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Melodrama and Reality in the Plays of Mario Vargas Llosa  

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stands out for his espousal of the melodramatic mode in literature. His 1977 novel, La tía Julia y el escribidor, is his first self-consciously melodramatic work. It develops a thematic interplay between "real" life situations and melodrama..., establishing a tainted relationship between an autobiographical narrative focus (the life of the young writer Vargas Llosa) and Pedro Camacho's cheap and banal soap operas. In sentimental fiction, as Vargas Llosa states in his essay The Perpetual Orgy...

Gerdes, Dick; Holzapfel, Tamara



Luis G. Vargas Decision, Operations and Information Technologies  

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Luis G. Vargas Decision, Operations and Information Technologies The Joseph M. Katz Graduate School #12;5 #12;The Economist Intelligence Unit and CFO Research conducted a global survey of 544 senior CFOs. Fifty-nine percent of respondents were from organizations with over US$1 billion dollars

Grossmann, Ignacio E.


3 MosQuiTo NEWS VOL. 27, No. 3 Anopheles earlei VARGAS, AN ADDITION TO THE  

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in association with Anopheles punctipennis, Anopheles qwidri- macitlatus. Culex territans, and Uranotaenia sap earlei Vargas 50. Anopheles punctipennis (Say) 51. Anopheles qiiaflrimactilattts Say 52. Anopheles wal43 3 MosQuiTo NEWS VOL. 27, No. 3 Anopheles earlei VARGAS, AN ADDITION TO THE CHECKLIST OF NEW


Canonizing Latin American Literature: Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Mario Vargas Llosa Enter the English Curriculum.  

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As Latin American literature progressively enters into the English curriculum, two writers deserve special commentary for their representative contribution to the literary world. Through their works, the Columbian author, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and the Peruvian author, Mario Vargas Llosa clearly convey the Latin American writer's desire to be…

Cellini, Alva V.


Effective Teaching, Effective Living: A Review of Behavior Analysis for Effective Teaching by Julie S. Vargas  

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Elevated academic standards and expectations, along with competing contingencies outside the classroom, have given the teaching profession new and demanding challenges with which to contend. Although previous textbooks have addressed behavior analytic techniques specifically directed for the classroom environment, few have done so with comprehensive overviews of both instructional and basic behavioral strategies from a teacher's perspective. This review describes Julie Vargas' book in terms of its contribution to the educational field, as well as its impressive style for reaching its target audience.

Austin, Jennifer L; Soeda, Jennifer M



La Casa Verde de Mario Vargas Llosa: una imagen del hombre  

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contribuyen a cata imagen, constituye uno de los principales componentes del analisis, ya que Vargas Llosa utilize estos metodos indirectos para involucrar al lector en la creacion asm corno en la percepcion de las imagenes que la novels sugiere, y que... la complejidad que la vida humana tiene para todo aquel que la contemple sin reducirla Su imapen del hombre es considerada corno esencialmente pesimista, ya que ninpuno de los personajes es capaz de tener control de su vida y determinar su...

Frick, Magdalena Capurro



The Theatre of Mario Vargas Llosa: A Bibliography and Production History, 1981-1994  

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" Hueso Húmero 9 (1981): 125-29. Klein, Alvin. "Speculation about a Woman's Life." New York Times 23 June 1991, sec. NJ: 11. Lacayo, Richard. "A Latin American Vision Comes to the New York Stage." New York Times 22 May 1983, sec. 2: 9+. Luchting...): 35-47. Wolfe, Debbie. "Edinburgh Fringe: Love and Torment" Drama 162 (1986): 31. La Chunga Berman, Paul. "La Chunga." The Nation 8 March 1986: 281-82. Gussow, Meléndez. "The Stage: La Chunga by Mario Vargas Llosa." New York Times 12 February 1986...

McCoy, Ken



Jose P. Laurel and Jorge B. Vargas: Issues of Collaboration and Loyalty during the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines  

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In this paper I looked at the actions that were taken by Jose P. Laurel and Jorge Vargas during the occupation of the Philippines country by Japanese Imperial forces during World War II. I was mostly interested in the idea of loyalties that occurred in places that were occupied throughout history and what constituted the lines that would be drawn

Jonathan Black



Application of internal curing for mixtures containing high volumes of fly ash Igor De la Varga a,  

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Application of internal curing for mixtures containing high volumes of fly ash Igor De la Varga a June 2012 Keywords: Autogenous shrinkage Cracking High volume fly ash Hydration Internal curing with Class C fly ash. To overcome concerns associated with slow set and early-age strength development

Bentz, Dale P.


[Milk and modernity: ideology and nutrition policies during the Vargas era].  


In the 1930s the new science of nutrition was disseminated in Brazil, which also introduced the conviction that cow's milk was the most important of staple foods. Despite the campaign promoted by the Ministério de Educação e Saúde Pública (Ministry of Education and Public Health) in the mid-1930s, the consumption of milk in Rio de Janeiro remained far short of the recommendations of experts due to the poor quality of the product and its high price. This paper analyzes the efforts of the Estado Novo to improve the milk supply system of the Brazilian capital as well as to mitigate the causes and effects of its ultimate failure. PMID:24554137

Brinkmann, Sören



Re-appraisal and extension of the Gratton-Vargas two-dimensional analytical snowplow model of plasma focus evolution in the context of contemporary research  

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Recent resurgence of interest in applications of dense plasma focus and doubts about the conventional view of dense plasma focus as a purely irrotational compressive flow have re-opened questions concerning device optimization. In this context, this paper re-appraises and extends the analytical snowplow model of plasma focus sheath evolution developed by F. Gratton and J. M. Vargas [Energy Storage, Compression and Switching, edited by V. Nardi, H. Sahlin, and W. H. Bostick (Plenum, New York, 1983), Vol. 2, p. 353)] and shows its relevance to contemporary research. The Gratton-Vargas (GV) model enables construction of a special orthogonal coordinate system in which the plasma flow problem can be simplified and a model of sheath structure can be formulated. The Lawrenceville Plasma Physics (LPP) plasma focus facility, which reports neutron yield better than global scaling law, is shown to be operating closer to an optimum operating point of the GV model as compared with PF-1000.

Auluck, S. K. H. [Physics Group, Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Mumbai 400085, Maharashtra (India)] [Physics Group, Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Mumbai 400085, Maharashtra (India)



Global parameter optimization of a Mather-type plasma focus in the framework of the Gratton-Vargas two-dimensional snowplow model  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Dense plasma focus (DPF) is known to produce highly energetic ions, electrons and plasma environment which can be used for breeding short-lived isotopes, plasma nanotechnology and other material processing applications. Commercial utilization of DPF in such areas would need a design tool that can be deployed in an automatic search for the best possible device configuration for a given application. The recently revisited (Auluck 2013 Phys. Plasmas 20 112501) Gratton-Vargas (GV) two-dimensional analytical snowplow model of plasma focus provides a numerical formula for dynamic inductance of a Mather-type plasma focus fitted to thousands of automated computations, which enables the construction of such a design tool. This inductance formula is utilized in the present work to explore global optimization, based on first-principles optimality criteria, in a four-dimensional parameter-subspace of the zero-resistance GV model. The optimization process is shown to reproduce the empirically observed constancy of the drive parameter over eight decades in capacitor bank energy. The optimized geometry of plasma focus normalized to the anode radius is shown to be independent of voltage, while the optimized anode radius is shown to be related to capacitor bank inductance.

Auluck, S. K. H.



Tuesday, February 5 Matei Varga  

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Bernardo, pianist Christopher Cooley, pianist Tuesday, February 26 6:00 p.m. Le Nuove Musiche Lisa Daehlin Bernardo, pianist Christopher Cooley, pianist Tuesday, February 26 6:00 p.m. Le Nuove Musiche Lisa Daehlin Jolles, harp Tuesday, April 23 6:00 p.m. Juilliard Chamber Music Students from one of the world's leading

Grishok, Alla



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Se pretende en el presente trabajo, mostrar las carcatristicas que presenta el Estado en los Montes de María (1) (departamentos de Sucre y Bolívar, republica de Colombia), en el cual se resalta la naturaleza mafiosa y politiquera de un Estado que ya no existe como tal y que se ha convertido en feudos de la politiquería local. Igualmente, se hace

Daniel Menco Rivera



-DERECHO PBLICO DEL ESTADO AUTONMICO La implantacin del Mster universitario en Derecho Pblico del Estado Autonmico  

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- DERECHO P�BLICO DEL ESTADO AUTON�MICO La implantación del Máster universitario en Derecho Público del Estado Autonómico extinguirá el Máster Oficial en Derecho Autonómico y Local. Por esta razón se materias del Máster Oficial en Derecho Autonómico y Local. Los estudiantes que comenzaron el Máster Oficial

Rey Juan Carlos, Universidad


Briófitas do Espírito Santo existentes no Herbário Científico do Estado \\  

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RESUMO: Estão sendo referidas as briófitas provenientes do estado do Espírito Santo, depositadas no herbário SP. Foram encontradas 265 espécies de briófitas, sendo 147 musgos, 115 hepáticas e 3 antóceros, distribuídas em 63 famílias e 128 gêneros. Destas, 83 espécies são ocorrências novas para o estado (55 musgos, 26 hepáticas e 2 antóceros) e Racomitrium microcarpon (Hedw.) Brid., é uma

Olga Yano; Denilson F. Peralta


Estado de Santa Catarina Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina  

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Estado de Santa Catarina Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina CURSO DE ESPECIALIZA��O EM Federal de Santa Catarina, como requisito parcial para conclusão do Curso de Especialização em / Luis Fernando Santos Carlos. ­ Santa Catarina: 2006. 190p. 1.. 2. I. Título. II. Curso de



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RESUMEN La política de medicamentos de los Estados Unidos de América (EEUU) es inconsistente, regula el desarrollo, producción, comercialización y seguridad de los medicamentos en el país, por medio de mecanismos legales así como de instituciones privadas y gubernamentales. Las leyes de patente protegen a la industria farmacéutica y no existe un mecanismo directo de control de precios ni una

Edmundo G Stahl



Paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic investigations on Isla de los Estados, Argentina  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The expedition in November-December 2005 to Isla de los Estados (Staten Island) off the southeastern tip of South America was a cooperative venture between Lund University (LU) and Stockholm University (SU) in Sweden and the CADIC-CONICET Institute in Ushuaia, Argentina. The aim of the expedition was threefold: (1) to extend the Swedish paleoclimatic "ATLANTIS"-project (Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Azores, Grenada, Tristan da Cunha; PI S Björck) to the southern part of the South American continent, (2) to connect earlier glacial and climate history reconstructions from the Antarctic Peninsula to equivalents north of the Drake Passage in southernmost South America, and (3) to complement paleo-information available from the Tierra del Fuego mainland with information from Isla de los Estados. Focus was on two areas in the northern and north-western part of the island, Bahía Colnett and Bahia Crossley. Detailed geomorphologic and stratigraphic mapping of glacial deposits were combined with sampling sediments for OSL dating. To reconstruct the paleoclimatic development of Isla de los Estados since the last ice retreat, four main peat bog/lake sites were cored and sampled. In addition, living trees of Nothofagus and old logs preserved in the peat were sampled for dendrochronological and dendroclimatological studies. Preliminary results show that the deglaciation of the study area occurred before 16500 cal yr BP. Detailed multi- proxy analyses of the four sequences are under way and first results will be presented.

Björck, S.; Fernandez, M.; Hjort, C.; Ljung, K.; Martinez, O.; Möller, P.; Ponce, F.; Rabassa, J.; Roig, F.; Unkel, I.; Wohlfarth, B.



Territorios, ilegalidades y soberanías de los estados-nación en torno de las drogas  

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Una de las cuestiones que el fenómeno del narcotráfico ha puesto en evidencia, es que la transnacionalización de las drogas forma parte intrínseca de la globalización. Pero su ilegalidad no es algo extraño a la lógica del mercado y los estados-nación; se construyen paralelamente, lo que nos hace pensar que los Estados no son absolutos, acabados y omnipresentes como dicen

Salvador Maldonado Aranda




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El turismo es una actividad que impacta, de manera importante la economía de México y del estado de Michoacán, por su aportación al producto interno bruto y por la generación de empleos. Para México es la tercera fuente de divisas y para el estado de Michoacán es la segunda. México ha conservado el décimo lugar mundial por la actividad turística,

Horacio Mercado Vargas; Marisol Palmerín Cerna



Estados Unidos y cuatro países de América Latina se unen para combatir el cáncer

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) de Estados Unidos formalizó esta semana alianzas bilaterales con los gobiernos de Argentina, Brasil, México y Uruguay, para acelerar el avance contra el cáncer en la población hispana de Estados Unidos y de América Latina y mejorar la investigación del cáncer.



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La administración pública es el aparato del que se auxilia el poder ejecutivo del estado para cumplir con el mandato que le confiere la Constitución. Se define el concepto de Estado para posteriormente entender y describir al gobierno; la división del gobierno, para el ejercicio de sus funciones en Poder legislativo, Poder judicial y Poder ejecutivo. Se describe el fundamento

Jorge Martín Cordero Torres



Faint reddened AGNs in VLA-FIRST (Varga+, 2012)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

For the present analysis, we use the 1400-MHz radio data from the VLA FIRST survey (Becker et al., 1995ApJ...450..559B) and the u-, g-, r-, i- and z-band optical images from the SDSS Stripe 82 co-added data set (Abazajian et al., 2009ApJS..182..543A). (1 data file).

Varga, J.; Csabai, I.; Dobos, L.



Selecting Effective Expansion Terms for Diversity Sal Vargas  

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the island, touristic deals, the football team, etc. In this case, these aspects do not need to be mutually in the ranking as possible [33]. To this end, the state-of-the-art diversification approaches in the literature


Victoria Varga, `04 Las Matas de Farfan, Dominican Republic  

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of Charity at their Nutritional Center for Children in Las Matas de Farfan was one of the most rewarding, Elaine and I worked with some of the most beautiful children that temporarily resided there. They were in great need of our attention and caring. There were approximately 60 children between the ages of 0


Combinatorial Laplacian Image Cloning Alex Cuadros-Vargas  

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coordinates to the vertices of the mesh [12], being the mean value coordinates (MVC) [13] the most well- known efficient image cloning methodology, since the bulk of the computation (the mesh generation and the MVC construction) may be performed in a pre-processing stage. Although cost effective, MVC-based image cloning

Utah, University of



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A GEST�O DAS ÁGUAS SUBTERR�NEAS NA REGI�O SUDESTE DO ESTADO DE TOCANTINS Waldir Duarte Costa1 hidrogeológico da Região Sudeste do Estado do Tocantins foram cadastrados 1.080 em toda a área, distribuídos em três distintas províncias geológicas a saber: Província de Tocantins representada por metamorfitos e

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Captura y Reconfiguración Cooptada del Estado en Guatemala, México y Colombia Análisis conceptual de las memorias de la Primera Discusión Internacional Sobre Captura y Reconfiguración Cooptada del Estado  

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La evidencia muestra que el narcotráfico es importante en el fortalecimiento de la corrupción de Guatemala, México y Colombia; por lo tanto, es problemático analizar de modo separado ambos fenómenos. Los hechos muestran también que las organizaciones narcotraficantes de los tres países han aprendido a regular la coerción del Estado. Este aprendizaje ha representado un salto que va desde la

Luis Jorge Garay-Salamanca; Isaac de León-Beltrán; Eduardo Salcedo-Albarán




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Resumo- Este artigo procura fornecer subsídios para a implantação de barragens de regularização no estado de Goiás. Com essa finalidade foi desenvolvido e aplicado um modelo de simulação com base na equação de balanço hídrico para reservatórios. O modelo permite, por exemplo, estimar a disponibilidade hídrica máxima do curso d'água, analisar a importância dos diversos componentes do balanço ou dimensionar

Jonas Linhares Melo; Gunter Assis Moraes; Bernd Rusteberg


Em busca da caixa mágica: o Estado Novo e a televisão  

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RESUMO A análise histórica sobre a Exposição de Televisão (Rio de Janeiro, 1939), evento promovido pelo Estado Novo em parce- ria com o Terceiro Reich alemão, permi- te trazer, além de dados sobre a história da TV no Brasil, elementos de compreen- são sobre as primeiras relações entre po- der político e esse meio de comunicação no país. Pois, a

Áureo Busetto




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RESUMO: O presente artigo visa demonstrar que é Responsabil idade do Estado a conservação das vias públicas e, se a Administração Pública não cumprir com a prestação dos serviços públicos, responderá pelos danos que decor rerem de sua omissão objetivamente, como prevê o § 6º do Art. 37 da Constituição Federa l. Ter as vias públicas conservadas garante a segurança

Patrícia Bispo Zanusso


BOLETN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Suplement en llengua catalana al nm. 295 Dimarts 10 de desembre de 2013 Secc. I. Pg. 1  

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BOLETÍN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Suplement en llengua catalana al núm. 295 Dimarts 10 de desembre de 2013 OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Suplement en llengua catalana al núm. 295 Dimarts 10 de desembre de 2013 Secc. I. Pàg;BOLETÍN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Suplement en llengua catalana al n


El número de supervivientes de cáncer en Estados Unidos asciende a aproximadamente 12 millones

El número de supervivientes de cáncer en Estados Unidos ascendió a 11,7 millones en 2007, de acuerdo a un informe publicado por los Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades, CDC, y el Instituto Nacional del Cáncer, NCI, el cual forma parte de los Institutos Nacionales de la Salud. Hubo 3 millones de supervivientes de cáncer en 1971 y 9,8 millones en 2001.


A economia brasileira 1930-1964  

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Este capítulo abarca um longo período entre marcado por três golpes de estado. O primeiro golpe, em 1930, determinou o fim da República Velha e o início de um período de quinze anos de preeminência política de Getúlio Vargas, primeiro como chefe do Governo Provisório, depois como presidente eleito indiretamente de acordo com as regras da Constituição de 1934 e,

Marcelo de Paiva Abreu



BOLETN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Suplement en llengua catalana al nm. 55 Dissabte 5 de mar de 2011 Secc. I. Pg. 1  

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BOLETÍN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Suplement en llengua catalana al núm. 55 Dissabte 5 de març de 2011 Secc'actuació. #12;BOLETÍN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Suplement en llengua catalana al núm. 55 Dissabte 5 de març de 2011


BOLETN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Suplement en llengua catalana al nm. 103 Dilluns 30 d'abril de 2012 Secc. I. Pg. 1  

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BOLETÍN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Suplement en llengua catalana al núm. 103 Dilluns 30 d'abril de 2012 immediata, és necessari consolidar el marc de política #12;BOLETÍN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Suplement en llengua


BOLETN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Suplement en llengua catalana al nm. 61 Dissabte 12 de mar de 2011 Secc. I. Pg. 1  

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BOLETÍN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Suplement en llengua catalana al núm. 61 Dissabte 12 de març de 2011 DEL ESTADO Suplement en llengua catalana al núm. 61 Dissabte 12 de març de 2011 Secc. I. Pàg. 2 Dos. L


BOLETN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Suplement en llengua catalana al nm. 17 Dissabte 19 de gener de 2008 Secc. I. Pg. 1  

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BOLETÍN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Suplement en llengua catalana al núm. 17 · Dissabte 19 de gener de 2008 jurídica al sistema. #12;BOLETÍN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Suplement en llengua catalana al núm. 17 · Dissabte 19


BOLETN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Suplement en llengua catalana al nm. 184 Dimarts 2 d'agost de 2011 Secc. I. Pg. 1  

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BOLETÍN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Suplement en llengua catalana al núm. 184 Dimarts 2 d'agost de 2011 Secc OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Suplement en llengua catalana al núm. 184 Dimarts 2 d'agost de 2011 Secc. I. Pàg. 2



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RESUMO A estimativa do fator erosividade da chuva (R) da Equação Universal de Perda de Solo é importante para o planejamento conservacionista de uso e manejo do solo. Uma rede neural artificial (RNA) foi desenvolvida pelo Grupo de Pesquisas em Recursos Hídricos, a fim de estimar o valor de R para qualquer localidade do Estado de São Paulo. Contudo, para

Michel Castro Moreira; Roberto Avelino Cecílio; Francisco Lombardi Neto; Fernando Falco Pruski


Relación entre lípidos séricos y estado de las vitaminas C y E como antioxidantes en adultos mayores venezolanos  

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RESUMEN. En el envejecimiento se observa tendencia a hiperlipidemias, cambios en la distribución de lipoproteínas y una declinación del sistema de defensa antioxidante del organismo. El objetivo de este estudio fue relacionar concentraciones séricas de colesterol total, fracciones, triglicéridos y Vitaminas C y E. Se evaluaron 61 adultos mayores de 60 años de edad, de enero-marzo, 2006. Se diagnosticó estado

Lesbia Meertens; Gloria Naddaf; Adelmo Rodríguez




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Resumo: O objetivo deste estudo foi analisar o nível de associação entre os Ciclos de Desenvolvimento Profissional (CDP) e o Estilo de Vida (EV) dos professores do magistério público estadual de Santa Catarina. A amostra foi constituída por 580 docentes de diferentes regiões do estado, sendo 265 do sexo masculino e 315 do sexo feminino. Na coleta de dados foi



Gestión financiera pública: elementos para su estudio y aplicación. Funciones económicas del Estado, presupuesto, tributos, endeudamiento, gasto público  

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El presente trabajo ha sido pensado y diseñado para que sirva básicamente de apoyo y de complemento a la labor docente y\\/o de aprendizaje de las finanzas del Estado colombiano. Pero también le será de gran utilidad a los que por diversas razones tengan relación con el tema especialmente aquellos encargados de la gestión de los asuntos públicos tanto en

José Francisco Mendoza Hernández



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BOLETÍN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO ANY CCCXLIV K DIJOUS 1 DE GENER DE 2004 K SUPLEMENT N�M. 1 EN LLENGUA'objectiu de fomentar la ràpida incorporació de les noves tecno- #12;138 Dijous 1 gener 2004 Suplement núm. 1


Developing Flexible Dual Master's Degree Programs at UPAEP (Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla) and OSU (Oklahoma State University)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In 2006, UPAEP (Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla) and OSU (Oklahoma State University) signed a MOU (memorandum of understanding) to develop more than 20 dual master's degree programs. This special partnership has allowed students from Mexico and the United States to study two master degree programs, in two languages, in two…

Fabregas-Janeiro, Maria G.; de la Parra, Pablo Nuno



Evolución y Determinantes de los Ingresos Propios en los Estados Mexicanos: Los Casos de Baja California y Michoacán  

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La baja recaudación de impuestos de los estados ha sido una constante del federalismo fiscal mexicano. Se estima que, en promedio, el 88% de los ingresos fiscales estatales proviene de las transferencias que el gobierno federal realiza a los gobiernos locales. La bibliografía vigente se ha concentrado en el estudio del esquema de descentralización y en el impacto del modelo

Jaime Alfredo Bonet; Gerardo Reyes-Tagle



Susceptibility mapping in the Río El Estado watershed, Pico de Orizaba volcano, Mexico  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In volcanic terrains, dormant stratovolcanoes are very common and can trigger landslides and debris flows continually along stream systems, thereby affecting human settlements and economic activities. It is important to assess their potential impact and damage through the use of landslide inventory maps and landslide models. This poster provides an overview of the on-going research project (Grant SEP-CONACYT no 167495) from the Institute of Geography at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) that seeks to conduct a multi-temporal landslide inventory and produce a landslide susceptibility map by using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The Río El Estado watershed on the southwestern flank of Pico de Orizaba volcano, the highest mountain in Mexico, is selected as a study area. The catchment covers 5.2 km2 with elevations ranging from 2676.79 to 4248.2 m a.s.l. and hillslopes between 5° and 56°. The stream system of Río El Estado catchment erodes Tertiary and Quaternary lavas, pyroclastic flows, and fall deposits. The geologic and geomorphologic factors in combination with high seasonal precipitation, high degree of weathering, and steep slopes predispose the study area to landslides. The method encompasses two main levels of analysis to assess landslide susceptibility. The first level builds a historic landslide inventory. In the study area, an inventory of more than 100 landslides was mapped from interpretation of multi-temporal aerial orthophotographs and local field surveys to assess and describe landslide distribution. All landslides were digitized into a GIS, and the spatial geo-database of landslides was constructed from standardized GIS datasets. The second level calculates the susceptibility for the watershed. Multiple Logistic Regression (MLR) was used to examine the relationship between landsliding and several independent variables (elevation, slope, terrain curvature, flow direction, saturation, contributing area, land use, and geology) to create the susceptibility map. Finally, the model was compared with the reality expressed by the inventory map. The technique and its implementation of each level in a GIS-based technology is presented and discussed.

Legorreta Paulin, G.; Bursik, M. I.; Lugo Hubp, J.; Paredes Mejía, L.; Aceves Quesada, F.



Phase Behavior of a Lattice Hydrophobic Oligomer in Explicit Water Santiago Romero-Vargas Castrillon,*,,  

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the polypeptide into a compact structure with reduced solvent contact, the entropy of the system is maximized pressure, Gu for proteins traverses a maximum and the native state is marginally stable (Gu per residue is less than 1/10kBT).3 Under these conditions, the driving force for folding is entropy

Stillinger, Frank


Mus spretus (Rodentia: Muridae) L. JAVIER PALOMO, ENRIQUE R. JUSTO, AND J. MARIO VARGAS  

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:230) determined that this is a synonym of Mus musculus Linnaeus, 1758. Mus spicilegus lynesi Cabrera, 1923, 1923:431. Type locality ``alrededores de Melilla, Rif oriental,'' Morocco. Mus musculus spretus: Mus musculus. They recognized 15 subspecies, including M. m. spretus, and proposed the evolutionary

Hayssen, Virginia


Version 2 -2/6/2013 Tiffanye M. Vargas, Ph.D.  

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with your child's coach: How parents of children with ADHD can communicate their child's needs. Attention coaches, parents and researchers interested in hidden disabilities. She also serves on the Editorial Board with gay, lesbian, and bisexual athletes. Sport in Society Cultures, Commerce, Media, Politics, DOI:10

Sorin, Eric J.


PATENTES INTERNACIONAIS RECENTES ORDONEZ, Juan Carlos ; Ruiz, C. O. ; SOUZA, Jeferson vila ; Vargas, Jos  

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PATENTES INTERNACIONAIS RECENTES ORDONEZ, Juan Carlos ; Ruiz, C. O. ; SOUZA, Jeferson Ávila Unidos. Patente: Privilégio de Inovação. Número do registro: 65795, data de depósito: 03/12/2012, título: "Dendritic cooling layer generator and method of fabrication" , Instituição de registro:United States Patent

Paraná, Universidade Federal do


Santiago Romero-Vargas Castrillon, Ph. D. Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering  

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materials for water purification Power generation from salinity differences Ph. D., Chemical Engineering water, J. Phys. Chem. B 2012, 116, 9963-9970 9. A. Tiraferri, N. Y. Yip, A. P. Straub, S. Romero, Desalination and reuse of high-salinity shale gas produced water: drivers, tech- nologies, and future

Elimelech, Menachem


Nuevos escenarios de la migraci?n M?xico-Estados Unidos. Las consecuencias de la guerra antiinmigrante  

PubMed Central

La historia de la migración México-Estados Unidos se caracteriza por una serie de periodos durante los cuales los patrones migratorios se transforman y evolucionan como respuesta a los cambios en la política migratoria de Estados Unidos. En la década de 1990 se dio uno de estos cambios, lo que provocó el paso de la ‘era de la contradicción’ a la ‘era de la marginalización’. Actualmente, un gran número de migrantes indocumentados permanecen al margen de la ley, precisamente en un periodo en el que las penas se han incrementado y la persecución ha alcanzado niveles récord. De manera cada vez más notoria, los migrantes indocumentados, por la represión interna y fronteriza, quedan obligados a romper los lazos que los vinculaban con sus lugares de destino, pero al mismo tiempo se sienten cada vez más extraños en una tierra donde la aplicación de políticas antiinmigrantes es cosa de todos los días, lo que los sitúa en una posición de marginalización y gran vulnerabilidad. PMID:21209790

MASSEY, Douglas S.; PREN, Karen A.; DURAND, Jorge



RELACIÓN COMERCIAL SUPERMERCADO - PRODUCTOR DE FRUTAS FRESCAS Y HORTALIZAS EN EL ESTADO FALCÓN, VENEZUELA Commercial relation supermarket - producers of fresh fruit and vegetable of the Falcon State, Venezuela  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumen Se caracterizaron las relaciones comerciales existentes entre los productores de frutas fres- cas y hortalizas y los supermercados en el estado Falcón, con el propósito de determinar el nivel y naturaleza de participación del productor agrícola falconiano dentro del nuevo es- quema de distribución agroalimentaria existente en el país y, conocer así los mecanismos de acción de estas relaciones

Henri Piña Zambrano


BOLETN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Suplement en llengua catalana al nm. 168 Dissabte 14 de juliol de 2012 Secc. I. Pg. 1  

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BOLETÍN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Suplement en llengua catalana al núm. 168 Dissabte 14 de juliol de 2012 Suplement en llengua catalana al núm. 168 Dissabte 14 de juliol de 2012 Secc. I. Pàg. 2 Encara que en el


BOLETN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Suplement en llengua catalana al nm. 25 Divendres 29 de gener de 2010 Secc. I. Pg. 1  

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BOLETÍN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Suplement en llengua catalana al núm. 25 Divendres 29 de gener de 2010 Suplement en llengua catalana al núm. 25 Divendres 29 de gener de 2010 Secc. I. Pàg. 2 què disposen, la



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En el marco del Programa Gestión Ambiental y Uso Sustentable de Recursos Naturales, de Cooperación técnica bilateral entre los países México y Alemania, desde 2005 el componente “Gestión de Residuos Sólidos y Sitios Contaminados”, apoya y asesora al Gobierno del Estado de México. Con la entrada en vigor de la Ley General de Prevención y Gestión Integral de los Residuos

Juan David Hernández Espinosa de los Monteros; Marcos Arturo Rodríguez Salinas; Axel Macht; Erika Ramos Guevara



Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer 1975-2002 con una sección especial sobre las tendencias de tratamiento: preguntas y respuestas

Las organizaciones oncológicas principales de la nación informan que el riesgo de los estadounidenses de morir de cáncer sigue disminuyendo y que las tasas de casos nuevos de cáncer permanecen estables. El Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer, de 1975 a 2002, señala que las tasas de mortalidad de cáncer que se observaron para todos los cánceres combinados disminuyeron 1,1 por ciento por año de 1993 a 2002.


XII Escola de Modelos de Regress~ao, Fortaleza-CE, 13-16 Marco 2011 Atribuic ~ao de Trafego em Redes de Filas Finitas Dependentes do Estado  

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Redes de Filas Finitas Dependentes do Estado Guilherme D. Carvalho, Renato A. Nascimento & Frederico R´iculos, baseado em filas finitas configuradas em redes, acoplado ao modelo do ´otimo do sistema, que ´e um dos modelos cl´assicos para atribuic¸ ~ao de tr´afego. O modelo de filas rep- resenta bem situac¸ ~oes de

Cruz, Frederico


Decoding grasp aperture from motor-cortical population activity Panagiotis K. Artemiadis, Gregory Shakhnarovich, Carlos Vargas-Irwin,  

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of external prosthetic devices such as robot hands requires the accurate decoding of neural activity implanted in the arm/hand area of primary motor cortex (M1). Grasp aperture provides a reasonable control of prosthetic robotic hands from neuronal population signals. I. INTRODUCTION Direct neural

Black, Michael J.


Analysis of the El Nin?o/La Nin?a-Southern Oscillation variability and malaria in the Estado Sucre, Venezuela.  


The last decade has seen an unprecedented, worldwide acceleration of environmental and climate changes. These processes impact the dynamics of natural systems, which include components associated with human communities such as vector-borne diseases. The dynamics of environmental and climate variables, altered by global change as reported by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, affect the distribution of many tropical diseases. Complex systems, e.g. the El Nin?o/La Nin?a-Southern Oscillation (ENSO), in which environmental variables operate synergistically, can provoke the reemergence and emergence of vector-borne diseases at new sites. This research investigated the influence of ENSO events on malaria incidence by determining the relationship between climate variations, expressed as warm, cold and neutral phases, and their relation to the number of malaria cases in some north-eastern municipalities of Venezuela (Estado Sucre) during the period 1990-2000. Significant differences in malaria incidence were found, particularly in the La Nin?a ENSO phases (cold) of moderate intensity. These findings should be taken into account for surveillance and control in the future as they shed light on important indicators that can lead to reduced vulnerability to malaria. PMID:23032283

Delgado-Petrocelli, Laura; Córdova, Karenia; Camardiel, Alberto; Aguilar, Víctor H; Hernández, Denise; Ramos, Santiago



Espectroscopia multi-objeto e imageamento de Abell 586 com GMOS - o estado dinâmico de um aglomerado de galáxias com arcos gravitacionais  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Nesse trabalho é apresentado um estudo do conteúdo de massa do aglomerado de galáxias A586 (z = 0.171) bem como sua distribuição espacial. Isso foi feito a partir de dados de espectroscopia multi-objeto e imageamento obtidos com o instrumento GMOS acoplado ao telescópio Gemini-Norte. A massa desse aglomerado foi estudada a partir da posição dos seus arcos gravitacionais (lentes fortes), da medida estatística da distorção na forma das galáxias de fundo (lentes fracas) e através da dispersão de velocidades de uma amostra de cerca de 30 galáxias pertencentes ao aglomerado (teorema do virial). Os dois primeiros métodos não dependem do estado dinâmico do aglomerado, enquanto que o terceiro sim. Desse modo, comparando seus resultados pode-se estimar o grau de relaxamento desse sistema. Dados de raios X presentes na literatura também serão incluídos nessa análise. Nossos resultados preliminares a partir das técnicas de lentes fracas, mostram que, supondo que a distribuição de massa desse aglomerado seja a de uma esfera isotérmica, espera-se que ele apresente uma dispersão de velocidades de 1330+/-78 km s-1, em contradicao com medidas similares feitas por Dahle et al. 2002 que encontram valores tão altos quanto 1680 km s-1. Já o estudo dinâmico resultou numa dispersão de velocidades de ~950 km s-1.

Cypriano, E. S.; Sodrã©, L., Jr.; Kneib, J.-P.; Campusano, L.



Physical, Structural and Operational Vulnerability of Critical Facilities in Valle de Chalco Solidaridad, Estado de Mexico, Mexico. Case of study: Avándaro, San Isidro and El Triunfo  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Valle de Chalco Solidaridad is located in Mexico City Metropolitan Area in Estado de Mexico, Mexico. In this town there is a sewage canal called “La Compañía”. A wall of this canal collapsed on February 5, 2010 due to heavy rains creating the flooding of four surrounding communities. It is important to point out that this area is frequently exposed to floods. In this work, we consider a critical facility as an essential structure for performance, health care and welfare within a community or/and as a place that can be used as shelter in case of emergency or disaster. Global vulnerability (the sum of the three measured vulnerabilities) of the 25 critical facilities identified in the locations of Avándaro, San Isidro and El Triunfo was assessed using the Community Vulnerability Assessment Tool developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). For each critical facility we determined its operational, structural and physical vulnerabilities. For our analysis, we considered the four main natural hazards to which Valle de Chalco is exposed: earthquakes, floods, landslides and sinking. We considered five levels of vulnerability using a scale from 1 to 5, where values range from very low to very high vulnerability, respectively. A critical facilities database was generated by collecting general information for three categories: schools, government and church. Each facility was evaluated considering its location in relation to identified high-risk areas. Our results indicate that in average, the global vulnerability of all facilities is low, however, there are particular cases in which this global vulnerability is high. The average operational vulnerability of the three communities is moderate. The global structural vulnerability (sum of the structural vulnerability for the four analyzed hazards) is moderate. In particular, the structural vulnerability to earthquakes is low, to landslides is very low, to flooding is moderate and to sinking is low. Due to the location of the critical facilities, its global physical vulnerability (sum of the physical vulnerability to the four analyzed hazards) is moderate. Only three facilities have very high physical vulnerability to floods. Churches (six facilities) have the highest operational vulnerability, whereas its structural vulnerability is the lowest. Schools (13 facilities) have the lowest operational vulnerability, nevertheless, there are two schools with very high vulnerability. Regarding the six government facilities, we identified that their structural vulnerability range from moderate to high. As a result of this work, we believe in the importance of strengthening the culture of civil protection within the critical facilities of the communities of Valle de Chalco.

Garcia Payne, D. G.; Novelo-Casanova, D. A.; Ponce-Pacheco, A. B.; Espinosa-Campos, O.; Huerta-Parra, M.; Reyes-Pimentel, T.; Rodriguez, F.; Benitez-Olivares, I.



El Estado de los Ecosistemas  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The recent Millennium Ecosystem Assessment has illustrated that human actions have significantly transformed many of Earths ecosystems. The main findings describe how: humans changed ecosystems dramatically over the past 50 years, changes to ecosystem services may get worse in the next 50 years, global action at all levels can reverse the degradation, and how ecosystem degradation increases risks of sudden changes and reduces benefits for future generations.

ChristiÃÂán Samper (National Museum of Natural History of the Smithsonian Institution;)



Prevalência de diarréia na população do Distrito Docente-Assistencial do Tucumã, Rio Branco, Estado do Acre, Brasil, em 2003 Prevalence of Diarrhoea in the Population of the Medical Care and Training District of Tucumã, Rio Branco, Acre State, Brazil, in 2003  

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Resumo O objetivo deste estudo transversal foi determinar a prevalência da diarréia em amostra da população urbana da cidade de Rio Branco, Estado do Acre, Brasil, abrangendo pessoas de todas as faixas etárias. Após validação do questionário-pa- drão pelo estudo-piloto, foi selecionada amostra aleatória de 159 pessoas de 0 a 77 anos de idade. A prevalência geral da diarréia no

Raquel Rangel Cesario; José Tavares-Neto


Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer, de 1975 a 2010, con una sección especial sobre la prevalencia de comorbilidad y su efecto en la supervivencia de personas con cáncer de pulmón, seno, próstata o colorrectal: preguntas y respuestas

El Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer (1975 a 2010), mostró un descenso más acelerado que en años anteriores de los índices de mortalidad por cáncer de pulmón. También contiene una sección especial que destaca los efectos significativos que tienen otras enfermedades en la supervivencia de pacientes con cáncer.


Multi-proxy analyses of a peat bog on Isla de los Estados, easternmost Tierra del Fuego: a unique record of the variable Southern Hemisphere Westerlies since the last deglaciation  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We have analyzed an almost 14,000 year old peat sequence on the island of Isla de los Estados (55° S, 64° W), east of Tierra del Fuego, in the core of the Southern Hemisphere Westerlies. A multitude of methods have been used: high resolution 14C dating; detailed lithologic descriptions including humification degree; loss on ignition; magnetic susceptibility; bulk density; pollen and spore analysis and determination of Aeolian sand influx. By combining proxies for wind and precipitation we have been able to reconstruct how the westerlies have varied over time in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean. It shows that this westerly wind belt was most intense at the onset of the record, 13,600-13,200 cal BP, coinciding with the mid to late part of the Antarctic Cold Reversal, followed by a gradual decline. At 12,200 cal BP the westerlies seem to have shifted to a position south of Tierra del Fuego and this phase, the calmest and driest period on the island throughout the sequence, ended at 10,000 cal BP when the westerlies moved equatorward again. Since then the westerlies have been present but with a variable impact on the 55° S latitude of the Atlantic. Mostly conditions have been fairly similar to today, but occasionally with a wider or narrower and/or weaker or stronger wind belt. At 7200 cal BP wind intensity began to increase and between 4500 and 3500 cal BP these southern latitudes experienced a distinct wind and precipitation maximum, both in terms of perseverance and intensity. Our results show a both wide and strong wind belt, with possible niveo-aeolian activity in Tierra del Fuego in winter, and possibly creating milder summers around the Antarctic Peninsula. In the later part of the Holocene, expansion-contraction phases of the wind belt, especially in winter, seem to have been a common phenomenon.

Björck, Svante; Rundgren, Mats; Ljung, Karl; Unkel, Ingmar; Wallin, Åsa




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Serbena Egon Bockman Moreira Clèmerson Merlin Clève Celso Luiz Ludwig Marcia Carla Pereira Ribeiro Elimar Fernando Lopes Pereira Tatyana Sheila Friedrich Luis Fernando Lopes Pereira Paulo Roberto Nalin Manoel

Paraná, Universidade Federal do


del sistema financiero de Estados Unidos  

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This paper points out a design flaw in Collateralized Debt Obligation or CDO, one of the heavily traded financial instruments by investment banks. The paper suggests that financial design of CDO was not incentive compatible among the players involved in the production, marketing and investing in this instrument. In a CDO, the underlying debt holders (borrowers) have the incentive to

Alakh Niranjan Singh; AKM Rezaul Hossain



An intertextual study of Euclides Da Cunha's Os serto?es, R.B. Cunninghame Graham's A Brazilian mystic, and Mario Vargas Llosa's La guerra del fin del mundo  

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n v; the authors of these works are the basis of characters in Llosa's novel. The story of Galileo Gall and Rufino, for example, is a commentary on Graham's plagiarism of Cunha's book. The story of the nearsighted journalist, based in Cunha... of ~Li~rr The story of Gall and Rufino The story of the Baron and Moreira Cesar The story of Conselheiro and his Apostles The story of the nearsighted journalist Page 50 50 52 58 61 63 65 66 V THE ROLE OF A BRAZILIAN MYBTI Ih ~LA ERRA...

Erickson, Sandra Sassetti Fernandes



Clment P., Castra J., Laurent C., Caravita S., Rauma-Kosonen A.-L., Varga A.,Turcinaviciene J., Samonek-Miciuk E., Kozan-Naumescu A., Pace P., Pata K., Valanides N., Bogner F., Carvalho G. (2010).  

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., Bogner F., Carvalho G. (2010). Teachers' conceptions on environment and GMO.1418-1421 (p. 227-230 tome II). . TEACHERS' CONCEPTIONS ON ENVIRONMENT AND GMO IN TWELVE on Environment and GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms), in 12 European countries: Cyprus, Estonia, Finland

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Estado nutricional de hierro y parasitosis intestinal en niños de Valencia, Estado Carabobo, Venezuela  

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Abstract: Abstract: Abstract: Abstract: Iron deficiency is worldwide spread and ferropenic anemia is its most severe manifestation. Age, poverty and parasitic infestations are some associated factors. This study was aimed to evaluate iron nutritional status and to establish relationship with age, gender and intestinal parasitic infestations in 264 children (aged 3 to14 years) attending to a school at Valencia, Carabobo.

María Adela Barón; María Concepción Páez



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The diagnosis of dementia is based on the presence of memory deficits and decline of other cognitive functions. Many scales have been designed to aid the clinician in the assessment of at risk subjects, such as the elderly. The Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) is the most widely used of such scales, although its use as an aid to the diagnosis




Conejos Pigmeos en Peligro en los Estados Unidos  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The decline of pygmy rabbits in the Columbia Basin in Washington State indicate trouble for groups of these animals elsewhere in the U.S. Using the ideas presented here, other organizations can discover what types of diseases and predators afflict the species; gather information about preserving habitat; and learn how to initiate repopulation in threatened areas.

Lisa Shipley (Washington State University;)



Estado evolutivo de estrellas con fenómeno B[e  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The B[e] phenomenon is related to certain peculiar features observed in the spectrum of some B stars, which are mainly linked to the physical conditions of their circumstellar medium. As these stars are embedded in dense and optically thick circumstellar media, the determination of the spectral type and luminosity class of the central objects is quite difficult. As a consequence, their evolutionary stage and distances present huge uncertainties. In this work we study 4 B[e] stars and discuss their stellar fundamental parameters and evolutionary stages using the BCD spectrophotometric system. FULL TEXT IN SPANISH

Aidelman, Y. J.; Cidale, L.; Borges Fernandes, M.; Kraus, M.


Múltiples estados de desorden en el etanol sólido  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

El diagrama de fases del etanol por debajo de los 169 K será presentado. Se mostrará que el etanol puede solidificarse en tres fases con diversos niveles de desorden,(como un vidrio(G), como un vidrio orientacional (OG) y como un cristal de fase rotora (RP)) además de en una fase totalmente cristalina. Las estructuras de estas tres fases serán presentadas tal y como se deducen a partir de diversas medidas de difracción de neutrones al igual que las proporciones de los isómeros de dicho material en las fases desordenadas y se compararán con los resultados de la fase cristalina y del líquido superenfriado. Igualmente diversas medidas sobre su dinámica serán presentadas, tanto de dispersión de neutrones, como de capacidad calorífica y de medidas dieléctricas y comparadas con modelos teóricos y simulaciones para tratar de explicar los procesos de relajación observados y las transiciones entre las diversas fases.

Fernández-Perea, R.


CBERS: estado atual e futuro Jos Carlos Neves Epiphanio  

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infrared portions of the electromagnetic spectrum, the ground instantaneous field of views are 2.7 m (panchromatic), 20 m (multispectral, from blue to near infrared), and 260 m (two bands ­ red and near infrared launched ­ two still operating as in October 2008. The imaging cameras operate in the visible and near



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��O DE IMPACTO AMBIENTAL (de que tratam, respectivamente, o � 3� do artigo 4� (RAP) e o � 1� do artigo 6 Impacto Ambiental-EIA e Relat�rio Ambiental Preliminar-RAP, fornecendo subs�dios para consultores e

Jardim, Wilson de Figueiredo


Estado e Economia no Institucionalismo de Douglass North  

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Douglass North's ideas, notwithstanding his 1993's Nobel award are still barely known among Brazilian economists. This unawareness is deplorable not only because the relevance of his ideas to current development theory but also for his new (and rather heterodox) contribution to the analysis of the modern State's economic role. This paper presents a synthesis of North's discussion concerning the institutional



Modelos de estados y transicines: nuevas aplicaciones en contexto mundial  

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vegetación existía en el pasado? ¿Que vegetación existe en otros sitios del mismo clima y suelos, bajo otro, expansión de arbustos a dominar recursos del suelo #12;La respuesta y esperanza Aplicación de herbicida suelo (=anuales) Limitaciones en el potencial de algunos suelos (=plantas escasas)Otros competidores


As novas definições e classificações dos estados intersexuais: o que o Consenso de Chicago contribui para o estado da arte?  

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RESUMO As anomalias da diferenciação sexual têm-se constituído em um formidável desafio quanto ao diagnóstico e à conduta, colocando o paciente, os familiares e os profissionais da equipe de saúde na difícil situação de definir a melhor opção quanto ao gênero de criação. Uma terminologia confusa e estigmatizante tem sido adotada e, nesse sentido, o Consenso de Chicago propõe várias

Durval Damiani; Gil Guerra-Júnior



Growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) antagonists inhibit the proliferation of androgen-dependent and -independent prostate cancers. Letsch M, Schally AV, Busto R, Bajo AM, Varga JL, Endocrine, Polypeptide and Cancer Institute, Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and Section of Experimental Medicine, Department of Medicine, Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, LA  

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The antiproliferative effects of an antagonist of growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) JV-1-38 were evaluated in nude mice bearing SC xenografts of LNCaP and MDA-PCa-2b human androgen-sensitive and DU-145 androgen-independent prostate cancers. In the androgen-sensitive models, JV-1-38 greatly potentiated the antitumor effect of androgen deprivation induced by surgical castration, but was ineffective when given alone. Thus, in castrated animals bearing MDA-PCa-2b

Donald L Trump



Gastelum, Fernando A. Goen, Eric A.  

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. Johannesmeyer, Brian Johnson, Heather Michelle Johnson, Lee Craig Joumaa, Dany Jubala, Andrew Joseph Kane, Ian Tune, Shanna A. Turnblade, Joel Urias, Nicolas Van Wormer, Brett P. Vargas, Ivdan D. Vasquez, Manuel

Wong, Pak Kin


Risk prevention and policy formulation : responding to the 1999 mud-floods catastrophe in El Litoral Central, Venezuela  

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Fifteen days of constant and intense rainfall in Venezuela culminated on December 16 1999, in catastrophic landslides and flooding along 25 miles of the Vargas State coastal strip. This catastrophe ravaged the Caracas ...

Parisca-Blanco, Sonia



Original article Effect of over-wintering and incubation temperatures  

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in northeastern Spain are relatively short (around 20 days (Socias and Felipe, 1979; Vargas, 1984)). Also cells. O cornuta emergence coincides with almond bloom in the Mediterranean climate areas where

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


A. Acknowledgements A-1 Appendix A  

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Pomerantz, Susan Poole, Fei Qin, Calvin Robol, Ganokporn Rungsrit- ampanya, Hyeryung Ryu, Elvis Samson, Tzu-Yuan Sun, Naoko Takei, Jeffrey Toporcer, Susanne Trie- schmann, Hikmet Umar, Iliberth Vargas, Helen

Brass, Stefan


2002 Blackwell Science Ltd Reduction of Fe(III) oxide by methanogens in the  

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hyperthermophilic methanogens could reduce soluble Fe(III) citrate (Vargas et al., 1998). The ability were transferred to Fe(III) by hydrogen-utilizing methanogens even when growth and methanogenesis were

Lovley, Derek


Rational approximation to e to the -x power with negative poles  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

MACSYMA was applied to the generation of an expansion in terms of Laguerre polynomials to obtain approximations to e to the -x power on 0, infinity. These approximations are compared with those developed by Saff, Schonhage, and Varga.

Cuthill, E.



Literary Reviews  

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Classic realism. The Time of the Hero. Mario Vargas Llosa. Translated from the Spanish by Lysander Kemp. London: Picador. 1986. 409pp. £4.50pbThe Green House. Mario Vargas Llosa. Translated from the Spanish by Gregory Rabassa. London: Picador. 1986. 405pp. £3.95pbColluding with darkness. Of Love and Shadows. Isabel Allende. Translated from the Spanish by Margaret Sayers Peden. London: Cape. 1987. 274pp. £10.95hbThe

Gerald Martin; Susan Bassnett; Vivian Schelling; John Gledson; Gordon Brotherston; John King; Dennis Walder; Roger Bromley; Nick Caistor; Louis James; Rana Kabbani; Julie Scott Meisami; Maria Couto



Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer entre 1975-2003 con una sección especial sobre el estado del cáncer en la población hispana o latina de los Estados Unidos: preguntas y respuestas

La tendencia a largo plazo de las tasas de mortalidad por cáncer en general, que han ido bajando desde principios de los años noventa, se mantuvieron hasta 2003 para todas las razas y para ambos sexos combinados.



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: ........................................................................................................................................ Estado Civil: ............................................................. Sexo: ( ) Masc ( ) Fem Data

Paraná, Universidade Federal do


Cuentos Hispanos de los Estados Unidos (Hispanic Stories of the United States).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This anthology of 21 short stories is intended for Spanish-speaking students of Spanish, other students in intermediate and advanced Spanish-language courses, and students commencing study of the Hispanic literature of the United States. Twelve of the 15 authors are, by birth or descent, of Mexican, Cuban, or Puerto Rican origin. Eight were born…

Olivares, Julian, Ed.



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Una hembra de oso pardo (Ursus arctos, L.), localizada junto a una carretera el 28 de marzo de 1999 con dificultades motrices y que no mostraba el comportamiento habitual de huida, fue capturada y dotada de un transmisor. Tras una inspección sobre el terreno, en la que sus ritmos respiratorios y cardiacos y su temperatura corporal resultaron normales, se le




Cirug?a de los trastornos del comportamiento: el estado del arte  

PubMed Central

Introducción: La cirugía de los trastornos del comportamiento (CTC) se está convirtiendo en un tratamiento más común desde el desarrollo de la neuromodulación. Métodos: Este artículo es una revisión no sistemática de la historia, indicaciones actuales, técnicas y blancos quirúrgicos de la CTC. Dividimos su historia en 3 eras: la primera comienza en los inicios de la psicocirugía y termina con el desarrollo de las tícnicas estereotácticas, cuando comienza la segunda era. Ésta se caracteriza por la realización de lesiones estereotácticas. Nos encontramos transitando la tercera era, que comienza cuando la estimulación cerebral profunda (ECP) comienza a ser usada en CTC. Resultados: A pesar de los errores graves cometidos en el pasado, hoy en día, la CTC está renaciendo. Los trastornos psiquiátricos que se más frecuentemente se tratan con cirugía son: depresión refractaria, trastorno obsesivo-compulsivo y síndrome de Tourette. Además, algunos pacientes con agresividad fueron tratados quirúrgicamente. Hay varios blancos estereotácticos descriptos para estos trastornos. La estimulación vagal puede ser usada también para depresión. Conclusión: Los resultados de la ECP en estos trastornos parecen alentadores. Sin embargo, se necesitan más estudios randomizados para establecer la efectividad de la CTC. Debe tenerse en cuenta que una apropiada selección de pacientes nos ayudará a realizar un procedimiento más seguro así como también a lograr mejores resultados quirúrgicos, conduciendo a la CTC a ser más aceptada por psiquiatras, pacientes y sus familias. Se necesita mayor investigación en varios temas como: fisiopatología de los trastornos del comportamiento, indicaciones de CTC y nuevos blancos quirúrgicos. PMID:25165612

Yampolsky, Claudio; Bendersky, Damian



BOLETN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Nm. 305 Sbado 19 de diciembre de 2009 Sec. III. Pg. 107522  

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. Derecho Público. Derecho. Introducción al Derecho. 6 Formación Básica. cve:BOE-A-2009-20487 #12;BOLETÍN Política I. 6 Formación Básica. Derecho Público. Derecho. Derecho Constitucional: Organización y Fuentes. 9 Jurídicas. 6 Formación Básica. Optatividad. Optativa I. 6 Optativa. Derecho Público. Derecho. Derecho

Autonoma de Madrid, Universidad


Su Nueva Vida en los Estados Unidos. (Your New Life in the United States).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

An illustrated guide to aspects of life in the United States is presented in Spanish for recent Hispanic arrivals. The guidelines address such topics as resettlement agencies, community relations and national customs, the U.S. government, local and long distance transport, mail and telephone communication systems, employment practices, the…

Escobar, Vivian; And Others


Hacia una adaptación cultural para el tratamiento de trastornos alimentarios en latinos en Estados Unidos  

PubMed Central

Eating disorders affect all ethnic and socioeconomic groups. However, evidence based treatments for eating disorders have been developed and tested exclusively on Caucasian populations. With the purpose to develop a culturally sensitive framework for the eating disorders treatment in Latinos/as, the objectives of this work were: 1) identify and describe some of the relevant cultural elements for eating disorders in the Latino population and, 2) to draft a culturally sensitive intervention model for eating disorders in Latino population in the United States. Providing culturally sensitive treatments for Latinos with psychiatric disorders is essential to reverse public health disparities. PMID:22003472

Reyes-Rodríguez, Mae Lynn; Bulik, Cynthia M.



La culpa en el ámbito de la responsabilidad civil médica. Estado jurisprudencial y modalidades de manifestación  

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The development of jurisprudence has reduced the disadvantage at which the judicial process used to place medical professionals by changing from a system of objective responsibility to a system of subjective responsibility, the most important element of which is that it shifts the burden of proof of an act of medical negligence on the complainant; the professional against whom the

Luis Antonio Soler



Caracterizacin del estado ecolgico de ros mediterrneos ibricos mediante el ndice IBMWP (antes BMWP').  

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proyecto GUADALMED (1999-2001), se estudia la calidad biológica de las aguas de 65 ríos de 12 cuencas ecológico de los ríos, siguiendo las directrices de la Directiva Marco del Agua, basadas en los valores del the European Water Framework Directive, and used the index values found in the reference stations of each river

Bonada, Núria


BOLETN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Nm. 310 Viernes 27 de diciembre de 2013 Sec. I. Pg. 105320  

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la Ley 31/2007, de 30 de octubre, sobre procedimientos de contrataci�n en los sectores del agua, la�blico, de la Ley sobre procedimientos de contrataci�n en los sectores del agua, la energ�a, los transportes

Fraguela, Basilio B.



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O aumento da eficiência produtiva e econômica é fator decisivo para a competitividade do setor leiteiro que, produzindo com menor custo, beneficiará toda a cadeia do leite. Dessa maneira, a unidade de produção pode ter, na eficiência produtiva, a condição necessária para a sobrevivência e o crescimento dentro da economia de mercado. Considerado o maior produtor de leite do Brasil,

Andre Luis Ribeiro Lima; Ricardo Pereira Reis; Luiz Eduardo Gaio; Fabricio Teixeira Andrade; Claudia Salgado Gomes



Estado nutricional en niños preescolares que asisten a un jardín de infancia público en Valencia, Venezuela  

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SUMMARY. Nutritional status in preschoolers attending a public day-care center in Valencia, Venezuela. With the purpose of evaluating nutritional status in a group of preschoolers attending a public day care center in Valencia, Venezuela (2002), a research was made for social stratus, anthropometric variables; weight, height and arm circumference, hemoglobin, seric retinol, presence of parasitosis and food consumption, as well

Sara Irene del Real; Armando Sánchez Jaeger; María Adela Barón; Nayka Díaz; Liseti Solano; Emma Velásquez; Jesús López


Primeiro registro documentado do gavião-pega-macaco, Spizaetus tyrannus, para o estado do Ceará, Brasil  

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First documented record of the Black Hawk-Eagle Spizaetus tyrannus to the state of Ceará, Brazil. The Black Hawk-Eagle has a wide but discontinuous range along Latin American rainforests. We present the first documented record of the species to the state of Ceará, in a montane moist forest enclave surrounded by semi-arid lowlands. The record was documented by a tape recording

Ciro Albano; Weber Girão; Thieres Pinto



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O estudo teve como objetivo geral mostrar que há uma relação histórica e teórica para explicar a dificuldade de implementar uma política de crédito para a agricultura familiar e que isso incorre em limitação de seu acesso e aumenta os custos da intermediação financeira. Verificou-se que os programas de crédito como essenciais assim como em qualquer atividade produtiva, mas que

Paulo Cesar Oliveira Gomes; Deise Guadalupe Lima



BOLETN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Nm. 189 Lunes 8 de agosto de 2011 Sec. I. Pg. 90134  

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Protocolo de actuación frente al acoso sexual y al acoso por razón de sexo en el ámbito de la Administración desarrollo de la personalidad (artículo 10.1), la igualdad y la no discriminación por razón de sexo en no discriminación por razón de sexo en el ámbito de las relaciones de trabajo. Además en su artículo 9.2 dispone que

Valencia, Universidad de



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Competitive Intelligence (CI) can be an effective tool for the decisions taking, that is, its usefulness, form of dissemination, and use in organizations. The CI contributes to the organization in several aspects and its capacity of competing with each other, whereas it provides knowledge about the inside and outside environment. The main goal of this article is analizing the importance

Silvio Roberto Stefano




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1. Introducción Plantear un estudio de estas características es evidente que trata de trascender la propia situación que se pretende analizar. La utilidad de conocer un perfil profesional radica en que puede ayudar a ampliar las perspectivas y las referencias desde las que se plantea la actividad docente universitaria, en el marco de una disciplina concreta, y mejorar la vertiente

Juan de Pablos Pons; Rafael García Pérez; Raquel Barragán Sánchez; Olga Buzón García; José Manuel Rodríguez Pozo; GRUPO DE INVESTIGACIÓN; EVALUACIÓN Y TECNOLOGÍA


Três momentos da urbanização turística: estado, mercado e desenvolvimento regional no Nordeste brasileiro, 1997-2007  

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As atividades ligadas ao setor “imobiliário – turístico” passaram, nos dez últimos anos, a desempenhar relevância não apenas econômica, mas principalmente em relação aos impactos territoriais, sociais e ambientais nas áreas litorâneas do Nordeste brasileiro. Este período pode ser dividido em três momentos específicos: um primeiro relativo ao papel das políticas públicas na implantação de uma infra-estrutura urbana voltada à

Alexsandro Ferreira Cardoso da Silva; Angela Lúcia de Araújo Ferreira



BOLETN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Nm. 301 Sbado 11 de diciembre de 2010 Sec. III. Pg. 102975  

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conducente al título Graduado en Medicina (Rama Ciencias de la Salud) 5.1 Estructura de las enseñanzas Tabla, por la que se publica el plan de estudios de Graduado en Medicina. Obtenida la verificación del plan Graduada en Medicina que quedará estructurado según consta en el Anexo de esta Resolución. Madrid, 22 de

Autonoma de Madrid, Universidad


Guide for Migrants in the State of Illinois = Guia para Migrantes en el Estado de Illinois.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Prepared for migrant farmworkers traveling in the State of Illinois, the booklet, written in English and Spanish, provides basic information on (1) employment conditions--requirements of crew leaders and employers, deductions from wages, and laws regulating child labor; (2) housing--conditions of the camp grounds and of living units; (3)…

Langemach, Sharon; Koepplinger, Jessica


Contribución al estudio avifaunístico del área de estanques rurales en Soyaniquilpan de Juárez, Estado de México  

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The diversity of the avifaune in the rural ponds area of Soyaniquilpan de Juarez, State of Mexico is analyzed in a transect of 2.3 km during March to June 2006. Were registered 22 species belong to 16 families and 6 orders. Six species were very frequent: Ardea alba, Columbina inca, Hirundo rustica, Spizella passerina, Agelaius phoeniceus and Quiscalus mexicanus and

Norma Angélica; Navarrete Salgado; Eugenio Trujillo Pérez; Gilberto Contreras Rivero



As populações indígenas e o Estado Nacional pós-ditadura militar  

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This article analyzes the relations between the indigenous population and the Brazilian state after the military dictatorship - in the period that began in 1984 with the process of Brazil's re-democratization - as far as the consolidation of the rights of the indigenous people is concerned. It first describes the context of the situation of the indigenous people vis-à-vis the

Cíntia Régia Rodrigues



Avaliação do estado nutricional da comunidade indígena Parkatêjê, Bom Jesus do Tocantins, Pará, Brasil  

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The nutritional status of the Mãe-Maria indigenous community in Bom Jesus do To- cantins, Pará State, Brazil, was ascertained in a descriptive study in which ninety percent of the total population (278 individuals) agreed to participate. Weight-for-height and height-for-age indices and Body Mass Index (BMI) were ascertained for children and adults by gender, respec- tively, as were weight and height

Jane de Carlos Santana Capelli; Sergio Koifman



Identificação de raças fisiológicas de Magnaporthe grisea em áreas de arroz irrigado no Estado do Tocantins  

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Identification of physiological races of Magnaporthe grisea in areas of rice irrigated in the State of Tocantins In Brazil, the most important disease in rice is blast, which is caused by the fungus Magnaporthe grisea. This disease is considered to be a limiting factor for rice productivity. This work aimed to determine the prevalent races of the rice blast pathogen

Liamar M. Anjos; Gil R. Santos; Justino J. Dias Neto; Wilson F. Oliveira; Manoel D. Castro Neto




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Intensity-Duration Frequency Equations of Rainfall for Tocantins State This study was carried out to adjust some probabilistic models to rainfall storms data. The intensity- duration-frequency equations were obtained for 10 locations in Tocantins State. Series with the annual maximum rainfall intensities and durations of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 120, 180, 240, 360, 720 and 1440 min were used.

Demetrius David da Silva; Sílvio Bueno Pereira; Fernando Falco Pruski; Raimundo Rodrigues; Gomes Filho; Ângela M. Quintão Lana


Economía Urbana y Calidad de Vida. Una revisión del estado del conocimiento en España  

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Quality of life is increasingly becoming a concept researched empirically and theoretically in the field of economics. In urban economics in particular, this increasing interest stems mainly from the fact that quality of life affects urban competitiveness and urban growth, research shows that when households and businesses decide where to locate, quality of life considerations can play a very important

Vicente Royuela; Diona Lambiri; Bianca Biagi



Leishmaniose tegumentar americana humana e canina no Município de Mariluz, Estado do Paraná, Brasil  

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An outbreak of American cutaneous leishmani- asis was reported in 2002 in Mariluz, northwest- ern Paraná State, Brazil. Of 38 humans who were investigated, four had healed lesions, ten showed lesions in the healing process, and 24 had active lesions. Of the 126 dogs, 20 (15.9%) presented suggestive lesions and 24 (19%) had positive se- rology. Parasites isolated from two

Maria Valdrinez Campana Lonardoni; Thaís Gomes Verzignassi Silveira; Waneska Alexandra Alves; Ana Nilce Silveira Maia-Elkhoury; Umberto Assis Membrive; Norberto Assis Membrive; Gesse Rodrigues; Nélio Reis; Paulo Donizete Zanzarini; Edna Ishikawa; Ueslei Teodoro



Nuevos escenarios de la migración México-Estados Unidos. Las consecuencias de la guerra antiinmigrante  

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New scenarios of Mexico-United States migration; the consequences of the anti- immigrant war The history of Mexico-U.S. migration is characterized by a series of discrete phases during which levels and patterns of migration change primarily in response to shifts in U.S. policies. The late 1990s witnessed the onset of the latest shift, moving Mexican immigration from the era of contradiction

Douglas S. MASSEY; Karen A. PREN; Jorge DURAND



Associação entre o estado nutricional e a ingestão dietética em pacientes com fibrose cística  

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Objective: To determine the relationship between nutritional status and dietary intake in patients with cystic fibrosis. Methods: Cross-sectional study involving 85 cystic fibrosis patients between 6 and 18 years of age. Dietary intake was evaluated by the 3-day diet record (weighing the food consumed). The outcome measures were the following nutritional status indicators: weight\\/height (W\\/H%) percentage, body mass index (BMI)

Míriam Isabel Souza dos Santos Simon; Michele Drehmer; Sérgio Saldanha Menna-Barreto




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recebe pr�mio L'Or�al-Unesco Para Mulheres ... http�cias > Ci�ncia Brasileira recebe pr�mio L'Or�al-Unesco Para Mulheres na Ci�ncia Professora da UFRFS, Marcia'Or�al-Unesco Para Mulheres na Ci�ncia 2013. Marcia foi premiada por ter descoberto uma anomalia na �gua "que poderia

Barbosa, Marcia C. B.



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Effect of cut potato seed decontamination in the highlands region of Trujillo State, Venezuela The efficiency of potato seed, cv. Granola, was evaluated in the highland of Trujillo State (2.400 m above sea level), Venezuela. Complete and cut tubers of 30-50 mm diameter and 50-70 g weight were decontaminated or not using cooper oxychloride and Zined fungicides, a week before

NOTA TÉCNICA; Héctor M. Coraspe-León; Freddy Montero; Carlos Alvarado; Eduardo Ortega



O estado da arte dos estudos do jornalismo digital no Brasil  

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Since 1996, with the publication of the Manual for Internet Journalism by Bahia Federal University's College of Communication, Brazilian researchers have studied the emergence and growth of digital journalism. This article presents the current state of research into Brazilian digital journalism as it has evolved from the Research Group in Online Journalism (GJOL), an influential team of researchers that has

Carla Schwingel



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The state estimation for power systems is commonly developed using the weighted-least-square (WLS) technique. Nevertheless, difficulties in the identification of erroneous measurements appear, since there isn't a verification process that allows to have certainty on the quality of these measurements. Therefore, in this article is shown a methodology that combines the classic technique with a method of combinatorial optimization to




Geoquímica orgánica de los carbones de fila maestra, estado anzoátegui, Venezuela  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The vertical and lateral variability of organic geochemical parameters was established for the Seam 4 of the Fila Maestra coal deposit (Quebradon Formation, Oligocene-Early Miocene age) through the study of coals and carbonaceous shales collected in different outcrops of the coal seam. Chemical and physical analysis included moisture and ash contents, maceral groups, vitrinite reflectance, total carbon, bitumen and its fractions, as well as characterization of saturated hydrocarbons by gas chromatography ( n-alkane distributions and {pristane}/{phytane} ratios). A production sample, representative of the Seam 4, was further analyzed for S, Cl, C, H, O and its calorific value determined. The data collected allowed us to classify these samples as high-volatile bituminous coals, types B and C, according to ASTM classification. The results of the analysis showed little vertical or lateral variation in the properties studied. A gradual increase in ash content in the westward direction, together with a thinning of the coal seam, suggest a greater proximity of the basin border in this direction. High values in {pristane}/{phytane} ratio (4-7), predominance of heavy alkanes and high contents in vitrinites clearly indicates that primigenic organic matter was essentially continental in character. However, the bimodal n-alkane distribution, together with a nigh sulfur (2.7%) and chlorine (0.12%) contents suggest a marine-influenced environment. In consequence, it is proposed that these coals were formed in a transitional environment, as salt-marshs in coastal lagoons or in low deltaic plains. These results are in agreement with the stratigraphic analysis of the sedimentary unit.

Moreno, O.; Martinezy, M.; Escobar, M.



Avaliação da exatidão do mapeamento da cultura do café no Estado de Minas Gerais  

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Accurate and updated agricultural statistics on coffee crop area estimation, based on an objective method, is not available. Remote sensing images are an important source of information to estimate crop area, especially when crop identification procedure is carried out in an effective way. The objective of the present work is to evaluate a coffee crop map obtained from remote sensing

Marcos Adami



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En los últimos años se ha discutido el papel de los gobiernos subnacionales como entes tomadores de decisiones y generadores de política en diversos ámbitos, considerando que las prácticas novedosas y la participación de diversos actores gubernamentales y no gubernamentales son un factor detonante del desarrollo en el diseño e implementación de política pública. Estas nuevas formas —entendidas como innovación—

Mario E. Ibarra Cortés; Erika García Méndez



Alianzas y desafíos: Grupos y redes de defensa ambientalistas en la frontera México - Estados Unidos  

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En noviembre de 1989, cayó física y simbólicamente el muro de Berlín, en muy poco tiempo una serie de cambios en la esfera económica, política y social fueron evidentes. Todos los obstáculos parecían allanados para que se desarrollara en el conjunto del planeta una economía, una sociedad y una cultura globales, que carac- terizarían a un sistema mundo unificado. La

Miriam Alfie Cohen



Plantas visitadas por abelhas africanizadas em duas localidades do estado de São Paulo  

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The knowledge of plants from a given region, as well as the blooming period and the pollen characteristics, help for the determination of the plant species which contribute for the honey composition. Plants visited by honey bees were listed during the period 1994 to 1997. The survey was carried out weekly, at different times and within a 300 m radius

Luís Carlos Marchini; Augusta Carolina de Camargo Carmell Moreti; Erica Weinstein Teixeira; Etelvina Conceição Almeida da Silva; Ricardo Ribeiro Rodrigues; Vinicius Castro Souza



From Chavela to Frida: loving from the margins.  


This article analyzes the portrayal of lesbian desire in the case of two of the most renowned icons of contemporary Mexican and Latino popular culture: singer Chavela Vargas (1919-2012) and painter Frida Kahlo (1910-1954). This article explores the intertextual dialogue between two texts that deal with the construction of Kahlo's persona and sexuality: Chavela's memoir, titled Y si quieres saber de mi pasado (2002), and the film Frida (2001), directed by Julie Taymor. Fundamental to this study is Chavela Vargas' lesbian subject position in both texts and the consequences and implications her location has in representing lesbian homoerotics and desire. PMID:22966995

Ruiz-Alfaro, Sofía



Women Faculty of Color in the White Classroom: Narratives on the Pedagogical Implications of Teacher Diversity.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This book compiles narratives by women professors of color who examine their classroom experiences in predominantly white U.S. campuses, focusing on the impact of their social positions upon their classroom practices and teaching-learning selves. The 19 papers are (1) "Introduction" (Lucila Vargas); (2) "Why Are We Still So Few and Why Has Our…

Vargas, Lucila, Ed.


Shenandoah Valley Agricultural Research and Extension Center128McCormickFarmCircle,RaphineCircle, Physical Resources  

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Associate Professor, CSES Grass-Fed Beef Initiative ­ Forage and soil dynamics in cow-calf and backgrounding steers, mineral supplementation in beef cattle John Munsell Associate Professor, Forest Resources Napoleon Vargas Lewis Ph.D. Candidate, APSC, Estimating intake and diet selection of forages in cattle

Liskiewicz, Maciej


Interaction of science and diplomacy: Latin American, the United States and nuclear energy, 1945-1955  

SciTech Connect

Nuclear programs in Argentina and Brazil can be traced to August 1945 when their scientific communities articulated responses to the atomic bombings of Japan. They culminated in attempts to develop independent nuclear programs, sharply opposed by the United States, during the nationalist governments of Juan Peron and Getulio Vargas. This dissertation, based on primary sources from the three nations, analyzes these programs and the American responses. Latin America entered the nuclear age attempting to control natural resources, to improve scientific establishments, and to appraise Latin American-United States relations. Despite some clear warnings about nuclear dangers, the new form of energy was seen as the solution to industrial problems, poverty, and outside political interference. International opposition, which may have included nuclear threats from the United States, blocked Argentina's first attempt in 1947. After 1948, Peron wanted a nuclear program for cheap energy and prestige. The qualifications of the Brazilian scientists gave more substance to their program. The program originated in August, 1945, but assumed national proportion with the government of Vargas in 1951. Lack of American cooperation forced Vargas to establish a secret program with Germany. American troops intervened taking over the German equipment already completed. The final collapse came about with Vargas' suicide in August, 1954.

Cabral, R.




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. Anopheles punctipennis (Say) 38. Anopheles quadrimaculatus Say 39. Anopheles walkerr Theobald ' This is New. Aedes vexans (Meigen) Genus Anopheles Meigen 32. Anopheles atropos Dyar and Knab 33. Anopheles barberi Coquillett 34. Anopheles bradle,vl King 35. Anopheles crtrcian.sWiedemann 36. Anopheles earlel Vargas 37


VOLUME 93 NUMBER 23 5 JUNE 2012  

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are needed to move air to the sen- sor, have access to a power line. The cur- rent generation of carbon in the Biogeosciences By D. BalDocchi, M. Reichstein, D. PaPale, l. Koteen, R. VaRgas, D. agaRwal, anD R. cooK The comp


Published online 11 February 2004 Concerted changes in tropical forest structure  

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16 , P. Nu´n~ez Vargas17 and B. Vinceti2 1 Earth and Biosphere Institute, Geography, University-530 Bele´m, Brazil 5 Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Amazo^nicas, 69011-970 Manaus, Brazil 6 Smithsonian, INPA Ecologia, C.P. 478, 69011-970 Manaus, Brazil 8 Missouri Botanical Garden, c/o Herbario Nacional

Chave, Jérôme


Materials Research Lab -Cooperative International Science and Engineering Internships[5/10/12 9:43:57 AM  

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Chile Optimization of synthetic procedures of silice and copper based nanoparticles and the effect as a transparent conductor James Stankowicz Physics, University of Florida Martin Castell Martin Castell Oxford Electrical Engineering, UCSB Jaime Muñoz Luis Vargas University of Chile, Santiago Construction of a dc

Bigelow, Stephen


Monitoring Malaria from Operational Satellites  

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Monitoring Malaria from Operational Satellites Felix Kogan NOAA/NESDIS/STAR COLABORATORS Wei Guo, Mahomed Nizamudin ­ NOAA/CREST Ramesh Dhiman ­ Malaria Institute, INDIA Guido Van Langenhove ­ Met Services, NAMIBIA Joerg Szarzynski ­ UN SPIDER Marco Vargas ­ STAR #12;2 OUTLINE · Background · Malaria

Kuligowski, Bob


Achievements In the 1960s, Latin American literature thrived. The new novels produced  

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Achievements In the 1960s, Latin American literature thrived. The new novels produced there this Latin American literature, in tandem with Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Márquez. Vargas Llosa considered to be the torchbearers of Latin American literature are the descendants of the Spaniards

Imai, Hiroshi


Development Communication Report, Winter 1985, No. 48.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This newsletter discusses development projects in developing nations, including the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Peru. The following major articles are included: (1) "Radio Santa Maria: A Case Study of Participatory Evaluation" (John K. Mayo, Charles B. Green, and Miguel E. Vargas); (2) "Instruction by Audio Conference: An Alaskan Example"…

Development Communication Report, 1985




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INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR NUMERICAL METHODS IN ENGINEERING Int. J. Numer. Meth. Engng 2001; 50Ã?omico Bariloche (CAB); 8400 Bariloche; Argentina 2Departamento de MatemÃ?aticas; Universidad de Buenos Aires. GetÃ?ulio Vargas 333; 25651-070 PetrÃ?opolis; RJ; Brazil E-mail: E-mail: gustavo@cab

Duran, Ricardo


A Response to Steubing et al., "Effects of Systematic Phonics Instruction are Practically Significant": The Origin of the National Reading Panel  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A recent article by Stuebing, Barth, Cirino, Francis and Fletcher critiqued the findings of Camilli, Vargas, and Yurecko (2003) and Camilli, Wolfe, and Smith (2006). With a methodological argument, they attempted to resolve the conflict between these studies and the original report Teaching Children to Read (National Reading Panel, 2000). In…

Camilli, Gregory; Kim, Sun Hee; Vargas, Sadako



Composite nanostructured solid-acid fuel-cell electrodes via electrospray depos..... (DOI: 10.1039/c0jm00216j)[4/26/2010 11:37:21 AM  

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Composite nanostructured solid-acid fuel-cell electrodes via electrospray depos..... (DOI: 10 Chemistry Composite nanostructured solid-acid fuel-cell electrodes via electrospray deposition Áron Varga *a the electrospray droplets prior to contact with the substrate. Solid acid (CsH2PO4) feature sizes of 100 nm were


Energy-Momentum in viscous Kasner-type Universe in Bergmann-Thomson Formulations  

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This paper has been removed by arXiv administrators because it plagiarizes gr-qc/0303034, "The energy of the universe in teleparallel gravity," by T. Vargas; and gr-qc/0011027, "Viscous cosmologies in scalar-tensor theories for Kasner type metrics," by M. Cataldo, S. del Campo and P. Salgado.

Mustafa Salti; Ali Havare



A revision of the species of Bothriocephalus Rudolphi, 1808 (Cestoda: Pseudophyllidea) parasitic in American freshwater fishes  

Microsoft Academic Search

The species of the pseudophyllidean genus Bothriocephalus Rudolphi, 1808 parasitising freshwater fishes in America are revised, based on the examination of type and voucher specimens of seven taxa. There are five valid species: Bothriocephalus claviceps (Goeze, 1782), B. cuspidatus Cooper, 1917, B. formosus Mueller & Van Cleave, 1932, B. acheilognathi Yamaguti, 1934, and B. pearsei Scholz, Vargas-Vázquez & Moravec, 1996.




ORIGINAL ARTICLE See related Commentary on page v  

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ORIGINAL ARTICLE See related Commentary on page v Reversible Dissociation of Collagen in Tissues. Dissociation of collagen �bers in native and engineered tissues in the presence of glycerol and reassociation dehydration and partial replace- ment of water by glycerol (Vargas et al, 1999, 2001).

Choi, Bernard


[Occurrence of Platynosomum illiciens in enclosured wild cats in the state of Bahia, Brazil].  


This paper reports the occurrence of eggs of Platynosomum illiciens, found in the feces of three species of wild cats Herpailurus yagouaroundi, Puma concolor and Leopardus tigrinus from material collected at the enclosures of the Park Zoobotânico Getúlio Vargas in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. It is the first record of this parasite in P. onca and L. tigrinus. PMID:19265585

Castro, Letícia S de; Albuquerque, George R



Original article Improvement of field management of Osmia cornuta  

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, and released in almond orchards in NE Spain in 1989 and 1990. Bees emerged over a longer period and over Inadequate pollination is one of the main causes of low almond production in Span- ish orchards (Vargas populations were trap-nested in Spain, transported to the US and released in apple and almond orchards in Utah

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Shenandoah Valley Agricultural Research and Extension Center128McCormickFarmCircle,RaphineCircle, Physical Resources  

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and Focus Area Patricia Baltasar Ponder PhD Candidate, FST, Transmission of shiga producing E coli in cow-calf systems Gordon Jones Tracy M.S. candidate, CSES; Soil Fertility dynamics in rotational grazing systems Napoleon Vargas Lewis Ph.D. Candidate, APSC, Estimating intake and diet selection of forages in cattle

Virginia Tech


77 FR 34783 - Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Vargas, Case Manager, National Center for Import and Export, Animal Health Policy and Programs, VS, APHIS, 4700 River Road, Unit...and other poultry must also not have been vaccinated with a vaccine for the H5 or H7 subtype of avian influenza. Section...



Multiphoton Imaging of Renal Regulatory Mechanisms - Supplemental Videos  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Video 1 - SNGFR - Video 2 - PT calcium oscillations - Video 3 - TGF DIC - Video 4 - renin release - Video 5 - oscillations time From Peti-Peterdi J, Toma I, Sipos A, Vargas SL. Multiphoton Imaging of Renal Regulatory Mechanisms. Physiology 24: 88-96, 2009

Janos Peti-Peterdi (Departments of Physiology and Biophysics and Medicine); Ildiko Toma (University of Southern California); Arnold Sipos (University of Souther California); Sarah Vargas (University of California)




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Floeter, Sergio Ricardo


Office of Multicultural Affairs presents... OPENING CEREMONY FOR CITY OF SYRACUSE  

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Thursday, September 20, 7:30 pm Carolina Kim Tihanyi has been performing Latin American mu- sic for 14, includ- ing and rancheras. She currently sings and plays guitar with the Dream Freedom Revival: Carmelina Vargas, Yari Nuvo & H4. Sponsored by Office of Multicultural Affairs, Latino American Studies

Raina, Ramesh


IOP PUBLISHING BIOINSPIRATION & BIOMIMETICS Bioinsp. Biomim. 3 (2008) 026004 (13pp) doi:10.1088/1748-3182/3/2/026004  

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.1088/1748-3182/3/2/026004 A computational study of the aerodynamic performance of a dragonfly wing section in gliding flight Abel Vargas performed at ultra-low Reynolds numbers corresponding to the gliding flight of these dragonflies and propulsion produced by insects is through the flapping of their wings. The dragonfly, considered a high


WHATEVER IT TAKES Steelers Fan Collections, Rituals, and Obsessions  

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., video, 2010 · Professor Atkinson gives the class a working definition for "sports nation." (Hint: Only will screen in the gallery each week. 8. Tattoo Parlor: Tattooed people, listed alphabetically: Alison Mike Polk Orville Turney, tattoo by Kevin Kerr, Flesh Mechanics Luis Vargas Shawn Wampler Rebecca

McGaughey, Alan


Acknowledgements Acknowledgements  

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Samson, Tzu­wei Shih, Jae Youn Shin, Sebastian Spautz, Nicholas Steadman, JoLynn Striegel, Susan Strut­ hers, Chih­Yuan Sun, Naoko Takei, Je#rey Toporcer, Susanne Trie­ schmann, Hikmet Umar, Iliberth Vargas

Brass, Stefan


Counting and Classifying Mosquitoes from a Distance with Ultra Cheap Gustavo Batista, Computer Science Dept. University of California, Riverside, CA 92521  

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.S. and North Africa (Vargas-Teran et al. 1994) and of the tsetse fly, Glossina austeni, from Zanzibar (Vreysen get counts of flying insects in real-time. In particular we argue that in order for sensors to be used

Batista, Gustavo


UBC Social Ecological Economic Development Studies (SEEDS) Student Report An Investigation Into Composting Alternatives at the New Student Union Building  

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Into Composting Alternatives at the New Student Union Building Doug Downing, Kelly Vargas, Lawrence Penkar, James Investigation into Composting Alternatives at the New Student Union Building Technology and Society ­ APSC 261 is handled must be considered in detail. Nearly 48% of the total waste from the SUB is compostable


A numerical evaluation of solvers for the Periodic Riccati Differential Equation  

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A numerical evaluation of solvers for the Periodic Riccati Differential Equation Sergei Abstract Efficient and robust numerical methods for solving the periodic Riccati differential equation constraints. Key words: Periodic systems, periodic Riccati differential equations, orbital stabi- lization

Johansson, Stefan


75 FR 34216 - Unblocking of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons Pursuant to Executive Order 12978  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...HOTEL LA CASCADA S.A., Girardot, Colombia; POB Colombia; Cedula No. 79484051 (Colombia) (individual) [SDNT] 5. ROJAS VARGAS, Alberto, c/o COLFARMA PERU S.A., Lima, Peru; c/o ESPIBENA S.A., Quito, Ecuador; c/o FARFALLA...



Liouville Brownian motion Christophe Garban  

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Liouville Brownian motion Christophe Garban R´emi Rhodes Vincent Vargas Abstract We construct diffusion to consider). This Liouville Brownian motion enables us to give sense to part of the celebrated is plotted in black Contents 1 Introduction 3 2 Liouville Brownian motion on the plane 11 2.1 Massive

Boyer, Edmond


Liouville Brownian motion at criticality Remi Rhodes  

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Liouville Brownian motion at criticality R´emi Rhodes Vincent Vargas Abstract In this paper, we construct the Brownian motion of Liouville Quantum gravity when the underlying conformal field theory has to changing the speed of a standard planar Brownian motion depending on the local behaviour of the critical

Boyer, Edmond



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INPUT-OUTPUT IDENTIFICATION OF CONTROLLED DISCRETE MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS Ana Paula Estrada-Vargas1 identification, allows obtaining models of ill-known (or even unknown) systems. In this article an identification DESs. The proposed technique allows the identification of actual complex systems because

Boyer, Edmond


January 2010 WAGNER A. KAMAKURA  

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Approach" 1975 to 1978 Getulio Vargas Foundation (Brazil) - Graduate Diploma in Business AdministrationJanuary 2010 WAGNER A. KAMAKURA The Fuqua School of Business Duke University, Box 90120 Durham, NC Business Chair 1998 to 2000 Wendell A. Smith Chair in Marketing University of Pittsburgh 1996

Ferrari, Silvia



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Economic Sciences BRAZIL (FGV-EAESP) The Business Administration School of São Paulo at the Getulio VargasEmbark · Explore · Exchange CANADA'S INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SCHOOL #12;CANADA'S PREMIER BUSINESS SCHOOL Queen's School of Business is one of the world's premier business schools and has

Abolmaesumi, Purang


DOI: 10.1093/jxb/erf078 Drought until death do us part: a case study of the  

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-tolerance of a tropical moist forest seedling-tree, Licania platypus (Hemsl.) Fritsch Melvin T. Tyree1,4 , Gustavo Vargas2 Abstract Studies of the desiccation tolerance of 15-month-old Licania platypus (Hemsl.) Fritsch seedlings- couple psychrometer and for measurement of fresh- and dry-weight. L. platypus was surprisingly desicca

Coley, Phyllis



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Daniel Schaerer 1 , Graâ??zyna Stasi'nska 2 1 Observatoire Midi­Pyr'en'ees, Laboratoire d observational constraints (e.g. Garcia­Vargas et al. 1995, 1997, Stasi'nska & Leitherer 1996, Stasi/CVF. This figure, based on the model calculations of Stasi'nska & Schaerer (1997, hereafter SS97), shows the depen

Schaerer, Daniel


Determination of elemental impurities and U and O isotopic compositions with a view to identify the geographical and industrial origins of uranium ore concentrates  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

First events of illicit trafficking of nuclear and radiological materials occurred 50 years ago. Nuclear forensics expertise are aiming at determining the use of seized material, its industrial history and provenance (geographical area, place of production or processing), at assisting in the identification and dismantling of illicit trafficking networks. This information is also valuable in the context of inspections of declared facilities to verify the consistency of operator's declaration. Several characteristics can be used to determine the origin of uranium ore concentrates such as trace elemental impurity patterns (Keegan et al., 2008 ; Varga et al., 2010a, 2010b) or uranium, oxygen and lead isotopic compositions (Tamborini et al., 2002a, 2002b ; Wallenius et al., 2006; Varga et al., 2009). We developed analytical procedures for measuring the isotopic compositions of uranium (234U/238U and 235U/238U) and oxygen (18O/16O) and levels of elemental impurities (e.g. REE, Th) from very small amounts of uranium ore concentrates (or yellow cakes). Micrometer particles and few milligrams of material are used for oxygen isotope measurements and REE determination, respectively. Reference materials were analyzed by mass spectrometry (TIMS, SF-ICP-MS and SIMS) to validate testing protocols. Finally, materials of unknown origin were analyzed to highlight significant differences and determine whether these differences allow identifying the origin of these ore concentrates. References: Keegan, E., et al. (2008). Applied Geochemistry 23, 765-777. Tamborini, G., et al. (2002a). Analytical Chemistry 74, 6098-6101. Tamborini, G., et al. (2002b). Microchimica Acta 139, 185-188. Varga, Z., et al. (2009). Analytical Chemistry 81, 8327-8334. Varga, Z., et al. (2010a). Talanta 80, 1744-1749. Varga, Z., et al. (2010b). Radiochimica Acta 98, 771-778 Wallenius, M., et al. (2006). Forensic Science International 156, 55-62.

Salaun, A.; Hubert, A.; Pointurier, F.; Aupiais, J.; Pili, E.; Richon, P.; Fauré, A.; Diallo, S.



Estado de conservación de Melanomys zunigae (Sanborn 1949) y de los mamíferos pequeños en las Lomas de Lima  

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The coastline and the western slopes of the Andes are main sites of Peruvian endemic mammals. Along the central coast occurs the only endemic rat from Lima, Zuniga's dark rice rat, Melanomys zunigae (Sanborn, 1949). It was collected by Enrique Zuñiga in 1942 at Lomas de Atocongo and Cerro San Jerónimo. Since then, sporadic searches have been conducted, not necessarily

José Luis Mena; Martha Williams; Carla Gazzolo; Francesca Montero


Análise da competitividade da produção de soja no sistema de plantio direto no Estado de Mato Grosso do Sul  

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The Brazilian agricultural sector, which is underg oing the settlement of new production and trading patterns, faces the challeng e of growing in a competitive and sustainable fashion, in order to attend domestic de mand while acquiring and holding positions in foreign markets, and by providing qual ity products and processes with sustainability and competitive prices. To attend th e

Maria Isabel da Silva Azevedo Alvim; Lourival Batista de Oliveira Júnior




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ABSTRACT - The use of volume equations is very important for the estimations of wood volume in modern forest inventory systems. We emphasize the need for research in model building using regression analysis, in order to have sound data base for decision-making. This research has been done in Cia. Suzano de Papel e Celulose, a pulp and paper company located

Hilton Thadeu Zarate Do Couto; Depto. De Ciências Florestais; Nelson Luiz Magalhães Bastos


Interações Sargassum-epifitas-anfipodes herbivoros na região de Ubatuba, litoral norte do estado de São Paulo.  

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??This study examined macrophyte-epiphyte-herbivore amphipod interactions on Sargassum beds on northern shores of São Paulo state. The relationships among temporal fluctuations of Sargassum filipendula and… (more)

Giuliano Buza Jacobucci



Registros documentados de cinco novos trinta-réis (Charadriiformes: Sternidae) no estado do Ceará, nordeste do Brasil  

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Documented records of five terns (Charadriiformes: Sternidae) new for the State of Ceará, north-east Brazil. We present new records, based on museum specimens and\\/or photographs, of five species of Sternidade for the State of Ceará in north- east Brazil, namely, Black Noddy Anous minutus (apparently the first from Brazilian mainland), Least Tern Sternula antillarum, Black Tern Chlidonias niger, Arctic Tern

Weber Girão; Ciro Albano; Alberto A. Campos; Thieres Pinto; Caio J. Carlos


261 VOL. 43(3) 2013: 261 -290 Florestas estacionais e reas de ectono no estado do  

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Tocantins (Brazil). We aimed to provide information for conservation, management, environmental compensation beta, Fitogeografia, Tensão Ecológica, Cerrado, Amazônia Seasonal forests and ecotone areas in the state ofTocantins, Brazil: structure, classification and guidelines for conservation ABSTRACT

Fine, Paul V.A.



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= 23,268; p< 0,01. Se encontró que del 4% de casos positivos para el BK, uno solo fue tuberculino - positivo (25%). En cuanto al RAD, los cuatro pacientes que resultaron con baciloscopía positiva, todos (100%) presentaron lesiones pulmonares típicas de tuberculosis. Así mismo, no se encontró asociación estadísticamente significativa entre los parámetros (PPD y RAD) en comparación con la



Relações solo-geoambiente em áreas de ocorrências de Ipucas na planície do Médio Araguaia - Estado de Tocantins  

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RESUMO - Dentre as paisagens do médio rio Araguaia, destacam-se as extensas planícies e depressões sazonalmente alagadas. Nelas se inserem formações florestais higrófilas denominadas Ipucas, como enclaves peculiares pela sua fitossociologia e ambiente pedogeomorfológico. Esses fragmentos florestais naturais ocorrem na planície fluvial, em região de ecótono entre o Cerrado e a Floresta Amazônica. Neste estudo, foi selecionada uma área de

Alan Kardec Elias Martins; Carlos Ernesto G. R. Schaefer; Elias Silva; Vicente Paulo Soares; Guilherme Resende Corrêa; Bruno Araújo Furtado de Mendonça



PRODUÇÃO INTEGRADA DE FRUTAS PIF e a produção de Açaí (Euterpe oleracea Mart) no Estado do Pará: ameaças ou oportunidades?  

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Este trabalho, apoiado na dinâmica de crescimento do consumo de sucos naturais, como uma das bebidas esportivas associadas à imagem de produto saudável, suscita as questões relacionadas com a aplicação do PIF junto à produção do Açaí, visto a ampliação da aceitação desse produto nos mercados nacional e internacional. Está fundamentado na aplicação da legislação específica e seus pré-requisitos frente

Rubens Cardoso Da Silva; Paulo Cerqueira Dos Santos; Jose Sebastiao Romano De Oliveira; Maria Cristina Das Neves Silva; Ismael Matos Da Silva



Prevalência de cárie radicular em adultos e idosos na região sudeste do Estado de São Paulo, Brasil  

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In recent decades there has been an increase in the occurrence of dental root surface caries, es- pecially among adults and senior citizens. This study aimed to identify root surface caries prevalence in adults and seniors from southeast São Paulo State, Brazil. An epidemiological sur- vey was carried out among 1,475 dentate adults, ages 35 to 44 and 65 to

Lilian Berta Rihs; Ronaldo Seichi Wada



Atlas de Recursos Eólicos del Estado de Oaxaca (The Spanish version of Wind Energy Resource Atlas of Oaxaca)  

SciTech Connect

The Oaxaca Wind Resource Atlas, produced by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's (NREL's) wind resource group, is the result of an extensive mapping study for the Mexican State of Oaxaca. This atlas identifies the wind characteristics and distribution of the wind resource in Oaxaca. The detailed wind resource maps and other information contained in the atlas facilitate the identification of prospective areas for use of wind energy technologies, both for utility-scale power generation and off-grid wind energy applications.

Elliott, D.; Schwartz, M.; Scott, G.; Haymes, S.; Heimiller, D.; George, R.



Composición de la dieta de la codorniz Moctezuma (Cyrtonyx montezumae) en municipios del noroeste del Estado de México  

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Composition of the Montezuma quail's diet was studied in northwest State of Mexico. Nine esophageal contents were collected during the winter hunting season 2001-2002. Macrohistological analyses indicate that the main



Um estudo comparativo de sistemas de iluminação pública: Estado sólido e lâmpadas de vapor de sódio em alta pressão  

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This work deals with the viability analysis and photometric comparison between two different systems concepts for public lighting, hence the solid state lighting (SSL) employing high power LED luminaries with integrated electronic converters and the conventional high pressure sodium (HPS) lamp based luminaries along with electromagnetic ballasts. The study and comparison stem on the relative perception of the human eye

Cláudio R. B. S. Rodrigues; Pedro S. Almeida; Guilherme M. Soares; João M. Jorge; Danilo P. Pinto; Henrique A. C. Braga



Portal do Governo Cidado.SP Investimentos.SP Destaques: OK Secretaria do Ensino Superior do Estado  

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cargo na carreira científica, menor é o número de mulheres Estudos mostram que mulheres abandonam coordenadores de entidades ligadas à ciência e à tecnologia) e nenhuma mulher, o evento trouxe hoje (14) um simpósio sobre a presença da mulher na ciência brasileira. O encontro reuniu duas importantes pesquisadoras

Barbosa, Marcia C. B.



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Effect of cut potato seed decontamination in the highlands region of Trujillo State, Venezuela The efficiency of potato seed, cv. Granola, was evaluated in the highland of Trujillo State (2.400 m above sea level), Venezuela. Complete and cut tubers of 30-50 mm diameter and 50-70 g weight were decontaminated or not using cooper oxychloride and Zined fungicides, a week before

Héctor M. Coraspe-León; Freddy Montero; Carlos Alvarado; Eduardo Ortega


Guia para su incorporacion a los Estados Unidos de America (A Guide to Resettlement in the United States. Spanish).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This resettlement guide, entirely in Spanish, describes the initial stage of resettlement and the processes that refugees undergo as new arrivals. Subjects covered in this guide include pre-arrival procedures, admissions criteria, immigrant's statement of understanding, travel costs and U.S. Customs; resettlement procedures, immigrants'…

Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington, DC. Refugee Service Center.


Cambios en el uso del suelo y deforestación en el sur de los estados de Campeche y Quintana Roo, México  

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Landsat MSS satellite imagery from 1975 to 1990 were anaiyzed in order to estimate the rates of conversion of tropical forests and savannas to cropland and pasture in the southern Yucatán Peninsula of Mexiw. The area of southeastern Campeche and southern Quintana Roo was subject of a federally financed directed-colonization program during the seventies, which included felling the tropical forests

Sergio Cortina Villar; Pedro Macario Mendoza; Yelena Ogneva-Himmelberger



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Effect of applications of organic residues on maize performance in two soils of Yaracuy State, Venezuela The intense land cultivation for maize cropping on the last 50 years in Yaracuy State, Venezuela, caused an accelerated soil degradation expressed by loss of soil organic matter and crop productivity. With the objective of improving those parameters, the use of organic residues were

Isabel Arrieche; Orlando Mora




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SUMMARY Mercury levels in soil samples from El Callao, Bolívar State, Venezuela, were determined by mineralization in aqua regia followed by cold vapor-atomic absorption spectrometry (CVAAS), and by direct determination on solid matrix by pyrolisis and preconcentration using an automatic mercury analyzer AMA-254 (AMA). Hg concentration in samples were in the range of 0.05 to 17.31mg\\/kg for CVAAS and of

Armando Carrasquero Durán; Melitón Adams



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Espírito Santo do Pinhal is located in São Paulo state, Brazil, and its main economy activity is related to coffee production. However this production is exposed to meteorological conditions variability, mainly temperature. This work has as main purpose to evaluate variation in amount of production in the city and its relation to meteorological parameters. The present study is justified by

André Marlon Domingos; Ana Cláudia; Camargo de Lima; Gerson Araujo de Medeiros


La continuidad y el cambio de las migraciones entre México y Estados Unidos: una interpretación desde México  

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El tema de los movimientos de población entre países ha cobrado una importancia mayor tanto por el crecimiento numérico de los migrantes, como por las diversas implicaciones que ese fenómeno tiene desde varias perspectivas. A diferencia del pasado, al tema migratorio se le han añadido ahora otros que tienen que ver con los derechos humanos, laborales y civiles, además de

Gustavo Verduzco Igartúa



Análisis comparado sobre la crisis y los rescates financieros de México (1995) y los Estados Unidos (2008)  

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The frequency of financial crises over recent decades makes an in-depth study of the phenomenon imperative. This should involve particular attention to those points the different crises have in common, so as to draw lessons that can be used by financial authorities, regulators and the actual participants in the financial system. The causes of the crisis and the efficacy (or

Carlos Bazdresch Parada; Ariel Buira; Guillermo Calvo; Everardo Elizondo Almaguer; Gerardo Esquivel Hernández; Eduardo Fernández; Fausto Hernández Trillo; Aristóbulo de Juan; Claudio M. Loser; Carmen M. Reinhart; Liliana Rojas Suárez; Jesús Silva Herzog Flores; Sidney Weintraub; John Williamson




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Chemical and physical characterization of seeds of Opuntia spp. grown in Hidalgo State, Mexico The fruits of nopal (Opuntia spp.) represent a valuable food in various Latin America countries. Usually, their seeds are discarded although they could contain basic components that might allow them to be used as nutritional complement or as other product convenient for the industry. The objective

Francisco Prieto-García; Santiago Filardo-Kerstup; Elizabeth Pérez-Cruz; Alma Román-Gutiérrez; María Méndez-Marzo



Crystallographic Transitions in Perovskite Crystals Observed with Raman Spectroscopy  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We have studied the interaction of carbon dioxide with the surface of ferroelectric oxides such as barium titanate and potassium niobate. The surface chemistry of KNbO3 towards CO2 changes when the oxide particles become smaller than 100 microns. We have used Micro-Raman spectroscopy to determine if the structure of the grains change depending on their size and temperature. We have been able of observing crystallographic transition in small grains of the Perovskite with Raman spectroscopy. Small grains of 50 microns BaTiO3 undergo a transition at 133 degree C and small grains of 50 microns KNbO3 undergo a transition around 224 and 408 degrees C. A correlation between CO2 desorption and crystallographic changes can be observed. References: [1] A. L. Cabrera, F. Vargas and R. Zarate J. Phys. Chem. Sol. 55 (1994) 1303. [2] A. L. Cabrera, F. Vargas and J. J. Albers, Surf. Sci. 336 (1995) 280.

Castillo-Andaeta, F.; Mura-Mardones, J.; Cabrera, G. B.; Cabrera, A. L.; Altamirano-Busschots, L. A.



Improvement in retinal image quality with dynamic correction of the eye's aberrations  

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aberration of the human eye," Biophysics 6, 776-794 (1961). 2. J. Liang, D. R. Williams, and D. T. Miller-2892 (1997). 3. F. Vargas-Martin, P. Prieto, and P.Artal, "Correction of the aberrations in the human eye-aberration compensation in the human eye," Opt. Lett. 25, 236-238 (2000). 5. H. Hofer, P. Artal, B. Singer, J. L. Aragón

Yoon, Geunyoung


Biological parameters of Cydnodromus picanus and Phytoseiulus persimilis raised on the carmine spider mite, Tetranychus cinnabarinus (Acari: Phytoseiidae, Tetranychidae)  

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V. Tello, R. Vargas, J. Araya, and A. Cardemil. 2009. Biological parameters of Cydnodromus picanus and Phytoseiulus persimilis raised on the carmine spider mite Tetranychus cinnabarinus (Acari: Phytoseiidae, Tetranychidae). Cien. Inv. Agr. 36(2):277-290. The postembryonic development, consumption and life table parameters of Cydnodromus picanus Ragusa and Phytoseiulus persimilis (Athias-Henriot) were studied at 29.44 ± 1.47 °C and 42.35 ± 5.01%

Víctor Tello; Robinson Vargas; Jaime Araya; Antonieta Cardemil



Biogeosciences, 6, 18831902, 2009  

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, S~ao Jos´e dos Campos, Brazil 3Earth and Biosphere Institute, School of Geography, University. Monteagudo8, P. N´u~nez-Vargas9, J. Peacock3, C. A. Quesada3,6, and S. Almeida10 1School of Geography of Leeds, LS2 9JT, England, UK 4Universidade Federal de Par´a, Bel´em, Brazil 5Universidad Nacional San

Malhi, Yadvinder



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.&V.I. Kingston, ON Robert Varga Guelph C. & V.I. Guelph, ON Tom Voros White Oaks S.S. Oakville, ON Group 3 School Location Nom Ã?cole Endroit Group 1 - Scores from 74 to 75 Robert Biswas Vincent Massey S.S. Windsor, ON Jeff Chadder Guelph C. & V.I. Guelph, ON Andrei Cojocaru Archbishop Macdonald H.S. Edmonton

Le Roy, Robert J.


Latin America in the time of the Nazis  

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Jorge Camarassa, Odessa al Sur. La Argentina como refugio de nazis y criminales de guerra. 3rd edn. Buenos Aires: Editorial Planeta, 1996. 350pp. Notes. Bibl. Ind. Illus. 22 pesos.Cárdenas, Vargas, Perón and the Jews, special issue of Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies\\/Revue canadienne des études Latino?Americains et Caraibes, vol. 20, nos. 39–40, 1995.German and Italian Jewish Scientists

Cristián Buchrucker



Published: September 29, 2011 r 2011 American Chemical Society 20388 |J. Phys. Chem. C 2011, 115, 2038820398  

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Stefler, Tímea Benko, Gyorgy Safran,§ Zsolt Varga, Jen00 o Gubicza,|| and Laszlo Guczi Department) of ceria, different catalytic activities can be obtained: Yi and coworkers10 experienced using Au/CeO2. The synergetic effect of the Au�CeO2 interface can be investigated in a way when small amount of CeO2 is used

Gubicza, Jenõ


Congreso Internacional 1810-2010: 200 aos de Iberoamrica -149 JOS DOMINGO DAZ, UN MDICO  

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la medicina activa y se interesó por la salud pública. Con los primeros acontecimientos políticos y historia de la medicina de Venezuela ni se le nombra6 . Este olvido no fue casual, sino que se mantiene en, 1958, tomo 2, p. 576. 6. José María Vargas: Memoria acerca de la Medicina en Caracas y bosquejo de sus

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Geochronologic and paleontologic evidence for a Pacific-Atlantic connection during the late Oligocene-early Miocene in the Patagonian Andes (43-44°S)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Cenozoic marine strata occur in the western, eastern, and central parts of the North Patagonian Andes between ˜43°S and 44°S. Correlation of these deposits is difficult because they occur in small and discontinuous outcrops and their ages are uncertain. In order to better understand the age and sedimentary environment of these strata, we combined U-Pb (LA-MC-ICPMS) geochronology on detrital zircons with sedimentologic and paleontologic (foraminifers and molluscs) studies. Sedimentologic analyses suggest that the Puduhuapi Formation on the western flank of the Andean Cordillera was deposited in a deep-marine setting, the Vargas Formation in the central part of the Andes was deposited at outer-neritic or bathyal depths, and the La Cascada Formation on the eastern flank of the range was deposited in a shallow-marine environment. Geochronologic and paleontologic results indicate that the three marine units were deposited during the late Oligocene-early Miocene interval, although it is not clear whether this occurred during one or more marine incursions in the area. The alluvial(?) conglomeratic deposits of the La Junta Formation, exposed in the proximity of the Vargas Formation outcrops, have a maximum depositional age of ˜26 Ma and could have been deposited during the initial stage of subsidence that affected this region prior to the marine transgression over this area. The occurrence of both Pacific and Atlantic molluscan taxa in the La Cascada and Vargas formations suggests that a marine strait connected both oceans during the accumulation of these units. The new data on the age of the Puduhuapi, Vargas, and La Cascada formations indicate that these units may correlate with lower Miocene marine deposits in the forearc of central and southern Chile (Navidad Formation and equivalent units) and on the eastern flank of the Patagonian Andes (Río Foyel Formation and equivalent units). A late Oligocene-early Miocene age for these marine deposits is a reliable maximum age for the deformation and uplift of the North Patagonian Andes.

Encinas, Alfonso; Pérez, Felipe; Nielsen, Sven N.; Finger, Kenneth L.; Valencia, Victor; Duhart, Paul



Spanish Translation of the Children's Hope Scale Using Quantitative Methods for Verifying Semantic Equivalence  

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and Harvest of Hope Leadership Academy, Topeka public schools district, National Latino Psychological Association, Washburn University- Spanish Department, Mickey Waxman, Luz marina Torres, German Torres Forero, Ana Vargas, Arnoldo Alegria, and especial thanks...-speaking children between the ages of 8 and 17 from different school districts across Kansas. Human Subjects approval was obtained from the Institutional review Board at the University of Kansas prior to data collection. The total of participants in the study...

Frehe-Torres, Victoria Elena



Side-effects of organic and synthetic pesticides on cold-stored diapausing prepupae of Trichogramma cordubensis  

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The side-effects of three insecticides (deltamethrin, lambda-cyhalothrin and Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner) and one fungicide (basic copper sulphate) were tested on cold-stored diapausing prepupae of Trichogramma cordubensis Vargas and Cabello (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae). Pesticides were directly sprayed on parasitized host eggs (being the\\u000a diapausing parasitoids in the prepupal stage) after cold storage (3°C) for three different periods (60, 120 and 180 days).\\u000a Regardless

Patrícia Ventura Garcia; Nuno Pereira; Luísa M. Oliveira



Theatre Seasons and Festivals  

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Ayekbourn Alfonso Paso María Asunción Requena Director Louis Jouvet Jaime Celedón Agustín Siré Federico Wolff Miguel Frank Raúl Rivera Lucho Córdoba Fernando Colina Louis Jouvet Américo Vargas Anamaria Vergara Eugenio Guzman Domingo Tessier... Trimonio El centrofoward murió Modelo exclusivo Marat-Sade Final de Partida George Dandin Boeing-Boeing El Espíritu Burlón Un bigote en la niebla Comedia negra Las de cuatro mil Un cierto tic-tac El infeliz al amanecer Autor Adaptación Sara...




Supplement 20, Part 2, Parasite-Subject Catalogue: Parasites: Protozoa  

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Amoebiasis Gabriel, ?.2, I965 a colitis, human, differ- Ceylon ential diagnosis Amoebiasis man, ulceration, abdom- inal wall, case report Gabriel, ?. , I968 a Ceylon Amoebiasis Galuppi, N., 1967 a humans, drugs in current use, review Amoebiasis....j et al., 1969 ? humans, cardiopathy, clini- Dakar, Senegal cal review Amoebiasis Santill?n Villase?or, M. j human ulcerative colitis, and Vargas de la Cruz, J., amoebic origin 1971 a Amoebiasis Sant?n, G., 196? a human, intestine, X...

Edwards, Shirley J.; Hood, Martha W.



GARTEUR Open - Automated Generation of LFT-Based Parametric Uncertainty Descriptions from Generic Aircraft Models  

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Abstract: This report has been prepared under auspices ofthe Responsables for Flight Mechanics, Systemsand Integration of the Group for AeronauticalResearch and Technology in EURope #GARTEUR#Group of Resp. : FM-GoRReport Resp. : A. Varga#Project Man. : J.C. Terlouw#Monitoring Resp. : J.T.M. van Doorn#Action Group : FM#AG08#Version : 1Completed : April 4, 1997c # GARTEUR 1997#i# Date: April 4, 1997Version: 1List of

A. Varga; G. Looye; D. Moormann; G. Grbel



La línea divisoria que une: Una exploración de la cultura híbrida en la región fronteriza entre México y los Estados Unidos  

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With the creation of our “modern world” came the ideology and system of nation-states. Land in its most natural and undivided condition was marked, fenced, walled, and mapped in order to give direct power of territory to a nation-state. The borderline between the United States and Mexico was established not so long ago, in 1857 after the US-Mexico War. The

Molly J Foye



Utilização de imagens do satélite CBERS-2 na atualização do sistema de informação de recursos hídricos do estado do Ceará, Brasil  

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Nowadays, there is a substantial deficit in the Bra zilian cartography, in terms of updating and generation of new maps and charts. Twenty-five percent of the Brazilian territory, including Amazon, st ill do not have charts in the 1:100.000 scale. The coverage is considerably less if the scale raises, for example to 1:25.000 scale, absent in 99 % of the

Guilherme Marques; Marcus Vinícius; Chagas da Silva


Cambios en la capacidad del Estado para enfrentar las violaciones de las normas laborales: los talleres de confección de prendas de vestir en Buenos Aires  

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Developing the capacity for states to enforce labor law is a key challenge to regulating decent work. Dominant accounts of state capacity, however, suggest that the principal components of state enforcement capacity are ...

Amengual, Matthew


Consejos para los que se van de crucero Cada ao, millones de ciudadanos de los Estados Unidos se van de crucero en las  

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exposición genera el riesgo de contraer enfermedades causadas por el consumo de agua y alimentos contaminados bastante agua. Descansar ayuda a reponer su sistema inmunológico. Beber agua ayuda a prevenir la


LUMINA, una Cohorte de Pacientes con Lupus en Minorías Étnicas de Estados Unidos. ¿Qué Hemos Aprendido? LUMINA, a Multiethnic US Lupus Cohort What Have We Learned?  

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Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) tends to be a more serious disease (disease manifestations, disease activity, damage accrual and expected survival) among non-Caucasian populations. Distinctive biological and genetic features, as well as socioeconomic features play an important role in the discrepant course, and outcome of the disease among patients from different ethnic groups. To delineate the influence of these factors on

Mónica Fernández; Jaime Calvo-Alén; Qing Li; Gerald McGwin Jr; Luis M. Vilá; John D. Reveille; Graciela S. Alarcón


High school students' perceptions of and attitudes toward globalization: an analysis of international baccalaureate students in Estado de Mexico, Mexico, and Texas, U.S.A.  

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were skeptical of the United States� position as the dominant player in world politics, economics, and global culture, and students from both sides of the border lamented local culture loss in globalization....

Brown, Jennifer Gayle



ARTIGO ARTICLE Avaliação do desempenho da atenção básica no Estado de São Paulo Care performance assessment of primary health care services in the State of São Paulo  

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The objective of this article is to pre- sent the results of the care performance assess- ment of primary care services in a selected sample of municipalities with more than 100 thousand inhabitants in the State of São Paulo. These mu- nicipalities were grouped into clusters. Patients and primary care providers from traditional units and Family Health Programs (FHP) were

Nelson Ibañez; Juan S. Yazle Rocha; Paulo Carrara de Castro; Aldaisa Cassanho Forster; Maria H. D. Novaes; Ana Luiza; d'Avila Viana



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Fluidized bed reactors with circulating flow in concentric tubes have been showing good results in the treatment of sanitary wastewater in several reported papers. However, the present state of the hydraulic and hydrodynamic models is unable to offer suitable design tools for this type of reactors, in face of the complexities of the three-phase bed's behavior and the interdependence with

Fernando Henrique Rufato; Dib Gebara; Humberto Carlos Ruggeri Jr; Wagner Nunes; Milton Dall; Aglio Sobrinho


Arrecifes coralinos de Bocas del Toro, Panamá: IV. Distribución, estructura y estado de conservación de los arrecifes continentales de Península Valiente  

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This is the fourth and last contribution describing the individual structure, distribution and conservation status of coral reefs in the Province of Bocas del Toro. Here we describe 14 new reefs along 129 km of coast from Peninsula Valiente to Río Calovébora. Average live coral coverage for this region was 17.1% (\\

Héctor M. Guzmán; Carlos A. Guevara


Caracterização do microhabitat e vulnerabilidade de cinco espécies de arapaçus (Aves: Dendrocolaptidae) em um fragmento florestal do norte do estado do Paraná, sul do Brasil  

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Microhabitat characterization and vulnerability of five woodcreeper (Dendrocolaptidae) species in a forest fragment in northern state of Paraná, southern Brazil. Little information is available on the ecological requirements of the woodcreepers (Aves: Dendrocolaptidae), and on the causes of their tendency to disappear from forest fragments in the Neotropics. Here, we documented microhabitat selection of five syntopic species of woodcreepers in

Fabíola Poletto; Luiz dos Anjos; Edson Varga Lopes; Graziele Hernandes Volpato




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The purpose of this research was to evaluate the frequency of bacteria and fungi, in samples of slices of congealed mountain range (Scomberomorus spp) and merluza (Merluccius spp.), produced in Cumaná, Sucre state, Venezuela. 60 samples, 30 from mountain range (Scomberomorus spp) and 30 from mer- luza (Merluccius spp.), sold in three supermarkets were col- lected forming units colony per

Sara Centeno; Rossianny Rodríguez



The Assessment of the Intelligence of Latinos in the United States. (La Medicion de la Inteligencia de los Latinos en los Estados Unidos).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Most of the research on the assessment of the intelligence of Latinos in the United States appears to be based on some possibly erroneous or at least dubious assumptions. Among these are the following: (1) the assumption of bilinguality; (2) the assumption of equal proficiency in the English language; (3) the assumption of the equivalence of…

Cauce, Ana M.; And Others


Desempenho de clones de seringueira da sØrie IAC†300 selecionados para a regiªo noroeste do Estado de Sªo Paulo(1)  

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ñ The present paper shows the performance of 19 rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis (Willd. ex Adr. de Juss.) Muell. Arg.) originated from Hevea breeding programme conducted at the Instituto AgronÙmico de Campinas (IAC) and evaluated in a small scale trial in the northwestern of Sªo Paulo State, Brazil. The old popular clone RRIM†600 of Malaysian origin was used as control.

Paulo de Souza; Nelson Bortoletto; Edson Luiz Furtado; Rosana Sambugaro; Ondino Cleante Bataglia


EnfErmEdadEs dEl jaguar En Estado silvEstrE En El surEstE dE mxico  

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(parvovirus canino/panleucopenia felina) en el fue 8 %, la de por vectores (gusano felino del corazón) 86.6% y Caoba. No se encontraron anticuerpos contra el virus de inmunodeficiencia felina, coronavirus felino, Chlamydia, ni evidencias del antígeno de leucemia viral felina para ningún sitio. Los cambios de hábitat

Nacional Autónoma de México, Universidad


Insatisfação com a imagem corporal: avaliação comparativa da associação com estado nutricional em universitários Body image dissatisfaction: comparative evaluation of the association with nutritional status in university students  

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Introduction: The objective of this study was to investigate the association between body image dissatisfaction and two indicators of nutritional status in Brazilian university students, and also to identify the best predictor of body image dissatisfaction in Brazilian university students. Methods: This was a cross-sectional study of 256 university students (128 males). Data were collected on demographics (age and sex),

Raildo da Silva Coqueiro; Edio Luiz Petroski; Andreia Pelegrini; Aline Rodrigues Barbosa


NotciasNotcias EntretenimentoEntretenimento EsportesEsportes VdeosVdeos Rede RecordRede Record E-mailE-mail Estado Contedo  

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- Atualizado em 23/10/2012 �s 10h19 Cientista brasileira vence pr�mio da Unesco para Mulheres na Ci�ncia Rio de�mios L'Or�al-Unesco para Mulheres na Ci�ncia, que distribui US$ 100 mil para cada pesquisadora em mostrar que mulheres podem se dedicar � ci�ncia e ter uma vida normal, com fam�lia, e ter charme. � uma

Barbosa, Marcia C. B.


BOLETN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO Suplemento en lingua galega ao nm. 318 Venres 31 de decembro de 2010 Sec. I. Px. 1  

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decembro, polo que se aproba o Estatuto do estudante universitario. A Constituci�n espa�ola de 1978 reco�ronse as peculiaridades dos modos de aprendizaxe que te�en m�is transcendencia no novo marco legal, que debe ser, valora as actividades culturais, deportivas e solidarias e establece compromisos para modificar o marco

Fraguela, Basilio B.


Primer registro de Saurodon (Teleostei: Ichthyodectiformes) en la cantera La Mula, Formación Eagle Ford (Cretácico Superior: Turoniano), Múzquiz, Estado de Coahuila, México  

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We describe the fi rst fossil fi sh of the genus Saurodon found in Mexico. The description is based on a specimen from La Mula quarry, located to the northwest of Múzquiz, Coahuila State. Vertebrates and invertebates of Turonian age had been collected in this outcrop of marble strata belonging to Eagle Ford Formation. The Saurodon specimen preserves a pectoral

Jesús Alvarado-Ortega; Alberto Blanco-Piñón; Héctor Porras Múzquiz


Avaliação do programa “Circuito Sul-mineiro de Cafeicultura†nas regiões Sul e Sudoeste do estado de Minas Gerais  

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Aiming at the maintenance of the prominence of the South Minas coffee culture in the national scenario, the state of Minas Gerais, by means of its public institutions, has created a regional development program to meet the main problems concerning regional coffee production. With that purpose, the Southern Minas Ambit of Coffee culture was established, in search of the following

Marcelo Marcio Romaniello; Marcos Affonso Ortiz Gomes; Luis Carlos Ferreira de Souza Oliveira; Paulo Tacito Gontijo Guimaraes; Gabriel Ferreira Bartholo



O desenvolvimento compartilhado de impressos como estratégia de educação em saúde junto a trabalhadores de escolas da rede pública do Estado do Rio de Janeiro  

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This article describes the process and results of an experience with preparing a mural entitled A Day in the Life of the School Lunch Cook, conducted with public school employees in the State of Rio de Janeiro by a team of researchers and students from the Specialization Course in Workers' Health at the Center for Studies on Workers' Health of

Kátia Reis de Souza; Brani Rozemberg; Adriana Kelly-Santos; Nancy Yasuda; Marta Sharapin




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In this article we review the history of linguistic policy in the USA, and we analyze critically the different school possibilities offered to students speaking a foreign language. We also propose some ideas to be able to achieve a bilingual education program that actually works.

Teresa Fernández Ulloa; James W. Crawford


Aarskog-Scott Syndrome: A Review and Case Report  

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Abstract This paper reports the treatment and 12-year follow-up of a patient 7 years old who had been diagnosed with Aarskog-Scott syndrome. The patient had a history of premature multiple tooth loss, vertical dimension loss and severe dentoalveolar discrepancy. Orthopedic and orthodontic rehabilitation treatments were performed to improve the patient’s esthetic, functional and psychological condition. How to cite this article: Closs LQ, Tovo M, Dias C, Corradi DP, Vargas IA. Aarskog-Scott Syndrome: A Review and Case Report. Int J Clin Pediatr Dent 2012;5(3):209-212.

Tovo, Maximiano; Dias, Caroline; Corradi, Daniele P; Vargas, Ivana A




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of pneumonia. A recent study from Mexico indicated that SPN isolates from hospitalized children collected between 2002 and 2005 noted that 41% of these children were 10 infected with SPN resistant to Penicillin, while 43% of the SPN had resistance... of Streptococcus pneumoniae isolates causative of invasive diseases in Mexican children. J Infect Dev Ctries. 2011;5(2):119-122. Aspa J, Rajas O, Rodriquez de Castro F, Blanquer J, Zalacaln R, Fenoll A, deCells R, Vargas A, Salvanes FR, Espana PP, Rello J, Torres...

Reed, Natalie Ann




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SUMMARY Rural age distribution and its interrelationships with household level socio-economic variables, were analysed in relation to farm labour supply. The data suggested an ageing farm labour force in the study area, Abia State. This result could be applied to the entire southeastern Nigeria, since the rural life and agricultural characteristics are largely homogeneous. Certain household-level socio-economic factors including migration,

R. N. Echebiri; J. A. Mbanasor; Michael Okpara




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This paper studies the predictability of the properties of pure polar and non-polar compounds by means of cubic equations of state. Many temperature-dependent models of the alpha function were chosen for comparison. These models are derived from Soave (1972) and Peng-Robinson (1976). Parameters are fitted in with vapor pressure with experimental data. The alpha models were compared for accuracy with

N. Kleiman; F. Barragán; E. Bazúa


Estudio de exámenes selectivos de detección de cáncer en los Estados Unidos indica que las pruebas anuales para detectar cáncer de próstata no tienen un beneficio en la mortalidad por esta enfermedad

Un nuevo e importante informe de un estudio, diseñado para proporcionar respuestas sobre la eficacia de los exámenes de detección de cáncer de próstata, fue difundido hoy por el Estudio de Exámenes Selectivos de Detección de Cáncer de Próstata, Pulmón, Colorrectal y Ovarios (Prostate, Lung, Colorectal, and Ovarian, PLCO), e indicó que los seis exámenes de detección de cáncer de próstata que se hicieron en seis años (uno cada año) dieron como resultado más diagnósticos de la enfermedad, pero no menos muertes por cáncer de próstata.



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River water temperature after a dam is conditioned by the reservoir. The case of regions with medirranean climate, special in summer, is frequently observed a significant decrease of the temperature in comparison with a river zone without the influence of a reservoir. This thermal unbalance in the river water is corrected and the water increase its temperature after the dam

Rafael Val Segura; Daniel Niñerola Chifoni; Joan Armengol Bachero; Josep Dolz Ripollés


Evolução do estado nutricional de crianças com mielomeningocele em período de três anos Tree-year period evolution of the nutritional condition of children with mielomeningocelis Evolución en tres años de la condición nutricional de niños con mielomeningocele  

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RESumo: O presente manuscrito teve o objetivo de descrever e classificar o perfil antropométrico, de forma longitudinal, de um grupo de crianças com mielomeningocele inserido em um programa especial de atividades físicas. Vinte e quatro crianças com mielomeningocele foram avaliada em três momentos, com intervalo de um ano entre os mesmos. Foram avaliados: peso, comprimento, e calculado o IMC (índice

Cynthia Müller Coelho; Elizabeth Miyeko Egashira; Regina Célia da Silva; Sandra Maria Lima Ribeiro


Anthropically dislodged assemblages of sponges (Porifera: Demospongiae) in the River Araguaia at Araguatins, Tocantins State, Brazil Assembléias de esponjas desalojadas no Rio Araguaia em Araguatins, Estado do Tocantins, Brasil  

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A recent outbreak of an human ocular disease at Araguaia River by the town of Araguatins, TO, Central Amazonia, along the low water period of 2005 required pathological analyses of surgically extracted ocular tissues. Spicules which invest the gemmules of the freshwater sponges Drulia uruguayensis and D. ctenosclera were found inside these ocular materials. Such relation between an ocular disease

C. Volkmer-Ribeiro; Salvador França; Rodovia Washington Luís


A preliminary combined geochemical and rock-magnetic study of tailings of non-magnetic ores from Tlalpujahua-El Oro mining districts, Michoacán and Estado de México States  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Mining activities in Mexico have been continuously developed since 1550. Since then several thousands of million tons of waste produced as a result of the mining activity have been accumulated and scattered throughout the territory. These wastes can contain minerals with potentially toxic elements (PTEs) such as Cr, As, Cd, Cu, Pb, Zn, which show a distribution and mobility in the environment according to the chemical species in which are hosted. The Tlalpujahua - El Oro mining district (TOMD) concentrates an impressive number of mines and historical tailings. Due to their in-slope hydrographic position, the mining activities increase the risk of generating anthropogenic effluent that could contribute with a certain amount of mine-water with high contents of PTEs. Although magnetic methods have been widely applied to pollution studies of regions with high anthropogenic impact, its application to tailings is scarce in spite of the several studies that document the environmental effects as a result of the mining waste. We present the results obtained by combined geochemical and rock-magnetic studies in these tailings. Similarly to the traditional EPTs vs SiO2 diagrams, EPTs vs Fe show good linear (inverse) correlation with most of these health-risk elements. Fe concentrations determined magnetically from room-temperature susceptibility measurements agrees with those obtained by traditionally geochemical methods.

Morales, J.; Hernández-Bernal, M.; Corona-Chávez, P.



Composición de la dieta de la codorniz Moctezuma (Cyrtonyx montezumae) en el noroeste del Estado de México, México Diet composition of Montezuma quail (Cyrtonyx montezumae) in the northwestern region in the State of Mexico, Mexico  

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A study was conducted to analyze winter diet of Montezuma quail (Cyrtonyx montezumae) in the northwest- ern region of the State of Mexico. Fourteen quails were collected during 1999-2000 winter season and their crops were analyzed. The volume and dry matter (DM) of each food item was determined by con- ventional procedures. Bulbs of Oxalis alpino were the main feed

Cecilia Zaragoza Hernández; Germán David; Mendoza Martínez; Salvador Ibarra Zimbrón; María Magdalena; Crosby Galván; Fernando Clemente Sánchez; Beatriz Aguilar Valdez


Densidad poblacional de la codorniz Moctezuma (Cyrtonyx montezumae) en la región noroeste del Estado de México, México Population density of Montezuma quail (Cyrtonyx montezumae) in the northeastern region of the State of Mexico, Mexico  

Microsoft Academic Search

This study was conducted in order to determine the population density of the Montezuma quail (Cyrtonyx montezumae) in the northwest region of the State of Mexico. The study area was defined as the II game region of the 1997 hunting calendar 1997. The sampling size included 249 700 ha: 73% forest- and 27% range-land; these areas were considered as the

Jaime Tapia Robles; Salvador Ibarra Zimbrón; Germán David; Mendoza Martínez; Cecilia Zaragoza Hernández; Fernando Clemente Sánchez; Luis Antonio Tarango Arámbula


Inatividade física e sua associação com estado nutricional, insatisfação com a imagem corporal e comportamentos sedentários em adolescentes de escolas públicas Physical inactivity and its association with nutritional status, body image dissatisfaction and sedentary behavior in adolescents of public schools  

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Objective: To determine the prevalence of physical inac- tivity and its association with nutritional status, body image dissatisfaction and sedentary behavior in adolescents. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted with 595 schoolchildren (196 boys and 399 girls; age from 14 to 18 years old) enrolled in public schools of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil. The independent variables were age, body image

Andreia Pelegrini; Edio Luiz Petroski




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The following study's intention was to standardize the TEAD-R (Mood State in Performance Sports) of 18 items, developed by Moreno (2004), and applied in two training phases to a total of 385 athletes between ages of 9 and 45 years of age, and from 22 different sport disciplines. These athletes represent Bogotá D.C. and were distributed in the following manner:

Facultad de Psicología; Ana Julia; Moreno Chacón


Presencia de los Geminivirus, Huasteco del Chile (PHV), Texano del Chile variante Tamaulipas (TPV-T), y Chino del Tomate (VCdT), en los Estados de Guanajuato, Jalisco y San Luis Potosí, México  

Microsoft Academic Search

The presence, distribution, and alternate plant hosts of pepper huasteco virus (PHV) and texas pepper virus-variant Tamaulipas (TPV-T), in Central Mexico, specifically in the states of Guanajuato, San Luis Potosí and Jalisco, were determined by the use of molecular methods (Southern and PCR). The virus most frequently detected in the samples analyzed was PHV, with 70% of positive reactions, followed

José Antonio Garzón-Tiznado; Gerardo Acosta-García; Irineo Torres-Pacheco; Mario González-Chavira


Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer, 1975-2008, con información sobre los cánceres asociados al sobrepeso y a la falta de actividad física adecuada: Preguntas y respuestas

Los índices generales de mortalidad por cáncer han seguido disminuyendo desde principios de los noventa entre hombres, mujeres y niños. Los índices de mortalidad disminuyeron en promedio 1,6% por año entre 2004 y 2008.


El Informe Anual a la Nación indica que las tasas de mortalidad por cáncer continúan declinando. Se observan tasas menores de cáncer en las poblaciones latinas de los Estados Unidos.

Un informe nuevo de las principales organizaciones oncológicas de la nación informa que el riesgo de los estadounidenses de morir por cáncer continúa descendiendo, y que mantiene una tendencia que comenzó a principios de los años noventa. Preguntas y respuestas


Informe Anual a la Nación indica una reducción en los índices de incidencia y mortalidad por cáncer; una sección especial revela amplias variaciones en las tendencias del cáncer de pulmón en los estados

Un nuevo informe de las principales organizaciones oncológicas del país muestra que, por primera vez desde la primera publicación del informe en 1998, tanto el índice de incidencia como el de mortalidad para todos los cánceres combinados están disminuyendo en hombres y mujeres.


Evaluación física de tierras para cuatro sistemas agroforestales en los sectores Piedra Azul y la Ciénaga, estado Trujillo-Venezuela Land physical evaluation for four agroforestry systems in Piedra Azul and the Cienaga sectors, Trujillo State-Venezuela  

Microsoft Academic Search

An evaluation of soil components was carried out in two pilot areas of 1.5 ha each, located in Piedra Azul and La Ciénaga sectors, pertaining to the Motatán River watershed, State of Trujillo, Venezuela. The purpose of the study was to determine the adaptability of some fruit and forestry species, sorted out by agro-forestry land use types (LUT). In order

Edgar Jaimes; José G. Mendoza; Rafael Rangel



Estudo dos efeitos sensório-motores da fisioterapia aquática com pacientes em estado de coma vigil Study of the effect motor-sensories of the aquatic therapy with patients in vigil coma stage  

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SUMMARY Purpose: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect in the picture of the patient after Brain Injury (BI), in vigil coma stage, with the precocious intervention of the aquatic therapy. Method: The study it consists of a story of case, carried through in the Israelita Albert Einstein Hospital, analyzing patient after BI in vigil coma stage,

Fabio Jakaitis; Ada Bianca; Abdulmacih Guazzelli



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mostrar �s mulheres que � poss�vel se dedicar � ci�ncia e ter uma vida normal 23 de outubro de 2012 | 3h cinco escolhidas na 15.� edi��o dos Pr�mios L'Or�al-Unesco para Mulheres na Ci�ncia, que distribui US". "� uma grande chance de mostrar que mulheres podem se dedicar � ci�ncia e ter uma vida normal, com fam

Barbosa, Marcia C. B.


Physical inactivity and its association with nutritional status, body image dissatisfaction and sedentary behavior in adolescents of public schools. Inatividade física e sua associação com estado nutricional, insatisfação com a imagem corporal e comportamentos sedentários em adolescentes de escolas públicas  

Microsoft Academic Search

Objective: To determine the prevalence of physical inac- tivity and its association with nutritional status, body image dissatisfaction and sedentary behavior in adolescents. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted with 595 schoolchildren (196 boys and 399 girls; age from 14 to 18 years old) enrolled in public schools of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil. The independent variables were age, body image

Andreia Pelegrini; Edio Luiz Petroski


Mineração, Meio Ambiente e Desenvolvimento Sustentável no Estado do Ceará: Aspectos Legais, Econômicos e Sociais. Mining, environment and sustainable development in the state of Ceará: legal, economic and social aspects  

Microsoft Academic Search

Those who invest in the Ornamental Stones and Industrial Minerals Sector, in the State of Ceará, a branch with very specific features, have to face difficulties concerning on the legal aspect, because of problems brought up with the installment of mineral business. It's necessary knowledge about the controlling mechanisms, an updating legislation composed by constitutional and ordinary Laws, bring the

Eliana Garcia de Carvalho


Inovação em fármacos e medicamentos: estado-da-arte no Brasil e políticas de P&D Innovation for pharmaceuticals and drugs: state of the art in Brazil and R&D policies  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumo O tema central do artigo é a inovação na indústria farmacêutica (IF), no que se refere ao processo de descoberta e desenvolvimento de novos fármacos e medicamentos, utilizando-se como referência a rota de síntese química. Apontam-se alguns fatores a serem considerados no planejamento estratégico, para que uma empresa possa estabelecer um portfólio de projetos e construir seu pipeline, de

Vera Maria da Motta; Pierre Ohayon



Understanding Cleft and Craniofacial Team Care  


... Estados Unidos, alfabéticamente por estado ) A – C – D – F – G – H – I – K – L – M – N – O – P – ... internacionales, alfabéticamente por país ) A – B – C – D – F – G – I – J – K – M – N – P – S – T – U * ...


Babies Born to Native High-Altitude Mothers Have Decreased Risk of Low Birth Weight  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The study, ÃÂAugmented uterine artery blood flow and oxygen delivery protect Andeans from altitude-associated reductions in fetal growth.àwas done by Colleen Glyde Julian, Megan J. Wilson, Henry Yamashiro and Lorna G. Moore of the University of Colorado; Wilma Tellez, Armando Rodriguez and Enrique Vargas of Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, La Paz, Bolivia; Abigail Bigham and Mark Shriver of Pennsylvania State University; and Miriam Lopez of Clínica del Sur, La Paz, Bolivia. Dr. Yamashiro is also affiliated with Clinica Siraní, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia and Dr. Moore is also affiliated with Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

APS Communications Office (American Physiological Society Communications Office)



Garcia-Hafner-Happle syndrome: A case report and review of a rare sub-type of epidermal nevus syndrome  

PubMed Central

Garcia-Hafner-Happle syndrome, also known as Fibroblast growth factor receptor 3 epidermal nevus syndrome, is a new neurocutaneous phenotype, which has been identified in 2008 by Garc?’a-Vargas et al. The disorder is caused by a mosaic R248C mutation of the FGFR3 gene, which is characterized by a keratinocytic epidermal nevus, acanthosis nigricans, and neurological abnormalities like seizures, intellectual impairment, cortical atrophy, and underdevelopment of corpus callosum. The epidermal nevus syndromes represent a group of distinct disorders in which an epidermal nevus is associated with abnormalities in other organ systems like central nervous system, cardiovascular system, genitourinary system, eyes, and bone. Recently, nine well-defined different epidermal nevus syndromes (ENSs) have been identified on clinical, histopathologic, and molecular basis. We present here the details of a patient with the clinical features and skin biopsy findings suggestive of Garcia-Hafner-Happle syndrome. PMID:24891911

Desai, Soaham Dilip; Vora, Rita; Bharani, Sheela



Geometric and Topological Methods for Quantum Field Theory  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Introduction; 1. A brief introduction to Dirac manifolds Henrique Bursztyn; 2. Differential geometry of holomorphic vector bundles on a curve Florent Schaffhauser; 3. Paths towards an extension of Chern-Weil calculus to a class of infinite dimensional vector bundles Sylvie Paycha; 4. Introduction to Feynman integrals Stefan Weinzierl; 5. Iterated integrals in quantum field theory Francis Brown; 6. Geometric issues in quantum field theory and string theory Luis J. Boya; 7. Geometric aspects of the standard model and the mysteries of matter Florian Scheck; 8. Absence of singular continuous spectrum for some geometric Laplacians Leonardo A. Cano García; 9. Models for formal groupoids Iván Contreras; 10. Elliptic PDEs and smoothness of weakly Einstein metrics of Hölder regularity Andrés Vargas; 11. Regularized traces and the index formula for manifolds with boundary Alexander Cardona and César Del Corral; Index.

Cardona, Alexander; Contreras, Iván.; Reyes-Lega, Andrés. F.



Transition and Excited States of 1,1'-azo-bis-1,2,3-triazole  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A novel photochromic molecule has been recently synthesizedootnotetextYu-Chuan Li et al. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2010, 132, 12172. The photo-isomerization of this nitrogen-rich small molecule is efficiently controlled by a xenon flash lamp suggesting a potential in photonic and molecular mechanics applications. We perform a synergistic quantum molecular dynamics (QMD), real-time time dependent density functional theory (TDDFT) and TDDFT- perturbation theory study to capture and elucidate the transition state, excitation energies and optical properties of the molecule. We also use it to test performance of recently developed real-time TDDFT methodootnotetextV. Goncharov, K. Varga, Phys. Rev. B 2010, submitted. to calculate hyperpolarizabilities and compare results with the Sternheimer method.

Goncharov, Vladimir; Goncharova, Olga; Varga, Kalman



[Health Centers: science and ideology in the re-organization of public health in the twentieth century].  


Health Centers appeared in the United States around 1910. They provided social assistance in conjunction with some type of medical care. Their original separation between preventive and curative medicine was superseded by the concept of whole health in the 1940s, when Health Center discourse became part of medical education. In the 1960s, the notion of community medicine arose out of the war on poverty. These ideas spread through Brazil in the 1920s and were strengthened under the Vargas policy of national construction, but it was the Serviço Especial de Saúde Pública (Special Public Health Service) that was primarily responsible for lending them their practical and conceptual shape in this country. PMID:22281963

Mello, Guilherme Arantes; Viana, Ana Luiza d'Ávila



Molecular Dissection of Bacterial Nanowires  

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ABSTRACT The discovery of bacterial conductive structures, termed nanowires, has intrigued scientists for almost a decade. Nanowires enable bacteria to transfer electrons over micrometer distances to extracellular electron acceptors such as insoluble metal oxides or electrodes. Nanowires are pilus based and in Geobacter sulfurreducens are composed of the type IV pilin subunit PilA. Multiheme c-type cytochromes have been shown to attach to nanowire pili. Two hypotheses have been proposed for electron conduction in nanowires. The first (termed the metal-like conductivity or MLC hypothesis) claims that the pilus itself has the electron-conductive properties and the attached cytochromes mediate transfer to the final electron acceptor, whereas the second hypothesis (termed the superexchange conductivity or SEC hypothesis) suggests that electrons are “hopping” between heme groups in cytochromes closely aligned with the pilus as a scaffold. In their recent article in mBio, Vargas et al. [M. Vargas, N. S. Malvankar, P.-L. Tremblay, C. Leang, J. A. Smith, P. Patel, O. Snoeyenbos-West, K. P. Nevin, and D. R. Lovley, mBio 4(2):e00210-13, 2013] address this ambiguity through an analysis of strain Aro-5, a G. sulfurreducens PilA mutant lacking aromatic residues in the nonconserved portion of PilA. These residues were suspected of involvement in electron transport according to the MLC hypothesis. The G. sulfurreducens mutant had reduced conductive properties, lending important support to the MLC hypothesis. The data also highlight the need for further and more conclusive evidence for one or the other hypothesis. PMID:23653449

Boesen, Thomas; Nielsen, Lars Peter



Desenvolvimento de comprimidos e isolamento de marcadores a partir do extrato hidroalcoólico das folhas de Copaifera langsdorffii Desf.  

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??A espécie Copaifera langsdorffii pertence à família Leguminosae Juss., sub-família Caesalpinioideae Kunth. No Brasil, espécies de copaifera são amplamente distribuídas nos estados do Amazonas, Pará… (more)

Mauro Nogueira da Silva



Stress in Adults after a Disaster: Warning Signs and Management (Spanish)  

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, amigos y compa?eros de trabajo. Tambi?n pueden experimentarse sentimientos de culpa, especialmente cuando una persona ha perdido a un ser querido en el desastre. Algunas personas podr?an desear haber estado en el lugar del ser amado o haber estado con..., amigos y compa?eros de trabajo. Tambi?n pueden experimentarse sentimientos de culpa, especialmente cuando una persona ha perdido a un ser querido en el desastre. Algunas personas podr?an desear haber estado en el lugar del ser amado o haber estado con...

Warren, Judith L.




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Thompson Watershed Forum SOW-Spanish Translation 2 5/27/08 #12;MANUAL DEL ESTADO DE UNA CUENCA DE AGUAS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Agua . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Agua


Mudanças nos conceitos de ansiedade nos séculos XIX e XX : da Angstneurose ao DSM-IV.  

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??A ansiedade tem sido objeto de interesse do pensamento ocidental há séculos. Entretanto, enquanto quadros patológicos, os chamados estados ansiosos apenas adquiriram proeminência na Psiquiatria,… (more)

Milena de Barros Viana



Educacion Bilingue: Una Declaraccion del Plan y Accion que Proponen los Regentes de la Universidad del Estado de Nueva York. Bilingual Education: A Statement of Policy and Proposed Action by the Regents of the University of the State of New York. Position Paper No. 16.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Large numbers of Puerto Rican and other non-English-speaking students live in school districts throughout New York State. To enable these students to function in an English-speaking society while retaining their own culture, a policy to promote bilingual program planning was established by the Board of Regents of New York State in 1972. In this…

New York State Education Dept., Albany.


Hypoxia inducible factor-1 alpha expression in human normal and osteoarthritic chondrocytes 1 1 Supported by NIH\\/NIAMS Program Project grant (AR39740) to S.A.J. I. C. was supported by a fellowship from Fundacao de Amparo‘a Ciencia do Estado de Sao Paulo  

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Background: Articular cartilage is a unique tissue in that it is avascular with its nutrition and oxygen supply being dependent on the diffusion of solutes through the synovial fluid and to and from the subchondral bone. The oxygen levels in articular cartilage, therefore, are assumed to be low. Oxygen is an important modulator of gene expression and this regulation occurs

Ibsen B. Coimbra; Sergio A. Jimenez; David F. Hawkins; Sonsoles Piera-Velazquez; David G. Stokes



Los Hispanos: Problemas y Oportunidades. Resumen de la Actual Situacion Demografica, Economica, Social y Politica de los Hispanos en los Estados Unidos y de las Iniciativas Tomadas por la Fundacion Ford Para Hacer Frente a las Necesidades de esta Poblacion en Aumento y Determinar sus Efectos Sobre la Sociedad Estadounidense. Documento de Trabajo de la Fundacion Ford, No. 436.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The Hispanic population's growing impact on American society has caused the Ford Foundation to explore new Foundation initiatives. The 1980 census revealed 14.6 million Hispanics: 60% Mexican American; 14% Puerto Rican; 6% Cuban, and 20% Other. The Hispanic population in the United States is growing and is characterized by diversity; rapid growth…

Ford Foundation, New York, NY.


Especiación de metales pesados en la fracción disuelta de las aguas superficiales de la cuenca baja y la pluma del Río Manzanares, Estado Sucre, Venezuela Heavy metal speciation in the surface water dissolved fraction of the low watershed and plume of the Manzanares River, Sucre State, Venezuela  

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This paper reports on the speciation of heavy metals (Cd, Pb, Cr, Cu, Ni, Mn, Fe, and Zn) in the surface water dissolved fraction of the low basin and plume of the Manzanares River, in the state of Sucre, Venezuela, based on data taken at 22 stations from July 1996 to June 1997. The total metal concentrations in the dissolved

G Martínez; W Senior; A Márquez; Estado Sucre



La autopercepción de su verdadero estado nutricional fue inadecuada, siendo aún peor en las mujeres. En las madres, un 34% no consumía leche; en el resto, el 73% prefiere la leche entera y menos del 30% la cambiaría por leche descremada. (Palabras clave: estrategia educativa, obesidad infantil, consumo alimentario, actividad física.)  

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Validation and application of methods to evaluate educative interventions in obesity in schoolchildren Childhood obesity is a public health problem in Chile. In order to advance in the process of developing comprehensive preventive programmes, a pilot project studying schoolchildren in the 4th grade attending public schools and their mothers was carried out with the object of developing, validating and applying


Composición química y calidad nutritiva de garbanzo (Cicer arietinum L.) fresco y endurecido después de la fermentación en estado sólido (FES)\\/Chemical composition and nutritional quality of fresh and hardened chickpea (Cicer arietinum L) after the solid state fermentation (SSF)  

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Solid state fermentation (SSF) represents a technological alternative for a great variety of legumes and cereals, or combinations of them, to improve their nutritional quality and to obtain edible products with palatable sensorial characteristics. Chickpeas (Cicer arietinum L.) are prone to develop the hardening phenomenon, also known as hard-to-cook (HTC) defect, when stored under adverse conditions of high temperature (?

C. Reyes-Moreno; C. A. Romero-Urias; J. Milan-Carrillo; R. M. Gomez-Garza



El Derecho de su Hijo(a) a Una Educacion: Una guia para los Padres de Ninos Impedidos en el Estado de Nueva York (Your Child's Right to an Education: A Guide for Parents of Children with Handicapping Conditions in New York State).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Intended for parents of handicapped students, the guide (available in English, Spanish, or Chinese) sets forth the New York State policies for speical education. The following topics are among those considered: eligibility for special education, program types, alternative placements (such as residential settings), referral, evaluation,…

New York State Education Dept. Albany. Office for the Education of Children with Handicapping Conditions.


Una Guia para Los Padres sobre La Educacion Especial: El Derecho de Su Hijo(a) a Adquirir una Educacion en el Estado de Nueva York (A Parent's Guide to Special Education: Your Child's Right to an Education in New York State).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This guide provides information to help parents of special needs children in New York become active partners in the planning and implementation of special education programs. The first part of the guide provides in-depth information related to the special education process in New York State public schools. A historical view of children's rights to…

New York State Education Dept. Albany. Office for the Education of Children with Handicapping Conditions.


La Santa Sede y los movimientos revolucionarios europeos de 1820. Los casos napolitano y español  

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La Santa Sede mantuvo hacia las revoluciones liberales de 1820 una actitud mucho más ambigua de lo que en un principio se pudiera esperar. Aunque el papa Pío VII rechazaba la ideología liberal, la razón de Estado le obligó a contemporizar más allá de lo que las Potencias Conservadoras europeas hubieran deseado. De hecho, los Estados Pontificios se declararon neutrales

Carlos M. a Rodríguez López-Brea



Procesos de globalización de las cadenas de valor en la industria de vestuario en Portugal: implicación en las estructuras de trabajo  

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Algunos de los fenómenos donde el concepto de “globalización” es aplicado incluyen la internacionalización de los mercados, la globalización de la cultura, el dominio político hegemónico del mundo por algunos estados poderosos, o grupos de estados, el poder creciente de organismos supranacionales, y el desarrollo de una división global de trabajo. De acuerdo con Radice, la globalización é generalmente definida

António Moniz; Ana Silva; Tobias Woll; José Samapaio




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RESUMEN El cultivo de Chile habanero (Capsicum chinense Jacq.) en el estado de Yucatán ocupa el segundo lugar de importancia en cuanto a la superficie de siembra de hortalizas, después del tomate (Lycopersicum esculentum Mill.), debido a que en la actualidad se establecen entre 800 y 1000 has. Esta ha propiciado la introducción de semilla de regiones ajenas al estado

José Jorge Gerardo Trujillo-Aguirre; Omar Gutiérrez-Alonso; Capullo del Rocio Perez-Llanes


Narcotráfico y parapolítica en Colombia,1980-2007: Evolución del Capital Social Perverso  

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En este trabajo se usa el concepto de Capital social perverso para explicar cómo el narcotráfico en Colombia ha aprendido a gestionar su relación con el Estado, específicamente, cómo han aprendido a gestionar los huecos estructurales propios de su relación con el Estado. Se muestran los sucesivos intentos de los narcotraficantes por cambiar la severidad de las normas. Este proceso

Isaac de León-Beltrán; Eduardo Salcedo-Albarán



Markteting Expertise List page 1 of 6 First Name Last Name Title Affiliation Mailing Address Country Phone Fax eMail Expertise/Research Area(s) Secondary eMail URL  

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e Silva Forest Economist Fundacao de Tecnologia do Estado do Acre- FUNTAC Av. das Acacias, Lote 1, Zona A, Distrito Industrial, Rio, Branco, Estado do Acre, Brazil, CEP: 69.917-100 Brazil 55 68 229 2994 Manager Roy O. Martin Lumber Company P.O. Box 1110 USA 800 808 6122 318 443 0159 pat


Tratamiento nutricional de los síndromes colestáticos en la infancia  

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ResumenLa hepatopatía colestática causa un riesgo serio de desnutrición, que incluye la desnutrición de proteína y energía y las carencias nutricionales específicas. El estado nutricional puede evaluarse basándose en mediciones antropométricas, que pueden ser equívocas a causa de la ascitis y el edema periférico. Las determinaciones bioquímicas del estado de las vitaminas liposolubles son importantes para evaluar las necesidades de

Piotr Socha



España, entre Europa y América: un ensayo interpretativo  

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Este último artículo del dossier presenta algunas hipótesis de interpretación sobre la historia de la política exterior española durante el siglo xx.Los elementos centrales son la relación entre España y el resto de los Estados continentales; la imagen de las instituciones europeas; los sentimientos encontrados hacia Estados Unidos, su política y su sociedad; y las cambiantes percepciones, estrategias e intereses

Florentino Portero



237 de marzo de 2013 Artculo 1. Los presentes Lineamientos son de  

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, orientación y/o preferen- cias sexuales, estado civil o cualquier otra, tenga por efecto impedir o anular el social o económica, condiciones de salud, embarazo, lengua, religión, opiniones, estado civil o cualquier mecanismos destinados a impulsar la igualdad de derechos, responsabilidades y oportu- nidades de mujeres y

Islas, León


XI INTI International Conference La Plata 2012 Equipo TAG Territorios Posibles UNLP-CONICET y Universidades asociadas del GDRI  

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a grupos u organizaciones de la sociedad civil que interactuaban con el Estado. La participación pública responsabilidades en la toma de decisiones hacia las unidades locales (Smulovitz y Clemente, 2004: 40). Nos centraremos en la relación emergente entre el Estado municipal y la sociedad civil local en la continuación de

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Informe a la Nación indica que el índice de mortalidad por cáncer sigue bajando; la sección especial destaca las tendencias de los cánceres asociados con el VPH y los grados de cobertura de vacunación contra el VPH.

El Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer, de 1975 a 2009, indica que los índices generales de mortalidad por cáncer siguen bajando en los Estados Unidos en hombres y mujeres, entre todos los grupos raciales y étnicos principales y para todos los sitios más comunes de cáncer, como pulmón, colon y recto, seno femenino y próstata.



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SÍNTESIS: El artículo que nos ocupa reseña críticamente las políticas educativas implementadas en los últimos veinticinco años en el sistema educativo argentino, lo que implica, por un lado, identificar el modo en el que el Estado docente es puesto en crisis al tiempo que va consolidán- dose el Estado subsidiario, y por otro, registrar el enfrentamiento de adversarios por el

Liliana Olmos


Interview no. 392  

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Nacido en Chihuahua; padre trabajo en Ferrocarriles de Mexico; educado en Chihuahua, estudios de Contabilidad; 1956 viene a Estados Unidos con su esposa e hijos y obtiene la residencia; su miseria lo trajo a Estados Unidos; como arreglo sus papeles; sus trabajos, problemas que afronto, discriminacion; trabajo en Hortex; opina acerca de la union (1967) y el departamento de personal;

Oscar Saenz




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Este trabajo pone en el centro de la discusión al turismo como actividad económica en la ciudad de Zacatecas de igual manera busca integrar a los actores fundamentales a la planeación estratégica de esta área tan importante para el desarrollo del Estado. Como lo manifiesta el propio Gobierno del Estado en su plan Estatal de Desarrollo (GODEZAC, 2005, 40-41) se

Guadalupe Margarita González Hernández; Leonel Álvarez Yáñez; Jesús Becerra Villegas



Geomorphic effects of large debris flows and flash floods, northern Venezuela, 1999  

USGS Publications Warehouse

A rare, high-magnitude storm in northern Venezuela in December 1999 triggered debris flows and flash floods, and caused one of the worst natural disasters in the recorded history of the Americas. Some 15,000 people were killed. The debris flows and floods inundated coastal communities on alluvial fans at the mouths of a coastal mountain drainage network and destroyed property estimated at more than $2 billion. Landslides were abundant and widespread on steep slopes within areas underlain by schist and gneiss from near the coast to slightly over the crest of the mountain range. Some hillsides were entirely denuded by single or coalescing failures, which formed massive debris flows in river channels flowing out onto densely populated alluvial fans at the coast. The massive amount of sediment derived from 24 watersheds along 50 km of the coast during the storm and deposited on alluvial fans and beaches has been estimated at 15 to 20 million m3. Sediment yield for the 1999 storm from the approximately 200 km2 drainage area of watersheds upstream of the alluvial fans was as much as 100,000 m3/km2. Rapid economic development in this dynamic geomorphic environment close to the capital city of Caracas, in combination with a severe rain storm, resulted in the death of approximately 5% of the population (300,000 total prior to the storm) in the northern Venezuelan state of Vargas. ?? 2006 Gebru??der Borntraeger.

Larsen, M. C.; Wieczorek, G. F.



Using Vertical Panoramic Images to Record a Historic Cemetery  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In 1919, during colonization of the West Region of São Paulo State, Brazil, the Ogassawara family built a cemetery and a school with donations received from the newspaper Osaka Mainichi Shimbum, in Osaka, Japan. The cemetery was closed by President Getúlio Vargas in 1942, during the Second World War. The architecture of the Japanese cemetery is a unique feature in Latin America. Even considering its historical and cultural relevance, there is a lack of geometric documentation about the location and features of the tombs and other buildings within the cemetery. As an alternative to provide detailed and fast georeferenced information about the area, it is proposed to use near vertical panoramic images taken with a digital camera with fisheye lens as the primary data followed by bundle adjustment and photogrammetric restitution. The aim of this paper is to present a feasibility study on the proposed technique with the assessment of the results with a strip of five panoramic images, taken over some graves in the Japanese cemetery. The results showed that a plant in a scale of 1 : 200 can be produced with photogrammetric restitution at a very low cost, when compared to topographic surveying or laser scanning. The paper will address the main advantages of this technique as well as its drawbacks, with quantitative analysis of the results achieved in this experiment.

Tommaselli, A. M. G.; Polidori, L.; Hasegawa, J. K.; Camargo, P. O.; Hirao, H.; Moraes, M. V. A.; Rissate, E. A., Jr.; Henrique, G. R.; Abreu, P. A. G.; Berveglieri, A.; Marcato, J., Jr.



Debris-flow and flooding deposits in coastal Venezuela associated with the storm of December 14-16, 1999  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Heavy rainfall from the storm of December 14?16, 1999, triggered thousands of shallow landslides on steep slopes of the Sierra de Avila north of Caracas, Venezuela, and caused flooding and massive debris flows in the channels of major drainages that severely damaged coastal communities along the Caribbean Sea. Within this region we characterized geologic conditions where landslides initiated on hillsides and examined the texture of debris-flow deposits in the channels of nine drainages. In one of the most severely damaged areas on a highly developed alluvial fan at Caraballeda, we measured debris-flow deposits that ranged up to 5 meters (m) in thickness, inundating structures and roads over a large portion of the fan. Boulders up to 5 m long were carried along by the flows, impacted structures causing serious damage, and were deposited on the fan. Using field measurements and comparing pre-event and post-event topography from aerial photographs, we determined the volume of debris-flow and flood deposition on the fan to be about 2 million cubic meters. The total volume of material transported and deposited by landslides throughout the Vargas region ranks this as one of the most severe historical erosional events worldwide.

Wieczorek, Gerald F.; Larsen, Matthew C.; Eaton, L. Scott; Morgan, Benjamin A.; Blair, J. Luke



Two on Wagner  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

In September 1876, Karl Marx found the time to complain in a letter to his daughter Jenny: "Wherever one goes these days one is pestered with the question: What do you think of Wagner?" In his life, Richard Wagner was the subject of great discussion and admiration, and his works remain immensely popular today. Taken together, these two sites represent a nice introduction to both the man and his body of work, and visitors will enjoy visiting both of them. The first site is maintained by Wagner enthusiast Vincent Vargas, and here visitors can learn about various productions of Wagner's operas, his life, and also get a glimpse into the world of famous Wagnerians throughout history, including Herbert von Karajan and Birgit Nilsson. Of course, visitors can also listen to sound clips from some of their performances as well. The second site was created by the BBC and it provides some basic information about Wagner's Ring Cycle, complete with plot synopses and material on the various leitmotifs utilized throughout these works. Visitors can also listen to an interview with conductor Daniel Barenboim about his involvement with his production of the Ring.


The history of vaccinations in the light of the autism epidemic.  


Autism has been characterized as a behavioral disorder since it was first described by Leo Kanner in 1943. The number of autistic children has increased over the last decade. The incidence of autism was 1 in 10000 before the 1970s and has steadily increased to 1 in 150 in 2008 with a male:female predominance of 4:1. The cause of this epidemic has remained unknown, but several hypotheses have been studied. Many of these suggest an environmental trigger, such as the ethyl mercury contained in the preservative thimerosal, which has been used in vaccines since 1931. Other possible triggers associated with vaccinations are chemical toxins and live viruses. James has published studies suggesting a genetic predisposition in the families of autistic children, exposing them to a deficiency in glutathione and an inability to detoxify heavy metals. Vargas has shown autism to encompass ongoing inflammation in the brains of autistic children. The Hannah Poling vaccine decision was a landmark case. Poling's family was awarded funds for ongoing medical care of an autistic child who was found to have mitochondrial dysfunction exacerbated by vaccines that left her with autistic behavior and seizures. Several studies have emerged supporting the fact that a significant number of autistic children do have mitochondrial dysfunction. The impact that the Poling case will have on the ability of parents of autistic children to gain access to funds to enable them to properly care for their children remains to be seen. PMID:19043939

Cave, Stephanie F



Investigation of ?-resonances in ^10Be using ^6He(,)^6He  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Numerous theoretical and experimental studies have shown the importance of clustering in light nuclei [1]. The Be isotopes have been of particular interest recently due to their exotic two-core ?+?+ valence neutrons configurations [2,3,4,5]. Experimentally, (,) reactions are prime tools for studying these structures. In this work, the ^6He+? excitation function in the range of 10 to 18.5 MeV was measured. The ^6He beam was produced with the RESOLUT radioactive beam facility at FSU. Measurements were performed using the active target detector ANASEN [6]. Parameters of the observed states were determined by an R-Matrix analysis. The properties of these resonances in ^10Be will be discussed.[4pt] [1] M. Freer, Rep. Prog. Phys. 70, 2149 (2007).[0pt] [2] A. Dote, H. Horiuchi, and Y. Kanada-Enyo, Phys. Rev. C 56, 1844 (1997).[0pt] [3] N. Itagaki and S. Okabe, Phys. Rev. C 61, 044306 (2000).[0pt] [4] Y. Ogawa, K. Arai, Y. Suzuki, and K. Varga, Nucl. Phys. A 673, 122 (2000).[0pt] [5] M. Freer, et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 042501 (2006).[0pt] [6] M.Matos, et al., Proc. Intern. Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos XI, July 2010, Heidelberg, Germany, p.226 (2010).

Kuchera, Anthony; Rogachev, G. V.; Blackmon, J. C.; Wiedenhoever, I.; Baby, L. T.; Belarge, J. A.; Johnson, E. D.; Koshchiy, E.; Lai, J.; Linhardt, L. E.; Macon, K.; Matos, M.; Santiago-Gonzalez, D.



Star formation in H II galaxies  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

H II galaxies integrated properties have been widely studied. However, little is known about the individual H II regions and their photoionizing stellar clusters. To broaden our knowledge on star formation in low mass star-forming galaxies (like H II galaxies) it is necessary to answer questions like: How does the star formation distributes along the galaxy? Is it possible for them to form super stellar clusters? How does the star formation history on them looks like? To answer those questions the goal of this thesis work is to map (at tens of parsecs resolution) the recent star formation in six H II galaxies with extremely young star-forming bursts (Rosa-González et al. 2007, ApJ, 654, 226). The preliminary results obtained have allowed us to develop a catalog of H II regions (identified for the first time) in these galaxies and the characterization of the young stellar clusters responsible for their photoionization using POPSTAR (Mollá, García-Vargas, & Bressan 2009, MNRAS, 398, 451) stellar populations models.

Torres-Campos, A.; Díaz, A. I.; Terlevich, E.; Rosa-González, D.; Telles, E.; Terlevich, R.



Optical spectroscopy of atomic and molecular positronium  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Positronium (Ps) is a purely leptonic hydrogen-like atom formed from an electron and a positron. Since the interactions of electrons and positrons are thought to be almost entirely electromagnetic, precision measurements of the Ps energy levels should constitute a good test of QED theory. The ultimate precision is limited by the rapid annihilation of the various Ps states and the number of Ps atoms available. Much progress in making better Ps sources has been made since the 1950's when Ps was discovered and its principle characteristics measured in by the pioneering experiments of Martin Deutsch. The most notable milestones were the first reproducible schemes for making slow positrons and Ps in vacuum by Canter and his co-workers in the 1970's and the discovery of the enabling technology for accumulating slow positrons by Surko and co-workers in 1989. These techniques have made it possible to generate high density bursts of slow Ps atoms that has led to the production of di-positronium molecules, Ps2, and the observation of the Lyman-alpha-like transition in Ps2 at a wavelength of 251 nm predicted by Varga and co-workers. The possibilities for 1S-2S spectroscopy of triplet and singlet Ps with precisions relevant to the proton charge radius problem and efficient production of slow Rydberg Ps atoms useful for measuring Ps free fall are discussed.

Mills, A. P., Jr.



Mantle Xenoliths of Cerro Mercedes, Costa Rica, Central America  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Mantle peridotite occurs as xenoliths in lavas and bombs at Cerro Mercedes, a Plio-Quaternary potassic alkaline basalt volcano approximately 70 km behind the volcanic front of northern Costa Rica (Tournon and Alvarado, 1997). Mineral exploration led to the first discovery of abundant mantle xenoliths in Central America (Vargas and Alfaro, 1992). The compositions of 71 xenoliths recovered in January 2003 include dunite, harzburgite, lherzolite and olivine websterite. Twenty xenoliths have a diameter of at least 3 cm. The nodules are abundant in basalt outcrops and the rare bombs. In spite of substantial soil development in a rain forest environment, both xenoliths and host lava remain well preserved. Olivine, pyroxenes and spinel are common, plagioclase is present and garnet appears to be absent. There is no obvious shearing or deformation and several pyroxenes are as much as 1 cm in diameter. The mineralogy suggests a relatively shallow upper mantle source, within either the lithosphere or possibly the uppermost asthenosphere. Cerro Mercedes, at latitude 10° 58' N and longitude 82° 21' W, lies along the Rio San Juan, which is locally the border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica, Central America. This location approximately coincides with a boundary between dominantly depleted mantle to the northwest and OIB or Galapagos-like mantle to the southeast. We will use mineralogical data to better define the likely depths and oxidation states of representative nodules and isotopic data to define the type of mantle source.

Lindsay, F. N.; Carr, M. J.; Herzberg, C. T.; Feigenson, M. D.



A new Brazilian Passiflora leafminer: Spinivalva gaucha, gen. n., sp. n. (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae, Gracillariinae), the first gracillariid without a sap-feeding instar  

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Abstract Male, female, pupa, larva and egg of a new genus and species of Gracillariidae (Gracillariinae), Spinivalva gaucha Moreira and Vargas from southern Brazil are described and illustrated with the aid of optical and scanning electron microscopy. A preliminary analysis of mitochondrial DNA sequences including members of related lineages is also provided. The immature stages are associated with Passiflora actinia, Passiflora misera and Passiflora suberosa (Passifloraceae), and build mines on the adaxial leaf surface. Initially the mines are serpentine in shape, but later in larval ontogeny become a blotch type. Although the larvae are hypermetamorphic as in other Gracillariidae, there is no sap-feeding instar in Spinivalva gaucha; the larva feeds on the palisade parenchyma, thus producing granular frass during all instars. Pupation occurs outside the mine; prior to pupating, the larva excretes numerous bubbles that are placed in rows on the lateral margins of the cocoon external surface. This is the second genus of gracillariid moth described for the Atlantic Rain Forest, and the second gracillariid species known to be associated with Passifloraceae. PMID:23794860

Brito, Rosangela; Goncalves, Gislene L.; Vargas, Hector A.; Moreira, Gilson R. P.



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 29 de marzo de 2011

Los artículos originales en inglés se encuentran disponibles en las páginas del NCI Cancer Bulletin. El Boletín es una publicación del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI), una entidad gubernamental de los Estados Unidos creada en 1937.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 21 de junio de 2011

Los artículos originales en inglés se encuentran disponibles en las páginas del NCI Cancer Bulletin. El Boletín es una publicación del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI), una entidad gubernamental de los Estados Unidos creada en 1937.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 28 de febrero de 2012

Los artículos originales en inglés están disponibles en las páginas del NCI Cancer Bulletin. El Boletín es una publicación del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI), una entidad gubernamental de los Estados Unidos creada en 1937.


abril-junio2006Cinvestav36 Escribo a mano percibiendo cmo se desliza la pluma  

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resonancia magnética nuclear. El campo de las adicciones, como tantos otros, se ha beneficiado con esta nueva Medicina de Virginia, con una beca de los institutos Nacionales de Salud de Estados Unidos (1996-1997). Ha



Comunicados de prensa del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer acerca del cáncer, sobre resultados de estudios clínicos y otra información de interés para las comunidades de habla hispana de los Estados Unidos.


Estudio de Salud Agrícola

Hoja informativa sobre el Estudio de Salud Agrícola que se inició en 1993 por científicos del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer, el Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Ambientales y la Agencia de Protección Ambiental de Estados Unidos.



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(1992) UNAM. Temas de investigación: Medicina tradicional. Estado nutricional. Geografía de la salud de investigación: Salud, nutrición y comportamiento de los grupos materno-infantil y de preescolares


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 06-22-2010

Muchos critican el hecho de que solo un 3% a 5% de los adultos que padecen cáncer en los Estados Unidos participan en estudios clínicos, pero un desafío aún mayor surge cuando se analizan estas cifras en detalle.



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Paraná, Universidade Federal do


Diagnóstico ambiental no contexto da paisagem de fragmentos florestais naturais \\  

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RESUMO - Este estudo foi conduzido em uma área localizada no município de Lagoa da Confusão, Estado do Tocantins, com os objetivos de diagnosticar fragmentos florestais naturais, denominados regionalmente de \\

Iracy Coelho de Menezes Martins; Vicente Paulo Soares; Elias Silva; Ricardo Seixas Brites



28 de mayo del 2007 Curriculum Vitae  

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de la Organizaciâ??on de Estados Americanos. 1987 Premio Dudley del Observatorio Dudley. 1988 Becaâ??es Organizadores de las Siguientes Reuniones (29): Symposium on Herbig­Haro Objects, T Tauri Stars and Related

Rodriguez, Luis F.


28 de mayo del 2007 Curriculum Vitae  

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de la Organizaci´on de Estados Americanos. 1987 Premio Dudley del Observatorio Dudley. 1988 Beca´es Organizadores de las Siguientes Reuniones (29): Symposium on Herbig-Haro Objects, T Tauri Stars and Related

Rodriguez, Luis F.


Los discursos del miedo en la prensa uruguaya  

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A fines de julio de 2002 el Uruguay sufre una de sus peores crisis financieras, económicas y sociales. Reprogramaciones de las cuentas bancarias, tanto de instituciones privadas como del Estado, supuestos saqueos por \\

María Ángela Giaimo


Tipos comunes de cáncer en la población general

La lista de cánceres comunes incluye cánceres que se diagnostican con mayor frecuencia en Estados Unidos. Esta página ofrece las estadísticas de incidencia y mortalidad más recientes para estos tipos de cancer.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 31 de enero de 2012

Dr. Nils Daulaire Salud mundial a través de la colaboración y el liderazgo Para conmemorar el Día Mundial del Cáncer que tuvo lugar el 4 febrero, el doctor Nils Daulaire, director de la Oficina de Asuntos Internacionales del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos de los Estados Unidos habla sobre las razones por las cuales los Estados Unidos deben participar en iniciativas para mejorar la salud mundial.



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potencial de altura Vo nas mesmas condições. 5.- Uma reação de fusão importante na produção de energia solar obtido em medidas da quantidade de movimento da partícula neste estado? (b) � a energia mecânica conservada neste estado? Se sua resposta for positiva, determine o valor da energia. Se for negativa

Ribas, Roberto Vicençotto


Informe a la Nación encuentra bajas continuas en muchos índices de cáncer;su sección especial destaca cambios en los índices de tumores cerebrales y en supervivencia

Los índices de mortalidad en los Estados Unidos de todos los cánceres en hombres y mujeres siguieron bajando entre 2003 y 2007, que es el período más reciente del que se disponen datos, según el último Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer. El informe encuentra también que el índice general combinado de nuevos diagnósticos de cáncer en hombres y mujeres decreció un promedio un poco menos de 1% por año en el mismo período.


Processos Markovianos Introduo e Aplicaes  

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Contínuo: caso contrário. #12;Exemplos Número de usuários em uma fila de banco em um determinado instante;Exemplos Número de usuários em uma fila de banco em um determinado instante Estado: Discreto; Tempo fila de banco em um determinado instante Estado: Discreto; Tempo: Contínuo. Índice pluviométrico diário

Williams, Brian C.


Disminución de las tasas de cáncer de seno relacionada con la reducción del uso de terapias de reemplazo hormonal

La tasa de los casos nuevos de cáncer de seno en los Estados Unidos, la cual disminuyó pronunciadamente en 2003, podría estar relacionada con una disminución nacional del uso de terapias de reemplazo hormonal. Las tasas de incidencia de cáncer de seno ajustadas a la edad en mujeres de los Estados Unidos bajaron un 6.7 por ciento en 2003. Durante este mismo período, las recetas médicas para terapias de reemplazo hormonal bajaron rápidamente.


PREFACE: 21st Latin American Symposium on Solid State Physics (SLAFES XXI)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Latin American Symposium on Solid State Physics (SLAFES) started in Caracas-Venezuela, and over time the symposia have taken place in 9 different Latin American countries. The last five events took place in Mérida-Venezuela (2002), Havana-Cuba (2004), Puebla-Mexico (2006), Puerto Iguazú-Argentina (2008) and Maragogi-Brazil (2011). During the last years, in the different SLAFES editions, the aim has been to bring together researches from Latina America and invite renowned scientists from around the world to a unique forum to discuss the latest developments regarding Solid state Physics. The 21st Latin American Symposium on Solid State Physics (SLAFES XXI) was held in Villa de Leyva-Colombia, from September 30 to October 04, 2013. The 21st SLAFES version featured the participation of experts in various areas of Solid State Physics from countries such as Belgium, Germany, United States, Spain, Ireland, Chile, Argentina and Brazil, had 270 submitted works and was attended by 140 researchers. The development of this event was made possible by financial support from the Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Universidad del Norte-CO, Universidad de Magdalena-CO, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco-BR and the Academia Colombiana de Ciencias Exatas, Naturales y Física. Editors Professor J Albino Aguiar Departamento de Física Universidade Federal de Pernambuco 50670-901 Recife PE Brazil e-mail: Professor Jairo Roa-Rojas Grupo de Física de Nuevos Materiales Departamento de Física Universidad Nacional de Colombia A.A. 5997 Bogotá DC, Colombia e-mail: Professor Carlos Arturo Parra Vargas Grupo Física de Materiales Escuela de Física Universidad Padagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia Tunja Colombia e-mail: Professor David A Land\\'i nez Téllez Grupo de Física de Nuevos Materiales Departamento de Física Universidad Nacional de Colombia A.A. 5997 Bogotá DC Colombia e-mail: Professor Laura T Corredor Bohórquez Departamento de Física Universidade Federal de Pernambuco 50670-901 Recife PE Brazil e-mail: Professor Arkady Shanenko Departamento de Física Universidade Federal de Pernambuco 50670-901 Recife PE Brazil e-mail: Professor Renato F Jardim Instituto de Física Universidade de S\\~ao Paulo CP 66318 S\\~ao Paulo SP Brazil e-mail: Professor Francois Peeters Department Fysica Universiteit Antwerpen Groneneborgerlann 171 B-2020, Antwerpen Belgium e-mail: Organizing committee ChairmanCarlos Arturo Parra Vargas Proceedings EditorJosé Albino Aguiar Program ChairJairo Roa-Rojas SecretaryAura Janeth Barón González TreasurerArmando Sarmiento Santos Speaker ChairRafael González Hernández Fernando Naranjo Mayorga David A Landínez Téllez Jesús Oswaldo Morán José Sierra Ortega

Aguiar, J. Albino



[Metastatic prostate cancer complicated with chronic disseminated intravascular coagulopathy causing acute renal failure, mimicking thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura and hemolytic uremic syndrome: pathomechanism, differential diagnosis and therapy related to a case].  


Disseminated intravascular coagulopathy (DIC) is characterized as activation of the clotting system resulting in fibrin thrombi, gradually diminishing levels of clotting factors with increased risk of bleeding. Basically two types of DIC are distinguished: (1) chronic (compensated) - with alteration of laboratory values and (2) acute (non-compensated) - with severe clinical manifestations: bleeding, shock, acute renal failure (ARF), transient focal neurologic deficit, delirium or coma. Chronic DIC related to metastatic neoplasia is caused by pancreatic, gastric or prostatic carcinoma in most of the cases. Incidence rate of DIC is 13-30% in prostate cancer, among those only 0.4-1.65% of patients had clinical signs and symptoms of DIC. In other words, chronic DIC is developed in one of eight patients with prostate cancer. DIC is considered as a poor prognostic factor in prostatic carcinoma. The similar clinical and laboratory findings of TTP-HUS (thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura - hemolytic uremic syndrome) and DIC makes it difficult to differentiate between them. A 71 years old male patient with known chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, benign prostatic hyperplasia, significant carotid artery stenosis, gastric ulcer and alcoholic liver disease was admitted to another hospital with melena. Gastroscopy revealed intact gastric mucosa and actually non-bleeding duodenal ulcer covered by clots. Laboratory results showed hyperkalemia, elevated kidney function tests, indirect hyperbilirubinemia, increased liver function tests, leukocytosis, anemia, thrombocytopenia and elevated international normalized ratio (INR). He was treated with saline infusions, four units of red blood cells and one unit of fresh frozen plasma transfusions. Four days later he was transported to our Institution with ARF. Physical examination revealed dyspnoe, petechiae, hemoptoe, oliguria, chest-wall pain and aggressive behavior. Thrombocytopenia, signs of MAHA (fragmentocytes and helmet cells in the peripheral blood), normal INR, elevated lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) and ARF suggested TTP-HUS. Hemodialysis and six plasmaferesis (PF) were carried out. After the fifth PF, skin manifestations of thrombotic microangiopathy occurred on the feet. Clotting analysis revealed elevated D-dimer (>5 ?g/mL), normal fibrinogen (3.2 g/L), a slightly raised INR (1.36) and activated partial prothrombin time (APTT) (45.8 sec), normal reticulocyte (57 G/L) and a slightly low platelet count (123 G/L), which proved to be chronic DIC. Therapeutic dose of low-molecular-weight heparin (LMWH) was started. Elevated prostate-specific antigen (PSA) (109.6 ng/mL) suggested prostatic carcinoma. Prostate biopsy revealed adenocarcinoma (Gleason: 4+4 for left lobe and 3+3 for right lobe). Elevated alkaline phosphatase suggested metastases in the bone, which were confirmed by bone scintigraphy. Combined androgen blockade (CAB) was started. After three months follow-up our patient's status is satisfactory. PSA is in the normal range (4.6 ng/mL). Thrombocytopenia of uncertain origin with normal or raised INR, APTT, elevated D-dimer, normal fibrinogen and reticulocyte count prove the diagnosis of chronic DIC. This process warrants searching for metastatic neoplasia. Due to the relatively low serum levels of circulating procoagulant factors (e.g. tissue factor), therapeutic dose of LMWH can be used with good efficiency in chronic DIC with low risk of bleeding. Severe DIC as a complication of metastatic prostate cancer can be treated by androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) or CAB in combination with ketokonazole and concomitant use of supportive treatment. Deme D, Ragán M, Kovács L, Kalmár K, Varga E, Varga T, Rakonczai E. Metastatic prostate cancer complicated with chronic disseminated intravascular coagulopathy causing acute renal failure mimicking thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura and hemolytic uremic syndrome: pathomechanism, differential diagnosis and therapy related to a case. PMID:21163766

Deme, Dániel; Ragán, Márton; Kalmár, Katalin; Kovács, Lajos; Varga, Erzsébet; Varga, Tünde; Rakonczai, Ervin



PREFACE: 4th National Meeting in Chaos, Complex System and Time Series  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The fourth edition of the National Meeting on Chaos, Complex Systems and Time Series (NMCCSTS4), or in Spanish 4a. Reunión Nacional de Caos, Sistemas Complejos y Series de Tiempo, was held from 29 November to 2 December 2011 in the University of Veracruz (Universidad Veracruzana), Campus Xalapa, at Xalapa Veracruz, México, in the beautiful House of the Lake (Casa del Lago), a late XIX century former textile factory situated in the edge of an also ancient former dam, currently a park containing three small lakes, very emblematic of Xalapa, City, the capital of the state of Veracruz, México. The previous editions of this meeting, were held in Mérida (2006), Pachuca (2008) and Puebla (2009). A clear uptrend is observed in the number of participants in this academic event from all Universities of México and abroad, going from about 15 participants in the first meeting to more than 90 in the last one. On this occasion, about 90 participants from three countries attended our event, where 29 papers (10 master lectures from top recognized national and international leaders in the fields of complexity, and 19 invited papers), one course for students and 42 posters were presented. A look at the scientific program of the NMCCSTS4, allows us to appreciate the wide range of topics and recent advances that were covered during our event; topics and recent results in the areas of biology, econophysics, sociophysics, genomics and bioinformatics, complex networks, thermodynamics, etc, were presented and discussed rigorously in a friendly, dynamical and informal atmosphere. Also, on this occasion, we celebrated Professor Miguel Angel Jiménez Montaño, for his very distinguished academic career throughout more that 50 years and as a founding member of the Faculty of Physics and AI of University of Veracruz. Prizes were awarded for the best poster presentations. The winner was Porfirio Toledo, from Faculty of Mathematics, University of Veracruz (Game theory to characterize solutions of a discrete-time Hamilton--Jacobi equation). The present volume contains a rigorous selection of the lectures presented at the NMCCSTS4. All papers were peer reviewed and we consider the high quality and the wide range of topics covered here displays the high level that the community of complexity sciences is reaching in our country. We would like to thank all of the speakers, participants and the members of the Organizing Committee, also we would like to express our gratitude to all students and support personal involved with the logistic and technical aspects of the organization of our event. This IV edition of the National Meeting on Caos, Complex System and Time Series was sponsored by the following organizations and institutions, we warmly thank all of them: Universidad Veracruzana, IF-BUAP, UAM Azcapotzalco, INMEGEN, Conacyt (155492), all them from México and the Ministero degli Affari Esteri (MAE) from Italy. A R Hernández Montoya University of Veracruz M E Rodríguez Achach University of Veracruz E Hernández Lemus National Institute of Genomic Medicine J R Luévano Enríquez Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Azcapotzalco C E Vargas Madrazo University of Veracruz Organizing Committee José Luis Carrillo Estrada Instituto de Física, Benemerita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, José Rubén Luévano Enríquez Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Azcapotzalco, Enrique Hernández Lemus National Institute of Genomic Medicine, Alejandro Raúl Hernández Montoya University of Veracruz, Norma Bagatella Flores University of Veracruz, Adrian Arturo Huerta Hernández University of Veracruz, Manuel Enrique Rodríguez Achach University of Veracruz, Carlos Ernesto Vargas Madrazo University of Veracruz, Sol Haret Baez Barrios University of Veracruz, Héctor Francisco Coronel Brizio University of Veracruz, Sergio Adrian Lerma Hernández University of Veracruz,

Raúl Hernández Montoya, Alejandro; Hernández Lemus, Enrique; Rubén Luévano Enríquez, José; Rodríguez Achach, Manuel Enrique; Vargas Madrazo, Carlos Ernesto



PREFACE: XV Chilean Physics Symposium, 2006  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Chilean Physics Symposium is the main gathering of Physics in Chile, and its organization is one of the central activities of the Chilean Physical Society (Sociedad Chilena de Física, SOCHIFI). The Symposium assembles the largest number of Chilean and foreign physicists resident in the country. Recent advances in the various research areas in Physics are presented, by researchers from Universities and national research centres. At the same time this is an occasion for the participation of Physics students from both the pre- and post-graduate programs. The Symposium has gathered continuously every two years, since 1978. The organization of the XV symposium was in charge of the Thermonuclear Plasma Department of the Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission, and it took place on 15-17 November 2006, at La Reina Nuclear Studies Centre, in the city of Santiago, Chile. During this symposium the relation of research in Physics with education and with the productive sector in the country was also analysed. During the Symposium, 121 abstracts were submitted, from 255 authors. All authors were invited to submit articles for publication in the Symposium Proceedings. The articles received were reviewed by the Symposium Scientific Committee and by invited peers. The criteria for review focussed on the demand for a consistent piece of research, and a clear statement of results. Most of the articles received report the work of research groups where advanced students and young investigators are prominent. Thanks to their enthusiasm, 52 articles are presented in this issue. We would like to express our appreciation to their authors. Finally, my personal apology is in order regarding my delay in publishing these proceedings. A sequence of personal and professional highly demanding circumstances have been in the way. I would like to thank Journal of Physics: Conference Series for providing very fast publication of the proceedings, having published them online less than 4 weeks after my initial contact with the journal. Leopoldo Soto President, Chilean Physical Society Head of Plasma Department, Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission Editors: Leopoldo Soto, José Moreno, Ricardo Ávila, Karla Cubillos Scientific Committee Physicists from various research institutions, specialty areas, and regions of the country were invited by the Board of SOCHIFI to join the Symposium Scientific Committee, which was formed by: Julio Yánez, Universidad de Antofagasta Sergio del Campo, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso Patricio Vargas, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María Rodrigo Soto, Universidad de Chile Ulrich Volkmann, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Víctor Muñoz, Universidad de Chile Rodrigo Aros, Universidad Andrés Bello Leopoldo Soto (Chairman), Comisión Chilena de Energía Nuclear Luis Huerta, Universidad de Talca Patricio Salgado, Universidad de Concepción Luis Roa, Universidad de Concepción Asticio Vargas, Universidad de la Frontera, Temuco Cristian Martínez, Centro de Estudios Científicos, Valdivia Organizing Commitee Leopoldo Soto (Chairman), Comisión Chilena de Energía Nuclear Erik Herrera, Comisión Chilena de Energía Nuclear José Moreno, Comisión Chilena de Energía Nuclear Andrea Rozas, Comisión Chilena de Energía Nuclear Rodrigo Aros, Universidad Andrés Bello Gonzalo Gutiérrez, Universidad de Chile Executive Board, Chilean Physical Society April 2006 - April 2008 Leopoldo Soto, President Joel Saavedra, Secretary Rodrigo Aros: Treasurer Rodolfo Figueroa: Director Luis Huerta: Director Conference photograph

Soto, Leopoldo; Moreno, José; Ávila, Ricardo; Cubillos, Karla



Mosquito species richness, composition, and abundance along habitat-climate-elevation gradients in the northern Colorado Front Range.  


We exploited elevation gradients (1,500-2,400 m) ranging from plains to montane areas along the Poudre River and Big Thompson River in the northern Colorado Front Range to determine how mosquito species richness, composition, and abundance change along natural habitat-climate-elevation gradients. Mosquito collections in 26 sites in 2006 by using CO2-baited CDC light traps yielded a total of 7,136 identifiable mosquitoes of 27 species. Commonly collected species included Aedes vexans (Meigen) (n = 4,722), Culex tarsalis Coquillett (n = 825), Ochlerotatus increpitus (Dyar) (n = 546), Ochlerotatus trivittatus (Coquillett) (n = 303), Aedes cinereus Meigen (n = 280), Ochlerotatus melanimon (Dyar) (n = 146), Ochlerotatus dorsalis (Meigen) (n = 67), Culiseta inornata (Williston) (n = 52), Ochlerotatus pullatus (Coquillett) (n = 38), Ochlerotatus spencerii idahoensis (Theobald) (n = 37), and Culex pipiens L. (n = 29). Species richness was highest in plains habitats at elevations below 1,600 m. Numerous species were found exclusively or predominantly at low elevations below 1,700 m [Anopheles earlei Vargas, Anophelesfreeborni Aitken, Coquilletidia perturbans (Walker), Culex erythrothorax (Dyar), Cx. pipiens, Culex territans Walker, Oc. dorsalis, Ochlerotatus hendersoni (Cockerell), Oc. melanimon, and Oc. trivittatus], whereas others occurred predominantly at high elevations above 2,300 m [Ae. cinereus, Culiseta incidens (Thomson), Culiseta morsitans (Theoblad), Ochlerotatus cataphylla (Dyar), Ochlerotatus intrudens (Dyar), Oc. pullatus, and Ochlerotatus punctor (Kirby)]. Ae. vexans and Cx. tarsalis were abundant in the plains (< 1,600 m; mean June-August temperature > 19.5 degrees C), occurred at low abundances in foothills and low montane areas (1,610-1,730 m; 18.0-19.5 degrees C), and they were collected only sporadically in montane areas above 1,750 m (mean June-August temperature < 17.5 degrees C). These findings suggest that future climate warming may lead to shifts in distribution patterns of West Nile virus vectors (e.g., Cx. tarsalis) toward higher elevations in Colorado. PMID:18714885

Eisen, Lars; Bolling, Bethany G; Blair, Carol D; Beaty, Barry J; Moore, Chester G



MAPKAP kinase 3 suppresses Ifng gene expression and attenuates NK cell cytotoxicity and Th1 CD4 T-cell development upon influenza A virus infection.  


MK2 and MK3 are downstream targets of p38 and ERK1/2. They control the mRNA stability of several inflammatory cytokines, including TNF-? and IL-10. Whereas MK2 is expressed ubiquitously, the expression of MK3 is restricted to muscle, liver, and heart tissues and T and NK cells. Using Mk-deficient and wild-type (WT) mice, we demonstrated an inhibitory effect of MK3, but not of MK2, on interferon (IFN)-? expression in T and NK lymphocytes. The results provided evidence that the inhibitory effect of MK3 is based on negative feedback phosphorylation of p38 and ERK1/2, which causes decreased binding of Stat4 to the IFN-? promoter and reduced expression of IFN-? mRNA and protein. Consequently, all Mk3(-/-) mice challenged with the Th1-inducing influenza A virus (IAV) survived the WT LD50 virus dose. The reduced disease severity in the Mk3(-/-) mice was accompanied by a >10-fold reduction in viral lung titer and an increase in the number of activated NK cells and enhanced Th1 activation of CD4 T cells. Thus, our data describe the protein kinase MK3 as a novel regulator of the innate and adaptive immune responses.-Köther, K., Nordhoff, C., Masemann, D., Varga, G., Bream, J. H., Gaestel, M., Wixler, V., Ludwig, S. MAPKAP kinase 3 suppresses Ifng gene expression and attenuates NK cell cytotoxicity and Th1 CD4 T-cell development upon influenza A virus infection. PMID:24935968

Köther, Katharina; Nordhoff, Carolin; Masemann, Dörthe; Varga, Georg; Bream, Jay H; Gaestel, Matthias; Wixler, Viktor; Ludwig, Stephan



ICF Ablator Physics Experiments on Saturn and Nova  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In indirect drive ICF, the driver energy is absorbed in a high-Z enclosure (or "hohlraum") that surrounds a spherical shell (or "capsule") containing DT fuel. The hohlraum walls are heated by the driver and emit x-rays, which are absorbed by the capsule material (the "ablator") and drive the implosion. We have used the Saturn z-pinch at SNL and the Nova laser at LLNL to explore the behavior of ablator material in x-ray radiation environments comparable in magnitude, spectrum and duration to those that will be experienced in National Ignition Facility (NIF) hohlraums. The large x-ray outputs available from pulsed-power driven z-pinches have enabled us to drive hohlraums of full NIF ignition scale size at radiation temperatures and timescales comparable to those required for the low power "foot" pulse of an ignition capsule. The high intensity of the Nova laser has allowed us to study capsule ablator physics in smaller scale hohlraums at radiation temperatures and timescales relevant to the peak power pulse for an ignition capsule. Taken together, these experiments have allowed us test our radiation-hydrodynamics computer code predictions of ablator opacity, radiation flow, and equation of state over almost the complete range of radiation environments to be encountered in a NIF hohlraum. * in collaboration with J. Porter, G. Chandler, D. Fehl, D. Jobe, R. Leeper, K. Matzen, J. McGurn, D. Noack, L. Ruggles, P. Sawyer, J. Torres, M. Vargas, D. Zagar (SNL), and H. Kornblum, T. Orzechowski, L. Suter, R. Thiessen, R. Wallace (LLNL), and the Saturn and Nova operations and diagnostic crews at SNL and LLNL. +This work was supported by the U. S. Department of Energy under Contract No. DE-AC04-94AL85000.

Olson, Rick



Imaging the Structure of Grains, Grain Boundaries, and Stacking Sequences in Single and Multi-Layer Graphene  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Graphene can be produced by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) on copper substrates on up to meter scales [1, 2], making their polycrystallinity [3,4] almost unavoidable. By combining aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy and dark-field transmission electron microscopy, we image graphene grains and grain boundaries across six orders of magnitude. Atomic-resolution images of graphene grain boundaries reveal that different grains can stitch together via pentagon-heptagon pairs. We use diffraction-filtered electron imaging to map the shape and orientation of several hundred grains and boundaries over fields of view of a hundred microns. Single, double and multilayer graphene can be differentiated, and the stacking sequence and relative abundance of sequences can be directly imaged. These images reveal an intricate patchwork of grains with structural details depending strongly on growth conditions. The imaging techniques enabled studies of the structure, properties, and control of graphene grains and grain boundaries [5]. [4pt] [1] X. Li et al., Science 324, 1312 (2009).[0pt] [2] S. Bae et al., Nature Nanotechnol. 5, 574 (2010).[0pt] [3] J. M. Wofford, et al., Nano Lett., (2010).[0pt] [4] P. Y. Huang, et al., Nature 469, 389--392 (2011); arXiv:1009.4714, (2010)[0pt] [5] In collaboration with Pinshane Y. Huang, C. S. Ruiz-Vargas, A. M. van der Zande, A. W. Tsen, L. Brown, R. Hovden, F. Ghahari, W. S. Whitney, M.P. Levendorf, J. W. Kevek, S. Garg, J. S. Alden, C. J. Hustedt, Y. Zhu, N. Petrone, J. Hone, J. Park, P. L. McEuen

Muller, David



Electronic origin of kinetic and dynamic processes at atomic steps on vicinal metal substrates  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Single-atomic-layer steps play an important role in the kinetics and dynamics of morphological evolution and structural formation at surfaces. In this talk, we will attempt to elucidate the importance of the electronic nature in determining the bonding of adatoms and the activation barriers for adatom descent at step edges. The insights gained through first-principles case studies have timely and important impacts in understanding the evolution of many nanostructured surfaces and prevention of electrical breakdown in nanodevices. In the first case [1], we establish a clear correlation between the preferred diffusion mechanism and step-edge barrier and the relative degree of electronic shell filling of the adatom and the substrate. We also find an approximate linear relation between the adatom step-edge hopping barrier and the adatom-surface bonding strength with a slope roughly proportional to the number of the nearest neighbors of the adatom in the initial state. These results can serve as simple guiding rules for predicting precise atomic surface morphologies and designing desirable surface nanostructures, such as atom wires [2]. In the second case [3], we discover an optimal surface electromigration inhibitor on the technologically important Cu(111) surface, characterized by energetically favoring and binding strongly at the kink of step edges. Finally, we will briefly discuss how the electronic bonding strengths influence the nucleation and growth behavior of carbon atoms at the step edges of various transition-metal surfaces, a crucial insight in designing optimal kinetic pathways for mass production of quality epitaxial graphene [4]. [4pt] [1] Y. Mo, W. G. Zhu, E. Kaxiras, and Z. Y. Zhang, Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 216101 (2008). [0pt] [2] Y. Mo, K. Varga, E. Kaxiras, and Z. Y. Zhang, Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 155503 (2005). [0pt] [3] K. H. Bevan, W. G. Zhu, H. Guo, and Z. Y. Zhang, Phys. Rev. Lett. (submitted). [0pt] [4] H. Chen, W. G. Zhu, and Z. Y. Zhang, Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 186101 (2010).

Zhu, Wenguang



PA01.62. Mukta-sukti bhasma; nectar for acid peptic disorders, w.s.r to its anti-ulcer activity - an experimental study  

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Purpose: Mukta Shukti (Pearl oyster shell); a sudha varga dravya, attains better therapeutic properties with proper sodhana and marana processes. It is indicated in Amlapitta, Parinamashoola and Annadravashoola. Acharya Susruta mentioned; Amla is the property of Vidagdha Pitta. The term Amlapitta may be correlated with Acid reflux syndrome which comprises of various types of Gastro esophageal reflux diseases like Gastritis, Peptic ulcer etc. A peptic ulcer is a sore on the lining of the stomach or duodenum, the beginning of the small intestine. A bacterium called Helicobacter pylori is a major cause of peptic ulcers. An attempt was made in this regard to establish standards to assure quality and to assess antiulcer activity of Mukta Sukti Bhasma. Method: Mukta sukti Bhasma prepared as per Rasatarangini and subjected to Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) and X ray diffraction (XRD). Anti ulcer activity of Mukta sukti Bhasma in Albino rats by Aspirin induced gastric ulcer. Sucralfate as standard group and normal food water as control group used for the comparison. Result: Mukta sukti Bhasma showed highly significant Anti ulcer activity than control group. The alkaline pH and chemical components might have contributed by inhibiting secretions, neutralizing the acidity and reducing size of the ulcerative lesions. Presence of Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Manganese (Mn), Iron (Fe), Potassium (K), Aluminum (Al), Copper (Cu), Sodium (Na) and Zinc (Zn) were detected in raw Mukta sukti and Mukta sukti Bhasma. X ray diffraction shown face centered Cubic, hexagonal, tetragonal and monoclinic crystal structures. Conclusion: In aspirin induced model, the Mukta sukti Bhasma and standard group (Sucralfate) showed highly significant Anti ulcer activity than control group (food water). The Mukta sukti Bhasma showed highly significant Anti ulcer activity than standard group (Sucralfate) when compared. This experimental study has given scientific evidence for the claim in the ancient text regarding the Anti ulcer property of Mukta sukti Bhasma which gives scope for conducting clinical study.

Sreejith, R



Molecular modeling of a T-cell receptor bound to a major histocompatibility complex molecule: implications for T-cell recognition.  

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The main functions of the T-cell receptor (TCR) involve its specific interaction with short and linear antigenic peptides bound to the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules. In the absence of a 3D structure for TCR and for the TCR/peptide/MHC complex, several attempts to characterize the structural components of the TCR/peptide/MHC interaction have been made. However, this subject is still troublesome. In this paper a computer-based 3D model for a TCR/peptide/MHC complex (5C.C7/moth cytochrome c [MCC] peptide 93-103/I-Ek) was obtained. The complex surface shows a high complementarity between the 5C.C7 structure and the peptide/I-Ek molecule. The mapping of residues involved in the TCR/peptide/MHC interaction shows close agreement with mutational experiments (Jorgensen JL, Reay PA, Ehrich EW, Davis MM, 1992b, Annu Rev Immunol 10:835-873). Moreover, the results are consistent with a recent variability analysis of TCR sequences using three variability indexes (Almagro JC, Zenteno-Cuevas R, Vargas-Madrazo E, Lara-Ochoa F, 1995b, Int J Pept Protein Res 45:180-186). Accordingly, the 3D model of the 5C.C7/MCC peptide 93-103/I-Ek complex provides a framework to generate testable hypotheses about TCR recognition. Thus, starting from this model, the role played by each loop that forms the peptide/MHC binding site of the TCR is discussed. PMID:8528069

Almagro, J. C.; Vargas-Madrazo, E.; Lara-Ochoa, F.; Horjales, E.



A Cube Dismantling Problem Related to Bootstrap Percolation  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

An n× n×⋯× n hypercube is made from n d unit hypercubes. Two unit hypercubes are neighbours if they share a ( d-1)-dimensional face. In each step of a dismantling process, we remove a unit hypercube that has precisely d neighbours. A move is balanced if the neighbours are in d orthogonal directions. In the extremal case, there are n d-1 independent unit hypercubes left at the end of the dismantling. We call this set of hypercubes a solution. If a solution is projected in d orthogonal directions and we get the entire [ n] d-1 hypercube in each direction, then the solution is perfect. We show that it is possible to use a greedy algorithm to test whether a set of hypercubes forms a solution. Perfect solutions turn out to be precisely those which can be reached using only balanced moves. Every perfect solution corresponds naturally to a Latin hypercube. However, we show that almost all Latin hypercubes do not correspond to solutions. In three dimensions, we find at least n perfect solutions for every n, and we use our greedy algorithm to count the perfect solutions for n?6. We also construct an infinite family of imperfect solutions and show that the total size of its three orthogonal projections is asymptotic to the minimum possible value. Our results solve several conjectures posed in a proceedings paper by Barát, Korondi and Varga. If our dismantling process is reversed we get a build-up process very closely related to well-studied models of bootstrap percolation. We show that in an important special case our build-up reaches the same maximal position as bootstrap percolation.

Barát, János; Wanless, Ian M.



The Electro-Mechanical window: a risk marker for Torsade de Pointes in a canine model of drug induced arrhythmias  

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE In cardiovascular pharmacology, electrical and mechanical events can be distinguished, and the phrase ‘electro-mechanical window’ (EMw) describes the temporal difference between these events. We studied whether changes in EMw have potential predictive value for the occurrence of arrhythmias in fentanyl/etomidate-anaesthetized beagle (FEAB) dogs. EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH The EMw was calculated as differences between the QT interval and QLVPend in FEAB dogs during atrial pacing, treatment with isoprenaline or atropine, body temperature changes and induction of Torsade de Pointes (TdP) in an LQT1 model. KEY RESULTS The electrical systole (QT interval) was shorter than the duration of the mechanical event (QLVPend), providing a positive EMw. Atrial pacing, atropine or body temperature changes had no major effects on EMw, despite large changes in QT duration. However, ?-adrenoceptor stimulation (with isoprenaline) decreased the EMw (from 90 to 5 ms) and in combination with HMR1556, a blocker of the slowly activating potassium current (IKs), induced a large negative EMw (?109 ms) and TdP. Prevention of TdP by atenolol or verapamil was associated with a less negative EMw (?23 to ?16 ms). Mexiletine, a poorly effective long QT treatment, did not affect the EMw or prevent TdP induction. CONCLUSIONS AND IMPLICATIONS The EMw is a marker, other than QT prolongation, of TdP risk in the FEAB model. Therefore, we suggest examining the EMw as a risk marker in cardiovascular safety studies and as a potential biomarker to improve clinical management of long QT syndrome patients, especially in patients with borderline QT prolongation. LINKED ARTICLE This article is commented on by Vargas, pp. 1441–1443 of this issue. To view this commentary visit PMID:21054337

van der Linde, HJ; Van Deuren, B; Somers, Y; Loenders, B; Towart, R; Gallacher, DJ



Networks in Social Policy Problems  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

1. Introduction M. Scotti and B. Vedres; Part I. Information, Collaboration, Innovation: The Creative Power of Networks: 2. Dissemination of health information within social networks C. Dhanjal, S. Blanchemanche, S. Clemençon, A. Rona-Tas and F. Rossi; 3. Scientific teams and networks change the face of knowledge creation S. Wuchty, J. Spiro, B. F. Jones and B. Uzzi; 4. Structural folds: the innovative potential of overlapping groups B. Vedres and D. Stark; 5. Team formation and performance on nanoHub: a network selection challenge in scientific communities D. Margolin, K. Ognyanova, M. Huang, Y. Huang and N. Contractor; Part II. Influence, Capture, Corruption: Networks Perspectives on Policy Institutions: 6. Modes of coordination of collective action: what actors in policy making? M. Diani; 7. Why skewed distributions of pay for executives is the cause of much grief: puzzles and few answers so far B. Kogut and J.-S. Yang; 8. Networks of institutional capture: a case of business in the State apparatus E. Lazega and L. Mounier; 9. The social and institutional structure of corruption: some typical network configurations of corruption transactions in Hungary Z. Szántó, I. J. Tóth and S. Varga; Part III. Crisis, Extinction, World System Change: Network Dynamics on a Large Scale: 10. How creative elements help the recovery of networks after crisis: lessons from biology A. Mihalik, A. S. Kaposi, I. A. Kovács, T. Nánási, R. Palotai, Á. Rák, M. S. Szalay-Beko and P. Csermely; 11. Networks and globalization policies D. R. White; 12. Network science in ecology: the structure of ecological communities and the biodiversity question A. Bodini, S. Allesina and C. Bondavalli; 13. Supply security in the European natural gas pipeline network M. Scotti and B. Vedres; 14. Conclusions and outlook A.-L. Barabási; Index.

Vedres, Balázs; Scotti, Marco



Reacciones de intercambio de carga  

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Se discute la validez de diversas metodologías y su aplicación al estudio de procesos de intercambio de carga electrónico entre iones y blancos atómicos y moleculares. Para energías de impacto entre 0.05 y 5 eV / amu se emplea el método cuántico de la Coordenada de Reacción Común (CRC). A mayores energías, se utiliza el método semiclásico iconal con un desarrollo de la función de onda dinámica en estados moleculares adiabáticos, modificados con un factor de traslación común (FTC). Estos estados pueden obtenerse con cálculos ab initio o empleando potenciales modelo. Cuando la ionización compite con la transferencia de carga, la inclusión de pseudoestados en estos desarrollos permite calcular simultáneamente las secciones eficaces de ambos procesos. Otra técnica utilizada es el método estadístico CTMC. En el tratamiento de colisiones ión-molécula (diatómica) contrastamos la aplicabilidad de distintos métodos, desde la llamada aproximación Franck-Condon hasta un desarrollo en estados vibrónicos, pasando por la aproximación súbita vibro-rotacional, obteniéndose secciones eficaces de captura electrónica total y a estados individuales, así como secciones de excitación vibracional a estados ligados y del continuo (disociación). En todos los casos es necesario calcular superficies de energía y los correspondientes acoplamientos dinámicos entre los estados. La aplicación de estos métodos permite determinar el grado de contaminación de los haces por estados metaestables en un experimento dado, el cambio en los resultados con diferentes isótopos, la importancia de procesos de doble captura, seguida de explosión culombiana, todo ello con precisión comparable a la de medidas experimentales, para sistemas de interés en distintos tipos de plasmas.

Errea, L. F.


PRIMEIRA LISTA -FI002 -Teorias de Perturbac~ao 1. Uma particula esta aprisionada em um poco de potencial nulo para  

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PRIMEIRA LISTA - FI002 - Teorias de Perturba¸c~ao 1. Uma part´icula est´a aprisionada em um po. Calcule a taxa de autoioniza¸c~ao Auger onde um ´atomo com dois el´etrons inicialmente no n´ivel (2s)2 faz uma transi¸c~ao para o estado de um el´etron no n´ivel (1s) e outro livre. Aproxime o estado livre por

de Aguiar, Marcus A. M.


Your Actions Can Help Protect Our Drinking Water (Spanish)  

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L o que usted haga dentro y fuera de su casa puede ayudar a proteger la seguridad y la calidad del agua que usted bebe. Cada d?a, las personas en Estados Unidos beben m?s de 1 bill?n de vasos de agua. Esta cantidad no toma en consideraci?n los otros... usos del agua en nuestros hogares, como la utilizada al limpiar, al cocinar, al ba?arse y al preparar el alimento para beb?s. La mayor parte del agua en los Estados Unidos es segura. Nuestro abastecimiento de agua est? salvaguarda- do por la Agencia...

Warren, Judith L.



Identifying and Handling Spoiled/Unsafe Food and Drinks after a Disaster (Spanish)  

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contacto con agua de inundaci?n ? carne, pollo, pescado, mariscos, huevos, leche, queso blando, bocadillos o galletitas que deben conservarse en fr?o, restos y otros alimentos potencialmente peligrosos que han estado en lugares con m?s de 40 grados F de... temperatura durante 2 horas o m?s ? alimentos con olor, color o textura inusual ? latas de alimentos con protuberancias, abiertas, abolladas o da?adas ? todos las bebidas o alimentos enlatados en el hogar que han estado en contacto con agua de inundaci...

Anding, Jenna



Texas AgrAbility Project  

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para evaluar el estado de la discapacidad e identificar la tecnolog?a y las soluciones posibles para superar el reto. Durante las visitas, un miembro del personal de AgrAbility trabajar? con el cliente y los miembros de la familia para evaluar el... para evaluar el estado de la discapacidad e identificar la tecnolog?a y las soluciones posibles para superar el reto. Durante las visitas, un miembro del personal de AgrAbility trabajar? con el cliente y los miembros de la familia para evaluar el...

Smith, David



Informe a la nación indica que continúa la disminución de las tasas de mortalidad por cáncer que empezó a principios de los noventa; Una sección especial destaca los cánceres asociados al exceso de peso y a la falta de actividad física adecuada

Los índices de mortalidad por todos los cánceres combinados para hombres, mujeres y niños siguieron bajando en Estados Unidos entre 2004 y 2008, según el Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer de 1975 a 2008. El índice general de diagnósticos nuevos de cáncer, que se conoce también como incidencia, bajaron entre los hombres un promedio de 0,6% por año entre 2004 y 2008. Los índices generales de incidencia de cáncer entre las mujeres bajaron 0,5% por año de 1998 hasta 2006; estos índices se nivelaron de 2006 a 2008.


Characterization of slipped sediments from a loess landslide, Kulcs, Central-Hungary  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The area of the Danube High Bluffs in Central Hungary is frequently affected by recent landslide activity where landslides have largely been associated with slope deposits, including various Pleistocene sediments as well as the underlying Pannonian layers. Studies , however, have revealed that intense rainfall episodes and flooding periods trigger landslides in the area [1,2]. In this study, we report the results of a case study about the collapsed structure in the toe and at the bulge of Kulcs landslide. Beside field recordings, previous geotechnical data of Rácalmás-Kulcs area were reinterpreted. A broad range of analytical techniques were employed for the characterization of sediments on the surface and in 6 boreholes on a small area (100 m x 30 m) affected by landslide movements along riverbank. Sediments from boreholes comprise grey silty flood plain sediment, old weathered loess with loess dolls, fine grained brown paleosoils, red clay, carbonate cemented layers and sand/sandstone. Sandwich-like sediment structure and grain size distribution with high amount of clay and silt (clay, silty clay loam and silt loam texture) are present that affect the flow of underground water. Samples mainly contain quartz (17-62%), carbonates (calcite >dolomite; 0-50%), muscovite and illite (0-25 %) and subordinate amount of chlorite, montmorillonite, feldspars, kaolinite, goethite. The borehole which was drilled outside of the area, affected by the landslide, shows different sediment structure. Weathering indices and major chemical composition of most of the samples show similar values to Pleistocene-Pannonian sequences from Hungary, excluding Na2O and MnO [3]. The high CPA values (93-98 %) in the paleosoil unit reflect a highly weathered paleosoil. The low values of Na2O/Al2O3 and K2O/Al2O3 with respect to average Upper Continental Crust composition indicating the removal of more soluble elements. These results are helpful to reveal the cause of landslides and trace sliding planes in sediments where it is not clearly recognizable. The study highlights the importance of paleosoil layers in quaternary loess as these can act as potential sliding planes if the hydrogeological conditions are such. References: [1] Szabó, J. (2003), Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 3, 43-52. [2] Újvári et al. (2009), Geomorphology 109, 197-209. [3] Varga et al. (2011), Quaternary International 240, 71-86.

Udvardi, Beatrix; Kovács, István; Füri, Judit; Kónya, Péter; Horváth, Zsolt; Besnyi, Anikó; Földvári, Mária; Koloszár, László; Fedor, Ferenc; Horváth, Judit; Ács, Péter; Fancsik, Tamás; Szabó, Csaba



Association of Arsenic and Metals with Concentrations of 25-Hydroxyvitamin D and 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D among Adolescents in Torre?n, Mexico  

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Background: Limited data suggest that lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd), and uranium (U) may disrupt vitamin D metabolism and inhibit production of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D [1,25(OH)2D], the active vitamin D metabolite, from 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] in the kidney. Objectives: We evaluated the association between blood lead (BPb) and urine arsenic (As), Cd, molybdenum (Mo), thallium (Tl), and U with markers of vitamin D metabolism [25(OH)D and 1,25(OH)2D]. Methods: We conducted a cross-sectional study of 512 adolescents in Torreón, a town in Mexico with a Pb smelter near residential areas. BPb was measured using atomic absorption spectrometry. Urine As, Cd, Mo, Tl, and U were measured using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. Serum 25(OH)D and 1,25(OH)2D were measured using a chemiluminescent immunoassay and a radioimmunoassay, respectively. Multivariable linear models with vitamin D markers as the outcome were used to estimate associations of BPb and creatinine-corrected urine As and metal concentrations with serum vitamin D concentrations, controlling for age, sex, adiposity, smoking, socioeconomic status, and time outdoors. Results: Serum 25(OH)D was positively associated with urine Mo and Tl [1.5 (95% CI: 0.4, 2.6) and 1.2 (95% CI: 0.3, 2.1) ng/mL higher with a doubling of exposure, respectively]. Serum 1,25(OH)2D was positively associated with urine As and U [3.4 (95% CI: 0.9, 5.9) and 2.2 (95% CI: 0.7, 3.7) pg/mL higher, respectively], with little change in associations after additional adjustment for serum 25(OH)D. Pb and Cd were not associated with 25(OH)D or 1,25(OH)2D concentrations. Conclusions: Overall, our findings did not support a negative effect of As or metal exposures on serum 1,25(OH)2D concentrations. Additional research is needed to confirm positive associations between serum 1,25(OH)2D and urine U and As concentrations and to clarify potential underlying mechanisms. Citation: Zamoiski RD, Guallar E, García-Vargas GG, Rothenberg SJ, Resnick C, Rubio Andrade M, Steuerwald AJ, Parsons PJ, Weaver VM, Navas-Acien A, Silbergeld EK. 2014. Association of arsenic and metals with concentrations of 25-hydroxyvitamin D and 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D among adolescents in Torreón, Mexico. Environ Health Perspect 122:1233–1238; PMID:25095279

Zamoiski, Rachel D.; Guallar, Eliseo; Garcia-Vargas, Gonzalo G.; Rothenberg, Stephen J.; Resnick, Carol; Andrade, Marisela Rubio; Steuerwald, Amy J.; Parsons, Patrick J.; Weaver, Virginia M.; Navas-Acien, Ana



Associations between Arsenic Species in Exfoliated Urothelial Cells and Prevalence of Diabetes among Residents of Chihuahua, Mexico  

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Background: A growing number of studies link chronic exposure to inorganic arsenic (iAs) with the risk of diabetes. Many of these studies assessed iAs exposure by measuring arsenic (As) species in urine. However, this approach has been criticized because of uncertainties associated with renal function and urine dilution in diabetic individuals. Objectives: Our goal was to examine associations between the prevalence of diabetes and concentrations of As species in exfoliated urothelial cells (EUC) as an alternative to the measures of As in urine. Methods: We measured concentrations of trivalent and pentavalent iAs methyl-As (MAs) and dimethyl-As (DMAs) species in EUC from 374 residents of Chihuahua, Mexico, who were exposed to iAs in drinking water. We used fasting plasma glucose, glucose tolerance tests, and self-reported diabetes diagnoses or medication to identify diabetic participants. Associations between As species in EUC and diabetes were estimated using logistic and linear regression, adjusting for age, sex, and body mass index. Results: Interquartile-range increases in trivalent, but not pentavalent, As species in EUC were positively and significantly associated with diabetes, with ORs of 1.57 (95% CI: 1.19, 2.07) for iAsIII, 1.63 (1.24, 2.15) for MAsIII, and 1.31 (0.96, 1.84) for DMAsIII. DMAs/MAs and DMAs/iAs ratios were negatively associated with diabetes (OR = 0.62; 95% CI: 0.47, 0.83 and OR = 0.72; 95% CI: 0.55, 0.96, respectively). Conclusions: Our data suggest that uncertainties associated with measures of As species in urine may be avoided by using As species in EUC as markers of iAs exposure and metabolism. Our results provide additional support to previous findings suggesting that trivalent As species may be responsible for associations between diabetes and chronic iAs exposure. Citation: Currier JM, Ishida MC, González-Horta C, Sánchez-Ramírez B, Ballinas-Casarrubias L, Gutiérrez-Torres DS, Hernández Cerón R, Viniegra Morales D, Baeza Terrazas FA, Del Razo LM, García-Vargas GG, Saunders RJ, Drobná Z, Fry RC, Matoušek T, Buse JB, Mendez MA, Loomis D, Stýblo M. 2014. Associations between arsenic species in exfoliated urothelial cells and prevalence of diabetes among residents of Chihuahua, Mexico. Environ Health Perspect 122:1088–1094;? PMID:25000461

Currier, Jenna M.; Ishida, Maria C.; Gonzalez-Horta, Carmen; Sanchez-Ramirez, Blanca; Ballinas-Casarrubias, Lourdes; Gutierrez-Torres, Daniela S.; Ceron, Roberto Hernandez; Morales, Damian Viniegra; Terrazas, Francisco A. Baeza; Del Razo, Luz M.; Garcia-Vargas, Gonzalo G.; Saunders, R. Jesse; Drobna, Zuzana; Fry, Rebecca C.; Matousek, Tomas; Buse, John B.; Mendez, Michelle A.; Loomis, Dana



Spare parts management for nuclear power generation facilities  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

With deregulation, utilities in the power sector face a much more urgent imperative to emphasize cost efficiencies as compared to the days of regulation. One major opportunity for cost savings is through reductions in spare parts inventories. Most utilities are accustomed to carrying large volumes of expensive, relatively slow-moving parts because of a high degree of risk-averseness. This attitude towards risk is rooted in the days of regulation. Under regulation, companies recovered capital inventory costs by incorporating them into the base rate charged to their customers. In a deregulated environment, cost recovery is no longer guaranteed. Companies must therefore reexamine their risk profile and develop policies for spare parts inventory that are appropriate for a competitive business environment. This research studies the spare parts inventory management problem in the context of electric utilities, with a focus on nuclear power. It addresses three issues related to this problem: criticality, risk, and policy. With respect to criticality and risk, a methodology is presented that incorporates the use of influence diagrams and the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). A new method is developed for group aggregation in the AHP when Saaty and Vargas' (2007) dispersion test fails and decision makers are unwilling or unable to revise their judgments. With respect to policy, a quantitative model that ranks the importance of keeping a part in inventory and recommends a corresponding stocking policy through the use of numerical simulation is developed. This methodology and its corresponding models will enable utilities that have transitioned from a regulated to a deregulated environment become more competitive in their operations while maintaining safety and reliability standards. Furthermore, the methodology developed is general enough so that other utility plants, especially those in the nuclear sector, will be able to use this approach. In addition to regulated utilities, other industries, such as aerospace, and the military can also benefit from extensions to these models, as risk profiles and subsequent policies can be adjusted to align with the business environment in which each industry or company operates.

Scala, Natalie Michele


Seasonal and vertical changes in leaf angle distribution for selected deciduous broadleaf tree species common to Europe  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Leaf inclination angle distribution is a key parameter in determining the transmission and reflection of radiation by vegetation canopies. It has been previously observed that leaf inclination angle might change gradually from more vertical in the upper canopy and in high light habitats to more horizontal in the lower canopy and in low light habitats [1]. Despite its importance, relatively few measurements on actual leaf angle distributions have been reported for different tree species. Even smaller number of studies have dealt with the possible seasonal changes in leaf angle distribution [2]. In this study the variation of leaf inclination angle distributions was examined both temporally throughout the growing season and vertically at different heights of trees. We report on leaf inclination angle distributions for five deciduous broadleaf species found commonly in several parts of Europe: grey alder (Alnus incana), Silver birch (Betula pendula Roth), chestnut (Castanea), Norway maple (Acer platanoides), and aspen (Populus tremula). The angles were measured using the leveled camera method [3], with the data collected at several separate heights and four times during the period of May-September 2013. The results generally indicate the greatest change in leaf inclination angles for spring, with the changes usually being the most pronounced at the top of the canopy. It should also be noted, however, that whereas the temporal variation proved to be rather consistent for different species, the vertical variation differed more between species. The leveled camera method was additionally tested in terms of sensitivity to different users. Ten people were asked to measure the leaf angles for four different species. The results indicate the method is quite robust in providing coinciding distributions irrespective of the user and level of previous experience with the method. However, certain caution must be exercised when measuring long narrow leaves. References [1] G.G. McMillen, and J.H. McClendon, "Leaf angle: an adaptive feature of sun and shade leaves," Botanical Gazette, vol. 140, pp. 437-442, 1979. [2] J. Pisek, O. Sonnentag, A.D. Richardson, and M. Mõttus, "Is the spherical leaf inclination angle distribution a valid assumption for temperate and boreal broadleaf tree species?" Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, vol. 169, pp. 186-194, 2013. [3] Y. Ryu, O. Sonnentag, T. Nilson, R. Vargas, H. Kobayashi, R. Wenk, and D. Baldocchi, "How to quantify tree leaf area index in a heterogenous savanna ecosystem: a multi-instrument and multimodel approach," Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, vol. 150, pp. 63-76, 2010.

Raabe, Kairi; Pisek, Jan; Sonnentag, Oliver; Annuk, Kalju



Subscriber access provided by Indiana University Journal of the American Chemical Society is published by the American Chemical  

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Subscriber access provided by Indiana University Journal of the American Chemical Society-Hyun Baik*, Department of Chemistry, the Molecular Structure Center, and School of Informatics, Indiana UniVersity, Bloomington, Indiana 47405, and Centro de InVestigaciones Qui´micas, UniVersidad Auto´noma del Estado de

Baik, Mu-Hyun


Visión de un científico oncólogo que aplica la investigación a la salud humana a través de las fronteras

El doctor Jorge Gómez es el asesor principal del Centro para la Salud Mundial del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer. Dirige la Red de Investigación del Cáncer de los Estados Unidos y América Latina, la cual está realizando un estudio internacional de los factores de riesgo del cáncer de mama y características en las mujeres de América Latina.


Interview no. 539.2  

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Relata se entrada a los Estados Unidos, su viaje a Denver, a su aprehensión por el Border patrol.\\u000aUndocumented person relates his entry into the United States, travel to Denver, and apprehension by the Border Patrol.\\u000aTape in Spanish.




Communicating the Past via Translation: The Manipulation of History  

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This paper examines the connection between translation and narratives of history, with particular attention to Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States" and its Spanish version, "La otra historia de los Estados Unidos". It is argued that translation interacts with history in many ways: translation is fundamental to history and, in…

Valdeon, Roberto A.



Nuestro Instituto

Información acerca de nuestra misión como Instituto Nacional del Cáncer, así como sobre los diferentes tipos de investigación que apoya nuestro Instituto, el programa de centros oncológicos, y sobre el Informe Anual a la Nación acerca del cáncer, el cual es preparado por las principales organizaciones oncológicas de los Estados Unidos.


SI USTED TIENE DERECHO A TRABAJAR, no deje que nadie se lo quite.  

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SI USTED TIENE DERECHO A TRABAJAR, no deje que nadie se lo quite. Si tiene derecho a trabajar Especial, División de Derechos Civiles, P.O. Box 27728, Washington, DC 20038-7728. Departamento de Justicia De los Estados Unidos, División de Derechos Civiles Oficina del Consejero Especial #12;

Fraden, Seth



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. La fotocorriente inducida por iluminación pulsada, de un capacitor MOS con compuerta de Mo, provisto de ventana óptica, se emplea como monitor de su estado de carga, frente a estímulos químicos con concentraciones crecientes de H2 en N2 de hasta 1000 ppm. Se describen las respuestas inducidas por transporte a la interfaz metal-dieléctrico. Los resultados confirman que la sensibilidad

R. M. Lombardi; R. Aragón


Simposio interamericano sobre administracion de la educacion (Inter-American Symposium on Educational Administration).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The presidents and foreign ministers in Latin America recognize the importance of applying technology to school administration as the first step in any educational reform. In October 1968, the Organization of American States (OAS) [Organizacion de los Estados Americanos (OEA)], sponsored a symposium in Brasilia, Brazil, in cooperation with the…

Cespedes, Francisco S., Ed.


No es pues de extraar que el tratado siga generando controver-sia. Mientras sus defensores dan crdito al tratado por estimular  

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vida de la mayoría de las personas. En Estados Unidos se culpa al tratado por la pérdida de empleos para desplegar políticas adecuadas para el bienestar social. En México, se culpa al TLCAN por crear

Tufts University


Servicios de tecnología para microempresas con base en el mercado  

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El presente documento expone la experiencia del Instituto de Investigaciones Socioeconómicas y Tecnológicas (INSOTEC) de Ecuador, que brinda asistencia técnica y capacitación para pequeños empresarios. INSOTEC ha recibido apoyo de la Agencia de los Estados Unidos para el Desarrollo Internacional (USAID). Este documento trata del proceso de aprendizaje y evolución tanto en la gestión administrativa como en la gestión operativa,

José Antonio Lanusse



Lecciones de la investigación económica sobre el rol del sector privado en educación  

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El artículo presenta los elementos conceptuales necesarios para comprender el rol económico del estado y del sector privado en educación. Posteriormente describe las ventajas y defectos de la gestión de establecimientos educacionales tanto por parte de agentes privados como de agentes públicos, así como los beneficios y problemas de la competencia y el financiamiento público vía \\

Pablo González




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En el presente trabajo se muestran los aspectos clave que han permitido a las empresas del estado de Guanajuato que realizan operaciones de comercio exterior mediante el TLCAN a lograr el éxito en ventas y mantener su competitividad en el mercado internacional, toda vez que para cualquier país es fundamental que sus empresas, especialmente las pequeñas y medianas, tengan una

Héctor Cuevas Vargas; David Israel Contreras Medina; Nélida Carmona García; Leticia Almanza Serrano



Efectos de la desigualdad del ingreso sobre el crecimiento económico: un análisis por entidad federativa para México  

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El objetivo de esta investigación es identificar cuál es el efecto final que la desigualdad del ingreso ejerce sobre el crecimiento económico en los estados de la República Mexicana. Para ello, se utiliza un panel de datos que comprende las 32 entidades federativas durante el período de 1984-1999. Se corren regresiones del modelo estándar que se utiliza en esta clase

Sergio Rios Santos



Teatro en Uruguay: Conversación con Jorge Pignataro Calero  

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Cultura. Pero tiene recursos muy magros. Te doy un ejemplo, y tú que vienes de Estados Unidos, te vas a reír cuando te diga la cifra. Con la primera partida, se quiso hacer una distribución: ¡había 43.000 dólares disponibles y 192.000 dólares de...

Bravo-Elizondo, Pedro



Un gobierno alternativo en una región olvidada de Colombia: entrevista al taita Floro Alberto Tunubalái Paja, gobernador del departamento del Cauca  

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El Departamento del Cauca está situado al Sur de Colombia. En los últimos años ha ocupado el penúltimo lugar en su aporte económico al país. Lós índices de pobreza son grandes, la oferta de trabajo es baja y la desatención y disminución del Estado se acentúa, haciendo cada vez más dificil la solución de las desigualdades sociales que vive la

Diego Jaramillo Salgado



Colombia y el tratado de libre comercio  

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El gobierno colombiano ha expresado su intención de orientar todos los esfuerzos para ingresar al Nafta en el menor tiempo posible. Se trata de ampliar el mercado y obtener ventajas para las exportaciones. En el congreso y en la opinión pública de los Estados Unidos hay conceptos adversos en este ingreso, por las flagrantes violaciones de los derechos humanos y

Beethoven Herrera



Guatemala, México y Colombia Los retos de la expansión del narcotráfico en el nuevo milenio  

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Se presenta evidencia del aprendizaje criminal de las organizaciones narcotraficantes en tres países de América Latina: Guatemala, México y Colombia. Las organizaciones narcotraficantes han aprendido a controlar el Estado, lo cual explica el éxito de esta actividad criminal. El aprendizaje criminal comparado de organizaciones narcotraficantes de Guatemala, México y Colombia permite pensar que dichas organizaciones están aprendiendo a usar mecanismos

Luis Jorge Garay-Salamanca; Isaac de León-Beltrán; Eduardo Salcedo-Albarán




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Colombia enfrenta la más compleja situación de seguridad interna en el Hemisferio Occidental. La interacción de un conjunto de amenazas -grupos insurgentes, autodefensas ilegales, narcotráfico y crimen organizado- representa un reto de proporciones incalculables para el Estado en Colombia. Está en juego la supervivencia misma del orden democrático por lo cual es fundamental que la sociedad colombiana no escatime recursos,

Carlos caballero Argáez



Política exterior y tratados públicos  

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Esta obra reúne los principales temas que integran la agenda internacional, los cuales incluyen la paz y la seguridad, los derechos humanos, el medio ambiente, las migraciones, el racismo, el narcotráfico, la cooperación y el desarrollo, el comercio y la integración económica y el nacionalismo. Incluye también un estudio sobre los principios del derecho internacional que deben observar los Estados,

Germán Ramírez Bulla


Selección de los principales problemas de seguridad de las vacunas  

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ExtractoEjemplos recientes de los principales beneficios en salud pública de la vacunación incluyen reducciones globales de la mortalidad por sarampión y el registro de niveles bajos de enfermedades evitables por vacunas en Estados Unidos. No obstante, los problemas reales o percibidos de seguridad de las vacunas pueden ejercer un impacto adverso sobre los programas de vacunación. La monitorización sólida de

John K. Iskander; Jane Gidudu; Nelson Arboleda; Wan-Ting Huang




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Existe un incremento progresivo de países que desean colaborar con Cuba, e invertir recursos financieros y materiales específicamente en la Provincia de Cienfuegos. Todo esto conlleva el diseño y ejecución de proyectos que deben ser rigurosamente controlados para satisfacción de las partes integrantes del mismo y para el Estado como representante de los intereses del pueblo cubano. Al efectuarse auditorias

María Elena Guerra Egido; Martha Rosa Lòpez Toledo; Tania Rosa Vega Fernández; Yanett Guerra Egido; Mabel Quiñones Borrell



Investigacin Centro de Investigacin y de Estudios Avanzados del Instituto Politcnico Nacional  

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ecosistemas costeros, calidad e Intrusión de agua costera de mar en acuíferos de agua dulce. Jorge Iván Euán y cuerpos de agua, peligros, y aproximaciones para el manejo costero. Gerardo Gold Bouchot Niveles tropicales a impactos locales y globales, utilizando indicadores de calidad del agua, estado trófico



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1 PROYECTO SOSTAUGA: EL USO SOSTENIBLE DEL AGUA Y SU RELACI�N CON EL TERRITORIO EN EL CAMPUS DE elemento agua y sus ecosistemas asociados. Preservar y potenciar un elemento clave del patrimonio socio �mbito de influencia. Se pretende: Conseguir el adecuado estado ecol�gico de los flujos y masas de agua

Fraguela, Basilio B.


Psicología de las mujeres y de género. Pasado, presente y futuro. Notas de un seminario impartido por Rhoda Unger Women and Gender Psychology. Past, present and future. Notes on a seminar  

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Este trabajo está compuesto por una serie de notas que recopiló quien esto escribe en el seminario que recientemente impartió Rhoda Unger en el doctorado de Psicología Social de la UAB. Se trata de cinco conferencias que abordaban la historia de la psicología feminista, y de la psicología en general, en Estados Unidos. Al tiempo que ofrecían un panorama de

Rhoda Unger




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de Cosmologia AST-404-4 Astrofísica de Altas Energias AST-405-4 Astrofísica no Infravermelho AST-406. Equações de estado do gás; termodinâmica do interior estelar. Transporte de energia no interior estelar



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Relatividade Geral AST-403-3 Tópicos de Cosmologia AST-404-4 Astrofísica de Altas Energias AST-405 estado do gás; termodinâmica do interior estelar. Transporte de energia no interior estelar. Processos



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Altas Energias AST-405-4 Astrofísica no Infravermelho AST-406-3 Radiofísica do Sol AST-409-3 Física do das estrelas. Equações de estado do gás; termodinâmica do interior estelar. Transporte de energia


The simultaneous determination of thorium, niobium lead, and zinc by photon-induced x-ray fluorescence of lateritic material  

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A rapid method is presented for the simultaneous determinations of thorium, niobium, lead, and zinc in lateritic material from Cerro Impacto, Estado Bolivar, Venezuela. This technique uses a PDP - 11\\/05 processor - based photon induced x-ray fluorescence system. The total variations of approximately 5% for concentrations of approximately 1 and 10% for concentrations of approximately 0.1% were obtained with

J. J. Labrecque; D. Adames; W. C. Parker



Responsables de la UA visitan Bruselas con motivo del programa de investigacin Horizonte 2020 de la UE  

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Responsables de la UA visitan Bruselas con motivo del programa de investigación Horizonte 2020 de pasados para preparar la estrategia de la UA de cara a la convocatoria Horizonte 2020. Durante la actividad ha estado acompañada por el director del Secretariado de Investigación de la UA, Enrique Herrero

Escolano, Francisco


Microflora patógena del queso blanco \\  

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Resumen: Resumen: Resumen: Resumen: Resumen: El queso telita, es un queso blanco de pasta cocida que se vende sumergido en suero y es elaborado por pequeños productores en queseras artesanales, ubicadas en varios estados del país. Las deficientes condiciones sanitarias de producción, almacenamiento, transporte y comercialización para este producto, son causas importantes de contaminación con microorganismos entre los que pueden

José Gregorio Márquez


Portadores nasofaríngeos de Neisseria meningitidis en trabajadores con riesgo ocupacional  

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Los portadores de Neisseria meningitidis constituyen la principal fuente de infección y transmisión de la enfermedad meningocócica. Conocer su prevalencia, las características de las cepas aisladas y los factores de riesgos asociados con el estado de portador, aportan datos valiosos al control y vigilancia epidemiológica de esta entidad clínica. Para cumplimentar los objetivos propuestos se realizó un estudio transversal descriptivo

Isabel Martínez; Gustavo Sierra; Georgina Pardo; Niurka Álvarez; Marlene Armesto; Mayelín Mirabal



Study of nine observed cases of Tinea Nigra in Greater Vitória (Espírito Santo state, Brazil) over a period of  

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1 Resumo: FUNDAMENTOS - Tinha negra ou ceratofitose negra constitui-se em infecção fúngica crônica do estrato córneo da epiderme, rara, causada pelo fungo filamentoso Phaeoannellomyces werneckii . Caracteriza-se clinicamente por mancha acastanhada, de limites nítidos, pouco descamativa, assintomá- tica, preferencialmente localizada na palma da mão. O BJETIVO - Registrar a presença de casos de tinha negra no Estado do Espírito

Lucia Martins Diniz


Carmen Naranjo o la intencin fugaz del decir1 Para Ana Pacheco.  

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, Embajadora plenipotenciaria de Costa Rica en Israel, Ministra de Cultura, Educaci6n y Deportes, experta de del flamante presidente de Costa Rica, Abel Pacheco. De entre lo mucho que publicó Naranjo en su las Naciones Unidas y de la Organizaci6n de Estados Americanos, y en la actualidad., asesora cultural

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Politics, Economy, and Culture Workshop (PEC) Spring 2012 Schedule  

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? Health Sector Reform in Argentina, Costa Rica and Per� April 13 Joe DiGrazia Right Wing PoliticsPolitics, Economy, and Culture Workshop (PEC) Spring 2012 Schedule Unless otherwise noted, PEC: The Nation State and the Spread of Audit Culture in Education 1960-2010 Shiri Noy �Mas Mercado, Menos Estado

Menczer, Filippo


Pedro García Faria, ingeniero de Caminos (y arquitecto)  

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Pedro García Faria fue uno de los Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos más destacados al servicio de la administración del Estado en España desde finales del siglo XIX hasta principios del XX. El interés que desde los inicios de su carrera profesional mostró por el problema del saneamiento de zonas afectadas por epidemias, le condujeron al reconocimiento profesional de

Miguel Ángel Miranda González



La Participación Comunitaria en el Manejo Integrado de los Recursos Hídricos en la Cuenca Mira, en Ecuador  

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En Ecuador, así como en otros países de Latino América, las actividades de manejo de cuencas y desarrollo de recursos naturales se han venido realizando desde hace varios años atrás, con el fin de mejorar las condiciones ambientales y socio-económicas de la población de las cuencas. Muchas de estas iniciativas de planificación y manejo de cuencas han estado dominadas por

Amparo Ismodes



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. Nationalidad: Israelita. Estado Civil: Casado. 1 EXPERIENCIA PROFESIONAL ffl 1990­1992 postdoctorado en el. ffl 1985­1990: Ph.D. Ingenieria El#ctrica, Technion, HAIFA, Israel. Titulo de la tesis: Politicas de.Sc. (Summa Cum Laude), Ingenieria El#ctrica, Technion, HAIFA, Israel ffl 1985 B.A. (Summa Cum Laude), F



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RESUMEN En 1925, Chiapas otorgó el derecho a voto a las mujeres del estado, así como los derechos de ciudadanas, declarándolas jurídicamente iguales a los hombres; esto se dio veintiocho años antes que cuando la federación lo dispuso para el ámbito nacional. Dicho importante antecedente ha sido omitido en la historiografía mexicana por completo, aun siendo el primer decreto de

Sarah Osten


Salud, interculturalidad y comportamiento de riesgo  

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El objetivo principal del primer estudio, “El rol de las percepciones y los conocimientos de las madres en el estado nutricional de sus niños”, de Alcázar, Marini y Walker, es analizar los factores determinantes de la desnutrición infantil (talla para la edad de los niños menores de 2 años), con énfasis en el rol del conocimiento de las madres sobre


3a. Lista de Exercicios 1. Mensagens chegam a um escritorio de acordo com um Processo de Pois-  

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. Considere um processo de nascimento e morte a tempo cont´inuo com 3 estados 0,1 e 2 e taxas de nascimento e morte tal que 0 = µ2. Use as equa¸c~oes "forward" para encontrar P0y(t), y = 0, 1, 2.. 6. Considere uma

Lopes Garcia, Nancy


Un estudio exploratorio sobre el desarrollo de creencias sobre síntomas como señales de hipertensión arterial  

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Aunque la hipertensión arterial es un trastorno asintomático, muchos pacientes hipertensos están con- vencidos de experimentar síntomas indicadores de los cambios en su tensión arterial (TA), y los con- sejos y prescripciones médicas pueden verse afectados por estas creencias. Diversos estudios han mos- trado que los pacientes hipertensos usan con frecuencia síntomas como indicadores del estado de su tensión arterial

Genoveva Granados Gámez; Jesús Gil Roales-Nieto; José Luis; Ybarra Sagarduy



Turismo de masas y transporte: el gran reto del turismo del siglo XXI  

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El turismo masas es una de las grandes consecuciones del estado del bienestar, al tiempo que ha venido generando una actividad económica importante. En este contexto, el turismo internacional aumentó un 50 por ciento en los años noventa. Es cierto que la tecnología ha avanzado mucho para evitar los impactos que esta movilidad genera, si bien el aumento del turismo

José Ángel Hernández Luis



Leitura Econômica dos Jogos Olímpicos: Financiamento, Organização e Resultados  

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Os Jogos Olímpicos são uma combinação impressionante de espetáculo e competição, heroísmo e fatalidade, nacionalismo e globalização cultural. Todavia, há outro lado grandioso, revelado quando se observa o valor econômico dos Jogos Olímpicos. Há uma racionalidade que caminha em paralelo à organização das competições e à disputa de medalhas. São razões de Estado mescladas a interesses privados que, quando bem

Marcelo Weishaupt Proni; Lucas Speranza Araujo; Ricardo L. C. Amorim



Tourism impact in Merida: A study on the employment of labor in the food and beverages sector  

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El estudio de impacto turístico en cuanto al empleo es de vital importancia para cualquier comunidad, dada la naturaleza socio-económica intrínseca del mismo. En el estado Mérida, hasta donde se tiene conocimiento, no existen estudios previos relacionados con este tema. En consecuencia, se ha desarrollado un trabajo con el propósito de describir, analizar y evaluar el empleo de mano de

Aura Mayela Márquez



El turismo de segunda residencia en el interior peninsular  

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Las investigaciones turísticas han estado ligadas generalmente a las tipologías turísticas que se desprenden de la definición de turismo que hace la Organización Mundial de Turismo. El turista lleva aparejado, además de un desplazamiento, el pago por la pernoctación. Esta concepción del turismo imperante hasta la fecha hace que determinadas manifestaciones de turismo, como el de segunda residencia o el

Juan Antonio García González; Miguel Panadero Moya



Acatar con los trminos del Aviso actualmente en efecto. Tenemos el derecho a cambiar nuestro Aviso de Prcticas  

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profesionales de la salud, incluyendo a nuestros estudiantes de medicina, residentes y voluntarios. También inapropiada de la información protegida de su salud. Obtener una copia escrita de este Aviso al haber C�MO SE PUEDE USAR Y DIVULGAR LA INFORMACI�N SOBRE SU ESTADO DE SALUD Y C�MO USTED PUEDE TENER ACCESO

Hayes, Jane E.


Diferenciación en la prestación de servicios de Medicina Prepagada y Plan Obligatorio de Salud POS. (Caso de estudio)  

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El Sistema Nacional de Salud, que regulaba la atención y coberturas en salud en todo el territorio nacional, se había estructurado como un modelo de operación determinado por el Estado colombiano, unía todas las modalidades de servicios de salud existentes prestados por instituciones tan variadas como empresas privadas, las cuales constituían su propio servicio para sus empleados; ejemplo: cajas de

Julio Hernando Lozano; Alexandra Lozano Marmolejo; Demóstenes Lozano Gubbay




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) UNAM. Temas de investigación: Medicina tradicional. Estado nutricional. Geografía de la salud. gbalam. Temas de investigación: Salud, nutrición y comportamiento de los grupos materno-infantil y de preescolar


La Historia del Feminismo  

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Este artículo rastrea el desarrollo de la historia de las mujeres en los Estados Unidos. Relaciona los principales temas de debate al activismo y las demandas de las historiadoras académicas. Su principal contribución es el enfatizar cómo los temas históricos relevantes a la historia de las mujeres han tenido un impacto decisivo en la disciplina histórica como tal. Por lo

Joan Wallach Scott



Building Intercultural Competence through Intercultural Competency Certification of Undergraduate Students  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The Intercultural Competency Certificate (CCI in Spanish) designed for the Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP University) is a theory based comprehensive plan to develop undergraduate students' intercultural competence. This Certificate is based in the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity (DMIS) developed by…

Janeiro, Maria G. Fabregas; Fabre, Ricardo Lopez; Nuno de la Parra, Jose Pablo



Revista da Biologia ISSN 1984-5154 Sumrio _____________________________ Volume 5  

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ANAPIREXIA Carolina da Silveira Scarpellini e Kênia Cardoso Bícego 7 MODELOS COMPUTACIONAIS APLICADOS � Cheixas-Dias Carlos Eduardo Amancio Daiane Gil Franco Danilo Flores Evelyn Loures de Godoi Gustavo Requena 1 REGULA��O DA TEMPERATURA CORPORAL EM DIFERENTES ESTADOS T�RMICOS: �NFASE NA ANAPIREXIA Carolina da

Morandini, Andre C.


Processamento cognitivo \\  

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Resumo Objetivo: O transtorno afetivo bipolar está associado ao comprometimento funcional persistente. Apesar de muitas pesquisas demon- strarem que bipolares podem apresentar déficits cognitivos, um número menor de trabalhos avaliou o papel de prejuízos no proces- samento cognitivo social, a Teoria da Mente (relacionado à capacidade de inferir estados mentais), no aparecimento de sintomas e complicações sociais em bipolares. O

Hélio Anderson Tonelli



Garifuna Place-Making: Hope for the Guatemalan Nation  

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as another ethnic group existing in the nation with a long and deep ethnic-class divide. The 1988-1990 FLASCO conference proceedings in Estado y Naci?n20 show how the Garinagu were considered neither Maya nor Ladina/o before the Peace Process started...

Gorres, Shannon Marie




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ALLEN'S BIG-EARED BAT (IDIONYCTERIS PHYLLOTIS) DOCUMENTED IN COLORADO BASED ON RECORDINGS OF ITS, Loveland, CO 80538 (CJM) *Correspondent: ABSTRACT--Allen's big-eared bat especie en el estado de Colorado. Allen's big-eared bat (Idionycteris phyllotis) is the only species

Adams, Rick


Memorias del Segundo Simposio Internacional Sobre Polticas, Planificacin y Economa de los Programas de Proteccin Contra Incendios Forestales: Una Visin Global Memorias del Segundo Simposio Internacional Sobre Polticas, Planificacin y Economa de los Progra  

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Forestales: Una Visión Global Efectos de los Reglamentos y la Responsabilidad Civil en el Riesgo de la Quema disposiciones de las leyes de responsabilidad civil y de los reglamentos influirán en los incentivos para la tienden a ser menores en los estados con leyes parlamentarias de responsabilidad civil y restricciones

Standiford, Richard B.



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civil o cualquier otra, tenga por efecto impedir o anular el reconocimiento o el ejercicio de los salud, embarazo, lengua, religión, opiniones, estado civil o cualquier otra, tenga por efecto impedir o igualdad de derechos, responsabilidades y oportunidades de mujeres y hombres; revalorar el papel de la

Islas, León


Declaracin de no discriminacin IEEE se compromete con el principio de que todas las personas deben tener acceso  

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, afiliación política, estado civil, condición de veterano o cualquier otra característica que la ley ampare aplicación: El Departamento de Recursos Humanos de IEEE tendrá la responsabilidad principal por la omisión de

Kaski, Samuel



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cargo, ou se a falsificação ou alteração é de assentamento de registro civil, aumenta-se a pena de sexta ADMINISTRA��O DE PESSOAL TERMO DE RESPONSABILIDADE ________________________________________________________________________,nacionalidade: ____________________________________, estado civil:_________________________________, CPF nº

Souza, Max O.


Nexo casual deve ser comprovado para se caracterizar a responsabilidade do Para ficar caracterizada a responsabilidade subjetiva, assim como a objetiva, alm da  

E-print Network

primeiro grau. Para o tribunal, ficou caracterizada a responsabilidade civil do município, uma vez queNexo casual deve ser comprovado para se caracterizar a responsabilidade do Estado Para ficar caracterizada a responsabilidade subjetiva, assim como a objetiva, além da investigação de culpa do agente, tem

Floeter, Sergio Ricardo



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pelas partículas espalhadas numa tela uorescente de 2x2 mm, colocada a 5 cm do centro do alvo e numa a freqüência de revolução do elétron numa órbita circular). 9.- Mostre que no estado fundamental do átomo de

Ribas, Roberto Vicençotto


Calling Site Fidelity and Call Structure of a Neotropical Toad, Rhinella ocellata (Anura: Bufonidae)  

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and calling behavior of a population of this species in the state of Tocantins, Brazil, in 2004. Unlike most of a river; similar calling sites were observed at another site in Tocantins in 2005. Home-range size¸a~o dessa espe´cie no estado do Tocantins, norte do Brasil, no ano de 2004. Diferentemente de outras espe

Shepard, Don



Microsoft Academic Search

Este artigo tem a finalidade de analisar as atividades e estabelecimentos de duas Regiões de Integração do Estado do Pará - Tocantins e Carajás - nos anos de 2000, 2005 e 2010 através da análise de indicadores econômicos que definem as economias dos municípios de acordo com a Matriz Bidimensional do Dinamismo Econômico. O trabalho obteve resultados coerentes com a

Heriberto Wagner Amanajás Pena; João Alberto Feio Maynart Tenório; Júlia Helena Maia do Nascimento; Nayara Alencar Moriconi; Pamela da Silva Coelho



Millones de nios tienen alergias.  

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frotarla constantemente? ¿Se empeoran los síntomas cuando sale al aire libre o ha estado cerca de animales tapicería, las cortinas, las alfombras y los animales de peluche. Medidas de control incluyen: Limpie su, tapetes y muebles tapizados del dormitorio del niño. Lave los animales de peluche en agua caliente o


lgebra Linear aplicada a Economia -"Anlise na Reta" _______________________2 Anlise Macroeconmica III -"Teoria da Poltica Monetria" ___________________3  

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ÍNDICE Álgebra Linear aplicada a Economia - "Análise na Reta" _______________________2 Análise ­ "Crescimento e Concorrência de Firmas" ___5 Desenvolvimento Econômico do Estado do Rio de Janeiro ­ "A Economia Temporais" ______________________________________10 Economia Agrícola I ­ "Economia Agrária

Liu, I-Shih


Los índices de mortalidad por cáncer de pulmón siguen bajando y contribuyen a reducción de índices generales de muertes por cáncer; Informe Anual a la Nación tiene una sección especial de los efectos de otras enfermedades en la supervivencia de pacientes

El Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer (1975 a 2010), mostró un descenso más acelerado que en años anteriores de los índices de mortalidad por cáncer de pulmón. También contiene una sección especial que destaca los efectos significativos que tienen otras enfermedades en la supervivencia de pacientes con cáncer.


Informe Anual a la Nación indica que los índices generales de cáncer siguen disminuyendo; su sección especial destaca las tendencias actuales y pronósticos del cáncer colorrectal

Los índices de casos nuevos diagnosticados y los índices de muertes de todos los tipos de cáncer combinados disminuyeron en forma considerable en el período más reciente para hombres y mujeres en general, y para la mayoría de las poblaciones raciales y étnicas de Estados Unidos, según un informe de las principales organizaciones de salud y oncológicas.


Application of FTIR-HATR spectroscopy and multivariate analysis to the quantification of adulterants in Mexican honeys  

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Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy with attenuated total reflectance (ATR) accessory was used to quantify three different adulterants (corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup and inverted sugar) in honeys of four different locations of México (Chiapas, Oaxaca, Estado de México and Morelos). The optimal calibrations for the three adulterants were developed with partial least squares (PLS). The developed models were

Tzayhri Gallardo-Velázquez; Guillermo Osorio-Revilla; Marlene Zuñiga-de Loa; Yadira Rivera-Espinoza



XII Simpsio Brasileiro de Sensoriamento Remoto Goinia, GO, 16 a 21 de abril de 2005  

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setor de artesanato localizado em área própria em frente ao prédio histórico da antiga Estação, antiga Vila Boa e capital do Estado. Conhecida pela famosa Procissão do Fogaréu e pelas suas antigas


Festuca renvoizei and F. urubambana (Poaceae, Loliinae), Two New Species from Peru  

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suficientes para la evaluacio´n del estado de conservacio´n y vulnerabilidad de la UICN. Sin embargo parece et al., 2003). This is about 30% of the world diversity of this cosmopolitan genus. The Andean zone­1794. Other historic Peruvian specimens can be found in herbaria around the world (B, K, P, US, W; D. Stanci

Stancik, Daniel


Contributed Paper The Role of Translocation in Recovery of Woodland  

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(Rangifer tarandus caribou) were extirpated recently from Banff National Park, Canada, and translocations, conservation reliant species, protected area, PVA, Rangifer tarandus, recovery plan, reintroduction tarandus caribou) fue extirpado recientemente del Parque Nacional Banff, Canad´a, y se ha estado

Hebblewhite, Mark


Análise filogenética de potyvírus causando endurecimento dos frutos do maracujazeiro no Nordeste do Brasil  

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Amostras foliares de plantas de maracujá-amarelo (Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa) com sintomas típicos de endurecimento dos frutos foram coletadas nos estados de Pernambuco, Paraíba e Sergipe. A infecção viral foi comprovada por meio de teste sorológico e gama de hospedeiros. Os seis isolados virais obtidos foram capazes de infetar várias espécies testadas, porém apresentando diferenças na intensidade dos sintomas induzidos

Ana Verônica S. Nascimento; Ana R. R. Souza; Poliane F. Alfenas; Genira P. Andrade; Murilo G. Carvalho; Gilvan Pio-Ribeiro; F. Murilo Zerbini



Actas del Congreso Internacional "Amrica Latina: La autonoma de una regin", organizado por el Consejo Espaol de Estudios Iberoamericanos (CEEIB) y la Facultad de Ciencias Polticas y Sociologa de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM),  

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-84-92755-88-2 #12;ÁREA DE CIENCIA POLÍTICA 290 DE SECRETARIOS DE ESTADO A PARLAMENTARISTAS: EL RECICLAJE, afectar una precaria cultura democrática. Observaremos en qué medida el "reciclaje" de políticos influye

Boyer, Edmond


J. Field Ornithol. 77(3):280290, 2006 DOI: 10.1111/j.1557-9263.2006.00054.x Comparative demography of Burrowing Owls  

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´ia comparativa de Athene cunicularia entre ´areas agr´icolas y urbanas en el sudeste de Washington Evidencia aneed´otica ha sugerido que el buho Athene cunicularia se ha reducido en n´umeros en el estado de el periodo en el cual no se est´an reproduciendo. Key words: agriculture, Athene cunicularia

Conway, Courtney J.



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dos pasadas décadas, el levantamiento y estudio de suelos como otras disciplinas científicas aplicadas, el estudio y levantamiento de suelos ha estado acompañado con el avenimiento de la tecnología, siendo suelo (SRI). Se realizaron esfuerzos concertados para lograr los retos propuestos, de manera de mantener

Rossiter, D G "David"


Custo da Água nos Pequenos Regadios Individuais do Alentejo  

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Os pequenos regadios individuais do Alentejo ? PRIA ? representam actualmente uma área bastante superior aos designados regadios colectivos, ou estatais, construídos pelo Estado até aos princípios da década de 70. Estes regadios, são alimentados a partir de fontes de água privadas (barragens, charcas e\\/ou furos) e são, na sua quase totalidade, regados por métodos de rega sob pressão (aspersão

António Cipriano Pinheiro; Isaurindo Oliveira



Cuando llovió dinero en Macondo: Literatura y narcotráfico en Colombia y México  

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relaciones que establece el narcotr?fico con la sociedad y la pol?tica de M?xico; de la novela negra con t?tulos como Bajo mi piel (1998) de Ricardo Bonfil o Tijuana Dream de Juan Hern?ndez Luna que demuestran c?mo los estados fronterizos por su relaci...

Fonseca, Alberto



Las políticas públicas: alternativa para combatir la pobreza en México, con enfoque local  

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El Estado Mexicano tiene la obligación de que las políticas públicas enfocadas al desarrollo regional, sean un instrumento real de política económica a nivel regional, para el combate de la pobreza, desigualdad y la marginación social. Para ello, el reto es crecer en términos económicos, en el ámbito nacional y estatal, para generar esa riqueza y poder pagar impuestos a

Lorenzo Salgado García; Mercedes Pérez Rangel



La democracia constitucional en América Latina y las evoluciones recientes del presidencialismo. Memorias Encuentro del Instituto Iberoamericano de Derecho Constitucional  

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Siempre será oportuno reflexionar sobre la democracia, su contenido, sus desafíos, su presente y su futuro, las transformaciones y percepciones que de ella se tienen. No son pocas las preocupaciones o inquietudes que la democracia suscita en esta parte del mundo, y muestra de ello son los más variados estudios e informes sobre el estado actual de la democracia y

Pedro Pablo Vanegas


Consecuencias macroeconómicas del auge en los mercados financieros de México durante 1986-1987  

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Introducción. A partir de 1982 el sistema financiero en México se ha venido modificando considerablemente; en dicho años los bancos fueron tomados por el Estado y el flujo de crédito externo(en terminos netos) se interrumpió. En consecuencia el gobierno mexicano se vio forzado a replantear el modelo de desarrollo que la economía seguiría; nuevas fuentes de financiamiento tuvieron que encontrarse

Gonzalo Castañeda



Hogares receptores de remesas en México: límites y posibilidades para el desarrollo local y regional  

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En México existe un amplio consenso en el sentido que las remesas de los migrantes mexicanos en Estados Unidos tienen un fuerte impacto en el desarrollo de las economías locales y regionales. Las posiciones varían desde las muy optimistas, como las del gobierno federal mexicano, que no sólo valoran el impacto económico actual, sino también las potencialidades futuras de estos

Fernando Lozano Ascencio




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EL CONSTITUCIONALISMO EN MÉXICO, y de hecho en América Lati- na en general, siempre ha representado un problema para los intérpretes, y especialmente para los angloamericanos. Es cierto que la adhesión a una constitución escrita y al orden constitucional ha sido central en el liberalismo po- lítico mexicano desde la independencia. Como filosofía formadora de Estado, el liberalismo ha funcionado

Charles A. HALE


Mujeres, políticas públicas y política: los caminos globales de Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua-El Paso, Texas  

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Resumen: ** En este artículo se abordan temas selectos de polí- ticas públicas, que dividen y unen a las mujeres en la frontera México-Estados Unidos, concentrados en el área metropolitana de Ciudad Juárez-El Paso, que con- forma una \\

Kathleen Staudt; Beatriz Vera



Análisis de las Políticas Agropecuarias Frente a los Acuerdos Internacionales  

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A partir de la apertura económica que inició con el gobierno del presidente César Gaviria Trujillo, y de acuerdo con lo que está ocurriendo en el país en los últimos años, se está en una dinámica importante relacionada con la suscripción de acuerdos y tratados internacionales de comercio como los Tratados de Libre Comercio con los Estados Unidos, Chile y

Ivarth Palacio Salazar



Children Without Borders: A Mapping of the Literature on Unaccompanied Migrant Children to the United States  

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Este artículo presenta un mapeo de la información q ue hasta ahora tenemos sobre menores migrantes no acompañados. Se enfoca en las experiencias de menores no acompañados que migran de Centroamérica y México a los Estados Unidos, y esta basado en una revisión de los estudios e informes que documentan esta migración. En vez de centrase solo en información desde

Lilian Chavez; Cecilia Menjívar


Facultad de Estudios Superiores Acatln Nombre de la disciplina deportiva: Ftbol soccer  

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Facultad de Estudios Superiores Acatlán Nombre de la disciplina deportiva: Fútbol soccer Dirigido a fútbol; por ello en Estados Unidos se le conoce como soccer. El fútbol asociación se distingue de otros:00 hrs. Cancha de fútbol soccer. Contacto: Nombre: Lic. Alberto Tolentino Puesto: Jefe del Departamento

Islas, León



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CONSUMPTION OF NATIVE AND NONNATIVE FISHES BY INTRODUCED LARGEMOUTH BASS (MICROPTERUS SALMOIDES native fishes. Introduced largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) in the San Juan River, New Mexico (Micropterus salmoides) en el ri´o San Juan de los estados de Nuevo Me´xico, Colorado y Utah es raramente

Gido, Keith B.


Se inagura estudio de prevención de cáncer de próstata

Más de 400 centros en los Estados Unidos, Puerto Rico y Canadá están aceptando participantes para SELECT. Este estudio durará 12 años. SELECT es el primer estudio diseñado para observar directamente los efectos del selenio y la vitamina E, tanto juntos como por separado, para prevenir el cáncer de próstata.


Estudio para la prevención del cáncer necesita voluntarias: El Estudio del Tamoxifeno y Raloxifeno (STAR) se realiza en Norteamérica

El Estudio del Tamoxifeno y Raloxifeno (STAR, por sus siglas en inglés), uno de los estudios más importantes realizados para la prevención del cáncer del seno, está ahora reclutando voluntarias en más de 400 centros en los Estados Unidos, Puerto Rico y Canadá.


Honduras: desafíos de la inserción en la economía internacional  

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Ante Honduras se abren nuevos e importantes desafíos en materia de comercio e integración. Este informe busca brindar una fotografía del desempeño del sector externo de Honduras, fundamentalmente el comercial, con miras a identificar esos desafíos a la luz de importantes acontecimientos: la entrada en vigor del Tratado de Libre Comercio entre Centroamérica, la República Dominicana y Estados Unidos (RD-CAFTA

Jaime; Paolo Granados; José Ernesto López-Córdova; Ziga Vodusek; Alberto Barreix



Effect of nitrate concentration on growth and pigment synthesis of Dunaliella salina cultivated under low illumination and preadapted to different salinities  

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A wild strain of Dunaliella salina was isolated from a solar evaporation salt-pond in Araya (Estado Sucre, Venezuela) and\\u000a grown in batch culture using relatively low illumination (80 ?mol photon m-2 s-1). After the alga had been adapted to various\\u000a salinities (9, 14, 21% w\\/v NaCl), the influence of nitrate concentration (882, 435, 212 ?mol L-1 N) on growth rate

Nellis Marín; Francisco Morales; César Lodeiros; Eric Tamigneaux



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 3 de enero 2013

En Estados Unidos nos bombardean con información sobre los exámenes de detección del cáncer. Los comerciales radiales tratan de atraer a la gente a los centros médicos subrayando los beneficios de los exámenes de detección del cáncer de pulmón. Algunos grupos de defensa promueven los exámenes para el cáncer de próstata o de mama. Y los medios enfatizan los beneficios de estas pruebas. Pero mucha gente no entiende la complejidad de estos procedimientos.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 07-20-2010

El doctor Harold Varmus, acompañado de su esposa Constance Casey (centro), presta juramento como director del NCI ante la Secretaria del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos, Kathleen Sebelius, el lunes 12 de julio. (Foto cortesía de Chris Smith) El 12 de julio, el doctor Harold Varmus prestó juramento ante la Secretaria del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos de los Estados Unidos, Kathleen Sebelios, como el decimocuarto director del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer.


Derechos Bsicos de Ausencia La Ley de Ausencia Familiar y Mdica (FMLA-por sus siglas en ingls) exige  

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Derechos Básicos de Ausencia La Ley de Ausencia Familiar y Médica (FMLA-por sus siglas en inglés condición de salud seria que le impida al empleado desempeñar su puesto. Derechos de Ausencia Para Familias avisado de una llamada a estado de servicio activo bajo cobertura pueden usar su derecho de ausencia de 12

Rock, Chris


Reconocer los derechos de los migrantes para fortalecer la integracin regional  

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Reconocer los derechos de los migrantes para fortalecer la integración regional Buscando una vida su derecho al trabajo. ·El bienestar de las personas migrantes requiere que el Estado y los empleadores garanticen sus derechos sin distinción de condición jurídica, política o social. ·Los más

Richner, Heinz


PRIMEIRA PROVA -FI002 1. Considere um oscilador harm^onico tri-dimensional sujeito a um campo  

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PRIMEIRA PROVA - FI002 NOME: RA: 1. Considere um oscilador harm^onico tri-dimensional sujeito a um´etico muito pequeno. 1 #12;2. Um ´atomo de Hidrog^enio no estado fundamental 100 ´e colocado entre duas placas de um capacitor que produz um campo el´etrico uniforme da forma E = E0e-t/ ^z. Usando teoria de

de Aguiar, Marcus A. M.


El CELCIT en la formación teatral latinoamericana  

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, el CELCIT realizaba su primer gran evento internacional: el I Encuentro de Escuelas y Pedagogos Teatrales de América Latina. Es interesante recordar que yo había sido llamado desde Colombia, no por institución teatral venezolana alguna, sino por un..., fundamentalmente por la acometividad del Director General, Luis Molina. Las áreas de formación, promoción, investigación, publicaciones, desarrollaron a partir de un modesto apoyo inicial del Estado venezolano (el primer aporte provino del Instituto Nacional de...

Gené , Juan Carlos



Registro e Inscripcin 9:00-9:45 horas  

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Aranda Negrete -Maribel Rosa Delgado García Moderador: Ana Luisa Ochoa San Juan 12:00-12:15 horas de la norma ISAD-G para la elaboración de catálogos en el AGN, México" -Antonio Augusto de Paz la salud de San Antonio La Isla, Estado de México" -Rosa María Rojas Montes 17:30-17:45 horas

Islas, León


Determinacin de Criterios Numricos de Nutrimentos para Lagos y Reservas de Agua en Puerto Rico*  

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Determinación de Criterios Numéricos de Nutrimentos para Lagos y Reservas de Agua en Puerto Rico inventario Nacional de Calidad de Agua de los Estados Unidos identifica los nutrimentos como la principal causa de contaminación de las aguas. Más de 3.4 millones de acre de lagos y 84,000 millas de ríos están

Gilbes, Fernando


Nature and the patterns for giving in the poetry of Claudio Rodriguez  

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faithful to tradi- tional forms, placed it into one of two categories: a "juego mecanico de imagenes, . . . [o un] . . . producto 7 de los estados semicomatosos" of the poet in which he injects his own consciousness during the creative process...- cern for man and equally intense desire to communicate that concern. Gustavo Correa, in his anthology, Poesia es anola del si lo veinte refers to this period (1928- 1936) as one of "culminacion y madurez de los poetas que se iniciaron en el periodo...

Demel, Marjorie Jean



Supplement 16, Parasite-Subject Catalogue: Parasites: Protozoa  

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Cephaloidophora Mawrodiadi Cerathomyxa [lapsus for: Ceratomyxa] Ceratomyxa [lapsus as: Cerathomyxa] Ceratomyxa diloba n. sp. (gall bladder) Sphaeroides rubripes S. pardalis Ceratomyxa filicornis n.sp. Sardinella melanosticta (gall bladder) Cerathomyxa... longispina Petruschewski [Myoxoc ephalus sp.] Ceratomyxa opisthocentri n. sp. Opisthocentrus ocellatus (gall bladder) Amaro, ?., 1963 b, 3 Brasil Amaro, ?., 1964 a, 5-9? figs. 1-6 Manguinhos, Rio de Janeiro, Estado da Guanabara, 'Brasil Amaro...

Segal, Dorothy B.; Humphrey, Judith M.; Beard, Mary I.; Edwards, Shirley J.; Kirby, Margie D.



Prevalencia de deficiencia subclínica de vitamina A y desnutrición en niños marginales de Maracaibo - Venezuela  

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RESUMEN. El presente estudio fue realizado para estimar la prevalencia de deficiencia de vitamina A en niños, mediante examen clínico, oftalmológico y por citología de impresión conjuntival (CIC); y el estado nutricional, analizando los indicadores antropométricos T\\/\\/E, P\\/\\/E y P\\/\\/T. La población de estudio incluyó 157 niños, 2-6 años de edad, provenientes de barrios marginales urbanos y rurales de Maracaibo,

Haydée V. Castejón; Pablo Ortega; María E. Díaz; Daisy Amaya; Gisela Gómez; María Ramos; María V. Alvarado; Jesús R. Urrieta


Evaluaci'on del Desempe~no en Metasistemas Mariela J. Curiel Yudith C. Cardinale Carlos E. Figueira  

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Claves: Metasistemas, Evaluaci'on de desempe~no, Medidas, Instrumentaci'on de c'odigo, Aplicaciones Java'isica, la qu'imica o la biolog'ia computacional impuls'o durante las d'ecadas de los 80 y 90 el desarrollo estado de desarrollo, en t'erminos del acceso transparente a recursos computacionales de alto desem­ pe

Cardinale Villarreal, Yudith C.


La Ley Prohbe la Discriminacin y el Acoso en el Empleo  

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ilegal basados en · Raza · Color · Religión · Sexo (incluyendo el embarazo) · Orientación sexual · Estado debido al sexo del trabajador, embarazo, parto, o problemas de salud relacionados con éstos. · Prohíbe sexo femenino se ausenten de sus labores por un período de hasta cuatro meses si se encuentran

Weaver, Harold A. "Hal"


Teste Brasileiro de Criatividade Figural: Proposta de Instrumento  

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Resumo A criatividade é um fenômeno multidimensional, valorizado por promover o desenvolvimento completo do indivíduo. Este estudo visou a criação, validação e precisão de um instrumento de avaliação da criatividade figural para crianças, com amostra de 120 participantes (60M\\/60F), da 1ª a 4ª série do Ensino Fundamental localizada no Estado de São Paulo. Os participantes responderam a dois testes: Teste

Tatiana de Cássia Nakano; Solange Muglia Wechsler


O Bender e as Dificuldades de Aprendizagem: estudo de validade  

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Resumo Este estudo teve por objetivos buscar evidência de validade de critério para o Bender-Sistema de Pontu ação Gradual (B-SPG) pela comparação de grupos divididos por dificuldades de aprendizagem (acentuada\\/média\\/leve\\/ sem indícios). Participaram 287 crianças, ambos os sexos, entre 7 e 10 anos, de escolas públicas e par ticulares do estado de São Paulo. Os instrumentos utilizados for am um

Adriana Cristina


Porto Alegre, 8 de Novembro de 2012 Porto Alegre  

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mant�m m�ximas acima de 35�C nesta qui... 22:36 > Sobe para 39 o n�mero de mortes confirmadas na... 22:21 > Justi�a absolve Carla Cepollina por morte de c... Not�cias mais lidas 1 > Acidente em Marau deixa dois um amigo Corrigir Receber not�cias desta editoria por RSS por morte de c... 5 > Estado aceita 28% de

Barbosa, Marcia C. B.



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Contaminación por Petróleo (OPA, por sus siglas en inglés), el capítulo 33 del Código de los Estados Unidos (U incidente de vertido de petróleo, y planificar la recuperación para compensar por dichos daños. La OPA inglés). La OPA define "recursos naturales" para incluir tierra, peces, vida silvestre, biota, aire, agua


El profesor de la UA Carlos lvarez-Dardet recibir la Orden Civil de Alicante, 7 de diciembre de 2011  

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Preventiva en el Departamento de Medicina Preventiva y Salud Pública, director del observatorio de Políticas diciembre de 2011 Es la máxima condecoración del Estado en materia de Salud El Consejo de Ministros ha el ámbito de la sanidad". En la Universidad de Alicante, Álvarez Daudet es catedrático de Medicina

Escolano, Francisco


Latin American vertebrate systematic collections: status and management procedures  

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, Universidad de los Andes (Venezuela) Departamento de Biologia Animal y Vegetal, Univ. do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Departamento de Biologia Celular y Genetica. Universidad de Chile. Santiago (Chile) Museo de la Estacion Biologica de Rancho Grande...) Instituto Butantan (Brazil) Instituto de Biologfa Animal (Argentina) Instituto de Biologia, UNAM (Mexico) 16 Table 3. Continuation IDO IES IHN INPA INV IP I ZUA LSCR MBUCU MCP MCN MHN MHNLS MHNV Instituto de Oceanografia, Academia de...

Arrizabalaga, M. Begona



AO CIVIL PBLICA N 5004893-11.2012.404.7200/SC Vistos etc.  

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A��O CIVIL P�BLICA Nº 5004893-11.2012.404.7200/SC SENTEN�A Vistos etc. Cuida-se de ação civil CIVIL P�BLICA. INTERESSES INDIVIDUAIS HOMOG�NEOS DE RELEV�NCIA SOCIAL. LEGITIMIDADE ATIVA DO MINIST�RIO), com a obrigação do Estado em prover a educação Infantil (responsabilidade dos Municípios, por

Floeter, Sergio Ricardo


Analise Matematica III -Turma Especial A entregar ate `a aula pratica de sexta-feira dia 3 de Outubro  

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- y + log(1 + xy), 1 + x + y - x2 y2 ). (a) Mostre que f tem uma inversa local de classe C numa C numa vizinhan¸ca do ponto (0, 0, 0, 1). Calcule Dh(0, 1). 3. Demonstre o Teorema da Fun se possa escrever na forma E = E(S, V ) numa vizinhan¸ca de um determinado estado (E0, V0). (b

Natário, José


Receitas de Vida O LIvro do Dia Fila J Terra-a-Terra Pensamento Cruzado Actualidade Programas Multimdia Blogues Futebol Bolsa Trnsito Totojogos Meteorologia Mars Farmcias  

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Parlamento Futebol Governo orçamento de Estado 2013 Assembleia República PS Grécia portos Sporting Médio Gosto 14 32 0 0 Lisboa: Laboratório do IST espera há oito anos por novas instalações - TSF http://www, Metro de Lisboa, obras, Portugal Lisboa: Laboratório do IST espera há oito anos por novas instalações

Instituto de Sistemas e Robotica


El Informe Anual a la Nación indica que las tasas de mortalidad por cáncer continúan declinando: los avances en el tratamiento del cáncer varían según el tipo de cáncer

Las organizaciones oncológicas principales de la nación informan que el riesgo de los estadounidenses de morir de cáncer sigue disminuyendo y que las tasas de casos nuevos de cáncer permanecen estables. El Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer, de 1975 a 2002, señala que las tasas de mortalidad de cáncer que se observaron para todos los cánceres combinados disminuyeron 1,1 por ciento por año de 1993 a 2002.


El Informe Anual a la Nación indica que la tasa de mortalidad por cáncer está bajando el doblesu enfoque especial examina el cáncer entre los indígenas americanos y los nativos de Alaska

Según un nuevo informe de las principales organizaciones oncológicas de la nación, las tasas de mortalidad por cáncer disminuyeron en promedio 2,1 por ciento por año de 2002 a 2004; casi el doble de la disminución anual de 1,1 por ciento por año de 1993 a 2002. Estos resultados se encuentran en el "Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer de 1975 a 2004. Preguntas y respuestas


Subjects: Trematoda and Trematode Diseases, Part 7: Supergenera and Genera R-S  

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- nophis sirtalis;New York). ?Skrjabin, ?. I.; & Antipin, D. N. , 1957a, 468, 473, fig. 133. brevicoccus Caballero ? ?. ,?. , 194 If, 111-113, 116, 119,fig. 1 (Thamnophi s megalops; mouth & oesophagus ; Thamno- phi s angustirostris melanogaster; San... Pedro Tultepec, Lerma,Estado de Mexi- co). --Bravo ?. , M., [1944b], 491,492, figs. 1,2 (Thamnophis angustirostris melanogaster; Canales de S a ? Gregorio Atlapulco (Xochimilco) D. F. ). --Flores- Barroeta, L.; & Grocott, R. G., 1953a, 11- 14, figs. 3...

Farr, Marion M.; Breen, Virginia L.; Doss, Mildred A.; Roach, Katharine F.



Oficina de Prensa | rea de Medios de Comunicacin | SEGB | EXACTAS UBA 798  

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Exactas durante la "década de oro" de la UBA, que reside hace 40 años en los Estados Unidos, visitó la MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), en 1971, y fue, también, la primera estudiante que se em me- dalla de oro de la NASA, y el doctorado honoris causa de la UBA. Actualmente es profesora e

Figueira, Santiago


Estudio mediante elementos finitos de la influencia de la pretensión de los ligamentos en la flexión de la rodilla  

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Es sabido que la mayoría de los tejidos biológicos blandos, incluidos músculos, vasos sanguíneos y ligamentos,\\u000ase encuentran sometidos a tensiones residuales no nulas en el estado libre de cargas. El principal objetivo\\u000ade este artículo es analizar la influencia de la pretensión de los ligamentos principales de la rodilla en el\\u000acomportamiento biomecánico de la articulación durante la flexión

Estefanía Peña; Begoña Calvo; Manuel Doblaré Castellano; M. A. Martínez



Los títeres en el Norte de México  

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se ve distanciada del centro, política, cultural y «titeralmente». En las fiestas de los pueblos por los años de principios del siglo pasado se presentaban los espectáculos de maromeros, de circo y no dudamos que algún titiritero lo haya hecho pero... ambos animan los muñecos. Sus espectáculos son Tenderifiesta con el que han estado en festivales nacionales, Historias de globos, Pastorela Lagunera, entre otros. Realizó un vídeo para Televisión 114 LATIN AMERICAN THEATRE REVIEW Educativa dónde con...

Tavera Zamarripa, Cé sar; Mante Barrera, Elvia



IATercer Curso ITIGITIS. Bolet'in 01 Facultade de Inform'atica. Universidade da Coru~na  

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de b'usqueda se define formalmente en t'erminos de un estado inicial, operadores y test del objetivo A \\Lambda . Se parte de un n'umero inicial I y un n'umero objetivo O y se tiene tambi'en un conjunto tab'u'igito 0. ffl No se puede hacer un movimiento que transforme al n'umero en uno del conjunto tab'u. ffl

Barreiro, Alvaro


Inferncia para Cadeias de Markov Nancy L. Garcia1  

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a distância. Clientes chegam a uma fila de supermercado de acordo com um processo de Poisson. Os clientes são Xt o número de clientes na fila. Processo a tempo contínuo com espaço de estados discreto. #12;Xt. além disso, "tempo" é a distância. Clientes chegam a uma fila de supermercado de acordo com um processo

Lopes Garcia, Nancy


Presentada para obtener el titulo de Doctor del Institut Agronomique Paris-Grignon  

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Estado de Morelos RETENCI�N DE PLAGUICIDAS EN SUELOS DE DISPOSITIVOS AMORTIGUADORES: BARRERAS DE HIERBA Y...................................................................................................................... 1 Capítulo 1 Caracterización de la retención de plaguicidas en suelos a partir de datos de sorción y .......................................................................................................................................13 1.1 Descripción y características de los suelos y los plaguicidas estudiados

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Ultramafic Rocks: Their Soils, Vegetation and Fauna Rocas Ultramficas: Sus Suelos, Vegetacin y Fauna  

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Ultramafic Rocks: Their Soils, Vegetation and Fauna Rocas Ultramáficas: Sus Suelos, Vegetación y Caledonia y los Estados Unidos. El volumen incluye artículos sobre los temas siguientes: · Geología y suelos, · Flora, fitogeografía y vegetación de Cuba y otras regiones, · Microbiología de suelos ultramáficos

Boyd, Robert S.


Din‚mica de ìcapoeiras baixasî na restauraÁªo de um fragmento florestal ìLow forestsî dynamics in a forest remnant restoration  

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RESUMO: Os fragmentos florestais do planalto ocidental do Estado de Sªo Paulo sªo, de maneira geral, pequenos, isolados, perturbados e encontram-se em acelerado processo de degradaÁªo, com a regeneraÁªo natural arbÛrea limitada pela grande quantidade de lianas e arbustos escandentes. Existem evidŒncias de que estes fragmentos nªo sªo auto-sustentÆveis e requerem nªo apenas a proteÁªo contra perturbaÁies antrÛpicas, mas tambØm

Denise Bittencourt Amador


Aplicación de la metodología Molecular de Orbitales de Defecto Cuántico (MQDO) al cálculo de intensidades vibrónicas y vidas medias de niveles vibracionales  

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Desde que se formuló, en 1996, la metodología Molecular de Orbitales de Defecto Cuántico (MQDO) [1], se han obtenido datos de calidad relativos a intensidades de bandas electrónicas que implican estados Rydberg para una gran variedad de sistemas moleculares [2]. Animados por los buenos resultados obtenidos, recientemente hemos abordado el estudio de transiciones vibrónicas, es decir aquellas que ocurren entre estados vibracionales que pertenecen a distintos estados Rydberg electrónicos. Como prototipo adecuado para nuestros propósitos hemos elegido la molécula de NO, importante en la química de la atmósfera, y para la cual existen en la bibliografía datos experimentales de calidad suficiente para contrastar la validez de nuestros resultados. En concreto, hemos calculado las fuerzas de oscilador y coeficientes de Einstein para transiciones electrónicas y vibrónicas de las principales bandas del NO, al igual que vidas medias radiativas de niveles vibracionales de dicha molécula. Las propiedades estudiadas son esenciales para la comprensión de los aspectos teóricos de los procesos físicos básicos relativos a la dispersión electrónica en moléculas heteronucleares con capas abiertas. Además, valores fiables de probabilidades de transición moleculares tienen importantes aplicaciones en Astrofísica, en la modelización de procesos fotodinámicos moleculares, etc., al igual que para evaluar más profundamente la validez de nuestra metodología teórica.

María Velasco Sanz, Ana


Investigation of watercourses by comparison of successive historical map surveys of Western Hungary  

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The Second (Timár et al., 2006) and Third Military Survey (Biszak et al., 2007) of the Habsburg Empire, completed in the 19th century (1806-69 and 1869-87), can be very useful in different scientific investigations because of their accuracy and data content. The mapmakers used geodetic projections and survey technologies provided high accuracy. Therefore, scientists can use these maps and the represented objects in retrospective studies. The streams were drawn with very thin lines that also ascertain the high accuracy of their location. Previous study used the Second Military Survey to examine the neotectonic evaluation of the western part of the Pannonian Basin, bordered by Pinka, Rába and Répce Rivers (Kovács, 2010). The watercourses, especially alluvial ones, react very sensitively to tectonic forcing (Schumm & Khan, 1972; Ouchi, 1985). However, the present-day course of the creeks and rivers are mostly regulated, therefore they are unsuitable for such studies. The watercourses have reconstructed from maps surveyed prior to the main water control measures. The Second Military Survey was a perfect source for such studies. The investigated streams were free meandering ones. They could flood their banks, and only natural levees were present. After georeferencing the maps of the area, the streams were digitized, and their sinuosity values were computed. Where significant sinuosity changes have been detected along the streams, it can be considered as indicators of differential uplift or subsidence of the bedrock/alluvium. The goal of this study is to decide the character of several stream sections: were they free meandering ones or not? Some of the sections are antecedent ones, especially at the Vas Mountain at the present Austrian-Hungarian border. If the shapes of the watercourses on the different surveys are almost the same, the sinuosity refers to a prior, forced state of the stream. After digitizing the watercourses on the Third Military Survey sheets, some newly regulated sections are recognized as well as forced and free meandering ones. Thus, the neotectonic evaluation of the study area can be made more accurate. References - Biszak, S., Timár, G., Molnár, G., Jankó, A. (2007): Digitized maps of the Habsburg Empire - The third military survey, Ungarn, Siebenbürgen, Kroatien-Slawonien, 1867-1887, 1:25000. Arcanum, Budapest, DVD-issue. - Kovács, G. (2010): The advantages of using the Second Military Survey maps in fluvial studies. Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica Hungarica 45(1): 64-70. - Ouchi, S. (1985): Response of alluvial rivers to slow active tectonic movement. Geol. Soc. Am. Bull. 96: 504-515. - Schumm, S. A., Khan, H. R. (1972): Experimental study of channel patterns. Geol. Soc. Am. Bull. 83: 1755-1770. - Timár, G., Molnár, G., Székely, B., Biszak, S., Varga, J., Jankó, A. (2006): Digitized maps of the Habsburg Empire - The map sheets of the second military survey and their georeferenced version. Arcanum, Budapest, 59 p.

Kovács, Gábor



PREFACE: The XI Mexican School on Particles and Fields  

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The XI Mexican School on Particles and Fields took place on 2-13 August 2004, in the city of Xalapa, Veracruz, México. The School continued with the tradition of promoting High Energy Physics among the younger generation in Mexico. Thus, it was aimed specifically at graduate students and postdocs. The School consisted of several courses delivered by international experts on subjects of current interest to the scientific community. The length of each course was of six to eight hours, English being the language of instruction. A novelty in this edition of the School was its total duration (two weeks as opposed to one), the number of hours assigned to one subject, and the addition of some experimental courses for the students to overcome their inhibitions of a direct encounter with the equipment and its usage. There were also a few overview talks delivered by local experts on the current status of some of the research fields actively pursued in Mexico. The XI-MSPF was organized by the Particles and Fields Division of the Mexican Physical Society. It was generously sponsored by several institutions: Universidad de Veracruz, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Avanzados del IPN (CINVESTAV) and Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONACyT). We are very grateful to Dr Raúl Arias Lovillo, Dr Víctor Manuel Alcaráz Romero, Dr Asdrúbal Flóres López and Mtro Walter Saiz González, head of the Academic Secretariat, Director and Subdirector of the Office of Scientific Research and Director of the Division of Exact Sciences of the University of Veracruz, respectively, for their invaluable support in all senses to our Summer School. We also appreciate the important and useful assistance provided by Dr Rubén Bernardo Morante López, Director of the Museum of Anthropology of Xalapa, and Dr Héctor Coronel Brizio of the Secretariat of Education and Culture of the state of Veracruz. We acknowledge the help of our colleagues in the Organizing Committee: Norma Bagatella Flores (FFIA-U. Veracruzana), Heriberto Castilla Valdés (CINVESTAV-U. Zacatenco), Lorenzo Díz Cruz (FCFM-BUAP), Juan José Godina Nava (CINVESTAV-U. Zacatenco), Gerardo Herrera Corral (CINVESTAV-U. Zacatenco), German Mandujano Vallejo (FFIA-U. Veracruzana), Miguel Ángel Pérez Angón (CINVESTAV-U. Zacatenco), Efraín Rojas Marcial (FFIA-U. Veracruzana) and Carlos Vargas Madrazo (FFIA-U Veracruzana). Many thanks also to our Conference Secretaries Patricia Carranza and Soledad López for the efficiency with which they carried out their job and their dedication. Special thanks go to María Guadalupe Colorado Hernández and Javier Ignacio Fragoso Tizapan, whose help in carrying out the School was essential, without their collaboration this School would not have been the same. We take this opportunity to thank most warmly all the speakers for delivering excellent lectures which made this event a success. Moreover, to our utmost delight, the students participated very enthusiastically and we hope that this school will contribute considerably towards their academic development. The future of scientific endeavour always depends upon the students. Adnan Bashir (IFM-UMSNH) Jens Erler (IF-UNAM) Rául Hernández (FFIA-UV) Myriam Mondragón (IF-UNAM) Luis Villaseñor (IFM-UMSNH)



Desiccation tolerance of iron bacteria biofilms on Mars regolith simulants  

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Iron oxidizing bacteria play an important role in the geological redox cycling of iron on earth. The redox change between Fe(II) and Fe(III) can be used for biological energy production [1]. Therefore iron oxidation in the iron rich martian soils may be or may have been microbially mediated. The microbial conversion of iron is considered to be an ancient form of metabolism [2], so it might have evolved on Mars as well. However, to exist in recent martian soils, bacteria must be able to endure dry and cold conditions. Neutrophilic iron oxidizers can be found in various iron rich aquatic environments, where they lead to the precipitation of insoluble ferric hydroxides. Some of these environments fall temporarily dry, what could have led to an adaptation to desiccation by bacteria, existing there. One strategy of iron bacteria to endure drought stress might be the formation of biofilms by excreting Extracellular Polymeric Substances (EPS). The deposition of iron hydroxides could enable them to endure dry conditions as well. For our experiments, neutrophilic iron oxidizing bacteria have been isolated from a creek in Bad Salzhausen/Hesse and temporarily drying out pools in Tierra del Fuego. Strains from aquatic environments in the national park "Unteres Odertal" and from water wells in Berlin/Brandenburg are included in the tests as well. In desiccation experiments, the capability of iron bacteria to tolerate dry conditions are investigated. The aim of our first experiment is the adaptation to dry conditions. Biofilms of 15 strains are grown on ceramic beads in liquid medium containing complexed Fe(II), established biofilms contain Fe(III) precipitates. The cultures are desiccated in a sterile airflow until the weight of the cultures remained constant. After a desiccation period of 9 h up to 7 d, the beads are transferred to fresh liquid medium. Adapted strains are used in further desiccation experiments, where biofilms are grown on two martian regolith simulants. These mineral mixtures were developed and produced by the Naturkundemuseum Berlin according to recent data of Mars research missions [3, 4, 5, 6, 7]. The minerals are attached to object slides with potassium silicate and biofilms are grown on the mineral surface. The biofilms are quantified by cell counting and the structure is evaluated by epifluorescence microscopy. After desiccation in a sterile airflow, the survival of cells is determined by fluorescence staining. Acknowledgements This research was supported by the Helmholtz Association through the research alliance "Planetary Evolution and Life". References [1] Weber, K. A. et al. (2006). Microorganisms pumping iron: anaerobic microbial iron oxidation and reduction. Nature Reviews Microbiology 4: 752-764. [2] Vargas, M. et al. (1998). Microbiological evidence for Fe(III) reduction on early Earth. Nature 395: 65-67. [3] Bibring, J.-P., Y. Langevin, et al. (2005). Mars surface diversity as revealed by the OMEGA/Mars express observations. Science 307(5715): 1576-1581. [4] Bibring, J.-P., S. W. Squyres, et al. (2006). Merging Views on Mars. Science 313(5795): 1899-1901. [5] Chevrier, V. and P. E. Mathé (2007). Mineralogy and evolution of the surface of Mars: A review. Planetary and Space Science 55(3): 289-314. [6] McCollom, T. M. and B. M. Hynek (2005). A volcanic environment for bedrock diagenesis at Meridiani Planum on Mars. Nature 438(7071): 1129-1131. [7] Poulet, F., J. P. Bibring, et al. (2005). Phyllosilicates on Mars and implications for early martian climate. Nature 438(7068): 623-627.

Feyh, Nina; Szewzyk, Ulrich



River sinuosity changes as indicators of the possible neotectonic activity - a case study on the Danube River between Paks (Hungary) and Beograd (Serbia)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The meandering, pre-regulation river planforms of the Danube River, between Paks (Hungary) and Beograd (Serbia) was digitized from the map sheets of the Second Military Survey of the Habsburg Empire (Timár et al., 2006). These maps were surveyed before or simultaneously with the river control works, so it is possible to follow the natural riverbeds, the natural changing of the meandering structure. The sinuosity values were calculated with different window sizes, and displayed in a spectrum-like diagram (sinuosity spectra; after van Balen et al., 2008). The channel sinuosity of this river is analyzed in order to draw conclusions on the neotectonic activity of the western part of the Great Hungarian Plain. Several points of sinuosity change were identified. To prove that these are of neotectonic origin, a neotectonic map and seismic sections crossing the study area, were also analyzed. Significant sinuosity changes (low to high or high to low), spatially correlated to linear features identified in seismic survey sections or in tectonic maps (Horváth et al., 2006), indicate their neotectonic activity (Ouchi, 1985; Timár, 2003; Zámolyi et al., 2010). Upstream of the Hungarian-Serbian border, the Duna (Danube) has anabranching planform, the Baracskai-Duna is the main anabranch. There is a fault on the neotectonic map, crossing both rivers, and cause the decreasing of the sinuosity. The vertical activity of the structural line, which is more or less parallel to the international border, is verified by the sinuosity change. The direction of the change (from high to low sinuosity values) correlates with the normal fault character, shown on the map. Another significant sinuosity change occurs downstream of the Drava River confluence. The explanation of this change can be of two kinds. First, there is a known tectonic feature along the Drava River, with dextral faulting. The sinuosity increase could indicate a small active vertical component of this structural line. However, another possible explanation is based on the significant sediment load of the tributary, that is naturally decreases the river sinuosity. Horváth, F., Bada, G., Windhoffer, G., Csontos, L., Dombrádi, E., Dövényi, P., Fodor, L., Grenerczy, Gy., Síkhegyi, F., Szafián, P., Székely, B., Timár, G., Tóth, L., Tóth, T. (2006): A Pannon-medence jelenkori geodinamikájának atlasza: Euro-konform térképsorozat és magyarázó. Magyar Geofizika 47(4), 133-137. Ouchi, S. (1985): Response of alluvial rivers to slow active tectonic movement. Geol. Soc. Am. Bull. 96, 504-515. Timár, G. (2003): Controls on channel sinuosity changes: a case study of the Tisza River, the Great Hungarian Plain. Quaternary Sci. Rev. 22, 2199-2207. Timár, G., Molnár, G., Székely, B., Biszak, S., Varga, J., Jankó, A. (2006): Digitized maps of the Habsburg Empire - The map sheets of the second military survey and their georeferenced version. Arcanum, Budapest, 59 p. van Balen, R. T., Kasse, C., Moor, J. (2008): Impact of groundwater flow on meandering; example from the Geul river, the Netherlands. Earth Surf. Process. and Landf. 33(13), 2010-2028. Zámolyi, A., Székely, B., Draganits, E., Timár, G. (2010): Neotectonic control on river sinuosity at the western margin of the Little Hungarian Plain. Geomorph., in press, DOI: 10.1016/j.geomorph.2009.06.028

Petrovszki, Judit



Changes in sinuosities of the rivers at geological structural lines in the Pannonian Basin - Mosaics to the neotectonic image of the region  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In the central, flat area of the Pannonian Basin, there are just few topographic features for neotectonic investigations. However, a lot of meandering rivers flow here, and it is possible to reconstruct their natural, pre-regulation planforms. Using the map sheets of the Second Military Survey of the Habsburg Empire (mid-19th century; Timár et al., 2006), I digitized the meandering rivers on this area. Sinuosities at different sample section lengths were computed in a GIS environment, providing so-called 'sinuosity-spectra' (van Balen et al., 2008) for each point of the analyzed channels. The channel sinuosity of this river systems are analyzed in order to draw conclusions on the neotectonic activity of the Great Hungarian Plain and the other flat areas of the Pannonian Basin. Several points of sinuosity change were identified. To prove, that these are of neotectonic origin, seismic sections crossing the study area, were also analyzed as well as the geodinamical map of the area (Horváth et al., 2006). High sinuosity variations (low to high or high to low), spatially correlated to linear features identified in seismic survey sections, indicating their neotectonic activity (after Ouchi, 1985). We can see two significante sinuosity changes on the Hron/Garam River (Slovakia), one at Tekov and the one at Kéménd. There are faults on the neotectonic map at these points, crossing the river - they are the possible causes of the increasing of the sinuosity. The vertical activity of these structural lines is verified by the sinuosity changes. At the Maros/Mure? River (Romania/Hungary), a significant sinuosity change can also be identified near to the town of Aiud, where the phenomene is just the opposite like in the Hron/Garam river. There is a fault on the neotectonic map crossing the river. Upstream of the river has higher sinuosity values, and after crossing the fault, it decresed. Here also the fault caused the sinuosity changing, so this fault is also an active one. However, there are more case studies, concerning the rivers of the Pannonian Basin, such as the Tisza River (Timár, 2003), the Körös system (Petrovszki and Timár, 2010), the creeks of the Little Hungarian Plain (Zámolyi et al., 2010) and the downstream part of the Danube (Petrovszki, 2010), providing a broader overview of the river-confirmed neotectonic activity of the region. Horváth, F., Bada, G., Windhoffer, G., Csontos, L., Dombrádi, E., Dövényi, P., Fodor, L., Grenerczy, Gy., Síkhegyi, F., Szafián, P., Székely, B., Timár, G., Tóth, L., Tóth, T. (2006): A Pannon-medence jelenkori geodinamikájának atlasza: Euro-konform térképsorozat és magyarázó. Magyar Geofizika 47(4), 133-137. Ouchi, S. (1985): Response of alluvial rivers to slow active tectonic movement. Geol. Soc. Am. Bull. 96, 504-515. Petrovszki, J. (2010): Sinuosity calculations of the Danube River between Paks (Hungary) and Beograd (Serbia). Geophysical Research Abstracts. Vol. 12, EGU2010-4571 Petrovszki, J., Timár, G. (2010): Channel sinuosity of the Körös River system, Hungary/Romania, as possible indicator of the neotectonic activity. Geomorphology, in press, DOI: 10.1016/j.geomorph.2009.11.009. Timár, G. (2003): Controls on channel sinuosity changes: a case study of the Tisza River, the Great Hungarian Plain. Quaternary Sci. Rev. 22, 2199-2207. Timár, G., Molnár, G., Székely, B., Biszak, S., Varga, J., Jankó, A. (2006): Digitized maps of the Habsburg Empire - The map sheets of the second military survey and their georeferenced version. Arcanum, Budapest, 59 p. van Balen, R. T., Kasse, C., Moor, J. (2008): Impact of groundwater flow on meandering; example from the Geul river, the Netherlands. Earth Surf. Process. and Landf. 33(13), 2010-2028. Zámolyi, A., Székely, B., Draganits, E., Timár, G. (2010): Neotectonic control on river sinuosity at the western margin of the Little Hungarian Plain. Geomorph., in press, DOI: 10.1016/j.geomorph.2009.06.028

Petrovszki, Judit



Distant electric coupling between nitrate reduction and sulphide oxidation investigated by an improved nitrate microscale biosensor  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Bacteria are apparently able to transmit electrons to other bacteria (Summers et al. 2010) or to electrodes (Malvankar et al. 2011) by some kind of nanowires (Reguera et al. 2005, Gorbi et al. 2006). Lately it has been shown that such transfer may occur over distances of centimetres in sediments, thereby coupling sulphide oxidation in deeper layers with oxygen reduction near the surface (Nielsen 2011). The finding of these long-distance electrical connections originated from analysis of O2, H2S, and pH profiles measured with microsensors. Nitrate is thermodynamically almost as good an electron acceptor as O2, and we therefore set up an experiment to investigate whether long-distance electron transfer also happens with NO3-. Aquaria were filled with sulphidic marine sediment from Aarhus Bay that was previously used to show long-distance electron transfer to O2. The aquaria were equipped with a lid so that they could be completely filled without a gas phase. Anoxic seawater with 300 ?M NO3- was supplied at a constant rate resulting in a steady state concentration in the aquatic phase of 250 ?M NO3-. The reservoir with the nitrate-containing water was kept anoxic by bubbling it with a N2/CO2 mixture and was kept at an elevated temperature. The water was cooled on the way to the aquaria to keep the water in the aquaria undersaturated with gasses, so that bubble formation by denitrification in the sediment could be minimised. Profiles of NO3-, H2S, and pH were measured as a function of time (2 months) applying commercial sensors for H2S and pH and an improved microscale NO3- biosensor developed in our laboratory. The penetration of NO3- in the sediment was 4-5 mm after 2 months, whereas sulphide only could be detected below 8-9 mm depth. The electron acceptor and electron donor were thus separated by 4-5 mm, indicating long distance electron transfer. A pH maximum of about 8.6 pH units at the NO3- reduction zone similar to a pH maximum observed in the O2 reduction zone of electro-active sediments could be observed. This pH maximum was the strongest evidence for long-distance electron transfer in oxic sediments, but cannot be taken as proof in denitrifying sediments as conventional denitrification may also produce elevated pH. We are now searching for the NO3- reducing bacteria that may be active in long-distance electron transfer in our sediment. Gorby, Y. A., S. Yanina, et al. (2006). Electrically conductive bacterial nanowires produced by Shewanella oneidensis strain MR-1 and other microorganisms. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 103(30): 11358-11363. Malvankar, N. S., M. Vargas, et al. (2011). Tunable metallic-like conductivity in microbial nanowire networks. Nature Nanotechnology 6(9): 573-579. Nielsen, L. P., N. Risgaard-Petersen, et al. (2010). Electric currents couple spatially separated biogeochemical processes in marine sediment. Nature 463(7284): 1071-1074. Reguera, G., K. D. McCarthy, et al. (2005). Extracellular electron transfer via microbial nanowires. Nature 435(7045): 1098-1101. Summers, Z. M., H. E. Fogarty, et al. (2010). Direct Exchange of Electrons Within Aggregates of an Evolved Syntrophic Coculture of Anaerobic Bacteria. Science 330(6009): 1413-1415.

Marzocchi, U.; Revsbech, N. P.; Nielsen, L. P.; Risgaard-Petersen, N.



Committees and organizers  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Chairman:Jozef Spa?ek (Kraków) Program Committee:Stephen Blundell (Oxford), J Michael D Coey (Dublin), Dominique Givord (Grenoble), Dariusz Kaczorowski (Wroc?aw), Roman Micnas (Pozna?), Marek Przybylski (Halle), Ludiwig Schultz (Dresden), Vladimir Sechovsky (Prague), Jozef Spa?ek (Kraków), Henryk Szymczak (Warszawa), Manuel Vázquez (Madrid) Publication Committee:Dariusz Kaczorowski, Robert Podsiad?y, Jozef Spa?ek, Henryk Szymczak, Andrzej Szytu?a Local committee:Maria Ba?anda, Anna Majcher, Robert Podsiad?y, Micha? Rams, Andrzej ?lebarski, Krzysztof Tomala Editors of the Proceedings:Jozef Spa?ek, Krzysztof Tomala, Danuta Goc-Jag?o, Robert Podsiad?y, Micha? Rams, Anna Majcher Plenary, semi-plenary and tutorial speakers:Ernst Bauer (Wien)Stephen Blundell (Oxford)J Michael D Coey (Dublin)Russell P Cowburn (London)Burkard Hillebrands (Kaiserslautern)Claudine Lacroix (Grenoble)Lluís Mañosa (Barcelona)María del Carmen Muñoz (Madrid)Bernard Raveau (Caen)Pedro Schlottmann (Tallahassee)Frank Steglich (Dresden)Oliver Waldmann (Freiburg) Invited speakers within symposia: R Ahuja (Uppsala)A Kirilyuk (Nijmegen) M Albrecht (Vienna)L Theil Kuhn (Roskilde) K Bärner (Göttingen)J Liu (Dresden) U Bovensiepen (Duisburg)G Lorusso (Modena) V Buchelnikov (Chelyabinsk)M M Maska (Katowice) B Chevalier (Bordeaux)Y Mukovskii (Moscow) O Chubykalo-Fesenko (Madrid)M Pannetier-Lecoeur (Saclay) A V Chumak (Kaiserslautern)G Papavassiliou (Athens) J M D Coey (Dublin)K R Pirota (Campinas) B Dabrowski (DeKalb)P Przyslupski (Warszawa) S Das (Aveiro)M Reiffers (Košice) A del Moral (Zaragoza)K Sandeman (London) V E Demidov (Muenster)D Sander (Halle) B Djafari-Rouhani (Lille)M Sawicki (Sendai/Warsaw) H A Dürr (Menlo Park)J Schaefer (Würzburg) J Fassbender (Dresden)H Schmidt (Wetzikon) J Fontcuberta (Barcelona)J Spa?ek (Kraków) V Garcia (Orsay)L Straka (Helsinki) J N Gonçalves (Aveiro)A Szewczyk (Warszawa) M E Gruner (Duisburg)Y Taguchi (Wako) G Gubbiotti (Perugia)A Thiaville (Orsay) S Hamann (Bochum)R Varga (Košice) U Hannemann (Dresden)P Vavassori (San Sebastian) L Havela (Prague)W Wulfhekel (Karlsruhe) O Heczko (Prague)M Yamashita (Sendai) B Hernando (Oviedo)R Zdyb (Lublin) O Isnard (Grenoble)A Zhukov (San Sebastián) Z K?kol (Kraków)A K Zvezdin (Moscow) N-T H Kim-Ngan (Kraków) International Advisory Committee (2011): Dominique Givord, President (Grenoble)Ludwig Schultz, Former President (Dresden) Manfred Albrecht (Chemnitz)Burkard Hillebrands (Kaiserslautern) Agnés Barthélémy (Paris)Andrei Kirilyuk (Nijmegen) Roy Chantrell (York)Ron Jansen (Tsukuba) Russell Cowburn (London)Nicoleta Lupu (Iasi) Tomasz Dietl (Warszawa)Caroline A Ross (Cambridge, MA) Claudia Felser (Mainz)Stefano Sanvito (Dublin) Josef Fidler (Wien)Vladimir Sechovsky (Praha) Dino Fiorani (Roma)Roberta Sessoli (Firenze) Pietro Gambardella (Bellaterra)Jozef Spa?ek (Kraków) Alberto Guimarães (Rio de Janeiro)



A proposed contents astronomy for basic education  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A Astronomia é um tema que sempre exerceu fascínio sobre as pessoas de um modo geral. Conhecer e estudar o que há nos “céus”, além de nossos olhos, continua sendo instigador e de grande interesse. Baseado nestas justificativas desenvolveu-se uma pesquisa de Doutorado, na qual, o objetivo principal foi investigar sobre a presença dos conteúdos de Astronomia nas Propostas Curriculares da região Sul do Brasil, a saber, os estados de Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul e Santa Catarina e, posterior comparação com os Parâmetros Curriculares Nacionais (PCN) que trazem propostas de conteúdos para toda a Educação Básica brasileira. Tal investigação pautou-se na abordagem de caráter qualitativo e utilizouse para tal da Análise de Conteúdos (Bardin, 2011), que possibilitou a construção de quatro categorias, nas quais os conteúdos astronômicos foram agrupados: Terra, Sistema Solar, Via Láctea e Universo. Após a leitura, coleta de dados, construção de categorias, observou-se a dicotomia na apresentação destes conteúdos. As propostas curriculares analisadas foram as de Geografia, Ciências e Física dos estados do Paraná (2008), Rio Grande do Sul (2009) e de Santa Catarina (1998), responsáveis pelo trabalho com Astronomia nestes estados. No Ensino Fundamental, a proposta curricular do estado do Paraná apresenta conteúdos ligados à Astronomia desde o sexto ano até o nono ano, como conteúdo do primeiro bimestre, o que também é apresentado na proposta curricular do estado do Rio Grande do Sul, porém, este, não divide os conteúdos por bimestre e nem por ano, mas por ciclos, sexto e sétimo anos como primeiro ciclo e oitavo e nono anos como segundo ciclo, deixando livre para o professor estruturar sua sequência de conteúdos. A proposta curricular de Santa Catarina não apresenta estes conteúdos de maneira explícita, não divide dos conteúdos nem por ano, nem por série, traz uma sequência de conteúdos para serem trabalhados ao longo dos quatro anos, nos quais, aparecem timidamente alguns conteúdos de Astronomia. Para o Ensino Médio, as propostas curriculares do Paraná e de Santa Catarina parecem que se repetem, apresentando apenas o conteúdo Gravitação Universal, na primeira série do Ensino Médio, já a proposta curricular do Rio Grande do Sul, traz uma sequência que é proposta nos PCN (Brasil, 1998; 1999; 2002), na qual aparece o tema em questão, porém, em todos os anos, em todas as propostas, não há um detalhamento do que, de como trabalhar os conteúdos. O detalhamento facilita a prática pedagógica, pois, conteúdos simples como as Estações do Ano, Fases da Lua, sequer são citados nas propostas curriculares pesquisadas. Outro aspecto observado é que os conteúdos de um modo geral não trazem uma sequência e não primam por partir do entorno do aluno, daquilo que ele conhece para estruturar novos conceitos. Tais aspectos dificultam o fazer pedagógico, pois, por ser uma região com características culturais semelhantes, era esperado que as propostas fossem mais próximas, o! que facilitaria em muito, por exemplo, transferências dentro de um mesmo estado ou interestaduais. Pautando-se no que foi observado, na falta de especificidade dos conteúdos, clareza, sequência dos conteúdos e propostas de trabalho é proposto uma sequência de conteúdos de Astronomia, com materiais e recursos, pois, como apontado por Langhi e Nardi (2009), é necessário fornecer além da informação, do conteúdo, o como fazer. Tal proposta não visa estabelecer-se como regra, mas como suporte ao professor para facilitar sua prática pedagógica e tornar o trabalho com Astronomia presente nas escolas brasileiras. Bardin, L. Análise de conteúdo. Tradução Luís Antero Reto, Augusto Pinheiro. São Paulo: Edições 70, 2011. 279 p. Langhi, R; Nardi, R. Ensino da astronomia no Brasil: educação formal, informal, não-formal e divulgação científica. Revista Brasileira de Ensino de Física, v. 31, n. 4, p. 4402-1 a 4402-11, 2009.

Albrecht, E.; Voelzke, M. R.



Sesión consagrada al teatro cubano del exilio durante el congreso ´Cuba: Exilio y cultura´  

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SPRING 2000 155 Sesión consagrada al teatro cubano del exilio durante el congreso "Cuba: Exilio y cultura" Jorge Febles Del 7 al 9 de octubre de 1999, bajo los auspicios de la Asociación Nacional de Educadores Cubano-Americanos y Herencia... Cultural Cubana, tuvo lugar en el hotel Dadeland Marriott de la ciudad de Miami el congreso "Cuba: Exilio y cultura." El encuentro tenía como fin primordial dar a conocer las contribuciones que los exiliados cubanos han hecho a la cultura de los Estados...

Febles, Jorge



Factores predictores de conductas promotoras de salud en mujeres peri- post-menopáusicas de Cali, Colombia  

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(64.3%), relaciones interpersonales (60.7%), manejo del estrés (57.9%), nutrición (57.3%), responsabilidad en salud (54.9%) y la más baja fue actividad física (49%). El modelo de regresión múltiple, mostró 7 factores que predijeron 37.1% de la variabilidad en las CPS: percepción del estado de salud (R 2 =21%, p<0.0001); auto-eficacia (R 2 =20.5%, p<0.0001); educación formal (R 2 =8.3%, p<0.0001); autonomía




Family Financial Fitness Exercises: The Value of Paying Creditors  

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y renuncie a algo que compra a menudo pero que no es esencial. ? Utilice su "dinero encontrado" para pagar al acreedor a quien debe la cantidad m?s peque?a. ? Cada vez que paga por completo a uno de sus acreedores, agregue la cantidad del pago que... hab?a estado haciendo a la cantidad que paga a otros acreedores. Pague m?s al acreedor que le cobra la m?s alta tasa de inter?s. ? Consiga maneras econ?micas de celebrar cada vez que pague por completo una deuda. ? Cuando haya pagado a todos sus...

White, Lynn



Rationality, system and context: the reception of John Dewey and Jose Ortega Y Gasset  

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University Director de tesis: Dr. Stephen Miller La tesis est4 dividida en tres partes. La primera parte se ocupa de la recepci6n de las ideas de John Dewey en los Estados Unidos y de las de Josh Ortega y Gasset en EspaEa. Se pasa revista a distintas... situaciones politico-sociales que acaecieron en ambos paises, entre principios de siglo y 1936, y las opiniones que ambos pensadores expresaron respecto a estas situaciones. En la segunda parte se analizan los factores que motivaron el tipo de recepci6n...

Guadano, Luis



Homenaje nacional al maestro Carballido: Setenta años de Carballido  

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, comenzó el homenaje al Carballido dramaturgo con una ceremonia en Xalapa, donde se celebraron los 25 años de Tramoya, la revista de teatro que Carballido fundó y que sigue dirigiendo hoy en día. Después, se presentaron en la Ciudad de México dos mesas... Carballido fuera de México y de sus muchos aportes al teatro mexicano tanto como al teatro mundial. Al día siguiente, los mismos participantes se trasladaron a Querétaro, adonde fueron invitados por el Estado de Querétaro y el Consejo Estatal para la...

Bixler, Jacqueline Eyring



Implementation of Barcelona, L'estartit and Ibiza Sites for Altimeter Calibration  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A marine campaign to compute the sea surface data along the Spanish Mediterranean coastline and Balearic Islands is being prepared for 2013. Jason-2 (period ~10 days) and Saral/AltiKa (period of 35 days and expected launch in 2012) altimetric data and on-board GPS data will be used. Many GPS Buoy sessions along the ship route will be performed.Sea height estimates (instantaneous and mean sea levels) will be compared. Recently some geodetic improvements has been made in specific coastal spanish sites in the NW Mediterranean Sea for monitoring sea level. The goal is to maintain and improve the quality of the observation of the sea level change in the three sites. The information is coming from Puertos del Estado L'Estartit tide gauge has been co-located with geodetic techniques (GPS measurements of XU, Utilitary Network, and XdA, Levelling Network,) and it is tied to the SPGIC (Integrated Geodetic Positioning System of Catalonia) project of the Cartographic Institute of Catalunya (ICC). In the past three calibration campaigns for Topex/Poseidon and Jason-1 in March 1999, August 2000 and July 2002 near Cape of Begur. At Barcelona harbour there is one MIROS radar tide gauge belonging to Puertos del Estado (Spanish Harbours).The radar sensor is over the water surface, on a L-shaped structure which elevates it a few meters above the quay shelf. 1-min data are transmitted to the ENAGAS Control Center by cable and then sent each 1 min to Puertos del Estado by e-mail. The information includes wave forescast (mean period, significant wave height, sea level, etc.This sensor also measures agitation and sends wave parameters each 20 min. There is a GPS station Leica Geosystems GRX1200 GG Pro and antenna 1202. Bathymetric campaigns inside the harbour have been made. At Ibiza site new measurements and levelling between the GPS reference station and a Radar MIROS, both from Puertos del Estado, has been made recently. A calibration campaign for Jason-1 was made in June 2003 in the Ibiza area, main calibration site. The presentation is directed to the description of the actual situation of the geodetic infrastructure of Barcelona, l'Estartit sites for sea level determination and complementing Ibiza site for a new altimeter calibration campaign of Jason-2 and Saral/AltiKa satellites to be made in 2013. Specifications of the new marine calibration campaign will be presented.

Martinez-Benjamin, J. J.; Gili, J.; Lopez, R.; Tapia, A.; Bosch, E.; Perez, B.; Pros, F.



Estudio de terapias dirigidas para el cáncer de seno estableció un modelo de estudios clínicos a nivel mundial

Dos medicamentos de acción dirigida, diseñados para tratar una forma agresiva de cáncer de seno (mama), se pusieron a prueba en un estudio que incluyó a 8 000 participantes en 44 países. Si bien la finalidad del estudio fue ayudar a que los investigadores determinaran si el tratamiento combinado con trastuzumab y lapatinib para el tratamiento del cáncer de seno HER2 positivo en estado inicial era mejor que la terapia solo con trastuzumab, los resultados del estudio no indicaron que existan ventajas para las mujeres al recibir la combinación de fármacos de trastuzumab o lapatinib.


Información sobre el cáncer para hispanos y latinos

Cada vez más estadounidenses sobreviven al cáncer y continúan llevando vidas productivas. Sin embargo, muchos hispanos y latinos en los Estados Unidos no han escuchado este mensaje, y no se han beneficiado de los adelantos en los campos de la detección temprana y el tratamiento. El nuevo sitio web del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer,, lanzado el día 2 de abril de 2007, comunica enérgicamente el mensaje de que el cáncer puede prevenirse y tratarse, y ofrece, además, información sobre todos los aspectos de la enfermedad.


Se evitaron cerca de 800 000 muertes debido al descenso en tabaquismo

Programas y estrategias de control del tabaco del siglo XX fueron responsables de la prevención de más de 795 000 muertes por cáncer de pulmón en Estados Unidos de 1975 al 2000. Si todo el tabaquismo en este país hubiera cesado después de la publicación del primer informe del Director General de Sanidad sobre el tabaquismo y la salud en 1964, un total de 2,5 millones de personas no habrían muerto por cáncer de pulmón en los 36 años que siguieron a ese informe


Para presentar unas visiones: El teatro salvadoreño  

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experiencias acumuladas y a la enorme voluntad que se traía por hacer arte en el país. Parte de la experiencia es también la apertura, el no cerrarse y abrirse al trabajo conjunto rompiendo así viejas tradiciones y tabúes para ir a la búsqueda de los medios... difuminó y en la actualidad estamos en plena búsqueda para superar las mismas contradicciones que generaron esa guerra; entre esas contradicciones está la falta de una política cultural desde el punto de vista del estado salvadoreño, como de los...

Cea, José Roberto



Ruptura y caos en Timeball de Joel Cano  

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el "Mapa temporal de Timebaír se muestran las diferentes escenas que se repiten pero que no se entrelazan. Cada escena tiene vida propia, pero a la misma vez tiene relación con las anteriores o con las posteriores. Esta idea del reciclaje va de... presenta en la obra, le da fuerzas al texto y sugiere que le dará fuerzas a Cuba también para superar el estado de crisis en que se encuentra. Con la técnica del reciclaje se utilizan algunas ideas ya presentadas, pero se les da una nueva luz y se...

Seda, Laurietz



JOURNAL DE PHYSIQUE Colloque C5, supplhment au n04, Tome 45, avril 1984 page C5-65  

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t u t o d e ~ i s i c adeZ Estado ~ 6 Z i d o(CSICI, Serrano 123, Madrid-6, Spain Resume - Nous Studions d e s c r i s t a u x pi6zoGlectriques (symgtrie 6 mm) avec des couches minces en s u r f a c e de Function Matching" (SGFM). Nous consid6rons les combinaisons p o s s i b l e s des s u r f a c e s e t i n

Boyer, Edmond


PREFACE: 10th International Conference on Clustering Aspects of Nuclear Structure and Dynamics (CLUSTER'12)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

As Editors of this Proceedings volume and organizers as well as participants of the Conference, let us sum up a few facts about the Conference and let us add some subjective notes. The conference was held at Köolcsey Centre, a prestigious site of scientific and business meetings and cultural events in the city of Debrecen, Hungary, 24-28 September 2012. The city was chosen as the home of the Institute of Nuclear Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the home institution of the organizers. The Institute was visited by some of the participants. The organizing team was complemented by some belonging to the University of Debrecen, which made it possible to hold the conference dinner in the marvellous covered 'ceremonial court' of the University. The participants were taken for an excursion and wine tasting to a wine cellar at Tokaj, centre of, historically, the most significant wine producing area in Hungary. By coincidence, the closing day coincided with the day of what is called the Researchers' Night in the European Union. That night, (or rather, that evening) every year there is a public lecture in the Institute of Nuclear Research for a general audience, mainly secondary-school pupils. The public lecture scheduled on this occasion was held by one of the participants of the conference who represented the world outside Hungary and yet was able to deliver a talk in Hungarian. He is Professor Kálmán Varga, Vanderbilt University. The title of his talk was Simulation of Nanosystems ( There were 115 registered participants, representing 22 countries of Europe, Africa, Asia, Central, South and North America. We had 44 plenary talks and 47 talks presented in parallel sessions. In the Programme list the talks are arranged following the session structure of the Conference. In this list the invited speakers are marked by asterisks. All the talks in the plenary sessions were invited talks, but we had some invited talks even in the parallel sessions. Written versions of 86 talks have been submitted. Quite a number of the speakers have modified the title of their talk in the written version. To keep the correspondence between the Programme list and the written papers, we have accordingly changed the titles in the Programme list as well. The papers are arranged according to their subjects, without regard to whether they were delivered in a plenary or in a parallel session. There was a talk classified wrongly; this is now classified correctly. In the Programme list and in the list of the papers submitted the names are those of the speakers. You can read in the Opening Address that, by ruling of the organizing institution, no members of the Debrecen Institute of Nuclear Research were selected as invited speakers and no contributions were accepted from them. We doubted the wisdom of this rigour ourselves, and I think the criticism we received for it is justifiable. The success of a conference depends primarily on the speakers. In retrospect, we can say that this conference was extremely successful, and that is owing to the great many wonderful talks delivered. This reflects very well on the present status of the field as well as on the work of the International Advisory Board, which proposed the list of excellent speakers. The Japanese dominance characteristic of all cluster conferences has only been complained about by some of the Japanese who came to Europe primarily to learn things that they could not learn at home. We would like to express our gratitude to our sponsors: the Hungarian Academy of Sciences the Paks Nuclear Power Ltd HMP Logic Ltd International Workshop for Theoretical Physics(Budapest) We were also supported indirectly by a JSPS-MTA bilateral cooperation project, which made it possible for five Japanese colleagues to participate. It just remains to be announced that the next, number 11 in this series of conferences, will be held in Naples in 2016. Zs Dombrádi G G Kiss A T Kruppa G Lévai R G Lovas Conference photograph

Lovas, R. G.; Dombrádi, Zs; Kiss, G. G.; Kruppa, A. T.; Lévai, G.



Primera aproximación a la estructura interna de Plutón  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

En el presente trabajo se propuso estudiar la estructura interna actual del planeta Plutón. El modelo que se planteó es del tipo de estructura no-diferenciada. Se incluyó como fuente de calor interna la radioactividad y como único mecanismo de transporte de la energía a la conducción. Se encontró que el planeta estaría compuesto por una mezcla de roca (65% en masa) y hielo de agua (35%). Este simple modelo permite inferir que una estructura más realista para Plutón debería incluir también a la convección como mecanismo de transporte. Ello además permitiría avanzar de modo más firme en el estado de diferenciación del planeta, que casi seguramente sea más complejo que el adoptado.

Steren, G. A.; Carranza, G. J.; Hubbard, W. B.


Nuevos sistemas de frecuencia intermedia para el IAR  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Se presenta el diagrama en bloques de los nuevos sistemas de Frecuencia Intermedia para los dos radiómetros instalados en el IAR. Entre las características más importantes del sistema podemos mencionar la posibilidad de conectar cualquiera de las dos antenas a los ``backend" disponibles: analizador espectral de alta resolución (META II) de 0,05 Hz, autocorrelador de 1008 canales y contínuo. Se incorporan al sistema nuevos sintetizadores de frecuencia implementados con PLL y la moderna técnica de síntesis digital directa. Por último, el conjunto del sistema es susceptible de ser configurado por las computadoras de adquisición de datos, supervisadas por otra, que entrega el estado de funcionamiento actual y evita la selección de configuraciones incorrectas por parte del usuario.

Olalde, J. C.; Perilli, D.; Larrarte, J. J.


Application of genetics to the development of starch-fermenting yeasts  

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Yeast strains capable of direct fermentation of manioc starch were developed by hybridizing strains of Saccharomyces diastaticus and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Hybrids were evaluated for speed of alcohol production, and yields and speed of formation of glycoamylase. Up to 6% solutions of Lintner starch could be fermented directly with about 80% conversion to alcohol. Pretreatment of crude 40% manioc starch suspensions with alpha-amylase, followed by fermentations with a starch-fermenting yeast strain, permitted accumulation of 12% ethanol within three days. Starch conversion was almost 100%. A fragment of DNA was cloned from S. diastaticus using the yeast-E. coli shuttle vector, YEp13, and was used to transform a strain of S. cerevisiae to a starch-fermenting state. Supported by National Science Foundation grant INT 7927328 and National Institutes of Health grant GM 27860. Dr. Laluce was supported by a grant from Fundacao de Amparo a Pesquisa do Estado do Sao Paulo and by her university. (Refs. 5).

Mattoon, J.R.; Kim, K.; Laluce, C.



Energy Savers: Tips for Saving Energy and Money at Home; El Ahorro de Energa: Sugerencias para ahorrar energa y dinero en el hogar  

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The Department of Energy of the United States of America works to guarantee provisions of safe energy, reliable and economically accessible to support to one developing economy and to protect the atmosphere. These suggestions and ideas to increase the energy efficiency in their house represent simple ways in which our citizens can contribute to preserve the atmosphere at world-wide level, to reduce the level of contamination of the air and to reserve our natural resources for future generations. [Spanish] El Departamento de Energa de los Estados Unidos de America trabaja para garantizar suministros de energa seguros, confiables y econmicamente accesibles para apoyar a una economa en desarrollo y proteger el medio ambiente. Estas sugerencias e ideas para aumentar la eficiencia energetica en su casa representan maneras sencillas en que nuestros ciudadanos pueden contribuir a preservar el medio ambiente a nivel mundial, a reducir el nivel de contaminacin del aire y a reservar nuestros recursos naturales para las generaciones futuras.

Jones, J.



El Proyecto Sismico "LARSE" - Trabajando Hacia un Futuro con Mas Seguridad para Los Angeles  

USGS Publications Warehouse

La region de Los Angeles contiene una red de fallas activas, incluyendo muchas fallas por empuje que son profundas y no rompen la superficie de la tierra. Estas fallas ocultas incluyen la falla anteriormente desconocida que fue responsable por la devastacion que ocurrio durante el terremoto de Northridge en enero de 1994, el terremoto mas costoso en la historia de los Estados Unidos. El Experimento Sismico en la Region de Los Angeles (Los Angeles Region Seismic Experiment, LARSE), esta localizando los peligros ocultos de los terremotos debajo de la region de Los Angeles para mejorar la construccion de las estructuras que pueden apoyar terremotos que son inevitables en el futuro, y que ayudaran a los cientificos determinar donde occurira el sacudimento mas fuerte y poderoso.

Henyey, Thomas L.; Fuis, Gary S.; Benthien, Mark L.; Burdette, Thomas R.; Christofferson, Shari A.; Clayton, Robert W.; Criley, Edward E.; Davis, Paul M.; Hendley, James W., II; Kohler, Monica D.; Lutter, William J.; McRaney, John K.; Murphy, Janice M.; Okaya, David A.; Ryberg, Trond; Simila, Gerald W.; Stauffer, Peter H.



Incentivos para atraer y retener personal de salud de zonas rurales del Per?: un estudio cualitativo  

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El objetivo fue identificar incentivos de atracción y retención en zonas rurales y distantes de Ayacucho, Perú. Fueron realizadas entrevistas en profundidad con 80 médicos, enfermeras, obstetras y técnicos (20 por grupo) de las zonas más pobres y con 11 funcionarios. No existen políticas sistemáticas de atracción y retención de personal de salud en Ayacucho. Los principales incentivos, en orden de importancia, fueron mejoras salariales, oportunidades de formación y capacitación, estabilidad laboral y nombramiento, mejoras en infraestructura y equipos, e incremento del personal. Se mencionaron también mejoras en la vivienda y alimentación, mayor cercanía con la familia y reconocimiento por el sistema de salud. Existen coincidencias y singularidades entre los distintos grupos sobre los incentivos clave para estimular el trabajo rural, que deben considerarse al diseñar políticas públicas. Las iniciativas del Estado deben comprender procesos rigurosos de monitoreo y evaluación, para asegurar que las mismas tengan el impacto deseado. PMID:22488318

Huicho, Luis; Canseco, Francisco Diez; Lema, Claudia; Miranda, J. Jaime; Lescano, Andres G.



[The coconut babaçu (Orbignya phalerata martins) as a probable risk of human infection by the agent of chromoblastomycosis in the State of Maranhão, Brazil].  


During a survey of 30 patients with chromoblastomycosis followed at the Hospital dos Servidores do Estado do Maranhão, the authors observed in 2 (6.6%) patients with lesions on the buttock. This is an uncommon site for the initial lesions of chromoblastomycosis. There is often a history of microtraumatism during the farming job hence the more frequent development of lesions in the lower limbs. Both patients had 10 years disease, with the presence of nodules and vegetant warty lesions in coalescent plaques on the right buttock. Etiologic diagnosis made through histopatologic and culture exams, with Fonsecaea pedrosoi isolated. The epidemiological exposure of the patients, was suggested by the fact that both worked as babaçu coconut cutters a common activity in Maranhão State. The relation between this kind of professional activity and the development of infection merits for the investigation. PMID:7724868

Silva, C M; da Rocha, R M; Moreno, J S; Branco, M R; Silva, R R; Marques, S G; Costa, J M



PREFACE: Third Congress on Materials Science and Engineering (CNCIM-Mexico 2012)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Third Congress on Material Science and Engineering (CNCIM-México 2012), which took place in Mérida, México, from 27 February to 2 March 2012 was organized by three research groups (cuerpos académicos) from the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán: Ingeniería Física (UADY-CA-27), Modelado y Simulación Computacional de Sistemas Físicos (UADY-CA-101) and Química Fundamental y Aplicada (UADY-CA-32), in collaboration with the Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados (Cinvestav-Mérida). The First Congress in Material Science and Engineering (CNCIM-2010), was organized in Puebla, México in February 2010. This was followed by CNCIM-2011 held in Toluca, México in February 2011. The CNCIM-México 2012 Conference consisted of plenary talks (8), invited talks (10), oral contributions (54) and poster presentations (70). The topics of the Conference were: Synthesis and Preparation of Materials: Organic and Inorganic Characterization of Materials: Novel Methods and Techniques Applications of Materials: Environment, Medicine, Pharmacy, Technology, Food and Renewable Energy New Materials: Composites, Nanostructures, and from Natural Sources Theory: New Methods and Computer Simulations We want to thank the Organizing Committee, the Institutions and Sponsors supporting the Conference, and everyone who contributed to the organization of this meeting, for their invaluable efforts in order to guarantee the complete success of this conference. Editors Romeo de Coss Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del I.P.N. (Cinvestav-Mérida) A.P. 73 Cordemex 97310, Mérida, Yucatán, México Gabriel Murrieta-Hernández Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán Calle 60 No. 491-A, Centro Histórico, C.P. 97000, Mérida, Yucatán, México Aarón Aguayo-González Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán Calle 60 No. 491-A, Centro Histórico, C.P. 97000, Mérida, Yucatán, México Efraín Rubio-Rosas Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla Ciudad Universitaria, Col. San Manuel, C.P. 72570, Puebla, Puebla, México Ernesto Chigo-Anota Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla Ciudad Universitaria, Col. San Manuel, C.P. 72570, Puebla, Puebla, México Enrique Vigueras-Santiago Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México Instituto Literario No. 100, Col. Centro 50000, Toluca, Edo. de México, México Session Chairs Gabriel Canto Santana, Universidad Autónoma de Campeche. Enrique Vigueras Santiago, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México. César Cab, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Alejandro ávila Ortega, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Jesús Barrón Zambrano, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Maritza de Coss, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Jorge A. Tapia González, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. David Muñoz Rodríguez, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Mario Pérez Cortes, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Jesús García Serrano, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo. Rubén Arturo Medina Esquivel, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. César R. Acosta, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Organizing Committee Aarón Aguayo González, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Gabriel Murrieta Hernández, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Alejandro Tapia González, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Cristian Carrera Figueiras, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Heriberto Hernández Cocoletzi, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla. Ernesto Chigo Anota, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla. Efraín Rubio Rosas, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla. Enrique Vigueras Santiago, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México. Romeo de Coss, Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados (Cinvestav-Mérida). Organizers: Organizers Sponsors: Sponsors

de Coss, Romeo; Murrieta-Hernández, Gabriel; Aguayo-González, Aarón; Rubio-Rosas, Efraín; Chigo-Anota, Ernesto; Vigueras-Santiago, Enrique



Religiosidade, juventude e sexualidade: entre a autonomia e a rigidez1  

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Esse artigo descreve como jovens religiosos e autoridades religiosas de sua comunidade compreendem a sexualidade, considerando suas experiências pessoais e como membros de comunidades religiosas. A análise pretende contribuir para que políticas públicas dedicadas à promoção da saúde sexual da juventude considerem a religiosidade, no contexto de um estado laico e da promoção do direito à prevenção. Foram realizadas 26 entrevistas abertas e semidirigidas em diferentes comunidades da região metropolitana da cidade de São Paulo (comunidades católicas, da umbanda, do candomblé e de diferentes denominações evangélicas) sobre iniciação sexual, casamento, gravidez, contracepção e prevenção das DST/Aids, homossexualidade, aborto e direitos humanos. Observou-se como jovens e autoridades religiosas convivem com a tensão entre tradição e modernidade e os distintos discursos sobre a sexualidade. Como sujeitos religiosos (do discurso religioso) e sujeitos sexuais (de discursos sobre sexualidade), devem ser incorporados pelos programas como sujeitos de direito nos termos de sua religiosidade. PMID:21886456

Silva, Cristiane Goncalves da; Santos, Alessandro Oliveira; Licciardi, Daniele Carli; Paiva, Vera; Parker, Richard




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Este artículo documenta una respuesta agregada negativa del logro educativo superior (más de 12 años de escolaridad) en México a la recesión de 1982–83 y el estancamiento que le siguió. La respuesta no fue homogénea entre géneros, regiones y entornos familiares. Los hombres experimentaron una caída en el logro mientras que las mujeres experimentaron un crecimiento más lento. En promedio, los estados con un mayor logro antes del choque experimentaron mayores caídas. La respuesta entre distintos entornos familiares no presenta un patrón claro. Sin embargo, el efecto negativo en el logro se observa incluso entre hermanos. La evidencia sugiere una historia por el lado de la demanda: la caída en el ingreso de los hogares parece ser el determinante de la caída/desaceleración del logro educativo superior. La conclusión es que la recesión y la falta de crecimiento que le siguió tuvieron un efecto negativo importante y duradero en la formación de capacidades en México. PMID:25328251

Pena, Pablo A.



Análise dos Conceitos Astronômicos Apresentados por Professores de Algumas Escolas Estaduais Brasileiras  

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A razão para o desenvolvimento deste trabalho baseia-se no fato de que muitos professores da Educação Básica (EB) não lidam com conceitos relacionados à astronomia, e quando o fazem eles simplesmente seguem livros didáticos que podem conter erros conceituais. Como é de conhecimento geral a astronomia é um dos conteúdos a serem ensinados na EB fazendo parte dos Parâmetros Curriculares Nacionais e das Propostas Curriculares do Estado de São Paulo, mas é um fato, que vários pesquisadores apontam, a existência de muitos problemas no ensino da astronomia. Com o propósito de minimizar algumas dessas deficiências foi realizado um trabalho de pesquisa com a utilização de questionários pré e pós pesquisa, para tanto foi desenvolvido um Curso de Extensão Universitária para professores da Diretoria de Ensino Regional (DE) que abrange Mauá, Ribeirão Pires e Rio Grande da Serra (no Estado de São Paulo) com os seguintes objetivos: levantar concepções alternativas; subsidiar os professores por meio de palestras, debates e workshops, e verificar o sucesso da aprendizagem após o curso, adotando-se como referência, para a análise dos resultados, os dicionários de Língua Portuguesa (FERREIRA, 2004) e Enciclopédico de Astronomia e Astronáutica (MOUR?O, 1995). Portanto, dezesseis questões foram aplicadas antes e após o curso, assim pode-se verificar após a pesquisa que 100,0% dos professores sabiam os nomes das fases da Lua, 97,0% entenderam que o Sistema Solar é composto por oito planetas, 78,1% foram capazes de explicar como ocorre um eclipse lunar, um eclipse solar e um solstício, 72,7% sabiam como explicar a ocorrência das estações do ano; 64,5% explicaram corretamente a ocorrência do equinócio, 89,7% foram capazes de definir adequadamente o termo cometa; 63,6% definiram asteróide, 54,5% meteoro, 58,1% galáxia, e 42,4% planeta. Os resultados obtidos indicam uma aprendizagem significativa por parte dos participantes.

Voelzke, Marcos Rincon; Gonzaga, Edson Pereira



Responses to, and the short and long-term impacts of, the 1957/1958 Capelinhos volcanic eruption and associated earthquake activity on Faial, Azores  

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The 1957/58 Capelinhos eruption on Faial Island in the Azores is well known for being an excellent example of Surtseyan hydromagmatic volcanic activity. Less well known are the responses of the Portuguese authorities to the eruption and subsequent earthquake in May 1958, and the ways in which well-thought-out and generally effective recovery programmes were put in place. At the time Portugal was ruled by a dictatorship, the Estado Novo (New State). Only superficially similar to other fascist governments in Southern Europe, the Estado Novo collected huge amounts of data on the responses of the authorities to the disaster and their programmes of recovery, but never encouraged academic evaluation of policy, although it ensured that the scientific aspects of the eruption and earthquake were meticulously recorded and published. In this paper we remedy this situation by discussing the details of the immediate response to the emergency and the ways in which the island recovered in its aftermath. The study is based not only on archival sources and demographic and economic data, but also on detailed interviews with survivors some of whom were also decision makers. We argue that response, recovery and rehabilitation were generally highly successful and assess the lessons of the 1957/58 emergency which are relevant to future geophysical disasters in Faial and the wider Azores. Since the 1974 revolution Portugal has been a democratic state. We conclude that both the legislation and the civil defence infrastructure, necessary to achieve a similarly strong and successful response, are in place today.

Coutinho, Rui; Chester, David K.; Wallenstein, Nicolau; Duncan, Angus M.



Protegiendo a su familia de los terremotos-Los siete pasos a la seguridad para prepararse en caso de un terremoto (en espa?ol y en ingles)  

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Les escribimos esta carta para comunicarle un mensaje sumamente importante sobre las preparaciones de emergencia. Historicamente, hemos sufrido terremotos aqui en el Area de la Bahia de San Francisco que han causado graves privaciones para los residentes de la comunidad y da?os increibles a nuestras ciudades. Es probable que suframos un terremoto de gran magnitud en los proximos 30 a?os. Muchos de nosotros venimos de otros paises donde hemos pasado por terremotos y por eso creemos entenderlos. Sin embargo, la manera que nos preparamos para terremotos en nuestros paises de origen puede ser distinta a la que empleamos aca en los Estados Unidos. Muy pocas personas mueren a causa de los derrumbes de los edificios en el Area de la Bahia porque la mayoria de los edificios son construidos para resistir el sacudimiento de la tierra. Pero es muy probable que su familia no tenga atencion medica, alimentos o que esten separados del uno al otro por dias o semanas. Finalmente depende de usted mantener a su familia a salvo hasta que llegue asistencia, por eso les pedimos que nos unamos para aprender a cuidar a su familia antes, durante, y despues de un terremoto. El primer paso es leer este libro. Cada uno de su familia, ni?os y adultos, pueden aprender como prepararse para un terremoto. Haga participar e incluya sus ni?os; pueden ayudarle a prepararse. Aproveche las clases ofrecidas en su comunidad sobre las preparaciones de terremotos por la Cruz Roja Estadounidense (American Red Cross). Estos cursos de preparacion son gratis y disponibles en espa?ol para todos en la comunidad sin tomar en cuenta la historia de la familia, estado legal, genero o edad. Les recomendamos que tome ventaja de estas clases gratuitas. Para mas informacion consulte la ultima pagina de este libro. Recuerde que un terremoto puede ocurrir sin aviso y la unica manera de reducir el da?o de terremotos es estar preparados. !Preparese!

Desarrollado por American Red Cross, Asian Pacific Fund, California Earthquake Authority, Governor's Office of Emergency Services, New America Media, U.S. Department of Homeland Security Federal Emergency Management Agency, and U.S. Geological Survey



Cálculos ab initio con correlación electrónica  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Estamos entrando en una era donde la ortogonalidad entre las investigaciones de carácter experimental y de naturaleza teórica se irá difuminando progresivamente y la problemática a resolver quedará en escena como el único actor principal de la obra. Como premisa para una cooperación teórico-experimental de igual a igual, la metodología químico-cuántica utilizada debe ser capaz de ofrecer resultados de carácter predictivo. Sin duda, esta madurez en la metodología químico-cuántica ya la hemos alcanzado hace algunos años, tal y como muestra entre otras muchas, la labor que nuestro grupo ha realizado en el transcurso de la última década, dentro del campo de la Espectroscopía Teórica. Los estudios realizados comprenden una amplia gama de sistemas, variando tanto en tamaño como en complejidad, abordando problemáticas espectroscópicas consideradas tradicionalmente como especialmente controvertidas. Nuestra contribución científica más relevante reside en el carácter cuantitativo de las asignaciones espectroscópicas que hemos propuesto en base a resultados ab initio. Recordemos que en los años noventa los resultados ab initio solían presentar para las energías de excitación de sistemas de tamaño molecular moderado, como el benceno, errores de más de 1 eV. En comparación con el éxito relativo de los métodos semiempíricos, la frustración de la metodología ab initio quedaba todavía más patente. Los estudios que hemos presentado representan una comprensión profunda de los espectros electrónicos en sistemas orgánicos claves, mostrando el camino a seguir para obtener asignaciones espectroscópicas precisas (entre 0.1-0.2 eV). La naturaleza del método CASPT2 junto al diseño de estrategias computacionales nos ha permitido alcanzar el carácter cuantitativo con el que se caracterizan nuestras contribuciones[1,2]. Por todo ello, algunos de los trabajos publicados se consideran clásicos dentro del campo, pues en cierto modo definen el campo, y se reflejan en libros publicados recientemente. En la conferencia se analizarán ciertos pormenores de las investigaciones realizadas. El tipo de aplicaciones llevadas a cabo hasta la fecha se ilustrará mediante el estudio teórico del espectro electrónico de ciclooctatetraeno. Dando un paso más en la evolución de nuestra investigación, pretendemos en la actualidad describir, desde un formalismo teórico y al mismo nivel de exigencia, los mecanismos subyacentes que tienen lugar en las reacciones biológicas fototoinducidas, es decir, reacciones que se inician mediante la absorción de luz[3]. Como muestra de la caracterización de los procesos fotofísicos y fotoquímicos en fotobiología teórica, hemos elegido la descripción de la conversión interna ultrarrápida que tiene lugar en los cromóforos del ADN. Los estados excitados de las moléculas de los ácidos nucleicos presentan tiempos de vida media que se encuentran en el rango de sub-picosegundos, sugiriendo la presencia de un canal ultrarrápido de conversión interna, lo que normalmente se asocia en la fotoquímica contemporánea a una intersección cónica entre el estado excitado y el fundamental[4]. De esta forma nuestro ADN previene de forma eficaz posibles reacciones en el estado excitado y se revela como un excelente protector solar.

Merchán Bonete, M.


An Operational Coastal Forecasting System in Galicia (NW Spain)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Galician coast (NW Iberian Peninsula coast) and mainly the Rias Baixas (southern Galician rias) are one of the most productive ecosystems in the world, supporting a very active fishing and aquiculture industry. This high productivity lives together with a high human pressure and an intense maritime traffic, which means an important environmental risk. Besides that, Harmful Algae Blooms (HAB) are common in this area, producing important economical losses in aquiculture. In this context, the development of an Operational Hydrodynamic Ocean Forecast System is the first step to the development of a more sophisticated Ocean Integrated Decision Support Tool. A regional oceanographic forecasting system in the Galician Coast has been developed by MeteoGalicia (the Galician regional meteorological agency) inside ESEOO project to provide forecasts on currents, sea level, water temperature and salinity. This system is based on hydrodynamic model MOHID, forced with the operational meteorological model WRF, supported daily at MeteoGalicia . Two grid meshes are running nested at different scales, one of ~2km at the shelf scale and the other one with a resolution of 500 m at the rias scale. ESEOAT (Puertos del Estado) model provide salinity and temperature fields which are relaxed at all depth along the open boundary of the regional model (~6km). Temperature and salinity initial fields are also obtained from this application. Freshwater input from main rivers are included as forcing in MOHID model. Monthly mean discharge data from gauge station have been provided by Aguas de Galicia. Nowadays a coupling between an hydrological model (SWAT) and the hydrodynamic one are in development with the aim to verify the impact of the rivers discharges. The system runs operationally daily, providing two days of forecast. First model verifications had been performed against Puertos del Estado buoys and Xunta de Galicia buoys network along the Galician coast. High resolution model results were validated against a CTDs profiles campaign carried out during an oil spill exercise in the Ria de Vigo in April 2007. During EROCIPS INTERREG IIIB and EASY INTERREG IVB projects, a Galician oceanographic observation network were built. Three stations located inside the Rias Baixas allow to collect meteorological and oceanographic data at different depths to calibrate and validate the modelization of the rias. To complete this network and to create a common data platform a new project emerged (RAIA INTERREG IVA). It will provide MeteoGalicia more scientific data to improve the study of the rias. Furthermore, MeteoGalicia is also involved in DRIFTER AMPERA project which allows to improve the capability of modelling and monitoring the trajectory of hazardous substances and inerts.

Balseiro, C. F.; Carracedo, P.; Pérez, E.; Pérez, V.; Taboada, J.; Venacio, A.; Vilasa, L.



Implementation of CGPS at Estartit, Ibiza and Barcelona harbours for sea level monitoring  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The determination of global and regional mean sea level variations with accura-cies better than 1 mm/yr is a critical problem, the resolution of which is central to the current debate on climate change and its impact on the environment. Highly accurate time series from both satellite altimetry and tide gauges are needed. Measuring the sea surface height with in-situ tide gauges and GPS receivers pro-vides an efficient way to control the long term stability of the radar altimeters and other applications as the vertical land motion and studies of sea level change. L’Estartit tide gauge is a classical floating tide gauge set up in l’Estartit harbour (NE Spain) in 1990. Data are taken in graphics registers from which each two hours the mean value is recorded in an electronic support and delivered to the Permanent Service for Mean Sea level (PSMSL). Periodic surveying campaigns along the year are carried out for monitoring possible vertical movement of the geodetic benchmark adjacent to the tide gauge. Puertos del Estado (Spanish Harbours) installed the tide gauge station at Ibiza har-bour in January 2003 and a near GPS reference station. The station belongs to the REDMAR network, composed at this moment by 21 stations distributed along the whole Spanish waters, including also the Canary islands ( The tide gauge also belongs to the ESEAS (European Sea Level) network. A description of the actual infrastructure at Ibiza, Barcelona and l’Estartit har-bours is presented.The main objective is the implementation of these harbours as a precise geodetic areas for sea level monitoring and altimeter calibration. Actually is a CGPS with a radar tide gauge from Puertos del Estado and a GPS belonging to Puerto de Barcelona. A precise levelling has been made by the Cartographic Insti-tute of Catalonia, ICC. The instrumentation of sea level measurements has been improved by providing the Barcelona site with a radar tide gauge Datamar 3000C device and a Thales Navigation Internet-Enabled GPS Continuous Geodetic Ref-erence Station (iCGRS) with a choke ring antenna, located at the EPSEB of the Technical University of Catalonia, UPC. It is intended that the overall system will constitute a CGPS Station of the ESEAS and TIGA networks.

Martinez-Benjamin, J. J.; Ortiz Castellon, M.; Martinez-Garcia, M.; Perez, B.; Bosch, E.; Termens, A.; Martinez de Oses, X.



Estudio ab initio del mecanismo de la reacción HSO + O3  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

La reacción entre el radical HSO y el ozono ha sido ampliamente estudiada desde el punto de vista experimental debido a la importancia que tiene el radical HSO en la oxidación de los compuestos de azufre reductores y a que puede contribuir a la producción de H2SO4 [1-4]. Se realizaron diversos estudios teóricos sobre la cinética de la reacción entre el radical HSO y el ozono. La reacción del HSO con el ozono presenta tres canales diferentes : HSO + O3 &rightarrow &HSO2 + O2 &rightarrow &HS + 2 O2 &rightarrow &SO + OH + O2 La controversia existente entre los grupos experimentales sobre cuál de las tres vías es la predominante, se ha resuelto mediante un estudio teórico de todas ellas utilizando métodos ab initio. La estructura de todos los reactivos, productos, intermedios y estados de transición ha sido optimizada a nivel ab initio utilizando los métodos UMP2 /6-31G** y QCISD/6-31G**.

Nebot Gil, I.


[The arrival of the plague in São Paulo in 1899].  


In October 1899, the bubonic plague arrived in Brazil through the port of Santos. A city of intensive port activity, Santos was the gateway for a plague epidemic that devastated several cities in Brazil in the early 20th century and prompted joint action by several states to fight it. More importantly, given the difficulties and delays in importing anti-plague serum from Europe, it led to the creation of the Butantan Institute in Sao Paulo (in 1899) and the Municipal Serotherapeutic Institute in Rio de Janeiro (in 1900), which developed and standardized anti-plague serum and vaccines according to the particular conditions of the country. Until then, public health efforts had been isolated and had not reached the whole country. Oswaldo Cruz, newly arrived after three years of specialization at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, worked with scientists Adolfo Lutz and Vital Brazil on identifying the plague in Santos. This article analyzes the arrival of the bubonic plague epidemic in the state of Sao Paulo and the public health measures taken to combat the disease and provide patient care in the early part of the 20th century. The primary sources for this analysis were the São Paulo newspapers, especially O Estado de Sao Paulo, and reports from the Ministry of Justice and the President of the State of Sao Paulo. PMID:21936225

do Nascimento, Dilene Raimundo



Assessment of scientific programs: a necessary procedure for Brazilian scientific policy--the Young Investigator Program of the State of São Paulo Research Foundation.  


Programs of Science and Technology research have grown significantly in Brazil over the last decades. Until the 1980s the so-called undirected programs, without specific goals and requiring only scientific merit, prevailed. The few programs with defined goals in this period were never objectively assessed. The same situation occurred in developed countries. In the early 1990s, the assessment of programs supported by public funding became mandatory in US and some European countries. In Brazil, program assessment has so far not been implemented yet. The Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa no Estado de São Paulo (FAPESP) (Brazilian funding agency) Young Investigator (YI) Program is in its eleventh year, with approximately eight hundred projects awarded. Although it is free-demand based as concerns areas of knowledge, it has specific goals : (1) conceding grants to YI in view of the balance between funding, merit and real needs so as to enable satisfactory working conditions in the short term, (2) providing priority for institutions with a less extensive background in research, (3) granting a special fellowship to YI with no employment connection and (4) introduction of new research fronts in centers with a sound research background. This assessment provided evidence for the achievement of first three goals. The fourth one is still pending on additional data requiring survey assessment. Actions in this direction are recommended. PMID:17768540

Pian, Carlos A de; Meneghini, Rogerio





Philippe Bourgois é, desde 2007, "Richard Perry University professor" no Departamento de Antropologia e de Medicina Familiar e de Práticas Comunitárias na Universidade da Pensilvânia. Esteve durante largos anos ligado ao Departamento de Antropologia, História e Medicina Social da Universidade da Califórnia, São Francisco. A publicação, em 1995, de In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio(1) projectaria o seu nome muito para além dos Estados Unidos: uma etnografia no coração porto-riquenho do Harlem, em torno dos actores e dos ambientes da venda de crack. Seguir-se-ia um longo trabalho de terreno em acampamentos de dependentes de heroína em São Francisco, orientando o seu trabalho para as formas mais radicais da pobreza e da marginalidade nos EUA. É deste trabalho de terreno que sai o seu último livro, Righteous Dopefiend(2). Em Junho de 2007 esteve em Lisboa para participar na 3.(a) edição do "Ethnografeast". Foi então que aproveitámos a oportunidade para ouvir um percurso invulgar contado pelo próprio: uma longa conversa no Hotel Zurique, cujo nome só vem ao caso por evocar o país onde passou uma parte da infância. PMID:22013286

Fernandes, Por Luís