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Consumer understanding of calorie labeling: a healthy monday e-mail and text message intervention.  


Objective. To assess caloric knowledge of participants and determine if an e-mail and/or text message intervention could increase knowledge of recommended daily caloric intake. Design. Randomized, control trial. Setting. Johns Hopkins Hospital Cobblestone Café. Participants. The 246 participants reported eating at the Café at least twice/week. Intervention(s). Participants randomized to control, e-mail, or text condition. The text and e-mail conditions received a message on four consecutive Mondays stating the recommended daily caloric intake. Main outcome measures. Knowledge of the government reference value of 2,000 calories. Analysis. Intention-to-treat analysis was conducted. Multivariate logistic regression examined the effectiveness of text and e-mail messaging for improving knowledge of the government calorie reference value. Results. Baseline awareness of the daily calorie reference value in study population was low. Participants in the text message condition were twice as likely to know the government calorie reference value compared to controls (p = .047, odds ratio = 2.2, 95% confidence interval [1.01, 4.73]). No significant differences were found for the e-mail condition (p = .5). Conclusions and implications. Many people do not know the daily recommended caloric intake. Public education on the government calorie reference value is necessary for menu-labeling interventions to be more effective. Weekly text messaging can serve as an effective modality for delivering calorie information and nutrition education. PMID:25082982

Abel, Michelle L; Lee, Katherine; Loglisci, Ralph; Righter, Allison; Hipper, Thomas J; Cheskin, Lawrence J



Exploring potential use of internet, E-mail, and instant text messaging to promote breast health and mammogram use among immigrant Hispanic women in Los Angeles County.  


Breast cancer is now the leading cause of death in Hispanic women (HW). Internet, e-mail, and instant text messaging may be cost-effective in educating HW about breast health and in reducing breast cancer mortality. We surveyed 905 HW women attending a free health fair about their technology use, acculturation, insurance status, mammography use, and breast cancer knowledge. Data were analyzed by t test or ?(2) tests. Mean age was 51.9 ± 14.2 years (range, 18 to 88 years). Ninety-two per cent were foreign-born. Most had completed some high school (39%) or elementary (38%) education. Most (62%) were uninsured. The majority spoke (67%) and read (66%) only Spanish. Only 60 per cent of HW older than 40 years had a recent mammogram. HW older than 40 years who had not had a recent mammogram were younger (mean 54.9 ± 10.8 vs 58 ± 10.4 years) and less likely to have health insurance (25 vs 44%; P < 0.001). Most HW never use the Internet (58%) or e-mail (64%). However, 70 per cent have mobile phones (66% older than 40 years), and 65 per cent use text messaging daily (58% older than 40 years, P = 0.001). In fact, 45 per cent wish to receive a mammogram reminder by text. Text messaging may be an inexpensive way to promote breast health and screening mammography use among uninsured HW. PMID:24160786

Dang, Catherine M; Estrada, Sylvia; Bresee, Catherine; Phillips, Edward H



Electronic Mail—A New Style of Communication or Just a New Medium?: An Investigation into the Text Features of E-mail  

Microsoft Academic Search

Communication by electronic mail has become increasingly commonplace and important in corporate and institutional environments, yet the possible emergence of new linguistic and stylistic conventions are neither well documented in academic research, nor widely covered in textbooks for students of English. This study examines a corpus of data of real e-mail examples drawn from two distinctly different environments: commercial and

Jonathan Gains



Hooked on E-Mail  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Information overload, and an expectation that e-mails, tweets, and text messages will be answered immediately, impact productivity. The younger, information-addicted workers have a greater capacity to process this open floodgate of information, as well as a better ability to multitask. Research suggests that there is a marked drop in worker…

Espinoza, Kathy



Did You Get My E-Mail? Moving E-Mails beyond the Inbox  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The challenge today is how to make e-mail and other forms of electronic communication effective in motivating volunteer action. Is it possible to make e-mails feel personal and welcoming? E-mail, instant messaging, texting, and social media are tools that allow individuals to communicate quickly and inexpensively, but they are lifeless without the…

Ellis, Susan J.



E-Mail and Ethical Issues  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The proliferation of the use of e-mail and texting has created some ethical dilemmas for family counselors. Although e-mail can expand and encourage communication, it is not problem free and, in fact, can pose problems. There are issues with privacy, confidentiality, and maintaining an appropriate professional relationship. Family counselors…

Bradley, Loretta J.; Hendricks, Bret



Electronic Mail--A New Style of Communication or Just a New Medium? An Investigation into the Text Features of E-Mail.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A study analyzed and compared the discourse of electronic mail messages from commercial and academic environments. Key text features were examined for style and convention patterns. Results suggest commercial messages follow normal conventions for standard written business English, and academic users may view the medium as a pseudo-conversational…

Gains, Jonathan



E-mail etiquette (netiquette)  

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E-mail has replaced the interoffice memo and is the primary means of business communication. But all too often, correspondents don't follow the same common sense rules with e-mail as with printed correspondence. In fact, business e-mail should be more carefully constructed than paper mail (snail mail) because e-mail can be easily forwarded, attached to another message or kept indefinitely in

J. C. Thompson; B. A. Lloyd



Using Lexical tools to convert Unicode characters to ASCII.  


Unicode is an industry standard allowing computers to consistently represent and manipulate text expressed in most of the worlds writing systems. It is widely used in multilingual NLP (natural language processing) projects. On the other hand, there are some NLP projects still only dealing with ASCII characters. This paper describes methods of utilizing lexical tools to convert Unicode characters (UTF-8) to ASCII (7-bit) characters. PMID:18998787

Lu, Chris J; Browne, Allen C; Divita, Guy



Business E-mail: Guidelines for Users.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Presents guidelines to help businesspeople and business students become more effective and efficient in the use of e-mail. Includes the authors' experiences as instructors in diverse business schools and corporate settings. Notes that the guidelines cover: recognizing the nature of e-mail; composing e-mail; and processing and managing e-mail. (SG)

Munter, Mary; Rogers, Priscilla S.; Rymer, Jone




EPA Science Inventory

A microprocessor buffering system (MBS) was developed at the Environmental Monitoring and Support Laboratory -Cincinnati (EMSL-CI) to provide an efficient transfer for serial ASCII information between intelligent instrument systema and a Data General NOVA laboratory automation co...


Keeping E-Mail in Top Form  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Despite the fact that e-mail has been firmly entrenched in offices and homes for some time, debate still rages online about e-mail usage and style. How should and e-mail message begin and end? If replying to a message, should the message be quoted before or after? What tone should be taken with a business e-mail? The author talked with some heavy…

Goldsborough, Reid



Senior Citizens Who Use E-Mail  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Increases in the aging population and use of computer-related technology have spawned research regarding older adults' use of the Internet. This study examined characteristics differentiating rural Midwestern senior citizens (N = 298) who use e-mail from those who do not. Compared to those who did not use e-mail, e-mail-using seniors were younger…

Stark-Wroblewski, Kimberly; Edelbaum, Jessica K.; Ryan, Joseph J.



E-Mail Research: Targeting the Enterprise  

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The research program at IBM's® Collaborative User Experience (CUE) group supports an e-mail system used by millions of people. We present three lessons learned from working with real-world enterprise e-mail solutions. First, a prag- matic, system-level approach reveals that e-mail programs are generally used id- iosyncratically, often for many different goals at once. This fact has strong impli- cations for

Martin Wattenberg; Steven L. Rohall; Daniel Gruen; Bernard Kerr



Trap E-mail Address for Combating E-mail Viruses Boldizsar Bencsath Istvan Vajda  

E-print Network

the identification of infected computers after an attack by e-mail viruses. Our approach uses trap e-mail addresses. 1. INTRODUCTION Computer viruses have evolved in the last decade. In the beginning, viruses wereTrap E-mail Address for Combating E-mail Viruses Boldizs´ar Bencs´ath Istv´an Vajda Laboratory

Bencsáth, Boldizsár


E-Mail Communication with First Graders.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This qualitative study investigated the following questions: (1) How quickly can first graders master basic e-mailing skills? (2) Does communicating through the Internet and e-mail provide motivation or incentive for children to read or write? (3) Will children write with specific conventions due to having an identifiable audience to whom they are…

Michaels, Elizabeth A.


O How Wondrous Is E-Mail!  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Addresses the use of e-mail for communication and collaborative projects in schools. Discusses the effectiveness of an e-mail system based on a UNIX host; problems with POP (post office protocol) client programs; and the new Internet Mail Access Protocol (IMAP) which addresses most of the shortcomings of the POP protocol while keeping advantages…

Buchanan, Larry



Who Owns Your E-mail?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Examines recent findings that could influence the use of e-mail on university campuses. National privacy legislation and the inviolability of student records are discussed. It is concluded that more effective safeguards are necessary, and that the current steps are inadequate for the protection of students' rights. (Author/LRW)

Panepinto, Joe



eMailing Browsing Internet safety Internet applications Searching S  

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eMailing Browsing Internet safety Internet applications Searching S eMailing Browsing Internet sa Internet applications Searchi eMailing Browsing Intern Internet applications Sea eMailing Browsing Inter Internet applications Se eMailing Browsing Inter Internet applications Searching eMailing Browsing Internet

Iyer, Sridhar


Documentation for ASCII Text Data Files - SEER Datasets

SEER is an authoritative source of information on cancer incidence and survival in the United States. SEER currently collects and publishes cancer incidence and survival data from population-based cancer registries covering approximately 28 percent of the U.S. population.


The Whole Internet... By E-Mail  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

"Dr. Bob" Rankin has recently updated "The Whole Internet... By E-Mail," a comprehensive guide for using email to access all types of Internet sites. The guide provides examples of email access to information available on FTP, Gopher, WWW, Usenet, WAIS, Listserv, Finger, and "Directory Assistance" (Whois and Netfind) sites. If a user lacks full Internet connectivity but wishes to take advantage of the complete array of Internet resources, this guide is for them. It also provides instructions for accessing several miscellaneous Internet information sources via email, including dictionary lookup, sending a fax, sources of U.S. government information, Internet patent news service, currency conversion, virus protection software, and Internet Service Providers by area code. "The Whole Internet...By E-Mail" has been translated into over 25 languages. Foreign language access instructions are in the guide.


School Grade E-mail Phone  

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) in all pairs the girl is taller than the boy; (b) in 9 pairs out of 10 the girl is taller than the boy? 5GRADES 7-9 Name School Grade E-mail Phone Home address 1. A straight line is painted in two colors at the midpoint of the interval bounded by the other two. 2. Find all positive integral solutions x, y



E-print Network Patient UHS MR #: 1. RISK OF USING E-MAIL Transmitting patient information by E-mail has a number of risksURMC/Strong Health PATIENT E-MAIL CONSENT FORM Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required. * Patient Name: * Patient Date of Birth: * Patient E-mail: Provider: Provider E-mail: @uhs

Mahon, Bradford Z.


DAWN: A Novel Strategy for Detecting ASCII Worms in Networks  

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DAWN: A Novel Strategy for Detecting ASCII Worms in Networks Parbati Kumar Manna Sanjay Ranka a detection technique that would exploit those limitations. We introduce DAWN, a novel ASCII worm detection­based detection methods, DAWN is completely signature-free and therefore capable of detecting zero-day outbreak

Chen, Shigang


AHDS Arts and Humanities Data Service ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange  

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for Information Interchange BFI British Film Institute BODC British Oceanographic Data Centre CAD Computer Aided77 APPENDIX 3 Acronyms AHDS Arts and Humanities Data Service ASCII American Standard Code Retargetable Binary Translation RLG Research Libraries Group RTF Rich Text Format SCRAN Scottish Cultural

Carr, Leslie


Feedback Channels: Using Social Presence Theory to Compare Voice Mail to E-mail  

Microsoft Academic Search

This study compared the effects of using voice mail files sent as electronic mail (e-mail) attachments versus text-based e-mail to provide student feedback. Social Presence Theory (SPT) was used as the theoretical framework for assessing the two modes of delivering feedback. SPT would predict that voice mail would be perceived as higher than e-mail in terms of social presence. In

Mark Keil; Roy D. Johnson


Prevent Spam Filters from Blocking Legitimate E-Mail  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

There's no question about it: Spam is a scourge. This ever-increasing torrent of unsolicited commercial mass e-mail saps productivity and, for some, threatens the very viability of e-mail. The battle against spam, unfortunately, is creating problems of its own, with people sometimes unable to send legitimate e-mail and other times unable to…

Goldsborough, Reid



MENTORING PAIRINGS Graduate students and e-mails  

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MENTORING PAIRINGS APPRENTICE Graduate students and e-mails Name Mohammed Undergraduate students, e-mails, and mentors. Name (18) mentor(s) Padraic James Bartlett padraic jonathan Ben Lee and Wei Ren 1 #12;2 MENTORING PAIRINGS YSP Graduate students and e-mails Name @math

May, J. Peter


Understanding relationships among teleworkers' e-mail usage, e-mail richness perceptions, and e-mail productivity perceptions under a software engineering environment  

Microsoft Academic Search

This study was undertaken to investigate the use of e-mail and its implications under a telework environment for distributed software engineering. For this, the relative strength between a social influence and individual attributes in affecting teleworkers' e-mail use was studied. Management support was used as the representative social influence, and age, status, and ease of use represented individual attributes. An

Kunihiko Higa; Olivia R. Liu Sheng; Bongsik Shin; Aurelio Jose Figueredo



IntegraTUM Teilprojekt E-Mail: Rezentralisierung von E-Mail-Services  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Das Teilprojekt E-Mail hatte ursprünglich die Aufgabe einen zentralen Mailservice mit verteilter Administration der Mailadressen für die TUM aufzubauen und diesen durch Anti-Spam- und Anti-Viren-Maßnahmen zu schützen. Auf diesen Mailservice sollten sowohl die am LRZ gehosteten Maildomains als auch die vielen lokal betriebenen Mailserver - soweit von deren Betreibern gewünscht - migriert werden. Neben einigen Rückschlägen und Hindernissen kam es im Laufe des Projektes auch zu einer Änderung der Anforderungen, sodass zum Ende des Projektes statt eines reinen Mailsystems ein Doppelsystem mit "shared SMTP address space" bestehend aus einem klassischen Message-Store mit POP/IMAP-Zugriff auf Basis von Postfix + Dovecot und einem Groupware-System auf Basis von Microsoft Exchange in Produktion ging, wobei jeder Mitarbeiter und Student der TUM wählen kann, auf welchem der beiden Systeme sich seine Mailbox befindet.

Diehn, Max; Haarer, Ado; Schreiner, Alexander; Storz, Michael


E-mail interviewing in qualitative research: A methodological discussion  

Microsoft Academic Search

This article summarizes findings from studies that employed electronic mail (e-mail) for conducting in- depth interviewing. It discusses the benefits of, and the challenges associated with, using e-mail interviewing in qualitative research. The article concludes that while a mixed mode interviewing strategy should be considered when possible, e-mail interviewing can be in many cases a viable alternative to face-to-face and

Lokman I. Meho



ifile: An Application of Machine Learning to E­Mail Filtering É  

Microsoft Academic Search

The rise of the World Wide Web and the ever-increasing amounts of machine-readable text has caused text classiÞca- tion to become a important aspect of machine learning. One speciÞc application that has the potential to aect almost every user of the Internet is e-mail Þltering. The WorldTalk Corporation estimates that over 60 million business people use e-mail (6). Many more

Jason D. M. Rennie



Break the Chain: Stop Junk E-Mail and Misinformation  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

False virus alerts, hoaxes, and chain letters sent through e-mail are becoming almost commonplace, which makes them more annoying than ever. This is why Break the Chain tries to educate people to stop forwarding junk e-mail to their entire contacts list. The site offers some good guidelines for e-mail etiquette and how to research chain letters. It also has a searchable database of over 300 chain letters and hoaxes currently in circulation. A fun part of the site is the Yanking the Chain Awards, which is a monthly award given out to a particularly effective (and usually humorous) response to junk e-mail.

Ratliff, John R.


Opportunities to enhance patient and physician e-mail contact.  


The purpose of our study was to evaluate how e-mail is currently used between physicians and patients in an integrated delivery system, and to identify developments that might promote increased use of this form of communication. A paper-based survey questionnaire was administered to 94 primary care physicians. We evaluated the role e-mail currently plays in a physician's typical work day, physician views on the impact of e-mail on phone use and the barriers to increasing the use of e-mail with patients. 76% of physicians surveyed responded. All respondents currently use e-mail. Close to 75% of physicians use e-mail with their patients, but the vast majority do so with only 1-5% of those patients. 50% of physicians believe that up to 25% of their patients would send e-mail to them if given the option, with an additional 37% believing that between 25% and 50% of patients would value this option. The main reported barriers to physician-patient e-mail related to workload, security and payment. Our survey findings indicate that with adequate pre-screening, triage, and reimbursement mechanisms physicians would be open to substantially increasing e-mail communication with patients. PMID:12706177

Hobbs, John; Wald, Jonathan; Jagannath, Yamini S; Kittler, Anne; Pizziferri, Lisa; Volk, Lynn A; Middleton, Blackford; Bates, David W



Physicians slow to e-mail routinely with patients.  


Some experts view e-mail between physicians and patients as a potential tool to improve physician-patient communication and, ultimately, patient care. Despite indications that many patients want to e-mail their physicians, physician adoption and use of e-mail with patients remains uncommon--only 6.7 percent of office-based physicians routinely e-mailed patients in 2008, according to a new national study from the Center for Studying Health System Change (HSC). Overall, about one-third of office-based physicians reported that information technology (IT) was available in their practice for e-mailing patients about clinical issues. Of those, fewer than one in five reported using e-mail with patients routinely; the remaining physicians were roughly evenly split between occasional users and non-users. Physicians in practices with access to electronic medical records and those working in health maintenance organizations (HMOs) or medical school settings were more likely to adopt and use e-mail to communicate with patients compared with other physicians. However, even among the highest users--physicians in group/staff-model HMOs--only 50.6 percent reported routinely e-mailing patients. PMID:20939158

Boukus, Ellyn R; Grossman, Joy M; O'Malley, Ann S



E-mail security. An overview of threats and safeguards.  


Not everyone in the organization needs to know how to secure the e-mail service, but anyone who handles patient information must understand e-mail's vulnerabilities and recognize when a system is secure enough to transmit sensitive information. PMID:20437800

Stine, Kevin; Scholl, Matthew



How E-mail Can Give You Back Your Life.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Suggests the use of e-mail in the place of writing comments on individual papers. Notes the importance of using e-mail and the listserv in a student's writing experience. Considers some of the implications for professional benefit by exploring the relationship between online communication and oral discussion and between private and public…

Monroe, Barbara



Characteristics of Parent-Teacher E-Mail Communication  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In the past decade, the use of computer-mediated communication such as e-mail has reportedly increased the level of parental involvement and parent-teacher communication at the elementary and secondary level. However, research has not yet examined the characteristics of parent-teacher e-mail communication. Thirty parent and 30 teacher interviews…

Thompson, Blair



MENTORING PAIRINGS Graduate students and e-mails  

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MENTORING PAIRINGS APPRENTICE Graduate students and e-mails Name Kate Ponto-mails, and mentors. Name (24) e-mail mentor(s) Bargar, Emily Booth Behr, Piotr S. pbehr-INS Norton, Emily Ponto Rezvi, Sara Ponto #12;2 MENTORING PAIRINGS

May, J. Peter


A Discourse Analysis of School Counseling Supervisory E-Mail  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article is a discourse analysis of weekly computer-mediated communications between 8 school counseling interns and their e-mail supervisor over a 16-week semester. Course-required e-mail supervision was provided as an adjunct to traditional face-to-face individual and group supervision. School counselor supervisees and supervisor enacted 3…

Luke, Melissa; Gordon, Cynthia



Using E-mail as an Official Means of Communication.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Nearly 90% of all University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (UWEC) students and staff are regular users of e-mail. The University has taken advantage of this widespread use and replaced many paper distributions--payroll earnings statements, unofficial transcripts, degree audits, adviser grade reports, bills, et cetera--with distribution via e-mail

Ritland, Marian; Moore, Sue Shelton


E-mail et Web : pour une navigation sans risque  


Présentation orale en français, support visuel en anglais. À travers des exemples concrets, vous consoliderez vos connaissances et pourrez ainsi réajuster vos habitudes concernant l?utilisation sécurisée de votre boîte e-mail et de votre navigateur Web.




E-mail et Web : pour une navigation sans risque  

SciTech Connect

Présentation orale en français, support visuel en anglais. À travers des exemples concrets, vous consoliderez vos connaissances et pourrez ainsi réajuster vos habitudes concernant l’utilisation sécurisée de votre boîte e-mail et de votre navigateur Web.




*Corresponding author. E-mail address:  

E-print Network

*Corresponding author. E-mail address: Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics. Piegaia#12;, L. Pinsky*, S. Platchkov , M. Plo , D. Pose, H. Postma , J. Pretz , T. Pussieux , J. Pyrlik

Dutz, Hartmut


What a difference your e-mail makes: effects of informal e-mail addresses in online résumé screening.  


Résumés are screened rapidly, with some reports stating that recruiters form their impressions within 10 seconds. Certain résumé characteristics can have a significant impact on the snap judgments these recruiters make. The main goal of the present study was to examine the effect of the e-mail address (formal vs. informal) used in a résumé on the hirability perceptions formed by professional recruiters (N=73). In addition, the effect of the e-mail address on hirability perceptions was compared to the effects of spelling errors and typeface. Participants assessed the cognitive ability, personality, and the hirability of six fictitious applicants for the job of an HR specialist. The hirability ratings for the résumés with informal e-mail addresses were significantly lower than the hirability ratings for résumés that featured a formal e-mail address. The effect of e-mail address was as strong as the effect of spelling errors and stronger than that of typeface. The effect of e-mail address on hirability was mediated by perceptions of conscientiousness and honesty-humility. This study among actual recruiters shows for the first time that the choice of the e-mail address used on a résumé might make a real difference. PMID:25751044

van Toorenburg, Marlies; Oostrom, Janneke K; Pollet, Thomas V



Hesitative introduction of E-mail consultations in general practice  

Microsoft Academic Search

Introduction: The Dutch Council for Public Health and Health Care reported in 2005 that 70% of internet users would want to have the opportunity to consult their own general practitioner by e-mail [1]. Since January 1, 2006, general practitioners in the Netherlands are reimbursed 4.50 euro for e-mail consultations, on the condition that it does not concern a new health

R. Verheij; C. Ton; K. Tates



Fourth Amendment Protection for Stored E-Mail  

Microsoft Academic Search

The question of whether and how the Fourth Amendment regulates government access to stored e-mail remains open and pressing. A panel of the Sixth Circuit recently held in Warshak v. United States, 490 F.3d 455 (6th Cir. 2007), that users generally retain a reasonable expectation of privacy in the e-mails they store with their Internet Service Providers (ISPs), which implies

Susan Freiwald; Patricia L Bellia



Patient-physician e-mail: passion or fashion?  


This article surveys the nature, prevalence, and risks and benefits of patient-physician e-mail as a prelude to critically evaluating what will be required for it to become a truly transformational technology. Diverse materials from both the popular press and various clinical domains are consulted in order to appraise patient-physician e-mail's efficacy in different contexts and among different patient and physician users. Early evidence that patient-physician e-mail has lasting power includes its use in niche clinical applications, appearance of unsolicited patient e-mail, historical patterns of medical technology adoption, and increasing use of the Internet in general. Patient-physician e-mail will become genuinely transformational if it affirmatively improves the patient-physician encounter, contributes to better clinical outcomes, makes patient-physician communication more convenient for both parties, demonstrably transcends existing reimbursement and medicolegal concerns, and promotes patient empowerment. Like all technologies, use and misuse of patient-physician e-mail will determine whether its possibilities will become realities. PMID:12956229

Freed, David H



E-mail tips 2011 Tips for writing a contact e-mail  

E-print Network

, but be clear what you are writing about. Something like "Undergraduate research opportunities in your lab to start things off. The text After you have identified yourself, the next step is to explain why you to boost your CV ­ that will turn off many recipients. Think more about what is motivating you to do

Sekelsky, Jeff


Ali Tamayol e-mail:  

E-print Network

Ali Tamayol e-mail: Majid Bahrami Mechatronic Systems Engineering, School of Engineering Science, Simon Fraser University, Surrey, BC, V3T0A3, Canada Laminar Flow in Microchannels and power tool for performing hydrody- namic analyses in a variety of fundamental and engineering

Bahrami, Majid


Colleges Get out of E-Mail Business  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Frantic troubleshooting by an overworked staff versus someone else fixing problems smoothly. A sliver of server space per person versus a five-gigabyte chunk. Half a million dollars versus free. That's what colleges are faced with as they decide whether to continue running their own e-mail services or outsource them to a professional service like…

Carnevale, Dan



OptOgenetics * E-mail:  

E-print Network

OptOgenetics * E-mail: 1 Department of Bioengineering, 2 Neurosciences and richness of experimental readout. Yet application of new optogenetic tools in the rat system has been have now largely been overcome, and the neuroscience community is applying optogenetic techniques

Schnitzer, Mark


Page 1 of 11 Campus E-MailDepartment/College  

E-print Network

of Honors College Juan Munoz, Vice President Kirby Hocutt, Athletic Director Grace Hernandez, President of Honors College Juan Munoz, Vice President Kirby Hocutt, Athletic Director Grace Hernandez, PresidentPage 1 of 11 Campus E-MailDepartment/College Job Title PhoneNominator SECTION 2: Nominator

Rock, Chris


E-Mail from Professor Enhances Student Motivation and Attitudes  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Traditionally, professors use the first day of class to build rapport. However, current technology allows professors to contact students prior to the first day of class. This study assessed how the receipt of a welcoming e-mail from a female professor 1 week before the first day of class affected student motivation and attitudes toward the…

Legg, Angela M.; Wilson, Janie H.



Using E?Mail Listservs to Promote Environmentally Sustainable Behaviors  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper describes a social marketing campaign that encouraged individuals to adopt environmentally sustainable behaviors such as purchasing green power, installing energy?efficient lights, and checking tire pressure and refrigerator efficiency. An e?mail campaign was developed using the social marketing tools of commitment, prompting, and social norms. The results suggest that electronic listservs, which leverage social networks, can be a viable

Nancy Artz; Peter Cooke



Fostering E-Mail Security Awareness: The West Point Carronade  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The United States Military Academy (USMA) at West Point had a problem with some cadets clicking on suspicious attachments and embedded links, significantly affecting network performance and resource availability. West Point information technology leadership needed a way to increase e-mail security awareness in hopes of maintaining a strong…

Ferguson, Aaron J.



E-mail to Promote Colorectal Cancer Screening Within Social Networks: Acceptability and Content.  


Effective techniques to encourage colorectal cancer screening in underscreened populations have included social support interventions and e-mail reminders from physicians. Personalized e-mail messages to promote colorectal cancer screening within social networks could be even more effective but have not been studied. The authors interviewed 387 e-mail users, aged 42-73 years in Georgia, Hawaii, and Massachusetts. Participants were asked to edit a sample message in which the sender shares a recent colonoscopy experience and urges the recipient to discuss colorectal cancer screening with a doctor. For those reporting willingness to send this message, changes to the message and suggested subject lines were recorded. Edited text was analyzed for content and concordance with original message. The majority of participants (74.4%) were willing to e-mail a modifiable message. Of those willing, 63.5% edited the message. Common edits included deletion (17.7%) or modification (17.4%) of a negatively framed sentence on colon cancer risks and addition or modification of personalizing words (15.6%). Few edits changed the meaning of the message (5.6%), and even fewer introduced factual inaccuracies (1.7%). Modifiable e-mail messages offer a way for screened individuals to promote colorectal cancer screening to social network members. The accuracy and effects of such messages should be further studied. PMID:25839968

Cutrona, Sarah L; Wagner, Joann; Roblin, Douglas W; Gaglio, Bridget; Williams, Andrew; Torres-Stone, Rosalie; Mazor, Kathleen M



The finer points of lying online: e-mail versus pen and paper.  


The authors present 3 experimental studies that build on moral disengagement theory by exploring lying in online environments. Findings indicate that, when e-mail is compared with pen and paper communication media (both of which are equal in terms of media richness, as both are text only), people are more willing to lie when communicating via e-mail than via pen and paper and feel more justified in doing so. The findings were consistent whether the task assured participants that their lie either would or would not be discovered by their counterparts. Implications for theory and practice are discussed. PMID:20230078

Naquin, Charles E; Kurtzberg, Terri R; Belkin, Liuba Y



Framing of climate change in newspaper coverage of the East Anglia e-mail scandal.  


In late 2009, a series of e-mails related to climate research were made public following the hacking into a server and the e-mail accounts of researchers at the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit. According to some skeptics of climate change research, the content of those e-mails suggested data were being manipulated, while climate scientists said their words were taken out of context. The news coverage of this scandal provides an opportunity to consider media framing. This study has two aims: to extend previous research using a cluster analysis technique to discern frames in media texts; and to provide insight into newspaper coverage of the scandal, which is often referred to as "Climategate." This study examines the frames present in two British and two American newspapers' coverage of the issue. PMID:23825247

Bowe, Brian J; Oshita, Tsuyoshi; Terracina-Hartman, Carol; Chao, Wen-Chi



Cut as a Querying Unit for WWW, Netnews, and E-mail  

Microsoft Academic Search

In this paper, we propose a query framework for hyper- text data in general, and for WWW pages, Netnews ar- ticles, and e-mails in particular. In existing query tools for hypertext data, such as search engines for WWW or intelligent news\\/mail readers, data units in query are typically individual nodes. In actual hypertext data, however, one topic is often described

Keishi Tajima; Yoshiaki Mizuuchiy; Masatsugu Kitagaway; Katsumi Tanaka


Using E-Mail within a Classroom Based on Feminist Pedagogy.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This study of the effects of gender on computer use and telecommunications, analyzed e-mail, daily logs, newsletters, text and graphic documents, and transcripts of interviews with 30 elementary school children. Study found girls and boys used technology to confirm and defy gender stereotypes and that gender biases in classroom interactions were…

Christie, Alice Atkinson



Internet: E-mail:  

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Internet: E-mail: For further information call 32 2 marks. The documents whose references are given in the text are available on the Council's Internet Internet site or may be obtained from the Press Office. #12;PROVISIONAL VERSION 11.III.2004 6648/04 (Presse


Internet: E-mail:  

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Internet: E-mail: For further information call 32 2. The documents whose references are given in the text are available on the Council's Internet site http by an asterisk; these statements are available on the above mentioned Council Internet site or may be #12;22.IX


Internet: E-mail:  

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Internet: E-mail: For further information call 32 2. A The documents whose references are given in the text are available on the Council's Internet site http by an asterisk; these statements are available on the above mentioned Council Internet site or may be obtained


Internet: E-mail:  

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Internet: E-mail: For further information call 32 2 references are given in the text are available on the Council's Internet site Acts adopted; these statements are available on the above mentioned Council Internet site or may be obtained from the Press


Tomorrow's E-Mail: DLM 3.0 Project's Vision for the Future of E-Mail in Enterprises  

Microsoft Academic Search

In this paper we present the DLM 3.0 project's vision for e-mail communication in enterprise. The project promotes the use of semantic techniques, based on case studies and ergonomic analysis to improve current email tools, in an enterprise context. The project's realm is to create a corporate social network centered on email, with email being connected to the company tools,

Jerome Mulsant; Gaëlle Recource; Romain Vuillemot



Universal Access to E-Mail: Feasibility and Societal Implications  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

"Universal Access to E-Mail: Feasibility and Societal Implications" by Robert H. Anderson, Tora K. Bikson, Sally Ann Law, and Bridger M. Mitchell; 1995; Rand Corporation; 267 pages, 24 tables, 18 figures; bibliography, is available for downloading from Rand Corporation's Web site. "This is the final report of a two-year RAND study. It is designed as a sourcebook on key social, technical, economic, and international issues related to providing universal access to e-mail within the United States. It is our hope that this report will help stimulate public policy discussions regarding the feasibility, desirability, and implications of universal e-mail access. Decision makers involved with such public policy issues are the primary audience for this report, but it should also be of interest to academic and business professionals involved with telecommunications policy and its social implications." The report is available in both HTML and .PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format. A free Acrobat Reader download site is available from the page.

Anderson, Robert H.



Subpoena of scientists' e-mails raises concerns  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A recent court order that required the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) to hand over more than 3000 confidential e-mails to the energy company BP in May has led to concerns about the need to protect academic freedom, the deliberative scientific process, and intellectual property. Lawyers representing BP filed the subpoena in December 2011 to seek information from WHOI in relation to a lawsuit brought against BP by the U.S. government and others about damages from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. WHOI is not a party to the lawsuit.

Showstack, Randy



Teledentistry: Distant Diagnosis of Oral Disease Using E-Mails  

PubMed Central

Abstract Objective The purpose of this study was to evaluate the applicability of telediagnosis in oral medicine, through the transmission of clinical digital images by e-mail. Subjects and Methods: The sample included 60 consecutive patients who sought oral medicine services at the Federal University of Paraná, in the state of Paraná, located in southern Brazil. The clinical history and oral lesion images were recorded using clinical electronic charts and a digital camera, respectively, and sent by e-mail to two oral medicine consultants. The consultants provided a maximum of two clinical hypotheses for each case, which were compared with biopsy results that served as the gold standard. Results: In 31 of the 60 cases (51.7%), both consultants made the correct diagnosis; in 17 cases (28.3%), only one consultant made the correct diagnosis; and in 12 cases (20%), neither consultant made the correct diagnosis. Therefore, in 80% of cases, at least one consultant provided the correct diagnosis. The agreement between the first consultant and the gold standard was substantial (?=0.669), and the agreement between the second consultant and the gold standard was fair (?=0.574). Conclusions: The use of information technology can increase the accuracy of consultations in oral medicine. As expected, the participation of two remote experts increased the possibility of correct diagnosis. PMID:23356381

Morosini, Imara de Almeida Castro; Possebon, Renata Seleme; Giovanini, Allan Fernando; Bortoluzzi, Marcelo Carlos; Leão, Jair Carneiro; Piazzetta, Cleto Mariosvaldo



ASCII Phonetic Symbols for the World's Languages: Worldbet James L. Hieronymus  

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ASCII Phonetic Symbols for the World's Languages: Worldbet James L. Hieronymus AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ 07974, USA Abstract A new ASCII encoding of the International Phonetic Alphabet a large number of languages with phonemic and phonetic symbols, these were found to be inadequate

Hosom, John-Paul


ASCII Phonetic Symbols for the World's Languages: Worldbet James L. Hieronymus  

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ASCII Phonetic Symbols for the World's Languages: Worldbet James L. Hieronymus AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ 07974, USA Abstract A new ASCII encoding of the International Phonetic Alphabet. When an attempt was made to label a large number of languages with phonemic and phonetic symbols

Penn, Gerald


Guidelines for Sending Mass E-mail to Students In 2001 Boise State University provided all students with e-mail accounts, as well as access to a  

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Newsletter Submit your promotion/advertisement on the form that is available online at http://4students/or Targeted Mass E-mail 1. Complete and submit to the Vice President for Student Affairs' office the "Request office will obtain the e-mail addresses. However, if the mass e-mail is to be sent to a targeted group

Barrash, Warren


E-print Network to abbreviate. #12; friendly and loose,'' said Corissa St. Laurent of e-mail marketing company Constant Contact. St. Laurent

Kuzmanovic, Aleksandar


Sanjaya K. Pradhan e-mail:  

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Hartvigsen e-mail: Michele Hollist e-mail: SOFC and Hydrogen Technologies, Ceramatec, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT Effects of Electrical Feedbacks on Planar Solid Oxide Fuel

Mazumder, Sudip K.


16 CFR 1130.7 - Requirements for Web site registration or alternative e-mail registration.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2014 CFR

...2014-01-01 false Requirements for Web site registration or alternative e-mail...PRODUCTS § 1130.7 Requirements for Web site registration or alternative e-mail...registration page. The manufacturer's Web site, or other Web site established...



16 CFR 1130.8 - Requirements for Web site registration or alternative e-mail registration.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2011 CFR

...2011-01-01 false Requirements for Web site registration or alternative e-mail...PRODUCTS § 1130.8 Requirements for Web site registration or alternative e-mail...registration page. The manufacturer's Web site, or other Web site established...



16 CFR 1130.8 - Requirements for Web site registration or alternative e-mail registration.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2012 CFR

...2012-01-01 false Requirements for Web site registration or alternative e-mail...PRODUCTS § 1130.8 Requirements for Web site registration or alternative e-mail...registration page. The manufacturer's Web site, or other Web site established...



|Result List Refine Search Print E-mail Save Formats: Citation HTML Full Text PDF Full Text  

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discovered in 1993, expedition members have unearthed more than one thousand fossils of twenty species Oviraptor sitting on its clutch of eggs. The unusual fidelity of fossil preservation and the articulation by erosion. A sandstorm can instantly, send a tent careening across the landscape. The only way to avoid

Loope, David B.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Using E-Mail as Instructional Aid: Some Random Thoughts.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper explores the educational benefits and limitations of e-mail as an instructional aid to classroom-based teaching. It looks at practical ideas of how e-mail has been used to aid classroom instruction, and highlights and examines each usage of e-mail in terms of its effects on classroom teaching. E-mail systems have been used for classroom…

Xu, Gong-Li


Text File Display Program  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

LOOK program permits user to examine text file in pseudorandom access manner. Program provides user with way of rapidly examining contents of ASCII text file. LOOK opens text file for input only and accesses it in blockwise fashion. Handles text formatting and displays text lines on screen. User moves forward or backward in file by any number of lines or blocks. Provides ability to "scroll" text at various speeds in forward or backward directions.

Vavrus, J. L.



You've Got Mail!: Understanding How E-Mail Works  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Conceptually, e-mail is not a whole lot different from regular postal mail ("snail mail"), except that it is much faster. E-mail requires three things: (1) a personal computer; (2) a telephone or communication line; and (3) an Internet provider (e-mail service account). This article provides details on how it works--plus some research activities…

Roman, Harry T.



Comparing Response Rates in E-Mail and Paper Surveys: A Meta-Analysis  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This meta-analysis examined 35 study results within last 10 years that directly compared the response rates of e-mail versus mail surveys. Individual studies reported inconsistent findings concerning the response rate difference between e-mail and mail surveys, but e-mail surveys generally have lower response rate (about 20% lower on the average)…

Shih, Tse-Hua; Fan, Xitao



The Development of E-Mail Literacy: From Writing to Peers to Writing to Authority Figures  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Though e-mail has become a common interpersonal communication medium, it does not mean that this medium is used without difficulty. While people can write e-mails to peers in any manner they like, writing e-mails to authority figures requires higher pragmatic competence and critical language awareness of how discourse shapes and reflects power…

Chen, Chi-Fen Emily



Improving Instructor Response to Student E-Mails Using Template and Reminder Interventions  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Student e-mails without the student's name, message, file attachment, and other identifying information may impede a timely and thorough instructor response. To help resolve this issue, we apply template and reminder interventions to improve student e-mail format defined as the degree of agreement between a student's e-mail format and an…

Elbeck, Matthew; Song, Minjung



An Analysis of the Determinants of Student E-Mail Use.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A survey of 577 economics students showed that most viewed e-mail as a viable substitute for faculty contact. E-mail does not significantly increase student/faculty interaction; it changes its form. Existence of a course Web site and prior Internet experience increased e-mail use. (SK)

Haworth, Barry



Professional e-mail communication among health care providers: proposing evidence-based guidelines.  


E-mail is now a primary method of correspondence in health care, and proficiency with professional e-mail use is a vital skill for physicians. Fundamentals of e-mail courtesy can be derived from lay literature, but there is a dearth of scientific literature that addresses the use of e-mail between physicians. E-mail communication between providers is generally more familiar and casual than other professional interactions, which can promote unprofessional behavior or misunderstanding. Not only e-mail content but also wording, format, and tone may influence clinical recommendations and perceptions of the e-mail sender. In addition, there are serious legal and ethical implications when unprofessional or unsecured e-mails related to patient-identifying information are exchanged or included within an electronic medical record. The authors believe that the appropriate use of e-mail is a vital skill for physicians, with serious legal and ethical ramifications and the potential to affect professional development and patient care. In this article, the authors analyze a comprehensive literature search, explore several facets of e-mail use between physicians, and offer specific recommendations for professional e-mail use. PMID:25162617

Malka, S Terez; Kessler, Chad S; Abraham, John; Emmet, Thomas W; Wilbur, Lee



E-Mail Overload In Congress: Managing a Communications Crisis  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The first in a series of Online Issue Briefs presented to congressional offices by the Congress Online Project, this report examines the email overload in Congress. The email flow to the House of Representatives, for instance, more than doubled between 1998 and 2000 and continues to increase by an average of one million messages per month. The report strongly recommends that Congressional offices automate their email systems, analyzing both the reasons and obstacles involved. This recommendation will no doubt encounter some opposition among voters as well as their representatives, who worry about a real or perceived decline in access to our elected officials. Users can read the full text of the report at the above URL. The Congress Online Project is "a joint research project of the Congressional Management Foundation and The George Washington University to study the use of Web sites and Internet technologies by U.S. congressional offices," and more information on the project is available at the main page.



Accessing the Internet by E-mail FAQ  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Gerald Boyd has spent much time learning the internal syntax of web search engines. He has made the fruits of his labor available at an ftp site. Interested Internauts can download FAQs on how to query fifteen generic and eight specialty search engines by email. Included are Alta Vista, Excite, Inktomi, Yahoo, Infoseek, OKRA, Open Text, SwitchBoard, TheList, and others. Also included is a FAQ on how to use an Agora Server to use the web by email. See the Scout Report for March 8, 1996 for more on Agora. The FAQs are of greatest use to those without a web connection, but are also interesting to anyone who is intrigued by the intricacies of search engines. Users should download wsintro.faq (table of contents of FAQs), wscrack.faq (basic strategy for figuring out how to query search indexes via email) and wshelp.faq (Agora help file) before any others. For those who would like to download everything at once, contains all of the files. Note that while these files are fairly technical, they are very useful for those who need such Internet access.

Boyd, Gerald E.


National Sewage Sludge Survey (NSSS), data element dictionary for the ASCII format databases  

SciTech Connect

A data element dictionary including ASCII database file structures, variable naming conventions, and unique identifier variables is provided for the ASCII formats of the Questionnaire, Data Conventions, and Analytical Databases for the 1988 National Sewage Sludge Use and Disposal Survey (NSSS). Data collected in the questionnaire component of the survey are contained in the Questionnaire Database. Revised questionnaire data, including regulatory analytical use or disposal practices, followup information from the Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTWs), and imputed values for missing or improbable responses which could not be resolved, are recorded in the Data Conventions Database. Chemical concentrations from sewage sludge samples collected just prior to disposal are recorded in the Analytical Database.

Not Available



"You've got mail!": the role of e-mail in clinical breast surgical practice.  


Easy Internet access is changing the practice of medicine in the US. At least 137 million Americans have access to the World Wide Web, and up to one-half would like to communicate with their physicians by e-mail. The membership of the American Society of Breast Surgeons was surveyed to evaluate the current role of e-mail in patient-doctor relationships. Due to the extensive discussions often involved in the evaluation of breast disease, and the elective nature of most surgical procedures, this specialty may be particularly well-suited to using e-mail communication as an extension of discussions during traditional office visits. A questionnaire was e-mailed to all members of the ASBS who had provided an e-mail address. About 1236 questionnaires were sent, and 285 surgeons responded, a 23% response rate. About 130 (46%) responders were female; 209 responders (73%) did not use e-mail to communicate with patients (76% of responding females, 70% of males). The oldest and youngest surgeons were least likely to use e-mail to communicate with patients. There was no gender-related difference in e-mail use. There was no difference in e-mail use between surgeons who limit their practice to breast disease and those who do not. Urban and university-based surgeons were more likely to use e-mail. Medical-legal liability concerns and confidentiality issues were the most common reasons for not using e-mail. Among those surgeons who did use e-mail, ability to answer at one's own discretion, and the ability to provide an organized response were the major reasons for using e-mail. Overall, the membership expressed a preference for personal interaction over electronic communication. PMID:16603358

Guth, Amber A; Diflo, Thomas



Five-Star Treatment? E-Mail Customer Service by International Luxury Hotels  

Microsoft Academic Search

This research used a typical e-mail query to investigate customer service by 491 properties from 13 international hotel chains. These five-star hotels had difficulty providing prompt, accurate, and timely e-mail responses to their customers. The results suggest significant differences in e-mail customer service, based on hotel location and the size of the hotel chain. The poor responsiveness and quality by

Roland Schegg; Jamie Murphy; Richard Leuenberger



Detecting Abnormal Changes in E-mail Traffic Using Hierarchical Fuzzy Systems  

Microsoft Academic Search

E-mail traffic analysis is an area of work that focuses on extracting information about the behaviour of e-mail users based on the sender, receiver, and date\\/time information taken from the header section of e-mail messages. Such work has applications for law enforcement where investigators and analysts require techniques to assist them with finding unusual or suspicious patterns from large amounts

Mark Jyn-huey Lim; Michael Negnevitsky; Jacky Hartnett



The Effect of Spam and Privacy Concerns on E-mail Users' Behavior  

Microsoft Academic Search

This study aims to examine the effects of both spam and the resulting lack of privacy on users' behavior with respect to e-mail usage. This study reveals that spam e-mail triggers concerns about privacy and in turn, these privacy concerns influence the way users cope with spam or junk mails. Upon receiving spam e-mail, users predominantly exhibit two different behavioral

Insu Park; R. Sharman; H. Raghav Rao; S. Upadhyaya


Secure E-Mail Communication across Company Boundaries Experiences and Architectures  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The important role of e-mail in business communication demands a protection of the transmitted information, not only within one company, but in particular across company borders. E-mail encryption using digital certificates provides means to fulfill this demand. The article discusses the obstacles organizations are faced with during the set up and operation of e-mail encryption between companies. Based on the case study of Siemens, experiences made as well as organizational and infrastructural solutions are outlined.

Wichmann, Markus; von der Heidt, Guido; Hille, Carsten; Jacobson, Gunnar


Banks, credit-card issuers warn of e-mail breach By LAURA GREEN  

E-print Network

account. Walt Disney Co.'s travel subsidiary, Disney Destinations, sent e-mails warning customers was captured by hackers. Large companies such as Chase, Citi and Best Buy said during the weekend that hackers, a Dallas- based company that manages e-mail communications. Corporations that use Epsilon's services have

Belogay, Eugene A.


Avaliação de Classificadores Anti-spam Aplicada no Campo de Cabeçalho de E-mail \\  

Microsoft Academic Search

With the appearance of the Internet, the e-mail became one of the fastest ways of communication . However this benefit has been threatened by Unsolicited Commercial E-mail know as Spam, undesirable messages that fill the post office boxes, make the user lose time and generate traffic in the Internet. The problem became more serious when in March of 2003 the

Wallace A. B. S. de Macedo; Júlio Cesar Nievola


Chris Pierce and the Yankee Donut Company: An E-Mail-Based Management Simulation  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In this article, the authors describe an e-mail-based simulation that helps students experience the fast-paced, complex world of the middle manager. In this electronic in-basket exercise, students assume the role of a district manager in a doughnut company as they respond to a rapid series of high- and low-priority e-mails ostensibly sent from…

Greenberg, Danna N.; Rollag, Keith



The Perils of Pauline's E-Mail: Professional Issues for Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists  

Microsoft Academic Search

This article reviews the history of telecom- munications and the Internet with an emphasis on the rise of e-mail as the predominant force for interpersonal communications in the 21st century. E-mail is at the forefront of \\

Timothy Meline; Teri Mata-Pistokache


Journal of Applied Polymer Science Journal Copy of e-mail Notification  

E-print Network

software to read these files. This is free software and is available for user downloading at http reply e-mail to: APP Journal Team #12;Journal of Applied Polymer Science Journal) WITH ALL CORRESPONDENCE. Thank you. Sincerely, APP Journal Team E-mail: #12


Artificial Intelligence Applications for Analysis o f E-mail Communication Activities  

Microsoft Academic Search

E-mail is one of the most popular and widely used fo rm of electronic communication used today. The pattern s in the social interactions or contacts between people by e- mail can be analysed using social network analysis and user behaviour analysis. In this paper we provide a review of the work related to the areas of dynamic modelling and

Mark Jyn-Huey Lim; Michael Negnevitsky; Jacky Hartnett


Communication Topics and Strategies in E-Mail Consultation: Comparison between American and International University Students  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

On today's "wired" college campuses, students avail themselves in increasing numbers of electronic channels, most notably e-mail, as a means to consult with their professors. While some research has investigated the purposes for which university students communicate with their instructors via e-mail, little research has examined differences in…

Biesenbach-Lucas, Sigrun



Con Artists Attack Colleges with Fake Help-Desk E-Mail  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

An e-mail scam has hit tens of thousands of users at dozens of colleges over the past few weeks, leaving network administrators scrambling to respond before campus computer accounts are taken over by spammers. Students, professors, and staff members at the affected colleges received e-mail messages that purported to come from the colleges' help…

Young, Jeffrey R.



Ars Dictaminis Perverted: The Personal Solicitation E-Mail as a Genre  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Phishing e-mails deceive individuals into giving out personal information which may then be utilized for identity theft. One particular type, the Personal Solicitation E-mail (PSE) mimics personal letters--modern perversions of "ars dictaminis" (the classical art of letter writing). In this article, I determine and discuss 19 appeals common to the…

Ross, Derek G.



Reducing the Damage Done by E-Mail in Our Schools  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

E-mail is a tool that can vastly increase the efficiency and productivity of school leaders. It can enable them to better orchestrate school operations and so improve student learning. But administrators must remain wary of the effect that extensive e-mail communication can have on the school community, and they need to work to promote a healthy…

Glendinning, Matt



One Good Turn Deserves Another: Sustaining an Intercultural E-Mail Exchange  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Instructors rely on asynchronous exchanges to provide learners with authentic input and opportunities to communicate in the TL. While most practitioners recognize the advantages of e-mail exchanges, learner benefits are not an automatic byproduct of participation in an exchange. This paper presents findings from an e-mail exchange carried out…

Schueller, Jeanne



Alumni Relationships in the Electronic Age: An Assessment of a Permission Based E-Mail Campaign  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

E-mail is seen as an inexpensive, fast way to communicate with university constituencies, especially alumni. The next logical stage for the use of this Internet technology is the development and evaluation of permission based e-mail (PBE) campaigns. In this paper, we directly examine recipient evaluation of PBE in the context of a university…

Moore, Robert S.; McLaughlin, Caragh E.



Districts Weigh Benefits and Drawbacks of Setting Up Student E-Mail Accounts  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Some school districts hoping to improve communication and student engagement in learning are taking a step many educators still view warily: providing students with their own e-mail accounts. However, making e-mail a regular part of students' school lives raises a host of concerns about inappropriate use. In addition, many teachers doubt that the…

Ash, Katie



"My Heart Want to Say Something": Exploring ELL Vocabulary Use through E-Mail  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to report on one high school English-language-learner's (ELL) breadth and depth of vocabulary as he communicated with his teacher through e-mail across geographic boundaries for over 18 months. Design/methodology/approach: The authors began by separating 358 e-mails into three time periods (first beginning,…

Hwang, Sung-on; Piazza, Carolyn L.; Pierce, Michael J.; Bryce, Sara M.



The Most Preferred Free E-mail Service Used by Students  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The aim of this study is to investigate the most preferred free web based e-mail used by students in the technology departments of the Near East University (Departments CIS, CEIT and COM.ENG), and also to find out which technical characteristics affect the participants when making a decision for the choice of an e-mail service. The volunteer…

Cavus, Nadire; Bicen, Huseyin



Social Work Practice in the Digital Age: Therapeutic E-Mail as a Direct Practice Methodology  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The author addresses the risks and benefits of incorporating therapeutic e-mail communication into clinical social work practice. Consumer demand for online clinical services is growing faster than the professional response. E-mail, when used as an adjunct to traditional meetings with clients, offers distinct advantages and risks. Benefits include…

Mattison, Marian



Creating Direct Channels of Communication: Fostering Interaction with E-mail and In-class Notes.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Reports on biology students in a large-class, active-learning environment using e-mail and in-class written notes for student-instructor communication. Results showed that most students sent e-mail messages and that about half were content related. Results showed no gender differences and that African-American Students were more likely to send…

Marbach-Ad, Gili; Sokolove, Phillip



47 CFR 68.417 - Informal complaints; form and content.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2011 CFR

...facsimile transmission, telephone (voice/TRS/TTY), Internet e-mail, ASCII text, audio-cassette recording, and...facsimile transmission, telephone (voice/TRS/TTY), Internet e-mail, ASCII text, audio-cassette...



47 CFR 6.17 - Informal complaints; form and content.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2011 CFR

...facsimile transmission, telephone (voice/TRS/TTY), Internet e-mail, ASCII text, audio-cassette recording, and...facsimile transmission, telephone (voice/TRS/TTY), Internet e-mail, ASCII text, audio-cassette recording,...



47 CFR 68.417 - Informal complaints; form and content.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...facsimile transmission, telephone (voice/TRS/TTY), Internet e-mail, ASCII text, audio-cassette recording, and...facsimile transmission, telephone (voice/TRS/TTY), Internet e-mail, ASCII text, audio-cassette...



E-mail communication in the management of gastroenterology patients: A review  

PubMed Central

E-mail correspondence between physicians and patients can be a useful tool to improve communication efficiency, provide economic and ecological benefits, improve therapeutic interventions and adherence, and enhance self-management. The model of self-management in chronic disease has become an integral component of North American and British medicine. From a practical standpoint, the use of e-mail between physicians and patients can complement the self-management model. E-mail communication has many benefits from both patient and physician perspectives. E-mail contact reduces the inefficiencies associated with telecommunications. Physicians are able to better document out-of-office patient encounters and provide access to specialist care for patients in remote locations. This use of e-mail has the potential to increase patient safety through physician approval of self-manager actions, including earlier initiation of needed treatments. Fewer clinic visits afford additional time for new consultations and sicker patients, reducing the overall burden on referral and wait times. The present article reviews some of the literature regarding physician-patient e-mail communication in the general ambulatory setting, in the context of chronic disease and with a specific focus on inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The authors provide a framework for the use of e-mail communication in the IBD population, with emphasis on the concept of e-mail use. Also illustrated are the benefits and disadvantages, and examples of the e-mail contract as proposed by the Canadian Medical Protective Association. Examples of specific e-mail communication topics are provided for several IBD scenarios. Potential negative consequences of this mode of communication are also discussed. PMID:24619639

Plener, Ian; Hayward, Andrew; Saibil, Fred



Corresponding Author: Michael Blaber E-mail:  

E-print Network

Corresponding Author: Michael Blaber E-mail: Received: November 23, 2012 and Michael Blaber* Department of Biomedical Sciences, College of Medicine, Florida State University

Blaber, Michael


Nazia Sarwat Islam e-mail:  

E-print Network

Nazia Sarwat Islam e-mail: Current Position 2012 - present MS. Student-directional Lempel-Ziv-like Compression Algorithms; Authors: Attiya Mahmood, Nazia Islam, Dawit Nigatu, and Werner

Henkel, Werner


Chat, E-Mail, Web, and Chat Room Slang and Acronyms  


... and Acronyms Family Life Listen Chat, E-Mail, Web, and Chat Room Slang and Acronyms Article Body ... btw BeTWeen you and me ... chat room A web page where people gather using software that allows ...


76, 104 34 -T. 210 8203900 -Fax. 210 8203909 e-mail:  

E-print Network

1 76, 104 34 - T. 210 8203900 - Fax. 210 8203909 e-mail: ( VPN) Windows 8, // ), / . , , (Virtual Private Network) . : ADSL (diodos), , VPN. 1. - VPN - VPN (VPN client), . OpenVPN, . Ctrl, ( / Internet Explorer): http

Chatziantoniou, Damianos


Secrecy, Flagging, and Paranoia: Adoption Criteria in Encrypted E-Mail  

E-print Network

Secrecy, Flagging, and Paranoia: Adoption Criteria in Encrypted E-Mail Shirley Gaw Dept of Computer citation on the first page. To copy otherwise, or republish, to post on servers or to redistribute to lists

Singh, Jaswinder Pal


Chris Pierce and the Yankee Donut Company: An E-Mail-Based Management Simulation  

Microsoft Academic Search

In this article, the authors describe an e-mail-based simulation that helps students experience the fast-paced, complex world of the middle manager. In this electronic in-basket exercise, students assume the role of a district manager in a doughnut company as they respond to a rapid series of high- and low-priority e-mails ostensibly sent from superiors, subordinates, colleagues, and customers. The simulation

Danna N. Greenberg; Keith Rollag



Research Paper: The Use of Wireless E-Mail to Improve Healthcare Team Communication  

Microsoft Academic Search

ObjectiveTo assess the impact of using wireless e-mail for clinical communication in an intensive care unit (ICU).DesignThe authors implemented push wireless e-mail over a GSM cellular network in a 26-bed ICU during a 6-month study period. Daytime ICU staff (intensivists, nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, clerical staff, and ICU leadership) used handheld devices (BlackBerry, Research in Motion, Waterloo, ON) without dedicated

Chris O'Connor; Jan O. Friedrich; Damon C. Scales; Neill K. J. Adhikari




Microsoft Academic Search

Older Americans, like other groups, vary in their use of the Internet. The participants for this study—elderly computer users from a Midwestern mid-size sample—used e-mail and considered it the most important Internet function. It was common for them to use e-mail with family and friends on a regular, if not daily, basis. When this group of older people did surf

Michael L. Hilt; Jeremy H. Lipschultz



A survey to evaluate patients’ perspective concerning e-mail in an oncology practice  

Microsoft Academic Search

Purpose: Use of e-mail to improve physician-patient communication is becoming increasingly widespread, however, little research has been done to evaluate patients’ interest and concerns regarding this technology. The goals of this study were to (1) evaluate the effectiveness of e-mail for communication between patients and their oncologist and (2) assess from the perspective of the patient the accessibility and usefulness

C. S. Katzen; A. P. Dicker



Test of the Behavioral Perspective Model in the Context of an E-Mail Marketing Experiment  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

An e-mail marketing experiment based on the behavioral perspective model was conducted to investigate consumer choice. Conversion e-mails were sent to two groups from the same marketing database of registered consumers interested in children's books. The experiment was based on A-B-A-C-A and A-C-A-B-A withdrawal designs and consisted of…

Sigurdsson, Valdimar; Menon, R. G. Vishnu; Sigurdarson, Johannes Pall; Kristjansson, Jon Skafti; Foxall, Gordon R.



Elderly Americans and the Internet: E-Mail, TV News, Information and Entertainment Websites  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Older Americans, like other groups, vary in their use of the Internet. The participants for this study-elderly computer users from a Midwestern mid-size sample-used e-mail and considered it the most important Internet function. It was common for them to use e-mail with family and friends on a regular, if not daily, basis. When this group of older…

Hilt, Michael L.; Lipschultz, Jeremy H.



Elderly Americans and the Internet: E-Mail, TV News, Information and Entertainment Websites  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Older Americans, like other groups, vary in their use of the Internet. The participants for this study--elderly computer users from a Midwestern mid-size sample--used e-mail and considered it the most important Internet function. It was common for them to use e-mail with family and friends on a regular, if not daily, basis. When this group of…

Hilt, Michael L.; Lipschultz, Jeremy H.



E-Mail Service Quality of Profit and Not for Profit Organisations in the Tourism Industry  

Microsoft Academic Search

The use of the Internet by companies to present themselves and enabling interactive communication with their customers has\\u000a been common for years. Despite the vast application of corporate e-mail for information exchange there seem to be no standards\\u000a for appropriate e-mail communication in the event of a complaint. Profit organisations in particular should have implemented\\u000a effective service recovery and communication

Ulrike Bauernfeind; Astrid Dickinger



Do you feel you know how to write an e-mail?  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Computers have opened doors to the new era of telecommunication. Electronic mail is becoming very popular in different spheres of professional activity and everyday life of people all over the world as it provides people an excellent opportunity for real, natural communication. The use of e-mail and the Internet involves a whole range of skills including knowing how to use a personal computer, knowing how to navigate the immense resources of cyberspace, and becoming familiar with the special register of e-mail communication (which lies somewhere between the formality of traditional writing and the spontaneity of speech). Conferencing via e-mail, or communicating with partners through networked computers, offers many opportunities in the Scientific Community. E-mail allows us to collaborate easily with thousands of colleagues, sharing new ideas, resources, and materials. It can provide the information, contacts, and stimulation that can make our research work more effective and enjoyable. The English language is world-wide accepted as lingua-franca of the Internet and intercultural communication. This brings us to a necessity to introduce some ideas on e-mail writing.

Leonova, Anna O.



First Draft 06/06/2012 Text (Partial) of E-Mail to Tom Peake Regarding Capillary Pressure Models  

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Pressure Model is Turned Off The threshold capillary pressure1 , Pt, is 0, with PCT_A = 0, defined by input, and PCT_EXP = 0, defined by input CAP_MOD = 1, defined by input. PC_MAX is defined by input2 but not used capillary pressure, Pt, is nonzero; PCT_A and PCT_EXP are nonzero values, defined by input. A nonzero value


A Grounded Theory Study of the Relationship between E-Mail and Burnout  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Introduction: This study consisted of a qualitative investigation into the role of e-mail in work-related burnout among high technology employees working full time and on-site for Internet, hardware, and software companies. Method: Grounded theory methodology was used to provide a systemic approach in categorising, sorting, and analysing data…

Camargo, Marta Rocha



Android Diabetes Log Book E-mail:  

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Android Diabetes Log Book 1 2 3 1 . . 40002 2, 3 . . 40002 E-mail: Abstract Diabetes is a chronic disease, of which the patients have to continually monitor their health conditions. Keywords: android application, diabetes 4.07 5.00 , 1. 285 . . 2573 435 . . 2552 558,156 7,019 [1] 15 7% [2

Runapongsa, Kanda


e-mail: Biomedical Engineering Department,  

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Energy Conversion (LAEC), Mechatronic System Engineering School of Engineering Science, Simon FraserM. Akbari1 e-mail: A. Tamayol Biomedical Engineering Department, McGill University, Montreal, QC, H3A 1A4, Canada; Center for Biomedical Engineering, Department of Medicine, Brigham

Bahrami, Majid


D-41844Wegberg e-mail:  

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Rurweg 3 D-41844Wegberg Germany e-mail: Kurt GOdel.Das Album-The Album Karl in malice. Such being the case, Kurt GOdel. The Album comes as a welcome addition to the literature on G6del Sigmund, John Dawson, and Kurt Mfihlberger, with a Foreword by Hans Magnus Enzensberger WIESBADEN, VIEWEG

Sigmund, Karl


516-2007 FAX: 572-4038 E-mail:  

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;125 Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP ! !! 97 10 30 PM13:30~17:30 4 20- : George Washington Henry B. Gutman, Partner, New York Office, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP Kerry L. Konrad, Partner, New York Office, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP IC Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP 10 A 03-5735521*3234 E -MAIL wllee

Huang, Haimei


* Corresponding author. E-mail: Formation & Dissociation of Methane Hydrates in Sediments  

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_______________ * Corresponding author. E-mail: Formation & Dissociation of Methane to experimental studies and the model development of the kinetics of FORmation and Dissociation of Methane experimental data on hydrate formation & dissociation under in-situ temperature and pressure conditions

Boyer, Edmond


Hotels e-mail for reservations & website Phone number Single room  

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Hotels e-mail for reservations & website Phone number Single room (SFr) Double room (SFr) +41 (0)21.626.02.22 CHF 85.- CHF 115.80.- VAT & Breakfast + city pass for public transportation City * For late check-in, please contact the hotel as you might need a code to access the front desk of the hotel

Thévenaz, Jacques


Hotels e-mail for reservations & website Phone number Single room  

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Hotels e-mail for reservations & website Phone number Single room (CHF) Double room (CHF) +41 (0)21.626.02.22 CHF 82.10.- not available City Taxes, VAT & Breakfast + city pass for public & Breakfast + city pass for public transportation * For late check-in, please contact the hotel as you might

Thévenaz, Jacques


"Was There Life Before Them?": Fax and E-Mail in Business Communication.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Examined the role of e-mail and faxing in Finland's international business communication. Surveys investigated business professionals' opinions about how the technology affected their writing practices and linguistic choices. Results indicated that the technology made their work faster, easier, and more efficient, and the amount of written…

Louhiala-Salminen, Leena



postal address: Medizinische Hochschule Hannover e-mail:  

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confirmation in order to enable us meet your demands to your full satisfaction. International Patient Servicepostal address: Medizinische Hochschule Hannover e-mail: International Patient Service phone: +49 511 532 8721 Carl-Neuberg-Str. 1 fax: +49 511 532 4235 D-30625 Hannover

Manstein, Dietmar J.


Identification and Disidentification in Organizational Discourse: A Metaphor Analysis of E-Mail Communication at Enron  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This project is situated within the interpretive tradition in organizational communication research, focusing on organizational discourse. It goes further by bringing the discussion into the 21st century through examining how communication technology--specifically e-mail--plays a role in the linguistic practices that help create, maintain and…

Turnage, Anna K.



Website: E-mail:  

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Nacional de Salta, Salta, ARGENTINA Demir Altiner Middle East Technical University, Ankara, TURKEY Erhan Daniel Bernoulli University of Basel, Basel, SWITZERLAND Erdin Bozkurt Middle East Technical E-mail: INVITATION It is a great honour for us to welcome you to the "International

Seyitoðlu, Gürol


Fax +41 61 306 12 34 E-Mail  

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Fax +41 61 306 12 34 E-Mail Original Paper Brain Behav Evol DOI: 10.1159/000341161 Brain Evolution across the Puerto Rican Anole Radiation Brian J. Powell Manuel Leal Duke University, Durham, N.C., USA lometry is consistent with concerted brain evolution. How- ever, in the case

Leal, Manuel S.


Fax +41 61 306 12 34 E-Mail  

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Fax +41 61 306 12 34 E-Mail Original Paper Brain Behav Evol 2012;80:170­180 DOI: 10.1159/000341161 Brain Evolution across the Puerto Rican Anole Radiation Brian J. Powell Manuel Leal Duke University, Durham, N.C., USA lometry is consistent with concerted brain evolution. How- ever

Leal, Manuel S.


A Paradigm for Enhancing Course Offerings Using CD-ROM, Interactive Video and E-mail.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This study explored asynchronous delivery modalities in a distance education program and investigated a paradigm for enhancing interactivity in distance education using CD-ROM, interactive video, and e-mail. The purposes of the investigation were to: (1) create an asynchronous distance learning environment based in these technologies; (2) build…

Summers, Jerry; Reck, Larry


e-mail: Y. Lawrence Yao  

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Engineering, Columbia University, New York, NY 10027 David P. Mika Wenwu Zhang Michael Graham Jud MartePeng Cheng e-mail: Yajun Fan Jie Zhang Y. Lawrence Yao Department of Mechanical planning of laser forming, one kind of approach is based on optimization theory. Yu et al. 1 introduced

Yao, Y. Lawrence


E-Mail Population Aspects of Consanguinity  

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E-Mail Population Aspects of Consanguinity Hum Hered 2014;77:37­48 DOI: 10 estimates in populations and geographic regions with known high levels of consanguinity or genetic isolation from Africa. For the small number of populations with specific consanguinity estimates, we find

Rosenberg, Noah



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Technical Report 1218 IkeNet: Social Network Analysis of E-mail Traffic in the  

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Technical Report 1218 IkeNet: Social Network Analysis of E-mail Traffic in the Eisenhower: Primary distribution of this Technical Report has been made by ARI. Please address correspondence: This Technical Report may be destroyed when it is no longer needed. Please do not return it to the U.S. Army

Sadeh, Norman M.


Andrew Cotton-Clay Massachusetts Institute of Technology E-mail:  

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Andrew Cotton-Clay Massachusetts Institute of Technology E-mail: acotton: Gromov's Nonsqueezing Theorem · Advisor: Peter Kronheimer Publications · A. Cotton-Clay. A sharp bound on fixed points of area-preserving surface diffeo- morphisms. In preparation. · A. Cotton-Clay. Symplectic

Cotton-Clay, Andrew


Fax +41 61 306 12 34 E-Mail  

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Estadual Paulista, Botucatu, Brazil; b Department of Biology, University of Maryland, College Park, Md, the transposable element ROn-1, and repeated sequences in the bacterial artificial chromosome clone BAC- C4E09-000 (Brazil) Tel./Fax +55 14 3811 6264, E-Mail cmartins @ © 2010 S. Karger AG, Basel 1424

Kocher, Thomas D.


Journal of Nanotechnology in Engineering and Medicine Journal Copy of e-mail Notification  

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Journal of Nanotechnology in Engineering and Medicine Journal Copy of e-mail Notification Journal of Nanotechnology in Engineering and Medicine Published by ASME Dear Author, Congratulations on having your paper time. Please reply within 48 hours. Your prompt attention to and return of page proofs will speed

Mukhopadhyay, Sharmila M.


AISEC: an Artificial Immune System for E-mail Classification Andrew Secker  

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AISEC: an Artificial Immune System for E-mail Classification Andrew Secker Computing Laboratory-interesting material is increasing. Drawing analogies from the biological immune system, this paper presents an immune an immune-inspired approach we believe the final system will have the ability to dynamically determine

Timmis, Jon


Emmanuel Prestat, PhD in Bioinformatics 850 Steiner Street E-mail  

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Emmanuel Prestat, PhD in Bioinformatics 850 Steiner Street E-mail: San Francisco, CA, 94117 and metaproteomics data. Bio- statistical and bioinformatical analyses. Advisor: Professor Timothy M. Vogel Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Bayesian Networks, Metagenomics, Microbiomes (humanResearch Interests gut

Ajo-Franklin, Jonathan


E-Rate to Support Wireless E-Mail, Internet Calling  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article deals with federal E-rate program's support of school leaders' Blackberry habit. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has cleared the way to allow money from the $2.25 billion program of subsidies for school technology to apply to e-mail service for mobile, wireless devices, such as the BlackBerry, which are increasingly…

Trotter, Andrew



Fax +41 61 306 12 34 E-Mail  

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Fax +41 61 306 12 34 E-Mail Original Paper Cells Tissues Organs DOI-Engineered Regeneration Emma V. Darea May Griffitha Philippe Poitrasb James A. Kauppc Stephen D. Waldmanc David J National Research Council Canada, and e Division of Orthopaedic Surgery, The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, Ont

Waldman, Stephen D.


Language with Character: A Stratified Corpus Comparison of Individual Differences in E-Mail Communication  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

To what extent does the wording and syntactic form of people's writing reflect their personalities? Using a bottom-up stratified corpus comparison, rather than the top-down content analysis techniques that have been used before, we examine a corpus of e-mail messages elicited from individuals of known personality, as measured by the Eysenck…

Oberlander, Jon; Gill, Alastair J.




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Introduction to Tourism 3 4080 Tourism Marketing 3 4180 Tourism Planning & Development 3 II. ElectiveDEPARTMENTOF GEOGRAPHY WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY CURRENT FROM FALL 2013 NAME WIN E-MAIL TOURISM Culinary Tourism 3 5000 Advanced Tourism Studies 3 #12;III. Non-Classroom Experience. You must enroll

de Doncker, Elise


i I 1998, 19, 3242 E-mail:  

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i I 1998, 19, 32­42 517.9 ii i i ii .. I , E-mail: i ii i i , i i ii ii . Symmetry properties of a generalization of the Vakhnenko equation, of some generalizations of the Burgers equation and of a nonlinear system of hydrodynamic type are investigated. 1. i

Popovych, Roman


Stateless-Recipient Certified E-mail System based on Verifiable Encryption  

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- formation about the other's item. The classical solution to the fair exchange problem is based on the idea and Cristina Nita-Rotaru Department of Computer Science The Johns Hopkins University {ateniese,crisn} Abstract. In this paper we present a certified e-mail system which pro- vides fairness while making use

Amir, Yair


E-mail: Psychophysical Experiments on the Internet  

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E-mail: Psychophysical Experiments on the Internet Hendrik participated in one or more web-experiments. A comparison between the results of the anonymous Internet the anonymous Internet subjects (the main subject group). Members of the lab participating in web


PLAN A SPECIAL EVENT E-mail Planetarium and Outreach Staff to plan your  

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PLAN A SPECIAL EVENT E-mail Planetarium and Outreach Staff to plan your "Special Event." Or contact us by phone: (313) 577-2107 SHOW DATES & TIMES Visit our Planetarium Website for general information about our Public Planetarium Shows. N Wayne State University Board of Governors Tina Abbott, chair

Baskaran, Mark


Inexpensive E-mail Systems for LANs and Dial-up.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Internet e-mail is becoming more accessible to K-12 teachers. Many colleges and universities will give accounts to teachers for the price of asking. Unfortunately, many of these university systems are hard to use and are usually not offered to K-12 students. Also, most schools do not have phone lines in classrooms. This paper discusses two systems…

Pfaffman, Jay


Advertise on SIGN IN TO E-MAIL OR  

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Advertise on SIGN IN TO E-MAIL OR SAVE THIS PRINT SHARE Related A Whiff of Naples. Advertise on Go to Complete List » More Articles in Opinion » MOST POPULAR Michelle Obama Looks

Columbia University


# 1 HSC (Health & Safety Committee): Member Organization Type Phone Office E-Mail  

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Athletics Appointed 310-0319 Gillian Wickwire Violence Prevention & Response Elected Member Organization Type Phone Office E-Mail Andy Mackay Recreational Sports/IMA Appointed 616-6194 Sara Jones Recreational Sports/IMA Elected 543-7393 Vice-Chair/U-Wide sejones2@uw

Wilcock, William


Share this with Managing the thousands of e-mail messages  

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. With AT&T Secure E-Mail Gateway (SEG), you can: ·Helpprotectyourcompanyagainstadvanced persistent threats these valuable resources from strategic work that advances business goals. Thankfully, there is a better way-mail malware threats before they reach your network. Just as important as blocking inbound attacks, SEG also

Fisher, Kathleen


Decision Support Methodologies E-mail:  

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Science Decision Support Systems & Examples #12;Dr Rong Qu G54DSM ­ Decision Making 2 of 25 Decision for improving decision making #12;Dr Rong Qu G54DSM ­ Decision Making 4 of 25 Decision Support Systems1 Decision Support Methodologies (G54DSM) Dr Rong Qu E-mail: School of Computer

Qu, Rong


College & TerFull AddressPhoneE-mail University Graduate Council  

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College & TerFull AddressPhoneE-mail University Graduate Council 2012-2013 A&L--2013Lisa Cedar Road Room C608 ANR--2013Elizabeth Gardner Food Science & Human Nutrition 469 Wilson Rd Room 234C ext.124 ANR--2014Beth Olson Food Science & Human Nutrition


Internet: E-mail:  

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Internet: E-mail: PRE 052/04 (Presse) EN of the European Union (COMPETITIVENESS - Internal market, Industry and Research) will take place on 24 September and competitiveness = Information from the Presidency - Industrial policy and structural change Commission


16 CFR 1130.8 - Requirements for Web site registration or alternative e-mail registration.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...alternative e-mail registration. (a) Link to registration page. The manufacturer's...this part 1130, shall be designed with a link clearly identified on the main web page that...identification of the manufacturer or a link to the manufacturer's home...



Exploring Students' Use of E-Mail for Out-of-Class Communication: Frequency, Satisfaction, and Learning Self-Efficacy  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The authors assessed students' use of e-mail for out-of-class communication (OCC) and its impact on satisfaction and learning self-efficacy. Findings showed that students and instructors use e-mail frequently for OCC, and frequency of use is positively associated with student satisfaction with e-mail as an OCC medium. Moreover, the content of…

Zhao, Q.; Ahn, S.; Meyers, R. A.; Timmerman, C. E.; Fonner, K. L.



The Messages They Send: E-Mail Use by Adolescents with and without a History of Specific Language Impairment (SLI)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Background: Contemporary adolescents use e-mail for a variety of purposes, including peer communication and education. Research into these uses has focused on typically developing individuals; much less is known about the use of e-mail by exceptional youth. Aims: The present study examined the structure and form of e-mail messages sent by…

Conti-Ramsden, Gina; Durkin, Kevin; Walker, Allan J.



Speech-based Interaction with In-vehicle Computers: The Effect of Speech-based E-mail on Drivers' Attention to the Roadway  

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. However, speech-based interfaces may pose cognitive demands that could undermine driving safety and a complex e-mail system in both simple and complex driving environments. The results show a 30% (310 msec) and text-to-speech technology offer an option for a driver-vehicle interface that may not distract drivers

Lee, John D.


Transferable Output ASCII Data (TOAD) editor version 1.0 user's guide  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The Transferable Output ASCII Data (TOAD) editor is an interactive software tool for manipulating the contents of TOAD files. The TOAD editor is specifically designed to work with tabular data. Selected subsets of data may be displayed to the user's screen, sorted, exchanged, duplicated, removed, replaced, inserted, or transferred to and from external files. It also offers a number of useful features including on-line help, macros, a command history, an 'undo' option, variables, and a full compliment of mathematical functions and conversion factors. Written in ANSI FORTRAN 77 and completely self-contained, the TOAD editor is very portable and has already been installed on SUN, SGI/IRIS, and CONVEX hosts.

Bingel, Bradford D.; Shea, Anne L.; Hofler, Alicia S.



New Software Product Feature Identification: An Analysis of E-mail User Characteristics and Functional Requirements  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Improving the product development process is becoming more important as business environment gets more competitive. This study aims at understanding and characterizing potential users of a software product through idea sharing of users. It also targets to create a new product concept through understanding the common features users prefer most. During this product conceptualization stage, the customer ideas are captured through use of a questionnaire. The target users, priority of product functions and features are investigated and the details of the existing e-mail systems as well as of the ideal e-mail systems are identified. Some of the key results included users with demographic differences having different usage and requirements characteristics, expectations of females being higher than those of males and the software functions used and characteristics required being different for those with different job categories or educational backgrounds.

Sofuoglu, Ecehan; Basoglu, Nuri; Daim, Tugrul


Fax +41 61 306 12 34 E-Mail  

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Differentiation The sex of an individual is determined by the fate of the gonad. This organ arises from twoFax +41 61 306 12 34 E-Mail Review Article Sex Dev 2008;2:219­227 DOI: 10.1159/000152038 Genetics of Ovarian Differentiation: Rspo1, a Major Player A.A. Chassot E

McQueen, Heather


Cut as a querying unit for WWW, Netnews, and e-mail  

Microsoft Academic Search

In this paper, we propose a query framework for hypertextdata in general, and for WWW pages, Netnews articles,and e-mails in particular. In existing query toolsfor hypertext data, such as search engines for WWWor intelligent news\\/mail readers, data units in query aretypically individual nodes. In actual hypertext data,however, one topic is often described over a series of connectednodes, and therefore, the

Keishi Tajima; Yoshiaki Mizuuchi; Masatsugu Kitagawa; Katsumi Tanaka



Complementing E-Mails with Distinct, Geographic Location Information in Packet-switched IP Networks  

Microsoft Academic Search

Although the Internet has developed into a mass-medium for communication and information exchange over the last couple of years, many problems still exist regarding security and anonymity. One of these Achilles' Heels is spam. Electronic mail (e-mail) has become one of the most used communication mechanism. It is absolutely easy to use and cost-eective. Unfortunately, the simplicity and eectiveness of

Stephan Kubisch; Harald Widiger; Peter Danielis; Jens Schulz; Dirk Timmermann; Thomas Bahls; Daniel Duchow


In their own words? A terminological analysis of e-mail to a cancer information service.  

PubMed Central

OBJECTIVE: To better understand the terms used by consumers to describe their health information needs and determine if this "consumer terminology"differs from those used by health care professionals. METHODS: Features and findings identified in 139 e-mail messages to the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute's Cancer Information and Referral Service were coded and matched against the 2001 Unified Medical Language System Metathesaurus. RESULTS:504 unique terms were identified. 185 (36%) were exact matches to concepts in the 2001 UMLS Metathesaurus (MTH). 179 (35%) were partial string matches; 119 (24%) were known synonyms for MTH concepts; and 2 (<1%) were lexical variants. Only 19,or 4% of the total terms, were not found to be present in the 2001 MT1H. CONCLUSION: 96% of the clinical findings and features mentioned in e-mail by correspondents who did not self-identify as healthcare professionals were described using terms from controlled healthcare terminologies. The notion of a paradigmatic "consumer" who uses a particular vocabulary specific to her "consumer" status may be ill-founded. PMID:12463914

Smith, Catherine Arnott; Stavri, P. Zoë; Chapman, Wendy Webber



E-mail surveys assist investigation and response: a university conjunctivitis outbreak.  

PubMed Central

A conjunctivitis outbreak affecting more than 200 individuals occurred on a university campus in Evanston, Illinois, USA, in spring 2002. An investigation was conducted jointly by the Evanston Department of Health and the Illinois Department of Public Health. A combination of e-mail and traditional telephone-based surveys demonstrated that wearing contact lenses was a risk factor for any conjunctivitis and bilateral conjunctivitis, whereas using glasses was protective. Laboratory and epidemiological evidence suggested that the outbreak was caused by a viral pathogen that eluded characterization despite extensive culture and PCR-based laboratory testing. Enhanced laboratory surveillance could help clinicians and public-health officials to identify relevant secular changes in the spectrum of causes of conjunctivitis. During institutional outbreaks, e-mail surveys can help public-health officials to efficiently access information not easily collected by traditional case-control studies, and can provide an effective conduit for providing prevention recommendation, such as the need for improved hand and contact-lens hygiene during outbreaks. PMID:15310179

Passaro, D. J.; Scott, M.; Dworkin, M. S.



Mitigating E-Mail Requests in Teenagers' First and Second Language Academic Cyber-Consultation  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The study analyses teenagers' e-mail requests during academic cyber-consultation, exploring how the performance of request modifiers is influenced by participants' perceptions of the degree of imposition of the speech act and social distance with the recipient. A total of 295 e-mail requests, 145 produced by British English speakers…

Alcón Soler, Eva



Talking Shop via E-Mail: A Thematic and Linguistic Analysis of Electronic Mail Communication. Research Report 99.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The linguistic purposes of this research were to focus on content, themes and topics, and to analyze the way the target language (English) was used in e-mail. Communicativeness and the roles of the communicator (writer-reader) became central, emphasizing the multidirectional character of e-mail communication. The basic tenet of communicativeness…

Tella, Seppo


The Ethnographic Approach and Meta-Analysis: On the Intricacies of Identity Construction among Mohawk E-mail Users.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Shortly after a researcher arrived at a Traditional Mohawk (Iroquois) Indian community in New York State in May 1997, seven community members began using the Netscape 3.0 e-mail system with steadily increasing frequency. The researcher was interested in studying the relationship between new communication technology and identity maintenance. E-mail…

MacDougall, Robert


University of Windsor Policy Concerning the Use of E-mail as an Official Means of Electronic Communication with Students  

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business, electronic communication from the University will be delivered to a student's UniversityUniversity of Windsor Policy Concerning the Use of E-mail as an Official Means of Electronic of Windsor (UWin) e- mail address. 2. All official electronic communication from the University


Can Messages Make a Difference? The Association between E-Mail Messages and Health Outcomes in Diabetes Patients  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This investigation examined the impact of social support messages on patient health outcomes. Forty-one American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian patients received a total of 618 e-mail messages from their healthcare provider (HCP). The e-mail messages were divided into 3,565 message units and coded for instances of emotional social…

Turner, Jeanine Warisse; Robinson, James D.; Tian, Yan; Neustadtl, Alan; Angelus, Pam; Russell, Marie; Mun, Seong K.; Levine, Betty



Predicted Outcome Value of E-Mail Communication: Factors that Foster Professional Relational Development between Students and Teachers  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Using predicted outcome value theory as a guide, this study investigated the link between e-mail correspondence as a form of computer mediated extra class communication and how it may shape students' desire to foster student-teacher relational development. The findings revealed that when students believe their teacher e-mails the class frequently,…

Young, Stacy; Kelsey, Dawn; Lancaster, Alexander



Uses and Perceptions of E-Mail for Course-Related Communication between Business Faculty and Undergraduates  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Technological advancements have facilitated the learning process by offering faculty members and students better access to resources, while increasing the potential for more interaction and communication flexibility (Firmin & Miller, 2005). Among these technologies is electronic mail or e-mail. The uses and perceptions of e-mail between business…

Costello, Robert



Responsiveness to a Prospective Student E-Mail Inquiry by Community Colleges in the Nine Mega-States  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This quantitative study investigated e-mail responsiveness by community colleges in the nine mega-states to an inquiry from a prospective student. Noel-Levitz (2006b) reported that prospective students want to receive an e-mail with information about an institution prior to applying for admission. Specifically, high school juniors and seniors want…

Shadinger, David A.



Use of Bright Light Therapy Among Psychiatrists in Massachusetts: An E-Mail Survey  

PubMed Central

Background: Evidence on the use of bright light therapy for conditions beyond seasonal affective disorder continues to accrue; however, data on the prevalent use of bright light therapy in the community or in hospitals remain limited, particularly in the United States. Method: We conducted a 5-minute e-mail survey of practicing psychiatrists in Massachusetts using the membership roster through the Massachusetts Psychiatric Society to evaluate prevalent use of bright light therapy as well as to solicit attitudes toward the treatment. Three e-mails were sent out over a 2-week period, and responses were obtained from March 2–24, 2013. An iPad raffle was used to incentivize survey completion. Results: Of the 1,366 delivered e-mails, 197 responses were obtained. Of respondents, 72% indicated that they used bright light therapy in their practice, and, among these, all but 1 used bright light therapy for seasonal affective disorder. Only 55% of responding psychiatrists who use bright light therapy consider it to treat nonseasonal depression, and 11% of respondents who recommend bright light therapy would consider its use in inpatient settings. Lack of insurance coverage for light-delivery devices was identified as the largest barrier to using bright light therapy, being cited by 55% of respondents. Survey results suggest that limitations in practitioner knowledge of bright light therapy and the absence of bright light therapy in treatment algorithms are the 2 leading modifiable factors to encourage broader implementation. Limitations: The principal limitation of our survey was the low response rate. As such, we consider these data preliminary. Conclusions: Response bias very likely led to an overestimation in prevalent use of bright light therapy; however, this bias notwithstanding, it appears that bright light therapy is used significantly less often for nonseasonal depression than for seasonal affective disorder. Further, its use in inpatient settings is significantly less than in outpatient settings. We expect that efforts to educate practitioners on the use and efficacy of bright light therapy for various psychiatric disorders combined with its inclusion on treatment algorithms may foster greater prevalent use. PMID:25317374

Ciraulo, Domenic A.



The effect of tailored e-mails in the workplace. Part II. Increasing overall physical activity.  


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact tailored e-mail messages, based on participants' identified needs, have on intentional physical activity. A quasi-experimental design (two groups, repeated measures) in a population of manufacturing workers (73 employees from two distribution plants of a multi-national manufacturer) was used. Significant differences were found between contemplation-staged participants in the intervention and the comparison groups. In the intervention group, 53.3% of the workers moved forward, as opposed to 19.2% in the comparison group (medium effect size = 0.353). Although both the intervention group and the comparison group increased their number of steps, the comparison group's improvement was most likely attributed to a Hawthorne effect. These results are highly promising given the small sample size and limited "dose". The intervention is one most industries could feasibly implement. Such efforts have the potential to significantly impact public health. PMID:19650604

Yap, Tracey L; Davis, L Sue; Gates, Donna M; Hemmings, Annette B; Pan, Wei



The effectiveness of personalized e-mail newsletters and the role of personal characteristics.  


Personalizing communication means creating persuasive messages that refer to aspects of a person's self. Although the use of personalization is increasing, research on its effectiveness is limited and the results are mixed. This study examined the persuasiveness of personalized e-mail newsletters in terms of increased attention, cognitive activity, evaluation, attitude, intention, and behavior by means of an experiment (n=109). Participants randomly received either a personalized or a generic newsletter advertising a sports center. Personalization triggered a more positive evaluation of the message; however, it did not influence the other effect variables. The effects were moderated by consumers' need for uniqueness, trust, and privacy concerns, suggesting that personalization is a good strategy to increase message evaluation only among individuals who have a high need for uniqueness. PMID:21790275

Maslowska, Ewa; Putte, Bas van den; Smit, Edith G



Student name (Last, First, Middle/Maiden) Student ID# (if none, SSN) Street Address *E-mail (U of M, or if none, other e-mail) Telephone number  

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Student name (Last, First, Middle/Maiden) Student ID# (if none, SSN) Street Address *E-mail (U of M-time Discretionary Course Cancellation Each student is permitted one discretionary course cancellation during his for the course. Withdrawals may impact your financial aid. Contact the Office of Student Finance. Course

Amin, S. Massoud


e-mail interface started August 1991 download data available from start  

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logs starting from 1993 · 233,000 full text documents (with full graphics), as of 1 May 2003 · physics-branes de sitter #12;graphics baseball specs references hockey car clinton unix space quicktime computer

Menczer, Filippo


1Sperm fate and function in reproductive isolation in Drosophila Corresponding author E-mail:  

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of the genus Drosophila provide an unusually attractive model system for studies of the reproductive isolating1Sperm fate and function in reproductive isolation in Drosophila Corresponding author E-mail: Sperm fate and function in reproductive isolation in Drosophila Therese Ann Markow

Markow, Therese


Personal Web Archive: E-mail:, {shizuki,jiro}  

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Personal Web Archive: Web E-mail:, {shizuki,jiro} Web Web Web Web Web Web Personal Web Archive Personal Web Archive: Support System for Browsing the Versions of Web Page Ryota WAKAMATSU Buntarou SHIZUKI Jiro TANAKA Graduate School of Systems

Tanaka, Jiro


Quim. Nova, Vol. 30, No. 2, 481-487, 2007 *e-mail:  

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Quim. Nova, Vol. 30, No. 2, 481-487, 2007 Educação *e-mail: RECONHECIMENTO DE PADR�ES do estabelecimento de novas variáveis ortogonais entre si, denomina- das componentes principais (PCs

Ferreira, Márcia M. C.


Paper Trail: An Angry Professor Uses a State Law to Get Colleagues' E-Mail Messages and Other Records  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Angry over the department's vote not to hire his wife, University of Georgia history of science professor Alexei Kojevnikov obtained access to professors' and administrators' e-mails and documents related to the hiring process and spousal hires. This article discusses the controversy from different perspectives, the state of Georgia's law that…

Fogg, Piper



Pre-service teacher learning through one-on-one tutoring: Reporting perceptions through e-mail  

Microsoft Academic Search

This formative study investigated the attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions of university students seeking teacher certification toward students with content-area difficulties as well as towards their own tutoring experience. A qualitative analysis of communication with the university course instructors reported through electronic mail (e-mail) messages revealed several themes. The researchers identified the following themes through analysis: instructional growth; emotional attachment; why

Wanda B. Hedrick; Patricia McGee; Kathleen Mittag



Analysis of E-Mail Produced by Middle School Students with Disabilities Using Accessible Interfaces: An Exploratory Study  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The goal of this exploratory study was to investigate electronic communication as a potential method to enhance social communication in a range of students with disabilities. This study investigated the usability of an adapted e-mail interface, TeenMail, for 11 middle school students with significant learning and communication impairments who…

Sohlberg, McKay Moore; Todis, Bonnie; Fickas, Stephen; Ehlhardt, Laurie



EFL Students' Vocabulary Learning in NS-NNS E-Mail Interactions: Do They Learn New Words by Imitation?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The present study investigated Japanese students' EFL vocabulary development through e-mail interactions with a native English speaker (NS), with primary focus on students' imitation of new words. According to sociocultural theory, learners can internalize new linguistic knowledge by imitating an expert's expressions to create his/her own…

Sasaki, Akihiko; Takeuchi, Osamu



Learning to Filter Spam E-Mail: A Comparison of a Naive Bayesian and a Memory-Based Approach  

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filtering. The increasing volume of unsolicited bulk e-mail (spam) has generated a need for reliable anti-based filters. The latter are generally more powerful, as spammers often use fake addresses. Existing content-mail into folders (Cohen 1996, Payne & Edwards 1997), or identifying interesting news articles (Lang 1995; see also

Paliouras, George


Is the Medium the Message? Comparing Student Perceptions of Teacher Responses via Written and E-mail Forms.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Telecommunications in the classroom helps transform familiar types of assignments into new forms, increasing students' motivation while extending opportunities for critical thinking. This goals of this study were to increase apprentice teachers' technology use and evaluation skills while determining the value of e-mail communication in…

Deal, Nancy


An Analysis of E-mail Technologies Used by Business Educators at the Secondary and Postsecondary Levels.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Responses from 225 secondary and 251 postsecondary business educators indicated the following: (1) secondary teachers had less frequent e-mail access, training, and use; (2) primary recipients were friends/family and faculty/staff; (3) primary use was internal administrative communications; (4) postsecondary teachers were more likely to give their…

Alexander, Melody W.; Zhao, Jensen J.; Underwood, Robert A.



Professores MEN tera-feira, 10 de abril de 2012 NOME CATEGORIA REA ESCANINHO SALA E-MAIL  

E-print Network Página 1 de 4 #12;NOME CATEGORIA ÁREA ESCANINHO SALA E-MAIL Demétrio Delizoicov Neto Asc. II Didática Kátia Adair Agostinho Substituto Educação Infantil 66 - Leandro Belinaso

Floeter, Sergio Ricardo


Call the Office of Health Promotion at 458-4501 E-mail Jan Kaufman, advisor to LIFE at  

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in the CD: An interactive adventure in exploring sexual health issues. It has three rooms; a nightclub (ClubCall the Office of Health Promotion at 458-4501 E-mail Jan Kaufman, advisor to LIFE at Visit the Health Library Student Health Center

Marsh, David


General Rules of the PC Labs 1. A Warner College of Natural Resources e-mail account is required for  

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General Rules of the PC Labs 1. A Warner College of Natural Resources e-mail account is required such as Lamar or Holly. If you do not know if you have an account with the College of Natural Resources, please


LIMNOLOGY Biology 4470 / 5470 Fall 2006 Dr. Alan Groeger (E-mail  

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LIMNOLOGY Biology 4470 / 5470 Fall 2006 Dr. Alan Groeger (E-mail OFFICE: Room 262 advantage of my office hours for help in limnology- if my office hours are inconvenient, other times may assigned. COURSE DESCRIPTION: Limnology is the study of inland waters: their physical, chemical, geological

Aspbury, Andrea S. - Department of Biology, Texas State University


e-mail : {js.lee, robot91, lsm} ,  

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Algorithm based Multi-Robot Cooperation Jaeseon Lee1 , Sang-Hoon Ji1 , Sang-Moo Lee1 , Byoung-Tak Zhang2-based Multi-robot Cooperative Exploration," Control and Automation, 2007. ICCA 2007. IEEE International 1 , 1 , 1 , 2 1 , 2 e-mail : {js.lee, robot91, lsm} , Memetic

Zhang, Byoung-Tak


Cheng-Chun Tu (William Tu) Phone: +1-631-875-0810 E-mail:  

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Cheng-Chun Tu (William Tu) Phone: +1-631-875-0810 E-mail: Education 2008 of Experience Kuan-Ta Chen, Cheng-Chun Tu, and Wei-Cheng Xiao A User-Centric Framework for Comparing Applications Network Robustness Hung-Hsuan Chen, Cheng-Chun Tu, and and Kuan-Ta Chen OneClick: A Framework

Chiueh, Tzi-cker


E-mail: fhnakano,kodaka,kimura, OSCAR (OSCAR CMP) OSCAR CMP  

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outerip 6 6.1 OSCAR CMP L2 L2 OSCAR CMP L2 L2 padding12) 3 #12;OSCAR CMP 3 L2 2 L2 3 CSM OSCAR CMP 5 LDM 9 80 10 1PE OSCAR CMP 1 oscar OSCAR CMP shared snoop padding L2 L2 4 5 6 Tomcatv OSCAR CMP L2 L2OSCAR CMP y y z y E-mail: fhnakano,kodaka,kimura, 1 1 OSCAR (OSCAR

Kasahara, Hironori


Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)-PMN file: ASCII text data. TSCA chemical substances inventory: PMN number to EPA accession number link, August 1996 (for microcomputers). Data file  

SciTech Connect

The PMN Number to EPA Accession Number Link Diskette provides a cross-reference of these numbers for commenced PMNs on the confidential portion of the TSCA Master Inventory File. Neither this cross-reference nor the additional information included is TSCA Confidential Business Information. Provided on the diskette for each confidential commenced PMN are the PMN Case Number, EPA Accession Number, Generic Name, and EPA special flags. The sequence of the file is in ascending PMN case Number order with `P` case numbers sorted first, followed by `Y` case numbers.




The systematic development of a tailored e-mail intervention for health behavior change toward increasing intentional physical activity.  


Although the benefits of physical activity are well known, most adults in the United States are relatively sedentary, with about 60% of adults not regularly physically active and 25% of those not active at all. This inactivity places the population at risk for many chronic diseases. Understanding optimal ways of both communicating with and educating employees regarding intention to reduce risk of ill health and enhance well-being through physical activity was the fundamental aim of this health communication research study. The authors designed a series of theory-based, tailored e-mail messages, which were evaluated for content validity by health care experts and focus groups. Focus groups were held according to the stage-of-change level of the participants, and two clear domains emerged: persuasion and decision domains. Improving societal well-being in a cost-effective manner using e-mail remains to be seen; however, creating interventions to engineer sufficient impact on health behavior decision making is an investment worth exploring. PMID:19103982

Yap, Tracey L; Hemmings, Annette; Davis, L Sue



TRMM Gridded Text Products  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

NASA's Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) has many products that contain instantaneous or gridded rain rates often among many other parameters. However, these products because of their completeness can often seem intimidating to users just desiring surface rain rates. For example one of the gridded monthly products contains well over 200 parameters. It is clear that if only rain rates are desired, this many parameters might prove intimidating. In addition, for many good reasons these products are archived and currently distributed in HDF format. This also can be an inhibiting factor in using TRMM rain rates. To provide a simple format and isolate just the rain rates from the many other parameters, the TRMM product created a series of gridded products in ASCII text format. This paper describes the various text rain rate products produced. It provides detailed information about parameters and how they are calculated. It also gives detailed format information. These products are used in a number of applications with the TRMM processing system. The products are produced from the swath instantaneous rain rates and contain information from the three major TRMM instruments: radar, radiometer, and combined. They are simple to use, human readable, and small for downloading.

Stocker, Erich Franz



E-mail invitations to general practitioners were as effective as postal invitations and were more efficient. |

This study compared cost and effectiveness of recruiting general practitioners (GPs) to an online trial by e-mail compared with postal invitations. Use of e-mail did not improve recruitment, but it also did not adversely affect accrual. It was also logistically easier than mailing and lowered costs. Reminders using both methods resulted in a 4 percent increase in accrual.


First-Time Setup of Mozilla Thunderbird v1.5 for Windows, MacOS X, and Unix for Polytechnic University's E-mail Systems  

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within the configuration tree on the left of the window. · Select Server Settings under your Polytechnic, please call 718.260.3123 or e-mail · Highlight your Polytechnic SMTP server and click Edit with your Polytechnic University e-mail account. These instructions assume you have installed Mozilla

Aronov, Boris


Phone: (765) 494-5146 E-mail: Web: Center for the Environment  

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" Phone: (765) 494-5146 · E-mail: · Web: http overlapping aspects of the environmental challenges facing the world today. By emphasizing the deep connection-making and behavior #12;" " Phone: (765) 494-5146 · E-mail: · Web: http


Receiving E-mail on the Math Computer System The Math and Computer Science computer systems are largely integrated --the function-  

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Receiving E-mail on the Math Computer System The Math and Computer Science computer systems systems. On the Math system, e-mail is read on while on the CS system, it is read should now see a field which will resemble the following: Enter Mail Forward: shannons@math

deYoung, Brad


The effect of tailored E-mails in the workplace. Part I. Stage movement toward increased physical activity levels.  


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact tailored e-mail messages, based on participants' identified needs, have on intentional physical activity. A quasi-experimental design (two groups, repeated measures) in a population of manufacturing workers (73 employees from two distribution plants of a multi-national manufacturer) was used. Significant differences were found between contemplation-staged participants in the intervention and the comparison groups. In the intervention group, 53.3% of the workers moved forward, as opposed to 19.2% in the comparison group (medium effect size = 0.353). Although both the intervention group and the comparison group increased their number of steps, the comparison group's improvement was most likely attributed to a Hawthorne effect. These results are highly promising given the small sample size and limited "dose". The intervention is one most industries could feasibly implement. Such efforts have the potential to significantly impact public health. PMID:19639858

Yap, Tracey L; Davis, L Sue; Gates, Donna M; Hemmings, Annette B; Pan, Wei



Promoting walking among office employees ? evaluation of a randomized controlled intervention with pedometers and e-mail messages  

PubMed Central

Background The purpose of the study was to evaluate a 6-month intervention to promote office-employees’ walking with pedometers and e-mail messages. Methods Participants were recruited by 10 occupational health care units (OHC) from 20 worksites with 2,230 employees. Voluntary and insufficiently physically active employees (N?=?241) were randomized to a pedometer (STEP, N?=?123) and a comparison group (COMP, N?=?118). STEP included one group meeting, log-monitored pedometer-use and six e-mail messages from OHC. COMP participated in data collection. Reach, effectiveness, adoption, implementation, maintenance (RE-AIM) and costs were assessed with questionnaires (0, 2, 6, 12?months), process evaluation and interviews (12?months). Results The intervention reached 29% (N?=?646) of employees in terms of participation willingness. Logistic regression showed that the proportion of walkers tended to increase more in STEP than in COMP at 2?months in “walking for transportation” (Odds ratio 2.12, 95%CI 0.94 to 4.81) and at 6?months in “walking for leisure” (1.86, 95%CI 0.94 to 3.69). Linear model revealed a modest increase in the mean duration of “walking stairs” at 2 and 6?months (Geometric mean ratio 1.26, 95%CI 0.98 to 1.61; 1.27, 0.98 to 1.64). Adoption and implementation succeeded as intended. At 12?months, some traces of the intervention were sustained in 15 worksites, and a slightly higher number of walkers in STEP in comparison with COMP was observed in “walking stairs” (OR 2.24, 95%CI 0.94 to 5.31) and in “walking for leisure” (2.07, 95%CI 0.99 to 4.34). The direct costs of the intervention were 43 Euros per participant. Conclusions The findings indicate only modest impact on some indicators of walking. Future studies should invest in reaching the employees, minimizing attrition rate and using objective walking assessment. Trial registeration ISRCTN79432107 PMID:22672576



*Corresponding author. Fax: #1 315 268 3833; e-mail: Present address: Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Akron, OH 44305-3399, USA.  

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*Corresponding author. Fax: #1 315 268 3833; e-mail: Present address--558 Convection and segregation during vertical Bridgman growth with centrifugation W.R. Wilcox*, L.L. Regel, W

Regel, Liya L.


51 *Corresponding author, Phone: 970 491 0803, Fax: 970 491 0649, E-mail: Cysteine Desulfurase-Mediated Sulfur Donation Pathways  

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0649, E-mail: Chapter 7 Cysteine Desulfurase-Mediated Sulfur Donation................................................................................................................................................. 134 II. Iron­Sulfur Cluster Assembly..................................................................................................................... 134 A. Overview of Iron­Sulfur Cluster Function


Setup Gmail On iOS To set up push e-mail from a Gmail account to an iPhone  

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Setup Gmail On iOS To set up push e-mail from a Gmail account to an iPhone: 1. Tap ` username.) 6. Leave the `Domain' field empty. 7. In the `Username' box, enter your Google account e-mail ID. Select the `Keep on my iPhone' option to retain the existing Contacts and Calendars on your iPhone. #12;

Barrash, Warren


Foreign language learning using e-mail in a task-oriented perspective: Interuniversity experiments in communication and collaboration  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

From 1988 to 1990 several collaborative “cross-country” intermediate French classes at Harvard and Stanford became one class. Students combined their efforts and insights in the accomplishment of a semester-long task, in most cases the publication of a student newspaper or magazine, using the electronic mail (e-mail) network to contact each other, elaborate their plans, and bring their projects to successful conclusion. Additional experiments of a similar nature took place between Harvard and the University of Pittsburgh (in the spring of 1990) and between Stanford and the University of Pittsburgh during 1991 1993. This paper suggests that this type of task-oriented learning through distance-communication is applicable at many different course levels and has considerable merit as an approach to teaching and learning. The key phases of this task-based model are presented along with technological information regarding computers and networks, as a guide to colleagues interested in pursuing similar lines of experimental teaching. Also included are samples of student messages, with their varied and often highly colorful discourse features, which attest to the motivation of students and reveal the strong personal investment made by the participants as they join hands across the miles in a productive, communication-based enterprise. The language and learning styles generated by technology and computers fully deserve closer investigation by researchers and teaching practitioners alike. The authors summarize the experiments, discuss assessment, and present research issues, concluding that good pedagogy and quality technology must share a vision of what can be accomplished in this rapidly evolving educational work place.

Barson, John; Frommer, Judith; Schwartz, Michael



Social equity and access to the World Wide Web and E-mail: implications for design and implementation of medical applications.  

PubMed Central

INTRODUCTION: The distribution and types of Internet connectivity will determine the equity of access by patient populations to emerging health technologies. We sought to measure the rates, types, and predictors of access in a patient population targeted for Web-based medical services. METHODS: Design. Cross sectional in-person interview. Setting. Emergency department of a large urban pediatric teaching hospital. Subjects. Primary caretakers of patients or patients at least 16 years old. Procedure and measures. Subjects were asked about access to e-mail and the Internet as well as about willingness to use and concerns about Web-based services. Views of equity and access and sociodemographic data were also elicited. RESULTS: 132 subjects were enrolled in the study. Of respondents, 67.2% use a computer and 36.4% can access the Internet or e-mail from home. Including Internet connections and/or e-mail accounts at work, school and public libraries, 50.7% of the sample has access. Forty percent of families have e-mail accounts. The rate at which families have connectivity is primarily correlated with income (r = 0.6, p < 0.01). At all income levels, rates of access to the World Wide Web are higher than to e-mail. White patients are much more likely to have e-mail (OR 5.0, 95% CI 2.4-10.8) and Web access (OR 3.6, 95% CI 1.7-7.5). CONCLUSIONS: Connectivity is directly correlated with income and distributed unevenly across racial and ethnic groups. World Wide Web access is more prevalent than e-mail accounts, and both are often obtained outside the home. Design of health applications should account for these attributes of patient access. PMID:9929213

Mandl, K. D.; Katz, S. B.; Kohane, I. S.



Effectiveness of an intensive E-mail based intervention in smoking cessation (TABATIC study): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial  

PubMed Central

Background Intensive interventions on smoking cessation increase abstinence rates. However, few electronic mail (E-mail) based intensive interventions have been tested in smokers and none in primary care (PC) setting. The aim of the present study is to evaluate the effectiveness of an intensive E-mail based intervention in smokers attending PC services. Methods/design Randomized Controlled Multicentric Trial. Study population: 1060 smokers aged between 18–70 years from Catalonia, Salamanca and Aragón (Spain) who have and check regularly an E-mail account. Patients will be randomly assigned to control or intervention group. Intervention: Six phase intensive intervention with two face to face interviews and four automatically created and personal E-mail patients tracking, if needed other E-mail contacts will be made. Control group will receive a brief advice on smoking cessation. Outcome measures: Will be measured at 6 and 12 months after intervention: self reported continuous abstinence (confirmed by cooximetry), point prevalence abstinence, tobacco consumption, evolution of stage according to Prochaska and DiClemente's Stages of Change Model, length of visit, costs for the patient to access Primary Care Center. Statistical analysis: Descriptive and logistic and Poisson regression analysis under the intention to treat basis using SPSS v.17. Discussion The proposed intervention is an E-mail based intensive intervention in smokers attending primary care. Positive results could be useful to demonstrate a higher percentage of short and long-term abstinence among smokers attended in PC in Spain who regularly use E-mail. Furthermore, this intervention could be helpful in all health services to help smokers to quit. Trial Registration Clinical Identifier: NCT01494246. PMID:23597262



Text Structure  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This web page defines and describes text structure, or how the information within a written text is organized. It explains the benefits of teaching students to identify and analyze text structures within text and describes an instructional sequence in which students read examples of different text structures and then write paragraphs that follow a specific text structure. The site includes definitions and examples of five common text structures, and graphic organizers that can be used with each type of text. Links to additional resources and research citations are included.



The Author 2009. Published by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved. For permissions, please e-mail:  

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, please e-mail: Usher Syndrome IIIA Gene Clarin-1 is Essential function and associated neural activation. #12;3 Introduction Usher syndrome is the most common cause with pre-pubertal onset of retinitis pigmentosa (RP). In USH2 hearing loss is milder, the onset of RP

Reh, Thomas A.


E-mail's Contribution to Total Paper Consumption on the U.C. Berkeley Campus: An Investigation of the Printing Behavior of both Students and Staff  

Microsoft Academic Search

Digital technologies, such as the Internet, electronic libraries, and electronic mail (commonly called 'e-mail') have fundamental opportunities to reduce paper use. However, digital technologies also provide ample opportunities for vast waste of resources, such as paper. Despite the believable promises of a \\

Patrick Riley


Benefits Office: Phone: (352) 392-2HRS Fax: (352) 392-5166 E-mail: Pet Insurance  

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Benefits Office: Phone: (352) 392-2HRS Fax: (352) 392-5166 E-mail: Pet Insurance* Injury Plan $5/paycheck* $5/paycheck* Veterinary Pet Insurance ® Veterinary Pet Insurance® is the nation's oldest, largest and number one veterinarian-recommended pet health insurance provider. With comprehensive

Mair, Bernard A.


Weather Research Center 5104 Caroline Houston, Texas 77004 Phone: 713-529-3076 Fax: 713-528-3538 E-mail:  

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® Weather Research Center 5104 Caroline Houston, Texas 77004 Phone: 713-529-3076 Fax: 713-528-3538 E-mail: Title: Weather Camp Director Date: Summer 2012 Weather Research Center to a need to educate the public about weather and weather safety. The mission of WRC is to advance

Droegemeier, Kelvin K.


*Corresponding author. E-mail addresses: (S.D. Wilke), (C.W. Eurich).  

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*Corresponding author. E-mail addresses: (S.D. Wilke), (C.W. Eurich). Neurocomputing 38}40 (2001) 445}450 Neural spike statistics modify the impact of background noise Stefan D. Wilke*, Christian W. Eurich Institut fu( r Theoretische Physik, Universita

Eurich, Christian


ISRAEL JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY, Vol. 48, 2002, pp. 351357 *Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail:  

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ISRAEL JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY, Vol. 48, 2002, pp. 351­357 *Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail: Accepted March 2003. GLOBAL WARMING AND RECENT CHANGES IN ISRAEL'S AVIFAUNA OHAD HATZOFEa AND YORAM YOM-TOVb, * a Division of Science and Conservation, Israel Nature

Yom-Tov, Yoram


Noah C. Goldstein, Department of Geography, University of California at Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara CA 93106. E-mail:  

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regime and fire spread model as a platform for fire disaster mitigation. The urban component of the model Barbara CA 93106. E-mail: A Design for a Coupled Fire Spread, Fire Regime, and Urban and account for potential fire risk. We present the framework to couple an urban growth model with a fire

Clarke, Keith


E-mail: Website: Phone: (414) 229-4667 COMPUTER SCIENCE  

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E-mail: Website: Phone: (414) 229-4667 COMPUTER SCIENCE Just% doctorate Undergraduate Degrees Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Civil, Computer, Electrical, Industrial, Materials and Mechanical) Minors Computer Science, Electrical

Saldin, Dilano


* Corresponding author. Tel.: #1-212-650-6688; fax: #1-212-650-E-mail address: (R. Mauri).  

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* Corresponding author. Tel.: #1-212-650-6688; fax: #1-212-650- 6660. E-mail address: (R. Mauri). Chemical Engineering Science 55 (2000) 6109}6118 Two-dimensional model of phase Malagoli , Roberto Mauri * Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Vladimirova, Natalia


Useful links from Get NSF Updates by e-mail: Click on upper right-hand corner of  

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Useful links from Get NSF Updates by e-mail: Click on upper right-hand corner of This is the single most important thing you can do; it enables you to customize to scan the webpage for updates. NSF Organization Chart: This is a great

Harms, Kyle E.


ISRAEL JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY, Vol. 49, 2003, pp. 233236 *Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail:  

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be addressed. E-mail: Accepted September 2003. THE DIET OF THE BARN OWL TYTO ALBA and conservation purposes. We report here on the composition of an assem- blage of barn owl (Tyto alba) pellets

Yom-Tov, Yoram


E-mail: Website: Phone: (414) 229-4667 COMPUTER ENGINEERING  

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Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering engineers are employed in every industry. Their expertise is not only needed in high-tech fields, but alsoE-mail: Website: Phone: (414) 229-4667 COMPUTER ENGINEERING Just

Saldin, Dilano


Lifsey House Event Request Form This form can be submitted via e-mail, fax or regular campus mailstop. Please type and email completed  

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Lifsey House Event Request Form This form can be submitted via e-mail, fax or regular campus-974-1816 813-974-1139 (FAX) The Lifsey House is most appropriate for catered receptions, lunches, or dinners that are 1.5 - 2 hours in duration. The House can accommodate up to 50 guests for a plated dinner,100 guests

Meyers, Steven D.


Name e-mail position Institution 1 Arndt, Max PhD RWTH-Aachen University, Geologie Endogene Dynamik, Aachen, Germany  

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Name e-mail position Institution 1 Arndt, Max PhD RWTH-Aachen University, Geologie Endogene Dynamik, Aachen, Germany 2 Billia, Marco PhD Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece 30 Virgo, Simon PhD RWTH-Aachen

Cesare, Bernardo


Zlatko Tesanovic, Johns Hopkins University E-mail: Web:  

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7/20/2009 Zlatko Tesanovic, Johns Hopkins University E-mail: Web: http & Rice, Castellani et al, ... Johns Hopkins-Princeton Institute for Quantum Matter #12;What-II SC Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer (BCS) theory, 1957 BCS introduce quantum mechanical wavefunction

Weaver, Harold A. "Hal"


e-mail :, Efficient Method for Image Representation Using Topic  

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O , e-mail :, Efficient Method for Image. Steyvers, P. Smyth, M. Rosen-Zvi, and T. Griffiths, Probabilistic auther-topic models for information object categories from google's image search, ICCV, pp.1816- 1823, 2005. [7] D. Blei, M, David, and M


E-mail: Website: Phone: (414) 229-4667 CIVIL ENGINEERING  

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E-mail: Website: Phone: (414) 229-4667 CIVIL ENGINEERING Just-mail: Website: Phone: (414) 229-4667 CIVIL ENGINEERING The bridges, roads and highways you drive on. Your favorite sports stadium or roller coaster. Civil engineers made all

Saldin, Dilano


27 14 1 (2008. 5) e-mail : {leohan, happy1024, fantaros, kjlee5435, barampow, yang}  

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27 14 1 (2008. 5) P2P , , , , , e-mail : {leohan, happy1024, fantaros, kjlee5435, barampow, yang} Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol for Mobile P2P System using. of Computer Science, Yonsei University Peer-to-Peer(P2P) . , peer . Peer

Yang, Sung-Bong


E-mail and WWW browsers: A Forensic Computing Perspective on the Need for Improved User Education for Information Systems Security Management  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper is in two parts. Part One identifies common security and privacy weaknesses that exist in e-mail and WWW browsers and highlights some of the major implications for organisational security that result from employees online behaviours. This section aims to raise awareness of these weaknesses amongst users and to encourage administrators to mitigate their consequences through enhanced security and

Vlasti Broucek; Paul Turner


Rust-Breathing Bacteria: Miracle Microbes? Search Sign up for our free e-mail newsletter Also see: Today's Top Stories  

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Rust-Breathing Bacteria: Miracle Microbes? Search Sign up for our free & Stories - E-mail this story Sponsored in part by Supported by the National Science Foundation Rust-Breathing Bacteria: Miracle Microbes? John Roach for National Geographic News April 12, 2004 They breathe rust, clean

Lovley, Derek


E-mail: Website: Phone: (414) 229-4667 INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING  

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E-mail: Website: Phone: (414) 229-4667 INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING in Engineering (Civil, Computer, Electrical, Industrial, Materials and Mechanical) Minors Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural

Saldin, Dilano


E-mail: Website: Phone: (414) 229-4667 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING  

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in Engineering (Civil, Computer, Electrical, Industrial, Materials and Mechanical) Minors Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, StructuralE-mail: Website: Phone: (414) 229-4667 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING

Saldin, Dilano


E-mail: Website: Phone: (414) 229-4667 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING  

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in Engineering (Civil, Computer, Electrical, Industrial, Materials and Mechanical) Minors Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, StructuralE-mail: Website: Phone: (414) 229-4667 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

Saldin, Dilano


Detecting Fraud In Financial Data Sets Dominique Geyer, (E-mail: Nantes Graduate School of Management, France  

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1 Detecting Fraud In Financial Data Sets Dominique Geyer, (E-mail: Nantes is the ability to detect fraudulently reported financial data. Benford's Law is a numerical phenomenon in which. This paper examines how a sample of students falsify financial numbers. The paper shows that they fail

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


* Corresponding author. Fax: 0041 31 631 4405; e-mail: Deep-Sea Research I 45 (1998) 673--717  

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in the northwestern Sargasso Sea Nicolas Gruber *, Charles D. Keeling , Thomas F. Stocker Climate and Environmental* Corresponding author. Fax: 0041 31 631 4405; e-mail: Deep-Sea Research I on a wide variety of methods. The region around BATS is computed to be a moderate sink for atmospheric CO

Gruber, Nicolas



ISRAEL JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY, Vol. 47, 2001, pp. 275286 *Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail:  

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University, Tel Aviv 69978, Israel ABSTRACT Territorial behavior of the orange-tufted sunbird (Nectarinia suggest that territorial behavior during the breeding season functions to defend territory against male be addressed. E-mail: Accepted July 2001. TERRITORIALITY AND MATE GUARDING IN THE ORANGE

Yom-Tov, Yoram


The Feasibility of an E-Mail-Delivered Intervention to Improve Nutrition and Physical Activity Behaviors in African American College Students  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Objectives: To evaluate the feasibility and acceptability of an e-mail-delivered program to promote nutrition and physical activity in African American college students. Participants: Forty-seven students (76% female, aged 18-20 years). Methods: Students participated in a 24-week randomized controlled trial, receiving either general health…

Mackey, Eleanor; Schweitzer, Amy; Hurtado, Maria Eugenia; Hathway, Joanne; DiPietro, Loretta; Lei, Kai Y.; Klein, Catherine J.



A Light On Upstairs? Sorry to send another e-mail so soon. No need to read further unless you are interested in  

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A Light On Upstairs? Sorry to send another e-mail so soon. No need to read further unless you the world. Recently it was realized that the monthly more-or-less-automatic updates of our global that it was a tempest inside somebody's teapot dome, and that perhaps a light was not on upstairs, was immoderate

Hansen, James E.


Text Mining.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Reviews the state of research in text mining, focusing on newer developments. The intent is to describe the disparate investigations currently included under the term text mining and provide a cohesive structure for these efforts. A summary of research identifies key organizations responsible for pushing the development of text mining. A section…

Trybula, Walter J.



Text Sets.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Presents annotations of approximately 30 titles grouped in text sets. Defines a text set as five to ten books on a particular topic or theme. Discusses books on the following topics: living creatures; pirates; physical appearance; natural disasters; and the Irish potato famine. (SG)

Giorgis, Cyndi; Johnson, Nancy J.



Modul Prfungsberechtigte Raum Telefon e-mail Lineare Algebra fr Ing. Bley MA518 78846  

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1 Modul Prüfungsberechtigte Raum Telefon e-mail Lineare Algebra für Ing. Bley MA518 78846 Holtz MA417 29295 Knipping MA576 29782 Liesen MA378 29295 Nabben MA372 29291 Penn-Karras MA825 23760

Nabben, Reinhard


What Research Has to Say About Gender-Linked Differences in CMC and Does Elementary School Children’s E-mail Use Fit This Picture?  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper first reviews the literature on computer mediated communication (CMC) to examine whether claims about gender-linked\\u000a differences in specific attitudes, styles and content in CMC have been validated. Empirical studies were limited, with considerable\\u000a variation in audiences, tasks, and contexts that was related to varied outcomes. The paper next describes an empirical study\\u000a on the e-mail communication of elementary

Hans van der Meij



Modul Prfungsberechtigte Raum Telefon e-mail Lineare Algebra fr Ing. Nabben MA372 29291  

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1 Modul Prüfungsberechtigte Raum Telefon e-mail Lineare Algebra für Ing. Nabben MA372 29291 Penn-Karras MA825 23760 Scheutzow MA776 25767 Unterreiter MA672 24884 Analysis I für Ing. Bärwolff MA669 25749 baerwolf@math

Nabben, Reinhard


CSC213-02, Spring 2010: Tentative Weekly Schedule Instructor: Hui Yang, Ph.D. E-mail:  

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14­ 4/27 T Polymorphism, Virtual Functions (2) 14­ 4/29 R Polymorphism, Virtual Functions (3) 15­ 5/4 T 19. Recursive functions Ch13 15­ 5/6 R 20. Templates: algorithm/function templates, and classCSC213-02, Spring 2010: Tentative Weekly Schedule Instructor: Hui Yang, Ph.D. E-mail: huiyang

Yang, Hui


Don't LOL at virtual visits. Technology is allowing more doctors and patients to consult via e-mail, and insurance companies are reimbursing for it.  


In today's "I-gotta-know-now" society, many patients turn to e-mail to contact doctors on matters, as opposed to waiting for an in-person office visit. Now, some insurers are actually reimbursing doctors for their electronic time, which is also known as a "virtual visit." Internist Paul Tang, left, doesn't consider the practice mainstream yet. "No one is reimbursing us," he says. PMID:17972489

Robeznieks, Andis



COURSE NAME OFFICE PHONE E-MAIL Cells, Molecules and Genes Dr. Dorothy Hanck* AMB M602 702-1758  

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COURSE NAME OFFICE PHONE E-MAIL Cells, Molecules and Genes Dr. Dorothy Hanck* AMB M602 P2S2: Clinical Skills 1A Dr. Jeanne Farnan* AMB W216 834-3401 Dr-7858 Dr. Jim O'Reilly A402 702-5228 Social Context of Medicine

Issa, Naoum


47 CFR 68.420 - Review and disposition of informal complaints.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2011 CFR

...the manner requested by the complainant, (e.g., letter, facsimile transmission, telephone (voice/TRS/TTY), Internet e-mail, ASCII text, audio-cassette recording, or Braille). (b) In the event the Commission or the...



47 CFR 68.420 - Review and disposition of informal complaints.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...the manner requested by the complainant, (e.g., letter, facsimile transmission, telephone (voice/TRS/TTY), Internet e-mail, ASCII text, audio-cassette recording, or Braille). (b) In the event the Commission or the...



47 CFR 6.20 - Review and disposition of informal complaints.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2011 CFR

...the manner requested by the complainant, (e.g., letter, facsimile transmission, telephone (voice/TRS/TTY), Internet e-mail, ASCII text, audio-cassette recording, or braille). (b) In the event the Commission...



47 CFR 6.20 - Review and disposition of informal complaints.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...the manner requested by the complainant, (e.g., letter, facsimile transmission, telephone (voice/TRS/TTY), Internet e-mail, ASCII text, audio-cassette recording, or braille). (b) In the event the Commission...



What a rude e-mail! Examining the differential effects of incivility versus support on mood, energy, engagement, and performance in an online context.  


Existing research on workplace incivility has demonstrated an association with a host of negative outcomes, including increased burnout, turnover intentions, and physical symptoms. With the rise in Internet communication over the last decade, interpersonal mistreatment has spilled over to the Internet, but little is known about the impact of incivility communicated via e-mail on employee psychological and performance outcomes. The current study presents a within-subjects experiment wherein incivility and support were manipulated in a laboratory-based simulated workplace setting. Eighty-four participants completed a series of math tasks while interacting with either an uncivil or a supportive supervisor via e-mail. Data were collected on energy, cardiac activity, mood, task performance, and engagement. Findings indicate that participants reported higher levels of negative affect and lower levels of energy after working with the uncivil supervisor than with the supportive supervisor. Additionally, participants performed significantly worse on the math tasks and had lower engagement in the uncivil condition than the supportive condition, and these relationships were mediated by energy. No differences were found in cardiac activity between the two conditions. Results are discussed in terms of their implications for the 21st century world of work. PMID:23834445

Giumetti, Gary W; Hatfield, Andrea L; Scisco, Jenna L; Schroeder, Amber N; Muth, Eric R; Kowalski, Robin M



Constituents' E-Mail on XM Deal Not Well Received 1 of 4 11/22/07 7:30 PM  

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calls and recordings saying the phones were disconnected. Of the 10 people reached, nine said they never and Wildlife Service received more than 300,000 form-letter e-mails from members of the Natural Resources of Baton Rouge is listed as one of the thousands of people who sent e-mails to the Federal Communications

Massachusetts at Amherst, University of


Personalized feedback as a universal prevention approach for college drinking: a randomized trial of an e-mail linked universal web-based alcohol intervention.  


Alcohol use among first-year university students continues to be a central health concern. Efforts to address drinking in this population have increasingly relied on web-based interventions, which have the capacity to reach large numbers of students through a convenient and highly utilized medium. Despite evidence for the utility of this approach for reducing hazardous drinking, recent studies that have examined the effectiveness of this approach as a universal prevention strategy in campus-wide studies have produced mixed results. We sought to test the effectiveness of a web-based alcohol intervention as a universal prevention strategy for first-year students. An e-mail invitation linked to a brief, web-based survey on health behaviors was sent to all first-year students during the fall semester. Those who completed the baseline assessment were randomized to receive either a feedback-based alcohol intervention (intervention condition) or feedback about other health-related behaviors such as sleep and nutrition (control condition). A second web-based survey was used to collect follow-up drinking data 5 months later. The number of heavy drinking episodes in the previous month and alcohol-related consequences in the previous 3 months served as the primary dependent variables. Negative binomial regression analyses did not indicate a significant effect of the intervention at follow-up on either heavy drinking episodes or alcohol-related consequences. Analyses of additional drinking outcomes among the subsample of students who reported that they did not drink at baseline showed that those who received the alcohol intervention were subsequently less likely to drink alcohol. These results suggest that web-based alcohol interventions may be a potentially useful method of maintaining abstinence among underage, non-drinking students. Overall, however, results indicate that an e-mail-linked, campus-wide, web-intervention approach to address alcohol use among first-year students may have limited effectiveness as an approach to minimize hazardous drinking over the course of the year. PMID:24421075

Palfai, Tibor P; Winter, Michael; Lu, John; Rosenbloom, David; Saitz, Richard



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Bongard, Josh


Questions may be addressed via e-mail to Carl Salvaggio at, to Lon E. Smith at, and to Emily J. Antoine at  

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Questions may be addressed via e-mail to Carl Salvaggio at, to Lon E. Smith and their application/misapplication to modeling and exploitation of multispectral/hyperspectral data Carl Salvaggio1

Salvaggio, Carl

272 15316 Tel: 03-5454-6641 Fax: 03-5454-4337 E-mail:  

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11 #12;2 // 4647 3823 [] #12;3 15316 Tel: 03-5454-6641 Fax: 03-5454-4337 E-mail: [] DNA 15303B Tel: 03-5454-6631 E-mail: [] http://nsato4.c.u

Kawato, Suguru


TRMM .25 deg x .25 deg Gridded Precipitation Text Product  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Since the launch of the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM), the Precipitation Measurement Missions science team has endeavored to provide TRMM precipitation retrievals in a variety of formats that are more easily usable by the broad science community than the standard Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) in which TRMM data is produced and archived. At the request of users, the Precipitation Processing System (PPS) has developed a .25 x .25 gridded product in an easily used ASCII text format. The entire TRMM mission data has been made available in this format. The paper provides the details of this new precipitation product that is designated with the TRMM designator 3G68.25. The format is packaged into daily files. It provides hourly precipitation information from the TRMM microwave imager (TMI), precipitation radar (PR), and TMI/PR combined rain retrievals. A major advantage of this approach is the inclusion only of rain data, compression when a particular grid has no rain from the PR or combined, and its direct ASCII text format. For those interested only in rain retrievals and whether rain is convection or stratiform, these products provide a huge reduction in the data volume inherent in the standard TRMM products. This paper provides examples of the 3G68 data products and their uses. It also provides information about C tools that can be used to aggregate daily files into larger time samples. In addition, it describes the possibilities inherent in the spatial sampling which allows resampling into coarser spatial sampling. The paper concludes with information about downloading the gridded text data products.

Stocker, Erich; Kelley, Owen



Level of representation and semantic distance: Rating author personality from texts  

Microsoft Academic Search

Increasingly our perception of others is based on short samples of written text, for example, in e-mail or chat rooms. In this paper we will examine the extent to which text co- occurrence techniques, such as LSA, HAL, and PMI-IR, can be successfully applied to human personality perception based on short written texts. In particular, we compare two approaches: The

Alastair J. Gill; LEAD-CNRS UMR; Robert M. French



Dear Mr. Hansen. Thank you very much for your e-mail to the Prime Minister, which was forwarded to the  

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: Climate Change and the Tar Sands Development Vedlegg: Hansen text for ad and letter in both languages Statoil's oils sands investment as a commercial decision which is within the Statoil board's area

Hansen, James E.


Increasing Induction-Level Teachers' Positive-to-Negative Communication Ratio and Use of Behavior-Specific Praise through E-Mailed Performance Feedback and Its Effect on Students' Task Engagement  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of e-mailed specific performance feedback that included progress monitoring graphs on induction-level teachers' ratios of positive-to-negative communication behaviors and their use of behavior-specific praise in classrooms for students with emotional and behavioral disorders, mild…

Rathel, Jeanna M.; Drasgow, Erik; Brown, William H.; Marshall, Kathleen J.



Request received (from Norway, regarding e-mail titled "Grandparents Oppose Tar Sands"): Thanks. I have seen them in the news here in Norway as well about the Tar Sands.  

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Request received (from Norway, regarding e-mail titled "Grandparents Oppose Tar Sands"): Thanks. I have seen them in the news here in Norway as well about the Tar Sands. Question: When you send us and political parties demanding that Statoil withdraw from Canadian tar sand. Grandparent Bente Bakke was joined

Hansen, James E.


For further and updated information see For being added to the mailing list please send an e-mail to  

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For further and updated information see For being added to the mailing list please send an e-mail to Research and Empirical Evidence from EURO 2008" 14.05.13 Almut Balleer (RWTH Aachen) "Expansionary and Contractionary

Kobbelt, Leif


For further and updated information see For being added to the mailing list please send an e-mail to  

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For further and updated information see For being added to the mailing list please send an e-mail to Research Seminar and the Cyclicality of Social Transfers 05.11.13 Dominik Menno (RWTH Aachen) Multinational Firms and Business Cycle

Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen (RWTH)


For further and updated information see For being added to the mailing list please send an e-mail to  

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For further and updated information see For being added to the mailing list please send an e-mail to Research Seminar Model of Trade, Task Offshoring and Social Insurance 06.11.12 Christian Oberst (RWTH Aachen University

Kobbelt, Leif


William J. Martin, 7 Red Barn Road, Holden, MA 01520 H: (508) 829-9727 W: (508) 831-6764 cell: (774) 345-0000 e-mail:  

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William J. Martin, 7 Red Barn Road, Holden, MA 01520 H: (508) 829-9727 W: (508) 831-6764 cell: (774) 345-0000 e-mail: EDUCATION: Ph.D., Combinatorics & Optimization; 1992, University otherwise denoted) 1. W.J. Martin and C.L. Steele, "On the ideal of the shortest vectors in the Leech

Martin, Bill


Name E-Mail Office Phone Fee Tutoring Mesa, Camilo Math 312 303-815-6949 $30/hr H.S. and all undergraduate except Math 1300  

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Name E-Mail Office Phone Fee Tutoring Mesa, Camilo Math 312 303-815-6949 $30/hr H.S. and all undergraduate except Math 1300 Andrews, Scott Math 362 978-460-3347 $40/hr H.S. and All Undergrad except Math 1300 Migler, Joseph joseph

Stowell, Michael


1Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, South Dakota State University, Box 2140B, Brookings, SD 57007. 2Present address: Bureau of Science Services, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, 2801 Progress Road, Madison, WI 53716. E-mail  

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, 2801 Progress Road, Madison, WI 53716. E-mail: The instinct to escape an important role in shaping mother­young rela- tionships among ungulates (Lent 1974, Estes 1976). Previous) predation on neonates, including heightened vigilance by pronghorn mothers when away from hidden neonates



NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The LOOK program was developed to permit a user to examine a text file in a psuedo-random access manner. Many engineering and scientific programs generate large amounts of printed output. Often this output needs to be examined in only a few places. On mini-computers (like the DEC VAX) high-speed printers are usually at a premium. One alternative is to save the output in a text file and examine it with a text editor. The slowness of a text editor, the possibility of inadvertently changing the output, and other factors make this an unsatisfactory solution. The LOOK program provides the user with a means of rapidly examining the contents of an ASCII text file. LOOK's basis of operation is to open the text file for input only and then access it in a block-wise fashion. LOOK handles the text formatting and displays the text lines on the screen. The user can move forward or backward in the file by a given number of lines or blocks. LOOK also provides the ability to "scroll" the text at various speeds in the forward or backward directions. The user can perform a search for a string (or a combination of up to 10 strings) in a forward or backward direction. Also, user selected portions of text may be extracted and submitted to print or placed in a file. Additional features available to the LOOK user include: cancellation of an operation with a keystroke, user definable keys, switching mode of operation (e.g. 80/132 column), on-line help facility, trapping broadcast messages, and the ability to spawn a sub-process to carry out DCL functions without leaving LOOK. The LOOK program is written in FORTRAN 77 and MACRO ASSEMBLER for interactive execution and has been implemented on a DEC VAX computer using VAX/VMS with a central memory requirement of approximately 430K of 8 bit bytes. LOOK operation is terminal independent but will take advantage of the features of the DEC VT100 terminal if available. LOOK was developed in 1983.

Vavrus, J. L.



* e-mail: In this document we present a theoretical exposition of how bifurcation topology can be  

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that are plotted in Fig. 1 of the main text. We consider two weakly-coupled parametrically-driven nonlinear ~ . The parameters h ~ and p~ are the parametric driving amplitude and driving frequency. We rescale the units resonance frequency of the resonators, and the Duffing parameter, which are both set to 1. Because we drive

Lifshitz, Ron


The BlackBerry Project: Capturing the Content of Adolescents' Text Messaging  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article presents an innovative method for capturing the content of adolescents' electronic communication on handheld devices: text messaging, e-mail, and instant messaging. In an ongoing longitudinal study, adolescents were provided with BlackBerry devices with service plans paid for by the investigators, and use of text messaging was…

Underwood, Marion K.; Rosen, Lisa H.; More, David; Ehrenreich, Samuel E.; Gentsch, Joanna K.



Writing Home/Decolonizing Text(s)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The article draws on postcolonial and feminist theories, combined with critical reflection and autobiography, and argues for generating decolonizing texts as one way to write and reclaim home in a postcolonial world. Colonizers leave home to seek power and control elsewhere, and the colonized suffer loss of home as they know it. This dislocation…

Asher, Nina



Contextual Text Mining  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

With the dramatic growth of text information, there is an increasing need for powerful text mining systems that can automatically discover useful knowledge from text. Text is generally associated with all kinds of contextual information. Those contexts can be explicit, such as the time and the location where a blog article is written, and the…

Mei, Qiaozhu



PTHER: Physical Therapy E-mail List  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

PTHER is a forum for the exchange of ideas pertaining to treatment protocols, clinic management, and the general advancement of the field of physical therapy. Practicing physical therapists, students of physical therapy, and those interested in physical therapy and related fields are encouraged to subscribe and participate. The list is not moderated.



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. Immunologia e Immunopatologia 2. Patologia e Fisiopatologia Generale II 3. Anatomia Patologica II 4. Patologia Integrata I 5. Patologia Integrata IV 6. Emergenze medico-chirurgiche 7. Medicina Interna e Chirurgia Embriologia Umana 2. Patologia e fisiopatologia generale 3. Anatomia Patologica e Correlazioni anatomocliniche

Di Pillo, Gianni



E-print Network

. Immunologia e Immunopatologia 2. Patologia e Fisiopatologia Generale II 3. Anatomia Patologica II 4. Patologia Integrata I 5. Patologia Integrata IV 6. Emergenze medico-chirurgiche 7. Medicina Interna e 1. Istologia ed Embriologia Umana 2. Patologia e fisiopatologia generale 3. Anatomia Patologica

Guidoni, Leonardo


E-mail this story Printable format  

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Nuñez, Rafael


E-mail on the Move  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

PocketScience, Inc. was a member of the NASA Ames Technology Commercialization Center. Their PocketMail product is an email service that brings email capabilities to new hand-held devices. The PocketMail service uses technology originally developed at JPL. Through its involvement with the ATCC, PocketScience, Inc. was able to use this space probe communications technology and adapt it for advanced signal processing on Earth.



Stalked by E-mail on Vacation  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In this essay, the author describes the difficulties email has introduced to the academic world, from monopolizing faculty's down time to adding a new dimension to interpersonal problems. He discusses the "withdrawal" symptoms he felt when he decided to go without email during a family vacation, and his realization, upon examining the emails sent…

Bugeja, Michael



Prepared by: E-Mail: Phone: Date  

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(s):____________________________________________ Specific group of employees within the department. State how these employees are identified (i.e. by Job-3030 Kronos Supervisor Access Request Form Please specify who will need access to Kronos. Also specify what authorize that the above individual may have access to Kronos given the specifics identified. I also

Provancher, William


Subscribe to GAO E-Mail Alerts  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The U.S. General Accounting Office, Congress' Watchdog agency, now has a mailing list service for a daily electronic posting of the General Accounting Office (GAO) Daybook. The GAO Daybook is the daily listing of released GAO reports and testimony.



Using E-Mail across Computer Networks.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Discusses the use of telecommunications technology to exchange electronic mail, files, and messages across different computer networks. Networks highlighted include ARPA Internet; BITNET; USENET; FidoNet; MCI Mail; and CompuServe. Examples of the successful use of networks in higher education are given. (Six references) (LRW)

Hazari, Sunil



E-mail: Print: by Katy Edgington  

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of successive generations. The results of the study showed that when a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law had three consecutive generations." The data showed that when mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law breed was half as likely to survive to the age of 15 when a woman and her daughter-in-law had children

Lummaa, Virpi


Text-Translation Alignment  

Microsoft Academic Search

We present an algorithm for aligning texts with their translations that is based only on internal evidence. The relaxation process rests on a notion of which word in one text corresponds to which word in the other text that is essentially based on the similarity of their distributions. It exploits a partial alignment of the word level to induce a

Martin Kay; Martin Röscheisen



Binary/BCD-to-ASCII data converter  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Converter inputs multiple precision binary words, converts data to multiple precision binary-coded decimal, and routes data back to computer. Converter base can be readily changed without need for new gate structure for each base changeover.

Miller, A. J.



Oxford Text Archive  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The well-established Oxford Text Archive can now be accessed via its new web site, a redesign intended to improve navigation, functionality, and to utilize the SGML metadata available for all texts. Users can also now conduct full text searches. Founded in 1976 and based in the Humanities Computing Unit of Oxford University Computing Services, the Oxford Text Archive houses selected academic submissions for the purpose of preserving "high-quality electronic texts for research and teaching." Scholars and other interested users have access to more than 2500 resources in over 25 different languages. The OTA encourages new submissions of quality, scholarly electronic resources.


Text formatting by demonstration  

Microsoft Academic Search

In text formatters such as troff, Scribe, and TEX, users write macro procedures to specify the desired visual appearance. In What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get text formatters, such as MacWrite and Microsoft Word, the formatting is specified by directly manipulating the text. However, some important functionality is lost in these systems since they are not programmable, For example, if the user wants to change

Brad A. Myers



Mining Linguistically Interpreted Texts  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper proposes and evaluates the use of linguistic information in the pre-processing phase of text mining tasks. We present several experiments comparing our proposal for selection of terms based on linguistic knowledge with usual techniques applied in the field. The results show that part of speech information is useful for the pre-processing phase of text categorization and clustering, as

Cassiana Fagundes da Silva; Renata Vieira; Paulo Quaresma


Text File Comparator  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

File Comparator program IFCOMP, is text file comparator for IBM OS/VScompatable systems. IFCOMP accepts as input two text files and produces listing of differences in pseudo-update form. IFCOMP is very useful in monitoring changes made to software at the source code level.

Kotler, R. S.



Texting on the Move  


... walked right into the path of a pickup truck. That's rare, of course. But texting is more likely to contribute to car crashes. We know this because police and other authorities sometimes use a driver's phone records to check for phone and text ...


Texting "boosts" felt security.  


Attachment security can be induced in laboratory settings (e.g., Rowe & Carnelley, 2003) and the beneficial effects of repeated security priming can last for a number of days (e.g., Carnelley & Rowe, 2007). The priming process, however, can be costly in terms of time. We explored the effectiveness of security priming via text message. Participants completed a visualisation task (a secure attachment experience or neutral experience) in the laboratory. On three consecutive days following the laboratory task, participants received (secure or neutral) text message visualisation tasks. Participants in the secure condition reported significantly higher felt security than those in the neutral condition, immediately after the laboratory prime, after the last text message prime and one day after the last text prime. These findings suggest that security priming via text messages is an innovative methodological advancement that effectively induces felt security, representing a potential direction forward for security priming research. PMID:24245604

Otway, Lorna J; Carnelley, Katherine B; Rowe, Angela C



Emotion Detection from Text  

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Emotion can be expressed in many ways that can be seen such as facial expression and gestures, speech and by written text. Emotion Detection in text documents is essentially a content - based classification problem involving concepts from the domains of Natural Language Processing as well as Machine Learning. In this paper emotion recognition based on textual data and the techniques used in emotion detection are discussed.

Shivhare, Shiv Naresh



Machine Translation from Text  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Machine translation (MT) from text, the topic of this chapter, is perhaps the heart of the GALE project. Beyond being a well defined application that stands on its own, MT from text is the link between the automatic speech recognition component and the distillation component. The focus of MT in GALE is on translating from Arabic or Chinese to English. The three languages represent a wide range of linguistic diversity and make the GALE MT task rather challenging and exciting.

Habash, Nizar; Olive, Joseph; Christianson, Caitlin; McCary, John


Teaching Expository Text Structures  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Many students enter high school unskilled in the art of reading to learn from science textbooks. Even students who can read full-length novels often find science books difficult to read because students have relatively little practice with the various types of expository text structures used by such textbooks. In this article, the authors present an activity using a modified form of the sentence completion or "fill-in-the-blanks" worksheet that reinforces students' fluency with expository text structure and context.

Anita C. Hernandez



Text Exchange System  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Text Exchange System (TES) exchanges and maintains organized textual information including source code, documentation, data, and listings. System consists of two computer programs and definition of format for information storage. Comprehensive program used to create, read, and maintain TES files. TES developed to meet three goals: First, easy and efficient exchange of programs and other textual data between similar and dissimilar computer systems via magnetic tape. Second, provide transportable management system for textual information. Third, provide common user interface, over wide variety of computing systems, for all activities associated with text exchange.

Snyder, W. V.; Hanson, R. J.



Utah Culture Text  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Research one of Utah's many cultural festivals and send a text message explaining what you've learned! Step One: Research Select one of the following ethnic festivals in Utah to research. Navigate the webiste to find out what the festival is about and what one can do if they go to the festival. Look at available photos and videos to help learn about the festival. Asian Festival Festival of Colors Greek Festival India Fest Living Traditional Festival Scottish Festival St. Patrick s Day Parade Swiss Days Step Two: Text Message Pretend ...

Mrs. Wheeler



Text2Quit: Results From a Pilot Test of a Personalized, Interactive Mobile Health Smoking Cessation Program  

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Text messaging programs on mobile phones have shown some promise in helping people quit smoking. Text2Quit is an automated, personalized, and interactive mobile health program that sends text messages and e-mails timed around a participant's quit date over the course of 3 months. The text messages include pre- and post-quit educational messages, peer ex-smoker messages, medication reminders and relapse messages,

Lorien C. Abroms; Meenakshi Ahuja; Yvonne Kodl; Lalida Thaweethai; Justin Sims; Jonathan P. Winickoff; Richard A. Windsor



Visualizing Informational Text  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Visualizing is a reading comprehension strategy that can be applied to science-themed texts, according to this article from Beyond Weather and the Water Cycle, a magazine that integrates literacy and science skills instruction. The author identifies six online resources that have activities, lesson plans, and more information.

Jessica Fries-Gaither


Taming the Wild Text  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

As a well-known advocate for promoting wider reading and reading engagement among all children--and founder of a reading program for foster children--Pam Allyn knows that struggling readers often face any printed text with fear and confusion, like Max in the book Where the Wild Things Are. She argues that teachers need to actively create a…

Allyn, Pam



Summarizing Expository Texts  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Purpose: This article reviews the literature on students' developing skills in summarizing expository texts and describes strategies for evaluating students' expository summaries. Evaluation outcomes are presented for a professional development project aimed at helping teachers develop new techniques for teaching summarization. Methods: Strategies…

Westby, Carol; Culatta, Barbara; Lawrence, Barbara; Hall-Kenyon, Kendra



STEM Careers Cursive Text  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This brief video from WPSU compares technologies from yesterday with today. Yesterday a middle school girl writes in cursive while today a girl the same age texts on her cell. The video suggests that science will bring us technologies of tomorrow.



[Type text] Northwestern University  

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) 782-7860 (24-hour response) Illinois Radiological Assistance Team (217) 785-0600 Hazardous Waste Dump[Type text] Northwestern University Office for Research Safety Hazardous Waste Management Program Hazardous Waste Disposal Guide Revised: May 2014 #12

Shull, Kenneth R.


Metacomprehension of text material  

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Two experiments investigated Ss' ability to predict future multiple-choice test performance after reading sections of text. In Exp I, 30 undergraduates who scored above median test performance showed some accuracy in their predictions of that test performance. They gave higher mean ratings to material related to correct than to incorrect test answers. Ss who scored below median test performance did

Ruth H. Maki; Sharon L. Berry



Text Mining for Neuroscience  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Text mining, sometimes alternately referred to as text analytics, refers to the process of extracting high-quality knowledge from the analysis of textual data. Text mining has wide variety of applications in areas such as biomedical science, news analysis, and homeland security. In this paper, we describe an approach and some relatively small-scale experiments which apply text mining to neuroscience research literature to find novel associations among a diverse set of entities. Neuroscience is a discipline which encompasses an exceptionally wide range of experimental approaches and rapidly growing interest. This combination results in an overwhelmingly large and often diffuse literature which makes a comprehensive synthesis difficult. Understanding the relations or associations among the entities appearing in the literature not only improves the researchers current understanding of recent advances in their field, but also provides an important computational tool to formulate novel hypotheses and thereby assist in scientific discoveries. We describe a methodology to automatically mine the literature and form novel associations through direct analysis of published texts. The method first retrieves a set of documents from databases such as PubMed using a set of relevant domain terms. In the current study these terms yielded a set of documents ranging from 160,909 to 367,214 documents. Each document is then represented in a numerical vector form from which an Association Graph is computed which represents relationships between all pairs of domain terms, based on co-occurrence. Association graphs can then be subjected to various graph theoretic algorithms such as transitive closure and cycle (circuit) detection to derive additional information, and can also be visually presented to a human researcher for understanding. In this paper, we present three relatively small-scale problem-specific case studies to demonstrate that such an approach is very successful in replicating a neuroscience expert's mental model of object-object associations entirely by means of text mining. These preliminary results provide the confidence that this type of text mining based research approach provides an extremely powerful tool to better understand the literature and drive novel discovery for the neuroscience community.

Tirupattur, Naveen; Lapish, Christopher C.; Mukhopadhyay, Snehasis



Clandestine E-Texts  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Edited and maintained by Gianluca Mori of the University of Turin-Vercelli, this site currently hosts the full texts (in French) of seventeen French clandestine manuscripts from the early enlightenment. As Mori notes, the treatises share an anti-Christian attitude, but beyond that their philosophical inspiration varies, "leading sometimes either to a deist (Examen de la religion) or to an atheist position (Meslier's Memoire, Freret's Lettre de Thrasybule a Leucippe)." The treatises are offered in HTML format, some with related links. Links are also provided to several texts on other servers and to related resources. Users may register for email notification of updates to the site, which is also available in French and Italian.


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On the Modeling of Nonlinear Waves for Prediction of Long-Term Offshore Wind Turbine Loads In the design of wind turbines--onshore or offshore--the prediction of extreme loads associated with a target return period not adequately represent waves in shallow waters where most offshore wind turbines are being sited

Manuel, Lance


E-mail tips 2011 Tips for writing a contact e-mail  

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. _____," is appropriate. You may converse on an informal basis later, but for now, go in the department. · The opening line Identifying yourself in the first line of some cellular process or disease? If there are

Sekelsky, Jeff


Ergito: Virtual Text  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Ergito's Virtual Text, started in 2000, was created to provide a more timely and interactive alternative to printed scientific textbooks at the undergraduate and graduate level. This still-developing Web site covers life science writ large, including molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, biochemistry, immunology, and so on. However, only a small number of features are available free of charge. The first chapter of the molecular biology module -- Genes are DNA -- is available for free, as is Great Experiments, a collection of essays written by authors who conducted original research that has contributed greatly to our understanding of molecular and cellular biology. Great Experiments has a recently added essay by 2001 Nobel Prize winner Paul Nurse, titled "The Discovery of cdc2 as the Key Regulator of the Cell Cycle." These essays are formatted just as the Virtual Text pages are, with downloadable figures, a glossary, an online note-taking feature (notes are automatically compiled with a summary of the essay), glossary, and more. Ergito will soon make available Techniques, another free feature offering descriptions of widely used experimental protocols. Even without free access to the larger body of material in this Web site, Ergito is a fantastic resource for learning about molecular and cellular biology. Users must complete a free registration process to access this Web site.


Internet Sacred Text Archive  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The world's philosophical and religious traditions have found a fine home at the Internet Sacred Text Archive, which, as the homepage notes, is "a quiet place in cyberspace devoted to religious tolerance and scholarship." Working together with a number of colleagues and volunteers, JB Hare has compiled this vast archive of sacred and philosophical texts from a number of public-domain sources and placed them on the site. What makes the site so intriguing is that Hare has placed detailed information about the sources and standards that have been deployed for each separate project, which will be of great interest to scholars. While the entire site can be searched, there is much to be learned by looking through the topics listed on the main page, which range from Atlantis to Zoroastrianism. Each separate topic contains a number of accurately transcribed (and some times, translated) primary and secondary documents, such as first-hand collections of oral traditions. For persons looking for their own copy of the material contained on the site, a CD-ROM is available for purchase as well.


Metacomprehension of text material.  


Subjects' abilities to predict future multiple-choice test performance after reading sections of text were investigated in two experiments. In Experiment 1, subjects who scored above median test performance showed some accuracy in their predictions of that test performance. They gave higher mean ratings to material related to correct than to incorrect test answers. Subjects who scored below median test performance did not show this prediction accuracy. The retention interval between reading and the test was manipulated in Experiment 2. Subjects who were tested after at least a 24-hr delay showed results identical to those of Experiment 1. However, when subjects were tested immediately after reading, subjects above and below median test performance gave accurate predictions for the first immediate test. In contrast, both types of subjects gave inaccurate predictions for the second immediate test. Structural variables, such as length, serial position, and hierarchical level of the sections of text were related to subjects' predictions. These variables, in general, were not related to test performance, although the predictions were related to test performance in the conditions described above. PMID:6239006

Maki, R H; Berry, S L



Blake Digital Text Project  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Maintained by Nelson Hilton, Professor of English at the University of Georgia-Athens, this site will quickly become a favorite of Blake scholars. In addition to the full text of David V. Erdman's The Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake, the site features a hypertext version of Songs of Innocence and of Experience which allows users to explore the various versions of Blake's masterpiece and "proceed from any given poem to any other which followed it in any edition, looping through the various juxtapositions Blake created in the intratextual, echoing world of Songs." In addition, the site also includes a powerful Blake Concordance. Concordance results link to a three-line context in the bottom frame of the page.


Magnetic Resonance Online Texts  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This well-organized and very thorough website was developed by the physicist Stanislav Sykora with the aim of providing free online texts, theses, and course materials on the subjects of magnetic resonance (MR), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear-magnetic resonance (NMR) and other related topics. The amount of material on the site is impressive. At the top of the page are links to an "MR Blog", as well as to "MR Links" and the "Site Plan & SEARCH". The NMR/MRI Extras section on the right side of the page is particularly useful for visitors interested in all things about MR. Its links to "Events" provides an up-to-date list of symposia, conferences, and meetings, along with links to the events' sites. The "Societies" link offers at least 50 groups about MR, some of which are country-based, and others that are region- or application-based.

S�½kora, Stanislav


Reading Text While Driving  

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Objective In this study, we investigated how drivers adapt secondary-task initiation and time-sharing behavior when faced with fluctuating driving demands. Background Reading text while driving is particularly detrimental; however, in real-world driving, drivers actively decide when to perform the task. Method In a test track experiment, participants were free to decide when to read messages while driving along a straight road consisting of an area with increased driving demands (demand zone) followed by an area with low demands. A message was made available shortly before the vehicle entered the demand zone. We manipulated the type of driving demands (baseline, narrow lane, pace clock, combined), message format (no message, paragraph, parsed), and the distance from the demand zone when the message was available (near, far). Results In all conditions, drivers started reading messages (drivers’ first glance to the display) before entering or before leaving the demand zone but tended to wait longer when faced with increased driving demands. While reading messages, drivers looked more or less off road, depending on types of driving demands. Conclusions For task initiation, drivers avoid transitions from low to high demands; however, they are not discouraged when driving demands are already elevated. Drivers adjust time-sharing behavior according to driving demands while performing secondary tasks. Nonetheless, such adjustment may be less effective when total demands are high. Application This study helps us to understand a driver’s role as an active controller in the context of distracted driving and provides insights for developing distraction interventions. PMID:25850162

Horrey, William J.; Hoffman, Joshua D.



PressureText: Pressure Input for Mobile Phone Text Entry  

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PressureText: Pressure Input for Mobile Phone Text Entry Abstract Pressure sensitive buttons presses are currently necessary to record an action. We present PressureText, a text-entry technique for a pressure augmented mobile phone. In a study comparing PressureText to MultiTap, we found that despite



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Lithuania Law on the Nuclear Power Plant (2007) People’s Republic of China Official Reply of the State Council to Questions on the Liabilities of Compensation for Damages Resulting from Nuclear Accidents (2007) Turkey Unofficial Translation of the Turkish Law No. 5710 Concerning the Construction and Operation of Nuclear Power Plants and the Sale of Energy Generated from Those Plants (2007)



Text analysis methods, text analysis apparatuses, and articles of manufacture  


Text analysis methods, text analysis apparatuses, and articles of manufacture are described according to some aspects. In one aspect, a text analysis method includes accessing information indicative of data content of a collection of text comprising a plurality of different topics, using a computing device, analyzing the information indicative of the data content, and using results of the analysis, identifying a presence of a new topic in the collection of text.

Whitney, Paul D; Willse, Alan R; Lopresti, Charles A; White, Amanda M



Mining the Text: 34 Text Features that Can Ease or Obstruct Text Comprehension and Use  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article presents 34 characteristics of texts and tasks ("text features") that can make continuous (prose), noncontinuous (document), and quantitative texts easier or more difficult for adolescents and adults to comprehend and use. The text features were identified by examining the assessment tasks and associated texts in the national…

White, Sheida



InsideIllinoisPublished by campus Public Affairs for faculty and staff members at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign TO RESERVE SPACE: E-mail this edited PDF to or fax printed contract to 217-244-7124.  

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and authorized signature, to reserve space. Off-campus Advertisers: You will be sent a copy of the publicationInsideIllinoisPublished by campus Public Affairs for faculty and staff members at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign TO RESERVE SPACE: E-mail this edited PDF to or fax printed

Braun, Paul


Published by campus Public Affairs for faculty and staff members at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign TO RESERVE SPACE: E-mail this edited PDF to or fax printed contract to 217-244-7124.  

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Published by campus Public Affairs for faculty and staff members at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign TO RESERVE SPACE: E-mail this edited PDF to or fax printed contract to 217-244-7124. Reserve space by the advertising deadline and submit electronic files of ads one week

Lewis, Jennifer


Autor para correspondncia: Jos Roberto Moraes D'Almeida, Departamento de Engenharia de Materiais, Pontifcia Universidade Catlica do Rio de Janeiro, Rua Marqus de So Vicente, 225, Gvea, CEP: 22453-900, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil. E-mail: dalmeida@puc-rio.b  

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, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 225, Gávea, CEP: 22453-900, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil. E-mail: Avaliação do Efeito de um Óleo Parafínico Rio de Janeiro Jean-Pierre Habas Institut Pluridisciplinaire de Recherche sur l'Environnement et les

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


The Challenge of Challenging Text  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The Common Core State Standards emphasize the value of teaching students to engage with complex text. But what exactly makes a text complex, and how can teachers help students develop their ability to learn from such texts? The authors of this article discuss five factors that determine text complexity: vocabulary, sentence structure, coherence,…

Shanahan, Timothy; Fisher, Douglas; Frey, Nancy



Text Complexity and the CCSS  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

What is meant by text complexity is a measurement of how challenging a particular text is to read. There are a myriad of different ways of explaining what makes text challenging to read, from the sophistication of the vocabulary employed to the length of its sentences to even measurements of how the text as a whole coheres. Research shows that no…

Aspen Institute, 2012



Texts in Homes and Communities.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper considers how children's text making is shaped by the environment in which the texts are made. By considering texts made in classrooms and texts made in homes, the paper explores how classrooms and homes interact with children's (6-7 year old boys) reflective processes as they create artifacts--drawings, models, and writings. The paper…

Pahl, Kate


Text analysis devices, articles of manufacture, and text analysis methods  


Text analysis devices, articles of manufacture, and text analysis methods are described according to some aspects. In one aspect, a text analysis device includes processing circuitry configured to analyze initial text to generate a measurement basis usable in analysis of subsequent text, wherein the measurement basis comprises a plurality of measurement features from the initial text, a plurality of dimension anchors from the initial text and a plurality of associations of the measurement features with the dimension anchors, and wherein the processing circuitry is configured to access a viewpoint indicative of a perspective of interest of a user with respect to the analysis of the subsequent text, and wherein the processing circuitry is configured to use the viewpoint to generate the measurement basis.

Turner, Alan E; Hetzler, Elizabeth G; Nakamura, Grant C



Prioritized text spotting using SLAM  

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We show how to exploit temporal and spatial coherence of image observations to achieve efficient and effective text detection and decoding for a sensor suite moving through an environment rich in text at a variety of scales ...

Landa, Yafim



Dangers of Texting While Driving  


... created the FCC Distracted Driving Information Clearinghouse . State Laws Currently there is no national ban on texting ... driving, but a number of states have passed laws banning texting or wireless phones or requiring hands- ...


Text structure-aware classification  

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Bag-of-words representations are used in many NLP applications, such as text classification and sentiment analysis. These representations ignore relations across different sentences in a text and disregard the underlying ...

Dzunic, Zoran, S.M. Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Meaning Representation and Text Planning  

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starts with a'world'state, represented by structures of an application program (e. g., an expert system) that has text generation needs and an impetus to produce a natu-ral language text. The output of generation is a natural language text. The generation process involves the tasks of a) delimiting the content of the eventual text, b) plano ning its structure, c) selecting

Christine Defrise; Sergei Nirenburg



Text enhancement in digital video  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

One difficulty with using text from digital video for indexing and retrieval is that video images are often in low resolution and poor quality, and as a result, the text can not be recognized adequately by most commercial OCR software. Text image enhancement is necessary to achieve reasonable OCR accuracy. Our enhancement consists of two main procedures, resolution enhancement based on Shannon interpolation and text separation from complex image background. Experiments show our enhancement approach improves OCR accuracy considerably.

Li, Huiping; Kia, Omid E.; Doermann, David S.



Text detection for video analysis  

Microsoft Academic Search

Textual information brings important semantic clues in video content analysis. We describe a method for detection and representation of text in video segments. The method consists of seven steps: channel separation, image enhancement, edge detection, edge filtering, character detection, text box detection, and text line detection. Our results show that this method can be applied to English as well as

Lalitha Agnihotri; Nevenka Dimitrova



Informational Text and the CCSS  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

What constitutes an informational text covers a broad swath of different types of texts. Biographies & memoirs, speeches, opinion pieces & argumentative essays, and historical, scientific or technical accounts of a non-narrative nature are all included in what the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) envisions as informational text. Also included…

Aspen Institute, 2012



Text Signals Influence Team Artifacts  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This exploratory quasi-experimental investigation describes the influence of text signals on team visual map artifacts. In two course sections, four-member teams were given one of two print-based text passage versions on the course-related topic "Social influence in groups" downloaded from Wikipedia; this text had two paragraphs, each…

Clariana, Roy B.; Rysavy, Monica D.; Taricani, Ellen



Translation and Text-Analysis.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The primary goal of translation is to enable an audience in a Target Language to understand a text/discourse which was ultimately not intended for them. The primary goal of text-analysis is to further the understanding of phenomena inside one language. There are several similarities between translation and text-analysis: both translation and…

Barbe, Katharina


Choosing Software for Text Processing.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Review of text processing software for microcomputers covers data entry, text editing, document formatting, and spelling and proofreading programs including "Wordstar,""PeachText,""PerfectWriter,""Select," and "The Word Plus.""The Whole Earth Software Catalog" and a new terminal to be manufactured for OCLC by IBM are mentioned. (EJS)

Mason, Robert M.



Text Association Analysis and Ambiguity in Text Mining  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Text Mining is the process of analyzing a semantically rich document or set of documents to understand the content and meaning of the information they contain. The research in Text Mining will enhance human's ability to process massive quantities of information, and it has high commercial values. Firstly, the paper discusses the introduction of TM its definition and then gives an overview of the process of text mining and the applications. Up to now, not much research in text mining especially in concept/entity extraction has focused on the ambiguity problem. This paper addresses ambiguity issues in natural language texts, and presents a new technique for resolving ambiguity problem in extracting concept/entity from texts. In the end, it shows the importance of TM in knowledge discovery and highlights the up-coming challenges of document mining and the opportunities it offers.

Bhonde, S. B.; Paikrao, R. L.; Rahane, K. U.



ParaText : scalable text analysis and visualization.  

SciTech Connect

Automated analysis of unstructured text documents (e.g., web pages, newswire articles, research publications, business reports) is a key capability for solving important problems in areas including decision making, risk assessment, social network analysis, intelligence analysis, scholarly research and others. However, as data sizes continue to grow in these areas, scalable processing, modeling, and semantic analysis of text collections becomes essential. In this paper, we present the ParaText text analysis engine, a distributed memory software framework for processing, modeling, and analyzing collections of unstructured text documents. Results on several document collections using hundreds of processors are presented to illustrate the exibility, extensibility, and scalability of the the entire process of text modeling from raw data ingestion to application analysis.

Dunlavy, Daniel M.; Stanton, Eric T.; Shead, Timothy M.



Complex dynamics of text analysis  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This paper presents a novel method for the analysis of nonlinear text quality in Chinese language. Texts produced by university students in China were represented as scale-free networks (word adjacency model), from which typical network features such as the in/outdegree, clustering coefficient and network dynamics were obtained. The method integrates the classical concepts of network feature representation and text quality series variation. The analytical and numerical scheme leads to a parameter space representation that constitutes a valid alternative to represent the network features. The results reveal that complex network features of different text qualities can be clearly revealed and applied to potential applications in other instances of text analysis.

Ke, Xiaohua; Zeng, Yongqiang; Ma, Qinghua; Zhu, Lin



ParaText : scalable text modeling and analysis.  

SciTech Connect

Automated processing, modeling, and analysis of unstructured text (news documents, web content, journal articles, etc.) is a key task in many data analysis and decision making applications. As data sizes grow, scalability is essential for deep analysis. In many cases, documents are modeled as term or feature vectors and latent semantic analysis (LSA) is used to model latent, or hidden, relationships between documents and terms appearing in those documents. LSA supplies conceptual organization and analysis of document collections by modeling high-dimension feature vectors in many fewer dimensions. While past work on the scalability of LSA modeling has focused on the SVD, the goal of our work is to investigate the use of distributed memory architectures for the entire text analysis process, from data ingestion to semantic modeling and analysis. ParaText is a set of software components for distributed processing, modeling, and analysis of unstructured text. The ParaText source code is available under a BSD license, as an integral part of the Titan toolkit. ParaText components are chained-together into data-parallel pipelines that are replicated across processes on distributed-memory architectures. Individual components can be replaced or rewired to explore different computational strategies and implement new functionality. ParaText functionality can be embedded in applications on any platform using the native C++ API, Python, or Java. The ParaText MPI Process provides a 'generic' text analysis pipeline in a command-line executable that can be used for many serial and parallel analysis tasks. ParaText can also be deployed as a web service accessible via a RESTful (HTTP) API. In the web service configuration, any client can access the functionality provided by ParaText using commodity protocols ... from standard web browsers to custom clients written in any language.

Dunlavy, Daniel M.; Stanton, Eric T.; Shead, Timothy M.



Texting while driving: is speech-based text entry less risky than handheld text entry?  


Research indicates that using a cell phone to talk or text while maneuvering a vehicle impairs driving performance. However, few published studies directly compare the distracting effects of texting using a hands-free (i.e., speech-based interface) versus handheld cell phone, which is an important issue for legislation, automotive interface design and driving safety training. This study compared the effect of speech-based versus handheld text entries on simulated driving performance by asking participants to perform a car following task while controlling the duration of a secondary text-entry task. Results showed that both speech-based and handheld text entries impaired driving performance relative to the drive-only condition by causing more variation in speed and lane position. Handheld text entry also increased the brake response time and increased variation in headway distance. Text entry using a speech-based cell phone was less detrimental to driving performance than handheld text entry. Nevertheless, the speech-based text entry task still significantly impaired driving compared to the drive-only condition. These results suggest that speech-based text entry disrupts driving, but reduces the level of performance interference compared to text entry with a handheld device. In addition, the difference in the distraction effect caused by speech-based and handheld text entry is not simply due to the difference in task duration. PMID:25089769

He, J; Chaparro, A; Nguyen, B; Burge, R J; Crandall, J; Chaparro, B; Ni, R; Cao, S



Maximizing text-mining performance  

Microsoft Academic Search

With the advent of centralized data warehouses, where\\u000a data might be stored as electronic documents or as text\\u000a fields in databases, text mining has increased in\\u000a importance and economic value. One important goal in text\\u000a mining is automatic classification of electronic\\u000a documents. Computer programs scan text in a document and\\u000a apply a model that assigns the document to one or

Sholom M. Weiss; Chidanand Apte; Fred J. Damerau; David E. Johnson; Frank J. Oles; Thilo Goetz; Thomas Hampp



Scene text deblurring using text-specific multiscale dictionaries.  


Texts in natural scenes carry critical semantic clues for understanding images. When capturing natural scene images, especially by handheld cameras, a common artifact, i.e., blur, frequently happens. To improve the visual quality of such images, deblurring techniques are desired, which also play an important role in character recognition and image understanding. In this paper, we study the problem of recovering the clear scene text by exploiting the text field characteristics. A series of text-specific multiscale dictionaries (TMD) and a natural scene dictionary is learned for separately modeling the priors on the text and nontext fields. The TMD-based text field reconstruction helps to deal with the different scales of strings in a blurry image effectively. Furthermore, an adaptive version of nonuniform deblurring method is proposed to efficiently solve the real-world spatially varying problem. Dictionary learning allows more flexible modeling with respect to the text field property, and the combination with the nonuniform method is more appropriate in real situations where blur kernel sizes are depth dependent. Experimental results show that the proposed method achieves the deblurring results with better visual quality than the state-of-the-art methods. PMID:25705915

Cao, Xiaochun; Ren, Wenqi; Zuo, Wangmeng; Guo, Xiaojie; Foroosh, Hassan



Department EABD Degree English Proficiency Graduate Exam CGPA Reference Letters Letter of Intention Interview Date Applications Phone E-Mail Area Studies Blge alimalari PhD EPE 70; TOEFL 86; IELTS 7.0 ALES EA 60; GRE Quan. 648 3.00/4.00; 80/100 2 in Engli  

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Interview Date Applications Phone E-Mail Area Studies Bölge Çalimalari PhD EPE 70; TOEFL 86; IELTS 7.0 Asian Studies Asya Çalimalari MS EPE 65; TOEFL 79; IELTS 6.5 ALES 55; GRE Quan. 610 2.50/4.00; 70/100 2.5 ALES EA 55; GRE Quan. 610 - 2 for applicants out of METU PES in English 23.06.2011 Baak Ergin Room:441

Köprülü, Kahraman Güçlü


TextArc: An Alternate Way to View a Text  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Textarc is an unconventional tool that gives readers the opportunity to discover patterns and concepts in texts. Still in a developmental stage, the site offers readers the opportunity to utilize human visual processing by allowing intuition to help extract meaning from a text. By exposing every word at once, the eye is able to make connections and decipher meaning otherwise overlooked by normal reading, thereby exposing the essence of a text. The site currently has Hamlet available as a full textarc text, and is in the process of exposing more literary works. Not only of value for avid readers and literary critics, the site offers librarians and archivists new approaches to cataloguing. On the whole, this new and innovative creation is at a minimum intriguing, and the site is definitely worth a visit.


Text Messaging During Simulated Driving  

Microsoft Academic Search

Objective: This research aims to identify the impact of text messaging on simulated driving performance. Background: In the past decade, a number of on-road, epidemiological, and simulator-based studies reported the negative impact of talking on a cell phone on driving behavior. However, the impact of text messaging on simulated driving performance is still not fully understood. Method: Forty participants engaged

Frank A. Drews; Hina Yazdani; Celeste N. Godfrey; Joel M. Cooper; David L. Strayer



Correct your text with Google  

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With the increasing amount of text files that are produced nowadays, spell checkers have become essential tools for everyday tasks of millions of end users. Among the years, several tools have been designed that show decent performances. Of course, grammatical checkers may improve corrections of texts, nevertheless, this requires large resources. We think that basic spell checking may be improved

Stephanie Jacquemont; Francois Jacquenet; Marc Sebban



Automated Text Summarization in SUMMARIST  

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SUMMARIST is an attempt to create a robust automated text summarization system, based on the 'equation': summarization = topic identification + interpretation + generation. Each of these stages contains several independent modules, many of them trained on large corpora of text. We describe the system's architecture and provide details of some of its modules.

Eduard Hovy; Chin-Yew Lin



Ontology-based Text Clustering  

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Text clustering typically involves cluster- ing in a high dimensional space, which appears difficult with regard to virtually all practical settings. In addition, given a particular clustering result it is typically very hard to come up with a good ex- planation of why the text clusters have been constructed the way they are. In this paper, we propose a new

Andreas Hotho; Steffen Staab; Alexander Maedche


Text recycling: acceptable or misconduct?  


Text recycling, also referred to as self-plagiarism, is the reproduction of an author's own text from a previous publication in a new publication. Opinions on the acceptability of this practice vary, with some viewing it as acceptable and efficient, and others as misleading and unacceptable. In light of the lack of consensus, journal editors often have difficulty deciding how to act upon the discovery of text recycling. In response to these difficulties, we have created a set of guidelines for journal editors on how to deal with text recycling. In this editorial, we discuss some of the challenges of developing these guidelines, and how authors can avoid undisclosed text recycling. PMID:25127654

Harriman, Stephanie; Patel, Jigisha



Toward Integrated Scene Text Reading.  


The growth in digital camera usage combined with a worldly abundance of text has translated to a rich new era for a classic problem of pattern recognition, reading. While traditional document processing often faces challenges such as unusual fonts, noise, and unconstrained lexicons, scene text reading amplifies these challenges and introduces new ones such as motion blur, curved layouts, perspective projection, and occlusion among others. Reading scene text is a complex problem involving many details that must be handled effectively for robust, accurate results. In this work, we describe and evaluate a reading system that combines several pieces, using probabilistic methods for coarsely binarizing a given text region, identifying baselines, and jointly performing word and character segmentation during the recognition process. By using scene context to recognize several words together in a line of text, our system gives state of the art performance on three difficult benchmark data sets. PMID:23817560

Weinman, Jerod J; Butler, Zachary; Knoll, Dugan; Feild, Jacqueline



Toward integrated scene text reading.  


The growth in digital camera usage combined with a worldly abundance of text has translated to a rich new era for a classic problem of pattern recognition, reading. While traditional document processing often faces challenges such as unusual fonts, noise, and unconstrained lexicons, scene text reading amplifies these challenges and introduces new ones such as motion blur, curved layouts, perspective projection, and occlusion among others. Reading scene text is a complex problem involving many details that must be handled effectively for robust, accurate results. In this work, we describe and evaluate a reading system that combines several pieces, using probabilistic methods for coarsely binarizing a given text region, identifying baselines, and jointly performing word and character segmentation during the recognition process. By using scene context to recognize several words together in a line of text, our system gives state-of-the-art performance on three difficult benchmark data sets. PMID:24356356

Weinman, Jerod J; Butler, Zachary; Knoll, Dugan; Feild, Jacqueline



Text structures in medical text processing: empirical evidence and a text understanding prototype.  


We consider the role of textual structures in medical texts. In particular, we examine the impact the lacking recognition of text phenomena has on the validity of medical knowledge bases fed by a natural language understanding front-end. First, we review the results from an empirical study on a sample of medical texts considering, in various forms of local coherence phenomena (anaphora and textual ellipses). We then discuss the representation bias emerging in the text knowledge base that is likely to occur when these phenomena are not dealt with--mainly the emergence of referentially incoherent and invalid representations. We then turn to a medical text understanding system designed to account for local text coherence. PMID:9357739

Hahn, U; Romacker, M



Toward text understanding: classification of text documents by word map  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In many fields, for example in business, engineering, and law there is interest in the search and the classification of text documents in large databases. To information retrieval purposes there exist methods. They are mainly based on keywords. In cases where keywords are lacking the information retrieval is problematic. One approach is to use the whole text document as a search key. Neural networks offer an adaptive tool for this purpose. This paper suggests a new adaptive approach to the problem of clustering and search in large text document databases. The approach is a multilevel one based on word, sentence, and paragraph level maps. Here only the word map level is reported. The reported approach is based on smart encoding, on Self-Organizing Maps, and on document histograms. The results are very promising.

Visa, Ari J. E.; Toivanen, Jarmo; Back, Barbro; Vanharanta, Hannu



An Experimental Text-Commentary  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

An experimental text-commentary of selected passages from Sophocles'"Antigone" is described. The commentary is intended for students seeking more than a conventional translation who do not know enough Greek to use a standard commentary. (RM)

O'Brien, Joan



Stemming Malay Text and Its Application in Automatic Text Categorization  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In Malay language, there are no conjugations and declensions and affixes have important grammatical functions. In Malay, the same word may function as a noun, an adjective, an adverb, or, a verb, depending on its position in the sentence. Although extensively simple root words are used in informal conversations, it is essential to use the precise words in formal speech or written texts. In Malay, to make sentences clear, derivative words are used. Derivation is achieved mainly by the use of affixes. There are approximately a hundred possible derivative forms of a root word in written language of the educated Malay. Therefore, the composition of Malay words may be complicated. Although there are several types of stemming algorithms available for text processing in English and some other languages, they cannot be used to overcome the difficulties in Malay word stemming. Stemming is the process of reducing various words to their root forms in order to improve the effectiveness of text processing in information systems. It is essential to avoid both over-stemming and under-stemming errors. We have developed a new Malay stemmer (stemming algorithm) for removing inflectional and derivational affixes. Our stemmer uses a set of affix rules and two types of dictionaries: a root-word dictionary and a derivative-word dictionary. The use of set of rules is aimed at reducing the occurrence of under-stemming errors, while that of the dictionaries is believed to reduce the occurrence of over-stemming errors. We performed an experiment to evaluate the application of our stemmer in text mining software. For the experiment, text data used were actual web pages collected from the World Wide Web to demonstrate the effectiveness of our Malay stemming algorithm. The experimental results showed that our stemmer can effectively increase the precision of the extracted Boolean expressions for text categorization.

Yasukawa, Michiko; Lim, Hui Tian; Yokoo, Hidetoshi


Why is Light Text Harder to Read Than Dark Text?  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Scharff and Ahumada (2002, 2003) measured text legibility for light text and dark text. For paragraph readability and letter identification, responses to light text were slower and less accurate for a given contrast. Was this polarity effect (1) an artifact of our apparatus, (2) a physiological difference in the separate pathways for positive and negative contrast or (3) the result of increased experience with dark text on light backgrounds? To rule out the apparatus-artifact hypothesis, all data were collected on one monitor. Its luminance was measured at all levels used, and the spatial effects of the monitor were reduced by pixel doubling and quadrupling (increasing the viewing distance to maintain constant angular size). Luminances of vertical and horizontal square-wave gratings were compared to assess display speed effects. They existed, even for 4-pixel-wide bars. Tests for polarity asymmetries in display speed were negative. Increased experience might develop full letter templates for dark text, while recognition of light letters is based on component features. Earlier, an observer ran all conditions at one polarity and then switched. If dark and light letters were intermixed, the observer might use component features on all trials and do worse on the dark letters, reducing the polarity effect. We varied polarity blocking (completely blocked, alternating smaller blocks, and intermixed blocks). Letter identification responses times showed polarity effects at all contrasts and display resolution levels. Observers were also more accurate with higher contrasts and more pixels per degree. Intermixed blocks increased the polarity effect by reducing performance on the light letters, but only if the randomized block occurred prior to the nonrandomized block. Perhaps observers tried to use poorly developed templates, or they did not work as hard on the more difficult items. The experience hypothesis and the physiological gain hypothesis remain viable explanations.

Scharff, Lauren V.; Ahumada, Albert J.



Text Mining in Social Networks  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Social networks are rich in various kinds of contents such as text and multimedia. The ability to apply text mining algorithms effectively in the context of text data is critical for a wide variety of applications. Social networks require text mining algorithms for a wide variety of applications such as keyword search, classification, and clustering. While search and classification are well known applications for a wide variety of scenarios, social networks have a much richer structure both in terms of text and links. Much of the work in the area uses either purely the text content or purely the linkage structure. However, many recent algorithms use a combination of linkage and content information for mining purposes. In many cases, it turns out that the use of a combination of linkage and content information provides much more effective results than a system which is based purely on either of the two. This paper provides a survey of such algorithms, and the advantages observed by using such algorithms in different scenarios. We also present avenues for future research in this area.

Aggarwal, Charu C.; Wang, Haixun


Text-to-Text Similarity of Sentences Vasile Rus1  

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can increase total heat production in the body markedly. SP: alot of excercise can make your body S. McNamara2 1 Department of Computer Science 2 Department of Psychology Institute for Intelligent two texts is a central task in many applications, including summarization, intelligent tutoring

Rus, Vasile


Text Format, Text Comprehension, and Related Reader Variables  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This investigation explored relationships between format of text (electronic or print-based) and reading comprehension of adolescent readers. Also in question were potential influences on comprehension from related measures including academic placement of participants, gender, prior knowledge of the content, and overall reading ability. Influences…

Nichols, Jodi L.



Text Structures, Readings, and Retellings: An Exploration of Two Texts  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between children's use of reading strategies and language cues while reading and their comprehension after reading two texts: "Cherries and Cherry Pits" (Williams, 1986) and "There's Something in My Attic" (Mayer, 1988). The data were drawn from a larger study of the reading strategies of…

Martens, Prisca; Arya, Poonam; Wilson, Pat; Jin, Lijun



GPU-Accelerated Text Mining  

SciTech Connect

Accelerating hardware devices represent a novel promise for improving the performance for many problem domains but it is not clear for which domains what accelerators are suitable. While there is no room in general-purpose processor design to significantly increase the processor frequency, developers are instead resorting to multi-core chips duplicating conventional computing capabilities on a single die. Yet, accelerators offer more radical designs with a much higher level of parallelism and novel programming environments. This present work assesses the viability of text mining on CUDA. Text mining is one of the key concepts that has become prominent as an effective means to index the Internet, but its applications range beyond this scope and extend to providing document similarity metrics, the subject of this work. We have developed and optimized text search algorithms for GPUs to exploit their potential for massive data processing. We discuss the algorithmic challenges of parallelization for text search problems on GPUs and demonstrate the potential of these devices in experiments by reporting significant speedups. Our study may be one of the first to assess more complex text search problems for suitability for GPU devices, and it may also be one of the first to exploit and report on atomic instruction usage that have recently become available in NVIDIA devices.

Cui, Xiaohui [ORNL] [ORNL; Mueller, Frank [North Carolina State University] [North Carolina State University; Zhang, Yongpeng [ORNL] [ORNL; Potok, Thomas E [ORNL] [ORNL



Alex Catalog of Electronic Texts  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This catalog, maintained by Eric Lease Morgan, a systems librarian at North Carolina State University, specializes in American literature, English literature, and philosophy. Alex is particularly helpful because the search interface allows researchers to both look for documents and search the content of those documents. Users first search standard fields such as author, title, or publication date; then they can search the content of documents they select from their returns list. Though returns in content searches would be more convenient were they hyperlinked to the complete record for the text, such a search nonetheless has obvious utility for someone writing on, for example, flower imagery in Shakespearian sonnets or Emerson's vision of democracy. Another nice feature of the catalog is the ability to convert documents to .pdf files on-the-fly (with the font and spacing customizable). Alternately, users can download the whole collection of American or English literature or philosophy texts and the tools to search the texts.


Finding text in color images  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In this paper, we consider the problem of locating and extracting text from WWW images. A previous algorithm based on color clustering and connected components analysis works well as long as the color of each character is relatively uniform and the typography is fairly simple. It breaks down quickly, however, when these assumptions are violated. In this paper, we describe more robust techniques for dealing with this challenging problem. We present an improved color clustering algorithm that measures similarity based on both RGB and spatial proximity. Layout analysis is also incorporated to handle more complex typography. THese changes significantly enhance the performance of our text detection procedure.

Zhou, Jiangying; Lopresti, Daniel P.; Tasdizen, Tolga



Biomarker Identification Using Text Mining  

PubMed Central

Identifying molecular biomarkers has become one of the important tasks for scientists to assess the different phenotypic states of cells or organisms correlated to the genotypes of diseases from large-scale biological data. In this paper, we proposed a text-mining-based method to discover biomarkers from PubMed. First, we construct a database based on a dictionary, and then we used a finite state machine to identify the biomarkers. Our method of text mining provides a highly reliable approach to discover the biomarkers in the PubMed database. PMID:23197989

Li, Hui; Liu, Chunmei



US Patent Full Text Database  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The US Patent and Trademark Office has recently added a new full-text database of all US patents issued from January 1, 1976 to the most recent weekly issue date to its Web Patent Databases page (described in the January 10, 1997 Scout Report). Users may conduct fielded and boolean searches or search by patent number. The full-text returns include the Summary, Claims, Description, and References. Drawings and images are not available online. Search tips and help are provided at the site.


Transformation and Text: Journal Pedagogy.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

One intention that an instructor had for her new course called "Writing and Healing: Women's Journal Writing" was to make apparent the power of self-written text to transform the writer. She asked her students--women studying women writing their lives and women writing their own lives--to write three pages a day and to focus on change. The…

Ellis, Carol


Automatic Detection of Text Genre  

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As the text databases available to users become larger and more heterogeneous, genre becomes increasingly important for computational linguistics as a complement to topical and structural principles of classification. We propose a theory of genres as bundles of , which correlate with various surface cues, and argue that genre detection based on surface cues is as successful as detection based

Brett Kessler; Geoffrey Nunberg; Hinrich Schuetze



Critical Edition of Sanskrit Texts  

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A critical edition takes into account all the different known versions of the same text in order to show the differ- ences between any two distinct versions. The construction of a critical edition is a long and, sometimes, tedious work. Some software that help the philologist in such a task have been available for a long time for the European

Marc Csernel; François Patte



Controversial Texts and Public Education.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Because public schools are designed to serve the widest range of interests and are committed to the ideal of democracy, teachers cannot afford to avoid teaching works or presenting ideas that offend some members of communities. Students need to learn the value of controversy and of the challenges posed by a text. Richard Wright's "Native Son" and…

Smith, David L.


A Visually Oriented Text Editor  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

HERMAN employs Evans & Sutherland Picture System 2 to provide screenoriented editing capability for DEC PDP-11 series computer. Text altered by visual indication of characters changed. Group of HERMAN commands provides for higher level operations. HERMAN provides special features for editing FORTRAN source programs.

Gomez, J. E.



Solar Concepts: A Background Text.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This text is designed to provide teachers, students, and the general public with an overview of key solar energy concepts. Various energy terms are defined and explained. Basic thermodynamic laws are discussed. Alternative energy production is described in the context of the present energy situation. Described are the principal contemporary solar…

Gorham, Jonathan W.


A Hypertext Observational Astronomy Text  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Internet, World Wide Web, and Mosaic inspire new and innovative approaches to organizing textual materials for educational purposes and for providing access to these materials. We have taken a textbook under construction and converted it into electronic form for use with other class materials in an upper level undergraduate observational astronomy course at the University of Virginia. There are many advantages to this approach for a text. These include relative ease and speed of preparation compared with formal publication, much superior results compared with photocopying, and low cost to the student. Color photographs may easily be integrated with text. The text is easy to revise and keep current, and it would be a straightforward matter to include user contributions and interaction. Of special value is the structure that can be built in the documents with hypertext anchors. We established links between the class syllabus and the main text, to the illustrated operating manuals for the instrumentation used in the course, to more detailed or difficult material, and to other World Wide Web servers.

Miller, G. E.; Ianna, P. A.



Reviving "Walden": Mining the Text.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Describes how the author and her high school English students begin their study of Thoreau's "Walden" by mining the text for quotations to inspire their own writing and discussion on the topic, "How does Thoreau speak to you or how could he speak to someone you know?" (SR)

Hewitt Julia



Reading Instruction and Text Difficulty  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

An observational study investigated the influence of text difficulty (independent, instructional, or frustration level) on the reading experiences of students in grades 1-3 in two schools for the deaf. Participants included 12 students who are deaf or hard of hearing and 5 educators. The most significant findings were twofold. First, students…

Donne, Vicki



Price Theory: An Intermediate Text  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

David D. Friedman, Professor of Law at Santa Clara University, has made his textbook, "Price Theory: An Intermediate Text" available on the web. The book focuses on trying to teach students the "economic way of thinking" and the "analytical core of economics -- price theory." Topics covered include consumer choice, market structure and economic efficiency. Price Theory also contains chapters on less conventional topics such as the political marketplace, the economics of law and law breaking; and the economics of love and marriage.

Friedman, David D.


Placing a text in context  

Microsoft Academic Search

Can readers accurately retrieve information about the context in which text comprehension occurs? If so, does their memory\\u000a for context vary with their level of comprehension? Participants studied ambiguous passages in a high-knowledge or low-knowledge\\u000a condition. They were then asked to remember the spatial location of individual sentences, the color of a border surrounding\\u000a the passage, or the color of

Debra L. Long; Alice Spooner



2012415 2012230  

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-cell formation occurs as bacterial populations move from log to stationary-phase growth, but little else. Vega et al. have implicated the bacterial signalling molecule indole in the enhancement of persistence a proportion of the bacterial population for further unpredictable and potentially harmful events--a form

Luhua, Lai


E-Mail Psychopathology  

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-Injury: An Emotion Regulation Perspective Katherine C. McKenzie a James J. Gross b a PGSP-Stanford Psy Background: Nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI) is widely thought to serve an emotion-regulatory function. Method online: February 12, 2014 Katherine Claypoole McKenzie PGSP-Stanford Psy.D. Consortium, Palo Alto

Gross, James J.


Mahdi Jadaliha e-mail:  

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manual sampling followed by laboratory analysis. The detrimental effects of harm- ful environmental, commu- nication, and embedded-system technologies, many research activities have been focused a dominant method for measuring environmental variables (e.g., biomass of harmful algal blooms) is still

Choi, Jongeun


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Ti as matrix and pores as inclusions. Eshelby's equivalent inclusion method and Mori-Tanaka's mean-field theory, then one can construct a micromechanical model based on Eshelby's equivalent inclusion method 12 with Mori-Tanaka

Taya, Minoru


Vikas Tomar1 e-mail:  

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Characteristics of a Set of SiC­Si3N4 Nanocomposites New developments in high temperature ceramic materials of thermal and mechanical properties. One example is the silicon carbide (SiC)­silicon nitride Si3N4 nanocomposites with nanosized SiC particles placed either in microsized Si3N4 grains or along Si3N4 grain

Tomar, Vikas



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engages in the actual programming of a decompression model, they need to do quite a bit of research for information on decompression topics. The key elements of the present day dissolved gas model, however, were the model and its assumptions. This is information that every decompression "programmer" needs to read

Read, Charles



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services for Arnett Hospital Worked with consultants on the design and service planning for Arnett Hospital Enhanced relationships with the Pharmaceutical sponsors and Contract Research Organizations staffing models Proposed a plan to redesign Occupational Medicine and the Urgent Care Centers

Ginzel, Matthew


Stephen Samouhos1 e-mail:  

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­Magnetite Composites, With Applications to Developing Unique Magnetorheological Fluids The development of carbon the framework of a magnetorheological (MR) fluid. It is found that the addition of magnetite nanoparticles: carbon nanotube, magnetite nanoparticles, magnetorheological, nanocomposite Introduction Carbon nanotubes


Dongmei Chen e-mail:  

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Humidification Control Maintaining proper membrane humidity is crucial to ensure optimal operation of a poly- mer to control the membrane humidity of the fuel cells to avoid dehydration and flooding. Maintaining proper on controlling the fuel cell membrane humidity. To control the inlet gas humidity condition, a humidifier

Peng, Huei


Observer Name(s) & contact info (phone/e-mail)  

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Woolly Bear Beetle Isia isabella 27 Asiatic Garden Scarab Beetle Maladera castaneawas 28 Carrion Beetle Bee Xylocopa virginica 22 Darkling Beetle Alabates pennsylvanica 23 Leaf Beetle Calligrapha sp. 24 Carabidae Beetle Catadromus lacordairei 25 Spotless Ninespotted Ladybug/Beetle Coccinella novemnotata 26

Columbia University


e-mail: Eric A. Butcher  

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. For example, a basic model for regenerative chatter in milling is x¨ t 2 x t 2 x t b 2 h t x t x t (1) where x(t) is the displacement of the deformable component of the cutting process, and are the natural frequency and damp- ing

Butcher, Eric A.


E-Mail in Academia: Expectations, Use, and Instructional Impact  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The popularity of and reliance on emergent computer-mediated communication technologies such as instant messaging, blogs, and social networks have arguably widened the generation gap between faculty and traditional undergraduate students. Marc Prensky defined this generational technology divide by coining the terms "digital natives" and "digital…

Weiss, Meredith; Hanson-Baldauf, Dana



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, the fuel cell stack breathing control system is required to maintain proper temperature, membrane hydration to manifold filling dynamics, membrane water content, super- charging devices, and temperature may impact slower controller. The temperature is thus treated as a pa- rameter in the model. Despite a large number

Peng, Huei


Ankit Kalani e-mail:  

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heat of vaporization compared to refrigerants, and lower normal boiling point compared to water Boiling With Ethanol at Subatmospheric Pressures for Electronics Cooling The growing trend in miniaturization of electronics has generated a need for efficient thermal management of these devices. Boiling has

Kandlikar, Satish


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. In a microbial electrolysis cell (MEC), bacteria break up fermented plant waste to form hydrogen. A couple Brushes as Cathodes in Microbial Electrolysis Cells," in the Feb. 11 Web issue of Environmental Science Catalysis: ......And Replacing Pt with Steel Works in Microbial Electrolysis, Penn State Team Finds


XEUS Consortium Meeting Participants Name e-Mail  

E-print Network Christensen Finn Churazov Eugene Comastri Trevor Poutanen Juri Predehl Peter Reid Paul

Boller, Thomas


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two effective transportation mechanisms of hydrogen molecules enabled by the torsional buckling (e.g., hydrogen and DNA) can be transported using a CNT in torsion and compression [12 [14]; gas flow can be conducted inside CNT by Rayleigh traveling waves on the tube surface [16

Li, Teng


HEART SMART NUTRITION Mailout or E-mail Lesson Series  

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, triglycerides, saturated and trans fats, plus total fat in the diet? Is there such a thing as "good" cholesterol, ____________________ County, at _____________ (your phone number) to learn more about how dietary fat, saturated fat


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School of Mines in 2000, since then applying several intelligent based control for advancing high power for power electronics, drives and machines control, building an academic framework for advancing for Intelligent Systems of IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, and Associate-Editor for Power


M. A. Dawson e-mail:  

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, non-Newtonian liquids into existing composite armor. Open-cell foams filled with non- Newtonian protection against ballistics. This research has culminated in highly advanced armor for defending against projectiles 1 ; however, existing armor is inefficient at protecting against the enormous pressure gradients


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-Biased Expression of Sex-Differentiating Genes FOXL2 and FGF9 in American Alligators, Alligator mississippiensis D University, Ames, Iowa, USA can alligators may inform the evolution of sex-determining and sex stages and 8 juvenile tissue types in male and fe- male American alligators, Alligator mississippiensis

Edwards, Scott


E-Mail Experimental Chemotherapy  

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.1159/000351100 Methyl Sulfone Manifests Anticancer Activity in a Metastatic Murine Breast Cancer Cell Line and in Human Breast Cancer Tissue ­ Part I: Murine 4T1 (66cl-4) Cell Line Joan McIntyre Caron Marissa Bannon Lindsay for approximate- ly 90% of all cancer deaths [1, 2]. What makes metastatic cancer cells so difficult to kill

Terasaki, Mark


Student Name: ____________________________________________ UTHSC ID Number: _____________________________ E-mail Address: ____________________________________________ Phone: _________________________________________  

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: _________________________________________ Did you and/or your spouse pay child support because of divorce or separation or as a result support because of divorce or separation or as a result of a legal requirement? _____Yes _____ No If you agreement or divorce decree that shows the amount of child support provided, a statement from the person

Cui, Yan


Politeness Strategies in Collaborative E-Mail Exchanges  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) has been the subject of a wide range of studies over the last twenty years. Previous research suggests that CSCL exchanges can facilitate group-based learning and knowledge construction among learners who are in different geographical locations [Littleton, K. & Whitelock, D. (2004). "Guiding the…

Vinagre, Margarita



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, which learns the values of injection timing and variable geometry turbocharging vane position, variable geometry turbocharging VGT , exhaust gas recirculation EGR , and variable valve actuation VVA, Ann Arbor, MI 48109 Real-Time Self-Learning Optimization of Diesel Engine Calibration Compression

Papalambros, Panos


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by Centripetal Forces This paper presents the analytical and experimental results on a new haptic telemanipu microrobot is driven by two centripetal force vibra- tion micromotors makes the presented telemanipulation the system has no haptic feed- back. The mechanical design of a haptic device integrated into a mobile

Papadopoulos, Evangelos


Tlphone : +225 02251805 E-mail :  

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Régionale pour l'Afrique de l'Ouest Dr. Emmanuelle Normand 23 BP 238 Abidjan 23, Côte d'Ivoire ECOTOURISME communautés riveraines et d'assurer la protection du célèbre parc. ECOTOURISME DANS LE PARC NATIONAL DE TAÏ


Setting up your e-mail  

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that you were given, and the password you created. After clicking on login, you may be asked what service: If you have forgotten your PIN, you will be asked various questions and answers to verify your identity to be repeated to a third person. #12;What do I do now? · Once you have successfully logged into Memorial Self

Warkentin, Ian G.


e-mail: Qingsong Xu  

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three degrees of freedom (3-DOF) translational parallel manipulator (TPM) with fixed actuators called applications are described in 1 . Most six degrees of freedom 6-DOF parallel manipulators are based, a new type of manipulator with 3-PRC topology actuated by fixed actuators is proposed to achieve three

Li, Yangmin



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, Barry 621-7685 N507 Sr. Director of Development Champagne, Francis Associate Professor Emeritus Ganapol, Barry 621-4728 N727 Professor Professor Emeritus Hummer, Andrew 621-2235 N605 Accountant Associate Jacobs

Wong, Pak Kin


ANTH 488 Professor: Theresa Fall 2009 E-mail  

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periods," "Arts of Subsistence," & "Ratio of Human Progress" (pp. 3-44). Sigmund Freud New Introductory Set 2: Materialists Marx, Engels, and Morgan, due November 2 Set 3: Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, due introduces the ideas of important early social theorists (Marx, Engels, Freud, Durkheim, Weber) through close


20111118 5 27  

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Of Westlife ----------------------3 RSS ----------------------4 Rss lutterSciTrans Rss*^_^* Rss RSSRSSReally SimpleSyndicationRSS RSS RSSXML... RSSRSS Rss Googlereader Gmail, AGoogleReaderB BBCCNNnatureblogC CBC,yahoo,googlereader, Googlereader RSS RSS BBCCNNAljazeeranatureTED RSSN Rss Rssnature scienceBBCCNNVOA ... Rss QQ 1277950921

Luhua, Lai


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Scalias, not Souters on court Bush proposal builds deficit, CBO reports Bush pushes Social Security heights FDA seizes depression, diabetes drugs at GlaxoSmithKline Failed doctor- assisted suicide raises The research also suggests the movement of feet is key to energy-efficient walking. "You can't know how

Ruina, Andy L.


Policy for Protecting Outgoing Mason E-mail Introduction  

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list. A Comparison of Inbound and Outbound Filtering The following is a comparison of the actions taken their password, and (if they are Faculty/Staff) speak with the Security Office to ensure there is no highly the owner speaks with ITU Support, changes their password, and (if they are Faculty/Staff) speak


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to enable the snap- ping action. During disassembly, the in-plane thermal expansion constrained by locators of Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2125 Design for Disassembly With High-Stiffness, and material contamination. This paper presents a unified method to design a high-stiffness reversible locator

Saitou, Kazuhiro "Kazu"


Youneng Wang e-mail:  

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. Silicon is the most dominant material in MEMS devices, but metals such as aluminum, copper, gold of metallic materials, which significantly in- creases fatigue life and wear resistance in applications 4 of Mechanical Engineering, Columbia University, New York, NY 10027 Response of Thin Films and Substrate to Micro

Yao, Y. Lawrence


The Case Study: E-Mail From Socrates  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Humans are storytelling animals that learn best when things are put into an experience or story. Teachers seem to think they can just lecture about the principles that they believe govern the world and the students will remember them. This is in spite of much evidence to the contrary. They ignore the fact that large numbers of their students fail or barely pass their courses using the techniques of lecturing. Students learn best on a need-to-know basis--when they are presented with a story that engages them. This articles provides insight on the case study method through a conversation in a chatroom with the philosopher "Socrates" and a college professor.

Clyde Freeman Herreid



Aravind Seshadri e-mail:  

E-print Network

are paper, plastics, textiles, metals, and composites; these materials are used in manufacturing a wide in rolled, unfinished form from an unwind roll to a rewind roll through processing machinery. Idle

Pagilla, Prabhakar R.


Frank E. Fresconi e-mail:  

E-print Network

in the Conducting Airways of the Human Lung The adverse health effects of inhaled particulate matter from, emphysema, and asthma. Inhalation of ambient aerosols is also a conduit for infectious diseases measles, influenza, anthrax, and tuberculosis . Indeed, an analysis of the health effects of particulate matter

Prasad, Ajay K.


E-Mail Lists: Selectivity Makes Lists Efficient.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Notes that email lists have become a popular way for people with similar interests to communicate. Discusses the JEAHELP email list, a private, unmoderated list owned by Candace Perkins Bowen, a past president of the Journalism Education Association. Discuses things to think about before sending a message to an email distribution list. (RS)

Wilson, Bradley



S. A. Weaver e-mail:  

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-mail: Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University is to describe the development and validation of a testing method for microchannels as well as to determine through various film cooling holes around the blade surface. These cooling channels serve as a means

Thole, Karen A.


R. A. Wirtz e-mail:  

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of Nevada, Reno, Reno, NV 89557 A Hybrid Thermal Energy Storage Device, Part 1: Design Methodology A thermal response model for designing a hybrid thermal energy storage (TES) heat sink is developed coolers must be designed for peak power operation. Incorporation of a Thermal Energy Storage TES mechanism

Wirtz, Richard A.


M. D. Barringer e-mail:  

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turbines are being developed for operation with inlet temperatures up to 1600 C [1,2]. High- pressure air turbines typically use large external filters to remove particles from the air flow, though cyclone the turbine. Several studies have measured particulate concentrations in the cooling air of an operating tur

Thole, Karen A.


Andrew Kusiak e-mail:  

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Vibrations Based on SCADA Data Vibrations of a wind turbine have a negative impact on its performance,9 . Despite its impact on the performance and life- time of wind turbines, the published research on wind. With massive deployment of wind farms in recent years, both the performance and maintenance of wind turbines

Kusiak, Andrew


1956 . , , 119334, . e-mail:,  

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.V., Mullineaux D.R. (eds) The 1980 eruptions of Mount St. Helens, Washington // US Geol. Surv. Prof. Pap. 1981. V of Bezymianny volcano in 1956 and Mt. St. Helens in 1981 were used to determine initial conditions. Total. ( ) ( ) - ( ) ( ) . , - . #12;61 2. Kieffer S.W. Fluid dynamics of the May 18 blast at Mount St. Helens. In: Lipman P

Belousov, Alexander


Notes on E-Mail Receipt Cem Kaner & Bob Johnson  

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II. Transmit the message to the sender's ISP III. Intermediate servers and switches IV. and is then forwarded to D. The receiver's ISP hosts the receiver's domain. For example, is hosted by and mail to is identical to 1. has


Taha Goudarzi e-mail:  

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and numerical efficiency assessed by comparisons with corresponding 3D full- field simulations. The paper in 3D. Indeed, it is only recently that a few rigorous results have been worked out (see for Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Illinois Urbana­Champaign, IL 61801

Lopez-Pamies, Oscar


A Humanities Network Considers What Lies Beyond E-Mail.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

H-NET (Humanities and Social Sciences OnLine) is a new, rapidly expanding international online network of scholars that was established to increase electronic mail communication among individuals. Currently, the program is devoting more attention to World Wide Web-related projects providing information and reference sources. Internal conflict…

Guernsey, Lisa



E-Alerts: Manufacturing technology. E-mail newsletter  

SciTech Connect

Contents are: Computer Aided Design (CAD); Robotics/Robots; Productivity; Manufacturing, Planning, Processing and Control; Joining; Quality Control and Reliability; Plant Design and Maintenance; Job Environment; Tooling, Machinery, and Tools; Engineering Materials; Tribology; Optics and Lasers; Computer Software; Domestic Commerce, Marketing, and Economics; Research Program Administration and Technology.




E-Mail Original Paper  

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.1159/000368388 304 can cause dramatic changes in sexual differentiation and adult reproductive processes. Research ultimately affect be- havior and a variety of physiological processes. For ex- ample, androgen action through genomic mechanisms Key Words Steroid hormone · Sexual behavior · Preoptic area · Amygdala · Ventromedial

Wade, Juli


CGS SS200: INTERNSHIP CREDIT APPLICATION Name: __________________________ E-mail: ___________________________  

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1 CGS SS200: INTERNSHIP CREDIT APPLICATION Name: __________________________ E ___ Summer 20___ Internship Information: Company/Location: _________________________________________________ Title/Position: _____________________________________________________ Internship Supervisor

Goldberg, Bennett


Ali Akturk1 e-mail:  

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in this study included a 3D Reynolds-averaged Navier­Stokes (RANS) based compu- tational fluid dynamics model and unsteady flow features in each passage. The tip leakage vortex is a complex flow phenomenon that is one of the dominant mecha- nisms of noise generation by unsteady interactions in a turboma- chinery system

Camci, Cengiz


E-Mail Original Paper  

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Specializations for Enhanced Olfactory Sensitivity in Kiwi, Apteryx mantelli Jeremy R. Corfield a, c Heather L. The olfactory bulbs in kiwi are al- most in direct contact with the olfactory epithelium, which is indeed well. The anatomy of the kiwi olfactory system supports an enhance- ment for olfactory sensitivities, which

Eisthen, Heather L.


Xiaoping Qian e-mail:  

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with polymethylmethacrylate PMMA bone cement. However, this causes pain to the patient during weight bearing situations effective method for adhering prosthe- sis to the bone is to coat it with a porous metal because new bone on the porous metal. It bonds to the bone physicochemically, thereby increasing the adhesion strength and rate

Qian, Xiaoping


E-Mail Research Article  

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(ogen) Acquisition by Group A Streptococcus Protects against C3b-Mediated Neutrophil Killing Diane Ly a Jude M A Streptococcus (GAS; Streptococcus pyogenes) is responsible for over 600 million infections each year [1 · Innate immunity · M protein · Phagocytosis · Plasmin(ogen) · Streptococcus pyogenes Abstract The globally

Nizet, Victor


Improving Student Writing through E-Mail Mentoring  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Computer technology has become an indispensable tool in writing. Those of us who have spent any time in schools can attest to the prevalence of word processing, concept mapping, Web editing, and electronic presentation software, all deployed, to a large extent, in the collective effort to enhance student writing. The degree to which such tools…

Burns, Mary



Steven R. Winterstein e-mail:  

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deck impact, of ocean struc- tures under random waves is generally of considerable interest. While air. · We seek to test the adequacy of linear diffraction analysis. We recognize here that ocean waves to irregular waves is considered. Detailed model tests for this structure are studied in depth. Using time

Sweetman, Bert


Identifying Issue Frames in Text  

PubMed Central

Framing, the effect of context on cognitive processes, is a prominent topic of research in psychology and public opinion research. Research on framing has traditionally relied on controlled experiments and manually annotated document collections. In this paper we present a method that allows for quantifying the relative strengths of competing linguistic frames based on corpus analysis. This method requires little human intervention and can therefore be efficiently applied to large bodies of text. We demonstrate its effectiveness by tracking changes in the framing of terror over time and comparing the framing of abortion by Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. PMID:23874909

Sagi, Eyal; Diermeier, Daniel; Kaufmann, Stefan



Primary Students and Informational Texts  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Anyone who has spent time looking into science books with young children has no doubt experienced the endless questions that the information and visuals in the books can stimulate. Can snakes climb trees? How do frogs hide from predators? Why do volcanoes erupt? Books prompt questions, which can lead to further reading about and investigations of science topics. Whether from a textbook or a nonfiction trade book, informational text can be the fuel that sparks curiosity about and interest in science, thus contributing to the development of science attitudes.

Hallie Kay Yopp



CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

CELT, an "online database of contemporary and historical topics from many areas, including literature and the other arts," is aimed at the greatest possible range of readers, from academic scholars to the general public. Texts at the site can be searched, read on-screen, or downloaded. Other works available at CELT include essays by Michael Collins, the Dail debates on the 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty, works by James Connolly and Padraic Pearse, and almost the whole corpus of Hiberno-Norman French poetry.


Efficient Index for Handwritten Text  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This paper deals with one of the new emerging multimedia data types, namely, handwritten cursive text. The paper presents two indexing methods for searching a collection of cursive handwriting. The first index, word-level index, treats word as pictogram and uses global features for retrieval. The word-level index is suitable for large collection of cursive text. While the second one, called stroke-level index, treats the word as a set of strokes. The stroke-level index is more accurate, but more costly than the word level index. Each word (or stroke) can be described with a set of features and, thus, can be stored as points in the feature space. The Karhunen-Loeve transform is then used to minimize the number of features used (data dimensionality) and thus the index size. Feature vectors are stored in an R-tree. We implemented both indexes and carried many simulation experiments to measure the effectiveness and the cost of the search algorithm. The proposed indexes achieve substantial saving in the search time over the sequential search. Moreover, the proposed indexes improve the matching rate up to 46% over the sequential search.

Kamel, Ibrahim



E-print Network Grant Shallenberger TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY AT QATAR Mark Weichold Julia Barker TEXAS A&M Health Science Center Lesley Robin Fuller (Robin


DEPT./BLDG. PHONE FAX CHAIR (E-mail) SECRETARY (E-mail) ANTH SS 235 2693 4918  

E-print Network Stacia Graham (stacia.graham@mso) ENGL LA 133 5231 2556 John Hunt x4062 (john.hunt@umontana) Nathan 2231 Robert Greene x2986 (robert.greene@umontana) Diane Rapp (diane.rapp@mso) Jana O'Connor x6082 Mitschke x2173 (jennie.mitschke@umontana) Lorna LaBuff x6820 (lorna.labuff@umontana) Adelle Graham x4522

Chu, Xi


Starbase Data Tables: An ASCII Relational Database for Unix  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Database management is an increasingly important part of astronomical data analysis. Astronomers need easy and convenient ways of storing, editing, filtering, and retrieving data about data. Commercial databases do not provide good solutions for many of the everyday and informal types of database access astronomers need. The Starbase database system with simple data file formatting rules and command line data operators has been created to answer this need. The system includes a complete set of relational and set operators, fast search/index and sorting operators, and many formatting and I/O operators. Special features are included to enhance the usefulness of the database when manipulating astronomical data. The software runs under UNIX, MSDOS and IRAF.

Roll, John



Text documents as social networks  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The extraction of keywords and features is a fundamental problem in text data mining. Document processing applications directly depend on the quality and speed of the identification of salient terms and phrases. Applications as disparate as automatic document classification, information visualization, filtering and security policy enforcement all rely on the quality of automatically extracted keywords. Recently, a novel approach to rapid change detection in data streams and documents has been developed. It is based on ideas from image processing and in particular on the Helmholtz Principle from the Gestalt Theory of human perception. By modeling a document as a one-parameter family of graphs with its sentences or paragraphs defining the vertex set and with edges defined by Helmholtz's principle, we demonstrated that for some range of the parameters, the resulting graph becomes a small-world network. In this article we investigate the natural orientation of edges in such small world networks. For two connected sentences, we can say which one is the first and which one is the second, according to their position in a document. This will make such a graph look like a small WWW-type network and PageRank type algorithms will produce interesting ranking of nodes in such a document.

Balinsky, Helen; Balinsky, Alexander; Simske, Steven J.



A New Robust Method of Hiding Text Characters for Secure Open Channel Transmission  

Microsoft Academic Search

Summary This paper discusses a new method of hiding ASCII characters based on match between bit value of the randomly selected image pixel and the data bits. Bit positions in the higher nibbles of the cover image are used for data hiding at a position indicated using a 2-bit code. Simulation results on Lena, Gibbon and Cat images (1) for

Harsh Vikram Singh; S. P. Singh; Anand Mohan



What's so Simple about Simplified Texts? A Computational and Psycholinguistic Investigation of Text Comprehension and Text Processing  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This study uses a moving windows self-paced reading task to assess both text comprehension and processing time of authentic texts and these same texts simplified to beginning and intermediate levels. Forty-eight second language learners each read 9 texts (3 different authentic, beginning, and intermediate level texts). Repeated measures ANOVAs…

Crossley, Scott A.; Yang, Hae Sung; McNamara, Danielle S.



Consistent Partition and Labelling of Text Blocks  

Microsoft Academic Search

:  This paper presents a text block extraction algorithm that takes as its input a set of text lines of a given document, and\\u000a partitions the text lines into a set of text blocks, where each text block is associated with a set of homogeneous formatting\\u000a attributes, e.g. text-alignment, indentation. The text block extraction algorithm described in this paper is probability

Jisheng Liang; Ihsin T. Phillips; Robert M. Haralick



Text Detectives Investigate Meat Eating Plants  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

In this lesson, students will identify the text features of non-fiction books and use several informational texts on meat-eating plants to answer text dependent questions. Students will become "text detectives" and learn how to use the text to find the evidence to prove that their answers to questions are right. The students will learn to use evidence from informational texts to write explanatory paragraphs.



Full-Text Databases in Medicine.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Describes types of full-text databases in medicine; discusses features for searching full-text journal databases available through online vendors; reviews research on full-text databases in medicine; and describes the MEDLINE/Full-Text Research Project at the University of Missouri (Columbia) which investigated precision, recall, and relevancy.…

Sievert, MaryEllen C.; And Others



Sparse Representation Classification for Image Text Detection  

Microsoft Academic Search

Text detection in images is important for the retrieval of text information from digital graph, video databases and web sites. In this paper, a text detection method based on sparse representation classification with discrimination dictionaries is presented, which can detect text with different sizes, fonts and colors. The propose method detects edge information using Sobel operator and a sliding window

Ming Zhao; Shutao Li



The Text Marking Patterns of College Students.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Examines patterns in college students' text markings using texts from three content areas: history, political science, and sociology. Indicates little differential marking between various text-types. Concludes that students seem to have little idea how to mark text efficiently. (MG)

Nist, Sherrie L.; Kirby, Katie



Text Complexity: Primary Teachers' Views  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The research question was, "What text characteristics do primary teachers think are most important for early grades text complexity?" Teachers from across the United States accomplished a two-part task. First, to stimulate teachers' thinking about important text characteristics, primary teachers completed an online paired-text…

Fitzgerald, Jill; Hiebert, Elfrieda H.; Bowen, Kimberly; Relyea-Kim, E. Jackie; Kung, Melody; Elmore, Jeff



Annotating Sanskrit Texts Based on Sabdabodha Systems  

Microsoft Academic Search

Though Sanskrit has a huge repository of texts as well as well discussed grammar formalism, we still neither have a full fledged\\u000a parser for Sanskrit based on this formalism nor do we have any annotated text.

K. V. Ramkrishnamacharyulu



Freedom System Text and Graphics System (TAGS)  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The Text and Graphics System (TAGS) is a high-resolution facsimile system that scans text or graphics material and converts the analog SCAN data into serial digital data. This video shows the TAGS in operation.



You Can Say That Again!: Text Compression  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This activity helps students learn how computers "compress" text by identifying repeating patterns of letters, words, and phrases. Students use poems or nursery rhymes as their source text, draw boxes around repeating parts, and use arrows to point to earlier parts of the text that can be used to "uncompress" the text. The boxes and arrows are then related to the numbers that computers use in compression. An extension has students try compressing a much longer story, "The Three Little Pigs."

Tim Bell



Text Retrieval Using Sparsified Concept Decomposition Matrix  

Microsoft Academic Search

\\u000a We examine text retrieval strategies using the sparsified concept decomposition matrix. The centroid vector of a tightly structured\\u000a text collection provides a general description of text documents in that collection. The union of the centroid vectors forms\\u000a a concept matrix. The original text data matrix can be projected into the concept space spanned by the concept vectors. We\\u000a propose a

Jing Gao; Jun Zhang



Text Matters in Learning to Read.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A study examined the opportunities provided by several types of text for beginning readers to learn about three aspects of written English: (1) consistent, common letter-sound patterns; (2) the most frequent words; and (3) the contexts of sentences and texts. Results indicate that texts based on high-frequency words give beginning readers ample…

Hiebert, Elfrieda H.

469 Electronic Texts Database  

NSDL National Science Digital Library Philosophy Resources on the Internet has updated their collection of links to electronic texts in Philosophy available on the Web. The database supplies "over 800 links to electronic texts by famous philosophers throughout history." Currently, users can search only by author, but "in the future the texts will also be categorized and searchable by subject area and time period."


Mathematical Texts as Narrative: Rethinking Curriculum  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper proposes a framework for reading mathematics texts as narratives. Building from a narrative framework of Meike Bal, a reader's experience with the mathematical content as it unfolds in the text (the "mathematical story") is distinguished from his or her logical reconstruction of the content beyond the text (the…

Dietiker, Leslie



Text Dependent Questions and the CCSS  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

An effective text dependent question first and foremost embraces the key principle of close reading embedded in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Anchor Reading Standards by asking students to provide evidence from complex text and draw inferences based on what the text explicitly says (Standards 1 and 10). A close look at the intervening…

Aspen Institute, 2012



The Tipster Summac Text Summarization Evaluation  

Microsoft Academic Search

The TIPSTER Text Summarization Evaluation (SUMMAC) has established definitively that automatic text summarization is very effective in relevance assessment tasks. Summaries as short as 17% of full text length sped up decision-making by almost a factor of 2 with no statistically significant degradation in F-score accuracy. SUMMAC has also introduced a new intrinsic method for automated evaluation of informative summaries.

Inderjeet Mani; David House; Gary Klein; Lynette Hirschman; Therese Firmin; Beth Sundheim



Text Messaging for Student Communication and Voting  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Text messaging has gained widespread popularity in higher education as a communication tool and as a means of engaging students in the learning process. In this study we report on the use of text messaging in a large, year-one introductory chemistry module where students were encouraged to send questions and queries to a dedicated text number both…

McClean, Stephen; Hagan, Paul; Morgan, Jason



Segmentation of Bangla Unconstrained Handwritten Text  

Microsoft Academic Search

To take care of variability involved in the writing style of different individuals in this paper we propose a robust scheme to segment unconstrained handwritten Bangla texts into lines, words and characters. For line segmentation, at first, we divide the text into vertical stripes. Stripe width of a document is computed by statistical analysis of the text height in the

U. Pal; Sagarika Datta



Summarization as the base for text assessment  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present a model that apply shallow text summarization as a cheap (in resources needed) process for Automatic (machine based) free text answer Assessment (AA). The evaluation of the proposed method induces the inference that the Conventional Assessment (CA, man made assessment of free text answers) does not have an obvious mechanical replacement. However, this is a research challenge.

Karanikolas, Nikitas N.



Academic Journal Embargoes and Full Text Databases.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Documents the reasons for embargoes of academic journals in full text databases (i.e., publisher-imposed delays on the availability of full text content) and provides insight regarding common misconceptions. Tables present data on selected journals covering a cross-section of subjects and publishers and comparing two full text business databases.…

Brooks, Sam



The text-encoding initiative: Part 1  

Microsoft Academic Search

Purpose – To present a concise introduction to and history of the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI). Design\\/methodology\\/approach – Presents the TEI from a literature-based, chronological perspective. Findings – The de facto standard for electronic text encoding in the humanities, the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI), an international and interdisciplinary standard for the electronic representation of documents in the humanities, has influenced

Linda Cantara



Evaluation Methods of The Text Entities  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The paper highlights some evaluation methods to assess the quality characteristics of the text entities. The main concepts used in building and evaluation processes of the text entities are presented. Also, some aggregated metrics for orthogonality measurements are presented. The evaluation process for automatic evaluation of the text entities is…

Popa, Marius



Partners: Grades K-1: text only version  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This informational text introduces students to photosynthesis and lichens-plant-like organisms resulting from a symbiotic relationship between an alga and a fungus. The text is written at a kindergarten through grade one reading level. This is a PDF containing the informational text.

Jessica Fries-Gaither


Text-to-Picture Synthesis Xiaojin Zhu  

E-print Network

(LTI seminar) Text-to-Picture Synthesis 7 / 46 #12;Prior work 1: "Writing with Symbols" Rebus symbols ( Writing with Symbols ( (LTI seminar) Text-to-Picture Synthesis 8Text-to-Picture Synthesis Xiaojin Zhu Department of Computer Sciences University of Wisconsin

Zhu, Xiaojin "Jerry"


Text Identification in Complex Background Using SVM  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper presents a fast and robust algorithm to identify text in image or video frames with complex backgrounds and compression effects. The algorithm first extracts the candidate text line on the basis of edge analysis, baseline location and heuristic constraints. Support Vector Machine (SVM) is then used to identify text line from the candidates in edge-based distance map feature

Datong Chen; Hervé Bourlard; Jean-philippe Thiran




Microsoft Academic Search

We offer in this article, a method for text extraction in images issued from city scenes. This method is used in the French iTowns project (iTowns ANR project, 2008) to automatically enhance cartographic database by extracting text from geolocalized pictures of town streets. This task is difficult as 1. text in this environment varies in shape, size, color, orientation... 2.

J. Fabrizio; M. Cord; B. Marcotegui



Figure Text Extraction in Biomedical Literature  

PubMed Central

Background Figures are ubiquitous in biomedical full-text articles, and they represent important biomedical knowledge. However, the sheer volume of biomedical publications has made it necessary to develop computational approaches for accessing figures. Therefore, we are developing the Biomedical Figure Search engine ( to allow bioscientists to access figures efficiently. Since text frequently appears in figures, automatically extracting such text may assist the task of mining information from figures. Little research, however, has been conducted exploring text extraction from biomedical figures. Methodology We first evaluated an off-the-shelf Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool on its ability to extract text from figures appearing in biomedical full-text articles. We then developed a Figure Text Extraction Tool (FigTExT) to improve the performance of the OCR tool for figure text extraction through the use of three innovative components: image preprocessing, character recognition, and text correction. We first developed image preprocessing to enhance image quality and to improve text localization. Then we adapted the off-the-shelf OCR tool on the improved text localization for character recognition. Finally, we developed and evaluated a novel text correction framework by taking advantage of figure-specific lexicons. Results/Conclusions The evaluation on 382 figures (9,643 figure texts in total) randomly selected from PubMed Central full-text articles shows that FigTExT performed with 84% precision, 98% recall, and 90% F1-score for text localization and with 62.5% precision, 51.0% recall and 56.2% F1-score for figure text extraction. When limiting figure texts to those judged by domain experts to be important content, FigTExT performed with 87.3% precision, 68.8% recall, and 77% F1-score. FigTExT significantly improved the performance of the off-the-shelf OCR tool we used, which on its own performed with 36.6% precision, 19.3% recall, and 25.3% F1-score for text extraction. In addition, our results show that FigTExT can extract texts that do not appear in figure captions or other associated text, further suggesting the potential utility of FigTExT for improving figure search. PMID:21249186

Kim, Daehyun; Yu, Hong



Text markup using the TEI and collations using the MVED: a comparison of text encoding schemes in producing electronic text  

E-print Network

fulfillment of thc requirements for the degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE August 2002 Major Subject: Computer Sctcnce TEXT MARKUP USING THE TEI AND COLLATIONS USING THE MVED ? A COMPARISON OF TEXT ENCODING SCHEMES IN PRODUCING ELECTRONIC TEXT A Thesis... by RAJIV DANIEL KOCHUMMAN Submitted to Texas A&M University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for thc degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE Approved as to style and content by: Richard Furuta (Chair of Committee) Eduardo Urbina (Member) Frank Shipm...

Kochumman, Rajiv Daniel



The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Dating from about 2100 to 1650 BCE, ancient Mesopotamian literature, written in Sumerian cuneiform, is the earliest known recorded literature in the world. The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature (ETCSL) project, an initiative of the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford, aims to produce a Web-based digital collection of more than 400 poetic Sumerian compositions. The ETCSL project Website provides a browseable catalog of all texts in the corpus as well as an extensive description of the project. Each entry in the corpus catalog will eventually include a Sumerian text in transliteration, an English translation of that text, and detailed bibliographic information on the original text. At present, the site provides only a handful of texts but promises to expand significantly in the coming months.


eAQUA -Bringing modern Text Mining appraoches to two thousand years old ancient texts  

E-print Network

in information technologies for an advanced study of digital text resources and for generating structuredeAQUA - Bringing modern Text Mining appraoches to two thousand years old ancient texts Marco ancient texts and modern methods from the field of text mining. The project is structured so

Schüler, Axel


Text classification Naive Bayes NB theory Evaluation of TC Web Search and Text Mining  

E-print Network

Text classification Naive Bayes NB theory Evaluation of TC Web Search and Text Mining IIR 13: Text Classification & Naive Bayes Alexander Gray Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Computing 2011 Gray: Text Classification & Naive Bayes 1 / 52 #12;Text classification Naive

Gray, Alexander


How Popular Culture Texts Inform and Shape Students' Discussions of Social Studies Texts  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In this article, I examine how 6th-grade students used pop culture texts to inform their understandings about social studies texts and shape their discussions of it. Discussions showed that students used pop culture texts in three ways when talking about social studies texts. First, students applied comprehension strategies to pop culture texts to…

Hall, Leigh A.



Texts, Troubled Teens, and Troubling Times  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Seeking ways to effectively mediate texts with troubled teens in troubling times is worth the investment. Text is a powerful tool for shaping positive life trajectories, especially for those teens being affected by vulnerable-producing conditions that interrupt positive human development. These conditions, coupled with poor literacy skills…

Tatum, Alfred W., Ed.



Opening Mathematics Texts: Resisting the Seduction  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This analysis of the writing in a grade 7 mathematics textbook distinguishes between closed texts and open texts, which acknowledge multiple possibilities. I use tools that have recently been applied in mathematics contexts, focussing on grammatical features that include personal pronouns, modality, and types of imperatives, as well as on…

Wagner, David



Text & Teaching: The Search for Human Excellence.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This volume contains 13 essays by distinguished scholars and public figures on texts that influenced them to act wisely and justly in their personal and professional lives. These essays were originally given at two Symposia on Text and Teaching at Georgetown University. The participants and their subjects are as follows: (1) Edmund D. Pellegrino…

Collins, Michael J., Ed.; Ambrosio, Francis J., Ed.


The Rhetorical Parsing of Natural Language Texts  

Microsoft Academic Search

We derive the rhetorical structures of texts by means of two new, surface-form-based algorithms: one that identifies discourse usages of cue phrases and breaks sentences into clauses, and one that produces valid rhetorical structure trees for unrestricted natural languages texts. The algorithms use information that was derived from a corpus analysis of cue phrases.

Daniel Marcu



A parallel learning algorithm for text classification  

Microsoft Academic Search

Text classification is the process of classifying documents into predefined categories based on their content. Existing supervised learning algorithms to automatically classify text need sufficient labeled documents to learn accurately. Applying the Expectation-Maximization (EM) algorithm to this problem is an alternative approach that utilizes a large pool of unlabeled documents to augment the available labeled documents. Unfortunately, the time needed

Canasai Kruengkrai; Chuleerat Jaruskulchai



Critical Edition of Sanskrit Texts Marc Csernel  

E-print Network

Critical Edition of Sanskrit Texts Marc Csernel INRIA, Projet AXIS, Domaine de Voluceau, such software does not exist yet for the Sanskrit language because of its complex graphical characteristics describes the Sanskrit characteristics that make text comparisons different from other languages, presents

Boyer, Edmond


Learning Dialogues To Promote Text Comprehension.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Reciprocal teaching is an instructional procedure designed to teach heterogeneous groups of learners, including the educationally disadvantaged, how to approach text in a thoughtful manner. In reciprocal teaching, teachers and students take turns leading discussions about shared text to achieve joint understanding through the application of the…

Palincsar, Annemarie Sullivan; Klenk, Laura J.


Identifying Expressions of Emotion in Text  

E-print Network

Identifying Expressions of Emotion in Text Saima Aman and Stan Szpakowicz School of Information, disgust, surprise, fear Goals investigate the expression of emotion in text through a corpus annotation study explore computational techniques for emotion classification Data drawn from blog posts


Interest, Inferences, and Learning from Texts  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Topic interest and learning from texts have been found to be positively associated with each other. However, the reason for this positive association is not well understood. The purpose of this study is to examine a cognitive process, inference generation, that could explain the positive association between interest and learning from texts. In…

Clinton, Virginia; van den Broek, Paul



An Automata Based Text Analysis System  

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This report describes and implements an automata based text analysis system. We have collected some of the writing samples. Each sample establishes a tree, and uses the ALERGIA algorithm to merge all compatible nodes in order to get a merged stochastic finite automaton. We store these automatons which demonstrate writing style of the sample texts in the hard drive. For

Yue Lu



Learning from analogy-enhanced science text  

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The present study examined the role that an elaborate analogy can play when middle school students learn a major concept from a science text. The elaborate analogy had both graphic and text com- ponents that integrated and mapped key features from an analog (a factory) to the target concept (an ani- mal cell). The target features were the functions of

Shawn M. Glynn; Tomone Takahashi



Query-based sampling of text databases  

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The proliferation of searchable text databases on corporate networks and the Internet causes a database selection problem for many people. Algorithms such as gGLOSS and CORI can automatically select which text databases to search for a given information need, but only if given a set of resource descriptions that accurately represent the contents of each database. The existing techniques for

James P. Callan; Margaret E. Connell