroides O.U.001cultures were coupled with different amounts


Measurement of photon indistinguishability to a quantifiable uncertainty using a Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometer  

SciTech Connect

We present a method for using the Hong-Ou-Mandel (HOM) interference technique to quantify photon indistinguishability within an associated uncertainty. The method allows the relative importance of various experimental factors affecting the HOM visibility to be identified, and enables the actual indistinguishability, with an associated uncertainty, to be estimated from experimentally measured quantities. A measurement equation has been derived that accounts for the non-ideal performance of the interferometer. The origin of each term of the equation is explained, along with procedures for their experimental evaluation and uncertainty estimation. These uncertainties are combined to give an overall uncertainty for the derived photon indistinguishability. The analysis was applied to measurements from an interferometer sourced with photon pairs from a parametric downconversion process. The measured photon indistinguishably was found to be 0.954+/-0.036 by using the prescribed method.

Thomas, Peter J.; Cheung, Jessica Y.; Chunnilall, Christopher J.; Dunn, Malcolm H.



Corumbiara: o massacre dos camponeses. Rondônia\\/Brasil 1995  

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O massacre de Corumbiara mostra que o conflito na fazenda Santa Elina tem as mesmas características de milhares de conflitos por terra que aconteceram e acontecem no Brasil, e que o massacre de Corumbiara tem a mesma gênese de tantos outros massacres acontecidos contra camponeses, posseiros e índios ao longo de quinhentos anos de luta pelo acesso e posse à

Helena Angélica de Mesquita



Un mito del hambre en el nordeste de Brasil  

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El objetivo del presente estudio es permitir la comprensión, mediante un abordaje etnográfico, de los significados del hambre en las vivencias de actores sociales que enfrentan la pobreza extrema en un barrio de Salvador, Bahía, Brasil. Los relatos se han analizado con el objeto de entender la construcción de signos inherentes al sufrimiento de quienes padecen de hambre cotidianamente. En

Maria do Carmo S. Freitas; Paulo G. L. Pena



Um Estudo Exploratório sobre Inteligência Competitiva no Brasil AUTOR  

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This is an exploratory study and its main objective was to analyse the daily work from Competitive Intelligence Professionals, as analysts and managers in Brasil. It was developed under a sample based on 79 companies among 500 companies from Maiores and Melhores Guide 2007, with a structured questionnaire and interviews. The main results indicated that companies follow the competitors every



Le syndrome du canal d'Alcock ou n?vralgie pudendale : un diagnostic ? ne pas m?conna?tre  

PubMed Central

Résumé Le syndrome du canal d’Alcock – ou névralgie pudendale – est lié à la compression chronique du nerf pudendal dans la fossette ischiorectale ou au niveau du ligament sacroépineux. Le diagnostic du syndrome d’Alcock est surtout clinique. Les examens complémentaires sont dominés par les explorations électrophysiologiques et le test de bloc anesthésique. Le diagnostic repose sur des critères bien précis, soit les critères de Nantes. La prise en charge doit être globale, comprenant un traitement médicamenteux, des infiltrations, des techniques de neuromodulation, et dans les cas graves ou résistants, un traitement chirurgical qui consiste à libérer le nerf pudendal. Les névralgies pudendales peuvent être rencontrées après traitement d’une incontinence urinaire d’effort par bande-lettes sous-urétrales (TVT). Ce syndrome motive des consultations en urologie, car la douleur intéresse le territoire du périnée et des organes génitaux. Des signes urinaires peuvent aussi accompagner cette douleur. Il est donc judicieux de connaître cette pathologie.

Ziouziou, Imad; Bennani, Hassan; Zizi, Mohamed; Karmouni, Tarik; Khader, Khalid El; Koutani, Abdellatif; Andaloussi, Ahmed Iben Attya



Omission des déterminants : Contraintes d’alternances rythmiques ou contraintes liées aux niveaux supérieurs de la structure prosodique  

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Résumé: Cet article vise à déterminer si l’omission des déterminants chez des enfants de deux ans est contrainte au niveau du pied ou si elle est contrainte par les différents niveaux de la hiérarchie prosodique. Neuf enfants francophones âgés de 24 à 31 mois ont participé à une tâche de répétition de 54 phrases de quatre ou cinq mots de

Roseline Fréchette; Marie Labelle



Efeitos da monensina sobre a fermentação e sensibilidade de bactérias ruminais de bovinos sob dietas ricas em volumoso ou concentrado  

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RESUMO - Objetivou-se avaliar os efeitos da monensina sobre as mudanças nos padrões de fermentação e resistência à perda do potássio intracelular das bactérias ruminais provenientes de quatro bovinos recebendo dietas ricas em volumoso ou concentrado. As bactérias obtidas por centrifugação diferencial foram resuspensas em um meio pobre em potássio, no qual foi medida a perda do p otássio intracelular,

Rogério de Paula Lana; James B. Russell



Analysis of Aquifer Response, Groundwater Flow, and PlumeEvolution at Site OU 1, Former Fort Ord, California  

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This report presents a continuation from Oldenburg et al. (2002) of analysis of the hydrogeology, In-Situ Permeable Flow Sensor (ISPFS) results, aquifer response, and changes in the trichloroethylene (TCE) groundwater plume at Operational Unit 1 (OU 1) adjacent to the former Fritzsche Army Airfield at the former Fort Ord Army Base, located on Monterey Bay in northern Monterey County. Fuels

Preston D. Jordan; Curtis M. Oldenburg; Grace W. Su



Improving weather modeling in South America through IDD-Brasil  

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The IDD-Brasil constitutes of an international collaboration among Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (LPM\\/UFRJ), Centro de Previsão de Tempo e Estudos Climáticos (CPTEC\\/INPE) and the Unidata Program Center (Unidata\\/UCAR), which connects several universities and research centers across the Americas in a network to share real-time hydro meteorological data. Using this network as a new path to deliver and acquire

G. O. Chagas



200-DV-1OU Sediment and Pore Water Analysis and Report for Samples at Borehole C8096  

SciTech Connect

This is an analytical data report for sediment samples received at 200-DV-1 OU. On August 30, 2011 sediment samples were received from 200-DV-1 OU Borehole C8096 for geochemical studies. The analyses for this project were performed at the 331 building located in the 300 Area of the Hanford Site. The analyses were performed according to Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) approved procedures and/or nationally recognized test procedures. The data sets include the sample identification numbers, analytical results, estimated quantification limits (EQL), and quality control data. The preparatory and analytical quality control requirements, calibration requirements, acceptance criteria, and failure actions are defined in the on-line QA plan 'Conducting Analytical Work in Support of Regulatory Programs' (CAW). This QA plan implements the Hanford Analytical Services Quality Assurance Requirements Documents (HASQARD) for PNNL.

Lindberg, Michael J.



Indochinamon ou (Crustacea: Potamidae) as a New Second Intermediate Host for Paragonimus harinasutai in Luang Prabang Province, Lao PDR  

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Paragonimus harinasutai metacercariae were found in a species of freshwater crab, Indochinamon ou, collected in a small stream of Namback District, Luang Prabang Province, Lao PDR. Adult flukes were recovered after experimental infection of the metacercariae to dogs. Metacercariae were round or slightly elliptical, 0.666 × 0.626 mm in average size, and had a thin cyst wall of about 20 µm in thickness, a black excretory bladder, convoluted ceca, and some pinkish materials in the body. Adults were somewhat elongated, 95.2 × 36.5 mm in average size, covered with single-tipped tegumental spines, had a smaller oral sucker than the ventral sucker, a moderately branched ovary, and 5-6 lobulated testes. Eggs were ovoid and bilaterally symmetrical in shape, 79 × 45 µm in average size, and had a uniformly thickened shell. By the present study, it has been confirmed that I. ou is a new second intermediate host for P. harinasutai.

Sohn, Woon-Mok; Ryu, Jae-Sook; Song, Hyun-Ouk; Rim, Han-Jong; Vonghachack, Youthanavanh; Bouakhasith, Daluny; Banouvong, Virasack




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A castanha do brasil (Bertholletia excelsa, H.B.K.), é uma planta nativa da Amazônia, sendo uma das mais importantes espécies de exploração extrativista. Suas amêndoas apresentam alto valor econômico, tornando-se uma das principais atividades econômicas na região amazônica. O presente estudo teve como objetivo fazer um levantamento da produção e comercialização da castanha-do-brasil no Estado do Acre, n o período de

Lilliane Martins; Zenobio Perelli Gouveia E Silva; Breno Carrillo Silveira



Analysis of Aquifer Response, Groundwater Flow, and PlumeEvolution at Site OU 1, Former Fort Ord, California  

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This report presents a continuation from Oldenburg et al. (2002) of analysis of the hydrogeology, In-Situ Permeable Flow Sensor (ISPFS) results, aquifer response, and changes in the trichloroethylene (TCE) groundwater plume at Operational Unit 1 (OU 1) adjacent to the former Fritzsche Army Airfield at the former Fort Ord Army Base, located on Monterey Bay in northern Monterey County. Fuels and solvents were burned on a portion of OU 1 called the Fire Drill Area (FDA) during airport fire suppression training between 1962 and 1985. This activity resulted in soil and groundwater contamination in the unconfined A-aquifer. In the late 1980's, soil excavation and bioremediation were successful in remediating soil contamination at the site. Shortly thereafter, a groundwater pump, treat, and recharge system commenced operation. This system has been largely successful at remediating groundwater contamination at the head of the groundwater plume. However, a trichloroethylene (TCE) groundwater plume extends approximately 3000 ft (900 m) to the northwest away from the FDA. In the analyses presented here, we augment our prior work (Oldenburg et al., 2002) with new information including treatment-system totalizer data, recent water-level and chemistry data, and data collected from new wells to discern trends in contaminant migration and groundwater flow that may be useful for ongoing remediation efforts. Some conclusions from the prior study have been modified based on these new analyses, and these are pointed out clearly in this report.

Jordan, Preston D.; Oldenburg, Curtis M.; Su, Grace W.



Recent results with radioactive ion beams in Brasil (RIBRAS)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The RIBRAS facility (Radiactive Ion Beams in Brasil) is installed next to the 8 MV Pelletron Tandem of the Nuclear Physics Laboratory of the Institute of Physics of the University of Sa~o Paulo. It consists of two superconducting solenoids with maximum magnetic field of B=6.5T. Light radioactive ion beams are produced through transfer reactions, using solid or gaseous production targets of Be, LiF, 3He etc. The solenoids make a magnetic rigidity selection and the use of the two solenoids with a degrader between them allows the production of quite pure secondary beams. Beams of 6He, 8Li, 7Be, 10Be, 8B, 12B are currently produced and used to study elastic, inelastic, and transfer reactions on a variety of light, medium mass and heavy secondary targets. Some examples of reactions recently studied are presented below.

Lépine-Szily, A.; Lichtenthäler, R.; Guimara~es, V.; Mendes, D. R., Jr.; Descouvemont, P.; de Faria, P. N.; Barioni, A.; Leistenschneider, E.; Morcelle, V.; Morais, M. C.; Pires, K. C. C.; Condori, R. Pampa; Assunça~o, M. M.; Scarduelli, V.; Gasques, L. R.; Zamora, J. C.



Mantle dynamics and mantle melting beneath Niuafo'ou Island and the northern Lau back-arc basin  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A suite of young volcanic basaltic lavas erupted on the intra-plate island of Niuafo’ou and at active rifts and spreading centres (the King’s Triple Junction and the Northeastern Lau Spreading Centre) in the northern Lau Basin is used to examine the pattern of mantle flow and the dynamics of melting beneath this complex back-arc system. All lavas contain variable amounts of a subduction related component inherited from the Tonga subduction zone to the east. All lavas have higher 87Sr/86Sr, lower 143Nd/144Nd and more radiogenic Pb isotope compositions than basalts erupted at the Central Lau Spreading Centre in the central Lau Basin, and are interpreted as variable mixtures of subduction-modified, depleted upper mantle, and mantle residues derived from melting beneath the Samoan Islands which has leaked through a tear in the subducting Pacific Plate beneath the Vitiaz Lineament at the northern edge of the Lau Basin. Our data can be used to map out the present-day distribution of Samoan mantle in this region, and show that it influences the compositions of lavas erupted as far as 400 km from the Samoan Islands. The distribution of Samoan-influenced lavas implies south- and southwest-wards mantle flow rates of >4 cm/year. U-series disequilibria in historic Niuafo’ou lavas have average (230Th/238U) = 1.13, (231Pa/235U) = 2.17, (226Ra/230Th) = 2.11, and together with major and trace element data require ˜5% partial melting of mantle at between 2 and 3 GPa, with a residual porosity of 0.002 and an upwelling rate of 1 cm year-1. We suggest that intraplate magmatism in the northern Lau Basin results from decompression melting during southward flow of mantle from beneath old (110-120 Ma), relatively thick Pacific oceanic lithosphere to beneath young (<5 Ma), thinner oceanic lithosphere beneath the northern Lau Basin.

Regelous, Marcel; Turner, Simon; Falloon, Trevor J.; Taylor, Paul; Gamble, John; Green, Trevor



Zoneamento agrícola e época de semeadura para trigo no Brasil Agricultural zoning and sowing dates for wheat in Brazil  

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Resumo - Um Programa de Zoneamento Agrícola para o Brasil, subsidiando a política de crédito e securidade rural, começou a ser posto em prática pelo Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento (MAPA) a partir da safra de inverno de 1996, com a cultura de trigo no sul do Brasil. Este artigo apresenta uma síntese dos trabalhos sobre zoneamento agrícola para

Gilberto Rocca da Cunha; João Carlos Haas; Jaime Ricardo; Tavares Maluf; Paulo Henrique Caramori; Eduardo Delgado Assad; Hugo José Braga; Jurandir Zullo Jr; Cláudio Lazzarotto; Sérgio Gonçalves; Marcos Wrege; Dionísio Brunetta; Sérgio Roberto Dotto; Hilton Silveira Pinto; Orivaldo Brunini; Vera Magali; Radtke Thomé; Sérgio Luiz Zampieri; Aldemir Pasinato; Márcia Barrocas Moreira Pimentel; Cristina Pandolfo



Universalité ou spécialisation ?  

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La globalisation des échanges commence à toucher les universités nationales un peu partout dans le monde. Pour répondre à cette pression extérieure, chaque établissement cherche plus à s’assurer une notoriété internationale par la recherche que nationale par la pédagogie. La concentration de l’attention et de l’activité sur la recherche conduit, par exemple l’université française à perdre des parts de marché

Christian Allies; Michel Troquet



¿Víbora ou cobra?  

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RESUMO As mordeduras por serpe teñen un prognóstico distinto en función da familia do ofidio responsábel. Distinguir a fami- lia das cobras da das víboras, presentes as dúas en Galiza, pode axudar a tomar a decisión clínica máis axei- tada. Os criterios máis seguros para distinguir as dúas fami- lias de réptiles baséanse na forma da pupila, nas escamas supralabiais,

Martínez Rodríguez; Víbora de Seoane; Vipera Seoanei


Approche au diagnostic de la maladie coeliaque chez les patients ayant une faible densit? min?rale osseuse ou des fractures de fragilit?  

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Résumé Objectif Présenter aux cliniciens une mise à jour sur le diagnostic de la maladie cœliaque (MC), ainsi que des recommandations sur les indications de procéder au dépistage de la MC chez les patients présentant une faible densité minérale osseuse (DMO) ou des fractures de fragilité. Qualité des données Un groupe de travail multidisciplinaire a élaboré des questions cliniquement pertinentes relativement au diagnostic de la MC servant de fondement à une recherche documentaire dans les bases de données MEDLINE, EMBASE et CENTRAL (de janvier 2000 à janvier 2009) à l’aide des mots clés en anglais celiac disease, osteoporosis, osteopenia, low bone mass et fracture. Les ouvrages scientifiques existants comportent des études de niveaux I et II. Message principal La prévalence estimée de la MC asymptomatique est de 2 % à 3 % chez les personnes qui ont une faible DMO. Par ailleurs, un dépistage ciblé est recommandé pour les patients qui ont des T-scores de ?1,0 ou moins à la colonne vertébrale ou aux hanches ou des antécédents de fractures de fragilité associées à des symptômes ou à des problèmes reliés à la MC, des antécédents familiaux de MC ou de bas niveaux de calcium urinaire, une insuffisance en vitamine D et des niveaux à la hausse d’hormones parathyroïdiennes en dépit d’un apport suffisant en calcium et en vitamine D. Le dépistage de la MC devrait se faire pendant que le sujet consomme un régime alimentaire contenant du gluten. On procède au dépistage initial par le dosage d’immunoglobuline (Ig) A antitransglutaminase en utilisant la transglutaminase tissulaire humaine recombinante ou une autre transglutaminase tissulaire, en association avec l’immunofluorescence des IgA anti-endomysium. Une biopsie du duodénum est nécessaire pour confirmer le diagnostic de la MC. Le typage des antigènes des leucocytes humains peut aider à confirmer ou à exclure le diagnostic de la MC dans les cas où la sérologie et l’histologie ne concordent pas. Le diagnostic définitif se fonde sur les caractéristiques cliniques, sérologiques et histologiques combinées à une réponse positive à une alimentation sans gluten.

Rios, Lorena P.; Khan, Aliya; Sultan, Muhammad; McAssey, Karen; Fouda, Mona A.; Armstrong, David




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RESUMO RESUMO RESUMO RESUMO RESUMO: No preparo de medicação, cabe ao profissional manter a segurança microbiológica evitan- do que ocorra contaminação. Um dos pontos descritos para evitar a contaminação do líquido aspirado por meio de seringas é não tocar no êmbolo durante o preparo da medicação. Esta pesquisa teve como objetivos descrever as recomendações técnicas quanto a tocar ou não

Adriano Menis Ferreira; Alexandre Duarte Toledo; Gláucia Pereira dos Santos; Kátia Rezende


Contribution à l'étude des paragenèses précoces des basaltes alcalins: Les spinelles du volcan de l'Oued Temorte (Massif de l'Atakor, Sahara Algérien)  

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Scoriaceous basanites from an algerian stratovolcano (Oued Temorte, Atakor, Sahara) contain many minerals thought to be typical of intratelluric stages of crystallization in alkali basic magmas: kaersutite, ferrisodic salite, zircon, titanomagnetite, ferripleonaste. This paper is mainly concerned with spinels and the oxidation processes that take place before eruption of the lava. A series of oxidation reactions were established, and an

F. Conquéré; M. Girod



Low energy nuclear reactions with RIBRAS, Radioactive Ion Beam in Brasil, system  

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RIBRAS, Radioactive Ion beam in Brasil, is a system based on superconducting solenoids which can produce low energy RNB (Radioactive Nuclear Beams) at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Secondary radioactive beams of light particles such as 6He, 7Be and 8Li have been produced and low energy elastic scattering and transfer reaction experiments have been performed. The recent scientific program

V. Guimarães; A. Lépine-Szily; R. Lichtenthäler; P. N. de Faria; A. Barioni; K. C. C. Pires; V. Morcelle; D. R. Mendes; J. C. Zamora; M. C. Morais; R. P. Condori; E. A. Benjamim; D. S. Monteiro; E. Crema; A. M. Moro; J. Lubian




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Resumo No sul do Brasil vegetação campestre e florestal interpenetram-se sob condições climáticas que seriam típicas de predomínio florestal. Evidências paleoecológicas indicam que as florestas no sul iniciaram sua expansão sobre os Campos a partir de alterações climáticas ocorridas há cerca de 4000 anos antes do presente, um processo que, parece, tende a continuar. A conservação dos Campos tem sido

Valério De Patta Pillar


Análisis del metabolismo energético y de materiales de Brasil, Chile y Venezuela  

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El artículo presenta una aplicación de las metodologías de Análisis de Flujo de Materiales y Análisis Integrado Multi- Escala del Metabolismo Social (MSIASM, siglas en inglés) para la caracterización de modelos de desarrollo económico de Brasil, Chile, y Venezuela, mediante la utilización combinada de datos económicos y de uso de energía y materiales para diferentes sectores y en diversos niveles

Nina Eisenmenger; Jesús Ramos Martín; Heinz Schandl




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PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Distribuição de renda; Pobreza; Decomposição; Elasticidade e Amostra complexa. Resumo - Esse artigo investiga a evolução da distribuição de renda e da pobreza no Brasil durante o período 1995-1999 levando em conta todas as características do plano amostral complexo da Pesquisa Nacional por Amostra de Domicílios (peso, estrato e unidade primária). Adicionalmente, a distribuição de renda do estrato que

Patrick Wöhrle Guimarães


Récupération de la conscience après un coma traumatique ou vasculaire : comparaison entre l'échelle de Coma de Glasgow Liège (GLS) et la Wessex Head Injury Matrix (WHIM)  

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Actuellement, il existe un certain nombre d'instruments d'évaluation de la conscience des patients en coma ou sortant du coma. Cependant, la majorité de ces échelles sont très peu sensi- bles, ne permettant pas de détecter des changements plus subtils du niveau de l'état de conscien- ce. Dans ce contexte, la Wessex Head Injury Matrix (WHIM; Shiel et al., 2000) se

Steve Majerus; Martial Van der Linden


Effects of ammonium ion, acetate and aerobic conditions on hydrogen production and expression levels of nitrogenase genes in Rhodobacter sphaeroides O.U.001  

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In the present study, expression levels of nitrogenase encoding nifH and control genes nifA and prrA were examined at different physiological conditions in Rhodobacter sphaeroides O.U.001. In addition to variations in expression levels, changes in hydrogen production and growth were also investigated in response to different concentrations of ammonium source, acetate and aerobic conditions.In the present study, increasing concentration of

Sevilay Akköse; Ufuk Gündüz; Meral Yücel; Inci Eroglu



La pr?vention et le traitement des infections bact?riennes chez les enfants aspl?niques ou hypospl?niques  

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L’asplénie, qu’elle soit fonctionnelle ou anatomique, s’associe à un accroissement du risque d’infection potentiellement fatale ou constituant un danger de septicémie postsplénectomie (SPS). En raison du risque accru de bactériémie par des bactéries encapsulées chez les enfants aspléniques, la vaccination visant à prévenir une infection au Streptococcus pneumoniae, à l’Haemophilus influenzae de type b (Hib) et au Neiserria meningitidis est recommandée. Malgré la prévalence croissante de S pneumoniae pénicillinorésistant, on recommande aussi l’usage de pénicilline prophylactique chez les enfants aspléniques de moins de cinq ans, et pendant au moins un an après une splénectomie. La poursuite de la prophylaxie antibiotique après cette période dépend de la situation clinique de chaque enfant et de la prévalence de S pneumoniae pénicillinorésistant au sein de la collectivité. Lorsque des enfants aspléniques font de la fièvre ou présentent des symptômes non spécifiques, ils devraient faire l’objet d’une évaluation immédiate. Si on présume la présence de septicémie bactérienne, il faut procéder à une analyse du sang et des autres liquides organiques pertinents et entreprendre sur-le-champ une antibiothérapie à large spectre par voie parentérale, laquelle doit agir également contre les souches de S pneumoniae présentes dans la collectivité. Chez les enfants aspléniques souffrant d’une septicémie foudroyante à S pneumoniae, le taux de mortalité est élevé, malgré l’utilisation rapide d’une antibiothérapie convenable, d’où l’importance des mesures préventives.



D?tention provisoire des jeunes femmes accus?es d'avortement clandestin ou d'infanticide au S?n?gal  

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Introduction L'activité sexuelle chez les jeunes les expose à un accroissement du risque de contracter des grossesses non désirées. Le recours à l'avortement clandestin avec son corollaire de complications peut entrainer le décès de la jeune femme. Avortement et infanticide sont interdits et sanctionnés par la loi sénégalaise. Comment ces jeunes femmes vivent-elles leur détention? Existe-il des alternatives à la détention pour éviter leur désocialisation? Méthodes Cette étude rétrospective portait sur la maison d'arrêt des femmes de Dakar située à Liberté 6, un quartier de Dakar. Nous avons procédé à des entretiens avec des femmes détenues à la maison d'arrêt des femmes de Dakar et suspectées d'infanticide ou d'avortement clandestin. Résultats Les femmes de notre échantillon ont une moyenne d’âge inférieure à 25 ans avec parmi elles une fille mineure de 16 ans. Nous avons trouvé 18,51% de femmes suspectées d'infanticide ou d'avortement. Dans notre étude 50% des femmes sont originaires de la périphérie et de la banlieue de Dakar et presque 44% proviennent des autres régions du pays. La durée moyenne de détention provisoire est de neuf mois. Conclusion Malgré leur qualification distincte dans le code pénal: l'infanticide est un crime et l'avortement un délit, les femmes suspectées d'avoir commis ces actes sont soumises à de longues détentions préventives.

Soumah, Mohamed Maniboliot; Pemba, Liliane Flore



Total petroleum systems of the Trias/Ghadames Province, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya; the Tanezzuft-Oued Mya, Tanezzuft-Melrhir, and Tanezzuft-Ghadames  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Undiscovered conventional oil and gas resources were assessed within total petroleum systems of the Trias/Ghadames Province (2054) as part of the U.S. Geological Survey World Petroleum Assessment 2000. The Trias/Ghadames Province is in eastern Algeria, southern Tunisia, and westernmost Libya. The province and its total petroleum systems generally coincide with the Triassic Basin. The province includes the Oued Mya Basin, Melrhir Basin, and Ghadames (Berkine) Basin. Although several total petroleum systems may exist within each of these basins, only three ?composite? total petroleum systems were identified. Each total petroleum system occurs in a separate basin, and each comprises a single assessment unit. The main source rocks are the Silurian Tanezzuft Formation (or lateral equivalents) and Middle to Upper Devonian mudstone. Maturation history and the major migration pathways from source to reservoir are unique to each basin. The total petroleum systems were named after the oldest major source rock and the basin in which it resides. The estimated means of the undiscovered conventional petroleum volumes in total petroleum systems of the Trias/Ghadames Province are as follows: [MMBO, million barrels of oil; BCFG, billion cubic feet of gas; MMBNGL, million barrels of natural gas liquids] Total Petroleum System MMBO BCFG MMBNGL Tanezzuft-Oued Mya 830 2,341 110 Tanezzuft-Melrhir 1,875 4,887 269 Tanezzuft-Ghadames 4,461 12,035 908

Klett, T. R.



Calcification and silicification: fossilization potential of cyanobacteria from stromatolites of Niuafo'ou's Caldera Lakes (Tonga) and implications for the early fossil record.  


Calcification and silicification processes of cyanobacterial mats that form stromatolites in two caldera lakes of Niuafo'ou Island (Vai Lahi and Vai Si'i) were evaluated, and their importance as analogues for interpreting the early fossil record are discussed. It has been shown that the potential for morphological preservation of Niuafo'ou cyanobacteria is highly dependent on the timing and type of mineral phase involved in the fossilization process. Four main modes of mineralization of cyanobacteria organic parts have been recognized: (i) primary early postmortem calcification by aragonite nanograins that transform quickly into larger needle-like crystals and almost totally destroy the cellular structures, (ii) primary early postmortem silicification of almost intact cyanobacterial cells that leave a record of spectacularly well-preserved cellular structures, (iii) replacement by silica of primary aragonite that has already recrystallized and obliterated the cellular structures, (iv) occasional replacement of primary aragonite precipitated in the mucopolysaccharide sheaths and extracellular polymeric substances by Al-Mg-Fe silicates. These observations suggest that the extremely scarce earliest fossil record may, in part, be the result of (a) secondary replacement by silica of primary carbonate minerals (aragonite, calcite, siderite), which, due to recrystallization, had already annihilated the cellular morphology of the mineralized microbiota or (b) relatively late primary silicification of already highly degraded and no longer morphologically identifiable microbial remains. PMID:22794297

Kremer, Barbara; Kazmierczak, Józef; Lukomska-Kowalczyk, Maja; Kempe, Stephan



Response of Nereis diversicolor (Polychaeta, Nereidae) populations to reduced wastewater discharge in the polluted estuary of Oued Souss, Bay of Agadir, Morocco  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Field investigations on the population dynamics of Nereis diversicolor were carried out from January 2002 to December 2003 in the estuary of Oued Souss (southwestern Morocco) to determine the changes caused by setting up of a domestic and industrial wastewater purification plant (M'zar) before and after by the end of wastewater discharges in November 2002 on the structure of the ecosystem. Samples of N. diversicolor were collected monthly in the intertidal zone at low tide before (during 2002) and after (during 2003) the end of wastewater discharges. Separation of cohorts using the Algorithm EM method (McLachlan, G.J., Krishnan, T., 1997. The EM algorithm and extensions. Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics. Wiley, New York, 274 pp.) allowed determination of the growth rate (mm day -1) by cohort and the annual production. The data showed significant differences between populations of Nereis diversicolor before and after the end of wastewater discharges. During the wastewater discharge period (2002), the population had a mean annual density of 1992 ind m -2, a mean annual biomass of 75.52 g DW m -2 and an annual secondary production of 141.3 g DW m -2 with a P/ B ratio of 1.87. After the end of discharges (2003), density, biomass and secondary production decreased significantly. The annual averages for these parameters were 740 ind m -2, 14.16 g DW m -2 and 23.83 g DW m -2, respectively, with a P/ B ratio of 1.68. The important decrease observed in density, biomass and secondary production of Nereis diversicolor may be attributed (a) to the environmental changes observed after the end of wastewater discharges in the estuary of Oued Souss, namely the increase of salinity and the decrease of organic matter content, and (b) to the migration of this species towards other areas.

Ait Alla, A.; Gillet, P.; Deutsch, B.; Moukrim, A.; Bergayou, H.



Aspectos clínicos e epidemiológicos da leishmaniose visceral em menores de 15 anos procedentes de Alagoas, Brasil Clinical and epidemiological aspects of visceral leishmaniasis in children up to 15 years of age in Alagoas, Brasil  

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In order to investigate epidemiological and clinical characteristics of visceral leishmaniasis in children up to 15 years old, a prospective study was carried out in Alagoas, Brasil from 1981 to 1995. Of the 530 diagnosed cases, predominantly from the rural area of Alagoas State, 58% were male and 42% female, being 55.3% children under 5 years old. The most frequently

Célia Maria Silva Pedrosa; Maria Mauricio da Rocha


Perfil da automedicação em idosos participantes de grupos da terceira idade de uma cidade do sul do Brasil  

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Resumo Introdução: A automedicação tem sido objeto de muitas pesquisas e assume uma importância maior quando é realizada por idosos, pois geralmente representam um grupo polimedicado. Objetivo: Avaliar a automedicação em idosos participantes de grupos da terceira idade localizados em uma cidade do sul do Brasil. Métodos: Foi realizado um estudo transversal baseado em entrevistas com idosos participantes de grupos

Edézio Antunes Cascaes; Maria Luiza Falchetti; Dayani Galato


Nova ocorrência de Asiatoceratodus (Osteichthyes, Dipnoiformes) na Formação Alcântara, Eocenomaniano da bacia de São Luís, MA, Brasil  

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RESUMO - O Cretáceo médio está bem representado na Bacia de São Luís pelos depósitos predominantemente areníticos da Formação Alcântara. Na Ilha do Cajual, norte do Estado do Maranhão, nordeste do Brasil, uma paleocomunidade continental datada como de idade eocenomaniana inclui vegetais, peixes, crocodilomorfos e dinossauros. Duas placas dentárias, coletadas em uma fácies conglomerática, com sete cristas arranjadas de forma





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A farinha de mandioca é o principal produto em importância alimentar servindo como fonte de energia e geração de renda para os agricultores familiares da Amazônia. A castanha-do-brasil é uma das principais fontes de proteína vegetal, geração de emprego e renda para os extrativistas da Amazônia. Este trabalho teve como objetivo analisar o arranjo produtivo local da farinha mista de

Amauri Siviero; Carlo Filipe E. Raimundo; Lauro Saraiva Lessa; Thiago Andres Delunardo; Oscar Borreani Pardinas



Projeto Missões, Computação Gráfica Multimídia da Reconstituição Computadorizada da Redução de São Miguel Arcanjo no Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil  

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The Design Missions - Graphical Computation, recoups in a graphical and digital the pictures of the Church and the Reduction of São Miguel Arcanjo, RS, Brasil, allowing to the public a virtual stroll through the set at the time of its foundation in 1687. Initiate in 1990, the design refers the appropriation and implementation of the new computational technologies. The

Isabel A. Medero Rocha; Voltaire Danckwardt



Expectativas, volatilidad del mercado de capitales y comportamiento de la inversión privada. Teoría y evidencia empírica para Brasil  

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La investigación que se resume en este trabajo representa la primera etapa de un esfuerzo que pretende analizar algunos aspectos importantes de la interacción entre el mercado accionario y el comportamiento de la inversión de las empresas, para un número de países en desarrollo endeudados. El presente trabajo analiza el caso de Brasil y presenta algunos resultados de estimaciones preliminares

Mansoor Dailami


OU Engineering eCourses  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

eCourses web portal is designed to assist both students and professors in basic engineering courses. The web site includes all instructional material to conduct a course and there is no cost to either the instructor or student. Features include eBook, database of homework/quiz/test problems, solutions to all problems, lectures in both Quicktime and Flash format, computer grading, and utilities. To help facilitate communications between students, instructors, and TAs there is an integrate web board and collaborative drawing board. Each web-based course is controlled and administered by the instructor. There are six complete engineering eBooks available directly without having to register or set up any class. The eBooks cover Statics, Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Fluids, Math, and Multimedia. The eBooks are also searchable using a Google-Mini for fast and accurate indexing.


Scientific program of the Radioactive Ion Beams Facility in Brasil (RIBRAS)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The RIBRAS facility (Radioactive Ion Beams in Brasil) is installed in connection with the 8MV Pelletron tandem of the University of São Paulo Physics Institute. It consists of two superconducting solenoids which focalize light radioactive secondary beams of low energy, produced by transfer reactions. Recent experimental results include the elastic scattering and transfer reactions of 6He halo nucleus on 9Be, 27Al, 51V and 120Sn targets. The elastic scattering and transfer of 8Li and 7Be on several targets is also being studied. The transfer reaction 8Li(p,?)5He of astrophysical interest was also studied in the E=0.2-2.5MeV energy range.

Lépine-Szily, A.; Lichtenthäler, R.; Guimarães, V.; Mendes, D. R.; de Faria, P. N.; Barioni, A.; Benjamim, E. A.; Pires, K. C. C.; Morcelle, V.; Condori, R. Pampa; Morais, M. C.; Descouvemont, P.; Moro, A. M.; Rodríguez Gallardo, M.; Assunção, M. M.; Alcantara Nunez, J. A.; Shorto, J. M. B.; Zamora, J. C.; Leistenschneider, E.; Lima, C. E. F.




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RESUMO Investigações detalhadas das práticas alimentares dos consumidores permitem o acesso a informações importantes quanto às diferentes maneiras pelas quais os consumidores interpretam seus comportamentos. Reconhecendo que os indivíduos têm objetivos e preocupações distintas em relação a sua alimentação (diferentes representações dos alimentos), resultando modelos alimentares distintos, uma tipologia de consumidores de produtos light e ou diet foi proposta neste

Thelma Lucchese; Mario Otavio Batalha; Jean Louis Lambert


Panaches chargés résultant de l'injection d'ions dans un liquide isolant par une lame ou une pointe placée en face d'un plan  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

When applying a high enough potential difference to a blade or a point opposite a plane in an insulating liquid, an injection of ions is produced in that liquid. The Coulomb force due to the action of the electric field on the space charge, plays a role analogous to buoyancy in thermal convection. It induces a convection which takes the form of a charged plume going from blade to plane. Following what has been done in the thermal case, simple models in geometries with planar or axial symmetry are presented which give the width and the characteristic velocity of these plumes in both laminar and turbulent cases. We report also on a preliminary flow visualization in blade-plane geometry using Schlieren observation technique. This experiment suggests the plume is laminar. Une lame (ou une pointe) acérée placée dans un liquide isolant en face d'un plan produit, lorsqu'on applique une différence de potentiel suffisante, une injection d'ions dans ce liquide. La force électrique de Coulomb résultant de l'action du champ électrique sur la charge d'espace ainsi créée joue un rôle analogue à la poussée d'Archimède en convection thermique et produit une convection sous la forme d'un panache chargé se dirigeant de la lame vers le plan. Des modélisations simples, calquées sur le cas thermique, en géométrie bidimensionnelle (lame-plan) et à symétrie de révolution (pointe-plan) permettent d'obtenir largeur et vitesse caractéristique de ces panaches dans le cas turbulent ainsi que dans le cas laminaire. On a effectué une expérience préliminaire en géométrie lame-plan et on discute des observations faites par strioscopie. Celles-ci suggèrent que l'on est en présence d'un panache laminaire.

Malraison, B.; Atten, P.; Perez, A. T.



Producción de hojarasca en un bosque semideciduo estacional en São Pedro, Potirendaba, estado de São Paulo, Brasil  

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Litter production was determined during a year in a semideciduous forest located in Potirendaba, State of São Paulo, Brasil. Litterfall was collected at monthly intervals, from June 1999 to May 2000, by placing 15 traps of 0.25 m 2 of surface area. The material was separated into five components and the sorted samples were dried at 80ºC in order to

Maristela Sanches Bertasso-Borges; Dania Prieto Trueba; Fabrícia C. Peral; Cristiane A. R. Tamburi; Ronaldo Caseri; Rosalina Berazaín



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MOURA, A.B. DE; OSAKI, S.C.; ZULPO, D.L.; MARANA, E.R.M. (Occurrence of anti- Toxoplasma gondii antibodies in swine and ovine slaughtered at Municipality of Guarapuava in the State of Paraná, Brazil.) Ocorrência de anticorpos contra Toxoplasma gondii em suínos e ovinos abatidos no município de Guarapuava, PR, Brasil. Revista Brasileira de Parasitologia Veterinária, v. 16, n. 1, p. 54-56, 2007. Departamento



Controle biológico natural de pulgões (Hemiptera: Aphididae) em lavoura de trigo por parasitóides (Hymenoptera, Aphidiinae), no município de Medianeira, PR, Brasil Natural biological control of aphids (Hemiptera: Aphididae) in a wheat field by parasitoids (Hymenoptera, Aphidiinae) in Medianeira, PR, Brazil  

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Os pulgões são um dos principais problemas fitossanitários da cultura do trigo no sul do Brasil, sendo alvo de um programa de controle biológico por parasitóides implantado no Brasil a partir da década de 1970. A despeito do sucesso inicial rapidamente obtido não há na região oeste do Paraná nenhum estudo recente avaliando a situação atual do controle biológico dos

Luis Francisco Angeli Alves; Tânia M. V. Prestes; Agostinho Zanini; Maria F. Dalmolin


Slug Test Characterization Results for Multi-Test\\/Depth Intervals Conducted During the Drilling of CERCLA Operable Unit OU ZP-1 Wells 299-W10-33 and 299-W11-48  

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Slug-test results obtained from single and multiple, stress-level slug tests conducted during drilling and borehole advancement provide detailed hydraulic conductivity information at two Hanford Site Operable Unit (OU) ZP-1 test well locations. The individual test\\/depth intervals were generally sited to provide hydraulic-property information within the upper ~10 m of the unconfined aquifer (i.e., Ringold Formation, Unit 5). These characterization results

Newcomer; Darrell R



Slug Test Characterization Results for Multi-Test\\/Depth Intervals Conducted During the Drilling of CERCLA Operable Unit OU UP1 Wells 299-W19-48, 699-30-66, and 699-36-70B  

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This report presents test descriptions and analysis results for multiple, stress-level slug tests that were performed at selected test\\/depth intervals within three Operable Unit (OU) UP-1 wells: 299-W19-48 (C4300\\/Well K), 699-30-66 (C4298\\/Well R), and 699-36-70B (C4299\\/Well P). These wells are located within, adjacent to, and to the southeast of the Hanford Site 200-West Area. The test intervals were characterized as

Frank A. Spane; Darrell R. Newcomer



Queda dos homic?dios em S?o Paulo, Brasil: uma an?lise descritiva  

PubMed Central

Objetivo Descrever a evolução da mortalidade por homicídios no Município de São Paulo segundo tipo de arma, sexo, raça ou cor, idade e áreas de exclusão/inclusão social entre 1996 e 2008. Métodos Estudo ecológico de série temporal. Os dados sobre óbitos ocorridos no Município foram coletados da base de dados do Programa de Aprimoramento das Informações sobre Mortalidade, seguindo a Classificação Internacional de Doenças, Décima Revisão (CID-10). Foram calculadas as taxas de mortalidade por homicídio (TMH) para a população total, por sexo, raça ou cor, faixa etária, tipo de arma e área de exclusão/inclusão social. As TMH foram padronizadas por idade pelo método direto. Foram calculados os percentuais de variação no período estudado. Para as áreas de exclusão/inclusão social foram calculados os riscos relativos de morte por homicídio. Resultados As TMH apresentaram queda de 73,7% entre 2001 e 2008. Foi observada redução da TMH em todos os grupos analisados, mais pronunciada em homens (?74,5%), jovens de 15 a 24 anos (?78,0%) e moradores de áreas de exclusão social extrema (?79,3%). A redução ocorreu, sobretudo, nos homicídios cometidos com armas de fogo (?74,1%). O risco relativo de morte por homicídio nas áreas de exclusão extrema (tendo como referência áreas com algum grau de exclusão social) foi de 2,77 em 1996, 3,9 em 2001 e 2,13 em 2008. Nas áreas de alta exclusão social, o risco relativo foi de 2,07 em 1996 e 1,96 em 2008. Conclusões Para compreender a redução dos homicídios no Município, é importante considerar macrodeterminantes que atingem todo o Município e todos os subgrupos populacionais e microdeterminantes que atuam localmente, influenciando de forma diferenciada os homicídios com armas de fogo e os homicídios na população jovem, no sexo masculino e em residentes em áreas de alta exclusão social.

Peres, Maria Fernanda Tourinho; Vicentin, Diego; Nery, Marcelo Batista; de Lima, Renato Sergio; de Souza, Edinilsa Ramos; Cerda, Magdalena; Cardia, Nancy; Adorno, e Sergio



DISCUSSÃO SOBRE INTOXICAÇÕES POR MEDICAMENTOS E AGROTÓXICOS NO BRASIL DE 1999 A 2002 Discussion about Medication and Pesticide Poisonings in Brazil from 1999 to 2002  

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RESUMO: Medicamentos e agrotóxicos são intensamente consumidos e os contextos produtivos e mercadológico nos quais estes estão inseridos aproximam os riscos à saúde e ao meio ambiente relacionados à sua utilização, dentre os quais estão as intoxicações, cujos principais agentes são os medicamentos e agrotóxicos. Objetivos. Discutir o padrão de intoxicações por medicamentos e agrotóxicos no Brasil, mostrando a aproximação

Reginaldo T. Mendonça; Jaqueline L. Marinho



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This paper demonstrates a new model to the phosphorus forecasting content to LD converter from V&M do Brasil. The model from the previous work, trough multiple regression, is evaluated with a new regression, in this time, nonlinear, represented by an Artificial Neural Network. It is demonstrated a new methodology to the phosphorus minimization grade from the process variables available at

Daniel Henrique Dominguete; Leandro Peixoto Almeida; Alexandre Pereira Moreira; Paulo Miranda Gonçalves; Sanderson Vanucci Carvalho



EFICIÊNCIA PRODUTIVA DE EMPRESAS DA INDÚSTRIA DE ALIMENTOS NO BRASIL Grupo de Pesquisa: Estrutura, Evolução e Dinâmica dos Sistemas Agroalimentares e Cadeias Agroindustriais  

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Resumo: A indústria de alimentos no Brasil é um setor de g rande importância para a economia brasileira com poucos estudos publicados quanto ao seu desempenho operacional. Este trabalho avalia a eficiência relativa (técnica e de escala) de uma amostra de empresas de diferentes segmentos desta indústria, utilizando-se para tanto o Método DEA. Os segmentos analisados foram: Conglomerados Alimentícios; Óleos

Apresentação Oral-Estrutura; OSCAR TUPY


Slug Test Characterization Results for Multi-Test/Depth Intervals Conducted During the Drilling of CERCLA Operable Unit OU ZP-1 Wells 299-W10-33 and 299-W11-48  

SciTech Connect

Slug-test results obtained from single and multiple, stress-level slug tests conducted during drilling and borehole advancement provide detailed hydraulic conductivity information at two Hanford Site Operable Unit (OU) ZP-1 test well locations. The individual test/depth intervals were generally sited to provide hydraulic-property information within the upper ~10 m of the unconfined aquifer (i.e., Ringold Formation, Unit 5). These characterization results complement previous and ongoing drill-and-test characterization programs at surrounding 200-West and -East Area locations (see Figure S.1).

Newcomer, Darrell R.



Slug Test Characterization Results for Multi-Test\\/Depth Intervals Conducted During the Drilling of CERCLA Operable Unit OU ZP-1 Wells 299-W11-43, 299-W15-50, and 299-W18-16  

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The following report presents test descriptions and analysis results for multiple, stress level slug tests that were performed at selected test\\/depth intervals within three Operable Unit (OU) ZP-1 wells: 299-W11-43 (C4694\\/Well H), 299-W15-50 (C4302\\/Well E), and 299-W18-16 (C4303\\/Well D). These wells are located within south-central region of the Hanford Site 200-West Area (Figure 1.1). The test intervals were characterized as

Frank A. Spane; Darrell R. Newcomer



OU Engineering Media Lab: Significant Digits  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This item is an interactive demonstration of the topic of significant digits. It computes the error that can be introduced by rounding during a calculation. Users input numbers and operations and select the number of significant digits for rounding the inputs. The result of the calculation is computed using the actual and rounded inputs, along with the percent difference between two. Users may select from addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division for the operations. This item is part of a collection of instructional materials for introductory engineering courses on six topics: Statics, Dynamics, Fluids, Thermodynamics, Calculus, and Multimedia. See related items on this page for a link to the complete collection.

Gramoll, Kurt



Anorexie mentale et obsession : continuité ou contiguïté ?  

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Epidemiological studies point out the possible links between anorexia nervosa and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Confronting different approach: epidemiologic, biologic, genetic or psychopathologic, these possible links are studied.

A Kipman; P Gorwood; M. C Mouren-Simeoni; J Adès



Régénération des ovocytes : fantasme ou réalité ?  

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The central dogma of female reproductive biology has long held that oogenesis ceases around birth in almost all mammals. Consequently, the ovarian reserve is definitely fixed and will continuously deplete up to the menopause in humans. New papers by Johnson et al. (2004) and by Bukovsky et al. (2004, 2005) overturn this dogma since they claim that female mice and

A. Gougeon



La retraite anticipée : choix ou contrainte ?  

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[eng] Early retirement : choice or constraint ? - In the course of the last ten years, the end of professional activity has occurred earlier and earlier. The different early retirement systems have in many cases encouraged a reduction of professional activity after age 55 or even as early as 50. . The group involved is not homogenous: some are

Jean-Luc Heller



Some statistical inferences on OU processes  

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Let {Xkk ?1} be a Markov Process defined on a probability space (?, B, P?) vith stationary transition probabilities where ? = (?1?2,…,?r) is an unknown parameter in R . The statistical inferences on the parameter ? have been created by many researchers (See Billings-ley [2]) and have important applications in various fields. The estimations or testing hypothesis problems on

Y. S. Hsu; W. J. Park



la réanimation néonatale : soins ou maltraitance?  

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L'hospitalisation d'un nouveau-né, souvent trés prématuré, en service de réanimation néonatale soulève d'intenses sentiments chez les parents. L'impression d'une « maltraitance ” au bébé, du fait de l'hypertechnicité de ces services, peut parfois être évoquée. La prise en charge globale de l'enfant par l'équipe pluridisciplinaire de la réanimation, la prise en compte du confort de l'enfant, la clarté des informations

D. Mitanchez-Mokhtari; S. Gosme-Séguret



ou rnal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics  

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We have studied the detection of long-lived staus at the IceCube neutrino telescope, after their production inside the Earth through the inelastic scattering of high energy neutrinos. The theoretical predictions for the stau flux are calculated in two scenarios in which the presence of long-lived staus is naturally associated to viable supersymmetric dark matter. Namely, we consider the cases with

Beatriz Canadas; David G. Cerdeno; Carlos Munoza; Sukanta Pandaa


Low velocity zone beneath the central Ou Backbone Range of Tohoku, northeast Japan, bounded by active reverse faults, derived from dense seismic array and a tomographic method with spatial correlation of velocities  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Tohoku arc is located in the northeastern Honshu, Japan. The Ou Backbone Range runs through the Tohoku arc in the N-S direction and is bounded by active reverse faults in the middle part of the arc. There were several large in-land earthquakes associated with the active faults. The purpose of the present study is to understand the relation between deep structure of active faults and 3-D velocity structures. From 1997 to 1999, the Japanese university group carried out an intensive seismic observation campaign in the central part of the Tohoku arc. We also conducted a dense seismic array observation (DSO) of microearthquakes using off-line seismic stations in the area bounded by the active faults. We obtained 33,993 P- and 18,483 S-wave arrivals from 706 natural sources and 40 quarry blasts for traveltime inversion analysis. We also used 2,803 P-wave traveltime data from 10 explosives in 1997 obtained by the RGES for our study. We used a traveltime inversion method with spatial correlation of velocities (Matsubara et al., 2001). We divide the medium into four layers by three seismic velocity discontinuities. We assume a three dimensional (3-D) grid net individually for each layer to express the 3-D velocity structure. We located grid nodes in the horizontal direction at 2.5-km spacing in the upper crust, at 10-km spacing in the lower crust, and at 30-km spacing in the mantle wedge in the Pacific Plate. We relocated hypocenters and origin time of 706 earthquakes and horizontal location and origin time of 27 quarry blasts. We solved 706 x 4 + 27 x 3 hypocentral parameters and 18,539 slowness unknowns of VP and 17,916 of VS. We used a modified two-dimensional (2-D) velocity model derived by a refraction study (Iwasaki et al., 2001) as an initial velocity structure. Each layer has a one-dimensional velocity distribution, which is model by averaging Iwasaki_fs 2-D model. The RMS of P-wave travel time residuals is 0.343 s before the inversion and is reduced to 0.186 s after 19 iterations. That of S-wave is 0.441 s before the inversion and is reduced to 0.280 s. Beneath the area of DSO, the inversion gives 5-10 % low VP and VS beneath the Kitakami Low Land at the surface. We also observe a 6-8 % lower VP zone and 2-6 % lower VS zone than the average velocity beneath the Ou Backbone Range. This zone is located at depths of 5-15 km and elongated about 18 km from north to south with a about 10-km width in E-W direction. The low velocity zone coincides with the electrically conductive zone derived from a magnetotelluric study (Ogawa et al. 2001). Array seismic observations over the eastern half of the Backbone Range mapped seismic scatterers using natural and artificial seismic sources (Asano et al., 1999). These correlations suggest that an element of mid-crustal low velocity zone will be interpreted as fluids. In spite of low velocity, the values of VP/V_S ratio are 1.65-1.70. These values are smaller than that of solid granite, 1.70. We can interpret that the fluid is aqueous not molten rock (Mavko, 1980; Takei, 2002; Watanabe, 1994). We can estimate liquid fraction with application of the values of 6.27 km/s VP, which is 8.3 % lower than that in solid granite, 3.68 km/s VS, which is 5.16 % lower, and 1.65-1.70 VP/V_S into Takei_fs theory (Takei, 2002). The liquid volume fraction is a range of 0.3-5 %.

Matsubara, M.; Hirata, N.; Sakai, S.



Single Particle Scanning Electron Microscopy Analysis of Wet-Season Aerosol Collected in the Amazonian Tropical Rain Forest (Manaus, Brasil)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Single particle analysis of aerosols particles larger than 0.2 ?m diameter was performed on samples collected in the tropical rain forest (Manaus, Brasil) during the AMAZE campaign in February and March 2008. The elemental composition and morphology of the particles were determined using SEM-EDX. The aerosol particles were divided into 10 groups according to their chemical composition and morphology: droplets of organic aerosol (OA), primary biogenic particles with and without OA coatings, other carbonaceous aerosol with and without OA coatings, mineral dust with and without OA coating and sea salt with and without OA coatings were identified as the most abundant aerosol groups. We present size distributions for all particle groups and the abundance of these groups in different size ranges. Due to careful investigation of the samples at a low acceleration voltage for the first time OA droplets and coatings were identified as a significant contribution to wet season aerosol mass collected in the Amazonian tropical rain forest, during single particle SEM analysis. During days with low aerosol loadings, OA droplets typically accounted for >50% of the accumulation mode aerosol, OA droplets with sea salt core (20- 40%), other carbonaceous aerosol (5-10%), mineral dust (5-10%), and primary biogenic particles with and without OA coatings accounted for most of the remainder. Coarse mode particles were dominated by primary biogenic particles with (>50%) and without (~10-20%) OA coatings. Mineral dust (~10- 20%), sea salt (~10%), dust with OA coatings (~10%) and OA droplets (~5%) accounted for most of the remainder. During days with higher particle numbers the relative abundance of other carbonaceous aerosol with (~20%) and without (~10%) OA coatings increased. The high frequency of OA coatings on different particles types has implications for the radiative properties as well as the hygroscopic behavior of wet season aerosol particles. For the first time we investigate the frequency of such coatings on different particle types and for different size ranges.

Sinha, B. W.; Huth, J.; Hoppe, P.; Borrmann, S.



Les effets à rebours de l'âge de la retraite sur le taux d'emploi des seniors. Suivi d'un commentaire de Didier Blanchet : âge ou distance à la retraite - Quel est le principal déterminant de l’emploi des seniors ?  

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[fre] Comment assurer la pérennité du système de retraite français par l'allongement de la vie active lorsque moins d'un salarié sur deux parvient aujourd'hui à prendre sa retraite sans passer préalablement par l'inactivité ou le chômage ? Une partie du problème de l'inactivité des travailleurs âgés avant 60 ans pourrait se trouver au contraire dans la faible incitation à travailler

François Langot; Didier Blanchet; Jean-Olivier Hairault; Thepthida Sopraseuth



Geology, petrology and geochemistry of the "Americano do Brasil" layered intrusion, central Brazil, and its Ni-Cu sulfide deposits  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The "Americano do Brasil" Complex (ABC) is part of a cluster of coeval synorogenic mafic-ultramafic intrusions emplaced during the Brasiliano/Pan-African Orogenic Cycle in Brazil. The medium-sized ABC consists of interlayered dunite, peridotite, websterite, and gabbronorite. High Fo values of olivine (up to Fo88) and the crystallization sequence of the ABC (Ol + Chr ? Ol + Opx + Chr ? Cpx + Opx ? Opx + Pl + Cpx ? Opx + Pl + Cpx + Ilm + Mag) suggest crystallization from tholeiitic high-MgO parental magmas. Light rare earth element (REE)-enriched mantle-normalized REE profiles and ?Nd(T) values of +2.4 for cumulate rocks from the ABC suggest a depleted mantle source for the parental magma. The ABC Ni-Cu sulfide deposit (3.1 Mt at 1.12 wt.% Ni and 1.02 wt.% Cu) consists of three distinctively different orebodies (S1, S2, and G2). The S2 orebody, an unusual occurrence of stratiform massive sulfide hosted by dunite and peridotite in the interior of a layered intrusion, results from sulfides accumulated at the transient base of the magma chamber following a new influx of parental magma. The G2 orebody has an irregular and roughly cylindrical shape, consisting mainly of net-textured sulfides. The G2 orebody is hosted by peridotite and pyroxenite and located stratigraphically below the S1 orebody. S2 and G2 orebodies are characterized by low Cu/Cu + Ni ratios (mainly below 0.4). The S1 orebody, hosted by websterite and gabbronorite in the more fractionated sequence of the ABC, is a cluster of several irregular discontinuous orebodies of Ni-Cu disseminated sulfides. The sulfides of the S1 orebody have high Cu/Cu + Ni ratios (mainly between 0.5 and 0.8) and are highly depleted in PGE. The S1 orebody is interpreted to result from a later event of sulfide segregation in the magma chamber, possibly following the event that originated the G2 orebody. The bulk of ?34S values for sulfides of the ABC orebodies and their host rocks fall in the range of 0 ± 2‰. Higher ?34S values (between 3‰ and 5‰) are restricted to pyrite from xenoliths of gneiss located close to the S1 orebody and sulfides from the S1 orebody. Crustal xenoliths and chemical data (lithogeochemistry and sulfur isotope composition) provide evidence of crustal contamination of the igneous rocks hosting the S1 orebody, suggesting that sulfur saturation was induced by contamination with sulfide-bearing crustal rocks. The ABC deposit is an example of Ni-Cu sulfide mineralization hosted by synorogenic mafic-ultramafic intrusions. The S2 orebody is the first documented example of an economic stratiform massive sulfide orebody located within layered intrusions, expanding the opportunities for exploration of Ni-Cu sulfides in orogenic regions worldwide.

E Silva, Jonas Mota; Ferreira Filho, Cesar Fonseca; Bühn, Bernhard; Dantas, Elton Luiz



Solar distillation in Brasil  

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Solar stills are found to be a more economical means of providing fresh water than flash distillation, reverse osmosis or vapor compression when daily requirements amount to less than 100 cu m. The basin-type solar still design examined in this paper involves simple construction and inexpensive materials. More efficient than the simple solar still is the multiple-effect still, which relies

P. J. Catania; P. C. Lobo



Avaliação de Empresas de Pequeno Porte no Brasil através da Metodologia Construtivista de Apoio à Decisão MCDA-C  

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Esta pesquisa apresenta um método que, sob a ótica construtivista, permite construir modelos para avaliar empresas de pequeno porte no Brasil, com base nas percepções e juízos de valor do investidor. Para tanto, este trabalho se propôs a utilizar uma metodologia multicritério de apoio a decisão construtivista (MCDA-Construtivista), que permitiu operacionalizar o método aqui proposto, a fim de melhor refletir

Marcus Vinicius Andrade Lima; Leonardo Ensslin; Ana Lucia de Miranda Lopes; Ademar Dutra



Presentation of the Multimédia Game "Geolover" Concept, to Educational Enchancement of the Geolocical Heritage of the Following Regions: "Ilha do Fogo" (Cabo-Verde), Seridó (Brasil), Sabugal (Portugal) and Açores (Portugal)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

"Geolover" - Presentation of the multimédia game concept, to educational enchancement of the geolocical heritage of the following regions: : "Ilha do Fogo" (Cabo-Verde), Seridó (Brasil), Sabugal and Açores (Portugal). "Geolover" is a multitouch game, played by four players simultaneously, identified by 4 mascots and using as sceneries, the four regions landscapes, aimed to the young people with ages between 8 and 12 years old. The main objective is value the geological heritage of the Ilha do Fogo (Cabo Verde), Seridó in State of Rio Grande do Norte (Brasil) , Sabugal in Beira Alta province (Portugal) and Arquipélago dos Açores (Portuguese autonomous region). These regions have a great geological heritage like volcanology, plutonic rocks, sedimentar formations, metamorphic, paleontologic, mineralogic, geomorphologic, hydric and mining resources. Such heritage is being used in the different regions has base of studies to senior scientists and were used to great scientific researches. The diversified and distinguished cultural heritage of these four regions is referenced and it's a value to the union of the students from these three continents, with the Portuguese language as communication tool. The variety of the geological wealth and cultural of these regions, results in the common objective of their valuing like Geoparks. His creation on these three regions is a strategy with a great relevance to the socio-economic development. With the creation of this game, we promote the union of these 3 countries from these three continents, the universal values of the heritage richness that are offered by our planet.

Cabral, João; Gomes, Ana; Alfama, Vera; Oliveira, Sirlene; Pinharandas, Carlos; Fonseca, Pedro; Campos, José; Nobre, José



Centralisation ou déconcentration de la production des repas  

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The change of the demand of the patients’ profiles and the changes in nutritional approaches, require a new orientation in hospital catering business. The study of number of themes (modes of production, the implementation of quality systems such as ISO or HACCP up to patients’ beds, the mastery of the dinner trays assembly, the order taking and the choice of

G Hamm



Hémorragies graves de la délivrance : ligatures vasculaires, hystérectomie ou embolisation ?  

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This review is an update on the various methods of management of the intractable postpartum haemorrhage. PubMed and MEDLINE® were the electronic sources for data retrieval, in english and french languages. Uterine atony and abnormal placental insertions (placenta praevia or accreta) are the major causes of primary postpartum haemorrhages. To preserve fertility, the available techniques are angiographic selective embolization or

F. Sergent; B. Resch; E. Verspyck; B. Rachet; E. Clavier; L. Marpeau



Risques des peintures cutanées ou tatouages labiles au « henné noir »  

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For a few years, skin painting, also called temporary tattooing, has developed in many touristy areas worldwide. Instead of henna, traditionally used in Muslim or Indian populations, ambulant artists often use ‘black henna’ or other hair dye preparations. Such mixtures contain substances that, when directly applied on the skin and under inappropriate conditions, may induce several side effects. There is

C. J Le Coz



Le développement local, mode ou ?  

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[eng] There is today a growing interest in local approaches both in reports of public bodies and think tanks and in scientific publications. Is this impression valid ? When did it start ? Why did it occur ? Who adopts those views ? Is it a change of approach towards society or a change in the social relationships themselves? Some

Marcel Jollivet



Encéphalopathies subaiguës spongiformes transmissibles ou maladies à prions  

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Prions are responsible for transmissible subacute spongiform encephalopathies (TSE) in humans and animals. Human transmissible spongiform encephalopathies are Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), Fatal Insomnia, Kuru and Gerstmann-Sträussler-Scheinker syndrome. In animals, TSE are natural scrapie in sheep and goats, bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), feline spongiform encephalopathy, transmissible mink encephalopathy, and chronic wasting disease. Prions are thought to be composed of an abnormal

D Dormont



La maladie des os de verre : handicap ou différence ?  

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Twenty-one patients suffering from Osteogensis Imperfecta, aged from eight to 17, have been assessed in the hospital with their mother in order to determine to what extent the handicap generated by the illness is an insuperable obstacle for a fulfilled life, or is it merely a serious issue that needs and can be overcome. They were examined with a questionnaire

R. J. De Carmoy



O Sexto Sentido : suspense de longa metragem ou conto cinematográfico?  

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The present paper addresses the rich interdisciplinary relationship between the film The Sixth Sense , directed by M. Night Shyamalan, and the tradition of the western short story. Beginning with the identification, in the film text, of narrative elements usually associated to the literary short story, we attempt to demonstrate that, though it is not an adaptation of a literary

Elaine Indrusiak



EPA Science Inventory

EPA, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps), New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) ), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) are conducting a joint st...


Charlotte Salomon ou l’art de l'intermédialité  

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In exile on the Côte d’Azur Charlotte Salomon (Berlin 1917-Auschwitz 1943) painted Leben?oder Theater? (LT). The work, an impressive life-story, comprises more than a thousand pages: gouaches, painted text and text fragments on transparent paper. Since 1971 LT has been in the collection of the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam. LT has been discussed from different perspectives. My accent will

D. Grijpma



L’analgésie autocontrôlée ou PCA chez l’enfant  

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Patient Controlled Analgesia is a useful technic to deliver morphine analgesia via a programmable pump: the patient himself choose to self-administer a bolus dose (usually morphine); the dosage is calculated and prescribed according to the level of pain, limits of dose and period of interdiction are planned. After initial bolus to decrease severe pain (titration), the patient from the age

E. Fournier-Charrière; B. Tourniaire



O amor no feminino: ocultamento e\\/ou revelação?  

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The feminine love: secret and\\/or revealed? The aim of this article is to discuss implications of the loving relationship when it is or not visible and shared by the loving partners, in a free and spontaneous way, with all the social groups they belong to, or they socialize with. The love life stories of three women from the city of

Denise Ramalho Dantas de Araújo; Dantas de Araújo



Le bonheur des canuts ou le bonheur des humbles  

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[eng] Résumé Beyond statistics, the study of post-mortem inventories allows a sensitive approach to the silk-weavers in Lyons in the second part of the eighteenth century. Whereas the most moderate estimations show that these men should have died, creative happiness overcomes all miseries. As long as silk gives its live and creative presence, the weaver accepts a minimum in everything,

Anne Favot



Anesthésie et agents transmissibles non conventionnels (ou maladies à prions)  

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The transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSE) represent a group of neurodegenerative diseases with lethal outcome. They include Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) and kuru, among others in humans, scrapie in sheep and spongiform encephalopathy in cattle (bovine spongiform encephalopathy: BSE). Some are autosomal dominant disorders like CJD, Gerstmann-Straüssler-Scheinker disease (GSS), with point mutation of the prion protein gene. Most of these diseases are

JP Estèbe



Artificial Intelligence: Promises or Results. Inteligencia Artificial: Promessas ou Resultados.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The computer as a tool to help man in his mental tasks is compared with other traditional tools such as farm tractors, automobiles, telephones, etc. Artificial intelligence is defined and examples are given of intelligent behavior by machines and their so...

C. Derennaesouza



Conduite à tenir devant un ou plusieurs cas de coqueluche  

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The evolution of the epidemiology of pertussis, new licensed macrolides and vaccines, new recommendations for vaccination among adolescents and adults need an update of the French guidelines for prevention of the disease around one or grouped cases of the disease. A particular attention should be raised to the diagnosis of whooping cough in adults who are presently the main reservoir

D. Floret; I. Bonmarin; P. Deutsch; J. Gaudelus; E. Grimprel; N. Guérin; N. Guiso; I. Morer



Complément alimentaire, alicament, médicament : Qui est qui ? Ou faust revisité  

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Nutraceuticals are nutrients displaying drug properties. They do not have legal status and are wrongly considered as a sub-group of nutrient supplements. The difference between nutrient supplements, nutraceuticals and drugs is based on claims, dosage and the packaging of the product. The increasing use of nutraceuticals in western countries is a major health concern.

Luc Cynober



Fertilité et aneuploïdies spermatiques après traitement par radiothérapie et\\/ou chimiothérapie pour cancer du testicule ou lymphome  

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Resume  La chimiothérapie et la radiothérapie anticancéreuses ont fait des progrès considérables ces dernières années permettant ainsi\\u000a d’améliorer le pronostic de nombreuses pathologies malignes. Les effets secondaires de ces traitements sur la fonction de\\u000a reproduction masculine sont importants à considérer pour tout sujet en âge de procréer.\\u000a \\u000a Tout d’abord, ils entraînent une inhibition de la spermatogenèse, transitoire dans la plupart des

Claire Thomas; Sophie Rousseaux; Christine De Robertis; Roberte Pelletier; Bernard Sele; Sylvianne Hennebicq



VariaÁªo da densidade bÆsica da madeira, volume e matØria seca do tronco de Pinus tecunumanii, procedŒncia de Mount Pine Ridge, Belize, em Planaltina, Distrito Federal, Brasil Variation in wood density, stem volume and dry matter of the Mountain Pine Ridge, Belize, provenance of Pinus tecunumanii grown at Planaltina, Brazil  

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RESUMO: O volume, a densidade bÆsica e o peso da matØria seca da madeira de 168 Ærvores, de sete famÌlias de polinizaÁªo aberta, procedŒncia de Mountain Pine Ridge (MPR), Belize, de Pinus tecunumanii (Schwd) Equiluz & Perry foram estimados aos 12 anos de idade, em experimento instalado em Planaltina, Distrito Federal, Brasil. A produtividade mØdia da procedŒncia de MPR foi

Vicente P. G. Moura; William S. Dvorak



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Objetivo Realizar uma análise da inserção da ética e humanidades no currículo do Curso de Medicina da Escola Superior em Ciências da Saúde - ESCS, escola pública do Distrito Federal, Brasil, de forma a contribuir com o processo de gestão curricular. Metodologia O Estudo é de coorte e documental. Foram pesquisados 37 termos relacionados à ética e 36 referentes à humanização nos objetivos educacionais e conteúdo dos módulos temáticos, habilidades e atitudes e interação ensino-serviço-comunidade, de 1a a 4a série e no programa do internato no currículo (ano 2006) e no projeto pedagógico do Curso de Medicina (2001). Resultados Maior inserção da humanização, ética e bioética na 1a e 2a série, quando comparado à inserção na 3a e 4a série e no internato, (IC95%-?=0,034, pvalue=0,007). Unidade de habilidades e atitudes: freqüência das 3 temáticas no currículo da 1a a 4a séries (IC95%-?=0,026, pvalue=0,013). Quando comparada a inserção entre o internato e as quatro primeiras séries, observa-se que nestas a inserção da temática humanização é superior (IC95%-?=0,042, pvalue=0,029). Conclusão O currículo desenvolvido no ano de 2006 na ESCS apresentou correlação com o projeto pedagógico do curso e contemplou a temática de forma abrangente, em todas as séries e internato.

Novaes, Maria Rita Carvalho Garbi; Novaes, Luiz Carlos Garcez; Guilhem, Dirce; Lolas, Fernando; Silveira, Carla; Guiotti, Murilo



Health and safety plan for operations performed for the Environmental Restoration Program. Task, OU 1-03 and OU 4-10 Track 2 investigations  

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This document constitutes the generic health and safety plan for the Environmental Restoration Program (ERP). It addresses the health and safety requirements of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA); Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 29 CFR 1910.120 standard; and EG&G Idaho, Inc. This plan is a guide to individuals who must complete a health and safety plan for a task performed for the EPR. It contains a task specific addendum that, when completed, specifically addresses task specific health and safety issues. This health and safety plan reduces the time it takes to write a task specific health and safety plan by providing discussions of requirements, guidance on where specific information is located, and specific topics in the Addendum that must be discussed at a task level. This format encourages a complete task specific health and safety plan and a standard for all health and safety plans written for ERP.

Trippet, W.A. II [IT Corp., (United States); Reneau, M.; Morton, S.L. [EG and G Idaho, Inc., Idaho Falls, ID (United States)



Brazil = Brasil. America = Las Americas [Series].  

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|Written for teachers to use with migrant children in elementary grades, this bilingual English/Spanish social studies resource booklet provides an encyclopedia-style overview of Brazil's history, geography, economy, and culture. Topics include Brazil's form of government; geographic regions; holidays; climate; people; music; carnaval celebration;…

Toro, Leonor; And Others


Brazil = Brasil. America = Las Americas [Series].  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Written for teachers to use with migrant children in elementary grades, this bilingual English/Spanish social studies resource booklet provides an encyclopedia-style overview of Brazil's history, geography, economy, and culture. Topics include Brazil's form of government; geographic regions; holidays; climate; people; music; carnaval celebration;…

Toro, Leonor; And Others



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Brazil is a megadiverse developing country and the knowledge on the current situation of Brazilian taxonomy is a necessary step to establish future policies to deal with biodiversity. Certainly, the most important issue for the understanding of biodiversity is the installing capacity of taxonomists. In fact, little is known concerning the number of taxonomists, scientific production, and the problems faced



Les critères de classification et\\/ou de prédiction de la polyarthrite rhumatoïde  

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Classification criteria are obtained by a combination of signs to classify homogeneous groups of patients. In RA, ACR 1987 criteria are validated but their utilisation should be interpreted according to the context. Prediction criteria are obtained by a combination of signs to predict an outcome such as persistent arthritis, erosion, diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis (diagnosis by clinician or fulfilment of

Alain Saraux; Gabriel Tobon; Sandrine Jousse-Joulin; Valérie Devauchelle-Pensec



Atomes dans un faisceau lumineux ou dans le vide de photons  

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An atomic electron, in the vacuum of photons, can emit and reabsorb photons of any frequency. Such processes give rise to well known radiative corrections (Lamb-shift, g - 2, natural width of excited states...). We review in this paper similar effects which can be induced by the interaction of an atomic electron with an incident electromagnetic wave, and we try

C. Cohen-Tannoudji



Activité féminine ou inactivité, la marque de la famille du conjoint  

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[fre] Les femmes poursuivent leur activité professionnelle après leur mariage, puis après leur maternité, plus fréquemment quand leur belle-mère a travaillé durant l'enfance de leur conjoint que quand cette dernière est restée au foyer. Elles sont d'autant plus actives que mères et belles-mères sont diplômées, mais l'activité passée de la belle-mère a toujours plus d'impact que celle de la mère.

Georges Menahem



Trembler ou Pleurer: La Révolution Française, Le Théatre et L'Image de la Femme  

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This thesis explores the role of women in theater and their representation before, during, and after the French Revolution. In the classical theater of the 17th century, women often played strong and domineering roles. They were forceful, and men rarely questioned their authority. However, in the theater of the 19th century immediately following the Revolution, the role and portrayal of

Tracy Anne Cone



Pergelisol et Actions du Froid Naturel ou Artificiel. (Permafrost and Actions of Natural or Artificial Cooling).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This book comprises the proceedings of the conference on 'Permafrost Soil and Natural Freezing' involving Commission B1 (Thermodynamics and transfer processes), with Commissions Cl and C2 of the IIR. This was the first conference on permafrost soil organi...



Flow Model Development for the Idaho National Laboratory OU 10-08 Sitewide Groundwater Model  

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A two-dimensional (2D), steady-state groundwater flow model was developed for the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) sitewide groundwater model. A total of 224 wells inside the model domain were used to calibrate the 2D flow model. Three different calibration techniques, zonation approach, pilot point approach and coupled zonation/pilot point approach, were explored and applied during the model development. The pilot point approach allows modelers to model aquifer heterogeneities at various scales, and extract the maximum amount of data from available monitoring data, permitting the best possible representation of flow and transport at the INL.

Hai Huang; Swen Magnuson; Thomas Wood



Desafinado... ou o meu primeiro amor: A construção das representações sociais da Matemática  

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Resumo A disciplina de Matemática continua a ter, em Portugal, uma taxa de insucesso elevada, apesar dos esforços desenvolvidos por professores e investigadores durante as últimas décadas. No entanto, esta disciplina assume um papel preponderante nas escolhas vocacionais que os alunos podem fazer no 10º ano de escolaridade, condicionando as suas opções de escolha e o seu percurso escolar e

Sara Piscarreta; Margarida César


Tabou or Not Tabou, Dire ou ne Pas Dire: Maupassant et l'Autocensure  

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In many of his Chroniques, Maupassant condemns the stupid optimism and hypocrisy of his time, which leads him to assert the author's right and duty to portray society as it is – be it by depicting the basest of its elements. However, his fictional production points to a rather more complex picture, thus stressing the fundamental dichotomy between the effet



Population, pauvreté et dégradation de l'environnement en Afrique: fatale attraction ou liaisons hasardeuses ?  

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The starting point of this paper is a critique of the conventional view acording to which rapid population growth combined with widespread rural povevty in contemporary Africa necessarily leads to environmental degradation. After a brief discussion of the basic linkages underlying thu supposed nexus, the analysis of four regionol cases shows the diversity and the complexity of the current changes

Paul Mathieu



Rééducation d’une épaule douloureuse, faire simple ou compliqué ? Faire compliqué  

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Physiotherapy is indicated in most if not all situations of painful shoulders. We have been using the Global Shoulder Concept over the last 25 years. After functional evaluation and careful examination of the shoulder (range of motion in flexion, abduction and horizontal adduction), we perform resisting tests for each tendinomuscular group and bursitis clinical tests. Based on the results, physiotherapy protocol

Thierry Marc; David Rifkin; Thierry Gaudin; Jacques Teissier; François Bonnel



Des Ateliers de Philosophie a l'Ecole Elementaire: Idealisme ou Pragmatisme? Un Exemple en France.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|After a brief description of a sequence of philosophical workshops, this article analyzes, first, the request of the teachers who enroll for the training courses offered, and second, the training course itself. This analysis is conducted through a model crossing the two axes: pragmatism/idealism and individualism/social coherence. (SM)|

Bailleul, Marc



Genuine modern analogues of Precambrian stromatolites from caldera lakes of Niuafo'ou Island, Tonga.  


Calcareous or dolomitic, often secondarily silicified, laminated microbial structures known as stromatolites are important keys to reconstruct the chemical and biotic evolution of the early ocean. Most authors assume that cyanobacteria-associated microbialitic structures described from Shark Bay, Western Australia, and Exuma Sound, Bahamas, represent modern marine analogues for Precambrian stromatolites. Although they resemble the Precambrian forms macroscopically, their microstructure and mineralogical composition differ from those characterizing their purported ancient counterparts. Most Precambrian stromatolites are composed of presumably in situ precipitated carbonates, while their assumed modern marine analogues are predominantly products of accretion of grains trapped and bound by microbial, predominantly cyanobacterial, benthic mats and biofilms and only occasionally by their physicochemical activity. It has therefore been suggested that the carbonate chemistry of early Precambrian seawater differed significantly from modern seawater, and that some present-day quasi-marine or non-marine environments supporting growth of calcareous microbialites reflect the hydrochemical conditions controlling the calcification potential of Precambrian microbes better than modern seawater. Here we report the discovery of a non-marine environment sustaining growth of calcareous cyanobacterial microbialites showing macroscopic and microscopic features resembling closely those described from many Precambrian stromatolites. PMID:16365738

Kazmierczak, Józef; Kempe, Stephan



Les hémorragies graves de la délivrance : doit-on lier, hystérectomiser ou emboliser ?  

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Objective. – Update of knowledge on the various methods of management of intractable postpartum haemorrhage.Method. – PubMed, MEDLINE® were the electronic sources, in English and French languages, used for data retrieval. Uterine atony and abnormal placental insertions (placenta praevia or accreta) are the major causes of primary postpartum haemorrhages. To preserve fertility, we dispose of angiographic selective embolization or surgical

F Sergent; B Resch; E Verspyck; B Rachet; E Clavier; L Marpeau



Performances comparées des machines à aimants et à réluctance variable. Maximisation du couple massique ou volumique  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The subject of this article is to compare the performances of electrical machines using three different principles of functioning which are recently exploited. We consider possibilities to realise actuators with high torque and power per unit of mass for direct drive applications. The three different machines involved in the comparison are: (i) the classical synchronous structure with permanent magnets in the inductor, (ii) the vernier reluctance structure, (iii) the vernier reluctance structure with permanent magnets. To allow a good comparison, the architecture of those three motors has to be identical, particularly the shape of the main elements. L'objet de cet article est de comparer directement, pour la première fois à notre connaissance, les performances de machines électriques mettant en oeuvre trois principes de fonctionnement différents, très récemment exploités. Nous examinons les possibilités de réalisation d'actionneurs à fort couple et puissance massique élevée, pour des applications d'entraînement direct, conçus à partir soit d'une structure synchrone classique utilisant des aimants pour l'inducteur, soit d'une structure à réluctance variable vernier soit, enfin, d'un dispositif combinant l'effet de réluctance variable à l'utilisation d'aimants. Pour permettre une comparaison réellement directe, l'architecture des trois moteurs exploitant les concepts évoqués, ainsi que la forme de leurs principales pièces, seront pratiquement identiques.

Matt, D.; Llibre, J. F.



Microbolomètres YBaCuO suspendus sur substrats de Si ou SIMOX micro-usinés  

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The improvement of the bolometer performances is obtained by thermally insulating the sensitive region. The results we have measured in the 3-5 mumwavelength range on a YBaCuO suspended membrane, with an optimised geometry and without any absorbing layer, are among the best reported. However, to meet the requirements of spatial observations, these microbolometers must be covered by an absorbing layer

L. Méchin; D. Bloyet; J.-C. Villégier



L'Internationale Situationniste, Socialisme ou Barbarie, and the Crisis of the Marxist Imaginary  

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The Situationniste Internationale was a small transnational group of artist-revolutionaries that came out of the neo-Dadaist Lettriste movement. 1 In Paris, Guy Debord and a small, changing cast of friends and supporting characters 2 tracked through the Parisian cultural and political underground along the path laid earlier by the Surrealists. 3 Skilled as provocateurs, anxious to abandon the constraints of

Stephen Hastings-King



Faut-il tuer ou acheter le chat ? L’acheter !  

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It is customary to recommend that newborn children should not be exposed to domestic animals. This recommendation is currently under discussion in light of recent epidemiological evidence suggesting a reduction of atopic sensitization in infants exposed to cats and dogs. In this brief review, we have analyzed the results of studies involving eight cohorts of newborn infants published between 2000

J.-C Dalphin; A.-G Venier; M.-L Dalphin




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<\\/titre> Growing efforts by religious organizations to pursue developmental goals have directed scholarly attention to their role as potential antipoverty agents in local settings. But faith-based organizations (FBOs) are organized in a myriad of ways. Some forge alliances across traditional boundaries via ?bridging? mechanisms ; others defend particularistic interests by adopting ?barrier? strategies. The former is more likely to lead




Les Neurosciences au XVII e siècle (ou l'erreur de Damasio)  

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In his book, Descartes' error, Antonio R. Damasio attributes the separation of mind and body in Western medicine to Descartes' writings from the 17th century. According to the author, this separation may have hindered the development of disciplines such as neuropsychology and psychosomatics for several centuries. Careful reading of Descartes' work does not confirm these assertions and even provides contradictory

R. Brunod



Mercury speciation modeling using site specific chemical and redox data from the TNXOD OU  

SciTech Connect

The objective of this study was to evaluate mercury speciation under reducing conditions expected in sediments at the TNX Outfall Delta Operable Unit. These changes in speciation would then be used to infer whether mercury toxicity and mobility would be expected to be significantly altered under reducing conditions. The results from this work suggest that mercury would likely become more strongly retained by the solid phase under reducing conditions than under oxidizing conditions at the TNX Outfall Delta Site. Considering that experimental results indicate that mercury is extremely tightly bound to the solid phase under oxidizing conditions, little mercury mobility would therefore be expected under reducing conditions.

Kaplan, D.I.



Spatial and temporal variation of the water quality of an intermittent river - Oued Fez (Morrocco)  

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In the South of the Mediterranean basin, many rivers are characterized by an alternation of very long dry periods only cut by short flood events. Currently, the socio-economical development of these zones is limited by the water scarcity but also by the poor quality of the water resources. In fact, human activities, generally concentrated in overpopulated cities, generate large quantity

Jean-Louis Perrin; Meriem Bellarbi; Rémi Lombard-Latune; Naoual Rais; Nanée. Chahinian; Mustafa Ijjaali



Les mouvements par nappes ou tranches planes et parallèles d'un fluide visqueux incompressible  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Here we make use of the vocable 'slices or layer-type' (for lack of better appellation) whenever a pencil of plane parallel fluid sections is so conveyed by the flow that plane remain the sections. Pseudo stream functions and general equations governing the flow are proposed so as to enlarge the theory of plane and pseudo-plane flows. By taking the aspects of solid boundaries into account, we show that the layer-type flows can be sharply divided into three categories. Then by seeking polynomial solutions of the equations, we reveal two families of exact solutions of Navier-Stokes equations.

Bouthier, Michel


Designing the professional development of staff for teaching online: an OU (UK) case study  

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We maintain that an understanding of the working contexts of staff is a critical consideration when designing for effective professional development. The process of embedding theory into good practice does not simply depend on the design of a good seminar, because it may also be affected by who else attends, or perhaps by who the participants talk to subsequently. This

Janet Macdonald; Barbara Poniatowska



Étude expérimentale du séchage infrarouge et convectif de peintures automobiles modèle sur supports plastiques ou métalliques  

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This work aims to study car paint drying and to better understand the complex physico-chemical transformations which occur during this process. Two different model painting systems were studied: •- a water-based epoxy-amine paint applied on steel support;•- a solvent based polyurethane paint applied either on sheet molding compound support (SMC) or on steel support.In these two cases, drying is an

Séverine Vessot; Denise Blanc; Pierre Laurent; Julien Andrieu



Fatores de Risco ou Proteção para a Presença de Ideação Suicida na Adolescência  

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This quantitative study aims at identifying risk and protection factors in suicide ideation among adolescents from general population. The sample included 526 youngsters, from public and private schools of Porto Alegre, Brazil, aged 15 to 19 years old. Beck Depression Inventory (BDI), Beck Scale for Suicide Ideation (BSI) and a personal datasheet were used. After crossing socio-demographic data, suicide ideation

Blanca Susana; Guevara Werlang; Vivian Roxo Borges; Liza Fensterseifer



Les couleurs des papillons ou l'imperative beaut?. Proprietes optiques des ailes de papillons  

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The coloration of butterflies is often spectacular and serves a variety of purposes which include attracting a mate, distracting predators, camouflage and the regulation of temperature. Its origin is a complex interaction of scattering, pigmentation, diffraction and thin film interference effects which was hotly disputed by such eminent authorities as Wood, Raleigh and Michelson. We now have a clearer, though

Mike Hutley; Peter Vukusic



La Complexite de la Noetique en Mathematiques ou les Raisons de la Devolution Manquee.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Inspired by the studies of pioneer Raymond, aims to redraw and make obvious the different hypotheses explaining missed devolvement. Supports research on the notions of concept and object in mathematics. (KHR)|

D'Amore, Bruno



Ferroélectriques classiques ou relaxeurs dérivés de BaTiO 3  

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The present work takes stock of either classical or relaxor ferroelectric ceramics related to BaTiO3. The homovalent substitutions in the 12 C.N. site lead to a sharp transition at TC and to a classical ferroelectric phase. On the contrary, the substitutions in the 6 C.N. site lead to a diffuse transition, and a relaxor ferroelectric phase; these substitutions may be

Jean Ravez; Annie Simon




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RESUMO : A administração de medicamentos é uma das atribuições de maior responsabilidade executada pelo profissional de enfermagem. É reconhecido que as prescrições médicas têm papel ímpar na prevenção de erros de medicação. O objetivo deste trabalho foi identificar os fatores causais de erros de medicação relacionados à redação da prescrição médica manuscrita em um hospital de pequeno porte. Foram



Origine de l’infection osseuse : endogène ou exogène ? Éléments de physiopathologie  

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Osteomyelitis is a bacterial implant in bone matrix. Infection occurs as a result of a bacteremia, an inoculation during aseptic or orthopedic surgery, or a contiguous infectious focus. Persistent and relapsing infection may be due to three situations: underlying conditions such as diabetes mellitus or rheumatoid arthritis, presence of foreign surgical implant, and a causative bacterial strain. The pathogenesis of

F. Ader; J. Salomon; C. Perronne; L. Bernard



Les décisions d’admission ou de non-admission en réanimation  

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Scarcity in the intensive care units induces the need for rational but justifiable triage decisions for intensive care admissions. Iterative recommendations, developed by the Society of Critical Care Medicine, have proposed guidelines for admission and refusal decisions. These rules, based on well-defined ethical principles, tend to reduce arbitrary conditions.The different recommendations are reviewed along with their ethical justifications. The daily

E Roupie



High explosive spot test analyses of samples from Operable Unit (OU) 1111  

SciTech Connect

A preliminary evaluation has been completed of environmental contaminants at selected sites within the Group DX-10 (formally Group M-7) area. Soil samples taken from specific locations at this detonator facility were analyzed for harmful metals and screened for explosives. A sanitary outflow, a burn pit, a pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN) production outflow field, an active firing chamber, an inactive firing chamber, and a leach field were sampled. Energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) was used to obtain semi-quantitative concentrations of metals in the soil. Two field spot-test kits for explosives were used to assess the presence of energetic materials in the soil and in items found at the areas tested. PETN is the major explosive in detonators manufactured and destroyed at Los Alamos. No measurable amounts of PETN or other explosives were detected in the soil, but items taken from the burn area and a high-energy explosive (HE)/chemical sump were contaminated. The concentrations of lead, mercury, and uranium are given.

McRae, D.; Haywood, W.; Powell, J.; Harris, B.



Tatouage, piercing : décoration ? Décorporation ? Dénaturation du corps ou retour au primitif ?  

Microsoft Academic Search

Tatoos and piercing, though they might appear as something like a trend, if not a craze, remain for a majority minority and even fringe practices. For the adolescent, questing for his identity (no more a child, not yet an adult), the tegmental sign is a way of engraving in the flesh dramatic events of his existence. The body mark is

C. Grognard



La Peur de L'évaluation: Évaluation de L'enseignement ou du Sujet?  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This article addresses first of all the question why nowadays evaluation is so intensively promoted. It then goes on to analyse the reasons why there is currently a resistance to evaluation among teachers. It refers especially to the situation in Greece, where evaluation has been absent since 1981, whereas before that date it was applied in an oppressive manner, more resembling discipline and punishment than the personal development of the teachers. The authors refer particularly to the work of Michel Foucault but also to that of J. F. Lyotard. They point out that it is the teachers' fear of evaluation of their personal identity rather than their professional competence that lies behind the resistance to evaluation. Emphasis is placed on the necessity to support teachers in their personal and professional development. The use of action research, termed "critical active research" in Greek, is advocated as a basic strategy for the development of the teacher as well as of the curriculum and of society in general.

Kosmidou-Hardy, Chryssoula; Marmarinos, Jean



S?vices ? des enfants ou insensibilit? cong?nitale ? la douleur?  

PubMed Central

L’insensibilité congénitale à la douleur est une affection rare qui peut être responsable de l’apparition accidentelle de lésions externes et internes chez l’enfant. Dans un contexte de présomptions de sévices à des enfants, le fait de connaître l’existence de cette affection peut compliquer l’interprétation médico-légale de nos constatations. Le diagnostic d’insensibilité congénitale à la douleur, dans la forme qui nous intéresse, nécessite plusieurs éléments : l’absence de sensibilité à la douleur depuis la naissance, l’atteinte de la totalité de la surface corporelle, l’intégrité des réflexes ostéo-tendineux et des autres modes de sensibilité, la négativité des examens paracliniques, y compris histologiques. Nous présentons un cas de deux enfants de la même fratrie, examinés dans le cadre d’une procédure judiciaire d’urgence au sein de l’unité de médecine légale du Centre hospitalo-universitaire de Grenoble, en France. L’interprétation médicolégale des faits et de l’examen doit être prudente en cas de complications judiciaires et faire suite à une analyse des problèmes médico-sociaux de l’enfant depuis sa naissance et de ceux de sa famille. Le soutien socio-éducatif de ces familles et la transmission d’information sur cette maladie doivent être une priorité afin d’éviter tout dépassement dans la prise en charge et la surveillance de l’enfant et tout quiproquo face aux autres.

Escard, E; Barret, L



La recherche de rentes en situation d’incertitude avec ou sans opposition  

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In this paper a stochastic model of rent-seeking equilibrium is examined. It is confirmed that social costs of rent seeking by risk-averse individuals are lower than the total of rents. Also, rent seeking harms other groups in society, and opposition by these groups is explicitly introduced into the analysis. Light is shed on some of the important questions of the

Robert D. Cairns



Les neuf vies de la courbe de Phillips américaine : réincarnations ou résilience ?  

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In the 90s, the behaviour of US inflation has been a puzzle for many analysts; for eight years, the unemployment rate remained below 6% without giving rise to a significant acceleration of prices and wages. Once again, both the theoretical and empirical relevance of the Phillips curve has been questioned. This paper reassesses explanations proposed by economists to solve this

Yvon Fauvel; Alain Guay; Alain Paquet



Avaliação do Benefício da Prótese Auditiva Digital e da Percepção da Desvantagem Auditiva ou \\  

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Subjectively evaluate the benefits derived from the digital sound amplification device and assess perceptions of the psychosocial effects of hearing impairments. Methods: Thirty elderly users of DSAD in the 60-89 year age bracket suffering from bilateral postlingual neurosensory hearing deficiencies participated in the study. Evaluation of benefits was based on the questionnaire Abbreviated Profile of Hearing Aid Benefit - APHAB,

Maria Helena Pinho Costa; André Luiz Lopes Sampaio; Carlos Augusto; C. P. de Oliveira



Conduite à tenir devant un ou plusieurs cas de coqueluche  

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The evolution of the epidemiology of pertussis, new licensed macrolides and vaccines, new recommendations for vaccination among adolescents and adults need an update of the French guidelines for prevention of the disease around one or grouped cases of the disease. A particular attention should be raised to the diagnosis of whooping cough in adults who are presently the main reservoir

D. Floret; I. Bonmarin; P. Deutsch; J. Gaudelus; E. Grimprel; N. Guérin; N. Guiso; I. Morer



Surfactant naturel ou artificiel? Les arguments en faveur des surfactants naturels  

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The use of exogenous surfactant (ES) is an essential component for prevention and treatment of hyaline membrane disease (HMD). The ES available for clinical use are of two therapeutic classes: natural surfactants prepared from mammalian lung and artificial surfactants. The choice between these two classes of ES is controversial. In this overview, we present the arguments in favour of the

H Walti



La conception de l'expérience scolaire aujourd'hui: Virage ou Évolution  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The changes characterizing the conception and educational practices in the school environment nowadays are mainly manifest on the following three levels: the learner and his learning, the planning and implementation of school programmes and thirdly, the conception and practice of evaluation. These changes are strongly stimulated by the complex interaction of social, economic and technological transformations which are reshaping our present pluralistic society. The speed with which these social changes have taken place have forced the school to face two major challenges: firstly, to involve itself resolutely in decreasing the distance between school and society and secondly to define its own function in a more precise manner so as to take over its prescribed role of educational leadership in society. On the conceptional level with regard to the learner and the learning process, the author discerns an important tendency leading to a more integral vision. The sterile juxtapositioning of process and content is now being overcome. On the level of planning and implementation of school programmes several tendencies become apparent: the programmes tend to become more prescriptive and the school increases its stock of core subjects. These two tendencies try to integrate themselves in a policy of respect for individual differences. And finally it is recognized that the phase of implementation is of as critical importance if not more so than that of planning. The practices concerning evaluation seem at present to be influenced by recent social pressures demanding that the school provide education of greater quality which responds more adequately to the new challenges effected by a society in a state of tremendous evolution.

Bord?leau, Louis-Gabriel



Syndrome d’asphyxie traumatique ou syndrome de Perthes. À propos de six cas  

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Perthe’s syndrome or traumatic asphyxia is a clinical syndrome associating cervicofacial cyanosis, petechia and subconjonctival hemorrhage to neurological symptoms. This syndrome appears after severe and transient compressive blunt chest injury. A Valsalva maneuver is necessary before thoracic compression for the development of this syndrome. The treatment includes rapid chest decompression and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The prognosis is good but a prolonged

M Barakat; Z. H Belkhadir; R Belkrezia; M Faroudy; A Ababou; C Lazreq; A Sbihi



Remediation System Evaluation (RSE): 10th Street Superfund Site, OU2, Columbus, Nebraska.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

During fiscal years 2000 and 2001 independent reviews called Remediation System Evaluations (RSEs) were conducted at 20 operating Fund-lead pump and treat (P&T) sites (i.e., those sites with P&T systems funded and managed by Superfund and the States). Due...



Using statistics to determine data adequacy for environmental policy decisions (shootout at the OU-3 corral)  

SciTech Connect

The discipline of statistics often plays an important role in environmental policy decision-making, when decisions are, if not completely based on, at least informed by environmental data. Statistics provides guidance for the type, quantity, and quality of data required to support the policy decisions, as well as the techniques for assessing the data once it is collected. Environmental policy decisions occur at many levels, national, regional, state, and local. This paper describes the use of statistics to support policy decisions at the local level. Even at the local level, decisions can involve millions and, in some cases, billions of dollars. Additionally, local policy decisions can have ramifications for policy decisions at the state, regional and national levels. The two major regulations that drive environmental restoration are the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) (also known as Superfund), and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). In many areas state water quality standards and other requirements are also important drivers. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) has placed the statistician right in the center of the environmental restoration work. It has done this by issuing guidance that recommends that planning for environmental data collection follows the Data Quality Objectives (DQO) Process (USEPA 1994), and evaluation of the data follows the Data Quality Assessment (DQA) Process (USEPA 1996). These processes are based on formal statistical techniques such as hypothesis testing and estimation, and explicitly link data collection to risk management decisions through specification of acceptable levels for statistical decision errors.

Kelly, E.; Campbell, K. [Los Alamos National Lab., NM (United States); Michael, D.; Black, P. [Neptune and Co., Los Alamos, NM (United States)




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The media revolution which in many ways characterizes the 20th century has had a deep impact on architectural thinking. There are several possibilities to the translation of the current Age of Information into built matter, and those which we believe to be the most im- portant ones are the object of this study. The pop attitude of expendable architecture is

Rejane Spitz


Un livret d’accompagnement pour les enfants et les adolescents : quand papa ou maman a une blessure au cerveau  

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It is difficult for the clinicians who take charge of grown-up patients with brain injury taking into account the difficulties of the parent–child relationship and the suffering of the children or the teenagers with a brain-injured parent. This article presents booklet written for the children and the teenagers with a brain-injured parent: contents, methodology, originality, comparison with the other similar

H. Oppenheim-Gluckman; J. Chambry; P. De Collasson; E. Thevenin-Lemoine; J.-J. Weiss



La greffe de tissu adipeux : mythe ou réalité scientifique. Lecture critique de la littérature  

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Fat grafting is an old technique. Since its first description in 1893, fat was used in a lot of indications. After more then a century of evolution, there is still no commonly accepted standard method of fat transfer by all the authors. On the contrary, many different techniques have been described in the literature with the only aim of reducing

R. Sinna; E. Delay; S. Garson; A. Mojallal



Compléments ou alternatives ?: Associations de femmes et partis politiques arabes palestiniens en Israël  

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The study of women's mobilization in Israel\\/Palestine highlights complex relationships between gender and nationalist struggles. Relations between Arab women's organizations and Arab political parties in Israel reveal a multiplicity of forms of cooperation, autonomization and tensions between those two spheres of involvement. In analysing the evolution of those relations since 1948, this article underlines how feminist and women's organizations relate

Elisabeth Marteu



L’erection et l’ejaculation psychogenes: Mythe ou realite? Intérêt de leur recherche chez le blessé médullaire  

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\\u000a Abstract  Erection and ejaculation can be induced by two forms of stimulation. The first is mechanical: touching of the penis, scrotum\\u000a and anus stimulates the pudendal nerves and a reflex erection appears via the parasympathetic pathway. The second form of\\u000a sexual stimulation is psychological: erotic pictures and fantasies stimulate the splanchnic nerves and the hypogastric plexus,\\u000a via the orthosympathetic dorso-lumbar pathway,

C. Czyba-Gaultier; K. Charvier; A. Leriche



Compromis durée\\/coût ou durée\\/ressource: lequel est plus approprié en contrôle et suivi de projet?  

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Une des problématiques les plus importantes en gestion de projet est l’accélération de projet. Elle fait l’objet de beaucoup d’intérêt tant chez les académiques que chez les praticiens. Beaucoup de pistes et d’approches ont été élaborées pour aborder et résoudre correctement le problème, mais la plupart conçoivent, non sans raison, la résolution du problème en termes de compromis durée\\/coût. Ce

Sébastien H. Azondékon; Aina Irintsoa Marilala Ramahaimanana



Du dépistage à la prise en charge des atypies cytologiques mineures ou mal définies du col: Progrès récents  

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Screening for cervical cancer of the uterus is successful when the coverage of the population is maximised. However, the optimum sensitivity of the test, and the care adapted to patients having abnormal Pap test certainly contribute to an improvement of the results. The management of minor cytological atypia (ASC-US: atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance, L.SIL: low-grade squamous intra-epithelial lesions)

Joseph Monsonego




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Abstract The current image of the artist, with origin in the Romanticism, is associated with inspiration and irrationality and, therefore, usually it is not visible any relationship between,art and ,science. A drawing ,of Stradanus ,(1523-1605) representing ,the discovery,of oil ,painting ,by Jan ,van ,Eyck (c.1395-1441) shows ,another ,reality: a painter, as a craftsman, developing its activity in the workshop, in

António João Cruz



L?absence de Thésée ou le couple monoparental mère-fils à l?épreuve du temps  

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The author highlights the pathogenicity that could occur when a single mother left alone with her son has no physical, symbolic and psychologic link to the father. He considers Phedra?s situation and Thesee?s absence as the cause of incest. In this specific situation, he suggests that a third party should be integrated within this « young couple ». This third party having

M Boublil



Influence de l'acoustic streaming sur la stabilité d'une couche de fluide isotherme ou chauffée latéralement  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The linear stability of acoustic streaming flows induced by ultrasound waves (Eckart streaming), for both isothermal and laterally heated fluids confined between two parallel horizontal infinite walls has been studied. The basic profiles were determined analytically, and the eigenvalue problem derived for the temporal stability analysis was solved by a spectral Tau Chebyshev method. In the isothermal case, a critical acoustic parameter A leading to an oscillatory instability was determined. A is minimum for an acoustic beam width (normalized by the height of the fluid layer) H=0.32 and increases when either H is decreased or increased. The other result concerns the influence of the acoustic streaming flow on the stability of the laterally heated layer (Hadley flow). For rather small beam widths, the acoustic streaming flow destabilizes the Hadley flow, but for large beam widths ( H>0.6), a range of acoustic parameter values was found for which the Hadley flow is stabilized (increase of the thresholds), before a sharp decrease of the thresholds for larger A. Let us underline that the stability of such flows has not been yet studied in the literature. To cite this article: W. Dridi et al., C. R. Mecanique 335 (2007).

Dridi, Walid; Henry, Daniel; BenHadid, Hamda



PRODUÇÃO INTEGRADA DE FRUTAS PIF e a produção de Açaí (Euterpe oleracea Mart) no Estado do Pará: ameaças ou oportunidades?  

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Este trabalho, apoiado na dinâmica de crescimento do consumo de sucos naturais, como uma das bebidas esportivas associadas à imagem de produto saudável, suscita as questões relacionadas com a aplicação do PIF junto à produção do Açaí, visto a ampliação da aceitação desse produto nos mercados nacional e internacional. Está fundamentado na aplicação da legislação específica e seus pré-requisitos frente

Rubens Cardoso Da Silva; Paulo Cerqueira Dos Santos; Jose Sebastiao Romano De Oliveira; Maria Cristina Das Neves Silva; Ismael Matos Da Silva



Prise en charge des adolescents hospitalisés à la suite d’un geste suicidaire ou d’une menace suicidaire  

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Teenagers’ suicidal gestures are a major problem of public health and it is important to understand its meaning. A global taking care of teenagers hospitalized after a suicide attempt or a suicidal threat by the pediatric teams and by the team of child psychiatry, having links with each department, is essential in the Necker – Enfants Malades hospital in Paris.

N. de Kernier; P. Canouï; B. Golse



La dysplasie fibreuse ou maladie de Jaffe-Lichtenstein de la clavicule: ? propos d'un cas  

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La dysplasie fibreuse est une maladie osseuse rare, elle représente environ 2,5% des maladies osseuses et 7% des tumeurs osseuses. Nous rapportons le cas d'un enfant âgé de 10 ans, admis pour prise en charge d'une tuméfaction sus claviculaire droite évoluant dans un contexte de conservation de l’état général et chez qui le bilan para clinique a été en faveur de la dysplasie fibreuse de la clavicule.

Atarraf, Karima; Arroud, Mounir; Afifi, Moulay Abderrahmane



Étude du fonctionnement du système aquifére karstique Cénomano-Turonien de l'oued Igrounzar, bassin d'Essaouira, Maroc  

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In the Meskala-Kourimat area, the Bouabout Syncline aquifer system, intersected by the Igrounzar Wadi, feeds most of the karstic sources of the region. This aquifer is contained within Cenomanian and Turonian limestones and dolomitic limestones. The base of the system corresponds to the lower Cenomanian grey clays, and the top to the Senonian white marls. Hydrodynamic studies of various springs

M. Jalal; B. Blavoux; M. Bahir; Y. Bellion; N. E. Laftouhi; J. M. Puig; A. Mennani; M. Daniel



Influence des acides gras à chaîne courte ou moyenne sur la dynamique du cholestérol chez le rat  

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The effects of a diet consisting of 10% medium-chain triglycerides (C8:0, C10:0) or 10% homogeneous triglycerides of 6- to 14-carbon chain saturated fatty acids on cholesterol turnover processes were studied in rats using the isotope equilibrium method. Cholesterol absorption was not significantly affected by the type of dietary fatty acid ingested. In contrast, lengthening of the fatty acid chain caused

C. Lutton; T. Magot; D. Mathé; J. C. Sulpice; F. Chevallier



Maisons de disques et artistes face au peer-to-peer : convergence ou con‡it d'intérêts ?  

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Nous proposons un modèle reproduisant les principales caractéristiques de l'industrie musicale, à l'ère du numérique : forte hétérogénéité des artistes en matière de notoriété ; co-existence des marchés de la musique enregistrée et des concerts ; apparition des réseaux P2P permettant les échanges de …chiers numériques et donc la montée en puissance du pi- ratage mais également le développement d'un

Nicolas CURIEN; François MOREAU


Simulação de Escoamentos de Fumaça ou Gás em Grandes Ambientes com Obstáculos sob a Ação de Campos de Ventos  

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In this work, a computational model is proposed to simulation the large-scale smoke or gas flow in great environments in real time for given obstacle configuration and wind fields. These, modify the natural isotropic diffusion of the gases or smoke flow, dominating directionally its propagation. Moreover, the winds interaction with the obstacles may cause strong diffusion due to turbulent movements,

Katia Hardt; João Goedert; Luiz Paulo; Luna de Oliveira


Avaliação de recém nascidos pré-termo com hemorragia peri-intraventricular e\\/ou leucomalácia periventricular  

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SUMMARY Introduction. Hemorrhage peri-intraventricular (IPVH) and periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) are common pathologies in the premature newborn and are directly associated with the prematurity degree. The aim of this study was to evaluate, through neurological examination, premature newborns with and without intraventricular hemorrhage and periventricular leukomalacia. Method. comparative study was carried out in a population of 19 preterm neonates with less

Marina Junqueira Airoldi; Simone Borba; Carmo Silva; Regina Célia; Turolla de Souza



Comparaison des qualités de la viande et de la carcasse d'agneaux produits en élevage biologique ou conventionnel  

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Comparison of the meat and carcass quality of lambs raised in organic or conventional production systems. The 'organic' label on a product guarantees that synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and hormones are not used in the production process and that the use of pharmaceutical products and drugs is limited. However, product quality is often questioned and we have to anticipate the consumer

S. Prache; J. Ballet; R. Jailler; K. Meteau; B. Picard; M. Renerre; D. Bauchart; J. Pourrat; C. Legay; A. Thomas


Les Groupes régionaux latino-américains : building ou stumbling blocks ? Un modèle de gravité en données de panel  

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This paper uses a gravity model with panel data and 3 regional dummies to assess the effects of the new free trade agreements signed between Latin American countries in the 90’s. The originality of this research lies in the spectrum of agreements covered (big customs unions as well as bilateral free trade areas) and in its objective. We try to

Jérôme Trotignon




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Mots clés : pollution marine, pétrole brut, microbiologie, physiologie des communautés, analyse des données. ABSTRACT - Metabolic potentialities of bacterial communities in marine water after Crude Oil pollution (Arabian Light) and in marine water after pollution and treatment (enrichment : Inipol EAP 22) have been studied and compared. With data analysis : regressions, hierarchical ascending classification and multifactor correspondence analysis,

B. P. CAUCHI; Fondation Océanographique Ricard


Joie, tristesse ou colère ? Quelles stratégies utilisent les enfants porteurs du syndrome de Williams pour reconnaître des expressions émotionnelles faciales ?  

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Children with Williams syndrome (WS) show an uneven cognitive profile with relatively spared face-processing skills contrasting with impaired visuospatial cognition. More precisely, deficits to process spatial relationships between elements of a visual pattern (that is, configural processing) have been found in children with WS. The present study aimed at determining whether this configural-processing deficit affects facial-emotion recognition. To this aim,

Christine Deruelle; Andreia Santos




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The work aims at approaching the questions of semiosis of the poetical text on-line, arguing if the verbi-voco-visual artwork on the screen of a computer, propagated through the electronic multimedia, can still be considered as poem or if if it deals with a new form of art, with inter\\/trans- artistic characteristics. This research uses as theoretical foundation authors such as

Luciano Rodrigues Lima


The Scientific program with RIBRAS (Radioactive Ion Beams in Brasil)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Radioactive Ion Beams Facility (RIBRAS) is in operation since 2004 at the Pelletron Accelerator Laboratory of the University of Sa~o Paulo and consists of two superconducting solenoids capable of producing low energy secondary beams of light exotic nuclei. Measurements of the elastic scattering, breakup and transfer reactions with radioactive projectiles such as 6He, 8Li, 7Be on several targets have been performed. A review of the research program carried on along the last four years using the RIBRAS facility is presented.

Lichtenthäler, R.; Lépine-Szily, A.; Guimara~Es, V.; de Faria, P. N.; Mendes, D. R.; Otani, Y.; Leistenschneider, E.; Scarduelli, V.



Custos das Mortes por Causas Externas no Brasil  

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Violence in Brazil is well known to be one of the biggest problems nowadays affecting the society. This problem incurs in several economic costs, in addition to all kinds of immeasurable costs due to life losses. For the economic costs, we can mention, for example, medical treatment costs, police maintenance costs, production costs. In this paper, we focus in the

Alexandre X. Carvalho; Daniel R. C. Cerqueira; Rute I. Rodrigues; Waldir J. A. Lobão



Situation Reports--Bahamas, Brasil, Guatemala, Netherlands Antilles (Curacao), Uruguay.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Data relating to population and family planning in four foreign countries are presented in these situation reports. Countries included are Bahamas, Guatemala, Netherlands Antilles (Curacao), and Uruguay. Information is provided under two topics, general background and family planning situation, where appropriate and if it is available. General…

International Planned Parenthood Federation, London (England).



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Regional evaluation of the Santos Basin, Brazil, using 2-D seismic and gravity \\/ magnetic data has revealed a linear basement anomaly within the centre of the basin, extending NNE from a large igneous body to the western end of the Santos Fault. This feature coincides with an area of high thermal maturity within potential source rocks and with poor permeability

Iain C. Scotchman; Gil Marais-Gilchrist; Fernando Gomes de Souza; Fabiana Fonseca Chaves; Lois A. Atterton; Alan Roberts


Análise comparativa entre os implantes mamários mais usados no Brasil  

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Objective: Compare the advantages of the using of one of the breast implants most used during the research period, in terms of the most common complications in this procedure. Methodology: The four silicon breast implants most used on the national market were selected in a consecutive and incoming field of 500 women, divided into subgroups of 100, each corresponding to



Curriculum Studies in Brasil: A Study of the Teaching Practice.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This study analyzes how undergraduate university teachers are thinking in the classroom about the theoretical and practical contents related to the subject called "Curriculum Studies." The study focuses on the aspects of the theory-practice relationship, the idea of curriculum, and the theoretical references used by the undergraduate teachers.…

Marcondes, Maria Ines; Tura, Maria de Lourdes Rangel; de Macedo, Elizabeth Fernandes


Situation Reports--Bahamas, Brasil, Guatemala, Netherlands Antilles (Curacao), Uruguay.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Data relating to population and family planning in four foreign countries are presented in these situation reports. Countries included are Bahamas, Guatemala, Netherlands Antilles (Curacao), and Uruguay. Information is provided under two topics, general background and family planning situation, where appropriate and if it is available. General…

International Planned Parenthood Federation, London (England).


Primeiro registro de Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae) em Roraima, Brasil  

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Aedes albopictus is registered for the first time in Roraima, Brazil. From June 2006 to May 2007, three pupae and ten larvae of Ae. albopictus were collected, during routine surveillance work in three urban neighborhoods in the city of Boa Vista. Two larvae reached adulthood as females. Although Ae. albopictus is not presently considered of primary importance in dengue transmission,

Ducineia Barros Aguiar; Almir Fontão; Pedro Rufino; Valdenor Alves Macedo; Cláudia Maria Ríos-Velásquez; Márcia Gonçalves Castro; Nildimar Alves Honório



Plantas medicinais de uso popular em Boa Vista, Roraima, Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

Medicinal plants of popular use in Boa Vista, Roraima, Brazil. Boa Vista is located in the North of Amazonia, Brazil. The population of Boa Vista is heterogeneous, composed of Northeastern, Southern and Amazonian people. It has a strong tradition of using plants in popular medicine. This work aims to identify medicinal plants of popular use in Boa Vista, through information

Francisco Joaci F. Luz



The Scientific program with RIBRAS (Radioactive Ion Beams in Brasil)  

SciTech Connect

The Radioactive Ion Beams Facility (RIBRAS) is in operation since 2004 at the Pelletron Accelerator Laboratory of the University of Sao Paulo and consists of two superconducting solenoids capable of producing low energy secondary beams of light exotic nuclei. Measurements of the elastic scattering, breakup and transfer reactions with radioactive projectiles such as {sup 6}He,{sup 8}Li,{sup 7}Be on several targets have been performed. A review of the research program carried on along the last four years using the RIBRAS facility is presented.

Lichtenthaeler, R.; Lepine-Szily, A.; Guimaraes, V.; Faria, P. N. de; Mendes, D. R. Jr.; Pires, K. C. C.; Morcelle, V.; Hussein, M. S.; Barioni, A.; Condori, R. Pampa; Morais, M. C.; Alcantara Nunez, J.; Camargo, O. Jr.; Otani, Y.; Leistenschneider, E.; Scarduelli, V. [Instituto de Fisica da Universidade de Sao Paulo, C.P. 66318, 05389-970 Sao Paulo (Brazil); Benjamim, E. A. [Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Depto. Fisica Particulas, Facultad Fisica, Campus Sur s/n 15786 Santiago de Compostela (Spain) (Spain); Moro, A. M. [Departamento de FAMN, Universidad de Sevilla, Apdo 1065, E-41080, Sevilla (Spain); Arazi, A. [Laboratorio Tandar, Departamento de Fisica, Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica, Av. del Libertador 8250, (1429), Buenos Aires (Argentina); Assuncao, M. [UNIFESP-Campus de Diadema, SP (Brazil)] (and others)



La femme, au cœur d'une société pluriculturelle : la belle Réunionnaise ou la construction d'une identité insulaire depuis le XVIIIe siècle  

Microsoft Academic Search

Résumé:La beauté, à travers la matière charnelle, représente une véritable incarnation des croyances collectives d'un temps, d'un lieu, changeant de forme en même temps que ce dernier, impliquant un regard ouvert sur le contexte sociétal, culturel, historique dans lequel elle s'inscrit. Afin de mieux comprendre qui est la femme réunionnaise, quel rôle social et politique elle tient dans cette société

Sérena Hajek; Jean-Michel Delaplace



Le rôle de l'analyse économique dans la planification de l'affectation des terres aux usagers agricoles ou aux usagers urbains  

Microsoft Academic Search

[eng] It has been shown that agriculture has little chance of survival in areas where urban development has a strong potential ; that restrictions on the use of land have economic implications both in rural and urban areas ; the market forces alone cannot be expected to solve land use problems in peri-urban areas. It is in this context that

Aage Walter-Jorgensen



Rééducation des ruptures de coiffe de l’épaule opérées : prise en charge en hospitalisation en internat ou en hospitalisation de jour (à propos de 76 observations)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Objective. – To define criteria of orientation in day-hospitalized or in-patient after shoulder rotator cuff surgery.Method. – Population of 71 patients (53.2 years ±7) (76 shoulders) operated for rotator cuff tear by the same surgeon, then treated by physical therapy either in day-hospitalization or in-patient. Weekly, evaluation until the second month after surgery by setting as criteria: pain, passive and

C Delbrouck; M Dauty; D Huguet; C Dubois



Étayer les relations parents–enfants en groupe de jeux quand l’enfant souffre d’autisme ou de troubles envahissants du développement  

Microsoft Academic Search

The process of one's body mental integration depends notably on the quality of the first cares given to him\\/her in the beginning of his\\/her life in a reciprocal game of solicitations in his\\/her mothering surrounding. However, in autism and pervasive development disorders, the solicitations coming from the child are difficult to translate by parents. Then the sufferance of some parents

C. Bopp-Limoge; M. Pegliasco; L. Morgenthaler; V. Pascal



Conceptual Method for an Industrial Total Machine Language (Or Logic Specifications) . Methode de Conception du Langage Total Dune Machine Logique Industrielle (Ou Redaction Dun Cahier des Charges Logiques).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The conception of a total machine language for an industrial automaton is discussed. The machine is first split up into submachines which can each be described and studied. The submachines are then interconnected. An inductive method, partially heuristic,...

M. Grossetete



Le sugammadex : une nouveauté qui s’inscrit dans le cadre de l’amélioration de la sécurité des patients ou un simple gadget ?  

Microsoft Academic Search

The launch on the market of a new compound is always an important event for a specialty, particularly when the mechanism of action is completely new. It is the case with sugammadex, a cyclodextrin able to encapsulate specifically and only nondepolarizing steroidal muscles relaxant, rocuronium or vecuronium. The clinical trials which have been performed for sugammadex approval have demonstrated promising

B. Plaud



Mise en évidence, synthèse et caractérisation de nouveaux composés : les chlorures doubles d'ammonium et de calcium anhydres ou hydratés  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The study of materials with phase change, often indicated PCM, has been developed because of their storage capacity of calorific or refrigerating energy. Their applications relate to the habitat, the transport, the protection of the electronic circuits exposed to strong variations in temperature or to the conservation of deep-frozen foods. A systematic study of the ternary system H2O-NH4Cl-CaCl2 was then undertaken at various temperatures by using different techniques like Isoplethic Thermal Analysis (I.T.A.), T.G.A., D.T.A. and X Ray diffraction. Five invariant transformations and three new ternary compounds are observed within the temperature range -20 / 70 °C. Finally, it appears that the calcium and ammonium chlorides form a rich family of anhydrous and hydrated double salts.

Tenu, R.; Berthet, J.; Etoh, M. A.; Counioux, J. J.



Coextrusion Applied to the Construction of Fuel Elements in Solid or Powder Form; LA COEXTRUSION APPLIQUEE A LA REALISATION D'ELEMENTS COMBUSTIBLES MASSIFS OU DISPERSES  

Microsoft Academic Search

In the first part of the report a fabrication process for solid fuel ; elements is described. The simultaneous extrusion of both fuel and can gives ; good bonding. The bonding can be improved by a thermal treatment which causes ; diffusion. The tests made on the coextruded elements are described. In the ; second part, the fabrication of powdered

R. Montagne; L. Meny



Produção de Proteína Microbiana, Concentração Plasmática de Uréia e Excreções de Uréia em Novilhos Alimentados com Diferentes Níveis de Uréia ou Casca de Algodão1  

Microsoft Academic Search

Two trials were conducted to study the effects of different levels of urea or cottonseed hulls on yield of microbial protein, estimated by the urinary excretion of purine derivatives, concentration of plasma urea, and excretion of urea in steers. In the first trial, 24 crossbred castrated steers averaging 300 kg of initial live weight (LW) were uniformly assigned to four

Karla Alves Magalhães; Sebastião de Campos; Valadares Filho; Rilene Ferreira Diniz Valadares; Mônica Lopes Paixão; Douglas dos Santos Pina; Pedro Veiga Rodrigues Paulino; Mário Luiz Chizzotti; Marcos Inácio Marcondes; Alexandre Magno Araújo; Marlos Oliveira Porto


vulnerability index in diFFerent COntrOl GrOuPS OF tHe SaMe aGe  

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A b s t r a c t The vulnerability index (VI) is a parameter evaluating the risk of arrhythmia development derived from isointegral maps. It is the spatial analogue of the ventricular gradient that expresses inhomogene - ity of ventricular repolarisation. We compared values of VI of different groups of young people of the same age to determine the


Preparation of Tetrafluoride of Uranium from UO or Uranyl Salts; PREPARATION DE TETRAFLUORURE D'UROU DE SEL D'URANYLE  

Microsoft Academic Search

The results obtained in the investigations on the simultaneous reduction and fluorination of UO, UO, uranyl fluoride, ammonium diuranate, and uranyl oxalate are presented. Hydrazine fluoride and ammonium bifluoride were used as the reducing and fluorination agents. The reagents are mixed with the powdered uranium compounds and heated in a nitrogen atmosphere at 100 to 200 deg C. The reaction





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PHARMACOLOGICAL AND THERAPEUTIC EFFECTS OF GNRH OR ANALOGUES IN CATTLE. - The author reports here the pharmacological and therapeutic effects of GnRH or analogues in cattle, species to which claims are both the most clearly identified and diverse. A single challenge of GnRH (doses between 100 and 1 500 wg) results in an enhanced and simultaneous release of both LH



Du laboratoire surveille a l'approche modulaire: Contrainte ou autonomie? (From the Supervised Laboratory to the Modular Approach: Constraint or Autonomy?)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The experience of the second language team at the "Centre de Langue Francaise" (CLF) at McGill University (Montreal) is reported. The emphasis placed on designing courses and laboratory experiences in response to student needs is reviewed from the late 1960's until the present. Some of the factors that were operative in curriculum change were the…

Aubert, Jean-Phillipe



Variations des concentrations de cAMP intracellulaire de différents types de cellules après infection par le virus Sendaï ou le virus de la stomatite vésiculeuse  

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Summary In KB cells, MRC5 and adult skin fibroblasts infected by low doses of Sendaï virus, intracellular cyclic AMP levels rose and fell in the first hours following infection, then remained lower than basal level during at least 2 days in KB cells and adult skin fibroblasts. When compared to other viruses or cAMP inducers previously described, this effect appeared

P. Vallier; J. Farjanel; J. Bata; P. Deviller



Mesure directe de gaz a l'aide des radio éléments émetteurs beta ou alpha: adsorption de krypton-85 sur des solides de faible surface  

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A cell is described suitable for studying the physical adsorption of krypton labelled with krypton-85. The aim was the measurement of the beta rays from the adsorbate. Inside the cell a semiconductor detector is set on the metallic sample container. In order to achieve a good temperature equilibrium of the sample with the cryogenic bath, the walls of the cell,

G. Beurton; P. Bussiere



Isolation and molecular identification of actinomycete microflora, of some saharian soils of south east Algeria (Biskra, EL-Oued and Ourgla) study of antifungal activity of isolated strains  

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As part of a research program whose aim is to identify new antifungal metabolites from rare actinomycetes, three Saharan soils from south east Algeria were analyzed. Twenty-seven (27) strains of actinomycetes were isolated and tested for their antifungal activity. The soil from the region of Biskra gave the highest number of actinomycetes, i.e. 52% versus 18% and 30% for the

A. Boudemagh; M. Kitouni; F. Boughachiche; H. Hamdiken; L. Oulmi; S. Reghioua; H. Zerizer; A. Couble; D. Mouniee; A. Boulahrouf; P. Boiron



Pedro Schacht Pereira - Uma Filosofia Buissonnieuse, ou de como o narrador desce as escadas: Como ler a questão da \\  

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In this article I address a long-standing issue in Machadian studies, that of the relationship between philosophy and literature in the fiction of Machado de Assis. I start by acknowledging my indebtedness to the studies that Abel Barros Baptista has recently dedicated to the Brazilian author. In his article, \\

Pedro Schacht Pereira



Colleges and Rural and Remote Communities: Challenge and Opportunity = Les colleges de collectivites rurales ou eloignees: Les defis et les perspectives d'avenir.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This issue of College Canada looks at the challenges confronting Canada's rural community colleges. Topics addressed in the issue include information technology and community colleges, public policy for rural community colleges, and educational partnerships. Articles include: (1) "Gather 'Round, Let's Talk... Anchoring the Community College in…

Malcolmson, Lorna, Ed.



Contrôle par rotation ou par aspiration de l'écoulement autour d'un cylindre calculé par Simulation des Grandes Échelles  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Control of the flow around a circular cylinder is studied using Large Eddy Simulation. The influence of control by rotation and suction on the flow characteristics is considered for several Reynolds numbers. Comparisons with experiments were conducted at Re=10 for the flow with and without control. A drag reduction up to 30% is obtained for an usual suction intensity. To cite this article: G. Fournier et al., C. R. Mecanique 333 (2005).

Fournier, Guillaume; Pellerin, Stéphanie; Ta Phuoc, Loc



Statut clinique et fonctionnel après plus de 15 ans d’évolution de 88 polyarthrites rhumatoïdes suivies en milieu libéral ( n =41) ou hospitalier ( n =47)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Objectives. To assess the very long term clinical (burn-out, remission) and functional (HAQ) outcome of RA patients followed-up in a hospital or office-based settings. Methods. A questionnary was sent by mail to 122 patients suffering from RA since 15 years (first clinical signs): 61 followed-up in a hospital, and 61 in an office-based setting. 88 patients (72%) returned the form.

Yves Laborie; Jean-Marie Berthelot; Christophe Alliaume; Jean Baron; Jean-Pierre Caumon; Véronique Desmas; Alain Rossard; Yves Maugars; Alain Prost



Proposition D'un Nouveau Type de Dispositif Integre Sur Niobate de Lithium Pouvant Etre Utilise Comme Filtre Spectral Actif, Modulateur ou Commutateur Optique  

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Fiber optics has opened new vistas in telecommunication. However, only a small fraction of the fiber capacity is utilized. Today, only a small part of the spectrum is used in optical communication systems. Using a narrow spectrum band reduces the chromatic dispersion and increases the transmission rate capacity. But today, a new advantage appears with the use of narrow spectral

Jean-Robert Simard



Le faible taux d'emploi des seniors. Distance à l'entrée dans la vie active ou distance à la retraite ?  

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In a recent work (Hairault et al., 2006), we claim that the short distance to retirement constitutes one of the main economic mechanisms behind the low employment rate of older workers. As a result, delaying the retirement age could boost employment at the end of the working life. Our view has been challenged by Benallah et al. (2008) who underline

Jean-Olivier Hairault; François Langot; Thepthida Sopraseuth



Évaluation de la mobilité des métaux dans les sédiments fluviaux du bassin de la Vire (Normandie, France) par extractions simples ou séquentielles  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This work compares the quantities of labile metals removed from the Vire River (Normandy) sediments by a sequential extraction procedure to those liberated by single leaches (Mg(NO 3) 2, HCl and EDTA). Compared to the other extractions, Mg(NO 3) 2 underestimated the mobility results. The sequential procedure was the most aggressive, except for Ca and Pb. The hypothetic correlation between quantities of an element removed by single leaches and its fractionation in the sediment according to the sequential procedure was not satisfying. Finally, it should be underlined that enrichments of Cd, Pb and Zn were noticed in the Vire sediments. To cite this article: L. Leleyter, F. Baraud, C. R. Geoscience 337 (2005).

Leleyter, Lydia; Baraud, Fabienne



Les conglomérats du P III (Néoprotérozoïque supérieur) de l'Anti Atlas (Sud du Maroc): molasses panafricaines, ou marqueurs d'un rifting fini-protérozoïque?  

Microsoft Academic Search

By their petrographic and sedimentary characters, the detrital rocks of the PIII (Late Proterozoic) studied in the Anti Atlas (southern Morocco) suggest that their deposition was controlled by normal faults. These faults were active several tens of My after the Moroccan Panafrican deformation. They are the markers of a rifting episode that is indicated on the other hand by magnatic

Alain Piqué; Mohamed Bouabdelli; Abderrahmane Soulaïmani; Nassereddine Youbi; Mourad Iliani



Chirurgie de fermeture et chimiothérapie intra-péritonéale dans les cancers de l'ovaire de stade avancé ou en récidive  

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Objective. – The aim of this study was to evaluate the indications and the results of secondary cytoreduction surgery with intraperitoneal (IP) paclitaxel chemotherapy in advanced or recurrent epithelial ovarian cancer.Patients and methods. – In a retrospective study, records were reviewed for 13 patients who received IP paclitaxel therapy (175 mg\\/m2) during secondary cytoreductive surgery or surgery for recurrent disease. All these

N Plaisant; F Quenet; M Fabbro; S Gourgou; M Gutowski; B Saint-Aubert; P Rouanet



Chirurgie initiale ou d'intervalle dans les cancers de l'ovaire de stade avancé : comment sélectionner les patientes et pour quels résultats?  

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Interval debulking surgery for advanced stage ovarian cancer: State of the art. Management of patients with advanced stage ovarian cancer was deeply modified during the last years. The standard management remains the initial cytoreductive surgery (in order to achieve the most complete resection of peritoneal disease) followed by adjuvant chemotherapy. But morbidity of this management is high, particu- larly in

Philippe Morice


Donnees experimentales sur la diffusion des elements majeurs entre verres ou liquides de compositions basaltique, rhyolitique et phonolitique, entre 900°C et 1300°C, a pression ordinaire  

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Un processus expérimental de diffusion entre cylindres coaxiaux a permis d'analyser à la microsonde électronique les profils de diffusion des éléments Si, Ti, Al, Na, K, Ca, Mg, Fe entre trois couples de matériaux provenant de la fusion de roches naturelles de compositions basaltique, rhyolitique et phonolitique. Les coefficients de diffusion calculés sont très voisins pour tous les cations et

Chantal Alibert; Jean-Paul Carron



Dosimetrie retrospective (ou auto-dosimetrie): application au parc electronucleaire francais. (Retrospective dosimetry (or self dosimetry): Application to French Nuclear Power Plants).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In this text we give the dosimetry principle on irradiated materials such baffle screw, pressure vessel and control element cans. This measure, made by gammametry, is based on the steel activation and comparison with calculated measures by Actige code. 4 ...

R. Lloret



ARISTOTE A L'EPREUVE DE PLATON OU LE CAS MIMESIS : La Poétique chez quelques théoriciens de la fin du XVIe siècle  

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Resumo:O termo mimesis , usado por Aristóteles na Poética , foi por muito tempo o tema capital em estética. Primeiramente, usado por Platão como uma qualificação negativa para artes representativas, ganhou crédito e valor com Plotino e, subseqüentemente, na Renascença, com Ficino, que liderou uma defesa crucial das artes miméticas. Para os teóricos italianos da literatura da Renascença, a visão

Teresa Chevrolet


Suggestopedie: Peut-on apprendre 500 mots en 3 ou 4 heures? (Suggestopedia: Can One Learn 500 Words in 3 or 4 Hours?)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|A four-part experiment testing Lozanov's suggestopedic method of teaching vocabulary uses a literary text as well as a list of discreet words. It was found that certain variations of the method are effective and appropriate for teaching vocabulary and reading comprehension. (MSE)|

Schiffler, Ludger



Les Sciences Physiques À L'école Maternelle: Un Cadre Sociocognitif Pour La Construction Des Connaissances ET/OU LE Développement Des Activités Didactiques  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

NATURAL SCIENCES IN KINDERGARTEN: A SOCIO-COGNITIVE FRAMEWORK FOR LEARNING AND TEACHING - The present study presents a socio-cognitive framework for the construction of the scientific knowledge of natural phenomena among pre-school children and for the development of science activities at kindergarten. It involves elements from theories of social interaction; social psychology of development and cognitive functioning; and research in natural-science teaching methods which acknowledge the importance and fundamental role of social interaction in the development of cognitive operations and learning. The study also presents some of the more significant results of the research carried out on different aspects of this topic. The discussion unfolded here supports the hypothesis that the construction of natural-scientific knowledge at the pre-school age and corresponding scholastic activities are necessary and effective.

Ravanis, Konstantinos



Colleges and Rural and Remote Communities: Challenge and Opportunity = Les colleges de collectivites rurales ou eloignees: Les defis et les perspectives d'avenir.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This issue of College Canada looks at the challenges confronting Canada's rural community colleges. Topics addressed in the issue include information technology and community colleges, public policy for rural community colleges, and educational partnerships. Articles include: (1) "Gather 'Round, Let's Talk... Anchoring the Community College in…

Malcolmson, Lorna, Ed.



La musique du mot et du concept, ou certains problemes de traduction poetique (The Music of Word and Concept, or Certain Problems in Poetic Translation)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The whole universe enters the poet's being to be eventually transformed by him/her into musical language. It is this music that the translator must reproduce. Excerpts from the poems of Patmore, Auden, Donne, Joyce and Sloate illustrate the discussion. Translation of mystical and religious poetry is given special attention. (Text is in French.)…

Maisonneuve, Roland



Psicoterapia com crianças ou adultos: expectativas e habilidades sociais de graduandos de psicologia Psychotherapy with adults or children: expectations and social skills of psychology undergraduates  

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This study focused the relation among Psychology undergraduates' self-evaluation of social skills, preference and expectations when working with children or adults clientele . 67 3rd year students, from four universities, have answered the Social Skills Inventory and a form concerning their expectations and preferences. According to the preference, the sample was divided in two groups: preference for adults and for



Marqueurs de la dénutrition et de son risque ou marqueurs des complications liées à la dénutrition ?  

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Malnutrition has been frequently reported in patients at hospital admission and this worsens during hospital stay. Malnutrition is associated with an increase in complication risk. Screening nutritional risk remains difficult because there is no absolute diagnosis criterion (i-e. no gold standard). Many assessment tools exist, but none is entirely satisfactory in terms of sensitivity and\\/or specificity. Composite formulas make it

Mélisande Bernard; Christian Aussel; Luc Cynober



Extension du procédé de dépôt de silicium par CVD en lit fluidisé à des conditions opératoires peu conventionnelles: dépôts sur poudres poreuses et\\/ou sous pression réduite  

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The applications field of the fluidized bed chemical vapor deposition process has recently been extended towards an important industrial sector: the elaboration of supported catalysts. This necessitates non-conventionnal operating conditions, because depositions take place on porous powders, and under reduced pressure. With the aim to analyze the possible modifications induced by these new working conditions, some experiments, and then simulations

J. R. Rodriguez Ruvalcaba; B. Caussat; M. Hémati et J. P. Couderc



Le concept d'eau ice-like: hydratation-déshydratation des sels, hydroxydes, zeolites, argiles et matières organiques vivantes ou inertes  

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The concept of ice-like water is applied to the prediction of hydration-dehydration reactions among clay minerals, hydroxides, hydrated salts, and living or inert organic matter, which appear to be very sensitive indicators of the climate of soil genesis and conditions o bunal diagenesis Adsorption-desorption under temperature or pressure depends on the thermodynamic properties (entropy, heal capacity and volume) of structural

Yves Tardy; Lionel Mercury; Claude Roquin; Philippe Vieillard



Statistics of Students Aborad, 1962-68: Where They Go, Where They Come From, What They Study. Statistiques des etudiants a l'etranger, 1962-1968: Ou vont-ils? D'ou viennet-ils? Qu'etudient-ils?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This volume, an analysis of international trends in student exchange programs, is presented in two parts. Part One contains the actual analysis, supplemented by an annex of tables which summarize world and regional trends. Part Two contains "country tables" for 151 countries and territories in which students abroad are presented according to (a)…

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, Paris (France).


Repudiation and redemption: An assessment of the feminine in Central do Brasil  

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The construction of female identity within Brazilian society has always been closely linked to a highly exoticised image that has its origins in the colonial experience. In Brazilian cinematic production this is an identity construct that has been replayed and reinforced over time. The sensual and very feminine portrayal of women is evident in the earliest stages of national production,

Sarah McDonald



Regras Monetárias e Dinâmica Macroeconômica no Brasil: Uma Abordagem de Expectativas Racionais  

Microsoft Academic Search

Neste artigo estimamos e simulamos um modelo macroeconômico aberto de expectativas racionais (Batini e Haldane (5)) para a economia brasileira, com o objetivo de identificar as características das regras monetárias óti- mas e a dinâmica de curto prazo gerada por elas. Trabalhamos com uma versão forward-looking e uma versão backward-looking a fim de comparar o desempenho de três parametrizações de

Marco Antonio Cesar Bonomo; Ricardo D. Brito




Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMO: A caracterização da pesca de linha e da distribuição batimétrica e sazonal do esforço de pesca das frotas linheiras estabelecidas no estado da Bahia e em operação na costa central, entre Salvador e o norte do Banco de Abrolhos (13-18ºS), foi estudada com base na amostragem de desembarques monitorados pelo Programa REVIZEE em Salvador, Valença, Ilhéus e Porto Seguro



[Socioeconomic and geographic constraints to access mammography in Brasil, 2003-2008].  


This study examined the effect of population characteristics and geographic location of residences and services on the odds of receiving a mammography in 2003 and 2008. Patterns of mammography use were analyzed using data from the Health Supplements of the National Household Sample Survey for women aged over 25, using prevalence ratios, and for women over 40 using multivariate logistic regression, correcting for complex sample design effects. In 2003, 54.6% of women of 50-69 years of age reported having had a mammography, in 2008, 71.5%. The odds are higher for those 50 to 69 years old, and increase with family income, education, being married, having consulted a doctor and having health insurance. Living in a metropolitan area trebles the chance of mammography. Compared to the Northern region, residents in all other regions have greater odds, greater distances decrease the odds. Coverage increased in the age range targeted by national policy, and inequalities due to income and education on access to mammography were reduced but regional convergence was not marked. Increased access seems to relate more to policies of income distribution and social inclusion, and to the availability of the examination in the Unified Health System, than to an increasing number of mammography units. PMID:21987309

de Oliveira, Evangelina Xavier Gouveia; Pinheiro, Rejane Sobrino; Melo, Enirtes Caetano Praates; Carvalho, Marilia Sá



Abelhas (Hymenoptera: Apoidea) visitantes das flores do feijão guandu no Recôncavo Baiano, Brasil  

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Pigeonpea, Cajanus cajan L. is a common crop, frequently found throughout Brazil, mainly in small rural properties. This research was aimed at geting information on the diversity of visiting bees to flowers of pigeonpea, generating information on the structure of the bee community and the importance of this Leguminosae as source of food resources. Collections had been made weekly, between

Ruberval Leone Azevedo; I Carlos; Alfredo Lopes de Carvalho



Estudio Comparado de la Tributación del Sector Transporte de Carga en Argentina, Brasil, y Uruguay  

Microsoft Academic Search

En un contexto de creciente integración internacional, caracterizado por la formación de bloques económicos regionales, el sector del transporte de carga cobra cada vez más prominencia. Por ejemplo, el tratamiento tributario conferido al sector por los distintos países participantes de un bloque crea incentivos diferenciados en relación con la ampliación de la integración comercial.

Erika Amorim Araujo



Análise da contaminação dos sistemas hídricos por agrotóxicos numa pequena comunidade rural do Sudeste do Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

Recent advances in analytical techniques allow identifying pesticide pollution in water systems. In small rural communities, the negative effects of pesticide pollution can be aggravated by the lack of infrastructure and adverse socioeconom- ic conditions. This study investigated pesticide pollution in potential water supply sources in a tomato growing area in Paty do Alferes, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. The

Marcelo Motta Veiga; Dalton Marcondes Silva; Lilian Bechara Elabras Veiga; Mauro Velho de Castro Faria



Incidência de suicídios e uso de agrotóxicos por tra- balhadores rurais em Luz (MG), Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

The article presents the incidence of suicides and attended cases of poisoning in the micro-region of Luz, Minas Gerais, and their possible relationship with pesticides. A descriptive study was held involving 50 local residents, who were asked to answer a questionnaire. Acetylcholinesterase, gamma-glutamyl- transferase (GGT), Serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase(SGOT), and Serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase(SGPT) were measured, and suicides between the

Tufi Neder Meyer; Ione Lamounier Camargos; Juscélio Clemente de Abreu


Controvérsias sobre educação matemática no Brasil: Malba Tahan versus Jacomo Stávale  

Microsoft Academic Search

CONTRO VERSIES ABOUT MATHEMATICS EDUCATION: MALBA TAHAN VERSUS JAC OMO ST ÁVALE. The aim of this paper to analyse, from a historical point of view, the debate between two mathematics teachers in the beginning of the 1930's. At that time the first National Education Law was created (Francisco Campos Reform), including, in all schools of the country a single curriculum.

Wagner Rodrigues Valente



Abordagem etnobotânica de plantas medicinais utilizadas em dermatologia na cidade de João Pessoa-Paraíba, Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMO: As doenças de pele são muito comuns acometendo cerca de 1\\/3 da população mundial e as plantas medicinais, em especial as suas associações, são comumente usadas nas comunidades para o tratamento de micoses, erisipela e outras dermatoses. Todavia, um dos problemas enfrentados pelos profissionais da área de saúde atualmente é justamente a questão do uso concomitante de plantas medicinais

E. O. Lima; R. A. G. Oliveira; M. S. Toledo; João Pessoa


Kant no Brasil - fora do lugar? Kant in Brazil - out of place?  

Microsoft Academic Search

This essay tries to detect the presence and relevance of Kant from e practical point of view by asking if Kants ideas were out of place in Brazil. It compares Kants ethics and his categorical imperative with the hybrid ethics in Brazil, personified in the figure of the \\

Günther Augustin


[Inquérito epidemiológico com paracoccidioidina e histoplasmina em área agrícola de café em Ibiá, Minas Gerais, Brasil.].  


An epidemiological survey in an endemic area for paracoccidioidomycosis in Ibiá town, Minas Gerais state, Brazil was carried out. For this, we used a standard form for each household and intradermal antigens of histoplasmin and paracoccidioidin. Out of 194 individuals, 109(56%) were engaged in the survey showing reactivity of 44% and 49.5% for these antigens respectively. The reactivity to paracoccidioidin was observed in 50% of children below ten years. Individuals who revealed reactivity to paracoccidiodin with prior history of coffee growing activities, and those reporting the grain collection as the main work, showed statistically significant association p = 0.0092, p = 0.0007 and p = 0,01 respectively. These results could suggest that activities related to coffee crops, may favour the transmission of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis, specially among the grain collectors. In addition, the reactivity for histoplasmin antigen, suggest that this region is endemic for both fungi. PMID:18473521

Silva-Vergara, M L; Martínez, R




Microsoft Academic Search

In this paper a general equilibrium model of greenh ouse gas emissions in Brazil is developed, and some policies for emissions reductio ns are evaluated. The core model is derived from the MMRF-GREEN model of Australia (Adams, Horridge and Wittwer, 2002). It is a static inter-regional \\




Microsoft Academic Search

The adoption of higher corporate governance standards increases the return, reduces the volatility of returns while enhancing the volume negotiated and the liquidity, exposure of stock returns to external risks is also reduced which lowers the cost of capital and increases the value of the company. These theories are analyzed for the Brazilian market with a review of literature for

Pablo Rogers; Karém Cristina de Sousa; Almir Ferreira de Sousa


International Relocation of Steel Production: U.S.A. and Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

There has been a general shift in the location of steel production over the last 15 years away from developed countries towards developing countries. The shift is similar to those documented in other industries like cars and textiles, but the reasons for the shift are different partly because steel is not produced by multinational corporations.\\u000aThis thesis examines part of

Simon P. H. Foot



The Research Program at RIBRAS (Radioactive Ion Beams in Brasil)-III  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A part of the research program developed in the RIBRAS facility over the last four years is presented. Experiments using radioactive secondary beams of light exotic nuclei such as 6He, 7Be, 8Li on several targets have been performed. Elastic angular distributions have been analysed by the Optical Model and four body Continuous Discretized Coupled Channels Calculations (4b-CDCC) and the total reaction cross sections have been obtained. A comparison between the reaction cross sections of 6He and other stable projectiles with medium-heavy targets was performed. Measurements of the proton transfer reaction 12C(8Li,9Be)11B are also presented.

Lichtenthäler, R.; Lépine-Szily, A.; Guimara~Es, V.; de Faria, P. N.; Mendes, D. R.; Pires, K. C. C.; Morcelle, V.; Barioni, A.; Morais, M. C.; Pampa Condori, R.; Assunça~O, M.; Moro, A. M.; Rodríguez-Gallardo, M.; Arazi, A.



Reactions with 8Li at RIBRAS (Radioactive Ion Beams in Brasil): Astrophysical and nuclear structure applications  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present the results of the 8Li(p, ?) 5He reaction of astrophysical interest, measured at the RIBRAS system. It was realized in inverse kinematics and using a thick CH2 polyethylene target. Using the thick target method the complete excitation function could be measured between Ecm = 0.2-2.5 MeV, which includes the Gamow peak energy region. The contribution of contaminating 12C(8Li,4He) 16N and 12C(7Li, 4He) 15N reactions is still under analysis. However, if the cross section is expected to be somewhat reduced, the subtraction of the contamination will not change the general feature of the excitation function.

Mendes, D. R., Jr.; Lépine-Szily, A.; Descouvemont, P.




Microsoft Academic Search

The present article is a study of the main historical aspects of the communitarian television in Brazil and of the process of incorporation and management of three first channels implanted in the cable television in the country. The main objectives are rescue the pioneering experiences and understand its specificities like precursors of the communitarian television in the country and to



Comunidade de Carabidae (Coleoptera) em manchas florestais no Pantanal, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

Carabid community (Coleoptera) in forest patches in Pantanal, State of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. This work addresses the effects of the size, flooding susceptibility and vegetation complexity on ground beetles community structure (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in forest patches (capões) in the sub-regions Miranda and Abobral of the Pantanal, State of Mato Grosso do Sul. Thirty pitfall traps were run for

Letícia Vieira; Frederico S. Lopes; Wedson D. Fernandes; Josué Raizer



[Use and access of the elderly to primary health care services in Porto Alegre (RS, Brasil)].  


A cross-sectional study was carried out in the second semester of 2004 by means of a household survey with 292 elderly people in a Southern Brazilian city, selected by probabilistic sampling. The objectives were: to describe the use and geographic access of the elderly to primary healthcare (PHC) in Porto Alegre (RS), and to analyze the association between variables of interest to the study and access to PHC. Descriptive and bivariate analysis was used. The primary health care services were used by 49.7% of the respondents, motivated by their location, quality and "free service." The factors negatively associated with the use of PHC services were "level of education" and "perception of good health" and the variable related positively was "self-diagnosed chronic condition". The elderly exposed to frailty related with economic and health conditions were more likely to use PHC, showing signs of equity in the health system. On the other hand, it is necessary to broaden the coverage to the elderly that do not have access, as well as implement healthcare strategies to meet the heterogenous demands of this age group. PMID:21709990

Paskulin, Lisiane Manganelli Girardi; Valer, Daiany Borghetti; Vianna, Lucila Amaral Carneiro



Monitoramento da contaminação por elementos traço em ostras comercializadas em Recife, Pernambuco, Brasil  

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Samples of oysters marketed in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil, were monitored for the concentration of trace elements (Hg, Zn, Fe, Cu, and Mn) for one year (from March 2001 to Feb- ruary 2002). Mercury was the principal contaminant found in oysters and the element posing the greatest public health risk. Mercury levels in oysters reached 551.12µg\\/kg (wet weight). These values suggest

André Dias Cavalcanti



Navy of Brazil: An Emerging Power at Sea (Marinha do Brasil: Um Poder Emergente no Mar).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Captain Ferreira provides a perspective not available from one of our United States Fellows. Many observers foresee an increasingly influential place for Brazil in international affairs. Is the Brazilian Navy prepared to take on an expanded international ...

D. P. C. B. Ferreira




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Boats, gears and procedures of the artisanal fishing at the southern coast of Paraná state, Brazil This work describes boats and gears employed by artisanal fishermen of the Southern Paraná coast, Brazil, and analyses the fishing procedures performed at the shallow continental shelf. Seven types of boats and 7 main types of gears were identified. Differences between the fisherman communities



Ocorrência de Fragmentos de Lama na Praia do Cassino, RS, Brasil  

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During episodes of storm surges, a mud layer is deposited on an eroded sandy beach profile of the microtidal open ocean beach of Cassino (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil). Returning to normal hydrodynamic conditions, the mud bed is exposed subaerially, producing desiccation polygons and mud blocks that are gradually eroded and transported by the wave action when angular fragments are

L. R. Martins; I. R. Martins; L. L. Tabajara


A INDÚSTRIA DE CALÇADOS DE COURO NO BRASIL: uma descrição a partir do modelo de Porter  

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This article intends to describe the leather shoes industry using Porter's five force model of competitive strategy (competition, suppliers, buyers, substitute products, barriers to entry). In addition contributed to the understanding of relationships between leather shoes industry and the competitive environment.

Sandro Alves Lima; Carlos Manoel; Fernando Martins; São Carlos



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SUMMARY Distinct from other plantations, Eucalyptus plantation man- agers have to decide whether all trees will be replaced by new seedlings after a harvest or simply allowed to regenerate from the sprouting stumps. Defining the length and the number of ro - tations in this type of coppice regime is not a trivial task. In most cases, the optimal sequence

Luiz C. E. Rodríguez; Luis Díaz-Balteiro



CAMBIO CLIMÁTICO Y TURISMO Posibles consecuencias en los destinos turísticos de Bahía - Brasil  

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Resumen: El calentamiento global está modificando el clima en todos los continentes. Grandes masas de hielo se están derritiendo y están aumentando el nivel medio del mar, amenazando las islas y las zonas costeras. Se están produciendo con frecuencia huracanes y ciclones intensos; las temperaturas mínimas han aumentado, así como las sequías e inundaciones en diversos destinos turísticos. En este

Gustavo da Cruz


Programas de desenvolvimento local na região Nordeste do Brasil: uma avaliação preliminar da guerra fiscal  

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Local development programs in northeast Brazil: a preliminary evaluation of fiscal war- The federal government has played an important role in the development of the Brazilian economy. However, due to the adoption of neoliberal policies - suggested by international organs - in the 1990´s, State intervention in the economy fell substantially, particularly in relation to the planning and application of

Ana Carolina da Cruz Lima; João Policarpo Rodrigues Lima



Ergonomics at Volkswagen Brasil. Multidisciplinary work to equalize health, productivity and quality.  


Following the technological developments and presented to the multidisciplinary processes as automakers, Volkswagen Brazil, represented by its ergonomists, through this paper, shows the importance of ergonomic efficiency of management applied to various levels of life of a product, since its creation to its final implementation on production lines.The preventive work of ergonomists during the processes leading to production of a vehicle is accomplished through assessments on a simulated system called the Digital Factory. Since the initial stages to final product delivery there is a need for a multidisciplinary aligning the concepts of ergonomics, productivity and quality of product. Industrial Engineering, Process Engineering, ergonomists and workers are involved in the analysis made through the Workshop's showing the importance of discussion between the various users of the systems. The processes of series are also equipped with a set of certifications flow of job and planned audits on items that describe processes and applied ergonomics. PMID:22317399

Filus, Rodrigo; Wruca, Rodrigo; Charleaux, Vanessa; Ortega, Auro; Ferreira, Claudio; Jesus, Leandro; Stramari, Anderson; Neufel, Michel; Maia, Uyara




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Background After hearing about the reproducible and excellent results of the Ponseti method for clubfoot treatment, a group of Brazilian orthopaedic surgeons organized and participated in a standardized national program to teach the Ponseti technique in 21 different cities across Brazil. Methods A total of 21 Ponseti symposiums were organized in a standard fashion from January, 2007 to December, 2008. They consisted of a two-day program with lectures, hands-on cast application, and discussion of local clinical cases presented by orthopaedic surgeons. Thirteen Brazilian orthopaedic surgeons, who had been trained by the University of Iowa or centers recognized by them, taught the method. Financial support for travel was provided by an English charity: La Vida (Vital Investment for Developing Aid in Latin America). The physicians who attended the symposiums answered questionnaires before and after the training. Results About 7% of the 8000 orthopaedic surgeons in Brazil (556 orthopaedic surgeons) were trained. These orthopaedic surgeons stated that they had treated about 4905 babies in the previous year via other methods, including extensive surgery. Seventeen percent of the surgeons did not know about the Ponseti technique at the start of the symposium. Eighty-eight percent reported they felt able to treat children with the Ponseti technique after the symposium. Ninety-four percent of respondents reported that the symposium changed their way of treating clubfoot Conclusions These Ponseti symposiums brought about an exchange of medical information and empowered the participants. This program is a good educational tool which can be used in eradicating neglected clubfoot in Brazil.

Nogueira, Monica Paschoal; Pereira, Julio Cesar Rodrigues; Duarte, Paulo Schiavom; Lourenco, Alexandre; Tedesco, Ana Paula; Ferreira, Laura Alves; Forlin, Edilson; Volpi, Reinaldo; Violante, Francisco; Brandao, Gilberto; Novaes, Eduardo; Zabeu, Jose Luis Amin; Kim, Jung Ho; Aguiar, Carlos; Merlotti, Maria Henriqueta Renno



Notas Sobre um País em Transe: Mídia e Copa do Mundo no Brasil  

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This paper presents some issues concerning the relation between football and culture in Brazil, since an ethnographic experience that took place during the World Cup of 1998. I analyse advertising and sports journalism discourses during the World Cup, taking into consideration the media dimension of football. Thus, I think that along with the clear participation of football on Brazilian contemporary

Édison Luis Gastaldo


Saúde bucal de idosos institucionalizados, zona leste de São Paulo, Brasil, 1999  

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The objective was to verify oral health condi- tions in institutionalized elderly people in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, through epidemiologi- cal analysis. The sample consisted of 293 sub- jects and was stratified according to age (65-74 years and over 75) and gender. Epidemiological analysis was conducted according to WHO cri- teria to determine prevalence of oral disease. Chi-square

Débora Dias da Silva; Maria da Luz; Rosário de Sous



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Habitat fragmentation has some negative consequences to bird populations, including high nest predation rates due to the access of predators to the interior of small fragments. Qur purpose was to test the hypothesis that nest predation rates is inversely related to forest fragment size in forests at 'Tri~ngulo Mineiro', Minas Gerais state, Brazil. We conducted two experiments with artificial nests,

Celine Melo; Miguel Angelo Marini


Bancroftian filariasis in two urban areas of Recife, Brasil: the role of individual risk factors.  


Bancroftian filariasis is spreading in towns of endemic areas in Recife, northeastern Brazil, where it is a major public health problem. This paper deals with the prevalence of microfilaraemia and filarial disease in two urban areas of Recife, studying their association with individual characteristics and variables related to the exposure to the vectors. The parasitologic survey was performed through a "door-to-door" census and microfilaraemia was examined by the thick-drop technique using 45 microliters of peripheral blood collected between 20:00 and 24:00 o'clock. 2,863 individuals aged between 5 and 65 years were interviewed and submitted to clinical examination. Males aged between 15 and 44 years old presented the greatest risk of being microfilaraemic. Microfilaraemia was also significantly associated with no use of bednet to sleep. The risk of being microfilaraemic was greater among those who had lived in the studied areas for more than 5 years. The overall disease prevalence was 6.3%. Males presented the greatest risk of developing acute disease. The risk of developing chronic manifestations was also greater among males and increased with age. We found no association between time of residence, bednet use, microfilaraemia and acute and chronic disease. We may conclude that in endemic areas there are subgroups of individuals who has a higher risk of being microfilariae carriers due to different behaviours in relation to vector contact. PMID:8525268

de Albuquerque, M de F; Marzochi, M C; Ximenes, R A; Braga, M C; Silva, M C; Furtado, A F


Evolución desigual de las causas de muerte en las regiones de Brasil  

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ObjectiveTo determine changing patterns in the main causes of mortality Brazilian regions between 1980 and 2000 taking into consideration the inequalities among territories and epidemiological transition.

Wilson Sabino; Enrique Regidor; Ángel Otero



Estudo epidemiológico das dermatofitoses em instituições públicas da cidade de Barretos, São Paulo, Brasil  

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1 RESUMO - As dermatofitoses são infecções superficiais capazes de produzir lesões em tecidos queratinizados, como pele, pêlo, e unhas. Foram examinados 536 indivíduos procedentes de Barretos, com suspeita clínica de infecções fúngicas, no período de Novem- bro de 2002 a Outubro de 2003, verificando-se a incidência e a etiologia das dermatofitoses. Material coletado de várias regiões cor- póreas foram

Cátia Rezende; Graziela Porsani Borsari; Fernanda Regina Cavalcanti


Abertura Financeira e Vulnerabilidade Externa na América Latina: os impactos sobre Brasil, México e Argentina  

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Resumo: Este trabalho, na primeira seção, define o que costuma ser entendido como um processo de abertura financeira, identifica os níveis que compõem este processo, e lista as principais justificativas teóricas costumeiramente apresentadas para a implementação deste tipo de política. Na segunda seção, discute-se teoricamente o impacto dos processos de liberalização financeira na autonomia de política econômica e no grau

Juan Pablo Painceira; Marcelo Dias Carcanholo


Etiologia e estratégias de controle de viroses do mamoeiro no brasil  

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Etiology and control strategies of papaya virus diseases in Brazil The major disease problems affecting papaya (Carica papaya) throughout the world are caused by viruses. These diseases cause serious reductions in fruit production, even totally destroying affected orchards. Although more than ten different viruses have been registered in papaya world- wide, only three have been identified to date that naturally




Consideracoes Historicas sobre o Ensino Profissionalizante no Brasil (Historical Considerations about Professional Education in Brazil).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Analyzes the paths taken in professional education in Brazil from the colonial period until the formation of the republic. Refers to specialists as well as specific laws for each period described in the study. (BT)|

Barros, Marta Silene Ferreira



Situation Reports--Brasil, Cambodia, Fiji, Malaysia (West), Thailand, and Uganda.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Data relating to population and family planning in six foreign countries are presented in these situation reports. Countries included are Brazil, Cambodia, Fiji, Malaysia (West), Thailand, and Uganda. Information is provided, where appropriate and available, under two topics, general background and family planning situation. General background…

International Planned Parenthood Federation, London (England).



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Resumo Hammondia heydorni, Neospora caninum e Toxoplasma gondii são protozoários coccídios que parasitam diferentes espécies animais domésticas e silvestres. E nquanto a infecção por H. heydorni parece ser assintomática, N. caninum e T. gondii podem provocar alterações reprodutivas em ruminantes. N. caninum é um importante causador de abortamentos em bovinos, ao passo que T. gondii induz a abortamentos em caprinos




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Residente, monogâmica e altamente conspícua a arara-azul Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus é uma ave que pode servir de modelo para estudos de comportamento. De julho a dezembro de 1999, foram realizadas observações de comportamento reprodutivo da arara-azul no Pantanal de Miranda. Os estudos foram conduzidos no Refúgio Ecológico Caiman, onde desde 1998, esta situada a base do Projeto. O objetivo deste trabalho

Vanessa M. Bernardo; Marcos R. F. Cardoso; Carolina R. Pereira; Neiva M. R. Guedes


Leishmaniose visceral em um canino de Cruz Alta, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil  

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A case of visceral leishmaniasis in a five-year-old, intact male Akita presented to the Veterinary Hospital at the University of Cruz Alta, RS, Brazil after having lived in the state of Alagoas for three years is described. Clinical signs included progressive weight loss, crusty lesions on the tip of the ears, nose and periorbital region, an ulcer at the distal

Cristina Krauspenhar; Cristiane Beck; Vitor Sperotto; Aline Alves da Silva; Rodrigo Bastos; Lauro Rodrigues



Fenologia de espécies arbóreas em floresta de planície litorânea do sudeste do Brasil1  

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Phenology of coastal-plain forest tree species from Southeastern Brazil). The present study aims to characterize the reproductive and leafing phenology of tree species of a coastal-plain forest from Southeastern Brazil and to relate the observed patterns with the local biotic and abiotic factors. The study was carried out in the Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar, Núcleo Picinguaba, Ubatuba, São




Fenologia de espécies arbóreas zoocóricas em uma floresta psamófila no sul do Brasil  

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Palavras-chave: Brotação, fotoperíodo, queda foliar, restinga, sazonalidade ABSTRACT - (Phenology of zoochorous tree species in a sandy coastal forest in Southern Brazil). Biological phenomena are subject to abiotic factors that change according to geographical position, especially those related to environmental seasonality. This study provides a two-year assessment of vegetative and reproductive phenophases for nine species in a coastal forest on

Maria Salete Marchioretto; Julian Mauhs; Jean Carlos Budke




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FECUNDITY OF Callinectes danae SMITH (DECAPODA, PORTUNIDAE) IN LAGOA DA CONCEIÇÃO, SANTA CATARINA, BRAZIL. The estimate for the average fecundity for the C. dance population of Lagoa da Conceição (Florianópolis, Santa Catarina) was of 598.885 eggs by female. The average number of eggs and the weight of the mass of eggs, in general, increase with the female size. The variation

Joaquim Olinto Branco; Marcelo Gentil Avilar



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AFFIRMATIVE ACTION AND THE FIGHT AGAINST INSTITUTIONAL RACISM IN BRAZIL. This article analyzes the debate on affirmative action in Brazil in the light of the bibliography about racism and the legal basis for equal opportunities. From this perspective, it challenges the critical visions to the implementation of reparatory policies, gathering evidence on the stateís participation in the legitimation of racial



Microcystins (cyanobacteria hepatotoxins) bioaccumulation in fish and crustaceans from Sepetiba Bay (Brasil, RJ)  

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Blooms of cyanobacteria in water bodies cause serious environmental problems and the occurrence of toxic strains are also related with the human health. Aquatic animals could bioaccumulate microcystins (cyanobacteria hepatotoxins) and so, beyond water, the ingestion of contaminated food represents a human health risk. Recently, WHO recommended a maximum concentration of microcystins (MCYSTs) in drinking water and established the tolerable

V. F. Magalhaes; M. M. Marinho; P. Domingos; A. C. Oliveira; S. M. Costa; L. O. Azevedo; S. M. F. O. Azevedo



The Research Program at RIBRAS (Radioactive Ion Beams in Brasil)-III  

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A part of the research program developed in the RIBRAS facility over the last four years is presented. Experiments using radioactive secondary beams of light exotic nuclei such as {sup 6}He, {sup 7}Be, {sup 8}Li on several targets have been performed. Elastic angular distributions have been analysed by the Optical Model and four body Continuous Discretized Coupled Channels Calculations (4b-CDCC) and the total reaction cross sections have been obtained. A comparison between the reaction cross sections of {sup 6}He and other stable projectiles with medium-heavy targets was performed. Measurements of the proton transfer reaction {sup 12}C({sup 8}Li,{sup 9}Be){sup 11}B are also presented.

Lichtenthaeler, R.; Lepine-Szily, A.; Guimaraes, V.; Faria, P. N. de; Mendes, D. R. Jr; Pires, K. C. C.; Morcelle, V.; Barioni, A.; Morais, M. C.; Pampa Condori, R. [Instituto de Fisica da USP, Sao Paulo, Brazil, C.P. 66318, 05314-970 (Brazil); Assuncao, M. [Departamento de Ciencias Exatas e da Terra, Unifesp, Campus de Diadema, Sao Paulo (Brazil); Moro, A. M. [Departamento de FAMN, Universidad de Sevilla, Apdo. 1065, E-41080, Sevilla (Spain); Rodriguez-Gallardo, M. [Departamento de FAMN, Universidad de Sevilla, Apdo. 1065, E-41080, Sevilla (Spain); Instituto de Estructura de la Materia, CSIC, Serrano 123, E-28006 Madrid (Spain); Arazi, A. [Laboratorio TANDAR, Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica (Argentina)



[The nursing administration scientific publications in Brasil since 1947 until 1972].  


The Nursing Administration was added to the Nursing Undergraduation Curriculum when the evidence of this need came clear to the brazilian nurses. The main objective of the present investigation is to describe the history pathway of scientific productions about Nursing Administration to evidence the special points of this history, intended to contribute to the understanding of the sequence of their productions and the utilization of this concepts in the administration nursing practice. The study referred from 1947 to 1972, by the searching in the electronic nursing scientific publications data base named--PERIENF. The results were 19 indications submitted to a thematic analysis treatment. This procedure reveals that since the forties the nurses were conscious of the difficulties they had experimented in their administration performance, growing up to the inclusion of this theme in the undergraduate courses and demonstrating its organization until the definition of the "Curriculo Mínimo do Curso de Enfermagem e Obstetricia" in 1972, granting a special place of this discipline. PMID:16334196

Martins, Elaine Guimarães; Sanna, Maria Cristina


Lignin phenols used to infer organic matter sources to Sepetiba Bay - RJ, Brasil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Lignin phenols were measured in the sediments of Sepitiba Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and in bedload sediments and suspended sediments of the four major fluvial inputs to the bay; São Francisco and Guandu Channels and the Guarda and Cação Rivers. Fluvial suspended lignin yields (?8 3.5-14.6 mgC 10 g dw -1) vary little between the wet and dry seasons and are poorly correlated with fluvial chlorophyll concentrations (0.8-50.2 ?gC L -1). Despite current land use practices that favor grassland agriculture or industrial uses, fluvial lignin compositions are dominated by a degraded leaf-sourced material. The exception is the Guarda River, which has a slight influence from grasses. The Lignin Phenol Vegetation Index, coupled with acid/aldehyde and 3.5 Db/V ratios, indicate that degraded leaf-derived phenols are also the primary preserved lignin component in the bay. The presence of fringe Typha sp. and Spartina sp. grass beds surrounding portions of the Bay are not reflected in the lignin signature. Instead, lignin entering the bay appears to reflect the erosion of soils containing a degraded signature from the former Atlantic rain forest that once dominated the watershed, instead of containing a significant signature derived from current agricultural uses. A three-component mixing model using the LPVI, atomic N:C ratios, and stable carbon isotopes (which range between -26.8 and -21.8‰) supports the hypothesis that fluvial inputs to the bay are dominated by planktonic matter (78% of the input), with lignin dominated by leaf (14% of the input) over grass (6%). Sediments are composed of a roughly 50-50 mixture of autochthonous material and terrigenous material, with lignin being primarily sourced from leaf.

Rezende, C. E.; Pfeiffer, W. C.; Martinelli, L. A.; Tsamakis, E.; Hedges, J. I.; Keil, R. G.




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Within the framework of medical and nursing education, formal attention to training in palliative care (PC) continues to be overlooked by the majority of training programs. PC is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an \\



Finite element analysis of crustal deformation in the Ou Backbone Range, northeastern Japan, with non-linear visco-elasticity and plasticity: effects of non-uniform thermal structure  

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A finite element analysis with non-linear visco-elasticity and plasticity was carried out with the aim of constructing a model of the slip and deformation processes in the deeper parts of the seismogenic zones of inland earthquakes. Our finite element code is based on the GeoFEM parallel finite element code and was developed using plug-ins to adopt several non-linear functions. We

B. Shibazaki; K. Garatani; H. Okuda




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Austenitic stainless steels are widely used for a large number of applications. However when a high corrosion resistance is required the increase in the level of Ni and Mo has a strong impact in the final price of the material. Ferritic stainless steels are normally nickel free and represent a good alternative for applications when the corrosion environment is moderate

Marc Mantel; Eric Chauveau; Antonio S. Viana; Jerome Peultier; Sophie Jacques


Cooperation or Competition. The American and French Foreign Policies in Africa (Cooperation ou concurrence. La politique africaine de la France et des Etats-Unis en Afrique sub-saharienne).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Thanks to the technology and globalisation of our times, the rapid exchange of information today creates diplomatic and political relations that change faster than ever before. American and French foreign policies in Sub- Saharan Africa are simply a few e...

A. R. Giraud



Rationale and design of the Patient Related OuTcomes with Endeavor versus Cypher stenting Trial (PROTECT): randomized controlled trial comparing the incidence of stent thrombosis and clinical events after sirolimus or zotarolimus drug-eluting stent implantation.  


Drug-eluting stents (DES) reduce restenosis rates compared to bare-metal stents. Most trials using DES enrolled selected patient and lesion subtypes, and primary endpoint focused on angiographic metrics or relatively short-term outcomes. When DES are used in broader types of lesions and patients, important differences may emerge in long-term outcomes between stent types, particularly the incidence of late stent thrombosis. PROTECT is a randomized, open-label trial comparing the long-term safety of the zotarolimus-eluting stent and the sirolimus-eluting stent. The trial has enrolled 8,800 patients representative of those seen in routine clinical practice, undergoing elective, unplanned, or emergency procedures in native coronary arteries in 196 centers in 36 countries. Indications for the procedure and selection of target vessel and lesion characteristics were at the operator's discretion. Procedures could be staged, but no more than 4 target lesions could be treated per patient. Duration of dual antiplatelet therapy was prespecified to achieve similar lengths of treatment in both study arms. The shortest predefined duration was 3 months, as per the manufacturer's instructions. The primary outcome measure is the composite rate of definite and probable stent thrombosis at 3 years, centrally adjudicated using Academic Research Consortium definitions. The main secondary end points are 3-year all-cause mortality, cardiac death, large nonfatal myocardial infarction, and all myocardial infarctions. This large, international, randomized, controlled trial will provide important information on comparative rates of stent thrombosis between 2 different DES systems and safety as assessed by patient-relevant long-term clinical outcomes. PMID:19958855

Camenzind, Edoardo; Wijns, William; Mauri, Laura; Boersma, Eric; Parikh, Keyur; Kurowski, Volkhard; Gao, Runlin; Bode, Christoph; Greenwood, John P; Gershlick, Anthony; O'Neill, William; Serruys, Patrick W; Jorissen, Brenda; Steg, P Gabriel



Aspects de l'usage de la preposition POUR en francais ontarien: interference et/ou surgeneralisation? (Aspects of the Use of the Preposition POUR in Ontario French: Interference And/Or Overgeneralization?). Working Papers on Bilingualism, No. 12.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|In this study, the use of the preposition "pour" (for) in Ontario French is analyzed: (1) in its use with the verb "payer" (to pay for), and (2) in its durative meaning. Data come from the written and spoken French of three groups of bilingual Franco-Ontarian students from the ninth and twelfth grade. In the written and spoken usage of these…

Canale, Michael; And Others


O Quinto Impossível - ou quando Deus é impossível e a impossibilidade do ofício do teólogo THE FIFTH IMPOSSIBLE - OR WHEN GOD IS IMPOSSIBLE AND THE IMPOSSIBILITY OF THE TEOLOGIST'S OFFICE  

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The aim of this paper is to reflect upon the question of religion in the modern and post-modern ages, establishing possible connections with the East, and with the medieval age, taking care to ask what it means to experience God in the post-modern age. In the contemporary world, it must be acknowledged that each and every criti- cism of the



La signification de l’altération des facultés cognitives dans les syndromes démentiels : conséquence d’un processus organique et\\/ou symptôme d’un mécanisme de défense psychique, comment faire la part des choses ?  

Microsoft Academic Search

The meaning of a decrease in cognitive abilities in dementia syndromes is triple. It testifies simultaneously to an organic lesion, to a psychic defence mechanism of the individual facing a collective denial of death and a disavowal of individuals too obviously mortal, and also to a social artifact (syndrome of Tithon). This triple origin implies taking the three points of

J. Maisondieu



L'opération de Dargent ou trachélectomie élargie : préservation de la fertilité en cas de cancer du col utérin débutant Dargent's operation or radical vaginal trachelectomy: fertility preservation for early cervical cancer  

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Objective: Cervical cancer is frequently observed in young women willing to preserve their fertility. Twenty years ago, D. Dargent devised a radical surgical intervention preserving the uterus corpus: radical vaginal trachelectomy (RVT). The main interest of this operation is to allow young patients with an early cervical cancer to have pregnancies and healthy children. Material and method: The radical vaginal

Patrice Mathevet


L’allergie alimentaire dans la dermatite atopique : association ou implication pathogénique ? * * * Controverse présentée aux Journées nationales de la Société française d’allergologie et d’immunologie clinique, Lille, 25–27 avril 2002  

Microsoft Academic Search

Atopic dermatitis (AD) has a prevalence of 10% in children and quality of life is impaired in children and in adults. AD results from a Th1–Th2 dysregulation in genetically predisposed subjects. The implication of food allergy is matter to controversy. The association of AD with food sensitization has been established by cross-sectional studies and by the ETAC longitudinal study. Sensitization

D. A Moneret-Vautrin



L'E.A.P. ou l'anglais enseigne dans les etudes superieures. Un guide pour le debutant (E.A.P. or English for Academic Purposes: A Guide for the Beginner).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Addresses those readers who are not familiar with EAP, offering an introductory discussion of its objectives and methods, in two parts. Devotes the first part to the needs that justify an EAP approach, and the second to its methodology, with particular attention to interdisciplinary, task-oriented instruction. Societe Nouvelle Didier Erudition, 40…

Roe, Peter J.



Public Health Assessment. Libby Asbestos NPL Site. OU4: Screening Plant, Export Plant, Town of Libby, and Affected Libby Valley Residential and Commercial Properties Lincoln County, Montana, Region 8. EPA Facility ID: MT0009083840.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Libby is the county seat of Lincoln County, in northwest Montana. Vermiculite was mined from Zonolite Mountain near Libby from the early 1920s until 1990 and was processed for export in and around the town of Libby. The vermiculite mined in Libby is conta...



Modelisation et Caracterisation des Generateurs Piezoelectriques de Conversion Mecanoelectrique Par Compression Uniaxiale Dynamique ou Quasi-Statique (Modeling and Characterization of Mechanoelectric Conversion Piezoelectric Generators Through Dynamical or Quasi Static Uniaxial Stress).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Mechanoelectric conversion is recalled and a means of determining electrical parameters is considered in order to characterize the piezoelectric element under dynamic stress. The incoherence between the values of low level coefficients and those calculate...

C. Garabedian



News and Views: Space technology in the oil industry; OU to play role in next stage of Mars exploration; Viking revisited; Wish you were here? GOCE gets going again  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The troubles flowing from BP's Macondo oil well in Gulf of Mexico have focused attention on the technological demands of safe deep-water drilling. European Space Agency research presented in a Space and Energy Seminar in August offers spin-off technologies that could support oil exploration and production in extreme environments, from corrosion control to better robotics. NASA and the European Space Agency have embarked on a joint programme to study the chemical composition of the atmosphere of Mars from 2016. They have just announced the providers of five scientific instruments for the first mission, including two consortia in which the Open University has a major role.



L'application d'un modele mathematique a l'analyse de dissertations en langue seconde: utile ou pas (Application of a Mathematical Model in the Analysis of Essays in a Second Language: Useful or Not?)?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|A study analyzed the second-language essays of seven anglophone and one French-speaking Quebec university students enrolled in a literature course by using a cognitive-metacognitive framework developed for mathematical problem-solving and a think-aloud protocol. Results indicate the framework, with some adjustments, is a reliable tool for…

Corbeil, Giselle



Etude Comparee des Coefficients Aerodynamiques Mesures sur des Maquettes de Section Circulaire ou Carree de Grand Allongement en Ecoulement Supersonique (Comparison Study of the Aerodynamic Coefficients Measured on Models with Circular or Squared Section and Large Elongation in Supersonic Flow).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Aerodynamic coefficients of ogives are measured for the Mach numbers 1.7 and 3.02. The Reynolds number was based on the caliber and the maximal incidence was 30 deg. It is shown that the linearized theory is a good approximation for models of circular cro...

B. Gautier A. Koeneke J. Duperoux E. Cattin



Avaliação dos erros ou falhas de preenchimento dos atestados de óbito feitos pelos clínicos e pelos patologistas Comparison between death certificates filling errors or lack of filling fields done by pathologists and physicians  

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Introduction: The correct filling of Death Certificate (DC) is very important, however is usually neglected. Objectives: To compare DC filled by the pathologists and by the physicians, in relation to the number of mistakes and also the number of fields not filled. Methods: We compared all DC filled by physicians from the Hospital de Base (HB) and DC filled by

Cleber de Oliveira Stuque; José Antônio Cordeiro; Patricia Maluf Cury


Dynamiques de saturation du signal dans la bande 3 du senseur AVHRR: Handicap majeur ou source d'information pour la surveillance de l'environnement en milieu soudano-guinéen d'Afrique de 1'Ouest?  

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Les enregistrements dans I'infrarouge moyen fournis par la bande 3 du senseur Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) sont utilisés, entre autre, pour la detection et la surveillance des feux en zone intertropicale. La méthode consiste à détecter les ‘points chauds’ provoquant une saturation du capteur. Certains travaux ont cependant montré que I'effet de saturation pouvail etre provoqué par des




Enseigner aux eleves ayant des troubles emotionnels et (ou) des psychopathologies. Elabore pour les eleves ayant des besoins speciaux (Teaching Students with Emotional Disorders and/or Mental Illnesses. Elaborated for Eligible Special Needs Students).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This resource manual, in French, is designed to assist Alberta teachers in the identification and education of students with emotional disorders and/or mental illnesses. It takes a comprehensive look at six emotional disorders. The first section focuses on eating disorders. It describes the characteristics and symptoms of anorexia nervosa,…

Alberta Learning, Edmonton. Direction de l'education francaise.


Le Jeu de la regle et du hasard, ou comment rehabiliter la grammaire en jouant avec la litterature (The Game by the Rules or by Chance, Or How to Rehabilitate Grammar while Playing with Literature)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This article proposes the use of literary texts as a means of teaching French grammar, and to help remedy problems encountered in learning, particularly by intermediate-level students. (Text is in French.) (CLK)|

Gaudin, Colette; Kogan, Vivian



Dosage a tres bas niveau de radionucleides a longue periode emetteurs (beta) ou (alpha) par spectrometrie de masse a couplage plasma inductif. (Measurements of (beta) or (alpha) emitter long lived radionuclides using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The measurement of long-lived radionuclides is highly important for characterizing nuclear wastes for their later storage. The main techniques are (alpha) spectrometry, (beta) counting and (gamma) spectrometry. The large period of these isotopes leads to ...

O. Provitina



Mélior de Chef d’Oire: manipulatrice habile ou femme résignée? Les réécritures du Partonopeu de Blois et le rôle social de l’héroïne dans le roman propre  

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One of the more striking features of the twelfth century old French verse romance Partonopeu de Blois is the substantial change the heroine undergoes in the course of the romance proper. In the beginning as powerful and imperative\\u000a as the fairy mistresses of the lai, Melior loses her magical powers at an early stage and when she marries the hero

Anne Reynders



Programa ACHEI: Atenção ao Chagásico com Educação Integral no Município de Maringá e Região Noroeste do Paraná, Brasil The ACHEI Program: Chagas' Disease Awareness through Comprehensive Education in the Municipality of Maringá, Northwest Paraná, Brasil  

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This study analyzes 131 chagasic patients from different endemic areas that came to the Chagas' disease laboratory at the Maringa State University. The subjects discovered they were infected principally because they presented symptoms (58%) or donated blood (29.4%). During etiologic treatment for Trypanosoma cruzi, 45.2% of benznidazole users complained of side effects. Based on these data, the ACHEI p rogram

Silvana Marques de Araújo; Míriam Hitomi Andó; Dirceu José Cassarotti; Silvana Maria Ribeiro Borges; Mônica Lúcia Gomes



Avaliação da utilização de dentifrícios fluoretados em pré-escolares na cidade de João Pessoa - Paraíba - Brasil Evaluation of the use of fluoride dentrifice by preeschool in João Pessoa - Paraíba - Brasil  

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Key-words Este estudo objetivou avaliar a utilização de dentifrícios fluoretados por crianças de 2 a 5 anos de idade, em creches e escolas na cidade de João Pessoa-PB. Os dados foram obtidos através de um questionário dirigido aos pais\\/responsáveis pelas crianças que utilizam dentifrícios fluoretados. A amostra constou de 296 questionários, sendo aplicado em 168 crianças de instituições públicas e

Sabrina Sales; Lins de Albuquerque; Maria Germana Galvão; Correia Lima; Fábio Correia


Arquitetura e desempenho luminoso: CENPES II, o novo centro de pesquisas da Petrobras, no Rio de Janeiro, Brasil  

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Tel.: (11) 3091-4681 E-mail: This paper presents the results of the performance evaluation in terms of daylighting of the Petrobras New Research Centre (CENPES II) building design in the tropical climate of Rio Janeiro, Brazil, under a typical partially cloudy and bright sky. The architectural design encompasses an área over 100,000 m2, distributed among ten new buildings. According to

Norberto Corrêa; Silva Moura; Anna Christina Mian; Denise Helena Silva Duarte; Norberto Corrêa da Silva


Registros documentados de cinco novos trinta-réis (Charadriiformes: Sternidae) no estado do Ceará, nordeste do Brasil  

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Documented records of five terns (Charadriiformes: Sternidae) new for the State of Ceará, north-east Brazil. We present new records, based on museum specimens and\\/or photographs, of five species of Sternidade for the State of Ceará in north- east Brazil, namely, Black Noddy Anous minutus (apparently the first from Brazilian mainland), Least Tern Sternula antillarum, Black Tern Chlidonias niger, Arctic Tern

Weber Girão; Ciro Albano; Alberto A. Campos; Thieres Pinto; Caio J. Carlos


Estrutura e dinâmica de uma população de Calophyllum brasiliense Camb. em floresta higrófila do sudeste do Brasil  

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Population structure and dynamics of Calophyllum brasiliense Camb. in a swamp forest in Southeastern Brazil). Age and spatial structures of a population of Calophyllum brasiliense (Clusiaceae) were studied in a 3600 m2 area of a swamp forest in Brotas, São Paulo State. During the first census, 1658 plants were tagged and after one year this number increased to 1706. Age




Estrutura e dinâmica do componente arbóreo em área de cabruca na região cacaueira do sul da Bahia, Brasil  

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. A maioria das árvores pertenceu a espécies de florestas maduras, mas os novos indivíduos recrutados foram quase todos de espécies pioneiras. A estimativa de riqueza total (Chao) foi de 110 espécies, com redução de 20 espécies durante o período. Os resultados confirmaram as indicações de que as cabrucas representam um importante banco de espécies arbóreas nativas, mas estão sendo

Regina Helena Rosa Sambuichi; Rosa Sambuichi



Título: Dinâmica espacial da renda per capita e crescimento entre os Municípios da região Nordeste do Brasil – uma analise markoviana  

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Abstract: This paper presents new insights on the debate aboutincome,convergence,between,cities in Northeast Brazil. In the first part, economic growth models are investigated. New-classical models indicate the possibility of poverty ,trap – consumption ,below the ,poverty ,line and ,negative growth ,– and polarisation. In contrast, endogenous growth models, which employ the technology and the human capital as endogenous variables, suggest the

Eduardo Pontual Ribeiro


Agrotóxicos e seus efeitos sócio-culturais: Zona Rural doValão de São Lourenço, Santa Teresa, ES, Brasil  

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Resumo Neste trabalho, foram investigados fatores sócio- culturais dos trabalhadores rurais da região do Valão de São Lourenço que provavelmente poderiam influenciar na incidência de doenças relacionadas ao uso inadequado de agrotóxicos. A amostra populacional foi de 10 famílias, nas quais 25 indivíduos foram entrevistados e aos quais foram aplicados questionários individuais. Entre os homens maiores de 25 anos, apenas

Lorena CC Fehlberg; Leonardo V Lutz; Adriana H Moreira


Traços de auto-organização: um estudo de caso na indústria de calçados em Fortaleza - Ceará - Brasil  

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This research intends to identify the features of auto-organization through the study of a case in the shoe industry in the city of Fortaleza - Brazil. Graphics and diagrams were elaborated as a casual link, to identify circular connections, to imply as a feature of auto-organization in the process of: 1) physic flow of raw material and finished products; 2)

Alexandre Gomes Galindo; Alexandre Araujo; Cavalcante Soares; Fabrício Augusto; Freitas Melo; Carlos Artur Sobreira Rocha



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The presence of Tarpon atlanticus (Valenciennes, 1846) is recorded for the first time inside the Todos os Santos Bay (State of Bahia, Brazil). Five specimens were analized, measuring between 210,95 and 226,00mm in total length, collected near the mouth of Dorneles River (Araripe de Baixo Beach), Saubara Municipality (13ºS - 39ºW). Morphometric and meristic data, as well as a diagnosis,

Paulo Roberto Duarte Lopes; Marconi Porto Sena



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The objective of this study is the construction and estimation of an analytical model which is able to explain the behavior of prices of products from the sugar and alcohol industries, taking into account the recent interrelationship observed between these sectors and the fossil fuel products when the hydrated alcohol has been considered a substitute for the C-gasoline. The methodology

Mirian Rumenos Piedade Bacchi



Adesão às precauções padrão pela equipe do atendimento pré-hospitalar móvel de Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil  

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This was a cross-sectional study of workers in the pre-hospital care team in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State, Brazil, aimed at evaluating adherence to precautions. The study instrument included questions on knowledge, attitudes, and facilitating factors for adherence to standard precautions. Adherence was verified by percentage of adequacy: > 75 percent correct answers. Drivers showed the lowest degree of knowledge

Aline Cristine; Adriana Cristina Oliveira; Jussara Teixeira Silva; Maria Henriqueta Rocha



Mamíferos carnívoros e sua relação com a diversidade de hábitats no Parque Nacional dos Aparados da Serra, sul do Brasil  

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Carnivore mammals and their relation with habitat diversity in Aparados da Serra National Park, southern Brazil. A survey of carnivore mammals was accomplished in Aparados da Serra National Park from February 1998 to March 2000. The park has 10,250 ha and is considered a biodiversity core area of the Atlantic Forest Biosphere Reserve in the Rio Grande do Sul State,

Maria de Fátima M. dos Santos; Mateus Pellanda; Ana Cristina Tomazzoni; Heinrich Hasenack; Sandra Maria Hartz



Predação de Opisthocomus hoazin por Spizaetus ornatus e de Bubulcus ibis por Bubo virginianus em Tocantins, Brasil  

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Predation of Cattle Egret by the Great Horned Owl and Hoazin by the Ornate Hawk-Eagle in western Tocantins State, Brazil. We report the predation of Hoazin Opisthocomus hoazin by an immature Ornate Hawk-Eagle Spizaetus ornatus, a new prey for this species in Brazil. The Ornate Hawk-Eagle roosted together with Hoazin assembly in branches of Sapium haematospermum, typical river borderline vegetation.

Túlio Dornas; Renato Torres Pinheiro



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O estudo descrito neste trabalho pretende realizar uma análise econométrica a cerca do consumo de açaí, fruto regional de alto consumo pelos Paraenses, realizada na região metropolitana de Belém no Eviews 3.1 utilizando a relação do consumo com algumas variáveis definidas para a pesquisa (preço da farinha de tapioca, da farinha, das despesas familiares com alimentação e quantidade de pessoas

Carlos Gilberto Vieira da Silva Júnior; Edivaldo Lima Sousa Filho; Rafaela Casseb e Silva; Heriberto Wagner Amanajás Pena



Perfil das creches de uma cidade de porte médio do sul do Brasil: operação, cuidados, estrutura física e segurança  

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Ninety-two daycare centers (23 public, 10 charitable, and 59 private) were identified in the municipality of Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Southern Brazil. These centers were studied in relation to their organization, services, child-care practices, and infrastructure. All public cen- ters worked full-time, while most private centers operated in the afternoon and received a small- er proportion of children under

Aluísio J. D. Barros; Evandro V. Gonçalves; Cátia R. S. de Borba; Cláudia S. Lorenzatto; Débora B. Motta; Vera Regina L. da Silva; Viviane M. Schiroky



Detecção de aglomerados espaciais de óbitos por causas violentas em Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil, 1996  

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Violence is of major importance in the health profile of Brazilian metropolitan areas and should be treated as a public health problem. Spatial analysis methods can be highly useful for the surveillance and prevention of violence. This paper analyzes the spatial distribution of victims' place of residence in relation to the main causes of violent death in Porto Alegre (1996)

Simone M. Santos; Christovam Barcellos; Marilia Sá Carvalho; Rui Flôres



The Effect of an Organic Pesticide on Mortality and Learning in Africanized Honey Bees (Apis mellifera L.) in Brasil  

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Seven experiments were conducted. First, the influence of the consumption of different concentrations of the organic pesticide Bioganic ® on mortality was assessed at 11 different time intervals in Africanized honey bees (Apis mellifera L.) as was direct application of the pesticide to the abdomen. Results indicated that the pesticide was not lethal to bees regardless of concentration at any

Charles I. Abramson; Jordan B. Singleton; Maritza K. Wilson; Paulo A. Wanderley




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Foi instalado um teste de procedência e progênie de Liquidambar styraciflua L. em Agudos, SP, em solo de areia quartzosa. Os materiais genéticos foram fornecidos pelo Oxford Forestry Institute, incluindo doze procedências da Guatemala, Honduras, Nicarágua, México e dos Estados Unidos, sendo testados juntamente com uma testemunha local, com duas a dez progênies por procedência. Medições efetuadas dos quatro até

Jarbas Y. Shimizu; Ivana H. Z. Spir


Os Fitólitos em Gramíneas de Dunas do Extremo Sul do Brasil: Variabilidade Morfológica e Importância nas Reconstruções Paleoambientais Costeiras  

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The phytoliths, produced by monocotiledonous plants and preserved in the Quaternary sediments in the coastal plains are important indicators for palaeoenvironmental reconstructions. Present day, the using of phytoliths for the Quaternary studies in the coastal areas in Brazil has not been elaborated yet. The persuasive implications of phytoliths will be made on the base of reference collection of phytoliths obtained



Notas sobre Fitólitos em Androtrichum trigynum (Spr.) Pfeiffer no Extremo Sul do Brasil: Tipos Morfológicos e uso nas Paleoreconstruções Costeiras  

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Convincing recognition of dispersed in the quaternary sediments phytoliths could be made using reference collection of phytoliths from the parent extant plants. In this work, phytoliths produced by one psammophylous species of sedge Androtrichum trigynum, an endemic species, in dunes and interdunes in the coastal plains of the South America, were described. The main morphological types of phytoliths for this



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The objective of the present article is to reflect on the process of feminization of the professorship, taking as base of the documentary research the analysis of a primary source that in general portrays sources of the educational and expresses Brazilian thoughts and the ideas in circulation on the education detaching specifically the relative questions the feminization of the professorship

Juliana Keller Nogueira


Dogmatism and the "Knowledge Gap" among Users of the Mass Media of Communication: A Study in Brasilia, Brasil.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|A study was conducted to discover whether (1) use of each of the print and broadcast media could be correlated with subjects' knowledge level, and (2) whether controlling for dogmatism would increase the proportion of media users, with higher levels of knowledge among those less dogmatic, and decrease the proportion among the more dogmatic.…

Simmons, Robert E.; Garda, Eduardo Carlos



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Flora of the Inselbergs of the Milagres region, state of Bahia, Brazil: I. Vegetational aspects and checklist of two Inselbergs). This work is a contribution to the vascular flora of inselbergs. The study area is situated in the municipality of Itatim (region of Mila- gres) in the semi-arid region of the state of Bahia, Brazil. Two inselbergs 20km apart from

Flávio França; Efigênia de Melo; Cosme Correia dos Santos


Flutuação populacional de Grapholita molesta (Busck) com armadilhas de feromônio sexual na cultura do pessegueiro em Bento Gonçalves, RS, Brasil  

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Seasonal fluctuation of male Grapholita molesta (Busck, 1916) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) was evaluated in two commercial peach orchards cv Chiripá in Bento Gonçalves, RS, from June of 2000 to July of 2002. The insects were evaluated weekly using Delta traps (two\\/orchard) baited with commercial synthetic sex pheromone (E-8-dodecenil- acetato + Z-8-dodecenil-acetato + Z-8-dodecenol). Four peaks were observed during peach production period:

Cristiano João Arioli; Geraldo Andrade Carvalho; Marcos Botton



Confusão sexual para o controle de Grapholita molesta (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae), em pomares de macieira, em Fraiburgo (SC), Brasil  

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MATING DISRUPTION FOR THE CONTROL OF Grapholita molesta (LEPIDOPTERA: TORTRICIDAE), IN FRAIBURGO, SANTA CATARINA, BRAZIL The control of Grapholita molesta (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) was assessed by using the mating disruption technique in an apple orchard in Fraiburgo, SC. Quant G.m. synthetic pheromone formulation (400 mg of (Z\\/E) - 8 - dodecenyl acetate 14% p\\/v) was used, with 500 dispensers per hectare,

Lino B. Monteiro; Alexandre de Souza; Luiz Belli




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Resumen Nowadays, the issues related to woman health, seek to get a new integrality focus. It will be able to go beyond the limited effects of a biomedical model in health. Not considering the life experience and cultural aspects of the women and their family. This study aimed to understand the influence of the cultural context during pregnancy and in

Maria de Lourdes; Denardin Budó; Eliane Tatsch Neves; Marcio Rossato Badke


Transición en el consumo alimentario de preescolares en la ciudad de São Paulo, Brasil (1984\\/85 - 1995\\/96)  

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Results: There was an increase in medium food intake of powdered milk (31,23%), thickeners (32,53%), choco- late powdered (74,24%), cookies (52,49%), sugar (76,75%), and a reduction of bread intake (21,29%). The energy contribution from cookies, chocolate powders and sugar has increased. The most frequent ingested food of 1984\\/1985 were sugar, breads and milk and in 1995\\/ 1996 breads, fruits and

S. Tucunduva



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FLOWER STRUCTURE OF ANGIOSPERMS USED BY HELICONIUS ERATO PHYLLIS (LEPIDOPTERA, NYMPHALIDAE) IN RIO GRANDE DO SUL STATE, BRAZIL. A field survey of flowering plants used as food resource by the adults of Heliconius erato phyllis (Fabricius, 1775) was carried out in four sites located in Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil. Samples were taken in preserved areas of the Atlantic

Claudine A. Corrêa; Bruno E. Irgang; Gilson R. P. Moreira


Ocorrência e coleta de colônias e de enxames de abelhas africanizadas na zona urbana de Maringá, Estado do Paraná, Brasil  

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Occurrence and collection of Africanized honeybee swarm and colonies on the urbane zone of Maringá, Paraná State, Brazil. During the last years, a great number of swarms of Africanized honey bees migrated to the urban zone of Maringá, Paraná State, Brazil, causing a great concern, mainly in those who live at home with children, elderly and allergic people. This study

Vagner De Alencar Arnaut de Toledo; Fábio Luiz Buranelo Toral; Sidnei Bueno de Miranda; Adilson Shiraishi; Juliano Hideo Hashimoto; Waldirene Rossi da Silva



Dinâmica da alimentação natural de Callinectes danae Smith (Decapoda, Portunidae) na Lagoa da Conceição, Florianôpolis, Santa Catarina, Brasil  

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FEEDING NATURAL DYNAMICS OF Callinectes danae SMITH (DECAPODA, PORTUNIDAE) FROM LAGOA DA CONCEIÇÃO, FLORIANÓPOLIS, SANTA CATARINA, BRAZIL. From March\\/91 to February\\/92 monthly collection surveys were carried out to obtain basic information about the dynamics of feeding and trophic spectrum of C. danae Smith, 1869. A total of 456 males and 527 females were caught. The diet of the species was

Joaquim Olinto Branco; José Roberto Verani



Aspectos morfofisiológicos e conteúdo de óleo essencial de plantas de alfazema-do-Brasil em função de níveis de sombreamento  

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Morphophysiological aspects and essential oil content in Brazilian-lavender as affected by shadowing Changes in the anatomical and physiologic characteristics and in the production of essential oil of medicinal plants under influence of different radiation conditions have been demonstrated. The objective of this study was to characterize the variation in the anatomical and physiologic characteristics, and in the essential oil content

José Eduardo BP Pinto; Júlio César W Cardoso; Evaristo M de Castro; Suzan Kelly V Bertolucci; Lucas A de Melo; Sara Dousseau



76 FR 30027 - National Oil and Hazardous Substance Pollution Contingency Plan; National Priorities List  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...OU11), and Site-wide Surface and Groundwater Quality (OU12) will remain on the...which primarily addressed surface and groundwater contamination, was issued in January...Floodplain 12. Site-wide Surface and Groundwater To date, OU2; OU8; OU10; and...



Intoxicações provocadas por agrotóxicos de uso agrícola na microrregião de Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil, no período de 1992 a 2002  

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Reports of poisoning and suicide attempts in- volving pesticides in the micro region of Doura- dos, Mato Grosso do Sul State, Brazil, from 1992 to 2002, were evaluated, using data from the In- tegrated Center for Toxicological Surveillance under the State Health Department. A total of 475 reports were made during the period, of which 261 were accidental or occupational

Dario Xavier Pires; Eloísa Dutra Caldas; Maria Celina Piazza Recena



ESTUDIOS TRANSCULTURALES DEL BURNOUT: LOS ESTUDIOS TRANSCULTURALES BRASIL-ESPAÑA Cross-cultural studies of burnout: Cross-cultural Brazil-Spain studies  

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Cross-cultural studies are not a secondary and complementary exercise in the study of the psychology; an anthropologic model of human behavior makes it necessary to state that cultural variables are not secondary but primary. For these reasons, the study of the burnout can be deepened by means of the utilization of the cross- cultural methods. It is not enough with

Bernardo Moreno Jiménez; Eva Garrosa Hernández; Macarena Gálvez Herrer



Ocorrência de carrapatos em tamanduá-bandeira (Myrmecophaga tridactyla) e tamanduá-mirim (Tamandua tetradactyla) na região do Pantanal Sul Mato-Grossense, Brasil  

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The occurrence of ticks on anteaters in the Pantanal region, Mato Grosso do Sul state, Brazil, between March and February 2001 is described. Tick species identified were Amblyomma cajennense (123 males and 63 females), A. parvum (35 males, 67 females) and A. nodosum (2 males), species considered as specific of anteater in its adult phase. A. cajennense was found in

João Ricardo Martins; Ísis Meri Medri; Carlos Marcos Oliveira; Alberto Guglielmone



Frugivoria de larvas de Neosilba McAlpine (Diptera, Lonchaeidae) sobre Psittacanthus plagiophyllus Eichler (Santalales, Loranthaceae) no sudoeste de Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

Larval frugivory of Neosilba McAlpine (Diptera, Lonchaeidae) on Psittacanthus plagiophyllus Eichler (Santalales, Loranthaceae) in southwestern Mato Grosso do Sul State, Brazil. Loranthaceae are hemiparasite plants with worldwide distribuition, represented in Brazil by six genera. The most important are Phthirusa, Psittacanthus and Struthanthus that parasitize a great diversity of host plants. This paper evaluated the occurrence and the seasonal fluctuation of

Claudenir S. Caires; Manoel A. Uchôa-Fernandes; Jose Nicácio; Pedro C. Strikis



Physical demands during the hauling of fishing nets for artisan fishing using rafts in beach of Ponta Negra, Natal--Brasil.  


The current article aims to analyse the activity and the repercussions in the health of the artisan fishermen who use rafts in the urban Beach of Ponta Negra in Natal - RN, with emphasis on the physical demands at the step of hauling the nets from the ocean. It has been taken as a reference the methodology of Work Ergonomic Analysis-WEA. 21 fishermen participated in the study (50% of the population). It was used applying observational techniques and methodologies (open and sistematic observations and simulations) interactional ( social and economic questionnaire, conversational actions, verbalizations, self confrontations and collective analysis) and health assessment (static postural assessment, movement flexibility of flexo extension of the shoulder and the ischiotibial muscle, lumbar region and hang grip. Applying the diagram of painful areas and the Nordic Questionnaire of mucleskeletal symptoms). The results were submeted to restitutions and validations with the raftmen. The hauling of the nets represents a high muscleskeletal risk, joining physical effort, adopting forced postures with the rotation of the spine and movement repetition, mainly flexo extension of vertebral spine, aggravated by the demand of strength fo the stabilizing muscles of the human body to keep the poise. The impacts of the activity of the fisherman of Ponta Negra, related to postures and strength demand were observed in the postural assessment and are related to the activity. PMID:22316760

Jaeschke, Anelena; Saldanha, Maria Christine Werba



Comparação da morfologia foliar de espécies arbóreas de três estádios sucessionais distintos de floresta ombrófila densa (Floresta Atlântica) no Sul do Brasil1  

Microsoft Academic Search

Comparison of leaf morphology of tree species from three distinct successional stages of tropical rain forest (Atlantic Forest) in Southern Brazil). We investigated the leaf morphology of trees from three distinct successional stages (early, intermediate, late) of a lowland rain forest located near the coast of Paraná State, Brazil. This forest grows on sandy soil with low nutrient content. Leaves




Tabagismo em adolescentes de área urbana na região Sul do Brasil Tobacco smoking among teenagers in an urban area in Southern Brazil  

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Objective To evaluate the prevalence of tobacco smoking and its determinants among adolescents. Methods A cross-sectional study, using a multiple stage sampling, was carried out in 1997 and a sample of adolescents aged between 12 and 18 years who were living in the urban area of Pelotas, Brazil, was studied. Those who reported having smoked at least one cigarette per

Bernardo Lessa Horta; Ricardo Tavares Pinheiro; Elaine Tomasi; Escola de Psicologia; Gonçalves Chaves



Bactérias transportadas em mutucas (Diptera: Tabanidae) no nordeste do estado do Pará, Brasil Bacteria transported by horseflies (Diptera: Tabanidae) in the northeast of Pará State, Brazil  

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Resumo: Os insetos da família Tabanidae (Diptera), conhecidos vulgarmente como mutucas, são considerados potenciais pragas ao homem e animais domésticos pelo comportamento hematófago de suas fêmeas. São capazes de transportar mecanicamente vírus, bactérias e helmintos, pelo fato desses patógenos aderirem-se à estrutura da probóscide. As coletas dos insetos foram realizadas em áreas peri-urbanas e florestadas, utilizando-se armadilhas Malaise e cavalos

Willy Cristiano Luz-Alves; Inocêncio de Sousa Gorayeb; José Caetano Lima Silva; Edvaldo Carlos; Brito Loureiro



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This article discusses about the perspectives for using natural gas in Brazil and particularly in its Southeast region, taking into consideration the recent large gas discoveries in the Santos Basin, which have already doubled the Brazilian gas reserves. Such discoveries are very significant given the volumes of gas found in place and their proximity to major consumption centers in the




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RESUMO: O preparo convencional é muito utilizado para o cultivo da mandioca e tem preocupado produtores, técnicos, agrônomos e pesquisados em função dos problemas ambientais associados e este tipo de manejo. Dessa forma, o presente trabalho objetivou avaliar as propriedades físicas do solo e a produtividade da mandioca proporcionada por diferentes sistemas de preparo. O experimento foi realizado no município

Emerson FEY; Arno Udo DALLMEYER; Laércio Augusto PIVETTA; Laerte Gustavo PIVETTA; Julio Henrique de SOUZA


Avaliacao geoquimica das bacias marginais ao sul da Bahia, Brasil. (Geochemical evaluation of marginal basins in the south of Bahia state, Brazil).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Geochemical analyses were performed on more than 700 rock samples and 4 oil samples, from Mucuri, Cumuruxatiba and Jequitinhonha basins, offshore Bahia state, Brazil. The methods employed in this study includes the evaluation of organic carbon contents, R...

P. C. Gaglianone L. A. F. Trindade M. M. Nascimento



Signifi cados e usos de materiais educativos sobre hanseníase segundo profi ssionais de saúde pública do Município do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil  

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This article reflects on the communications pro- cesses in the Hansen Disease Control Programs under the Unified National Health System (SUS) in Brazil, analyzing how professionals at two public health services in Rio de Janeiro perceive the educational materials on the disease. The ar- ticle discusses how analysis of printed materials favors negotiation of prevailing meanings and practices on Hansen

Pública Sergio Arouca; Adriana Kelly-Santos; Simone Monteiro; Brani Rozemberg




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Recognized in the State of São as one of the last f rontiers of development paulista, the Pontal do Par anapanema, has its main base in the agricultural economy, but needs to further diversify and increase technology. Order to support actions of public and private actors with r egard to rural development, this work had as main o bjective to

Ricardo Firetti; Vanderlei José Sereia; Eduardo Cardoso de Oliveira; Antônio Assiz de Carvalho


Prevalence of temporary social security benefits due to respiratory disease in Brazil* Prevalência de benefícios de seguridade social temporários devido a doença respiratória no Brasil  

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Objective: To determine the prevalence of temporary social security benefits due to respiratory disease granted to employees, as well as the number of lost workdays and costs resulting from those in Brazil between 2003 and 2004. Methods: Cross-sectional study using data obtained from the Unified System of Benefits of the Brazilian Institute of Social Security (INSS, Instituto Nacional de Seguro



O Direito Costumeiro na Legislacao e na Jurisprudencia do Brasil: A Desescravizacao (Common Law in Legislation and Jurisprudence in Brazil: Abolition of Slavery).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Demonstrates that in Brazil, common law was an important component for development of the political project, elaborated with the objective of organizing and disciplining the formation of a market of free workers. Considers that the history of work relations originated in the Portuguese discovery of Brazil in the 16th century. (BT)|

Gebara, Ademir



Cidadania Negada: A Educacao como Instrumento de Combate a Pobreza no Brasil (Denial of Citizenship: Education as a Way to Fight Poverty in Brazil).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Compares two compensatory social/educational programs developed by the Brazilian government in the last 15 years. States that although one was formulated during the military regime and one during the present government, they both combat poverty and encourage privatization. Concludes that this promotes a process that sees education as social…

Germano, Jose Willington



A Ideia de Universidade no Brasil: Influencia do Movimento de Cordoba (The Idea of the University in Brazil: Influences of the Cordoba Movement).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Examines influences of the Cordoba Movement in formulation of ideas concerning the inseparability among teaching, research, and extension--a new paradigm for the Brazilian university. Finds the formulation of this inseparability had its origins in the Brazilian student movement of the 1960s which included theses of the Cordoba Manifesto. (BT)|

Mazzilli, Sueli



A Educacao dos Portadores de Necessidades Especiais no Brasil no Periodo de 1910 a 1949 (Education of Those with Special Needs in Brazil from 1920 to 1949).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Examines education given to those with special needs in Brazil from 1910-1949. Shows the dichotomy of meanings in which the education of special needs persons during that period, besides being marked by concepts related to the exclusion paradigm, already indicated signs of respect for diversity and civil rights. (BT)|

Marques, Carlos Alberto; Santiago, Mylene Cristina; de Moura, Simone Moreira



ECOLOGY, BEHAVIOR AND BIONOMICS Xylocopa (Monoxylocopa) abbreviata Hurd & Moure (Hymenoptera: Apidae) e Encholirium spectabile (Bromeliaceae): Uma Associação Estreita no Semi-Árido do Brasil Tropical  

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Females of Xylocopa (Monoxylocopa) abbreviata Hurd & Moure build their nests in the flower stalks of Encholirium spectabile (Bromeliaceae). This bromeliad grows clumped on rock outcrops exposed to direct sunlight in the semi-arid tropical caatingas of northeastern Brazil. In the largest aggregation of E. spectabile, X. abbreviata reached 1,7 nests\\/stalk and around 20 nests\\/ha. The stalks are available as nest



Fenologia reprodutiva, polinização e sistema reprodutivo de Sophora tomentosa L. (Leguminosae - Papilionoideae) em restinga da praia da Joaquina, Florianópolis, sul do Brasil  

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Reproductive phenology, pollination and reproductive system of Sophora tomentosa L. (Leguminosae- Papilionoideae) on coastal sand dunes of Joaquina beach, Florianópolis, southern Brazil. The shrub Sophora tomentosa flowers from the month of October to June. The fructification begins soon after the start of the flowering period and continues up to the next flowering. The anthesis takes place during the day, and

Elisa Maria Lisboa Nogueira



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BIOLOGICAL MEASURES AND WATER QUALITY INDICES IN A MICRO-WATERSHED POLLUTED WITH URBAN AND TANNERY SEWAGE IN SOUTH BRAZIL. The article is based on a comparative study between biological measures based on the benthic macroinvertebrate communities and the Water Quality Index (WQI) determined by physical-chemical parameters. The data were collected in the downstream region of the Sinos river basin, in the

Milton Norberto Strieder; Luiz Henrique Ronchi; Cristina Stenert; Ricardo Thormann Scherer; Ulisses Gaspar Neiss


Diversidade de Lepidoptera (Papilionoidea e Hesperioidea) em dois fragmentos de floresta no município de Frederico Westphalen, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil  

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Diversity of Lepidoptera (Papilionoidea e Hesperioidea) in two fragments in Frederico Westphalen, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil. A systematic survey was carried out in two localities of the Municipal District of Frederico Westphalen, fragment of Villa Faguense and Schoenstatt's Sanctuary, situated 1,500 m apart, from March 2005 to April 2006. In 140 hours of sampling, 3123 individuals, distributed in

Ricardo Giovenardi; Rocco Alfredo Di Mare; Jonas Sponchiado; Suelem H. Roani; Fábio A. F. Jacomassa; Augusto B. Jung; Mirian A. Porn



Simulated Extreme Prepitation Indices over Northeast Brasil in Current Climate and Future Scenarios RCP4.5 and RCP8.5  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In this study, we analyzed extreme precipitation indices, for present and future modeled climates over Northeast of Brazil (NEB), from CORDEX simulations over the domain of Tropical Americas. The period for the model validation was from 1989-2007, using data from the European Center (ECWMF) Reanalysis, ERA-INTERIM, as input to drive the regional model (RAMS 6.0). Reanalysis data were assimilated via both lateral boundaries and the entire domain (a much weaker "central nudging"). Six indices of extreme precipitation were calculated over NEB: the average number of days above 10, 20 and 30 mm in one year (R10, R20, R30), the number of consecutive dry days (CDD), the number of consecutive wet days (CWD) and the maximum rainfall in five consecutive days (RX5). Those indices were compared against two independent databases: MERRA (Modern Era Retrospective analysis for Research and Applications) and TRMM (Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission). After validation, climate simulations were performed for the present climate (1985-2005) and short-term (2015-2035), mid-term (2045-2065) and long-term (2079 to 2099) future climates for two scenarios: RCP 4.5 and RCP 8.5, nesting RAMS into HadGEM2-ES global model (a participant of CMIP5). Along with the indices, we also calculated Probability Distribution Functions (PDFs) to study the behavior of daily precipitation in the present and by the end of the 21st century (2079 to 2099) to assess possible changes under RCPs 4.5 and 8.5. The regional model is capable of representing relatively well the extreme precipitation indices for current climate, but there is some difficulties in performing a proper validation since the observed databases disagree significantly. Future projections show significant changes in most extreme indices. Rnn generally tend to increase, especially under RCP8.5. More significant changes are projected for the long-term period, under RCP8.5, which shows a pronounced R30 enhancement over northern states. CDD tends to decrease over most of NEB in the short but this trend is reverted toward the end of the century in both scenarios with a significant increase in the duration of the dry season over Northwestern and Eastern NEB (exceeding 50 days over certain areas), whereas projected CWD changes are smaller. Rx5 shows a general increasing trend especially in the long term period,under RCP8.5.

Wender Santiago Marinho, Marcos; Araújo Costa, Alexandre; Cassain Sales, Domingo; Oliveira Guimarães, Sullyandro; Mariano da Silva, Emerson; das Chagas Vasconcelos Júnior, Francisco



75 FR 34405 - National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan; National Priorities List...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...ROD. OU 05: Off-Post Groundwater Intercept and Treatment...OU 06: North Boundary Groundwater Treatment System IRA--Recharge trenches were added along...1993). OU 07: Basin F Groundwater Treatment System...




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O Brasil é importante exportador de madeira do mundo, tendo como principais mercados de destino os Estados Unidos e a União Européia. Desse modo, nesse estudo pretende-se estimar as equações de oferta e demanda por exportação madeireira do Brasil para os Estados Unidos e a União Européia; identificar as fontes de comércio madeireiro do Brasil nos seus principais mercados de

Rachel Silva Almeida; Rosemeiry Melo Carvalho; Ruben Dario Mayorga Mera



Influence des Elements d'Addition dans le Cuivre ou Implantes dans l'Alumine sur l'Adherence a l'Etat Solide du Systeme Cuivre/Alumine (Cu/Al2O3) (Influence of Addition Elements in Copper or Implanted in Aluminum on the Adhesion to the Solid State of the Copper/Aluminum (Cu/Al2O3) System).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Materials and experimental techniques, in particular, means implemented for the addition of new elements either to copper (copper alloys) or aluminum by ion implantation, as well as by mixing a thin deposit of copper onto the aluminum substrate using ion ...

N. Ikhlef



Efeitos da adição de propilenoglicol ou monensina à silagem de milho sobre a cinética de degradação dos carboidratos e produção cumulativa de gases in vitro (Effects of adding propylene glycol or monensin to corn silage on the degradation kinetics of carbohydrates and in vitro cumulative gas production)  

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The effects of the additives propylene glycol and\\/or monensin on the degradation of total carbohydrates, pH, and cumulative gas production of corn silage by the semi-automated in vitro gas production technique were evaluated. The treatments were corn silage (CS); CS plus propylene glycol (CS+PG); CS plus monensin (CS+MO), and CS plus propylene glycol and monensin (CS+PG+MO), which were evaluated at

B. N. Faria; R. M. Maurício; A. M. Q. Lana; H. M. Saturnino; S. G. Coelho


Lignes directrices pour la d?tection, la prise en charge et la pr?vention de l'hyperbilirubin?mie chez les nouveau-n?s ? terme et peu pr?matur?s (35 semaines d'?ge gestationnel ou plus) - R?sum?  

PubMed Central

L’hyperbilirubinémie est très courante et généralement bénigne chez les nouveau-nés à terme et peu prématurés de 35 et 36 semaines complètes d’âge gestationnel. L’hyperbilirubinémie gravissime est rare, mais peut provoquer des anomalies neurologiques à long terme. Le congé précoce du nouveau-né en santé, notamment lorsque l’allaitement n’est pas entièrement établi, peut s’associer à un retard de diagnostic d’hyperbilirubinémie importante. Des lignes directrices pour prédire, prévenir, dépister, surveiller et traiter l’hyperbilirubinémie grave sont présentées.



D?lais de prise en charge des syndromes coronariens aigus avec sus-d?calage du segment ST ? Ouagadougou et facteurs associ?s ? un allongement de ces d?lais: ?tude transversale ? propos de 43 cas collig?s au CHU-Yalgado Ou?draogo  

PubMed Central

La prise en charge de l'infarctus du myocarde est une course contre la montre et les trois premières heures constituent les « golden hours ». Les objectifs de ce travail étaient de déterminer le délai de prise en charge des infarctus du myocarde du myocarde au Burkina Faso, les facteurs liés à un allongement du délai et le pronostic des patients. Il s'agit d'une étude transversale descriptive menée de Septembre 2010 à Août 2011. Le critère d'inclusion était l'infarctus du myocarde dont le diagnostic était basé sur des critères clinique (douleur angineuse), électrocardiographique (sus-décalage persistant du segment ST dans au moins deux dérivations contiguës du même territoire coronaire, onde Q de nécrose) et biologique (élévation de la troponine). Les informations relatives au délai de prise en charge ont été recueillies: début du premier symptôme, contact avec le premier agent de santé et le cardiologue, nombre de centre de santé consulté avant le transfert en cardiologie, situation géographique des patients, moyen de transport utilisé. Les données ont été analysées grâce au logiciel SPSS version 17. Durant la période d’étude, 43 patients d’âge moyen de 56,51 ± 12,91 ans ont été admis pour infarctus du myocarde. Plus de la moitié des patients (72,0%) habitait Ouagadougou et sa banlieue. Le délai moyen entre le début de la douleur et la consultation dans la première structure sanitaire était de 48 ± 20,8 heures; celui entre le début de la douleur et la réalisation du premier ECG était en moyenne de 8,6 ±4,5 jours. Le délai entre la réalisation de l'ECG et l'admission dans le service de cardiologie était de 4,35 ±4,0 jours [00 heure et 13 jours]. Le délai entre l'admission dans le service de cardiologie et la thrombolyse était de 34 minutes. Enfin le délai entre le début de la douleur et le contact avec le cardiologue était de 9,6±3,5 jours. Il n'y avait pas de différence statiquement significative (P = 0,076) entre le délai de consultation des malades résidant en campagne et ceux résidant en ville. Le moyen de déplacement le plus utilisé était les transports en commun (67,4%). Aucun patient n’était référé par un transport médicalisé. Aucun patient n’était référé après la première consultation dans une structure sanitaire. Seuls 6 patients étaient référés avec le diagnostic de SCA ST+. L’âge de plus de 60 ans (P = 0,016), la prescription des antalgiques (p =0,021) et le niveau socioéconomique faible (P= 0,038) étaient également des facteurs associés à un allongement des délais de prise en charge. La reperfusion myocardique était constituée par la thrombolyse à la streptokinase qui a été réalisée chez 2 patients. La coronarographie n'a pas été réalisée. L’évolution a été marquée par 5 décès (11,6%). la prise en charge des infarctus du myocarde au Burkina Faso est caractérisée par de très longs délais. Elle n'est de ce fait pas optimale.

Yameogo, Nobila Valentin; Samadoulougou, Andre; Millogo, Georges; Kologo, Koudougou Jonas; Kombassere, Karim; Toguyeni, Boubacar Jean Yves; Zabsonre, Patrice




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Este artículo hace una revisión de las masas sólidas renales bilaterales en niños y sus diagnósticos diferenciales basados en la edad de presentación y en las características observadas en las imágenes diagnósticas. Las lesiones más frecuentes son el tumor de wilms, el linfoma no Hodgkin y la nefroblastomatosis. Conocerlas es importante para la planeación de los tratamientos médico y quirúrgico

Hugo Hernán Ferreira Traslaviña; Gustavo Triana; Jennifer León Martínez; Nelson Bedoya


De la démarche palliative aux soins de supports ou du Groupe de réflexion sur l’accompagnement et les soins palliatifs en hématologie (GRASPH) au Groupe de réflexion sur l’accompagnement et les soins de support pour les patients en hématologie et oncologie (GRASSPHO)  

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Résumé  Le Groupe de réflexion sur l’accompagnement et les soins palliatifs en hématologie (GRASPH) fut créé en 1991 sur le concept\\u000a de la démarche palliative qui affirme que la mise en place d’une démarche participative des équipes centrées sur le malade\\u000a permet une meilleure prise en charge du patient et des proches. Ce concept, repris dans plusieurs textes officiels et plusieurs

P. Colombat; G. Nallet; D. Jaulmes; J. Ceccaldi; M. Gardembas-Pain; C. Bauchetet-Delan; M. Moriceau; L. Chassignol; V. Frasie



WarNiNG VOices iN a POLicy V acuum: PrOFessiONaL accOuNTs OF Gay meN's heaLTh iN aOTearOa NeW ZeaLaND  

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Internationally, public health policy and practice are increasingly recognising and focusing on gay men's health issues beyond HIV\\/AIDS. Against this background we consider how gay men's health is understood and considered in Aotearoa New Zealand, including identification of problems, aetiology and possible solutions. Semi-structured interviews with key informants involved in diverse professional roles in areas related to health for gay

Jeffery Adams; Virginia Braun



Desenvolvimento de varetas eletricas com elemento resistivo de grafite sintetico ou conjugado carbono/carbono para ensaios de simulacao de transientes em reatores nucleares. (Development of electrically heated rods with resistive element of graphite or carbon/carbon composites for simulating transients in nuclear reactors).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Thermo-hydraulic problems, in nuclear plants are normally analysed by the use of electrically heated rods. The direct or indirect heater rods are limited in their use because, for high temperatures and high heat flux, the heating element temperature appro...

H. A. Polidoro



L'effondrement de la plate-forme du Saint-Laurent : ouverture de Iapetus ou de l'Atlantique ? Apport de la reconstitution des paléocontraintes dans la région de Québec (Canada)The collapse of the Saint-Lawrence Platform: Iapetus or Atlantic opening? Insights from palaeostress reconstructions in the region of Quebec City (Canada)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Saint-Lawrence Lowlands correspond to the Cambrian-Early Ordovician passive margin of the Iapetus Ocean, overlain by Ordovician deposits of the Appalachian foreland. A structural and palaeostress study of this platform near Quebec City allowed reconstructing its tectonic evolution since the Palaeozoic. The collapse of the Iapetus margin (NW-SE extension) has induced N040 normal faults. Appalachian compressions (WNW and north-south) have reactivated these border faults, and induced strike-slip faults trending N090 and N140. During the Mesozoic, NNE to NNW extensions have reactivated N090 and N040 faults. The following NE-SW compression has been active until today.

Rocher, Muriel; Tremblay, Alain



Soil hydraulic properties and their effect on surface and subsurface water transfer in a tropical rainforest catchment \\/ Propriétés hydrauliques du sol et leur effet sur les transferts d'eau de surface ou hypodermique dans un bassin de forêt en zone tropicale humide  

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This paper examines spatial and temporal heterogeneity of the surface, subsurface and vertical drainage components within and between three sites in a 25.7 ha tropical rainforest catchment. Our analysis indicates that saturation overland flow depends on the relationships between temporal variations in rainfall intensity, the upper soil store capacity, and the spatial variation of saturated hydraulic conductivity in the subsoil




Les phénomènes d'adsorption, d'échange ou de rétention à l'interface solide solution aqueuse.1.Connaissance des propriétés structurales, texturales et superficielles des solidesAdsorption, exchange and retention phenomena at the solid aqueous solution interface. 1. Influence of structural, textural and superficial properties of solids.LE POINT SUR...CONCISE REVIEW PAPER  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A crucial step, leading to a proper understanding of adsorption mechanisms at the solid-aqueous solution interface, lies in the precise determination of the structural, textural and energetic properties of the solid phases under study. The various conventional techniques for characterizing the textural properties (specific surface area and porosity) are first reviewed. The use of a new adsorption volumetric technique in quasi-equilibrium conditions is then detailed. Using such a technique, the gas adsorption isotherm can be obtained precisely on the whole domain of monolayer filling. The DIS (Derivative Isotherm Summation) method applied to the experimental results then allows a study of the surface energetic heterogeneity, which was difficult to assess using conventional techniques. Two examples are then used to illustrate the potentialities of the technique. Through a judicious choice of the adsorbate, such analysis can be used to characterize the exchange properties of solids and to assign precisely the crystallographic origin of the Cationic Exchange Capacity (CEC) of kaolinite. It can also be utilized to understand the retention mechanisms of organic pollutants such as phenol on activated carbons.

Cases, Jean-Maurice; Villiéras, Frédéric; Michot, Laurent



"Les Gosses, Ca Se Leve Tot Le Matin": L'Interpretation Generique du Syntagme Nominal Disloque au Moyen de Ce ou Ca (The Kids, Who Rise So Early in the Morning: The Generic Interpretation of the Dislocation of Noun Syntax by Means of the Pronouns "This" or "That").  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Discusses the grammatical effect of inserting the pronouns, "ce" and "ca" in the position originally occupied by the subject noun. Suggests that this insertion can alter the interpretation of the syntax of the subject noun and explains this problem by discussing the inherent properties of pronouns and the properties resulting from their insertion…

Carlier, Anne



Choix social et comités de sélection : le cas du patinage artistique  

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Il arrive souvent qu'on doive ordonner des candidats à un poste, une bourse ou un prix sur la base des classements fournis par plusieurs juges ou experts, ou encore classer des projets d'investissement, de restructuration ou d orientation stratégique sur la base de critères multiples ou des classements fournis par plusieurs experts ou par les membres d un conseil d'administration.

Michel Truchon




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STD\\/Aids control represents a challenge to humanity due to its biopychosocial impact. In view of this reality, an exploratory, descriptive and documental study was conducted with the purpose to characterize the scientific production on STD published in 14 Brazilian nursing journals from 1933 to 1999. The sample consisted of 73 publications of which 55 concerned HIV\\/Aids and 18 were related

Renata Karina Reis; Elucir Gir


76 FR 30081 - National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan; National Priorities List...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Stray Horse Gulch (OU6), Apache Tailing (OU7), Arkansas River Floodplain (OU11), and Site-wide Surface and Groundwater Quality (OU12) will remain on the NPL and are not being considered for deletion as part of this action. DATES:...



Distribution and quantification of Candidatus Liberibacter americanus, agent of huanglongbing disease of citrus in São Paulo State, Brasil, in leaves of an affected sweet orange tree as determined by PCR  

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Huanglongbing (HLB), an insect-transmitted disease of citrus, known for many years in Asia and Africa, has appeared in the state of São Paulo State (SSP), Brazil, in 2004, and the state of Florida, USA, in 2005. HLB endangers the very existence of citrus, as trees infected with the bacterial pathogen, irrevocably decline. In the absence of curative procedures, control of

Diva C. Teixeira; Colette Saillard; Carole Couture; Elaine C. Martins; Nelson A. Wulff; Sandrine Eveillard-Jagoueix; Pedro T. Yamamoto; Antonio J. Ayres; Joseph M. Bové




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The main objective of this work is to study the index forest sites build, for the dominant height, of populations located in the central area of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. To do that, information from 3 stands located at FEPAGRO was used. To construct the curves index sites forest, information from 18 dominant trees was collected in

Gerson Luiz Selle; Frederico Dimas Fleig; Elisabete Vuaden; Evaldo Muñoz Braz



Anthropically dislodged assemblages of sponges (Porifera: Demospongiae) in the River Araguaia at Araguatins, Tocantins State, Brazil Assembléias de esponjas desalojadas no Rio Araguaia em Araguatins, Estado do Tocantins, Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

A recent outbreak of an human ocular disease at Araguaia River by the town of Araguatins, TO, Central Amazonia, along the low water period of 2005 required pathological analyses of surgically extracted ocular tissues. Spicules which invest the gemmules of the freshwater sponges Drulia uruguayensis and D. ctenosclera were found inside these ocular materials. Such relation between an ocular disease

C. Volkmer-Ribeiro; Salvador França; Rodovia Washington Luís


Análise comparativa da legislação sobre rótulo alimentício do Brasil, Mercosul, Reino Unido e União Européia* Comparative analysis of the Brazilian\\/ Mercosul and British\\/European Union food labeling legislation  

Microsoft Academic Search

Descritores Rotulagem de alimentos, legislação e jurisprudência. # Legislação sobre alimentos. # Necessidades nutricionais. # Política de nutrição. Promoção da saúde. Abstract Objective To analyze the Brazilian\\/Mercosul and the British\\/European Union food labeling legislation. Methods The analysis was carried out using a set of 19 questions considered important to describe and compare the different sets of legislation. Results The results

Roger K Celeste



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As transformações no mundo do trabalho vividas, desde o final da década de 60, pelos países capitalistas e os impactos daí resultantes sobre a reestruturação do sistema produtivo têm definido novas práticas produtivas, que precarizam as relações de trabalho, favorecem o desemprego, baixos salários e exigem novas e melhores qualificações dos trabalhadores. Nesse contexto, estes se vêem diante de um

Lucia Cristina Andrade; Roselene Souza Portela; Euzalina Silva Ferrao; Armando Lirio Souza; Adebaro Alves Reis



Institutional Entrepreneurship and Collective Identity: the emergence of the HIV\\/AIDS policy field in Brazil Empreendedorismo Institucional e Identidade Coletiva: a emergência do campo da política em HIV\\/AIDS no Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

This study seeks to qualify the action of social entrepreneurs looking at the collective identity as an important resource and a defining element of discursive strategies directed to promote changes. We understand institutional entrepreneurship as a collective action that is both means of and a resource to promote changes. We examined the emergence of the Brazilian HIV\\/ AIDS policy and

Patricia Mendonça; Mario Aquino Alves; Luiz Claudio Campos


Spatial and seasonal distribution of the hermit crab Pagurus exilis (Benedict, 1892) (Decapoda: Paguridae) in the southwestern coast of Brazil Distribución espacial y temporal del cangrejo ermitaño Pagurus exilis (Benedict, 1892) (Decapoda: Paguridae) en la costa sudoccidental de Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

This study aimed to assess the spatial and seasonal distribution of the hermit crab Pagurus exilis in Caraguatatuba region, characterizing the abundance and distribution of individuals seasonally and bathymetrically. The relationship between groups of individuals and environmental factors (temperature, salinity, depth, amount of organic matter and texture of sediment) was checked. Sampling was carried out monthly from July 2001 to

Andrea L. Meireles; Mariana Terossi; Renata Biagi; Fernando L. Mantelatto



Águas estuarinas e sustentabiliadde social local: um estudo da pesca artezanal do camarão-branco Litopenaeus schmitti Custacea, de capoda, penaeidae)no estuário do Rio Formoso, Pernambuco, Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

The water hydrology in stuarine areas is essential for the maintenance of this biological system. Considering the socioeconomic importance of shrimp harvest from Formoso River, located in the south coast of Pernambuco, the purpose of this study was to characterize the water quality, the biology of white shrimp Litopenaeus schmitti and the manual and rudimentary harvesting activities in this estuary,

Goretti Sônia da Silva; Viviane Barros de Brito; Aline Elesbão; Galba Maria de Campos-Takaki



Qualidade de produtos a base de plantas medicinais comercializados no Brasil: castanha-da-índia (Aesculus hippocastanum L.), capim-limão (Cymbopogon citratus (DC.) Stapf ) e centela (Centella asiatica (L.) Urban)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Quality of products made from medicinal plants commercialized in Brazil: horsechestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum L.), lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus (DC.) Stapf), and gotu kola (Centella asiatica (L.) Urban). Aiming to evaluate the quality of products made from medicinal plants, there were analyzed ten samples of horsechestnut, eleven samples of lemongrass, and six samples of gotu kola commercialized in pharmacies from the city

Joabe Gomes de Melo; Járisson Diógenes Guilherme da Roch Martins; Elba Lúcia Cavalcanti de Amorim; Ulysses Paulino de Albuquerque



I processi cumulativi nella crisi del debito degli anni 80: una lettura dai casi di Argentina, Brasile e Messico Cumulative processes in the 1980s debt crisis: an analysis from Argentina, Brazil and Mexico's case studies  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper analyses the 1980s Latin American debt crisis in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico and, in particular, the influence of cumulative processes at work in its early and final stages. The paper is organised in three sections. The first examines the crisis<92> features in the three countries, and maps the key macroeconomic and behavioural relationships at its onset and resolution.

Andrea de Panizza



Desenvolvimento tecnologico na fabricacao de materiais para o setor nuclear e suas consequencias para o mercado do Brasil. (Technology development in materials working for nuclear sector and its consequences for the Brazilian market).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The technology transfer model adopted in materials development for Brazilian nuclear sector is described. Materials are very important for the industrial development and the National nuclear program has contributed with others areas, for example, metallur...

A. R. Volta



Comparações das condições socioeconômicas e reprodutivas entre mães adolescentes e adultas jovens em três maternidades públicas de Maceió, Brasil. Comparisons of socioeconomic and reproductive factors among adolescent and young adult mothers in three public maternities of Maceió, Brazil  

Microsoft Academic Search

Objectives: describe and compare social and economic conditions, prenatal care, exposur e to tobacco and alcohol and reproductive factors among adolescent and young adult mothers in three public maternity hospitals located in Maceió, Alagoas, Northeast Brazil. Methods: 250 puerperal adolescents (< 20 years old) and 250 puerperal young adult mothers (between 20 and 30 years old) were inter viewed. A

Samir B. Kassar; Marilia de C. Lima; Maria de Fátima; M. de Albuquerque; Marco Antônio Barbieri; Ricardo Q. Gurgel


Idades Th-U-PbT de Monazita e Geotermobarometria de Rochas Metapelíticas de Alto Grau do Sistema Orogênico Itabuna-Salvador-Curaçá, BA, Brasil: um Estudo em Microssonda Eletrônica  

Microsoft Academic Search

Electron microprobe Th-U-PbT dating of monazite was performed on aluminous gneiss samples from the northern Jacurici and southern Ilhéus areas of the Itabuna-Salvador-Curaçá Orogenic System. Studied samples are spinel-sillimanite-cordierite- garnet gneiss and corundum-spinel-sillimanite-garnet gneiss that equilibrated during a high temperature metamorphism at T-P conditions of about 835°C\\/6.9 kbar and 890°C\\/7.4 kbar, respectively. Microprobe ages of monazite in equilibrium with these

Silvio Roberto; Farias Vlach; Eliane Aparecida Del Lama


Úlcera de perna: um estudo de casos em Juiz de Fora-MG (Brasil) e região* Leg ulcer: an observational study in Juiz de Fora, MG (Brazil) and region  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumo: FUNDAMENTOS: Úlcera de perna (UP) caracteriza-se por perda do tegumento nas extremidades dos membros inferiores causada geral- mente por disfunção vascular. O BJETIVOS: Caracterizar clínica e epidemiologicamente a amostra populacional com UP atendida nos centros de saúde de Juiz de Fora. PACIENTES E MÉTODOS: Submetidos ao protocolo clínico 124 pacientes com UP, de Juiz de Fora e região de

Marco Andrey; Cipriani Frade; Igor Brum Cursi; Felipe Fortes Andrade; Samara Casemiro Soares; Sandro V. Santos; Norma Tiraboschi Foss


A spatial approach for the epidemiology of antibiotic use and resistance in community-based studies: the emergence of urban clusters of Escherichia coli quinolone resistance in Sao Paulo, Brasil  

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Background  Population antimicrobial use may influence resistance emergence. Resistance is an ecological phenomenon due to potential transmissibility.\\u000a We investigated spatial and temporal patterns of ciprofloxacin (CIP) population consumption related to E. coli resistance emergence and dissemination in a major Brazilian city. A total of 4,372 urinary tract infection E. coli cases, with 723 CIP resistant, were identified in 2002 from two

Carlos RV Kiffer; Eduardo CG Camargo; Silvia E Shimakura; Paulo J Ribeiro Jr; Trevor C Bailey; Antonio CC Pignatari; Antonio MV Monteiro



Contexto sócio-econômico e percepção da saúde bucal em uma população de adultos no Rio de Janeiro, Brasil: uma análise multinível Socioeconomic context and perceived oral health in an adult population in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: a multilevel analysis  

Microsoft Academic Search

One of the main limitations of the ecological design is aggregation bias. The problem can be addressed by designs that use small contex- tual hierarchical units with internal homoge- neity. This study aimed to compare different geographic data structures in order to explore contextual effects of socioeconomic variables on the odds of perceived poor oral health. The analyses were based

Wagner de Souza Tassinari; Antônio Ponce de León; Guilherme Loureiro Werneck; Eduardo Faerstein; Claudia S. Lopes; Dora Chor; Paulo Nadanovsky



Retrospecto da politica nuclear no Brasil e perspectivas de utilizacao de pequenas centrais nucleares - PCNs - no sistema eletrico brasileiro. (Nuclear policy retrospection in Brazil and forecasting for using of small nuclear power plants - SNPs - in the Brazilian electric system).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This thesis highlights the nuclear energy perspectives to regain a prominent place in the world energy mix, as a competitive and safe energy source. Just considering the current international changes in the nuclear power features in the developed countrie...

E. M. Santos



Planificacion linguistica y constitucion de un bloque regional: El caso del Mercosur (Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay y Uraguay) y de Chile (Language Planning and the Constitution of a Regional Bloc: The Case of Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay) and Chile.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The common market of the South is a new linguistic and cultural area. The resurgence of innermost identities within member states proves that Mercosur identity can neither be universal nor specific. The outcome of this quest for identity will depend on the ability to carefully handle an area of cultural diversity and a place of common allegiance…

Chareille, Samantha



Distribuição espacial de populações de triatomíneos (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) em palmeiras da espécie Mauritia flexuosa no Distrito Federal, Brasil Spatial distribution of Triatominae populations (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) in Mauritia flexuosa palm trees in Federal District of Brazil  

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To determine and analyze the distribution of Triatominae sylvatic populations in the Federal District of Brazil, 150 Mauritia flexuosa palm trees were sampled in six veredas of different landscapes (sylvatic, rural and peri-urban) in the rainy season. Triatomines were morphologically identified and grouped by sex and nymphal stage and were examined to verify infection by Trypanosoma cruzi and Trypanosoma rangeli.

Rodrigo Gurgel-Gonçalves; Marco Antônio Duarte; Eduardo Dias Ramalho; Alexandre Ramlo; Torre Palma; Christine Agueda Romaña; César Augusto Cuba-Cuba


QUALIDADE DA ÁGUA DO RIBEIRÃO LA VRINHA NA REGIÃO ALTO RIO GRANDE - MG , BRASIL 1 Water quality on Lavrinha Stream in Alto Rio Grande region, Minas Gerais State, Brazil  

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The main purpose of this work was to study the surface water quality behavior, continuously throughout the time, at the headwater watershed of the Grande River, MG. The watershed drains into Grande River area of 687 ha and is enclosed by the Mantiqueira Mountains. The samples were collected at six points in Lavrinha Stream, main tributary of the watershed, from

Daniel Brasil Ferreira Pinto; Antônio Marciano da Silva; Carlos Rogério de Mello; Gilberto Coelho


75 FR 62422 - Notice of Proposed Consent Decree Under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...response costs for ``Operable Unit 2'' (``OU2''), a category of remedial action addressing sources of groundwater contamination at the Site; reimburse the United States for its future response costs related to OU2 and to ``Operable...



l'industrie : Fermes laitières, transporteurs de lait en vrac ...  

Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN)

... titre « Agents de production, de transformation et de transport des produits ... actes malveillants, criminels ou terroristes, ou aux aires qui pourraient ... More results from


l'établissement et la tenue de registres  

Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN)

Text Version... Cette procédure, à son tour, permettra de faire face aux menaces plausibles de graves conséquences sanitaires ou de mort d'êtres humains ou d ... More results from


Superfund Record of Decision (EPA Region 9): Moffett Naval Air Station, Operable Unit 5, Mountain View, CA., June 28, 1996.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This decision document presents the selected remedial action - groundwater extraction, treatment of the water using air stripping, and discharge - for Operable Unit 5 (OU5) at Moffett Field in Mountain View, California. The discharge method for OU5 is wat...




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Nas últimas décadas o Brasil tem confirmado seu importante papel na produção agrícola mundial. Apoiando esta posição encontra-se a utilização da informática pelas empresas rurais e o destaque para a utilização dos sistemas de informações gerenciais (SIGs). O objetivo deste artigo foi reunir e discutir informações sobre alguns fatos da história do desenvolvimento da agroinformática no Brasil enfocando-se a participação

Henri Cocaro; Jose Carlos dos Santos Jesus




Microsoft Academic Search

A Agência Brasileiro-Argentina de Contabilidade e Controle de Materiais Nucleares (ABACC), desde sua criação em 1991, é responsável pela aplicação do Acordo de Uso Exclusivamente Pacífico da Energia Nuclear, assinado por Brasil e Argentina, e pela coordenação do Acordo Quadripartito entre a AIEA, ABACC, Brasil e Argentina. Ao longo dos últimos 16 anos a ABACC vem tendo uma participação importante

Orpet J. M. Peixoto; Antonio A. Oliveira


Combien sont les français d'origine étrangère ?  

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[fre] Combien de personnes résidant en France ont au moins un parent ou un grand-parent immigré ? Dans nos statistiques figure souvent la nationalité mais rarement le lieu de naissance et pratiquement jamais la nationalité ou le lieu de naissance des parents ou grands-parents. Ainsi, parmi les Français, il est impossible de distinguer ceux dont les parents ou les grands-parents

Michèle Tribalat



Evolution of genes on the Salmonella Virulence plasmid phylogeny revealed from sequencing of the virulence plasmids of S. enterica serotype Dublin and comparative analysis  

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Salmonella enterica serotype Dublin harbors an approximately 80-kb virulence plasmid (pSDV), which mediates systemic infection in cattle. There are two types of pSDV: one is pSDVu (pOU1113) in strain OU7025 and the other pSDVr (pOU1115) in OU7409 (SD Lane) and many clinical isolates. Sequence analysis showed that pSDVr was a recombinant plasmid (co-integrate) of pSDVu and a plasmid similar to

Chishih Chu; Ye Feng; An-Chi Chien; Songnian Hu; Chi-Hong Chu; Cheng-Hsun Chiu



Associação entre trauma por perda na infância e depressão na vida adulta Association between childhood loss trauma and depression in adulthood  

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Observações clínicas efetuadas por psicanalistas sugerem que psicopatologias da idade adulta podem ter sido originadas na infância. Estudos publicados na última década identificaram associação entre trauma na infância e depressão na vida adulta. Vivências traumáticas na infância, como a perda de vínculos afetivos devido à morte de pais ou de irmãos ou, ainda, a privação de um ou de ambos

Maria Lucrécia; Scherer Zavaschia; Fabíola Satlerb; Daniela Poesterc; Cláudia Ferrão; Rafael Piazenskib Vargasd; Luís Augusto Paim Rohdee; Cláudio Laks Eizirikf


An Output Comparison of Open University and Conventional University Students.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A study comparing Open University (OU) and conventional university (CU) student performance in economics shows OU students even with CU students in microeconomics and higher in macroeconomics. The research was controlled for both test-wiseness, previous experience, and representativeness of OU students. (MSE)

Lumsden, Keith; Scott, Alex



Grande vitesse ferroviaire et développement économique local : une revue de la littérature  

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Des projets de lignes à grande vitesse existent dans de nombreux pays. Les acteurs économiques des territoires desservis ou qui le seront, ont eu ou ont de multiples attentes concernant cette desserte qui modifie l'accessibilité de leurs territoires : dynamisme économique, arrivée de nouvelles entreprises et populations, développement du tourisme, ou de projets immobiliers résidentiels et de bureaux autour des

Corinne Blanquart; Ligdwine Vandenbossche




Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMO: Os Meliponina tem ocorrência restrita a áreas tropicais e subtropicais e é na Região Neotropical que possuem a maior diversidade de espécies. A maioria faz seus ninhos preferencialmente em ocos de árvores, no entanto, algumas espécies podem nidificar em cavidades no solo, em cupinzeiros ou formigueiros (abandonados ou ativos), em ninhos de pássaros desativados ou em paredes de casas.

Estefane Leoncini SIQUEIRA; Roderic Breno MARTINES; Fernanda Helena


Woodbridge Research Facility Remedial investigation\\/feasibility study: Focused feasibility study for Operable Unit One. Final report  

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Operable Unit One (OU1) at the Woodbridge Research Facility (WRF) has been defined as the area encompassing AREEs 1 through 6B (former dumps) and AREE 7 (former Pistol Range). A Focused Feasibility Study,, has been conducted to identify and screen remedial alternatives for OU1, to address, contaminated groundwater, surface soil, subsurface soil, and sediment detected at AREEs associated with OU1.

P. Thompson; K. Huber; K. Hanson; J. Stowers; M. Ehlers



Superfund Record of Decision (EPA Region 10): Commencement Bay Nearshore/Tideflats Site, operable unit 4, Ruston/North Tacoma Study Area, WA, June 1993  

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This decision document presents the selected remedial action for the Ruston/North Tacoma Study Area, in Ruston and Tacoma, Washington. The EPA has divided the Commencement Bay/Nearshore Tideflats Superfund site into seven operable units (OU's) in order to facilitate the investigation, analysis, and cleanup of this very large site. Four of these OU's are associated with the Asarco smelter: OU 02 - Asarco Tacoma Smelter; OU 04 - Asarco Off-Property (Ruston/North Tacoma Study Area); OU 06 - Asarco Sediments; and OU 07 - Asarco Demolition. The remedy described in this ROD addresses OU 04 and involves the cleanup of arsenic and lead contaminated soils and slag in the Study Area, the residential community surrounding the smelter. This remedy will address the principal threat posed by conditions at the site, which is the ingestion of contaminated soil and dust.

Not Available



Industrial Development and Changes in the Structure of Foreign Trade: The Experience of the Republic of China in Taiwan, 1946-66 (Développement de l'industrie et modification de la structure du commerce extérieur: le cas de la République de Chine (Taïwan ou Formose), 1946-66) (El desarrollo industrial y los cambios en la estructura del comercio exterior: la experiencia de la República de China en Taiwán, 1946-66)  

Microsoft Academic Search

L'auteur examine comment Formose, au lendemain de la guerre, a réussi à passer du stade d'exportateur de produits primaires à celui d'exportateur de produits manufacturés et finis, ce qui illustre les résultats qu'il est possible d'obtenir en adoptant un système de production répondant à la faible superficie du pays, à la médiocrité de ses ressources naturelles et à l'intensité des

Ken C. Y. Lin



Exotic Nuclei in South America  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Radioactive Ion Beams in Brasil (RIBRAS) is described. Experiments using radioactive secondary beams of light rare isotopes such as 6He, 7Be, 8Li on several targets have been performed and the results are presented.

Lichtenthäler, R.; Lépine-Szily, A.; Guimara~Es, V.; de Faria, P. N.; Mendes, D. R.; Pires, K. C. C.; Morcelle, V.; Barioni, A.; Morais, M. C.; Pampa Condori, R.; Assunça~O, M.; Moro, A. M.; Rodríguez-Gallardo, M.; Arazi, A.



Alguns efeitos das radiacoes gama do Cobalto-60 em Chrysomya megacephala (Fabricius, 1794) (Diptera-Calliphoridae). (Some gamma radiation ((60)Co) effects on Chrysomya megacephala (Fabricius, 1794) (Diptira-Calliphoridae)).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The effect of different gama radiation ((sup 60)Co) doses on Chrysomya megcephala (Fabricius) have been studied under laboratory conditions, in the Entomology Section of Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura (CENA-USP), Piracicaba, SP, Brasil. The inse...

C. R. Garcia



Etude expérimentale du transfert de deux éléments traces (Ag, Cu) dans une chaîne trophique marine: Eau — Particules (sédiment natural, microalgue) — Mollusques filtreurs ( Crassostrea gigas Thunberg)  

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L'importance relative de l'eau et de la phase particulaire en suspension dans le transfert de deux éléments traces (l'argent et le cuivre) au mollusque filtreur, l'huÎtre Crassostrea gigas Thunberg a été évaluée. Des groupes d'huÎtres ont été contaminés par de l'argent ou du cuivre introduits dans l'eau sous forme dissoute (10 ?g Ag L-1 ou 30 ?g Cu L-1) ou

H. Ettajani; C. Amiard-Triquet; J.-C. Amiard



La Mesure des Effets Pédagogiques des TIC : Pièges et Illusions du Découpage du Réel et de L'administration de la Preuve  

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La forte incitation actuelle de la part des autorités scolaires À recourir aux médias numériques en classe pose une nouvelle fois la question des arguments mis en avant. Et comme À l'occasion d'incitations antérieures (télévision scolaire, audiovisuel, informatique éducative), partisans et détracteurs s'appuient sur différents travaux qui attestent ou non de telle ou telle amélioration ou dégradation. Cette contribution se

Pascal Marquet; Elke Nissen; Frindte Wolfgang; Köhler Thomas



Fistules rectovaginales : classifications, clinique et examens complémentaires  

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Résumé  Les fistules rectovaginales (FRV) sont d’étiologies variées, dominées par les fistules postobstétricales. Leur pronostic est\\u000a lié à leur anatomie et à leur étiologie. Les fistules simples intéressant la partie inférieure du vagin et en re`gle postobstétricales\\u000a ou cryptiques sont de pronostic meilleur que les fistules plus hautes ou dues à la maladie de Crohn (MC), séquellaires de\\u000a la chirurgie ou



« Perception des risques au Québec – Baromètre CIRANO 2012 »  

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Certaines décisions publiques, grands projets ou enjeux de société au Québec peuvent susciter des inquiétudes ou des craintes. Que l'on parle d'entreprendre la réfection de la centrale nucléaire de Gentilly-2, de développer l'industrie du gaz de schiste, de construire un nouveau pont, des revenus de retraite, de l'obésité, de l'accès aux services de santé, certains de ces projets ou enjeux

Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin; Ingrid Peignier


The Third Place in Second Life: Real Life Community in a Virtual World  

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\\u000a In June 2006 The Open University (OU) purchased its first land in Second LifeTM (SL). Over a two and a half year period, the OU presence evolved and grew to a point where an average of between 150 and\\u000a 250 unique users in any 7-day period are active in an OU area. This chapter charts the history of the development

Anna Peachey



Indications, contre–indications, résultats attendus et choix de la chimiothérapie néo–adjuvante du cancer du sein opérable  

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Résumé: La chimiothérapie néoadjuvante du cancer du sein correspond à l’utilisation d’un traitement cytostatique systémique avant le traitement locorégional (chirurgie et\\/ou radiothérapie). Initiée dans les années 1970 pour le traitement des formes localement avancées et\\/ou inflammatoires, la chimiothérapie d’induction s’est étendue au début des années 1980 aux cancers dits opérables, de taille supérieure à 3 cm et\\/ou de position centrale

H. Curé; C. Abrial; S. Amat; I. Van Praagh; P. Chollet



Treatability Test for Removing Technetium99 from 200-ZP-1 Groundwater, Hanford Site  

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The 200-ZP-1 Groundwater Operable Unit (OU) is one of two groundwater OUs located within the 200 West groundwater aggregate area of the Hanford Site. The primary risk-driving contaminants within the 200-ZP-1 OU include carbon tetrachloride and technetium-99 (Tc-99). A pump-and-treat system for this OU was initially installed in 1995 to control the 0.002 kg \\/m³ (2000 g\\/L) contour of the

M. E. Byrnes; S. W. Petersen; A. Tortoso; W. S. Elliott



Phénolangue et génolangue dans la littérature africaine écrite en français: L'Illusion de langue française dans le discours des personnages  

Microsoft Academic Search

La disparition de l'imparfait du subjonctif, présagée au début du vingtième siècle, a-t-elle eu lieu? S'il s'entend parfois parmi les amateurs de la belle langue, écrivains ou érudits, ou dans le discours formel de certains hommes politiques, l'imparfait du subjonctif fait plus souvent office de vestige du passé ou d'anachronisme. Pourtant, les amoureux de la langue française et les étudiants

Bernard Mbassi



Effects of closed forest on diameter class structure of Quercus mongolica forest in eastern area of Xiaoxing’an Mountains  

Microsoft Academic Search

In eastern area of Xiaoxing’an Mountains, Heilongjiang Province (44\\u000a o\\u000a 4?–47\\u000a o\\u000a 26 N?, 126\\u000a o\\u000a 33?–131\\u000a o\\u000a 41 E?) the diameter-class structure ofQuercus mongolica forest after different closed time was studied in the plots with different slope direction. Six repetitive plots within 5-year,\\u000a 16-year and 24-year closedQ. mongolica forests were selected in sunny slope and shade slope, respectively. The

Yang Feng-jian; Tang Zhong-hua; Zu Yuan-gang



Observation unit experience for pediatric poison exposures  

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Background  Short-Stay Emergency Department Observation Units (OU) are an alternative to hospitalization, but data on OU care of pediatric\\u000a poisoning exposures is limited. We report the experience of a pediatric OU with this population.\\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a Methods  We retrospectively reviewed the charts of children with poison exposure admitted to a pediatric OU during a 30-month period.\\u000a Data was collected pertaining to demographics, type of

Diane P. Calello; Elizabeth R. Alpern; Maureen McDaniel-Yakscoe; Brianna L. Garrett; Kathy N. Shaw; Kevin C. Osterhoudt



Alcoholism - Multiple Languages: MedlinePlus  


... Bosanski) Chinese - Simplified (????) Chinese - Traditional (????) French (français) Hindi (??????) Japanese (???) Korean (???) Portuguese ( ... PDF Health Information Translations Return to top French (français) Substance Abuse or Dependence Toxicomanie ou dépendance - français ( ...


Prevalence of hereditary factors predisposing to thrombosis in 260 patients diagnosed as thrombosis and investigated at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, São Paulo, Brazil Prevalência de fatores hereditários que predispõem à trombose em 260 pacientes com diagnóstico de trombose e investigados no Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, São Paulo, Brasil  

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Objective: To evaluate the prevalence of genetic polymorphism in coagulation factors in thromboembolic disease in patients with clinical suspicion of thrombosis. Methods: A retrospective case collection was performed searching all patients with clinical suspicion of thrombosis who were submitted to coagulation factor analysis at the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein from November 2003 to April 2004. We included 260 patients, 118

Campos Guerra; Marden Rene Ferreira; Claudio Albers Mendes; Valdir Aranda


Parametros energeticos na elaboracao de programa de irrigacao para o distrito de Santa Terezinha, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil. (Energetic parameters to be considered in the preparation of irrigation programs for the district of Santa Terezinha, Mato Grosso do Sul state, Brazil).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In the elaboration of irrigation programs the characteristics of the region should be considered in order to identify the factors related to the local infrastructure, hydric resources and of the soils of the region and their interaction with the rural pro...

C. B. Alves



Material properties for reactor pressure vessels and containment shells under dynamic loading 1 This paper was presented at the 13th International Conference on Strucural Mechanics in Reactor Technology, Post Conference Seminar No. 4 on Containment Facilities, Universidade de Brasilia, Brasilia, DF, Brasil, 21st–22nd August, 1995. 1  

Microsoft Academic Search

The effects of high strain rate, dynamic biaxial loading and deformation mode (tension, shear) on the mechanical properties of AISI 316 austenitic stainless steel in as-received and pre-damaged (creep, LCF) conditions are reported. This research was conducted to assess the performances of the containment shell of fast breeder reactors. The results of this research have been utilized to prepare similar

Carlo Albertini



AvaliaÁªo da contaminaÁªo mercurial mediante anÆlise do teor de Hg total em amostras de cabelo em comunidades ribeirinhas do TapajÛs, ParÆ, Brasil Total mercury in hair samples of inhabitants of TapajÛs river, ParÆ State, Brazil  

Microsoft Academic Search

1 Resumo Este estudo avalia a contaminação mercurial em comunidades de pescadores em quatro localidades nas margens do rio Tapajós: Rainha, Barreiras, São Luís do Tapajós e Paraná- Mirim. Análises toxocológicas das amostras de cabelo foram realizadas por espectofotometria de absorção atômica. Os níveis de mercúrio total em amostras de cabelo variaram entre 2,9µg\\/g e 71,5µg\\/g. Os valores mais baixos

Junko Nakanishi; Teiichi Oikawa; José Luiz Vieira; Manoel Quaresma; Bernardo Cardoso; Walter Amoras



Microsoft Academic Search

The main objective of this paper is the definition of water supply and sanitation determinant elements to be included in a conceptual model. Because political and institutional arrangements and economic and financial conditions of the water sector have a great influence on planning and actions implementation, those aspects were considered as elements to compose and construct parts of this model.



A Study of the Dynamics of Droughts in Northern Brazil: Observations, Theory, and Numerical Experiments with a Global Atmospheric Circulation Model Um Estudo Sobre a Dinamica das Secas Do Nordes Te Do Brasil: Observacoes, Teoria E Experimentos Numericos COM Um Modelo Global de Circulacao Atmosferica.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The monthly mean sea surface temperature anomalies over tropical Altantic and rainfall anomalies over two selected stations for 25 years (1948-1972) were examined. It is found that the most severe drought events are associated with the simultaneous occurr...

A. D. Moura J. Shukla



Da mãe África aos filhos Brasil: expressão da herança genética para a anemia falciforme em estudantes do curso de farmácia da Universidade Federal do Piauí The mother africa children Brazil: expression of genetic inheritance for sickle cell anemia in students of pharmacy at the Federal University of Piauí  

Microsoft Academic Search

SUMMARY - Hereditary illness of bigger prevalence in the world and Brazil, the sickle cell already is considered a problem of public health. Characterized for homozigose of the gene of the sickle hemoglobin, it causes a gamma of signals and symptoms that demands integral attention to the patient. The sickle trace is characterized by heterozigose of the gene of the

Leonardo Ferreira Soares; Bernardo Melo Neto; Rafael Pires Veloso



Organofosforados e carbamatos no leite produzido em quatro regiões leiteiras no Brasil: ocorrência e ação sobre Listeria monocytogenes e Salmonella spp. Organophosphates and carbamates in milk produced in four milk producing regions from Brazil: occurrence and activity against Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella spp  

Microsoft Academic Search

Chemical residues may be present in foods due to contamination in early stages of production, posing a potential risk to consumers. Organophosphates and carbamates are used in the control of parasites in animals and may generate residues in foods derived from these animals, like milk. This study aimed to survey the presence of these two pesticides in raw milk samples

Luís Augusto NERO; Marcos Rodrigues de MATTOS; Vanerli BELOTI; Márcia Aguiar; Ferreira BARROS; Daisy PONTES NETTO; Bernadette Dora; Gombossy de Melo


Formacion de Formadores en Planeamiento y Administracion de la Education: Informe Final. Reunion Tecnica de la Red REPLAD, Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brasil, 9-13 de noviembre de 1987. (Educational Development of Professionals in Educational Planning and Administration: Final Report. Proceedings of the Meeting of the Major Project for Education (Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 9-13, 1987).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This final report provides a synthesis of conference presentations by representatives from institutions in 17 Latin American and the Caribbean nations. The material includes descriptions about institutions of higher education planning and developing of their respective schools of education, ministries of education, and national and regional…

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, Santiago (Chile). Regional Office for Education in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Incidence and transplacental transmission of Neospora caninum in primiparous females from Bos indicus slaughtered in Presidente Prudente, São Paulo, Brazil Incidência e transmissão transplacentária de Neospora caninum em fêmeas primíparas da raça Bos indicus abatidos em Presidente Prudente, São Paulo, Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

To produce an epidemiological map of neosporosis in Brazil and identify the types of transmission of this disease, the present study evaluated the occurrence of Neospora caninum in Nelore cattle (Bos indicus) in Presidente Prudent, west region of Sao Paulo state; its vertical transmission; and the early stage in which fetuses are infected. To achieve this, serum samples from 518

Liria Hiromi Okuda; Clarice Neves Camargo; Nascimento Kronka


Superfund Record of Decision (EPA Region 9): Williams Air Force Base, Operable Unit 5, Chandler, AZ, October 14, 1997  

SciTech Connect

Williams Air Force Base (AFB) is located in Maricopa County, Mesa, Arizona. The following sites constitute Operable Unit (OU) 5: Airfield Underground Storage Tanks (UST) (ST-25); Paint Ship Leach Field (WP-27); Sewage Sludge Trenches (DP-28); Prime Beef Yard (SS-29); Golf Course Maintenance Area (SS-31); Building 1070 (SS-32); Munitions Incinerator (Facility 1119, SS-34); Concrete Hardfill Drum Removal Area (LF-26); Sewage Sludge Stockpile Area (Area 28); Facilities 1020 and 1051 (Site SS-21); Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST) 556 and 557 (Site ST-22); Building 1069 (Site SS-23); Building 1010 (Site SS-24); Concrete Hardfill Area (Site LF-26); Facility 1004 (Area 14). OU-5 addresses soil contamination actions at the nine sites listed in Section 1.1. OU-6 addresses soil and potential groundwater contamination at the Old Pesticide/Paint-Ship (Facility 724, Site SS-17). The USAF, EPA, and state of Arizona have approved ROD`s implementing cleanup remedies for OU-1, OU-2, and OU-3 sites. The deep soils at ST-12 (unsaturated soils below 25 feet) were included in an amendment to the OU-2 ROD. Investigations and feasibility study (FS) have been completed for OU-4 sites. Investigations, RI Report, Proposed Plan, and ROD are to be completed at OU-6. OU-5 is the subject of this ROD. This ROD recommends no action because previous removal actions resulting from the OU-5 action memorandum have either lowered the contamination levels below Arizona HBGL or EPA Region IX residential PRGs or the risk associated with the remaining contamination concentration will not pose an unacceptable risk to human health and the environment.




La protection de l'environnement dans les pays développés  

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[fre] La protection de l'environnement dans les pays développés . Par leur poids dans la production et la consommation mondiale ou leur place prépondérante dans les échanges internationaux, les pays développés se trouvent au coeur des politiques à mener pour lutter contre la dégradation actuelle ou passée de l'environnement et pour sa préservation présente et future. Des résultats importants ont

Christian Avérous



Global features of sequences of bacterial chromosomes, plasmids and phages revealed by analysis of oligonucleotide usage patterns  

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BACKGROUND: Oligonucleotide frequencies were shown to be conserved signatures for bacterial genomes, however, the underlying constraints have yet not been resolved in detail. In this paper we analyzed oligonucleotide usage (OU) biases in a comprehensive collection of 155 completely sequenced bacterial chromosomes, 316 plasmids and 104 phages. RESULTS: Two global features were analyzed: pattern skew (PS) and variance of OU

Oleg N. Reva; Burkhard Tümmler



Quand les élèves jugent les collèges et les lycées  

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[fre] Quand les élèves jugent les collèges et les lycées . La grande majorité des élèves rejettent les images les plus négatives du collège ou du lycée telles que « galère », « tribunal », « usine », « gare de triage » ou « cirque ». Trois groupes se détachent, cependant, par la virulence de leurs critiques : les

François Héran; Olivier Choquet



L'évolution récente de la mobilité sociale  

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[fre] La mobilité sociale varie selon les différents milieux sociaux. Maximum dans les catégories moyennes elle est beaucoup plus faible parmi les agriculteurs ou parmi les membres des catégories supérieures. Si la profession d'un père joue un rôle plus ou moins attractif dans le choix professionnel de son fils, le niveau culturel du milieu d'origine, les aspirations entretenues par le.

Alain Darbel



The SeqWord Genome Browser: an online tool for the identification and visualization of atypical regions of bacterial genomes through oligonucleotide usage  

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BACKGROUND: Data mining in large DNA sequences is a major challenge in microbial genomics and bioinformatics. Oligonucleotide usage (OU) patterns provide a wealth of information for large scale sequence analysis and visualization. The purpose of this research was to make OU statistical analysis available as a novel web-based tool for functional genomics and annotation. The tool is also available as

Hamilton Ganesan; Anna S. Rakitianskaia; Colin F. Davenport; Burkhard Tümmler; Oleg N. Reva



75 FR 55479 - National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan; National Priorities List...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...CES and the surface media of the entire OPS. The rest of the On-Post OU, including groundwater below RMA that is west of E Street, and the groundwater that comprises the Off-Post OU will remain on the NPL and is not being considered...



Regulatory acceptance of the proposed well abandonment program for the present landfill, Operable Unit 7, Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site, Golden, Colorado  

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The regulatory agencies approved a well abandonment program for the Present Landfill, Operable Unit (OU) 7 at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site, only three months after preparation. The proposed well abandonment program consists of abandoning 26 of the 54 existing monitoring wells in OU 7 that are currently sampled quarterly as Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) compliance wells




Destinations innovantes et développement du tourisme (Innovative destinations and development of tourism)  

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En France, le poids économique du tourisme est considérable. Les « destinations » touristiques doivent faire face à une concurrence plus « frontale » entre les destinations et les offres. Il devient ainsi nécessaire pour les territoires, porteurs de destinations touristiques, de se différencier en recherchant un positionnement ou en le renforçant, de mettre en valeur ou de renforcer leur

Jean-Marie Hazebroucq



Document d'orientation Questions – réponses relatives au ...  

Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN)

... s) précédente(s) immédiate(s) et/ou la (les) destinataire(s) suivant(s) immédiat(s) de l'aliment par voie électronique (e-mail, fax, sms, etc.), ou par ... More results from


Assistência de enfermagem ao paciente em pulsoterapia com corticosteróide Nursing care of patients on corticosteroid pulse therapy  

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ResUMo introdução: A pulsoterapia com corticosteróide endovenoso consiste na administração de corticosteróides em altas doses (a partir de 1 g\\/ dia), por três dias ou mais, ou em dias alternados. A necessidade de hospitalização ocorre devido aos possíveis efeitos colaterais que o paciente pode apresentar durante a infusão da droga; para tanto a monitorização dos parâmetros vitais, além de identificar

Deborah Rozencwajg; Carla Fátima; Paixão Nunes; Luciane Midory Sakuma; Cláudia Regina Laselva; Bartira Aguiar Roza


Apprentissage artificiel : acquis, limites et enjeux  

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L'apprentissage artificiel est une activite circulaire, extrayant des connaissances ` a partir des observations disponibles et utilisant ces con- naissances pour chercher de nouvelles informations, ou decrire diffe- remment les observations. Dans cet article de synthese, nous nous interessons essentiellemental a construction de connaissances, regles ou modeles, ` a partir de donnees. Les acquis majeurs de l'apprentissage dans la derniere

Michele Sebag; Patrick Gallinari


Transtornos depressivos na doença de Alzheimer: diagnóstico e tratamento Depressive disorders in Alzheimer's disease: diagnosis and treatment  

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Transtornos do humor afetam uma porcentagem considerável de indivíduos com doença de Alzheimer, em algum ponto da evolução da síndrome demencial. Pode ser uma condição difícil de se detectar, dependendo da gravida- de do acometimento cognitivo. Na presença de manifestações depressivas leves ou atípicas, a observação da evolução, associada ou não ao emprego de técnicas não-farmacológicas, é a abordagem inicial

Orestes V Forlenza


Superfund Record of Decision Amendment (EPA Region 5): Metamora Landfill Site, Metamora, MI., August 28, 1996.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) is changing a portion of the remedy selected in the operable unit one (OU1) Record of Decision (ROD) dated September 30, 1986, for the Metamora Landfill Site. Operable Unit 1 ROD (OU1 ROD) addre...



Effects of growing region and maturity stages on oil yield and fatty acid composition of coriander ( Coriandrum sativum L.) fruit  

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Changes on oil yield and fatty acid profiles were studied during maturation of coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) fruits cultivated in Menzel Temime and Oued Beja, Tunisia. Oil and petroselinic acid biosynthesis proceeded at a steady rate up to 16 DAF in Oued Beja and in 33 DAF in Menzel Temime. The first results show that a rapid oil accumulation started

Kamel Msaada; Karim Hosni; Mouna Ben Taarit; Mohamed Hammami; Brahim Marzouk



Teaching Biology at a Distance: Pleasures, Pitfalls, and Possibilities  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The Open University (OU) has a long and distinguished history of teaching biology at a distance by a supported open learning model. This article examines some of the challenges in delivering biology via distance teaching, explores some of the lessons learned, and discusses the opportunities and hazards of new teaching technologies that the OU has…

MacQueen, Hilary; Thomas, Jeff



Superfund Record of Decision (EPA Region 10): Eielson Air Force Base, Operable Unit 1, AK., September 28, 1994.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This decision document presents the selected remedial actions and no action decisions for Operable Unit 1 (OU1) at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska. OU1 consists of eight source areas that have been combined because of commonalty in contamination that is ma...




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RESUMO: Objetiva-se neste estudo refletir sobre os sentidos que o mito de João Grilo - bastante difundido no sertão nordestino - assume no imaginário dos sujeitos\\/atores que, direta ou indiretamente, com ele se identificam, perpetuando-o ao longo dos tempos. Aos que detém o poder e\\/ou são abastados, o mito - ao denunciar seus vícios - representa uma ameaça, apontando para

André Adriano Brun


Peut-on parler d'une gestion globale de son capital santé ?  

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[fre] Peut-on parler d'une gestion globale de son capital santé ? . En première analyse, les comportements des individus par rapport à leur santé peuvent sembler assez cohérents : les consommateurs d'alcool ou de tabac surveillent moins leur poids ou leur alimentation, ont moins recours aux soins préventifs, achètent moins de pharmacie sans ordonnance. Il est alors tentant de supposer

Pascale Genier; Stéphane Jacobzone



A study of gender parity: department culture from the students' perspective  

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The School of Industrial Engineering (IE) at the University of Oklahoma (OU) has an unusual trend of gender parity at the undergraduate level. To investigate local factors contributing to the success of IE at OU, we interviewed 41 IE majors (23 female) about their background, choices, experiences, and goals, with a semi-structured protocol. Using established qualitative research methods, we examined

Teri Reed Rhoads; Teri J. Murphy; Deborah A. Trytten



Superfund Record of Decision (EPA Region 3): USA Aberdeen Proving Ground, Old O-Field Source Area, Operable Unit 2, MD., October 1994.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This decision document presents a selected interim remedial action for the Old O-Field Source Area, which is Operable Unit 2 (OU2) of the O-Field Area at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. This Record of Decision has been developed for Operable Unit 2 (OU2) of ...



Geometric study of the beta-integers for a Perron number and mathematical quasicrystals  

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Resume. Nousetudions geometriquement les ensembles de points de R obtenus par la -numeration que sont les -entiers Z Z( ) ou est un nombre de Perron. Nous montrons qu'il existe deux schemas de coupe-et-projection canoniques associesa la - numeration, ou les -entiers se relevent en certains points du reseau Zm (m = degre de ) , situes autour du sous-espace




Les Inclusions Fluides, Témoins et Faux-Témoins des Conditions de Dépôt. Quelques Exemples Pris dans les Minéralisations de Pb, Zn, Ba, F du Sud du Massif Central Français  

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L'étude a été réalisée sur des minéraux accompagnateurs de concentrations plombozincifères localisées dans la partie inférieure de la couverture mésozoique et dans le socle sous-jacent: quartz et fluorine liés aux strates ou en filons, dolomite individualisée tardivement avec une ultime génération de blende, en remplissages géodiques et fissuraux ou en recristallisation massive. Apparaissent ainsi: pour le quartz et la fluorine,

C. Sabouraud; J.-Cl. Macquar; H. Rouvier



Record of Decision Remedial Alternative Selection for the Central Shops/Burning Rubble Pits (CSBRP) (631-1G and 631-3G) (U)  

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The Central Shops Burning/Rubble Pits (CSBRP) (631-1G and 631-3G) Operable Unit (OU) is listed as a Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) 3004(u) Solid Waste Management Unit/Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) unit in Appendix C of the Federal Facility Agreement (FFA) for the Savannah River Site (SRS). The FFA is a legally binding agreement between regulatory agencies (USEPA and SCDHEC) and regulated entities (USDOE) that establishes the responsibilities and schedules for the comprehensive remediation of the SRS. The media associated with this OU are soil and groundwater. The CSBRP OU consists of four subunits: (1) Pit 631-1G; (2) Pits 631-3G/3GA; (3) Ponded Area (includes surface water impoundment area and adjacent wetland); and (4) Intermittent Stream. Additionally, groundwater associated with the CSBRP OU is being considered as a separate OU along with other potential source areas in Central Shops.

Morgan, Randall



Unexpected hospitalisations at a 23-hour observation unit in a paediatric emergency department of northern India.  


Background: The 23-hour Observation Unit (OU) is a novel and an effective means for tackling overcrowding in busy Paediatric Emergency Departments (PED) worldwide. However, unexpected hospitalisations in the OU involve transfer of care and they reduce the efficiency of the OU. Hence, we aimed to study the presenting diagnoses which were responsible for the unexpected hospitalisations in a 23-hour OU. Methods and Design: A prospective cohort study Setting: The PED at a tertiary care teaching hospital. Duration: 15th Feb-15th March 2011. Protocol: Consecutive children were triaged at presentation to the PED, according to the WHO paediatric emergency triage algorithm. Those who were transferred to the 23-hour OU, were further followed up for duration of the stay, the hospital course, and the outcome (discharge/hospitalisation). Results: Three hundred (228 males, 72 females) consecutive children who attended the PED over one month were enrolled. All the children, at presentation, were triaged by the medical intern/s who was/were posted in the PED, and they were crosschecked by a PED consultant. A majority (55%, n=165) of the children were triaged as non-urgent, 32% (n=97) as priority and 13% (n=38) as emergent. Out of the 300 children, 173(58%) were transferred to the 23-hour OU. Of these, 16 (9.1%) required unexpected hospitalisations. The children who required hospitalisations had the following diagnoses: bronchiolitis (4), bronchopneumonia (4), seizure (2), viral hepatitis (2), high fever (1), bronchial asthma (1), severe anaemia (1), and urticaria (1). The mean duration of the stay in the OU was 19 hours for those who needed hospitalisation, as against 13 hours for those who were discharged from the OU. Conclusion: The children with respiratory complaints (bronchiolitis and bronchopneumonia) need frequent monitoring in the 23-hour OU, as they have high hospitalisation rates in the OU. PMID:23998079

Mahajan, Vidushi; Arora, Sumant; Kaur, Tarundeep; Gupta, Sorab; Guglani, Vishal



Studies on Hydrophobic Effect and Micelle Formation of Some Surfactant-Cr(III)Cetylamine Complexes in Nonaqueous Solvents  

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Surface active micelle formable surfactant-Cr(III) complexes of the type cis-?-[Cr(trien)(C16H33NH2)X]2+ (where trien = triethylenetetramine; X = F?, Cl?, Br?) have been studied in n-alcohol and in formamide at different temperatures by conductance measurements. Standard Gibbs energy changes (?G\\u000a o\\u000a mic), enthalpies (?H\\u000a o\\u000a mic) and entropies (?S\\u000a o\\u000a mic) of micelle formation have been determined by studying the variation of

N. Kumaraguru; K. Santhakumar



Evaluation de l'incapacité fonctionnelle dans les lombo-sciatalgies chroniques post-opératoires  

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Résumé  Les patients lombalgiques chroniques ou lombo-sciatalgiques chroniques opérés du rachis présentent en majorité une nette diminution\\u000a de leurs conditions physique responsable en partie d'un syndrome de manque d'usage (disuse syndrom). Ces observations peuvent\\u000a s'expliquer notamment par des raisons comportementales (comportement d' évitement) et cognitives (peur de la douleur, d'une\\u000a nouvelle lésion ou d'une récidive, croyances erronées ou inadaptées,…). Afin d'

L. Barras; E. Masquelier; M. Morel Fatio; E. Ophoven



Contrôle de l'orientation et de l'alignement moléculaire par un train d'impulsions soudaines  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Les récents progrès technologiques dans le domaine des Lasers permettent d'envisager le contrôle de nombreux processus quantiques jouant un rôle dans une variété de problèmes s'étendant de la réactivité chimique à l'information quantique. Dans ce contexte, nous nous sommes intéressés au contrôle de l'orientation ou de l'alignement moléculaire en utilisant un train d'impulsions soudaines. Nous avons défini des états cibles qui maximisent à la fois l'orientation ou l'alignement et sa durée dans le temps et montré comment atteindre ces états à l'aide de stratégie systématique ou optimisée

Sugny, D.



Tailoring two-photon interference with phase dispersion  

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We present a complete analytical formalism of the effect of phase dispersion on the Hong-Ou-Mandel dip with cw pumping, including higher-order terms. We show that the Hong-Ou-Mandel dip is strongly modified by the frequency-dependent phase modulation and even becomes a bump when the phase dispersion is a special step function. We also show that the phase dispersion function can be fully reconstructed via Fourier transformation from the measurement result of the Hong-Ou-Mandel dip when the dispersion function is antisymmetric. An experimental demonstration of the proposed method using a bandpass filter as a test sample is also presented.

Okamoto, Ryo; Takeuchi, Shigeki; Sasaki, Keiji [Research Institute for Electronic Science, Hokkaido University, Sapporo 060-0812 (Japan)



Desenvolvimento local e agricultura familiar: o caso da produção de açúcar mascavo em Capanema - Paraná Local development and family agriculture: the brown sugar production case in Capanema city- Paraná state in Brazil Développement local et agriculture familiale: le cas de la production de sucre brun dans la ville de Capanema dans l'état du Paraná au Brésil Desarrollo local y la agricultura familiar: el caso de la producción de azúcar marrón en la ciudad de Capanema - estado de Paraná en Brasil  

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Resumo: Esse estudo analisa, por meio de um estudo exploratório, o aporte dos produtos derivados da cana-de- açúcar no contexto do desenvolvimento local no município de Capanema - Paraná. Essa atividade se apresenta como opção para a produção da agricultura familiar ao criar alternativa de renda nas unidades agroindustriais, além de possibilitar a diversificação da produção. Os resultados mostram que

Mariza Zeni de Castro; Jandir Ferrera de Lima; Pery Francisco Assis Shikida



Guideline Sentencing: An Outline of Appellate Case Law on Selected Issues.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This outline identifes significant developments in federal appellate court decisions on the Sentencing Guidelines and the 1984 Sentencing Reform Act, as amended. It is based largely on cases that have been summarized in Guideline Sentencing Update. The ou...

J. Wood



Guideline Sentencing: An Outline of Appellate Case Law on Selected Issues. September 2002.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This outline identifes significant developments in federal appellate court decisions on the Sentencing Guidelines and the 1984 Sentencing Reform Act, as amended. It is based largely on cases that have been summarized in Guideline Sentencing Update. The ou...

J. Wood



November 29, 2012: Cellular, Tissue and Gene Therapies ...  

Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER)

... Tabassum Ahsan, Ph.D. Suzanne Epstein, Ph.D. Michael R. Bishop, MD, FACP+, Wu Ou, MD. Scott Bruder, MD, Ph.D.*, Graeme Price, Ph.D. ... More results from


Anascorp PVP comments:  

Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER)

Text Version... From: Alan C. Ou, MD, MPH Medical Officer, Therapeutics and Blood Safety Branch ... Robert P. Wise, MD, MPH Deputy Division Director, DE/OBE ... More results from


78 FR 17941 - Notice of Lodging of Proposed Consent Decrees Under the Comprehensive Environmental Response...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...requires Settling Defendants to undertake a Remedial Design/ Remedial Action for OU2, which includes remediation of hexavalent chromium in soils at Settling Defendants' facility. The settlement also requires Settling Defendants to reimburse...



Notizia sulle fiù recenti scoperte fatte intorno agli anelli di Satubno  

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Conclusioni  Ricapitolando il detto finora, possiamo riassumere quanto segue: che cioè\\u000a \\u000a \\u000a 1o \\u000a \\u000a la superficie dell’anello non è piana;\\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a 2o \\u000a \\u000a le varie zone o anelli staccati non sono nel medesimo piano;\\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a 3o \\u000a \\u000a gli anelli hanno ciascuno una rolazione indipendente, e sono ellittici;\\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a 4o \\u000a \\u000a che sono soggetti a notabili cambiamenti, e tali da farli paragonare piuttosto ad una massa di fluidi elastici analoghi

P. A. Secchi



Long-Term Evaluation of GPS Timing Receiver Failures.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This paper provides an overview of the results of a continuous, 2- month experimental evaluation of all timing data provided by several GPS receivers. The primary purpose of this experiment was to provide measurement data facilitating fault modeling in ou...

D. Hochtl U. Schmid



The Use of Interactive Quizzes in Maths \\/ Science  

Microsoft Academic Search

In order to improve retention on Level 1 Open University mathematics, we are piloting short interactive internet quizzes, replacing previous longer multiple choice tests. These quizzes are formative, but in other courses they may constitute summative assessment. The OU package \\

Judy Ekins


Réglementation de la FDA sur les cellules et tissus humains  

Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER)

Text Version... appliquant ainsi une approche étagée et basée sur le risque, il est possible d'éviter une manipulation ou une transformation impropre susceptible ... More results from


Superfund Record of Decision (EPA Region 5): Sangamo Electric/Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge, Carterville, IL., February 19, 1997.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This Record of Decision (ROD) has been prepared for the Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) Explosives/Munitions Manufacturing Areas (EMMA) Operable Unit (OU). The results of the Baseline Risk Assessment (BRA) concluded that conditions at Sites CO...



U.S. Department of Justice, Office of the Inspector General Semiannual Report to Congress, April 1-September 30, 2005.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This semiannual report summarizes the work of the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) from April 1, 2005, through September 30, 2005. The audits, inspections, investigations, special reviews, and other activities highlighted in this report illustrate ou...




EPA Science Inventory

Public health surveillance has played a key role in controlling the spread of communicable disease and identifying the need for specific publich health practices, such as the filteration and chlorination of drinking water supplies. However, the characteristics of waterborne ou...


Graduate Student Recruiting into Critical Transportation Infrastructure Areas of Interest.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This report presents the results of a three-year, intensive recruiting and mentoring program in the University of Oklahoma's (OU) College of Engineering (CoE). Highly qualified and diverse graduate students were sought to pursue degrees in transportation ...

A. B. Cerato K. Home



At the Fence: Where the Community and the Workplace Meet.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In this presentation, the speaker discusses the apparent separation between the workplace and the community, the separation of the occupational health problem from the community environmental health problem and the question of jurisdiction which arises ou...

J. D. Millar



Superfund Record of Decision (EPA Region 7): Ogallala Ground Water Contamination Site, Operable Unit 1, Ogallala, NE., April 23, 1999.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This decision document presents the selected remedy for Operable Unit No. 01 of the Ogallala Ground Water Contamination Site located in Ogallala, Nebraska. This ROD addresses Operable Unit No. 01 (OU1) which involves several separate areas of ground water...



Chemical and Biological Attributes of Selected Periodontopathogens as Potential Indicators of Periodontal Disease.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The outer sheaths from the three known serotypes of Treponema denticola have been prepared and were found to be homogeneous by chemical analysis, enzymatic assays, and electron microscopy. The relative molecular as well as the isoelectric points of the ou...

W. W. Yotis



Single-photon traversal of dielectric stacks  

Microsoft Academic Search

We examine single-photon bandgap traversal times. We see significant change in traversal times due to subtle differences in stack structures. We also analyze how propagation through inhomogeneous media affects Hong-Ou-Mandel visibility.

Natalia B. Rutter; Sergey V. Polyakov; Paul Lett; Alan Migdall



Guide pour l'industrie : Questions et réponses concernant le ...  

Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN)

... tif, .tiff – Formats de fichier image marquée. ... communiquant un évènement préjudiciable important associé à ... ou son volume ; (4) l'importance et la ... More results from


Contaminant Studies on Endangered Bats in Northeastern Oklahoma.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Three federally listed endangered bat species are known to inhabit Oklahoma. The gray bat (Mvotis qrisescens) is probably the most abundant, and is presently known to occur in Adair, Cherokee, Delaware, and Ottawa Counties. Gray bats are almost unknown ou...

D. B. Martin



A Theory for the Determination of Wind and Precipitation Velocities with Doppler Radars.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The feasibility of determining components of wind velocity and precipitation particle terminal fall speeds from the equation of continuity for air and precipitation velocity data collected by Doppler radars is investigated. The investigation is carried ou...

L. Armijo



Barriers to Employability of Persons with Handicaps: A Bi-National Study in the United States and Israel.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The major aims of the study were to: identify desired outcomes of the rehabilitation process of handicapped persons in Israel and the United States, determine the degree of success in achieving outcomes, identify variables related to the achievement of ou...

D. N. Bryen E. Newman S. Reiter S. Hakim



Barriers to Employability of Persons with Handicaps: A Bi-National Study in the United States and Israel (Executive Summary),  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The major aims of the study were to: identify desired outcomes of the rehabilitation process of handicapped persons in Israel and the United States, determine the degree of success in achieving outcomes, identify variables related to the achievement of ou...

D. N. Bryen E. Newman S. Reiter S. Hakim



Joint Vision 2010. America's Military: Preparing for Tomorrow.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Today, America's Armed Forces are the world standard for military excellence and joint warfighting. We will further strengthen our military capabilities by taking advantage of improved technology and the vitality and innovation of our people to prepare ou...



Drug Abuse - Multiple Languages: MedlinePlus  


... Sgaw Karen) Korean (???) Nepali (??????) Portuguese (português) Russian (???????) Somali (af Soomaali) Spanish (español) Tagalog ( ... Multimedia Healthy Roads Media Return to top Portuguese (português) Substance Abuse or Dependence Abuso ou dependência de ...


Electrotherapy for Treatment of Facial Nerve Paralysis (Bell's Palsy).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The Office of Health Technology Assessment (OHTA) emphasizes three basic principles in its assessment activities: (1) broad and open participation both within and outside of the Federal government, (2) reliance onthe expertise and research abilities of ou...

B. Waxman



Super-Compact Laser.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Microcosm, Inc. produced the portable Farfield-2 laser for field applications that require high power pulsed illumination. The compact design was conceived through research at Goddard Space Flight Center on laser instruments for space missions to carry ou...



Proceedings of the 1995 Northeastern Recreation Research Symposium. Held in Saratoga Springs, New York on April 9-11, 1995.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The proceedings contains 50 research and management papers on the following subjects: trends in the recreation profession, mountain biking, recreation pricing, outdoor recreation management, environmental perceptions and recreation resource management, ou...

C. P. Dawson



Caring Costs Revisited: A Review for the Royal College of Nursing.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The objective of this review is to examine research reports and publications which evaluate the costs and/or benefits of employing registered nursing staff. This includes literature covering costing methodologies, the links between cost and quality (or ou...

J. Buchan I. Seccombe J. Ball



Multimegajoule Laser Design.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

New technologies make multimegajoule glass lasers economically feasible. We have devised new laser architectures using harmonic switchout, target-plane holographic injection, phase conjugation, continuous apodization, and higher amplifier efficiencies. Ou...

K. R. Manes R. G. Ozarski W. F. Hagen J. F. Holzrichtr



Studies of Chromium Gettering.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Preliminary results have shown that hydrogen pumping by chromium is a surface effect. Unlike with titanium, the getter material used in many present day tokamaks, there is no significant diffusion into the bulk. Additional experiments have been carried ou...

J. E. Simpkins P. Mioduszewski L. W. Stratton



Computerized Protocols Applied to Emergency Care: Executive Summary and Final Report.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The primary goal of this research project is to provide assistance to patients requiring emergency care through computerized triage and treatment protocols. Patients on hospital wards will be monitored for temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, urine ou...

R. M. Gardner



Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, Annual Research Directory 1999.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics (DCEG) is one of the NCI's three intramural divisions. The DCEG is responsible for a national program of population-based studies to identify environmental and genetic determinants of cancer. In carrying ou...



Orientação para o Setor Hortifrutícola Guia para Minimização ...  

Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN)

... Significa a aplicação cumulativa de calor ou produtos químicos em superfícies de contato com alimento limpas, que é suficiente para reduzir as ... More results from