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Mutation Systems Dana Angluin James Aspnes Raonne Barbosa Vargas  

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Mutation Systems Dana Angluin James Aspnes Raonne Barbosa Vargas Department of Computer Science Yale University LATA 2011 Dana Angluin, James Aspnes, Raonne Barbosa Vargas Mutation Systems #12: A function µ mapping a string to possible mutations Selection: A function f deciding whether a string is fit

Aspnes, James


Version 2 -2/6/2013 Tiffanye M. Vargas, Ph.D.  

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Version 2 - 2/6/2013 Tiffanye M. Vargas, Ph.D. Biography: Tiffanye M. Vargas recently joined the Department of Kinesiology at California State University, Long Beach as an Assistant Professor. A native

Sorin, Eric J.


Mutation Systems Dana Angluin, James Aspnes, and Raonne Barbosa Vargas  

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Mutation Systems Dana Angluin, James Aspnes, and Raonne Barbosa Vargas Department of Computer Science, Yale University Abstract. We propose Mutation Systems as a model of the evolution of a string subject to the effects of mutations and a fitness function. One fundamental ques- tion about such a system

Aspnes, James


New Culicoides Latreille of the subgenus Mataemyia Vargas from Pará, Brazil (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)  

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Two new species of Culicoides Latreille of the Neotropical subgenus Mataemyia Vargas are described and illustrated based on female specimens from Juruti, Pará, Brazil and compared with their similar congeners. This paper also presents a diagnosis of the subgenus Mataemyia and a systematic key for the identification of the 19 species of the subgenus. PMID:23440115

Felippe-Bauer, Maria Luiza; da Silva, Tiago do Nascimento; da Trindade, Rosimeire Lopes



La Casa Verde de Mario Vargas Llosa: una imagen del hombre  

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, Vargas Llosa ha presentado diversos aspectos de la realidad peruana, logrando una vision en profundi dad del hombre y la sociedad que puede tener validez para toda America Latina Su segunda gran novels, La Casa Verde, publicada en 1966, consolido el...

Frick, Magdalena Capurro



Higher-order asymptotic result for the wrinkling of an everted Varga spherical shell  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This paper applies the WKB method to the buckling analysis of an everted spherical shell composed of Varga material. The same problem has been studied by Haughton and Chen in 2003, but they only obtained the leading-order value for the critical radius ratio B/A because they did not seem to realize that the second-order ODE with variable coefficients satisfied by the eigenfunctions could be solved explicitly, where A and B are the inner and outer radii of the undeformed sphere. In the current paper, we managed to find the leading-order and next-order eigenfunctions explicitly in the WKB expansion, and hence obtained two more terms in the asymptotic expansion of B/A. We believe that the same idea can be employed to find the eigenfunctions at higher orders.

Sanjaranipour, M.; Abdolalian, N.



Re-appraisal and extension of the Gratton-Vargas two-dimensional analytical snowplow model of plasma focus evolution in the context of contemporary research  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Recent resurgence of interest in applications of dense plasma focus and doubts about the conventional view of dense plasma focus as a purely irrotational compressive flow have re-opened questions concerning device optimization. In this context, this paper re-appraises and extends the analytical snowplow model of plasma focus sheath evolution developed by F. Gratton and J. M. Vargas [Energy Storage, Compression and Switching, edited by V. Nardi, H. Sahlin, and W. H. Bostick (Plenum, New York, 1983), Vol. 2, p. 353)] and shows its relevance to contemporary research. The Gratton-Vargas (GV) model enables construction of a special orthogonal coordinate system in which the plasma flow problem can be simplified and a model of sheath structure can be formulated. The Lawrenceville Plasma Physics (LPP) plasma focus facility, which reports neutron yield better than global scaling law, is shown to be operating closer to an optimum operating point of the GV model as compared with PF-1000.

Auluck, S. K. H.



Proyeccion de los estados financieros  

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Este es material de curso del libro Decisiones Empresariales bajo Riesgo e Incertidumbre. El nivel del libro es basico. Se usan muy pocas matematicas y puede ser usado por gerentes. El capitulo seis estudia la construccion apropiada de estados financieros. Se presentan el Estados de resultados, el Estados de efectivo y el Balance general. En este capitulo se muestra como

Ignacio Velez-Pareja



Descriptions of the immature stages of Dampfomyia (Coromyia) beltrani (Vargas & Díaz-Nájera) (Diptera: Psychodidae), with notes on morphology and chaetotaxy nomenclature.  


All immature stages of the phlebotomine sandfly Dampfomyia (Coromyia) beltrani (Vargas & Díaz-Nájera) [= Lutzomyia (Coromyia) beltrani, sensu Young & Duncan 1994] are described and illustrated based on reared specimens from founder females collected from the type-locality in Veracruz, Mexico. These represent the first description of egg, and the third of larva instars and pupa of a species of the subgenus Coromyia, only preceded by Da. vespertilionis (Fairchild & Hertig) and Da. isovespertilionis (Fairchild & Hertig). Some morphological nomenclature clarifications are suggested toward the standardization of immature descriptions, which, in turn, would allow detection of homologies for future integration of these developmental stages characters into a phylogenetic analyses. PMID:25543934

Oca-Aguilar, Ana Celia Montes De; Rebollar-Téllez, Eduardo; Ibáñez-Bernal, Sergio



An intertextual study of Euclides Da Cunha's Os serto?es, R.B. Cunninghame Graham's A Brazilian mystic, and Mario Vargas Llosa's La guerra del fin del mundo  

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Erickson, Sandra Sassetti Fernandes



Re-appraisal and extension of the Gratton-Vargas two-dimensional analytical snowplow model of plasma focus evolution in the context of contemporary research  

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Recent resurgence of interest in applications of dense plasma focus and doubts about the conventional view of dense plasma focus as a purely irrotational compressive flow have re-opened questions concerning device optimization. In this context, this paper re-appraises and extends the analytical snowplow model of plasma focus sheath evolution developed by F. Gratton and J.M. Vargas (GV) (Energy Storage, Compression and Switching, Ed. V. Nardi, H. Sahlin, and W. H. Bostick, Eds., vol. 2. New York: Plenum, 1983, p. 353) and shows its relevance to contemporary research. The GV model enables construction of a special orthogonal coordinate system in which the plasma flow problem can be simplified and a model of sheath structure can be formulated. The LPP plasma focus facility, which reports neutron yield better than global scaling law, is shown to be operating closer to an optimum operating point of the GV model as compared with PF-1000.

Auluck, S K H



Global parameter optimization of Mather type plasma focus in the framework of the Gratton-Vargas two-dimensional snowplow model  

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Dense Plasma Focus (DPF) is known to produce highly energetic ions, electrons and plasma environment which can be used for breeding of short-lived isotopes, plasma nanotechnology and other material processing applications. Commercial utilization of DPF in such areas would need a design tool which can be deployed in an automatic search for the best possible device configuration for a given application. The recently revisited [S K H Auluck, Physics of Plasmas 20, 112501 (2013)] Gratton-Vargas (GV) two-dimensional analytical snowplow model of plasma focus provides a numerical formula for dynamic inductance of a Mather type plasma focus fitted to thousands of automated computations, which enables construction of such design tool. This inductance formula is utilized in the present work to explore global optimization, based on first-principles optimality criteria, in a 4-dimensional parameter-subspace of the zero-resistance GV model. The optimization process is shown to reproduce the empirically observed constancy ...

Auluck, S K H



Updating the description and taxonomic status of Brachionus sessilis Varga, 1951 (Rotifera: Brachionidae) based on detailed morphological analysis and molecular data.  


Brachionus sessilis Varga, 1951 is an epizoic rotifer living exclusively on cladocerans of the genus Diaphanosoma. Current taxonomic knowledge relies solely on limited morphological information, whereas there is no type material. Here, we aim to resolve issues concerning its morphology and taxonomy using both morphological and genetic characters on material sampled from Lake Balaton (Hungary), as well as Lake Doirani (Greece) that was selected for comparison purposes. Biometrical analysis was based on extensive lorica measurements. Phylogenetic reconstruction was based on DNA sequence information of the mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COI) and 16S rRNA gene regions as well as of the nuclear internal transcribed spacer 1 (ITS1). Well-supported evidence for substantial differentiation of B. sessilis from its closest phylogenetic relatives supports its species-rank status. Our phylogenetic analysis suggests a highly supported clade encompassing B. sessilis and another epizoic rotifer, namely B. rubens.  PMID:25544227

Proios, Konstantinos; Michaloudi, Evangelia; Papakostas, Spiros; Kappas, Ilias; Vasileiadou, Kalliopi; Abatzopoulos, Theodore J



-DERECHO PBLICO DEL ESTADO AUTONMICO La implantacin del Mster universitario en Derecho Pblico del Estado Autonmico  

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- DERECHO P�BLICO DEL ESTADO AUTON�MICO La implantación del Máster universitario en Derecho Público del Estado Autonómico extinguirá el Máster Oficial en Derecho Autonómico y Local. Por esta razón se materias del Máster Oficial en Derecho Autonómico y Local. Los estudiantes que comenzaron el Máster Oficial

Rey Juan Carlos, Universidad



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un sinnúmero de Organizaciones No Gubernamentales (ONGs), movimientos sociales, redes transnacionalesCIUDADANÍA MUNDIAL SIN ESTADO MUNDIAL: LA MUNDIALIZACI�N DE LOS MOVIMIENTOS SOCIALES Y LA estados es en parte objetivo de este trabajo. Las organizaciones no gubernamentales y redes

Boyer, Edmond


O estado-nação moderno na contemporaneidade: uma outra geopolítica  

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Como resultado da defesa intransigente da lei do mercado, explica-se o recente surgimento de um “novo regime político social”, que metamorfoseou o caráter político dos debates acerca das relações sociais, que ocorriam na esfera pública estatal. Porém, o Estado-nação moderno não desapareceu, como apregoavam os arautos neoliberais. Argumenta-se que a idéia de território, fundamento do Estado, e a lógica das

Vânia Vlach



H3+: superficies de energía potencial, estados y transiciones rovibracionales  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Hemos calculado varias superficies globales de energía potencial para el estado fundamental y excitados del sistema H3+ en más de ocho mil geometrías diferentes usando una base (9s 3p 1d)/[4s 3p 1d] en cada átomo de Hidrógeno y mediante un método de cálculo de interacción de configuraciones completa (FCI). Hemos ajustado las superficies a formas analíticas del tipo Aguado y Paniagua con un error promedio menor de 50 cm-1 y menor en el pozo de potencial del estado fundamental. Finalmente hemos calculado y analizado los niveles vibracionales para los dos estados electrónicos más bajos, siendo la desviación respecto de los mejores valores publicados, tanto experimentales como teóricos, de unos pocos números de onda.

Aguado, M. Paniagua Y. A.


Proyeccion de datos para la construccion de estados financieros  

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Este es material de curso del libro Decisiones Empresariales bajo Riesgo e Incertidumbre. El nivel del libro es basico. Se usan muy pocas matematicas y puede ser usado por gerentes. El capitulo cinco trata acerca de la preparacion y uso de la informacion para hacer proyecciones de estados financieros. En este capitulo se muestra paso a paso como proyectar apropiadamente

Ignacio Velez-Pareja



Fruiting Capsule of a Pachira Species from Estado Amazonas, Venezuela  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Fruiting capsule of a Pachira species from Estado Amazonas, Venezuela, which has been opened to show its large, floatable seeds. The seeds of other species in this genus of tropical trees are smaller and surrounded by dense, non-wettable hairs. Pachira is a member of the traditional family Bombacaceae, which like the Sterculiaceae and Tiliaceae has been found to be non-monophyletic.

Gustavo A. Romero



Paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic investigations on Isla de los Estados, Argentina  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The expedition in November-December 2005 to Isla de los Estados (Staten Island) off the southeastern tip of South America was a cooperative venture between Lund University (LU) and Stockholm University (SU) in Sweden and the CADIC-CONICET Institute in Ushuaia, Argentina. The aim of the expedition was threefold: (1) to extend the Swedish paleoclimatic "ATLANTIS"-project (Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Azores, Grenada, Tristan da Cunha; PI S Björck) to the southern part of the South American continent, (2) to connect earlier glacial and climate history reconstructions from the Antarctic Peninsula to equivalents north of the Drake Passage in southernmost South America, and (3) to complement paleo-information available from the Tierra del Fuego mainland with information from Isla de los Estados. Focus was on two areas in the northern and north-western part of the island, Bahía Colnett and Bahia Crossley. Detailed geomorphologic and stratigraphic mapping of glacial deposits were combined with sampling sediments for OSL dating. To reconstruct the paleoclimatic development of Isla de los Estados since the last ice retreat, four main peat bog/lake sites were cored and sampled. In addition, living trees of Nothofagus and old logs preserved in the peat were sampled for dendrochronological and dendroclimatological studies. Preliminary results show that the deglaciation of the study area occurred before 16500 cal yr BP. Detailed multi- proxy analyses of the four sequences are under way and first results will be presented.

Björck, S.; Fernandez, M.; Hjort, C.; Ljung, K.; Martinez, O.; Möller, P.; Ponce, F.; Rabassa, J.; Roig, F.; Unkel, I.; Wohlfarth, B.



Estados Unidos y cuatro países de América Latina se unen para combatir el cáncer

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) de Estados Unidos formalizó esta semana alianzas bilaterales con los gobiernos de Argentina, Brasil, México y Uruguay, para acelerar el avance contra el cáncer en la población hispana de Estados Unidos y de América Latina y mejorar la investigación del cáncer.


Los Estados Unidos y la República de Chile se unen para combatir el cáncer

Una nueva alianza entre el Instituto Nacional del Cáncer de los Estados Unidos y el Ministerio de Salud de la República de Chile, tiene el propósito de acelerar el avance contra el cáncer en la población hispana en los Estados Unidos y en América Latina.


Radioactive source materials in Los Estados Unidos de Venezuela  

USGS Publications Warehouse

This report summarizes the data available on radioactive source materials in Los Estados Unidos de Venezuela accumulated by geologists of the Direccions Tecnica de Geolgia and antecedent agencies prior to June 1951, and the writers from June to November 1951. The investigation comprised preliminary study, field examination, office studies, and the preparation of this report, in which the areas and localities examined are described in detail, the uranium potentialities of Venezuela are summarized, and recommendations are made. Preliminary study was made to select areas and rock types that were known or reported to be radioactive or that geologic experience suggests would be favorable host for uranium deposits, In the office, a study of gamma-ray well logs was started as one means of amassing general radiometric data and of rapidly scanning many of ye rocks in northern Venezuela; gamma-ray logs from about 140 representative wells were examined and their peaks of gamma intensity evaluated; in addition samples were analyzed radiometrically, and petrographically. Radiometic reconnaissance was made in the field during about 3 months of 1951, or about 12 areas, including over 100 localities in the State of Miranda, Carabobo, Yaracuy, Falcon, Lara, Trujillo, Zulia, Merida, Tachira, Bolivar, and Territory Delta Amacuro. During the course of the investigation, both in the filed and office, information was given about geology of uranium deposits, and in techniques used in prospecting and analysis. All studies and this report are designed to supplement and to strengthen the Direccion Tecnica de Geologias's program of investigation of radioactive source in Venezuela now in progress. The uranium potentialities of Los Estados de Venezuela are excellent for large, low-grade deposits of uraniferous phospahtic shales containing from 0.002 to 0.027 percent uranium; fair, for small or moderate-sized, low-grade placer deposits of thorium, rare-earth, and uranium minerals; poor, for high-grade hydrothermal pitchblende deposits; and highly possible for small, medium- to high-grade despots of carnotite-or copper-uranium bearing sandstone. Recommendations for the Venezuelan uranium program include 1) the systematic collection of a mass general radiometric data by examining sample collections, expanding the gamma-ray program, encouraging the use of Geiger counter by field geologists, and by enlisting the aid of the general public; 2) , the examination of specific areas or localities, chosen on the basis of geologic favorability from the results of the amassing of data, or obtained by hints and rumors; 3), the organization of a unit within the Direccion Tecnica de Geologica to direct, collection, and collate metric data. It is emphasized that to be most fruitful the program requires the application of sounds and imaginative geologic theory.

Wyant, Donald G.; Sharp, William N.; Rodriguez, Carlos Ponte



El Modelo de Estados y Transiciones como Herramienta para el estudio,  

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ECOLOGICOS Ejemplos de indicadores Clima Cantidad, distribución y variabilidad de lluvias y temperatura agua, cantidad de materia orgánica Vegetación Dinámica espacio-temporal del estado de referencia


Luis G. Vargas Decision, Operations and Information Technologies  

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#12;5 #12;The Economist Intelligence Unit and CFO Research conducted a global survey of 544 senior the survey, the Economist Intelligence Unit conducted a program of interviews with senior executives as well. (23%) Mixed finance dept. (26%) Finance, sales, marketing, supply chain and others (34%) 13 #12;The

Grossmann, Ignacio E.


Victoria Varga, `04 Las Matas de Farfan, Dominican Republic  

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based on their nutritional health. Many of the children were malnourished, anemic, or parasite ridden of Charity at their Nutritional Center for Children in Las Matas de Farfan was one of the most rewarding, Elaine and I worked with some of the most beautiful children that temporarily resided there. They were



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INICIO POLÍTICA ECONOMÍA MUNDO ESTADOS CAPITAL SOCIEDAD Y JUSTICIA CIENCIAS CULTURA ESPECTÁCULOS DEPORTES Noticias del día No hay noticias publicadas. Ciencias No hay noticias publicadas. BUSCAR Buscar en, del Instituto de Ciencias del Mar y Limnología de la UNAM La Jornada en línea Publicado: 24/01/2012 12

Islas, León


Examen del estado Mini-Mental: propuesta de una normativa para su aplicación  

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Resumen. El examen del estado Mini-Mental (EEMM) es actualmente una de las herramientas más influyentes en la valoración y búsqueda de alteraciones cognitivas, aun a pesar de determinados interrogantes con respecto a su validez. Aunque se ha generalizado la utilización informal de varias traducciones del EEMM en lengua castellana, al no haberse validado éstas ni estar apenas especificada su aplicación

S. Giménez-Roldán; M. J. Novillo; E. Navarro; J. L. Dobato; M. Giménez-Zuccarelli


El número de supervivientes de cáncer en Estados Unidos asciende a aproximadamente 12 millones

El número de supervivientes de cáncer en Estados Unidos ascendió a 11,7 millones en 2007, de acuerdo a un informe publicado por los Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades, CDC, y el Instituto Nacional del Cáncer, NCI, el cual forma parte de los Institutos Nacionales de la Salud. Hubo 3 millones de supervivientes de cáncer en 1971 y 9,8 millones en 2001.


Nuevos escenarios de la migración México-Estados Unidos. Las consecuencias de la guerra antiinmigrante  

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La historia de la migración México-Estados Unidos se caracteriza por una serie de periodos durante los cuales los patrones migratorios se transforman y evolucionan como respuesta a los cambios en la política migratoria de Estados Unidos. En la década de 1990 se dio uno de estos cambios, lo que provocó el paso de la ‘era de la contradicción’ a la ‘era de la marginalización’. Actualmente, un gran número de migrantes indocumentados permanecen al margen de la ley, precisamente en un periodo en el que las penas se han incrementado y la persecución ha alcanzado niveles récord. De manera cada vez más notoria, los migrantes indocumentados, por la represión interna y fronteriza, quedan obligados a romper los lazos que los vinculaban con sus lugares de destino, pero al mismo tiempo se sienten cada vez más extraños en una tierra donde la aplicación de políticas antiinmigrantes es cosa de todos los días, lo que los sitúa en una posición de marginalización y gran vulnerabilidad. PMID:21209790

MASSEY, Douglas S.; PREN, Karen A.; DURAND, Jorge



Los Presupuestos Generales de Estado para 2007 : diferencias entre el proyecto de presupuestos y los presupuestos aprobados y análisis de las políticas de gasto gestionadas por el Estado y por la Seguridad Social  

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Aunque en España los Presupuestos Generales del Estado abarcan un ámbito limitado dentro las Administraciones Públicas,1 tienen una gran importancia pues constituyen el principal instrumento financiero del gobierno para conseguir sus fines de política económica. En general, es conveniente analizar los presupuestos desde diferentes perspectivas. Por una parte, es preciso conocer sus efectos globales sobre la economía en su conjunto,

Valentín Edo Hernández




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Resumo: Procuramos neste artigo observar as representaçõe s sobre os trabalhadores , afromatogrossenses realizadas pelos intelectuais que produziram o AGMT, Albhum Graphico do Estado de Matto Grosso. Desta maneira, buscamos nas entrelinhas do AGMT, os projetos, que durante as primeiras décadas do século XX foram usados para excluir e expropriarem os afromatogrossenses nos projetos de modernização e organização do mercado

Adiléa Benedita DELAMÔNICA




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A lo largo de casi todo el siglo XX, en Estados Unidos prevaleció la idea de que los in- migrantes con bajos niveles de capacitación, lógicamente, ocuparían los peldaños más bajos de la escala ocupacional y salarial, pero que, dadas las oportunidades exis- tentes en el país, sus hijos tendrían muchas posibilidades para incorporarse a los estratos medios. A principios

Elaine Levine


Zoneamento de riscos climáticos para a cultura de café (Coffea arabica L.) no estado do Paraná Climatic risk zoning for coffee (Coffea arabica L.) in Paraná state, Brazil  

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Resumo - O Paraná (22º30'S a 26º30'S e 48ºW a 55ºW) localiza-se em uma região de transição climática, do norte para o sul do estado, apresentando variações regionais e locais devido à altitude e ao relevo. Ao longo dos anos, a cafeicultura se estabeleceu no norte do estado e avan- çou para o sul e oeste até os limites de

Paulo Henrique Caramori; João Henrique Caviglione; Marcos Silveira Wrege; Sergio Luiz Gonçalves; Rogério Teixeira de Faria; Armando Androcioli Filho; Tumoru Sera; Júlio César Dias Chaves; Mirian Sei Koguishi



La inserción en el mercado laboral de los inmigrantes latinos en España y en los Estados Unidos: Diferencias por país de origen y estatus legal  

PubMed Central

Resumen Este artículo compara los resultados económicos entre los inmigrantes latinoamericanos en España y Estados Unidos. Detectamos un efecto de selección por el que la mayoría de los inmigrantes latinoamericanos en España proceden de Sudamérica de un entorno de clases medias, mientras la mayoría de los inmigrantes que van a los Estados Unidos son centroamericanos de clase baja. Este efecto de selección explica las diferencias transnacionales en la probabilidad de empleo, logro ocupacional y salarios obtenidos. A pesar de las diferencias en los orígenes y las características de los latinoamericanos en ambos países, los factores demográficos, humanos y de capital social parecen operar de forma similar en ambos países; y cuando los modelos se estiman separadamente por estatus legal, descubrimos que los efectos se acentúan más entre los inmigrantes irregulares cuando se los compara con los regulares, especialmente en Estados Unidos. PMID:24532857

Connor, Phillip; Massey, Douglas



XII Escola de Modelos de Regress~ao, Fortaleza-CE, 13-16 Marco 2011 Atribuic ~ao de Trafego em Redes de Filas Finitas Dependentes do Estado  

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Redes de Filas Finitas Dependentes do Estado Guilherme D. Carvalho, Renato A. Nascimento & Frederico R´iculos, baseado em filas finitas configuradas em redes, acoplado ao modelo do ´otimo do sistema, que ´e um dos tr´afego faz sentido e ´e robusta. Palavras-chave: Redes de filas, filas finitas, sistemas estoc

Cruz, Frederico


The Prince, the Captain and "The State": An Examination of the Mesquita Family Ownership of "O Estado de Sao Paulo" to 1969.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Julio Mesquita joined the staff of "O Estado de Sao Paulo" in 1885 and became a director in 1891, when he also began his first term as a deputy of the Sao Paulo state assembly. Until his death in 1927, Mesquita guided the newspaper's growth in all respects--editorial, political, technological, and economic. Julio de Mesquita Filho assumed…

Etsinger, Jean


Computer Vision Methods for Visual MIMO optical system Wenjia Yuan Kristin Dana Michael Varga  

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have become commonplace in phones, laptops, music-players and handheld games. Similarly, light emit-readers, music-players and many hand- held games. Light emitting displays, signage and moni- tors are prevalent opportunity to build camera-based op- tical wireless communication systems based on a concept called visual

Gruteser, Marco


Para mi el teatro es un ascesis, una cura de adelgazamiento': Entrevista a Mario Vargas Llosa  

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usted al libre tratamiento que hacen los teatristas de las piezas dramáticas. ¿ Cuál es su postura como autor respecto al tratamiento del texto por parte del director, eso que una escritora argentina llamó canibalismo amoroso? Yo considero que el...

Espinosa Domí nguez, Carlos



VizieR Online Data Catalog: POPSTAR models. III. Young star clusters (Garcia-Vargas+, 2013)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) includes all the files listed in list.dat and available individually in the subdirectory "models". We have calculated the colours of a system composed of two populations: one older than 100Myr (log{tau}(yr)>=8.00) and one younger than this same limit (log{tau}<8.00). The stellar mass of the young population in this model grid takes the same values as in the SSP models: 0.12, 0.20, 0.40, 0.60, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 x105M?. For each model or composite system, we assume an old stellar population with a mass on the zero time main sequence defined by a factor F=Mold/Myoung. We have taken 6 possible values for this grid, F=0, 1, 10, 100, 1000 and 5000. Colours are computed by using the total luminosity emitted by both the old population and the young stellar population, including the emission lines contribution and the nebular continuum. We have obtained a table for each old stellar population defined by its age and metallicity, where all possible combinations with the young stellar population (scanning the grid in mass, age and metallicity of the young cluster) are included. is a zip file with all these tables (198 files, 33 ages for each of the six metallicities). See section 4 for further explanations. (6 data files).

Garcia-Vargas, M. L.; Molla, M.; Martin-Manjon, M. L.



MnM: A Tool for Automatic Support on Semantic Markup Maria Vargas-Vera1  

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, Sheffield S1 4DP, UK Abstract. An important precondition for realizing the goal of a semantic web is the ability to annotate web re- sources with semantic information. In order to carry out web pages with semantic contents. MnM integrates a web browser with an ontology editor and provides


Mus spretus (Rodentia: Muridae) L. JAVIER PALOMO, ENRIQUE R. JUSTO, AND J. MARIO VARGAS  

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:230) determined that this is a synonym of Mus musculus Linnaeus, 1758. Mus spicilegus lynesi Cabrera, 1923, 1923:431. Type locality ``alrededores de Melilla, Rif oriental,'' Morocco. Mus musculus spretus: Mus musculus. They recognized 15 subspecies, including M. m. spretus, and proposed the evolutionary

Hayssen, Virginia


Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer 1975-2002 con una sección especial sobre las tendencias de tratamiento: preguntas y respuestas

Las organizaciones oncológicas principales de la nación informan que el riesgo de los estadounidenses de morir de cáncer sigue disminuyendo y que las tasas de casos nuevos de cáncer permanecen estables. El Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer, de 1975 a 2002, señala que las tasas de mortalidad de cáncer que se observaron para todos los cánceres combinados disminuyeron 1,1 por ciento por año de 1993 a 2002.


Estudio de la fotoabsorción y fotoionización de la molécula de alta relevancia atmosférica no a través de los estados Rydberg con la metodología MQDO  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Los procesos de fotoionización son de una importancia fundamental [1] y encuentran aplicación en un gran número de contextos científicos: Astrofísica [2], química de las radiaciones, biología. Los investigadores de dichos campos, necesitan de valores de fiables de secciones eficaces para la fotoionización parcial, la Fotoabsorción, así como para los procesos de fotofragmentación en amplios intervalos espectrales, particularmente en estudios de modelización [3-5]. En este trabajo se ha centrado la atención sobre el oxido nítrico, que se ha considerado apropiado y relevante por varios motivos: por el trascendental papel que representa en la física y química de la alta atmosfera [6], aparte de por estar íntimamente relacionado con los problemas de contaminación. Los procesos de recombinación disociativa [7] del NO, donde los estados Rydberg se encuentran directamente implicados, son relevantes, por ejemplo, en las regiones E y F de la ionosfera [7]. En este trabajo se estudia la fotoionización del NO desde el estado fundamental con la versión molecular del método del orbital de defecto cuántico (MQDO). Para ello se calcula el diferencial de las fuerzas de oscilador parciales que constituyen los canales de fotoionización del NO desde el estado fundamental. La continuidad del diferencial de fuerza de oscilador calculada a través del umbral de fotoionización, esto es, en las regiones del espectro discreta y del continua, se adopta como criterio de calidad la escasez de datos comparativos [8].

Bustos, E.; Velasco, A. M.; Martín, I.; Lavín, C.


Description of the population structure and genetic diversity of tuberculosis in Estado de México, a low prevalence setting from Mexico.  


In order to identify the genetic characteristics of the strains of mycobacteria circulating in the Estado de México, one of the states with the lowest prevalence of tuberculosis in Mexico, spoligotyping and 12-loci MIRU-VNTR typing were used to genotype tuberculosis clinical isolates. The average age of the 183 patients analyzed was 50 (± 17) years, drug resistance was noted in 57 (31%) and multidrug resistance in 22 (12%) individuals. The results from the isolates recovered showed that 80% were located in four major Euro-American lineages: Haarlem (17%), LAM (15%), T (20%) and X (29%). Other lineages found in lower proportions were: EAI, S, Beijing, West African, Turkey, Vole and Bovis. Eighteen isolates were orphans. Only 57 isolates were grouped in nine clusters and the SIT119 (X1) showed the highest number of members (23). The LAM lineage showed an increased risk for development of drug resistance (RR=4, IC: 95%: 1.05-14.2, p = 0.03). Despite the important prevalence of four major lineages found and the diversity of strains circulating in the population, we found the presence of one of the largest populations of isolates clustered to the X lineage in a setting from a Latin American country. PMID:25257651

Zenteno-Cuevas, Roberto; Mendoza-Damián, Fabiola; Muñoz, Irving Cansino; Enciso-Moreno, Leonor; Pérez-Navarro, Lucia Monserrat; Ramírez-Hernández, Ma Dolores; Vázquez-Medina, Karen; Widrobo-García, Lorena; Lauzardo, Michael; Enciso-Moreno, José Antonio



1998. O.Hoffmann "Polticas agrarias, reformas del Estado y afiliaciones identitarias: una comparacin entre Colombia y Mxico" Revista Mexicana de Sociologa N4/98, Mxico, pp99-123.  

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, y fiel a sus orientaciones hacia la liberalización de los mercados (de tierras, en este caso identidad permite re-evaluar el lugar respectivo de los actores locales - campesinos, indios, negros, Estado el impulso a un mercado de tierras para los pequeños campesinos que deben entonces asumir

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Statistical properties of the system of two falling balls Pter Blint, Gbor Borbly, and Andrs Nmedy Varga  

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 3.5 Distortion bounds-standard limit theorems (in other words, normal vs. anomalous diffusion). Despite of their significance

Bálint, Péter


Physical, Structural and Operational Vulnerability of Critical Facilities in Valle de Chalco Solidaridad, Estado de Mexico, Mexico. Case of study: Avándaro, San Isidro and El Triunfo  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Valle de Chalco Solidaridad is located in Mexico City Metropolitan Area in Estado de Mexico, Mexico. In this town there is a sewage canal called “La Compañía”. A wall of this canal collapsed on February 5, 2010 due to heavy rains creating the flooding of four surrounding communities. It is important to point out that this area is frequently exposed to floods. In this work, we consider a critical facility as an essential structure for performance, health care and welfare within a community or/and as a place that can be used as shelter in case of emergency or disaster. Global vulnerability (the sum of the three measured vulnerabilities) of the 25 critical facilities identified in the locations of Avándaro, San Isidro and El Triunfo was assessed using the Community Vulnerability Assessment Tool developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). For each critical facility we determined its operational, structural and physical vulnerabilities. For our analysis, we considered the four main natural hazards to which Valle de Chalco is exposed: earthquakes, floods, landslides and sinking. We considered five levels of vulnerability using a scale from 1 to 5, where values range from very low to very high vulnerability, respectively. A critical facilities database was generated by collecting general information for three categories: schools, government and church. Each facility was evaluated considering its location in relation to identified high-risk areas. Our results indicate that in average, the global vulnerability of all facilities is low, however, there are particular cases in which this global vulnerability is high. The average operational vulnerability of the three communities is moderate. The global structural vulnerability (sum of the structural vulnerability for the four analyzed hazards) is moderate. In particular, the structural vulnerability to earthquakes is low, to landslides is very low, to flooding is moderate and to sinking is low. Due to the location of the critical facilities, its global physical vulnerability (sum of the physical vulnerability to the four analyzed hazards) is moderate. Only three facilities have very high physical vulnerability to floods. Churches (six facilities) have the highest operational vulnerability, whereas its structural vulnerability is the lowest. Schools (13 facilities) have the lowest operational vulnerability, nevertheless, there are two schools with very high vulnerability. Regarding the six government facilities, we identified that their structural vulnerability range from moderate to high. As a result of this work, we believe in the importance of strengthening the culture of civil protection within the critical facilities of the communities of Valle de Chalco.

Garcia Payne, D. G.; Novelo-Casanova, D. A.; Ponce-Pacheco, A. B.; Espinosa-Campos, O.; Huerta-Parra, M.; Reyes-Pimentel, T.; Rodriguez, F.; Benitez-Olivares, I.



Natural Hazards and Vulnerability in Valle de Chalco Solidaridad Estado de Mexico, Mexico. Case studies: El Triunfo, Avandaro and San Isidro  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

On February 5, 2010, occurred a fracture on a wall of the artificial water channel called “La Compañía (CC)” in the section of the municipality of Valle de Chalco Solidaridad (VCS), Estado de Mexico, Mexico. The dimensions of this fracture were 70m length, 20m wide and 5m height, and cause severe wastewater flooding that affected surrounding communities. This area was also impacted by a similar event in 2000 and 2005. In this study, we assess the social, economic, structural, and physical vulnerability to floods, earthquakes, subsidence, and landslides hazards in the communities of El Triunfo, San Isidro and Avandaro of VCS. This area is located in soil of the old Chalco Lake, and in recent decades has experienced a large population growth. Due to urban development and the overexploitation of aquifers, the zone is also exposed to subsidence up to 40 cm per year. For these reasons, CC is at present, well above ground level. In this research, we applied the methodology developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to assess vulnerability. As a first step, we established the level of exposure of the communities to the four main hazards. We also analyzed the economic and social vulnerability of the area using data collected from a field survey. From the total family houses in the studied communities, we estimated a minimum sample statistically significant and the households from this sample were selected randomly. We defined five levels of vulnerability: very low, low, moderate, high, and very high. Our results indicate that San Isidro is the community with the highest level of structural vulnerability, as for the physical vulnerability it was found that the homes most affected by flooding are those located close to CC but we did not found a direct relationship between the physical vulnerability and structural vulnerability. The main hazard to which the zone of study is exposed is flooding because its period of recurrence is about five years. About 83% of families have a high level of economic vulnerability. Regarding the structural vulnerability, approximately 25% of the structures have high, and 39% moderate vulnerability. These results indicate that the community has a low standard for living and the resilience is very low. Considering an overall vulnerability estimated by summing the results of the four types of analyzed vulnerabilities, we found that 53% of the sampled population has moderate vulnerability, 34% low, about 2% very low, 10% high and less than 1% very high.

Ponce-Pacheco, A. B.; Novelo-Casanova, D. A.; Espinosa-Campos, O.; Rodriguez, F.; Huerta-Parra, M.; Reyes-Pimentel, T.; Benitez-Olivares, I.



El Estado de los Ecosistemas  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The recent Millennium Ecosystem Assessment has illustrated that human actions have significantly transformed many of Earths ecosystems. The main findings describe how: humans changed ecosystems dramatically over the past 50 years, changes to ecosystem services may get worse in the next 50 years, global action at all levels can reverse the degradation, and how ecosystem degradation increases risks of sudden changes and reduces benefits for future generations.

ChristiÃÂán Samper (National Museum of Natural History of the Smithsonian Institution;)



Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer, de 1975 a 2010, con una sección especial sobre la prevalencia de comorbilidad y su efecto en la supervivencia de personas con cáncer de pulmón, seno, próstata o colorrectal: preguntas y respuestas

El Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer (1975 a 2010), mostró un descenso más acelerado que en años anteriores de los índices de mortalidad por cáncer de pulmón. También contiene una sección especial que destaca los efectos significativos que tienen otras enfermedades en la supervivencia de pacientes con cáncer.


XES Nanoprobe for Hard X-Ray Region: Mitigating Degradation in Ni-ZEBRA Batteries Research Team: Mark Bowden, Kyle Alvine, Nancy Hess, Guosheng Li, Tamas Varga  

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XES Nanoprobe for Hard X-Ray Region: Mitigating Degradation in Ni-ZEBRA Batteries Research Team scientific understanding of link between Ni-NiCl2 ZEBRA battery cycle degradation and FeS additive Chemical battery performance by poisoning Ni surfaces ­ optimizing Ni/NiCl2 distributions and conductive pathways


Comparative anatomy of the female genitalia of generic-level taxa in tribe Aedini (Diptera: Culicidae). Part XXII. Genus Downsiomyia Vargas  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

A comparative, morphological analysis of the female genitalia of the genus Downsiomyia was conducted. The female genitalia of the genus are characterized and a comparison with other taxa is provided. Downsiomyia is divided into two groups. The type species of the genus, Do. nivea (Ludlow), is ill...


M. Vargas-Ramrez et al.: Deep genealogical lineages in the widely distributed African helmeted terrapin: evidence from mitochondrial and nuclear DNA  

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MODELTEST for the various data partitions. Partition Model cyt b complete GTR+I+G cyt b 1st codon position GTR+I+G cyt b 2nd codon position HKY+G cyt b 3rd codon position HKY+I+G ND4 complete GTR+I+G ND4 1st codon position GTR+I+G ND4 2nd codon position GTR+G ND4 3rd codon position HKY+G R35 HKY+I Rag1 complete HKY+I Rag1 1st


7, 53415364, 2007 Modelling the effect  

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ACPD 7, 5341­5364, 2007 Modelling the effect of organic acids Z. Varga et al. Title Page Abstract Discussions Modelling the cloud condensation nucleus activity of organic acids Z. Varga1 , G. Kiss2 , and H of organic acids Z. Varga et al. Title Page Abstract Introduction Conclusions References Tables Figures

Boyer, Edmond


A note on comparison theorems for nonnegative matrices  

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Summary In a recent paper, [4], Csordas and Varga have unified and extended earlier theorems, of Varga in [10] and Woznicki in [11], on the comparison of the asymptotic rates of convergence of two iteration matrices induced by two regular splittings. The main purpose of this note is to show a connection between the Csordas-Varga paper and a paper by

Valerie A. Miller; Michael Neumann




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. Temas de investigación: Memorias MOS de compuerta flotante para redes neuronales artificiales. Diseño de analógico VLSI. Redes neuronales artificiales. fgó Arturo Maldonado Álvarez Grenoble, Francia. Temas de investigación: Diseño de sistemas VLSI. Lógica difusa. Redes neuronales


Transformaciones del Estado y del Derecho  

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El concepto de derecho asentado en la mentalidad jurídica actual responde a un modelo profundamente “estatista”, racional y formal. Sus premisas se construyen de acuerdo con las estructuras y los discursos políticos que se desarrollan durante las postrimerías de la Edad Moderna en Europa y triunfa definitivamente con las revoluciones burguesas. Las formas jurídicas desarrolladas como fundamento y sostén del

Manuel Calvo García


30 de enero 2012 ESTADO SLIDO  

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del edificio principal Email: Aydante: M.C. Francisco Hidalgo Moreno Instituto de Física UNAM Oficina 61 del edificio principal Email: Lunes y Martes 13 a 15 hrs, Jueves de 16 a 18 hrs. Página web con información y tareas http://www.fisica

Noguez, Cecilia


Estado nutricional de hierro y parasitosis intestinal en niños de Valencia, Estado Carabobo, Venezuela  

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Abstract: Abstract: Abstract: Abstract: Iron deficiency is worldwide spread and ferropenic anemia is its most severe manifestation. Age, poverty and parasitic infestations are some associated factors. This study was aimed to evaluate iron nutritional status and to establish relationship with age, gender and intestinal parasitic infestations in 264 children (aged 3 to14 years) attending to a school at Valencia, Carabobo.

María Adela Barón; María Concepción Páez


First-principles insights on the magnetism of cubic SrTi1-xCoxO3-J. M. Florez, S. P. Ong, M. C. Onbali, G. F. Dionne, P. Vargas et al.  

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First-principles insights on the magnetism of cubic SrTi1-xCoxO3- J. M. Florez, S. P. Ong, M. C/APPLAB/v100/i25 Published by the American Institute of Physics. Related Articles Magnetic properties and magnetic properties of BaTi1-xMnxO3 multiferroics J. Appl. Phys. 111, 113913 (2012) Preparation of Fe2Ni2N

Ceder, Gerbrand



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Maier, Rudolf Richard


Infecção pelo Dermatophilus congolensis em bovino no Estado de Pernambuco  

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In this paper the aim was to report a clinical case of dermatophilosis in a bovine specimen occurred in a milk-producing property from Zona da Mata region of the State of Pernambuco. A cow was inspected visually and had shown exudative dermatitis lesions with crusts formations that surrounded all body surface, particularly in head, neck and ventral region. Crusts samples

Pinheiro Junior; LBG Silva; AP Cunha; ACPP Bello


TV digital no Brasil e no mundo: estado da arte  

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A televisão digital é um sistema de radiodifusão televisiva que transmite sinais digitais em lugar dos analógicos. Mais eficiente no que diz respeito à recepção dos sinais, a transmissão digital apresenta uma série de inovações sob o ponto de vista estético, como a possibilidade de ter-se uma imagem mais larga que a atual e com um maior grau de resolução,

César Bolaño; Vinícius Rodrigues Vieira


CBERS: estado atual e futuro Jos Carlos Neves Epiphanio  

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development, and a new satellite family is under consideration. CBERS remote sensing data are directly and operating remote sensing satellites. The program has begun in 1988 and three satellites were already stations around the world are under consideration. Palavras-chave: programa espacial, remote sensing, earth



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Justiça, torna pública a convocação da candidata sub judice Mariana Ferreira Spina, inscrição nº 10007049 inscrição e nome do candidato em ordem alfabética. INSCRI��O NOME DO CANDIDATO 10007049 Mariana Ferreira Bahia e divulgado na internet, no endereço eletrônico

Maier, Rudolf Richard



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An updated list of thirty eight species of amphibians, based on historic data, and complemented with field work and other information from collections is presented. All records are supported by museum specimens. The genera with the greatest number of species are Bufo, Hyla and Rana. Bufo compactilis, Hyalinobatrachium fleischmanni, Rana maculata and Rana vaillanti are recorded for the first time




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Goveia / 10000086, Cheylla Marques da Silva / 10000295, Claudia Cynthia Carneiro / 10000093, Cleciane de / 10001365, Elen Maria da Silva / 10000743, Elenicy Rodrigues do Nascimento / 10000520, Elisangela Amorim

Maier, Rudolf Richard


76 FR 31624 - Notice of Proposed Information Collection: Comment Request; Ginnie Mae Mortgage-Backed Securities...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...fax--(202) 485-0225 (this is not a toll-free number); Victoria Vargas, Ginnie Mae, 451 7th Street, SW., Room B-133, Washington, DC 20410; e-mail_; telephone--(202) 475-6752;...



Environmental conditions and responses of circus elephants transported by truck and railcar during relatively high and low temperatures  

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. . . . . . . . . . . Circus Verges. Santa Barbara, CA, to San Luis Obispo, CA. . . . Cortisol Concentrations . . Direct and Video Observations. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . General Loading and Unloading Ringling Blue. . Clyde Beatty. . Cold... Island, NY, to Forest Park, NY. . . Circus Vargas: Sutrcturai Diagram. . Circus Vargas: Santa Barbara, CA, to San Luis Obispo, CA. . . . Carson and Barnes: Control Cortisol Concentrations. ?, . . . . . . . . 20 21 23 25 27 29 31 32 34 35 37...

Toscano, Michael Jeffrey



Global pattern of earthquakes and seismic energy distributions: Insights for the mechanisms of plate tectonics  

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of plate tectonics P. Varga a , F. Krumm b , F. Riguzzi c, , C. Doglioni d , B. Süle a , K. Wang b , G and Chirkov, 2001; Levin and Sasorova, 2009; Riguzzi et al., 2010; Shanker et al., 2001; Sun, 1992; Varga

Doglioni, Carlo


Global pattern of earthquakes and seismic energy distributions: Insights for the mechanisms of plate tectonics  

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for the mechanisms of plate tectonics P. Varga, F. Krumm, F. Riguzzi, C. Doglioni, B. S¨ule, K. Wang, G.F. Panza PII cite this article as: Varga, P., Krumm, F., Riguzzi, F., Doglioni, C., S¨ule, B., Wang, K., Panza, G

Stuttgart, Universität


78 FR 75345 - Ocean Transportation Intermediary License Applicants  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...Adding OFF Service. Taino Multiservices Express, Corp. (NVO), 2828 NW 17th Avenue, Suite C, Miami, FL 33142. Officers: Carmen M. Arias Olivier, President (QI), Sandra M. Vargas Llaverias, OMGR. Application Type: New NVO License. TOP Since...



Turno 6 04-12-2012 14:00 584 Estudiantes 05-38040 Jose A Cipagauta Rodriguez  

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Ceballos 08-10019 Pablo Antonio Alas Mendoza 08-10034 Daniel Jose Alvarez Quintero 08-10037 Karla Oriam-10578 Jenniffer Elena Kanoc Vargas 08-10585 Antonella Lagazzi Colmenarez 08-10616 Ricardo Francisco Lira Quintero

Vásquez, Carlos


77 FR 6563 - Ocean Transportation Intermediary License; Applicants  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...290 Ferry Street, A5, Newark, NJ 07105. Officers: Sandra P. Guevara, President/Treasurer (Qualifying Individual...Judith Gil, President/Secretary (Qualifying Individual), Cristina Gil Vargas, Vice President. Application Type: QI...



Chicano Theatre Activities  

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, presented director/playwright Adrian Vargas' play Semillas del futuro at the end of January, 1979, in different locations throughout Santa Clara county. The piece is a combination docu-drama fiction about child abuse. # # * Teatro Mil Caras, UCSD...




75 FR 9602 - Ocean Transportation Intermediary License; Applicants  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...Individuals), Gloria Comins, Member. Lars Courier, Inc. dba Lars International Freight Forwarders, 16900 North Bay Road, Apt. 1906, Sunny Isles, FL 33160. Officers: Rudy O. Vargas-Milian, Secretary, (Qualifying Individual), Andres...



The Rockefeller University Press $30.00 J. Exp. Med.  

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aberrantly activated broblasts (Varga and Abraham, 2007; Gabrielli et al., 2009). The ac- cumulating to a progressive loss of capillaries (Gabrielli et al., 2009). The vascular damage with exposure of subendothelial

Boyer, Edmond


Risk prevention and policy formulation : responding to the 1999 mud-floods catastrophe in El Litoral Central, Venezuela  

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Fifteen days of constant and intense rainfall in Venezuela culminated on December 16 1999, in catastrophic landslides and flooding along 25 miles of the Vargas State coastal strip. This catastrophe ravaged the Caracas ...

Parisca-Blanco, Sonia



On the Optimum Relaxation Factor Associated With p-Cyclic Matrices S. Galanis, A. Hadjidimos,* D. Noutsos, and M. Tzoumas  

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by Varga [7, 81. Verner and Bernal [9] (see also [4]) considered cases which were more general, with 4 the spectrum of a matrix. The relationship (1.5) is due to Verner and Bernal [9] and generalizes the famous

Noutsos, Dimitrios


CLCULO Telecomunicacin sep10 2 Convocatoria NOMBRE NOTA NOTA ALFABTICA  

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Bilbao Arrese, Jesús Mario


75 FR 31816 - Notice Pursuant to the National Cooperative Research and Production Act of 1993-INS Global...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 the National Cooperative Research and Production Act of 1993...of the National Cooperative Research and Production Act of 1993...Profile Project, Newton, MA; Fundacao Getulio Vargas...planned activity of the group research project. Membership in...



Forest understory soil temperatures and heat flux calculated using a Fourier model and scaled using a digital camera  

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Vargas for laboratory analysis of soil bulk density andsoil surface from the view of the camera were removed from analysis.analysis predicting subsurface temperatures from surface layers of a dry soil;

Graham, Eric; Lam, Yeung; Yuen, Eric



Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 11, EGU2009-2323, 2009  

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(s) 2009 Influence of LOD variations on seismic energy release F. Riguzzi (1), F. Krumm (2), K. Wang (2), M. Kiszely (3), and P. Varga (3) (1) National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, Italy (e-mail:riguzzi

Stuttgart, Universität


5, 20032047, 2008 Amazonian xylem  

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Ciencias Forestales, Univ. Nacional de Colombia, Medell´in, Colombia 19 Center for Applied Biodiversity, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK 21 Herbario Vargas, Universidad Nacional San Antonio Abad del Cusco, Cusco, Per´u 22

Boyer, Edmond


Educating the community  

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on local sports fields. The 2006 community-based horticulture team at the Desert Poppies Festival Water Conservation Educational Booth: (top) Liz Tabarani, Jessica Molina, Claudia Vargas and Laura Herrera, (bottom) Dina Corral and Korina Navarro...

Supercinski, Danielle



txH2O: Volume 4, Number 1 (Complete)  

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) Liz Tabarani, Jessica Molina, Claudia Vargas and Laura Herrera, (bottom) Dina Corral and Korina Navarro. Members participated in the 2007 Make a Difference Day program with exhib- its and volunteer work. (Left photos courtesy of Dina Corral.) tx H 2...

Texas Water Resources Institute



Revised August `13 AMU AFRICANA STUDIES  

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Puri Gayle Rogers GEOLOGY & PLANETARY SCIENCE Mark Bunker Abbott HISPANIC LANGUAGES & LITERATURES Maria William E. Hefley Audrey J. Murrell Frits K. Pil Luis G. Vargas SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Richard Donato Carl I

Machery, Edouard


Rational approximation to e to the -x power with negative poles  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

MACSYMA was applied to the generation of an expansion in terms of Laguerre polynomials to obtain approximations to e to the -x power on 0, infinity. These approximations are compared with those developed by Saff, Schonhage, and Varga.

Cuthill, E.



2020 Focus briefs on the world's poor and hungry people  

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Contents: 1.The Changing Profile of Poverty in the World\\/Shaohua Chen and Martin Ravallion. 2.Characteristics and Causes of Severe Poverty and Hunger\\/Akhter U. Ahmed, Ruth Vargas Hill, Lisa C. Smith, and Tim Frankenberger. 3.The Poorest and Hungry: Looking Below the Line\\/Akhter U. Ahmed, Ruth Vargas Hill, and Doris M. Wiesmann. 4.Mapping Where the Poor Live\\/Todd Benson, Michael Epprecht, and Nicholas Minot



Leishmaniose tegumentar americana humana e canina no Município de Mariluz, Estado do Paraná, Brasil  

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An outbreak of American cutaneous leishmani- asis was reported in 2002 in Mariluz, northwest- ern Paraná State, Brazil. Of 38 humans who were investigated, four had healed lesions, ten showed lesions in the healing process, and 24 had active lesions. Of the 126 dogs, 20 (15.9%) presented suggestive lesions and 24 (19%) had positive se- rology. Parasites isolated from two

Maria Valdrinez Campana Lonardoni; Thaís Gomes Verzignassi Silveira; Waneska Alexandra Alves; Ana Nilce Silveira Maia-Elkhoury; Umberto Assis Membrive; Norberto Assis Membrive; Gesse Rodrigues; Nélio Reis; Paulo Donizete Zanzarini; Edna Ishikawa; Ueslei Teodoro



BOLETN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Nm. 167 Sbado 13 de julio de 2013 Sec. III. Pg. 52257  

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DISPOSICIONES MINISTERIO DE EDUCACI�N, CULTURAY DEPORTE 7736 Resolución de 28 de junio de 2013, de la Secretaría.01 del Presupuesto de gastos del Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte. Artículo 3. Cuantía de las

Oro, Daniel


BOLETN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Nm. 191 Jueves 7 de agosto de 2014 Sec. III. Pg. 63499  

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DISPOSICIONES MINISTERIO DE EDUCACI�N, CULTURAY DEPORTE 8548 Resolución de 28 de julio de 2014, de la Secretaría estudio del Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, modificando el anteriormente vigente de gestión Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, que serán de aplicación en el curso 2014-2015. Es propósito

Valencia, Universidad de


BOLETN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Nm. 198 Lunes 19 de agosto de 2013 Sec. III. Pg. 61070  

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DISPOSICIONES MINISTERIO DE EDUCACI�N, CULTURAY DEPORTE 9041 Resolución de 13 de agosto de 2013, de la estudio del Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, modificando el anteriormente vigente de gestión Educación, Cultura y Deporte, que serán de aplicación en el curso 2013-2014, al tiempo que ha modificado

Fraguela, Basilio B.


BOLETN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Nm. 194 Martes 14 de agosto de 2012 Sec. III. Pg. 58160  

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DISPOSICIONES MINISTERIO DE EDUCACI�N, CULTURAY DEPORTE 10850 Resolución de 2 de agosto de 2012, de la al estudio del Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, modificando el anteriormente vigente de Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, que serán de aplicación en el curso 2012-2013, al tiempo que ha

Fraguela, Basilio B.


Su Nueva Vida en los Estados Unidos. (Your New Life in the United States).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

An illustrated guide to aspects of life in the United States is presented in Spanish for recent Hispanic arrivals. The guidelines address such topics as resettlement agencies, community relations and national customs, the U.S. government, local and long distance transport, mail and telephone communication systems, employment practices, the…

Escobar, Vivian; And Others


Indios y Mestizos en la España moderna. Estado de la cuestión  

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En el presente artículo hacemos un balance global sobre la temática de los indios y mestizos en la España Moderna. Durante los primeros años hubo un flujo notable de indios que se frenó en la segunda mitad de la centuria, tras la aprobación de las Leyes Nuevas. Los principales mercados esclavistas de la Península fueron Lisboa y Sevilla. Después de

Esteban Mira Caballos



Hacia una adaptación cultural para el tratamiento de trastornos alimentarios en latinos en Estados Unidos  

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Eating disorders affect all ethnic and socioeconomic groups. However, evidence based treatments for eating disorders have been developed and tested exclusively on Caucasian populations. With the purpose to develop a culturally sensitive framework for the eating disorders treatment in Latinos/as, the objectives of this work were: 1) identify and describe some of the relevant cultural elements for eating disorders in the Latino population and, 2) to draft a culturally sensitive intervention model for eating disorders in Latino population in the United States. Providing culturally sensitive treatments for Latinos with psychiatric disorders is essential to reverse public health disparities. PMID:22003472

Reyes-Rodríguez, Mae Lynn; Bulik, Cynthia M.



Búsqueda de sitio en el Noroeste Argentino: estado de avance al 2004  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We report the activities corresponding to the site testing project that the IATE group in collaboration with ESO and IAR have developed during the last year. We report the installation of a weather station at 4600 meters over the sea level in the Macon mountain range near the small town of Tolar Grande. We discuss the adopted criteria for the election of this site as well as the future plans.

Recabarren, P.; Muriel, H.; Vrech, R.; García Lambas, D.; Sarazin, M.; Giovanelli, R.


Red de Investigación del Cáncer de los Estados Unidos y América Latina (US-LA CRN)

The US–LA CRN was established in 2009 to increase cancer research capacity in Latin America. NCI formalized bilateral agreements with the governments of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, and Uruguay, to facilitate interactions at the government, institution, and investigator levels.


BOLETN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Nm. 301 Sbado 11 de diciembre de 2010 Sec. III. Pg. 102954  

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Formación Básica. Producción de Alimentos Tecnología de los Alimentos. Fundamentos de los Procesos. Ciencias de la Alimentación. Composición y Propiedades de los Alimentos. Productos Alimenticios. 12 Obligatoria. Química y Bioquímica de los Alimentos. 6 Obligatoria. Producción de Alimentos. Tecnología de los

Autonoma de Madrid, Universidad


BOLETN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Nm. 301 Sbado 11 de diciembre de 2010 Sec. III. Pg. 102979  

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Calidad. 6 Obligatoria. Ciencias de los Alimentos. Tecnología de los Alimentos. Elaboración, Transformación y Conservación de Alimentos. 9 Obligatoria. Ciencia de los Alimentos. Análisis Instrumental y Sensorial de Alimentos. 6 Obligatoria. Composición y Propiedades de los Alimentos. 9 Obligatoria

Autonoma de Madrid, Universidad



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The present study is indicated for the spread of the Forest Refuge's Theory, the physiology's appreciation of the scenery and bio- diversity existent understanding in the tropical forests of Sao Paulo State, after the re-drought climatic period. There was applied an interpretative method that aims to look for the epistemological foundation; about techniques that note the materialized evidences

Adler Guilherme Viadana; Agostinho Paul; Brito Cavalcanti



Cuentos Hispanos de los Estados Unidos (Hispanic Stories of the United States).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This anthology of 21 short stories is intended for Spanish-speaking students of Spanish, other students in intermediate and advanced Spanish-language courses, and students commencing study of the Hispanic literature of the United States. Twelve of the 15 authors are, by birth or descent, of Mexican, Cuban, or Puerto Rican origin. Eight were born…

Olivares, Julian, Ed.


Resposta do arroz irrigado à adubação verde e química no Estado de Tocantins  

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Lowland rice is an important crop in Brazil due to its socio-economic value. Often due to inadequate fertilization, production is limited. Two field experiments were conducted at Xavante Farm, Municipality of Dueré, State of Tocantins, Brazil, during two consecutive years to determine the response of irrigated rice to green manure and to chemical fertilization grown in an Inceptisol. The treatments

Nand K. Fageria; Alberto B. dos Santos



BOLETN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Nm. 310 Viernes 27 de diciembre de 2013 Sec. III. Pg. 105637  

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convocan ayudas para favorecer la movilidad de profesores visitantes y de estudiantes en enseñanzas Subprograma Estatal de Incorporación y el Subprograma Estatal de Movilidad. En cumplimiento de dichos facilitar la movilidad internacional, en tanto responsables de las enseñanzas de posgrado. Es por ello que

Escolano, Francisco


BOLETN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Nm. 50 Jueves 27 de febrero de 2014 Sec. I. Pg. 18505  

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adicional vigésima quinta, apartado uno, última línea, donde dice: «Subsidio de movilidad y compensación para gastos de transporte», debe decir: «Subsidio de movilidad y compensación por gastos de transporte


BOLETN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Nm. 279 Jueves 21 de noviembre de 2013 Sec. III. Pg. 92894  

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ayudas para la formación de profesorado universitario de los subprogramas de Formación y de Movilidad Estatal de Movilidad. En cumplimiento de dichos objetivos, el Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte formación y movilidad del Programa Estatal de Promoción del Talento y su Empleabilidad, del Plan Estatal de

Rey Juan Carlos, Universidad


BOLETN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Nm. 101 Viernes 27 de abril de 2012 Sec. III. Pg. 32520  

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Séneca de subvenciones para la movilidad de estudiantes universitarios para el curso académico 2012-2013. El programa «Séneca» de subvenciones de movilidad para estudiantes universitarios tiene por objeto potencial para impulsar la movilidad con un reconocimiento general como instrumento de la excelencia en la

Rey Juan Carlos, Universidad


BOLETN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Nm. 81 Jueves 3 de abril de 2014 Sec. III. Pg. 28501  

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Educación, Cultura y Deporte, en el marco del Programa «Erasmus+», para la movilidad de estudiantes de y 1298/2008/CE, el Programa «Erasmus+» tiene por objeto, entre otros, promover la movilidad de para impulsar la movilidad, siendo acreedores de un reconocimiento general como instrumento de la

Rey Juan Carlos, Universidad


BOLETN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Nm. 302 Viernes 16 de diciembre de 2011 Sec. I. Pg. 137575  

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promover la movilidad de estudiantes, titulados, profesores y personal de administración. La movilidad de educación superior» (artículo 3.4). Ciertamente, la legislación vigente ya permite la movilidad interna de

Escolano, Francisco


Las redes sociales de la migración emergente de Veracruz a los Estados Unidos  

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This article examines the process of international migration in a region of Veracruz. Since the mid-1990s, undocumented men and women have begun migrating from this region to traditional and new destinations in the United States. Analysis based on both open-ended and in-depth interviews in three municipalities in central Veracruz considers the role that social networks play in the migration of

Mario Pérez Monterosas



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formación de estructuras de redes glocalizadas empresariales ­ intergubernamentales, se analizan sus estudio de los procesos sociales institucionales de los grupos económicos y políticos y sus decisiones de también desciende a las organizaciones sociales locales. La democracia cosmopolita se expande para regular

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Presencia de Uranio en el río Chuvíscar, Estado de Chihuahua, México  

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In the state of Chihuahua there can be found numerous localities with radioactive minerals anomalies distributed over the territory. For that reason we started a study to know how some localities influence in the concentration of uranium in the water of the Chuvíscar river, near to Aldama City, Chihuahua. The city is located about 50 km south of Peña Blanca,

María de Lourdes Villalba; Luis Humberto Colmenero-Sujo; María Elena Montero; Guillermo Manjón; Rafael Chávez-Aguirre; Miguel Royo-Ochoa; Adán Pinales-Munguía




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From the organizational and work psychology (OWP) concept, a description of topics and problems of the fi eld at the global level and the role of research is done. Next, the current state of OWP research in Colombia is presented and its limits and future possibilities. Based on COLCIENCIAS information system, characteristics and communalities of the eight OWP reported groups





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He preservation of the environment, the rational use of natural resources and the posture change of the society front to the environmental subjects have been taking the industries to look for a better acting in that area. Allies the those factors, it is the verification that the generation of solid residues in great and small amounts without there is an

Rafael de Mesquita Machado; Osmar Mendes Ferreira


Geoquímica orgánica de los carbones de fila maestra, estado anzoátegui, Venezuela  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The vertical and lateral variability of organic geochemical parameters was established for the Seam 4 of the Fila Maestra coal deposit (Quebradon Formation, Oligocene-Early Miocene age) through the study of coals and carbonaceous shales collected in different outcrops of the coal seam. Chemical and physical analysis included moisture and ash contents, maceral groups, vitrinite reflectance, total carbon, bitumen and its fractions, as well as characterization of saturated hydrocarbons by gas chromatography ( n-alkane distributions and {pristane}/{phytane} ratios). A production sample, representative of the Seam 4, was further analyzed for S, Cl, C, H, O and its calorific value determined. The data collected allowed us to classify these samples as high-volatile bituminous coals, types B and C, according to ASTM classification. The results of the analysis showed little vertical or lateral variation in the properties studied. A gradual increase in ash content in the westward direction, together with a thinning of the coal seam, suggest a greater proximity of the basin border in this direction. High values in {pristane}/{phytane} ratio (4-7), predominance of heavy alkanes and high contents in vitrinites clearly indicates that primigenic organic matter was essentially continental in character. However, the bimodal n-alkane distribution, together with a nigh sulfur (2.7%) and chlorine (0.12%) contents suggest a marine-influenced environment. In consequence, it is proposed that these coals were formed in a transitional environment, as salt-marshs in coastal lagoons or in low deltaic plains. These results are in agreement with the stratigraphic analysis of the sedimentary unit.

Moreno, O.; Martinezy, M.; Escobar, M.



BOLETN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Nm. 305 Sbado 19 de diciembre de 2009 Sec. III. Pg. 107522  

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. Derecho Público. Derecho. Introducción al Derecho. 6 Formación Básica. cve:BOE-A-2009-20487 #12;BOLETÍN Política I. 6 Formación Básica. Derecho Público. Derecho. Derecho Constitucional: Organización y Fuentes. 9 Jurídicas. 6 Formación Básica. Optatividad. Optativa I. 6 Optativa. Derecho Público. Derecho. Derecho

Autonoma de Madrid, Universidad



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The world and the current society live a moment of deep transformations. Concepts are appearing and being adapted. The Knowledge Management appears as alternative in the managerial ambit. Information Technology, allied to new products and concepts it is generating innovation in the companies management. The organizations to each generation, year, event suffers changes that are worsened by the economical recession

Fábio Câmara; Araújo de Carvalho; M. Eng; João Ernesto Escosteguy Castro; Aline França de Abreu


Estado de vitamina A y su relación con antecedentes infecciosos en escolares venezolanos  

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3,4 Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract. Vitamin A (VA) is an essential micronutrient for the immune system and several researchs have shown a synergic relationship between vitamin A status and morbidity. The aim was to show the relationship between serum retinol level, Conjunctival Impression Cytology (CIC), anthropometric status, and morbidity in low income school children. 445 children (both genders) between

Maria Concepción Páez; Nayka Díaz; Liseti Solano; Sara Irene Del Real



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Validation of genotypes of black bean in the central area of the state of Veracruz, Mexico. The aims of this work was to validate bean growers' fields. During 1998 to 2001 residual moisture growing cycles, nine validation plots were established. The bean genotypes utilized were: the lines II-307 and DOR-500 and the varieties Negro Huasteco 81, Negro Cotaxtla 91, Negro

Francisco Javier Ugalde Acosta; Ernesto López Salinas; Oscar Hugo; Tosquy Valle



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Validation of genotypes of black bean in the central area of the state of Veracruz, Mexico. The aims of this work was to validate bean growers' fields. During 1998 to 2001 residual moisture growing cycles, nine validation plots were established. The bean genotypes utilized were: the lines II-307 and DOR-500 and the varieties Negro Huasteco 81, Negro Cotaxtla 91, Negro

Francisco Javier Ugalde Acosta; Ernesto López Salinas; Oscar Hugo; Tosquy Valle



Primeiro registro documentado do gavião-pega-macaco, Spizaetus tyrannus, para o estado do Ceará, Brasil  

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First documented record of the Black Hawk-Eagle Spizaetus tyrannus to the state of Ceará, Brazil. The Black Hawk-Eagle has a wide but discontinuous range along Latin American rainforests. We present the first documented record of the species to the state of Ceará, in a montane moist forest enclave surrounded by semi-arid lowlands. The record was documented by a tape recording

Ciro Albano; Weber Girão; Thieres Pinto


Monitoramento de moscas-das-frutas (Diptera, Tephritidae) em cinco municípios no estado de Goiás.  

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??As moscas-das-frutas (Diptera, Tephritidae) são consideradas importantes pragas da fruticultura mundial, pois causam perdas significativas à produção e limitam o livre transporte de frutas devido… (more)

Lilian Rosana Silva Rabelo



O conceito de ilusão em psicanálise: estado ideal ou espaço potencial?  

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The concept of illusion in psychoanalysis: ideal state or potential space? This paper discusses different interpretations of the notion of illusion in contemporary psychoanalysis. First, it resumes Freud's contribu- tions about the main role of illusion in the building up of civilization which reaches its highest point in 1927 with his final definition of illusion. Next, it presents two different

Claudia Amorim Garcia



Valoración del estado nutricional de los pacientes en nuestra unidad de hemodiálisis. Prevalencia de malnutrición  

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SUMMARY Multiple studies have documented the high incidence of manlnutrition in hemodialysis patients. This malnutrition is associated with a higher morbimortality rate. The objective of this study was to evaluate the nutritional state of patients and to determine the prevalence of protein-caloric malnutrition. The study population consisted of 109 patients considered stable.The group contained 59 men and 50 women, with

Luisa García Álvarez; Inmaculada Arranz Pérez; Manuel Alberto Roldán Sánchez; Carmen Velázquez Coca; María Millán Galante


Guide for Migrants in the State of Illinois = Guia para Migrantes en el Estado de Illinois.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Prepared for migrant farmworkers traveling in the State of Illinois, the booklet, written in English and Spanish, provides basic information on (1) employment conditions--requirements of crew leaders and employers, deductions from wages, and laws regulating child labor; (2) housing--conditions of the camp grounds and of living units; (3)…

Langemach, Sharon; Koepplinger, Jessica



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Jalisco ha sido reconocido dentro de México como una de las entidades en las que la riqueza de mamíferos es considerable. Diversos estudios han mostrado que la región en donde se ubica, vertiente del Pacífico Mexicano, es una de las más notables por su cantidad de endemismos. El presente trabajo se encaminó a la obtención de un listado de las




Contribución al estudio avifaunístico del área de estanques rurales en Soyaniquilpan de Juárez, Estado de México  

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The diversity of the avifaune in the rural ponds area of Soyaniquilpan de Juarez, State of Mexico is analyzed in a transect of 2.3 km during March to June 2006. Were registered 22 species belong to 16 families and 6 orders. Six species were very frequent: Ardea alba, Columbina inca, Hirundo rustica, Spizella passerina, Agelaius phoeniceus and Quiscalus mexicanus and

Norma Angélica; Navarrete Salgado; Eugenio Trujillo Pérez; Gilberto Contreras Rivero



261 VOL. 43(3) 2013: 261 -290 Florestas estacionais e reas de ectono no estado do  

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and structural aspects, classification analyses identified four major forests types: Seasonal Deciduous Forest, Seasonal Semi-deciduous Forest, and two ecotones Seasonal Semideciduous Forest/Ombrophilous Forest and ecotone Seasonal Deciduous Forest / Ombrophilous Forest. In order to maintain plant and habitat diversity

Fine, Paul V.A.



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This study was conducted to determine the effect of planting date on soybean seed quality. The cultivars evaluated were Cristalina, IAC-2, Tropical, Doko, and IAC-8. The sowing dates were stablished between October 29, 1983 and January 7, 1984 (10\\/29, 11\\/11, 11\\/25, 12\\/10, 12\\/24 and 01\\/7), at Lucas do Rio Verde in Mato Grosso State, Brazil. In the plantings carried out




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ABSTRACT - The use of volume equations is very important for the estimations of wood volume in modern forest inventory systems. We emphasize the need for research in model building using regression analysis, in order to have sound data base for decision-making. This research has been done in Cia. Suzano de Papel e Celulose, a pulp and paper company located

Hilton Thadeu Zarate Do Couto; Depto. De Ciências Florestais; Nelson Luiz Magalhães Bastos


Relações solo-geoambiente em áreas de ocorrências de Ipucas na planície do Médio Araguaia - Estado de Tocantins  

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RESUMO - Dentre as paisagens do médio rio Araguaia, destacam-se as extensas planícies e depressões sazonalmente alagadas. Nelas se inserem formações florestais higrófilas denominadas Ipucas, como enclaves peculiares pela sua fitossociologia e ambiente pedogeomorfológico. Esses fragmentos florestais naturais ocorrem na planície fluvial, em região de ecótono entre o Cerrado e a Floresta Amazônica. Neste estudo, foi selecionada uma área de

Alan Kardec Elias Martins; Carlos Ernesto G. R. Schaefer; Elias Silva; Vicente Paulo Soares; Guilherme Resende Corrêa; Bruno Araújo Furtado de Mendonça



SIG-Dengue: Sistema de Informações Geográficas para o monitoramento e controle da dengue no estado do Paraná  

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This work aims the development and establishment of a Geographic Information System (GIS) for monitoring and control dengue disease in Paraná state, Brazil. Due to the fact that dengue involves environmental and socio aspects, presents a strong spatial and dynamic characteristic, a customized GIS platform used as a Decision Support System is needed. The system will allow data spatial analysis

Eduardo Vedor de Paula; Flávio Deppe



Nome do aluno(a) Curso do aluno Cidade/Estado Douglas Anderson dos Santos Filosofia So Paulo/SP  

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Engenharia de Software São Paulo/SP Thiago Oliveira Carvalho Quimica São Pedro/SP Rayssa Bruzaca de Andrade Fisica São Paulo/SP Riane Ribeiro Carvalho Quimica São Paulo/SP Caroline Luchtenberg Ribeiro Quimica São Pereira dos Santos Quimica São Paulo/SP Paula Marcelly Alves Machado Quimica São Paulo/SP Rosylane Elaine

Lucero, Jorge Carlos



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The present work was carried out in 2008 with the objective of determining the alfalfa chain research needs in the state of Hidalgo. The productive chain approach was used and the following five steps were also carried out: i) Chain characterization, ii) Identification of critical factors, iii) Identification of research demands iv) Identification of research supply and v) Identification of

Jose Luis Jolalpa Barrera; Jose Antonio Espinosa Garcia; Venancio Cuevas Reyes; Georgel Moctezuma Lopez; Fernando Romero Santillan



Análise da competitividade da produção de soja no sistema de plantio direto no Estado de Mato Grosso do Sul  

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The Brazilian agricultural sector, which is underg oing the settlement of new production and trading patterns, faces the challeng e of growing in a competitive and sustainable fashion, in order to attend domestic de mand while acquiring and holding positions in foreign markets, and by providing qual ity products and processes with sustainability and competitive prices. To attend th e

Maria Isabel da Silva Azevedo Alvim; Lourival Batista de Oliveira Júnior




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O crescimento excessivo de biomassa e a acumulação de matéria sólida em suspensão, eventualmente associados à presença de bolhas de ar e de material de enchimento desfragmentado, podem potenciar a formação de zonas mal irrigadas e de volumes mortos que constituem pontos de resistência ao escoamento em biofiltros. Estas zonas contribuem para a colmatação progressiva do leito e para o





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According to IUCNs red list, about a third of the planet's amphibian species are under threat. The main threat is habitat loss, and this is now reinforced by the chytrid fungus epidemic that has strongly affected the populations of some species in Mesoamerica. In this symposium several projects were presented, all of which are dealing with amphibian species whose last

Jaime García-Moreno; Robin Moore; Georgina Santos-Barrera; Nicolás Urbina-Cardona; Paul Walker; Zoe Walker; Carlos Vásquez-Almazán; Josiah Townsend; Ruth Jiménez; Amy Upgren; Jim Barborak; Jaime R. Bonilla-Barbosa


Estado de Salud Bucal en Adolescentes de la Ciudad de México Oral health status of adolescents in México City  

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Objective Determining the oral health status (dental decay and gingivitis) of adolescents from Mexico City and affection pattern by tooth type and treatment needs. Material and Methods A cross-sectional study was designed for 590 adolescents aged 13 to 16 from an urban area of Mexico City. Oral exploration formed part of the health diagnosis provided by the Schools Promoting Health

Miriam Ortega-Maldonado; Vanesa Mota-Sanhua; Juan C. López-Vivanco


Extração de batimetria por sensoriamento remoto de áreas rasas dos sistemas estuarinos do Estado do Paraná - Brasil  

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Satellite images offers, at low costs, bathymetric maps of areas that are difficult to cover for traditional hydrographic methods. In the north area of the Estuarine Complex of Paranaguá the last bathymetric update was made in the 50's, and in the inner part of the Guaratuba Bay there are no bathymetric data. A bathymetric mapping of these areas, even without

Lilian Anne Krug



[Occurrence of Platynosomum illiciens in enclosured wild cats in the state of Bahia, Brazil].  


This paper reports the occurrence of eggs of Platynosomum illiciens, found in the feces of three species of wild cats Herpailurus yagouaroundi, Puma concolor and Leopardus tigrinus from material collected at the enclosures of the Park Zoobotânico Getúlio Vargas in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. It is the first record of this parasite in P. onca and L. tigrinus. PMID:19265585

Castro, Letícia S de; Albuquerque, George R




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NATURAL HAZARDS ON ALLUVIAL FANS: THE VENEZUELA DEBRIS FLOW AND FLASH FLOOD DISASTER In December Venezuela. Rainfall on December 2-3 totaled 200 millimeters (8 inches) and was followed by a major storm, Denver, Colorado, Naples, Italy, and Vargas, Venezuela. In time scales spanning thousands of years

Eaton, L. Scott


Crack Nucleation Sensitivity Analysis N. Van Goethem,a  

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Crack Nucleation Sensitivity Analysis N. Van Goethem,a , A.A. Novotnyb aCentro de Matem´atica e´ulio Vargas 333, 25651-075 Petr´opolis - RJ, Brasil Abstract A simple analytical expression for crack-type surface energy of an elastic cracked body is calculated. As the main results we derive a crack nucleation

Lisbon, University of


No Cover  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Dan Vargas spent his twenties going to punk shows at King's Palace, Club 88, the Cathay de Grand, the Vex, the Starwood, the Hong Kong Cafe, Base's Hall, and the Masque. He has produced for several bands and is currently a songwriter and singer for an LA rock band. In this article, he reflects on the "original"…

Vargas, Dan



Monitoring Malaria from Operational Satellites  

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Monitoring Malaria from Operational Satellites Felix Kogan NOAA/NESDIS/STAR COLABORATORS Wei Guo, Mahomed Nizamudin ­ NOAA/CREST Ramesh Dhiman ­ Malaria Institute, INDIA Guido Van Langenhove ­ Met Services, NAMIBIA Joerg Szarzynski ­ UN SPIDER Marco Vargas ­ STAR #12;2 OUTLINE · Background · Malaria

Kuligowski, Bob


On Modem Illumination Problems R. Fabila-Monroy*  

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On Modem Illumination Problems R. Fabila-Monroy* Andres Ruiz Vargas ** Jorge Urrutia *** Resumen nowadays, is that of placing a set of wireless modems in a building in such a way that a computer placed, the main limitation for this problem is not the distance of a computer to a wireless modem, but rather

Urrutia, Jorge


The impact of non-immersive head-mounted displays (HMDs) on the visual field Russell L Woods  

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The impact of non-immersive head-mounted displays (HMDs) on the visual field Russell L Woods Ivonne Fetchenheuer Fernando Vargas-Martín Eli Peli Abstract -- Binocular head-mounted displays (HMDs) that could- through functionality. Keywords -- Head-mounted displays, visual field, ergonomics. 1 Objective

Peli, Eli


A Response to Recent Reanalyses of the National Reading Panel Report: Effects of Systematic Phonics Instruction Are Practically Significant  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The authors examine the reassessments of the National Reading Panel (NRP) report (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, 2000) by G. Camilli, S. Vargas, and M. Yurecko (2003); G. Camilli, P. M. Wolfe, and M. L. Smith (2006); and D. D. Hammill and H. L. Swanson (2006) that disagreed with the NRP on the magnitude of the effect of…

Stuebing, Karla K.; Barth, Amy E.; Cirino, Paul T.; Francis, David J.; Fletcher, Jack M.




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Amézquita, Adolfo


UBC Social Ecological Economic Development Studies (SEEDS) Student Report An Investigation Into Composting Alternatives at the New Student Union Building  

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Into Composting Alternatives at the New Student Union Building Doug Downing, Kelly Vargas, Lawrence Penkar, James Investigation into Composting Alternatives at the New Student Union Building Technology and Society ­ APSC 261 is handled must be considered in detail. Nearly 48% of the total waste from the SUB is compostable


Interaction of science and diplomacy: Latin American, the United States and nuclear energy, 1945-1955  

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Nuclear programs in Argentina and Brazil can be traced to August 1945 when their scientific communities articulated responses to the atomic bombings of Japan. They culminated in attempts to develop independent nuclear programs, sharply opposed by the United States, during the nationalist governments of Juan Peron and Getulio Vargas. This dissertation, based on primary sources from the three nations, analyzes these programs and the American responses. Latin America entered the nuclear age attempting to control natural resources, to improve scientific establishments, and to appraise Latin American-United States relations. Despite some clear warnings about nuclear dangers, the new form of energy was seen as the solution to industrial problems, poverty, and outside political interference. International opposition, which may have included nuclear threats from the United States, blocked Argentina's first attempt in 1947. After 1948, Peron wanted a nuclear program for cheap energy and prestige. The qualifications of the Brazilian scientists gave more substance to their program. The program originated in August, 1945, but assumed national proportion with the government of Vargas in 1951. Lack of American cooperation forced Vargas to establish a secret program with Germany. American troops intervened taking over the German equipment already completed. The final collapse came about with Vargas' suicide in August, 1954.

Cabral, R.



A tale of two roads: Land tenure, poverty, and politics on the Guatemalan frontier  

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A tale of two roads: Land tenure, poverty, and politics on the Guatemalan frontier David Carr growth and acute poverty, with scant access to public services and infrastructure. Although a large body America in general (Vargas, 1999) and in Guatemala�s Pete´n in particular (e.g., Kaimowitz, 1995; Katz

Lopez-Carr, David


Popular Styles in Brazilian Chamber Music: Heitor Villa-Lobos's Quinteto Em Forma de Choros and Oscar Lorenzo Fernândez's Invenções Seresteiras  

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Serenades.) Musical nationalism, characterized by a strong emphasis on the national elements inherent in the music of a region, showed its presence in Brazil in the late nineteenth century. It reached maturation during the years of the 1920s to the 1940s, when the dictatorship of Getulio Vargas (1930-1945) encouraged and supported artistic manifesta- tions of patriotism and the Brazilian identity.

Janet Grice


Orders of vanishing of zeros of characteristic $p$ zeta function  

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Orders of vanishing of zeros of zeta functions have much arithmetic information encoded in them. For the absolute zeta function, Dinesh Thakur gave sufficient conditions for the order of vanishing of its zeros when the finite field has two elements. Such conditions consider only principal ideals. This result was generalized by Thakur and Diaz-Vargas. Now the conditions involve not only

Victor Bautista-Ancona; Javier Diaz-Vargas; Jose Luis Maldonado-Bazan



Composite nanostructured solid-acid fuel-cell electrodes via electrospray depos..... (DOI: 10.1039/c0jm00216j)[4/26/2010 11:37:21 AM  

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Composite nanostructured solid-acid fuel-cell electrodes via electrospray depos..... (DOI: 10 Chemistry Composite nanostructured solid-acid fuel-cell electrodes via electrospray deposition Áron Varga *a 2010 Stable, porous, nanostructured composite electrodes were successfully fabricated via


Materials Research Lab -Cooperative International Science and Engineering Internships[5/10/12 9:50:23 AM  

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charger for the electric car Lev Kurbanyan UCSB, Mechanical Engineering J T Czernuszka Materials Dept Faculty Sponsor Site Abroad Student Project Samuel Beach UCSB, Electrical and Computer Engineering Andrew, Mechanical Engineering Prof. Luis Vargas CIMAT, Mechanical Engineering Development of the portable battery

Bigelow, Stephen


Perspectivas Pedagogicas. Documentos-Ponencias Y Ensayos Proyecto Teacher Corps, Ciclo XII (Pedagogical Perspectives. Documents, Papers and Essays, Teacher Corps Project, Cycle XII).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The purpose of this book is to stimulate ideas leading to a sharing of approaches, strategies, and methodologies applicable to the education of Puerto Ricans. Following introductory material, 18 papers are presented, the first 10 of which are in Spanish. Titles and authors are: (1) "El maestro que Puerto Rico necesita," Leonides Santos Vargas; (2)…

Albino, Isidra, Ed.; Davila, Sonia, Ed.


Robert Doran, University Architect  

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Melissa Vargas, Provost's Ofc Chief of Staff * 20% of Tabia's time is spent on Classroom ManagementRobert Doran, University Architect Jeff Smith, Manager, Planning & Space Management Carolyn Carrillo, Fiscal Services Tech Stacy Kaneshige, Data Manager IT Applications Support Analyst (12) 1.0 John

Maccabe, Barney


78 FR 66984 - Bureau of Political-Military Affairs; Statutory Debarment Under the Arms Export Control Act and...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...11-01715-005-PHX-NVW; February 1972. (15) Manuel Homero Garces; February 6, 2013; U...12CR01135-002; November 1987. (28) Jose Luis Santos-Garcia; August 22, 2012...11CR000449-005; November 1982. (35) Juan Luis Vargas-Yanez; May 14, 2013; U.S....



Mechanics of Materials and Structures  

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the development of the wing imaginal disc. To learn how flies continue to develop "normally" under imaginal disc of fruit flies of the genus Drosophila, it is well established experimentally and by anal IN DROSOPHILA WING IMAGINAL DISC Arthur D. Lander, Qing Nie, Benjamin Vargas and Frederic Y. M. Wan Volume 6, No

Wan, Frederic Yui-Ming



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Rey Juan Carlos, Universidad


El Escritor y las Normas del Canon Literario (The Writer and the Norms of the Literary Canon).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper speculates about whether a literary canon exists in contemporary Latin American literature, particularly in the prose genre. The paper points to Carlos Fuentes, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Mario Vargas Llosa as the three authors who might form this traditional and liberal canon with their works "La Muerte de Artemio Cruz" (Fuentes),…

Policarpo, Alcibiades


Name: dhr. prof. dr. C.E. Hack Immunology/Inflammation  

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Name: dhr. prof. dr. C.E. Hack Profile Teaching commitment Immunology/Inflammation Faculty Medicine Department Department Rheumatology/Dermatology Contact details Telephone 088 755 7388 E-mail address c.e.hack, Farkas H, Varga L, Obtulowicz K, Bilo B, Porebski G, Hack CE, Verdonk R, Nuijens J, Levi M. Transfusion

Utrecht, Universiteit


Determination of elemental impurities and U and O isotopic compositions with a view to identify the geographical and industrial origins of uranium ore concentrates  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

First events of illicit trafficking of nuclear and radiological materials occurred 50 years ago. Nuclear forensics expertise are aiming at determining the use of seized material, its industrial history and provenance (geographical area, place of production or processing), at assisting in the identification and dismantling of illicit trafficking networks. This information is also valuable in the context of inspections of declared facilities to verify the consistency of operator's declaration. Several characteristics can be used to determine the origin of uranium ore concentrates such as trace elemental impurity patterns (Keegan et al., 2008 ; Varga et al., 2010a, 2010b) or uranium, oxygen and lead isotopic compositions (Tamborini et al., 2002a, 2002b ; Wallenius et al., 2006; Varga et al., 2009). We developed analytical procedures for measuring the isotopic compositions of uranium (234U/238U and 235U/238U) and oxygen (18O/16O) and levels of elemental impurities (e.g. REE, Th) from very small amounts of uranium ore concentrates (or yellow cakes). Micrometer particles and few milligrams of material are used for oxygen isotope measurements and REE determination, respectively. Reference materials were analyzed by mass spectrometry (TIMS, SF-ICP-MS and SIMS) to validate testing protocols. Finally, materials of unknown origin were analyzed to highlight significant differences and determine whether these differences allow identifying the origin of these ore concentrates. References: Keegan, E., et al. (2008). Applied Geochemistry 23, 765-777. Tamborini, G., et al. (2002a). Analytical Chemistry 74, 6098-6101. Tamborini, G., et al. (2002b). Microchimica Acta 139, 185-188. Varga, Z., et al. (2009). Analytical Chemistry 81, 8327-8334. Varga, Z., et al. (2010a). Talanta 80, 1744-1749. Varga, Z., et al. (2010b). Radiochimica Acta 98, 771-778 Wallenius, M., et al. (2006). Forensic Science International 156, 55-62.

Salaun, A.; Hubert, A.; Pointurier, F.; Aupiais, J.; Pili, E.; Richon, P.; Fauré, A.; Diallo, S.



Proposed criteria for mixed-dust pneumoconiosis: Definition, descriptions, and guidelines for pathologic diagnosis and clinical correlation 1 1 The NIKKO-Symposium on Mixed-Dust Pneumoconiosis was held October 18–19, 1997, in Nikko, Tochigi, Japan, to develop diagnostic criteria for mixed-dust pneumoconiosis under the auspices of Labour Welfare Corporation, Tokyo, Japan. The Organizing Committee included Keizo Chiyotani, Koichi Honma, Yutaka Hosoda, and Hisao Shida, and participants included Zoltán Adamis, Eduardo Algranti, Toshiharu Fuyuki, Kiyonobu Kimura, Otha Linton, Michihito Mishina, Hiroshi Morikubo, Alvaro R. Osornio-Vargas, Yoshiaki Saitoh, Yasushi Shinohara, and Hiroshi Watanabe  

Microsoft Academic Search

We defined mixed-dust pneumoconiosis (MDP) pathologically as a pneumoconiosis showing dust macules or mixed-dust fibrotic nodules (MDF), with or without silicotic nodules (SN), in an individual with a history of exposure to mixed dust. We defined the latter arbitrarily as a mixture of crystalline silica and nonfibrous silicates. According to our definition of MDP, therefore, MDF should outnumber SN in

Koichi Honma; Jerrold L. Abraham; Keizo Chiyotani; Paul De Vuyst; Pascal Dumortier; Allen R. Gibbs; Francis H. Y. Green; Yutaka Hosoda; Kazuro Iwai; William Jones Williams; Norihiko Kohyama; Gaston Ostiguy; Victor L. Roggli; Hisao Shida; Osamu Taguchi; Val Vallyathan



Mathematics Probes Evolution of Breast Cancer | Physical Sciences in Oncology

Using a complex mathematical model that reproduces the evolution of mutations in breast cancer, researchers at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute Physical Sciences-Oncology Center have identified a plausible mechanism that explains the unusual genetics of hereditary breast cancers and those that arise sporadically. The investigators, Franziska Michor and graduate student Laura de Vargas Roditi, published their findings in the Journal of Theoretical Biology.



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.......................................................................................................................80 ANTONIO LIMA VIANA LEONARDO VARGAS DA SILVA Gerente da Gerência Plena de Comunicações DE CARINE DA SILVA C. GOULART 077611/2013-80 SNU/HU 492 CIP 05.11/ Revisão HUAP-Anexo 1 1974755 02/04/2013 LUCIOLA R. DE LUCA FRAGA 041855/2013-24 MOT 364 CIP 11.10 2290789 13/05/2013 MARILZA CANDIDA ANTUNES

Souza, Max O.


Orders of Vanishing of Zeros of Characteristic $p$ Zeta Function  

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Orders of vanishing of zeros of zeta functions have much arithmetic\\u000ainformation encoded in them. For the absolute zeta function, Dinesh Thakur gave\\u000asufficient conditions for the order of vanishing of its zeros when the finite\\u000afield has two elements. Such conditions consider only principal ideals. This\\u000aresult was generalized by Thakur and Diaz-Vargas. Now the conditions involve\\u000anot only

Victor Bautista-Ancona; Javier Diaz-Vargas; J. L. Maldonado-Bazán



Low-dietary fiber intake as a risk factor for recurrent abdominal pain in children  

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Objective:To evaluate dietary fiber intake in children with recurrent abdominal pain.Design:Cross-sectional study with control group.Setting:Outpatients of the Pediatric Gastroenterology public health clinic of the Darcy Vargas Children's Hospital, Brazil.Subjects:Forty-one patients with recurrent abdominal pain were evaluated and 41 children, as a control group.Interventions:Macronutrients and fiber intake evaluation by the Daily Food Intake method. Two tables of fiber composition in foods

A Z Paulo; O M S Amancio; M B de Morais; K M M D Tabacow



Few-body problem in terms of correlated Gaussians.  


In their textbook, Suzuki and Varga [ (Springer, Berlin, 1998)] present the stochastic variational method with the correlated Gaussian basis in a very exhaustive way. However, the Fourier transform of these functions and their application to the management of a relativistic kinetic energy operator are missing and cannot be found in the literature. In this paper we present these interesting formulas. We also give a derivation for formulations concerning central potentials. PMID:17995134

Silvestre-Brac, Bernard; Mathieu, Vincent



N d'ordre 213 -2010 Anne 2010 THESE DE L`UNIVERSITE DE LYON  

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Escarguel & Frédéric Quillévéré JURY : M. J. Pawlowski Pr. Université de Genève Rapporteur M. R. Schiebel Pr. C. de Vargas CR Station Biologique de Roscoff, Paris VI Examinateur M. G. Escarguel MCF Université'y parvenir. En tout premier lieu je souhaiterai remercier Frédéric Quillévéré et Gilles Escarguel qui ne m

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Turno 3 04-12-2012 08:00 487 Estudiantes 04-37324 William D Mujica Reyes  

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-39245 Daniel A Bolivar Infante 06-39256 Ariana Gabriela Bravo Araujo 06-39261 Jorge Felix Bravo Vargas 06-39580 Samuel E Garcia Leon 06-39585 Juan D Garcia Rivas 06-39588 Adrianna L Garcia Vegas 06-39616 Victor Manuel Cristy Mendez Baquero 06-39902 Eric Mendillo Cabrera 06-39910 Juan Manuel Mendoza Semprun 06-39911 Andrea

Vásquez, Carlos


Geochronologic and paleontologic evidence for a Pacific-Atlantic connection during the late Oligocene-early Miocene in the Patagonian Andes (43-44°S)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Cenozoic marine strata occur in the western, eastern, and central parts of the North Patagonian Andes between ˜43°S and 44°S. Correlation of these deposits is difficult because they occur in small and discontinuous outcrops and their ages are uncertain. In order to better understand the age and sedimentary environment of these strata, we combined U-Pb (LA-MC-ICPMS) geochronology on detrital zircons with sedimentologic and paleontologic (foraminifers and molluscs) studies. Sedimentologic analyses suggest that the Puduhuapi Formation on the western flank of the Andean Cordillera was deposited in a deep-marine setting, the Vargas Formation in the central part of the Andes was deposited at outer-neritic or bathyal depths, and the La Cascada Formation on the eastern flank of the range was deposited in a shallow-marine environment. Geochronologic and paleontologic results indicate that the three marine units were deposited during the late Oligocene-early Miocene interval, although it is not clear whether this occurred during one or more marine incursions in the area. The alluvial(?) conglomeratic deposits of the La Junta Formation, exposed in the proximity of the Vargas Formation outcrops, have a maximum depositional age of ˜26 Ma and could have been deposited during the initial stage of subsidence that affected this region prior to the marine transgression over this area. The occurrence of both Pacific and Atlantic molluscan taxa in the La Cascada and Vargas formations suggests that a marine strait connected both oceans during the accumulation of these units. The new data on the age of the Puduhuapi, Vargas, and La Cascada formations indicate that these units may correlate with lower Miocene marine deposits in the forearc of central and southern Chile (Navidad Formation and equivalent units) and on the eastern flank of the Patagonian Andes (Río Foyel Formation and equivalent units). A late Oligocene-early Miocene age for these marine deposits is a reliable maximum age for the deformation and uplift of the North Patagonian Andes.

Encinas, Alfonso; Pérez, Felipe; Nielsen, Sven N.; Finger, Kenneth L.; Valencia, Victor; Duhart, Paul



The allometry of CNS size and consequences of miniaturization in orb-weaving and cleptoparasitic spiders  

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spiders Rosannette Quesada a,b , Emilia Triana a,b , Gloria Vargas a,b , John K. Douglass a , Marc A. Seid a,1 , Jeremy E. Niven a,2 , William G. Eberhard a,b,*, William T. Wcislo a,** a Smithsonian Tropical, Universidad de Costa Rica, Ciudad Universitaria Rodrigo Facio, Costa Rica a r t i c l e i n f o Article

Bermingham, Eldredge


Cambios en la capacidad del Estado para enfrentar las violaciones de las normas laborales: los talleres de confección de prendas de vestir en Buenos Aires  

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Developing the capacity for states to enforce labor law is a key challenge to regulating decent work. Dominant accounts of state capacity, however, suggest that the principal components of state enforcement capacity are ...

Amengual, Matthew


Primer registro de Saurodon (Teleostei: Ichthyodectiformes) en la cantera La Mula, Formación Eagle Ford (Cretácico Superior: Turoniano), Múzquiz, Estado de Coahuila, México  

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We describe the fi rst fossil fi sh of the genus Saurodon found in Mexico. The description is based on a specimen from La Mula quarry, located to the northwest of Múzquiz, Coahuila State. Vertebrates and invertebates of Turonian age had been collected in this outcrop of marble strata belonging to Eagle Ford Formation. The Saurodon specimen preserves a pectoral

Jesús Alvarado-Ortega; Alberto Blanco-Piñón; Héctor Porras Múzquiz


A Constituição do Campesinato na Amazônia e suas Estratégias de Reprodução: o caso da comunidade São Bento no Estado do Acre  

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O propósito deste artigo é refletir sobre o processo de constituição e de construção do estigma cognitivo que tem caracterizado o campesino como um indivíduo “incapaz”. Os argumentos desenvolvidos aqui estão fundamentados primeiro na desarticulação do seringal e, segundo, na reprodução das disposições na “nova” configuração, incorporadas que foram enquanto seringueiro. A análise procura mostrar que a estratégia utilizada por

Francisco Gomes Andrade; Adriano Lincoln Albuquerque Mattos; Joao Cavalcante Araujo



EnfErmEdadEs dEl jaguar En Estado silvEstrE En El surEstE dE mxico  

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la de reservorios silvestres (toxoplasmosis) de 55.5% en el Ejido Caoba. En contraste no se silvestre, leucemia viral, moquillo, par- vovirus, toxoplasmosis. Abstract Large felids are indicators, toxoplasmosis, wildlife dis- eases. Introducción Los carnívoros son muy sensibles a las perturbaciones de su

Nacional Autónoma de México, Universidad


Efeitos da ingestão de Ayahuasca em estados psicométricos relacionados ao pánico, ansiedade e depressão em membros do culto do Santo Daime.  

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??Dissertação (mestrado)—Universidade de Brasília, Instituto de Psicologia, 2006. A utilização da ayahuasca, cujo uso religioso é legitimado juridicamente no Brasil desde 1986, vem crescendo nos… (more)

Santos, Rafael Guimarães dos



Tipo: R -Renovacin Estado: Pdte. de pago -Praza adxudicada pero pendente de que o alumno deposite a fianza N -Nova adxudicacin Concedida -Praza concedida  

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A Dobre Correa Rodriguez, Alejandro R 7,20 Concedida 11 A Dobre Almeida Corral, Yoel R 6,35 Concedida 12,00 Concedida 53 C Dobre De Arriba Ramos, Adrian R 7,90 Concedida 54 C Dobre Noya Ramos, Iria R 7,80 Concedida

Fraguela, Basilio B.


Tipo: R -Renovacin Estado: Pdte. de pago -Praza adxudicada pero pendente de que o alumno deposite a fianza N -Nova adxudicacin Concedida -Praza concedida  

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Cordero Vaamonde, Aarón N 11,95 Denegada 6a Correa Rodriguez, Alejandro R 7,20 Pdte. de pago 11 A Dobre Crespo Cidrás, Daniel N 9,60 Pdte. de pago 89 C Dobre De Arriba Ramos, Adrian R 7,90 Pdte. de pago 55 C

Fraguela, Basilio B.



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The purpose of this research was to establish the state of art from the thesis works done in faculties of psychology members of ASCOFAPSI in Bogotá city, from 1998 to 2003, about psychological factors involved in organizational culture. It was a qualitative documental research in a state of art. A Data Collection Card was used and adapted for the research




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A long term (1989-1994) experiment with sugar cane (RB 739735) was carried out, in Linhares, ES, Brazil, in order to evaluate the effect of two systems of sugar cane harvesting: the first with previous burning (burned cane), and the second with crop residue remaining on the soil surface (green cane), on some physical properties of a tableland Yellow Podzolic soil.



Nome do aluno(a) Curso do aluno Evento Cidade/Estado Gabriel Frnk Viegas Cincias Farmacuticas Conselho Nacional de Entidades Estudantis de Farmcia Joo Pessoa/PB  

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Engenharia Mecatrônica Competição Baja Sae Brasil Piracicaba/São Paulo Anael Rabelo Tavares Engenharia Mecatrônica Competição Baja Sae Brasil Piracicaba/São Paulo Arthur Moreira Lauro Engenharia Mecatrônica Competição Baja Sae Brasil Piracicaba/São Paulo Danilo Borges Nogueira Engenharia Mecânica Competição Baja

Maier, Rudolf Richard


Preconceptos sobre el odontólogo y la consulta odontológica por parte de niños de séptimo grado en una institución rural en el estado Trujillo, Venezuela  

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RESUMEN El rol del odontólogo en la prevención, educación y cuidados para la rehabilitación del sistema estoma- tognático es de notable importancia para la salud del individuo. Sin embargo, no existe una adecuada difu- sión sobre el rol del odontólogo. Por lo tanto, es de esperar que existan preconceptos erróneos en los niños acerca de este profesional y sus funciones,



La línea divisoria que une: Una exploración de la cultura híbrida en la región fronteriza entre México y los Estados Unidos  

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With the creation of our “modern world” came the ideology and system of nation-states. Land in its most natural and undivided condition was marked, fenced, walled, and mapped in order to give direct power of territory to a nation-state. The borderline between the United States and Mexico was established not so long ago, in 1857 after the US-Mexico War. The

Molly J Foye



LUMINA, una Cohorte de Pacientes con Lupus en Minorías Étnicas de Estados Unidos. ¿Qué Hemos Aprendido? LUMINA, a Multiethnic US Lupus Cohort What Have We Learned?  

Microsoft Academic Search

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) tends to be a more serious disease (disease manifestations, disease activity, damage accrual and expected survival) among non-Caucasian populations. Distinctive biological and genetic features, as well as socioeconomic features play an important role in the discrepant course, and outcome of the disease among patients from different ethnic groups. To delineate the influence of these factors on

Mónica Fernández; Jaime Calvo-Alén; Qing Li; Gerald McGwin Jr; Luis M. Vilá; John D. Reveille; Graciela S. Alarcón


Bactérias da família Enterobacteriaceae em Alphitobius diaperinus oriundos de granjas avícolas dos Estados do Rio Grande do Sul e Santa Catarina, Brasil  

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O cascudinho (Alphitobius diaperinus) é um inseto considerado como uma das maiores pragas da indústria avícola no Brasil e em diversos países no mundo. A presença dele nos aviários gera diversos transtornos, pois sua ingestão pelas aves, prejudica o ganho de peso e também podem albergar e disseminar entre as aves diversos patógenos. Coletaram-se cascudinhos em seis empresas avícolas dos

Stefanie Dickel Segabinazi; Maristela Lovato Flôres; Aléverson da Silva Barcelos; Gislaine Jacobsen; Rosângela Dariva Eltz


Nome do aluno(a) Curso do aluno Evento Cidade/Estado Joo Paulo Porto Dias Artes Cnicas Seminrio Internacional Campinas/SP  

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Eletrônica PAHCE 2011 Rio de Janeiro/RJ Angela Maria Morais Dantas Quimica Simpósio Latino Americano Bahia/BA Fabiula Sousa Amorim Quimica Simpósio Latino Americano Bahia/BA Luiz Antonio Ribeiro Junior Fisica/SP Rosana Françozo de Melo Quimica Simpósio Latino Americano Salvador/BA Luan Felipe Rodrigues Costa

Lucero, Jorge Carlos


High school students' perceptions of and attitudes toward globalization: an analysis of international baccalaureate students in Estado de Mexico, Mexico, and Texas, U.S.A.  

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................................................................ 43 Globalization and the International Baccalaureate Organization ........ 45 Globalization and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme curriculum...)..................................... 87 History of the International Baccalaureate Organization .................... 87 Description of International Baccalaureate Organization.................... 88 A closer look at the Diploma Programme...

Brown, Jennifer Gayle




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Tillage practices and planting systems in corn (Zea mays L.) production on an Aquic Ustropepts of Yaracuy state, Venezuela A trial was conducted in the Fundación Polar experimental field in Yaracuy state, Venezuela in order to evaluate the effect of four tillage practices (TP) and three corn planting systems (PS) on soil physics and crop performance in an Aquic Ustropepts

Felipe Marcano; Noel Landínez



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Pb-Pb AGE AND PETROOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF THE BLUE SODALITE MINERALIZATION OF THE ITARANTIM NEPHELINE-SYENITE MASSIF, SOUTHERN STATE OF BAHIA The Itarantim nepheline-syenite massif (220 km 2 ) is a late proterozoic intrusion (727±30 Ma; Rb-Sr) of the southern region of the State of Bahia. It is mostly constituted by nepheline-be aring syenites, with biotite or aegirine, and by alkaline dykes.




financi tanto la seccin Hispanoamericana como la revista Tierra Firme. La llegada de Claudio Snchez-Albornoz a la cartera de Estado inaugur una  

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70 71 financió tanto la sección Hispanoamericana como la revista Tierra Firme. 15 La llegada de, Madrid, 1989, pp. 546-547. 22 Carta de Américo Castro a la Junta de Relaciones Culturales, Madrid, 30 de, pp. 1071- 1096. 26 Tierra Firme, nº 1, 1935, Madrid, pp. 5-6. 27 Tierra Firme, nº 3-4, 1936, Madrid

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Análise Ecoepidemiológica da Incidência da Doença de Chagas em Abaetetuba, Barcarena e Bragança, no estado do Pará, entre 2000 e 2006, utilizando Geotecnologias Livres  

Microsoft Academic Search

The main propose of this paper is to demonstrate the ecoepidemiological analysis of the spatial distribution of vectors of Chagas's Disease in the municipalities of Abaetetuba, Barcarena and Bragança, in the state of Pará. Taking into account that the incidence of this disease is linked to human activities such as deforestation, agriculture for subsistence, among others. To achieve this goal

Cláudia Souza; Douglas Gasparetto; Cleice T. N. Souza; Nelson F. L. Soffiatti



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Schwanka* * RESUMO Inserida no contexto de Estado em rede e de Governança Pública, a Administração Consensual revela-se como a nova face da Administração Pública no século XXI. Segundo CASTELLS, Estado em rede é o Estado caracterizado pelo compartilhamento de autoridade em uma rede. Para LÖFFLER, governança pública encerra uma nova geração de reformas administrativas e de Estado, que têm

Gustavo Justino de Oliveira


Latin American Theatre Review, Volume 23, Number 1: News  

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, cuyo objetivo primordial es el preservar la herencia cultural hispánica en general y cubana en particular, a través de lo mejor del teatro universal. Su mayor logro durante diez años ha sido alcanzar una sólida reputación en la comunidad por la... distinguido a nivel nacional. Este año su temporada ocurrió desde el 6 de julio hasta el 10 de septiembre y durante este tiempo se presentaron "La noche de los asesinos" de José Triana; "1962" de Susan Westfall; y "La Chunga" de Mario Vargas Llosa. Para...




A collocation method for certain elliptic boundary-value problems  

E-print Network

for linear boundary value problems, Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica, 1 (1973) p 41-55. 43 l2. H. S. Price, J. C. Cavendish, and R. S. Varga, Numerical methods of higher order accuracy for diffusion ? convection equations, Soc...+S)GO '0 1 CONTINUE ITER=101 GO TO 5 C 0 NT I NUE I TER=K 5 RETURN END I M PL I CI 7 P F A L". 8 ( A ? H p 0- 2 ) DIMFNSION F(36&36) sX(36) sA(36~37) ~G(36) ~Y(36) vFG(36i36) CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC...

Hord, Susan Kathleen



Genotoxicity of plant extracts.  


Aqueous extracts of seven species used in Brazilian popular medicine (Achyrocline satureoides, Iodina rhombifolia, Desmodium incanum, Baccharis anomala, Tibouchina asperior, Luehea divaricata, Maytenus ilicifolia) were screened to the presence of mutagenic activity in the Ames test (Salmonella/microsome). Positive results were obtained for A. satureoides, B. anomala and L. divaricata with microsomal activation. As shown elsewhere (Vargas et al., 1990) the metabolites of A. satureoides extract also show the capacity to induce prophage and/or SOS response in microscreen phage induction assay and SOS spot chromotest. PMID:1842016

Vargas, V M; Guidobono, R R; Henriques, J A



The Momentum 4-Vector Imparted by Gravitational Waves in Bianchi-Type Metrics  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Considering the Møller, Weinberg and Qadir-Sharif's definitions in general relativity, we find the momentum 4-vector of the closed universe based on the Bianchi-type metrics. The momentum 4-vector (due to matter plus fields) is found to be zero. This result supports the viewpoints of Albrow and Tryon and extends the previous works by Cooperstock Israelit, Rosen, Johri et al., Banerjee Sen and Vargas who investigated the problem of the energy in Friedmann Robertson Walker universe and Salt?-Havare who studied the problem of the energy-momentum of the viscous Kasner-type space-times.

Havare, Ali; Korunur, Murat; Salti, Mustafa



Name Team Time Place Pts dan norris acacia 7.45 1 15  

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60m Name Team Time Place Pts dan norris acacia 7.45 1 15 j vargas sigma nu 7.59 2 12 e shepard acacia 7.62 3 tie 9.5 m digel sigma chi 7.62 3 tie 9.5 t walsh lam chi al 7.93 5 8 r rhodes phi gam delta Time Place Pts matt digel sigma chi 54.46 1 15 c dolan lam chi al 54.51 2 12 d norris acacia 54.54 3 10

Yener, Aylin


On the weak-type (1,1) of the uncentered Hardy-Littlewood maximal operator associated with certain measures on the plane  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Suppose ? is a positive measure on given by ?= ?× ?, where ? and ? are Radon measures on and , respectively, which do not vanish on any open interval. We prove that if for either ? or ? there exists a set of positive measure A in its domain for which the upper and lower s-densities, 0< s?1, are positive and finite for every x? A then the uncentered Hardy-Littlewood maximal operator M ? is weak-type (1,1) if and only if ? is doubling and ? is doubling away from the origin. This generalizes results of Vargas concerning rotation-invariant measures on when n=2.

Savvopoulou, Anna K.; Wedrychowicz, Christopher M.



Spin-dependent operators in correlated Gaussian bases.  


In their textbook, Suzuki and Varga [(Springer, Berlin, 1998)] present the stochastic variational method with the correlated Gaussian basis in a very exhaustive way. The matrix elements for central potentials are expressed in an elegant form, but the elements for spin-dependent operators, when treated, are given as very cumbersome expressions. We find many formulas for those elements. Their expressions are given in terms of the same geometrical functions that appear in the case of central potentials. These functions obtain therefore a universal status; this property is very useful for numerical applications. PMID:18517556

Silvestre-Brac, Bernard; Mathieu, Vincent



Vicerrectorado de Profesorado, Titulaciones, Ordenacin Acadmica, Coordinacin y Campus.  

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Gallinari Biraghi, Alessandra Si QUIMICA Química Inorgánica y Analítica Química Inorgánica Pérez Cortés, Yolanda Si QUIMICA Química Inorgánica y Analítica Química Inorgánica Fajardo González, Mariano Si QUIMICA Tecno. Química y Ambiental Química Orgánica Vargas Fernández, Carolina Si QUIMICA Tecno. Química y

Rey Juan Carlos, Universidad


Vicerrectorado de Profesorado, Titulaciones, Ordenacin Acadmica, Coordinacin y Campus.  

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Aplicada Muñoz Montalvo, Ana Isabel Si QUIMICA Química Inorgánica y Analítica Química Inorgánica Pérez Cortés, Yolanda Si QUIMICA Química Inorgánica y Analítica Química Inorgánica Fajardo González, Mariano Si QUIMICA Tecno. Química y Ambiental Química Orgánica Vargas Fernández, Carolina Si QUIMICA Tecno. Química y

Rey Juan Carlos, Universidad


El Informe Anual a la Nación indica que las tasas de mortalidad por cáncer continúan declinando. Se observan tasas menores de cáncer en las poblaciones latinas de los Estados Unidos.

Un informe nuevo de las principales organizaciones oncológicas de la nación informa que el riesgo de los estadounidenses de morir por cáncer continúa descendiendo, y que mantiene una tendencia que comenzó a principios de los años noventa. Preguntas y respuestas



EPA Science Inventory

La meta del ETV es verificar, a travs de una evaluacin de informacin objectiva y de calidad, las caracteristicas del desempeo de tecnologas comerciales ambientales. As el ETV proporciona a los compradores y los licenciadores potenciales una valoracin imparcial y creble d...


Estudio de exámenes selectivos de detección de cáncer en los Estados Unidos indica que las pruebas anuales para detectar cáncer de próstata no tienen un beneficio en la mortalidad por esta enfermedad

Un nuevo e importante informe de un estudio, diseñado para proporcionar respuestas sobre la eficacia de los exámenes de detección de cáncer de próstata, fue difundido hoy por el Estudio de Exámenes Selectivos de Detección de Cáncer de Próstata, Pulmón, Colorrectal y Ovarios (Prostate, Lung, Colorectal, and Ovarian, PLCO), e indicó que los seis exámenes de detección de cáncer de próstata que se hicieron en seis años (uno cada año) dieron como resultado más diagnósticos de la enfermedad, pero no menos muertes por cáncer de próstata.



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Because of the increase of the demand for the beverage known as tequila, agave azul (Agave tequilana Weber) has become an important crop for the State of Jalisco. Notwithstanding this demand, cultivation areas have been reduced during the last four years, because of the damage caused by pests and diseases. Recently, new plantations have been established in different localities of

José A. Ruiz-Corral; Eulogio Pimienta-Barrios; Julia Zañudo-Hernández; Nacional de Investigacion



Presencia de los Geminivirus, Huasteco del Chile (PHV), Texano del Chile variante Tamaulipas (TPV-T), y Chino del Tomate (VCdT), en los Estados de Guanajuato, Jalisco y San Luis Potosí, México  

Microsoft Academic Search

The presence, distribution, and alternate plant hosts of pepper huasteco virus (PHV) and texas pepper virus-variant Tamaulipas (TPV-T), in Central Mexico, specifically in the states of Guanajuato, San Luis Potosí and Jalisco, were determined by the use of molecular methods (Southern and PCR). The virus most frequently detected in the samples analyzed was PHV, with 70% of positive reactions, followed

José Antonio Garzón-Tiznado; Gerardo Acosta-García; Irineo Torres-Pacheco; Mario González-Chavira


Anthropically dislodged assemblages of sponges (Porifera: Demospongiae) in the River Araguaia at Araguatins, Tocantins State, Brazil Assembléias de esponjas desalojadas no Rio Araguaia em Araguatins, Estado do Tocantins, Brasil  

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A recent outbreak of an human ocular disease at Araguaia River by the town of Araguatins, TO, Central Amazonia, along the low water period of 2005 required pathological analyses of surgically extracted ocular tissues. Spicules which invest the gemmules of the freshwater sponges Drulia uruguayensis and D. ctenosclera were found inside these ocular materials. Such relation between an ocular disease

C. Volkmer-Ribeiro; Salvador França; Rodovia Washington Luís


The Brazilian State Value-Added Tax (La taxe sur la valeur ajoutée dans les Etats du Brésil) (El impuesto de los estados brasileños sobre el valor añadido)  

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In 1967 the Brazilian states abolished the heterogeneous turnover taxes that they had levied for 30 years and replaced them with a unified sales tax of the value-added type. The reform was designed to overcome the defects of turnover taxation and to secure a greater degree of tax coordination among the states of the Federation. The Brazilian experience is of



O Método Mãe Canguru em hospitais públicos do Estado de São Paulo, Brasil: uma análise do processo de implantação Kangaroo Mother Care in public hospitals in the State of São Paulo, Brazil: an analysis of the implementation process  

Microsoft Academic Search

This study analyzed the implementation of the Kangaroo Mother method in 28 different São Paulo State public hospitals. Teaching hospi- tals, Baby-Friendly Hospitals, hospitals with human milk banks, and those with more than 12 trained health professionals showed higher implementation scores. Because of staff resis- tance to family participation in neonatal care, the Kangaroo Mother method is basically ap- plied

Ana Júlia Colameo; Marina Ferreira Rea


Factors influencing tropical island freshwater fishes:Species, status, and management implications in puerto rico [Factores que influencian a los peces tropicales de agua dulce: Especies, estado actual e implicaciones para el manejo en Puerto Rico  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Anthropogenic effects including river regulation, watershed development, contamination, and fish introductions have substantially affected the majority of freshwater habitats in Europe and North America. This pattern of resource development and degradation is widespread in the tropics, and often little is known about the resources before they are lost. This article describes the freshwater resources of Puerto Rico and identifies factors that threaten conservation of native fishes. The fishes found in freshwater habitats of Puerto Rico represent a moderately diverse assemblage composed of 14 orders, 29 families, and 82 species. There are fewer than 10 species of native peripherally-freshwater fish that require a link to marine systems. Introductions of nonindigenous species have greatly expanded fish diversity in freshwater systems, and native estuarine and marine species (18 families) also commonly enter lowland rivers and brackish lagoons. Environmental alterations, including land use and development, stream channelization, pollution, and the impoundment of rivers, combined with nonnative species introductions threaten the health and sustainability of aquatic resources in Puerto Rico. Six principal areas for attention that are important influences on the current and future status of the freshwater fish resources of Puerto Rico are identified and discussed.

Wesley, Neal J.; Lilyestrom, C.G.; Kwak, T.J.



AFLATOXINA B1, SELENIO Y SACCHAROMYCES CEREVISIAE EN LA RESPUESTA INMUNE DE POLLOS DE ENGORDE EN EL ESTADO ZULIA, VENEZUELA Aflatoxin B1, Selenium and Saccharomyces cerevisiae in the Immune Response of Broiler Chickens in Zulia State, Venezuela  

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This research aimed at evaluating a 42 day long exposure to Af- latoxin B 1 70 µ\\/kg (AFB1) on poultry immune responses and an application of 2.5 mg\\/kg of selenium (SEL) and 0.1% Saccharo- myces cerevisiae (SC) as a dietary supplement to prevent afla- toxicosis. In a factorial experiment design with eight treatments of 15 chickens each and four repetitions

Francisco Perozo Marín; Sergio Rivera; Geovany Finol; Yaneth Mavárez



Un Nuevo Convenio para el Aprendizaje: Una Sociedad para Mejorar los Resultados Educativos en el Estado de Nueva York (A New Compact for Learning: A Partnership To Improve Educational Results in New York State).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This Spanish translation of the abridged version of "A New Compact for Learning" acknowledges the current U.S. education system's inadequacy to educate U.S. citizenry and introduces New York State's New Compact for Learning, intended as a plan to reorganize New York's own system. The compact's fundamental principles are: (1) recognizing that all…

New York State Education Dept., Albany. Office of Elementary, Middle and Secondary Education.


Reaching Higher. A Parent's Guide to the Washington Assessment of Learning. Revised = Para llegar mas arriba. Una guia para padres sobre la evaluacion del aprendizaje de los estudiantes del estado de Washington (Washington Assessment of Student Learning). Revisado.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This guide in English and Spanish is designed to answer questions parents may have about the Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL), including how it will help improve their children's education, how it is scored, and how to use the information it provides. In Washington, clear educational goals for subject content, thinking skills, and…

Washington Office of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Olympia.


Informe Anual a la Nación indica una reducción en los índices de incidencia y mortalidad por cáncer; una sección especial revela amplias variaciones en las tendencias del cáncer de pulmón en los estados

Un nuevo informe de las principales organizaciones oncológicas del país muestra que, por primera vez desde la primera publicación del informe en 1998, tanto el índice de incidencia como el de mortalidad para todos los cánceres combinados están disminuyendo en hombres y mujeres.


Work as Key to the Social Question  

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La Revolución Industrial y el Estado Liberal han introducido un modelo de sociedad basado en el binomio capitalismo versus proletariado. Apesar de haber experimentado varias crisis cíclicas, las bases esenciales del Estado Liberal se mantuvieron durante todo el siglo XIX y solo presenta cambios significativos con la introducción del Estado Social y Democrático del Derecho y la Sociedad del Bienestar

Everaldo Gaspar; Lopes de Andrade


As contradições presentes no discurso do atual Programa Nacional de Agroenergia  

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O Estado retomou as políticas agroenergéticas lançando, em 2005, o Programa Nacional de Agroenergia, este programa é margeado pelo ideário do “desenvolvimento sustentável”. Esse enfoque muitas vezes funciona como uma ideologia, ou seja uma arma para o exercício do poder do Estado. Sendo assim, o objetivo deste estudo é analisar a origem do poder simbólico do Estado e entender como

Simone Pereira De Carvalho; Joel Orlando Bevilaqua Marin



Debris-flow and flooding hazards associated with the December 1999 storm in coastal Venezuela and strategies for mitigation  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Heavy rainfall from the storm of December 14-16, 1999 triggered thousands of landslides on steep slopes of the Sierra de Avila north of Caracas, Venezuela. In addition to landslides, heavy rainfall caused flooding and massive debris flows that damaged coastal communities in the State of Vargas along the Caribbean Sea. Examination of the rainfall pattern obtained from the GOES-8 satellite showed that the pattern of damage was generally consistent with the area of heaviest rainfall. Field observations of the severely affected drainage basins and historical records indicate that previous flooding and massive debris-flow events of similar magnitude to that of December 1999 have occurred throughout this region. The volume of debris-flow deposits and the large boulders that the flows transported qualifies the 1999 event amongst the largest historical rainfall-induced debris flows documented worldwide.

Wieczorek, G.F.; Larsen, M.C.; Eaton, L.S.; Morgan, B.A.; Blair, J.L.



A Report on CUR 2000: The Many Facets of Undergraduate Research  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Eighth National Conference of the Council on Undergraduate Research, "The Many Facets of Undergraduate Research", was held at The College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio, June 22-24, 2000. There were more than 600 participants. Conference co-chairs Charlotte Otto (University of Michigan-Dearborn) and Patricia DeWinstanley (Oberlin College), with College of Wooster local committee co-chairs Don Jacobs and Lori Bettison-Varga, assembled a variety of plenary sessions, workshops, poster sessions, and symposia to explore a rich array of themes. Institutionalization of undergraduate research, facility design and renovation, faculty development, funding opportunities, collaborative research, assessment of research activities, and interdisciplinary research were among the issues highlighted. More than 100 workshops given by 230 presenters provided opportunities for faculty and administrators to exchange ideas on undergraduate research and science education.

Karukstis, Kerry K.



Geometric and Topological Methods for Quantum Field Theory  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Introduction; 1. A brief introduction to Dirac manifolds Henrique Bursztyn; 2. Differential geometry of holomorphic vector bundles on a curve Florent Schaffhauser; 3. Paths towards an extension of Chern-Weil calculus to a class of infinite dimensional vector bundles Sylvie Paycha; 4. Introduction to Feynman integrals Stefan Weinzierl; 5. Iterated integrals in quantum field theory Francis Brown; 6. Geometric issues in quantum field theory and string theory Luis J. Boya; 7. Geometric aspects of the standard model and the mysteries of matter Florian Scheck; 8. Absence of singular continuous spectrum for some geometric Laplacians Leonardo A. Cano García; 9. Models for formal groupoids Iván Contreras; 10. Elliptic PDEs and smoothness of weakly Einstein metrics of Hölder regularity Andrés Vargas; 11. Regularized traces and the index formula for manifolds with boundary Alexander Cardona and César Del Corral; Index.

Cardona, Alexander; Contreras, Iván.; Reyes-Lega, Andrés. F.



Critical metal phase at the Anderson metal-insulator transition with Kondo impurities  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

It is well known that magnetic impurities can change the symmetry class of disordered metallic systems by breaking spin and time-reversal symmetry. At low temperature, these symmetries can be restored by Kondo screening. It is also known that at the Anderson metal-insulator transition, wave functions develop multifractal fluctuations with power-law correlations. Here, we consider the interplay of these two effects. We show that multifractal correlations open local pseudogaps at the Fermi energy at some random positions in space. When dilute magnetic impurities are at these locations, Kondo screening is strongly suppressed. When the exchange coupling J is smaller than a certain value J^*, the metal-insulator transition point extends to a critical region in the disorder strength parameter and to a band of critical states. The width of this critical region increases with a power of the concentration of magnetic impurities. [S. Kettemann, E. R. Mucciolo, and I. Varga, Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 126401 (2009).

Mucciolo, Eduardo; Kettemann, Stefan; Varga, Imre



Source identification of petroleum hydrocarbons in soil and sediments from Iguaçu River Watershed, Paraná, Brazil using the CHEMSIC method (CHEMometric analysis of Selected Ion Chromatograms).  


A chemometric method based on principal component analysis (PCA) of pre-processed and combined sections of selected ion chromatograms (SICs) is used to characterise the hydrocarbon profiles in soil and sediment from Araucária, Guajuvira, General Lúcio and Balsa Nova Municipalities (Iguaçu River Watershed, Paraná, Brazil) and to indicate the main sources of hydrocarbon pollution. The study includes 38 SICs of polycyclic aromatic compounds (PACs) and four of petroleum biomarkers in two separate analyses. The most contaminated samples are inside the Presidente Getúlio Vargas Refinery area. These samples represent a petrogenic pattern and different weathering degrees. Samples from outside the refinery area are either less or not contaminated, or contain mixtures of diagenetic, pyrogenic and petrogenic inputs where different proportions predominate. The locations farthest away from industrial activity (Balsa Nova) contains the lowest levels of PAC contamination. There are no evidences to conclude positive matches between the samples from outside the refinery area and the Cusiana spilled oil. PMID:22417888

Gallotta, Fabiana D C; Christensen, Jan H



New Tactics in Human Rights  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

As this website explains in its Common Questions area, "Tactics consist of how to make a change", and given this statement, the site will be of great interest to those with a concern for international human rights. The New Tactics in Human Rights organization is primarily concerned with providing practitioners in the field with a package of practical tools, a worldwide symposium, and a number of other strategic planning resources. The project itself is coordinated by the Center for Victims of Torture and is overseen by a board of advisors that includes novelist Mario Vargas Llosa and the Right Honorable Kim Campbell, who is the former Prime Minister of Canada. The "Tools for Action" section is a real find as it contains a number of tactical notebooks taken from various case studies around the world, including work from Turkey, Hungary, Romania, and Albania. It is worth noting that many of the materials on the site are also available in Spanish and French.


Supporting Information Liu et al. 10.1073/pnas.0905841106  

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during an annual cycle. Aquat Microb Ecol 50:75­89. 2. Frada M, Not F, Probert I, de Vargas C (2006) Ca -120 -120 -160 -160 -200 -200 0.1 0.1 0.5 0.51 1.5 1.52 2.02.5 3.0 16 35.62 34.634.4 34 34.2 34.4 34.6 34.8 35 35.2 34.835.66 35.7 35.74 35.0 35.2 35.4 35.6 35.8 17 18 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 19 1920 2520 21

Aris-Brosou, Stéphane


Germination and initial growth of Campomanesia xanthocarpa O. Berg. (Myrtaceae), in petroleum-contaminated soil and bioremediated soil.  


In 2000 there was an oil spill at the Getúlio Vargas Refinery (REPAR) in Paraná. Nearly five years after contamination and the use of bioremediation, a study was carried out to identify the effects of the contaminated soil and the bioremediated soil on the germination and initial growth of C. xanthocarpa. The experiment was established with soil from REPAR, with three treatment groups: contaminated soil (C), bioremediated soil (B) and uncontaminated soil (U); with five repetitions of 50 seeds each. There was no significant difference in the percentage of germination and the speed of germination index. The production of total biomass (30 - 60 days) and shoot biomass (60 days) was greater in the bioremediated soil compared to the other treatments. The averages for the root biomass were lower in the contaminated soil than in the bioremediated soil. The shoot length and the total length of the seedling in the contaminated soil and uncontaminated soil were lower than in the bioremediated soil. PMID:21180902

Gogosz, A M; Bona, C; Santos, G O; Botosso, P C



Babies Born to Native High-Altitude Mothers Have Decreased Risk of Low Birth Weight  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The study, �Augmented uterine artery blood flow and oxygen delivery protect Andeans from altitude-associated reductions in fetal growth.� was done by Colleen Glyde Julian, Megan J. Wilson, Henry Yamashiro and Lorna G. Moore of the University of Colorado; Wilma Tellez, Armando Rodriguez and Enrique Vargas of Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, La Paz, Bolivia; Abigail Bigham and Mark Shriver of Pennsylvania State University; and Miriam Lopez of Clínica del Sur, La Paz, Bolivia. Dr. Yamashiro is also affiliated with Clinica Siraní, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia and Dr. Moore is also affiliated with Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

APS Communications Office (American Physiological Society Communications Office)



Epidemiological study on leishmaniasis in an area of environmental tourism and ecotourism, State of Mato Grosso do Sul, 2006-2007 Estudo epidemiológico das leishmanioses em área de turismo ambiental e ecoturismo, Estado de Mato Grosso do Sul, 2006-2007  

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The aims of this study were to carry out a serological survey of canine leishmaniasis and identify the phlebotomine fauna in the urban area of Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul. The serological survey was conducted on a sample of 303 dogs, by means of the indirect immunofluorescence test. Phlebotomines were captured using automated light traps. The serological survey found that

Ana Rachel; Oliveira de Andrade; Vânia Lúcia Brandão Nunes; Eunice Aparecida; Bianchi Galati; Carla Cardozo; Pinto de Arruda; Mirella Ferreira da Cunha Santos; Maria Elizabeth Gizi Rocca; Ricardo Braga Aquino


Hypoxia inducible factor-1 alpha expression in human normal and osteoarthritic chondrocytes 1 1 Supported by NIH\\/NIAMS Program Project grant (AR39740) to S.A.J. I. C. was supported by a fellowship from Fundacao de Amparo‘a Ciencia do Estado de Sao Paulo  

Microsoft Academic Search

Background: Articular cartilage is a unique tissue in that it is avascular with its nutrition and oxygen supply being dependent on the diffusion of solutes through the synovial fluid and to and from the subchondral bone. The oxygen levels in articular cartilage, therefore, are assumed to be low. Oxygen is an important modulator of gene expression and this regulation occurs

Ibsen B. Coimbra; Sergio A. Jimenez; David F. Hawkins; Sonsoles Piera-Velazquez; David G. Stokes



Una Guia para Los Padres sobre La Educacion Especial: El Derecho de Su Hijo(a) a Adquirir una Educacion en el Estado de Nueva York (A Parent's Guide to Special Education: Your Child's Right to an Education in New York State).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This guide provides information to help parents of special needs children in New York become active partners in the planning and implementation of special education programs. The first part of the guide provides in-depth information related to the special education process in New York State public schools. A historical view of children's rights to…

New York State Education Dept. Albany. Office for the Education of Children with Handicapping Conditions.


El Derecho de su Hijo(a) a Una Educacion: Una guia para los Padres de Ninos Impedidos en el Estado de Nueva York (Your Child's Right to an Education: A Guide for Parents of Children with Handicapping Conditions in New York State).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Intended for parents of handicapped students, the guide (available in English, Spanish, or Chinese) sets forth the New York State policies for speical education. The following topics are among those considered: eligibility for special education, program types, alternative placements (such as residential settings), referral, evaluation,…

New York State Education Dept. Albany. Office for the Education of Children with Handicapping Conditions.


FishTraits: A database of ecological and life-history traits of freshwater fishes of the United States [FishTraits: Base de datos de caracter??sticas ecol??gicas y de historia de vida de peces dulceacu??colas en los Estados Unidos de Norteam??rica  

USGS Publications Warehouse

The need for integrated and widely accessible sources of species traits data to facilitate studies of ecology, conservation, and management has motivated development of traits databases for various taxa. In spite of the increasing number of traitsbased analyses of freshwater fishes in the United States, no consolidated database of traits of this group exists publicly, and much useful information on these species is documented only in obscure sources. The largely inaccessible and unconsolidated traits information makes large-scale analysis involving many fishes and/or traits particularly challenging. We have compiled a database of > 100 traits for 809 (731 native and 78 nonnative) fish species found in freshwaters of the conterminous United States, including 37 native families and 145 native genera. The database, named FishTraits, contains information on four major categories of traits: (1) trophic ecology; (2) body size, reproductive ecology, and life history; (3) habitat preferences; and (4) salinity and temperature tolerances. Information on geographic distribution and conservation status was also compiled. The database enhances many opportunities for conducting research on fish species traits and constitutes the first step toward establishing a central repository for a continually expanding set of traits of North American fishes.

Frimpong, E.A.; Angermeier, P.L.



Informe a la Nación indica que el índice de mortalidad por cáncer sigue bajando; la sección especial destaca las tendencias de los cánceres asociados con el VPH y los grados de cobertura de vacunación contra el VPH.

El Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer, de 1975 a 2009, indica que los índices generales de mortalidad por cáncer siguen bajando en los Estados Unidos en hombres y mujeres, entre todos los grupos raciales y étnicos principales y para todos los sitios más comunes de cáncer, como pulmón, colon y recto, seno femenino y próstata.


Mecanismo de encaminamiento y asignacin de longitud de onda Basado en Prediccin para Redes de Transporte ptico  

E-print Network

Mecanismo de encaminamiento y asignación de longitud de onda Basado en Predicción para Redes de, pareta, jordid} Resumen En redes de transporte óptico los algoritmos de encaminamiento y estado de la red. Debido a diferentes factores, en redes altamente dinámicas esta información de estado

Politècnica de Catalunya, Universitat



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El tratamiento a la niñez y la adolescencia a escala internacional necesitan más que protección jurídica, atención especial de los Estados y en el caso específico de Cuba esta protección está garantizada, siendo prioridad del Estado revolucionario el desarrollo integral y multifacético de nuestros Niños, Niñas y Adolescentes. La protección jurídica que en el caso de Cuba se da a

Xiomara Cabrera Cabrera




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A fines del pasado mes de noviembre de 2009, el profesor Marcelino Castillo Nechar de la Facultad de Turismo y Gastronomía, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, (Estados Unidos Mexicanos) consiguió despejar los consabidos obstáculos de siempre y logró organizar el V SEMINARIO, convocado bajo el lema “TURISMO, UNA VISIÓN MULTIDIMENSIONAL”, en la bella y acogedora ciudad de Toluca. Hacía

Francisco Muñoz de Escalona



La mobilité des agents titulaires de l'État  

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[spa] La movilidad de los agentes titulares del Estado . . La movilidad de los agentes titulares del Estado se estudia según tres enfoques: movilidad geográfica (definida por un cambio de zona de estudio y de ordenación del territorio (Zeat) o de departamento de función dentro de una misma Zeat), movilidad categorial (cambio de categoría socioprofesional) y movilidad estructural (cambio

Aline Pauron



[The way we were. On the centenary of the first Spanish Congress of Paediatrics in Palma de Mallorca (1914-2014)].  


Between the 19th and 25th April 1914, the First Spanish Congress of Paediatrics was held in Palma de Mallorca under the slogan "Protect the Children". The specialty had broken away a few years earlier from its secular connection with Obstetrics and Gynaecology, both in its teaching aspect as well as regarding healthcare. With the newly created Chairs in Childhood Diseases, in a way this Congress meant the coming-of age and debut int society of paediatrics in our country. Prof. Martínez Vargas, a university professor in Barcelona, was the Chairman, and soul of the congress. There was a need to face a very high rate of infant mortality. The Congress responded to that social and sanitary/health demand with the participation of over three hundred pediatricians, including foreign representatives from Belgium, France, Russia and Latin America. The activities were divided into four sections: Childcare, Child Medicine, Surgery and Health, and accredited lecturers gave master classes on the most pressing issues of child pathology of the time. One hundred years on, what we are today is the fruit gathered by those who preceded us. Some were brilliant figures in paediatrics and others, the majority, anonymous paediatricians. They dedicated their lives, their science and their best smile to child care. The way we were and the way we are. With legitimate pride and satisfaction, it is an honour for the Group on the History of Paediatrics and AEP Documentation to celebrate this centennial commemoration in the framework of the Annals of Paediatrics. PMID:24767461

Ponte Hernando, F; Zafra Anta, M; Fernández Menéndez, J M; Gorrotxategi Gorrotxategi, P; Bassat, Q; Fernández Teijeiro, J J; de Arana Amurrio, J I; García Nieto, V



Debris-flow and flooding deposits in coastal Venezuela associated with the storm of December 14-16, 1999  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Heavy rainfall from the storm of December 14?16, 1999, triggered thousands of shallow landslides on steep slopes of the Sierra de Avila north of Caracas, Venezuela, and caused flooding and massive debris flows in the channels of major drainages that severely damaged coastal communities along the Caribbean Sea. Within this region we characterized geologic conditions where landslides initiated on hillsides and examined the texture of debris-flow deposits in the channels of nine drainages. In one of the most severely damaged areas on a highly developed alluvial fan at Caraballeda, we measured debris-flow deposits that ranged up to 5 meters (m) in thickness, inundating structures and roads over a large portion of the fan. Boulders up to 5 m long were carried along by the flows, impacted structures causing serious damage, and were deposited on the fan. Using field measurements and comparing pre-event and post-event topography from aerial photographs, we determined the volume of debris-flow and flood deposition on the fan to be about 2 million cubic meters. The total volume of material transported and deposited by landslides throughout the Vargas region ranks this as one of the most severe historical erosional events worldwide.

Wieczorek, Gerald F.; Larsen, Matthew C.; Eaton, L. Scott; Morgan, Benjamin A.; Blair, J. Luke



Geomorphic effects of large debris flows and flash floods, northern Venezuela, 1999  

USGS Publications Warehouse

A rare, high-magnitude storm in northern Venezuela in December 1999 triggered debris flows and flash floods, and caused one of the worst natural disasters in the recorded history of the Americas. Some 15,000 people were killed. The debris flows and floods inundated coastal communities on alluvial fans at the mouths of a coastal mountain drainage network and destroyed property estimated at more than $2 billion. Landslides were abundant and widespread on steep slopes within areas underlain by schist and gneiss from near the coast to slightly over the crest of the mountain range. Some hillsides were entirely denuded by single or coalescing failures, which formed massive debris flows in river channels flowing out onto densely populated alluvial fans at the coast. The massive amount of sediment derived from 24 watersheds along 50 km of the coast during the storm and deposited on alluvial fans and beaches has been estimated at 15 to 20 million m3. Sediment yield for the 1999 storm from the approximately 200 km2 drainage area of watersheds upstream of the alluvial fans was as much as 100,000 m3/km2. Rapid economic development in this dynamic geomorphic environment close to the capital city of Caracas, in combination with a severe rain storm, resulted in the death of approximately 5% of the population (300,000 total prior to the storm) in the northern Venezuelan state of Vargas. ?? 2006 Gebru??der Borntraeger.

Larsen, M.C.; Wieczorek, G.F.



Two on Wagner  

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In September 1876, Karl Marx found the time to complain in a letter to his daughter Jenny: "Wherever one goes these days one is pestered with the question: What do you think of Wagner?" In his life, Richard Wagner was the subject of great discussion and admiration, and his works remain immensely popular today. Taken together, these two sites represent a nice introduction to both the man and his body of work, and visitors will enjoy visiting both of them. The first site is maintained by Wagner enthusiast Vincent Vargas, and here visitors can learn about various productions of Wagner's operas, his life, and also get a glimpse into the world of famous Wagnerians throughout history, including Herbert von Karajan and Birgit Nilsson. Of course, visitors can also listen to sound clips from some of their performances as well. The second site was created by the BBC and it provides some basic information about Wagner's Ring Cycle, complete with plot synopses and material on the various leitmotifs utilized throughout these works. Visitors can also listen to an interview with conductor Daniel Barenboim about his involvement with his production of the Ring.


Analysis of the ?_2 Band of the FCO_2 Radical: Preliminary Results  

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The unique fluoroformyloxyl radical (FCO_2) is assumed to participate in atmospheric processes such as the degradation of hydrofluorocarbons that have been considered as chlorofluorocarbon substitutes. Despite this atmospheric interest, the molecular and spectroscopic properties of FCO_2 have not yet sufficiently been explored. The high resolution FT IR gas phase spectrum of the fluoroformyloxyl (FCO_2) radical was recorded in the 650 - 1500 cm^{-1} spectral range at the University of Wuppertal. Using this spectrum and the ground state parameters achieved recently we carried out the first high resolution study of the ?_2 A-type band (C-F stretching mode) centered at 970.209 cm^{-1}. The analysis was difficult because the band is congested. In addition the spin doublets are difficult to identify except for high K_a values. However, we could take advantage of the fact that only K_a=odd values are observable for symmetry reasons. The line position calculation accounts for the spin rotation doubling and for the Fermi-type resonances linking the 2^1 and 5^2 spin rotation energy levels. [1] Kolesnikova, Varga, Beckers, Simeckova, Zelinger, Nova Striteska, Kania, Willner, and Urban, J. Chem Phys 128, 224 (2008)

Perrin, A.; St?ižík, M.; Beckers, H.; Willner, H.; Zelinger, Z.; Pracna, P.; Nevrlý, V.; Grigorová, E.



A Response to Recent Reanalyses of the National Reading Panel Report: Effects of Systematic Phonics Instruction Are Practically Significant.  


The authors examine the reassessments of the National Reading Panel (NRP) report (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, 2000) by G. Camilli, S. Vargas, and M. Yurecko (2003); G. Camilli, P. M. Wolfe, and M. L. Smith (2006); and D. D. Hammill and H. L. Swanson (2006) that disagreed with the NRP on the magnitude of the effect of systematic phonics instruction. Using the coding of the NRP studies by Camilli et al. (2003, 2006), multilevel regression analyses show that their findings do not contradict the NRP findings of effect sizes in the small to moderate range favoring systematic phonics. Extending Camilli et al. (2003, 2006), the largest effects are associated with reading instruction enhanced with components that increase comprehensiveness and intensity. In contrast to Hammill and Swanson, binomial effect size displays show that effect sizes of the magnitude found for systematic phonics by the NRP are meaningful and could result in significant improvement for many students depending on the base rate of struggling readers and the size of the effect. Camilli et al. (2003, 2006) and Hammill and Swanson do not contradict the NRP report, concurring in supporting comprehensive approaches to reading instruction. PMID:21258576

Stuebing, Karla K; Barth, Amy E; Cirino, Paul T; Francis, David J; Fletcher, Jack M



A Response to Recent Reanalyses of the National Reading Panel Report: Effects of Systematic Phonics Instruction Are Practically Significant  

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The authors examine the reassessments of the National Reading Panel (NRP) report (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, 2000) by G. Camilli, S. Vargas, and M. Yurecko (2003); G. Camilli, P. M. Wolfe, and M. L. Smith (2006); and D. D. Hammill and H. L. Swanson (2006) that disagreed with the NRP on the magnitude of the effect of systematic phonics instruction. Using the coding of the NRP studies by Camilli et al. (2003, 2006), multilevel regression analyses show that their findings do not contradict the NRP findings of effect sizes in the small to moderate range favoring systematic phonics. Extending Camilli et al. (2003, 2006), the largest effects are associated with reading instruction enhanced with components that increase comprehensiveness and intensity. In contrast to Hammill and Swanson, binomial effect size displays show that effect sizes of the magnitude found for systematic phonics by the NRP are meaningful and could result in significant improvement for many students depending on the base rate of struggling readers and the size of the effect. Camilli et al. (2003, 2006) and Hammill and Swanson do not contradict the NRP report, concurring in supporting comprehensive approaches to reading instruction. PMID:21258576

Stuebing, Karla K.; Barth, Amy E.; Cirino, Paul T.; Francis, David J.; Fletcher, Jack M.



A new Brazilian Passiflora leafminer: Spinivalva gaucha, gen. n., sp. n. (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae, Gracillariinae), the first gracillariid without a sap-feeding instar.  


Male, female, pupa, larva and egg of a new genus and species of Gracillariidae (Gracillariinae), Spinivalva gaucha Moreira and Vargas from southern Brazil are described and illustrated with the aid of optical and scanning electron microscopy. A preliminary analysis of mitochondrial DNA sequences including members of related lineages is also provided. The immature stages are associated with Passiflora actinia, Passiflora misera and Passiflora suberosa (Passifloraceae), and build mines on the adaxial leaf surface. Initially the mines are serpentine in shape, but later in larval ontogeny become a blotch type. Although the larvae are hypermetamorphic as in other Gracillariidae, there is no sap-feeding instar in Spinivalva gaucha; the larva feeds on the palisade parenchyma, thus producing granular frass during all instars. Pupation occurs outside the mine; prior to pupating, the larva excretes numerous bubbles that are placed in rows on the lateral margins of the cocoon external surface. This is the second genus of gracillariid moth described for the Atlantic Rain Forest, and the second gracillariid species known to be associated with Passifloraceae. PMID:23794860

Brito, Rosângela; Gonçalves, Gislene L; Vargas, Hector A; Moreira, Gilson R P



Gauguin Tahiti  

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Despite living most of his life in France, Paul Gauguin is immediately identified with Tahiti, largely due to his immense body of visual art (such as paintings and sculptures) that were produced during his time there during the turn of the 19th century. One of these monumental works is an impressive canvas titled, Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? At the time of its completion, Gauguin noted that "I believe that this canvas not only surpasses all my preceding ones, but that I shall never do anything better, or even like it." This extraordinary work forms the centerpiece of a current exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and is extensively profiled on this website for the web-browsing public. From this site, visitors can view in great detail an interactive presentation of this work, presented by Visitors may move a virtual magnifying glass over the work and click on fifteen separate areas that profile various segments of the painting. Each clickable fragment is further augmented by audio interviews from art historians offering their learned commentaries. Additionally, visitors can listen to an interview with exhibition curator George Shackelford, Mario Vargas Llosa, and Elizabeth Childs, professor of art history at Washington University in St. Louis.


Towards guidelines for post-disaster vulnerability reduction in informal settlements.  


Although the development community has long recognised that securing land tenure and improving housing design can benefit significantly informal settlement residents, there is little research on these issues in communities exposed to natural disasters and hazards. Informal settlements often are located on land left vacant because of inherent risks, such as floodplains, and there is a long history worldwide of disasters affecting informal settlements. This research tackles the following questions: how can informal settlement vulnerabilities be reduced in a post-disaster setting?; and what are the key issues to address in post-disaster reconstruction? The main purpose of the paper is to develop a set of initial guidelines for post-disaster risk reduction in informal settlements, stressing connections to tenure and housing/community design in the reconstruction process. The paper examines disaster and reconstruction responses in two disaster-affected regions-Jimani, Dominican Republic, and Vargas State, Venezuela-where informal settlements have been hit particularly hard. PMID:23067444

Doberstein, Brent; Stager, Heather



The history of vaccinations in the light of the autism epidemic.  


Autism has been characterized as a behavioral disorder since it was first described by Leo Kanner in 1943. The number of autistic children has increased over the last decade. The incidence of autism was 1 in 10000 before the 1970s and has steadily increased to 1 in 150 in 2008 with a male:female predominance of 4:1. The cause of this epidemic has remained unknown, but several hypotheses have been studied. Many of these suggest an environmental trigger, such as the ethyl mercury contained in the preservative thimerosal, which has been used in vaccines since 1931. Other possible triggers associated with vaccinations are chemical toxins and live viruses. James has published studies suggesting a genetic predisposition in the families of autistic children, exposing them to a deficiency in glutathione and an inability to detoxify heavy metals. Vargas has shown autism to encompass ongoing inflammation in the brains of autistic children. The Hannah Poling vaccine decision was a landmark case. Poling's family was awarded funds for ongoing medical care of an autistic child who was found to have mitochondrial dysfunction exacerbated by vaccines that left her with autistic behavior and seizures. Several studies have emerged supporting the fact that a significant number of autistic children do have mitochondrial dysfunction. The impact that the Poling case will have on the ability of parents of autistic children to gain access to funds to enable them to properly care for their children remains to be seen. PMID:19043939

Cave, Stephanie F



Influence of equilibrium flows and the atmospheric magnetic field on solar oscillation modes  

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The competing effects of an atmospheric magnetic field and an equilibrium flow in the internal regions of the Sun are studied on the helioseismic f- and p-modes. The Sun is modeled as a multi-layered plasma, where the upper parts, representing the chromosphere and corona, are embedded in a unidirectional though inhomogeneous magnetic field, meanwhile the lower part, representing the sub-photospheric polytropic region, is in a steady equilibrium state. The steady state sub-surface region can be considered as a first approximation of dynamic motions (e.g., convective motion, differential rotation, sub-surface flows, meridional flows, etc.). The obtained frequency shifts of the different eigenmodes are associated with flow and magnetic effects. We also found damping of the eigenfrequencies which apparently can be associated with the universal mechanism of resonant absorption. Resonant absorption (already known as a viable heating mechanism in the solar corona) is present due to inhomogeneities in the atmosphere which give rise to Alfvén and slow continua. Damping of helioseismic modes occurs when the modes are coupled into these continua. When both atmospheric magnetic field and sub-surface flows are present, a complex picture of competition of these two effects is found. The theoretically predicted frequency shifts in a steady state are in excellent agreement with the observed values. For related works see also the papers by Erdélyi & Taroyan and Varga & Erdélyi in the present Volume.

Pintér, B.; Erdélyi, R.; New, R.; Goossens, M.



West Nile Virus and Greater Sage-Grouse: Estimating Infection Rate in a Wild Bird Population  

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of the population that is infected. Greater sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) in western North America infecta. Se sabe que los gallos de las artemisas (Centrocercus urophasianus) en el oeste de los Estados

Naugle, Dave


Estudio de Salud Agrícola

Hoja informativa sobre el Estudio de Salud Agrícola que se inició en 1993 por científicos del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer, el Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Ambientales y la Agencia de Protección Ambiental de Estados Unidos.


78 FR 78956 - Ocean Transportation Intermediary License Applicants  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...President (QI), Application Type: New NVO License Marine Bulk Freight Forwarding, S.A. De C.V. (NVO), Parque De Granada No. 71, Suite P.H. 504, Huixquilucan, Estado de Mexico 52785 Mexico, Officers: Moises S. Leon, President...



78 FR 35634 - Ocean Transportation Intermediary License Applicants  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...President. Application Type: New NVO & OFF License. Marine Bulk Freight Forwarding, S.A. DE C.V. (NVO), Parque de Granada No. 71, P.H. 504, Huixquilucan, Estado de Mexico 52785 Mexico. Officers: Moises S. Leon, President (QI),...




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__________________________, Estado _____________, CEP ________________, telefone____________________, RG ____________________, CPF corrente individualizada; · Certidão de óbito; · Identidade, CPF e título eleitoral do(a) ex-servidor(a) e

Souza, Max O.



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Exigidos para Inscrição: . RG, CPF e Diploma de Graduação: (será aceita declaração de provável formando: ___/ ___/ ____ Estado Civil:______________________ CPF:__________________________ Endereço Residencial

Paraná, Universidade Federal do



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requerimento os seguintes documentos: Cópia autenticada do CPF Cópia da Carteira de Identidade Declaração de ________________________________________________________________________,nacionalidade: ____________________________________, estado civil:_________________________________, CPF nº

Souza, Max O.



Comunicados de prensa del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer acerca del cáncer, sobre resultados de estudios clínicos y otra información de interés para las comunidades de habla hispana de los Estados Unidos.


Tipos comunes de cáncer en la población general

La lista de cánceres comunes incluye cánceres que se diagnostican con mayor frecuencia en Estados Unidos. Esta página ofrece las estadísticas de incidencia y mortalidad más recientes para estos tipos de cancer.


Disminución de las tasas de cáncer de seno relacionada con la reducción del uso de terapias de reemplazo hormonal

La tasa de los casos nuevos de cáncer de seno en los Estados Unidos, la cual disminuyó pronunciadamente en 2003, podría estar relacionada con una disminución nacional del uso de terapias de reemplazo hormonal. Las tasas de incidencia de cáncer de seno ajustadas a la edad en mujeres de los Estados Unidos bajaron un 6.7 por ciento en 2003. Durante este mismo período, las recetas médicas para terapias de reemplazo hormonal bajaron rápidamente.


Premio "Andrés Bello" 1981 recae en un chileno  

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títulos como El Rey jabonero, El limbo, Secretario de Estado, Lisístrata González, Marijuana (la más representada) Manuel viene galopando por las alamedas, Orllie-Antoine de Tounens, Rey de la Araucanía, Digo Norte a Sur corre la tierra (Valdivia y... Lautaro), etc. Esta ultima, editada en Lima, obtuvo el segundo premio del concurso "Gabriela Mistral." El redactor de estas líneas está a cargo de su distribución en Estados Unidos. Pedro Bravo-Elizondo Wichita State University ...

Bravo-Elizondo, Pedro



PREFACE: XV Chilean Physics Symposium, 2006  

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The Chilean Physics Symposium is the main gathering of Physics in Chile, and its organization is one of the central activities of the Chilean Physical Society (Sociedad Chilena de Física, SOCHIFI). The Symposium assembles the largest number of Chilean and foreign physicists resident in the country. Recent advances in the various research areas in Physics are presented, by researchers from Universities and national research centres. At the same time this is an occasion for the participation of Physics students from both the pre- and post-graduate programs. The Symposium has gathered continuously every two years, since 1978. The organization of the XV symposium was in charge of the Thermonuclear Plasma Department of the Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission, and it took place on 15-17 November 2006, at La Reina Nuclear Studies Centre, in the city of Santiago, Chile. During this symposium the relation of research in Physics with education and with the productive sector in the country was also analysed. During the Symposium, 121 abstracts were submitted, from 255 authors. All authors were invited to submit articles for publication in the Symposium Proceedings. The articles received were reviewed by the Symposium Scientific Committee and by invited peers. The criteria for review focussed on the demand for a consistent piece of research, and a clear statement of results. Most of the articles received report the work of research groups where advanced students and young investigators are prominent. Thanks to their enthusiasm, 52 articles are presented in this issue. We would like to express our appreciation to their authors. Finally, my personal apology is in order regarding my delay in publishing these proceedings. A sequence of personal and professional highly demanding circumstances have been in the way. I would like to thank Journal of Physics: Conference Series for providing very fast publication of the proceedings, having published them online less than 4 weeks after my initial contact with the journal. Leopoldo Soto President, Chilean Physical Society Head of Plasma Department, Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission Editors: Leopoldo Soto, José Moreno, Ricardo Ávila, Karla Cubillos Scientific Committee Physicists from various research institutions, specialty areas, and regions of the country were invited by the Board of SOCHIFI to join the Symposium Scientific Committee, which was formed by: Julio Yánez, Universidad de Antofagasta Sergio del Campo, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso Patricio Vargas, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María Rodrigo Soto, Universidad de Chile Ulrich Volkmann, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Víctor Muñoz, Universidad de Chile Rodrigo Aros, Universidad Andrés Bello Leopoldo Soto (Chairman), Comisión Chilena de Energía Nuclear Luis Huerta, Universidad de Talca Patricio Salgado, Universidad de Concepción Luis Roa, Universidad de Concepción Asticio Vargas, Universidad de la Frontera, Temuco Cristian Martínez, Centro de Estudios Científicos, Valdivia Organizing Commitee Leopoldo Soto (Chairman), Comisión Chilena de Energía Nuclear Erik Herrera, Comisión Chilena de Energía Nuclear José Moreno, Comisión Chilena de Energía Nuclear Andrea Rozas, Comisión Chilena de Energía Nuclear Rodrigo Aros, Universidad Andrés Bello Gonzalo Gutiérrez, Universidad de Chile Executive Board, Chilean Physical Society April 2006 - April 2008 Leopoldo Soto, President Joel Saavedra, Secretary Rodrigo Aros: Treasurer Rodolfo Figueroa: Director Luis Huerta: Director Conference photograph

Soto, Leopoldo; Moreno, José; Ávila, Ricardo; Cubillos, Karla



PREFACE: 21st Latin American Symposium on Solid State Physics (SLAFES XXI)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Latin American Symposium on Solid State Physics (SLAFES) started in Caracas-Venezuela, and over time the symposia have taken place in 9 different Latin American countries. The last five events took place in Mérida-Venezuela (2002), Havana-Cuba (2004), Puebla-Mexico (2006), Puerto Iguazú-Argentina (2008) and Maragogi-Brazil (2011). During the last years, in the different SLAFES editions, the aim has been to bring together researches from Latina America and invite renowned scientists from around the world to a unique forum to discuss the latest developments regarding Solid state Physics. The 21st Latin American Symposium on Solid State Physics (SLAFES XXI) was held in Villa de Leyva-Colombia, from September 30 to October 04, 2013. The 21st SLAFES version featured the participation of experts in various areas of Solid State Physics from countries such as Belgium, Germany, United States, Spain, Ireland, Chile, Argentina and Brazil, had 270 submitted works and was attended by 140 researchers. The development of this event was made possible by financial support from the Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Universidad del Norte-CO, Universidad de Magdalena-CO, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco-BR and the Academia Colombiana de Ciencias Exatas, Naturales y Física. Editors Professor J Albino Aguiar Departamento de Física Universidade Federal de Pernambuco 50670-901 Recife PE Brazil e-mail: Professor Jairo Roa-Rojas Grupo de Física de Nuevos Materiales Departamento de Física Universidad Nacional de Colombia A.A. 5997 Bogotá DC, Colombia e-mail: Professor Carlos Arturo Parra Vargas Grupo Física de Materiales Escuela de Física Universidad Padagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia Tunja Colombia e-mail: Professor David A Land\\'i nez Téllez Grupo de Física de Nuevos Materiales Departamento de Física Universidad Nacional de Colombia A.A. 5997 Bogotá DC Colombia e-mail: Professor Laura T Corredor Bohórquez Departamento de Física Universidade Federal de Pernambuco 50670-901 Recife PE Brazil e-mail: Professor Arkady Shanenko Departamento de Física Universidade Federal de Pernambuco 50670-901 Recife PE Brazil e-mail: Professor Renato F Jardim Instituto de Física Universidade de S\\~ao Paulo CP 66318 S\\~ao Paulo SP Brazil e-mail: Professor Francois Peeters Department Fysica Universiteit Antwerpen Groneneborgerlann 171 B-2020, Antwerpen Belgium e-mail: Organizing committee ChairmanCarlos Arturo Parra Vargas Proceedings EditorJosé Albino Aguiar Program ChairJairo Roa-Rojas SecretaryAura Janeth Barón González TreasurerArmando Sarmiento Santos Speaker ChairRafael González Hernández Fernando Naranjo Mayorga David A Landínez Téllez Jesús Oswaldo Morán José Sierra Ortega

Aguiar, J. Albino



Acute-phase protein serum amyloid A3 is a novel paracrine coupling factor that controls bone homeostasis.  


Serum amyloid A (A-SAA/Saa3) was shown before to affect osteoblastic metabolism. Here, using RT-quantitative PCR and/or immunoblotting, we show that expression of mouse Saa3 and human SAA1 and SAA2 positively correlates with increased cellular maturation toward the osteocyte phenotype. Expression is not detected in C3H10T1/2 embryonic fibroblasts but is successively higher in preosteoblastic MC3T3-E1 cells, late osteoblastic MLO-A5 cells, and MLO-Y4 osteocytes, consistent with findings using primary bone cells from newborn mouse calvaria. Recombinant Saa3 protein functionally inhibits osteoblast differentiation as reflected by reductions in the expression of osteoblast markers and decreased mineralization in newborn mouse calvaria. Yet, Saa3 protein enhances osteoclastogenesis in mouse macrophages/monocytes based on the number of multinucleated and tartrate-resistant alkaline phosphatase-positive cells and Calcr mRNA expression. Depletion of Saa3 in MLO osteocytes results in the loss of the mature osteocyte phenotype. Recombinant osteocalcin, which is reciprocally regulated with Saa3 at the osteoblast/osteocyte transition, attenuates Saa3 expression in MLO-Y4 osteocytes. Mechanistically, Saa3 produced by MLO-Y4 osteocytes is integrated into the extracellular matrix of MC3T3-E1 osteoblasts, where it associates with the P2 purinergic receptor P2rx7 to stimulate Mmp13 expression via the P2rx7/MAPK/ERK/activator protein 1 axis. Our data suggest that Saa3 may function as an important coupling factor in bone development and homeostasis.-Thaler, R., Sturmlechner, I., Spitzer, S., Riester, S. M., Rumpler, M., Zwerina, J., Klaushofer, K., van Wijnen, A. J., and Varga, F. Acute-phase protein serum amyloid A3 is a novel paracrine coupling factor that controls bone homeostasis. PMID:25491310

Thaler, Roman; Sturmlechner, Ines; Spitzer, Silvia; Riester, Scott M; Rumpler, Monika; Zwerina, Jochen; Klaushofer, Klaus; van Wijnen, Andre J; Varga, Franz



Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-? abrogates Smad-dependent collagen stimulation by targeting the p300 transcriptional coactivator  

PubMed Central

Ligands of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-? (PPAR-?) abrogate the stimulation of collagen gene transcription induced by transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-?). Here, we delineate the mechanisms underlying this important novel physiological function for PPAR-? in connective tissue homeostasis. First, we demonstrated that antagonistic regulation of TGF-? activity by PPAR-? ligands involves cellular PPAR-?, since 15-deoxy-?12,14-prostaglandin J2 (15d-PGJ2) failed to block TGF-?-induced responses in either primary cultures of PPAR-?-null murine embryonic fibroblasts, or in normal human skin fibroblasts with RNAi-mediated knockdown of PPAR-?. Next, we examined the molecular basis underlying the abrogation of TGF-? signaling by PPAR-? in normal human fibroblasts in culture. The results demonstrated that Smad-dependent transcriptional responses were blocked by PPAR-? without preventing Smad2/3 activation. In contrast, the interaction between activated Smad2/3 and the transcriptional coactivator and histone acetyltransferase p300 induced by TGF-?, and the accumulation of p300 on consensus Smad-binding DNA sequences and histone H4 hyperacetylation at the COL1A2 locus, were all prevented by PPAR-?. Wild-type p300, but not a mutant form of p300 lacking functional histone acetyltransferase, was able to restore TGF-?-induced stimulation of COL1A2 in the presence of PPAR-? ligands. Collectively, these results indicate that PPAR-? blocked Smad-mediated transcriptional responses by preventing p300 recruitment and histone H4 hyperacetylation, resulting in the inhibition of TGF-?-induced collagen gene expression. Pharmacological activation of PPAR-? thus may represent a novel therapeutic approach to target p300-dependent TGF-? profibrotic responses such as stimulation of collagen gene expression.—Ghosh, A. K., Bhattacharyya, S., Wei, J., Kim, S., Barak, Y., Mori, Y., and Varga, J. Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-? abrogates Smad-dependent collagen stimulation by targeting the p300 transcriptional coactivator. PMID:19395477

Ghosh, Asish K.; Bhattacharyya, Swati; Wei, Jun; Kim, Suyeon; Barak, Yaacov; Mori, Yasuji; Varga, John



Cardiac autonomic modulation of children with down syndrome.  


The aim of this study is to analyze the autonomic modulation in children with Down syndrome (DS). The study was conducted with a convenience sample of children with DS and without heart disease, from the Genetics Clinic of the Hospital Infantil Darcy Vargas and APAE São Paulo, São Paulo, SP, Brazil. The control group was matched for sex and age. The analysis of autonomic modulation was performed using the indices of heart rate variability (HRV). The children remained in the supine position with spontaneous breathing for 20 min. Heart rate was recorded beat-to-beat. HRV analysis was performed in time and frequency domain. For data analysis, we used Student's t test: unpaired and Mann-Whitney. It was considered statistically significant at p < 0.05. From 75 children with DS, 50 were excluded, a total of 25 children [16 boys, 8.6 (1.4) years] participated in this study, and the control group also consisted of 25 children [16 boys, 9.0 (1.2) years] without the syndrome. The BMI of the volunteers with DS was higher than the controls [19.1 (2.9) vs. 15.8 (1.2), p < 0.0001]. There were differences between groups in the indices in frequency domain: LFms(2) [1242.1 (788.25) vs. 786.44 (481.90), p = 0.040], LFun [69.104 (11.247) vs. 57.348 (11.683), p = 0.0004], HFun [30.896 (11.247) vs. 42.520 (11.634), p = 0.0004] and LF/HF [2.594 (1.104) vs. 1.579 (0.9982), p = 0.0004]. No differences were observed in time domain indices. The results indicate increased indices representing the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system and those that indicate the overall modulation in children with DS. PMID:25164236

de Carvalho, Tatiana Dias; de Abreu, Luiz Carlos; Mustacchi, Zan; Vanderlei, Luiz Carlos Marques; Godoy, Moacir Fernandes; Raimundo, Rodrigo Daminello; Ferreira Filho, Celso; da Silva, Talita Dias; Guilhoto, Laura; Perico, Viviane; Finotti, Vivian Ribeiro; Ferreira, Celso



An epizootic of patent iridescent virus disease in multiple species of blackflies in Chiapas, Mexico.  


Simulium blackfly larvae (Diptera: Simuliidae) were collected from rivers and streams at 500-1500 m a.s.l. in Chiapas State of southern Mexico. Among 45 sites surveyed over an area of 2300 km2 (around 15 degrees 15'N 92 degrees 20'W), some Simulium larvae from three sites were opalescent violet-blue, interpreted as patent infection with invertebrate iridescent virus (IIV). Dissection confirmed the presence of putative Iridovirus particles, 130nm diameter, but no IIV isolates were obtained from homogenates injected into Galleria mellonella (L) larvae (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae). All Simulium with patent IIV infection died before metamorphosis, whereas approximately 60% of asymptomatic Simulium survived to adulthood in the laboratory. During 1997, standard monthly samples from two parallel rivers 42-50 km north-west of Tapachula comprised the following species proportions (and rates of patent IIV infection): 41.8% (47%) Simulium mexicanum Bellardi complex, 31.3% (31.4%) S. rubicundum Knab, 10.1% (13.1%) S. paynei, 6.5% (2.9%) S. callidum (Dyar & Shannon), 6.3% (5.1%) S. ochraceum Walker complex, 3.1% (0.7%) S. downsi Vargas et al., 0.7% S. samboni Jennings and 0.2% S. metallicum Bellardi complex, showing a strong correlation between blackfly abundance and the prevalence of patent infection. An epizootic of IIV in January and February (infection rates 41-100%) was followed by absence of larvae (March-August) until the end of the rainy season, when numbers collected on nylon strings rose to approximately 1/cm with patent IIV infection rates of 0-12.5% during September-December. Further investigations are underway to isolate this IIV and assess its potential usefulness for biological control of Simulium pests and vectors of onchocerciasis. PMID:11129714

Hernández, O; Maldonado, G; Williams, T



Networks in Social Policy Problems  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

1. Introduction M. Scotti and B. Vedres; Part I. Information, Collaboration, Innovation: The Creative Power of Networks: 2. Dissemination of health information within social networks C. Dhanjal, S. Blanchemanche, S. Clemençon, A. Rona-Tas and F. Rossi; 3. Scientific teams and networks change the face of knowledge creation S. Wuchty, J. Spiro, B. F. Jones and B. Uzzi; 4. Structural folds: the innovative potential of overlapping groups B. Vedres and D. Stark; 5. Team formation and performance on nanoHub: a network selection challenge in scientific communities D. Margolin, K. Ognyanova, M. Huang, Y. Huang and N. Contractor; Part II. Influence, Capture, Corruption: Networks Perspectives on Policy Institutions: 6. Modes of coordination of collective action: what actors in policy making? M. Diani; 7. Why skewed distributions of pay for executives is the cause of much grief: puzzles and few answers so far B. Kogut and J.-S. Yang; 8. Networks of institutional capture: a case of business in the State apparatus E. Lazega and L. Mounier; 9. The social and institutional structure of corruption: some typical network configurations of corruption transactions in Hungary Z. Szántó, I. J. Tóth and S. Varga; Part III. Crisis, Extinction, World System Change: Network Dynamics on a Large Scale: 10. How creative elements help the recovery of networks after crisis: lessons from biology A. Mihalik, A. S. Kaposi, I. A. Kovács, T. Nánási, R. Palotai, Á. Rák, M. S. Szalay-Beko and P. Csermely; 11. Networks and globalization policies D. R. White; 12. Network science in ecology: the structure of ecological communities and the biodiversity question A. Bodini, S. Allesina and C. Bondavalli; 13. Supply security in the European natural gas pipeline network M. Scotti and B. Vedres; 14. Conclusions and outlook A.-L. Barabási; Index.

Vedres, Balázs; Scotti, Marco



ICF Ablator Physics Experiments on Saturn and Nova  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In indirect drive ICF, the driver energy is absorbed in a high-Z enclosure (or "hohlraum") that surrounds a spherical shell (or "capsule") containing DT fuel. The hohlraum walls are heated by the driver and emit x-rays, which are absorbed by the capsule material (the "ablator") and drive the implosion. We have used the Saturn z-pinch at SNL and the Nova laser at LLNL to explore the behavior of ablator material in x-ray radiation environments comparable in magnitude, spectrum and duration to those that will be experienced in National Ignition Facility (NIF) hohlraums. The large x-ray outputs available from pulsed-power driven z-pinches have enabled us to drive hohlraums of full NIF ignition scale size at radiation temperatures and timescales comparable to those required for the low power "foot" pulse of an ignition capsule. The high intensity of the Nova laser has allowed us to study capsule ablator physics in smaller scale hohlraums at radiation temperatures and timescales relevant to the peak power pulse for an ignition capsule. Taken together, these experiments have allowed us test our radiation-hydrodynamics computer code predictions of ablator opacity, radiation flow, and equation of state over almost the complete range of radiation environments to be encountered in a NIF hohlraum. * in collaboration with J. Porter, G. Chandler, D. Fehl, D. Jobe, R. Leeper, K. Matzen, J. McGurn, D. Noack, L. Ruggles, P. Sawyer, J. Torres, M. Vargas, D. Zagar (SNL), and H. Kornblum, T. Orzechowski, L. Suter, R. Thiessen, R. Wallace (LLNL), and the Saturn and Nova operations and diagnostic crews at SNL and LLNL. +This work was supported by the U. S. Department of Energy under Contract No. DE-AC04-94AL85000.

Olson, Rick



Imaging the Structure of Grains, Grain Boundaries, and Stacking Sequences in Single and Multi-Layer Graphene  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Graphene can be produced by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) on copper substrates on up to meter scales [1, 2], making their polycrystallinity [3,4] almost unavoidable. By combining aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy and dark-field transmission electron microscopy, we image graphene grains and grain boundaries across six orders of magnitude. Atomic-resolution images of graphene grain boundaries reveal that different grains can stitch together via pentagon-heptagon pairs. We use diffraction-filtered electron imaging to map the shape and orientation of several hundred grains and boundaries over fields of view of a hundred microns. Single, double and multilayer graphene can be differentiated, and the stacking sequence and relative abundance of sequences can be directly imaged. These images reveal an intricate patchwork of grains with structural details depending strongly on growth conditions. The imaging techniques enabled studies of the structure, properties, and control of graphene grains and grain boundaries [5]. [4pt] [1] X. Li et al., Science 324, 1312 (2009).[0pt] [2] S. Bae et al., Nature Nanotechnol. 5, 574 (2010).[0pt] [3] J. M. Wofford, et al., Nano Lett., (2010).[0pt] [4] P. Y. Huang, et al., Nature 469, 389--392 (2011); arXiv:1009.4714, (2010)[0pt] [5] In collaboration with Pinshane Y. Huang, C. S. Ruiz-Vargas, A. M. van der Zande, A. W. Tsen, L. Brown, R. Hovden, F. Ghahari, W. S. Whitney, M.P. Levendorf, J. W. Kevek, S. Garg, J. S. Alden, C. J. Hustedt, Y. Zhu, N. Petrone, J. Hone, J. Park, P. L. McEuen

Muller, David



Complejidad descriptiva y computacional en m\\'aquinas de Turing peque\\~nas  

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En este trabajo ofrecemos algunos de los resultados obtenidos al estudiar las funciones calculadas por m\\'aquinas de Turing con un alfabeto de dos s\\'imbolos y un n\\'umero de estados entre 1 y 3. Presentamos detenidamente el modelo de m\\'aquina de Turing empleado, donde la cinta es ilimitada en un solo sentido, y no existe estado de parada. Mostramos gr\\'aficamente c\\'omo es posible representar la funci\\'on calculada por una m\\'aquina, as\\'i como las computaciones realizadas para ello. Vemos que al aumentar el n\\'umero de estados, si bien es posible que algunas funciones se calculen con mayor rapidez, por lo general aumenta considerablemente el tiempo medio de computaci\\'on.

Joosten, Joost J; Zenil, Hector



?`Es necesario calcular detalladamente funciones de partición atómicas?  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Basándonos en extensos y precisos cómputos de funciones de partición realizados por nosotros para distintos átomos, se muestra que en el cálculo u obtención de ciertas magnitudes (notablemente la presión electrónica, la abundancia de un elemento deducida a partir de un estado fuertemente ionizado, etc.) el error porcentual que se comete es pequeño (inferior a 1 %) si se adopta, como valor de la función de partición, el peso estadístico del término correspondiente al estado fundamental del átomo. Esta notable simplificación acelera el cálculo, por ejemplo, de un modelo de atmósfera estelar, sin disminuir la precisión de los resultados.

Milone, L. A.; Merlo, D. C.


Identifying and Handling Spoiled/Unsafe Food and Drinks after a Disaster (Spanish)  

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?n alimento o bebida que crea que se ha echado a perder. Alimentos y bebidas a desechar Es inseguro consumir los alimentos o bebidas enunciados a continuaci?n por lo que deber?an desecharse: ? alimentos (incluso enlatados) y bebidas que han estado en... contacto con agua de inundaci?n ? carne, pollo, pescado, mariscos, huevos, leche, queso blando, bocadillos o galletitas que deben conservarse en fr?o, restos y otros alimentos potencialmente peligrosos que han estado en lugares con m?s de 40 grados F de...

Anding, Jenna



Pensamiento Lascasiano e Indigenismo en la Narrativa de Rosario Castellanos  

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Castellanos. Por ello, se puede citar lo que comenta Aurby respecto a que en el estado chiapaneco ??tanto la di?cesis como el Estado y la sociedad?son como San Crist?bal: de Las Casas? (129). Es, a trav?s del indigenismo, que se va a estudiar la influencia... lascasiana, como se analizar? en este trabajo de disertaci?n. Cabe mencionar que la sociedad ?Blackfriars Hall? de la Universidad de Oxford fund? en el 2008 el instituto ?Fray Bartolom? de las Casas Centro de Derechos Humanos? ( aseverando...

Adams, Elia T



Family Financial Fitness Exercises: The Value of Paying Creditors  

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hab?a estado haciendo a la cantidad que paga a otros acreedores. Pague m?s al acreedor que le cobra la m?s alta tasa de inter?s. ? Consiga maneras econ?micas de celebrar cada vez que pague por completo una deuda. ? Cuando haya pagado a todos sus...

White, Lynn



Ncleo de Aplicao e Pesquisa de Geotecnologias em Desastres Naturais e Eventos Extremos no Centro Regional Sul do INPE  

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, lacruz} Abstract. This paper presents the Nucleus of Application/ano durante o período de 1984-1993 para 127,4 eventos/ano para 1994-2003 registrado para o estado de Santa


Aspectos Económicos del Gobierno de Carlos Lleras Restrepo. (Colombia, 1966-1970)  

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El gobierno de Carlos Lleras Restrepo se destaca en la historia de Colombia por haber introducido una reforma institucional de amplias proporciones que fortaleció las bases del Estado intervencionista. Este hecho, sumado a una concepción estructuralista sobre el manejo monetario y cambiario, permitió un evidente despegue del sector exportador no tradicional y un crecimiento del PIB sin antecedentes en la

Pascual Amézquita Zárate



Special Publication No. 2, A Bibliography On Chagas' Disease (1909-1969)  

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Anonymous. See also World Health Organization Anonymous 1925.- Problema do saneamento no Estado de Minas Geraes. (A sanitary problem in Minas G?rais.) 8. Cong. Brasil. Med. (Rio de Janeiro, Oct. 1918), 1:267-284. 1940,- Roma?a's sign for the diagnosis...

Olivier, Margaret C.; Olivier, Louis J.; Segal, Dorothy B.



Methods for Raising Children (Spanish)  

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aplica a la cri- anza de ni?os. Escucharse a s? mismo le da la oportu- nidad de examinarse, y analizar y probar nuevos m?todos. Si usted escucha a los ni?os, recibir? se?ales acer- ca de lo que ellos han estado aprendiendo. Generalmente, los adultos se...

Warren, Judith L.



El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer publica nuevo atlas de mortalidad por cáncer

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI, por sus siglas en inglés) ha publicado un nuevo atlas, el Atlas de Mortalidad por Cáncer en los Estados Unidos, 1950-94, que muestra los patrones geográficos de las tasas de mortalidad por cáncer durante más de cuatro décadas, en más de 3.000 condados a lo largo del país.


Sintomas Depressivos e Qualidade de Vida em Indivíduos com Epilepsia por Esclerose Mesial Temporal  

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RESUMO Introdução: Dificuldades no trabalho, em relacionamentos interpessoais, familiares e sociais, a percepção do estigma, da discriminação dentre outros têm sido associados aos estados depressivos interictais, influen- ciando negativamente a qualidade de vida (QV) das pessoas com epilepsia. A depressão tem alta prevalência (20 a 55%) nas epilepsias, sendo vista como o fator mais importante no julgamento do paciente sobre

Neide Barreira Alonso; Tatiana Indelicato da Silva; Ana Carolina Westphal; Auro Mauro Azevedo



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a docência na teologia, segundo os estados federativos 19 LISTA DE TABELAS Tabela 1 ­ Docentes por sexo da de Normas Técnicas CD-ROM Compact Disc-Read Only Memory DVD Digital Video Disc IBGE Instituto

Paraná, Universidade Federal do



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Resumo: Analisa a integração dos saberes da oralidade de a lfabetizandos e o processo de aquisição da escrita escolar embasado em fundamentos da Sociolingüística Educacional. A pesquisa foi desenvolvida considerando princípios metodológicos da Etnografia Colaborativa Educacional. Foi realizada em uma escola da Secretaria de Estado de Educação do Distrito Federal, mais especificamente, em uma sala de alfab etização. Esta sala

Maria Alice Fernandes de Sousa


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer

La edición electrónica del Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer se publicó mensualmente desde septiembre de 2009 hasta enero de 2013, con el objetivo de difundir información sobre la investigación del cáncer, tanto de estudios financiados por el NCI y otras dependencias federales, así como de investigaciones realizadas por instituciones en Estados Unidos y alrededor del mundo.


Atributos básicos del modelo cubano de Gestion Tributaria Moderna y el desempeño del Administrador Tributario en Cuba  

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El trabajo que se presenta constituye el resumen de una investigación sobre la política fiscal en Cuba para fomentar una cultura tributaria, sustentada en el conocimiento económico sobre las actuales tendencias y atributos básicos de las administraciones tributarias de avanzada lo que es importante como punto de referencia para evaluar el estado de desarrollo de la política fiscal cubana e

Damaris de la Caridad García Milián



Mecanismos psicofisiológicos implicados en la regulación afectiva y la restricción alimentaria de mujeres con riesgo de padecer bulimia nerviosa  

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El objetivo del estudio fue conocer el efecto de visualizar imágenes de comida bajo diferentes estados de ánimo y diferentes condiciones de restricción alimentaria en la modulación emocional de dos refle- jos defensivos (sobresalto motor y defensa cardiaca). 72 mujeres con riesgo de padecer bulimia ner- viosa fueron asignadas a dos grupos: 1) un grupo al que se inducía un

Sonia Rodríguez; José Luis Mata; Silvia Moreno; Jaime Vila




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Guayana, Estado Bolívar, Venezuela. Mesa # 7: Reducir los riesgos y hacer frente a la incertidumbre la naturaleza transversal y compleja del riesgo y el agua. 2. Riesgo y agua en Venezuela, un monitoreo poco consolidado para una exposición territorial a la amenaza alta. (3) Venezuela tiene

Paris-Sud XI, Université de



Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

En los últimos años se ha mejorado mucho la evaluación del estado de salud de los pastizales con la integración de conceptos ecológicos. La guía “Interpreting Indicators of Rangeland Health”, versión 3, fue desarrollada con el objetivo de proveer una evaluación rápida de la salud de los pastizales. ...


Application of FTIR-HATR spectroscopy and multivariate analysis to the quantification of adulterants in Mexican honeys  

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Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy with attenuated total reflectance (ATR) accessory was used to quantify three different adulterants (corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup and inverted sugar) in honeys of four different locations of México (Chiapas, Oaxaca, Estado de México and Morelos). The optimal calibrations for the three adulterants were developed with partial least squares (PLS). The developed models were

Tzayhri Gallardo-Velázquez; Guillermo Osorio-Revilla; Marlene Zuñiga-de Loa; Yadira Rivera-Espinoza



Tipos de cáncer

Información acerca de los tipos de cáncer más comunes en la población general e hispana en los Estados Unidos. También se incluyen listas separadas de los tipos comunes de cáncer en mujeres y niños, así como listas de todos los tipos de cáncer, en orden alfabético o en categorías según su ubicación en el cuerpo humano.


Sobrevivir al cáncer: comer bien

Sobrevivir al cáncer: comer bien Por el Instituto Nacional del Cáncer Bethesda, MD. - Más de 13 millones de personas que viven en Estados Unidos han recibido un diagnóstico de cáncer. Muchas de las personas que han tenido cáncer quieren seguir una


78 FR 28845 - Ocean Transportation Intermediary License Applicants  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...Prieto Herrera, Director, Application Type: New NVO & OFF License Sea Marine Transport S.A. DE C.V. (NVO), Parque de Granada No. 71, P.H. 504, Huixquilucan, Estado de Mexico 52785 Mexico, Officers: Moises L. Sarabia, President (QI),...



Diagnóstico del sector deporte, la recreación y la educación física en Antioquia  

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En general, podemos resumir este proyecto en tres grandes productos que permiten contextualizar, proponer y desarrollar una política pública a favor del deporte, la educación física y la recreación en Antioquia, que denominaremos en adelante el Sector Deportivo Antioqueño –SDA-. El primero de estos productos es la realización de un diagnóstico del SDA que de cuenta del estado del arte

Ramón Javier Mesa Callejas; Rodrigo Arboleda Sierra; Juan Francisco Gutiérrez Betancur; Mauricio López González



El gasto público social frente a la infancia: análisis del Programa JUNTOS y de la oferta y demanda de servicios asociados a sus condiciones  

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El presente estudio busca contribuir con la literatura sobre los programas de Transferencia Condicionada de Dinero (conocidos como Condicional Cash Transfer, CCT por sus siglas en inglés) y del programa JUNTOS en particular, realizando una investigación sobre cambios en el estado de oferta y demanda asociadas a las condiciones del programa. Ello se realiza desde la perspectiva de los principales

Lorena Alcázar



Gasto social y ayuda internacional en posconflicto1974-2007  

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El gasto público es un canal natural a través del cual el Estado brinda bienestar. El gasto social ofrece, entre otros, salud y educación, bienes determinantes para la recuperación de capital social destruido por el conflicto. Este trabajo propone establecer, tomando una muestra de 35 países en vía de desarrollo que han sufrido conflictos armados internos, cuál es el efecto

Liliana María Rodríguez Casas



Salario nominal y salario social  

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Resumen: En este trabajo se intenta llamar la atención sobre el peso que cada vez más tiene el Salario Social sobre los salarios obtenidos en nómina, fruto de la negociación colectiva. El Salario Social sería el conjunto de prestaciones diferidas, gratuitas o subvencionadas, que ofrece el Estado de Bienestar en los países desarrollados -y que lo son en gran medida

Antonio Mora Plaza



Reforma tributaria y desarrollo humano en Centroamérica  

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El artículo parte de la premisa que los países de Centroamérica requieren una reforma tributaria porque el tamaño del Estado es demasiado pequeño para que puedan cumplir con sus funciones de proveer los bienes públicos que requiere el desarrollo económico liderado por el sector privado. El estudio constata que, en América Central, tanto la recaudación tributaria como los gastos públicos

Manuel R. Agosin; Roberto Machado




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título de livro contestando o centralismo do Estado francês, passou a ser parte das expressões. Instituto de Ciências Humanas e Filosofia ­ Programa de Pós-Graduação em Sociologia e Direito. Niterói ­ RJ a segunda guerra mundial, notadamente através do impacto do livro de

Boyer, Edmond



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Este artigo apresenta um estudo de caso conduzido numa empresa do ramo industrial, na qual a lógica do ressuprimento de materiais entre seu Centro de Distribuição e suas filiais comerciais era fortemente influenciada não apenas por metas de redução dos níveis de estoque, mas também pela percepção que o ressuprimento enxuto (Just in Time) é o estado da prática a

Peter Wanke; Paulo Fernando Fleury


Nuestro Instituto

Información acerca de nuestra misión como Instituto Nacional del Cáncer, así como sobre los diferentes tipos de investigación que apoya nuestro Instituto, el programa de centros oncológicos, y sobre el Informe Anual a la Nación acerca del cáncer, el cual es preparado por las principales organizaciones oncológicas de los Estados Unidos.


StudyAbroad@Exeter Mexico City  

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StudyAbroad@Exeter ITESM Mexico City Mexico The University The Instituto Tecnologico y de Location Tecnologico de Monterrey, Campus Estado de Mexico is located in a very quiet zone in the municipality of Atizapan to the northwest of the metropolitan area of Mexico City. The campus was founded

Mumby, Peter J.


5, 41834221, 2005 Mexico City aerosol  

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ACPD 5, 4183­4221, 2005 Mexico City aerosol during MCMA-2003 using an AMS ­ Part II D. Salcedo et and Physics Discussions Characterization of ambient aerosols in Mexico City during the MCMA-2003 campaign´imicas, Universidad Aut´onoma del Estado de Morelos, Cuernavaca, Mexico 2 Cooperative Institute for Research

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Name (Nombre) Address (Direccion)  

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Africo-Americano) Asian/Pacific Origin (Origen Asiatico/Pacifico) Other (Otro) FIRST LANGUAGE (PRIMER IDIOMA): Spanish (Espanol) English (Ingles) French (Frances) Other (Otro) Marital Status (Estado Marital) EMERGENCY CONTACT (Persona en case de Emergencia): Patient Legal Guardian (All Minor) / Guarantor

Grishok, Alla


Building Intercultural Competence through Intercultural Competency Certification of Undergraduate Students  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The Intercultural Competency Certificate (CCI in Spanish) designed for the Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP University) is a theory based comprehensive plan to develop undergraduate students' intercultural competence. This Certificate is based in the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity (DMIS) developed by…

Janeiro, Maria G. Fabregas; Fabre, Ricardo Lopez; Nuno de la Parra, Jose Pablo



Monk Parakeet Nest on Utility Pole  

USGS Multimedia Gallery

Small monk parakeet nest on utility pole. Paraguay is home to at least 589 breeding bird species and 120 migratory bird species. Breeding Status: Breeding permanent resident. Habitat: Palm Savannah, Second Growth Forests and Woodlands, Second Growth Scrub, Pasture. Estado de ocurrencia: Residente ni...


Nunca deje alimentos en la zona peligrosa (temperaturas entre 40 F) por ms de 2 horas. Las bacterias se multiplican rpidamente  

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Nunca deje alimentos en la zona peligrosa (temperaturas entre 40° F y 140° F) por más de 2 horas. Las bacterias se multiplican rápidamente en los alimentos que están en estas temperaturas. Las temperaturas apropiadas en el refrigerador y el congelador ayudan a conservar los alimentos en buen estado y


Claude Lévi-Strauss, Lezioni giapponesi. Tre riflessioni su antropologia e modernità  

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Excelente iniciativa la de Lorenzo Scillitani, de traducir unos trabajos de Claude Lévi-Strauss al italiano, de sumo interés para la Antropología, la Historia social, el Derecho comparado y la Francia de la separacion del Estado y de las Iglesias, que está a punto –según Lévi-Strauss– de convertirse en musulmana.

Guillermo Hierrezuelo Conde



Contributed Paper Spatially Explicit Power Analyses for  

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for wolverine (Gulo gulo) populations in 2 areas of the U.S. Rocky Mountains. The relation between occupancy´on del Glot´on (Gulo gulo) en las Monta~nas Rocallosas de Estados Unidos Resumen: Cient´ificos de la´on. Analizamos esquemas de monitoreo con esfuerzos de muestreo diferentes para poblaciones de glotones (Gulo gulo


¡Agua Cambiante!  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

En esta actividad, los aprendices experimentarán con las tres fases del agua. Intentarán controlar la rapidez de los cambios de estado al manipular la temperatura y la presión del agua, hielo, y gas.

Science, Lawrence H.



Mud Nest of Hornero  

USGS Multimedia Gallery

Completed mud nest. End of wet season. Paraguay is home to at least 589 breeding bird species and 120 migratory bird species. Breeding Status: Breeding Permanent Resident. Habitat: Pasture, Second-Growth Shrub and Urban Zones. Estado de ocurrencia: Residente nidificante permanente. Hábitat: P...


Cambio estructural regional y agua: Escasez, dependencia e impactos sobre el tejido económico. El caso de Andalucía\\/Structural Change and Water: Scarcity, Dependence and Impacts on the Economy. The Case of Andalusia  

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El agua es un input clave para la producción de numerosos bienes, y su escasez puede ser un factor limitante para el desarrollo regional. La gestión de este recurso en España ha estado caracterizada por medidas de oferta que han descuidado la conservación de los recursos hídricos así como la gestión de la demanda..El artículo utiliza la metodología HEM (Hypothetical





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El turismo sostenible y la biodiversidad, es el resultado de una investigación realizada en el marco de un macroproyecto de producción limpia, desarrollado en la Unitropico, Yopal- Colombia. El turismo es uno de los renglones de la economía regional, que en los últimos años ha estado al orden del día de las políticas públicas departamentales, dado la gran variedad de

Martha Edda León Sarmiento



Una evaluación del Plan de Consolidación Integral de la Macarena (PCIM)  

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Este artículo presenta una descripción de la nueva estrategia de la lucha contra las drogas implementada en Colombia desde el año 2007. El Salto Estratégico, como ha llamado el gobierno colombiano a este programa, o la Iniciativa de Desarrollo Estratégico, como lo llama USAID (la agencia del gobierno de Estados Unidos para la ayuda a los países en desarrollo) es

Daniel Mejía; María José Uribe; Ana María Ibáñez




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CONSUMPTION OF NATIVE AND NONNATIVE FISHES BY INTRODUCED LARGEMOUTH BASS (MICROPTERUS SALMOIDES native fishes. Introduced largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) in the San Juan River, New Mexico (Micropterus salmoides) en el ri´o San Juan de los estados de Nuevo Me´xico, Colorado y Utah es raramente

Gido, Keith B.


Centro Tecnolgico -CTC Departamento de Engenharia Qumica e Engenharia de Alimentos-EQA  

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-970 Trindade - Florianópolis - Santa Catarina - Brasil | +55 (48) 3721-4063 e:........................................................................CEP:............................Estado:....................... CPF-970 Trindade - Florianópolis - Santa Catarina - Brasil | +55 (48) 3721-4063 e

Floeter, Sergio Ricardo



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, com sede no Campus Universitário, Trindade, Florianópolis, Estado de Santa Catarina, Brasil, inscrita.2. ___________________________________________________ (Voluntário - nome, nacionalidade, profissão, RG, CPF, DATA DE NASCIMENTO, endereço residencial). 2. DA

Floeter, Sergio Ricardo


de Ps-Graduao em Enfermagem  

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/data expedição CPF Nome da mãe/pai Estado civil E-mail Endereço residencial #12;Programa de Pós-Graduação em Dirigir-se ao Banco do Brasil e fazer um depósito para a Agência: 14532 Conta �nica do Tesouro Nacional

Floeter, Sergio Ricardo


Contributed Paper The Role of Translocation in Recovery of Woodland  

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(Rangifer tarandus caribou) were extirpated recently from Banff National Park, Canada, and translocations, conservation reliant species, protected area, PVA, Rangifer tarandus, recovery plan, reintroduction tarandus caribou) fue extirpado recientemente del Parque Nacional Banff, Canad´a, y se ha estado

Hebblewhite, Mark



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El venado cola blanca (Odocoileus virginianus) habita el bosque tropical de Chamela en la costa Pacífica del estado de Jalisco, México. En esta región la vegetación dominante es el bosque tropical caducifolio el cual se establece en las colinas y se caracteriza porque en el estrato arbóreo y sotobosque dominan especies que pierden sus hojas durante seis a siete meses





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La importancia de la políticas para el adecuado desarrollo de la actividad turística es mayor de lo que normalmente se considera (Torres, 2004). Las autoridades regionales y locales desempeñan un papel fundamental en la formulación de políticas y en la organización y desarrollo del turismo. Esto ha sido durante mucho tiempo el caso de países como Alemania, Estados Unidos o

Claudia María Giraldo Velásquez; Sandra Zapata Aguirre




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Viajar ha sido siempre una de las aspiraciones más firmemente deseadas del ser humano, aunque, a lo largo de la historia de la humanidad, los desplazamientos individuales y colectivos han estado motivados por distintas causas. Además, España se sitúa entre los destinos turísticos preferidos por los turistas extranjeros, aunque muy especialmente destaca Andalucía con una amplia oferta turística. Hasta hace

Cristina Castillo Rodríguez



Asignación de ayudas públicas mediante ELECTRE-TRI. Una apliación al turismo rural en Galicia\\/Methodology for the Distribution of Public Aids: a Application for the Rural Tourism in Galicia  

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El turismo rural ha tenido un desarrollo muy importante en los últimos años en España, el cual ha estado impulsado en cierta medida por las ayudas concedidas por las distintas administraciones. En este trabajo se aplica el método de superación ELECTRE-TRI al reparto de ayudas públicas relativas a proyectos de turismo rural presentados en Galicia en el año 2001. Los




Dinâmica dos usos e coberturas da terra em Área de Preservação Permanente na Bacia Hidrográfica dos Rios Mogi Guaçu e Pardo, no período entre 1988 e 2002  

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O objetivo deste trabalho foi estudar a dinâmica de uso e ocupação da terra em Áreas de Preservação Permanente – APPs - na Bacia Hidrográfica dos Rios Mogi Guaçu e Pardo, estado de São Paulo, de modo a subsidiar a formulação de políticas públicas. As APPs foram identificadas e mapeadas usando imagens do Landsat-7. O uso antrópico em áreas de

Luis Alberto Ambrosio; Maria Do Carmo Ramos Fasiaben; Jener Fernando Leite De Moraes



Ciencia, Sociedad, Soluciones: Una Introduccion al USGS  

USGS Publications Warehouse

El USGS sirve a la nacion de los Estados Unidos proveyendo informacion fidedigna para ? Describir y comprender la Tierra; ? Minimizar la perdida de vidas y propiedades por desastres naturales; ? Manejar los recursos hidrologicos, biologicos, energeticos y minerales; y ? Mejorar y proteger nuestra calidad de vida.

U.S. Geological Survey




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Este art´ iculo presenta un nuevo metodo de integracion numerica de ecuaciones diferenciales ordinarias basado en la cuantificacion de las variables de estado. Utilizando conceptos de integracion impl´ icita, el nuevo metodo denominado BQSS (Backward Quantized State Systems) permite integrar sistemas stiff de manera eficiente. Siendo el primer metodo de cuantificacion para sistemas stiff, BQSS es en s´ iu n

Ernesto Kofman; Gustavo Migoni


Identificación de oportunidades de mercado y mercadeo con un Enfoque Multi - Cadena para productos agroforestales de Alto Beni, Bolivia  

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Este estudio procura brindar oportunidades de diversificación a los productores cacaoteros de Alto Beni, Bolivia. Los productores cacaoteros se suman en 800 familias afiliadas a la cooperativa El Ceibo, que ha estado brindando facilidades para el acopio y la agregación de valor al cacao, pero que sin embargo, no ha logrado lanzar otros productos que puedan hacerle frente a variantes

Julio Cesar Muñoz Espinoza


La educación ambiental desde el análisis de lo cuantitativo, lo cualitativo y la medida en la formación de profesionales de la rama agropecuaria  

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En el desarrollo histórico social se evidencia que el hombre como especie no ha estado adecuadamente educado para concebir la mirada integral tanto de las consecuencias del crecimiento en cantidad ni de la aplicación de las vías que emplea para lograr una nueva cualidad en la producción agropecuaria. La sistematización de experiencias metrológicas en el Proceso Pedagógico Profesional Agrícola constituye

Ricardo Serrano Alberni




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El análisis de los fenómenos que acontecen en el ámbito organizacional, relacionados con la administración ha estado signado por una perspectiva unidimensional, que capta solamente una parte del fenómeno y lo fragmenta. Esta perspectiva es la más visible, sin embargo, al hacer una evaluación de los estudios en la conformación de la ciencia de la administración se puede observar la

Leonel Céspedes Tamayo; Diana Rosa Montero Tamayo



Selección de los principales problemas de seguridad de las vacunas  

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ExtractoEjemplos recientes de los principales beneficios en salud pública de la vacunación incluyen reducciones globales de la mortalidad por sarampión y el registro de niveles bajos de enfermedades evitables por vacunas en Estados Unidos. No obstante, los problemas reales o percibidos de seguridad de las vacunas pueden ejercer un impacto adverso sobre los programas de vacunación. La monitorización sólida de

John K. Iskander; Jane Gidudu; Nelson Arboleda; Wan-Ting Huang



Evidence for clonal propagation in natural isolates of Plasmodium falciparum from Venezuela  

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Evidence for clonal propagation in natural isolates of Plasmodium falciparum from Venezuela Ludmel, Estado Aragua, Venezuela; Division of Parasitic Diseases, National Center for Infectious Diseases, 2001 We have analyzed 75 isolates of Plasmodium falciparum, collected in Venezuela during both the dry



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TWO NEW SPECIES OF LEPIDOCYRTUS FROM PARAMO DE MUCUBAJI MERIDA, VENEZUELA (COLLEMBOLA ejemplares colectados en Paramo de Mucubaji, Estado de Merida, Venezuela. Los individuos fueron encontrados in Venezuela but only one, L. summersii (MacGillivray) 1894, has been described or reported from this country

Mari-Mutt, José A.


Diseño Axial de Combustible para BWRs Usando Redes Neuronales  

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Resumen En este trabajo se presenta un nuevo sistema de optimización axial de combustible basado en una red neuronal recurrente multiestado llamado RENODC. Se describen con detalle las características principales de este tipo de red neuronal (arquitectura, función de energía y actualización de estados neuronales) y como se adaptó al diseño de ensambles de combustible nuclear. El diseño de combustible

Juan José Ortiz; Alejandro Castillo; José Luis Montes; Raúl Perusquía



Actas del Congreso Internacional "Amrica Latina: La autonoma de una regin", organizado por el Consejo Espaol de Estudios Iberoamericanos (CEEIB) y la Facultad de Ciencias Polticas y Sociologa de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM),  

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redes sociales digitales en amplios sectores de la sociedad han venido impactando la forma (y el fondo Estado en relación a su enraizamiento social y capacidad infraestructural. Destacando este aspecto menos actores sociales, sino planteando algunas preguntas relevantes" (Castells, La era de la Información. La

Paris-Sud XI, Université de



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cultural existente en el planeta. Debido a los cambios sociales que se han producido, como la migración y las redes translocales, la redefinición o emergencia de nuevas identidades, tal diversidad encuentra el Estado y las instituciones sociales. En el caso particular de América Latina, la multitud de

Parrott, Lael



E-print Network

conducta económica), Roberto Fernandez (redes sociales), Mauro F. Guillén (sociología comparativa y investigación más recientes en las ciencias sociales en Estados Unidos. Fifth Summer Seminar on Sociological

Escolano, Francisco


" in Hoffmann, Odile (ed.), Poltica e Identidad. Afrodescendientes en Mexico y Amrica Central, INAH, UNAM, CEMCA, IRD, Mexique, 2010.  

E-print Network

, INAH, UNAM, CEMCA, IRD, Mexique, 2010. Génesis de redes transnacionales. Movimientos las ciencias sociales a la vez que objeto central de debates de sociedad, se encuentra el de las su historia y de sus realidades sociales contemporáneas como para las agendas públicas de estados y

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


The Educational Narrativity in the First Period of Oliveira Salazar's Government. Women's Voices in the National Assembly (1935-1945)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Oliveira Salazar's accession to the government followed the military coup of 1926, which put an end to the period of democratic republican life. The Constitution approved in 1933 defined the new regime, which came to be known as "Estado Novo". Ideologically sustained by an anti-liberal concept of Catholicism, this political regime would grant…

Adao, Aurea; Remedios, Maria Jose



Visite el sitio Web del Instituto de Ciencia Regional, donde encontrar informacin  

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Visite el sitio Web del Instituto de Ciencia Regional, donde encontrará información detallada Instituto de Ciencia Regional Estado de actualización: Junio del 2005 Universität Karlsruhe (TH) Instituto de Ciencia Regional Programa acreditado de Master ,,Ciencia regional/ Planificaión territorial

Snelting, Gregor



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RETOS DE LAS HUMANIDADES Y LAS CIENCIAS SOCIALES Consejo Técnico de Humanidades 12,13 y 14 de junio de 2012 12 10:00 horas Políticas de estado en las Humanidades y las ciencias sociales Guillermo las Humanidades y las ciencias sociales: tensiones y ProPuestas María de Ibarrola, CINVESTAV, IPN

Islas, León



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Dilma Rousseff nació el 14 de diciembre de 1947 en la ciudad de Belo Horizonte, estado de Minas Gerais. Es economista de profesión y se afilio al PT en el año 2001; en el año 2002 fue convidada para asumir el Ministerio de Energía y Minas, cargo en el que permaneció hasta el año 2005, cuando pasó a ocupar la

Pedro Hubertus Vivas Agüero



Communicating the Past via Translation: The Manipulation of History  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper examines the connection between translation and narratives of history, with particular attention to Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States" and its Spanish version, "La otra historia de los Estados Unidos". It is argued that translation interacts with history in many ways: translation is fundamental to history and, in…

Valdeon, Roberto A.



Informe Anual a la Nación indica que los índices generales de cáncer siguen disminuyendo; su sección especial destaca las tendencias actuales y pronósticos del cáncer colorrectal

Los índices de casos nuevos diagnosticados y los índices de muertes de todos los tipos de cáncer combinados disminuyeron en forma considerable en el período más reciente para hombres y mujeres en general, y para la mayoría de las poblaciones raciales y étnicas de Estados Unidos, según un informe de las principales organizaciones de salud y oncológicas.


Conozca cuáles son las opciones de atención del cáncer en su comunidad

Este artículo hace una presentación general de las funciones del programa de centros oncológicos designados por el NCI y del programa de investigación oncológica comunitaria del NCI en Estados Unidos, los cuales son una fuente importante de atención para pacientes con cáncer.



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Este trabalho é resultado de uma investigação sobre a ação dos órgãos oficiais de Assistência Técnica e Extensão rural (ATER) no nordeste brasileiro, com o objetivo avaliar as ações dos mesmos visando a implementação da nova Política Nacional de ATER (PNATER), na região como referência para o país. Ela contemplou os Estados de Bahia, Pernambuco, Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte,

José Ribamar; Furtado de Souza


SI USTED TIENE DERECHO A TRABAJAR, no deje que nadie se lo quite.  

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SI USTED TIENE DERECHO A TRABAJAR, no deje que nadie se lo quite. Si tiene derecho a trabajar Especial, División de Derechos Civiles, P.O. Box 27728, Washington, DC 20038-7728. Departamento de Justicia De los Estados Unidos, División de Derechos Civiles Oficina del Consejero Especial #12;

Fraden, Seth



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completo: Revista General de Derecho Administrativo, RGD Canónico y Eclesiástico del Estado, RGD Trabajo y a texto completo EL DERECHO INTERNET Comentarios a texto completo de las revistas de El Derecho Biblioteca de Derecho Recursos de información en Derecho Más información:

Autonoma de Madrid, Universidad


Cómo sentar las bases de una justicia universal: Creación de redes internacionales y ejercicio de la responsabilidad penal en el caso de violaciones de los derechos humanos en Chile y El Salvador \\/ Grounding global justice: international networks and domestic human rights accountability in Chile and El Salvador  

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Para algunos, la detención en Londres del ex-dictador chileno Augusto Pinochet, en 1998, fue una demostración paradigmática de la posible eficacia de las así llamadas «redes globales de la sociedad civil» para hacer efectiva la responsabilidad penal de ex Jefes de Estado por crímenes contra la humanidad. Sin embargo, el presente artículo cuestiona la eficacia de las acciones que pueden

Cath Collins



Cidadania negociada: descendentes de italianos na Repblica Velha Gacha  

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Cidadania negociada: descendentes de italianos na República Velha Gaúcha Autora: Rejane Silva Penna familiar dos imigrantes italianos, aparecendo itens como nome, idade, localidade, religião, data de chegada descendentes de italianos na busca de uma participação mais efetiva na constituição do nascente Estado

Boyer, Edmond



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RESUMEN Es la intención de esta comunicación reflexionar y visualizar la importancia individual, grupal y comunitaria que tienen las organizaciones de mujeres en la lucha contra la exclusión social y en el fortalecimiento del Estado de bienestar. Su mera existencia cuestiona profundamente la lógica que articula esta sociedad patriarcal, porque expresa la presencia y reivindicaciones de sectores y colectivos sociales



Simposio interamericano sobre administracion de la educacion (Inter-American Symposium on Educational Administration).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The presidents and foreign ministers in Latin America recognize the importance of applying technology to school administration as the first step in any educational reform. In October 1968, the Organization of American States (OAS) [Organizacion de los Estados Americanos (OEA)], sponsored a symposium in Brasilia, Brazil, in cooperation with the…

Cespedes, Francisco S., Ed.


Conservadores en política y reformistas en lo social. La Acción Social Católica y la legitimación política del régimen de Franco (1940-1960)  

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Deseo y objetivo de la Jerarquía eclesiástica a lo largo de los años cuarenta y cincuenta eran el acceder y ratificar una política de concordia que hiciera factible la mejor colaboración entre la Iglesia y el Estado. Se buscaba hacer de la fe y de la vida religiosa de la comunidad, o de parte de ella, un elemento constitutivo de

José Sánchez Jiménez



O \\  

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247 A problemática das linguagens como modalidades de exercício de poder, de diferenciação e de dominação tem estado constantemente presente nas agendas dos estudos feministas em geral e das abordagens feministas do direi- to em particular. De acordo com essas perspectivas, uma das formas de poder de que se socorre o aparelho jurídico reside, precisamente, no que esta instân- cia

Helena Machado


The improper use of Rent Theory as a legitimation of a rentier State  

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El discurso político se caracteriza por ideologizar y buscar artificios idóneos para evitar decir lo que no hay que decir. En Venezuela, el enfrentamiento entre el Estado propietario de los yacimientos petrolíferos y el capital internacional, tuvo indiscutibles aspectos políticos; los funcionarios estatales encubrieron el carácter rentista del ingreso petrolero. La teoría del valor intrínseco justificó la legítima apetencia rentista

Fabio Maldonado Veloza



Teoría del discurso y derechos humanos  

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En esta obra Alexy desarrolla su fundamentación de las decisiones judiciales o teoría de la argumentación jurídica. Su concepción es eminentemente racional y parte de la teoría del discurso de Habermas, en el intento de lograr un modelo de argumentación jurídica que corresponda al Estado constitucional democrático. La singularidad del punto de vista que aquí expone radica en que considera

Robert Alexy


43. Calcular los coeficientes de transmisin y reflexin de un electrn de 2,5 eV de energa que choca con un potencial de tipo escaln de altura 2 eV. Qu pasara si  

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zona permitida clásicamente? 48. Un oscilador armónico se encuentra en un estado para el cual hay una encontraba en t = 0? 7 #12;Representación matricial 51. Utilizar la representación matricial de los

Colet, Pere



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El pasto Banderita (Bouteloua curtipendula) Michx. (Torr.), es una especie nativa de México, pero no se ha hecho un uso plani- ficado de su riqueza genética. Para determinar relaciones genéti- cas en 90 poblaciones nativas de Banderita, de varios Estados de México, se analizó la expresión de marcadores de polimorfismo de longitud de fragmentos amplificados (AFLP) y su consisten- cia,

Carlos Morales-Nieto; Adrián Quero-Carrillo; Olivier Le-Blanc; Alfonso Hernández-Garay; Jorge Pérez-Pérez; Sergio González-Muñoz



Hilos (threads) Realizado por M. Curiel  

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Hilos (threads) Realizado por M. Curiel #12;Definiciones Un proceso es una entidad que posee 2 características importantes: - Recursos: un espacio de direcciones (programas, datos, pila y un PCB), archivos. Tiene un PC, un estado de ejecución (Listo, bloqueado, ejecutándose, etc.) y una prioridad. #12

Cardinale Villarreal, Yudith C.


La Iglesia Católica, el sexo y la sexualidad en América Latina: más allá de la distinción público\\/privado  

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Considerar a la Iglesia Católica un actor central en la construcción legal del sexo y la sexualidad en América Latina podría parecer un anacronismo dados los recientes escándalos en que se ha visto involucrada, [1] la introducción de cláusulas estableciendo la separación de la Iglesia y el Estado en las constituciones latinoamericanas y las quejas de la Iglesia misma en

Isabel C. Jaramillo Sierra



Interview no. 375  

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Su padre amasaba caballos. Cruzo a los Estados Unidos por primera vez en 1910. Vivio primeramente en Fabens, luego Clint y Cuadrillas, regresandole luego para Mexico. Despues regreso a trabajar en el 1924. Platica de lo duro de la Depresion. Cruzaba con carta de recomendacion. Finalmente se regreso de nuevo. Perdion tierra a consecuencia de cambio de rio siendo compensado

Gilberto Rivera M



Communicated by P. M. A. Tigerstedt J. Whitton ( ) D. E. Wolf L. H. Rieseberg  

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for transgenic plants has been accompanied by increasing concern about the potential negative effects of the wide Biotecnologi´a, Universidad Auto´ noma del Estado de Morelos, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico 62210 A. A. Snow Department of Plant Biology, The Ohio State University, 1735 Neil Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43210-1293, USA

Snow, Allison A.


Role-Playing Games, Educação e Jogos Computadorizados na Cibercultura  

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Resumo: Este artigo apresenta a relação entre os RPG e os Jogos Computadorizados aplicados na Educação. O objetivo principal é apresentar o estado da arte e reflexões sobre estes assuntos. Portanto serão apresentadas algumas teorias educacionais que embasam estes temas, além dos principais conceitos de RPG Digitais e como estes jogos estão sendo usados no processo de ensino-aprendizagem. Palavras-chaves: Jogos

João Ricardo Bittencourt; Lucia Maria Giraffa


Great Black-hawk in Snag  

USGS Multimedia Gallery

Great black-hawk perched in snag near wetland area of Estancia El Trebol Bajo Chaco, Paraguay. Paraguay is home to at least 589 breeding bird species and 120 migratory bird species. Breeding Status: Breeding permanent resident. Habitat: Humid Forest, Gallery Forest, Wetlands, and Dry Forest. Estado ...


Great Black-Hawk in Snag  

USGS Multimedia Gallery

Great black-hawk in snag near wetland area of Estancia El Trebol, Bajo Chaco, Paraguay. Paraguay is home to at least 589 breeding bird species and 120 migratory bird species. Breeding Status: Breeding permanent resident. Habitat: Humid Forest, Gallery Forest, Wetlands, and Dry Forest. Estado de ocur...


Great Black-hawk Perched in Snag  

USGS Multimedia Gallery

Great black-hawk perched in snag near wetland area of Estancia El Trebol, Bajo Chaco, Paraguay. Paraguay is home to at least 589 breeding bird species and 120 migratory bird species. Breeding Status: Breeding permanent resident. Habitat: Humid Forest, Gallery Forest, Wetlands, and Dry Forest. Estado...


Visión de un científico oncólogo que aplica la investigación a la salud humana a través de las fronteras

El doctor Jorge Gómez es el asesor principal del Centro para la Salud Mundial del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer. Dirige la Red de Investigación del Cáncer de los Estados Unidos y América Latina, la cual está realizando un estudio internacional de los factores de riesgo del cáncer de mama y características en las mujeres de América Latina.


Estudio para la prevención del cáncer necesita voluntarias: El Estudio del Tamoxifeno y Raloxifeno (STAR) se realiza en Norteamérica

El Estudio del Tamoxifeno y Raloxifeno (STAR, por sus siglas en inglés), uno de los estudios más importantes realizados para la prevención del cáncer del seno, está ahora reclutando voluntarias en más de 400 centros en los Estados Unidos, Puerto Rico y Canadá.


O pleno emprego na perspectiva da modernização reflexiva  

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Resumo O pleno emprego foi o esteio para a segurança social na Primeira Modernidade. As políticas keynesianas implementadas a partir da crise de 1929 caminharam em direção à composição de um Estado- nacional social. O próprio sucesso do capitalismo industrial provoca mudanças. O desenvolvimento tecnológico, a crescente riqueza e a queda do muro de Berlim impulsionam a sociedade industrial para

Maria do Carmo; Cataldi Muterle


Seasonal and vertical changes in leaf angle distribution for selected deciduous broadleaf tree species common to Europe  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Leaf inclination angle distribution is a key parameter in determining the transmission and reflection of radiation by vegetation canopies. It has been previously observed that leaf inclination angle might change gradually from more vertical in the upper canopy and in high light habitats to more horizontal in the lower canopy and in low light habitats [1]. Despite its importance, relatively few measurements on actual leaf angle distributions have been reported for different tree species. Even smaller number of studies have dealt with the possible seasonal changes in leaf angle distribution [2]. In this study the variation of leaf inclination angle distributions was examined both temporally throughout the growing season and vertically at different heights of trees. We report on leaf inclination angle distributions for five deciduous broadleaf species found commonly in several parts of Europe: grey alder (Alnus incana), Silver birch (Betula pendula Roth), chestnut (Castanea), Norway maple (Acer platanoides), and aspen (Populus tremula). The angles were measured using the leveled camera method [3], with the data collected at several separate heights and four times during the period of May-September 2013. The results generally indicate the greatest change in leaf inclination angles for spring, with the changes usually being the most pronounced at the top of the canopy. It should also be noted, however, that whereas the temporal variation proved to be rather consistent for different species, the vertical variation differed more between species. The leveled camera method was additionally tested in terms of sensitivity to different users. Ten people were asked to measure the leaf angles for four different species. The results indicate the method is quite robust in providing coinciding distributions irrespective of the user and level of previous experience with the method. However, certain caution must be exercised when measuring long narrow leaves. References [1] G.G. McMillen, and J.H. McClendon, "Leaf angle: an adaptive feature of sun and shade leaves," Botanical Gazette, vol. 140, pp. 437-442, 1979. [2] J. Pisek, O. Sonnentag, A.D. Richardson, and M. Mõttus, "Is the spherical leaf inclination angle distribution a valid assumption for temperate and boreal broadleaf tree species?" Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, vol. 169, pp. 186-194, 2013. [3] Y. Ryu, O. Sonnentag, T. Nilson, R. Vargas, H. Kobayashi, R. Wenk, and D. Baldocchi, "How to quantify tree leaf area index in a heterogenous savanna ecosystem: a multi-instrument and multimodel approach," Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, vol. 150, pp. 63-76, 2010.

Raabe, Kairi; Pisek, Jan; Sonnentag, Oliver; Annuk, Kalju



Classification of spent reactor fuel for nuclear forensics.  


In this paper we demonstrate the use of pattern recognition and machine learning techniques to determine the reactor type from which spent reactor fuel has originated. This has been done using the isotopic and elemental measurements of the sample and proves to be very useful in the field of nuclear forensics. Nuclear materials contain many variables (impurities and isotopes) that are very difficult to consider individually. A method that considers all material parameters simultaneously is advantageous. Currently the field of nuclear forensics focuses on the analysis of key material properties to determine details about the materials processing history, for example, utilizing known half-lives of isotopes can determine when the material was last processed (Stanley, F. E. J. Anal. At. Spectrom. 2012, 27, 1821; Varga, Z.; Wallenius, M.; Mayer, K.; Keegan, E.; Millet, S. Anal. Chem. 2009, 81, 8327-8334). However, it has been demonstrated that multivariate statistical analysis of isotopic concentrations can complement these method and are able to make use of a greater level of information through dimensionality reduction techniques (Robel, M.; Kristo, M. J. J. Environ. Radioact. 2008, 99, 1789-1797; Robel, M.; Kristo, M. J.; Heller, M. A. Nuclear Forensic Inferences Using Iterative Multidimensional Statistics. In Proceedings of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management 50th Annual Meeting, Tucson, AZ, July 2009; 12 pages; Nicolaou, G. J. Environ. Radioact. 2006, 86, 313-318; Pajo, L.; Mayer, K.; Koch, L. Fresenius' J. Anal. Chem. 2001, 371, 348-352). There has been some success in using such multidimensional statistical methods to determine details about the history of spent reactor fuel (Robel, M.; Kristo, M. J. J. Environ. Radioact. 2008, 99, 1789-1797). Here, we aim to expand on these findings by pursuing more robust dimensionality reduction techniques based on manifold embedding which are able to better capture the intrinsic data set information. Furthermore, we demonstrate the use of a number of classification algorithms to reliably determine the reactor type in which a spent fuel material has been irradiated. A number of these classification techniques are novel applications in nuclear forensics and expand on the existing knowledge in this field by creating a reliable and robust classification model. The results from this analysis show that our techniques have been very successful and further ascertain the excellent potential of these techniques in the field of nuclear forensics at least with regard to spent reactor fuel. PMID:24805973

Jones, Andrew E; Turner, Phillip; Zimmerman, Colin; Goulermas, John Y



Associations between Arsenic Species in Exfoliated Urothelial Cells and Prevalence of Diabetes among Residents of Chihuahua, Mexico  

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Background: A growing number of studies link chronic exposure to inorganic arsenic (iAs) with the risk of diabetes. Many of these studies assessed iAs exposure by measuring arsenic (As) species in urine. However, this approach has been criticized because of uncertainties associated with renal function and urine dilution in diabetic individuals. Objectives: Our goal was to examine associations between the prevalence of diabetes and concentrations of As species in exfoliated urothelial cells (EUC) as an alternative to the measures of As in urine. Methods: We measured concentrations of trivalent and pentavalent iAs methyl-As (MAs) and dimethyl-As (DMAs) species in EUC from 374 residents of Chihuahua, Mexico, who were exposed to iAs in drinking water. We used fasting plasma glucose, glucose tolerance tests, and self-reported diabetes diagnoses or medication to identify diabetic participants. Associations between As species in EUC and diabetes were estimated using logistic and linear regression, adjusting for age, sex, and body mass index. Results: Interquartile-range increases in trivalent, but not pentavalent, As species in EUC were positively and significantly associated with diabetes, with ORs of 1.57 (95% CI: 1.19, 2.07) for iAsIII, 1.63 (1.24, 2.15) for MAsIII, and 1.31 (0.96, 1.84) for DMAsIII. DMAs/MAs and DMAs/iAs ratios were negatively associated with diabetes (OR = 0.62; 95% CI: 0.47, 0.83 and OR = 0.72; 95% CI: 0.55, 0.96, respectively). Conclusions: Our data suggest that uncertainties associated with measures of As species in urine may be avoided by using As species in EUC as markers of iAs exposure and metabolism. Our results provide additional support to previous findings suggesting that trivalent As species may be responsible for associations between diabetes and chronic iAs exposure. Citation: Currier JM, Ishida MC, González-Horta C, Sánchez-Ramírez B, Ballinas-Casarrubias L, Gutiérrez-Torres DS, Hernández Cerón R, Viniegra Morales D, Baeza Terrazas FA, Del Razo LM, García-Vargas GG, Saunders RJ, Drobná Z, Fry RC, Matoušek T, Buse JB, Mendez MA, Loomis D, Stýblo M. 2014. Associations between arsenic species in exfoliated urothelial cells and prevalence of diabetes among residents of Chihuahua, Mexico. Environ Health Perspect 122:1088–1094;? PMID:25000461

Currier, Jenna M.; Ishida, María C.; González-Horta, Carmen; Sánchez-Ramírez, Blanca; Ballinas-Casarrubias, Lourdes; Gutiérrez-Torres, Daniela S.; Cerón, Roberto Hernández; Morales, Damián Viniegra; Terrazas, Francisco A. Baeza; Del Razo, Luz M.; García-Vargas, Gonzalo G.; Saunders, R. Jesse; Drobná, Zuzana; Fry, Rebecca C.; Matoušek, Tomáš; Buse, John B.; Mendez, Michelle A.; Loomis, Dana



[Anti-sulfatide antibody titers in patients with chronic Chagas disease and other forms of cardiopathy].  


A specific treatment for Chagas' disease has not yet been discovered, even though the condition is endemic in large parts of the Region of the Americas. Earlier studies have addressed the possibility that the sulfatide galactocerebroside in Trypanosoma cruzi behaves as an immunogen involved in the production of the high antisulfatide antibody levels found in patients with chronic infestation with the parasite. This may be an important factor in the pathogenesis of the cardiac symptoms and peripheral neuropathy seen in Chagas' disease, which is the most important cause of myocarditis in Central and South America and the second most important cause of heart failure in several of the countries located in these subregions. The present study was conducted in order to ascertain whether patients with Chagas' disease and other patients not afflicted with the ailment differ insofar as the presence of antibodies against sulfatide is concerned, and it describes antisulfatide antibody levels in 124 hospital patients (74 men and 50 women) between the ages of 15 and 94 who were in the cardiology unit of Vargas Hospital in Caracas from 1 July to 30 June 1995. Antisulfatide antibody titers were determined by means of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA), and the antigen employed was sulfatide cerebroside obtained from bovine brain tissue. Of the 124 patients under study, 39 (31.5%) suffered from Chagas' disease and had antisulfatide antibody levels higher than those detected in patients without Chagas (P = 0.0298) and in 28 seemingly healthy controls (P = 0.0035). Serum levels of antisulfatide antibodies in patients with other forms of heart disease were also compared with those seen in the control group, and significantly higher levels were found in patients with acute ischemic heart disease (P = 0.0049), rheumatic valvular heart disease (P = 0.0075), chronic ischemic heart disease (P = 0.0464) and bradiarrythmias (P = 0.0157), and significantly lower ones in subjects with hypertensive heart disease (P = 0.0367). These antibody levels showed no correlation with clinical or paraclinical variables indicative of the degree of cardiac compromise. Our results support the notion that antibodies against sulfatide may play a role in the pathogenesis of Chagas' cardiomyopathy and other forms of heart disease and should be further studied in an effort to determine their potential role in these processes. PMID:9608814

García, R; Avila, J L; Rojas, M; Martínez, A; García, W; Bergel, P



Maternal Arsenic Exposure, Arsenic Methylation Efficiency, and Birth Outcomes in the Biomarkers of Exposure to ARsenic (BEAR) Pregnancy Cohort in Mexico  

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Background: Exposure to inorganic arsenic (iAs) from drinking water is a global public health problem, yet much remains unknown about the extent of exposure in susceptible populations. Objectives: We aimed to establish the Biomarkers of Exposure to ARsenic (BEAR) prospective pregnancy cohort in Gómez Palacio, Mexico, to better understand the effects of iAs exposure on pregnant women and their children. Methods: Two hundred pregnant women were recruited for this study. Concentrations of iAs in drinking water (DW-iAs) and maternal urinary concentrations of iAs and its monomethylated and dimethylated metabolites (MMAs and DMAs, respectively) were determined. Birth outcomes were analyzed for their relationship to DW-iAs and to the concentrations and proportions of maternal urinary arsenicals. Results: DW-iAs for the study subjects ranged from < 0.5 to 236 ?g As/L. More than half of the women (53%) had DW-iAs that exceeded the World Health Organization’s recommended guideline of 10 ?g As/L. DW-iAs was significantly associated with the sum of the urinary arsenicals (U-tAs). Maternal urinary concentrations of MMAs were negatively associated with newborn birth weight and gestational age. Maternal urinary concentrations of iAs were associated with lower mean gestational age and newborn length. Conclusions: Biomonitoring results demonstrate that pregnant women in Gómez Palacio are exposed to potentially harmful levels of DW-iAs. The data support a relationship between iAs metabolism in pregnant women and adverse birth outcomes. The results underscore the risks associated with iAs exposure in vulnerable populations. Citation: Laine JE, Bailey KA, Rubio-Andrade M, Olshan AF, Smeester L, Drobná Z, Herring AH, Stýblo M, García-Vargas GG, Fry RC. 2015. Maternal arsenic exposure, arsenic methylation efficiency, and birth outcomes in the Biomarkers of Exposure to ARsenic (BEAR) pregnancy cohort in Mexico. Environ Health Perspect 123:186–192;? PMID:25325819

Laine, Jessica E.; Bailey, Kathryn A.; Rubio-Andrade, Marisela; Olshan, Andrew F.; Smeester, Lisa; Drobná, Zuzana; Herring, Amy H.; Stýblo, Miroslav; García-Vargas, Gonzalo G.



PREFACE: 14th Latin American Workshop on Plasma Physics (LAWPP 2011)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

These proceedings present the written contributions from participants of the Latin American Workshop on Plasma Physics (LAWPP), which was held in Mar del Plata, Argentina, on 20-25 November 2011. This was the 14th session of the series of LAWPP biennial meetings, which started in 1982. The five-day scientific program of LAWPP 2011 consisted of 32 talks and various poster sessions, with the participation of 135 researchers from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, USA, Venezuela, as well as others from Europe and Asia. In addition, a School on Plasma Physics and a Workshop on Industrial Applications of Plasma Technology (AITP) were organized together with the main meeting. The five-day School held in the week previous to the meeting was intended for young scientists starting their research in Plasma Physics. On the other hand, the objective of the AITP Workshop was to enhance regional academic and industrial cooperation in the field of plasma assisted surface technology. Topics addressed at LAWPP 2011 included space plasmas, dusty plasmas, nuclear fusion, non-thermal plasmas, basic plasma processes, plasma simulation and industrial plasma applications. This variety of subjects is reflected in these proceedings, which the editors hope will result in enjoyable and fruitful reading for those interested in Plasma Physics. It is a pleasure to thank the Institutions that sponsored the meeting, as well as all the participants and collaborators for making this meeting possible. The Editors Luis Bilbao, Fernando Minotti and Hector Kelly LAWPP participants Participants of the 14th Latin American Workshop on Plasma Physics, 20-25 November 2011, Mar del Plata, Argentina International Scientific Committee Carlos Alejaldre, Spain María Virginia Alves, Brazil Ibere Caldas, Brazil Luis Felipe Delgado-Aparicio, Peru Mayo Villagrán, Mexico Kohnosuke Sato, Japan Héctor Kelly, Argentina Edberto Leal-Quirós, Puerto Rico George Morales, USA Julio Puerta, Venezuela Leopoldo Soto, Chile Michael Tendler, Sweden Carlos Varandas, Portugal Henry Riascos, Colombia Ivan Vargas-Blanco, Costa Rica Local Organizing Committee Luis Bilbao (Chairman) Fernando Minotti (Vice-Chairman) Luis Bernal, UNMDP Alejandro Clausse, PLADEMA-CNEA Graciela Gnavi, INFIP, CONICET-UBA Fausto Gratton, INFIP, CONICET-UBA Diana Grondona, INFIP, CONICET-UBA Héctor Kelly, INFIP, CONICET-UBA Adriana Márquez, INFIP, CONICET-UBA María Milanese, UNCPBA César Moreno, INFIP, CONICET-UBA Sponsors Instituto de Física del Plasma (INFIP) Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET) Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica (CNEA) Agencia Nacional de Promoción Científica y Tecnológica (ANPCyT) Centro Latino-Americano de Física (CLAF) Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata (UNMP) Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (UNICEN) Academia Nacional de Ciencias de Buenos Aires (ANCBA) Conference poster

Bilbao, Luis; Minotti, Fernando; Kelly, Hector



Sinuosity change of the Po River near Cremona (Northern Italy) - a result of neotectonic activity?  

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In the map sheets of the Second Military Survey of the Habsburg Empire, Lombardia, Parma, Modena and Venice also can be seen (Timár et al., 2006). This area was surveyed between 1818 and 1829. In these map sheets, we can also follow the river Po from Vaccarizza to the delta. This river reach is about 350 km long. This river reach was digitized and sinuosity values were calculated with different window sizes, and displayed in a spectrum-like diagram (sinuosity spectra; after van Balen et al., 2008). At Cremona, a significante sinuosity change were identified. The sinuosity increasing, and we have high sinuosity values. In the summarizing geological map of Italy (Compagnoni and Calluzzo, 2004), at this place, a tectonic line was identified. So probably this fault line invokes the sinuosity change on the river. The vertical movements indicated on the maps are just the opposite like they would be according to the flume experiments of Ouchi (1985). In the case of the Po River at Cremona, the decrease of the channel slope results higher sinuosity. The reason is that the rate of the slope and water discharge is higher than it is required by the self-organized meandering and the river parameters fell to the range of the unorganized meandering (cf. Timár, 2003). Another possible explanation could be that the northern tributary, the Adda River has significant sediment load that lowers the sinuosity of the trunk river at the confluence. Compagnoni, B., Galluzzo, F. (eds., 2004): Geological Map of Italy. Agenzia per la Protezione dell'Ambiente per I Servizi Tecnici - Dipartimento Difesa del Suolo, Servizio Geologico d'Italia, Rome-Florence-Genoa. Map, scale=1:1250000, especially printed for the 32nd International Geological Congress. Ouchi, S. (1985): Response of alluvial rivers to slow active tectonic movement. Geol. Soc. Am. Bull. 96: 504-515. Timár, G. (2003): Controls on channel sinuosity changes: a case study of the Tisza River, the Great Hungarian Plain. Quaternary Science Reviews 22: 2199-2207. Timár, G., Molnár, G., Székely, B., Biszak, S., Varga, J., Jankó, A. (2006): Digitized maps of the Habsburg Empire - The map sheets of the second military survey and their georeferenced version. Arcanum, Budapest, 59 p. van Balen, R. T., Kasse, C., Moor, J. (2008): Impact of groundwater flow on meandering; example from the Geul river, the Netherlands. Earth Surf. Process. and Landf. 33(13): 2010-2028.

Petrovszki, Judit; Timár, Gábor



Cardiac-specific genetic inhibition of nuclear factor-?B prevents right ventricular hypertrophy induced by monocrotaline.  


Uncontrolled pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) results in right ventricular (RV) hypertrophy (RVH), progressive RV failure, and low cardiac output leading to increased morbidity and mortality (McLaughlin VV, Archer SL, Badesch DB, Barst RJ, Farber HW, Lindner JR, Mathier MA, McGoon MD, Park MH, Rosenson RS, Rubin LJ, Tapson VF, Varga J. J Am Coll Cardiol 53: 1573-1619, 2009). Although the exact figures of its prevalence are difficult to obtain because of the diversity of identifiable causes, it is estimated that the incidence of pulmonary hypertension is seven to nine cases per million persons in the general population and is most prevalent in the age group of 20-40, occurring more commonly in women than in men (ratio: 1.7 to 1; Rubin LJ. N Engl J Med 336: 111-117, 1997). PAH is characterized by dyspnea, chest pain, and syncope. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease and medical regimens are limited (Simon MA. Curr Opin Crit Care 16: 237-243, 2010). PAH leads to adverse remodeling that results in RVH, progressive right heart failure, low cardiac output, and ultimately death if left untreated (Humbert M, Morrell NW, Archer SL, Stenmark KR, MacLean MR, Lang IM, Christman BW, Weir EK, Eickelberg O, Voelkel NF, Rabinovitch M. J Am Coll Cardiol 43: 13S-24S, 2004; Humbert M, Sitbon O, Simonneau G. N Engl J Med 351: 1425-1436, 2004. LaRaia AV, Waxman AB. South Med J 100: 393-399, 2007). As there are no direct tools to assess the onset and progression of PAH and RVH, the disease is often detected in later stages marked by full-blown RVH, with the outcome predominantly determined by the level of increased afterload (D'Alonzo GE, Barst RJ, Ayres SM, Bergofsky EH, Brundage BH, Detre KM, Fishman AP, Goldring RM, Groves BM, Kernis JT, et al. Ann Intern Med 115: 343-349, 1991; Sandoval J, Bauerle O, Palomar A, Gomez A, Martinez-Guerra ML, Beltran M, Guerrero ML. Validation of a prognostic equation Circulation 89: 1733-1744, 1994). Various studies have been performed to assess the genetic, biochemical, and morphological components that contribute to PAH. Despite major advances in the understanding of the pathogenesis of PAH, the molecular mechanism(s) by which PAH promotes RVH and cardiac failure still remains elusive. Of all the mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis, inflammation and oxidative stress remain the core of the etiology of PAH that leads to development of RVH (Dorfmüller P, Perros F, Balabanian K, Humbert M. Eur Respir J 22: 358-363, 2003). PMID:22245771

Kumar, Sandeep; Wei, Chuanyu; Thomas, Candice M; Kim, Il-Kwon; Seqqat, Rachid; Kumar, Rajesh; Baker, Kenneth M; Jones, W Keith; Gupta, Sudhiranjan



The History of Soil Mapping and Classification in Europe: The role of the European Commission  

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Early systematic soil mapping in Europe dates back to the early times of soil science in the 19th Century and was developed at National scales mostly for taxation purposes. National soil classification systems emerged out of the various scientific communities active at that time in leading countries like Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, United Kingdom and many others. Different scientific communities were leading in the various countries, in some cases stemming from geological sciences, in others as a branch of agricultural sciences. Soil classification for the purpose of ranking soils for their capacity to be agriculturally productive emerged as the main priority, allowing in some countries for very detailed and accurate soil maps at 1:5,000 scale and larger. Detailed mapping was mainly driven by taxation purposes in the early times but evolved in several countries also as a planning and management tool for farms and local administrations. The need for pan-European soil mapping and classification efforts emerged only after World War II in the early 1950's under the auspices of FAO with the aim to compile a common European soil map as a contribution to the global soil mapping efforts of FAO at that time. These efforts evolved over the next decades, with the support of the European Commission, towards the establishment of a permanent network of National soil survey institutions (the European Soil Bureau Network). With the introduction of digital soil mapping technologies, the new European Soil Information System (EUSIS) was established, incorporating data at multiple scales for the EU member states and bordering countries. In more recent years, the formal establishment of the European Soil Data Centre (ESDAC) hosted by the European Commission, together with a formal legal framework for soil mapping and soil classification provided by the INSPIRE directive and the related standardization and harmonization efforts, has led to the operational development of advanced digital soil mapping techniques supporting the contribution of Europe to a common global soil information system under the coordination of the Global Soil Partnership (GSP) of FAO. Further information: References: Mark G Kibblewhite, Ladislav Miko, Luca Montanarella, Legal frameworks for soil protection: current development and technical information requirements, Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, Volume 4, Issue 5, November 2012, Pages 573-577. Luca Montanarella, Ronald Vargas, Global governance of soil resources as a necessary condition for sustainable development, Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, Volume 4, Issue 5, November 2012, Pages 559-564.

Montanarella, Luca



Methods in safety pharmacology in focus.  


This focused issue of the Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods is the fifth to highlight Methods in Safety Pharmacology and includes a number of articles from the 7th Annual Safety Pharmacology Society (SPS) meeting that was held in Edinburgh, Scotland, September 19-21, 2007. However, unlike issues of the past, in which content predominantly focused on cardiovascular issues (specifically QT interval prolongation, QT-HR correction methods and validation of non-clinical cardiovascular models) this issue is composed of a number of non-cardiovascular methods papers and review articles. Of particular interest to readers will be articles related to CNS studies, in particular neurobehavioral assessments in non-human primates and the effects of drugs in juvenile and adult rats (an article that may be relevant in light of recent EU/US pediatric legislation). While cardiovascular function may not dominate there are several useful methodological papers including an assessment of cardiovascular sensitivity of drugs in conscious and anesthetized non-human primates, and a mathematical model (fractal analysis) applied to canine heartbeat dynamics. A first for the journal is a paper by Vargas et al., (2008-this issue) in which members of the SPS formed a working group in order to assess and review safety pharmacology testing of biological therapeutic agents (specifically monoclonal antibodies, mAbs). The group provides recommendations that will likely shape regulatory strategy and discussions in the yet to be fully discussed area of biological safety testing. In the tradition of obtaining a perspective on industry safety pharmacology program practices Lindgren et al., (2008-this issue) provide the results of a recent SPS survey that examines ICH S7A and S7B trends, aspects of early 'frontloading' safety studies, abuse and dependence liability and Contract Research Organization (CRO) tests/assays used in safety assessment of core battery and supplementary organ systems. In keeping with the translation track aspect of the 2007 meeting is an overview of the Distinguished Service Award lecture to Dr. T. Hammond that discusses many aspects of safety pharmacology including its evolution, impact, value and translation of non-clinical findings to humans. Finally, perspectives are presented on the use of the zebrafish as an early safety pharmacology-screening assay. PMID:18707009

Pugsley, Michael K; Gallacher, David J; Towart, Rob; Authier, Simon; Curtis, Michael J



*Bacharel em Turismo.  

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algumas questões que ainda fazem parte das discussões sobre as necessárias reformas estatais originadas no período da transição democrática e que se estendem até os dias atuais. Discussões essas que incluem também as transformações ocorridas na sociedade e que colocam as propostas de reformas para além da estrutura do Estado. É neste período que se pronuncia o esgotamento do planejamento centralizado como instrumento de condução política, não só em função dos problemas intrínsecos à estrutura estatal, mas principalmente por este não conseguir planejar a sociedade em virtude da nova complexidade social. Aliás, complexidade é a noção predominante nesse contexto em que se abrem novas propostas de planejamento, definidas através da co-responsabilidade entre os representantes do Estado e da

Ana Valéria Endres; Palavras-chave Turismo; Estado Planejamento; Planejamento Turístico


Respostas religiosas à aids no Brasil: impressões de pesquisa1  

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Resumo O texto encontra-se estruturado em quatro partes. Na primeira delas, apresentamos um conjunto de considerações e informações acerca da situação da aids no Brasil, das relações entre religião, sexualidade, aids e estado laico, bem como uma descrição mais clara do Projeto Respostas Religiosas ao HIV/Aids no Brasil, do qual este texto apresenta algumas impressões de pesquisa preliminares. A seguir, dedicamos um item a apresentação da Pastoral de DST/Aids, sua história, estrutura e objetivos. No item seguinte problematizamos diversas questões em particular no âmbito das relações Estado e Igreja, relações entre agentes de pastoral e hierarquia da Igreja, e questões ligadas mais diretamente à sexualidade e aids, todas referenciadas ao trabalho da Pastoral de DST/Aids. Ao final, apresentamos a bibliografia e fontes consultadas. PMID:20428503

Seffner, Fernando; da Silva, Cristiane Gonçalves Meireles; Maksud, Ívia; Garcia, Jonathan; Rios, Luís Felipe; Natividade, Marcelo; Borges, Priscila Rodrigues; Parker, Richard; Terto, Veriano



Respostas religiosas à aids no Brasil: impressões de pesquisa acerca da Pastoral de DST/Aids da Igreja Católica1  

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O texto encontra-se estruturado em quatro partes. Na primeira delas, apresentamos um conjunto de considerações e informações acerca da situação da aids no Brasil, das relações entre religião, sexualidade, aids e estado laico, bem como uma descrição mais clara do Projeto Respostas Religiosas ao HIV/Aids no Brasil, do qual este texto apresenta algumas impressões de pesquisa preliminares. A seguir, dedicamos um item a apresentação da Pastoral de DST/Aids, sua história, estrutura e objetivos. No item seguinte problematizamos diversas questões em particular no âmbito das relações Estado e Igreja, relações entre agentes de pastoral e hierarquia da Igreja, e questões ligadas mais diretamente à sexualidade e aids, todas referenciadas ao trabalho da Pastoral de DST/Aids. Ao final, apresentamos a bibliografia e fontes consultadas. PMID:20442806

Seffner, Fernando; Silva, Cristiane Gonçalves Meireles da; Maksud, Ívia; Garcia, Jonathan; Rios, Luís Felipe; Natividade, Marcelo; Borges, Priscila Rodrigues; Parker, Richard; Terto, Veriano



PFI-ZEKE (Pulsed Field Ionization-Zero Electron Kinetic Energy) para el estudio de iones  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Entre las áreas hacia donde ha evolucionado la Química en los últimos años están los estudios de sistemas con especies reactivas de alta energía y los dominados por fuerzas intermoleculares débiles, con energías de unas pocas kcal/mol. En efecto, el estudio de las propiedades de los iones, comenzando por su relación con la molécula neutra de la que procede, la energía de ionización, los estados vibracionales y rotacionales, energías de enlace de Van der Waals entre el ión y una amplia variedad de otras moléculas, sus confórmeros o isómeros y sus reacciones o semi-reacciones químicas están en la raíz de la necesidad de la espectroscopía conocida como PFI-ZEKE, Pulsed Field Ionization-Zero Electron Kinetic Energy. Entre las aplicaciones que requieren estos conocimientos se encuentran la generación de plasmas para la fabricación de semiconductores, memorias magnéticas, etc, así como los sistemas astrofísicos, la ionosfera terrestre, etc. La espectroscopía ZEKE es una evolución de las de fluorescencia inducida por láser, LIF, ionización multifotónica acrecentada por resonancia, REMPI, con uno y dos colores y acoplada a un sistema de tiempo de vuelo, REMPI-TOF-MS, y las espectroscopías de doble resonancia IR-UV y UV-UV. Sus espectros y la ayuda de cálculos ab inicio permite determinar las energías de enlace de complejos de van der Waals en estados fundamental y excitados, identificar confórmeros e isómeros, obtener energías de ionización experimentales aproximadas (100 cm-1) y otras variables de interés. Al igual que con LIF, REMPI y dobles resonancias, es posible utilizar muestras gaseosas, pero los espectros están muy saturados de bandas y su interpretación es difícil o imposible. Se evitan estas dificultades estudiando las moléculas o complejos en expansiones supersónicas, donde la T de los grados de libertad solo alcanzan unos pocos K. Para realizar experimentos de ZEKE hay que utilizar una propiedad recientemente descubierta, que va en contra de lo esperado en otros sistemas físicos y que consiste en que los altos estados Rydberg de átomos, moléculas y sus complejos de van der Waals (o de los iones) tienen tiempos de vida de centenas de ? s. En resumen, el experimento y la espectroscopía ZEKE consiste en excitar un átomo, molécula o cluster sucesivamente a dos estados excitados selectivos de manera que el final sea un estado Rydberg. A continuación se aplica un campo eléctrico variable que lo ioniza y después de un cierto retraso se aplica un campo eléctrico de extracción, tanto para el electrón como para el ión. El espectro de los iones, es un espectro ZEKE. Hay varias alternativas para hacer este último proceso. El estudio de la espectroscopía y propiedades de iones y sus clusters requiere el conocimiento detallado de la espectroscopía de la molécula neutra, los estados Rydberg, de los confórmeros y sus complejos. Todo ello implica el haber estudiado los sistemas por LIF, REMPI y doble resonancia (hole burning IR-UV, UV-UV). Además solo es posible interpretar los resultados y obtener la información contenida en los espectros con ayuda de cálculos cuánticos ab initio. Hasta el momento hemos aplicado tanto el ZEKE como el conjunto de técnicas mencionadas anteriormente, a varias molécula de interés químico general como anilina y sus derivados, así como sus complejos con agua y amoniaco. Sin embargo, el método es muy versátil y puede aplicarse a iones de átomos, iones múltiples, moléculas sencillas y sus clusters así como a sus semi-reacciones. Como ejemplo de uno de estos espectros PFI-ZEKE se presenta aquí el caso del amonibenzonitrilo, ABN y solamente en su estado fundamental. En la conferencia se presentarán espectros ZEKE del ABN y moléculas similares en estados vibracionales intermedios (islas de estabilidad), así como la determinación de potenciales de ionización precisos, energías de enlace de compuestos del ión con varios disolventes y otras propiedades de interés, discutiendo sus resultados.

Castaño, F.; Fernández, J. A.; Basterretxea, A. Longarte. F.; Sánchez Rayo, M. N.; Martínez, R.


Festival Nacional de Teatro: Córdoba ´85  

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FALL 1986 91 Festival Nacional de Teatro: Córdoba '85 Beatriz Seibel Del 8 al 16 de noviembre, algo más de un año después del I Festival Latinoamericano, los cordobeses nos convocaron con una nueva fiesta. Esta vez a nivel nacional; el país fue... temas a nivel teórico. Los proyectos de Ley de Teatro; la responsabilidad del estado frente a la profesión teatral, incluyendo la parte educación; el rol del hecho teatral en la cultura nacional y las recomendaciones para futuros festivales, fueron...

Seibel, Beatriz



El Informe Anual a la Nación indica que la tasa de mortalidad por cáncer está bajando el doblesu enfoque especial examina el cáncer entre los indígenas americanos y los nativos de Alaska

Según un nuevo informe de las principales organizaciones oncológicas de la nación, las tasas de mortalidad por cáncer disminuyeron en promedio 2,1 por ciento por año de 2002 a 2004; casi el doble de la disminución anual de 1,1 por ciento por año de 1993 a 2002. Estos resultados se encuentran en el "Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer de 1975 a 2004. Preguntas y respuestas


El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) anuncia su nueva política de reuniones libres de humo de tabaco para abordar peligros graves de salud pública

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI), que forma parte de los Institutos Nacionales de la Salud, anunció hoy una nueva política que requiere que todas las reuniones y conferencias organizadas o financiadas principalmente por el NCI se lleven a cabo en un estado, condado, ciudad o pueblo que haya adoptado una política integral de ambientes libres de humo de tabaco, a menos que circunstancias especificas justifiquen la exención.


El Informe Anual a la Nación indica que las tasas de mortalidad por cáncer continúan declinando: los avances en el tratamiento del cáncer varían según el tipo de cáncer

Las organizaciones oncológicas principales de la nación informan que el riesgo de los estadounidenses de morir de cáncer sigue disminuyendo y que las tasas de casos nuevos de cáncer permanecen estables. El Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer, de 1975 a 2002, señala que las tasas de mortalidad de cáncer que se observaron para todos los cánceres combinados disminuyeron 1,1 por ciento por año de 1993 a 2002.



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OTIMIZA��O DE REDES DE CIRCULA��O DE PEDESTRES SUJEITAS A CONGESTIONAMENTO P. C. Oliveira1 , F. G em redes de filas do tipo M/G/c/c dependentes do estado, que são úteis para modelar o fenômeno de congestionamento. Diversas demandas, tamanhos de redes e configurações foram consideradas, tendo sido obtidos

Cruz, Frederico



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Pruebas de Evaluación Psicológica en el Deporte Dirigido a: Entrenadores de la DGADyR, Comunidad el psicólogo del deporte debe obtener los índices del estado psicológico de los deportistas, lo que así como las técnicas utilizadas en psicología del deporte para modelar las características

Islas, León


FUNDAMENTACIN El pdel es un deporte de cooperacin-oposicin, caracterizado por la presencia de  

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PÁDEL FUNDAMENTACI�N El pádel es un deporte de cooperación-oposición, caracterizado por la unos adversarios que, teniendo los mismos recursos, persiguen el fin opuesto. Es un deporte que requiere de una gran técnica y estado físico y es un deporte sumamente joven practicado desde los años

Escolano, Francisco


Estudio comparativo de las moléculas isovalentes de interés atmosférico CF3Cl y CF3Br y sus correspondientes halógenos aislados Cl y Br.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Los estados Rydberg moleculares han suscitado en los últimos años un creciente interés entre los espectroscopistas experimentales, motivado en parte por el desarrollo de nuevas técnicas espectroscópicas capaces de investigar estos estados altamente excitados electrónicamente. Los procesos de fotoabsorción que implican estados Rydberg en los derivados halogenados del metano son de gran importancia, debido a su abundancia en la atmósfera y a sus implicaciones medioambientales. Por ello, la obtención de datos relativos a sus fuerzas de oscilador es de gran interés. En este trabajo se aborda el estudio de dichas propiedades para las moléculas isovalentes CF3Cl y CF3Br. Ambas moléculas presentan idéntica estructura electrónica para el estado fundamental por lo que se espera que sus espectros Rydberg presenten grandes similitudes, en ausencia de perturbaciones. Por ello y dada la escasez de datos relativos a fuerzas de oscilador, hemos establecido la corrección de nuestros resultados en base a las analogías esperadas en las intensidades espectrales correspondientes a transiciones análogas. Por otro lado, Novak y col. [1] han encontrado experimentalmente un marcado carácter atómico en el espectro correspondiente a estas moléculas, siendo muy similar a los de los átomos de Cl y Br. Por ello en el presente trabajo, además de establecer la comparación entre ambas moléculas hemos buscado las similitudes con sus respectivos halógenos. Los cálculos relativos a las especies moleculares se han realizado utilizando la Metodología Molécular de Orbítales de Defecto Cuántico (MQDO) [2], mientras que para el estudio de los átomos de Cl y Br se empleó la versión relativista del método (RQDO) [3].

Mayor, E.; Velasco, A. M.; Martín, I.; Lavín, C.


The ornithology of the Real Expedición Botánica a Nueva España (1787-1803): An analysis of the manuscripts of José Mariano Mociño  

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:235. Fields near Toluca [Estado de Me´xico]. Motacilla brevicauda, [Seiurus motacilla (Vieillot 1808)]; 2:267. Motacilla tepicensis, [Geothlypis trichas (Linnaeus 1766)]; 2:250. Fields near Tepic [Nayarit]. (Descrip- tion refers to the migratory form...). Motacilla nigrifrons, [Geothlypis trichas (Linnaeus 1766)]; 2:241. Near the Valle de Me´xico. (Description refers to the resident form, G. t. melanops). Motacilla mitrata, [Wilsonia citrina (Boddaert 1783)]; 2:259. Motacilla pileata, [Wilsonia pusilla...

Navarro-Sigü enza, Adolfo G.; Peterson, A. Townsend; Samper, Miguel Á ngel Puig; Zamudio, Graciela



Vicerrectorado de Profesorado, Titulaciones, Ordenacin Acadmica, Coordinacin y Campus.  

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,19% 95,24% 80,00% 4,47 1 RESPONSABILIDAD SOCIAL CORPORATIVA (R.S.C.): PRINCIPIOS JURIDICOS BASICOS 81 81,42% 88,37% 84,21% 3,70 2 DIAGNOSTICO FINANCIERO 74 63,51% 86,49% 73,44% 4,06 2 ESTADISTICA EMPRESARIAL 61 DE LOS ESTADOS FINANCIEROS 58 31,03% 81,03% 38,30% 4,06 3 AUDITORIA FINANCIERA I 67 83,58% 95,52% 87

Rey Juan Carlos, Universidad


50 años de teatro en la Universidad Católica: Crear es andar detrás de la verdad  

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la Casa Central y algún apoyo financiero, el que era completado por una subvención directa del Estado. Sin duda, en el contexto económico y cultural chileno, esta institucionalidad dio el respaldo básico para su continuidad y desarrollo en el... restablecer el ánimo investigativo en el proceso del actor, para él, motor básico de lo teatral. La gestualidad corporal, el uso de la voz, de los objetos, en una coreografía realizada a partir de estos elementos esenciales, serían el punto de partida de su...

Hurtado, Marí a de la Luz



Un teatro campesino en Venezuela  

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102 LATIN AMERICAN THEATRE REVIEW Un teatro campesino en Venezuela GUILLERMO KORN Producto espontáneo de la participación colectiva nació el grupo de teatro del Asentamiento Campesino Sabaneta, en el Estado Aragua de Venezuela. Las obras de su..., despertó interés. En la Universidad Central de Venezuela quieren saber más de ustedes. Para eso he venido. . . ? ¿Podrían eventualmente hacer una representación en la Escuela de Comuni cación Social? Almeida: {Claro que sí! Si nos dan un medio para...

Korn, Guillermo




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Venezuela, cuya rectoría ejerce el Estado Docente, para garantizar los fines de la educación universitaria Constitución de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela y en la Ley Orgánica de Educación. 1. Autonomía: Es el universitario en los términos establecidos por la Constitución de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela, la Ley

Vásquez, Carlos


Los programas educativos del Texas AgriLife Extension Service estn disponibles para todas las personas, sin distin-  

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inscripción? Examen de certifcación ANSI-CFP de geren- te de servicio de alimentos El libro del curso Gerentes de Servicio de Alimentos llevadoGerentes de Servicio de Alimentos llevado a cabo por Extensión:eneseñará a gerentes acerca de: Satisface los requisitos del estado para ser un gerente de servicio de alimentos


Festival de Teatro Nuevo León 2002  

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FALL 2002 143 Festival de Teatro Nuevo León 2002 Ana Laura Santamaría Del 9 al 18 de agosto se celebró en Monterrey, Nuevo León, México, el Festival de Teatro Nuevo León 2002. En 1999 nació este evento teatral para cubrir el hueco que dejaba la... montajes locales. En esta edición, se presentaron siete obras del Distrito Federal, seis de Monterrey, diez de diversos estados y un montaje internacional. Además, como en ocasiones anteriores, se rindió homenaje a una personalidad importante en el...

Santamarí a, Laura



Coordenao Central de Cooperao Internacional International Programs Central Coordination Office  

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­ RJ ­ Brasil Tel: (55-21) 3527-1577 / Fax: 3527-1094 E-mail: inter: _____________________________________ Identidade: �rgão Expedidor: CPF: Nascimento: Estado Civil: Vive com alguém maritalmente? Sim Não Nome do Franca, 8º andar CEP 22.453-900 ­ Rio de Janeiro ­ RJ ­ Brasil Tel: (55-21) 3527-1577 / Fax: 3527



E-print Network a partir de 13 de março de 2012); - Cópia da Carteira de Identidade e do CPF; - Cópia do DIPLOMA e do Pesquisa, anônimo (apenas o CPF identificará o candidato), contendo `folha de rosto' (disponível a partir (Instituto Cultural Brasil/Estados Unidos), IELTS ou PET (C

Floeter, Sergio Ricardo



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O1.299, Curitiba, Estado do Paraná, Brasil, inscrita no CGC/MF sob o nO 75.095.679/0001-49, dorav 1.439.536-PR, CPF 359.063.759-53, no uso de suas atribuições que lhe confere o artigo 30, inciso XII Cooperação. Rua XV de Novembro, 1299 _1° Andar 80060-000 Curitiba - Pr - Brasil Fone: 41.3605343 Fax: 41

Paraná, Universidade Federal do


La utilizacin de imgenes de Landsat TM para cuantificar reas de deforestacin en la regin de Mato Grosso, Brazil.  

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Mato Grosso, Brazil. Yomayra A. Román Colón1 Departamento de Geología, Universidad de Puerto Rico cuantificar la deforestación en la zona más impactada del estado de Mato Grosso en Brazil. El estudio incluye Grosso, Brazil utilizando imágenes de alta resolución del satélite Landsat TM 4-5. Cómo parte de este

Gilbes, Fernando


CENTRALIZACIN GIS Oficina de Gerencia y Presupuesto  

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CENTRALIZACI�N GIS Oficina de Gerencia y Presupuesto Tecnologías de Información Gubernamental 25/ Aplicación Recursos cartográficos ¿Futuro? Sistema GIS Central * Hacer click en círculo o enlace para ir 2009 enero 2010 mayo 2010 GIS Central #12;REPLICACI�N/SINCRONIZACI�N Estado de la sincronización

Gilbes, Fernando


Formación y evolución de planetas gigantes  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Presentamos el estado actual del trabajo que estamos realizando en el estudio de la formación de planetas gigantes. Detallamos los algoritmos numéricos necesarios para realizar este tipo de cálculo. Presentamos algunos resultados de la formación de objetos con masas de hasta una docena de veces la del planeta Júpiter, resaltando las principales caracteríticas. Finalmente detallamos los problemas que pensamos abordar en un futuro cercano en este tema de investigación.

Benvenuto, O. G.; Brunini, A.


Rompimiento de la Simetria Electrodebil y la Fisica del Higgs: Conceptos Basicos  

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Presentamos una introduccion a los conceptos basicos del rompimiento de la simetria electrodebil y la fisica del Higgs dentro del Modelo Estandar y sus extensiones supersimetricas. Se presenta tambien una breve perspectiva general de mecanismos alternativos del rompimiento de la simetria. Ademas de las bases teoricas, se discute el estado actual de la fisica experimental del Higgs y sus implicaciones para futuros experimentos en el LHC y en colisionadores lineales e+e-.

M. Gomez-Bock; M. Mondragon; M. Muhlleitner; R. Noriega-Papaqui; I. Pedraza; M. Spira; P. M. Zerwas



Derechos Bsicos de Ausencia La Ley de Ausencia Familiar y Mdica (FMLA-por sus siglas en ingls) exige  

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Derechos Básicos de Ausencia La Ley de Ausencia Familiar y Médica (FMLA-por sus siglas en inglés condición de salud seria que le impida al empleado desempeñar su puesto. Derechos de Ausencia Para Familias avisado de una llamada a estado de servicio activo bajo cobertura pueden usar su derecho de ausencia de 12

Rock, Chris


Reconocer los derechos de los migrantes para fortalecer la integracin regional  

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Reconocer los derechos de los migrantes para fortalecer la integración regional Buscando una vida su derecho al trabajo. ·El bienestar de las personas migrantes requiere que el Estado y los empleadores garanticen sus derechos sin distinción de condición jurídica, política o social. ·Los más

Richner, Heinz


Technologies d'information et de communication (TIC) et projets de travail: fondements pour la formation continue d'enseignants en  

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Leandro KINGESKI PACHECO - Mariana ABRAHAM PERES Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina/UDESC, Centro de transformations a été la popularisation des instruments informatiques, les ordinateurs et, surtout, l'Internet brésiliens ont accès à l'Internet. Ce donné révèle que presque 150 millions de brésiliens se trouvent à la

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Os Imperativos Mundiais do Turismo: dos porta-vozes e Global Imperatives of Tourism: of spokespersons and  

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/2013 EDI��O COMEMORATIVA - 40 ANOS DO CCSA 99 RESUMO A teoria da interdependência, que defende a transmissão ideal por ser, a uma só vez, um país do Sul, em tese mais facilmente atraído pelo discurso apologético discurso do que propriamente impostos, e que os Estados nacionais não são os atores mais influentes do

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


El CELCIT en la formación teatral latinoamericana  

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prácticamente todos los latinoamericanos, EEUU, y España), tiene mayor o menor dinamismo y peso, según el espíritu y acción de los responsables en cada país. Así Venezuela, sitio de nacimiento e irradiación, donde con altibajos y períodos de indiferencia..., alternados con los de apoyo, el Estado contribuye activamente al sostenimiento de la institución, lo mismo que en España; y Argentina, donde el grupo responsable ha trabajado con un empuje permanente, constituyen hoy un eje triangular sobre el que reposa...

Gené , Juan Carlos



Estrategia innovadora enfocada en parejas del mismo sexo para disminuir la infección del VIH en hombres Latinos  

PubMed Central

Resumen El VIH es un problema de salud importante dentro de la comunidad latina de los Estados Unidos. Gracias a los esfuerzos de prevención, los niveles de contagio entre los latinos se han mantenido estables por más de una década. Sin embargo, esta población sigue siendo afectada a niveles muy altos, en particular entre hombres que tienen sexo con hombres (HSH), de origen latino y que hablan principalmente el idioma español. Existen varios factores que contribuyen a la transmisión del VIH entre esta población, como son: el uso de drogas; la violencia dentro de la pareja; la presencia de infecciones de transmisión sexual; relaciones sexuales sin protección, dentro y fuera de la pareja; el evadir la búsqueda de recursos (prueba y tratamiento adecuado) por temor a ser discriminado o por su estatus migratorio; la escasez de recursos económicos o estado de pobreza y los patrones relacionados a la migración. En particular, Investigaciones Epidemiológicas de Comportamientos han determinado: cómo algunas dinámicas en parejas están directamente asociadas a los comportamientos sexuales de riesgos. En consecuencia, es necesaria mayor investigación para identificar esas dinámicas, y a su vez, realizar intervenciones dirigidas a la reducción de conductas de riesgo enfocadas en parejas de hombres del mismo sexo. En este escrito, se describe la importancia del uso de las relaciones de pareja como estrategia en la reducción de la trasmisión del VIH/SIDA en HSH de origen latino y que hablan principalmente el idioma español en los Estados Unidos.

Martinez, Omar; Wu, Elwin; Sandfort, Theo; Shultz, Andrew Z.; Capote, Jonathan; Chávez, Silvia; Moya, Eva; Dodge, Brian; Morales, Gabriel; Porras, Antonio; Ovejero, Hugo



Aplicación de la metodología Molecular de Orbitales de Defecto Cuántico (MQDO) al cálculo de intensidades vibrónicas y vidas medias de niveles vibracionales  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Desde que se formuló, en 1996, la metodología Molecular de Orbitales de Defecto Cuántico (MQDO) [1], se han obtenido datos de calidad relativos a intensidades de bandas electrónicas que implican estados Rydberg para una gran variedad de sistemas moleculares [2]. Animados por los buenos resultados obtenidos, recientemente hemos abordado el estudio de transiciones vibrónicas, es decir aquellas que ocurren entre estados vibracionales que pertenecen a distintos estados Rydberg electrónicos. Como prototipo adecuado para nuestros propósitos hemos elegido la molécula de NO, importante en la química de la atmósfera, y para la cual existen en la bibliografía datos experimentales de calidad suficiente para contrastar la validez de nuestros resultados. En concreto, hemos calculado las fuerzas de oscilador y coeficientes de Einstein para transiciones electrónicas y vibrónicas de las principales bandas del NO, al igual que vidas medias radiativas de niveles vibracionales de dicha molécula. Las propiedades estudiadas son esenciales para la comprensión de los aspectos teóricos de los procesos físicos básicos relativos a la dispersión electrónica en moléculas heteronucleares con capas abiertas. Además, valores fiables de probabilidades de transición moleculares tienen importantes aplicaciones en Astrofísica, en la modelización de procesos fotodinámicos moleculares, etc., al igual que para evaluar más profundamente la validez de nuestra metodología teórica.

María Velasco Sanz, Ana


Committees and organizers  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Chairman:Jozef Spa?ek (Kraków) Program Committee:Stephen Blundell (Oxford), J Michael D Coey (Dublin), Dominique Givord (Grenoble), Dariusz Kaczorowski (Wroc?aw), Roman Micnas (Pozna?), Marek Przybylski (Halle), Ludiwig Schultz (Dresden), Vladimir Sechovsky (Prague), Jozef Spa?ek (Kraków), Henryk Szymczak (Warszawa), Manuel Vázquez (Madrid) Publication Committee:Dariusz Kaczorowski, Robert Podsiad?y, Jozef Spa?ek, Henryk Szymczak, Andrzej Szytu?a Local committee:Maria Ba?anda, Anna Majcher, Robert Podsiad?y, Micha? Rams, Andrzej ?lebarski, Krzysztof Tomala Editors of the Proceedings:Jozef Spa?ek, Krzysztof Tomala, Danuta Goc-Jag?o, Robert Podsiad?y, Micha? Rams, Anna Majcher Plenary, semi-plenary and tutorial speakers:Ernst Bauer (Wien)Stephen Blundell (Oxford)J Michael D Coey (Dublin)Russell P Cowburn (London)Burkard Hillebrands (Kaiserslautern)Claudine Lacroix (Grenoble)Lluís Mañosa (Barcelona)María del Carmen Muñoz (Madrid)Bernard Raveau (Caen)Pedro Schlottmann (Tallahassee)Frank Steglich (Dresden)Oliver Waldmann (Freiburg) Invited speakers within symposia: R Ahuja (Uppsala)A Kirilyuk (Nijmegen) M Albrecht (Vienna)L Theil Kuhn (Roskilde) K Bärner (Göttingen)J Liu (Dresden) U Bovensiepen (Duisburg)G Lorusso (Modena) V Buchelnikov (Chelyabinsk)M M Maska (Katowice) B Chevalier (Bordeaux)Y Mukovskii (Moscow) O Chubykalo-Fesenko (Madrid)M Pannetier-Lecoeur (Saclay) A V Chumak (Kaiserslautern)G Papavassiliou (Athens) J M D Coey (Dublin)K R Pirota (Campinas) B Dabrowski (DeKalb)P Przyslupski (Warszawa) S Das (Aveiro)M Reiffers (Košice) A del Moral (Zaragoza)K Sandeman (London) V E Demidov (Muenster)D Sander (Halle) B Djafari-Rouhani (Lille)M Sawicki (Sendai/Warsaw) H A Dürr (Menlo Park)J Schaefer (Würzburg) J Fassbender (Dresden)H Schmidt (Wetzikon) J Fontcuberta (Barcelona)J Spa?ek (Kraków) V Garcia (Orsay)L Straka (Helsinki) J N Gonçalves (Aveiro)A Szewczyk (Warszawa) M E Gruner (Duisburg)Y Taguchi (Wako) G Gubbiotti (Perugia)A Thiaville (Orsay) S Hamann (Bochum)R Varga (Košice) U Hannemann (Dresden)P Vavassori (San Sebastian) L Havela (Prague)W Wulfhekel (Karlsruhe) O Heczko (Prague)M Yamashita (Sendai) B Hernando (Oviedo)R Zdyb (Lublin) O Isnard (Grenoble)A Zhukov (San Sebastián) Z K?kol (Kraków)A K Zvezdin (Moscow) N-T H Kim-Ngan (Kraków) International Advisory Committee (2011): Dominique Givord, President (Grenoble)Ludwig Schultz, Former President (Dresden) Manfred Albrecht (Chemnitz)Burkard Hillebrands (Kaiserslautern) Agnés Barthélémy (Paris)Andrei Kirilyuk (Nijmegen) Roy Chantrell (York)Ron Jansen (Tsukuba) Russell Cowburn (London)Nicoleta Lupu (Iasi) Tomasz Dietl (Warszawa)Caroline A Ross (Cambridge, MA) Claudia Felser (Mainz)Stefano Sanvito (Dublin) Josef Fidler (Wien)Vladimir Sechovsky (Praha) Dino Fiorani (Roma)Roberta Sessoli (Firenze) Pietro Gambardella (Bellaterra)Jozef Spa?ek (Kraków) Alberto Guimarães (Rio de Janeiro)



Zwanzig model of multi-component mixtures of biaxial particles: y3 theory re-visited  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The paper considers the thermodynamic and phase ordering properties of a multi-component Zwanzig mixture of hard rectangular biaxial parallelepipeds. An equation of state (EOS) is derived based on an estimate of the number of arrangements of the particles on a three- dimensional cubic lattice. The methodology is a generalization of the Flory-DiMarzio counting scheme, but, unlike previous work, this treatment is thermodynamically consistent. The results are independent of the order in which particles are placed on the lattice. By taking the limit of zero lattice spacing, a translationally continuous variant of the model (the off-lattice variant) is obtained. The EOS is identical to that obtained previously by a wide variety of different approaches. In the off-lattice limit, it corresponds to a third-level y-expansion and, in the case of a binary mixture of square platelets, it also corresponds to the EOS obtained from fundamental measure theory. On the lattice it is identical to the EOS obtained by retaining only complete stars in the virial expansion. The off-lattice theory is used to study binary mixtures of rods (R1 - R2) and binary mixtures of platelets (P1 - P2). The particles were uniaxial, of length (thickness) L and width D. The aspect ratios ?i = Li/Di of the components were kept constant (?1R = 15, ?1P = 1/15 and ?2R = 150, ?2P = 1/150), so the second virial coefficient of R1 was identical to P1 and similarly for R2 and P2. The volume ratio of particles 1 and 2, v1/v2, was then varied, with the constraints that viR = viP and ILM0001. Results on nematic-isotropic (N - I) phase coexistence at an infinite dilution of component 2, are qualitatively similar for rods and platelets. At small values of the ratio v1/v2, the addition of component 2 (i.e. a thin rod (e.g. a polymer) or a thin plate) results in the stabilization of the nematic phase. For larger values of v1/v2, however, this effect is reversed and the addition of component 2 destabilizes the nematic. For similar molecular volumes of the two components strong fractionation is observed: shorter rods and thicker platelets congregate in the isotropic phase. In general, the stabilization of the ordered phase and the fractionation between the phases are both weaker in the platelet mixtures. The calculated spinodal curves for isotropic-isotropic demixing are noticeably different between the R1 - R2 and the P1 - P2 systems. The platelet mixtures turn out to be stable with respect to de-mixing up to extremely high densities. The values of the consolute points for the R1 - R2 blends are remarkably similar to those obtained using the Parsons-Lee approximation for bi-disperse mixtures of freely rotating cylinders with similar aspect ratios [S. Varga. A. Galindo, G. Jackson, Mol. Phys., 101, 817 (2003)]. In a number of R1 - R2 mixtures, phase diagrams exhibiting both N - I equilibrium and I - I de-mixing were calculated. The latter is pre-empted by nematic ordering in all the cases studied. Calculations show the possible appearance of azeotropes in the N - I coexistence domain.

Sokolova, E. P.; Tumanyan, N. P.; Vlasov, A. Yu.; Masters, A. J.


Using U-series and beryllium isotopes to reveal the occurrence and relative timing of crustal and mantle processes in the Southern Volcanic Zone of Chile  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Magmas erupted from subduction zone volcanoes represent the end products of multiple magmatic processes occurring in the asthenospheric mantle wedge and overlying lithosphere (i.e., fluid addition, melting, assimilation, and crystal fractionation). To resolve the contributions of diverse processes and components, and the relative timing of these events, we have determined U-series activities (U-Th-Ra-Pa) for 60 and 10Be compositions for 20 historic or very young lavas carefully chosen on the basis of major and trace element analyses of 625 samples from six volcanoes in the Andean Southern Volcanic Zone of Chile (37.6-41.1°S: Nevados de Chillán, Antuco, Llaima, Lonquimay, Villarrica, and Osorno). Our dataset demonstrates that each of these volcanoes reflects a unique combination and sequence of magmatic processes that are only revealed through analysis of multiple samples spanning the extent of intra-volcano and intra-eruption chemical variation. Sigmarsson et al. (1990; 2002) identified a regional trend using U-series and Be from mostly single samples, which they interpreted to represent along-strike variations in the flux of slab-derived fluids into the wedge [from 230Th-excess plus 226Ra-deficit plus low 10Be/9Be at Chillán towards progressively higher 238U- and Ra-excesses and 10Be/9Be at Villarrica and Osorno]. These data fall within the much broader array defined by our results, but we infer the operation of assimilation (e.g., Llaima; Reubi et al., 2011) and aging of subduction zone components of variable compositions and proportions in the mantle prior to partial melting as important factors in generating the highly individualized and complex U-series systematics observed at each of these six volcanoes. All of the volcanoes exhibit evidence of assimilation, with the exception of Lonquimay which has undergone mostly closed-system fractional crystallization. At Llaima and Chillán the assimilant is crustal. At Villarica, flux-related melts that dominate in the main edifice have been mixed with magma compositions similar to those at surrounding minor eruptive centers (Hickey-Vargas et al., 2002). The latter appear to be decompression melts of enriched mantle which manifest moderate U-Th-Ra disequilibrium and substantial 231Pa-excesses, whereas melts from Villarrica have substantial U- and Ra-excesses. Magmas from Osorno reflect a greater influence of sediments originating from the incoming slab. After discounting assimilated samples, all primary melts have uniformly high Pa-excesses (1.7-2.2) coincident with large variations in 238U-230Th disequilibria. Fluid addition-aging-melting successions at Antuco and Chillán may have led to compositions near U-Th equilibrium or with Th-excesses, respectively. Primary Ra-deficits at Chillán, Lonquimay, and Osorno are under investigation and potentially reflect melting of a cumulate body. Forthcoming 10Be data for select U-series samples will enable further clarification of the regional trend. Preliminary analyses of nine Llaima samples erupted between 1850 and 2009 confirm the successful elimination of a meteoric 10Be component and produce a data array consistent with assimilation. The invocation of radioactive decay to produce U-Th equilibrium (duration of at least 380 ky) could also explain the low 10Be/9Be compositions (half-life of 10Be=1,390 ky). Our comprehensive dataset may shed new light on melting processes in subduction zone systems.

Cooper, L. B.; Reubi, O.; Dungan, M. A.; Bourdon, B.; Langmuir, C. H.; Turner, S. J.; Schaefer, J. M.



Time-series studies of drainage pattern and morphological features along the Leitha river (Eastern Austria)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Geomorphologic mapping and drainage network analysis was conducted in the Southern Vienna Basin on the Leitha and Fischa rivers. The study area belongs to an active pull-apart basin between the Eastern Alps and the Carpathians that started to subside in Karpatian times (~ 17 Ma), but with still active faults, proven by fault scarps and earth quakes. The investigated rivers are important tributaries to the Danube river and run through a region that has been subject to settlement since Neoltihic times. Thus, interaction between land use, settlement pattern and river dynamics can be studied. Several datasets are integrated to perform a comprehensive overview of geomorphological, as well as river dynamic changes in the landscape. During an earlier stage of this investigation a map of paleochannel distribution including the location and shape of the paleochannels was extracted from color-infrared and RGB digital orthophotos. Based on this map the location, character and shape of palaeomeanders is studied on different georeferenced historic maps (Timár et al., 2006; Biszak et al., 2007) in order to derive a time-series study. The paleochannels extracted from the digital orthophotos show a good coincidence with the depicted rivers on the historic maps. This partly allows quite well constrained age estimates of the paleochannel sections. The investigated maps are the Walter maps, the First, Second and Third Military Survey of the Habsburg/Austro-Hungarian Empire. Mapping of the Walter maps was conducted 1754-56 (Ulbrich, 1952), the First, Second and Third Military Surveys were mapped in this area in the time-span of 1782-1785, 1819-1869, and 1872-1873, respectively (Kretschmer et al., 2004). This sequence of georeferenced historical maps allows to study only a very short time-span (1755 - 1873) compared to the geological time scale. However, the characteristics of river dynamics special for the study area can be derived and, considering certain assumptions, extrapolated to a wider time range. Within the observable time period the Leitha river preserved its meandering characteristics. Small shifts of the mean channel towards E or W can be detected. A disadvantage of the maps previous to the Third Military Survey is the lack of contour lines. On these maps, variation in terrain elevation was mapped „a la vue" and rather depicted as changes in slope of the terrain by applying hatchures showing a density increase with higher slope. This method provided a very plastic overview of changes in the terrain, but the reading of absolute or relative elevations is not possible. According to this, geomorphologic observations from these maps are constricted to the comparison of the horizontal position of elevated areas and the change of their outline. This study shows that historical maps provide an essential tool to investigate younger river dynamics and sensitively show the impact of anthropological modifications as well as active tectonics. Biszak, S., Timár, G., Molnár, G., Jankó, A. (2007): Digitized maps of the Habsburg Empire - The third military survey, Österreichisch-Ungarische Monarchie, 1869-1887, 1:75000. DVD-issue, Arcanum, Budapest. ISBN 978-963-73-7451-7 Kretschmer, I., Dörflinger, J., Wawrick, F. (2004): Österreichische Kartographie. Wiener Schiften zur Geographie und Kartographie - Band 15. Institut für Geographie und Regionalforschung der Universität Wien, Wien. Timár, G., Molnár, G., Székely, B., Biszak, S., Varga, J., Jankó, A. (2006): Digitized maps of the Habsburg Empire - The map sheets of the second military survey and their georeferenced version. Arcanum, Budapest, 59 p. ISBN 963-7374-33-7 Ulbrich K. (1952): Die Grenzkarte Ungarn-Niederösterreich von C. J. Walter (1754 - 56). Burgenländische Heimatblätter, 14, 108-121

Zámolyi, A.; Draganits, E.; Doneus, M.; Fera, M.; Griebl, M.



Management of postoperative pain in abdominal surgery in Spain. A multicentre drug utilization study  

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Participating centres: Hospital Universitario San Juan, Alicante: Maria Jesús Olaso, Javier Agulló, Clara Faura. Hospital Torrecárdenas, Almería: Carmen Fernández Sánchez, Miguel Lorenzo Campos, Juan Manuel Rodríguez Alonso. Hospital Quirúrgic Adriano, Barcelona: Carmen Alerany Pardo, Paquita Alvarez González, Teresa Martín Benito. Hospital Universitari del Mar-IMIM, Barcelona: Magí Farré, Maite Terán. Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí, Sabadell: Montserrat Cañellas, Sergio Zavala, Josep Planell. Hospital Universitari de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau: Gonzalo Calvo, Rosa Morros, Silvia Mateo. Hospital General Vall d’Hebron, Barcelona: Carmen Bosch, María José Martínez. Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Victoria, Málaga: Maribel Lucena, José Antonio González, Gabriel Carranque. Hospital Clínico Universitario San Carlos, Madrid: Emilio Vargas, Amparo Gil López-Oliva, Míriam García Mateos. Hospital Universitario Marqués de Valdecilla, Santander: Mario González, Antonio Cuadrado. Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Macarena, Sevilla: Juan Antonio Durán, Pilar Máyquez, María Isabel Serrano. Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocío, Sevilla: Jaume Torelló, Juan Ramón Castillo, María de las Nieves Merino. Aims Postoperative pain is common in hospital-admitted patients. Its management is determined by different therapeutic traditions and by the attitudes of health professionals in each hospital. The aim of this study was to describe the patterns of prescription and administration of analgesic drugs used for postoperative pain after abdominal surgery in Spanish hospitals, to know the prevalence and the severity of postoperative pain, and to determine the extent of variability in the management of postoperative pain among the participating centres. Methods The study was a multicentre descriptive cross-sectional drug utilization study in 12 Spanish hospitals. The subjects were an unselected sample of consecutive patients undergoing abdominal surgery, admitted between October 1994 and January 1995. For each patient, information about the surgical procedure and the use of analgesics was prospectively collected. The severity of postoperative pain was assessed during the first day after surgery by means of a six-category (none, mild, moderate, severe, very severe, and unbearable) rating scale and a visual analogue scale (VAS). Results Nine hundred and ninety-three patients (547 men) were included. The most common surgical procedures were inguinal hernia repair (315, 32%), cholecystectomy (268, 27%), appendectomy (140, 14%), bowel resection (137, 14%), and gastric surgery (58, 6%). Fifty-nine percent of patients (587) received nonopioid analgesics only, 9% (89) received opioid analgesics only, and 27% (263) received both opioid and nonopioid analgesics. The most frequently administered drugs were metamizole (667 patients) and pethidine (213 patients). Although in the majority of medical orders the administration of analgesics was scheduled at regular time intervals, the majority of actual doses were given ‘as-needed’. The average administered daily doses of all analgesics were lower than those prescribed. Thirty-eight percent (371/967) of patients rated their maximum pain on the first day as severe to unbearable. Wide interhospital variability was recorded in the surgical procedures which had been performed, in the analgesics used, and also in the pain scores referred by patients. The percentage of patients in each centre who suffered severe to unbearable pain varied from 22 to 67%. Conclusions In Spain many patients still suffer severe pain after abdominal surgery, and this seems to be due to an inadequate use of analgesics. Wide interhospital variability in the management of postoperative pain and in its prevalence was also recorded. PMID:10383545

Vallano, Antonio; Aguilera, Cristina; Arnau, Josep Maria; Baños, Josep-Eladi; Laporte, Joan-Ramon



PREFACE: The XI Mexican School on Particles and Fields  

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The XI Mexican School on Particles and Fields took place on 2-13 August 2004, in the city of Xalapa, Veracruz, México. The School continued with the tradition of promoting High Energy Physics among the younger generation in Mexico. Thus, it was aimed specifically at graduate students and postdocs. The School consisted of several courses delivered by international experts on subjects of current interest to the scientific community. The length of each course was of six to eight hours, English being the language of instruction. A novelty in this edition of the School was its total duration (two weeks as opposed to one), the number of hours assigned to one subject, and the addition of some experimental courses for the students to overcome their inhibitions of a direct encounter with the equipment and its usage. There were also a few overview talks delivered by local experts on the current status of some of the research fields actively pursued in Mexico. The XI-MSPF was organized by the Particles and Fields Division of the Mexican Physical Society. It was generously sponsored by several institutions: Universidad de Veracruz, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Avanzados del IPN (CINVESTAV) and Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONACyT). We are very grateful to Dr Raúl Arias Lovillo, Dr Víctor Manuel Alcaráz Romero, Dr Asdrúbal Flóres López and Mtro Walter Saiz González, head of the Academic Secretariat, Director and Subdirector of the Office of Scientific Research and Director of the Division of Exact Sciences of the University of Veracruz, respectively, for their invaluable support in all senses to our Summer School. We also appreciate the important and useful assistance provided by Dr Rubén Bernardo Morante López, Director of the Museum of Anthropology of Xalapa, and Dr Héctor Coronel Brizio of the Secretariat of Education and Culture of the state of Veracruz. We acknowledge the help of our colleagues in the Organizing Committee: Norma Bagatella Flores (FFIA-U. Veracruzana), Heriberto Castilla Valdés (CINVESTAV-U. Zacatenco), Lorenzo Díz Cruz (FCFM-BUAP), Juan José Godina Nava (CINVESTAV-U. Zacatenco), Gerardo Herrera Corral (CINVESTAV-U. Zacatenco), German Mandujano Vallejo (FFIA-U. Veracruzana), Miguel Ángel Pérez Angón (CINVESTAV-U. Zacatenco), Efraín Rojas Marcial (FFIA-U. Veracruzana) and Carlos Vargas Madrazo (FFIA-U Veracruzana). Many thanks also to our Conference Secretaries Patricia Carranza and Soledad López for the efficiency with which they carried out their job and their dedication. Special thanks go to María Guadalupe Colorado Hernández and Javier Ignacio Fragoso Tizapan, whose help in carrying out the School was essential, without their collaboration this School would not have been the same. We take this opportunity to thank most warmly all the speakers for delivering excellent lectures which made this event a success. Moreover, to our utmost delight, the students participated very enthusiastically and we hope that this school will contribute considerably towards their academic development. The future of scientific endeavour always depends upon the students. Adnan Bashir (IFM-UMSNH) Jens Erler (IF-UNAM) Rául Hernández (FFIA-UV) Myriam Mondragón (IF-UNAM) Luis Villaseñor (IFM-UMSNH)



Changes in sinuosities of the rivers at geological structural lines in the Pannonian Basin - Mosaics to the neotectonic image of the region  

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In the central, flat area of the Pannonian Basin, there are just few topographic features for neotectonic investigations. However, a lot of meandering rivers flow here, and it is possible to reconstruct their natural, pre-regulation planforms. Using the map sheets of the Second Military Survey of the Habsburg Empire (mid-19th century; Timár et al., 2006), I digitized the meandering rivers on this area. Sinuosities at different sample section lengths were computed in a GIS environment, providing so-called 'sinuosity-spectra' (van Balen et al., 2008) for each point of the analyzed channels. The channel sinuosity of this river systems are analyzed in order to draw conclusions on the neotectonic activity of the Great Hungarian Plain and the other flat areas of the Pannonian Basin. Several points of sinuosity change were identified. To prove, that these are of neotectonic origin, seismic sections crossing the study area, were also analyzed as well as the geodinamical map of the area (Horváth et al., 2006). High sinuosity variations (low to high or high to low), spatially correlated to linear features identified in seismic survey sections, indicating their neotectonic activity (after Ouchi, 1985). We can see two significante sinuosity changes on the Hron/Garam River (Slovakia), one at Tekov and the one at Kéménd. There are faults on the neotectonic map at these points, crossing the river - they are the possible causes of the increasing of the sinuosity. The vertical activity of these structural lines is verified by the sinuosity changes. At the Maros/Mure? River (Romania/Hungary), a significant sinuosity change can also be identified near to the town of Aiud, where the phenomene is just the opposite like in the Hron/Garam river. There is a fault on the neotectonic map crossing the river. Upstream of the river has higher sinuosity values, and after crossing the fault, it decresed. Here also the fault caused the sinuosity changing, so this fault is also an active one. However, there are more case studies, concerning the rivers of the Pannonian Basin, such as the Tisza River (Timár, 2003), the Körös system (Petrovszki and Timár, 2010), the creeks of the Little Hungarian Plain (Zámolyi et al., 2010) and the downstream part of the Danube (Petrovszki, 2010), providing a broader overview of the river-confirmed neotectonic activity of the region. Horváth, F., Bada, G., Windhoffer, G., Csontos, L., Dombrádi, E., Dövényi, P., Fodor, L., Grenerczy, Gy., Síkhegyi, F., Szafián, P., Székely, B., Timár, G., Tóth, L., Tóth, T. (2006): A Pannon-medence jelenkori geodinamikájának atlasza: Euro-konform térképsorozat és magyarázó. Magyar Geofizika 47(4), 133-137. Ouchi, S. (1985): Response of alluvial rivers to slow active tectonic movement. Geol. Soc. Am. Bull. 96, 504-515. Petrovszki, J. (2010): Sinuosity calculations of the Danube River between Paks (Hungary) and Beograd (Serbia). Geophysical Research Abstracts. Vol. 12, EGU2010-4571 Petrovszki, J., Timár, G. (2010): Channel sinuosity of the Körös River system, Hungary/Romania, as possible indicator of the neotectonic activity. Geomorphology, in press, DOI: 10.1016/j.geomorph.2009.11.009. Timár, G. (2003): Controls on channel sinuosity changes: a case study of the Tisza River, the Great Hungarian Plain. Quaternary Sci. Rev. 22, 2199-2207. Timár, G., Molnár, G., Székely, B., Biszak, S., Varga, J., Jankó, A. (2006): Digitized maps of the Habsburg Empire - The map sheets of the second military survey and their georeferenced version. Arcanum, Budapest, 59 p. van Balen, R. T., Kasse, C., Moor, J. (2008): Impact of groundwater flow on meandering; example from the Geul river, the Netherlands. Earth Surf. Process. and Landf. 33(13), 2010-2028. Zámolyi, A., Székely, B., Draganits, E., Timár, G. (2010): Neotectonic control on river sinuosity at the western margin of the Little Hungarian Plain. Geomorph., in press, DOI: 10.1016/j.geomorph.2009.06.028

Petrovszki, Judit



River sinuosity changes as indicators of the possible neotectonic activity - a case study on the Danube River between Paks (Hungary) and Beograd (Serbia)  

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The meandering, pre-regulation river planforms of the Danube River, between Paks (Hungary) and Beograd (Serbia) was digitized from the map sheets of the Second Military Survey of the Habsburg Empire (Timár et al., 2006). These maps were surveyed before or simultaneously with the river control works, so it is possible to follow the natural riverbeds, the natural changing of the meandering structure. The sinuosity values were calculated with different window sizes, and displayed in a spectrum-like diagram (sinuosity spectra; after van Balen et al., 2008). The channel sinuosity of this river is analyzed in order to draw conclusions on the neotectonic activity of the western part of the Great Hungarian Plain. Several points of sinuosity change were identified. To prove that these are of neotectonic origin, a neotectonic map and seismic sections crossing the study area, were also analyzed. Significant sinuosity changes (low to high or high to low), spatially correlated to linear features identified in seismic survey sections or in tectonic maps (Horváth et al., 2006), indicate their neotectonic activity (Ouchi, 1985; Timár, 2003; Zámolyi et al., 2010). Upstream of the Hungarian-Serbian border, the Duna (Danube) has anabranching planform, the Baracskai-Duna is the main anabranch. There is a fault on the neotectonic map, crossing both rivers, and cause the decreasing of the sinuosity. The vertical activity of the structural line, which is more or less parallel to the international border, is verified by the sinuosity change. The direction of the change (from high to low sinuosity values) correlates with the normal fault character, shown on the map. Another significant sinuosity change occurs downstream of the Drava River confluence. The explanation of this change can be of two kinds. First, there is a known tectonic feature along the Drava River, with dextral faulting. The sinuosity increase could indicate a small active vertical component of this structural line. However, another possible explanation is based on the significant sediment load of the tributary, that is naturally decreases the river sinuosity. Horváth, F., Bada, G., Windhoffer, G., Csontos, L., Dombrádi, E., Dövényi, P., Fodor, L., Grenerczy, Gy., Síkhegyi, F., Szafián, P., Székely, B., Timár, G., Tóth, L., Tóth, T. (2006): A Pannon-medence jelenkori geodinamikájának atlasza: Euro-konform térképsorozat és magyarázó. Magyar Geofizika 47(4), 133-137. Ouchi, S. (1985): Response of alluvial rivers to slow active tectonic movement. Geol. Soc. Am. Bull. 96, 504-515. Timár, G. (2003): Controls on channel sinuosity changes: a case study of the Tisza River, the Great Hungarian Plain. Quaternary Sci. Rev. 22, 2199-2207. Timár, G., Molnár, G., Székely, B., Biszak, S., Varga, J., Jankó, A. (2006): Digitized maps of the Habsburg Empire - The map sheets of the second military survey and their georeferenced version. Arcanum, Budapest, 59 p. van Balen, R. T., Kasse, C., Moor, J. (2008): Impact of groundwater flow on meandering; example from the Geul river, the Netherlands. Earth Surf. Process. and Landf. 33(13), 2010-2028. Zámolyi, A., Székely, B., Draganits, E., Timár, G. (2010): Neotectonic control on river sinuosity at the western margin of the Little Hungarian Plain. Geomorph., in press, DOI: 10.1016/j.geomorph.2009.06.028

Petrovszki, Judit



Can we follow the neotectonic activity of the Hluboká-fault by reconstructing the evolution of the Vltava river course? - Mapping of fluvial terraces around the Budejovice-basin using historic maps  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Bud?jovice Basin in the Bohemian Massif (Czech Republic) is a fault-bounded sedimentary basin with a multiple subsidence history overlying Variscan crystalline basement. Permian, Cretaceous and Miocene sediments record repeated reactivations of faults at or close to the basin margin, which may have continued into the Quaternary. The latter is indicated by geomorphological features such as linear topographic scarps, which characterize part of the faults within and at the border of the Bud?jovice Basin. In a current study we assess possible Quaternary displacements along the faults delimiting the basin using geomorphological data, analyses of river planform patterns and correlations of Quaternary terraces of the Vltava River, which crosses the basin and its boundary faults. The regionally most important tectonic feature - the Hluboká fault -forms the northeastern margin of the Bud?jovice basin. The fault crosses the course of the river Vltava, a fact that guided our research to take a more precise look at the character and distribution of fluvial sediments in this area. Our main focus is on dating of terrace bodies around the Hluboká fault. According to the scheme used in most European regions, influences by the Pleistocene glacial cycles, the Vltava river terraces were assigned by most scientists to the 4(5) main alpine glacial periods. This dating is not straightforward as terraces are not connected to moraine bodies like in the Alps. The terraces were basically correlated by their altitude above the river and by their lithology (clastic content and grain size composition), but mostly without any numerical age determination. Our studies include several field and laboratory methods, supported by computer analyses of various types of spatial data. Data sources include: (i) modern topographic maps, (ii) geological maps, (iii) georeferenced historic map sheets of the Austrian Second Military Survey (provided by the Geoinformatics Laboratory of the University J. E. Purkyn?, 2005). The georeferenced map sheets of the Second Military Survey provide a very exact base map (Timár et al., 2006) for investigating the location of possible terrace bases. Since the georeferencing accuracy is < 10 m, data from these map sheets can be integrated into the geomorphologic studies providing information about the geomorphologic situation in the study area of the years 1836-1842, i.e., with less anthropogenic impact on geomorphological features than today. These data sources are combined with data from boreholes and thus help us identifying potential terrace bodies and choosing appropriate investigation sites. In the field, morphological, sedimentological and pedological methods are used to obtain relevant data about the sediment stratigraphy. Several laboratory analyses were carried out to gain information on the age of the terraces. We use OSL-dating in combination with the analysis of heavy minerals and clay minerals, as well as grain size analysis. After gathering information about the absolute ages of the terrace bodies upstream and downstream the Hluboká fault, we may be able to declare if the building of terrace staircases was influenced by tectonic activity of the fault or not. Timár, G., Molnár, G., Székely, B., Biszak, S., Varga, J., Jankó, A. (2006): Digitized maps of the Habsburg Empire - The map sheets of the second military survey and their georeferenced version. Arcanum, Budapest, 59 p. ISBN 963-7374-33-7

Homolova, Dana; Lomax, Johanna; Prachar, Ivan; Spacek, Petr; Zamolyi, Andras; Decker, Kurt



A proposed contents astronomy for basic education  

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A Astronomia é um tema que sempre exerceu fascínio sobre as pessoas de um modo geral. Conhecer e estudar o que há nos “céus”, além de nossos olhos, continua sendo instigador e de grande interesse. Baseado nestas justificativas desenvolveu-se uma pesquisa de Doutorado, na qual, o objetivo principal foi investigar sobre a presença dos conteúdos de Astronomia nas Propostas Curriculares da região Sul do Brasil, a saber, os estados de Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul e Santa Catarina e, posterior comparação com os Parâmetros Curriculares Nacionais (PCN) que trazem propostas de conteúdos para toda a Educação Básica brasileira. Tal investigação pautou-se na abordagem de caráter qualitativo e utilizouse para tal da Análise de Conteúdos (Bardin, 2011), que possibilitou a construção de quatro categorias, nas quais os conteúdos astronômicos foram agrupados: Terra, Sistema Solar, Via Láctea e Universo. Após a leitura, coleta de dados, construção de categorias, observou-se a dicotomia na apresentação destes conteúdos. As propostas curriculares analisadas foram as de Geografia, Ciências e Física dos estados do Paraná (2008), Rio Grande do Sul (2009) e de Santa Catarina (1998), responsáveis pelo trabalho com Astronomia nestes estados. No Ensino Fundamental, a proposta curricular do estado do Paraná apresenta conteúdos ligados à Astronomia desde o sexto ano até o nono ano, como conteúdo do primeiro bimestre, o que também é apresentado na proposta curricular do estado do Rio Grande do Sul, porém, este, não divide os conteúdos por bimestre e nem por ano, mas por ciclos, sexto e sétimo anos como primeiro ciclo e oitavo e nono anos como segundo ciclo, deixando livre para o professor estruturar sua sequência de conteúdos. A proposta curricular de Santa Catarina não apresenta estes conteúdos de maneira explícita, não divide dos conteúdos nem por ano, nem por série, traz uma sequência de conteúdos para serem trabalhados ao longo dos quatro anos, nos quais, aparecem timidamente alguns conteúdos de Astronomia. Para o Ensino Médio, as propostas curriculares do Paraná e de Santa Catarina parecem que se repetem, apresentando apenas o conteúdo Gravitação Universal, na primeira série do Ensino Médio, já a proposta curricular do Rio Grande do Sul, traz uma sequência que é proposta nos PCN (Brasil, 1998; 1999; 2002), na qual aparece o tema em questão, porém, em todos os anos, em todas as propostas, não há um detalhamento do que, de como trabalhar os conteúdos. O detalhamento facilita a prática pedagógica, pois, conteúdos simples como as Estações do Ano, Fases da Lua, sequer são citados nas propostas curriculares pesquisadas. Outro aspecto observado é que os conteúdos de um modo geral não trazem uma sequência e não primam por partir do entorno do aluno, daquilo que ele conhece para estruturar novos conceitos. Tais aspectos dificultam o fazer pedagógico, pois, por ser uma região com características culturais semelhantes, era esperado que as propostas fossem mais próximas, o! que facilitaria em muito, por exemplo, transferências dentro de um mesmo estado ou interestaduais. Pautando-se no que foi observado, na falta de especificidade dos conteúdos, clareza, sequência dos conteúdos e propostas de trabalho é proposto uma sequência de conteúdos de Astronomia, com materiais e recursos, pois, como apontado por Langhi e Nardi (2009), é necessário fornecer além da informação, do conteúdo, o como fazer. Tal proposta não visa estabelecer-se como regra, mas como suporte ao professor para facilitar sua prática pedagógica e tornar o trabalho com Astronomia presente nas escolas brasileiras. Bardin, L. Análise de conteúdo. Tradução Luís Antero Reto, Augusto Pinheiro. São Paulo: Edições 70, 2011. 279 p. Langhi, R; Nardi, R. Ensino da astronomia no Brasil: educação formal, informal, não-formal e divulgação científica. Revista Brasileira de Ensino de Física, v. 31, n. 4, p. 4402-1 a 4402-11, 2009.

Albrecht, E.; Voelzke, M. R.



Rio and São Paulo Theatres in 1970: Foreign Dramaturgy.  

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on the season. Young Bra zilian directors turned to the dramaturgy of off-off Broadway and by so doing scored some of the biggest hits of the year.1 Hair, which had opened in late 1969, reaped record profits in São Paulo and later in Rio. Producer Altair Lima... on the Roof and Man from La Mancha, in Rio; and Luv by Schisgal in São Paulo. In 1970, The Price, Plaza Suite and There's a Girl in My Soup. 2. Sérgio Viotti, "O Herói Traidor no Arena," Estado de São Paulo, October 11, 1970. FALL 1971 79 3. See Michalski...

Schoenbach, Peter J.



Estudio de terapias dirigidas para el cáncer de seno estableció un modelo de estudios clínicos a nivel mundial

Dos medicamentos de acción dirigida, diseñados para tratar una forma agresiva de cáncer de seno (mama), se pusieron a prueba en un estudio que incluyó a 8 000 participantes en 44 países. Si bien la finalidad del estudio fue ayudar a que los investigadores determinaran si el tratamiento combinado con trastuzumab y lapatinib para el tratamiento del cáncer de seno HER2 positivo en estado inicial era mejor que la terapia solo con trastuzumab, los resultados del estudio no indicaron que existan ventajas para las mujeres al recibir la combinación de fármacos de trastuzumab o lapatinib.


Se evitaron cerca de 800 000 muertes debido al descenso en tabaquismo

Programas y estrategias de control del tabaco del siglo XX fueron responsables de la prevención de más de 795 000 muertes por cáncer de pulmón en Estados Unidos de 1975 al 2000. Si todo el tabaquismo en este país hubiera cesado después de la publicación del primer informe del Director General de Sanidad sobre el tabaquismo y la salud en 1964, un total de 2,5 millones de personas no habrían muerto por cáncer de pulmón en los 36 años que siguieron a ese informe


A Morta de Oswald de Andrade: A Emergência de uma mímesis Paradoxal no Teatro Brasileiro  

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Mimesis e Modernidade, Luiz Costa Lima retoma a história do conceito entre os gregos. A mimesis surge no pernsamento grego a partir do século V, com os pitagóricos, que a teorizaram como "conceito fundamental de sua filosofia da expressão dos estados... produção do sentido a partir de uma filosofia da diferença, ver Deleuze, Logique du Sens. 4. O par conceituai de Linda Hutcheon é análogo ao de Costa Lima. A autora define mimesis de produto como aquela em que "the reader is required to identify...

Vasconcelos Avelar, Idelber



Organizing Your 4-H Project Group (Spanish)  

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.? Producido por Comunicaciones Agr?colas, El Sistema Universitario Texas A&M Se pueden encontrar publicaciones producidas por el servicio de Extensi?n en el Internet: Los programas educativos del Servicio de Extensi?n Agr?cola de Texas... Congreso del 8 de mayo de 1914, seg?n enmienda, y del 30 de junio de 1914, en cooperaci?n con el Departamento de Agricultura de los Estados Unidos. Edward G. Smith, Director, Extensi?n Cooperativa de Texas, el Sistema Universitario Texas A&M. ...

Howard, Jeff W.



Obtaining Disaster Assistance for Public Infrastructure (Spanish)  

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Federal de Administraci?n de Emergencias (FEMA) junto con la Divisi?n de Administraci?n de Emergencias del Gobernador del Estado de Texas. FEMA se comunicar? con los gobiernos locales respecto del proceso de solicitudes del Programa de Asistencia P...?blica. La informaci?n puede encontrarse tambi?n en el sitio Web de FEMA: http://www.fema. gov/rrr/pa/. Los solicitantes elegibles incluyen gobiernos locales, tribus ind?genas y ciertas organizaciones PNP. Las instalaciones PNP elegibles son aquellas que...

Taylor, Greg



Premio Casa de las Américas 1995  

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. 3) El cuento Fábulas, de Nelson de Oliveira, Brasil. 4) El Premio de Novela fue declarado desierto. Premio Extraordinario de literatura hispana en los Estados Unidos La Casa de las Américas aprovecha esta ocasión para anunciar que en 1997 ha... Unidos, con textos escritos en español, inglés o ambas lenguas y en los géneros de narrativa y poesía. Los libros que concursen se someterán a las Bases generales del Premio y podrán ser enviados a: Casa de las Américas, 3ra. y G, El Vedado, La Habana...




Fifth Siglo de Oro Drama Festival  

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SPRING 1980 79 Fifth Siglo de Oro Drama Festival ARTURO PEREZ and ROBERTO RODRÍGUEZ El festival de Teatro del Siglo de Oro, que en 1976 comenzó siendo un laudable esfuerzo por la difusión de la cultura hispánica, se ha convertido, en el... transcurso de unos pocos años, en el evento cultural de carácter internacional más relevante del Suroeste de los Estados Unidos. Dicho Festival, organizado por el Servicio Nacional de Parques y auspiciado por el Departamento del In terior de EE.UU., ha...

Pé rez, Arturo; Rodriguez, Roberto R.



Bed Bugs (Spanish)  

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penetrar la piel con su pico alargado. En los Estados Unidos (EE. UU.) nunca se ha comprobado que chinches dom?sticas sean portadoras o transmitan pat?genos causantes de enfermedades. Identificaci?n La chinche adulta es un insecto color caf? y sin alas. Su... de pulgada. Chinches reci?n nacidas son transl?cidas y sin color. Chinches j?venes (ninfas) tienen forma similar a la de adultas. A medida que crecen, mudan de piel (exoesqueleto). Despu?s de cada muda son color p?lido y luego oscurecen. Biolog?a y H...

Howell Jr., Harry N.



Nutrient Needs at a Glance (Spanish)  

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enzima despu?s de unirse a un componente de la prote?na Valores Diarios (VDs): la cantidad de un ntriente necesario a diario determinado por la administraci?n de alimentos y drogas (FDA) Dermatitis: inflamaci?n de la piel Descamaci?n: p?rdida de una capa... de piel Eczema: un estado inflamatorio de la piel caracterizado por rojez y comez?n Edema: acumulaci?n anormal de l?quido en el cuerpo Factor de Tolerancia un agente diet?tico que facilita la reacci?n a la a la Glucosa (FTG): insulina Hemorr...

Bielamowicz, Mary K.




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nios (8,4%), Planaltina-DF (8,1%), Planaltina-GO (8,0%), Formosa (5,3%), Fercal (4,1%), Denocs (2,5%), Quadra 5 (2,4%), AR 9 (2,1%), Quadra 1 (2,0%). Por estados: DF (73,8%), GO (22,3%), MG (2,7%). H· mais ocorrÍncia de acidentes ‡ noite, domingo e menos na quarta-feira com tendÍncia de aumento no inÌcio e no fim de cada mÍs. Discuss\\



Impacts of Irrigation on Citrus in the Lower Rio Grande Valley (Spanish)  

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baja del valle del R?o Grande. A partir de 1950 el cultivo de c?tricos ha estado expuesto a heladas, variaciones de mercado y urbanizaci?n. Alrededor del 71% del ?rea de c?tricos est? plantada de toronjas y el 29%, de naranjas. Las variedades de... maduraci?n, mientras que el az?car y las sustancias arom?ticas aumentan, mejorando su calidad. Debido a que las bajas temperaturas incrementan la concentraci?n de az?cares, la mayor?a de los productores del valle inician la cosecha despu?s de la primera...

Enciso, Juan; Sauls, Julian W.; Wiedenfeld, Robert P.; Nelson, Shad D.



Padries alomØtricos em espØcies arbÛreas pioneiras tropicais Allometric patterns for tropical pioneer tree species  

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RESUMO: Neste estudo, foi investigada a existŒncia de padries alomØtricos em cinco espØci- es arbÛreas pioneiras tropicais, que refletem suas caracterÌsticas de crescimento e estratØgias de ocupaÁªo. As espØcies estudadas, Cecropia glazioui, Miconia cinnamomifolia, Schefflera morototoni, Miconia splendens e Vismia guianensis, localizam-se em vegetaÁªo secundÆria de mata atl‚ntica, na Reserva Florestal de Linhares, norte do Estado do EspÌrito Santo, Brasil.

Marco AurØlio; Leite Fontes


Direct measurement of the W boson decay width  

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. Zverev,25 and A. Zylberstejn13 ~DØ Collaboration! 1Universidad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2LAFEX, Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas F?´sicas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 3Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 4Institute... University, Center for Particle Physics, Prague, Czech Republic 7Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences, Center for Particle Physics, Prague, Czech Republic 8Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Quito, Ecuador 9Institut des Sciences Nucle´aires, IN2P3-CNRS...

Baringer, Philip S.; Bean, Alice; Coppage, Don; Hebert, C.



Multivariate searches for single top quark production with the D0 detector  

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de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2LAFEX, Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas F?´sicas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 3Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 4Instituto de F?´sica Teo´rica, Universidade Estadual Paulista, Sa..., Laboratoire de l’Acce´le´rateur Line´aire, Orsay, France 17LPNHE, IN2P3-CNRS, Universite´s Paris VI and VII, Paris, France 18DAPNIA/Service de Physique des Particules, CEA, Saclay, France 19IReS, IN2P3-CNRS, Universite´ Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France...

Baringer, Philip S.; Bean, Alice; Coppage, Don; Gardner, J.; Hensel, Carsten; Moulik, Tania; Wilson, Graham Wallace



El teatro cubano para jóvenes: La apariencia y el mensaje  

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con los espectadores. El mejor teatro político busca siempre influir a la opinión pública sobre aquellos problemas en que la sociedad por una razón u otra no pone atención o preferiría no tocar. Por ejemplo, en su obra Despedida de Matera (1976... industrial. En los Estados Unidos el teatro político alcanzó el punto culminante en la época de la guerra de Vietnam con su actitud negativa hacia la continuación del conflicto militar. Hair (1968) de Rado y MacDermott puede servir como un buen ejemplo de...

Pozin, Mikhail



Información sobre el cáncer para hispanos y latinos

Cada vez más estadounidenses sobreviven al cáncer y continúan llevando vidas productivas. Sin embargo, muchos hispanos y latinos en los Estados Unidos no han escuchado este mensaje, y no se han beneficiado de los adelantos en los campos de la detección temprana y el tratamiento. El nuevo sitio web del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer,, lanzado el día 2 de abril de 2007, comunica enérgicamente el mensaje de que el cáncer puede prevenirse y tratarse, y ofrece, además, información sobre todos los aspectos de la enfermedad.


Rationality, system and context: the reception of John Dewey and Jose Ortega Y Gasset  

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of this work. INDICE PKgina ABSTRACT. AGRADECIMIENTOS. INDICE. . . . . . . . . . iv v INTRODUCCION DEWEY Y LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS. Recepci6n acadSmica La transici6n a la nueva sociedad. Recepci6n social ORTEGA Y ESPASA. La circunstancia espaBola: la... sociedad, van a hablar los dos. Tanto uno corno el otro van a formar el grupo de los votros hegelianos" que a diferencia de Marx y los comunistas, se enfocan en la importancia de la uni5n de la teoria con la prActica. En cate sentido? y corno veremos...

Guadano, Luis



The Baroque, the grotesque, and social criticism in the Buscon and La Hora de Todos of Quevedo: El Barroco, lo grotesco, y la critica social en el Buscon y La Hora de Todos de Quevedo  

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una reacci6n al estado decadente poliuco y social que estaba padeciendo esta sociedad para finales del siglo XVI y principios del XVIL El inter6s primordial del estilo banoco fue el de renovar la temkfica y el modo de expresi6n persiguiendo un... marco de su sociedad ya que su labor literaria es en gran medida el reflejo de dsta Un factor importante a considerar es el momento crftico en el cual 6l vivi6 ? bajo los reinados de los tres Felipes ? y en uno de los perfodos menos estables de la...

Carrero, Norma I.



La enumeración de la soltería femenina en los censos de población: sesgo y propuesta de corrección  

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Esta investigación tiene como objetivo investigar el efecto que la disolución de las uniones consensuales tiene en los niveles de soltería que proporciona el Censo de Población, niveles derivados de la variable estado civil. Para ello comparamos los datos censales con los de la Encuestas de Demografía y Salud (de ahora en adelante DHS) en aquellos países y años para los que disponemos de ambas fuentes en el mismo año o años adyacentes (Bolivia, Brasil, Colombia y Perú). Los resultados muestran claramente que las proporciones de nunca unidas derivadas de la variable censal ’Estado civil’ son sistemáticamente más elevadas que las estimadas a partir de las DHS. La razón de esta sobreestimación obedece al hecho de que personas que estuvieron en unión libre en el pasado se declaran solteras en el momento del Censo. La elevada proporción de mujeres solteras que tienen hijos según el Censo es una prueba de ello y a su vez una solución efectiva para corregir el sesgo. PMID:25593515

McCaa, Robert; Esteve, Albert; Garcia, Joan



Ensino e divulgação de astronomia no Planetário de Campinas  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Projeto desenvolvido em 1981 por professores da Unicamp, sob a coordenação do Prof. Dr. Carlos Alfredo Argüello propunha a instalação de um Planetário em Campinas. Convênio firmado em 1982 entre a Unicamp, a Prefeitura de Campinas, a Funcamp e a Academia de Ciências do Estado de São Paulo, possibilitou a aquisição de um planetário Zeiss ZKP2, através do MEC, e em 28 de outubro de 1987 foi inaugurado o Planetário de Campinas. Desde então várias atividades de ensino e divulgação da Astronomia foram desenvolvidas regularmente. A verificação dos registros das atividades realizadas mostra um alto índice de atendimento, considerada a capacidade das instalações (sala de projeção para 60 pessoas, auditório com 45 poltronas e hall de exposições). As atividades dirigidas ao público, estudantes e professores, atenderam cerca de 400.000 participantes nos quase 16 anos de sua existência. Além de sessões públicas e escolares, com duração de 1 hora, são oferecidas às escolas vários outros tipos de atividades, com duração de 2,5 horas. Abordam diversos temas e são dirigidas a diferentes níveis de escolaridade. Cursos para o público e para professores, palestras, exposições e eventos especiais completam o quadro de atividades regulares. Mesmo enfrentando quase sempre dificuldades financeiras e administrativas verifica-se que o Planetário de Campinas realizou um trabalho quantitativamente e qualitativamente satisfatório, prestando bom serviços à comunidade de Campinas e de outras cidades de São Paulo e outros Estados. Isso é também atestado pela grande procura de reservas para suas atividades.

Faria, R. P.



Vigilando la Calidad del Agua de los Grandes Rios de la Nacion: El Programa NASQAN del Rio Grande (Rio Bravo del Norte)  

USGS Publications Warehouse

La Oficina del Estudio Geologico de los Estados Unidos (U.S. Geological Survey, 0 USGS) ha monitoreado la calidad del agua de la cuenca del Rio Grande (Rio Bravo del Norte) desde 1995 como parte de la rediseiiada Red Nacional para Contabilizar la Calidad del Agua de los Rios (National Stream Quality Accounting Network, o NASOAN) (Hooper and others, 1997). EI programa NASOAN fue diseiiado para caracterizar las concentraciones y el transporte de sedimento y constituyentes quimicos seleccionados, encontrados en los grandes rios de los Estados Unidos - incluyendo el Misisipi, el Colorado y el Columbia, ademas del Rio Grande. En estas cuatro cuencas, el USGS opera actualmente (1998) una red de 40 puntos de muestreo pertenecientes a NASOAN, con un enfasis en cuantificar el flujo en masa (la cantidad de material que pasa por la estacion, expresado en toneladas por dial para cada constituyente. Aplicacando un enfoque consistente, basado en la cuantificacion de flujos en la cuenca del Rio Grande, el programa NASOAN esta generando la informacion necesaria para identificar fuentes regionales de diversos contaminantes, incluyendo sustancias qui micas agricolas y trazas elementos en la cuenca. EI efecto de las grandes reservas en el Rio Grande se puede observar segun los flujos de constituyentes discurren a 10 largo del rio. EI analisis de los flujos de constituyentes a escala de la cuenca proveera los medios para evaluar la influencia de la actividad humana sobre las condiciones de calidad del agua del Rio Grande.

Lurry, Dee L.; Reutter, David C.; Wells, Frank C.; Rivera, M.C., (translator); Munoz, A.



PREFACE: 10th International Conference on Clustering Aspects of Nuclear Structure and Dynamics (CLUSTER'12)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

As Editors of this Proceedings volume and organizers as well as participants of the Conference, let us sum up a few facts about the Conference and let us add some subjective notes. The conference was held at Köolcsey Centre, a prestigious site of scientific and business meetings and cultural events in the city of Debrecen, Hungary, 24-28 September 2012. The city was chosen as the home of the Institute of Nuclear Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the home institution of the organizers. The Institute was visited by some of the participants. The organizing team was complemented by some belonging to the University of Debrecen, which made it possible to hold the conference dinner in the marvellous covered 'ceremonial court' of the University. The participants were taken for an excursion and wine tasting to a wine cellar at Tokaj, centre of, historically, the most significant wine producing area in Hungary. By coincidence, the closing day coincided with the day of what is called the Researchers' Night in the European Union. That night, (or rather, that evening) every year there is a public lecture in the Institute of Nuclear Research for a general audience, mainly secondary-school pupils. The public lecture scheduled on this occasion was held by one of the participants of the conference who represented the world outside Hungary and yet was able to deliver a talk in Hungarian. He is Professor Kálmán Varga, Vanderbilt University. The title of his talk was Simulation of Nanosystems ( There were 115 registered participants, representing 22 countries of Europe, Africa, Asia, Central, South and North America. We had 44 plenary talks and 47 talks presented in parallel sessions. In the Programme list the talks are arranged following the session structure of the Conference. In this list the invited speakers are marked by asterisks. All the talks in the plenary sessions were invited talks, but we had some invited talks even in the parallel sessions. Written versions of 86 talks have been submitted. Quite a number of the speakers have modified the title of their talk in the written version. To keep the correspondence between the Programme list and the written papers, we have accordingly changed the titles in the Programme list as well. The papers are arranged according to their subjects, without regard to whether they were delivered in a plenary or in a parallel session. There was a talk classified wrongly; this is now classified correctly. In the Programme list and in the list of the papers submitted the names are those of the speakers. You can read in the Opening Address that, by ruling of the organizing institution, no members of the Debrecen Institute of Nuclear Research were selected as invited speakers and no contributions were accepted from them. We doubted the wisdom of this rigour ourselves, and I think the criticism we received for it is justifiable. The success of a conference depends primarily on the speakers. In retrospect, we can say that this conference was extremely successful, and that is owing to the great many wonderful talks delivered. This reflects very well on the present status of the field as well as on the work of the International Advisory Board, which proposed the list of excellent speakers. The Japanese dominance characteristic of all cluster conferences has only been complained about by some of the Japanese who came to Europe primarily to learn things that they could not learn at home. We would like to express our gratitude to our sponsors: the Hungarian Academy of Sciences the Paks Nuclear Power Ltd HMP Logic Ltd International Workshop for Theoretical Physics(Budapest) We were also supported indirectly by a JSPS-MTA bilateral cooperation project, which made it possible for five Japanese colleagues to participate. It just remains to be announced that the next, number 11 in this series of conferences, will be held in Naples in 2016. Zs Dombrádi G G Kiss A T Kruppa G Lévai R G Lovas Conference photograph

Lovas, R. G.; Dombrádi, Zs; Kiss, G. G.; Kruppa, A. T.; Lévai, G.





Esse artigo descreve como jovens religiosos e autoridades religiosas de sua comunidade compreendem a sexualidade, considerando suas experiências pessoais e como membros de comunidades religiosas. A análise pretende contribuir para que políticas públicas dedicadas à promoção da saúde sexual da juventude considerem a religiosidade, no contexto de um estado laico e da promoção do direito à prevenção. Foram realizadas 26 entrevistas abertas e semidirigidas em diferentes comunidades da região metropolitana da cidade de São Paulo (comunidades católicas, da umbanda, do candomblé e de diferentes denominações evangélicas) sobre iniciação sexual, casamento, gravidez, contracepção e prevenção das DST/Aids, homossexualidade, aborto e direitos humanos. Observou-se como jovens e autoridades religiosas convivem com a tensão entre tradição e modernidade e os distintos discursos sobre a sexualidade. Como sujeitos religiosos (do discurso religioso) e sujeitos sexuais (de discursos sobre sexualidade), devem ser incorporados pelos programas como sujeitos de direito nos termos de sua religiosidade. PMID:21886456

Silva, Cristiane Gonçalves da; Santos, Alessandro Oliveira; Licciardi, Daniele Carli; Paiva, Vera; Parker, Richard




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Este artículo documenta una respuesta agregada negativa del logro educativo superior (más de 12 años de escolaridad) en México a la recesión de 1982–83 y el estancamiento que le siguió. La respuesta no fue homogénea entre géneros, regiones y entornos familiares. Los hombres experimentaron una caída en el logro mientras que las mujeres experimentaron un crecimiento más lento. En promedio, los estados con un mayor logro antes del choque experimentaron mayores caídas. La respuesta entre distintos entornos familiares no presenta un patrón claro. Sin embargo, el efecto negativo en el logro se observa incluso entre hermanos. La evidencia sugiere una historia por el lado de la demanda: la caída en el ingreso de los hogares parece ser el determinante de la caída/desaceleración del logro educativo superior. La conclusión es que la recesión y la falta de crecimiento que le siguió tuvieron un efecto negativo importante y duradero en la formación de capacidades en México. PMID:25328251

Peña, Pablo A.




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O objetivo deste artigo é relatar a experiência do Comitê de Ética em Pesquisa da Secretaria de Estado de Saúde do Distrito Federal (CEP/SES/DF) Brasil, durante o período de 10 anos a partir de sua fundação. Trata-se de uma avaliação descritiva e documental, na modalidade estudo de caso, utilizando-se a totalidade de projetos protocolados no CEP/SES/DF (N° 052/08) nesse período. As pendências mais freqüentes dos projetos foram: termo de consentimento livre e esclarecido (30%), folha de rosto (25%), metodologia (20%), curriculum vitae (12%), planilha de orçamento (9%), outros (4%). O relato das atividades do CEP/SES/DF no período de 10 anos revelou, através de sua produtividade, a legitimidade do processo de análise ética dos protocolos visando à proteção dos participantes da pesquisa. PMID:19888441

Novaes, Maria Rita C. G.; Guilhem, Dirce; Lolas, Fernando



Religiosidade, juventude e sexualidade: entre a autonomia e a rigidez1  

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Esse artigo descreve como jovens religiosos e autoridades religiosas de sua comunidade compreendem a sexualidade, considerando suas experiências pessoais e como membros de comunidades religiosas. A análise pretende contribuir para que políticas públicas dedicadas à promoção da saúde sexual da juventude considerem a religiosidade, no contexto de um estado laico e da promoção do direito à prevenção. Foram realizadas 26 entrevistas abertas e semidirigidas em diferentes comunidades da região metropolitana da cidade de São Paulo (comunidades católicas, da umbanda, do candomblé e de diferentes denominações evangélicas) sobre iniciação sexual, casamento, gravidez, contracepção e prevenção das DST/Aids, homossexualidade, aborto e direitos humanos. Observou-se como jovens e autoridades religiosas convivem com a tensão entre tradição e modernidade e os distintos discursos sobre a sexualidade. Como sujeitos religiosos (do discurso religioso) e sujeitos sexuais (de discursos sobre sexualidade), devem ser incorporados pelos programas como sujeitos de direito nos termos de sua religiosidade. PMID:21886456

Silva, Cristiane Gonçalves da; Santos, Alessandro Oliveira; Licciardi, Daniele Carli; Paiva, Vera; Parker, Richard



Application of genetics to the development of starch-fermenting yeasts  

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Yeast strains capable of direct fermentation of manioc starch were developed by hybridizing strains of Saccharomyces diastaticus and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Hybrids were evaluated for speed of alcohol production, and yields and speed of formation of glycoamylase. Up to 6% solutions of Lintner starch could be fermented directly with about 80% conversion to alcohol. Pretreatment of crude 40% manioc starch suspensions with alpha-amylase, followed by fermentations with a starch-fermenting yeast strain, permitted accumulation of 12% ethanol within three days. Starch conversion was almost 100%. A fragment of DNA was cloned from S. diastaticus using the yeast-E. coli shuttle vector, YEp13, and was used to transform a strain of S. cerevisiae to a starch-fermenting state. Supported by National Science Foundation grant INT 7927328 and National Institutes of Health grant GM 27860. Dr. Laluce was supported by a grant from Fundacao de Amparo a Pesquisa do Estado do Sao Paulo and by her university. (Refs. 5).

Mattoon, J.R.; Kim, K.; Laluce, C.



Primera aproximación a la estructura interna de Plutón  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

En el presente trabajo se propuso estudiar la estructura interna actual del planeta Plutón. El modelo que se planteó es del tipo de estructura no-diferenciada. Se incluyó como fuente de calor interna la radioactividad y como único mecanismo de transporte de la energía a la conducción. Se encontró que el planeta estaría compuesto por una mezcla de roca (65% en masa) y hielo de agua (35%). Este simple modelo permite inferir que una estructura más realista para Plutón debería incluir también a la convección como mecanismo de transporte. Ello además permitiría avanzar de modo más firme en el estado de diferenciación del planeta, que casi seguramente sea más complejo que el adoptado.

Steren, G. A.; Carranza, G. J.; Hubbard, W. B.


Sexual competitiveness and compatibility between mass-reared sterile flies and wild populations of Anastrepha Ludens (Diptera: Tephritidae) from different regions in Mexico  

SciTech Connect

The mass-reared colony of Anastrepha ludens (Loew) currently used in Mexico for suppression of the Mexican fruit fly has been in use for over 10 years. Sterile flies are released into a wide range of environmental conditions as part of an integrated area-wide approach to suppress diverse populations of this pest in the Mexican Republic. This paper assesses the performance of the sterile flies interacting with wild populations from the different environments. We investigated the sexual compatibility and competitiveness of the sterile flies when competing with wild populations from 6 representatives Mexican states: Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Sinaloa, Nayarit, Michoacan, and Chiapas. Results show that the males of the wild populations differed in the time to the onset and peak of sexual activity. Nevertheless, the index of sexual isolation (ISI) reflected sexual compatibility between the populations and the mass-reared strain, indicating that the sterile individuals mate satisfactorily with the wild populations from the 6 states. The male relative performance index (MRPI) showed that the sterile male is as effective in copulating as the wild males. The female relative performance index (FRPI) reflected a general tendency for wild females to copulate in greater proportion than the sterile females, except for the strains from Tamaulipas and Chiapas. In general, the lower participation of the sterile females in copulation increases the possibilities of sterile males to mate with wild females. The relative sterility index (RSI) showed that the acceptance by wild females of the sterile males (25-55%) was similar to that of wild males. Females of the Chiapas strain showed the lowest acceptance of sterile males. Finally, the results obtained in the Fried test (which measures induced sterility in eggs) showed a competitiveness coefficient ranging from 0.2 to 0.5. This suggests that sterile males successfully compete and are compatible with flies from different geographic origins. (author) [Spanish] La colonia actualmente usada para controlar la mosca mexicana de la fruta, Anastrepha ludens (Loew), en Mexico tiene mas de 10 anos en cria masiva. Los insectos esteriles son liberados en una gran variedad de condiciones ambientales como parte de un control integrado para suprimir diversas poblaciones de esta plaga dentro de la Republica Mexicana. El objetivo de este documento esta dirigido a revisar el desempeno de las moscas esteriles frente a poblaciones silvestres procedentes de diferentes ambientes y para esto se realizaron comparaciones de compatibilidad y competitividad sexual de las moscas esteriles contra poblaciones silvestres de seis estados representativos de la Republica Mexicana: Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Sinaloa, Nayarit, Michoacan y Chiapas. Los resultados obtenidos manifiestan diferencias en el horario de inicio de llamado y mayor actividad sexual del macho entre las moscas provenientes de cada estado. Sin embargo el indice de aislamiento (ISI) reflejo compatibilidad sexual entre la cepa de laboratorio y todas las poblaciones analizadas, indicando que los individuos esteriles pueden aparearse satisfactoriamente con las poblaciones silvestres de los seis estados. El indice de efectividad de apareamiento del macho (MRPI) reflejo de manera global que los machos esteriles son tan efectivos para copular como los silvestres. El indice de efectividad de apareamiento de la hembra (FRPI) reflejo que en la mayoria de los estados las hembras silvestres copularon en mayor proporcion que las hembras esteriles, excepto para las poblaciones de Tamaulipas y Chiapas. En general, la baja participacion de las hembras esteriles en el campo permitio al macho esteril ampliar su probabilidad de apareamiento con las hembras silvestres. En cuanto al indice de esterilidad relativa (RSI), observamos que la aceptacion de las hembras silvestres al macho esteril (25-55%) fue similar a la de los machos silvestres. Las hembras de la poblacion de Chiapas registro la menor aceptacion. Finalmente, los resultados obtenidos en la prueba de Fried, la cual determi

Orozco-Davila, D.; Hernandez, R.; Meza, S.; Dominguez, J. [Programa Moscamed Moscafrut-Desarrollo de Metodos, Central Poniente No. 14 altos-Esq. 2a Avenida Sur. CP 30700 Tapachula, Chiapas (Mexico)



PREFACE: Third Congress on Materials Science and Engineering (CNCIM-Mexico 2012)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Third Congress on Material Science and Engineering (CNCIM-México 2012), which took place in Mérida, México, from 27 February to 2 March 2012 was organized by three research groups (cuerpos académicos) from the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán: Ingeniería Física (UADY-CA-27), Modelado y Simulación Computacional de Sistemas Físicos (UADY-CA-101) and Química Fundamental y Aplicada (UADY-CA-32), in collaboration with the Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados (Cinvestav-Mérida). The First Congress in Material Science and Engineering (CNCIM-2010), was organized in Puebla, México in February 2010. This was followed by CNCIM-2011 held in Toluca, México in February 2011. The CNCIM-México 2012 Conference consisted of plenary talks (8), invited talks (10), oral contributions (54) and poster presentations (70). The topics of the Conference were: Synthesis and Preparation of Materials: Organic and Inorganic Characterization of Materials: Novel Methods and Techniques Applications of Materials: Environment, Medicine, Pharmacy, Technology, Food and Renewable Energy New Materials: Composites, Nanostructures, and from Natural Sources Theory: New Methods and Computer Simulations We want to thank the Organizing Committee, the Institutions and Sponsors supporting the Conference, and everyone who contributed to the organization of this meeting, for their invaluable efforts in order to guarantee the complete success of this conference. Editors Romeo de Coss Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del I.P.N. (Cinvestav-Mérida) A.P. 73 Cordemex 97310, Mérida, Yucatán, México Gabriel Murrieta-Hernández Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán Calle 60 No. 491-A, Centro Histórico, C.P. 97000, Mérida, Yucatán, México Aarón Aguayo-González Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán Calle 60 No. 491-A, Centro Histórico, C.P. 97000, Mérida, Yucatán, México Efraín Rubio-Rosas Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla Ciudad Universitaria, Col. San Manuel, C.P. 72570, Puebla, Puebla, México Ernesto Chigo-Anota Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla Ciudad Universitaria, Col. San Manuel, C.P. 72570, Puebla, Puebla, México Enrique Vigueras-Santiago Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México Instituto Literario No. 100, Col. Centro 50000, Toluca, Edo. de México, México Session Chairs Gabriel Canto Santana, Universidad Autónoma de Campeche. Enrique Vigueras Santiago, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México. César Cab, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Alejandro ávila Ortega, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Jesús Barrón Zambrano, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Maritza de Coss, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Jorge A. Tapia González, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. David Muñoz Rodríguez, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Mario Pérez Cortes, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Jesús García Serrano, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo. Rubén Arturo Medina Esquivel, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. César R. Acosta, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Organizing Committee Aarón Aguayo González, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Gabriel Murrieta Hernández, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Alejandro Tapia González, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Cristian Carrera Figueiras, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Heriberto Hernández Cocoletzi, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla. Ernesto Chigo Anota, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla. Efraín Rubio Rosas, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla. Enrique Vigueras Santiago, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México. Romeo de Coss, Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados (Cinvestav-Mérida). Organizers: Organizers Sponsors: Sponsors

de Coss, Romeo; Murrieta-Hernández, Gabriel; Aguayo-González, Aarón; Rubio-Rosas, Efraín; Chigo-Anota, Ernesto; Vigueras-Santiago, Enrique



[The Hospital-Colónia Rovisco Pais: the last Portuguese leprosarium and the contingent universes of experience and memory].  


The Hospital-Colónia Rovisco Pais was inaugurated in Portugal in the 1940s for the treatment, study and prophylaxis of leprosy based on the compulsive internment model, whose configuration reflects the total institution concept proposed by Goffman. It concerns an important hygiene project of the Estado Novo. Its educative paradigm combined elements inspired in European social medicine and the ideology of the paternalistic Portuguese dictatorial regime. The Hospital Colony here will be thought of as a disciplinary dispositive, developing considerations regarding the confrontation between disciplinary power and experience. Memory emerges as a contingent instrument to access the practices and interstitial meanings woven into the Hospital Colony's daily life, seeking to find out about the experience of its former patients as political subjects. PMID:19856752

Cruz, Alice



"Chiriguano" Astronomy - Venus and a Guarani New Year  

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A Supreme Decree emitted by the government of Bolivia instituted the celebration of the June solstices in view of the fact that the indigenous people, both the Andean highlands and the Amazon and Chaco, "have commemorated this event for thousands of years" (Gobierno del Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia, Decreto Supremo N° 0173, June16, 2009, La Paz). In the case of the lowlands' indigenous, particularly the Guarani people, the decree mentions the planet Venus as the argument for this celebration. In this case of study and in light of astronomical and ethnographic evidence, we analyze the relevance of this decree in the case of the Guarani people of the Bolivian Chaco region, known as "Chiriguanos".

Pereira, Gonzalo


La Observación Sistemática de Vecindarios: El caso de Chile y sus perspectivas para Trabajo Social  

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El estudio acerca de las características de los vecindarios y sus efectos sobre las personas ha llegado a ser un área de creciente atención por parte de investigadores de diversas disciplinas en países desarrollados. Aunque actualmente existen diversas metodologías para estudiar efectos del vecindario, una de las más utilizadas es la Observación Sistemática de Vecindarios –Systematic Social Observation SSO, en inglés—porque permite recolectar información acerca de diversas características del entorno físico, social, ambiental y económico de los vecindarios donde se aplica. El objetivo de este artículo es (i) dar a conocer sumariamente algunas investigaciones influyentes sobre efectos del vecindario en Estados Unidos, ii) describir cómo se diseñó e implementó la Observación Sistemática de Vecindarios en la ciudad de Santiago de Chile, iii) señalar algunos facilitadores y obstaculizadores de la implementación del proyecto y, finalmente iv) enunciar posibles contribuciones y limitaciones que esta metodología ofrecería al trabajo social en Chile. PMID:24791060

Sanhueza, Guillermo E.; Delva, Jorge; Andrade, Fernando H.; Grogan-Kaylor, Andrew; Bares, Cristina; Castillo, Marcela



Incentivos para atraer y retener personal de salud de zonas rurales del Perú: un estudio cualitativo  

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El objetivo fue identificar incentivos de atracción y retención en zonas rurales y distantes de Ayacucho, Perú. Fueron realizadas entrevistas en profundidad con 80 médicos, enfermeras, obstetras y técnicos (20 por grupo) de las zonas más pobres y con 11 funcionarios. No existen políticas sistemáticas de atracción y retención de personal de salud en Ayacucho. Los principales incentivos, en orden de importancia, fueron mejoras salariales, oportunidades de formación y capacitación, estabilidad laboral y nombramiento, mejoras en infraestructura y equipos, e incremento del personal. Se mencionaron también mejoras en la vivienda y alimentación, mayor cercanía con la familia y reconocimiento por el sistema de salud. Existen coincidencias y singularidades entre los distintos grupos sobre los incentivos clave para estimular el trabajo rural, que deben considerarse al diseñar políticas públicas. Las iniciativas del Estado deben comprender procesos rigurosos de monitoreo y evaluación, para asegurar que las mismas tengan el impacto deseado. PMID:22488318

Huicho, Luis; Canseco, Francisco Díez; Lema, Claudia; Miranda, J. Jaime; Lescano, Andrés G.



Energy Savers: Tips for Saving Energy and Money at Home; El Ahorro de Energa: Sugerencias para ahorrar energa y dinero en el hogar  

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The Department of Energy of the United States of America works to guarantee provisions of safe energy, reliable and economically accessible to support to one developing economy and to protect the atmosphere. These suggestions and ideas to increase the energy efficiency in their house represent simple ways in which our citizens can contribute to preserve the atmosphere at world-wide level, to reduce the level of contamination of the air and to reserve our natural resources for future generations. [Spanish] El Departamento de Energa de los Estados Unidos de America trabaja para garantizar suministros de energa seguros, confiables y econmicamente accesibles para apoyar a una economa en desarrollo y proteger el medio ambiente. Estas sugerencias e ideas para aumentar la eficiencia energetica en su casa representan maneras sencillas en que nuestros ciudadanos pueden contribuir a preservar el medio ambiente a nivel mundial, a reducir el nivel de contaminacin del aire y a reservar nuestros recursos naturales para las generaciones futuras.

Jones, J.



El Proyecto Sismico "LARSE" - Trabajando Hacia un Futuro con Mas Seguridad para Los Angeles  

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La region de Los Angeles contiene una red de fallas activas, incluyendo muchas fallas por empuje que son profundas y no rompen la superficie de la tierra. Estas fallas ocultas incluyen la falla anteriormente desconocida que fue responsable por la devastacion que ocurrio durante el terremoto de Northridge en enero de 1994, el terremoto mas costoso en la historia de los Estados Unidos. El Experimento Sismico en la Region de Los Angeles (Los Angeles Region Seismic Experiment, LARSE), esta localizando los peligros ocultos de los terremotos debajo de la region de Los Angeles para mejorar la construccion de las estructuras que pueden apoyar terremotos que son inevitables en el futuro, y que ayudaran a los cientificos determinar donde occurira el sacudimento mas fuerte y poderoso.

Henyey, Thomas L.; Fuis, Gary S.; Benthien, Mark L.; Burdette, Thomas R.; Christofferson, Shari A.; Clayton, Robert W.; Criley, Edward E.; Davis, Paul M.; Hendley, James W., II; Kohler, Monica D.; Lutter, William J.; McRaney, John K.; Murphy, Janice M.; Okaya, David A.; Ryberg, Trond; Simila, Gerald W.; Stauffer, Peter H.



Análise dos Conceitos Astronômicos Apresentados por Professores de Algumas Escolas Estaduais Brasileiras  

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A razão para o desenvolvimento deste trabalho baseia-se no fato de que muitos professores da Educação Básica (EB) não lidam com conceitos relacionados à astronomia, e quando o fazem eles simplesmente seguem livros didáticos que podem conter erros conceituais. Como é de conhecimento geral a astronomia é um dos conteúdos a serem ensinados na EB fazendo parte dos Parâmetros Curriculares Nacionais e das Propostas Curriculares do Estado de São Paulo, mas é um fato, que vários pesquisadores apontam, a existência de muitos problemas no ensino da astronomia. Com o propósito de minimizar algumas dessas deficiências foi realizado um trabalho de pesquisa com a utilização de questionários pré e pós pesquisa, para tanto foi desenvolvido um Curso de Extensão Universitária para professores da Diretoria de Ensino Regional (DE) que abrange Mauá, Ribeirão Pires e Rio Grande da Serra (no Estado de São Paulo) com os seguintes objetivos: levantar concepções alternativas; subsidiar os professores por meio de palestras, debates e workshops, e verificar o sucesso da aprendizagem após o curso, adotando-se como referência, para a análise dos resultados, os dicionários de Língua Portuguesa (FERREIRA, 2004) e Enciclopédico de Astronomia e Astronáutica (MOUR?O, 1995). Portanto, dezesseis questões foram aplicadas antes e após o curso, assim pode-se verificar após a pesquisa que 100,0% dos professores sabiam os nomes das fases da Lua, 97,0% entenderam que o Sistema Solar é composto por oito planetas, 78,1% foram capazes de explicar como ocorre um eclipse lunar, um eclipse solar e um solstício, 72,7% sabiam como explicar a ocorrência das estações do ano; 64,5% explicaram corretamente a ocorrência do equinócio, 89,7% foram capazes de definir adequadamente o termo cometa; 63,6% definiram asteróide, 54,5% meteoro, 58,1% galáxia, e 42,4% planeta. Os resultados obtidos indicam uma aprendizagem significativa por parte dos participantes.

Voelzke, Marcos Rincon; Gonzaga, Edson Pereira




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Introducción Las mujeres Hispanas de 50 años y más (MHC) son una minoría en Estados Unidos que está a elevado riesgo de adquirir VIH y son el grupo menos estudiado en lo que respecta a salud, características sociales y de comportamiento sexual. Objetivo Investigar los factores que incrementan el riesgo de VIH en las MHC con el propósito de desarrollar o adaptar una intervención apropiada para la “edad y la cultura "de este grupo de mujeres. Metodología Estudio descriptivo de corte transversal con una muestra de 50 MHC, sexualmente activas y que residían en Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos. Se utilizó un cuestionario estructurado administrado por entrevistadores entrenados y bilingües (inglés/español). Las participantes fueron reclutadas en diferentes lugares en el Sur de Florida. Para el análisis de los datos se utilizó estadística descriptiva, tanto medidas de tendencia central como medidas de dispersión. Resultados La edad promedio de las MHC fue de 55,7 ± 6 años (rango 50–76 años). Todas las MHC estaban en la menopausia. Prevención del VIH Las MHC reportaron niveles medios de conocimientos sobre VIH y comunicación con la pareja. En la muestra se reportó la presencia de síntomas depresivos, violencia en la pareja, actitudes negativas hacia las personas viviendo con VIH y baja percepción de riesgo de adquirir VIH. Las MHC mencionaron necesidades de aprendizaje en tópicos relacionados con prevención de VIH y cambios de la edad. Conclusión Las MHC están a riesgo de adquirir VIH y tienen necesidades especiales en términos de educación sobre prevención de VIH. PMID:25242862

Villegas, N.; Cianelli, R.; Ferrer, L.; Kaelber, L.; Peragallo, N.; Yaya, Alexandra O.



Protegiendo a su familia de los terremotos-Los siete pasos a la seguridad para prepararse en caso de un terremoto (en espa?ol y en ingles)  

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Les escribimos esta carta para comunicarle un mensaje sumamente importante sobre las preparaciones de emergencia. Historicamente, hemos sufrido terremotos aqui en el Area de la Bahia de San Francisco que han causado graves privaciones para los residentes de la comunidad y da?os increibles a nuestras ciudades. Es probable que suframos un terremoto de gran magnitud en los proximos 30 a?os. Muchos de nosotros venimos de otros paises donde hemos pasado por terremotos y por eso creemos entenderlos. Sin embargo, la manera que nos preparamos para terremotos en nuestros paises de origen puede ser distinta a la que empleamos aca en los Estados Unidos. Muy pocas personas mueren a causa de los derrumbes de los edificios en el Area de la Bahia porque la mayoria de los edificios son construidos para resistir el sacudimiento de la tierra. Pero es muy probable que su familia no tenga atencion medica, alimentos o que esten separados del uno al otro por dias o semanas. Finalmente depende de usted mantener a su familia a salvo hasta que llegue asistencia, por eso les pedimos que nos unamos para aprender a cuidar a su familia antes, durante, y despues de un terremoto. El primer paso es leer este libro. Cada uno de su familia, ni?os y adultos, pueden aprender como prepararse para un terremoto. Haga participar e incluya sus ni?os; pueden ayudarle a prepararse. Aproveche las clases ofrecidas en su comunidad sobre las preparaciones de terremotos por la Cruz Roja Estadounidense (American Red Cross). Estos cursos de preparacion son gratis y disponibles en espa?ol para todos en la comunidad sin tomar en cuenta la historia de la familia, estado legal, genero o edad. Les recomendamos que tome ventaja de estas clases gratuitas. Para mas informacion consulte la ultima pagina de este libro. Recuerde que un terremoto puede ocurrir sin aviso y la unica manera de reducir el da?o de terremotos es estar preparados. !Preparese!

Desarrollado por American Red Cross, Asian Pacific Fund, California Earthquake Authority, Governor's Office of Emergency Services, New America Media, U.S. Department of Homeland Security Federal Emergency Management Agency, and U.S. Geological Survey



Cálculos ab initio con correlación electrónica  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Estamos entrando en una era donde la ortogonalidad entre las investigaciones de carácter experimental y de naturaleza teórica se irá difuminando progresivamente y la problemática a resolver quedará en escena como el único actor principal de la obra. Como premisa para una cooperación teórico-experimental de igual a igual, la metodología químico-cuántica utilizada debe ser capaz de ofrecer resultados de carácter predictivo. Sin duda, esta madurez en la metodología químico-cuántica ya la hemos alcanzado hace algunos años, tal y como muestra entre otras muchas, la labor que nuestro grupo ha realizado en el transcurso de la última década, dentro del campo de la Espectroscopía Teórica. Los estudios realizados comprenden una amplia gama de sistemas, variando tanto en tamaño como en complejidad, abordando problemáticas espectroscópicas consideradas tradicionalmente como especialmente controvertidas. Nuestra contribución científica más relevante reside en el carácter cuantitativo de las asignaciones espectroscópicas que hemos propuesto en base a resultados ab initio. Recordemos que en los años noventa los resultados ab initio solían presentar para las energías de excitación de sistemas de tamaño molecular moderado, como el benceno, errores de más de 1 eV. En comparación con el éxito relativo de los métodos semiempíricos, la frustración de la metodología ab initio quedaba todavía más patente. Los estudios que hemos presentado representan una comprensión profunda de los espectros electrónicos en sistemas orgánicos claves, mostrando el camino a seguir para obtener asignaciones espectroscópicas precisas (entre 0.1-0.2 eV). La naturaleza del método CASPT2 junto al diseño de estrategias computacionales nos ha permitido alcanzar el carácter cuantitativo con el que se caracterizan nuestras contribuciones[1,2]. Por todo ello, algunos de los trabajos publicados se consideran clásicos dentro del campo, pues en cierto modo definen el campo, y se reflejan en libros publicados recientemente. En la conferencia se analizarán ciertos pormenores de las investigaciones realizadas. El tipo de aplicaciones llevadas a cabo hasta la fecha se ilustrará mediante el estudio teórico del espectro electrónico de ciclooctatetraeno. Dando un paso más en la evolución de nuestra investigación, pretendemos en la actualidad describir, desde un formalismo teórico y al mismo nivel de exigencia, los mecanismos subyacentes que tienen lugar en las reacciones biológicas fototoinducidas, es decir, reacciones que se inician mediante la absorción de luz[3]. Como muestra de la caracterización de los procesos fotofísicos y fotoquímicos en fotobiología teórica, hemos elegido la descripción de la conversión interna ultrarrápida que tiene lugar en los cromóforos del ADN. Los estados excitados de las moléculas de los ácidos nucleicos presentan tiempos de vida media que se encuentran en el rango de sub-picosegundos, sugiriendo la presencia de un canal ultrarrápido de conversión interna, lo que normalmente se asocia en la fotoquímica contemporánea a una intersección cónica entre el estado excitado y el fundamental[4]. De esta forma nuestro ADN previene de forma eficaz posibles reacciones en el estado excitado y se revela como un excelente protector solar.

Merchán Bonete, M.


Monitoring Sea Level by Tide Gauges and GPS at Barcelona and Estartit Harbours  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Sea level is an environmental variable which is widely recognised as being important in many scientific disciplines as a control parameter for coastal dynamical processes or climate processes in the coupled atmosphere-ocean systems, as well as engineering applications. A major source of sea-level data are the national networks of coastal tide gauges, in Spain belonging to different institutions as the Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN), Puertos del Estado (PE), Instituto Hidrográfico de la Marina (IHM), etc. The tide gauge of l'Estartit is a traditional floating gauge placed 21 years ago and has an accuracy of ± 2 mm. Since 1996, l'Estartit tide gauge has been co-located with geodetic techniques (GPS measurements of XU, Utilitary Network, and XdA, Levelling Network,) and it is tied to the SPGIC (Integrated Geodetic Positioning System of Catalonia) project of the Cartographic Institute of Catalunya (ICC). In 2006, due to the work for the expansion of the harbour, the tide gauge had to be moved. Before the work started, appropiate GPS measurements were carried out in order to ensure the connection of the tide gauge data. During October 2006 and May 2008, the tide gauge was inactive and it has been moved on to a new location inside the harbour. In June 2008, new GPS and levelling measures have been done in order to tie the new location into SPGIC project and to co-locate old data respect the new one. Although l'Estartit does not have a GPS permanent station, it is possible to build a virtual one from the service "CATNET web" of the ICC. "CATNET web" is a data distribution system of a virtual GPS permanent station via web. From the coordinates where you want to place the virtual station, the time interval and the measurement rate, the system generates a RINEX file under the requested conditions. At Barcelona harbour there is one MIROS radar tide gauge belonging to Puertos del Estado (Spanish Harbours). It is placed at the dock 140 of the ENAGAS Building.The radar sensor is over the water surface, on a L-shaped structure which elevates it a few meters above the quay shelf. 1-min data are transmitted to the ENAGAS Control Center by cable and then sent each 1 min to Puertos del Estado by e-mail.This sensor also measures agitation and sends wave parameters each 20 min. A provisional tide gauge bench mark has been defined while the levelling has being done. There is a GPS station Leica Geosystems GRX1200 GG Pro and antenna 1202. Bathymetric campaigns inside the harbour have been made. The presentation is directed to the description of the actual situation of the geodetic infrastructure of Barcelona and l'Estartit sites for sea level determination and contribution to regional sea level rise.

Martinez Benjamin, J. J.; Gili, J.; Lopez, R.; Tapia, A.; Bosch, E.; Perez, B.; Pros, F.



Tectonic and Diapiric Forcing of Western Puerto Rico Landscape  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Puerto Rico's divide bifurcates in the west into a southern higher-elevation divide and a lower-elevation northern divide. The southern divide trends along exposures of weak, low density serpentinized ocean basement of the Monte de Estado Range forming the highest elevations in western Puerto Rico. Evidence of long-term active uplift along the serpentinite-cored divide is abundant. Streams draining Monte de Estado (MdE) radiate outward from an ellipse centered on the serpentinite exposure. The Rio Anasco draining the north flank of MdE is highly asymmetric, displaying a large scale tilt to the north while the Rio Guanajibo draining its south flank is highly asymmetric with tilt to the south. Subbasins of these rivers are asymmetric, tilted away from the core of the serpentinite exposures. Hypsometric integrals of the Anasco and Guanajibo basins are higher than basins of central and eastern Puerto Rico indicating an inequilibrium condition. The concurrence of morphologic indicators of active uplift (stream patterns and basin asymmetry and hypsometry) with the distribution of topographically elevated low-density serpentinite exposures indicates that MdE is experiencing active diapiric uplift. Northwestern Puerto Rico differs morphologically from the rest of the island. Underlain by island arc crust with exposed igneous and sedimentary strata similar to that of the eastern two-thirds of the island, the Atlantic shore has sea cliffs at the base of a coastal plateau west of the Rio Manati. Rivers draining western Puerto Rico have strikingly lower ratio to valley floor widths to valley height than the rivers to the east indicating incision in response to uplift is greater to the west. Western-most rivers have closer outlet spacing, lower distances from outlets to divide and their watershed have higher hypsometric intergrals all indicating that northwest Puerto Rico is actively uplifting at a rate greater than the eastern two-thirds of the island. North and south flowing tributaries to the Rio Culibrinas display drainage asymmetry reflecting an eastward tilt to northwestern Puerto Rico. This tilt and the uplift of northwest Puerto Rico is consistent with its position on the east flank of the Mona Rift footwall uplift.

Rogers, R. D.; Macinnes, S.; Hibbert, A.



Predicting the ocurrence probability of freak waves baed on buoy data and non-stationary extreme value models  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In the last decades, freak or rogue waves have become an important topic in engineering and science. Forecasting the occurrence probability of freak waves is a challenge for oceanographers, engineers, physicists and statisticians. There are several mechanisms responsible for the formation of freak waves, and different theoretical formulations (primarily based on numerical models with simplifying assumption) have been proposed to predict the occurrence probability of freak wave in a sea state as a function of N (number of individual waves) and kurtosis (k). On the other hand, different attempts to parameterize k as a function of spectral parameters such as the Benjamin-Feir Index (BFI) and the directional spreading (Mori et al., 2011) have been proposed. The objective of this work is twofold: (1) develop a statistical model to describe the uncertainty of maxima individual wave height, Hmax, considering N and k as covariates; (2) obtain a predictive formulation to estimate k as a function of aggregated sea state spectral parameters. For both purposes, we use free surface measurements (more than 300,000 20-minutes sea states) from the Spanish deep water buoy network (Puertos del Estado, Spanish Ministry of Public Works). Non-stationary extreme value models are nowadays widely used to analyze the time-dependent or directional-dependent behavior of extreme values of geophysical variables such as significant wave height (Izaguirre et al., 2010). In this work, a Generalized Extreme Value (GEV) statistical model for the dimensionless maximum wave height (x=Hmax/Hs) in every sea state is used to assess the probability of freak waves. We allow the location, scale and shape parameters of the GEV distribution to vary as a function of k and N. The kurtosis-dependency is parameterized using third-order polynomials and the model is fitted using standard log-likelihood theory, obtaining a very good behavior to predict the occurrence probability of freak waves (x>2). Regarding the second objective of this work, we apply different algorithms using three spectral parameters (wave steepness, directional dispersion, frequential dispersion) as predictors, to estimate the probability density function of the kurtosis for a given sea state. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors thank to Puertos del Estado (Spanish Ministry of Public Works) for providing the free surface measurement database.

Tomas, A.; Menendez, M.; Mendez, F. J.; Coco, G.; Losada, I. J.



Geodetic Infrastructure in the Ibiza and Barcelona Harbours for Sea Level Monitoring  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The presentation is directed to the description of the actual situation and relevant information of the geodetic infrastructure of Ibiza and Barcelona sites for sea level determination and contribution to regional sea level rise. Time series are being analysed for mean sea level variations .In the framework of a Spanish Space Project, the instrumentation of sea level measurements has been improved by providing the Barcelona site with a radar tide gauge Datamar 2000C from Geonica s.l. near an acoustic tide gauge. Puertos del Estado installed in 2007 a MIROS radar tide gauge and the Barcelona Harbour Authority a GPS referente station in the roof of the new Control Tower situated in the Energy Pier. The radar sensor is over the water surface, on a L-shaped structure which elevates it a few meters above the quay shelf. 1-min data are transmitted to the ENAGAS Control Center by cable and then sent each 1 min to Puertos del Estado by e-mail. There is a GPS station Leica Geosystems GRX1200 GG Pro and antenna 1202. Precision levelling has been made several times in the last two years because the tower is founded in reclaimed land. The measured settlement rate is about 1cm/year that may be could mask the values registered by the tide gauge. A description of the actual infrastructure at Ibiza harbour at Marina de Botafoch, is presented and its applications to sea level monitoring and altimeter calibration in support of the main CGPS at Ibiza harbour. It is described the geometrical precision levelling made in June 2013 between the radar tide gauge and the GPS station. In particular, the CGPS located at Ibiza harbour is essential for its application to the marine campaign Baleares 2013, near Ibiza island. The main objective is to determine the altimeter bias for Jason-2, about 9:09 UTC September 15, 2013, and Saral/AltiKa, about 05:30 UTC September 16, UTC. These activities has been received funding of the Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovacion under Spanish National Project CGL2009-13435/CLI.

Martinez-Benjamin, J. J.; Gili, J.; Lopez, R.; Tapia, A.; Perez, B.; Pros, F.



Habitus furibundo en el gueto estadounidense1  

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Resumen Durante cinco años, un torbellino cotidiano de tiroteos, apuñalamientos y asaltos afectó a la venta de drogas al aire libre en el vecindario puertorriqueño de Filadelfia, donde residíamos y conducíamos nuestro trabajo de campo. La industria de los narcóticos ha venido a llenar el vacío que dejó la desindustrialización, convirtiendo al antiguo distrito fabril de la ciudad en un mercado de narcóticos a cielo abierto que emplea en sus niveles más bajos a jóvenes puertorriqueños y cuyos clientes son principalmente heroinómanos blancos de bajos recursos. La capacidad para movilizar la furia asegura el éxito en la economía de las drogas, garantiza protección en las cárceles y le provee un ingreso mínimo a una población de bajos recursos estigmatizada cuyos miembros frecuentemente reciben diagnósticos médicos de discapacidad cognitiva. Muchos residentes buscan alianzas en redes sociales que los comprometen a participar en intercambios solidarios de violencia auxiliar. Una dinámica de acumulación primitiva corporizada mata, hiere, discapacita o encarcela a la mayoría de estos empleados de bajo nivel y a sus clientes. Los inflados márgenes de ganancia alrededor de esta dinámica dependen de la violencia y la coerción. Un habitus furibundo impulsa a los vendedores callejeros a defender violentamente el micro monopolio de poder de sus jefes en la economía subterránea como si fuese un asunto de diversión. Estos miembros de los niveles más bajos de la industria del narcotráfico se apresuran a fraguar transacciones comerciales en ausencia de un marco legal en un ambiente de escasez que sin embargo se ve inundado por enormes flujos de dinero, drogas adictivas y armas automáticas. Tras las drásticas reformas a los programas de seguridad social, la mano izquierda del Estado, en la forma de los servicios sociales, intenta prolongar los subsidios para individuos vulnerables diagnosticándolos como discapacitados cognitivos permanentes necesitados de fuerte medicación farmacéutica. La mejor manera de asegurar la continuidad de este frágil subsidio resulta ser los estallidos periódicos de violencia autoinfligida. Simultáneamente, con la anuencia de la mano derecha del Estado, en las cárceles violentas y hacinadas marcadas por formas hostiles de supervisión, la furia se convierte en una valiosa estrategia de protección física para los internos. En resumen, la violencia expresiva se convierte en una base práctica para el sostenimiento económico y para forjar el sentido de dignidad entre hombres y mujeres. PMID:24532976

Bourgois, Philippe; Castrillo, Fernando Montero; Hart, Laurie; Karandinos, George



Predicting the conservation status of data-deficient species.  


There is little appreciation of the level of extinction risk faced by one-sixth of the over 65,000 species assessed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Determining the status of these data-deficient (DD) species is essential to developing an accurate picture of global biodiversity and identifying potentially threatened DD species. To address this knowledge gap, we used predictive models incorporating species' life history, geography, and threat information to predict the conservation status of DD terrestrial mammals. We constructed the models with 7 machine learning (ML) tools trained on species of known status. The resultant models showed very high species classification accuracy (up to 92%) and ability to correctly identify centers of threatened species richness. Applying the best model to DD species, we predicted 313 of 493 DD species (64%) to be at risk of extinction, which increases the estimated proportion of threatened terrestrial mammals from 22% to 27%. Regions predicted to contain large numbers of threatened DD species are already conservation priorities, but species in these areas show considerably higher levels of risk than previously recognized. We conclude that unless directly targeted for monitoring, species classified as DD are likely to go extinct without notice. Taking into account information on DD species may therefore help alleviate data gaps in biodiversity indicators and conserve poorly known biodiversity. Predección del Estado de Conservación de Especies con Deficiencia de Datos. PMID:25124400

Bland, Lucie M; Collen, Ben; Orme, C David L; Bielby, Jon



Foramen magnum meningiomas: To drill or not to drill the occipital condyle? A series of 12 patients  

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Background: Despite the development of microsurgery and cranial base techniques, the surgical management of Foramen Magnum Meningiomas (FMM) continues to be a technical challenge to neurosurgeons. Controversy concerning the utility of systematic condyle drilling for approaching FMM has been raised. Our aim was to describe the surgical technique, analyze its safety, and the postoperative outcome in 12 consecutive FMM patients. Methods: From 1986 to 2011, 12 patients with FMM underwent operations in the Department of Neurosurgery at Servidores do Estado Hospital and in a private clinic. All patients were operated using a standard suboccipital craniectomy, preserving the occipital condyle, opening of the Foramen Magnum, and ipsilateral removal of the posterior arch of C1. Results: There was no operative mortality, nine patients achieved Glasgow Outcome Scale 4 or 5. Condylar resection was not deemed necessary in any case. Gross total resection was achieved in nine patients. After surgery, four patients developed lower cranial nerve weakness. There was no significant postoperative complication in the remaining patients. The average follow-up is 8.2 years. Conclusion The vast majority of FMM can be safely removed with a retrocondylar lateral suboccipital approach without condylar resection, using meticulous microsurgical techniques. PMID:23776759

Lynch, Jose Carlos; Temponi, Vicente; Emmerich, João Cláudio; Pereira, Celestino Esteves; Gonçalves, Mariangela Barbi



Tesis Doctoral Autor:  

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Acuerdan otorgar la calificación de: Madrid, de de 2000Resumen La presente Tesis Doctoral propone un modelo novedoso para la ejecución con altas prestaciones de sistemas borrosos completamente programables en arquitecturas estándar. El modelo desarrollado permite aplicar las técnicas borrosas a nuevos campos en los que hasta ahora no se habían aplicado debido a que no se podían ejecutar a la velocidad suficiente, no se disponían de las capacidades de programación necesarias o una combinación de ambas. Fruto del estudio del estado del arte se llega a la conclusión de que para conseguir procesamiento con altas prestaciones en plataformas estándar es necesaria una fase de compilación que adapte el conocimiento expresado en un sistema borroso a la arquitectura que lo va a ejecutar. El modelo propuesto introduce el concepto de compilación aproximada. Éste concepto se basa en que el diseño de todo sistema borroso es inherentemente aproximado. La compilación aproximada se basa en respetar el sistema borroso original en aquellos puntos en los que el diseñador tiene una certeza absoluta, y generar una aproximación en aquellos en los que no se tiene. Asimismo, el modelo dispone de

Facultad De Informática; Modelo Controlador; Borroso Completamente; Enrique Frías Martínez; Ingeniero En Informática; Departamento De Tecnología Fotonica; Facultad De Informática; Modelo Controlador; Borroso Completamente Programable; Enrique Frías Martínez; Ingeniero En Informática; Enrique Frías Martínez


Current status and future trends of medical physics in Mexico  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Medical Physics is an area that applies the principles of physics to medicine, particularly in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases using ionizing and nonionizing radiation. The main attractive of medical physics is that it has a direct impact on the quality and safety of medical care in humans; this social component with direct implications for the population is of high value for Mexico. This paper describes the concepts of medical physics, trends and the current status of this discipline as a profession, which is directly related to the efforts of clinical research. It is also described what is, in my opinion, the future of medical physics in Mexico, emphasizing the fact that this field requires a substantial boost from universities and hospitals to recruit highly qualified young medical physicists and the support from government agencies such as Secretaria de Salud, Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social and Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales para los Trabajadores del Estado through clinical research projects that allow the necessary evolution of medical physics into the hospital setting.

Azorin Nieto, J.



Esquizofrenia y trastorno en el consumo de sustancias: prevalencia y characterísticas sociodemográficas en la población Latina  

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El interés por comprender la co-morbilidad de la esquizofrenia y el trastorno en el uso de sustancias, ha aumentado debido al incremento de este diagnóstico, a los efectos negativos observados en el sujeto y a los costos en los servicios de salud. Este trastorno dual puede tener efectos dramáticos en el curso clínico del trastorno psicótico tales como: mayores recaídas, re-hospitalizaciones, síntomas más severos, no adherencia al tratamiento antipsicótico, cambios marcados del humor, aumento en el grado de hostilidad e ideación suicida, así como alteraciones en otras áreas del funcionamiento incluyendo violencia, victimización, indigencia y problemas legales. La literatura proveniente en particular de Estados Unidos y Europa sugiere que el rango de prevalencia para este diagnóstico puede oscilar entre el 10% hasta el 70%. En este estudio, revisamos la prevalencia del diagnóstico dual de esquizofrenia y trastorno en el uso sustancias, así como sus características sociodemográficas, con base en la literatura disponible alrededor del mundo dando énfasis en la poblacion latina. A pesar de que este diagnóstico es ampliamente aceptado, se conoce poco sobre su prevalencia en la población latina, sobre los factores ambientales, demográficos, clínicos y otras características de estos individuos. Un mejor conocimiento sobre este diagnóstico permitiría mejorar los métodos para la detección y adecuada valoración del trastorno en el uso de sustancias en personas con trastornos metales severos como la esquizofrenia. PMID:21404151

Jiménez-Castro, Lorena; Raventós-Vorst, Henriette; Escamilla, Michael



[Work regulation in the context of new public versus private relations in health].  


This work discusses the management of the work relations in the context of the new systems of public vs. private relation in health, having as reference the experience of the habilitation of Social Organizations (SO), responsible for the administration of a group of hospitals in the state of São Paulo. The urgency in this kind of management supported on the legal figure of the SO has implications in the management of Human Resources in Health (HRH) through the adoption of flexibilization mechanisms which include ways of selection, hiring and dismissal, payment rules and functional progression similar to the actions adopted by the market. The establishment of this sort of administration refers to the new paradigm proposed by the managerial administrative reform which suggests the exhaustion of the bureaucratic model to promote adjustment of the public administration to the transformations originated in the new stage of internationalization of the economy and its unfolding in the work world, as well as to the new standards of requirements of performance of the public field. Aspects related to the management of HHR are approached in the two ruling modalities in the Secretaria de Estado da Saúde de São Paulo: Direct Administration Hospitals (DAH) and units organized under the SO model (SOH). PMID:20802882

Barbosa, Nelson Bezerra



Tão perto de casa, tão longe de nós: etnografia das novas margens no centro da urbe  

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Philippe Bourgois é, desde 2007, “Richard Perry University professor” no Departamento de Antropologia e de Medicina Familiar e de Práticas Comunitárias na Universidade da Pensilvânia. Esteve durante largos anos ligado ao Departamento de Antropologia, História e Medicina Social da Universidade da Califórnia, São Francisco. A publicação, em 1995, de In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio1 projectaria o seu nome muito para além dos Estados Unidos: uma etnografia no coração porto-riquenho do Harlem, em torno dos actores e dos ambientes da venda de crack. Seguir-se-ia um longo trabalho de terreno em acampamentos de dependentes de heroína em São Francisco, orientando o seu trabalho para as formas mais radicais da pobreza e da marginalidade nos EUA. É deste trabalho de terreno que sai o seu último livro, Righteous Dopefiend2. Em Junho de 2007 esteve em Lisboa para participar na 3.a edição do “Ethnografeast”. Foi então que aproveitámos a oportunidade para ouvir um percurso invulgar contado pelo próprio: uma longa conversa no Hotel Zurique, cujo nome só vem ao caso por evocar o país onde passou uma parte da infância. PMID:22013286

Fernandes, Por Luís



A Cratera de Colônia (São Paulo - SP) Aspectos Gerais  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Despite the studies carried out during the last five decades, Colônia crater, situated at the south of São Paulo (SP), is not much known to the Brazilian scientific community (including astronomers) let alone to the population at large. For this paper, we have selected the main characteristics of that crater, such as size, age, geographic location, geological features of the area, and items in favor of its description as an impact crater, since, up to our days, many researchers have been still uncertain as to its origin. We have also established, a comparison between Colônia crater and other similar Brazilian craters, in order to single it out as a very important site for astronomical, paleoclimatic, geological, and geophysical research. It has also been our aim to provide some subsidy to science teachers who wish to approach this subject in the classroom, and stress (emphasize) the importance of this crater as a Brazilian patrimony, considering that this topic, save for a few distinguished exceptions, is not regularly taught at school. Lastly, (finally) we describe, briefly, the current condition of the crater, pointing out the protection initiatives taken by CONDEPHAAT (Conselho de Defesa do Patrimônio Histórico, Artístico, Arqueológico e Turístico do Estado de São Paulo) and the creation of APA (Área de Proteção Ambiental) Capivari-Monos to refrain the disastrous occupation while propitiating a preservative action to protect the important fountainhead area of São Paulo as well as the crater itself.

Varella, Paulo Gomes; Atulim, Regina Auxiliadora



Chemical defense in the red seaweed Plocamium brasiliense: spatial variability and differential action on herbivores.  


Species of Plocamium are known as prolific sources of halogenated secondary metabolites exhibiting few explored ecological roles. In this study the crude extracts from specimens of P. brasiliense collected in two distinct places, Enseada do Forno and Praia Rasa, Búzios, Estado do Rio de Janeiro, were evaluated as defense against the sea urchin Lytechinus variegatus and the crab Acanthonyx scutiformis. These specimens produce a similar amount of crude extract and also halogenated monoterpene compound-types, but individuals of P. brasiliense from Praia Rasa exhibit a major compound representing about 59% of the total chemicals. Natural concentrations of the crude extracts obtained from both specimens of P. brasiliense significantly inhibited the herbivory by the sea urchin L. variegatus, but had no significant effect on the feeding by A. scutiformis, a crab commonly associated to chemically defended host. Crude extract from P. brasiliense collected at Praia Rasa was more efficient as defense against L. variegatus than that crude extract from populations of this alga from Enseada do Forno, probably due to presence of a major secondary metabolite. These two studied population live under different environmental conditions, but they are only about 30 Km apart. However, it is impossible to affirm that environmental characteristics (abiotic or biotic) would be responsible for the difference of defensive potential found in the two populations of P. brasiliense studied here. Further genetic studies will be necessary to clarify this question and to explain why populations of a single species living in different but close locations can exhibit distinct chemicals. PMID:25296201

Pereira, R C; Vasconcelos, M A



Clinical, epidemiological, and therapeutic profile of dermatophytosis*  

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BACKGROUND The cutaneous mycoses, mainly caused by dermatophyte fungi, are among the most common fungal infections worldwide. It is estimated that 10% to 15% of the population will be infected by a dermatophyte at some point in their lives, thus making this a group of diseases with great public health importance. OBJECTIVE To analyze the clinical, epidemiological, and therapeutic profile of dermatophytosis in patients enrolled at the Dermatology service of Universidade do Estado do Pará, Brazil, from July 2010 to September 2012. METHOD A total of 145 medical records of patients diagnosed with dermatophytosis were surveyed. Data were collected and subsequently recorded according to a protocol developed by the researchers. This protocol consisted of information regarding epidemiological and clinical aspects of the disease and the therapy employed. RESULTS The main clinical form of dermatophyte infection was onychomycosis, followed by tinea corporis, tinea pedis, and tinea capitis. Furthermore, the female population and the age group of 51 to 60 years were the most affected. Regarding therapy, there was a preference for treatments that combine topical and systemic drugs, and the most widely used drugs were fluconazole (systemic) and ciclopirox olamine (topical). CONCLUSION This study showed the importance of recurrent analysis of the epidemiological profile of dermatophytosis to enable correct therapeutic and preventive management of these conditions, which have significant clinical consequences, with chronic, difficult-totreat lesions that can decrease patient quality of life and cause disfigurement. PMID:24770502

Pires, Carla Andréa Avelar; da Cruz, Natasha Ferreira Santos; Lobato, Amanda Monteiro; de Sousa, Priscila Oliveira; Carneiro, Francisca Regina Oliveira; Mendes, Alena Margareth Darwich




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El incremento universal de la prevalencia de obesidad en niños y adolescentes durante las últimas décadas, junto con la evidencia creciente de que el establecimiento de obesidad en etapas precoces de la vida está asociado con un incremento de la prevalencia de comorbilidades y del riesgo de muerte prematura, con gran repercusión económica en los sistemas sanitarios de los países occidentales, ha impulsado la investigación en este área. Estos estudios han remarcado la importante actividad endocrina del tejido adiposo, ejercida por medio de la síntesis y secreción de un gran número de péptidos y citoquinas, denominados adipoquinas. En esta revisión se resume el estado actual de los conocimientos, así como los estudios más relevantes, en relación con la dinámica de secreción de las principales adipoquinas en niños, centrándose en el control de la homeostasis energética, regulación metabólica (fundamentalmente, metabolismo de los hidratos de carbono) e inflamación. Asímismo, se analizan las particularidades de la síntesis, secreción y acciones de las adipoquinas desde el nacimiento hasta la adolescencia, reseñando el efecto que, sobre ellas, ejerce la instauración de la obesidad. PMID:23228441

Martos-Moreno, G.A.; Kopchick, J.J.; Argente, y J.



La salud en personas con discapacidad intelectual en España: estudio europeo POMONA-II  

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Introducción Estudios internacionales demuestran que existe un patrón diferenciado de salud y una disparidad en la atención sanitaria entre personas con discapacidad intelectual (DI) y población general. Objetivo Obtener datos sobre el estado de salud de las personas con DI y compararlos con datos de población general. Pacientes y métodos Se utilizó el conjunto de indicadores de salud P15 en una muestra de 111 sujetos con DI. Los datos de salud encontrados se compararon según el tipo de residencia de los sujetos y se utilizó la Encuesta Nacional de Salud 2006 para comparar estos datos con los de la población general. Resultados La muestra con DI presentó 25 veces más casos de epilepsia y el doble de obesidad. Un 20% presentó dolor bucal, y existió una alta presencia de problemas sensoriales, de movilidad y psicosis. Sin embargo, encontramos una baja presencia de patologías como la diabetes, la hipertensión, la osteoartritis y la osteoporosis. También presentaron una menor participación en programas de prevención y promoción de la salud, un mayor número de ingresos hospitalarios y un uso menor de los servicios de urgencia. Conclusiones El patrón de salud de las personas con DI difiere del de la población general, y éstas realizan un uso distinto de los servicios sanitarios. Es importante el desarrollo de programas de promoción de salud y de formación profesional específicamente diseñados para la atención de personas con DI, así como la implementación de encuestas de salud que incluyan datos sobre esta población. PMID:21948011

Martínez-Leal, Rafael; Salvador-Carulla, Luis; Gutiérrez-Colosía, Mencía Ruiz; Nadal, Margarida; Novell-Alsina, Ramón; Martorell, Almudena; González-Gordón, Rodrigo G.; Mérida-Gutiérrez, M. Reyes; Ángel, Silvia; Milagrosa-Tejonero, Luisa; Rodríguez, Alicia; García-Gutiérrez, Juan C.; Pérez-Vicente, Amado; García-Ibáñez, José; Aguilera-Inés, Francisco



A participatory approach to integrated aquifer management: The case of Guanajuato State, Mexico  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Guanajuato State, located in central Mexico, with less than 2% of the country's area, has almost 17,000 deep water wells, from which nearly 4,000 cubic hectometers (hm3) per year are being extracted, more than 1,000 hm3 over the estimated renewable yield. Since, in Mexico, water is administered under federal jurisdiction by the National Water Commission (CNA, for its Spanish acronym), the state government faces the challenge of ensuring its population's economic development without formal means of intervention. Being thus limited to apply mandatory policies and measures, the state water program has focused on the implementation of a two-sided strategy. First, basic hydrogeological studies and mathematical groundwater hydrodynamic models were developed upon a comprehensive survey of existing wells and a general revision of the state's geological framework. Second, a structure for water user's participation in water management actions was promoted (from the dissemination of information to the implementation of pilot efficient water use projects) with financial, technical and political support from the state. Simultaneously, a coordinated effort towards the completion of the water user's registry was performed with the federal authority along with other supporting measures such as training and monitoring programs. In this paper, a general overview of the project's achievements and challenges is presented. L'État de Guanajuato, situé dans la partie centrale du Mexique, avec moins de 2% de la surface du pays, a près de 17 000 puits profonds, d'où sont extraits près de 4 000 hm3 par an, soit plus de 1 000 hm3 de plus que le débit renouvelable estimé. Comme au Mexique l'eau est administrée dans le cadre d'une juridiction fédérale, le gouvernement de l'État fait tout son possible pour assurer le développement de sa population sans moyens formels d'intervention. Étant ainsi limité à appliquer des politiques et des mesures de recommandations, le programme Eau de l'État s'est appliqué à développer une stratégie sur deux plans. Tout d'abord, des études hydrogéologiques de base et des modèles mathématiques d'écoulement et de transport de nappe ont été réalisés à partir d'un suivi d'ensemble des puits existants et d'une révision générale du contexte géologique de l'État. Ensuite, on a soutenu une structure de participation des usagers de l'eau aux actions de gestion de l'eau, à partir de la dissémination de l'information pour la mise en place de projets pilotes efficaces d'utilisation de l'eau, avec des aides financières, techniques et politiques de l'État. Simultanément, un effort coordonné en vue de l'achèvement de l'enregistrement des usagers de l'eau a été fait avec l'autorité fédérale, en même temps que d'autres mesures de soutien, telles que des programmes de formation et des campagnes de surveillance. Cet article présente une vue d'ensemble des réalisations de projets et des défis. Resumen El Estado de Guanajuato, situado en el centro de México, ocupa menos del 2% de la superficie del país. Tiene casi 17.000 pozos profundos, de los cuales se extrae cerca de 4.000 hm3/a, lo que supone un exceso de 1.000 hm3/a respecto a la recarga anual. Puesto que el agua es administrada a nivel federal en México, el gobierno del Estado afronta el reto de asegurar el desarrollo de la población sin disponer de medios formales de intervención. Dadas las limitaciones para aplicar políticas y medidas reguladoras, el programa del agua en el Estado tiene como objetivo principal la implantación de una doble estrategia. Por un lado, desarrollar estudios hidrogeológicos básicos y modelos matemáticos de flujo y transporte de los acuíferos, basándose en una campaña exhaustiva de pozos existentes y en una revisión del marco geológico del Estado. Por otro lado, promover-con soporte financiero, técnico y político-una estructura de participación de los usuarios en las acciones de gestión, incluyendo desde la difusión de la información hasta la implantación de proyectos piloto para un uso

Sandoval, Ricardo


Estudio ab initio del mecanismo de la reacción HSO + O3  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

La reacción entre el radical HSO y el ozono ha sido ampliamente estudiada desde el punto de vista experimental debido a la importancia que tiene el radical HSO en la oxidación de los compuestos de azufre reductores y a que puede contribuir a la producción de H2SO4 [1-4]. Se realizaron diversos estudios teóricos sobre la cinética de la reacción entre el radical HSO y el ozono. La reacción del HSO con el ozono presenta tres canales diferentes : HSO + O3 &rightarrow &HSO2 + O2 &rightarrow &HS + 2 O2 &rightarrow &SO + OH + O2 La controversia existente entre los grupos experimentales sobre cuál de las tres vías es la predominante, se ha resuelto mediante un estudio teórico de todas ellas utilizando métodos ab initio. La estructura de todos los reactivos, productos, intermedios y estados de transición ha sido optimizada a nivel ab initio utilizando los métodos UMP2 /6-31G** y QCISD/6-31G**.

Nebot Gil, I.


Extensión del Formalismo de Orbitales de Defecto Cuántico al tratamiento del efecto Stark (SQDO).  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

El estudio experimental de las interacciones de átomos Rydberg altamente excitados con campos eléctricos ha experimentado un creciente interés durante las dos últimas décadas debido, en gran medida, al desarrollo de nuevas técnicas para crear y estudiar átomos Rydberg en el laboratorio. Acompañando a estas nuevas técnicas experimentales, es necesario el desarrollo de modelos teóricos que nos permitan contrastar sus medidas y conocer mejor los fundamentos de los mismos. Desde el punto de vista teórico el conocimiento del desdoblamiento de los niveles energéticos de un átomo en función de la magnitud del campo eléctrico aplicado (lo que se conoce como mapa Stark) es el mejor punto de partida para la descripción del sistema y un prerrequisito fundamental para el cálculo de distintas propiedades atómicas en presencia del campo eléctrico tales como intensidades de transición, umbrales de ionización de campo eléctrico, tiempos de vida, posición y anchura de cruces evitados, etc. En este trabajo presentamos la adaptación del método de orbitales de defecto cuántico [1,2,3] al tratamiento del efecto Stark (SQDO) [4] y su aplicación al cálculo de los desdoblamientos energéticos y fuerzas de oscilador de estados Rydberg en los átomos de Li, Na y K. El propósito de este estudio es, por un lado, desarrollar métodos fiables para la determinación de propiedades atómicas en presencia de campos eléctricos y, por otro, mostrar la fiabilidad de las funciones de onda QDO en la descripción del efecto Stark en sistemas atómicos.

Menéndez, J. M.; Martín, I.; Velasco, A. M.


Barreras y Facilitadores en el Reclutamiento y la Retención de Parejas Heterosexuales en Intervenciones Preventivas en VIH/SIDA  

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Compendio El Reclutamiento y la Retención (R&R) de participantes es fundamental para el éxito de estudios y para el desarrollo de intervenciones preventivas. El R&R de participantes determina la validez y efectividad de estos programas. En este trabajo examinamos algunos de los factores que facilitan y dificultan el R&R en los proyectos preventivos y ofrecemos algunas alternativas para mejorar los índices de R&R. Realizamos dos estudios, en el primero administramos el Instrumento de Informatión, Motivatión y Conductas-Español (IIMC-E) a un grupo de 26 parejas heterosexuales (52 participantes). En el segundo, entrevistamos a 5 parejas VIH discordantes (10 participantes). Encontramos que el 75% de los/las participantes indicó que su trabajo era una de las principales barreras que dificultan la asistencia a las actividades. Otras barreras son las responsabilidades laborales y familiares. Encontramos que la principal barrera fue el miedo a la revelación del estado serlógico. Los principales facilitadores del R&R son la coordinación adecuada y el seguimiento telefónico ofrecido por parte del personal del proyecto. Concluimos que en el desarrollo e implantación de programas de prevención el investigador/a debe tomar en cuenta la adaptación de aspectos logísticos como la disponibilidad y las necesidades particulares de los/las participantes. PMID:23264700

Hernández-Hernández, Alberto L.; Perez-Jimenez, David



Description of the final instar of Trichomalopsis peregrina (Hymenoptera, Pteromalidae), with data and comments on the preimaginal stages  

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The preimaginal stages of T. peregrina are described. The egg displays a sculptured chorion, which is found only on those deposited externally. The immature larvae are characterized by their peculiarities in (a) a setose ring on the thoracic and abdominal segments, (b) an anal notch and (c) size and the sensory structures of the head capsule. The final instar is described and illustrated. Morphological structures of diagnostic value are discussed. The most salient character shown by the mature larva of this species lies in the epistoma, which is complete. (author) [Spanish] Se describen las fases de huevo y larva de T. peregrina. El huevo, como es caracteristico en los que se depositan externamente, presenta un corion ornamentado. Las larvas inmaduras exhiben peculiaridades en (a) el anillo setoso de los segmentos toracicos y abdominales, (b) la escotadura anal y (c) el tamano, y estructuras sensoriales, de la capsula cefalica. El estado de caracter mas sobresaliente presentado por la larva madura de esta especie radica en la presencia de un epistoma totalmente diferenciado. (author)

Tormos, J. [Area de Zoologia, Facultad de Biologia, Universidad de Salamanca. 37071-Salamanca (Spain)]. E-mail:; Asis, J.D. [Area de Zoologia, Facultad de Biologia, Universidad de Salamanca. 37071-Salamanca (Spain); Frago, E.; Selfa, J. [Departament de Zoologia, Facultat de Biologia, Universitat de Valencia, Dr. Moliner 50. 46100-Burjassot, Valencia (Spain); Pujade-Villar, J. [Departament de Biologia Animal, Facultat de Biologia, Universitat de Barcelona, Avinguda Diagonal 645. E-08028 Barcelona (Spain); Guara, M. [Departament de Botanica, Facultat de Biologia, Universitat de Valencia, Dr. Moliner 50, 46100-Burjassot, Valencia (Spain)



Kinematic analysis of serpentinite structures and the manifestation of transpression in southwestern Puerto Rico  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Faults and shear zones recorded in the Monte del Estado and Río Guanajibo serpentinite masses in southwestern Puerto Rico show previously unrecognized southwestward tectonic transport. The orientations of planar and linear structures and the sense of slip along faults and shear zones determined by offset rock layers, drag folds in foliations, and steps in slickensided surfaces and/or S-C fabrics from 1846 shear planes studied at more than 300 stations reveal two predominant groups of faults: 1) northwesterly-striking thrust faults and easterly-striking left-lateral faults and, 2) northwesterly-striking right-lateral faults and easterly-striking thrust faults. Shortening and extension (P and T) axes calculated for geographic domains within the serpentinite reveal early north-trending shortening followed by southwestward-directed movement during which older structures were re-activated. The SW-directed shortening is attributed to transpression that accompanied Late Eocene left-lateral shearing of the serpentinite. A third, younger, group comprising fewer faults consists of northwesterly-striking left-lateral faults and north-directed thrusts that also may be related to the latest transpressional deformation within Puerto Rico. Deformational events in Puerto Rico correlate to tectonic events along the Caribbean-North American plate boundary.

Laó-Dávila, Daniel A.; Anderson, Thomas H.



Fontes binárias supermoles de raios X  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Estuda-se as características físicas das fontes supermoles (de raios X (SSS), utilizando dados ópticos e em altas energias, no âmbito de um trabalho de IC. Trata-se de binárias que apresentam espectro X muito mole, baixas temperaturas e altas luminosidades bolométricas. Esse sistemas são compostos por uma anã branca realizando fusão em sua superfície, a partir de matéria perdida pela estrela companheira. Os resíduos de fusão se acumulam na superfície da anã branca, e essa pode ultrapassar o limite de Chadrasekhar, produzir um colapso gravitacional, sendo esse um dos cenários propostos para as explosões de SN Ia. Apresentamos nesta comunicação o estado da arte das características físicas das fontes SSS, situando-as no âmbito das VCs. Procuramos também situar esses objetos em relação às variáveis galácticas V Sge, na medida em que os dois grupos apresentam certas caracerísticas bastante semelhantes.A metodologia adotada é aquela pedagógico-cognitiva clássica de um trabalho de IC na área de ciências exatas.

Pires, A. M.; Janot Pacheco, E.



[The arrival of the plague in São Paulo in 1899].  


In October 1899, the bubonic plague arrived in Brazil through the port of Santos. A city of intensive port activity, Santos was the gateway for a plague epidemic that devastated several cities in Brazil in the early 20th century and prompted joint action by several states to fight it. More importantly, given the difficulties and delays in importing anti-plague serum from Europe, it led to the creation of the Butantan Institute in Sao Paulo (in 1899) and the Municipal Serotherapeutic Institute in Rio de Janeiro (in 1900), which developed and standardized anti-plague serum and vaccines according to the particular conditions of the country. Until then, public health efforts had been isolated and had not reached the whole country. Oswaldo Cruz, newly arrived after three years of specialization at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, worked with scientists Adolfo Lutz and Vital Brazil on identifying the plague in Santos. This article analyzes the arrival of the bubonic plague epidemic in the state of Sao Paulo and the public health measures taken to combat the disease and provide patient care in the early part of the 20th century. The primary sources for this analysis were the São Paulo newspapers, especially O Estado de Sao Paulo, and reports from the Ministry of Justice and the President of the State of Sao Paulo. PMID:21936225

do Nascimento, Dilene Raimundo




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La telemedicina es una tendencia creciente en la prestación de los servicios médicos. Aunque la eficacia de esta práctica no ha estado bien establecida, es probable que los países en desarrollo compartirán este nuevo paradigma con los desarrollados. Los defensores de la telemedicina en América Latina sostienen que será una herramienta útil para reducir las disparidades y mejorar la accesibilidad de atención de salud. Aunque América Latina quizá se convierta en un lugar para la investigación e investigación de estos procedimientos, no está claro cómo la telemedicina podría contribuir a mejorar la accesibilidad para las poblaciones desfavorecidas, o coexistir con sistemas de atención de salud públicos crónicamente enfermos. Telemedicine is a growing trend in the provision of medical services. Although the effectiveness of this practice has not been well established, it is likely that developing countries will share this new paradigm with developed ones. Supporters of telemedicine in Latin America maintain that it will be a useful tool for reducing disparities and improving health care accessibility. Although Latin America might become a place for research and investigation of these procedures, it is not clear how telemedicine could contribute to improving accessibility for disadvantaged populations, or coexist with chronically ill-funded public healthcare systems. PMID:21625326

Litewka, Sergio



A Utilização da Astronomia como Tema Interdisciplinar e Aplicações de Objetos de Aprendizagem  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Este trabalho visa analisar a possibilidade de relacionar conteúdos aplicados no ensino fundamental e médio de forma interdisciplinar por intermédio da astronomia, com a intervenção de objetos de aprendizagem que possam integrar as disciplinas e a utilização de recursos tecnológicos. Em uma pesquisa prévia com 20 professores de uma escola estadual situada na cidade de Guarulhos foi observado que apenas 25% dos professores utilizam algum recurso tecnológico para o desenvolvimento de conteúdos pertinentes à sua disciplina, tais como sites e softwares educativos, sendo que a maioria absoluta continua ensinando apenas com livros didáticos. A maior parte dos professores apresenta dificuldades em trabalhar sua disciplina de forma interdisciplinar, ou seja, 75% dos professores preferem aplicar os conteúdos seguindo uma hierarquia linear de tópicos, evitando a discussão de temas que de alguma forma estão relacionados. A astronomia pode vir à fascinar o ser humano e despertar sua curiosidade promovendo um maior interesse no aprendizado, podendo favorecer análises interdisciplinares de forma lógica e objetiva, desta forma colocar a astronomia como tema motivador interdisciplinar, pode ser relevante no que se refere ao distanciamento da fragmentação dos conteúdos. No Estado de São Paulo, a implantação da proposta curricular no ensino fundamental e médio mostra claramente a inserção da astronomia na maior parte das séries, principalmente na 6ª série em que todo o bimestre se fala de astronomia.

da Silva, L. A.; Voelzke, M. R.



Atlas de aves: Un metodo para documentar distribucion y seguir poblaciones  

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Los Atlas de Aves son proyectos nacionales o regionalies para trazar en mapas la distribucion en reproduccion de cada especie de ave. Ese procedimiento se esta usando en Europa, Australia, Nueva Zelanda, Norteamerica, y partes de Africa. El tama?o de los cuadrados varia de medio grado de latitud y Iongitud hasta 5 x 5 km. El trabajo de campo de cada proyecto exige aproxlmadamente cinco a?os, pero los aficionados pueden llevar a cabo la mayor parte del trabajo. Es posible almacenar los resultados en un computador personal. Hay muchos beneficios: (I) se presenta la distribucion corriente de las aves de la nacion, del estado, o de la Iocalidad; (2) se desarrolla nueva informacion especialmente sobre especies raras o en peligro; (3) se descubren areas que tienen una avlfauna sobresaliente o habitats raros y ayuda a su proteccion, (4) se documentan cambios de dlstribucion; (5) se pueden usar para documentar cambios de poblacion, especialmente en los tropicos donde otros metodos son mas dificiles de usar porque hay muchas especies y no hay muchos observadores calificados en la identificacion de sonidos de las aves; (6) son proyectos buenos de investigacion para estudiantes graduados; (7) los turistas y los jefes de excursiones de historia natural pueden contribuir con muchas informaciones

Robbins, C.S.; Dowell, B.A.; Dawson, D.K.



On Ensino de Astronomia: Desafios para Implantação  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Em 2002 o ensino de Astronomia foi proposto como um dos temas estruturadores pelos Parâmetros Curriculares Nacionais e sugerido como facilitador para que o aluno compreendesse a Física como construção humana e parte do seu mundo vivencial, mas raramente seus conceitos foram ensinados. A presente pesquisa discute dois aspectos relacionados à abordagem de Astronomia. O primeiro aspecto é se ela está sendo abordada pelos professores do Ensino Médio e o segundo, aborda a maneira como ela está sendo ensinada. Optou-se pela aplicação de um questionário a partir do 2° semestre de 2006 e durante o ano de 2007 com professores que ministram a disciplina de Física, os quais trabalham em escolas estaduais em Rio Grande da Serra, Ribeirão Pires e Mauá no estado São Paulo. Dos 66,2% dos professores que responderam ao questionário nos municípios de Rio Grande da Serra, Ribeirão Pires e Mauá, 57,4% não aplicaram nenhum tópico de astronomia, 70,2% não utilizaram laboratório, 89,4% não utilizaram qualquer tipo de programa computacional, 83,0% nunca fizeram visitas com alunos a museus e planetários e 38,3% não indicaram qualquer tipo de livro ou revista referente à astronomia aos seus alunos. Mesmo considerando a Astronomia um conteúdo potencialmente significativo, esta não fez parte dos planejamentos escolares. Portanto são necessárias propostas que visem estratégias para a educação continuada dos professores como, por exemplo, cursos específicos sobre o ensino em Astronomia.

Faria, R. Z.; Voelzke, M. R.



Nesting biology, morphological remarks, and description of the mature larva of Mellinus arvensis obscurus (Hymenoptera: Crabronidae) in Nepal  

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Recently re-named as a sub-species of Mellinus arvensis, Mellinus arvensis obscurus Handlirsch 1888 was investigated ecologically and morphologically in Nepal, in order to underline the most important differences with the well known M. arvensis arvensis. Mellinus arvensis obscurus females nested in clumped aggregations on inclined plains at high altitudes, both on sunny bare soil and on a shaded grassy one. Beginning of monsoon season probably interfered with wasp activity, and females performed few provisioning flights during the day. Prey consisted of a broad range of Diptera, except for one case of a spider. Many females were observed not provisioning a nest but floating on the nesting site, and many intraspecific interactions suggested a high degree of usurpation attempts. At least one species of flies and two of ants probably acted as natural enemies of the wasp. Morphological observations on females showed that the Nepal population shares more similarities (shape of tergite I, body punctation) with the European populations than with the closer Japanese population; melanization is strong, according to west-east and altitudinal cline. The mature larva of M. arvensis obscurus Handlirsch is described, illustrated, and compared with the other mature larva of the genus. The differences between both larvae mainly lie in the presence/absence, and number or differentiation of integumental structures. We conclude that morphological traits are more important than ecological and behavioral ones in distinguishing M. arvensis obscurus from M. arvensis arvensis. (author) [Spanish] En el presente articulo se aportan los resultados y conclusiones de un estudio, llevado a cabo en Nepal, en el que se abordaron aspectos ecologicos, comportamentales y morfologicos (tanto del ultimo estado de la fase larvaria como del adulto) de Mellinus arvensis obscurus Handlirsch 1888. El principal objetivo del estudio radicaba en mostrar las principales diferencias que separan a esta subespecie de la bien estudiada subespecie nominal. Mellinus arvensis obscurus nidifica a gran altitud, en terreno inclinado, con y sin vegetacion, expuesto en mayor o menor medida al sol y en agregaciones muy compactas. Durante la estacion lluviosa la hembras llevan a cabo pocos vuelos de aprovisonamiento. Las presas pertenecen al orden de los dipteros, aunque, en una ocasion se observo el aporte de una arana. Gran numero de las interacciones intraespecificas observadas sugieren un alto grado de intentos de usurpacion de nidos. Los enemigos naturales mas sobresalientes pertenecen al orden de los dipteros y a la familia de los formicidos. Del estudio morfologico del adulto, mencionaremos que la foma del terguito 1 y la escultura del cuerpo, en las hembras de las poblaciones del Nepal, son mas semejantes a los de las hembras de las poblaciones europeas que no a los de las japonesas. De la fase larvaria se describe el ultimo estado larvario, a la vez que se compara con la otra larva madura ya descrita del genero. Las diferencias entre ambas larvas maduras radican en la presencia/ausencia, numero o diferenciacion de las estructuras tegumentarias. El estudio finaliza concluyendo que los rasgos morfologicos son mas importantes, que los aspectos ecologicos y comportamentales, a la hora de establecer una separacion entre las dos subespecies (author)

Boesi, R.; Polidori, C.; Andrietti, F. [Dipartimento di Biologia, Sezione di Zoologia e Citologia, Universita degli Studi di Milano-Via Celoria, 26, 20133, Milan (Italy); Gayubo, S.F.; Tormos, J.; Asis, J.D. [Unidad de Zoologia, Facultad de Biologia, Universidad de Salamanca-37071, Salamanca (Spain)



Groundwater capture processes under a seasonal variation in natural recharge and discharge  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

"Capture" is the increase in recharge and the decrease in discharge that occurs when pumping is imposed on an aquifer system that was in a previous state of approximate dynamic equilibrium. Regional groundwater models are usually used to calculate capture in a two-step procedure. A steady-state solution provides an initial-head configuration, a set of flows through the boundaries for the modeled region, and the initial basis for the capture calculation. The transient solutions provide the total change in flows through the boundaries. A difference between the transient and steady-state solutions renders the capture calculation. When seasonality is a modeling issue, the use of a single initial hydraulic head and a single set of boundary flows leads to miscalculations of capture. Instead, an initial condition for each season should be used. This approach may be accomplished by determining steady oscillatory solutions, which vary through the seasons but repeat from year to year. A regional groundwater model previously developed for a portion of the San Pedro River basin, Arizona, USA, is modified to illustrate the effect that different initial conditions have on transient solutions and on capture calculations. Résumé Les "prélèvements" sont constitués par l'augmentation de la recharge et par la diminution de l'écoulement qui se produit lorsqu'un pompage est imposéà un système aquifère qui était auparavant dans un état proche de l'équilibre dynamique. Les modèles régionaux de nappe sont en général utilisés pour calculer les prélèvements dans une procédure à deux étapes. Une solution en régime permanent donne la configuration piézométrique initiale, un jeu de conditions aux limites pour la région modélisée et les données de base pour le calcul des prélèvements. Les solutions transitoires donnent les modifications globales des conditions aux limites. Lorsque des variations saisonnières sont produites en sortie du modèle, le recours à une piézométrie initiale unique et à un seul jeu de données de conditions aux limites conduit à un mauvais calcul des prélèvements. Il faut alors utiliser une condition de recharge initiale pour chaque saison. Cette approche peut être réalisée en déterminant des solutions permanentes périodiques, variantes au cours des saisons, mais se répétant d'année en année. Un modèle de nappe régional, précédemment mis au point pour une partie du bassin de la rivière San Pedro (Arizona, États-Unis), a été modifié pour illustrer l'effet de conditions initiales différentes sur des solutions transitoires et sur le calcul des prélèvements. Resumen Se define como "captura" al aumento de recarga y descenso de descarga que tiene lugar cuando se impone un bombeo en un acuífero en estado de equilibrio dinámico. Se suelen utilizar modelos regionales de agua subterránea para calcular la captura en un procedimiento que consta de dos etapas. Una solución en régimen estacionario proporciona la distribución inicial de niveles piezométricos, los flujos a través de los contornos de la región modelada y el punto de partida para el cálculo de la captura. Las soluciones transitorias proporcionan los cambios en los flujos a través de los contornos. La diferencia entre las soluciones estacionaria y transitoria da el valor de la captura. Cuando los cambios estacionales son importantes, la utilización de un único estado inicial de niveles y de flujos en los contornos da lugar a errores en el cálculo de la captura. En este caso debe usarse una condición inicial para cada una de las estaciones. Esto se puede conseguir obteniendo soluciones periódicas estacionarias, que varíen a lo largo de las estaciones, pero que se repitan año a año. Un modelo regional desarrollado previamente para el estudio de una parte de la cuenca del Río San Pedro, en Arizona (EE.UU.) se modificó para ilustrar el efecto que las distintas condiciones iniciales tienen en el cálculo de la captura.

Maddock, Thomas, III.; Vionnet, Leticia Beatriz


Modelizacion, control e implementacion de un procesador energetico paralelo para aplicacion en sistemas multisalida  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Cualquier sistema electronico que incluya un procesado o tratamiento de la senal, y ademas, algun tipo de actuador mecanico generalmente necesita, como minimo, dos tensiones diferentes de alimentacion. Excluyendo los sistemas de alimentacion distribuida, la solucion tecnica mas utilizada para proporcionar dos o mas tensiones consiste en las fuentes de alimentacion multisalida. En una fuente de alimentacion multisalida los diferentes circuitos que conforman cada salida comparten un mismo transformador de potencia optimizando coste, masa, y volumen. Las ventajas obtenidas con este procedimiento tienen en su contra el efecto que sobre cada salida individual provocan las demas en su conjunto debido, principalmente, a los efectos de los elementos parasitos de los componentes. Un cambio de carga en una de las salidas produce un transitorio que es visto por todas las demas como un efecto de impedancia cruzada, y al final del transitorio, la tension de cada salida es diferente respecto a la que tenian antes del transitorio. Este ultimo resultado se conoce como regulacion cruzada. La disminucion de los efectos de la regulacion cruzada ha sido objeto de estudio durante los ultimos anos. El objetivo ha sido el desarrollo de distintas estrategias que permiten, desde disminuir los efectos de la regulacion cruzada hasta los niveles deseables, a eliminarla completamente. El resultado final suele suponer una penalizacion sobre el diseno del sistema directamente proporcional al grado de regulacion a conseguir en las distintas salidas. Entre las soluciones propuestas para eliminar la regulacion cruzada las tecnicas de post-regulacion se han consolidado como la opcion mas aceptada ya que, pueden aplicarse a cualquier convertidor y no suponen ninguna complejidad adicional a la hora de plantear el diseno. En esta Tesis Doctoral se abordara el estudio de la tecnica conocida como postregulacion mediante transformador controlado, que si bien se ha empleado en convertidores resonantes, su modelizacion, y aplicacion en convertidores PWM, esta aun por estudiar y valorar. El primer Capitulo consiste en una breve introduccion al problema de la regulacion cruzada y la impedancia cruzada para posteriormente describir las tecnicas de post-regulacion actualmente mas empleadas, con especial atencion al post-regulador con transformador controlado. El Capitulo segundo trata del estudio de las caracteristicas estaticas del postregulador con transformador controlado. Partiendo de los estudios disponibles sobre el postregulador se plantean mejoras en su modo de actuacion y se discuten tres alternativas diferentes para controlar el transformador. Las dos primeras consisten en emplear un convertidor auxiliar Boost en sus dos modos de funcionamiento, continuo y discontinuo. La tercera consiste en controlar el transformador con una tension PWM directamente, sin filtrado. Finalmente se comprueba experimentalmente, para el estado estacionario, el funcionamiento del post-regulador para cada uno de los tres metodos de control. El Capitulo tercero trata de la dinamica de la salida controlada con el post-regulador cuando este emplea un convertidor auxiliar tipo Boost. Mediante la tecnica de promediado de variables de estado se propone el modelo de pequena senal, tanto para el modo continuo como para el modo discontinuo de funcionamiento del convertidor auxiliar. Los resultados mas significativos de esta seccion son las expresiones analiticas de las impedancias cruzadas y de la impedancia de la salida post-regulada. Como complemento al modelo de pequena senal se plantea un modelo de gran senal implementado sobre el simulador Pspice. Con este nuevo modelo se reproducen los resultados obtenidos con el modelo de pequena senal y ademas es posible simular los transitorios en las tensiones de salida ante cambios de carga. La modelizacion del convertidor cuando el transformador se controla con una tension PWM sin filtrar es el objetivo del Capitulo 4. En las secciones siguientes del Capitulo se plantea el correspondiente modelo de gran senal aplicado a un nuevo prototipo exper

Ferreres Sabater, Agustin


Meningococcal carriage in the African meningitis belt  

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A meningococcal serogroup A polysaccharide/tetanus toxoid conjugate vaccine (PsA-TT) (MenAfriVac#x2122;) is being deployed in countries of the African meningitis belt. Experience with other polysaccharide/protein conjugate vaccines has shown that an important part of their success has been their ability to prevent the acquisition of pharyngeal carriage and hence to stop transmission and induce herd immunity. If PsA-TT is to achieve the goal of preventing epidemics, it must be able to prevent the acquisition of pharyngeal carriage as well as invasive meningococcal disease and whether PsA-TT can prevent pharyngeal carriage needs to be determined. To address this issue, a consortium (the African Meningococcal Carriage (MenAfriCar) consortium) was established in 2009 to investigate the pattern of meningococcal carriage in countries of the African meningitis belt prior to and after the introduction of PsA-TT. This article describes how the consortium was established, its objectives and the standardised field and laboratory methods that were used to achieve these objectives. The experience of the MenAfriCar consortium will help in planning future studies on the epidemiology of meningococcal carriage in countries of the African meningitis belt and elsewhere. Un vaccin conjugué contenant un polysaccharide du sérogroupe A méningococcique et une anatoxine du tétanos (PsA-TT) (MenAfriVac™) est en cours de déploiement dans les pays de la ceinture africaine de la méningite. L’ expérience avec d’ autres vaccins conjugués polysaccharide/protéine a montré qu’ une partie importante de leur succès a été leur capacité à empêcher l’ acquisition du portage pharyngé et donc à arrêter la transmission et à induire une immunité de group. Si PsA-TT doit d’ atteindre l’ objectif de prévenir les épidémies, il devrait être en mesure d’ empêcher l’ acquisition du portage pharyngé ainsi que la méningococcie invasive et le fait que PsA-TT puisse empêcher le portage pharyngé devrait être déterminé. Pour résoudre ce problème, le consortium MenAfriCar (Consortium Africain du Portage Méningococcique) a été établi en 2009 pour étudier le mode de portage du méningocoque dans les pays de la ceinture africaine de la méningite avant et après l’ introduction de PsA-TT. Cet article décrit comment le consortium a été établi, ses objectifs et les méthodes de laboratoire et de terrain standardisées qui ont été utilisées pour atteindre ces objectifs. L’ expérience du consortium MenAfriCar aidera à planifier les futures études sur l’ épidémiologie du portage du méningocoque dans les pays de la ceinture africaine de la méningite et d’ ailleurs. Se está utilizando una vacuna meningocócica conjugada (MenAfriVac™) de polisacárido del serogrupo A / tétano toxoide (PsA-TT) en países del cinturón Africano de meningitis. Las experiencias obtenidas con otras vacunas conjugadas polisacárido/proteína han demostrado que una parte importante de su éxito se debe a su habilidad para prevenir la colonización faríngea de los portadores, acabando por lo tanto con la transmisión, y a la de inducir la protección de rebaño. Si PsA-TT ha de cumplir el objetivo de prevenir epidemias, debe ser capaz de prevenir el estado de portador faríngeo, al igual que la enfermedad invasiva por meningococo, y para ello es necesario determinar si la PsA-TT puede prevenir la colonización faríngea. Con el fin de abordar esta cuestión se estableció un consorcio africano en el 2009 - el MenAfriCar (African Meningococcal Carriage Consortium) – para investigar los patrones del estado de portador de meningococo en paí



Top-Down Versus Bottom-Up Estimative of CO2 and CO Vehicular Emission Contribution from the Megacity of SãO Paulo, Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Metropolitan Area of São Paulo (MASP) is composed by 39 municipalities with a population of 20 million inhabitants in an area of 8,511 km2. The main source of pollutants to the air is the vehicular emission: exhaust and evaporative fuel. The climate is influenced by the sea breeze from the Southeast direction - MASP is approximately 40 km far from the sea; and by the valley- mountain circulation, due to the presence of the Serra do Mar Mountains in the Northwest part of the city. This wind circulation suffers the influence of the heat island due to the high degree of urbanization. The MASP fleet is composed by approximately 7 million passenger cars and freight vehicles, with 85% light duty vehicles (LDVs), 3% heavy-duty diesel vehicles (HDVs, diesel + 5% bio-diesel) and 12% motorcycles. About 55% of LDVs burn a mixture of 78% gasoline and 22% ethanol (gasohol), 4% use hydrous ethanol (95% ethanol and 5% water), 38% are flex-fuel vehicles that are capable of burning both gasohol and hydrous ethanol and 2% use diesel (CETESB, 2013a). The use of gasohol or hydrous ethanol by the flex-fuel is determined by the price of the fuel. Vehicle traffic is the main source of regulated pollutants: carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and hydrocarbons (HC), and contributes to the formation of inhalable particulate matter emissions (PM10) as well as being the principal source of carbon dioxide (CO2). 97% of all CO emissions, 85% of HC, 82% of NOx, 36% of sulfur dioxide (SO2), and 36% of all PM10 emissions come from mobile sources (CETESB, 2013b). The official inventory is calculated with the botton-up methodology: calculation of the emission factors in dynamometer, estimation of the average distance each kind of vehicles drives per day and the total number of vehicles in circulation. The values considered a deterioration factor due to the vehicle aging. The top-down methodology was performed from measurements performed in experiments in traffic roads and tunnels. The data presented here compared tunnel measurements performed in 2004 and 2011. The official data estimate an emission of 15327 million tons per year of CO2eq (60% by LDV, 38% HDV and 2% motorcycles) and 128 million tons per year of CO. The top-down estimative based on tunnel measurements resulted in values approximately 5 times higher, being the difference more attributable to the estimative of the diesel emission factor. The uncertainties are related to the deterioration of the emission factor with time and the driving pattern. The diurnal variation of CO2 atmospheric concentration is characterized by the mobile source emission pattern. CETESB. Relatório Anual de Qualidade do Ar no Estado de São Paulo 2012. Companhia de Tecnologia de Saneamento Ambiental, São Paulo, Brazil, 2013a. CETESB. Plano de Controle de Poluição Veicular do Estado de São Paulo 2011 /2013. Companhia de Tecnologia de Saneamento Ambiental, São Paulo, Brazil, 2013b.

Andrade, M.; Nogueira, T.; Martínez, P. J.; Fornaro, A.; Miranda, R. M.; Ynoue, R.



Hydrogeology in North America: past and future  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This paper is a retrospective on the evolution of hydrogeology in North America over the past two centuries, and a brief speculation of its future. The history of hydrogeology is marked by developments in many different fields such as groundwater hydrology, soil mechanics, soil science, economic geology, petroleum engineering, structural geology, geochemistry, geophysics, marine geology, and more recently, ecology. The field has been enriched by the contributions of distinguished researchers from all these fields. At present, hydrogeology is in transition from a state of discovering new resources and exploiting them efficiently for maximum benefit, to one of judicious management of finite, interconnected resources that are vital for the sustenance of humans and other living things. The future of hydrogeology is likely to be dictated by the subtle balance with which the hydrological, erosional, and nutritional cycles function, and the decision of a technological society to either adapt to the constraints imposed by the balance, or to continue to exploit hydrogeological systems for maximum benefit. Although there is now a trend towards ecological and environmental awareness, human attitudes could change should large parts of the populated world be subjected to the stresses of droughts that last for many decades. Cet article est une rétrospective de l'évolution de l'hydrogéologie en Amérique du Nord sur les deux derniers siècles, et une brève évaluation de son futur. L'histoire de l'hydrogéologie est marquée par le développement de plusieurs techniques de terrain telles, l'hydrologie des eaux souterraines, la mécanique des sols, les sciences du sol, la géologie économique, l' ingénierie pétrolière, la géologie structurale, la géochimie, la géophysique, la géologie marine et plus récemment l'écologie. La science a été enrichie par la contribution de plusieurs chercheurs distingués, provenant de toutes ces branches. A présent, l'hydrogéologie est à la transition entre la volonté de découvrir de nouvelles ressources et l' exploitation la plus bénéfique au possible, et un management judicieux des ressources finies, interconnectées, qui sont vitales pour l' approvisionnement des hommes et autres formes de vie. Le futur de l' hydrogéologie sera dicté par la balance subtile dans laquelle intervient les cycles de l'hydrologie, de l'érosion, de la nutrition, et la décision d'une société technologique qui s'adapterait aux contraintes de la balance, ou qui continuerait d'exploiter les systèmes hydrologiques pour un bénéfice maximum. Par ailleurs il y a une nette tendance à inclure les aspects écologiques, les aspects environnementaux, et les changements humains qui pourraient être influencés par les modifications hydrogéologiques observées depuis une dizaine d'années. Este articulo es una retrospectiva sobre la evolución de la hidrogeología en Norte América en los pasados dos siglos, y una breve especulación de su futuro. La historia de la hidrogeología está marcada por desarrollos en muchos campos diferentes tal como hidrología de aguas subterráneas, mecánica de suelos, ciencia del suelo, geología económica, ingeniería del petróleo, geología estructural, geoquímica, geofísica, geología marina, y más recientemente, ecología. El campo se ha enriquecido por las contribuciones de investigadores distinguidos en todos esos campos. Actualmente, la hidrogeología se encuentra en transición de un estado de descubrir nuevos recursos y explotarlos eficientemente para un beneficio máximo, a un estado de gestión juiciosa de recursos finitos, interconectados, que son vitales para el sustento de humanos y otras cosas vivientes. El futuro de la hidrogeología posiblemente esté determinado por el balance sutil con el cual funcionan los ciclos nutricionales, erosionales e hidrológicos, y la decisión de una sociedad tecnológica para ya sea adaptarse a las restricciones impuestas por el balance o para continuar con la explotación de los sistemas hidrogeológicos para un benefici

Narasimhan, T. N.



Ethical proceedings against dentists in Espírito Santo for infringements to the code of dental ethics.  


Just like any other profession, dentistry requires ethical and moral responsibilities that must be fulfilled, and the duty of every professional is to meet his obligations under the law. In light of the Código de Ética Odontológica (CEO-Code of Dental Ethics), this research aims to expound on the ethical violations committed by dentists in their practice, according to the ethical review process proposed by the Conselho Regional de Odontologia do Estado do Espírito Santo (CRO/ES-Regional Council of Dentistry of the State of Espírito Santo). The study is both retrospective and descriptive, using a quantitative approach. Data collection comprised all the ethical proceedings filed at the CRO/ES, between the years 2000 and 2011. Considering the 529 cases examined, the most frequent reason for infringement was illicit advertising (39.7%), followed by technical error (18.7%), irregular registration (16.8%), patient/professional relationship (11.3%) tax lien foreclosure (6.6%), professional/professional relationship (4.0%), irregular/illegal cover up practice (0.9%), consumer relations (0.8%), failure to provide care (0.6%), false certification (0.4%), and disrespect for authority and colleagues (0.2%). Most (59.2%) of the dental surgeons (DSs) involved were male, 35.5% were between 31 and 40 years of age, 85.8% had graduated over five (5) years prior, and 73.2% were general practitioners. Only 22 (4.2%) cases went to trial, resulting in 8 (36.4%) acquittals and 14 (63.6%) convictions. The most commonly applied penalties were private warning+pecuniary penalty (8 or 57.1%). It was concluded that the CEO must be followed with more discipline, and that professionals should seek information about their duties and obligations under the law, on behalf of patient welfare. PMID:24820427

Santos Pacheco, Karina Tonini dos; Silva Junior, Manoelito Ferreira; Meireles, Naiara Ribeiro



Qual o Papel da Escola e da Mídia na Obtenção dos Conhecimentos Astronômicos?  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

É amplamente reconhecido que as pessoas em geral têm grande fascínio e interesse pela Astronomia. Por outro lado, o conteúdo dessa área incluído no ensino formal está longe de ser abrangente e suficiente para suprir a demanda. Esse interesse permite aperfeiçoar a divulgação e o ensino não formal de Astronomia através da mídia aliando a adequação do conteúdo à expectativa das pessoas. A reforma do Currículo Básico da Escola Pública da maioria dos Estados brasileiros tem introduzido Astronomia desde a pré-escola até o Ensino Médio. Num estudo realizado com 1180 alunos do Ensino Médio de seis escolas estaduais, revelou-se através da aplicação de um formulário contendo questões que abordavam conhecimentos básicos em Astronomia, como foram adquiridos tais conhecimentos e à infra-estrutura da escola. Para 66,1% dos entrevistados o professor já fez alguma apresentação a respeito de Astronomia. O presente estudo revelou também que 54,4% dos alunos entrevistados adquiriram seus conhecimentos astronômicos na escola, 18,4% através da televisão e 27,1% afirmaram que seus conhecimentos foram obtidos através de outros tipos de mídia (internet, livros didáticos, filmes e revistas). Embora o estudo revele claramente que há certo equilíbrio no meio em que os alunos obtiveram seus conhecimentos astronômicos, a mídia busca não somente sua difusão, mas a disponibilização desse conhecimento de maneira correta, que às vezes, não é atingido, apresentando conceitos sem fundamentação e incorretos. Por outro lado, no dia-a-dia escolar, é comum encontrar professores que vêm para as aulas com concepções prévias, que podem diferir substancialmente das idéias a serem ensinadas, dificultando o aprendizado de futuros conceitos científicos. Uma avaliação criteriosa, avaliando as dificuldades dos professores em determinar o sentido correto dos conceitos e observando a metodologia que utilizam no ensino, poderá proporcionar uma melhor compreensão sobre as concepções alternativas, presentes no ensino de Astronomia.

da Cunha, W. S.; Voelzke, M. R.; Amaral, L. H.



Evolución de estrellas enanas blancas de Helio de masa baja e intermedia  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Numerosas observaciones realizadas particularmente en los últimos dos años parecen confirmar que las enanas blancas (EB) de helio de masa baja e intermedia son el resultado de la evolución de sistemas binarios cercanos. Con el objeto de realizar una adecuada interpretación de estos objetos son necesarios modelos de EBs de helio lo más detallado posibles. En este estudio presentamos cálculos detallados de la evolución de EBs de helio con masas entre M=0.1Msolar y M=0.5Msolar a intervalos de 0.05Msolar . Para ello, hemos tenido en cuenta los efectos de temperatura finita mediante un código de evolución estelar lo más actualizado posible. En particular, el transporte de energía es descripto en el marco del nuevo modelo para la convección turbulenta desarrollado por Canuto - Mazzitelli. Además hemos considerado la nueva ecuación de estado para plasmas de helio de Saumon et al. y nuevas opacidades radiativas OPAL. Las pérdidas por neutrinos fueron asimismo tenidas en cuenta. Excepto para las EBs más masivas, nuestros modelos iniciales están ubicados en las cercanías de la correspondiente línea de Hayashi para configuraciones de helio. Nuestros resultados muestran que existe una región prohibida en el diagrama observacional HR donde ninguna EB de helio puede encontrarse. Dicha región es para log{(L/Lsolar )}>= -0.25 and log{Teff} >= 4.45. Hemos encontrado también que los tracks evolutivos en el diagrama HR en el dominio de alta luminosidad (pre - EB) son fuertemente afectados por la eficiencia convectiva y que las pérdidas por neutrinos son importantes en los modelos más masivos. Finalmente hemos analizado la estructura de la zona convectiva externa encontrando que la teoría de Canuto - Mazzitelli conduce a un perfil convectivo muy diferente del dado por cualquier versión de la popular teoría de la mixing length. Si bién este comportamiento es decisivo en el contexto de las inestabilides pulsacionales, los radios y gravedades superficiales de los modelos no son afectados al incluir la nueva teoría de convección.

Althaus, L. G.; Benvenuto, O. G.