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Two chromones from Peperomia vulcanica.  


TWO CHROMONES: 5-hydroxy-2-(14'-(E)-nonadecenyl) chromone (1) and 5-hydroxy-2-[12'-(3",4"-methylenedioxyphenyl)dodecanyl] chromone (2), together with six known compounds have been isolated from Peperomia vulcanica Baker & C. H. Wright (Piperaceae). Their structures were determined by spectroscopic analysis including 2D NMR techniques. PMID:12150802

Mbah, James A; Tchuendem, Maguerite H K; Tane, Pierre; Sterner, Olov



Bioassay-guided discovery of antibacterial agents: in vitro screening of Peperomia vulcanica, Peperomia fernandopoioana and Scleria striatinux  

PubMed Central

Background The global burden of bacterial infections is high and has been further aggravated by increasing resistance to antibiotics. In the search for novel antibacterials, three medicinal plants: Peperomia vulcanica, Peperomia fernandopoioana (Piperaceae) and Scleria striatinux (Cyperaceae), were investigated for antibacterial activity and toxicity. Methods Crude extracts of these plants were tested by the disc diffusion method against six bacterial test organisms followed by bio-assay guided fractionation, isolation and testing of pure compounds. The minimum inhibitory (MIC) and minimum bactericidal (MBC) concentrations were measured by the microdilution method. The acute toxicity of the active extracts and cytotoxicity of the active compound were performed in mice and mammalian cells, respectively. Results The diameter of the zones of inhibition (DZI) of the extracts ranged from 7–13?mm on Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus of which the methylene chloride:methanol [1:1] extract of Scleria striatinux recorded the highest activity (DZI?=?13?mm). Twenty-nine pure compounds were screened and one, Okundoperoxide, isolated from S. striatinux, recorded a DZI ranging from 10–19?mm on S. aureus. The MICs and MBCs indicated that the Peperomias had broad-spectrum bacteriostatic activity. Toxicity tests showed that Okundoperoxide may have a low risk of toxicity with an LC50 of 46.88??g/mL. Conclusions The antibacterial activity of these plants supports their use in traditional medicine. The pure compound, Okundoperoxide, may yield new antibacterial lead compounds following medicinal chemistry exploration.



Caracterização das serrarias de beneficiamento de rochas ornamentais do estado do Ceará  

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This article had as a purpose the characterization of the Sawmills of the Ceará State approaching the current characteristics, the dimension of stones, and the deficiencies of production process of the State. The research had as a main tool a technical diagnosis, performed at sawmills of Ceará through a questionnaire and direct interviews selected and created according to four categories:

Tácito Wálber; Gomes Fernandes; Antonio Misson; Nedson Godoy; Humberto Fernandes


"Tales from the Brazilian Jungle": Antonio Rocha, Storyteller. Cue Sheet for Teachers.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This performance guide is designed for teachers to use with students before and after a performance of "Tales from the Brazilian Jungle" with storyteller Antonio Rocha. The guide, called a "Cuesheet," contains four sheets for use in class. The first, "About the Performance," prepares students for understanding references to the Amazon rainforest,…

Rees, Elizabeth


?-Farnesene, conjugated trienols, and superficial scald in ‘Rocha’ pear as affected by 1-methylcyclopropene and diphenylamine  

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Diphenylamine (DPA) has been used for decades to prevent superficial scald, but the presence of DPA residues and the need for safer fruit warrant the search for alternative strategies to control superficial scald. The effect of DPA and 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) on the levels of ?-farnesene and conjugated trienols was examined in ‘Rocha’ pear in relation to the development of superficial

Nelson Isidoro; Domingos P. F. Almeida



O Imperio como Argumento: Um Contraponto entre Joaquim Nabuco e o Bispo D. Jose Mauricio da Rocha (The Empire as Argument: A Counterpoint between Joaquim Nabuco and the Bishop Dom Jose Mauricio da Rocha).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Dialogs with the previous article establishing a comparative analysis between the political acceptance present in the reactionary speech of Dom Jose Mauricio da Rocha and in the monarchist words of Joaquim Nabuco. (PA)

Marson, Izabel Andrade



Modelling respiration of packaged fresh-cut ‘Rocha’ pear as affected by oxygen concentration and temperature  

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Respiration rates were measured in fresh-cut ‘Rocha’ pear (Pyrus communis L.) stored at four temperatures (0, 5, 10 and 15°C) and with oxygen partial pressures ranging from 0 to 18kPa. Respiratory quotient and ethanol production were used to determine the fermentation threshold. The oxygen concentration effect on the respiration rate was accurately described using Michaelis–Menten kinetics, without non-competitive inhibition by

M. Helena Gomes; Randolph M. Beaudry; Domingos P. F. Almeida; F. Xavier Malcata



Geologia, petrografia e idade do Batólito de Catolé do Rocha (RN-PB), porção W do Domínio Rio Grande do Norte da Província Borborema  

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The Catolé do Rocha Batholith (BCR), located in the western portion of the Rio Grande do Norte Domain (the Borborema Province), crops out at the adjacencies of the Catolé of Rocha (PB) and Alexandria (RN) cities, possessing as satellites bodies of Brejo do Cruz (PB), Serra do Moleque (PB) and Serra da Boa Vista (RN). These on were affected by

Vladimir Cruz de Medeiros; Marcos Antonio; Leite do Nascimento; Almir Gomes Freire


Das Antiphospholipidsyndrom  

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Zusammenfassung Hintergrund: Das Antiphospholipidsyndrom wurde erstmals 1983 von Graham Huges als eigenständiges Krankheitsbild mit der typischen klinischen Symptomatik von Thrombosen, Thrombozytopenien sowie wiederholten Aborten beschrieben. Im Folgenden wurde vielfach nachgewiesen, dass das Auftreten von thrombotischen Ereignissen im Antiphospholipidsyndrom eindeutig mit erhö,hten Antiphospholipidantikörpern (APA) korreliert. Diese Autoantikörper stellen eine äußerst heterogene Gruppe von Autoantikörpern dar, man findet multiple Spezifitäten gegen überwiegend

Philipp von Landenberg; Christine von Landenberg; Jürgen Schölmerich; Karl J. Lackner



["Anything goes"?: the implicit dialogue between Paul Feyerabend and two Brazilian researchers, Maurício da Rocha e Silva and Newton Freire-Maia.  


The philosopher Paul Feyerabend and Brazilian scientists Maurício da Rocha e Silva and Newton Freire-Maia were contemporaries and lived surrounded by the fundamental dilemnas of science. The anarchist proposal of Feyerabend, then embryonic, was formulated in parallel by Rocha e Silva in his criticism of the scientific method. Two decades later, Feyerabend's ideas seemed implicitly to stimulate Newton Freire-Maia in his reflections on science. The web of interrelationships in the ideas of these three men - who never interacted - touches on central issues for Brazilian science from 1960 to 1980, a period in which the latter is consolidated in a dialogue with the nascent reflection on science and the scientific method in Brazil. PMID:21461499

Bastos, Francisco Inácio



DAS performance analysis  

SciTech Connect

This report begins with an overview of the Data Acquisition System (DAS), which supports several of PPPL's experimental devices. Performance measurements which were taken on DAS and the tools used to make them are then described.

Bates, G.; Bodine, S.; Carroll, T.; Keller, M.



Das Weltbild der Astronomie  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Inhalt: 1. Das geozentrische Weltbild der Antike und des Mittelalters. 2. Zum heliozentrischen Weltbild. 3. Astronomie und Astrologie. 4. Vom heliozentrischen zum heutigen Weltbild. 5. Die Geburt der Astrophysik. 6. Sterne und Planeten: Das Erschaffen von Neuem. 7. Das Sonnensystem. 8. Galaxien, intergalaktische Materie und die Dunkle Materie. 9. Die Evolution des Universums. 10. Ein spekulativer Blick in den Kosmos.

Nussbaumer, Harry


Das Immunsystem im Alter  

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Zusammenfassung   Im Laufe eines Menschenlebens durchläuft das Immunsystem viele Veränderungen. Dieser Artikel gibt einen Überblick über die\\u000a Veränderungen des Immunsystems. Es wurden im Wesentlichen nur Daten berücksichtigt, denen das SENIEUR-Protokoll zu Grunde\\u000a lag, durch welches „gesunde alte Menschen” definiert werden. Nur anhand dieses Protokolls ist es möglich, rein altersabhängige\\u000a Veränderungen zu erfassen. Eingegangen wird hauptsächlich auf die Leukozytensubpopulationen, Immunglobuline und

K.-H. Ibs; L. Rink



Irene Prabhu Das' biography

Irene Prabhu Das is a Health Sciences Specialist in the Outcomes Research Branch of the Applied Research Program. She earned her PhD in Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior from the University of South Carolina and her MPH in Epidemiology from UCLA. Dr.


Das Herz bei Ernährungsstörungen  

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\\u000a Das erste erhaltene Abbild eines menschlichen Körpers stammt aus dem Paläolithikum und stellt die Venus von Willendorf dar,\\u000a eine etwa 20-30000 Jahre alte kleine weibliche Figur mit einer extremen Fettsucht und einem enormen Abdomen. In der Vorzeit\\u000a bedeuteten Fettablagerungen bei unregelmäßigem Nahrungsangebot eine entscheidende Überlebenshilfe, denn Fett speichert pro\\u000a Gewichtseinheit die meiste Energie. Später dürfte in armen Gesellschaften die Wohlbeleibtheit

W. Hort; G. Arnold


Connecting the Dots in DAS  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Many institutions implement a distributed antenna system (DAS) as part of a holistic approach to providing better wireless coverage and capacity on campus. A DAS provides wireless service within a particular area or structure via a network of separate antenna nodes that are connected to a common source through fiber or coaxial cable. Because DAS

Ford, Tracy




NSDL National Science Digital Library

En esta actividad, los participantes explorarán las fuerzas de gravedad y la resistencia al aire usando paracaídas. Usarán una variedad de materiales y técnicas para hacer los paracaídas y probarán si al dejar caer unos clips se puede reducir la velocidad de ellos.

Science, Lawrence H.



easyDAS: Automatic creation of DAS servers  

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Background The Distributed Annotation System (DAS) has proven to be a successful way to publish and share biological data. Although there are more than 750 active registered servers from around 50 organizations, setting up a DAS server comprises a fair amount of work, making it difficult for many research groups to share their biological annotations. Given the clear advantage that the generalized sharing of relevant biological data is for the research community it would be desirable to facilitate the sharing process. Results Here we present easyDAS, a web-based system enabling anyone to publish biological annotations with just some clicks. The system, available at is capable of reading different standard data file formats, process the data and create a new publicly available DAS source in a completely automated way. The created sources are hosted on the EBI systems and can take advantage of its high storage capacity and network connection, freeing the data provider from any network management work. easyDAS is an open source project under the GNU LGPL license. Conclusions easyDAS is an automated DAS source creation system which can help many researchers in sharing their biological data, potentially increasing the amount of relevant biological data available to the scientific community.



MyDas, an Extensible Java DAS Server  

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A large number of diverse, complex, and distributed data resources are currently available in the Bioinformatics domain. The pace of discovery and the diversity of information means that centralised reference databases like UniProt and Ensembl cannot integrate all potentially relevant information sources. From a user perspective however, centralised access to all relevant information concerning a specific query is essential. The Distributed Annotation System (DAS) defines a communication protocol to exchange annotations on genomic and protein sequences; this standardisation enables clients to retrieve data from a myriad of sources, thus offering centralised access to end-users. We introduce MyDas, a web server that facilitates the publishing of biological annotations according to the DAS specification. It deals with the common functionality requirements of making data available, while also providing an extension mechanism in order to implement the specifics of data store interaction. MyDas allows the user to define where the required information is located along with its structure, and is then responsible for the communication protocol details.

Jimenez, Rafael C.; Quinn, Antony F.; Jenkinson, Andrew M.; Mulder, Nicola; Martin, Maria; Hunter, Sarah; Hermjakob, Henning



Das \\  

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Gesprächsanalyse, sei sie konversationsanalytischer, sozio- oder funktionalprag- matischer Provenienz, beansprucht, einen Beitrag zur Erklärung und Beschrei- bung sozialer Ordnung zu leisten. Vor diesem Hintergrund liegt es auf der Hand, (wieder) nach einer Anbindung an den sozialtheoretischen Diskurs zum \\

Stephan Habscheid


Therapie der IPP - Ist das Messer besser?*)  

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), das mit einer Thrombin- und Fibrinogenkomponente beschichtet ist, stellt ein Verfahren dar, das komplikationsarm die weitestgehende Vermei- dung der Schaftverkürzung, das zeiteffektive De- cken des Gewebsdefekts sowie die Kombination von Blutstillung und druckstabilem Tunikaersatz in sich vereint. Abstract: Peyronie's disease, or induratio penis plastica (IPP), refers to acquired penile deformities presenting with durable induration, the so-called plaque, and penile

G. Breuer; ÑÑ ÑÑ; Ñ Einleitung



Contribuicao a caracterizacao geoquimica das mineralizacoes de W, Mo, Cu, Au e F das rochas calcissilicaticas da Provincia Sheelitifera do Nordeste. (Contribution to geochemical characterization of W, Mo, Cu, Au and F mineralization in the calc-silicate rocks of the Sheelitiferous Province in the Northeast of Brazil).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This repport comprises a preliminary study of the geochemical characteristics of W, Mo, Cu, Au and F mineralization in the calc-silicate rocks of the Sheelitiferous Province in the Northeast of Brazil. The study utilized analysis of trace elements and maj...

C. A. C. Lins



Integrating sequence and structural biology with DAS  

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Background The Distributed Annotation System (DAS) is a network protocol for exchanging biological data. It is frequently used to share annotations of genomes and protein sequence. Results Here we present several extensions to the current DAS 1.5 protocol. These provide new commands to share alignments, three dimensional molecular structure data, add the possibility for registration and discovery of DAS servers, and provide a convention how to provide different types of data plots. We present examples of web sites and applications that use the new extensions. We operate a public registry of DAS sources, which now includes entries for more than 250 distinct sources. Conclusion Our DAS extensions are essential for the management of the growing number of services and exchange of diverse biological data sets. In addition the extensions allow new types of applications to be developed and scientific questions to be addressed. The registry of DAS sources is available at

Prlic, Andreas; Down, Thomas A; Kulesha, Eugene; Finn, Robert D; Kahari, Andreas; Hubbard, Tim JP



Das „Kanzlerduell“ als Multimedia-Debatte  

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\\u000a Die Fernsehdebatte zwischen Angela Merkel und Frank-Walter Steinmeier war trotz des deutlich zurück gegangenen Zuschauerinteresses\\u000a das dominierende Ereignis im Medienwahlkampf zur Bundestagswahl. Mit etwa 14 Millionen Zuschauern formierte das so genannte\\u000a „Kanzlerduell“ am 13. September 2009 die größte medial hergestellte Teilöffentlichkeit, in der sich die Wahlkämpfer positionieren\\u000a konnten. Dennoch wurde bereits vor der Debatte das von den Sendern ARD, ZDF,

Christoph Bieber


DAS Writeback: A Collaborative Annotation System  

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Background Centralised resources such as GenBank and UniProt are perfect examples of the major international efforts that have been made to integrate and share biological information. However, additional data that adds value to these resources needs a simple and rapid route to public access. The Distributed Annotation System (DAS) provides an adequate environment to integrate genomic and proteomic information from multiple sources, making this information accessible to the community. DAS offers a way to distribute and access information but it does not provide domain experts with the mechanisms to participate in the curation process of the available biological entities and their annotations. Results We designed and developed a Collaborative Annotation System for proteins called DAS Writeback. DAS writeback is a protocol extension of DAS to provide the functionalities of adding, editing and deleting annotations. We implemented this new specification as extensions of both a DAS server and a DAS client. The architecture was designed with the involvement of the DAS community and it was improved after performing usability experiments emulating a real annotation task. Conclusions We demonstrate that DAS Writeback is effective, usable and will provide the appropriate environment for the creation and evolution of community protein annotation.



Data Acquisition System(DAS) Sustaining Engineering  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

This paper presents general information describing the Data Acquisition System contract, a summary of objectives, tasks performed and completed. The hardware deliverables which are comprised of: 1) Two ground DAS units; 2) Two flight DAS units; 3) Logistic spares; and 4) Shipping containers are described. Also included are the data requirements and scope of the contract.



Das Flimmer-ERG der isolierten Warmblüternetzhaut  

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Das zeitliche Auflösungsvermögen im ERG der isolierten umströmten Warmblüternetzhaut wurde mit Hilfe von Flimmerlichtreizung untersucht. Bei Frequenzerhöhung nahm im Bereich submaximaler Intensitäten die Amplitude der ersten b-Welle mit der Steigerung der pro Zeiteinheit auftreffenden integralen Lichtmenge zu. Die skotopische FFF der isolierten Kaninchennetzhaut lag bei gleichen Reizbedingungen tiefer als die des Ganztieres. Das Ausmaß dieser Erniedrigung war von der Temperatur

Renate Hanitzsch; Astrid v. Lützow



Das Modell des integrierten Wissens- und Innovationsmanagements  

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\\u000a Betrachtet man Google-Search-Trends zu den Themen „Wissensmanagement“ und „Innovationsmanagement“, so muss man feststellen,\\u000a dass diese Themen eigentlich out sind. Die Attraktivität des Themas „Wissensmanagement“ ist seit Jahren rückläufig, Innovationsmanagement\\u000a hat eine permanente relativ geringe Nachfrage die sich in den letzten Jahren plötzlich steigert, aber immer noch relativ gering\\u000a ist. Vor 10 Jahren sah das – zumindest für das Wissensmanagement –

Rolf Franken; Swetlana Franken


Über das Thoracic-outlet-Syndrom  

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Zusammenfassung   In der Ätiologie des Thoracic-outlet-Syndroms (TOS) spielen angeborene knöcherne und fibromuskuläre Strukturen, Haltungsanomalien\\u000a und Traumata eine Rolle. Das Beschwerdebild ist sehr variabel und vielfältig, je nachdem ob die Kompression des Plexus, der\\u000a Arterie oder der Vene im Vordergund steht. Bei der Diagnostik ist die sorgfältige klinische Untersuchung unter Einschluß des\\u000a AER-Testes von ausschlaggebender Bedeutung. Unabdingbar sind die Darstellungen von

J. D. Gruss; C. Geissler




Microsoft Academic Search

Auf ostdeutschen Einkaufszetteln steht nicht „Spülmittel“, sondern einfach „fit“ (oder nach der Vorwende-Diktion „Fit“) –\\u000a Beleg für die Verankerung und Durchsetzungskraft einer ostdeutschen Markenikone. 97 Prozent aller Ostdeutschen kennen die\\u000a Produkte. Seit 1954 in das Markenregister eingetragen, deckte fit zu DDR-Zeiten mit bis zu 450 Mitarbeitern im Drei-Schicht-Betrieb\\u000a 85 Prozent des landesweiten Bedarfs von zunächst Karl-Marx-Stadt (heute Chemnitz) aus. Bedeutende

Arnd Zschiesche; Oliver Errichiello


Über das Verhalten der Strophanthine im Verdauungstraktus  

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Zusammenfassung 1.Die geringere Wirksamkeit der Strophanthine bei peroraler Darreichung im Vergleich zur intravenösen Einführung ist teils durch die langsame Resorption (g-Strophanthin), teils durch Veränderung durch das Magensekret bedingt. Amorphes k-Strophanthin wird durch die Salzsäure des Magens zum größten Teil in Strophanthidin, zum kleineren Teil in ein völlig unwirksames harziges Produkt verwandelt.2.Amorphes k-Strophanthin und krystallisiertes g-Strophanthin lassen sich bei genügend großen

Fritz Johannessohn



Study Project of Intrusive Rocks: States of Espirito Santo and Rio de Janeiro, South and East of Minas Gerais and Southeast of the State of Sao Paulo Projeto Estudo das Rochas Intrusivas: Estados Do Espirito Santo E du Rio de Janeiro, Partes Sul E Leste de Minas Gerais E Sudeste Do Estado de Sao Paulo.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The feasibility of mapping intrusive rocks in polycyclic and polymetamorphic areas using the logic method for photointerpretation of LANDSAT and radar imagery was investigated. The resolution, scale and spectral characteristics of the imagery were conside...

N. Dejesusparada A. R. Dossantos C. E. Dos Anjos M. P. Barbos P. Veneziani



Ecologia de cianobactérias: fatores promotores e consequências das florações  

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Cyanobacteria constitui um grupo de microorganismos procarióticos presentes nos ecossistemas aquáticos, sendo importantes produtores primários e responsáveis por grande parte das florações em ambientes dulcícolas. Desta forma, o presente estudo objetiva apresentar uma revisão da literatura disponível sobre os principais fatores promotores e as consequências das florações de cianobactérias. A ocorrência e manutenção das florações estão relacionadas à luz, temperatura,

Valéria de Oliveira Fernandes; Bruna Cavati; Larissa Bassani de Oliveira; Bruna D'Ângela Souza



Sublimation and das Ding in Mahler's Symphony no. 8.  


This paper addresses sublimation in Gustav Mahler's Symphony no. 8 through Lacan's (1986, 1992) notion of das Ding, the Thing. The author reads Lacan as using das Ding, a term taken from Freud, as shorthand for archaic experience. Lacan provides a reference point when he states that "the Kleinian doctrine places the mother's body there" (1992, p. 117). Das Ding refers to unmediated contact with the Other, usually mother, in which traces of a primitive gratification mark the loss of immediacy, point to a lost object, and establish the trajectory of desire. Sublimation is an attempt to bring us into contact with das Ding. PMID:18512365

Muller, John P



Das Hektolitergewicht des Getreides als Wertmaßstab für dessen Güte  

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Zusammenfassung Die Höhe des Hektolitergewichtes ergibt sich aus einer Summe von beeinflussenden Einzelfaktoren. Hoher Feuchtigkeitsgehalt und großer Schalenanteil erniedrigen das Gewicht. Trockenheit und Stärkegehalt erhöhen das Gewicht. Da die trockenere Frucht besser lagerbar ist, eine größere Menge an Kornsubstanz enthält und enzymatisch gesünder ist, ergibt sich hier mehr ein müllerischer und nur in gewisser Hinsicht ein backtechnischer Vorteil bei den

Karl Schmorl



Evidence of Motor Programming Deficits in Children Diagnosed with DAS.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Five children with developmental apraxia of speech (DAS), 5 controls (ages 5-6), and 6 adults produced utterances in a normal condition and in a bite-block condition in which the mandible was in a fixed position. In children with DAS, the bite-block had large effects on coarticulatory patterns and vowel quality. (Contains references.) (Author/CR)

Nijland, Lian; Maassen, Ben; van der Meulen, Sjoeke



DASMiner: discovering and integrating data from DAS sources  

PubMed Central

Background DAS is a widely adopted protocol for providing syntactic interoperability among biological databases. The popularity of DAS is due to a simplified and elegant mechanism for data exchange that consists of sources exposing their RESTful interfaces for data access. As a growing number of DAS services are available for molecular biology resources, there is an incentive to explore this protocol in order to advance data discovery and integration among these resources. Results We developed DASMiner, a Matlab toolkit for querying DAS data sources that enables creation of integrated biological models using the information available in DAS-compliant repositories. DASMiner is composed by a browser application and an API that work together to facilitate gathering of data from different DAS sources, which can be used for creating enriched datasets from multiple sources. The browser is used to formulate queries and navigate data contained in DAS sources. Users can execute queries against these sources in an intuitive fashion, without the need of knowing the specific DAS syntax for the particular source. Using the source's metadata provided by the DAS Registry, the browser's layout adapts to expose only the set of commands and coordinate systems supported by the specific source. For this reason, the browser can interrogate any DAS source, independently of the type of data being served. The API component of DASMiner may be used for programmatic access of DAS sources by programs in Matlab. Once the desired data is found during navigation, the query is exported in the format of an API call to be used within any Matlab application. We illustrate the use of DASMiner by creating integrative models of histone modification maps and protein-protein interaction networks. These enriched datasets were built by retrieving and integrating distributed genomic and proteomic DAS sources using the API. Conclusion The support of the DAS protocol allows that hundreds of molecular biology databases to be treated as a federated, online collection of resources. DASMiner enables full exploration of these resources, and can be used to deploy applications and create integrated views of biological systems using the information deposited in DAS repositories.



Das funktioniert hier alles ein bisserl anders“ — Politikberatung in Österreich  

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Das Thema Politikberatung in Österreich wurde von der Politikwissenschaft bisher stiefmütterlich behandelt1. Zum Gegenstand\\u000a öffentlicher Debatte wird Politikberatung regelmäßig zu Wahlkampfzeiten. Filme aus den USA wie Wag the Dog, Primary Co-lors, Spinning Boris oder See Arnold Run vermitteln das Bild von Spin Doctors als einflussreiche Politikberater im Hintergrund, die die Fäden ziehen und die eigentlichen\\u000a Entscheidungen treffen. Doch diese glamouröse

Andreas Lederer; Gerald Neugschwandtner


Schröder gegen Merkel Das TV-Duell im Bundestagswahlkampf 2005  

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Mehr als 20 Millionen Zuschauer verfolgten am 4. September 2005 das TV-Duell zwischen Angela Merkel und Gerhard Schröder.\\u000a Zu diesem Zeitpunkt waren noch knapp 25 Prozent der Wahlberechtigten unschlüssig, wem sie am 18. September ihre Stimme geben\\u000a sollten. Kein anderes Medienereignis erreichte während des Wahlkampfs so viele Zuschauer. Während viele Experten und Journalisten\\u000a bemängelten, das Duell habe kaum neue Informationen

Carsten Reinemann; Marcus Maurer


DAS: A Data Management System for Instrument Tests and Operations  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Data Access System (DAS) is a and data management software system, providing a reusable solution for the storage of data acquired both from telescopes and auxiliary data sources during the instrument development phases and operations. It is part of the Customizable Instrument WorkStation system (CIWS-FW), a framework for the storage, processing and quick-look at the data acquired from scientific instruments. The DAS provides a data access layer mainly targeted to software applications: quick-look displays, pre-processing pipelines and scientific workflows. It is logically organized in three main components: an intuitive and compact Data Definition Language (DAS DDL) in XML format, aimed for user-defined data types; an Application Programming Interface (DAS API), automatically adding classes and methods supporting the DDL data types, and providing an object-oriented query language; a data management component, which maps the metadata of the DDL data types in a relational Data Base Management System (DBMS), and stores the data in a shared (network) file system. With the DAS DDL, developers define the data model for a particular project, specifying for each data type the metadata attributes, the data format and layout (if applicable), and named references to related or aggregated data types. Together with the DDL user-defined data types, the DAS API acts as the only interface to store, query and retrieve the metadata and data in the DAS system, providing both an abstract interface and a data model specific one in C, C++ and Python. The mapping of metadata in the back-end database is automatic and supports several relational DBMSs, including MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL.

Frailis, M.; Sartor, S.; Zacchei, A.; Lodi, M.; Cirami, R.; Pasian, F.; Trifoglio, M.; Bulgarelli, A.; Gianotti, F.; Franceschi, E.; Nicastro, L.; Conforti, V.; Zoli, A.; Smart, R.; Morbidelli, R.; Dadina, M.



ProServer: a simple, extensible Perl DAS server  

PubMed Central

Summary: The increasing size and complexity of biological databases has led to a growing trend to federate rather than duplicate them. In order to share data between federated databases, protocols for the exchange mechanism must be developed. One such data exchange protocol that is widely used is the Distributed Annotation System (DAS). For example, DAS has enabled small experimental groups to integrate their data into the Ensembl genome browser. We have developed ProServer, a simple, lightweight, Perl-based DAS server that does not depend on a separate HTTP server. The ProServer package is easily extensible, allowing data to be served from almost any underlying data model. Recent additions to the DAS protocol have enabled both structure and alignment (sequence and structural) data to be exchanged. ProServer allows both of these data types to be served. Availability: ProServer can be downloaded from or CPAN Details on the system requirements and installation of ProServer can be found at Contact: Supplementary Materials: DasClientExamples.pdf

Finn, Robert D.; Stalker, James W.; Jackson, David K.; Kulesha, Eugene; Clements, Jody; Pettett, Roger



Über das Wesen der Vorzugstemperatur bei Echsen und Nagern  

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Bei ruhenden Reptilien (Agama stellio, Anguis fragilis, Lacerta agilis. vivipara, melisellensis, sicula) steigt mit zunehmender Bodentemperatur die Atemfrequenz bis zu einem Maximum, fällt dann erheblich ab, um bei weiterer Temperatursteigerung schnell zuzunehmen. Das Minimum der Atemfrequenz liegt bei der artlichen Vorzugstemperatur (V.T.). Bei jungen Eidechsen, bei denen die V.T. tiefer ist, liegt es bei tieferen Bodentemperaturen. In Urethannarkose und nach

Konrad Herter



Koalitionsmechanismen in einer Großen Koalition: Das Beispiel der Regierung Merkel  

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\\u000a Kaum ein Jahr nach Beginn der Amtszeit der zweiten Großen Koalition in Deutschland hatte also in den Augen der Beteiligten\\u000a das Konfliktmanagement versagt. Dennoch erreichte es sein vielleicht wichtigstes Ziel: Die Regierung unter Angela Merkel überstand\\u000a die gesamte Legislaturperiode, obwohl die Koalition viele schmerzhafte Entscheidungen treffen musste.

Bernhard Miller; Wolfgang C. Müller


Einflussfaktoren auf das Empfehlungsverhalten im Mobile Viral Marketing  

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Studien belegen, dass durch Mobile Viral Marketing Effizienz und Ef- fektivität von Kommunikationsmaßnahmen erhöht sowie der Vertriebsaufwand mobiler Business-to-Consumer-Anwendungen gesenkt werden können. Um jedoch diese Potentiale für die Marketingpraxis nutzen zu können, muss zunächst ein grundlegendes Verständnis für die im Zuge des mobilen viralen Marketing ablau- fenden Prozesse geschaffen werden. Die vorliegende Studie untersucht Einfluss- faktoren auf das Empfehlungsverhalten im

Dietmar Georg Wiedemann; Wolfgang Palka; Bernd Vollmayr


Wirkung der Hypo und Hyperventilation auf das Elektrencephalogramm  

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An der durch d-Tubocurarinchlorid immobilisierten und künstlich beatmeten Katze wurden die Veränderungen des EEG bei Hypo- und Hyperventilation untersucht. Das EEG, besonders am Neocortex und am Hippocampus, wird bei der Hypoventilation aktiviert, während es bei der Hyperventilation umgekehrt ist.

Fuminori Sakai; Akira Sakuma; Yasuo Otsuka; Yoshiaki Saji; Hiroshi Kumagai



„Kinder statt Inder“ Normen, Grenzen und das Indernet  

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Das Thema Inder beziehungsweise Indernet war akut bei Schröder, der seine Green-Card-Kampagne im Jahr 2000 gestartet hat.\\u000a Wir haben gemerkt, dass sich ganz viele Leute plötzlich über die Inder unterhalten haben, aber nicht nur in positiver sondern\\u000a auch in negativer Hinsicht: „Es kommt die IT-Schwemme“; „Es kommen die ganzen Green-Card-Inder“, usw. Und dann Rütgers: „Kinder\\u000a statt Inder“ und solche Sachen.

Urmila Goel


Das Auge wählt mit: Bildberichterstattung über Angela Merkel  

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Das Auge wählt mit“, hieß es während des Bundestagswahlkampfes 2005 in der Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung, als diese wieder einmal Angela Merkels Aussehen diskutierte und sich erfreut über die „Radikalkur der Kandidatin“ zeigte\\u000a (Heine, 2005). Einmal abgesehen davon, dass die Zeitung damit abermals bestätigte, worüber sich Politikerinnen zu beklagen pflegen, dass\\u000a nämlich die Medien sich viel zu sehr für ihre Kleidung

Thomas Koch


Das Projekt einer kritischen Theorie Sozialer Arbeit – ein Zombi?  

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Vor gut einem Vierteljahrhundert hat Hans-Ludwig Schmidt als „wesentliche Ursache“ (1981, 270) für das, was er im Anschluss\\u000a an Hildegard Holtstiege (1976) als „Theorie-Dilemma“ der Sozialpädagogik bezeichnet hat, die Verkürzung von „Sozialpädagogik\\u000a entweder auf Theorie oder auf Praxis“ (ebd.) oder deren Identisch-Setzung ausgemacht. Eine Lösung dieses „Theorie-Dilemmas“\\u000a war für ihn nur zu erwarten „von einer dialektischen Vermittlung von Theorie und

Michael May


Das Neue im Trend: Über Devianz, Normalisierung und Marktkreierung  

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Die Managementforschung beschäftigt sich mittlerweile seit rund drei Jahrzehnten mit der Frage, wie Unternehmen unter Bedingungen\\u000a eines immer weniger prognostizierbaren Umfelds ihre Zukunftsfähigkeit sichern können. Im Kielwasser der bahnbrechenden Arbeiten\\u000a von Bright (1970, 1973) und Ansoff (1976, 1980) hat das zur Entwicklung von Managementinstrumenten und -Systemen geführt,\\u000a die heute unter Etiketten wie „Strategische Frühaufklärung“, „Management Strategischer Issues“ oder „Trendmanagement“ firmieren.

Franz Liebl


Clinical applications of Ga-67 DFO-DAS-fibrinogen.  


Ga-67 DFO-DAS-fibrinogen scanning was performed in 15 patients to detect fresh arterial thrombus. Seven patients were preoperative cases of aortic aneurysm and eight were postoperative cases of graft bypass. Scanning was performed on the first and second days after the injection. Nine of 13 grafts in eight cases were visualized by 67Ga-DFO-DAS-fibrinogen scan. Velour Dacron grafts were more strongly visualized compared with woven Dacron or Goatex. In three patients with aortic aneurysm in whom fresh thrombus was identified by operative findings, arterial thrombus was clearly visualized by 67Ga-DFO-DAS-fibrinogen scan, whereas in three other patients with aortic aneurysm, thrombus was not visualized, although it was identified by other examinations. In one case, a marked accumulation was observed in the abdominal aorta, although no arterial thrombus was found at operation. This was thought to be an accumulation in a blood pool because it decreased on the second day. We think it important to observe the relative changes of accumulation. PMID:3438484

Iio, M; Ohtake, T; Nishikawa, J; Watanabe, T; Yasuhara, H; Ohashi, S; Takayama, Y; Tada, Y; Shirakawa, M



Das Wachstum der Juniperus communis -Gewebekulturen in Gegenwart Verschiedener kohlenhydrate, insbesondere von Stärke  

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Zusammenfassung 1.Normale, auxinheterotropheJuniperus communis-Gewebekulturen wachsen auf Nährböden mit Stärke als einziger Kohlenhydratquelle. Das Gewebewachstum ist bei Stärke gegenüber Glucose etwa um die Hälfte vermindert.2.Glucose, Fructose, Maltose und Saccharose zeigen keine signifikanten Wirkungsunterschiede auf das Wachstum.3.Stärkehydrolysate fördern das Gewebewachstum im gleichen Maße wie unangegriffene Stärke.4.Im Gegensatz zur Glucose ist das Wachstum der Gewebe auf stärkehaltigen Nährböden im Bereich von 2–8% unabhängig

Friedrich Constabel



Das Takotsubo-Syndrom von der Erstbeschreibung bis heute  

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\\u000a Zusammenfassung\\u000a   Die stressinduzierte Kardiomyopathie, auch als Takotsubo-Syndrom bekannt, ähnelt einem akuten ST-Hebungsinfarkt bzw. einem\\u000a akuten Koronarsyndrom in Abwesenheit einer relevanten koronaren Herzerkrankung. Exakte epidemiologische Daten liegen bisher\\u000a nicht vor, jedoch befällt das Takotsubo-Syndrom vorzugsweise Frauen in der Menopause. Auch die genaue Pathogenese ist noch\\u000a nicht gesichert. Als häufigster beschriebener Auslöser wird plötzlich einsetzender emotionaler Stress genannt. Es gibt bis\\u000a dato

Samir M. Said; Khaled Albouaini; Joerg Herold; Judit Hahn; Steffen Brucks; Hendrik Schmidt; Alexander Schmeisser; Roland Prondzinsky; Ruediger C. Braun-Dullaeus



Statistical Quality Control of Moisture Data in GEOS DAS  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

A new statistical quality control algorithm was recently implemented in the Goddard Earth Observing System Data Assimilation System (GEOS DAS). The final step in the algorithm consists of an adaptive buddy check that either accepts or rejects outlier observations based on a local statistical analysis of nearby data. A basic assumption in any such test is that the observed field is spatially coherent, in the sense that nearby data can be expected to confirm each other. However, the buddy check resulted in excessive rejection of moisture data, especially during the Northern Hemisphere summer. The analysis moisture variable in GEOS DAS is water vapor mixing ratio. Observational evidence shows that the distribution of mixing ratio errors is far from normal. Furthermore, spatial correlations among mixing ratio errors are highly anisotropic and difficult to identify. Both factors contribute to the poor performance of the statistical quality control algorithm. To alleviate the problem, we applied the buddy check to relative humidity data instead. This variable explicitly depends on temperature and therefore exhibits a much greater spatial coherence. As a result, reject rates of moisture data are much more reasonable and homogeneous in time and space.

Dee, D. P.; Rukhovets, L.; Todling, R.



M-DAS: System for multispectral data analysis. [in Saginaw Bay, Michigan  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

M-DAS is a ground data processing system designed for analysis of multispectral data. M-DAS operates on multispectral data from LANDSAT, S-192, M2S and other sources in CCT form. Interactive training by operator-investigators using a variable cursor on a color display was used to derive optimum processing coefficients and data on cluster separability. An advanced multivariate normal-maximum likelihood processing algorithm was used to produce output in various formats: color-coded film images, geometrically corrected map overlays, moving displays of scene sections, coverage tabulations and categorized CCTs. The analysis procedure for M-DAS involves three phases: (1) screening and training, (2) analysis of training data to compute performance predictions and processing coefficients, and (3) processing of multichannel input data into categorized results. Typical M-DAS applications involve iteration between each of these phases. A series of photographs of the M-DAS display are used to illustrate M-DAS operation.

Johnson, R. H.



shape In vitro effects of diacetoxyscirpenol (DAS) on human and rat granulo-monocytic progenitors  

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Diacetoxyscirpenol (DAS) is a trichothecene mycotoxin produced by various species of fungi. Trichothecenes are known as major\\u000a contaminants of cereals and cereal-containing foods. DAS has been detected in agricultural products worldwide and persists\\u000a in products after processing. In human as well as in animals, DAS consumption has been shown to induce haematological disorders\\u000a (neutropenia, aplastic anemia). Granulo-monocytic progenitors (CFU-GM) from

Sophie Lautraite; Bénédicte Rio; Jocelyne Guinard; Dominique Parent-Massin



Das Bild vom demokratischen Soldaten: Erste Ergebnisse der empirischen Fallstudie zur Bundeswehr  

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\\u000a In welchem Verhältnis stehen demokratische Gesellschaften zum Militär, und wie drückt sich dies im jeweiligen Soldatenbild\\u000a aus? Diesen Fragen widmet sich das Forschungsprojekt mit dem Titel „Das Bild vom demokratischen Soldaten: Spannungen zwischen\\u000a der Streitkräfteorganisation und den Grundsätzen der Demokratie im europäischen Vergleich“, das seit Mai 2006 mit einer Laufzeit\\u000a von drei Jahren an der Hessischen Stiftung Friedens- und Konfliktforschung

Julika Bake


Über das in Argentinien angesiedelte Rotwild ( Cervus elaphus L., 1758): Verbreitung und Tendenzen  

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Argentinien hat eine lange Tradition von Tieransiedlungen, unter ihnen das Rotwild, das um die Jahrhundertwende eingeführt wurde. Eine zusammenhängende Population entwickelte sich danach in den Provinzen Neuquén, Río Negro und dem nördlichen Chubut. Weitere Ansiedlungen und kommerzielle Interessen, welche zu Gatterhaltung führten, brachten Rotwild in die Provinzen San Luis, Buenos Aires, Salta, Tucuman und Jujuy. In Patagonien hat sich Rotwild

W. T. Flueck; JoAnne M. Smith-Flueck




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2 RESUMO - A identificação das unidades de dispersão é da maior importância nos trabalhos de um laboratório de análise de sementes. Muitas plantas invasoras causam grandes prejuízos às culturas econômicas, principalmente, quando se condidera a produção de sementes. As características morfológicas das unidades de dispersão não variam muito com as condições ambientais e podem ser usadas na identificação taxonômica




Joint Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the DAS, PPVT-R and ITBS.  

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The factor structure of a new co-normed cognitive and achievement battery for children, the Differential Ability Scales (DAS) was investigated. The DAS was factor analyzed in conjunction with the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test-Revised (PPVT-R), and the composite score of the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS). Subjects were 56 six- to…

Stone, Brian J.; McKellar, Nancy A.


Compositional safety of herbicide-tolerant DAS-81910-7 cotton.  


DAS-81910-7 cotton is a transgenic event that was transformed to contain the aad-12 and pat genes. These genes code for the AAD-12 and PAT proteins, which confer tolerance to the herbicides 2,4-D and glufosinate, respectively. Crop composition studies were conducted with DAS-81910-7 cotton (both nonsprayed and sprayed with 2,4-D and glufosinate) to comply with requirements of regulatory authorities responsible for evaluating crop safety. Results indicate compositional equivalence between DAS-81910-7 cottonseed and nontransgenic cottonseed and between sprayed and nonsprayed DAS-81910-7 cottonseed. This study builds on the results from many prior studies which support the conclusion that transgenesis is less likely to unexpectedly alter the composition of crops as compared with traditional breeding. PMID:24147981

Herman, Rod A; Fast, Brandon J; Johnson, Tempest Y; Sabbatini, Jane; Rudgers, Gary W



50 CFR 648.53 - Target total allowable catch, DAS allocations, and individual fishing quotas.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...Scallop incidental catch target TAC. The 2010 incidental catch target TAC for vessels with § 648.55, using the target TAC for open areas specified...12,920. (2) Prior to setting the DAS allocations...



Das ‚Pathos der Distanz‘ – Präliminarien zur Nietzsche-Rezeption bei Georg Simmel  

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\\u000a Die Beschreibung von Prozessen der ‚Distanzierung‘, der ‚Distanznahme‘ und des ‚Distanzwahrens‘ stellt ein zentrales Leitmotiv\\u000a in Georg Simmels Werk dar. Wie vielleicht keine andere ‚durchlaufende Kategorie‘ ist nämlich die der Distanz dazu geeignet, das zu leisten, als dessen bestimmte Negation sie doch gedacht zu sein schien und das bis heute ein vordringliches\\u000a Problem der Simmel-Forschung angesichts des breiten Spektrums seines

Klaus Lichtblau


Anbindung des SISIS-SunRise-Bibliothekssystems an das zentrale Identitätsmanagement  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Wir berichten über Konzepte und Implementierungen zur Datenprovisionierung aus den Personenverwaltungssystemen der Technischen Universität München (TUM) über das zentrale Metadirectory am Leibniz-Rechenzentrum (LRZ) in das SISIS-SunRise-Bibliothekssystem der Universitätsbibliothek der TUM (TUB). Es werden drei Implementierungsvarianten diskutiert, angefangen von der Generierung und Übertragung einfacher CSV-Dateien über ein OpenLDAP-basiertes Konzept als Backend für die SISIS-Datenbank bis zur endgültigen Implementierung mit dem OCLC IDM Connector.

Ebner, Ralf; Pretz, Edwin


Compositional assessment of event DAS59122-7 maize using substantial equivalence  

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Event DAS-59122-7 (Herculex™ RW) maize (Zea mays L.) plants were transformed to express the Cry34Ab1 and Cry35Ab1 binary insecticidal crystal proteins originally isolated from Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner (Bt) strain PS149B1. These proteins protect maize roots from attack by corn rootworms, Diabrotica spp. DAS-59122-7 maize also contains the pat gene, originally isolated from Streptomyces viridochromogenes, which confers tolerance to glufosinate–ammonium herbicides

Rod A. Herman; Nicholas P. Storer; Amy M. Phillips; Lee M. Prochaska; Pieter Windels



A safety evaluation of DAS181, a sialidase fusion protein, in rodents.  


DAS181 is a novel inhaled drug candidate blocking influenza virus (IFV) and parainfluenza virus (PIV) infections through removal of sialic acid receptors from epithelial surface of the respiratory tract. To support clinical development, a 28-day Good Laboratory Practices inhalation toxicology study was conducted in Sprague-Dawley rats. In this study, achieved average daily doses based on exposure concentrations were 0.47, 0.90, 1.55, and 3.00 mg/kg/day of DAS181 in a dry powder formulation. DAS181 was well tolerated at all dose levels, and there were no significant toxicological findings. DAS181 administration did not affect animal body weight, food consumption, clinical signs, ophthalmology, respiratory parameters, or organ weight. Gross pathology evaluations were unremarkable. Histological examination of the lungs was devoid of pulmonary tissue damage, and findings were limited to mild and transient changes indicative of exposure and clearance of a foreign protein. DAS181 did not show any cytotoxic effects on human and animal primary cells, including hepatocytes, skeletal muscle cells, osteoblasts, or respiratory epithelial cells. DAS181 did not cause direct or indirect hemolysis. A laboratory abnormality observed in the 28-day toxicology study was mild and transient anemia in male rats at the 3.00 mg/kg dose, which is an expected outcome of enhanced clearance of desialylated red blood cells resulting from systemic exposure with DAS181. Another laboratory observation was a transient dose-dependent elevation in alkaline phosphatase (ALP), which can be attributed to reduced ALP clearance resulting from increased protein desialylation due to DAS181 systemic exposure. These laboratory parameters returned to normal at the end of the recovery period. PMID:21572096

Larson, Jeffrey L; Kang, Seong-Kwi; Choi, Bo In; Hedlund, Maria; Aschenbrenner, Laura M; Cecil, Beth; Machado, Gloriamay; Nieder, Matthew; Fang, Fang



A Safety Evaluation of DAS181, a Sialidase Fusion Protein, in Rodents  

PubMed Central

DAS181 is a novel inhaled drug candidate blocking influenza virus (IFV) and parainfluenza virus (PIV) infections through removal of sialic acid receptors from epithelial surface of the respiratory tract. To support clinical development, a 28-day Good Laboratory Practices inhalation toxicology study was conducted in Sprague-Dawley rats. In this study, achieved average daily doses based on exposure concentrations were 0.47, 0.90, 1.55, and 3.00 mg/kg/day of DAS181 in a dry powder formulation. DAS181 was well tolerated at all dose levels, and there were no significant toxicological findings. DAS181 administration did not affect animal body weight, food consumption, clinical signs, ophthalmology, respiratory parameters, or organ weight. Gross pathology evaluations were unremarkable. Histological examination of the lungs was devoid of pulmonary tissue damage, and findings were limited to mild and transient changes indicative of exposure and clearance of a foreign protein. DAS181 did not show any cytotoxic effects on human and animal primary cells, including hepatocytes, skeletal muscle cells, osteoblasts, or respiratory epithelial cells. DAS181 did not cause direct or indirect hemolysis. A laboratory abnormality observed in the 28-day toxicology study was mild and transient anemia in male rats at the 3.00 mg/kg dose, which is an expected outcome of enhanced clearance of desialylated red blood cells resulting from systemic exposure with DAS181. Another laboratory observation was a transient dose-dependent elevation in alkaline phosphatase (ALP), which can be attributed to reduced ALP clearance resulting from increased protein desialylation due to DAS181 systemic exposure. These laboratory parameters returned to normal at the end of the recovery period.

Larson, Jeffrey L.; Kang, Seong-Kwi; Choi, Bo In; Hedlund, Maria; Aschenbrenner, Laura M.; Cecil, Beth; Machado, GloriaMay; Nieder, Matthew; Fang, Fang



A preliminary psychometric evaluation of Music in Dementia Assessment Scales (MiDAS).  


ABSTRACT Background: Music in Dementia Assessment Scales (MiDAS), an observational outcome measure for music therapy with people with moderate to severe dementia, was developed from qualitative data of focus groups and interviews. Expert and peer consultations were conducted at each stage of the scale development to maximize its content validity. This study aimed to evaluate the psychometric properties of MiDAS. Methods: Care home residents with dementia attended weekly group music therapy for up to ten sessions. Music therapists and care home staff were requested to complete weekly MiDAS ratings. The Quality of Life Scale (QoL-AD) was completed at three time-points. Results: A total of 629 (staff = 306, therapist = 323) MiDAS forms were completed. The statistical analysis revealed that MiDAS has high therapist inter-rater reliability, low staff inter-rater reliability, adequate staff test-retest reliability, adequate concurrent validity, and good construct validity. High factor loadings between the five MiDAS Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) items, levels of Interest, Response, Initiation, Involvement, and Enjoyment, were found. Conclusions: This study indicates that MiDAS has good psychometric properties despite the small sample size. Future research with a larger sample size could provide a more in-depth psychometric evaluation, including further exploration of the underlying factors. MiDAS provides a measure of engagement with musical experience and offers insight into who is likely to benefit on other outcomes such as quality of life or reduction in psychiatric symptoms. PMID:24524811

McDermott, Orii; Orgeta, Vasiliki; Ridder, Hanne Mette; Orrell, Martin




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RESUMO: O trabalho tem como principal objetivo estimar as constantes elásticas da madeira, empre- gando-se uma metodologia não destrutiva, de ondas ultra-sonoras (ultra-som). Foram utilizadas madei- ras de quatro espécies: Fava Amargosa (Vataireopsis speciosa), Jequitiba Rosa (Cariniana micran- tha), Peroba d'Água (Rauwolfia paraensis) e Peroba Mico (Aspidosperma macrocarpum). Por meio da determinação das velocidades de propagação das ondas ultra-sonoras, baseando-se

Joaquim Carlos Gonçalez; Ailton Teixeira


Highlighting young investigators: guest editor Ramanuj DasGupta. Ram DasGupta: pushing the boundaries of ?-catenin signaling and drug development.  


From generating the TOP-GAL mouse to pioneering high-throughput RNAi, and small molecule chemical genetic screens in Drosophila and mammalian cells, Ram DasGupta has consistently developed innovative technological tools of immense value to the fields in which he has chosen to work. PMID:24274117

Cowin, Pamela



BOOK REVIEW: Geheimnisvolles Universum - Europas Astronomen entschleiern das Weltall  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The 25th birthday of ESO, in 1987, was celebrated by the publication of an illustrated popular book, "Exploring the Southern Sky" (Springer-Verlag 1987), which also saw editions in Danish, English, French, German, and Spanish. Written and illustrated by the ESO staff members Svend Laustsen, Claus Madsen and Richard M. West, its many pictures were mainly taken with the ESO 3.6m and Schmidt telescopes. The structure of the book - perhaps at that time somewhat unusual - started with things far away (Universe and galaxies), zoomed in to the Milky Way, and finally reached the Solar System (with a concluding chapter dealing with the La Silla observatory). Now, with the 4 units of the Very Large Telescope in full operation, and on the occasion of ESO's 40th birthday, another jubilee book has appeared: "Geheimnisvolles Universum: Europas Astronomen entschleiern das Weltall", written by the science journalist Dirk H. Lorenzen, of Hamburg, Germany, and prefaced by Catherine Cesarsky, Director General of ESO. Presumably, this book will also soon become available in more languages spoken in ESO member countries. Thus it may be worthwhile to review the first edition, although some readers may like to wait for more easily accessible editions. Before going into details, let me first mention that I find this a very impressing book, great to look at and refreshing to read. With ESO seen through the eyes of a visitor, things gain a perspective that is quite different from that of the previous book, and at least as attractive. It comes as no surprise that the book starts with a visit of ESO's showcase, the Paranal Observatory, and the writer not only notes down his own impressions, but also cites statements of some of the many people that keep Paranal going - technicians and staff astronomers. This mixture of texts provides a good impression of the operations at a large observatory for the general reader. The two more 'astronomical' parts that follow deal with star and planet formation, stellar death and dust formation, as well as with the Universe, its beginnings and contents (focussing on quasars and SN Ia); like the previous chapters, they contain many quotations of astronomers involved in these types of research (I suppose they are taken from interviews); these blocks, each composed of three chapters, are separated by a more technical part, two chapters dealing with interferometry and adaptive optics. The last third of the book is then dedicated almost exclusively to ESO's "prehistory", and here the reviewer starts to frown. This is a very extensive report on Juergen Stock's early site testing work for US astronomers, first for Gerard Kuiper and the University of Texas, and then for the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA), to find an suitable place for a projected telescope and then for the AURA southern observatory, with page-long excerpts from his notebooks (or the printed "Stock reports"). It also deals with Stock's later activities in Chile and Venezuela. Finally, there are a few pages on the foundation of ESO and the choice of a Chilean site, as well as another few pages on future projects of ESO. The decision of ESO to go to Chile is treated very briefly, much shorter than in Blaauw's 1991 book "ESO's Early History"; the reasons for the early focussing on a site in South Africa, and the relatively quick jump on the "Chilean bandwagon" remain quite obscure. Compared to that, the 25 pages of "Stock reports" written to help the decision making of the site of the AURA observatory, contain a lot of not-too-relevant details like prices and names of horses and mules employed in Stock's site testing survey. It is fun reading, but does not penetrate under the surface, and the author's somewhat desperate attempt to join together the ends of the threat, "also the VLT is a consequence of Juergen Stock's activities in Chile", appears not very convincing. I do not want at all to diminish Stock's immense work that made Chile to the "gol

Duerbeck, H. W.; Lorenzen, D. H.



The Das-1 immunostain is useful for discriminating metastatic colon adenocarcinoma from cholangiocarcinoma and hepatocellular carcinoma.  


The distinction between cholangiocarcinoma, hepatocellular carcinoma and liver metastasis is important but at times difficult solely on microscopic appearances. The Das-1 immunostain exhibits specificity for colonic epithelium. However, its staining of cholangiocarcinomas and hepatocellular carcinomas has not been extensively studied. We evaluated the staining properties of the Das-1 immunostain in cholangiocarcinoma and hepatocellular carcinoma. Forty-four cholangiocarcinomas, 16 hepatocellular carcinomas, 17 colon adenocarcinomas metastatic to the liver and 3 benign biliary tumors were studied. The cases were stained with the Das-1 antibody following deparaffinization and rehydration. The slides were evaluated for membranous and/or cytoplasmic staining in a blinded fashion. The percentage of tumor cells exhibiting strong staining was estimated. Of the intra-hepatic cholangiocarcinomas, 4 of 36 (11%) and 2 of 16 (13%) hepatocellular carcinomas were positive for Das-1, though typically only in rare cells. In comparison, 7 of 8 (88%) extra-hepatic cholangiocarcinomas, 13 of 17 (77%) of metastatic colon carcinomas and 3 of 3 (100%) benign tumors of the biliary tract were strongly positive in a diffuse pattern. The Das-1 immunostain may play a useful role in evaluating liver malignancies. PMID:12375050

Zimmerman, Robert L; Das, Kiron M; Fogt, Franz; Burke, Melissa; Murakata, Linda A



Exploratory and confirmatory factor validation of the Dysfunctional Attitude Scale for Malays (DAS-Malay) in Malaysia  

Microsoft Academic Search

The aim of this study was to investigate the factor structure of the Malay version of the Dysfunctional Attitude Scale (DAS-Malay) in clinical and nonclinical populations. The DAS is a self-report inventory derived from Beck's cognitive theory of depression to measure beliefs constituting a predisposition to depression. The 40-item DAS-Malay was completed by 315 university students, 495 members of the

Firdaus Mukhtar; Tian P. S. Oei



Über den Nachweis von Gehirnmißbildungen durch das Röntgenbild und über seine klinische Bedeutung  

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Zusammenfassung Ich bin mit meinen Untersuchungen zu Ende. An Hand des Schrifttums und an Hand von7 eigenen klinischen Beobachtungen (6 Fälle mit angeborenen Cysten des Septum pellucidum, 1 Fall mit Fehlen des Septum pellucidum) habe ich zu zeigen versucht, daß sich die klinische Bedeutung einer durch das Luftbild oder die Sektion nachgewiesenen kongenitalen Mißbildung des Septum pellucidum bzw. Cavum Vergae

Alfred Bannwarth



Computacao Algebrica no Calculo das Variacoes: Determinacao de Simetrias e Leis de Conservacao  

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Resumo. Os problemas de optimizacao dinamica (em espacos de funcoes) trata- dos pelo calculo das variacoes, sao normalmente resolvidos por recursoas condicoes necessarias de Euler-Lagrange, que sao equacoes diferenciais de segunda ordem (ou de ordem superior, quando os problemas variacionais envolvem derivadas de ordem superior a um). Estas equacoes sao, em geral, nao lineares e de dif´õcil resolucao. Uma forma

Paulo D. F. Gouveia; Delfim F. M. Torres



Eine Green Card für EDV-Spezialisten? - Das Sofortprogramm zur Deckung des IT-Fachkräftebedarfs  

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Im März hat die Bundesregierung beschlossen, die gezielte Anwerbung von IT-Spezialisten aus Nicht-EU-Ländern zu erleichtern, um der Wirtschaft die Deckung ihres akuten Fachkräftebedarf zu ermöglichen. Ist die Green Card das geeignete Mittel, den Mangel an EDV-Experten zu beheben? Sollte sie auch für andere Bereiche eingeführt werden? --

Werner Müller



The Great War and Remembrance in Jose Leon Machado's "Memoria das Estrelas sem Brilho"  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article analyzes Jose Leon Machado's novel, "Memoria das Estrelas sem Brilho," as a multilayered historical novel in which a war story provides a background for comments on aspects of early twentieth-century Portuguese society, such as male bonding, religion, sexual mores, and social stratification. (Contains 11 notes.)

Azevedo, Milton M.



Teoria das Ondas de Elliott- Uma aplicação ao mercado de ações aa Bm&Fbovespa  

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Os preços dos ativos negociados em bolsas de valores, assim como qualquer outro tipo de commodity do mercado financeiro, oscilam naturalmente com a procura por esses produtos. Essas oscilações, juntamente com a assimetria das informações acerca dos preços desses produtos geram processos de volatilidade. Charles Dow, no início do século XX criou índices setoriais, nos quais reunia papéis da mesma

Daniele Ferreira de Sousa


Symbolische Formen als Vehikel trans-kultureller Kommunikation. Das Beispiel der internationalen Survey-Forschung  

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In diesem Artikel soll kurz ein Weg umrissen werden, der einen noch immer viel zu wenig genutztes inter- und trans- kulturell zuhandenen Fundus bemüht, nämlich das spontane Verstehen von symbolischen Mustern. Dieser Fundus, so die Hauptthese des Artikels, könnte und sollte in verschiedensten Arenen der inter-kulturellen Forschung verwendet werden, speziell aber in der international vergleichenden Survey-Forschung. Hierbei vermögen nämlich gelungene

Karl H. Müller


Improvement of Das's Two-Factor Authentication Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks  

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User authentication is essential for customized ser- vices and privileged access control in wireless sensor network. In 2009, Das proposed a novel two-factor authentication scheme for wireless sensor network, where a user must prove the possession of both a password and a smart card. His scheme is well-designed for sensor nodes which typically have limited resources in the sense that

DaeHun Nyang; Mun-Kyu Lee


I/O Parallelization for the Goddard Earth Observing System Data Assimilation System (GEOS DAS)  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Data Assimilation Office (DAO) at the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) has developed the GEOS DAS, a data assimilation system that provides production support for NASA missions and will support NASA's Earth Observing System (EOS) in the coming years. The GEOS DAS will be used to provide background fields of meteorological quantities to EOS satellite instrument teams for use in their data algorithms as well as providing assimilated data sets for climate studies on decadal time scales. The DAO has been involved in prototyping parallel implementations of the GEOS DAS for a number of years and is now embarking on an effort to convert the production version from shared-memory parallelism to distributed-memory parallelism using the portable Message-Passing Interface (MPI). The GEOS DAS consists of two main components, an atmospheric General Circulation Model (GCM) and a Physical-space Statistical Analysis System (PSAS). The GCM operates on data that are stored on a regular grid while PSAS works with observational data that are scattered irregularly throughout the atmosphere. As a result, the two components have different data decompositions. The GCM is decomposed horizontally as a checkerboard with all vertical levels of each box existing on the same processing element(PE). The dynamical core of the GCM can also operate on a rotated grid, which requires communication-intensive grid transformations during GCM integration. PSAS groups observations on PEs in a more irregular and dynamic fashion.

Lucchesi, Rob; Sawyer, W.; Takacs, L. L.; Lyster, P.; Zero, J.



The Deaf Acculturation Scale (DAS): Development and Validation of a 58-Item Measure  

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This study involved the development and validation of the Deaf Acculturation Scale (DAS), a new measure of cultural identity for Deaf and hard-of-hearing (hh) populations. Data for this study were collected online and involved a nation-wide sample of 3,070 deaf/hh individuals. Results indicated strong internal reliabilities for all the subscales,…

Maxwell-McCaw, Deborah; Zea, Maria Cecilia



Trabalho doméstico de adolescentes e reprodução das desiguais relações de gênero  

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Resumo Pretendemos discutir o trabalho doméstico de adolescentes na perspectiva das relações de gênero, articulando-o com as categorias de classe social, etnia e intergeracionalidade. Utilizamos os resultados de uma pesquisa realizada em Natal (RN), a qual destaca que as jovens começam a trabalhar muito cedo, acumulando tarefas escolares e de trabalho e sob condições trabalhistas desiguais, com baixos salários, muitas

Munich Santana; Magda Dimenstein


The rat Digit Abduction Score (DAS) assay: a physiological model for assessing botulinum neurotoxin-induced skeletal muscle paralysis.  


Botulinum neurotoxins (BoNT) are approved for a number of therapeutic indications, including blepharospasm, cervical dystonia and hyperhidrosis, and have also shown efficacy in a variety of pain disorders. The potency of any given BoNT preparation can be routinely assessed by using the Digit Abduction Score (DAS) assay, which measures the local muscle weakening efficacy of BoNT following injection into mouse hindlimb muscle. While most studies have employed mice to assess BoNT efficacy in the DAS, few have utilized rats. In this study, we applied the DAS assay to a rat model and compared the potency of IM-BOTOX(®) (onabotulinumtoxinA) injections between two separate hind limb muscles, gastrocnemius and tibialis anterior (TA). The results demonstrated that the DAS assay can be performed on rats with similar criteria and parameters as for mice. Moreover in the rat, BoNT can be injected into either the gastrocnemius or TA muscle to elicit similar DAS scoring responses. Interestingly, onabotulinumtoxinA potency in the rat DAS was ?3-fold higher following TA injections than gastrocnemius injections. Additionally, our data showed that the durational kinetics of onabotulinumtoxinA in the rat DAS are approximately twice as long as in the mouse DAS. These results position the rat DAS as a more flexible model for examining the mechanisms of BoNT diffusion and muscle paralysis, while mouse DAS can be used for physiological screening of BoNT because of the potential for higher throughput. Overall, these data confirm the utility of the DAS assay for characterizing the physiological potency of BoNT and related compounds. PMID:23707612

Broide, Ron S; Rubino, John; Nicholson, Gregory S; Ardila, Maria C; Brown, Meenakshi S; Aoki, K Roger; Francis, Joseph



A 90 day chronic toxicity study of Nigerian herbal preparation DAS-77 in rats  

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Background The herbal preparation DAS-77, used for the treatment of various ailments in Nigeria, contains the milled bark of Mangifera indica L. and root of Carica papaya L. Toxicological assessment of the preparation was carried out in this study. Methods In the acute toxicity study, DAS-77 was administered to mice p.o. up to 20 g/kg in divided doses and i.p. at 250–3000 mg/kg. Mortality within 24 h was recorded. In the chronic toxicity study, rats were treated p.o. for 90 days at doses of 80, 400 (therapeutic dose, TD) and 2000 mg/kg. By 90 days, animals were sacrificed and blood samples collected for hematological and biochemical analysis. Organs were harvested for weight determination, antioxidants and histopathological assessments. Results DAS-77 did not produce any lethality administered p.o. up to 20 g/kg in divided doses but the i.p. LD50 was 1122.0 mg/kg. At TD, DAS-77 produced significant (p?DAS-77 is relatively safe with the potential for enhancing in vivo antioxidant activity. However, possibly reversible side-effects include electrolyte imbalance and sterility in males.



DAS Boot!  

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The residential services group is lobbying to dump its aging hard-wired phone system because students don't use it. The town and campus public safety officials are demanding that their portable two-way radios operate well not only outdoors, but within campus buildings. Students are now expecting text messaging and WiFi service to work everywhere…

Chretien, Wendy



Avaliação das áreas verdes em espaços públicos no município de Guarapuava\\/PR  

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Apresenta-se neste artigo uma proposta metodológica para se avaliar o desempenho das áreas verdes públicas do Município de Guarapuava\\/PR, mais especificamente sua arborização de acompanhamento viário de sua área central. Guarapuava é uma cidade que conta com aproximadamente 160 mil habitantes, situada na região centro-sul do Estado. A proposta metodológica que ora se apresenta, aplicada em parcela do município, foi

Carlos Roberto Loboda; Bruno Luiz Domingos de Angelis; Generoso de Angelis Neto; Eraldo Schunk da Silva



MITK-IGT: Eine Navigationskomponente für das Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

MITK-IGT ist eine Erweiterung des Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkits, die es ermöglicht Softwareprogramme im Bereich bildgestützte Therapie zu erstellen. Dieser Beitrag stellt die Architektur und Designprinzipien von MITK-IGT vor und vergleicht sie mit anderen Open Source Lösungen. Neben der Ansteuerung von Trackingsystemen und Visualisierungsmodulen liegt der Fokus von MITK-IGT auf einer Filterarchitektur, die das schrittweise Verarbeiten von Trackingdaten erlaubt. Zur BVM 2009 wird die erste Version von MITK-IGT als Open Source veröffentlicht.

Neuhaus, Jochen; Wegner, Ingmar; Käst, Johannes; Baumhauer, Matthias; Seitel, Alexander; Gergel, Ingmar; Nolden, Marco; Maleike, Daniel; Wolf, Ivo; Meinzer, H.-P.; Maier-Hein, Lena


Weitere Untersuchungen über die Wirkung von Aneurin und Biotin auf das Wachstum von Wurzelpilzen  

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1.Die vorliegende Untersuchung behandelt in erster Linie den Einfluß von Aneurin in suboptimalen Mengen auf das Wachstum von Clitopilus Prunulus (Scop.) Fr., Boletus luteus (L.) Fr. und B. variegatus (Sw.) Fr.2.Aneurin hatte bei diesen Pilzen eine überaus starke stimulierende Wirkung auf die Wachstumsgeschwindigkeit.3.Der Verlauf der Wachstumskurven scheint darauf hinzudeuten, daß die Pilze bei diesen Versuchen nicht die Fähigkeit besaßen, selbst

Elias Melin; Birgitta Nyman



Herzoperationen wegen Herztumoren in Deutschland – Ergebnisse eienr Umfrage für das Jahr 1996  

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Zusammenfassung   Zahlen zur Häufigkeit von Herztumoren im operativen Krankengut liegen bisher für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland nicht vor.\\u000a Um einen entsprechenden Überblick für das Jahr 1996 zu erhalten, wurde allen 77 herzchirurgischen Zentren der Bundesrepublik\\u000a Deutschland ein standardisierter Fragebogen zugesandt.\\u000a \\u000a Daten von 65 der 77 Herzzentren (=84%) waren schließlich verfügbar: 187 Patienten waren wegen Myxomen, lediglich 44 wegen\\u000a nichtmyxomatösen Tumoren, davon

K. Reynen; U. Röber; W. G. Daniel; R. Henßge; S. Schüler



Die Eigendarstellung staatlicher Sicherheitsakteure in den Medien. Das Beispiel der Bundeswehr  

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In der Demokratie ist es schon immer von grundlegender Bedeutung gewesen, staatliches Handeln gegenüber der Bevölkerung zu\\u000a erklären und zu begründen. Diese in Artikel 65 des Grundgesetzes verankerte Grundlage der Informationspflicht staatlicher\\u000a Organe hat das Bundesverfassungsgericht in einer Entscheidung vom 2. März 1977 (Bundesverfassungsgericht 1977: 125) noch einmal\\u000a ausdrücklich als höchsten Auftrag demokratischer Informationsarbeit bestätigt. Dort heißt es: „Eine verantwortliche

Olaf Theiler


Manuel Rocha Medal Recipient Simulating the Time-dependent Behaviour of Excavations in Hard Rock  

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Summary  \\u000a Although hard rock is not usually associated with large creep deformation, data collected from the tunnels and stopes of the\\u000a deep South African gold mines illustrates significant time-dependent behaviour. Apart from application in mining, a better\\u000a understanding of the time-dependent behaviour of crystalline rock is required to analyse the long term stability of nuclear\\u000a waste repositories and to design

D. F. Malan



Astroblema Domo de Vargeão, SC Registro de Impacto Meteorítico sobre Rochas Vulcânicas da Bacia do Paraná  

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O Domo de Vargeão é um dos raros exemplos de astroblemas em território brasileiro. Localizada na região oeste do estado de Santa Catarina, esta notável depressão circular possui aproximadamente 12 quilômetros de diâmetro e exibe desníveis abruptos de até 150 m entre suas bordas e as porções internas. A feição circular hoje existente nesse local representa o remanescente erosivo de

Alvaro Penteado Crósta; César Kazzuo-Vieira; Asit Choudhuri; Alfonso Schrank


Manuel Rocha Medal Recipient Shear Strength of Rock Joints Based on Quantified Surface Description  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

One of the primary objectives of this work is to improve the understanding of the frictional behaviour of rough rock joints under shear loads, and to relate its shear strength to the “shape” of the joint interface (roughness). Discontinuities have, indeed, an important influence on the deformational behaviour of rock systems. The choice of a general criterion to determine the shear strength of rough rock joints is a problem that has been investigated for many years. Numerous shear models have been proposed to relate shear-strength to measurable joint parameters, but their limitations have to be recognized. The main problem is how to measure and quantify the roughness in order to introduce the morphological aspect of the joint into a shear strength criterion. The first part of this work focuses on the measurement and description of how roughness influences the size and distribution of contact areas during shearing. It has been found that the variation of the contact area can be expressed as a function of the local dip of the surface, measured along the shear direction. The close agreement between this empirical description of the potential contact area and surface measurements permits one to predict the real contact area involved in the phenomenon. In the second part of the work, a new shear strength criterion is proposed to model the shear resistance of joints under constant normal load conditions. It is based on the proposed empirical estimation of rock joint roughness, and on the results from more than fifty constant-normal-load direct-shear tests performed on replicas of tensile joints and on induced tensile fractures for seven rock types. The proposed model is able to describe experimental shear tests conducted in the laboratory, and the required parameters can be easily measured through standard laboratory tests.

Grasselli, G.



I/O Parallelization for the Goddard Earth Observing System Data Assimilation System (GEOS DAS)  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Data Assimilation Office (DAO) at the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) has developed the GEOS DAS, a data assimilation system that provides production support for NASA missions and will support NASA's Earth Observing System (EOS) in the coming years. The DAO's support of the EOS project along with the requirement of producing long-term reanalysis datasets with an unvarying system levy a large I/O burden on the future system. The DAO has been involved in prototyping parallel implementations of the GEOS DAS for a number of years and is now converting the production version from shared-memory parallelism to distributed-memory parallelism using the portable Message-Passing Interface (MPI). If the MPI-based GEOS DAS is to meet these production requirements, we must make I/O from the parallel system efficient. We have designed a scheme that allows efficient I/O processing while retaining portability, reducing the need for post-processing, and producing data formats that are required by our users, both internal and external. The first phase of the GEOS DAS Parallel I/O System (GPIOS) will expand upon the common method of gathering global data to a Single PE for output. Instead of using a PE also tasked with primary computation, a number of PEs will be dedicated to I/O and its related tasks. This allows the data transformations and formatting required prior to output to take place asynchronously with respect to the GEOS DAS assimilation cycle, improving performance and generating output data sets in a format convenient for our users. I/O PEs can be added as needed to handle larger data volumes or to meet user file specifications. We will show I/O performance results from a prototype MPI GCM integrated with GPIOS. Phase two of GPIOS development will examine ways of integrating new software technologies to further improve performance and build scalability into the system. The maturing of MPI-IO implementations and other supporting libraries such as parallel HDF should provide performance gains while retaining portability.

Lucchesi, R.; Sawyer, W.; Takacs, L. L.; Lyster, P.; Zero, J.



Numerical study of anomalous dynamic scaling behaviour of (1+1)-dimensional Das Sarma-Tamborenea model  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In order to discuss the finite-size effect and the anomalous dynamic scaling behaviour of Das Sarma-Tamborenea growth model, the (1+1)-dimensional Das Sarma-Tamborenea model is simulated on a large length scale by using the kinetic Monte-Carlo method. In the simulation, noise reduction technique is used in order to eliminate the crossover effect. Our results show that due to the existence of the finite-size effect, the effective global roughness exponent of the (1+1)-dimensional Das Sarma-Tamborenea model systematically decreases with system size L increasing when L > 256. This finding proves the conjecture by Aarao Reis[Aarao Reis F D A 2004 Phys. Rev. E 70 031607]. In addition, our simulation results also show that the Das Sarma-Tamborenea model in 1+1 dimensions indeed exhibits intrinsic anomalous scaling behaviour.

Xun, Zhi-Peng; Tang, Gang; Han, Kui; Hao, Da-Peng; Xia, Hui; Zhou, Wei; Yang, Xi-Quan; Wen, Rong-Ji; Chen, Yu-Ling



The validity of a rheumatoid arthritis medical records-based index of severity compared with the DAS28.  


The objective of this work was to assess the convergent validity of a previously developed rheumatoid arthritis medical records-based index of severity (RARBIS) by comparing it with the 28-joint Disease Activity Score (DAS28). This study was conducted in subjects within the Brigham and Women's Hospital Rheumatoid Arthritis Sequential Study (BRASS). We selected 100 patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) from the BRASS with DAS28 scores equally distributed in four quartiles. The medical records were reviewed to calculate the RARBIS, which includes indicators from the following categories: prior surgical history, radiologic and laboratory findings, clinical and functional status, and extra-articular manifestations. The Spearman correlation between the RARBIS and the DAS28 was assessed in the total study population and in relevant subgroups. We re-weighted on subscales and recalculated the RARBIS score. This was performed based on findings of correlations between the DAS28 and subscales; and also the result from a multiple linear regression with the DAS28 (as a dependent variable) and five subscales (as independent variables). The mean RARBIS was 4.36 (range 0-11). Among the total study cohort, the RARBIS was moderately correlated with the DAS28 (r = 0.41, 95% confidence interval [CI] 0.23-0.56). In subgroup analyses, including age, gender, rheumatoid factor status, and disease duration, we found no statistically significant differences in the correlations. After re-weighting, the correlation between the RARBIS and the DAS28 was somewhat improved (r = 0.48, 95% CI 0.31-0.62). In conclusion, the RARBIS correlated moderately well with the DAS28 in this population. The RARBIS has both face and convergent validity for patients with RA and relevant subgroups and may have application for medical records studies in patients with RA. PMID:16542499

Sato, Masayo; Schneeweiss, Sebastian; Scranton, Richard; Katz, Jeffrey N; Weinblatt, Michael E; Avorn, Jerry; Ting, Gladys; Shadick, Nancy A; Solomon, Daniel H



Validation of Land-Surface Mosaic Heterogeneity in the GEOS DAS  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The Mosaic Land-surface Model (LSM) has been included into the current GEOS Data Assimilation System (DAS). The LSM uses a more advanced representation of physical processes than previous versions of the GEOS DAS, including the representation of sub-grid heterogeneity of the land-surface through the Mosaic approach. As a first approximation, Mosaic assumes that all similar surface types within a grid-cell can be lumped together as a single'tile'. Within one GCM grid-cell, there might be 1 - 5 different tiles or surface types. All tiles are subjected to the grid-scale forcing (radiation, air temperature and specific humidity, and precipitation), and the sub-grid variability is a function of the tile characteristics. In this paper, we validate the LSM sub-grid scale variability (tiles) using a variety of surface observing stations from the Southern Great Plains (SGP) site of the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program. One of the primary goals of SGP ARM is to study the variability of atmospheric radiation within a G,CM grid-cell. Enough surface data has been collected by ARM to extend this goal to sub-grid variability of the land-surface energy and water budgets. The time period of this study is the Summer of 1998 (June I - September 1). The ARM site data consists of surface meteorology, energy flux (eddy correlation and bowen ratio), soil water observations spread over an area similar to the size of a G-CM grid-cell. Various ARM stations are described as wheat and alfalfa crops, pasture and range land. The LSM tiles considered at the grid-space (2 x 2.5) nearest the ARM site include, grassland, deciduous forests, bare soil and dwarf trees. Surface energy and water balances for each tile type are compared with observations. Furthermore, we will discuss the land-surface sub-grid variability of both the ARM observations and the DAS.

Bosilovich, Michael G.; Molod, Andrea; Houser, Paul R.; Schubert, Siegfried



Garlic Extract Diallyl Sulfide (DAS) Activates Nuclear Receptor CAR to Induce the Sult1e1 Gene in Mouse Liver  

PubMed Central

Constituent chemicals in garlic extract are known to induce phase I and phase II enzymes in rodent livers. Here we have utilized Car+/+ and Car?/? mice to demonstrate that the nuclear xenobiotic receptor CAR regulated the induction of the estrogen sulfotransferase Sult1e1 gene by diallyl sulfide (DAS) treatment in mouse liver. DAS treatment caused CAR accumulation in the nucleus, resulting in a remarkable increase of SULT1E1 mRNA (3,200 fold) and protein in the livers of Car+/+ females but not of Car?/? female mice. DAS also induced other CAR-regulated genes such as Cyp2b10, Cyp3a11 and Gadd45?. Compared with the rapid increase of these mRNA levels, which began as early as 6 hourrs after DAS treatment, the levels of SULT1E1 mRNA began increasing after 24 hours. This slow response to DAS suggested that CAR required an additional factor to activate the Sult1e1 gene or that this activation was indirect. Despite the remarkable induction of SULT1E1, there was no decrease in the serum levels of endogenous E2 or increase of estrone sulfate while the clearance of exogenously administrated E2 was accelerated in DAS treated mice.

Sueyoshi, Tatsuya; Green, William D.; Vinal, Kellie; Woodrum, Tyler S.; Moore, Rick; Negishi, Masahiko



The S2 VLBI Systems: DAS, RT/PT and Correlator  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The S2 VLBI system synthesizes wide IF bandwidths by rapidly switching the local oscillator (LO) frequency in a small (1-4) number of baseband converters (BBC's). Data are recorded on video cassettes using an array of 8 VHS transports. Characteristics of the S2 Data Acquisition System (DAS), the S2 Record and Playback Terminals (RT and PT) and the S2 Correlator are summarized. The bandwidth synthesis (BWS) frequency switching sequence used in a series of system validation experiments is presented.

Petrachenko, William T.; Bujold, Marc; Cannon, Wayne H.; Carlson, Brent R.; Dewdney, Peter E.; Feil, Georg H.; Newby, Paul; Novikov, Alexander; Popelar, Josef; Wietfeldt, Richard D.



GenExp: An Interactive Web-Based Genomic DAS Client with Client-Side Data Rendering  

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Background The Distributed Annotation System (DAS) offers a standard protocol for sharing and integrating annotations on biological sequences. There are more than 1000 DAS sources available and the number is steadily increasing. Clients are an essential part of the DAS system and integrate data from several independent sources in order to create a useful representation to the user. While web-based DAS clients exist, most of them do not have direct interaction capabilities such as dragging and zooming with the mouse. Results Here we present GenExp, a web based and fully interactive visual DAS client. GenExp is a genome oriented DAS client capable of creating informative representations of genomic data zooming out from base level to complete chromosomes. It proposes a novel approach to genomic data rendering and uses the latest HTML5 web technologies to create the data representation inside the client browser. Thanks to client-side rendering most position changes do not need a network request to the server and so responses to zooming and panning are almost immediate. In GenExp it is possible to explore the genome intuitively moving it with the mouse just like geographical map applications. Additionally, in GenExp it is possible to have more than one data viewer at the same time and to save the current state of the application to revisit it later on. Conclusions GenExp is a new interactive web-based client for DAS and addresses some of the short-comings of the existing clients. It uses client-side data rendering techniques resulting in easier genome browsing and exploration. GenExp is open source under the GPL license and it is freely available at

Gel Moreno, Bernat; Messeguer Peypoch, Xavier




PubMed Central

SUMMARY Measurement of Disability is one of the off-shoot projects of the major multicentred study on ‘Factors Affecting Course and Outcome of Schizophrenia’ being held at Madras, Vellore and Lucknow. As part of this study, modification of the Disability Assessment Schedule (II) was carried out at the Madras centre. Certain items of the DAS were deleted and the rest were regrouped into 4 main areas of personal, social, occupational and global disability. This modified instrument called the Schedule for Assessment of Psychiatric Disability (SAPD) was administered to 30 patients each of the 3 groups of psychoses, neurotics and diabetics. It was found that the SAPD effectively discriminated the psychotic group from the other 2 groups. The authors recommend this instrument for measurement of disability in an outpatient psychiatric population.

Thara, R.; Rajkumar, S.; Valecha, V.



Das Lektin aus der Erbse Pisum sativum : Bindungsstudien, Monomer-Dimer-Gleichgewicht und Rückfaltung aus Fragmenten  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Das Lektin aus Pisum sativum, der Gartenerbse, ist Teil der Familie der Leguminosenlektine. Diese Proteine haben untereinander eine hohe Sequenzhomologie, und die Struktur ihrer Monomere, ein all-ß-Motiv, ist hoch konserviert. Dagegen gibt es innerhalb der Familie eine große Vielfalt an unterschiedlichen Quartärstrukturen, die Gegenstand kristallographischer und theoretischer Arbeiten waren. Das Erbsenlektin ist ein dimeres Leguminosenlektin mit einer Besonderheit in seiner Struktur: Nach der Faltung in der Zelle wird aus einem Loop eine kurze Aminosäuresequenz herausgeschnitten, so dass sich in jeder Untereinheit zwei unabhängige Polypeptidketten befinden. Beide Ketten sind aber stark miteinander verschränkt und bilden eine gemeinsame strukturelle Domäne. Wie alle Lektine bindet Erbsenlektin komplexe Oligosaccharide, doch sind seine physiologische Rolle und der natürliche Ligand unbekannt. In dieser Arbeit wurden Versuche zur Entwicklung eines Funktionstests für Erbsenlektin durchgeführt und seine Faltung, Stabilität und Monomer-Dimer-Gleichgewicht charakterisiert. Um die spezifische Rolle der Prozessierung für Stabilität und Faltung zu untersuchen, wurde ein unprozessiertes Konstrukt in E. coli exprimiert und mit der prozessierten Form verglichen. Beide Proteine zeigen die gleiche kinetische Stabilität gegenüber chemischer Denaturierung. Sie denaturieren extrem langsam, weil nur die isolierten Untereinheiten entfalten können und das Monomer-Dimer-Gleichgewicht bei mittleren Konzentrationen an Denaturierungsmittel auf der Seite der Dimere liegt. Durch die extrem langsame Entfaltung zeigen beide Proteine eine apparente Hysterese im Gleichgewichtsübergang, und es ist nicht möglich, die thermodynamische Stabilität zu bestimmen. Die Stabilität und die Geschwindigkeit der Assoziation und Dissoziation in die prozessierten bzw. nichtprozessierten Untereinheiten sind für beide Proteine gleich. Darüber hinaus konnte gezeigt werden, dass auch unter nicht-denaturierenden Bedingungen die Untereinheiten zwischen den Dimeren ausgetauscht werden. Die Renaturierung der unprozessierten Variante ist unter stark nativen Bedingungen zu 100 % möglich. Das prozessierte Protein dagegen renaturiert nur zu etwa 50 %, und durch die Prozessierung ist die Faltung stark verlangsamt, der Faltungsprozess ist erst nach mehreren Tagen abgeschlossen. Im Laufe der Renaturierung wird ein Intermediat populiert, in dem die längere der beiden Polypeptidketten ein Homodimer mit nativähnlicher Untereinheitenkontaktfläche bildet. Der geschwindigkeitsbestimmende Schritt der Renaturierung ist die Assoziation der entfalteten kürzeren Kette mit diesem Dimer. The lectin from Pisum sativum (garden pea) is a member of the family of legume lectins. These proteins share a high sequence homology, and the structure of their monomers, an all-ß-motif, is highly conserved. Their quaternary structures, however, show a great diversity which has been subject to cristallographic and theoretical studies. Pea lectin is a dimeric legume lectin with a special structural feature: After folding is completed in the cell, a short amino acid sequence is cut out of a loop, resulting in two independent polypeptide chains in each subunit. Both chains are closely intertwined and form one contiguous structural domain. Like all lectins, pea lectin binds to complex oligosaccharides, but its physiological role and its natural ligand are unknown. In this study, experiments to establish a functional assay for pea lectin have been conducted, and its folding, stability and monomer-dimer-equilibrium have been characterized. To investigate the specific role of the processing for stability and folding, an unprocessed construct was expressed in E. coli and compared to the processed form. Both proteins have the same kinetic stability against chemical denaturant. They denature extremely slowly, because only the isolated subunits can unfold, and the monomer-dimer-equilibrium favors the dimer at moderate concentrations of denaturant. Due to the slow unfolding, both proteins exhib

Küster, Frank



Der vollständige Brief Brahes an Sørensen über das Erscheinen des Kometen von 1577  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Es ist erstaunlich, daß sowohl Friis als auch Dreyer in ihrer Ausgabe der Briefe Tycho Brahes den Brief vom 14. November 1577 an Peter Sørensen, die erste bekannte Nachricht Brahes von seiner Entdeckung des Kometen von 1577, nur unvollständig, und zwar ohne den astronomischen Inhalt, ediert haben. Der Brief, dessen Original sehr wahrscheinlich nicht mehr existiert, wurde von dem Kieler Arzt und Medizinprofessor Johann Daniel Major (1634 - 1693) in Kopenhagen in sein Reisetagebuch kopiert. Das Original des Majorschen Reisetagebuches ist verschollen, doch es existieren zwei Abschriften davon (Kopenhagen, Königl. Bibl., Ny Kgl. Sml., 365, Fol. u. Ledreborg, 410, Fol.). Im folgenden wird nach einer kurzen Beschreibung des Stellenwerts, den der Komet von 1577 für Brahe besaß, der Brief nach diesen beiden Abschriften kritisch ediert, mit einer deutschen Übersetzung versehen und kurz kommentiert.

Kirschner, Stefan


Software strategies and hardware upgrades to the PPL data acquisition system (DAS)  

SciTech Connect

This paper describes upgrades to the Data Acquisition System for the Experimental Projects Department at PPL, especially in support of the PBX-M upgrade to be completed this year. Hardware and software maintenance problems with the old configuration, consisting of a DEC KL-10 and eight PDP-11's, are described. The real-time software and hardware performance requirements and projections for CAMAC I/O and data analysis and display are presented. Described are three applications that have realtime requirements and are located on separate processors, connected to PPPL's VAX Cluster by an Ethernet link. Building upon a previous large software base, general-purpose subroutine libraries and utilities are being emphasized. The most useful of these are described. The use of software packages from DEC, third-party vendors, and the fusion community, is also described. The new approaches to software development that are being incorporated into the DAS efforts are discussed. Specific future challenges are also described.

Davis, W.M.; Roney, P.; Gibney, T.; Funk, P.; Keller, M.; Sauthoff, N.; Davis, S.; Bates, G.; Corneliussen, M.; Fishman, H.



Das Weltmannsche Koagulationsband und die Takata-Ara-Kolloid-Reaktion bei Dupuytrenscher Kontraktur und Induratio penis plastica  

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Zusammenfassung  Bei 20 Fllen von D.K. und 3 Fllen von I.p.p. wurden das W.K.B. und die T.A. durchgefhrt. Das W.K.B. war in fast allen Fllen\\u000a deutlich verlngert, die T.A. beim Groteil positiv. Diese Befunde scheinen uns auf Zusammenhnge zwischen D.K., I.p.p. und\\u000a Lebercirrhose hinzuweisen. Durch histologische Vergleiche wurde versucht, die Gleichartigkeit der morphologischen Vernderungen\\u000a herauszustellen. Auf die Bedeutung der genannten Reaktionen

Albert Georg Weyer



Latent Factor Structure of the Das-Naglieri Cognitive Assessment System: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis in a Chinese Setting  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This study aims to measure the psychometric properties of the Das-Naglieri Cognitive Assessment System (D-N CAS) and to determine its clinical utility in a Chinese context. Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) was conducted to examine the construct validity of the Chinese version of the D-N CAS among a group of 567, normally developed children.…

Deng, Ci-ping; Liu, Ming; Wei, Wei; Chan, Raymond C. K.; Das, J. P.



Goddard Earth Observing System - Data Assimilation System (GEOS-4 DAS) Data Products at the NASA Goddard Earth Science DISC DAAC  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

This list contains the names of data products from the Goddard Earth Observing System - Data Assimilation System (GEOS-4 DAS) at the Goddard Earth Science (GES) Data and Information Services Center (DISC) Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC). The list divides the data products into Assimilated Synoptic Files and Assimilated Time Averaged Files.



Relaciones de pareja y juego patológico: un estudio descriptivo a través de la Escala de Ajuste Diádico (DAS)  

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Pathological gambling is a psychological disturbance known to affect gravely the gambler's family environment and, specifically, his\\/her spousal relationship. The article shows the result of a study relating diverse sociodemographic variables to spousal relationships assessed according to Spaniers Dyadic Adjustment Scale (DAS). The results demonstrate a lesser dyadic adjustment for marriages with a pathological gambler. Likewise, certain variables such as



Obstáculos e potencialidades à competitividade das MPEs de calçados da Paraíba- um estudo da cooperação do aprendizado e da inovação  

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O objetivo deste trabalho é avaliar os obstáculos e potencialidades das micro e pequenas empresas da Paraíba, através do estudo da cooperação, aprendizado e inovação. Essas empresas estão concentradas espacialmente nos Arranjos Produtivos Locais (APLs) de Campina Grande e de Patos, onde há uma diversidade de atores públicos e privados, além de uma base institucional relevante. Para tanto, utilizou-se um

Janaina da Silva Alves


50 CFR 648.53 - Acceptable biological catch (ABC), annual catch limits (ACL), annual catch targets (ACT), DAS...  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...Carry-over DAS are accounted for in setting the ACT for the limited access fleet...and that ends a fishing trip prior to setting and/or hauling fishing gear for any...the vessel were initiated, including setting and/or hauling fishing gear;...



Property Improvement of Fi sh Water Soluble Protein Films by Dialdehyde Starch (DAS) and \\/ or Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS) Treatments  

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Transparent biodegradable films were successfully prepared from fish water soluble proteins (FWSP) in our laboratory, but FWSP films generally have the inferior mechanical and water vapor barrier properties. The objective of this study was to improve physical properties of FWSP using treatments with dialdehyde starch (DAS ) and\\/or sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS). Film forming solution containing 3% FWSP from blue

Patricia Yuca HAMAGUCHP; Yusuke SHIKU; Munehiko TANAKA



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O presente trabalho teve como objectivo avaliar a eficácia dos tratamentos contra as infestantes e os efeitos colaterais sobre os artrópodes existentes no solo. Para este efeito, delinearam-se cinco modalidades: Roundup Ultra, Basta S, mobilização superficial, monda térmica e ainda uma modalidade de referência, não intervencionada (Testemunha). Foram efectuadas contagens e identificação das infestantes e de artrópodes existentes no solo,

Carlos VEIGA; Catarina LOURENÇO; Francisco VIEIRA


Avaliação das normas de biossegurança nas clínicas odonto- lógicas da UFPE Evaluation of biosecutrity norms in UFPE dental clinics  

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Key-words O objetivo deste trabalho foi observar o cumprimento das normas de biossegurança e os cuidados com os riscos ocupacionais pelos alunos que atenderam nas clínicas de Odontologia Preventiva, Odontopediatria, Dentística, Endodontia e nos procedimentos cirúrgicos nas clínicas de Periodontia e Cirurgia, da Faculdade de Odontologia da Universidade Federal de Pernambuco. Este trabalho consistiu em um estudo observacional, no qual

Márcia Maria; Vendiciano Barbosa Vasconcelos; Catarina da Mot; Vasconcelos Brasi; Cláudia Cristina; Brainer de Oliveira Mot; Rabelo de Carvalho


Observações das explosões cósmicas de raios gama GRB021004 e GRB021211 com o satélite HETE  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

O High Energy Transient Explorer (HETE) é o primeiro satélite inteiramente dedicado ao estudo das explosões cósmicas de raios gama (ECRGs). Lançado em 9 de outubro de 2000, o HETE possui instrumentação capaz de observar as ECRGs desde o UV até raios gama e localizá-las com precisão de ~ 1-10 minutos de arco. As localizações das ECRGs detectadas são disseminadas rapidamente (em alguns segundos) pela Internet através de uma rede de estações de recepção ao longo do equador. A participação brasileira nesse projeto se dá através da montagem e operação de uma estação de recepção em Natal, RN, e da participação na equipe científica da missão. Neste trabalho são apresentados resultados da observação pelo HETE de duas ECRGs: GRB 021004 e GRB 021211. A GRB021004 foi detectada em raios gama pelo HETE em 4 de outubro de 2002 e localizada em raios-X em apenas 48 s, quando a emissão de raios gama ainda estava se processando. A explosão, relativamente brilhante e longa, durou aproximadamente 100 s. Um transiente óptico de magnitude 15 foi detectado no local da explosão nove minutos após o evento, e observações realizadas após 7 horas determinaram um desvio para o vermelho de absorção de 1,6. O GRB021004 foi o burst mais bem observado até o momento e suas observações em vários comprimentos de onda têm sido fundamentais para o aprimoramento dos modelos de ECRGs. O GRB21211, um burst brilhante e rico em raios-X, foi detectado em 11 de dezembro de 2002 e localizado em raios-X em 22 s após o início do evento. A duração do burst foi de 2,3 s em altas energias (85 a 400 keV) e de 8,5 s em baixas energias (2 a 10 keV). Caso essa explosão não tivesse sido rapidamente localizada pelo HETE, ela teria sido classificada como "opticamente escura", já que o transiente óptico decaiu rapidamente de R < 14 a R»19 dentro dos primeiros 20 minutos e já estava mais fraco do que R»23 depois de 24 horas da ocorrência do burst. Serão discutidas as implicações desse resultado nos modelos de afterglows de ECRGs.

Braga, J.; Ricker, G.; Hurley, K.; Lamb, D.; Grew, G.; et al.



Entomological fauna from Reserva Biológica do Atol das Rocas, RN, Brazil: I. Morphospecies composition.  


Atol das Rocas, the unique atoll in the South-western Atlantic, is located 144 nautical miles (266 Km) northeast from the city of Natal, NE Brazil and 80 nautical miles from Arquipélago de Fernando de Noronha, with geographic co-ordinates 3 masculine51'S and 33 masculine49"W. It's of volcanic origin and coralline formation. The reef is ellipsoid, its largest axis (E-W) is approximately 3.7 km long, and the shortest (N-S) is 2.5 km. Inside the lagoon, there are two islands: the Ilha do Farol and Ilha do Cemitério, which comprehend 7.2 Km2 of emerged area. The Atol das Rocas lodges 143,000 birds, mainly by Sula dactilatra, S. leucogaster, Anous stolidus, A. minuta and Sterna fuscata. Due to their remote location, the islands remain largely undisturbed by the human activities. Aiming to a first characterization of the entomological diversity and the general trophic niches of atoll's entomofauna, three collects were made (1994, 1995 and 1996) utilizing several methods for a wide sample. One thousand six hundred and six insect specimens were collected belonging to eight orders: 1. Coleoptera - 333 individuals of Dermestidae (Dermestes cadaverinus); Tenebrionidae (Phaleria testacea and morphospecies) and Curculionidae (one morphospecies); 2. Dermaptera - 50 individuals of Carcinophoridae (Anisolabis maritima); 3. Diptera - 281 individuals of Ephydridae (Scatella sp. and Hecamede sp.) and Hippoboscidae (one morphospecies); 4. Hymenoptera - 45 individuals of Formicidae (Brachymyrmex sp.); 5. Lepidoptera - 111 individuals of Microlepidoptera (one morphospecies); 6. Mallophaga - 18 individuals in birds (two morphospecies); 7. Orthoptera - 237 individuals of Acrididae (Schistocerca cancellata), Tridactylidae (one morphospecies) and Blattidae (three morphospecies); 8. Thysanoptera -531 individuals (one morphospecies). Also were collected 112 individuals of Arachnida. The taxa of the Order Araneae were represented by the families: 1. Miturgidae (Cheiracanthium inclusum); 2. Salticidae (two morphospecies) and 3. Segestriidae (Ariadna sp.); 4. Theridiidae (Achaearanea sp. and Latrodectus geometricus). For the Order Scorpionida, only samples of Buthidae (Isometrus maculatus) were collected. Through field observations, it was concluded the most insects are detritophagous and/or necrophagous. It is suggested that which the dimension of ecological niches of the insects are a function of the droppings, trash and corpses of birds. A low diversity in the entomofauna of atoll, with its 25 morphospecies, was ascertained. PMID:10959113

Almeida; Marchon-Silva; Ribeiro; Serpa-Filho; Almeida; Costa



DAS-28-based EULAR response and HAQ improvement in rheumatoid arthritis patients switching between TNF antagonists  

PubMed Central

Introduction No definitive data are available regarding the value of switching to an alternative TNF antagonist in rheumatoid arthritis patients who fail to respond to the first one. The aim of this study was to evaluate treatment response in a clinical setting based on HAQ improvement and EULAR response criteria in RA patients who were switched to a second or a third TNF antagonist due to failure with the first one. Methods This was an observational, prospective study of a cohort of 417 RA patients treated with TNF antagonists in three university hospitals in Spain between January 1999 and December 2005. A database was created at the participating centres, with well-defined operational instructions. The main outcome variables were analyzed using parametric or non-parametric tests depending on the level of measurement and distribution of each variable. Results Mean (± SD) DAS-28 on starting the first, second and third TNF antagonist was 5.9 (± 2.0), 5.1 (± 1.5) and 6.1 (± 1.1). At the end of follow-up, it decreased to 3.3 (± 1.6; ? = -2.6; p > 0.0001), 4.2 (± 1.5; ? = -1.1; p = 0.0001) and 5.4 (± 1.7; ? = -0.7; p = 0.06). For the first TNF antagonist, DAS-28-based EULAR response level was good in 42% and moderate in 33% of patients. The second TNF antagonist yielded a good response in 20% and no response in 53% of patients, while the third one yielded a good response in 28% and no response in 72%. Mean baseline HAQ on starting the first, second and third TNF antagonist was 1.61, 1.52 and 1.87, respectively. At the end of follow-up, it decreased to 1.12 (? = -0.49; p < 0.0001), 1.31 (? = -0.21, p = 0.004) and 1.75 (? = -0.12; p = 0.1), respectively. Sixty four percent of patients had a clinically important improvement in HAQ (defined as ? -0.22) with the first TNF antagonist and 46% with the second. Conclusion A clinically significant effect size was seen in less than half of RA patients cycling to a second TNF antagonist.

Navarro-Sarabia, Federico; Ruiz-Montesinos, Dolores; Hernandez, Blanca; Navarro-Compan, Victoria; Marsal, Sara; Barcelo, Mireia; Perez-Pampin, Eva; Gomez-Reino, Juan J



A review and empirical study of the composite scales of the Das-Naglieri cognitive assessment system  

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Alexander Luria’s model of the working brain consisting of three functional units was formulated through the examination of hundreds of focal brain-injury patients. Several psychometric instruments based on Luria’s syndrome analysis and accompanying qualitative tasks have been developed since the 1970s. In the mid-1970s, JP Das and colleagues defined a specific cognitive processes model based directly on Luria’s two coding units termed simultaneous and successive by studying diverse cross-cultural, ability, and socioeconomic strata. The cognitive assessment system is based on the PASS model of cognitive processes and consists of four composite scales of Planning–Attention–Simultaneous–Successive (PASS) devised by Naglieri and Das in 1997. Das and colleagues developed the two new scales of planning and attention to more closely model Luria’s theory of higher cortical functions. In this paper a theoretical review of Luria’s theory, Das and colleagues elaboration of Luria’s model, and the neural correlates of PASS composite scales based on extant studies is summarized. A brief empirical study of the neuropsychological specificity of the PASS composite scales in a sample of 33 focal cortical stroke patients using cluster analysis is then discussed. Planning and simultaneous were sensitive to right hemisphere lesions. These findings were integrated with recent functional neuroimaging studies of PASS scales. In sum it was found that simultaneous is strongly dependent on dual bilateral occipitoparietal interhemispheric coordination whereas successive demonstrated left frontotemporal specificity with some evidence of interhemispheric coordination across the prefrontal cortex. Hence, support for the validity of the PASS composite scales was found as well as for the axiom of the independence of code content from code type originally specified in 1994 by Das, Naglieri, and Kirby.

McCrea, Simon M



On the Issue of Excess Lower Stratospheric Subtropical Transport in GEOS-DAS  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

In recent years, data assimilation has become an indispensable tool for our understanding of the global features of meteorological variables. However, assessments of transport characteristics using trajectory related methods as well as chemical transport models (CTMs) show that results derived from assimilated (or analyzed) winds exhibit significantly larger mixing and entrainment rates compared to results derived from GCM winds, which are closer to results derived from observations (e.g., Douglass et al., 2002; Schoeberl et al., 2002). This discrepancy presents a serious challenge to our ability to understand and model global trace gas transport and distribution. We use the GEOS-DAS to explore this issue by examining how the process of data assimilation alters the dynamics of the underlying GCM and how this leads to the excess of lower stratospheric mixing and transport in the subtropics. In particular, we show that significant model biases in tropical winds necessitate large analysis increments. These increments directly force large subtropical regions of instability with negative PV gradient on the one hand, and generate excessive noise in the tropical wind fields on the other. The result is an excess of transport in the lower stratospheric subtropics.

Tan, Wei-Wu; Geller, Marvin; Pawson, Steven



Conduit/MIDL/Heliolib/das2: Gaining Efficiency by Sharing Development Within and Between Missions  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present a code re-use scenario in which a common framework is used not only for similar tools from mission to mission, but also for diverse phases of development within a mission. Deploying related tools throughout mission development significantly eases the software learning curve for scientists and reduces overall development time and cost. We present our successes in merging the design and creation of ground support, testing and calibration software with analysis software through use of a common semantic layer (Heliolib) and a common data display engine (das2/Autoplot), both of which are used in our telemetry processing framework (Conduit) and our science analysis environment (MIDL). We also use the same common layer and code base between missions, promoting the idea of "Learn once, use everywhere." Applications of our framework are described for the following Heliospheric and Planetary missions (which range from under development to fully operational): MMS/EIS, RBSP/RB-SPICE, JUNO/JEDI, and Voyager/LECP. The Voyager/LECP science analysis environment is publicly accessible at:

Brown, L. E.; Vandegriff, J. D.; Faden, J.; Mauk, B. H.; Mitchell, D. G.; Hill, M. E.



Parallel Proportion Fair Scheduling in DAS with Partial Channel State Information  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A parallel multiplexing scheduling (PMS) scheme is proposed for distributed antenna systems (DAS), which greatly improves average system throughput due to multi-user diversity and multi-user multiplexing. However, PMS has poor fairness because of the use of the “best channel selection” criteria in the scheduler. Thus we present a parallel proportional fair scheduling (PPFS) scheme, which combines PMS with proportional fair scheduling (PFS) to achieve a tradeoff between average throughput and fairness. In PPFS, the “relative signal to noise ratio (SNR)” is employed as a metric to select the user instead of the “relative throughput” in the original PFS. And only partial channel state information (CSI) is fed back to the base station (BS) in PPFS. Moreover, there are multiple users selected to transmit simultaneously at each slot in PPFS, while only one user occupies all channel resources at each slot in PFS. Consequently, PPFS improves fairness performance of PMS greatly with a relatively small loss of average throughput compared to PFS.

Jiang, Zhanjun; Wu, Jiang; Wang, Dongming; You, Xiaohu


[Detection of left ventricular thrombi after acute myocardial infarction using Ga-67-DFO-DAS-fibrinogen].  


Ga-67-DFO-DAS-fibrinogen (Ga-fbg) scintigraphy, a new radiopharmaceutical method, was performed for detecting intraventricular thrombi following acute myocardial infarction in five patients. The thrombi in four of them were detected by two-dimensional echocardiography (2DE) and that in the fifth patient was suspected during magnetic resonance imaging. Imaging of the heart was performed using a scinticamera with a medium energy collimator and multiple views (anterior, LAO 30 degrees, LAO 45 degrees, and lateral) three and four days after the intravenous administration of Ga-fbg. By Ga-fbg scintigraphy, intraventricular thrombi were detected in four patients. The size of the thrombi visualized by Ga-fbg appeared larger than those by 2DE. In one patient examined again after anticoagulant therapy, a thrombus was missed by 2-DE, but it was detected by Ga-fbg, though the radioactivity of the thrombus decreased. We concluded that Ga-fbg scintigraphy is a very simple method and sufficiently useful for detecting active left ventricular thrombi and for monitoring the effect of anticoagulant therapy. It could be more sensitive than 2DE for determining the extent of an active intraventricular thrombus. PMID:3267732

Itagane, H; Hirota, K; Teragaki, M; Akioka, K; Yasuda, M; Oku, H; Takeuchi, K; Takeda, T; Ochi, H



Determinação da massa de júpiter a partir das órbitas de seus satélites: um experimento didático  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Este trabalho apresenta o roteiro piloto de uma prática observacional em astronomia, junto com os primeiros resultados obtidos nesta fase de implementacão. O projeto, que será executado em duas etapas, visa introduzir noções de Astronomia a alunos do Ensino Médio e iniciantes nos cursos de Física. O experimento consiste em medir as órbitas dos satélites Galileanos e, a partir da análise dos dados coletados, verificar a validade da Lei das órbitas de Kepler, determinando a massa do planeta Júpiter. Em uma primeira etapa, as observações serão feitas utilizando um telescópio Meade LX200 10" e câmera CCD para obter uma seqüência de imagens do planeta, que possibilitará medir o movimento de seus satélites. A segunda etapa terá início a partir do funcionamento do telescópio em modo robótico, com a possibilidade de observações via internet por instituições de ensino. Para o desenvolvimento deste experimento foram inicialmente coletadas várias imagens de Júpiter obtidas com os instrumentos citados acima. Estas imagens serviram como base para confecção dos roteiros para a experiência no nível médio e superior. Os roteiros serão inicialmente apresentados em uma home-page. Nela também se buscará uma contextualização histórica da experiência bem como o estabelecimento de relações com professores e alunos, propostas metodológicas e a disponibilização dos programas computacionais necessários para a utilização "on-line" pelos usuários. O projeto conta com apoio da Fundação VITAE.

Schlickmann, M. S.; Saito, R. K.; Becker, D. A.; Rezende, M. F., Jr.; Cid Fernandes, R.



Common Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) Software Development for Rocket Propulsion Test (RPT) Test Facilities  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The advent of the commercial space launch industry and NASA's more recent resumption of operation of Stennis Space Center's large test facilities after thirty years of contractor control resulted in a need for a non-proprietary data acquisition systems (DAS) software to support government and commercial testing. The software is designed for modularity and adaptability to minimize the software development effort for current and future data systems. An additional benefit of the software's architecture is its ability to easily migrate to other testing facilities thus providing future commonality across Stennis. Adapting the software to other Rocket Propulsion Test (RPT) Centers such as MSFC, White Sands, and Plumbrook Station would provide additional commonality and help reduce testing costs for NASA. Ultimately, the software provides the government with unlimited rights and guarantees privacy of data to commercial entities. The project engaged all RPT Centers and NASA's Independent Verification & Validation facility to enhance product quality. The design consists of a translation layer which provides the transparency of the software application layers to underlying hardware regardless of test facility location and a flexible and easily accessible database. This presentation addresses system technical design, issues encountered, and the status of Stennis development and deployment.

Hebert, Phillip W., Sr.; Davis, Dawn M.; Turowski, Mark P.; Holladay, Wendy T.; Hughes, Mark S.



An initial test of an Intelligent Distributed Acoustic Sensing (iDAS) in the ice in Lake Mendota  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS) was deployed to assess wave propagation detection in ice using fiber-optic cable. The acoustic field is sensed continuously along an optical fiber cable by interrogating it with pulses of light. The Sensor (iDAS manufactured by Silixa) samples the coupled medium as to the fiber, as waves travel through the medium, at several kilohertz along every meter of the cable. In March 2012 measurements were carried out along a triangular shaped array on the frozen surface of Lake Mendota. The purpose of the test was to assess the applicability of DAS to determine near surface geophysical properties from its unique way of measuring acoustic fields. We constructed an equilateral triangle array with a side length of 30 meters by freezing optical fiber cables into the sub surface layer of the ice which ranged in thickness between 15 to 20 cm. The fiber cables were frozen to a depth of about 10 cm to achieve uniform cable-ice coupling. The cable sensor was continuous and was looped about 4 times around to get multiple readings at each sampling location, and resulted in a total cable length of about 445 meters. Two different cable constructions were tested. The first type was of tight-buffered central stainless steel capillary tube and the second type of steel-reinforced central stainless steel loose tube. Seismic shots were generated using a sledge hammer and steel plate. Various shot sequences were taken along three different directions to assess the response and sensitivity of the system. A vertical geophone array was also deployed for a reference measurement every 5 meters along each of the sides of the triangle. Every 10 meters, the vertical geophones were complemented by two horizontal geophones. Analysis of the data showed that wavefronts of first arrivals were clearly visible from even the furthest shot location which enabled calculations of properties of the ice as the wavefronts traveled through it. Differences in sign in the recorded amplitude from various shot locations suggest a near field and far field recording difference for iDAS. The iDAS response along different directions of fiber was examined to determine any directional sensitivity to help with future array designs. This set of tests provided valuable insight into the applicability of the system and array designs for future deployment along with other potential applications we hope to use iDAS for.

Castongia, E.; Fratta, D.; Wang, H. F.; Mondanos, M.; Chalari, A.



Desenvolvimento das câmeras de raios-X duros do satélite MIRAX  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

O MIRAX (Monitor e Imageador de RAios-X) é um projeto de desenvolvimento de um pequeno satélite astronômico de raios-X (~200 kg, ~240 W). A estratégia básica da missão será observar continuamente (~9 meses por ano) a região central (~1000 graus2) do plano Galáctico e realizar estudos espectroscópicos de banda larga (2-200 keV) e alta sensibilidade de um grande conjunto de fontes através de imagens com resolução de ~6'. Isso proporcionará uma cobertura inédita do "espaço de descobertas" através da detecção, localização, identificação e estudo detalhado de fenômenos imprevisíveis, tais como transientes fracos de raios-X, novas rápidas de raios-X e bursts de raios gama, assim como o estudo de fontes com emissão persistente. Neste trabalho apresentamos o projeto das duas câmeras de raios-X duros (CXDs) do MIRAX, que irão operar na faixa de 10 a 200 keV. Cada CXD consistirá de um plano de detectores CZT (Cd0,9Zn0,1Te) de 0,5 mm de resolução espacial e 370 cm2 de área total, e de uma máscara codificada com elementos quadrados de 1,3 mm de lado e 0,5 cm de espessura. A máscara terá dimensões de 315 cm ´ 275 cm e será montada a 700 cm de distância dos detectores. Com essa configuração as CXDs terão 6' de resolução angular e, quando colocadas a um ângulo de 29° entre si, as duas câmeras propiciam um campo totalmente codificado de 39° ´ 6°12' e um campo total de 76° ´ 44°. Serão apresentadas simulações de observações da região do plano Galáctico com o conjunto formado pelas duas CXDs.

Braga, J.; Rothschild, R.; Staubert, R.; Heise, J.; Remillard, R.; D'Amico, F.; Jablonski, F.; Mejía, J.; Carvalho, H.; Heindl, B.; Matteson, J.; Kendziorra, E.; Wilms, J.; in't Zand, J.; Kuulkers, E.



MiDas: automatic extraction of a common domain of discourse in sleep medicine for multi-center data integration.  


Clinical studies often use data dictionaries with controlled sets of terms to facilitate data collection, limited interoperability and sharing at a local site. Multi-center retrospective clinical studies require that these data dictionaries, originating from individual participating centers, be harmonized in preparation for the integration of the corresponding clinical research data. Domain ontologies are often used to facilitate multi-center data integration by modeling terms from data dictionaries in a logic-based language, but interoperability among domain ontologies (using automated techniques) is an unresolved issue. Although many upper-level reference ontologies have been proposed to address this challenge, our experience in integrating multi-center sleep medicine data highlights the need for an upper level ontology that models a common set of terms at multiple-levels of abstraction, which is not covered by the existing upper-level ontologies. We introduce a methodology underpinned by a Minimal Domain of Discourse (MiDas) algorithm to automatically extract a minimal common domain of discourse (upper-domain ontology) from an existing domain ontology. Using the Multi-Modality, Multi-Resource Environment for Physiological and Clinical Research (Physio-MIMI) multi-center project in sleep medicine as a use case, we demonstrate the use of MiDas in extracting a minimal domain of discourse for sleep medicine, from Physio-MIMI's Sleep Domain Ontology (SDO). We then extend the resulting domain of discourse with terms from the data dictionary of the Sleep Heart and Health Study (SHHS) to validate MiDas. To illustrate the wider applicability of MiDas, we automatically extract the respective domains of discourse from 6 sample domain ontologies from the National Center for Biomedical Ontologies (NCBO) and the OBO Foundry. PMID:22195180

Sahoo, Satya S; Ogbuji, Chimezie; Luo, Lingyun; Dong, Xiao; Cui, Licong; Redline, Susan S; Zhang, Guo-Qiang



Undesirable consequences of neglecting nonlinearity: response to comments by liefting et Al. (2013) on rocha & klaczko (2012).  


In response to our previous study, Liefting et al. argue, in defense of their work on latitudinal variation of developmental-rate reaction norms (RNs), that (1) developmental rate (the reciprocal of development time: rate = time(-1) ) is a more biologically relevant variable than development time; (2) the linear RN model is a valid approximation; and (3) three experimental points suffice to estimate RN parameters. Here, we reply to their comments. First, we give evidence that the complexity of actual development challenges the appealing simplicity of developmental rate. Using the same analysis as Liefting et al. to test their hypothesis with development time, instead of rate, reveals a pattern that is the opposite of their conclusion. Second, we show that a quadratic model is consistent with the whole development-time RNs and explains this contradiction. Third, with the quadratic model, we introduce two parameters to study plasticity: the RN shape (the quadratic coefficient) and RN local plasticity (the derivative of the RN function). The first showed a statistically significant correlation with latitude; and the second showed a continuous variation pattern where all localized patterns can be found (positive, negative, or nonsignificant correlations with latitude) but certainly cannot be generalized. PMID:24611969

Rocha, Felipe Bastos; Klaczko, Louis Bernard



A Phase II Study of DAS181, a Novel Host Directed Antiviral for the Treatment of Influenza Infection  

PubMed Central

Background.?DAS181, a novel host-directed antiviral in development for influenza treatment, was assessed in this phase II clinical trial. Methods.?This study was a double-blind, placebo-controlled phase II clinical trial assessing influenza viral load and patient safety in otherwise healthy influenza-infected participants. Participants were randomized to a single-dose, multiple-dose, or placebo group and were followed for safety and virologic outcomes. Results.?A total of 177 laboratory-confirmed influenza-infected participants were enrolled in the trial, which encompassed 3 influenza seasons from 2009–2011 in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Thirty-seven percent of participants had confirmed infection with influenza B, 33% with seasonal H3N2, 29% with pandemic 2009 H1N1, and 1 participant was positive for both influenza B and pandemic 2009 H1N1. Significant effects were observed in regard to decreased change from baseline viral load and viral shedding in the multiple-dose group compared with placebo as measured by quantitative polymerase chain reaction (P < .05). No instances of H274Y were observed among viral isolates from this trial. Overall, the drug was generally well tolerated. Conclusions.?DAS181 significantly reduced viral load in participants infected with influenza, thus warranting future clinical development of this novel host-directed therapy. Clinical Identifier. NCT01037205

Moss, Ronald B.; Hansen, Carrie; Sanders, Rebecca L.; Hawley, Stephen; Li, Tiejun; Steigbigel, Roy T.



The DAS28-ESR cutoff value necessary to achieve remission under the new Boolean-based remission criteria in patients receiving tocilizumab.  


To seek the cutoff value of the 28-joint disease activity score using erythrocyte sedimentation rate (DAS28-ESR) that is necessary to achieve remission under the new Boolean-based criteria, we analyzed the data for 285 patients with rheumatoid arthritis registered between May 2008 and November 2009 by the Michinoku Tocilizumab Study Group and observed for 1 year after receiving tocilizumab (TCZ) in real clinical practice. Remission rates under the DAS28-ESR criteria and the Boolean criteria were assessed every 6 months after the first TCZ dose. The DAS28-ESR cutoff value necessary to achieve remission under the new criteria was analyzed by receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis. Data were analyzed using last observation carried forward. After 12 months of TCZ use, remission was achieved in 164 patients (57.5 %) by DAS28-ESR and 71 patients (24.9 %) under the new criteria for clinical trials. CRP levels scarcely affected remission rates, and the difference between remission rates defined by DAS28-ESR and by the new criteria was mainly due to patient global assessment (PGA). Improvement of PGA was inversely related to disease duration. ROC analysis revealed that the DAS28-ESR cutoff value necessary to predict remission under the new criteria for clinical trials was 1.54, with a sensitivity of 88.7 %, specificity of 85.5 %, positive predictive value of 67.0 %, and negative predictive value of 95.8 %. A DAS28-ESR cutoff value of 1.54 may be reasonable to predict achievement of remission under the new Boolean-based criteria for clinical trials in patients receiving TCZ. PMID:23090655

Hirabayashi, Yasuhiko; Ishii, Tomonori



Interlaboratory validation of an event-specific real time polymerase chain reaction detection method for genetically modified DAS59132 maize.  


A real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method specific for genetically modified (GM) maize event DAS59132 (E32) was adapted for qualitative detection of low level presence of E32. The method was validated by a collaborative trial with eight participating Japanese laboratories. Sensitivity was assessed with three different samples of corn flour fortified to 0%, 0.05% and 0.1% (w/w) E32 respectively. In addition, a 0.01% E32 DNA solution was used. The detection limit with DNA solution was estimated to be approximately 0.01%. In conclusion, the results of the study confirmed this real-time PCR method as a reliable tool for qualitative detection of E32 maize. PMID:20453456

Akiyama, Hiroshi; Sakata, Kozue; Spiegelhalter, Frank; Furui, Satoshi; Nakashima, Akie; Kitta, Kazumi; Teshima, Reiko



An Investigational Antiviral Drug, DAS181, Effectively Inhibits Replication of Zoonotic Influenza A Virus Subtype H7N9 and Protects Mice From Lethality  

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Human infections caused by avian influenza A virus type subtype H7N9 have been associated with substantial morbidity and mortality. Emergence of virus variants carrying markers of decreased susceptibility to neuraminidase inhibitors was reported. Here we show that DAS181 (Fludase), an antiviral drug with sialidase activity, potently inhibited replication of wild-type influenza A(H7N9) and its oseltamivir-resistant R292K variants in mice. A once-daily administration initiated early after lethal infection hampered body weight loss and completely protected mice from lethality. We observed a time-dependent effect for 24–72-hour delayed DAS181 treatments on morbidity and mortality. The results warrant further investigation of DAS181 for influenza treatment.

Marjuki, Henju; Mishin, Vasiliy P.; Chesnokov, Anton P.; De La Cruz, Juan A.; Fry, Alicia M.; Villanueva, Julie; Gubareva, Larisa V.



An Investigational Antiviral Drug, DAS181, Effectively Inhibits Replication of Zoonotic Influenza A Virus Subtype H7N9 and Protects Mice From Lethality.  


Human infections caused by avian influenza A virus type subtype H7N9 have been associated with substantial morbidity and mortality. Emergence of virus variants carrying markers of decreased susceptibility to neuraminidase inhibitors was reported. Here we show that DAS181 (Fludase), an antiviral drug with sialidase activity, potently inhibited replication of wild-type influenza A(H7N9) and its oseltamivir-resistant R292K variants in mice. A once-daily administration initiated early after lethal infection hampered body weight loss and completely protected mice from lethality. We observed a time-dependent effect for 24-72-hour delayed DAS181 treatments on morbidity and mortality. The results warrant further investigation of DAS181 for influenza treatment. PMID:24569063

Marjuki, Henju; Mishin, Vasiliy P; Chesnokov, Anton P; De La Cruz, Juan A; Fry, Alicia M; Villanueva, Julie; Gubareva, Larisa V




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Resumo: Este estudo aborda o setor madeireiro no município de Rio Branco-Acre. Os objetivos gerais foram levantar e discutir informações sobre os resí duos gerados nas serrarias de Rio Branco, especificamente naqueles localizadas no distrito industrial, com o intuito de subsidiar o planejamento das serrarias quanto ao gerenciamento dos resíduos. Neste contexto, o estudo visou, de forma específica: 1) a

Suelem Marina de Araújo; Rosana Cavalcante dos Santos


Sobrevivência ou Colapso? B. F. Skinner, J. M. Diamond e o Destino das Culturas Survival or Collapse? B. F. Skinner, J. M. Diamond and the Fate of Cultures  

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Resumo Um dos aspectos mais interessantes e polêmicos da obra de B. F. Skinner é sua interpretação sobre a evolução das culturas. De acordo com o autor, as conseqüências de práticas culturais retroagem sobre as culturas, no sentido de aumentar ou diminuir suas chances de sobrevivência. O livro \\

Alexandre Dittrich


Respeito às Normas e Crescimento Econômico: Como Promotores Públicos Garantem o Cumprimento das Leis e Promovem o Crescimento Econômico no Brasil  

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Esta pesquisa examina como os membros do Ministério Público (MP) brasileiro conseguem que empresas instaladas em território nacional cumpram com a legislação trabalhista e ambiental sem perder a competitividade. Nos casos analisados, promotores e procuradores percebem que os gargalos que dificultam o cumprimento da lei estão freqüentemente fora das empresas infratoras e de suas respectivas cadeias de valor, e que,

Salo Vinocur Coslovsky



Development and Evaluation of a DAS-ELISA for Rapid Detection of Tembusu Virus Using Monoclonal Antibodies against the Envelope Protein.  


Since April 2010, Tembusu virus (TMUV) which is a contagious pathogen of waterfowls, causing symptoms of high fever, loss of appetite and fall in egg production, has been reported in east of China. A double antibody sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (DAS-ELISA) which detects for TMUV was developed, using two monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) against the TMUV envelope (E) protein. BALB/c mice were immunized with purified recombinant E protein expressed in E. coli. Three hybridoma cell lines designated as 12B1, 10C6 and 2D2, were screened by cell fusion and indirect ELISA for their ability to recognize different linear epitopes on the E protein, and were characterized subsequently. High-affinity mAbs 12B1 and 2D2 were used as capture and detection antibodies, respectively. The reaction conditions for the DAS-ELISA were optimized for TMUV detection. The cross-reactivity of the DAS-ELISA was determined using TMUV, duck plague virus, avian influenza virus subtype H9, Newcastle disease virus, duck hepatitis A virus type 1 and duck reovirus samples. A total of 191 homogenized tissues of field samples were simultaneously detected by DAS-ELISA and by RT-PCR. The former was found to have a high specificity of 99.1% and a sensitivity of 93.1%. These results reveal a positive coincidence between DAS-ELISA and RT-PCR at a coincidence rate of 95.8%. The method developed in this study can be used for the diagnosis of TMUV infection of duck origin. PMID:24797141

Chen, Hao; Ou, Quanbin; Tang, Yi; Gao, Xuhui; Wu, Lili; Xue, Cong; Yu, Chunmei; Cui, Jingteng; Diao, Youxiang



Development and Evaluation of a DAS-ELISA for Rapid Detection of Tembusu Virus Using Monoclonal Antibodies against the Envelope Protein  

PubMed Central

Since April 2010, Tembusu virus (TMUV) which is a contagious pathogen of waterfowls, causing symptoms of high fever, loss of appetite and fall in egg production, has been reported in east of China. A double antibody sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (DAS-ELISA) which detects for TMUV was developed, using two monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) against the TMUV envelope (E) protein. BALB/c mice were immunized with purified recombinant E protein expressed in E. coli. Three hybridoma cell lines designated as 12B1, 10C6 and 2D2, were screened by cell fusion and indirect ELISA for their ability to recognize different linear epitopes on the E protein, and were characterized subsequently. High-affinity mAbs 12B1 and 2D2 were used as capture and detection antibodies, respectively. The reaction conditions for the DAS-ELISA were optimized for TMUV detection. The cross-reactivity of the DAS-ELISA was determined using TMUV, duck plague virus, avian influenza virus subtype H9, Newcastle disease virus, duck hepatitis A virus type 1 and duck reovirus samples. A total of 191 homogenized tissues of field samples were simultaneously detected by DAS-ELISA and by RT-PCR. The former was found to have a high specificity of 99.1% and a sensitivity of 93.1%. These results reveal a positive coincidence between DAS-ELISA and RT-PCR at a coincidence rate of 95.8%. The method developed in this study can be used for the diagnosis of TMUV infection of duck origin.

Chen, Hao; Ou, Quanbin; Tang, Yi; Gao, Xuhui; Wu, Lili; Xue, Cong; Yu, Chunmei; Cui, Jingteng; Diao, Youxiang



[Voice disorder clinic in the speech therapy outpatient unit at "Hospital das Clínicas da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais"].  


This study set out to describe the profile of the patients with voice complaints and/or alterations who were attended between July 2003 and December 2006 at the speech therapy outpatient unit of "Hospital das Clínicas da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais." This was analyzed according to age, sex, profession, schooling, origin, treatment performed and factors that interfere in medical care evolution. This was a retrospective study based on the analysis of the recorded data of the individuals according to a specifically prepared Protocol. The results showed that the individuals included in this study were predominantly young women, referred by a specialist from Belo Horizonte, who do not work and also have incomplete elementary school education. Attendance of those patients was on an individual basis, and almost half of them were discharged by the speech therapist. The elderly patients, who have functional or psychogenic dysphonia and a neutral or wheezy type of voice, showed a close correlation with the discharge rate by speech therapist. The younger individuals with organo-functional dysphonia bore a statistical correlation with abandoning treatment. The individuals who eventually abandoned treatment did not bear any correlation with the crossed variables. PMID:21808900

Menezes, Letícia Neiva de; Behlau, Mara; Gama, Ana Cristina Côrtes; Teixeira, Letícia Caldas



Wood anatomy of Mollinedia glabra (Spreng.) Perkins (Monimiaceae) in two Restinga Vegetation Formations at Rio das Ostras, RJ, Brazil.  


This paper aimed to characterize the anatomical structure of the wood of specimens of Mollinedia glabra (Spreng.) Perkins growing in two contiguous formations of restinga vegetation at Praia Virgem, in the municipality of Rio das Ostras, RJ. Both the Open Palmae (OPS) and the Sandy Strip Closed Shrub (SSCS) formations are found in coastal regions that receive between 1,100 and 1,300 mm of rainfall per year. Sapwood samples were collected in both formations. Typical anatomical features for this species include: solitary vessels, radial multiples or clusters elements, that are circular to angular in outline, 5-15 barred scalariform perforation plates, wood parenchyma scanty, septate fiber-tracheids, and wide multiseriate rays with prismatic crystals. Statistical analyses indicated a significant increase in the frequency of vessel elements and an increase in fiber-tracheid diameters in OPS individuals. These characteristics are considered structural adaptations to increased water needs caused by a greater exposure to sunlight. Continuous pruning may be responsible for the tyloses observed in OPS plants. The greater lengths and higher frequencies of the rays in SSCS trees may be due to the greater diameters of their branches. Our results suggest that M. glabra develops structural adaptations to the restinga micro-environmental variations during its development. PMID:21152766

Novaes, Fernanda da S; Callado, Cátia H; Pereira-Moura, Maria Verônica L; Lima, Helena R P



Nutrient budgets (C, N and P) and trophic dynamics of a Brazilian tropical estuary: Barra das Jangadas.  


This paper focuses on the nutrient dynamics of a tropical estuary on the northeastern Brazilian coast, studied using the LOICZ biogeochemical budgeting protocol. We describe the methodology and assumptions underlying this model. Input data (monthly for rainfall, evaporation, river discharge, and concentrations of salt, phosphorus and nitrogen) were obtained during field campaigns in the Barra das Jangadas Estuary (BJE) over a 5 years period (1999 to 2003). Mass balance results indicate large inputs of nutrients to the system. The model shows that the seasonal variation of the Net Ecosystem Metabolism (NEM) indicates that the system passes from a stage of organic matter liquid production and mineralization during the dry season (-0.5 mmoles C m(-2) d(-1)) to liquid mineralization during the rainy season (-19 mmoles C m(-2) d(-1)). We suggest that the system varies slightly between autotrophy and heterotrophy during the year due to the rainfall regime, human activities in the basin (density population and sugarcane plantations), and associated DIP riverine loads. High per capita loads of N and P indicate a high population density and high runoff. The application of flux balance modeling was useful to understand the nutrient dynamics of this typical small tropical estuary. PMID:21670871

Noriega, Carlos E D; Araujo, Moacyr



Estrutura, Evolucao e Dinamica dos Sistemas Agroalimentares e Cadeias Agroindustriais Analise das estrategias de posicionamento e diferenciacao dos produtos no mercado a partir do caso da empresa Bertin alimentos  

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Análise das estratégias de posicionamento e diferenciação dos produtos no mercado a partir do caso da empresa Bertin alimentos que é muito competitivo, tanto local, regional, quanto nacional. A proposta do artigo é mostrar como algumas estratégias adotadas pela empresa foram bem sucedidas e diferenciam seus produtos das ofertas concorrentes, adquirindo assim, características desejadas pela maioria dos consumidores. --------------------------------------------------------------- With

Ronney Marcio Faial Silva; Gisleide Lima da Silva; Maria Do Rosario Alves Pereira; Cyntia Meireles de Oliveira; Daniel Ferreira da Silva



Das Röntgen-Faserdiagramm  

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Zusammenfassung Faser-(Dreh-) Diagramme eignen sich besonders gut zur Kristallbestimmung, da sie denkbar größter Sicherheit die Identitätsperiode ans dem Diagramm abzulesen, welche parallel zur Faser-(Dreh-) Achse liegt, indem jeder einzelne Diagrammpunkt eine unabhängige Bestimmung derselben ermöglicht;2.für die meisten praktisch wichtigen Fälle (Paratropie einer niedrig indizierten kristallographischen Richtung und Diatropie einer niedrig indizierten Netzebene) die quadratische Form für 1\\/D2 auch bei

M. Polanyi; K. Weissenberg



Über das feinere Magenrelief  

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Zusammenfassung  1. Die Entstehung der Felderung und Furchung der Magenschleimhaut ist nach Untersuchung ihrer Eigenschaften als einesekundäre undpassive Formung der ursprünglich gleichförmigen Schleimhautoberfläche aufzufassen. Die Ursache für diese Umformung ist in den Magenbewegungen\\u000a zu suchen. Den Blutgefäßen der Schleimhaut, insbesondere den basalen Sammelvenen kommt ein gewisser formbildender Einfluß\\u000a auf die Gestaltung der Drüsenfelder zu.\\u000a \\u000a 2. DerGrad der Furchung (Zahl und Tiefe

Richard Lotzin



Das Phenomen des Polarlichts  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Wilfried Schroder has written an interesting book on the history of auroral research and its relationship to the development in science in general. The book is primarily based on original sources in the German language; the historical portrayal therefore appears to be somewhat distorted. Some readers may dislike this. What Schroder's book lacks in objectivity, however, it gains from its broad presentation of, to a large extent, forgotten important German sources in the field of auroral physics.

Brekke, Asgeir


Das Dinitrophenol-Ödem  

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Zusammenfassung Albino-Ratten wurde 2.4-Dinitrophenol (17 mg\\/kg Körpergewicht) bzw. 2.4-DNP + ATP (400 mg\\/kg Körpergewicht) in eine A. carotis infundiert. 6 Std später wurden Wasser-, Natrium-und Kaliumgehalt sowie die Gehalte verschiedener Metabolite im Hirngewebe bestimmt.

H. J. Reulen; A. Baethmann



Thirteen week feeding study with transgenic maize grain containing event DAS-Ø15Ø7-1 in Sprague–Dawley rats  

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Maize line 1507, containing event DAS-Ø15Ø7-1 (1507), is a genetically modified (GM) maize plant that expresses the cry1F gene from Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) sbsp. aizawai and the phosphinothricin-N-acetyltransferase (pat) gene from Streptomyces viridochromogenes throughout the plant including in the grain expression of the Cry1F protein confers in planta resistance to the European corn borer (ECB; Ostrinia nubilalis Hübner: Crambidae) and

Susan A. MacKenzie; Ian Lamb; Jean Schmidt; Lora Deege; Michael J. Morrisey; Marc Harper; Raymond J. Layton; Lee M. Prochaska; Craig Sanders; Mary Locke; Joel L. Mattsson; Angel Fuentes; Bryan Delaney



Calibration of Helmholtz Coils for the characterization of MEMS magnetic sensor using fluxgate magnetometer with DAS1 magnetic range data acquisition system  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This paper presents the calibration of Helmholtz coils for the characterization of MEMS Magnetic sensor using Fluxgate magnetometer with DAS1 Magnetic Range Data Acquisition System. The Helmholtz coils arrangement is often used to generate a uniform magnetic field in space. In the past, standard magnets were used to calibrate the Helmholtz coils. A method is presented here for calibrating these coils using a Fluxgate magnetometer and known current source, which is easier and results in greater accuracy.

Ahmad, Farooq; Dennis, John Ojur; Md Khir, Mohd Haris; Hamid, Nor Hisham



Feeding performance in broiler chickens fed diets containing DAS59122-7 maize grain compared to diets containing non-transgenic maize grain  

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Event DAS-59122-7 is a maize (Zea mays) genetically modified to contain cry34Ab1 and cry35Ab1 genes from Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) strain PS149B1 and the pat (phosphinothricin acetyltransferase) gene from Streptomyces viridochromogenes. In planta, co-expression of the Cry34Ab1 and Cry35Ab1 proteins confer resistance to corn rootworms (Diabrotica virgifera virgifera LeConte and Diabrotica barberi Smith and Lawrence, respectively; CRW), a major pest of

James L. McNaughton; Mick Roberts; David Rice; Brenda Smith; Mark Hinds; Jean Schmidt; Mary Locke; Angela Bryant; Tracy Rood; Ray Layton; Ian Lamb; Bryan Delaney



Effective Application of DAS-ELISA for Detection of Grapevine Leafroll Associated Closterovirus-3 Using a Polyclonal Antiserum Developed from Recombinant Coat Protein  

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A polyclonal antiserum (As163) specific to grapevine leafroll associated closterovirus-3 (GLRaV-3) was developed using a recombinant coat protein expressed in E. coli from a cDNA clone identified after immunoscreening of a cDNA library. Specificity of the antiserum to GLRaV-3 was shown by Western blot and immunosorbent electron microscopy. With this antiserum, an effective double antibody sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (DAS-ELISA)

Kai-Shu Ling; Hai-Ying Zhu; Zhao-Yuan Jiang; Dennis Gonsalves




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This paper analyzes the potential of high-resolution images (QuickBird satellite) to mapping the relief features of a sector of the Planalto das Araucárias, an elevated area in northeastern Rio Grande do Sul, State, Brazil. The Center for Research and Nature Conservation PRÓ-MATA was chooses as an experimental area. In 1994, the PRÓ-MATA was created to perform studies and to propose

Eduardo da Silva Pinheiro; Hermann Johann; Heinrich Kux; Jorge Alberto Villwock


Challenges for bathing in rivers in terms of compliance with coliform standards. Case study in a large urbanized basin (das Velhas River, Brazil).  


This paper presents a case study on the prospects of bathing in a large water course (das Velhas River, Brazil), which crosses the important metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte (25 municipalities), receiving several point and diffuse discharges. The studies were carried out based on a mathematical simulation of thermotolerant coliforms over 227 km of the river, using an adaptation of the Qual2E model (model Qual-UFMG). Simulations of intervention scenarios were made for the current conditions, with three reference flows for the das Velhas River, tributaries and direct contribution: Q7,10 (representative of low-flow conditions), Q50 (average conditions) and Q10 (rainy season). The intervention scenarios simulated were: (a) current conditions without intervention; (b) scenario with effluent disinfection in the two largest wastewater treatment plants in the basin (around 2.4 million inhabitants); (c) scenario with 95% sewage collection and treatment, with disinfection in all municipalities of the study area; (d) scenario with the calculation of values required for the coverage of sewage treatment and coliform removal efficiencies based on a mathematical optimization process. The monitoring data and results of all simulations indicated improvement in coliform concentration as the river flows downstream. However, results suggested that disinfection per se is not enough. Even under hypothetical conditions of excellent sanitary infrastructure for a developing country, coverage of collection and treatment of 95% of the generated sewage, and treatment with disinfection at all wastewater treatment plants, concentrations of thermotolerant coliforms in das Velhas River are likely to be above the maximum allowable of 1,000 MPN/100 mL for bathing purposes. The mathematical optimization indicated the need for very high percentages of sewage treatment coverage (near 100%, i.e. universality of collection and treatment) and implementation of disinfection in most treatment plants in the basin, and highlighted the fact that both items play equally important roles. PMID:23752386

von Sperling, Marcos; von Sperling, Eduardo



Das Wirkungs- und Sicherheitsprofil von Fumarsäureestern in der oralen Langzeittherapie bei schwerer therapieresistenter Psoriasis vulgarisEine Untersuchung an 83 Patienten  

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Zusammenfassung  \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a Seit mehr als 30 Jahren wird der therapeutische Effekt sowie das Nebenwirkungsspektrum der Fumarsäurederivate in der Behandlung\\u000a der Psoriasis vulgaris kontrovers beurteilt. Aufbauend auf den Erfahrungen einer 16wöchigen, multizentrischen Doppel-Blind-Studie\\u000a [1] wurden im Rahmen einer monozentrischen, offenen, klinischen Langzeitstudie (12 Monate) insgesamt 83 Patienten mit schwerer\\u000a Psoriasis vulgaris hinsichtlich des Wirkungs- und Sicherheitsprofils der Fumarsäureesterpräparate Fumaderm initial\\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a ®\\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a und

Peter Altmeyer; Roland Hartwig; Ulrich Matthes



Development of multiplex PCR method for simultaneous detection of four events of genetically modified maize: DAS-59122-7, MIR604, MON863 and MON88017.  


A novel multiplex PCR method was developed for simultaneous event-specific detection of four events of GM maize, i.e., DAS-59122-7, MIR604, MON88017, and MON863. The single laboratory examination of analytical performance using simulated DNA mixtures containing GM DNA at various concentrations in non-GM DNA suggested that the limits of detection (LOD) of the multiplex PCR method were 0.16% for MON863, MIR604, and MON88017, and 0.078% for DAS-59122-7. We previously developed a nonaplex (9plex) PCR method for eight events of GM maize, i.e., Bt11, Bt176, GA21, MON810, MON863, NK603, T25, and TC1507. Together with the nonaplex PCR method, the newly developed method enabled the detection and identification of eleven GM maize events that are frequently included in commercial GM seed used in Japan. In addition, this combinational analysis may be useful for the identification of combined event products of GM maize. PMID:20595789

Oguchi, Taichi; Onishi, Mari; Mano, Junichi; Akiyama, Hiroshi; Teshima, Reiko; Futo, Satoshi; Furui, Satoshi; Kitta, Kazumi



Density and Magnetic Susceptibility of Pre-Cambrian Rocks in Southeastern Brazil Densidade E Suscetibilidade Magnetica de Rochas Pre-Cambrianas Do Se Do Brasil.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Density and magnetic susceptibility measurements of different rocks from SE Brazil were done with the aim to estimate some physical properties of the main rock formations of this area. Although the results could be affected in some regions by insufficient...

A. P. Padilha



Registry of Hospital Das Cl?nicas of the University of S?o Paulo Medical School: First Official Solid Organ and Tissue Transplantation Report - 2008  

PubMed Central

OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to report a single center experience of organ and tissue transplantation INTRODUCTION: This is the first report of organ and tissue transplantation at the Hospital das Clínicas of the University of Sao Paulo Medical School. METHODS: We collected data from each type of organ transplantation from 2002 to 2007. The data collected were patient characteristics and actuarial survival Kaplan-Meier curves at 30 days, one year, and five years RESULTS: There were a total of 3,321 transplants at our institution and the 5-year survival curve ranged from 53% to 88%. CONCLUSION: This report shows that solid organ and tissue transplants are feasible within the institution and allow us to expect that the quality of transplantation will improve in the future.

Azeka, Estela; Auler Junior, Jose Otavio Costa; Fernandes, Paulo Manuel Pego; Nahas, Willian Carlos; Fiorelli, Alfredo Inacio; Tannuri, Uenis; Cristofani, Lilian Maria; Caiero, Marcelo Tadeu; Dulley, Frederico Luiz; de Oliveira Paggiaro, Andre; Bacchella, Telesforo



Short-term monitoring of a gas seep field in the Katakolo bay (Western Greece) using Raman spectra DTS and DAS fibre-optic methods  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A wide submarine seep of thermogenic gas in the Katakolo bay, Western Greece, was monitored passively using the intelligent Distributed Acoustic Sensor (iDAS) and Ultima Raman spectra Distributed Temperature Sensor (DTS), in order to study the thermal and noise signal of the bubble plumes released from the seafloor. Katakolo is one one of the most prolific thermogenic gas seepage zones in Europe and the biggest methane seep ever reported in Greece. Very detailed repetitive offshore gas surveys, including marine remote sensing (sub-bottom profiling, side scan sonar), underwater exploration by a towed instrumented system (MEDUSA), long-term monitoring benthic station (GMM), compositional and isotopic analyses, and flux measurements of gas, showed that: (a) gas seepage takes place over an extended area in the Katakolo harbour and along two main normal faults off the harbour; (b) at least 823 gas bubble ( 10-20 cm in diameter) plumes escaping over an area of 94,200 m2, at depths ranging from 5.5 to 16 m; (c) the gas consists mainly of methane and has H2S levels of hundreds to thousands ppmv, and shows significant amounts of other light hydrocarbons like ethane, propane, iso-butane and C6 alkanes, (d) offshore and onshore seeps release the same type of thermogenic gas; (e) due to the shallow depth, more than 90 % of CH4 released at the seabed enters the atmosphere, and (f) the gas seeps may produce severe geohazards for people, buildings and construction facilities due to the explosive and toxicological properties of methane and hydrogen sulfide, respectively. For the short-term monitoring, the deployment took place on a site located inside the harbour of Katakolo within a thermogenic gas seepage area where active faults are intersected. The iDAS system makes it possible to observe the acoustical signal along the entire length of an unmodified optical cable without introducing any form of point sensors such as Bragg gratings. When the bubble plumes are released by the seabed into the water column, they ring at their resonance frequency in a manner consistent with standard bubble acoustics. This bubble ringing can be detected by iDAS allowing for both seepage detection, quantification and relationship with seismic activity. The DTS system makes it possible to observe temporal variations of the gas plumes and its relationship with the meteorological factors of the area. Moreover, DTS and iDAS data interpretation needs a detailed examination in comparison with the long-term GMM monitoring data (O2, CH4, H2S, temperature, pressure and conductivity) which was collected from the same location. The processing chain used to observe this phenomenon can have applications in both industrial and environmental monitoring capacities.

Chalari, A.; Mondanos, M.; Finfer, D.; Christodoulou, D.; Kordella, S.; Papatheodorou, G.; Geraga, M.; Ferentinos, G.




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One chromone, peperosuione (1), together with eighteen known compounds were identified from the whole plant of Peperomia sui (Piperaceae). Peperovulcanone A (2) isolated firstly from the P. vulcanica also obtained from this study, its structure was revised on the basis of spectroscopic evidences. All of the isolates constituents were determined by means of spectral analyses.




Retornos e Riscos das Ações de Valor e de Crescimento no Mercado Brasileiro no Período de Janeiro de 2001 a Junho de 2004, com Base no Índice IBrX 50  

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Resumo A avaliação e estudo das carteiras compostas por ações do tipo valor (ações com alta relação livro-mercado) e ações do tipo crescimento (ações com baixa relação livro-mercado), pode representar um fator decisivo para obtenção de retornos financeiros superiores. Assim como já analisado e estudado em mercados internacionais, buscamos constatar no mercado brasileiro que carteiras compostas por ações do tipo




Estudo do sector eléctrico e electrónico: uma análise desagregada, ao nível dos 40 principais produtos do comércio bilateral comunitário e ao nível das principais empresas, para o período 1980 - 1992  

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Neste artigo faz-se: I) a caracterização do sector eléctrico - electrónico utilizando vários indicadores, dos quais destacamos as medidas de capital humano, em termos de stock e de fluxo, as medidas de concentração industrial e da escala mínima de eficiência (economias de escala) as medidas do peso das PMEs e as medidas da inovação tecnológica; ÍI) o ranking dos principais

Horácio Crespo Faustino



[Nutritional status of patients with breast cancer attended in the Mastology Service of Belo Horizonte's Hospital das Clínicas in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil].  


The scope of this article is to evaluate the nutritional status, body composition and tumor characteristics of 31 patients with breast cancer attended at the Mastology Service of Hospital das Clínicas of the Federal University of Minas Gerais. Dietary data were obtained from the 24-hour dietary recall in the pre-operative state and analyzed by the DietWin Professional 2008 Nutrition Software. Body composition was assessed by bioelectrical impedance analysis. The tumor characterization data were collected from medical records. The mean age of patients was 50.75 ± 14.34 years. Excess body weight was found in 58% and waist circumference greater than 80 cm in 64.5% of patients Excessive consumption of oils and sugars was observed in 90.3% and 83.8%, respectively. Most had low intakes of calcium and vitamins B6, B12 and A. The predominant diagnosis was type II histological grade invasive ductal carcinoma in stage II or III. The prevalence of overweight and inadequate dietary intake demonstrate the need for individualized nutritional guidance and monitoring to improve the prognosis and quality of the life of patients. PMID:24897222

Oliveira, Dirce Ribeiro de; Carvalho, Erika Simone Coelho; Campos, Liliane Cunha; Leal, José Adalberto; Sampaio, Estela Viana; Cassali, Geovanni Dantas



Prevalence of juvenile idiopathic arthritis in children aged 6 to 12 years in Embu das Artes, state of Sao Paulo, Brazil.  


The aim of the study was to study the prevalence of juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) in school children in the city of Embu das Artes in São Paulo State. 2880 school children from seven public schools, aged between 6 and 12 years, were evaluated (clinical findings) by a pediatric rheumatologist. A board certified Pediatric Rheumatologist evaluated the subjects with suspected inflammatory arthropathy. Children with higher suspicion were referred to a specialized service. One hundred and forty-one children have presented abnormalities on examination of musculoskeletal system, with isolated pain on palpation the most common finding in the first evaluation (60.9%), with improvement in almost all cases in the second examination. Most of the abnormalities were related to recent injuries or congenital malformations. Six children have clinical findings suggestive of chronic arthropathy and were referred to a specialized pediatric rheumatology clinic. Of these, a 12 year-old girl fulfilled the criteria for JIA. The other diagnoses were aseptic necrosis of the hip (P = 1) of and post-trauma synovitis (P = 4). The prevalence of JIA in children aged between 6 and 12 years was 1/2.880 (or 0.34/1.000). PMID:24477735

Yamashita, Edson; Terreri, Maria Teresa R A; Hilário, Maria Odete E; Len, Claudio A



Das ZNS bei Morbus Whipple  

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Clinical and neuropathological findings are reported from two cases of Whipple's disease with central nervous system involvement. Both cases were characterized by a marked organic mental syndrome. In one patient ophthalmoplegia and myoclonus were observed. The cerebral symptoms dated from 10 months and 2 years, the extracerebral symptoms (intermittent attacks of polyarthritis, polyserositis and spiking fever in one patient) from

M. Minauf; O. Stochdorph



Das Echo aus der Tiefe  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Seit nunmehr vier Jahren liefert der NASA-Satellit Kepler Helligkeitsmessungen von mehr als 170 000 Sternen mit nie zuvor erreichter Genauigkeit. Obwohl er für die Suche nach extrasolaren Planeten konzipiert ist, sind diese Daten eine wahre Fundgrube für die Asteroseismologie. Einen aktuellen Durchbruch im Verständnis entwickelter Sterne, den Roten Riesen, stellt die Entdeckung von "Mixed Modes" dar, welche die Erforschung des tiefen Sterninneren ermöglichen.

Beck, Paul G.; Kallinger, Thomas



Das Parallelenproblem im Corpus Aristotelicum  

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\\u000a Summary  In the Corpus Aristotelicum are numerous items suggesting that the assertion of the fifth postulate in Euclid's\\u000a Elements had been preceded by attempts to demonstrate this postulate itself, or some equivalent fundamental proposition, within the\\u000a rigorous frame of Absolute Geometry in Bolyai's sense. Thus geometers contemporary with Aristotle tried to solve the problem which became known commonly in later centuries

Imre Tóth



Das paratestikuläre Rhabdomyosarkom im Kindesalter  

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Paratesticular embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma was diagnosed in 4 children admitted to our hospital between 1973 and 1978. On the basis of these 4 cases and the reviewed literature the current concept in the management of this tumor is discussed. A combined multidisciplinary approach consisting of radical orchiectomy, retroperitoneal lymph node dissection and chemotherapy is necessary. When retroperitoneal lymph nodes are found

H. Behrendt; W. Havers; R. H. Ringert; R. Hartung



Das sprachliche Register (Speech Registers)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The linguistic behavior of a given individual varies; he will on different occasions speak (or write) differently according to what may be roughly described as different social situations: he will use a number of different registers. The application of such registers both in the field of text analysis and in the preparation of teaching materials…

Hess-Luttich, Ernest W. B.



Cometas: Das Lendas aos Fatos  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

O descobrimento de cometas, devido ao seu aparecimento espetacular, tem registro nas mais antigas culturas humanas. A primeira referência situa-se no ano de 1095 antes de Cristo [a.C.; HO; HO, 1962]. A quantidade de registros de descobrimentos cometários, principalmente provenientes do território chinês em particular e do oriente em geral, aumentou gradualmente a partir do quarto século depois de Cristo (d.C.). É de origem chinesa a primeira referência ao cometa P/Halley no ano de 240 a.C. [VOELZKE, 1993]. Com o desenvolvimento da astronomia relativamente às técnicas observacionais os descobrimentos bem como as observações cometárias aumentaram sensivelmente a partir do século XVII, sendo que a partir do século XIX um novo incremento ocorreu devido ao emprego da fotografia e a resultante melhora de sensibilidade na observação.

Voelzke, M. R.


Die Wirkung von Work-Life Balance Initiativen auf das Mitarbeitercommitment: Eine empirische Untersuchung in der Unternehmensberatungsbranche (The Impact of Corporate Work-life Balance Initiatives on Employee Commitment: An Empirical Investigation in the German Consultancy Sector)  

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Der vorliegende Beitrag untersucht die Wirkung von unternehmerischen Work-Life Balance Initiativen fuer die emotionale Bindung der Mitarbeiter zum Unternehmen, d. h. das organisationale Commitment von Mitarbeitern im Kontext der Unternehmensberatung. Dazu wurde eine Untersuchung mit insgesamt 275 Unternehmensberaterinnen und -beratern durchgefuehrt. Die Datenanalyse erfolgte anhand eines PLS-Strukturgleichungsmodells (Partial-Least-Squares-Ansatz). Die Ergebnisse weisen darauf hin, dass auch in Beratungsorganisationen ein Zusammenhang zwischen

Stephan Kaiser; Max Ringlstetter; Cornelia U. Reindl; Martin L. Stolz



Genetic structure of the white croaker, Micropogonias furnieri Desmarest 1823 (Perciformes: Sciaenidae) along Uruguayan coasts: contrasting marine, estuarine, and lacustrine populations  

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Micropogonias furnieri is widely distributed in the southwestern Atlantic Ocean. In Uruguay, Laguna de Rocha and Río de La Plata estuary have been reported as reproductive and nursery areas. In Laguna de Rocha, individuals reach maturity at smaller total length than their oceanic counterparts. It has been difficult to establish whether\\u000a Laguna de Rocha represents a biologically distinct population or

Alejandro D’Anatro; Alfredo N. Pereira; Enrique P. Lessa



Meteorites: messengers from the outer space  

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Milhares de meteoróides, corpos sólidos do espaço extra-terrestre, entram na atmosfera da Terra a cada ano. São pedaços de rocha, metal ou aglomerados de rocha e metal, variando em massa de frações de grama a centenas de quilogramas. Aqueles que sobrevivem à passagem através da atmosfera e caem na Terra, são chamados meteoritos. Os meteoritos são as rochas primitivas, tão

Rosa B. Scorzelli



Vernetztes Lernen: Eine Unterrichtseinheit mit Heinrich von Kleists Erzahlung "Das Erdbeben in Chili" und Crista Wolfs Roman "Kein Ort. Nirgends" (Networked Learning: An Instructional Unit with Heinrich von Kleist's Story "The Earthquake in Chile" and Christa Wolf's Novel "No Place, No Where").  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Presents an instructional model, using Kleist's story "Das Erdbeben in Chili" and Christa Wolf's novel Kei Ort. Nirgends" as a basis. The model clearly distinguishes itself from quantitative models and mediates solid literary knowledge through an inductive approach. Learning takes place in a multidimensional space that makes possible multiple…

Eidecker, Martina Elisabeth



UIUC DAS Google Earth Weather Bundle  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This Google Earth package gives the user a suite of automatically updating weather products that can be overlaid in any fashion they desire, as well as the ability to "fly" through the data in any manner. As an example, one can overlay automatically updating severe weather warnings on animated radar data as if they worked at the local weather service station and zoom in on their house to see if they are included within the warning area or how close the storms may be to their home. Although this weather bundle is meant for current and forecast data, some significant historical data is included like hurricane tracks from the Atlantic Basin from 1851-2007, imagery from Hurricane Katrina's landfall, satellite views of the Great Mississippi River Flood of 1993, or sea-surface temperature anomalies from the 1997-1998 El Nino. For users interested in Global Climate Change, there is historical temperature data for all locations on Earth that keep records from surface stations.



Das Längenwachstumsverhalten nach Oberschenkelschaftfraktur im Kindesalter  

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Zusammenfassung  Aus dem Krankengut der Universitttsklinik fr Unfallchirurgie Innsbruck wurden 75 Kinder, die bis zum 15. Lebensjahr eine\\u000a siolierte Oberschenkelschaftfraktur erlitten, einer zweimaligen Nachuntersuchung mit radiologischer Lngenmessung unterzogen.\\u000a Der Zeitraum, zwischen erster und zweiter Messung betrug in allen konservativ behandelten Fllen genau vier Jahre. 60 Patienten\\u000a wurden konservativ, 15 operativ behandelt. Kinder unter dem zehnten Lebensjahr und zwischen dem elften und

K. Golser; H. Resch; G. Sperner; H. Thöni



Die Zinkaufnahme in das Innere von Chlorella  

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The uptake of labelled Zn by asynchronous Chlorella fusca was measured under conditions of optimum and minimum energy supply (light and air, or dark and nitrogen, respectively). Part of the Zn equilibrates rapidly with the medium, and soon after the uptake it can be washed out quickly with non-labelled Zn carrier solution; it is probably bound in the free space

S. Matzku; E. Broda



Das Wachstum der Zellwand in synchroner Chlorella  

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Summary By pulse labelling, it is shown that the relative growth rate of cell wall substances in synchronousChlorella has a sharp maximum at the time of autospore formation. The dependence on time of the rate of growth of the cell wall coincides with that of the rate of increase of the free space. Moreover, the increase of the nitrogen content

H. Richard; E. Broda



Über Leonurus Cardiaca L., das Herzgespann  

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Zusammenfassung Unter Verwertung eigener Versuche wird zusammenfassend über die im neueren Schrifttum häufiger genannte Heilpflanze Leonurus Cardiaca L. berichtet. Die Betrachtung wird durch Kritik an den neueren therapeutischen Angaben und durch Hinweis auf grundsätzliche Fehler bei der Prüfung der Pflanze in den größeren Rahmen der allgemeinen Arzneipflanzendiskussion gestellt.

Hubert Vollmer



Das Kunstherz - eine extreme psychische Belastungssituation?  

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Zusammenfassung PatientInnen mit terminalen Herzerkrankungen werden zunehmend mit Hilfe mechanischer Kreislaufunterstützungssysteme (MCS) behandelt, um die Zeit bis zu einer möglichen Herztransplantation zu überbrücken. Die auftretenden psychischen Reaktionen, welche diese invasive Behandlung hervorruft, müssen sorgfältig evaluiert und behandelt werden. Ziel dieser Studie war es, sowohl die Qualität als auch die Quantität dieser psychologischen Prozesse zu erfassen, deren Remissionsverlauf zu beschreiben, sowie

W. Albert; A. Bittner; S. Kiekbusch; C. Buschtöns; A. Gehringer; S. Kinzel; R. Hetzer



Performance of lactating dairy cows fed corn as whole plant silage and grain produced from genetically modified corn containing event DAS-59122-7 compared to a nontransgenic, near-isogenic control.  


The nutritional equivalency of grain plus whole plant silage from genetically modified corn plants containing the DAS-59122-7 (59122) event expressing the Cry34Ab1 and Cry35Ab1 proteins to grain and silage from a near-isogenic corn hybrid without this trait (control) was assessed using lactating dairy cows. Corn plants with event 59122 are resistant to western corn rootworm and tolerant to the herbicide active ingredient glufosinate-ammonium. Effects on feed intake, milk production, and milk composition were determined. The 59122 grain and the control grain were produced in 2005 from isolated plots in Richland, Iowa. Whole plant corn silage for the 59122 and control treatments were grown in isolated plots at the Kansas State University Dairy Center and ensiled in Ag-Bags. Thirty lactating Holstein cows blocked by lactation number, day of lactation, and previous energy-corrected milk production were used in a switchback design. All cows were fed diets that contained 22.7% grain plus 21.3% whole plant silage from either the 59122 or the control hybrid, in addition to 21% wet corn gluten feed, 12.3% protein mix, 8.0% whole cottonseed, and 14.7% alfalfa hay. Each period of the switchback trial included 2 wk for diet adjustment followed by 4 wk for data and sample collection. Milk samples (a.m. and p.m.) collected from 2 consecutive milkings of each collection wk were analyzed for fat, protein, lactose, solids-not-fat, milk urea nitrogen, and somatic cell count. Percentages of milk fat, protein, lactose, and solids-not-fat were not affected by dietary treatment. Yields of milk, 4% fat-corrected milk, energy-corrected milk, solids-corrected milk, and the concentrations and yields of milk fat, milk protein, milk solids, and milk lactose were not significantly different between treatments. Efficiencies of milk, fat-corrected milk, energy-corrected milk, and solids-corrected milk production also were not different when cows were fed crops from 59122 than when they were fed the control hybrid. Milk production efficiency averaged 1.48 and 1.50 kg/kg of dry matter intake for cows fed diets containing the control and 59122 corn, respectively. These data indicate that the nutritional value for milk production was not different between a diet containing grain plus whole plant corn silage produced from a 59122 corn hybrid versus a diet containing grain and corn silage from its near-isogenic control corn hybrid. PMID:21426987

Brouk, M J; Cvetkovic, B; Rice, D W; Smith, B L; Hinds, M A; Owens, F N; Iiams, C; Sauber, T E



A Return to Love in William James and Jean-Luc Marion  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In this essay Samuel Rocha primarily addresses, and challenges, the modern conception of reason and the lowly place of intuition, feeling, and love in what has become traditional philosophy and education. Drawing upon the rich thought of William James and Jean-Luc Marion, Rocha introduces the reader to a certain harmony between their ideas, most…

Rocha, Samuel



Estudo fotomicrográfico das caractErísticas dE supErfíciE dE pontas diamantadas: EfEito do método dE EstErilização por Estufa ou autoclavE. PhOt OmiCROgRaPhiC St Udy Of diamOnd b URS SURfaCe ChaRaCte RiSti CS: effeCt Of the SteRilizatiOn methOd by dR y heat OR aUt OClave  

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rEsumo Introdução: A limpeza, desinfecção e esterilização dos instrumentos são imprescindíveis para evitar in- fecções cruzadas no consultório odontológico. Visando testar a eficiência das pontas diamantadas, são avaliadas, por meio de fotomicrografias, as alterações superficiais dessas pontas em função do uso da estufa ou autoclave. Métodos: Para isso, foi realizado um estudo in vitro com 108 terceiros molares humanos e

Lígia Antunes; Regina Helena; Barbosa Tavares da Silva; Ivone Lima Santana; Laiza Maria Grassi Fais; Dalton Geraldo Guaglianoni


Das Durchschnittsalter der auf Wangerooge nistenden Küstenseeschwalben (Sterna macrura)  

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Zusammenfassung In den Sommern 1955 und 1956 wurden in dem Seevogelschutzgebiet Wangerooge-West 352 ad. Küstenseeschwalben gefangen. Unter Hinzuziehung von 9 Totfunden ergaben sich 100 Wiederfunde von Ex., die in den Jahren 1935 bis 1953 beringt worden waren. Für die als juv. Beringten wurde ein Durchschnittsalter von etwa 12 Jahren ermittelt, während sich für die als ad. Beringten ein solches von

G. Grosskopf



Über den Einfluß antibiotischer Stoffe auf das Wachstum von Grünalgen  

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Résumé On a étudié l'influence de la streptomycine, de la pénicilline et de la trypaflavine sur le développement de trois chlorophycées appartenant aux genresCystococcus, Coccomyxa etTrentepohlia. La streptomycine ralentit ou supprime — selon sa concentration — le développement des algues, tandis que la pénicilline n'a aucune influence. La trypaflavine supprime, en concentration élevée, la croissance duCystococcus, mais n'influence pas le

Alfons Zehnder



Das Paarungssystem der Beutelmeise ( Remiz pendulinus ) — ein Kampf der Geschlechter  

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Summary Within the mating-system of Penduline Tit — a species with uniparental care, prolonged breeding season and protected nests — successive polygyny and polyandry occur simultaneously (for each sex up to 30%). After egg-laying, there is a conflict between the sexes which of them attends the brood. In about 54–65% the clutches have been attended by the female, 7–14% by

Dieter Franz



Demokratie lernen am gymnasium: das projekt "schule als staat"  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

(Learning Democracy in High School: the "School as State" Project) - The disquieting social developments in the German Federal Republic are leading to intense discussions about the possibilities of instilling values and democratic attitudes within the context of secondary education. The interdisciplinary educational project "School as State" has been running for some time in various schools in Baden-Württemberg. This article describes the goals and processes of this project and examines the didactic approaches from which it emerged.

Sajak, Clauß Peter



Das Monorail-System – Knochensegmenttransport über ungebohrte Verriegelungsnägel  

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\\u000a Summary.   A treatment protocol is demonstrated, consisting of an osteotomy, either proximal or distal, of the bone defect with subsequent\\u000a segmental transport via an anteromedially (tibia) or laterally (femur) mounted AO external fixation over an unreamed interlocking\\u000a nail (monorail system). Twenty patients were treated by this method with indications as follows: 13 had a segmental bone defect\\u000a of the tibia,

G. Oedekoven; D. Jansen; M. Raschke; B. F. Claudi



Renewing information infrastructure at Hospital das Cl?-nicas.  

PubMed Central

In this paper we describe the process of renewing the Informatics infrastructure of Sao Paulo University Medical School Hospital, a very complex environment. Our proposal consists of a change in the paradigm of Informatics and the use of Information Technology in the hospital. That change aims at making information available to the hospital, its managers, health care workers and patients. The paradigm change is reflected in every aspect of the new infrastructure: human resources, methods, and organizational structure, as we intend to demonstrate in this paper. This process is expected to be concluded by the end of this year, yielding benefits regarding costs, efficiency, and better patient care.

Moura, L.; do Amaral, M. B.; Lira, A.; Tachinardi, U.; Teixeira, A. C.; Yamamoto, J.




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As Reservas Extrativistas (RESEX) são áreas de domínio público, com uso concedido às populações extrativistas tradicionais, cuja subsistência baseia-se no extrativismo e na agricultura de subsistência e na criação de animais de pequeno porte, e têm como objetivos básicos proteger os meios de vida e a cultura dessas populações, e assegurar o uso sustentável dos recursos naturais da unidade. Porém,

Francisco Carlos Da Silveira Cavalcanti; Raimundo Claudio Gomes Maciel; Joao Alfredo De Carvalho Mangabeira; Bastiaan Philip Reydon



Gesprächstranskription auf dem Computer - das System EXMARaLDA  

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Der Einsatz des Computers zur Transkription natürlicher Gespräche ist in der Pra- xis zwar weit verbreitet, die schnelle Weiterentwicklung der Computertechnologie hat aber dazu geführt, dass verschiedene Systeme oft scheinbar zusammenhangs- los nebeneinander stehen, ohne dass ihre Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede Ge- genstand einer umfassenden theoretischen Betrachtung wären. Der vorliegende Aufsatz will einen Beitrag zu einer solchen theoretischen Betrachtung der Gesprächstranskription

Thomas Schmidt


The design of communication infrastructures for smart DAS and AMI  

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Information and communication technologies (ICT) play a pivotal role in SmartGrid. However, the current ICT infrastructures do not fully support real-time, secure and reliable communications and do not accommodate requirements of new SmartGrid services. According to that, power utilities do their best to construct upgraded communication networks for SmartGrid. The intent of this paper is to introduce KEPCO's field area

No-Gil Myoung; Younghyun Kim; Sangyeom Lee



Veraendert der Mensch das Klima. (Does man change the climate).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The extreme weather conditions of the last years increasingly have been in the public eye with regard to the problem of climate. The center is the so-called 'ozone hole' which became known for the destruction of the vital ozone layer and the 'greenhouse e...

M. Latif




Microsoft Academic Search

The main proposal aim of this work is to present the considerations and procedures used to estimate tons transported by the modal of transportation until the embark location (ex-ante modals) when occurs exports by the marine ways. In order to proposal this aim we used the data of Development of the Industry and Commerce Department (MDIC) of the Brazil, the

Admir Antonio; Betarelli Junior


Ansätze zur Landschaftsentwicklung durch Landwirtschaft - das Beispiel Marbachstal\\/ Kassel  

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As a diverse landscape is no longer automatically produced by agriculture, the de- velopment of landscape may become a new challenge for organic farms, and for the integra- tion of agriculture and nature development, too. The perception of the landscape can be the basis to create a process of landscape development instead of carrying out a single landscape plan. The

Thomas van Elsen


A complexidade das relações entre drogas, álcool e violência  

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This article discuss the complex relations between drugs and violence. Drawing on empirical studies and current forms of discourse, it analyzes conceptual and methodological problems related to the establishment of causal nexuses, risks, and associations. By demonstrat- ing the theoretical and practical difficulties in such associations, it also points to the need for a debate in the field of public

Maria Cecília de Souza Minayo; Suely Ferreira Deslandes



Excising das All: Evolving Maxwell waves beyond Scri  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

We study the numerical propagation of waves through future null infinity in a conformally compactified spacetime. We introduce an artificial cosmological constant, which allows us some control over the causal structure near null infinity. We exploit this freedom to ensure that all light cones are tilted outward in a region near null infinity, which allows us to impose excision-style boundary conditions in our finite difference code. In this preliminary study we consider electromagnetic waves propagating in a static, conformally compactified spacetime.

vanMeter, James R.; Fiske, David R.; Misner, Charles W.



150. Das metastasierende, maligne Melanom beim jungen Säugling  

Microsoft Academic Search

Summary The case of a 5-months-old female infant is reported with a congenital nevus at the left seat. Its color had changed to blackish brown-red, and a little satellite tumor appeared after a few weeks. in the left groin a lymphatic gland was palpable. The skin tumor was cut out broadly; the lymph gland was also taken out. The result

M. R. Becker; W. Schuppert; W. A. Maier; G. Neßler



Das strawberry latent ringspot (?) nepovirus (SLRSV) an aesculus hippocastanum L  

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In den Jahren 1993 bis 1995 wurden vorwiegend in Mitteldeutschland Erhebungen zum Vorkommen des strawberry latent ringspot (?) nepovirus an Aesculus hippocastanum L. durchgeführt. Mit einem durchschnittlichen Befall von 0,84 % war nur ein geringes Auftreten zu verzeichnen. Der serologische Nachweis des SLRSV gelingt im Verlaufe des Jahres mit hoher Sicherheit unter Verwendung unterschiedlicher Pflanzenorgane (Laubblätter, Rinde, Knospen, jüngste Triebe,

Torsten Hentsch; Egon Fuchs; Maria Grüntzig



Das adenomatoide Leiomyom des Nebenhodens - ein seltener gutartiger Tumor  

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Zum Thema Wir berichten von einem 57-jährigen Patienten mit einem umschriebenen 2 cm großen derben, am Schnitt weißlich-faserigen Tumor des Nebenhodenschwanzes. Histologisch zeigten sich irreguläre tubuläre Strukturen, die von kubischen epithelartigen Zellen ausgekleidet wurden und in einem stark dominierenden glattmuskulären Stroma lagen. Immunhistochemisch bestanden eine Positivität der Tubuluszellen für Zytokeratin, Vimentin und Kalretinin sowie eine diffuse Aktinposititivität des Stromas. Es

J. G. Hoffmann; C. Langner; J. Rüschoff; H. Melchior



Das Elektroauto - Fakten und Argumente. (Electric vehicles - facts and arguments).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In this report key aspects of the electric car are discussed from the viewpoint of VEBA AG: possibilities of application and performance of electric batteries, private transportation which does no harm to the environment, and alternatives to the electric ...



Cultura Financeira dos Investidores e Diversificação das Carteiras  

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This paper studies the factors that determine the financial literacy level of the Portuguese individual investors and explores the relation between financial literacy and financial behavior, particularly portfolio diversification. Our results suggest that the average financial literacy level of Portuguese individual investors is low: two in three investors reveal an insufficient level of financial knowledge. We also find that the

Victor Mendes; Margarida Abreu



Esquizofrenia, psicopatologia e crime violento: uma revisão das evidências empíricas  

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Objective: To study, through a comprehensive review of the scientific literature, the relationship between schizophrenia, psychosis and violence. Methods: An electronic search was conducted in Medline, SciELO e Lilacs databases, up until June 2006, including all papers written in English or Portuguese. Results: There are several international research papers which found a connec- tion between schizophrenia and violent behavior, especially

Eduardo Henrique Teixeira; Marcelo Carlos Pereira; Renata Rigacci; Paulo Dalgalarrondo



Wettereinflüsse auf das Lichtstreuvermögen von kolloidalen Lösungen (Polyvinylpyrrolidon)  

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An einer Polyvinylpyrrolidon- (Kollidon k 30-) Lösung wurden optische Streuversuche durchgeführt; dabei ergaben sich exogene Einflüsse auf die Streuintensität. Die auftretenden, überzufälligen Spitzen wurden mit Wettererscheinungen korreliert. Dabei konnten gesicherte Zusammenhänge mit Fronten und horizontalen Scherzahlen festgestellt werden. Außerdem ergaben sich Beziehungen zum atmosphärischen Ringstrom (jet stream) hinsichtlich seiner Lage zum Beobachtungsort und dem Zeitpunkt seines Übergreifens. Es erscheint möglich,

R. Neuwirth; K. Hummel



Descoberta de padrões de comportamento das Hepatites Virais aplicando Datamining  

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Descritores: Hepatite Viral; Descoberta de Conhecimento em Base de Dados; Mineração de Dados,C4.5 Abstract -In Brazil, data collected by the Information Systems for Public Health are underused due to its bulk and complexity. In this work the Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) technique has been used onto the National Information System of Diseases of Notification (SINAN), with the objective of

C. M. Trindade; C. M. C. Moro; M. G. Aldenucci; J. C. Nievola; S. J. Moysés


Das bioelektrische Potential an der zytoplasmatischen Membran der Granulozyten  

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Summary The bioelectric potential between the interior of granulocytes taken from whole blood and exudatleucocytes and 2 extracellular media was examined with microelectrode-technique. The order of magnitude amounts to about - 5 mV. The potentials of the cell population are Gaussian distributed.

A. Beckmann; H. L. Jenssen; W. Kalkoff; K. Redmann



Über das sympathicomimetische pressorische Prinzip des Harns („Urosympathin“)  

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1. Mit einer für die Isolierung vonPolyphenolderivaten spezifischen Methode gelingt es, in jedem menschlichen Harn pressorische Substanzen nachzuweisen. Die blutdruckwirksamen Stoffe wirken darmlähmend, ihre Wirkung wird durchCocain verstärkt, durchErgotoxin oderYohimbin abgeschwächt bzw. umgekehrt und durchPolyphenoloxydase unter Braunfärbung zerstört.

Peter Holtz; Karl Credner; Günther Kroneberg



Bedeutung des Debitorenratings für das Working Capital Management  

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\\u000a Wie die folgende Darstellung veranschaulicht, versteht sich Debitorenrating als ein Baustein des Debitorenmanagements. Letzteres\\u000a ist wiederum eine der drei Komponenten des Working Capital Managements.

Bianca Heyke; Michael Stahl


A Psicologia das Lesões Desportivas: importância da intervenção psicológica  

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Introduction: The psychology of athletic injury is very useful to injury treatment. Relevance: This science contributes to the efficacy\\/efficiency promotion of treatment and of injury prevention. Aim: This revision looks for to understand psychological risk factors in the development of injuries, by clarifying its models, such as stress model of athletic injury. Methodology: It is based on the authors' experience

Susana Veloso



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Proper irrigation planning and scheduling require the availability of accurate, quick and easy to use tools. The SIMDualKc software application was developed with this purpose to compute crop evapotranspiration and irrigation scheduling using the dual crop coefficient approach (Kcb + Ke). SIMDualKc performs the soil water balance at field level, using a daily time step. This model was validated using

P. Godinho; B. Sequeira; P. Paredes; L. S. Pereira


Das Strengthening the Reporting of Observational Studies in Epidemiology (STROBE) Statement. Leitlinien für das Berichten von Beobachtungsstudien  

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Much of biomedical research is observation- al. The reporting of such research is often in- adequate, which hampers the assessment of its strengths and weaknesses and of a study's generalizability. The Strengthening the Re- porting of Observational Studies in Epide- miology (STROBE) Initiative developed rec- ommendations on what should be included in an accurate and complete report of an ob-

D. Mulrow; Fred Paccaud; Stuart J. Pocock; Charles Poole; Drummond Rennie; Martin Röösli; Dietrich Rothenbacher; Kenneth Roth; Caroline Sabin; Willi Sauerbrei; James J. Schlesselman; Jonathan Sterne; Holly Syddall; Jan P. Vandenbroucke; Ian White; Hywel Williams



2. Historic American Buildings Survey Photograph furnished by the Security ...  

Library of Congress Historic Buildings Survey, Historic Engineering Record, Historic Landscapes Survey

2. Historic American Buildings Survey Photograph furnished by the Security First National Bank of Los Angeles June 1937 NORTH SIDE AND EAST REAR - Antonio Jose Rocha House, Cadillac & Shenandoah Streets, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, CA


1. Historic American Buildings Survey Photograph furnished by the Security ...  

Library of Congress Historic Buildings Survey, Historic Engineering Record, Historic Landscapes Survey

1. Historic American Buildings Survey Photograph furnished by the Security First National Bank of Los Angeles June 1937 WEST FRONT - Antonio Jose Rocha House, Cadillac & Shenandoah Streets, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, CA


O Passado como Nacao: Imagens do Imperio nas Falas Reacionarias dos Anos 30 e 40 do Seculo XX: Uma Pequena Arqueologia do Debate Publico e Privado (The Past as Nation: Images of the Empire in the Reactionary Words of the 30s and 40s in the 20th Century: A Small Archaeology of the Public Debate versus the Private One).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Suggests an archaeology of the public debate versus the private one in Brazil through analysis of the reactionary speech of a religious leader, Dom Jose Mauricio da Rocha, which produced innumerable representations of the Brazilian Empire. (PA)

de Freitas, Marcos Cezar




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The municipality of Taperoá has a physical base of about 639.874 km 2 located in the central region of Paraiba State in the Meso-Region of Borborema, Micro-Region of West Cariri. With altitude ranging from 650 to 1000 m, rainfall of 505 mm per year, the area suffers the influence of warm and dry climate with rain in short periods and

Simone Mirtes; Araújo Duarte; Marx Preste Barbosa; João Miguel; Moraes Neto


Caracterização das propriedades espaciais, temporais e físicas de Relâmpagos e Sistemas Convectivos de Mesoescala  

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The objective of this work is to present the cloud-ground lightning spatial and temporal distribution and the relationship between electrical discharges and the physical properties of the Mesoescale Convective System (MSC) for the determination of potential forecaster parameters of atmosphere electrical activity. This work combined data from GOES geostationary satellite infrared channels with cloud-ground lightning from the ground network supplied

Enrique Vieira Mattos



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Although green spaces amount be a useful tool for environmental quality evaluation, it is not enough when it does not consider the distribution of these areas on urban space. For a greater ecological and social efficiency the plant cover must be distributed in a homogeneous way. The distribution of public green areas in the urban space of Águas de São

Silvia Cristina de Jesus; Roberto Braga; Águas de São


Neurophysiologische Untersuchungen über das Stadium passagerer Lähmung bei Myotonia congenita und Dystrophia myotonica  

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Muscle stiffness is one of the outstanding features of myotonia. Repetitive contraction of a muscle after rest leads to a state of rigidity. The patient is hardly able to continue his movements despite great efforts. This impediment of motility has hitherto been considered to be connected with the muscle stiffness. Clinical observation, however, discloses that the muscle stiffness in myotonia

K. Ricker; H.-M. Meinck; H. Stumpf



Das Gynözeum der Bignoniaceen I. Über den Bau des Fruchtknotens von Kigelia (Crescentieae)  

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Zusammenfassung Neben einer Beschreibung des Fruchtknotenbaues und der Anordnung der Bündel in der Scheidewand vonKigelia pinnata, africana, madagascariensis undaethiopum wird vor allem auf die unrichtige Wiedergabe des inneren Baues des Fruchtknotens in der Literatur hingewiesen. Der völlig zweifächerigeKigelia-Fruchtknoten wird nämlich von den meisten Systematikern (Seemann, Bentham etHooker, Baillon, Schumann, Sprague, Wood, Thonner, Van Steenis, Hutchinson andDalziel, Marloth, Bailey, Phillips, Andrews,

Walter Leinfellner



Das Studium: Vom Start zum Ziel: Lei(d)tfaden für Studierende  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Wer studieren will, hat viele Fragen und muss viele Entscheidungen treffen. Dieser Leitfaden hilft, eine Wahl zutreffen, sich an der Hochschule zurecht zu finden und Hürden rechtzeitig zu erkennen und zu bewältigen. Es geht um Fragen wie: Wer unterstützt mich finanziell? Studentenwohnheim oder WG? Was bringt eine Vorlesung? Wie komme ich an eine Abschlussarbeit - und wie schreibe ich sie? Weitere Themen sind: Struktur der Hochschule, Lebensabschnitt Studium, Motivation beim Lernen, Zeitmanagement im Studium, Recherchieren und Lesen, Verstehen und Entwickeln, Mathematik im Studium, Vorträge halten und Prüfungen bestehen.

Messing, Barbara


Die projektion der optischen umwelt auf das raster der rhabdomere im komplexauge von Musca  

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Summary  The dioptrics of the Musca ommatidium acts as an inverting lens system. The distal endings of the rhabdomeres at the basis of the dioptric apparatus are separated and arranged in a typical asymmetric pattern. The optical axes of the individual rhabdomeres of one ommatidium are the geometric projections of the distal rhabdomere endings into the environment, inverted by 180° by

Kuno Kirschfeld



Einfluss der Bitterstoffe des Hopfens auf das Wirtswahlverhalten von Phorodon humuli (S chrank ), Homoptera, Aphididae  

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Influence of bitter principles in hops on the host selection behaviour of Phorodon humuli (s chrank ), Homoptera, Aphididae. Understanding the host - parasite relationship between hops Humulus lupulus L. and hop aphid Phorodon humuli (s chrank ) is crucially important for the selection of aphid-resistant varieties. The influence of bitter principles of hops on aphids is not quite clear

Oleg Kryvynets; Frank Walker; Claus P. W. Zebitz


Programa de Calculo das Propriedades Termodinamicas (Program Calculation of Thermodynamic Properties).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The determination of the thermodynamic properties are examined through the basic equations such as: state equation (Beattie-Bridgeman Form), saturation pressure equation, specific heat constant pressure or constant volume equation, and specific volume or ...

W. Gill F. F. Filho R. Ribeirodeoliveira



Aspectos da satisfação das mulheres com a assistência ao parto: contribuição para o debate  

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Abstract The objective of this study was,to evaluate fac- tors associated,with women’s,satisfaction with vaginal,delivery ,at the ,Leila Diniz Maternity Hospital in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A cross-sec-

Rosa Maria Soares Madeira Domingues; Elizabeth Moreira dos Santos; Maria do Carmo Leal



Das Denken mit ATLAS.ti sichtbar machen: Computergestützte qualitative Analyse als textuelle Praxis  

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\\u000a Einige, die die Version 4 von ATLAS.ti, einem Software-Tool für qualitative Daten-analyse, noch kennen, werden sich vielleicht\\u000a erinnern: Wer als Anfänger\\/in mit den Funktionen des Programms herumspielte, konnte in Versuchung geraten, eine sehr viel\\u000a versprechende Option auszuprobieren, die im Menü für die Arbeit mit Textdokumenten angeboten wurde: Relevant Text Search. Hier ist sie bestimmt, dachte man, die Hauptfunktion der computergestützten

Zden?k Konopásek


Endoskopisch kontrollierte Stabilisation von HumerusschaftfrakturenDas Endoskop als Hilfsmittel bei der minimal-invasiven Osteosynthese  

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Zusammenfassung  \\u000a Diese Arbeit soll die anatomischen Grundlagen der endoskopisch kontrollierten Humerusmarknagelung beschreiben und ber erste\\u000a klinische Resultate berichten.\\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a An 14 willkrlich ausgewhlten Leichen wurde der Verlauf des N. radialis in Bezug auf definierte anatomischen Landmarken untersucht.\\u000a Bei den ausgewhlten Individuen mit einer Humerusgesamtlnge zwischen 25–33 cm kreuzt der N. radialis den Humerusschaft genau\\u000a in Schafthlfte. Der Abstand vom Epicondylus lateralis

R. Zobrist; P. Messmer; L. S. Levin; P. Regazzoni



Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Data Analysis System (DAS). Environmental Quality Technology Program.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This report documents efforts to develop a common processing and interpretation platform for UXO survey data, hereinafter referred to as the UXODAS. Development of the common software platform assumes (1) that the data will be accessible in readable forma...

D. K. Butler J. C. Morgan J. H. Bennett M. P. Fields R. A. Goodson



Aplicacao das Redes Neuronais Artificiais a Deteccao dos Mercados Euronext Mais Rentaveis  

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Com este estudo investigasse a possibilidade de utilizacao de uma rede neuronial artificial na deteccao dos mercados de accoes da Euronext que proporcionam a melhor rendibilidade diaria. A rede, treinada com o algoritmo de Levenberg-Marquardt, recomenda a um investidor hipotetico a escolha do Indice de precos representativo do mercado que se preve que maior rendibilidade oferece no dia de negociacao

Paulo Horta; Carlos Mendes



Das klinische Spektrum von Fertilitätsstörungen durch Mutationen im CFTR-Gen  

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Zusammenfassung  \\u000a \\u000a Mehr als 95 % der mnnlichen Betroffenen einer Mukoviszidose sind aufgrund einer congenitalen beidseitigen Vas-deferens-Aplasie\\u000a infertil. Mutationen im CFTR-Gen haben je nach Art und Lokalisation im Gen sehr unterschiedliche physiologische Konsequenzen\\u000a und finden sich nicht nur bei Patienten mit dem Vollbild der Mukoviszidose, sondern auch bei verschiedenen Formen der obstruktiven\\u000a Azoospermie wie der isolierten, ein- oder beidseitigen Vas-deferens-Aplasie und

Manfred Stuhrmann



Das Friedenspotential von Religionen in politischen Konflikten. Beispiele erfolgreicher religionsbasierter Konfliktintervention  

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Nicht erst seit Samuel Huntingtons Clash of Civilizations ist in Deutschland eine umfassende Diskussion über einen interkulturellen und interreligiösen Dialog im Gange. Vertreter\\u000a von Politik, Wissenschaft, Religionen, Nichtregierungsorganisationen fordern diesen Dialog in Kindergarten und Hochschule,\\u000a Sportvereinen und Parlamenten. In diesem Dialog wie in der Debatte über den Dialog ist eine zunehmende Wahrnehmung und Einbeziehung religiöser Aspekte feststellbar. Ereignisse wie die

Markus A. Weingardt


Impacto das malformações congênitas na mortalidade perinatal e neonatal em uma maternidade-escola do Recife  

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Objectives: to determine the incidence of conge- nital malformations in newborns in a university maternity hospital in Recife and assess the impact of malformation in perinatal and neonatal mortality. Methods: a longitudinal study was performed from September 2004 to May 2005 with all deliveries at the Instituto Materno Infantil Prof. Fernando Figueira, IMIP analyzed. The type and incidence of congenital

Melania Maria; Ramos de Amorim; Paulo Carvalho Vilela; Regina Viana; Dutra Santos; Luiza Medeiros; Vasconcelos Lima; Eduardo França; Pessoa de Melo; Paulo Fernando; Bezerra de Menezes


Der Einfluß von künstlicher Beschallung auf das Schlüpfen von Küken aus Bruteiern verschiedener Gewichtsklassen  

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1. Introduetion Beakclapping is the first instinct that birds show.The num­ ber ofsound signals produced by birds at beakclapping has been exactly determined. The problems of the application ofa sound stimulation ofthe bird embryos was discussed by several authors (IMPEKoVEN, 1971; VINCE and FRANCES, 1980; OCKLEFORD and VINCE, 1985; GLAZEV, 1990; VET­ ERANY et al., 1998). The usual way ofstimulation

L. Veteräny; J. Weis


Das eSana Framework: Kontextabh¨ angige Benutzerschnittstellen im mHealth Bereich  

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Mobile Gerate sind zu allgegenwartigen Geraten im Alltag geworden. Ihre Anwendung im Gesundheitsbereich wird deshalb immer beliebter. Patienten konnen kleine Anwendungen auf ihren Geraten installieren, welche ihnen im taglichen Um- gang mit ihrer Krankheit oder in bestimmten Situationen helfen. Auch medizinische Fachpersonen konnen in verschiedenen Situationen mobile Gerate nutzen, um ihre Arbeitsprozesse besser zu unterstutzen und auch um Medienbruche zu

Marco Savini; Henrik Stormer; Andreas Meier


A Integracao de Ensino das Ciencias da Saude (An Integrated Medical Education Program [in Brazil]).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

At the Sixth Annual Reunion of the Brazilian Association of Medical Schools (VI Reuniao Anual da Associacao Brasileira de Escolas Medicas) leaders in the Brazilian medical profession proposed an integrated educational program for training students in the fields of medicine and public health. Under Brazil's present system of education, all…

Pourchet-Campos, M. A.; Guimaraes Junior, Paulino


Das ervilheiras de Mendel à dupla hélice de Watson e Crick  

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The A. writes about his personal vision of 53 years of genetics history (1900-1953), which finishes with the Watson and Crick's double helix model. Starting with the re-discovery of Mendel's laws in 1900, he then describes the different contri- butions of Morgan, Avery, Pauling and Max Delbrück, leader of the \\

A. J. Barros Veloso



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The purpose of this article is to analyze the consequences of the exchange rate fluctuation on the results and market value of the Brazilian flat steel companies, in the last five years. In this period, two different scenarios could be identified: in 2002, when the US dollar strengthened relative to the Real, and, in 2003\\/2004, when an appreciation of the




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Animals' life habits are ignored when conservation units are created. Usually, these units consider only political aspects. This paper will analyze if conservation units' shapes are appropriate to animals' maintenance. Ecology landscape' concepts and the Brazilian Forest Legislation allied with remote sensing techniques will be used for an analysis of the Serra da Bocaina National Park and Itatiaia National Park,




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This work reports investigation results about Didactic and Teaching History Methodology published in Brazil during XX century. Aimed at teachers, the manuals might be taken as sources to investigate the presence of elements which, in specifical historical times, delimited the manners of thought and the manners of developing teaching in this country. The reflections brought by this work are part

Maria Auxiliadora Schmidt; Maria F. Braga Garcia


Elektronenspinresonanzmessungen fuer das Bonner Polarisierte Target. (Electron spin resonance measurements for the Bonn polarized target).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) Measurements have been an important tool in investigating polarized target materials since the beginning of polarized targets research. The paramagnetic centres that are important for the Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) ca...

R. Paulsen



In the Beginning was the Word . . . `Das Prager Abendmahlspiel': the words rendered into action and images  

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First there were the words and the written biblical, liturgical and apocryphal texts were made verbal by reading, preaching and singing in churches. Already at a very early stage the biblical events were made visual. The performances of medieval religious plays rendered the words into action and into images. They were written as part of a theological message and were

J. H. Kuné



Die Wirkung von Essigsäure und anderen aliphatischen Carbonsäuren auf das Wachstum von Endomycopsis vernalis  

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Durch zahlreiche Untersucher ist gezeigt worden, dab Acetat yon vielen Mikroorganismen als Kohlenstoffquelle verwendet und insbesondere als Ausgangsmaterial fiir die Fettsynthese benutzt werden kann. So wurde Essigs~ure yon S~I]~DLEY-MACLE.~ u. HOFF]~I~T (1923), HAL1)E~ (1934), FINK, KR~BS U. L~C~N~R (1937), FI~K U. KREnS (1938), W~r~ u. W]~KMAN (1947), W~I~T~OtTS~ u. MILLINGTO:~ (1947), KI,]~I~ u. LIP:MANN (1953) sowie RYLKIN U. POKI~OVSKAYA (I959)

Rainer Klemm



Reflexão social, controle percebido e motivações à adoção: características psicossociais das mães adotivas  

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Social reflection, perceived control, and motivation to adopt a child: psychosocial characteristics of adoptive mothers. The literature points out that the social imaginary of adoption is associated with altruism and hedonism of adopters. Thus, the present study aimed to investigate some psychosocial characteristics of adoptive mothers, such as the motivation to adopt, moral judgment, locus of control, and perceived social

Caroline Tozzi Reppold; Claudio Simon Hutz



Bring Back "Das Kapital" Punishment! Credit Crunch and the Fall of the "Knowledge Economy"  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article contrasts the collapse of the twin political certainties of the 20th century--"scientific socialism" (1989) and "scientific capitalism" (2008). Such a collapse restores Uncertainty to her throne, and brings back the need to radically rethink political possibilities for the future. (Contains 1 note.)

Stronach, Ian; Clarke, John



Pharmakologische Untersuchungen an den vasomotorischen Zentren für das Splanchnikusgefäßgebiet des Frosches  

Microsoft Academic Search

Zusammenfassung 1.Es wird eine Methode mitgeteilt, welche gestattet, die Wirkung von Gefäßmitteln mit zentralem Angriffspunkte auf den Kreislauf des Splanchnikusgebietes beim Frosche zu prüfen.2.Als zentral vasokonstriktorisch wirksam erwiesen sich: Strychnin, Kokain, ?-Tetrahydronaphthylamin, Strophanthin, Digitalin, Ammoniakdampf, Ätherdampf, Kampferdampf.3.Schwach vasokonstriktorisch wirkte: Coffein.4.Vasodilatatorisch wirkten aktiv: Amylnitritdampf, Wärme; durch Lähmung der Vasokonstriktoren: Kokain in hohen Dosen.5.Indifferent waren: Antipyrin, Kohlensäuregas, p-Oxyphenyläthylamin.

A. Fröhlich; S. Morita



Konnen Computer das Sprachproblem losen (Can Computers Solve the Language Problem)?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Various computer applications in linguistics, primarily speech synthesis and machine translation, are reviewed. Although the computer proves useful for statistics, dictionary building and programmed instruction, the promulgation of a world auxiliary language is considered a more human and practical solution to the international communication…

Zeilinger, Michael



Modelagem matemática das rotas metabólicas de produção de hidrogênio por microalgas  

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In the present work are described the metabolic pathway for the process of hydrogen production under anaerobic conditions and in sulphur deprivation in the culture medium. The described metabolic pathway had been modeled mathematically using S-system as base in the formularization of the equations. The results of the model of the process, had given a transient generation of oxygen in

Orlando Jorquera; Emerson A. Salesb; Maria Ghirardi; Asher Kiperstok; Marcelo Embiruçue


Geburtenplanung, soziale Ungleichheit und Geschlecht - Das Beispiel Stuttgart während der Industrialisierung  

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The Decline of Fertility, Social Differences and Gender - Stuttgart during the Industrialisation as Exam- ple«. The model of demographic transition and the research about fertility decline deals with elementary human behav- iour but it seems to be 'without gender'. In general, family- planning is not treated as a question of conscious decisions of couples, women and men. Constructing a

Rita Müller; Sylvia Schraut



Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMO Avaliou-se o efeito de extratos aquosos de Achillea millefolium L. (folhas), Azadirachta indica A. Juss. (folhas), Bidens pilosa L. (folhas, frutos e ramos), Bougainvillea glabra Choisy (folhas), Chenopodium ambrosioides L. (folhas, frutos e ramos), Datura suaveolens Humb & Bonpl. ex. Willd (folhas), Enterolobium contortisilliquum (Vell.) Morong (frutos), Mentha crispa L. (folhas e ramos), Nicotiana tabacum L. (folhas), Piper nigrum




Das Verhalten der äußeren Augenmuskeln gegenüber Curare, Dekamethonium (C 10) und Succinylcholin (M 115)  

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Die Drucksteigerung im Auge nach Verabreichung von Succinylcholin (M 115) ist auf eine Kontraktur der äußeren Augenmuskeln zurückzuführen, die in geringerem Ausmaß auch nach Dekamethonium (C 10) nachweisbar ist.

H. Hofmann; F. Lembeck




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The present work aimed at the analysis of the influences of the sucession in board of directors in the continuity of the strategies of an agricultural cooperative. It is a quantitative research work, particularly, a study case in which the data were collected and analyzed on a documents and personal interview basis. The results showed that in the political articulations

Luiz Marcelo Antonialli; Adalberto Americo Fischmann




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The present work aimed at the analysis of the influences of the sucession in board of directors in the continuity of the strategies of an agricultural cooperative. It is a quantitative research work, particularly, a study case in which the data were collected and analyzed on a documents and personal interview basis. The results showed that in the political articulations

Luiz Marcelo Antonialli; Adalberto Americo Fischmann




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The study of seed morphology is not well developed in Brazil. Nevertheless, this characteristic remains remarkably constant under varying environmental conditions and may be used as suitable criteria for the taxonomical identification of species, as well as the whole plants do. The main objective of this work was to make an ilustrative description and characterize morphologically the weed dispersal units



Hydrogen chloride measurements with a Differential Absorption and Scattering (DAS) lidar in the marine atmosphere  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

A differential absorption and scattering lidar that measures hydrogen chloride with a sensitivity of 300 parts per billion and a range of 2 km is described. The P2(3) and P2(5) lines around 3.6 microns from a deuterium fluoride laser are used as the signal and reference line, respectivley. The system was used for investigations of the diffusion and degradation behavior of HCl from at-sea incineration of organochlorine waste in the marine atmosphere.

Heinrich, H. J.; Weitkamp, C.; Michaelis, W.



Homoeotische flügelbildung durch das loboid allel “ ophthalmoptera ” ( ld oph ) bei Drosophila melanogaster  

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\\u000a Abstract  In awhite-apricot (wa) stock, a new mutant was found which reduces the eyes and produces wing-structures in the eyes. This homeotic effect can\\u000a occur with a high frequency, depending on temperature and genetic background. The mutant is an allele ofloboid (ld, 3–102) and ofeyesreduced (eyr, 3–103); the designationloboid-ophthalmoptera (ldoph) is proposed.\\u000a \\u000a The varying contours of the reduced eye inld\\u000a oph

H. R. Kobel



Fehler begehen - Mathematik verstehen Über die Bedeutung von Fehlern für das Verstehen  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Auch wenn eine historisch oder systematisch umfassende Darstellung zur Fehlerthematik bislang nicht vorliegt, ist die Idee, einer Fehleranalyse unter der Leitfrage, welche Fehler von Schülerinnen und Schülern aufgrund welcher epistemologischen Überzeugungen begangen werden, zentralen Raum für die Betrachtung von Verstehensprozessen einzuräumen, nicht neu. So ist es geradezu ein Charakteristikum einer modernen konstruktivistischen Didaktik, die eigenen Fehler von Lernenden als ihre individuellen Lerngelegenheiten zu begreifen, die einen wichtigen Motor für den subjektiven Lernfortschritt bilden. Diese Sichtweise wurzelt aus psychologischer Perspektive in Analysen in der Tradition Piagets, der in Abkehr von einer quantitativen, psychometrischen Beschreibung kognitiver Prozesse, wie sie sich zum Beispiel in Intelligenztheorien nach Binet findet, qualitativ zu beschreiben versuchte, in welcher Weise Kinder und Jugendliche denken und urteilen. Doch auch schon in der klassischen Philosophie sind entsprechende Ansätze zu finden. Prominente Beispiele hierfür sind die Idolenlehre Bacons und die Ideenlehre Platons.

Käser, Udo


Estudo experimental das propriedades seletivas de ressoadores coaxiais. (Experimental study of coaxial resonators selective properties).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This work studies the selective properties of open cylindrical coaxial cavities. The experimental results are compared to theory which includes ohmic effects. (A.C.A.S.). (Atomindex citation 24:004274)

P. J. Castro J. J. Barroso R. A. Correa



Programa em Educação a Distância para a Melhoria das Condições de Aprendizagem da Matemática  

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Resumo - A fim de fundamentar uma ação pedagógica diferenciada, frente ao elevado número de reprovações e desistências que ocorrem em disciplinas iniciais de Matemática na Universidade de Caxias do Sul, apresentamos um programa através do qual investigamos as reais possibilidades de constituir nova opção para alunos reprovados em Cálculo Diferencial e Integral I. Num ambiente virtual de aprendizagem os

Isolda G. De Lima; Laurete Z. Sauer


Hepatologie Neuere Forschungsergebnisse in ihrer Bedeutung für das Verständnis von Leberkrankheiten  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

By two exemplary clinical situations — acute viral hepatitis, acute-phase reaction of the liver — the significance of basic research for the understanding of clinical phenomena and for the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures is demonstrated. The very different phenomena following infection with the hepatitis-B-virus can be explained by the variation in the interactions of virus and liver cell, by the immune reaction of the host, and by mutants of the virus. The reaction of the liver to an extrahepatic infection is mediated by interleukin-6, and characterized by an alteration in protein metabolism. The synthesis of acute-phase proteins is increased. The proteins confine the local injury and establish the homeostasis of the organism.

Gerok, W.; Blum, H. E.; Offensperger, W.; Offensperger, S.; Andus, T.; Groß, V.; Heinrich, P. C.



“Sou Doméstica:” Construções de Identidade e Saúde das Trabalhadoras Domésticas Salvador, Bahia Brasil  

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O mundo do trabalho doméstico é um mundo invisível de discriminação, desvalorização e exploração. No Brasil, existem milhões de trabalhadoras domésticas, na sua maioria mulheres, negras e que vêm de histórias pobres. Essas trabalhadoras domésticas enfrentam uma agressão profunda contra a dignidade, direitos, saúde, e identidade delas.\\u000aNesta pesquisa, perguntamos sobre a relação entre identidade e saúde. Como é que

Jenny Fauci



Associação movimento solidário colméia : um espaço para o resgate da cidadania das mulheres  

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Este trabalho tem como objetivo apresentar dados de uma investigação que o Grupo de Pesquisa Sexualidade e Escola (GESE) da Fundação Universidade Federal do Rio Grande (FURG) vem realizando junto às integrantes da Associação Movimento Solidário Colméia. Foram realizados vários encontros que funcionaram como um espaço narrativo em que as mulheres participaram ouvindo, contando e contrapondo histórias e fatos de

Guiomar Freitas Soares



A constituição do mundo psíquico na concepção winnicottiana: uma contribuição à clínica das psicoses  

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Over the last few years, the importance of Winnicott's work for psychoanalysis has been reaffirmed together with its growing interest to the field of psychosis. The purpose of the present study was to present the theoretical basis of this approach, which is one of the most fecund for the understanding of the psychic phenomenon, not only in pathological conditions but

Manoel Antônio dos Santos



Die Wirkung von herbiziden auf das sporulierungsvermögen des blattlauspathogenen Pilzes Erynia neoaphidis  

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The effect of seven herbicides on the sporulation capacity of the most important aphid pathogenic fungusErynia neoaphidis, was tested in laboratory trials. Gesaprim (active ingredient: Atrazin) had no influence on formation and projection of conidia on infected aphids. Three products with dinitroderivates as active ingredients killed the fungus in the dead infected aphids, Stirpan forte (active ingredient: Dinoterb) even at

S. Keller; C. Schweizer



Gefluegelte Raumtransporter: Das Problem der Stufenzahl (Winged Space Transporters: The Problem of the Number of Stages).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The number of stages and the recoverability of space transportation systems was studied. Comparison of the payload of present carriers with studies of partly reusable systems shows that modern materials and structures can lead to significantly better capa...

R. E. Lo D. M. Wolf



Impacto da redução dos encargos trabalhistas sobre a formalização e o salário das empregadas domésticas  

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O presente artigo faz uma avaliação da polarização de renda no Brasil para os anos de 1981 e 2003. Após diferenciar os conceitos de polarização e de desigualdade de renda, calculamos o índice de polarização da renda no Brasil, com base na metodologia proposta por Esteban, Gradin e Ray (1999). Os resultados indicam que a bipolarização se manteve praticamente constante

Maria Isabel Accoroni Theodoro; Luiz Guilherme Scorzafave



Das Mobiltelefon als Geldbörse der Zukunft — Chancen und Potentiale des Mobile Payment (M-Payment)  

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Mobile Payment eröffnet durch seine vielseitige Einsetzbarkeit neue Chancen bei der Gestaltung von Absatzkanälen. Dabei müssen\\u000a die angebotenen Lösungen jedoch bestimmten Anforderungen gerecht werden. Der vorliegende Beitrag geht auf diese Anforderungen\\u000a im Detail ein, wobei ebenfalls ein konkretes Beispiel zur Verdeutlichung geschildert wird.

Harald Elmar Hohenberg; Stefan Rufera



Beiträge zur phänomenologischen beschreibung der Kinetik von Oberflächenprozessen für das system Gas-Festkörper  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The description of surface-processes at a gas-solid interface is discussed phenomenisticly by introducing a mathematical model, which takes into account that at the interface reactions are involved, which could not be considered as independent from each other because their reaction-mechanisms are different. The model is explained by considering a special case, i.e. the interaction of hydrogen with a wall assuming 4 elementary reactions. The model predicts a coupling between these 4 reactions. As it is shown this coupling determines the pressure dependance of the H-solubility in the wall. Furthermore it follows that the pressure dependance of H-permeation for special cases can be explained.

Leyers, H. J.



Das Sprachlabor und der Audiovisuelle Unterricht (The Language Laboratory and Audiovisual Instruction).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Four articles, written in German, discuss such aspects of the language laboratory as: teaching pronunciation in the laboratory (Heinrich Schrand), the dummy-element in transformational grammar (Helmut Heuer), testing in the language laboratory (Kenneth S. Leigh), and language laboratory work in Finland (Roland Freihoff). Nine book reviews on…

Freudenstein, Reinhold, Ed.


Das Mischungsverhalten der tau-Boride (The Miscibility of the tau Borides).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The major components cobalt and nickel of the tau boride are fully miscible in the series Co70V9B21 to Ni70V9B21. In the following systems the minor metallic components in tau were found to be continuously interchangeable: Ni71V8B21 to Ni71Nb8B21, Ni71V8B...

H. H. Stadelmaier J. B. Ballance



COMMENTS AND REPLIES: Comment on 'Braneworld remarks in Riemann-Cartan manifolds'  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In a recent paper (J M Hoff da Silva and da Rocha R 2009 Class. Quantum Grav. 26 055007) it is concluded that the Darmois-Israel junction conditions in the presence of torsion are not modified. We point out that this conclusion is invalid.

Khakshournia, S.



Tragedy and the Meaning of School Shootings  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

School shootings are traumatic events that cause a community to question itself, its values, and its educational systems. In this article Bryan Warnick, Benjamin Johnson, and Samuel Rocha explore the meanings of school shootings by examining three recent books on school violence. Topics that grow out of these books include (1) how school shootings…

Warnick, Bryan R.; Johnson, Benjamin A.; Rocha, Samuel




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4 RESUMO: A região entre as cidades de Lavras e Conselheiro Lafaiete, na borda meridional do Cráton São Francisco, é caracterizada pela presença de diversos corpos plutônicos félsicos e máficos, que encontram-se relacionados à evolução paleoproterozóica do Cinturão Mineiro. Dentre os corpos máficos, destaca-se o Quartzo Monzodiorito Glória, que ocorre encaixado em anfibolitos e rochas metassedimentares da Faixa Greenstone Rio




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Resumo - Arenitos devonianos marinhos rasos da Formação Uerê são impotantes prospectos de óleo na Bacia do Solimões, Amazônia ocidental.Os reservatórios são arenitos progradacionais com contatos basais abruptos, depositados em um complexo de plataforma dominado por tempestades, e recobertos por folhelhos pretos de Frasniano- Fameniano que são as rochas geradoras de petróleo da bacia. Concentrações de espículas de esponjas ocorrem

Rodrigo Dias Lima; Luiz Fernando De Ros



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RESUMO: A suíte Serrinha localiza-se na porção meridional do Cráton São Francisco e é representada pelo quartzo diorito do Brito, granodiorito Brumado de Cima, granodiorito Brumado de Baixo, dois corpos granofíricos e dois corpos subvulcânicos - vulcânicos félsicos. As relações de campo apontam que os corpos da suíte Serrinha são intrusivos em rochas metamáficas, metaultramáficas e metassedimentares do greenstone belt



Study of Ammonia Emission in H2 Galactic Regions: NGC 6334, Orion E G 328.2-0.5 Estudo das Emissao de Amonia Originaria das Regioes Hii Galaticas; NGC 6334, Orion E G 328.2-0.5.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

A search for NH3 emission towards galactic HII regions NGC 6334, Orion and G 328.2-0.5 was undertaken. All observations were made at frequencies which correspond to the rotational transitions (J,K) = (1,1), (2,2) and (3,3). The observational parameters (a...

J. W. D. S. Boas



Estudo das reatividades das oxidacoes eletro-cataliticas de substratos organicos com um complexo de Ru(IV). (Study of reactivities of electro-catalytic oxidation of organic substrates with Ru(IV) complex).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

An electrocatalytic procedure for the oxidation of olefines, ketones, heterocycles and ethers using the Ru(sup IV) oxidant RuO (bpy) (trpy)(sup 2+)(bpy is 2,2 - bipyridine; trpy is 2,2', 2''' - terpyridine), is described. The relative reactivities of the ...

J. M. Madurro S. M. Oliveira J. L. Campos




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RESUMO Historicamente, as políticas de saúde para o campo no Brasil estiveram associadas aos interesses econômicos ligados à garantia de mão-de-obra sadia para a exploração dos recursos naturais. Esse artigo busca caracterizar as políticas oficiais de saúde para a população do campo, analisando o contexto histórico, princípios, objetivos, estratégias e resultados. A experiência do Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra

Fernando Ferreira Carneiro; Anamaria Testa Tambellini


Das Vorkommen ausgewählter See und Küstenvöogel vor Wangerooge während des Herbstzuges: der Einfluß von Windrichtung und Windstärke  

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Summary  Between 1995 and 1999 a study was made of the autumn migration of seabirds and coastal birds on the seaward side of Wangerooge\\u000a Island (SE German Bight, East Frisian Islands; 53°47?N 07°54?E). Analyses are based on a total of 418 h on 118 days from 1\\u000a September to 15 November. Migration patterns in relation to wind direction and wind force

Thorsten Krüger; Stefan Garthe



ISL-Berlin. Das Ionen-Strahl-Labor am HMI. (ISL-Berlin. The ion beam laboratory at HMI).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

A new frequency variable linear accelerator injector was installed. It accelerates charged ions of a ion source from 90 up to 360 keV/m. The new installation permits to obtain high intencity currents needed in solid state physics. The important scientific...

H. H. Bertschat J. Biersack D. Fink H. Homeyer S. Klaumuenzer



Das Einheitsprinzip im DDR-Bildungswesen = The Principle of Unity in the Educational System of the GDR.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Analyzes the application of the principle of unity in different historical phases of the East German educational system. Argues that East German successes in reducing the number of socially underprivileged were always accompanied by a sharpening of the trade-off between educational equality and excellence, for which no solution was found. (DSK)

Neuner, Gerhart



Cannon of Insolation and the Ice-Age Problem (Kanon der Erdbestrahlung and Seine Anwendung Auf das Eiszeitenproblem).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Contents: The planets' motion around the sun and their mutual perturbations; The rotation of the earth; Secular wanderings of the rotational poles of the earth; Terrestrial insolation and its secular changes; Connection between insolation and the temperat...

M. Milankovitch



A Proposta Jesuitica de Educacao: Uma Leitura das Constituicoes (The Jesuit Proposal of Education: A Reading of the Constitutions).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Seeks to understand the Jesuit education proposal in the reforming context from which it came. States that the Constitutions established the renewing function of school education based on the sacred vision of the world: God is placed as the ultimate end, and objectives are learning, formation of good customs, and apostleship. (BT)

de Paiva, Jose Maria; Puentes, Roberto Valdes



Das Verhalten der Neuroglia in den Vorderhörnern des Rückenmarks der weißen Maus unter dem Reiz physiologischer Tätigkeit  

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1.Unter physiologischer Tätigkeit zeigen die Vorderwurzelzellen im Lendenmark der weißen Maus eine Zunahme der ihnen unmittelbar anliegenden Gliazellen (Satelliten).2.Unter den in einer früheren Arbeit unterschiedenen 3 Typen von Vorderwurzelzellen, je nach Gehalt an Nissl-Substanz als “stark”, “mittel” und “schwach” bezeichnet, nehmen die “mittleren” unter der Tätigkeit stark zu und bekommen die meisten Satelliten. Dieses Verhalten wird an Diagrammen und Tabellen,

Helmut Kulenkampff



Das exoskelet von Notiothauma reedi MacLachlan, ein beitrag zur morphologie und phylogenie der Mecoptera (Insecta)  

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The present contribution deals with the exoskeleton of Notiothauma reedi MacLachlan. A special attention has been paid to the external male genital apparatus with particular reference to the sperm-pump. Finally the structures, which have a bearing on the phylogeny of the order Mecoptera have been duly discussed.

Gerhard Mickoleit



Lemaître, the expanding universe, and the cosmological constant (German Title: Lemaître, das expandierende Universum und die kosmologische Konstante )  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The scientific and human relations of Albert Einstein and Georges Lemaître are discussed. In 1927 the later had interpreted the general theory of relativity for a model of an expanding cosmos using a positive value of the cosmological constant. In the three open questions between them: expansion of cosmos, primordial state of a quantum vacuum (``primeval atom''), importance of the cosmological constant for vacuum energy, Lemaître finally won over the heavily opposing Einstein. The philosophical and ontological tendency of Einstein's thinking was contrasted with the strict epistemological line of the catholic priest Lemaître. The dramatic changes between friendship and controversy finally led to a diminution of Lemaître's reputation as ``Darwin of Cosmology''. In that case, the late Einstein proved to be a hindrance rather than a promoter of evolution in cosmology.

Roessler, Kurt


Diffusions-Tensor-Bildgebung (DTI) und funktionelle Magnetresonanztomographie (fMRI) erweitern das Methodenspektrum in der psychiatrischen Forschung  

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Zusammenfassung  \\u000a Die Darstellung funktioneller und mikrostruktureller Charakteristika neuronaler Netzwerkverbnde gewinnt in der psychiatrischen\\u000a Forschung zunehmend an Bedeutung. Magnetresonanztomographische Methoden erlauben die wiederholbare, nichtinvasive und nebenwirkungsfreie\\u000a Untersuchung der anatomischen und dynamischen Konnektivitt von Neuronenverbnden. Die funktionelle Kernspintomographie (fMRI)\\u000a gestattet auf Basis der lokalen Oxygenierungseigenschaften des Hmoglobins Aussagen ber rumliche Verteilung und zeitliche\\u000a Abfolge zentralnervser Aktivierungszustnde der grauen Substanz nach definierter Stimulation.

D. F. Braus; H. Tost; J. G. Hirsch; A. Gass



Das Konstanzer Trainingsmodell (KTM) - Grundlagen und neue Entwicklungen (The Konstanz Training Model (KTM) -- Fundamental Principles and Recent Developments).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Summarizes the Konstanz Training Model (KTM), a German primary and secondary preventive program that increases teacher self-competence and social competence in dealing with aggressive and disruptive student behaviors. Emphasizes KTM's focus on systemic aspects, cognitive level, and behavioral level approaches. Describes KTM Compact, a short term…

Dann, Hanns-Dietrich; Humpert, Winfried



H 2 S als Schwefelquelle bei Lemna minor L.: Einfluss auf das Wachstum, den Schwefelgehalt und die Sulfataufnahme  

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Summary Lemna minor L. was cultivated with 6 ppm H2S in atmospheric air. Compared to organisms in H2S-free air, it had a smaller but constant specific growth rate for 36 days. It showed a pronounced increase in sulfate concentration. H2S quickly reduced the sulfate uptake. The mechanism of regulation of sulfate uptake is discussed.

Chr Brunold; K. H. Erismann



Estudo das caracteristicas de celulas solares de silicio monocristalino. (Study of the characteristics of single crystal silicon solar cells).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Systems of measurement were developed for the characterization of single crystal silicon solar cells. For that, the curves I x V were measured in the dark and for different intensity of illumination. Curves of spectral response and of capacitance as a fun...

A. F. Beloto




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RESUMO: Estima-se, atualmente, que existam no Brasil cerca de três milhões de hectares irrigados e algo em torno de 355.000 hectares de área irrigada na bacia do rio São Francisco. Sendo a irrigação considerada um uso consuntivo, grande parte da água empregada fica indisponível para a produção de energia e demais usos. O abastecimento humano, a dessedentação animal e o

Alan Vaz Lopes; Marcos Airton de Sousa Freitas


GRelC DAS: A Grid-DB Access Service for gLite Based Production Grids  

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Production grids such as EGEE allow scientists and researchers using aggregated computational power and storage resources. Many users\\/virtual organizations (VOs) e.g., bioinformatics, astrophysics, etc., need relational databases for their experiments. However, the EGEE middleware (gLite) lacks ad hoc software, and other available solutions are not currently suitable for this purpose within a gLite based environment. We present the GRelC data

S. Fiore; M. Cafaro; A. Negro; S. Vadacca; G. Aloisio; R. Barbera; E. Giorgio



Coeficientes das componentes greennes, brigthness e wetness da transformação Tasseled Cap para chernossolos da província de Buenos Aires, Argentina  

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This paper presents the research which objective is the determination of the values of brightness, greenness and wetness coefficients for Tasseled Cap transformation for Landsat TM and ETM+ images of the North of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. The results indicate that the coefficient values determined for USA conditions, which are widely used around the world, are not appropriated for the

Gerardo Kuntschik


Estudo da ativacao das pecas componentes do ciclotron CV-28. (Activation study of the cyclotron CV-28 component parts).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The objective of this paper is to find out the possible nuclear reactions of the accelerated particles with the Cyclotron component parts during normal operation in order to know those produced by activation. This enables the implementation of suitable ra...

P. W. Fajardo



Trypanosoma cruzi infection in Leontopithecus rosalia at the Reserva Biológica de Poco das Antas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  


Wild golden lion tamarins (Leontopithecus rosalia) - endangered primates that are native to the Brazilian Atlantic coastal forest - were surveyed for the presence of Trypanosoma cruzi with the use of Giemsa-stained blood smears, hemocultures and an indirect immunofluorescence assay (IFAT). Positive IFAT with titers ranging from 1:20 to 1:1280 were observed in 52% of the 118 wild tamarins examined and the parasite was isolated from 38 tamarins. No patent parasitemia was observed among the tamarins from which T. cruzi was isolated. Serum conversion and positive hemoculture was observed for three animals that had yielded negative results some months earlier, which indicates that T. cruzi is actively transmitted among tamarins. In contrast to observations with other sylvatic isolates, those from the tamarins were significantly more virulent and most of them produced mortality in experimentally infected Swiss mice. Some variation in the kDNA restriction profiles among the isolates was observed. Electrophoresis with GPI, G6PDH, IDH, MDH and ME enzymes showed a Z2 profile. PMID:10904398

Lisboa, C V; Dietz, J; Baker, A J; Russel, N N; Jansen, A M



M?jsaimniec?bu Ietekme uz Klimatu Latvij?: Oglek?a P?das R?d?t?js  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

People more and more recognize climate change as one of the main environmental problems and the term `carbon footprint' (CF) has become popular and is now in widespread use. In this paper, the CF concept has been applied to analyse average per capita household Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in Latvia. We explore household CF in housing (heating and electricity consumption), transport, food and goods and service sectors, which are the main household environmental pressure areas. This paper provides an understanding of both direct and indirect (embodied) GHG emissions. Results from the study suggest that the average Latvian exceeds its global fair share of GHG emissions - the average per capita GHG in 2006 was 4.35 t CO2e. The highest household emissions arise from housing (37%), mobility (26%) and food consumption (25%), goods and services together account only for 12% of total household GHG emissions. This study, however, does not cover capital investments in infrastructure (roads, public buildings etc.) which could increase total emission by almost a ton. The study emphasizes that attention must be paid to the lifestyles, infrastructure and institutions that result in considerable amounts of carbon being locked up in the household activities through which people meet their everyday needs. The findings also indicate that policies should be targeted at the segments in society responsible for the highest carbon footprints, ie. housing, food and mobility.

Brizga, J.; Kudre?ickis, I.



A Study of Similarity Functions in the Planetary Boundary Layer Um Estudo das Funcoes de Similaridade DA Camada Limite Planetaria.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Micrometeorological data obtained over tropical savannah (Koorin Experiment, 16 deg 16'S; 133 deg 23'E, Australia) were used to evaluate the similarity functions A, B and C in the planetary boundary layer. Different flux profile relationships, and scaling...

J. C. S. Chagas



Das kombinierte Ramm-Kolben-Lot, ein leichtes Bohrgerät zur vereinfachten Gewinnung mehrere Meter langer, ungestörter Sedimentprofile  

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\\u000a Summary  In this writing a drilling ring is described representing a combination of a rammer and a piston sampler. The total weight\\u000a of this drilling ring is only about 25kg. It is easy to transport and to dismantle. For sampling it is set to work by a hand\\u000a rope capstan mounted over two gondolas. Its application is independent of the depths

Hans Züllig



Avaliação das Habilidades Motoras Fundamentais de Crianças com Idades entre Nove e Doze Anos Praticantes de Futebol  

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The mature stage of the fundamental motor skills is indispensable to the learning of the specific sporting movement; therefore we present the relevance of the development of these skills in order to facilitate the learning process of the soccer fundamentals. The aim of this study was to verify the stages in which the fundamental motor skills were in fifteen male




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2 ) is a Brasiliano aged intrusion (single zircon Pb-Pb age of 739 ± 2 Ma), located in the South area of an alignment of alkaline rocks that constitute the Alkaline Province of South Bahia. These rocks are predominantly hypersolvus syenites with biotite, hornblende an d occasionally quartz, which gradually evolve into blue quartz-alkaline granites in the core. The massif




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The traditionalistic theory (tradeoff) affirms that a structure of great capital exists for the companies, obtained with a proportion of debts and own resources capable to minimize the considered medium cost of the capital. Another theory (the pecking order theory) defends that the company should follow an order of sources of resources when she needs money: the first source of



Das mobile ortsaufloesende Schadgasfernmesssystem ARGOS. (ARGOS, a mobile spatial-resolution remote sensing system for gaseous pollutants).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

ARGOS is a mobile system for the remote measurement of the most abundant gaseous pollutants sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and ozone. The technique utilized is differential absorption and scattering lidar with two tunable dye lasers operated around 300...

C. Weitkamp P. Bisling J. Glauer U. B. Goers S. Koehler



State-of-the art Differential Absorption and Scattering (DAS) lidar for SO2 and NO2  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

A ground-based laser remote sensing system for the range-resolved detection of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide is described. The measurement is based on the differential absorption and scattering lidar technique. Both lasers are fired with a fixed time delay of 50 microsec to probe an atmosphere with unchanged optical properties. The NO2 is detected with two dye lasers emitting arouns 450 nm; SO2 is measured at 300 nm with the frequency-doubled output of two dye lasers. Field measurements in a city are presented. Determinations of SO2 emission rates from a smokestack agree well with operator data.

Lahmann, W.; Staehr, W.; Weitkamp, C.; Michaelis, W.




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This work presents a study on the analysis of the second phase particles in the austenitic stainless steel of high nitrogen specified as ISO 5832-9 used in the production of orthopedic implant. Metalographical observations through the optical and scanning electron microscopy of samples attacked electrolytic with HNO3, analysis of energy-dispersive spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy shows the presence

Celso Riyoitsi Sokei; Eduardo Burihan Faria; Ruis Camargo Tokimatsu; Itamar Ferreira


Das Blüte-Bestäuber-Netz auf Brachflächen : biozönologische Untersuchung zur Bedeutung von Brachen in einer intensiv genutzten Agrarlandschaft  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In der vorliegenden Dissertation wird die Bedeutung von Brachen für Artenvielfalt und Stabilität von Blüte-Bestäuber-Nahrungsnetzen in agrarisch genutzten Landschaften anhand ausgewählter blütenbesuchender Insektengruppen (Syrphidae, Lepidoptera) untersucht. Die Freilandarbeiten fanden von 1998-2000 im Raum der Feldberger Seenlandschaft, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, statt. Es werden die beiden Hauptnahrungsquellen Nektar und Pollen betrachtet, dabei fanden Untersuchungen zur Intensität der Blüte-Bestäuber-Interaktion auf Stilllegungsflächen, zum flächenbezogenen quantitativen Nektarangebot im Jahresverlauf, zur individuellen Pollennutzung bei Syrphiden und zur Breite und Überlappung der Nahrungsnischen bei den dominanten Arten Episyrphus balteatus, Metasyrphus corollae, Syritta pipiens und Sphaerophoria scripta statt. Im Ergebnis zeigt sich eine hohe Bedeutung der Brachflächen für die Stabilität des Blüte-Bestäuber-Netzes, während die Diversität von anderen, eher landschaftsbezogenen Faktoren abhängig ist. This dissertation examines the importance of fallow land for the diversity and stability of pollination webs in agricultural landscapes as exemplified by selected groups of anthophilous insects (syrphidae and lepidoptera). The field studies were carried out between 1998 and 2000 in the Feldberg lakeland area in the north-east German State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Observations were made of nectar and pollen as the two main sources of food. Studies were conducted into the intensity of plant-pollinator interaction in set-aside areas, the site-specific quantity of nectar available during the vegetation period and the individual pollen intake of syrphid flies. Different methods were employed to establish the breadth of the trophic niches among the predominant species (Episyrphus balteatus, Metasyrphus corollae, Syritta pipiens and Sphaerophoria scripta) and the extent to which they overlapped. The studies showed that, while fallow land is very important for the stability of plant-pollinator food webs, their diversity depends on other factors that are more closely related to the landscape.

Hahn, Robert




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Land use is changing rapidly in SE-Asia from forest to landscape mosaics with various degrees of tree cover. The upper Way Besai watershed - about 40,000 ha upstream the Way Besai hydro-power dam - covers most of the sub- district of Sumberjaya (54,200 ha) and exemplifies the rapid land use changes. It was transformed in the past three decades from

Bruno Verbist


Atriale Wahrnehmung und AV?Synchronität bei „Single?Lead”?VDD?Schrittmachern. Ist das Auftreten von atrialem Undersensing vorhersagbar?  

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\\u000a Summary   Single?lead VDD?pacing is an alternative to DDD?systems in patients with AV?block and normal sinus node function. Atrial\\u000a sensing plays a central role in these pacemakers.\\u000a \\u000a AV?synchrony, incidence of atrial arrhythmias and the occurrence of sinus node disease were investigated in 108 patients with\\u000a VDD?pacemakers followed over a mean period of 24.8 months after implantation. Determinants influencing the occurrence of

U. K. H. Wiegand; R. Schneider; F. Bode; A. Brandes; G. Taubert; J. Potratz




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The 802.11x standard for wireless network has been widely adopted by large corporations and institutions during its daily tasks, forasmuch the productivity increase produced by flexibility and mobility found in these new sorts of wireless equipments have provided great operational advantages. Nevertheless, there are some important security issues that should be take in consideration while using this new technology. Having

Lidiane Parente Andrade; Daniel Nelo Soares; Mauro Margalho Coutinho; Antônio Jorge; Gomes Abelém



A participação das mulheres com câncer de mama na escolha do tratamento: um direito a ser conquistado  

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The purpose of this study was to identify how women with breast cancer perceive themselves as subjects in the process of making decisions on their own treatment. Two objectives were pursued: (a) to identify social and political determinants that, by affecting the socialization process of these women, might have influenced them in adopting a style of participation, and (b) to

Sandra Lucia Arantes; Marli Villela Mamede



Mortalidade materna: um estudo dos níveis e das causas de óbitos no México e no Brasil entre 2000 e 2004  

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A mortalidade materna se apresenta como um grave problema social e de saúde pública, representando um importante indicador para avaliar as condições de assistência à saúde feminina. A preocupação com as mortes maternas está relacionada principalmente às repercussões sociais e econômicas que a morte de uma mulher acarreta para as famílias. Isto porque as mulheres assumem atribuições centrais na organização

Ana Paula Belon


A constituição das creches nas universidades públicas estaduais paulistas e os direitos sociais da mulher e da criança pequena1  

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In this article, day care centers are focused in the light of the Brazilian Legislation, with a basis on the CLT - Consolidation of the Working Laws - of 1943 and the Federal Constitution of 1988. The Program \\

Sueli Helena de Camargo


Novel Pandemic Influenza A(H1N1) Viruses Are Potently Inhibited by DAS181, a Sialidase Fusion Protein  

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BackgroundThe recent emergence of a novel pandemic influenza A(H1N1) strain in humans exemplifies the rapid and unpredictable nature of influenza virus evolution and the need for effective therapeutics and vaccines to control such outbreaks. However, resistance to antivirals can be a formidable problem as evidenced by the currently widespread oseltamivir- and adamantane-resistant seasonal influenza A viruses (IFV). Additional antiviral approaches

Gallen B. Triana-Baltzer; Larisa V. Gubareva; John M. Nicholls; Melissa B. Pearce; Vasiliy P. Mishin; Jessica A. Belser; Li-Mei Chen; Renee W. Y. Chan; Michael C. W. Chan; Maria Hedlund; Jeffrey L. Larson; Ronald B. Moss; Jacqueline M. Katz; Terrence M. Tumpey; Fang Fang



Integration and validation testing for PhEDEx, DBS and DAS with the PhEDEx LifeCycle agent  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The ever-increasing amount of data handled by the CMS dataflow and workflow management tools poses new challenges for cross-validation among different systems within CMS experiment at LHC. To approach this problem we developed an integration test suite based on the LifeCycle agent, a tool originally conceived for stress-testing new releases of PhEDEx, the CMS data-placement tool. The LifeCycle agent provides a framework for customising the test workflow in arbitrary ways, and can scale to levels of activity well beyond those seen in normal running. This means we can run realistic performance tests at scales not likely to be seen by the experiment for some years, or with custom topologies to examine particular situations that may cause concern some time in the future. The LifeCycle agent has recently been enhanced to become a general purpose integration and validation testing tool for major CMS services. It allows cross-system integration tests of all three components to be performed in controlled environments, without interfering with production services. In this paper we discuss the design and implementation of the LifeCycle agent. We describe how it is used for small-scale debugging and validation tests, and how we extend that to large-scale tests of whole groups of sub-systems. We show how the LifeCycle agent can emulate the action of operators, physicists, or software agents external to the system under test, and how it can be scaled to large and complex systems.

Boeser, C.; Chwalek, T.; Giffels, M.; Kuznetsov, V.; Wildish, T.



Participacao das Tecnicas de Sensoriamento Remoto NA Pesquisa Geografica Brasileira (The Sharing of Remote Sensing Techniques in Brazilian Geographic Research).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Some observations about how the Brazilian geographical community was dealing with remote sensing are presented. The remote sensing technical communication published by geographical journals and the frequency of geographers who attended to the 1st and 2nd ...

E. M. L. D. Novo




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RESUMO Desde o advento da transnacionalização dos mercados de insumos, produção, capitais, finanças e consumo - que em pouco mais de uma década, transformou radicalmente as estruturas de dominação política e de apropriação de recursos, subverteu as noções de tempo e espaço, derrubou barreiras geográficas, reduziu as fronteiras burocráticas e jurídicas entre nações, revolucionou os sistemas de produção, modificou estruturalmente

Deilton Ribeiro Brasil


Mercado de Trabalho Assalariado na Cana-de-Açúcar: uma Análise das Regiões Tradicionais no Período 1992-2006  

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O estudo analisou a evolução de alguns indicadores da qualidade do emprego agrícola direto na cultura da cana-de-açúcar no período 1992-2006, com foco nas áreas tradicionais de produção, ou seja, região Nordeste e Estado de São Paulo. Para a análise foi construído um Índice de Qualidade do Emprego (IQE), elaborado a partir de um conjunto de 14 indicadores, agregados em

Otavio Valentim Balsadi; Eliane Goncalves Gomes



Report on the Research Project 'Models for an Intermachine Compiler' Bericht ueber das Forschungsvorhaben ''Modelle fuer Einen Intermaschinellen Compiler''.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

A review is presented of research activities on the modelling of an intermachine compiler during the last five years. The actual model, methods, and results of this activity is reported and compared with other work done in the field.

L. Schuberth



Das multifokale elektroretinogramm in der diagnostik und verlaufskontrolle lokalisierter Netzhautfunktionsstörungen: fallbericht eines patienten mit chorioretinopathia centralis serosa.  


The role of multifocal electroretinography (MF-ERG) in the diagnosis and follow-up of localized areas of retinal dysfunction is discussed. A 42-year-old male with the preliminary diagnosis of optic neuritis in his left eye was referred for evaluation with the MF-ERG. Simultaneous cone ERGs were obtained from 103 locations within the central 50 degrees of the retina. During an 8-month follow-up four MF-ERGs were obtained. Bilaterally reduced paracentral response amplitudes contradicted the preliminary diagnosis. Subsequently central serous chorioretinopathy was diagnosed. Follow-up showed normalization of the MF-ERG responses in the left eye while retinal function in the right eye showed initial worsening. The noninvasive MF-ERG lends itself to follow-up in patients with central serous chorioretinopathy. PMID:10516523

Palmowski, A M; Sutter, E E; Bearse, M A; Fung, W



Perzentile für den Body-mass-Index für das Kindes- und Jugendalter unter Heranziehung verschiedener deutscher Stichproben  

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Zusammenfassung  \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a Fragestellung. Sowohl die Childhood Group der International Obesity Task Force (IOTF) als auch die European Childhood Obesity Group (ECOG)\\u000a empfehlen den Body-mass-Index als Beurteilungskriterium für Übergewicht und Adipositas bei Kindern und Jugendlichen. Im Erwachsenenalter\\u000a erfolgt die Definition von Übergewicht und Adipositas anhand fester Grenzwerte, bei der Beurteilung von Kindern und Jugendlichen\\u000a müssen die alters- und geschlechtsspezifischen Veränderungen des BMI

Katrin Kromeyer-Hauschild; M. Wabitsch; D. Kunze; F. Geller; H. C. Geiß; V. Hesse; A. von Hippel; U. Jaeger; D. Johnsen; W. Korte; K. Menner; G. Müller; J. M. Müller; A. Niemann-Pilatus; T. Remer; F. Schaefer; H.-U. Wittchen; S. Zabransky; K. Zellner; A. Ziegler; J. Hebebrand



[Preserved stegomyia and vinegared microbes: Brazil's triumph in Berlin].  


The article investigates the circumstances leading to Brazil being awarded the first prize at the XIV International Conference on Demography and Hygiene, held in Berlin in 1907. An examination of the unpublished correspondence between Henrique da Rocha Lima and Oswaldo Cruz prior to the conference/exhibition reveals the peculiarities of a Brazilian-style event, where the outcome seems to be determined by haphazard incidents rather than by meticulously planned strategies. Their letters can also be read as a narrative celebrating individual qualities, as they attribute the victory in Berlin much more to Rocha Lima's than Oswaldo Cruz's personal merits. In light of the Raízes do Brasil, a classic by Sérgio Buarque de Holanda, this article also addresses the issue regarding the dispute between the Iberian and Anglo-Saxon worlds over the Brazilian victory. PMID:16683335

Cukierman, H L


COMMENTS AND REPLIES: Reply to 'comment on 'Braneworld remarks in Riemann-Cartan manifolds''  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In this brief reply, we elucidate some missing points in the comment (Khakshournia S 2009 Class. Quantum Grav. 26 178001) on our original paper (Hoff da Silva J M and da Rocha R 2009 Class. Quantum Grav. 26 055007), explicitly showing that the comment is unfounded in this context. We show that the term proposed equals zero, since the brane discontinuity is correctly defined in the torsion.

Hoff da Silva, J. M.; da Rocha, R.



Two new species of Chaco Tullgren from the Atlantic coast of Uruguay (Araneae, Mygalomorphae, Nemesiidae)  

PubMed Central

Abstract We describe two new species of the nemesiid spider genus Chaco from Rocha Province, Uruguay. These new species are diagnosed based on genital morphology, male tibial apophysis spination, and burrow entrance. We test cospecificity of one species, Chaco costai,via laboratory mating experiments. The new species are diagnosed and illustrated and habitat characteristics, and capture behavior are described. We conduct a cladistic analysis based on a previously published morphological character matrix that now includes the newly described species.

de Oca, Laura Montes; Perez-Miles, Fernando



Flooding events and rising water temperatures increase the significance of the reed pathogen pythium phragmitis das a contributing factor in the decline of phragmites australis  

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\\u000a Pythium species are economically significant soilborne plant pathogens with worldwide distribution, causing seedling damping-off\\u000a or root rot diseases. Pythium phragmitis is a newly described pathogen of common reed (Phragmites australis), widespread in the reed-belt of Lake Constance, Germany. It is highly aggressive towards reed leaves and seedlings, but\\u000a obviously does not affect roots. In the context of ‘reed decline’ phenomena,

Jan Nechwatal; Anna Wielgoss; Kurt Mendgen



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The productivity of the rice is affected by several factors, among which are the diseases caused by fungus that can cause reduction in yield, in the physiologic and sanitary quality of the seed. The objective of this work was to verify the loss in yield caused by leaf diseases in irrigated rice and the efficiency of fungicides control with one

Leandro Jose Dallagnol; Lucas Navarini; Ricardo Silveiro Balardin; Alisson Gosenheimer; Anderson Antonelo Maffini



Educational Planning and Management in Small States [and] De la viabilite au developpement durable: role et perpectives de la planification de l'education das les petits Etates.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Part of Round Table IV, this document consists of two articles presented at an international congress in Mexico. Each deals with planning and management of education in small countries. The purpose of the congress was to review the evolution of educational planning and management since a previous conference held in 1968. The participants hoped to…

Bray, Mark; Atchoarena, David


Autoimmunity in ulcerative colitis: tropomyosin is not the major antigenic determinant of the Das monoclonal antibody, 7E12H12.  

PubMed Central

Ulcerative colitis (UC) has a proposed autoimmune pathogenesis. A 40-kD antigen (P40) has been isolated from UC colon, bound to immunoglobulin. Tropomyosin has been reported as the target antigen of a MoAb (7E12H12) raised against P40. We set out to investigate whether tropomyosin is the major antigenic determinant for 7E12H12. Formalin-fixed, paraffin-processed and cryostat sections of fresh frozen colon from patients with UC, Crohn's disease and normals, were immunostained with 7E12H12 and commercial anti-tropomyosin antibodies. In addition, the immunoreactivity of 7E12H12 with cytoskeletal components was examined on human endothelial cells (HUVEC) using anti-tropomyosin as a positive control. Con-focal microscopy was used to determine the subcellular localization of signal. An extract of total colonic protein from UC colon was prepared. Using a combination of Western and immunoblotting (dot-blots), the immunoreactivities of both tropomyosin (porcine and chicken) and colon protein extract with either 7E12H12 or commercial anti-tropomyosin were examined. Immunocytochemically, 7E12H12 localized to the apical and basolateral regions of plasma membrane, and to the supranuclear cytoplasm in colonic epithelium. Using anti-tropomyosin antibody it was not possible to identify the cytoskeleton in colonic epithelium. Cytoskeletal components were identifiable in HUVEC cultures with anti-tropomyosin antibody but not with 7E12H12. P40 antigen was identified in the colon protein extract by immunoblotting with 7E12H12. There was clear immunoreactivity between anti-tropomyosin antibody and both chicken and porcine tropomyosin, and the colon protein extract. 7E12H12 did not bind to either chicken or porcine tropomyosin in appropriately controlled systems. We conclude that the pattern of immunostaining with 7E12H12 is not cytoskeletal, and there is no reactivity in immunoblots, between tropomyosin and 7E12H12. Tropomyosin is not the major target antigen of this antibody in ulcerative colitis. Images Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig. 4 Fig. 5 Fig. 6

Hamilton, M I; Bradley, N J; Srai, S K; Thrasivoulou, C; Pounder, R E; Wakefield, A J



Kooperatives Lernen lernen? Zur Diskussion uber das Bildungswesen in Japan (Learning Cooperative Learning? On the Discussion of the Japanese Educational System).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Suggests a reconsideration of the criticism of Japanese competition against the background of the Japanese educational system's highly developed learning culture. Considers some of the basic aspects of group-oriented communal learning in school, while also cautioning against a "monocausal" culturalism. (Author/CMK)

Schubert, Volker



Competitividade das Exportações Brasileiras de Suco de Laranja no Período de 1990 a 2001 Brazilian Orange Juice Exports Competitiveness: 1990\\/2001  

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The work analyzes the competitiveness of the orange juice exportations in period 1990\\/2001. In the analyzed period, three economic events had affected the exportations: in 1990, the commercial opening deepened; in 1994, the implementation of the Real Plan; and in 1999, the exchange depreciation of Brazilian currency. Brazil is world-wide exporter due to the lowest cost of agricultural and industrial

Vanderlei José Sereia; Márcia Regina; Gabardo da Camara; Mirian de Oliveira Gil



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PRODUCTION OF HANDMADE PAPERS WITH MIXTURES OF RECYCLED FIBERS AND VIRGIN FIBERS OF BAMBOO (Dendrocalamus giganteus) AND SUGAR-CANE BAGASSE (Saccharum officinarum) In this research it was analyzed the possibility of producing handmade papers with good properties from mixtures of recycled fibers with kraft pulps of bamboo ( Dendrocalamus giganteus ) and sugar-cane bagasse (Saccharum officinarum). Handmade papers with higher folding

Azarias Machado de Andrade; Ana Paula; Coelho Duarte; Mohamed Naceur Belgacem; Erica Rodrigues Munaro



Das Aufloesungsvermoegen der Restgasionisations-Strahlprofilmonitore fuer Protonenstrahlen in PETRA und HERA. (Resolution power of residual gas ionization monitors for proton beams at PETRA and HERA).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Residual gas ionisation monitors are used at DESY to measure emittances and profiles of proton beams. Multi channel plates are used as image itensifiers and video cameras are used to obsere the outcoming signals. The accuracy of this method is investigate...

T. Schotmann



Immunodetection of Triticum mosaic virus by DAS- and DAC-ELISA using antibodies produced against coat protein expressed in Escherichia coli: potential for high-throughput diagnostic methods.  


Triticum mosaic virus (TriMV), an economically important virus infecting wheat in the Great Plains region of the USA, is the type species of the Poacevirus genus in the family Potyviridae. Sensitive and high-throughput serology-based detection methods are crucial for the management of TriMV and germplasm screening in wheat breeding programs. In this study, TriMV coat protein (CP) was expressed in Escherichia coli, and polyclonal antibodies were generated against purified soluble native form recombinant CP (rCP) in rabbits. Specificity and sensitivity of resulting antibodies were tested in Western immuno-blot and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA). In direct antigen coating (DAC)-ELISA, antibodies reacted specifically, beyond 1:20,000 dilution with TriMV in crude sap, but not with healthy extracts, and antiserum at a 1:10,000 dilution detected TriMV in crude sap up to 1:4860 dilution. Notably, rabbit anti-TriMV IgG and anti-TriMV IgG-alkaline phosphatase conjugate reacted positively with native virions in crude sap in a double antibody sandwich-ELISA, suggesting that these antibodies can be used as coating antibodies which is crucial for any 'sandwich' type of assays. Finally, the recombinant antibodies reacted positively in ELISA with representative TriMV isolates collected from fields, suggesting that antibodies generated against rCP can be used for sensitive, large-scale, and broad-spectrum detection of TriMV. PMID:23454646

Tatineni, Satyanarayana; Sarath, Gautam; Seifers, Dallas; French, Roy



Über das Vorkommen der drei sogenannten « Hypophysenhinterlappenhormone » Adiuretin, Vasopressin und Oxytocin im Zwischenhirn als wahrscheinlicher Ausdruck einer neurosekretorischen Leistung der Ganglienzellen der Nuclei supraopticus und paraventricularis  

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Summary The nuclei supraopticus, paraventricularis and the tractus supraoptico-hypophyseus (tuber cinereum) of dogs were extracted by the method of the British Pharmacopoeia 1932, p. 618. These extracts have antidiuretic, oxytoxic and pressoric activity. This suggested the idea to the authors that these hormones could have their origin in these nuclei and not in the neural lobe of the hypophysis.

Walther Hild; Gerhard Zetler



Poder de mercado das exportações brasileiras de carne bovina in natura para a União Européia Grupo de Pesquisa: Comercialização, Mercados e Preços  

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Resumo: A União Européia é o principal mercado do setor ex portador de carne bovina do Brasil e é marcado por práticas de protecionismo qu e distorcem o equilíbrio de mercado. Além disso, as exportações brasileiras para a UE do tipo in natura vêm sofrendo quedas contínuas. Neste contexto, o principal objetivo des te trabalho foi mensurar o poder de

Apresentação Oral-Comercialização; ALINE CRISTINA CRUZ; MARCELO JOSE BRAGA


Relatorio da Comissao Interministerial de Estudos para Controle das Enchentes do Rio Sao Francisco (Report of Interministerial Study Commission on Sao Francisco River Flood Control).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The report describes problems of flooding by the Sao Francisco River. The solution proposed calls for the construction of reservoirs and dams, including local levees and soil use control. Civil defense authorities and ecological agencies are also called u...



Estudo da ativacao das pecas componentes do ciclotron CV-28. (Study of the activation of the parts components of the CV-28 cyclotron).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The CV-17 cyclotron, isochronous, compact, of variable energy is an accelerator of charged particles and is applied in several situations such as: radioisotopes production, neutron production, irradiation damage analysis, activation analysis. During the p...

P. W. Fajardo



Diffusion von Kupfer in Reinaluminiumplattierschichten: Mechanismus und Einfluss Auf das Korrosionsverhalten (Copper Diffusion in Pure Aluminum Cladding: Mechanism and Influence on Corrosion Behavior).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Copper diffusion from base material to pure aluminum cladding impairs the protective action for the following reasons. The resting potential and the local corrosion potential are shifted to positive values. Consequently the cathodic protective action of p...

U. Koch H. Dengler



Habilidades sociais das mães e envolvimento com os filhos: um estudo correlacional Mothers' social skills and their involvement with children: a correlacional study  

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This study aimed to identify and to analyze the mother's social skills repertoire and their involvement with their children. Twenty-two mothers, whose children were in the first grade, participated in this study. They completed the Mother's Evaluation of Family Interaction Quality questionnaire and Social Skills Inventory (IHS-Del-Prette). The participants reported good social skills repertoire , which was positively correlated to

Fabiana CIA; Camila de Sousa; Zilda Aparecida; Pereira DEL PRETTE; Almir DEL PRETTE


Um Estudo das Funcoes de Similaridade DA Camada Limite Planetaria. Parte 2: Resultados (Study of the Functions of Similarity of the Planetary Boundary Layer. Part 2. Results).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Micrometeorological data obtained during atmospheric boundary layer testing over tropical savannah land in Koorin, Australia are used to evaluate similarity functions A, B, and C of the planetary boundary layer. Different flux-profile relationships are ev...

J. C. S. Chagas Y. Viswanadham



Um Estudo das Funcoes de Similaridade DA Camada Limite Planetaria. Parte 1: Teoria (Study of the Functions of Similarity of the Planetary Boundary Layer. Part 1. Theory).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The concept of asymptotic similarity is extended to the planetary boundary layer. Similarity functions A, B, and C of the planetary boundary layer are discussed using Rossby-number similarity theory. Simplified theoretical expressions of functions A, B, a...

Y. Viswanadham J. C. S. Chagas



A fauna de Rotallida (Foraminiferida) da borda do recife de Itacimirim, Bahia, Brasil: um estudo comparativo do sedimento e das algas como substrato  

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This study aimed to compare the Rotaliida fauna (Foraminiferida) that lives in the sediment with that attached on algae from the Itacimirim's reef border, Bahia's north coast. Six samples of sediment and six of algae were collected in sites distributed along the reef border. The first 200 foraminnifers of each sample were selected, identified and the specimens belonging to the

Yonara S. Braga; Altair J. Machado; Simone S. Moraes



Validação das Equações Desenvolvidas por Hankins e Howe para Predição da Composição da Carcaça de Zebuínos e Desenvolvimento de Equações para Estimativa da Composição Corporal1  

Microsoft Academic Search

The equations developed by Hankins and Howe were validated in order to predict the physical and chemical carcass composition and equations were developed aiming to estimate the body composition of zebu cattle from the 9-10-11 th rib cut composition. Nineteen Zebu steers, with 270 kg of initial live weight (LW) and 2 years old were used. Four were slaughtered in

Pedro Veiga Rodrigues Paulino; Marcos Antônio; Lana Costa; Sebastião de Campos Valadares; Mário Fonseca Paulino; Rilene Ferreira Diniz Valadares; Karla Alves Magalhães; Edenio Detman; Marlos Oliveira Porto; Kamila Andreatta; Kling de Moraes


Concentracao Otima de Cloreto de Potassio para Reduzir a Capacidade de Hidratacao das Formacoes Argilosas (Optimum Potassium Chloride Concentration to Reduce Hydration Capacity of Clay Formations).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

An experimental method for ascertaining the optimal concentration of potassium chloride for reducing the hydration and dispersion capacity of clayey formations sensitive to water-based fluids is described. Under this method, filtering time for disperse sy...

J. C. V. Machado M. M. de Oliviera



Análise físico-química dos méis das abelhas Apis mellifera e Melipona scutellaris produzidos em duas regiões no Estado da Paraíba  

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The honeybee is a product very appreciated, however, of easy adulteration with sugars or boiled musts. Then, it is necessary that it has some analyses for the determination its quality for commercialization. The objective of this work was the physical-chemical analysis of honeybee Apis mellifera and Melipona scutellaris to Brejo and Cariri (Paraíba State) Brazil. With the gotten results, it

Adriana Evangelista-Rodrigues; Eva Mônica; Sarmento da Silva; Ennio Marcello; Fernandes Beserra; Marcelo Luis Rodrigues



Desflorestamento ao longo das estradas AM - 070 (Manaus\\/Iranduba\\/Manacapuru) e AM - 352 (Manacapuru\\/Novo Airão) na Amazônia Central: subsídios para o planejamento  

Microsoft Academic Search

Currently roads are the main vector of occupation and deforestation in Amazon. In Manaus region (Amazonas State, Brazil) the AM-070 and AM-352 highways are the most important roads since they connect four cities: Manaus, Iranduba, Manacapuru and Novo Airão. These roads facilitate the flow of the marketing products such as timber and no timber forest products, agricultural products and ceramic

Marcelo Paustein Moreira


Estudo das interacoes de aminoacidos e o peptideo aspartame com ions lantanidios (III). (Interaction study of amino acids and the peptide aspartame with lanthanide (III) ions).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The interactions between the Nd(III) ion with the amino acids L-aspartic acid, L-glutamic acid and L-histidine and the peptide aspartame in aqueous solution were studied. The study was conducted by means of electronic spectroscopy with the Judd-Ofelt form...

C. R. Carubelli



O eco-Doppler colorido na avaliação das varizes recidivadas Color-flow duplex scanning in the assessment of recurrent varicose veins  

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Objective: The aim of the present study is to use color-flow duplex scanning to determine the prevalence of reflex in the greater saphenous vein stump in patients with recurrent varicose veins after saphenous vein stripping. All other possible causes of recurrence were also evaluated. Method: Over a 3-year period, 469 patients with recurrent varicose veins were prospectively assessed. The cohort

Graciliano José França; Jorge Rufino Ribas Timi; Enrique Antônio Vidal; Aguinaldo de Oliveira; Fábio Secchi; Marcio Miyamotto


Avaliando os impactos microeconômicos das fusões e aquisições nas indústrias de energia no mundo: uma análise para a década de 90  

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The energy industries have witnessed a significant growth of global mergers and acquisitons (M&As) process in the 1990´s. According to Unctad statistics, the total amount of global M&A deals (domestic and cross borders) on the electric, oil and gas sectors has recorded US$ 329 billions on the 1990-1999 period. The present paper sheds light on M&A process occurred on the

Helder Queiroz Pinto Jr.; Mariana Iootty



O processo de aquisicao das vogais semi-abertas "e,""o" portuges (brasileiro) como lingua estrangeira (Vowels "e" and "o" in Brazilian Portuguese as a Foreign Language).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Study looks at whether Spanish-speaking learners of Brazilian Portuguese as a foreign language demonstrates advantage or disadvantage in acquisition of semi-open vowels e and o. To research the question, eight students enrolled in first-year Portuguese were given a listening discrimination test composed of 18 minimal pairs to determine the extent…

Simoes, Antonio R. M.; Kelm, Orlando R.



Estudo das possibilidadesde aproveitamento do deposito de terras raras de Araxa, Minas Gerais. (Possibility study of use rare earth deposit from Araxa, Minas Gerais State).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Prospecting work done by Instituto de Pesquisas Radioativas on the Barreiro area (Araxa, M.G.) has shown the existence of a rare earth deposit of about 700.000 ton, averaging 13,5 % rare earth oxide, mainly associated to the mineral monazite. In a first s...

M. D. Fernandes



Das Problem Solidaritat: Perspektiven der padagogischen Ethik und der Kritischen Theorie = The Issue of Solidarity: Perspectives of Pedagogical Ethics and of Critical Theory.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Discusses "universal solidarity" as the central concept of a pedagogical ethic committed to the needs of the coming generation and of social victims. Argues that attempts to define "universal solidarity" indicate that critical theory seeks to comprehensively represent the modern moral sphere. Proposes a definition of "universal solidarity." (DSK)

Abeldt, Sonke



Beschreibung und Durchführung der Impfaktion bei Zoovögeln im Zoo am Meer Bremerhaven gegen Aviäre Influenza, hervorgerufen durch das Virus H5N1  

Microsoft Academic Search

The avian influenza A virus (H5N1), which causes the bird flu is latently present in populations of wild birds. The Bremerhaven Zoo is subject to an especially high infection risk owing to its close proximity to the North Sea coast and to resting places of birds. As an alternative to drastically killing all birds in an event of infection, a

Nicole Schauerte; Heike Kück




Microsoft Academic Search

The paper describes the investigation of the causes that led to the cracking of several modules of pre-cast reinforced concrete acting as support structures of tunnels (or hydraulic drainageways) located in the Odeleite-Alcoutim segment the IC-27 highway. Upon analysing the pre-existing documentation, concrete characterization tests were performed with the Schmidt hammer and stability analyses were developed by means of formal

Dinis da Gama


Práticas naturalistas e feministas. Debate educacional e a construção da carreira de Bertha Lutz na comunidade científica e política das décadas de 1920 e 30  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumo: Analisamos a trajetória da naturalista do Museu Nacional, Bertha Lutz nos anos iniciais de sua carreira, buscando compreender em que medida seu ingresso e atuação na instituição estão relacionados com o contexto de profissionalização e especialização científica no Brasil, e como participou em meio às culturas científicas - também políticas - e formas de sociabilidade. Este movimento, permeado pelo

Lia Gomes; Pinto de Sousa


Estagio atual de conhecimento da geoquimica organica das bacias de Campos e Espirito Santo. (Actual stage of organic geochemical knowledge from Campos and Espirito Santo basins, Brazil).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Campos and Espirito Santo basins display several similar geochemical aspects. The microbial and other degradation processes caused changes in the composition of the oils in the reservoir rocks. The oils are biodegraded in different degrees, with the reser...

P. C. Gaglianone L. A. F. Trindade




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Os Estados-membros do Mercosul ratificam, ao longo do século passado, os principais Convênios da Organização Internacional do Trabalho (OIT), referentes às normas trabalhistas; direitos sociais do trabalho; direitos fundamentais no trabalho; e políticas de emprego e de mercado de trabalho. Dessa maneira, as políticas ativas de mercado de trabalho, postas em prática pelos quatro países da região, vêm acompanhando as

Maria Cristina Cacciamali


Os partidos trabalhistas no sistema multipartidário: um estudo comparado das trajetórias do PTB (1945-1964) e do PT (1980-2002)  

Microsoft Academic Search

The article discusses the trajectories of Brazilian Labour Parties, comparing the movement, in the ideological spectrum, of PTB (Brazilian Labour Party, between 1945 and 1964) and PT (Workers Party, between 1980 and 2002). We argue that the parties' ideological positions are set by their goals and the strategies they adopt to implement these goals. The nature of the goals depends

Geralda Luiza de Miranda



Microsoft Academic Search

Social-environment aspects of freshwater praws fisheries (Macrobrachium amazonicum Heller, 1862 e Macrobrachium rosenbergii de Man, 1879) (Decapoda, Palaemonidae) of Bragantina Region - Pará - Brazil Among abundance of native shrimp species with high fisheries potential and good commercial relationships like Macrobrachium amazonicum (Heller, 1862), exotic species like Macrobrachium rosenbergii has been done introduced with aquaculture aims. Study was conducted with

Julliany Lemos Freire


Einfluss der genetischen Herkunft auf die Mast und Schlacht- leistung, die Fleisch- und Fettqualität sowie das Fettsäuren- muster der Phospholipide von Mastschweinen  

Microsoft Academic Search

Title of the paper: Influence of different genetic origins on fattening and carcass performance, on quality of meet and fat as well as fatty acid pattern of phospholipids from pigs For the purpose of comparing the fattening and carcass performance as well as the meat and fat quality of pigs the different genetic origins German Landrace (DL), Piétrain (Pi) and




FOXP3 and GARP (LRRC32): the master and its minion  

PubMed Central

The transcription factor FOXP3 is essential for the development and function of CD4+CD25hiFOXP3+ regulatory T (Treg) cells, but also expressed in activated human helper T cells without acquisition of a regulatory phenotype. This comment focuses on glycoprotein-A repetitions predominant (GARP or LRRC32) recently identified as specific marker of activated human Treg cells, which may provide the missing link toward a better molecular definition of the regulatory phenotype. Reviewers: Dr Jim Di Danto, Dr Benedita Rocha and Dr Werner Solbach.



Species-dependent silicon isotope fractionation in unialgal cultures of marine diatoms  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Variations in the natural abundance of stable isotopes of silicon (expressed as ?30Si in %) are a key tool for studying the marine silicon (Si) cycle in modern and ancient oceans. In particular, this tool can be used to track relative differences in silicic acid drawdown in surface waters by siliceous microplankton. Diatoms are siliceous phytoplankton that dominate the cycling of Si in the oceans. They represent a major source of primary production and are important in the transfer of Si, nitrogen, phosphorus, and atmospheric carbon to the deep sea. Previous investigations of Si isotope fractionation in diatom cultures have ruled out the influence of temperature (12-22°C) and shown that Si fractionation was invariant in different species of temperate diatoms (De La Rocha et al. 1997). However, the application of this proxy for marine paleo-silicon reconstructions has typically only been used in polar regions, such as the Southern Ocean, where high primary production rates give rise to diatom-rich sediments. Here, we present results on the fractionation of Si isotopes by four species of polar diatoms grown in semi-continuous cultures (Chaetoceros brevis, Fragilariopsis kerguelensis, Porosira glacialis, and Thalassiosira antarctica). To compare with previous studies (De La Rocha et al, 1997), we also tested Si isotope fractionation by two species of temperate diatoms (Thalassiosira pseudonana and Thalassiosira weissflogii). The temperate species yielded Si isotope fractionation (?30Si) values of -0.81 % (±0.12, SD, n=11) for T. pseudonana and -1.03% (±0.09, SD, n=3) for T. weissflogii, that are identical to the previously reported fractionation of -1.1 % (±0.4, SD, n=6) (De La Rocha et al. 1997). Similarly, our data for polar species F. kerguelensis, P. glacialis and T. antarctica suggest a fractionation of -0.7 to -1.1 %. Interestingly, our preliminary results from Chaetoceros brevis cultures show a Si isotope fractionation value of about -2.61 % (±0.05, SD, n=4). A distinguishing feature of the Chaetoceros genus is the production of long silica appendages called setae after mitotic cell division is complete (Rogerson et al. 1986). These results significantly contribute to our current understanding of the modern and ancient oceanic Si cycles, and will be useful in the interpretation of marine paleo-Si sedimentary records. De La Rocha, C. L., et al. (1997), Fractionation of silicon isotopes by marine diatoms during biogenic silica formation, Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, 61(23), 5051-5056. Rogerson, A., et al. (1986), Growth rates and ultrastructure of siliceous setae of Chaetoceros gracilis (Bacillariophyceae), Journal Of Phycology, 22, 56-62.

Sutton, J. N.; Varela, D. E.; Brzezinski, M. A.; Beucher, C.



A new Amazonian species of Cryptocellus (Arachnida, Ricinulei), with descriptions of its integumental structures and all free-living life stages.  


A new species of Cryptocellus Westwood, 1874 is described, based on males, females and all free-living immature stages. Cryptocellus muiraquitan sp. nov. from Juruti, Pará, Brazil, is a member of the foedus group of species and probably closely related to Cryptocellus icamiabas Tourinho & Azevedo, 2007, C. abaporu Bonaldo & Pinto-da-Rocha, 2003 and C. simonis Hansen & Sørensen, 1904. The new species is illustrated using stereomicroscopy and scanning electron microscopy. The large diversity of integumental structures of the new species is described and compared to that of previously studied species of Cryptocellus and Pseudocellus Platnick, 1980. PMID:24943414

Tourinho, Ana Lúcia; Lo-Man-Hung, Nancy França; Salvatierra, Lidianne



Modern Deep-sea Sponges as Recorders of Bottom Water Silicon Isotopes  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Major zones of opal accumulation in the world oceans have experienced geographical shifts during the Cenozoic coincident with times of transition in oceanic circulation and climate. The global marine silica cycle is likely to respond to various large-scale changes including the distillation of Si and other nutrients in ocean basins; weathering and continental inputs; and biological productivity in surface waters. These processes could potentially be distinguished by their impact on the isotopic composition of dissolved silica in the world oceans. Although diatoms dominate uptake of silica in surface waters, box-modelling (de la Rocha and Bickle, 2005) suggests that sponges spicules have a greater potential to reflect whole ocean changes in the silica cycle, by recording deep-water silicon isotopes. Here, we introduce a new calibration study of modern deep- sea sponges collected on a transect cruise across the Drake Passage, in the Southern Ocean, from a range of depths and seawater silicic acid concentrations. Sponges were collected by benthic trawling, and dried immediately. The spicules were later isolated from cellular material and cleaned for surface contaminants, before dissolution and analysis by NuPlasma HR MC-ICP-MS in medium resolution mode. We discuss our preliminary data, the extent to which inter and intraspecies variations reflect environmental conditions, and the implications for palaeoreconstructions of the marine silicon cycle. de la Rocha, C. and M. Bickle (2005). Sensitivity of silicon isotopes to whole-ocean changes in the silica cycle. Marine Geology 217, 267-282.

Hendry, K. R.; Georg, R. B.; Rickaby, R. E.; Robinson, L. F.; Halliday, A. N.



Noted for his âÂÂbold use of simple materialsâÂÂ, Brazilian architect is awarded Pritzker Prize  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

NPR: Da Rocha Receives Pritzker Prize for Architecture [Real Player] of the modern megalopolis Pritzker Architecture Prize [pdf] Architecture Databasehttp://www.archinform.netChicago Architects Oral History Project [pdf] the past few decades, architects have increasingly garnered attention from the mainstream media, and some have attracted quite a cult following, including such âÂÂstarchitectsâ as Norman Foster and Frank Gehry. The best-known prize for outstanding achievement in this field of human endeavor is the Pritzker Prize, established in 1979 by the Hyatt Foundation. This week, the Foundation announced that this yearâÂÂs honoree was Mendes da Rocha, a Brazilian architect known for his own creative interpretation of the brutalist style of architecture. While some may associate this style of architecture with the cold and seemingly distant works of Walter Netsch and others, the citation offered by the award committee noted that his work was âÂÂguided by a sense of responsibility toward the residents of his buildings and the broader society.â His work does show a great fondness for the use of concrete, as he has constructed stadiums, houses, and even a chapel of this sometimes harsh material. Commenting on the award, Nicolai Ouroussoff, architecture critic for The New York Times, remarked that âÂÂThereâÂÂs a strain of brutalism in his work, but thereâÂÂs also a sense of nature and the relationship between indoor and outdoor space, but he stayed true to those values all the way through.â This first link takes users to an article from this TuesdayâÂÂs Architectural Record about RochaâÂÂs architectural vision and the Pritzker Prize. The second link leads to a piece from National Public Radio about RochaâÂÂs architectural philosophy, offered by Edward Lifson. The third link will take users to an article from the Financial Times, which provides some material on how RochaâÂÂs work interacts with changing sensibilities about contemporary urbanism. The fourth link leads to the homepage of the Pritzker Architecture Prize. Here visitors can learn about the history of the award and read the complete citation for this yearâÂÂs award. The fifth link leads to the rather tremendous and helpful International Architecture Database, which contains material on 14,000 different architectural projects. The final link leads to the homepage of the Chicago Architects Oral History Project at The Art Institute of Chicago. With a click of their mouse, visitors can read engaging interviews with such notable Windy City architects as Carter Manny, Bertrand Goldberg, and Stanley Tigerman.

Grinnell, Max



50 CFR 648.85 - Special management programs.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...A DAS, and not Regular B DAS. After flipping to a Category A DAS, the vessel is subject...discarding; a significant difference in flipping rates between observed and unobserved...Category B DAS to a Category A DAS). After flipping to a Category A DAS, the...



50 CFR 648.85 - Special management programs.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...A DAS, and not Regular B DAS. After flipping to a Category A DAS, the vessel is subject...discarding; a significant difference in flipping rates between observed and unobserved...Category B DAS to a Category A DAS). After flipping to a Category A DAS,...



50 CFR 648.85 - Special management programs.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...A DAS, and not Regular B DAS. After flipping to a Category A DAS, the vessel is subject...discarding; a significant difference in flipping rates between observed and unobserved...Category B DAS to a Category A DAS). After flipping to a Category A DAS,...



50 CFR 648.85 - Special management programs.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...A DAS, and not Regular B DAS. After flipping to a Category A DAS, the vessel is subject...discarding; a significant difference in flipping rates between observed and unobserved...Category B DAS to a Category A DAS). After flipping to a Category A DAS, the...




Microsoft Academic Search

This is an exploratory study of how Internet technologies are likely to have an impact on a specific industrial activity. Maintenance has long been the poor relation in industry despite being indispensable both in continuous process manufacturing and in discrete production. The research starts from the premise that maintenance has two key functions that can be related to management disciplines.

Tim White


Consequencia da operacao das bombas de refrigeracao do reator durante um acidente de perda de refrigerante primario por grande ruptura. (Consequences in the pumps operation during a large loss of coolant accident).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The event of living on or turning off the operation of the Reactor Cooling Pumps - RCPs, in the case of a Loss of Coolant Accident - LOCA, has been a reason of a lot of studies after the Three Mile Island 2 accident. Thus, it was investigated a large brea...

G. A. Santos G. Sabundjian



The utility of an Integrated Qualitative\\/Quantitative Data Analytic Strategy (IQ-DAS) to evaluate the impact of youth development interventions to positive qualitative change in the life course  

Microsoft Academic Search

This study reports one of the first controlled studies to examine the impact of a school based positive youth development program (Lerner, Fisher, & Weinberg, 2000) on promoting qualitative change in life course experiences as a positive intervention outcome. The study built on a recently proposed relational developmental methodological metanarrative (Overton, 1998) and advances in use of qualitative research methods

Lisa Lewis-Arango



Entwicklung und Erprobung eines Verfahrens fuer das Einbringen feinkoerniger Aufbereitungs- und Kraftwerksabgaenge in untertaegige Bruchhohlraeume. Schlussbericht. (Development and testing of a method for the storage of fine-grained coal preparation and power station residues in underground goafs. Final report).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Based on the concepts and examinations of DMT (Bergbau-Forschung) and the preliminary tests at Walsum colliery in the years 1985/86 - FK 03E-6416-A - (BMFT) the general proof concerning the use of the cavities produced by coalmining for the storage of res...

B. Thiehofe U. Brocks F. Sill L. Scheidat



Das Problem der Kulturkunde. Eine Klippe des Deutschunterrichts und der "German Studies" in den USA (The Problem of the Study of Culture. A Hurdle in German Teaching and "German Studies" in the USA)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Foreign language study at Secondary Level 1 should be limited to the language itself. Area studies should come in Secondary Level 2. Cultural data must not be given as cliches, i.e., the "industrious German," but must be delimited historically, socially and ideologically. (Text is in German.) (IFS/WGA)

Gutschow, Harald



Sinergismo entre radiacao ultravioleta e redutona em Escherichia coli UVR: analise quantitativa das lesoes produzidas. (Synergism between ultraviolet radiation and reductone in Escherichia coli UVR: quantitative analysis of produced injuries).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The relationship between cell viability and DNA-single and double-strand breaks induced by UV-reductone treatment of E.coli AB1157 and AB1886 cells was studied. A molecular and quantitative analysis was done by sedimentation in sucrose gradients. Bacterio...

H. C. Mota



CARACTERIZAÇÃO DAS ÁREAS DE CUL TIVO DA BANANEIRA MAÇÃ NA REGIÃO DE RIBEIRÃO DO SUL\\/SP The characterization of banana Maçã orchards in the Ribeirão do Sul\\/SP  

Microsoft Academic Search

The research aimed to characterize banana Maçã farmers of Ribeirão do Sul\\/SP region, regarding the technology applied to the crop and in the fruit yield. With the answers obtained, it was possible to establish some inferences in relation to the Mal do- Panamá disease incidence and the mineral nutrition. It was observed that these farmers used manurig and liming without

Sarita Leonel; Erval Rafael Damatto Junior


ALTERAÇÕES DAS CARACTERÍSTICAS QUÍMICAS DE TRÊS SUBSTRA TOS COMERCIAIS NA PRODUÇÃO DE MUDAS CÍTRICAS Change of the chemical characteristics of three commercial substrates in the production of citric seedlings  

Microsoft Academic Search

The dynamics of nutrients in three commercial substrates were evaluated, from the transplanting until final nursery. The rootstocks were cultivated in 4L containers under greenhouse conditions. The experiment was developed at Estação Experimental Agronômica of UFRGS from June\\/2003 to November\\/2004, with the experimental design of completely randomized blocks, in factorial 3 x 3 x 2, where 3 commercial substrates were

Mário Luís Fochesato; Paulo Vitor; Dutra de Souza; Gilmar Schäfer; Hardi Schmatz Maciel


Biologie und Fremdsprachenunterricht. Das Prinzip der Einsprachigkeit im Lichte biologischer Erkenntnisse ueber Denken und Lernen (Biology and Foreign Language Teaching. The Monolingual Principle in the Light of Biological Findings concerning Thinking and Learning).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Draws upon recent publications dealing with brain function (particularly F. Vester, "Denken, Lernen, Vergessen", Munich, 1978) for ideas for foreign language teaching. These include constant use of the foreign language in the classroom, frequent repetition, and avoidance of false associations by explanation in the native language. (IFS/WGA)

Schneider, Rudolf



Energiesparbuch fuer das Eigenheim. Eine Anleitung zum energiesparenden Bauen und Heizen (Alt- und Neubauten). (Energy conservation book for private homes. A guide for energy-saving building and heating (old and new buildings)).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

After the explanation of the connections between energy consumption and residential buildings this readily comprehensible booklet gives information and instructions for energy-saving construction and heating on the following subjects: thermal insulation i...

G. Hausladen



Politica Florestral para a Amazonia, Desenvolvimento do Nordeste e Controle das Enchentes do Sao Francisco - 1980 (Forestry Policy for Amazonia, Development of the Northeast, and Sao Francisco River Flood Control, 1980).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The Interior Ministry's forestry and development policy for Amazonia and the Northeast is designed to provide for better regional distribution of Brazilian development and to speed up the growth of the less-developed regions. Another objective is to reduc...

M. D. Andreazza




Microsoft Academic Search

The problem of the drought of the Northeast refers to the bad distribution of the regime of rains, where the year variation for year of the rain is very big, could rain few times, but with high intensities or, then, to present low intensities during a long period of time, could be observed those observations in the basin of the

Paula Lima Marques da Silva; Otto Corrêa; Rotunno Filho; Isimar de Azevedo Santos; Cláudio Freitas Neves


Utilizacao de probabilidades de transmissao aperfeicoadas no calculo de celulas unitarias pelo metodo das correntes de interface. (Utilization of transmission probabilities in the calculation of unit-cell by the interface-current method).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

A widely used but otherwise physically incorrect assumption in unit-cell calculations by the method of interface currents in cylindrical or spherical geometries, is that of that of isotropic fluxes at the surfaces of the cell annular regions, when computi...

S. Queiroz Bogado Leite



Resultados Preliminares DA Analise Visual de Dados Sarex E Descricao das Atividades de Campo NA Floresta Nacional Do Tapajos (Preliminary Results of the Visual SAREX Data and Description of the Field Work Activities in the Tapajos National Forest).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This work presents the preliminary results of the visual interpretation of the C/SAREX data, HH polarization, narrow and swath mode. This data was compared with TM/Landsat data. The test site corresponds to the Tapajos National Forest and surroundings. Th...

P. H. Filho L. V. Dutra S. Amaral



Einfluss des Sauerstoffpartialdruckes auf das quasi-ternaere System Cr-Mn-Ti-Oxid. (Influence of the oxygen partial pressure on the quasi-ternary system Cr-Mn-Ti-oxide).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The passivation layers formed by the oxidizing corrosion of high temperature alloys consist primarily of oxides and mixed oxides of the elements chromium, manganese and titanium. For a reproducible formation and characterization of such oxide layers it is...

C. Garcia-Rosales H. A. Schulze A. Naoumidis H. Nickel



Geoprocessamento aplicado ao mapeamento dos impactos socioambientais decorrentes das formas de uso da terra nas Áreas de Preservação Permanente (APPs) da Represa de Salto Grande no município de Americana (SP)  

Microsoft Academic Search

The Dam of Salto Grande, occupying an area of 10.5 km2, is located in the hydrographical basin of the Atibaia River, important tributary of the Piracicaba River, in the State of São Paulo. It takes care of, in the present time, to the inhabitants of the cities of Americana, Paulínia and Nova Odessa, that also use the source for activities

Joyce Rodrigues da Cruz


Changes in the Vertical Structure of the Waters Above the Rim of the Continental Shelf due to the Influence of Winds (Modificacoes na Estrutura Vertical das Augas Sobre a Borda da Plataforma Continental por Influencia do Vento).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In order to study the relationship between wind variations and the vertical structure of the water (upwelling) and witness the role played by this upwelling in the fertilization of the euphotic zone, the Oceanographic Ship 'ALMIRANTE SALDANHA' was anchore...

P. C. Moreira da Silva R. F. Rodrigues



[Distribution of financial resources according to the productivity (determined by bibliometry) in the Medical Research Laboratories of the Hospital das Clínicas da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidad de São Paulo (Brazil)].  


A challenge that research managers have to face is how to "reallocate" agency budgets in order to bring them in line with the results of performance reviews. Research policies must develop a strategic plan describing their goals, devise yardsticks to measure their progress, and tie that performance to allocate research funds with some degree of priority. Though Brazil already has a substantial presence in world's science, scientific enterprise must be used to strengthen it. The first step should be to raise standards in Brazilian science by concentrating the resources on supporting excellence. A strategy to judge biomedical research productivity should include tactics to disclose whether the resulting publications have appeared in the field's most respected, peer-reviewed journals. A pilot project to road-test the above-discussed ideas on performance measurements was conducted at the Laboratories of Medical Research (Clinical Hospital, University of São Paulo School of Medicine). These Laboratories perform a vast proportion of biomedical research at the country's largest University. This article illustrates that confidence in fairness and consistency with which funds are now being allocated has helped to improve productivity, thus showing that this strategy is fruitful. PMID:10962862

Montes, G S



Terapia ocupacional e farmacodependência: categorização e atualização das publicações nacionais Occupational therapy and pharmacodependence: categorization and update of national publications Terapia ocupacional y farmacodependencia: clasificación y actualización de publicaciones nacional  

Microsoft Academic Search

ReSumO: Esta pesquisa tem por finalidade atualizar e sistematizar as publicações sobre dependência química e terapia ocupacional. Realizou-se um embasamento histórico, conceitual e epidemiológico da farmacodependência, assim como suas abordagens terapêuticas. O objetivo desta atualização é organizar e descrever categorias temáticas derivadas dos artigos nacionais publicados sobre esta problemática e correlacionar com os apontamentos teóricos e procedimentais encontrados na literatura

Daniela Carraro Antoniassi; Juliana Aureana Leal; Solange Aparecida Tedesco



Microsoft Academic Search

Inter organizational relationships acquired great i mportance on the competitiveness of the corporations. Sharing activities can generate compe titive advantages if the result is a smaller cost than non sharing activities cost and will brin g a final product upgrade, adding value which



A Contribuição da Economia das Convenções para o Entendimento sobre a Coordenação de Arranjos Produtivos na Pecuária de Corte Grupo de pesquisa: Estrutura, Evolução e Dinâmica dos Sistemas Agroalimentares e Cadeias Agroindustriais  

Microsoft Academic Search

The formation of a great number of networks based i n cooperation relations has questioned of the factors that can contribute for the success of such enterprises. Amongst the factors that help to understand the development of networks the coordination between the participants is of great importance. This article h ad as objective to identify which mechanisms of coordination used




Microsoft Academic Search

The art. 158 of the Code of Criminal Procedure establish the essentiality of the legal medical examination and the impossibility of its subtraction due by the lack of confession from the defendant. Remaining from the legal evidence system, this legal device's reach, application and validity had always been the reason for heated doctrinal and jurisprudences quarrels. The mechanism of suppressing

Marcelo Lessa Bastos; Marcella Cordeiro Orçai


Avaliação das hemotransfusões alogênicas na maternidade do Hospital Universitário Regional do Norte do Paraná Evaluation of allogeneic hemotransfusions in the maternity ward of the Regional University Hospital of Northern Paraná  

Microsoft Academic Search

Os riscos inerentes às hemotransfusões alogênicas são amplamente conhecidos e, embora tenham diminuído nos últimos anos, parece improvável que possam ser completamente eliminados. É fundamental que se avalie corretamente cada paciente, para a adequada indicação transfusional ou a possível substituição por alternativas mais seguras, eficazes e acessíveis. No ciclo gravídico-puerperal, há maior exposição a riscos de anemia, quer a fisiológica

Guilherme Gryschek; Adriane de Cássia Guergolet; Kety Kimi Saito; Vivian Uemura; Ameline Nishizima; Francisco Pereira Silva; Elbens M. M. Azevedo



Microsoft Academic Search

The study of trajectories combination accomplished by the machines in the crop fields, aiming to the economy of costs, is valuable in a rational mechanization program. Analyzinh this context, the present work has the purpose of being a support tool to decision in the planning of agricultural operations. The programming language Borland Delphi? 7.0 and the database Interbase were used



Production of Radiolytic Gas Bubbles and Their Influence on the Dynamic Behavior of Water Boiler Reactors (thesis); BILDUNG VON RADIOLYTISCHEN BLASEN UND IHR EINFLUSS AUF DAS DYNAMISCHE VERHALTEN VON WASSERKOCHER-REAKTOREN (THESE)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Experiments performed in the normal operation range of the Water Boiler Reactor FRF (L-54-F) show that radiolytic gas bubbles are formed only after a critical energy input, when the fuel solution has become highly supersaturated with dissolved gas. The supersaturation observed can be shown to be high enough to allow a nucleation of gas bubbles by the recoil of fission




Einfluss von Platorchestia platensis (KRÖYER) auf die Abbaugeschwindigkeit von Zostera marina L. und den Kohlenstofffluss in das Sediment Effects of Platorchestia platensis (KRÖYER) on the rate of degradation of stranded Zostera marina L. and the carbon flux into the sediment  

Microsoft Academic Search

Simple laboratory studies were undertaken to investigate the influence of Platorchestia platensis on the decomposition rate of fresh leaves of Zostera marina under terrestrial conditions. After three weeks, the loss of Zostera marina (dry weight) was 66 % in the mesocosms with animals and 15 % in the mesocosms without animals. The experiments with amphipods showed a significant increase of

Martin FEIKE; Andrea FECHTER; Melanie MÄDEL


Influence of Stress Relief Annealing on the Mechanical Properties and Metallurgic Structure of Fine Grained Temperature Resistant Structural Steels Einfluss des Spannungsarmgluehens Auf die Mechanischen Eigenschaften und das Gefuege von Warmfesten Feinkornbaustaehlen.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The structure of coarse-grained heat-affected welded zones was simulated by heating up to 1300 C the fine grained temperature resistant structural steels 17MnMoV 6 4, 17MnNiMoV 5 4, 17MnNiMo(Nb) 6 6, 22Ni rMo 3 7, 17MnNiMo 5 4, and 17Ni rMo 10 6, followed...

K. Detert R. Banga W. Bertram



Neue Komponenten fuer das Neutronenspektrometer SV5c am 10H Kanal des Forschungsreaktors FRJ2. (New components for the neutron spectrometer SV5c at the 10H channel of the research reactor FRJ2).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The following new components have been installed at the neutron time-of-flight spectrometer SV5c: 1. Monochromator with devices for tilting and rotating 10 crystal. The fine-adjustment of the crystal orientation can be done with a computer program which m...

R. Stockmeyer



Chemie polyfunktioneller moleküle CXXII. Das komplexchemische verhalten von bis(diphenylphosphino)amin gegenüber dieisennnonacarbonyl und reaktionen von [Fe 2(CO) 6(?-CO)(?-Ph 2P-NH-PPh 2)] · THF  

Microsoft Academic Search

Treatment of [Fe2(CO)9] with bis(diphenylphosphino)amine, Ph2P?NH?PPh2, dppa (1) in THF yields [(OC)4Fe(?-dppa)Fe(CO)4] (5) and [Fe2(CO)6(?-CO)(?-dppa)]·THF (6·THF). Further reaction of 6·THF with dppa gives [Fe2(CO)4(?-CO)(?-dppa)2]·2 THF (9·2 THF) by CO-substitution, whereas P(n-Bu)Ph2, PPh3 and PMe3 add themselves to 6 · THF by forming the linear complexes [(OC)4Fe(?-dppa)Fe(CO)3P(n-Bu)Ph2] (7a), [(OC)4Fe(?-dppa)Fe(CO)3PPh3] (7b) and [(OC)4Fe(?-dppa)Fe(CO)3PMe3] (7c). The reaction of 6 · THF with HPPh2

Jochen Ellermann; Peter Gabold; Falk A. Knoch; Matthias Moll; Diana Pohl; Jörg Sutter; Walter Bauer



Estudo das influencias da implantacao da usina nuclear em Angra dos Reis (Angra-1). (Study of the influences of Angra-1 nuclear power plant construction in Angra dos Reis).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The report presents a comprehensive evaluation of the influence caused by Angra-1 Nuclear Power Plants (Central Nuclear Almirante Alvaro Alberto) construction on the Angra dos Reis City - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. The analysis performed adopts a multi-dime...

L. Ferreira Netto



Vertebrectomia posterior isolada no tratamento das deformidades congênitas da coluna vertebral Posterior vertebrectomy for the treatment of spinal congenital deformities Vertebrectomía posterior aislada en el tratamiento de las deformidades  

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Objective: to report the technique and results of the single-stage posterior vertebrectomy for the treatment of congenital deformities. Methods: six patients with congenital deformities were operated from 2003 to 2006, with a mean age of 9 years and 6 months, a mean kyphosis angle of 41° and mean scoliosis angle of 40°. As for the neurological evaluation 5 patients were

Renato Henriques Tavares; América Limoeiro; Deusdeth Gomes; Luis Claudio Schettino; Luis Eduardo Carelli


Bayesian Methods in Cosmology  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Preface; Part I. Methods: 1. Foundations and algorithms John Skilling; 2. Simple applications of Bayesian methods D. S. Sivia and Steve Rawlings; 3. Parameter estimation using Monte Carlo sampling Antony Lewis and Sarah Bridle; 4. Model selection and multi-model interference Andrew R. Liddle, Pia Mukherjee and David Parkinson; 5. Bayesian experimental design and model selection forecasting Roberto Trotta, Martin Kunz, Pia Mukherjee and David Parkinson; 6. Signal separation in cosmology M. P. Hobson, M. A. J. Ashdown and V. Stolyarov; Part II. Applications: 7. Bayesian source extraction M. P. Hobson, Graça Rocha and R. Savage; 8. Flux measurement Daniel Mortlock; 9. Gravitational wave astronomy Neil Cornish; 10. Bayesian analysis of cosmic microwave background data Andrew H. Jaffe; 11. Bayesian multilevel modelling of cosmological populations Thomas J. Loredo and Martin A. Hendry; 12. A Bayesian approach to galaxy evolution studies Stefano Andreon; 13. Photometric redshift estimation: methods and applications Ofer Lahav, Filipe B. Abdalla and Manda Banerji; Index.

Hobson, Michael P.; Jaffe, Andrew H.; Liddle, Andrew R.; Mukherjee, Pia; Parkinson, David



Bayesian Methods in Cosmology  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Preface; Part I. Methods: 1. Foundations and algorithms John Skilling; 2. Simple applications of Bayesian methods D. S. Sivia and Steve Rawlings; 3. Parameter estimation using Monte Carlo sampling Antony Lewis and Sarah Bridle; 4. Model selection and multi-model interference Andrew R. Liddle, Pia Mukherjee and David Parkinson; 5. Bayesian experimental design and model selection forecasting Roberto Trotta, Martin Kunz, Pia Mukherjee and David Parkinson; 6. Signal separation in cosmology M. P. Hobson, M. A. J. Ashdown and V. Stolyarov; Part II. Applications: 7. Bayesian source extraction M. P. Hobson, Graça Rocha and R. Savage; 8. Flux measurement Daniel Mortlock; 9. Gravitational wave astronomy Neil Cornish; 10. Bayesian analysis of cosmic microwave background data Andrew H. Jaffe; 11. Bayesian multilevel modelling of cosmological populations Thomas J. Loredo and Martin A. Hendry; 12. A Bayesian approach to galaxy evolution studies Stefano Andreon; 13. Photometric redshift estimation: methods and applications Ofer Lahav, Filipe B. Abdalla and Manda Banerji; Index.

Hobson, Michael P.; Jaffe, Andrew H.; Liddle, Andrew R.; Mukherjee, Pia; Parkinson, David



On the photophysical behaviour of 4-halo-5-phenyl-oxazoles and isoxazoles: A correction and observations on the photoinduced isomerisation and degradation of methyl 4-halo-5-phenyl-isoxazole-3-carboxylates  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Photophysical data in cyclohexane solutions, including measurements of energies of lowest excited singlet and triplet states, fluorescence quantum yields, lifetimes, phosphorescence and triplet - singlet difference absorption spectra, reported in a previous Letter as due to methyl 4-halo-5-phenylisoxazole-3-carboxylates [S.M. Fonseca, H.D. Burrows, C.M. Nunes, T.M.V.D. Pinho e Melo, A.M.d'A. Rocha Gonsalves, Chem. Phys. Lett. 414 (2005) 98] are reassigned to the isomeric oxazoles. These are compared with data on the isoxazoles synthesised by an unambiguous route. In addition, results are presented on the photoinduced isomerization of 4-halo-5-phenylisoxazoles to oxazoles in cyclohexane, which is shown to proceed via a nonconcerted pathway, possibly involving thermal reaction of an azirine intermediate.

Fonseca, Sofia M.; Burrows, Hugh D.; Nunes, Cláudio M.; Melo, Teresa M. V. D. Pinho e.



Scale-up of electrochemical oxidation system for treatment of produced water generated by Brazilian petrochemical industry.  


Scale-up of anodic oxidation system is critical to the practical application of electrochemical treatment in bio-refractory organic wastewater treatment. In this study, the scale-up of electrochemical flow system was investigated by treating petrochemical wastewater using platinized titanium (Ti/Pt) and boron-doped diamond (BDD) anodes. It was demonstrated that flow cell was successfully scaled-up because when it was compared with batch mode (Rocha et al. 2012b), higher performances on organic matter removal were achieved. Under the suitable operating conditions and better anode material, the chemical oxygen demand (COD) of petrochemical wastewater was reduced from 2,746 to 200 mg L(-1) within 5 h with an energy consumption of only 56.2 kWh m(-3) in the scaled-up BDD anode system. These results demonstrate that anode flow system is very promising in practical bio-refractory organic wastewater treatment. PMID:24687787

Dos Santos, Elisama Vieira; Sena, Shirley Feitosa Machado; da Silva, Djalma Ribeiro; Ferro, Sergio; De Battisti, Achille; Martínez-Huitle, Carlos A



Multiple Mobile Promoter Regions for the Rare Carbapenem Resistance Gene of Bacteroides fragilis  

PubMed Central

Two novel insertion sequences (IS), IS1187 and IS1188, are described upstream from the carbapenem resistance gene cfiA in strains of Bacteroides fragilis. Mapping, with the RACE procedure, of transcription start sites of cfiA in these and two other previously reported IS showed that transcription of this rarely encountered gene is initiated close to a variety of B. fragilis consensus promoter sequences, as recently defined (D. P. Bayley, E. R. Rocha, and C. J. Smith, FEMS Microbiol. Lett. 193:149–154, 2000). In the cases of IS1186 and IS1188, these sequences overlap with putative E?70 promoter sequences, while in IS942 and IS1187 such sequences can be observed either upstream or downstream of the B. fragilis promoters.

Podglajen, I.; Breuil, J.; Rohaut, A.; Monsempes, C.; Collatz, E.



In Mexico, abortion rights strictly for the books.  


This paper characterizes the Mexican abortion laws using the case of a girl aged 14 years, Paulina Ramirez Jacinta, who was raped, became pregnant, and chose to terminate the unwanted pregnancy, yet was denied an abortion. This case clearly showed that Mexican abortion law, despite its legality, is highly restrictive in nature and, in a way, violated the human rights of Paulina. Even though it permits first-trimester abortion procedures for rape victims or women whose lives are endangered by the pregnancy, many pregnant women still resort to illegal abortion. To further aggravate the restrictive nature of the law, Baja California state Rep. Martin Dominguez Rocha made a proposal to eliminate the rape exception in the state's penal code. The case of Paulina will be handled by the lawyers at the Center for Reproductive Law and Policy in order to arrive at a settlement favorable to Paulina. PMID:12322531

Farmer, A



An integrated computational environment for elementary modes analysis of biochemical networks.  


Elementary flux modes (EFMs) have been claimed as one of the most promising approaches for pathway analysis. These are a set of vectors that emerge from the stoichiometric matrix of a biochemical network through the use of convex analysis. The computation of all EFMs of a given network is an NP-hard problem and existing algorithms do not scale well. Moreover, the analysis of results is difficult given the thousands or millions of possible modes generated. In this work, we propose a new plug-in, running on top of the OptFlux Metabolic Engineering workbench (Rocha et al., 2010), whose aims are to ease the analysis of these results and explore synergies among EFM analysis, phenotype simulation and strain optimisation. Two case studies are shown to illustrate the capabilities of the proposed tool. PMID:23155769

Maia, Paulo; Vilaça, Paulo; Rocha, Isabel; Pont, Marcellinus; Tomb, Jean-François; Rocha, Miguel



Environmental Dynamics as a Structuring Factor for Microbial Carbon Utilization in a Subtropical Coastal Lagoon  

PubMed Central

Laguna de Rocha belongs to a series of shallow coastal lagoons located along South America. It is periodically connected to the sea through a sand bar, exhibiting a hydrological cycle where physicochemical and biological gradients are rapidly established and destroyed. Its most frequent state is the separation of a Northern zone with low salinity, high turbidity and nutrient load, and extensive macrophyte growth, and a Southern zone with higher salinity and light penetration, and low nutrient content and macrophyte biomass. This zonation is reflected in microbial assemblages with contrasting abundance, activity, and community composition. The physicochemical conditions exerted a strong influence on community composition, and transplanted assemblages rapidly transformed to resembling the community of the recipient environment. Moreover, the major bacterial groups responded differently to their passage between the zones, being either stimulated or inhibited by the environmental changes, and exhibiting contrasting sensitivities to gradients. Addition of allochthonous carbon sources induced pronounced shifts in the bacterial communities, which in turn affected the microbial trophic web by stimulating heterotrophic flagellates and virus production. By contrast, addition of organic and inorganic nutrient sources (P or N) did not have significant effects. Altogether, our results suggest that (i) the planktonic microbial assemblage of this lagoon is predominantly carbon-limited, (ii) different bacterial groups cope differently with this constraint, and (iii) the hydrological cycle of the lagoon plays a key role for the alleviation or aggravation of bacterial carbon limitation. Based on these findings we propose a model of how hydrology affects the composition of bacterioplankton and of carbon processing in Laguna de Rocha. This might serve as a starting hypothesis for further studies about the microbial ecology of this lagoon, and of comparable transitional systems.

Alonso, Cecilia; Piccini, Claudia; Unrein, Fernando; Bertoglio, Florencia; Conde, Daniel; Pernthaler, Jakob



Documentation of the Demand Analysis System Database.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The Demand Analysis System (DAS) database provides the fuel definitions for the demand models of DAS which are used for the demand side representation of the Intermediate Future Forecasting System (IFFS). The DAS database described in this report was used...

J. Holte



Eating behavior in laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy: Correlation between plasma ghrelin levels and hunger  

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\\u000a Zusammenfassung  GRUNDLAGEN: Bariatrische Operationsverfahren wie das Magenband, VGB und Magenbypass haben nachgewiesenermaßen Einfluss auf\\u000a das postoperative Essverhalten. Nachdem die laparoskopische \\

F. B. Langer; A. Bohdjalian; S. Shakeri-Manesch; J. Zacherl; R. Riener; K. Schindler; B. Ludvik; G. Prager



Movimentos feministas, feminismos  

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R R R R Resumo: esumo: esumo: esumo: esumo: Esta comunicação examina tendências atuais das práticas e teorias feministas. No plano das ações políticas, remarca a tendência ao backlash, acentuando interesses do avanço neoliberal. No teórico, avalia impactos dos paradigmas feministas sobre a história das mulheres e estudos das relações de gênero, com destaque para ocultações de singularidades da história

Suely Gomes Costa



Systeme zur Fahrzeugstabilisierung  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Kritische Fahrsituationen im Straßenverkehr entstehen z. B. bei Vollbremsungen und Ausweichmanövern. Elektronische Systeme greifen situationsbedingt selbsttätig in das Brems system des Fahrzeugs ein, um es zu stabilisieren: Das Anti blockiersystem (ABS) verhindert das Blockieren der Räder und stabilisiert das Fahrzeug in Längsrichtung, das Elekt ronische Stabilitätsprogramm (ESP) sorgt mit individuellen Bremseingriffen an den einzelnen Rädern für Stabilität in Querrichtung. Zusätz liche in diesen Systemen integrierte Bremsfunktionen leisten einem Beitrag zu Sicherheit und Komfort.

Reif, Konrad


Avaliação das Características Mecânicas e Metalúrgicas de Metais de Solda Depositados por Eletrodos Revestidos da Classe ANSI\\/AWS A5.4-06 E309 (Mechanical and metallurgical evaluation of ANSI\\/AWS A5.4-06 E309 weld metals)  

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This study evaluated the mechanical properties of the weld metals of ANSI\\/AWS A5.4-06 E309 electrodes (309-16, 309L-15, 309L-16, 309Mo-16, 309MoL-15 and 309MoL-16), of three manufacturers available in the national market. Welding was conducted in plates of AISI 1020 steel in the fl at position. The plates were machined and buttering up in accordance with ANSI\\/AWS A5.4-06 standard. The welding parameters

Eduardo Aguiar; Lima Rodrigues; Alessandra Góis; Luciano de Azevedo; Cleiton Carvalho Silva; Jesualdo Pereira Farias



Astronomical discoveries and the renown of a late humanistic scholar - Marx Welser's role in the discussion on sunspots between Scheiner, Galilei and Kepler. (German Title: Astronomische Entdeckungen und das Renommee eies späthumanistischen Gelehrten - Marx Welsers Rolle in der Sonnenfleckendiskussion zwischen Scheiner, Galilei und Kepler)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The example of the late humanistic scholar Max Welser (1558-1614) from Augsburg proves the gain of recognition of astronomy in the scholarly surroundings, which arose through its new results after the invention of the telescope. This explains why an exponent of the humanistic ideal of education worked towards appearing as the patron of a professional astronomical debate, as it was done by Welser, in 1611-1613, in the debate on sunspots between Christoph Scheiner and Galileo Galilei. Nevertheless, the split in the scholarly world between humanists and scientists proved to be so fundamental at that time, that Welser, in order to be accepted also by the mathematici, had to establish anew his renown in these circles independent of his philological achievements. At the same time, he did not undertake anything to integrate the astronomers into the humanistic res publica litteraria.

Ferber, Magnus Ulrich


Avaliação das intervenções e dos resultados esperados para o diagnóstico de enfermagem Fadiga, em portadores de Insuficiência Cardíaca Evaluation of expected outcomes of nursing interventions to address the nursing diagnosis of fatigue among patients with congestive heart failure Evaluación de las intervenciones y de los resultados esperados para el diagnóstico de enfermería Fatiga, en pacientes con Insuficiencia Cardiaca Congestiva  

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Objective: To evaluate expected outcomes of nursing interventions to address the nursing diagnosis of fatigue. Methods: A cross-sectional quasi-experimental design was used. The sample consisted of 30 coronary care unit in-patient with congestive heart failure and fatigue. A specific tool designed for this study was used to collect specific data on outcomes of nursing interventions to manage the nursing diagnosis

Alba Lúcia Bottura; Leite de Barros; Marcela Zanatta Ganzarolli


Determinacao das propriedades termodinamicas e limite de estabilidade da fase fluorita dos oxidos mixtos de uranio e lantanidio, utilizando celulas galvanicas com eletrolitos solidos. (Determination of thermodynamic properties and stability limit from fluorite phase of uranium and lanthanide mixed oxides, using galvanic cells with solid electrolytes).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

A method for thermodynamic properties determination for oxygen solubility in oxide systems at temperature interval 973 (<=) T (K) (<=) 1773 is described. A galvanic cell using as solid electrolytes zircon dioxide doped with 15% of calcium oxide is present...

T. N. Santiago



Torio: uma das aplicacoes analiticas da ativacao neutronica e espectrometria alfa no CDTN nas ultimas tres decadas do Brasil. (Thorium: one of the analytical techniques in neutronic activation and alpha spectrometry of the CDTN (Brazilian Nuclear Technology Development Center) in the last three decades).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

For long years, the CDTN (Brazilian Nuclear Technology Development Center ) has applied several analytical techniques in the thorium determination. This work is about the evolution of the neutronic activation in the thorium 232 analysis from the 1960's to...

M. A. B. Menezes C. V. S. Sabino



Im vierten Jahr in Folge untersucht das Centre of Human Resources Information Systems (CHRIS) der Universitäten Bamberg und Frankfurt am Main in Zusammenarbeit mit Monster Worldwide Switzerland, wie Schweizer Grossunternehmen ihre Rekrutierungsaktivitäten gestalten. Die Basis für die diesjährigen Untersuchungen bildet wie in den vergangenen Jahren eine Befragung der Top500-Unternehmen aus der Schweiz. Der vorliegende Ergebnisbericht der \\  

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- ting sind nach wie vor wichtige Trendthemen. So werden mit Abstand die meisten Stellenanzeigen auf der eigenen Unternehmens-Webseite und in Internet-Stellenbörsen geschaltet, und E-Mail-Bewerbungen bilden erstmals den grössten Anteil im Bewerbungseingang. Darüber hinaus schlagen bereits einige Unternehmen neue Wege in der Personalbeschaffung ein, indem sie die Suchmaschine Google oder soziale Netzwerkplatt -

Falk von Westarp


Characterizations of F-superconductors and selected F-compounds, amorphous carbon and (VO) sub 2 P sub 2 O sub 7 by sup 19 F, sup 13 C, sup 1 H and sup 31 P NMR and a new probe for multiple pulse, MAS and DAS NMR  

SciTech Connect

NMR signals of {sup 19}F have been measured in the polycrystalline inorganic conductor Ag{sub 2}F and in the polycrystalline insulators AgF, YOF, EuOF, YF{sub 3}, CuF{sub 2}, BaF{sub 2} and KF to compare them to the signals found in the so-called 1-2-3-type'' compounds with claimed formulas RBa{sub 2}Cu{sub 3}O{sub 7-x}F{sub x} (R = Y and Eu). No evidence for a Knight-shifted, built-in fluorine-signal was found in the 1-2-3-type superconductors, whereas, Ag{sub 2}F shows a clearly downfield shifted {sup 19}F peak with reference to AgF. 32 refs., 10 figs.

Pan, Hongjun.



Estudo das condicoes de marcacao da gentamicina com sup(99m)Tc. complexacao com Re. Estabelecimento de alguns parametros farmacocineticos com o auxilio da analise compartimental. (Studies of labelling conditions for gentamicin with (99m)Tc. Complexation with rhenium. Establishment of pharmacokinetics parameters through compartmental analysis).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Gentamicin sulphate is an aminoglycoside antibiotic type specifically used for treatment of infections produced by Gram-negative bacterias but at the other hand it presents ototoxic reactions as a serious side effect. The main purpose of labelling gentami...

O. G. Carvalho



Monitoracao ambiental (fase operacional) da Usina de Enriquecimento de Uranio Almirante Alvaro Alberto. Relatorio quadrimestral das medidas por espectroscopia gama: marco a junho de 1988. (Environmental monitoring (operational period) of the uranium enrichment facility Almirante Alvaro Alberto. Quadrimonthly report of gamma spectroscopy measurements: march to june 1988).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In this report we present the assessment of the environmental monitoring radiation levels during the operation period of the Uranium Enrichment Facility Almirante Alvaro Alberto from March to July 1988. The purpose was achieved by sampling and analyzing u...

L. Venturini B. R. S. Pecequilo



Efeito das radiacoes gama e ultra-violeta em isolados de Metarhizium anisopliae (Metsch). Sorokin, 1883 e sua utilizacao visando o controle da Diatraea saccharalis (Fabricius, 1794). (Effect of gamma and ultraviolet radiations in isolates of Metarhizium anisopliae (METSCH) Sorokin, 1883 and its utilization against Diatraea saccharalis (FABRICIUS, 1794) control).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The effects of gamma radiation and ultraviolet in isolated of the fungus Metarhizium anisopliae (Metsch) Sorokin, and the utilization of this pathogen for the Diatrae saccharalis (Fabr.) control are studied. (L.M.J.). (Atomindex citation 22:003496)

L. C. Almeida




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This is a qualitative research that aimed to investigate Brazilian Landless Workers Movement women's access to pre-natal care and cervical cancer prevention. Interviews were done in 2005 with five women in the city of Cajamar, Brazil. The thematic analysis of content made it possible to evidence that access barriers such as territorial delimitation and geographical distance let women use false

Sayuri Tanaka Maeda; Ana Luiza; Vilela Borges; Eunice Nakamura; Daniela Miyahiro; Lucila Fernandes Silva



Desenvolvimento e Teste de um Sistema de Fiscali Zacao das Operacoes de Credito Agricola AO Nivel de Municipio E de Propriedades Agricolas Utilizando Tecnicas de Sensoriamento Remoto (Development and Testing of a Rural Credit Supervision System at the Level of Counties and Rural Properties Utilizing Remote Sensing Techniqes).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Remote sensing techniques for supporting the rural credit supervision system were developed and tested. The test area comprised the counties of Aracatuba and Guararapes, located in the State of Sao Paulo. Aerial photography, LANDSAT images and topographic...

G. T. Batista A. M. Delima A. T. Tardin B. F. T. Rudorff F. J. Mendonca



Experiment ueber den Einflusse von Metaboliten und Antimetaboliten am Modell von Trichomonas Vaginalis. IV. Mitteilung: Vitamine, die das Wachstum von Trichomonas Vaginalis Beguenstigen (Experiments on the Influence of Metabolites and Antimetabolites on the Model of Trichomonas Vaginalis. IV. Communication: Vitamins Favouring the Growth of Trichomonas Vaginalis).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

A number of vitamins have been investigated for their influence upon Trichomonas vaginalis. At a concentration of 0.20 mg ml vitamin A has stimulating action upon the growth of Trichomonas vaginalis. Vitamin D2 has been shown to favour Trichomonas multipl...

C. P. Christow



Experimente ueber den Einflusse von Metaboliten und Antimetaboliten am Modell von Trichomonas Vaginalis. VI. Mitteilung: Einwirkung Einiger Vitaminaehnlicher Substanzen auf das Wachstum von Trichomonas Vaginalis (Experiments on the Influence of Metabolites and Antimetabolites on the Model of Trichomonas Vaginalis. VI. Communication: Effect of Vitamins and Vitamin-Like Substanc - trn.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

A number of substances (folic acid, axerophtol, tokopherol and others) stimulate the growth of Trichomonas vaginalis and, therefore, are very well suited for trichomonas media. The presence of these substances in the urogential system of man could favour ...

C. P. Christow



Verwertbarkeit und Zuverlaessigkeit von Ergebnissen vorliegender epidemiologischer Untersuchungen fuer die Abschaezung des strahlenbedingten Krebsrisikos. T. 3. Das strahlenbedingte Brustkrebsrisiko. (Value and reliability of findings from previous epidemiologic studies in the assessment of radiation-related cancer risks. Pt. 3. Radiation-related risk of the breast).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The theories put forward here are predominantly based on pooled data from previous studies in a number of cohorts made up by mostly non-average individuals. These studies were carried out by various researchers and differed in procedures and aims. Factors...

G. Frasch K. Martignoni



Metodo espectro-nodal para solucao das equacoes Sn em geometria x,y para problemas de penetracao profunda em meios altamente absorventes. (Spectral nodal method for the solution of the Sn equations in x,y geometry for highly absorbing deep penetration problems).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Presented here is an attempt to improve the accuracy of transport nodal methods applied to deep penetration transport problems in x, y-geometry. The resulting nodal method uses the Spectral Green's Function (SGF) scheme for solving the one-dimensional tra...

R. C. Barros



Das Image deutscher Öko-Zeichen - Unterscheiden Verbraucher zwischen Öko-Verbandszeichen, Öko- Herstellermarken, Öko-Handelsmarken und dem BioSiegel? - The Image of Organic Labels - Do Consumers Differentiate between Labels of Organic Producer Organisations, Organic Brands, Retailers' Own Organic Labels and the 'Bio Siegel'?  

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In Germany, consumers are confronted with more than 100 organic labels, which lead to uncertainty about the reliability of such labels. As a solution, one public organic label, the Bio-Siegel, was designed. This raises two questions from the marketing perspective: (1) Do any of the individual organic labels have a specific image, a unique selling proposition (USP)? (2) Does the

A. Wirthgen


Heterotype Mischbarkeit zwischen Wolframit- und Columbitgruppe  

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Zusammenfassung Bei der NNachprüfungder Niobatsysteme mit verbesserten Apparaturen wurde festgestellt, daß sich MnNbO4, NiNbO4 und CoNbO44b als MnNb2O6, NiNb2O6 und CoNb2O6 erwiesen. Stabilitätsabschätzungenergaben, daß für FeNbO4 das Rutilgitter bis zum Schmelzpunkt gegen das Wolframitgitter, für TiO2 das Anatasgitter bis zum Schmelzpunkt gegen das Rutilgitter und für FeNb2O6 wahrscheinlich das Rutilgitter gegen das Columbitgitter instabil sind.

Helmut Schrocke



Interchangeability of 28-joint disease activity scores using the erythrocyte sedimentation rate or the C-reactive protein as inflammatory marker.  


This paper aims to examine the interchangeability of the disease activity score in 28 joints (DAS28)-erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) and DAS28-CRP scores in a diverse sample of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients and to evaluate generalizability over gender, age, and disease duration. A sample of 682 patients was drawn from the DREAM registry. Agreement between the two DAS28 scores was analyzed using the intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC), Bland Altman plots, and a matrix of classification agreement over DAS28 disease activity categories. Despite a strong linear correlation between the DAS28 scores and a high ICC value of 0.931, a considerable lack of individual agreement could be observed, with Bland-Altman 95 % limits of agreement ranging between -0.85 and +1.25 points. On average, DAS28-CRP scores were 0.20 points lower than DAS28-ESR scores, and data stratification on age and gender showed that this systematic bias was most severe in older women (0.39 points). The overall classification agreement across DAS28 categories was 76.69 %, with the agreement being lowest (35.37 %) in the low disease activity group. Patients were more easily classified as being in remission when using the DAS28-CRP measure. DAS28-ESR and DAS28-CRP scores are not interchangeable within individuals. The DAS28-CRP tends to yield lower values of disease activity than the DAS28-ESR, resulting in substantial classification differences. PMID:24562719

Siemons, Liseth; Vonkeman, Harald E; Ten Klooster, Peter M; van Riel, Piet L C M; van de Laar, Mart A F J



78 FR 26171 - Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act Provisions; Fisheries of the...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 programs (i.e., special access programs (SAPs) and the Regular B DAS Program), in order to limit...B DAS hook gear Eastern US/CA Stock program haddock SAP haddock SAP (percent) (percent)...



50 CFR 648.82 - Effort-control program for NE multispecies limited access vessels.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2012 CFR

...DAS credit for standing by entangled whales. A limited access vessel fishing under...that reports and stands by an entangled whale may request a DAS credit for the time spent standing by the whale. The following conditions and...



50 CFR 648.82 - Effort-control program for NE multispecies limited access vessels.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2011 CFR

...DAS credit for standing by entangled whales. Limited access vessels fishing under...program that report and stand by an entangled whale may request a DAS credit for the time spent standing by the whale. The following conditions and...



Vertrauen und Sozialkapital an einer wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Fakultät der Universität der Bundeswehr München und in Deutschland: Eine empirische Studie  

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Dieser Beitrag ist das Ergebnis eines sechs Monate langen Studienprojekts, durchgeführt an der Fakultät für Wirtschafts- und Organisationswissenschaften (WOW) an der Universität der Bundeswehr München. Gemeinsam mit 17 (männlichen und weiblichen) Studenten hat das \\

Friedrich L. Sell; Martin Reidelhuber



Bioelektrische Signale  

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Luigi Galvani, Anatom an der Universität Bologna, beobachtete 1789 wie ein enthäutetes Froschbein, das mit einem Kupferhaken\\u000a nahe dem Balkongeländer aufgehängt war, jedes Mal zusammenzuckte, wenn das Bein mit dem Eisengeländer in Berührung kam.

Werner Müller; Stephan Frings


47 CFR 90.219 - Use of signal boosters.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...adjust a signal booster. Distributed Antenna System (DAS). A network of...boosters or signal booster systems, as necessary to eliminate...the purpose. Except for distributed antenna systems (DAS) installed in...



North Sea Task Force (NSTF). Quality Status Report — Subregion 5  

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Die North Sea Task Force (NSTF) wurde beauftragt, für das nächste Treffen der Umweltminister einen Quality Status Report zu erstellen. Dazu wurde das gesamte Gebiet der Nordsee in 10 Subregionen unterteilt.

H. Karup



Ab inito study of molecular spin valves  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The combination of spin and molecular electronics poses exciting perspectives both for basic science and technological applications. By manipulating the spin degree of freedom at the atomic level we enter a new and exciting era where entire spin devices can be substituted by single a molecule performing analogous tasks. In this talk, we will present a through theoretical study of electronic transport through molecular spin valves ootnotetextTowards Molecular Spintronics, A. Reily Rocha, V. M. Garcia Su'arez, S. W. Bailey, C. J. Lambert, J. Ferrer and S. Sanvito, submitted to Nature Materials. obtained by sandwiching a molecule between two Ni electrodes. The calculations are performed with our novel code Smeagol (, which combines density functional theory with non-equilibrium Green function transport method. We will show results for two types of molecules with distinct transport mechanisms, namely: tunneling and metallic conductance. In both cases we analyze the effects of the contacts on the molecule and the particular states contributing to the transport. We will demonstrate that it is not only possible to obtain large magnetoresistance effects in both types of molecules, but also to engineer the signal by an appropriate choice of end-groups.

Reily Rocha, Alexandre



Pore size distribution calculation from 1H NMR signal and N2 adsorption-desorption techniques  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The pore size distribution (PSD) of nano-material MCM-41 is determined using two different approaches: N2 adsorption-desorption and 1H NMR signal of water confined in silica nano-pores of MCM-41. The first approach is based on the recently modified Kelvin equation [J.V. Rocha, D. Barrera, K. Sapag, Top. Catal. 54(2011) 121-134] which deals with the known underestimation in pore size distribution for the mesoporous materials such as MCM-41 by introducing a correction factor to the classical Kelvin equation. The second method employs the Gibbs-Thompson equation, using NMR, for melting point depression of liquid in confined geometries. The result shows that both approaches give similar pore size distribution to some extent, and also the NMR technique can be considered as an alternative direct method to obtain quantitative results especially for mesoporous materials. The pore diameter estimated for the nano-material used in this study was about 35 and 38 Å for the modified Kelvin and NMR methods respectively. A comparison between these methods and the classical Kelvin equation is also presented.

Hassan, Jamal



Porphyrin-like defects in CNx nanotubes  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Carbon nanotubes (CNT) can be used in a variety of nanoscopic electronic devices, and their functionality can be greatly enhanced by the introduction of defects. It has been shown that CNTs doped with nitrogen atoms can act as sensors. Pyridine- like defects, where four N atoms surround a divacancy, have been shown [1] to act as binding sites of molecules, such as ammonia, and to be associated with the behavior of these sensors. In this work we study the adsorption of iron atoms onto these nitrogen defects. We demonstrate that the Fe atoms bind to the four N defect in a configuration similar to a porphyrin molecule. Moreover, this system - CNx nanotube plus iron atom - has a magnetic moment of 3 ?B which is almost entirely localized on the Fe atom. With a combination of density functional theory and recursive Green's functions calculations we study the transport properties of disordered one-dimensional systems [1] composed of such units. In particular, we study the polarization of the current as a function of the average spin orientation of iron atoms randomly dispersed over the nanotubes in a reallistic setup. [1] A. R. Rocha, M. Rossi, A. Fazzio and A. J. R. da Silva, Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 176803 (2008).

da Silva, Antonio J. R.; Almeida, James; Rocha, A. R.; Fazzio, A.



Strength reduction factors for seismic analyses of buildings exposed to near-fault ground motions  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

To estimate the near-fault inelastic response spectra, the accuracy of six existing strength reduction factors ( R) proposed by different investigators were evaluated by using a suite of near-fault earthquake records with directivity-induced pulses. In the evaluation, the force-deformation relationship is modelled by elastic-perfectly plastic, bilinear and stiffness degrading models, and two site conditions, rock and soil, are considered. The R-value ratio (ratio of the R value obtained from the existing R-expressions (or the R-µ- T relationships) to that from inelastic analyses) is used as a measurement parameter. Results show that the R-expressions proposed by Ordaz & Perez-Rocha are the most suitable for near-fault ground motions, followed by the Newmark & Hall and the Berrill et al. relationships. Based on an analysis using the near-fault ground motion dataset, new expressions of R that consider the effects of site conditions are presented and verified.

Qu, Honglue; Zhang, Jianjing; Zhao, J. X.



Extensive cell heterogeneity during persistent infection with foot-and-mouth disease virus.  

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Coevolution of viruses and the host cells occurred in BHK-21 cell cultures persistently infected with foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) (J. C. de la Torre, E. Martínez-Salas, J. Diez, A. Villaverde, F. Gebauer, E. Rocha, M. Dávila, and E. Domingo, J. Virol. 62:2050-2058, 1988). In the present report we provide evidence of an extreme phenotypic heterogeneity of the cells, which was generated in the course of persistence. A total of 248 stable cell clones isolated from FMDV carrier cultures at early or late passages were analyzed. At least six distinct cell phenotypes were distinguished with regard to cell morphology, resistance to FMDV strain C-S8c1, and cell growth characteristics. No infectious FMDV or viral RNA was detected in variant cell clones, suggesting that the altered phenotypes were caused by inheritable cell modifications, selected in the course of persistence. Thus, the FMDV-BHK-21 carrier cell system must be described as a dynamic interaction between an evolving heterogeneous population of virus and multiple cell variants. We suggest that cell heterogeneity confers a selective advantage for long-term virus and cell survival by providing the cell population with a range of responses toward FMDV. Images

de la Torre, J C; Martinez-Salas, E; Diez, J; Domingo, E



Unique amino acid substitutions in the capsid proteins of foot-and-mouth disease virus from a persistent infection in cell culture.  

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Maintenance of a persistent foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) infection in BHK-21 cells involves a coevolution of cells and virus (J. C. de la Torre, E. Martínez-Salas, J. Díez, A. Villaverde, F. Gebauer, E. Rocha, M. Dávila, and E. Domingo, J. Virol. 62:2050-2058, 1988). The resident FMDV undergoes a number of phenotypic changes, including a gradual decrease in virion stability. Here we report the nucleotide sequence of the P1 genomic segment of the virus rescued after 100 passages of the carrier cells (R100). Only 5 of 15 mutations in P1 of R100 were silent. Nine amino acid substitutions were fixed on the viral capsid during persistence, and three of the variant amino acids are not represented in the corresponding position of any picornavirus sequenced to date. Cysteine at position 7 of VP3, that provides disulfide bridges at the FMDV fivefold axis, was substituted by valine, as determined by RNA, cDNA, and protein sequencing. The modified virus shows high buoyant density in cesium chloride and depicts the same sensitivity to photoinactivation by intercalating dyes as the parental FMDV C-S8c1. Amino acid substitutions fixed in VP1 resulted in altered antigenicity, as revealed by reactivity with monoclonal antibodies. In addition to defining at the molecular level the alterations the FMDV capsid underwent during persistence, the results show that positions which are highly invariant in an RNA genome may change when viral replication occurs in a modified environment. Images

Diez, J; Davila, M; Escarmis, C; Mateu, M G; Dominguez, J; Perez, J J; Giralt, E; Melero, J A; Domingo, E



On the Age of Gliese 86  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Gliese 86 is a nearby planet hosting a visual binary consisting of a K-type primary, Gl 86 A, and a white dwarf secondary, Gl 86 B. In this work, we present a model atmosphere analysis of the M A = 0.83 M ? primary, whose chemistry unambiguously identifies it as a 10 Gyr old disk star. For the secondary, this gives rise to a progenitor mass M prog = 1.11 ± 0.05 M ?, and—by inference with its local sibling o 2 Eri—a white dwarf mass M B = 0.49 ± 0.02 M ?. The discrepancy with the 2-3 Gyr chromospheric age of Gl 86 A, as first noted by Rocha-Pinto, Castilho & Maciel, is thus most plausibly the result of a former accretion of mass and angular momentum from the distant degenerate. In consequence, this also implies that with respect to shorter-period systems, like Sirius or Procyon, one must expect significant wind accretion when they evolve through the planetary nebula phase, such that the system ages cannot be reliably determined from their currently bright primaries.

Fuhrmann, K.; Chini, R.; Buda, L.-S.; Pozo Nuñez, F.



Rave: The Age-metallicity-velocity Relation In The Nearby Disk  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A fundamental issue in our understanding of the evolution of the Milky Way is the existence of an Age-Metallicity-Velocity relation (AMVR) in the nearby disk. However there are still remarkable differences in the form of this relation (e.g Twarog 1980, Meusinger et al. 1991, Edvardsson et al. 1993, Rocha-Pinto et al. 2000, Quillen & Garnett 2000, Feltzing et al. 2001, Holmberg et al. 2007). Moreover we have found considerable differences between the methods and the populations we use for dating the Galaxy and how a selection of the lowest errors in age introduce bias in the relation. Following this idea we are working in a new derivation of the AMVR. We are using a carefully selected subgiants stars from RAVE and Geneva-Copenhagen surveys. RAVE provides accurate kinematics and a first estimate of metallicity, temperature and gravity. Follow-up observations allow us to obtain accurate fundametal parameters and individual abundances in order to derive reliable ages and generate an AMVR for the nearby disk.

Anguiano, Borja; Freeman, K.; Steinmetz, M.; de Boer, E. Wylie; RAVE Collaboration



Detection of the Main-Sequence Turnoff of a Newly Discovered Milky Way Halo Structure in the Triangulum-Andromeda Region  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

An upper main sequence (MS) and main-sequence turnoff (MSTO) feature appears in the color-magnitude diagram (CMD) of a large-area photometric survey of the southern half of M31 stretching to M33. Imaging in the Washington M, T2, DDO51 system allows us to remove the background M31/M33 giants from our CMD and more clearly see the dwarf star feature, which has an MSTO near M~20.5. The corresponding stellar population shows little density variation over the 12deg×6deg area of the sky sampled and is of very low surface brightness, ?>32 mag arcsec-2. We show that this feature is not the same as a previously identified MS+MSTO in the foreground of the Andromeda galaxy that has been associated with the tidal stream ringing the Milky Way disk at less than half the distance. Thus, the new stellar system is a separate, more distant entity, perhaps a segment of tidal debris from a disrupted satellite galaxy. It is most likely related to the structure with similar distance, location, and density uniformity seen as an excess of K and M giants in the Two Micron All Sky Survey reported in the companion paper by Rocha-Pinto and coworkers.

Majewski, Steven R.; Ostheimer, James C.; Rocha-Pinto, Helio J.; Patterson, Richard J.; Guhathakurta, Puragra; Reitzel, David



Using SEGUE Cool Stars to Examine the Metallicity Structure of the Milky Way Disk  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We utilize the spectroscopically observed stars from the SEGUE Survey to examine the metallicity structure of the Galactic disk. Previous analyses of the metallicity distribution function of cool stars in the disk relied on local samples consisting of hundreds of stars (Rocha-Pinto & Maciel 1998, Kotoneva et al. 2002). Utilizing SDSS, we can greatly increase the sample size and extent of the disk probed. We benefit from the quantitative and systematic target selection algorithm of SEGUE, which allows us to use our spectroscopic sample of 60,000 stars to reflect the properties of the underlying stellar populations. This is by far the largest analysis of the disk utilizing spectroscopic metallicities and will be particularly critical for understanding the chemical evolution of the Milky Way. Throughout the disk, we find good agreement between G and K dwarfs, indicating similar star formation histories. In addition, both are deficient in metal-poor stars when compared with a simple closed box model, the classic "G dwarf problem." The two spectral types also show a consistent decrease in [Fe/H] with respect to increasing |Z|. Comparison with thin and thick disk samples, defined by [?/Fe], from Lee et al. (2011) indicates that the vertical metallicity gradient reflects the transition in G and K dwarfs from a thin-disk-dominated sample at small |Z| to a sample consisting primarily of thick-disk stars at high |Z|.

Schlesinger, Katie



A critical review on Chagas disease chemotherapy.  


In this "Critical Review" we made a historical introduction of drugs assayed against Chagas disease beginning in 1912 with the works of Mayer and Rocha Lima up to the experimental use of nitrofurazone. In the beginning of the 70s, nifurtimox and benznidazole were introduced for clinical treatment, but results showed a great variability and there is still a controversy about their use for chronic cases. After the introduction of these nitroheterocycles only a few compounds were assayed in chagasic patients. The great advances in vector control in the South Cone countries, and the demonstration of parasite in chronic patients indicated the urgency to discuss the etiologic treatment during this phase, reinforcing the need to find drugs with more efficacy and less toxicity. We also review potential targets in the parasite and present a survey about new classes of synthetic and natural compounds studied after 1992/1993, with which we intend to give to the reader a general view about experimental studies in the area of the chemotherapy of Chagas disease, complementing the previous papers of Brener (1979) and De Castro (1993). PMID:11992141

Rodriques Coura, José; de Castro, Solange L



La Plata Astronomical Observatory  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

La Plata, the current capital city of the province of Buenos Aires, was founded on 19 November 1882 by governor Dardo Rocha, and built on an innovative design giving emphasis to the quality of the public space, official and educational buildings. The Astronomical Observatory was one of the first inhabitants of the main park of the city; its construction started in 1883 including two telescopes that ranked among the largest in the southern hemisphere at that time and also several instruments devoted to positional astronomy (e.g. a meridian circle and a zenith telescope). A dedicated effort has being invested during the last 15 years in order to recover some of the original instrumentation (kept in a small museum) as well as the distinctive architectural values. In 1905, the Observatory, the School of Agriculture and the Museum of Natural Sciences (one of the most important museums in South America) became part of the backbone of La Plata National University, an institution with a strong and distinctive profile in exact and natural sciences. The First School for Astronomy and Related Sciences had been harboured by the Observatory since 1935, and became the current Faculty of Astronomical and Geophysical Sciences in 1983. This last institution carries PhD programs and also a number of teaching activities at different levels. These activities are the roots of a strong connection of the Observatory with the city.

Forte, Juan Carlos; Cora, Sofia A.


Botanische und physikalisch-chemische Betrachtungen über die Gerstenschale  

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Zusammenfassung 1.Durch die Spelzen, deren Einzelbestandteile nach ihrer botanischen und chemischen Beschaffenheit erläutert werden, unterscheidet sich das Gerstenkorn von dem Korn des Weizens und des Roggens.2.Hoher Gehalt an Spelzen ist gleichbedeutend mit hohem Rohfasergehalt und hohem Mineralstoffgehalt bei erniedrigtem Stärkewert.3.Als Wertkennzahlen für die Beurteilung des Kornes dienen das Hektolitergewicht, das Tausendkorngewicht und das spezifische Gewicht.4.Dem Hektolitergewicht der Gerste kommt nicht

Karl Schmorl



A Comparison of Ontogenetic Variation in Cold Hardiness of Brassica juncea  

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When growing in the field, Brassica juncea cv. RH-30 was exposed to freezing temperature in 2 years at 7 different ontogenetic stages of development, i.e. vegetative (20 days after sowing—DAS), bud initiation (30 DAS), flowering initiation (40 DAS), 27, 50, 90 and 100% siliqua development stages (55, 75, 90 and 125 DAS respectively).Varying levels of determinal impact of freezing were

Madan Lal Chhabra; Ingvar Ohlsson



The distributed ASCI Supercomputer project  

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The Distributed ASCI Supercomputer (DAS) is a homogeneous wide-area distributed system consisting of four cluster computers at different locations. DAS has been used for research on communication software, parallel languages and programming systems, schedulers, parallel applications, and distributed applications. The paper gives a preview of the most interesting research results obtained so far in the DAS project.

Henri E. Bal; Raoul Bhoedjang; Rutger F. H. Hofman; Ceriel J. H. Jacobs; Thilo Kielmann; Jason Maassen; Rob Van Nieuwpoort; John Romein; L.P.M. Renambot; Tim Riihl; Ronald Veldema; Kees Verstoep; Aline Baggio; Gerco Ballintijn; Ihor Kuz; Guillaume Pierre; Maarten Van Steen; Andy Tanenbaum; Gerben Doornbos; Hans Spoelder; Evert-jan Baerends; Stan Van Gisbergen; Hamideh Afsermanesh; Albada van Geert Dick; Adam Belloum; David Dubbeldam; Zeger Hendrikse; Bob Hertzberger; Alfons Hoekstra; Kamil Iskra; Drona Kandhai; Dennis Koelma; Frank Van Der Linden; Benno Overeinder; Peter Sloot; Piero Spinnato; Dick Epema; Arjan Van Gemund; Pieter Jonker; Andrei Radulescu; Cees Van Reeuwijk; Henk Sips; Peter Knijnenburg; Michael Lew; Floris Sluiter; Lex Wolters; Hans Blom; Cees De Laat; Aad Van Der Steen



Le ralentissement de l'investissement est plutôt le fait des petites entreprises tertiaires  

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[ger] ln der ersten Hälfte der 90r Jahre blieb die Investitionstätigkeit der Unternehmen gering und lag unter dem Niveau, das die gesamtwirtschaftlichen Modelle vermuten liessen. Eine Ursache für diese Abweichung ist das Investitionsverhalten, das je nach Grösse und Wirtschaftszweig sehr differenziert ist. Der volumenmässige Rückgang der Investitionstätigkeit in den Grossunternehmen und in der Industrie ist in Wirklichkeit darauf zurückzuführen, dass

Richard Duhautois



Über die Wirkung einiger Anästhetikachloride und deren Mischungen mit Natriumbikarbonat auf die Froschhaut  

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Zusammenfassung 1.Die Wirkung der untersuchten Anästhetika, des Novokains, des Alypins, des Akoins und Kokains, auf die Froschhaut wird stark erhöht durch Zusatz von Natriumbikarbonat zu ihren Lösungen.2.Von den untersuchten Anästheticis wirken am stärksten das Alypin und Kokain, dann folgt das Akoin, am schwächsten wirkt das Novokain. Diese Reihenfolge gilt sowohl für die Lösungen dieser Anästhetika allein, als auch für ihre

Georg Protz



50 CFR 648.82 - Effort-control program for NE multispecies limited access vessels.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...or through a DAS transfer. With the exception of vessels combining DAS Leasing Program baselines from two different vessels through...all stock areas, the Regional Administrator will adjust the ratio of Category A:Category B DAS specified in paragraph...



Mulheres \\  

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Na virada do século XIX para o XX, o problema dos crimes sexuais transformou-se numa das maiores preocupações das autoridades públicas brasileiras. Vistos como uma das faces negativas do estágio de evolução da civilização ocidental, explicados enfaticamente como produtos da dissolução dos costumes resultante de \\

Carlos Martins Júnior


Do background images improve \\  

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Draw a secret (DAS) is a representative graphical password scheme. Rigorous theoretical analysis suggests that DAS supports an overall password space larger than that of the ubiquitous textual password scheme. However, recent research suggests that DAS users tend to choose weak passwords, and their choices would render this theoretically sound scheme less secure in real life. In this paper we

Paul Dunphy; Jeff Yan



Application and development of distribution automation system in TEPCO  

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With distribution automation system (DAS), switches of the distribution network are remotely monitored and controlled by computers installed at the control center in sales offices. Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc. (TEPCO) has completed the installation of DAS to all of its sale offices in order to operate the distribution network most effectively. However, the configuration of DAS computer system was

Satoru Koizumi; Mutsumu Okumura; Toru Yanase



Chaos für die Schule!: Nichtlinearität und Strukturbildung  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Modellsysteme können Schülern die Grundlagen der nichtlinearen Physik anschaulich vermitteln. Sie schlagen so einen Bogen von der Schulphysik zur aktuellen Forschung. Ein solches Modellsystem ist das chaotische Wasserrad, das Lehrer auf einfache Weise für den Schulunterricht nachbauen können. Im Wesentlichen steuert der Zufluss des Wassers das Verhalten des Wasserrads. Wächst er, so durchläuft das Rad von der geordneten, gleichförmigen Drehung bis zum Chaos verschiedene Phasen von Bewegungsfiguren. Das Experiment kann grundlegende Modelle und Begriffe der Chaostheorie demonstrieren: lokale und globale Bifurkationen und verschiedene Übergänge ins Chaos.

Nordmeier, Volkhard; Schlichting, Hans Joachim



Integrating biological data - the Distributed Annotation System  

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Background The Distributed Annotation System (DAS) is a widely adopted protocol for dynamically integrating a wide range of biological data from geographically diverse sources. DAS continues to expand its applicability and evolve in response to new challenges facing integrative bioinformatics. Results Here we describe the various infrastructure components of DAS and present a new extended version of the DAS specification. Version 1.53E incorporates several recent developments, including its extension to serve new data types and an ontology for protein features. Conclusion Our extensions to the DAS protocol have facilitated the integration of new data types, and our improvements to the existing DAS infrastructure have addressed recent challenges. The steadily increasing numbers of available data sources demonstrates further adoption of the DAS protocol.

Jenkinson, Andrew M; Albrecht, Mario; Birney, Ewan; Blankenburg, Hagen; Down, Thomas; Finn, Robert D; Hermjakob, Henning; Hubbard, Tim JP; Jimenez, Rafael C; Jones, Philip; Kahari, Andreas; Kulesha, Eugene; Macias, Jose R; Reeves, Gabrielle A; Prlic, Andreas



The Distributed Annotation System  

PubMed Central

Background Currently, most genome annotation is curated by centralized groups with limited resources. Efforts to share annotations transparently among multiple groups have not yet been satisfactory. Results Here we introduce a concept called the Distributed Annotation System (DAS). DAS allows sequence annotations to be decentralized among multiple third-party annotators and integrated on an as-needed basis by client-side software. The communication between client and servers in DAS is defined by the DAS XML specification. Annotations are displayed in layers, one per server. Any client or server adhering to the DAS XML specification can participate in the system; we describe a simple prototype client and server example. Conclusions The DAS specification is being used experimentally by Ensembl, WormBase, and the Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project. Continued success will depend on the readiness of the research community to adopt DAS and provide annotations. All components are freely available from the project website .

Dowell, Robin D; Jokerst, Rodney M; Day, Allen; Eddy, Sean R; Stein, Lincoln



Observations of Bands (9,4), (8,3), (7,2), (6,2), and (5,1), Atmospheric Luminescence, and the Mechanism of Product of Excited OH in the Upper Atmosphere Observacoes das Bandas (9,4), (8,3), (7,2), (6,2) E (5,1) DA Emissao OH NA Luminescencia Atmosferica E O Mecanismo de Producao DA OH Escitada NA Alta Atmosfera.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

A multi-channel tilting filter photometer was constructed to measure the band intensity and the rotational temperature of the five OH bands. It was observed that the nocturnal variations of the five bands show good correlation between them, but there are ...

H. Takahashi



Comparison of different definitions to classify remission and sustained remission: 1 year TEMPO results  

PubMed Central

Objective: To assess methods to calculate achieving and sustaining remission in a double blind randomised trial in patients with RA who received etanercept, methotrexate, or an etanercept/methotrexate combination. Methods: Remission was defined as DAS <1.6, DAS28 <2.6, and ACR70 response. Sustaining remission was analysed in three ways: (a) analysis of sustained DAS remission, DAS28 remission, or ACR70 response continuously for 6 months; (b) analysis of sustained remission appraised through a continuity rewarded scoring system, which is the weighted sum of all intervals in the study in which patients are in DAS or DAS28 remission; or (c) longitudinal modelling of remission odds using generalised estimating equations. Results: Significantly more patients treated with the etanercept/methotrexate combination reached DAS remission (37%) than those treated with either methotrexate (14%) or etanercept (18%) alone (p<0.01). Results for DAS28 and for the ACR70 response were similar. Agreement between DAS remission and DAS28 remission was good, but agreement between either of these and the ACR70 response was less. Patients in DAS or DAS28 remission had a lower level of disease activity (fewer active joints, lower ESR) than those achieving ACR70 response; the converse was seen using pain VAS. The three methods were comparable for sustainability of remission and showed significant advantage for combination therapy, which increased the number and durability of remission periods. Conclusions: DAS and DAS28 remission results were similar for assessing achieving and sustaining remission in RA, frequently differing from patients classified as ACR70 responders. The three methods of examining duration of remission produced comparable results.

van der Heijde, D; Klareskog, L; Boers, M; Landewe, R; Codreanu, C; Bolosiu, H; Pedersen, R; Fatenejad, S; for, T



Investigating the effects of abyssal peridotite alteration on Si, Mg and Zn isotopes  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Around 1/3 of Earth's divergent ridge system is now classified as "slow" spreading [1], exposing ultramafic rocks (abyssal peridotites) at the seafloor. Such material is often highly altered by serpentinisation and steatisation (talc formation). It is crucial to understand such processes in order to access the original composition of the mantle, and to quantify any impact on ocean composition. Here we examine the effect of both serpentinisation and steatisation on Si, Mg and Zn isotopes. Hydrothermal alteration and seafloor weathering are both sources of oceanic Si [2] and weathering of abyssal peridotites is a source of oceanic Mg [3]; hence isotopic fractionation as a result of seafloor alteration could affect oceanic Si and Mg isotope composition. Zinc isotopes can provide complimentary information; the magnitude and direction of fractionation is highly dependent on complexing ligand [4] and can provide compositional information on the fluids driving metasomatism. For this study, two cores from the well-characterised abyssal peridotites recovered on ODP Leg 209 were examined [5]. Hole 1274a peridotites exhibit variable serpentinisation at ~200°C, whereas samples from Hole 1268a have been comprehensively serpentinised and then subsequently steatised to talc facies at ~350°C, by a low Mg/Si, low pH fluid. The Si, Mg and Zn isotope compositions of 1274a samples are extremely homogeneous, identical to that of pristine mantle rocks (BSE) i.e., serpentinisation at this locality was predominantly isochemical [5]. In contrast, samples from 1268a show greater isotopic variability. In all samples, Mg is enriched in the heavier isotopes relative to BSE, consistent with formation of isotopically heavy secondary phases [6]. For Si, serpentinised samples are slightly enriched in the lighter isotopes compared to BSE, again consistent with the behaviour of Si during formation of secondary phases [7]. Within the steatised samples, some exhibit enrichments in the lighter Si isotopes (similar to the serpentinites), however, some are isotopically heavy, relative to BSE. Such samples were found to have abundant chlorite, whose formation requires fluid with high Al activity, likely sourced from late-emplaced gabbroic dykes. The Zn of all 1268a samples are enriched in the lighter isotopes, implying the involvement of isotopically light sulfide precipitation during metasomatism [4]. The consistently heavy Mg isotope data suggest that seafloor alteration of peridotites can input an isotopically light Mg-bearing fluid to the ocean. Fluid composition is less easy to determine from the more complex behaviour observed in Si isotopes, although it is unlikely to substantially deviate from BSE, consistent with previous observations [8]. Finally, the strong enrichment in the lighter isotopes of Zn confirms that this isotope system could be used as a tracer of recycled serpentinised material at arc settings, as suggested in [4]. [1] Dick et al. (2003) Nature 426, 405-412; [2] Treguer and De La Rocha (2013) Ann. Rev. Mar. Sci. 5, 477-501; [3] Snow & Dick (1995) GCA, 59, 4219-4235; [4] Pons et al. (2011) PNAS 108(43) 17639-17643; [5] Bach et al., (2004) G3 5; [6] Tipper et al. (2006) EPSL 247, 267-279; [7] Opfergelt et al. (2012) Chem. Geol. 326, 113-122; [8] De La Rocha et al. (2000) GCA 64, 2467-2477.

Savage, P. S.; Wimpenny, J.; Harvey, J.; Yin, Q.; Moynier, F.



Use Of The Gpr To Characterize Sedimentary Structures Of Lakes In Sub-Humid Drainage System, Southeast Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

PAULO ROBERTO ANTUNES ARANHA IGC - UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DE MINAS GERAIS - AV ANTONIO CARLOS 6.627 - CEP: 31270901-BELO HORIZONTE- MG - BRAZIL CRISTINA ROCHA AUGUSTIN - IGC - UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DE MINAS GERAIS - AV ANTONIO CARLOS 6.627 - CEP: 31270901-BELO HORIZONTE- MG - BRAZIL System of lakes located in the sandstones domains of Supergrupo Urucuia, in the State Park Veredas do Peruaçu, north of the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil, are common features in ecosystems of the Veredas, a biome of the Cerrado (Savanna-Open pasture). The linearity of these lakes suggests that they could have, in the past, belonged to the same drainage system, that would have been disconnected throughout the evolution of the Vereda system. The objective of this research is with the help of the GPR and using 100 MHz antennaes to obtain radargram images that could assist in the interpretation of the structures occurring at the bottom of these lakes. It is possible do identify on the radargrams reflectors that can be correlated with depositional system. These reflectore have the concave form. The results of these radargrames indicate great conformity between the concave form of the sediments and that of the bottom of the lake, allowing to assume that this deposition has been occurring since a long time ago. Therefore, if there was a connection between the study lake and those located in its proximity it has occurred a long time, before the deposition of the sedimentary sequences had been deposited. The thickness of the sediments, that varies since 2m until 5m, indicates that or either this deposition was either a very rapid one so that could generate a fast deposition, or it has been taking place during a considerable geologic long time.; Data acquisitiont;

Aranha, P. A.; Augustin, C. H.



Prenatal Lead Exposure Enhances Methamphetamine Sensitization in Rats  

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Adult female rats were exposed to lead-free sodium acetate via gavage [0 mg (vehicle control)] or to 16 mg lead as lead acetate for 30 days prior to breeding. Following confirmation of breeding, the female animals continued to be exposed to their respective doses throughout gestation and lactation. When weaned, 16 control and 16 lead-exposed offspring were placed on regular water and food (lead-exposure was discontinued) until postnatal day (PND) 70. At this time, one-half of the control animals and one-half of the lead-treatment animals received intraperitoneal (i.p.) injections of the vehicle (saline) for 10 successive days and the remaining animals in each exposure conditions received daily injections of 1.0 mg/kg (+)-methamphetamine (METH) for 10 days (N=8/group). Locomotion in automated chambers was monitored daily for 45 min post-injection. Subsequently, during dose-effect testing, all animals received consecutive daily i.p. injections of 0, 1.0, 2.0, and then 4.0 mg/kg METH. The results of the experiment showed that both control and lead-exposed animals exhibited heightened locomotor activity (i.e. behavioral sensitization) to the repeated administration of 1.0 mg/kg METH. More importantly, animals developmentally (perinatally) exposed to lead showed more rapid sensitization than did their control counterparts. These data indicate that early lead exposure increases sensitivity to the locomotor-stimulating effects of METH. In contrast, identically exposed lead animals exhibit diminished METH dose-effect responding when tested in an intravenous (i.v.) self-administration paradigm (Rocha et al., 2008a; 2008b).

Clifford, P. Shane; Hart, Nigel; Thompson, Jeff; Buckman, Sam; Wellman, Paul J.; Bratton, Gerald R.; Nation, Jack R.



The Astronomical Observatory of the University of Coimbra (1772--1799): its Instruments and Scientific Activity  

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The establishment of scientific education at the University of Coimbra was one of the most important features of the Reform of the University in 1772. One of the best examples is the creation of the Faculty Mathematics and of the Astronomical Observatory (OAUC) - it was here that Alexandre Gouveia (1731--1808), who would be bishop of Beijing (1785--1808), obtained his degree in Mathematics. The foundation of the OAUC was fundamental in the institutionalization of astronomical science in Portugal, during a period when astronomy, supported by the great theoretical advances of the celestial mechanics and applied mathematics, could finally provide some important solutions to the most prominent scientific problems since Newton (questions about celestial mechanics, navigation, geodesy, etc.). Such questions were also central in the conception and planning of OAUC - the first Portuguese university-based astronomical observatory, although with aspects of a National Observatory. Jose Monteiro da Rocha (1734--1819) was the central personality in the conception, planning and construction of OAUC, as well in its instrument's provision (purchased and assembled throughout the 1780s) and posterior scientific activity. The construction of the OAUC was originally planned for the site of the Castle of the city of Coimbra. In 1775, when only the first floor of the Observatory was built, the construction stopped. However, to fulfill the teaching needs a small provisional Observatory was built inside the courtyard of the University. This provisional Observatory would eventually run for about 15 years! The definitive OAUC was built between the years 1790--99. In this communication we pretend to study the establishment of the OAUC and its primary astronomical collection (a transit instrument, a portable quadrant, a sector, several telescopes, etc.) and how that collection was responsible for the construction plan of the OAUC and the establishment of its Astronomical Ephemeris (1803).

Figueiredo, Fernando B.



Electronic structure of the two isomers of the anionic form of p-coumaric acid chromophore.  


A theoretical study of the electronic structure of the photoactive yellow protein (PYP) model chromophore, para-coumaric acid (p-CA), is presented. Electronically excited states of the phenolate and carboxylate isomers of the deprotonated p-CA are characterized by high-level ab initio methods including state-specific and multistate multireference pertrubation theory (SS-CASPT2, and MS-CASPT2), equation-of-motion coupled-cluster methods with single and double substitutions (EOM-CCSD) and with an approximate account of triple excitations (CC3). We found that the two isomers have distinctly different patterns of ionization and excitation energies. Their excitation energies differ by more than 1 eV, in contradiction to the experimental report [Rocha-Rinza et al., J. Phys. Chem. A 113, 9442 (2009)]. The calculations confirm metastable (autoionizing) character of the valence excited states of both phenolate and carboxylate isomers of p-CA(-) in the gas phase. The type of resonance is different in the two forms. In the phenolate, the excited state lies above the detachment continuum (a shape resonance), whereas in the carboxylate the excited ???(*) state lies below the ?-orbital ionization continuum, but is above the states derived from ionization from three other orbitals (Feshbach resonance). The computed oscillator strength of the bright electronic state in the phenolate is higher than in the carboxylate, in agreement with Hu?ckel's model predictions. The analysis of photofragmentation channels shows that the most probable products for the methylated derivatives of the phenolate and carboxylate forms of p-CA(-) are CH(3), CH(2)O and CH(3), CH(2)O, CO(2), respectively, thus suggesting an experimental probe that may discriminate between the two isomers. PMID:21261356

Zuev, Dmitry; Bravaya, Ksenia B; Crawford, T Daniel; Lindh, Roland; Krylov, Anna I



A family of Nikishin systems with periodic recurrence coefficients  

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Suppose we have a Nikishin system of p measures with the kth generating measure of the Nikishin system supported on an interval {Delta}{sub k} subset of R with {Delta}{sub k} Intersection {Delta}{sub k+1} = Empty-Set for all k. It is well known that the corresponding staircase sequence of multiple orthogonal polynomials satisfies a (p+2)-term recurrence relation whose recurrence coefficients, under appropriate assumptions on the generating measures, have periodic limits of period p. (The limit values depend only on the positions of the intervals {Delta}{sub k}.) Taking these periodic limit values as the coefficients of a new (p+2)-term recurrence relation, we construct a canonical sequence of monic polynomials {l_brace}P{sub n}{r_brace}{sub n=0}{sup {infinity}}, the so-called Chebyshev-Nikishin polynomials. We show that the polynomials P{sub n} themselves form a sequence of multiple orthogonal polynomials with respect to some Nikishin system of measures, with the kth generating measure being absolutely continuous on {Delta}{sub k}. In this way we generalize a result of the third author and Rocha [22] for the case p=2. The proof uses the connection with block Toeplitz matrices, and with a certain Riemann surface of genus zero. We also obtain strong asymptotics and an exact Widom-type formula for functions of the second kind of the Nikishin system for {l_brace}P{sub n}{r_brace}{sub n=0}{sup {infinity}}. Bibliography: 27 titles.

Delvaux, Steven; Lopez, Abey; Lopez, Guillermo L



PREFACE: XXXIV Symposium on Nuclear Physics  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In the present volume of the Journal of Physics: Conference Series we publish the proceedings of the 'XXXIV Symposium on Nuclear Physics', which was held from 4-7 January 2011 at the Hacienda Cocoyoc, Morelos, Mexico. The proceedings consist of 19 contributions that were presented as invited talks at the meeting. The abstracts of all contributions, plenary talks and posters were published in the Conference Handbook. The Symposium on Nuclear Physics has a long and distinguished history. From the beginning it was intended to be a relatively small meeting designed to bring together some of the leading nuclear scientists in the field. Its most distinctive feature is to provide a forum for specialists in different areas of nuclear physics, both theorists and experimentalists, students, postdocs and senior scientists, in a relaxed and informal environment providing them with a unique opportunity to exchange ideas. From the first meeting in Oaxtepec in 1978, the Symposium has been organized every year without interruption, which makes the present Symposium the 34th in a row. The scientific program consisted of 27 invited talks and 17 posters on a wide variety of hot topics in contemporary nuclear physics, ranging from the traditional fields of nuclear structure (Draayer, Pittel, Van Isacker, Fraser, Lerma, Cejnar, Hirsch, Stránský and Rath) and nuclear reactions (Aguilera, Gómez-Camacho, Scheid, Navrátil and Yennello) to radioactive beams (Padilla-Rodal and Galindo-Uribarri), nuclear astrophysics (Aprahamian, Civitarese and Escher), hadronic physics (Bijker, Valcarce and Hess), fundamental symmetries (Liu, Barrón-Palos and Baessler) and LHC physics (Menchaca-Rocha and Paic). The high quality of the talks, the prestige of the speakers and the broad spectrum of subjects covered in the meeting, shows that nuclear physics is a very active area at the frontier of scientific research which establishes bridges between many different disciplines. Libertad Barrón-PalosRoelof BijkerEditors Conference photograph

Barrón-Palos, Libertad; Bijker, Roelof



Electronic structure of the two isomers of the anionic form of p-coumaric acid chromophore  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A theoretical study of the electronic structure of the photoactive yellow protein (PYP) model chromophore, para-coumaric acid (p-CA), is presented. Electronically excited states of the phenolate and carboxylate isomers of the deprotonated p-CA are characterized by high-level ab initio methods including state-specific and multistate multireference pertrubation theory (SS-CASPT2, and MS-CASPT2), equation-of-motion coupled-cluster methods with single and double substitutions (EOM-CCSD) and with an approximate account of triple excitations (CC3). We found that the two isomers have distinctly different patterns of ionization and excitation energies. Their excitation energies differ by more than 1 eV, in contradiction to the experimental report [Rocha-Rinza et al., J. Phys. Chem. A 113, 9442 (2009)]. The calculations confirm metastable (autoionizing) character of the valence excited states of both phenolate and carboxylate isomers of p-CA- in the gas phase. The type of resonance is different in the two forms. In the phenolate, the excited state lies above the detachment continuum (a shape resonance), whereas in the carboxylate the excited ?-->?* state lies below the ?-orbital ionization continuum, but is above the states derived from ionization from three other orbitals (Feshbach resonance). The computed oscillator strength of the bright electronic state in the phenolate is higher than in the carboxylate, in agreement with Hückel's model predictions. The analysis of photofragmentation channels shows that the most probable products for the methylated derivatives of the phenolate and carboxylate forms of p-CA- are CH3, CH2O and CH3, CH2O, CO2, respectively, thus suggesting an experimental probe that may discriminate between the two isomers.

Zuev, Dmitry; Bravaya, Ksenia B.; Crawford, T. Daniel; Lindh, Roland; Krylov, Anna I.



Lagged processes and critical timescales in boreal forest response to climate  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Long-term eddy covariance datasets have recorded the response of boreal ecosystems to climate on timescales up to decadal (Dunn et al. 2006, Barr et al. 2006). Carbon balances in these forests are very dynamic, responding to climatic anomalies on timescales of months to years. A boreal black spruce forest in central Manitoba, Canada, was a source of carbon to the atmosphere in the mid-1990s (55 g C m^{- 2} y-1, 1995-1997), but switched to a sink in recent years (-25 g C m-2 y-1, 2003-2005). The short-term carbon exchange at this site was strongly controlled by temperature, but on long timescales the water balance was more important (Dunn et al. 2006). In a boreal aspen forest in central Saskatchewan, Canada, temperature was the main driver of phenology and canopy duration, but drought status, and especially the persistence of drought over multiple years, was a critical control on ecosystem respiration and resultant carbon balance (Barr et al. 2006). Lagged processes are especially important in the boreal forest: Dunn et al. (2006) found that carbon balances, and especially ecosystem respiration, were strongly controlled by the integrated water balance over preceding years, suggesting that the effects of climatic anomalies are expressed slowly in these forests. Rocha et al. (2006) found similar evidence in tree-ring cores from the NOBS site, which showed a strong correlation with lagged water balances, suggesting that wood growth in these forests is a process integrating over prior years. In a tree-ring analysis across aspen stands in western Canada, Hogg et al. (2005) found that current and lagged (up to four years) moisture status were critical factors regulating ecosystem carbon balance. These results from long-term boreal datasets suggest that the vulnerability of these forests to climate change will be strongly dependent on the future balance between precipitation and temperature. Persistent perturbations to the local climate will likely shift overall biome carbon balance.

Wofsy, S. C.; Dunn, A. L.; Amiro, B. D.; Barr, A.; Rocha, A. V.; Goulden, M. L.



Present situation and new strategies for Chagas disease chemotherapy: a proposal.  


Treatments for Chagas disease have been administered since the first attempts by Mayer & Rocha Lima (1912, 1914) and up to the drugs currently in use (nifurtimox and benznidazole), along with potential drugs such as allopurinol and first, second and third-generation antifungal agents (imidazoles and triazoles), in separate form. Several diseases such as tuberculosis, leprosy and AIDS only came under control after they were treated with associations of drugs with different mechanisms of action. This not only boosts the action of the different compounds, but also may avoid the development of parasite resistance .To this end, over the short term, we propose experimental studies on laboratory animals and clinical trials with the following associations: (i) nifurtimox (8 mg/kg/day) + benznidazole (5 mg/kg/day) x 60 consecutive days; (ii) nifurtimox (8 mg/kg/day) or benznidazole (5 mg/kg/day) + allopurinol (8-10 mg/kg/day) x 60 days and (iii) nifurtimox (8 mg/kg/day) or benznidazole (5 mg/kg/day) + ketoconazole, fluconazole or itraconazole (5-6 mg/kg/day) x 60 consecutive days. The doses of the drugs and the treatment schedules for the clinical trials must be adapted according to the side effects. From these, other double or triple associations could be made, using drugs with different mechanisms of action. This proposal does not exclude investigations on new drugs over the median and long terms, targeting other aspects of the metabolism of Trypanosoma cruzi. Until such time as the ideal drug for specific treatment of Chagas disease might be discovered, we need to develop new strategies for achieving greater efficacy with the old drugs in associations and to develop rational experimentation with new drugs. PMID:19722074

Coura, José Rodrigues



Schnelles Voxel-Resampling für DRR-Raycasting-Verfahren in der 2D/3D-Registrierung  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Das Raycasting ist ein etabliertes Verfahren zur Berechnung von Digital Rekonstruierten Röntgenbildern (DRRs), auf Basis von CT-Daten approximierten Radiographien, die vorwiegend für die 2D/3D Registrierung und die Strahlentherapieplanung eingesetzt werden. Das Strahlresampling ist der mit Abstand langwierigste Schritt des Raycastings. Es wird ein Algorithmus vorgestellt, der diesen Vorgang auf das absolute Minimum reduziert, aber trotzdem die Berechnung von DRRs ermöglicht, die qualitativ für die meisten Anwendungen in der 2D/3D-Registrierung ausreichen.

Newe, Axel; Rascher-Friesenhausen, Richard; Peitgen, Heinz-Otto


Zur Histophysiologie des Inselapparates  

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1.Der Feinbau der Langerhansschen Inseln des neugeborenen und erwachsenen Hundes wird geschildert. Das Zahlenverhältnis der betazu den alpha-Zellen in den Inseln des normalen Hundes beträgt bei Zugrundelegung nach Gomori (Azan) gefärbter Präparate 7:1, von Gros-Schultze-Präparaten 8:1. Es wird eine Einteilung der nach Gros-Schultze im Pankreas des Hundes darstellbaren verschiedenartigen Silberzellen vorgenommen. Das Vorhandensein neuroinsulärer Komplexe (Simard, 1937) wird für das

W. Creutzfeldt



Der reanimierte Patient mit frischem Herzinfarkt – Thrombolyse oder Herzkatheter?  

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Zusammenfassung  Für das Vorgehen nach Kreislaufstillstand mit primär erfolgreicher Reanimation bei zugrundeliegendem Myokardinfarkt mit ST-Streckenhebungen\\u000a (STEMI) gibt es drei Möglichkeiten. Man kann abwarten, systemisch thrombolysieren oder die primäre perkutanen koronare Intervention\\u000a (PPCI) anstreben. Welches der Therapiekonzepte das beste Langzeitergebnis hervorbringt, ist bislang unklar. In der vorliegenden\\u000a Arbeit werden das gesamte Überleben einerseits und neurologisch intaktes Überleben andererseits sowie schwere Blutungen analysiert.

Philip Eisenburger



In Vitro Efficacy of Diallyl Sulfides against the Periodontopathogen Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans  

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The in vitro antibacterial effects of diallyl sulfide (DAS) against the Gram-negative periodontopathogen Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans, the key etiologic agent of the severe form of localized aggressive periodontitis and other nonoral infections, were studied. A. actinomycetemcomitans was treated with garlic extract, allicin, or DAS, and the anti-A. actinomycetemcomitans effects of the treatment were evaluated. Garlic extract, allicin, and DAS significantly inhibited the growth of A. actinomycetemcomitans (greater than 3 log; P < 0.01) compared to control cells. Heat inactivation of the garlic extracts significantly reduced the protein concentration; however, the antimicrobial effect was retained. Purified proteins from garlic extract did not exhibit antimicrobial activity. Allicin lost all its antimicrobial effect when it was subjected to heat treatment, whereas DAS demonstrated an antimicrobial effect similar to that of the garlic extract, suggesting that the antimicrobial activity of garlic extract is mainly due to DAS. An A. actinomycetemcomitans biofilm-killing assay performed with DAS showed a significant reduction in biofilm cell numbers, as evidenced by both confocal microscopy and culture. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) analysis of DAS-treated A. actinomycetemcomitans biofilms showed alterations of colony architecture indicating severe stress. Flow cytometry analysis of OBA9 cells did not demonstrate apoptosis or cell cycle arrest at therapeutic concentrations of DAS (0.01 and 0.1 ?g/ml). DAS-treated A. actinomycetemcomitans cells demonstrated complete inhibition of glutathione (GSH) S-transferase (GST) activity. However, OBA9 cells, when exposed to DAS at similar concentrations, showed no significant differences in GST activity, suggesting that DAS-induced GST inhibition might be involved in A. actinomycetemcomitans cell death. These findings demonstrate that DAS exhibits significant antibacterial activity against A. actinomycetemcomitans and that this property might be utilized for exploring its therapeutic potential in treatment of A. actinomycetemcomitans-associated oral and nonoral infections.

Ganeshnarayan, Krishnaraj; Velusamy, Senthil Kumar; Fine, Daniel H.



Klinische Versuche mit Kokain-Ersatzpräparaten. Larokain-Roche ein vollwertiges Oberflächenanästheticum  

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Zusammenfassung Versuche mit Kokainersatzmitteln ergaben, daß das 2%ige Perkain und das 5%ige Larokain-Roche eine 10%ige Kokainlösung in ihrer Wirkung voll ersetzen können. Bei Verwendung stärkerer Konzentrationen des Perkains läßt sich keine Erhöhung der Wirkung erzielen, ganz abgesehen davon, daß die hohe Toxizität des Präparates, die fast das achtfache der des Kokains beträgt, weitere Steigerungen der Konzentration verbietet. Hingegen ergeben unsere

Johannes Koch



Measuring Dysfunctional Attitudes in the General Population: The Dysfunctional Attitude Scale (form A) Revised  

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The Dysfunctional Attitude Scale (DAS) was designed to measure the intensity of dysfunctional attitudes, a hallmark feature\\u000a of depression. Various exploratory factor analytic studies of the DAS form A (DAS-A) yielded mixed results. The current study\\u000a was set up to compare the fit of various factor models. We used a large community sample (N = 8,960) to test the previously proposed factor

L. Esther de Graaf; Jeffrey Roelofs; Marcus J. H. Huibers



Data acquisition system time measurement capabilities using WorkBench{trademark} software  

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There is an increasing interest in the ability to measure transient behavior in the Heat Transfer Laboratory (HTL). To accomplish this the timing system behavior for the Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) must be evaluated. This report discusses the evaluation of a DAS timing system using WorkBench{trademark} Software in a Macintosh II environment. It also describes a method which can be successfully used to calibrate the timing system associated with the DAS.

Coutts, D.A.



Data acquisition system time measurement capabilities using WorkBench[trademark] software  

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There is an increasing interest in the ability to measure transient behavior in the Heat Transfer Laboratory (HTL). To accomplish this the timing system behavior for the Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) must be evaluated. This report discusses the evaluation of a DAS timing system using WorkBench[trademark] Software in a Macintosh II environment. It also describes a method which can be successfully used to calibrate the timing system associated with the DAS.

Coutts, D.A.



Über ein subependymäres, multiples, malignes Glioblastom  

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(Eingegangen am 8. Juli 1937.) Die Bemiihungen in die bunte Mannigfaltigkeit der Gew\\/~chse des CNS eine mSglichst natiirliehe Ordnung zu bringen, sind in den letzten Jahren zu einem gewissen Absehlul3 gekommen. Das cytogenetische Prinzip, ausgedehnt aueh auf die embryonalen Elemente und ergs durch das morphologische Verhalten des gesamten Geschwulstgewebes hat auch hier, wie bei den Gew\\/~ehsen anderer Organe, das Fundament

F. Kino



Wie geht es weiter nach DSL? Entwicklungsperspektiven der Versorgung mit Breitband-Internet  

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\\u000a In nur wenigen Bereichen der Nachfrage nach Dienstleistungen wurde bislang das Verhalten der Nutzer in so durchschlagender\\u000a Weise von Technologieangeboten und deren Qualitätsmerkmalen geprägt wie im Telekommunikationssektor und hier speziell beim\\u000a Internetzugang. In den 90er Jahren dominierte zunächst das Analog-Modem mit Geschwindigkeiten zwischen 9,6 und 56 kbit\\/s und\\u000a heftete dem Internet das Image an, primär ein Medium einer kleinen, technikaffinen

Franz Büllingen


Blood Monocyte Chemotactic Protein-1 (MCP-1) and Adapted Disease Activity Score28-MCP-1: Favorable Indicators for Rheumatoid Arthritis Activity  

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Objective We assessed blood pentraxin 3 (PTX3) and macrophage chemotactic factor-1 (MCP-1) levels as indicators of disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients, because data on disease activity score 28 (DAS28)-erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) and DAS28-C-reactive protein (CRP) are still imperfect. Methods In 111 patients with RA, we examined longitudinal and cross-sectional correlations of blood PTX3, MCP-1, CRP, and ESR levels with measures of clinical arthritic activity, namely, swollen joint count (SJC), tender joint count (TJC), visual analog scale for general health (GH), DAS28, and adapted DAS28-MCP-1. Results Blood MCP-1, but not PTX3, was significantly correlated with SJC, TJC, DAS28, and DAS28-CRP. DAS28-MCP-1 was strongly correlated with DAS28 (r ?=?0.984, P<0.001) and DAS28-CRP (r ?=?0.971, P<0.001), and modestly correlated with CRP (r ?=?0.350, P<0.001), and ESR (r ?=?0.386, P<0.001). Similarly, the duration of arthritic symptoms, but not sex, was significantly correlated with variables of arthritic activity. In particular, DAS28-MCP-1 significantly correlated with DAS28 during a 6-month period (r ?=?0.944, P<0.001; r ?=?0.951, P<0.001; r ?=?0.862, P<0.001; and r ?=?0.865, P<0.001 for month 0, 1, 3, and 6, respectively). Conclusion Blood MCP-1 and adapted DAS28-MCP-1, but not blood PTX3, may be useful in monitoring RA activity.

Liou, Lieh-bang; Tsai, Wen-pin; Chang, Chee J.; Chao, Wan-ju; Chen, Meng-hsin



Welche Kundenrezensionen werden gelesen?  

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\\u000a Der Einfluss von Mundpropaganda (word-of-mouth, WOM) auf das Konsumentenverhalten ist in der Marketingwissenschaft seit den\\u000a frühen 1950er Jahren bekannt (vgl. Blackwell et al. 2001 [7]). Inzwischen sind verschiedene Aspekte und Ausprägungen wie z.B.\\u000a das Meinungsführerkonzept oder das Konzept des Market Maven ausführlich erforscht worden (vgl. Katz & Lazarsfeld 1955 [29];\\u000a Feick & Price 1987 [20]; Walsh et al. 2004 [51]).

Klaus-peter Wiedmann; Sascha Langner; Jens Friedlandt


Zur Dampfstoßtheorie des Mondreliefs  

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Zusammenfassung  Die Dampfstoßtheorie gründet sich auf Experimente, deren Ergebnis an Hand geologischer Erfahrungen und Anschauungen auf den Maßstab des Mondes übertragen gedacht werden kann. Das Experiment ist also keineswegs bloß ein Modellversuch.Das Mondrelief ist das letzte Bild endogener Vorgänge, die auch auf der Erde, dort aber unter anderen Bedingungen, stattfinden.Die von der Aufsturztheorie vertretene Annahme, daß Stoßwirkungen gegen die Mondoberfläche von

Georg Dahmer



Differential staining of the satellite regions of human acrocentric chromosomes  

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Zusammenfassung Es wird eine neue Ammoniak-Silber-Methode für das Färben menschlicher Chromosomen in der Metaphase beschrieben, wodurch die Satelliten aller 10 akrozentrischen Chromosomen zu unterscheiden sind.

W. M. Howell; T. E. Denton; J. R. Diamond



Bremssysteme im Personenkraftwagen  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Für die ersten drei Punkte ist die Betriebsbremsanlage ("Fußbremse“) zuständig. Der Fahrer aktiviert sie durch Betätigen des Bremspedals. Die Feststellbremsanlage ("Handbremse“) hält das Fahrzeug im Stillstand.

Reif, Konrad


A new semisynthetic derivative of sauroine induces LTP in hippocampal slices and improves learning performance in the Morris Water Maze.  


Two semisynthetic acetyl derivatives of the alkaloid sauroine from Huperzia saururus, monoacetyl sauroine, and diacetyl sauroine (DAS) were obtained and their chemical structures were analyzed by NMR. While monoacetyl sauroine is the typical product of acetylation, DAS is an unexpected derivative related to the keto-enol formation of sauroine. Recordings of field excitatory post-synaptic potentials from the CA1 region of rat hippocampal slices showed that only DAS acutely applied induced chemical long-term potentiation (LTP) in a dose-dependent manner with an EC50 of 1.15 ± 0.09 ?M. This effect was blocked by 10 ?M D(-)-2-amino-5-phosphonopentanoic acid (AP5), suggesting dependence on the NMDA receptor. DAS significantly increased NMDA receptor-dependent excitatory post-synaptic currents without affecting ?-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methylisoxazole-4-propionate receptor-dependent currents. Repetitive administration of DAS improved visuo-spatial learning in the Morris Water Maze. In slices from rats tested in the Morris Water Maze, LTP resulting from electrical synaptic stimulation was 2.5 times larger than in controls. Concentration of DAS measured in the brain after repetitive administration was 29.5 ?M. We conclude that slices perfused with DAS display a robust NMDA receptor-dependent chemical LTP. During chronic treatment, DAS enhances learning abilities through a metaplastic mechanism as revealed by the augmentation of LTP in slices. DAS, therefore, may be a promising compound as a nootropic therapeutic drug. A semisynthetic derivative of sauroine, diacetyl sauroine (DAS), induces chemical long-term potentiation in rat hippocampal slices increasing the NMDA receptor-dependent current. 2 mg/kg prior to each session in a Morris Water Maze (MWM) improves behavior performance. In slices prepared from the tested rats the electrical stimulation-dependent long-term potentiation (LTP) was greatly enhanced. Therefore, DAS may have potency as a nootropic drug against the memory decline. PMID:24673250

Vallejo, Mariana; Loyola, Sebastián; Contreras, Darwin; Ugarte, Gonzalo; Cifuente, Diego; Ortega, Gabriela; Cabrera, José L; Zeise, Marc; Tonn, Carlos; Carreño, Mario; Delgado, Ricardo; Morales, Bernardo; Agnese, Mariel



Beiträge zur Pharmakologie der Körperstellung und der Labyrinthreflexe  

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Zusammenfassung Hunde und Katzen zeigen bei oraler Einverleibung von Extr. cannab. ind. ein Vergiftungsbild, das hauptsächlich durch Schwankungen, Bewegungsarmut, katalepsieähnliche Zustände und allgemeine Gehemmtheit bei verhältnismäßig starker Ablenkbarkeit gekennzeichnet ist. Die die Körperstellung regulierenden Reflexmechanismen des Hirnstamms bleiben dabei fast unbeeinträchtigt. Bei großhirnlosen Katzen mit erhaltenem Mittelhirn (Thalamustieren) bewirkt Cannabis nur Schwankungen, läßt im übrigen das Allgemeinverhalten der Tiere unverändert.

Ernst Joël




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O crescimento acelerado das cidades acarretou sérios prejuízos à qualidade ambiental das áreas de expansão urbana, pois a ocupação urbana desordenada configurada nestes espaços substituiu de forma degradante o espaço natural transformando-o em espaço construído sem qualquer planejamento urbano que levasse em conta a vegetação como componente essencial da qualidade de vida humana. Dentro deste contexto, o bairro Parque Verde,



Die Beutelmeise (Remiz pendulinus) am Oberrhein  

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Zusammenfassung Eine kritische Untersuchung aller Nachrichten über das Auftreten der Beutelmeise im Oberrheingebiet ergab, daß dieser Vogel hier nur in gewissen Zeitabständen auftritt (um 1820, 1880–1900, 1934\\/35, seit 1950). Diese Vorstöße wurden homologisiert mit Übervermehrung östlicher Populationen, die dann auf ihrem Zug das Oberrheingebiet berühren. Dabei kommt es gelegentlich zum Übersommern einzelner Tiere, wobei öfter — wohl unverpaarte — Männchen

Ragnar Kinzelbach; Jochen Martens




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RESUMO A demanda crescente dos usos das águas naturais tem gerado necessidades crescentes de processos efetivos no tratamentos de efluentes líquidos, e estratégias de gerenciamento dos recursos naturais. As tecnologias disponíveis para o controle do nitrogênio em efluentes industriais e domésticos têm se tornado uma poderosa ferramenta tanto para a correta disposição de efluentes, como para o gerenciamento das águas.

Eduardo S. Ferreira


Professor Volker Claus: vom o. Professor zum e-Professor  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Der Beitrag würdigt das Wirken von Professor Claus auf Gebieten des rechnerunterstützten Lehrens. Dabei wird ein Bogen von den frühen Systemen des rechnerunterstützten Lehrens über moderne Lernplattformen im Internet zu neuen Anwendungen web-basierter Systeme für das lebenslange Lehren und Lernen gespannt.

Gunzenhäuser, Rul; Taras, Christiane; Wörner, Michael


Application of liquid carbon dioxide to the extraction of essential oil of coriander ( Coriandrum sativum L.) fruits  

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Zusammenfassung Aus den Früchten des Korianders (Coriandrum sativum L.) wurde das etherische Öl mittels flüssigen Kohlendioxid extrahiert. Die Modifizierung des J&W Hochdruckextrakteurs ermöglichte das Betrachten und die Kontrolle der Extraktion. Der Apparat konnte mit einer optimalen Menge von CO2 gefüllt werden, ohne den Extrakteur aufzumachen. Die Modifizierung ermöglichte entweder eine kontinuierliche oder eine siphonweise Funktion des Soxhletapparats zu wählen. Die

Heikki Kallio; Kaisli Kerrola



Strategic Responses to Crime : Thinking Locally, Acting Globally  

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By Melchor De Guzman, Aiedeo Mintie Das, Dilip K Das.Papers presented at the 13th Annual Meeting of the International Police Executive Symposium held in Ayvalik, Turkey, in 2006.Every year, esteemed scholars and practitioners meet at the International Police Executive Symposium to discuss contemporary issues in policing and share ideas about effective strategies in their jurisdictions. Drawn from the proceedings at

Melchor De Guzman; Aiedeo Mintie Das; Dilip K. Das



Modernização Agrícola Francesa: a construção de um modelo analítico  

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Este artigo investiga o processo de modernização agrícola na França por meio das interpretações dos economistas, dos sociólogos e dos cientistas políticos, envolvendo especialmente o debate da sociologia e da economia rural contemporâneas. O objetivo é compreender a sua dinâmica específica pelo cruzamento entre diferentes áreas das Ciências Sociais com o intuito de construir um modelo interpretativo para a análise

Angelica Massuquetti



Via de parto em gestações sucessivas em adolescentes: estudo de 714 casos  

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Objetivo: analisar a associação da via de partos consecutivos de 714 gestantes adolescentes, que pariram na Maternidade do Hospital das Clínicas da Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, no período de janeiro a dezembro de 2001. Pacientes e Métodos: em estudo prospectivo, analítico, transversal, tipo incidência, foi analisada a sucessão das vias de parto da primeira até a quarta gestação de 714

Vamberto Oliveira de Azevedo Maia; Alessandra Costa de Azevedo Maia; Fábio Lima Queiroga; Vamberto Oliveira de Azevedo Maia Filho; Aline Brandão de Araújo; Luís André Marinho Lippo; Rivaldo Mendes de Albuquerque



Screening for Aggression Using the Draw a Story Assessment. Brief Report  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The purpose of this study was to find out if the Draw a Story (DAS) assessment can be used as a screening technique to identify children and adolescents at risk for aggression. Four art therapists presented the DAS tasks to 30 students with histories of aggressive behavior and to 181 students with no histories of aggression. After the 211…

Earwood, Cheryl; Fedorko, Melinda; Holzman, Eileen; Montanari, Linda; Silver, Rawley



Purification of a basic peroxidase isoenzyme from Capsicum fruits and the immunoinhibition of its capsaicin oxidation capacity by antibodies raised against horseradish peroxidase  

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Zusammenfassung Pfeffer enthält das basische Peroxidase-Isoenzym B6 in den Vacuolen der Fruchtzellen. Es wurde durch präparative isoelektrische Fokussierung gereinigt und charakterisiert. Die Oxidation von Capsaicin mit dem Enzym erwies sich als H2O2-abhängig und wurde vollständig durch Antikörper gegen Meerrettich-Peroxidase gehemmt. Das Enzym ist ein Schlüsselenzym beim Abbau von Capsaicin.

M. A. Bernal; A. A. Calderón; M. A. Pedreño; M. A. Ferrer; F. Merino de Cáceres; A. Ros Barceló



The effect of the duration of the action potential on contraction in the mammalian heart muscle  

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Es wird eine Methode beschrieben, die es ermöglicht, das Membranpotential der Fasern eines kleinen Trabekels des Arbeitsmyokards des rechten Herzens von Katzen-, Hunden- und Schafsherzen zu klemmen und die mechanische Spannung des geklemmten Muskelareals isometrisch zu messen. In einer Reihe von Versuchen wird der Verlauf des Stromes im Muskeltrabekel geprüft und sichergestellt, daß die Spannungsklemme das Membranpotential aller Fasern des

M. Morad; W. Trautwein



Changes in Self-reported Dental Anxiety in New Zealand Adolescents from Ages 15 to 18 Years  

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Little is understood of the natural history of dental anxiety. The aim of this study was to examine three-year changes in self-reported dental anxiety among adolescent participants in the Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study. Dental anxiety was estimated at ages 15 and 18 by means of the Corah Dental Anxiety Scale (DAS). A DAS score of 13+ defined high

W. M. Thomson; R. G. Poulton; E. Kruger; S. Davies; R. H. Brown; P. A. Silva