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N. meningitidis 1681 is a member of the FinO family of RNA chaperones.  

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The conjugative transfer of F-like plasmids between bacteria is regulated by the plasmid-encoded RNA chaperone, FinO, which facilitates sense - antisense RNA interactions to regulate plasmid gene expression. FinO was thought to adopt a unique structure, however many putative homologs have been identified in microbial genomes and are considered members of the FinO-conjugation-repressor superfamily. We were interested in determining whether other members were also able to bind RNA and promote duplex formation, suggesting that this motif does indeed identify a putative RNA chaperone. We determined the crystal structure of the N. meningitidis MC58 protein NMB1681. It revealed striking similarity to FinO, with a conserved fold and a large, positively charged surface that could function in RNA interactions. Using assays developed to study FinO-FinP sRNA interactions, NMB1681, like FinO, bound tightly to FinP RNA stem-loops with short 5-foot and 3-foot single-stranded tails but not to ssRNA. It also was able to catalyze strand exchange between an RNA duplex and a complementary single-strand, and facilitated duplexing between complementary RNA hairpins. Finally, NMB1681 was able to rescue a finO deficiency and repress F plasmid conjugation. This study strongly suggests that NMB1681 is a FinO-like RNA chaperone that likely regulates gene expression through RNA-based mechanisms in N. meningitidis.

Chaulk, S.; Lu, J.; Tan, K.; Arthur, D.; Edwards, R.; Frost, L.; Joachimiak, A.; Glover, J. (Biosciences Division); (Univ. of Alberta)




Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

Maize rayado fino virus (MRFV), the type member of the genus Marafivirus in the family Tymoviridae, is the only known indigenous virus of maize in Mesoamerica. MRFV is transmitted in a persistent manner by leafhoppers of the genus Dalbulus, with D. maidis as the main vector. The host range of MRFV i...


Evaluating the silencing suppressor activity of proteins encoded by maize rayado fino virus  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

Maize rayado fino virus (MRFV), the type member of the genus Marafivirus, family Tymoviridae, is transmitted in a persistent, circulative manner by leafhoppers of the genus Dalbulus. Symptoms of MRFV infection on leaves of its maize host are small chlorotic spots that coalesce into short stripes. T...


Maize rayado fino virus capsid proteins assemble into virus-like particles in Escherichia coli  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

Maize rayado fino virus (MRFV; genus Marafivirus; family Tymoviridae) is a small spherical plant virus that contains two components: empty shells and complete virus particles (encapsidating the 6.3 kb genomic RNA). Virions are approximately 30 nm in diameter and composed of two serologically related...


Presence of a polyA tail at the 3’-end of Maize rayado fino virus RNA  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

Maize rayado fino virus (MRFV) is the type member of the genus Marafivirus in the family Tymoviridae, yet is distinct from other members of the genus in that its genome reportedly lacks a poly(A) tail at the 3’-terminus. Using naïve and targeted PCR-based approaches, we now show that the MRFV genom...


Application of an elastic 2D tube-waveform tomography to estimate the shear modulus in the vicinity of the FINO3 offshore platform  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The FINO3 project is aimed at the construction of an offshore research platform in the north-sea, hosting research projects dealing with offshore wind energy topics. As part of FINO3 our sub-project deals with the development of new seismic acquisition and inversion concepts for offshore-building foundation soil analysis. We are focussed on the determination of seismic parameters and structural information of the building plot of the platform. Possible changes of the shear modulus of the sediments in the vicinity of the FINO3 monopile due to mechanic loads on the platform are estimated by a tube-waveform tomography. The tube-waves are excited by a hammer blow at the internal wall of the FINO3 monopile above the water line. The tube-waves are propagating through the water column and the sediments and are measured in situ by hydrophones at the external wall of the monopile. Homogenous long wavelength starting models for the waveform tomography are estimated using simple 2D finite difference models. Possible shear-wave velocity starting models range from 150-300 m/s. The resolution of the tube-waveform tomography is estimated by simple chequerboard and random media models. Additionally first results of the data application in the vicinity of the monopile are presented.

Köhn, D.; Wilken, D.; Rabbel, W.



The chemical characterization of the aroma of dessert and sparkling white wines (Pedro Ximénez, Fino, Sauternes, and Cava) by gas chromatography-olfactometry and chemical quantitative analysis.  


Wines from Pedro Ximénez (PX), Fino, botrytized Sauternes, and Cava were screened by gas chromatography-olfactometry (GC-O), and the most relevant aroma compounds were further quantified in six different wines of each group. The comparison of GC-O and quantitative data with similar data from white young wines has made it possible to identify the aroma compounds potentially responsible for the specific sensory characteristics of these wines. Results have shown that all these wines are relatively rich in 3-methylbutanal, phenylacetaldehyde, methional, sotolon, and the ethyl esters of 2-, 3-, and 4-methylpentanoic acids. While Cava has a less specific aroma profile halfway between these special wines and young white wines, PX is richest in 3-methylbutanal, furfural, beta-damascenone, ethyl cyclohexanoate, and sotolon; Fino in acetaldehyde, diacetyl, ethyl esters of branched aliphatic acids with four, five, or six carbon atoms, and 4-ethylguaiacol; and Sauternes in phenylacetaldehyde, 3-mercaptohexanol, and 4-methyl-4-mercaptopentanone. PMID:18338867

Campo, Eva; Cacho, Juan; Ferreira, Vicente



Inversor Resonante de Tres Elementos L-LC con Caracteristica Cortocircuitable para Aplicaciones de Calentamiento por Induccion  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Los generadores de calentamiento por induccion son puentes inversores con carga resonante, cuya mision es basicamente crear una corriente sinusoidal de gran amplitud sobre la "bobina de caldeo", que forma parte del tanque resonante. En el interior de esta bobina se introduce la pieza que se desea calentar. EI campo magnetico creado induce corrientes superficiales (corrientes de Foucault) sobre la pieza, que producen su calentamiento. Los tanques resonantes (tambien llamados osciladores) utilizados en la actualidad son el resonante serie y el resonante paralelo. Aunque ya desde hace algun tiempo se vienen construyendo generadores de alta potencia basados en estos dos osciladores, el exito nunca ha. sido completo en ninguno de los dos casos. Tal y como se explica en la introduccion de esta memoria, los puentes inversores utilizados deben operar sobre una carga inductiva (corriente retrasada) para evitar el fenomeno de la recuperacion inversa de sus diodos y la consiguiente ruptura de los transistores. De la restriccion topologica anterior se deduce que el generador paralelo debe conmutar a frecuencias inferiores a la resonancia, y el serie a frecuencias superiores. A esta restriccion topologica hay que unir otra que es exclusiva del calentamiento por induccion: La corriente por la bobina de caldeo debe ser sinusoidal. De no ser asi, resultaria imposible disponer toda la potencia de calentamiento sobre la pieza en el espesor requerido por la aplicacion. Como consecuencia, los inversores no pueden operar por debajo de la frecuencia de resonancia del oscilador, pues en ese caso se amplifican los armonicos de orden superior de la tension/corriente de entrada situados sobre la resonancia, con la consiguiente distorsion de la corriente de salida. La conjuncion de las dos restricciones anteriores obligan al inversor paralelo a funcionar a la frecuencia de resonancia del oscilador. Esto imposibilita un control por variacion de frecuencia, regulandose la potencia desde la seccion de entrada mediante un mayor o menor aporte de corriente al puente. Como consecuencia, la seccion de entrada del paralelo, ya de por si mas voluminosa que lao del serie por el uso de grandes componentes magneticos (bobinas de filtro o de "alisamiento"), result a tambien mas complicada y costosa debido a la necesidad de ser implementada mediante rectificador controlado. Ademas, la regulacion que ofrece el rectificador es pobre, dada su baja frecuencia de conmutacion. En cambio, el circuito serie puede funcionar por encima de la resonancia manteniendo una secuencia de conmutacion sin riesgos de recuperacion inversa y con una corriente de salida practicamente sinusoidal, lo que permite un control de la potencia por variacion de frecuencia. Puesto que la tarea de regulacion se realiza desde el puente inversor, la regulacion resulta mucho mas eficaz y la seccion de entrada se puede implementar mediante un simple rectificador no controlado y un condensador de filtro. (Abstract shortened by UMI.).

Espi Huerta, Jose Miguel


Analysis of the solvent accessibility of cysteine residues on Maize rayado fino virus virus-like particles produced in Nicotiana benthamiana plants and cross-linking of peptides to VLPs.  


Mimicking and exploiting virus properties and physicochemical and physical characteristics holds promise to provide solutions to some of the world's most pressing challenges. The sheer range and types of viruses coupled with their intriguing properties potentially give endless opportunities for applications in virus-based technologies. Viruses have the ability to self- assemble into particles with discrete shape and size, specificity of symmetry, polyvalence, and stable properties under a wide range of temperature and pH conditions. Not surprisingly, with such a remarkable range of properties, viruses are proposed for use in biomaterials, vaccines, electronic materials, chemical tools, and molecular electronic containers. In order to utilize viruses in nanotechnology, they must be modified from their natural forms to impart new functions. This challenging process can be performed through several mechanisms including genetic modification of the viral genome and chemically attaching foreign or desired molecules to the virus particle reactive groups. The ability to modify a virus primarily depends upon the physiochemical and physical properties of the virus. In addition, the genetic or physiochemical modifications need to be performed without adversely affecting the virus native structure and virus function. Maize rayado fino virus (MRFV) coat proteins self-assemble in Escherichia coli producing stable and empty VLPs that are stabilized by protein-protein interactions and that can be used in virus-based technologies applications. VLPs produced in tobacco plants were examined as a scaffold on which a variety of peptides can be covalently displayed. Here, we describe the steps to 1) determine which of the solvent-accessible cysteines in a virus capsid are available for modification, and 2) bioconjugate peptides to the modified capsids. By using native or mutationally-inserted amino acid residues and standard coupling technologies, a wide variety of materials have been displayed on the surface of plant viruses such as, Brome mosaic virus, Carnation mottle virus, Cowpea chlorotic mottle virus, Tobacco mosaic virus, Turnip yellow mosaic virus, and MRFV. PMID:23439009

Natilla, Angela; Hammond, Rosemarie W



Mutations in the alpha-helical region of the amino terminus of the Maize rayado fino virus capsid protein and CP:RNA ratios affect virus-like particle encapsidation of RNAs.  


Viral-based nanoplatforms rely on balancing the delicate array of virus properties to optimally achieve encapsidation of foreign materials with various potential objectives. We investigated the use of Maize rayado fino virus (MRFV)-virus-like particles (VLPs) as a multifunctional nanoplatform and their potential application as protein cages. MRFV-VLPs are composed of two serologically related, carboxy co-terminal coat proteins (CP1 and CP2) which are capable of self-assembling in Nicotiana benthamiana plants into 30nm particles with T=3 symmetry. The N-terminus of CP1 was targeted for genetic modification to exploit the driving forces for VLP assembly, packaging and retention of RNA in vivo and in vitro. The N-terminus of MRFV-CP1 contains a peptide sequence of 37 amino acids which has been predicted to have an alpha-helical structure, is rich in hydrophobic amino acids, facilitates CP-RNA interactions, and is not required for self-assembly. Amino acid substitutions were introduced in the 37 amino acid N-terminus by site-directed mutagenesis and the mutant VLPs produced in plants by a Potato virus X (PVX)-based vector were tested for particle stability and RNA encapsidation. All mutant CPs resulted in production of VLPs which encapsidated non-viral RNAs, including PVX genomic and subgenomic (sg) RNAs, 18S rRNA and cellular and viral mRNAs. In addition, MRFV-VLPs encapsidated GFP mRNA when was expressed in plant cells from the pGD vector. These results suggest that RNA packaging in MRFV-VLPs is predominantly driven by electrostatic interactions between the N-terminal 37 amino acid extension of CP1 and RNA, and that the overall species concentration of RNA in the cellular pool may determine the abundance and species of the RNAs packaged into the VLPs. Furthermore, RNA encapsidation is not required for VLPs stability, VLPs formed from MRFV-CP1 were stable at temperatures up to 70°C, and can be disassembled into CP monomers, which can then reassemble in vitro into complete VLPs either in the absence or presence of RNAs. PMID:25102332

Natilla, Angela; Murphy, Charles; Hammond, Rosemarie W



Xenon spallation systematics in Angra DOS Reis  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Literature Xe data for the Angra dos Reis meteorite have been resolved into constituent spallation, fission and trapped components. The spallation Xe compositions vary over a range wider than observed in any other samples, including lunar samples. These variations are due to the mixing of spallation Xe from Ba and rare earth element targets. It is possible to infer the Ba and rare earth spallation Xe compositions. Angra dos Reis spallation Xe compositions are systematically different from those observed in lunar samples, possibly because of differences in the irradiation conditions (geometry and shielding). Thus the Angra dos Reis data appear to be superior to lunar data for predicting spallation Xe compositions in other meteorites.

Hohenberg, C. M.; Hudson, B.; Kennedy, B. M.; Podosek, F. A.




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NOVAS REGRAS Lei ignora risco sísmico PÁG.I6 #12;CONSTRU��O ¦ REABILITA��O URBANAAMEA�ASEGURAN�A DOS MORADORES Nova lei esquece regras antissismo ¦Arquitetos e engenheiros acusam Ministério do 30 anos recuperados sob as novas regras. Quem o diz são as ordens de ar- quitetos e engenheiros, que

Instituto de Sistemas e Robotica


Homogeneizao em Equaes Diferenciais Domnios finos com fronteira oscilante  

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Paulo - São Paulo - Brasil 2 Partially supported by FAPESP 2008/53094-4, CAPES DGU 127/07 and CNPq 305210/2008-4. Verão 2011 - IME - USP #12;Referências: 1 J. M. Arrieta, A. N. Carvalho, M, no. 2, 271-320 (2001). 3 4 Verão

Pereira, Marcone Corrêa



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MESTRADO EM MICROBIOLOGIA MICROBIOLOGIA DOS ALIMENTOS ­ Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária Objectivos: Esta UC visa ministrar formação geral e específica no domínio da Microbiologia dos Alimentos e que interfiram com a segurança sanitária dos alimentos ou promovam a respectiva fermentação, cura ou

Instituto de Sistemas e Robotica



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MAC5770 INTRODU��O � TEORIA DOS GRAFOS INFORMA��ES GERAIS Bem-vindos à edição do 1o. semestre de 2008 de MAC5770, Introdução à Teoria dos Grafos. Esta é uma disciplina do Programa de Pós-graduação em contém muito mais material do que pode ser coberto em um curso introdutório de teoria dos grafos

Kohayakawa, Yoshiharu


An active security protocol against DoS attacks  

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Denial of service (DoS) attacks represent, in today's Internet, one of the most complex issues to address. A session is under a DoS attack if it cannot achieve its intended throughput due to the misbehavior of other sessions. Many research studies dealt with DoS, proposing models and\\/or architectures mostly based on an attack prevention approach. Prevention techniques lead to different

Domenico Cotroneo; L. Peluso; Simon Pietro Romano; Giorgio Ventre



Fast interrupt platform for extended DOS  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Extended DOS offers the unique combination of a simple operating system which allows direct access to the interrupt tables, 32 bit protected mode access to 4096 MByte address space, and the use of industry standard C compilers. The drawback is that fast interrupt handling requires both 32 bit and 16 bit versions of each real-time process interrupt handler to avoid mode switches on the interrupts. A set of tools has been developed which automates the process of transforming the output of a standard 32 bit C compiler to 16 bit interrupt code which directly handles the real mode interrupts. The entire process compiles one set of source code via a make file, which boosts productivity by making the management of the compile-link cycle very simple. The software components are in the form of classes written mostly in C. A foreground process written as a conventional application which can use the standard C libraries can communicate with the background real-time classes via a message passing mechanism. The platform thus enables the integration of high performance real-time processing into a conventional application framework.

Duryea, T. W.



The Heme-Based Oxygen-Sensor Phosphodiesterase Ec DOS (DosP): Structure-Function Relationships  

PubMed Central

Escherichia coli Direct Oxygen Sensor (Ec DOS, also known as Ec DosP) is a heme-based O2-sensing phosphodiesterase from Escherichia coli that catalyzes the conversion of cyclic-di-GMP to linear di-GMP. Cyclic-di-GMP is an important second messenger in bacteria, highlighting the importance of understanding structure-function relationships of Ec DOS. Ec DOS is composed of an N-terminal heme-bound O2-sensing PAS domain and a C-terminal phosphodiesterase catalytic domain. Notably, its activity is markedly enhanced by O2 binding to the heme Fe(II) complex in the PAS sensor domain. X-ray crystal structures and spectroscopic and catalytic characterization of the wild-type and mutant proteins have provided important structural and functional clues to understanding the molecular mechanism of intramolecular catalytic regulation by O2 binding. This review summarizes the intriguing findings that have obtained for Ec DOS. PMID:25586128

Shimizu, Toru



Resist DoS attacks in UMTS-WLAN  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Wireless network is more vulnerable to denial of service (DoS) attacks than wired one. In this paper we propose two methods to resist DoS attacks in UMTS-WLAN network, one is active and the other is passive. These two are complementary to each other. In active DoS defense method, a mobile terminal generates an authorized anonymous ID (AAI) using its true ID such as IP address, MAC address, PIN code, or asymmetric key, and substitutes its true ID with the authorized anonymous ID. The mobile terminal may be authenticated by the UMTS-WLAN, however its true ID is anonymous to intending attackers. This method can be used to isolate de-authenticating/disassociating DoS attackers, spoofing power-save DoS attacker, etc. In passive DoS defense method, we propose a trace back scheme. We use covert channels in the header of mobile IP packets to trace back the malicious nodes by embedding some address information of intermediate nodes, and recovering the embedded information by the victim. After the victim successfully traces the attacking paths from malicious nodes, it can segregate the malicious nodes and protect itself. This method can be used to resist DoS attacks of mass-produced junk message congestions.

Qu, Huyu; Cheng, Qiang



OptaDOS - a new tool for EELS calculations  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Many modern (Scanning) Transmission Electron Microscopes ((S)TEMs) are equipped with an energy loss spectrometer. The Electron Energy Loss (EEL) spectra collected provide an experimental method of probing the bonding within a material. With the extra addition of monochromators, the energy resolution obtainable means that even more information is revealed within the fine structure of the spectra. Interpreting the fine structure can often be aided by simulation. Density-functional theory (DFT) is one method of simulating EEL spectra. DFT allows us to simulate DOS and EEL spectra from different structures. This comparison between simulation and experiment enables us to explore how changes in the spectrum are related to changes within the sample. CASTEP is a pseudopotential DFT code which can simulate both low-loss and core-loss EEL spectra. Recent developments have resulted in a separate analysis tool, OptaDOS. This package computes various spectral properties including DOS, projected DOS, joint DOS, core-loss and low-loss EEL spectra and optical spectra. One of the important aspects of the code is the way in which the DOS is calculated. This is done via linear extrapolation or adaptive smearing, methods which are not currently available within CASTEP (or indeed any other code) and which allow detailed analysis of spectral properties. This paper summarises these developments and what they mean for the interpretation of EEL spectra.

Nicholls, R. J.; Morris, A. J.; Pickard, C. J.; Yates, J. R.



Timing accuracy of PC programs running under DOS and Windows.  


The time in which to press a key and the video retrace interval were measured under various conditions of MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 3.11, Windows 95, and Windows NT 4.0 Workstation. All the measurements were obtained with the same program running on a single Pentium 300 computer. In all, samples of 1,000 timing measurements were obtained in each of 96 different conditions. Standard deviations of the times ranged from about 0.0006 msec under DOS 6.22 to almost 40 msec under Windows 3.11, representing an increase in timing error of up to 6,000,000%. Researchers requiring millisecond timing accuracy are recommended to use DOS only. PMID:10495817

Myors, B




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RESUMO A temática da legitimação dos direitos humanos e da Constituição passou a conviver, em tempos de pós-positivismo, com o plano das preocupações sobre a efetividade das instituições jurídicas, políticas e sociais. Na atualidade, porém, o discurso de legitimação - sobretudo a sua matriz kantiana e discursiva - encontra-se posto à prova pelas críticas erguidas pelo neopragmatismo, especialmente por Richard

Alexandre Garrido da Silva



Microsoft Academic Search

Resumo - Este trabalho é pioneiro para a região Centro-Oeste do Brasil e visa ao aprofundamento da problemática do aproveitamento do Rio Araguaia como via navegável para transportar as safras de grãos das regiões Centro-Norte. O Programa de Desenvolvimento da Hidrovia Tocantins- Araguaia é uma iniciativa do Ministério dos Transportes para estabelecer a navegação fluvial confiável e segura em 2.242

Rone Antônio de Azevedo


Ultrafast ligand dynamics in the heme-based GAF sensor domains of the histidine kinases DosS and DosT from Mycobacterium tuberculosis†  

PubMed Central

The transcriptional regulator DosR from M. tuberculosis plays a crucial role in the virulence to dormancy transition of the pathogen. DosR can be activated by DosT and DosS, two histidine kinases with heme-containing sensor GAF domains, capable of diatomic ligand binding, To investigate the initial processes occurring upon ligand dissociation, we performed ultrafast time-resolved absorption spectroscopy of the isolated sensor domains ligated with O2, NO and CO. The results reveal a relatively closed heme pocket for both proteins. For DosT the yield of O2 escape from the heme pocket on the picoseconds timescale upon photodissociation was found to be very low (1.5%), similar to other heme-based oxygen sensor proteins, implying that this sensor acts as an effective O2 trap. Remarkably, this yield is an order of magnitude higher in DosS (18%). For CO, by contrast, the fraction of CO rebinding within the heme pocket is higher in DosS. Experiments with mutant DosT sensor domains and molecular dynamics simulations indicate an important role in ligand discrimination of the distal tyrosine, present in both proteins, which forms a hydrogen bond with heme-bound O2. We conclude that despite their similarity, DosT and DosS display ligand-specific different primary dynamics during the initial phases of intra-protein signaling. The distal tyrosine, present in both proteins, plays an important role in these processes. PMID:22142262

Vos, Marten H.; Bouzhir-Sima, Latifa; Lambry, Jean-Christophe; Luo, Hao; Eaton-Rye, Julian J.; Ioanoviciu, Alexandra; Ortiz de Montellano, Paul R.; Liebl, Ursula



Structures of Mycobacterium tuberculosis DosR and DosR?DNA Complex Involved in Gene Activation during Adaptation to Hypoxic Latency  

SciTech Connect

On encountering low oxygen conditions, DosR activates the transcription of 47 genes, promoting long-term survival of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in a non-replicating state. Here, we report the crystal structures of the DosR C-terminal domain and its complex with a consensus DNA sequence of the hypoxia-induced gene promoter. The DosR C-terminal domain contains four {alpha}-helices and forms tetramers consisting of two dimers with non-intersecting dyads. In the DNA-bound structure, each DosR C-terminal domain in a dimer places its DNA-binding helix deep into the major groove, causing two bends in the DNA. DosR makes numerous protein-DNA base contacts using only three amino acid residues per subunit: Lys179, Lys182, and Asn183. The DosR tetramer is unique among response regulators with known structures.

Wisedchaisri, Goragot; Wu, Meiting; Rice, Adrian E.; Roberts, David M.; Sherman, David R.; Hol, Wim G.J. (UWASH)



Ideología y grotesco en dos obras recientes de Adam Guevara  

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FALL 1998 69 Ideología y grotesco en dos obras recientes de Adam Guevara Felipe Reyes Palacios Incorporado de lleno a la dramaturgia desde 1988 - a los veinte años exactos de la crisis política que se vivió en México en 1968, cuyo momento... culminante es la matanza de estudiantes en la plaza de Tlatelolco el 2 de octubre de dicho año -, y proveniente de la práctica de la dirección escénica desde sus años de estudiante en la Escuela Nacional de Teatro del INBA (1963-1967), Adam Guevara (México...

Reyes Palacios, Felipe



Detection of DoS attacks using intrusion detection sensors  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Intrusion detection systems have usually been developed using large host-based components. These components impose an extra load on the system where they run (sometimes even requiring a dedicated system) and are subject to tampering or disabling by an intruder. Additionally, intrusion detection systems have usually obtained information about host behavior through indirect means, such as audit trails or network packet traces. This potentially allows intruders to modify the information before the intrusion detection system obtains it and slows down the detection and prevention of DoS attacks, making it possible for an intruder to hide his activities. In this paper we propose work that will attempt to show that it is possible to perform intrusion detection mechanism of DoS attacks using small sensors embedded in a computer system. These sensors will look for signs of specific intrusions. They will perform target monitoring by observing the behavior of the through an audit trail or other indirect means in real time while the Snort IDS running. Furthermore, by being built into the computer system it could provide a flexible alert sensor which may not impose a considerable extra load on the host they monitor.

Ramakrishna, Pathmenanthan; Maarof, Mohd A.



Document image archive transfer from DOS to UNIX  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

An R&D division of the National Library of Medicine has developed a prototype system for automated document image delivery as an adjunct to the labor-intensive manual interlibrary loan service of the library. The document image archive is implemented by a PC controlled bank of optical disk drives which use 12 inch WORM platters containing bitmapped images of over 200,000 pages of medical journals. Following three years of routine operation which resulted in serving patrons with articles both by mail and fax, an effort is underway to relocate the storage environment from the DOS-based system to a UNIX-based jukebox whose magneto-optical erasable 5 1/4 inch platters hold the images. This paper describes the deficiencies of the current storage system, the design issues of modifying several modules in the system, the alternatives proposed and the tradeoffs involved.

Hauser, Susan E.; Gill, Michael J.; Thoma, George R.



Programa de Ps-Graduao em Cincia dos Alimentos CAL/CCA/UFSC Regimento Interno  

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Floeter, Sergio Ricardo



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MAC320 INTRODUC¸ ~AO `A TEORIA DOS GRAFOS INFORMAC¸ ~OES GERAIS Bem-vindos `a edi¸c~ao do 2o. semestre de 2010 de MAC320, Introdu¸c~ao `a Teoria dos Grafos. Esta ´e uma disciplina do Bacharelado em Ci^encia da Computa¸c~ao do IME/USP. Objetivos da disciplina: Estudar os elementos fundamentais da teoria dos

Kohayakawa, Yoshiharu


Teoria dos Corpos 3o Exame de Melhoria de Nota 1a  

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Teoria dos Corpos ­ 3o ano Exame de Melhoria de Nota 1a ´epoca ­ 21 de Janeiro de 2005 Dura¸c~ao: 3 nota da disciplina de Teoria dos Corpos (do antigo plano de estudos das licenciaturas em Matem´atica e Ensino da Matem´atica). · O exame de Teoria dos Corpos coincide em parte com o exame de Teoria de Galois

St Andrews, University of


A violação positiva do contrato e o inadimplento dos deveres larterais impostos pela boa-fé.  

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??A complexidade das relações sociais notadamente após o advento da grande segunda guerra, influenciou decisivamente, a legislação doutrina e jurisprudência dos países europeus consagrando uma… (more)

Rafael Marinangelo



Queda dos homicídios em São Paulo, Brasil: uma análise descritiva  

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Objetivo Descrever a evolução da mortalidade por homicídios no Município de São Paulo segundo tipo de arma, sexo, raça ou cor, idade e áreas de exclusão/inclusão social entre 1996 e 2008. Métodos Estudo ecológico de série temporal. Os dados sobre óbitos ocorridos no Município foram coletados da base de dados do Programa de Aprimoramento das Informações sobre Mortalidade, seguindo a Classificação Internacional de Doenças, Décima Revisão (CID-10). Foram calculadas as taxas de mortalidade por homicídio (TMH) para a população total, por sexo, raça ou cor, faixa etária, tipo de arma e área de exclusão/inclusão social. As TMH foram padronizadas por idade pelo método direto. Foram calculados os percentuais de variação no período estudado. Para as áreas de exclusão/inclusão social foram calculados os riscos relativos de morte por homicídio. Resultados As TMH apresentaram queda de 73,7% entre 2001 e 2008. Foi observada redução da TMH em todos os grupos analisados, mais pronunciada em homens (?74,5%), jovens de 15 a 24 anos (?78,0%) e moradores de áreas de exclusão social extrema (?79,3%). A redução ocorreu, sobretudo, nos homicídios cometidos com armas de fogo (?74,1%). O risco relativo de morte por homicídio nas áreas de exclusão extrema (tendo como referência áreas com algum grau de exclusão social) foi de 2,77 em 1996, 3,9 em 2001 e 2,13 em 2008. Nas áreas de alta exclusão social, o risco relativo foi de 2,07 em 1996 e 1,96 em 2008. Conclusões Para compreender a redução dos homicídios no Município, é importante considerar macrodeterminantes que atingem todo o Município e todos os subgrupos populacionais e microdeterminantes que atuam localmente, influenciando de forma diferenciada os homicídios com armas de fogo e os homicídios na população jovem, no sexo masculino e em residentes em áreas de alta exclusão social. PMID:21390415

Peres, Maria Fernanda Tourinho; Vicentin, Diego; Nery, Marcelo Batista; de Lima, Renato Sérgio; de Souza, Edinilsa Ramos; Cerda, Magdalena; Cardia, Nancy; Adorno, e Sérgio



The Dormancy Regulator DosR Controls Ribosome Stability in Hypoxic Mycobacteria*  

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It is thought that during latent infection, Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacilli are retained within granulomas in a low-oxygen environment. The dormancy survival (Dos) regulon, regulated by the response regulator DosR, appears to be essential for hypoxic survival in M. tuberculosis, but it is not known how the regulon promotes survival. Here we report that mycobacteria, in contrast to enteric bacteria, do not form higher-order structures (e.g. ribosomal dimers) upon entry into stasis. Instead, ribosomes are stabilized in the associated form (70S). Using a strategy incorporating microfluidic, proteomic, and ribosomal profiling techniques to elucidate the fate of mycobacterial ribosomes during hypoxic stasis, we show that the dormancy regulator DosR is required for optimal ribosome stabilization. We present evidence that the majority of this effect is mediated by the DosR-regulated protein MSMEG_3935 (a S30AE domain protein), which is associated with the ribosome under hypoxic conditions. A ?3935 mutant phenocopies the ?dosR mutant during hypoxia, and complementation of ?dosR with the MSMEG_3935 gene leads to complete recovery of dosR mutant phenotypes during hypoxia. We suggest that this protein is named ribosome-associated factor under hypoxia (RafH) and that it is the major factor responsible for DosR-mediated hypoxic survival in mycobacteria. PMID:22544737

Trauner, Andrej; Lougheed, Kathryn E. A.; Bennett, Mark H.; Hingley-Wilson, Suzanne M.; Williams, Huw D.



The Mystery of Dos Bocas Reservoir, Puerto Rico: Explaining Extreme Spatial Heterogeneity in Largemouth Bass Distribution  

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The Mystery of Dos Bocas Reservoir, Puerto Rico: Explaining Extreme Spatial Heterogeneity.--Dos Bocas Reservoir, Puerto Rico, has pronounced in-lake variability in fish distributions, especially in piscivore abundance, between the two primary reservoir basins. We quantified fish community distributions

Cope, W. Gregory


Probabilistic model checking of CAPTCHA admission control for DoS resistant anti-SPIT  

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Probabilistic model checking of CAPTCHA admission control for DoS resistant anti-SPIT protection SPAM over Internet Telephony (SPIT). A well-established method to tackle SPIT is the use of CAPTCHAs. CAPTCHAs are vulnerable to Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, due to their excessive demands for bandwidth

Katsaros, Panagiotis


Dense Inhibitory Connectivity in Neocortex Elodie Fino1,* and Rafael Yuste1  

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. INTRODUCTION The neocortex is the largest part of the mammalian brain, yet its function is still poorly neurons in brain slices (Thomson et al., 1988) have demonstrated many intra- and interlaminar connections-photon uncaging of glutamate in brain slices, one can sequentially acti- vate hundreds of potential presynaptic

Columbia University


Bourgin-Yang Theorem for G-equivariant Edivaldo Lopes dos Santos -UFSCar  

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. Marzantowicz - AMU - Pozna´n-Poland & D. de Mattos - ICMC - USP Florida State University Tallahassee February, is analogous. [Munkholm, Izydorek & Rybicki, de Mattos & dos Santos, ... ] #12;Bourgin-Yang proved


An integrated machine learning approach for predicting DosR-regulated genes in Mycobacterium tuberculosis  

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Abstract Background DosR is an important regulator of the response to stress such as limited oxygen availability in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Time course gene expression data enable us to dissect this response on the gene regulatory level. The m...

Zhang, Yi; Hatch, Kim A; Bacon, Joanna; Wernisch, Lorenz



DoS Defense in Structured Peer-to-Peer Networks  

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Denial of service (DoS) attacks are a large and increasing threat to the Internet community. In this paper, we propose using a distributed approach to DoS defense. Our archi- tecture leverages the properties of a wide-area overlay net- work to isolate clusters of attackers while denying access to a minimal amount of legitimate users. This is done by col- laborating

Pete Perlegos



Measurements of degree of sensitization (DoS) in aluminum alloys using EMAT ultrasound.  


Sensitization in 5XXX aluminum alloys is an insidious problem characterized by the gradual formation and growth of beta phase (Mg(2)Al(3)) at grain boundaries, which increases the susceptibility of alloys to intergranular corrosion (IGC) and intergranular stress-corrosion cracking (IGSCC). The degree of sensitization (DoS) is currently quantified by the ASTM G67 Nitric Acid Mass Loss Test, which is destructive and time consuming. A fast, reliable, and non-destructive method for rapid detection and the assessment of the condition of DoS in AA5XXX aluminum alloys in the field is highly desirable. In this paper, we describe a non-destructive method for measurements of DoS in aluminum alloys with an electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT). AA5083 aluminum alloy samples were sensitized at 100°C with processing times varying from 7days to 30days. The DoS of sensitized samples was first quantified with the ASTM 67 test in the laboratory. Both ultrasonic velocity and attenuation in sensitized specimens were then measured using EMAT and the results were correlated with the DoS data. We found that the longitudinal wave velocity was almost a constant, independent of the sensitization, which suggests that the longitudinal wave can be used to determine the sample thickness. The shear wave velocity and especially the shear wave attenuation are sensitive to DoS. Relationships between DoS and the shear velocity, as well as the shear attenuation have been established. Finally, we performed the data mining to evaluate and improve the accuracy in the measurements of DoS in aluminum alloys with EMAT. PMID:21232777

Li, Fang; Xiang, Dan; Qin, Yexian; Pond, Robert B; Slusarski, Kyle



Dinâmica dos usos e coberturas da terra em Área de Preservação Permanente na Bacia Hidrográfica dos Rios Mogi Guaçu e Pardo, no período entre 1988 e 2002  

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O objetivo deste trabalho foi estudar a dinâmica de uso e ocupação da terra em Áreas de Preservação Permanente – APPs - na Bacia Hidrográfica dos Rios Mogi Guaçu e Pardo, estado de São Paulo, de modo a subsidiar a formulação de políticas públicas. As APPs foram identificadas e mapeadas usando imagens do Landsat-7. O uso antrópico em áreas de

Luis Alberto Ambrosio; Maria Do Carmo Ramos Fasiaben; Jener Fernando Leite De Moraes



Phosphodiesterase DosP increases persistence by reducing cAMP which reduces the signal indole.  


Persisters are bacteria that are highly tolerant to antibiotics due to their dormant state and are of clinical significance owing to their role in infections. Given that the population of persisters increases in biofilms and that cyclic diguanylate (c-di-GMP) is an intracellular signal that increases biofilm formation, we sought to determine whether c-di-GMP has a role in bacterial persistence. By examining the effect of 30 genes from Escherichia coli, including diguanylate cyclases that synthesize c-di-GMP and phosphodiesterases that breakdown c-di-GMP, we determined that DosP (direct oxygen sensing phosphodiesterase) increases persistence by over a thousand fold. Using both transcriptomic and proteomic approaches, we determined that DosP increases persistence by decreasing tryptophanase activity and thus indole. Corroborating this effect, addition of indole reduced persistence. Despite the role of DosP as a c-di-GMP phosphodiesterase, the decrease in tryptophanase activity was found to be a result of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) phosphodiesterase activity. Corroborating this result, the reduction of cAMP via CpdA, a cAMP-specific phosphodiesterase, increased persistence and reduced indole levels similarly to DosP. Therefore, phosphodiesterase DosP increases persistence by reducing the interkingdom signal indole via reduction of the global regulator cAMP. Biotechnol. Bioeng. 2015;112: 588-600. © 2014 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. PMID:25219496

Kwan, Brian W; Osbourne, Devon O; Hu, Ying; Benedik, Michael J; Wood, Thomas K



Governo apresenta reforma da rede do Superior em Maro sem contributo dos reitores  

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Governo apresenta reforma da rede do Superior em Março sem contributo dos reitores O Ministério da a racionalização da rede do Superior que vai passar pela cria- ção de consórcios entre universida- des e

Instituto de Sistemas e Robotica


Low-Budget, Cost-Effective OCR: Optical Character Recognition for MS-DOS Micros.  

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Discusses optical character recognition (OCR) for use with MS-DOS microcomputers. Cost effectiveness is considered, three types of software approaches to character recognition are explained, hardware and operation requirements are described, possible library applications are discussed, future OCR developments are suggested, and a list of OCR…

Perez, Ernest



Maturidade óssea: estimação utilizando dimensões dos centros de ossificação com o auxílio de SNAKES  

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Resumo - A estimação da maturidade óssea é uma das mais importantes características na análise de radiografia carpal na área da radiologia pediátrica. A maturidade pode ser obtida através da análise de características encontradas nos centros de ossificação dos ossos da mão. Os métodos de estimativa da idade óssea utilizados atualmente apresentam alto grau de complexidade para a estimação, acarretando

Celso Olivete Júnior; Evandro Luís; Linhari Rodrigues


Modelando a volatilidade dos retornos de Petrobrás usando dados de alta frequência  

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O objetivo do presente trabalho é analisar as características empíricas de uma série deretornos de dados em alta freqüência para um dos ativos mais negociados na Bolsa de Valoresde São Paulo. Estamos interessados em modelar a volatilidade condicional destes retornos,testando em particular a presença de memória longa, entre outros fenômenos que caracterizameste tipo de dados. Nossa investigação revela que além

Leonardo Cappa; Pedro Luiz Valls Pereira



Energy Conversion Unit with Optimized Waveform Generation Sally Sajadian and Euzeli C. dos Santos Jr.  

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Energy Conversion Unit with Optimized Waveform Generation Sally Sajadian and Euzeli C. dos Santos to increase the efficiency of the devices dealing with energy conversion. The power supplies devices able and interleaved converters. This paper proposes an energy conversion unit constituted by a single-phase DC

Zhou, Yaoqi


Dos comunicaciones.  

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¡afortunadamente! teatrales ni "artísticas." El lenguaje periodístico, los anuncios de las latas de conservas, los folletos de turismo, los libros de oraciones, los libros de matemáticas, los "comics," los chistes que se oyen en los bares, los letreros o...

Dí az, Jorge



Qual o Papel da Escola e da Mídia na Obtenção dos Conhecimentos Astronômicos?  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

É amplamente reconhecido que as pessoas em geral têm grande fascínio e interesse pela Astronomia. Por outro lado, o conteúdo dessa área incluído no ensino formal está longe de ser abrangente e suficiente para suprir a demanda. Esse interesse permite aperfeiçoar a divulgação e o ensino não formal de Astronomia através da mídia aliando a adequação do conteúdo à expectativa das pessoas. A reforma do Currículo Básico da Escola Pública da maioria dos Estados brasileiros tem introduzido Astronomia desde a pré-escola até o Ensino Médio. Num estudo realizado com 1180 alunos do Ensino Médio de seis escolas estaduais, revelou-se através da aplicação de um formulário contendo questões que abordavam conhecimentos básicos em Astronomia, como foram adquiridos tais conhecimentos e à infra-estrutura da escola. Para 66,1% dos entrevistados o professor já fez alguma apresentação a respeito de Astronomia. O presente estudo revelou também que 54,4% dos alunos entrevistados adquiriram seus conhecimentos astronômicos na escola, 18,4% através da televisão e 27,1% afirmaram que seus conhecimentos foram obtidos através de outros tipos de mídia (internet, livros didáticos, filmes e revistas). Embora o estudo revele claramente que há certo equilíbrio no meio em que os alunos obtiveram seus conhecimentos astronômicos, a mídia busca não somente sua difusão, mas a disponibilização desse conhecimento de maneira correta, que às vezes, não é atingido, apresentando conceitos sem fundamentação e incorretos. Por outro lado, no dia-a-dia escolar, é comum encontrar professores que vêm para as aulas com concepções prévias, que podem diferir substancialmente das idéias a serem ensinadas, dificultando o aprendizado de futuros conceitos científicos. Uma avaliação criteriosa, avaliando as dificuldades dos professores em determinar o sentido correto dos conceitos e observando a metodologia que utilizam no ensino, poderá proporcionar uma melhor compreensão sobre as concepções alternativas, presentes no ensino de Astronomia.

da Cunha, W. S.; Voelzke, M. R.; Amaral, L. H.



Análise dos Conceitos Astronômicos Apresentados por Professores de Algumas Escolas Estaduais Brasileiras  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A razão para o desenvolvimento deste trabalho baseia-se no fato de que muitos professores da Educação Básica (EB) não lidam com conceitos relacionados à astronomia, e quando o fazem eles simplesmente seguem livros didáticos que podem conter erros conceituais. Como é de conhecimento geral a astronomia é um dos conteúdos a serem ensinados na EB fazendo parte dos Parâmetros Curriculares Nacionais e das Propostas Curriculares do Estado de São Paulo, mas é um fato, que vários pesquisadores apontam, a existência de muitos problemas no ensino da astronomia. Com o propósito de minimizar algumas dessas deficiências foi realizado um trabalho de pesquisa com a utilização de questionários pré e pós pesquisa, para tanto foi desenvolvido um Curso de Extensão Universitária para professores da Diretoria de Ensino Regional (DE) que abrange Mauá, Ribeirão Pires e Rio Grande da Serra (no Estado de São Paulo) com os seguintes objetivos: levantar concepções alternativas; subsidiar os professores por meio de palestras, debates e workshops, e verificar o sucesso da aprendizagem após o curso, adotando-se como referência, para a análise dos resultados, os dicionários de Língua Portuguesa (FERREIRA, 2004) e Enciclopédico de Astronomia e Astronáutica (MOUR?O, 1995). Portanto, dezesseis questões foram aplicadas antes e após o curso, assim pode-se verificar após a pesquisa que 100,0% dos professores sabiam os nomes das fases da Lua, 97,0% entenderam que o Sistema Solar é composto por oito planetas, 78,1% foram capazes de explicar como ocorre um eclipse lunar, um eclipse solar e um solstício, 72,7% sabiam como explicar a ocorrência das estações do ano; 64,5% explicaram corretamente a ocorrência do equinócio, 89,7% foram capazes de definir adequadamente o termo cometa; 63,6% definiram asteróide, 54,5% meteoro, 58,1% galáxia, e 42,4% planeta. Os resultados obtidos indicam uma aprendizagem significativa por parte dos participantes.

Voelzke, Marcos Rincon; Gonzaga, Edson Pereira



Observational Assessment of Preschool Disruptive Behavior, Part II: Validity of the Disruptive Behavior Diagnostic Observation Schedule (DB-DOS)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A study is conducted to determine whether the multidomain, multicontext Disruptive Behavior Diagnostic Observation Schedule (DB-DOS) is a valid observational method for assessing disruptive behavior of preschool children. It is concluded that the DB-DOS is a valid method for a direct observational assessment of clinically significant disruptive…

Wakschlag, Lauren S.; Briggs-Gowan, Margaret J.; Hill, Carri; Danis, Barbara; Leventhal, Bennett L.; Keenan, Kate; Egger, Helen L.; Cicchetti, Domenic; Burns, James; Carter, Alice S.



FUNDAMENTACIN El tenis es un popular deporte de raqueta a nivel mundial. Se puede jugar entre dos  

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TENIS FUNDAMENTACI�N El tenis es un popular deporte de raqueta a nivel mundial. Se puede jugar entre dos personas en individuales y entre dos parejas en dobles. Este deporte es uno de los más famosos en el mundo, destacando en mundiales y olimpiadas. Es considerado un deporte profesional y es jugado

Escolano, Francisco


Trace Element Distribution Between Olivine and Kirschsteinite in Angra Dos Reis  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The angrites are a small and enigmatic group of basaltic achondrites that possess unique mineralogical and chemical properties. The dominant mineralogy of the seven angrite members (Angra dos Reis, LEW 86010, LEW 87051, Asuka 881371, Sahara 99555, D Orbigny, and a new Moroccan member) is fassaite, olivine, and plagioclase. Angrites display a wide range of thermal histories, with Angra dos Reis (AdoR) exhibiting a cooling history different from that of the rapidly cooled members and from LEW86010, a more slowly cooled member. AdoR could represent either a cumulate or a porphyritic igneous rock that was later altered by metamorphism. We are re-examining the thermal history of AdoR in light of the more recently described angrite members. Our emphasis is a trace element study of low-Ca olivine, which we refer to as olivine, and high-Ca olivine, which we refer to as kirschsteinite, in AdoR.

Fittipaldo, M. M.; Jones, R. H.; Shearer, C. K.



Investigação dos perfís temporais de alta resolução de explosões solares tipo-III decimétricas  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Explosões solares tipo-III indicam a presença de feixes de elétrons acelerados durante "flares" solares. Sua investigação fornece informações tanto sobre os processos de aceleração de partículas quanto das características do agente causador e do local de aceleração. Explosões tipo-III decimétricas são geradas por feixes de elétrons viajando através de arcos magnéticos densos da baixa coroa solar. Os perfís temporais destes fenômenos, quando tomados com alta resolução, informam sobre os mecanismos de aceleração de partículas do feixe e o meio de transporte da energia liberada a partir da região de aceleração. Usando o Brazilian Solar Spectroscope (BSS), em operação no INPE, foram registradas dezenas de explosões tipo-III decimétricas, dentro da faixa de 2050-2250 MHz com alta resolução temporal (20 ms), em 13 de setembro de 2001, entre 13:00 e 16:10 UT. Foram selecionadas 10 explosões isoladas para uma investigação estatística detalhada de seus perfís temporais, em todos os cerca de 50 canais de freqüência. Os resultados indicam que cerca de 70% dos perfís temporais são complexos tanto durante a subida quanto descida. Os 30% restantes indicam que os perfís da subida podem ser bem representados, na maioria dos casos, por um processo não-linear e uma parcela significativa por processos lineares. Os perfís temporais da descida são dominados por um decaimento não-linear. Neste trabalho, será efetuada uma análise dos perfís temporais, tanto durante a subida quanto descida do fluxo, para as explosões selecionadas, em termos dos prováveis mecanismos de aceleração e relaxamento. 2

Cecatto, J. R.; Fernandes, F. C. R.; Sawant, H. S.; Madsen, F. R. H.



The excitation of the Na airglow from Coqui Dos rocket and ground-based observations  

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On February 20 1998 two rockets were launched from Puerto Rico as part of the Coqui Dos campaign. Data from on-board photometers and ground-based data from a Na lidar and an airglow imager allowed an estimate to be made, using both the TIME-GCM and MSIS models, of the branching coefficient alpha for the Na airglow emission. Assuming the hydrogen density

J. H. Hecht; S. Collins; C. Kruschwitz; M. C. Kelley; R. L. Walterscheid



Sm-Nd-Pu timepieces in the Angra DOS Reis meteorite  

Microsoft Academic Search

Isotope ratios and age estimations are presented for the ultramafic pyroxenite Angra dos Reis meteorite. A pyroxene-phosphate internal isochron age of 4.55 plus or minus 0.04 eons was obtained, in agreement with reported Pb-Pb ages. It is suggested that Sm-146 decay led to an increase in the ratio of Nd-142 to Nd-144 in pyroxene, which is greater than the ratio

G. W. Lugmair; K. Marti



livro de reclamaes dos estudantes do superior j tem milhares de pginas  

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livro de reclamações dos estudantes do superior já tem milhares de páginas Das dificuldades em. Depois, as reclamações vão ser reuni- das em livro e enviadas ao Presidente da República e ao Governo num livro, que será enviado ao Presidente da República, Cavaco Silva, ao primeiro-ministro, Pedro

Instituto de Sistemas e Robotica


FlexyDos3D: a deformable anthropomorphic 3D radiation dosimeter: radiation properties.  


Three dimensional radiation dosimetry has received growing interest with the implementation of highly conformal radiotherapy treatments. The radiotherapy community faces new challenges with the commissioning of image guided and image gated radiotherapy treatments (IGRT) and deformable image registration software.A new three dimensional anthropomorphically shaped flexible dosimeter, further called 'FlexyDos3D', has been constructed and a new fast optical scanning method has been implemented that enables scanning of irregular shaped dosimeters. The FlexyDos3D phantom can be actuated and deformed during the actual treatment. FlexyDos3D offers the additional advantage that it is easy to fabricate, is non-toxic and can be molded in an arbitrary shape with high geometrical precision.The dosimeter formulation has been optimized in terms of dose sensitivity. The influence of the casting material and oxygen concentration has also been investigated. The radiophysical properties of this new dosimeter are discussed including stability, spatial integrity, temperature dependence of the dosimeter during radiation, readout and storage, dose rate dependence and tissue equivalence. PMID:25615261

De Deene, Y; Skyt, P S; Hil, R; Booth, J T



FlexyDos3D: a deformable anthropomorphic 3D radiation dosimeter: radiation properties  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Three dimensional radiation dosimetry has received growing interest with the implementation of highly conformal radiotherapy treatments. The radiotherapy community faces new challenges with the commissioning of image guided and image gated radiotherapy treatments (IGRT) and deformable image registration software. A new three dimensional anthropomorphically shaped flexible dosimeter, further called ‘FlexyDos3D’, has been constructed and a new fast optical scanning method has been implemented that enables scanning of irregular shaped dosimeters. The FlexyDos3D phantom can be actuated and deformed during the actual treatment. FlexyDos3D offers the additional advantage that it is easy to fabricate, is non-toxic and can be molded in an arbitrary shape with high geometrical precision. The dosimeter formulation has been optimized in terms of dose sensitivity. The influence of the casting material and oxygen concentration has also been investigated. The radiophysical properties of this new dosimeter are discussed including stability, spatial integrity, temperature dependence of the dosimeter during radiation, readout and storage, dose rate dependence and tissue equivalence. The first authors Y De Deene and P S Skyt made an equivalent contribution to the experimental work presented in this paper.

De Deene, Y.; Skyt, P. S.; Hil, R.; Booth, J. T.



An integrated machine learning approach for predicting DosR-regulated genes in Mycobacterium tuberculosis  

PubMed Central

Background DosR is an important regulator of the response to stress such as limited oxygen availability in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Time course gene expression data enable us to dissect this response on the gene regulatory level. The mRNA expression profile of a regulator, however, is not necessarily a direct reflection of its activity. Knowing the transcription factor activity (TFA) can be exploited to predict novel target genes regulated by the same transcription factor. Various approaches have been proposed to reconstruct TFAs from gene expression data. Most of them capture only a first-order approximation to the complex transcriptional processes by assuming linear gene responses and linear dynamics in TFA, or ignore the temporal information in data from such systems. Results In this paper, we approach the problem of inferring dynamic hidden TFAs using Gaussian processes (GP). We are able to model dynamic TFAs and to account for both linear and nonlinear gene responses. To test the validity of the proposed approach, we reconstruct the hidden TFA of p53, a tumour suppressor activated by DNA damage, using published time course gene expression data. Our reconstructed TFA is closer to the experimentally determined profile of p53 concentration than that from the original study. We then apply the model to time course gene expression data obtained from chemostat cultures of M. tuberculosis under reduced oxygen availability. After estimation of the TFA of DosR based on a number of known target genes using the GP model, we predict novel DosR-regulated genes: the parameters of the model are interpreted as relevance parameters indicating an existing functional relationship between TFA and gene expression. We further improve the prediction by integrating promoter sequence information in a logistic regression model. Apart from the documented DosR-regulated genes, our prediction yields ten novel genes under direct control of DosR. Conclusions Chemostat cultures are an ideal experimental system for controlling noise and variability when monitoring the response of bacterial organisms such as M. tuberculosis to finely controlled changes in culture conditions and available metabolites. Nonlinear hidden TFA dynamics of regulators can be reconstructed remarkably well with Gaussian processes from such data. Moreover, estimated parameters of the GP can be used to assess whether a gene is controlled by the reconstructed TFA or not. It is straightforward to combine these parameters with further information, such as the presence of binding motifs, to increase prediction accuracy. PMID:20356371



Crystal Structures of the Response Regulator DosR from Mycobacterium tuberculosis Suggest a Helix Rearrangement Mechanism for Phosphorylation Activation  

PubMed Central

The response regulator DosR is essential for promoting long-term survival of Mycobacterium tuberculosis under low oxygen conditions in a dormant state and may be responsible for latent tuberculosis in one third of the world’s population. Here we report crystal structures of full-length unphosphorylated DosR at 2.2 Å and its C-terminal DNA-binding domain at 1.7 Å resolution. The full-length DosR structure reveals several features never seen before in other response regulators. The N-terminal domain of the full-length DosR structure has an unexpected (??)4 topology instead of the canonical (??)5 fold observed in other response regulators. The linker region adopts a unique conformation which contains two helices forming a four-helix bundle with two helices from another subunit, resulting in dimer formation. The C-terminal domain in the full-length DosR structure displays a novel location of helix ?10 which provides Gln199 to interact with the catalytic Asp54 residue of the N-terminal domain. In contrast, the structure of the DosR C-terminal domain alone displays a remarkable unstructured conformation for helix ?10 residues different from the well-defined helical conformations in all other known structures, indicating considerable flexibility within the C-terminal domain. Our structures suggest a mode of DosR activation by phosphorylation via a helix rearrangement mechanism. PMID:18353359

Wisedchaisri, Goragot; Wu, Meiting; Sherman, David R.; Hol, Wim G. J.



Modos de produccion cientifica: Culturas y metodologias de investigacion en la Universidad de Cadiz  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Este trabajo de investigacion supone un modelo teorico de caracter aplicado, que proporciona la oportunidad de evaluar la produccion cientifica de los investigadores. Se encuadra dentro de la tradiccion de la estadistica aplicada y la sociologia del conocimiento. Atiende especialmente a dos conjuntos de temas de interes, por una parte, las caracteristicas principales que determinan el nivel y tipo de produccion academica producida por las unidades de investigacion y por los propios investigadores; por otra, la utilizacion que se hace de los metodos y tecnicas de investigacion puesto que de ello tambien depende el modo de produccion cientifica. Los puntos novedosos de esta tesis son: la medicion cuantitativa del objeto de estudio, la suma de los productos y las condiciones externas a la produccion del conocimiento mas otros elementos internos como las caracteristicas de los investigadores y la metodologia utilizada para desarrollar sus trabajos; y, finalmente, el uso de las nuevas tecnologias. El aprovechamiento de los recursos estadisticos y las fuentes de informacion secundarias se complementan con el diseno propio de una encuesta donde se implementa las caracteristicas descritas en un capitulo anterior sobre los metodos cientificos mas idoneos descritos en los principales manuales y articulos cientificos desde distintas disciplinas de conocimiento. Dicha encuesta ha sido desarrollada como un programa propio y en base a los mas innovadores usos de la tecnologia en la metodologia de encuestas.

Gonzalez Ramos, Ana M.



Caracteristicas de la Instruccion Programada como Tecnica de Ensenanza (Characteristics of Programed Instruction as a Teaching Technique).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This discussion of programed instruction begins with the fundamental psychological aspects and learning theories behind this teaching method. Negative and positive reinforcement, conditioning, and their relationship to programed instruction are considered. Different types of programs, both linear and branching, are discussed; criticism of the…

Dorrego, Maria Elena



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Wasen Bruna Diedrichs Barbosa #12;Jhenifer Alcântara Baptista Leonardo de Mattos Lima Marcelo Hoff dos Laryssa Paula Setim Matheus Henrique Alves Manhães Mylena Peixoto de Mattos Yuria Santamaria Pismel

Paraná, Universidade Federal do


A Bayesian Change point model for differential gene expression patterns of the DosR regulon of Mycobacterium tuberculosis  

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Abstract Background Low oxygen availability has been shown previously to stimulate M. tuberculosis to establish non-replicative persistence in vitro. The two component sensor/regulator dosRS is a major mediator in the transcriptional response of M...

Zhang, Yi; Hatch, Kim A; Wernisch, Lorenz; Bacon, Joanna



DoS detection in IEEE 802.11 with the presence of hidden nodes.  


The paper presents a novel technique to detect Denial of Service (DoS) attacks applied by misbehaving nodes in wireless networks with the presence of hidden nodes employing the widely used IEEE 802.11 Distributed Coordination Function (DCF) protocols described in the IEEE standard [1]. Attacker nodes alter the IEEE 802.11 DCF firmware to illicitly capture the channel via elevating the probability of the average number of packets transmitted successfully using up the bandwidth share of the innocent nodes that follow the protocol standards. We obtained the theoretical network throughput by solving two-dimensional Markov Chain model as described by Bianchi [2], and Liu and Saadawi [3] to determine the channel capacity. We validated the results obtained via the theoretical computations with the results obtained by OPNET simulator [4] to define the baseline for the average attainable throughput in the channel under standard conditions where all nodes follow the standards. The main goal of the DoS attacker is to prevent the innocent nodes from accessing the channel and by capturing the channel's bandwidth. In addition, the attacker strives to appear as an innocent node that follows the standards. The protocol resides in every node to enable each node to police other nodes in its immediate wireless coverage area. All innocent nodes are able to detect and identify the DoS attacker in its wireless coverage area. We applied the protocol to two Physical Layer technologies: Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) and Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) and the results are presented to validate the algorithm. PMID:25685510

Soryal, Joseph; Liu, Xijie; Saadawi, Tarek



DoS detection in IEEE 802.11 with the presence of hidden nodes  

PubMed Central

The paper presents a novel technique to detect Denial of Service (DoS) attacks applied by misbehaving nodes in wireless networks with the presence of hidden nodes employing the widely used IEEE 802.11 Distributed Coordination Function (DCF) protocols described in the IEEE standard [1]. Attacker nodes alter the IEEE 802.11 DCF firmware to illicitly capture the channel via elevating the probability of the average number of packets transmitted successfully using up the bandwidth share of the innocent nodes that follow the protocol standards. We obtained the theoretical network throughput by solving two-dimensional Markov Chain model as described by Bianchi [2], and Liu and Saadawi [3] to determine the channel capacity. We validated the results obtained via the theoretical computations with the results obtained by OPNET simulator [4] to define the baseline for the average attainable throughput in the channel under standard conditions where all nodes follow the standards. The main goal of the DoS attacker is to prevent the innocent nodes from accessing the channel and by capturing the channel’s bandwidth. In addition, the attacker strives to appear as an innocent node that follows the standards. The protocol resides in every node to enable each node to police other nodes in its immediate wireless coverage area. All innocent nodes are able to detect and identify the DoS attacker in its wireless coverage area. We applied the protocol to two Physical Layer technologies: Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) and Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) and the results are presented to validate the algorithm.

Soryal, Joseph; Liu, Xijie; Saadawi, Tarek



Volcanic and structural controls of mineralization in the Dos Cabezas Mountains of southeastern Arizona  

SciTech Connect

A combination of geophysical, geochemical, and geological features suggests that a central part of the Dos Cabezas Mountains probably has considerable potential for blind deposits, chiefly base metals. The area exposes the root zone of a Paleocene( ) volcanic complex and its underlying granitic stocks, which were emplaced next to a major northwest-trending, much reactivated fault zone. The new data, combined with the knowledge of past mining activity in the area, lead them to propose several exploration targets that may lead to ore bodies in breccia pipes along the base of the volcanic pile and along a possible concealed fault or caldera margin.

Drewes, H.; Klein, D.P.; Birmingham, S.D.



John Dos Passos' theme of individual freedom in American society in the novel Midcentury  

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seeking. He particularly valued freedom for every individual to act and think as he pleases, within the frame- work of laws. He bel1eved that America must return to those basic tenets of American democracy, so that in this technological and complex age...--finding each one a mode of regimentation corrupted by the dirty itch for power. " 3 Or, s, s enother scholar explains, Dos Passos "turned to sn historical investigation of the American past. This has led him to re)cot Marxism and Socialism and to embrace his...

Rundt, Antoinette Hasselbach



Use of Remote Sensing and Local Knowledge for Geoconservation of Regiao dos Lagos, Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A series of lagoons can be found along the coastline of Rio de Janeiro, in the so-called Regiao dos Lagos. The lagoons differ in size, physicochemical, sedimentological and biological characteristics. Rare examples of litifying microbialites that produce stromatolites, the oldest fossils on Earth, can be found living in this lagoon system. The occurrence of stromatolites in the region is of great scientific interest because it enables the study of possible analogues of the earliest life on Earth. However, this region has been suffering from intense human activities and degradations. Geoconservation planning requires an assessment of the characteristics of the region and its potential threats. The primary goal of this study is to assess physical environmental changes and anthropogenic impacts over the last four decades in Regiao dos Lagos. Using a broad integrative assessment combining remote sensing, GIS, field studies and local knowledge of communities, land-cover and land-use classes were identified, as well as the main human activities impacting the environment. The seasonal and weekend tourism and urban sprawl in this coastal area of Rio de Janeiro triggers the occupation of new areas and the removal of natural vegetation, especially on lagoon margins. This disorderly occupation by an ever increasing population, with both legal and illegal constructions and the subsequent overload of the local infrastructure, e.g. increase of electrical energy consumption, volume of vehicles, pollution in air, water and soil and problems with water supply and wastewater treatment, are hastening the gradual degradation of the lake ecosystem. The main driving forces to environmental changes over the last four decades in Regiao dos Lagos were the change of dense vegetation, saline and bare soil classes into built-up areas, adding to the poor waste treatment and inadequate sewage disposal. This analysis provides a basis for a better control of anthropogenic impacts and geoconservation activities of the ';Geopark Costoes e Lagunas do Rio de Janeiro', which includes Regiao dos Lagos. The goals of the geopark are the conservation of a healthy environment, education in the Earth sciences and the fostering of local, sustainable economic development. It is essential that the local government and population support the geoconservation work and are involved in the planning and implementation of activities. The local knowledge about natural, cultural and economical particularities of the region and awareness on environmental issues are taken into consideration, in order to assist the development of specific geoconservation activities according to community needs.

Avelar, S.; Vasconcelos, G.; Mansur, K. L.; Anjos, S. C.



RighTime: A real time clock correcting program for MS-DOS-based computer systems  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

A computer program is described which effectively eliminates the misgivings of the DOS system clock in PC/AT-class computers. RighTime is a small, sophisticated memory-resident program that automatically corrects both the DOS system clock and the hardware 'CMOS' real time clock (RTC) in real time. RighTime learns what corrections are required without operator interaction beyond the occasional accurate time set. Both warm (power on) and cool (power off) errors are corrected, usually yielding better than one part per million accuracy in the typical desktop computer with no additional hardware, and RighTime increases the system clock resolution from approximately 0.0549 second to 0.01 second. Program tools are also available which allow visualization of RighTime's actions, verification of its performance, display of its history log, and which provide data for graphing of the system clock behavior. The program has found application in a wide variety of industries, including astronomy, satellite tracking, communications, broadcasting, transportation, public utilities, manufacturing, medicine, and the military.

Becker, G. Thomas



Crystal Structures of the Response Regulator DosR From Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Suggest a Helix Rearrangement Mechanism for Phosphorylation Activation  

SciTech Connect

The response regulator DosR is essential for promoting long-term survival of Mycobacterium tuberculosis under low oxygen conditions in a dormant state and may be responsible for latent tuberculosis in one-third of the world's population. Here, we report crystal structures of full-length unphosphorylated DosR at 2.2 {angstrom} resolution and its C-terminal DNA-binding domain at 1.7 {angstrom} resolution. The full-length DosR structure reveals several features never seen before in other response regulators. The N-terminal domain of the full-length DosR structure has an unexpected ({beta}{alpha}){sub 4} topology instead of the canonical ({beta}{alpha}){sub 5} fold observed in other response regulators. The linker region adopts a unique conformation that contains two helices forming a four-helix bundle with two helices from another subunit, resulting in dimer formation. The C-terminal domain in the full-length DosR structure displays a novel location of helix {alpha}10, which allows Gln199 to interact with the catalytic Asp54 residue of the N-terminal domain. In contrast, the structure of the DosR C-terminal domain alone displays a remarkable unstructured conformation for helix {alpha}10 residues, different from the well-defined helical conformations in all other known structures, indicating considerable flexibility within the C-terminal domain. Our structures suggest a mode of DosR activation by phosphorylation via a helix rearrangement mechanism.

Wisedchaisri, G.; Wu, M.; Sherman, D.R.; Hol, W.G.J.



A laboratory screening technique for evaluating the reaction of selected maize cultivars (Zea mays L.) to maize rayado fino virus  

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into the Southeastern United States and as far north as Missouri and North Caro- lina (20). At the present time the distribution of MRFV parallels the distribution of D. maidis, both geographically and in its host range. Gamez (6) and Paniagua and Gamez (19) tried...

Skinner, Glenn Earl



L'evoluzione della corporate governance nel sisitema bancario italiano fino agli interventi connessi alla crisi finanziaria internazionale.  

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??La tesi tratta dell'evoluzione della corporate governance nel sisitema bancario italiano, esaminando le novità derivanti dall'introduzione dei modelli monistico e dualistico, e poi si concentra… (more)




Maize rayado fino virus-like particles expressed in tobacco plants: a new platform for cysteine selective bioconjugation peptide display  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

The ability of plant virus coat proteins to self-assemble into virus-like particles (VLPs), coupled with unique properties including three-dimensional structures, orthogonal reactivities, suitability for genetic manipulation and chemical bio-conjugation, provide potential utility in nanotechnology a...


On securing wireless sensor network--novel authentication scheme against DOS attacks.  


Wireless sensor networks are generally deployed for collecting data from various environments. Several applications specific sensor network cryptography algorithms have been proposed in research. However WSN's has many constrictions, including low computation capability, less memory, limited energy resources, vulnerability to physical capture, which enforce unique security challenges needs to make a lot of improvements. This paper presents a novel security mechanism and algorithm for wireless sensor network security and also an application of this algorithm. The proposed scheme is given to strong authentication against Denial of Service Attacks (DOS). The scheme is simulated using network simulator2 (NS2). Then this scheme is analyzed based on the network packet delivery ratio and found that throughput has improved. PMID:25106827

Raja, K Nirmal; Beno, M Marsaline



The excitation of the Na airglow from Coqui Dos rocket and ground-based observations  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

On February 20 1998 two rockets were launched from Puerto Rico as part of the Coqui Dos campaign. Data from on-board photometers and ground-based data from a Na lidar and an airglow imager allowed an estimate to be made, using both the TIME-GCM and MSIS models, of the branching coefficient ? for the Na airglow emission. Assuming the hydrogen density is within the range predicted by the two models the data are consistent with ? being less than 0.05. This value is well below a recent theoretical estimate of 0.67 and also below the nominally accepted value of 0.1 derived from previous aeronomic data.

Hecht, J. H.; Collins, S.; Kruschwitz, C.; Kelley, M. C.; Roble, R. G.; Walterscheid, R. L.



Age and isotopic relationships among the angrites Lewis Cliff 86010 and Angra dos Reis  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The paper presents results of a wide-ranging isotopic investigation of the the Antarctic angrite LEW-86010 (LEW), and reassesses the type angrite Angra dos Reis (ADOR) in order to obtain precise radiometric ages and initial Sr isotopic compositions, and to search for the erstwhile presence of the short-lived nuclei Sm-146 and Al-26 via their daughter products. The isotopic compositions of Sm, U, Ca, and Ti were measured to allow a detailed appraisal to be made of the relations between, and the geneology of, these two angrites. LEW proves to be severely contaminated with modern terrestrial Pb, which is shown to result from terrestrial weathering. Concordant Pb-Pb model ages of pyroxene separates are obtained; uranium isotopic compositions are normal within error. Overall, striking age and isotopic similarities between LEW and ADOR were found, suggesting almost simultaneous production on the same asteroid, even though recent experimental studies imply that the two are not comagmatic.

Lugmair, G. W.; Galer, S. J. G.



An MS-DOS-based program for analyzing plutonium gamma-ray spectra  

SciTech Connect

A plutonium gamma-ray analysis system that operates on MS-DOS-based computers has been developed for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to perform in-field analysis of plutonium gamma-ray spectra for plutonium isotopics. The program titled IAEAPU consists of three separate applications: a data-transfer application for transferring spectral data from a CICERO multichannel analyzer to a binary data file, a data-analysis application to analyze plutonium gamma-ray spectra, for plutonium isotopic ratios and weight percents of total plutonium, and a data-quality assurance application to check spectral data for proper data-acquisition setup and performance. Volume 3 contains the software listings for these applications.

Ruhter, W.D.; Buckley, W.M.



Identification and seasonal variation of atmospheric organic pollutants in Campos dos Goytacazes, Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Organic aerosol samples collected during a 1 year study at three sites in the city of Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, were examined by gas chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Samples were acquired using a standard high-volume air sampler (Hi-Vol); extracts prepared and fractionated into aliphatic, aromatic and polar compounds. These compounds were quantified and their seasonal ambient concentration patterns discussed. High winter and low summer concentrations were observed for retene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and total suspended particulate matter (TSP), with a seasonal (winter) peak for all compounds studied. The higher concentrations observable from May to September may result from crop burning processes, which occur in the sugarcane plantations, mainly during this part of the year. The studied sites may be considered unpolluted as concentrations of benzo[a]pyrene and benzene were lower than the regulation lower limits. On the other hand, two sites were considered polluted by TSP determination.

de Almeida Azevedo, Débora; dos Santos, Celeste Yara Moreira; de Aquino Neto, Francisco Radler


Comparação dos acidentes causados por Bothropoides jararaca (Serpentes: Viperidae) com e sem envenenamento atendidos no Hospital Vital Brazil do Instituto Butantan.  

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??No Brasil, 90% dos acidentes por serpentes peçonhentas são causadas por Bothropsafin (Bothrops, Bothropoides, Bothriopsis, Bothrocophias e Rhinocerophis), com predominância nos meses quentes e chuvosos,… (more)

Alessandra Furtado Nicoleti



Rv3133c/dosR is a transcription factor that mediates the hypoxic response of M. tuberculosis  

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1 Rv3133c/dosR is a transcription factor that mediates the hypoxic response of M. tuberculosis Heui tuberculosis can persist for years within humans in a clinically latent state. Latency is often linked to hypoxic conditions within the host. Among M. tuberculosis genes induced by hypoxia is a putative

Tompa, Martin


CRL4-like Clr4 complex in Schizosaccharomyces pombe depends on an exposed surface of Dos1 for  

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cullin- RING ubiquitin ligase (CRL) including its cullin Cul4, the RING-box protein Pip1, the DNA damage, CLRC comprises the cullin scaffold protein Cul4, the RING finger pro- tein Pip1, and WD-40 -propeller-dependent H3K9 methylation (12). Rik1, Cul4, Pip1, and Dos1 show strong resemblance to sub- units of Cullin

Halazonetis, Thanos



Microsoft Academic Search

Buscou-se com este estudo a identificação dos principais fatores de localização de abatedouros de frangos de corte e centros de distribuição localizados no Distrito Federal e Entorno (GO). Por meio de aplicação de questionários semi-estruturados, aos gestores de quatro abatedouros e dois centros de distribuição, foram avaliados se os fatores clássicos de Localização e contemporâneos interferiam e em que medida

Eliane Almeida do Carmo; Joao Batista Soares; Marcos Aurelio Lopes




Microsoft Academic Search

Resumen: La conocida en Argentina como Teoría o tesis de los dos demonios se ha utilizado para, si no justificar, sí al menos querer dar una explica - ción simplista al advenimiento del golpe del gene- ral Videla y la consiguiente dictadura conocida en Argentina como el Proceso. El artículo analiza los discursos e imágenes sobre cada uno de los

José Manuel Barrio Terol


PT0100 DEBAT UNIVERSITARI PT0100 Descripci: s una iniciativa que pretn dos objectius: acostar a la  

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PT0100 DEBAT UNIVERSITARI PT0100 Descripció: �s una iniciativa que pretén dos objectius: acostar ASSIGNATURES: (consultau-ne els subprogrames) PT0110 TALLER D'EXPRESSI� ORAL I CORPORAL: MILLORA LES TEVES COMPUTABLE A LES ASSIGNATURES: (consultau-ne els subprogrames) PT0120 LLIGA DE DEBAT UNIVERSITARI DE LA XARXA

Oro, Daniel


A proposed application of an industrial DOS computer for distribution substation monitoring and control  

SciTech Connect

This paper presents the design and implementation of an intelligent controller intended for use in distribution substations to perform monitoring and control duties within the framework of distribution automation needs. The hardware of the developed controller is a DOS based industrial computer running on ECB-BUS. The application software handles all input/output tasks, data collection, manipulation and control decisions with its flexible structure. This embedded controller measures bus voltage, transformer and feeder currents and calculates the real and reactive power, power factor, frequency, and total harmonic distortion of voltage and current. In addition to its local and remote data acquisition and monitoring functions by means of console and SCADA outputs, the system, through its relay outputs, is capable of performing automation tasks such as integrated Volt/Var control, overload and underfrequency detection and load shedding at the substation level. This reliable, high capacity and low cost system is completely programmable so that it can handle new requirements with new configurations easily.

Batur, I. (Electronics Industry Inc., Ankara (Turkey). Aselsan Military); Guven, A.N.; Ozay, N. (Middle East Technical Univ., Ankara (Turkey). Electrical Engineering Dept.)



Creating a Global Fiducials Program (GFP) Site: Lago Cachet Dos example in Chile  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The USGS has been acquiring remotely sensed imagery from all over the world, collecting thousands of images at more than 200 sites, and creating Literal Image Derived Products (LIDPs) as part of the Global Fiducials Program (GFP). The GFP program enables scientists to use these images to study our rapidly changing planet at carefully selected locations around the world. New GFP Sites are created and added each year. Researchers at the University of Alaska, for instance, added areas susceptible to coastal erosion for monitoring the long-term effects of high tides and storms. This presentation will guide you through the process of creating a new GFP site for your area of interest. We will describe the components of the GFP and its archive, the Global Fiducials Library. The Global Fiducials Program—Initial Site Proposal form will be presented and we will show you how to complete each component in order to propose a new site. Lago Cachet Dos, a glacier-dammed lake in southern Chile, is currently being proposed as a new GFP site and will be used as the example for this exercise. In addition, USGS web sites will be used to illustrate how a long-term imagery record can tell a story and to demonstrate viewing and downloading the type of data that will be available online and free of charge through the GFP.

Friesen, B. A.; Nimick, D. A.; Wilson, E. M.



Open Cluster Radial Velocity determination from observations at Observatório Pico Dos Dias  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In studies of the dynamics of the Galactic disk, such as the determination of the speed of the spiral pattern and the permanence of stars in the spiral arms, it is crucial to know orbits obtained from proper motions, radial velocities and the potential of the Galaxy. Aiming to improve the statistics of our catalog of open clusters, maintained by our research group, we determined the radial velocity of stars belonging to a group of open clusters using spectra with a resolution of 4000, obtained at the Pico dos Dias Observatory (LNA) with the 1.60 m telescope and the Coudé spectrograph. We observed the open cluster's member stars and calculated their radial speeds using standard techniques. The stars were selected from our own database based on relevant information concerning the clusters, obtained by statistical analysis of their proper motions and/or their position in the HR's diagram. In this work, we present the detailed analysis of the data reduction and radial velocity determination using synthetic spectra from different libraries. Finally we present the open cluster's radial (and spacial) velocities.

Faria, M. A. F.; Monteiro, H.; Dias, W. S.; Lépine, J. R. D.



[Temporary and permanent breeding sites for Biomphalaria in Jaboatão dos Guararapes, PE].  


A malacological survey of permanent and temporary breeding sites was conducted in the Piedade neighborhood of Jaboatão dos Guararapes, Pernambuco, between November 2006 and November 2007, with the aim of determining the malacological fauna at this locality, along with the potential for Schistosomiasis mansoni transmission. In addition to Biomphalaria glabrata (Say, 1818), the molluscs Drepanotrema cimex (Moricand, 1837), Pomacea sp and Melanoides tuberculatus (Muller, 1774) were collected. Among the specimens of Biomphalaria glabrata that were collected, 1,490 were found alive, and 74 (5%) were positive for Schistosoma mansoni. The largest numbers of molluscs collected, and all of the specimens that were positive for Schistosoma mansoni, were collected during the annual rainy season. The presence of larvae of other trematodes infecting the Biomphalaria glabrata molluscs was also observed. These trematodes were from the families Strigeidae and Diplostomatidae and, at first sight, they presented morphology that could lead to confusion with Schistosoma mansoni cercariae. Thus, knowledge of these trematodes becomes essential for the differential diagnosis of the etiological agent for schistosomiasis. PMID:18719804

Souza, Marco Antônio Andrade de; Barbosa, Verônica Santos; Wanderlei, Tereza Neuma Guedes; Barbosa, Constança Simões




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; Análise e apresentação dos resultados; Banco de dados cristalográficos (CCDC); Softwares utilizados. CQ de dados e correções; Redução dos dados; Métodos de resolução de estruturas; Refinamento do modelo filmes finos e suas aplicações. Eletrônica molecular e propriedades de transferência eletrônica entre

Paraná, Universidade Federal do


Cross-Reactive Immunity to Mycobacterium tuberculosis DosR Regulon-Encoded Antigens in Individuals Infected with Environmental, Nontuberculous Mycobacteria? †  

PubMed Central

Mycobacterium tuberculosis DosR regulon-encoded antigens are highly immunogenic in M. tuberculosis-infected humans and are associated with latent tuberculosis infection. We have investigated the hypothesis that infection with or exposure to nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) can induce cross-reactive immunity to M. tuberculosis DosR regulon-encoded antigens since responsiveness has been observed in non-M. tuberculosis-exposed but purified protein derivative-responsive individuals. M. tuberculosis DosR regulon-encoded antigen-specific T-cell responses were studied in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) of NTM-infected/exposed individuals. BLASTP was used to determine the presence of M. tuberculosis DosR regulon-encoded protein orthologs among environmental mycobacteria and nonmycobacteria. Significant gamma interferon production was observed in PBMCs from NTM-infected/exposed individuals in response to M. tuberculosis DosR regulon-encoded antigens. DosR regulon-encoded protein orthologs were prominently present in tuberculous and environmental mycobacteria and surprisingly also in nonmycobacteria. The ubiquitous presence of the highly conserved DosR master regulator protein Rv3133c suggests that this is a general adaptive bacterial response regulator. We report a first series of M. tuberculosis antigens to which cross-reactive immunity is induced by NTM infection/exposure. The high conservation of M. tuberculosis DosR regulon-encoded antigens most likely enables them to induce cross-reactive T-cell responses. PMID:19737909

Lin, May Young; Reddy, T. B. K.; Arend, Sandra M.; Friggen, Annemieke H.; Franken, Kees L. M. C.; van Meijgaarden, Krista E.; Verduyn, Marleen J. C.; Schoolnik, Gary K.; Klein, Michel R.; Ottenhoff, Tom H. M.



A Bayesian Change point model for differential gene expression patterns of the DosR regulon of Mycobacterium tuberculosis  

PubMed Central

Background Low oxygen availability has been shown previously to stimulate M. tuberculosis to establish non-replicative persistence in vitro. The two component sensor/regulator dosRS is a major mediator in the transcriptional response of M. tuberculosis to hypoxia and controls a regulon of approximately 50 genes that are induced under this condition. The aim of this study was to determine whether the induction of the entire DosR regulon is triggered as a synchronous event or if induction can unfold as a cascade of events as the differential expression of subsets of genes is stimulated by different oxygen availabilities. Results A novel aspect of our work is the use of chemostat cultures of M. tuberculosis which allowed us to control environmental conditions very tightly. We exposed M. tuberculosis to a sudden drop in oxygen availability in chemostat culture and studied the transcriptional response of the organism during the transition from a high oxygen level (10% dissolved oxygen tension or DOT) to a low oxygen level (0.2% DOT) using DNA microarrays. We developed a Bayesian change point analysis method that enabled us to detect subtle shifts in the timing of gene induction. It results in probabilities of a change in gene expression at certain time points. A computational analysis of potential binding sites upstream of the DosR-controlled genes shows how the transcriptional responses of these genes are influenced by the affinity of these binding sites to DosR. Our study also indicates that a subgroup of DosR-controlled genes is regulated indirectly. Conclusion The majority of the dosR-dependent genes were up-regulated at 0.2% DOT, which confirms previous findings that these genes are triggered by hypoxic environments. However, our change point analysis also highlights genes which were up-regulated earlier at levels of about 8% DOT indicating that they respond to small fluctuations in oxygen availability. Our analysis shows that there are pairs of divergent genes where one gene in the pair is up-regulated before the other, presumably for a flexible response to a constantly changing environment in the host. PMID:18294384

Zhang, Yi; Hatch, Kim A; Wernisch, Lorenz; Bacon, Joanna



A comparative resonance Raman analysis of heme-binding PAS domains: heme iron coordination structures of the BjFixL, AxPDEA1, EcDos, and MtDos proteins.  


The heme-PAS is a specialized domain with which a broad class of signal-transducing heme proteins detect physiological heme ligands. Such domains exhibit a wide range of ligand binding parameters, yet they are all expected to feature an alpha-beta heme binding fold and a predominantly hydrophobic heme distal pocket without a distal histidine. We have compared, for the first time, the resonance Raman spectra of several heme-PASs: the heme-binding domains of Bradyrhizobium japonicum FixL, Escherichia coli Dos, Acetobacter xylinum PDEA1, and Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum Dos. In all cases, the nu(Fe)-(CO) and nu(C-O) values of the carbonmonoxy forms were consistent with coordination of the heme iron to histidine on the proximal side and binding of the CO without electrostatic interaction with the heme distal pocket. EcDos was unusual in having predominantly hexacoordinate heme iron in the deoxy and met forms. Despite an evident lack of CO interaction with the EcDos heme pocket, relatively low Fe-O(2) (562 cm(-1)) and N-O (1576 cm(-1)) stretching frequencies indicated that strong polar interactions with that heme distal pocket are possible for highly bent ligands such as O(2) or NO. None of the newly studied NO adducts exhibited evidence of the Fe-His rupture and pentacoordination previously noted for Sinorhizobium meliloti FixL. A low Fe-His stretching frequency, formerly interpreted as a strained Fe-His bond, and the slow association of O(2) with S. meliloti FixL failed to correlate with the newly studied proteins having low association rate or low equilibrium association constants for binding of O(2). We conclude that although heme-PASs share some features, they represent distinct signal transduction mechanisms. PMID:11939776

Tomita, Takeshi; Gonzalez, Gonzalo; Chang, Alan L; Ikeda-Saito, Masao; Gilles-Gonzalez, Marie-Alda



Católicos, fidelidade conjugal e AIDS: entre a cruz da doutrina moral e as espadas do cotidiano sexual dos adeptos1  

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Neste artigo discutimos a visão da Igreja Católica sobre sexualidade na interface com a epidemia do HIV/AIDS. Nossa reflexão está embasada em pesquisa etnográfica que envolveu dois meses de observação participante do cotidiano de católicos de um bairro popular da Região Metropolitana do Recife, além de contar com entrevistas a onze dos leigos engajados nos serviços religiosos da igreja do bairro e a oito sacerdotes que realizam seus trabalhos religiosos em outras localidades. Nelas abordamos diferentes temáticas relacionadas ao enfrentamento da epidemia da AIDS. Nesse contexto, conjugalidade e fidelidade se afiguram como importantes analisadores de como aqueles lidam com a epidemia, em uma variedade de re-descrições práticas e de re-interpretações conceptuais das assertivas do discurso moral religioso – ainda que, muitos impasses permaneçam em aberto em termos das prerrogativas da Igreja e seus possíveis rebatimentos na saúde sexual dos adeptos. PMID:21765650

Rios, Luis Felipe; de Aquino, Francisca Luciana; Muñoz-Laboy, Miguel; Oliveira, Cinthia; Parker, Richard



Exact DOS in the T-Matrix approximation: Demonstration of a robust pseudogap in the 3D Attractive Hubbard Model  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We have analyzed the 3D attractive Hubbard model (AHM) in the non self-consistent T-matrix approximation. We present a technique that allows for us to determine, exactly, the single-particle density of states (DOS) at all temperatures above the superconducting temperature, in the T-matrix approximation. Since this approximation scheme should be accurate, for weak to intermediate coupling and at low electronic densities, these results should be representative of a 3D superconductor in which the pairing results from purely electronic interactions. The DOS that we find shows clear evidence of a pseudogap well above Tc whose energy does not change with temperature. These results are very similar to the large body of work that has been completed analyzing 2D models, and suggests that perhaps the low dimensionality of the CuO2 planes is not necessary to produce such a phenomenon.

Gooding, Rj; Marsiglio, F.; Verga, S.; Beach, Ksd



Diverted organic synthesis (DOS): accessing a new, natural product inspired, neurotrophically active scaffold through an intramolecular Pauson-Khand reaction.  


Drawing inspiration from the impressive neurotrophic activity exhibited by the natural product paecilomycine A, we have designed a new natural product-like scaffold employing an intramolecular Pauson-Khand reaction. Several compounds based on the new designer scaffold exhibited promising neurotrophic activity and are worthy of further biological evaluation. Our findings also highlight the importance of a DOS strategy in creating useful therapeutical leads. PMID:22832868

Mehta, Goverdhan; Samineni, Ramesh; Srihari, Pabbaraja; Reddy, R Gajendra; Chakravarty, Sumana



Nome do aluno(a) Curso do aluno Cidade/Estado Douglas Anderson dos Santos Filosofia So Paulo/SP  

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Engenharia de Software São Paulo/SP Thiago Oliveira Carvalho Quimica São Pedro/SP Rayssa Bruzaca de Andrade Fisica São Paulo/SP Riane Ribeiro Carvalho Quimica São Paulo/SP Caroline Luchtenberg Ribeiro Quimica São Pereira dos Santos Quimica São Paulo/SP Paula Marcelly Alves Machado Quimica São Paulo/SP Rosylane Elaine

Lucero, Jorge Carlos


A influência das características dos solos na remediação de solos contaminados através de processos oxidativos avançados com persulfato e reagente de fenton.  

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??As técnicas de remediação para solos contaminados como os processos de oxidação avançados ïn situv?isam essencialmente a mineralização dos contaminantes, reduzindo-os, em última instância, a… (more)

Carlos Paulino Mendez Rodriguez



Rare earth elements in Angra dos Reis and Lewis Cliff 86010, two meteorites with similar but distinct magma evolutions  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Data are presented on ion microprobe measurements of REE and selected trace element abundances in individual grains of merrillite, fassaite, olivine, kirschsteinite, and plagioclase of Lewis Cliff 86010 (LEW 86010) meteorite and in merrillite and fassaite grains of Angra dos Reis (ADOR). Results show a close relationship between the two meteorites and support a magmatic origin for LEW 86010. However, the measurements indicate that, despite numerous common characteristics, the two meteorites must have been produced in separate magmatic events involving similar but distinct processes and parent melts.

Crozaz, Ghislaine; Mckay, Gordon



A Novel Nuclear-Localized CCCH-Type Zinc Finger Protein, OsDOS, Is Involved in Delaying Leaf Senescence in Rice1[W  

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Leaf senescence is a developmentally programmed degeneration process, which is fine tuned by a complex regulatory network for plant fitness. However, molecular regulation of leaf senescence is poorly understood, especially in rice (Oryza sativa), an important staple crop for more than half of the world population. Here, we report a novel nuclear-localized CCCH-type zinc finger protein, Oryza sativa delay of the onset of senescence (OsDOS), involved in delaying leaf senescence in rice. The expression of OsDOS was down-regulated during natural leaf senescence, panicle development, and pollination, although its transcripts were accumulated in various organs. RNAi knockdown of OsDOS caused an accelerated age-dependent leaf senescence, whereas its overexpression produced a marked delay of leaf senescence, suggesting that it acts as a negative regulator for leaf senescence. A genome-wide expression analysis further confirmed its negative regulation for leaf senescence and revealed that, in particular, the jasmonate (JA) pathway was found to be hyperactive in the OsDOS RNAi transgenic lines but impaired in the OsDOS overexpressing transgenic lines, indicating that this pathway is likely involved in the OsDOS-mediated delaying of leaf senescence. Furthermore, methyl JA treatments of both seeds and detached leaves from the RNAi and the overexpressing transgenic lines showed hyper- and hyporesponses, respectively, consistent with the negative regulation of the JA pathway by OsDOS. Together, these results indicate that OsDOS is a novel nuclear protein that delays leaf senescence likely, at least in part, by integrating developmental cues to the JA pathway. PMID:16778011

Kong, Zhaosheng; Li, Meina; Yang, Wenqiang; Xu, Wenying; Xue, Yongbiao



On the effectiveness of route-based packet filtering for distributed DoS attack prevention in power-law internets  

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Denial of service (DoS) attack on the Internet has become a pressing problem. In this paper, we describe and evaluate route-based distributed packet filtering (DPF), a novel approach to distributed DoS (DDoS) attack prevention. We show that DPF achieves proactiveness and scalability, and we show that there is an intimate relationship between the effectiveness of DPF at mitigating DDoS attack

Heejo Lee



Effect of Meteorological Phenomena in Measures of Background Radiation X and Gamma Rays in São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The objective of this work was to perform a study on the influence of meteorological phenomena on the background radiation X and gamma rays in São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil on the last three years. For this, we performed the monitoring of the integrated radiations and also of the main meteorological parameters (rainfall, relative humidity, temperature and pressure) daily without interruptions and time resolution of one minute. Measurements of X and gamma radiation in the range of energies from 30 keV to 10 MeV, were carried out using a scintillator crystal of sodium iodide activated with Tallium [NaI(Tl)] coupled to a photomultiplier, with energy resolution of 15%. Rainfall, atmospheric pressure, temperature, and relative humidity were recorded using sensors coupled to a five-channel specific data logger. By correlating the data from the measurements of intensity of X and gamma radiations with the meteorological parameters, it was found that atmospheric precipitation with or without electric discharges phenomenon that was affected more in the spectrum of background radiation profile. Some of the reasons why these changes occur in the background profile are due the presence of environmental radon gas that is drawn to the surface during the occurrences of local rainfall. During dry periods, the spectra of X and gamma radiations showed a daily cycle (24 hour). In relation to relative humidity, temperature and pressure, it was found that these parameters had negligible influence on the profile changes of the background radiation in São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil.

Gomes, Marcelo; Spjeldvik, Walther; Gusev, Anatoly; Alves, Mauro; Martin, Inacio; Pinto, Marcos; Ferro, Marco A.; Concei, Flavio


Factores socio-económicos asociados a la percepción de situación socioeconómica entre adultos mayores de dos países latinoamericanos  

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El objetivo principal del artículo es estudiar la asociación entre la percepción subjetiva sobre la situación económica propia y una serie de medidas objetivas de bienestar socioeconómico –fuentes de ingresos, tenencia de vivienda, nivel educativo y transferencias familiares informales de dinero- entre adultos mayores de dos países Latinoamericanos: México y Costa Rica. Los datos se obtienen de las primeras rondas de dos encuestas sobre envejecimiento: CRELES para Costa Rica y ENASEM para México. La variable dependiente más importante se obtiene de las respuestas a las pregunta “¿Cómo califica su situación económica actual?” en Costa Rica y “¿Diría usted que su situación económica es…?” en México. Para ambas encuestas, las respuestas se codificaron en forma binaria; el código 0 representa las categorías Excelente, Muy buena y Buena, y el código 1 representa a las categorías Regular y Mala. Se encontró que el ingreso por jubilación es un importante determinante de la percepción de bienestar en ambos países. En Costa Rica, el ingreso del cónyuge y la tenencia de vivienda son importantes predictores de la percepción de bienestar, mientras que en México, los ingresos por transferencias están fuertemente asociados con dicha percepción. PMID:25360057

Brenes-Camacho, Gilbert



Supporting Security against SYN Flooding Attack in Distributed DoS Via Measuring IPFIX-Based Traffic  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Distributed denial-of-service attacks on public servers after 2000 have become a serious problem. In the distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks often seen recently, multiple distributed nodes concurrently attack a single server. To assure that network services will not be interrupted, faster and more effective defense mechanisms is needed to protect against malicious traffic, especially SYN floods. One problem in detecting SYN flood traffic is that server nodes or firewalls cannot distinguish the SYN packets of normal TCP connections from those of a SYN flood attack. Our method, FDFIX, relies on the use of monitoring and measurement techniques to evaluate the impact of DoS attacks. It uses flow based measurements. Capturing flow information is very important for detecting DoS and also other kinds of attacks. Flow monitoring allows detecting suspicious traffics and in the next step can analyze attacking flows and the results can be used for defense methods. Our method provides required information for many mechanisms that use traffic measurement as their input.

Alipour, H.; Kia, M. Kashefi; Esmaeili, M.


Assessment of human health risk from organochlorine pesticide residues in Cidade dos Meninos, Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  


This article presents the results of a heath risk assessment in Cidade dos Meninos, an area contaminated with organochlorine pesticide residues located in the county (municipality) of Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) risk assessment methodology was applied. The following organochlorine compounds exceeded the established limits and were considered target pollutants: HCH and its isomers (in eggs, milk, and soil); DDT and its metabolites; trichlorobenzenes; trichlorophenols; dioxins and furans (eggs and soil). For all the substances studied (with the exception of trichlorophenols), the estimated doses exceeded the minimum risk levels for chronically exposed children and adults. According to the ATSDR classification, the area was considered an "urgent public health hazard" because of its high and serious exposure to substances that are dangerous to human health. PMID:18392352

Asmus, Carmen Ildes R Fróes; Alonzo, Herling Gregorio Aguilar; Palácios, Marisa; Silva, Alexandre Pessoa da; Freitas Filhote, Maria Isabel de; Buosi, Daniela; Câmara, Volney de Magalhães



Seismogenic sources and crustal structure near the seismological station of Angra dos Reis (ESAR), southeastern region of Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The seismological station of Angra dos Reis (ESAR) is operating since the end of year 2000 located near to the nuclear power plants of Angra dos Reis, in the southern portion of Rio de Janeiro state, southeastern Brazil. The main objective of ESAR is defining the level of seismic activity in the area where those plants are installed, using data from a broadband seismograph that operates in a 100 cps continuous format. Epicentral determination of local seismic events is done through the back azimuth calculated with the P wave amplitude in the three component seismograms, and epicentral distance induced from the S-P time difference. Crustal structure for relating the S-P time and epicentral distance was obtained through a seismic refraction experiment using controlled sources, complemented with a detailed study of crustal structure beneath ESAR using teleseimic data and the receiver function method processed in the time domain. Since the beginning of operation ESAR has detected many local and near regional seismic events with magnitude lower than mb 4.0, most of them below mb 2.0, and not included in the Brazilian Seismic Catalogue. Epicenters of those events are spread in both oceanic and continental areas, in some cases forming clusters of different size, some of them, especially those located in the continent could belong to explosions made in stone-quarry, whereas, clusters and isolated epicenters located in the oceanic area could belong to natural earthquakes. Two of these oceanic clusters, located in the continental platform, may belong to seismogenic sources that are active near ESAR, and need further study to define its nature.

Romero, T.; Berrocal, J.; Fernandes, C.; de Lima, M. V.; Dos Reis, E.



Identificabilidade e estabilidade dos parâmetros no método Grade of Membership (GoM): considerações metodológicas e práticas  

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O método Grade of Membership (GoM) tem sido cada vez mais utilizado por demógrafos brasileiros e tem a vantagem de possuir um parâmetro que mensura a heterogeneidade individual, com base nas correlações não-observáveis entre as categorias de resposta das variáveis de interesse, gerando um medida do grau de pertencimento de cada indivíduo a perfis extremos. Alguns autores, contudo, chamam atenção para questões importantes na calibragem dos modelos finais que utilizam o programa GoM versão 3.4, como o problema de identificabilidade – soluções múltiplas para parâmetros estimados. Neste artigo, é sugerido um procedimento capaz de identificar um modelo final com solução única que descreva os tipos puros mais fidedignos à base de dados, em uma tentativa de otimização. Para ilustrar esse processo, utilizou-se uma base de dados correspondente a um levantamento econômico e sociodemográfico de uma população de pequenos agricultores residentes ao longo da Rodovia Transamazônica, no Estado do Pará. Também identificou-se a existência de instabilidade nos parâmetros estimados pelo programa GoM 3.4, sendo proposto um método de estabilização de seus valores. Com esses procedimentos combinados, os usuários do programa GoM 3.4 poderão descrever sua base de dados de forma mais adequada e responder às críticas sobre questões de identificabilidade e estabilidade dos modelos resultantes. Essas soluções empíricas são relevantes por afetarem cálculos de prevalência e de incidência de eventos de interesse, além de trazerem consequências importantes sobre o ponto e o momento corretos para intervenções de políticas públicas ou de planejamento prospectivo em análises de projeção. PMID:21709732

Guedes, Gilvan Ramalho; Caetano, André Junqueira; Machado, Carla Jorge; Brondízio, Eduardo Sonewend



Un estudio de los Institutos Nacionales de la Salud indica que dos dosis de vacuna contra los VPH pueden proteger tanto como el tratamiento completo

Dos dosis de Cervarix, la vacuna contra virus del papiloma humano (VPH), fueron tan efectivas como la pauta normal actual de tres dosis después de cuatro años de seguimiento. El estudio de vacuna en Costa Rica, patrocinado por el NCI, fue diseñado para evaluar la eficacia de Cervarix en una población determinada.


Métodos de coleta de fezes e determinação dos coeficientes de digestibilidade da fração protéica e da energia de alimentos para o pacu, Piaractus mesopotamicus (Holmberg, 1887)  

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RESUMO - Para melhorar a alimentação do pacu (Piaracatus mesopotamicus), é necessário conhecer o nível de aproveitamento dos ingredientes utilizados em suas dietas. Neste trabalho, inicialmente, foram analisados quatro métodos de coleta de fezes, em função da precisão e da versatilidade (dissecação, extrusão, Guelph e Guelph modificado), e o tempo entre as coletas de fezes nos sistemas de Guelph, por

Eduardo Gianini Abimorad; Dalton José Carneiro



Effects of Unintentional Denial of Service (DOS) Due to Push-to-Talk (PTT) Delays on Performance of CSMA\\/CA Based Adhoc Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Networks  

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Unintentional Denial of Service (DOS) problems occur in wireless networks such as Wi-Fi due to factors such as signal capture, interference and have been studied extensively in the literature. A similar problem manifests amongst nodes within a LMR network due to different PTT delay characteristics. We first present the typical PTT delay values and distributions followed by an analytical model

Abhijit C. Navalekar; William R. Michalson



Bactérias da família Enterobacteriaceae em Alphitobius diaperinus oriundos de granjas avícolas dos Estados do Rio Grande do Sul e Santa Catarina, Brasil  

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O cascudinho (Alphitobius diaperinus) é um inseto considerado como uma das maiores pragas da indústria avícola no Brasil e em diversos países no mundo. A presença dele nos aviários gera diversos transtornos, pois sua ingestão pelas aves, prejudica o ganho de peso e também podem albergar e disseminar entre as aves diversos patógenos. Coletaram-se cascudinhos em seis empresas avícolas dos

Stefanie Dickel Segabinazi; Maristela Lovato Flôres; Aléverson da Silva Barcelos; Gislaine Jacobsen; Rosângela Dariva Eltz


Mycobacterium tuberculosis DosR is required for activity of the PmbtB and PmbtI promoters under hypoxia.  


Mycobacterium tuberculosis has the ability to survive for extended periods of time under conditions of low oxygen, low pH, low iron and low nutrients. The mycobactins (M. tuberculosis siderophores) play a key role in scavenging iron from the environment and are induced in response to low iron in an IdeR-regulated manner. We demonstrate that the promoters of two mycobactin gene (mbt) operons are also expressed during adaptation to low oxygen, and that this expression is dependent on the DosR regulator. Up-regulation of mbt operons induced by low iron was not DosR-dependent. DosR is a member of a two component regulatory system which responds to oxygen availability. Deletion of the DosR regulator led to increased expression of bacterioferritin and increased capacity to grow under iron depletion. These data provide a link between the mycobacterial response to two conditions likely to be encountered in vivo, low iron and low oxygen. PMID:25211224

Schreuder, Lise J; Parish, Tanya



A new species of Rock-Dwelling Scinax Wagler (Anura: Hylidae) from Chapada dos Veadeiros, Central Brazil.  


A new species of the Scinax ruber clade is described from Chapada dos Veadeiros region, Central Brazil. The new species is diagnosed by having SVL 21.9-27.7 mm in males and 26.7-31.7 mm in females; snout acuminate in dorsal view and rounded in profile; medium-sized tympanum; vocal sac single, median, subgular, that does not reach the pectoral region; iris iridescent yellow, with some thin, darker reticulations; tadpoles with ventral oral disc; P-3 regular and unmodified as a labial arm; absence of keratinized and colored plates on the sides of the lower jaw-sheath; presence of a keratinized and colored spur on each side behind the lower jaw-sheath; dorsolateral eyes, ventrally invisible; and advertisement call composed of 8-14 notes each with 4-18 pulses, and duration of 290-420 ms. The new species uses temporary creeks in rock meadows above 1.000 m a.s.l. and males calls from rock outcrops. The dorsal color pattern enables this species to camouflage in this kind of surfaces.  PMID:25662110

Araujo-Vieira, Katyuscia; Brandão, Reuber Albuquerque; Faria, Daniele Carvalho Do Carmo



Activation of ATP Binding for the Autophosphorylation of DosS, a Mycobacterium tuberculosis Histidine Kinase Lacking an ATP Lid Motif*  

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The sensor histidine kinases of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, DosS and DosT, are responsible for sensing hypoxic conditions and consist of sensor and kinase cores responsible for accepting signals and phosphorylation activity, respectively. The kinase core contains a dimerization and histidine phosphate-accepting (DHp) domain and an ATP binding domain (ABD). The 13 histidine kinase genes of M. tuberculosis can be grouped based on the presence or absence of the ATP lid motif and F box (elements known to play roles in ATP binding) in their ABDs; DosS and DosT have ABDs lacking both these elements, and the crystal structures of their ABDs indicated that they were unsuitable for ATP binding, as a short loop covers the putative ATP binding site. Although the ABD alone cannot bind ATP, the kinase core is functional in autophosphorylation. Appropriate spatial arrangement of the ABD and DHp domain within the kinase core is required for both autophosphorylation and ATP binding. An ionic interaction between Arg440 in the DHp domain and Glu537 in the short loop of the ABD is available and may open the ATP binding site, by repositioning the short loop away from the site. Mutations at Arg440 and Glu537 reduce autophosphorylation activity. Unlike other histidine kinases containing an ATP lid, which protects bound ATP, DosS is unable to accept ATP until the ABD is properly positioned relative to the histidine; this may prevent unexpected ATP reactions. ATP binding can, therefore, function as a control mechanism for histidine kinase activity. PMID:23486471

Cho, Ha Yeon; Lee, Young-Hoon; Bae, Young-Seuk; Kim, Eungbin; Kang, Beom Sik



MprA and DosR Coregulate a Mycobacterium tuberculosis Virulence Operon Encoding Rv1813c and Rv1812c  

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Mycobacterium tuberculosis remains a significant global pathogen, causing extensive morbidity and mortality worldwide. This bacterium persists within granulomatous lesions in a poorly characterized, nonreplicating state. The two-component signal transduction systems MprAB and DosRS-DosT (DevRS-Rv2027c) are responsive to conditions likely to be present within granulomatous lesions and mediate aspects of M. tuberculosis persistence in vitro and in vivo. Here, we describe a previously uncharacterized locus, Rv1813c-Rv1812c, that is coregulated by both MprA and DosR. We demonstrate that MprA and DosR bind to adjacent and overlapping sequences within the promoter region of Rv1813c and direct transcription from an initiation site located several hundred base pairs upstream of the Rv1813 translation start site. We further show that Rv1813c and Rv1812c are cotranscribed, and that the genomic organization of this operon is specific to M. tuberculosis and Mycobacterium bovis. Although Rv1813c is not required for survival of M. tuberculosis in vitro, including under conditions in which MprAB and DosRST signaling are activated, an M. tuberculosis ?Rv1813c mutant is attenuated in the low-dose aerosol model of murine tuberculosis, where it exhibits a lower bacterial burden, delayed time to death, and decreased ability to stimulate proinflammatory cytokines interleukin-1? (IL-1?) and IL-12. Interestingly, overcomplementation of these phenotypes is observed in the M. tuberculosis ?Rv1813c mutant expressing both Rv1813c and Rv1812c, but not Rv1813c alone, in trans. Therefore, Rv1813c and Rv1812c may represent general stress-responsive elements that are necessary for aspects of M. tuberculosis virulence and the host immune response to infection. PMID:22689819

Bretl, Daniel J.; He, Hongjun; Demetriadou, Crystalla; White, Mark J.; Penoske, Renee M.; Salzman, Nita H.



Essentiality of DevR/DosR Interaction with SigA for the Dormancy Survival Program in Mycobacterium tuberculosis  

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The DevR/DosR regulator is believed to play a key role in dormancy adaptation mechanisms of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in response to a multitude of gaseous stresses, including hypoxia, which prevails within granulomas. DevR activates transcription by binding to target promoters containing a minimum of two binding sites. The proximal site overlaps with the SigA ?35 element, suggesting that DevR-SigA interaction is required for activating transcription. We evaluated the roles of 14 charged residues of DevR in transcriptional activation under hypoxic stress. Seven of the 14 alanine substitution mutants were defective in regulon activation, of which K191A, R197A, and K179A+K168A (designated K179A*) mutants were significantly or completely compromised in DNA binding. Four mutants, namely, E154A, R155A, E178A, and K208A, were activation defective in spite of binding to DNA and were classified as positive-control (pc) mutants. The SigA interaction defect of the E154A and E178A proteins was established by in vitro and in vivo assays and implies that these substitutions lead to an activation defect because they disrupt an interaction(s) with SigA. The relevance of DevR interaction to the transcriptional machinery was further established by the hypoxia survival phenotype displayed by SigA interaction-defective mutants. Our findings demonstrate the role of DevR-SigA interaction in the activation mechanism and in bacterial survival under hypoxia and establish the housekeeping sigma factor SigA as a molecular target of DevR. The interaction of DevR and RNA polymerase suggests a new and novel interceptable molecular interface for future antidormancy strategies for Mycobacterium tuberculosis. PMID:24317401

Gautam, Uma S.; Sikri, Kriti; Vashist, Atul; Singh, Varshneya



Análise das Atribuições Causais do Sucesso e do Insucesso na Competição, em Função do Nível Competitivo dos Futebolistas Portugueses Analysis of Causal Attributions of Success and Failure in Competitions Regarding Portuguese Soccer Players' Competition Level  

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Resumo Tendo como referência o modelo atribuicional da motivação e emoção de Weiner (1979), pretendeu-se avaliar as atribuições causais, em situações de sucesso e insucesso desportivo, em função da influência dos diferentes níveis competitivos dos futebolistas portugueses. Analisando uma amostra que integrou 125 futebolistas, que participaram em três níveis competitivos do futebol português (II Divisão; III Divisão; I Divisão Distrital),

Paulo Malico Sous; António Boleto Rosado; Túlia Maia Cabrita


Effects of Unintentional Denial of Service (DOS) Due to Push-to-Talk (PTT) Delays on Performance of CSMA/CA Based Adhoc Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Networks  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Unintentional Denial of Service (DOS) problems occur in wireless networks such as Wi-Fi due to factors such as signal capture, interference and have been studied extensively in the literature. A similar problem manifests amongst nodes within a LMR network due to different PTT delay characteristics. We first present the typical PTT delay values and distributions followed by an analytical model to estimate the denial of service problem. The results obtained using the model and simulations show that the LMR nodes experience DOS due to collisions resulting from PTT delays. The results also show that there exists an asymmetry in the performance of individual nodes and the extent of this asymmetry is a function of total number of nodes in the system and the density of nodes with similar PTT delay profiles. These observations have implications in both performance and capacity planning of an adhoc LMR network.

Navalekar, Abhijit C.; Michalson, William R.


Using Mobile Agents to Detect and Recover from Node Compromise in Path-based DoS Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks  

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Wireless sensor networks represent a new generation of real-time embedded systems with significantly different communication constraints from the traditional networked systems. With their development, a new attack called a path- based DoS (PDoS) attack has appeared. In a PDoS attack, an adversary, either inside or outside the network, overwhelms sensor nodes by flooding a multi-hop end-to- end communication path with

Bai Li; Lynn Batten




E-print Network



Effects of Unintentional Denial of Service (DOS) Due to Push-to-Talk (PTT) Delays on Performance of CSMA\\/CA Based Adhoc Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Networks  

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\\u000a Unintentional Denial of Service (DOS) problems occur in wireless networks such as Wi-Fi due to factors such as signal capture,\\u000a interference and have been studied extensively in the literature. A similar problem manifests amongst nodes within a LMR network\\u000a due to different PTT delay characteristics. We first present the typical PTT delay values and distributions followed by an\\u000a analytical model

Abhijit C. Navalekar; William R. Michalson



Appropriate DevR (DosR)-Mediated Signaling Determines Transcriptional Response, Hypoxic Viability and Virulence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis  

PubMed Central

Background The DevR(DosR) regulon is implicated in hypoxic adaptation and virulence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The present study was designed to decipher the impact of perturbation in DevR-mediated signaling on these properties. Methodology/Principal Findings M. tb complemented (Comp) strains expressing different levels of DevR were constructed in Mut1* background (expressing DevR N-terminal domain in fusion with AphI (DevRN-Kan) and in Mut2?devR background (deletion mutant). They were compared for their hypoxia adaptation and virulence properties. Diverse phenotypes were noted; basal level expression (?5.3±2.3 µM) when induced to levels equivalent to WT levels (?25.8±9.3 µM) was associated with robust DevR regulon induction and hypoxic adaptation (Comp 9* and 10*), whereas low-level expression (detectable at transcript level) as in Comp 11* and Comp15 was associated with an adaptation defect. Intermediate-level expression (?3.3±1.2 µM) partially restored hypoxic adaptation functions in Comp2, but not in Comp1* bacteria that co-expressed DevRN-Kan. Comp* strains in Mut1* background also exhibited diverse virulence phenotypes; high/very low-level DevR expression was associated with virulence whereas intermediate-level expression was associated with low virulence. Transcription profiling and gene expression analysis revealed up-regulation of the phosphate starvation response (PSR) in Mut1* and Comp11* bacteria, but not in WT/Mut2?devR/other Comp strains, indicating a plasticity in expression pathways that is determined by the magnitude of signaling perturbation through DevRN-Kan. Conclusions/Significance A minimum DevR concentration of ?3.3±1.2 µM (as in Comp2 bacteria) is required to support HspX expression in the standing culture hypoxia model. The relative intracellular concentrations of DevR and DevRN-Kan appear to be critical for determining dormancy regulon induction, hypoxic adaptation and virulence. Dysregulated DevRN-Kan-mediated signaling selectively triggers the PSR in bacteria expressing no/very low level of DevR. Our findings illustrate the important role of appropriate two-component- mediated signaling in pathogen physiology and the resilience of bacteria when such signaling is perturbed. PMID:22563409

De Majumdar, Shyamasree; Vashist, Atul; Dhingra, Sakshi; Gupta, Rajesh; Singh, Alka; Challu, Vijay K.; Ramanathan, V. D.; Kumar, Prahlad; Tyagi, Jaya Sivaswami



Geochemistry and petrogenesis of the Mesoarchean granites from the Canaã dos Carajás area, Carajás Province, Brazil: Implications for the origin of Archean granites  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Four Mesoarchean (2.93 to 2.83 Ga) granite units, which encompass the Canaã dos Carajás, Bom Jesus, Cruzadão and Serra Dourada granites, were recognized in the Canaã dos Carajás area of the Archean Carajás Province. The Mesoarchean units are composed dominantly of biotite leucomonzogranites. They are compared with the Neoarchean Planalto suite (2.73 Ga) which encompasses biotite-hornblende monzogranites to syenogranites. The Canaã dos Carajás, Bom Jesus and the variety of the Cruzadão granite with higher (La/Yb)N are geochemically more akin to the calc-alkaline granites, whereas the other varieties of the Cruzadão granite are transitional between calc-alkaline and alkaline granites. The Serra Dourada granite has an ambiguous geochemical character with some features similar to those of calc-alkaline granites and other peraluminous granites. The Planalto granites have ferroan character, are similar geochemically to reduced A-type granites and show a strong geochemical contrast with the Mesoarchean studied granites. The Mesoarchean granites described in the Canaã dos Carajás area are geochemically distinct to those of the Rio Maria domain of the Carajás Province. The Canaã dos Carajás and Bom Jesus granites are similar to the high-Ca granites, whereas the Cruzadão and Serra Dourada are more akin to the low-CaO granites of the Yilgarn craton. The geochemical characteristics of the Mesoarchean studied granites approach those of the biotite granite group of Dharwar but the latter are enriched in HFSE and HREE compared to the Canaã dos Carajás granites. The Neoarchean Planalto suite granite has no counterpart in the Mesoarchean Rio Maria domain of the Carajás Province, neither in the Yilgarn and Dharwar cratons. Geochemical modeling suggests that partial melting of a source similar in composition to an Archean basaltic andesite of the Carajás Province could give origin to the Bom Jesus and Cruzadão granites. In the case of the Bom Jesus granite the residue of melting contained, in similar proportions, plagioclase, clinopyroxene, amphibole, and garnet, with subordinate ilmenite. The variations in (La/Yb)N and Sr/Y of the Cruzadão granite are controlled by changes in the residual melting phases. Garnet and amphibole are abundant in the residue of the variety with higher (La/Yb)N, whereas in the rocks with moderate to lower (La/Yb)N garnet is absent, magnetite appears in the residue and amphibole initially increases but is replaced by orthopyroxene in the rocks with the lowest (La/Yb)N. In the Canaã dos Carajás and Serra Dourada granites garnet was probably an absent phase in the residue of melting and the influence of amphibole was also apparently limited. A crustal environment and a variable pressure from 10 to 7-8 kbar are estimated for the generation of the granite magmas. The Bom Jesus and Cruzadão granites of Carajás derived from basaltic andesite sources and not of TTG and their geochemical contrasts can be explained by variation in the pressure of melting. The sources of Archean granite magmas are more diversified and could be more mafic than generally admitted.

Feio, G. R. L.; Dall'Agnol, R.



Consentimiento informado: una praxis dialogica para la investigacion  

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El consentimiento informado es un proceso, en el que una persona acepta participar en una investigation, conociendo los riesgos, beneficios, consecuencias o problemas que se puedan presenter durante el desarrollo de la misma. El objetivo de este trabajo es reunir las caracteristicas del proceso de consentimiento informado (PCI) pare que su discernimiento y cumplimiento posibilite el ejercicio etc° dialogico, reflexivo y responsable del investigador. Se presentan los resultados de una extensa revision de les elementos del PCI, desde sus cornponentes hasta su fundamento etico y legal, incluyendo los mites y realidades que existen sobre el formato de consentimiento informado come recurso legal de protection. El consentimiento informado no es un formato establecido que los investigadores repliquen, se trata de que la praxis del PCI sea una tarea cotidiana dentro de la investigation con seres humanos, como comunicaciOn deliberative y critica, responsable y comprometida entre dos agentes morales, investigador-investigado. PMID:19507477

Mondragon-Barrios, Liliana



Osteobiographic analysis of skeleton I, Sítio Toca dos Coqueiros, Serra da Capivara National Park, Brazil, 11,060 BP: first results.  


This paper presents an osteobiographic analysis of a single skeleton found in a small rock shelter known as Toca dos Coqueiros, Piauí, Brazil. This find is of interest because of an exceptionally old radiocarbon date associated with it. The date (11,060 BP) was obtained from charcoal associated directly with the skeleton. This is an interesting find because of the rarity of osteobiographic studies of skeletons of such antiquity. Despite the existence of two projectile points in association with the burial, the morphological and molecular analyses of the skeleton demonstrated that this was a female. She was about 35-45 years of age at death. The skeleton exhibited acute and chronic bone lesions. Oral pathology was also observed, including an interproximal dental groove, probably caused by the therapeutic use of a cactus thorn. This could be one of the oldest cases of an analgesic plant used in the prehistoric Americas. PMID:12012362

Lessa, Andrea; Guidon, Niéde



Components of the Rv0081-Rv0088 Locus, Which Encodes a Predicted Formate Hydrogenlyase Complex, Are Coregulated by Rv0081, MprA, and DosR in Mycobacterium tuberculosis?†  

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Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the etiological agent of tuberculosis, remains a significant cause of morbidity and mortality throughout the world despite a vaccine and cost-effective antibiotics. The success of this organism can be attributed, in part, to its ability to adapt to potentially harmful stress within the host and establish, maintain, and reactivate from long-term persistent infection within granulomatous structures. The DosRS-DosT/DevRS-Rv2027c, and MprAB two-component signal transduction systems have previously been implicated in aspects of persistent infection by M. tuberculosis and are known to be responsive to conditions likely to be found within the granuloma. Here, we describe initial characterization of a locus (Rv0081-Rv0088) encoding components of a predicted formate hydrogenylase enzyme complex that is directly regulated by DosR/DevR and MprA, and the product of the first gene in this operon, Rv0081. In particular, we demonstrate that Rv0081 negatively regulates its own expression and that of downstream genes by binding an inverted repeat element in its upstream region. In contrast, DosR/DevR and MprA positively regulate Rv0081 expression by binding to recognition sequences that either partially or completely overlap that recognized by Rv0081, respectively. Expression of Rv0081 initiates from two promoter elements; one promoter located downstream of the DosR/DevR binding site but overlapping the sequence recognized by both Rv0081 and MprA and another promoter downstream of the DosR/DevR, Rv0081, and MprA binding sites. Interestingly, Rv0081 represses Rv0081 and downstream determinants following activation of DosRS-DosT/DevRS-Rv2027c by nitric oxide, suggesting that expression of this locus is complex and subject to multiple levels of regulation. Based on this and other published information, a model is proposed detailing Rv0081-Rv0088 expression by these transcription factors within particular growth environments. PMID:21821774

He, Hongjun; Bretl, Daniel J.; Penoske, Renee M.; Anderson, David M.; Zahrt, Thomas C.



EFEITO DOS MÉTODOS DE COCÇÃO NA COMPOSIÇÃO CENTESIMAL E COLESTEROL DO PEITO DE FRANGOS DE DIFERENTES LINHAGENS 1 Effect of cooking methods on the chemical composition and cholesterol of the breast in different chickens strains  

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No presente trabalho, objetivou-se avaliar o efeito dos métodos de cocção: cozimento em água (CA), fritura em óleo de soja (FO), assado em forno convencional (FC) e assado em microondas (MO) sobre perda de peso por cocção (PPC), composição química e colesterol em peitos de frangos das linhagens Super pesadão (Sp), Carijó (Cr) e Cobb (Cb). O delineamento experimental foi

Milena Wolff Ferreira; Sibelli Passini; Barbosa Ferrão; Xisto Rodrigues de Souza


O CNPq disponibilizou, no dia 30/04, o novo Diretrio dos Grupos de Pesquisa no Brasil. Seu novo Portal organiza e integra as diversas ferramentas de coleta de dados, de  

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O CNPq disponibilizou, no dia 30/04, o novo Diretório dos Grupos de Pesquisa no Brasil. Seu novo aproveitados na nova versão do DGP porque, no modelo anterior, não era requerido seu CPF. Ao atualizar ou" (CPF e Senha Lattes), onde poderá consultar, atualizar e inserir grupos de pesquisa e ler os

Maier, Rudolf Richard



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Este trabajo tiene como objetivo principal proponer dos instrumentos para la medición e identificación de los elementos de competitividad turística en los destinos de sol y playa del mediterráneo. Esta investigación consta de tres partes: en la primera, se analiza el concepto de competitividad aplicado al sector turístico y los diferentes intentos de medición de esta (propuestas que se apuntan

Jaume Garau Taberner



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Objetivo Realizar uma análise da inserção da ética e humanidades no currículo do Curso de Medicina da Escola Superior em Ciências da Saúde - ESCS, escola pública do Distrito Federal, Brasil, de forma a contribuir com o processo de gestão curricular. Metodologia O Estudo é de coorte e documental. Foram pesquisados 37 termos relacionados à ética e 36 referentes à humanização nos objetivos educacionais e conteúdo dos módulos temáticos, habilidades e atitudes e interação ensino-serviço-comunidade, de 1a a 4a série e no programa do internato no currículo (ano 2006) e no projeto pedagógico do Curso de Medicina (2001). Resultados Maior inserção da humanização, ética e bioética na 1a e 2a série, quando comparado à inserção na 3a e 4a série e no internato, (IC95%-?=0,034, pvalue=0,007). Unidade de habilidades e atitudes: freqüência das 3 temáticas no currículo da 1a a 4a séries (IC95%-?=0,026, pvalue=0,013). Quando comparada a inserção entre o internato e as quatro primeiras séries, observa-se que nestas a inserção da temática humanização é superior (IC95%-?=0,042, pvalue=0,029). Conclusão O currículo desenvolvido no ano de 2006 na ESCS apresentou correlação com o projeto pedagógico do curso e contemplou a temática de forma abrangente, em todas as séries e internato. PMID:20396594

Novaes, Maria Rita Carvalho Garbi; Novaes, Luiz Carlos Garcez; Guilhem, Dirce; Lolas, Fernando; Silveira, Carla; Guiotti, Murilo



Molecular Characterization of Human Pathogenic Bunyaviruses of the Nyando and Bwamba/Pongola Virus Groups Leads to the Genetic Identification of Mojuí dos Campos and Kaeng Khoi Virus  

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Background Human infection with Bwamba virus (BWAV) and the closely related Pongola virus (PGAV), as well as Nyando virus (NDV), are important causes of febrile illness in Africa. However, despite seroprevalence studies that indicate high rates of infection in many countries, these viruses remain relatively unknown and unstudied. In addition, a number of unclassified bunyaviruses have been isolated over the years often with uncertain relationships to human disease. Methodology/Principal Findings In order to better understand the genetic and evolutionary relationships among orthobunyaviruses associated with human disease, we have sequenced the complete genomes for all 3 segments of multiple strains of BWAV (n?=?2), PGAV (n?=?2) and NDV (n?=?4), as well as the previously unclassified Mojuí dos Campos (MDCV) and Kaeng Khoi viruses (KKV). Based on phylogenetic analysis, we show that these viruses populate 2 distinct branches, one made up of BWAV and PGAV and the other composed of NDV, MDCV and KKV. Interestingly, the NDV strains analyzed form two distinct clades which differed by >10% on the amino acid level across all protein products. In addition, the assignment of two bat-associated bunyaviruses into the NDV group, which is clearly associated with mosquito-borne infection, led us to analyze the ability of these different viruses to grow in bat (RE05 and Tb 1 Lu) and mosquito (C6/36) cell lines, and indeed all the viruses tested were capable of efficient growth in these cell types. Conclusions/Significance On the basis of our analyses, it is proposed to reclassify the NDV strains ERET147 and YM176-66 as a new virus species. Further, our analysis definitively identifies the previously unclassified bunyaviruses MDCV and KKV as distinct species within the NDV group and suggests that these viruses may have a broader host range than is currently appreciated. PMID:25188437

Groseth, Allison; Mampilli, Veena; Weisend, Carla; Dahlstrom, Eric; Porcella, Stephen F.; Russell, Brandy J.; Tesh, Robert B.; Ebihara, Hideki



Rb-Sr and Sm-Nd whole rock analyses of basalts of the Grao Para Group, Serra dos Carajas, Brazil  

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The Grao Para Group at Serra dos Carajas in the Guapore Shield of Brazil is a 6 km thick sequence of bimodal metavolcanic rock with interbedded iron formations. Rhyolites are a minor part of the low grade meta-volcanic section, with the bulk consisting of subalkaline basalt, basaltic andesite, and shoshonite. Rb-Sr whole rock analyses of 7 basalts yield an age of 2687 +/- 54 Ma. This agrees well with an age of 2758 +/- 39 Ma from zircon U-Pb analyses of the interbedded rhyolites. Except for the allocthonous Imataca Complex of Venezuela, these dates for the Grao Para Group are the first well-constrained Archean ages from the Amazonian Craton. An even older age for the basement to the Grao Para Group is also implied. Sm-Nd whole-rock analyses of four of these basalts did not yield an isochron because of the limited range of /sup 147/Sm//sup 144/Nd values, but element of/sub Nd/ values relative to CHUR were calculated using the Rb-Sr age. The typical LREE-enrichment, lack of Ce depletion or spilitic alteration of alkalies, and the high Sr initial ratios, may indicate that these isotopic patterns were derived by incorporation of some older continental crust in the mafic melts. These data together with an element of/sub Sr/ of +63.6 might indicate significant seawater exchange with volcanic rocks derived from mantle with chondritic REE patterns. This demonstrates the presence of significant continental crust in the Archean and seawater-volcanic rock interaction in a rifting environment similar to modern analogs.

Olszewski, W.J. Jr.; Gibbs, A.K.; Wirth, K.R.



Caracteristicas de los Estudiantes de Ciencias Agricolas y de Economia Domestica de la Universidad de Puerto Rico (Characteristics of the Agricultural Science and Home Economics Students of the University of Puerto Rico). Publicacion 135.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

As part of a U.S. Department of Agriculture research project on young adults, a questionnaire was distributed in the fall of 1977 to all agriculture science and home economics students at the University of Puerto Rico in order to determine their personal and parental backgrounds; work, college, and high school experiences; life goals and attitudes…

Lube, Edna Droz; Calero, Reinaldo


Discovery of the base of the Pinal Schist and the Bear Canyon sequence below it in the eastern Metamorphic terrane of the Dos Cabezas mountains, Cochise County, Arizona  

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The eastern metamorphic terrane of the Dos Cabezas mountains is underlain by Pinal Schist (PS). Recent detailed mapping along the western edge of this terrane shows that a flat planar regional unconformity (UC) bounds this Pinal body at its western stratigraphic base. Below the UC lies 8 km[sup 2] of greenschist facies metapelites and metafelsites here given the provisional name of the Bear Canyon sequence (BCS). The PS above the UC is over 10 stratigraphic km, grading from 1 km conglomerate at the base (clasts are metafelsites and metasediments with very minor quartz and granite) up into 3 km of sandstones and then pelite, all with greenschist facies overprint. Relict bedding with abundant crossbedding is common; the sequence is upright. Foliation parallels bedding. Lineation is absent. The UC itself is well exposed in two places, on both sides of Happy Camp Canyon (HCC). On the west of HCC, the surface is exposed at the mouth of Bear Canyon (NW1/4 Sec. 31, T13S R28E) striking south and then southwest about 4 km, ending in the N center of Sec. 12, T14S R27E. The unconformity and the Pinal above it lie NS 30E in the north and smoothly swing to NE 50 SE in the south. Below the UC are 6 km[sup 2] of metasandstone and metafelsites of the BCS. The metasandstone is quartz-sericite schist with strong lineation ([minus]50 S70E) in its northern km of exposure. Bedding and foliation are NS 60 E in N, and NE 70 SE in S. This schist body is intruded on the E by a dike of quartz-phyric metafelsite to 1 km wide which underlies the UC along its entire length. The felsite shows strong relict flow layering and no foliation. Flow layering is NS 90 in the N, and strikes and dips variably in the S. A 1/4 km[sup 2] metafelsite plug intrudes the schist on the W, with flow layering NE 90. The two exposures of the UC are separated by a Precambrian normal fault striking N45E and dipping moderately SE under HCC alluvial fill; it has about a km of dip slip.

Erickson, R.C. (Sonoma State Univ., Rohnert Park, CA (United States). Geology Dept.)



Identification of familial clustering for cancer through the family health strategy program in the municipality of Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  


Identification of families with history of cancer in the municipality of Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), through the Brazilian Unified Primary Health Care System was explored based in the Community Health Agents (CHA) program. This study was divided into two phases: a descriptive one with a cross-sectional epidemiological data of families with history of cancer based on CHA-collected data from home visits in four primary health care units. The second phase consisted in identifying familial clustering of three or more individuals with cancer through construction of a three-generation pedigree and revisited by an itinerant group of medical geneticists. Genetic counseling was carried out with the intent of selecting potential families at risk for hereditary familial cancers. In the first phase of the study, 1,581 families were interviewed by the CHA at their homes. A positive history for cancer was present in 42.3 % of families, comprising 22.3 % with only one case per family, 11.2 % with two cases, and 8.6 % with three or more cases in the family. The informant reported that 15 % of the cases were from the father lineage, 12 % from the mother lineage, and 12.1 % within siblings. In the remaining 60.9 % families, cancer was present in both sides of the family. The types of cancer reported were uterus 8.7 % (n?=?137), stomach 7.7 % (n?=?122), breast 6.9 % (n?=?109), throat 6.8 % (n?=?99), prostate 5.4 % (n?=?85), lung 5.6 % (n?=?88), bowel 3.7 % (n?=?59), and unspecified sites in 6.8 % (n?=?108) of families. No statistical differences were noted between the data collected on each primary care unit. In the second phase of the study, 136 families (2.9 %) from the total of families interviewed in phase 1 were selected due to the presence of three or more individuals with cancer in the family. Among those, only 73 families attended genetic counseling. Comparison between the data obtained by the CHA and the medical geneticists shows complete agreement in 36 cases (49.3 %), partial agreement in 25 cases (34.2 %) with more detailed information in the CHA sheets, discordance in 4 cases (5.5 %), and not possible to correlate in 8 cases due to identification inconsistency. Risk assessment for cancer was calculated based on the criteria adopted by Scheuner et al. (Genet Med 12(11):726-735, 2010) and revealed that 50.0 % of the families were classified as having a weak risk, 36.1 % a moderate risk, and 13.8 % were considered of high risk. Concerning known hereditary cancer syndromes, we found one family that met the criteria for breast and ovary hereditary cancer (1.4 %) and one family with non-polyposis hereditary colon cancer as revised by Bethesda protocol. Such preliminary results indicated that the Brazilian Primary Health Care system based on the CHA framework can be an effective entrance into the Unified Brazilian Health Care System (SUS-Brazil) for individuals with genetically determined diseases, such as familial cancer. Families with a history of three or more cases of cancer and considered of high risk for familial cancer could be referred to a tertiary health center for proper oncogenetic counseling. PMID:25063732

Vieira, Daniela Koeller Rodrigues; Attianezi, Margareth; Esposito, Ana Carolina; Barth, Anneliese; Sequeira, Cecília; Krause, Nathália; Oliveira, Vivian; Lucidi, Alexandre; Serao, Cassio; Llerena, Juan C



Ricostruzione della storia di un popolamento di pino montano (Pinus  

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la storia dell'infezione e dello svi- luppo di una patologia fino alla morte dell'albero. In questo le diverse modalità di aggressione dei due patogeni fino alla morte degli alberi attaccati. Materiali


Spectroscopic (FT-IR, 1H, 13C NMR, UV), DOS and orbital overlap population analysis of copper complex of (E)-4-(2-(4-nitrophenyl) diazenyl)-N, N bis ((pyridin-2-yl) methyl) benzamine by density functional theory  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The geometric parameters, chemical shifts, FTIR, NMR and orbital overlap population along with DOS (density of states) to know different kinds of interactions for binding of copper atom with (E)-4-(2-(4-nitrophenyl) diazenyl)-N, N bis ((pyridin-2-yl) methyl) benzamine to form its copper complex has been reported by DFT methods. The theoretically predicted values for structural parameters are in agreement with the experimentally reported values. NMR chemical shifts calculated using B3LYP/DFT/GIAO level of theory gives information about binding of copper atom with three nitrogen atoms namely N (3, 8 and 11). Orbital overlap population analysis using DFT/B3LYP/SDD level of theory is used to study the kind of interactions involved in binding of copper with the three nitrogen atoms. DOS studies are done to know about the contribution of alpha, beta electrons to the valence and conduction band. IR spectroscopy investigations gave the absorption bands for the formation of title compound. Electronic spectrum along with HOMO-LUMO energies of the title compound has been investigated using Time-dependent (TD-DFT) approach.




São conhecidos os sete parâmetros da textualidade , propostos em Beaugrande 1980 e desenvolvidos em Beaugrande & Dressler 1981: por um lado, um conjunto de parâmetros associados a circunstâncias de produção e de recepção dos textos (intencionalidade , aceitabilidade , informatividade , situacionalidade e intertextualidade ); por outro, coesão e coerência , entendidas como propriedades centradas no próprio  

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texto 1 . Esta perspectiva - que constituiu, inequivocamente, um contributo fundamental para a descrição linguística dos textos - pode hoje ser retomada e desenvolvida em função de aspectos que têm entretanto sido sublinhados por outros autores. É o caso da noção de plano de texto , desenvolvida nomeadamente por Jean-Michel Adam 2 : recuperando e actualizando a dispositio da

Maria Antónia Coutinho


Tritium ((3)H) as a tracer for monitoring the dispersion of conservative radionuclides discharged by the Angra dos Reis nuclear power plants in the Piraquara de Fora Bay, Brazil.  


Presently, two nuclear power plants operate in Brazil. Both are located at Itaorna beach, Angra dos Reis, approximately 133 km from Rio de Janeiro city. The reactor cooling circuits require the input of seawater, which is later discharged through a pipeline into the adjacent Piraquara de Fora Cove. The radioactive effluents undergo ion-exchange treatment prior to their release in batches, causing the enrichment of (3)H relative to other radionuclides in the discharged waters. Under steady state conditions, the (3)H gradient in the Piraquara de Fora waters can be used to determine the dependence of the dilution factor on the distance from the discharge point. The present work describes experiments carried out at the reactor site during batch release episodes, including time series sampling at the discharge point and surface seawater sampling every 250 m to a distance of 1250 m, after a double distillation, the (3)H concentration was measured by liquid scintillation counting applying a Quantulus liquid scintillation spectrometer. The obtained results showed a linear relationship between the (3)H concentration and distance from the discharge point. At 1250 m from the discharge point a dilution index of 1:15 was measured which fits the expected value based on modeling. PMID:24959753

de Carvalho Gomes, Franciane; Godoy, José Marcus; de Carvalho, Zenildo Lara; de Souza, Elder Magalhães; Rodrigues Silva, José Ivan; Tadeu Lopes, Ricardo



A terD Domain-Encoding Gene (SCO2368) Is Involved in Calcium Homeostasis and Participates in Calcium Regulation of a DosR-Like Regulon in Streptomyces coelicolor.  


Although Streptomyces coelicolor is not resistant to tellurite, it possesses several TerD domain-encoding (tdd) genes of unknown function. To elucidate the function of tdd8, the transcriptomes of S. coelicolor strain M145 and of a tdd8 deletion mutant derivative (the ?tdd8 strain) were compared. Several orthologs of Mycobacterium tuberculosis genes involved in dormancy survival were upregulated in the deletion mutant at the visual onset of prodiginine production. These genes are organized in a putative redox stress response cluster comprising two large loci. A binding motif similar to the dormancy survival regulator (DosR) binding site of M. tuberculosis has been identified in the upstream sequences of most genes in these loci. A predicted role for these genes in the redox stress response is supported by the low NAD(+)/NADH ratio in the ?tdd8 strain. This S. coelicolor gene cluster was shown to be induced by hypoxia and NO stress. While the tdd8 deletion mutant (the ?tdd8 strain) was unable to maintain calcium homeostasis in a calcium-depleted medium, the addition of Ca(2+) in ?tdd8 culture medium reduced the expression of several genes of the redox stress response cluster. The results shown in this work are consistent with Tdd8 playing a significant role in calcium homeostasis and redox stress adaptation. PMID:25535276

Daigle, François; Lerat, Sylvain; Bucca, Giselda; Sanssouci, Édith; Smith, Colin P; Malouin, François; Beaulieu, Carole



DevR (DosR) mimetic peptides impair transcriptional regulation and survival of Mycobacterium tuberculosis under hypoxia by inhibiting the autokinase activity of DevS sensor kinase  

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Background Two-component systems have emerged as compelling targets for antibacterial drug design for a number of reasons including the distinct histidine phosphorylation property of their constituent sensor kinases. The DevR-DevS/DosT two component system of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. tb) is essential for survival under hypoxia, a stress associated with dormancy development in vivo. In the present study a combinatorial peptide phage display library was screened for DevS histidine kinase interacting peptides with the aim of isolating inhibitors of DevR-DevS signaling. Results DevS binding peptides were identified from a phage display library after three rounds of panning using DevS as bait. The peptides showed sequence similarity with conserved residues in the N-terminal domain of DevR and suggested that they may represent interacting surfaces between DevS and DevR. Two DevR mimetic peptides were found to specifically inhibit DevR-dependent transcriptional activity and restrict the hypoxic survival of M. tb. The mechanism of peptide action is majorly attributed to an inhibition of DevS autokinase activity. Conclusions These findings demonstrate that DevR mimetic peptides impede DevS activation and that intercepting DevS activation at an early step in the signaling cascade impairs M. tb survival in a hypoxia persistence model. PMID:25048654



27 CFR 9.175 - Dos Rios.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2012 CFR

...Mendocino County, California, at the confluence of the Eel River and the Middle Fork of the Eel River. The area's boundaries are defined as follows...the section line, crossing the Middle Fork of the Eel River, to the southeast corner of section...



27 CFR 9.175 - Dos Rios.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...Mendocino County, California, at the confluence of the Eel River and the Middle Fork of the Eel River. The area's boundaries are defined as follows...the section line, crossing the Middle Fork of the Eel River, to the southeast corner of section...



27 CFR 9.175 - Dos Rios.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2014 CFR

...Mendocino County, California, at the confluence of the Eel River and the Middle Fork of the Eel River. The area's boundaries are defined as follows...the section line, crossing the Middle Fork of the Eel River, to the southeast corner of section...



27 CFR 9.175 - Dos Rios.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2011 CFR

...Mendocino County, California, at the confluence of the Eel River and the Middle Fork of the Eel River. The area's boundaries are defined as follows...the section line, crossing the Middle Fork of the Eel River, to the southeast corner of section...



Privatized Housing Dos and Don'ts.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Offers tips for higher education institutions on navigating the relationship with a privatized student housing developer: don't assume the project costs nothing, do understand the difference between your goals and the developer's, do create a feasibility study, don't treat every relationship the same, do put the student first, and don't forget the…

Milshtein, Amy



27 CFR 9.175 - Dos Rios.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...Rios Quadrangle); then (2) Proceed straight south along the section line, crossing...Quadrangle); then (3) Proceed 0.9 mile straight west along the southern boundary of...then (5) Proceed 2.1 miles straight west along the section line,...



Desenvolvimento do Portal dos Jogos Cooperativos Computacionais  

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In the context of the revision of traditional education methodologies, and the increasing use of computers and the Internet in education, this work describes the project and the construction of a Computational Cooperative Games Site (\\/pjcc\\/), which can be used as learning tool in basic education schools.

Rubens Takiguti Ribeiro; Carlos Eduardo; Magalhães Cobucci; José Monserrat Neto; Renata Couto Moreira


Actividad Solar Desde EL Espacio  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

RESUMEN. Se describen los principales descubrimientos realizados por los arti+iciales con instrumentos dedicados a la observaci6n del Sol, durante los dos ultimos ciclos de su acti vi dad. La observaci6n el espacio ha permitido cubrir todas las zonas del espectro no observables desde tierra1 desde el ultravioleta hasta la radiaci6n gamma. Se hace referencia, en particular, a los resultados producidos por los dos grandes observatorios: el Skylab y el SMM. Este ultimo incluy6 un conjunto de instrumentos especialmente coordinados para observar en detalle las fulguraciones solares. Es un resumen para astr6nomos no especializados en la fisica solar, en el que se muestra que la gran riqueza del material observacional acumulado ha resuelto problemas preexistentes y, al mismo tiempo, ha abierto numerosos interrogantes a los que se buscar respuesta con la instrumentaci6n en desarrollo. Finalmente, se mencionan las caracteristicas de los proyectados para la pr6xima decada. : The main discoveries performed by artificial satellites instrumented for the observation of the Sun, during the last two cycles of its activity, are described. The space observations allowed of almost all the spectral regions which are not observable from the ground, from the ultraviolet to the gamma radiation. In particular, we ref er' to the two large solar space observatories: the Skylab and the SMM. The last one included a set 0+ coordinated instruments to observe in detail the solar flares. This is a summary for astronomers not dedicated to solar physics, where we show that the of observational material have solv# d many of the preexistent problems but, at the ame time, it opened many new questions to which the improved instrumentation will try to answer. , the characteristics of the satellites planned the next decade are mentioned. Key : SUN-ACTIVITY - SUN-CORONA - SUN-X-RAYS

Rovira, M. G.



Obtaining journal reprints: the 'dos' and 'don'ts'.  

PubMed Central

In a search for knowledge, and to expand their own work, scientists and academicians have depended on the work of colleagues with similar interests. While attending conferences enables one to acquire useful knowledge, the information so gained is unlikely to be lasting. Furthermore, many persons learn better by reading than by listening, and reading can be done at one's own convenience. These and many other reasons account for the increasing number of reprints requested by researchers, and in medicine, by practicing clinicians. PMID:12408702

Sevinc, Alper; Ramanan, Sundaram V.




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Para poder llevar a la práctica, de manera efectiva, un modelo educativo que potencie la inclusión es necesario e imprescindible que los docentes compartan los principios que conlleva este movimiento. Exponemos las características de una escuela inclusiva y la necesidad de formación del profesorado para llevarla a cabo de manera satisfactoria.

Cristina Alemañy Martínez



Chave de identifi cação dos Ctenophora da costa brasileira  

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Oliveira, O.M.P., Mianzan, H., Migotto, A.E. & Marques, A.C. Identifi cation key for the ctenophores from Brazilian coast. Biota Neotrop. Sep\\/Dez 2007 vol. 7, no. 3 http:\\/\\/\\/v7n3\\/pt\\/ abstract?identifi cation-key+bn03507032007. ISSN 1676-0603. Although ctenophores are abundant and ecologically important in the marine environment, they are poorly known in the Brazilian coast. The present study is a taxonomic key for the ctenophores

Otto Müller; Patrão de Oliveira; Hermes Mianzan; Alvaro Esteves Migotto; Antonio Carlos Marques



Microsoft Academic Search

O objetivo desse trabalho é introduzir a memética, as investigações sobre os memes, unidades culturais de imitação que pretensamente são os átomos da cultura e da história. Partindo de uma analogia com a teoria do gene como nível fundamental de seleção, popularizada como a teoria do gene egoísta, a memética pretende propor modelos explicativos que podem ser úteis para compreender

Ricardo Waizbort


Freqüência dos insetos na polinização e produção de algodão  

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Pollinators frequency on cotton flowers and production. Insects frequency on cotton pollination and production. The present experiment was conducted at University Centre Moura Lacerda, Ribeirão Preto, state of São Paulo, and had the aim of studying the insects frequency and behaviour on cotton flowers (Gossypium hirsutum L.) as well as the collection type (nectar and\\/or pollen) of these insects and

Engenheiro Agrônomo


Mobilidade dos Funcionários públicos Federais: Diferenças Entre os Poderes  

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Based on a special Rais-Migra tabulation that allows one to trace work trajectories,the present study estimates the total length of service for active federal civil servants,disaggregated by length of time spent at present post. Prior time is also considered,whether spent in other civil service posts or in private employment.This study was largely motivated by the need to estimate the civil

Kaizô Iwakami Beltrão; Sonoe Sugahara; Fernanda Paes Leme Peyneau; João Luis de Oliveira Mendonça



Animation of Disk Data Storage under MS-DOS  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This is an animation with interactive buttons allowing the user to step through the components of a formatted disk. The illustration is that of a floppy disk, but the ideas apply to almost any disk format.

Dr. Charles Ward


Shield: DoS Filtering Using Traffic Deflection  

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deployment via Insurance-like deployment model. #12;Erik Kline, UCLA 810/17/2011 Traffic Deflection Two mechanisms IXP-based nodes advertising false paths. All nodes at the IXP send traffic to the filter Filter resources allow. Lends itself to a Insurance-Style Business Model #12;Erik Kline, UCLA 1510/17/2011 Wait

California at Los Angeles, University of


Dos and Don'ts of Writing Presidential Contracts  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In the not-so-distant past, an employment agreement between a university president and a governing board was often nothing more than a handshake. Today, formal contracts are requirements for presidents, with boards and presidents typically relying on lawyers to extensively document terms of employment, salary and benefits, and, perhaps most…

Fain, Paul




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In this article, it intends to revisit th e theory of Bakhtin about the genres of the discour se in order to discuss about the subjectivity. So, it wonders: how is the subjectivity configured when the theory of Bakhtin of the genres of discourse is discussed? From behind t his, it is the following hypothesis: in the theory of the

Maria Isabel BORGES


Improving web servers focused DoS attacks detection  

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On the Internet, web servers are often the main interface between companies or individuals and the rest of the world. As a result they represent valuable targets for attackers. Although several types of attacks are possible against web server we focus in this paper on flooding based denial of service attacks. We explore the detection of saturation attacks against web

Olivier Paul


Compatibilidad sexual entre dos tipos de Hylocerus (Cactaceae)  

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There are two types of pitahaya that are cultivated in Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. They differ main- ly in the skin color of the fruit, one of them has a red skin (Uqroo1), while the other has a light yellow skin (Uqroo2) both belong to Hylocereus undatus (Haworth) Britt. & Rose. The yellow skin pitahaya is the sweetest. The studies

Roberta Castillo; Manuel Livera M; Alicia E. Brechú; Judith Márquez-Guzmán


Dos and don'ts of CTL state coverage estimation  

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Coverage estimation for model checking quantifies the completeness of a set of properties. We present an improved version of the algorithm of Hoskote et al. [7] that applies to a larger subset of CTL; we prove properties of the algorithm and apply it to three case studies. From these case studies we derive recommendations for an effective use of coverage

Nikhil Jayakumar; Mitra Purandare; Fabio Somenzi




EPA Science Inventory

La meta del ETV es verificar, a travs de una evaluacin de informacin objectiva y de calidad, las caracteristicas del desempeo de tecnologas comerciales ambientales. As el ETV proporciona a los compradores y los licenciadores potenciales una valoracin imparcial y creble d...

166 Come consultare il corso online  

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'indirizzo email istituzionale del tuo Ateneo (ad es. Inserisci nel campo reCAPTCHA le sei sicuro dell'interpretazione delle parole, clicca sul link "Chiedi un altro CAPTCHA" fino a quando

Robbiano, Lorenzo


Filmes crescidos pela técnica layer-by-layer (LbL) de nanopartículas inorgânicas e seus estudos fotoeletroquímicos.  

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??Neste trabalho foram estudados filmes finos multicamadas baseados em nanopartículas inorgânicas e um polieletrolito inerte, depositados pela técnica layer-by-layer (LbL). O trabalho está dividido em… (more)

Ivo Bernardi de Freitas



Modelizacion, control e implementacion de un procesador energetico paralelo para aplicacion en sistemas multisalida  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Cualquier sistema electronico que incluya un procesado o tratamiento de la senal, y ademas, algun tipo de actuador mecanico generalmente necesita, como minimo, dos tensiones diferentes de alimentacion. Excluyendo los sistemas de alimentacion distribuida, la solucion tecnica mas utilizada para proporcionar dos o mas tensiones consiste en las fuentes de alimentacion multisalida. En una fuente de alimentacion multisalida los diferentes circuitos que conforman cada salida comparten un mismo transformador de potencia optimizando coste, masa, y volumen. Las ventajas obtenidas con este procedimiento tienen en su contra el efecto que sobre cada salida individual provocan las demas en su conjunto debido, principalmente, a los efectos de los elementos parasitos de los componentes. Un cambio de carga en una de las salidas produce un transitorio que es visto por todas las demas como un efecto de impedancia cruzada, y al final del transitorio, la tension de cada salida es diferente respecto a la que tenian antes del transitorio. Este ultimo resultado se conoce como regulacion cruzada. La disminucion de los efectos de la regulacion cruzada ha sido objeto de estudio durante los ultimos anos. El objetivo ha sido el desarrollo de distintas estrategias que permiten, desde disminuir los efectos de la regulacion cruzada hasta los niveles deseables, a eliminarla completamente. El resultado final suele suponer una penalizacion sobre el diseno del sistema directamente proporcional al grado de regulacion a conseguir en las distintas salidas. Entre las soluciones propuestas para eliminar la regulacion cruzada las tecnicas de post-regulacion se han consolidado como la opcion mas aceptada ya que, pueden aplicarse a cualquier convertidor y no suponen ninguna complejidad adicional a la hora de plantear el diseno. En esta Tesis Doctoral se abordara el estudio de la tecnica conocida como postregulacion mediante transformador controlado, que si bien se ha empleado en convertidores resonantes, su modelizacion, y aplicacion en convertidores PWM, esta aun por estudiar y valorar. El primer Capitulo consiste en una breve introduccion al problema de la regulacion cruzada y la impedancia cruzada para posteriormente describir las tecnicas de post-regulacion actualmente mas empleadas, con especial atencion al post-regulador con transformador controlado. El Capitulo segundo trata del estudio de las caracteristicas estaticas del postregulador con transformador controlado. Partiendo de los estudios disponibles sobre el postregulador se plantean mejoras en su modo de actuacion y se discuten tres alternativas diferentes para controlar el transformador. Las dos primeras consisten en emplear un convertidor auxiliar Boost en sus dos modos de funcionamiento, continuo y discontinuo. La tercera consiste en controlar el transformador con una tension PWM directamente, sin filtrado. Finalmente se comprueba experimentalmente, para el estado estacionario, el funcionamiento del post-regulador para cada uno de los tres metodos de control. El Capitulo tercero trata de la dinamica de la salida controlada con el post-regulador cuando este emplea un convertidor auxiliar tipo Boost. Mediante la tecnica de promediado de variables de estado se propone el modelo de pequena senal, tanto para el modo continuo como para el modo discontinuo de funcionamiento del convertidor auxiliar. Los resultados mas significativos de esta seccion son las expresiones analiticas de las impedancias cruzadas y de la impedancia de la salida post-regulada. Como complemento al modelo de pequena senal se plantea un modelo de gran senal implementado sobre el simulador Pspice. Con este nuevo modelo se reproducen los resultados obtenidos con el modelo de pequena senal y ademas es posible simular los transitorios en las tensiones de salida ante cambios de carga. La modelizacion del convertidor cuando el transformador se controla con una tension PWM sin filtrar es el objetivo del Capitulo 4. En las secciones siguientes del Capitulo se plantea el correspondiente modelo de gran senal aplicado a un nuevo prototipo exper

Ferreres Sabater, Agustin


Inventario mundial de la calidad del carbon mineral (WoCQI) [The world coal quality inventory (WoCQI)  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Los oficiales encargados de la politica comercial de cada pais requieren informacion clara y precisa sobre el recurso del carbon mineral, particularmente sobre sus propiedades y caracteristicas, para tomar decisiones bien fundamentadas con respecto al mejor uso de los recursos naturales, necesidades de importacion y oportunidades de exportacion, objetivos de politica interna y externa, oportunidades de transferencia tecnologica, posibilidades de inversion externa, estudios ambientales y de salud, y asuntos relacionados con el uso de productos secundarios y su disposicion.

Finkelman, R.B.; Lovern, V.S.



Dos laboratórios aos pontos de venda: uma análise da trajetória dos alimentos funcionais e nutrcêuticos e da sua repercussão sobre a questão agroalimentar.  

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??Alimentos funcionais e nutracêuticos são apresentados como alimentos que, além de suas funções básicas nutricionais, demonstram benefícios fisiológicos e/ou reduzem o risco de doenças crônicas.… (more)

Marco Antonio Ferreira de Souza




Microsoft Academic Search

The present study has as theme the dispute between the ultramontanism and the lay ones about the practices and manifestations of the Catholicism in the years from 1891 to 1907, inserted in the bishopric of D. Eduardo Duarte da Silva (1891-1907). It has for objectives to describe and to analyze what was transformed or maintained amid the religious manifestations permeated

Leila Borges Dias Santos


Home before You Know It = De regres en casa en un dos por tres.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The arrival of a newborn requires a great deal of adjustment. Intended for new and expectant parents, this booklet and companion video provide practical advice and hands-on demonstrations of the essentials of mother and baby care, from birth to the first visit to the pediatrician. The first part of the booklet, which comes in both English- and…

Vida Health Communications, Inc., Cambridge, MA.



Microsoft Academic Search

Recent investigations argue that distrust is the absence of trust and it would be assumed that both attitudes are independent; that would allow to distinguish between the naïve attitude and the wise attitude in the trust. It has been built a scale to measure the disposition to trust and the relationship has been examined among naïve and wise attitude when



Descentralização da Educação Pública no Brasil: Trajetória dos Gastos e das Matrículas  

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Este trabalho analisa o processo de descentralização da educação pública no Brasil iniciado em meados da década de 1990. O ponto de partida é um resgate histórico da gestão da política educacional brasileira, fortemente ligada às transformações políticas e econômicas da história recente do país. Em seguida, o foco recai sobre o quadro institucional-legal e a estrutura de financiamento e

Jorge Abrahão de Castro; Bruno de Carvalho Duarte




Microsoft Academic Search

Sunflower (Helianthus annus L.) hybrids evaluation in two producing areas of Venezuela In the commercial sunflower sowing of Venezuela imported hybrid seeds are used, so the genetic materials have to be previously evaluated to know their performance in the growing zones. The purpose of this paper was to evaluate the hybrids MG2, MG4, EM787032, EM777364, EM776541, TRISOL 600, M742, and

Jesús Ávila; Antonio Díaz; Ramiro De La Cruz; Novis Moreno; Dimas Romero; Ramón Cáceres; Luis Gutiérrez; Régulo Flores



Cirrosis biliar primaria: experiencia de trece años en dos centros de referencia .  

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??Background: Primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) is a chronic cholestatic disease, which can progress to hepatic failure. Aim: To study the clinical presentation, pathological features, treatment… (more)

Valera M., José Miguel



McLeod-Hipel Time Series Package Notes Using DosBox  

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available - Package Manual A. I. McLeod and K. W. Hipel (2002). The MHTS PC Package Reference Manual. 128 pages. This manual provides an overview of all the methods available in the package to get started. mount d d:\\mhts d: mts to close down DOSBox enter, > exit Graphic output may be saved

McLeod, Ian


Metathesis Cascade Strategies (ROM-RCM-CM): A DOS approach to Skeletally Diverse Sultams  

PubMed Central

The development of a ring-opening metathesis/ring-closing metathesis/cross metathesis (ROM-RCM-CM) cascade strategy to the synthesis of a diverse collection of bi- and tricyclic sultams is reported. In this study, functionalized sultam scaffolds derived from intramolecular Diels-Alder (IMDA) reactions undergo metathesis cascades to yield a collection tricyclic sultams. Additional appendage based diversity was achieved by utilizing a variety of CM partners. PMID:20161277

Jeon, Kyu Ok; Rayabarapu, Dinesh; Rolfe, Alan; Volp, Kelly; Omar, Iman



Metathesis Cascade Strategies (ROM-RCM-CM): A DOS approach to Skeletally Diverse Sultams.  


The development of a ring-opening metathesis/ring-closing metathesis/cross metathesis (ROM-RCM-CM) cascade strategy to the synthesis of a diverse collection of bi- and tricyclic sultams is reported. In this study, functionalized sultam scaffolds derived from intramolecular Diels-Alder (IMDA) reactions undergo metathesis cascades to yield a collection tricyclic sultams. Additional appendage based diversity was achieved by utilizing a variety of CM partners. PMID:20161277

Jeon, Kyu Ok; Rayabarapu, Dinesh; Rolfe, Alan; Volp, Kelly; Omar, Iman; Hanson, Paul R



33 CFR 105.245 - Declaration of Security (DoS).  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

... COAST GUARD, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY MARITIME SECURITY MARITIME SECURITY: FACILITIES Facility Security Requirements... (b) At MARSEC Level 1, a facility receiving a cruise ship or a manned vessel carrying Certain...



33 CFR 104.255 - Declaration of Security (DoS).  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

... COAST GUARD, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY MARITIME SECURITY MARITIME SECURITY: VESSELS Vessel Security Requirements...VSO), or their designated representative, of any cruise ship or manned vessel carrying Certain...



Unidad: Las influencias culturales en el arte mexicana (Unit: Cultural Influences in Mexican Art). Dos semanas.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This two-week unit, appropriate for bilingual education settings as well as foreign language programs, deals with the three primary cultural influences found in Mexican contemporary art. The multisensory materials, pragmatic focus, and direct creative student involvement are designed to make it a microcosmic, real-life experience. The first part…

Finere, Neal


A social media primer for professionals: digital dos and don'ts.  


Social media sites have become powerful and important tools for health education, promotion, and communication activities as they have dramatically grown in popularity. Social media sites also offer many features that can be used for professional development and advancement. When used wisely and prudently, social media sites and platforms offer great potential for professional development by building and cultivating professional networks, as well as sharing information to increase one's recognition and improve one's reputation. They also provide a medium for increasing one's knowledge and awareness of timely news and trends by following important organizations, opinion leaders, and influential professionals. When used unwisely and imprudently, there is the potential to delay, damage, or even destroy one's professional and personal life. In this commentary, we offer recommendations for using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for professional development and caution against online behaviors that may have negative professional consequences. In summary, we believe that the strengths and benefits of social media for professional advancement and development far outweigh the risks and encourage health promotion professionals to properly engage these powerful tools. PMID:24396119

Bernhardt, Jay M; Alber, Julia; Gold, Robert S



Agenda de dos das de capacitacin (Para uso del representante) Antes del curso Inscripcin  

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transmisión alimentaria (8:30-9:15) (La seguridad de los alimentos: es nuestro negocio - Sección 1: Sepa la contaminación biológica (9:15-10:25) (La seguridad de los alimentos: es nuestro negocio - Sección 2: Prevención (10:25-10:40) 20 minutos Protección de los alimentos contra la contaminación física y química (10


Preventing DoS Attacks in Peer-to-Peer Media Streaming Systems  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper presents a framework for preventing both selfi shness and denial-of-service attacks in peer-to-peer medi a streaming systems. Our framework, called Oversight, ach ieves prevention of these undesirable activities by run ning a separate peer-to-peer download rate enforcement protocol along with the underlying peer-to-peer media streaming protocol. This separate Oversight protocol enforces dow nload rate limitations on each participating

William Conner; Klara Nahrstedt; Indranil Gupta



Laboratori de Sistemtica Humana El Laboratori de Sistemtica Humana est compost per dos grups de recerca  

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: The Neurosciences and Music - IV - Learning and Memory». Psychomusicology: Music, Mind & Brain, 22(1), 1-4. -- Nadal:// Màster en Cognició i Evolució Humana: Doctorat en Cognició i Evolució Humana: #12;

Oro, Daniel


Laboratorio de Sistemtica Humana El Laboratorio de Sistemtica Humana est compuesto por dos grupos de investigacin  

E-print Network

, J. F. (2012). «Conference Report: The Neurosciences and Music - IV - Learning and Memory». Psychomusicology: Music, Mind & Brain, 22(1), 1-4. -- Nadal, M., Gálvez, A., Gomila, A. (2013) «A History:// Máster en Cognición y Evolución Humana: Doctorado en Cognición y

Oro, Daniel


Parto normal y cesarea: representaciones de mujeres que vivenciaron las dos experiencias  

Microsoft Academic Search

The delivery phenomenon has existed since the arisal of humankind and it represents the process finalling through which species perpetuation is guaranteed. This study aims at knowing the elements of social representation concerning the delivery under the perspectives of women living both natural delivery and caesarian section. This is a descriptive qualitative field research using the Social Representations Theory as

Denismar Borges de MirandaI; Fátima Cândida da Silva; Maria Eliane Liégio; Pedro Humberto de Faria


Use of elephant grass for energy production in Campos dos Goytacazes-RJ, Brazil.  


Elephant grass is a tropical forage plant widely distributed throughout Brazil. It was first exclusively used in the livestock sector as cattle feed. The grass is characterized by its high productivity and photosynthetic capacity and is considered as an alternative source of renewable energy. Here, we estimated the general combining ability of the parents and specific combining ability of the hybrids based on morpho-agronomic biomass-quality traits. The experiment was conducted in a randomized block design with 3 replicates. The diallel was composed of 16 hybrids and 2 groups of genitors. In the diallel analysis of variance, we observed a significant difference among treatments. A significant difference was observed among genitors for dry matter production (DMP). For the general combining ability of group 1, the traits leaf blade width, DMP, height, percentage of neutral detergent fiber, percentage of hemicellulose, percentage of lignin, percentage of acid detergent fiber, and percentage of cellulose were significant. For the estimates of general combining ability of DMP, parents Porto Rico 534-B, Vruckwona, Taiwan A-146, and Mercker S. E. A. were 0.4748, 3.2819, 1.1659, and 0.4317. The parents of Mercker S. E. A. and Porto Rico 534-B produced the highest percentage of detergent fiber and percentage of lignin with values of 0.1482 and 0.0856. Thus, parents Vruckwona, Porto Rico 534-B, and Taiwan A-146 are promising for integration into breeding programs. The best hybrid combinations for DMP were 1 x 5, 1 x 8, 2 x 6, 3 x 7, and 4 x 5. PMID:25526210

Daher, R F; Souza, L B; Gravina, G A; Machado, J C; Ramos, H C C; Silva, V Q R; Menezes, B R S; Schneider, L S A; Oliveira, M L F; Gottardo, R D




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) 6) Competência: mês/ano do pagamento; 7) Vencimento: dia/mês/ano do pagamento; 8) CNPJ/CPF do interessado; 9) Nome do interessado; 12) Emitir GRU; 13) Imprimir; 14) Pagamento no Banco do Brasil em a impressão para posterior pagamento no Banco do Brasil. 4. Esta ordem de serviço entra em vigor a partir de

Paraná, Universidade Federal do


Da exacerbação dos sentidos no encontro com a natureza: contrastando esportes radicais e turismo de aventura  

Microsoft Academic Search

This article is a contribution to the understanding of risk-adventure as the set of practices that recuperate the positive dimension of risk. Based on a review of the literature and on the theoretical approach of Constructionist Discursive Psychology, it proposes a model for the analysis of the dimensions of risk adventure present in adventure tourism and radical sports: risk\\/danger, adrenaline,

Mary Jane P. Spink; Sérgio Seiji Aragaki; Marina Pigozzi Alves



Da Exacerbação dos Sentidos no Encontro com a Natureza: Contrastando Esportes Radicais e Turismo de Aventura  

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This article is a contribution to the understanding of risk-adventure as the set of practices that recuperate the positive dimension of risk. Based on a review of the literature and on the theoretical approach of Constructionist Discursive Psychology, it proposes a model for the analysis of the dimensions of risk adventure present in adventure tourism and radical sports: risk\\/danger, adrenaline,

Mary Jane; P. Spink; Sérgio Seiji; Aragaki Marina; Pigozzi Alves



Microsoft Academic Search

El autor del breve artículo que acabo de transcribir es Eduardo Fayos-Solá, sin duda uno de los turisperitos españoles más conocidos internacionalmente. Doctor en economía por la Universidad de Valencia, ha realizado estudios en universidades de USA (Minnesota) Reino Unido (Oxford) y Suecia (Estocolmo). Además de ser profesor titular de Economía Aplicada en la Universidad de Valencia, ha sido profesor

Francisco Muñoz de Escalona




Microsoft Academic Search

The objective of this work was to study the consumer habits of street market customers in the municipality of Alfenas, Minas Gerais state. More specifically, the aim was to characterize the customers according to their social and economic status and purchasing habits and to identify the variables that determine their attendance in the street market. Cluster analysis was done to

Flavia Giolo de Carvalho; Eliane Garcia Rezende; Marcelo Lacerda de Rezende



Representações do onírico na modernidade : ressonâncias dos discursos de Freud e Jung sobre os sonhos.  

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??Dissertação (mestrado)—Universidade de Brasília, Instituto de Psicologia, 2007. Esta dissertação consiste em um esforço interdisciplinar que tem na psicologia seu campo privilegiado de investigação. Nela,… (more)

Brito, Marcelo Gustavo Costa de



enero-marzo2008Cinvestav38 Muchas veces se ha odo decir que las dos grandes  

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física del siglo pasado son la mecánica cuántica y la relatividad. Sin embargo, pareciera que estas revoluciones no han tenido gran impacto en nuestra vida cotidiana. En general es cierto que la mecánica

Rosas-Ortiz, Jose Oscar



Microsoft Academic Search

The present study is indicated for the spread of the Forest Refuge's Theory, the physiology's appreciation of the scenery and bio- diversity existent understanding in the tropical forests of Sao Paulo State, after the re-drought climatic period. There was applied an interpretative method that aims to look for the epistemological foundation; about techniques that note the materialized evidences

Adler Guilherme Viadana; Agostinho Paul; Brito Cavalcanti



Sobrepeso e Obesidade Infantil: Influências dos Hábitos Alimentares e da Prática de Atividade  

Microsoft Academic Search

This article is a review study about overweight and obesity and their relationship with the feeding habit and physical activity practice. The overweight and obesity are high prevalence deseases nowadays in developing countries, as well as in the developed ones. This case, specialy in young people, had been change the overweight and obesity in a Public Health problem, that can

Gilmar Mercês; Edmar Espírito Santo; Feira de Santana


Human skeletal remains of the ancient Maya in the caves of Dos Pilas, Guatemala  

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This study focuses on the assessment of the depositional activity that occurred in six caves of the Petexbatun region of the Peten, Guatemala through a quantitative analysis of the human skeletal material recovered from them. Five of these caves...

Minjares, Amador, Jr.



A Chain Reaction DoS Attack on 3G Networks: Analysis and Defenses  

E-print Network Abstract--The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is being de- ployed in the Third Generation (3G) networks since. I. INTRODUCTION The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is being deployed in the Third Generation (3G it supports many kinds of multimedia services. However, the security of IMS networks has not been fully

Zhu, Sencun



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TECHNICAL AND ETHICS OF ANIMAL BEHAVIOR PHOTOGRAPHY: FROM PIONEER TO THE DIGITAL AGE. Photography is of extraordinary value to the study of animal behavior, as it enables capturing images of the animals in their natural habitat conditions with their behaviors. since the earliest ethological studies, the pioneers of behavioral science made use of photographic tools with expertise, and their finds

José Sabino



Algunos aspectos ambientales y biologicos de dos potreros inundables de la Mixtequilla  

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Here, some environmental characteristics and bio- tic resources of two flooded grass lands (El Llane- te and don Rufino) from the Mixtequilla, in the State of Veracruz, are described. The environmental pro- perties of these grass lands change through alter- nation of floods and dry periods, consequently in- fluencing the development and behavior of the in- habiting organisms. Our studies

Facundo Rivera-Becerril; Martha Signoret-Poillon; Miguel A. Ayala-Zermeno; Patricia Castilla-Hernandez; Jaime Garc ´ õa-Mena; Teresa Mier; Mar ´ õa; Teresa Nunez-Cardona; Nancy Romero-Mart; Norma Sanchez-Santillan; Nancy C. Torres-Corona; Jose A. Viccon-Pale


Morfologia dos dentes do bicho-preguiça de coleira (Bradypus torquatus), Illiger, 1811  

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Tooth morphology of the maned sloth (Bradypus torquatus). The sloths are exclusively herbivores, feeding from leaves, flowers, sprouts, green stalks and fruits, just from two types of tree. The aim of this research was to

Eli Grassi; Rici Azarias


NASA Glen Steady-State Heat Pipe Code Users Manual, DOS Input. Version 2  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The heat pipe code LERCHP has been revised, corrected, and extended. New features include provisions for pipes with curvature and bends in "G" fields. Heat pipe limits are examined in detail and limit envelopes are shown for some sodium and lithium-filled heat pipes. Refluxing heat pipes and gas-loaded or variable conductance heat pipes were not considered.

Tower, Leonard K.



“Entre Dos Mundos” (Between Two Worlds): Bicultural Skills Training with Latino Immigrant Families  

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This paper focuses on the acculturation model of second-culture-acquisition for Latino immigrants. Two theoretical frameworks,\\u000a assimilation and alternation theories, are compared within the acculturation model. Empirical research findings suggest that\\u000a assimilation is a risk factor for increases in negative health behaviors and mental health problems. Conversely, biculturalism\\u000a appears to be an emerging protective factor that buffers assimilation stress, enhances socio-cognitive

Martica L. Bacallao; Paul R. Smokowski



Ensuring the relocatability of programs in the operational system DOS YeS  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Specific modifications in the Disk Operational System Unified Series to insure the relocatability of programs stored permanently in the core image library is described. A self-relocating method for loading programs into the working memory with re-editing all the programs recorded in the core image library is presented. The modified linkage editor can be included in a relocation dictionary containing data about each address constant at the assembly stage at the request of the programmer. The relocation dictionary increases the dimension of the RL-phase in comparison with the dimension of this same phase when edited by the standard method, making possible the creation of multiphase program complexes. Generation and use of the modified system using Assembly language is described. An example of the use of the system is given, and limitations of the use of the relocatable programs in the modified system are outlined.

Novoseltsev, S. K.; Orlov, I. G.; Chesalin, A. S.



A program running under MS-DOS for the analysis of epidemiologic stratified or matched data.  


Breslow and Day's method for computing the conditional likelihood of the logistic model in case of stratified samples requires, at each iteration the generation, for each stratum, of all the permutations of nc elements drawn from a total of nc + nt elements, where nc and nt are respectively the numbers of the cases and of the controls. This procedure rapidly proves costly in time as nc and nt increase, and also when nc and nt differ from one stratum to the next. The use of this technique on microcomputers is therefore limited. Presented here is an algorithm written in FORTRAN, based on a binary representation of the possible permutations, which readily permits the implementation of Breslow and Day's model on a microcomputer. PMID:2702811

Thalabard, J C; Plu-Bureau, G; Falissard, B




Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

Citrus leprosis, caused by citrus leprosis virus (CiLV) and transmitted by Brevipalpus phoenicis (Geijskes) (Acari: Tenuipalpidae), is currently the most important viral disease affecting the culture in Brazil, causing significant yield and economical losses of millions of dollars annually for the c...


Resisting SYN Flood DoS Attacks with a SYN Cache  

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Machines that provide TCP services are often susceptibleto various types of Denial of Service attacks fromexternal hosts on the network. One particular type ofattack is known as a SYN flood, where external hostsattempt to overwhelm the server machine by sending aconstant stream of TCP connection requests, forcing theserver to allocate resources for each new connection untilall resources are exhausted. This

Jonathan Lemon



"Being Present in the World": A Conversation with Professor Jose Marques dos Santos  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The University of Porto was awarded the European University Information Systems (EUNIS) Elite Award for its innovative application of information technology to a European university. This university--nearly one hundred years old--is pressing hard, on a number of fronts, to place itself in the top rank of European universities. The Rector of the…

Katz, Richard N.; Dodds, Ted



CONCEITO ATUAL NO TRATAMENTO DOS AMELOBLASTOMAS Current approaches to in the treatment of ameloblastomas  

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Ameloblastoma is an aggressive benign odontogenic tumor. The reason for this aggressive behavior is that this tumor is able to infiltrate the cancellous bone marrow spaces without showing radiological or macroscopic bone involvement, which leads to high rates of recurrence. Recurrence rates vary acoording to the different procedures used to treat the tumor, which range from simple enucleation to radical

Ana Cláudia; Amorim Gomes; Emanuel Dias de Oliveira; Millane Fabíola; Coutinho de Lira; Emanuel Sávio de Souza Andrade



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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the type and frequency of the radiographic signs of an intimate relationship between the lower third molar and the mandibular canal through the use of panoramic radiography. The sample comprised 31 lower third molars that radiologically presented an intimate relationship with the mandibular canal. For evaluation purposes panoramic radiographs and the classifications

Ana Cláudia; Amorim GOMES; Belmiro Cavalcanti; Egito VASCONCELOS; Emanuel DIAS de Oliveira; Daniela Guimarães de Melo


Estudo do Perfil-Tipo dos Doentes Internados na Unidade de Alcoologia do Porto  

Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMO Os autores efectuaram um estudo de natureza descritiva e explora- tória, durante seis meses, numa instituição pública de saúde, (Uni- dade de Alcoologia do Porto, I.D.T., I.P.), com o objectivo de definir o \\




Caracterização e representação dos treinadores acerca da formação de treinadores de Voleibol em Portugal  

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The purpose of this study it was characterizing the profile of the trainer of Volleyball in Portugal and to inquire on the processes related with its coach education through the application of a questionnaire to 231 trainers. For its elaboration the questionnaire applied for Simão (1998) to Soccer coaches was considered and as referential, the bibliography of the specialty. Its

Rui Resende; Isabel Mesquita; Juan Fernández



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The purpose of this study was to characterize the morphological variables, by game position (GP), of male athletes who participated on the X Pan-American Games in Team Handball (XPGTH) and also to analyse the very same variables of the best athletes by in relation to other athletes who played in the same GP. 103 athletes were measured, and the nacional

Maria Fátima Glaner


Educação física escolar: a transcendência dos jogos para a inovação de propostas pedagógicas  

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The present work has as pretension to tell and to present a program proposal based on the diagnosis and prognostic of action human beings whom they exceed by means of the repertoire of games known and constructed for the proper pupils under supervision and orientation of the professor. They had participated of the program, about 360 pupils of 5ª, 6ª

Vanderlei Palandrani Junior; Idico Luiz Pellegrinotti; Gerson Luis de Moraes; Martha Frigene; Vagner Roberto Bergamo


A evolução dos jogos de Física, a avaliação formativa e a prática reflexiva do professor  

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Este artigo analisa um processo reflexivo vivido ao longo de uma trajetória de desenvolvimento de jogos, sobre questões de Física, que foram criados por iniciativa de uma professora (MCF), em diferentes realidades do ensino médio. Duas fases foram identificadas: a primeira representou uma busca para tornar o ensino de física prazeroso; a segunda, sob influência da perspectiva teórica de Paul

Marli Cardoso Ferreira; Maria Orquiza de Carvalho



Land disposal of San Luis drain sediments, Panoche Water District, South Dos Palos, California  

SciTech Connect

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), LFR Levine-Fricke (LFR), the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) and the Panoche Water District, have completed a pilot-scale test of the viability of land application of selenium- (Se-) enriched San Luis Drain (SLD) sediments. The project was initiated in October 1998 by LBNL. LFR assumed the role of primary subcontractor on the project in July 2001. Substantial portions of this report, describing work performed prior to November 2000, were previously prepared by LBNL personnel. The data set, findings, and recommendations are herein updated with information collected since November 2000. Local land disposal is an attractive option due to its low cost and the proximity of large areas of available land. Two modes of disposal are being tested: (1) the application to a nearby SLD embankment, and (2) the application to and incorporation with nearby farm soils. The study of these options considers the key problems that may potentially arise from this approach. These include disturbance of SLD sediments during dredging, resulting in increased downstream Se concentrations; movement of the land-applied Se to groundwater; reduced productivity of farm crops; and Se uptake by wild and crop plants. This report describes field and laboratory activities carried out from 1998 through February 2002, and results of these investigations.

Zawislanski, Peter; Benson, Sally; TerBerg, Robert; Borglin, Sharon



Urbano e rural: famílias multi-instaladas, mobilidade e manejo dos recursos de várzea na Amazônia  

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The Amazon rural populations, especially the river people or the caboclos who live in the large region of meadow, are often moving from one place to another. Due to the fragility of the river edges of the water streams, as well as the agricultural and agro forest areas, and because of uncertainty of lands and opportunities for work and market,

Novos Cadernos NAEA; Miguel Pinedo-Vasquez; Christine Padoch; Robin R. Sears; Eduardo S. Brondizio


Securing cloud infrastructure against co-resident DoS attacks using game theoretic defense mechanisms  

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Evolution in cloud services and infrastructure has been constantly reshaping the way we conduct business and provide services in our day to day lives. Tools and technologies created to improve such cloud services can also be used to impair them. By using generic tools like nmap, hping and wget, one can estimate the placement of virtual machines in a cloud

Harkeerat Singh Bedi; Sajjan Shiva




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In this paper an evolutionary scenario for the origins of the narrow faculty of language (as defined by Chomsky and others in their recent work) is presented, although putting special emphasis on a methodological distinc- tion between the emergence of this faculty and the development of complex grammatical systems. Thus, in a first step, I seek the possible precursors of



Biomedical Engineering -Student Composite June 26, 2014, 6:00 pm Anas Abidin  

E-print Network

Biomedical Engineering - Student Composite June 26, 2014, 6:00 pm Anas Abidin Wism�¼ller Lab Seth Lab Christopher Farrar First Year Gary Fino First Year Page 1/4 #12;Biomedical Engineering - Student Benjamin Miller Lab Page 2/4 #12;Biomedical Engineering - Student Composite June 26, 2014, 6:00 pm Alvin

Goldman, Steven A.



E-print Network

. Isenberg, C. Johnson, B. Markman, F. McBride, T. Naughton, A. Park, R. Pudaloff, J. Rigby, R. Swanborg, H Members Absent: R. Bilaitis, J. Boyer, K. Chelst, W. Cook, G. Dambach, G. Fenn, S. Fino, Y. Fried, C, Johns Hopkins and the New School for Social Research served as useful models. Learning from

VandeVord, Pamela


Complete genome sequence of switchgrass mosaic virus, a member of a proposed new species in the genus Marafivirus  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

The complete genome sequence of a virus recently detected in switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) was determined and was found to be closely related to Maize rayado fino virus (MRFV), genus Marafivirus, family Tymoviridae. The genomic RNA is 6408 nucleotides long, excluding the poly (A) tail, and encodes...


Short-term Forecasting of Offshore Wind Farm Production Developments of the Anemos Project  

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Short-term Forecasting of Offshore Wind Farm Production ­ Developments of the Anemos Project J to the large dimensions of offshore wind farms, their electricity production must be known well in advance that the accuracies of wind speed predictions for the offshore sites Horns Rev and FiNO1 are similar or better than

Paris-Sud XI, Université de



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mass media, le istituzioni pubbliche e private, ...) Definizione di green marketing = un'evoluzione del: "pettenella" 1. Introduzione Dal Total marketing al Social marketing iniziative del settore pubblico #12;2 Evoluzione del marketing Fino agli anni '30 il m. si concentra sui

Pettenella, Davide


SDSU General Catalog 2014-2015 289 OFFICE: Professional Studies and Fine Arts 436  

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Fino, Gleason, Peniche, Sayer, Sipe, Voyles Director of The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation Student Foundation Student Center for Professional Development: Jeffries Offered by the L. Robert Payne School in hospitality and tourism management with the B.S. degree in applied arts and sciences. Emphasis in global

Gallo, Linda C.



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Recibido para revisar 27 de Julio de 2006, Aceptado 14 de Noviembre de 2006, Version final 24 de Enero de 2007 RESUMEN: El presente artículo muestra experimentos realizados utilizando modelos a escala para estudiar el proceso de infiltración en terraplenes sometidos a aguas lluvias. Varios modelos a escala fueron construidos usando un suelo arenoso con alto contenido de finos; para




The anatomy of the fruit in relation to the propensity of citrus species to split  

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The anatomy of the fruit in relation to the propensity of citrus species to split A. Garcõ�cnica de Valencia, 46071 Valencia, Spain Accepted 29 March 2000 Abstract The anatomy of the fruit has been of clementine mandarin (Fino, Clementina de Nules and Orogrande), and in Owari satsuma mandarin. The fruit

Ljubljana, University of

230 Il Sistema bibliotecario  

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utilizzazione economica, che durano per tutta la vita dell'autore e fino a 70 anni dalla sua morte. I diritti un'opera a stampa solo dopo 70 anni dalla morte dell'autore, oppure se vi è un'autorizzazione scritta



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V (Avvisi) PROCEDIMENTI AMMINISTRATIVI COMMISSIONE Invito a presentare proposte -- Programma anni) La prima categoria si prefigge lo scopo di promuovere i collegamenti culturali transnazionali congiunte nell'arco di un periodo di tre fino a cinque anni. Sono disponibili risorse per un ammontare

De Cindio, Fiorella


RAYMOND E. ROSSI 732-888-6120 17 Luccarelli Drive  

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DuPont, Gerson Lehrman Group, Brookdale Community College, NJ Resources, and DelFino Marketing Communications. DuPont 6/03 ­ 12/06 Retained as an independent contractor/consultant (JALI Consulting Group LLC) in the position of Vice President/ Global Practice Leader ­ Business Development in the DuPont Food Industry

Lin, Xiaodong


Pagina 1 Curriculum Vitae di Longoni, Dora M.  

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indirizzo del datore di lavoro Politecnico di Milano, P.zza Leonardo da Vinci, 32, 20133 MILANO · Tipo di gestione di 9 progetti finanziati nell'ambito del programma Leonardo da Vinci (fino al 2007) · Dal al Nov S S I O N A L E INFORMAZIONI PERSONALI Nome LONGONI, DORA MARIA CORNELIA Indirizzo P.zza Leonardo da


Pgina Inicial Economia Tribolet: "Um conselho de ministros dois dias connosco ficava a perceber o pas" Ministrio dos Negcios  

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nacional" Shot Ponto final: O que fará a cimeira... A revista norte-americana publicar mais uma... E os formação Por Ana Rita Guerra ShareShare Gosto 32 mil PUB ... 19/10/2012 | 17:20 | MOBILE | RSS TWITTER

Instituto de Sistemas e Robotica


Efeito da obesidade sobre a forÃa dos mÃsculos respiratÃrios e centro respiratÃrio.  

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??Background: The obesity affects many organs and systems of human body, prejudicing vital functions by immunologic, circulatory, hormonal and respiratory functions. On the respiratory system,… (more)

Marcus AurÃlio Almeida da Rocha



Finding Solutions for Effective Collaboration in a Heterogeneous Industrial Ismael H. F. dos Santos1,2  

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and the associated mooring systems, computational fluid dynamics simulations for the stability of those systems artifacts (platforms, production risers, mooring systems, etc.), they usually have different data/CAE platform model usually have 3 million triangles while the mooring system have approximately 1 million

Barbosa, Alberto


Integração dos Ambientes Livres WEKA e ImageJ na Construção de Interfaces Guiadas por Sinais Visuais  

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WEKA and ImageJ are free-softwares, not well-known in Brazil, but that of- fer a great variety of resources for, respectivelly, machine learning and digital image processing algorithms implementations. The present work, besides presenting these packages, describes how they have been integrated to create two prototypes of systems with a humam-computer interface based on visual-input. Two differents ...

Hemerson Pistori; Mauro Conti Pereira




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, a Secretaría General de Universidades do Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, emitiu no mes de xaneiro Ministerio de Educación, Cultura e Deporte ditou, o pasado 1 #12;3 de abril do 2014, unha segunda "nota

Fraguela, Basilio B.


76 FR 58074 - 30-Day Notice of Proposed Information Collection: DS-7001 and DS-7005, DOS-Sponsored Academic...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...Collection The Department of State collects this information to identify qualified candidates from Eurasia and South Central Asia for exchange activities sponsored by the Office of Academic Exchange Programs. Methodology Applications are...




Microsoft Academic Search

We studied the diet of two species of owls, and assessed the rodents communities and their relative densities from March 1996 through February 1997 in the Mapimí Biosphere Reserve, Durango, México: Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus) and Barn Owl (Tyto alba). The objectives were to understand the predator-prey relationships by comparing the availability and use of rodents by these owls.

Elizabeth E. ARAGÓN; Benjamín CASTILLO; Alfredo GARZA


Ions at the Water-oil Interface: Interfacial Tension of Electrolyte Alexandre P. dos Santos and Yan Levin*  

E-print Network

and dispersion interactions. However, kosmotropic (structure-making) anions as well as potassium and sodium ions. The theory is used to predict the interfacial tensions of six other potassium salts, for which behavior.1 The fact that there might be something fundamental missing from WOS theory was indicated

Levin, Yan


Diferencias biométricas entre dos poblaciones de Mirlo Acuático (Cinclus cinclus) en ambas vertientes de sierras del Sistema Central  

Microsoft Academic Search

En aquest treball es realitza una anàlisi de la biometria de la merla d'aigua en dues localitats del Sistema Central. S'analitzen les dades de 19 merles d'aigua de las Cruceras (altitud 880 m, Ávila) i 15 de Galíndez (altitud 1.060 m, Segovia). Els mascles de Galíndez van tenir una ala significativament més llarga que els de las Cruceras. No es

Alfonso Villarán; Juan Pascual-Parra; Eduardo T. Mezquida



The Dos and Don'ts of how to Build a Planet, Using the Moon as an Example  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The bulk chemical compositions of planets may yield important clues concerning planetary origins. Failing that, bulk compositions are still important, in that they constrain calculation of planetary mineralogies and also constrain the petrogenesis of basaltic magmas. In the case of the Earth, there is little or no debate about the composition of the Earth's upper mantle. This is because our sample collections contain peridotitic xenoliths of that mantle. The most fertile of these are believed to have been little modified from their primary compositions. Using these samples and chondritic meteorites as a starting point, small perturbations on the compositions of existing samples allow useful reconstruction of the bulk silicate Earth (BSE). Elsewhere, I have argued that the next simplest case is the Eucrite Parent Body (EPB). Reconstructions based on Sc partitioning indicate that the EPB can be well approximated by a mixture of 20% eucrite and 80% equilibrium olivine. This leads to a parent body that is similar to CO (or devolatilized CM) chondrites. Partial melting experiments on CM chondrites confirm this model, because the residual solids in these experiments are dominated by olivine with minor pigonite [3]. The most difficult bodies to reconstruct are those that have undergone the most differentiation. Both the Moon and Mars may have passed through a magma ocean stage. In any event, lunar and martian basalts, unlike eucrites, were not derived from undifferentiated source regions. Reconstructions are primarily based on compositional trends within the basalts themselves with some critical assumptions: (i) Refractory lithophile elements (Ca, Al, REE, actinides) are presumed to be in chondritic relative abundances; and (ii) some major element ratio is believed to exist in a chondritic ratio (e.g., Mg/Si, Mg/Al). The most commonly used parameter is Mg/Si.

Jones, J. H.



Caracterización histológica y ultraestructural de meningoencefalomielitis granulomatosa en dos perros Histological and ultrastructural characterization of granulomatous meningoencephalomyelitis in two dogs  

Microsoft Academic Search

Histological and ultrastructural characteristics of two dogs with granulomatous meningoencephalomy- elitis (GME) in Mexico are described. Case 1 corresponds to a 4-year-old female miniature poodle, and case 2 corresponds to a 10-year-old female akita. Case 1, in accordance with the clinical signs, distribution of lesions and histological characteristics, was found to be consistent with focal GME; case 2 was consistent

Elizabeth Morales Salinas; María de la Luz; Montaño Rosales; Xóchitl Zambrano Estrada


Einstein apaixonado: A cincia mal-contada de um mito bem-traado Carlos Alberto dos Santos  

E-print Network

"a nova teoria das ondas de luz de James Clerk Maxwell" e a controvérsia em torno da natureza da luz inapropriados acumulam-se ao longo do livro. Por exemplo, como é possível dizer que Maxwell "derivou quatro

dos Santos, C.A.


Publications of A. Spencer Tomb Cornejo, Xavier, H. H. Iltis , A. S. Tomb 2008. Anisocapparis y Monilicarpa: Dos  

E-print Network

in the Compositae. Tribe Lactuceae. Amer. J. Bot. 65: 717-721. Graham, A. and A. S. Tomb. 1977. Palynology morphology of tribe Lactaceae. Grana 15: 78-89. Niezgoda, C. J. and A. S. Tomb. 1975. Systematic palynology. Tomb. 1974. Palynology of the genus Erythrina (Leguminosae: Papilionoidae): a preliminary survey

Kaufman, Glennis A.


Protective Action Evaluator for Chemical Emergencies: A user's manual (MS-DOS reg sign Version 1. 0)  

SciTech Connect

The protective action evaluator for chemical emergencies (PAECE) is a package of computer programs developed to simulate an emergency response to airborne release of chemical agents. This user's manual documents the use of PAECE in the evaluation of chemical agent emergencies in areas potentially affected by the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Planning Program (CSEPP). This research documents the development and use of a method for the evaluation of protective action alternatives in conjunction with potential chemical agent emergencies. The user's manual highlights the development of the PAECE model, the selection of appropriate parameters to represent various scenarios, generate results and interpret them in the analysis of protective action alternatives during the planning and preparedness phases of the CSEPP. The PAECE model is designed to evaluate protective actions in the context of potential accidents, the emergency management systems required to implement protective actions, and the anticipated consequences for human receptors. The implications and uncertainties of the model are discussed to provide potential users with insight into the use, limitations, and uncertainties associated with evaluating the effectiveness of protective action alternatives. While PAECE represents a unique and powerful tool to evaluate protective actions, the user must exercise caution when interpreting the results to avoid misrepresentation. The expected value interpretation of the PAECE results biases the results toward extreme values. Hence, the PAECE results have to be interpreted in the context exposures similar to those represented by the unprotected exposure and the protection capacity that tend to be associated with people completing the implementation of the required actions later than and earlier than average, respectively. 16 refs., 24 figs., 1 tab. (JF)

Rogers, G.O.; Sharp, R.D.



Uma Introdu\\c{c}\\~ao \\`a Teoria dos T\\'aquions (An Introduction to the Theory of Tachyons)  

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The theory of relativity, which was proposed in the beginning of the 20th century, applies to particles and frames of reference whose velocity is smaller than the velocity of light. In this paper we will show how this theory can be extended to particles and frames of reference which move faster than light. A teoria da relatividade, proposta no in\\'icio do s\\'eculo XX, aplica-se \\`a part\\'iculas e referenciais cuja velocidade \\'e menor que a velocidade da luz. Nesse artigo mostraremos como esta teoria pode ser estendida \\`a part\\'iculas e referenciais que se movimentam mais rapidamente que a luz.

Vieira, Ricardo S



Desconstrução da metafísica da linguagem e retradução dos capítulos 1, 2 e 3 do "Des Mots" de Leibniz.  

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??Dissertação (mestrado)—Universidade de Brasília, Instituto de Letras, Departamento de Línguas Estrangeiras e Tradução, Programa de Pós-Graduação em Estudos da Tradução, 2014 À luz do pensamento… (more)

Silva, Juliana Cecci



Evaluation of PTW Seven29 for tomotherapy patient-specific quality assurance and comparison with ScandiDos Delta4  

PubMed Central

For routine quality assurance of helical tomotherapy plans, an alternative method, as opposed to the TomoTherapy suggested cylindrical solid water phantom with film and ionization chamber, is proposed using the PTW Seven29 2D-ARRAY inserted in a dedicated octagonal phantom, called Octavius. First, the sensitivity of the array to pitch was studied by varying the pitch during planning to 0.287, 0.433, 1.0, and 2.0. For each pitch selected, the dependence on field size was investigated by generating plans with field widths (FWs) of 1.06 cm, 2.49 cm, and 5.02 cm, for a total of 12 plans. Secondly, a total of 15 patient QA plans were delivered using helical tomotherapy with the Delta4 and Seven29/Octavius for comparison. Using the clinical gamma criteria, 3% and 3 mm, all FW and pitch plans had a passing percentage of >90%. For patient QA plans, the average gamma pass percentage was 97.0% (94.4–99.8%) for the Delta4 and 97.6% (92.5-100.0%) for the Seven29/Octavius. Both the Seven29/Octavius and Delta4 performed to a high standard of measurement accuracy and had a 90% or greater gamma percent for all plans and were considered clinically acceptable. PMID:22557796

Myers, Pamela; Stathakis, Sotirios; Gutiérrez, Alonso N.; Esquivel, Carlos; Mavroidis, Panayiotis; Papanikolaou, Niko



Buen Comienzo, Buen Futuro: El Bebe de Dos Meses (Healthy Start, Grow Smart: Your Two-Month-Old).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Distributed by the U.S. Departments of Agriculture, Education, and Health and Human Services, this Spanish-language pamphlet provides parents with information and advice about their infants in the second month of life. The pamphlet outlines typical infant behavior at 2 months of age, the need for regular visits to a physician, health insurance,…

Department of Education, Washington, DC.


Estimação da maturidade óssea utilizando dimensões dos centros de ossificação extraídas por SNAKES - modelos de contornos ativos  

Microsoft Academic Search

Skeletal age assessment is one of the important features in analyze of carpal radiography in the pediatric radiology area. Skeletal age can be assessed using a set of features extracted from the hand bones ossification centers. The methods most widely used for bone age determination presents high complexity degree for estimation and this task is extremely complex and time-consuming producing

C. J. Olivete; E. L. L. Rodrigues


Causas e Efeitos dos Desmatamentos na Amazônia: Uma análise a partir de dados orbitais, cartográficos e censitários  

Microsoft Academic Search

The Amazon region plays an instrumental role for the regional and global climatic balance. However, abundant natural resources, and in particular, the availability of land for agriculture and cattle ranching, have motivated, since the early 1970's, many occupation initiatives and a severe clear cutting of extensive forested areas. The first goal of this study was to understand the role of

Nilson Clementino Ferreira


Composição e atividades antioxidante e antimicrobiana dos óleos essenciais de cravo-da-índia, citronela e palmarosa  

Microsoft Academic Search

Composition and antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of clove, citronella and palmarosa essential oils. Antioxidant and antimicrobial activities, as well as the chemical composition of essential oils of clove (Caryophillus aromaticus L.), citronella (Cymbopogon winterianus) and palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii) were studied. Antioxidant activity was evaluated by DPPH (2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl) method and the antimicrobial activity determined by the microdilution method. The minimal inhibitory



A Probabilistic Attacker Model for Quantitative Verification of DoS Security Stylianos Basagiannis Panagiotis Katsaros Andrew Pombortsis  

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is based on a probabilistic attacker model implementing simultaneous N zombie participants, which subvert attack tactics [3] that successfully incarnate simultaneous N zombie participants breaks the employed Do

Katsaros, Panagiotis


Os Imperativos Mundiais do Turismo: dos porta-vozes e Global Imperatives of Tourism: of spokespersons and  

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/2013 EDI��O COMEMORATIVA - 40 ANOS DO CCSA 99 RESUMO A teoria da interdependência, que defende a transmissão ideal por ser, a uma só vez, um país do Sul, em tese mais facilmente atraído pelo discurso apologético discurso do que propriamente impostos, e que os Estados nacionais não são os atores mais influentes do

Paris-Sud XI, Université de



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Two trials were conducted in a commercial vineyard, in the region of Jundiaí-SP, with the objective of studying the effects of CPPU and GA3 on the clusters and berries characteristics of Centennial Seedless table grape. In the first experiment, it was used CPPU at 0; 5.0; 7.5; 10.0; 12.5; 15.0 and 17.5mg.L -1 . In a second trial, GA3 was



A Novel Cloud Computing Security Model to Detect and Prevent DoS and DDoS Attack  

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Cloud computing has been considered as one of the crucial and emerging networking technology, which has been changed the architecture of computing in last few years. Despite the security concerns of protecting data or providing continuous service over cloud, many organisations are considering different types cloud services as potential solution for their business. We are researching on cloud computing security

Masudur Rahman; Wah Man Cheung



Educação de língua inglesa e novos letramentos: espaços de mudanças por meio dos ensinos técnicos e tecnológicos.  

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??The technical education and the technology/vocational education are at stake in government decisions and discussions. This research investigates the encounter between English language education and… (more)

Daniel de Mello Ferraz



Dos ensayos sobre discriminación: discriminación salarial y discriminación en acceso al empleo por origen étnico y por género  

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El existencia o no de la discriminación en el mercado laboral ha sido un tema difícil de analizar. Comencemos por aclarar que para los propósitos de esta investigación, discriminación es un término que aplica a grupos claramente identificables por sus características físicas, religiosas, étnicas, por sus prácticas sociales, o por cualquier otro rasgo fácilmente observable1. En principio existe discriminación si

Jaime Tenjo Galarza; Paula Herrera Idárraga



Hamartoma fibrolipomatoso e macrodistrofia lipomatosa: análise dos achados clínicos e de imagem em quatro casos, com revisão da literatura  

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O hamartoma fibrolipomatoso neural e a macrodistrofia lipomatosa são doenças raras, com achados de imagem característicos. Radiografias simples, estudos de ressonância magnética e prontuários médicos de quatro pacientes foram revisados. Em um paciente, foi realizada cirurgia com confirmação histopatológica. Em três pacientes, os achados clínicos e de imagem foram considerados suficientes para o diagnóstico. Descreve- mos dois casos de macrodistrofia

Rafael Darahem de Souza Coelho; Marcelo Novelino Simão; Clóvis Simão Trad



Extração de batimetria por sensoriamento remoto de áreas rasas dos sistemas estuarinos do Estado do Paraná - Brasil  

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Satellite images offers, at low costs, bathymetric maps of areas that are difficult to cover for traditional hydrographic methods. In the north area of the Estuarine Complex of Paranaguá the last bathymetric update was made in the 50's, and in the inner part of the Guaratuba Bay there are no bathymetric data. A bathymetric mapping of these areas, even without

Lilian Anne Krug



Estudo comparativo dos parâmetros angulares da marcha humana em ambiente aquático e terrestre em indivíduos hígidos adultos jovens  

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RESUMO Há um grande interesse em estudar o movimento humano den- tro da água, uma vez que o meio já é utilizado para treinamento e reabilitação devido às diferentes propriedades mecânicas que ofe- rece. No entanto, há uma carência de estudos sobre as caracterís- ticas biomecânicas do andar em ambiente aquático. O presente estudo teve como objetivo determinar as variáveis

Danieli Isabel Romanovitch Ribas; Vera Lúcia Israel; Elisângela Ferretti Manfra; Camila Costa de Araújo



A Informalidade no Mercado de Trabalho e o Impacto das Instituições: Uma Análise sob a Ótica da Teoria dos Jogos  

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This article presents a game theoretic analysis of informality in the labor market based on an infinite dynamic game between employers and workers in which the Judiciary system enters parametrically. We find two classes of subgame-perfect Nash equilibria. In the first class, the worker first gets an informal contract but he eventually becomes a formal worker. We show that the

Maurício S. Bugarin



Cornell Produces a Video of Safety Dos and Don'ts for the YouTube Set  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Don't drink too much, download pirated files, light candles, or prop open doors. Warnings like those pervade the weighty work of admonition known as the student handbook. However, Allen J. Bova wonders, "Who ever reads that?" So Mr. Bova, director of risk management and insurance at Cornell University, tried to reach students with a video. This…

Lipka, Sara



Analisando livros didáticos na perspectiva dos Estudos do Discurso: compartilhando reflexões e sugerindo uma agenda para a pesquisa  

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Resumo: Neste artigo, apÛs uma breve revisªo de pesquisas que tomam o livro didÆtico como objeto, delineamos os pressupostos teÛrico-metodolÛgicos de abordagens identificadas com os Estudos do Discurso e que tŒm fundamentado nossas investigaÁies sobre o livro didÆtico de ciŒncias. Em seguida, apresentamos nossas investigaÁies, que significam o livro didÆtico de ciŒncias em relaÁªo ‡s suas condiÁies sociais de produÁªo,

Isabel Martins



The DOS 1 neutron dosimetry experiment at the HB-4-A key 7 surveillance site on the HFIR pressure vessel  

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A comprehensive neutron dosimetry experiment was made at one of the prime surveillance sites at the High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR) pressure vessel to aid radiation embrittlement studies of the vessel and to benchmark neutron transport calculations. The thermal neutron flux at the key 7, position 5 site was found, from measurements of radioactivation of four cobalt wires and four silver wires, to be 2.4 {times} 10{sup 12} n{center_dot}m{sup {minus}2}{center_dot}s{sup {minus}1}. The thermal flux derived from two helium accumulation monitors was 2.3 {times} 10{sup 12} n{center_dot}m{sup {minus}2}{center_dot}{sup {minus}1}. The thermal flux estimated by neutron transport calculations was 3.7 {times} 10{sup 12} n{center_dot}m{sup {minus}2}s{sup {minus}1}. The fast flux, >1 MeV, determined from two nickel activation wires, was 1.5 {times} 10{sup 12} n{center_dot}m{sup {minus}2}{center_dot}s{sup {minus}1}, in keeping with values obtained earlier from stainless steel surveillance monitors and with a computed value of 1.2 {times} 10{sup 13} n{center_dot}m{sup {minus}2}{center_dot}{sup {minus}1}. The fast fluxes given by two reaction-product-type monitors, neptunium-237 and beryllium, were 2.6 {times} 10{sup 13} n{center_dot}m{sup {minus}2}{center_dot}s {sup {minus}1} and 2.2 {times} 10{sup 13} n{center_dot}m{sup {minus}2}s{sup {minus}1}, respectively. Follow-up experiments indicate that these latter high values of fast flux are reproducible but are false; they are due to the creation of greater levels of reaction products by photonuclear events induced by an exceptionally high ratio of gamma flux to fast neutron flux at the vessel.

Farrell, K.; Kam, F.B.; Baldwin, C.A. [and others



Crystal structure of the bacterial conjugation  

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. Here we present the 2.0 Ã? resolution X-ray crystal structure of FinO, lacking its flexible N to interact with traJ mRNA to occlude its ribo- some binding site, blocking traJ translation and thereby of the inhibition sys- tem, protects FinP against degradation. It binds to FinP and steri- cally blocks access

Glover, Mark


Effects of Surfaces Nanocrystallization induced by Shot Peening on material properties : a Review  

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RIASSUNTO. Si presenta una breve descrizione del processo di nanocristalizzazione delle superfici per mezzo di deformazioni plastiche severe. In particolare, si concentra l'attenzione sui processi di pallinatura che fino ad oggi si sono dimostrati efficaci per ottenere superfici nano strutturate e se ne descrive lo stato dell'arte. L'influenza del processo utilizzato sul comportamento del materiale in relazione alle differenti proprietà

Sara Bagheri Fard; Mario Guagliano



Analisis del contenido curricular de los Documentos Normativos del Programa de Ciencias en el area de biologia para la escuela superior del sistema de educacion publica de Puerto Rico: 1993-2012  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Esta investigacion de naturaleza cualitativa se ocupo de realizar un analisis de contenido documental de los Documentos Normativos del Programa de Ciencias en el area de biologia de la escuela superior del sistema de educacion publica de Puerto Rico del periodo 1993-2012. Los documentos analizados fueron: Guia Curricular, 1995; Marco Curricular, 2003; Estandares de Excelencia, 1996, 2000 y Estandares de Contenido y Expectativas de Grado, 2007. Se indago si hubo cambios en significados en los Componentes Estructurales: Naturaleza de la ciencia, Paradigmas para la ensenanza de la ciencia, Funcion del curriculo formal, Mision de la ensenanza de la ciencia; Contenidos, destrezas y competencias, Estrategias de ensenanza y Evaluacion/Assessment del aprendizaje. El analisis sugiere que no hubo cambios sustanciales en los significados de los Componentes Estructurales. Los documentos estudiados muestran mayormente caracteristicas similares, aunque los documentos mas recientes eran mas descriptivos, explicativos y especificos.

Davila Montanez, Melissa


A Non Parametric Model for the Forecasting of the Venezuelan Oil Prices  

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A neural net model for forecasting the prices of Venezuelan crude oil is proposed. The inputs of the neural net are selected by reference to a dynamic system model of oil prices by Mashayekhi (1995, 2001) and its performance is evaluated using two criteria: the Excess Profitability test by Anatoliev and Gerko (2005) and the characteristics of the equity curve generated by a trading strategy based on the neural net predictions. ----- Se introduce aqui un modelo no parametrico para pronosticar los precios del petroleo Venezolano cuyos insumos son seleccionados en base a un sistema dinamico que explica los precios en terminos de dichos insumos. Se describe el proceso de recoleccion y pre-procesamiento de datos y la corrida de la red y se evaluan sus pronosticos a traves de un test estadistico de predictibilidad y de las caracteristicas del Equity Curve inducido por la estrategia de compraventa bursatil generada por dichos pronosticos.

Costanzo, Sabatino; Dehne, Wafaa; Prato, Hender



A low-cost localization system based on Artificial Landmarks Claudio dos S. Fernandes, Mario F. M. Campos and Luiz Chaimowicz  

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in the environment ceiling. Although the use of artificial landmarks restricts the applicability of this methodology the possibility of refining its localization by using a GPS sensor. However, for navigation within indoor environments, which is the main focus of the present work, this type of sensor cannot be used, which

Chaimowicz, Luiz


Estudo das tensões em dente restaurado com coroa metalocerâmica e dois formatos de retentores intra-radiculares - método dos elementos finitos.  

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??O estudo comparativo da distribuição de tensões de von Mises em dente endodonticamente tratado, com dois formatos de retentores intra-radiculares, pré-fabricado cilíndrico/escalonado e fundido cônico,… (more)

Isaac José Peixoto Batinga da Rocha



Utilização dos laboratórios de informática em escolas municipais de Passo Fundo\\/RS1 Use of Computer Labs in Schools of Passo Fundo\\/RS  

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This paper is a report on the experience achieved in a research that has been accomplished in ten schools of the teaching municipal network of Passo Fundo\\/RS. The purpose of that research was to verify, in the educative process dynamics, which were the reflections on the network technology usage by teachers and students. Before the actual research could be carried

Karina Marcon; Adriano Canabarro Teixeira


Is there intelligent life outside the City?A personal view on some of the dos, don'ts and elephant traps in freelance consultancy  

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Offers comprehensive advice to information professionals considering taking up self-employed freelance information consultancy. Draws attention to the risks associated with leaving the protection offered by corporate employment, alongside the benefits of empowerment through being self-employed. Emphasizes the need for prior business planning and offers advice on business name, web presence, logos, business cards, professional subscriptions, the need to have an

Oriole Newgass



Neodymium, strontium and chromium isotopic studies of the LEW86010 and Angra dos Reis meteorites and the chronology of the angrite parent body  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Neodymium, stontium, and chromium isotopic studies of the LEW86010 angrite established its absolute age and the formation interval between its crystallization and condensation of Allende CAIs from the solar nebula. Pyroxene and phosphate were found to contain approximately 8% of its Sm and Nd inventory. A conventional Sm-147-Nd-143 isochron yielded an age of 4.53 +/- 0.04 Ga (2 sigma and Epsilon(sub Nd sup 143)) = 0.45 +/- 1.1. An Sm-146-Nd-142 isochron gives initial Sm-146/Sm-144 = 0.0076 +/- 0.0009 and Epsilon (sub Nd sup 142) = -2.5 +/- 0.4. The Rb-Sr analyses give initial Sr-87/Sr-86 Iota(sub Sr sup 87) = 0.698972 +/- 8 and 0.698970 +/- 18 for LEW and ADOR, respectively, relative to Sr-87/Sr-86 = 0.71025 for NBS987. The difference, Delta Iota(sub Sr Sup 87), between Iota (sub sr sup 87) for the angrites and literature values for Allende CAIs, corresponds to approximately Ma of growth in a solar nebula with a CI chondrite value of Rb-87/Sr-86 = 0.91, or approximately 5 Ma in a nebula with solar photospheric Rb-87/Sr-86 = 1.51. Excess Cr-53 from extinct Mn-53(t(sub 1/2) = 3.7 Ma)in LEW86010 corresponds to initial Mn-53/Mn-55 = 4.4 +/- 1.0 x 10(exp -5) for the inclusions as previously reported by the Paris group (Birck and Allegre, 1988). The Sm-146/Sm-144 value found for LEW86010 corresponds to solar system initial (Sm-146/Sm-144) = 0.0080 +/- 0.0009 for crystallization 8 Ma after Allende, the difference between Pb-Pb ages of angrites and Allende, or 0.0086 +/- 0.0009 for crystallation 18 Ma after Allende, using the Mn-Cr formation interval. The isotopic data are discussed in the context of a model in which an undifferentiated 'chondritic' parent body formed from the solar nebula approximately Ma after Allende CAIs and subsequently underwent differentiation accompanied by loss of volatiles. Parent bodies with Rb/Sr similar to that of CI, CM, or CO chondrites could satisfy the Cr and Sr isotopic systematics. If the angrite parent body had Rb/Sr similar to that of CV meteorites, it would have to form slightly later, approximately 2.6 Ma after the CAIs, to satisfy the Sr and CR isotopic systematics.

Nyquist, L. E.; Bansal, B.; Wiesmann, H.; Shih, C.-Y.




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Grey Eagle-buzzard (Geranoaetus melanoleucus) and Magellanic Horned Owl (Bubo magellanicus) predation on chinchillón (Lagidium viscacia) in northwestern Patagonia, Argentina. The chinchillón, Lagidium viscacia (Molina, 1782), is a medium-sized rodent which inhabits rocky habitats along the Andean Cordillera, from Peru to southern Argentina and Chile. Predators on this species are not well-known. Long-term studies re- cently made in Patagonia showed no

Gladys I. Galende; Ana Trejo


Plug in to the Utah Library Network, Reach Out to the World. Utah Library Network and Internet Training Handbook [for DOS]. Information Forum Publication #7.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This manual is designed to assist public libraries in Utah in their use of the Internet. Many of the examples used were created specifically to explain the use of products that the Utah Library Network provides for public libraries in Utah. The introduction provides background history and general information about the Internet and general…

Reinwand, Louis; And Others


Considerações a respeito da ansiedade em jovens atletas a partir dos estágios psicossociais do desenvolvimento Considerations about the anxiety in young athletes from stages of psychosocial development  

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This review aims to consider the process of structu ring the anxiety within the theory of Psychosocial Development Erik Erikson and discuss the issue of l imitation of the studies of anxiety in sports. Thus , it is understood that the mechanisms of anxiety in the sp orting context can influence the performance of athletes and therefore a methodology for

Robério Silva de Paiva; Thaísa Vilhena Silva


Anticorpos neutralizantes contra os vírus da cinomose e da parainfluenza em cães de canis dos municípios de Novo Hamburgo e Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil  

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In this report a serological survey was carried out in search for antibodies to canine distemper virus (CDV) and canine parainfluenza virus (CPIV) in 173 sera from dogs withdraw in kennels of the municipalities of Novo Hamburgo (n=82) and Porto Alegre (n=91), RS, Brazil. Neutralizing antibodies were evaluated against two CDV strains used for vaccine production (Rockborn and Snyder Hill)

Tamahine Larronda Schmidt Hartmann; Helena Beatriz de Carvalho Ruthner Batista; Diógenes Dezen; Fernando Rosado Spilki; Ana Claudia Franco; Paulo Michel Roehe



Laboratory use of the personal computer: a program in MS-DOS BASIC, for generating specimen labels and data sheets for electron microscopy.  


Conventionally, all specimen vial and block labels are handwritten or typed, a labor-intensive process open to human error, particularly in a lab that processes large numbers of samples. The computer program described in this report was developed to reduce or eliminate this problem. The program is menu-driven, asking specific information from the user, and runs on an IBM PC (or compatible). It is designed to accurately produce specimen collection vial labels, resin block labels, and data sheets for inclusion in a research notebook. A task that in the past may have required much time at the typewriter can now be accomplished without error in a few minutes. Although designed to fit the needs of a pathology laboratory, the program (written in BASIC) can be easily modified to fit other applications. PMID:3193242

Ulrich, R G



A Educacao dos Portadores de Necessidades Especiais no Brasil no Periodo de 1910 a 1949 (Education of Those with Special Needs in Brazil from 1920 to 1949).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Examines education given to those with special needs in Brazil from 1910-1949. Shows the dichotomy of meanings in which the education of special needs persons during that period, besides being marked by concepts related to the exclusion paradigm, already indicated signs of respect for diversity and civil rights. (BT)

Marques, Carlos Alberto; Santiago, Mylene Cristina; de Moura, Simone Moreira



Propagao das ondas martimas e dos tsunami CCADERNOADERNO BBRASILEIRORASILEIRO DEDE EENSINONSINO DEDE FFSICASICA,, VV. 22,. 22, NN. 2:. 2: PP. 190-215, 2005. 190-215, 2005  

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matou 27.000 pessoas, feriu 9.000 pessoas, destruindo 13.000 casas (BRYANT, 2001). O maior tsunami já dezembro de 2004, vitimando cerca de 300.000 pessoas, infelizmente constituiu-se em apenas um novo evento 50.000 pessoas em Taiwan. Em 26 de agosto de 1882, como conseqüência da grande erupção do vulcão

dos Santos, C.A.


DIY TOP 10 DOS The more costly and extensive the plan, the more carefully you will have to manage time and resources to reach your destination  

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to work off a sketch on a scrap of paper. Accurate calculation of materials required is essential won't require the level of investment in planning, tools, skills etc. you would need for a series the project the more chances there are for things to go awry. 4.3 FUTURE3PROOF YOUR PLANS Consider things you

Peters, Richard


Importância dos dados quantitativos na interpretação da cintilografia renal dinâmica com Tc99m-MAG3 e diurético na suspeita de obstrução do trato urinário.  

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??Parâmetros renais quantitativos como depuração de Tc99m-MAG3, captação relativa, razão 20 minutos/máximo, razão 20 minutos/2-3 minutos, tempo de atividade máxima e tempo de eliminação decorrido… (more)

Angela Hunsche



Avaliação do papel dos roedores das espécies Mus musculus e Rattus norvegicus como hospedeiros reservatórios de Leishmania infantum nos concelhos de Sesimbra e Sintra.  

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??Dissertação de Mestrado Integrado em Medicina Veterinária A leishmaniose causada por Leishmania infantum é uma doença parasitária de cariz zoonótico transmitida por insectos flebotomíneos, os… (more)

Helhazar, Marcos Ferreira



Realidade e ficção em Ilhéus - Bahia: o legado artístico de Jorge Amado na perspectiva dos Cursos Superiores de Turismo do seu entorno  

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The dialogue forms between the academy and the society determine the value that it has to the knowledge and its own social function. In this perspective, this paper search to diagnosis the problematic question about the tourism use the cultural goods as a estimated date for the valuation and promotion of a regional identity, focrising a study trying to identify

Astor Vieira Júnior; Urbano Cavalcante Filho; Wolney Gomes Almeida; Henrique da Costa Mata


Int. J. Security and Networks, Vol. 1, Nos. 3/4, 2006 167 Limiting DoS attacks during multihop data delivery  

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a solution using one-way hash chains to protect end-to-end multihop communications in WSNs against such Path's Thomas J. Watson Research Centre in Hawthorne, NewYork from 1997­2001. He received a PhD in Electrical, medical systems and robotic exploration. Large sensor networks are often organised hierarchically via

Han, Richard Y.


Ocorrência sazonal e reprodução do socó-caranguejeiro Nyctanassa violacea no estuário da Lagoa dos Patos (RS, Brasil), novo limite sul da sua distribuição geográfica  

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Seasonal occurrence and breeding of the Yellow Crowned Night Heron Nyctanassa violacea in the Patos Lagoon estuary (RS, Brazil): the new southern geographic range of the species. The aim of this note is to report the seasonal occurrence and breeding of Nyctanassa violacea in the Patos Lagoon estuary, southern Brazil, its new southernmost area of occurrence. The Pólvora Island, located

Dimas Gianuca



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Based on fieldwork carried out in Southern Brazil, this article analyses the achievements, difficulties and contradictions of the MST's alternative project. It identifies the organizational structure of the MST as a major factor explaining the success of the movement. It highlights that mobilization and pressure on the state have also been instrumental to land distribution and the development of its



Clinical Awareness of Do’s and Don’ts of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Among University Medical Students-A Questionnaire Study  

PubMed Central

Background: Medical students today are tomorrow’s future doctors. One of the key skills that students should develop during their graduation training is to be prepared for emergency life saving measures like cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) anytime, anywhere. The students play integral role in learning, mastering and inculcating the most pragmatic clinical skill of CPR. Objectives: a) To evaluate the CPR awareness among undergraduate medical students. b) To screen the knowledge regarding accurate, effective CPR procedural techniques and various barriers of CPR failure in clinical practice from student perspective. c) To ascertain interest in CPR training programs and also inculcating CPR as an active part of clinical practice in future. Materials and Methods: The questionnaire comprised of three parts, first one dealing with general questions to know the importance of CPR in clinical practice, second one comprised of the main goal and accuracy of CPR intervention and the last segment consisted of questions targeting the indications, methods and effectiveness of CPR. Statistical Analysis: Descriptive statistics and multiple response analyses were done by using SPSS 17. Results: The students had good knowledge about the importance of CPR in clinical practice and stand average in knowing its indications and effectiveness. Whereas, only 1.2% of them were completely aware about the universal compression ventilation ratio, and 20.4% were aware of the current order of CPR being compression, airway and breathing. Conclusion: Though, CPR awareness is good among the students but skills of CPR have to be mastered by proper certified training programs at regular intervals and knowledge has to be updated with the changing trends in CPR. PMID:25177588

Amberkar, Mohan babu; Alur S, Suhas; Bhat, Pavan Madhukar; Bansal, Siddharth



32 CFR Appendix C to Part 197 - Procedures for the Department of State (DoS) Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) Series  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

... MISCELLANEOUS HISTORICAL RESEARCH IN THE FILES OF THE OFFICE...documents selected for use in their research. (1) According to appendix...for the historians doing the research and an explicit the toner cartridge, paper, and other supplies...



Título: O Comportamento dos Principais Índices de Preços da Economia Brasileira no Período 1999-2005: evidências da impropriedade do IGP como \\  

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The analysis presented in this article about the performance of the prices indexes of the Brazilian economy corroborates the hypothesis that the General Index of Price (IGP\\/FGV-RJ), considering its all modalities, became a biased index of Brazilian prices. In the period 1999-2005, the prices changes measured by the IGP were well above those accused by the other indexes of prices

José Roberto Ribeiro; Mário Ferreira Presser



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Beowulf is not only the one extant epic poem in Teutonic literature which is preserved complete but also the oldest. The reading of the poem is mediated by translation since the language in which it is written proves now to be incomprehensible to an English reader. Notwithstanding, Beowulf has been for decades a set text in English syllabuses. The purpose

Silvana N. Fernández



How Do You Say "Twos" in Spanish, if "Two" Is "Dos"? Language as Means and Object in a Bilingual Kindergarten Classroom  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In this essay Naomi Mulvihill uses vignettes from her bilingual kindergarten classroom to explore the dynamic processes by which young children make sense of language, focusing on instances in which she asks her students to compare texts presented in English and Spanish. Using Piaget's concept of disequilibrium as a guiding framework,…

Mulvihill, Naomi



Passivo ambiental: estudo de caso da Petróleo Brasileiro S.A - Petrobrás. A repercussão ambiental nas demonstrações contábeis, em conseqüência dos acidentes ocorridos  

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Financial statements are very important for stockholders, investors, suppliers, funders and interested parties to know about the equity situation and result of a company, as well as how it relates to the environment, its commitment to nature and to current legislation. The absence of this information or the inexistence of its segregation can hide the impact of proactive or reactive

Ana Lúcia Bertoli; Maisa de Souza Ribeiro




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N-Fertilization effect on two varieties of corn (Zea mays L.) affected by flooding After flood, during the vegetative stage, an N-fertilization effect was evaluated associated with the recovering of two varieties of maize Agua Blanca (AB) and La Máquina (LM). Crop was planted in 10 kg pots and placed in a greenhouse on a completely randomized design, with three replications.

Lenny Meléndez; Jon Lisazo; Ricardo Ramírez



Epidemiologia dos fatores de risco para hipertensão arterial - uma revisão crítica da literatura brasileira The epidemiology of arterial hypertension risk factors - a critical review of the Brazilian literature  

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Hypertension contributes to the high cardiovascular mor- tality rates in the country as a whole. An essential step to the reduction of this important public health problem is the knowledge of the risk factors (RF) distribution. This review aims to present the prevalence of the more frequently stud- ied RF: obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemia, physical inactivity, smoking and alcohol abuse. The

Katia Vergetti Bloch; Claudia Soares Rodrigues; Roberto Fiszman


Dinâmica populacional de Melanoides tuberculatus (Müller, 1774) em um riacho impactado da Vila do Abraão, Ilha Grande, Angra dos Reis, RJ, Brasil.  

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??Melanoides tuberculatus (Müller, 1774) é um gastrópode dulceaquícola de origem afroasiática, atualmente com uma distribuição cosmopolita, devido a seu comportamento invasivo. Utilizamos em nosso trabalho… (more)

Igor Christo Miyahira



Impactos sócio-culturais da evolução dos jogos eletrônicos e ferramentas comunicacionais: um estudo sobre o desenvolvimento de comunidades virtuais de jogadores  

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This work studies the evolutionary process of electronic games, virtual communities and communicational tools and their impact on social interaction and culture. Additionally, an analysis is presented about different types of metacommunication developed in the communities formed by online games. Finally a conclusion is presented towards the future of those communities and the new communicational tools provided by technological advancement.

Lia Carrari; Rodrigues Rodrigo; A. S. Pereira; Lopes Pollyana; Notargiacomo Mustaro


A software oscilloscope for DOS computers with an integrated remote control for a video tape recorder. The assignment of acoustic events to behavioural observations.  


With only a little knowledge of programming IBM compatible computers in Basic, it is possible to create a digital software oscilloscope with sampling rates up to 17 kHz (depending on the CPU- and bus-speed). The only additional hardware requirement is a common sound card compatible with the Soundblaster. The system presented in this paper is built to analyse the direction a flying bat is facing during sound emission. For this reason the system works with some additional hardware devices, in order to monitor video sequences at the computer screen, overlaid by an online oscillogram. Using an RS232-interface for a Panasonic video tape recorder both the oscillogram and the video tape recorder can be controlled simultaneously and moreover be analysed frame by frame. Not only acoustical events, but also APs, myograms, EEGs and other physiological data can be digitized and analysed in combination with the behavioural data of an experimental subject. PMID:8925649

Höller, P



Estimating Climate Resilience for Conservation across Geophysical Settings  

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Conservationists need methods to conserve biological diversity while allowing species and communities to rearrange in response to a changing climate. We developed and tested such a method for northeastern North America that we based on physical features associated with ecological diversity and site resilience to climate change. We comprehensively mapped 30 distinct geophysical settings based on geology and elevation. Within each geophysical setting, we identified sites that were both connected by natural cover and that had relatively more microclimates indicated by diverse topography and elevation gradients. We did this by scoring every 405 ha hexagon in the region for these two characteristics and selecting those that scored >SD 0.5 above the mean combined score for each setting. We hypothesized that these high-scoring sites had the greatest resilience to climate change, and we compared them with sites selected by The Nature Conservancy for their high-quality rare species populations and natural community occurrences. High-scoring sites captured significantly more of the biodiversity sites than expected by chance (p < 0.0001): 75% of the 414 target species, 49% of the 4592 target species locations, and 53% of the 2170 target community locations. Calcareous bedrock, coarse sand, and fine silt settings scored markedly lower for estimated resilience and had low levels of permanent land protection (average 7%). Because our method identifies—for every geophysical setting—sites that are the most likely to retain species and functions longer under a changing climate, it reveals natural strongholds for future conservation that would also capture substantial existing biodiversity and correct the bias in current secured lands. Identificación de Sitios Duraderos para la Conservación Usando la Diversidad del Paisaje y las Conexiones Locales para Estimar la Capacidad de Recuperación al Cambio Climático Resumen Los conservacionistas necesitan un método mediante el cual poder conservar la diversidad biológica mientras permiten que las especies y las comunidades se reorganicen con respecto al clima cambiante. Desarrollamos y probamos tal método, el cual basamos en características físicas asociadas con la diversidad ecológica y la capacidad de recuperación del sitio con respecto al cambio climático, en el noreste de Norteamérica. Mapeamos comprensivamente 30 escenarios geofísicos distintos basados en la geología y la elevación. Dentro de cada escenario geofísico identificamos sitios que estaban conectados por una cubierta natural y que tenían relativamente más microclimas indicados por la topografía diversa y los gradientes de elevación. Hicimos esto al puntuar cada hexágono de 450 ha en la región con estas dos características y al seleccionar aquellos que tuvieron una puntuación >SD 0.5 por encima del puntaje combinado promedio para cada escenario. Nuestra hipótesis fue que estos sitios con altas puntuaciones tuvieron la mayor capacidad de recuperación. Los comparamos con los sitios seleccionados por The Nature Conservancy por sus poblaciones de alta calidad de especies raras y sus ocurrencias de comunidades naturales. Los sitios con altos puntajes capturaron significativamente más de los sitios de biodiversidad de lo que se esperaba por casualidad (p < 0.0001): 75% de las 414 especies objetivo, 49% de las 4592 localidades de especies objetivo y 53% de las 2710 localidades de comunidades objetivo. Los escenarios de lecho rocoso calcáreo, arena gruesa y limo fino tuvieron puntos marcadamente más bajos para la capacidad de recuperación estimada y tuvieron niveles bajos de protección permanente de suelo (en promedio 7%). Ya que nuestro método identifica – para cada escenario geofísico – sitios que tienen mayor probabilidad de retener especies y funciones más tiempo bajo un clima cambiante, revela baluartes naturales para la con





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SUMMARY The company Latinflor, located in Guayllabamba, Pichincha, was evaluated in two growing cycles response of gypsophila ( Gypsophila paniculata var. New Love) to two ferti-irrigation formulations (f 1= dynamic fertilization according to the phenologic stage of the plant (vegetative stage and productive stage ) and f 2= static fertilization currently used in the farm) and two plastic covers (c

Mónica Rocha; Arturo Orquera


Selection of an autochthonous Saccharomyces strain starter for alcoholic fermentation of Sherry base wines.  


Several indigenous Saccharomyces strains from musts were isolated in the Jerez de la Frontera region, at the end of spontaneous fermentation, in order to select the most suitable autochthonous yeast starter, during the 2007 vintage. Five strains were chosen for their oenological abilities and fermentative kinetics to elaborate a Sherry base wine. The selected autochthonous strains were characterized by molecular methods: electrophoretic karyotype and random amplified polymorphic DNA-polymerase chain reaction (RAPD-PCR) and by physiological parameters: fermentative power, ethanol production, sugar consumption, acidity and volatile compound production, sensory quality, killer phenotype, desiccation, and sulphur dioxide tolerance. Laboratory- and pilot-scale fermentations were conducted with those autochthonous strains. One of them, named J4, was finally selected over all others for industrial fermentations. The J4 strain, which possesses exceptional fermentative properties and oenological qualities, prevails in industrial fermentations, and becomes the principal biological agent responsible for winemaking. Sherry base wine, industrially manufactured by means of the J4 strain, was analyzed, yielding, together with its sensory qualities, final average values of 0.9 g/l sugar content, 13.4 % (v/v) ethanol content and 0.26 g/l volatile acidity content; apart from a high acetaldehyde production, responsible for the distinctive aroma of "Fino". This base wine was selected for "Fino" Sherry elaboration and so it was fortified; it is at present being subjected to biological aging by the so-called "flor" yeasts. The "flor" velum formed so far is very high quality. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study covering from laboratory to industrial scale of characterization and selection of autochthonous starter intended for alcoholic fermentation in Sherry base wines. Since the 2010 vintage, the indigenous J4 strain is employed to industrially manufacture a homogeneous, exceptional Sherry base wine for "Fino" Sherry production. PMID:23546810

Rodríguez-Palero, María Jesús; Fierro-Risco, Jesús; Codón, Antonio C; Benítez, Tahía; Valcárcel, Manuel J



Yeast Population Dynamics during the Fermentation and Biological Aging of Sherry Wines  

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Molecular and physiological analyses were used to study the evolution of the yeast population, from alcoholic fermentation to biological aging in the process of “fino” sherry wine making. The four races of “flor” Saccharomyces cerevisiae (beticus, cheresiensis, montuliensis, and rouxii) exhibited identical restriction patterns for the region spanning the internal transcribed spacers 1 and 2 (ITS-1 and ITS-2) and the 5.8S rRNA gene, but this pattern was different, from those exhibited by non-flor S. cerevisiae strains. This flor-specific pattern was detected only after wines were fortified, never during alcoholic fermentation, and all the strains isolated from the velum exhibited the typical flor yeast pattern. By restriction fragment length polymorphism of mitochondrial DNA and karyotyping, we showed that (i) the native strain is better adapted to fermentation conditions than commercial strains; (ii) two different populations of S. cerevisiae strains are involved in the process of elaboration, of fino sherry wine, one of which is responsible for must fermentation and the other, for wine aging; and (iii) one strain was dominant in the flor population integrating the velum from sherry wines produced in González Byass wineries, although other authors have described a succession of races of flor S. cerevisiae during wine aging. Analyzing all these results together, we conclude that yeast population dynamics during biological aging is a complex phenomenon and differences between yeast populations from different wineries can be observed. PMID:11319081

Esteve-Zarzoso, B.; Peris-Torán, M. J.; García-Maiquez, E.; Uruburu, F.; Querol, A.



Uso da combinação dos anestésicos tiletamina e zolazepam na imobilização de Ctenomys lami (Rodentia-Ctenomyidae) no sul do Brasil Use of the anesthetic combination of tiletamine and zolazepam for immobilization of Ctenomys lami (Rodentia-Ctenomyidae) in southern Brazil  

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Studies about chemical contention are extremely important for wildlife animal's manipulation, to guaranty safety of it and the people who are manipulating them. Zoletil ® was used for contention of tuco-tucos (Ctenomys lami) captured in Rio Grande do Sul state (Brazil) between May and June of 2008. The dosage utilized was 8mg\\/kg by intramuscular injection. The induction time was 2,5±1,05min.

Gisele Guiomara Stein; José Francisco Bonini Stolz; Ingrid Vera Stein; Marina Estrázulas; Vanessa Lipp; Thales Renato; Ochotorena Freitas; André Silva Caríssimi



CORPORAL COMPOSITION OF SWINE FEED FROM 10 TO 20 KG WITH DIETS CONTAINING DIFFERENT LEVELS OF LYSINE AND CRUDE PROTEIN Composição corporal de suínos alimentados dos 10 aos 20 kg com rações contendo diferentes níveis de lisina e proteína bruta  

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The aim of this work was to verify the effect of different levels of true digestible lysine (TDL) and crude protein (CP) on diets on the carcass composition of the swine in the nursery phase. Eighty piglets Landrace x Large White, barrows and females, with initial weight of 9.1±1.2 kg and final weight of 21.5±4.8 kg, weaned at the 28

Márcio Gilberto Zangeronimo; Elias Tadeu Fialho; Luis David; Solis Murgas; Raimundo Vicente de Sousa; José Augusto de Freitas; Níkolas de Oliveira Amaral



Response of symptom dimensions in obsessive- compulsive disorder to treatment with citalopram or placebo Resposta das dimensões dos sintomas no transtorno obsessivo-compulsivo ao tratamento com citalopram ou placebo  

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Objective: There is increasing evidence that the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder lie on discrete dimensions. Relatively little work has, however, explored the relationship between such factors and response to pharmacotherapy. Method: Data from a multi-site randomized placebo-controlled study of citalopram in obsessive-compulsive disorder were analyzed. Factor analysis of individual items and symptom categories of the Yale-Brown Obsessive-Compulsive Scale Checklist were

Dan J Stein; Elisabeth W Andersen; Kerstin Fredricson Overo


DIMED 86: Discurso dos Media e Ensino a Distancia = Discours des Media et Enseignement a Distance = Media Speech and Distance Teaching. Papers Presented at a Seminar (21st, Algarve, Portugal, March 10-15, 1986).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Presentations at this seminar on distance education focused on the different types of speech in multimedia presentations which contribute to the elaboration (simulated or substituted) of a situation involving different relationships. In addition to opening and closing remarks by Marcel de Greve and a final report by the Scientific Committee of…

Coelho, Maria Eduarda Leal


Ecossistema terra preta - recriar o que já foi criado A terra preta dos indios da Amazônia The Black Earth EcoSystem Recreating What Used to Exist: the Black Earth of the Amazon Indians  

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In 1542, the Spanish conquistador Francisco de Orellana led an expedition into the heart of the Amazon jungle. The Spanish were looking for El Dorado, the mythic civilization possessing indescribable treasures in the form of gold and silver that the Indians claimed existed within the dense forest (THE SECRET OF EL DORADO, 2006). When the conquistador Fernando Orellana returned from

Leonardo Fernando; Cruz Basso; Herbert Kimura



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Was assessed two rapid tests for serodiagnosis of acute leptospirosis, the ELISA IgM pool (Instituto Nacional de Salud, Lima), compared with a commercial ELISA IgM (PANBIO) against the gold standard microagglutination test (MAT). We examined 24 patients admitted to a hospital for investigation of a leptospirosis outbreak. It took two samples of serum, the first when they were hospitalized and

Manuel Céspedes; Lourdes Balda; Martha Glenny


Proceedings of the XIII International Symposium on Dynamic Problems of Mechanics (DINAME 2009), Almeida, C. A. (Editor), ABCM, Angra dos Reis, RJ , Brazil, March 2nd -March 6th, 2009  

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of the problem. Keywords: nonlinear dynamics, stochastic dynamics, fluid-structure interaction, bit-rock conv = convergence function D = diameter, [m] E = Young Modulus, [Pa] f = force vector G = shearProceedings of the XIII International Symposium on Dynamic Problems of Mechanics (DINAME 2009

Boyer, Edmond


Un assemblage d'os grignoté par les rongeurs au Paléogène (Oligocène supérieur, phosphorites du Quercy)A bone assemblage gnawed by rodents in Palaeogene (Upper Oligocene, phosphorites of Quercy)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Bone gnawing modifications by rodents at a large scale is a taphonomical feature usually found in Plio-Pleistocene assemblages. We report for the first time such a case within the 26-Myr-old karstic fissure filling assemblage of Pech-Desse (phosphorites of Quercy, Upper Oligocene, MP 28). A selection is observed on small ungulate long bones and other elements with a similar size. As predation evidences are also numerous on these taxa, and because some similar gnawed bones have been observed within the contemporaneous locality of Pech-du-Fraysse, we propose a secondary intervention of theridomyid rodents (maybe Archaeomys) on a carnivore laird.

Laudet, Frédéric; Fosse, Philippe



Perfil da atividade de pesquisa publicada nos anais dos congressos brasileiros de pneumologia e tisiologia nos últimos vinte anos* Profile of research published in the annals of the Brazilian Pulmonology and Phthisiology Conferences held over the last twenty years  

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Objective: To increase the knowledge base regarding pulmonology research in Brazil. Methods: A retrospective, observational study of the abstracts published in the Annals of the Brazilian Pulmonology and Phthisiology Conferences held from 1986 to 2004, quantifying the institutions of origin by geographic distribution and type, as well as categorizing the abstracts by study design and topic. Results: A total of




Prevalência e prognóstico dos pacientes com pneumonia associada à ventilação mecânica em um hospital universitário* Prevalence of ventilator-associated pneumonia in a university hospital and prognosis for the patients affected  

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Objective: To determine the prevalence of ventilator-associated pneumonia in an intensive care unit, as well as to identify related factors and characterize patient evolution. Methods: This study evaluated 278 patients on mechanical ventilation for more than 24 hours in a university hospital. Results: Ventilator-associated pneumonia developed in 38.1% of the patients, translating to 35.7 cases\\/1000 ventilator- days: 45.3% were caused




Análise comparativa e teste empírico da validade dos modelos CAPM tradicional e condicional: o caso das ações da Petrobrás Comparative analysis and empiric test of the validity of tradicional CAPM model: the case of Petrobrás shares  

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The objective of this article is to do a comparative analysis of traditional and conditional CAPM models and to test their validity using Petrobras preferential shares. The used methodology was the one of esteeming the model firstly traditional CAPM, through the method of the ordinary Minima square and, afterwards considered the conditional model, also called GARCH-M. In both models the

Janaína da Silva Alves


O USO DE MÁSCARA CONTRA GASES NA DETERMINAÇÃO DOS TESTES DE VELOCIDADE CRÍTICA, 12 MINUTOS, WINGATE E RAST The influence of full face mask use on critical velocity, 12 minute run, Wingate and RAST tests assessments  

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The use of gas mask to protect the body has increased amongst the population from airborne pollutants and toxic materials. This equipment is used mainly by fireman and military in their training.Yet, response of the gas mask use over physical aptitudes has been hardly studied so far. The aim of this study was to verify the effect of gas mask

Alessandro Moura Zagatto; Washington da Silva Cavalcante; Wescley Moreira de Moraes


Investigação dos efeitos de substâncias liberadas por materiais utilizados no tratamento da Hipersensibilidade Dentinária (Gluma e Biovidro), associados ou não à laser fototerapia, na proliferação e diferenciação de células mesenquimais de polpa dentária humana.  

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??A incidência da hipersensibilidade dentinária (HD) tem aumentado. Agentes dessensibilizantes como o Gluma Desensitizer® (Heraeus), ou os Biovidros, bem como tratamentos considerados bioestimuladores como a… (more)

Talita Christine Camilo Lopez




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This study aimed to know the profile of the patients with Diabetes Mellitus (DM) who were submitted to an amputation surgery and who were hospitalized in a Public Hospital of the Vale do Sinos, South of Brazil. Was performed a retrospective surgery from fourteen charts of adults patients with DM from data such as age, ethnic group, gender, presence of

Josiane Borchardt; Marina Carolina Moreira; Rejane Giacomelli Tavares; Daiane Bolzan Berlese


Intervenção visando a auto-estima e qualidade de vida dos policiais civis do Rio de Janeiro Self-esteem and quality of life: essential for the mental health of police officers  

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The results here shown are part of an ac- tion-research that aimed to elaborate, apply and eval- uate a pilot project for contributing to the mental health of Rio de Janeiro police officers. This research comprises both quantitative and qualitative ap- proaches in an ex-ante and ex-post evaluation pat- tern. The subjects of this research were 148 police officers serving

Edson Ribeiro Andrade; Edinilsa Ramos de Sousa; Maria Cecília de Souza Minayo


O Código de Ética das Organizações Bancárias: Uma Análise do Discurso Ético dos Bancos Comerciais The ethics codes of banking organizations: an analysis the ethics speech of commercial banks  

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This paper has as objective to analyze the contained ethical speeches in the codes of ethics of the financial organizations that haven its available codes of ethics for public consultation. We select a universe amostral of seven financial organizations, being that we will go to display four institutions studied suntil the moment: Banco Santander, Banco Itaú, Banco do Brasil, e

Ana Paula Megiolaro; Arthur Meucci



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The inclusion of the Modern Physics in both High School and University initial semesters has been thought for a long time. Justifications have been pointed towards incitement and stimulation. However, when we think about education in universities, there is a worry concerning to the future teachers formation. A professor's didactical experience who inserted contemporaneous and modern physics elements in his

Ana A. Diniz; Ruy C. M. C. Ferraz; Alice Helena; C. Pierson




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Several studies suggest that emotional arousal can promote memory storage. We report two studies evaluating the ef fects of emotional content on declarative memory, conducted with healthy subjects and cephalgic patients. We utilized an adaptation of two versions of the same story, with different arousing properties (neutral or emotional), which have been already employed in experiments involving the enhancing effects

A. Gasbarri; B. Arnone; A. Pompili; A. Marchetti; P. Di Fabrizio; S. Saad Calil; M. C. Tavares; C. Tomaz


Estudo de efeitos de um extrato de Arctium lappa (Bardana) na marcação dos constituintes sangüíneos com Tecnécio-99m, na biodisponibilidade do radiofármaco pertecnatato de sódio e na morfologia de hemácias de ratos Wistar.  

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??Radionuclídeos têm sido utilizados em Medicina Nuclear para diagnóstico e tratamento de doenças. Estruturas moleculares e celulares marcadas com tecnécio-99m (99mTc) são utilizados como radiobiocomplexos,… (more)

Rosane de Figueiredo Neves



Wind-driven wave heights in the German Bight  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Wind speed, friction velocity and significant wave height data from the FINO1 platform in the southern German Bight 45 km off the coast for the years 2004 to 2006 have been evaluated and related to each other. The data show a clear dependence of the hourly mean wave height to the hourly mean friction velocity and wind speed. Wave heights increase with decreasing stratification and increasing fetch. Synoptic weather patterns for the highest wave heights in the southern German Bight are determined. The analysis is made separately for four wind direction sectors. The two strongest storms in the evaluated period, “Britta” and “Erwin”, are analysed in more detail. Finally, the 50-year extreme significant wave height has been estimated to be about 11 m most probably coming from northerly directions.

Emeis, Stefan; Türk, Matthias



A simple alternative to K-theory in the stable boundary layer  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Arguments are presented in favour of an alternative to an eddy-viscosity approach (K-theory) in stable stratification. These arguments suggest rather a drag coefficient formulation which is to be applied as a function of the bulk Richardson number throughout the boundary layer. Traditionally, application of the drag coefficient has been confined to the surface layer. Here it is demonstrated that the drag coefficient approach gives good agreement with both on- (CASES-99) and offshore (FINO1) measurements. The approach is simple in that it reduces to a single analytical equation for the resultant wind speed tendency. This is then implemented into the Weather Research and Forecasting model where an improved calculation of wind speed over the existing eddy viscosity approach is shown, particularly with regards to low level jets.

Foreman, Richard; Emeis, Stefan; Canadillas, Beatriz; Neumann, Tom



Correlation equation for the marine drag coefficient and wave steepness  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This work questions, starting from dimensional considerations, the generality of the belief that the marine drag coefficient levels off with increasing wind speed. Dimensional analysis shows that the drag coefficient scales with the wave steepness as opposed to a wave-age scaling. A correlation equation is employed here that uses wave steepness scaling at low aspect ratios (inverse wave steepnesses) and a constant drag coefficient at high aspect ratios. Invoked in support of the correlation are measurements sourced from the literature and at the FINO1 platform in the North Sea. The correlation equation is then applied to measurements recorded from buoys during the passage of hurricanes Rita, Katrina (2005) and Ike (2008). Results show that the correlation equation anticipates the expected levelling off in deeper water, but a drag coefficient more consistent with a Charnock type relation is also possible in more shallower water. Some suggestions are made for proceeding with a higher-order analysis than that conducted here.

Foreman, Richard J.; Emeis, Stefan



Quantification of mass loading to Strawberry Creek near the Gilt Edge mine, Lawrence County, South Dakota, June 2003  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Although remedial actions have taken place at the Gilt Edge mine in the Black Hills of South Dakota, questions remain about a possible hydrologic connection along shear zones between some of the pit lakes at the mine site and Strawberry Creek. Spatially detailed chemical sampling of stream and inflow sites occurred during low-flow conditions in June 2003 as part of a mass-loading study by the U.S. Geological Survey to investigate the possible connection of shear zones to the stream. Stream discharge was calculated by tracer dilution; discharge increased by 25.3 liters per second along the study reach, with 9.73 liters per second coming from three tributaries and the remaining increase coming from small springs and dispersed, subsurface inflow. Chemical differences among inflow samples were distinguished by cluster analysis and indicated that inflows ranged from those unaffected by interaction with mine wastes to those that could have been affected by drainage from pit lakes. Mass loading to the stream from several inflows resulted in distinct chemical changes in stream water along the study reach. Mass loading of the mine-related metals, including cadmium, copper, nickel, and zinc, principally occurred from the discharge from the Gilt Edge mine, and those metals were substantially attenuated downstream. Secondary loadings of metals occurred in the vicinity of the Oro Fino shaft and from two more inflows about 200 m downstream from there. These are both locations where shear zones intersect the stream and may indicate loading associatedwith these zones. Loading downstream from the Oro Fino shaft had a unique chemical character, high in base-metal concentrations, that could indicate an association with water in the pit lakes. The loading from these downstream sources, however, is small in comparison to that from the initial mine discharge and does not appear to have a substantial impact on Strawberry Creek.

Kimball, Briant A.; Runkel, Robert L.; Walton-Day, Katherine; Williamson, Joyce E.



Umas coisitas de grafos e uma introduc~ao informal `a complexidade computacional  

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teoria dos grafos e comple- xidade computacional. Em 2 introduzem-se conceitos e propriedades elementares da teoria dos grafos, com ^enfase para a terminologia e metodologia decorrentes da teoria dos emparelhamentos. A teoria dos emparelhamentos ocupa um lugar de relevo na teoria dos grafos. ´E pois frequente os

Lisboa, Universidade Técnica de


A Powerful Method of Measuring Sea Wave Spectra and their Direction  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Besides the need of precise measurements of water levels of the sea, there is an increasing demand for assessing waves in height and direction for different purposes like sea-wave modelling and coastal engineering. The design of coastal structures such as piles, breakwaters, and offshore structures like wind farms must take account of the direction of the impacting waves. To date, records of wave directions are scarce. The reason for this might be the high costs of purchasing and operating such measuring devices. These are usually buoys, which require regular maintenance. Against this background, the German Federal Institute of Hydrology (BfG) developed a low-cost directional sea-wave monitoring system that is based on commercially available liquid-level radar sensors. These sensors have the advantage that they have no contact to the fluid, i.e. the corrosive sea water. The newly developed device was tested on two sites. One is the tide gauge 'Borkum Südstrand' that is located in the southern North Sea off the island of Borkum. The other one is the 'Research Platform FINO1' approximately 45 km north of the island of Borkum. The main focus of these tests is the comparison of the data measured by the radar-based system with those of a conventional Directional Wave Rider Buoy. The general conditions at the testing sites are good for the tests. At the tide gauge 'Borkum Südstrand' waves propagate in different directions, strongly influenced by the morphological conditions like shallow waters of the Wadden Seas and the coast of the island of Borkum. Whereas on the open sea, at the site FINO1, the full physical conditions of the sea state, like heavy storms etc. play an important role. To determine and measure the direction of waves, the device has to be able to assess the wave movements in two dimensions. Therefore, an array of several radar sensors is required. Radar sensors are widely used and well established in measuring water levels, e.g. in tanks and basins. They operate by emitting a chain of electromagnetic pulses at a frequency of 26 GHz twice per second and, in turn, detect the backscatter information from the water surface. As the travelling time of each pulse is proportional to the distance between water surface and sensor, the height of the water surface can be easily calculated. To obtain the directional information of the sea state, all four radar sensors in the array have to collect simultaneously the wave profiles at fixed points. The Wave Rider Buoy works in a completely different way. Here, the wave height is calculated by the double integration of the measured vertical acceleration. By correlating the three-dimensional motion data, which are gained from gravity-stabilized vertical and horizontal accelerometers, the directional wave spectrum can be derived. Data of both devices were collected and analysed. During the hurricane Xaver, extreme water levels and heavy sea hit the North Sea coast on 5 and 6 December 2013. The radar array at the testing site FINO1 measured wave heights in the order of 15.5 meters. Furthermore, it was possible to detect significant wave heights, the mean wave direction, and the spread of the sea state. For the first time the accuracy of the wave height distribution could be determined as well.

Blasi, Christoph; Mai, Stephan; Wilhelmi, Jens; Zenz, Theodor; Barjenbruch, Ulrich



REVISIÓN SERRADELA AMARILLA (Ornithopus compressus) Y SERRADELA ROSADA (O. sativus): DOS NUEVAS ESPECIES DE LEGUMINOSAS FORRAJERAS ANUALES PARA LA ZONA MEDITERRÁNEA DE CHILE Yellow serradella (Ornithopus compressus) and pink serradella (O. sativus): two new species of annual legumes for the Mediterranean climate zone of Chile  

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A B S T R A C T Yellow serradella (Ornithopus compressus L.) and pink serradella (Ornithopus sativus Brot.) are two new annual forage legume species for infertile, acidic, and light texture soils, in dryland areas of the Mediterra- nean zone of Chile. Seven cultivars of yellow serrade- lla and one cultivar of pink serradella, developed by the Center for


LETTERS TO THE EDITORS: Lightning ball: experiments on creation and hypotheses(comment on "Energy density calculations for ball-lightning-like luminous silicon balls" by G S Paiva, J V Ferreira, C C Bastos, M V P dos Santos, A C Pavão)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The problems addressed in this paper include estimating: the energy density of luminous silicon balls, the density range of a natural lightning ball, and whether and how the object created and described in the commented paper (Usp. Fiz. Nauk 180 218 (2010) [Phys. Usp. 53 (2) 209 (2010)]) corresponds to the natural phenomenon.

Shabanov, Gennadii D.



Lo que Piensan los Estudiantes y Profesores Sobre la Calidad de la Educacion Superior. Estudio Comparativo en 5 Instituciones de Educacion Superior--dos publicas y tres privadas--en Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico (What Students and Faculties Think about the Quality of Higher Education. Comparative Study of 5 Higher Education Institutions--Two Public and Three Private--in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This study, written in Spanish, compared attitudes of students (N=302) and faculty (N=28) at five institutions of higher education (two public and three private) in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. The study explored first, whether respondents believed there are significant quality differences between private and public universities and, second, what…

Yanez, Maria Lorena Hernandez


Preliminary Report Adaptive entero-omentectomy: Physiological and evolutionary bases of an auxiliary treatment to type 2 diabetes A report on the first two cases Comunicação Preliminar Entero-omentectomia adaptativa: Bases fisiológicas e evolucionárias de uma proposta cirúrgica auxiliar no tratamento de diabetes tipo 2 Relato dos dois primeiros casos  

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Objective: The objective of this article is to report on a new surgical strategy specifically designed to treat type 2 diabetes: adaptive entero-omentectomy (AEO), and present its rationale and preliminary results. Some techniques used in bariatric surgery are capable of producing fast improvement in type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, before significant loss of weight, due to metabolic changes that are currently

Sérgio Santoro; Manoel Carlos; Prieto Velhote; Carlos Eduardo Malzoni; Alexandre Sérgio Garcia Mechenas


RENDIMENTO DA PUPUNHEIRA EM FUNÇÃO DA DENSIDADE DE PLANTIO, DIÂMETRO DE CORTE E MANEJO DOS PERFILHOS NO VALE DO SÃO FRANCISCO Effect of density, cut-off diameter classes and shoot number on production and yield of irrigated plant peach palm at San Francisco River Valley  

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The objective of this experiment was to evaluate the effect of planting density, cut-off diameter classes and shoot number on heart of palm production on irrigated peach palm. The experimental layout was a randomized split-plot design with a factorial arrangement in the split-plot with four replicates. The whole plots were plant spacing S¹ - 2 x 1 m and S²

José Egidio Flori; Geraldo Milanez de Resende; Marcos Antônio Drumond


Análisis Económico y Producción dEl mAíz (Zea mays l.) AsociAdo con mucunA (Stizolobium aterrimum) En siEmbrA dirEct A y dos sistEmAs dE FErtilizAción nitrogEnAdA  

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A study with the purpose of observing the profitability and the effect of the dose of nitrous fertilization and the inserted of S. aterrimum in the development and production of the INIAP H-551 hybrid corn planted in two places was carried out. It was found that the dose 200 kg ha -1 of urea fractioned in two applications obtained the

Betty González Osorio; Gorki Díaz Coronel



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Seedling growth was determined from three seed sizes of two corn cultivars evaluated under three drought conditions, in which water tensions were simulated in sand using three osmoticant solutions created with sucrose, these tensions represented the water retention in the soil (0.0, -0.6 and -1.2 MPa) as a consequence of three irrigation frequencies (24, 48 y 72 h) previously studied.

José A. Laynez-Garsaball; Jesús Rafael Méndez Natera; Juliana Mayz-Figueroa


Resistência à fadiga flexuRal dos sistemas RotatóRios k3 e Race em Razão do uso FlexUR al FatigUe ReSiStanCe OF ROtaR y Sy StemS and k3 RaCe beCaUSe OF the USe  

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Introduction: The aim of this work was to evaluate the cyclic fatigue resistance of two different nickel-tita - nium rotary systems, k3 (Sybron Endo, EUA) and Endosequence (Brasseler, EUA), based on the number of uses. All rotary files which were selected had their conicity of 0,04, 25mm of length and tip diameter of 25, following ISO standardization. Methods: To reach

Luís César Brisighello; Giulio Gavini; Guilherme Augusto Figueiredo; Danilo Minor Shimabuko


Avaliação da funcionalidade dos trabalhadores com LER\\/DORT: a construção do Core Set da CIF para LER\\/DORT Evaluation of the functionality of workers with Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)\\/ Work related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs): the construction of the ICF Core Set for RSI\\/ MSDs  

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This study presents the ICF Core Set for Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)\\/ Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and its cons- truction process. It is the report of the creation of a Core Set based on an interdisciplinary approach. The ICF Core Set for RSI\\/MSDs was created through successive consensuses among specialists in the workers' healthcare area throughout six phases, which involved

Mônica Angelim; Gomes de Lima; Robson da Fonseca Neves; Márcia Oliveira Staffa Tironi; Ana Márcia; Francesca de Brito Magalhães



Courtship behavior of different wild strains of Ceratitis Capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae)  

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This study documents differences in the courtship behavior of wild strains of Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) from Madeira (Portugal), Hawaii (U.S.A.), Costa Rica, and Patagonia (Argentina). Some traits showed large variations and others substantial overlaps. The angle at which the male faced toward the female at the moment of transition from continuous wing vibration and intermittent buzzing changed very little during the course of courtship in all strains, but males from Madeira tended to face more directly toward the female than other males. Females tended to look more, and more directly, toward the males as courtship progressed in all strains. The distance between male and female tended to decrease as courtship proceeded in all strains, but the distances at which males initiated continuous vibration, intermittent buzzing, and jumped onto the female were relatively less variable between strains, except for the strain from Costa Rica. Flies of Madeira courted for longer and the male moved his head and buzzed his wings longer than the other strains. (author) [Spanish] Este estudio documenta diferencias en el comportamiento de cortejo de cepas silvestres de Ceratitis capitata (Wied.) provenientes de Madeira (Portugal), Hawaii (Estados Unidos de Norte America), Costa Rica y Patagonia (Argentina). Algunas caracteristicas mostraron grandes variaciones y traslape substancial. Los angulos a los cuales los machos miraron hacia las hembras cambiaron muy poco en el momento de la transicion de la vibracion continua al zumbido intermitente durante el curso del cortejo en todo las cepas, pero los machos de Madeira tendieron a enfrentar mas directamente a la hembra que otros machos. Los angulos de las hembras disminuyeron claramente durante el cortejo en todas las cepas. La distancia entre el macho y la hembra tendio a disminuir conforme el cortejo continuaba en todas las cepas, pero las distancias a las cuales los machos iniciaron la vibracion continua, el zumbido intermitente, y el salto sobre la hembra eran relativamente menos variables entre cepas excepto la cepa de Costa Rica. Moscas de Madeira cortejaron mas tiempo y el macho moviosu cabeza y zumbaba sus alas mas prolongadamente que las otras cepas. (author)

Briceno, D. [Escuela de Biologia, Universidad de Costa Rica, Ciudad Universitaria (Costa Rica); Eberhard, W. [Escuela de Biologia, Universidad de Costa Rica, Ciudad Universitaria and Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (Costa Rica); Vilardi, J. [Dpto. de Ciencias Biologicas, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 1428 Buenos Aires (Argentina); Cayol, J.-P. [Technical Cooperation Division, IAEA, Wagramerstrasse 5, P.O. Box 100 A-1400, Vienna (Austria); Shelly, T. [A. C. , D. , E. USDA/APHIS/CPHST, 41-650 Ahiki St. Waimanalo, HI 96795 (United States)



Use of IPA to demonstrate loss of forest interior birds from isolated woodlots  

USGS Publications Warehouse

'Empleo de indices puntuales de abundancia (IPA) para demostrar la perdida de aves forestales en bosques aislados'. En Maryland, E.U., se seleccionaron bloques boscosos de diferente superficie, divididos en seis clase de tamano (2,8-6 ha, 7-14, 20-30, 34-80, 105-1300, mayores de 4000 ha). En estas ?islas' forestales fue programado un conjunto de muestreos puntuales con estas caracteristicas: 1) Cada punto se visito tres veces. 2) En cada visita se hicieron cuatro censos consecutivos de 5 minutos de duracion, empleando diferentes simbolos para machos cantores, adultos no cantores, aves en vuelo y aves inmaduras. 3) Los conteos se hicieron en tres epocas: final de Mayo, mitad de Junio y final de Junio. 4) Se dividio el tiempo de censo en tres priodos horarios: 5,15-6,30 ; 6,30-8; 8-9,30 hrs. 5) Los puntos se agruparon en co juntos de 4 a 9, considerando que un conjunto es el nlimero que un observador puede cubrir por manana. 6) La vegetacion fue descrita exhaustivamente en cuanto composicion y fisionomla. El principal objetivo que se busca consiste en conocer los requisitos areales de ciertas especies de bosque muy sensibles a la fragmentacion del habitat. Puede observarse (Figura 1) que una serie de migrantes de largo alcance se asientan en relacion con el aumento de la superficie del rodal arbo1ado, sabre todo en macizos de 4.000 o mas hectareas. Sin embargo, las especies sedentarias (Fig. 2) tienen pauta de presencia irregular en funcion del area, forestal, con tendencia a presentarse menos en los bosques mas extensos, Dryocopus pileatus, por excepcion, reacciona negativamente al pequeno tamano de la parcela arbolado, prefiriendo bosques grandes. Parecida respuesta da tambien Sitta carolinensis. Aunque se sabe poco de las exigencias areales de las aves forestales americanas, el metodo de los IPA resulta muy adecuado para esta clase de investigacion de tanto interes en gestion ambiental, posibilitando colectar gran cantidad de datos comparables en un periodo de tiempo muy corto.

Robbins, C.S.; Boone, D.D.



Complete genome sequence of switchgrass mosaic virus, a member of a proposed new species in the genus Marafivirus.  


The complete genome sequence of a virus recently detected in switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) was determined and found to be closely related to that of maize rayado fino virus (MRFV), genus Marafivirus, family Tymoviridae. The genomic RNA is 6408 nucleotides long. It contains three predicted open reading frames (ORFs 1-3), encoding proteins of 227 kDa, 43.9 kDa, and 31.5 kDa, compared to two ORFs (1 and 2) for MRFV. The complete genome shares 76 % sequence identity with MRFV. The nucleotide sequence of ORF2 of this virus and the amino acid sequence of its encoded protein are 49 % and 77 % identical, respectively, to those of MRFV. The virus-encoded polyprotein and capsid protein aa sequences are 83 % and 74-80 % identical, respectively, to those of MRFV. Although closely related to MRFV, the amino acid sequence of its capsid protein (CP) forms a clade that is separate from that of MRFV. Based on the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) sequence-related criteria for delineation of species within the genus Marafivirus, the virus qualifies as a member of a new species, and the name Switchgrass mosaic virus (SwMV) is proposed. PMID:22661377

Agindotan, Bright O; Gray, Michael E; Hammond, Rosemarie W; Bradley, Carl A



Overexpression and self-assembly of virus-like particles in Nicotiana benthamiana by a single-vector DNA replicon system.  


Based on recent developments, virus-like particles (VLPs) are considered to be perfect candidates as nanoplatforms for applications in materials science and medicine. To succeed, mass production of VLPs and self-assembly into a correct form in plant systems are key factors. Here, we report expression of synthesized coat proteins of the three viruses, Brome mosaic virus, Cucumber mosaic virus, and Maize rayado fino virus, in Nicotiana benthamiana and production of self-assembled VLPs by transient expression system using agroinfiltration. Each coat protein was synthesized and cloned into a pBYR2fp single replicon vector. Target protein expression in cells containing p19 was fourfold higher than that of cells lacking p19. After agroinfiltration, protein expression was analyzed by SDS-PAGE and quantitative image analyzer. Quantitative analysis showed that BMVCP, CMVCP, and MRFVCP concentrations were 0.5, 1.0, and 0.8 mg?·?g(-1) leaf fresh weight, respectively. VLPs were purified by sucrose cushion ultracentrifugation and then analyzed by transmission electron microscopy. Our results suggested that BMVCP and CMVCP proteins expressed in N. benthamiana leaves were able to correctly self-assemble into particles. Moreover, we evaluated internal cavity accessibility of VLPs to load foreign molecules. Finally, plant growth conditions after agroinfiltration are critical for increasing heterologous protein expression levels in a transient expression system. PMID:24965559

Moon, Ki-Beom; Lee, Jisu; Kang, Sebyung; Kim, Moonil; Mason, Hugh S; Jeon, Jae-Heung; Kim, Hyun-Soon



Melatonin is formed during winemaking at safe levels of biogenic amines.  


The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has accepted health claims for the food constituent melatonin because scientific evidence shows that it is effective at reducing sleep onset latency, and that it alleviates subjective feelings of jet lag. According to risk assessment data published by EFSA in 2011, histamine and tyramine are the most toxic biogenic amines and the ones that most affect food safety. The potential formation of biogenic amines is a concern in fermented foods because of the intense microbial activity. Conversely, Saccharomyces cerevisiase produces melatonin during fermentation in the winemaking process. This study aims to evaluate the production of potentially healthy melatonin and toxic biogenic amines during the winemaking process. To this end, 11 biogenic amines (agmatine, cadaverine, histamine, methylamine, 2-phenylethylamine, putrescine, spermidine, spermine, tyramine, tryptamine and melatonin) have been monitored during the making of 5 monovarietal wines (Merlot, Palomino Fino, Syrah, Tempranillo and Tintilla de Rota). This paper shows that alcoholic and malolactic fermentation plays a crucial role in the formation of these compounds. Bioactive melatonin is formed at safe levels of the other biogenic amines. PMID:23531627

Rodriguez-Naranjo, M Isabel; Ordóñez, José L; Callejón, Raquel M; Cantos-Villar, Emma; Garcia-Parrilla, M Carmen



Sherry wines.  


Sherry wines are among the most distinctive Spanish wines, mainly produced in the southern Spain (particularly in Jerez and Montilla-Moriles), using traditional practices aimed at ensuring uniform quality and characteristics over time. Several types of Sherry wines are produced depending on the winemaking conditions. Fino-type wines are characterized by a dynamic biological aging, in which a layer of yeast grows in the surface of the wine (flor velum). On the contrary, Oloroso-type sherry wines are subjected to an oxidative aging, while Amontillado-type Sherries are produced by combining both production systems. Therefore, these wines undergo different biological and chemical processes that affect distinctively their chemical composition and their aroma and sensory characteristics. Through this review, the main aspects involved in the winemaking technology of sherry wines, and the latest scientific findings related to the microbiota of the flor film and other aspects associated to the changes in their chemical and sensory composition during aging will be revised. Some new trends in sherry wine technology focused on the acceleration of the biological aging or the use of organic grapes will be also considered. PMID:21867891

Ángeles Pozo-Bayón, M; Victoria Moreno-Arribas, M



48 CFR 619.202-70 - The Department of State Mentor-Protégé Program.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2012 CFR

...the contracting officer in: (i) Evaluating the quality of a proposed subcontracting...broad base of protégé firms whose core competencies support DOS's mission. (2) Mentors...DOS shall consider the following in evaluating these reports: (i) Specific...



48 CFR 619.202-70 - The Department of State Mentor-Protégé Program.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2014 CFR

...the contracting officer in: (i) Evaluating the quality of a proposed subcontracting...broad base of protégé firms whose core competencies support DOS's mission. (2) Mentors...DOS shall consider the following in evaluating these reports: (i) Specific...



48 CFR 619.202-70 - The Department of State Mentor-Protégé Program.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2011 CFR

...the contracting officer in: (i) Evaluating the quality of a proposed subcontracting...broad base of protégé firms whose core competencies support DOS's mission. (2) Mentors...DOS shall consider the following in evaluating these reports: (i) Specific...



48 CFR 619.202-70 - The Department of State Mentor-Protégé Program.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...the contracting officer in: (i) Evaluating the quality of a proposed subcontracting...broad base of protégé firms whose core competencies support DOS's mission. (2) Mentors...DOS shall consider the following in evaluating these reports: (i) Specific...



Dean of Students Office Organizational Chart  

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Dean of Students Office Organizational Chart Assistant DOS Douglas Eck Primary: Family Programs Transfer Student Services Commuter Student Services MAP Works for Commuter Students DOS Programs & Services Conduct Assistance Emergency Student Loans Release of Student Records Student Life Policy Interpretation

Azevedo, Ricardo


Asunción Garden  

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Colonial style courtyard in Asunción with various ornamentals, including exotic species. Se ven dos ejemplares de Palmera Imperial (especie exótica), una la que está en primer plano, con una orquídea Cattleya sp., dos Cocoteros o Mbocayá (Acrocomia totai). La ...



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DE P�S-GRADUA��O EM CI�NCIA DOS ALIMENTOS http:/ PGCAL - Pós-Graduação em Ciências dos Alimentos Fone Fax: +55 (048) 3721.5397 Departamento de Ciências dos Alimentos Fax dos Alimentos ou enviadas na data da postagem foram homologadas pela comissão. Cronograma da seleção

Floeter, Sergio Ricardo


Whenever You Use a Computer You Are Using a Program Called an Operating System.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Examines design, features, and shortcomings of eight disk-based operating systems designed for general use that are popular or most likely to affect the future of microcomputing. Included are the CP/M family, MS-DOS, Apple DOS/ProDOS, Unix, Pick, the p-System, TRSDOS, and Macintosh/Lisa. (MBR)

Cook, Rick



linguistics Amsterdam/Philadelphia  

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generation of speakers hears and on which they base their construction of the grammar of the language degrees of ensuing syntactic change: Yiddish dos­sentences, Yinglish 'Yiddish­Movement', and the Yiddish pluperfect. 1. Yiddish dos­sentences. 1.1. The data. Consider the Yiddish sentence in 1: 1. Dos hot Leyb

Plotkin, Joshua B.


O uso sustentable da auga e a sa relacin co territorio nos campus  

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3.2. A evolución histórica 4.Obxectivos 5.Metodoloxía 5.1. Coñecemento dos fluxos únicas que ofrece a existencia de cursos fluviais, zonas húmidas e mananciais integración dos núcleos poboacionais orixinais da zona na propia dinámica dos campus

Fraguela, Basilio B.


78 FR 28267 - Self-Regulatory Organizations; The Options Clearing Corporation; Order Approving Proposed Rule...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...accounts to facilitate Delivery Orders (``DOs'') to approved counterparties for stock...appoint CDS to act as their agent in effecting DOs for stock loan transactions through DTC...Clearing Members will be able to effect DOs for stock loan transactions to other...




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Two HPLC-UV methods with fluorescence detection have been applied to quantify and identify bisphenol A diglycidyl ether (BADGE: a monomer of epoxy resins used as a coating in packaging materials that contact food), in olive oil (official fatty food simulant in European Union legislation) and in food coatings. Through an extraction process in solid phase employing a Florisil cartridge, BADGE

P. Paseiro-Losada; M. F. López-Fabal; C. Pérez-Lamela; P. Sanmartín-Fenollera; S. Paz-Abuín



Salinity-Dependent Impacts of ProQ, Prc, and Spr Deficiencies on Escherichia coli Cell Structure  

PubMed Central

ProQ is a cytoplasmic protein with RNA chaperone activities that reside in FinO- and Hfq-like domains. Lesions at proQ decrease the level of the osmoregulatory glycine betaine transporter ProP. Lesions at proQ eliminated ProQ and Prc, the periplasmic protease encoded by the downstream gene prc. They dramatically slowed the growth of Escherichia coli populations and altered the morphologies of E. coli cells in high-salinity medium. ProQ and Prc deficiencies were associated with different phenotypes. ProQ-deficient bacteria were elongated unless glycine betaine was provided. High-salinity cultures of Prc-deficient bacteria included spherical cells with an enlarged periplasm and an eccentric nucleoid. The nucleoid-containing compartment was bounded by the cytoplasmic membrane and peptidoglycan. This phenotype was not evident in bacteria cultivated at low or moderate salinity, nor was it associated with murein lipoprotein (Lpp) deficiency, and it differed from those elicited by the MreB inhibitor A-22 or the FtsI inhibitor aztreonam at low or high salinity. It was suppressed by deletion of spr, which encodes one of three murein hydrolases that are redundantly essential for enlargement of the murein sacculus. Prc deficiency may alter bacterial morphology by impairing control of Spr activity at high salinity. ProQ and Prc deficiencies lowered the ProP activity of bacteria cultivated at moderate salinity by approximately 70% and 30%, respectively, but did not affect other osmoregulatory functions. The effects of ProQ and Prc deficiencies on ProP activity are indirect, reflecting their roles in the maintenance of cell structure. PMID:24443528

Kerr, Craig H.; Culham, Doreen E.; Marom, David



Anthelmintic efficacy of ivermectin and abamectin, administered orally for seven consecutive days (100?µg/kg/day), against nematodes in naturally infected pigs.  


The present study aimed to evaluate ivermectin and abamectin, both administered orally in naturally infected domestic swine, as well as analysing if the EPG (eggs per gram of faeces) values were equivalent with the ivermectin and abamectin efficacy obtained by parasitological necropsies. The animals were randomly selected based on the average of three consecutive EPG counts of Strongylida, Ascaris suum and Trichuris for experiment I, and of Strongylida and Trichuris for experiment II. After the random draw, eight animals were treated, orally, during seven consecutive days with 100?µg/kg/day ivermectin (Ivermectina® premix, Ouro Fino Agronegócios), eight other animals were treated, orally, during seven consecutive days with 100?µg/kg/day abamectin (Virbamax® premix - Virbac do Brasil Indústria e Comércio Ltda.), and eight pigs were kept as controls. EPG counts were performed for each individual animal at 14th day post-treatment (DPT). All animals (control and treatment) were necropsied at the 14th DPT. The results from both experiments demonstrate that both ivermectin and abamectin, administered orally for a continuous period of seven days, at a daily dosage of 100?µg/kg, were highly effective (>95%) against Hyostrongylus rubidus, Strongyloides ransomi, Ascaris suum and Metastrongylus salmi. Against Oesophagostomum dentatum, abamectin presented over 95% efficacy against both evaluated strains, while ivermectin reached other strain as resistant. Regarding T. suis, both ivermectin and abamectin were effective (efficacies >90%) against one of the tested strains, while the other one was classified as resistant. Furthermore, the EPG values were equivalent with the ivermectin and abamectin efficacy obtained by parasitological necropsies. PMID:25278142

Lopes, Welber Daniel Zanetti; Teixeira, Weslen Fabricio Pires; Felippelli, Gustavo; Cruz, Breno Cayeiro; Buzulini, Carolina; Maciel, Willian Giquelin; Fávero, Flávia Carolina; Gomes, Lucas Vinicius Costa; Prando, Luciana; Bichuette, Murilo A; Dos Santos, Thais Rabelo; da Costa, Alvimar José



A comparison of three different methodologies for evaluating Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus susceptibility to topical spray compounds.  


This study aimed to compare three different methodologies (Adult Immersion Tests, field trials with naturally infected animals, and a Stall Test using artificially infested cattle) to evaluate the efficacy of two topical formulations that we administered as whole body sprays (15% Cypermethrin+30% Chlorpyriphos+15% Fenthion-Colosso(®) FC 30, Ouro Fino Agronegócios; and 60% Dichlorvos+20% Chlorpyriphos-Ectofós(®), Vallée Saúde Animal Ltd.), against a susceptible strain of Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus. To achieve this objective, two natural infestation trials were conducted, as well as two artificial infestation trials (Stall Tests) and two Adult Immersion Tests (AIT). The AIT results showed that both spray formulations achieved 100% efficacy against R. (B.) microplus fully engorged females. However, when observing results obtained by field trials (natural infestations) and Stall Tests, none of these topically applied compounds reached 100% efficacy or affected the reproductive capacity of the fully engorged female ticks. Additional studies must be conducted to compare these in vivo methodologies with different in vitro techniques, such as the Larval Packet Test. However, based on results obtained here, we can conclude that depending on the spray formulations used, the AIT can overestimate acaricidal efficacy and values of reproductive efficiency of such compounds against R (B.) microplus. Specifically, when dealing with spray formulations in the Stall Tests, the period of residual action can increase because these animals are sheltered from contact with environmental factors that might interfere with the efficacy of the products tested. It may be necessary to take in vivo trial results into consideration (such as field trials with naturally infested animals or Stall Tests) to standardize a specific in vitro assay, such as the Adult Immersion Test. PMID:25468670

Corrêa, Rafael Rodrigues; Lopes, Welber Daniel Zanetti; Teixeira, Weslen Fabricio Pires; Cruz, Breno Cayeiro; Gomes, Lucas Vinicius Costa; Felippelli, Gustavo; Maciel, Willian Giquelin; Fávero, Flávia Carolina; Buzzulini, Carolina; Bichuette, Murilo Abud; Soares, Vando Edésio; da Costa, Alvimar José



Enhancing the prediction of turbulent kinetic energy in the marine atmospheric boundary layer  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A recent study by Shaikh and Siddiqui (2010) has shown definitively that the turbulent structure of boundary layer flows over water is fundamentally different compared with that over a smooth surface and with that over a solid wavy surface whose wave amplitude is similar to that of dynamically wind-generated waves. In light of this new information, the constants of the Mellor-Yamada boundary layer model, which are based on laboratory data over solid walls, are re-evaluated to suit the turbulent dynamics of a dynamic, wavy surface. The constants are based on the principal that the enhanced turbulent production in the vicinity of waves is redistributed among the normal stress components by virtue of the enhanced pressure-velocity covariances also found in the vicinity of waves. There is then a feedback mechanism whereby enhanced normal stresses modify the dynamic surface. The net effect of this is that in the marine boundary layer, one can expect an enhancement of turbulent kinetic energy due to the enhancement of normal stresses at the expense of shear stresses. The constants in the Mellor-Yamada-Janjic planetary boundary layer scheme within the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model are changed to fit this principal. Simulations are then performed and compared with data (wind speed and turbulent kinetic energy) from the FINO1 platform in the North Sea. It is found that while predictions of the wind speed are barely changed, the magnitude of the tke error (RMS) is reduced by up to 50%. This is expected to be practically relevant for the estimation of blade fatigue of wind energy converters, where the tke is an important parameter in this assessment. It could also be relevant for pollution dispersion in marine boundary layers.

Foreman, R. J.; Emeis, S.



Extraction of Polonium from Aqueous Lactic Acid Solutions Using Dioctyl Sulphide, Cyanex 272, Cyanex 301 or Cyanex 302 in Toluene  

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The extraction of polonium from lactic acid (HLac) solutions has been studied with di-n-octyl sulphide (DOS), Cyanex 272, Cyanex 301 and Cyanex 302 extractants dissolved in toluene. For the extraction with DOS, the extracted species is most likely PoO(Lac)2·3DOS. The results for Cyanex 272 also indicate extraction via a solvation mechanism rather than cation exchange. The extracted species is probably

M. Johansson; G. Skarnemark



Effects of lattice strain and ion displacement on the bonding mechanism of the ferroelectric perovskite material BaTiO3: first-principles study  

Microsoft Academic Search

The effects of lattice strain and ion displacement on the bonding mechanism of the perovskite material BaTiO3 have been studied by using the density-functional theory within the full-potential linear augmented plane wave (FP-LAPW) method. The valence and the bonding charge density, the density of states (DOS), the local DOS and the partial DOS were calculated to investigate the bonding mechanisms.

H B Shu; G C Zhou; X L Zhong; L Z Sun; J B Wang; X S Chen; Y C Zhou




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DE P�S-GRADUA��O EM CI�NCIA DOS ALIMENTOS PGCAL - Pós-Graduação em Ciências dos Alimentos Fone Fax: +55 (048) 3721.5397 Departamento de Ciências dos Alimentos Fax Alimentos ou enviadas na data da postagem foram homologados pela comissão os seguintes candidatos: 1

Floeter, Sergio Ricardo


Spiritual dwelling and well-being: the mediating role of differentiation of self in a sample of distressed adults  

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The current study tested a theoretical model of the relationship between spiritual dwelling and well-being, with differentiation of self (DoS) as a mediator variable. The proposed model is informed by a theory of differentiation-based spirituality, and therefore examined the hypothesis that DoS would significantly mediate the relationship between spiritual dwelling and negative mood. It was also hypothesised that DoS would

Peter J. Jankowski; Steven J. Sandage



Effect of mouse cumulus cells on the in vitro maturation and developmental potential of bovine denuded germinal vesicle oocytes.  


We investigated the effect mouse cumulus cells (mCCs) on the in vitro maturation (IVM) and developmental potential of bovine denuded germinal vesicle oocytes (DOs). Cumulus-oocyte complexes (COCs), DOs and DOs cocultured with either mCCs (DOs + mCCs) or bovine cumulus cells (bCCs; DOs + bCCs) were subjected to IVM. The meiosis II (MII) rates of DOs, glutathione (GSH) contents, zona pellucida (ZP) hardening and parthenogenetic blastocyst rates of MII oocytes were determined. The relative expression levels of bone morphogenetic protein 15 (BMP-15) and growth differentiation factor 9 (GDF-9) in MII oocytes were measured using quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR). mCCs significantly increased the MII rate of DOs from 53.5 ± 3.58% to 69.67 ± 4.72% (p < 0.05) but had no effect on the GSH content (2.17 ± 0.31 pmol/oocyte with mCCs, 2.14 ± 0.53 pmol/oocyte without mCCs). For the DOs + mCCs group, the BMP-15 and GDF-9 expression levels were significantly higher and the ZP dissolution time was significantly lower (162.49 ± 12.51 s) than that of the DOs group (213.95 ± 18.87 s; p < 0.05). The blastocyst rate of the DOs + mCCs group (32.56 ± 4.94%) was similar to that of the DOs group (31.75 ± 3.65%) but was significantly lower than that of the COCs group (43.52 ± 5.37%; p < 0.05). In conclusion, mCCs increased the MII rate of DOs and expression of certain genes in MII oocytes, and decreased the ZP hardening of MII oocytes, but could not improve their GSH content or developmental potential. PMID:23369698

Zhao, Xue-Ming; Ren, Jing-Jing; Du, Wei-Hua; Hao, Hai-Sheng; Liu, Yan; Qin, Tong; Wang, Dong; Zhu, Hua-Bin



tel-00618079,version1-31Aug2011 tel-00618079,version1-31Aug2011  

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fio: enfoques via controle automático e teoria dos jogos Tese de Doutorado apresentada à Faculdade de potência distribuído e oportunista. A primeira tem por base a teoria dos jogos estáticos não-cooperativos e, aplicamos a teoria dos jogos dinâmicos ao problema para a obtenção de dois novos algoritmos de controle de

Paris-Sud XI, Université de



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??As cianobactérias constituem o maior e mais diverso grupo de micro-organismos procarióticos, sendo um dos componentes naturais da comunidade fitoplanctônica de qualquer ecossistema aquático, entretanto,… (more)

Rodrigo Matias de Sousa Resende



Dissolved organic carbon and sulfur in southwestern Quebec lakes: Relationships with catchment and lake properties  

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In 59 southwestern Quebec lakes, dissolved organic S (DOS) concentration averages 185{+-}92 {mu}g liter{sup -1} (9.2% of total S) and ranges from undetectable to 437 {mu}g liter{sup -1} (22% of total S). DOS can be predicted from dissolved organic C (DOC) concentrations: DOS ({mu}g liter{sup -1}) = 2.20 log{sub 10}(DOC) + 7, r{sup 2} = 0.55. When applied to 1,238 lakes from five Quebec regions, this relationship indicates that DOS can account for 8.5% (Ottawa) to 22.2% (North Shore) of total S. These results stress the importance of evaluating DOS concentrations in studies of catchment S budgets. Multiple regression models using lake and catchment properties as independent variables respectively explain 75, 43, 49, and 69% of the variance in DOC, DOS, DOC: DOS, and color. The regressions found for DOC, color, and DOS include a flowpath index, accounting for dissolved organic matter (DOM) leaching from the catchment, and a term for in-lake losses. The DOC:DOS regression includes the flowpath index, lake perimeter, and altitude and suggests that DOM supply and composition also depend on catchment properties. 23 refs., 3 figs., 5 tabs.

Houle, D.; Carignan, R.; Lachance, M. [INRS-Eau, Quebec (Canada)] [and others



Electrospun Carbon Nanofiber Webs with Controlled Density of States for Sensor Applications  

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Electrospun carbon nanofiber (CNF) webs with controlled density of states (DOS) are synthesized through varying the carbonization conditions to manipulate the concentration of nanosized graphite domains. These materials ...

Mao, Xianwen


Comunidades de fungos micorrízicos arbusculares nos manejos convencional e orgânico de citros e suas interações com Phytophthora parasitica.  

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??Agricultores e técnicos envolvidos na citricultura orgânica procuram desenvolver sistemas de produção com maior atividade microbiana no solo. Dessa maneira, esperam obter benefícios dos processos… (more)

Soraya de Carvalho França




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$ _______________, (________________________________________). Nomes dos demais moradores: 1. Nome:_________________________________________CPF:_____._____._____-____ 2. Nome:_________________________________________CPF:_____._____._____-____ 3. Nome:_________________________________________CPF:_____._____._____-____ 4. Nome:_________________________________________CPF: _____._____._____-____ Declaro ainda que os

Floeter, Sergio Ricardo


Migrações ascendentes de peixes neotropicais e hidrelétricas: proteção a jusante de turbinas e vertedouros e sistemas de transposição.  

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??Este trabalho se propõe a examinar aspectos de engenharia, particularmente da engenharia hidráulica, referentes aos impactos dos aproveitamentos hidrelétricos sobre deslocamentos migratórios ascendentes de peixes,… (more)

Ricardo Ahouagi Carneiro Junho



Quantificação de nitrofurazona e de nitrofurantoína em medicamentos por espectrofotometria de refletância difusa e de transmissão.  

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??A nitrofurazona e a nitrofurantoína são substâncias derivadas dos nitrofuranos e comercializadas em preparações farmacêuticas com ação bactericida, antifúngica e antimicrobiana com um amplo espectro… (more)

Marcio das Neves Palumbo



Influência do desenvolvimento florestal sobre a comunidade edáfico-epígea de Arthropoda e a mirmecofauna: bases para a bioindicação do processo sucessional na restauração ecológica.  

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??A restauração ecológica visa o estabelecimento de ecossistemas semelhantes aos que originalmente ocupavam uma determinada área que foi degradada. Todavia, os resultados dos esforços envolvidos… (more)

Fernando Meloni



Biofumigação com Brassica rapa para o controle de Meloidogyne exigua em diferentes texturas e umidades do solo.  

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??Os nematóides formadores de galhas radiculares, pertencentes ao gênero Meloidogyne Goeldi, 1887, constituem um dos grupos de fitonematóides mais importantes para as culturas agrícolas. Meloidogyne… (more)

Roseli dos Reis Goulart



Permeabilidade in vitro e in silico de análogos à nifuroxazida com atividade potencial frente a cepas multirresistentes de Staphylococcus aureus.  

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??Staphylococcus aureus resistente à meticilina (MRSA, Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus) é um dos principais responsáveis por infecções nosocomiais, sendo identificado também em infecções associadas à comunidade.… (more)

Mariane Ballerini Fernandes



Generation of an S(?,?) Covariance Matrix by Monte Carlo Sampling of the Phonon Frequency Spectrum  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Formats and procedures are currently established for representing covariances in the ENDF library for many reaction types. However, no standard exists for thermal neutron inelastic scattering cross section covariance data. These cross sections depend on the material's dynamic structure factor, or S(?,?). The structure factor is a function of the phonon density of states (DOS). Published ENDF thermal neutron scattering libraries are commonly produced by modeling codes, such as NJOY/LEAPR, which utilize the DOS as the fundamental input and directly output the S(?,?) matrix. To calculate covariances for the computed S(?,?) data, information about uncertainties in the DOS is required. The DOS may be viewed as a probability distribution function of available atomic vibrational energy states in a solid. In this work, density functional theory and lattice dynamics in the harmonic approximation were used to simulate the structure of silicon dioxide (?-quartz) to produce the DOS. A range for the variation in the partial DOS for silicon in ?-quartz was established based on limits of variation in the crystal lattice parameters. Uncertainty in an experimentally derived DOS may also be incorporated with the same methodology. A description of possible variation in the DOS allowed Monte Carlo generation of a set of perturbed DOS spectra which were sampled to produce the S(?,?) covariance matrix for scattering with silicon in ?-quartz. With appropriate sensitivity matrices, it is shown that the S(?,?) covariance matrix can be propagated to generate covariance matrices for integrated cross sections, secondary energy distributions, and coupled energy-angle distributions.

Holmes, J. C.; Hawari, A. I.



Presença e características de RNAs mensageiros nos basidiósporos de Pisolithus microcarpus.  

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??As baixas percentagens de germinação dos basidiósporos do fungo ectomicorrízico Pisolithus microcarpus dificultam a obtenção de estirpes monocarióticas, material para estudos de genética quantitativa da… (more)

Luciano de Souza Vespoli



Neuroptera communities of the Azores : influence of the habitat and seasonality in the distribution, abundance and dominance.  

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??Dissertação de Mestrado - Biotecnologia em Controlo Biológico. Para o arquipélago dos Açores estão referenciadas duas famílias da ordem Neuroptera: Chrysopidae (green lacewings) e Hemerobiidae… (more)

Mendes, Raquel Gonçalves



O amor nos livros de cavalarias – O Palmeirim de Inglaterra de Francisco de Moraes: edição e estudo.  

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??Dissertação apresentada para cumprimento dos requisitos necessários à obtenção do grau de Doutor em Línguas e Literaturas Românicas especialidade de Literaturas Românicas Comparadas Esta Dissertação… (more)

Alpalhão, Margarida Maria de Jesus Santos



Clearing a Path: The 16-Bit Operating System Jungle Offers Confusion, Not Standardization.  

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Discusses the design and limited uses of the Pascal, MS-DOS, CP/M, and PC-DOS operating systems as standard operating systems for 16-bit microprocessors, especially with the more sophisticated microcomputers currently being developed. Advantages and disadvantages of Unix--a multitasking, multiuser operating system--as a standard operating system…

Pournelle, Jerry



Static analysis of Higher-order programs  

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-crime each year. FBI Why: Verification 9 Bugs cost U.S. economy $60 billion annually. NIST #12;Why: Security Source: CSI/FBI Survey 2007 Vulnerabilities Fraud Dumb Employees DoS Cost of cybercrime ($80bn) 10 #12 2008Source: CSI/FBI Survey 2007 Vulnerabilities Fraud Dumb Employees DoS Type of vulnerability

Might, Matt


Cirurgia Endoscópica Nasossinusal e da Base do Crânio Guiada por Computador  

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Introdução: Apesar de nas últimas décadas, as cirurgias dos seios paranasais e base de crânio terem apresentado grande progresso, principalmente com o advento dos novos instrumentais, visualização endoscópica e estudos por imagem, ainda apresentam complicações de graus variáveis. A cirurgia guiada por computador (CGC), tecnologia introduzida há poucos anos, foi idealizada para auxiliar o cirurgião na localização precisa de estruturas

Aldo C. Stamm; Shirley Pignatari; Bruno B. Sebusiani; Marcos C. Galati; Sérgio Mitsuda; Rainer G. Haetinger



Long-living photonic dipole oscillations in photonic crystals  

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atoms and photonic structures has been very short. For ex- ample, in cold atoms the DOs will stop after Society of America OCIS codes: 350.4238, 350.5500, 160.4330. Recently, matter wave dynamics in cold atoms param- eters for controlling light [6,7]. But until now, the lifetime of DOs in such contexts as cold

Huang, Ji-Ping


Proyección del Fondo de Pensiones y Análisis de su Efecto en el Mercado Financiero  

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Este trabajo se compone de dos partes. La primera describe un modelo de proyección (contable en lo básico) del tamaño del Fondo de Pensiones chileno para las próximas dos décadas, y discute una proyección específica.La segunda parte discute el efecto probable que el crecimiento del Fondo tendría sobre el mercado financiero nacional. En particular, la discusión está orientada por la

Felipe Zurita



Mecanismos psicofisiológicos implicados en la regulación afectiva y la restricción alimentaria de mujeres con riesgo de padecer bulimia nerviosa  

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El objetivo del estudio fue conocer el efecto de visualizar imágenes de comida bajo diferentes estados de ánimo y diferentes condiciones de restricción alimentaria en la modulación emocional de dos refle- jos defensivos (sobresalto motor y defensa cardiaca). 72 mujeres con riesgo de padecer bulimia ner- viosa fueron asignadas a dos grupos: 1) un grupo al que se inducía un

Sonia Rodríguez; José Luis Mata; Silvia Moreno; Jaime Vila



Comparacion internacional del gasto publico en sanidad y educacion en paises de la OCDE 85-90  

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En este trabajo trataremos de analizar el nivel del gasto publico en España comparandolo con otros paises europeos y de la OCDE, para ello nos centraremos en dos partidas fundamentales del gasto como son la sanidad y la educacion, ya que estos dos tipos de gasto son fundamentales para el bienestar ciudadano y asi mismo son indicativos del nivel asistencial

Ana Iglesias; Isabel Neira



77 FR 65144 - Airworthiness Directives; Embraer S.A. Airplanes  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...Putim--12227-901 S[atilde]o Jose dos Campos--SP--BRASIL; telephone +55 12 3927-5852 or +55 12 3309-0732...Putim--12227-901 S[atilde]o Jose dos Campos--SP--BRASIL; telephone +55 12 3927-5852 or +55 12 3309-0732;...



78 FR 67018 - Airworthiness Directives; Embraer S.A. Airplanes  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...Putim, CEP: 12227-901, Sao Jose dos Campos, Sao Paulo, Brasil; phone: (+55 12) 3927-1000; Fax: (+55 12) 3927-6600...Putim, CEP: 12227-901, Sao Jose dos Campos, Sao Paulo, Brasil; phone: (+55 12) 3927-1000; Fax: (+55 12)...



78 FR 66258 - Airworthiness Directives; Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica S.A. (EMBRAER) Airplanes  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...Putim--12227-901 S[atilde]o Jose dos Campos--SP--BRASIL; telephone +55 12 3927-5852 or +55 12 3309-0732...Putim--12227-901 S[atilde]o Jose dos Campos--SP--BRASIL; telephone +55 12 3927-5852 or +55 12 3309-0732;...



76 FR 444 - Airworthiness Directives; Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica S.A. (EMBRAER) Model EMB-500 Airplanes  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...dos Campos--SP, CEP: 12227-901--PO Box: 38/2, BRASIL, telephone: ++55 12 3927-5383; fax: ++55 12 3927-2610...dos Campos--SP, CEP: 12227-901--PO Box: 38/2, BRASIL, telephone: ++55 12 3927-5383; fax: ++55 12...



77 FR 63272 - Airworthiness Directives; Embraer S.A. Airplanes  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...Putim-12227-901 S[atilde]o Jose dos Campos-SP-- BRASIL; telephone +55 12 3927-5852 or +55 12 3309-0732...2170-Putim-12227-901 S[atilde]o Jose dos Campos-SP-BRASIL; telephone +55 12 3927-5852 or +55 12 3309-0732;...



Quality wines and wines protected by a designation of origin: Identifying their consumption determinants  

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In international wine markets, two different commercial strategies coexist: one from emerging countries, based on grape varieties, and one from traditional countries, based on designations of origin (DOs). This study focuses on Spain, a country with a long tradition in wine production and consumption, where there is an increasing demand for quality wine from DOs. The aim of the study

Laura Martinez-carrasco; Margarita Brugarolas; Africa Martinez-poveda



ISSN 0103-9741 Monografias em Cincia da Computao  

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.3 Desenvolvimento de Software Orientado a Aspectos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 2.4 Aspect especíco da NASA e que faz parte de um dos trabalhos aqui relaciona- dos. Contudo foram exploradas-PLs, allowing runtime product derivation. As a Case- Study, it has been reused NASA Projects for ANTs

Endler, Markus


A Viabilidade do Gerenciamento de Desempenho Pró-ativo Baseado em uma Arquitetura de Gerenciamento que usa Tecnologia Ativa  

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Resumo A garantia de níveis qualidade de serviço específicos depende fundamental- mente da presença de um mecanismo de gerenciamento preciso, eficiente e rápido, tanto dos recursos da rede quanto das aplicações e dos serviços de comunicação. Esse mecanismo de gerenciamento deve ser de fácil atualização e flexível o suficien- te para a implantação de novas funcionalidades com a devida rapidez.

Edmundo Lopes Cecilio; Ana Paula; Magalhães Dumont; Flávia Coimbra Delicato


Insights into the interfacial properties of low-voltage CuPc field-effect transistor.  


The interfacial transport properties and density of states (DOS) of CuPc near the dielectric surface in an operating organic field-effect transistor (OFET) are investigated using Kelvin probe force microscopy. We find that the carrier mobility of CuPc on high-k Al2Oy/TiOx (ATO) dielectrics under a channel electrical field of 4.3 × 10(2) V/cm reaches 20 times as large as that of CuPc on SiO2. The DOS of the highest occupied molecular orbital (HOMO) of CuPc on the ATO substrate has a Gaussian width of 0.33 ± 0.02 eV, and the traps DOS in the gap of CuPc on the ATO substrate is as small as 7 × 10(17) cm(-3). A gap state near the HOMO edge is observed and assigned to the doping level of oxygen. The measured HOMO DOS of CuPc on SiO2 decreases abruptly near E(V(GS) = V(T)), and the pinning of DOS is observed, suggesting a higher trap DOS of 10(19)-10(20) cm(-3) at the interface. The relationships between DOS and the structural, chemical, as well as electrical properties at the interface are discussed. The superior performance of CuPc/ATO OFET is attributed to the low trap DOS and doping effect. PMID:23639244

Su, Yaorong; Ouyang, Ming; Liu, Pengyi; Luo, Zhi; Xie, Weiguang; Xu, Jianbin




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RESUMO: considerando que a visão é um dos sistemas sensoriais mais importantes na locomoção pois fornece informação tanto do ambiente quanto da postura e dos movimentos corporais, este estudo analisou os efeitos de um programa de treinamento perceptivo-motor no controle das atividades de locomoção em seis crianças com deficiências da visão. Para tanto, realizou-se a avaliação da locomoção durante a

Luiz Cezar; Janine Eliza de Oliveira; Silva PASSOS; Luiz Gonçalves


IBM Compatibility.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Defines in detail the three levels of IBM compatibility--operational, data, and MS-DOS--and also examines 16-bit microprocessors and the MS-DOS operating system, both of which play key roles in determining whether a given machine will run IBM software. (MBR)

Miller, Michael J.; McMillan, Tom




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1. INTRODUÇÃO Desde os tempos de Alfred Marshall, a teoria econômica procura criar mo- delos que capturem a lógica do comportamento das firmas e dos merca- dos. Os resultados destes esforços não resultaram em um quadro analítico convergente, já que persistem controvérsias importantes acerca do papel das diferentes forças que influenciam o crescimento e os objetivos da firma. Winter (1993),

Paulo Bastos Tigre



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deseo de las partes de promover y favorecer la movilidad académica y administrativa; se acuerda lo dos establecimientos en el plano de la enseñanza, de la investigación y de la movilidad de estudiantes interés para los dos establecimientos; d) la movilidad de profesores e investigadores para misiones de

Spino, Claude


This article has been accepted for inclusion in a future issue of this journal. Content is final as presented, with the exception of pagination. IEEE MICROWAVE AND WIRELESS COMPONENTS LETTERS 1  

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systems, radar, chemical/bio sensors, and high-rate data communications. High-speed frequency di- viders with the Teledyne Scientific Company, 1049 Camino Dos Rios, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360, USA (e-mail: M. Urteaga and A. Young are with the Teledyne Scientific Company, 1049 Camino Dos Rios, Thousand Oaks, CA

Rodwell, Mark J. W.



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-80 diskettes! Copy files in either direction! The FASTEST and EASIEST file transfer and conversion program for moving files off the TRS-80 'TMand over to MS-DOS (or PC-DOS) or back TRSCROSS Copyright 1986-80 disk to your PC and copy the files right to your PC data disk or hard disk. It couldn't be any

Mann, Tim


TV digital no Brasil e no mundo: estado da arte  

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A televisão digital é um sistema de radiodifusão televisiva que transmite sinais digitais em lugar dos analógicos. Mais eficiente no que diz respeito à recepção dos sinais, a transmissão digital apresenta uma série de inovações sob o ponto de vista estético, como a possibilidade de ter-se uma imagem mais larga que a atual e com um maior grau de resolução,

César Bolaño; Vinícius Rodrigues Vieira



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Este trabalho apresenta uma análise das políticas econômicas que envolveram o Plano de Metas e o Programa de Aceleração do Crescimento, dos governos dos presidentes Juscelino Kubitschek e Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, respectivamente. A política econômica do governo JK caracterizou-se por um posicionamento desenvolvimentista, tendo como os principais feitos a execução da construção de Brasília e a implementação do

Everlam Elias Montibeler; Danillo Dias de Lima; Paulo Sergio Pereira; Rodrigo Hiroshi Utinoi



LAS BASES DEL PT: IDEOLOGÍA VERSUS PERSONALISMO EN SU APOYO ELECTORAL Sources of PT: ideology versus personalism in its electoral support  

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Palabras clave: Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT), comportamiento electoral, personalismo, ideo- logía, Brasil. ABSTRACT: This article explores data from the Estudo Eleitoral Brasileiro in order to research the bases of support to the Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT), who reached the Presidency of Brazil in 2002. The results show that PT's voters are more identified with the leadership of Luiz Inácio Lula




Yours, Mine or Ours: What Counts as Innovation?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In this paper, I argue that research and development organizations (R&DOs) have particular perspectives on what counts as an innovation whereas the potential adopting users usually have quite different often diverse perspectives. If these "worldviews" do not overlap or speak to each other, then what R&DOs consider innovative might constitute a…

Cooksey, Ray W.



Game-Based Analysis of Denial-of-Service Prevention Protocols  

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Availability is a critical issue in modern distributed sys- tems. While many techniques and protocols for preventing denial of service (DoS) attacks have been proposed and de- ployed in recent years, formal methods for analyzing and proving them correct have not kept up with the state of the art in DoS prevention. This paper proposes a new proto- col for

Ajay Mahimkar; Vitaly Shmatikov




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Este trabalho é resultado de uma investigação sobre a ação dos órgãos oficiais de Assistência Técnica e Extensão rural (ATER) no nordeste brasileiro, com o objetivo avaliar as ações dos mesmos visando a implementação da nova Política Nacional de ATER (PNATER), na região como referência para o país. Ela contemplou os Estados de Bahia, Pernambuco, Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte,

José Ribamar; Furtado de Souza


TTULO: ITALIANOS NO RIO DE JANEIRO. O presente estudo demonstra que a especificidade da imigrao italiana no Rio  

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TÍTULO: ITALIANOS NO RIO DE JANEIRO. RESUMO. O presente estudo demonstra que a especificidade da. Demonstra, ainda, que tal situação não corresponde à importância dos italianos no conjunto dos imigrantes na, italianos, Rio de Janeiro. Dra. Ismênia de Lima Martins. Universidade Federal Fluminense. halshs-00503113

Paris-Sud XI, Université de



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Sound), dos especies migratorias de distancia moderada (Melospiza lincolnii y Passerella iliaca) y dos Spar- row [Melospiza melodia gouldii]), one short-distance migrant (``Puget Sound'' White lincolnii] and Fox [Passerella iliaca] sparrow), and two long-distance migrants (``Gam- bel's'' White

Sandercock, Brett K.



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a DoS attack requires some additional work. In par- ticular, it requires recruiting enough zombie clients to launch the attack. These zombie clients are typically compromised computers scattered all over lower number of zombie clients in comparison to the brute force nature of traditional DoS attacks

Bestavros, Azer



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RESUMO: Pesquisas contemporâneas em Lingüística Aplicada têm enfatizado o papel dos gêneros do discurso na tipificação e rela tiva estabilização das interações nas diversas situações da vida social cotidiana. So b essa perspectiva, objetiva-se ao longo da pesquisa (a) localizar o presente trabalho a partir das teorizações da Análise Dialógica do Discurso (ADD) do Círculo de Bakhtin acerca dos estudos

Rodrigo Acosta Pereira



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RESUMO O artigo contempla a teoria clássica referente aos processos especulativos tanto no domínio dos mercados isolados quanto no plano agregado da economia. Primeiramente, procede-se à apresentação do discurso clássico no que respeita às relações entre concorrência, incerteza e especulação. A seguir, examinam-se as principais teses relativas à possibilidade de saturação geral dos mercados e as críti- cas à visão

Rogério Arthmar



PRO-ESP -Enhanced System Package TABLE OF CONTENTS  

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PRO-ESP - Enhanced System Package ESP - 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS ALTDISK, MicroConsultants, All rights reserved. PRO-ESP is published by MISOSYS, Inc., Sterling VA 22170. LS This documentation covers the TRSDOS 6.x or LS-DOS 6.x (herinafter referred to as DOS) version called PRO-ESP

Mann, Tim


Iowa Vocational Student Follow-Up Micro-Computer Management System [Machine Readable Data File].  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Iowa's Vocational Student Follow-Up System was designed for use by the high schools and community colleges in the state in collecting a common set of outcomes data on vocational students. The menu-driven data management system was designed for operation on an MS-DOS or PC-DOS IBM compatible microcomputer, using a programming language similar to…

Iowa State Dept. of Education, Des Moines.


Static analysis of modern software systems  

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;Software "engineering" 6 #12;Why we need software engineering 7 #12;$80 billion in cyber-crime each year DoS Cost of cybercrime ($80bn) 9 #12;Cost and cause of insecurity Source: CSI/FBI Survey 2007 Vulnerabilities Fraud Dumb Employees DoS Cost of cybercrime ($80bn) 9 #12;Cost and cause of insecurity Buffer

Might, Matt


Mass extinctions in the Azores during the last glaciation: fact or myth?  

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ORIGINAL ARTICLE Mass extinctions in the Azores during the last glaciation: fact or myth? Se´rgio P to these Pleistocene 1 Departamento de Biologia, Universidade dos Ac¸ores, Azores, Portugal, 2 Centro do IMAR da Universidade dos Ac¸ores, Azores, Portugal, 3 MPB ­ Marine Palaeobiogeography Working Group of the University

Long, Bernard


A Aplicação e o Conceito de Raça em Saúde Pública: Definições, Controvérsias e Sugestões para Uniformizar sua Utilização nas Pesquisas Biomédicas e na Prática Clínica The Concept of Race in Public Health: Definitions, Controversies and Recommendations to Improve Its Use in Biomedical Research and Clinical Practice  

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A categorização dos seres humanos em raça e etnia é um dos temas mais controversos e discutidos em medicina. antropologistas e geneticistas acreditam que, do ponto de vista biológico, raças humanas não existem. Para eles, raça é um construto social (baseado em características físicas) que se modifica com o tempo; e etnia um conceito que incorpora na sua definição variáveis

Crésio Alves; Cristina M. M. Fortuna; Maria Betânia; P. Toralles



Liderança, Coesão e Satisfação em Equipas Desportivas: Um Estudo com Atletas Portugueses de Futebol e Futsal Leadership, Cohesion and Satisfaction in Sporting Teams: A Study with Portuguese Football and Futsal Athletes  

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Resumo Este trabalho foi realizado com 200 atletas de duas modalidades (futebol e futsal) incluídos em vários escalões desportivos e analisa a liderança dos treinadores e a coesão e satisfação dos praticantes. Para tal, utilizámos um protocolo de avaliação, com instrumentos de avaliação da liderança (Escala Multidimensional de Liderança, que avalia seis dimensões), da coesão (Questionário de Coesão em Equipas

A. Rui Gomes; Ana Patricia Pereira; Ana Raquel Pinheiro



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utilizando como plataforma de trabalho a Teoria dos Jogos Evolucionária. Os resultados mostram que, em geral. Palavras chave: Evolução da Cooperação, Dinâmica de Actualização, Teoria dos Jogos Evolucionária, Jogos

Grilo, Carlos



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constatar a presença de vários trabalhos conjuntos inter­institucionais. Um dos livros publicados no período, totalizando 49 artigos e 2 livros. Apresentou 23 trabalhos em congressos no exterior, dos quais 5 deles resultaram em trabalhos completos publicados como capítulos de livros ou revistas dedicadas ao evento. Vale

Kohayakawa, Yoshiharu



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constatar a presença de vários trabalhos conjuntos inter-institucionais. Um dos livros publicados no período, totalizando 49 artigos e 2 livros. Apresentou 23 trabalhos em congressos no exterior, dos quais 5 deles resultaram em trabalhos completos publicados como capítulos de livros ou revistas dedicadas ao evento. Vale

Kohayakawa, Yoshiharu



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diferentes h´abitos de alimentaci´on entre dos colectivos de Madrid y Tenerife . Sospechan que estas dos muestras de pesos de reci´en nacidos, una en Madrid y otra en Tenerife, obteni´endose los siguientes resultados: Tenerife Madrid ------------------------------------------------------------ Count 28

Gil, Ana Arribas


Transmission Eigenchannels and the Densities of States of Random Media  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We show in microwave measurements and computer simulations that the contribution of each eigenchannel of the transmission matrix to the density of states (DOS) is the derivative with angular frequency of a composite phase shift. The accuracy of the measurement of the DOS determined from transmission eigenchannels is confirmed by the agreement with the DOS found from the decomposition of the field into modes. The distribution of the DOS, which underlies the Thouless number, is substantially broadened in the Anderson localization transition. We find a crossover from constant to exponential scaling of fluctuations of the DOS normalized by its average value. These results illuminate the relationships between scattering, stored energy, and dynamics in complex media.

Davy, Matthieu; Shi, Zhou; Wang, Jing; Cheng, Xiaojun; Genack, Azriel Z.



Investigating Marine Boundary Layer Parameterizations for Improved Off-Shore Wind Predictions by Combining Observations with Models via State Estimation  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Despite advances in model representation of the spatial and temporal evolution of the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) a fundamental understanding of the processes shaping the Marine Boundary Layer (MBL) is still lacking. As part of a project funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, we are tackling this problem by combining available atmosphere and ocean observations with advanced coupled atmosphere-wave models, and via state estimation (SE) methodologies. The over-arching goal is to achieve significant advances in the scientific understanding and prediction of the underlying physical processes of the MBL, with an emphasis on the coupling between the atmosphere and the ocean via momentum and heat fluxes. We are using the single-column model (SCM) and three-dimensional (3D) versions of the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model, observations of MBL structure as provided by coastal and offshore remote sensing platforms and meteorological towers, and probabilistic SE. We are systematically investigating the errors in the treatment of the surface layer of the MBL, identifying structural model inadequacies associated with its representation. We expect one key deficiency of current model representations of the surface layer of the MBL that can have a profound effect on fluxes estimates: the use of Monin-Obukhov similarity theory (MOST). This theory was developed for continental ABLs using land-based measurements, which accounts for mechanical and thermal forcing on turbulence but neglects the influence of ocean waves. We have developed an atmosphere-wave coupled modeling system by interfacing WRF with a wave model (Wavewatch III - WWIII), which is used for evaluating errors in the representation of wave-induced forcing on the energy balance at the interface between atmosphere and ocean. The Data Assimilation Research Testbed (DART) includes the SE algorithms that provide the framework for obtaining spatial and temporal statistics of wind-error evolution (and hence the surface-layer fluxes), along with objective tuning of model parameters. Budgets for the first and second moments of residual error reveal primary error sources, which via SE are be corrected allowing to greatly improve offshore wind forecasts. Results over a domain center at the FINO 1 covering northern Europe for the month of July, and from October to November of 2006 will be presented.

Delle Monache, Luca; Hacker, Josh; Kosovic, Branko; Lee, Jared; Vandenberghe, Francois; Wu, Yonghui; Clifton, Andrew; Hawkins, Sam; Nissen, Jesper; Rostkier-Edelstein, Dorita



A Diagnostic Diagram to Understand the Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer at High Wind Speeds  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Long time series of offshore meteorological measurements in the lower marine atmospheric boundary layer show dynamical regimes and variability that are forced partly by interaction with the underlying sea surface and partly by the passage of cloud systems overhead. At low wind speeds, the dynamics and stability structure of the surface layer depend mainly on the air-sea temperature difference and the measured wind speed at a standard height. The physical processes are mostly understood and the quantified through Monin-Obukhov (MO) similarity theory. At high wind speeds different dynamical regimes become dominant. Breaking waves contribute to the atmospheric loading of sea spray and water vapor and modify the character of air-sea interaction. Downdrafts and boundary layer rolls associated with clouds at the top of the boundary layer impact vertical heat and momentum fluxes. Data from offshore meteorological monitoring sites will typically show different behavior and the regime shifts depending on the local winds and synoptic conditions. However, the regular methods to interpret time series through spectral analysis give only a partial view of dynamics in the atmospheric boundary layer. Also, the spectral methods have limited use for boundary layer and mesoscale modellers whose geophysical diagnostics are mostly anchored in directly measurable quantities: wind speed, temperature, precipitation, pressure, and radiation. Of these, wind speed and the air-sea temperature difference are the most important factors that characterize the dynamics of the lower atmospheric boundary layer and they provide a dynamical and thermodynamic constraint to frame observed processes, especially at high wind speeds. This was recognized in the early interpretation of the Froya database of gale force coastal winds from mid-Norway (Andersen, O.J. and J. Lovseth, Gale force maritime wind. The Froya data base. Part 1: Sites and instrumentation. Review of the data base, Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 57, 97-100, 1995). In the Froya study, plots on axes of wind speed and air-sea temperature difference provided an effective method to 'fingerprint' atmospheric conditions and summarize large segments of the data. The increasing numbers of offshore meteorological masts associated with the offshore wind industry are amenable to a similar approach to understand the main characteristics of the boundary layer. In this presentation, the Froya diagnostic figure is used interpret data from the FINO1 platform in the North Sea and understand boundary layer dynamics at high wind speeds.

Kettle, Anthony



Offshore Wind Power Integration in severely fluctuating Wind Conditions  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Strong power fluctuations from offshore wind farms that are induced by wind speed fluctuations pose a severe problem to the save integration of offshore wind power into the power supply system. Experience at the first large-scale offshore wind farm Horns Rev showed that spatial smoothing of power fluctuations within a single wind farm is significantly smaller than onshore results suggest when distributed wind farms of 160 MW altogether are connected to a single point of common-coupling. Wind power gradients larger than 10% of the rated capacity within 5 minutes require large amount of regulation power that is very expensive for the grid operator. It must be noted that a wind speed change of only 0.5m/s result in a wind power change of 10% (within the range of 9-11 m/s where the wind power curve is steepest). Hence, it is very important for the grid operator to know if strong fluctuations are likely or not. Observed weather conditions at the German wind energy research platform FINO1 in the German bight are used to quantify wind fluctuations. With a standard power curve these wind fluctuations are transfered to wind power. The aim is to predict the probability of exceedence of certain wind power gradients that occur in a time interval of e.g. 12 hours. During 2006 and 2009 the distribution of wind power fluctuations looks very similar giving hope that distinct atmospheric processes can be determined that act as a trigger. Most often high wind power fluctuations occur in a range of wind speeds between 9-12 m/s as can be expected from the shape of the wind power curve. A cluster analysis of the 500 hPa geopotential height to detect predominant weather regimes shows that high fluctuations are more likely in north-western flow. It is shown that most often high fluctuations occur in non-stable atmospheric stratification. The description of stratification by means of the vertical gradient of the virtual potential temperature is chosen to be indicative for convection, i.e. it can be assumed that a negative gradient indicates convection which leads to strong wind fluctuations in the updraft and downdraft of the cloud. Neural Networks are used to determine the probability of exceedence of wind power gradients from a set of atmospheric parameters that are taken from Numerical Weather Prediction Models. Parameters describing atmospheric stability, that are related to convection (e.g. rain rate) and that forecast wind gusts tend to carry most information to estimate expected wind power fluctuations.

von Bremen, L.



Evaluation of planetary boundary layer schemes in meso-scale simulations above the North and Baltic Sea  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The development and design of wind energy converters for offshore wind farms require profound knowledge of the wind profile in the lower atmosphere. Especially an accurate and reliable estimation of turbulence, shear and veer are necessary for the prediction of energy production and loads. Currently existing wind energy turbines in the North Sea have hub heights of around 90 m and upper tip heights around 150 m, which is already higher than the highest measurement masts (e.g. FINO1: 103 m). The next generation of wind turbines will clearly outrange these altitudes, so the interest is to examine the atmosphere's properties above the North Sea up to 300 m. Therefore, besides the Prandtl layer also the Ekman layer has to be taken into account, which implies that changes of the wind direction with height become more relevant. For this investigation we use the Weather Research and Forecasting Model (WRF), a meso-scale numerical weather prediction system. In this study we compare different planetary boundary layer (PBL) schemes (MYJ, MYNN, QNSE) with the same high quality input from ECMWF used as boundary conditions (ERA-Interim). It was found in previous studies that the quality of the boundary conditions is crucially important for the accuracy of comparisons between different PBL schemes. This is due to the fact that the major source of meso-scale simulation errors is introduced by the driving boundary conditions and not by the different schemes of the meso-scale model itself. Hence, small differences in results from different PBL schemes can be distorted arbitrarily by coarse input data. For instance, ERA-Interim data leads to meso-scale RMSE values of 1.4 m/s at 100 m height above sea surface with mean wind speeds around 10 m/s, whereas other Reanalysis products lead to RMSEs larger than 2 m/s. Second, we compare our simulations to operational NWP results from the COSMO model (run by the DWD). In addition to the wind profile, also the turbulent kinetic energy (TKE) and the atmosphere's thermal stability are important to estimate power production and loads. Especially the TKE is in the focus of our research since the Master Length Scale of the closure schemes depends on it. A third step is the validation of the results using wind measurements around the North Sea. Because the considered heights are much larger than available data from met masts, we use LiDAR observations (light detection and ranging) and prospectively UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle).

Wurps, Hauke; Tambke, Jens; Steinfeld, Gerald; von Bremen, Lueder



Electronic structure and vibrational entropies of fcc Au-Fe alloys  

SciTech Connect

Phonon density of states (DOS) curves were measured on alloys of face-centered-cubic (fcc) Au-Fe using nuclear resonant inelastic x-ray scattering (NRIXS) and inelastic neutron scattering (INS). The NRIXS and INS results were combined to obtain the total phonon DOS and the partial phonon DOS curves of Au and Fe atoms. The 57Fe partial phonon DOS of the dilute alloy Au0.97 57Fe0.03 shows a localized mode centered 4.3% above the cutoff energy of the phonons in pure Au. The Mannheim model for impurity modes accurately reproduced this partial phonon DOS using the fcc Au phonon DOS with a ratio of host-host to impurity-host force constants of 1.55. First-principles calculations validated the assumption of first-nearest-neighbor forces in the Mannheim model and gave a similar ratio of force constants. The high energy local mode broadens with increasing Fe composition, but this has a small effect on the composition dependence of the vibrational entropy. The main effect on the vibrational entropy of alloying comes from a stiffening of the Au partial phonon DOS with Fe concentration. This stiffening is attributed to two main effects: 1) an increase in electron density in the free-electron-like states, and 2) stronger sd-hybridization. These two effects are comparable in magnitude.

Munoz, Jorge A. [California Institute of Technology, Pasadena] [California Institute of Technology, Pasadena; Lucas, Matthew [United States Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base] [United States Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base; Mauger, L [California Institute of Technology, W. M. Keck Laboratory, Pasadena] [California Institute of Technology, W. M. Keck Laboratory, Pasadena; Halevy, I [California Institute of Technology, Pasadena] [California Institute of Technology, Pasadena; Horwath, J [United States Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base] [United States Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base; Semiatin, S L [United States Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base] [United States Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base; Xiao, Yuming [Carnegie Institution of Washington] [Carnegie Institution of Washington; Stone, Matthew B [ORNL] [ORNL; Abernathy, Douglas L [ORNL] [ORNL; Fultz, B. [California Institute of Technology, Pasadena] [California Institute of Technology, Pasadena



Jamming attack detection and countermeasures in wireless sensor network using ant system  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Sensors have varied constraints, which makes the network challenging for communicating with its peers. In this paper, an extension to the security of physical layer of a predictive sensor network model using the ant system is proposed. The Denial of Service (DoS) attack on sensor networks not only diminishes the network performance but also affects the reliability of the information making detection of a DoS threat is more crucial than recovering from the attack. Hence, in this paper, a novel approach in detecting the DoS attack is introduced and analyzed for a variety of scenarios. The DoS attack is dependent on the vulnerabilities in each layer, with the physical layer being the lowest layer and the first to be attacked by jammers. In this paper, the physical layer DoS attack is analyzed and a defense mechanism is proposed. Classification of the jammer under various attack scenarios is formulated to predict the genunity of the DoS attacks on the sensor nodes using receiver operating characteristics (ROC). This novel approach helps in achieving maximum reliability on DoS claims improving the Quality of Service (QoS) of WSN.

Muraleedharan, Rajani; Osadciw, Lisa A.



Critical test for Altshuler-Aronov theory: evolution of the density of states singularity in double perovskite Sr2FeMoO6 with controlled disorder.  


With high-resolution photoemission spectroscopy measurements, the density of states (DOS) near the Fermi level (E(F)) of double perovskite Sr(2)FeMoO(6) having different degrees of Fe/Mo antisite disorder has been investigated with varying temperature. The DOS near E(F) showed a systematic depletion with increasing degree of disorder, and recovered with increasing temperature. Altshuler-Aronov (AA) theory of disordered metals well explains the dependences of the experimental results. Scaling analysis of the spectra provides experimental indication for the functional form of the AA DOS singularity. PMID:17677976

Kobayashi, M; Tanaka, K; Fujimori, A; Ray, Sugata; Sarma, D D



Vibrational Properties of Nanograins and Interfaces in Nanocrystalline Materials  

SciTech Connect

The vibrational dynamics of nanocrystalline Fe{sub 90}Zr{sub 7}B{sub 3} was studied at various phases of crystallization. The density of phonon states (DOS) of the nanograins was separated from that of the interfaces for a wide range of grain sizes and interface thicknesses. The DOS of the nanograins does not vary with their size and down to 2 nm grains still closely resembles that of the bulk. The anomalous enhancement of the phonon states at low and high energies originates from the DOS of the interfaces and scales linearly to their atomic fraction.

Stankov, S.; Sergueev, I.; Chumakov, A. I.; Rueffer, R. [European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, BP220, 38043 Grenoble (France); Yue, Y. Z.; Hu, L. [Section of Chemistry, Aalborg University, 9000 Aalborg (Denmark); Key Laboratory of Liquid Structure and Heredity of Materials, Shandong University, 250061 Jinan (China); Miglierini, M. [Department of Nuclear Physics and Technology, Slovak University of Technology, 81219 Bratislava (Slovakia); Sepiol, B. [Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna, 1090 Vienna (Austria); Svec, P. [Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, 84511 Bratislava (Slovakia)



First Principle Study on the Effect of fe Content on the Phase Stability of the Ni-Mn-Ga Alloy  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The effect of Fe elements on the total energy of Ni2MnGa ferromagnetic shape memory alloy was investigated. It is shown that Fe addition has little effect on the majority-spin density of state (DOS), but changes minority-spin DOS significantly. Substituting Fe for Mn decreases the total DOS of the parent phase, leading to the increase in parent phase stability. When Fe content is higher than 12.5at%, the increasing of martensitic transformation is related to the precipitation of ? phase.

Gao, Zhiyong; Tan, Changlong; Dong, Guifu; Sui, Jiehe; Cai, Wei


An effective Denial of Service Attack Detection Method in Wireless Mesh Networks  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In order to detect the DoS attack (Denial-of-Service attack) when wireless mesh networks adopt AODV routing protocol of Ad Hoc networks. Such technologies as an end-to-end authentication, utilization rate of cache memory, two pre-assumed threshold value and distributed voting are used in this paper to detect DoS attacker, which is on the basic of hierarchical topology structure in wireless mesh networks. Through performance analysis in theory and simulations experiment, the scheme would improve the flexibility and accuracy of DoS attack detection, and would obviously improve its security in wireless mesh networks.

Luan, Liangyu; Fu, Yingfang; Xiao, Peng


Pseudofermion ferromagnetism in the Kondo lattices: a mean-field approach  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Ground state ferromagnetism of the Kondo lattices is investigated within slave fermion approach by Coleman and Andrei within a mean-field approximation in the effective hybridization model. Conditions for formation of both saturated (half-metallic) and non-saturated magnetic state are obtained for various lattices. A description in terms of universal functions which depend only on bare electron density of states (DOS) is presented. A crucial role of the energy dependence of the bare DOS (especially, of DOS peaks) for the small-moment ferromagnetism formation is demonstrated.

Irkhin, Valentin Yu.




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occipital (f. magnum) parietal braquiodonto fosa mandibular premaxilar bunodonto fosa temporal temporal denominado foramen magnum, el orificio que permite la continuidad entre encéfalo y médula espinal), dos

García-Barros, Enrique


PANTONE 554 PANTONE black tiro Coordinacin de la Especializacin en  

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yacimientos, hasta su comercialización, a efectos de responder a las exigencias gerenciales del mercado debidamente registrado y en fondo negro*. Dos (2) copias de las calificaciones certificadas de los estudios

Vásquez, Carlos


78 FR 976 - Notice of Meeting of the Cultural Property Advisory Committee  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...Kingdom of Cambodia Concerning the Imposition of Import Restrictions on Archaeological Material from Cambodia from the Bronze Age Through the Khmer Era (MOU) [Docket No. DOS-2012-0063]. An open session to receive oral public comment on...




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Floeter, Sergio Ricardo



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Floeter, Sergio Ricardo



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Iguaçú, dos alunos: a) Augusto Alexandre Durganti de Mattos, b) Gabriel Vieira Soares, Tatiana Lisbôa quatro) créditos cursados no mestrado, para os alunos Augusto Alexandre Durganti de Mattos e Giovani

dos Santos, C.A.



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Instituto de Tecnologia de Alimentos, 6 Faculdade de Engenharia de Alimentos - UNICAMP, 7 Instituto de a quantificação dos teores de lipídios em alimentos. FAPERGS, EMBRAPA, PROGRUPE-UNISC e FUNDAP-UNISC #12;

Ferreira, Márcia M. C.



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PESSOAL REQUERIMENTO DE PEC�NIA Eu, ___________________________________________________________ CPF Identidade e CPF do(a) ex-servidor(a) e dos beneficiários Contracheque do ex-servidor(a) Outros #12;

Souza, Max O.


PELLCULES ***** obra mestra  

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puente sobre el río Kwai (1957) II ***** Kárate Kid II (1986) I * Cantando bajo la lluvia (1952) IIIII aguas (1917) IIII ***** Tiempos modernos (1936) III ***** Dos sabuesos despistados (1987) I 61 La

Márquez-Carreras, David


XI Muestra Nacional de Teatro Peruano y I Encuentro Interregional de Teatro Peruano del Movimiento de Teatro Independiente del Perú  

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considerar que Cusco es un "pueblo testimonio" del choque de dos culturas de alta civilización y nombrado por la ONU Patrimonio Mundial de la historia de la humanidad. MOTIN-CUSCO amplió la programación para paralelamente realizar la I Muestra...

Ferguson Acosta, Dennis



Caracas, Tercer Festival Internacional de Teatro  

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dramático. lnou\\ narra la vida de los esquimales antes y después de la penetración por el comercio y el turismo. Estas dos creaciones colectivas convincieron por la sinceridad, la calidad expresiva plástica y vocal que abolieron las barreras del idioma...

Rozental, Geneviè ve



Prediction of subgap states in Zn- and Sn-based oxides using various exchange-correlation functionals  

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DOS of a-Zn2SnO4 as calculated with SIC-LDA, HSE06 and B3LYP. The DOS of c-Zn2SnO4 with inverse-Spinel (P4122) structure calculated with SIC- LDA is shown for comparison (black dashed line). For HSE06 and B3LYP the Zn 3d bands strongly overlap... sufficient con- vergence of the DOS for the lower parameters. The DOS of the supercells were evaluated with the same k-mesh 8structure a [A?] c [A?] u N SnO2 rutile (P42mnm) 4.81 3.21 0.307 72 ZnO wurtzite (P63mc) 3.23 5.16 0.380 72 Zn2SnO4 inverse-spinel42...

Körner, Wolfgang; Urban, Daniel F.; Ramo, David Muñoz; Bristowe, Paul D.; Elsässer, Christian



Defending networked resources against floods of unwelcome requests  

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The Internet is afflicted by "unwelcome requests'" defined broadly as spurious claims on scarce resources. For example, the CPU and other resources at a server are targets of denial-of-service (DOS) attacks. Another example ...

Walfish, Michael Howard



Do's and Don'ts for Protecting Your Health and Your Beach's Health  


... Beach's Health Dos and Dont's for Protecting Your Health and Your Beach's Health You can do several things to keep yourself ... closed. Learn more about the risks to your health . Be sun safe Check the UV Index Use ...


383Agronomie 24 (2004) 383395 INRA, EDP Sciences, 2004  

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383Agronomie 24 (2004) 383­395 © INRA, EDP Sciences, 2004 DOI: 10.1051/agro:2004029 Original Agropecuária dos Cerrados (EMBRAPA-CPAC), CP 08223, 73301-970, Planaltina, DF, Brazil c Agronomy Programme

Boyer, Edmond



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, LEPOCREADIIDAE) PARASITIZING "COELENTERATES" (CNIDARIA, SCYPHOZOA AND CTENOPHORA) FROM SOUTHEASTERN BRAZIL André transferência dos parasitas. Descriptors: Metacercaria, Cnidaria, Ctenophora, South Atlantic. Descritores: Metacercaria, Cnidaria, Ctenophora, Atlântico Sul. INTRODUCTION Cnidarian parasites have been little studied

Morandini, Andre C.


Preparing your Research Statement and Chalk Talk Tony Koleske  

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Preparing your Research Statement and Chalk Talk Tony Koleske Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry for your chalk talk/interview Dos and Don'ts #12;Whether, when, and where to apply for a job Best time: I

Haller, Gary L.


Avaliação das dimensões transversais e análise da resistência à fratura de mini-implantes ortodônticos fabricados no Brasil.  

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??Este trabalho visou esclarecer pontos referentes à resistência mecânica destes dispositivos e sua relação com algumas medidas transversais dos mini-implantes auto-perfurantes de diversos diâmetros de… (more)

Flávio Paiva Gadêlha



Intercambialidade de componentes protéticos em diferentes marcas de implantes.  

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??O presente estudo avaliou a intercambiabilidade dos componentes protéticos de implantes de hexágono externo medindo-se a precisão da interface implante/pilar (I/P) com microscopia eletrônica de… (more)

Piero Rocha Zanardi



Avaliação in vitro do colar de implantes cone Morse de diferentes diâmetros sob cargas cêntrica e excêntrica: estudo por meio da Interferometria Eletrônica por Padrões de Speckle.  

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??Cargas oclusais excessivas podem promover tensões exageradas às estruturas de implantes/pilares/próteses, resultando em deformação, desadaptação ou mesmo fratura dos componentes e do próprio implante. Além… (more)

Sergio Rodrigues Sizo



Proceedings of MNHT2008 Micro/Nanoscale Heat Transfer International Conference  

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-Hua Chen,# Qingjun Cai, Chung-Lung Chen* Teledyne Scientific Company 1049 Camino Dos Rios, CA 91360, USA, NC 27708-0300 * Corresponding author. Email: ABSTRACT Superhydrophobic surfaces

Chen, Chuan-Hua


A 3-Stage Shunt-Feedback Op-Amp having 19.2dB Gain, 54.1dBm OIP3 (2GHz), and 252 OIP3/PDC ratio  

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Zach Griffith, Miguel Urteaga, Richard Pierson, Petra Rowell, Mark Rodwell and Bobby Brar Teledyne Scientific and Imaging Company 1049 Camino Dos Rios, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360, USA E-mail: zgriffith@teledyne

Rodwell, Mark J. W.


A DC-100 GHz Bandwidth and 20.5 dB Gain Limiting Amplifier in 0.25m InP DHBT Technology  

E-print Network 2 Teledyne Scientific and Imaging, 1049 Camino Dos Rios, Thousand Oaks, CA, 91360, USA. Email: Abstract--A DC-100 GHz limiting amplifier is designed and fabricated in a 0

Rodwell, Mark J. W.


Multiple Event Localization in a Sparse Acoustic Sensor Network Using UAVs as Data Mules  

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, sriram, hespanha, madhow} Teledyne Scientific Co. 1049 Camino Dos Rios, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 Email: U.S. Army Research Lab. 2800 Powder Mill Road, Adelphi, MD 20783

Madhow, Upamanyu


A 180mW InP HBT Power Amplifier MMIC at 214 GHz Thomas B. Reed1  

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of Electrical and Computer Engineering Santa Barbara, CA, 93106-9560 USA 2 Teledyne Scientific and Imaging 1049 Camino Dos Rios, Thousand Oaks, CA, USA 91360 Abstract

Rodwell, Mark J. W.


2010 HST Calibration Workshop Space Telescope Science Institute, 2010  

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a Teledyne SIDECAR ASIC that permits optimization of the WFC via adjustment of CCD clock voltages, bias 5 Teledyne Scientific & Imaging LLC, 1049 Camino Dos Rios, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 6 European Space

Sirianni, Marco


A High IIP3, 50-GSamples/s Track and Hold Amplifier in 0.25 m InP HBT Technology  

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of California at Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA, 93106, USA. Email: 2 Teledyne Scientific and Imaging, 1049 Camino Dos Rios, Thousand Oaks, CA, 91360, USA. Email: zgriffith@teledyne

Rodwell, Mark J. W.


3410 IEEE JOURNAL OF SOLID-STATE CIRCUITS, VOL. 44, NO. 12, DECEMBER 2009 A 150 GHz Amplifier With 8 dB Gain and  

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], [19], and chemical sensors, will benefit from the high yield, the high levels of integration with Teledyne Scientific and Imaging, 1049 Camino Dos Rios, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 USA (e-mail: mseo@teledyne

Rodwell, Mark J. W.


77 FR 26353 - Notice of Availability of the Environmental Assessment and Request for Comments on Environmental...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...Department of State (DOS) for a Presidential Permit to construct and operate facilities...applicant should receive a Presidential Permit. This notice announces the...on January 19, 2012. The Presidential Permit Process The Secretary of...



Colloidal charge renormalization in suspensions containing multivalent electrolyte  

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Colloidal charge renormalization in suspensions containing multivalent electrolyte Alexandre P. dos and coion density profiles in suspensions containing both multivalent and monovalent electrolytes electrolyte decreases the counterion condensation and diminishes the amount of charge reversal. Predictions

Levin, Yan


E-mail Security in the Wake of Recent Malicious Code  

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a Windows NT System with incorrect changes or accidental deletions when using a Registry editor (Regedt32) Microsoft, MS-DOS, Windows, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows for Workgroups, and Windows 3

Lee, Ruby B.


Surface photovoltage spectroscopy of an InGaAs/GaAs/AlGaAs single quantum well laser structure  

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of states DOS via incorporating low dimensional structures LDSs has led to the development of new as a func- tion of incident photon energy by means of the Kelvin probe method.7,8 The photovoltaic effect

Shapira, Yoram


Estudos de separação enantiosseletiva para uma série de sulfóxidos quirais em colunas poliméricas.  

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??Este trabalho descreve a investigação do poder de enantiorresolução de novas fases estacionária quirais (CSP) de polímero sintético preparadas a partir dos monômeros poli(trans-1,2-ciclohexanediil-bis acrilamida… (more)

Tiago de Campos Lourenço



DEPARTAMENTO DE COMUNICAO SOCIAL Programa de Ps-Graduao em Comunicao  

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globalização. Rio de Janeiro: Ed. UFRJ, 1995. - DOUGLAS, Mary e ISHERWOOD, Baron. O mundo dos bens: para uma: Loyola, 2008. - KELLNER, Douglas. A cultura da mídia. Bauru: EDUSC, 2001. - MONTAIGNE, Michel de. Sobre


On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems: Evapotranspiration Bed (Spanish)  

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Fosa s?ptica de dos compartimentos Suelo arcilloso Piedra quebrada Cama de evapotranspiraci?n Mecha de absorci?n Sistemas individuales para el tratamiento de aguas negras Cama de evapotranspiraci?n Bruce Lesikar y Juan Enciso Promotores...

Lesikar, Bruce J.; Enciso, Juan




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/04/2012 Claudio Domingues dos Santos Letras Portugues 11201880 03/04/2012 Cristiano Pochmann da Silva Quimica Quimica 11200017 03/04/2012 Helena de Marquet Leal Geografia 12101940 03/04/2012 Heloisa Cardoso da Rosa

Floeter, Sergio Ricardo



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of Electrical and Computer Engineering New Jersey Institute of Technology, University Heights, Newark, NJ 07102 such as Denial-of Service (DoS) attacks, Denial-of-QoS attacks [8], and the bandwidth stealth might diminish

Rojas-Cessa, Roberto


Tunneling Evidence of Half-Metallic Ferromagnetism in La(0.7)Ca(0.3)MnO(3)  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Direct experimental evidence of half-metallic density of states (DOS) is observed by scanning tunneling spectroscopy on ferromagnetic La(0.7)Ca(0.3)MnO(3) which exhibits colossal magnetoresistance (SMR).

Wei, J. Y. T.; Yeh, N. C.; Vasquez, R. P.



Predictive Complex Event Processing: A conceptual framework for combining Complex Event Processing and  

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, there are several events (e.g. credit card fraud) that should be prevented proactively be- fore they occur, not just Stock Market Crash (finance and banking), the 2007 DOS attack of the Estonian IP network (se- curity

Beszedes, Árpád


77 FR 67055 - Application for a Presidential Permit To Operate and Maintain Pipeline Facilities on the Border...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...Notice is hereby given that the Department of State (DOS) has received from NOVA Chemicals Inc. (``NOVA Inc.'') notice that by way of corporate succession, NOVA Inc. now owns, operates, and maintains three pipeline facilities...



77 FR 67056 - Application for a Presidential Permit To Operate and Maintain Pipeline Facilities on the Border...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...the Department of State (DOS) has received from NOVA Chemicals Inc. (``NOVA Inc.'') an application for re-instatement border between the United States and Canada. NOVA Inc. is incorporated in the State of Delaware...



Revisão sistemática sobre obesidade em adolescentes brasileiros  

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Resumo - O propósito deste estudo foi revisar, de forma sistemática, a literatura nacional sobre a prevalência e fatores associados à obesidade em adolescentes. A busca foi realizada nas bases de dados Pubmed e Bireme, através dos descritores: \\

Rafael Miranda Tassitano; Maria Cecília Marinho Tenório; Pedro C Hallal


Computer Viruses: An Overview.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Discusses the early history and current proliferation of computer viruses that occur on Macintosh and DOS personal computers, mentions virus detection programs, and offers suggestions for how libraries can protect themselves and their users from damage by computer viruses. (LRW)

Marmion, Dan



Copyright 2007 by the Genetics Society of America DOI: 10.1534/genetics.107.078071  

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by repressing the activity of the hermaphrodite-specific sdc (sex determination and dos- age compensation) genes (Miller et al. 1988; Rhind et al. 1995). In XX embryos, SDC-2 acts with SDC-1 and SDC-3 to repress

Meyer, Barbara


Seo 103 CCB/DOCENTES Local : Sala do Conselho -CCB  

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Floeter, Sergio Ricardo


University of Rhode IslandUniversity of Rhode IslandUniversity of Rhode IslandUniversity of Rhode Island Graduate School of OceanographyGraduate School of OceanographyGraduate School of OceanographyGraduate School of Oceanography  

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to any electronic medium or machine readable form without prior consent, in writing, from the University Microsoft, MS-DOS and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation #12;THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY

Rhode Island, University of


User's Manual V e r s i o n 5 . 3  

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Business Machines Corporation. Windows, Microsoft, and MS-DOS are registered trademarks of Microsoft license fees, a nontransferable, nonexclusive license to use Software solely: (a) in machine-readable

Zhang, Yan


University of Rhode IslandUniversity of Rhode IslandUniversity of Rhode IslandUniversity of Rhode Island Graduate School of OceanographyGraduate School of OceanographyGraduate School of OceanographyGraduate School of Oceanography  

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electronic medium or machine readable form without prior consent, in writing, from the University of Rhode Microsoft, MS-DOS and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation #12;THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY

Rhode Island, University of


UAM. Cartoteca "Rafael Mas". Inventario, 2011 2 UAM. Cartoteca "Rafael Mas". Inventario, 2011 3  

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tierra o los cuerpos celestes a cualquier escala, como los mapas y planos en dos y tres dimensiones, las cartas aeronáuticas marinas y celestes, los globos, los bloques-diagramas, los cortes de terreno, las

Autonoma de Madrid, Universidad


Accurate dot product, 8, 101{102, ACRITH, 102{103  

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{114, 118 simulated, 8, 70 Distributed-memory, 174 DOS, 102, 107 Dot product, accurate, 8, 101{105 E, 227 FORWARD-SUBSTITUTION, 229 Frechet arithmetic, 92 Fritz John equations, 98, 168, 170, 177, 190, 192

Kearfott, R. Baker


Bladder Control: What Men Need to Know  


... de orina cada vez que lo hacen. La vejiga hiperactiva es una afección en la cual la vejiga ... el momento equivocado. Es posible que usted tenga vejiga hiperactiva si tiene dos o más de estos síntomas: ...


37 CFR 1.824 - Form and format for nucleotide and/or amino acid sequence submissions in computer readable form.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2011 CFR

...Compatibility: MS-DOS, MS-Windows, Unix or Macintosh; (3) Line Terminator...6250 bits per inch, 9 track; Format: Unix tar command; specify blocking factor (not... (3) 8mm Data Cartridge: Format: Unix tar command; specify blocking factor...



37 CFR 1.96 - Submission of computer program listings.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2011 CFR

...IBM PC/XT/AT, or compatibles, or Apple Macintosh; (ii) Operating System Compatibility: MS-DOS, MS-Windows, Unix, or Macintosh; (iii) Line Terminator: ASCII Carriage Return plus ASCII Line Feed; (iv) Control Codes: the...



37 CFR 1.824 - Form and format for nucleotide and/or amino acid sequence submissions in computer readable form.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...Compatibility: MS-DOS, MS-Windows, Unix or Macintosh; (3) Line Terminator...6250 bits per inch, 9 track; Format: Unix tar command; specify blocking factor (not... (3) 8mm Data Cartridge: Format: Unix tar command; specify blocking factor...



37 CFR 1.96 - Submission of computer program listings.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...IBM PC/XT/AT, or compatibles, or Apple Macintosh; (ii) Operating System Compatibility: MS-DOS, MS-Windows, Unix, or Macintosh; (iii) Line Terminator: ASCII Carriage Return plus ASCII Line Feed; (iv) Control Codes: the...



El juego: Texto dramático y montaje  

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director en una universidad americana, con elenco estrictamente estudiantil.11 Por las limitaciones del medio se recurrió a la concepción realista que la autora indica en su acotación primera. Ahora, en lugar del parque, las dos Anas están localizadas en... se proyecta "una típica relación de dependencia" entre Ana I y Ana II, dos seres del lumpen que desarrollan una serie de juegos, no exentos ni de crueldad ni de ternura, para sobrevivir la abyecta situación de explotación a la que han sido...

Castillo, Susana D.



Privileged structures: efficient chemical "navigators" toward unexplored biologically relevant chemical spaces.  


In the search for new therapeutic agents for currently incurable diseases, attention has turned to traditionally "undruggable" targets, and collections of drug-like small molecules with high diversity and quality have become a prerequisite for new breakthroughs. To generate such collections, the diversity-oriented synthesis (DOS) strategy was developed, which aims to populate new chemical space with drug-like compounds containing a high degree of molecular diversity. The resulting DOS-derived libraries have been of great value for the discovery of various bioactive small molecules and therapeutic agents, and thus DOS has emerged as an essential tool in chemical biology and drug discovery. However, the key challenge has become how to design and synthesize drug-like small-molecule libraries with improved biological relevancy as well as maximum molecular diversity. This Perspective presents the development of privileged substructure-based DOS (pDOS), an efficient strategy for the construction of polyheterocyclic compound libraries with high biological relevancy. We envisioned the specific interaction of drug-like small molecules with certain biopolymers via the incorporation of privileged substructures into polyheterocyclic core skeletons. The importance of privileged substructures such as benzopyran, pyrimidine, and oxopiperazine in rigid skeletons was clearly demonstrated through the discovery of bioactive small molecules and the subsequent identification of appropriate target biomolecule using a method called "fluorescence difference in two-dimensional gel electrophoresis". Focusing on examples of pDOS-derived bioactive compounds with exceptional specificity, we discuss the capability of privileged structures to serve as chemical "navigators" toward biologically relevant chemical spaces. We also provide an outlook on chemical biology research and drug discovery using biologically relevant compound libraries constructed by pDOS, biology-oriented synthesis, or natural product-inspired DOS. PMID:25310802

Kim, Jonghoon; Kim, Heejun; Park, Seung Bum



Modeling of low-voltage oxide-based electric-double-layer thin-film transistors fabricated at room temperature  

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The room-temperature-made low-voltage electric-double-layer (EDL) thin-film transistors (TFTs) are reported previously with good performance including a huge EDL gate capacitance above 1 muF\\/cm2. We report a two-dimensional simulation of the carrier transport and subgap density of states (DOS) in low-voltage indium tin oxide EDL TFTs. The simple model with a constant mobility and two-step subgap DOS reproduces well the characteristics

Mingzhi Dai; Guodong Wu; Yue Yang; Jie Jiang; Li Li; Qing Wan



Modeling of self-assembled inorganic oxide semiconductor based electric-double-layer thin film transistors  

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The effects of the channel thickness on the parameters used for subgap density of states (DOS) modeling for self-assembled oxide semiconductor based electric-double-layer (EDL) thin film transistors (TFTs) with high specific gate capacitance (>1 muF\\/cm2) were investigated. For indium-tin-oxide-based EDL TFTs, the channel current is affected by the channel thickness. The subgap DOS model with different parameters for different channel

Mingzhi Dai; Guodong Wu; Yue Yang; Jin Huang; Li Li; Jun Gong; Qing Wan



Absence of singular superconducting fluctuation corrections to thermal conductivity  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We evaluate the superconducting fluctuation corrections to thermal conductivity in the normal state, which diverge as T approaches Tc. We find zero total contribution for one-, two- and three-dimensional superconductors for arbitrary impurity concentration. The method used is diagrammatic many-body theory, and all contributions-Aslamazov-Larkin (AL), Maki-Thompson (MT), and density of states (DOS)-are considered. The AL contribution is convergent, whilst the divergences of the DOS and MT diagrams exactly cancel.

Niven, Douglas R.; Smith, Robert A.



Universidad Simn Bolvar  

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: Http:// Apartado 89000. Caracas 1080 - Venezuela Área de Ciencias busca vigorizar la investigación en Matemáticas en Venezuela, así como fomentar la interacción Académica Venezuela en el país de origen. Dos (2) fotografías de frente, tamaño carnet. Dos (2) copias del Currículum

Vásquez, Carlos



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Laboratorio de pinzas pticas Es un aparato que atrapa objetos. Estos objetos son bolitas de poliestireno de  

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individuales de ADN, estudiar el movimiento browniano y manipular las células. Dos bolitas atrapadas: una por la trampa óptica, la otra por la pipeta y entre ellas es atrapada una molécula de ADN ELASTICIDAD DE ADN El ADN se presenta como un ovillo. Para tirar de él se une a a las dos bolitas como se muestra en


Ministrio da Educao Universidade Federal do Paran  

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Extensão Gestão da qualidade dos alimentos nos Armazéns da Família da Secretaria Municipal do Abastecimento, lipídios, carboidratos, fibra alimentar, sódio e valor calórico) dos alimentos comercializados nos Armazéns de Curitiba e Laboratório de Análise de Alimentos do Departamento de Nutrição da UFPR Inscrições

Paraná, Universidade Federal do