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Bioassay-guided discovery of antibacterial agents: in vitro screening of Peperomia vulcanica, Peperomia fernandopoioana and Scleria striatinux  

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Background The global burden of bacterial infections is high and has been further aggravated by increasing resistance to antibiotics. In the search for novel antibacterials, three medicinal plants: Peperomia vulcanica, Peperomia fernandopoioana (Piperaceae) and Scleria striatinux (Cyperaceae), were investigated for antibacterial activity and toxicity. Methods Crude extracts of these plants were tested by the disc diffusion method against six bacterial test organisms followed by bio-assay guided fractionation, isolation and testing of pure compounds. The minimum inhibitory (MIC) and minimum bactericidal (MBC) concentrations were measured by the microdilution method. The acute toxicity of the active extracts and cytotoxicity of the active compound were performed in mice and mammalian cells, respectively. Results The diameter of the zones of inhibition (DZI) of the extracts ranged from 7–13?mm on Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus of which the methylene chloride:methanol [1:1] extract of Scleria striatinux recorded the highest activity (DZI?=?13?mm). Twenty-nine pure compounds were screened and one, Okundoperoxide, isolated from S. striatinux, recorded a DZI ranging from 10–19?mm on S. aureus. The MICs and MBCs indicated that the Peperomias had broad-spectrum bacteriostatic activity. Toxicity tests showed that Okundoperoxide may have a low risk of toxicity with an LC50 of 46.88??g/mL. Conclusions The antibacterial activity of these plants supports their use in traditional medicine. The pure compound, Okundoperoxide, may yield new antibacterial lead compounds following medicinal chemistry exploration. PMID:22549052



Das \\  

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urfte uns interessieren, was der Mensch ist, und auch - wenn das denn so zu trennen ist -, was er sein soll, da wir gewohnt sind, uns selbst als Menschen zu bezeichnen. Es handelt sich also um eine Form der Selbstbeschreibung und der semantischen Wirklichkeitskonstruktion. Ein Begri wie ' der Mensch' beruht auf einer Beobachtung, und beobach- ten konnen wir

Niklas Luhmann


Normalization of DNA Microarray data Luis M. Rocha  

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1 Normalization of DNA Microarray data Luis M. Rocha Complex Systems Modeling CCS3 - Modeling. Intensity at Array Spot Abundance of corresponding mRNA Unknown normalization factor Needs to be determined-array methods, using the median or the mean of the spot intensities or by inclusion of control m

Rocha, Luis


"Tales from the Brazilian Jungle": Antonio Rocha, Storyteller. Cue Sheet for Teachers.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This performance guide is designed for teachers to use with students before and after a performance of "Tales from the Brazilian Jungle" with storyteller Antonio Rocha. The guide, called a "Cuesheet," contains four sheets for use in class. The first, "About the Performance," prepares students for understanding references to the Amazon rainforest,…

Rees, Elizabeth


Opal-based isotopic proxies of paleoenvironmental conditions Christina L. De La Rocha1  

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Opal-based isotopic proxies of paleoenvironmental conditions Christina L. De La Rocha1 Received 2415 Ndiatom of diatom opal provide a view of nutrient utilization in past oceans and are used variations in d30 Si. Reconstruction of deepwater d30 Si using opal from sponges or deep

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Dendroblatta iani (Rocha e Silva-Albuquerque, 1964) n. comb. (Ectobiidae, Blattellinae).  


The species of the family Ectobiidae range from small to large in size, and are found in tropical forests, hidden in leaf litter. This is the largest family among the cockroaches, with about 1,740 described species (Bell et al., 2007). In the Ectobiidae, the subfamilies Pseudophyllodromiinae and Blattellinae are differentiated by the position of the hook-shaped phallomere on the right or the left side, respectively, in dorsal view. The genus Xestoblatta Hebard, 1916 was included in the subfamily Blattellinae by Rocha e Silva-Albuquerque (1964), based on a specimen from the State of Pará described as Xestoblatta iani. The structures of the genitalia, the morphological characters and the habitus of the specimen, as illustrated, support the transfer of this species from the genus Xestoblatta to Dendroblatta.  PMID:25283426

Lopes, Sonia Maria; Oliveira, Edivar Heeren De; Silva, Luiz Rafael Silva Da



Combined effect of temperature and controlled atmosphere on storage and shelf-life of 'Rocha' pear treated with 1-methylcyclopropene.  


The combination of temperature and atmosphere composition for storage of Pyrus communis L. 'Rocha' treated with 1-methylcyclopropene was investigated. Fruits treated with 312?nl?l(-1) 1-methylcyclopropene were stored at 0?? and 2.5?? in air and controlled atmosphere (CA) (3.04?kPa O2+ 0.91?kPa CO2). Fruits were removed from storage after 14, 26 and 35 weeks, transferred to shelf-life at approximately 22?? and assessed for ripening and quality, symptoms of superficial scald and internal browning and the accumulation of biochemical compounds related to scald after 0, 1 and 2 weeks. Superficial scald occurred only in fruits stored for 35 weeks in air at 2.5??. Levels of conjugated trienols and ?-farnesene increased during the first 26 weeks in storage, remaining constant thereafter. During shelf-life, conjugated trienols were higher in fruits stored in air at 2.5??. Internal browning developed in shelf-life after 26 weeks at 2.5??. Pears in air at 2.5?? were not able to stand a 2-week shelf-life after 35 weeks of storage, while fruits stored at 0?? under CA ripened slowly after the same storage period. The retention of firmness during shelf-life of 1-methylcyclopropene-treated 'Rocha' pear can be overcome by elevating the storage temperature from 0?? to 2.5??, but CA is a required complement to avoid excessive softening after long-term storage. The ratio carotenoid/chlorophyll increased during storage and shelf-life, as plastids senesced. CA reduced the rate of chlorophyll loss during the first 14 weeks in storage, but its effect was reduced afterwards. 'Rocha' pear treated with 1-methylcyclopropene had a similar post-harvest behaviour during long-term storage at 0?? in air or at 2.5?? under CA. PMID:24216324

Gago, Custódia Ml; Miguel, Maria G; Cavaco, Ana M; Almeida, Domingos Pf; Antunes, Maria Dc



An Evolutionary Model of Genotype Editing Luis M. Rocha1, Ana Maguitman1, Chien-feng Huang2, Jasleen Kaur1, and Sheetal Narayanan1  

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An Evolutionary Model of Genotype Editing Luis M. Rocha1, Ana Maguitman1, Chien-feng Huang2 Algorithm with Edition, but presents a fundamentally novel architecture in which coding and non-coding parameters to co- evolve with genotypes in a population of agents defined by a genome with both coding

Rocha, Luis



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We describe stable isotopic data from country rocks and sulfide ores of the Cristalino Cu(Au) deposit (CD), Carajás Province, Brazil. Calcite from whole rock and sulfides grains from mafic to felsic volcanics and \\

A. A. Ribeiro; M. T. F. Suita; A. N. Sial; A. E. Fallick; F. Eli; E. A. Goulard



Das Weltbild der Astronomie  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Inhalt: 1. Das geozentrische Weltbild der Antike und des Mittelalters. 2. Zum heliozentrischen Weltbild. 3. Astronomie und Astrologie. 4. Vom heliozentrischen zum heutigen Weltbild. 5. Die Geburt der Astrophysik. 6. Sterne und Planeten: Das Erschaffen von Neuem. 7. Das Sonnensystem. 8. Galaxien, intergalaktische Materie und die Dunkle Materie. 9. Die Evolution des Universums. 10. Ein spekulativer Blick in den Kosmos.

Nussbaumer, Harry


Insecticidal activity of cerrado plant extracts on Rhodnius milesi Carcavallo, Rocha, Galvão & Jurberg (Hemiptera: Reduviidae), under laboratory conditions.  


Chagas' disease is chiefly transmitted by feces of haematophagous bugs (Triatominae) that ingested Trypanosoma cruzi from blood of infected people or animals. Pyrethroids have been the main insecticides used against these insects. However, some populations of insects have shown significant levels of resistance to several pyrethroids, indicating the need of new insecticides for the control of triatomines. Insecticidal activity of 24 Cerrado plant extracts belonging to five species of four families were assayed on fourth instar nymphs of Rhodnius milesi Carcavallo, Rocha, Galvão & Jurberg (Hemiptera: Reduviidae), under laboratory conditions. For the extract application on triatomines, 50 microg of the extract were topically applied in duplicate on dorsal tergites of ten insects. Insects topically treated with acetone, ethanol, as well as insects with no treatment were used as controls. Triatomines were observed over a 28-day period. Hexanic and ethanolic extracts of Simarouba versicolor, Guarea kunthiana, Guarea guidonia and Talauma ovata caused mortality between 20% and 95% of R. milesi in comparison with the controls, which showed no insect mortality. These preliminary data suggest that the ethanolic extract of the root bark of S. versicolor and the hexanic extract of the root of G. guidonia, responsible for a 95% and 75% insect mortality, respectively, should be chemically investigated and monitored through biological assays in order to determine their insecticidal components, that could be used as a molecular model or as biorational compounds for use in insect control programmes. PMID:17352079

Coelho, André A M; de Paula, José E; Espíndola, Laila S



Adding Some SPICE to DAS  

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Summary: The distributed annotation system (DAS) defines a com- munication protocol used to exchange biological annotations. It is motivated by the idea that annotations should not be provided by single centralized databases but instead be spread over multiple sites. Data distribution, performed by DAS servers, is separated from visualiza- tion, which is carried out by DAS clients. The original DAS

Andreas Prlic; Thomas A. Down; Tim J. P. Hubbard



Baía das Gats  

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View from the top of Monte Verde to the coast of São Vicente. Mounte Verde is the highest point on São Vicente. This view, looking north\\/north-east shows Baía das Gatas on the horizon, a bay with a natrual barrier that makes it as popular for swimming as it is for fishing.

David Baxter



Streifzug durch das Periodensystem  

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\\u000a Für Chemiker ist es eine Selbstverständlichkeit, die Stellung eines jeden Elementes im Periodensystem auswendig zu kennen,\\u000a birgt doch diese Stellung viel Information in sich. Wie bereits erläutert, ist mit der Gruppennummer die Elektronenkonfiguration\\u000a und damit das chemische Verhalten festgelegt. Daher käme es einem Chemiker niemals in den Sinn etwa eine Verbindung NH5 zu postulieren! Würde er aber trotzdem über eine

Dirk Flottmann; Detlev Forst; Helmut Roßwag


Connecting the Dots in DAS  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Many institutions implement a distributed antenna system (DAS) as part of a holistic approach to providing better wireless coverage and capacity on campus. A DAS provides wireless service within a particular area or structure via a network of separate antenna nodes that are connected to a common source through fiber or coaxial cable. Because DAS…

Ford, Tracy



Das China des Carl Gützlaff.  

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??Analysiert wird der 1. Opiumkrieg zwischen Großbritannien und China. Das zeitgenössische Chinabild wird anhand von Darstellungen in deutschsprachigen Zeitungen mittels Textanalyse hinterfragt. Es wird die… (more)

Immervoll, Robert



Warm mix asphalt Animesh Das  

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1 Warm mix asphalt Animesh Das Warm mix asphalt (WMA) is not a hot mix asphalt (HMA), it's just of asphalt binder during the heating process (called as short-term aging) is controlled considerably. · Less-bound water and generates foaming effect to the asphalt binder. The lubricating action keeps the mix workable

Das, Animesh



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) 354-5506, Cell Ph: (979) 422-5908 E-mail: Education: Aug 2008 Ph soil moisture product for scientific advances and societal benefits. Member of SMAP Algorithm · Adopting state-of-art techniques to study evolution of soil moisture at varying scales. · Developing 3D

Waliser, Duane E.


Syntactic Autonomy Luis Mateus Rocha  

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on the notions of semiotics and situated action is advanced to build models capable of representing, as well:EvolutionarySystems,Self-Organization,Autonomy, Artificial Life, Semiotics, Emergence, Cellular Automata, Genetic Algorithms, Situated Action. 1. SITUATED

Rocha, Luis


Anticancer Activity of the Phytomedicine DAS-77.  


This study was designed to investigate the anticancer activity of extracts of the phytomedicine DAS-77. The sulforhodamine B (SRB) in vitro cytotoxicity assay, Sarcoma-180 (S-180) ascites and solid tumor, and L1210 lymphoid leukemia in vivo models were employed. DAS-A001 (ethanol extract, IC50 12 and 13 µg/mL with HCT-116 and PC3, respectively); DAS-A002 (hydroethanol extract, IC50 <5 and 13 µg/mL with HCT-116 and PC3, respectively); DAS-A003 (aqueous extract, IC50 <5 µg/mL with THP-1); and DAS-A004 (dichloromethane:methanol extract; IC50 <5 and 17 µg/mL with HCT-116 and PC3, respectively) demonstrated significant activity in vitro. DAS-A002 and DAS-A003 (80-120 mg/kg) elicited significant (P < .05-.001) dose-dependent inhibition of tumor growth in the S-180 ascites model. Peak effects were produced at the highest dose of 120 mg/kg with inhibition values of 87.50% and 89.23% for DAS-A002 and DAS-A003, respectively, compared with a value of 97.27% for 5-FU (20 mg/kg). As regards the S-180 solid tumor model, inhibition of tumor growth was found to be 52.56% and 37.95%, respectively, for DAS-A002 and DAS-A003. The effect of DAS-A002 was comparable and not significantly different (P > .05) from that of 5-FU (20 mg/kg; 50.18% inhibition). DAS-A003 but not DAS-A002 showed significant activity in the leukemia model with 177.78% increase in mean survival time relative to 211.11% for 5-FU. Findings in this study suggest that the hydroethanol and aqueous extracts of DAS-77 possess significant anticancer activity. PMID:25351406

Akindele, Abidemi J; Mahajan, Girish; Wani, Zahoor A; Sharma, Sadhana; Satti, Naresh K; Adeyemi, Olufunmilayo O; Mondhe, Dilip M; Saxena, Ajit K



Data Acquisition System(DAS) Sustaining Engineering  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

This paper presents general information describing the Data Acquisition System contract, a summary of objectives, tasks performed and completed. The hardware deliverables which are comprised of: 1) Two ground DAS units; 2) Two flight DAS units; 3) Logistic spares; and 4) Shipping containers are described. Also included are the data requirements and scope of the contract.



Physik gestern und heute Das Eiskalorimeter  

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Kalorimetrische Messungen gehören heute zum experimentellen Standardrepertoire im Bereich der Thermodynamik und der physikalischen Chemie. Das erste Gerät für derartige Messungen entwickelten Ende des 18. Jahrhunderts die französischen Wissenschaftler Antoine Laurent Lavoisier und Pierre Simon de Laplace.

P. Heering



Physik gestern und heute Das Eiskalorimeter  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Kalorimetrische Messungen gehören heute zum experimentellen Standardrepertoire im Bereich der Thermodynamik und der physikalischen Chemie. Das erste Gerät für derartige Messungen entwickelten Ende des 18. Jahrhunderts die französischen Wissenschaftler Antoine Laurent Lavoisier und Pierre Simon de Laplace.

Heering, P.




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3 RESUMO: Este trabalho investigou a influência das condições ambientais das árvores nas relações dos teores foliares de N, P e K. As espécies utilizadas foram: acer ( Acer negundo L.) e ipê (Tabebuia chrysotricha ( Mart ex DC.) Standl). Foram selecionados locais com diferentes intensidades de tráfego de veículos (tráfego grande, médio, residenciais e parques), condições ambientais ( com

D. Biondi; C. B. Reissmann


Steganography and Steganalysis: Different Approaches Soumyendu Das  

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Steganography and Steganalysis: Different Approaches Soumyendu Das Information Security Abstract Steganography is the technique of hiding confidential information within any media. Steganography output; the output of steganography operation is not apparently visible but in cryptography the output

Sanyal, Sugata


Das Arbeitsgebiet des Institutes fr Theoretische Elektrotechnik  

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Synthetic Environment", das in einem Verbund von 44 Partnern aus Industrie und Hochschule über ganz Europa of Electromagnetic Theory cover multiple aspects of theory, computa- tion, and application of electromagnetic field behaviour. Our research focus is on: Electromagnetic Field Theory and its Numerical Methods Electromagnetic

Moeller, Ralf


Das Projekt GlobalPhone: Multilinguale Spracherkennung  

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Das Projekt GlobalPhone: Multilinguale Spracherkennung Tanja Schultz und Alex Waibel Einsatz in multilingualer kontinuierlicher Spracherken­ nung f¨ ur gro�e Vokabulare. In diesem Projekt der Modul kombiniert werden. Kontextabh¨ angige multilinguale Modelle werden dabei durch Integration von

Schultz, Tanja


Modelagem Computacional das Doenças Intersticiais Pulmonares  

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Resumo - Neste trabalho é apresentado um algoritmo que simula as doenças intersticiais pulmonares, com recursos para representar tanto as variações anatômicas, quanto suas imagens radiográficas em função das diversas técnicas de exposição. As estruturas torácicas foram determinadas a partir de pontos de controle e as ramificações pulmonares foram calculadas considerando a distribuição de fluxo dos ramos pais para os

L. A. Neves; A. F. Frère; A. V. Nascimento; M. A. Marques; M. Z. Nascimento


Das ?-Strahlenspektrum von Radium und seine Deutung  

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Zusammenfassung Hochprozentiges Radium wird als Carbonat auf Platindrähtchen niedergeschlagen, um lineare Strahlungsguellen für die Untersuchung der ß-Strahlen des Radiums selbst zu erhalten. Durch geeignete Behandlung werden Präparate hergestellt, die anfänglich nur 1 Prom. der Gleichgewichtsmenge Emanation enthalten und praktisch nicht emanieren. Es gelingt so, das dem Radium angehörige ß-Strahlenspektrum, bestehend aus drei Gruppen, einwandfrei festzustellen und die zugehörige Kern-?-Strahlung zu

Otto Hahn; Lise Meitner



Das Asset-Märchen der Federal Reserve  

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Zusammenfassung  Die Federal Reserve ist laut dem Federal Reserve Act unter anderem dazu verpfl ichtet, stabile Preise zu gewährleisten. Das\\u000a Erreichen dieses geldpolitischen Ziels wird offi ziell auf Ebene der Verbraucherpreise angesiedelt. Darüber hinaus bekräftigt\\u000a die FED, dass kein explizites Asset Price Targeting betrieben wird. Dienen jedoch Vermögenspreise implizit als geldpolitisches\\u000a Ziel?

Christian Drescher; Alexander Erler; Damir Križanac



Das DLR: Hoch hinaus und bodenständig  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Die "irdische" Komponente des DLR, die wenig oder keine Verbindungen zur Luft- und Raumfahrt aufweist, bietet aber durchaus ebenso Beschäftigungsmöglichkeiten für unsere Zunft, wie das Beispiel von Dipl.-Geogr. Annette Bona unterstreicht, die als Projektmanagerin in der Organisationseinheit "Innovationsmanagement und Technologiemarketing" am Kölner Standort beschäftigt ist. Mit ihr unterhielt sich Jörg Franzen M. A. über die weniger bekannten, bodengebundenen Tätigkeiten des DLR und ihren spezifischen Anteil daran.

Bona, Annette



Frameworks für das Web2.0  

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Zusammenfassung  Gngige Web-Frameworks sind vielschichtig und erfordern einen hohen Lern- als auch Konfigurationsaufwand. Web2.0-Frameworks\\u000a dagegen erheben den Anspruch der schnelleren und einfacheren Entwicklung. Exemplarisch wird in diesem Schlagwortbeitrag das\\u000a neuartige Web2.0-Framework Ruby on Rails (RoR) vorgestellt. RoR versucht die einfache Unmittelbarkeit von PHP mit der Architektur,\\u000a Reinheit und Qualitt von Java zu verbinden.

Michael Bächle; Paul Kirchberg



The Unseen Challenge data sets Anderson Rocha  

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, there are indications that Steganography has been used to spread child pornography pictures via the Internet [2, 3 and remarks. 2. Historical remarks Throughout history, people always have aspired more privacy and security for their communications [5, 6]. One of #12;the first documents describing Steganography comes from Histories of Herodotus

Boult, Terrance E.


Saturday, June 15 Dave Rocha Jazz Trio  

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Santa Cruz Talk: The Milky Way Galaxy, Quantum Fluctuations, and Schroedinger's Cat. Saturday, July 13 Chaskinakuy Music of the Andes Doors open: 1 hr. prior / Event: 8:30 pm Speaker: Gregory Laughlin, UC Santa Earths Saturday, August 10 Men of Worth Music of Ireland & Scotland Doors open: 1 hr. prior / Event: 8


LUIS M. ROCHA School of Informatics & Computing  

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Systems PhD Track. INSTITUTO GULBENKIAN DA CIENCIA, Portugal. Director of the FLAD Computational Biology, machine learning, network science, recommender systems, uncertainty modeling. Academic Education: Ph Systems. August 2012. Sicily, Italy, 28-31 ICCS2011: Eighth International Conference on Complex Systems

Rocha, Luis


DAS Quick Guide [for Notetakers] Scanning and Uploading Notes  

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or the stu dent must fill out and sign the alterna ve agreement and submit the form to the DAS office address and download to your computer. STEP 3. UPLOAD THE NOTES INTO DAS ONLINE SERVICES Connect to DAS Online Services, and select "List and Upload Notes" on the le hand menu. Select the course, week

Tullos, Desiree


Das Ising-Modell und Monte-Carlo-Simulation Das Ising-Modell und Monte-Carlo-Simulation  

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Das Ising-Modell und Monte-Carlo-Simulation Das Ising-Modell und Monte-Carlo-Simulation Aljoscha Rheinwalt 14. Januar 2009 Betreuender Professor: Prof. M. M¨uller-Preu�ker #12;Das Ising-Modell und Monte-Carlo-Simulation Gliederung Gliederung Ising-Modell Definition Anwendungen Numerische Analyse Statistische Beschreibung Monte-Carlo


Quo vadis, IMS? Das Projekt CAMPARI als Mobilnetz-orientierte Standortbestimmung für das IP Multimedia Subsystem  

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Nach einhelliger Einschtzung von Netzbetreibern, Dienstanbietern, Equipmentherstellern und weltweiten Standardisierungsgremien ist das 3GPP IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) derzeit der vielversprechendste Kandidat fr die grundlegende Architektur eines Next Generation Networks (NGN), welches die herrschende Kluft zwischen leitungs- und paketbasierten Netzen berbrcken und beide Seiten zu einem einzigen Netzwerk fr alle Dienste konsolidieren soll. Daher ist die bevorstehende kommerzielle Einfhrung des IMS

Peter Reichl; Joachim Fabini; Norbert Jordan; R. Huber; Alexander Poropatich; Christoph Brandner; Hannes Weisgrab



Sublimation and das Ding in Mahler's Symphony no. 8.  


This paper addresses sublimation in Gustav Mahler's Symphony no. 8 through Lacan's (1986, 1992) notion of das Ding, the Thing. The author reads Lacan as using das Ding, a term taken from Freud, as shorthand for archaic experience. Lacan provides a reference point when he states that "the Kleinian doctrine places the mother's body there" (1992, p. 117). Das Ding refers to unmediated contact with the Other, usually mother, in which traces of a primitive gratification mark the loss of immediacy, point to a lost object, and establish the trajectory of desire. Sublimation is an attempt to bring us into contact with das Ding. PMID:18512365

Muller, John P



Pedagogical Basis of DAS Formalism in Engineering Education  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The paper presents a new approach for a bachelor-level curriculum structure in engineering. The approach is called DAS formalism according to its three phases: description, analysis and synthesis. Although developed specifically for process and environmental engineering, DAS formalism has a generic nature and it could also be used in other…

Hiltunen, J.; Heikkinen, E.-P.; Jaako, J.; Ahola, J.



Discriminação como uma das Fontes de Desigualdade de Rendimentos no Mercado de Trabalho das Regiões Nordeste e Sudeste  

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Este artigo analisa a discriminação salarial por gênero e raça dentro das densidades das distribuições de salário dos setores de atividade, comparando as regiões Nordeste e Sudeste. Para este objetivo, foram usados os dados da PNAD 2002 e uma metodologia semiparamétrica – estimador de núcleo ponderado e outra paramétrica – regressão quantílica. O primeiro método mostra com base em simulações

Jacqueline Nogueira Cambota; Emerson Luís Lemos Marinho



Northeast (NE) Multispecies Information Sheet Days-At-Sea (DAS) Leasing Program  

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Northeast (NE) Multispecies Information Sheet Days-At-Sea (DAS) Leasing Program This summary) Leasing Program allows the temporary transfer of DAS between two limited access Northeast (NE) multispecies DAS vessels. ONLY NE MULTISPECIES DAS MAY BE LEASED. DAS Leasing Program Requirements: Below


Bessere Versorgung fr Hepatitis B-und C-Infizierte das ist das Ziel des Kompetenznetzes Hepatitis (Hep-Net). Der  

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Bessere Versorgung für Hepatitis B- und C-Infizierte ­ das ist das Ziel des Kompetenznetzes Hepatitis (Hep-Net). Der Startschuss fiel vor einem Jahr: Am 1. Februar 2002 be- willigte das Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) insgesamt 12,5 Millionen Euro für das Kompetenz- netz Hepatitis

Manstein, Dietmar J.


Bituminous pavement recycling Aravind K. and Animesh Das  

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Bituminous pavement recycling Aravind K. and Animesh Das Department of Civil Engineering IIT Kanpur Introduction The bituminous pavement rehabilitation alternatives are mainly overlaying, recycling and reconstruction. In the recycling process the material from deteriorated pavement, known as reclaimed asphalt

Das, Animesh


Nematodicidas botânicos no controlo do nemátode-das-galhas-radiculares, Meloidogyne javanica.  

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??Dissertação de mestrado em Biotecnologia e Bioempreendedorismo em Plantas Aromáticas e Medicinais Muitas das culturas com importância económica são afectadas por nemátodes parasitas das plantas.… (more)

Silva, Cláudia Isabel Couto Arantes Vieira da



DAS: A Data Management System for Instrument Tests and Operations  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Data Access System (DAS) is a and data management software system, providing a reusable solution for the storage of data acquired both from telescopes and auxiliary data sources during the instrument development phases and operations. It is part of the Customizable Instrument WorkStation system (CIWS-FW), a framework for the storage, processing and quick-look at the data acquired from scientific instruments. The DAS provides a data access layer mainly targeted to software applications: quick-look displays, pre-processing pipelines and scientific workflows. It is logically organized in three main components: an intuitive and compact Data Definition Language (DAS DDL) in XML format, aimed for user-defined data types; an Application Programming Interface (DAS API), automatically adding classes and methods supporting the DDL data types, and providing an object-oriented query language; a data management component, which maps the metadata of the DDL data types in a relational Data Base Management System (DBMS), and stores the data in a shared (network) file system. With the DAS DDL, developers define the data model for a particular project, specifying for each data type the metadata attributes, the data format and layout (if applicable), and named references to related or aggregated data types. Together with the DDL user-defined data types, the DAS API acts as the only interface to store, query and retrieve the metadata and data in the DAS system, providing both an abstract interface and a data model specific one in C, C++ and Python. The mapping of metadata in the back-end database is automatic and supports several relational DBMSs, including MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL.

Frailis, M.; Sartor, S.; Zacchei, A.; Lodi, M.; Cirami, R.; Pasian, F.; Trifoglio, M.; Bulgarelli, A.; Gianotti, F.; Franceschi, E.; Nicastro, L.; Conforti, V.; Zoli, A.; Smart, R.; Morbidelli, R.; Dadina, M.



Developing scheduling systems for Daewoo Shipbuilding: DAS project  

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Daewoo Shipbuilding Company, one of the largest shipbuilders in the world, had difficulties with planning and scheduling its production process. To solve the problems, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Daewoo have been jointly performing the DAS (DAewoo Shipbuilding Scheduling) Project for three years, from 1991 to 1993. To develop the integrated scheduling systems, several technological breakthroughs

Jae Kyu Lee; Kyoung Jun Lee; Hung Kook Park; June Seok Hong; Jung Seung Lee



On the Law of Inertia. Translation of: Ueber das Beharrungsgesetz  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This article is a translation of Ludwig Lange: "Ueber das Beharrungsgesetz" in: Berichte ueber Verhandlungen der Koenigl. Saechsischen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften, math.-physik. Klasse (Leipzig, 1885), SS. 333-351. Translated by Herbert Pfister, Institut für Theoretische Physik, Universität Tübingen, Auf der Morgenstelle 14, 72076 Tübingen, Germany; Kind assistance by Julian Barbour is acknowledged.

Lange, Ludwig




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Das M?rchen als Psychologe— Eine Hommage an Max Lüthi This essay was wtitten in honor of Max L?thi, the renowned Swiss folklorist, who died in 1991. The starting point is an article by Lüthi in which he coined the term \\

Claudia Schmölders



Sentiment Analysis: What is the End User's Requirement? Amitava Das  

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Sentiment Analysis: What is the End User's Requirement? Amitava Das IDI, Norwegian ABSTRACT In this paper we address the Sentiment Analysis problem from the end user's perspective. An end to generate sentiment tracking with textual summary and sentiment polarity wise graph based on any dimension

Gambäck, Björn


Structural design of pavements with stabilized layers Animesh Das  

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Structural design of pavements with stabilized layers Animesh Das Associate Professor, The talk will primarily be divided in three parts, namely analysis of pavement structure, empirical design and composite pavements will be mentioned. The governing equations and the boundary conditions will be discussed

Das, Animesh


Teaching Foreign Cultural Literacy with Margarethe von Trotta's "Das Versprechen"  

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This article describes model units for an in-depth cultural analysis of "Das Versprechen" in undergraduate college courses including intermediate German, German culture and civilization, advanced conversation and composition, and film. Practical suggestions for pre-viewing, viewing, and post-viewing activities as well as assessment in…

Kuttenberg, Eva




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Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Pblico -psilon Nova viso das vsperas de Monteverdi  

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Público - ípsilon Nova visão das vésperas de Monteverdi Autor: N.D. Editora: Público, S.A. Id esta representada, sendo interdita qualquer reprodução, mesmo que parcial #12;Público - ípsilon Nova

Instituto de Sistemas e Robotica


Evaluating the Effects of Cache Redundancy on Profit Abhishek Das+  

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Evaluating the Effects of Cache Redundancy on Profit Abhishek Das+ , Berkin Ozisikyilmaz+ , ABSTRACT Previous works in computer architecture have mostly neglected revenue and/or profit, key factors driving any design decision. In this paper, we evaluate architectural techniques to optimize for revenue/profit


ENTREPRENEURS Das LMU Entrepreneurship Center stellt sich vor  

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pro- motes entrepreneurship as a driving force of the knowledge economy. LMU is a recognized centerEMPOWERING ENTREPRENEURS Das LMU Entrepreneurship Center stellt sich vor Introducing the LMU Entrepreneurship Center #12;#12;WIR BILDEN DIE UNTERNEHMERISCHEN FÃ?HRUNGSKRÃ?FTE DER ZUKUNFT AUS, WIR UNTERSTÃ?TZEN

Kersting, Roland


A causa das estações do ano: modelos mentais  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A década de 70 do século passado foi marcada pelo estudo das concepções alternativas que os alunos trazem para a sala de aula. A identificação destas concepções foi o ponto de partida para promover a mudança conceitual, onde as pré-concepções seriam trocadas pelas concepções científicas. Na década seguinte, surgiram muitas propostas de estratégias educacionais para facilitar esta troca, na sua maioria baseadas na idéia do conflito cognitivo, proposta por Piaget. Entretanto, os resultados pouco animadores conduziram à percepção de que a mudança conceitual é um processo mais complexo. Pelas idéias da Ciência Cognitiva, a mudança conceitual é uma mudança progressiva dos modelos mentais que o aluno tem sobre o mundo físico, através de enriquecimento e revisão. A causa das Estações do Ano é um tópico sobre o qual a maioria dos estudantes apresenta concepções alternativas. Os autores fizeram um levantamento sobre as pré-concepções encontradas em trabalhos sobre o tema (16 referências), procurando encontrar elementos comuns que indicassem a presença de modelos mentais específicos. As pré-concepções encontradas na literatura foram obtidas usando-se diversas metodologias (desde entrevistas clínicas até questionários de múltipla escolha) e envolvendo alunos e professores de diferentes regiões geográficas. A partir de uma análise aprofundada de cada trabalho, e utilizando-se a técnica das Redes Sistêmicas, chegou-se a conclusão que as diversas pré-concepções identificadas (em torno de 50), poderiam ser representadas por 6 modelos mentais, onde a explicação da causa das estações do ano tem um mecanismo causal responsável. Os mecanismos causais identificados foram: a dependência da distância, a dependência da orientação, a dependência conjunta da distância e orientação, a dependência da obstrução, a dependência da velocidade e a dependência da inclinação dos raios solares. Foram ainda identificadas associações alternativas, que são um conjunto de pré-concepções, onde não existe a idéia de um modelo científico completo mas, sim, fragmentos de observação do dia a dia das pessoas.

de Campos, J. A. S.; de Araujo, J. F. S.



Instituto de Estudios Carballieses Darwin e a expresin das emocins  

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Guillau- me Duchenne de Boulogne, que coa aplicación de corrente eléc- trica en diversas partes do rostro analizara o papel dos músculos faciais na configuración das ex- presións (figura 1). A obra de Duchenne Méca ilustracións dun libro de ciencia. A petición de Darwin, Duchenne facilitoulle as fotogra- fías, e algunhas

Belles, Xavier


Das Projekt einer kritischen Theorie Sozialer Arbeit – ein Zombi?  

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Vor gut einem Vierteljahrhundert hat Hans-Ludwig Schmidt als „wesentliche Ursache“ (1981, 270) für das, was er im Anschluss\\u000a an Hildegard Holtstiege (1976) als „Theorie-Dilemma“ der Sozialpädagogik bezeichnet hat, die Verkürzung von „Sozialpädagogik\\u000a entweder auf Theorie oder auf Praxis“ (ebd.) oder deren Identisch-Setzung ausgemacht. Eine Lösung dieses „Theorie-Dilemmas“\\u000a war für ihn nur zu erwarten „von einer dialektischen Vermittlung von Theorie und

Michael May


Optimizations To Multipath Routing Protocols In Mobile Ad hoc Sudipto Das1  

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, Pradip K. Das2 1 Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Jadavpur University, Kolkata ­ 32, 2 Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Jadavpur University, Kolkata ­ 32, rajesh

California at Santa Barbara, University of


Ländliche Entwicklung durch erneuerbare Energien - Das Beispiel Photovoltaik in Niederbayern  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Der Ausbau erneuerbarer Energien ist in Deutschland eine zentrale und politisch konsensfähige Forderung, um die Energieversorgung klimafreundlich und nachhaltig zu gestalten. Speziell ländliche Regionen rücken dabei in den Fokus, bieten sie doch aufgrund ihrer hohen Flächenverfügbarkeit große Potenziale für die flächenintensiven dezentralen Energieformen. Folglich erkennen Kommunen zunehmend das Entwicklungspotenzial dieser Technologien und sehen sie auch als Chance, neue wirtschaftliche Impulse vor Ort zu setzen. Der Beitrag skizziert die rasante Entwicklung der Photovoltaik im Regierungsbezirk Niederbayern und diskutiert anhand des Beispiels die Folgen für eine nachhaltige Regionalentwicklung.

Zink, Roland



Das Muster, das verbindet  

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\\u000a \\u000a Mind and Nature. A Necessary Unity (Bateson 1979), in der deutschen Ausgabe Geist und Natur. Eine notwendige Einheit (Bateson 1987) erschien ein Jahr vor dem Tod des Autors, ein Spätwerk also. Gregory Bateson (1904–1980) hatte ein Leben hinter\\u000a sich, dessen intellektuelle Bandbreite in seiner Generation kaum durch andere überboten wurde. Seine Biografie steht hier\\u000a nicht im Zentrum, dennoch soll einleitend

Albert Müller


Das Potenzial interkultureller Gärten als Lern- und Begegnungsorte für globales Lernen.  

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??In vorliegender Arbeit werden Gemeinschaftsgärten als informelle Lernorte im Kontext einer zunehmend globalisierten Gesellschaft vorgestellt. Es geht darum, das Potenzial der Gärten als Handlungsräume aufzuzeigen,… (more)

Fleck, Daniel



Cloud Gaming – technische Machbarkeit und Auswirkungen von Streaming moderner Computerspiele auf das Benutzererlebnis.  

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??In der vorliegenden Masterarbeit wurde eine Einführung in das Gebiet „Cloud Gaming“ der Informatik gegeben. Die Herausforderungen und Problemstellungen dieser neuartigen Technologie, die zum Zeitpunkt… (more)

Franiak, Alexander



Nomenclature and taxonomy of halophilic archaea--comments on the proposal by DasSarma and DasSarma for nomenclatural changes within the order Halobacteriales.  


P. DasSarma & S. DasSarma [Saline Systems 4 (2008), 5] have proposed far-reaching changes in the nomenclature and taxonomy of the halophilic archaea of the order Halobacteriales, family Halobacteriaceae. While re-evaluation of the taxonomic classification of strains within the group is to be encouraged, the nomenclatural changes proposed are in violation of the General Considerations, Principles and Rules of the International Code of Nomenclature of Bacteria. PMID:18768637

Oren, Aharon



Joint Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the DAS, PPVT-R and ITBS.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The factor structure of a new co-normed cognitive and achievement battery for children, the Differential Ability Scales (DAS) was investigated. The DAS was factor analyzed in conjunction with the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test-Revised (PPVT-R), and the composite score of the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS). Subjects were 56 six- to…

Stone, Brian J.; McKellar, Nancy A.


Detecting Changes Following the Provision of Assistive Devices: Utility of the WHO-DAS II  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The World Health Organization Disability Assessment Schedule II (WHO-DAS II) is a non-disease-specific International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health-based disability assessment instrument developed to measure activity limitations and restrictions to participation. The aim of this pilot study is to evaluate WHO-DAS II…

Raggi, Alberto



A Brief History of the J.P. Das Developmental Disabilities Centre  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The J.P. Das Developmental Disabilities Centre celebrated its 40th anniversary on September 1, 2007, followed by The University of Alberta's 100th anniversary in 2008. The year 2008 also brought the appointment of a new Director for the Centre. As the immediate past Director of the Centre, the author recounts some of the history of the J.P. Das…

Sobsey, Dick



Pensar a natureza e o ambiente - alguns contributos a partir da Teoria das Representações Sociais  

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Resumo Este artigo apresenta dois estudos conduzidos em Portugal, sob a orientação da Teoria das Representações Sociais (TRS), que analisaram como os portugueses pensam e falam sobre o ambiente e a natureza. É primeiro apresentada uma perspectiva geral do campo de estudos das crenças e atitudes em relação ao ambiente e à natureza e são esboçadas as ideias da TRS

Paula Castro



Das RiemannIntegral Bemerkung 3.1 Motivation. Langen, Flachen und Volumenberechnungen, be-  

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{|Ij| : j = 1, . . . , k} die Feinheit der Zerlegung Z. 1Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann (1826 ­ 1866) 2Kapitel 3 Das Riemann­Integral Bemerkung 3.1 Motivation. L¨angen­, Fl¨achen­ und verschiedene Wege, die nicht ¨aquivalent sind. Hier wird der einfachste Weg, das sogenannte Riemann1 ­Integral

John, Volker


Categorização das imagens referentes ao tema equilíbrio químico nos livros aprovados pelo PNLEM  

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Resumo: O presente artigo apresenta uma análise de aspectos das ilustrações referentes ao conteúdo de equilíbrio químico presentes nos seis livros aprovados pelo Programa Nacional do Livro Didático para o Ensino Médio (PNLEM). Os aspectos estudados foram: a finalidade das ilustrações na seqüência didática; o grau de iconicidade; a relação da ilustração com o texto principal; a funcionalidade e as

Gustavo Bizarria Gibin; Keila Bossolani Kiill; Luiz Henrique Ferreira


User Manual for the AZ-101 Data Acquisition System (AS-101 DAS)  

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User manual for the TK AZ-101 Waste Retrieval System Data Acquisition System. The purpose of this document is to describe use of the AZ-101 Data Acquisition System (AZ-101 DAS). The AZ-101 DAS is provided to fulfill the requirements for data collection and monitoring as defined in Letters of Instruction (LOI) from Numatec Hanford Corporation (NHC) to Fluor Federal Services (FFS). For a complete description of the system, including design, please refer to the AZ-101 DAS System Description document, RPP-5572.




Monitoramento de moscas-das-frutas (Diptera, Tephritidae) em cinco municípios no estado de Goiás.  

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??As moscas-das-frutas (Diptera, Tephritidae) são consideradas importantes pragas da fruticultura mundial, pois causam perdas significativas à produção e limitam o livre transporte de frutas devido… (more)

Lilian Rosana Silva Rabelo



Konzept über das interdisziplinäre Vorgehen im Rahmen der Traumatologie — Stellung der Urologie  

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Zusammenfassung  Das Schicksal des Polytraumatisierten hängt wesentlich davon ab, wie schnell Organverletzungen erkannt, ihr Schweregrad festgestellt\\u000a und daraufhin therapeutische Schritte eingeleitet werden. Voraussetzung für eine optimale Versorgung Schwerverletzter ist\\u000a die perfekte Organisation und die gute interdisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit. Das Behandlungskonzept, gegliedert in 5 bzw. 6 Phasen,\\u000a ward ausführlich vorgestellt. Außerdem werden spezielle urologische Gesichtspunkte beim Polytraumatisierten erörtert.

Th. Zwergel; R. op den Winkel; U. Zwergel; R. Schwaiger; G. Mehr; M. Ziegler



A safety evaluation of DAS181, a sialidase fusion protein, in rodents.  


DAS181 is a novel inhaled drug candidate blocking influenza virus (IFV) and parainfluenza virus (PIV) infections through removal of sialic acid receptors from epithelial surface of the respiratory tract. To support clinical development, a 28-day Good Laboratory Practices inhalation toxicology study was conducted in Sprague-Dawley rats. In this study, achieved average daily doses based on exposure concentrations were 0.47, 0.90, 1.55, and 3.00 mg/kg/day of DAS181 in a dry powder formulation. DAS181 was well tolerated at all dose levels, and there were no significant toxicological findings. DAS181 administration did not affect animal body weight, food consumption, clinical signs, ophthalmology, respiratory parameters, or organ weight. Gross pathology evaluations were unremarkable. Histological examination of the lungs was devoid of pulmonary tissue damage, and findings were limited to mild and transient changes indicative of exposure and clearance of a foreign protein. DAS181 did not show any cytotoxic effects on human and animal primary cells, including hepatocytes, skeletal muscle cells, osteoblasts, or respiratory epithelial cells. DAS181 did not cause direct or indirect hemolysis. A laboratory abnormality observed in the 28-day toxicology study was mild and transient anemia in male rats at the 3.00 mg/kg dose, which is an expected outcome of enhanced clearance of desialylated red blood cells resulting from systemic exposure with DAS181. Another laboratory observation was a transient dose-dependent elevation in alkaline phosphatase (ALP), which can be attributed to reduced ALP clearance resulting from increased protein desialylation due to DAS181 systemic exposure. These laboratory parameters returned to normal at the end of the recovery period. PMID:21572096

Larson, Jeffrey L; Kang, Seong-Kwi; Choi, Bo In; Hedlund, Maria; Aschenbrenner, Laura M; Cecil, Beth; Machado, Gloriamay; Nieder, Matthew; Fang, Fang



Über das Verhaltensrepertoire der Mantelmöwe (Larus marinus L.) im Winterhalbjahr, sowie einige Bemerkungen über das Verhalten der Silbermöwe (Larus argentatus Pontopp.) im gleichen Zeitraum  

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Zusammenfassung In der Zeit vom 13. 11. 1963 bis 5. 1. 1964 hatte ich für jeweils mehrere Tage die Möglichkeit, Teile aus dem Verhaltensinventar der Mantelmöwe (Larus marinus L.) auf dem Norderneyer Schuttplatz aus nächster Nähe zu beobachten. Das Erscheinen der Mantelmöwe war von Starkwinden aus west- bis nordwestlichen Richtungen und den damit auftretenden Wasserstandserhöhungen abhängig. Es konnten viele der

Manfred Temme



VIIRS ocean color data visualization and processing with IDL-based NOAA-SeaDAS  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The NOAA Sea-viewing Data Analysis System (NOAA-SeaDAS) is an Interactive Data Language (IDL)-based satellite data visualization, analysis, and processing system based on the version 6.4 of the NASA's Sea-viewing Wide Field-ofview (SeaWiFS) Data Analysis System (SeaDAS) released in 2012. NOAA-SeaDAS inherited all the original functionalities of SeaDAS 6.4 and was upgraded with many new functions and new sensor supports, particularly the support of the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) onboard the Suomi National Polar-Orbiting Partnership (SNPP). The main goal of the NOAA-SeaDAS development is primarily in support of NOAA ocean color team's calibration and validation activities. The current version of NOAA-SeaDAS can visualize, analyze, and process VIIRS Sensor Data Records (SDR or Level-1B data) produced by the NOAA Interface Data Processing System (IDPS), ocean color Environmental Data Records (EDR or Level-2 data) produced by the NOAA Multi-Sensor Level-1 to Level- 2 (MSL12) ocean color data processing system, and Level-3 data binned or mapped from Level-2 data produced by NOAA-MSL12. NOAA-SeaDAS is currently serving an active IDL user group at NOAA and will serve other institutions and universities in the future. The goal is to allow various scientific users to visualize, analyze, and process VIIRS data from Level-1B through Level-2 and Level-3. In addition, NOAA-SeaDAS can also visualize satellite images from the Korean Geostationary Ocean Color Imager (GOCI), as well as many other satellite ocean color sensors, e.g., SeaWiFS, the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS), etc. NOAA-SeaDAS is under constant development to create new system functionalities and enhance user experience. With constantly increasing volume in the global ocean color data archive, NOAA-SeaDAS will play an important role in support of global marine environment data analysis and various scientific applications.

Wang, Xiaolong; Liu, Xiaoming; Jiang, Lide; Wang, Menghua; Sun, Junqiang



The WHO-DAS II: Measuring Outcomes of Hearing Aid Intervention for Adults  

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The World Health Organization's Disability Assessment Scale II (WHO-DAS II) is a generic health-status instrument that provides six domain scores and a total, aggregate score. Two of the domain scores, communication and participation, and the total score, have good validity, internal-consistency reliability, and test-retest stability in individuals with adult-onset hearing loss. As such, these two domain scores and the total WHO-DAS II score may be useful as generic outcome measures to assess the effectiveness of hearing aid intervention for this population. Before the use of the WHO-DAS II in hearing aid clinical trials, however, the responsiveness of the instrument and the short- and long-term outcomes to hearing aid intervention had to be determined. Responsiveness and outcomes were assessed in 380 veterans (approximately half received hearing aids and half served as controls) by examining group differences, effect-size estimates, and individual differences as a function of hearing aid intervention. For comparison, data also were obtained on two disease-specific measures, the APHAB and the HHIE. The WHO-DAS II communication domain and total scores were sufficiently responsive to hearing aid intervention for use in future studies in which group differences are to be detected. The WHO-DAS II participation domain was not sufficiently responsive to hearing aid intervention. The APHAB and HHIE, both disease-specific measures, were more sensitive to hearing aid intervention than the generic measure. The short- and long-term outcomes of hearing aid intervention were also examined in the present study. Group outcomes for hearing aid intervention can be expected to be stable for at least 6 months when measured by WHO-DAS II total score and for at least 12 months when measured by the WHO-DAS II communication domain scores. Effect-size estimates and examination of the number of individuals exhibiting change scores exceeding 90% critical differences for true changes in scores indicate that for clinical applications, disease-specific instruments are more useful than the WHO-DAS II. The findings of this study support the use of the WHO-DAS II as a generic measure in hearing aid trials research so as to allow for comparisons of health-status outcomes across different diseases or disorders. PMID:16244759

McArdle, Rachel; Chisolm, Theresa H.; Abrams, Harvey B.; Wilson, Richard H.; Doyle, Patrick J.



Das Märchen vom Zauberer im weißen Kittel: Mythen um berühmte Experimente und Experimentatoren  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Um berühmte Experimentatoren und Experimente ranken sich ebenso Mythen wie um geniale Theoretiker. Sie sind in populärwissenschaftlichen Büchern, Lehrbüchern und sogar in wissenschaftshistorischen Texten verbreitet. Die durch die Aufklärung etablierte Kultur des eleganten Schauexperiments vermittelt ein schiefes Bild vom mühsamen Weg vieler Experimentatoren zum dargestellten Ergebnis. Auch der Mythos des einsamen, genialen Experimentators ohne Helfer widerspricht dem historischen Befund. Gleiches gilt für das experimentum crucis, das eine Theorie als entscheidendes Experiment belegen soll. Die historische Forschung zeigt, dass es eine lange, eigenständige Tradition der experimentellen und instrumentellen Arbeit gibt.

Hentschel, Klaus



An exploratory analysis of the factor structure of the Dysfunctional Attitude Scale-Form A (DAS).  


A number of studies have attempted to identify the factor structure of the Dysfunctional Attitude Scale (DAS). However, no studies have done so using a clinical sample of outpatients likely to generalize to the clinical trials in which the DAS is commonly used. The current investigation utilized exploratory structural equation modeling in an outpatient sample (N = 982) and found support for a one-factor solution (composed of 19 items). This solution was largely confirmed in a second outpatient sample (N = 301). Construct validity was demonstrated in correlations with measures of depression, social interaction anxiety, and symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder. PMID:24577308

Moore, Michael T; Fresco, David M; Segal, Zindel V; Brown, Timothy A




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SPATIAL DISTRIBUTION OF COFFEE AND SHADE TREES IDENTIFIED WITH ENDOPHYTIC BACTERIA USING DAS leafhoppers which are common and abundant insects of tropical and subtropical environments and play important

Gilbes, Fernando


Fraudes corporativas : uma análise das variáveis contábeis indicativas em empresas não financeiras de capital aberto no Brasil.  

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??Trabalhos científicos com ferramental estatístico em contabilidade, utilizando variáveis contábeis indicativas, deram seus primeiros passos no estudo das fraudes corporativas no exterior no início da… (more)

Renato Ros



Qualitätssicherungssysteme in der europäischen Agri-Food Chain: eine Rückblick auf das letzte Jahrzehnt  

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Die europäische Lebensmittelwirtschaft hat in den letzten 10 Jahren eine Reihe kleinerer und größerer Krisen durchgemacht, die das Qualitätsverständnis der Branche entscheidend verändert haben. Es wurden zahlreiche Food-Safety-Initiativen gestartet, die u. a. zu einer immer stärkeren Verbreitung von Zertifizierungssystemen geführt haben (Theuvsen et al. 2007; Jahn 2005a; Hobbs et al. 2002). Fast flächendeckend wird heute in Europa der Einsatz von

Holger Schulze; Achim Spiller



MIT App Inventor Apps selbst programmieren Ein Modul fr das Schlerlabor Informatik -  

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Erste App MIT App Inventor ­ Apps selbst programmieren Ein Modul für das Schülerlabor Informatik Inhalt: Einstieg in die grafische Programmierung mit Android Jahrgangsstufe: 5 bis 7 Vorwissen: Keins.................................................................................................................................................. 4 Einrichten des MIT App Inventors


Alte oder Neue Finanzwissenschaft? Ein Plädoyer für das Alte und Bewährte  

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wer sich die Frage vorlegt, welchen Nutzen die Finanzwissenschaft heute stiften kann, geht am besten von verschiedenen Gesichtspunkten aus. Diejenigen, die vor Jahrhunderten dazu aufgerufen hatten, die Wissenschaft zu betreiben, hatten konkrete Probleme im Auge. Man kann die Wissenschaft also von den Problemen her fallweise betreiben und sich dann eklektisch das Nötige zusammensuchen. Nach einiger Zeit begannen aber die auf

Meine Damen


2 UniReport | Nr. 1 | 7. Februar 2014 Burnout Das gesellschaftliche Leid der Erschpfung  

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2 UniReport | Nr. 1 | 7. Februar 2014 Burnout ­ Das gesellschaftliche Leid der Erschöpfung Von hatte Burnout. Da war ich so um die 40. Wir hatten früh Kinder gekriegt und natürlich geackert ohne Ende er Jahren, als der Begriff ,,Burnout" von dem ameri- kanischen Psychologen Herbert Freudenberger


OntoDas – a tool for facilitating the construction of complex queries to the Gene Ontology  

PubMed Central

Background Ontologies such as the Gene Ontology can enable the construction of complex queries over biological information in a conceptual way, however existing systems to do this are too technical. Within the biological domain there is an increasing need for software that facilitates the flexible retrieval of information. OntoDas aims to fulfil this need by allowing the definition of queries by selecting valid ontology terms. Results OntoDas is a web-based tool that uses information visualisation techniques to provide an intuitive, interactive environment for constructing ontology-based queries against the Gene Ontology Database. Both a comprehensive use case and the interface itself were designed in a participatory manner by working with biologists to ensure that the interface matches the way biologists work. OntoDas was further tested with a separate group of biologists and refined based on their suggestions. Conclusion OntoDas provides a visual and intuitive means for constructing complex queries against the Gene Ontology. It was designed with the participation of biologists and compares favourably with similar tools. It is available at PMID:18925933

O'Neill, Kieran; Garcia, Alexander; Schwegmann, Anita; Jimenez, Rafael C; Jacobson, Dan; Hermjakob, Henning



The Great War and Remembrance in Jose Leon Machado's "Memoria das Estrelas sem Brilho"  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article analyzes Jose Leon Machado's novel, "Memoria das Estrelas sem Brilho," as a multilayered historical novel in which a war story provides a background for comments on aspects of early twentieth-century Portuguese society, such as male bonding, religion, sexual mores, and social stratification. (Contains 11 notes.)

Azevedo, Milton M.



Cold in-place recycling with bitumen emulsion Animesh Das1  

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Cold in-place recycling with bitumen emulsion Animesh Das1 Introduction The cold in-place recycling (CIPR) is a process where the existing bituminous pavement is recycled without application of heat breaking (depends on temparture, humidity and wind), the breakdown rolling is initiated with large rubber-tired

Das, Animesh


O METRO E A CIDADE. Das representaes da causalidade integrao transporte/ordenamento em Paris.  

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1 O METRO E A CIDADE. Das representações da causalidade à integração transporte/ordenamento em Paris. _____________________ Palavras-chave : metro ­ causalidade ­ avaliação ­ efeitos ­ infra entre a expansão do metro parisiense nos arredores da capital francesa e o tecido urbano e social do

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Standanmeldung fr das Internationale Sommerfest 2014 Application for a stall at the International Summer Fair 2014  

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Standanmeldung für das Internationale Sommerfest 2014 Application for a stall at the International Summer Fair 2014 keine kommerziellen Stände ­ no commercial stalls! Name: Gruppe / Group: / student/Mitmachstand, z.B. Schminken, Kalligraphie, ...) / Stall (information, sale, food/drinks, interactivities, e



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Resumo: Este trabalho tem por objetivo identificar uma possível inclinação das ciências naturais em direção ao materialismo dialético. Para tanto, procura-se apresentar a história da dialética a partir da discussão racionalismo\\/empirismo moderno e seus desdobramentos até as tendências dialéticos contem- porâneas. Os autores discutidos são Kant, Hegel, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Horkheimer, Marcuse, Habermas, Bachelard e suas escolas epistemológicas, completadas por

Antônio Fernandes; Nascimento Júnior



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SAMPLE SIZE PROBLEMS IN ANOVA: BAYESIAN POINT OF VIEW1 By Anirban DasGupta Purdue University and Brani Vidakovic Duke University In this paper we discuss the sample size problem for balanced one way of appropriate quadratic forms we derive explicit sample sizes for prespeci ed posterior precisions. Comparisons

West, Mike



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SAMPLE SIZE PROBLEMS IN ANOVA: BAYESIAN POINT OF VIEW 1 By Anirban DasGupta Purdue University and Brani Vidakovic Duke University In this paper we discuss the sample size problem for balanced one way of appropriate quadratic forms we derive explicit sample sizes for prespecified posterior precisions. Comparisons

West, Mike


Anonymizing Weighted Social Network Graphs Sudipto Das, Omer Egecioglu, Amr El Abbadi  

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real social network data sets. I. INTRODUCTION Social Networks have become increasingly popular appli these social networks for understanding their structure [1], [2], [3], advertising and marketing [4Anonymizing Weighted Social Network Graphs Sudipto Das, ¨Omer Egecioglu, Amr El Abbadi Department

Egecioglu, Ã?mer


Anonymizing Weighted Social Network Graphs Sudipto Das, Omer Egecioglu, Amr El Abbadi  

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real social network data sets. I. INTRODUCTION Social Networks have become increasingly popular appli, there has been considerable interest in the analysis of the weighted network model where the social networksAnonymizing Weighted Social Network Graphs Sudipto Das, ¨Omer Egecioglu, Amr El Abbadi Department

California at Santa Barbara, University of


Competitividade das exportações brasileiras de frutas tropicais Competitiveness of Brazilian exports of tropical fruits  

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Resumo Este trabalho tem como objetivo analisar o desempenho das exportações brasileiras de frutas tropicais, aqui representadas pelo abacaxi e mamão, e avaliar a competitividade desses produtos no comércio mundial entre os anos de 1994 e 2003. A eficiência global do País no comércio desses produtos foi avaliada levando-se em conta sua participação no mercado e o posicionamento dos produtos

José Newton Pires Reis


Lineare Algebra fur das Lehramt (L2/L5) Prof. Dr. Klaus Johannson  

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Lineare Algebra f¨ur das Lehramt (L2/L5) SoSe 2011 Prof. Dr. Klaus Johannson Johann Wolfgang Goethe an Programmen zur Lin- earen Algebra. Von daher ist jeder Informationsbedarf leicht zu decken. Ziel der Arbeitsweise von moderner Mathematik Auskunft geben, und die ein Lehrmatsstudierender wissen sollte um gut f

Johannson, Klaus


Automatic Segmentation and Indexing in a Database of Bird Madirakshi Das R. Manmatha  

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Automatic Segmentation and Indexing in a Database of Bird Images Madirakshi Das R. Manmatha approach on a database of bird images. We show that in 87% of 450 bird images tested, the segmentation is sufficient to determine the colors of the bird correctly for re- trieval purposes. We also show that our

Massachusetts at Amherst, University of


Das Historische Seminar in der Fakultt fr Geisteswissenschaften der Universitt Hamburg vergibt zum 1. Mrz 2015  

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Das Historische Seminar in der Fakultät für Geisteswissenschaften der Universität Hamburg vergibt zum 1. März 2015 ein Promotionsstipendium zur (post-)kolonialen Geschichte Hamburgs. Es wird erwartet, dass sich der/die Stipendiat(in) am Forschungsprogramm der von der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg an der



Das Ada-Lovelace-Projekt wird gefrdert aus Mitteln von: 27. Mrz 2014  

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Das Ada-Lovelace-Projekt wird gefördert aus Mitteln von: 27. März 2014 Angebote des Ada-Lovelace den Mentorinnen des Ada-Lovelace-Projektes Löcher in den Bauch zu Studien- und: Projektleitung Ada-Lovelace-Projekt Makbule Engelhardt ( Susanne Eisel (susanne

Steidl, Gabriele


Equalization of Time-Varying Philip Schniter, Sung-Jun Hwang, Sibasish Das, and  

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6 Equalization of Time-Varying Channels Philip Schniter, Sung-Jun Hwang, Sibasish Das, and Arun P, equalization and decoding, in order to reduce implementation complexity. Roughly speaking, equalization leverages knowledge of code structure to mitigate the channel's additive noise component. The equalizer

Schniter, Philip



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`, robustness of Bayesian analysis is considered when the prior cdf of ` lies in the distribution band \\GammaROBUST BAYESIAN ANALYSIS WITH DISTRIBUTION BANDS 1 Sanjib Basu and Anirban DasGupta Received of a fixed cdf such as Kolmogorov and L`evy neighborhoods. General methods are described for finding ranges

Basu, Sanjib


Evoluo das Linguagens Faladas IM-UFRJ 13/05/2009  

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livros imperdíveis Evoluc¸ ~ao das Linguagens Faladas ­ p. #12;Dois livros imperdíveis Genes, Peuples et;Dois livros imperdíveis Genes, Peuples et Langues Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza Odile Jacob, Paris (1996

Liu, I-Shih


15 Das Package 15.6 Schreibender Zugriff auf eine URL 15-14 (264) Quelltextanalyse  

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15 Das Package 15.6 Schreibender Zugriff auf eine URL 15-14 (264) Quelltextanalyse · Mit URL, die auf das Skript verweist. · Anschlie�end wird eine Verbindung aufgebaut. · Per Default wird. · Falls wir Antwort von der URL erwarten, können wir auf der Verbindung einen Eingabestrom aufset- zen. 15

Arndt, Holger


DAS Boot!  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The residential services group is lobbying to dump its aging hard-wired phone system because students don't use it. The town and campus public safety officials are demanding that their portable two-way radios operate well not only outdoors, but within campus buildings. Students are now expecting text messaging and WiFi service to work everywhere…

Chretien, Wendy



Das Forschungsprojekt: \\  

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The stocks of white peat (slightly humified Sphagnum-peat) in Western and Central Europe are nearly depleted. Alternatives for this raw material in professional horticulture are absent. The pressure on pri- stine bogs increases. The sustainable cultivation of peat mosses (Sphagnum) seems a sensible solution ensuring a lasting supply of white peat as raw material. Sphagnum material looses more and more



Über das erkenntnistheoretische Raumproblem bei Moritz Schlick, Wilhelm Wundt und Albert Einstein  

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Dieser Aufsatz beleuchtet das Verhältnis zwischen Moritz Schlick und dem Begründer der experimentellen Psychologie Wilhelm\\u000a Wundt im Hinblick auf ihre Ansichten zum erkenntnistheoretischen Problem des Raumes.1 Es sollen zwei frühe nachgelassene Stücke Schlicks aus seinen durch die Beschäftigung mit der empirischen Psychologie geprägten\\u000a Züricher Jahren (1907–1909) diskutiert werden. Darin setzt er sich mit dem erkenntnistheoretischen Raumproblem in Verbindung\\u000a mit den

Fynn Ole Engler


History and Analysis of Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) for Oilfield Applications  

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such as monitoring more permanent downhole equipment such as electrical submersible pumps. Other interesting DAS applications noted were in the areas of inflow and injection profiling and gas lift monitoring. (Molenaar et al., 2011) The conclusions arrived... Rayleigh system operates by detecting minute strains induced in the fiber by external vibrations (direct mechanical movement caused by a pressure wave hitting the fiber). The acoustic capability comes from the fact that the Rayleigh signal...

Kimbell, Jeremiah



Inhibition of Neuraminidase Inhibitor-Resistant Influenza Virus by DAS181, a Novel Sialidase Fusion Protein  

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Antiviral drug resistance for influenza therapies remains a concern due to the high prevalence of H1N1 2009 seasonal influenza isolates which display H274Y associated oseltamivir-resistance. Furthermore, the emergence of novel H1N1 raises the potential that additional reassortments can occur, resulting in drug resistant virus. Thus, additional antiviral approaches are urgently needed. DAS181 (Fludase®), a sialidase fusion protein, has been shown

Gallen B. Triana-Baltzer; Larisa V. Gubareva; Alexander I. Klimov; David F. Wurtman; Ronald B. Moss; Maria Hedlund; Jeffrey L. Larson; Robert B. Belshe; Fang Fang



CLAES Product Improvement by Use of the GSFC Data Assimilation System (DAS)  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

This report presents the Cryogenic Limb Array Etalon Spectrometer (CLAES) product improvement by use of the GSFC Data Assimilation System (DAS). The first task is to plug line of sight gradients derived from the CTM for 2/20/92 into the forward model of our retrieval software (RSW) in order to assess the impact on the retrieved quantities. The reporting period covers 12 May 2000 - 21 December 2000.

Kumer, J. B.; Douglass, Anne (Technical Monitor)



Morphology and habitat use by fishes of the Rio das Velhas basin in southeastern Brazil  

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We analyzed the morphology and habitat use of 16 small-sized fish species that are abundant in the Rio das Velhas basin using\\u000a 17 morphological attributes. Habitat use was characterized in terms of the species mean density considering three hydraulic\\u000a factors: substrate, water depth and mean water velocity. The distribution of species within the morphological space demonstrated\\u000a congruence between the morphological

Cecília Gontijo Leal; Nara Tadini Junqueira; Paulo Santos Pompeu



Small cell configurations and capacity in RoF-DAS over WDM-PON system  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This paper addresses the wireless channel capacity in small cells provided by RoF-DAS over WDM-PON that can increase the capacity in a small cell with RoF entrance link and MIMO distributed antenna. Considering the SNR of the RF signal transmitted in the RoF entrance network and the interferences among wireless cells, computer simulation results show the optimized cell size to maximize the MIMO channel capacity.

Tsukamoto, Katsutoshi; Iwakuni, Tatsuhiko; Miyamoto, Kenji; Tashiro, Takayoshi; Fukada, Yoichi; Kuwano, Shigeru; Kani, Junichi; Terada, Jun; Yoshimoto, Naoto



I/O Parallelization for the Goddard Earth Observing System Data Assimilation System (GEOS DAS)  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Data Assimilation Office (DAO) at the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) has developed the GEOS DAS, a data assimilation system that provides production support for NASA missions and will support NASA's Earth Observing System (EOS) in the coming years. The DAO's support of the EOS project along with the requirement of producing long-term reanalysis datasets with an unvarying system levy a large I/O burden on the future system. The DAO has been involved in prototyping parallel implementations of the GEOS DAS for a number of years and is now converting the production version from shared-memory parallelism to distributed-memory parallelism using the portable Message-Passing Interface (MPI). If the MPI-based GEOS DAS is to meet these production requirements, we must make I/O from the parallel system efficient. We have designed a scheme that allows efficient I/O processing while retaining portability, reducing the need for post-processing, and producing data formats that are required by our users, both internal and external. The first phase of the GEOS DAS Parallel I/O System (GPIOS) will expand upon the common method of gathering global data to a Single PE for output. Instead of using a PE also tasked with primary computation, a number of PEs will be dedicated to I/O and its related tasks. This allows the data transformations and formatting required prior to output to take place asynchronously with respect to the GEOS DAS assimilation cycle, improving performance and generating output data sets in a format convenient for our users. I/O PEs can be added as needed to handle larger data volumes or to meet user file specifications. We will show I/O performance results from a prototype MPI GCM integrated with GPIOS. Phase two of GPIOS development will examine ways of integrating new software technologies to further improve performance and build scalability into the system. The maturing of MPI-IO implementations and other supporting libraries such as parallel HDF should provide performance gains while retaining portability.

Lucchesi, R.; Sawyer, W.; Takacs, L. L.; Lyster, P.; Zero, J.



Consistent Re-identification in a Camera Abir Das , Anirban Chakraborty and Amit K. Roy-Chowdhury  

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Consistent Re-identification in a Camera Network Abir Das , Anirban Chakraborty and Amit K. Roy-Chowdhury Chakraborty and Amit K. Roy-Chowdhury Camera 3 Match Inconsistent Re-identification Fig. 1: Example

Chowdhury, Amit K. Roy


Exploratory and confirmatory factor validation of the Dysfunctional Attitude Scale for Malays (DAS-Malay) in Malaysia.  


The aim of this study was to investigate the factor structure of the Malay version of the Dysfunctional Attitude Scale (DAS-Malay) in clinical and nonclinical populations. The DAS is a self-report inventory derived from Beck's cognitive theory of depression to measure beliefs constituting a predisposition to depression. The 40-item DAS-Malay was completed by 315 university students, 495 members of the general community, 167 medical patients, and 113 patients diagnosed with major depressive disorder. Through principal axis factoring, with varimax rotation, two factors were extracted; performance evaluation and self-control. Correlation with depression and other variables indicated that the DAS-Malay held good concurrent validity. In addition, sensitivity and specificity of the total scores of the DAS were evident in this study. The results showed that the DAS-Malay possesses satisfactory psychometric properties suggesting that this instrument is appropriate for use as a cognitive measure in a Malay cultural context although several issues require consideration. PMID:23051574

Mukhtar, Firdaus; Oei, Tian P S



Über das Vorkommen und den Nachweis eines Saponins in Melilotus albus  

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Zusammenfassung  1. Es wurde ein Saponin in der Wurzel vonMellitus albus gefunden und der qualitative, histochemische und quantitative Nachweis durchgeführt.\\u000a \\u000a 2. Das Saponin der Meliotuswurzel gehört dem sogenannten „Typus II“, weil seine Hämolysewirkung beim Ph. 5,6, also im sauren\\u000a Gebiet liegt. Zu dieser Gruppe gehören auch unter anderm die Saponine vonSpinat und Futterrübe.\\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a 3. Über die chemische Zusammensetzung (Formel etc.) des

Erich Funck



Das Spannungsverhältnis von Zurückweisung und Ausweitung des Experiments nach Wundts einzelwissenschaftlicher Begründung der Psychologie  

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\\u000a Der Versuch Wilhelm Wundts, das methodische Instrumentarium seiner Psychologie als eine Synthese von induktiv-experimentellen\\u000a Verfahren (fü‚elementare‘ Prozesse) und von deduzierend-nichtexperimentellen Verfahren (fü‚höhere, ‚komplexe‘ Prozesse) zu\\u000a konzipieren, barg von vornherein die Gefahr in sich, die ‚Einheit‘ dieser ‚neuen Wissenschaft‘ zu sprengen. In der Tat zeichneten\\u000a sich schon bald nach der Schaffung der konzeptionellen und institutionellen Grundpfeiler (1873\\/74 Lehrbuch, 1879 Institut,\\u000a 1881\\/83

Georg Eckardt


Periodisches Fieber, aphthöse Stomatitis, Pharyngitis, zervikale AdenitisDas PFAPA-Syndrom  

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Zusammenfassung  \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a Hintergrund: Zu den Erkrankungen mit dem Leitsymptom “periodisches Fieber” wie familiäres Mittelmeerfieber, zyklische Neutropenie, Hyper-IgD-Syndrom\\u000a und Behçet-Syndrom wird auch das bis heute selten diagnostizierte und vermutlich doch häufiger vorkommende PFAPA-Syndrom (periodisches\\u000a Fieber, aphthöe Stomatitis, Pharyngitis und zervikale Adenitis) gerechnet.\\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a Fallbericht: In der vorliegenden Kasuistik stellen wir einen 2 1\\/2-jährigen Knaben vor, der innerhalb 1 Jahres 8 Fieberschübe mit Aphthen,

F. Schindera; H. Niederhoff; S. Schindera; R. Parwaresch; I. Oschlies



Subchronic feeding study with genetically modified stacked trait lepidopteran and coleopteran resistant (DAS-Ø15Ø7-1xDAS-59122-7) maize grain in Sprague-Dawley rats.  


DAS-Ø15Ø7-1xDAS-59122-7 (1507x59122) is a genetically modified (GM) maize hybrid that was produced by crossing of two GM maize inbreds; DAS-Ø15Ø7-1 and DAS-59122-7. This hybrid cross expresses four transgenic proteins: Cry1F and PAT (from DAS-Ø15Ø7-1) and Cry34Ab1/Cry35Ab1 and PAT (from DAS-59122-7) that confer resistance to lepidopteran and coleopteran pests and tolerance to the herbicidal active ingredient glufosinate-ammonium. The current subchronic feeding study was conducted in Sprague-Dawley rats to evaluate the potential health effects of long-term consumption of a rodent diet containing 1507x59122 maize grain compared with a diet containing maize grain from its near-isogenic control (091). Diets formulated with three unrelated non-GM commercial hybrids (3573, 35P12, 36G12) were also included for within study reference data. All diets contained 34% (w/wt) maize grain and were prepared according to the specifications of PMI((R)) Nutrition International, LLC Certified Rodent LabDiet((R)) 5002 (PMI((R)) 5002). Diets were fed ad libitum to rats for at least 92days. OECD 408 response variables from rats fed the 1507x59122 diet were compared with those from rats fed the 091 control diet. No toxicologically significant differences were observed in nutritional performance variables, clinical and neurobehavioral signs, ophthalmology, clinical pathology (hematology, clinical chemistry, coagulation, and urinalysis), organ weights, and gross and microscopic pathology between rats in the 091 and 1507x59122 treatment groups. The results from this study demonstrate that 1507x59122 maize grain is as safe and nutritious as non-GM maize grain and support the concept that crossing of two safe GM maize events results in production of a safe stacked GM event. PMID:19358870

Appenzeller, Laura M; Malley, Linda; Mackenzie, Susan A; Hoban, Denise; Delaney, Bryan



Taxonomic notes and distribution extension of Durga Das's leaf-nosed bat Hipposiderosdurgadasi Khajuria, 1970 (Chiroptera: Hipposideridae) from south India.  


Durga Das's leaf-nosed bat Hipposiderosdurgadasi Khajuria, 1970 is endemic to India, and was known only from Katanga, Katangi, and Richhai villages, in Jabalpur district, Madhya Pradesh. During surveys conducted in Kolar district, Karnataka, India, we successfully mist-netted a few individuals belonging to the bicolor species group which, upon detailed external, craniodental and bacular studies were identified as Durga Das's leaf-nosed bat. This paper reports the presence of this species in southern India, extending its distribution range by almost 1300 km. We also provide a detailed morphological description for this species. PMID:25535483

Kaur, Harpreet; Chelmala, Srinivasulu; Srinivasulu, Bhargavi; Shah, Tariq Ahmed; Devender, Gundena; Srinivasulu, Aditya



Manuel Rocha Medal Recipient Shear Strength of Rock Joints Based on Quantified Surface Description  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

One of the primary objectives of this work is to improve the understanding of the frictional behaviour of rough rock joints under shear loads, and to relate its shear strength to the “shape” of the joint interface (roughness). Discontinuities have, indeed, an important influence on the deformational behaviour of rock systems. The choice of a general criterion to determine the shear strength of rough rock joints is a problem that has been investigated for many years. Numerous shear models have been proposed to relate shear-strength to measurable joint parameters, but their limitations have to be recognized. The main problem is how to measure and quantify the roughness in order to introduce the morphological aspect of the joint into a shear strength criterion. The first part of this work focuses on the measurement and description of how roughness influences the size and distribution of contact areas during shearing. It has been found that the variation of the contact area can be expressed as a function of the local dip of the surface, measured along the shear direction. The close agreement between this empirical description of the potential contact area and surface measurements permits one to predict the real contact area involved in the phenomenon. In the second part of the work, a new shear strength criterion is proposed to model the shear resistance of joints under constant normal load conditions. It is based on the proposed empirical estimation of rock joint roughness, and on the results from more than fifty constant-normal-load direct-shear tests performed on replicas of tensile joints and on induced tensile fractures for seven rock types. The proposed model is able to describe experimental shear tests conducted in the laboratory, and the required parameters can be easily measured through standard laboratory tests.

Grasselli, G.



! !Life as it could be  

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complex a ribozyme is, the more difficult it is to reproduce it as a template. A reader/constructor would (development) of complex catalytic ribozymes Arts and Benne [1996] suggested RNA editing as a mechanism How would an RNA code work? Memory Dynamics RNA Molecules Catalytic, functional ribozymes RNA

Rocha, Luis


Does Taste Beat Food Safety? Evidence From the “Pera Rocha” Case in Portugal  

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Summary Until recently, fresh fruits such as pears were provided to markets as generic products. However, these products are now differentiated by cultivars, origins and appearances, as well as by companies' production and processing methods. Therefore, we observe a lot of denominations of origin, retailers' and private labels in order to signal the differentiation to the consumers, who are often

Pierre Combris; Alexandra Seabra Pinto; Antonio Fragata; Eric Giraud-Heraud



Does Taste Beat Food Safety? Evidence From the “Pêra Rocha” Case in Portugal  

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Nowadays, fresh fruits such as pears are differentiated by cultivars, origins, and appearances, as well as by companies' production and processing methods. We may now observe many denominations of origin, retailers,' and private labels in order to signal the differentiation to the consumers, who are often willing to pay large price premiums for products with specific attributes. In this article,

Pierre Combris; Alexandra Seabra Pinto; António Fragata; Eric Giraud-Héraud



Manuel Rocha Medal Recipient Simulating the Time-dependent Behaviour of Excavations in Hard Rock  

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Summary  \\u000a Although hard rock is not usually associated with large creep deformation, data collected from the tunnels and stopes of the\\u000a deep South African gold mines illustrates significant time-dependent behaviour. Apart from application in mining, a better\\u000a understanding of the time-dependent behaviour of crystalline rock is required to analyse the long term stability of nuclear\\u000a waste repositories and to design

D. F. Malan



This subsection is an excerpt of [Rocha and Schnell, 2005] Formalizing and Modeling the World  

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"When you can measure what you are speaking of and express it in numbers you know that on which you are discoursing. But if you cannot measure it and express it in numbers. your knowledge is of a very meagre as "the action of informing; formation or molding of the mind or character, training, instruction

Rocha, Luis


ROCHAS: Robotics and Cloud-assisted Healthcare System for Empty Nester  

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in China: Since China conducts the one-child policy, the only children gradually enter middle age & Tech Huazhong University of Science & Technology Wuhan, China Yujun Ma School of Comp Sci & Tech Huazhong University of Science & Technology Wuhan, China Sana Ullah

Chen, Min


LUIS M. ROCHA -Curriculum Vitae School of Informatics and Cognitive Science Program  

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, autómatos celulares, cognição corporizada, computação bio-inspirada, computação emergente, modelação multi, redes de conhecimento e documentos, sistemas de recomendação, teoria de conjuntos difusos, teoria de

Rocha, Luis


Application of remote sensing techniques in the lithological characterization of Rocha da Pena (southern Portugal)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Currently, the application of remote sensing techniques is a key factor for the extraction of information in the area of Earth Sciences, including Geology, for the production of geological-structural and geomorphology maps. The aim of this study is to show the application of the techniques of remote sensing in the analysis of lithology of the Rock of the Pena (Loulé, Portugal) using Landsat TM5 and Google Earth images. The lithological discrimination was performed by image fusion techniques and texture analysis. The fusion of images was based on the red-green-blue (RGB) composition of false color images and processing for the system intensity-hue-saturation (IHS), which allowed separating the spectral spatial information to produce a hybrid image, with a better spatial resolution. Texture analysis was carried out by the statistical analysis method developed by Haralick (1973), known as "Spacial Grey Level Difference Method" (SGLDM), which calculates the probability of a transition between two pixels of the image in grey tones, separated by a specified spatial orientation. This method is commonly known as "Matrixes of co-occurrence". These techniques have proved to be effective in discrimination of limestone structure and Mértola formation and less efficient in individualizing the margo-carbonated rocks and the alluviums.

Neto Paixão, Helena M.; Granja Martins, Fernando M.; Zavala, Lorena M.; Jordán, Antonio



As redes universitrias de difuso das cincias matemticas como fator de desenvolvimento da perspectiva. Uma agenda de pesquisa  

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As redes universitárias de difusão das ciências matemáticas como fator de desenvolvimento da)" #12;AS REDES UNIVERSITÁRIAS DA DIFUS�O DA PERSPECTIVA 2 Ghiberti enumera vinte intenções visível (não

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Latent Factor Structure of the Das-Naglieri Cognitive Assessment System: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis in a Chinese Setting  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This study aims to measure the psychometric properties of the Das-Naglieri Cognitive Assessment System (D-N CAS) and to determine its clinical utility in a Chinese context. Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) was conducted to examine the construct validity of the Chinese version of the D-N CAS among a group of 567, normally developed children.…

Deng, Ci-ping; Liu, Ming; Wei, Wei; Chan, Raymond C. K.; Das, J. P.



Avaliação do vigor das árvores urbanas através de parâmetros quantitativos Evaluation of urban trees vigour using quantitative parameters  

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RESUMO: Este trabalho teve como objetivo avaliar o uso de parâmetros quantitativos para determinar o vigor das árvores urbanas na cidade de Curitiba - PR. As espécies estudadas fo- ram: acer (Acer negundo L.) e ipê (Tabebuia chrysotricha (Mart ex DC.) Standl). Foram selecio- nados locais com diferentes tipos de tráfego de veículos (intenso, médio, residencial e parque), condições de

Daniela Biondi


Ground State of Graphene in the Presence of Random Charged Impurities Enrico Rossi and S. Das Sarma  

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Ground State of Graphene in the Presence of Random Charged Impurities Enrico Rossi and S. Das Sarma so-called intrinsic graphene), the Fermi energy lies exactly at the Dirac point (i.e., the charge] calculated the graphene conductivity assuming the graphene Fermi en- ergy to be exactly at the Dirac point

Rossi, Enrico


Effective medium theory for disordered two-dimensional graphene Enrico Rossi, S. Adam, and S. Das Sarma  

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Effective medium theory for disordered two-dimensional graphene Enrico Rossi, S. Adam, and S. Das-structure constant rs e2 / vF , where vF is the Fermi velocity and is the dielectric constant. For graphene charge the local Fermi lev

Rossi, Enrico


On-demand Multipath Distance Vector Routing in Ad Hoc Networks Mahesh K. Marina Samir R. Das  

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distance vector protocol for mobile ad hoc networks. Specifically, we pro- pose multipath extensionsOn-demand Multipath Distance Vector Routing in Ad Hoc Networks Mahesh K. Marina Samir R. Das to a well-studied single path rout- ing protocol known as Ad hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV

Das, Samir R.


Forschen und Wissen info38 6/2011 Forschen und Wissen 39 Das Bundesministerium fr Bildung und  

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, 206.150 Euro für die Dauer von drei Jahren. Gefördert wird das Forschungs- vorhaben ,,Die Rolle von dendritischen Zellen bei der Integration von Toll-like-Re- zeptor-ermittelten Signalwegen in pro- und anti in besonderer Weise erkenn- bar und unterliegen damit gleichsam einer ,,verschärften �berwachung" durch die

Manstein, Dietmar J.


A Rodaviva das Tecnologias Novas tecnologias do origem, em geral, a novos modelos de negcio que por sua vez  

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A Roda­viva das Tecnologias Novas tecnologias dão origem, em geral, a novos modelos de negócio que palavras, velhas tecnologias reaparecem com uma nova roupagem como se submetidas a um processo de mundo. O uso dos browsers para utilizar esses servidores é nada mais do que uma nova roupagem para um


Satzung der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitt Frankfurt am Main fr das Verfahren in zulassungsbeschrnkten Studiengngen mit Hochschulauswahl-  

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Hessen von der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main zugelassen wurde. § 51 Satzung der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main für das Verfahren Johann Wolfgang Goethe- Universität am nachstehende Satzung erlassen: § 1 Allgemeines Die Satzung regelt

Mester, Rudolf


Max-Planck-Institut fr Mathematik Das Max-Planck-Institut fr Mathematik in Bonn sucht befristet vom  

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Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik Das Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik in Bonn sucht befristet nach den MPG-Richtlinien zur Förderung des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses. Die Max-Planck ausdrücklich aufgefordert, sich zu bewerben. Die Max-Planck-Gesellschaft ist bemüht, mehr schwerbehinderte

Bovier, Anton


50 CFR 648.53 - Acceptable biological catch (ABC), annual catch limits (ACL), annual catch targets (ACT), DAS...  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...2011 would result in the DAS reduction AM in fishing year 2012...setting and/or hauling fishing gear for any reason may request...would be subject to an IFQ reduction equal to 200 lb (90.7...shall be subject to an IFQ reduction in subsequent years until...



50 CFR 648.53 - Acceptable biological catch (ABC), annual catch limits (ACL), annual catch targets (ACT), DAS...  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2012 CFR

...limit, the applicable DAS reduction shall be proportional to...setting and/or hauling fishing gear for any reason may request...would be subject to an IFQ reduction equal to 200 lb (90...shall be subject to an IFQ reduction in subsequent years until...



Use of natural marks on population estimates of the nurse shark, Ginglymostoma cirratum , at Atol das Rocas Biological Reserve, Brazil  

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We assessed information on the population structure of the nurse shark, Ginglymostoma cirratum, at Atol das Rocas, northeastern Brazil, through underwater observations. Based on photographic records of natural distinctive marks for individual recognition, we used probabilistic estimators (Petersen–Bailey and Jolly–Seber) to assess population size. We found that 46% of the sharks (194 individuals) had distinctive marks. The population size was

Andrey L. F. Castro; Ricardo S. Rosa



Padrão de divisão e distribuição das artérias mesentéricas no ratão-do-banhado (Myocastor coypus - Rodentia: Mammalia)  

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celíaca (70%), ou em tronco comum com esta (30%); b) os ramos diretos da artéria mesentérica cranial são as artérias pancreaticoduodenal caudal (100%), cólica média (100%), duodenojejunal (90%), pancre- ática (10%), hepática (10%), cólica direita (100%), jejunais (100%), ileocólica (100%) e ileal (100%). A artéria mesentérica caudal surge da face ventral da aorta abdominal, imediatamente cranial à emergência das artérias

Gilberto Valente Machado; Pedro Renato Gonçalves; Adelvino Parizzi


Validity of SeaDAS water constituents retrieval algorithms in Australian tropical coastal waters  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This paper reports an assessment of the performance of the seven global empirical and semi-analytical chlorophyll and bulk IOP retrieval algorithms implemented in SeaDAS, for the local conditions in tropical waters off the Australian northeast coast. An approach based on radiative transfer simulations was used providing systematic assessments. The study shows that when coloured dissolved organic matter (CDOM) and non-algal particle (NAP) concentrations are low, the seven algorithms tested, as expected, can retrieve chlorophyll with an error of, at best, 75% for 80-90% of the cases. The accuracy generally degrades rapidly with increasing CDOM and NAP concentrations. For the semi-analytical algorithms (bulk IOP retrieval enabled), the QAA algorithm achieved a better result at retrieving the total absorption, a, backscattering, bb and backscattering by particles, bb p . However, none of the algorithms can break down the total absorption into components with reasonable accuracy. The study indicates that without incorporating regional and seasonal knowledge of specific IOPs the accuracy in water constituent retrievals from remote sensing is poor, hindering the use of remote sensing in water quality management.

Qin, Yi; Brando, Vittorio E.; Dekker, Arnold G.; Blondeau-Patissier, David



On the Issue of Excess Lower Stratospheric Subtropical Transport in GEOS-DAS  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In recent years, data assimilation has become an indispensable tool for our understanding of the global features of meteorological variables. However, assessments of transport characteristics using trajectory related methods as well as chemical transport models (CTMs) show that results derived from assimilated (or analyzed) winds exhibit significantly larger mixing and entrainment rates compared to results derived from GCM winds, which are closer to results derived from observations (e.g., Douglass et al., 2002; Schoeberl et al., 2002). This discrepancy presents a serious challenge to our ability to understand and model global trace gas transport and distribution. We use the GEOS-DAS to explore this issue by examining how the process of data assimilation alters the dynamics of the underlying GCM and how this leads to the excess of lower stratospheric mixing and transport in the subtropics. In particular, we show that significant model biases in tropical winds necessitate large analysis increments. These increments directly force large subtropical regions of instability with negative PV gradient on the one hand, and generate excessive noise in the tropical wind fields on the other. The result is an excess of transport in the lower stratospheric subtropics.

Tan, W.; Geller, M.; Pawson, S.



[Detection of left ventricular thrombi after acute myocardial infarction using Ga-67-DFO-DAS-fibrinogen].  


Ga-67-DFO-DAS-fibrinogen (Ga-fbg) scintigraphy, a new radiopharmaceutical method, was performed for detecting intraventricular thrombi following acute myocardial infarction in five patients. The thrombi in four of them were detected by two-dimensional echocardiography (2DE) and that in the fifth patient was suspected during magnetic resonance imaging. Imaging of the heart was performed using a scinticamera with a medium energy collimator and multiple views (anterior, LAO 30 degrees, LAO 45 degrees, and lateral) three and four days after the intravenous administration of Ga-fbg. By Ga-fbg scintigraphy, intraventricular thrombi were detected in four patients. The size of the thrombi visualized by Ga-fbg appeared larger than those by 2DE. In one patient examined again after anticoagulant therapy, a thrombus was missed by 2-DE, but it was detected by Ga-fbg, though the radioactivity of the thrombus decreased. We concluded that Ga-fbg scintigraphy is a very simple method and sufficiently useful for detecting active left ventricular thrombi and for monitoring the effect of anticoagulant therapy. It could be more sensitive than 2DE for determining the extent of an active intraventricular thrombus. PMID:3267732

Itagane, H; Hirota, K; Teragaki, M; Akioka, K; Yasuda, M; Oku, H; Takeuchi, K; Takeda, T; Ochi, H



Common Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) Software Development for Rocket Propulsion Test (RPT) Test Facilities  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The advent of the commercial space launch industry and NASA's more recent resumption of operation of Stennis Space Center's large test facilities after thirty years of contractor control resulted in a need for a non-proprietary data acquisition systems (DAS) software to support government and commercial testing. The software is designed for modularity and adaptability to minimize the software development effort for current and future data systems. An additional benefit of the software's architecture is its ability to easily migrate to other testing facilities thus providing future commonality across Stennis. Adapting the software to other Rocket Propulsion Test (RPT) Centers such as MSFC, White Sands, and Plumbrook Station would provide additional commonality and help reduce testing costs for NASA. Ultimately, the software provides the government with unlimited rights and guarantees privacy of data to commercial entities. The project engaged all RPT Centers and NASA's Independent Verification & Validation facility to enhance product quality. The design consists of a translation layer which provides the transparency of the software application layers to underlying hardware regardless of test facility location and a flexible and easily accessible database. This presentation addresses system technical design, issues encountered, and the status of Stennis development and deployment.

Hebert, Phillip W., Sr.; Davis, Dawn M.; Turowski, Mark P.; Holladay, Wendy T.; Hughes, Mark S.



Periodicity of microfilariae of human filariasis analysed by a trigonometric method (Aikat and Das).  


The microfilarial periodicity of human filariae was characterized statistically by fitting the observed change of microfilaria (mf) counts to the formula of a simple harmonic wave using two parameters, the peak hour (K) and periodicity index (D) (Sasa & Tanaka, 1972, 1974). Later Aikat and Das (1976) proposed a simple calculation method using trigonometry (A-D method) to determine the peak hour (K) and periodicity index (P). All data of microfilarial periodicity analysed previously by the method of Sasa and Tanaka (S-T method) were calculated again by the A-D method in the present study to evaluate the latter method. The results of calculations showed that P was not proportional to D and the ratios of P/D were mostly smaller than expected, especially when P or D was small in less periodic forms. The peak hour calculated by the A-D method did not differ much from that calculated by the S-T method. Goodness of fit was improved slightly by the A-K method in two thirds of analysed data. The classification of human filariae in respect of the type of periodicity was, however, changed little by the results calculated by the A-D method. PMID:7024589

Tanaka, H



MoSST DAS: The First Working Geomagnetic Data Assimilation System  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The Earth possesses an internal magnetic field (geomagnetic field) generated by convection in the outer core (geodynamo). Previous efforts have been focused along two distinct paths: (1) numerical geodynamo modeling to understand the origin of the geomagnetic field, and the mechanisms of geomagnetic secular variations (SV); and (2) geomagnetic field modeling to map the spatial/temporal variations of the field from geomagnetic data, and to derive core properties, e.g. inversion of core flow near the core-mantle boundary (CMB). Geomagnetic data assimilation is a new approach emerged over the past 5 years: surface observations are assimilated with geodynamo models for better understanding of the core dynamical state, and accurately prediction of SV. In collaboration with several geomagnetic research groups, we have developed the first working geomagnetic data assimilation system, Modular, Scalable, Self-consistent, and Three-dimensional (MoSST) DAS, that includes the MoSST numerical dynamo model; 7000 years of geomagnetic field maps from several field models utilizing satellite and ground observatory data, historical magnetic records and archeo/paleo magnetic data; and an ensemble based optimal interpolation (01) assimilation algorithm. With this system, we have demonstrated clearly that the assimilated core dynamical state is substantially different from those of pure geodynamo simulations. Ensemble assimilation runs also show the convergence of the assimilated solutions inside the core, suggesting that the simulation state is pulled closer to the truth via data assimilation. The forecasts from this system are also very accurate: the 5-year forecast of the geomagnetic field agrees very well with the observations; and the 5-year secular variation forecast is more accurate than the IGRF SV forecast models in the past. Using geomagnetic records up to 2009, we have made an SV forecast for the period from 2010-2015, and is a candidate SV model for IGRF-11.

Kuang, Weijia; Wei, Zigang; Tangborn, Andrew



Comparison of DAS-ELISA and RT-PCR Methods for the Detection of Prunus Necrotic Ringspot Virus (PNRSV)(1)  

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(2) Abstract: Two methods (DAS-ELISA and RT-PCR) were compared for the detection of Prunus necrotic ringspot virus (PNRSV) in woody host Prunus mahleb isolated from Malatya. Total RNA extractions were made from serially diluted fresh leaf tissue, root, bark and one year old green bark tissue using silica-based method. Purified total RNA extracts were used as template for cDNA synthesis

Mustafa USTA; Bülent POLAT


Leben Und Bildung In Den Klostern Des Fruhen Mittelalters Nach Scheffels "Ekkehard" Und Freytags "Das Nest Der Zaunkonige" Bearbeitet  

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Zeit in Mittel^ und Süddeuyschland, zumal in den Klöstern. Wenn einer gar nichts von klösterlichen Einrichtungen und dem klöster^ liehen Leben wüsste, würden ihm diese Werke reiche Kenntnisse darüber gehen. Es befindet sich night viel darin, das... alten Geschichten aus dem Sagenschatze des Hegan erlernt, die so glücklich im Romane angewendet werden. Zur Beschreibung der Klosterschule benutzte er als Vorbild die in der alten Benediktinerabtei Reichenan, die zu seiner Zeit hochgeshätzt wurde und...

Apel, Elizabeth




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RAGUEBI -> CLUBE DAS OLAIAS CELEBRA HOJE OS 50 ANOS DO PRIMEIRO JOGO NO CAMPEONATO Meio século de, pois empatámos apenas um jogo, frente ao Belenen- ses. Mas o râguebi, agora, c muito melhor, as regras mudaram, tornan- do-o mais bonito. Existe uma melhor preparação física dos jogadores e a dinâmica de jogo

Instituto de Sistemas e Robotica


A novel abundant family of retroposed elements (DAS-SINEs) in the nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus).  


About half of the mammalian genome is composed of retroposons. Long interspersed elements (LINEs) and short interspersed elements (SINEs) are the most abundant repetitive elements and account for about 21% and 13% of the human genome, respectively. SINEs have been detected in all major mammalian lineages, except for the South American order Xenarthra, also termed Edentata (armadillos, anteaters, and sloths). Investigating this order, we discovered a novel high-copy-number family of tRNA derived SINEs in the nine-banded armadillo Dasypus novemcinctus, a species that successfully crossed the Central American land bridge to North America in the Pliocene. A specific computer algorithm was developed, and we detected and extracted 687 specific SINEs from databases. Termed DAS-SINEs, we further divided them into six distinct subfamilies. We extracted tRNA(Ala)-derived monomers, two types of dimers, and three subfamilies of chimeric fusion products of a tRNA(Ala) domain and an approximately 180-nt sequence of thus far unidentified origin. Comparisons of secondary structures of the DAS-SINEs' tRNA domains suggest selective pressure to maintain a tRNA-like D-arm structure in the respective founder RNAs, as shown by compensatory mutations. By analysis of subfamily-specific genetic variability, comparison of the proportion of direct repeats, and analysis of self-integrations as well as key events of dimerization and deletions or insertions, we were able to delineate the evolutionary history of the DAS-SINE subfamilies. PMID:15616140

Churakov, Gennady; Smit, Arian F A; Brosius, Jürgen; Schmitz, Jürgen



O MCTI/SETEC e a FINEP convidam os coordenadores e secretrios executivos das Redes Centros de Inovao do programa SIBRATEC para Workshop a realizar-se no dia 07 de junho de  

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O MCTI/SETEC e a FINEP convidam os coordenadores e secretários executivos das Redes Centros de Federal de Santa Catarina. Objetivo O evento pretende congregar MCTI, FINEP e Coordenações das Redes para o funcionamento adequado das Redes. Na ocasião estaremos debatendo os rumos do programa SIBRATEC

Floeter, Sergio Ricardo


Die Buchung fr das E-Car erfolgt mind. 1 Werktag vor Nutzung ber im sog. E-Car  

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Fahrzeug > und dann den Stecker des Ladekabels mit der Steckdose · Das zentrale Display geht an, eine. Ladeprobleme · Wenn die Meldung ,,Ladeproblem" erscheint, trennen Sie den Stecker von der Steckdose und dann

Szmolyan, Peter


The blind, the lame, and the poor signals of brain function--a comment on Sirotin and Das (2009).  


Last year, a study appeared that questioned the generally held assumption of a generic coupling between electrical and hemodynamic signs of neural activity (Sirotin and Das, 2009). Although the findings of that study can barely surprise the specialists in the field, it has caused a considerable confusion in the nonspecialist community due to the unwarranted claim of having discovered a "hitherto unknown signal." According to this claim, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) would pick up not only signals that reflect electrical brain activity but also purely hemodynamic signals that are not linked to neural activity. Here, we show that that study's failure to obtain significant electrophysiological responses to task structure is easily understood on the basis of findings reported for related functional paradigms. Ironically and counter its intention, the study by Sirotin and Das reminds us of the exquisite sensitivity of spatially pooled hemodynamic signals and the limitations of recording only very local samples of electrical activity by microelectrodes. We suggest that this sensitivity of hemodynamic signals should be converted into spatial resolution. In other words, hemodynamic signals should be used to create maps. Further, we suggest that electrical recordings should be obtained at systematically varying functional positions across these maps. And we speculate that under such appropriate experimental and analytical circumstances correspondence between the two modalities would be retrieved-at the expense of a novel signal lost in oblivion. PMID:20044008

Kleinschmidt, Andreas; Müller, Notger G



Auswertung von Daten des Integrierten Verwaltungs- und Kontrollsystems zur Abschätzung der EU-Agrarreform auf Umwelt und Landschaft: Bericht für das F+E-Vorhaben 'Naturschutzfachliche Bewertung der GAP-Effizienzsteigerung durch Nutzung bestehender Datenbestände', gefördert durch das Bundesamt für Naturschutz (BfN) mit Mitteln des Bundesministeriums für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit  

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Der vorliegende Arbeitsbericht entstand im Rahmen des F+E-Vorhabens 'Naturschutzfachliche Bewertung der GAP - Effizienzsteigerung durch Nutzung bestehender Datenbestände', das durch das Bundesamt für Naturschutz (BfN) mit Mitteln des Bundesministeriums für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit gefördert wurde. Ziel dieses Projektes war die Untersuchung flächenbezogener Auswirkungen der im Jahr 2003 beschlossenen EU-Agrarreform in Hinblick auf naturschutzrelevante Fragestellungen. Grundlage für quantitative Analysen bildeten

Bernhard Osterburg; Heike Nitsch; Birgit Laggner; Wolfgang Roggendorf



Taxonomic notes and distribution extension of Durga Das’s leaf-nosed bat Hipposideros durgadasi Khajuria, 1970 (Chiroptera: Hipposideridae) from south India  

PubMed Central

Abstract Durga Das’s leaf-nosed bat Hipposideros durgadasi Khajuria, 1970 is endemic to India, and was known only from Katanga, Katangi, and Richhai villages, in Jabalpur district, Madhya Pradesh. During surveys conducted in Kolar district, Karnataka, India, we successfully mist-netted a few individuals belonging to the bicolor species group which, upon detailed external, craniodental and bacular studies were identified as Durga Das’s leaf-nosed bat. This paper reports the presence of this species in southern India, extending its distribution range by almost 1300 km. We also provide a detailed morphological description for this species. PMID:25535483

Kaur, Harpreet; Srinivasulu, Bhargavi; Shah, Tariq Ahmed; Devender, Gundena; Srinivasulu, Aditya



Department of Computer and Information Science -University Konstanz -Institute for Libtary Sciencet -Humboldt-University Berlin 1Rainer Kuhlen Universal Access Wem gehrt das Wissen? 5.5.2001  

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Access ­ Wem gehört das Wissen? 5.5.2001 Institute of Library Science ­ Humboldt University BerlinRainer Kuhlen Universal Access ­ Wem gehört das Wissen? 5.5.2001 Institute of Library Science ­ Humboldt Access ­ Wem gehört das Wissen? 5.5.2001 Institute of Library Science ­ Humboldt University Berlin

Kuhlen, Rainer


Theory of Coulomb drag in graphene Wang-Kong Tse,1 Ben Yu-Kuang Hu,1,2 and S. Das Sarma1  

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Theory of Coulomb drag in graphene Wang-Kong Tse,1 Ben Yu-Kuang Hu,1,2 and S. Das Sarma1 1; published 6 August 2007 We study the Coulomb drag between two single graphene sheets in intrinsic, despite the existence of a nonzero conductivity in an intrinsic graphene layer, the Coulomb drag between

Hu, Ben Yu-Kuang


A Roda-viva das Tecnologias Novas tecnologias do origem, em geral, a novos modelos de negcio que por sua vez  

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A Roda-viva das Tecnologias Novas tecnologias dão origem, em geral, a novos modelos de negócio que palavras, velhas tecnologias reaparecem com uma nova roupagem como se submetidas a um processo de mundo. O uso dos browsers para utilizar esses servidores é nada mais do que uma nova roupagem para um


4 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS P. Das was partially supported by UCSD subcontract under U.S. Army Grant No. DAAL0991G0071.  

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filter for narrowband jammer rejection in ds spread spectrum systems. Proc. International Conference of a real­time transform domain filtering digital communication system: Part I: Narrowband interference. DAAL09­91­G­0071. 5 REFERENCES [1] R. Bijjani and P. Das. Rejection of narrowband interference in pn

Saulnier, Gary J.


Random Matrix Based Uncertainty Model for Complex Robotic Systems Javad Sovizi1, Aliakbar Alamdari2, Sonjoy Das3 and Venkat Krovi4  

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Engineering Department, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, USA. 2Aliakbar Alamdari is with Mechanical Engineering Department, Univer- sity at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, USA. 3Sonjoy Das is with Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, USA. sonjoy@buffalo

Krovi, Venkat


IMAGE PHYLOGENY THROUGH DISSIMILARITY METRICS FUSION A. Melloni , P. Bestagini , S. Milani , M. Tagliasacchi , A. Rocha , S. Tubaro  

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]. These tools typically exploit specific traces left by forgery operations, to detect the use of a particularIMAGE PHYLOGENY THROUGH DISSIMILARITY METRICS FUSION A. Melloni , P. Bestagini , S. Milani , M of processing operations to original content. This is the case of images downloaded from sharing platforms

Tagliasacchi, Marco


The material presented in this chapter has been previously published in Rocha [1995c, 1995f, Figure 2: Models of  

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of semiotics. 2 Semiotics of Living Organizations As introduced in section 1.7 of chapter 2, semiotics concerns understand the semiotics of the genetic #12;76 Figure 3: Semiotics of the Genetic System Action Measurement Figure 4: Genetic semiotics with 2 type symbol system system if we consider all processes taking place

Rocha, Luis


Encontro das Revistas Teatrais  

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& Antropologia" (Aldo El-Jatib), argentina "Espacio de Crítica e Investigación Teatral" (Damián Rovner), canadiana "La Escena Latinoamericana" (Miguel Angel Giella), mexicana "Tramoya" (Beatriz J. Rizk), norte-americana "Gestos" (Ana Paula Ferreira...

Gago, Jú lio



Das Ende der Nacht  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The book provides a comprehensive compilation of the problems arising from artificial lighting and its almost exponential increase during the past century. It covers the following topics: A brief history of Lighting; light pollution in Central Europe; Moths and artificial lights; Artificial lighting and migratory birds; Ocean turtles as victims of beach lighting; Moon light as external timer for the marine fauna; Artificial light and the health of human beings.

Posch, Thomas; Freyhoff, Anja; Uhlmann, Thomas




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Assistant 2009-2010 (Advisor: Dr. Joshua S. Weitz) Software pipeline to estimate diversity from marine viral database modeling Building computational tools, pipelines and web applications to analyze biological data

Weitz, Joshua S.


Das lineare Regressionsmodell  

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\\u000a Sir Francis Galton (1822 - 1911), Sohn einer wohlhabenden Quäkerfamilie und Halbcousin von Charles Darwin (1809 - 1882), war ein wissbegieriger Weltreisender und vor allem ein überaus vielseitiger Naturforscher, der u. a. Wetterdaten\\u000a auswertete und Klimakarten publizierte, erstmals Verfahren zur Personenidentifikation anhand von Fingerabdrücken entwickelte\\u000a und sich – mit polarisierender Wirkung – auch zu Fragen der Vererbungslehre äußerte. Er sammelte

Hans-Joachim Mittag


CRP genotype and haplotype associations with serum C-reactive protein level and DAS28 in untreated early rheumatoid arthritis patients.  


IntroductionSingle nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the CRP gene are implicated in the regulation of the constitutional C-reactive protein (CRP) expression and its response to pro-inflammatory stimuli. Previous reports suggest these effects may have an impact on clinical decision-making based on CRP, for example DAS28. We aimed to investigate the possible association between 7 CRP SNPs, their haplotypes, and the serum level of CRP as well as the DAS28 score in two cohorts of untreated active early rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients followed during their initial treatment.MethodsOverall, 315 disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs and steroid naïve RA patients with disease duration <6 months were included from two randomized controlled trials (the CIMESTRA and OPERA trials). Seven CRP SNPs were investigated: rs11265257, rs1130864, rs1205, rs1800947, rs2808632, rs3093077 and rs876538. The genotype and haplotype associations to CRP and DAS28 levels were evaluated using linear regression analysis adjusted for age, sex and treatment.ResultsThe minor allele of rs1205 C¿>¿T was associated with decreased CRP levels at baseline (P =0.03), with the TT genotype having a 50% reduction in CRP from 16.7 to 8.4 mg/L (P =0.005) compared to homozygosity of the major allele, but no association was observed at year one (P =0.38). The common H2 haplotype, characterized by the T allele of rs1205, was associated with a 26% reduction in CRP at baseline (P =0.043), although no effect was observed at year one (P =0.466). No other SNP or haplotype was associated with CRP at baseline or year one (P ¿0.09). We observed no associations between SNPs or haplotypes and DAS28 scores at baseline or year one (P ¿0.10).Conclusion CRP genotype and haplotype were only marginally associated with serum CRP levels and without any association to the DAS28 score. This study shows that DAS28, the core parameter for inflammatory activity in RA, can be used for clinical decision-making without adjustment for CRP gene variants.Trial registrationThe OPERA study is registered at (NCT00660647). The Cimestra study is not listed in a clinical trials registry due to inclusion of patients between October 1999 and October 2002. PMID:25359432

Ammitzbøll, Christian; Steffensen, Rudi; Bøgsted, Martin; Hørslev-Petersen, Kim; Hetland, Merete L; Junker, Peter; Johansen, Julia S; Pødenphant, Jan; Ostergaard, Mikkel; Ellingsen, Torkell; Stengaard-Pedersen, Kristian




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RESUMO - O experimento foi conduzido em pomar comercial de goiaba (Psidium guajava L.) cultivar 'Pêra Vermelha', localizado no município de Itapecuru-Mirim (MA), na Comunidade Magnificat, visando a adotar um sistema de manejo integrado de moscas-das-frutas através do monitoramento com armadilhas do tipo frasco caça-moscas (modelo garrafa plástica) e atraentes de alimentação. O delineamento estatístico adotado foi o de blocos



Max-Planck-Institut fr biologische Kybernetik Das Max-Planck-Institut fr biologische Kybernetik sucht zum 1. September 2011 eine/n  

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Max-Planck-Institut für biologische Kybernetik Das Max-Planck-Institut für biologische Kybernetik Ausbildungsvergütung richtet sich nach dem Tarifvertrag für Auszubildende des öffentlichen Dienstes (TVAöD). Die Max-Planck ausdrücklich erwünscht. Ferner will die Max-Planck-Gesellschaft den Anteil von Frauen in den Bereichen erhöhen


Dating human occupation at Toca do Serrote das Moendas, São Raimundo Nonato, Piauí-Brasil by electron spin resonance and optically stimulated luminescence.  


Excavation of Toca do Serrote das Moendas, in Piauí state, Brazil revealed a great quantity of fossil wild fauna associated with human remains. In particular, fossils of a cervid (Blastocerus dichotomus) were found, an animal frequently pictured in ancient rock wall paintings. In a well-defined stratum, two loose teeth of this species were found in close proximity to human bones. The teeth were independently dated by electron spin resonance (ESR) in two laboratories. The ages obtained for the teeth were 29 ± 3 ka (thousands of years) and 24 ± 1 ka. The concretion layer capping this stratum was dated by optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) of the quartz grains to 21 ± 3 ka. As these values were derived independently in three different laboratories, using different methods and equipment, these results are compelling evidence of early habitation in this area. PMID:25456825

Kinoshita, Angela; Skinner, Anne R; Guidon, Niede; Ignacio, Elaine; Felice, Gisele Daltrini; Buco, Cristiane de A; Tatumi, Sonia; Yee, Márcio; Figueiredo, Ana Maria Graciano; Baffa, Oswaldo



Short-term monitoring of a gas seep field in the Katakolo bay (Western Greece) using Raman spectra DTS and DAS fibre-optic methods  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A wide submarine seep of thermogenic gas in the Katakolo bay, Western Greece, was monitored passively using the intelligent Distributed Acoustic Sensor (iDAS) and Ultima Raman spectra Distributed Temperature Sensor (DTS), in order to study the thermal and noise signal of the bubble plumes released from the seafloor. Katakolo is one one of the most prolific thermogenic gas seepage zones in Europe and the biggest methane seep ever reported in Greece. Very detailed repetitive offshore gas surveys, including marine remote sensing (sub-bottom profiling, side scan sonar), underwater exploration by a towed instrumented system (MEDUSA), long-term monitoring benthic station (GMM), compositional and isotopic analyses, and flux measurements of gas, showed that: (a) gas seepage takes place over an extended area in the Katakolo harbour and along two main normal faults off the harbour; (b) at least 823 gas bubble ( 10-20 cm in diameter) plumes escaping over an area of 94,200 m2, at depths ranging from 5.5 to 16 m; (c) the gas consists mainly of methane and has H2S levels of hundreds to thousands ppmv, and shows significant amounts of other light hydrocarbons like ethane, propane, iso-butane and C6 alkanes, (d) offshore and onshore seeps release the same type of thermogenic gas; (e) due to the shallow depth, more than 90 % of CH4 released at the seabed enters the atmosphere, and (f) the gas seeps may produce severe geohazards for people, buildings and construction facilities due to the explosive and toxicological properties of methane and hydrogen sulfide, respectively. For the short-term monitoring, the deployment took place on a site located inside the harbour of Katakolo within a thermogenic gas seepage area where active faults are intersected. The iDAS system makes it possible to observe the acoustical signal along the entire length of an unmodified optical cable without introducing any form of point sensors such as Bragg gratings. When the bubble plumes are released by the seabed into the water column, they ring at their resonance frequency in a manner consistent with standard bubble acoustics. This bubble ringing can be detected by iDAS allowing for both seepage detection, quantification and relationship with seismic activity. The DTS system makes it possible to observe temporal variations of the gas plumes and its relationship with the meteorological factors of the area. Moreover, DTS and iDAS data interpretation needs a detailed examination in comparison with the long-term GMM monitoring data (O2, CH4, H2S, temperature, pressure and conductivity) which was collected from the same location. The processing chain used to observe this phenomenon can have applications in both industrial and environmental monitoring capacities.

Chalari, A.; Mondanos, M.; Finfer, D.; Christodoulou, D.; Kordella, S.; Papatheodorou, G.; Geraga, M.; Ferentinos, G.



Preliminary estimation of horizontal fluxes of cloud liquid water in relation to subtropical moisture budget studies employing ISCCP, SSMI, and GEOS-1/DAS Data Sets  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Special Sensor Microwave/Imager (SSM/I) retrievals of cloud liquid water, International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (ISCCP) cloud estimates, and winds from the Goddard EOS (GEOS-1/DAS) assimilation are employed to evaluate vertically integrated cloud liquid water (CLW) transport for 1992. First, GEOS-1/DAS multiyear data are used to confirm an earlier finding of a paradoxical net moisture sink over the Arabian-Iraqi desert [Alpert and Shay-El, 1993]. The negative vertically integrated moisture flux divergence over this region is balanced mainly by the negative incremental analysis updates (IAU) of moisture. Moisture fluxes reveal strong convection but without precipitation in a shallow Hadley-type cell. Vertical profiles indicate that the moisture removal process is associated with middle and high clouds and probably with CLW flux divergence. The CLW fluxes are estimated explicitly and globally from ISCCP and SSM/I by using linear regression methods. Areas of significant CLW divergence are found over the eastern coasts of both the United States and Asia, in the vicinity of the Gulf Stream and Kuroshio currents, as earlier conjectured by Peixoto [1973]. In both the Arabian-Iraqi desert and over the Sahara, divergence of a vertically integrated CLW flux opposes the convergence of a vertically integrated horizontal moisture flux, thus explaining at least partially the paradoxical net sink and source in these regions. However, the magnitude of the annual CLW flux estimates as calculated here is, in general, too small to play any significant role in the vertically integrated water budget, except perhaps along coastal regions and over dry subtropical deserts where precipitation minus evaporation is relatively small.

Shay-El, Yuval; Alpert, Pinhas; da Silva, Arlindo



Guidelines on Management of Human Infection with the Novel Virus Influenza A (H1N1) – A Report from the Hospital das Clínicas of the University of São Paulo  

PubMed Central

The pandemic novel influenza A (H1N1) infection was considered widespread in Brazil on July, 2009. Since then, 9.249 cases were confirmed in Brazil, most of them concentrated in São Paulo. The Hospital das Clínicas of the University of São Paulo is a reference center for H1N1 cases in São Paulo. The purpose of this review is to analyze the evidence concerning diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of novel influenza A (H1N1) infection. In addition, we propose guidelines for the management of this pandemic emphasizing Hospital das Clínicas “bundles” for the control of the pandemic novel influenza A (H1N1). PMID:19841710

Hajjar, Ludhmila Abrahao; Schout, Denise; Galas, Filomena Regina Barbosa Gomes; Uip, David Everson; Levin, Anna Sara Shafferman; Filho, Helio Hehl Caiaffa; Sakane, Pedro Takanori; Suslik, Carlos Alberto; de Camargo Teixeira, Jose Manoel; Bonfa, Eloisa; Barone, Antonio Alci; de Arruda Martins, Milton; Boulos, Marcos; Auler, Jose Otavio Costa



Retornos e Riscos das Ações de Valor e de Crescimento no Mercado Brasileiro no Período de Janeiro de 2001 a Junho de 2004, com Base no Índice IBrX 50  

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Resumo A avaliação e estudo das carteiras compostas por ações do tipo valor (ações com alta relação livro-mercado) e ações do tipo crescimento (ações com baixa relação livro-mercado), pode representar um fator decisivo para obtenção de retornos financeiros superiores. Assim como já analisado e estudado em mercados internacionais, buscamos constatar no mercado brasileiro que carteiras compostas por ações do tipo





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RESUMO: considerando que a visão é um dos sistemas sensoriais mais importantes na locomoção pois fornece informação tanto do ambiente quanto da postura e dos movimentos corporais, este estudo analisou os efeitos de um programa de treinamento perceptivo-motor no controle das atividades de locomoção em seis crianças com deficiências da visão. Para tanto, realizou-se a avaliação da locomoção durante a

Luiz Cezar; Janine Eliza de Oliveira; Silva PASSOS; Luiz Gonçalves


Migration of inorganic ions from the leachate of the Rio das Ostras landfill: a comparison of three different configurations of protective barriers.  


Batch tests and diffusion tests were performed to analyze the efficiency of a protective barrier in a landfill consisting of compacted soil with 10% bentonite compared to the results obtained for only compacted soil and for compacted soil covered with a 1-mm-thick HDPE geomembrane; the soil and leachate were collected from the Rio das Ostras Landfill in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The diffusion tests were performed for periods of 3, 10 and 60 days. After the test period, the soil pore water was analyzed and the profiles for chloride, potassium and ammonium were determined along a 6-cm soil depth. The results of the batch tests performed to define sorption parameters were used to adjust the profiles obtained in the diffusion cell experiment by applying an ion transfer model between the interstitial solution and the soil particles. The MPHMTP model (Multi Phase Heat and Mass Transfer Program), which is based upon the solution of the transport equations of the ionic contaminants, was used to solve the inverse problem of simultaneously determining the effective diffusion coefficients. The results of the experimental tests and of the model simulation confirmed that the compacted soil with 10% bentonite was moderately efficient in the retention of chloride, potassium and ammonium ions compared to the configurations of compacted soil with a geomembrane and compacted soil alone, representing a solution that is technically feasible and requires potentially lower costs for implementation in landfills. PMID:25042116

Lacerda, Cláudia Virgínia; Ritter, Elisabeth; Pires, João Antônio da Costa; de Castro, José Adilson



EMENTAS DAS DISCIPLINAS 1) Ementas das Disciplinas Obrigatrias  

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Com a Rede de Saúde. Rio de Janeiro: FIOCRUZ, 1995. CASTRO, J. FOME COMO FOR�A SOCIAL: FOME E PAZ. Indicadores de Medida da Magnitude e Insegurança Alimentar no Brasil: Fundamentos para o uso de uma Escala. In

Paraná, Universidade Federal do


Das Konzept der kundenorientierten Unternehmensführung  

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Mit den Ver#x00E4;nderungen der wirtschaftlichen und wettbewerblichen Rahmenbedingungen in den letzten Jahrzehnten wurde auch\\u000a eine Neuausrichtung der Unternehmensf#x00FC;hrung erforderlich. So unterlagen die Aufgaben und Analyseinstrumente der strategischen\\u000a Unternehmensf#x00FC;hrung einem permanenten Anpassungsprozess. Bei einer groben Vereinfachung lassen sich die in Abbildung\\u000a 1 wiedergegebenen Entwicklungsphasen der Unternehmensf#x00FC;hrung unterscheiden (Bruhn 2002a; vgl. Abb. 1):\\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a 1. \\u000a \\u000a Die Zeit nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg war dadurch

Manfred Bruhn


Das Konzept der kundenorientierten Unternehmensführung  

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Mit den Veränderungen der wirtschaftlichen und wettbewerblichen Rahmenbedingungen in den letzten Jahrzehnten wurde auch eine\\u000a Neuausrichtung der Unternehmensführung erforderlich. So unterlagen die Aufgaben und Analyseinstrumente der strategischen Unternehmensführung\\u000a einem permanenten Anpassungsprozess. Bei einer groben Vereinfachung lassen sich die in Abbildung 1 wiedergegebenen Entwicklungsphasen der Unternehmensführung unterscheiden (Bruhn 2008a; vgl. Abb. 1): 1. Die Zeit nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg war dadurch

Manfred Bruhn


Das “psychopathologische Laboratorium” am “Burghölzli”  

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Zusammenfassung  \\u000a C.G.Jung war von 1900 bis 1909 an der von Eugen Bleuler geleiteten Psychiatrischen Universitätsklinik Zürich (“Burghölzli”)\\u000a tätig; seit 1905 in der Funktion des Oberarztes (Sekundararztes).Im Briefwechsel mit S. Freud wurde von Jung beansprucht,\\u000a dass er Bleuler die Inhalte der Psychoanalyse vermittelt und ihn für die Bewegung gewonnen habe.Tatsächlich lässt sich belegen,\\u000a dass Bleuler schon vor dem Eintritt des C.G.Jung

A. Möller; C. Scharfetter; D. Hell



Storage : DAS / SAN / NAS Dploiement  

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les moyens de stockage directement attachés à un serveur ou une workstation ­ Sans réseau de stockage moyens de stockage directement attachés à un serveur ou une workstation ­ Sans réseau de stockage entre · Résumé ­ Type de stockage assez basique ­ Moins cher que NAS et SAN ­ Espace de stockage accédé via le

Collette. Sébastien


Das Prsidium Abgabe von Gerten  

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Tastatur Cherry; MX3000M PS2 1x stark, 1x leicht verschmutzt 2 Maus (optisch) LogitechM-BT58 USB&PS2 1x USB-Adapter inkl., 1x leicht verschmutzt, 1x vergilbt 1 Maus (optisch) Logitech: SBF69 PS2 minimal verschmutzt 9

Vollmer, Heribert


Verkndungsblatt der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universitt Hannover vom 24.09.2010 15/2010 Das Prsidium der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universitt Hannover hat am 30.06.2010 gem 37 Abs. 1 Nr. 5. b) NHG  

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Verkündungsblatt der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover vom 24.09.2010 15/2010 Das Präsidium der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover hat am 30.06.2010 gemä� § 37 Abs. 1 Nr. 5. b Gottfried Wil- helm Leibniz Universität Hannover und der Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hannover genehmigt

Vollmer, Heribert


Verkndungsblatt der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universitt Hannover vom 20.09.2012 18/2012 Das Prsidium der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universitt Hannover hat am 15.08.2012 gem 37 Abs. 1 Nr. 5 b) NHG  

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Verkündungsblatt der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover vom 20.09.2012 18/2012 Seite 3 Das Präsidium der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover hat am 15.08.2012 gemä� § 37 Abs. 1 an Gymnasien an der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover und der Hochschule für Musik, Theater und

Vollmer, Heribert


Verkndungsblatt der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universitt Hannover vom 29.09.2011 22/2011 Das Prsidium der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universitt Hannover hat am 21.09.2011 gem 37 Abs. 1 Nr. 5. b) NHG  

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Verkündungsblatt der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover vom 29.09.2011 22/2011 Seite 2 Das Präsidium der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover hat am 21.09.2011 gemä� § 37 Abs. 1 Bachelorstudiengang an der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover und der Hochschule für Musik, Theater und

Vollmer, Heribert


Verkndungsblatt der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universitt Hannover vom 18.09.2009 15/2009 Das Prsidium der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universitt Hannover hat am 22.07.2009 gem 37 Abs. 1 Nr. 5. b) NHG  

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Verkündungsblatt der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover vom 18.09.2009 15/2009 Das Präsidium der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover hat am 22.07.2009 gemä� § 37 Abs. 1 Nr. 5. b.10.2009 in Kraft. Prüfungsordnung für den Masterstudiengang Lehramt an Gymnasien an der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Vollmer, Heribert


Verkndungsblatt der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universitt Hannover vom 11.06.2008 7/2008 Das Prsidium der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universitt Hannover hat am 21.05.2008 gem 37 Abs. 1 Nr. 5. b)  

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Verkündungsblatt der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover vom 11.06.2008 7/2008 Das Präsidium der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover hat am 21.05.2008 gemä� § 37 Abs. 1 Nr. 5. b Verkündungsblatt der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover in Kraft. Gemeinsame Prüfungsordnung für den

Vollmer, Heribert


Verkndungsblatt der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universitt Hannover vom 20.08.2012 15/2012 Das Prsidium der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universitt Hannover hat am 15.08.2012 gem 37 Abs. 1 Nr. 5. b) NHG  

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Verkündungsblatt der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover vom 20.08.2012 15/2012 Seite 46 Das Präsidium der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover hat am 15.08.2012 gemä� § 37 Abs. 1 Bachelorstudiengang an der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover und der Hochschule für Musik, Theater und

Vollmer, Heribert


Verkndungsblatt der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universitt Hannover vom 30.09.2011 23/2011 Das Prsidium der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universitt Hannover hat am 21.09.2011 gem 37 Abs. 1 Nr. 5. b) NHG  

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Verkündungsblatt der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover vom 30.09.2011 23/2011 Seite 39 Das Präsidium der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover hat am 21.09.2011 gemä� § 37 Abs. 1 an Gymnasien an der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover und der Hochschule für Musik, Theater und

Vollmer, Heribert


Inhibition of radiographic joint damage in rheumatoid arthritis patients in DAS28 remission using single- or combined with methotrexate non biological disease-modifying antirheumatic drug therapy in routine clinical practice.  


Abstract Objective. We retrospectively investigated the inhibitory effect on radiographic joint damage (RJD) for non-biological disease-modifying antirheumatic drug (non-bioDMARD) monotherapy or methotrexate (MTX) combination therapy for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in the disease activity score with 28 joint counts with erythrocyte sedimentation rate (DAS28) remission. Methods. Eighty-four patients (55 cases of monotherapy, 29 cases of MTX-combination therapy) in DAS28 remission (DAS28 ? 2.6) were investigated from 538 RA patients newly registered between February 2007 and August 2010. The patients were analyzed for radiological assessments using the modified total Sharp score/year (mTSS/y). Results. The remission rates and ?mTSS/y for each agent using monotherapy were 7.1% and 0.17 for sulfasalazine; 11.9% and 0.49 for bucillamine (BUC); and 23.9% and 2.06 for MTX. Those using combination therapy were 6.8% and 1.39 for MTX + BUC; 23.5% and -1.64 for MTX + leflunomide; and 8.0% and 0.31 for MTX + tacrolimus. The cumulative distribution in the single and combination therapy groups showed improvement of percentages in structural remission from baseline to 1-year treatment, 34.1% to 60.9% (P < 0.05) and from 0% to 56.7%(P < 0.0001), respectively. Baseline mTSS (r = 0.67, P < 0.0001), disease duration (r = 0.40, P < 0.01), swollen joint counts (r = 0.33, P < 0.05), and anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide antibody (r = 0.31, P < 0.05) were useful predictors of RJD for non-bioDMARD monotherapy, but not for combination therapy. Conclusion. Satisfactory inhibition of RJD was observed in the DAS28 remission cases of monotherapy or MTX combination therapy with a non-bioDMARD. PMID:24983407

Katayama, Kou; Okubo, Takanobu; Sato, Toshikazu; Ito, Hiroshi; Fukai, Richio; Baba, Hisashi



Efficient 3D object recognition using foveated point clouds Rafael B. Gomes, Bruno M. F. Silva, Lourena Rocha, Rafael V. Aroca, Luiz Velho, Luiz M. G. Goncalves  

E-print Network

Efficient 3D object recognition using foveated point clouds Rafael B. Gomes, Bruno M. F. Silva retrieval system from point clouds. An40 example of foveated cloud can be seen in Figure 1. Experimen-41 tal


Meteorites: messengers from the outer space  

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Milhares de meteoróides, corpos sólidos do espaço extra-terrestre, entram na atmosfera da Terra a cada ano. São pedaços de rocha, metal ou aglomerados de rocha e metal, variando em massa de frações de grama a centenas de quilogramas. Aqueles que sobrevivem à passagem através da atmosfera e caem na Terra, são chamados meteoritos. Os meteoritos são as rochas primitivas, tão

Rosa B. Scorzelli



Das, A., & Stuerzlinger, W. (2007). A Cognitive Simulation Model for Novice Text Entry on Cell Phone Keypads. In Proceedings of the European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics (ECCE 2007) (London, UK), 28-31 August, 2007, Long Paper track, pp. 141-147.  

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) A Cognitive Simulation Model for Novice Text Entry on Cell Phone Keypads Arindam Das Computer Science York simulation model that predicts text entry performance and learning on cell phone keypads by novice users user's text entry performance and learning on cell phone keypads. Take away message ­ This work

Stürzlinger, Wolfgang


Composition of grain and forage from insect-protected and herbicide-tolerant corn, MON 89034 × TC1507 × MON 88017 × DAS-59122-7 (SmartStax), is equivalent to that of conventional corn (Zea mays L.).  


Monsanto Company and Dow AgroSciences LLC have developed the combined-trait corn product MON 89034 × TC1507 × MON 88017 × DAS-59122-7 (SmartStax, a registered trademark of Monsanto Technology LLC). The combination of four biotechnology-derived events into a single corn product (stacking) through conventional breeding provides broad protection against lepidopteran and corn rootworm insect pests as well as tolerance to the glyphosate and glufosinate-ammonium herbicide families. The purpose of the work described here was to assess whether the nutrient, antinutrient, and secondary metabolite levels in grain and forage tissues of the combined-trait product are comparable to those in conventional corn. Compositional analyses were conducted on grain and forage from SmartStax, a near-isogenic conventional corn hybrid (XE6001), and 14 conventional reference hybrids, grown at multiple locations across the United States. No statistically significant differences between SmartStax and conventional corn were observed for the 8 components analyzed in forage and for 46 of the 52 components analyzed in grain. The six significant differences observed in grain components (p < 0.05) were assessed in context of the natural variability for that component. These results demonstrate that the stacked product, SmartStax, produced through conventional breeding of four single-event products containing eight proteins, is compositionally equivalent to conventional corn, as previously demonstrated for the single-event products. PMID:23311749

Lundry, Denise R; Burns, J Austin; Nemeth, Margaret A; Riordan, Susan G



Über das Zusammenwirken von Jarowisation und Photoperiodismus  

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Zusammenfassung BeiSinapis alba, Agrostemma Githago und vielleicht auch Sommerrübsen ist die relative Abkürzung der bis zum Blühen vergehenden Zeit durch Jarowisation um so größer, je kürzer der Tag ist.

Richard Harder; Dietrich von Denffer




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subconjunto nâ?ao vazio de X tem um elemento mini­ mal. Nesse caso diz­se que # â??e uma boa ordem. (4) Uma boa# ). (9) Teorema de Zermelo (Princâ??�pio da boa ordenaâ?ºcâ?ao): Todo o conjunto pode ser bem ordenado. (10

Granja, Gustavo



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tem um elemento mini- mal. Nesse caso diz-se que ´e uma boa ordem. (4) Uma boa ordem ´e necess satisfazendo a f´ormula h() = (h|S ). (9) Teorema de Zermelo (Princ´ipio da boa ordena¸c~ao): Todo o conjunto

Granja, Gustavo



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and descend through a series of rejections until they land at the right place. Next to impact factor, the second instrument with which journals boast ?f their quality is the percentage of papers they reject- forming to the system because their careers may depend on their h indices, although I think a little more

Gadagkar, Raghavendra


Zur sequentiellen versuchsplanung für das regressionsproblem  

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In the paper a sequential design rule for the regression problem based on heuristic considerations is proposed, and the effect of sequential design in the estimation problem for the linear regression model is demonstrated by means of numerical simulation. In is found that esspecially for a small number of experiments there may be attained considerable improvements in the A- and

R. Gebhardt; H. Heckendorff



Sonderforschungsbereich/Transregio 31 "Das aktive Gehr"  

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better the brain's rhythmic function. Once validated, this can be applied amongst other things. The device, which will be worn on the head of the epileptic sufferer, detects seizure activities in the brain. While basic algorithms currently exist, Dawy and his team will be working on enhancing the sensitivity

Mouritsen, Henrik


Das Fortpflanzungsmedizingesetz vor dem österreichischen Verfassungsgerichtshof  

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Zusammenfassung. Der österreichische Verfassungsgerichtshof (VfGH) hat in seinem Erkenntnis vom 14.10.1999 zur Vereinbarkeit von § 3 des österreichischen Fortpflanzungsmedizingesetzes 1992 (FMedG) mit den Artt 8 und 12 EMRK und dem Gleichheitssatz (Art 7 B-VG) Stellung genommen. Nach § 3 FMedG sind sowohl die (heterologe) künstliche Befruchtung mittels Samenspende als auch die homologe In-vitro-Fertilisation (IVF) erlaubt. Verboten sind allerdings die IVF

Brigitta Lurger



Kanban - der Weg ist das Ziel  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Wenn man aktuell Produktionsbereiche in Deutschland und Europa besucht, fallen im Zusammenhang mit modernen Produktionsmethoden immer öfter die Begriffe Kanban (jap. Karte, Signal) und Pull-Produktion, und dies nicht ohne Stolz, da diese mit dem schillernden Vorbild des Toyota Produktionssystems in Zusammenhang stehen. Tatsächlich ist Kanban ein integraler Bestandteil moderner Produktionssysteme. Blickt man aber im Rahmen von Prozessanalysen hinter die Fassaden", d. h. in die tägliche Praxis der Arbeitsprozesse, wird man schnell desillusioniert - die viel gepriesenen klassischen Kanban-Regeln werden im Tagesgeschäft nicht eingehalten.

Aull, Florian; Berlak, Joachim; Dickmann, Eva; Dickmann, Philipp; Fischäder, Holm; Gerlach, Joachim; Henneberg, Jens; Kapalla, Klaus; Kress, Oliver; Kuttler, Robert; Schneider, Herfried M.; Schürle, Philipp; Stellpflug, Franz-Josef; Wannenwetsch, Ralph; Wulz, Johannes; Zäh, Michael F.


Das gelbmosaik der eberesche (Sorbus aucuparia L.)  

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An Ebereschen (Sorbus aucuparia L.) wurden Blätter mit leuchtend gelben Flecken und Rändern sowie vollständig vergilbte Blätter beobachtet. Diese Symptome konnten durch Rinderschiidpfropfung auf gesunde Sämlinge von 5. aucuparia übertragen werden, nicht jedoch auf andere Gehölzarten. Die mechanische Übertragung eines Virus von kranken S. aucuparia?Sämlingen auf krautige Testpflanzen gelang nicht. In kranken Blattgeweben konnten auch keine virus? oder phytoplasmaähnlichen Partikeln

Hartmut Kegler; Fred Ehrig



Klimaeinfluss auf das kosystem Ostsee Jrgen Alheit  

E-print Network #12;AMO ­ Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation Kerr, Science, 2005 Anomalien der Lufttemperaturen verursacht �nderungen in: Abundanz Verbreitung Phänologie #12;North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) atmospheric

Rostock, Universität


Das PFAPA-Syndrom: eine neue Krankheit?  

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negativer Streptokokken A-Kultur) und\\/ oder geschwollenen Halslymphknoten ein- hergehend. Ausser Leukozytenvermehrung und Linksverschiebung sowie erhöhter BSG wurde keinerlei abnormer immunologischer Befund erhoben. Diese Fieberschübe spra- chen weder auf Antibiotika noch auf nicht- steroidale antiinflammatorischen Substan- zen (NSIAD) an; Prednison per os brachte sie hingegen auf spektakuläre Weise zum Verschwinden, ohne jedoch weitere Schübe zu verhindern. In ihrer 1999 publizierten Fallübersicht

Giovanni Rossetti; Marina Carobbio; Daniele Tönz; Michaël Hofer



Das Weimarer Anatomieblatt Leonardo da Vincis  

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Zum Thema Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) hat in seiner 2. Lebenshälfte eine Vielzahl von anatomischen Studien durchgeführt und seine Skizzenblätter zeugen nicht nur von seinem künstlerischem Können, sondern auch von seiner Stellung als Wissenschaftler. Heute befindet sich nahezu die komplette Sammlung der erhaltenen anatomischen Skizzenbücher Leonardos im Besitz des Englischen Königshauses und wird in der Royal Library in Windsor Castle

D. Schultheiss; D. Laurenza; B. Götte; U. Jonas



Das visuelle System von Zonotrichia leucophrys gambelii  

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The course of the optic pathways and the positions of the optic centers have been investigated with unilaterally enucleated white-crowned sparrows, Zonotrichia leucophrys gambelii, using the techniques of Nauta-Fink-Heimer, Bodian, and Bielachowsky. The investigation involved birds examined 3–120 days after enucleation. The white-crowned sparrow has a typically avian visual system. The major bundles of optic fibers terminate in the stratum

H.-G. Hartwig




E-print Network

, Sophora group, Trifolium repens group, Salix, Sambucus niger group, Quercus, Myrica group, Carya, Persea wird ergänzt durch Vitis, Rhus-vernix-Gruppe, Bidens- Gruppe, Sophora-Gruppe, Trifolium repens bipinnata, Helenium tenuifolium, Serenoa repens and Sabal palmetto. ZUSAMMENFASSUNG Die Honige Floridas sind

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Moumita Das University of California, Los Angeles  

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-advisor: Prof. G. Ananthakrishna. Master of Science (Physics), Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India (1996-1998). Bachelor of Science (Physics), Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India (1993-1996). Employment_________________________________________________________________________________ · University Gold Medal, First Rank in Master of Science, 1998, Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India

Levine, Alex J.


Das Faktorisierungsrepr asentationsproblem als Basis kryptographischer Protokolle  

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Wolfgang Goethe-Universit at in Frankfurt am Main | von Roger Fischlin aus O#11;enbach am Main | Frankfurt am Main 2002 D F 1 #12; ii Vom Fachbereich Mathematik der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universit at als Mitarbeit von 1998 bis 2001 in der Gruppe von Prof. Dr.Schnorr am Fachbereich Ma- thematik der J.W.Goethe


Backup fr das Fotohandy-Verfahren Diplomarbeit  

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Cloud Backup, von Google Android Backup Service, Google Drive von Dritt-Anbietern File Expert App Backup & Restore #12;Problematik 6 Zugriff auf App-Daten Nur iCloud Storage API und Android Backup API App-PINVerlust Weiterentwicklung Kosten 3 #12;Aufgabe 4 Konzeption Benutzerfreundlich Sicher

Borchert, Bernd


Analytische Losungen fur das Vorwartsproblem der Elektrischen  

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Analytic Solutions for the Forward Problem in Electrical Impedance Tomography on a Cylinder Daniel Krenn Implementierung und Grenzen von dieser zu finden. Eine Vergleichsrechnung mit einem Finite-Elemente-Modell Web: v #12;vi #12;Abstract For the forward problem in electrical impedance

Krenn, Daniel


Internationale Schulreformtendenzen und das Problem der Lehrerausbildung  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The main theme of this article is that the socio-economic and educational changes which have occurred in industrialized countries in the past 20 to 25 years necessitate a thorough reform of the present system of teacher education. The first group of such changes includes the information explosion, greater occupational mobility, the growing significance and increasing role of the sciences, the development of the mass media, higher educational aspirations, technical development, the acceleration of the psycho-physical development of children and youth, and the injurious effects of the uncontrolled development of the constantly changing civilisation (deterioration of the human environment, diseases caused by the effects of civilisation, etc.). In the face of these changes, teachers must not remain indifferent and teacher education systems have to take them into account. Within the second group of changes influencing the content and methods of teacher education, the most important is the generalisation of education at the pre-school, primary and secondary school levels and also at the university level. As a result, education in many types of school and at ever higher levels has lost the elitist character it still had, not so long ago, and has become a mass activity. This has considerably affected teachers' work and, necessarily, also the work of the teacher education systems. In present-day schools it is necessary to emphasize not only the transmission of knowledge of the `know that' type, as was done in the past, but also problem-solving, independent individual and group work, etc., which will enable children and young people to acquire `know-how' and `know-why'. This must also be reflected in teacher education. In order to adapt the teacher education systems to the requirements of the changing society, a reform of the goals, contents and methods of the system will have to be prepared and implemented as a prerequisite and starting point for a global reform of the entire education system.

Kupisiewicz, Czeslaw



Blau Gelb Grn Das neue Farbkonzept  

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Krankenpflegeschule umblick 38 Von Bechern, Party und Beton Jubiläumsjahr des Klinikums. In der Robert-Koch-Stra�e 40 erscheint als Spezialausgabe zum Thema ,,25 Jah- re Universitätsklinikum in der Robert- Koch-Stra�e 40". Bis

Gollisch, Tim


HydrogenLab - Das Wasserstoffatom im Bild  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This web site offers a multimedia presentation on the properties of the hydrogen atom and the ways in which these properties are commonly visualized. Pictures and animations of states of the atom are presented with descriptions of both the physics and the visualization. Properties of the atom illustrated by the pictures include its size, its angular momentum, currents, and magnetic moment. Animations of superpositions of atomic states illustrate the properties of radiative transitions, including the strength of the radiation and its polarization.

Herrmann, F.



UNESP, para obtenção do título de Mestre no Programa de Pós Graduação  

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Bendito seja o Senhor, minha rocha, que adestra as minhas mãos para a peleja e os meus dedos para a guerra; Aquele que habita no esconderijo do Altíssimo, à sombra do Onipotente descansará. Direi do Senhor: Ele é o meu Deus, o meu refúgio, a minha fortaleza, e nele confiarei. Porque ele te livrará do laço do passarinheiro, e da peste perniciosa. Ele te cobrirá com as suas penas, e debaixo das suas asas estarás seguros; a sua verdade será o teu escudo e broquel. Não terás medo do terror de noite nem da seta que voa de dia, Nem da peste que anda na escuridão, nem da mortandade que assola ao meio-dia. Mil cairão ao teu lado, e dez mil à tua direita, mas tú não serás atingido. O Senhor é a minha luz e a minha salvação; a quem temerei? O Senhor é a força da minha vida; de quem me recearei?

De Biociências; Campus De Botucatu; Processo De; Carcinogênese De; Esôfago Em; Ratos Wistar; Juliana Ferreira Da Silva; Em Biologia Geral E Aplicada; Botucatu Sp; Juliana Ferreira Da Silva; Processo De; Carcinogênese De; Esôfago Em; Ratos Wistar; Câmpus De Botucatu; Em Biologia Geral E Aplicada; Orientador Prof; Dr. Luís Fern; O Barbisan; Prof Dr; Luís Fernando Barbisan; Profa Dra; Lígia Souza; Lima Silveira; Mota Dedicatória



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The use of referendums and initiatives is generally increasing worldwide. In Japan referendums have been held since the mid-1990s. Nowadays, referen- dums are becoming popular among Japanese local citizen activists, but neverthe- less the position of referendums as an instrument of policy-making in the Japanese state is still weak. This weakness has its reasons not only in a lack of

Gabriele Vogt


Sistema de Monitoramento Visual das Telas Gr´ aficas das Estac¸˜ oes Linux numa Rede LTSP  

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This paper describes Monitux: a CGI program developed using shell- scripting, which allows monitoring station screens in a network using LTSP. The text discusses how the X server works and compares Monitux and VNC in a pos- sible usage situation. The article also details its implementation, advantages, downsides and test results. Resumo. Este artigo descreve o Monitux: um sistema desenvolvido

Herlon Ayres Camargo; Joaquim Quinteiro Uch


Das vorliegende Buch ist das dritte in einer Reihe von Bnden, die der organische Che-  

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William E. Doering im Jahr 1944 veröffentlichten. Woodward und Doering verlie�en sich dabei auf eine Ar Gilbert Stork warf Woodward im Jahr 2001 genau dieses blinde Vertrauen vor und griff ihn in einer Fu�note


Figure 1: The architecture of STOs. TOWARDS SEMIOTIC AGENT-BASED MODELS OF  

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Figure 1: The architecture of STOs. TOWARDS SEMIOTIC AGENT-BASED MODELS OF{joslyn,rocha} Citation: Joslyn, Cliff and Luis M. Rocha [2000]. "Towards Semiotic Agent_Based Models of Socio of socio-technical organizations based on the principles of semiotics. After reviewing complex systems

Rocha, Luis


Database Technology for Bioinformatics From Information Retrieval to Knowledge Systems  

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;11 Relational Algebra Set of Operations used for IR ! Object-oriented databases are typically more flexible1 Database Technology for Bioinformatics From Information Retrieval to Knowledge Systems Luis M Laboratory, MS B256 Los Alamos, NM 87545 or #12;2 ! Bibliographic databases

Rocha, Luis


Hydrothermal Synthesis and Characterization of an Ethylenediamine-Templated Mixed-Valence Titanium  

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.; Ferreira, A.; Rocha, J.; Lidin, S. Nature 1994, 367, 347. (h) Harrison, W. T. A.; Gier, T. E.; Stucky, G. D. Zeolites 1995, 15, 408. (i) Sankar, G.; Bell, R. G.; Thomas, J. M.; Anderson, M. W.; Wright, P. A.; Rocha) Robert, R.; Rajamohanan, P. R.; Ratnasam


A Return to Love in William James and Jean-Luc Marion  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In this essay Samuel Rocha primarily addresses, and challenges, the modern conception of reason and the lowly place of intuition, feeling, and love in what has become traditional philosophy and education. Drawing upon the rich thought of William James and Jean-Luc Marion, Rocha introduces the reader to a certain harmony between their ideas, most…

Rocha, Samuel



Wettereinflüsse auf das Lichtstreuvermögen von kolloidalen Lösungen (Polyvinylpyrrolidon)  

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An einer Polyvinylpyrrolidon- (Kollidon k 30-) Lösung wurden optische Streuversuche durchgeführt; dabei ergaben sich exogene Einflüsse auf die Streuintensität. Die auftretenden, überzufälligen Spitzen wurden mit Wettererscheinungen korreliert. Dabei konnten gesicherte Zusammenhänge mit Fronten und horizontalen Scherzahlen festgestellt werden. Außerdem ergaben sich Beziehungen zum atmosphärischen Ringstrom (jet stream) hinsichtlich seiner Lage zum Beobachtungsort und dem Zeitpunkt seines Übergreifens. Es erscheint möglich,

R. Neuwirth; K. Hummel



Das „Malatenzym” von Lactobacillus plantarum und Leuconostoc mesenteroides  

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1.The “malic enzyme” was partially purified from induced cells of Lactobacillus plantarum B 38 and Leuconostoc mesenteroides 99. Specific activities of 170 or 17.5 u\\/mg protein respectively were obtained by precipitation with manganese chloride and protamine sulphate, chromatography on Sephadex and hydroxyapatite.2.Fractions containing “malic enzyme” without lactate dehydrogenase were obtained from L. plantarum by gel filtration, chromatography with hydroxyapatite or

M. Schütz; F. Radler



Entkolonialisierung der Erziehung — das Beispiel Der VR Kongo  

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The first part of this contribution attempts to recapitulate the economic and social conditions facing educational policy in post-colonial Africa. The second part shows that the dependence on world economy is aggravated by the separation of education from productive work, which is a concomitant of the institutionalisation of education. In the communally-organised traditional African societies, education was incumbent on all

Frank-Olaf Radtke; Peter Gstettner; Friedhelm Streiffeler



Entkolonialisierung der Erziehung — das Beispiel Der VR Kongo  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The first part of this contribution attempts to recapitulate the economic and social conditions facing educational policy in post-colonial Africa. The second part shows that the dependence on world economy is aggravated by the separation of education from productive work, which is a concomitant of the institutionalisation of education. In the communally-organised traditional African societies, education was incumbent on all members of the society; it was part of the common life-and-work process. It was not until the school as institution had been introduced that education came to be governed by the principles of the division of labour and took over the function of the selection and creation of privilege. This has led to an alientation of school leavers from productive work. The educational system as a whole can no longer support those societal tasks that require creativity and development. Following a phase of quantitative expansion, the third part points out that African educational policy is currently making great efforts to give the educational system a qualitative reorientation towards the real needs of African societies. The fourth part describes the detachment from Euro-American strategies of development and innovation, and the revaluation of elements of traditional education. Taking as an example the programme, `Ecole du peuple', which aims to reorganise the educational system of the People's Republic of the Congo from pre-school to university, the difficulties of such an undertaking are investigated.

Radtke, Frank-Olaf; Gstettner, Peter; Streiffeler, Friedhelm



Über das Vitamin B 12 -Bedürfnis phototropher Schwefelbakterien  

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1.10 von 19 Chlorobium-Stämmen, die mit einer Vit. B12-haltigen Nährlösung aus verschiedenen Gewässern in Kalifornien, Norwegen und Deutschland isoliert waren, erwiesen sich als Vit. B12-bedürftig.2.Bei Vit. B12-bedürftigen Chlorobium- und Chromatium-Stämmen wurde der Chlorophyllgehalt der Kulturen in Abhängigkeit von der Vit. B12-Konzentration quantitativ bestimmt. Zur Bildung vergleichbarer Erträge benötigten alle untersuchten Chlorobium-Stämme gegenüber den Chromatium-Stämmen etwa zehnmal höhere Vit. B12-Konzentrationen.3.Der Vergleich

Norbert Pfennig; Klaus Dieter Lippert



Das polyzystische Ovarialsyndrom: Im Spannungsfeld von Hormonen und Stoffwechsel  

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schen Messungen und Hirsutismus-Score. Ein Hormonstatus mit Bestimmung von Androgenen ist unerlässlich, ein LHRH-Test kann weitere diagnos- tische Hinweise liefern. Weiters sollten zur meta- bolischen Abklärung ein oraler Glukosetoleranz- test, eine Messung der Körperfettverteilung und die Bestimmung eines Lipidstatus erfolgen. Thera- peutisch ist vor allem bei adipösen Frauen eine Lebensstilintervention am wichtigsten, zusätzlich kommen Insulinsensitizer und orale Kontrazeptiva zum Einsatz.

E. Wehr; B. Obermayer-Pietsch



Das Schwimmen der Talitridae (Crustacea, Amphipoda): Funktionsmorphologie, Phänomenologie und Energetik  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Talitridae, well-known for their jumping behaviour, swim with help of the tail-flip. This movement of the abdomen is also known from other amphipods like the Gammaridae which are normally not able to move by jerks outside the water. The suspected homology between the tail-flip when swimming and the jerky movement of the abdomen when jumping gave rise to this investigation, mainly based on high frequency film recordings, on the swimming of Hyale nilssonii, Orchestia cavimana, and Talitrus saltator (family Talitridae) as well as three related species of the families Gammaridae and Corophiidae. Comparative morphometrical and SEM-studies on the habitus of the species and the build of the involved limbs reveal the rather uniform construction of the Gammaridea; functional adaptation to the environment and to the way of living become apparent in minor alterations. The joints of the pleopods and uropods show a clear structural adaptation to the mechanical strain during swimming. The pleopods are moved metachronally in all examined species; angular velocity and rate of beating indicate the efficiency of the swimming movement. In the Talitridae, the metachronal beat of the pleopods is nearly always coupled with the tail-flip while in the Gammaridae and Corophiidae the tail-flip, in addition to the beat of the pleopods, is mostly used for a start from the subsoil or for a change in swimming direction. H. nilssonii, Gammarus locusta, and Corophium volutator, all inhabitants of the tidal zone in the North Sea shallows, turned out to be the “best” swimmers while the (semi-) terrestrially living species, O. cavimana and T. saltator, proved to be rather “poor” swimmers. This clearly indicates the ecological significance of swimming for the different species. Furthermore, the tailflip is found to be of rather subordinate importance. It contributes to a higher velocity if used moderately but is rather obstructive if a large angle is covered while extending and flexing the abdomen. The efficiency of swimming is inversely proportional to the efficiency of jumping in the three talitridean species. Thus, better adaptation to terrestrial life is accompanied by loss of swimming efficiency. Examined under the aspect of locomotional homology, it is concluded that the tail-flip used while swimming is homologous to the jerky movement of the abdomen used for jumping. The comparison of the swimming performance of the examined species with other crustaceans and some fishes illustrates the over-all good results of the Gammaridea.

Vogel, Friedhelm



Zum einfluss von zinn auf das passivationsverhalten der bleidioxidelektrode  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

During the open circuit period (high temperature drying, battery storage) the corrosion layer of the PbO 2 electrode undergoes changes which lead to a considerable potential drop (passivation) at its discharge across the corrosion layer. The non-ohmic properties and the potential and polarity dependence of the electrode resistance was shown by potentiodynamically generated U—I curves at passivated dry-charged PbO 2 electrodes. By impedance measurements at these electrodes it was shown that the passive layer is characterized by a capacity component, in addition to the non-linear resistance. The passivation of the PbO 2 electrode during drying and storage is avoided by plating the grid of the electrode with a tin layer. The reason for the non-passivation of the electrode in the presence of tin is not clear. Different possibilities are discussed, e.g. a high doping of PbO n, so that this PbO n has a considerably higher conductivity and possibly also changes its kind of conductivity into an n-semiconductor.

Döring, H.; Garche, J.; Fischer, W.; Wiesener, K.



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+, with sides parallel to the axes such that A- S A+ then the smallest such B has size in the range (2) LD(N-) |B| LD(N+), where LD(x) = (D) log x log log x where N± is the shortest side length of A±, by Theorem then the smallest set of lattice points from which all of NH is visible has size LD(N). If M is a D-by-D matrix

Granville, Andrew


Historischer Kalender fr das Jahr 2008 Januar Februar  

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, Tierernährung 14.03. 1883 125. Todestag von Karl Marx, ehemaliger Bonner Student 14.03. 1908 100. Geburtstag von Schritt zur europäischen Integration ist vollzogen. 09.01. 1958 50. Todestag von Karl Reinhardt, Klassische Philologie 12.01. 1883 125. Geburtstag von Karl Kumpmann, VWL 12.01. 1958 50. Todestag von Hans

Ferrari, Patrik L.


Da Framework CEO Verificao Formal das Demonstraes Financeiras  

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-UA/CEO-INESC, Aveiro, Portugal Augusta Ferreira ISCA-UA, Aveiro, Portugal Carla Ferreira CEO-INESC, Lisboa, Portugal José Tribolet CEO-INESC, Lisboa


Rahul Kumar Das 4482 Lindell Blvd, Apt 1102  

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and dynamical properties of nano-bio systems e.g. motor proteins. Calculated the mean first passage time Gupta Bhaya Developed a new refractive index sensor based on optical fiber. THEORY & COMPUTATIONAL (2008). 6) Fiber Optic Sensing of Liq



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SOCIAL REPRESENTATION THEORIES AND GENDER THEORY. This text intends to offer a brief panorama of the social psychological theory of social representations and establishes some links with the feminist theories of gender. It will thus present the origin and the basis of Moscoviciís theory, its variations and some converging points in relation to feminist theories. SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY ñMOSCOVICI, SERGE ñ




“ITRA 084” – ein prozessorgesteuerter Schnellanalysator für das Berg und Hüttenwesen  

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A new rapid analyzer from the series of approved 1TRA devices as developed in the Research Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals Freiberg for single- and multielement analysis in non-ferrous metallurgy is described. ITBA-084 represents an efficient microprocessor-controlled on-line analyzer on the main principles utilized hitherto with success in device engineering (isotope excitation, four-channel modification, balance filter method). A monoboard microcomputer based

V. Kliem; M. Kreher; N. Boy



Seite 1 von 1 Das Medizinische Dekanat sucht baldmglichst eine  

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Dekanat der Medizinischen Fakultät, Sigmund-Freud-Str. 25, 53127 Bonn Der Dekan Prof. Dr. Max P. Baur Dekanat der Medizinischen Fakultät Haus 372 Sigmund-Freud-Stra�e 25 53127 Bonn #12;

Ferrari, Patrik L.


Supporting Configurability and Real Time in RTD Channels Rajsekhar Das  

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the Cactus system. The architecture and implementation of RTD channels are described, including facilities prototyped using the Cactus system [HSH¦ 99]. An RTD channel can be customized along a number of dimensions. This customization is realized using the fine-grain configurability support provided by Cactus. In this approach

Schlichting, Richard D.


Das IP Multimedia Subsystem mit einem elektronischen Lernmanagementsystemund integrierter Videokonferenzfunktion  

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Dieser Beitrag beschreibt die Implementierung und Inbetriebnahme eines\\u000d\\u000a\\u0009elektronischen Lernmanagementsystems mit integrierter Bildtelefonie-\\u000d\\u000a\\u0009und Videokonferenzfunktion auf Basis eines IP Multimedia Subsystems.\\u000d\\u000a\\u0009Diese System-Komposition stellt eine E-Learning-Plattform für Studierende\\u000d\\u000a\\u0009der Hochschule Darmstadt zur Verfügung und wird ein neuartiges und\\u000d\\u000a\\u0009innovatives Medium im aktiven Einsatz bei seminaristisch gestalteten\\u000d\\u000a\\u0009Lehrveranstaltungen sein.

Daniel Brügger; Mahtab Dalir; Nadine Haertel; Florian Miess; Jürgen Müller; Thomas Treusch; Christine Weber; Michael Massoth




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The probability that the official candidate, José Serra, is defeated in the next elections by the opposition's candidate Luis Inácio Lula da Silva, is high. While the Cardoso administration (1995-2002) was successful in defining and implementing social policy, its economic outcomes were frustrating. The decision of setting high inflation as the major problem to be tackled instead of achieving equilibrium

Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira


Das Komplexierungsverhalten wasserlöslicher Calix[n]arene - Charakterisierung und Anwendung.  

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??Im Rahmen der vorliegenden Arbeit wurde nach Synthese unterschiedlicher wasserlöslicher Calixarene deren Assoziationskonstanten Kass durch 1H-NMR-Titration gegenüber kleinen unpolaren Gästen und deren Orientierung im Rezeptor… (more)

Rehm, Marion



195. Das Bronchialcarcinom unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von Histologie und Tumorstadium  

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Summary From a total of 2642 bronchogenic carcinomas, 27 % were resected, while 3 % were found inoperable at thoracotomy. With limited extension, even small cell and undifferentiated carcinomas have a good prognosis after resection. Three-year survival of stage TI cases was 58 % in small cell and 63 % in squamous cell carcinoma. The importance of strict preoperative selection

D. Greschuchna; W. Maaßen



Zusammenfassender Übersichtsbericht Über das Verhalten von Käse in der Verpackung  

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Summary The literature on the effects of packaging on cheese quality has been reviewed. Main topics are the effect of humidity, temperature, oxygen and carbon dioxyde on the development of microorganisms, the influence of different technical measures of packing on spoilage, thermical and chemical sterilisation and the effect of gas packaging. Further the influence of oxygen and light on cheese

F. Kiermeier; H. Wolfseder




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-group, Cruciferae R, Rubus-group, Melilotus, Trifolium repens-group, Trifolium pratense-group, Helianthemum acer-Gruppe, Cruciferen R, Rubus-Gruppe, #12;Melilotus, Trifolium repens-Gruppe, Trifolium pratense

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Das optimale AV-Intervall des 2-Kammerschrittmachers  

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Summary Optimizing the atrioventricular delay in dual chamber pacing leads to better physiologic pacemaker therapy. One of the major problems in dual chamber pacemakers is to re-coordinate the paced or sensed atrial contraction and the artificial stimulation of the right ventricle. The fine-tuning of atrial and ventricular contraction can be problematic especially in rateresponsive DDD pacemaker systems. Rate responsiveness of

Stefan von Dryander



um schnelles Rechnen (das Rechnen wollte der kleine  

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verblüf- fend zu beobachten, dass die Als der gro�e Mathematiker Carl Friedrich Gau� (1777 ­ 1855) noch ein kleiner Junge war, unterrichtete sein Lehrer Büttner, wie damals üblich, alle Kinder der ersten schon nach kurzer Zeit rief Carl Friedrich: »Da ligget se!« ­ nämlich die Zahl, die Lösung 5050. Dem

Vollmer, Heribert


Excising das All: Evolving Maxwell waves beyond Scri  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

We study the numerical propagation of waves through future null infinity in a conformally compactified spacetime. We introduce an artificial cosmological constant, which allows us some control over the causal structure near null infinity. We exploit this freedom to ensure that all light cones are tilted outward in a region near null infinity, which allows us to impose excision-style boundary conditions in our finite difference code. In this preliminary study we consider electromagnetic waves propagating in a static, conformally compactified spacetime.

vanMeter, James R.; Fiske, David R.; Misner, Charles W.



Notas de Topologia das Variedades Welington de Melo  

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 109 5.6 Elementos de teoria de Hodge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 112 5.7 Estruturas simpl¸c~ao . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 227 10 Teoria de Morse 236 10.1 Fun¸c~oes de Morse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 236 10 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 251 10.2.2 Subdivis~ao baric^entrica . . . . . . . . . . . . . 255 10.2.3 Homologia celular

de Melo, Welington Celso


Das Wirken von Dr. Georg Escherich für die Tropenforstwirtschaft  

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\\u000a Summary  \\u000a Georg Escherich was born on January 4th, 1870, at Schwandorf in the Upper Palatinate, Germany. From 1888 to 1897 he received a comprehensive\\u000a training in forestry. His passion for hunting gave him reason to leave for a trip to Norway in 1897 and several times afterwards\\u000a to Central Yugoslavia.\\u000a \\u000a In 1907 an adventurous game-shooting safari led him across the

H. R. Schoenwald



Das Annotieren von Intonation mit Wavesurfer Kati Schweitzer  

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mit der Maus eine Sektion des Signals ausw¨ahlen und diese mittels des play-Symbols oder Dr¨ucken der. Mit ihnen kann man einzoomen, auszoomen, komplett auszoomem oder in eine vorher mit der der Maus

Reyle, Uwe


(Amarunnishad and Das 1990) Amarunnishad, T. M. and P. P. Das (1990). "Estimation of length for digitized  

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thresholding of grey­level images." Proceedings of 8th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Paris and Surfaces for Computer Aided Geometric Design: A Practical Guide. Academic Press. 267­283. (Born and Wolf 1959) Born, M. and E. Wolf (1959). "Principles of Optics, sixth edition." Pergamon Press. (Bowie

van Vliet, Lucas J.


1. Historic American Buildings Survey Photograph furnished by the Security ...  

Library of Congress Historic Buildings Survey, Historic Engineering Record, Historic Landscapes Survey

1. Historic American Buildings Survey Photograph furnished by the Security First National Bank of Los Angeles June 1937 WEST FRONT - Antonio Jose Rocha House, Cadillac & Shenandoah Streets, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, CA


2. Historic American Buildings Survey Photograph furnished by the Security ...  

Library of Congress Historic Buildings Survey, Historic Engineering Record, Historic Landscapes Survey

2. Historic American Buildings Survey Photograph furnished by the Security First National Bank of Los Angeles June 1937 NORTH SIDE AND EAST REAR - Antonio Jose Rocha House, Cadillac & Shenandoah Streets, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, CA


Periadolescent oral manganese exposure affects conditioned place preference by cocaine and conditioned place aversion by lithium chloride in rats  

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. Gerald Bratton Irom the College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M University kindly provided his laboratory space, supplies, and assistance for tissue assays. Dr. Paul Wellman, Rodrigo Valles, Angelica Rocha, and Aaron L. Cardon Irom the Department...

Lee, Samuel Ming Hin



Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A, 70: 20922095, 2007 Copyright Taylor & Francis Group, LLC  

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stress (Burg, 2002; Lee et al., 2002). Little is known concerning the cytotoxic effects produced by drugs and toxicants other than nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Rocha et al., 2001) on renal inner medullary

Hammock, Bruce D.



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This work aims to contribute to the inter-specific delimitation of Pernambucan species of Heliotropium by a pollen morphology study. The species studied were H. angiospermum Murray, H. curassavicum L., H. elongatum (Lehm.)

José Iranildo; Miranda de Melo; Margareth Ferreira de Sales


Über die durch das Bakterium pneumoniae Friedländer hervorgerufene Otitis media acuta, ihre Prognose und Therapie  

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Die Erwartung, mit Hitfe der Bakteriologie fiir den oft verschiedenen klinischen ~Terlauf der akuten Otitis media und deren weehselnde Neigung zu Komplikationen durch den Nachweis bestiramter Erreger eine hinreichende Erkl\\/~rung zu finden und die verschiedenen Verlaufsformen der akuten Otitis vom rein i~tiologisehen Gesiehtspunkte aus einteilen zu kSnnen, is~ nicht ganz in Erfiillung gegangen. Es hat sich im Laufe der Zeit

J. Zange



A Gestão Estratégica das Instituições de Ensino Superior: uma contribuição ao melhor desempenho no caso brasileiro  

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Resumo: O crescimento no número de instituições de Ensino Superior no Brasil tem provocado inadequações, decorrentes da má gestão e do baixo comprometimento em relação à qualidade do processo educacional. O não alinhamento da educação superior com políticas de desenvolvimento e a falta de uma efetiva regulamentação institucional, no atendimento às demandas regionais, representam uma grave dispersão de esforços e

Alfredo Colenci Júnior; Ana Lúcia Spigolon; Marco Anselmo de Godoi; Maria Elizete Luz Sáes


Das Zentrum fr internationale Studierende ZiS des International Office informiert  

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) with gothic frescoes, that has the largest cycle of late medieval paintings. Another curiosity in the church. THE LORELEY ­ THE ROCK AND THE LEGEND The Loreley is both a legend and a rock, located at the Rhine near St. Goar. According to the legend, Lore- ley was a beautiful Rhine maiden, who sat upon this rock and lured

Mayberry, Marty


IM FOCUS DAS LEBEN Donnerstag, 10. Januar, 18:30 Uhr  

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Studium generale | Kultur-Austausch Der Preis des Geldes. Eine Kulturgeschichte Prof. Dr. Christina von Braun, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Vorlesung im Audimax Hörsaalgebäude Februar 2013 Samstag, 2

Lübeck, Universität zu



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- gral company objective: In the world's largest solar power tracking system plant in Erlasee near reliable bonding of steel frames with the solar modules. Accelerated climate change, continued unrestrained


Fehler begehen - Mathematik verstehen Über die Bedeutung von Fehlern für das Verstehen  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Auch wenn eine historisch oder systematisch umfassende Darstellung zur Fehlerthematik bislang nicht vorliegt, ist die Idee, einer Fehleranalyse unter der Leitfrage, welche Fehler von Schülerinnen und Schülern aufgrund welcher epistemologischen Überzeugungen begangen werden, zentralen Raum für die Betrachtung von Verstehensprozessen einzuräumen, nicht neu. So ist es geradezu ein Charakteristikum einer modernen konstruktivistischen Didaktik, die eigenen Fehler von Lernenden als ihre individuellen Lerngelegenheiten zu begreifen, die einen wichtigen Motor für den subjektiven Lernfortschritt bilden. Diese Sichtweise wurzelt aus psychologischer Perspektive in Analysen in der Tradition Piagets, der in Abkehr von einer quantitativen, psychometrischen Beschreibung kognitiver Prozesse, wie sie sich zum Beispiel in Intelligenztheorien nach Binet findet, qualitativ zu beschreiben versuchte, in welcher Weise Kinder und Jugendliche denken und urteilen. Doch auch schon in der klassischen Philosophie sind entsprechende Ansätze zu finden. Prominente Beispiele hierfür sind die Idolenlehre Bacons und die Ideenlehre Platons.

Käser, Udo


Das Spiel mit dem Rollenspiel (The Game with Role-Playing)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Maintains that role-play should not become the pre-eminent method in foreign language teaching, since it does not reach the broad goals of learning, such as the systematic acquisition of language material, achievement measuring, or the expression of personal views of many participants in adult education (Text is in German.) (IFS/WGA)

Hohmann, Heinz-Otto



Längengrad. Die wahre Geschichte eines einsamen Genies, welches das größte wissenschaftliche Problem seiner Zeit löste.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This book is a German translation, by M. Fienbork, from the American original "Longitude", published in 1995. It tells the story of John Harrison (1693 - 1776), the inventor of a chronometer for precise time determination onboard of ships.

Sobel, D.


Descentralização da Educação Pública no Brasil: Trajetória dos Gastos e das Matrículas  

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Este trabalho analisa o processo de descentralização da educação pública no Brasil iniciado em meados da década de 1990. O ponto de partida é um resgate histórico da gestão da política educacional brasileira, fortemente ligada às transformações políticas e econômicas da história recente do país. Em seguida, o foco recai sobre o quadro institucional-legal e a estrutura de financiamento e

Jorge Abrahão de Castro; Bruno de Carvalho Duarte



Das Ende der Nacht [The End of the Night (2nd enlarged ed.)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We provide provide an overview of the history of lighting and of the problems arising from artificial lighting. The book covers the following topics: A brief history of light (ch. 1); night and light in cultural history (ch. 2); light pollution in central Europe (ch. 3); Moths and artificial lights (ch. 4); Artificial lighting and birds (ch. 5); Ocean turtles as victims of beach lighting (ch. 6); Moon light as a zeitgeber for the marine fauna (ch. 7); the influence of artificial light at night on freshwater ecology (ch. 8); artificial light and human health (ch. 9); the loss of the night in a 24 hours society (ch. 10).

Posch, Thomas; Hölker, Franz; Uhlmann, Thomas; Freyhoff, Anja



Das Märchen vom Zauberer im weißen Kittel: Mythen um berühmte Experimente und Experimentatoren  

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Um berühmte Experimentatoren und Experimente ranken sich ebenso Mythen wie um geniale Theoretiker. Sie sind in populärwissenschaftlichen Büchern, Lehrbüchern und sogar in wissenschaftshistorischen Texten verbreitet. Die durch die Aufklärung etablierte Kultur des eleganten Schauexperiments vermittelt ein schiefes Bild vom mühsamen Weg vieler Experimentatoren zum dargestellten Ergebnis. Auch der Mythos des einsamen, genialen Experimentators ohne Helfer widerspricht dem historischen Befund. Gleiches

Klaus Hentschel



Adaptive Block Rearrangement Algorithms for Video-On-Demand Servers Nabil J. Sarhan Chita R. Das  

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is the best performer. 1. Introduction There is a strong interest in the online delivery of movies and other data placement strategies is one such avenue and is the theme of this paper. Movie rental patterns indicate that accesses to movies are highly localized, with only a small number of movies receiving most

Sarhan, Nabil J.


Tão perto de casa, tão longe de nós: etnografia das novas margens no centro da urbe  

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Philippe Bourgois é, desde 2007, “Richard Perry University professor” no Departamento de Antropologia e de Medicina Familiar e de Práticas Comunitárias na Universidade da Pensilvânia. Esteve durante largos anos ligado ao Departamento de Antropologia, História e Medicina Social da Universidade da Califórnia, São Francisco. A publicação, em 1995, de In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio1 projectaria o seu nome muito para além dos Estados Unidos: uma etnografia no coração porto-riquenho do Harlem, em torno dos actores e dos ambientes da venda de crack. Seguir-se-ia um longo trabalho de terreno em acampamentos de dependentes de heroína em São Francisco, orientando o seu trabalho para as formas mais radicais da pobreza e da marginalidade nos EUA. É deste trabalho de terreno que sai o seu último livro, Righteous Dopefiend2. Em Junho de 2007 esteve em Lisboa para participar na 3.a edição do “Ethnografeast”. Foi então que aproveitámos a oportunidade para ouvir um percurso invulgar contado pelo próprio: uma longa conversa no Hotel Zurique, cujo nome só vem ao caso por evocar o país onde passou uma parte da infância. PMID:22013286

Fernandes, Por Luís



Über das Vorkommen der Wasseramsel (Cinclus cinclus) im oberen Lavanttal (Kärnten)  

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In the years of 1980 to 1984, an investigation was made of the dipper population of the Upper Lavant Valley (Carinthia). Out of a total length of water courses of 228 km, 90,5 km were occupied by 62 territories. The highest territory was found at 1140 m above sea level, the optimum altitude was 700—900 m a. s. 1. The

Von Manfred; Günther WALZL; Elisabeth WALZL-WEGENAST


Das „Stierkopf-Zeichen“– szintigraphisches Muster bei sternocostoclaviculärer Hyperostose und Pustulöser Arthroosteitis  

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\\u000a Summary   27 patients with sternocostoclavicular hyperostosis (SCC) and\\/or pustulotic arthroosteitis (PAO) were examined with whole\\u000a body scintigraphy, conventional radiography, and other imaging modalities, such as CT, MRI. 25 of 27 patients with SCCH showed\\u000a a characteristic high bullhorn-like uptake of the sternocostoclavicular region with the manubrium sterni representing the\\u000a skull and the inflamed sternocostoclavicular joints corresponding to the horns (=bullhorn-sign).

J. Freyschmidt; A. Kasperczyk




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FRAN�A DE MATTOS INDEFERIDO* 11 RENATO LEANDRO DEFERIDO 12 TAILY FERREIRA SANTOS FARIAS DEFERIDO 13 THAIS Mattos: histórico escolar de graduação completo. 11 I I/ / � j4I _,;;.-- ProJ! õr.-Fe;:;;andO Farias

Paraná, Universidade Federal do


Weitere Untersuchungen über das Eindringungsvermögen des Insektizids E 605 f in lebende pflanzliche Gewebe  

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Zusammenfassung  Direkte Behandlung durch Betupfen am jeweiligen Standort der minierenden Larve und indirekte Behandlung durch Umgrenzung derselben mit Kreidemarkierungen des 0,05%igen Esterpräparates auf der Blattober- und -unterseite ergaben an anderen Arten ähnliche Befunde wie bei den Versuchen anPhytomyza lappina Goureau aufLappa tomentosa Lmk.BeiPhytagromyza xylostei Rob.-Desv. aufLonicera tatarica L. war die Wirkung des E 605 f trotz der Kleinheit des Blattes und

Manfred Lüdicke




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Journalisten Einflu� nehmen (Stichwort: Schleichwerbungskandale)? Wie wird über Doping im Sport aufgeklärt? Wie Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena Thüringentag ,,Medien und Ethik" Thema: Sport - Medien - Ethik 15. Juli Medien auf den Sport näher untersuchen. Gibt es eine Ethik des Sportjour- nalismus? Sind einzelne

Rossak, Wilhelm R.


Kindern das Wort Geben ein interkulturell-kreativer Arbeitsansatz, aufgezeigt an der Arbeit mit tibetischen Migrantenkindern  

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Promotion of creativity in the cause of peace and international understanding is a fundamental part of the UNESCO programme to build a culture of peace. A central aspect of this undertaking consists in encouraging children to express themselves freely on this subject in writing and art. An approach has been developed to stimulate children's creativity and to create a link between creative expression and education for intercultural understanding. This article is divided into two parts. The first explains the pedagogical and psychological concepts behind this approach. The second describes a project in which these concepts were applied. It focuses on a minority dispersed over many parts of the world, namely children of Tibetan families. The description is accompanied by commentaries of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, arising from a personal audience granted to the author in 1999.

Rabkin, Gabriele



Sudipto Das 6750 El Colegio Rd Apt 328, Goleta, CA 93117, USA.  

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Engineering Intern in team LocalGIS working towards importing Geo-Spatial data sets like Crime, Traffic and autonomic database systems, large scale distributed systems, transaction pro- cessing, scalable data

California at Santa Barbara, University of


Kepler, Galilei, the telescope and the consequences. (German Title: Kepler, Galilei, das Fernrohr und die Folgen)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The papers of this volume are dedicated to Johannes Kepler, the astronomy of his time, and the consequences of his researches. They deal with the reception on the Copernican system of the world at the court of landgrave William IV in Kassel and the use of astronomy at a princely court in the 16th century, exemplified by the Kassel residence. Two contributions discuss a text fragment in Kepler's Astronomia Nova and the dimensions of the geo- and heliocentric systems of the world in Kepler's Mysterium Cosmographicum. Other contributions deal with mathematical aspects un Kepler's exchange of letters, the biography of Kepler's discussion partner Ph. Feselius, as well as the early reception of the Tabulae Rudolphinae in the calendar literature, telescopes in Kepler's time, Chr. Scheiner's optical theory of the eye, and finally in the continuation of the heliocentric world system by Otto von Guericke's natural philosophy and science. In conclusion, the documents of the planned call of Kepler to Rostock university, as well as the first publication of a recently found, hitherto unknown letter by Kepler.

Gaulke, Karsten; Hamel, Jürgen


Validação das equações do NRC (2001) para predição do valor energético de alimentos nas condições brasileiras  

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This research was developed to estimate the energy values (TDN) of feeds, concentrate and roughage, through equations proposed by NRC (2001) and validate from the comparison among TDN values estimated by these equations and those observed in the total collection feces. Five concentrate feeds (wheat bran, soybean meal, corn ground, whole soybean and whole cotton seed) an five roughage feeds

Marcos Antonio Lana Costa; Sebastião de Campos Valadares Filho; Rilene Ferreira Diniz Valadares; Mário Fonseca Paulino; Paulo Roberto Cecon; Pedro Veiga Rodrigues Paulino; Mário Luiz Chizzotti; Mônica Lopes Paixão



Agenda de dos das de capacitacin (Para uso del representante) Antes del curso Inscripcin  

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transmisión alimentaria (8:30-9:15) (La seguridad de los alimentos: es nuestro negocio - Sección 1: Sepa la contaminación biológica (9:15-10:25) (La seguridad de los alimentos: es nuestro negocio - Sección 2: Prevención (10:25-10:40) 20 minutos Protección de los alimentos contra la contaminación física y química (10


Das Zentrum fr internationale Studierende ZiS des International Office informiert: UNIVERSITT  

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International Office informiert: UNIVERSITÃ?T DES SAARLANDES 2 MUSEUM: AQUARIUM DE NANCY The Museum of natural history and the aquarium are a technical-scientific site of cultural interest. On the ground floor are 60 aquariums-with animals from tropical stretches of wa- ter of the Red Sea, the Amazon and of the Lake

Mayberry, Marty


Matei Zaharia, in collaboration with MosharafChowdhury,Tathagata Das, Ankur Dave, Haoyuan Li,  

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.filter(_.contains("Linux")).count() messages.filter(_.contains("PHP")).count() tasks results Cache 1 Cache 2 Cache 3 Result: full-text search faster than computation speeds » Web apps, mobile, scientific, ... Requires large clusters to analyze messages from a log into memory, then interactively search for various patterns lines = spark.text

California at Irvine, University of


Hydrogen chloride measurements with a Differential Absorption and Scattering (DAS) lidar in the marine atmosphere  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

A differential absorption and scattering lidar that measures hydrogen chloride with a sensitivity of 300 parts per billion and a range of 2 km is described. The P2(3) and P2(5) lines around 3.6 microns from a deuterium fluoride laser are used as the signal and reference line, respectivley. The system was used for investigations of the diffusion and degradation behavior of HCl from at-sea incineration of organochlorine waste in the marine atmosphere.

Heinrich, H. J.; Weitkamp, C.; Michaelis, W.



1 | P a g e 1  

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to a refund. Dyslexia Assessment Reimbursement Scheme 1st March 2014 marks the launch of our dyslexia reimbursement scheme. Disability Assist will refund £150 of the cost of a student's dyslexia assessment the presence of dyslexia or other disorder e.g. DCD, Developmental Coordination Disorder (dyspraxia

Miranda, Eduardo Reck


Über das Zusammenwirken von Jarowisation und Photoperiodismus bei einigen Leguminosen, insbesondere bei Vicia villosa Roth  

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1.Jarowisationsversuche ergaben unter Lang- und Kurztagbedingungen, daß die jarowisierten und nichtjarowisierten Wicken ihre Entwicklung im Langtag wesentlich früher abschlossen und auch höhere Samenerträge brachten als im Kurztag.2.Im Langtag erfuhren die jarowisierten Zottelwicken gegenüber den unbehandelten Kontrollpflanzen bei einer geringen Entwicklungsbeschleunigung in ihren Samenerträgen eine Steigerung, während bei Saatwicken die Jarowisation ohne sichtbare Wirkung blieb.3.Mit abnehmender Tageslänge nahm die durch Jarowisation

Heinz Kurth



Em busca de uma teoria da localização das agências bancárias: algumas evidências do caso brasileiro  

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The aim of this piece is to identify the variables that explain the locational decision of a retail bank. The paper’s motivation is the acknowledgment of the necessity of to retake the discussion about the role of money, financial system and monetary policy on the development of regions, due both to the observation of empirical data that shows a huge

João Sicsú; Marco Crocco



Geburtenplanung, soziale Ungleichheit und Geschlecht - Das Beispiel Stuttgart während der Industrialisierung  

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The Decline of Fertility, Social Differences and Gender - Stuttgart during the Industrialisation as Exam- ple«. The model of demographic transition and the research about fertility decline deals with elementary human behav- iour but it seems to be 'without gender'. In general, family- planning is not treated as a question of conscious decisions of couples, women and men. Constructing a

Rita Müller; Sylvia Schraut


Über Das Zeitliche Auftreten flüchti ger amine und Freier Aminosäurenin Wachsenden, Saprophytischen Kulturen von Claviceps Purpurea  

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1.Six strains of Claviceps purpurea were examined for their ability to form volatile amines in different saprophytic media. All strains produced predominantly iso-amylamine and n-hexylamine, whereas iso-butylamine propylamine, ethylamine and methylamine were formed in much smaller amounts. The different nutrient conditions influenced the amount, but not the kind of amine formed.2.In an amino acid-free culture medium, iso-amylamine and n-hexylamine were

Thomas Hartmann



1. Name : Dr. Sukhendu Das. 2. Date of birth : June XY, 19AB.  

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of Road Network from Satellite Images of Urban Areas. Ph.D 2012 P. Vinod Face Recognition across for Face Recognition *M. S. 2002 K. Sharat Reddy Source and System Features for Speaker Recognition *M. S. Teaching Interests : Course No: Course Title A. Software: * CS 1100 Introduction to Computing * CS 711

Sivalingam, Krishna M.


1. Name : Dr. Sukhendu Das. 2. Date of birth : June AB, 19XY.  

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. Ramesh Edginess Image for Face Recognition *M. S. 2002 K. Sharat Reddy Source and System Features Microsoft Faculty Summit, 2010 6. Teaching Interests : Course No: Course Title A. Software: * CS 1100 Processing, Pattern Recognition; Computer Graphics; Biometry; Computational Science and Engineering; Soft

Sivalingam, Krishna M.


50 CFR 648.10 - VMS and DAS requirements for vessel owners/operators.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...05.6? 70°36.5? 17. Cape Cod Canal Bell Buoy “CC” 41°48.9? 70°27.7? 18. A point inside Cape Cod Bay 41°48.9? 70°05? 19. Race...boundary. 2 The intersection of the Cape Cod, MA, coastline and 70°00? W....



50 CFR 648.10 - VMS and DAS requirements for vessel owners/operators.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2012 CFR

...05.6? 70°36.5? 17. Cape Cod Canal Bell Buoy “CC” 41°48.9? 70°27.7? 18. A point inside Cape Cod Bay 41°48.9? 70°05? 19. Race...boundary. 2 The intersection of the Cape Cod, MA, coastline and 70°00? W....



50 CFR 648.10 - VMS and DAS requirements for vessel owners/operators.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2011 CFR

...05.6? 70°36.5? 17. Cape Cod Canal Bell Buoy “CC” 41°48.9? 70°27.7? 18. A point inside Cape Cod Bay 41°48.9? 70°05? 19. Race...boundary. 2 The intersection of the Cape Cod, MA, coastline and 70°00? W....



Evaluation of Network Impact of Content Distribution Mechanisms Shibsankar Das Jussi Kangasharju  

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. Section 7 presents related work and Section 8 concludes the paper. 2 Content Distribution Mechanisms the user demands. We study five different content distribution mechanisms: unicast from a single server In this section, we will present an overview of the dif- ferent content distribution mechanisms we will study

Kangasharju, Jussi


Nietzsche's Socratic task in “Vom Nutzen und Nachteil der Historie für das Leben”  

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In Plato's Phaedrus, Socrates presents the art of writing in a myth in which the usefulness and limits of this art are declared. Writing will neither aid memory nor the pursuit of wisdom, but rather will harm these, producing a laziness in the first case and a conceit in the second. However, writings can serve as a pharmakon, a \\

Bernard Freydberg



A Integracao de Ensino das Ciencias da Saude (An Integrated Medical Education Program [in Brazil]).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

At the Sixth Annual Reunion of the Brazilian Association of Medical Schools (VI Reuniao Anual da Associacao Brasileira de Escolas Medicas) leaders in the Brazilian medical profession proposed an integrated educational program for training students in the fields of medicine and public health. Under Brazil's present system of education, all…

Pourchet-Campos, M. A.; Guimaraes Junior, Paulino


Das Forschungsprojekt: „Torfmoose (Sphagnum) als nachwachsender Rohstoff: Etablierung von Torfmoosen ? Optimierung der Wuchsbedingungen  

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Abstract The stocks of white peat (slightly humified Sphagnum-peat) in Western and Central Europe are nearly depleted. Alternatives for this raw material in professional horticulture are absent. The pressure on pri- stine bogs increases. The sustainable cultivation of peat mosses,(Sphagnum) seems a sensible solution ensuring a lasting supply of white peat as raw material. Sphagnum,material looses more and more,of its

Greta Gaudig


Das Drehbuchhandwerk Gastvortrag im Rahmen der Vorlesung "Digitales Video", Prof. Dr.-Ing. Diepold  

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sein Harry Potter Ron Weasley, Hermine Granger Voldemort DIE ARCHETYPEN (I/III) Archetyp Beschreibung Entsprechung in Harry Potter, Teil 1 Quelle: Christopher Vogler ,,Die Reise des Helden" #12;Albus Dumbledore, ermutigt zur Reise Onkel und Tante, Fluffy der Hund Hagrid Archetyp Beschreibung Entsprechung in Harry


Análise florística e estrutural de sistemas agroflorestais das várzeas do rio Juba, Cametá, Pará1  

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This study analyzed the floristic composition and the structure of traditional agroforestry systems (SAF) in the floodplains of the river Juba, Cametá, Pará. The survey was made on seven plots of 0.25 ha (50 m x 50 m). Each plot was divided into 25 sub-plots of 10 m x 10 m. The species were classified in types of use and

Roberto Miranda; Manoel Malheiros TOURINHO



Bring Back "Das Kapital" Punishment! Credit Crunch and the Fall of the "Knowledge Economy"  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article contrasts the collapse of the twin political certainties of the 20th century--"scientific socialism" (1989) and "scientific capitalism" (2008). Such a collapse restores Uncertainty to her throne, and brings back the need to radically rethink political possibilities for the future. (Contains 1 note.)

Stronach, Ian; Clarke, John



Consideracoes Extemporaneas acerca das Metodologias Qualitativas (Extemporaneous Considerations about Qualitative Methodology).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Considers the differences between quantitative and qualitative research. Cites some essays by Adorno when he was living in New York which led to the conclusion that empirical data has much to say and discusses the theoretical-methodological contributions in a recent master's thesis in education. (BT)

Pucci, Bruno



Einfluss des Anbaus von transgenem herbizidresistentem Raps auf das Agrar-Ökosystem  

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Zusammenfassung  \\u000a In einer zweijährigen Studie zur Untersuchung der ökologischen Auswirkungen der Herbizidresistenztechnik bei Raps wurden auf\\u000a einem Brandenburger Ackerbaustandort (Güterfelde, Landkreis Potsdam Mittelmark) Parzellenfeldversuche mit zwei basta(glufosinat)-resistenten\\u000a Sommerrapshybriden und einer bastaresistenten Winterrapslinie und deren isogener Ausgangsform durchgeführt. Es zeigte sich,\\u000a dass mit der Bastaanwendung einige tolerante Unkrautarten, wie z. B. Viola arvensis selektiert werden. Dies könnte in einseitigen\\u000a Herbizidrotationen zur

Regina Becker; A. Ulrich; C. Hedtke; B. Honermeier



DAS POLLENBILD EINIGER NIEDERLNDISCHER HONIGE Spectre pollinique de quelques miels nerlandais  

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one can say that in Dutch honeys Trifolium repen.s (white clover) is present, in combination) and Prunus (fruit trees). For Dutch heather honey the combination of Trifolium repens, Calluna vulgaris gesagt werden, dass in niederländischen Honigen Trifolium repens auftritt, in Kombinationen mit Tilia

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


allgemeingltiges Pollenspektrum abzulei-ten und damit das von den Bienen genutzte  

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in at least 75% of the honeys), which contained Salix sp, Rubus-group, Trifolium repens, Trifolium pratense- 100 %) de Salix sp, groupe Rubus, Trifo- lium repens, Trifolium pratense, Myosotis sp, Rhododendron sp

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


A Survey on Automatic Text Summarization Dipanjan Das Andre F.T. Martins  

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in the 1 #12;summarization dialect: extraction is the procedure of identifying important sections of the text and producing them verbatim; abstraction aims to produce important material in a new way; fusion created sets of training material and have estab- lished baselines for performance levels. However

Smith, Noah


Die Reaktionsweise und das Reaktionsspektrum von Riechzellen bei Antheraea pernyi (Lepidoptera, Saturniidae)  

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1.Extrazelluläre Impulse einzelner olfaktorischer Sinnesnervenzellen lassen sich mit Wolfram-Mikroelektroden von der Antenne des männlichen Seidenspinners Antheraea pernyi ableiten.2.Die 2 oder 3 Rezeptorzellen der Sensilla trichodea et basiconica beantworten Duftreize entweder durch Zunahme (+) oder Hemmung (-) der im reizlosen Zustand auftretenden Impulse. Ein Reiz kann auch von einer Zelle unbeantwortet (0) bleiben, obgleich er bei anderen Zellen wirksam ist.3.Eine der

Dietrich Schneider; Veit Lacher; Karl-Ernst Kaissling



70 Einsichten Das Forschungsmagazin Nummer 1+2 / 2011 Die Macht der Natur  

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. Love Canal, ein Vorort der US-Stadt Niagara Falls, wurde Schauplatz eines der grö�- ten Umweltskandale wurden umgesiedelt. Love Ca- nal, der Ort, der Romane und Kinofilme inspirierte, steht jedoch nicht nur

Gerkmann, Ralf


Das Zentrum fr internationale Studierende ZiS des International Office informiert: UNIVERSITT  

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there is an archaeological site with remnants from Roman and Carolingian times. Goethe House: In 1749, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the most famous German poet, was born in this house and spent his childhood there until 1765. Goethe describes his youth there in his autobiography, "Poetry and Truth". After his birth house

Mayberry, Marty


Lineare Algebra f"ur das Lehramt (L2/L5) SoSe 2011  

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Se 2011 Prof. Dr. Klaus Johannson Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universit"at Frankfurt 1. Einleitung. Dies ist die Skripte zur Vorlesung und nur f"ur H gibt es eine weitreichende Bibliothek an Programmen zu* *r Lin- earen Algebra. Von daher ist jeder

Johannson, Klaus


Pervasive Computing at Scale: Transforming the State of the Art Diane J. Cook Sajal K. Das  

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, smart phones, wireless communications and networking technologies, combined with emerging data mining harvesting, cloud computing, smart phones, behavior modeling, internet of things 1. Introduction The remarkable recent growth in computing power, sensors and embedded devices, smart phones, wireless

Cook, Diane J.


Hepatologie Neuere Forschungsergebnisse in ihrer Bedeutung für das Verständnis von Leberkrankheiten  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

By two exemplary clinical situations — acute viral hepatitis, acute-phase reaction of the liver — the significance of basic research for the understanding of clinical phenomena and for the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures is demonstrated. The very different phenomena following infection with the hepatitis-B-virus can be explained by the variation in the interactions of virus and liver cell, by the immune reaction of the host, and by mutants of the virus. The reaction of the liver to an extrahepatic infection is mediated by interleukin-6, and characterized by an alteration in protein metabolism. The synthesis of acute-phase proteins is increased. The proteins confine the local injury and establish the homeostasis of the organism.

Gerok, W.; Blum, H. E.; Offensperger, W.; Offensperger, S.; Andus, T.; Groß, V.; Heinrich, P. C.



Das Zentrum fr internationale Studierende ZiS des International Office informiert: UNIVERSITT  

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was constructed in the 14th/15th century. At the end of the 16 th century, the castle was destroyed by fire-famous health resort: In the 19 th century, Baden-Baden was described as "the Sum- mer Capital of Europe". Until today, Baden-Baden has retained its special flair - a combination of a fashionable world and a leisure

Mayberry, Marty


Implementation Plan for Flow, Fish & Fishing (F3) Draft: July 1, 2003 -DAS  

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in the proposal. When we're done with this, we'll know what everyone else is doing and insure communication at some of these (read carefully...). 1. Settlement & Recruitment of Marine Larvae 1a. Predictive models the process. Think about the timing of releases and species life history attributes, etc. 1b. Predictive

California at Santa Barbara, University of


Das Zentrum fr internationale Studierende ZiS des International Office informiert: UNIVERSITT  

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as a Romantic building. After 30 years, the Minster was further built in the Gothic style, which was an ultra-modern, the modern shopping-area and a floral dec- oration give Freiburg an idyllic flair. The city is with its 200 in Freiburg leads to the Minster, one of the most beautiful Gothic churches in Germany. You can see the shape

Mayberry, Marty


Das Zentrum fr internationale Studierende ZiS des International Office informiert: UNIVERSITT  

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and Seille and has many old, small stone bridges, old squares, medieval buildings, a Gothic cathedral, a one height is one of the highest domes in gothic cathedral architecure. Basilica of Saint Pierre have their focus on contempo- rary art, especially art of the twentieth century and modern classics

Mayberry, Marty


Das Potenzial von Kundenbeteiligung im Web2.0-Online-Shop  

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\\u000a Kommunikationsprozesse haben sich verändert. Früher hatte jeder Mensch Kontakt zu seiner Familie und Freunden sowie einer\\u000a erweiterten Gruppe von Bekannten. Jede Erfahrung – Orte, die besucht, Produkte, die gekauft, oder Services, die erfahren\\u000a wurden – konnte an diese Gruppe weitergegeben werden. Somit tauschte man sich über eine überschaubare Menge von Gegebenheiten\\u000a aus und musste ansonsten Produktund Werbeversprechen einfach glauben. Durch

Kathrin Haug; Jérémy Küper


Studienplan fr das Bachelor-und Master-Studien-programm Kulturgeschichte und Archologie des vorisla-  

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vorisla- mischen Palästina/Israel (»Ancient Near Eastern Cultures Relating to Pre-Islamic Palestine/Israel (»Ancient Near Eastern Cultures Relating to Pre-Islamic Palestine/Israel«) vom 10. Juni 2013, den folgenden vorislamischen Palästina/Israel (»Ancient Near Eastern Cultures Relating to Pre-Islamic Palesti- ne

Richner, Heinz


Das Zentrum fr internationale Studierende ZiS des International Office informiert: UNIVERSITT  

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in Germany. A SHORT HISTORY The Saarland has experienced much history: the Celts, Romans, and Franks settled Nation. The Saarland's most interesting feature is its checkered history in recent decades: As a bone. THE SAARLAND TODAY The Saarland has been the center of the iron and steel industry since the industrialization

Mayberry, Marty


Saddlenode cycles and prevalence of strange attractors  

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Saddle­node cycles and prevalence of strange attractors L. J. D'iaz, J. Rocha and M. Viana Abstract of a bifurcation mechanism displaying such prevalence of H'enon­like chaotic behaviour. Furthermore, for open (persistent phe­ nomena) and at determining which of these are even prevalent near the bifurcation, meaning


CURRICULUM VITAE Natalie T. Boelman  

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1, 2010 to present Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University New York, USA Storke.B. Rastetter, A.V. Rocha. $5,000 1-year duration, Black Rock Forest Small Grant Consortium Small 2008 Grants in Black Rock Forest based fieldwork during the growing season of 2008 $6,000 Climate Center of Lamont

Biasutti, Michela


Michelle M. (Gooch) Jackson Ecosystem & Landscape Ecology Lab Phone: (828) 734-4460  

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Intern, A Rocha Canada, Surrey, British Columbia, CA · Implemented an amphibian monitoring program: The effects of climate and land-use history on native forest herbs and pollinators in the Southern an undergraduate independent research project, led an adult science seminar titled Biology of Birds, co

Turner, Monica G.


Biblioteca Universitria-Novas Aquisies V. 6 N. 8 2014  

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agosto/2014 relacionados por biblioteca e classificação Biblioteca Central Livros Classe 001 - Ciência - Livros; Documentação SILVA, Alexandre Rocha da; BENTZ, Ione (Org.). Percursos semióticos: significação: Tauro Producciones, 1997. 114 p. ISBN 8488605242. Quantidade : 1 Classe 1 - Filosofia HEIDEGGER, Martin

Floeter, Sergio Ricardo



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PETROLEUM ALLOCATION AT PETROBRAS: MATHEMATICAL MODEL AND A SOLUTION ALGORITHM Roger Rocha1 Petroleum Allocation is an important link for the integration of Petroleum Supply Chain at PETROBRAS. In this work we describe how mathematical programming is being used to solve the Petroleum Allocation Problem

Grossmann, Ignacio E.


MeSH Key Terms for Validation and Annotation of Gene Expression Clusters  

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MeSH Key Terms for Validation and Annotation of Gene Expression Clusters Andreas Rechtsteiner and Luis M Rocha 1 Keywords: gene expression analysis, validation, information retrieval, automated and obtain functional information for gene expression clusters2. The controlled and hierarchical Me

Rocha, Luis


Comparing the Effectiveness of Regulation and Pro-Social Emotions to Enhance Cooperation: Experimental Evidence from Fishing Communities in Colombia  

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Comparing the Effectiveness of Regulation and Pro-Social Emotions to Enhance Cooperation John K. Stranlund* RRH: LOPEZ ET AL.: REGULATION VS. PRO-SOCIAL EMOTIONS * We are particularly grateful greatly from the efforts of Ana Maria Roldan, Laura Estevez, Melisa Arboleda and Juan Carlos Rocha

Murphy, James J.



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Graciniano Fonseca UFGD Candida Kassuya UFGD Nelson Luís de Campos Domingues UFGD Andrelson Wellington Carlos da Silva UFG Cleonice Rocha UFG Francisco L. Tejerina-Garro UFG Katia Karina Verolli de O. Moura UFG Nelson Jorge da Silva Jr. UFG Aparecido Divino da Cruz UFG UFG Alexandre Guedes S. Coelho UFG

Maier, Rudolf Richard


Winter distribution and abundance of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) off Northeastern Brazil  

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Brazil Alexandre N. Zerbini* , Artur Andriolo+ , Jesuina M. da Rocha# , Paulo César Simões'). The northeastern coast of Brazil was an important whaling ground in the 20th century. Shipboard sighting surveys off northeastern Brazil suggests that the species is reoccupying historical areas of distribution

Simões-Lopes, Paulo César


The Alcubierre Warp Drive using Lorentz Boosts according to the Harold White Spacetime Metric potential .  

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The Alcubierre Warp Drive using Lorentz Boosts according to the Harold White Spacetime Metric potential . Fernando Loup Daniel Rocha December 23, 2012 Abstract Warp Drives are solutions Alcubierre warp drive seems to be very attractive because allows interstellar space travel at arbitrarily

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Perspective Mutational Patterns Cannot Explain Genome  

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Perspective Mutational Patterns Cannot Explain Genome Composition: Are There Any Neutral Sites in the Genomes of Bacteria? Eduardo P. C. Rocha1,2 *, Edward J. Feil3 1 Institut Pasteur, Microbial Evolutionary Genomics, De´partement Ge´nomes et Ge´ne´tique, Paris, France, 2 CNRS, URA2171, Paris, France, 3 Department

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Abstract for CNS*2011, Stockholm. Figure 1. Phase of response to rhythmic population inputs  

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: Springer, 2008. 2. J de la Rocha, N Parga: Short-term synaptic depression causes a non-monotonic response for different synaptic configurations and modulation frequencies. D: depression; D+F: depression + facilitation-driven regime, synaptic depression results in a quite different postsynaptic response to a large population

Graham, Bruce


Estudantes universitrios devem mais de 200 milhes de euros aos bancos  

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Organizacional no Instituto Politécnico de Leiria. O seu caso é apenas um entre os de 20 mil pessoas, ainda hipermercado. Ri- cardo Rocha, de 27 anos, licenciado em Psicologia Aplicada, tem que tra- balhar em dois part-time. "Praticamente deixei de ter vida própria", diz. Licenciado em Psicologia Aplicada trabalha

Instituto de Sistemas e Robotica


J. Math. Biol. (2006) 53:340364 10.1007/s00285-006-0011-4 Mathematical Biology  

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compatibility of two phylogenetic trees with nested taxa Mercè Llabrés · Jairo Rocha · Francesc Rosselló-Verlag 2006 Abstract Compatibility of phylogenetic trees is the most important concept underlying widely-used methods for assessing the agreement of different phy- logenetic trees with overlapping taxa and combining

Rocha, Jairo


Genotype Editing and the Evolution of Regulation and Memory  

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:// Abstract. Our agent-based model of genotype editing is defined by two distinct genetic components: a coding to qualitatively different solutions from those obtained via evolutionary algorithms that only use coding genetic, 2001] refers to the post-transcriptional alteration of genetic information. It occurs in various forms

Rocha, Luis


Energy Recovery By Direct Contact Gas-Liquid Heat Exchange  

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., Fair, J. R., Ind. En!:. Chern Proc. Desi!:n I&!.. 21 162 (1982). Bravo, J. L., Rocha, J. A., Fair, 1. R., Hydrocarbon Proc. M (1) 91 (1985). Chan, H., Fair, J. R., Ind, En!:. Chern.. ?roc. Desi~n Dey. n 814 (1984). Delvaux, L., Univ. of Liege...

Fair, J. R.; Bravo, J. L.


636 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON IMAGE PROCESSING, VOL. 16, NO. 3, MARCH 2007 A Hybrid EulerianLagrangian Approach  

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, and subepicardial regions transmurally [15]. Finite-element analysis can be used to understand cortical deformation obtained using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT) [5], [6]. The thickness- tion was Dr. Attila Kuba. K. R. Rocha and A. J. Yezzi, Jr., are with the School of Electrical and Com

Prince, Jerry L.


Face-Selective Cells in the Temporal Cortex of Monkeys  

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The notion of a neuron that responds selectively to the image of a particular complex object has been controversial ever since Gross and his colleagues reported neurons in the temporal cortex of monkeys that were selective for the sight of a monkey's hand (Gross, Rocha-Miranda, & Bender, 1972). Since that time, evidence has mounted for neurons in the temporal lobe

Robert Desimone



Tragedy and the Meaning of School Shootings  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

School shootings are traumatic events that cause a community to question itself, its values, and its educational systems. In this article Bryan Warnick, Benjamin Johnson, and Samuel Rocha explore the meanings of school shootings by examining three recent books on school violence. Topics that grow out of these books include (1) how school shootings…

Warnick, Bryan R.; Johnson, Benjamin A.; Rocha, Samuel



The Politics of Revolution; A Film Course Study Guide.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This study guide for high school and college students examines selected, revolutionary political films made by Godard, Rocha, Solanas, Sanjines, and others, notably Czech and Cuban film-makers. This guide stresses an aesthetic, auteuristic approach and touches upon film production procedures. The films recommended for study range in technique from…

Kernan, Margot


Determination of the inflammatory component of airway diseases by induced sputum cell counts: use in clinical practice* Determinação do componente inflamatório das doenças das vias aéreas através do escarro induzido: utilização na prática clínica  

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Objective: To evaluate the usefulness of determining the inflammatory component of airway diseases (inflammometry) by induced sputum cell counts, as well as its influence on treatment decisions in a tertiary facility for the treatment of respiratory diseases. Methods: We analyzed 151 sputum samples from 132 consecutive patients referred for clinical sputum induction by five pulmonologists between July of 2006 and

Pablo Moritz; Leila John Marques Steidle; Manuela Brisot Felisbino; Túlia Kleveston; Marcia Margaret; Menezes Pizzichini; Emilio Pizzichini


Artigo Original Determinação do componente inflamatório das doenças das vias aéreas através do escarro induzido: utilização na prática clínica* Determination of the inflammatory component of airway diseases by induced sputum cell counts: use in clinical practice  

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Objective: To evaluate the usefulness of determining the inflammatory component of airway diseases (inflammometry) by induced sputum cell counts, as well as its influence on treatment decisions in a tertiary facility for the treatment of respiratory diseases. Methods: We analyzed 151 sputum samples from 132 consecutive patients referred for clinical sputum induction by five pulmonologists between July of 2006 and

Pablo Moritz; Leila John Marques Steidle; Manuela Brisot Felisbino; Túlia Kleveston; Marcia Margaret; Menezes Pizzichini; Emilio Pizzichini


Über das Konzentrationsvermögen der Nieren zweier Fledermausarten ( Rhinopoma hardwickei und Rhinolophus ferrum equinum ) mit unterschiedlich langer Nierenpapille  

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1.Rhinopoma is able to live without drinking water in a dry environment at a temperature of 35° C, when fed on 1 g mealworms\\/day (observed during 17 days).2.Urine of normal Rhinopoma is on the average less concentrated (2042 mOsm\\/ kg H2O) than that of normal Rhinolophus (2467 mOsm\\/kg H2O). The mean urine concentration of thirsting Rhinopoma however is higher (3722

V. Vogel; W. Vogel



Die Evolution gilt auch fr den modernen Homo sapiens hat sich ber die Evolution erhoben -das zumindest glaubt er  

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in reichere Landeigentümer und ärmere Pächter aufgeteilt. Der VERWANDTE THEMEN Biologie Charles Darwin genetische Drift CHARLES DARWIN MEHR AUF SPIEGEL ONLINE Quiz: Kennen Sie die Ursprünge des Menschen of 4Evolution: Darwins Auslese gilt auch für moderne Menschen der Neuzeit - SPIEGEL ... 12/05/2012http

Lummaa, Virpi


Avaliação do perfil de trabalhadores e das condições de trabalho em marcenarias no município de Viçosa-MG  

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This work was carried out in joineries located in Viçosa, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to survey the profile of workers and work conditions related to the activities performed, aiming to promote health, welfare, safety, comfort and productivity of the workers. This survey was carried out by means of the application of questionnaires to the workers and from observations made during data

Kátia Regina Silva; Amaury Paulo de Souza; Luciano José Minetti



Naturwissenschaften in der Galaxie Mit einem Festakt ist das Haus der Astronomie eingeweiht worden, ein neues Kommunikationszentrum  

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,,Bilder der Wissenschaft" in Palm Beach 120 Gäste, darunter die Bürgermeisterin von West Palm Beach, die Finanzunterneh- men hatte die Max Planck Florida Foundation zur Ausstellungs- eröffnung ins West Palm Beach der Palm Beach Daily News. In dem einer Spiralgalaxie nachempfundenen Gebäude soll die astronomische


Welche Bedeutung haben Unternehmenscharakteristika und regionales Umfeld für die Beschäftigungsdynamik? Eine mikroökonometrische Analyse für das ostdeutsche Verarbeitende Gewerbe  

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In this paper, we analyse the influence of firm characteristics and the regional environment on employment growth of East German manufacturing firms between 1992 and 1996. Our results confirm the negative impact of firm size and age on employment growth found in various studies for several developed economies. An additional negative effect far firms which have emerged from former state-owned

Fabian Steil; Elke Wolf



The ??????????-riddle in Kepler's Astronomia Nova, chapter 57. (German Title: Das ??????????-Rätsel in Keplers Astronomia Nova, Kapitel 57)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Since 1937, the latin edition of Johannes Kepler's Astronomia Nova (1609) is available as a standard text. Here, in the 57th chapter, the third one of 48 important marginalia of Kepler, is reproduced as ?quo;Quae sit genuina et ?????????? mensura librationis huijus etc.». The Grecized word «?pi;????????» was ignored to a large extent by translators and commentators, and was at least declared enigmatic by Donahue (1992). A look in the original copies of the 1609 edition shows that it is written ???????????, not ? but a ??. ?????????? in KGW is a read error. In the context of Keplers «natural, causal magnet-like forcesraquo; of planetary motion the conjecture ???????????? (as a typographical error a ? is omitted) immediately suggests itself: causally, aetiological. This solution of the ?????????? riddle indicates the tight brace between the important Chapter 57 of Kepler's celestial physics and and the complete title ASTRONOMIA NOVA ????????????, SEV PHYSICA COELESTIS etc.

Kühn, Ernst


A Proposta Jesuitica de Educacao: Uma Leitura das Constituicoes (The Jesuit Proposal of Education: A Reading of the Constitutions).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Seeks to understand the Jesuit education proposal in the reforming context from which it came. States that the Constitutions established the renewing function of school education based on the sacred vision of the world: God is placed as the ultimate end, and objectives are learning, formation of good customs, and apostleship. (BT)

de Paiva, Jose Maria; Puentes, Roberto Valdes



Das Einheitsprinzip im DDR-Bildungswesen = The Principle of Unity in the Educational System of the GDR.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Analyzes the application of the principle of unity in different historical phases of the East German educational system. Argues that East German successes in reducing the number of socially underprivileged were always accompanied by a sharpening of the trade-off between educational equality and excellence, for which no solution was found. (DSK)

Neuner, Gerhart



H-Wahlen 2011 Ergebnisse Gem 56 HSWO 2005 wird hiermit das Wahlergebnis fr die Universittsvertretung bei der Wahl der  

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Anna 613 RITSCHL Andreas 532 K��L Verena 524 Ungültig 95 Abg. Stimmen 1.030 Wahlberechtigt 4 Wahlberechtigt 780 Studienvertretung Doktorat ARTNER Christine 276 LANGER-HANSEL Katharina 270 HOLLEIS Edgar 256

Szmolyan, Peter


State-of-the art Differential Absorption and Scattering (DAS) lidar for SO2 and NO2  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

A ground-based laser remote sensing system for the range-resolved detection of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide is described. The measurement is based on the differential absorption and scattering lidar technique. Both lasers are fired with a fixed time delay of 50 microsec to probe an atmosphere with unchanged optical properties. The NO2 is detected with two dye lasers emitting arouns 450 nm; SO2 is measured at 300 nm with the frequency-doubled output of two dye lasers. Field measurements in a city are presented. Determinations of SO2 emission rates from a smokestack agree well with operator data.

Lahmann, W.; Staehr, W.; Weitkamp, C.; Michaelis, W.



Amplitude de movimento e características das próteses oculares em cavidades enucleadas com implante de polietileno poroso esférico e \\  

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Purpose: To compare artificial eye amplitudes in enucleated socket with porous polyethylene either spherical or quad-motility implant and study the characteristics of artificial eyes fit with the two orbital implants. Methods: A total of 21 patients were prospectively studied who underwent enucleation because of an intraocular melanoma and the randomization defined a porous polyethylene either spherical or quad-motility orbital implant.

Lucia Miriam; Dumont Lucci; Clélia Maria Erwenne


Avaliação das dimensões transversais e análise da resistência à fratura de mini-implantes ortodônticos fabricados no Brasil.  

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??Este trabalho visou esclarecer pontos referentes à resistência mecânica destes dispositivos e sua relação com algumas medidas transversais dos mini-implantes auto-perfurantes de diversos diâmetros de… (more)

Flávio Paiva Gadêlha



Aprendizagem organizacional das empresas do Prêmio Finep de Inovação (Organizational learning in the companies that won the Finep Innovation Prize)  

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Resumo O objetivo deste trabalho é investigar relações ent re socialização, disseminação e codificação do que foi aprendido por indivíduos e a aprendizagem o rganizacional. Para investigar essas relações, foram tomadas como pontos de partida aprendizagens individuais em empresas ganhadoras do prêmio Finep de Inovação, entre 2000 e 2006. Os dados foram coletados com base em dois questionários, um sobre

Elizabeth Loiola; Gênia Porto


Maximum Weight Basis Decoding of Convolutional Codes Suman Das, Elza Erkip, Joseph R. Cavallaro and Behnaam Aazhang  

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with the constraint length. We also augment the maximal weight basis al- gorithm by incorporating the ideas of list. In a multiple access wireless communication system, the reliability of transmitted data is further affected, especially in a system with real time demands or limited processing power. Several alternative sequential

Erkip, Elza


Aspectos das práticas alimentares e da atividade física como determinantes do crescimento do sobrepeso\\/obesidade no Brasil  

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Data from Brazilian national surveys conduct- ed since the 1970s have indicated an increase in the prevalence of overweight\\/obesity. The two most frequently cited causes of this trend have been dietary changes and reduction in physical activity, characterizing a \\

Cristina Pinheiro Mendonça; Luiz Antonio dos Anjos



Multi-variable Resonant Controller for Fast Atomic Force Microscopy Sajal. K. Das, Hemanshu. R. Pota and Ian. R. Petersen  

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of SPM. It provides 3D images of samples including conducting and non-conducting in the vacuum and non during the tip is scanned over the sample. The measured cantilever deflections are used to generate a map of the surface topography. The motion of the sample or the probe in the x, y and z axes is performed

Pota, Himanshu Roy


Power-Aware NoCs through Routing and Topology Reconfiguration Ritesh Parikh, Reetuparna Das and Valeria Bertacco  

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and Valeria Bertacco Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Michigan {parikh, reetudas, valeria} ABSTRACT With the advent of multicore processors and system-on-chip designs, intra

Bertacco, Valeria


V. V Das et al. (Eds.): BAIP 2010, CCIS 70, pp. 45 52, 2010. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2010  

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to perform more than one process at a certain time. Operating systems, such as Windows NT, have sophisticated CPU scheduling algorithms. Windows NT-based operating systems use a multilevel feedback queue with 32


Das Demokratiedefizit der Europäischen Union und die politische Integration Europas: eine Analyse der Einstellungen der Bürger in Westeuropa  

Microsoft Academic Search

Nach einer verbreiteten Auffassung hat die Transformation der EU zu einem Regime mit supranationalem Charakter, die durch den Vertrag von Maastricht eingeleitet wurde, mehrere legitimationswirksame Konsequenzen. Erstens führt sie zu einer Politisierung der EU, und in Folge davon wird die EU nicht mehr nur mit ökonomischen Effizienzkriterien, sondern auch mit demokratischen Standards konfrontiert. Zweitens wird den Bürgern auf diese Weise

Dieter Fuchs



Feast or famine: the global regulator DasR links nutrient stress to antibiotic production by Streptomyces  

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Members of the soil-dwelling prokaryotic genus Streptomyces produce many secondary metabolites, including antibiotics and anti-tumour agents. Their formation is coupled with the onset of development, which is triggered by the nutrient status of the habitat. We propose the first complete signalling cascade from nutrient sensing to development and antibiotic biosynthesis. We show that a high concentration of N-acetylglucosamine—perhaps mimicking the

Sébastien Rigali; Fritz Titgemeyer; Sharief Barends; Suzanne Mulder; Andreas W Thomae; David A Hopwood; Gilles P van Wezel



Anyonic Braiding in Optical Lattices Chuanwei Zhang, V.W. Scarola, Sumanta Tewari and S. Das Sarma  

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- . A topological quantum computer is robustly protected from local errors by the physical hardware and one does not (braided) around another. Topological quantum computation proposes to use the topological protection and the braiding statistics of a non-Abelian topological state to perform quantum computation. The enormous

Scarola, Vito


Strategien der Akutintervention durch das pädagogische Fachpersonal einer Behinderteneinrichtung bei aggressivem und destruktivem Verhalten von Kindern und Jugendlichen.  

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??Aggressives Verhalten wird in den stationären Erziehungshilfen, dazu zählen auch Wohngruppen mit Kindern und Jugendlichen mit Behinderung, zu einer immer grösser werdenden Problemstellung für die… (more)

Vavra, Claudia




Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMO: Estima-se, atualmente, que existam no Brasil cerca de três milhões de hectares irrigados e algo em torno de 355.000 hectares de área irrigada na bacia do rio São Francisco. Sendo a irrigação considerada um uso consuntivo, grande parte da água empregada fica indisponível para a produção de energia e demais usos. O abastecimento humano, a dessedentação animal e o

Alan Vaz Lopes; Marcos Airton de Sousa Freitas



Microsoft Academic Search

O crescimento excessivo de biomassa e a acumulação de matéria sólida em suspensão, eventualmente associados à presença de bolhas de ar e de material de enchimento desfragmentado, podem potenciar a formação de zonas mal irrigadas e de volumes mortos que constituem pontos de resistência ao escoamento em biofiltros. Estas zonas contribuem para a colmatação progressiva do leito e para o




Das Europäische Sprachenportfolio für junge Erwachsene (ESP 15+) im Fremdsprachenunterricht als Instrument zur Förderung von autonomen und weiterführenden Lernen.  

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??Hinter dem Begriff ‚Autonomes Lernen’, welcher im Diskurs der gegenwärtigen Sprachendidaktik nicht mehr wegzudenken ist, verbirgt sich ein komplexes Konzept. Es entwickelte sich gemeinsam mit… (more)

Kraus, Natalie



Trypanosoma cruzi infection in Leontopithecus rosalia at the Reserva Biológica de Poco das Antas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  


Wild golden lion tamarins (Leontopithecus rosalia) - endangered primates that are native to the Brazilian Atlantic coastal forest - were surveyed for the presence of Trypanosoma cruzi with the use of Giemsa-stained blood smears, hemocultures and an indirect immunofluorescence assay (IFAT). Positive IFAT with titers ranging from 1:20 to 1:1280 were observed in 52% of the 118 wild tamarins examined and the parasite was isolated from 38 tamarins. No patent parasitemia was observed among the tamarins from which T. cruzi was isolated. Serum conversion and positive hemoculture was observed for three animals that had yielded negative results some months earlier, which indicates that T. cruzi is actively transmitted among tamarins. In contrast to observations with other sylvatic isolates, those from the tamarins were significantly more virulent and most of them produced mortality in experimentally infected Swiss mice. Some variation in the kDNA restriction profiles among the isolates was observed. Electrophoresis with GPI, G6PDH, IDH, MDH and ME enzymes showed a Z2 profile. PMID:10904398

Lisboa, C V; Dietz, J; Baker, A J; Russel, N N; Jansen, A M



A Informalidade no Mercado de Trabalho e o Impacto das Instituições: Uma Análise sob a Ótica da Teoria dos Jogos  

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This article presents a game theoretic analysis of informality in the labor market based on an infinite dynamic game between employers and workers in which the Judiciary system enters parametrically. We find two classes of subgame-perfect Nash equilibria. In the first class, the worker first gets an informal contract but he eventually becomes a formal worker. We show that the

Maurício S. Bugarin




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NO JOGO FORMAL/INFORMAL COURSES AND CROSSINGS IN THE FAVELA MORRO DA PROVID�NCIA: CHALLENGES OF THE SOCIAL modalidades de apropriação do espaço. Palavras-chave: percursos; jogos de poder; interação social e espacial

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


MS211 -CALCULO NUMERICO -2o semestre de 2011  

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127 L Carla T. L. S. Ghidini 326 X Ana Friedlander 133 112 B M. Aparecida Diniz Ehrhardt (Cheti) 137 C Petr^onio Pulino 135 D V´era L. da Rocha Lopes 143 K S^onia M. Gomes

Sussner, Peter


Two new species of Chaco Tullgren from the Atlantic coast of Uruguay (Araneae, Mygalomorphae, Nemesiidae)  

PubMed Central

Abstract We describe two new species of the nemesiid spider genus Chaco from Rocha Province, Uruguay. These new species are diagnosed based on genital morphology, male tibial apophysis spination, and burrow entrance. We test cospecificity of one species, Chaco costai,via laboratory mating experiments. The new species are diagnosed and illustrated and habitat characteristics, and capture behavior are described. We conduct a cladistic analysis based on a previously published morphological character matrix that now includes the newly described species. PMID:24146579

de Oca, Laura Montes; Pérez-Miles, Fernando



Analysis of records of embryo production in Red Brahman cows  

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]. More than 60% of the animals consistently exhibit estrus within a 24-hour period. Pregnancy rates of cattle bred 12 h after estrus detection have been satisfactory [31]. CIDRs are also combined with estradiol and gonadotropin releasing hormone (Gn...ANALYSIS OF RECORDS OF EMBRYO PRODUCTION IN RED BRAHMAN COWS A Thesis by EDGAR HERNANDO RIANO ROCHA Submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies of Texas A&M University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE...

Riano Rocha, Edgar Hernando




Microsoft Academic Search

Five sequences showing homology with gene coding for ammonium (NH 4) transporters of the subfamily AMT1 (AMT1 genes) involved in the nitrogen (N) uptake process were identified in 2-year-old ‘Rocha’ pear\\/BA29 through reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) analysis. Multiple AMT1 genes were expressed in each phase of the growth cycle and results suggest that ammonium uptake is conducted by

Mariana Mota; Cláudia B. Neto; António A. Monteiro; Cristina M. Oliveira



Variação sazonal na sociabilidade de forrageamento das garças Ardea alba (Linnaeus, 1758) e Egretta thula (Molina, 1782) (Aves: Ciconiiformes) na planície alagável do alto rio Paraná, Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

Seasonal variation in the foraging sociability of Great White Egret (Ardea alba) and Snowy Egret (Egretta thula) (Aves: Ciconiiformes) in the upper Paraná river floodplain, Brazil. The seasonal variation of foraging sociability of Great White Egret (Ardea alba) and Snowy Egret (Egretta thula) on the lagoons of the upper Paraná river floodplain, Brazil, was analyzed. Quarterly samplings of birds were

Márcio Rodrigo


Estudo das tensões em dente restaurado com coroa metalocerâmica e dois formatos de retentores intra-radiculares - método dos elementos finitos.  

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??O estudo comparativo da distribuição de tensões de von Mises em dente endodonticamente tratado, com dois formatos de retentores intra-radiculares, pré-fabricado cilíndrico/escalonado e fundido cônico,… (more)

Isaac José Peixoto Batinga da Rocha



Implantação de demonstrativos e indicadores de desempenho através das ferramentas de business intelligence do Qlik View para análise da produção na Fagundes Construção e Mineração Ltda.  

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??This case study examines a performance evaluation method through the deployment of the QlikView software Business Intelligence tools for production performance management at Fagundes Construção… (more)

Guilherme Vieira



Der Einfluss monochromatischer Strahlung auf das Längenwachstum des Hypocotyls und auf die Anthocyanbildung bei Keimlingen von Sinapis alba L. (=Brassica alba Boiss.)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Summary a)Some photoreactions influencing the early stages of the development of mustard seedlings (Brassica alba Boiss.=Sinapis alba L.) were studied, using monochromatic radiation (400–800 m?) from a spectrograph.b)Anthocyanin formation is light-dependent in these seedlings and is controlled by two photoreactions. One of these photoreactions is governed by the well-known red-far-red-pigment system and is practically saturated after a very shor time

Hans Mohr



Resolucin do 21 de novembro de 2013 da Universidade da Corua, pola que se fixa o procedemento e o prazo de presentacin das solicitudes de avaliacin da actividade  

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Facultade de Ciencias do Deporte e a Educación Física e o profesorado contratado por tempo indefinido dereito ao persoal funcionario numerario pertencente á Facultade de Ciencias do Deporte e a Educación numerario da Facultade de Ciencias do Deporte e a Educación Física desta Universidade que posúa o título de

Fraguela, Basilio B.


La esgrima es tan antigua como el hombre. Desde los primeros adiestramientos de soldados para su supervivencia en las culturas antiguas hasta en nuestros das un  

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para su supervivencia en las culturas antiguas hasta en nuestros días un deporte completo y divertido. La esgrima es un deporte orientado a cualquier edad. Completo al usarse todo el cuerpo. Se centra en principiantes como en los más avanzados. Aunque sea un deporte que se practica individualmente, se entrena en

Escolano, Francisco


Influência da radiação solar na distribuição das comunidades vegetais nas áreas livres de gelo da Baía do Almirantado, Ilha Rei George, Antártica  

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This work had as objective to study the influence of the solar energy in the space distribution of the vegetal communities in the ice-free areas in the Admiralty Bay, King George Island, Antarctica. The Solar Analyst extension was used to generate model of distribution of the global radiation in the area of the Demay point. It was verified that the

Márcio Rocha Francelino


Anais II Congresso Brasileiro de Unidades de Conservao. Campo Grande-MS, Brasil. 2: 706-714, 2000. POSSVEL INFLUNCIA DAS MUDANAS DE PAISAGEM NO PARQUE  

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NATIONAL PARK ON THE DIET OF THE MANED WOLF (CHRYSOCYON BRACHYURUS) DIEGO QUEIROLO1 JOSÃ? CARLOS MOTTA transformed in "campo sujo" and "campo cerrado", rising a change in the food habits of the maned wolf

Motta Junior, Jose Carlos


Our Day-Care Centers Respect Children: Quality Criteria for Day-Care = Criterios para um Atendimento em Creches que Respeite os Direitos Fundamentais das Criancas.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Prepared as part of an effort to attain minimum quality standards for Brazilian day care centers, this document focuses on day-to-day provision of day care services for children from birth to 6 years old as well as broader day care administrative concerns. The first version of this document was prepared as part of a training project for day care…

Campos, Maria Malta; Rosemberg, Fulvia


Propagao das ondas martimas e dos tsunami CCADERNOADERNO BBRASILEIRORASILEIRO DEDE EENSINONSINO DEDE FFSICASICA,, VV. 22,. 22, NN. 2:. 2: PP. 190-215, 2005. 190-215, 2005  

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matou 27.000 pessoas, feriu 9.000 pessoas, destruindo 13.000 casas (BRYANT, 2001). O maior tsunami já dezembro de 2004, vitimando cerca de 300.000 pessoas, infelizmente constituiu-se em apenas um novo evento 50.000 pessoas em Taiwan. Em 26 de agosto de 1882, como conseqüência da grande erupção do vulcão

dos Santos, C.A.


The alphapiomicrlambdaomicrgammaetatauomicrsigma-riddle in Kepler's Astronomia Nova, chapter 57. (German Title: Das alphapiomicrlambdaomicrgammaetatauomicrsigma-Rätsel in Keplers Astronomia Nova, Kapitel 57)  

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Since 1937, the latin edition of Johannes Kepler's Astronomia Nova (1609) is available as a standard text. Here, in the 57th chapter, the third one of 48 important marginalia of Kepler, is reproduced as ⪅quo;Quae sit genuina et alphapiomicrlambdaomicrgammaetatauomicrsigma mensura librationis huijus etc.». The Grecized word «alphapi;omicrlambdaomicrgammaetatauomicrsigma» was ignored to a large extent by translators and commentators, and was at

Ernst Kühn



Dritte Satzung zur nderung der Fachstudien-und Prfungsordnung fr das Fach Sport im Lehramtsstudiengang an der Friedrich-Alexander-Universitt  

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- und Freizeitsport 5 5 Klettern o. Wassersport o. MTB o. Inline Skaten o. Triathlon o. Zirkus- o-didaktische PrüfungKlettern o. Wassersport o. MTB o. Inline Skaten o. Triathlon o. Zirkus- o. Kampfkünste II oder

Fiebig, Peter


Avaliação do papel dos roedores das espécies Mus musculus e Rattus norvegicus como hospedeiros reservatórios de Leishmania infantum nos concelhos de Sesimbra e Sintra.  

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??Dissertação de Mestrado Integrado em Medicina Veterinária A leishmaniose causada por Leishmania infantum é uma doença parasitária de cariz zoonótico transmitida por insectos flebotomíneos, os… (more)

Helhazar, Marcos Ferreira



Empfehlung zur Einfhrung von CIRS im Krankenhaus 1 Im April 2005 wurde das Aktionsbndnis Patientensicherheit e.V. gegrndet, um einen  

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. 154-156; MM Cohen, NL Kimmel, MK Benage (u.a.): Medication safety program reduces adverse drug events.aktionsbü 2 WHO, World Alliance for Patient Safety ­ WHO Draft Guidelines for Adverse Event Reporting and prevention of adverse events in health care, adopted by the committee of Ministers on 24 May 2006 at the 965

Manstein, Dietmar J.


Bosea eneae sp. nov., Bosea massiliensis sp. nov. and Bosea vestrisii sp. nov., isolated from hospital water supplies, and emendation of the genus Bosea (Das et al. 1996).  


On the basis of phenotypic and DNA relatedness data, three novel species of the genus Bosea are proposed, Bosea massiliensis (63287T =CIP 106336T =CCUG 43117T), Bosea vestrisii (34635T =CIP 106340T =CCUG 43114T) and Bosea eneae (34614T =CIP 106338T =CCUG 43111T). The original description of the genus Bosea included thiosulphate oxidation as a phenotypic feature, when the sole and type species of the genus, Bosea thiooxidans, was proposed. The three novel species described herein were not able to oxidize thiosulphate; thus, it is proposed that this characteristic be removed from the description of the genus and considered as specific for B. thiooxidans. The novel species of the genus Bosea proposed here form a well-separated cluster in the Bradyrhizobium group of the alpha-2 subclass of the Proteobacteria, on the basis of 16S rDNA gene sequence analysis. However, 16S rDNA gene sequence analysis was not sufficient to delineate the species; hence, DNA-DNA relatedness and phenotypic data were also required. All of the novel species described in this study are fastidious bacteria isolated from a hospital water supply, using co-cultivation with amoebae. This group of bacteria are hypothesized to be a potential cause of nosocomial infections. For treatment of infections caused by these novel bacteria, doxycycline appears to be the sole antibacterial compound with a consistently low MIC value. PMID:12656146

La Scola, Bernard; Mallet, Marie-Noëlle; Grimont, Patrick A D; Raoult, Didier



G. Das and V.P. Gulati (Eds.): CIT 2004, LNCS 3356, pp. 1120, 2004. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2004  

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literature. The system recognizes biologi- cal terms such as gene, protein, and enzymes and extracts. Electronic stor- age with huge capacity allows the customized extraction of information from the literature over professionally by printed journals. Currently, we are on another switch into electronic media


auf Detektionsebene als auch auf Evaluations und Selektionsebene. Das System erreicht PCbasiert eine Verarbeitungsgeschwindigkeit von 8 Bildern pro Sekunde und ermglicht  

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Advances in Mechatronics, Istanbul, 1995 [11] K. Rohr: Towards Model­Based Recognition of Human Movements, T. Kanade: Neural Network­Based Face Detection, IEEE PAMI, Bd. 20, Nr. 1, S. 23­38, 1998 [13] M. Sommerau, G. Mamier, A. Zell, M. Vogt, P. Levi: Fast Face Localization and Tracking with Model­Based Time

Zell, Andreas


Das ZI ist Collaborating Centre der Weltgesundheitsorganisation (WHO) und Mitglied im Verbund Klinisch-Biomedizinischer Forschung (KBF) Central Institute of Mental Health (CIMH)  

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: schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression, autism, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD pronounced but nonetheless clear overlap was also detected between major depression and the disorders bipolar scientists from the National Genome Research Network "MooDs", which aims to investigate the molecular causes

Heermann, Dieter W.


Utilisation de la DG-FDTD pour un calcul de dosimtrie dans un problme fortement multichelle : dtermination du DAS oeil pour  

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intérêt grandir avec le développement et la présence au quotidien des objets de communication. Pour qu. Cependant, les ressources informatiques nécessaires augmentent rapidement avec la taille du scénario traité alternative permettant de contourner ces inconvénients a été proposée ces dernières années par l'IETR [3

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


15 Das Package 15.7 Internetseiten via Applets laden 15-16 (268) 15.7.2 Ein Applet mit einem URLButton  

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einem URLButton JavaNet/URL/Applets/ 11 public class ZumWDR extends JApplet 12 { 13 private URLButton knopf; 14 15 public void init() 16 { 17 setLayout(new GridLayout(1, 1)); 18 try 19 { 20 URL url = new URL(""); 21 knopf = new URLButton("zum WDR", url); 29 add(knopf); 30 } 31 catch

Arndt, Holger


Auswirkungen von Neonicotinoiden auf das Verhalten von Bienen Rundgesprche der Kommission fr kologie, Bd. 43 Soziale Insekten in einer sich wandelnden Welt, S. 75-83.  

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Pfeil, München ­ ISSN 0938-5851 ­ ISBN 978-3-89937-179-6 Wie Pestizide (Neonicotinoide) die Navigation reduziert die Sammelaktivität und die Tanzkommunikation. Summary How pesticides (neonicotinoids) change navigation, recruitment, and learning behavior of bees. Navigation in honeybees is studied with the help

Menzel, Randolf - Institut für Biologie


1/1 Eawag: Das Wasserforschungs-Institut des ETH-Bereichs Programme WRQ Wrap-Up Seminar, 29.11.2012  

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.11.2012 Water Resource Quality (WRQ): Addressing geogenic arsenic and fluoride contamination Time Speakers Title Matin Ahmed, University of Dhaka Arsenic contamination in groundwater of Bangladesh: The current. Stephan Hug, Eawag Suitable alternatives to arsenic-contaminated wells 15:00 Discussion 15:10 Panel

Wehrli, Bernhard


(= Durchschnitt von Feld-und Versuchsmaterial) und im durchschnittlichen Minutengemelk um 17 Prozent Darber hinaus wurde das Geburtsgewicht der F 1-Klber erhht. Bei Mastbullen fhrte  

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contain proportionately more bone and consequen- tly less meat than those from British beef breeds and suckler herds. Efficient exploitation of breed resources - through breed substitution, synthesising of new

Boyer, Edmond


A proposed framework for conducting pollution prevention design assessments (P2DAs) on U.S. Department of Energy design projects  

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The purpose of this manual is to provide a framework for project managers, engineers, and designers to integrate pollution prevention principles and features into DOE design projects. The framework suggested is referred to as the pollution prevention design assessment (P2DA). The P2DA is based on DOE`s method for conducting pollution prevention opportunity assessments (PPOAs) on existing waste-generating operations, but the P2DA is modified because the facility or process it assesses does not physically exist during design. Before the P2DA framework is introduced in the manual, recommendations for establishing the P2DA team and budget are provided. Specific pollution prevention requirements and opportunities for each design stage as delineated in DOE Order 4700.1 Project Management System are also discussed and a sample format for drafting a P2DA report is provided in the appendix. The scope of this manual includes not only the P2DA framework, but also a background discussion of pollution prevention and related topics; the regulatory requirements mandating design for pollution prevention; the benefits and barriers of designing for pollution prevention; and the impact that pollution prevention and related environmental avoidance concepts have had on the engineering profession.

Dorsey, J.A.



IASH Lehrveranstaltungen HS 2013 *Alle Veranstaltungen ausser das Kolloquium des Grundlagenmoduls der GS@IASH sind ffentlich* Veranstaltungstyp Veranstaltung Datum Zeit Raum  

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, Falkenplatz 16 Soft Skills Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing Prof. William Germano Workshop Do International Workshop Do, 31.10.13 10.00-17.00 215, Hauptgebäude, Hochschulstr. 4 Soft Skills Seductive, (Kurszentrum) Soft Skills Professional Writing for the Humanities and Social Sciences Dr. Kali Tal Workshop Fr

Mühlemann, Oliver


Einfluss der genetischen Herkunft auf die Mast und Schlacht- leistung, die Fleisch- und Fettqualität sowie das Fettsäuren- muster der Phospholipide von Mastschweinen  

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Title of the paper: Influence of different genetic origins on fattening and carcass performance, on quality of meet and fat as well as fatty acid pattern of phospholipids from pigs For the purpose of comparing the fattening and carcass performance as well as the meat and fat quality of pigs the different genetic origins German Landrace (DL), Piétrain (Pi) and




Discretized Streams: Fault-Tolerant Streaming Computation at Scale Matei Zaharia, Tathagata Das, Haoyuan Li, Timothy Hunter, Scott Shenker, Ion Stoica  

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, Haoyuan Li, Timothy Hunter, Scott Shenker, Ion Stoica University of California, Berkeley Abstract Many learning) can be hun- dreds of nodes. At this scale, two major problems are Permission to make digital setting, it can mean losing the chance to make a key decision in a streaming setting. Unfortunately

California at Irvine, University of


Ein historisches Photovoltaik-Modul:das TSG MQ 36/0. A historical module:the TSG MQ 36/0 solar panel.  

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/0 solar panel. #12;Die Photovoltaikanlage des Energielabors der Universi- tät Oldenburg ist eine der the condition of a solar module:Scientists examine the solar panel. #12;54 EINBLICKE 9 The "Energielabor"attheUniversityofOldenburg modules provide very important measurement data for the current discussion about the lifetime of solar

Damm, Werner


UniReport Satzungen und Ordnungen vom 17.02.2012 1 Satzung der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitt Frankfurt am Main fr das  

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der Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität am 07.02.2012 Aufgrund von § 4 Abs.5 des Gesetzes zumUniReport Satzungen und Ordnungen vom 17.02.2012 1 Satzung der Johann Wolfgang Goethe (GVBl. I S.705) hat der Senat der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main am 25.01.2012 die

Mester, Rudolf


A influência das características dos solos na remediação de solos contaminados através de processos oxidativos avançados com persulfato e reagente de fenton.  

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??As técnicas de remediação para solos contaminados como os processos de oxidação avançados ïn situv?isam essencialmente a mineralização dos contaminantes, reduzindo-os, em última instância, a… (more)

Carlos Paulino Mendez Rodriguez



Elektronenröhrenforschung nach 1945 Telefunkenforscher in Ost und West und das Scheitern des Konzepts der „Gnom-Röhren“ in Erfurt  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Elektronenröhren standen wegen ihrer Rüstungsrelevanz nach Kriegsende unter dem Vorbehalt der Besatzungsmächte. Unter dem Druck eigener materieller Defizite erlaubte und initiierte die sowjetische Besatzungsmacht Entwicklungen dazu eher als die westlichen Alliierten. Daraus resultierten bemerkenswerte Innovationen und Vorsprünge im Gebiet von Miniaturröhren.

Dörfel, Günter; Tobies, Renate


Sevilla, das ist nicht Spanien und erst recht nicht Europa-Sevilla est en Andalusa! Nach meinem einjhrigen Aufenthalt in Spanien werde ich nun wehmtig versuchen, meine  

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Buslinien C1,C2,C3,C4 ab, welche die Stadt ringförmig umfahren. Aber bitte nicht wundern, in Sevilla gibt es Menge günstige Möglichkeiten nach Sevilla zu kommen. Ich bin mit Condor von Berlin nach Jerez de la Frontera geflogen. Condor hat ganz oft zeitlich begrenzte, aber günstige Angebote. Mit dem autobús ging es

Greifswald, Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universität


Flooding events and rising water temperatures increase the significance of the reed pathogen pythium phragmitis das a contributing factor in the decline of phragmites australis  

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\\u000a Pythium species are economically significant soilborne plant pathogens with worldwide distribution, causing seedling damping-off\\u000a or root rot diseases. Pythium phragmitis is a newly described pathogen of common reed (Phragmites australis), widespread in the reed-belt of Lake Constance, Germany. It is highly aggressive towards reed leaves and seedlings, but\\u000a obviously does not affect roots. In the context of ‘reed decline’ phenomena,

Jan Nechwatal; Anna Wielgoss; Kurt Mendgen


Joan Scott e o papel da história na construção das relações de gênero Joan Scott and role in the history of construction of gender relations  

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This article deals with relationships between gend er and History, with a special analysis on reflexio ns by historian and feminist militant Joan Scott, through several works of her a cademic trajectory. This text shows the role of His tory in gender studies, considered as an essential field of study, and a useful category of history investigation.

Tatiana Lima SIQUEIRA


Negligência das classificações diagnósticas atuais com os fenômenos dissociativos do transtorno de estresse pós-traumático Negligence of current diagnostic classifications in dissociative phenomena of posttraumatic stress disorder  

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Background: In spite of the growing importance of dissociation in post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), dissociative symptoms are not included in the diagnostic criteria of official classifications (CID-10, DSM-IV). Research in psychophy- siology, functional neuroimaging, psycho-endocrinology and opioid systems provides support for a dissociative subtype of PTSD. Case report: A case study on a PTSD patient with persistent dissociative symptoms



Percepções de estudantes de licenciatura em Ciências Naturais sobre uma unidade didática acerca da humanização das ciências com base nos estudos de Gregor Mendel sobre a hereditariedade.  

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??Dissertação (mestrado)—Universidade de Brasília, Instituto de Ciências Biológicas, Instituto de Física, Instituto de Química, Faculdade UnB Planaltina, Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ensino de Ciências, Mestrado… (more)

Melo, Juliana Ricarda de



Psychometric evaluation of the SF-36 (v.2) questionnaire in a probability sample of Brazilian households: results of the survey Pesquisa Dimensões Sociais das Desigualdades (PDSD), Brazil, 2008  

PubMed Central

Background In Brazil, despite the growing use of SF-36 in different research environments, most of the psychometric evaluation of the translated questionnaire was from studies with samples of patients. The purpose of this paper is to examine if the Brazilian version of SF-36 satisfies scaling assumptions, reliability and validity required for valid interpretation of the SF-36 summated ratings scales in the general population. Methods 12,423 individuals and their spouses living in 8,048 households were selected from a stratified sample of all permanent households along the country to be interviewed using the Brazilian SF-36 (version 2). Psychometric tests were performed to evaluate the scaling assumptions based on IQOLA methodology. Results Data quality was satisfactory with questionnaire completion rate of 100%. The ordering of the item means within scales clustered as hypothesized. All item-scale correlations exceeded the suggested criteria for reliability with success rate of 100% and low floor and ceiling effects. All scales reached the criteria for group comparison and factor analysis identified two principal components that jointly accounted for 67.5% of the total variance. Role emotional and vitality were strongly correlated with physical and mental components, respectively, while social functioning was moderately correlated with both components. Role physical and mental health scales were, respectively, the most valid measures of the physical and mental health component. In the comparisons between groups that differed by the presence or absence of depression, subjects who reported having the disease had lower mean scores in all scales and mental health scale discriminated best between the two groups. Among those healthy and with one, two or three and more chronic illness, the average scores were inverted related to the number of diseases. Body pain, general health and vitality were the most discriminating scales between healthy and diseased groups. Higher scores were associated with individuals of male sex, age below 40 years old and high schooling. Conclusions The Brazilian version of SF-36 performed well and the findings suggested that it is a reliable and valid measure of health related quality of life among the general population as well as a promising measure for research on health inequalities in Brazil. PMID:21812986



Owner Name: Permit #: Vessel Name: Official #  

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Specifications: Length Overall: ______ Horsepower: ________ Check One: ____ Downgrade DAS Leasing baseline (LOA) and Horsepower (HP) for DAS Leasing purposes only. This is a one-time DAS Leasing baseline


Expression of genes encoding cell wall modifying enzymes is induced by cold storage and reflects changes in pear fruit texture.  


Preclimacteric 'Rocha' pears stored under chilling conditions, had a larger increase of ACO (1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate oxidase) activity and softened faster than those treated with ethylene. Non-treated fruit did not ripen or soften, acquired a rubbery texture, and showed barely detectable levels of ACO activity. The transcript accumulation of seven genes encoding cell wall modifying enzymes was followed during fruit growth, ripening, and senescence, and in fruit that failed to ripen, by quantitative real-time PCR. Transcripts from 'Rocha' pear polygalacturonase1 and 2 (PcPG1, PcPG2), beta-galactosidase (PcbetaGAL) and beta-xylosidase (PcXYL) genes accumulated up to 1000-fold at the climacteric onset, while low transcript levels were detected in growing fruit. In fruit that did not ripen, this transcript accumulation was lower compared with fruits that ripened normally. Transcripts for expansin1 and 2 (PcEXPA1, PcEXPA2) accumulated in growing fruit, but about 10-fold more in fruit after rewarming. Xyloglucan endotransglucosylase/hydrolase (PcXTH) had the highest basal expression levels in all samples, showing only a small increase during fruit growth and ripening. PcEXPA2 and PcXTH transcripts accumulated in untreated fruit, 21 d after harvest, to levels similar to those of fruit that ripened normally. Since in untreated fruit ACO activity was barely detectable, it is likely that the activation of these genes might occur at very low ethylene levels. Results suggest that PcXTH and PcEXPA2 gene induction might be associated with cell wall maintenance during 'Rocha' pear development and ripening, while PcEXPA1, PcPG1, PcPG2, PcbetaGAL, and PcXYL expression is likely to be related to cell wall disassembly and loosening. PMID:15955791

Fonseca, Sandra; Monteiro, Lurdes; Barreiro, Maria G; Pais, Maria S




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Administração Prof. PAULO ROBERTO ROCHA KRUGER, CPF n° 186.859.949-34, conforme delegação de competência pela.785.220/0001-57, neste ato representada pelo Sr. CLEOMAR LUCIANO REIS FREITAS, CPF n° 574.374.759-87, RG n° 4 CONTRATADA, através do Banco do Brasil S.A. em até 30(trinta) dias após a realização dos serviços devidamente

Paraná, Universidade Federal do


A Modified Demonstration of the Activation Energy Concept  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Methods for demonstrating the concept of the activation energy have been reported (1, 2). These show the exothermic reaction only, and the equipment used is not available readily in many chemistry laboratories (2). This paper describes a modified method that can be used to present both the exothermic and endothermic cases. The apparatus is simple and easy to handle. The concept of the activation energy is clearly illustrated. Literature Cited 1. Hansen, R. C. J. Chem. Educ. 1984, 61, 804 2. Rocha-Filho, R. C. J. Chem. Educ. 1988, 65, 157

Li, Jin; Dai, Le-Sui; You, Li-Shu



Modern Deep-sea Sponges as Recorders of Bottom Water Silicon Isotopes  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Major zones of opal accumulation in the world oceans have experienced geographical shifts during the Cenozoic coincident with times of transition in oceanic circulation and climate. The global marine silica cycle is likely to respond to various large-scale changes including the distillation of Si and other nutrients in ocean basins; weathering and continental inputs; and biological productivity in surface waters. These processes could potentially be distinguished by their impact on the isotopic composition of dissolved silica in the world oceans. Although diatoms dominate uptake of silica in surface waters, box-modelling (de la Rocha and Bickle, 2005) suggests that sponges spicules have a greater potential to reflect whole ocean changes in the silica cycle, by recording deep-water silicon isotopes. Here, we introduce a new calibration study of modern deep- sea sponges collected on a transect cruise across the Drake Passage, in the Southern Ocean, from a range of depths and seawater silicic acid concentrations. Sponges were collected by benthic trawling, and dried immediately. The spicules were later isolated from cellular material and cleaned for surface contaminants, before dissolution and analysis by NuPlasma HR MC-ICP-MS in medium resolution mode. We discuss our preliminary data, the extent to which inter and intraspecies variations reflect environmental conditions, and the implications for palaeoreconstructions of the marine silicon cycle. de la Rocha, C. and M. Bickle (2005). Sensitivity of silicon isotopes to whole-ocean changes in the silica cycle. Marine Geology 217, 267-282.

Hendry, K. R.; Georg, R. B.; Rickaby, R. E.; Robinson, L. F.; Halliday, A. N.



Flunitrazepam (Rohypnol) abuse in combination with alcohol causes premeditated, grievous violence in male juvenile offenders.  


This study focuses on 19 juvenile offenders who were frequently intoxicated by flunitrazepam (FZ), almost exclusively under the brand name Rohypnol. Street names for Rohypnol tablets are Rophies, Ropies, Roofies, Ropes, Roches, Rochas, Rochas Dos, Rophs, Ropers, Ribs, R-25, Roach-2s, Trip and Fall, Remember All, Mind Erasers, Forget Pills, and the Date Rape Drug. An overdose of FZ gives an increased feeling of power and self-esteem, reduces fear and insecurity, and provides the belief that everything is possible. FZ is also associated with loss of episodic memory and with impulsive violence, particularly when combined with alcohol. The subjects were taken from a subpopulation of 47 male juvenile offenders from Swedish national correctional institutions. Background information for subjects was obtained by in-depth interviewing and personality inventories including the Zuckerman Sensation-Seeking Scales, the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire, and the Karolinska Scales of Personality. Data concerning previous criminal offenses was obtained from the Swedish National Police Board. Almost all of the FZ abusers had been previously sentenced for serious violent offenses. Our data suggest that FZ abused by psychiatrically vulnerable subjects (i.e., with high scores on boredom susceptibility and verbal aggression) poses a serious hazard both to the abusers as well as the community. Our results support the finding that FZ should be classified as a Schedule I drug (i.e., a drug similar to heavy narcotics). PMID:10212029

Dåderman, A M; Lidberg, L



Seawater calcium isotopic ratios across the Eocene-Oligocene Transition  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We reconstructed the evolution of the seawater calcium (Ca) isotopic ratio from marine (pelagic) barite and bulk calcium carbonate over the Eocene-Oligocene Transition (EOT), a period of extreme and rapid change in the global calcite compensation depth (CCD) (Lyle et al., 2008). The CCD is controlled by the balance between calcium carbonate deposition and dissolution in deep sea sediments. Large fluctuations in the CCD may cause changes in the concentration of dissolved Ca in seawater and its isotopic composition if accompanied by imbalances in marine Ca sources and sinks (De La Rocha and DePaolo, 2000). Our results show that the permanent deepening of the CCD during the EOT, which coincided with the major Cenozoic glaciation around 34 million years ago (Zachos et al., 2001), was not accompanied by a significant long-term change in the isotopic ratio of Ca in seawater or its sink (calcium carbonate). A simple isotopic mass balance model is constructed to compare predicted and observed isotopic fluctuations. References: Lyle, M. et al. Pacific Ocean and Cenozoic evolution of climate. Rev. Geophys. 46, 1-47 (2008). De La Rocha, C. L. & DePaolo, D. J. Isotopic evidence for variations in the marine calcium cycle over the Cenozoic. Science 289, 1176-1178 (2000). Zachos, J., Pagani, M., Sloan, L., Thomas, E. & Billups, K. Trends, rhythms, and aberrations in global climate 65 ma to present. Science 292, 686-693 (2001).

Griffith, E. M.; Paytan, A.



Análise crítica das recomendações da Associação Americana de Diabetes para doença cardiovascular no diabetes melito Critical analysis of the American Diabetes Association dietary recommendations for cardiovascular disease in diabetes mellitus  

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Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the main cause of mortality among patients with diabetes melli- tus (DM), and dietary intervention is an essential measure to prevent and treat this complica- tion. The aim of this manuscript was to review scientific evidence that underlies the dietetic recommendations of the American Diabetes Association (ADA) for prevention and treatment of CVD in patients with

Ana Luiza; Teixeira dos Santos; Camila Kümmel Duarte; Mirela J. de Azevedo; Themis Zelmanovitz



Análise das Atribuições Causais do Sucesso e do Insucesso na Competição, em Função do Nível Competitivo dos Futebolistas Portugueses Analysis of Causal Attributions of Success and Failure in Competitions Regarding Portuguese Soccer Players' Competition Level  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumo Tendo como referência o modelo atribuicional da motivação e emoção de Weiner (1979), pretendeu-se avaliar as atribuições causais, em situações de sucesso e insucesso desportivo, em função da influência dos diferentes níveis competitivos dos futebolistas portugueses. Analisando uma amostra que integrou 125 futebolistas, que participaram em três níveis competitivos do futebol português (II Divisão; III Divisão; I Divisão Distrital),

Paulo Malico Sous; António Boleto Rosado; Túlia Maia Cabrita


The master and the telescopes - the interplay between astronomy and optics in history (German Title: Der Meister und die Fernrohre - Das Wechselspiel zwischen Astronomie und Optik in der Geschichte)  

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The use of the telescope for astronomical observations since 1609 was one of the milestones in the celestial research. The contributions in this volume present new insights into the invention of the telescope and its relations to reading stones and spectacles, present investigations of special telescope types of early manufacturers, and analyze the telescopes of some historical observatories and the

Jürgen Hamel; Inge Keil



Response of symptom dimensions in obsessive- compulsive disorder to treatment with citalopram or placebo Resposta das dimensões dos sintomas no transtorno obsessivo-compulsivo ao tratamento com citalopram ou placebo  

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Objective: There is increasing evidence that the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder lie on discrete dimensions. Relatively little work has, however, explored the relationship between such factors and response to pharmacotherapy. Method: Data from a multi-site randomized placebo-controlled study of citalopram in obsessive-compulsive disorder were analyzed. Factor analysis of individual items and symptom categories of the Yale-Brown Obsessive-Compulsive Scale Checklist were

Dan J Stein; Elisabeth W Andersen; Kerstin Fredricson Overo


Adaptação metabólica em granulócitos humanos induzida pelo processo de envelhecimento e Diabetes Mellitus: papel das vias de sinalização cAMP/PKA, Akt/PKB, p38 MAPK e fosfoinositídeos.  

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??O envelhecimento biológico é um processo complexo caracterizado por diferenças espécies-específicas bem como tecidos-específicos e por mecanismos de mudanças moleculares e fisiológicas relacionadas à idade.… (more)

Daniela Caldeira Costa



[Distribution of financial resources according to the productivity (determined by bibliometry) in the Medical Research Laboratories of the Hospital das Clínicas da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidad de São Paulo (Brazil)].  


A challenge that research managers have to face is how to "reallocate" agency budgets in order to bring them in line with the results of performance reviews. Research policies must develop a strategic plan describing their goals, devise yardsticks to measure their progress, and tie that performance to allocate research funds with some degree of priority. Though Brazil already has a substantial presence in world's science, scientific enterprise must be used to strengthen it. The first step should be to raise standards in Brazilian science by concentrating the resources on supporting excellence. A strategy to judge biomedical research productivity should include tactics to disclose whether the resulting publications have appeared in the field's most respected, peer-reviewed journals. A pilot project to road-test the above-discussed ideas on performance measurements was conducted at the Laboratories of Medical Research (Clinical Hospital, University of São Paulo School of Medicine). These Laboratories perform a vast proportion of biomedical research at the country's largest University. This article illustrates that confidence in fairness and consistency with which funds are now being allocated has helped to improve productivity, thus showing that this strategy is fruitful. PMID:10962862

Montes, G S



Einfluss unterschiedlicher Stickstoffdüngung auf die Aminosäurekonzentration und -zusammensetzung des Phloemsaftes von Tanacetum vulgare (L.) und auf das Such- und Saugverhalten der monophagen Blattlausarten Uroleucon tanaceti (Mordv.) und Macrosiphoniella tanacetaria (Kalt.).  

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??Der Einfluss von unterschiedlicher Stickstoffdüngung auf die Aminosäurekonzentration und -zusammensetzung des Phloemsaftes von Tanacetum vulgare L. wurde untersucht sowie Verhaltensbeobachtungen an den Blattlausarten Uroleucon tanaceti… (more)

Nowak, Heike



ALTERAÇÕES DAS CARACTERÍSTICAS QUÍMICAS DE TRÊS SUBSTRA TOS COMERCIAIS NA PRODUÇÃO DE MUDAS CÍTRICAS Change of the chemical characteristics of three commercial substrates in the production of citric seedlings  

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The dynamics of nutrients in three commercial substrates were evaluated, from the transplanting until final nursery. The rootstocks were cultivated in 4L containers under greenhouse conditions. The experiment was developed at Estação Experimental Agronômica of UFRGS from June\\/2003 to November\\/2004, with the experimental design of completely randomized blocks, in factorial 3 x 3 x 2, where 3 commercial substrates were

Mário Luís Fochesato; Paulo Vitor; Dutra de Souza; Gilmar Schäfer; Hardi Schmatz Maciel


Der Einfluss von mobilen Informationssystemen auf das Verhalten von Touristen: Resultate einer Feldstudie1 The impact of mobile information systems on the behaviour of tourists: Results from a field study  

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Mobile tourist guides shall help tourists to discover sights off the beaten tracks and therewith spread them over the destination more equally. Mobile information systems complement more traditional means of information provision, e.g. printed maps, guide booklets or simply signage at the destination. The most important question is: \\

Marko Modsching; Ronny Kramer; Ulrike Gretzel


Verkndungsblatt der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universitt Hannover vom 03.06.2014 5/2014 Das Niederschsische Ministerium fr Wissenschaft und Kultur hat mit Erlass vom 20.05.2014 (Az.: 21-70022-17) gem  

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Verkündungsblatt der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover vom 03.06.2014 5/2014 Seite 20 Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover genehmigt. Die �nderung tritt am Tage nach ihrer hochschulöffentlichen Bekanntmachung im Verkündungsblatt der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover in Kraft

Vollmer, Heribert



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RESUMO: O presente artigo apresenta a experiência vivenciada no estágio de formação de psicólogo na área de Psicologia Organizacional e do Trabalho. O estágio foi realizado em uma Instituição Hospitalar não governamental que presta atendimento específico ao tratamento de uma patologia de alta complexidade, situado na cidade de Londrina- Pr. Inicialmente foi realizado um Diagnóstico Organizacional com o objetivo de

Andréa Mita; Ana Paula Takahashi; Jacqueline Montilha Leonardi; Mari Teresa Molinari; Elen Gongora Moreira


James Baldwin und das Rassenproblem in den USA. Unterrichtsprojekt zum Komplex "Texte und ihre gesellschaftliche Bedingtheit" (James Baldwin and the Race Problem in the USA. Teaching Project in the Series "Texts and their Social Context")  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Reports on an 18-hour teaching project with students at a teachers' college. Four Baldwin texts were used. Questions considered included whether Baldwin's treatment of the race problem reveals any changes or shifts of emphasis. Suggestions are made for adaptation to teaching in grades 11-13. (Text is in German.) (IFS/WGA)

Kerschgens, Edda




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The problem of the drought of the Northeast refers to the bad distribution of the regime of rains, where the year variation for year of the rain is very big, could rain few times, but with high intensities or, then, to present low intensities during a long period of time, could be observed those observations in the basin of the

Paula Lima Marques da Silva; Otto Corrêa; Rotunno Filho; Isimar de Azevedo Santos; Cláudio Freitas Neves


Non-fusion stabilization of the lumbar spine in the case of degenerative diseases with a dynamic pedicle screw rod Estabilização dinâmica da coluna lombar no tratamento das doenças degenerativas ARTIGO ORIGINAL \\/ ORIGINAL ARTICLE  

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Objective: To compare the results of the posterior non-fusion stabilizations and fusion in the treatment of painful degenerative diseases of the lumbar spine. Methods: Cosmic is a dynamic non-fusion pedicle screw rod system for the stabilization of the lumbar vertebral column. The hinged pedicle screw provides for the load being shared between the implant and the vertebral column and allows

Archibald von Strempel; Christoph Stoss; Dieter Moosmann; Arno Martin


Das ZI ist Collaborating Centre der Weltgesundheitsorganisation (WHO) und Mitglied im Verbund Klinisch-Biomedizinischer Forschung (KBF) Central Institute of Mental Health (CIMH): Drinking during puberty increases the risk of  

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persistent effects on the still developing brain, which may in some cases even result in neuropsychiatric puberty increases the risk of later alcohol problems Puberty, the time period during which sexual maturity is achieved, is a very critical developmental period due to ongoing neurodevelopmental processes in the brain

Heermann, Dieter W.


Análise comparativa e teste empírico da validade dos modelos CAPM tradicional e condicional: o caso das ações da Petrobrás Comparative analysis and empiric test of the validity of tradicional CAPM model: the case of Petrobrás shares  

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The objective of this article is to do a comparative analysis of traditional and conditional CAPM models and to test their validity using Petrobras preferential shares. The used methodology was the one of esteeming the model firstly traditional CAPM, through the method of the ordinary Minima square and, afterwards considered the conditional model, also called GARCH-M. In both models the

Janaína da Silva Alves


O processo de parto e nascimento: visão das mulheres que possuem convênio saúde na perspectiva da fenomenologia social The process of labor and birth: a view from woman who have private healthcare plans in a social phenomenology perspective  

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Objective: This is a qualitative study with the goal of understanding the labor and childbirth process in the perspective of women being admitted to a private institution and covered by a health care plan. Methods: According to the following directive questions: How did you feel during the delivery process? Tell me about the assistance given to you. Did it take

Miriam Aparecida; Barbosa Merighi; Geraldo Mota de Carvalho; Vivian Pontes


Li NMR study of heavy-fermion LiV2O4 containing magnetic defects X. Zong, S. Das, F. Borsa,* M. D. Vannette, R. Prozorov, J. Schmalian, and D. C. Johnston  

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and 310 times those of a free electron gas, respectively, assuming each vanadium atom contributes 1.5 free for a free electron gas. Recently, we found that the low temperature 7 Li NMR properties of polycrystalline temperatures. Both the 7 Li NMR spectrum and nuclear spin-lattice relaxation rate are inhomogeneous


Freiluftschulen: Eine Historisch-Padagogische Randerscheinung als Reflex Sozial-Historischer Modernisierungsprozesse? Das Beispiel Belgiens (Open-Air Schools: A Marginal Appearance in Pedagogical History as a Reflection of Socio-Historical Processes of Modernization? The Example of Belgium).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Discusses the history of open-air schools using an evaluation of Belgian schools. Expounds on the complex relationship between educational space and the educational act, and between traditional and progressive education. Demonstrates that open-air schools provided the same education as traditional schools and were not a real alternative for…

Depaepe, Marc; Simon, Frank



Das Licht am Ende des Tunnels: Motivationsstrukturen fur den Deutschunterricht Reflexionen uber ein altes und stets neues Problem (The Light at the End of the Tunnel: Structures for Motivating German Teaching. Reflections on an Old and Continually New Problem).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Argues that despite the decline in enrollments in German at elementary and secondary schools and colleges and universities, there is reason to hope that interest can be invigorated. Suggests that there are easy instructional methods and materials for developing a new motivation in learning the language. (Author/VWL)

Classen, Albrecht



O Código de Ética das Organizações Bancárias: Uma Análise do Discurso Ético dos Bancos Comerciais The ethics codes of banking organizations: an analysis the ethics speech of commercial banks  

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This paper has as objective to analyze the contained ethical speeches in the codes of ethics of the financial organizations that haven its available codes of ethics for public consultation. We select a universe amostral of seven financial organizations, being that we will go to display four institutions studied suntil the moment: Banco Santander, Banco Itaú, Banco do Brasil, e

Ana Paula Megiolaro; Arthur Meucci


Lehrer in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Eine Kritische Analyse Statistischer Daten uber das Lehrpersonal an Allgemeinbildenden Schulen. (Education in the Federal Republic of Germany. A Statistical Study of Teachers in Schools of General Education.)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The purpose of this study was to analyze the available statistics concerning teachers in schools of general education in the Federal Republic of Germany. An analysis of the demographic structure of the pool of full-time teachers showed that in 1971 30 percent of the teachers were under age 30, and 50 percent were under age 35. It was expected that…

Kohler, Helmut


Noted for his âÂÂbold use of simple materialsâÂÂ, Brazilian architect is awarded Pritzker Prize  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

NPR: Da Rocha Receives Pritzker Prize for Architecture [Real Player] of the modern megalopolis Pritzker Architecture Prize [pdf] Architecture Databasehttp://www.archinform.netChicago Architects Oral History Project [pdf] the past few decades, architects have increasingly garnered attention from the mainstream media, and some have attracted quite a cult following, including such âÂÂstarchitectsâ as Norman Foster and Frank Gehry. The best-known prize for outstanding achievement in this field of human endeavor is the Pritzker Prize, established in 1979 by the Hyatt Foundation. This week, the Foundation announced that this yearâÂÂs honoree was Mendes da Rocha, a Brazilian architect known for his own creative interpretation of the brutalist style of architecture. While some may associate this style of architecture with the cold and seemingly distant works of Walter Netsch and others, the citation offered by the award committee noted that his work was âÂÂguided by a sense of responsibility toward the residents of his buildings and the broader society.â His work does show a great fondness for the use of concrete, as he has constructed stadiums, houses, and even a chapel of this sometimes harsh material. Commenting on the award, Nicolai Ouroussoff, architecture critic for The New York Times, remarked that âÂÂThereâÂÂs a strain of brutalism in his work, but thereâÂÂs also a sense of nature and the relationship between indoor and outdoor space, but he stayed true to those values all the way through.â This first link takes users to an article from this TuesdayâÂÂs Architectural Record about RochaâÂÂs architectural vision and the Pritzker Prize. The second link leads to a piece from National Public Radio about RochaâÂÂs architectural philosophy, offered by Edward Lifson. The third link will take users to an article from the Financial Times, which provides some material on how RochaâÂÂs work interacts with changing sensibilities about contemporary urbanism. The fourth link leads to the homepage of the Pritzker Architecture Prize. Here visitors can learn about the history of the award and read the complete citation for this yearâÂÂs award. The fifth link leads to the rather tremendous and helpful International Architecture Database, which contains material on 14,000 different architectural projects. The final link leads to the homepage of the Chicago Architects Oral History Project at The Art Institute of Chicago. With a click of their mouse, visitors can read engaging interviews with such notable Windy City architects as Carter Manny, Bertrand Goldberg, and Stanley Tigerman.

Grinnell, Max



76 FR 56322 - Fisheries of the Northeastern United States; Northeast (NE) Multispecies Fishery; Framework...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...on May 1, 2011. The differential DAS rate for the Offshore GB Differential DAS area will remain at...adjustments to the common pool differential DAS rate are likely based...2011 (see Table 1). Calculation of potential...



C. Stary (Hrsg.): Mensch & Computer 2005: Kunst und Wissenschaft Grenzberschreitungen der interaktiven ART. Mnchen: Oldenbourg Verlag. 2005, S. 43-47  

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intuitiv, effektiv und machen ultimativ vielleicht sogar Spa�. Dazu lohnt es sich, über die Maus und das waren und sind die Maus und das Keyboard; das Standarddisplay ist der Bildschirm. Audio wird zum

Beckhaus, Steffi


Die Biosynthese cytotoxischer Lignane aus Linum nodiflorum L. (Linaceae): ß-Peltatin 6-O-Methyltransferase.  

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??Lignane sind im Pflanzenreich weit verbreitete phenolische Sekundärstoffe, von denen Vertreter mit cytotoxischer, antimykotischer und antimikrobieller Wirkung bekannt sind. Das Aryltetralinlignan Podophyllotoxin, das aus Podophyllum… (more)

Kranz, Kerstin



Präpositionsergänzung als ein häufiger Fehlerbereich.  

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??Untersuchungsgegenstand der Diplomarbeit ist das grammatische Phänomen Präpositionalergänzung. Im Zentrum stand die Frage, worin es begründet liegt, dass das besagte Phänomen in der Praxis des… (more)

Kovacevic, Majda



Estudo bacteriologico de canais radiculares associados a abcessos periapicais.  

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??Canais radiculares infectados tipicamente abrigam uma microbiota mista, composta principalmente por espécies anaeróbias. O papel das bactérias e seus subprodutos no desenvolvimento e perpetuação das… (more)

Ezilmara Leonor Rolim de



Contribuição ao conhecimento taxonômico de Terebellidae e Trichobranchidae (Annelida: Polychaeta) da região Sudeste-Sul do Brasil.  

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??A presente Dissertação é resultado de um levantamento taxonômico das espécies de poliquetas das famílias Terebellidae e Trichobranchidae, coletadas pelos projetos \\"A Biodiversidade de Poliquetas… (more)

Tarsila Montrezoro Alves



Entterritorialer Terrorismus.  

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??In der vorliegenden Arbeit wird versucht, die Transnationalisierung von terroristischen Organisationen am Beispiel der Al Qaida zu analysieren. Weiters wird das global agierende Netzwerk, das… (more)

Kaipel, Simone Christina



Atraumatic extraction and immediate implant installation: The importance of maintaining the contour gingival tissues  

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There is an accelerated resorption in the first six months after the extraction of the dental element, both horizontally and vertically. These clinical changes normally undertake the aesthetic result of prosthetic rehabilitation, and implant installation after the extraction can be a resource to decrease resorption. The clinical case described in this paper demonstrates a sequence of clinical atraumatic extraction, and then the Immediate installation provisionalization. It is concluded that when carefully indicated and planned, this technique can provide an immediate result promising with maintaining the tooth gingival contour. How to cite this article: Tavarez RR, Machado dos Reis WL, Rocha AT, Firoozmand LM, Bandéca MC, Tonetto MR, Malheiros AS. Atraumatic extraction and immediate implant installation: The importance of maintaining the contour gingival tissues. J Int Oral Health 2013; 5(6):113-8 . PMID:24453455

Tavarez, Rudys Rodolfo De Jesus; dos Reis, Washigton Luís Machado; Rocha, Adrycila Teixeira; Firoozmand, Leily Macedo; Bandéca, Matheus Coêlho; Tonetto, Mateus Rodrigues; Malheiros, Adriana Santos



Holographic bulk viscosity: GPR vs EO  

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Recently Eling and Oz (EO) proposed a formula for the holographic bulk viscosity, in arXiv:1103.1657, derived from the null horizon focusing equation. This formula seems different from that obtained earlier by Gubser, Pufu and Rocha (GPR) in arXiv:0806.0407 calculated from the IR limit of the two-point function of the trace of the stress tensor. The two were shown to agree only for some simple scaling cases. We point out that the two formulae agree in two non-trivial holographic theories describing RG flows. The first is the strongly coupled N=2* gauge theory plasma. The second is the semi-phenomenological model of Improved Holographic QCD.

Alex Buchel; Umut Gursoy; Elias Kiritsis



Bayesian Methods in Cosmology  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Preface; Part I. Methods: 1. Foundations and algorithms John Skilling; 2. Simple applications of Bayesian methods D. S. Sivia and Steve Rawlings; 3. Parameter estimation using Monte Carlo sampling Antony Lewis and Sarah Bridle; 4. Model selection and multi-model interference Andrew R. Liddle, Pia Mukherjee and David Parkinson; 5. Bayesian experimental design and model selection forecasting Roberto Trotta, Martin Kunz, Pia Mukherjee and David Parkinson; 6. Signal separation in cosmology M. P. Hobson, M. A. J. Ashdown and V. Stolyarov; Part II. Applications: 7. Bayesian source extraction M. P. Hobson, Graça Rocha and R. Savage; 8. Flux measurement Daniel Mortlock; 9. Gravitational wave astronomy Neil Cornish; 10. Bayesian analysis of cosmic microwave background data Andrew H. Jaffe; 11. Bayesian multilevel modelling of cosmological populations Thomas J. Loredo and Martin A. Hendry; 12. A Bayesian approach to galaxy evolution studies Stefano Andreon; 13. Photometric redshift estimation: methods and applications Ofer Lahav, Filipe B. Abdalla and Manda Banerji; Index.

Hobson, Michael P.; Jaffe, Andrew H.; Liddle, Andrew R.; Mukherjee, Pia; Parkinson, David



Quadruped robots' modular trajectories: Stability issues  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Pinto, Santos, Rocha and Matos [13, 12] study a CPG model for the generation of modular trajectories of quadruped robots. They consider that each movement is composed of two types of primitives: rhythmic and discrete. The rhythmic primitive models the periodic patterns and the discrete primitive is inserted as a perturbation of those patterns. In this paper we begin to tackle numerically the problem of the stability of that mathematical model. We observe that if the discrete part is inserted in all limbs, with equal values, and as an offset of the rhythmic part, the obtained gait is stable and has the same spatial and spatio-temporal symmetry groups as the purely rhythmic gait, differing only on the value of the offset.

Pinto, Carla M. A.



Environmental Dynamics as a Structuring Factor for Microbial Carbon Utilization in a Subtropical Coastal Lagoon  

PubMed Central

Laguna de Rocha belongs to a series of shallow coastal lagoons located along South America. It is periodically connected to the sea through a sand bar, exhibiting a hydrological cycle where physicochemical and biological gradients are rapidly established and destroyed. Its most frequent state is the separation of a Northern zone with low salinity, high turbidity and nutrient load, and extensive macrophyte growth, and a Southern zone with higher salinity and light penetration, and low nutrient content and macrophyte biomass. This zonation is reflected in microbial assemblages with contrasting abundance, activity, and community composition. The physicochemical conditions exerted a strong influence on community composition, and transplanted assemblages rapidly transformed to resembling the community of the recipient environment. Moreover, the major bacterial groups responded differently to their passage between the zones, being either stimulated or inhibited by the environmental changes, and exhibiting contrasting sensitivities to gradients. Addition of allochthonous carbon sources induced pronounced shifts in the bacterial communities, which in turn affected the microbial trophic web by stimulating heterotrophic flagellates and virus production. By contrast, addition of organic and inorganic nutrient sources (P or N) did not have significant effects. Altogether, our results suggest that (i) the planktonic microbial assemblage of this lagoon is predominantly carbon-limited, (ii) different bacterial groups cope differently with this constraint, and (iii) the hydrological cycle of the lagoon plays a key role for the alleviation or aggravation of bacterial carbon limitation. Based on these findings we propose a model of how hydrology affects the composition of bacterioplankton and of carbon processing in Laguna de Rocha. This might serve as a starting hypothesis for further studies about the microbial ecology of this lagoon, and of comparable transitional systems. PMID:23423262

Alonso, Cecilia; Piccini, Claudia; Unrein, Fernando; Bertoglio, Florencia; Conde, Daniel; Pernthaler, Jakob



Silikone in der Medizin  

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Der Beitrag, den das Silizium im Rahmen der Entwicklung der modernen Technologien leistet, ist so bedeutend, daß alle von ihm abgeleiteten Materialien uns hochmodern erscheinen. Das in der Natur in Form von Kieselerde und Silikat in Sand und Felsgestein vorkommende Silizium ist imgrunde, gleich nach dem Sauerstoff, das auf der Erde am häufigsten vorhandene Element. Jedoch sind allein das kristalline

François Briquet; André Colas; Xavier Thomas; Dow Corning France


EFEITO DO pH DA ÁGUA DE EMBEBIÇÃO E DO TRINCAMENTO DAS SEMENTES DE MARACUJAZEIRO AMARELO NA GERMINAÇÃO E DESENV OLVIMENT O INICIAL Effect of water pH of soaking and of cracking of the seeds of the yellow passion fruit in the germination and initial development  

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The passion fruit plant is among the main fruits cultivated in the country, being the sowing of seeds the predominant method in the production of seedlings. The aimed of this work was to evaluate the effect of the water pH of soaking and of the cracking of the seeds on the germination and initial development processes of the yellow passion

Américo Wagner Júnior; Rodrigo Sobreira Alexandre; Leonardo Duarte Pimentel; Claudio Horst Bruckner



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Although recent, the technique for the determination of wood color through the quantitative colorimetry seems to be efficient. The CIELAB 1976 system cuhich determines the L *, a *, b *, C and h * colorimetric parameters, seemed to be efficient for the determination of the color of the muirapiranga wood (Brosimum rubescens) and of rubbertree (Hevea brasiliensis, clone Tjir

Cristine da Silva Autran; Joaquim Carlos Gonçalez



Consumo voluntário e digestibilidade aparente da matéria seca, matéria orgânica, energia e parede celular das silagens de quatro genótipos de girassol (Helianthus annus) (Voluntary intake and apparent digestibility of dry matter, organic matter, energy and cell wall components of silages of four sunflower (Helianthus annus) genotypes)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Voluntary intake and apparent digestibility of dry matter, organic matter, energy and cell wall components in silages of four sunflower genotypes (Rumbosol 91, M734, C11 and S430) were evaluated using 20 lambs in metabolic cages. A completely randomized design was used with four treatments and five replicates. No differences were observed among genotypes for dry matter, organic matter, digestible or

L. C. Gonçalves; J. A. S. Rodrigues; N. M. Rodriguez; B. M. Sousa


COSTBI-1009; NO. OF PAGES 10 Please cite this article in press as: Bida JP, Das R. Squaring theory with practice in RNA design, Curr Opin Struct Biol (2012),  

E-print Network

of noncanonical RNA motifs, and geometric closure -- have enabled these successful applications. Going beyond of natural RNA systems [3] and the design of DNA devices [4]. We illustrate these ideas with an `RNA square, and structures. Many of these molecules' functions are due to small (4­15 nucleotide) RNA motifs with non-canonical

Das, Rhiju


Epidemiological study on leishmaniasis in an area of environmental tourism and ecotourism, State of Mato Grosso do Sul, 2006-2007 Estudo epidemiológico das leishmanioses em área de turismo ambiental e ecoturismo, Estado de Mato Grosso do Sul, 2006-2007  

Microsoft Academic Search

The aims of this study were to carry out a serological survey of canine leishmaniasis and identify the phlebotomine fauna in the urban area of Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul. The serological survey was conducted on a sample of 303 dogs, by means of the indirect immunofluorescence test. Phlebotomines were captured using automated light traps. The serological survey found that

Ana Rachel; Oliveira de Andrade; Vânia Lúcia Brandão Nunes; Eunice Aparecida; Bianchi Galati; Carla Cardozo; Pinto de Arruda; Mirella Ferreira da Cunha Santos; Maria Elizabeth Gizi Rocca; Ricardo Braga Aquino



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RESUMO: O objetivo deste trabalho é identificar apoios sociais, redes e papéis em famílias de docentes de enfermagem, utilizando a fundamentação teórica sobre promoção de saúde em enfermagem familiar. O cenário deste estudo constituiu-se de um Curso de Graduação em Enfermagem de uma Universidade do Brasil. Selecionaram-se como sujeitos deste estudo três famílias de enfermeiras docentes responsáveis por disciplinas do

Jaqueline Dias; Lucila Castanheira Nascimento; Iranilde José Messias Mendes; Semiramis Melani; Melo Rocha; Nascimento LC; Mendes IJM; Rocha SMM



(Prelimiary Conditions Determining the Optimum Spacing of the Diamond Drilling in some Uranium Deposiets of the Portugese Continent). Note No. 23; CONDICOES PRELIMINARES QUE DETERMINAM O ESPACAMENTO OPTIMO DAS SONDAGENS EM ALGUNS JAZIGOS DE URANIO DO CONTINENTE PORTUGES. Memoria No. 23  

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Diamond drilling has been practiced for the reconnaissance of uranium ; deposits in the continent, at-40,-80, and-120 meters. The spacing of the drill-; holes, which generally vary between 10 and 40 meters, is determined by the ; preliminary conditions which refer to the morphological and metalogenical ; characteristics of the deposits, the dimensions of the ore bodies and the ;




The void comprises everything - natural philosophy and science in Otto von Guericke's proof of existence of empty and infinite space. (German Title: Alles umfasst es, das Nichts - Naturphilosophie und Naturwissenschaft im Existenzbeweis des leeren und unendlichen Weltraums bei Otto von Guericke)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Otto von Guericke showed in his book Experimenta nova (ut vocantur) Magdeburgica de vacuo spatio that space is an infinite void. This contribution illustrates how Guericke mixed natural philosophy and natural science in his argumentation with each other.

Peter Gabriel



The void comprises everything - natural philosophy and science in Otto von Guericke's proof of existence of empty and infinite space. (German Title: Alles umfasst es, das Nichts - Naturphilosophie und Naturwissenschaft im Existenzbeweis des leeren und unendlichen Weltraums bei Otto von Guericke)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Otto von Guericke showed in his book Experimenta nova (ut vocantur) Magdeburgica de vacuo spatio that space is an infinite void. This contribution illustrates how Guericke mixed natural philosophy and natural science in his argumentation with each other.

Gabriel, Peter



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This is a qualitative research that aimed to investigate Brazilian Landless Workers Movement women's access to pre-natal care and cervical cancer prevention. Interviews were done in 2005 with five women in the city of Cajamar, Brazil. The thematic analysis of content made it possible to evidence that access barriers such as territorial delimitation and geographical distance let women use false

Sayuri Tanaka Maeda; Ana Luiza; Vilela Borges; Eunice Nakamura; Daniela Miyahiro; Lucila Fernandes Silva



Capacity Scaling with Multiple Radios and Multiple Channels in Wireless Mesh Networks  

E-print Network

, Arindam K. Das, Rajiv Vijayakumar, Hamed M. K. Alazemi, Hui Ma and Eman Alotaibi Abstract-- Many portable, Seattle, WA 98195. e- mails: {roy, eman76, mahui} A.K. Das is a Post Doctoral Research

Roy, Sumit


Aktuelle Trends : Erkenntnisse aus ifo-Umfragen  

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1998 befragte das ifo-Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung über 1000 Industrieunternehmen des verarbeitenden Gewerbes zu den Entwicklungstendenzen der strategischen Unternehmensplanung und Unternehmensführung in Deutschland. Der vorliegende Beitrag stützt sich massgeblich auf das Buch \\

Dietger Hahn; Karl H. Oppenländer; Gernot Nerb



4 / 2 0 0 7 M A X P L A N C K F O R S C H U N G 3 Aufbruch Es war trotz des kleinen  

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Wirtschaftsfaktor geschätzt werden. Am Standort West Palm Beach werden wir mit dem renommierten Scripps Institute wird. Da auch das County Palm Beach einen etwa gleich hohen Anteil beiträgt, ist das Projekt nun


Laduma -Tooooooooooooooor! Krieg und Frieden am Hindukusch  

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"FUmanoids" herkommen. Das Team der HTWK Leipzig war meines Wissens zweiter der Deutschen Meisterschaften im.06.2008 Kampf der Menschheit mit den Tormaschinen Das Duell Mensch gegen Maschine geht in eine neue Runde. Am

Stryk, Oskar von


Kmmern am Krankenbett Wohin im Praktischen Jahr? Die Lehrkrankenhuser der MHH stellen sich vor, Folge 18  

E-print Network Erste ,,Master of Lingual Orthodontics" mit Lehrenden: Professor Dr. Rainer Schwestka-Polly, Dr. Andrea Orthodontics": Erster Jahrgang beendete das Weiterbildungsstudium Akademisches Lehrkrankenhaus der MHH: Das

Manstein, Dietmar J.


21 CFR 510.600 - Names, addresses, and drug labeler codes of sponsors of approved applications.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2014 CFR

...Jardim das Bandeiras, CEP 13053-120, Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil 060728 Provimi North America, Inc., 6531 State Rte...Jardim das Bandeiras, CEP 13053-120, Campinas, Sao Alto, Brazil. 060865 Anika Therapeutics Inc., 236 West Cummings...



21 CFR 510.600 - Names, addresses, and drug labeler codes of sponsors of approved applications.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...Jardim das Bandeiras, CEP 13053-120, Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil 060728 Provimi North America, Inc., 6531 State Rte...Jardim das Bandeiras, CEP 13053-120, Campinas, Sao Alto, Brazil. 060865 Anika Therapeutics Inc., 236 West Cummings...



21 CFR 510.600 - Names, addresses, and drug labeler codes of sponsors of approved applications.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2012 CFR

...Jardim das Bandeiras, CEP 13053-120, Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil 060728 Provimi North America, Inc., 6531 State Rte...Jardim das Bandeiras, CEP 13053-120, Campinas, Sao Alto, Brazil. 060865 Anika Therapeutics Inc., 236 West Cummings...



21 CFR 510.600 - Names, addresses, and drug labeler codes of sponsors of approved applications.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2011 CFR

...Jardim das Bandeiras, CEP 13053-120, Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil 060728 Provimi North America, Inc., 6531 State Rte...Jardim das Bandeiras, CEP 13053-120, Campinas, Sao Alto, Brazil. 060865 Anika Therapeutics Inc., 236 West Cummings...



Bioelektrische Signale  

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Luigi Galvani, Anatom an der Universität Bologna, beobachtete 1789 wie ein enthäutetes Froschbein, das mit einem Kupferhaken\\u000a nahe dem Balkongeländer aufgehängt war, jedes Mal zusammenzuckte, wenn das Bein mit dem Eisengeländer in Berührung kam.

Werner Müller; Stephan Frings


RESEARCH Real Analysis Exchange Vol. 37(2), 2011/2012, pp. 389410  

E-print Network Pratulananda Das, Department of Mathematics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata-700032, West Bengal, India. email of Athens, Jadavpur and Perugia. 389 #12;390 A. Boccuto, P. Das, X. Dimitriou and N. Papanastassiou

Boccuto, Antonio


Modified TCP Congestion Control Algorithm for Throughput Enhancement in Wired-cum-Wireless Networks  

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Rajesh Roy Dept of CSE, Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India; Sudipto Das Dept of CSE, Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India;, Anup K Ghosh IBM India Pvt Ltd

California at Santa Barbara, University of


Penicilline in der Veterinärmedizin : eine klinisch-pharmakologische Evaluation mit Integration der Ergebnisse im Arzneimittelinformationssystem CliniPharm.  

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??Das Institut für Veterinärpharmakologie und Toxikologie der Universität Zürich lancierte im Jahre 1988 das Projekt CliniPharm/CliniTox, ein computerunterstütztes Informationssystem für die veterinärmedizinische Pharmakotherapie und Toxikologie,… (more)

Haltinner, Ursina



YouTube und Kinder.  

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??Das Phänomen YouTube, als Inbegriff eines Videoportals, das alle Eigenschaften einer Web 2.0-Anwendung erfüllt, betrifft nicht nur erwachsene Mediennutzer, sondern ganz besonders auch Kinder. Der… (more)

Blaimschein, Sarah



Theory of many-body effects in the Kondo-lattice model.  

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??Das magnetische Verhalten zahlreicher Materialien lässt sich auf eine indirekte Wechselwirkung lokalisierter magnetischer Momente, vermittelt durch die Elektronen eines Leitungsbandes, zurückführen. Das Kondo-Gitter-Modell hat sich… (more)

Hickel, Tilmann



Die fermentative Spaltung des Acetylcholins  

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Zusammenfassung Es wird eine neue Methode zum Nachweis des Fermentes, das Acetylcholin in Cholin und Essigsäure hydrolysiert, die Cholinesterase, beschrieben. Das Verfahren ist nach derWarburgschen Methode aufgebaut.

R. Ammon



Ein integriertes Gesamtmodell eines Lebensversicherungsunternehmens — Ansatz zur Unternehmensplanung in der Lebensversicherung — Übersichtsartikel  

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Zusammenfassung Es wird ein Modell vorgestellt, das alle wesentlichen quantitativen Zusammenhänge eines Lebensversicherungsunternehmens beschreibt und Basis der mittelfristigen Unternehmensplanung ist.

P. Gessner



The \\  

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Mit geradezu magischer Intensität werden wir in den letzten Monaten von einem medialen Feuerwerk gefesselt, das durch unzählige Veröffentlichungen, Dokumentationen, Veranstaltungen und Tagungen das Epochenjahr 1989 feiert. Jubiläen haben einen zwiespältigen Charakter. Einerseits verstellen sie oftmals den Blick auf die zu erinnernden Ereignisse, sind funktionalisierte Selbstinszenierungen und sagen so mehr über das Heute und Jetzt als über die Vergangenheit aus.

Rainer Gries; János Mátyás Kovács; Dieter Segert; Wien Wien


Strahlteilungs- und Interferenzexperimente mit Photonenpaaren  

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Wir führen eine Reihe von elementaren optischen Experimenten mit einem nichtklassischen Lichtfeld durch, das über parametrische Fluoreszenz erzeugt wird und die Besonderheit aufweist, daß die Photonen ausschließlich paarweise auftreten. Beim Auftreffen auf einen verlustfreien, teildurchlässigen Spiegel werden die Photonen eines Paares gemäß einer Binomialverteilung auf das reflektierte und das transmittierte Bündel verteilt. Dieses Ergebnis ist unabhängig vom Kohärenzgrad. Die beobachtete

J. Brendel; R. Lange; E. Mohler; W. Martienssen




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Resumo? Durante os últimos anos, a evolução das redes fieldbus, em conjunto com a simplificação das redes tradicionais de computadores, permitiu a integração de diferentes sistemas de comunicação tanto dentro das células de produção, quanto entre células de produção e outros sistemas para gerência inteligente, supervisão e controle. Várias tecnologias de comunicação já existem atualmente para redes públicas e não-públicas



zur Feier des 20-jährigen Bestehens der Elterninitiative Intern 3 im Dr. von Haunerschen Kinderspital München e.V  

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Wenn Kinder an Krebs erkranken, bedeutet das nicht nur für sie und ihre Lebenssituation, sondern darüber hinaus auch für das ganze familiäre Umfeld einen tiefen Einschnitt. Oftmals wird das Leben aller Familienmitglieder, Eltern wie Geschwister, schwer belastet. Der Alltag ist ein anderer geworden, alles dreht sich nur noch um die Krankheit und den Kräfte zehrenden Kampf gegen sie. Unterschiedlichste Probleme

Thomas Goppel


Dilemas Teóricos no Processo de Construção da Cultura Organizacional  

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Resumo Considerada uma das problemáticas mais estudadas no domínio da sociologia das organizações, a cultura organizacional padece, contudo, de um déficit de reflexão sobre as suas raízes teórico-disciplinares. Apesar de várias investidas na análise da sua génese e evolução histórica, não se conhecem estudos focalizados na abordagem das condições de produção desta problemática e no debate sobre os sentidos teóricos

Leonor Lima Torres


O \\  

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247 A problemática das linguagens como modalidades de exercício de poder, de diferenciação e de dominação tem estado constantemente presente nas agendas dos estudos feministas em geral e das abordagens feministas do direi- to em particular. De acordo com essas perspectivas, uma das formas de poder de que se socorre o aparelho jurídico reside, precisamente, no que esta instân- cia

Helena Machado


24 CFR 17.109 - Review procedures.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

(1) The appropriate Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) or designee conducts the hearing. The DAS or designee will take steps necessary to ensure that the hearing is conducted in a fair and expeditious manner. If necessary, the DAS or designee may administer oaths of...



Die Bedeutung äusserer Einflüsse und der Corpora allata bei der Afterweiselentstehung von Apis mellifica  

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1.Vorhandensein oder Fehlen der Königin hat keinen direkten Einfluß auf die Afterweiselentstehung. Bei Anwesenheit einer in einem Drahtkäfig eingesperrten Königin fühlt sich das Volk weiselrichtig. Ist ein Volk durch eine Sperrzone, ein Interzonenvolk, oder durch ein einfaches Gitter in ein königinnahes und -fernes Abteil getrennt, so fühlt sich das letztere weisellos.2.Ausschlaggebend für die Entstehung vergrößerter Ovarien ist das Fehlen offener

A. Müssbichler



Blutpräparate und therapeutische Anwendung (Hämotherapie)  

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Die Geschichte der Blutübertragung lässt sich bis in das Altertum verfolgen - wenn auch hier das Blut nicht in die Blutgefäße eingebracht, sondern als Trank verabreicht wurde. Im alten Rom stürmten die Zuschauer in die Kampfarena, um das Blut verletzter Gladiatoren zu trinken, in dem Gedanken, deren Stärke würde in sie überfließen. So wurden auch Greise mit dem Blut von

Jürgen Burkhart; Rainer Leimbach; Detlev Nagl; Franz Weinauer



Wissenschaftliches Approximation  

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' am Digitalcomputer Archimedes und die Berechnung von = 3.14159 . . . Das leidige Integral Das Einleitung: `Alles ist Zahl' am Digitalcomputer Archimedes und die Berechnung von = 3.14159 . . . Das Approximation als SparmaÃ?nahme Anhang Ã?berblick Einleitung: `Alles ist Zahl' am Digitalcomputer Archimedes und

Auzinger, Winfried


Eingabe der Adresse:  

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auf den Button ,,Login" zu klicken. Dienstgang Bei einem Dienstgang ist das Feld DG mit der Maus zu ist das Feld AG mit der Maus zu klicken daraufhin wird eine ,,Arztgang geht" - Buchung im System ist das Feld KR mit der Maus zu klicken daraufhin wird eine ,,Krank ab jetzt" - Buchung im System

Ullmann, G. Matthias


A study on the effect of few eco-friendly manures on the growth attributes of carrot (Daucus carota L.).  


A pot culture study was carried out at Avinashilingam Deemed University, Coimbatore to assess the effect of few organic manures (herbal microfertilizer, humic acid, farm yard manure (FYM), biofertilizer) and NPK on the growth attributes of carrot. Among the parameters observed, the germination percentage was highest in FYM treated pots on 7 DAS (Days After Sowing) and in NPK treated pots on 21, 28 and 30 DAS. The parameters, such as root length, crown length and vigour index, were studied on 30, 60, 90 and 120 DAS. The root length on 60 and 120 DAS was increased by FYM, whereas on 30 and 90 DAS, increase was observed in NPK treated plants. The crown length was increased by NPK on 30 and 120 DAS, micro herbal fertilizer showed an increase of crown length on 60 DAS and by FYM on 90 DAS. Highest vigour was in FYM treated plants on 30 DAS, in herbal micro fertilizer on 60 DAS in NPK treatment on 90 and 120 DAS. PMID:21114148

Vijayakumari, B; Yadav, R Hiranmai; Sowmya, M



The Distributed Annotation System  

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Background Currently, most genome annotation is curated by centralized groups with limited resources. Efforts to share annotations transparently among multiple groups have not yet been satisfactory. Results Here we introduce a concept called the Distributed Annotation System (DAS). DAS allows sequence annotations to be decentralized among multiple third-party annotators and integrated on an as-needed basis by client-side software. The communication between client and servers in DAS is defined by the DAS XML specification. Annotations are displayed in layers, one per server. Any client or server adhering to the DAS XML specification can participate in the system; we describe a simple prototype client and server example. Conclusions The DAS specification is being used experimentally by Ensembl, WormBase, and the Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project. Continued success will depend on the readiness of the research community to adopt DAS and provide annotations. All components are freely available from the project website . PMID:11667947

Dowell, Robin D; Jokerst, Rodney M; Day, Allen; Eddy, Sean R; Stein, Lincoln



Integrating protein annotation resources through the Distributed Annotation System.  


Using the Distributed Annotation System (DAS) we have created a protein annotation resource available at our web page:, as a part of the BioSapiens Network of Excellence EU FP6 project. The DAS protocol allows us to gather layers of annotation data for a given sequence and thereby gain an overview of the sequence's features. A user-friendly graphical client has also been developed (, which demonstrates the possibility of integrating DAS annotation data from multiple sources into a simple graphical view. The client displays protein feature annotations from the Center for Biological Sequence Analysis as well as from the BioSapiens reference UniProt server ( at the European Bioinformatics Institute. Other DAS data sources for protein annotation will be added as they become available. PMID:15980514

Olason, Páll Isólfur



Self-interaction errors in density functional calculations of electronic transport  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

All density functional (DFT) calculations of single-molecule transport to date have used continuous exchange-correlation approximations, such as the local density approximation (LDA) or the generalized gradient approximation (GGA). These usually provide a good description of metallic systems, but fail in predicting the correct I-V curve for molecules weakly coupled to the current/voltage probes. Most of the problem can be attributed to the lack of the derivative discontinuity of the DFT potential in local approximations. These in fact continuously connect the orbital levels for different integer occupations, leading to qualitative errors such as the erroneous prediction of the dissociation of heteronuclear molecules into fractionally charged ions In this talk I will first describe the typical errors arising from neglecting the derivative discontinuity in transport calculations [1], namely the erroneous prediction of metallic transport for insulating molecules. Then I will present a simple and computationally undemanding atomic self-interaction correction scheme for transport. This preserves the computational and conceptual simplicity of standard LDA, and nevertheless re-introduces part of the derivative discontinuity. The method is implemented in our quantum transport code Smeagol [2] (www. and several examples will be given. [1] C.Toher, A.Filippetti, S.Sanvito, and K.Burke, Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 146402, (2005). [2] A.R.Rocha, V.M.Garcia Suarez, S.W.Bailey, C.J.Lambert, J.Ferrer, and S.Sanvito, cond-mat/0510083

Sanvito, Stefano



Ediacaran in Uruguay: Facts and controversies  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Ediacaran of Uruguay has been regarded as containing a significant geological and paleontological record, which would make these successions critical to unraveling diverse aspects regarding the assembly of southwestern Gondwana and to understanding the conditions surrounding the rise of animal life in a period punctuated by drastic paleoenvironmental changes. However, a review of currently available data leads to the conclusion that, although variable, the stratigraphy, distribution and age of these units remain ambiguous. The same is true for existing basin models and tectonic evolution, which show different and sometimes contradicting supporting evidence. Here, we propose that the Ediacaran record consists of the Maldonado Group (Playa Hermosa, Las Ventanas and San Carlos formations), and the Tacuarí, Barriga Negra, Rocha and Sierra de Aguirre formations. The Arroyo del Soldado Group (Yerbal, Polanco Limestones and Cerro Espuelitas formations) and the Arroyo de la Pedrera Group (Piedras de Afilar and Cerro Victoria formations) were likely deposited between 700 and 1000 Ma. The best available radiometric age constraints indicate intense magmatic-tectonic activity occurred between 600 and 560 Ma, incompatible with previous models suggesting a stable, Atlantic-type passive margin on this portion of southwestern Gondwana. Further research is needed in order to firmly establish a consistent litho- and chronostratigraphic framework; particularly, before attempting any regional or global correlation, and inferences on global paleoenvironmental and paleobiological events.

Aubet, Natalie R.; Pecoits, Ernesto; Heaman, Larry M.; Veroslavsky, Gerardo; Gingras, Murray K.; Konhauser, Kurt O.



A new species of Halicyclops (Copepoda, Cyclopoida, Cyclopidae) from a lagoon system of the Caribbean coast of Colombia  

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Abstract Plankton samples obtained from the lagoon system Laguna Navío Quebrado, in northern Colombia, yielded male and female specimens of an undescribed cyclopoid copepod of the genus Halicyclops. The new species belongs to the highly diverse and widely distributed thermophilus-complex. It closely resembles Halicyclops clarkei Herbst, 1982 from Louisiana and Halicyclops bowmani Rocha & Iliffe, 1993 from Bermuda. These species share the same armature of P1-P4EXP3, with a 3443 spine formula and the terminal antennary segment with 5 setae. However, Halicyclops gaviriai sp. n. can be separated from both Halicyclops clarkei and Halicyclops bowmani by the morphology of the anal pseudoperculum, the proportions of the fourth antennulary segment, the length of the inner basipodal spine of P1, the P1EXP/inner basipodal spine inner length ratio and the length/width ratio of the caudal rami. This is the third species of Halicyclops recorded from Colombia and the first one described from this country. With the addition of Halicyclops gaviriai sp. n., the number of species of Halicyclops known from the Neotropics increases to 19. The regional diversity of the genus is probably underestimated. PMID:25561852

Suárez-Morales, Eduardo; Fuentes-Reinés, Juan M.