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State Of The Art In Digital Steganography Focusing ASCII Text Documents  

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Digitization of analogue signals has opened up new avenues for information hiding and the recent advancements in the telecommunication field has taken up this desire even further. From copper wire to fiber optics, technology has evolved and so are ways of covert channel communication. By "Covert" we mean "anything not meant for the purpose for which it is being used". Investigation and detection of existence of such cover channel communication has always remained a serious concern of information security professionals which has now been evolved into a motivating source of an adversary to communicate secretly in "open" without being allegedly caught or noticed. This paper presents a survey report on steganographic techniques which have been evolved over the years to hide the existence of secret information inside some cover (Text) object. The introduction of the subject is followed by the discussion which is narrowed down to the area where digital ASCII Text documents are being used as cover. Finally, the conc...

Rafat, Khan Farhan



German Deaf People Using Text Communication: Short Message Service, TTY, Relay Services, Fax, and E-Mail  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

An online survey of German deaf people demonstrated that they use text communication through Short Message Service (SMS), e-mail, fax, and telephone typewriters (TTY) to communicate within communities of deaf and hearing people. SMS is used most, with more than 96% of respondents having access to a mobile phone. Most use is intrinsic and directed…

Power, Des; Power, Mary R.; Rehling, Bernd



Exploring potential use of internet, E-mail, and instant text messaging to promote breast health and mammogram use among immigrant Hispanic women in Los Angeles County.  


Breast cancer is now the leading cause of death in Hispanic women (HW). Internet, e-mail, and instant text messaging may be cost-effective in educating HW about breast health and in reducing breast cancer mortality. We surveyed 905 HW women attending a free health fair about their technology use, acculturation, insurance status, mammography use, and breast cancer knowledge. Data were analyzed by t test or ?(2) tests. Mean age was 51.9 ± 14.2 years (range, 18 to 88 years). Ninety-two per cent were foreign-born. Most had completed some high school (39%) or elementary (38%) education. Most (62%) were uninsured. The majority spoke (67%) and read (66%) only Spanish. Only 60 per cent of HW older than 40 years had a recent mammogram. HW older than 40 years who had not had a recent mammogram were younger (mean 54.9 ± 10.8 vs 58 ± 10.4 years) and less likely to have health insurance (25 vs 44%; P < 0.001). Most HW never use the Internet (58%) or e-mail (64%). However, 70 per cent have mobile phones (66% older than 40 years), and 65 per cent use text messaging daily (58% older than 40 years, P = 0.001). In fact, 45 per cent wish to receive a mammogram reminder by text. Text messaging may be an inexpensive way to promote breast health and screening mammography use among uninsured HW. PMID:24160786

Dang, Catherine M; Estrada, Sylvia; Bresee, Catherine; Phillips, Edward H



Rating e-mail personality at zero acquaintance  

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Electronic media are pervasive in daily communication. But how well do personality ratings of short e-mail messages match the self-reports of the authors? Here we describe a small-scale preliminary study to test this. Working independently and under experimenter supervision, 30 judges each rated 18 short e-mail texts. These texts were written under experimental conditions by authors of known personality, who

Alastair J. Gill; Jon Oberlander; Elizabeth Austin



Senior Citizens Who Use E-Mail  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Increases in the aging population and use of computer-related technology have spawned research regarding older adults' use of the Internet. This study examined characteristics differentiating rural Midwestern senior citizens (N = 298) who use e-mail from those who do not. Compared to those who did not use e-mail, e-mail-using seniors were younger…

Stark-Wroblewski, Kimberly; Edelbaum, Jessica K.; Ryan, Joseph J.



Trap E-mail Address for Combating E-mail Viruses Boldizsar Bencsath Istvan Vajda  

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Trap E-mail Address for Combating E-mail Viruses Boldizs´ar Bencs´ath Istv´an Vajda Laboratory dangerous viruses propagate via the Internet email systems. We propose a new solu- tion to accelerate the identification of infected computers after an attack by e-mail viruses. Our approach uses trap e-mail addresses

Bencsáth, Boldizsár


Using Lexical tools to convert Unicode characters to ASCII.  


Unicode is an industry standard allowing computers to consistently represent and manipulate text expressed in most of the worlds writing systems. It is widely used in multilingual NLP (natural language processing) projects. On the other hand, there are some NLP projects still only dealing with ASCII characters. This paper describes methods of utilizing lexical tools to convert Unicode characters (UTF-8) to ASCII (7-bit) characters. PMID:18998787

Lu, Chris J; Browne, Allen C; Divita, Guy



Finding an e-mail address  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Finding an e-mail address: A site devoted to walking people through the sometimes difficult process of finding e-mail addresses, with connections to Finger, Whois, Knowbot, Netfind and X. 500 databases. An in-depth hypertext FAQ on how to find addresses is available. Resources includes a list of country codes with e-mail access, lists of college and university home pages (alphabetical and subject), Campus Wide Information Centers, and Internet domains and subdomains by country.


O How Wondrous Is E-Mail!  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Addresses the use of e-mail for communication and collaborative projects in schools. Discusses the effectiveness of an e-mail system based on a UNIX host; problems with POP (post office protocol) client programs; and the new Internet Mail Access Protocol (IMAP) which addresses most of the shortcomings of the POP protocol while keeping advantages…

Buchanan, Larry



Linguistic Characteristics of ESL Writing in Task-based E-mail Activities.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Investigated the efficacy of integrating task-based e-mail activities into a process-oriented English-as-Second-Language (ESL) writing class. Particular focus was on the linguistic characteristics of 132 pieces of e-mail writing by ESL students in tasks that differed in terms of purpose, audience interaction, and task structure. Computerized text

Li, Yili



The Whole Internet... By E-Mail  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

"Dr. Bob" Rankin has recently updated "The Whole Internet... By E-Mail," a comprehensive guide for using email to access all types of Internet sites. The guide provides examples of email access to information available on FTP, Gopher, WWW, Usenet, WAIS, Listserv, Finger, and "Directory Assistance" (Whois and Netfind) sites. If a user lacks full Internet connectivity but wishes to take advantage of the complete array of Internet resources, this guide is for them. It also provides instructions for accessing several miscellaneous Internet information sources via email, including dictionary lookup, sending a fax, sources of U.S. government information, Internet patent news service, currency conversion, virus protection software, and Internet Service Providers by area code. "The Whole Internet...By E-Mail" has been translated into over 25 languages. Foreign language access instructions are in the guide.



ifile: An Application of Machine Learning to E­Mail Filtering É  

Microsoft Academic Search

The rise of the World Wide Web and the ever-increasing amounts of machine-readable text has caused text classiÞca- tion to become a important aspect of machine learning. One speciÞc application that has the potential to aect almost every user of the Internet is e-mail Þltering. The WorldTalk Corporation estimates that over 60 million business people use e-mail (6). Many more

Jason D. M. Rennie



AstroAsciiData: Table Handling in Python  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Tabulated character strings and numbers in text files are one of the most widespread data exchange format in astronomy and science in general. Presented here is version 1.0 of the Python module AstroAsciiData. This module is a lightweight framework that provides convenient access to table data and supports the common chore of writing scripts to read, manipulate and write the data. Well-formed tables are automatically parsed and transformed into objects, which allows a very convenient and intuitive data manipulation. Version 1.0 of the AstroAsciiData module uses metadata stored in the header of the ubiquitous SExtractor output catalogues and provides transformations to other data formats such as FITS or HTML.

Haase, J.; Kümmel, M.



E?mail communication in workplace romantic relationships  

Microsoft Academic Search

This study examined workplace romantic relationship partners’ e?mail practices and perceptions. Results suggest that the relationship may play an integral role in determining participants' uses and perceptions of e?mail Workplace romantic couples used e?mail as frequently as face?to?face communication to interact with romantic partners and rated it as both rich and important Participants used e?mail for both work?related and social

Shelly R. A. Hovick; Renee A. Meyers; C. Erik Timmerman



Prevent Spam Filters from Blocking Legitimate E-Mail  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

There's no question about it: Spam is a scourge. This ever-increasing torrent of unsolicited commercial mass e-mail saps productivity and, for some, threatens the very viability of e-mail. The battle against spam, unfortunately, is creating problems of its own, with people sometimes unable to send legitimate e-mail and other times unable to…

Goldsborough, Reid



DEPT./BLDG. PHONE FAX CHAIR (E-mail) SECRETARY (E-mail) ANTH SS 235 2693 4918  

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DEPT./BLDG. PHONE FAX CHAIR (E-mail) SECRETARY (E-mail) ANTH SS 235 2693 4918 Gil Quintero x5825 (gilbert.quintero@umontana) Rehanna Olson (rehanna.olson@mso) Biological Sciences, 5122 4184 Janean Clark x

Chu, Xi


Fluctuation in e-mail sizes weakens power-law correlations in e-mail flow  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Power-law correlations have been observed in packet flow over the Internet. The possible origin of these correlations includes demand for Internet services. We observe the demand for e-mail services in an organization, and analyze correlations in the flow and the sequence of send requests using a Detrended Fluctuation Analysis (DFA). The correlation in the flow is found to be weaker than that in the send requests. Four types of artificial flow are constructed to investigate the effects of fluctuations in e-mail sizes. As a result, we find that the correlation in the flow originates from that in the sequence of send requests. The strength of the power-law correlation decreases as a function of the ratio of the standard deviation of e-mail sizes to their average.

Matsubara, Yoshitsugu; Hieida, Yasuhiro; Tadaki, Shin-ichi



Secure E-mailing Between Physicians and Patients  

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Secure e-mailing between Kaiser Permanente physicians and patients is widespread; primary care providers receive an average of 5 e-mails from patients each workday. However, on average, secure e-mailing with patients has not substantially impacted primary care provider workloads. Secure e-mail has been associated with increased member retention and improved quality of care. Separate studies associated patient portal and secure e-mail use with both decreased and increased use of other health care services, such as office visits, telephone encounters, emergency department visits, and hospitalizations. Directions for future research include more granular analysis of associations between patient-physician secure e-mail and health care utilization. PMID:24887522

Garrido, Terhilda; Meng, Di; Wang, Jian J.; Palen, Ted E.; Kanter, Michael H.



Development of an education-oriented e-mail application \\  

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We have developed a simple E-mail application named Seemit which is designed for being used in information literacy courses. It has necessary and sufficient functions for an E-mail application, and it has been developed for the purpose of learning basic operations and mechanisms of E-mail transfer easily. It has been developed in HSP scripting language, which can create compact Windows

Makoto Miyazaki; K. Sugitani; T. Kita; Hidenori Akiyama



Seven Habits of Highly Successful Enterprise E-Mail Managers  

Microsoft Academic Search

The rise of regulatory oversight and privacy concerns, the exponential growth in the amount of e-mail, the lack of e-mail discipline by employees, and the ubiquity of e-mail as a primary communications mechanism have created new risks for companies and businesses of every size. It is not only the disgruntled worker companies should be worried about; it's likely their star

Jim Vandermeer



Break the Chain: Stop Junk E-Mail and Misinformation  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

False virus alerts, hoaxes, and chain letters sent through e-mail are becoming almost commonplace, which makes them more annoying than ever. This is why Break the Chain tries to educate people to stop forwarding junk e-mail to their entire contacts list. The site offers some good guidelines for e-mail etiquette and how to research chain letters. It also has a searchable database of over 300 chain letters and hoaxes currently in circulation. A fun part of the site is the Yanking the Chain Awards, which is a monthly award given out to a particularly effective (and usually humorous) response to junk e-mail.

Ratliff, John R.



Yunsheng Xu e-mail:  

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Yunsheng Xu e-mail: Xiangcheng Luo D. D. L. Chung e-mail: Composite Materials Research Laboratory, State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 14260 as that given by solder. Water is almost as effective as sodium silicate without filler, but the thermal contact

Chung, Deborah D.L.


Using E-mail as an Official Means of Communication.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Nearly 90% of all University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (UWEC) students and staff are regular users of e-mail. The University has taken advantage of this widespread use and replaced many paper distributions--payroll earnings statements, unofficial transcripts, degree audits, adviser grade reports, bills, et cetera--with distribution via e-mail.…

Ritland, Marian; Moore, Sue Shelton


Framing of climate change in newspaper coverage of the East Anglia e-mail scandal.  


In late 2009, a series of e-mails related to climate research were made public following the hacking into a server and the e-mail accounts of researchers at the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit. According to some skeptics of climate change research, the content of those e-mails suggested data were being manipulated, while climate scientists said their words were taken out of context. The news coverage of this scandal provides an opportunity to consider media framing. This study has two aims: to extend previous research using a cluster analysis technique to discern frames in media texts; and to provide insight into newspaper coverage of the scandal, which is often referred to as "Climategate." This study examines the frames present in two British and two American newspapers' coverage of the issue. PMID:23825247

Bowe, Brian J; Oshita, Tsuyoshi; Terracina-Hartman, Carol; Chao, Wen-Chi



Guidelines for Sending of Mass E-mail at UWM Mass e-mail is the delivery of e-mail to a large group of recipients or delivery of a large  

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Guidelines for Sending of Mass E-mail at UWM Mass e-mail is the delivery of e-mail to a large group of recipients or delivery of a large number of messages at the same time. The recipient lists for e-mail groups medium can be diminished by excessive use. Delivery of a large amount of e-mail during a brief time

Saldin, Dilano


E-mail et Web : pour une navigation sans risque  


Présentation orale en français, support visuel en anglais. À travers des exemples concrets, vous consoliderez vos connaissances et pourrez ainsi réajuster vos habitudes concernant l?utilisation sécurisée de votre boîte e-mail et de votre navigateur Web.




E-mail et Web : pour une navigation sans risque  

SciTech Connect

Présentation orale en français, support visuel en anglais. À travers des exemples concrets, vous consoliderez vos connaissances et pourrez ainsi réajuster vos habitudes concernant l’utilisation sécurisée de votre boîte e-mail et de votre navigateur Web.




Canadian government agencies develop e-mail management policies  

Microsoft Academic Search

As e-mail has become a widely used communication tool by the Government of Canada (GoC), this article examines current e-mail management policies and system implementation in Canadian government agencies. GoC implemented the Records, Document, and Information Management System (RDIMS) as an integrated system tool for efficient document and records management. RDIMS provides the capability to create, manage, and access information

Eun G. Park; Natasha Zwarich



Successful Practices in the Use of Secure E-mail  

PubMed Central

Physician use of secure e-mail with patients is anticipated to increase under Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements, but little is known about how physicians can successfully incorporate it into daily work. We interviewed 27 “super user” physicians at Kaiser Permanente and Group Health who were identified by leaders as being technologically, operationally, and clinically adept and as having high levels of secure e-mail use with patients. They highly valued the use of secure e-mail with patients, despite concerns about a lack of adequate time to respond, and provided tips for using it successfully. They identified benefits that included better care and improved relationships with their patients. PMID:24937149

Johnson, Laura W; Garrido, Terhilda; Christensen, Kate; Handley, Matt



E-Mail Original Paper  

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, they are consistent with a role for AR in regulating some differences between sexes in the display of reproductive, T maintains a number of sex differences in the brain in adulthood, and regulates seasonal changes in sexual beE-Mail Original Paper Brain Behav Evol 2014;84:303­314 DOI: 10

Wade, Juli


Log-normal statistics in e-mail communication patterns  

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Following up on Barabasi's recent letter to Nature [435, 207--211 (2005)], we systematically investigate the time series of e-mail usage for 3,188 users at a university. We focus on two quantities for each user: the time interval between consecutively sent e-mails (interevent time), and the time interval between when a user sends an e-mail and when a recipient sends an e-mail back to the original sender (waiting time). We perform a standard Bayesian model selection analysis that demonstrates that the interevent times are well-described by a single log-normal while the waiting times are better described by the superposition of two log-normals. Our analysis rejects the possibility that either measure could be described by truncated power-law distributions with exponent $\\alpha \\simeq 1$. We also critically evaluate the priority queuing model proposed by Barab\\'asi to describe the distribution of the waiting times. We show that neither the assumptions nor the predictions of the model are plausible, and conclude ...

Stouffer, D B; Núñez-Amaral, L A; Stouffer, Daniel B.; Amaral, Luis A. N.



Postdoctorate e-mail:  

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Research Director e-mail: The Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory, University of Western Jets Various types of impinging jet flows are analytically modeled using inviscid free Gaussian jet, and streamline plots are calculated for circular, plane, and annular impinging jets. The models show excellent

Yu, Pei


OptOgenetics * E-mail:  

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OptOgenetics * E-mail: 1 Department of Bioengineering, 2 Neurosciences and richness of experimental readout. Yet application of new optogenetic tools in the rat system has been have now largely been overcome, and the neuroscience community is applying optogenetic techniques

Schnitzer, Mark


Colleges Get out of E-Mail Business  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Frantic troubleshooting by an overworked staff versus someone else fixing problems smoothly. A sliver of server space per person versus a five-gigabyte chunk. Half a million dollars versus free. That's what colleges are faced with as they decide whether to continue running their own e-mail services or outsource them to a professional service like…

Carnevale, Dan



Yunsheng Xu e-mail:  

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. Chung e-mail: Composite Materials Research Laboratory, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, Buffalo, NY 14260-4400 Lithium Doped Polyethylene- Glycol-Based Thermal. percent optimum), as well as water and N, N-dimethylformamide for helping the dissociation of the salt

Chung, Deborah D.L.


Section's e-mail list keeps members informed  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

For years the geomagnetic/paleomagnetic community has used an e-mail list as an important means of communication. It was started by Sue Beske-Diehl and turned over to AGU management 3 years ago. Submissions to the list ( are sent to, who reviews them for suitability and sends them out to the recipients of the e-mail list. The recipients are distributed among two separate lists. The first is drawn from those identified as GP section members in the online membership directory at AGU and the second is a private list maintained by Lisa Tauxe. Anyone can be added to the latter on request (

Tauxe, Lisa


Therapeutic neuroscience education via e-mail: a case report.  


Therapeutic neuroscience education (TNE) aims to alter a patient's thoughts and beliefs about pain and has shown efficacy in treating chronic pain. To date, TNE sessions mainly consist of one-on-one verbal communication. This approach limits availability of TNE to pain patients in remote areas. A 32-year-old patient with chronic low back pain (CLBP) who underwent surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) attended a single clinic one-on-one TNE session followed by TNE via electronic mail (e-mail), pacing and graded exposure over a 4-month period. A physical examination, Numeric Rating Scale (NRS), Oswestry Disability Index (ODI), the Disabilities of Arm, Shoulder and Hand (DASH), and Fear-Avoidance Beliefs Questionnaire (FABQ) were assessed during her initial physical therapy visit as well as 1 and 4 months later. Pre-TNE, the patient reported: NPRS (arm)?=?7/10; NPRS (leg)?=?4/10; ODI?=?10.0%; DASH?=?36.7%; FABQ-W?=?24; and FABQ-PA?=?17. After 5 e-mail sessions all outcome measures improved, most noticeably NRS (arm)?=?2/10; NRS (leg)?=?0/10; DASH?=?16.7%; FABQ-W?=?8; and FABQ-PA?=?7. TNE can potentially be delivered to suffering pain patients in remote areas or to individuals who have time and financial constraints, and likely at a significant reduced cost via e-mail. PMID:24779489

Louw, Adriaan



Universal Access to E-Mail: Feasibility and Societal Implications  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

"Universal Access to E-Mail: Feasibility and Societal Implications" by Robert H. Anderson, Tora K. Bikson, Sally Ann Law, and Bridger M. Mitchell; 1995; Rand Corporation; 267 pages, 24 tables, 18 figures; bibliography, is available for downloading from Rand Corporation's Web site. "This is the final report of a two-year RAND study. It is designed as a sourcebook on key social, technical, economic, and international issues related to providing universal access to e-mail within the United States. It is our hope that this report will help stimulate public policy discussions regarding the feasibility, desirability, and implications of universal e-mail access. Decision makers involved with such public policy issues are the primary audience for this report, but it should also be of interest to academic and business professionals involved with telecommunications policy and its social implications." The report is available in both HTML and .PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format. A free Acrobat Reader download site is available from the page.

Anderson, Robert H.; Bikson, Tora K.; Law, Sally A.; Mitchell, Bridger M.



16 CFR 1130.7 - Requirements for Web site registration or alternative e-mail registration.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2014 CFR

...2014-01-01 false Requirements for Web site registration or alternative e-mail...PRODUCTS § 1130.7 Requirements for Web site registration or alternative e-mail...registration page. The manufacturer's Web site, or other Web site established...



File-Format Program For Transferable Output ASCII Data  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

TOAD utilities machine-independent and require minimal central memory. Transferable Output ASCII Data (TOAD) file-format computer program facilitates transfer of data files from one computer installation to another. TOAD files preferred type and record length, easy to edit, read, and write on magnetic tape or transfer across communications networks. Applications programs write TOAD files directly and conform to all ANSI FORTRAN 77 standards.

Bingle, Bradford



Collaboration via E-Mail and Internet Relay Chat: Understanding Time and Technology.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Examines how college students working across distances used e-mail and Internet Relay Chat (IRC) to facilitate their collaboration and decision-making processes. Finds that students came to a decision more quickly using e-mail than with IRC, and when IRC was slow, students reverted to a series of rapid-fire e-mail messages. (RS)

Duin, Ann Hill; Archee, Ray



Journal of Applied Polymer Science Journal Copy of e-mail Notification  

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Journal of Applied Polymer Science Journal Copy of e-mail Notification Journal of Applied Polymer reply e-mail to: APP Journal Team #12;Journal of Applied Polymer Science Journal) WITH ALL CORRESPONDENCE. Thank you. Sincerely, APP Journal Team E-mail: #12


You've Got Mail!: Understanding How E-Mail Works  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Conceptually, e-mail is not a whole lot different from regular postal mail ("snail mail"), except that it is much faster. E-mail requires three things: (1) a personal computer; (2) a telephone or communication line; and (3) an Internet provider (e-mail service account). This article provides details on how it works--plus some research activities…

Roman, Harry T.



Subpoena of scientists' e-mails raises concerns  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A recent court order that required the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) to hand over more than 3000 confidential e-mails to the energy company BP in May has led to concerns about the need to protect academic freedom, the deliberative scientific process, and intellectual property. Lawyers representing BP filed the subpoena in December 2011 to seek information from WHOI in relation to a lawsuit brought against BP by the U.S. government and others about damages from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. WHOI is not a party to the lawsuit.

Showstack, Randy



An AIS-Based E-mail Classification Method  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This paper proposes a new e-mail classification method based on the Artificial Immune System (AIS), which is endowed with good diversity and self-adaptive ability by using the immune learning, immune memory, and immune recognition. In our method, the features of spam and non-spam extracted from the training sets are combined together, and the number of false positives (non-spam messages that are incorrectly classified as spam) can be reduced. The experimental results demonstrate that this method is effective in reducing the false rate.

Qing, Jinjian; Mao, Ruilong; Bie, Rongfang; Gao, Xiao-Zhi


Professional E-mail Communication Among Health Care Providers: Proposing Evidence-Based Guidelines.  


E-mail is now a primary method of correspondence in health care, and proficiency with professional e-mail use is a vital skill for physicians. Fundamentals of e-mail courtesy can be derived from lay literature, but there is a dearth of scientific literature that addresses the use of e-mail between physicians. E-mail communication between providers is generally more familiar and casual than other professional interactions, which can promote unprofessional behavior or misunderstanding. Not only e-mail content but also wording, format, and tone may influence clinical recommendations and perceptions of the e-mail sender. In addition, there are serious legal and ethical implications when unprofessional or unsecured e-mails related to patient-identifying information are exchanged or included within an electronic medical record. The authors believe that the appropriate use of e-mail is a vital skill for physicians, with serious legal and ethical ramifications and the potential to affect professional development and patient care. In this article, the authors analyze a comprehensive literature search, explore several facets of e-mail use between physicians, and offer specific recommendations for professional e-mail use. PMID:25162617

Malka, S Terez; Kessler, Chad S; Abraham, John; Emmet, Thomas W; Wilbur, Lee



Transferable Output ASCII Data (TOAD) file format description  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Described is a format for writing ASCII data on a file to facilitate its transfer from one computer system to another. The TOAD format conforms to all ANSI FORTRAN 77 standards. There are two advantages in using the TOAD format. First, TOAD files are of the preferred type and record length to make them easy to edit, read from and write on magnetic tape, or transfer across communications networks. Secondly, application programs, using the TOAD format to write computational results, are more portable and the answer files easier to postprocess. TOAD utility software is listed in an appendix.

Bingel, Bradford; Hammond, Dana



Linguistic characteristics of ESL writing in task-based e-mail activities  

Microsoft Academic Search

This study investigated the efficacy of integrating task-based e-mail activities into a process-oriented ESL writing class. In particular, it examined the linguistic characteristics of 132 pieces of e-mail writing by ESL students in tasks that differed in terms of purpose, audience interaction and task structure. The analysis focused on the linguistic features of the students' e-mail writing at different levels,

Yili Li



Perception of e-mail personality at zero-acquaintance: Extraversion takes care of itself; Neuroticism is a worry  

Microsoft Academic Search

We investigate the impact of computer-mediated in- teraction on person perception. In particular, we study how traits important for socialisation and collaboration|Extraversion and Neuroticism|can be detected from the text of an e-mail communi- cation. We have previously shown how Extraver- sion influences people's language production in elec- tronic communication, in broadly intuitive ways. Here, we briefly outline the ways in

Alastair J. Gill



E-Mail Molecules—Individualizing the Large Lecture Class  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

All students in the organic chemistry class are assigned a unique set of nine molecules to report on as optional extra credit assignments. The molecules are taken from a list containing over 200 molecules on the class Web site; they represent an assortment of biologically relevant compounds, from acetaminophen to yohimbine. Once a week, students may submit information about one of the molecules for two points extra credit (where the course includes a total of over 600 points from traditional quizzes and exams). The information requested about the molecules varies slightly each term as student expertise grows, for example, molecular formula, hybridizations, functional groups, or number of stereocenters, but always includes biological relevance and sources of information. Initially students submitted data directly to the instructor by e-mail, but submissions now are handled by a Web-based course management system (WebCT). The goal is to give students individualized assignments that are relatively realistic in light of their future careers in health sciences. Nearly all of the students do some of the molecules, and many students do all of them. About 30 40% of the students who do the assignments regularly gain a grade benefit. Student responses to the exercise have been positive.

Wamser, Carl C.



Mycorrhiza Mycology e-mail list server A contribution to Tree Health Biotechnology in South Africa  

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Mycorrhiza Mycology e-mail list server ­A contribution to Tree Health Biotechnology in South Africa The Mycorrhiza Mycology e- mail list server has recently been established for South Africa by Dr Marieka about fungi are amazed when they learn about the various aspects of mycology. With the assistance


Mercure: Towards an Automatic E-mail Follow-up System  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper discusses the design and the approach we have developed in order to deal effectively with customer e- mails sent to a corporation. We first present the current state of the art and then make the point that natural language tools are needed in order to deal effectively with the rather informal style encountered in the e-mails. In our

Guy Lapalme; Leila Kosseim



Using E-mail in a Math/Computer Core Course.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper notes the advantages of using e-mail in computer literacy classes, and discusses the results of incorporating an e-mail assignment in the "Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning and Computer Programming" core course at Brooklyn College (New York). The assignment consisted of several steps. The students first read and responded to an…

Gurwitz, Chaya


Changing Cultural Stereotypes through E-Mail Assisted Foreign Language Learning  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper explores the question of how cultural stereotypes are formed, modified, dismissed or reinforced, drawing on findings from a collaborative intercultural e-mail project between Hong Kong learners of Japanese at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and native Japanese speakers at Kagoshima University. It also evaluates role of e-mail

Itakura, Hiroko



MedlinePlus E-mail Updates | NIH MedlinePlus the Magazine  


... of this page please turn Javascript on. MedlinePlus E-mail Updates Past Issues / Spring - Summer 2010 Table ... in health and medicine? Sign up for MedlinePlus e-mail updates, and you'll receive alerts whenever ...


On Capturing and Containing E-mail Worms Chin-Tser Huang*  

E-print Network

On Capturing and Containing E-mail Worms Chin-Tser Huang* Nathan L. Johnson* Jeff Janies* Alex Abstract Capturing an e-mail worm and containing its propagation as early as possible is desirable in order to provide better protection for the networks and hosts against severe damage that may be caused by the worm

Liu, Alex X.


The Most Preferred Free E-mail Service Used by Students  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The aim of this study is to investigate the most preferred free web based e-mail used by students in the technology departments of the Near East University (Departments CIS, CEIT and COM.ENG), and also to find out which technical characteristics affect the participants when making a decision for the choice of an e-mail service. The volunteer…

Cavus, Nadire; Bicen, Huseyin



Social Work Practice in the Digital Age: Therapeutic E-Mail as a Direct Practice Methodology  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The author addresses the risks and benefits of incorporating therapeutic e-mail communication into clinical social work practice. Consumer demand for online clinical services is growing faster than the professional response. E-mail, when used as an adjunct to traditional meetings with clients, offers distinct advantages and risks. Benefits include…

Mattison, Marian



Transcending E-Mail Dissonance: the Mediating Effects of Feminine Rhetoric.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Sample excerpts from e-mail discussion used in place of the traditional journal in freshman composition illustrate the fascinating issues raised in this new forum. E-mail allows confrontational statements that would not have been made face-to-face and puts in written form a dialogue for analysis by the entire class. A study concentrated on three…

Lemon, Hallie S.


E-Mail Exchanges: Teaching Language, Culture, and Technology for the 21st Century.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Classroom electronic mail (e-mail) exchanges between University College of the Cariboo (British Columbia), University of Wisconsin, University of Northeastern Illinois, and Carleton University (Ontario) college preparatory English-as-a-Second-Language students demonstrate that e-mail can be effective in teaching intercultural awareness, can create…

Ruhe, Valeria



Using E-mail for Personal Relationships: The Difference Gender Makes  

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Using E-mail for Personal Relationships: The Difference Gender Makes Bonka Boneva Robert Kraut Special issue on The Internet and Everyday Life (Version 10, March 5, 2001) Running head: E-mail, gender Advanced Technologies. Debra Hindus, Scott Mainwaring, Bonnie Johnson, Eric Dishman at Interval Research


Reliability of e-mail delivery in the era of spam  

Microsoft Academic Search

E-mail system has been designed once to be one of the most reliable internet services. All possible steps were taken in the protocol to assure either a positive delivery of e-mail or the return of an error message. This is now circumvented in many ways by various antispam techniques and the SMTP protocol cannot be considered reliable anymore. The paper

Tomasz R. Surmacz



E-mail Reference Service in the Public Library: A Virtual Necessity.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

After 10 years of experience, the Santa Monica Public Library (SMPL) advocates e-mail reference as an essential service that provides a personalized, convenient, and accessible service for a growing constituency. Discussion includes e-mail reference service parameters and challenges and opportunities. Presents suggestions for public libraries just…

O'Neill, Nancy



Location Is Everything: The Use and Marketing of Reference E-Mail  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Reference e-mail continues to be a vital reference service. This article studies the trends in reference e-mail use over an eight year period. Usage statistics are analyzed particularly in light of the marketing of the service via changes in the location of the service on the official university libraries' Web pages. Included are recommendations…

Collins, Susan L.



Development of an E-mail Application Seemit and its Utilization in an Information Literacy Course  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We have developed a simple e-mail application named Seemit which is designed for being used in information literacy courses. It has necessary and sufficient functionality of an e-mail application, and it has been developed for the purpose of learning basic operations and mechanisms of e-mail transfer easily. It is equipped with the function to automatically set the configuration of user's SMTP/POP servers and e-mail address, etc. The process of transferring e-mail via SMTP and POP can be demonstrated step by step showing actual messages passed during the client-server interaction. We have utilized Seemit in a university-wide information literacy course which holds about 1800 students.

Kita, Toshihiro; Miyazaki, Makoto; Nakano, Hiroshi; Sugitani, Kenichi; Akiyama, Hidenori


E-mail communication in the management of gastroenterology patients: A review  

PubMed Central

E-mail correspondence between physicians and patients can be a useful tool to improve communication efficiency, provide economic and ecological benefits, improve therapeutic interventions and adherence, and enhance self-management. The model of self-management in chronic disease has become an integral component of North American and British medicine. From a practical standpoint, the use of e-mail between physicians and patients can complement the self-management model. E-mail communication has many benefits from both patient and physician perspectives. E-mail contact reduces the inefficiencies associated with telecommunications. Physicians are able to better document out-of-office patient encounters and provide access to specialist care for patients in remote locations. This use of e-mail has the potential to increase patient safety through physician approval of self-manager actions, including earlier initiation of needed treatments. Fewer clinic visits afford additional time for new consultations and sicker patients, reducing the overall burden on referral and wait times. The present article reviews some of the literature regarding physician-patient e-mail communication in the general ambulatory setting, in the context of chronic disease and with a specific focus on inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The authors provide a framework for the use of e-mail communication in the IBD population, with emphasis on the concept of e-mail use. Also illustrated are the benefits and disadvantages, and examples of the e-mail contract as proposed by the Canadian Medical Protective Association. Examples of specific e-mail communication topics are provided for several IBD scenarios. Potential negative consequences of this mode of communication are also discussed. PMID:24619639

Plener, Ian; Hayward, Andrew; Saibil, Fred



Heart murmurs recorded by a sensor based electronic stethoscope and e-mailed for remote assessment  

PubMed Central

Background: Heart murmurs are common in children, and they are often referred to a specialist for examination. A clinically innocent murmur does not need further investigation. The referral area of the University Hospital is large and sparsely populated. A new service for remote auscultation (telemedicine) of heart murmurs in children was established where heart sounds and short texts were sent as an attachment to e-mails. Aim: To assess the clinical quality of this method. Methods: Heart sounds from 47 patients with no murmur (n = 7), with innocent murmurs (n = 20), or with pathological murmurs (n = 20) were recorded using a sensor based stethoscope and e-mailed to a remote computer. The sounds were repeated, giving 100 cases that were randomly distributed on a compact disc. Four cardiologists assessed and categorised the cases as having "no murmur", "innocent murmur", or "pathological murmur", recorded the assessment time per case, their degree of certainty, and whether they recommended referral. Results: On average, 2.1 minutes were spent on each case. The mean sensitivity and specificity were 89.7% and 98.2% respectively, and the inter-observer and intra-observer variabilities were low (kappa 0.81 and 0.87), respectively. A total of 93.4% of cases with a pathological murmur and 12.6% of cases with an innocent murmur were recommended for referral. Conclusion: Telemedical referral of patients with heart murmurs for remote assessment by a cardiologist is safe and saves time. Skilled auscultation is adequate to detect patients with innocent murmurs. PMID:12244000

Dahl, L; Hasvold, P; Arild, E; Hasvold, T; Wren, C; Dahl, L; Hasvold, P; Arild, E; Hasvold, T



ASCII Phonetic Symbols for the World's Languages: Worldbet James L. Hieronymus  

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ASCII Phonetic Symbols for the World's Languages: Worldbet James L. Hieronymus AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ 07974, USA Abstract A new ASCII encoding of the International Phonetic Alphabet a large number of languages with phonemic and phonetic symbols, these were found to be inadequate

Hosom, John-Paul


ASCII Phonetic Symbols for the World's Languages: Worldbet James L. Hieronymus  

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ASCII Phonetic Symbols for the World's Languages: Worldbet James L. Hieronymus AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ 07974, USA Abstract A new ASCII encoding of the International Phonetic Alphabet. When an attempt was made to label a large number of languages with phonemic and phonetic symbols

Penn, Gerald


Exploring Students' Use of E-Mail for Out-of-Class Communication: Frequency, Satisfaction, and Learning Self-Efficacy  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The authors assessed students' use of e-mail for out-of-class communication (OCC) and its impact on satisfaction and learning self-efficacy. Findings showed that students and instructors use e-mail frequently for OCC, and frequency of use is positively associated with student satisfaction with e-mail as an OCC medium. Moreover, the content of…

Zhao, Q.; Ahn, S.; Meyers, R. A.; Timmerman, C. E.; Fonner, K. L.



e-mail: D. Scarborough  

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. Lieuwen Ben T. Zinn Combustion Laboratory, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 30318 MethaneA. Amato1 e-mail: B. Hudak P. D'Carlo D. Noble D. Scarborough J. Seitzman T

Lieuwen, Timothy C.


Radiation pattern analysis for optical horn antenna e-mail :  

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Radiation pattern analysis for optical horn antenna *, , , 1) , , 1) e-mail : Abstract We analyzed the radiation pattern for 2 dimensional horn antenna in optical region by using) , . . (microwave) (horn antenna). . , (coupler) . . [ 1] 2

Park, Namkyoo


Chat, E-Mail, Web, and Chat Room Slang and Acronyms  


... and Acronyms Family Life Listen Chat, E-Mail, Web, and Chat Room Slang and Acronyms Article Body ... btw BeTWeen you and me ... chat room A web page where people gather using software that allows ...


E-mail and the unexpected power of interaction Laszlo Babai  

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that do not relativize. About fast progress, fierce competition, and e-mail ethics. 1 How did Merlin end and The University of Chicago Abstract This is a true fable about Merlin, the infinitely intelligent but never

Babai, László


Elderly Americans and the Internet: E-Mail, TV News, Information and Entertainment Websites  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Older Americans, like other groups, vary in their use of the Internet. The participants for this study--elderly computer users from a Midwestern mid-size sample--used e-mail and considered it the most important Internet function. It was common for them to use e-mail with family and friends on a regular, if not daily, basis. When this group of…

Hilt, Michael L.; Lipschultz, Jeremy H.



Elderly Americans and the Internet: E-Mail, TV News, Information and Entertainment Websites  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Older Americans, like other groups, vary in their use of the Internet. The participants for this study-elderly computer users from a Midwestern mid-size sample-used e-mail and considered it the most important Internet function. It was common for them to use e-mail with family and friends on a regular, if not daily, basis. When this group of older…

Hilt, Michael L.; Lipschultz, Jeremy H.



Research Paper: The Use of Wireless E-Mail to Improve Healthcare Team Communication  

Microsoft Academic Search

ObjectiveTo assess the impact of using wireless e-mail for clinical communication in an intensive care unit (ICU).DesignThe authors implemented push wireless e-mail over a GSM cellular network in a 26-bed ICU during a 6-month study period. Daytime ICU staff (intensivists, nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, clerical staff, and ICU leadership) used handheld devices (BlackBerry, Research in Motion, Waterloo, ON) without dedicated

Chris O'Connor; Jan O. Friedrich; Damon C. Scales; Neill K. J. Adhikari



E-Mail Authentication Is Here, but Has It Arrived Yet?  

Microsoft Academic Search

The explosion in spam and phishing attacks has cost victims time and money. The attacks have also dented public confidence in e-mail. Attempts to solve the problem by the multimillion-dollar mail-filtering industry or via legislation have failed. In light of this, companies such as Cisco Systems, Microsoft, and Yahoo are pursuing e-mail authentication, designed to determine whether mail has come

George Lawton



Legal and policy issues associated with monitoring employee E-mail  

SciTech Connect

This paper examines the legal issues involved with employer monitoring of employee e-mail. In addition to identifying pertinent legal issues, the paper provides guidelines that will help the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) establish a program for monitoring outgoing e-mail to insure compliance with company policies, particularly those regarding protection of trade secrets and proprietary information, and to comply with the Department of Energy`s (DOE) procedures for protecting Export Controlled Information (ECI). Electronic communication has allowed companies to enhance efficiency, responsiveness and effectiveness. E-mail allows employees to transmit all types of data to other individuals inside and outside of their companies. The ease with which information can be transmitted by e-mail has placed trade secrets, proprietary information, and other sensitive data at risk from inadvertent disclosure by employees. As employers attempt to protect their interests through measures such as monitoring e-mail, they may expose themselves to liability under federal and state laws for violating employee privacy. Business use of e-mail has proliferated so rapidly that the federal and state legal systems have not been able to adequately address the issues arising out of its use in the workplace.

Segura, M.A.; Rither, A.C.



E-mail/Password Usage Advisory Whether information of a sensitive-nature is transported via e-mail, either as text  

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would include, but are not limited to, social security number, drivers' license number, credit/debit card numbers, salary, and medical information. 5. In some cases, electronic mail messages created from

Qiu, Weigang


|Result List Refine Search Print E-mail Save Formats: Citation HTML Full Text PDF Full Text  

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years old. Ukhaa Tolgod contains the richest assemblage of fossil vertebrates of this age known anywhere intact, to two-inch skeletons of early mammals, complete down to their fragile, microscopic ear bones

Loope, David B.


Accessing the Internet by E-mail FAQ  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Gerald Boyd has spent much time learning the internal syntax of web search engines. He has made the fruits of his labor available at an ftp site. Interested Internauts can download FAQs on how to query fifteen generic and eight specialty search engines by email. Included are Alta Vista, Excite, Inktomi, Yahoo, Infoseek, OKRA, Open Text, SwitchBoard, TheList, and others. Also included is a FAQ on how to use an Agora Server to use the web by email. See the Scout Report for March 8, 1996 for more on Agora. The FAQs are of greatest use to those without a web connection, but are also interesting to anyone who is intrigued by the intricacies of search engines. Users should download wsintro.faq (table of contents of FAQs), wscrack.faq (basic strategy for figuring out how to query search indexes via email) and wshelp.faq (Agora help file) before any others. For those who would like to download everything at once, contains all of the files. Note that while these files are fairly technical, they are very useful for those who need such Internet access.

Boyd, Gerald E.


D-41844Wegberg e-mail:  

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Rurweg 3 D-41844Wegberg Germany e-mail: Kurt GOdel.Das Album-The Album Karl in malice. Such being the case, Kurt GOdel. The Album comes as a welcome addition to the literature on G6del Sigmund, John Dawson, and Kurt Mfihlberger, with a Foreword by Hans Magnus Enzensberger WIESBADEN, VIEWEG

Sigmund, Karl


e-mail: School of Mechanical Engineering,  

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to be controlled, which include the mechanical arm dynamics and the hydraulic cylinder dynamics. Several methods. Sandwiched deadbands are common nuisances that exist in many systems, such as the hydraulic arm controlledSong Liu Bin Yao1 Professor e-mail: School of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue

Yao, Bin


Making the Most of E-Mail: How to Be Concise, Courteous, and Correct Online.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Discusses the use of e-mail and describes 13 mistakes to avoid, including inaccurate addresses, inappropriate subject lines, using conventional greetings, long messages, misspelled words, using special fonts, failing to delete unwanted messages, not answering promptly, sending a file when unnecessary, and using unnecessary jargon and technical…

Ekhaml, Leticia



* Corresponding author. E-mail address: (A. Stefanopoulou).  

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that reduces smoke generation on an experimental marine diesel engine equipped with a variable geometry!shore vehicles. In marine diesel propulsion, the turbocharger, the engine, and the propeller operation* Corresponding author. E-mail address: (A. Stefanopoulou). Research

Stefanopoulou, Anna


Android Diabetes Log Book E-mail:  

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Android Diabetes Log Book 1 2 3 1 . . 40002 2, 3 . . 40002 E-mail: Abstract Diabetes is a chronic disease, of which the patients have to continually monitor their health conditions. Keywords: android application, diabetes 4.07 5.00 , 1. 285 . . 2573 435 . . 2552 558,156 7,019 [1] 15 7% [2

Runapongsa, Kanda


Banks, credit-card issuers warn of e-mail breach By LAURA GREEN  

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phishing where 90 percent of it ends up in spam traps and is easily detected. This is going to be highly on Sunday. Hotel chain Marriott International Inc. issued a similar warning. To be safe, Levow urges business. Hover your arrow over the link in the e-mail and the address will show up, Levow said. If the web

Belogay, Eugene A.


Endorsement of the New Ecological Paradigm in Systematic and E-Mail Samples of College Students  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

As the initial phase of a longitudinal study of environmental perspective in college students, resident student opinion was sampled using the New Ecological Paradigm (NEP) scale administered through systematic alphabetical sampling. Sampling was also carried out by a blanket e-mail distribution of surveys for voluntary response. Results showed…

Rideout, Bruce E.; Hushen, Katherine; McGinty, Dawn; Perkins, Stephanie; Tate, Jennifer



The Use of E-Mail to Deliver Performance-Based Feedback to Early Childhood Practitioners  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Three studies are described that examined the relation between performance-based (PB) feedback delivered via e-mail and preschool teachers' use of recommended practices. The authors conducted the first two studies in the same classroom with different classroom staff. The third study was conducted with three different teachers employed in…

Barton, Erin E.; Pribble, Lois; Chen, Ching-I



Inexpensive E-mail Systems for LANs and Dial-up.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Internet e-mail is becoming more accessible to K-12 teachers. Many colleges and universities will give accounts to teachers for the price of asking. Unfortunately, many of these university systems are hard to use and are usually not offered to K-12 students. Also, most schools do not have phone lines in classrooms. This paper discusses two systems…

Pfaffman, Jay


Journal of Medical Entomology Copy of e-mail Notification me2044  

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Journal of Medical Entomology Copy of e-mail Notification me2044 Your article proof 2044 from Journal of Medical Entomology is available for download ===== Dear Author, This letter describes how to access and proof your article 2044 slated for an upcoming issue of Journal of Medical Entomology. If you

Solé-Cava, Antonio M.


E-Rate to Support Wireless E-Mail, Internet Calling  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article deals with federal E-rate program's support of school leaders' Blackberry habit. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has cleared the way to allow money from the $2.25 billion program of subsidies for school technology to apply to e-mail service for mobile, wireless devices, such as the BlackBerry, which are increasingly…

Trotter, Andrew



Factors that impact nurses' use of electronic mail (e-mail).  


As electronic applications are used increasingly in healthcare, nurses are being challenged to adopt them. Electronic mail (e-mail) is an electronic tool with general as well as healthcare uses. E-mail use may be an opportunity to learn a tool that requires skills similar to those used in other applications. This study aimed to identify barriers and facilitators that impact nurses' use of e-mail in the workplace. Data for this study were gathered using focus group methodology. Content analysis identified and labeled factors into seven major categories. Specific factors identified were generally consistent with those previously described in the literature as affecting use of computers in general. However, there were several additional factors identified that were not reported in other previous studies: lack of face-to-face communication, individual writing skills, recency of any educational experience, volume of mail received, password integrity, and technical support. Findings from this study provide information for any individual involved in introducing or updating an e-mail system in a healthcare environment. PMID:10609399

Hughes, J A; Pakieser, R A



Fax +41 61 306 12 34 E-Mail  

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Fax +41 61 306 12 34 E-Mail Original Paper Brain Behav Evol DOI: 10.1159/000341161 Brain Evolution across the Puerto Rican Anole Radiation Brian J. Powell Manuel Leal Duke University, Durham, N.C., USA lometry is consistent with concerted brain evolution. How- ever, in the case

Leal, Manuel S.


Fax +41 61 306 12 34 E-Mail  

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Fax +41 61 306 12 34 E-Mail Original Paper Brain Behav Evol 2012;80:170­180 DOI: 10.1159/000341161 Brain Evolution across the Puerto Rican Anole Radiation Brian J. Powell Manuel Leal Duke University, Durham, N.C., USA lometry is consistent with concerted brain evolution. How- ever

Leal, Manuel S.


Identification and Disidentification in Organizational Discourse: A Metaphor Analysis of E-Mail Communication at Enron  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This project is situated within the interpretive tradition in organizational communication research, focusing on organizational discourse. It goes further by bringing the discussion into the 21st century through examining how communication technology--specifically e-mail--plays a role in the linguistic practices that help create, maintain and…

Turnage, Anna K.



EP-MAC e-mail :,  

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EP-MAC *, e-mail :, Early Preamble MAC to reduce-cycled wireless sensor motes. In this paper we propose Early Preamble-MAC(EP-MAC) which enables to get enhanced performance of low energy and low latency. EP-MAC uses both early preamble and original simple preamble, so

Bahk, Saewoong


AISEC: an Artificial Immune System for E-mail Classification Andrew Secker  

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AISEC: an Artificial Immune System for E-mail Classification Andrew Secker Computing Laboratory-interesting material is increasing. Drawing analogies from the biological immune system, this paper presents an immune an immune-inspired approach we believe the final system will have the ability to dynamically determine

Timmis, Jon


Fax +41 61 306 12 34 E-Mail  

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Fax +41 61 306 12 34 E-Mail Original Paper Cells Tissues Organs DOI, extracellular matrix production and subcuta- neous biodegradation. Genipin, a naturally occurring com- pound in this paper ANOVA analysis of variance DMEM Dulbecco's modified Eagle medium ECM extracellular matrix FBS

Waldman, Stephen D.


Minding Your E-Mail: District Leaders Need to Prepare for Public Records Requests  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Since the Supreme Court approved a 2006 amendment to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure requiring public entities such as school districts to produce electronically stored public records during the "discovery process" in lawsuits, maintaining such records, especially e-mail messages, has been an ongoing obligation for district leaders. While…

Keenan, Daniel; Keener, Clinton; Shoaf, Michael; McIntyre, Daniel



Language with Character: A Stratified Corpus Comparison of Individual Differences in E-Mail Communication  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

To what extent does the wording and syntactic form of people's writing reflect their personalities? Using a bottom-up stratified corpus comparison, rather than the top-down content analysis techniques that have been used before, we examine a corpus of e-mail messages elicited from individuals of known personality, as measured by the Eysenck…

Oberlander, Jon; Gill, Alastair J.



A Qualitative Analysis of Advance Fee Fraud E-mail Schemes  

Microsoft Academic Search

Criminals utilize the Internet to perpetrate all manner of fraud, with the largest dollar losses attributed to advance fee fraud e-mail messages. These messages come from individuals who claim to need assistance moving a large sum of money out of their country. Individuals who respond to the messages often become victims of fraud and identity theft. Few criminologists have examined

Thomas J. Holt; Danielle C. Graves


A Student's Guide to Managing E-Mail in Office 365 Legal notice  

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A Student's Guide to Managing E-Mail in Office 365 Legal notice 1. Your use of the Microsoft Office 365 products is subject to the terms and conditions of the agreement with Microsoft including 365 products only during the licensed period. If the agreement with Microsoft is terminated

Calgary, University of


Experiments with Language Models for Known-Item Finding of E-mail Messages  

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search engine in the Lemur toolkit [1]. We use the Indri search engine to investigate two, Abstract We present experiments using language models to rank e-mail messages the use of a depth based prior, where emphasis is place on messages near the root of the thread structure

Callan, Jamie


The Alzheimer List An e-mail based support & discussion group for  

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The Alzheimer List An e-mail based support & discussion group for family caregivers and health professionals The Alzheimer List is a free public service of the Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (ADRC) at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Founded in 1994, the Alzheimer List is the oldest, ongoing e


Arnaud F. M. Bizard e-mail:  

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for the flow of a damp powder past an impervious wall. DOI: 10.1115/1.4002581 1 Introduction 1.1 The Conical 32000, Israel e-mail: Flow of Damp Powder in a Rotating Impervious Cone A one dimensional analytical model is developed for the steady state, axisymmetric flow of damp powder

Crilly, Nathan


Your business uses the Internet for many critical operations: e-commerce, e-mail, remote  

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and employees. AT&T MIS is no ordinary Internet connection. You get reliability with associated service levelYour business uses the Internet for many critical operations: e-commerce, e-mail, remote access, cloud computing and much more. With AT&T Managed Internet Service (MIS) you get high speed, dedicated

Fisher, Kathleen


Duplicate diploma fee charged to BruinBill account E-mail address required below  

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Duplicate diploma fee charged to BruinBill account E-mail address required below Check enclosed 010DDR 021814 Duplicate Diploma Application insTRUcTiOns 1. Submit completed form and check, payable to Regents-UC, to UCLA Registrar, Attn: Diploma Order, 1113 Murphy Hall, Box 951429, Los Angeles, CA 90095

Williams, Gary A.


University of Windsor Policy Concerning the Use of E-mail as an Official Means of Electronic Communication with Students  

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business, electronic communication from the University will be delivered to a student's UniversityUniversity of Windsor Policy Concerning the Use of E-mail as an Official Means of Electronic of Windsor (UWin) e- mail address. 2. All official electronic communication from the University


Evaluating Tandem Language Learning by E-Mail: Report on a Bilateral Project. CLCS Occasional Paper No. 55.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The report details the Irish portion of an experiment in tandem language learning by electronic mail (e-mail). The partners were Trinity College, Dublin (Ireland) and Ruhr University, Bochum (Germany), funded by the European Union within the International E-Mail Tandem Network as part of a two-year project. Tandem language learning is a form of…

Little, David; Ushioda, Ema; Appel, Marie Christine; Moran, John; O'Rourke, Breffni; Schwienhorst, Klaus


AUTHOR QUERY FORM Journal: ECOLEC Please e-mail or fax your responses and any corrections to  

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AUTHOR QUERY FORM Journal: ECOLEC Please e-mail or fax your responses and any corrections to: Jane Treacy E-mail: Article Number: 3857 Dear Author, Any queries in the proof (e.g., by using on- screen annotation in the PDF file) or compile them in a separate list

Shaw, W. Douglass


Internet/E-Mail Usage and Well-Being among 65-84 Year Olds in New Zealand: Policy Implications  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Research indicates that significant groups of older people are using Internet/e-mail technology. Using data from a 2007 random sample of 1,680 New Zealanders aged 65-84, predictors of Internet/e-mail usage and the impact of usage on well-being were investigated. Gender, age, education, household composition, income, and work were significant…

Koopman-Boyden, Peggy G.; Reid, Sarah L.



Communicating in organizations, Part IV: E-mails and one-on-one meetings.  


E-mail messages and face-to-face meetings both are important methods of communication, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Conducting informal one-on-one meetings well is important to the success of a leader or manager. However, the follower can also do many things to optimize the success of a one-on-one discussion with his superior. PMID:22614190

Harolds, Jay A



Language With Character: A Stratified Corpus Comparison of Individual Differences in E-Mail Communication  

Microsoft Academic Search

To what extent does the wording and syntactic form of people's writing reflect their personalities? Using a bottom-up stratified corpus comparison, rather than the top-down content analysis techniques that have been used before, we examine a cor- pus of e-mail messages elicited from individuals of known personality, as measured by the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire-Revised (S. Eysenck, Eysenck, & Barrett, 1985).

Jon Oberlander; Alastair J. Gill



Health Literacy and Global Cognitive Function Predict E-Mail but Not Internet Use in Heart Failure Patients  

PubMed Central

Background. The internet offers a potential for improving patient knowledge, and e-mail may be used in patient communication with providers. However, barriers to internet and e-mail use, such as low health literacy and cognitive impairment, may prevent patients from using technological resources. Purpose. We investigated whether health literacy, heart failure knowledge, and cognitive function were related to internet and e-mail use in older adults with heart failure (HF). Methods. Older adults (N = 119) with heart failure (69.84 ± 9.09 years) completed measures of health literacy, heart failure knowledge, cognitive functioning, and internet use in a cross-sectional study. Results. Internet and e-mail use were reported in 78.2% and 71.4% of this sample of patients with HF, respectively. Controlling for age and education, logistic regression analyses indicated that higher health literacy predicted e-mail (P < .05) but not internet use. Global cognitive function predicted e-mail (P < .05) but not internet use. Only 45% used the Internet to obtain information on HF and internet use was not associated with greater HF knowledge. Conclusions. The majority of HF patients use the internet and e-mail, but poor health literacy and cognitive impairment may prevent some patients from accessing these resources. Future studies that examine specific internet and email interventions to increase HF knowledge are needed. PMID:24282634

Schprechman, Jared P.; Gathright, Emily C.; Goldstein, Carly M.; Guerini, Kate A.; Dolansky, Mary A.; Redle, Joseph; Hughes, Joel W.



Predicting Client Satisfaction through (E-Mail) Network Analysis: The Communication Score Card  

E-print Network

This study seeks to better understand the network characteristics of client support teams by analyzing the teams' e-mail communication networks and comparing it to client organization's satisfaction. In collaboration with a large service provider we studied the impact of network properties on the satisfaction of client organizations. In particular, we found that social network metrics correlate with client satisfaction as measured by Net Promoter Score (NPS). A Communication Score Card is suggested as a dashboard to continuously measure client satisfaction, illustrating that data-driven analysis might help improving service providers' service quality management.

Brunberg, Dirk; Giacomelli, Gianni



RF model of the distribution system as a communication channel, phase 2. Volume 4: Sofware source program and illustrations ASCII database listings  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Listings of source programs and some illustrative examples of various ASCII data base files are presented. The listings are grouped into the following categories: main programs, subroutine programs, illustrative ASCII data base files. Within each category files are listed alphabetically.

Rustay, R. C.; Gajjar, J. T.; Rankin, R. W.; Wentz, R. C.; Wooding, R.



Productivity, part 1: getting things done, using e-mail, scanners, reference managers, note-taking applications, and text expanders.  


In an era of declining reimbursements and tightening of the job market, today's radiologists are forced to "make do with less." With the rollout of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly called "Obamacare," radiologists will be expected not only to interpret studies but to also take on many additional roles, adding a new layer of complexity to already demanding daily duties. These changes make it more important than ever to develop a personal workflow management system incorporating some of the most potent productivity tools. In this article, the authors discuss current productivity techniques and related software with the most potential to help radiologists keep up with the ever increasing demands on their time at the work place and help us lead more balanced lives. PMID:24656443

Lackey, Amanda E; Moshiri, Mariam; Pandey, Tarun; Lall, Chandana; Lalwani, Neeraj; Bhargava, Puneet



Taiwan Ascii and Idl_save Data Archives (AIDA) for THEMIS  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

THEMIS (Time History of Events and their Macroscopic Interactions during Substorms) is a satellite mission that aims to determine where and how substorms are triggered. The space research team in Taiwan has been involved in data promotion and scientific research. Taiwan Ascii and Idl_save Data Archives (AIDA) for THEMIS is the main work of the data promotion. Taiwan AIDA is developed for those who are not familiar with the Interactive Data Language (IDL) data analysis and visualization software, and those who have some basic IDL concepts and techniques and want more flexibilities in reading and plotting the THEMIS data. Two kinds of data format are stored in Taiwan AIDA: one is ASCII format for most users and the other is IDL SAVE format for IDL users. The public can download THEMIS data in either format through the Taiwan AIDA web site, Taiwan AIDA provides (1) plasma data including number density, average temperature, and velocity of ions and electrons, (2) magnetic field data, and (3) state information including the position and velocity of five THEMIS probes. On the Taiwan AIDA web site there are two data-downloading options. The public can download a large amount of data for a particular instrument in the FTP equivalent option; the public can also download all the data for a particular date in the Data Search option.

Lee, B.; Hsieh, W.; Shue, J.; Angelopoulos, V.; Glassmeier, K. H.; McFadden, J. P.; Larson, D.



The effect of tailored e-mails in the workplace. Part II. Increasing overall physical activity.  


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact tailored e-mail messages, based on participants' identified needs, have on intentional physical activity. A quasi-experimental design (two groups, repeated measures) in a population of manufacturing workers (73 employees from two distribution plants of a multi-national manufacturer) was used. Significant differences were found between contemplation-staged participants in the intervention and the comparison groups. In the intervention group, 53.3% of the workers moved forward, as opposed to 19.2% in the comparison group (medium effect size = 0.353). Although both the intervention group and the comparison group increased their number of steps, the comparison group's improvement was most likely attributed to a Hawthorne effect. These results are highly promising given the small sample size and limited "dose". The intervention is one most industries could feasibly implement. Such efforts have the potential to significantly impact public health. PMID:19650604

Yap, Tracey L; Davis, L Sue; Gates, Donna M; Hemmings, Annette B; Pan, Wei



14PIER student annual eval 1 of 3 Please E-mail to Audrey Russo ( ) by May 30, 2014.  

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14PIER student annual eval 1 of 3 Please E-mail to Audrey Russo ( ) by May 30 _______ Grade:_____ #12;14PIER student annual eval 2 of 3 Please E-mail to Audrey Russo (ar3v in last year's evaluation form.) #12;14PIER student annual eval 3 of 3 Please E-mail to Audrey Russo (ar3v


13PIER student annual eval 1 of 3 Please E-mail to Audrey Russo ( ) by May 31, 2013.  

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13PIER student annual eval 1 of 3 Please E-mail to Audrey Russo ( ) by May 31) #12;13PIER student annual eval 2 of 3 Please E-mail to Audrey Russo ( ) by May 31 for this Summer: D. Goals for next Semester: #12;13PIER student annual eval 3 of 3 Please E-mail to Audrey Russo


User E-Mail Account Set-up Needed for E-Forms System Notifications In order for the E-Forms System to successfully send workflow notification e-mails to a user, the  

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User E-Mail Account Set-up Needed for E-Forms System Notifications In order for the E-Forms System-Forms System. Work with the campus ITS folks to make sure that the user's email address is set up, contact the campus Information Technology Services (ITS). · Email forwarding is set up as needed. A user

Collins, Gary S.


Transferable Output ASCII Data (TOAD) editor version 1.0 user's guide  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The Transferable Output ASCII Data (TOAD) editor is an interactive software tool for manipulating the contents of TOAD files. The TOAD editor is specifically designed to work with tabular data. Selected subsets of data may be displayed to the user's screen, sorted, exchanged, duplicated, removed, replaced, inserted, or transferred to and from external files. It also offers a number of useful features including on-line help, macros, a command history, an 'undo' option, variables, and a full compliment of mathematical functions and conversion factors. Written in ANSI FORTRAN 77 and completely self-contained, the TOAD editor is very portable and has already been installed on SUN, SGI/IRIS, and CONVEX hosts.

Bingel, Bradford D.; Shea, Anne L.; Hofler, Alicia S.



Office: 1321 Old Main; 313-577-1795; e-mail: Chairperson: John D. Vander Weg  

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Collins (Jazz Stud- ies), Dennis Tini (Music Business and Music Technology), Terese Volk Tuohey (Music/theory, instrumental music education, jazz studies, music business, music technology, performance, and vocal musicMusic 217 Music Office: 1321 Old Main; 313-577-1795; e-mail: Chairperson: John D

Berdichevsky, Victor


LIMNOLOGY Biology 4470 / 5470 Fall 2006 Dr. Alan Groeger (E-mail  

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LIMNOLOGY Biology 4470 / 5470 Fall 2006 Dr. Alan Groeger (E-mail OFFICE: Room 262 advantage of my office hours for help in limnology- if my office hours are inconvenient, other times may assigned. COURSE DESCRIPTION: Limnology is the study of inland waters: their physical, chemical, geological

Aspbury, Andrea S. - Department of Biology, Texas State University


News 19 Archivesnmlkji Search Saturday 26th of January 2008 E-mail This Story Print This S  

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News 19 Archivesnmlkji Search Saturday 26th of January 2008 E-mail This Story Print This S Updated routinely eat." Exciting news for patients like john who want to treat their nagging, reflux symptoms-Casino Evacuated Because Of Fire Contact Us | NewsTeam | Advertise With Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | FCC

Chiao, Jung-Chih


What's in Season from the Garden State To receive these reports by e-mail:  

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contacted the Rutgers Food Innovation Center and a new product was born: Peach Cider. Truly the essence! Dessert: Sugarbaby watermelon #12;To receive these reports by e-mail: Web Jersey chefs that design their cuisine around local seasonal foods are highlighted here: http

Goodman, Robert M.


Personal Web Archive: E-mail:, {shizuki,jiro}  

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Personal Web Archive: Web E-mail:, {shizuki,jiro} Web Web Web Web Web Web Personal Web Archive Personal Web Archive: Support System for Browsing the Versions of Web Page Ryota WAKAMATSU Buntarou SHIZUKI Jiro TANAKA Graduate School of Systems

Tanaka, Jiro


arXiv:physics/0605027v13May2006 Log-normal statistics in e-mail communication patterns  

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-mail and when a recipient sends an e-mail back to the original sender (waiting time). We perform a standard by a single log-normal while the waiting times are better described by the superposition of two log distributions with exponent 1. We also critically evaluate the priority queuing model proposed by Barab

Fienberg, Stephen E.


Reservoir Ecology Biology 7471 Spring 2008 Dr. Alan Groeger (E-mail  

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Reservoir Ecology Biology 7471 Spring 2008 Dr. Alan Groeger (E-mail OFFICE: Room office hours for help in Reservoir Ecology- if my office hours are inconvenient, other times may) below are from the textbook ­ Thornton, K.W., B.L. Kimmel, and F.E. Payne. 1990. Reservoir Limnology

Aspbury, Andrea S. - Department of Biology, Texas State University


Corresponding author: Phone: +1 910 723 7703 E-mail: HOW METHANE SOLUBILITY CHANGES WITH HYDRATE  

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* Corresponding author: Phone: +1 910 723 7703 E-mail: HOW METHANE SOLUBILITY, the solubility of methane at the onset of hydrate formation increases as the pore size decreases and causes of methane solubility demonstrate how changes in crystal-liquid interface geometry take place as the hydrate

Rempel, Alan W.


GO Kids | GO Family | GO Money | GO Sports | GO Home ABOUT GO NETWORK | SIGN IN | FREE E-MAIL  

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Wilf, Peter


For additional information, please e-mail REQUEST FOR CTSC SEED FUNDING APPLICATIONS  

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For additional information, please e-mail REQUEST FOR CTSC SEED · Tel: 646-962-8302 · Fax: 646-962-0534 · Weill Cornell Medical College-mail TO START YOUR APPLICATION PROCESS GO TO "Begin a CTSC ePAR Application

Chen, Tsuhan


Web-site: E-mail:  

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Web-site: E-mail: 34th National Heat Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Cornell University Rajiv Sampath and Nicholas Zabaras Materials Process Design and Control Group Cornell University program (NRA-98-HEDS-05

Zabaras, Nicholas J.


Paper Trail: An Angry Professor Uses a State Law to Get Colleagues' E-Mail Messages and Other Records  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Angry over the department's vote not to hire his wife, University of Georgia history of science professor Alexei Kojevnikov obtained access to professors' and administrators' e-mails and documents related to the hiring process and spousal hires. This article discusses the controversy from different perspectives, the state of Georgia's law that…

Fogg, Piper



Quim. Nova, Vol. 30, No. 2, 481-487, 2007 *e-mail:  

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Quim. Nova, Vol. 30, No. 2, 481-487, 2007 Educação *e-mail: RECONHECIMENTO DE PADR�ES do estabelecimento de novas variáveis ortogonais entre si, denomina- das componentes principais (PCs

Ferreira, Márcia M. C.


General Rules of the PC Labs 1. A Warner College of Natural Resources e-mail account is required for  

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General Rules of the PC Labs 1. A Warner College of Natural Resources e-mail account is required such as Lamar or Holly. If you do not know if you have an account with the College of Natural Resources, please see the lab staff for assistance. 2. Eating, drinking, or smoking (including smokeless tobacco


ECE567/BME532 MODERN BIOMEDICAL IMAGING Instructor: Dr. Ying (Ada) Chen E-mail:  

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1 ECE567/BME532 MODERN BIOMEDICAL IMAGING Syllabus Instructor: Dr. Ying (Ada) Chen E-mail: adachen-3 pm Engr Building E208 Course Description Biomedical imaging is essential in diagnosis and detection in diagnosis and intervention. This course focuses on principles of modern biomedical imaging including X

Chen, Ying "Ada"


Student Full Name (as appears on diploma--PLEASE PRINT) 9-Digit UCLA ID E-mail Address  

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Student Full Name (as appears on diploma--PLEASE PRINT) 9-Digit UCLA ID E-mail Address Degree Spring Summer 023DAA052014 Diploma Agent Authorization INSTRUCTIONS 1. You may authorize an agent to pick up your diploma for you. Your agent must appear IN PERSON with his or her photo ID and this completed

Williams, Gary A.


Patient-physician e-mail communication: the kaiser permanente experience.  


Kaiser Permanente (KP) is a not-for profit health care organization that provides care for approximately 8.7 million members in nine states and the District of Columbia. In 2004, it began implementation of its current electronic health record (EHR), which by 2010, was in use in all KP regions, in both outpatient and inpatient settings. Over the same period, a suite of online services was also implemented. Among these services was a password-protected e-mail system (referred to as secure messaging) that allowed physicians and patients to communicate electronically. Use of secure messaging has increased rapidly. By 2010, 64% of the 3.6 million KP members in northern California had signed up for online access. In 2010, the 7,000 physicians of Northern California KP received 5.8 million secure messages. Secure messaging has been associated with a decrease in office visits, an increase in measurable quality outcomes (at least in primary care), and excellent patient satisfaction. PMID:22043186

Baer, David



Directly e-mailing authors of newly published papers encourages community curation.  


Much of the data within Model Organism Databases (MODs) comes from manual curation of the primary research literature. Given limited funding and an increasing density of published material, a significant challenge facing all MODs is how to efficiently and effectively prioritize the most relevant research papers for detailed curation. Here, we report recent improvements to the triaging process used by FlyBase. We describe an automated method to directly e-mail corresponding authors of new papers, requesting that they list the genes studied and indicate ('flag') the types of data described in the paper using an online tool. Based on the author-assigned flags, papers are then prioritized for detailed curation and channelled to appropriate curator teams for full data extraction. The overall response rate has been 44% and the flagging of data types by authors is sufficiently accurate for effective prioritization of papers. In summary, we have established a sustainable community curation program, with the result that FlyBase curators now spend less time triaging and can devote more effort to the specialized task of detailed data extraction. Database URL: PMID:22554788

Bunt, Stephanie M; Grumbling, Gary B; Field, Helen I; Marygold, Steven J; Brown, Nicholas H; Millburn, Gillian H



Phone: (765) 494-5146 E-mail: Web: Center for the Environment  

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" Phone: (765) 494-5146 · E-mail: · Web: http overlapping aspects of the environmental challenges facing the world today. By emphasizing the deep connection-making and behavior #12;" " Phone: (765) 494-5146 · E-mail: · Web: http


Virginia Tech News Daily E-mail Policy Page 1 of 2 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University No. 12200 Rev.: 0  

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Virginia Tech News Daily E-mail Policy Page 1 of 2 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State __________________________________________________________________________________ Subject: Virginia Tech News Daily E-Mail Policy ............................................................................................................................................................1 3.1 How to Submit an Item to the Virginia Tech News Daily E

Buehrer, R. Michael


E-mail invitations to general practitioners were as effective as postal invitations and were more efficient. |

This study compared cost and effectiveness of recruiting general practitioners (GPs) to an online trial by e-mail compared with postal invitations. Use of e-mail did not improve recruitment, but it also did not adversely affect accrual. It was also logistically easier than mailing and lowered costs. Reminders using both methods resulted in a 4 percent increase in accrual.


Proceedings Student/Faculty Research Day, CSIS, Pace University, May 6th, 2005 Detection of Foreign Entities in Native Text  

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in written German, Tagalog and Swedish newspapers. In our own investigation of internal e-mails from a German. Globalization is manifested in e-mails, corporate documents, and newspaper articles composed in mixed languages. Investigation of newspapers articles by [9, 13] and our own, we found numerous inclusion of English text

Tappert, Charles


XML/VOTable and Simple ASCII Tabular Output from NED with Sample Applications  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED) provides data and cross-identifications for over 8 million objects fused from thousands of survey catalogs and journal articles. The data cover all frequencies from radio through gamma rays and include positions, redshifts, photometry and spectral energy distributions (SEDs), sizes, and images. NED services have traditionally supplied data in HTML format for connections from Web browsers, and a custom ASCII data structure for connections by remote computer programs written in C. We demonstrate new services that provide responses from NED queries in XML documents compliant with the international virtual observatory VOTable protocol, as well as simple tab-separated or comma-separated values (CSV). The NED services that support the new tabular output include By Name, Near Name and Near Position (cone searches), All-Sky searches based on object parameters (survey names, cross-IDs, redshifts, flux densities), and queries for images, photometry/SEDs, redshifts, positions, and diameters. The VOTable services have been integrated into the NVO registry, and they are also available directly from NED's Web interface ( This development greatly simplifies the integration of data from NED into visualization and analysis packages, scripts, and other applications. We illustrate an example of importing a NED SED into Excel, as well as plotting and comparing SEDs using the VOPlot Java applet. NED is operated by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, under contract with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The XML/VOTable portion of this work was funded by the US National Virtual Observatory, which is sponsored by the National Science Foundation. We also acknowledge assistance from the NVO Technical Working Group.

Schmitz, M.; Pevunova, O.; Mazzarella, J.; Good, J.; Berriman, B.; Madore, B.; NED Team



Famulaturbericht von Anna Peters (E-Mail:, Sommer 2006 St. Francis Xavier Hospital in Assin Foso, Ghana  

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Famulaturbericht von Anna Peters (E-Mail:, Sommer 2006 St. Francis Xavier Hospital einzuspringen. Als ich nach zwei Wochen auf die Männerstation wechselte, stellte ich zu meiner Freude fest, dass

Gollisch, Tim


Search Sign up for our free e-mail newsletter Also see: Today's Top Stories -Related Sites &  

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Search Sign up for our free e-mail newsletter Also see: Today's Top on a person's eyes. Adolphs says the research could help those who suffer from other disorders such as autism

Gosselin, Frédéric


The Author 2009. Published by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved. For permissions, please e-mail:  

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for Hair Cell Function and Associated Neural Activation Ruishuang Geng1, , Scott F. Geller2, , Toshinori, please e-mail: Usher Syndrome IIIA Gene Clarin-1 is Essential

Reh, Thomas A.


Interno Docente Orario e Sede di Ricevimento Indirizzo E-mail 7548 BACCIOTTI ANDREA Mercoled ore 15.30 -17.00  

E-print Network 7509 FAGNANI FABIO Su appuntamento c/o DIMAT, contattare il docente tramite e-mail fabio 7546 GASPARINI MAURO Su appuntamento c/o DIMAT, contattare il docente tramite e-mail 7528 GATTO LETTERIO Mercoledì ore 14.00 - 15.30 7531

Ceragioli, Francesca


Effectiveness of an intensive E-mail based intervention in smoking cessation (TABATIC study): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial  

PubMed Central

Background Intensive interventions on smoking cessation increase abstinence rates. However, few electronic mail (E-mail) based intensive interventions have been tested in smokers and none in primary care (PC) setting. The aim of the present study is to evaluate the effectiveness of an intensive E-mail based intervention in smokers attending PC services. Methods/design Randomized Controlled Multicentric Trial. Study population: 1060 smokers aged between 18–70 years from Catalonia, Salamanca and Aragón (Spain) who have and check regularly an E-mail account. Patients will be randomly assigned to control or intervention group. Intervention: Six phase intensive intervention with two face to face interviews and four automatically created and personal E-mail patients tracking, if needed other E-mail contacts will be made. Control group will receive a brief advice on smoking cessation. Outcome measures: Will be measured at 6 and 12 months after intervention: self reported continuous abstinence (confirmed by cooximetry), point prevalence abstinence, tobacco consumption, evolution of stage according to Prochaska and DiClemente's Stages of Change Model, length of visit, costs for the patient to access Primary Care Center. Statistical analysis: Descriptive and logistic and Poisson regression analysis under the intention to treat basis using SPSS v.17. Discussion The proposed intervention is an E-mail based intensive intervention in smokers attending primary care. Positive results could be useful to demonstrate a higher percentage of short and long-term abstinence among smokers attended in PC in Spain who regularly use E-mail. Furthermore, this intervention could be helpful in all health services to help smokers to quit. Trial Registration Clinical Identifier: NCT01494246. PMID:23597262



Uptake and adherence of a self-directed internet-based mental health intervention with tailored e-mail reminders in senior high schools in Norway  

PubMed Central

Background Internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy (ICBT) is a promising approach to the prevention and reduction of depressive symptoms among adolescents. This study aimed to evaluate the feasibility and efficacy of disseminating a self-directed internet-based mental health intervention (MoodGYM) in senior high schools. It also sought to investigate possible effects of tailored and weekly e-mail reminders on initial uptake and adherence to the intervention. Method A baseline survey was conducted in four senior high schools in two Norwegian municipalities (n?=?1337). 52.8% (707/1337) of the students consented to further participation in the trial and were randomly allocated to one of three MoodGYM intervention groups (tailored weekly e-mail reminder (n?=?175), standardized weekly e-mail reminder (n?=?176 ) or no e-mail reminder (n?=?175)) or a waitlist control group (n?=?180). We tested for effects of the intervention on depression and self-esteem using multivariate analysis of variance, effects of tailored e-mail and self-reported current need of help on initial uptake of the intervention using logistic regression and the effect of weekly e-mails on adherence using ordinal regression. Results There was substantial non-participation from the intervention, with only 8.5% (45/527) participants logging on to MoodGYM, and few proceeding beyond the first part of the programme. No significant effect on depression or self-esteem was found among the sample as a whole or among participants with elevated depression scores at baseline. Having a higher average grade in senior high school predicted initial uptake of the intervention, but tailored e-mail and self-reported current need of help did not. Weekly e-mail prompts did not predict adherence. The main reasons for non-use reported were lack of time/forgetting about it and doubt about the usefulness of the program. Conclusion Overall, disseminating a self-directed internet-based intervention to a school population proved difficult despite steps taken to reduce barriers in terms of tailoring feedback and dispatching weekly e-mail reminders. Providing mental health interventions within the school environment is likely to ensure better uptake among senior high school students, but there is a need to effectively communicate that such programmes can be helpful. Trial registration The trial was registered retrospectively as ACTRN12612001106820. PMID:24443820



The effect of tailored E-mails in the workplace. Part I. Stage movement toward increased physical activity levels.  


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact tailored e-mail messages, based on participants' identified needs, have on intentional physical activity. A quasi-experimental design (two groups, repeated measures) in a population of manufacturing workers (73 employees from two distribution plants of a multi-national manufacturer) was used. Significant differences were found between contemplation-staged participants in the intervention and the comparison groups. In the intervention group, 53.3% of the workers moved forward, as opposed to 19.2% in the comparison group (medium effect size = 0.353). Although both the intervention group and the comparison group increased their number of steps, the comparison group's improvement was most likely attributed to a Hawthorne effect. These results are highly promising given the small sample size and limited "dose". The intervention is one most industries could feasibly implement. Such efforts have the potential to significantly impact public health. PMID:19639858

Yap, Tracey L; Davis, L Sue; Gates, Donna M; Hemmings, Annette B; Pan, Wei



New mothers network: the provision of social support to single, low-income, African American mothers via e-mail messages.  


Electronic mail (e-mail) is being investigated as a health care intervention for mothers caring for their infants. The purpose of this study is to describe themes representing the content of e-mail messages written by 12 single, low-income, African American mothers to nurses participating in the New Mothers Network Study. Three themes that emerged were (a) life's logistics: day-to-day concerns; (b) relationships of support; and (c) personal reflections about being a new mother. Reported themes support the social support theory based on works by House and Revenson, Schiaffano, Majerovitz, and Gibofski used to develop the nursing intervention. Nurses are in key positions to offer social support to African American mothers adjusting to single parenting. Nurses can provide social support to single, low-income African American mothers via e-mail messages to assist them with caring for themselves and their infants. PMID:19211545

Campbell-Grossman, Christie K; Hudson, Diane Brage; Keating-Lefler, Rebecca; Heusinkvelt, Sally



Keyless Entry: Building a Text Database Using OCR Technology.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Discusses the use of optical character recognition (OCR) technology to produce an ASCII text database. A tutorial on digital scanning and OCR is provided, and a systems integration project which used the Calera CDP-3000XF scanner and text retrieval software to construct a database of dissertations at George Mason University is described. (four…

Grotophorst, Clyde W.



Multicode: A Truly Multilingual Approach to text Encoding  

Microsoft Academic Search

Unicode was designed to extend ASCII for encoding text in different languages, but it still has several important drawbacks. Multicode addresses many of Unicode's drawbacks and should have considerable appeal to programmers who work with text in a variety of languages. Its future, however, depends on the computer industry's acceptance. Multicode can represent Unicode files because it reserves a character

Muhammad F. Mudawwar



Simple Documents Getting started. Open a text editor, such as pico or emacs on a Unix system or edit  

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- featured word processor, such as Microsoft Word, be sure to save your document as "text" or "plain ASCII documents "12 point" is more readable. So, go back to the .tex file in the editor and type \\magnification

Fulling, Stephen


E-mail: Website: Phone: (414) 229-4667 COMPUTER SCIENCE  

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E-mail: Website: Phone: (414) 229-4667 COMPUTER SCIENCE Just% doctorate Undergraduate Degrees Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Civil, Computer, Electrical, Industrial, Materials and Mechanical) Minors Computer Science, Electrical

Saldin, Dilano


210 College of Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts Office: 1321 Old Main; 313-577-1795; e-mail:  

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management, music technology, and performance *MASTER OF ARTS with a major in music *MASTER OF MUSIC210 College of Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts MUSIC Office: 1321 Old Main; 313-577-1795; e-mail: Chairperson: Dennis J. Tini Graduate Officer: Mary A. Wischusen Web:

Berdichevsky, Victor


ISRAEL JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY, Vol. 50, 2004, pp. 255271 *Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail:  

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Bouskila, Amos


Weather Research Center 5104 Caroline Houston, Texas 77004 Phone: 713-529-3076 Fax: 713-528-3538 E-mail:  

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® Weather Research Center 5104 Caroline Houston, Texas 77004 Phone: 713-529-3076 Fax: 713-528-3538 E-mail: Title: Weather Camp Director Date: Summer 2012 Weather Research Center to a need to educate the public about weather and weather safety. The mission of WRC is to advance

Droegemeier, Kelvin K.


E-mail: Website: Phone: (414) 229-4667 CIVIL ENGINEERING  

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E-mail: Website: Phone: (414) 229-4667 CIVIL ENGINEERING Just-mail: Website: Phone: (414) 229-4667 CIVIL ENGINEERING The bridges, roads and highways you drive on. Your favorite sports stadium or roller coaster. Civil engineers made all

Saldin, Dilano


Mestrado 2013/2 N de inscrio Nome N identid./passporte CPF Data Nascimento E-mail Situao da inscrio  

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Mestrado 2013/2 Nº de inscrição Nome Nº identid./passporte CPF Data Nascimento E-mail Situação indeferida Inscrições deferidas 15 Doutorado 2013/2 Nº de inscrição Nome Nº identid./passporte CPF Data de

Floeter, Sergio Ricardo


*Corresponding author: Tel.: #1-212-854-7473; fax: #1-212-932-9421. E-mail address: (A.B. Benitez).  

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*Corresponding author: Tel.: #1-212-854-7473; fax: #1-212-932-9421. E-mail address: ana content description schemes and applications for MPEG-7 Ana B. Benitez *, Seungyup Paek , Shih-Fu Chang classi"cation, object hierarchy, entity-relation graph, code downloading, multi-abstraction levels

Chang, Shih-Fu


E-mail: Website: Phone: (414) 229-4667 MATERIALS ENGINEERING  

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E-mail: Website: Phone: (414) 229-4667 MATERIALS ENGINEERING Just Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering-mail: Website: Phone: (414) 229-4667 MATERIALS ENGINEERING The glass

Saldin, Dilano


*Fax: 706-542-2492; e-mail: Physica B 249--251 (1998) 388--390  

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*Fax: 706-542-2492; e-mail: Physica B 249--251 (1998) 388--390 Coherent transport through a quantum dot in a strong magnetic field Michael R. Geller* Department succeeded in measuring both the phase and amplitude of the complex-valued transmission coefficient t""t"e

Geller, Michael R.


*Corresponding author. Fax: 706-542-2492. E-mail address: (M.R. Geller)  

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*Corresponding author. Fax: 706-542-2492. E-mail address: (M.R. Geller in nanocrystals Ho-Soon Yang, Michael R. Geller* Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Georgia by the e!ects of quantum con"nement. In this paper we show that an electron can also interact

Geller, Michael R.


E-mail: {jlalonde,efros,srinivas} 2 Jean-Francois Lalonde, Alexei A. Efros, and Srinivasa G. Narasimhan  

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E-mail: {jlalonde,efros,srinivas} #12;2 Jean-Fran¸cois Lalonde, Alexei A. Efros Illumination Conditions from a Single Outdoor Image Jean-Fran¸cois Lalonde, Alexei A. Efros, and Srinivasa G

Gupta, Abhinav


E-mail and WWW browsers: A Forensic Computing Perspective on the Need for Improved User Education for Information Systems Security Management  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper is in two parts. Part One identifies common security and privacy weaknesses that exist in e-mail and WWW browsers and highlights some of the major implications for organisational security that result from employees online behaviours. This section aims to raise awareness of these weaknesses amongst users and to encourage administrators to mitigate their consequences through enhanced security and

Vlasti Broucek; Paul Turner


Comparing Traditional Journal Writing with Journal Writing Shared over E-mail List Serves as Tools for Facilitating Reflective Thinking: A Study of Preservice Teachers  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

To determine the conditions that would best encourage reflection in journal writing of preservice teachers in field-based reading internships, the degree of reflective content found in self-contained traditional journals was compared to the reflective content found in journal entries shared over e-mail list serves. Participants were 56 preservice…

Kaplan, Diane S.; Rupley, William H.; Sparks, Joanne; Holcomb, Angelia



Configurations of the Internet server with multi-home environment for e-mail robustness-a state of the art  

Microsoft Academic Search

An e-mail system should be more robust to be utilized as a central tool in business and medical fields. Toward this robustness, we have worked out a sort of state of the art for the configurations of DNS (Domain Name Service) and sendmail. Our method has six advantages over BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) peering: no need for maintaining high-level administration

H. Nogawa; H. Tatsumi; S. Kobayashi; S. Kawai; N. Ohishi; S. Akiba



E-mail: Website: Phone: (414) 229-4667 INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING  

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E-mail: Website: Phone: (414) 229-4667 INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING in Engineering (Civil, Computer, Electrical, Industrial, Materials and Mechanical) Minors Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural

Saldin, Dilano


E-mail: Website: Phone: (414) 229-4667 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING  

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in Engineering (Civil, Computer, Electrical, Industrial, Materials and Mechanical) Minors Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, StructuralE-mail: Website: Phone: (414) 229-4667 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

Saldin, Dilano


E-mail: Website: Phone: (414) 229-4667 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING  

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in Engineering (Civil, Computer, Electrical, Industrial, Materials and Mechanical) Minors Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, StructuralE-mail: Website: Phone: (414) 229-4667 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING

Saldin, Dilano


* Corresponding author. Fax: 0033 491 82 65 48; e-mail: The deep-sea macrobenthos on the continental  

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* Corresponding author. Fax: 0033 491 82 65 48; e-mail: The deep of the ECOMARGE operation (J.G.O.F.S. France), macrobenthic assemblages in the Toulon Canyon were described on the slope and also varies with station position at equivalent depth, whether on the #anks or in the canyon

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Benefits Office: Phone: (352) 392-2HRS Fax: (352) 392-5166 E-mail: 1 What is Disability Insurance?  

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Benefits Office: Phone: (352) 392-2HRS Fax: (352) 392-5166 E-mail: 1 What is Disability Insurance? Standard Disability Chances are you already purchase home, auto and life insurance, benefits will be paid on a monthly basis under a Long Term Disability plan. #12;Benefits Office: Phone

Mair, Bernard A.


EE 693F Optical Networks Spring 2003 Instructor: Galen Sasaki: Tel: 808 956 6103. E-mail:  

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, fiber-optics is still important because (1) it is the most cost effective medium to transmit high bit, wavelength converters. 4) Modulation and demodulation 5) Transmission system engineering: system model, powerEE 693F Optical Networks Spring 2003 Instructor: Galen Sasaki: Tel: 808 956 6103. E-mail: sasaki

Sasaki, Galen H.


J. Lake Sci.(), 2009, 21(2): 159-164 E-mail:  

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by Journal of Lake Sciences KPAR: An optical property associated with ambiguous values Lee Zhongping the Received November 3, 2008; Acceptted December 3, 2008. Dr. Lee Zhongping; E-mail: zplee of Gordon and Morel[26] . The sky is assumed cloudless with the sun at 30o from the zenith. Fig.1 shows

Lee, Zhongping


E-Mail Order  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A secretary has "n" letters and "n" addressed envelopes. Instead of matching each letter with the corresponding envelope, she inserts the letters in a random manner. What are the chances that every letter will be in the wrong envelope? In this article, the author presents a solution to this problem and discusses possible ways of placing the…

Scott, Paul



Here’s My Phone Number, Don’t Call Me: Physician Accessibility in the Cell Phone and E-mail Era  

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Physician accessibility, for example how available a doctor should be by cell phone or e-mail is an important issue that is\\u000a not well understood. There can be large differences between the expectations of patients and the perspective of their providers.\\u000a The rationale for providing accessibility has historical roots and relates to the very basis of the physician–patient relationship\\u000a and the

Reuben K. M. Wong; Jane S. M. Tan; Douglas A. Drossman



Modul Prfungsberechtigte Raum Telefon e-mail Lineare Algebra fr Ing. Nabben MA372 29291  

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1 Modul Prüfungsberechtigte Raum Telefon e-mail Lineare Algebra für Ing. Nabben MA372 29291 Penn-Karras MA825 23760 Scheutzow MA776 25767 Unterreiter MA672 24884 Analysis I für Ing. Bärwolff MA669 25749 baerwolf@math

Nabben, Reinhard


Level of representation and semantic distance: Rating author personality from texts  

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Increasingly our perception of others is based on short samples of written text, for example, in e-mail or chat rooms. In this paper we will examine the extent to which text co- occurrence techniques, such as LSA, HAL, and PMI-IR, can be successfully applied to human personality perception based on short written texts. In particular, we compare two approaches: The

Alastair J. Gill; LEAD-CNRS UMR; Robert M. French



Favor Asking and ESL: Something to Break the Routine: A Collaborative Writing Activity; Using E-Mail Assignments and Online Correction in ESL Instruction; Tips for facilitating Full-Time Employment in TESOL.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The tips discussed here center around favor asking and English as a Second Language, a collaborative writing activity, e-mail assignments nd online correction, and facilitating full-time employment in TESOL (Author/VWL)

Jones, Tamara; Iannacone, Vince; Melby-Mauer, Jean; Tanner, Mark W.



Hon Pong (Gary) Ho E-Mail: / 300 Cedar St, Room N309 The Anlyan Center,  

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Hon Pong (Gary) Ho E-Mail: / 300 Potential Field, MICCAI, Montreal, 2003. #12;Hon Pong (Gary) Ho 2 Miscellaneous Reviewer of MICCAI, ISBI

Duncan, James S.


The Impact of OCR Accuracy on Automatic Text Classification  

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\\u000a Current general digitization approach of paper media is converting them into the digital images by a scanner, and then reading\\u000a them by an OCR to generate ASCII text for full-text retrieval. However, it is impossible to recognize all characters with\\u000a 100% accuracy by the present OCR technology. Therefore, it is important to know the impact of OCR accuracy on automatic

Guowei Zu; Mayo Murata; Wataru Ohyama; Tetsushi Wakabayashi; Fumitaka Kimura



The Impact of Gender on the Quality and Content of E-Mail Advice Professors Give to Students Applying to Graduate School  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The purpose of this study was to determine if gender plays a role in the quality and quantity of the advice given to undergraduates about applying to graduate school. Four hundred male and female psychologists who listed a university address and e-mail address in the 1997 Directory of the American Psychological Association were sent an e-mail inquiry from a pseudostudent (either Theresa or Brian Miller). In the first e-mail, the pseudostudent asked if the subjects would be willing to look at his or her GRE scores and grade point average (GPA) for the purpose of providing advice about his or her chances of getting into the graduate program at the subject's school. Two hundred forty subjects consented to examine the figures, nearly equally split between males and females. Subjects were then sent the GPA and scores of an outstanding, average, or poor applicant. The results indicated that female faculty were significantly more likely to consent to examine the data of a female pseudostudent and male faculty were significantly more likely to consent to examine the data of a male pseudostudent. However, once the faculty member agreed to offer advice, gender had no impact on the length or quality of advice given to the pseudostudent, and advice became a function of the pseudostudent's academic credentials. Furthermore, while male and female subjects were equally likely to encourage, discourage, or recant on their offer to give feedback, male subjects were more likely to refuse to review the data and female subjects were more likely to offer a neutral response to the data. The results are discussed in terms of the difficulty students face in finding adequate information about pursuing a graduate education. These problems may be magnified for female students because there are fewer female faculty available to serve as mentors.

Steinpreis, Rhea E.; Anders, Katie A.; Riley, Monica G.; Ritzke, Dawn M.; McDonald, Theodore W.


Text Structure  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This web page defines and describes text structure, or how the information within a written text is organized. It explains the benefits of teaching students to identify and analyze text structures within text and describes an instructional sequence in which students read examples of different text structures and then write paragraphs that follow a specific text structure. The site includes definitions and examples of five common text structures, and graphic organizers that can be used with each type of text. Links to additional resources and research citations are included.



Personalized feedback as a universal prevention approach for college drinking: a randomized trial of an e-mail linked universal web-based alcohol intervention.  


Alcohol use among first-year university students continues to be a central health concern. Efforts to address drinking in this population have increasingly relied on web-based interventions, which have the capacity to reach large numbers of students through a convenient and highly utilized medium. Despite evidence for the utility of this approach for reducing hazardous drinking, recent studies that have examined the effectiveness of this approach as a universal prevention strategy in campus-wide studies have produced mixed results. We sought to test the effectiveness of a web-based alcohol intervention as a universal prevention strategy for first-year students. An e-mail invitation linked to a brief, web-based survey on health behaviors was sent to all first-year students during the fall semester. Those who completed the baseline assessment were randomized to receive either a feedback-based alcohol intervention (intervention condition) or feedback about other health-related behaviors such as sleep and nutrition (control condition). A second web-based survey was used to collect follow-up drinking data 5 months later. The number of heavy drinking episodes in the previous month and alcohol-related consequences in the previous 3 months served as the primary dependent variables. Negative binomial regression analyses did not indicate a significant effect of the intervention at follow-up on either heavy drinking episodes or alcohol-related consequences. Analyses of additional drinking outcomes among the subsample of students who reported that they did not drink at baseline showed that those who received the alcohol intervention were subsequently less likely to drink alcohol. These results suggest that web-based alcohol interventions may be a potentially useful method of maintaining abstinence among underage, non-drinking students. Overall, however, results indicate that an e-mail-linked, campus-wide, web-intervention approach to address alcohol use among first-year students may have limited effectiveness as an approach to minimize hazardous drinking over the course of the year. PMID:24421075

Palfai, Tibor P; Winter, Michael; Lu, John; Rosenbloom, David; Saitz, Richard



Vol. 6, No. 2, 2003 Surface Modification of Titanium by Plasma Nitriding 265Materials Research, Vol. 6, No. 2, 265-271, 2003. 2003 *e-mail:  

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nitriding, tribology, titanium, dental implants 1. Introduction The biocompatibility and good corrosionVol. 6, No. 2, 2003 Surface Modification of Titanium by Plasma Nitriding 265Materials Research, Vol. 6, No. 2, 265-271, 2003. © 2003 *e-mail: Surface Modification of Titanium by Plasma

dos Santos, C.A.


and Evolution. All rights reserved. For permissions, please e-mail: The Author 2011. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Society for Molecular Biology  

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and Evolution. All rights reserved. For permissions, please e-mail: journals Department of Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison WI USA 2 Department of Molecular authors: E. Craig,; B. Williams, Research Article: running heading

Craig, Elizabeth A


and Evolution. All rights reserved. For permissions, please e-mail: The Author 2007. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Society for Molecular Biology  

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and Evolution. All rights reserved. For permissions, please e-mail: journals, Ireland. Research Article Corresponding Author: James O. McInerney Department of Biology The National reject all but two of the current hypotheses for the origin of eukaryotes: those assuming a sulphur

Cotton, James


212 PHYSICS EDUCATION The editor welcomes letters, by e-mail to or by post to Dirac House, Temple Back, Bristol BS1 6BE, UK.  

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LETTERS 212 PHYSICS EDUCATION The editor welcomes letters, by e-mail to or by post to Dirac House, Temple Back, Bristol BS1 6BE, UK. March 2004 A trial of two energies One controversy above to pupils aged 11­16. In 1966, as part of a widely acclaimed and much needed reform of secondary science

Planin�iè, Gorazd


Postal address School of Industrial Design, LTH, P.O. Box 118, 221 00 Lund, SWEDEN Telephone +46 46 222 71 88 E-mail Website  

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Postal address School of Industrial Design, LTH, P.O. Box 118, 221 00 Lund, SWEDEN Telephone +46 46 222 71 88 E-mail Website School of Industrial of Industrial Design spring semester 2014. Full-time studies in Sweden are 30 ECTS. BA programme ­ 2nd semester


Postal address School of Industrial Design, LTH, P.O. Box 118, 221 00 Lund, SWEDEN Telephone +46 46 222 71 88 E-mail Website  

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Postal address School of Industrial Design, LTH, P.O. Box 118, 221 00 Lund, SWEDEN Telephone +46 46 222 71 88 E-mail Website School of Industrial of Industrial Design autumn term 2013. Full-time studies in Sweden are 30 ECTS. BA programme ­ 1 st term Course


Increasing Induction-Level Teachers' Positive-to-Negative Communication Ratio and Use of Behavior-Specific Praise through E-Mailed Performance Feedback and Its Effect on Students' Task Engagement  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of e-mailed specific performance feedback that included progress monitoring graphs on induction-level teachers' ratios of positive-to-negative communication behaviors and their use of behavior-specific praise in classrooms for students with emotional and behavioral disorders, mild…

Rathel, Jeanna M.; Drasgow, Erik; Brown, William H.; Marshall, Kathleen J.



Int J Software Informatics, Vol.?, No.?, March 2010, pp. 1?? E-mail: International Journal of Software and Informatics, ISSN 1673-7288  

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Int J Software Informatics, Vol.?, No.?, March 2010, pp. 1­?? E-mail: International Journal of Software and Informatics, ISSN 1673-7288 c 2010 by Institute Software Informatics, 2010, ?(?): 1­??. 1 Introduction Inconsistency handling is one

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


*Correspondence to: Mark S. Fox, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, and Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 3G9. E-mail:  

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, and Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 3G9. E-mail: msf and Manufacturing, Ontario Contract/grant sponsor: Digital Equipment of Canada CCC 1094 AND MARK S. FOX* Department of Computer Science, ºniversity of ¹oronto, ¹oronto,Ontario, Canada M5S 3G9

Fox, Mark S.


Presenter: Chengyong Yang E-mail: An Ecoinformatics Tool for Microbial Diversity Studies: Supervised Classification of ALH Profliles of 16S rRNA  

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Presenter: Chengyong Yang E-mail: An Ecoinformatics Tool for Microbial Diversity to train a program & then accurately predict. Soil microbial diversity is often regarded as an important the relative diversity of complex microbial communities. The characterization capability of a combination

Narasimhan, Giri



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625 SW JACKSON, SUITE 210 PORTLAND, OR 97201 PHONE: 503.725.4375 E-MAIL: HOUSING@PDX.EDU WWW.PDX.EDU/HOUSING and offers 5 optional Themed Housing Communities and four Living Learning Communities (LLCs): Themed Housing are formally admitted to the Honors Program. Located in Steven Epler Hall, see LLC furnished options for prices

Elzanowski, Marek


Prepared by: Octavio Avila, Director -Student Special Services/STU B1/Los Angeles, CA 90089/Phone: 213.740.4334/E-mail: Do it Internship Search Guide  

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: 213.740.4334/E-mail: Do it Internship Search Guide Internships provide real work. Connect SC provides students the ability to search and apply for upwards of 2,000 internships per semester profile Internship databases Recommended connect SC internship databases to help get you started: Connect

Rohs, Remo


Name E-Mail Office Phone Fee Tutoring Mesa, Camilo Math 312 303-815-6949 $30/hr H.S. and all undergraduate except Math 1300  

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Name E-Mail Office Phone Fee Tutoring Mesa, Camilo Math 312 303-815-6949 $30/hr H.S. and all undergraduate except Math 1300 Andrews, Scott Math 362 978-460-3347 $40/hr H.S. and All Undergrad except Math 1300 Migler, Joseph joseph

Stowell, Michael


Zoological Studies 44(1): 81-94 (2005) * To whom correspondence and reprint request should be addressed. Tel: 351-21-7500000. Fax: 351-21-7500028. E-mail  

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be addressed. Tel: 351-21-7500000. Fax: 351-21-7500028. E-mail: Cicada orni Linnaeus is one of the most abundant and common cicadas throughout the Mediterranean area, being very familiar the Black Sea (Popov 1975). This cicada is known to occur in closed high shrubland and woodland (Patterson

Seabra, Sofia G.


Namas Chandra1 and Raj Gupta2 1 College of Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE 68588-0642, e-mail:  

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Namas Chandra1 and Raj Gupta2 1 College of Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE 68588-0642, e-mail: Introduction College of Engineering, University of Nebraska Duration 3-10 ms Impulse 200-700 kPa-ms pmax pmin tmin Blast injury scale in Sprague-Dawley rat model Time

Farritor, Shane


and Evolution. All rights reserved. For permissions, please e-mail: The Author 2011. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Society for Molecular Biology  

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and Evolution. All rights reserved. For permissions, please e-mail: journals and its contribution to genome evolution in eukaryotes remain poorly appreciated. Here we provide evidence of the turtles (7 species from 7 families) and crocodiles (4 species) examined. Genetic distances between SPIN

Feschotte, Cedric


Fetch Text  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Looking for a new way to share articles in your emails? Fetch Text can lend a hand. By simply forwarding a link to the email address provided on the site, visitors will receive a response email of just the main text pulled from the link. ItâÂÂs easy to use and is compatible with all operating systems.

Jiang, Andy


Text Sets.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Presents annotations of approximately 30 titles grouped in text sets. Defines a text set as five to ten books on a particular topic or theme. Discusses books on the following topics: living creatures; pirates; physical appearance; natural disasters; and the Irish potato famine. (SG)

Giorgis, Cyndi; Johnson, Nancy J.



This content has been downloaded from IOPscience. Please scroll down to see the full text. Download details  

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This content has been downloaded from IOPscience. Please scroll down to see the full text. Download and Computer Science (CWI), PO Box 94079, NL-1090 GB Amsterdam, The Netherlands E-mail: p and life times in different bursts. The last burst triggers a positive inception cloud on the positive

Ebert, Ute


Text mining.  


One of the fastest-growing fields in bioinformatics is text mining: the application of natural language processing techniques to problems of knowledge management and discovery, using large collections of biological or biomedical text such as MEDLINE. The techniques used in text mining range from the very simple (e.g., the inference of relationships between genes from frequent proximity in documents) to the complex and computationally intensive (e.g., the analysis of sentence structures with parsers in order to extract facts about protein-protein interactions from statements in the text). This chapter presents a general introduction to some of the key principles and challenges of natural language processing, and introduces some of the tools available to end-users and developers. A case study describes the construction and testing of a simple tool designed to tackle a task that is crucial to almost any application of text mining in bioinformatics--identifying gene/protein names in text and mapping them onto records in an external database. PMID:18712320

Clegg, Andrew B; Shepherd, Adrian J



Questionnaire Free Text Summarisation Using Hierarchical  

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of Computer Science, The University of Liverpool, Liverpool, L69 3BX, UK, e-mail: Frans Coenen Department of Computer Science, The University of Liverpool, Liverpool, L69 3BX, UK, e-mail: P-J Noble School of Veterinary Science, University of Liverpool, Leahurst, Neston

Coenen, Frans


25 Locust St, Haverhill, Massachusetts 01830 Tel: 800/252-7074, 978/374-0761 FAX: 978/521-1839 e-mail: Web Address:  

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/521-1839 e-mail: · Web Address: 1.0 Hz to 100 kHZ Fixed Frequency D64 & DP64 Series 32-Pin DIP 4 - Pole Filters Available Low-Pass Models: . . . . . . . . . . .Page D64L4B & DP64L4B 4-pole Butterworth . . . . . .2 D64L4L & DP64L4L 4-pole Bessel . . . . . . . . . .2 D

Kleinfeld, David


KTH CSC Lindstedtsvgen 3, SE-100 44 Stockholm. Phone: +46 8-790 77 98. Fax: +46 8-790 09 30. E-mail:  

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KTH CSC Lindstedtsvägen 3, SE-100 44 Stockholm. Phone: +46 8-790 77 98. Fax: +46 8-790 09 30. E-mail: Ingrid Melinder Royal Institute of Technology Application for Award for Excellent Quality in Higher Education 2007 Dnr 649-183-07 "The tradition at CSC is for the teachers

Haviland, David


Tel.: (+30) 314-22919/-23922 Telefax: (+30) 314-23909/-21421 E-Mail: World Wide Web:  

E-print Network · World Wide Web: Das Angebot der Pressestelle der TU Berlin zu · World Wide Web: B) Bitte teilen Sie uns hier mit, welche) 314-22919/-23922 · Telefax: (+30) 314-23909/-21421 E-Mail: · World Wide Web

Berlin,Technische Universität


Scalable I/O and analytics This article has been downloaded from IOPscience. Please scroll down to see the full text article.  

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to see the full text article. 2009 J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 180 012048 ( Latham2 1 Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, Northwestern University 2 Mathematics and Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory E-mail: {choudhar,wkliao,kgao,ani662}@eecs

Kuzmanovic, Aleksandar


1. Texts should be sent in their full and final version in electronic format (on e-mail attachment: segreteria. They should be written using an IBM compatible or Macintosh program, but preferably  

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where they should be placed. All illustrative material will be progressively numbered and supplied, material errors, missing words, incongruent or lacking uniformity with typographical criteria into ordinary use, dialect, brief citations in a foreign language, including Latin (e.g. stemma codicum, tout

Abbondandolo, Alberto


Using Negation and Phrases in Inducing Rules for Text Classification  

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, University of Liverpool, Ashton Building, Ashton Street, L69 3BX Liverpool, UK, e-mail: Frans Coenen Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool, Ashton Building, Ashton Street, L69 3BX Liverpool, UK, e-mail: Grant Malcolm Department of Computer Science

Coenen, Frans


TRMM .25 deg x .25 deg Gridded Precipitation Text Product  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Since the launch of the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM), the Precipitation Measurement Missions science team has endeavored to provide TRMM precipitation retrievals in a variety of formats that are more easily usable by the broad science community than the standard Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) in which TRMM data is produced and archived. At the request of users, the Precipitation Processing System (PPS) has developed a .25 x .25 gridded product in an easily used ASCII text format. The entire TRMM mission data has been made available in this format. The paper provides the details of this new precipitation product that is designated with the TRMM designator 3G68.25. The format is packaged into daily files. It provides hourly precipitation information from the TRMM microwave imager (TMI), precipitation radar (PR), and TMI/PR combined rain retrievals. A major advantage of this approach is the inclusion only of rain data, compression when a particular grid has no rain from the PR or combined, and its direct ASCII text format. For those interested only in rain retrievals and whether rain is convection or stratiform, these products provide a huge reduction in the data volume inherent in the standard TRMM products. This paper provides examples of the 3G68 data products and their uses. It also provides information about C tools that can be used to aggregate daily files into larger time samples. In addition, it describes the possibilities inherent in the spatial sampling which allows resampling into coarser spatial sampling. The paper concludes with information about downloading the gridded text data products.

Stocker, Erich; Kelley, Owen



InsideIllinoisPublished by campus Public Affairs for faculty and staff members at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign TO RESERVE SPACE: E-mail this edited PDF to or fax printed contract to 217-244-7124.  

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contract to 217-244-7124. To ensure ad space, reserve space by ad deadline and submit electronic files of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign TO RESERVE SPACE: E-mail this edited PDF to or fax printed of ads (PDF preferred) one week prior to publication. A signed contract is required for all advertisers

Braun, Paul


Selective text utilization and text traversal  

Microsoft Academic Search

Many large collections of full-text documents are currently stored in machine-readable form and processed automatically in various ways. These collections may include different types of documents, such as messages, research articles, and books, and the subject matter may vary widely. To process such collections, robust text analysis methods must be used, capable of handling materials in arbitrary subject areas, and

Gerard Salton; James Allan



Text / Document Visualization  

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1 Text / Document Visualization 1 Slides Adopted from: Dr. Shixia Liu, Microsoft Research Text++ Document Visualization Pipeline Preprocessing Feature Extraction Feature Evaluation Visual Design Visual Encoding Original document Text Mining Visualization User Interaction Interaction #12;5 Text/Document

Fang, Shiaofen


Name: ________________________________________________________Student ID # ______________________ E-Mail/Phone: ___________________________________________________________________________________  

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division art history course is for Art history / Art Criticism minor only. It is not required) CLASSES. Teacher Education application location: 9 credits at the 400 level, CVPA #12;COLLEGE OF EDUCATION - SECONDARY LICENSURE REQUIREMENTS: HEE 233 Health issues for Children

Vonessen, Nikolaus


Subscribe to GAO E-Mail Alerts  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The U.S. General Accounting Office, Congress' Watchdog agency, now has a mailing list service for a daily electronic posting of the General Accounting Office (GAO) Daybook. The GAO Daybook is the daily listing of released GAO reports and testimony.



E-Mail Editors: Gatekeepers or Facilitators?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

An exploratory study focused on identifying editing values of a new mass medium, computer discussion groups known as Usenet newsgroups. A Usenet newsgroup is defined as a collection of articles grouped loosely by subject and accessible by nearly anyone with a computer and a modem. At present, most newsgroup users are affiliated with universities,…

Morris, Merrill


NAME: (print!) E-Mail address  

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of the questions is random. This is just one example. #12;1. (10 pts.) Pick a problem from Ans.: #12;2. (10 pts.) Pick a problem from Ans.: #12;3. (10 pts.) Pick a problem from

Zeilberger, Doron


NAME: (print!) E-Mail address  

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of the questions is random. This is just one example. #12;1. (10 pts.) Pick a problem from Ans.: #12;2. (10 pts.) Pick a problem from Ans.: #12;3. (10 pts.) Pick a problem from

Zeilberger, Doron


Using E-Mail across Computer Networks.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Discusses the use of telecommunications technology to exchange electronic mail, files, and messages across different computer networks. Networks highlighted include ARPA Internet; BITNET; USENET; FidoNet; MCI Mail; and CompuServe. Examples of the successful use of networks in higher education are given. (Six references) (LRW)

Hazari, Sunil



School Grade E-mail Phone  

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? 4. 20 children are grouped into 10 pairs: one boy and one girl in each pair. In each pair the boy) in all pairs the girl is taller than the boy; (b) in 9 pairs out of 10 the girl is taller than the boy? 5


Usenet: Taming the E-Mail Flood.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Explains how the Usenet network's dissemination model differs from electronic-mail-based discussion groups in terms of how users can choose which information best fits their needs. Various methods of limiting excessive numbers of unwanted messages are explained. (EAM)

Notess, Greg R.




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Clinica Policlinico Umberto I 06 4454716 1 Patologica Policlinico Umberto I tel. 06.49973366 fax 06.4461484 cristina Anestesiologiche Policlinico Umberto I tel. 06 49978007 fax 06 4461967 1. Patologia e

Guidoni, Leonardo


DCT image fidelity metric and its application to a text-based scheme for image display  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The discrete cosine transform (DCT) can be used to transform two images into a space where it is easy to obtain an estimate of their perceptual distance. We used this method to find the closest fit of the ASCII symbols (which includes the English alphabet, numbers, punctuation, and common symbols) to rectangular segments of a gray-scale image. Each segment was converted into a DCT coefficient matrix which was compared to the coefficient matrix of each ASCII symbol. The image segment was replaced with the symbol that had the least weighted Euclidean distance. Thus, a page of text was generated that resembled the original image. The text image format has the advantage that it can be displayed on a non-graphic terminal or printer. It can also be sent via electronic mail without requiring further processing by the receiver. The processing scheme can also be used to preview stored images when transmission bandwidth is limited or a graphic output device is unavailable.

Silverstein, D. Amnon; Klein, Stanley A.



Text localization from photos  

Microsoft Academic Search

In this paper a new text extraction algorithm is proposed. In real scenes the text is usually overlapped or is part of the background. To identify the text regions, in complex conditions, a method exploiting a ldquomulti-resolution feature based methodrdquo for extracting text with undefined dimension has been developed. Once identified, the multi-resolution information are merged and skimmed through a

Mirko Guarnera; Giuseppe Messina; Edoardo Ardizzone; Leonardo Agró



Contextual Text Mining  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

With the dramatic growth of text information, there is an increasing need for powerful text mining systems that can automatically discover useful knowledge from text. Text is generally associated with all kinds of contextual information. Those contexts can be explicit, such as the time and the location where a blog article is written, and the…

Mei, Qiaozhu



Untangling Text Data Mining  

Microsoft Academic Search

The possibilities for data mining from large text collections are virtually untapped. Text expresses a vast, rich range of information, but encodes this information in a form that is difficult to decipher automatically. Perhaps for this reason, there has been little work in text data mining to date, and most people who have talked about it have either conflated it

Marti A. Hearst



Text-Translation Alignment  

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We present an algorithm for aligning texts with their translations that is based only on internal evidence. The relaxation process rests on a notion of which word in one text corresponds to which word in the other text that is essentially based on the similarity of their distributions. It exploits a partial alignment of the word level to induce a

Martin Kay; Martin Röscheisen



Oxford Text Archive  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The well-established Oxford Text Archive can now be accessed via its new web site, a redesign intended to improve navigation, functionality, and to utilize the SGML metadata available for all texts. Users can also now conduct full text searches. Founded in 1976 and based in the Humanities Computing Unit of Oxford University Computing Services, the Oxford Text Archive houses selected academic submissions for the purpose of preserving "high-quality electronic texts for research and teaching." Scholars and other interested users have access to more than 2500 resources in over 25 different languages. The OTA encourages new submissions of quality, scholarly electronic resources.


Text formatting by demonstration  

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In text formatters such as troff, Scribe, and TEX, users write macro procedures to specify the desired visual appearance. In What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get text formatters, such as MacWrite and Microsoft Word, the formatting is specified by directly manipulating the text. However, some important functionality is lost in these systems since they are not programmable, For example, if the user wants to change

Brad A. Myers




NSDL National Science Digital Library

Those persons who do their own website design will find TextImages most useful. Developed by Stefan Trost, this helpful tool allows users to integrate text written on images into their websites. Visitors can create single text images with this application, along with a wide range of pictures. Visitors also have the ability to precisely adjust the writing, design, format, style, colors, fonts, margins, and spacing as they see fit. The tool is particularly useful for those who want headings or other recurring text to look the same regardless of browser or available fonts. This version is compatible with Windows 7, XP, and Vista.

Trost, Stefan



Text File Comparator  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

File Comparator program IFCOMP, is text file comparator for IBM OS/VScompatable systems. IFCOMP accepts as input two text files and produces listing of differences in pseudo-update form. IFCOMP is very useful in monitoring changes made to software at the source code level.

Kotler, R. S.



Teaching Expository Text Structures  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Many students enter high school unskilled in the art of reading to learn from science textbooks. Even students who can read full-length novels often find science books difficult to read because students have relatively little practice with the various types of expository text structures used by such textbooks (Armbruster, 1991). Expository text

Montelongo, Jose; Berber-Jimenez, Lola; Hernandez, Anita C.; Hosking, David



Texting on the Move  


... than the road. In fact, driving while texting (DWT) can be more dangerous than driving under the ... drivers. Many more states are trying to put DWT regulations into action. Even in states without specific ...


Teaching Expository Text Structures  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Many students enter high school unskilled in the art of reading to learn from science textbooks. Even students who can read full-length novels often find science books difficult to read because students have relatively little practice with the various types of expository text structures used by such textbooks. In this article, the authors present an activity using a modified form of the sentence completion or "fill-in-the-blanks" worksheet that reinforces students' fluency with expository text structure and context.

Hernandez, Anita C.; Hosking, David; Montelongo, Jose'; Berber-Jimenez, Lola



e-mail: e-mail:  

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On the Modeling of Nonlinear Waves for Prediction of Long-Term Offshore Wind Turbine Loads In the design of wind turbines--onshore or offshore--the prediction of extreme loads associated with a target return period not adequately represent waves in shallow waters where most offshore wind turbines are being sited

Manuel, Lance


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manipulator. According to modular robot concept, the mobile platform is treated as a special module attached by authors in 7 , while intelligent position tracking control of modular and reconfigurable robots Mobile Modular Manipulators via Fuzzy and Neural-Fuzzy Approaches This paper presents a practical method

Li, Yangmin


The earliest medical texts.  


The first civilization known to have had an extensive study of medicine and to leave written records of its practices and procedures was that of ancient Egypt. The oldest extant Egyptian medical texts are six papyri from the period between 2000 B.C. and 1500 B.C.: the Kahun Medical Papyrus, the Ramesseum IV and Ramesseum V Papyri, the Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus, The Ebers Medical Papyrus and the Hearst Medical Papyrus. These texts, most of them based on older texts dating possibly from 3000 B.C., are comparatively free of the magician's approach to treating illness. Egyptian medicine influenced the medicine of neighboring cultures, including the culture of ancient Greece. From Greece, its influence spread onward, thereby affecting Western civilization significantly. PMID:2463895

Frey, E F


Text Retrieval Conference (TREC)  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The Text REtrieval Conference (TREC) is an annual event that supports "research within the information retrieval community by providing the infrastructure necessary for large-scale evaluation of text retrieval methodologies." Proceedings of the conference covering all twelve years of its history are available on the TREC homepage. As TREC has evolved, it has added several focus areas that span new and different topics in information retrieval. These tracks mainly examine methods of searching and filtering different types of data, including genomic records, digital video, and data that is given in multiple languages.



Utah Culture Text  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Research one of Utah's many cultural festivals and send a text message explaining what you've learned! Step One: Research Select one of the following ethnic festivals in Utah to research. Navigate the webiste to find out what the festival is about and what one can do if they go to the festival. Look at available photos and videos to help learn about the festival. Asian Festival Festival of Colors Greek Festival India Fest Living Traditional Festival Scottish Festival St. Patrick s Day Parade Swiss Days Step Two: Text Message Pretend ...

Mrs. Wheeler



Polymorphous Perversity in Texts  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Here's the tricky part: If we teach ourselves and our students that texts are made to be broken apart, remixed, remade, do we lose the polymorphous perversity that brought us pleasure in the first place? Does the pleasure of transgression evaporate when the borders are opened?

Johnson-Eilola, Johndan



STEM Careers Cursive Text  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This brief video from WPSU compares technologies from yesterday with today. Yesterday a middle school girl writes in cursive while today a girl the same age texts on her cell. The video suggests that science will bring us technologies of tomorrow.




Visualizing Informational Text  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Visualizing is a reading comprehension strategy that can be applied to science-themed texts, according to this article from Beyond Weather and the Water Cycle, a magazine that integrates literacy and science skills instruction. The author identifies six online resources that have activities, lesson plans, and more information.

Fries-Gaither, Jessica



Text Mining for Neuroscience  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Text mining, sometimes alternately referred to as text analytics, refers to the process of extracting high-quality knowledge from the analysis of textual data. Text mining has wide variety of applications in areas such as biomedical science, news analysis, and homeland security. In this paper, we describe an approach and some relatively small-scale experiments which apply text mining to neuroscience research literature to find novel associations among a diverse set of entities. Neuroscience is a discipline which encompasses an exceptionally wide range of experimental approaches and rapidly growing interest. This combination results in an overwhelmingly large and often diffuse literature which makes a comprehensive synthesis difficult. Understanding the relations or associations among the entities appearing in the literature not only improves the researchers current understanding of recent advances in their field, but also provides an important computational tool to formulate novel hypotheses and thereby assist in scientific discoveries. We describe a methodology to automatically mine the literature and form novel associations through direct analysis of published texts. The method first retrieves a set of documents from databases such as PubMed using a set of relevant domain terms. In the current study these terms yielded a set of documents ranging from 160,909 to 367,214 documents. Each document is then represented in a numerical vector form from which an Association Graph is computed which represents relationships between all pairs of domain terms, based on co-occurrence. Association graphs can then be subjected to various graph theoretic algorithms such as transitive closure and cycle (circuit) detection to derive additional information, and can also be visually presented to a human researcher for understanding. In this paper, we present three relatively small-scale problem-specific case studies to demonstrate that such an approach is very successful in replicating a neuroscience expert's mental model of object-object associations entirely by means of text mining. These preliminary results provide the confidence that this type of text mining based research approach provides an extremely powerful tool to better understand the literature and drive novel discovery for the neuroscience community.

Tirupattur, Naveen; Lapish, Christopher C.; Mukhopadhyay, Snehasis



Text2Quit: results from a pilot test of a personalized, interactive mobile health smoking cessation program.  


Text messaging programs on mobile phones have shown some promise in helping people quit smoking. Text2Quit is an automated, personalized, and interactive mobile health program that sends text messages and e-mails timed around a participant's quit date over the course of 3 months. The text messages include pre- and post-quit educational messages, peer ex-smoker messages, medication reminders and relapse messages, and multiple opportunities for interaction. Study participants were university students (N = 23) enrolled in the Text2Quit program. Participants were surveyed at baseline and at 2 and 4 weeks after enrollment. The majority of participants agreed that they liked the program at 2 and 4 weeks after enrollment (90.5% and 82.3%, respectively). Support for text messages was found to be moderate and higher than that of the e-mail and web components. Of participants, 75% reported reading most or all of the texts. On average, users made 11.8 responses to the texts over a 4-week period, although responses declined after the quit date. The interactive feature for tracking cigarettes was the most used interactive feature, followed by the craving trivia game. This pilot test provides some support for the Text2Quit program. A future iteration of the program will include additional tracking features in both the pre-quit and post-quit protocols and an easier entry into the not-quit protocol. Future studies are recommended that identify the value of the interactive and personalized features that characterize this program. PMID:22548598

Abroms, Lorien C; Ahuja, Meenakshi; Kodl, Yvonne; Thaweethai, Lalida; Sims, Justin; Winickoff, Jonathan P; Windsor, Richard A



Clandestine E-Texts  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Edited and maintained by Gianluca Mori of the University of Turin-Vercelli, this site currently hosts the full texts (in French) of seventeen French clandestine manuscripts from the early enlightenment. As Mori notes, the treatises share an anti-Christian attitude, but beyond that their philosophical inspiration varies, "leading sometimes either to a deist (Examen de la religion) or to an atheist position (Meslier's Memoire, Freret's Lettre de Thrasybule a Leucippe)." The treatises are offered in HTML format, some with related links. Links are also provided to several texts on other servers and to related resources. Users may register for email notification of updates to the site, which is also available in French and Italian.


Nuclear structure. [Text book  

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The text is divided into eight chapters and four appendices. Nucleon-nucleon forces is the subject of the first chapter, and a background in relevant portions of elementary particle physics is included. The following chapters deal with specific aspects of nuclear structure theory: nuclear shape and moments, nuclear matter characteristics, single-particle shell model, individual-particle model, collective nuclear effects, electromagnetic interactions with




Ergito: Virtual Text  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Ergito's Virtual Text, started in 2000, was created to provide a more timely and interactive alternative to printed scientific textbooks at the undergraduate and graduate level. This still-developing Web site covers life science writ large, including molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, biochemistry, immunology, and so on. However, only a small number of features are available free of charge. The first chapter of the molecular biology module -- Genes are DNA -- is available for free, as is Great Experiments, a collection of essays written by authors who conducted original research that has contributed greatly to our understanding of molecular and cellular biology. Great Experiments has a recently added essay by 2001 Nobel Prize winner Paul Nurse, titled "The Discovery of cdc2 as the Key Regulator of the Cell Cycle." These essays are formatted just as the Virtual Text pages are, with downloadable figures, a glossary, an online note-taking feature (notes are automatically compiled with a summary of the essay), glossary, and more. Ergito will soon make available Techniques, another free feature offering descriptions of widely used experimental protocols. Even without free access to the larger body of material in this Web site, Ergito is a fantastic resource for learning about molecular and cellular biology. Users must complete a free registration process to access this Web site.


Reception of Texts Database  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Created by the Reception of Texts Project at the Open University, this pilot database is designed to help practitioners of reception studies "address issues of performance with the same degree of rigour and attention to evidence which is expected in textual studies and to develop ways of documenting performance which recognise its cross disciplinary and creative dimensions." To that end, academics and students in classical studies, literature, theater studies, and related fields can use this database to search for information on the performances of Greek plays in the original and in adaptations, versions and translations in English from c.1970 to the present, and in the future, poetry in English which draws on Greek texts, myths, and images. The database offers nine search categories, each with a slightly different search format, some offering only a simple keyword search, others with multiple modifiers, and others with pull-down menus for browsing. With the exception of the Critical Works category, searches ultimately return a Production Details page which generally includes modern and original title, year, theater, dates of performance, company, and music, design, and general notes. A useful feature throughout the database is a Missing Information form, which allows users to submit additional or missing information about specific entries.


Internet Sacred Text Archive  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The world's philosophical and religious traditions have found a fine home at the Internet Sacred Text Archive, which, as the homepage notes, is "a quiet place in cyberspace devoted to religious tolerance and scholarship." Working together with a number of colleagues and volunteers, JB Hare has compiled this vast archive of sacred and philosophical texts from a number of public-domain sources and placed them on the site. What makes the site so intriguing is that Hare has placed detailed information about the sources and standards that have been deployed for each separate project, which will be of great interest to scholars. While the entire site can be searched, there is much to be learned by looking through the topics listed on the main page, which range from Atlantis to Zoroastrianism. Each separate topic contains a number of accurately transcribed (and some times, translated) primary and secondary documents, such as first-hand collections of oral traditions. For persons looking for their own copy of the material contained on the site, a CD-ROM is available for purchase as well.



Magnetic Resonance Online Texts  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This well-organized and very thorough website was developed by the physicist Stanislav Sykora with the aim of providing free online texts, theses, and course materials on the subjects of magnetic resonance (MR), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear-magnetic resonance (NMR) and other related topics. The amount of material on the site is impressive. At the top of the page are links to an "MR Blog", as well as to "MR Links" and the "Site Plan & SEARCH". The NMR/MRI Extras section on the right side of the page is particularly useful for visitors interested in all things about MR. Its links to "Events" provides an up-to-date list of symposia, conferences, and meetings, along with links to the events' sites. The "Societies" link offers at least 50 groups about MR, some of which are country-based, and others that are region- or application-based.

S�½kora, Stanislav


Explaining the use of text-based communication media: an examination of three theories of media use.  


The present study examined the factors associated with individuals' use of three different text-based communication media: e-mail, cell-phone texting, and Facebook Wall postings. Three theoretical perspectives, including media richness theory, uses and gratifications, and perceived network effects, were examined. Using data from a survey of college students (N=280), the study found that the theoretical constructs from these theories play different roles when applied to different technologies. The results suggest that a simultaneous consideration of technological attributes, users' motivations, and social circumstances in which users select and use the technology is useful for fully understanding the dynamics of the selection and the use of a given technology. PMID:22780995

Park, Namkee; Chung, Jae Eun; Lee, Seungyoon




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Lithuania Law on the Nuclear Power Plant (2007) People’s Republic of China Official Reply of the State Council to Questions on the Liabilities of Compensation for Damages Resulting from Nuclear Accidents (2007) Turkey Unofficial Translation of the Turkish Law No. 5710 Concerning the Construction and Operation of Nuclear Power Plants and the Sale of Energy Generated from Those Plants (2007)



PressureText: Pressure Input for Mobile Phone Text Entry  

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PressureText: Pressure Input for Mobile Phone Text Entry Abstract Pressure sensitive buttons presses are currently necessary to record an action. We present PressureText, a text-entry technique for a pressure augmented mobile phone. In a study comparing PressureText to MultiTap, we found that despite


Guiding Students through Expository Text with Text Feature Walks  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The Text Feature Walk is a structure created and employed by the authors that guides students in the reading of text features in order to access prior knowledge, make connections, and set a purpose for reading expository text. Results from a pilot study are described in order to illustrate the benefits of using the Text Feature Walk over…

Kelley, Michelle J.; Clausen-Grace, Nicki



Text analysis methods, text analysis apparatuses, and articles of manufacture  


Text analysis methods, text analysis apparatuses, and articles of manufacture are described according to some aspects. In one aspect, a text analysis method includes accessing information indicative of data content of a collection of text comprising a plurality of different topics, using a computing device, analyzing the information indicative of the data content, and using results of the analysis, identifying a presence of a new topic in the collection of text.

Whitney, Paul D; Willse, Alan R; Lopresti, Charles A; White, Amanda M



Dirichlet Mixtures in Text Modeling  

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Word rates in text vary according to global factors such as genre, topic, author, and expected readership (Church and Gale 1995). Models that summarize such global factors in text or at the document level, are called 'text models.' A finite mixture of Dirichlet distribution (Dirichlet Mixture or DM for short) was investigated as a new text model. When parameters of

Mikio Yamamoto; Kugatsu Sadamitsu


Text analysis devices, articles of manufacture, and text analysis methods  


Text analysis devices, articles of manufacture, and text analysis methods are described according to some aspects. In one aspect, a text analysis device includes processing circuitry configured to analyze initial text to generate a measurement basis usable in analysis of subsequent text, wherein the measurement basis comprises a plurality of measurement features from the initial text, a plurality of dimension anchors from the initial text and a plurality of associations of the measurement features with the dimension anchors, and wherein the processing circuitry is configured to access a viewpoint indicative of a perspective of interest of a user with respect to the analysis of the subsequent text, and wherein the processing circuitry is configured to use the viewpoint to generate the measurement basis.

Turner, Alan E; Hetzler, Elizabeth G; Nakamura, Grant C



Systematic Characterizations of Text Similarity in Full Text Biomedical Publications  

Microsoft Academic Search

BackgroundComputational methods have been used to find duplicate biomedical publications in MEDLINE. Full text articles are becoming increasingly available, yet the similarities among them have not been systematically studied. Here, we quantitatively investigated the full text similarity of biomedical publications in PubMed Central.Methodology\\/Principal Findings72,011 full text articles from PubMed Central (PMC) were parsed to generate three different datasets: full texts,

Zhaohui Sun; Mounir Errami; Tara Long; Chris Renard; Nishant Choradia; Harold Garner; Walter H. Curioso



Supported eText: Assistive Technology through Text Transformations  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

To gain meaningful access to the curriculum, students with reading difficulties must overcome substantial barriers imposed by the printed materials they are asked to read. Technology can assist students to overcome these challenges by enabling a shift from printed text to electronic text. By electronic text it means textual material read using a…

Anderson-Inman, Lynne; Horney, Mark A.



Compare and Contrast Electronic Text with Traditionally Printed Text.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The electronic text program described in this lesson plan guides students to compare and contrast the characteristics of electronic text with the characteristics of traditionally printed text, gaining a deeper understanding of how to navigate and comprehend information found on the Internet. During a 30 minute and a 45 minutes lesson, students…

Karchmer, Rachel


Text structure-aware classification  

E-print Network

Bag-of-words representations are used in many NLP applications, such as text classification and sentiment analysis. These representations ignore relations across different sentences in a text and disregard the underlying ...

Dzunic, Zoran, S.M. Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Prioritized text spotting using SLAM  

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We show how to exploit temporal and spatial coherence of image observations to achieve efficient and effective text detection and decoding for a sensor suite moving through an environment rich in text at a variety of scales ...

Landa, Yafim



Too Dumb for Complex Texts?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

High school students' lack of experience and practice with reading complex texts is a primary cause of their difficulties with college-level reading. Filling the syllabus with digital texts does little to address this deficiency. Complex texts demand three dispositions from readers: a willingness to probe works characterized by dense meanings, the…

Bauerlein, Mark



SUMMAC: a text summarization evaluation  

Microsoft Academic Search

The TIPSTER Text Summarization Evaluation (SUMMAC) has developed several new extrinsic and intrinsic methods for evaluating summaries. It has established definitively that automatic text summarization is very effective in relevance assessment tasks on news articles. Summaries as short as 17% of full text length sped up decision-making by almost a factor of 2 with no statistically significant degradation in accuracy.




ParaText : scalable text analysis and visualization.  

SciTech Connect

Automated analysis of unstructured text documents (e.g., web pages, newswire articles, research publications, business reports) is a key capability for solving important problems in areas including decision making, risk assessment, social network analysis, intelligence analysis, scholarly research and others. However, as data sizes continue to grow in these areas, scalable processing, modeling, and semantic analysis of text collections becomes essential. In this paper, we present the ParaText text analysis engine, a distributed memory software framework for processing, modeling, and analyzing collections of unstructured text documents. Results on several document collections using hundreds of processors are presented to illustrate the exibility, extensibility, and scalability of the the entire process of text modeling from raw data ingestion to application analysis.

Dunlavy, Daniel M.; Stanton, Eric T.; Shead, Timothy M.



Multilingual Text Analysis for Text-to-Speech Synthesis  

Microsoft Academic Search

We present a model of text analysis for text-to-speech (TTS) syn- thesis based on weighted finite-state transducers, which serves as the text-analysis module of the multilingual Bell Labs TTS system. The transducers are constructed using a lexical toolkit that allows declarative descriptions of lexicons, morphological rules, numeral- expansion rules, and phonological rules, inter alia. To date, the model has been

Richard Sproat



ParaText : scalable text modeling and analysis.  

SciTech Connect

Automated processing, modeling, and analysis of unstructured text (news documents, web content, journal articles, etc.) is a key task in many data analysis and decision making applications. As data sizes grow, scalability is essential for deep analysis. In many cases, documents are modeled as term or feature vectors and latent semantic analysis (LSA) is used to model latent, or hidden, relationships between documents and terms appearing in those documents. LSA supplies conceptual organization and analysis of document collections by modeling high-dimension feature vectors in many fewer dimensions. While past work on the scalability of LSA modeling has focused on the SVD, the goal of our work is to investigate the use of distributed memory architectures for the entire text analysis process, from data ingestion to semantic modeling and analysis. ParaText is a set of software components for distributed processing, modeling, and analysis of unstructured text. The ParaText source code is available under a BSD license, as an integral part of the Titan toolkit. ParaText components are chained-together into data-parallel pipelines that are replicated across processes on distributed-memory architectures. Individual components can be replaced or rewired to explore different computational strategies and implement new functionality. ParaText functionality can be embedded in applications on any platform using the native C++ API, Python, or Java. The ParaText MPI Process provides a 'generic' text analysis pipeline in a command-line executable that can be used for many serial and parallel analysis tasks. ParaText can also be deployed as a web service accessible via a RESTful (HTTP) API. In the web service configuration, any client can access the functionality provided by ParaText using commodity protocols ... from standard web browsers to custom clients written in any language.

Dunlavy, Daniel M.; Stanton, Eric T.; Shead, Timothy M.



Texting while driving: is speech-based text entry less risky than handheld text entry?  


Research indicates that using a cell phone to talk or text while maneuvering a vehicle impairs driving performance. However, few published studies directly compare the distracting effects of texting using a hands-free (i.e., speech-based interface) versus handheld cell phone, which is an important issue for legislation, automotive interface design and driving safety training. This study compared the effect of speech-based versus handheld text entries on simulated driving performance by asking participants to perform a car following task while controlling the duration of a secondary text-entry task. Results showed that both speech-based and handheld text entries impaired driving performance relative to the drive-only condition by causing more variation in speed and lane position. Handheld text entry also increased the brake response time and increased variation in headway distance. Text entry using a speech-based cell phone was less detrimental to driving performance than handheld text entry. Nevertheless, the speech-based text entry task still significantly impaired driving compared to the drive-only condition. These results suggest that speech-based text entry disrupts driving, but reduces the level of performance interference compared to text entry with a handheld device. In addition, the difference in the distraction effect caused by speech-based and handheld text entry is not simply due to the difference in task duration. PMID:25089769

He, J; Chaparro, A; Nguyen, B; Burge, R J; Crandall, J; Chaparro, B; Ni, R; Cao, S



Maximizing text-mining performance  

Microsoft Academic Search

With the advent of centralized data warehouses, where\\u000a data might be stored as electronic documents or as text\\u000a fields in databases, text mining has increased in\\u000a importance and economic value. One important goal in text\\u000a mining is automatic classification of electronic\\u000a documents. Computer programs scan text in a document and\\u000a apply a model that assigns the document to one or

Sholom M. Weiss; Chidanand Apte; Fred J. Damerau; David E. Johnson; Frank J. Oles; Thilo Goetz; Thomas Hampp



TextArc: An Alternate Way to View a Text  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Textarc is an unconventional tool that gives readers the opportunity to discover patterns and concepts in texts. Still in a developmental stage, the site offers readers the opportunity to utilize human visual processing by allowing intuition to help extract meaning from a text. By exposing every word at once, the eye is able to make connections and decipher meaning otherwise overlooked by normal reading, thereby exposing the essence of a text. The site currently has Hamlet available as a full textarc text, and is in the process of exposing more literary works. Not only of value for avid readers and literary critics, the site offers librarians and archivists new approaches to cataloguing. On the whole, this new and innovative creation is at a minimum intriguing, and the site is definitely worth a visit.



Lightweight Natural Language Text Compression  

Microsoft Academic Search

Variants of Hufiman codes where words are taken as the source symbols are currently the most attractive choices to compress natural language text databases. In particular, Tagged Hufiman Code by Moura et al. ofiers fast direct searching on the compressed text and random access capabilities, in exchange for producing around 11% larger compressed flles. This work describes End-Tagged Dense Code

Nieves R. Brisaboa; Antonio Fari; Gonzalo Navarro; Jose R. Parama


Lightweight natural language text compression  

Microsoft Academic Search

Variants of Huffman codes where words are taken as the source symbols are currently the most attractive choices to compress natural language text databases. In particular, Tagged Huffman Code by Moura et al. offers fast direct searching on the compressed text and random access capabilities, in exchange for producing around 11% larger compressed files. This work describes End-Tagged Dense Code

Nieves R. Brisaboa; Antonio Fariña; Gonzalo Navarro; Jose R. Parama



Text Retrieval on a Microcomputer.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Presents description of the Generalized Automatic Text Organization and Retrieval system (GATOR), a database system that indexes and retrieves information from machine-readable texts such as interviews and case histories. Qualitative and quantitative analyses are discussed, and integrating GATOR with standard statistical packages is described.…

Giordano, Richard; And Others



Understanding and Teaching Complex Texts  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Teachers in today's classrooms struggle every day to design instructional interventions that would build students' reading skills and strategies in order to ensure their comprehension of complex texts. Text complexity can be determined in both qualitative and quantitative ways. In this article, the authors describe various innovative…

Fisher, Douglas; Frey, Nancy



Text Mining Using Linear Models  

E-print Network

) or something else. Wiki example Jim bought 300 shares of Acme Corp in 2006. Customized systems build Statistical Models for Text Markov chains Hidden Markov models have been successfully used in text mining, particularly speech tagging Hidden Markov model (HMM) Transition probabilities for observed words ! P(wt|wt-1

Stine, Robert A.


Toward integrated scene text reading.  


The growth in digital camera usage combined with a worldly abundance of text has translated to a rich new era for a classic problem of pattern recognition, reading. While traditional document processing often faces challenges such as unusual fonts, noise, and unconstrained lexicons, scene text reading amplifies these challenges and introduces new ones such as motion blur, curved layouts, perspective projection, and occlusion among others. Reading scene text is a complex problem involving many details that must be handled effectively for robust, accurate results. In this work, we describe and evaluate a reading system that combines several pieces, using probabilistic methods for coarsely binarizing a given text region, identifying baselines, and jointly performing word and character segmentation during the recognition process. By using scene context to recognize several words together in a line of text, our system gives state-of-the-art performance on three difficult benchmark data sets. PMID:24356356

Weinman, Jerod J; Butler, Zachary; Knoll, Dugan; Feild, Jacqueline



Segmental intelligibility of four currently used text-to-speech synthesis methods.  


The study investigated the segmental intelligibility of four currently available text-to-speech (TTS) products under 0-dB and 5-dB signal-to-noise ratios. The products were IBM ViaVoice version 5.1, which uses formant coding, Festival version 1.4.2, a diphone-based LPC TTS product, AT&T Next-Gen, a half-phone-based TTS product that uses harmonic-plus-noise method for synthesis, and FlexVoice2, a hybrid TTS product that combines concatenative and formant coding techniques. Overall, concatenative techniques were more intelligible than formant or hybrid techniques, with formant coding slightly better at modeling vowels and concatenative techniques marginally better at synthesizing consonants. No TTS product was better at resisting noise interference than others, although all were more intelligible at 5 dB than at 0-dB SNR. The better TTS products in this study were, on the average, 22% less intelligible and had about 3 times more phoneme errors than human voice under comparable listening conditions. The hybrid TTS technology of FlexVoice had the lowest intelligibility and highest error rates. There were discernible patterns of errors for stops, fricatives, and nasals. Unrestricted TTS output--e-mail messages, news reports, and so on--under high noise conditions prevalent in automobiles, airports, etc. will likely challenge the listeners. PMID:12703720

Venkatagiri, Horabail S



Stemming Malay Text and Its Application in Automatic Text Categorization  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In Malay language, there are no conjugations and declensions and affixes have important grammatical functions. In Malay, the same word may function as a noun, an adjective, an adverb, or, a verb, depending on its position in the sentence. Although extensively simple root words are used in informal conversations, it is essential to use the precise words in formal speech or written texts. In Malay, to make sentences clear, derivative words are used. Derivation is achieved mainly by the use of affixes. There are approximately a hundred possible derivative forms of a root word in written language of the educated Malay. Therefore, the composition of Malay words may be complicated. Although there are several types of stemming algorithms available for text processing in English and some other languages, they cannot be used to overcome the difficulties in Malay word stemming. Stemming is the process of reducing various words to their root forms in order to improve the effectiveness of text processing in information systems. It is essential to avoid both over-stemming and under-stemming errors. We have developed a new Malay stemmer (stemming algorithm) for removing inflectional and derivational affixes. Our stemmer uses a set of affix rules and two types of dictionaries: a root-word dictionary and a derivative-word dictionary. The use of set of rules is aimed at reducing the occurrence of under-stemming errors, while that of the dictionaries is believed to reduce the occurrence of over-stemming errors. We performed an experiment to evaluate the application of our stemmer in text mining software. For the experiment, text data used were actual web pages collected from the World Wide Web to demonstrate the effectiveness of our Malay stemming algorithm. The experimental results showed that our stemmer can effectively increase the precision of the extracted Boolean expressions for text categorization.

Yasukawa, Michiko; Lim, Hui Tian; Yokoo, Hidetoshi


Why is Light Text Harder to Read Than Dark Text?  

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Scharff and Ahumada (2002, 2003) measured text legibility for light text and dark text. For paragraph readability and letter identification, responses to light text were slower and less accurate for a given contrast. Was this polarity effect (1) an artifact of our apparatus, (2) a physiological difference in the separate pathways for positive and negative contrast or (3) the result of increased experience with dark text on light backgrounds? To rule out the apparatus-artifact hypothesis, all data were collected on one monitor. Its luminance was measured at all levels used, and the spatial effects of the monitor were reduced by pixel doubling and quadrupling (increasing the viewing distance to maintain constant angular size). Luminances of vertical and horizontal square-wave gratings were compared to assess display speed effects. They existed, even for 4-pixel-wide bars. Tests for polarity asymmetries in display speed were negative. Increased experience might develop full letter templates for dark text, while recognition of light letters is based on component features. Earlier, an observer ran all conditions at one polarity and then switched. If dark and light letters were intermixed, the observer might use component features on all trials and do worse on the dark letters, reducing the polarity effect. We varied polarity blocking (completely blocked, alternating smaller blocks, and intermixed blocks). Letter identification responses times showed polarity effects at all contrasts and display resolution levels. Observers were also more accurate with higher contrasts and more pixels per degree. Intermixed blocks increased the polarity effect by reducing performance on the light letters, but only if the randomized block occurred prior to the nonrandomized block. Perhaps observers tried to use poorly developed templates, or they did not work as hard on the more difficult items. The experience hypothesis and the physiological gain hypothesis remain viable explanations.

Scharff, Lauren V.; Ahumada, Albert J.



Text Format, Text Comprehension, and Related Reader Variables  

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This investigation explored relationships between format of text (electronic or print-based) and reading comprehension of adolescent readers. Also in question were potential influences on comprehension from related measures including academic placement of participants, gender, prior knowledge of the content, and overall reading ability. Influences…

Nichols, Jodi L.



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Bean Alstom Power (Switzerland), Baden 5401, Switzerland Three-Dimensional Aerodynamic Design Optimization and profile shape at the same time are examined and compared. Navier­Stokes calculations are performed of traditional approaches, such as response surface methodology 2,3 and finite difference methods 4 , are still

Liu, Feng


E-Mail in the Writing Class: Promoting Student Communication.  

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A Valparaiso University (Indiana) computer network was used to investigate the use of campus electronic mail to encourage students in English-as-a-Second-Language reading and writing classes to increase communication among themselves, to make homework assignments more interesting, and to familiarize students with on-line composing and editing.…

Allen, Marjorie


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, is the major cause of the failure of synthetic arteriovenous grafts (AVGs) used for chronic hemodialysis [1, 2 (AVGs) used for hemodialysis frequently fail due to the development of neointimal hyper- plasia (NH

Hammock, Bruce D.



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of the work of many European theorists, such as: Giddens's (1979, 1984) structuration theory; Archer's (1995 and competence' upon which actors are able to draw in action but without being able to express it (what

Boudourides, Moses A.


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-Biased Expression of Sex-Differentiating Genes FOXL2 and FGF9 in American Alligators, Alligator mississippiensis D University, Ames, Iowa, USA can alligators may inform the evolution of sex-determining and sex stages and 8 juvenile tissue types in male and fe- male American alligators, Alligator mississippiensis

Edwards, Scott


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of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and one of the oil lobby's best friends on Capitol Hill. Late last-did-you-stop-beating-your-wife tone. Mann was told that within less than three weeks, he must list "all financial support you have

Massachusetts at Amherst, University of


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heat sink situations, for which the condensing surface temperature (not heat flux) remains Technological University, Houghton, MI 49931 Internal Condensing Flows inside a Vertical Pipe: Experimental a condenser depend on the specification of inlet, wall, and exit conditions. The results show

Narain, Amitabh


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, especially in such devices. NiTi has good biocompatibility, which makes it ideal for implantable medi- cal of NiTi to stainless steel is of great interest for implant- able medical applications. Formation of dissimilar metals. Due to some of its unique properties, nickel titanium (NiTi) is receiving increasing use

Yao, Y. Lawrence


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heat of vaporization compared to refrigerants, and lower normal boiling point compared to water the system pressure to maintain a low boiling surface temperature has also been explored with water obtained from the boiling curve. Water with its known properties, availability, and nontoxic na- ture has

Kandlikar, Satish


Mariateresa Napoli  

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, with applications that range from surface imaging at the atomic scale 1 , to ultra high density data storage the movable plate of a capacitor and its displacement is controlled by the voltage applied across the plates


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for a Representative Seal Pin Between Two Blades Many land-based gas turbine applications are conducive leakage of high- pressure secondary air into the hot gas flow. The seal pin also functions as a mobile to the formation of rust in the supply piping and other components that are upstream of the gas turbine. Many

Thole, Karen A.


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E-print Network Inferring the Size Distribution of 3D Particle Clusters in Metal Matrix Nanocomposites Metal matrix nanocomposites (MMNCs) are produced by dispersing reinforcing nano- particles into metal matrix. It is a type. If the particles are not well dis- persed, they will form particle clusters in the metal matrix. These clusters

Zhou, Shiyu


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distinct mitochondrial genome types, one fragmented and euglenid-like, and the second a single circular.49.147.18 Download Date | 8/27/13 9:47 AM #12;Jean-François Pombert et al. A complete mitochondrial genome from an amoebozoan related to Phalansterium. Monomorphina aenigmatica M. aenigmatica Drosophila melanogaster

Keeling, Patrick


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of a Maglev Artificial Heart This paper is devoted to the development of an advanced controller for a maglev the system: this hypothesis is not far from the reality of the maglev apparatus as the shape and frequency

Paden, Brad


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E-print Network ATHLETICS and RECREATIONAL SERVICES 6197 FAX 6024 301 Linden Street Fitness Center Front Desk 2740 Executive Meeting Room 5020 Conference Table 5015 Fitness Center Back Desk 2738 Gymnasium Anderson, Kris Women's Rowing Athletic Dept. 6314 BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT - Undergraduate 6497


Bioenergy electronic information, e-mail and bulletin board systems  

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Email, bulletin board systems, and electronic information retrieval are taking the world by storm. Thousands of new users go online every day. Anyone interested in bioenergy can take advantage of online systems to increase the frequency, quality, and speed of information retrieval and communications with colleagues, while simultaneously significantly decreasing communications costs. In particular, three free systems provide bioenergy online services. They include: (1) ERMIS, the Energy & Regulatory Matters Information Service operated by the Michigan Public Service Commission; (2) CREST, the Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology; and (3) EICBBS, the Energy Ideas Clearinghouse BBS operated by the Washington State Energy Office. In addition, new online bioenergy services will soon be offered by the U.S. Department of Energy. And, new or existing bioenergy email and bbs services are also invited to join and integrate with EICBBS and ERMIS, in order to allow broader, free access to their information resources.

Stanton, T. [Energy and Regulatory Matters Information Service, Lansing, MI (United States); Gronbeck, C. [Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology, Washington, DC (United States); Witham, L. [Energy Ideas Clearinghouse Bulletin Board System, Olympia, WA (United States)] [and others



On Writing Well: An E-Mail Dialogue.  

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Presents a colloquium (based on exchange of opinions on the "Bizcom" listserv on the Internet) that explores the concept of writing well. Illustrates the influence of electronic mediation on the communication process. (SR)

Dieterich, Dan; Bowman, Joel



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­Magnetite Composites, With Applications to Developing Unique Magnetorheological Fluids The development of carbon the framework of a magnetorheological (MR) fluid. It is found that the addition of magnetite nanoparticles: carbon nanotube, magnetite nanoparticles, magnetorheological, nanocomposite Introduction Carbon nanotubes


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. No sex differences were observed in the volume of the whole brain, the VTA, the nucleus accumbens suggest that sex differences in brain struc- tures such as the SDN-POA persist across species with differ of sex differences in morphology and behavior. In- trasexual competition or mating preferences can result

Trainor, Brian


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, circular, elliptical, and rhombic cross sections. The present compact solutions provide a convenient compact thermal solutions 1 . In addition, porous mate- rials can be modeled as networks of microscale. 16 have discussed this subject; thus, existing solutions for large scale ducts are also applicable

Bahrami, Majid


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.1159/000351100 Methyl Sulfone Manifests Anticancer Activity in a Metastatic Murine Breast Cancer Cell Line and in Human Breast Cancer Tissue ­ Part I: Murine 4T1 (66cl-4) Cell Line Joan McIntyre Caron Marissa Bannon Lindsay Center, Farmington, Conn., USA Introduction The goal of present-day chemotherapy is to kill cancer cells

Terasaki, Mark


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, the greater the rostral-to-cau- dal difference in neuron number and density per column. Extended developmental with increased neuron number and density per column relative to the rostral isocortex. Later- maturing features. Such gradients can produce a niche adaptation in a particular species. For example, the high density of photo


Andreas A. Malikopoulos e-mail:  

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, Ann Arbor, MI 48109 Real-Time Self-Learning Optimization of Diesel Engine Calibration Compression ignition engine technologies have been advanced in the past decade to provide superior fuel economy acceleration, and braking. An alternative approach was developed recently, which makes the engine an autonomous

Papalambros, Panos


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3b, and that plasminogen acquisition is associated with a decrease in C3b opsonization and neutro(ogen)correlatesdirectlywithade- crease in C3b opsonization, neutrophil phagocytosis, and increased bacterial survival in a humanized

Nizet, Victor


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-mail: Turbomachinery Aero-Heat Transfer Laboratory, Department Aerospace Engineering of rotor blades and tip vortex was effectively reduced and the aerodynamic performance of the rotor blades was improved. The overall aerodynamic gain was a measurable reduction in leakage mass flow rate. This leakage

Camci, Cengiz


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.edu Turbomachinery Aero-Heat Transfer Laboratory, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Pennsylvania State University leakage flow is a significant source of aerodynamic loss for ducted fan VTOL UAVs and adversely affects the general aerodynamic performance of these vehicles. The present study utilized experimental

Camci, Cengiz


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the ITS. This mechanism consists of two rollers that not only rotate to advance the paper along the track, longitudinal, and angular positions of the sheet. The control strategy used is based on linearization by state are met. The success of this mechatronic approach is corroborated through simulation and experimental

Horowitz, Roberto


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periods," "Arts of Subsistence," & "Ratio of Human Progress" (pp. 3-44). Sigmund Freud New Introductory Set 2: Materialists Marx, Engels, and Morgan, due November 2 Set 3: Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, due introduces the ideas of important early social theorists (Marx, Engels, Freud, Durkheim, Weber) through close


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.1159/000353263 Psychological Well-Being Revisited: Advances in the Science and Practice of Eudaimonia Carol D. Ryff University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisc., USA is resilience ­ the capacity to maintain or regain well, Basel Introduction Nearly 25 years ago a model of psychological well-be- ing was put forth by Ryff [1

Liblit, Ben


Keeping It Simple: The Case for E-Mail.  

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The Open University of Israel (OUI) is a distance education institution that offers over 250 computer-mediated courses through the Internet. All OUI students must pass an English reading comprehension exemption exam or take the University's English reading comprehension courses. Because reading instruction differs from content instruction,…

Haimovic, Gila


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response model for designing a hybrid thermal energy storage (TES) heat sink is developed to characterize the performance of the heat sink. The thermal properties of the PCM employed in the design-hybrid heat sink results in determination of a best design subject to geometric and heat loading constraints

Wirtz, Richard A.


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as anode material for lithium-ion batteries · Short communication Electrochemistry Communications, Volume.; Sung, Y.E. 13. Combining 5V LiNi"0"."5Mn"1"."5O"4 spinel and Si nanoparticles for advanced Li-1064 Arrebola, J.C.; Caballero, A.; Gomez-Camer, J.L.; Hernan, L.; Morales, J.; Sanchez, L. 14. Mesoporous TiO"2

Aksay, Ilhan A.


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Contents: reserves; energy use, supply, and demand; electric power transmission; fuel conversion processes; policies, regulations and studies; electric power production; heating and cooling systems; fuels; engine studies (energy related); batteries and components; solar energy; miscellaneous energy conversion and storage; geothermal energy; selected studies in nuclear technology; environmental studies.




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integrates electromagnetic waves with metal nano- structures, allowing the manipulation of electromagnetic/holes, the thickness of the fabricated structures, and the environment surrounding the structures [44­50]. Specific


Frank E. Fresconi e-mail:  

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target- ing of deposition sites by pulmonary drug delivery systems also relies on characterizing Atmospheric pollutants are capable of causing diseases such as pneumoconiosis, lung cancer, bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma. Inhalation of ambient aerosols is also a conduit for infectious diseases measles

Prasad, Ajay K.


Archiving Writers' Work in the Age of E-Mail  

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The job of literary archivist is changing as paper manuscripts yield to laptops, Blackberry's, and Facebook content, and digital preservation lets scholars learn more about authors' creative process than ever before. Personal computers and external storage devices have been around for more than a quarter-century, but only now, as the famous…

Kolowich, Steve



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: A Three-Beam Parallelogram Flexure Case Study Redundant constraints are generally avoided in mechanism-form analytical results are validated against finite ele- ment analysis, as well as experimental measurements. DOI in the ideal constraint characteristics of traditional rigid-link mechanisms: The links are perfectly rigid

Awtar, Shorya


Request for Animal Facility Access Name E-Mail Date  

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Request for Animal Facility Access Supervisor's Signature Submitted Occupational Health Form to Animal Care and Use 608 Boyd Graduate Studied at the information listed below. In order to work with animals at UGA, you must 1. Be listed on an AUP, 2

Arnold, Jonathan


E-mail and the Unexpected Power of Interaction  

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Abstract This is a true fable about Merlin, the infinitely intelligent but never trusted magician; and Arthur, the reasonable but impatient sovereign with an occasional unorthodox request; about the concept of an efficient proof; about polynomials and interpolation, electronic mail, coin flipping, anincredible power of interaction. About MIP, IP, #Pp PSPACE, NEXPTIME, and new techniques that do not relativize. About

László Babai



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, a nonlinear strain energy formulation for the beam flexure, consistent with the transverse-direction load Constraint Model for Two-Dimensional Beam Flexures: Nonlinear Strain Energy Formulation The beam constraint expression, in terms of beam end displacements, that accommodates generalized loading conditions, boundary

Awtar, Shorya


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of thermal and mechanical properties. One example is the silicon carbide (SiC)­silicon nitride Si3N4 properties. One example is the silicon carbide SiC ­silicon nitride Si3N4 nanocomposites with nanosized Si

Tomar, Vikas


The Case Study: E-Mail From Socrates  

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Humans are storytelling animals that learn best when things are put into an experience or story. Teachers seem to think they can just lecture about the principles that they believe govern the world and the students will remember them. This is in spite of much evidence to the contrary. They ignore the fact that large numbers of their students fail or barely pass their courses using the techniques of lecturing. Students learn best on a need-to-know basis--when they are presented with a story that engages them. This articles provides insight on the case study method through a conversation in a chatroom with the philosopher "Socrates" and a college professor.

Herreid, Clyde F.



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to this improvement, sometimes called "Green IT", are discussed, including E-waste mitigation, data center economies of reduced electricity use and lower carbon footprint is a model for other sectors. Keywords E-waste, Green

Kim, Harrison


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subdivision of the lateral zone (poten- tial hippocampus homolog) relates to an enhancement of spatial of butterflyfishes. © 2014 S. Karger AG, Basel Introduction Our understanding of the neural regulation of behav- ior studies indicate that it may be part of a behaviorally relevant subpallial neural circuit that is modu

Tricas, Timothy C.


2014 10 10 (7) E-mail 2  

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. Job Title: Professor (retirement age: 65) 2.Affiliation: Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences 10, 2014 Faculty Position Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences Tokyo Institute of Technology 1, Graduate School of Science and Engineering 3.Academic Field: Solid Earth Science Solid Earth Geophysics

Furui, Sadaoki


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dynamic variables of the humidifier, including the pressure, flow rate, temperature, and relative humidity of Honda's first limited-quantity fuel cell vehicle, FCX, in 2002 and a similar offering from Toyota, PEMFC

Peng, Huei


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of being as- signed to that area. Based on these conditions, we design a cooperative control scheme and rescue operation, a surveillance and attack mission, or a flexible manufacturing system. Resource allocation concepts lie at the heart of the significant technological advances in the design, understanding


1956 . , , 119334, . e-mail:,  

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. ( ) ( ) - ( ) ( ) . , - . #12;61 2. Kieffer S.W. Fluid dynamics of the May 18 blast at Mount St. Helens. In: Lipman P.V., Mullineaux D.R. (eds) The 1980 eruptions of Mount St. Helens, Washington // US Geol. Surv. Prof. Pap. 1981. V-RR-710714. Sandia Nat. Lab. 1972. Albuquerque, NM. 5. Valentine, G.A., and K.H. Wolhletz. Numerical Models

Belousov, Alexander


Soumik Sarkar e-mail:  

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observation. The objective here is to mask the effects of sensor noise level varia- tion and magnify-driven techniques usually require high volume training data engine failure data in the present context . In real

Ray, Asok


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for power electronics, drives and machines control, building an academic framework for advancing as their first chair for two consecutive years. Currently he is the Past-Chair for IEEE IAS Industry Automation "Journal of Control, Automation and Electrical Systems" published by Springer-Verlag. #12;2 EDUCATION D


Student Feedback Selected Student E-mails & Letters  

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this afternoon, despite the fact you must have been exhausted from jetlag still! You're a great teacher and have with your energetic teaching technique and encouraging style. i believe the most important thing a teacher getting to know you a little bit, and I hear you're going to Canada, so Goodluck with that! I hope you

Glen, Amy


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Organic Rankine Cycles The application of organic Rankine cycles (ORCs) for small scale power generation Rankine cycle (ORC) is an established technology for power generation from low temperature (, compactness factor, isentropic efficiency kilowatt-scale organic Rankine cycle Introduction The organic

Entekhabi, Dara


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of wind power 3 , wind- speed prediction 4,5 , wind farm layout design 6,7 , and turbine monitoring 8 and design of models to control wind turbines. Fadaeinedjad et al. 11 investigated the impact of voltage sag Engineering, 3131 Seamans Center, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242-1527 Analysis of Wind Turbine

Kusiak, Andrew


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Contents contained here are: Ablative Materials and Ablation; Adhesives and Sealants; Carbon and Graphite; Ceramics, Refractories, and Glass; Coatings, Colorants, and Finishes; Composite Materials; Corrosion and Corrosion Inhibition; Elastomers; Fibers and Textiles; Iron and Iron Alloys; Lubricants and Hydraulic Fluids; Materials Degradation and Fouling; Miscellaneous Materials; Nonferrous Metals and Alloys.




CGS SS200: INTERNSHIP CREDIT APPLICATION Name: __________________________ E-mail: ___________________________  

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1 CGS SS200: INTERNSHIP CREDIT APPLICATION Name: __________________________ E ___ Summer 20___ Internship Information: Company/Location: _________________________________________________ Title/Position: _____________________________________________________ Internship Supervisor

Goldberg, Bennett


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the articulations of a serial-chain linkage, created using gear-trains or belt/pulley drives, to guide the end the rotations of the links of an n-link, n-d.o.f. serial chain manipulator using cable and pulley drives

Krovi, Venkat


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mechanical fixation with screws or spikes, and filling the space between the prosthesis and bone plant, and biomedical engineering, to general commodities. For example, a graded interface for bone in orthopedic implants is shown in Fig. 1. Conventional methods of fixing an artificial bone and joint

Qian, Xiaoping


US Patent Full Text Database  

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The US Patent and Trademark Office has recently added a new full-text database of all US patents issued from January 1, 1976 to the most recent weekly issue date to its Web Patent Databases page (described in the January 10, 1997 Scout Report). Users may conduct fielded and boolean searches or search by patent number. The full-text returns include the Summary, Claims, Description, and References. Drawings and images are not available online. Search tips and help are provided at the site.


This content has been downloaded from IOPscience. Please scroll down to see the full text. Download details  

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Photonics, School of Engineering, Cranfield University, Cranfield, Bedfordshire MK43 0AL, UK E-mail: j], or small ultra-low-cost devices such as pellistors, semicon- ductor gas sensors or electrochemical devices

Napp, Nils


Tobermorite group of silicates (Text)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This document is part of Subvolume I4 'Inosilicates' of Volume 27 'Magnetic properties of non-metallic inorganic compounds based on transition elements' of Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter. It contains the data of the tobermorite group of silicates (Text)

Burzo, E.


Bornholm Text analysis rup Nielsen  

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Bornholm Text analysis Finn A Ã? rup Nielsen Informatics and Mathematical Modelling Technical A Ã? rup Nielsen, IMM, DTU April 7, 2002 OVERVIEW #15; Analysis types #15; Vector space model #15 in chat room. #15; Usage analysis 2 #12; Finn A Ã? rup Nielsen, IMM, DTU April 7, 2002 ANALYSIS TYPES #15

Nielsen, Finn Ã?rup


A Hypertext Observational Astronomy Text  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Internet, World Wide Web, and Mosaic inspire new and innovative approaches to organizing textual materials for educational purposes and for providing access to these materials. We have taken a textbook under construction and converted it into electronic form for use with other class materials in an upper level undergraduate observational astronomy course at the University of Virginia. There are many advantages to this approach for a text. These include relative ease and speed of preparation compared with formal publication, much superior results compared with photocopying, and low cost to the student. Color photographs may easily be integrated with text. The text is easy to revise and keep current, and it would be a straightforward matter to include user contributions and interaction. Of special value is the structure that can be built in the documents with hypertext anchors. We established links between the class syllabus and the main text, to the illustrated operating manuals for the instrumentation used in the course, to more detailed or difficult material, and to other World Wide Web servers.

Miller, G. E.; Ianna, P. A.



Acquiring Disambiguation Rules from Text  

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An effective procedure for automatically acquiring a new set of disambiguation rules for an existing deterministic parser on the basis of tagged text is presented. Performance of the automatically acquired rules is much better than the existing hand-written disambiguation rules. The success of the acquired rules depends on using the linguistic information encoded in the parser; enhancements to various components

Donald Hindle



Data compression using text encryption  

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Summary form only given. We discuss the use of a new algorithm to preprocess text in order to improve the compression ratio of textual documents, in particular online documents such as web pages on the World Wide Web. The algorithm was first introduced in an earlier paper, and in this paper we discuss the applicability of our algorithm in Internet

H. Kruse; A. Mukherjee



Basic Chad Arabic: Comprehension Texts.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This text, principally designed for use in a three-volume course on Chad Arabic, complements the pre-speech and active phases of the course in that it provides the answers to comprehension exercises students are required to complete during the course. The comprehension exercises require that students listen to an instructor or tape and write…

Absi, Samir Abu; Sinaud, Andre


Reader-Focused Text Evaluation.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Presents a review of the literature on reader-focused text evaluation. Gives an account of the document characteristics that can be evaluated and considers the possible functions of evaluations making a distinction between verifying, troubleshooting, and choice-supporting research. Presents an overview of methods appropriate for the various…

DeJong, Menno; Jan Schellens, Peter



Disfluencies in Comprehending Argumentative Texts  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In two experiments, we examine university students' ability to comprehend authentic argumentative texts and factors that influence their application of this skill. Participants read several relatively lengthy arguments and identified the main claim and reasons. Experiment 1 shows that participants are not skilled at identifying key elements from…

Larson, Meredith; Britt, M. Anne; Larson, Aaron A.



The otibetpackage Writing tibetan text  

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­capable descendent of T E X. This package makes heavy use of\\Omega translation process, known as\\Omega TP. Included in the package there are the necessary \\Omega TP­øles to type tibetan text in a certain transcription and after characters by stacking them one above the other. 2 Input Encoding, Transcription Two transcriptions

Preining, Norbert


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that together with the lines of the instantaneous direct kinematics matrix govern the singularities of the active stiffness control. This geometric interpretation is utilized in an example of a planar 3 degrees Line geometry has been applied by several researchers to the kinematics and statics of parallel

Simaan, Nabil


Multilingual Authoring Using Feedback Texts  

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There are obvious reasons for trying to automate the production of multilingual documentation, especially for routine subject-matter in restricted domains (e.g. technical instructions). Two approaches have been adopted: Machine Translation (MT) of a source text, and Multilingual Natural Language Generation (M-NLG) from a knowledge base. For MT, information extraction is a major difficulty, since the meaning must be derived by

Richard Power; Donia Scott



[On two antique medical texts].  


The two texts presented here--Regimento proueytoso contra ha pestenença [literally, "useful regime against pestilence"] and Modus curandi cum balsamo ["curing method using balm"]--represent the extent of Portugal's known medical library until circa 1530, produced in gothic letters by foreign printers: Germany's Valentim Fernandes, perhaps the era's most important printer, who worked in Lisbon between 1495 and 1518, and Germdo Galharde, a Frenchman who practiced his trade in Lisbon and Coimbra between 1519 and 1560. Modus curandi, which came to light in 1974 thanks to bibliophile José de Pina Martins, is anonymous. Johannes Jacobi is believed to be the author of Regimento proueytoso, which was translated into Latin (Regimen contra pestilentiam), French, and English. Both texts are presented here in facsimile and in modern Portuguese, while the first has also been reproduced in archaic Portuguese using modern typographical characters. This philological venture into sixteenth-century medicine is supplemented by a scholarly glossary which serves as a valuable tool in interpreting not only Regimento proueytoso but also other texts from the era. Two articles place these documents in historical perspective. PMID:17500134

Rosa, Maria Carlota



Starbase Data Tables: An ASCII Relational Database for Unix  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Database management is an increasingly important part of astronomical data analysis. Astronomers need easy and convenient ways of storing, editing, filtering, and retrieving data about data. Commercial databases do not provide good solutions for many of the everyday and informal types of database access astronomers need. The Starbase database system with simple data file formatting rules and command line data operators has been created to answer this need. The system includes a complete set of relational and set operators, fast search/index and sorting operators, and many formatting and I/O operators. Special features are included to enhance the usefulness of the database when manipulating astronomical data. The software runs under UNIX, MSDOS and IRAF.

Roll, John



Identifying issue frames in text.  


Framing, the effect of context on cognitive processes, is a prominent topic of research in psychology and public opinion research. Research on framing has traditionally relied on controlled experiments and manually annotated document collections. In this paper we present a method that allows for quantifying the relative strengths of competing linguistic frames based on corpus analysis. This method requires little human intervention and can therefore be efficiently applied to large bodies of text. We demonstrate its effectiveness by tracking changes in the framing of terror over time and comparing the framing of abortion by Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. PMID:23874909

Sagi, Eyal; Diermeier, Daniel; Kaufmann, Stefan



CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

CELT, an "online database of contemporary and historical topics from many areas, including literature and the other arts," is aimed at the greatest possible range of readers, from academic scholars to the general public. Texts at the site can be searched, read on-screen, or downloaded. Other works available at CELT include essays by Michael Collins, the Dail debates on the 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty, works by James Connolly and Padraic Pearse, and almost the whole corpus of Hiberno-Norman French poetry.



Text Classification by Labeling Words  

Microsoft Academic Search

Traditionally, text classifiers are built from labeled training\\u000a examples. Labeling is usually done manually by human experts\\u000a (or the users), which is a labor intensive and time consuming process.\\u000a In the past few years, researchers investigated various forms of\\u000a semi-supervised learning to reduce the burden of manual labeling.\\u000a In this paper, we propose a different approach. Instead of labeling\\u000a a

Bing Liu; Xiaoli Li; Wee Sun Lee; Philip S. Yu



GOCEXML2ASCII an XML to ASCII converter for GOCE level EGG_NOM and SST_PSO data  

E-print Network

from their archives in advance. Hence a big hard disk drive is needed. Because our production system The parser itself works only on a single file. To convert several files at once, it is possible to wrap

Stuttgart, Universität


Corpus of Electronic Texts (CELT)  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Developed at University College Cork, the Corpus of Electronic Texts project is intended "to bring the wealth of Irish literary and historical culture (in Irish, Latin, Anglo-Norman French, and English) to the Internet in a rigorously scholarly project." Additionally, the project is designed to be utilized by a wide group of interested parties, including students, academics, and the general public. Visitors may peruse the documents by language of original publication, or by viewing a complete list of all the works currently available (many in HTML or pdf format) from the project's website. Some of the rather compelling works available here include the complete works of Oscar Wilde, the political writings of Michael Collins, and various historical documents regarding the struggle for Irish independence. [KMG


Discretized rotation has infinitely many periodic orbits This article has been downloaded from IOPscience. Please scroll down to see the full text article.  

E-print Network

has infinitely many periodic orbits Shigeki Akiyama1 and Attila Petho2 1 Institute of Mathematics, University of Debrecen, PO Box 12, H-4010 Debrecen, Hungary E-mail: and petho.attila

Pethõ, Attila


Breakdown of the independent electron approximation in sequential double ionization This article has been downloaded from IOPscience. Please scroll down to see the full text article.  

E-print Network

and Astronomy, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 14627, USA 3 Institut für Kernphysik, Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität, Max-von-Laue-Stra�e 1, 60438 Frankfurt am Main, Germany E-mail: apfeiff

Keller, Ursula


Characterizing Reading Comprehension of Mathematical Texts  

Microsoft Academic Search

This study compares reading comprehension of three different texts: two mathematical texts and one historical text. The two\\u000a mathematical texts both present basic concepts of group theory, but one does it using mathematical symbols and the other only\\u000a uses natural language. A total of 95 upper secondary and university students read one of the mathematical texts and the historical\\u000a text.

Magnus Österholm



Term statistics Zipf's law text statistics  

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Term statistics Zipf's law text statistics October 20, 2014 text statistics 1 / 19 #12;Term statistics Zipf's law Overview 1 Term statistics 2 Zipf's law text statistics 2 / 19 #12;Term statistics Zipf's law Outline 1 Term statistics 2 Zipf's law text statistics 3 / 19 #12;Term statistics Zipf's law Model

Lu, Jianguo


Using Electronic Texts in the Classroom.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Discusses the use of literary electronic texts in middle school classrooms. Topics include where to find electronic texts on the Internet through the World Wide Web, file transfer protocol, or gopher; the effects of copyright law on availability of electronic texts; and downloading texts. (LRW)

Berry, David



Relation Extraction from Wikipedia Text Relation Extraction  

E-print Network

Relation Extraction from Wikipedia Text Relation Extraction from Wikipedia Text Wikipedia Mining Seminar Universität des Saarlandes Miriam Käshammer January 18, 2010 #12;Relation Extraction from Wikipedia Text Introduction Outline Introduction PORE: Positive-Only Relation Extraction from Wikipedia Text

Neumann, Günter


Open architecture for multilingual parallel texts  

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Multilingual parallel texts (abbreviated to parallel texts) are linguistic versions of the same content ("translations"); e.g., the Maastricht Treaty in English and Spanish are parallel texts. This document is about creating an open architecture for the whole Authoring, Translation and Publishing Chain (ATP-chain) for the processing of parallel texts.

Benitez, M T Carrasco



Text Complexity: Primary Teachers' Views  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The research question was, "What text characteristics do primary teachers think are most important for early grades text complexity?" Teachers from across the United States accomplished a two-part task. First, to stimulate teachers' thinking about important text characteristics, primary teachers completed an online paired-text

Fitzgerald, Jill; Hiebert, Elfrieda H.; Bowen, Kimberly; Relyea-Kim, E. Jackie; Kung, Melody; Elmore, Jeff



Block Addressing Indices for Approximate Text Retrieval.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Discusses indexing in large text databases, approximate text searching, and space-time tradeoffs for indexed text searching. Studies the space overhead and retrieval times as functions of the text block size, concludes that an index can be sublinear in space overhead and query time, and applies the analysis to the Web. (Author/LRW)

Baeza-Yates, Ricardo; Navarro, Gonzalo



The Impacts of Text-based CMC on Online Social Presence  

Microsoft Academic Search

Social presence is a critical influence on learners' online social interaction in an online learning environment via computer-mediated communication (CMC) systems. This study examines how three CMC systems, e-mail, bulletin board, and real-time discussion, influence the level of online social presence and privacy. Mixed methods were applied to examine the relationships of three CMC systems with social presence and privacy.

Chih-Hsiung Tu



Getting Students Engaged in Nonfiction Text  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This article describes how to help students engage with nonfiction text by asking questions, identifying facts, making connections, and reflecting on the text. A template for use with students is included.

Allen, Tracey; Reeson, Clarissa


Topic Learning in Text and Conversational Speech  

E-print Network

Topic Learning in Text and Conversational Speech Constantinos Boulis A dissertation submitted Abstract Topic Learning in Text and Conversational Speech Constantinos Boulis Chair of Supervisory Committee: Professor Mari Ostendorf Electrical Engineering Extracting topics from large collections of data

Washington at Seattle, University of


Compressed text indexes: From theory to practice  

Microsoft Academic Search

A compressed full-text self-index represents a text in a compressed form and still answers queries efficiently. This represents a significant advancement over the (full-)text indexing techniques of the previous decade, whose indexes required several times the size of the text. Although it is relatively new, this algorithmic technology has matured up to a point where theoretical research is giving way

Paolo Ferragina; Rodrigo González; Gonzalo Navarro; Rossano Venturini



You Can Say That Again!: Text Compression  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This activity helps students learn how computers "compress" text by identifying repeating patterns of letters, words, and phrases. Students use poems or nursery rhymes as their source text, draw boxes around repeating parts, and use arrows to point to earlier parts of the text that can be used to "uncompress" the text. The boxes and arrows are then related to the numbers that computers use in compression. An extension has students try compressing a much longer story, "The Three Little Pigs."

Bell, Tim; Witten, Ian; Fellows, Mike; Adams, Robyn; Mckenzie, Jane



Applying statistical methods to text steganography  

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This paper presents a survey of text steganography methods used for hid- ing secret information inside some covertext. Widely known hiding techniques (such as translation based steganography, text generating and syntactic embed- ding) and detection are considered. It is shown that statistical analysis has an important role in text steganalysis.

Nechta, Ivan



Flexible optimization of text recognition algorithms  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper presents a system for the optimization of text recognition algorithms. First a theoretic four-staged model of text recognition is proposed. In this four-staged model, the second stage called text localization is optimized. A reinterpreted version of the F measure is used as a fitness indicator for optimization of the localization. The optimization method is described and the role

Britta Meixner; Florian Pein; Harald Kosch



Text-setting Constraints: A Comparative Perspective  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper explores text-setting in English and Spanish folk songs, arguing that the constraints which regulate the articulation of rhythm in a specific language (in this case, English and Spanish) coincide with those at work in the process of text-to-tune alignment. Two case studies are analysed using Optimality Theory text-setting constraints.

Rosalía Rodríguez-Vázquez



Preprocessing Text to Improve Compression Ratios  

Microsoft Academic Search

Summary form only given. We discuss the use of a text preprocessing algorithm that can improve the compression ratio of standard data compression algorithms, in particular `bzip2', when used on text files, by up to 20%. The text preprocessing algorithm uses a static dictionary of the English language that is kept separately from the compressed file. The method in which

Holger Kruse; Amar Mukherjee



Evaluation Methods of The Text Entities  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The paper highlights some evaluation methods to assess the quality characteristics of the text entities. The main concepts used in building and evaluation processes of the text entities are presented. Also, some aggregated metrics for orthogonality measurements are presented. The evaluation process for automatic evaluation of the text entities is…

Popa, Marius



Text Messaging for Student Communication and Voting  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Text messaging has gained widespread popularity in higher education as a communication tool and as a means of engaging students in the learning process. In this study we report on the use of text messaging in a large, year-one introductory chemistry module where students were encouraged to send questions and queries to a dedicated text number both…

McClean, Stephen; Hagan, Paul; Morgan, Jason



Partners: Grades K-1: text only version  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This informational text introduces students to photosynthesis and lichens-plant-like organisms resulting from a symbiotic relationship between an alga and a fungus. The text is written at a kindergarten through grade one reading level. This is a PDF containing the informational text.

Fries-Gaither, Jessica


Mining Web Text for Brand Associations  

Microsoft Academic Search

Weblogs and other web text are an incredibly rich knowledge base, and the marketing industry is beginning to recognize the value of web texts as a source of information about their customers. However, the nature of web texts make them un- suitable for analysis using standard market research methods. In this paper, we describe the use of exploratory data analysis

Robert Malouf; Bradley Davidson; Ashli Sherman; Wayne NJ


6Text Categorization FabrizioSebastiani  

E-print Network

. Nowadays, the "tip of the iceberg" of text search is represented by Web search engines, but commercial for searching relevant documents within this large repository.This is the aim of text search, a subdiscipline solutions for the text search problem were being delivered decades before the birth of the Web

Sebastiani, Fabrizio


MULTEXT: Multilingual Text Tools and Corpora  

Microsoft Academic Search

MULTEXT (Multilingual Text Tools and Corpora) is the largest project funded in the Commission of European Communities Linguistic Research and Engineering Program. The project will contribute to the development of generally usable software tools to manipulate and analyse text corpora and to create multilingual text corpora with structural and linguistic markup. It will attempt to establish conventions for the encoding

Nancy Ide; Jean Véronis



A Survey of Multilingual Text Retrieval  

Microsoft Academic Search

This report reviews the present state of the art in selection of texts in one languagebased on queries in another, a problem we refer to as "multilingual" text retrieval.Present applications of multilingual text retrieval systems are limited by the cost andcomplexity of developing and using the multilingual thesauri on which they are basedand by the level of user training that

Bonnie J. Dorr; Douglas W. Oard



The Ecological Approach to Text Visualization.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Presents both theoretical and technical bases on which to build a "science of text visualization." The Spatial Paradigm for Information Retrieval and Exploration (SPIRE) text-visualization system, which images information from free-text documents as natural terrains, serves as an example of the "ecological approach" in its visual metaphor, its…

Wise, James A.



Integrated text-communication services digital networks  

Microsoft Academic Search

Circuit and packet switched facilities as well as distributed information processing units handling new text communication services are part of future integrated services digital networks. The functional integration of text communicaton procedures with the digital network is discussed. Unified handling of batch and interactive text communications is proposed. The use of standardized protocols at both transport and user service levels

R. Montemurro; F. Villani



Academic Journal Embargoes and Full Text Databases.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Documents the reasons for embargoes of academic journals in full text databases (i.e., publisher-imposed delays on the availability of full text content) and provides insight regarding common misconceptions. Tables present data on selected journals covering a cross-section of subjects and publishers and comparing two full text business databases.…

Brooks, Sam



A hybrid learning algorithm for text classification  

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Text classification is the process of classifying documents into predefined categories based on their content. Existing supervised learning algorithms to automatically classify text need sufficient documents to learn accurately. This paper presents a new algorithm for text classification that requires fewer documents for training. Instead of using words, word relation i.e association rules from these words is used to derive feature set from preclassified text documents. The concept of Naive Bayes classifier is then used on derived features and finally only a single concept of Genetic Algorithm has been added for final classification. Experimental results show that the classifier build this way is more accurate than the existing text classification systems.

Kamruzzaman, S M



Robust Text Detection in Natural Scene Images.  


Text detection in natural scene images is an important prerequisite for many content-based image analysis tasks. In this paper, we propose an accurate and robust method for detecting texts in natural scene images. A fast and effective pruning algorithm is designed to extract Maximally Stable Extremal Regions (MSERs) as character candidates using the strategy of minimizing regularized variations. Character candidates are grouped into text candidates by the single-link clustering algorithm, where distance weights and clustering threshold are learned automatically by a novel self-training distance metric learning algorithm. The posterior probabilities of text candidates corresponding to non-text are estimated with a character classifier; text candidates with high non-text probabilities are eliminated and texts are identified with a text classifier. The proposed system is evaluated on the ICDAR 2011 Robust Reading Competition database; the f measure is over 76%, much better than the state-of-the-art performance of 71%. Experiments on multilingual, street view, multi-orientation and even born-digital databases also demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method. Finally, an online demo of our proposed scene text detection system has been set up at PMID:24080709

Yin, Xu-Cheng; Yin, Xuwang; Huang, Kaizhu; Hao, Hong-Wei



The network of concepts in written texts  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Complex network theory is used to investigate the structure of meaningful concepts in written texts of individual authors. Networks have been constructed after a two phase filtering, where words with less meaning contents are eliminated and all remaining words are set to their canonical form, without any number, gender or time flexion. Each sentence in the text is added to the network as a clique. A large number of written texts have been scrutinised, and it is found that texts have small-world as well as scale-free structures. The growth process of these networks has also been investigated, and a universal evolution of network quantifiers have been found among the set of texts written by distinct authors. Further analyses, based on shuffling procedures taken either on the texts or on the constructed networks, provide hints on the role played by the word frequency and sentence length distributions to the network structure.

Caldeira, S. M. G.; Petit Lobão, T. C.; Andrade, R. F. S.; Neme, A.; Miranda, J. G. V.



The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Dating from about 2100 to 1650 BCE, ancient Mesopotamian literature, written in Sumerian cuneiform, is the earliest known recorded literature in the world. The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature (ETCSL) project, an initiative of the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford, aims to produce a Web-based digital collection of more than 400 poetic Sumerian compositions. The ETCSL project Website provides a browseable catalog of all texts in the corpus as well as an extensive description of the project. Each entry in the corpus catalog will eventually include a Sumerian text in transliteration, an English translation of that text, and detailed bibliographic information on the original text. At present, the site provides only a handful of texts but promises to expand significantly in the coming months.


Figure Text Extraction in Biomedical Literature  

Microsoft Academic Search

BackgroundFigures are ubiquitous in biomedical full-text articles, and they represent important biomedical knowledge. However, the sheer volume of biomedical publications has made it necessary to develop computational approaches for accessing figures. Therefore, we are developing the Biomedical Figure Search engine (http:\\/\\/ to allow bioscientists to access figures efficiently. Since text frequently appears in figures, automatically extracting such text may assist

Daehyun Kim; Hong Yu; Vladimir N. Uversky



Automatic writer identification from text line images  

Microsoft Academic Search

In the present article, new techniques have been introduced for revealing the individual features of a person’s handwriting\\u000a pattern from the scanned images of handwritten text lines to facilitate text-independent writer identification. These techniques\\u000a are aimed at designing a dynamic model which can be formalized according to any handwritten text line. Various combinations\\u000a of the extracted features are applied to

Önder K?rl?


A time machine for text search  

Microsoft Academic Search

Text search over temporally versioned document collections such as web archives has received little attention as a re- search problem. As a consequence, there is no scalable and principled solution to search such a collection as of a speci- fied time t. In this work, we address this shortcoming and propose an ecient solution for time-travel text search by extending

Klaus Berberich; Srikanta J. Bedathur; Thomas Neumann; Gerhard Weikum



Helping Children Become More Knowledgeable through Text  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

With the adoption of the Common Core State Standards, curriculum resources are shifting from an emphasis on literary texts to a greater focus on informational texts. Although we need to understand the intention of these new Common Core State Standards, and the important drive toward greater content knowledge for all students, we must be wary of…

Neuman, Susan B.; Roskos, Kathleen



Ticker text extraction from Bangla news videos  

Microsoft Academic Search

In this paper, a framework for recognition of Bangla ticker text1 from the Bangla news videos is presented. Tesseract OCR [1] has been used for Bangla script recognition. Tesseract OCR gives good results for text recognition in documents. But in case of images and videos, some processing is required beforehand. Approach here is to provide processed images to the Tesseract

Aditya Tiwari; Hiranmay Ghosh



Text analysis and knowledge mining system  

Microsoft Academic Search

Large text databases potentially contain a great wealth of knowledge. However, text represents factual information (and information about the author's communicative intentions) in a complex, rich, and opaque manner. Consequently, unlike numerical and fixed field data, it cannot be analyzed by standard statistical data mining methods. Relying on human analysis results in either huge workloads or the analysis of only

Tetsuya Nasukawa; Tohru Nagano



Using Digital Texts to Promote Fluent Reading  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Fluency is a critical skill of adept readers. As listening to read alouds and performing Readers Theatre scripts are two prevalent strategies that can increase students' fluency skills, this article provides suggestions in using these strategies with digital texts through free, online resources. Digital texts can be accessed using a desktop,…

Thoermer, Andrea; Williams, Lunetta



Overlay Text Retrieval From Video Scene  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The rapid growth of video data leads to an urgent demand for efficient and true contentbased browsing and retrieving systems. In response to such needs, various video content analysis schemes using one or a combination of image, audio, and text information in videos have been proposed to parse, index, or abstract massive amount of data text in video is a very compact and accurate clue for video indexing and summarization. Most video text detection and extraction methods hold assumptions on text color, background contrast, and font style. Moreover, few methods can handle multilingual text well since different languages may have quite different appearances. In this paper, an efficient overlay text detection and extraction method is implemented which deals with complex backgrounds. Based on our observation that there exist transient colors between inserted text and its adjacent background. It is robust with respect to font size, style text, color, orientation and noise and can be used in a large variety of application fields such as mobile robot navigation vehicle license detection and recognition, object identification , document retrieving, etc.

Manohar, K.; Irfan, S.; Sravani, K.



Enabling Large Scale Coherency Among Mathematical Texts #  

E-print Network

documents will enable interconnected collections where the computers support exact common reference amongEnabling Large Scale Coherency Among Mathematical Texts # Stuart F. Allen and Robert L. Constable dependencies among assertions. When elements of expository text, such as definitions and theorems, are formally


Enabling Large Scale Coherency Among Mathematical Texts  

E-print Network

documents will enable interconnected collections where the computers support exact common reference amongEnabling Large Scale Coherency Among Mathematical Texts Stuart F. Allen and Robert L. Constable dependencies among assertions. When elements of expository text, such as definitions and theorems, are formally


Aesthetical Information Impact of a Literary Text.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The aim of this study was to explore the aesthetic impact of a literary text on the human mind and to extend the knowledge on how and when the information from a book enters the human brain, and if and when it starts to be processed and, possibly, memorized. Readers' responses to aesthetic texts were measured through a series of biometric…

Malik, M. F.


Opening Mathematics Texts: Resisting the Seduction  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This analysis of the writing in a grade 7 mathematics textbook distinguishes between closed texts and open texts, which acknowledge multiple possibilities. I use tools that have recently been applied in mathematics contexts, focussing on grammatical features that include personal pronouns, modality, and types of imperatives, as well as on…

Wagner, David



Texts, Troubled Teens, and Troubling Times  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Seeking ways to effectively mediate texts with troubled teens in troubling times is worth the investment. Text is a powerful tool for shaping positive life trajectories, especially for those teens being affected by vulnerable-producing conditions that interrupt positive human development. These conditions, coupled with poor literacy skills…

Tatum, Alfred W., Ed.



The Medline/full-text research project.  


This project was designed to test the relative efficacy of index terms and full-text for the retrieval of documents in those MEDLINE journals for which full-text searching was also available. The full-text files used were MEDIS from Mead Data Central and CCML from BRS Information Technologies. One hundred clinical medical topics were searched in these two files as well as the MEDLINE file to accumulate the necessary data. It was found that full-text identified significantly more relevant articles than did the indexed file, MEDLINE. The full-text searches, however, lacked the precision of searches done in the indexed file. Most relevant items missed in the full-text files, but identified in MEDLINE, were missed because the searcher failed to account for some aspect of natural language, used a logical or positional operator that was too restrictive, or included a concept which was implied, but not expressed in the natural language. Very few of the unique relevant full-text citations would have been retrieved by title or abstract alone. Finally, as of July, 1990 the more current issue of a journal was just as likely to appear in MEDLINE as in one of the full-text files. PMID:10111576

McKinin, E J; Sievert, M; Johnson, E D; Mitchell, J A



Training algorithms for linear text classifiers  

Microsoft Academic Search

Systems for text retrieval, routing, categorization and other IR tasks rely heavily on linear classifiers. We propose that two machine learning algorithms, the Widrow-Hoff and EG algorithms, be used in training linear text classifiers. In con- trast to most IR methods, theoretical analysis provides per- formance guarantees and guidance on parameter settings for these algorithms. Experimental data is presented showing

David D. Lewis; Robert E. Schapire; James P. Callan; Ron Papka



Text & Teaching: The Search for Human Excellence.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This volume contains 13 essays by distinguished scholars and public figures on texts that influenced them to act wisely and justly in their personal and professional lives. These essays were originally given at two Symposia on Text and Teaching at Georgetown University. The participants and their subjects are as follows: (1) Edmund D. Pellegrino…

Collins, Michael J., Ed.; Ambrosio, Francis J., Ed.


Tagging English Text with a Probabilistic Model  

Microsoft Academic Search

In this paper we present some experiments on the use of a probabilistic model to tag English text, i.e. to assign to each word the correct tag (part of speech) in the context of the sentence. The main novelty of these experiments is the use of untagged text in the training of the model. We have used a simple triclass

Bernard Merialdo



Flowcharting for Libraries: A Programmed Text.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A programed text designed to teach library students basic manual flowcharting techniques is presented. A statement of behavioral objectives indicates that the text will teach the student to: define the process of flowcharting, list its uses and distinguish between programing and systems flowcharts; specify flowchart input and output; analyze the…

Kazlauskas, Edward John


Anchor Text Extraction for Academic Search  

Microsoft Academic Search

Anchor text plays a special important role in improving the performance of general Web search, due to the fact that it is relatively ob- jective description for a Web page by poten- tially a large number of other Web pages. Academic Search provides indexing and search functionality for academic articles. It may be desirable to utilize anchor text in aca-

Shuming Shi; Fei Xing; Mingjie Zhu; Zaiqing Nie; Ji-Rong Wen



Text-mining based journal splitting  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper introduces a novel journal splitting algorithm. It takes full advantage of various kinds of information such as text match, layout and page numbers. The core procedure is a highly efficient text-mining algorithm, which detects the matched phrases between the content pages and the title pages of individual articles. Experiments show that this algorithm is robust and able to

Xiaofan Lin



Teaching Text Structure To Improve Reading Comprehension.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article discusses how to teach children with mild disabilities to identify the five different types of expository text structures: main idea, list, order, compare/contrast, and classification. It then explains a strategy for each text structure type that can be taught to children to improve comprehension in content area classes. (Contains…

Bakken, Jeffrey P.; Whedon, Craig K.



Causal Inferences during Text Comprehension and Production.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

As comprehension failure results whenever readers are unable to infer missing causal connections, recent comprehension research has focused both on assessing the inferential complexity of texts and on investigating students' developing ability to infer causal relationships. Studies have demonstrated that texts rely on four types of causal…

Kemper, Susan


The Weaknesses of Full-Text Searching  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper provides a theoretical critique of the deficiencies of full-text searching in academic library databases. Because full-text searching relies on matching words in a search query with words in online resources, it is an inefficient method of finding information in a database. This matching fails to retrieve synonyms, and it also retrieves…

Beall, Jeffrey



Meeting Standard 10: Reading Complex Text  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Most principals know about the Common Core State Standards, but they may not be aware that they are different from previous standards in one essential way: they emphasize students' capacity to understand complex texts. Standard 10 puts an unprecedented focus on texts and will fundamentally change assessments, textbooks, and teaching at the…

Hiebert, Elfrieda H.; Mesmer, Heidi Anne E.



Hierarchies of Indices for Text Searching.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Discusses indexes for text databases and presents an efficient implementation of an index for text searching called PAT array, or suffix array, where the database is stored on secondary storage devices such as magnetic or optical disks. Additional hierarchical index structures and searching algorithms are proposed that improve searching time, and…

Baeza-Yates, Ricardo; And Others



Text line extraction in free style document  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This paper addresses to text line extraction in free style document, such as business card, envelope, poster, etc. In free style document, global property such as character size, line direction can hardly be concluded, which reveals a grave limitation in traditional layout analysis. 'Line' is the most prominent and the highest structure in our bottom-up method. First, we apply a novel intensity function found on gradient information to locate text areas where gradient within a window have large magnitude and various directions, and split such areas into text pieces. We build a probability model of lines consist of text pieces via statistics on training data. For an input image, we group text pieces to lines using a simulated annealing algorithm with cost function based on the probability model.

Shen, Xiaolu; Liu, Changsong; Ding, Xiaoqing; Zou, Yanming



Frontiers of biomedical text mining: current progress  

PubMed Central

It is now almost 15 years since the publication of the first paper on text mining in the genomics domain, and decades since the first paper on text mining in the medical domain. Enormous progress has been made in the areas of information retrieval, evaluation methodologies and resource construction. Some problems, such as abbreviation-handling, can essentially be considered solved problems, and others, such as identification of gene mentions in text, seem likely to be solved soon. However, a number of problems at the frontiers of biomedical text mining continue to present interesting challenges and opportunities for great improvements and interesting research. In this article we review the current state of the art in biomedical text mining or ‘BioNLP’ in general, focusing primarily on papers published within the past year. PMID:17977867

Zweigenbaum, Pierre; Demner-Fushman, Dina; Yu, Hong; Cohen, Kevin B.



Medical text representations for inductive learning.  

PubMed Central

Inductive learning algorithms have been proposed as methods for classifying medical text reports. Many of these proposed techniques differ in the way the text is represented for use by the learning algorithms. Slight differences can occur between representations that may be chosen arbitrarily, but such differences can significantly affect classification algorithm performance. We examined 8 different data representation techniques used for medical text, and evaluated their use with standard machine learning algorithms. We measured the loss of classification-relevant information due to each representation. Representations that captured status information explicitly resulted in significantly better performance. Algorithm performance was dependent on subtle differences in data representation. PMID:11080019

Wilcox, A.; Hripcsak, G.



Nonparametric Distribution Analysis for Text Mining  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A number of new algorithms for nonparametric distribution analysis based on Maximum Mean Discrepancy measures have been recently introduced. These novel algorithms operate in Hilbert space and can be used for nonparametric two-sample tests. Coupled with recent advances in string kernels, these methods extend the scope of kernel-based methods in the area of text mining. We review these kernel-based two-sample tests focusing on text mining where we will propose novel applications and present an efficient implementation in the kernlab package. We also present an efficient and integrated environment for applying modern machine learning methods to complex text mining problems through the combined use of the tm (for text mining) and the kernlab (for kernel-based learning) R packages.

Karatzoglou, Alexandros; Feinerer, Ingo; Hornik, Kurt


Supplementing Floundering Text with Adjunct Displays.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Describes three experiments with college students that compared the learning potential of text, outline, and matrix displays. Explains the theoretical framework, reviews related research, and discusses results that show matrix displays produced greater relational learning. (Author/LRW)

Kiewra, Kenneth A.; Kauffman, Douglas F.; Robinson, Daniel H.; DuBois, Nelson F.; Staley, Richard K.



The Various Texts of Tennessee Williams's Plays.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Presents a list of the various texts of Williams's plays which were published prior to 1977, including plays produced but not yet published. Notes the existence of unpublished versions of printed plays when such were used for a production. (JMF)

Gunn, Drewey Wayne



Reading Comprehension Student Template: Thinking About Text  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This template is an instructional tool that helps students ask questions, visualize content, and make connections while reading. It was designed for use with nonfiction text and students in grades 2-5. It was designed to be used with the Feature Story, Life on the Ice (Cube), but can be used with other texts as well. It is a PDF that can be copied and distributed to students.

Allen, Tracey; Reeson, Clarissa


Solid-State Lasers A Graduate Text  

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This program of advanced texts covers a broad spectrum of topics that are of current and emerging interest in physics. Each book provides a comprehensive and yet accessible introduction to a field at the forefront of modern research. As such, these texts are intended for senior undergraduate and graduate students at the M.S. and Ph.D. levels; however, research scientists seeking an introduction to particular areas of physics will also benefit from the titles in this collection. Walter Koechner

Walter Koechner; Michael Bass; Springer Springer; Michael Bass; Springer Walter Koechner; Michael Bass


Semantic associative network for text analysis (SANTA)  

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to try to minimize the semantic distance between the topics in WordNet. This distance can be thought of as a measure of semantic relatedness. It would try to take all possible meanings of a word into account while also considering the other words... in given text. After all of these calculations, appropriate indexes were determined. In an attempt to segment multi-paragraph expository texts, Hearst used lexical co-occurrence to estimate semantic relatedness [4] . Sentences were evaluated...

Airhart, Robert William



High-Performance Tagging on Medical Texts  

Microsoft Academic Search

We ran both Brill's rule-based tagger and TNT, a statistical tagger, with a default German newspaper-language model on a medical text corpus. Supplied with limited lexicon re- sources, TNT outperforms the Brill tagger with state-of-the-art performance figures (close to 97% accuracy). We then trained TNT on a large annotated medical text corpus, with a slightly extended tagset that captures certain

Udo Hahn; Joachim Wermter


N-gram-based text categorization  

Microsoft Academic Search

Abstract Text categorization is a fundamental,task in document processing, allowing the automated handling of enormous,streams,of documents,in electronic form. One difficulty in handling some classes of documents is the presence of different kinds of textual errors, such as spelling and grammatical errors in email, and character recognition errors in documents that come,through OCR. Text categorization must work reliably on all input,

W. B. Cavnar; J. M. Trenkle



Headline Based Text Extraction from Outdoor Images  

Microsoft Academic Search

\\u000a The goal of this article is to design an effective scheme for extraction of Bangla\\/Devnagari text from outdoor images. We\\u000a first segment a color image using fuzzy c-means algorithm. In Bangla\\/Devnagari script, text may be attached\\/unattached to\\u000a the headlines. Hence, after segmentation, headlines are detected from each connected components using morphology. Now, the\\u000a components attached or close to the detected

Ranjit Ghoshal; Anandarup Roy; Tapan Kumar Bhowmik; Swapan K. Parui


A method of text watermarking using presuppositions  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We propose a method for watermarking texts of arbitrary length using natural-language semantic structures. For the key of our approach we use the linguistic semantic phenomenon of presuppositions. Presupposition is the implicit information considered as well-known or which readers of the text are supposed to treat as well-known; this information is a semantic component of certain linguistic expressions (lexical items and syntactical constructions called presupposition triggers). The same sentence can be used with or without presupposition, or with a different presupposition trigger, provided that all the relations between subjects, objects and other discourse referents are preserved - such transformations will not change the meaning of the sentence. We define the distinct rules for presupposition identification for each trigger and regular transformation rules for using/non-using the presupposition in a given sentence (one bit per sentence in this case). Isolated sentences can carry the proposed watermarks. However, the longer is the text, the more efficient is the watermark. The proposed approach is resilient to main types of random transformations, like passivization, topicalization, extraposition, preposing, etc. The web of resolved presupposed information in the text will hold the watermark of the text (e.g. integrity watermark, or prove of ownership), introducing "secret ordering" into the text structure to make it resilient to "data loss" attacks and "data altering" attacks.

Vybornova, O.; Macq, B.



Figure-associated text summarization and evaluation.  


Biomedical literature incorporates millions of figures, which are a rich and important knowledge resource for biomedical researchers. Scientists need access to the figures and the knowledge they represent in order to validate research findings and to generate new hypotheses. By themselves, these figures are nearly always incomprehensible to both humans and machines and their associated texts are therefore essential for full comprehension. The associated text of a figure, however, is scattered throughout its full-text article and contains redundant information content. In this paper, we report the continued development and evaluation of several figure summarization systems, the FigSum+ systems, that automatically identify associated texts, remove redundant information, and generate a text summary for every figure in an article. Using a set of 94 annotated figures selected from 19 different journals, we conducted an intrinsic evaluation of FigSum+. We evaluate the performance by precision, recall, F1, and ROUGE scores. The best FigSum+ system is based on an unsupervised method, achieving F1 score of 0.66 and ROUGE-1 score of 0.97. The annotated data is available at ( PMID:25643357

Polepalli Ramesh, Balaji; Sethi, Ricky J; Yu, Hong



Figure-Associated Text Summarization and Evaluation  

PubMed Central

Biomedical literature incorporates millions of figures, which are a rich and important knowledge resource for biomedical researchers. Scientists need access to the figures and the knowledge they represent in order to validate research findings and to generate new hypotheses. By themselves, these figures are nearly always incomprehensible to both humans and machines and their associated texts are therefore essential for full comprehension. The associated text of a figure, however, is scattered throughout its full-text article and contains redundant information content. In this paper, we report the continued development and evaluation of several figure summarization systems, the FigSum+ systems, that automatically identify associated texts, remove redundant information, and generate a text summary for every figure in an article. Using a set of 94 annotated figures selected from 19 different journals, we conducted an intrinsic evaluation of FigSum+. We evaluate the performance by precision, recall, F1, and ROUGE scores. The best FigSum+ system is based on an unsupervised method, achieving F1 score of 0.66 and ROUGE-1 score of 0.97. The annotated data is available at ( PMID:25643357

Polepalli Ramesh, Balaji; Sethi, Ricky J.; Yu, Hong



Chapter 16: Text Mining for Translational Bioinformatics  

PubMed Central

Text mining for translational bioinformatics is a new field with tremendous research potential. It is a subfield of biomedical natural language processing that concerns itself directly with the problem of relating basic biomedical research to clinical practice, and vice versa. Applications of text mining fall both into the category of T1 translational research—translating basic science results into new interventions—and T2 translational research, or translational research for public health. Potential use cases include better phenotyping of research subjects, and pharmacogenomic research. A variety of methods for evaluating text mining applications exist, including corpora, structured test suites, and post hoc judging. Two basic principles of linguistic structure are relevant for building text mining applications. One is that linguistic structure consists of multiple levels. The other is that every level of linguistic structure is characterized by ambiguity. There are two basic approaches to text mining: rule-based, also known as knowledge-based; and machine-learning-based, also known as statistical. Many systems are hybrids of the two approaches. Shared tasks have had a strong effect on the direction of the field. Like all translational bioinformatics software, text mining software for translational bioinformatics can be considered health-critical and should be subject to the strictest standards of quality assurance and software testing. PMID:23633944

Cohen, K. Bretonnel; Hunter, Lawrence E.



Practical vision based degraded text recognition system  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Rapid growth and progress in the medical, industrial, security and technology fields means more and more consideration for the use of camera based optical character recognition (OCR) Applying OCR to scanned documents is quite mature, and there are many commercial and research products available on this topic. These products achieve acceptable recognition accuracy and reasonable processing times especially with trained software, and constrained text characteristics. Even though the application space for OCR is huge, it is quite challenging to design a single system that is capable of performing automatic OCR for text embedded in an image irrespective of the application. Challenges for OCR systems include; images are taken under natural real world conditions, Surface curvature, text orientation, font, size, lighting conditions, and noise. These and many other conditions make it extremely difficult to achieve reasonable character recognition. Performance for conventional OCR systems drops dramatically as the degradation level of the text image quality increases. In this paper, a new recognition method is proposed to recognize solid or dotted line degraded characters. The degraded text string is localized and segmented using a new algorithm. The new method was implemented and tested using a development framework system that is capable of performing OCR on camera captured images. The framework allows parameter tuning of the image-processing algorithm based on a training set of camera-captured text images. Novel methods were used for enhancement, text localization and the segmentation algorithm which enables building a custom system that is capable of performing automatic OCR which can be used for different applications. The developed framework system includes: new image enhancement, filtering, and segmentation techniques which enabled higher recognition accuracies, faster processing time, and lower energy consumption, compared with the best state of the art published techniques. The system successfully produced impressive OCR accuracies (90% -to- 93%) using customized systems generated by our development framework in two industrial OCR applications: water bottle label text recognition and concrete slab plate text recognition. The system was also trained for the Arabic language alphabet, and demonstrated extremely high recognition accuracy (99%) for Arabic license name plate text recognition with processing times of 10 seconds. The accuracy and run times of the system were compared to conventional and many states of art methods, the proposed system shows excellent results.

Mohammad, Khader; Agaian, Sos; Saleh, Hani



Automatic Quality Assessment of SRS Text by Means of a Decision-Tree-Based Text Classifier  

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requirements. Interview Client Elicit Information Problem Text NLP: Assess Text Quality Ambiguous? ImprovedAutomatic Quality Assessment of SRS Text by Means of a Decision-Tree- Based Text Classifier Ishrar of a software project is largely dependent upon the quality of the Software Requirements Specification (SRS

Kosseim, Leila



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1 EXTRACTION DE CONNAISSANCES � PARTIR DES DONNEES ET DES TEXTES (ECD ET ECT "DATA & TEXT MINING'Extraction de Connaissances à partir de Textes (ECT, "Text Mining") comme un descendant direct de l'Extraction de Connaissances à partir de Données (ECD, "Data Mining"). Le point fondamental qui distingue ces

Spagnolo, Filippo


Texting Styles and Information Change of SMS Text Messages in Filipino  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We identify the different styles of texting in Filipino short message service (SMS) texts and analyze the change in unigram and bigram frequencies due to these styles. Style preference vectors for sample texts were calculated and used to identify the style combination used by an average individual. The change in Shannon entropy of the SMS text is explained in light of a coding process.

Cabatbat, Josephine Jill T.; Tapang, Giovanni A.



Putting Text Complexity in Context: Refocusing on Comprehension of Complex Text  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts have prompted enormous attention to issues of text complexity. The purpose of this article is to put text complexity in perspective by moving from a primary focus on the text itself to a focus on the comprehension of complex text. We argue that a focus on comprehension is at the heart of…

Valencia, Sheila W.; Wixson, Karen K.; Pearson, P. David



A perceptive method for handwritten text segmentation  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This paper presents a new method to address the problem of handwritten text segmentation into text lines and words. Thus, we propose a method based on the cooperation among points of view that enables the localization of the text lines in a low resolution image, and then to associate the pixels at a higher level of resolution. Thanks to the combination of levels of vision, we can detect overlapping characters and re-segment the connected components during the analysis. Then, we propose a segmentation of lines into words based on the cooperation among digital data and symbolic knowledge. The digital data are obtained from distances inside a Delaunay graph, which gives a precise distance between connected components, at the pixel level. We introduce structural rules in order to take into account some generic knowledge about the organization of a text page. This cooperation among information gives a bigger power of expression and ensures the global coherence of the recognition. We validate this work using the metrics and the database proposed for the segmentation contest of ICDAR 2009. Thus, we show that our method obtains very interesting results, compared to the other methods of the literature. More precisely, we are able to deal with slope and curvature, overlapping text lines and varied kinds of writings, which are the main difficulties met by the other methods.

Lemaitre, Aurélie; Camillerapp, Jean; Coüasnon, Bertrand



Benchmarking infrastructure for mutation text mining  

PubMed Central

Background Experimental research on the automatic extraction of information about mutations from texts is greatly hindered by the lack of consensus evaluation infrastructure for the testing and benchmarking of mutation text mining systems. Results We propose a community-oriented annotation and benchmarking infrastructure to support development, testing, benchmarking, and comparison of mutation text mining systems. The design is based on semantic standards, where RDF is used to represent annotations, an OWL ontology provides an extensible schema for the data and SPARQL is used to compute various performance metrics, so that in many cases no programming is needed to analyze results from a text mining system. While large benchmark corpora for biological entity and relation extraction are focused mostly on genes, proteins, diseases, and species, our benchmarking infrastructure fills the gap for mutation information. The core infrastructure comprises (1) an ontology for modelling annotations, (2) SPARQL queries for computing performance metrics, and (3) a sizeable collection of manually curated documents, that can support mutation grounding and mutation impact extraction experiments. Conclusion We have developed the principal infrastructure for the benchmarking of mutation text mining tasks. The use of RDF and OWL as the representation for corpora ensures extensibility. The infrastructure is suitable for out-of-the-box use in several important scenarios and is ready, in its current state, for initial community adoption. PMID:24568600



Accessibility in Text and Discourse Processing  

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Accessibility is one of the most important challenges at the intersection of linguistic and psycholinguistic studies of text and discourse processing. Linguists have shown how linguistic indicators of referential coherence show a systematic pattern: Longer linguistic forms (like full lexical NPs) tend to be used when referents are relatively low accessible, shorter forms (pronouns and zero anaphora) are used when referents are highly accessible. This linguistic theory fits in nicely with a dynamic view of text and discourse processing: When a reader proceeds through a text, the activation of concepts as part of the reader’s representation fluctuates constantly. Hypotheses considering activation patterns can be tested with on-line research methods like reading time or eye-movement recording. The articles in this special issue show how accessibility phenomena need to be studied from a linguistic and a psycholinguistic angle, and in the latter case from interpretation as well as production.

Sanders, Ted J.M.; Gernsbacher, Morton Ann



Managing Legal Texts in Requirements Engineering  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Laws and regulations are playing an increasingly important role in requirements engineering and systems development. Monitoring systems for requirements and policy compliance has been recognized in the requirements engineering community as a key area for research. Similarly, legal compliance is critical in systems development, especially given that non-compliance can result in both financial and criminal penalties. Working with legal texts can be very challenging, however, because they contain numerous ambiguities, cross-references, domain-specific definitions, and acronyms, and are frequently amended via new statutes, regulations, and case law. Requirements engineers and compliance auditors must be able to identify relevant legal texts, extract requirements and other key concepts, and monitor compliance. This chapter surveys research efforts over the past 50 years in handling legal texts for systems development. This survey can aid requirements engineers and auditors to better specify, test, and monitor systems for compliance.

Otto, Paul N.; Antón, Annie I.


LPB CP eTextBook  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

A pdf file that can be read using the free Abode Acrobat Reader or, for more functionality, with Acrobat Pro ($). The eBook's figures, equations, sections, chapters, index, table of contents, code listings, glossary, animations and executable codes (both Applets and Python programs) are linked, much like in a Web document. There are also links to video-based lectures covering most topics in the text, as well as to the slides used in the lectures. Section 1.2 of the text discusses how to use the various electronic features. Some movies are encapsulated into the text and some equations are linked to their xml forms (which can be imported into Maple or Mathematica for manipulation).

Landau, Rubin


M68000 RNF text formatter user's manual  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

A powerful, flexible text formatting program, RNF, is described. It is designed to automate many of the tedious elements of typing, including breaking a document into pages with titles and page numbers, formatting chapter and section headings, keeping track of page numbers for use in a table of contents, justifying lines by inserting blanks to give an even right margin, and inserting figures and footnotes at appropriate places on the page. The RNF program greatly facilitates both preparing and modifying a document because it allows you to concentrate your efforts on the content of the document instead of its appearance and because it removes the necessity of retyping text that has not changed.

Will, R. W.; Grantham, C.



Art Text 2.0.1  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

If you're looking for a tool to jazz up designs for a new website, this helpful application will come in handy. With Art Text, users can customize existing designs, draw on a variety of pre-formatted graphics, and also browse through fifty different creative fonts. It should be mentioned that this is a free trial version, and visitors who wish to use the complete version of Art Text will need to pay $39.95. This version is compatible with computers running Mac OS X 10.4 and newer.


N-Gram-Based Text Categorization  

Microsoft Academic Search

Text categorization is a fundamental task in doc-ument\\u000a processing, allowing the automated handling of enormous\\u000a streams of documents in electronic form. One difficulty in\\u000a handling some classes of documents is the presence of\\u000a different kinds of textual errors, such as spelling and\\u000a grammatical errors in email, and character recognition\\u000a errors in documents that come through OCR. Text\\u000a categorization must work

William B. Cavnar; John M. Trenkle



A sequential algorithm for training text classifiers  

Microsoft Academic Search

The ability to cheaply train text classifiers is critical\\u000a to their use in information retrieval, content analysis,\\u000a natural language processing, and other tasks involving\\u000a data which is partly or fully textual. An algorithm for\\u000a sequential sampling during machine learning of statistical\\u000a classifiers was developed and tested on a newswire text\\u000a categorization task. This method, which we call\\u000a uncertainty sampling, reduced

David D. Lewis; William A. Gale



Automatic knowledge acquisition from medical texts.  

PubMed Central

An approach to knowledge-based understanding of realistic texts from the medical domain (viz. findings of gastro-intestinal diseases) is presented. We survey major methodological features of an object-oriented, fully lexicalized, dependency-based grammar model which is tightly linked to domain knowledge representations based on description logics. The parser adheres to the principles of robustness, incrementality and concurrency. The substrate of automatic knowledge acquisition are text knowledge bases generated by the parser from medical narratives, which represent major portions of the content of these documents. PMID:8947693

Hahn, U.; Schnattinger, K.; Romacker, M.



Multilingual Topic Models for Unaligned Text  

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We develop the multilingual topic model for unaligned text (MuTo), a probabilistic model of text that is designed to analyze corpora composed of documents in two languages. From these documents, MuTo uses stochastic EM to simultaneously discover both a matching between the languages and multilingual latent topics. We demonstrate that MuTo is able to find shared topics on real-world multilingual corpora, successfully pairing related documents across languages. MuTo provides a new framework for creating multilingual topic models without needing carefully curated parallel corpora and allows applications built using the topic model formalism to be applied to a much wider class of corpora.

Boyd-Graber, Jordan



Indexicalities of image, text and time  

Microsoft Academic Search

In this paper, I review some of the synergies between phenomenology, photography and the wider realm of social theory before concluding that (a) photography has and has had a critical role in permitting us to deindexicalize the buzzing, droning Armageddon that modern life is said to be becoming and, (b) that insofar as there is text and image, photography is

David Doyle



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DESCRIPTIVE TEXT SEA WATER INORGANIC CARBON DATABASE for the CARBON DIOXIDE INFORMATION OF OCEANOGRAPHY (SIO) I. GENERAL DESCRIPTION The database consists of tables presenting oceanic inorganic carbon, titration (total) alkalinity (database abbreviation: "ALK"), and the 13 C / 12 C isotopic ratio


Applying Data Mining Techniques in Text Analysis  

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Applying Data Mining Techniques in Text Analysis Helena Ahonen Oskari Heinonen Mika Klemettinen A of Computer Science P.O. Box 26, FIN--00014 University of Helsinki, Finland Abstract A number of recent data mining techniques have been targeted especially for the analysis of sequential data. Traditional examples

Ahonen, Helena


Obtaining Feedback for Indexing from Highlighted Text.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Discussion of weighted index terms in information retrieval focuses on a method for adjusting index weights by processing text in digital libraries that has been highlighted by users. Considers weights in query processing; feedback sources; active reading while accessing digital documents; collaborative information retrieval; and improving index…

Villarroel, Miguel; Fuente, Pablo de la; Pedrero, Alberto; Vegas, Jesus; Adiego, Joaquin



Text mining: applied for bomb blast detection  

Microsoft Academic Search

Text Mining is the discovery by computer of new, previously unknown information, by automatically extracting information from different written resources. A key element is the linking together of the extracted information together to form new facts or new hypotheses to be explored further by more conventional means of experimentation.

S. Rathi; S. Shirgaonkar; C. A. Dhote



Electric Circuit Theory--Computer Illustrated Text.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Discusses the use of a computer-illustrated text (CIT) with integrated software to teach electric circuit theory to college students. Examples of software use are given, including simple animation, graphical displays, and problem-solving programs. Issues affecting electric circuit theory instruction are also addressed, including mathematical…

Riches, Brian



Inferring New Vocabulary Using Online Texts  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Through small-scale sampling of relevant specialized texts to craft hands-on inferential vocabulary tasks, both students and teachers can benefit from corpus linguistic information. By discovering ways to collect and access real data, second-language teachers can create topic-specific corpora and use software to sort and highlight the data to…

Stvan, Laurel Smith



The Social Position of Electronic Text Centers.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Describes the development of an electronic text center in the Cornell University (New York) library. Discusses effects of spanning traditionally separate areas of the library, such as collection development, reference and instruction, information technology and support, and stack maintenance; staff skills needed; and the importance of…

Engle, Michael



Predicting consumer sentiments from online text  

Microsoft Academic Search

Sentiment analysis from unstructured text has witnessed a boom in interest in recent years, due to the sheer volume of online reviews and news corpora available in digital form. An accurate method for predicting sentiments could enable us, for instance, to extract opinions from the Internet and gauge online customers' preferences, which could prove valuable for economic or marketing research,

Xue Bai



Text-Based Conferencing: Features vs. Functionality  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This report examines three text-based conferencing products: "WowBB", "Invision Power Board", and "vBulletin". Their selection was prompted by a feature-by-feature comparison of the same products on the "WowBB" website. The comparison chart painted a misleading impression of "WowBB's" features in relation to the other two products; so the…

Anderson, Lynn; McCarthy, Cathy



music and text by Rinde Eckert  

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music and text by Rinde Eckert video by Denise Marika directed by Robert Woodruff MAIN THEATRE February 16, 2008 8pm S P E C I A L P E R F O R M A N C EA N DEPARTMENT OF THEATRE & DANCE 2007 Pulitzer Globe "Powerfully acted and gorgeously sung [...] " - Variety p r e s e n t s Audio, video

Hernes, Peter J.


A Multilingual Text Normalization Approach Brigitte Bigi  

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. It consists in splitting the text normalization problem in a set of minor sub-problems as language. On the contrary, languages from developing countries or minorities were less treated in the past years. Among HLT-Marseille Universités 5 avenue Pasteur, BP 80975, 13604 Aix-en-Provence, France Abstract

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Task-Driven Dynamic Text Summarization  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The objective of this work is to examine the efficacy of natural language processing (NLP) in summarizing bibliographic text for multiple purposes. Researchers have noted the accelerating growth of bibliographic databases. Information seekers using traditional information retrieval techniques when searching large bibliographic databases are often…

Workman, Terri Elizabeth



The Critical Balance: Reader, Text, and Meaning.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Proposes that literary analysis and criticism need to strike a balance between reader and text, between subjectivity and objectivity. Notes that literary works call for different critical approaches and urges English teachers to develop students' skills for apprehending what approach should be used with particular works. (JT)

Rabinowitz, Nancy; Rabinowitz, Peter



Writing Treatment for Aphasia: A Texting Approach  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Purpose: Treatment studies have documented the therapeutic and functional value of lexical writing treatment for individuals with severe aphasia. The purpose of this study was to determine whether such retraining could be accomplished using the typing feature of a cellular telephone, with the ultimate goal of using text messaging for…

Beeson, Pelagie M.; Higginson, Kristina; Rising, Kindle




Microsoft Academic Search

This research examines the role lyric text can play in im- proving audio music mood classification. A new method is proposed to build a large ground truth set of 5,585 songs and 18 mood categories based on social tags so as to reflect a realistic, user-centered perspective. A relative- ly complete set of lyric features and representation mod- els were

Xiao Hu; J. Stephen Downie; Andreas F. Ehmann




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III. CONVERSATIONS: ACROSS CANONS AND BETWEEN TEXTS #12;Innovation by Translation: Yiddish but Hebrew literary history has seldom acknowledged the role of Yiddish. Zionist ideology and an anti Hebrew narratives often sounded as if they had been translated from Yiddish. Although this was considered

Doyle, Robert


Reading Authentic Texts: What Counts as Cognate?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Most research on cognates has focused on words presented in isolation that are easily defined as cognate between L1 and L2. In contrast, this study investigates what counts as cognate in authentic texts and how such cognates are read. Participants with L1 Danish read news articles in their highly proficient L2, English, while their eye-movements…

Balling, Laura Winther



Inverted files for text search engines  

Microsoft Academic Search

The technology underlying text search engines has advanced dramatically in the past decade. The development of a family of new index representations has led to a wide range of innovations in index storage, index construction, and query evaluation. While some of these developments have been consolidated in textbooks, many specific techniques are not widely known or the textbook descriptions are

Justin Zobel; Alistair Moffat



Students Bring Native Texts to Life.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

At Sequoyah Research Center, University of Arkansas, Little Rock, college students receive credit for participating in the Native Writers Digital Text Project. The project identifies, collects, edits, and archives previously unknown or unavailable works by Native writers and constructs bibliographic guides to Native writing and publishing. A web…

Parins, James W.



Sharing Informational Text with Young Children.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Focuses on the informational alphabet book, sharing ways to incorporate such books into the primary-grade literacy program to expose children to new concepts, new vocabulary, and non-fiction text structures. Offers suggestions for before, during, and after reading activities to support content and literacy development. Provides a 36-item annotated…

Yopp, Ruth Helen; Yopp, Hallie Kay



Selecting Full-Text Undergraduate Periodicals Databases.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Examines how libraries and librarians can compare full-text general periodical indices, using ProQuest Direct, Periodical Abstracts (via Ovid), and EBSCOhost as examples. Explores breadth and depth of coverage; manipulation of results (email/download/print); ease of use (searching); and indexing quirks. (AEF)

Still, Julie M.; Kassabian, Vibiana



Views of Text Frank Wm. Tompa  

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of the publication and its date appear, and notice is given that copying is by permission of DMIB Organizing Committee. To copy otherwise, or to republish, requires a fee and/or special permission. International of bounded strings, each such string being a line. Under this model, text op­ erators were constrained

Tompa, Frank


Psychological Medicine, in press Text: 4065 words  

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1 Psychological Medicine, in press Text: 4065 words Abstract: 250 words Number of Tables: 4, published in "Psychological Medicine 2010;40(6):1039-49" DOI : 10.1017/S0033291709991103 #12;2 Abstract fluency was observed in women with moderate high morning cortisol (OR=3.6, p=0.05) or moderate slow

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Knowledge Revision Processes in Refutation Texts  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In the present set of experiments, we systematically examined the processes that occur while reading texts designed to refute and explain commonsense beliefs that reside in readers' long-term memory. In Experiment 1 (n = 36), providing readers with a refutation-plus-explanation of a commonsense belief was sufficient to significantly reduce…

Kendeou, Panayiota; Walsh, Erinn K.; Smith, Emily R.; O'Brien, Edward J.



Project Physics Text 6, The Nucleus.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Nuclear physics fundamentals are presented in this sixth unit of the Project Physics text for use by senior high students. Included are discussions of radioactivity, taking into account Bacquerel's discovery, radioactive elements, properties of radiations, radioactive transformations, decay series, and half-lives. Isotopes are analyzed in…

Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA. Harvard Project Physics.


Fieldwork, Heritage and Engaging Landscape Texts  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper outlines and analyses efforts to critically engage with "heritage" through the development and responses to a series of undergraduate residential fieldwork trips held in the North Coast of Jamaica. The ways in which we read heritage through varied "texts"--specifically, material landscapes, guided heritage tours,…

Mains, Susan P.



Computation of term dominance in text documents  

SciTech Connect

An improved entropy-based term dominance metric useful for characterizing a corpus of text documents, and is useful for comparing the term dominance metrics of a first corpus of documents to a second corpus having a different number of documents.

Bauer, Travis L. (Albuquerque, NM); Benz, Zachary O. (Albuquerque, NM); Verzi, Stephen J. (Albuquerque, NM)



Acts of Reading: Teachers, Text and Childhood  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

"Acts of Reading" is an enchanting and scholarly review of the history of reading and texts for children, from the 18th century to the digital age and beyond. They are examined through the eyes of their various audiences: the children, writers, teachers and parents, so as to explore the act of reading itself, whether oral, silent or performative,…

Styles, Morag, Ed.; Arizpe, Evelyn, Ed.




E-print Network

, and metasearch engines. Key Words: search engine, Web, Surface Web, Deep Web, Web crawler, text retrieval, Vector and the Deep Web (or Hidden Web) (Bergman 2000). The former refers to the collection of web pages) it has more than 45 billion web pages according to The Deep Web contains web

Meng, Weiyi


Relations between Adolescents' Text Processing and Reasoning  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This research examines adolescents' learning about a historical issue from multiple information sources. Adolescents read 2 contradictory texts explaining the Fall of Rome and thought out loud after each sentence. After reading, a series of questions probed their understanding and ability to reason with the information. Think-aloud protocols were…

Wolfe, Michael B. W.; Goldman, Susan R.



Text on tap: the ACL\\/DCI  

Microsoft Academic Search

There has been a recent upsurge of interest in computational studies of large bodies of text. The aim of such studies varies widely, from lexicography and studies of language change to automatic indexing methods and statistical models for improving the performance of speech recognition systems and optical character readers. In general, corpus-based studies are critical for the development of adequate

Mark Liberman



On-line handwritten text categorization  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

As new innovative devices, accepting or producing on-line documents, emerge, managing facilities for these kinds of documents such as topic spotting are required. This means that we should be able to perform text categorization of on-line documents. The textual data available in on-line documents can be extracted through online recognition, a process which produces noise, i.e. errors, in the resulting text. This work reports experiments on categorization of on-line handwritten documents based on their textual contents. We analyze the effect of the word recognition rate on the categorization performances, by comparing the performances of a categorization system over the texts obtained through on-line handwriting recognition and the same texts available as ground truth. Two categorization algorithms (kNN and SVM) are compared in this work. A subset of the Reuters-21578 corpus consisting of more than 2000 handwritten documents has been collected for this study. Results show that accuracy loss is not significant, and precision loss is only significant for recall values of 60%-80% depending on the noise levels.

Peña Saldarriaga, Sebastián; Viard-Gaudin, Christian; Morin, Emmanuel



A Graphophonic Investigation of Beginning Level Texts  

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This study attempted to provide a systematic framework for phonics instruction for beginning readers in literature-based classrooms based on relative frequency of phoneme-grapheme occurrences found in three distinct corpora. The first corpus contained an academic word list. The second corpus contained the running text from 363 books identified as…

Walker, Kevin Clark



Sharing Complex Text and the CCSS  

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The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) fulfill a longstanding goal of ensuring that all students, regardless of ability, are college and career ready upon graduation. Students who meet the expectations of the standards are able to comprehend complex text closely and extract meaning and information from it. They are close readers, delving into…

Aspen Institute, 2012



Framing Texts: New Strategies for Student Writers  

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Using children's picture books, Deborah Dean provided frameworks for student research papers that avoided the pitfalls leading to voiceless an encyclopedic writing. Research guide sheets; class analysis of text organization, sentence variety, stylistic choices; and peer review all contribute to interesting final papers. (Contains 2 figures.)

Dean, Deborah



Adapting ECRI to a Basal Text.  

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As this report explains, the Exemplary Center for Reading Instruction (ECRI) has developed a reading program that teaches 16 skills involved in reading, spelling, listening, thinking, and writing. Daily records are kept of each child's progress. This report shows how the ECRI program can be adapted for use with a basal text. It provides detailed,…

Purnell, Betty; Hays, Susan



ERIC Educational Resources Information Center




The Basilisk: A Chorti (Mayan) Text.  

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Chorti, a Mayan language spoken in eastern Guatemala, is analyzed in this paper on the basis of a story text provided by an adult native speaker. A phonological description of Chorti is presented for background information; syllables, suprasegmentals, pause groups, articulation, and phonological rules are all considered. The author presents the…

Fought, John


Handwritten text localization in skewed documents  

Microsoft Academic Search

In this paper a system for handwritten text localization in document images is proposed. Our system performs skew angle correction u sing Wigner-Ville distribution and localizes the handwritten areas of the document based on several measures concerning regularity in shape (self- correlation, horizontal and vertical symmetry) and in dimensions (aspect ratio, distribution of heights and widths). The proposed technique was

Ergina Kavallieratou; Doru-cristian Balcan; Maria-florina Popa; Nikos Fakotakis



Mining Literary Texts by Using Domain Ontologies  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper describes a query system on texts and literary material with advanced information retrieval tools. As a test bed we chose the electronic version of Dante's Inferno, manually tagged using XML, enriched with a do- main ontology describing the historical, social and cultural context represented as a separate XML document.

Miriam Baglioni; Mirco Nanni; Emiliano Giovannetti



Identifying Ideological Perspectives in Text and Video  

E-print Network

Identifying Ideological Perspectives in Text and Video Wei-Hao Lin CMU-LTI-08-008 October, 2008. Copyright c 2008 Wei-Hao Lin #12;Keywords: Ideological Discourse, Statistical Machine Learning, Broadcast- ent ideological viewpoints on an issue and identify biased news stories, blog posts, and television

Eskenazi, Maxine


Biology Texts and Aging: A Neglected Area.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Reports results of a survey of 43 introductory college biology texts that examined content by number of pages dealing with the topics of aging and senescence. Provides in outline form a list of changes that occur in the mature organism and reviews several theories regarding the etiology of aging. (CS)

And Others; Krupka, L. R.



BaffleText: a Human Interactive Proof  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Internet services designed for human use are being abused by programs. We present a defense against such attacks in the form of a CAPTCHA (Completely Automatic Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) that exploits the difference in ability between humans and machines in reading images of text. CAPTCHAs are a special case of 'human interactive proofs,' a broad class of security protocols that allow people to identify themselves over networks as members of given groups. We point out vulnerabilities of reading-based CAPTCHAs to dictionary and computer-vision attacks. We also draw on the literature on the psychophysics of human reading, which suggests fresh defenses available to CAPTCHAs. Motivated by these considerations, we propose BaffleText, a CAPTCHA which uses non-English pronounceable words to defend against dictionary attacks, and Gestalt-motivated image-masking degradations to defend against image restoration attacks. Experiments on human subjects confirm the human legibility and user acceptance of BaffleText images. We have found an image-complexity measure that correlates well with user acceptance and assists in engineering the generation of challenges to fit the ability gap. Recent computer-vision attacks, run independently by Mori and Jitendra, suggest that BaffleText is stronger than two existing CAPTCHAs.

Chew, Monica; Baird, Henry S.



Pre/Text: The First Decade.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Marking the tenth anniversary of the journal, this book reprints 10 articles originally published in "Pre/Text: A Journal of Rhetorical Theory" and pairs each article with a short comment by its author. The book notes that the journal is devoted to exploring and expanding the field of rhetoric and composition by publishing articles considered…

Vitanza, Victor J., Ed.


Project Physics Text 4, Light and Electromagnetism.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Optical and electromagnetic fundamentals are presented in this fourth unit of the Project Physics text for use by senior high students. Development of the wave theory in the first half of the 19th Century is described to deal with optical problems at the early stage. Following explanations of electric charges and forces, field concepts are…

Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA. Harvard Project Physics.