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Determinantes de la supervivencia de empresas industriales en el área metropolitana de Cali 1994-2003  

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Los establecimientos industriales del Área Metropolitana de Cali presentan mayores problemas para consolidarse en los primeros años que siguen a su creación. En este trabajo se analiza el horizonte vital de las empresas de la cohorte de 1994 hasta el año 2003. Los procesos de consolidación empresarial de los establecimientos industriales varían según el tamaño inicial y las características de

Andrés Felipe Martínez




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RESUMEN Este estudio analítico, tipo cohorte retrospectivo, tuvo el objetivo de cuantificar el grado de asociación entre las afecciones agudas de las vías respiratorias altas y la exposición al polvo de fique aéreo en trabajadores industriales de una fabrica de cabuya. La hipótesis del estudio fue: \\

Doris Duque; Richard Shoemaker


Industrial Crafts. A Bilingual Text = Trabajos Manuales Industriales. Un Texto Bilingue.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This bilingual instructional text, one in a series of six texts covering various vocational and technical topics, provides secondary level English and Spanish instruction in industrial crafts. Addressed in the individual units are the following topics: plastics; laminating acrylic plastic; thermoforming plastics; sawing, shaping, and finishing…

Los Angeles Unified School District, CA. Div. of Career and Continuing Education.


Innovazione e commercializzazione nei settori tradizionali: alcuni spunti di politica industriale  

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Innovation and marketing in traditional sectors: some industrial policy implications - In an environment with increasing competition, the importance of taking care of customers through marketing, high quality service and after sale support has been shown to be crucial for getting competitive advantage. In spite of the clear evidence that technical innovations are not, by themselves, a guarantee of business

Ornella Tarola; Sandro Trento



Degradación de colorantes industriales con hongos ligninolíticos Degradation of industrial dyes with white rot fungi  

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White rot fungi have shown a great potential for degrading recalcitrant chemicals compounds as PAHs, explosives, pesticides, dyes, etc. This capacity is due mainly to an extracellular enzymatic complex that they use naturally

Mariana Cardona; Juliana Osorio; Juan Quintero



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The Baixo Jaguaribe waterbasin has faced the installation of a growing number of shrimp farms along the Jaguaribe River, where there is no saline water interference. This work aims to show the chemical, physical-chemical and bacteriological characteristics of the inland shrimp farms continuous and harvest effluents, located in the Baixo Jaguaribe region, Ceará State, to discuss the possible impacts of



Resolution of amino acid enantiomers by chiral solvent efluents on the thin layer chromatography  

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Enantiomeric resolution of aromatic and aliphatic amino acid into L-amino acid and D-amino acid via TLC is achieved by using chiral mobile phase as thin layer chromatographic eluent. For this purpose, Ethyl(S)-(+)-lactate as a chiral developing solvent was chosen to afford effective separation on the TLC plates. The peculiarities of the chromatographic behavior of ethylacetate-amino acid interaction and the mechanism

J. S. Ahn; J. C. Kim; Y. S. Ahn; D. G. Hahm




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This paper present anaerobic treatment of finishing tannery wastewater, associated with micro and ultrafiltration. At the pilot plant was used a CSTR. The operation pressures on the micro and ultrafiltration membranes were 8 kgf\\/cm2, 6 kgf\\/cm2 and 4 kgf\\/cm2 in the three steps of this research. The COD removal efficiencies were from 68% to 82%. Chromium removal was more than



Berilio. Evaluacion de procesos industriales para la produccion del hidroxido. Pte. 3. (Beryllium. Evaluation of beryllium hydroxide industrial processes. Pt. 3).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This work continues the 'Beryllium' series. It is a historical review of different industrial processes of beryllium hydroxide obtention from beryllium ores. Flowsheats and operative parameters of five plants are provided. These plants (Degussa, Brush Ber...

O. A. Lires C. A. Delfino J. Botbol



CULTIVO DA CIANOBACTÉRIA Spirulina platensis A PARTIR DE EFLUENTE SINTÉTICO DE SUÍNO Culture of the cyanobacteria Spirulina platensis using synthetic swine wastewater  

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The growth of LEB-52 and PARACAS strains of Spirulina platensis cyanobacteria was studied using synthetic swine wastewater. The effects of medium dilution (0 and 50%) and sodium bicarbonate addition to the medium (0 and 3g\\/L) were initially investigated. In this step, it was used a complete Factorial Planning 23. In the second step, the medium was diluted at 80, 50

Tanise Boeira; Pelegrini Bertolin; Jorge Alberto; Vieira Costa; Telma Elita Bertolin; Luciane Maria Colla; Marcelo Hemkemeier


Empirical Explanation of Vertical and Horizontal Intra-industry Trade in the UK: A Comment - Spiegazioni empiriche del commercio intra-industriale verticale ed orizzontale del Regno Unito: un commento  

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Recent developments in the literature on intra-industry trade (IIT) have remarked the importance of disentangling horizontal and vertical components in IIT. For example, Greenaway, Hine and Milner (GHM) have investigated the determinants of IIT in the UK and have shown that the approach which distinguishes vertical from horizontal IIT is worth pursuing in order to arrive at a more accurate

Giuseppe Celi



Estudio por difraccion de rayos X de la disminucion de la concentracion de metales en solidos de aguas residuales industriales. (X-ray diffraction of the diminution in the concentration of heavy metals from industrial waste water sludge).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

We worked with an apparatus and process patented for Jaime Vite Torres, in the United States of America, for extracting simultaneously toxic and value metals from foundry sands. In this research, we used similar devices to remove toxic metals of waste wat...

M. C. Carreno de Leon



International Transmission of Fiscal Policies in Major Industrial Countries (Transmission sur le plan international des effets des politiques budgétaires des grands pays industrialisés) (Transmisión internacional de la política fiscal de los grandes países industriales)  

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Expansionary fiscal policies in the United States in the early 1980s and contemporaneous fiscal restraint in the Federal Republic of Germany and Japan constituted important shifts in fiscal positions among industrial economies. The international economy was simultaneously characterized by persistently high real interest rates, a rising U.S. current account deficit, increased surpluses in Germany and Japan, and sustained appreciation of

Paul R. Masson; Malcolm Knight



Valutazione dei progetti di investimento in promozione industriale e in ricerca e sviluppo: criteri di selezione degli interventi e di determinazione del contributo a carico dell'ENEA. (Evaluation of investment in R&D and industrial promotion programs: Selectioning criteria for interventions and determination of ENEA's participation).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

With reference to the development, promotion and use of innovative energy technologies within Italian industry by ENEA (Italian Commission for Alternative Energy Sources),the purpose of this report is to convey an understanding of how investment projects ...

P. Cesarano



Current Account Imbalances and Capital Formation in Industrial Countries, 1949-81 (Déséquilibres des transactions courantes et formation de capital dans les pays industrialisés, 1949-81) (Los desequilibrios en cuenta corriente y la formación de capital en los países industriales, 1949-81)  

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This paper studies the role of domestic and foreign savings in financing capital formation in 19 industrial countries during the years after World War II. The authors' interpretation of the statistical evidence is that there is very little support for the view that, over the medium term, goods and services freed by savings in one industrial country are systematically made

Alessandro Penati; Michael Dooley



Financial Integration and Interest Rate Linkages in Industrial Countries, 1958-71 (Intégration financière et relations entre les taux d'intérêt des pays industriels, 1958-71) (Integración financiera y relaciones entre los tipos de interés en los países industriales, 1958-71)  

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This article focuses on theoretical and policy issues posed by financial integration among industrial countries since the mid-1950s. The problems of measuring international financial integration and of estimating its trend over the years are also explored. The role of the Euro-dollar market, as a major financial intermediary that channels short-term funds between the money markets of the industrial countries, is

Victor Argy; Zoran Hodjera



An Analysis of Exchange Market Intervention of Industrial and Developing Countries (Analyse des politiques d'intervention sur le marché des changes, adoptées par les pays industrialisés et les pays en développement) (Análisis de la intervención de los países industriales y en desarrollo en los mercados de divisas)  

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A simple model is presented that clarifies the conditions under which intervention policy, defined as management of the currency composition of nonmonetary debt, can be effective in influencing exchange rates. When defined in this way, intervention includes any government transaction, or set of transactions, that changes the relative supplies of official nonmonetary debt denominated in different currencies held by the

Michael Dooley



Determinação de Gases Inorgânicos Odorantes a Partir de Superfície Líquida: aplicação de câmara de fluxo em lagoas de tratamento de efluentes de refinarias de petróleo Determination of Inorganic Gases From Liquid Surface: flux chamber application in wastewater treatment plants of petroleum refineries  

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The operation of petroleum refinery is related to emission of several substances into atmosphere. Most of these processes are associated to emission of odor compounds, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and inor- ganic compounds, like ammonia (NH3) and, mainly, hydrogen sulphide (H2S). The hydrogen sulphide is the most odor- ant, with a strong correlation between its emission and the gas



Orígen del deterioro del medio ambiente en Taiwan: Desajuste entre el modelo de desarrollo y la dotación de recursos naturales  

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De igual modo que el análisis de los llamados nuevos países industriales asiáticos (NPIAs) abre interesantes matices en el campo de las teorías del desarrollo, poniendo en duda la capacidad explicativa de los enfoques tanto dependentista como neoclásico, el estudio del medio ambiente en esos países aporta visiones nuevas y enriquecidas en lo referente a sus modelos de desarrollo. En

Antonio Rodríguez Carmona



Institutional Alternatives for High-Tech Training: The Case of ISVOR-FIAT. Training Discussion Paper No. 87.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|ISVOR (Societa di Sviluppo e Addestramento Industriale) was incorporated in 1978 as an independent organization owned by Fiat to provide all training services. In 1988, in the area of technical training alone, ISVOR offered 534 different training programs to over 29,500 participants, in a total of approximately 348,000 man/days. Four…

Araujo e Oliveira, Joao Batista



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Es un hecho fácilmente constatable que la actividad económica en gene- ral e industrial en particular se localiza de forma desigual a lo largo de la geografía española. El presente trabajo plantea un modelo que tiene como objetivo analizar la incidencia de las economías externas en la dis- tribución territorial del empleo de los distintos sectores industriales. El modelo incorpora





EPA Science Inventory

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued e-fluent guidelines and limitations for the Metal Finishing Industry in June 1983. This report estimates the economic impact of pollution control costs in terms of price changes, effects profitability, potential plant closures, unem...


Learning economy, tecnologie dell'informazione e sistemi produttivi regionali  

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Learning economy, tecnologie dell’informazione e sistemi produttivi regionali (di Riccardo Cappellin) - ABSTRACT: L’articolo sottolinea che la diffusione delle nuove tecnologie dell’informazione e delle comunicazione (ICT) è complementare con lo sviluppo di un nuovo modello di organizzazione industriale, nel quale le relazioni a rete tra le imprese e la velocità dei processi di adozione di innovazioni tecnologiche ed organizzative, rappresentano

Riccardo Cappellin




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The microalga Chlorella growing in the efluentes of the fishing industry, has been using with the porpuse of trating polluted waters. When it is separated with centrifugation, the clarified remainder diminishes the Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) until levels of 95%. Another way of separating the algae is with chitosana (deacetylated chitin) obtained from chitina (ß-N- acetyl-D-glucosamine), product that was proven

Cristina Ferrán G


Beam-plasma dielectric tensor with Mathematica  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present a Mathematica notebook allowing for the symbolic calculation of the 3×3 dielectric tensor of an electron-beam plasma system in the fluid approximation. Calculation is detailed for a cold relativistic electron beam entering a cold magnetized plasma, and for arbitrarily oriented wave vectors. We show how one can elaborate on this example to account for temperatures, arbitrarily oriented magnetic field or a different kind of plasma. Catalog identifier: ADYT_v1_0 Program summary URL: Program obtainable from: CPC Program Library, Queen's University of Belfast, N. Ireland Computer for which the program is designed and others on which it has been tested: Computers: Any computer running Mathematica 4.1. Tested on DELL Dimension 5100 and IBM ThinkPad T42. Installations: ETSI Industriales, Universidad Castilla la Mancha, Ciudad Real, Spain Operating system under which the program has been tested: Windows XP Pro Programming language used: Mathematica 4.1 Memory required to execute with typical data: 7.17 Mbytes No. of bytes in distributed program, including test data, etc.: 33?439 No. of lines in distributed program, including test data, etc.: 3169 Distribution format: tar.gz Nature of the physical problem: The dielectric tensor of a relativistic beam plasma system may be quite involved to calculate symbolically when considering a magnetized plasma, kinetic pressure, collisions between species, and so on. The present Mathematica notebook performs the symbolic computation in terms of some usual dimensionless variables. Method of solution: The linearized relativistic fluid equations are directly entered and solved by Mathematica to express the first-order expression of the current. This expression is then introduced into a combination of Faraday and Ampère Maxwell's equations to give the dielectric tensor. Some additional manipulations are needed to express the result in terms of the dimensionless variables. Restrictions on the complexity of the problem: Temperature effects are limited to small, i.e. non-relativistic, temperatures. The kinetic counterpart of the present Mathematica will usually not compute the required integrals. Typical running time: About 1 minute on a Intel Centrino 1.5 GHz Laptop with 512 MB of RAM. Unusual features of the program: None.

Bret, A.



Measurements of ozone, nitrogen dioxide, nitrous and nitric acids, and sulphur dioxide in the Eastern Mediterranean  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Measurements of reactive nitrogen gases (NO_2, HONO, HNO_3), as well as ozone and sulfur dioxide were made over the Aegean Sea (the R/V Agaeon) within an air mass later reaching the Finokalia (Crete) sampling site. These measurements were carried out with unique gas trace instrumentation (wet effluent and "dry" diffusion denuder techniques, a chemiluminescent detection and chemiluminescent analyzers) during special conditions. There are significant differences in pollutant concentrations between results from Finokalia and from the R/V Agaeon. While at Finokalia concentrations of nitrogen dioxide, ozone and nitric and nitrous acids changed relatively slowly, the boat data showed a number of episodes with rapid changes in reactive nitrogen compounds and ozone concentrations. These episodes were correlated with the presence of boats up wind a short distance from the R/V Agaeon. Ozone concentrations at Finokalia and on the boat typically ranged between 40--80 ppb (v/v). Ozone concentrations reached up to 88 ppb (v/v) in the open sea. Nitrogen dioxide concentrations at Finokalia were in the range 0.5--3 ppb (v/v). Typical NO_2 concentrations observed aboard the boat were 4--6 ppb (v/v) with maxima of 20--30 ppb (v/v). During "spiked" episodes, up to 200 ppb (v/v) of nitrogen dioxide was observed while ozone concurrently was dramatically depleted down to 20 ppb (v/v). Concentrations of HONO and HNO_3 at Finokalia, in general, were low, typically in the order of 0.1--0.2 ppb (v/v) for HONO and 0.05--0.1 ppb (v/v) for HNO_3. On average, concentrations of both nitric and nitrous acids in the ambient air of the Aegean Sea were typically small, below 0.05 ppt (v/v). Within the "spiked" episodes up to 33 ppb (v/v) nitric acid and up to 2.5 ppb (v/v) nitrous acid were formed. The nitric acid "dry" denuder data were on average higher than the measurements by the wet efluent diffusion denuder. The concentration of SO_2 reached up to 9.2 ppb (v/v). The work was conducted within the EC project "Subgrid Scale Investigations of Factors Determining the Occurrence of Ozone and Fine Particles" No. EVK2-CT-1999-0052 SUB-AERO.

Vecera, V.; Mikuska, M.; Smolik, S.; Eleftheriadis, E.; Bryant, B.; Colbeck, C.; Lazaridis, L.



Urbanization and the groundwater budget, metropolitan Seoul area, Korea  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The city of Seoul is home to more than 10 million people in an area of 605 km2. Groundwater is ed for public water supply and industrial use, and to drain underground facilities and construction sites. Though most tap water is supplied from the Han River, the quantity and quality of groundwater is of great concern to Seoul's citizens, because the use of groundwater for drinking water is continuously increasing. This study identifies the major factors affecting the urban water budget and quality of groundwater in the Seoul area and estimates the urban water budget. These factors include leakage from the municipal water-supply system and sewer systems, precipitation infiltration, water-level fluctuations of the Han River, the subway pumping system, and domestic pumping. The balance between groundwater recharge and discharge is near equilibrium. However, the quality of groundwater and ability to control contaminant fluxes are impeded by sewage infiltration, abandoned landfills, waste dumps, and abandoned wells. Résumé. La ville de Séoul possède une population de plus de 10 millions d'habitants, pour une superficie de 605 km2. Les eaux souterraines sont pompées pour l'eau potable et pour les usages industriels, ainsi que pour drainer les équipements souterrains et les sites en construction. Bien que l'essentiel de l'eau potable provienne de la rivière Han, la quantité et la qualité de l'eau souterraine présentent un grand intérêt pour les habitants de Séoul, parce qu'on utilise de plus en plus l'eau souterraine pour l'eau potable. Cette étude identifie les facteurs principaux qui affectent la qualité de l'eau souterraine dans la région de Séoul et fait l'estimation du bilan d'eau urbaine. Les principaux facteurs affectant le bilan d'eau urbaine et la qualité de l'eau souterraine sont les fuites du réseau d'adduction et du réseau d'égouts, l'infiltration des eaux de précipitation, les fluctuations du niveau de la rivière Han, le réseau de pompage du métro et les pompages privés. Le bilan entre la recharge de la nappe et sa décharge est proche de l'équilibre. Cependant, les infiltrations d'eaux usées, les décharges abandonnées, les décharges d'ordures et les puits abandonnés portent atteinte à la qualité de l'eau souterraine et à la capacité de contrôler les flux de contaminants. Resumen. La ciudad de Seúl tiene más de 10 millones de habitantes en un área de 605 km2. Se bombea aguas subterráneas para abastecimiento urbano y para usos industriales, así como para el drenaje de instalaciones subterráneas y de solares en construcción. Aunque la mayor parte del agua de boca procede del río Han, los ciudadanos de Seúl están muy concienciados por la cantidad y calidad de las aguas subterráneas, ya que su explotación para uso de boca está experimentando un continuo incremento. El presente estudio identifica los factores que más afectan a la calidad de las aguas subterráneas en el área de Seúl y hace una estimación del balance de agua en el territorio urbano. Entre los factores principales que afectan al balance y a la calidad de las aguas subterráneas, se incluye el lixiviado de la red municipal de suministro y de la red de alcantarillado, la infiltración de agua de lluvia, las fluctuaciones del nivel del río Han, el sistema de bombeo del metro y los bombeos domésticos. El balance entre la recarga y la descarga en el acuífero está próximo al equilibrio. Sin embargo, la calidad de las aguas subterráneas y la capacidad de controlar los flujos de contaminación están amenazadas por la infiltración de aguas residuales, vertederos abandonados, depósitos de residuos y pozos abanadonados.

Kim, Yoon-Young; Lee, Kang-Kun; Sung, Ig Hwan



PREFACE: DICE 2012 : Spacetime Matter Quantum Mechanics - from the Planck scale to emergent phenomena  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Presented in this volume are the Invited Lectures and the Contributed Papers of the Sixth International Workshop on Decoherence, Information, Complexity and Entropy - DICE 2012, held at Castello Pasquini, Castiglioncello (Tuscany), 17-21 September 2012. These proceedings may document to the interested public and to the wider scientific community the stimulating exchange of ideas at the meeting. The number of participants has been steadily growing over the years, reflecting an increasing attraction, if not need, of such conference. Our very intention has always been to bring together leading researchers, advanced students, and renowned scholars from various areas, in order to stimulate new ideas and their exchange across the borders of specialization. In this way, the series of meetings successfully continued from the beginning with DICE 20021, followed by DICE 20042, DICE 20063, DICE 20084, and DICE 20105, Most recently, DICE 2012 brought together more than 120 participants representing more than 30 countries worldwide. It has been a great honour and inspiration to have Professor Yakir Aharonov (Tel Aviv) with us, who presented the opening Keynote Lecture 'The two-vector quantum formalism'. With the overarching theme 'Spacetime - Matter - Quantum Mechanics - from the Planck scale to emergent phenomena', the conference took place in the very pleasant and inspiring atmosphere of Castello Pasquini - in beautiful surroundings, overlooking a piece of Tuscany's coast. The 5-day program covered these major topics: Quantum Mechanics, Foundations and Quantum-Classical Border Quantum-Classical Hybrids and Many-Body Systems Spectral Geometry, Path Integrals and Experiments Quantum -/- Gravity -/- Spacetime Quantum Mechanics on all Scales? A Roundtable Discussion under the theme 'Nuovi orizzonti nella ricerca scientifica. Ci troviamo di fronte ad una rivoluzione scientifica?' formed an integral part of the program. With participation of E Del Giudice (INFN & Università di Milano), F Guerra (Università 'La Sapienza', Roma) and G Vitiello (Università di Salerno), this event traditionally dedicated to the public drew a large audience involved in lively discussions until late. The workshop was organized by L Diósi (Budapest), H-T Elze (Pisa, chair), L Fronzoni (Pisa), J J Halliwell (London), E Prati (Milano) and G Vitiello (Salerno), with most essential help from our conference secretaries L Fratino, N Lampo, I Pozzana, and A Sonnellini, all students from Pisa, and from our former secretaries M Pesce-Rollins and L Baldini. Several institutions and sponsors supported the workshop and their representatives and, in particular, the citizens of Rosignano/Castiglioncello are deeply thanked for the generous help and kind hospitality: Comune di Rosignano - A Franchi (Sindaco di Rosignano), S Scarpellini (Segreteria sindaco), L Benini (Assessore ai lavori pubblici), M Pia (Assessore all' urbanistica) REA Rosignano Energia Ambiente s.p.a. - F Ghelardini (Presidente della REA), E Salvadori and C Peccianti (Segreteria) Associazione Armunia - A Nanni (Direttore), G Mannari (Programmazione), C Perna, F Bellini, M Nannerini, P Bruni and L Meucci (Tecnici). Special thanks go to G Mannari and her collaborators for advice and great help in all the practical matters that had to be dealt with, in order to run the meeting at Castello Pasquini smoothly Funds made available by Università di Pisa, Domus Galilaeana (Pisa), Centro Interdisciplinare per lo Studio dei Sistemi Complessi - CISSC (Pisa), Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale (Università di Salerno), Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici - IISF (Napoli), Solvay Italia SA (Rosignano), Institute of Physics Publishing - IOP (Bristol), Springer Verlag (Heidelberg), and Hungarian Scientific Research Fund OTKA are gratefully acknowledged. Last, but not least, special thanks are due to Laura Pesce (Vitrium Galleria, San Vincenzo) for the exposition of her artwork 'arte e scienza' at Castello Pasquini during the conference. The papers submitted in the wake of the conference have been edited by

Diósi, Lajos; Elze, Hans-Thomas; Fronzoni, Leone; Halliwell, Jonathan; Prati, Enrico; Vitiello, Giuseppe; Yearsley, James



Plan for a groundwater monitoring network in Taiwan  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In Taiwan, rapid economic growth, rising standards of living, and an altered societal structure have in recent years put severe demands on water supplies. Because of its stable quantity and quality, groundwater has long been a reliable source of water for domestic, agricultural, and industrial users, but the establishment of a management program that integrates groundwater and surface-water use has been hampered by the lack of groundwater data. In 1992, the Department of Water Resources (DWR) initiated a program entitled "Groundwater Monitoring Network Plan in Taiwan." Under this program, basic groundwater data, including water-level and water-quality data, are being collected, and a reliable database is being established for the purpose of managing total water resources. This paper introduces the goals, implementation stages, and scope of that plan. The plan calls for constructing 517 hydrogeologic survey stations and 990 groundwater monitoring wells within 17 years. Under this program, water-level fluctuations are continuously monitored, whereas water-quality samples are taken for analysis only at the initial drilling stage and, subsequently, at the time when a monitoring well is being serviced. In 1996, the DWR and the Water Resources Planning Commission were merged to form today's Water Resources Bureau. Résumé A Taïwan, l'expansion économique rapide, l'amélioration des conditions de vie et la transformation de la structure sociale ont provoqué, ces dernières années, une très forte demande en eau. Du fait de sa constance en qualité et en quantité, l'eau souterraine a longtemps été considérée comme une ressource en eau sûre pour les usages domestiques, agricoles et industriels. Mais la mise en place d'un programme de gestion intégrant les utilisations d'eaux souterraines et de surface a été gênée par l'absence de données sur les eaux souterraines. En 1992, le Département des Ressources en Eau a lancé le programme "Plan pour un réseau de suivi des eaux souterraines à Taïwan". D'après ce programme, les données de base concernant les eaux souterraines, comprenant les mesures de niveau et les données de qualité, ont été acquises ; une base de données sûre est en cours d'élaboration, dans le but de gérer l'ensemble des ressources en eau. Cet article présente les buts, les stades de développement et une vue d'ensemble de ce plan. Le plan impose la mise en place de 517 stations de mesures hydrogéologiques et de 990 piézomètres en 17 ans. Selon ce programme, les variations du niveau des nappes doivent être suivies en continu, tandis que des échantillons pour la qualité de l'eau seront prélevés pour analyses uniquement au cours de la phase de foration, puis au moment de la mise en service des piézomètres. En 1996, le Département des Ressources en Eau et la Commission de Planification des Ressources en Eau ont été réunis pour former l'actuel Bureau des Ressources en Eau. Resumen En Taiwan, el rápido crecimiento económico, el aumento en el nivel de vida y los cambios sociales en los últimos años han resultado en un aumento en la demanda de agua. Por su estabilidad en términos de cantidad y calidad, las aguas subterráneas han sido durante años la fuente de agua para usos domésticos, agrícolas e industriales. En los últimos años, sin embargo, el establecimiento de un programa de gestión conjunta de aguas superficiales y subterráneas se ha visto comprometido por la falta de datos correspondientes a estas últimas. En 1992, el Departamento de Recursos de Agua (DWR) inició un programa titulado "Plan de Red de Control de Aguas Subterráneas en Taiwan". Bajo este programa, se están recogiendo datos básicos, incluyendo niveles piezométricos y datos de calidad, y se está construyendo una base de datos con el propósito de gestionar los recursos de agua totales. Este artículo presenta el marco, los objetivos y el estado de implantación del plan, que pretende la construcción de 517 estaciones de medida hidrogeológicas y 990 pozos de obs

Hsu, Shiang-Kueen


Three-dimensional mathematical model to simulate groundwater flow in the lower Palar River basin, southern India  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A three-dimensional mathematical model to simulate regional groundwater flow was used in the lower Palar River basin, in southern India. The study area is characterised by heavy ion of groundwater for agricultural, industrial and drinking water supplies. There are three major pumping stations on the riverbed apart from a number of wells distributed over the area. The model simulates groundwater flow over an area of about 392 km2 with 70 rows, 40 columns, and two layers. The model simulated a transient-state condition for the period 1991-2001. The model was calibrated for steady- and transient-state conditions. There was a reasonable match between the computed and observed heads. The transient model was run until the year 2010 to forecast groundwater flow under various scenarios of overpumping and less recharge. Based on the modelling results, it is shown that the aquifer system is stable at the present rate of pumping, excepting for a few locations along the coast where the groundwater head drops from 0.4 to 1.81 m below sea level during the dry seasons. Further, there was a decline in the groundwater head by 0.9 to 2.4 m below sea level in the eastern part of the area when the aquifer system was subjected to an additional groundwater withdrawal of 2 million gallons per day (MGD) at a major pumping station. Les modèles mathématiques en trois dimensions de l'écoulement souterrain régional sont très utiles pour la gestion des ressources en eau souterraine, car ils permettent une évaluation des composantes des processus hydrologiques et fournissent une description physique de l'écoulement de l'eau dans un aquifère. Une telle modélisation a été entreprise sur une partie du bassin inférieur de la rivière Palar, dans le sud de l'Inde. La zone d'étude est caractérisée par des prélèvements importants d'eau souterraine pour l'agriculture, l'industrie et l'eau potable. Il existe trois grandes stations de pompage sur la rivière en plus d'un certain nombre de puits répartis dans cette région. Le modèle simule l'écoulement souterrain dans une région d'environ 392 km2 avec 70 rangs, 40 colonnes et deux couches. Le modèle a fonctionné en régime transitoire en utilisant une approximation aux différences finies d'une équation différentielle partielle en trois dimensions de l'écoulement souterrain dans cet aquifère pour la période 1991-2001. Le modèle a été calibré pour des conditions de régime permanent et transitoire. Les charges hydrauliques calculées étaient en bon accord avec celles observées. Sur la base des résultats du modèle, il est apparu que le système aquifère est stable pour ce taux de pompage, excepté en quelques sites le long de la côte où l'eau marine a pénétré 50-100 m dans les terres. Le modèle transitoire a tourné jusqu'en 2010 afin de prévoir l'écoulement souterrain dynamique pour différents scénarios de pompage excessif et de recharge réduite. Il se produit un abaissement de la piézométrie de la nappe de 0.6 à 0.8 m dans la partie orientale, alors que l'aquifère est soumis à un prélèvement supplémentaire de 8,000 m3/jour à l'une des stations principales de pompage. Même avec le niveau actuel de pompage, la piézométrie de la nappe descendrait sous le niveau de la mer au cours des saisons sèches. Le modèle prédit le fonctionnement du système aquifère sous différentes conditions de stress hydrologique. Los modelos tridimensionales de flujo de aguas subterráneas son útiles para gestionar los recursos hídricos subterráneos, ya que proporcionan una aproximación a los diversos procesos hidrológicos y una descripción cuantitativa del flujo de agua en el acuífero. Se ha desarrollado un estudio de modelación de este tipo en una parte de la cuenca baja del río Palar, en el Sur de la India. Esta zona se caracteriza por las intensas extracciones de aguas subterráneas para usos agrícolas, industriales y domésticos. Hay tres estaciones de bombeo principales en el río, además de numerosos pozos distribuidos por la zona. El modelo simula el fluj

Senthilkumar, M.; Elango, L.