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Delirium due to acute nicotine withdrawal. Delirium or acute confusional state among hospitalized patients is a frequent and serious problem. It is characterized by acute onset symptoms, fluctuating course, impaired attention, unorganized thinking, and altered level of conciousness. Delirium, as a manifestation of acute nicotine withdrawal syndrome has been reported in the reviewed literature only in eight cases. We report



Episodic confusional state: Due to insulinoma  

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This case report deals with 45-year-old male who came for consultation in the psychiatry department for the persisting symptoms, after consulting various departments with no relief. He had episodes of confusion with disorganized behavior, restlessness, and symptoms like talking irrelevantly once a week lasting up to 10-30 min in the preceding six months. Investigations like computerized tomography scan, electroencephalogram were not contributory. While under observation in our ward for evaluation and diagnosis, one such episode with intense sweating and clouding of consciousness was witnessed and helped in clinching the diagnosis of insulinoma. The case is reported for its rarity and as one of the causes of episodic confusional state.

Jagadheesan, Venkatesan; Suresh, Stelina Sophie Dina



Acute confusional migraine: variant of transient global amnesia.  


Acute confusional migraine in children and transient global amnesia in adults share a number of similar clinical manifestations. Acute confusional migraine in 6 children (mean age: 11.7 years; range: 7.5-17 years) was characterized by transient episodes of amnesia and acute confusion lasting 1-12 hours. Episodes were preceded by headache and vomiting in 4 patients. In 2 patients acute confusional migraine was the initial symptom. A history of preceding trivial head injury was reported in 3 patients and migraine in 4. Urine and serum drug screens were negative. Cerebral imaging studies and interictal electroencephalograms were normal. Ictal electroencephalograms in 3 patients revealed diffuse or bioccipital delta wave slowing. Recurrent episodes of acute confusional migraine occurred in 2 children during 1-3 years of follow-up. The clinical manifestations of acute confusional migraine in this series of children are similar to those reported in transient global amnesia. The similarity of the clinical manifestations of acute confusional migraine in children and transient global amnesia in adults suggests that these disorders may share a common pathophysiology. PMID:7779209

Sheth, R D; Riggs, J E; Bodensteiner, J B



Acute confusional migraine: a variant not to be missed.  


A middle age woman who had frequent migraines was admitted with memory loss following severe unilateral headache, restlessness and confusion. Investigations including haematology, biochemistry, cerebrospinal fluid analysis serology and imaging were normal. As she had frequent migraines with a history of ophthalmoplegic migraine, acute confusional migraine was thought of as a possibility. The patient responded dramatically to intravenous sodium valproate. We report this case to emphasise that acute confusional migraine, a rare variant of migraine, is occasionally encountered in adults and prompt recognition will lead to appropriate management. PMID:23912657

Verma, Rajesh; Sahu, Ritesh; Jaiswal, Anupam; Kumar, Neeraj



Retinal Infarcts in a Patient with an Acute Confusional Syndrome  

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A 46-year-old man presented with acute confusional syndrome, ataxia, dysarthria, and right hemiparesthesia. Brain MRI showed small bilateral infarcts and fluorescein angiography revealed multiple peripheral retinal infarcts bilaterally. No visual loss was present, and no other organs were involved. The diagnosis of Susac syndrome (microangiopathy of the brain, retina and cochlea) was made and immunosuppressive therapy begun.

Elena Bitrian; Bernardo Sanchez-Dalmau; Molly E. Gilbert; Alfredo Adan; John O. Susac



Acute confusional migraine and trauma-triggered migraine  

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Migraine in children can present as a state of confusion or agitation with or without a history of migraine. These events can arise spontaneously or can be triggered by mild head trauma. Transient blindness and hemiplegia may accompany the confusional state. We present two cases of children with histories of confusion and agitation, one with multiple episodes after mild head

Peter C Ferrera; Paul R Reicho



Acute confusional state/delirium: An etiological and prognostic evaluation  

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Introduction: Acute confusional state/delirium is a frequent cause of hospital admission, in the elderly. It is characterized by an acute fluctuating impairment of cognitive functions and inattention. Recognition and prompt treatment is crucial to decrease the morbidity and mortality associated with it. Materials and Methods: In this retrospective study, we determined the etiology and prognostic factors of an acute confusional state. A total of 52 patients of acute confusional state were clinically evaluated. All patients were also subjected to a battery blood biochemical examination, cerebrospinal fluid analysis and neuroimaging. Disability was assessed by using modified Barthel index (MBI). Patients were followed-up for 3 months. Results: The mean age of our cohort was 65.04 ± 10.6 years. 32 (61.5%) patients were male. In 33 patients, we were able to identify possible precipitating cause of an acute confusional state. In the rest of the patients results of all the tests were normal. Leukocytosis and hyponatremia were frequent factors associated with delirium. The mean duration of the hospital stay was 10.73 ± 3.6 days (range 5-21 days). Patients with an abnormal work-up (possible precipitating cause) had significantly lower mortality, less duration of hospital stay and less severe disability after 3 months. Age, underlying illness, serum creatinine, abnormal neuroimaging and MBI were identified as a significant prognostic indicator. 18 (34.6%) of our patients died, of these in 10 patients we could not find a precipitating cause. Conclusion: Patients, in whom a cause was found out, had better prognosis in terms of lesser mortality and the duration of hospital stay.

Rai, Dheeraj; Garg, Ravindra Kumar; Malhotra, Hardeep Singh; Verma, Rajesh; Jain, Amita; Tiwari, Sarvada Chandra; Singh, Maneesh Kumar



Confusional State in HaNDL Syndrome: Case Report and Literature Review  

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The syndrome of transient headache and neurologic deficits with cerebrospinal fluid lymphocytosis (HaNDL syndrome) is a self-limited condition. Confusional states are uncommonly reported as a clinical manifestation of this syndrome. Here, I report a 76-year-old female who presented with headache, confusion, and agitation with a mild CSF lymphocytosis. Other workup to determine the cause of her altered mental status was otherwise negative. The literature available in the English language on HaNDL syndrome is reviewed, including its history, pathophysiology, possible associations with migraine and stroke, and previously reported cases of confusional states in this syndrome. While HaNDL syndrome has been a described entity since the 1980s, its pathophysiology has yet to be clearly defined.

Nelson, Sarah



[Dyspnea, hypoxia and a confusional state--a post-recovery diagnosis].  


We present a case of a 48 year old female, with a medical history significant for paraplegia due to a cervical cord injury and a history of transitional cell carcinoma, which necessitated a urinary bladder ileal reconstruction. The patient was hospitalized due to an acute confusional state, severe respiratory distress and hemolytic anemia. One day prior to hospitalization, she was involved in a minor motor vehicle accident, yet she and her family denied any injuries due to the accident and the patient did not complain of pain. During the course of her hospitalization the patient was febrile, yet we did not find any evidence of an infectious cause for her symptoms. Notably, lumbar puncture and MRI scan were relatively contraindicated, hence a CNS infection was not completely ruled out. We also thoroughly investigated her respiratory symptoms, but could not reach a conclusive diagnosis. Nevertheless, after approximately 14 days of diagnostic efforts, empirical antibiotic treatment and supportive care, all clinical and laboratory abnormalities had resolved. The patient was discharged with a presumed diagnosis of a poorly understood infectious process. However, not long after, she returned to the emergency department complaining of a red, painful, swollen right knee. Imaging studies demonstrated a right supracondylar as well as a tibial plateau fracture. Consequently, a post-recovery diagnosis of fat emboli syndrome was made. PMID:24716422

Shlomai, Gadi; Grossman, Ehud




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Resumen Este estudio caso-control analizó en los sujetos añosos el rol de los factores de riesgo coronario en el desarrollo del infarto agudo de miocardio (IAM), estableció la naturaleza de esta asociación y el gra- do de riesgo. Los datos fueron obtenidos en una investigación que incluyó 1060 casos y 1071 controles, realizada en 35 unidades coronarias de centros médicos




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Se pretende en el presente trabajo, mostrar las carcatristicas que presenta el Estado en los Montes de María (1) (departamentos de Sucre y Bolívar, republica de Colombia), en el cual se resalta la naturaleza mafiosa y politiquera de un Estado que ya no existe como tal y que se ha convertido en feudos de la politiquería local. Igualmente, se hace

Daniel Menco Rivera




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El hablar sobre la necesidad de secularizar el estado y la sociedad abre normalmente un gran conjunto de interrogantes. Al igual que cuando hablamos de sexualidad, se encienden los debates, se polarizan las opiniones, se comparan nuestros países y los concordatos que la mayoría de estados latinoamericanos mantienen bajo un ilusorio seculorómetro y como ante cualquier otro dilema o problema

Blanca Varela



Estados que requieren cobertura de los costos de estudios clínicos

Una lista de búsqueda y el mapa de los estados de EE.UU. requieren que los planes de salud para pagar los costos de la atención del paciente asociados con ensayos clínicos. Las principales disposiciones se resumen.


H3+: superficies de energía potencial, estados y transiciones rovibracionales  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Hemos calculado varias superficies globales de energía potencial para el estado fundamental y excitados del sistema H3+ en más de ocho mil geometrías diferentes usando una base (9s 3p 1d)/[4s 3p 1d] en cada átomo de Hidrógeno y mediante un método de cálculo de interacción de configuraciones completa (FCI). Hemos ajustado las superficies a formas analíticas del tipo Aguado y Paniagua con un error promedio menor de 50 cm-1 y menor en el pozo de potencial del estado fundamental. Finalmente hemos calculado y analizado los niveles vibracionales para los dos estados electrónicos más bajos, siendo la desviación respecto de los mejores valores publicados, tanto experimentales como teóricos, de unos pocos números de onda.

Aguado, M. Paniagua Y. A.


Un intento de comparación entre Estados Unidos y Europa  

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La comparación entre Estados Unidos y Europa puede hacerse de muy diversas maneras, pero, en cualquier caso, conviene definir lo que hay que entender por Europa. Al margen de conside raciones de orden histórico, conceptual e incluso antropológico, que nos llevarían al muy interesante debate ideológico actual, parece que, dentro de los límites a que esta contribución al Libro Marrón

Rafael Termes


¿Integración regional o Estado Nación? Quimeras en América Latina  

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Se intenta una aproximación teórica a las propuestas de integración regional, previa revisión de los casos histórico-contextuales, de los países “Iberoamericanos”; a nivel económico, se encuentran las basadas en aspectos territoriales que compiten con el interés unilateral de Estados Unidos de Norteamérica por establecer tratados de libre comercio; a nivel político se observa el resurgimiento de populismos, que a partir

Inés Guardia Rolando; Alejandra Chávez Ramírez



Reforma do Fundo de Participação dos Estados (FPE)  

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Este documento focaliza as opções para a reforma do Fundo de Participação dos Estados (FPE), que constitui uma das principais transferências intergovernamentais no Brasil. Este enfoque se justifica pelo fato de que essa reforma tornou-se uma prioridade política urgente após a decisão do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF) que declarou a inconstitucionalidade da fórmula atual de distribuição horizontal do FPE e

Teresa Ter-Minassian




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RESUMEN La política de medicamentos de los Estados Unidos de América (EEUU) es inconsistente, regula el desarrollo, producción, comercialización y seguridad de los medicamentos en el país, por medio de mecanismos legales así como de instituciones privadas y gubernamentales. Las leyes de patente protegen a la industria farmacéutica y no existe un mecanismo directo de control de precios ni una

Edmundo G Stahl



Faculty Activity Analysis in the Universidad Tecnica Del Estado Campuses.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

An analysis of academic activities of college faculty at the eight campuses of Chile's Universidad Tecnica del Estado was conducted. Activities were grouped into seven categories: direct teaching, indirect teaching, research, community services, faculty development, academic administration, and other activities. Following the narrative…

Karadima, Oscar


Estados Unidos y cuatro países de América Latina se unen para combatir el cáncer

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) de Estados Unidos formalizó esta semana alianzas bilaterales con los gobiernos de Argentina, Brasil, México y Uruguay, para acelerar el avance contra el cáncer en la población hispana de Estados Unidos y de América Latina y mejorar la investigación del cáncer.


Radioactive source materials in Los Estados Unidos de Venezuela  

USGS Publications Warehouse

This report summarizes the data available on radioactive source materials in Los Estados Unidos de Venezuela accumulated by geologists of the Direccions Tecnica de Geolgia and antecedent agencies prior to June 1951, and the writers from June to November 1951. The investigation comprised preliminary study, field examination, office studies, and the preparation of this report, in which the areas and localities examined are described in detail, the uranium potentialities of Venezuela are summarized, and recommendations are made. Preliminary study was made to select areas and rock types that were known or reported to be radioactive or that geologic experience suggests would be favorable host for uranium deposits, In the office, a study of gamma-ray well logs was started as one means of amassing general radiometric data and of rapidly scanning many of ye rocks in northern Venezuela; gamma-ray logs from about 140 representative wells were examined and their peaks of gamma intensity evaluated; in addition samples were analyzed radiometrically, and petrographically. Radiometic reconnaissance was made in the field during about 3 months of 1951, or about 12 areas, including over 100 localities in the State of Miranda, Carabobo, Yaracuy, Falcon, Lara, Trujillo, Zulia, Merida, Tachira, Bolivar, and Territory Delta Amacuro. During the course of the investigation, both in the filed and office, information was given about geology of uranium deposits, and in techniques used in prospecting and analysis. All studies and this report are designed to supplement and to strengthen the Direccion Tecnica de Geologias's program of investigation of radioactive source in Venezuela now in progress. The uranium potentialities of Los Estados de Venezuela are excellent for large, low-grade deposits of uraniferous phospahtic shales containing from 0.002 to 0.027 percent uranium; fair, for small or moderate-sized, low-grade placer deposits of thorium, rare-earth, and uranium minerals; poor, for high-grade hydrothermal pitchblende deposits; and highly possible for small, medium- to high-grade despots of carnotite-or copper-uranium bearing sandstone. Recommendations for the Venezuelan uranium program include 1) the systematic collection of a mass general radiometric data by examining sample collections, expanding the gamma-ray program, encouraging the use of Geiger counter by field geologists, and by enlisting the aid of the general public; 2) , the examination of specific areas or localities, chosen on the basis of geologic favorability from the results of the amassing of data, or obtained by hints and rumors; 3), the organization of a unit within the Direccion Tecnica de Geologica to direct, collection, and collate metric data. It is emphasized that to be most fruitful the program requires the application of sounds and imaginative geologic theory.

Wyant, Donald G.; Sharp, William N.; Rodriguez, Carlos Ponte



Red de Investigación del Cáncer de los Estados Unidos y América Latina

El estado general de la infraestructura de capacidad y apoyo de la investigación y desarrollo tanto de investigación como del ejercicio de la atención médica es bastante diversa en América Latina. Algunos países latinoamericanos con diferentes niveles capacidad de investigación y de ejercicio de la atención médica se han unido a la Oficina para el Desarrollo de Programas de Cáncer en América Latina para formar la Red de Investigación de Cáncer de los Estados Unidos y América Latina.


La red exterior de Puertos del Estado: Información oceanográfica en tiempo real. Puertos del Estado deep water network: Oceanographic information in real time  

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SUMMARY In the last 20 years, Puertos del Estado has settled a complex marine monitoring system that allows the access to real time oceanographic and meteorological information. One of the networks in this system is the deep water network with buoys deployed at open sea. The access to this information is completely free through the web pages where users can

Marta Alfonso; José Damián López; Isabel Ruiz; Enrique Álvarez; Nuevas Tecnologías


Impacto social da produção integrada de abacaxi no estado do Tocantins – Brasil  

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Além do objeto da produção em si, a produção integrada tem como princípios o bem-estar social e a preservação ambiental. Neste artigo avaliam-se os impactos sociais da produção integrada de abacaxi no Estado do Tocantins (Brasil) em oito estabelecimentos rurais. A ferramenta empregada na avaliação, denominada Ambitec Social, foi desenvolvida pela Embrapa, sob a liderança da Embrapa Meio Ambiente. O

Clovis Oliveira de Almeida; Aristoteles Pires de Matos; Carlos Estevao Leite Cardoso



Sugestões para o uso do mini-exame do estado mental no Brasil  

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RESUMO - Modificações no mini-exame do estado mental (MEM) foram sugeridas anteriormente em nosso meio. Neste artigo relatamos sugestões para aplicação uniforme deste instrumento. Método: Avaliamos 433 indivíduos saudáveis sem queixas de memória através do MEM tendo seu desempenho sido avaliado quanto às variáveis demográficas. As modificações propostas foram detalhadamente descritas. Resultados: A escolaridade foi o principal fator que influenciou

Sonia M. D. Brucki; Ricardo Nitrini; Paulo Caramelli; Paulo H. F. Bertolucci; Ivan H. Okamoto




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RESUMEN. En este trabajo se presenta una revisión de los cambios que se han producido en los últimos años en las ecuaciones de estado cúbicas de más amplia aceptación y se hace un estudio comparativo del cálculo del volumen específico de once líquidos puros por medio de cinco ecuaciones cúbicas: Van der Waals, Redlich-Kwong, Soave-Redlich-Kwong, Peng-Robinson y Valderrama-Patel- Teja .



Polioencefalomalacia em bovinos nos estados de Mato Grosso do Sul e Sªo Paulo 1  

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Nakano L., Lemos R.A.A. & Riet-Correa F. 2000. (Polioencephalomalacia in cattle in the states of Mato Grosso do Sul and Sªo Paulo.) Polioencefalomalacia em bovinos nos estados de Mato Grosso do Sul e Sªo Paulo. Pesquisa VeterinÆria Brasileira 20(3):119-125. Depto Patologia, Fac. VeterinÆria, Universidade Federal de Pelotas, 96010-900 Pelotas, RS, Brazil. Thirty outbreaks of polioencephalomalacia (PEM) were diagnosed from August

Luciano Nakazato; Ricardo A. A. Lemos; Franklin Riet-Correa



Principales retos de la negociación de un tratado de libre comercio con Estados Unidos : disciplinas en materia de inversión  

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El Tratado de Libre Comercio de América del Norte (TLCAN) incluyó, por primera ocasión en un tratado de libre comercio (TLC), disciplinas de amplio alcance en materia de inversión, además de un mecanismo a través del cual un inversionista puede demandar a un Estado por violación del nivel de protección previsto en el acuerdo. El tema es una alta prioridad

Jaime Zabludovsky; Sergio Gómez Lora



Relación entre lípidos séricos y estado de las vitaminas C y E como antioxidantes en adultos mayores venezolanos  

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RESUMEN. En el envejecimiento se observa tendencia a hiperlipidemias, cambios en la distribución de lipoproteínas y una declinación del sistema de defensa antioxidante del organismo. El objetivo de este estudio fue relacionar concentraciones séricas de colesterol total, fracciones, triglicéridos y Vitaminas C y E. Se evaluaron 61 adultos mayores de 60 años de edad, de enero-marzo, 2006. Se diagnosticó estado

Lesbia Meertens; Gloria Naddaf; Adelmo Rodríguez



Developing Flexible Dual Master's Degree Programs at UPAEP (Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla) and OSU (Oklahoma State University)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In 2006, UPAEP (Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla) and OSU (Oklahoma State University) signed a MOU (memorandum of understanding) to develop more than 20 dual master's degree programs. This special partnership has allowed students from Mexico and the United States to study two master degree programs, in two languages, in two…

Fabregas-Janeiro, Maria G.; de la Parra, Pablo Nuno



Global Vulnerability Assessment in Santa María Tixmadeje, Estado de México, México  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Santa María Tixmadejé (SMT), Estado de México, Mexico is a town located very close to the Acambay-Tixmadejé fault. This fault is located in the middle of the Trans Volcanic Belt in the center of the Mexican territory and generated a large seismic event in 1912 with magnitude 6.9 which combined with the local vulnerability, caused a disaster. In this work we measure the different vulnerabilities of the SMT community: structural, economical, social and educational. In addition, we determinate the total vulnerability, by summing all estimated vulnerabilities, for the critical facilities identified in this town. Vulnerability was determined using the methodology proposed by National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and by Disaster Prevention National Center (CENAPRED). Besides, we considered a minimum sample statistically significant of the total houses with a random sampling for our survey. Our results indicate that 50% of the critical facilities have high and very high and the other 50% between low and moderate level of total vulnerability. The results for independent vulnerabilities are as follows: (1) Near to 75% of the community has high and very high level of social vulnerability and the range for the another 25% is between low and moderate; (2) About 43% of the community has high and very high economical vulnerability and 57% low and moderate; (3) Approximately 38% of the population has high and very high educational vulnerability. The 62% present low and moderate vulnerability; and (4) About 42% of the community has very high structural vulnerability and 58% between low and moderate.

Monroy Salazar, S.; Novelo-Casanova, D. A.



Servicio de Mapas en Internet para la Salud Ambiental en la Region Fronteriza Entre los Estados Unidos y Mexico  

USGS Publications Warehouse

La region fronteriza de los Estados Unidos y Mexico abarca una gran diversidad de ambientes fisicos y habitaciones, entre los cuales estan los humedales, desiertos, pastos, montanas, y bosques. Estos a su vez son unicos en cuanto a su diversidad de recursos acuaticos minerales, y biologicos. La region se interconecta economica, politica, y socialmente debido a su herencia binacional. En 1995, cerca de 11 millones de habitantes vivian en la zona adyacente a la frontera. Un estudio sugiere que esa poblacion podria doblarse antes del ano 2020.

Buckler, Denny; Stefanov, Jim



Physical, Structural and Operational Vulnerability of Critical Facilities in Valle de Chalco Solidaridad, Estado de Mexico, Mexico. Case of study: Avándaro, San Isidro and El Triunfo  

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Valle de Chalco Solidaridad is located in Mexico City Metropolitan Area in Estado de Mexico, Mexico. In this town there is a sewage canal called ``La Compañía''. A wall of this canal collapsed on February 5, 2010 due to heavy rains creating the flooding of four surrounding communities. It is important to point out that this area is frequently exposed

D. G. Garcia Payne; D. A. Novelo-Casanova; A. B. Ponce-Pacheco; O. Espinosa-Campos; M. Huerta-Parra; T. Reyes-Pimentel; F. Rodriguez; I. Benitez-Olivares



Natural Hazards and Vulnerability in Valle de Chalco Solidaridad Estado de Mexico, Mexico. Case studies: El Triunfo, Avandaro and San Isidro  

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On February 5, 2010, occurred a fracture on a wall of the artificial water channel called ``La Compañía (CC)'' in the section of the municipality of Valle de Chalco Solidaridad (VCS), Estado de Mexico, Mexico. The dimensions of this fracture were 70m length, 20m wide and 5m height, and cause severe wastewater flooding that affected surrounding communities. This area was

A. B. Ponce-Pacheco; D. A. Novelo-Casanova; O. Espinosa-Campos; F. Rodriguez; M. Huerta-Parra; T. Reyes-Pimentel; I. Benitez-Olivares



Regulación homeostática del hierro y su papel en el estado normal y anormal de hierro en la lactancia y la infancia  

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ResumenEl hierro es importante en el desarrollo neural y la función cognitiva y, en conjunto, previene la deficiencia de hierro; y la anemia por carencia de hierro sigue siendo una prioridad fundamental. Los lactantes a término alimentados con leche materna y los lactantes alimentados con leche enriquecida con hierro presentan habitualmente un estado de hierro satisfactorio durante los seis primeros

Bo Lönnerdal; Olle Hernell



Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer 1975-2002 con una sección especial sobre las tendencias de tratamiento: preguntas y respuestas

Las organizaciones oncológicas principales de la nación informan que el riesgo de los estadounidenses de morir de cáncer sigue disminuyendo y que las tasas de casos nuevos de cáncer permanecen estables. El Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer, de 1975 a 2002, señala que las tasas de mortalidad de cáncer que se observaron para todos los cánceres combinados disminuyeron 1,1 por ciento por año de 1993 a 2002.


La inserci?n en el mercado laboral de los inmigrantes latinos en Espa?a y en los Estados Unidos: Diferencias por pa?s de origen y estatus legal  

PubMed Central

Resumen Este artículo compara los resultados económicos entre los inmigrantes latinoamericanos en España y Estados Unidos. Detectamos un efecto de selección por el que la mayoría de los inmigrantes latinoamericanos en España proceden de Sudamérica de un entorno de clases medias, mientras la mayoría de los inmigrantes que van a los Estados Unidos son centroamericanos de clase baja. Este efecto de selección explica las diferencias transnacionales en la probabilidad de empleo, logro ocupacional y salarios obtenidos. A pesar de las diferencias en los orígenes y las características de los latinoamericanos en ambos países, los factores demográficos, humanos y de capital social parecen operar de forma similar en ambos países; y cuando los modelos se estiman separadamente por estatus legal, descubrimos que los efectos se acentúan más entre los inmigrantes irregulares cuando se los compara con los regulares, especialmente en Estados Unidos.

Connor, Phillip; Massey, Douglas



La implementación de acuerdos comerciales preferenciales en América Latina: Las experiencias de CH, CR, ES, PE en la implementación de las disposiciones sobre acceso a mercados en el marco de los tratados de libre comercio con Estados Unidos  

Microsoft Academic Search

Este estudio abordará los desafíos y dificultades asociadas con la implementación y administración de las disposiciones sobre acceso a mercados, con especial énfasis en aquellas relacionadas con aduanas y facilitación del comercio. El análisis se realizará para los Tratados de Libre Comercio de Chile - EE.UU; Perú - EE.UU y para el Tratado de Libre Comercio entre Estados Unidos, Centroamérica

Juan Luis Zuñiga; Brian Rankin Staples



An overview of a GIS method for mapping landslides and assessing landslide hazards at Río El Estado watershed, on the SW flank of Pico de Orizaba Volcano, Mexico  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This poster provides an overview of the on-going research project (Grant SEP-CONACYT no 167495) from the Institute of Geography at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) that seeks to conduct a multi-temporal landslide inventory, produce a landslide susceptibility map, and estimate sediment production by using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The Río El Estado watershed on the southwestern flank of Pico de Orizaba volcano, the highest mountain in Mexico, is selected as a study area. The catchment covers 5.2 km2 with elevations ranging from 2676.79 to 4248.2 m a.s.l. and hillslopes between 0° and 56°. The stream system of Río El Estado catchment erodes Tertiary and Quaternary lavas, pyroclastic flows, and fall deposits. The geologic and geomorphologic factors in combination with high seasonal precipitation, high degree of weathering, and steep slopes predispose the study area to landslides. The methodology encompasses three main stages of analysis to assess landslide hazards: Stage 1 builds a historic landslide inventory. In the study area, an inventory of more than 170 landslides is created from multi-temporal aerial-photo-interpretation and local field surveys to assess landslide distribution. All landslides were digitized into a geographic information system (GIS), and a spatial geo-database of landslides was constructed from standardized GIS datasets. Stage 2 Calculates the susceptibility for the watershed. During this stage, Multiple Logistic Regression and SINMAP) will be evaluated to select the one that provides scientific accuracy, technical accessibility, and applicability. Stage 3 Estimate the potential total material delivered to the main stream drainage channel by all landslides in the catchment. Detailed geometric measurements of individual landslides visited during the field work will be carried out to obtain the landslide area and volume. These measurements revealed an empirical relationship between area and volume that took the form of a power law. This relationship will be used to estimate the potential volume of material delivered to the catchment. The technique and its implementation of each stage in a GIS-based technology is presented and discussed.

Legorreta Paulin, G.; Bursik, M. I.; Contreras, T.; Polenz, M.; Ramírez Herrera, M.; Paredes Mejía, L.; Arana Salinas, L.



Medicina integrativa en Am?rica: De qu? forma se est? practicando la medicina integrativa en los centros cl?nicos en los Estados Unidos  

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RESUMEN EJECUTIVO El impulso para desarrollar e implementar estrategias de medicina integrativa está enraizado en el deseo de mejorar la atención al paciente. The Bravewell Collaborative, una organización sin ánimo de lucro dedicada a la mejora de la atención sanitaria, define la medicina integrativa como “un enfoque de la medicina que coloca al paciente en el centro y se dirige al conjunto completo de influencias físicas, emocionales, mentales, sociales, espirituales y ambientales que afectan a la salud de la persona. Con una estrategia personalizada que considera las condiciones, necesidades y circunstancias únicas del paciente, utiliza las intervenciones más apropiadas de una variedad de disciplinas científicas para curar la afección y la enfermedad y ayudar a las personas a recobrar y mantener una salud óptima”. En las pasadas dos décadas, se ha documentado un número creciente de centros clínicos que proporcionan medicina integrativa, el número de facultades y escuelas médicas que enseñan estrategias integrativas, el número de investigadores que estudian intervenciones integrativas, y el número de pacientes que solicitan cuidados integrativos. Pero se desconocía si la medicina integrativa se estaba ofreciendo de manera igual, similar, o dispar. Además, mientras que los estudios anteriores se centraban en la prevalencia y el uso de la medicina complementaria o alternativa (MCA) por parte de los pacientes1,2 o de los médicos en hospitales3, enumerando la utilización de terapias MCA individuales, se había recogido muy poca información con respecto a la práctica real de la medicina integrativa que, por definición, trata a la persona en su conjunto. En 2011, The Bravewell Collaborative encargó una encuesta para determinar la forma en que la medicina integrativa se estaba practicando en los Estados Unidos: (1) describiendo las poblaciones de pacientes y las afecciones sanitarias tratadas más habitualmente; (2) definiendo las prácticas y modelos fundamentales de atención; (3) determinando cómo se reembolsaban los servicios; (4) identificando los valores y los principios subyacentes a la atención; y (5) determinando los factores principales que impulsan una implementación satisfactoria.

Horrigan, Bonnie; Lewis, Sheldon; Abrams, Donald I.; Pechura, Constance



Physical, Structural and Operational Vulnerability of Critical Facilities in Valle de Chalco Solidaridad, Estado de Mexico, Mexico. Case of study: Avándaro, San Isidro and El Triunfo  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Valle de Chalco Solidaridad is located in Mexico City Metropolitan Area in Estado de Mexico, Mexico. In this town there is a sewage canal called “La Compañía”. A wall of this canal collapsed on February 5, 2010 due to heavy rains creating the flooding of four surrounding communities. It is important to point out that this area is frequently exposed to floods. In this work, we consider a critical facility as an essential structure for performance, health care and welfare within a community or/and as a place that can be used as shelter in case of emergency or disaster. Global vulnerability (the sum of the three measured vulnerabilities) of the 25 critical facilities identified in the locations of Avándaro, San Isidro and El Triunfo was assessed using the Community Vulnerability Assessment Tool developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). For each critical facility we determined its operational, structural and physical vulnerabilities. For our analysis, we considered the four main natural hazards to which Valle de Chalco is exposed: earthquakes, floods, landslides and sinking. We considered five levels of vulnerability using a scale from 1 to 5, where values range from very low to very high vulnerability, respectively. A critical facilities database was generated by collecting general information for three categories: schools, government and church. Each facility was evaluated considering its location in relation to identified high-risk areas. Our results indicate that in average, the global vulnerability of all facilities is low, however, there are particular cases in which this global vulnerability is high. The average operational vulnerability of the three communities is moderate. The global structural vulnerability (sum of the structural vulnerability for the four analyzed hazards) is moderate. In particular, the structural vulnerability to earthquakes is low, to landslides is very low, to flooding is moderate and to sinking is low. Due to the location of the critical facilities, its global physical vulnerability (sum of the physical vulnerability to the four analyzed hazards) is moderate. Only three facilities have very high physical vulnerability to floods. Churches (six facilities) have the highest operational vulnerability, whereas its structural vulnerability is the lowest. Schools (13 facilities) have the lowest operational vulnerability, nevertheless, there are two schools with very high vulnerability. Regarding the six government facilities, we identified that their structural vulnerability range from moderate to high. As a result of this work, we believe in the importance of strengthening the culture of civil protection within the critical facilities of the communities of Valle de Chalco.

Garcia Payne, D. G.; Novelo-Casanova, D. A.; Ponce-Pacheco, A. B.; Espinosa-Campos, O.; Huerta-Parra, M.; Reyes-Pimentel, T.; Rodriguez, F.; Benitez-Olivares, I.



El Estado de los Ecosistemas  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The recent Millennium Ecosystem Assessment has illustrated that human actions have significantly transformed many of Earths ecosystems. The main findings describe how: humans changed ecosystems dramatically over the past 50 years, changes to ecosystem services may get worse in the next 50 years, global action at all levels can reverse the degradation, and how ecosystem degradation increases risks of sudden changes and reduces benefits for future generations.

ChristiÃÂán Samper (National Museum of Natural History of the Smithsonian Institution;)



Multi-proxy analyses of a peat bog on Isla de los Estados, easternmost Tierra del Fuego: a unique record of the variable Southern Hemisphere Westerlies since the last deglaciation  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We have analyzed an almost 14,000 year old peat sequence on the island of Isla de los Estados (55° S, 64° W), east of Tierra del Fuego, in the core of the Southern Hemisphere Westerlies. A multitude of methods have been used: high resolution 14C dating; detailed lithologic descriptions including humification degree; loss on ignition; magnetic susceptibility; bulk density; pollen and spore analysis and determination of Aeolian sand influx. By combining proxies for wind and precipitation we have been able to reconstruct how the westerlies have varied over time in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean. It shows that this westerly wind belt was most intense at the onset of the record, 13,600-13,200 cal BP, coinciding with the mid to late part of the Antarctic Cold Reversal, followed by a gradual decline. At 12,200 cal BP the westerlies seem to have shifted to a position south of Tierra del Fuego and this phase, the calmest and driest period on the island throughout the sequence, ended at 10,000 cal BP when the westerlies moved equatorward again. Since then the westerlies have been present but with a variable impact on the 55° S latitude of the Atlantic. Mostly conditions have been fairly similar to today, but occasionally with a wider or narrower and/or weaker or stronger wind belt. At 7200 cal BP wind intensity began to increase and between 4500 and 3500 cal BP these southern latitudes experienced a distinct wind and precipitation maximum, both in terms of perseverance and intensity. Our results show a both wide and strong wind belt, with possible niveo-aeolian activity in Tierra del Fuego in winter, and possibly creating milder summers around the Antarctic Peninsula. In the later part of the Holocene, expansion-contraction phases of the wind belt, especially in winter, seem to have been a common phenomenon.

Björck, Svante; Rundgren, Mats; Ljung, Karl; Unkel, Ingmar; Wallin, Åsa



Edema agudo de pulmón y tratamiento secuencial con nifedipino y ritodrina en la amenaza de parto pretérmino  

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We report the case of a pregnant woman with threatened premature labor who developed acute pulmonary edema after treatment with nifedipine with inadequate response and subsequent treatment with ritodrine. The intravenous fluids, corticosteroid treatment and the sequential use of both drugs may have contributed to the development of the pulmonary edema. Maternal and fetal outcomes were satisfactory.

L. Aceituno; M. H. Segura; R. Rodríguez-Zarauz; L. Delgado; M. E. Vargas; F. J. Giménez-Ruiz; A. I. Barqueros




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In Venezuela in reflected the world tendency of inclu- ding to the human rights how an indispensable element for the consolidation of the State of Right. The present work to try to settle down as the declaration of excep- tion states exacerbates existent problems between the State and the citizens and between the government and the organs executioners, increased the

Úrsula Straka


Sobre el estado evolutivo de ? Pictoris  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Desde el descubrimiento de fuertes excesos infrarrojos en ? Pictoris, esta estrella ha sido muy estudiada y es considerada candidata a poseer un sistema planetario propio. ? Pic está rodeada de un disco asimétrico de polvo que se observa de canto y que esta vacío a distancias <= 40 AU. Esto se considera una fuerte evidencia en favor de la presencia de (al menos) un planeta gigante. Recientemente se han observado líneas de material circunestelar que se han interpretado como consecuencia de la caída de objetos cometarios sobre esta estrella. Recientemente se ha utilizado la existencia del disco de polvo para atribuir una edad corta (pre - secuencia principal) a ?Pic. Sin embargo, la evaporación de estos cometas provee suficiente polvo como para explicar la presencia del disco observado sin necesidad de edades cortas. En este trabajo mostramos que la comparación entre la tasa de impactos cometarios estimada en el Sistema Solar para diferentes etapas de su evolución y los datos observados en ? Pic indica edades avanzadas para ? Pic. Esta estimación debe tomarse con cautela ya que depende de la estructura de los sistemas planetarios. Además mostramos que, desde el punto de vista de la evolución estelar y con las incertezas presentes en la luminosidad y la temperatura efectiva, existe un continuo de edades posible para ? Pic. Sin embargo, empleando los datos provenientes de los flujos cometarios encontramos que una edad prolongada es consistente con ambos tratamientos.

Brunini, A.; Benvenuto, O. G.



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Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) is a process of environmentally induced cracking. It is observed not only in metals but also in polymers and in glass. The study of SCC of polymers is still in an incipient stage. The study of SCC of glass started in the 60's, and after two decades a workable mechanism was developed. On the other hand,

J. R. Galvele; Energía Atómica



Estado nutricional de hierro y parasitosis intestinal en niños de Valencia, Estado Carabobo, Venezuela  

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Abstract: Abstract: Abstract: Abstract: Iron deficiency is worldwide spread and ferropenic anemia is its most severe manifestation. Age, poverty and parasitic infestations are some associated factors. This study was aimed to evaluate iron nutritional status and to establish relationship with age, gender and intestinal parasitic infestations in 264 children (aged 3 to14 years) attending to a school at Valencia, Carabobo.

María Adela Barón; María Concepción Páez


Reducing time delay in the thrombolysis of myocardial infarction: an internal quality improvement project. ARIAM Project Group. Analisis del Retraso en Infarto Agudo de Miocardio.  


The objectives of this study were to improve thrombolytic therapy in acute myocardial infarction by reducing the "door-to-needle" time in a 285-bed university hospital in Spain. A quality management approach was used involving all the relevant staff. Target standard was set at 35 minutes. Baseline data, intervention effect, and continuous monitoring were analyzed using x control charts. Analysis of baseline data showed a wide out-of-control variation and 72 minutes' average delay. Cause analysis revealed organizational and clinical problems that were subjected to intervention. Postintervention data showed a stable process, with an average of 30 minutes. Continuous monitoring showed further improvement in average time and predictable variation. The template of the current control chart has an average of 26 minutes. Quality management methods, particularly staff involvement in problem analysis and intervention design, and the use of control charts were useful to understand, solve, and continuously monitor an important clinical problem whose existence was evident only after it was measured. PMID:10872258

Saturno, P J; Felices, F; Segura, J; Vera, A; Rodriguez, J J



Múltiples estados de desorden en el etanol sólido  

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El diagrama de fases del etanol por debajo de los 169 K será presentado. Se mostrará que el etanol puede solidificarse en tres fases con diversos niveles de desorden,(como un vidrio(G), como un vidrio orientacional (OG) y como un cristal de fase rotora (RP)) además de en una fase totalmente cristalina. Las estructuras de estas tres fases serán presentadas tal

R. Fernández-Perea



Participação e Comportamento Político no Estado de São Paulo, 1990  

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The purpose of this article is to analyze the relationship between political participation and electoral behavior. Empirical evidence comes from a survey conducted in São Paulo by the IBOPE in 1990. The main finding suggests that voting and left-wing trends are correlated. However, this finding does not exclude an association between rightist voting and political participation. In short, few modalities

Marcelo Costa Ferreira



Regionalização da agricultura do Estado do Paraná, Brasil  

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This work presents a characterization of the agriculture of Paraná State based on thirty-five variables extracted from Agricultural Census of 1995\\/96 and two variables from the Map of Soil Aptitude. These are related to land access, land use, utilization of chemical and mechanical technologies, use of capital assets, labor relationships and tercerization, soil fertility and mechanization suitability. The Factor analysis

Rafael Fuentes Llanillo; Mauro Eduardo Del Grossi; Flávio Oliveira dos Santos; Paula Daniela Munhos; Maria de Fátima Guimarães



Múltiples estados de desorden en el etanol sólido  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

El diagrama de fases del etanol por debajo de los 169 K será presentado. Se mostrará que el etanol puede solidificarse en tres fases con diversos niveles de desorden,(como un vidrio(G), como un vidrio orientacional (OG) y como un cristal de fase rotora (RP)) además de en una fase totalmente cristalina. Las estructuras de estas tres fases serán presentadas tal y como se deducen a partir de diversas medidas de difracción de neutrones al igual que las proporciones de los isómeros de dicho material en las fases desordenadas y se compararán con los resultados de la fase cristalina y del líquido superenfriado. Igualmente diversas medidas sobre su dinámica serán presentadas, tanto de dispersión de neutrones, como de capacidad calorífica y de medidas dieléctricas y comparadas con modelos teóricos y simulaciones para tratar de explicar los procesos de relajación observados y las transiciones entre las diversas fases.

Fernández-Perea, R.


Nivel socioeconómico y estado nutricional. Un estudio en escolares  

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SUMMARY. Socioeconomic level and Nutritional Status: A study in schoolchildren. Obesity increased in recent years at different rates among socioeconomic levels (SEL). The purpose of this study was to analyze the association between SEL and nutritional status in schoolchildren attending elementary schools in the six counties that show the highest prevalence of obesity in Santiago, Chile. Within the counties schools

Daniela Adjemian; Patricia Bustos; Hugo Amigo




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The diagnosis of dementia is based on the presence of memory deficits and decline of other cognitive functions. Many scales have been designed to aid the clinician in the assessment of at risk subjects, such as the elderly. The Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) is the most widely used of such scales, although its use as an aid to the diagnosis




Estado evolutivo de estrellas con fenómeno B[e  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The B[e] phenomenon is related to certain peculiar features observed in the spectrum of some B stars, which are mainly linked to the physical conditions of their circumstellar medium. As these stars are embedded in dense and optically thick circumstellar media, the determination of the spectral type and luminosity class of the central objects is quite difficult. As a consequence, their evolutionary stage and distances present huge uncertainties. In this work we study 4 B[e] stars and discuss their stellar fundamental parameters and evolutionary stages using the BCD spectrophotometric system. FULL TEXT IN SPANISH

Aidelman, Y. J.; Cidale, L.; Borges Fernandes, M.; Kraus, M.


Raro caso di rottura spontanea di vescica nella donna  

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Bladder spontaneous rupture in the woman represents an extremely rare urologic emergency; its cause can be iatrogenic, neoplastic or diabetic. MATERIALS AND METHODS. A 56-year-old woman was referred to our unit because of the presence of acute abdominal pain, oligoanuria and vomiting for two days. At physical examination, the patient presented with confusional state, acute urinary retention and gross hematuria



The prevalence of psychiatric morbidity among people aged 85 and over living at home  

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A survey of all people aged 85 years and over, living in an inner London borough, was carried out. In 1987, 662 people who lived at home were traced from family practitioner committee records and interviewed. The General Health Questionnaire was administered to measure psychiatric morbidity (after excluding people with evidence of disorientation or confusional states). 27% of respondents were

A. Bowling; London Schoo



Spontaneous dissection of the extracranial vertebral artery with spinal subarachnoid haemorrhage in a patient with Behçet's disease  

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A 40-year-old man with known definite Behçet's disease (BD) was admitted with confusional state which had started 4 days before admission with an acute headache and vomiting. Neurological examination revealed confusion, stiff neck, right facial weakness, left hemiparesis, dysartria and truncal ataxia. CSF was haemorrhagic and xanthochromic. Cranial CT scans were negative, but MRI showed a right pontine hyperintense lesion

S. Bahar; O. Çoban; I. H. Gürvit; G. Akman-Demir; A. Gökyigit



Unrecognized delirium in ED geriatric patients  

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To determine the sensitivity of an emergency physician's conventional evaluation compared with the validated Confusion Assessment Method (CAM) regarding the recognition of acute confusional states (delirium) in elderly Emergency Department (ED) patients, a cohort of 385 patients presenting to an urban teaching hospital ED was systematically assembled. Patients had to be conscious, able to speak and older than 64 years

Lawrence M Lewis; Douglas K Miller; John E Morley; Mary Jo Nork; Laura C Lasater



Primary angioplasty vs. fibrinolysis in very old patients with acute myocardial infarction: TRIANA (TRatamiento del Infarto Agudo de miocardio eN Ancianos) randomized trial and pooled analysis with previous studies  

PubMed Central

Aims To compare primary percutaneous coronary intervention (pPCI) and fibrinolysis in very old patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI), in whom head-to-head comparisons between both strategies are scarce. Methods and results Patients ?75 years old with STEMI <6 h were randomized to pPCI or fibrinolysis. The primary endpoint was a composite of all-cause mortality, re-infarction, or disabling stroke at 30 days. The trial was prematurely stopped due to slow recruitment after enroling 266 patients (134 allocated to pPCI and 132 to fibrinolysis). Both groups were well balanced in baseline characteristics. Mean age was 81 years. The primary endpoint was reached in 25 patients in the pPCI group (18.9%) and 34 (25.4%) in the fibrinolysis arm [odds ratio (OR), 0.69; 95% confidence interval (CI) 0.38–1.23; P = 0.21]. Similarly, non-significant reductions were found in death (13.6 vs. 17.2%, P = 0.43), re-infarction (5.3 vs. 8.2%, P = 0.35), or disabling stroke (0.8 vs. 3.0%, P = 0.18). Recurrent ischaemia was less common in pPCI-treated patients (0.8 vs. 9.7%, P< 0.001). No differences were found in major bleeds. A pooled analysis with the two previous reperfusion trials performed in older patients showed an advantage of pPCI over fibrinolysis in reducing death, re-infarction, or stroke at 30 days (OR, 0.64; 95% CI 0.45–0.91). Conclusion Primary PCI seems to be the best reperfusion therapy for STEMI even for the oldest patients. Early contemporary fibrinolytic therapy may be a safe alternative to pPCI in the elderly when this is not available. # NCT00257309.

Bueno, Hector; Betriu, Amadeo; Heras, Magda; Alonso, Joaquin J.; Cequier, Angel; Garcia, Eulogio J.; Lopez-Sendon, Jose L.; Macaya, Carlos; Hernandez-Antolin, Rosana; Bueno, Hector; Hernandez-Antolin, Rosana; Alonso, Joaquin J.; Betriu, Amadeo; Cequier, Angel; Garcia, Eulogio J.; Heras, Magda; Lopez-Sendon, Jose L.; Macaya, Carlos; Azpitarte, Jose; Sanz, Gines; Chamorro, Angel; Lopez-Palop, Ramon; Sionis, Alex; Aros, Fernando; Garcia-Fernandez, Eulogio; Rubio, Rafael; Hernandez, Felipe; Tascon, Juan Carlos; Moreu, Jose; Betriu, Amadeu; Heras, Magda; Hernandez-Antolin, Rosana; Fernandez-Ortiz, Antonio; Moris, Cesar; de Posada, Ignacio Sanchez; Cequier, Angel; Esplugas, Enrique; Melgares, Rafael; Bosa, Francisco; Garcia-Gonzalez, Martin Jesus; Lezaun, Roman; Carmona, Jose Ramon; Vazquez, Jose Manuel; Castro-Beiras, Alfonso; Picart, Joan Garcia; de Rozas, Jose Dominguez; Fernandez, Jose Diaz; Vazquez, Felipe Fernandez; Alonso, Norberto; Zueco, Jose Javier; San Jose, Jose Maria; San Roman, Alberto; Hernandez, Carolina; Garcia, Jose Maria Hernandez; Alcantara, Angel Garcia; Bethencourt, Armando; Fiol, Miquel; Mancisidor, Xabier; Mancisidor, Xabier; Ruiz, Rafael; Hidalgo, Rafael; Sobrino, Nicolas; Maqueda, Isidoro Gonzalez; Torres, Alfonso; Aros, Fernando; Amaro, Antonio; Jaquet, Michel



Influencia de los polimorfismos de CYP2C19 en la reactividad plaquetaria y el pronóstico en una población no seleccionada de pacientes con síndrome coronario agudo sin elevación del ST  

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Introduction and objectivesCYP2C19*2 and CYP2C19*17 alleles appear to contribute to heterogeneous clopidogrel metabolism. Aims: (1) to assess the phenotype-genotype relationship of CYP2C19*2 and *17 allele carriage and (2) to explore the clinical impact of those polymorphisms at 6-month follow-up of an acute event in an unselected population of non-ST elevation acute coronary syndrome.

Antonio Tello-Montoliu; Eva Jover; Francisco Marín; Agustina Bernal; Maria L. Lozano; Beatriz Sánchez-Vega; Francisco J. Pastor; José A. Hurtado; Mariano Valdés; Vicente Vicente; José Rivera



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The Canine Visceral Leishmaniasis is a worldwide distributed zoonosis caused by protozoa of the genus Leishmania and Leishmania chagasi is the causal agent of the disease in Brazil. The transmission between vertebrate hosts occurs through the bite of a phlebotomine, whose main representative in the country is the Lutzomyia longipalpis. The disease has been described in some cities, presenting important



Estado nutricional de pacientes infectados por el virus de la inmunodeficiencia humana (VIH)  

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Objectives: Nutritional assessment in HIV infected patients must be a main objetive in the treatment of this disease. The main objetive of our work was to study the nutritional status with biochemical and anthropo- metrical parameters in a group of HIV infected patients. Material and methods: A total of 119 patients were evaluated. In all patients the next parameters were

D. A. de Luis; P. Bachiller; O. Izaola; J. M. Eiros Bouza; R. Aller




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Being aware of the importance and relevance of the contributions of the Archivum Generale Poetarum Latinorum Brasiliensium, this article intends to expose the results of the researches concerning the brazilian literature written in Latin. The gathering of material that have been diligently carried out by this Institute have provided a valuable amount of data yet to be used in philological,

Enio Aloísio FONDA; Mirtes Rocha RODRIGUES; Cláudia Valéria; Penavel BINATO




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The municipality of Taperoá has a physical base of about 639.874 km 2 located in the central region of Paraiba State in the Meso-Region of Borborema, Micro-Region of West Cariri. With altitude ranging from 650 to 1000 m, rainfall of 505 mm per year, the area suffers the influence of warm and dry climate with rain in short periods and

Simone Mirtes; Araújo Duarte; Marx Preste Barbosa; João Miguel; Moraes Neto


Zinc sérico en menores de 15 años de una comunidad rural del estado Lara  

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Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract. The aim of this research was to determine the levels of serum zinc in a rural population under 15 years old, in Lara State, Venezuela, in order to know the deficiencies of this oligoelement and start the nutritional inter- vention by the involved organizations. The sample was made up of 310 subjects (M: 163; F: 147)

Yelitza Berné Peña; Jham Frank Papale; Mario Torres; Norelys Mendoza; Graciela Dellan Rodríguez; Diolisbeth Rodríguez; Zuly Briceño; José Miguel Moreno



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This study was carried out to evaluate 19 native and exotic species and to identify potential species for plantation in homogeneous stands and in agroforestry systems in forest ecosystem in Roraima State. The species were planted from 1997 to 2000. When the objective was sawn wood production the spacing was 4 x 3 m and when the objective was energy

Helio Tonini; Marcelo Francia Arco-Verde; Dalton Schwengber; Moises Mourão Junior



El comercio de los productos transgénicos: el estado del debate internacional  

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Los productos transgénicos mezclan aspectos contradictorios. La manipulación genética de cultivos permite desarrollar tanto productos con toxinas insecticidas, disminuyendo el uso de defensivos agrícolas que pueden dañar el medio ambiente, como alimentos con propiedades vitamínicas y proteicas, que pueden mejorar los indicadores sociales en los países en desa- rrollo. Por otra parte, se han abierto interrogantes acerca de los posibles

María Angélica Larach; División de Comercio Internacional


Estado del arte de la planificación colaborativa en la cadena de suministro: contexto determinista e incierto  

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The current globalization forces to the companies and the current technology allow them to have warehouse and distribution centers, own or subcontracted that can be dispersed geographically. The synchronization of the diverse partners involved in the Supply Chain (SC) requires a Collaborative Planning with the purpose of work coordinated to be able to satisfy the demands of a more and

Imma Ribas Vila; Ramón Companys Pascual



Monitoramento de radioatividade ambiental no estado de Sao Paulo. (Environmental radiation monitoring in Sao Paulo state).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The results of environmental radiation monitoring that CETESB (Technological Company of Environmental Sanitation of Sao Paulo) does in influence areas of radioactive materials store of Nuclemon Minero-Quimica S.A. in the municipality of Itu, Sao Paulo Sta...

E. G. Agudo A. M. Albuquerque N. V. Vasconcellos




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Community Based Rehabilitation Programme (R. B. C.) in the State of Mérida. In the state of Mérida there are few medical rehabilitation services, showing their scarce coverture in the whole country. The application of the Community Based Rehabilitation (RBC) program to integrate disabled people to their social, schooling and\\/or working environment is therefore, a must. The present study (experimental, prospective,

Daicy Rojas; Pedro José Salinas; Yolanda Monzón; Jesús Contreras



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En los últimos años se ha discutido el papel de los gobiernos subnacionales como entes tomadores de decisiones y generadores de política en diversos ámbitos, considerando que las prácticas novedosas y la participación de diversos actores gubernamentales y no gubernamentales son un factor detonante del desarrollo en el diseño e implementación de política pública. Estas nuevas formas —entendidas como innovación—

Mario E. Ibarra Cortés; Erika García Méndez



Esquistossomose em área de ecoturismo do Estado de Minas Gerais, Brasil  

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This paper discusses schistosomiasis transmis- sion in São José da Serra, a village with a popula- tion of 500 in the county of Jaboticatubas, Minas Gerais State, Brazil. The area receives thousands of visitors a year for ecotourism. The study was motivated by a case of acute schistosomiasis in- volving a couple that spent the 2007 Carnival (Mardi Gras) holiday

Cristiano Lara Massara; Graciela Larissa Amaral; Roberta Lima Caldeira; Sandra Costa Drummond; Martin Johannes Enk; Omar dos Santos Carvalho




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Aloe (Aloe barbadensis L.) farmer characterization in Falcon State, Venezuela The aloe represents a crop from which annually primary goods are generated for a value of US $ 67 millions and final goods for more than US $105 thousand of millions. The attractiveness of this market contrasts with the marginal character that exhibits the exploitation in Falcon State, Venezuela, so

Henri Piña Zambrano; Rhode Azócar; Zunilde Lugo; Carlos Romero



Su Nueva Vida en los Estados Unidos. (Your New Life in the United States).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

An illustrated guide to aspects of life in the United States is presented in Spanish for recent Hispanic arrivals. The guidelines address such topics as resettlement agencies, community relations and national customs, the U.S. government, local and long distance transport, mail and telephone communication systems, employment practices, the…

Escobar, Vivian; And Others


Anatomia foliar de bromélias ocorrentes em áreas de cerrado do Estado de São Paulo, Brasil1  

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Leaf anatomy of bromeliads from the cerrado of São Paulo State, Brazil). Our aim was to indicate typical features of Bromeliaceae as well as possible adaptive features found in cerrado species. We studied the leaves of five Bromelioideae, seven Tillandsioideae and one Pitcairnoideae. Usually the stomata of Bromelioideae are located only on the abaxial leaf surface, there is epidermal and

Suzana Lúcia Proença


Cuentos Hispanos de los Estados Unidos (Hispanic Stories of the United States).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This anthology of 21 short stories is intended for Spanish-speaking students of Spanish, other students in intermediate and advanced Spanish-language courses, and students commencing study of the Hispanic literature of the United States. Twelve of the 15 authors are, by birth or descent, of Mexican, Cuban, or Puerto Rican origin. Eight were born…

Olivares, Julian, Ed.


OpenTrad: Traducción automática de código abierto para las lenguas del Estado español  

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OpenTrad is an operating open-source and transfer-based machine translation system for Spanish, Galician, Catalan and Basque. It can be accessed in the URL for translating text, documents or web pages. Programs and data can be downloaded from

Iñaki Alegría Loinaz; Iñaki Arantzabal; Mikel L. Forcada; Xavier Gómez Guinovart


Del socialismo de Estado a la economía de mercado. Experiencias en Alemania Oriental  

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En esta conferencia, dictada en la Universidad Nacional en Abril de 1993, se describe el proceso de transformación de Alemania Oriental y se analiza el proceso de reestructuración económica, tomando como ejemplo la industria de la construcción naval. Su detallado análisis de los efectos de la reunificación alemana y la transformación de la economía de Alemania Oriental todavía no son

Heiner Heseler



Estados eletronicos superexcitados nas moleculas de etileno e acetileno. (Superexcited states on ethylene and acetylene).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Electron energy loss spectra were obtained for C(sub 2)H(sub 2) and C(sub 2)H(sub 4) in the energy loss range from 12 to 50 eV for 1 Kev electrons. Elastic and inelastic cross sections and generalized oscillator strengths for transitions at 13.3, 15.7 and...

A. C. Azevedo e Souza G. G. B. Souza



Red de Investigación del Cáncer de los Estados Unidos y América Latina (US-LA CRN)

The US–LA CRN was established in 2009 to increase cancer research capacity in Latin America. NCI formalized bilateral agreements with the governments of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, and Uruguay, to facilitate interactions at the government, institution, and investigator levels.



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List of mammals from Santa Catarina State, southern Brazil. The mammal fauna from Santa Catarina State, southern Brazil, is one of the least known of the country. Works on terrestrial mammals are scarce and new species of aquatic mammals have been registered in the last years. For that reason, a commented list of the mammals of Santa Catarina based on

Jorge J. Cherem; Paulo C. Simões-Lopes; Sérgio Althoff; Maurício E. Graipel; Servidão Adélia; C. Cherem



Rickettsioses emergentes e reemergentes numa região endêmica do Estado de Minas Gerais, Brasil  

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This article describes a serological survey for rickettsiosis in the county of Novo Cruzeiro, Minas Gerais State, Brazil, in 1998, testing schoolchildren and dogs. Sera included 331 samples from schoolchildren from an endemic area and 142 samples from schoolchildren from a non-endemic area in the county. All children examined were healthy and had not reported clini- cal symptoms of Brazilian

Márcio A. M. Galvão; Joel A. Lamounier; Elido Bonomo; Margarete S. Tropia; Eliane G. Rezende; Simone B. Calic; Chequer B. Chamone; Mirtes C. Machado; Márcia E. A. Otoni; Romário C. Leite; Camila Caram; Cláudio L. Mafra; David H. Walker



Comparacion de MASTER y AUDERA para la medicion de las respuestas auditivas de estado estable  

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Two approaches to assess auditory steady-state responses (ASSR) are compared under similar test conditions: a monaural single-frequency technique with a detection method based on phase coherence (AUDERA), and a binaural multiple-frequency technique using the F-test (MASTER). ASSR thresholds at four frequencies were assessed with both methods in both ears of ten normal- hearing and ten hearing-impaired adult subjects, within a

Heleen Luts; Jan Wouters


Sistema de disponibilização de informações geográficas do estado de Goiás na Internet  

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Due the growing u se of the geotechnology, many institutions are producing g reat amounts of geographical information. However the publication or availability of those information to the society in general is still a little efficient way generating, therefore, a great need for information that could not be able published or available due to the lack of resources and technological

Levindo Cardoso Medeiros



La economía de Estados Unidos y su impacto en la economía de México  

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This paper studies the relation between Mexican and American economy, and how the increase in interest rate in US would impact the rest of the world, because of the lower economic growth, and its consequence of lower exports growth of the rest of the world to US. This policy decreases capital flow to Latin American countries, and it affects the

Arturo Huerta



Efeito de deficiência de micronutrientes no estado nutricional da mamoneira cultivar Iris  

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Abstract – The objectives of this work were to characterize the visual symptoms of micronutrientdeficiencies, and their effects on nutricional status of castor beans. A greenhouse,experiment with nutrient solutions was carried out from February to June, 2003. The commercial hybrid “Iris” was used. Treatments were as follows: complete, minus B, minus Cu, minus Fe, minus Mn, minus Mo, and minus

Anderson Lange; Alexandre Martin Martines; Marcos Antonio Camacho da Silva; Maria Claudia Medes Sorreano; Cleusa Pereira Cabral; Eurípedes Malavolta



Avaliação do estado nutricional de adultos e idosos e situação nutricional da população brasileira  

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Nutritional Assessment of Adults and Elderly and the Nutritional Sta- tus of the Brazilian Population. Nutritional disorders (undernutrition and obesity) are associated to increases in morbidity and mortality. This paper consists on a review of literature with the purpose of describing the main methods of nutritional assessment, in order to facilitate the diagnosis of nutritional disorders and the follow-up of

Kátia Acuña; Thomaz Cruz



Percepción de la imagen corporal como aproximación cualitativa al estado de nutrición  

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Objective. To compare body image perception with body mass index (BMI) calculated from the weight and size de- clared by subjects, and to evaluate its usefulness in classify- ing the nutritional status. Material and methods. A representative sample of the Spanish population was se- lected consisting of 517 males and 483 females older than 15 years of age. Variables were

Herlinda Madrigal-Fritsch; Jokin de Irala-Estévez; Miguel A. Martínez-González; John Kearney; Michael Gibney; J. Alfredo Martínez-Hernández



Uso de soluções nutritivas no desenvolvimento e no estado nutricional de mudas de goiabeira: macronutrientes  

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Nutrition solutions in the culture of guava: effect in the development and nutricional state. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of different nutritional solutions on development and concentration of nutrients in guava cuttings. Two cv., Paluma and Século XXI, and four nutritional solutions were evaluated, in factorial scheme (2x4) with three replications. The cv. Paluma was

Claudenir Facincani Franco; Renato De Mello Prado



A institucionalização da precariedade: Estado e habitação popular no Aglomerado Urbano de Florianópolis  

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A persistente crise brasileira e as políticas econômicas adotadas nas últimas décadas reduziram drasticamente os recursos aplicados em habitações sociais. O quase desaparecimento dos programas federais que, ainda que marginalmente, financiaram populações de baixas rendas e construíram conjuntos de moradias, deu lugar a um vazio no campo das políticas habitacionais que produziu inúmeros movimentos de ocupações de áreas urbanas precárias.

Luís Fugazzola Pimenta; Margareth de Castro Afeche Pimenta



Novos Aspectos da Regulação do Trabalho no Brasil. Qual o Papel do Estado?  

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Uma inserção civilizada dos trabalhadores nos âmbitos econômico, social e político da vida brasileira depende da existência de relações assalariadas com direitos trabalhistas e previdenciários assegurados. Não obstante, ao longo dos anos 1990 e em parte dos atuais, os trabalhadores tenderam a assumir outras posições na estrutura de ocupações – posições quase sempre distintas da de assalariados formalmente registrados. Em

André Gambier Campos



Geoquímica orgánica de los carbones de fila maestra, estado anzoátegui, Venezuela  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The vertical and lateral variability of organic geochemical parameters was established for the Seam 4 of the Fila Maestra coal deposit (Quebradon Formation, Oligocene-Early Miocene age) through the study of coals and carbonaceous shales collected in different outcrops of the coal seam. Chemical and physical analysis included moisture and ash contents, maceral groups, vitrinite reflectance, total carbon, bitumen and its fractions, as well as characterization of saturated hydrocarbons by gas chromatography ( n-alkane distributions and {pristane}/{phytane} ratios). A production sample, representative of the Seam 4, was further analyzed for S, Cl, C, H, O and its calorific value determined. The data collected allowed us to classify these samples as high-volatile bituminous coals, types B and C, according to ASTM classification. The results of the analysis showed little vertical or lateral variation in the properties studied. A gradual increase in ash content in the westward direction, together with a thinning of the coal seam, suggest a greater proximity of the basin border in this direction. High values in {pristane}/{phytane} ratio (4-7), predominance of heavy alkanes and high contents in vitrinites clearly indicates that primigenic organic matter was essentially continental in character. However, the bimodal n-alkane distribution, together with a nigh sulfur (2.7%) and chlorine (0.12%) contents suggest a marine-influenced environment. In consequence, it is proposed that these coals were formed in a transitional environment, as salt-marshs in coastal lagoons or in low deltaic plains. These results are in agreement with the stratigraphic analysis of the sedimentary unit.

Moreno, O.; Martinezy, M.; Escobar, M.



Caracterização das serrarias de beneficiamento de rochas ornamentais do estado do Ceará  

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This article had as a purpose the characterization of the Sawmills of the Ceará State approaching the current characteristics, the dimension of stones, and the deficiencies of production process of the State. The research had as a main tool a technical diagnosis, performed at sawmills of Ceará through a questionnaire and direct interviews selected and created according to four categories:

Tácito Wálber; Gomes Fernandes; Antonio Misson; Nedson Godoy; Humberto Fernandes


Estado da Arte para Solução dos Problemas Vibroacústica por Métodos Numéricos  

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This paper presents the fundamentals of the numerical methods used in the acoustics and vibration fields as; Finite Elements Methods (FEM), Boundary Element Methods (BEM), Acoustic Rays, and Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA). State of arts and trend for future methods are presented. Some results are presented for practical study cases. RESUMO Neste trabalho serão apresentados os fundamentos dos métodos numéricos

Palestra Convidado; REFERÊNCIA PACS; Samir N. Y. Gerges


Estabilidade fenotípica de genótipos de algodoeiro no Estado do Mato Grosso  

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Eight cotton genotypes, three lines and five cultivars, were evaluated for estimation of phenotypic adaptability and stability parameters relative to cotton yield using the method proposed by Eberhart and Russell. Twelve yield trials, in randomized complete blocks, comprising eight replications, were carried out in 11 locations of the Mato Grosso State, during the 2000\\/2001 crop season. All the genotypes showed

Eulália Soler Sobreira Hoogerheide; Francisco José Correia Farias; Roland Vencovsky; Elêusio Curvêlo Freire



Efeito de ambiente sobre a produtividade de feijão carioca para o Estado de Santa Catarina  

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ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS ON YIELD OF CARIOCA BEAN IN SANTA CATARINA STATE Fifteen common bean genotypes (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) were evaluated as to adaptability and stability of grain yield in five environments for crop season and late crop season, during 2006 and 2007. Adaptability and stability were estimate by Eberhart and Russell (1966) and by Wricke e Weber (1986) methods. The

Fabiani Da Rocha; Diego Toaldo; Leiri Daiane Barili; Naine Martins do Vale; Soraya Garcia; Jefferson Luís Meirelles Coimbra; Gilcimar Adriano Vogt; Altamir Frederico Guidolin




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ADAPTABILITY AND STABILITY INBRED WHEAT LINES OF IN SÃO PAULO STATE Adaptability and Stability parameters were estimated by two non-parametric methodologies for grain yield in 20 wheat genotypes, 18 Mexican inbred lines and two cultivars, which were evaluated in three locations of São Paulo State, during 2001 and 2002. Significant effects were observed for genotypes, years and locations, indicating that




Identificación de Virus Fitopatógenos en Cultivos Hortícolas de Importancia Económica en el Estado de Guanajuato, México  

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The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay technique (ELISA) was used to identify the causal agents of virus diseases on potato, zucchini, melon, watermelon, cucumber, tomato, pepper, garlic, asparagus, and strawberry in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico. For potato, the viruses PVA, PVM, PVS, PVX, PVY, and PLRV, were found in all the foliage samples analyzed. PVS, PVA, and PVM had a greater

Luis Pérez-Moreno; Esteban Rico-Jaramillo; José Trinidad Ascencio-Ibáñez; Raúl Díaz-Plaza


Levodopa-induced psychosis: a kindling phenomenon.  


Of 88 patients with idiopathic Parkinson's disease, without prior psychotic symptoms, and without significant dementia, nearly half had experienced vivid dreams, hallucinations, illusions, and nonconfusional as well as confusional psychoses as side effects of chronic levodopa therapy within the previous year of treatment. It was found that 61.3% of all hallucinations were associated with preexistent or concurrent vivid dream phenomena, that all psychotic states were associated with preexistent or concurrent vivid dreams and/or hallucinations, and that nonconfusional psychotic states tended to become confusional. These findings raise the possibility that chronic levodopa therapy may result in dopaminergic kindling and support the hypothesis that chronic dopaminergic agonism may, via such a kindling mechanism, play a role in the development of some types of psychoses. PMID:655276

Moskovitz, C; Moses, H; Klawans, H L



Abnormal talk by a 14-year-old boy with hypersomnolence after a long-haul flight.  


This case alerts readers to the occurrence of grammatical, nonsensical speech in a 14-year-old boy, an alarming symptom. Speech of this sort may be caused by serious medical conditions such as cerebral irritation and acute confusional states, but in this case it was most probably part of a sleepwalking episode associated with jetlag. Abnormal speech during sleepwalking has been described, but it is not well characterised. This report of somniloquy offers some descriptive phenomenology for such speech. PMID:22767364

Hurwitz, Brian; Richardson, Joshua



Hyponatremic and hepatic encephalopathies: similarities, differences and coexistence  

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Hyponatremic and hepatic encephalopathy are common causes of metabolic encephalopathy that may coexist in patients with cirrhosis.\\u000a The clinical picture is common to any metabolic encephalopathy and is characterized by a confusional syndrome that may evolve\\u000a into coma. Chronic mild or minimal manifestations can be seen in both, but motor symptoms are more common in hepatic encephalopathy.\\u000a Recent advances show

Juan Córdoba; Rita García-Martinez; Macarena Simón-Talero



Toluene abuse and white matter: a model of toxic leukoencephalopathy.  


The brain is the primary target of toluene (methylbenzene), the major solvent in spray paint and a constituent of many other easily obtained commercial and industrial products. The effects of acute intoxication can be dramatic and the lasting adverse effects of inhalants may be highly injurious. Mental status alterations range from acute confusional state to coma. Toluene abuse effects on white matter are demonstrable neuroradiologically and neuropathologically, and have important neurobehavioral consequences. PMID:23688693

Filley, Christopher M



Sleep-related violence: does the polysomnogram help establish the diagnosis?  

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With the growing number of legal cases of sleep-related violence coming to public attention, and the development of sleep medicine as an area of expertise, sleep clinicians are being turned to for help in discriminating those violent individuals who sustain a diagnosis of adult parasomnia of the arousal disorder type, (sleep walking, 307.46-0, sleep terrors 307.46-1, or confusional arousals 307.46-2)

Rosalind Cartwright



Serum levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in acute and posttraumatic stress disorder: a case report study Nível sérico do fator neurotrófico derivado do cérebro no transtorno de estresse agudo e no transtorno de estresse pós-traumático: relato de casos  

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Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate brain-derived neurotrophic factor levels in two patients, one with posttraumatic stress disorder and one with acute stress disorder, before and after treatment, and to compare those levels to those of healthy controls. Method: Brain-derived neurotrophic factor level, Davidson Trauma Scale, Beck Depression Inventory, Global Assessment of Functioning, and Clinical Global Impression

Simone Hauck; Fabiano Gomes; Érico de Moura; Silveira Júnior; Ellen Almeida; Marianne Possa; Lúcia Helena Freitas Ceitlin


Lectura socio-ambiental de la Cuenca de Cuitzeo, perspectiva desde indicadores de desarrollo sustentable: presión–estado–respuesta  

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With the methodology proposed by the United Nations and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the model pressure-state-response (PSR), and make an interpretation about social, economical and environmental in a relatively simple interpretation. The PSR framework is based in the logic of causality: the human activities exert pressures (pressure) on the environment and change the quality and quantity of

Carlos Francisco Ortiz Paniagua; Alberto Francisco Gómez Tagle Rojas



Propiedades psicométricas del Inventario de Depresión Estado\\/Rasgo (IDER) con adolescentes y universitarios de la ciudad de Bucaramanga  

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The growing interest in creating and using diagnostic support tools which are adapted to environmental conditions makes it necessary to carry out some validation procedures which satisfy international criteria. In the case of depression, the various reviews show that there are limitations in instruments, due to confusion in the measurements of intensity and frequency, as well as characteristic symptoms of

Diana María; Agudelo Vélez




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Resumen. La Fisuración Inducida por Hidrógeno (FIH), es uno de los fenómenos de corrosión bajo tensión más habitual en aquellas aplicaciones industriales que se encuentran en contacto con este elemento químico, como sucede en oleoductos, gasoductos, reactores de hydrotreating, etc. Existen numerosos estudios referentes al transporte y acumulación de hidrógeno en el metal, así como a la variación de propiedades

A. Cayón; J. A. Álvarez; F. Gutiérrez-Solana




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Effect of applications of organic residues on maize performance in two soils of Yaracuy State, Venezuela The intense land cultivation for maize cropping on the last 50 years in Yaracuy State, Venezuela, caused an accelerated soil degradation expressed by loss of soil organic matter and crop productivity. With the objective of improving those parameters, the use of organic residues were

Isabel Arrieche; Orlando Mora




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The objective of this publication was to introduce the 1st version of fertilizer and lime recommendation for coconut cropped in the State of São Paulo, Brazil. This recommendation was based on field results from an experiment and on literature review. The recommendation followed the guidelines of the Technical Bulletin 100, issued by Instituto Agronômico (SP, Brazil). Fertilizer rates are assessed



Inmigración y trabajo irregular en la agricultura: trabajadores tamaulipecos en Estados Unidos y jornaleros magrebíes en Andalucía(*)  

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In the United States and in Spain, the shortage of local labor willing to accept the conditions prevailing in the farming sector, and also the difficulties to inspect and to regulate a sector where the mobility of workers is permanent, has resulted in a mounting number of undocumented migrant workers, who are employed in the farming sector. In the United

Simón Pedro Izcara Palacios; Karla Lorena; Andrade Rubio



La incidencia de las transferencias del gobierno en la distribucion de la renta en Estados Unidos: 1981-2000  

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El trabajo trata de evaluar la influencia redistributiva que han ejercido las transferencias públicas realizadas bajo las cinco administraciones que han gobernado en EE.UU. en el periodo 1980-2000. Tras repasar la literatura reciente sobre el tema, se definen dos conceptos de Renta Doméstica que permiten distinguir entre los Ingresos Propios y las transferencias aportadas por el gobierno. A continuación, se

E. Palazuelos



El Perfil Laboral de los Estados Unidos (EE.UU.) (United States of America Country Labor Profile).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The United States (U.S.) Labor Profile provides an informative overview of U.S. labor laws, institutions, practices, and other related issues. The profile is distributed to U.S. Government officials who find it necessary to discuss U.S. labor issues while...



Avaliação dos dados MODIS para o estudo da cobertura vegetal da Floresta Nacional do Tapajós no estado do Pará  

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This paper presents an evaluation of Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) images for studying vegetation cover in the Tapajós National Forest region, located in the Pará State, Amazon region. For this, MODIS image at 250 m (pixel resolution) obtained in different season of the year are analyzed to discriminate and characterize forested and converted areas in this study site. MODIS



Apertura comercial, desigualdad y pobreza. Reseña de los enfoques metodológicos, el estado del conocimiento y la asignatura pendiente  

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This paper surveys the recent literature on the methodologies that have been used to evaluate the distributive and poverty effects of trade liberalization in Latin America. Our survey classifies the large number of papers on the subject according to the welfare measure they use: inequality (on wages and household income) or poverty. Our survey shows that a sound methodological approach

Rafael de Hoyos; Nora Lustig




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2 ) is a Brasiliano aged intrusion (single zircon Pb-Pb age of 739 ± 2 Ma), located in the South area of an alignment of alkaline rocks that constitute the Alkaline Province of South Bahia. These rocks are predominantly hypersolvus syenites with biotite, hornblende an d occasionally quartz, which gradually evolve into blue quartz-alkaline granites in the core. The massif



Ajustes de funções de distribuição de probabilidade à radiação solar global no Estado do Rio Grande do Sul  

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The objective of this work was to verify the adjustment of data series for average global solar radiation to the normal, log-normal, gamma, gumbel and weibull probability distribution functions. Data were collected from 22 cities in Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil. The Kolmogorov-Smirnov test was applied in the 792 series of data (22 localities x 36 periods of ten

Alberto Cargnelutti Filho; Ronaldo Matzenauer; Júlio Kuhn da Trindade



Estado actual del pretratamiento de las intoxicaciones por agentes neuro- tóxicos de guerra con piridostigmina y otras alternativas farmacológicas  

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Resumen: El bromuro de piridostigmina (bromuro de 3-dimeti- laminocarboniloxi-N-metilpiridinio) se utiliza como pretrata- miento en escenarios en los que existe riesgo de utilización de agentes neurotóxicos de guerra. De hecho, este pretratamiento fue utilizado por las tropas Aliadas durante la Guerra del Golfo Pérsico. Desde su vuelta a casa muchos veteranos de esta guerra se han quejado de padecer síntomas

Pita R; Martínez-Larrañaga


Mamíferos de médio e grande porte atropelados em rodovias do Estado de Santa Catarina, sul do Brasil  

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Running over of mammals on roads of Santa Catarina state, southern Brazil. Road deaths represent a factor of great impact on fauna. This is probably one of the main causes of mortality, even for threatened species. However, studies on this subject are unknown in Santa Catarina state, southern Brazil. Considering this lack, the present study presents records of medium to

Jorge J. Cherem; Marcelo Kammers; Ivo R. Ghizoni-Jr; Anderson Martins


Relações solo-geoambiente em áreas de ocorrências de Ipucas na planície do Médio Araguaia - Estado de Tocantins  

Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMO - Dentre as paisagens do médio rio Araguaia, destacam-se as extensas planícies e depressões sazonalmente alagadas. Nelas se inserem formações florestais higrófilas denominadas Ipucas, como enclaves peculiares pela sua fitossociologia e ambiente pedogeomorfológico. Esses fragmentos florestais naturais ocorrem na planície fluvial, em região de ecótono entre o Cerrado e a Floresta Amazônica. Neste estudo, foi selecionada uma área de

Alan Kardec Elias Martins; Carlos Ernesto G. R. Schaefer; Elias Silva; Vicente Paulo Soares; Guilherme Resende Corrêa; Bruno Araújo Furtado de Mendonça



AVALIAÇÃO DO ESTADO NUTRICIONAL DE BAILARINAS DA DANÇA DO VENTRE Evaluation of nutritional aspects of belly dancing ballerinas  

Microsoft Academic Search

Belly Dancing is a feminine dance that develops the grace, the sensuality and the joy of being a woman. The present study had as objective the identification of the existing correlation between the alimentary ingestion and corporal composition of ballerinas of Belly Dancing of an independent group called Yalabina, in Rio de Janeiro. Twelve dancers had been studied, average of

Idalina Maia Ribeiro


Hacia una adaptaci?n cultural para el tratamiento de trastornos alimentarios en latinos en Estados Unidos  

PubMed Central

Eating disorders affect all ethnic and socioeconomic groups. However, evidence based treatments for eating disorders have been developed and tested exclusively on Caucasian populations. With the purpose to develop a culturally sensitive framework for the eating disorders treatment in Latinos/as, the objectives of this work were: 1) identify and describe some of the relevant cultural elements for eating disorders in the Latino population and, 2) to draft a culturally sensitive intervention model for eating disorders in Latino population in the United States. Providing culturally sensitive treatments for Latinos with psychiatric disorders is essential to reverse public health disparities.

Reyes-Rodriguez, Mae Lynn; Bulik, Cynthia M.



Vulnerabilidad psicosocial del cuidador familiar. Creencias acerca del estado de salud del paciente neurológico y el sentimiento de sobrecarga  

Microsoft Academic Search

ObjectiveThe aim of this study is to evaluate the role of family caregiver's beliefs of health status of neurological patients and its relation with the feeling of burden, as psychosocial factors of risk for their well-being, from the psychological stress model proposed by Lazarus and Folkman.

Carolina Feldberg; María Florencia Tartaglini; María Alejandra Clemente; Gustavo Petracca; Fernando Cáceres; Dorina Stefani




Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMO: A suíte Serrinha localiza-se na porção meridional do Cráton São Francisco e é representada pelo quartzo diorito do Brito, granodiorito Brumado de Cima, granodiorito Brumado de Baixo, dois corpos granofíricos e dois corpos subvulcânicos - vulcânicos félsicos. As relações de campo apontam que os corpos da suíte Serrinha são intrusivos em rochas metamáficas, metaultramáficas e metassedimentares do greenstone belt




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The aim of this study is to evaluate quality of life, emotional state and satisfaction percei- ved with the treatment and the medical team in a sample of colorrectal cancer patients in which has been carried laparoscopic surgery. The sample is constituted by 35 patients and the variables objects of study were: a) so- ciodemographics: age and sex; b) quality

María Soriano; Ramón Cantero; Juan A. Cruzado



Mental status changes and stroke  

Microsoft Academic Search

Objective: To determine the frequency with which an acute confusional state is caused by a stroke and to evaluate the usefulness of\\u000a obtaining computed tomography scans in this setting.\\u000a \\u000a \\u000a Design: Retrospective analysis.\\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a Setting: Tertiary referral center.\\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a Patients: The authors reviewed 127 neurology consultations requested for patients presenting with acute and apparently isolated mental\\u000a status changes. The mean age was 62

Selim R. Benbadis; Cathy A. Sila; Richard L. Cristea



Disorders of Arousal From Sleep and Violent Behavior: The Role of Physical Contact and Proximity  

PubMed Central

Study Objectives: To review medical and legal case reports to determine how many appear to support the belief that violence against other individuals that occurs during Disorders of Arousal - sleepwalking, confusional arousal, and sleep terrors – is triggered by direct physical contact or close proximity to that individual and does not occur randomly or spontaneously. Design: Historical review of case reports in the medical and legal literature. Measurements and Results: A total of 32 cases drawn from medical and legal literature were reviewed. Each case contained a record of violence associated with Disorders of Arousal; in each, details of the violent behavior were available. Violent behaviors associated with provocations and/or close proximity were found to be present in 100% of confusional arousal patients and 81% of sleep terror patients. Violent behaviors were associated with provocation or close proximity in 40%–90% of sleepwalking cases, depending on whether the legal verdict and other factors were taken into account. Often the provocation was quite minor and the response greatly exaggerated. The specific manner in which the violence was triggered differed among sleepwalking, confusional arousals, and sleep terrors. Conclusions: In the cases reviewed, violent behavior directed against other individuals associated with Disorders of Arousal most frequently appeared to follow direct provocation by, or close proximity to, another individual. Sleepwalkers most often did not seek out victims, but rather the victims sought out or encountered the sleepwalker. These conclusions are tempered by several limitations: the selection of cases was not random and may not represent an accurate sample of violent behaviors associated with Disorders of Arousal. Also, final verdicts by juries in reported legal cases should not be confused with scientific proof of the presence or absence of sleepwalking. The pathophysiology of Disorders of Arousal with and without violent behavior could be associated with normally occurring deactivation of the frontal lobes during slow wave sleep (SWS) connected via atypically active thalamocortical pathways to the limbic areas. It is not known if the violent sleepwalker, confusional arousal patient, or sleep terror patient differs from other patients with these disorders. The conclusions of this case series await confirmation by the results of future sleep laboratory based studies. Citation: Pressman MR. Disorders of arousal from sleep and violent behavior: the role of physical contact and proximity. SLEEP 2007;30(8):1039–1047.

Pressman, Mark R.



[The psychiatric manifestations of people living with HIV in Mali].  


HIV/AIDS related disorders have a negative impact on the assumption of responsibility of other Comorbidities and could lead to a highest lethality rate. The goal was to evaluate the prevalence of the psychiatric disorders during HIV/AIDS at infectious diseases service of “hôpital du Point G”. We carried out an exploratory study and descriptive energy of July 1, 2004 to bearing 31 October 2005 out of 166 patients. The cases of HIV were defined on the basis of positivity of serology HIV by at least 2 fast tests associated or not with clinical signs with the AIDS according to CDC. Any disturbance of the higher functions was regarded as psychiatric demonstrations. The female sex was in a majority with a sex- ratio of 0.9. The ages bracket the most touched lay between 36 and 41ans. The housewives were 36.7%. The grooms accounted for 64.5%. The prevalence of the psychiatric disorders was 58.9%. The disorders were dominated by the depression (45.8%) followed confusional syndrome 31.9% and epilepsy 7.8%. All the patients with psychiatric antecedents developed a confusional syndrome. The subjects having presented a psychiatric disorder were infected by the HIV-1 in 93.4% of the cases.Occurred of the psychiatric disorders was inversely proportional to the rate of CD4. Lethality was very high is 56%. PMID:21470954

Karambé, M; Zoungrana, J; Dembele, J P; Fofana, A S; Oumar, A A; Sissoko, M; Coulibaly, B; Dao, S



Magnitude and consequences of undertreatment of high-risk patients with non-ST segment elevation acute coronary syndromes: insights from the DESCARTES Registry  

PubMed Central

Objective To analyse intensity of treatment of high?risk patients with non?ST elevation acute coronary syndromes (NSTEACS) included in the DESCARTES (Descripción del Estado de los Sindromes Coronarios Agudos en un Registro Temporal Español) registry. Patients and setting Patients with NSTEACS (n??=??1877) admitted to 45 randomly selected Spanish hospitals in April and May 2002 were studied. Design Patients with ST segment depression and troponin rise were considered high risk (n??=??478) and were compared with non?high risk patients (n??=??1399). Results 46.9% of high?risk patients versus 39.5% of non?high?risk patients underwent angiography (p??=??0.005), 23.2% versus 18.8% (p??=??0.038) underwent percutaneous revascularisation, and 24.9% versus 7.4% (p?

Heras, M; Bueno, H; Bardaji, A; Fernandez-Ortiz, A; Marti, H; Marrugat, J



[Benefits of decumanum phlebodium intake on the muscle damage in the response to intense physical exercise in sedentary subjects].  


Introducción: El ejercicio intenso provoca un daño muscular inflamatorio que, en sujetos sedentarios provoca un aumento del riesgo cardiovascular. El Phlebodium decumanum (PD) ha evidenciado efectos inmunomoduladores protectores frente a ese daño en los deportistas. Para conocer los efectos del PD en una población sedentaria frente al ejercicio excéntrico, y como modelo del daño muscular inflamatorio. Metodología: Se llevó a cabo un estudio experimental, doble ciego, multigrupo, randomizado, con un grupo experimental (n = 17) al que se le administró una formulación de PD (3,6 g/sujeto distribuidos en 9 dosis de 400 mg desde el día pretest), y un grupo control (n = 16) que tomó sustancia placebo. Se realizaron dos ergoespirometrías en tapiz rodante a cada participante: una previa al estudio (protocolo de Bruce modificado) para descartar signos de isquemia durante el esfuerzo y valorar el VO2max; la segunda, aplicando un protocolo excéntrico (14% de desnivel descendente), durante 10 minutos en estado estable a una intensidad entre 70-80% del VO2max individual, como protocolo experimental. Se efectuaron comparaciones intragrupo e intergrupo del porcentaje de cambio pre-postesfuerzo en variables sanguíneas y de funcionalidad muscular. Resultados: El estudio evidencia aumentos significativos de enzimas musculares MG, CPK y LDH en los dos grupos de estudio, sin cambios para la TncI, siendo significativamente menores en el grupo al que se le administró PD. Se observaron reducciones significativas de los test funcionales SJ, CMJ en ambos grupos, lo que mostró un apreciable menor descenso en el grupo PD. Se apreció una reducción del índice elástico y de la dinamomentría manual solo en el grupo control, aunque las diferencias con el grupo PD no alcanzaron una significación estadística. Conclusiones: El protocolo del ejercicio excéntrico en el presente estudio ha inducido daños musculoesqueléticos y en la funcionalidad muscular, que han resultado significativamente menores en el grupo PD, al mostrar los efectos protectores del Phlebodium Decumanum en tratamientos cortos, frente al daño muscular también en el esfuerzo agudo. PMID:24972482

Vargas Corzo, M C; Aguilar Cordero, M J; De Teresa Galván, C; Segura Millán, D; Miranda Leon, M T; Castillo Rueda, G; Guisado Barrilao, R-




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Quality assurance of the radiographic images concerning to equipment conditions is essential to get a good image quality, correct medical diagnostic and to prevent unnecessary dose exposure to health professionals and patients. In this work the historical analysis of 1084 Quality Assurance Technical Reports of Health institutions of the São Paulo State in Brazil over a period of 5 year

M. L. N. Ebisawa; M. F. A. Magon; Y. M. Mascarenhas



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Distribution pattern and sampling of preimaginal whitefly Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) Homoptera: Aleyrodidae in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) To determine the distribution pattern of inmature stages of the sweet potato whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) on sesame plants and to estimate the best sample size for incidence of this insect on the plant, weekly counts of eggs and nymphs were conducted in field

Hernán Laurentin; Carlos Pereira




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Dexamethasone, an inhibitor of the expression of the inducible nitric oxide synthase, does not modify the hyperdynamic state in cirrhotic rats. Increased nitric oxide formation has been shown to be involved in the hyperdynamic circulation of portal hypertension. It has been proposed that it could be related to stimulation of the inducible nitric oxide synthase by endotoxin. Therefore, the aim



Estado de amenaza de Ochthebius montesi (Coleoptera, Hydraenidae), un coleóptero acuático muy raro y endémico del Sur de la Península ibérica  

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We want to know the threat status of Ochthebius montesi, an endemic aquatic beetle from the South of Iberian pe- ninsula. For this purpose, during the summer of 2003 we visited all the known localities for this species to determine the status of its population, to characterise their habitat, and to identify the human impacts that suffer. At present, only

David Sánchez-Fernández; Pedro Abellán; Ignacio Ribera; Josefa Velasco; Andrés Millán


Bactérias transportadas em mutucas (Diptera: Tabanidae) no nordeste do estado do Pará, Brasil Bacteria transported by horseflies (Diptera: Tabanidae) in the northeast of Pará State, Brazil  

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Resumo: Os insetos da família Tabanidae (Diptera), conhecidos vulgarmente como mutucas, são considerados potenciais pragas ao homem e animais domésticos pelo comportamento hematófago de suas fêmeas. São capazes de transportar mecanicamente vírus, bactérias e helmintos, pelo fato desses patógenos aderirem-se à estrutura da probóscide. As coletas dos insetos foram realizadas em áreas peri-urbanas e florestadas, utilizando-se armadilhas Malaise e cavalos

Willy Cristiano Luz-Alves; Inocêncio de Sousa Gorayeb; José Caetano Lima Silva; Edvaldo Carlos; Brito Loureiro



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A long term (1989-1994) experiment with sugar cane (RB 739735) was carried out, in Linhares, ES, Brazil, in order to evaluate the effect of two systems of sugar cane harvesting: the first with previous burning (burned cane), and the second with crop residue remaining on the soil surface (green cane), on some physical properties of a tableland Yellow Podzolic soil.




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RESUMEN: La creciente explosión demográfica, sobre todo en los países subdesarrollados, como lo es México, se han dado a la tarea de aumentar los productos alimentarios de origen animal por citar un ejemplo, la explotación de ovinos, mismo que a su vez se buscan nuevas alternativas para su alimentación, sobre todo con costos mínimos, por ello la utilización de recursos

O. S. Escamilla Gallegos; P. Zárate Fortuna; M. Rodríguez Morales; J. García Jiménez; M. González


O desenvolvimento compartilhado de impressos como estratégia de educação em saúde junto a trabalhadores de escolas da rede pública do Estado do Rio de Janeiro  

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This article describes the process and results of an experience with preparing a mural entitled A Day in the Life of the School Lunch Cook, conducted with public school employees in the State of Rio de Janeiro by a team of researchers and students from the Specialization Course in Workers' Health at the Center for Studies on Workers' Health of

Kátia Reis de Souza; Brani Rozemberg; Adriana Kelly-Santos; Nancy Yasuda; Marta Sharapin




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La industria turística, llamada por muchos “la industria sin chimeneas”, es una de las actividades económicas con mayor impulso en México, la inmigración de adultos extranjeros con fines de inversión, ha provocado sin duda la aparición de unidades económicas denominadas Bed and Breakfast. La finalidad del trabajo es realizar un análisis de los factores de éxito administrativo de estos negocios

Campos Alvarado; Guzmná Soria Eugenio; De la Garza Carranza María Teresa; Campos Olalde Ofelia



Análise físico-química dos méis das abelhas Apis mellifera e Melipona scutellaris produzidos em duas regiões no Estado da Paraíba  

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The honeybee is a product very appreciated, however, of easy adulteration with sugars or boiled musts. Then, it is necessary that it has some analyses for the determination its quality for commercialization. The objective of this work was the physical-chemical analysis of honeybee Apis mellifera and Melipona scutellaris to Brejo and Cariri (Paraíba State) Brazil. With the gotten results, it

Adriana Evangelista-Rodrigues; Eva Mônica; Sarmento da Silva; Ennio Marcello; Fernandes Beserra; Marcelo Luis Rodrigues



La experiencia en la estructuración del PPS de la Universidad Polítécnica de San Luis Potosí - Programa para el Impulso de Asociaciones Público-Privadas en Estados Mexicanos (PIAPPEM)  

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Presentación expuesta durante el Cuarto Encuentro Técnico en Materia de Estructuración de Proyectos de Asociación Público-Privada, llevado a cabo en Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, México, el 16, 17 y 18 de febrero de 2011. La Universidad Politécnica de San Luis Potosí observa cinco beneficios de trabajar con una Alianza Público Privada (APPs): 1) La Secretaría espera obtener un valor presente neto

Samuel Soberano



Infl uencia del cambio contable en la comparabilidad de los estados fi nancieros bancarios y sus ratios de gestión. Un estudio empírico  

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PALABRAS CLAVE Entidades fi nancieras; Comparabilidad; Indicadores bancarios. ABSTRACT The new CBE 4\\/2004 is based on a model of banking information in accordance with the NIIF, however it advances more than the content of accounting regulation for this industry, establish- ing a management model of uniform risk and looking for transparency in the individual and group levels, adapting the content

Salvador Marín Hernández; Mercedes Palacios; Isabel Martínez




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Research on the socioeconomic consequences of teenagers bearing is undertaken. Adolescent pregnancy constitutes a life event with important consequences on some women's dimensions: schooling, family structure, occupation, life project and marital status. Due such situation, it is important to investigate about its social and economic consequences, as well as to verify its possible inheriting behavior. A cross-sectional retrospective study on

Andrés Salazar; Luisa Fernanda Rodríguez; Rodrigo Antonio Daza


Estrategia para el Desarrollo de Indicatores. Frontera 2012: Programa Ambiental Mexico-Estados Unidos. (Strategy for Indicator Development. Border 2012: U.S.-Mexico Environmental Program).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This report is intended to guide the coordinating bodies of the Border 2012 program in the development of indicators for the U.S.-Mexico borderregion. It explains how the Border Indicators Task Force (BITF) defines indicators and proposes six general step...

S. Duque R. Daniels K. Crowder I. Jimenez



Caracterização do microhabitat e vulnerabilidade de cinco espécies de arapaçus (Aves: Dendrocolaptidae) em um fragmento florestal do norte do estado do Paraná, sul do Brasil  

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Microhabitat characterization and vulnerability of five woodcreeper (Dendrocolaptidae) species in a forest fragment in northern state of Paraná, southern Brazil. Little information is available on the ecological requirements of the woodcreepers (Aves: Dendrocolaptidae), and on the causes of their tendency to disappear from forest fragments in the Neotropics. Here, we documented microhabitat selection of five syntopic species of woodcreepers in

Fabíola Poletto; Luiz dos Anjos; Edson Varga Lopes; Graziele Hernandes Volpato




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The post harvest of banana is accompanied by multiple enzymatic reactions, which cause the degradation of starches and chlorophyll, the synthesis of sugars and carotenes, changes in the acidity, tissue softening and enzymatic browning. This browning is caused by the action of the Polyphenoloxidase (PPO) on the phenols contained in the fruit and is considered an undesirable change by the

Germán A. GIRALDO; Hernando HURTADO; Carlos O. MENDIVIL




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Effect of NPK fertilization on yield of a commercial cocoa plantation at the Southeast of Táchira State, Venezuela The low cocoa yields in Venezuela are associated with lack of fertilization. Two experiments were performed in a commercial plantation in the Southeast of Táchira State to determine the plant response to several doses of fertilization. The treatments were established based on

Dercy Parra; Erbert Gamboa; José Rincón



Estado nutricional de crianças índias do Alto Xingu em 1980 e 1992 e evolução pondero-estatural entre o primeiro e o quarto anos de vida  

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This study focused on the under-five population of the Alto Xingu region in Brazil, with the following objectives: (1) to evaluate height and weight increment from the first through the fourth years of life and (2) to compare nutritional status in 1980 and 1992. Height and weight increases were evaluated in 81 children. Weight and height were measured in 264

Mauro Batista de Morais; Ulysses Fagundes Neto; Ângela Peixoto de Mattos; Roberto Geraldo Baruzzi



Vicisitudes de la política exterior y la seguridad nacional en México y la relación con Estados Unidos al inicio del siglo XXI  

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The following essay evaluates Mexican Foreign and National Security policies during Pre- sident Vicente Fox's term (2000-2006). The author suggests that both policies lacked a strategic plan that granted the protection of Mexican interests throughout the War on Te- rrorism led by the US government. In this sense, the absence of coordination amidst the Cabinet, which provoked several conflicts between

Abelardo Rodríguez Sumano




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This paper intends to assess the current situation of the application process of academic loans in higher education institutions and to visualize new decision-making scenarios to generate spaces, dynamics and methodologies needed for its appropriate implementation. The study was based on three national universities: Universidad Militar Nueva Granada in Bogotá, Corporación Universita- ria del Meta -Unimeta-, and Universidad de los




Study Project of Intrusive Rocks: States of Espirito Santo and Rio de Janeiro, South and East of Minas Gerais and Southeast of the State of Sao Paulo Projeto Estudo das Rochas Intrusivas: Estados Do Espirito Santo E du Rio de Janeiro, Partes Sul E Leste de Minas Gerais E Sudeste Do Estado de Sao Paulo.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The feasibility of mapping intrusive rocks in polycyclic and polymetamorphic areas using the logic method for photointerpretation of LANDSAT and radar imagery was investigated. The resolution, scale and spectral characteristics of the imagery were conside...

N. Dejesusparada A. R. Dossantos C. E. Dos Anjos M. P. Barbos P. Veneziani



Arousal disorders.  


Arousal Disorders (AD) are motor behaviours arising from NREM sleep. They comprise a spectrum of manifestations of increasing complexity from confusional arousal to sleep terror to sleepwalking. AD usually appear in childhood with a low frequency of episodes and spontaneously disappear before adolescence. The advent of video-polysomnography disclosed the existence of other phenomena alongside AD, in particular nocturnal frontal lobe seizures, requiring a differential diagnosis from AD. History-taking is usually sufficient to establish a correct diagnosis of AD even though viewing the episodes is essential for the clinician to distinguish the different motor events. Videopolysomnographic recording in a sleep laboratory is not always necessary and homemade video-recordings are useful to capture events closest to real life episodes. PMID:22136894

Provini, Federica; Tinuper, Paolo; Bisulli, Francesca; Lugaresi, Elio



Improvement of Paraneoplastic Limbic Encephalitis after Systemic Treatment with Rituximab in a Patient with B-Cell Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia  

PubMed Central

Limbic encephalitis is an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system characterized by diverse neurologic symptoms including mnestic disturbances, hallucinations, and seizures as well as behavioral symptoms like depression, personality changes, and acute confusional states resembling dementia. Several antibodies have been described in the pathogenesis of limbic encephalitis. It is often a paraneoplastic syndrome associated with small cell lung cancer, breast cancer, or Hodgkin's lymphoma among others. Here, we report a patient with B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia (B-CLL), presenting with otherwise unexplained neurologic symptoms consistent with limbic encephalitis. Despite intensive diagnostic procedures, no causing agent could be identified. Pleocytosis consisting of T cells was detected in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). We initiated anti-B-cell therapy with Rituximab for B-CLL with quick and durable resolution of symptoms. We speculate that disruption of interaction between autoreactive T and malignant B cells is responsible for the therapeutic effect of Rituximab.

Israel-Willner, Heike; Zschenderlein, Rolf



Granulomatous hypophysitis by Mycobacterium gordonae in a non HIV-infected patient  

PubMed Central

Lymphocytic or granulomatous hypophysitis is a rare entity with a difficult diagnosis. Our objective was to report a patient with non-tuberculous granulomatous hypophysitis. An HIV-negative 45-year old man with confusional state, subacute ophthalmoplegia, and clinical and laboratory findings of panhypopituitarism was seen in the emergency unit. A cranial MRI showed a sellar mass suggestive of hypophysitis. After an unsuccessful attempt with steroids and antituberculous drugs the patient died. Post-mortem histopathology revealed granulomatous lesions and restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis confirmed the presence of Mycobacterium gordonae’s DNA. In conclusion, we should consider granulomatous hypophysitis in the differential diagnosis of non-secreting hypophyseal tumors. The etiology of a pituitary granuloma by a non-tuberculous mycobacteria is best reached by histopathological techniques and molecular assays. The optimal therapy is yet to be established.

Padilla-Martinez, Juan Jose; Gonzalez-Cornejo, Salvador; Alvarez-Palazuelos, Lucia Elizabeth; Villagomez-Mendez, Jesus Alejandro; Chiquete, Erwin; Dominguez-Rosales, Jose Alfredo; Espejo-Plascencia, Ismael; Gonzalez-Diaz, Esteban; Torres-Baranda, Jose Rodrigo; Ruiz-Sandoval, Jose Luis



Emphysematous cystitis and emphysematous pyelitis: a clinically misleading association  

PubMed Central

We present a rare case of emphysematous cystitis associated with an emphysematous pyelonephritis in a diabetic Arab man who was admitted in a confusional state. A 60-year-old man was admitted to the emergency department with confusion and hypogastric mass. The Clinical examination found comatose patient with a mass in the tympanic hypogastric percussion. The pelvic computed tomography (CT) demonstrated intramural gas in the urinarytract, which suggested a diagnosis of emphysematous cystitis and emphysematous pyelitis. The treatment was based on an antibiotics associated with a bladder drainage and diabetes stabilization. The evolution was uneventful. Every diabetic patient with a urinary tract infection who seems to be severely ill should have an abdominal X-ray as a minimal screening tool to detect emphysematous complications. The rarity and the association with an emphysematous pyelitis, which is rarely reported in the literature, are two remarkable characteristics described in this case report.

Ahsaini, Mustapha; Kassogue, Amadou; Tazi, Mohammed Fadl; Zaougui, Anas; Elammari, Jalal Edine; Khallouk, Abdelhak; El Fassi, Mohammed Jamal; Farih, My Hassan



Recurrent encephalopathy: NAGS (N-acetylglutamate synthase) deficiency in adults.  


N-acetyl-glutamate synthase (NAGS) deficiency is a rare autosomal recessive urea cycle disorder (UCD) that uncommonly presents in adulthood. Adult presentations of UCDs include; confusional episodes, neuropsychiatric symptoms and encephalopathy. To date, there have been no detailed neurological descriptions of an adult onset presentation of NAGS deficiency. In this review we examine the clinical presentation and management of UCDs with an emphasis on NAGS deficiency. An illustrative case is provided. Plasma ammonia levels should be measured in all adult patients with unexplained encephalopathy, as treatment can be potentially life-saving. Availability of N-carbamylglutamate (NCG; carglumic acid) has made protein restriction largely unnecessary in treatment regimens currently employed. Genetic counselling remains an essential component of management of NAGS. PMID:23250120

Cartagena, A; Prasad, A N; Rupar, C A; Strong, M; Tuchman, M; Ah Mew, N; Prasad, C



Phencyclidine in low doses selectively blocks a presynaptic voltage-regulated potassium channel in rat brain.  

PubMed Central

Phencylidine (PCP) is a major drug of abuse in the United States. It produces a toxic confusional psychosis in man. We show here that nanomolar to micromolar concentrations of PCP and behaviorally active congeners selectively block voltage-regulated noninactivating (or very slowly inactivating) presynaptic K channels in the brain. The rank order of potency for blockage of these K channels parallels both the relative ability of these agents to produce characteristic behavioral deficits in rats and their ability to displace [3H]PCP from its high-affinity binding sites in brain. In view of the enhanced voltage-gated Ca influx that would be expected to accompany blockage of presynaptic K channels, this mechanism could explain the excessive neurotransmitter release that is characteristic of PCP intoxication.

Bartschat, D K; Blaustein, M P



'An unusual response of dental sepsis to antibiotics: parallels with the Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction'  

PubMed Central

Spreading odontogenic infections are a common source of hospital admissions to Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS) units. This report describes an unusual reaction to routine treatment for a spreading odontogenic infection in a healthy male with no known allergies, requiring the patient to be managed supportively in the resuscitation room. The patient deteriorated rapidly after the administration of paracetamol, intravenous fluids, steroids and antibiotics, demonstrating delusional behaviour, fever, rigors, tachycardia and hypoxia. Fever associated with sepsis can lead to confusional states, but similar symptoms have been described in the literature as a reaction to antibiotic therapy known as Jarisch–Herxheimer (J-H) reaction. This is potentially the first time a J-H like reaction has been described in the context of dental sepsis. The authors feel that the OMFS team should be aware of possible sequelae of medical therapy in patients with acute dental sepsis and be confident in their management of these complications.

Moss, Helen; Collier, Jonathan Marc; Collier, Sophie



[Psychic trauma in catastrophes. Views and reviews].  


A review of literature on the subject reveals a great diversity of views but can nevertheless serve as a guideline for concrete interventions. A recent survey of the psychological state of the traumatised armenian population serves as a background for the theorisation of the trauma. Under the shock, the splitting of the ego and of the primitive self leads to a contradictory symptomatology. The ego level is mainly caracterised by repetition whereas the reactivation of the primitive self leads to avoidance of contact. Confusional states result from the gap between these two instances. Priority is given to group therapy when the ego fails to play its part. When the ego is reestablished, but must face certain losses, among which the loss of its own continuity, individual therapy is at place. Understanding the psychic trauma leads to a model of change. PMID:1496046

Papazian, B



General characteristics of treatable, reversible, and untreatable dementias.  


The modification of cognitive function with age has been the focus of numerous studies. Most of the research has suggested that these changes, at least in the majority of individuals, occur only at a very advanced stage; however, those conditions that are treatable and potentially reversible are acute in onset and often associated with acute confusional states. Therefore, physicians should be aware of the possibility of reversible causes of cognitive change in their elderly patients, including certain medications responsible for memory loss and other organ system diseases. In addition, the authors stress that not all memory loss in geriatric patients is due to Alzheimer's disease and that when history and physical examination provide evidence of hypertension and magnetic resonance imaging provides evidence of leukoaraiosis, a diagnosis of vascular dementia should be considered. PMID:17483664

Lowenthal, David T; Paran, Esther; Burgos, Luis; Williams, Leonard S




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Resumen: En el modelado fisiológico, el propósito es comprender las funciones del cuerpo humano. Con este propósito, se abordan problemas del embarazo y el parto para minimizar las cesáreas innecesarias en mujeres propensas a cursar con Sufrimiento Fetal Agudo (SFA). En el presente estudio se realizó: el Modelado Matemático del Sistema Cardiovascular Fetal (SCVF), la Simulación y Validación del SCVF.

Rubén Moreno


The Role of Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) in the U.S. Medical Industry Supply Chain\\/El Papel De Las Organizaciones De Grupos De Compra (Gpos) En La Cadena De Suministros Médicos En Estados Unidos  

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A group purchasing organization (GPO) is an intermediary in the supply chain for pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. Hospitals and clinics join GPOs in order to aggregate purchases and thereby extract lower prices from suppliers. In the United States, GPOs currently account for more than $25 billion of hospital procurement. Though supporters of GPOs claim they save hospitals and clinics considerable




Influencia de ordem quimica de curto alcance na densidade de estados em (alpha)-ZrNi. (Influence of short range chemical order on density of states in (alpha)-ZrNi).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Calculations of the density of electronic states for amorphous alloys of ZrNi and ZrCu with different chemical order degrees, in order to verify the effect of chemical ordering on this property, are presented. The results obtained for ZrCu shown that the ...

J. Duarte



Factors influencing tropical island freshwater fishes:Species, status, and management implications in puerto rico [Factores que influencian a los peces tropicales de agua dulce: Especies, estado actual e implicaciones para el manejo en Puerto Rico  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Anthropogenic effects including river regulation, watershed development, contamination, and fish introductions have substantially affected the majority of freshwater habitats in Europe and North America. This pattern of resource development and degradation is widespread in the tropics, and often little is known about the resources before they are lost. This article describes the freshwater resources of Puerto Rico and identifies factors that threaten conservation of native fishes. The fishes found in freshwater habitats of Puerto Rico represent a moderately diverse assemblage composed of 14 orders, 29 families, and 82 species. There are fewer than 10 species of native peripherally-freshwater fish that require a link to marine systems. Introductions of nonindigenous species have greatly expanded fish diversity in freshwater systems, and native estuarine and marine species (18 families) also commonly enter lowland rivers and brackish lagoons. Environmental alterations, including land use and development, stream channelization, pollution, and the impoundment of rivers, combined with nonnative species introductions threaten the health and sustainability of aquatic resources in Puerto Rico. Six principal areas for attention that are important influences on the current and future status of the freshwater fish resources of Puerto Rico are identified and discussed.

Wesley, Neal, J.; Lilyestrom, C. G.; Kwak, T. J.



Canadian Markets for U.S. Dollars (Les marchés canadiens du dollar E.U.) (Los mercados canadienses para el dólar de los Estados Unidos)  

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Les opérations des banques canadiennes en monnaies étrangères, principalement en dollars E.U. se sont développées à un rythme rapide ces dernières années. Les dépôts en monnaies étrangères (engagements) ont augmenté de $ E.U. 680 millions en 1961 et de $ E.U. 330 millions au cours des six premiers mois de 1962 pour atteindre le total de $ E.U. 3.700 millions.

Oscar L. Altman



Informe Anual a la Nación indica una reducción en los índices de incidencia y mortalidad por cáncer; una sección especial revela amplias variaciones en las tendencias del cáncer de pulmón en los estados

Un nuevo informe de las principales organizaciones oncológicas del país muestra que, por primera vez desde la primera publicación del informe en 1998, tanto el índice de incidencia como el de mortalidad para todos los cánceres combinados están disminuyendo en hombres y mujeres.


Evolução do estado nutricional de crianças com mielomeningocele em período de três anos Tree-year period evolution of the nutritional condition of children with mielomeningocelis Evolución en tres años de la condición nutricional de niños con mielomeningocele  

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RESumo: O presente manuscrito teve o objetivo de descrever e classificar o perfil antropométrico, de forma longitudinal, de um grupo de crianças com mielomeningocele inserido em um programa especial de atividades físicas. Vinte e quatro crianças com mielomeningocele foram avaliada em três momentos, com intervalo de um ano entre os mesmos. Foram avaliados: peso, comprimento, e calculado o IMC (índice

Cynthia Müller Coelho; Elizabeth Miyeko Egashira; Regina Célia da Silva; Sandra Maria Lima Ribeiro


Dermatitis causada por Hylesia metabus (Lepidoptera: Hemileucidae) en la región costera del Estado del Delta del Amacuro, Venezuela [Dermatitis caused by Hylesia metabus (Lepidoptera: Hemileucidae) in the costal region of the state of Delta Amacuro, Venezuela].  


2 cases of acute dermatitis caused by butterfly Hylesia metabus in an area that so far has not been considered as endemic for this species were presented. The dermatitis observed in these individuals may be described as very circumscribed, pruriginous, erythematous generalized protruding papules that may be compared with urticaria, and with a variable degree oedema. Monomorphic eruption consisting in small hard papules crowned by a little vesicle was also present. The lesions of these 2 patients evolved with intensely pruriginous papules for a week and after that they healed without dermatological sequelae. PMID:10349447

Rodríguez-Acosta, A; Rubiano, H; Reyes, M; Fernández, C T



Anthropically dislodged assemblages of sponges (Porifera: Demospongiae) in the River Araguaia at Araguatins, Tocantins State, Brazil Assembléias de esponjas desalojadas no Rio Araguaia em Araguatins, Estado do Tocantins, Brasil  

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A recent outbreak of an human ocular disease at Araguaia River by the town of Araguatins, TO, Central Amazonia, along the low water period of 2005 required pathological analyses of surgically extracted ocular tissues. Spicules which invest the gemmules of the freshwater sponges Drulia uruguayensis and D. ctenosclera were found inside these ocular materials. Such relation between an ocular disease

C. Volkmer-Ribeiro; Salvador França; Rodovia Washington Luís


A preliminary combined geochemical and rock-magnetic study of tailings of non-magnetic ores from Tlalpujahua-El Oro mining districts, Michoacán and Estado de México States  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Mining activities in Mexico have been continuously developed since 1550. Since then several thousands of million tons of waste produced as a result of the mining activity have been accumulated and scattered throughout the territory. These wastes can contain minerals with potentially toxic elements (PTEs) such as Cr, As, Cd, Cu, Pb, Zn, which show a distribution and mobility in the environment according to the chemical species in which are hosted. The Tlalpujahua - El Oro mining district (TOMD) concentrates an impressive number of mines and historical tailings. Due to their in-slope hydrographic position, the mining activities increase the risk of generating anthropogenic effluent that could contribute with a certain amount of mine-water with high contents of PTEs. Although magnetic methods have been widely applied to pollution studies of regions with high anthropogenic impact, its application to tailings is scarce in spite of the several studies that document the environmental effects as a result of the mining waste. We present the results obtained by combined geochemical and rock-magnetic studies in these tailings. Similarly to the traditional EPTs vs SiO2 diagrams, EPTs vs Fe show good linear (inverse) correlation with most of these health-risk elements. Fe concentrations determined magnetically from room-temperature susceptibility measurements agrees with those obtained by traditionally geochemical methods.

Morales, J.; Hernández-Bernal, M.; Corona-Chávez, P.



Reaching Higher. A Parent's Guide to the Washington Assessment of Learning. Revised = Para llegar mas arriba. Una guia para padres sobre la evaluacion del aprendizaje de los estudiantes del estado de Washington (Washington Assessment of Student Learning). Revisado.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This guide in English and Spanish is designed to answer questions parents may have about the Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL), including how it will help improve their children's education, how it is scored, and how to use the information it provides. In Washington, clear educational goals for subject content, thinking skills, and…

Washington Office of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Olympia.


Dinâmica da eliminação de ovos por nematódeos gastrintestinais, durante o periparto de vacas de corte, no Estado do Pará Parasitic dynamics of gastrointestinal nematode infection in the periparturient period of beef cattle in the State of Para  

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The experiment was conducted to investigate the dynamics of infection by gastrointestinal nematodes during the periparturition period in cows. One hundred and six beef cows were divided into two groups: G1 was formed by 42 cows of one and two parturitions, and G2 by 76 cows of three or more parturitions. From the 120 days pre partum until the 90

Rinaldo Batista Viana; Jean Pierre Brasileiro Bispo; Cláudio Vieira de Araújo; Raimundo Nonato Moraes Benigno; Bruno Moura Monteiro; Solange Maria Gennari



El Informe Anual a la Nación indica que las tasas de mortalidad por cáncer continúan declinando. Se observan tasas menores de cáncer en las poblaciones latinas de los Estados Unidos.

Un informe nuevo de las principales organizaciones oncológicas de la nación informa que el riesgo de los estadounidenses de morir por cáncer continúa descendiendo, y que mantiene una tendencia que comenzó a principios de los años noventa. Preguntas y respuestas


On the Weather of Venezuela: A Summary Report on the Venezuela Experiments of 1969 and 1972. (Sobre el Estado del Tiempo en Venezuela: Resumen del Estudio de los Experimentos Realizados en Venezuela en 1969 y 1972).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In the bilingual (Spanish and English) Technical Memo, On the Weather of Venezuela, the methodology and execution of the Venezuela meteorological and hydrological experiments of 1969 and 1972 are discussed first. Then the radiation balance and water balan...

H. Riehl



Un Nuevo Convenio para el Aprendizaje: Una Sociedad para Mejorar los Resultados Educativos en el Estado de Nueva York (A New Compact for Learning: A Partnership To Improve Educational Results in New York State).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This Spanish translation of the abridged version of "A New Compact for Learning" acknowledges the current U.S. education system's inadequacy to educate U.S. citizenry and introduces New York State's New Compact for Learning, intended as a plan to reorganize New York's own system. The compact's fundamental principles are: (1) recognizing that all…

New York State Education Dept., Albany. Office of Elementary, Middle and Secondary Education.


Estudio de exámenes selectivos de detección de cáncer en los Estados Unidos indica que las pruebas anuales para detectar cáncer de próstata no tienen un beneficio en la mortalidad por esta enfermedad

Un nuevo e importante informe de un estudio, diseñado para proporcionar respuestas sobre la eficacia de los exámenes de detección de cáncer de próstata, fue difundido hoy por el Estudio de Exámenes Selectivos de Detección de Cáncer de Próstata, Pulmón, Colorrectal y Ovarios (Prostate, Lung, Colorectal, and Ovarian, PLCO), e indicó que los seis exámenes de detección de cáncer de próstata que se hicieron en seis años (uno cada año) dieron como resultado más diagnósticos de la enfermedad, pero no menos muertes por cáncer de próstata.


ADAPTABILIDADE E EST ABILIDADE DE GENÓTIPOS DE GIRASSOL NOS ESTADOS DO RIO GRANDE DO SUL E P ARANÁ Adaptability and stability of sunflower genotypes from the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná  

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The objective of this paper was to study the adaptability and stability of sunflower genotypes from the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná, according to their grain and oil yield. The analyzed data were obtained from the Official Sunflower Trials Network, coordinated by Embrapa Soja, from the year 2003 to 2007. The experiment was carried out in randomized

Anna Karolina Grunvald; Claudio Guilherme; Portela de Carvalho; Ana Cláudia; Barneche de Oliveira; Carlos Alberto de Bastos


Asymmetric pulmonary perfusion causing unilateral pulmonary edema as a complication of acute myocardial infarction.  


Acute unilateral pulmonary edema is an unusual clinical condition occasionally associated with severe mitral valve insufficiency. We describe a patient diagnosed as having unilateral pulmonary edema after an acute anterior myocardial infarction. Echocardiograms performed in the acute phase ruled out mitral insufficiency. A perfusion lung scan showed left-sided pulmonary hypoperfusion. The diagnosis of acquired hypoplasia of the left pulmonary artery tree was made by chest computed tomography. The pathogenesis and differential diagnosis are discussed. El edema agudo de pulmón unilateral es una entidad infrecuente que en ocasiones se ha asociado con la pres-encia de insuficiencia mitral severa. Presentamos el caso de un paciente que, tras presentar un infarto agudo de miocardio anterior, presenta un edema agudo de pulmón unilateral. En los ecocardiogramas realizados en la fase aguda se descartó la presencia de insuficiencia mitral. La gammagrafía de perfusión pulmonar mostró una hipoperfusión generalizada del pulmón izquierdo. Se diagnosticó una hipoplasia adquirida del árbol arterial pulmonar izquierdo mediante tomografía computarizada torácica. Se discuten la patogenia y el diagnóstico diferencial. PMID:24774712

Peña, Carlos; Jaquet, Michel; Salgado, Julio; Pubul, Virginia; Ruibal, Alvaro; Vázquez, Begoña



Lifetime prevalence and incidence of parasomnias in a population of young adult Nigerians.  


Lifetime prevalence, incidence, and risk factors for parasomnias were determined. Past experiences of non-REM, REM, and sleep-transition parasomnias were recorded. Diaries of night sleep duration, parasomnias, perception of aliens, levels of physical activity, headaches and intake of all substances, drugs, and tobacco were kept for 14 consecutive days. A total of 276 subjects were studied. Lifetime prevalences (95% CI) were 725 (668-776) for occurrence of any parasomnia, 43 (25-74) for sleepwalking, 112 (80-155) for sleep terror, 475 (416-533) for nightmares, 225 (179-277) for sleep paralysis, 43 (25-74) for sleep starts, 322 (270-380) for sleep talking, and 344 (291-402) for enuresis. Incidences (95% CI) were 210 (166-262) for occurrence of any parasomnia, 14 (6-37) for sleepwalking, 11 (4-31) for sleep terror, 170 (131-219) for confusional arousal, 18 (8-42) for nightmares, 14 (6-37) for sleep paralysis, 33 (17-61) for sleep starts, and 4 (1-20) for sleep enuresis. Multivariate analysis showed associations of increase occurrence of parasomnias and duration of sleep >7 h (p < 0.05) and intake of alcohol (p < 0.001), but heavy workload before sleep was associated with decreased occurrence of parasomnias (p < 0.01). Gender, smoking, caffeinated drinks, hypnotics, and headaches were not associated with parasomnias. Incidence of presence of aliens (95% CI) in the room was 25(0/infinity) (12-51). This study shows that more than 70% of the population have experienced parasomnias at any time in the past. Nightmares, enuresis, sleep paralysis and night terrors are the commonest parasomnias experienced in the past, while confusional arousal, sleep starts, and nightmares are the commonest parasomnias currently experienced. Incidence estimates show that all parasomnias persist into adulthood at reduced rates, but reduction of occurrence was greatest for enuresis. Long duration of night sleep and intake of alcohol predisposed subjects to higher occurrence of parasomnias. PMID:20143107

Oluwole, O S A



Neuropsychiatric and Psychosocial Issues of Patients With Hepatitis C Infection: A Selective Literature Review  

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Context We briefly reviewed the evidence on the association of hepatitis C (HCV) infection with several aspects of mental and psychosocial health. Evidence Acquisition Medline was searched with appropriate keywords. The primary sources were the systematic reviews. If systematic reviews were not available for a subject, then the most relevant and methodologically sound original studies were selected. Results HCV infection is associated with poorer health-related quality of life, and physical, mental, and social health. A part of impaired health of these patients is related to cirrhosis, intravenous drug use, co morbid psychiatric disorders, stigmatization, poor social support, alcohol abuse, and interferon treatment. However, HCV itself is also associated with poorer health status particularly in the physical and cognitive domains, which might be related to brain alterations induced by the virus. Interferon treatment is an important cause of depression in HCV patients and sometimes is associated with irritability, manic episode, or acute confusional state. Social health of HCV patients is significantly impaired by stigmatization, poor social support, psychiatric comorbidties, and impaired coping. Psychosocial impairment of HCV patients significantly impairs their treatment adherence. A supportive and nonjudgmental multidisciplinary team is required for optimal management of these patients. Conclusions Patients with HCV infection had complex neuropsychiatric and psychosocial problems. These problems are challenges for management of HCV infection, affect the patient’s care significantly, and might alter the course of the disease. A multidisciplinary approach, a supportive environment, and a nonjudgmental healthcare team are required for optimal medical and psychosocial management of patients with HCV.

Modabbernia, Amirhossein; Poustchi, Hossein; Malekzadeh, Reza



Sleep and Epilepsy: Strange Bedfellows No More  

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Ancient philosophers and theologians believed that altered consciousness freed the mind to prophesy the future, equating sleep with seizures. Only recently has the bidirectional influences of epilepsy and sleep upon one another received more substantive analysis. This article reviews the complex and increasingly recognized interrelationships between sleep and epilepsy. NREM sleep differentially activates interictal epileptiform discharges during slow wave (N3) sleep, while ictal seizure events occur more frequently during light NREM stages N1 and N2. The most commonly encountered types of sleep-related epilepsies (those with preferential occurrence during sleep or following arousal) include frontal and temporal lobe partial epilepsies in adults, and benign epilepsy of childhood with centrotemporal spikes (benign rolandic epilepsy) and juvenile myoclonic epilepsy in children and adolescents. Comorbid sleep disorders are frequent in patients with epilepsy, particularly obstructive sleep apnea in refractory epilepsy patients which may aggravate seizure burden, while treatment with nasal continuous positive airway pressure often improves seizure frequency. Distinguishing nocturnal events such as NREM parasomnias (confusional arousals, sleep walking, and night terrors), REM parasomnias including REM sleep behavior disorder, and nocturnal seizures if frequently difficult and benefits from careful history taking and video-EEG-polysomnography in selected cases. Differentiating nocturnal seizures from primary sleep disorders is essential for determining appropriate therapy, and recognizing co-existent sleep disorders in patients with epilepsy may improve their seizure burden and quality of life.

St. Louis, Erik K.



Sexual behaviors during sleep associated with polysomnographically confirmed parasomnia overlap disorder.  


Parasomnia overlap disorder (POD) refers to a sleep disorder characterized by the association of REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD) with NREM sleep parasomnia in the same patient. Sexual behaviors during sleep (SBS) can include most wakeful sexual activities and are classified in the ICSD-2 as a variant of confusional arousals and sleepwalking, both NREM parasomnias. A case of SBS associated with sleepwalking and possible RBD has been previously described, but it was not confirmed by polysomnography (PSG). We report two patients with SBS associated with POD documented by PSG. In one patient (60-year-old female) SBS was video-polysomnographically demonstrated: a few minute episode of masturbation occurring during slow-wave sleep (SWS) and preceded by hypersynchronous delta pattern. During the episode, the EEG pattern showed the persistence of delta rhythms with increasing alpha activity. When awoken by technicians, the patient was not aware of her sexual behavior and did not report any dream. The other patient, a 41-year-old male with a history of sleepwalking and RBD, was legally charged with repeatedly sexually fondling a young girl during the night. The POD was documented by PSG. The parasomnia defense, including sleepsex, was accepted by the Court and the patient was acquitted. This is an unprecedented report of SBS in patients with PSG-confirmed POD and of SBS documented during video-PSG. PMID:21493137

Cicolin, Alessandro; Tribolo, Antonella; Giordano, Alessandra; Chiarot, Elisabetta; Peila, Elena; Terreni, Anna; Bucca, Caterina; Mutani, Roberto



Common sleep disorders in children.  


Up to 50% of children will experience a sleep problem. Early identification of sleep problems may prevent negative consequences, such as daytime sleepiness, irritability, behavioral problems, learning difficulties, motor vehicle crashes in teenagers, and poor academic performance. Obstructive sleep apnea occurs in 1% to 5% of children. Polysomnography is needed to diagnose the condition because it may not be detected through history and physical examination alone. Adenotonsillectomy is the primary treatment for most children with obstructive sleep apnea. Parasomnias are common in childhood; sleepwalking, sleep talking, confusional arousals, and sleep terrors tend to occur in the first half of the night, whereas nightmares are more common in the second half of the night. Only 4% of parasomnias will persist past adolescence; thus, the best management is parental reassurance and proper safety measures. Behavioral insomnia of childhood is common and is characterized by a learned inability to fall and/or stay asleep. Management begins with consistent implementation of good sleep hygiene practices, and, in some cases, use of extinction techniques may be appropriate. Delayed sleep phase disorder is most common in adolescence, presenting as difficulty falling asleep and awakening at socially acceptable times. Treatment involves good sleep hygiene and a consistent sleep-wake schedule, with nighttime melatonin and/or morning bright light therapy as needed. Diagnosing restless legs syndrome in children can be difficult; management focuses on trigger avoidance and treatment of iron deficiency, if present. PMID:24695508

Carter, Kevin A; Hathaway, Nathanael E; Lettieri, Christine F



NREM parasomnias.  


Considerable progress has been made in the systematic study of nonrapid eye movement (NREM) sleep parasomnias. This chapter focuses on the clinical features, prevalence, pathophysiology, associated sleep parameters, and clinical variants of the prototypic NREM sleep parasomnias, namely confusional arousals, sleepwalking, and sleep terrors. Whereas the occurrence of NREM parasomnias in children is frequently viewed as relatively benign, these disorders often pose greater problems, including sleep-related injuries, in affected adults. Most episodes arise from sudden but incomplete arousal from slow-wave sleep and sometimes from stage 2 sleep. Factors that deepen or fragment sleep can facilitate or precipitate NREM parasomnias in predisposed individuals. NREM parasomnias can be associated with various primary sleep disorders or with medical conditions. Diagnosis of NREM parasomnias can often be made based on a detailed history, although some patients may require more extensive evaluations, including polysomnographic study with an expanded EEG montage. Sleep deprivation and the presentation of auditory stimuli during slow-wave sleep are two techniques that can increase the occurrence of behavioral manifestations under laboratory conditions. A variety of nonpharmacological treatments have been recommended for long-term management of NREM parasomnias, whereas pharmacological agents should be considered only if the behaviors are hazardous or extremely disruptive. PMID:21056232

Zadra, Antonio; Pilon, Mathieu



Diagnosis and management of neuropsychiatric SLE.  


Nervous system involvement in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) can manifest as a range of neurological and psychiatric features, which are classified using the ACR case definitions for 19 neuropsychiatric syndromes. Approximately one-third of all neuropsychiatric syndromes in patients with SLE are primary manifestations of SLE-related autoimmunity, with seizure disorders, cerebrovascular disease, acute confusional state and neuropathy being the most common. Such primary neuropsychiatric SLE (NPSLE) events are a consequence either of microvasculopathy and thrombosis, or of autoantibodies and inflammatory mediators. Diagnosis of NPSLE requires the exclusion of other causes, and clinical assessment directs the selection of appropriate investigations. These investigations include measurement of autoantibodies, analysis of cerebrospinal fluid, electrophysiological studies, neuropsychological assessment and neuroimaging to evaluate brain structure and function. Treatment involves the management of comorbidities contributing to the neuropsychiatric event, use of symptomatic therapies, and more specific interventions with either anticoagulation or immunosuppressive agents, depending upon the primary immunopathogenetic mechanism. Although the prognosis is variable, studies suggest a more favourable outcome for primary NPSLE manifestations compared with neuropsychiatric events attributable to non-SLE causes. PMID:24514913

Hanly, John G



Cycloid psychoses revisited: case reports, literature review, and commentary.  


Emil Kraepelin proposed to separate psychiatric disorders with psychotic features into two major categories, dementia praecox (later schizophrenia) and manic-depressive insanity (later bipolar disorder and major depression). Over the past century, there have been many efforts to categorize conditions that do not fit readily in either group. These conditions include many cases of acute psychotic illnesses of limited duration, with recovery between recurrences. For some of these conditions, Karl Kleist proposed the term cycloid psychosis: acute features were psychotic, as in schizophrenia, but the course was episodic, as in manic-depression. His concept was later elaborated by Karl Leonhard and Carlo Perris, and validated by modern studies. Leonhard described three overlapping cycloid subtypes (anxiety-beatific, excited-inhibited confusional, and hyperkinetic-akinetic motility dysfunction forms); Perris proposed a more unitary syndrome with operational diagnostic criteria; and recent investigators have considered relatively affective versus thought-disordered subtypes. The cycloid concept is not explicitly included in standard international diagnostic schemes, but both DSM-IV and ICD-10 have broad categories for acute, recurrent psychotic disorders, whose validity remains insecure. We present two cases of probable cycloid psychosis, review the history of the concept, and propose that it be reconsidered as a clinically useful category whose validity and utility for prognosis and treatment can be further tested. PMID:18569038

Salvatore, Paola; Bhuvaneswar, Chaya; Ebert, Daniel; Maggini, Carlo; Baldessarini, Ross J



Migraine variants and beyond.  


Migraine is amongst the oldest of diseases known to mankind. Migraine is a heterogenous entity, usually characterised by periodic attacks of headache on one or both sides of the head. These may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, increased sensitivity of the eyes to light (photophobia), increased sensitivity to sound (phonophobia), dizziness, blurred vision, cognitive disturbances, and other symptoms. Migraines are not always preceded by an aura and some migraines may not include headache. If migraine does not manifest itself in the form of headache but in some other form such as paroxysmal episodes of prolonged visual auras, atypical sensory, motor, or visual aura, confusion, dysarthria, focal neurologic deficits with or without a headache, it is labelled a Migraine Variant (MV). MV is therefore diagnosed by the history of paroxysmal symptoms with or without cephalgia and a prior history of migraine with aura, in the absence of other medical disorders that may contribute to the symptoms. Many of the MVs have been included and redefined in the revised edition of The International Classification of Headache Disorders (ICHD-II) 2004 classification. These include hemiplegic migraine, basilar migraine, childhood periodic syndromes, retinal migraine, complicated migraine and ophthalmoplegic migraine. Even though conditions such as vertiginous migraine, acute confusional migraine of childhood and nocturnal migraine are well recognized entities, they have not yet been included in IHCD-II, but will be discussed here in brief because they are relatively common conditions. PMID:21049701

Srinivasa, R; Kumar, Rahul



[Rare and atypical forms of migraine].  


The rare forms of migraine should be studied so that they can be recognized, thereby avoiding diagnostic errors and unnecessary complementary investigations. These rare forms can be divided into three categories: 1) atypical auras, characterized by the following: their semiology (visual or sensory illusions or hallucinations); their manner of onset (sudden onset of aura, with development of migraine in under four minutes); their duration (aura prolonged for between 60 minutes and seven days); aura with absence of accompanying cephalgia. This form of migraine could be confused with a case of partial epilepsy or AIT and raises a problem of differential diagnosis requiring an etiological investigation to ensure correct diagnosis; 2) clinical forms which are for the most part recognized by the International Headache Society's (IHS) classification, i.e., basilar artery migraine, familial hemiplegic migraine, ophthalmoplegic migraine and the rare occurrence of retinal migraine. Confusional migraine, a disorder which is mainly encountered in childhood, has not been categorized by the IHS but may be part of the symptomatology of the above-described forms; and 3) secondary migraines, in which a triggering mechanism causes migraine attacks to appear in a subject who was not previously affected by this disorder. This category covers post-traumatic migraine, migraine of cervical origin, the co-morbidity of migraine and epileptic seizures, and rare cases of symptomatic migraine which are indicative of underlying general disease or an intracranial lesion, i.e., a tumor or arteriovenous malformation. PMID:11072645

Geraud, G



Successful surgical treatment of two patients with eosinophilic endomyocardial disease.  

PubMed Central

Cardiac surgery to treat severe heart failure was of benefit to two patients with endomyocardial disease and hypereosinophilia-eosinophilic endomyocardial disease. Both patients had severe biventricular fibrosis with mitral and tricuspid regurgitation. One had predominant right ventricular disease and was treated by right ventricular endocardectomy with tricuspid and mitral xenograft valve replacement. The second patient's main haemodynamic problem was considered to be mitral regurgitation. His mitral valve was replaced by a Starr-Edwards prosthesis; endocardectomy was not performed. Though both patients had toxic confusional states for several weeks postoperatively there was distinct symptomatic and objective evidence of improvement which has been maintained for over 16 months. Previous reports of surgical treatment of 22 patients without eosinophilia (all of whom had endomyocardial resection) and three other patients with eosinophilia have shown equally encouraging results. There has been no evidence of recurrence or progression of heart damage in follow-up periods of up to seven years. It is concluded that cardiac surgery is an important advance in the treatment of endomyocardial disease in patients with or without an eosinophilia. Images

Davies, J; Sapsford, R; Brooksby, I; Olsen, E G; Spry, C J; Oakley, C M; Goodwin, J F



Audit of hospital transfers January to March 2006 from Sussex police custody.  


The aim of this audit was to determine a baseline for timing, numbers and case mix of detainees referred to hospital for medical assessment in order to review the effectiveness of existing custody procedures for the management of medical emergencies. Data was examined for the 3-month period January to March 2006. A total of 12015 detainees were processed during this period, 188 patients identified as requiring hospital assessment, a hospital transfer rate of 1.57% for the period, 80 cases (0.65%) were for potentially life threatening conditions. The health care team assessed 37.7% of all detainees and were recorded as involved in 151 of the 188 cases transferred (80%). The categories of patients sent to hospital included head injury (26/188 or 13.8%), overdose and poisoning (20/188 or 10.6%); chest pain (17/188 or 9.0%), collapse (12/188 or 6.4%), unrousable intoxicated (10/188 or 5.3%), possible drug swallowers (7/188 or 3.72%), breathing problems (4 or 2.12%), acute confusional state (3/188 or 1.6%), 2/188 had a query deep vein thrombosis, one diabetic problem and one acute allergic reaction. The largest category of all was for a miscellany of minor injury unit care. PMID:20083049

Carter, Jane; Mayhew, Jeremy



Psychiatric disorders in neurology.  


Psychiatric disorders (PDs) in neurology are more frequent then it verified in routine exam, not only in the less developed but also in large and very developed neurological departments. Furthermore, psychiatric symptoms (PSs) in neurological disorders (NDs) among primary health care physicians and other specialties are often neglected. Anxiety and depression are most common, but hallucinations, delusions, obsessive-compulsive disorder and delirium or confusional state are also frequent comorbidity in many neurological conditions such as stroke, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson disease (PD). Depression and NDs also have a bidirectional relationship, as not only are patients, for example with stroke at greater risk of developing depression, but patients with depression have a two-fold greater risk of developing a stroke, even after controlling for other risk factors. Dementia or cognitive impairment are part of clinical picture of PD, stroke patients, patients with MS, Huntington disease etc. The prototype of dementia in PD and other NDs is a dysexecutive syndrome with impaired attention, executive functions and secondarily impaired memory. So-called "functional" (or psychogenic or hysterical/conversion) symptoms are relatively infrequent in "neurological" conditions, but very often unrecognized and not properly treated. Treatment of PSs in neurology, basically are not different then treatment of these symptoms in psychiatry and should be include pharmacotherapy and psychiatry. This presentation gives an overview of frequency and type of PSs underlying necessity to recognize these disorders in every day routine exam and properly treatment. PMID:23114812

Sinanovi?, Osman



[Hypodermoclysis, a neglected approach].  


Patients with advanced cancer frequently present with chronic nausea, emesis, bowel obstruction, confusional syndromes or dysphagia. All these conditions make it difficult for the patient to take oral medications or to maintain an adequate level of hydration by mouth. Hypodermoclysis is a safe and simple method that allows for cost-effective sucutaneous delivery of fluids and drugs. Hypodermoclysis has some clearcut advantages over the i.v. route. It can be started without need for a physician or a nurse, does not immobilize a limb, can be stopped and restarted at any moment without concern for clotting, and its use sparses nursing time. It also allows for easier and safer home discharge. Potentiel side effects of hypodermoclysis include pain at infusion site, sloughing tissues as a result of insufficient fluid absorption, infection, and puncture of vessels with bleeding. This paper gives some guidelines for the use of hypodermoclysis for fluid, electrolytes and drugs frequently used in a palliative care setting. The controversy surrounding the treatment of dehydration in the terminally ili is also briefly examined. PMID:9805967

Mancini, I; Body, J J



Transient posterior encephalopathy induced by chemotherapy in children.  


The cases of three children, 16, 12, and 12 years of age, who suffered sudden confusional state and cortical blindness lasting 12 to 30 minutes while under treatment with high-dose methotrexate, cyclophosphamide, and dactinomycin for a lower limb osteosarcoma are reported. Transient neuropsychologic deficits arose after the acute phase of treatment: left hemispatial neglect and constructive apraxia (Patient 1); constructive apraxia (Patient 2); and constructive apraxia and alexia without aphasia (Patient 3). The three patients recovered completely from all their deficits within the time frame of 3 hours to 2 weeks. Arterial hypertension and hypomagnesemia were found during the acute phase in all patients. In Patients 2 and 3, magnetic resonance imaging revealed increased parieto-occipital T(2) signal involving gray and white matter. In Patients 1 and 2, HmPAO-SPECT revealed parieto-occipital hypoperfusion that resolved a few days later. The alterations detected by neuroimaging were concurrent with the appearance and disappearance of the clinical symptoms. Such transient acute episodes have been named occipital-parietal encephalopathy. On the basis of our clinical, laboratory, and neuroimaging findings, an explanation for the origin of this syndrome, a migrainelike mechanism, triggered by chemotherapy-induced hypomagnesemia, is proposed. PMID:11275465

Sánchez-Carpintero, R; Narbona, J; López de Mesa, R; Arbizu, J; Sierrasesúmaga, L



Neurologic complications of chemotherapy and other newer and experimental approaches.  


Neurologic complications of conventional cytototxic agents as well as those from monoclonal antibodies and targeted therapies are increasingly observed in patients with cancer. The major categories are represented by alkylating agents (platinum compounds, ifosfamide, procarbazine, thiotepa), mitotic spindle inhibitors (vinca alkaloids, taxanes, etoposide, teniposide), proteasome inhibitors (bortezomib), antibiotics, antimetabolites, thalidomide, lenalidomide, topoisomerase inhibitors, interferon-?, hormones, bevacizumab, trastuzumab, and small tyrosine kinase inhibitors. Peripheral neuropathy is a common adverse effect of a number of chemotherapeutic drugs and often represents a critical factor limiting an adequate dose-intensity of chemotherapy. Regarding the central nervous system (CNS), it is vulnerable to many forms of toxicity from chemotherapeutic agents, including encephalopathy syndromes and confusional states, seizures, headache, cerebrovascular complications, visual loss, cerebellar syndromes, and myelopathy. For a given drug, the occurrence of CNS toxicity depends on several factors, including the total dose, route of administration, presence of structural brain lesions, exposure to prior or concurrent irradiation, and interactions with other drugs. However, many of the neurotoxic reactions are rare and idiosyncratic, and remain unpredictable. Several forms of neuroprotection and rehabilitation are being investigated. Last, the so-called "chemobrain" is an emerging issue, as it is a model of a subtle of and long-lasting damage to neuronal structures from some antineoplastic agents. PMID:24365412

Soffietti, Riccardo; Trevisan, Elisa; Rudà, Roberta



Stormy onset of benign childhood epilepsy with occipital paroxysmal discharges.  


We studied six children with ages ranging from 4 to 10 years who were affected by childhood epilepsy with occipital paroxysms and presented after a stormy onset with prolonged loss of consciousness for 6-14 h. In all these patients, seizures were preceded by visual symptoms in the form of colored circular disks. A CT scan was performed immediately after the onset of symptoms and was normal in all patients. Routine laboratory and cerebrospinal fluid examinations were normal in all patients. The interictal EEG was characterized by continuous or subcontinuous occipital spike wave discharges, which disappeared after the patients' eyes opened. We carried out a 7-year follow-up of all these patients. Only two patients were treated with antiepileptic drugs. The therapy (phenobarbital, clobazam) in the two patients did not induce changes in the EEG pattern. The first did not suffer any further seizures. The second patient had two more seizures (at 8 and 18 months from the onset) with phosphenes, confusional state, and involuntary movements followed by loss of consciousness. Among the other four patients, who did not receive any treatment, only one had any other seizures. The stormy onset of the syndrome described in our six patients emphasizes the extreme variability in the presentation of this type of childhood epilepsy. Our follow-up confirms the good prognosis of this epilepsy even when it has a stormy onset. PMID:10672427

Verrotti, A; Domizio, S; Melchionda, D; Guerra, M; Mucedola, T; Onofrj, M; Chiarelli, F; Sabatino, G



The diagnosis and treatment of pediatric narcolepsy.  


Narcolepsy in children is a serious disorder marked by a chronic course and lifelong handicap in school performance and choice of employment, by free time activity limitation, and by behavior and personality changes, all of which constitute a major influence on the quality of life. Increased daytime sleepiness may be the only sign at the disease onset, with attacks of sleep becoming longer and lasting up to hours. Also present may be confusional arousals with features of sleep drunkenness. Paradoxically, preschool and young children may show inattentiveness, emotional lability, and hyperactive behavior. Cataplexy may develop after onset of sleepiness and affect mainly muscles of the face. Hypnagogic hallucinations and sleep paralysis are seldom present. Multiple Sleep Latency Test criteria are not available for children younger than 6 years. The haplotype (HLA-DQB1:0602) can be associated with the disorder; however, the best predictor of narcolepsy-cataplexy is hypocretin deficiency. The treatment generally used in adults is regarded as off-label in childhood, which is why the management of pediatric narcolepsy is difficult . PMID:24954623

Nevsimalova, Sona




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Notwithstanding recent advances in neuroimaging, EEG remains a major technique for investigation of the brain. Its main applications are in assessment of cerebral function rather than for detecting structural abnormalities. The principal clinical applications are in epilepsy, states of altered consciousness including postanoxic and traumatic coma, the parasomnias, dementias, toxic confusional states, cerebral infections, and various other encephalopathies. Abnormalities in EEG reflect general pathophysiological processes, raised intracranial pressure, cerebral anoxia, or oedema, epileptogenesis etc, and show little specificity for a particular disease. Consequently, they need to be interpreted in a particular clinical context; the use of routine EEG examination for screening purposes is rarely of value. Conversely, the investigation becomes most cost effective when applied to specific problems--for instance, monitoring serial changes in postanoxic coma or during open heart surgery, differential diagnosis (by telemetric ictal recordings) of epileptic and non-epileptic attacks, and providing early prediction of outcome after stroke. High technological standards and an individualised problem solving approach are prerequisites of a cost effective, reliable clinical EEG service. These are most likely to be achieved by a considered, selective referral policy, the use where necessary of prolonged complex procedures such as telemetry, and the avoidance of routine examinations of dubious clinical relevance.

Binnie, C D; Prior, P F



Review of the Possible Relationship and Hypothetical Links Between Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and the Simple Sleep Related Movement Disorders, Parasomnias, Hypersomnias, and Circadian Rhythm Disorders  

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Recent evidence has been accumulating that the sleep of individuals with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is not only disrupt- ed in a nonspecific way but that ADHD has an increased association with simple sleep related movement disorders such as restless legs syndrome/periodic limb movements in sleep (RLS/PLMS), rhythmic movement disorder (body rocking and head banging), and parasom- nias, such as disorders of partial arousal (sleep walking, sleep ter- rors, and confusional arousals). In addition increased associations have been reported between ADHD and hypersomnias such as nar- colepsy and sleep apnea as well as circadian rhythm disorders, such as delayed sleep phase syndrome. These relationships are reviewed and the implications for such associations are explored. Patients with sleep disorders should be queried about the symptoms of ADHD and vice versa. Citation: Walters AS; Silvestri R; Zucconi M; Chandrashekariah R; Konofal E. Review of the Possible Relationship and Hypothetical Links Between Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and the Sim- ple Sleep Related Movement Disorders, Parasomnias, Hypersomnias, and Circadian Rhythm Disorders. J Clin Sleep Med 2008;4(6):591-600.

Walters, Arthur S.; Silvestri, Rosalia; Zucconi, Marco; Chandrashekariah, Ranju; Konofal, Eric




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Recognized in the State of São as one of the last f rontiers of development paulista, the Pontal do Par anapanema, has its main base in the agricultural economy, but needs to further diversify and increase technology. Order to support actions of public and private actors with r egard to rural development, this work had as main o bjective to

Ricardo Firetti; Vanderlei José Sereia; Eduardo Cardoso de Oliveira; Antônio Assiz de Carvalho


The Full Employment Budget Surplus Concept as a Tool of Fiscal Analysis in the United States (L'excédent budgétaire de plein emploi, instrument de l'analyse budgétaire aux Etats-Unis) (El concepto de superávit presupuestario en pleno empleo como instrumento de análisis fiscal en los Estados Unidos)  

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The paper describes the concept of the full employment surplus and its method of estimation in the United States and analyzes (1) its general use as a summary measure of budget impact for purposes of policy evaluation and (2) its use in rules that govern the formulation of budgetary policy. The principal emphasis is on the first use of the

Daryl A. Dixon



Project for the Institutional Development and Rehabilitation of the Water Supply and Sanitation Systems in the State of Barinas, Venezuela. Executive Summary and Final Report (Proyecto para el Desarrollo Institucional y la Rehabilitacion de los Sisstemas del Sector Agua Potable y Saneamiento del Estado Barinas, Venezuela. Informe Final).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The study, conducted by ICF Kaiser, was funded by the U.S. Trade and Development Agency on behalf of Venezuela's Ministry of Environment and Renewable Resources. The main objective of the study was to evaluate the existing conditions of the water supply a...



Los Hispanos: Problemas y Oportunidades. Resumen de la Actual Situacion Demografica, Economica, Social y Politica de los Hispanos en los Estados Unidos y de las Iniciativas Tomadas por la Fundacion Ford Para Hacer Frente a las Necesidades de esta Poblacion en Aumento y Determinar sus Efectos Sobre la Sociedad Estadounidense. Documento de Trabajo de la Fundacion Ford, No. 436.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The Hispanic population's growing impact on American society has caused the Ford Foundation to explore new Foundation initiatives. The 1980 census revealed 14.6 million Hispanics: 60% Mexican American; 14% Puerto Rican; 6% Cuban, and 20% Other. The Hispanic population in the United States is growing and is characterized by diversity; rapid growth…

Ford Foundation, New York, NY.


Densidade de estados para o modelo de Anderson Bi-dimensional na presenca de um campo magnetico com meio quantum de fluxo por plaqueta. (Density of states for the Bi-dimensional Anderson model in the presence of a magnetic field with quantum plaque flux).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The regularity properties of the integrated density of states and the state density of the Anderson bidimensional tight-binding model, in the presence of a uniform magnetic field, perpendicular to the plane of the system by means of quantum flux with plaq...

N. M. Kuehl



EVALUACIÓN DE UNA FORMULACIÓN ATRACTICIDA PARA CONTROL DE Cydia pomonella (L.) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) EN MANZANOS EN EL ESTADO DE WASHINGTON, EE.UU.1 Assessment of an attracticide formulation to control Cydia pomonella (L.) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in apple orchards in Washington State, USA1  

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A B S T R A C T Cydia pomonella control and male attraction of an attracticide (Sirene®CM: 0.16% codlemone + 6% permethrin) were evaluated. The attracticide had a long-lasting attraction (> 80 days) for males to regular traps. Only a small proportion of males (< 11%) approaching the attracticide (n = 64) was observed contacting the source. The attractant

Jay F. Brunner


Proyecto Curricular Sobre la Herencia Iberoamericana. Latinos en la Formacion de los Estados Unidos de American: Ayer, Hoy y Manana. Procedimientos de la Conferencia Sequnda Conferencia Anual del Panel Consultivo Internacional en Santillana del Mar, Espana (The Ibero-American Heritage Curriculum Project. Latinos in the Making of the United States of America: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The Ibero-American Heritage Curriculum Project is an interdisciplinary curriculum development project designed to integrate the study of Ibero-American heritage and culture into classroom instructional programs, kindergarten through grade 12. The project was initiated by the New York State Education Department and involves the Spanish National…

New York State Education Dept., Albany.


Evaluacion de metales pesados Cr, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn, Cd, Pb y Hg en agua, sedimento y lirio acuatico (Eichhornia crassipes) de la Presa Jose Antonio Alzate, Estado de Mexico. (Evaluation of heavy metals (Cr, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn, Cd, Pb and Hg) in water, sediments and water lily (Eichornia crassipes) from Jose Antonio Alzate dam).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Water, sediments and water lily (Eichornia crassipes) from the Jose Antonio Alzate Dam were analyzed in order to determine concentrations of chromium, iron, nickel, copper, zinc, cadmium, lead and mercury. Mercury, lead, chromium and iron were found in co...

P. Avila



Nível de atividade física da população do Estado de São Paulo: análise de acordo com o gênero, idade, nível socioeconômico, distribuição geográfica e de conhecimento Physical activity level of São Paulo State population: an analysis based on gender, age, socio-economic status, demographics and knowledge  

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Physical inactivity has assumed the highest prevalence among cardiovascular risk factors. This phenomenon is even worse in the developing countries. Considering the relevance of this problem, we aimed to assess the São Paulo State physical activity level. 2001 people aged from 14 to 77 years old were interviewed (953 males and 1048 females) on July, 2002, referring to a sample

Sandra Mahecha Matsudo; Victor Rodrigues Matsudo; Timoteo Araújo; Douglas Andrade; Erinaldo Andrade; Luis Oliveira; Glaucia Braggion


Caracteristicas DA Drenagem Determinadas Em Fotografias Aerease Do Relevo Determinadas Em Cartas Planialtimetricas de Escalas Diferentes Para Tres Solos Do Estado de Sao Paulo (Characteristics of Drainage Determinations in Aerial Photographs and Relief Determination on Different Scales Planialtimetric Charts for Three Soils in the State of Sao Paulo).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Based on the interpretation of vertical aerial photographs on a 1:35,000 scale, the characterization was made of the drainage standards from three different soils of the State of Sao Paulo (red-yellow latosol, red-yellow podzol, and litosol) and the varia...

R. Angulofilho V. A. Demetrio G. V. Defranca



Identificación del antígeno del virus de la fiebre porcina clásica en excretas porcinas sólidas y líquidas en una granja del estado de Guanajuato, México Identification of Classical Swine Fever virus antigen in solid and liquid swine faeces from a Guanajuato State farm, Mexico  

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The purpose of this study was the detection of Classical Swine Fever virus (CSFv) in organic waste matter. A total of 40 samples from collection basin sludge, solid faeces and separated liquid phases from eight farms with faeces treatment systems based on a liquid and solids separation process in Central Mexico, were evaluated. All the samples were tested by direct

Roberto Martínez-Gambaa


On strict positive real systems design: guaranteed cost and robustness issues 1 1 This research was supported by grants from “Fundação de Amparo á Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo, FAPSEP” and “Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Cient??fico e Tecnológico, CNPq”, Brazil  

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This paper deals with unbounded nonlinear real uncertainty and proposes a solution to the strict positive real control problem by dynamic output feedback. Besides, a guaranteed cost problem, solved by LMI optimization combined with line search, is introduced in order to provide robust performance.

J. Bernussou; J. C. Geromel; M. C. de Oliveira



Avaliacao de Dados Obtidos Pelo TM LANDSAT Para Implantacao de Projetos de Colonizacao de Microreggiao Do Alto Purus Estado Do Acre (Evaluation of Data Obtained from the LANDSAT Thematic Mapper for Implementation of Colonization Projects of the Microregion of the Upper Purus River, Eastern Acre State).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The potential use of LANDSAT TM imagery to obtain information concerning drainage and vegetation in the Microregion of the Upper Purus River, Eastern Acre State, is evaluated in this study. An intense occupation process has taken place in this area by mea...

A. Luchiari



Sleep and Sex: What Can Go Wrong? A Review of the Literature on Sleep Related Disorders and Abnormal Sexual Behaviors and Experiences  

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Study Objectives: To formulate the first classification of sleep related disorders and abnormal sexual behaviors and experiences. Design: A computerized literature search was conducted, and other sources, such as textbooks, were searched. Results: Many categories of sleep related disorders were represented in the classification: parasomnias (confusional arousals/sleepwalking, with or without obstructive sleep apnea; REM sleep behavior disorder); sleep related seizures; Kleine-Levin syndrome (KLS); severe chronic insomnia; restless legs syndrome; narcolepsy; sleep exacerbation of persistent sexual arousal syndrome; sleep related painful erections; sleep related dissociative disorders; nocturnal psychotic disorders; miscellaneous states. Kleine-Levin syndrome (78 cases) and parasomnias (31 cases) were most frequently reported. Parasomnias and sleep related seizures had overlapping and divergent clinical features. Thirty-one cases of parasomnias (25 males; mean age, 32 years) and 7 cases of sleep related seizures (4 males; mean age, 38 years) were identified. A full range of sleep related sexual behaviors with self and/or bed partners or others were reported, including masturbation, sexual vocalizations, fondling, sexual intercourse with climax, sexual assault/rape, ictal sexual hyperarousal, ictal orgasm, and ictal automatism. Adverse physical and/or psychosocial effects from the sleepsex were present in all parasomnia and sleep related seizure cases, but pleasurable effects were reported by 5 bed partners and by 3 patients with sleep related seizures. Forensic consequences were common, occurring in 35.5% (11/31) of parasomnia cases, with most (9/11) involving minors. All parasomnias cases reported amnesia for the sleepsex, in contrast to 28.6% (2/7) of sleep related seizure cases. Polysomnography (without penile tumescence monitoring), performed in 26 of 31 parasomnia cases, documented sexual moaning from slow wave sleep in 3 cases and sexual intercourse during stage 1 sleep/wakefulness in one case (with sex provoked by the bed partner). Confusional arousals (CAs) were diagnosed as the cause of “sleepsex” (“sexsomnia”) in 26 cases (with obstructive sleep apnea [OSA] comorbidity in 4 cases), and sleepwalking in 2 cases, totaling 90.3% (28/31) of cases being NREM sleep parasomnias. REM behavior disorder was the presumed cause in the other 3 cases. Bedtime clonazepam therapy was effective in 90% (9/10) of treated parasomnia cases; nasal continuous positive airway pressure therapy was effective in controlling comorbid OSA and CAs in both treated cases. All five treated patients with sleep related sexual seizures responded to anticonvulsant therapy. The hypersexuality in KLS, which was twice as common in males compared to females, had no reported effective therapy. Conclusions: A broad range of sleep related disorders associated with abnormal sexual behaviors and experiences exists, with major clinical and forensic consequences. Citation: Schenck CH; Arnulf I; Mahowald MW et al. Sleep and sex: what can go wrong? A review of the literature on sleep related disorders and abnormal sexual behaviors and experiences. SLEEP 2007;30(6):683-702.

Schenck, Carlos H.; Arnulf, Isabelle; Mahowald, Mark W.



El Balneario Marítimo como Espacio Utópico: los casos de Portmeirion (Gales), Thorpeness (Inglate rra), Pedernales (España) y Piriápolis (Uruguay)  

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(Estados Unidos). 1 Esta ponencia dirige la mirada a otro tipo de balneario marítimo, la pequeña colonia de vacaciones establecida por un empresario por motivos utópicos, tratando de construir un espacio de placer para llevar a habitantes y visitantes hacia un estado de perfecta tranquilidad y de aislamiento de los problemas del mundo exterior. Propongo un análisis comparativo de cuatro

Reino Unido


Los medios de comunicación y las violaciones de los derechos humanos en el área de conflicto  

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La autora, que actualmente es una refugiada política en Austria, relata su trabajo como periodista palestina en las áreas conflictivas de Israel. Sus experiencias revelan las violaciones de Derechos Humanos y el genocidio cometido por las fuerzas armadas israelíes. Este artículo no sólo condena al estado de Israel sino que también cuestiona la falta de compromiso de los Estados Unidos

Kawther Salam



Tratamiento nutricional de los síndromes colestáticos en la infancia  

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ResumenLa hepatopatía colestática causa un riesgo serio de desnutrición, que incluye la desnutrición de proteína y energía y las carencias nutricionales específicas. El estado nutricional puede evaluarse basándose en mediciones antropométricas, que pueden ser equívocas a causa de la ascitis y el edema periférico. Las determinaciones bioquímicas del estado de las vitaminas liposolubles son importantes para evaluar las necesidades de

Piotr Socha



Partage de la valeur ajoutée et rentabilité du capital en France et aux États-Unis : une réévaluation ; suivi d'un commentaire de Xavier Timbeau  

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[spa] Reparto del valor añadido y rentabilidad del capital en Francia y en Estados Unidos: una revaluación . . La presunta caída, desde principios de los ochenta, de la proporción de la remuneración del trabajo en el valor añadido en Europa continental, y en especial en Francia, mientras que en Estados Unidos se habría mantenido estable, alimenta una abundante literatura

Philippe Askenazy; Xavier Timbeau



La dependencia financiera de los gobiernos locales en México  

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La distribución de los recursos y potestades tributarias entre los diferentes niveles de gobierno tiene suma importancia para la organización de las tareas económicas del Estado. La eficiencia económica y la función de estabilización macroeconómica requieren de una mayor centralización de ingresos; mientras que, en México, la autonomía de ingresos de los gobiernos locales (estados y municipios), contribuye a que

José Alfredo Tijerina Guajardo; Antonio Medellín Ruiz



[Disruptive nocturnal behavior in elderly subjects: could it be a parasomnia?].  


Parasomnias are sleep-related abnormal behaviors. They are frequent and overlooked causes of nocturnal disruptive behavior in the elderly, especially when patients are cognitively impaired. Confusion and violence can result in sleep disruption, injuries for the patients or their bed partners, caregivers distress, and they can be a motive for institutionalization. Parasomnias include the NonREM sleep disorders of arousal (sleepwalking, sleep terrors, confusional arousals and sleep-related eating disorder), the REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD) and more rarely the parasomnia overlap syndrome, which associates both NREM and REM parasomnias. Patients with NREM sleep parasomnias are confused, eyes open, with a glazed look during their nocturnal behaviors, and they have a post-episode amnesia. They shout and bolt from the bed (night terrors), look about in a confused manner, walk and speak (sleepwalking), and eat peculiar or inedible food (sleep-related eating disorders). These behaviors, which are frequent in young adults, may be triggered by short-half live hypnotics in elderly. During the parasomnia, the brain is partially awake (enough to perform complex motor and verbal action), and partially asleep (without conscious awareness or responsibility). RBD is characterized by a loss of the normal muscle atonia that accompanies REM sleep. Patients have excessive motor activity such as punching, kicking, or crying out in association with dream content. RBD are frequent in Parkinson's disease and dementia with Lewy bodies and may precede the cognitive or motor symptoms of these diseases by 5 to 10 years. RBD can also be promoted by antidepressants. When combined with thorough clinical interviews, the video-polysomnography is a powerful tool, especially for discriminating the parasomnia from nocturnal frontal lobe epilepsy, sleep apneas and periodic leg movements. Ensuring safety and withdrawing deleterious treatments are useful in patients with violent activities, potential injurious or bothersome to other household members. Clonazepam and melatonin (3-12 mg) are highly effective for treating RBD. PMID:20525541

Leu-Semenescu, Smaranda; Arnulf, Isabelle



Safeguards in the treatment of schizophrenia with propranolol.  


Early results for an uncontrolled study of 555 patients with florid schizophrenia suggest that propranolol can be used safely in high dosage, and in a proportion of cases it appears to control schizophrenic symptoms. This method of treatment is now being submitted to controlled trial. Evdence from this uncontrolled study suggests that there was a therapeutic dose range in which symptoms steadily improved as a low dose was ineffective and a high dose, particularly if reached too rapidly, caused toxic effects. Rapid increases (400-800 mg) in the daily total intake when given in divided doses (4 to 10/day) produced gross toxic effects that included ataxia with unprotected falls, drop attacks, visual hallucinations, and confusional states. Severe toxic effects were uncommon when the dose was raised by regular, gradual increments (e.g. by 40-80 mg/day), when propranolol was given twice daily, when the dose was held steady as the patient started to improve, and when the daily total dose was reduced if the fall in pulse rate or blood pressure was excessive, or if there was evidence of toxicity. The observation of gradual, progressive improvement was the most valuable positive guide to the dose of propranolol. All schizophrenic symptoms remitted, at least temporarily, in 26 of 55 patients (in 15 of 17 patients who had been ill for less than one year and in 11 of 38 patients who had been ill for longer than a year). Patients who then stopped propranolol usually relapsed within hours or days. PMID:967774

Yorkston, N J; Zaki, S A; Themen, J F; Havard, C W



Beneficial effect of digoxin-specific Fab antibody fragments in oleander intoxication.  


A 24-year-old man presented to the emergency department with nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and an acute confusional state of 6 hours' duration. Ten hours before admission, he had ingested a mixture of orange juice and six ground leaves, later identified as Nerium oleander (common pink oleander) leaves. His blood pressure was 100/80 mm Hg, and his pulse rate was irregular at 40/min. He was disoriented and his speech was dysarthric. Twelve-lead electrocardiography revealed a complete atrioventricular block, with a nodal escape rhythm of 40/min and diffuse ST depression. The presumptive diagnosis of acute oleander intoxication was confirmed by the detection of digoxin (1.0 nmol/L [0.8 ng/mL]) on radioimmunoassay. Despite intensive therapy, the patient's hemodynamic condition deteriorated. His blood pressure decreased to 70/40 mm Hg; he became oliguric and nonresponsive to external stimuli; and his potassium concentration rose to 6.8 mmol/L. Eighteen hours after admission, an empiric 480-mg dose of digoxin-specific Fab antibody fragments was administered intravenously over 30 minutes. Within minutes of the initiation of immunotherapy, the patient woke up; his blood pressure rose to 90/50 mm Hg; and he regained a sinus rhythm of 68/min with a prolonged PR interval. His potassium concentration decreased to 5.1 mmol/L within 15 minutes and normalized within 1 hour of therapy initiation. One day later, the 1 degree atrioventricular block disappeared, but the ST depression persisted for an additional 6 days. The value of digoxin-specific Fab antibody fragments in the treatment of plant glycoside and, in particular, oleander intoxication is discussed. PMID:7575073

Safadi, R; Levy, I; Amitai, Y; Caraco, Y



Diagnosis and monitoring of central nervous system involvement in systemic lupus erythematosus: value of F-18 fluorodeoxyglucose PET  

PubMed Central

OBJECTIVE—To investigate prospectively abnormalities of brain glucose utilisation in relation to major or minor neuropsychiatric symptoms in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).?METHODS—Positron emission tomography (PET) using F-18-labelled fluorodeoxyglucose was performed in 28 patients with SLE. Patients were classified as having severe neuropsychiatric manifestations (seizures, focal neurological deficits, acute confusional states, mood disorders) (n=12), or mild neuropsychiatric manifestations (headache, reactive depression, cognitive dysfunction, anxiety disorders) (n=11) and five patients without signs of central nervous system (CNS) involvement. Ten clinically and neurologically healthy volunteers served as controls. In 26 patients magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was performed and autoantibodies against CNS tissue, ribosomal P protein and cardiolipin were measured. In 14 patients follow up PET scans were performed after a mean (SD) period of 11.6 (9.5) months.?RESULTS—PET scans showed hypometabolism in at least one brain region in all patients with severe or mild CNS symptoms (100%) as compared with patients without cerebral symptoms (40%) (p<0.0025). Parieto-occipital regions were most commonly affected (96%), followed by parietal regions (32%). In contrast, MRI images were abnormal in only 11 of 22 patients (50%) with neuropsychiatric symptoms and in one of four patients (25%) without symptoms. In 12 of 14 patients examined in follow up PET scans persistence, improvement or worsening of cerebral symptoms were associated with unchanged, decreased or increased brain hypometabolism, respectively. No significant correlation was found between PET or MRI findings and autoantibody profiles.?CONCLUSIONS—PET imaging represents a sensitive tool to detect manifest or subclinical CNS involvement in SLE and PET findings correlate well with the clinical course of disease.??

Weiner, S; Otte, A; Schumacher, M; Klein, R; Gutfleisch, J; Brink, I; Otto, P; Nitzsche, E; Moser, E; Peter, H



Prevalence of parasomnia in autistic children with sleep disorders.  


The prevalence of sleep related complaints is reported by questionnaire studies to be as high as 83.3% in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Questionnaire studies report the presence of various parasomnia in ASD. However, no polysomnographic study reports non-REM parasomnias and only a single study reports REM related parasomnias in ASD. We investigated the prevalence and characteristics of sleep disorders by polysomnographic study and questionnaires in a cohort of 23 children with ASD and 23 age-matched children of a non-autistic comparison group. The results showed significantly more non-REM parasomnias in 14 children with ASD on polysomnograms (PSG) and 16 ASD children by questionnaire, a finding that was not associated with medication use, other comorbid medical or psychiatric disorders, or sleep disordered breathing. Of the 14 children with ASD who had PSG evidence of parasomnia, 11 of them had a history suggestive of parasomnia by questionnaire. There was a high sensitivity but a low specificity of parasomnia in ASD by questionnaire in predicting the presence of parasomnia in the PSG. Of the parasomnias recorded in the laboratory, 13 ASD children had Disorders of Partial Arousal, consistent with sleep terrors or confusional arousals. Furthermore, multiple episodes of partial arousal occurred in 11 of the 13 ASD children who had PSG evidence of Disorders of Partial Arousal. Of the 11 ASD children with multiple episodes of partial arousal, 6 ASD children had multiple partial arousals during both nights' PSG study. Sleep architecture was abnormal in children with ASD, characterized by increased spontaneous arousals, prolonged REM latency and reduced REM percentage. These results suggest a high prevalence of parasomnia in this cohort of children with ASD and a careful history intake of symptoms compatible with parasomnia could be prudent to diagnose parasomnia in ASD children when performing a PSG is not possible. PMID:23818789

Ming, Xue; Sun, Ye-Ming; Nachajon, Roberto V; Brimacombe, Michael; Walters, Arthur S



New Species of Culex (Melanoconion) from Southern Brazil (Diptera: Culicidae).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Culex (Melanoconion) lopesi, a new species from Municipio Iguape, Estado Sao Paulo, southern Brazil is recognized. The adult male, the only known stage of this species, is described and its genitalia are illustrated.

S. Sirivanakarn W. L. Jakob



Tipos comunes de cáncer en la población general

La lista de cánceres comunes incluye cánceres que se diagnostican con mayor frecuencia en Estados Unidos. Esta página ofrece las estadísticas de incidencia y mortalidad más recientes para estos tipos de cancer.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 28 de febrero de 2012

Los artículos originales en inglés están disponibles en las páginas del NCI Cancer Bulletin. El Boletín es una publicación del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI), una entidad gubernamental de los Estados Unidos creada en 1937.


El proyecto Cajal4EU inicia desde Zaragoza su trabajo en Europa Alrededor de medio centenar de representantes de las empresas participantes en el Proyecto Cajal4EU se han reunido en Zaragoza en una jornada que servirá de arranque de los trabajos de este grupo. El objetivo de este proyecto es la producción de un chip de diagnóstico médico que permita conocer el estado del paciente en tiempo real  

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Zaragoza.- Más de medio centenar de investigadores procedentes de toda Europa se han reunido este lunes en Zaragoza en unas jornadas que suponen el punto de arranque de los trabajos del proyecto Cajal4EU. Este proyecto nanobiotecnológico, que recibe este nombre en honor al científico aragonés Santiago Ramón y Cajal y en el que trabajan de forma paralela 30 empresas, tiene

Alejandro Royo Zaragozano



The Impact of U.S. Controls on Capital Outflows on the U.S. Balance of Payments: An Exploratory Study (Effets sur la balance des paiements des Etats-Unis des contrôles américains sur les sorties de capitaux: etude exploratrice) (Estudio exploratorio del impacto en la balanza de pagos de Estados Unidos de ciertas medidas de control de salida de capitales)  

Microsoft Academic Search

During the 1960s the U. S. authorities adopted several capital control measures in an attempt to stem capital outflows and thus to improve the U. S. balance of payments--specifically, the Interest Equalization Tax (IET), the Voluntary Foreign Credit Restraint (VFCR) program, and the initially voluntary, but later mandatory, Foreign Direct Investment program. The U. S. authorities, however, refrained from any

John Hewson; Eisuke Sakakibara



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 31 de enero de 2012

Dr. Nils Daulaire Salud mundial a través de la colaboración y el liderazgo Para conmemorar el Día Mundial del Cáncer que tuvo lugar el 4 febrero, el doctor Nils Daulaire, director de la Oficina de Asuntos Internacionales del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos de los Estados Unidos habla sobre las razones por las cuales los Estados Unidos deben participar en iniciativas para mejorar la salud mundial.


Educational attainment as a selective factor in marital status transitions in the United States  

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\\u000a Resumen  Se organizaron los datos sobre el estado marital en los censos de 1940, 1950 y 1960 de Estados Unidos, para mostrar, (1) las\\u000a tendencias en los porcentajes de hombres y mujeres que permanecen solteros, de acuerdo a la edad y nivel de education (años\\u000a de colegio completados); (2) niveles educacionales relativos de esposas y esposos para grupos seleccionados de parejas

Carl E. Ortmeyer



[Dissemination of blaIMP-8 among Enterobacteriaceae isolates from a Buenos Aires Hospital].  


From August 2008 to December 2011, six metallo-?-lactamase-producing isolates, four Enterobacter cloacae, one Klebsiella oxytoca and one Citrobacter freundii, were detected at Hospital Interzonal General de Agudos "Evita" in Lanús. All six isolates showed multiresistant profiles and the presence of the blaIMP-8 gene. Five isolates also expressed PER-2 extended spectrum ?-lactamase. The blaIMP-8 gene was found as the first cassette in a class 1 integron. However, the 3´ conserved sequence could not be detected in three isolates. In all cases, blaIMP-8 was transferred by conjugation to azide-resistant Escherichia coli J53. PFGE analysis revealed that the four E. cloacae isolates were not genetically related. These are the first metallo-?-lactamases detected in this institution and our results suggest a possible intra- and inter-species horizontal dissemination of blaIMP-8. PMID:23876273

Togneri, Ana M; Gómez, Sonia A; Podestá, Laura B; Pérez, Marcela P; Faccone, Diego F; Ríos, Lidia E; Gañetea, Marcelo A; Anchordoqui, María S; Pasterán, Fernando G; Corso, Alejandra C



Concentration gradients at the mineral-solution interface: implications for understanding dissolution mechanisms  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Dissolution is a key process in fluid-rock interactions, such as in chemical weathering, CO2 carbonation reactions, metasomatism, and metamorphism. Many multicomponent rock-forming minerals are reported to dissolve incongruently, because the elemental molar ratios, measured in the fluid during dissolution experiments, that differ from those in the solid. This frequently results in the formation of chemically and structurally altered zones at the fluid-solid interface of varying thickness that are depleted in some elements relative to the bulk mineral composition. Although the mechanisms of the formation of these altered layers is still a matter of debate (see e.g. Ruiz-Agudo et al. 2012 and Schott et al. 2012), recent AFM studies on the dissolution of two multicomponent minerals, dolomite, Ca0.5Mg0.5CO3 (Urosevic et al. 2012), and wollastonite, CaSiO3 (Ruiz-Agudo et al. 2012), provide experimental evidence showing that these layers are formed in a two-step process: (i) stoichiometric dissolution of the pristine mineral surfaces and (ii) precipitation of a secondary phase. This occurs despite the fact that the bulk solution is undersaturated with respect to such a phase. It has been suggested that after stoichiometric dissolution of the mineral, a boundary layer of fluid in contact with the surface becomes supersaturated with respect to a secondary phase that then precipitates. Here we present in situ observations of the evolution of the fluid composition at the interface during dissolution in acidic solutions (pH 1.5) of dolomite and wollastonite using real-time phase-shift interferometry. We show that immediately when the sparingly soluble dolomite or wollastonite crystals are in contact with the solution, the refractive index of the solution at the crystal surface sharply increases. A steep refractive index gradient (i.e., concentration gradient) develops as a consequence of mineral dissolution producing an interfacial fluid with a different composition to the bulk. Similar observations have been made during the replacement of KBr by KCl (Putnis et al. 2005). Thus, it seems that incongruent dissolution is essentially similar to any other mineral-fluid equilibration process: when a fluid interacts with a mineral with which it is out of equilibrium the mineral will tend to dissolve. Depending on the fluid composition, the interfacial fluid may become supersaturated with respect to a secondary phase that will eventually nucleate on the parent mineral surface. Ruiz-Agudo E., Putnis, C.V., Rodríguez-Navarro, C. and Putnis A. (2012) Geology 40, 947-950 (2012) Urosevic M., Rodríguez-Navarro C., Putnis C.V., Cardell C., Putnis A. and Ruiz Agudo, E. (2012) In Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 80, 1-13 Schott J., Pokrovsky O.S., Spalla O., Devreux F., Gloter A. and Mielczarski J.A. (2012) Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 98, 259-281 Putnis C.V., Tsukamoto K. and Nishimura Y. (2005) American Mineralogist 90, 1909-1912

Ruiz-Agudo, Encarnacion; Patiño-López, Luis David; Putnis, Christine V.; Rodriguez-Navarro, Carlos; Putnis, Andrew



Blood-brain barrier damages and intrathecal synthesis of anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor NR2 antibodies in diffuse psychiatric/neuropsychological syndromes in systemic lupus erythematosus  

PubMed Central

Introduction Although neuropsychiatric systemic lupus erythematosus (NPSLE) is one of the recalcitrant complications of the disease, its pathogenesis still remains unclear. Previous studies revealed that antibodies reactive with NMDA (N-methyl-D-aspartate) receptor NR2 (anti-NR2) are elevated in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of patients with diffuse psychiatric/neuropsychological syndromes (diffuse NPSLE), which is usually more recalcitrant than neurologic syndromes of NPSLE (focal NPSLE). Two mechanisms have been implicated for the elevation of CSF IgG, including intrathecal synthesis and transudation through the damaged blood-brain barrier (BBB). The present study was designed in order to elucidate the roles of BBB function and intrathecal synthesis of anti-NR2 in the elevation of CSF anti-NR2 with regard to the severity in NPSLE. Methods Paired serum and CSF samples were obtained from 81 systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) patients when they presented active neuropsychiatric manifestations, and from 22 non-SLE control patients with non-inflammatory neurological diseases. The 81 SLE patients consisted of 55 patients with diffuse NPSLE, including 23 patients with acute confusional state (ACS), the severest form of diffuse NPSLE, and 26 patients with neurologic syndromes or peripheral nervous system involvement (focal NPSLE). IgG anti-NR2 and albumin were measured by ELISA. BBB function and intrathecal synthesis of anti-NR2 were evaluated by Q albumin and by CSF anti-NR2 index, respectively. Results CSF anti-NR2 levels, Q albumin and CSF anti-NR2 index were significantly higher in NPSLE than in non-SLE control. CSF anti-NR2 levels and Q albumin were significantly higher in ACS than in non-ACS diffuse NPSLE (anxiety disorder, cognitive dysfunction, mood disorder and psychosis) or in focal NPSLE, whereas there was no significant difference in CSF anti-NR2 index among the 3 groups. CSF anti-NR2 levels were significantly correlated with Q albumin in diffuse NPSLE (r?=?0.3754, P?=?0.0053). Conclusions These results demonstrate that the severity of BBB damages plays a crucial role in the development of ACS, the severest form of diffuse NPSLE, through the accelerated entry of larger amounts of anti-NR2 into the central nervous system.



?`Es necesario calcular detalladamente funciones de partición atómicas?  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Basándonos en extensos y precisos cómputos de funciones de partición realizados por nosotros para distintos átomos, se muestra que en el cálculo u obtención de ciertas magnitudes (notablemente la presión electrónica, la abundancia de un elemento deducida a partir de un estado fuertemente ionizado, etc.) el error porcentual que se comete es pequeño (inferior a 1 %) si se adopta, como valor de la función de partición, el peso estadístico del término correspondiente al estado fundamental del átomo. Esta notable simplificación acelera el cálculo, por ejemplo, de un modelo de atmósfera estelar, sin disminuir la precisión de los resultados.

Milone, L. A.; Merlo, D. C.


Informe a la nación indica que continúa la disminución de las tasas de mortalidad por cáncer que empezó a principios de los noventa; Una sección especial destaca los cánceres asociados al exceso de peso y a la falta de actividad física adecuada

Los índices de mortalidad por todos los cánceres combinados para hombres, mujeres y niños siguieron bajando en Estados Unidos entre 2004 y 2008, según el Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer de 1975 a 2008. El índice general de diagnósticos nuevos de cáncer, que se conoce también como incidencia, bajaron entre los hombres un promedio de 0,6% por año entre 2004 y 2008. Los índices generales de incidencia de cáncer entre las mujeres bajaron 0,5% por año de 1998 hasta 2006; estos índices se nivelaron de 2006 a 2008.


[Gustave Flaubert's illness].  


All those interested in Gustave Flaubert's illness, during his lifetime as well as after his death, have agreed that he had epilepsy. The one important exception is Jean-Paul Sartre, who, in the 2800 pages of his "Idiot de la famille" claimed that Flaubert was a hysteric with very moderate intelligence who somatized his neurosis in the form of seizures. These, in Sartre's views, were moreover probably hysterical, but possibly epileptic resulting from the existence of a psychogenic epilepsy bred from the neurosis. The basis for this neurosis could have originated at the time of Gustave's birth, as this occurred between those of two brothers who both died young, and as his mother had wished for a daughter. Further development of the neurosis might have taken place during a temporary phase of learning difficulties, exaggerated and exploited by his father to make his youngest son the idiot of a family in which the eldest son was the dauphin. Destroyed in this way, Gustave would have sought refuge in passivity and could have developed a hatred for his father and for his elder brother, who he would have liked to kill before killing himself. But, unable to carry out his wishes and desiring both to die and to survive, Gustave, adolescent, might have chosen the pathway of "false deaths", as exemplified by the seizures. Modern epileptology data enables not only to confirm the epileptic etiology and to discount the hysterical nature of the fits, but also: 1. to establish precise details of the site and nature of the cerebral lesions responsible for the attacks: neonatal atrophy or vascular malformation of the occipitotemporal cortex of the left hemisphere, the only lesion capable of provoking: a) the phosphenes marking the onset of the seizures; b) the intellectual manifestations (forced thoughts or flight of ideas), affective features (panic terror), and psychosensory (ecmnesic hallucinations) or psychomotor (confusional automatism) symptoms accompanying some attacks; c) the loss of speech preceding the loss of consciousness and terminal generalized convulsions. 2. to establish the consequences of the lesion and of the temporal fits on the behaviour of the writer; a) associated hypoactivity (slowness of ideation and writing) and paroxysmal impulsiveness (violent unmotivated angry outbursts); b) disturbed verbal functions (difficulty in finding words); and c) diminished sexuality. As a conclusion, it must be admitted; a) that Flaubert suffered from an organic and not a psychogenic epilepsy, the existence of the latter currently being disputed; b) that this epilepsy modified the behaviour of the author without affecting his genius; c) that, as a result of this, the epilepsy of Flaubert, as that of Dostoïevski, should serve as a defense witness for the unfortunate epileptics thought to be destined for intellectual deterioration only because of the repetition of their seizures. PMID:6760330

Gastaut, H; Gastaut, Y



[Perioperative disorders of mental functions].  


Mental disorders are characterized by disturbances of thought, perception, affect and behavior, which occur as a result of brain damage. Recognizing and treating these conditions is necessary not only for psychiatrists but for all physicians. Disorder of mental function is one of the most common associated conditions in intensive care unit (ICU) patients. However, disturbances of mental function often remain unrecognized. In ICU patients, different types of mental function disorders may develop. They range from sleep disorders, severe depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to cognitive disorders including delirium. The causes of mental dysfunction in ICU patients can be divided into environmental and medical. Cognitive disorders are related to mental processes such as learning ability, memory, perception and problem solving. Cognitive disorders are usually not prominent in the early postoperative period and in many cases are discovered after hospital discharge because of difficulties in performing everyday activities at home or at work. The etiology of postoperative cognitive impairment is unclear. Older age, previous presence of cognitive dysfunction, severity of disease, and polypharmacy with more than four drugs are some of the risk factors identified. Delirium is a multifactorial disorder. It is an acute confusional state characterized by alteration of consciousness with reduced ability to focus, sustain, or shift attention. It is considered as the most common form of mental distress in ICU patients. Nearly 30% of all hospitalized patients pass through deliriant phase during their hospital stay. Delirium can last for several days to several weeks. Almost always it ends with complete withdrawal of psychopathological symptoms. Sometimes it can evolve into a chronic brain syndrome (dementia). The causes are often multifactorial and require a number of measures to ease the symptoms. Delirious patient is at risk of complications of immobility and confusion, leading to a high prevalence of irreversible functional decline. An interdisciplinary approach to delirium should also include family or other caregivers. In the diagnosis of delirium, several tests are used to complement clinical assessment. Among the most commonly used are the Confusion Assessment Method (CAM-ICU) and Clinical Dementia Rating (CDR) test. Depression is a common disorder among patients treated at ICU and occurs due to the impact of the disease on the body and the quality of life, independence, employment and other aspects of life. Depression can interfere with the speed of recovery, affects the postoperative quality of life, and in a certain number of patients may lead to suicidal thoughts and intentions. Phobias and generalized anxiety are the most common anxiety disorders. Generalized anxiety disorder is characterized by strong, excessive anxiety and worry about everyday life events. PTSD is delayed and/or protracted response to a stressful event or situation, extremely threatening or catastrophic nature, which is outside the common experience of people and would hit or traumatize almost all people. Treatment of delirium and other disorders is causal. The causes of psychosis are often multifactorial and require a number of measures to ease symptoms. The primary objective of prevention is appropriate therapy and correction of potential imbalances possibly underlying disturbances, stabilization of vital functions as well as early return to daily activities. Doctors and other medical staff must be aware of the importance and consequences of behavioral and emotional disorders in critically ill patients. Additional research is needed to discover the ways to prevent and/ or reduce the frequency and severity of the consequences and treatment of cognitive and emotional disorders. PMID:23088091

Tonkovi?, Dinko; Adam, Visnja Nesek; Kovacevi?, Marko; Bogovi?, Tajana Zah; Drvar, Zeljko; Baronica, Robert



Sintomas Depressivos e Qualidade de Vida em Indivíduos com Epilepsia por Esclerose Mesial Temporal  

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RESUMO Introdução: Dificuldades no trabalho, em relacionamentos interpessoais, familiares e sociais, a percepção do estigma, da discriminação dentre outros têm sido associados aos estados depressivos interictais, influen- ciando negativamente a qualidade de vida (QV) das pessoas com epilepsia. A depressão tem alta prevalência (20 a 55%) nas epilepsias, sendo vista como o fator mais importante no julgamento do paciente sobre

Neide Barreira Alonso; Tatiana Indelicato da Silva; Ana Carolina Westphal; Auro Mauro Azevedo


Health-related fitness assessment in childhood and adolescence: a European approach based on the AVENA, EYHS and HELENA studies  

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Results from cross-sectional and longitudinal studies such as Alimentación y Valoración del Estado Nutricional en Adolescentes: Food and Assessment of the Nutritional Status of Spanish Adolescents (AVENA) and the European Youth Heart Study (EYHS) respectively, highlight physical fitness as a key health marker in childhood and adolescence. Moderate and vigourous levels of physical activity stimulate functional adaptation of all tissues

Jonatan R. Ruiz; Francisco B. Ortega; Angel Gutierrez; Dirk Meusel; Michael Sjöström; Manuel J. Castillo



Avaliação sazonal da atividade da fenilalanina amônia-liase e dos teores de fenóis e taninos totais em Byrsonima verbascifolia Rich. ex A. Juss.: uma espécie medicinal do cerrado  

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RESUMO: Com o objetivo de investigar a influência de variações sazonais do ambiente físico, no estado hídrico foliar, nas trocas gasosas, na atividade da fenilalanina amônia-liase e nos teores de fenóis e taninos totais em murici, um experimento foi conduzido, a uma freqüência mensal, em área de formação campestre, com fisionomia de Cerrado sensu strictu, localizada no município de Ijaci,

A. M. Soares; R. Padre José Poggel



LOS HISPANOS Y EL CÁNCER DE PÁNCREAS: COSAS PARA SABER por el Instituto Nacional del Cáncer Una de las causas principales de muerte relacionadas con el cáncer en los hispanos o latinos de los Estados Unidos es una enfermedad poco común pero con frecuencia


Frecuencia de Listeria monocytogenes en muestras de tomates (Lycopersicum esculentum) y cilantro (Coriandrum sativum) frescos en tres supermercados de Valencia. Venezuela  

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RESUMEN. Se determinó la frecuencia de L. monocytogenes en tomates y cilantro, de tres diferentes supermercados, ubicados en el Municipio Valencia, Estado Carabobo, durante ocho semanas. Se evaluaron 192 muestras: 96 de tomates y 96 de cilantro. Procesa- miento y análisis microbiológico, según Normas Industriales COVENIN 3718:2001. Paquete estadístico SPSS versión 12.0. Se aplicó prueba de Kolmogorov Smirnov, test de

Luis Guillermo; Ramírez Mérida; Alba Morón de Salim; Ana Yudith; Alfieri Graterol; Orlando Gamboa


Cómo sentar las bases de una justicia universal: Creación de redes internacionales y ejercicio de la responsabilidad penal en el caso de violaciones de los derechos humanos en Chile y El Salvador \\/ Grounding global justice: international networks and domestic human rights accountability in Chile and El Salvador  

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Para algunos, la detención en Londres del ex-dictador chileno Augusto Pinochet, en 1998, fue una demostración paradigmática de la posible eficacia de las así llamadas «redes globales de la sociedad civil» para hacer efectiva la responsabilidad penal de ex Jefes de Estado por crímenes contra la humanidad. Sin embargo, el presente artículo cuestiona la eficacia de las acciones que pueden

Cath Collins



Argentina: Nacionalismo, Migración e Identidad  

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Las naciones no son una característica inherente al ser humano. Esto es real, pero hoy día el tenar una se ha convertido en imprescindible al punto de ser una tragedia el no tenerla. Miles de desplazados, apátridas, migrantes nos recuerdan esta realidad de una forma cruda y cruel. Por otro lado, en un planeta donde los estados tienden a borrar

María Eugenia Cruset



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In order to identify the high molecular weight glutenins subunits and its relationship with the bread-making quality, as well as to characterize the bread quality of the group of genotypes of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.), 130 genotypes were seeded under rainfed conditions at Santa Lucia de Prias, Estado de Mexico in 2001. In the analysis of physical and chemical

Eduardo Espitia Rangel; Eliel Martínez Cruz; Roberto Javier; Peña Bautista; Héctor Eduardo; Villaseñor Mir; Julio Huerta



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En este trabajo se evalúa el estado actual de la investigación sobre Lean Production y Gestión de la Cadena de Suministro en la industria aeronáutica con dos objetivos básicos: 1) identificar el conjunto de líneas de investigación desarrolladas, aportando un criterio de clasificación de la literatura, 2) discutir sobre la evidencia empírica, intentando proporcionar orientaciones para la investigación futura. Para

Pedro José Martínez Jurado; José Moyano Fuentes




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Este trabalho é resultado de uma investigação sobre a ação dos órgãos oficiais de Assistência Técnica e Extensão rural (ATER) no nordeste brasileiro, com o objetivo avaliar as ações dos mesmos visando a implementação da nova Política Nacional de ATER (PNATER), na região como referência para o país. Ela contemplou os Estados de Bahia, Pernambuco, Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte,

José Ribamar; Furtado de Souza


El miedo a la amenaza nuclear y las obras de protección civil en Suiza  

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Las obras de protección civil en Suiza representan no sólo una forma de actuar en el ámbito de la protección de la población, sino también un enorme gasto financiero para el Estado y, en definitiva, para todos los ciudadanos que las financian a través de los impuestos o pagando directamente las nuevas obras. Las locuras cometidas en este ámbito a

Marc Kaenzig



El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer publica nuevo atlas de mortalidad por cáncer

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI, por sus siglas en inglés) ha publicado un nuevo atlas, el Atlas de Mortalidad por Cáncer en los Estados Unidos, 1950-94, que muestra los patrones geográficos de las tasas de mortalidad por cáncer durante más de cuatro décadas, en más de 3.000 condados a lo largo del país.



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Las cosas últimamente, ya comienzan a estar un poquitín chungas para Europa, como para tomárselo a broma. Estados unidos, mas o menos, esta reaccionando, pero lo cierto es que Europa, no la veo yo muy bien que digamos. Así que tratemos de echar una manita, pues ya sin ningún tipo de broma, Europa esta al borde del colapso.

David Sánchez Palacios



Política monetaria y cambios de régimen en los tipos de interés del mercado interbancario español  

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En este trabajo analizamos el comportamiento dinámico del tipo de interés a un mes del mercado interbancario español entre 1987 y 2001. Se utiliza un proceso de difusión tipo raíz cuadrada que permite que el tipo cambie dependiendo del estado de la economía. El cambio entre regímenes es dirigido por un proceso de Markov de primer orden con probabilidades de

José Luis Fernández-Serrano; M. Dolores Robles Fernández



Política Monetaria y Cambios de Régimen en los tipos de Interés del Mercado Interbancario  

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En este trabajo analizamos el comportamiento dinámico del tipo de interés a un mes del mercado interbancario español entre 1987 y 2001. Se utiliza un proceso de difusión tipo raíz cuadrada que permite que el tipo cambie dependiendo del estado en el que se encuentre la economía. El cambio entre regímenes es dirigido por un proceso de Markov de primer

José Luis Fernández Serrano; Dolores Robles Fernández



El Mercado de Transporte Aéreo: Lecciones para Chile de una Revisión de la Literatura  

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En la industria de transporte aéreo en Chile, existe hoy libre ingreso a los mercados, libertad de precios y una mínima intervención del estado. Sin embargo, la evolución de la industria ha generado discusión y preocupación pública en los últimos años respecto a qué tan competitivo es el mercado de transporte doméstico de pasajeros. Preocupaciones y discusiones de política pública

Claudio Agostini



Las Políticas Neoliberales y la cuestión Territorial  

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La profunda crisis del capitalismo y las políticas creadas tendientes a contrarrestarla han colocado en primer plano y como elementos determinantes de ésta, a los procesos económicos en su relación dialéctica con la política y el Estado. La cuestión regional y urbana ha sido considerada secundaria dada la sobrevaloración otorgada a otros procesos políticos, sociales y culturales examinados sin considerar

Emilio Pradilla Cobos




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El trabajo evalúa el estado de las prácticas de gobierno corporativo en las empresas que negocian acciones ordinarias en la Bolsa de Colombia. Esta tarea se lleva a cabo mediante la construcción de un Índice de Gobierno Corporativo construido con información pública. Por otra parte se mide el impacto que las buenas prácticas de gobierno corporativo tienen sobre la relación

Andrés Langebaek; Jaime Eduardo Ortíz




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En los últimos años se ha producido un fuerte proceso de transferencia de competencias educativas y formativas desde la Administración General de Estado a las CCAA, que tuvo su principal exponente en 1993 en Galicia, con la cesión de la gestión de la formación profesional ocupacional. Esta situación se ha acelerado con el traspaso a Galicia de la mayor parte

Alberto Vaquero


Un gobierno alternativo en una región olvidada de Colombia: entrevista al taita Floro Alberto Tunubalái Paja, gobernador del departamento del Cauca  

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El Departamento del Cauca está situado al Sur de Colombia. En los últimos años ha ocupado el penúltimo lugar en su aporte económico al país. Lós índices de pobreza son grandes, la oferta de trabajo es baja y la desatención y disminución del Estado se acentúa, haciendo cada vez más dificil la solución de las desigualdades sociales que vive la

Diego Jaramillo Salgado




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El trabajo presenta los resultados obtenidos al estudiar el grado de desarrollo del gobierno electrónico en la provincia de La Habana, analizando la situación que presenta el Consejo de la Administración Provincial y el de seis de sus municipios. Se muestran en primer lugar los resultados del diagnóstico realizado a partir del análisis del estado de desarrollo que se presenta

Alejandro de Armas Suárez; José Raúl Rodríguez Ríos; Roberto de Armas Urquiza



El trabajo político e ideológico en la universidad cubana de hoy. El socialismo en las nuevas condiciones del siglo XXI: una opción viable  

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Un objetivo de primer orden en todos los años de Revolución ha sido lograr en los graduados universitarios la formación integral de un profesional revolucionario. Los cambios operados en la situación internacional después del derrumbe del campo socialista y la desaparición de la URSS así como el incremento de la agresividad económica e ideológica del gobierno de Estados Unidos y

Anay Pulgarón Ramos



Hacia un envejecimiento responsable: Las reformas de los sistemas pensionales América Latina  

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Durante buena parte de la era previa a la globalización, desde la década de 1860 hasta la I Guerra Mundial, Estados Unidos mantuvo aranceles sorprendentemente elevados. Los historiadores que se ocupan del tema económico actual han sugerido que el proteccionismo de EE. UU. fue producto de una `reacción violenta` contra la globalización que fue el comienzo de su fin. También

Stephen Meardon



ESTUDO DE VIABILIDADE TÉCNICO-ECONÔMICA PRELIMINAR PARA PRODUÇÃO DE CARVÃO ATIVADO NO BRASIL A PARTIR DOS RESÍDUOS DO COCO: ESTUDO COMPARATIVO DOS CENÁRIOS DE PRODUÇÃO 1 Preliminary Technological-Economic Viability Study for Activated Charcoal Production in Brazil From Residual Coconut Biomass: A Comparative Study of Two Production Scenarios  

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Resumo: O objetivo da pesquisa foi desenvolver uma rota para utilização de resíduos de coco para produção de carvão ativado com co-produção de energia, visando o máximo aproveitamento e máximo rendimento energético, com o mínimo de perdas de matéria-prima. Depois de realizadas pesquisas bibliográficas sobre o atual estado de tecnologia na produção de carvão ativado com base na biomassa residual

Brunno Henrique; Souza Santiago



Ciencia, Sociedad, Soluciones: Una Introduccion al USGS  

USGS Publications Warehouse

El USGS sirve a la nacion de los Estados Unidos proveyendo informacion fidedigna para ? Describir y comprender la Tierra; ? Minimizar la perdida de vidas y propiedades por desastres naturales; ? Manejar los recursos hidrologicos, biologicos, energeticos y minerales; y ? Mejorar y proteger nuestra calidad de vida.

Geological Survey (U.S.)




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Esta investigación describe la situación de la certificación en México en la norma ISO 9001:2000. Luego de una revisión del estado del arte, se valida un modelo que relaciona cuatro variables independientes: Evaluación de la estrategia, Motivación, Proceso de Implantación y Control estratégico y su impacto en el variable dependiente desempeño de la organización. La investigación fue aplicada en 96




Informe Anual a la Nación indica que los índices generales de cáncer siguen disminuyendo; su sección especial destaca las tendencias actuales y pronósticos del cáncer colorrectal

Los índices de casos nuevos diagnosticados y los índices de muertes de todos los tipos de cáncer combinados disminuyeron en forma considerable en el período más reciente para hombres y mujeres en general, y para la mayoría de las poblaciones raciales y étnicas de Estados Unidos, según un informe de las principales organizaciones de salud y oncológicas.


Evaluación clínica básica de la malnutrición pediátrica  

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ResumenEl examen colectivo y la evaluación del riesgo nutricional deben constituir una parte sistemática de la evaluación clínica. Los objetivos de la evaluación nutricional consisten en determinar el riesgo o la presencia de malnutrición y proporcionar normas para el tratamiento a corto y a largo plazo. El estado nutricional se evalúa por medio de un abordaje simple, principalmente clínico, basado

Corina Hartman; Raanan Shamir



Sobrevivir al cáncer: comer bien

Sobrevivir al cáncer: comer bien Por el Instituto Nacional del Cáncer Bethesda, MD. - Más de 13 millones de personas que viven en Estados Unidos han recibido un diagnóstico de cáncer. Muchas de las personas que han tenido cáncer quieren seguir una


EFECTO DEL GATUÑO SOBRE LA FERTILIDAD DEL SUELO Y LA BIOMASA HERBÁCEA EN PASTIZALES DEL CENTRO DE MÉXICO Effect of Catclaw Mimosa on Soil Fertility and Forage Yield in Rangelands in Central Mexico  

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RESUMEN El trabajo se realizó durante los años 2002 y 2003, en los estados de Aguascalientes y Jalisco, con el objetivo de evaluar el efecto del gatuño (Mimosa monancistra) en el grado de asociación de algunas variables edáficas, como pH, materia orgánica (MO), fósforo, calcio y magnesio, así como la cantidad de biomasa herbácea en tres sitios con diferente grado

Ernesto Flores; Juan Frías; Pedro Jurado; Víctor Olalde; Juan de Dios Figueroa; Arturo Valdivia; Edmundo García


Nickel in a tropical soil treated with sewage sludge and cropped with maize in a long-term field study  

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Sewage sludge produced by the SABESP wastewater treatment plant (Companhia de Saneamento Basico do Estado de Sao Paulo), located in Barueri, SP, Brazil, may contain high contents of nickel (Ni), increasing the risk of application to agricultural soils. An experiment was carried out under field conditions in Jaboticabal, SP, Brazil, with the objective of evaluating the effects on soil properties

Gabriel Mauricio; Peruca de Melo; Valeria Peruca de Melo; Paulo Donato Castellane


Evaluación y perspectivas del Código Nacional de Recursos Naturales de Colombia en sus 30 años de vigencia  

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Los artículos presentados estudian la eficacia, vigencia y perspectivas del Código Nacional de Recursos Naturales, decreto 2811 de 1974, teniendo de presente el avanzado estado de la ciencia en Colombia establecido por la Constitución del 91, y la Ley 99 de 1993; de esta manera los doctrinantes retoman la historia y las funciones del Código, la biodiversidad, la diversidad de

Autores varios


Colaboración y alianzas

La OLACPD coordinará, desarrollará y administrará programas multidisciplinarios de investigación del cáncer para América Latina en asociación con otras entidades del gobierno de los Estados Unidos y organizaciones sin fines de lucro. Fomentará convenios de colaboración con ministerios nacionales de salud, instituciones de investigación, universidades y científicos en toda América Latina.


Salud, salarios y educación  

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El objetivo de este trabajo es ampliar la evidencia sobre el efecto de la educación en la salud y los salarios. Se estima un índice sintético del estado de salud para paliar el problema de subjetividad de los indicadores de autoevaluación. Para tener en cuenta la endogeneidad entre los salarios y la salud se estima simultáneamente una ecuación de salud

Cecilia Albert; María A. Davia



Astroblema Domo de Vargeão, SC Registro de Impacto Meteorítico sobre Rochas Vulcânicas da Bacia do Paraná  

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O Domo de Vargeão é um dos raros exemplos de astroblemas em território brasileiro. Localizada na região oeste do estado de Santa Catarina, esta notável depressão circular possui aproximadamente 12 quilômetros de diâmetro e exibe desníveis abruptos de até 150 m entre suas bordas e as porções internas. A feição circular hoje existente nesse local representa o remanescente erosivo de

Alvaro Penteado Crósta; César Kazzuo-Vieira; Asit Choudhuri; Alfonso Schrank


Disponibilidade e valor nutritivo de forragem de leguminosas nativas (Adesmia DC.) e exóticas (Lotus L.)  

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RESUMO - O gênero Adesmia DC. possui 17 espécies nativas no Brasil, distribuídas nos Estados do Sul, cuja importância está vinculada a sua adaptação ao solo e clima regionais, além de ser de crescimento hibernal (temperadas). Este trabalho teve o obj etivo comparar o padrão de acúmulo de matéria seca (MS) e valor nutritivo de forragem de A. latifolia, A.

Simone Meredith Scheffer-Basso; Aino Victor Avila Jacques; Miguel Dall'Agnol; João Riboldi; Stela Maris Jesuz Castro



Vingt ans d'échanges internationaux : l'Europe sur la défensive  

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[spa] Veinte anos de intercambios internacionales. Europa a la defensiva - Las relaciones de fuerza en el seno de la economia mundial se modificaron profundamente en el transcurso de los últimos veinte años. Para describir el estado en el que se encuentra el « campo de batalla », se pueden distinguir once sectores de actividades : los sectores dominados por

Gérard Lafay; Colette Herzog



Vegetais fósseis do Terciário brasileiro  

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A bacia de Fonseca, situada na região do Quadrilátero Ferrífero, no estado de Minas Gerais, sudeste do Brasil, constitui um clássico exemplo de sedimentos terciários, tendo despertado o interesse de vários pesquisadores, desde a segunda metade do século passado, por conter depósitos de \\

Claudio Limeira Mello; Lílian Paglarelli Bergqvist; Lucy Gomes Sant


habitat de Nocardia asteroides, Phialophora pedrosoi y Cryptococcus neoformans en Venezuela  

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Resumen Se estudiaron 336 muestras de tierra, madera y plantas provenientes de diferentes zonas del Edo. Mérida\\/Venezuela y Estados vecinos. Fueron inoculados cobayos y hamsters intratesticularmente y ratones por via endovenosa. Testículos y pulmones respectivamente fueron examinados por medio de cultivos e histológicamente.

K. Salfelder; J. Schwarz; A. Romero; T. R. de Liscano; Z. P. Zambrano; I. P. Diaz




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Con este trabajo pretendemos acercarnos al Carnaval de Andalucía occidental a partir de su recuperación durante la Transición y los gobiernos socialistas en la década de los años ochenta del pasado siglo XX. Este proceso tuvo lugar en un marco de participación ciudadana, modernización económica, estado del bienestar, constitución de las comunidades autónomas, sociedad del espectáculo y del entretenimiento, y

Francisco José García Gallardo



Rickettsial infection in capybaras (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) from São Paulo, Brazil: serological evidence for infection by Rickettsia bellii and Rickettsia parkeri  

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Introducción. En Brasil, los capibaras (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) son importantes huéspedes para garrapatas del género Amblyomma, las cuales transmiten rickettsiosis a humanos y animales. Por lo tanto, estos roedores pueden ser potenciales centinelas para detectar infección por rickettsia. Objetivos. Este trabajo evaluó la infección por rickettsia en capibaras de diferentes regiones del estado de São Paulo, donde las rickettsiosis nunca han

Richard C. Pacheco; Mauricio C. Horta; Jonas Moraes-Filho; Alexandre C. Ataliba; Adriano Pinter; Marcelo B. Labruna



La democracia constitucional en América Latina y las evoluciones recientes del presidencialismo. Memorias Encuentro del Instituto Iberoamericano de Derecho Constitucional  

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Siempre será oportuno reflexionar sobre la democracia, su contenido, sus desafíos, su presente y su futuro, las transformaciones y percepciones que de ella se tienen. No son pocas las preocupaciones o inquietudes que la democracia suscita en esta parte del mundo, y muestra de ello son los más variados estudios e informes sobre el estado actual de la democracia y

Pedro Pablo Vanegas


Do lar para as ruas: capitalismo, trabalho e feminismo  

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Neste artigo, busca-se discutir as influências sociais, culturais e econômicas que contribuíram para a formulação de um discurso e práticas coletivas feministas 1 . Com efeito, esse discurso passou a se manifestar na Europa e nos Estados Unidos ainda no século XIX, sendo que, no caso do Brasil, o mesmo fenômeno ocorreu nas últimas décadas deste e nos primórdios do

Natalia Pietra Méndez



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RESUMO: O presente trabalho tem a finalidade de discutir a questão da cidadania no contexto de gênero no feminino, diante do Estado e de uma sociedade que têm como princípios um viés masculino, que implica múltiplas exclusões além do privado - como excluir as mulheres dos aspectos políticos, sociais e econômicos - , limitações e privações políticas, econômicas e sociais.

Walfrido Nunes de Menezes


Qualidade e Marketing: Uma Análise da Imagem do Barreado na Sustentabilidade do Destino Turístico de Morretes - PR 1  

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RESUMO O presente artigo busca discutir aspectos sobre a alimentação tradicional e a atividade turística enfocando aspectos de qualidade em produtos, serviços e a sustentabilidade do local A discussão baseia-se em estudo exploratório e reflexão sobre o prato típico do Estado do Paraná, o Barreado, analisando as características como se apresenta ao consumidor, as responsabilidades de empresas e envolvidos no

Simone Eloísa


Tipos de cáncer

Información acerca de los tipos de cáncer más comunes en la población general e hispana en los Estados Unidos. También se incluyen listas separadas de los tipos comunes de cáncer en mujeres y niños, así como listas de todos los tipos de cáncer, en orden alfabético o en categorías según su ubicación en el cuerpo humano.



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Resumen. En este trabajo se analiza el efecto ejercido por tres tipos de recubrimientos superficiales sobre las prestaciones frente al desgaste y la fatiga de una aleación de aluminio 7075, en estado T6, solubilización y maduración al pico de máxima resistencia. Los recubrimientos analizados fueron la deposición mediante la técnica de PVD de una capa de bisulfuro de molibdeno dopada

D. González; M. Brizuela; G. Atxaga; A. M. Irisarri; B. Zamorano


Los índices de mortalidad por cáncer de pulmón siguen bajando y contribuyen a reducción de índices generales de muertes por cáncer; Informe Anual a la Nación tiene una sección especial de los efectos de otras enfermedades en la supervivencia de pacientes

El Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer (1975 a 2010), mostró un descenso más acelerado que en años anteriores de los índices de mortalidad por cáncer de pulmón. También contiene una sección especial que destaca los efectos significativos que tienen otras enfermedades en la supervivencia de pacientes con cáncer.


Colombia: Los problemas de competitividad de un país en conflicto  

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La persistencia del conflicto interno en Colombia inhibe todos los elementos principales que contribuyen a la determinación de la competitividad de la economía nacional, que son los siguientes: (i) el monto de sus recursos productivos; (ii) la calidad y productividad de los mismos; (iii) la eficiencia con que operan sus mercados; (iv) el estado de su infraestructura; (v) la capacidad

Alberto Melo




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Resumen En este capítulo mostraremos que, tanto el clima mediterráneo como la estructura y funcionamiento de los ecosistemas mediterráneos, han estado en constante cambio durante los últimos millones de años. Veremos la importancia de incluir la interven- ción humana para comprender los procesos que han dado lugar a los ecosistemas que ahora tenemos. Repasaremos las principales amenazas actuales que se





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Con la finalidad de abordar y analizar los elementos que sustentan la necesidad de integrar la dimensión ambiental al proceso de desarrollo de las competencias laborales, se valora la relación de la especie humana con el medio ambiente a escala mundial, su estado y propósito en Cuba, abordándose la necesidad de desarrollar el Capital Humano dentro de la cultura ambiental

Ana Victoria Nápoles Villa; Clara Marrero Fornaris



Gestión ambiental de la vitivinicultura: aplicación del cuadro de mando  

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Resumen La vitivinicultura es una de las principales industrias de San Juan, Argentina. En esta provincia existen más de 266 bodegas. Actualmente, existe mayor conciencia, por parte del consumidor, del proceso de elaboración de un producto, desde el punto de vista medioambiental, sobre todo en países como Estados Unidos y el Reino Unido, los cuales son los principales países importadores

Rosa Ana Rodríguez; Gustavo R. Traconis



Visión de un científico oncólogo que aplica la investigación a la salud humana a través de las fronteras

El doctor Jorge Gómez es el asesor principal del Centro para la Salud Mundial del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer. Dirige la Red de Investigación del Cáncer de los Estados Unidos y América Latina, la cual está realizando un estudio internacional de los factores de riesgo del cáncer de mama y características en las mujeres de América Latina.


Investigaciones de Economía de la Educación 5  

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El estudio de los mercados laborales en espacios inferiores al estatal, es una cuestión que reclama una atención creciente en la medida que, cada vez es más frecuente que esos submercados de empleo inferiores en clave territorial, adopten medidas o presente características que afecten a otros submercados laborales del mismo o incluso de otro Estado. Reflejo ello de como la

Manuel Octavio del Campo Villares; José Venancio Salcines Cristal


Un estudio exploratorio sobre el desarrollo de creencias sobre síntomas como señales de hipertensión arterial  

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Aunque la hipertensión arterial es un trastorno asintomático, muchos pacientes hipertensos están con- vencidos de experimentar síntomas indicadores de los cambios en su tensión arterial (TA), y los con- sejos y prescripciones médicas pueden verse afectados por estas creencias. Diversos estudios han mos- trado que los pacientes hipertensos usan con frecuencia síntomas como indicadores del estado de su tensión arterial

Genoveva Granados Gámez; Jesús Gil Roales-Nieto; José Luis; Ybarra Sagarduy



¡Agua Cambiante!  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

En esta actividad, los aprendices experimentarán con las tres fases del agua. Intentarán controlar la rapidez de los cambios de estado al manipular la temperatura y la presión del agua, hielo, y gas.

Science, Lawrence H.



Building Intercultural Competence through Intercultural Competency Certification of Undergraduate Students  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The Intercultural Competency Certificate (CCI in Spanish) designed for the Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP University) is a theory based comprehensive plan to develop undergraduate students' intercultural competence. This Certificate is based in the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity (DMIS) developed by…

Janeiro, Maria G. Fabregas; Fabre, Ricardo Lopez; Nuno de la Parra, Jose Pablo



Qual o significado do trabalho para as pessoas com e sem deficiência física?1  

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Resumo Este estudo classificou aspectos positivos e negativos associados ao trabalho por 27 trabalhadores com deficiência física (TDF) em comparação com outros 27 sem deficiência (TND). Os grupos foram emparelhados em sexo, idade, estado civil, nível econômico e função. Os instrumentos utilizados foram: Critério de Classificação Econômica Brasil e Questionário sobre Aspectos do Trabalho. As respostas foram analisadas qualitativa e

Camila de Sousa Pereira; Zilda Aparecida; Pereira Del Prette



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Os Estados-membros do Mercosul ratificam, ao longo do século passado, os principais Convênios da Organização Internacional do Trabalho (OIT), referentes às normas trabalhistas; direitos sociais do trabalho; direitos fundamentais no trabalho; e políticas de emprego e de mercado de trabalho. Dessa maneira, as políticas ativas de mercado de trabalho, postas em prática pelos quatro países da região, vêm acompanhando as

Maria Cristina Cacciamali



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Introdução O turismo tem crescido em ritmo intenso em todo o Brasil. No litoral norte de São Paulo, em virtude, principalmente, da proximidade com a capital do estado - maior fluxo emissivo de turistas - esse crescimento é bastante acentuado. Ilhabela detém belezas naturais e cenários geográficos que estimulam os turistas e veranistas a escolherem esse destino para suas férias

Claudia Maria Astorino


Algunos Resumenes  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

La agenda comienza con un resumen de parte dei Director General: estado de los proyectos de telescopios mas importantes, instrumentaci6n futura y otros asuntos. Luego el Director en Chile y el Jefe de TRS describen las condiciones presentes en que se encuentran los instrumentos, los problemas que han surgido y aquellos que se esperan. Luego estos puntos son disculidos por el Comite.




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Este artículo de revisión bibliográfica busca identificar el estado del arte y la utilización de las Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicación (TIC) en la gestión de almacenes y su aplicación en la industria colombiana. A partir de la revisión realizada, se identifica que las tecnologías aplicadas a la gestión de almacenes contribuyen a la simplificación de las operaciones, reducción




MRSA Pediatric clone expressing ermC plus lnuA genes causing nosocomial transmission and healthcare workers colonization in a neonatal intensive care unit.  


Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a major cause of both nosocomial and community-acquired infections. We describe an outbreak caused by the MRSA Pediatric clone expressing an unusual lincosamide resistant phenotype. Between January and May 2006, an MRSA outbreak was detected at the Neonatal Unit of Hospital Interzonal General de Agudos "Evita", Buenos Aires Province, Argentina that affected ten patients. Seven isolates from seven patients plus five MRSA recovered from health care workers (nasal carriage) were studied. Two phenotypes were observed: (i) ELCi (10), resistance to erythromycin and lincomycin and inducible resistance to clindamycin; (ii) ELiCi (2), resistance to erythromycin and inducible resistance to lincomycin and clindamycin. All 12 MRSA were resistant to oxacillin, erythromycin and gentamicin. Isolates expressing the ELCi-phenotype showed lincomycin MIC values between 16 and 32mg/L, while the remaining 2 isolates with ELiCi-phenotype presented a MIC value of 0.5mg/L. No differences were observed between the clindamycin MIC values in both phenotypes, ranging 0.25-0.5mg/L. Isolates showing ELCi-phenotype harbored ermC plus lnuA genes, and the other two only ermC gene. All 12 isolates were genetically related and belonged to the Pediatric clone (ST100) harboring a new variant of SCCmecIV. This is the first MRSA outbreak expressing an unusual ELCi phenotype due to a combination of ermC plus lnuA genes. PMID:24747609

Faccone, Diego; Togneri, Ana M; Podesta, Laura; Perez, Marcela; Gagetti, Paula; Sanchez, Susana; Romero, Graciela; Corso, Alejandra



Respostas religiosas ? aids no Brasil: impress?es de pesquisa1  

PubMed Central

Resumo O texto encontra-se estruturado em quatro partes. Na primeira delas, apresentamos um conjunto de considerações e informações acerca da situação da aids no Brasil, das relações entre religião, sexualidade, aids e estado laico, bem como uma descrição mais clara do Projeto Respostas Religiosas ao HIV/Aids no Brasil, do qual este texto apresenta algumas impressões de pesquisa preliminares. A seguir, dedicamos um item a apresentação da Pastoral de DST/Aids, sua história, estrutura e objetivos. No item seguinte problematizamos diversas questões em particular no âmbito das relações Estado e Igreja, relações entre agentes de pastoral e hierarquia da Igreja, e questões ligadas mais diretamente à sexualidade e aids, todas referenciadas ao trabalho da Pastoral de DST/Aids. Ao final, apresentamos a bibliografia e fontes consultadas.

Seffner, Fernando; da Silva, Cristiane Goncalves Meireles; Maksud, Ivia; Garcia, Jonathan; Rios, Luis Felipe; Natividade, Marcelo; Borges, Priscila Rodrigues; Parker, Richard; Terto, Veriano



Respostas religiosas ? aids no Brasil: impress?es de pesquisa acerca da Pastoral de DST/Aids da Igreja Cat?lica1  

PubMed Central

O texto encontra-se estruturado em quatro partes. Na primeira delas, apresentamos um conjunto de considerações e informações acerca da situação da aids no Brasil, das relações entre religião, sexualidade, aids e estado laico, bem como uma descrição mais clara do Projeto Respostas Religiosas ao HIV/Aids no Brasil, do qual este texto apresenta algumas impressões de pesquisa preliminares. A seguir, dedicamos um item a apresentação da Pastoral de DST/Aids, sua história, estrutura e objetivos. No item seguinte problematizamos diversas questões em particular no âmbito das relações Estado e Igreja, relações entre agentes de pastoral e hierarquia da Igreja, e questões ligadas mais diretamente à sexualidade e aids, todas referenciadas ao trabalho da Pastoral de DST/Aids. Ao final, apresentamos a bibliografia e fontes consultadas.

Seffner, Fernando; Silva, Cristiane Goncalves Meireles da; Maksud, Ivia; Garcia, Jonathan; Rios, Luis Felipe; Natividade, Marcelo; Borges, Priscila Rodrigues; Parker, Richard; Terto, Veriano



Avaliação das áreas verdes em espaços públicos no município de Guarapuava\\/PR  

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Apresenta-se neste artigo uma proposta metodológica para se avaliar o desempenho das áreas verdes públicas do Município de Guarapuava\\/PR, mais especificamente sua arborização de acompanhamento viário de sua área central. Guarapuava é uma cidade que conta com aproximadamente 160 mil habitantes, situada na região centro-sul do Estado. A proposta metodológica que ora se apresenta, aplicada em parcela do município, foi

Carlos Roberto Loboda; Bruno Luiz Domingos de Angelis; Generoso de Angelis Neto; Eraldo Schunk da Silva



Social And Economic Correlates Of Induced Abortion In Santiago, Chile  

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\\u000a Resumen  Desde 1962, se ha estado desarrollando un proyecto de investigación para estudiar el problema del aborto inducido y la planificación\\u000a de la familia en una de las cinco Areas en las cuales el Servicio Nacional de Salud divide la ciudad de Santiago. El proyecto\\u000a se dividió en un Estudio Piloto, que tenia por objetivoobtenerinformación sobre la incidencia del aborto inducido,

Requena B. Mariano




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Se evaluaron 51 especies de plantas del estado de Oaxaca, México; 39 como extractos acuosos al 5 y 15% y 21 al 25%, y como extractos acetónicos tres especies con cinco dosis (0.1, 0.01, 0.001, 0.0001 y 0.00001%). Además de ocho aceites vegetales a tres dosis (0.1, 0.01 y 0.001%) y 11 esencias vegetales comerciales con cuatro dosis (0.1, 0.01,



Formación y evolución de planetas gigantes  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Presentamos el estado actual del trabajo que estamos realizando en el estudio de la formación de planetas gigantes. Detallamos los algoritmos numéricos necesarios para realizar este tipo de cálculo. Presentamos algunos resultados de la formación de objetos con masas de hasta una docena de veces la del planeta Júpiter, resaltando las principales caracteríticas. Finalmente detallamos los problemas que pensamos abordar en un futuro cercano en este tema de investigación.

Benvenuto, O. G.; Brunini, A.


Situación actual del Entorno Logístico Español y Análisis de Brechas  

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Se describe un proyecto de logística financiado por el gobierno español con el objetivo de proponer medios para la mejora de la logística de la competitividad. Una parte clave del proyecto era evaluar el estado actual de la logística y las prácticas de la cadena de suministro en el país, y comparar éstas con las mejores prácticas globales. Tras las




Juegos estocasticos continuos: Valor y estrategias optimas  

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Resumen  El objeto de este trabajo es analizar los juegos estocásticos cuyo espacio de estados y de acciones son métricos compactos,\\u000a con adecuadas condiciones de continuidad acerca de las funciones de pago y de transición. Tras describir el modelo e introducir\\u000a las hipótesis de continuidad, se trata el problema con horizonte finito, a fin de probar que existe valor y estrategias

M. Angeles Muruaga; R. Vélez Uned



El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) anuncia su nueva política de reuniones libres de humo de tabaco para abordar peligros graves de salud pública

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI), que forma parte de los Institutos Nacionales de la Salud, anunció hoy una nueva política que requiere que todas las reuniones y conferencias organizadas o financiadas principalmente por el NCI se lleven a cabo en un estado, condado, ciudad o pueblo que haya adoptado una política integral de ambientes libres de humo de tabaco, a menos que circunstancias especificas justifiquen la exención.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 07-20-2010

El doctor Harold Varmus, acompañado de su esposa Constance Casey (centro), presta juramento como director del NCI ante la Secretaria del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos, Kathleen Sebelius, el lunes 12 de julio. (Foto cortesía de Chris Smith) El 12 de julio, el doctor Harold Varmus prestó juramento ante la Secretaria del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos de los Estados Unidos, Kathleen Sebelios, como el decimocuarto director del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer.


EQUAÇÕES DE VOLUME PARA A FLORESTA NACIONAL DO TAPAJÓS (Volume equations for the Tapajós National Forest)  

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Com o objetivo de atender a demanda de informações acerca de relações quantitativas para a Floresta Nacional do Tapajós, Estado do Pará, selecionaram-se equações de volume para andiroba (Carapa guianensis), abiurana (diversos gêneros), jutaí-açu (Hymenaea courbaril), jarana (Holopyxidium jarana), ucuuba- da-terra-firme (Virola sp), taxi-vermelho (Sclerolobium chrysophyllum), maçaranduba (Manilkara huberi), além de equações abrangentes, para qualquer espécie. Testaram-se 16 equações, nove

José Natalino Macedo Silva


ExposiÁªo humana ao metilmercœrio em comunidades ribeirinhas da Regiªo do TapajÛs, ParÆ, Brasil Methylmercury human exposure in riverine villages of Tapajos basin, ParÆ State, Brazil  

Microsoft Academic Search

1 Resumo Avaliou-se a exposição humana ao metilmercúrio e ao mercúrio total em comunidades ribeirinhas do rio Tapajós e da região metropolitana de Belém, no Estado do Pará, Brasil, através da determinação de mercúrio total e metilmercúrio em amostras de cabelo nos anos de 1994 e 1995. Observou-se que as concentrações médias de mercúrio total variaram de 2 ± 1µg\\/g-1

Maria da Conceição; Nascimento Pinheiro; Junko Nakanishi; Manoel Quaresma; Bernardo Cardoso; Walter W. Amoras; Masazume Harada; Carlos Magno; Luis F. Vieira; Marilia Brasil Xavier; Denise R. Bacelar


Resultados comparativos de la reaccion intradermica a la tuberculina - histoplasmina- coccidioidina en Tuberculosos  

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Resumen  Se estudiaron los resultados comparativos de las reacciones intradérmicas a la Tuberculina, Histoplasmina y Coccidioidina,\\u000a practicadas simultáneamente a 644 enfermos tuberculosos hospitalizados en los Sanatorios „Simón Bolívar“, „Andrés Herrera\\u000a Vegas“, „Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi“ y „Padre Cabrera“, población representativa del aislamiento hospitalario para esta enfermedad\\u000a en el Distrito Federal y Estado Miranda, sin hacer distinción de la clase de tuberculosis

Rafael Fernández Ruiz; Juan Delgado Blanco; Alexis Ilukevich



A new estimate of the negro population and negro vital rates in the united states, 1930–60  

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\\u000a Resumen  El análisis demogárafico de la población negra de los Estados Unidos se ha dificultado debido a que las estadísticas censales\\u000a y vitales se conocen como incompletas y sesgadas. Como resultado de un alfabetismo creciente, mayor bienestar económico y\\u000a una calidad mejor del trabajo de campo del censo con respecto a la población negra, el recuento del Censo de 1960 parece

Donald J. Bogue; Bhaskar D. Misra; D. P. Dandekar



Criptococosis en Venezuela  

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Resumen  En Venezuela se han diagnosticado 24 casos de Criptococosis de los cuales 21 han muerto por Meningo-encefalitis; los tres\\u000a restantes presentaron formas circunscritas pulmonares que fueron tratadas por lobectomía (2 viven en aparente buen estado\\u000a de salud después de varios años de la resección y el tercero murió por causas differentes a esta enfermedad).\\u000a \\u000a Entre esta estadística hay dos niños

Alberto Angulo-Ortega; César Rodríguez; Gustavo García Galindo



Exportaciones del Sector Maderas y Papeles No Tradicional  

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fueron México (23.0% % de participación), Estados Unidos (15.4%), China (15.1%), Venezuela (8.2%) y Ecuador (8.1%). En conjunto estos cinco países concentraron el 66.8.0% del total de exportaciones del sector. Las ventas hacia los mercados de México, China, Ecuador y Venezuela, fueron superiores a las registradas en el mismo periodo del 2007, creciendo durante los primeros seis meses del año

Millones FOB


Palaeolimnology of the Upper Lerma Basin, Central Mexico: a record of climatic change and anthropogenic disturbance since 11 600 yr BP  

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The Upper Río Lerma valley, Estado de México, is a high-altitude (2575 m a.s.l.) basin floored by Quaternary alluvial, lacustrine and pyroclastic deposits. Two pits were dug in the swampy bed of the recently drained L. Chiconahuapan. Ten 14C dates have been obtained from these profiles, which consist of diatomaceous organic lake muds and peats with intercalated tephras. The oldest

Sarah E. Metcalfe; R. Alan Perrott; Douglas D. Harkness




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RESUMO - Foi avaliada a ocorrŒncia e a distribuiÁªo de espØcies de fungos micorrÌzicos arbusculares (FMAs) e Acetobacter diazotrophicus em plantios de cana-de-aÁœcar em diferentes tipos de manejo nos Estados do Rio de Janeiro e Pernambuco. Foram feitas 35 coletas de amostras de solo da rizosfera e de raÌzes de 14 variedades de cana-de-aÁœcar para extraÁªo de esporos e isolamento



Caracterização física e química de frutos de três tipos de gravioleira (Annona muricata L.)  

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RESUMO - Frutos de gravioleira dos tipos 'Morada', 'Lisa' e 'Comum', produzidos na região Sul do Estado da Bahia, foram avaliados quanto às características físicas e químicas. Com relação às características físicas, não foram detectadas diferenças de peso entre os tipos Morada (3,21kg), Lisa (2,82kg) e Comum (2,39kg). Os frutos do tipo 'Lisa' apresentaram maior rendimento de polpa (85,85%) em

Célio Kersul do Sacramento; José Cláudio Faria; Fábio Lopes da Cruz; Waldemar de Sousa Barretto; José Walter Gaspar; José Basilio Vieira Leite



Cálculo de una losa de pavimento apoyada en toda su extensión sobre una base granular con carga de esquina  

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Se desarrolla el cálculo de un losa firme de hormigón apoyada sobre una base granular de módulo de reacción ?.\\u000aEl método ideado para este cálculo se basa en suponer las ecuaciones dadas por la elasticidad, válidas a cierta\\u000adistancia de los puntos de aplicación de las cargas (hipótesis de Saint-Venant), considerando un estado de\\u000adeformación cilíndrica. Para aplicar dichas

Javier Jenaro Mac-Lennan



Effect of nitrate concentration on growth and pigment synthesis of Dunaliella salina cultivated under low illumination and preadapted to different salinities  

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A wild strain of Dunaliella salina was isolated from a solar evaporation salt-pond in Araya (Estado Sucre, Venezuela) and\\u000a grown in batch culture using relatively low illumination (80 ?mol photon m-2 s-1). After the alga had been adapted to various\\u000a salinities (9, 14, 21% w\\/v NaCl), the influence of nitrate concentration (882, 435, 212 ?mol L-1 N) on growth rate

Nellis Marín; Francisco Morales; César Lodeiros; Eric Tamigneaux



A quantitative study of the determinants of fertility behavior  

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\\u000a Resumen  En los últimos años la literatura revela un gran interés en el estudio cuantitativo de los determinantes de la fecundidad.\\u000a Becker presenta bastantes evidencias en un invalorable marco teórico. Mincer provee evidencias e ideas adicionales. Silver\\u000a ha estudiado la respuesta de las tasas de natalidad a los ciclos económicos, para diferentes paises y varios grupos de población\\u000a en Estados Unidos.

Stanley Friedlander; Morris Silver



Recent changes in Negro fertility  

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\\u000a Resumen  Las ratas crudas de natalidad para la población negra en los Estados Unidos, indican que la fertilidad decreció mientras los\\u000a Negros permanecieron en el Sur y se incremento en los Ultimos 20 años, cuando ellos comenzaron a urbanizarse. Las ratas por\\u000a cohortes, muestran mas exactamente los efectos de la Depresión sobre los embarazos como tambien la magnitud y persistencia\\u000a del

Reynolds Farley




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O sistema de duração da jornada laboral foi objeto de preocupação do legislador Constituinte nos incisos XIII a XVII do art. 7º, sendo complementado pelos comandos dispostos no art. 57 e seguintes da Consolidação das Leis Trabalhistas. Pretende-se, nessa pequena investigação, discorrer inicialmente sobre a evolução histórica da jornada de trabalho e sua regulamentação pelos Estados Modernos, incluindo-se o Brasil.

Marcelo Nunes Apolinário



Mercado de Trabalho Assalariado na Cana-de-Açúcar: uma Análise das Regiões Tradicionais no Período 1992-2006  

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O estudo analisou a evolução de alguns indicadores da qualidade do emprego agrícola direto na cultura da cana-de-açúcar no período 1992-2006, com foco nas áreas tradicionais de produção, ou seja, região Nordeste e Estado de São Paulo. Para a análise foi construído um Índice de Qualidade do Emprego (IQE), elaborado a partir de um conjunto de 14 indicadores, agregados em

Otavio Valentim Balsadi; Eliane Goncalves Gomes




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O objetivo deste trabalho foi verificar a concentração na agroindústria canavieira do Estado de Minas Gerais pós-desregulamentação setorial. Os resultados (obtidos via CR4 e CR8, índices de Hirschmann-Herfindahl, de Rosenbluth e entropia) apontaram para um aumento da concentração da produção de cana. Este aumento da concentração, dado principalmente mediante crescimento das empresas de grande porte, justifica-se pela reestruturação do setor

Amarildo Hersen; Pery Francisco Assis Shikida; Vanessa de Souza Dahmer; Marcia Janaina Snoz



The Effect of Vibratory Acoustic Stimulation on Fetal Middle Cerebral Artery Impedance and Instantaneous Fetal Heart Rate: 1. A Transversal Study on Fetuses with 35 to 41 Weeks of Gestational Age  

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Objetivos: estudar, em fetos hígidos, quais são as respostas da freqüência cardíaca fetal basal e da resistência na artéria cerebral média à estimulação vibro-acústica padronizada. Métodos: em estado comportamental de hipo ou de inatividade fetal (apnéia e ausência de movimentos corpóreos), mediu-se o índice de pulsatilidade (IP) da artéria cerebral média (ACM), bem como calculou-se a freqüência cardíaca fetal basal

Ivo Behle; Lucas Paccini Teixeira; Mila Pontremoli; Carla Bittencourt Rynkowski; Paulo Zielinsky


Neurobiolog?a de la impulsividad y los trastornos de la conducta alimentaria*  

PubMed Central

Resumen Introducción La impulsividad es un rasgo de personalidad multidimensional relacionado con el control del comportamiento y las emociones. Está presente de manera diversa en los trastornos de la conducta alimentaria, particularmente, en la bulimia nerviosa (BN). Aunque la relación entre la impulsividad y BN ha sido objeto de numerosas investigaciones, en la actualidad se desconocen los sustratos neurobiológicos de esta relación. Objetivos Discutir críticamente la evidencia que sugiere que las alteraciones en los sistemas neuronales relacio-nados con las funciones ejecutivas, con la formación de preferencias y con la regulación de los estados emocionales sirven como base para el rasgo de personalidad impulsiva, así como su estado en subgrupos de pacientes con BN. Métodos Búsqueda selectiva de la literatura relevante. Resultados y conclusiones Esta discusión ilustra la complejidad de la relación entre la impulsividad y BN, donde la impulsividad actúa como un factor de vulnerabilidad que puede sensibilizar al sujeto con BN a estados emocionales negativos, durante los cuales modifica el impacto de estímulos internos y externos sobre el comportamiento y su regulación, favoreciendo así patrones de comportamiento maladaptativos e inflexibles.

Orozco-Cabal, Luis Felipe; Herin, David



Contamination in mafic mineral-rich calc-alkaline granites: a geochemical and Sr-Nd isotope study of the Neoproterozoic Piedade Granite, SE Brazil.  


The Piedade Granite (approximately 600 Ma) was emplaced shortly after the main phase of granite magmatism in the Agudos Grandes batholith, Apiaí-Guaxupé Terrane, SE Brazil. Its main units are: mafic mineral-rich porphyritic granites forming the border (peraluminous muscovite-biotite granodiorite-monzogranite MBmg unit) and core (metaluminous titanite-bearing biotite monzogranite BmgT unit) and felsic pink inequigranular granite (Bmg unit) between them. Bmg has high LaN/YbN (up to 100), Th/U (> 10) and low Rb, Nb and Ta, and can be a crustal melt derived from deep-seated sources with residual garnet and biotite. The core BmgT unit derived from oxidized magmas with high Mg# (approximately 45), Ba and Sr, fractionated REE patterns (LaN/YbN = 45), 87Sr/86Sr(t) approximately 0.710, epsilonNd(t) approximately -12 to -14, interpreted as being high-K calc-alkaline magmas contaminated with metasedimentary rocks that had upper-crust signature (high U, Cs, Ta). The mafic-rich peraluminous granites show a more evolved isotope signature (87Sr/86Sr(t) = 0.713-0.714; epsilonNd(t) = -14 to -16), similar to Bmg, and Mg# and incompatible trace-element concentrations intermediate between Bmg and BmgT. A model is presented in whichMBmgis envisaged as the product of contamination between a mafic mineral-rich magma consanguineous with BmgT and pure crustal melts akin to Bmg. PMID:16710571

Leite, Renato J; Janasi, Valdecir A; Martins, Lucelene



Modelización de escenarios de cambio potencial en la vegetación y el uso de suelo en la Sierra Madre Oriental de San Luis Potosí, México  

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ResumenResumen Se realizó la modelación de la dinámica de cambio en el uso de suelo y la vegetación en la región de la Sierra Madre Oriental del estado de San Luis Potosí, considerado un sitio de importancia para la conservación en México por su alta biodiversidad. Para determinar la variación espacial se analizaron imágenes de satélite en un período de

Francisco Javier Sahagún-Sánchez; José Luis Flores Flores; Leonardo Chapa Vargas; Humberto Reyes-Hernández



Modelización de escenarios de cambio potencial en la vegetación y el uso de suelo en la Sierra Madre Oriental de San Luis Potosí, México  

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Resumen:Se realizó la modelación de la dinámica de cambio en el uso de suelo y la vegetación en la región de la Sierra Madre Oriental del estado de San Luis Potosí, considerado un sitio de importancia para la conservación en México por su alta biodiversidad. Para determinar la variación espacial se analizaron imágenes de satélite en un período de 16

Francisco Javier Sahagún-Sánchez; José Luis Flores Flores; Leonardo Chapa Vargas; Humberto Reyes-Hernández



Implementation of Barcelona, L'estartit and Ibiza Sites for Altimeter Calibration  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A marine campaign to compute the sea surface data along the Spanish Mediterranean coastline and Balearic Islands is being prepared for 2013. Jason-2 (period ~10 days) and Saral/AltiKa (period of 35 days and expected launch in 2012) altimetric data and on-board GPS data will be used. Many GPS Buoy sessions along the ship route will be performed.Sea height estimates (instantaneous and mean sea levels) will be compared. Recently some geodetic improvements has been made in specific coastal spanish sites in the NW Mediterranean Sea for monitoring sea level. The goal is to maintain and improve the quality of the observation of the sea level change in the three sites. The information is coming from Puertos del Estado L'Estartit tide gauge has been co-located with geodetic techniques (GPS measurements of XU, Utilitary Network, and XdA, Levelling Network,) and it is tied to the SPGIC (Integrated Geodetic Positioning System of Catalonia) project of the Cartographic Institute of Catalunya (ICC). In the past three calibration campaigns for Topex/Poseidon and Jason-1 in March 1999, August 2000 and July 2002 near Cape of Begur. At Barcelona harbour there is one MIROS radar tide gauge belonging to Puertos del Estado (Spanish Harbours).The radar sensor is over the water surface, on a L-shaped structure which elevates it a few meters above the quay shelf. 1-min data are transmitted to the ENAGAS Control Center by cable and then sent each 1 min to Puertos del Estado by e-mail. The information includes wave forescast (mean period, significant wave height, sea level, etc.This sensor also measures agitation and sends wave parameters each 20 min. There is a GPS station Leica Geosystems GRX1200 GG Pro and antenna 1202. Bathymetric campaigns inside the harbour have been made. At Ibiza site new measurements and levelling between the GPS reference station and a Radar MIROS, both from Puertos del Estado, has been made recently. A calibration campaign for Jason-1 was made in June 2003 in the Ibiza area, main calibration site. The presentation is directed to the description of the actual situation of the geodetic infrastructure of Barcelona, l'Estartit sites for sea level determination and complementing Ibiza site for a new altimeter calibration campaign of Jason-2 and Saral/AltiKa satellites to be made in 2013. Specifications of the new marine calibration campaign will be presented.

Martinez-Benjamin, J. J.; Gili, J.; Lopez, R.; Tapia, A.; Bosch, E.; Perez, B.; Pros, F.



Información sobre el cáncer para hispanos y latinos

Cada vez más estadounidenses sobreviven al cáncer y continúan llevando vidas productivas. Sin embargo, muchos hispanos y latinos en los Estados Unidos no han escuchado este mensaje, y no se han beneficiado de los adelantos en los campos de la detección temprana y el tratamiento. El nuevo sitio web del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer,, lanzado el día 2 de abril de 2007, comunica enérgicamente el mensaje de que el cáncer puede prevenirse y tratarse, y ofrece, además, información sobre todos los aspectos de la enfermedad.


Estudio de terapias dirigidas para el cáncer de seno estableció un modelo de estudios clínicos a nivel mundial

Dos medicamentos de acción dirigida, diseñados para tratar una forma agresiva de cáncer de seno (mama), se pusieron a prueba en un estudio que incluyó a 8 000 participantes en 44 países. Si bien la finalidad del estudio fue ayudar a que los investigadores determinaran si el tratamiento combinado con trastuzumab y lapatinib para el tratamiento del cáncer de seno HER2 positivo en estado inicial era mejor que la terapia solo con trastuzumab, los resultados del estudio no indicaron que existan ventajas para las mujeres al recibir la combinación de fármacos de trastuzumab o lapatinib.


Factores predictores de conductas promotoras de salud en mujeres peri- post-menopáusicas de Cali, Colombia  

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(64.3%), relaciones interpersonales (60.7%), manejo del estrés (57.9%), nutrición (57.3%), responsabilidad en salud (54.9%) y la más baja fue actividad física (49%). El modelo de regresión múltiple, mostró 7 factores que predijeron 37.1% de la variabilidad en las CPS: percepción del estado de salud (R 2 =21%, p<0.0001); auto-eficacia (R 2 =20.5%, p<0.0001); educación formal (R 2 =8.3%, p<0.0001); autonomía




QuAlIdAde de VIdA e NÍVel de AtIVIdAde FÍSIcA de PAcIeNteS em FASe AmBulAtoRIAl dA ReABIlItAção cARdÍAcA  

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oRIgINAl físico (LAF): 100,0 (0,0 - 100,0); dor: 84,0 (10,0 - 100,0); estado geral de saúde: 74,5 (22,0 - 100,0); vitalidade: 80,0 (25,0 - 100,0); aspectos sociais: 87,5 (25,0 - 100,0); aspectos emocionais (AE): 100,0 (0,0 - 100,0) e saúde mental: 82,0 (40,0 - 100,0). Observou-se correlação entre tempo de RC e os domínios LAF (rs=0,46; p<0,01) e vitalidade (rs=0,35;

Educação Física


El cáncer de pulmón y los hispanos: esta es la realidad

Primero, las buenas noticias: el número de casos de cáncer de pulmón diagnosticados entre hispanos es cerca de la mitad del número de casos diagnosticados entre blancos no hispanos en Estados Unidos. Y, del 2000 al 2009, el número de casos entre hombres hispanos disminuyó a un ritmo más acelerado que entre hombres blancos no hispanos y se mantuvo estable entre mujeres hispanas. La razón principal de estas buenas noticias es que los hispanos, en general, tienen menos probabilidad de fumar y tienen menos probabilidad de ser fumadores diarios de cigarrillos en comparación con muchos otros segmentos de la población estadounidense.


[The framing of transgenics in São Paulo newspapers: the potential contribution of information to political participation].  


In 2007, Brazil's National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) conducted an online public consultation to obtain input on its Proposed Technical Regulations for assessing the safety of transgenic food products. The article describes the context and results of a research study that identified the main ways in which the newspapers Folha de S.Paulo and O Estado de S.Paulo framed and addressed topics related to the subject matter of this consultation. Our goal was to evaluate the gamut of information available that could contribute to this form of political participation. The journalistic coverage in question was generally fragmented; 70% of articles offered incomplete views on the topics in question. PMID:21461479

Rothberg, Danilo; Berbel, Danilo Brancalhão



Las estrategias de promocion y prevencion en el Modelo Integral de Atencion en Salud - Trienio 2003-2006, Tabasco, Mexico.  


RESUMEN Introducción. Las estrategias de atención de salud previstas en el modelo de atención del Estado de Tabasco para el período 2003-2006, se organizaron en dos grupos: i) relacionadas con la promoción de la salud y la prevención de enfermedades; y ii) relacionadas con la gestión y administración de los servicios de salud. La estrategia dirigida a la promoción de salud y la prevención de enfermedades, fue considerada como prioritaria en el nuevo Modelo de Atención de Salud y para ello, se privilegió la participación comunitaria. Objetivo. después de casi 3 años de ejecución, era imprescindible indagar sobre lo alcanzado, para lo cual, se diseñó y ejecutó un ejercicio valorativo, cuya descripción representa el objetivo de este trabajo. Metodología. se realizó un ejercicio valorativo, desarrollado durante los meses de agosto-octubre del año 2006 en Jurisdicciones Sanitarias seleccionadas en el estado de Tabasco, in México. Resultados. destacan hallazgos como, la creación y funcionamiento de los Comités de Salud, la identificación del trabajo intersectorial y la utilidad de la participación comunitaria. Conclusiones. se concluye que en todo modelo de atención de salud, son ineludibles las actividades de promoción y prevención para obtener resultados exitosos. Estas actividades mantienen su vigencia y utilidad, particularmente, las acciones intersectoriales y la toma de decisiones con participación comunitaria. Sin dudas, la creación y funcionamiento del Comité Local de Salud, principal órgano coordinador municipal para las actividades de promoción y prevención, requiere perfeccionar su funcionamiento. PMID:24801791

Calvo, Silvia Martínez; Padrón, Y Hilda Santos



Vigilando la Calidad del Agua de los Grandes Rios de la Nacion: El Programa NASQAN del Rio Grande (Rio Bravo del Norte)  

USGS Publications Warehouse

La Oficina del Estudio Geologico de los Estados Unidos (U.S. Geological Survey, 0 USGS) ha monitoreado la calidad del agua de la cuenca del Rio Grande (Rio Bravo del Norte) desde 1995 como parte de la rediseiiada Red Nacional para Contabilizar la Calidad del Agua de los Rios (National Stream Quality Accounting Network, o NASOAN) (Hooper and others, 1997). EI programa NASOAN fue diseiiado para caracterizar las concentraciones y el transporte de sedimento y constituyentes quimicos seleccionados, encontrados en los grandes rios de los Estados Unidos - incluyendo el Misisipi, el Colorado y el Columbia, ademas del Rio Grande. En estas cuatro cuencas, el USGS opera actualmente (1998) una red de 40 puntos de muestreo pertenecientes a NASOAN, con un enfasis en cuantificar el flujo en masa (la cantidad de material que pasa por la estacion, expresado en toneladas por dial para cada constituyente. Aplicacando un enfoque consistente, basado en la cuantificacion de flujos en la cuenca del Rio Grande, el programa NASOAN esta generando la informacion necesaria para identificar fuentes regionales de diversos contaminantes, incluyendo sustancias qui micas agricolas y trazas elementos en la cuenca. EI efecto de las grandes reservas en el Rio Grande se puede observar segun los flujos de constituyentes discurren a 10 largo del rio. EI analisis de los flujos de constituyentes a escala de la cuenca proveera los medios para evaluar la influencia de la actividad humana sobre las condiciones de calidad del agua del Rio Grande.

Lurry, Dee L.; Reutter, David C.; Wells, Frank C.; translated by Rivera, M.C.; Munoz, A.



El Proyecto Sismico "LARSE" - Trabajando Hacia un Futuro con Mas Seguridad para Los Angeles  

USGS Publications Warehouse

La region de Los Angeles contiene una red de fallas activas, incluyendo muchas fallas por empuje que son profundas y no rompen la superficie de la tierra. Estas fallas ocultas incluyen la falla anteriormente desconocida que fue responsable por la devastacion que ocurrio durante el terremoto de Northridge en enero de 1994, el terremoto mas costoso en la historia de los Estados Unidos. El Experimento Sismico en la Region de Los Angeles (Los Angeles Region Seismic Experiment, LARSE), esta localizando los peligros ocultos de los terremotos debajo de la region de Los Angeles para mejorar la construccion de las estructuras que pueden apoyar terremotos que son inevitables en el futuro, y que ayudaran a los cientificos determinar donde occurira el sacudimento mas fuerte y poderoso.

Henyey, Thomas L.; Fuis, Gary S.; Benthien, Mark L.; Burdette, Thomas R.; Christofferson, Shari A.; Clayton, Robert W.; Criley, Edward E.; Davis, Paul M.; Hendley, James W., II; Kohler, Monica D.; Lutter, William J.; McRaney, John K.; Murphy, Janice M.; Okaya, David A.; Ryberg, Trond; Simila, Gerald W.; Stauffer, Peter H.



Primera aproximación a la estructura interna de Plutón  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

En el presente trabajo se propuso estudiar la estructura interna actual del planeta Plutón. El modelo que se planteó es del tipo de estructura no-diferenciada. Se incluyó como fuente de calor interna la radioactividad y como único mecanismo de transporte de la energía a la conducción. Se encontró que el planeta estaría compuesto por una mezcla de roca (65% en masa) y hielo de agua (35%). Este simple modelo permite inferir que una estructura más realista para Plutón debería incluir también a la convección como mecanismo de transporte. Ello además permitiría avanzar de modo más firme en el estado de diferenciación del planeta, que casi seguramente sea más complejo que el adoptado.

Steren, G. A.; Carranza, G. J.; Hubbard, W. B.


La historia orbital de Deimos y la oblicuidad de Marte  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Recientemente, se ha demostrado mediante extensas integraciones numéricas, que la rotación de Marte pasó repetidamente por estados caóticos de movimiento, debido al pasaje por zonas de resonancia spin - órbita. En dichas circunstancias, la oblicuidad marciana pudo haber sufrido grandes excursiones de varias decenas de grados. Las consecuencias de dichas variaciones son de extrema importancia en el contexto de la búsqueda de manifestaciones de vida fósil en dicho planeta. El estudio de la dinámica orbital del satélite más exterior de Marte, Deimos, nos ha permitido comprobar, en el marco de las distintas teorías sobre su orígen, que la oblicuidad de Marte dificilmente pudo haber sufrido variaciones que la aparten más de 10o respecto de actual valor. Este resultado parece ser mucho más robusto que las simulaciones numéricas de Touma y Wisdom asi como las de Laskar y Robutel, lo que permite poner cotas más severas a la evolución paleoclimática de Marte.

Brunini, A.; Yokoyama, T.


PREFACE: Third Congress on Materials Science and Engineering (CNCIM-Mexico 2012)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Third Congress on Material Science and Engineering (CNCIM-México 2012), which took place in Mérida, México, from 27 February to 2 March 2012 was organized by three research groups (cuerpos académicos) from the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán: Ingeniería Física (UADY-CA-27), Modelado y Simulación Computacional de Sistemas Físicos (UADY-CA-101) and Química Fundamental y Aplicada (UADY-CA-32), in collaboration with the Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados (Cinvestav-Mérida). The First Congress in Material Science and Engineering (CNCIM-2010), was organized in Puebla, México in February 2010. This was followed by CNCIM-2011 held in Toluca, México in February 2011. The CNCIM-México 2012 Conference consisted of plenary talks (8), invited talks (10), oral contributions (54) and poster presentations (70). The topics of the Conference were: Synthesis and Preparation of Materials: Organic and Inorganic Characterization of Materials: Novel Methods and Techniques Applications of Materials: Environment, Medicine, Pharmacy, Technology, Food and Renewable Energy New Materials: Composites, Nanostructures, and from Natural Sources Theory: New Methods and Computer Simulations We want to thank the Organizing Committee, the Institutions and Sponsors supporting the Conference, and everyone who contributed to the organization of this meeting, for their invaluable efforts in order to guarantee the complete success of this conference. Editors Romeo de Coss Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del I.P.N. (Cinvestav-Mérida) A.P. 73 Cordemex 97310, Mérida, Yucatán, México Gabriel Murrieta-Hernández Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán Calle 60 No. 491-A, Centro Histórico, C.P. 97000, Mérida, Yucatán, México Aarón Aguayo-González Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán Calle 60 No. 491-A, Centro Histórico, C.P. 97000, Mérida, Yucatán, México Efraín Rubio-Rosas Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla Ciudad Universitaria, Col. San Manuel, C.P. 72570, Puebla, Puebla, México Ernesto Chigo-Anota Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla Ciudad Universitaria, Col. San Manuel, C.P. 72570, Puebla, Puebla, México Enrique Vigueras-Santiago Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México Instituto Literario No. 100, Col. Centro 50000, Toluca, Edo. de México, México Session Chairs Gabriel Canto Santana, Universidad Autónoma de Campeche. Enrique Vigueras Santiago, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México. César Cab, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Alejandro ávila Ortega, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Jesús Barrón Zambrano, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Maritza de Coss, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Jorge A. Tapia González, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. David Muñoz Rodríguez, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Mario Pérez Cortes, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Jesús García Serrano, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo. Rubén Arturo Medina Esquivel, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. César R. Acosta, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Organizing Committee Aarón Aguayo González, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Gabriel Murrieta Hernández, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Alejandro Tapia González, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Cristian Carrera Figueiras, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Heriberto Hernández Cocoletzi, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla. Ernesto Chigo Anota, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla. Efraín Rubio Rosas, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla. Enrique Vigueras Santiago, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México. Romeo de Coss, Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados (Cinvestav-Mérida). Organizers: Organizers Sponsors: Sponsors

de Coss, Romeo; Murrieta-Hernández, Gabriel; Aguayo-González, Aarón; Rubio-Rosas, Efraín; Chigo-Anota, Ernesto; Vigueras-Santiago, Enrique



La Observaci?n Sistem?tica de Vecindarios: El caso de Chile y sus perspectivas para Trabajo Social  

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El estudio acerca de las características de los vecindarios y sus efectos sobre las personas ha llegado a ser un área de creciente atención por parte de investigadores de diversas disciplinas en países desarrollados. Aunque actualmente existen diversas metodologías para estudiar efectos del vecindario, una de las más utilizadas es la Observación Sistemática de Vecindarios –Systematic Social Observation SSO, en inglés—porque permite recolectar información acerca de diversas características del entorno físico, social, ambiental y económico de los vecindarios donde se aplica. El objetivo de este artículo es (i) dar a conocer sumariamente algunas investigaciones influyentes sobre efectos del vecindario en Estados Unidos, ii) describir cómo se diseñó e implementó la Observación Sistemática de Vecindarios en la ciudad de Santiago de Chile, iii) señalar algunos facilitadores y obstaculizadores de la implementación del proyecto y, finalmente iv) enunciar posibles contribuciones y limitaciones que esta metodología ofrecería al trabajo social en Chile.

Sanhueza, Guillermo E.; Delva, Jorge; Andrade, Fernando H.; Grogan-Kaylor, Andrew; Bares, Cristina; Castillo, Marcela



Incentivos para atraer y retener personal de salud de zonas rurales del Per?: un estudio cualitativo  

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El objetivo fue identificar incentivos de atracción y retención en zonas rurales y distantes de Ayacucho, Perú. Fueron realizadas entrevistas en profundidad con 80 médicos, enfermeras, obstetras y técnicos (20 por grupo) de las zonas más pobres y con 11 funcionarios. No existen políticas sistemáticas de atracción y retención de personal de salud en Ayacucho. Los principales incentivos, en orden de importancia, fueron mejoras salariales, oportunidades de formación y capacitación, estabilidad laboral y nombramiento, mejoras en infraestructura y equipos, e incremento del personal. Se mencionaron también mejoras en la vivienda y alimentación, mayor cercanía con la familia y reconocimiento por el sistema de salud. Existen coincidencias y singularidades entre los distintos grupos sobre los incentivos clave para estimular el trabajo rural, que deben considerarse al diseñar políticas públicas. Las iniciativas del Estado deben comprender procesos rigurosos de monitoreo y evaluación, para asegurar que las mismas tengan el impacto deseado.

Huicho, Luis; Canseco, Francisco Diez; Lema, Claudia; Miranda, J. Jaime; Lescano, Andres G.



Shortcuts in cosmological branes  

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We consider a dynamical membrane world in a space-time with scalar bulk matter described by domain walls, as well as a dynamical membrane world in empty Anti de Sitter space-time. Using the solutions to Einstein equations and boundary conditions we investigate the possibility of having shortcuts for gravitons leaving the membrane and returning subsequently. In comparison with photons following a geodesic inside the brane we verify that shortcuts exist. For some Universes they are small, but sometimes are quite effective. In the case of matter branes, we argue that at times just before nucleosynthesis the effect is sufficiently large to provide corrections to the inflationary scenario, especially as concerning the horizon problem. This work has been supported by Fundca~o de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de Sa~o Paulo (FAPESP) and Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (CNPq), Brazil.

Abdalla, Elcio; Casali, Adenauer G.; Cuadros-Melgar, Bertha



Sexual competitiveness and compatibility between mass-reared sterile flies and wild populations of Anastrepha Ludens (Diptera: Tephritidae) from different regions in Mexico  

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The mass-reared colony of Anastrepha ludens (Loew) currently used in Mexico for suppression of the Mexican fruit fly has been in use for over 10 years. Sterile flies are released into a wide range of environmental conditions as part of an integrated area-wide approach to suppress diverse populations of this pest in the Mexican Republic. This paper assesses the performance of the sterile flies interacting with wild populations from the different environments. We investigated the sexual compatibility and competitiveness of the sterile flies when competing with wild populations from 6 representatives Mexican states: Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Sinaloa, Nayarit, Michoacan, and Chiapas. Results show that the males of the wild populations differed in the time to the onset and peak of sexual activity. Nevertheless, the index of sexual isolation (ISI) reflected sexual compatibility between the populations and the mass-reared strain, indicating that the sterile individuals mate satisfactorily with the wild populations from the 6 states. The male relative performance index (MRPI) showed that the sterile male is as effective in copulating as the wild males. The female relative performance index (FRPI) reflected a general tendency for wild females to copulate in greater proportion than the sterile females, except for the strains from Tamaulipas and Chiapas. In general, the lower participation of the sterile females in copulation increases the possibilities of sterile males to mate with wild females. The relative sterility index (RSI) showed that the acceptance by wild females of the sterile males (25-55%) was similar to that of wild males. Females of the Chiapas strain showed the lowest acceptance of sterile males. Finally, the results obtained in the Fried test (which measures induced sterility in eggs) showed a competitiveness coefficient ranging from 0.2 to 0.5. This suggests that sterile males successfully compete and are compatible with flies from different geographic origins. (author) [Spanish] La colonia actualmente usada para controlar la mosca mexicana de la fruta, Anastrepha ludens (Loew), en Mexico tiene mas de 10 anos en cria masiva. Los insectos esteriles son liberados en una gran variedad de condiciones ambientales como parte de un control integrado para suprimir diversas poblaciones de esta plaga dentro de la Republica Mexicana. El objetivo de este documento esta dirigido a revisar el desempeno de las moscas esteriles frente a poblaciones silvestres procedentes de diferentes ambientes y para esto se realizaron comparaciones de compatibilidad y competitividad sexual de las moscas esteriles contra poblaciones silvestres de seis estados representativos de la Republica Mexicana: Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Sinaloa, Nayarit, Michoacan y Chiapas. Los resultados obtenidos manifiestan diferencias en el horario de inicio de llamado y mayor actividad sexual del macho entre las moscas provenientes de cada estado. Sin embargo el indice de aislamiento (ISI) reflejo compatibilidad sexual entre la cepa de laboratorio y todas las poblaciones analizadas, indicando que los individuos esteriles pueden aparearse satisfactoriamente con las poblaciones silvestres de los seis estados. El indice de efectividad de apareamiento del macho (MRPI) reflejo de manera global que los machos esteriles son tan efectivos para copular como los silvestres. El indice de efectividad de apareamiento de la hembra (FRPI) reflejo que en la mayoria de los estados las hembras silvestres copularon en mayor proporcion que las hembras esteriles, excepto para las poblaciones de Tamaulipas y Chiapas. En general, la baja participacion de las hembras esteriles en el campo permitio al macho esteril ampliar su probabilidad de apareamiento con las hembras silvestres. En cuanto al indice de esterilidad relativa (RSI), observamos que la aceptacion de las hembras silvestres al macho esteril (25-55%) fue similar a la de los machos silvestres. Las hembras de la poblacion de Chiapas registro la menor aceptacion. Finalmente, los resultados obtenidos en la prueba de Fried, la cual determi

Orozco-Davila, D.; Hernandez, R.; Meza, S.; Dominguez, J. [Programa Moscamed Moscafrut-Desarrollo de Metodos, Central Poniente No. 14 altos-Esq. 2a Avenida Sur. CP 30700 Tapachula, Chiapas (Mexico)



Contribuições para o projeto da câmara infravermelha Spartan do telescópio SOAR  

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Como parte de uma colaboração entre a Divisão de Astrofísica do INPE, IAG-USP, Instituto do Milênio MEGALIT e a Michigan State University, trabalhamos durante um ano junto ao grupo do Dr. Edwin Loh (MSU) no projeto e detalhamento de diversos subsistemas para a câmara infravermelho Spartan do telescópio SOAR. Trata-se de um imageador para as bandas J, H e K que explora todo o potencial, em termos de qualidade de imagem e campo de visada, fornecido pelo sistema de óptica adaptativa de primeira ordem do telescópio SOAR. Projetamos soluções detalhadas para os subsistemas de rodas de filtros/grismas/máscaras de Lyot; subsistema de compactação do mosaico de detectores em duas versões distintas; subsistema de alimentação de Nitrogênio líquido. Mantivemos sempre uma supervisão geral sobre todas as partes restantes e os respectivos envelopes volumétricos produzindo soluções para a integração de todos os componentes. Neste trabalho, ilustramos as principais contribuições e fornecemos um resumo do estado atual do instrumento.

Laporte, R.; Jablonski, F.; Loh, E.



Análise dos Conceitos Astronômicos Apresentados por Professores de Algumas Escolas Estaduais Brasileiras  

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A razão para o desenvolvimento deste trabalho baseia-se no fato de que muitos professores da Educação Básica (EB) não lidam com conceitos relacionados à astronomia, e quando o fazem eles simplesmente seguem livros didáticos que podem conter erros conceituais. Como é de conhecimento geral a astronomia é um dos conteúdos a serem ensinados na EB fazendo parte dos Parâmetros Curriculares Nacionais e das Propostas Curriculares do Estado de São Paulo, mas é um fato, que vários pesquisadores apontam, a existência de muitos problemas no ensino da astronomia. Com o propósito de minimizar algumas dessas deficiências foi realizado um trabalho de pesquisa com a utilização de questionários pré e pós pesquisa, para tanto foi desenvolvido um Curso de Extensão Universitária para professores da Diretoria de Ensino Regional (DE) que abrange Mauá, Ribeirão Pires e Rio Grande da Serra (no Estado de São Paulo) com os seguintes objetivos: levantar concepções alternativas; subsidiar os professores por meio de palestras, debates e workshops, e verificar o sucesso da aprendizagem após o curso, adotando-se como referência, para a análise dos resultados, os dicionários de Língua Portuguesa (FERREIRA, 2004) e Enciclopédico de Astronomia e Astronáutica (MOUR?O, 1995). Portanto, dezesseis questões foram aplicadas antes e após o curso, assim pode-se verificar após a pesquisa que 100,0% dos professores sabiam os nomes das fases da Lua, 97,0% entenderam que o Sistema Solar é composto por oito planetas, 78,1% foram capazes de explicar como ocorre um eclipse lunar, um eclipse solar e um solstício, 72,7% sabiam como explicar a ocorrência das estações do ano; 64,5% explicaram corretamente a ocorrência do equinócio, 89,7% foram capazes de definir adequadamente o termo cometa; 63,6% definiram asteróide, 54,5% meteoro, 58,1% galáxia, e 42,4% planeta. Os resultados obtidos indicam uma aprendizagem significativa por parte dos participantes.

Voelzke, Marcos Rincon; Gonzaga, Edson Pereira



Experimental model of cerussite PbCO3 transformation into phosphate phases at pH 3-11  

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Bioavailability of lead depends strongly on mineral speciation. Mobility of this toxic element is strongly reduced when lead in the form of relatively soluble phases (carbonates) is transformed into insoluble forms like phosphates. Despite the fact, that in-situ immobilization of Pb by phosphate amendment (phosphate-induced lead immobilization) is widely applied in remediation of polluted soils and waters, the mechanism of transformation of lead carbonate into lead phosphates is only recently under investigation [1]. Our understanding of this mechanism might in future allow for optimization of the methods applied in environmental engineering. Although the transformation of carbonate minerals into phosphate phases has been studied before, little is known of this system with Pb. There is no systematic study of the effect of pH on the mechanism and the reaction product. The mechanism of cerussite reaction with phosphate solution at pH 3 - 11 was studied using fragments of natural gem-quality crystals from Morocco. The mineral was reacted with 0.1M PO43- or a mixture of 0.1M PO43- and 0.03M Cl- either at 140 ° C in the autoclave for 24 hours or at 8 ° C in the cooler (for around 6 weeks). Reaction products were identified ex-situ by X-Ray diffraction (XRD) and micro Raman spectroscopy. Scanning electron microscopy and microprobe analysis (EMP) were applied to cut and polished crystals in epoxy. The products of the reaction depend on pH. This dependency is the most pronounced in Cl-free environment. At low pH (below 6) phosphoshultenite PbHPO4 and hydroxylpyromorphite Pb5(PO4)3OH (HPY) are formed while at alkaline range HPY is the only product. Pyromorphite Pb5(PO4)3Cl (CPY) forms in the wider pH range. The replacement reaction proceeds through coupled dissolution-precipitation mechanism. The lead phosphate coating does not armor the surface resulting in complete replacement of cerussite grain by polycrystalline porous reaction products. There is evidence for formation of precursors at the reaction front, which later undergo transformation into final products. This is probably combine effect of carbonate dissolution associated with relatively slow diffusion of ions though porous coating, affecting both pH and saturation indices. High concentrations of carbonate ions result in CO32- substitution in the structure of precipitating HPY. This is less pronounced or non-existing in the case of CPY precipitating in the presence of Cl-. Monika Kwasniak-Kominek was partially financed from AGH-UST grant No. Maciej Manecki was financed from research grant No. NCN 2011/01/M/ST10/06999. [1] Wang L., Putnis CV, Ruiz-Agudo E., King HE, Putnis A. Coupled Dissolution and Precipitation at the Cerussite-Phosphate Solutions Interface: Implications for Immobilization of Lead in Soils, Environmental Science & Technology, 2013.

Kwa?niak-Kominek, Monika; Manecki, Maciej



Predicting the ocurrence probability of freak waves baed on buoy data and non-stationary extreme value models  

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In the last decades, freak or rogue waves have become an important topic in engineering and science. Forecasting the occurrence probability of freak waves is a challenge for oceanographers, engineers, physicists and statisticians. There are several mechanisms responsible for the formation of freak waves, and different theoretical formulations (primarily based on numerical models with simplifying assumption) have been proposed to predict the occurrence probability of freak wave in a sea state as a function of N (number of individual waves) and kurtosis (k). On the other hand, different attempts to parameterize k as a function of spectral parameters such as the Benjamin-Feir Index (BFI) and the directional spreading (Mori et al., 2011) have been proposed. The objective of this work is twofold: (1) develop a statistical model to describe the uncertainty of maxima individual wave height, Hmax, considering N and k as covariates; (2) obtain a predictive formulation to estimate k as a function of aggregated sea state spectral parameters. For both purposes, we use free surface measurements (more than 300,000 20-minutes sea states) from the Spanish deep water buoy network (Puertos del Estado, Spanish Ministry of Public Works). Non-stationary extreme value models are nowadays widely used to analyze the time-dependent or directional-dependent behavior of extreme values of geophysical variables such as significant wave height (Izaguirre et al., 2010). In this work, a Generalized Extreme Value (GEV) statistical model for the dimensionless maximum wave height (x=Hmax/Hs) in every sea state is used to assess the probability of freak waves. We allow the location, scale and shape parameters of the GEV distribution to vary as a function of k and N. The kurtosis-dependency is parameterized using third-order polynomials and the model is fitted using standard log-likelihood theory, obtaining a very good behavior to predict the occurrence probability of freak waves (x>2). Regarding the second objective of this work, we apply different algorithms using three spectral parameters (wave steepness, directional dispersion, frequential dispersion) as predictors, to estimate the probability density function of the kurtosis for a given sea state. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors thank to Puertos del Estado (Spanish Ministry of Public Works) for providing the free surface measurement database.

Tomas, A.; Menendez, M.; Mendez, F. J.; Coco, G.; Losada, I. J.



Implementation of CGPS at Estartit, Ibiza and Barcelona harbours for sea level monitoring  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The determination of global and regional mean sea level variations with accura-cies better than 1 mm/yr is a critical problem, the resolution of which is central to the current debate on climate change and its impact on the environment. Highly accurate time series from both satellite altimetry and tide gauges are needed. Measuring the sea surface height with in-situ tide gauges and GPS receivers pro-vides an efficient way to control the long term stability of the radar altimeters and other applications as the vertical land motion and studies of sea level change. L’Estartit tide gauge is a classical floating tide gauge set up in l’Estartit harbour (NE Spain) in 1990. Data are taken in graphics registers from which each two hours the mean value is recorded in an electronic support and delivered to the Permanent Service for Mean Sea level (PSMSL). Periodic surveying campaigns along the year are carried out for monitoring possible vertical movement of the geodetic benchmark adjacent to the tide gauge. Puertos del Estado (Spanish Harbours) installed the tide gauge station at Ibiza har-bour in January 2003 and a near GPS reference station. The station belongs to the REDMAR network, composed at this moment by 21 stations distributed along the whole Spanish waters, including also the Canary islands ( The tide gauge also belongs to the ESEAS (European Sea Level) network. A description of the actual infrastructure at Ibiza, Barcelona and l’Estartit har-bours is presented.The main objective is the implementation of these harbours as a precise geodetic areas for sea level monitoring and altimeter calibration. Actually is a CGPS with a radar tide gauge from Puertos del Estado and a GPS belonging to Puerto de Barcelona. A precise levelling has been made by the Cartographic Insti-tute of Catalonia, ICC. The instrumentation of sea level measurements has been improved by providing the Barcelona site with a radar tide gauge Datamar 3000C device and a Thales Navigation Internet-Enabled GPS Continuous Geodetic Ref-erence Station (iCGRS) with a choke ring antenna, located at the EPSEB of the Technical University of Catalonia, UPC. It is intended that the overall system will constitute a CGPS Station of the ESEAS and TIGA networks.

Martinez-Benjamin, J. J.; Ortiz Castellon, M.; Martinez-Garcia, M.; Perez, B.; Bosch, E.; Termens, A.; Martinez de Oses, X.



Validation of the emission inventory in the Sao Paulo Metropolitan Area of Brazil, based on ambient concentrations ratios of CO, NMOG and NO x and on a photochemical model  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In recent years, photochemical air pollution has become a significant problem in the São Paulo Metropolitan Area (SPMA). For some air pollutants, especially ozone and particulate matter, concentrations in excess of national air quality standards have been registered. According to data published by the State Environmental Agency (CETESB), approximately 90% of ozone precursors are emitted into the atmosphere by the vehicle fleet [CETESB, 2000. Relatório de Qualidade do ar do Estado de Sao Paulo, 1999; CETESB, 2002. Relatório de Qualidade do ar do Estado de Sao Paulo, 2004]. The estimation of precursor emissions speciation is a rather complex task. Estimating spatial and temporal variation of vehicle emissions is the greatest source of uncertainty. As in other locales, data regarding motor vehicle emissions are scarce. Due to the considerable discrepancies in emission inventories reported in various regions of the world, we evaluated the official emission inventories of non-methane organic gas (NMOG) and nitrogen oxides (NO x) using an observation-based approach. Ratios of NO x/carbon monoxide (CO) and NMOG/CO were calculated from ambient measurements taken in the early morning (0700-0800) during July and August of 1999. This top-down approach assumes that early morning ambient concentrations of CO, NO x and NMOG are dominated by motor vehicle emissions, and that the photochemical process has not substantially affected the concentrations. Based on these ratios and on the assumption that official inventory of CO emissions is reasonably accurate, on-road motor vehicle emissions of NO x seem to be significantly overestimated and NMOG emissions slightly underestimated. An Eulerian photochemical model, using both the revised motor vehicle emission inventory and the original official emissions provided by CETESB, was applied to an episodic air pollution event in the SPMA (9-12 August 1999). Meteorology fields were obtained from the CALMET model. When the revised, rather than the official, emission inventories are used, ozone and NO concentrations predicted by the California Institute of Technology (CIT) airshed model more closely match observed values.

Vivanco, Marta G.; Andrade, Maria de Fátima


Simulações Numéricas de Rotação Nuclear Cometária  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Este trabalho apresenta os resultados iniciais de simulações numéricas da evolução rotacional, de um núcleo cometário não esférico, ao longo de uma passagem periélica, levando-se em conta os torques devido a existência dos jatos de poeira e de gás. Inicialmente os autores apresentam um modelo simples (primeira aproximação), com somente um único jato na extremidade do semi-eixo maior, para compreender a variação positiva ou negativa que estas forças não gravitacionais exercem sobre o período de rotação cometário. Posteriormente incrementa-se o número de jatos, os quais são distribuídos ao longo da superfície cometária, para observar-se a contribuição dos efeitos provenientes dos torques originários da liberação da poeira e gás cometários, que provavelmente violará a suposição da livre precessão. Os estados rotacionais, sob torques induzidos devido à sublimação, dependem fortemente da localização das áreas ativas do núcleo. Os cometas P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 1, P/Tempel 2, P/Forbes e C/Meunier-Dupouy serão observados fotometricamente, pelos autores, no Laboratório Nacional de Astrofísica (LNA) ao longo de algumas noites consecutivas em abril, junho e julho de 1999. Estas observações serão comparadas com as simulações numéricas de rotação cometária.

Voelzke, M. R.; Winter, O. C.



Characterisation of pks15/1 in clinical isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from Mexico  

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Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectocontagious respiratory disease caused by members of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex. A 7 base pair (bp) deletion in the locus polyketide synthase (pks)15/1 is described as polymorphic among members of the M. tuberculosis complex, enabling the identification of Euro-American, Indo-Oceanic and Asian lineages. The aim of this study was to characterise this locus in TB isolates from Mexico. One hundred twenty clinical isolates were recovered from the states of Veracruz and Estado de Mexico. We determined the nucleotide sequence of a ± 400 bp fragment of the locus pks15/1, while genotypic characterisation was performed by spoligotyping. One hundred and fifty isolates contained the 7 bp deletion, while five had the wild type locus. Lineages X (22%), LAM (18%) and T (17%) were the most frequent; only three (2%) of the isolates were identified as Beijing and two (1%) EAI-Manila. The wild type pks15/1 locus was observed in all Asian lineage isolates tested. Our results confirm the utility of locus pks15/1 as a molecular marker for identifying Asian lineages of the M. tuberculosis complex. This marker could be of great value in the epidemiological surveillance of TB, especially in countries like Mexico, where the prevalence of such lineages is unknown.

Zenteno-Cuevas, Roberto; Silva-Hernandez, Francisco X; Mendoza-Damian, Fabiola; Ramirez-Hernandez, Maria Dolores; Vazquez-Medina, Karen; Widrobo-Garcia, Lorena; Cuellar-Sanchez, Aremy; Muniz-Salazar, Raquel; Enciso-Moreno, Leonor; Perez-Navarro, Lucia Monserrat; Enciso-Moreno, Jose Antonio



Extensión del Formalismo de Orbitales de Defecto Cuántico al tratamiento del efecto Stark (SQDO).  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

El estudio experimental de las interacciones de átomos Rydberg altamente excitados con campos eléctricos ha experimentado un creciente interés durante las dos últimas décadas debido, en gran medida, al desarrollo de nuevas técnicas para crear y estudiar átomos Rydberg en el laboratorio. Acompañando a estas nuevas técnicas experimentales, es necesario el desarrollo de modelos teóricos que nos permitan contrastar sus medidas y conocer mejor los fundamentos de los mismos. Desde el punto de vista teórico el conocimiento del desdoblamiento de los niveles energéticos de un átomo en función de la magnitud del campo eléctrico aplicado (lo que se conoce como mapa Stark) es el mejor punto de partida para la descripción del sistema y un prerrequisito fundamental para el cálculo de distintas propiedades atómicas en presencia del campo eléctrico tales como intensidades de transición, umbrales de ionización de campo eléctrico, tiempos de vida, posición y anchura de cruces evitados, etc. En este trabajo presentamos la adaptación del método de orbitales de defecto cuántico [1,2,3] al tratamiento del efecto Stark (SQDO) [4] y su aplicación al cálculo de los desdoblamientos energéticos y fuerzas de oscilador de estados Rydberg en los átomos de Li, Na y K. El propósito de este estudio es, por un lado, desarrollar métodos fiables para la determinación de propiedades atómicas en presencia de campos eléctricos y, por otro, mostrar la fiabilidad de las funciones de onda QDO en la descripción del efecto Stark en sistemas atómicos.

Menéndez, J. M.; Martín, I.; Velasco, A. M.


Vínculos sobre um modelo de quartessência de Chaplygin usando observações do satélite chandra da fração de massa de gás em aglomerados de galáxias  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Observações de Supernovas do tipo Ia mostram que a expansão do Universo está acelerando. Segundo as equações de Einstein uma componente com pressão negativa (energia escura) é necessária para explicar a aceleração cósmica. Além da energia escura é usualmente admitido que no Universo há também uma matéria exótica com pressão zero, que é chamada de matéria escura. Essa componente possui um papel fundamental na formação de estruturas no Universo. Recentemente tem se explorado a possibilidade de que matéria e energia escura poderiam ser unificadas através de uma única componente, que tem sido denominada de quartessência. Um exemplo de fluido com essas características é o Gás de Chaplygin Generalizado, que possui uma equação de estado da forma p = -A/ra. Inicialmente consideramos o caso especial a = 1 (gás de Chaplygin) e vinculamos parâmetros do modelo utilizando observações em raios-X do satélite Chandra da fração de massa de gás em aglomerados de galáxias. Uma comparação dos vínculos obtidos com esse teste com outros testes, tais como supernovas e idade do Universo, mostra que esse teste é bastante restritivo. Exibiremos ainda resultados para o caso em que a curvatura é nula e o parâmetro a está compreendido no intervalo -1 < a 1.

de Souza, R. S.



A Cratera de Colônia (São Paulo - SP) Aspectos Gerais  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Despite the studies carried out during the last five decades, Colônia crater, situated at the south of São Paulo (SP), is not much known to the Brazilian scientific community (including astronomers) let alone to the population at large. For this paper, we have selected the main characteristics of that crater, such as size, age, geographic location, geological features of the area, and items in favor of its description as an impact crater, since, up to our days, many researchers have been still uncertain as to its origin. We have also established, a comparison between Colônia crater and other similar Brazilian craters, in order to single it out as a very important site for astronomical, paleoclimatic, geological, and geophysical research. It has also been our aim to provide some subsidy to science teachers who wish to approach this subject in the classroom, and stress (emphasize) the importance of this crater as a Brazilian patrimony, considering that this topic, save for a few distinguished exceptions, is not regularly taught at school. Lastly, (finally) we describe, briefly, the current condition of the crater, pointing out the protection initiatives taken by CONDEPHAAT (Conselho de Defesa do Patrimônio Histórico, Artístico, Arqueológico e Turístico do Estado de São Paulo) and the creation of APA (Área de Proteção Ambiental) Capivari-Monos to refrain the disastrous occupation while propitiating a preservative action to protect the important fountainhead area of São Paulo as well as the crater itself.

Varella, Paulo Gomes; Atulim, Regina Auxiliadora



Periodic vortex pinning by regular structures in Nb thin films: magnetic vs. structural effects  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The defects present in a superconducting material can lead to a great variety of static and dynamic vortex phases. In particular, the interaction of the vortex lattice with regular arrays of pinning centers such as holes or magnetic dots gives rise to commensurability effects. These commensurability effects can be observed in the magnetoresistance and in the critical current dependence with the applied field. In recent years, experimental results have shown that there is a dependence of the periodic pinning effect on the properties of the vortex lattice (i.e. vortex-vortex interactions, elastic energy and vortex velocity) and also on the dots characteristics (i.e. dot size, distance between dots, magnetic character of the dot material, etc). However, there is not still a good understanding of the nature of the main pinning mechanisms by the magnetic dots. To clarify this important issue, we have studied and compared the periodic pinning effects in Nb films with rectangular arrays of Ni, Co and Fe dots, as well as the pinning effects in a Nb film deposited on a hole patterned substrate without any magnetic material. We will discuss the differences on pinning energies arising from magnetic effects as compared to structural effects of the superconducting film. This work was supported by NSF and DOE. M.I. Montero acknowledges postdoctoral fellowship by the Secretaria de Estado de Educacion y Universidades (Spain).

Montero, Maria Isabel; Jonsson-Akerman, B. Johan; Schuller, Ivan K.



Quaternary glaciations of the southern Andes  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The southern Andes comprise the southernmost portion of the Andean Cordillera, beginning at the edge of the Puna Altiplano (lat.27°S) and ending at Isla de los Estados (lat.55°S). The late Cainozoic glacial record of these mountains spans the interval from the Late Miocene to the present and is one of the most complete to be found anywhere in the world. This has arisen for several reasons: (i) the conterminous mountain ice cap extended to the piedmont zone on both flanks of the range, where the sedimentary and morphological record has been well preserved; (ii) periodic volcanism, mainly from monogenetic fissure eruptions of basalt east of the range and from central tephra-producing cones along the mountain crest, has provided opportunity for the preservation and radiometric dating of interbedded glacial deposits; (iii) a tectonically-induced interval of stream incision in the Mid Pleistocene and simultaneous uplift has preserved glacial sediments on interfluves; (iv) in the Chilean lakes region west of the mountains, Late Quaternary glaciers terminated in a well-vegetated landscape, thus creating scope for radiocarbon dating of interbedded and incorporated organic materials; consequently, the last glaciation in the Llanquihue area of Chile is one of the best dated sequences in South America; thus the 'Llanquihue' Glaciation is proposed as the South American equivalent of the 'Wisconsin' and 'Weichsel' glaciations of North America and north west Europe respectively.

Rabassa, Jorge; Clapperton, Chalmers M.


Science and technology disclosure in the state of Queretaro: Science and Technology for Children program  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Science and technology disclosure is an integral part of our scientific work as researches; it is an induction process for children, young people and teachers of primary and secondary schools in the state of Queretaro. Education must be offered in a clear and objective way, it allows to the students apply the acquired knowledge to understand the world and improve his quality of life. Nowadays, the Centro de Investigacion en Ciencia Aplicada y Tecnologia Avanzada of the Instituto Politecnico Nacional Unidad Queretaro (CICATA-IPN Queretaro) together with the Consejo de Ciencia y Tecnologia del Estado de Queretaro (CONCYTEQ) have implemented the "Science and Technology for Children" program (Ciencia y Tecnologia para Ninos - CTN), it allows to the educative sector obtain information through the CONCYTEQ web page. The fist stage of the program was the development of two subjects: the brochure titled "Petroleum, Nonrenewable Natural Resource that Moves the World" and the manual "Experiments of Physics". At the moment we are working with the second stage of the program, it is about the energy generation using renewable sources such as: geothermal, aeolian, solar and biomass. The CTN program allows to students and teachers to create conscience about the importance of the development of the science of technology in our country.

Contreras Flores, Rubén; Villeda Muñoz, Gabriel



Clinical, epidemiological, and therapeutic profile of dermatophytosis*  

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BACKGROUND The cutaneous mycoses, mainly caused by dermatophyte fungi, are among the most common fungal infections worldwide. It is estimated that 10% to 15% of the population will be infected by a dermatophyte at some point in their lives, thus making this a group of diseases with great public health importance. OBJECTIVE To analyze the clinical, epidemiological, and therapeutic profile of dermatophytosis in patients enrolled at the Dermatology service of Universidade do Estado do Pará, Brazil, from July 2010 to September 2012. METHOD A total of 145 medical records of patients diagnosed with dermatophytosis were surveyed. Data were collected and subsequently recorded according to a protocol developed by the researchers. This protocol consisted of information regarding epidemiological and clinical aspects of the disease and the therapy employed. RESULTS The main clinical form of dermatophyte infection was onychomycosis, followed by tinea corporis, tinea pedis, and tinea capitis. Furthermore, the female population and the age group of 51 to 60 years were the most affected. Regarding therapy, there was a preference for treatments that combine topical and systemic drugs, and the most widely used drugs were fluconazole (systemic) and ciclopirox olamine (topical). CONCLUSION This study showed the importance of recurrent analysis of the epidemiological profile of dermatophytosis to enable correct therapeutic and preventive management of these conditions, which have significant clinical consequences, with chronic, difficult-totreat lesions that can decrease patient quality of life and cause disfigurement.

Pires, Carla Andrea Avelar; da Cruz, Natasha Ferreira Santos; Lobato, Amanda Monteiro; de Sousa, Priscila Oliveira; Carneiro, Francisca Regina Oliveira; Mendes, Alena Margareth Darwich



"The Earth Under my Shoes", a Poster Where Research and Outreach Merge  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The MesoAmerican Subduction Experiment is a cooperative research project that will help a lot of people to know about the behavior of the subduction of Cocos plate beneath North America, especially in rural communities where its 100 seismic stations are located. MASE is not only focused in its research results, it is also concerned about outreach to the community. To achieve this, MASE conducts an information program on the experiment and seismology, especially targetted to children, to educate them about seismic prevention. MASE field operations in Guerrero, Morelos, Distrito Federal, Estado de México, Hidalgo and Veracruz are ending this year, and our last outreach activity is providing MASE host sites with a poster informing about the experiment and its results. This poster will include pictures about the instruments, a collection of key seismograms, figures of the final seismic model obtained by the MASE research group, showing our enhanced knowledge of the interior of the Earth under each particular site, and a reminder that Mexico is a seismic country and they should be always prepared.

Castro-Artola, O. A.; Pérez-Campos, X.



Estudio ab initio del mecanismo de la reacción HSO + O3  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

La reacción entre el radical HSO y el ozono ha sido ampliamente estudiada desde el punto de vista experimental debido a la importancia que tiene el radical HSO en la oxidación de los compuestos de azufre reductores y a que puede contribuir a la producción de H2SO4 [1-4]. Se realizaron diversos estudios teóricos sobre la cinética de la reacción entre el radical HSO y el ozono. La reacción del HSO con el ozono presenta tres canales diferentes : HSO + O3 &rightarrow &HSO2 + O2 &rightarrow &HS + 2 O2 &rightarrow &SO + OH + O2 La controversia existente entre los grupos experimentales sobre cuál de las tres vías es la predominante, se ha resuelto mediante un estudio teórico de todas ellas utilizando métodos ab initio. La estructura de todos los reactivos, productos, intermedios y estados de transición ha sido optimizada a nivel ab initio utilizando los métodos UMP2 /6-31G** y QCISD/6-31G**.

Nebot Gil, I.


Esquizofrenia y trastorno en el consumo de sustancias: prevalencia y character?sticas sociodemogr?ficas en la poblaci?n Latina  

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El interés por comprender la co-morbilidad de la esquizofrenia y el trastorno en el uso de sustancias, ha aumentado debido al incremento de este diagnóstico, a los efectos negativos observados en el sujeto y a los costos en los servicios de salud. Este trastorno dual puede tener efectos dramáticos en el curso clínico del trastorno psicótico tales como: mayores recaídas, re-hospitalizaciones, síntomas más severos, no adherencia al tratamiento antipsicótico, cambios marcados del humor, aumento en el grado de hostilidad e ideación suicida, así como alteraciones en otras áreas del funcionamiento incluyendo violencia, victimización, indigencia y problemas legales. La literatura proveniente en particular de Estados Unidos y Europa sugiere que el rango de prevalencia para este diagnóstico puede oscilar entre el 10% hasta el 70%. En este estudio, revisamos la prevalencia del diagnóstico dual de esquizofrenia y trastorno en el uso sustancias, así como sus características sociodemográficas, con base en la literatura disponible alrededor del mundo dando énfasis en la poblacion latina. A pesar de que este diagnóstico es ampliamente aceptado, se conoce poco sobre su prevalencia en la población latina, sobre los factores ambientales, demográficos, clínicos y otras características de estos individuos. Un mejor conocimiento sobre este diagnóstico permitiría mejorar los métodos para la detección y adecuada valoración del trastorno en el uso de sustancias en personas con trastornos metales severos como la esquizofrenia.

Jimenez-Castro, Lorena; Raventos-Vorst, Henriette; Escamilla, Michael



La salud en personas con discapacidad intelectual en Espa?a: estudio europeo POMONA-II  

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Introducción Estudios internacionales demuestran que existe un patrón diferenciado de salud y una disparidad en la atención sanitaria entre personas con discapacidad intelectual (DI) y población general. Objetivo Obtener datos sobre el estado de salud de las personas con DI y compararlos con datos de población general. Pacientes y métodos Se utilizó el conjunto de indicadores de salud P15 en una muestra de 111 sujetos con DI. Los datos de salud encontrados se compararon según el tipo de residencia de los sujetos y se utilizó la Encuesta Nacional de Salud 2006 para comparar estos datos con los de la población general. Resultados La muestra con DI presentó 25 veces más casos de epilepsia y el doble de obesidad. Un 20% presentó dolor bucal, y existió una alta presencia de problemas sensoriales, de movilidad y psicosis. Sin embargo, encontramos una baja presencia de patologías como la diabetes, la hipertensión, la osteoartritis y la osteoporosis. También presentaron una menor participación en programas de prevención y promoción de la salud, un mayor número de ingresos hospitalarios y un uso menor de los servicios de urgencia. Conclusiones El patrón de salud de las personas con DI difiere del de la población general, y éstas realizan un uso distinto de los servicios sanitarios. Es importante el desarrollo de programas de promoción de salud y de formación profesional específicamente diseñados para la atención de personas con DI, así como la implementación de encuestas de salud que incluyan datos sobre esta población.

Martinez-Leal, Rafael; Salvador-Carulla, Luis; Gutierrez-Colosia, Mencia Ruiz; Nadal, Margarida; Novell-Alsina, Ramon; Martorell, Almudena; Gonzalez-Gordon, Rodrigo G.; Merida-Gutierrez, M. Reyes; Angel, Silvia; Milagrosa-Tejonero, Luisa; Rodriguez, Alicia; Garcia-Gutierrez, Juan C.; Perez-Vicente, Amado; Garcia-Ibanez, Jose; Aguilera-Ines, Francisco



Barreras y Facilitadores en el Reclutamiento y la Retenci?n de Parejas Heterosexuales en Intervenciones Preventivas en VIH/SIDA  

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Compendio El Reclutamiento y la Retención (R&R) de participantes es fundamental para el éxito de estudios y para el desarrollo de intervenciones preventivas. El R&R de participantes determina la validez y efectividad de estos programas. En este trabajo examinamos algunos de los factores que facilitan y dificultan el R&R en los proyectos preventivos y ofrecemos algunas alternativas para mejorar los índices de R&R. Realizamos dos estudios, en el primero administramos el Instrumento de Informatión, Motivatión y Conductas-Español (IIMC-E) a un grupo de 26 parejas heterosexuales (52 participantes). En el segundo, entrevistamos a 5 parejas VIH discordantes (10 participantes). Encontramos que el 75% de los/las participantes indicó que su trabajo era una de las principales barreras que dificultan la asistencia a las actividades. Otras barreras son las responsabilidades laborales y familiares. Encontramos que la principal barrera fue el miedo a la revelación del estado serlógico. Los principales facilitadores del R&R son la coordinación adecuada y el seguimiento telefónico ofrecido por parte del personal del proyecto. Concluimos que en el desarrollo e implantación de programas de prevención el investigador/a debe tomar en cuenta la adaptación de aspectos logísticos como la disponibilidad y las necesidades particulares de los/las participantes.

Hernandez-Hernandez, Alberto L.; Perez-Jimenez, David



A participatory approach to integrated aquifer management: The case of Guanajuato State, Mexico  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Guanajuato State, located in central Mexico, with less than 2% of the country's area, has almost 17,000 deep water wells, from which nearly 4,000 cubic hectometers (hm3) per year are being extracted, more than 1,000 hm3 over the estimated renewable yield. Since, in Mexico, water is administered under federal jurisdiction by the National Water Commission (CNA, for its Spanish acronym), the state government faces the challenge of ensuring its population's economic development without formal means of intervention. Being thus limited to apply mandatory policies and measures, the state water program has focused on the implementation of a two-sided strategy. First, basic hydrogeological studies and mathematical groundwater hydrodynamic models were developed upon a comprehensive survey of existing wells and a general revision of the state's geological framework. Second, a structure for water user's participation in water management actions was promoted (from the dissemination of information to the implementation of pilot efficient water use projects) with financial, technical and political support from the state. Simultaneously, a coordinated effort towards the completion of the water user's registry was performed with the federal authority along with other supporting measures such as training and monitoring programs. In this paper, a general overview of the project's achievements and challenges is presented. L'État de Guanajuato, situé dans la partie centrale du Mexique, avec moins de 2% de la surface du pays, a près de 17 000 puits profonds, d'où sont extraits près de 4 000 hm3 par an, soit plus de 1 000 hm3 de plus que le débit renouvelable estimé. Comme au Mexique l'eau est administrée dans le cadre d'une juridiction fédérale, le gouvernement de l'État fait tout son possible pour assurer le développement de sa population sans moyens formels d'intervention. Étant ainsi limité à appliquer des politiques et des mesures de recommandations, le programme Eau de l'État s'est appliqué à développer une stratégie sur deux plans. Tout d'abord, des études hydrogéologiques de base et des modèles mathématiques d'écoulement et de transport de nappe ont été réalisés à partir d'un suivi d'ensemble des puits existants et d'une révision générale du contexte géologique de l'État. Ensuite, on a soutenu une structure de participation des usagers de l'eau aux actions de gestion de l'eau, à partir de la dissémination de l'information pour la mise en place de projets pilotes efficaces d'utilisation de l'eau, avec des aides financières, techniques et politiques de l'État. Simultanément, un effort coordonné en vue de l'achèvement de l'enregistrement des usagers de l'eau a été fait avec l'autorité fédérale, en même temps que d'autres mesures de soutien, telles que des programmes de formation et des campagnes de surveillance. Cet article présente une vue d'ensemble des réalisations de projets et des défis. Resumen El Estado de Guanajuato, situado en el centro de México, ocupa menos del 2% de la superficie del país. Tiene casi 17.000 pozos profundos, de los cuales se extrae cerca de 4.000 hm3/a, lo que supone un exceso de 1.000 hm3/a respecto a la recarga anual. Puesto que el agua es administrada a nivel federal en México, el gobierno del Estado afronta el reto de asegurar el desarrollo de la población sin disponer de medios formales de intervención. Dadas las limitaciones para aplicar políticas y medidas reguladoras, el programa del agua en el Estado tiene como objetivo principal la implantación de una doble estrategia. Por un lado, desarrollar estudios hidrogeológicos básicos y modelos matemáticos de flujo y transporte de los acuíferos, basándose en una campaña exhaustiva de pozos existentes y en una revisión del marco geológico del Estado. Por otro lado, promover-con soporte financiero, técnico y político-una estructura de participación de los usuarios en las acciones de gestión, incluyendo desde la difusión de la información hasta la implantación de proyectos piloto para un uso

Sandoval, Ricardo


A Utilização da Astronomia como Tema Interdisciplinar e Aplicações de Objetos de Aprendizagem  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Este trabalho visa analisar a possibilidade de relacionar conteúdos aplicados no ensino fundamental e médio de forma interdisciplinar por intermédio da astronomia, com a intervenção de objetos de aprendizagem que possam integrar as disciplinas e a utilização de recursos tecnológicos. Em uma pesquisa prévia com 20 professores de uma escola estadual situada na cidade de Guarulhos foi observado que apenas 25% dos professores utilizam algum recurso tecnológico para o desenvolvimento de conteúdos pertinentes à sua disciplina, tais como sites e softwares educativos, sendo que a maioria absoluta continua ensinando apenas com livros didáticos. A maior parte dos professores apresenta dificuldades em trabalhar sua disciplina de forma interdisciplinar, ou seja, 75% dos professores preferem aplicar os conteúdos seguindo uma hierarquia linear de tópicos, evitando a discussão de temas que de alguma forma estão relacionados. A astronomia pode vir à fascinar o ser humano e despertar sua curiosidade promovendo um maior interesse no aprendizado, podendo favorecer análises interdisciplinares de forma lógica e objetiva, desta forma colocar a astronomia como tema motivador interdisciplinar, pode ser relevante no que se refere ao distanciamento da fragmentação dos conteúdos. No Estado de São Paulo, a implantação da proposta curricular no ensino fundamental e médio mostra claramente a inserção da astronomia na maior parte das séries, principalmente na 6ª série em que todo o bimestre se fala de astronomia.

da Silva, L. A.; Voelzke, M. R.



[Risk markers in subjects with high loads of Ascaris lumbricoides in a rural community of the Cojedes State , Venezuela].  


A total of 337 individuals from a rural community of Venezuela (Mapurite, Estado Cojedes) was studied. Stoll faecal examination was carried out and the total number of A. lumbricoides was recovered after the treatment of the individuals sampled with Pyrantel pamoate at a dose of 10 mg/kg body weight in children and 15 mg/kg in adults. A relationship between the high worm burden condition (individuals excreting more than 10,000 epg of A. lumbricoides) and the age of the hosts was found. Resulting with the major values of relative risk index (Rr) the 5-9 years old class (Rr = 3.2 t = 3.4). This relationship was not found between high worm burden condition (HWB) and the sex of the hosts. The following individuals have the the highest possibilities to become HWB: with blood group A (Rr = 3.05 t = 4.08), with haemoglobin type HbA HbS (Rr = 1.86 t = 2.13), individuals with the combinations A HbA HbF (Rr = 3.46 t = 2.31) and A HbA HbS (Rr = 3.11 t = 2.78). It was estimated that the selective treatment of the total HWB detected (72) with an effective product, determined a reduction of 95.4% of the environmental contamination with de eggs and 72.3% of the worm burden. PMID:10883496

Morales, G; Loaiza, L; Pino, L A



A new heterandrous species of Solanum section Gonatotrichum Bitter (Solanaceae) from Bahia, Brazil  

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Abstract A new species of Solanum from Brazil is described. Solanum evolvuloides Giacomin & Stehmann, sp. nov. belongs to section Gonatotrichum, a small group assigned to the Brevantherum Clade of the genus Solanum. It resembles Solanum turneroides Chodat, sharing with it heterandry, and Solanum parcistrigosum Bitter, with which it shares a similar habit and pubescence. Despite these similarities, the species can be recognized by its ovate-elliptic to cordiform leaf shape and more membranaceous leaf texture than the other species in the section, and stem, inflorescence axes, and calyx vestiture mainly composed of glandular hairs. Solanum evolvuloides is known to occur only in southeastern of Bahia state, Brazil, and in a preliminary assessment of the IUCN criteria can be considered a threatened species. Resumo Uma nova espécie de Solanum é descrita para o Brasil. Solanum evolvuloides Giacomin & Stehmann, sp. nov. é componente da seção Gonatotrichum, um pequeno grupo associado ao Clado Brevantherum. A espécie é similar a Solanum turneroides, com a qual compartilha a heterandria, e Solanum parcistrigosum, que por sua vez apresenta um hábito e indumento foliar semelhante. Apesar da similaridade, a espécie pode ser facilmente reconhecida pela forma da folha ovada-elíptica a cordiforme e pela texura mais membranácea que as outras espécies da seção, além do indumento do caule, eixo da inflorescência e cálice, constituído em sua maioria por tricomas glandulares pedicelados. Solanum evolvuloides tem sua distribuição conhecida somente para o sudeste do estado da Bahia, Brasil, e é indicada como uma espécie ameaçada de extinção.

Giacomin, Leandro L.; Stehmann, Joao Renato



A new heterandrous species of Solanum section Gonatotrichum Bitter (Solanaceae) from Bahia, Brazil.  


A new species of Solanum from Brazil is described. Solanum evolvuloides Giacomin & Stehmann, sp. nov. belongs to section Gonatotrichum, a small group assigned to the Brevantherum Clade of the genus Solanum. It resembles Solanum turneroides Chodat, sharing with it heterandry, and Solanum parcistrigosum Bitter, with which it shares a similar habit and pubescence. Despite these similarities, the species can be recognized by its ovate-elliptic to cordiform leaf shape and more membranaceous leaf texture than the other species in the section, and stem, inflorescence axes, and calyx vestiture mainly composed of glandular hairs. Solanum evolvuloides is known to occur only in southeastern of Bahia state, Brazil, and in a preliminary assessment of the IUCN criteria can be considered a threatened species.ResumoUma nova espécie de Solanum é descrita para o Brasil. Solanum evolvuloides Giacomin & Stehmann, sp. nov. é componente da seção Gonatotrichum, um pequeno grupo associado ao Clado Brevantherum. A espécie é similar a Solanum turneroides, com a qual compartilha a heterandria, e Solanum parcistrigosum, que por sua vez apresenta um hábito e indumento foliar semelhante. Apesar da similaridade, a espécie pode ser facilmente reconhecida pela forma da folha ovada-elíptica a cordiforme e pela texura mais membranácea que as outras espécies da seção, além do indumento do caule, eixo da inflorescência e cálice, constituído em sua maioria por tricomas glandulares pedicelados. Solanum evolvuloides tem sua distribuição conhecida somente para o sudeste do estado da Bahia, Brasil, e é indicada como uma espécie ameaçada de extinção. PMID:22287920

Giacomin, Leandro L; Stehmann, João Renato



Atlas de aves: Un metodo para documentar distribucion y seguir poblaciones  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Los Atlas de Aves son proyectos nacionales o regionalies para trazar en mapas la distribucion en reproduccion de cada especie de ave. Ese procedimiento se esta usando en Europa, Australia, Nueva Zelanda, Norteamerica, y partes de Africa. El tama?o de los cuadrados varia de medio grado de latitud y Iongitud hasta 5 x 5 km. El trabajo de campo de cada proyecto exige aproxlmadamente cinco a?os, pero los aficionados pueden llevar a cabo la mayor parte del trabajo. Es posible almacenar los resultados en un computador personal. Hay muchos beneficios: (I) se presenta la distribucion corriente de las aves de la nacion, del estado, o de la Iocalidad; (2) se desarrolla nueva informacion especialmente sobre especies raras o en peligro; (3) se descubren areas que tienen una avlfauna sobresaliente o habitats raros y ayuda a su proteccion, (4) se documentan cambios de dlstribucion; (5) se pueden usar para documentar cambios de poblacion, especialmente en los tropicos donde otros metodos son mas dificiles de usar porque hay muchas especies y no hay muchos observadores calificados en la identificacion de sonidos de las aves; (6) son proyectos buenos de investigacion para estudiantes graduados; (7) los turistas y los jefes de excursiones de historia natural pueden contribuir con muchas informaciones

Robbins, C.S.; Dowell, B.A.; Dawson, D.K.



[Barriers and Facilitators in the Recruitment and Retention of Heterosexual Couples for Preventive Interventions.  


El Reclutamiento y la Retención (R&R) de participantes es fundamental para el éxito de estudios y para el desarrollo de intervenciones preventivas. El R&R de participantes determina la validez y efectividad de estos programas. En este trabajo examinamos algunos de los factores que facilitan y dificultan el R&R en los proyectos preventivos y ofrecemos algunas alternativas para mejorar los índices de R&R. Realizamos dos estudios, en el primero administramos el Instrumento de Informatión, Motivatión y Conductas-Español (IIMC-E) a un grupo de 26 parejas heterosexuales (52 participantes). En el segundo, entrevistamos a 5 parejas VIH discordantes (10 participantes). Encontramos que el 75% de los/las participantes indicó que su trabajo era una de las principales barreras que dificultan la asistencia a las actividades. Otras barreras son las responsabilidades laborales y familiares. Encontramos que la principal barrera fue el miedo a la revelación del estado serlógico. Los principales facilitadores del R&R son la coordinación adecuada y el seguimiento telefónico ofrecido por parte del personal del proyecto. Concluimos que en el desarrollo e implantación de programas de prevención el investigador/a debe tomar en cuenta la adaptación de aspectos logísticos como la disponibilidad y las necesidades particulares de los/las participantes. PMID:23264700

Hernández-Hernández, Alberto L; Perez-Jimenez, David



The Use of Polliniferous Resources by Melipona capixaba, an Endangered Stingless Bee Species  

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Pollen types present in samples from corbiculae of Melipona capixaba (Moure and Camargo) (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Meliponina) worker bees were analyzed, as well as pollen samples from food pots inside the hives in three sites located at the bees’ original habitat. The aim was to find out the sources used as a trophic resource by this species. The dominant pollen grains in the spectrum of the samples belonged to the families Myrtaceae and Melastomataceae. Eucalyptus was the most frequent pollen type in the corbiculae in Conceição do Castelo municipality; Eucalyptus, Myrcia, and Melastomatacea/Combretaceae in the Fazenda do Estado district; and Eucalyptus and Myrcia in the São Paulo de Aracê district, both in the Domingos Martins municipality. Eucalyptus and Melastomataceae/Combretaceae were the predominant pollen types in the food pots. Eucalyptus was the most prevalent type all year round or most of the year. The most common pollen types in the months that Eucalyptus was not present or dominant in the samples were of remaining native forest species, “ruderal” (field) plants, fruit-bearing plants, and introduced ornamental plants.

Serra, Bruna Danielle Vieira; da Luz, Cynthia Fernandes Pinto; Campos, Lucio Antonio de Oliveira



Foramen magnum meningiomas: To drill or not to drill the occipital condyle? A series of 12 patients  

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Background: Despite the development of microsurgery and cranial base techniques, the surgical management of Foramen Magnum Meningiomas (FMM) continues to be a technical challenge to neurosurgeons. Controversy concerning the utility of systematic condyle drilling for approaching FMM has been raised. Our aim was to describe the surgical technique, analyze its safety, and the postoperative outcome in 12 consecutive FMM patients. Methods: From 1986 to 2011, 12 patients with FMM underwent operations in the Department of Neurosurgery at Servidores do Estado Hospital and in a private clinic. All patients were operated using a standard suboccipital craniectomy, preserving the occipital condyle, opening of the Foramen Magnum, and ipsilateral removal of the posterior arch of C1. Results: There was no operative mortality, nine patients achieved Glasgow Outcome Scale 4 or 5. Condylar resection was not deemed necessary in any case. Gross total resection was achieved in nine patients. After surgery, four patients developed lower cranial nerve weakness. There was no significant postoperative complication in the remaining patients. The average follow-up is 8.2 years. Conclusion The vast majority of FMM can be safely removed with a retrocondylar lateral suboccipital approach without condylar resection, using meticulous microsurgical techniques.

Lynch, Jose Carlos; Temponi, Vicente; Emmerich, Joao Claudio; Pereira, Celestino Esteves; Goncalves, Mariangela Barbi



Hydrogeology in North America: past and future  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This paper is a retrospective on the evolution of hydrogeology in North America over the past two centuries, and a brief speculation of its future. The history of hydrogeology is marked by developments in many different fields such as groundwater hydrology, soil mechanics, soil science, economic geology, petroleum engineering, structural geology, geochemistry, geophysics, marine geology, and more recently, ecology. The field has been enriched by the contributions of distinguished researchers from all these fields. At present, hydrogeology is in transition from a state of discovering new resources and exploiting them efficiently for maximum benefit, to one of judicious management of finite, interconnected resources that are vital for the sustenance of humans and other living things. The future of hydrogeology is likely to be dictated by the subtle balance with which the hydrological, erosional, and nutritional cycles function, and the decision of a technological society to either adapt to the constraints imposed by the balance, or to continue to exploit hydrogeological systems for maximum benefit. Although there is now a trend towards ecological and environmental awareness, human attitudes could change should large parts of the populated world be subjected to the stresses of droughts that last for many decades. Cet article est une rétrospective de l'évolution de l'hydrogéologie en Amérique du Nord sur les deux derniers siècles, et une brève évaluation de son futur. L'histoire de l'hydrogéologie est marquée par le développement de plusieurs techniques de terrain telles, l'hydrologie des eaux souterraines, la mécanique des sols, les sciences du sol, la géologie économique, l' ingénierie pétrolière, la géologie structurale, la géochimie, la géophysique, la géologie marine et plus récemment l'écologie. La science a été enrichie par la contribution de plusieurs chercheurs distingués, provenant de toutes ces branches. A présent, l'hydrogéologie est à la transition entre la volonté de découvrir de nouvelles ressources et l' exploitation la plus bénéfique au possible, et un management judicieux des ressources finies, interconnectées, qui sont vitales pour l' approvisionnement des hommes et autres formes de vie. Le futur de l' hydrogéologie sera dicté par la balance subtile dans laquelle intervient les cycles de l'hydrologie, de l'érosion, de la nutrition, et la décision d'une société technologique qui s'adapterait aux contraintes de la balance, ou qui continuerait d'exploiter les systèmes hydrologiques pour un bénéfice maximum. Par ailleurs il y a une nette tendance à inclure les aspects écologiques, les aspects environnementaux, et les changements humains qui pourraient être influencés par les modifications hydrogéologiques observées depuis une dizaine d'années. Este articulo es una retrospectiva sobre la evolución de la hidrogeología en Norte América en los pasados dos siglos, y una breve especulación de su futuro. La historia de la hidrogeología está marcada por desarrollos en muchos campos diferentes tal como hidrología de aguas subterráneas, mecánica de suelos, ciencia del suelo, geología económica, ingeniería del petróleo, geología estructural, geoquímica, geofísica, geología marina, y más recientemente, ecología. El campo se ha enriquecido por las contribuciones de investigadores distinguidos en todos esos campos. Actualmente, la hidrogeología se encuentra en transición de un estado de descubrir nuevos recursos y explotarlos eficientemente para un beneficio máximo, a un estado de gestión juiciosa de recursos finitos, interconectados, que son vitales para el sustento de humanos y otras cosas vivientes. El futuro de la hidrogeología posiblemente esté determinado por el balance sutil con el cual funcionan los ciclos nutricionales, erosionales e hidrológicos, y la decisión de una sociedad tecnológica para ya sea adaptarse a las restricciones impuestas por el balance o para continuar con la explotación de los sistemas hidrogeológicos para un benefici

Narasimhan, T. N.



Groundwater capture processes under a seasonal variation in natural recharge and discharge  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

"Capture" is the increase in recharge and the decrease in discharge that occurs when pumping is imposed on an aquifer system that was in a previous state of approximate dynamic equilibrium. Regional groundwater models are usually used to calculate capture in a two-step procedure. A steady-state solution provides an initial-head configuration, a set of flows through the boundaries for the modeled region, and the initial basis for the capture calculation. The transient solutions provide the total change in flows through the boundaries. A difference between the transient and steady-state solutions renders the capture calculation. When seasonality is a modeling issue, the use of a single initial hydraulic head and a single set of boundary flows leads to miscalculations of capture. Instead, an initial condition for each season should be used. This approach may be accomplished by determining steady oscillatory solutions, which vary through the seasons but repeat from year to year. A regional groundwater model previously developed for a portion of the San Pedro River basin, Arizona, USA, is modified to illustrate the effect that different initial conditions have on transient solutions and on capture calculations. Résumé Les "prélèvements" sont constitués par l'augmentation de la recharge et par la diminution de l'écoulement qui se produit lorsqu'un pompage est imposéà un système aquifère qui était auparavant dans un état proche de l'équilibre dynamique. Les modèles régionaux de nappe sont en général utilisés pour calculer les prélèvements dans une procédure à deux étapes. Une solution en régime permanent donne la configuration piézométrique initiale, un jeu de conditions aux limites pour la région modélisée et les données de base pour le calcul des prélèvements. Les solutions transitoires donnent les modifications globales des conditions aux limites. Lorsque des variations saisonnières sont produites en sortie du modèle, le recours à une piézométrie initiale unique et à un seul jeu de données de conditions aux limites conduit à un mauvais calcul des prélèvements. Il faut alors utiliser une condition de recharge initiale pour chaque saison. Cette approche peut être réalisée en déterminant des solutions permanentes périodiques, variantes au cours des saisons, mais se répétant d'année en année. Un modèle de nappe régional, précédemment mis au point pour une partie du bassin de la rivière San Pedro (Arizona, États-Unis), a été modifié pour illustrer l'effet de conditions initiales différentes sur des solutions transitoires et sur le calcul des prélèvements. Resumen Se define como "captura" al aumento de recarga y descenso de descarga que tiene lugar cuando se impone un bombeo en un acuífero en estado de equilibrio dinámico. Se suelen utilizar modelos regionales de agua subterránea para calcular la captura en un procedimiento que consta de dos etapas. Una solución en régimen estacionario proporciona la distribución inicial de niveles piezométricos, los flujos a través de los contornos de la región modelada y el punto de partida para el cálculo de la captura. Las soluciones transitorias proporcionan los cambios en los flujos a través de los contornos. La diferencia entre las soluciones estacionaria y transitoria da el valor de la captura. Cuando los cambios estacionales son importantes, la utilización de un único estado inicial de niveles y de flujos en los contornos da lugar a errores en el cálculo de la captura. En este caso debe usarse una condición inicial para cada una de las estaciones. Esto se puede conseguir obteniendo soluciones periódicas estacionarias, que varíen a lo largo de las estaciones, pero que se repitan año a año. Un modelo regional desarrollado previamente para el estudio de una parte de la cuenca del Río San Pedro, en Arizona (EE.UU.) se modificó para ilustrar el efecto que las distintas condiciones iniciales tienen en el cálculo de la captura.

Maddock, Thomas, III.; Vionnet, Leticia Beatriz


Top-Down Versus Bottom-Up Estimative of CO2 and CO Vehicular Emission Contribution from the Megacity of SãO Paulo, Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Metropolitan Area of São Paulo (MASP) is composed by 39 municipalities with a population of 20 million inhabitants in an area of 8,511 km2. The main source of pollutants to the air is the vehicular emission: exhaust and evaporative fuel. The climate is influenced by the sea breeze from the Southeast direction - MASP is approximately 40 km far from the sea; and by the valley- mountain circulation, due to the presence of the Serra do Mar Mountains in the Northwest part of the city. This wind circulation suffers the influence of the heat island due to the high degree of urbanization. The MASP fleet is composed by approximately 7 million passenger cars and freight vehicles, with 85% light duty vehicles (LDVs), 3% heavy-duty diesel vehicles (HDVs, diesel + 5% bio-diesel) and 12% motorcycles. About 55% of LDVs burn a mixture of 78% gasoline and 22% ethanol (gasohol), 4% use hydrous ethanol (95% ethanol and 5% water), 38% are flex-fuel vehicles that are capable of burning both gasohol and hydrous ethanol and 2% use diesel (CETESB, 2013a). The use of gasohol or hydrous ethanol by the flex-fuel is determined by the price of the fuel. Vehicle traffic is the main source of regulated pollutants: carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and hydrocarbons (HC), and contributes to the formation of inhalable particulate matter emissions (PM10) as well as being the principal source of carbon dioxide (CO2). 97% of all CO emissions, 85% of HC, 82% of NOx, 36% of sulfur dioxide (SO2), and 36% of all PM10 emissions come from mobile sources (CETESB, 2013b). The official inventory is calculated with the botton-up methodology: calculation of the emission factors in dynamometer, estimation of the average distance each kind of vehicles drives per day and the total number of vehicles in circulation. The values considered a deterioration factor due to the vehicle aging. The top-down methodology was performed from measurements performed in experiments in traffic roads and tunnels. The data presented here compared tunnel measurements performed in 2004 and 2011. The official data estimate an emission of 15327 million tons per year of CO2eq (60% by LDV, 38% HDV and 2% motorcycles) and 128 million tons per year of CO. The top-down estimative based on tunnel measurements resulted in values approximately 5 times higher, being the difference more attributable to the estimative of the diesel emission factor. The uncertainties are related to the deterioration of the emission factor with time and the driving pattern. The diurnal variation of CO2 atmospheric concentration is characterized by the mobile source emission pattern. CETESB. Relatório Anual de Qualidade do Ar no Estado de São Paulo 2012. Companhia de Tecnologia de Saneamento Ambiental, São Paulo, Brazil, 2013a. CETESB. Plano de Controle de Poluição Veicular do Estado de São Paulo 2011 /2013. Companhia de Tecnologia de Saneamento Ambiental, São Paulo, Brazil, 2013b.

Andrade, M.; Nogueira, T.; Martínez, P. J.; Fornaro, A.; Miranda, R. M.; Ynoue, R.



Nesting biology, morphological remarks, and description of the mature larva of Mellinus arvensis obscurus (Hymenoptera: Crabronidae) in Nepal  

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Recently re-named as a sub-species of Mellinus arvensis, Mellinus arvensis obscurus Handlirsch 1888 was investigated ecologically and morphologically in Nepal, in order to underline the most important differences with the well known M. arvensis arvensis. Mellinus arvensis obscurus females nested in clumped aggregations on inclined plains at high altitudes, both on sunny bare soil and on a shaded grassy one. Beginning of monsoon season probably interfered with wasp activity, and females performed few provisioning flights during the day. Prey consisted of a broad range of Diptera, except for one case of a spider. Many females were observed not provisioning a nest but floating on the nesting site, and many intraspecific interactions suggested a high degree of usurpation attempts. At least one species of flies and two of ants probably acted as natural enemies of the wasp. Morphological observations on females showed that the Nepal population shares more similarities (shape of tergite I, body punctation) with the European populations than with the closer Japanese population; melanization is strong, according to west-east and altitudinal cline. The mature larva of M. arvensis obscurus Handlirsch is described, illustrated, and compared with the other mature larva of the genus. The differences between both larvae mainly lie in the presence/absence, and number or differentiation of integumental structures. We conclude that morphological traits are more important than ecological and behavioral ones in distinguishing M. arvensis obscurus from M. arvensis arvensis. (author) [Spanish] En el presente articulo se aportan los resultados y conclusiones de un estudio, llevado a cabo en Nepal, en el que se abordaron aspectos ecologicos, comportamentales y morfologicos (tanto del ultimo estado de la fase larvaria como del adulto) de Mellinus arvensis obscurus Handlirsch 1888. El principal objetivo del estudio radicaba en mostrar las principales diferencias que separan a esta subespecie de la bien estudiada subespecie nominal. Mellinus arvensis obscurus nidifica a gran altitud, en terreno inclinado, con y sin vegetacion, expuesto en mayor o menor medida al sol y en agregaciones muy compactas. Durante la estacion lluviosa la hembras llevan a cabo pocos vuelos de aprovisonamiento. Las presas pertenecen al orden de los dipteros, aunque, en una ocasion se observo el aporte de una arana. Gran numero de las interacciones intraespecificas observadas sugieren un alto grado de intentos de usurpacion de nidos. Los enemigos naturales mas sobresalientes pertenecen al orden de los dipteros y a la familia de los formicidos. Del estudio morfologico del adulto, mencionaremos que la foma del terguito 1 y la escultura del cuerpo, en las hembras de las poblaciones del Nepal, son mas semejantes a los de las hembras de las poblaciones europeas que no a los de las japonesas. De la fase larvaria se describe el ultimo estado larvario, a la vez que se compara con la otra larva madura ya descrita del genero. Las diferencias entre ambas larvas maduras radican en la presencia/ausencia, numero o diferenciacion de las estructuras tegumentarias. El estudio finaliza concluyendo que los rasgos morfologicos son mas importantes, que los aspectos ecologicos y comportamentales, a la hora de establecer una separacion entre las dos subespecies (author)

Boesi, R.; Polidori, C.; Andrietti, F. [Dipartimento di Biologia, Sezione di Zoologia e Citologia, Universita degli Studi di Milano-Via Celoria, 26, 20133, Milan (Italy); Gayubo, S.F.; Tormos, J.; Asis, J.D. [Unidad de Zoologia, Facultad de Biologia, Universidad de Salamanca-37071, Salamanca (Spain)



Effects of recent environmental change on accuracy of inferences of extinction status.  


Correctly classifying a species as extinct or extant is of critical importance if current rates of biodiversity loss are to be accurately quantified. Observing an extinction event is rare, so in many cases extinction status is inferred using methods based on the analysis of records of historic sighting events. The accuracy of such methods is difficult to test. However, results of recent experiments with microcosm communities suggest that the rate at which a population declines to extinction, potentially driven by varying environmental conditions, may alter one's ability accurately to infer extinction status. We tested how the rate of population decline, driven by historic environmental change, alters the accuracy of 6 commonly applied sighting-based methods used to infer extinction. We used data from small-scale experimental communities and recorded wild population extirpations. We assessed how accuracy of the different methods was affected by rate of population decline, search effort, and number of sighting events recorded. Rate of population decline and historic population size of the species affected the accuracy of inferred extinction dates; however, faster declines produced more accurate inferred dates of extinction, but only when population sizes were higher. Optimal linear estimation (OLE) offered the most reliable and robust estimates, though no single method performed best in all situations, and it may be appropriate to use a different method if information regarding historic search efforts is available. OLE provided the most accurate estimates of extinction when the number of sighting events used was >10, and future use of this method should take this into account. Data from experimental populations provide added insight into testing techniques to discern wild extirpation events. Care should be taken designing such experiments so that they mirror closely the abundance dynamics of populations affected by real-world extirpation events. Efectos del Cambio Ambiental Reciente sobre la Precisión de las Inferencias sobre el Estado de Extinción. PMID:24962314

Clements, Christopher F; Collen, Ben; Blackburn, Tim M; Petchey, Owen L



Assessment of the Adherence of Cardiologists to Guidelines for the Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation  

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Background No local studies evaluating the knowledge of cardiologists on the management of atrial fibrillation (AF) and their adherence to these guidelines are available. Objective To evaluate the knowledge of cardiologists on the guidelines and clinical practices for the treatment of AF, correlating it to the time since medical graduation. Methods Cross-sectional study randomly including cardiologists affiliated to the Society of Cardiology of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (Sociedade de Cardiologia do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul - SOCERGS). The physicians were divided into two groups, according to time since graduation: those graduated for more (G1) or less (G2) than 25 years. Results Of the 859 SOCERGS members, 150 were interviewed, and six refused to participate in the study. G1 comprised 71 physicians, and G2, 73. Differences were observed in regard to the following variables: use of betablockers as the first-choice drug for the control of AF response in 59.2% (G1) vs 91.8% (G2) (p<0.0001); use of digoxin as the preferred drug for the control of AF response in 19.7% (G1) vs 0% (G2) (p< 0.0001); warfarin as the preferred anticoagulant in 71.8% (G1) vs 93.2% (G2) (p=0.009); application of a risk score for anticoagulation in 73.2% (G1) vs 87.7% (G2) (p=0.02). In questions regarding the knowledge about the Brazilian Society of Cardiology's guideline for AF, the overall percentage of right answers was 82.3%. Conclusion Most of the clinical measures regarding the management of AF comply with the guidelines, and the clinical practice differs according with the time since graduation.

van der Sand, Cezar R.; Leiria, Tiago Luiz Luz; Kalil, Renato Abdala Karam



Precessão do jato de 3C120: simulações hidrodinâmicas 3D  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Observações com técnicas de interferometria com longa linha de base têm mostrado a existência de um jato relativístico com componentes superluminais na região central de 3C 120. Estas componentes são ejetadas em distintas direções no plano do céu e com diferentes velocidades aparentes. Estas características foram interpretadas em trabalhos anteriores como efeitos da precessão do jato relativístico. Neste trabalho, realizamos simulações tri-dimensionais do jato de 3C 120 utilizando os parâmetros de precessão determinados em trabalhos anteriores e variando as características iniciais do jato e meio ambiente, tais como densidade numérica e temperatura. Todas as simulações foram feitas com o código hidrodinâmico YGUAZÚ-A, assumindo-se um jato adiabático descrito por uma equação de estado relativística. Pelo fato de estarmos utilizando um código hidrodinâmico, nós assumimos que a intensidade do campo magnético e a distribuição de partículas, necessários para se calcular a emissão sincrotron, são proporcionais à pressão hidrodinâmica. Comparação entre dois cenários distintos, nos quais o material do jato é ejetado com velocidade constante (jato contínuo) e com velocidade modulada por um padrão sinusoidal no tempo (jato intermitente), é apresentada e discutida. Para jatos que apresentam fenômenos de precessão e intermitência, com amplitude de variação na velocidade de injeção maior que dez por cento da velocidade média de injeção, a hipótese balística, controlada pela intermitencia, é mais provável. Por outro lado, para jatos com precessão mas sem intermitência (ou com amplitude de variabilidade em velocidade mais baixa que no caso anterior), o efeito da precessão na morfologia do jato não é desprezível. Portanto, de um modo geral, ambos efeitos (precessão e movimentos balísticos) devem estar concorrendo para afetar a morfologia dos jatos superluminais.

Caproni, A.; de Gouveia dal Pino, E. M.; Abraham, Z.; Raga, A. C.



Time-to-treatment of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in S?o Paulo  

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OBJECTIVE: Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma is the most common type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, accounting for nearly 50% of the cases in the Hematology Department of the Hospital das Clínicas da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo and Instituto do Câncer do Estado de São Paulo. The treatment outcome is influenced by age, abnormal lactate dehydrogenase levels, extranodal infiltration, the disease stage and the patient's performance status. In this study, we sought to report the time-to-treatment of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in São Paulo's public health system network and its impact on patient outcomes. METHODS: We prospectively followed a cohort of 42 consecutive patients with de novo diffuse large B-cell lymphoma between 2008 and 2012. RESULTS: Our patients had more advanced disease than that reported in the literature (61.9% vs. 46%). In São Paulo's public health system network, it took an average of 7.4 months for a diagnosis to be made and an additional 1.4 months to obtain an appointment with a specialist. Once at our Hematology Department, it took less than 20 days for staging, confirmation of the diagnosis and treatment initiation. An interval from signs or symptoms to treatment of more than 6 months was associated with inferior progression-free survival in 3 years (p?=?0.049). CONCLUSION: A delay in the diagnosis of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma is a public health problem and may be associated with worse progression-free survival.

Xavier, Flavia Dias; Levy, Debora; Pereira, Juliana



Projeto do sistema anti-ressonante da fiação dos transdutores para o detector Mario Schenberg  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

O detector de ondas gravitacionais Mario Schenberg está sendo projetado e construído pelo grupo Gráviton. Sua construção está ocorrendo no Laboratório de Estado Sólido e Baixas Temperaturas (LESBT) da Universidade de São Paulo, na cidade de São Paulo. Esse detector possui uma massa ressonante esférica de cobre-alumínio, com 65 cm de diâmetro, pesando aproximadamente 1150 Kg, suspensa por um sistema de isolamento vibracional, que se encontra em fase de testes preliminares. A real eficácia desse sistema, entretanto, só poderá ser comprovada quando o detector estiver aparelhado com, pelo menos, um transdutor eletromecânico de altíssima sensibilidade acoplado à massa ressonante. Neste momento, não só este sistema de isolamento vibracional será posto em teste, como o do projeto da fiação que transporta os sinais de microondas até os transdutores e destes para a pré-amplificação. Apesar dessa fiação ter sido projetada para não apresentar nenhum contato com a superfície esférica da antena, de maneira a não haver nenhuma transmissão de ruído vibracional do laboratório para esta, deve-se minimizar o ruído microfônico produzido nessa fiação por oscilações mecânicas, uma vez que ela não utiliza nenhum sistema de isolamento vibracional. Com o intuito de resolver este problema, projetamos uma estrutura, formada por pequenos cilindros conectados por barras, a qual não terá nenhuma ressonância mecânica na faixa de freqüências de interesse para detecção (3000 - 3400 Hz). Desta forma, as vibrações nessa faixa não serão amplificadas. O projeto foi feito usando iterativamente, de maneira a otimizar os resultados obtidos, o programa de elementos finitos Msc/Nastran. Através de simulações feitas neste programa, determinamos os parâmetros geométricos ideais a serem utilizados, os quais proporcionam a maior região espectral de interesse livre de ressonâncias.

Vieira, S. J.., Jr.; Melo, J. L.



Duck viral enteritis in domestic muscovy ducks in Pennsylvania  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Duck viral enteritis (DVE) outbreaks occurred at two different locations in Pennsylvania in 1991 and 1992. In the first outbreak, four ducks died out of a group of 30 domestic ducks; in the second outbreak, 65 ducks died out of a group of 114 domestic ducks, and 15 domestic geese died as well. A variety of species of ducks were present on both premises, but only muscovy ducks (Cairina moschata) died from the disease. On necropsy, gross lesions included hepatomegaly with petechial hemorrhages, petechial hemorrhages in the abdominal fat, petechial hemorrhages on the epicardial surface of the heart, and multifocal to coalescing areas of fibrinonecrotic material over the mucosal surface of the trachea, esophagus, intestine, and cloaca. Histologically, the liver had random multifocal areas of necrosis and eosinophilic intranuclear inclusion bodies in hepatocytes. DVE virus was isolated and identified using muscovy duck embryo fibroblast inoculation and virus neutralization. /// En dos sitios diferentes se presentaron brotes de enteritis viral de los patos en el estados de Pensilvania en los a??os 1991 y 1992. En el primer brote, cuatro de un lote de 30 patos murieron mientras que en el segundo brote murieron 65 patos de un lote de 114 patos y 15 gansos. En ambas localidades exist?-a una variedad de especies de patos, sin embargo, s??lamente los patos almizcleros (Cairina moschata) murieron. A la necropsia, las lesiones macrosc??picas incluyeron hepatomegalia con hemorragias petequiales, hemorragias petequiales en la grasa abdominal y en la superficie del epicardio, y ?!reas multifocales o coalescentes de material fibrinonecr??tico sobre la superficie de la mucosa de la tr?!quea, es??fago, intestino y cloaca. Histol??gicamente, el h?-gado mostraba ?!reas multifocales de necrosis y cuerpos de inclusi??n intranucleares eosinof?-licos en los hepatocitos. El virus de la enteritis viral de los patos fue aislado e identificado usando fibroblasto de embriones de pato almizclero y mediante la virus neutralizaci??n.

Davison, S.; Converse, K. A.; Hamir, A. N.; Eckroade, R. J.



Host Plants of Xylosandrus mutilatus in Mississippi  

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Host range of Xylosandrus mutilatus (Blandford) in North America is reported here for the first time. Descriptive data such as number of attacks per host, size of stems at point of attacks, and height of attacks above ground are presented. Hosts observed in Mississippi were Acer rubrum L., Acer saccharum Marsh., Acer palmatum Thunb., Ostrya virginiana (Mill.) K. Koch., Cornus florida L., Fagus grandifolia Ehrh., Liquidamber styraciflua L., Carya spp., Liriodendron tulipifera L., Melia azedarach L., Pinus taeda L., Prunus serotina Ehrh., Prunus americana Marsh., Ulmus alata Michaux, and Vitus rotundifolia Michaux. Liquidamber styraciflua had significantly more successful attacks, significantly higher probability of attacks, and significantly higher number of adult beetles per host tree than did Carya spp., A. rubrum, and L. tulipifera. This information is relevant in determining the impact this exotic beetle may have in nurseries, urban areas, and other forestry systems where this beetle becomes established. (author) [Spanish] El rango de hospederos de Xylosandrus mutilatus (Blandford) en America del Norte esta reportado aqui por la primera vez. Se presentan datos descriptivos como el numero de ataques por hospederos, el tamano de los tallos en el punto de ataque y la altura por encima del nivel de tierra de los ataques. Los hospederos observados en el estado de Mississippi fueron Acer rubrum L., Acer saccharum Marsh., Acer palmatum Thunb., Ostrya virginiana (Mill.) K. Koch., Cornus florida L., Fagus grandifolia Ehrh., Liquidamber styraciflua L., Carya spp., Liriodendron tulipifera L., Melia azedarach L., Pinus taeda L., Prunus serotina Ehrh., Prunus americana Marsh., Ulmus alata Michaux y Vitus rotundifolia Michaux. Liquidamber styraciflua tuvo ataques significativamente mas exitosos, una probabilidad significativamente mas alta de ataques y un numero significativamente mayor de adultos de escarabajos por arbol hospedero que Carya spp., A. rubrum y L. tulipifera. Esta informacion es pertinente en determinar el impacto que pueda tener este escarabajo exotico en invernaderos, areas urbanas y otros sistemas forestales donde el escarabajo se establece. (author)

Stone, W.D.; Nebeker, T.E. [Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology, Mississippi State University, Box 9775, Mississippi State, MS 39762 (United States); Gerard, P.D. [Experimental Statistics Unit, Mississippi State University, Box 9731, Mississippi State, MS 39762 (United States)



Prediction of health risk due to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons present in urban air in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  


Risk assessment can provide a comprehensive estimate of potential effects of contaminants under specific, well-defined, and well-described circumstances, providing quantitative relationships between exposure and effects to identify and to define areas of concern. We investigated the mutagenic activity of particulate matter in air samples collected from three sites in Rio de Janeiro city. Samples were collected using a high-volume sampler at Avenida Brasil, at Campus of Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, and at Rebouças Tunnel. Six polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons were quantified by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. Salmonella typhimurium TA98 and the derivative strains TA98/1.8-DNP(6), YG1021, and YG1024, commonly used in mutagenicity assays, were treated (10-50 µg/plate), with and without exogenous metabolization. The highest values for the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons were detected at Rebouças Tunnel. For chrysene, as an example, the concentration was nearly 200 times higher than that established by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Frequent traffic jams can place bus drivers who go through the Rebouças Tunnel at risk of exposure to up to 0.69 ng/m(3) benzo(a) pyrene. Independent of exogenous metabolization, mutagenicity was detected in strains YG1021 and YG1024 at all the sites, suggesting nitro and amino derivatives of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Rebouças Tunnel air samples gave the highest values for rev/µg and rev/m(3). This could be due to the fact that the long, enclosed passageway through a mountain restricts ventilation. The cancer risk estimate in this study was 10(-3) for the benzo(a)pyrene, at the two sites, indicating a high risk. PMID:23479151

Rainho, C R; Velho, A M A; Corrêa, S M; Mazzei, J L; Aiub, C A F; Felzenszwalb, I



Tumor thickness as an independent risk factor of early recurrence in oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma.  


The aim is to determine if tumor thickness is a risk factor related to the development of early recurrences in surgically treated oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). Retrospective cohort study conducted at Instituto do Câncer do Estado de São Paulo (ICESP). Fifty-seven patients with oral cavity SCC (excluding lip tumors and patients previously submitted to any treatment) were analyzed regarding the occurrence of an early disease progression (locoregional or distant metastasis) within the first 12 months after initial treatment. Tumor thickness and other histological characteristics related to the development of recurrence up to 1 year after treatment were tested. Results demonstrated that tumor thickness greater than 10 mm (P = 0.034), as well as angiolymphatic invasion (P = 0.001), perineural invasion (P = 0.041) and lymph-node metastasis (P = 0.021) was associated with a worse 12-month disease-free survival (Log-Rank test). In multivariate analysis, tumor thickness greater than 10 mm emerged as an independent risk factor for early recurrence in oral cavity tumors (HR = 3.4, 95 % CI: 1.005-11.690; P = 0.049-Cox regression). Post-operative radiotherapy seems to be a protective factor for early recurrences in patients with tumor thickness greater than 10 mm (P = 0.017-Log-Rank test; HR = 0.32, 95 % CI: 0.12-0.87, P = 0.026-Cox regression). The results of the present research suggest that tumor thickness greater than 10 mm may be an independent adverse factor for early progression of surgically treated oral cavity SCC. Adjuvant therapies, in particular post-operative radiotherapy, should be advocated in this group of patients, regardless of the co-existence of other well-described histological risk factors. PMID:24071858

Pinto, Fábio Roberto; Matos, Leandro Luongo de; Palermo, Filipe Cavalcanti; Kulcsar, Marco Aurélio Vamondes; Cavalheiro, Beatriz Godói; de Mello, Evandro Sobroza; Alves, Venâncio Avancini Ferreira; Cernea, Cláudio Roberto; Brandão, Lenine Garcia



Ethical proceedings against dentists in Espírito Santo for infringements to the code of dental ethics.  


Just like any other profession, dentistry requires ethical and moral responsibilities that must be fulfilled, and the duty of every professional is to meet his obligations under the law. In light of the Código de Ética Odontológica (CEO - Code of Dental Ethics), this research aims to expound on the ethical violations committed by dentists in their practice, according to the ethical review process proposed by the Conselho Regional de Odontologia do Estado do Espírito Santo (CRO/ES - Regional Council of Dentistry of the State of Espírito Santo). The study is both retrospective and descriptive, using a quantitative approach. Data collection comprised all the ethical proceedings filed at the CRO/ES, between the years 2000 and 2011. Considering the 529 cases examined, the most frequent reason for infringement was illicit advertising (39.7%), followed by technical error (18.7%), irregular registration (16.8%), patient/professional relationship (11.3%) tax lien foreclosure (6.6%), professional/professional relationship (4.0%), irregular/illegal cover up practice (0.9%), consumer relations (0.8%), failure to provide care (0.6%), false certification (0.4%), and disrespect for authority and colleagues (0.2%). Most (59.2%) of the dental surgeons (DSs) involved were male, 35.5% were between 31 and 40 years of age, 85.8% had graduated over five (5) years prior, and 73.2% were general practitioners. Only 22 (4.2%) cases went to trial, resulting in 8 (36.4%) acquittals and 14 (63.6%) convictions. The most commonly applied penalties were private warning + pecuniary penalty (8 or 57.1%). It was concluded that the CEO must be followed with more discipline, and that professionals should seek information about their duties and obligations under the law, on behalf of patient welfare. PMID:24820427

Pacheco, Karina Tonini Dos Santos; Silva Junior, Manoelito Ferreira; Meireles, Naiara Ribeiro





O método Grade of Membership (GoM) tem sido cada vez mais utilizado por demógrafos brasileiros e tem a vantagem de possuir um parâmetro que mensura a heterogeneidade individual, com base nas correlações não-observáveis entre as categorias de resposta das variáveis de interesse, gerando um medida do grau de pertencimento de cada indivíduo a perfis extremos. Alguns autores, contudo, chamam atenção para questões importantes na calibragem dos modelos finais que utilizam o programa GoM versão 3.4, como o problema de identificabilidade - soluções múltiplas para parâmetros estimados. Neste artigo, é sugerido um procedimento capaz de identificar um modelo final com solução única que descreva os tipos puros mais fidedignos à base de dados, em uma tentativa de otimização. Para ilustrar esse processo, utilizou-se uma base de dados correspondente a um levantamento econômico e sociodemográfico de uma população de pequenos agricultores residentes ao longo da Rodovia Transamazônica, no Estado do Pará. Também identificou-se a existência de instabilidade nos parâmetros estimados pelo programa GoM 3.4, sendo proposto um método de estabilização de seus valores. Com esses procedimentos combinados, os usuários do programa GoM 3.4 poderão descrever sua base de dados de forma mais adequada e responder às críticas sobre questões de identificabilidade e estabilidade dos modelos resultantes. Essas soluções empíricas são relevantes por afetarem cálculos de prevalência e de incidência de eventos de interesse, além de trazerem consequências importantes sobre o ponto e o momento corretos para intervenções de políticas públicas ou de planejamento prospectivo em análises de projeção. PMID:21709732

Guedes, Gilvan Ramalho; Caetano, André Junqueira; Machado, Carla Jorge; Brondízio, Eduardo Sonewend



ENSURF: multi-model sea level forecast - implementation and validation results for the IBIROOS and Western Mediterranean regions  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

ENSURF (Ensemble SURge Forecast) is a multi-model application for sea level forecast that makes use of several storm surge or circulation models and near-real time tide gauge data in the region, with the following main goals: 1. providing easy access to existing forecasts, as well as to its performance and model validation, by means of an adequate visualization tool; 2. generation of better forecasts of sea level, including confidence intervals, by means of the Bayesian Model Average technique (BMA). The Bayesian Model Average technique generates an overall forecast probability density function (PDF) by making a weighted average of the individual forecasts PDF's; the weights represent the Bayesian likelihood that a model will give the correct forecast and are continuously updated based on the performance of the models during a recent training period. This implies the technique needs the availability of sea level data from tide gauges in near-real time. The system was implemented for the European Atlantic facade (IBIROOS region) and Western Mediterranean coast based on the MATROOS visualization tool developed by Deltares. Results of validation of the different models and BMA implementation for the main harbours are presented for these regions where this kind of activity is performed for the first time. The system is currently operational at Puertos del Estado and has proved to be useful in the detection of calibration problems in some of the circulation models, in the identification of the systematic differences between baroclinic and barotropic models for sea level forecasts and to demonstrate the feasibility of providing an overall probabilistic forecast, based on the BMA method.

Pérez, B.; Brouwer, R.; Beckers, J.; Paradis, D.; Balseiro, C.; Lyons, K.; Cure, M.; Sotillo, M. G.; Hackett, B.; Verlaan, M.; Fanjul, E. A.



Usina de ciências: um espaço pedagógico para aprendizagens múltiplas  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Entendemos que o Ensino de Astronomia é especialmente apropriado para motivar os alunos e aprofundar conteúdos em diversas áreas do conhecimento, pois envolve temas ligados à Física, Matemática, Química, Computação, Tratamento de Imagens e Instrumentação de Alta Precisão, além daqueles pertinentes as áreas de Geografia, História e Antropologia. Contudo, apesar do caráter interdisciplinar que esta ciência possui, a realidade atual é que a maioria dos professores em sala de aula não foram devidamente capacitados, durante o período de formação acadêmica, para ministrar conteúdos de Astronomia nos atuais Ensinos Fundamental e Médio. Neste trabalho, discutiremos de maneira ampla, num primeiro momento, a realidade do atual ensino de ciências praticado no Estado da Bahia, apontando por dependência administrativa, o crescimento e a redução do número de escolas, da taxa de analfabetismo por faixa etária, da escolarização, do atendimento, da aprovação, reprovação e abandono, de equipamentos e laboratórios e o grau de formação dos nossos atuais professores em pleno exercício de atividade docente. Num segundo momento, discutiremos o papel do Observatório Astronômico Antares/UEFS dentro desse contexto, ou seja, suas ações implementadas ao longo dos últimos anos e em particular, o recente projeto de extensão Ensino e Difusão de Astronomia, financiado pela Fundação Vitae, que procura traduzir no lúdico, no brincar de ciências, um espaço pedagógico para aprendizagens múltiplas. Neste, o papel do professor multiplicador associado ao laboratório de kits didáticos, de fácil construção e manipulação (alguns dos quais serão mostrados), perfazem os principais veículos para o desenvolvimento de conhecimentos, atitudes, habilidades e valores que preparam os nossos alunos para a carreira técnico-científica e para sua participação crítica e criativa na Sociedade.

Martin, V. A. F.; Poppe, P. C. R.; Orrico, A. C. P.; Pereira, M. G.



Moléculas orgánicas obtenidas en simulaciones experimentales del medio interestelar.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Las nubes moleculares son regiones de formación de estrellas, con temperaturas cinéticas entre 10-50 K y densidades de 103-106 átomos cm-3. Su materia está formada por gas y polvo interestelar. Estas partículas de polvo están cubiertas por una fina capa de hielo, de unos 0.01 ?m, que contiene H2O y a menudo CO, CO2, CH3OH y NH3. El hielo es presumiblemente irradiado por fotones ultravioleta y rayos cósmicos en las zonas poco profundas de las nubes moleculares y las regiones circunestelares. En un sistema de vacío, P ˜ 10-7 mbar, simulamos la deposición de hielo a partir de 10 K y la irradiación ultravioleta por medio de una lámpara de descarga de hidrógeno activada con microondas. La evolución del hielo se observa por medio de un espectrómetro infrarrojo. De este modo es posible determinar la composición del hielo observado en el medio interestelar y predecir la presencia de moléculas aún no detectadas en el espacio, que han sido producto del procesamiento del hielo en nuestros experimentos. También es posible calentar el sistema hasta temperatura ambiente para sublimar el hielo depositado. Cuando el hielo ha sido previamente irradiado, se observa un residuo compuesto por moléculas orgánicas complejas, algunas prebióticas, como varios ácidos carboxílicos, aminas, amidas, ésteres y en menor proporción moléculas heterocíclicas y aminoácidos. Algunas de estas moléculas podrían detectarse en estado gaseoso por medio de observaciones milimétricas y de radio. También podrían estar presentes en el polvo cometario, cuyo análisis químico está planeado por las misiones Stardust y Rosetta. Mientras tanto, nuestro grupo está llevando a cabo el análisis de partículas de polvo interplanetario (IDPs), algunas de las cuales pueden ser de origen cometario. Al igual que ocurre con los productos obtenidos por irradiación del hielo en nuestros experimentos, algunas IDPs son ricas en material orgánico que contiene oxígeno.

Muñoz-Caro, Guillermo Manuel


A Cross-Sectional Study on the Diet and Nutritional Status of Adolescent Girls in Zamb?zia Province, Mozambique (the ZANE Study): Design, Methods, and Population Characteristics  

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Background There is very little published work on dietary intake and nutritional status of Mozambicans. We conducted a population-based cross-sectional study on the diet and nutritional status of adolescent girls in different types of communities in Zambézia Province, Central Mozambique, in two distinct seasons. Objective The purpose of this paper is to present the design, methods, and study population characteristics of the Estudo do Estado Nutricional e da Dieta em Raparigas Adolescentes na Zambézia (the ZANE Study). Methods Data was collected in January-February 2010 ("hunger season") and in May-June 2010 ("harvest season"). A total of 551 girls in the age group 14-19 years old were recruited from one urban area and two districts (district towns and rural villages). The study protocol included a background interview, a 24-hour dietary recall interview, a food frequency questionnaire, anthropometric measurements, bioimpedance, hemoglobin measurement, and venous blood, urine, buccal cell, and fecal sampling. Results Adolescent motherhood was common in all study regions. Stunting prevalence for the total study population as a weighted percentage was 17.8% (95/549; 95% CI 14.3-22.0) with no regional differences. Overweight was found mainly in the urban area where the prevalence was 12.6% (20/159; 95% CI 7.5-17.6), thinness was rare. There were regional differences in the prevalence of malaria parasitemia and intestinal helminth infestation, but not human immunodeficiency virus. Conclusions The fully analyzed data from the ZANE Study will yield results useful for setting priorities in nutrition policy and further research on the diet and nutritional status in Mozambique and other countries with similar nutritional problems. Trial Registration NCT01944891; (Archived by WebCite at

Freese, Riitta; Fidalgo, Lourdes; Selvester, Kerry; Ismael, Carina; Mutanen, Marja



Coffee Beverage Quality Assessment Based on ETA/CPTEC-HadCM3 Model (A1B-IPCC/SRES Scenario), Southeastern Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Environmental factors influence the coffee beverage quality and air temperature has a significant importance in this process. The grain maturation occurs very quickly in regions that present high temperatures and sometimes there is not enough time to complete all this phase adequately. In the other hand, with mild temperatures, the grain maturation occurs more slowly and it promotes a better quality beverage. The aim of this study was to assess the coffee beverage quality in the southeastern Brazil, based on climate projections using the Eta-CPTEC regional model driven by four members of an ensemble of the Met Office Hadley Centre Global Coupled climate model (HadCM3). The global model ensemble was run over the 21st century according to IPCC SRES, A1B emissions scenario. Each ensemble member presented different climate sensitivity in the analysis. The Eta-CPTEC-HadCM3 model was configured with a 40-km grid size and was run over the period of 1961-90 to represent a baseline climate, and over the period of 2011-2100 to simulate possible future changes and the effects on the coffee beverage quality. A coffee beverage quality classification, which depends on the annual air temperature proposed by Bressani (2007) and also, a quality coffee beverage sensory classification, based on Camargo and Cortez (1998) were considered in this study. An evaluation of the systematic errors (BIAS) for each member for the period from 1961 to 1990 was made. The results presented by Eta/CPTEC-HadCM3 model indicated that in the case of an occurrence of A1B emission scenario, the coffee beverage quality could be affected in this region due to the fact that the flavor may become stronger and unpleasant caused by rising air temperatures. The BIAS evaluation and subsequent errors removal demonstrated improvement in the scenarios simulations. A short review concerning agronomic techniques to mitigate extreme meteorological events or global warming on coffee crop based on Camargo (2010) also is presented in this study as complementary information. Bressani, E. Guia do Barista. Da origem do café ao espresso perfeito. Café Editora, 2007. 210 p. Camargo, M. B. P. The impact of climatic variability and climate change on arabic coffee crop in Brazil. Bragantia, Campinas, v.69, no.1, 2010. Camargo, a. P; Cortez, J. G. Efeito do clima na qualidade de bebida do café nas condições de São Paulo e áreas próximas de outros estados. In 24 Congresso Brasileiro de Pesquisas Cafeeiras. Poços de Caldas, Anais... Poços de Caldas, Embrapa Café, 1998. p. 42-44.

Giarolla, A.; Resende, N.; Chou, S. C.; Tavares, P. S.; Rodrigues, D. C.



The Morelia-Acambay Fault System  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt (TMVB) is one of the most actives and representative zones of Mexico geologically speaking. Research carried out in this area gives stratigraphic, seismologic and historical evidence of its recent activity during the quaternary (Martinez and Nieto, 1990). Specifically the Morelia-Acambay faults system (MAFS) consist in a series of normal faults of dominant direction E - W, ENE - WSW y NE - SW which is cut in center west of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt. This fault system appeared during the early Miocene although the north-south oriented structures are older and have been related to the activity of the tectonism inherited from the "Basin and Range" system, but that were reactivated by the east- west faults. It is believed that the activity of these faults has contributed to the creation and evolution of the longed lacustrine depressions such as: Chapala, Zacapu, Cuitzeo, Maravatio y Acambay also the location of monogenetic volcanoes that conformed the Michoacan-Guanajuato volcanic field (MGVF) and tend to align in the direction of the SFMA dominant effort. In a historical time different segments of the MAFS have been the epicenter of earthquakes from moderated to strong magnitude like the events of 1858 in Patzcuaro, Acambay in 1912, 1979 in Maravatio and 2007 in Morelia, among others. Several detailed analysis and semi-detailed analysis through a GIS platform based in the vectorial archives and thematic charts 1:50 000 scaled from the data base of the INEGI which has allowed to remark the influence of the MAFS segments about the morphology of the landscape and the identification of other structures related to the movement of the existent faults like fractures, alignments, collapses and others from the zone comprehended by the northwest of Morelia in Michoacán to the East of Acambay, Estado de México. Such analysis suggests that the fault segments possess a normal displacement plus a left component. In addition it can be associated to an alignment or different structures oblique directed to the principal fault trace which sometimes shows inverted moves suggest that the MAFS is a system with ''en echelon'' geometry which respond to transtensive tectonic activity. Recent research based in cinematic indicators from some of the most important faults of the MAFS concludes with evidence of the existence of a transtensive deformation in the center section of the TMVB, which can be explained through the oblique convergence model of plates Northamerica, Rivera and Cocos added to the division of the subduction angle at the North of the Mesoamerican trench.

Velázquez Bucio, M.; Soria-Caballero, D.; Garduño-Monroy, V.; Mennella, L.



Courtship behavior of different wild strains of Ceratitis Capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae)  

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This study documents differences in the courtship behavior of wild strains of Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) from Madeira (Portugal), Hawaii (U.S.A.), Costa Rica, and Patagonia (Argentina). Some traits showed large variations and others substantial overlaps. The angle at which the male faced toward the female at the moment of transition from continuous wing vibration and intermittent buzzing changed very little during the course of courtship in all strains, but males from Madeira tended to face more directly toward the female than other males. Females tended to look more, and more directly, toward the males as courtship progressed in all strains. The distance between male and female tended to decrease as courtship proceeded in all strains, but the distances at which males initiated continuous vibration, intermittent buzzing, and jumped onto the female were relatively less variable between strains, except for the strain from Costa Rica. Flies of Madeira courted for longer and the male moved his head and buzzed his wings longer than the other strains. (author) [Spanish] Este estudio documenta diferencias en el comportamiento de cortejo de cepas silvestres de Ceratitis capitata (Wied.) provenientes de Madeira (Portugal), Hawaii (Estados Unidos de Norte America), Costa Rica y Patagonia (Argentina). Algunas caracteristicas mostraron grandes variaciones y traslape substancial. Los angulos a los cuales los machos miraron hacia las hembras cambiaron muy poco en el momento de la transicion de la vibracion continua al zumbido intermitente durante el curso del cortejo en todo las cepas, pero los machos de Madeira tendieron a enfrentar mas directamente a la hembra que otros machos. Los angulos de las hembras disminuyeron claramente durante el cortejo en todas las cepas. La distancia entre el macho y la hembra tendio a disminuir conforme el cortejo continuaba en todas las cepas, pero las distancias a las cuales los machos iniciaron la vibracion continua, el zumbido intermitente, y el salto sobre la hembra eran relativamente menos variables entre cepas excepto la cepa de Costa Rica. Moscas de Madeira cortejaron mas tiempo y el macho moviosu cabeza y zumbaba sus alas mas prolongadamente que las otras cepas. (author)

Briceno, D. [Escuela de Biologia, Universidad de Costa Rica, Ciudad Universitaria (Costa Rica); Eberhard, W. [Escuela de Biologia, Universidad de Costa Rica, Ciudad Universitaria and Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (Costa Rica); Vilardi, J. [Dpto. de Ciencias Biologicas, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 1428 Buenos Aires (Argentina); Cayol, J.-P. [Technical Cooperation Division, IAEA, Wagramerstrasse 5, P.O. Box 100 A-1400, Vienna (Austria); Shelly, T. [A. C. , D. , E. USDA/APHIS/CPHST, 41-650 Ahiki St. Waimanalo, HI 96795 (United States)



Digestible energy requirements of Mexican donkeys fed oat straw and maize stover.  


The limited availability of food, together with the constraints that traditional management systems impose on the natural foraging behaviour of donkeys, often results in severe under-nutrition. Few studies have been conducted into the digestibility of different forages and little information exists on nutritional requirements of donkeys. In order to measure digestible energy requirements of donkeys under tropical conditions, an experiment was carried out at the Centre for Research in Agricultural Science (CICA) and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Universidad Aut6noma del Estado de México located in the Toluca valley, Central Mexico. Thirty-two donkeys of a body condition typical for Central Mexico were divided into four groups of 8 animals each according to their sex and live weight: group 1 (G1) comprised male donkeys below the average body weight (102+/-5 kg); group 2 (G2) comprised male donkeys of average body weight (121.5+/-4 kg); group 3 (G3) comprised female donkeys below average weight (111.8 +/- 5 kg); and group 4 (G4) comprised female donkeys of average weight (127.6 +/- 5 kg). A diet of oat straw or maize stover and 15% alfalfa hay was offered to meet exact maintenance requirements. The donkeys were monitored for 13 months. The live weight of all animals was recorded daily in order to monitor whether maintenance requirements were being met. Mean daily digestible energy (DE) requirements were measured during the winter, spring, summer and autumn of 2003-2004. Digestible energy requirements of all four sex and liveweight groups were significantly (p > 0.05) higher during the spring than during the other seasons of the year (13.5, 18.0, 10.4 and 14.3 MJ DE per day during winter, spring, summer and autumn, respectively). Predicted DE requirements of donkeys with a live weight range betweenn 90 and 150 kg using the data from the present study were less than those predicted using scaled-down horse feeding standards. PMID:16335075

Carretero-Roque, L; Colunga, B; Smith, D G; González-Ronquillo, M; Solis-Mendez, A; Castelán-Ortega, O



Mechanisms of Earth activity forsed by external celestial bodies:energy budjet and nature of cyclicity  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In given report we discuss tidal and non-tidal mechanisms of forced tectonic (endogenous) activity of the Earth caused by gravitational attraction of the Moon, Sun and the planets. On the base of the classical solution of the problem of elasticity for model of the Earth with concentric mass distribution the evaluations of the tidal energy and power of Earth lunar-solar deformations, including their joint effect, were obtained. Important role of the joint energetic effect of rotational deformation of the Earth with lunar and solar tides was illustrated. Gravitational interaction of the Moon and Sun with non-spherical, non-homogeneous shells of the Earth generates big additional mechanical forces and moments of the interaction of the neighboring shells (rigid core, liquid core, mantle, lithosphere and separate plates). Acting of these forces and moments in the different time scales on the corresponding sells generates cyclic perturbations of the tensional state of the shells, their deformations, small relative translational displacements and small relative rotational oscillations of the shells. In geological period of time it leads to a fundamental tectonic reconstruction of the Earth. These additional forces and moments of the cyclic celestial-mechanical nature produce cyclic deformations of the all layers of the body and organize and control practically all natural processes. The additional force between mantle and core is cyclic and characterized by the wide basis of frequencies typical for orbital motions (of the Sun, Moon and planets), for rotational motion of the Earth, Moon and Sun and for many from observed natural processes. The problem about small relative translatory-rotary motion of the two shells separated by the thin viscous-elastic layer is studied. The differential equations of motion were obtained and have been studied in particular cases (plane motion of system; case of two axisymmetrical interacting shells and oth.) by approximate methods of small parameter and methods of averaging. Some regimes of the relative translatory-rotary motions of the shells were described in analytical form. Wide set observed geodynamical and geophysical phenomena can be illustrated as results or as reflections of the small and slow relative displacements of the shells in corresponding time-scales. Barkin's work was accepted and financed by RFBR grant 02-05-64176 and by grant SAB2000-0235 of Ministry of Education of Spain (Secretaria de Estado de Educacion y Universidades).

Barkin, Yu. V.; Ferrandiz, J. M.



Spirituality and Cultural Identification Among Latino and Non-Latino College Students  

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The purposes of this study were to examine (a) differences in spiritual perspectives and practices of Latino and non-Latino young adults and (b) the cultural relevance of the Latino Spiritual Perspective Scale (LSPS). Studies indicate that spiritual perspectives are embedded within cultural group norms and vary significantly across ethnic groups. A cross-sectional survey design was used with a convenience sample of 223 Latino and non-Latino university students in the Southwestern United States. The Spiritual Perspective Scale (SPS), the LSPS, the Orthogonal Cultural Identification Scale, and a demographic questionnaire were used. Latinos scored significantly higher than non-Latinos in both measures of spiritual perspectives. Self-reported behavioral measures, such as frequency of personal prayer, were also higher among the Latino group. Latino cultural identification was the only significant predictor of LSPS scores. Findings from this study indicate that spirituality among Latinos has meanings specific to the cultural group context. These findings have implications for nursing research involving the conceptualization and measurement of spirituality among multiethnic groups. Los propósitos de este estudio eran examinar: (a) diferencias en perspectivas espirituales y prácticas de jóvenes Latinos y no Latinos; y (b) la relevancia cultural de la Escala de la Perspectiva Espiritual Latina. Estudios indican que perspectivas espirituales están incrustadas entre normas culturales del grupo y varían considerablemente entre grupos étnicos. Un diseño transversal y de encuesta fue utilizado con una muestra de conveniencia de 233 estudiantes universitarios Latinos y no Latinos en el Suroeste de los Estados Unidos. La Escala de la Perspectiva Espiritual (EPE), la Escala de la Perspectiva Espiritual Latina (EPEL), la Escala Ortogonal de Identificación Cultural, y un cuestionario demográfico fueron utilizados. Los Latinos calificaron considerablemente más alto que los no Latinos en ambas medidas de perspectivas espirituales. Medidas de comportamiento auto-reportadas, como la frecuencia de oración, también estuvieron más altas en el grupo Latino. La identificación con la cultura Latina fue el único vaticinador de las calificaciones de la EPEL. Los resultados de este estudio indican que la espiritualidad entre Latinos tiene significados específicos al contexto del grupo cultural. Estas conclusiones tienen implicaciones para las investigaciones de enfermería que involucran la conceptualización y medida de la espiritualidad entre grupos multiétnicos.

Campesino, Maureen; Belyea, Michael; Schwartz, Gary



Depth Seismic-Migration Modeling Offshore `Tierra Del Fuego', Argentina (54° 25' S)  

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Within the framework of the TESAC Project (Tectonic Evolution of the South America-Scotia plate boundary during the Cenozoic), about 900 km of multichannel seismic reflection profiles were acquired off the Atlantic coast of the Tierra del Fuego Island. The profiles cut across the South America-Scotia plate boundary, a transform margin which traverses in an E-W direction the Island. Data processing and interpretation of a seismic reflection profile is presented in this contribution. A robust post-stack technique involved depth-migration of the seismic section, using an interval-velocity model of the upper Crust adjusted by iterative processing. An interpreted seismic- velocity section (which trends roughly NW-SE), shows a complex superposition of different tectonic structures, with presence of extensional, compressional and transtensional features in the area located to the north of Isla de los Estados. The profile, which crosses the offshore part of the Magallanes fold-and-thrust belt, images the deep structural framework of part of this tectonic province. The identification of acoustic fabrics and seismic discontinuities allowed us to recognize four main units. Overlaying the acoustic basement (Seismic unit 1), there is another unit (Seismic unit 2) which exhibits some reflector packages of high amplitude; this unit must be related to the volcanic and volcaniclastic sequences of Tobífera/Lemaire Fms. The Seismic Unit 3 displays internal reflector configurations of moderate amplitude and continuity and low-to-moderate frequency; the Yaghán/Beauvoir Fms must be the onshore equivalent of this unit. An uppermost seismic layer (Unit 4) may be correlated with the Tertiary sediments of the Magallanes foreland basin which were involved in the fold and thrust belt. A major structure identified in the studied seismic profile is a SE structural high (which involves the units 1, 2 and 3) and a NW down-faulted area. The latter display folds of kilometric size (3-4 km). Steeply dipping (mainly to the south) reverse faults cut through the folds. Some of these faults represent old extensional faults of the Middle- Mesozoic Rocas Verdes marginal basin rifting, which have been subsequently inverted by compressional stress fields. In addition, a noticeable flower fault system is recognized in the seismic profile, which involves both the sedimentary cover and the acoustic basement. This fault is interpreted as the result of shear stresses produced along the transcurrent South America-Scotia plate boundary.

Comínguez, A. H.; Flores, J.; Tassone, A.



Detailed forest formation mapping in the land cover map series for the Caribbean islands  

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Forest formation and land cover maps for several Caribbean islands were developed from Landsat ETM+ imagery as part of a multi-organizational project. The spatially explicit data on forest formation types will permit more refined estimates of some forest attributes. The woody vegetation classification scheme relates closely to that of Areces-Malea et al. (1), who classify Caribbean vegetation according to standards of the US Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC, 1997), with modifications similar to those in Helmer et al. (2). For several of the islands, we developed image mosaics that filled cloudy parts of scenes with data from other scene dates after using regression tree normalization (3). The regression tree procedure permitted us to develop mosaics for wet and drought seasons for a few of the islands. The resulting multiseason imagery facilitated separation between classes such as seasonal evergreen forest, semi-deciduous forest (including semi-evergreen forest), and drought deciduous forest or woodland formations. We used decision tree classification methods to classify the Landsat image mosaics to detailed forest formations and land cover for Puerto Rico (4), St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada. The decision trees classified a stack of raster layers for each mapping area that included the Landsat image bands and various ancillary raster data layers. For Puerto Rico, for example, the ancillary data included climate parameters (5). For some islands, the ancillary data included topographic derivatives such as aspect, slope and slope position, SRTM (6) or other topographic data. Mapping forest formations with decision tree classifiers, ancillary geospatial data, and cloud-free image mosaics, accurately distinguished spectrally similar forest formations, without the aid of ecological zone maps, on the islands where the approach was used. The approach resulted in maps of forest formations with comparable or better detail than when IKONOS or Landsat imagery was hand-digitized, as it was for the Dominican Republic (7) and Barbados. 1. T. Kennaway, E. H. Helmer. (Intl Inst of Tropical Forestry, USDA Forest Service, Río Piedras, Puerto Rico, 2006). 2. A. Areces-Mallea et al. (The Nature Conservancy, 1999). 3. E. H. Helmer, O. Ramos, T. Lopez, M. Quiñones, W. Diaz, Carib J Sci 38, 165-183 (2002). 4. C. Daly, E. H. Helmer, M. Quiñones, Int J Climatology 23, 1359-1381 (2003). 5. T. G. Farr, M. Kobrick, Eos Transactions 81, 583-585 (2000). 6. E. H. Helmer, B. Ruefenacht, Photogrammetric Eng Rem Sens 71, 1079-1089 (2005). 7. S. Hernández, M. Pérez. (Secretaría de Estado de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales de la República Dominicana, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 2005).

Helmer, E. H.; Schill, S.; Pedreros, D. H.; Tieszen, L. L.; Kennaway, T.; Cushing, M.; Ruzycki, T.



Open-field host specificity test of Gratiana boliviana (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae), a biological control agent of tropical soda apple (Solanaceae) in the United States  

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An open-field experiment was conducted to assess the suitability of the South American leaf feeding beetle Gratiana boliviana Spaeth for biological control of Solanum viarum Dunal in the USA. An open-field test with eggplant, Solanum melongena L., was conducted on the campus of the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a S. viarum control plot was established 40 km from the campus. One hundred adult beetles were released in each plot at the beginning of the experiment during the vegetative stage of the plants, and forty additional beetles were released in the S. melongena plot at the flowering stage. All the plants in each plot were checked twice a week and the number of adults, immatures, and eggs recorded. Results showed almost a complete rejection of eggplant by G. boliviana. No noticeable feeding damage was ever recorded on eggplant. The experiment was ended when the eggplants started to senesce or were severely damaged by whiteflies and spider mites. The results of this open-field experiment corroborate previous quarantine/laboratory host-specificity tests indicating that a host range expansion of G. boliviana to include eggplant is highly unlikely. Gratiana boliviana was approved for field release in May 2003 in the USA. To date, no non-target effects have been observed either on eggplant or native species of Solanum. (author) [Spanish] Una prueba de campo fue conducida para evaluar la especificidad del escarabajo suramericano defoliador Gratiana boliviana Spaeth para control biologico de Solanum viarum Dunal en los Estados Unidos. La prueba con berenjena se realizo en el campo experimental de la Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, y una parcela control con S. viarum fue establecida a 40 km. Cien escarabajos adultos fueron liberados en cada parcela al inicio del experimento durante la fase vegetativa, y cuarenta escarabajos adicionales fueron liberados en la parcela de berenjena durante la floracion. Todas las plantas en cada parcela fueron inspeccionadas dos veces a la semana y el numero de adultos, larvas, y posturas fueron registrados. Resultados indicaron un casi completo rechazo de la berenjena por G. boliviana. Ningun dano visible de defoliacion en la berenjena fue detectado. Las pruebas concluyeron cuando las plantas de berenjena alcazaron su madurez o fueron severamente danadas por mosca blanca y acaros. Resultados corroboran previas pruebas de especificidad en laboratorio/cuarentena que indican que la berenjena no es un hospedero de G. boliviana y que la posibilidad de llegar a ser una plaga de este cultivo es muy remota. Gratiana boliviana fue aprobado para ser liberado en el campo en mayo del 2003. Ningun dano ha sido observado hasta la fecha a plantas no blanco. (author)

Gandolfo, D.; McKay, F. [USDA-ARS South American Biological Control Laboratory, Hurlingham (Argentina); Medal, J.C.; Cuda, J.P. [University of Florida, Department of Entomology and Nematology, Gainesville, FL 32611 (United States)



A Influência da Escola e da Mídia na Obtenção dos Conhecimentos Astronômicos  

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O universo em que vivemos possui segredos jamais imaginados pelo homem, fruto da pequena proporção que ocupamos diante de um cosmos infinito. A astronomia funciona como um instrumento que sacia a sede humana em desvendar esses segredos, estudando as galáxias, quasares, pulsares além da existência de todos os elementos que preenchem o espaço cósmico, o vácuo, não mais vazio como se pensou em outros tempos. A mídia explora esse campo de forma mística e também científica. A difusão adequada e dentro dos padrões educacionais vigentes, de conceitos astronômicos, se faz necessária, devido sua presença nos conteúdos escolares, centros de ciência e na mídia, de modo geral. A reforma do Currículo Básico da Escola Pública da maioria dos Estados brasileiros introduziu conceitos astronômicos desde a pré-escola até o Ensino Médio. Num estudo realizado com 1.032 alunos do Ensino Médio de seis escolas estaduais, revelou-se através da aplicação de um questionário que abordava conheciment os básicos em astronomia, como estes foram adquiridos e qual era a infra-estrutura oferecida pela escola: para 66,2% dos entrevistados o professor já fez alguma apresentação a respeito de astronomia. O presente estudo revelou também que 44,5% dos alunos entrevistados adquiriram seus conhecimentos astronômicos na escola, 28,1% através da televisão e 27,4% afirmaram que seus conhecimentos foram obtidos através de outros tipos de mídia (internet, filmes e revistas). Embora o estudo revele claramente que há certo equilíbrio na forma em que os alunos obtiveram seus conhecimentos astronômicos, a mídia ainda explora e muitas vezes desperta o interesse pela astronomia com assuntos que não fazem parte de nosso cotidiano como, por exemplo, o homem na Lua, os projetos espaciais e a primeira viagem de um astronauta brasileiro no espaço. Porém, em certos casos, a mídia pode promover conhecimentos incompletos ou mesmo equivocados sobre os conceitos que envolvam a astronomia, como por exemplo a propagação do som no vácuo observado na maioria dos filmes de f icção científica ou da existência das estações do ano em função da distância da Terra ao Sol, em conformidade com o questionário aplicado.

da Cunha, W. S.; Voelzke, M. R.; Amaral, L. H.



Monitoring drought occurrences using MODIS evapotranspiration data: Direct impacts on agricultural productivity in Southern Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Evapotranspiration (ET), including water loss from plant transpiration and land evaporation, is of vital importance for understanding hydrological processes and climate dynamics and remote sensing is considered as the most important tool for estimate ET over large areas. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) offers an interesting opportunity to evaluate ET with spatial resolution of 1 km. The MODIS global evapotranspiration algorithm (MOD16) considers both surface energy fluxes and climatic constraints on ET (water or temperature stress) to predict plant transpiration and soil evaporation based on Penman-Monteith equation. The algorithm is driven by remotely sensed and reanalysis meteorological data. In this study, MOD16 algorithm was applied to Southern Brazil to evaluate drought occurrences and its impacts over the agricultural production. Drought is a chronic potential natural disaster characterized by an extended period of time in which less water is available than expected, typically classified as meteorological, agricultural, hydrological and socioeconomic. With human-induced climate change, increases in the frequency, duration and severity of droughts are expected, leading to negative impacts in several sectors, such as agriculture, energy, transportation, urban water supply, among others. The current drought indicators are primarily based on precipitation, however only a few indicators incorporate ET and soil moisture components. ET and soil moisture play an important role in the assessment of drought severity as sensitive indicators of land drought status. To evaluate the drought occurrences in Southern Brazil from 2000 to 2012, we used the Evaporative Stress Index (ESI). The ESI, defined as 1 (one) minus the ratio of actual ET to potential ET, is one of the most important indices denoting ET and soil moisture responses to surface dryness with effects over natural ecosystems and agricultural areas. Results showed that ESI captured major regional droughts (2005, 2010 and 2012) occurred in Southern Brazil, with similar wetting and drying patterns based on the Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) and strong correlation with agricultural productivity. Overall, the MODIS remotely sensed drought indices reveal the efficacy and effectiveness for near-real time monitor land surface drought events. Furthermore, understanding and predicting the consequences of drought events on agricultural productivity is emerging as one of the greatest challenges currently due to the increasing global demand for food. Acknowledgements: This work was made possible through the support of the Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul (FAPERGS).

Ruhoff, Anderson



Geochemical and technological characterization of clays of Corumbataí Formation, Paraná Basin, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil for the application in the ceramic industry.  

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The Corumbataí Formation is a geological unit of the Paraná Basin comprises a range of predominantly argillaceous facies. These clays are important from an economic point of view, because they represent important mineral deposits suppliers of raw materials for the ceramic industry in the production of ceramic tiles.The study presents preliminary results of a research that aims to study the clays municipalities Tambaú, Ferreira and Santa Rosa of Viterbo in the State of São Paulo for their application and diversification of ceramic products. The methodology used was based on a detailed description of facies using the methodology in principles of analysis of Basin Miall (1984), followed by mineralogical identification by X-ray Diffraction, chemical analysis of major elements by X-ray Fluorescence and technological tests ceramic. According to the geological surveys of mines studied through columnar sections were identified the following lithofacies from base to top: Massive, Laminated, Intercalated and Altered. The mineralogy present on these lithofacies is composed by minerals: quartz, microclineo, albite, calcite, dolomite and hematite and by clay minerals illite, kaolinite and montmorillonite. The quartz represents the mineral more present in diffraction and occurs with d001 of 3.33Å in all lithofacies studied. The illite clay mineral represents the most frequent in studied samples presenting d 001 10Å in three conditions (natural, heated and treated with ethylene glycol) in which the blade was subjected to the analysis of X-ray diffraction, the presence of kaolinite or montmorillonite occurs or not in samples. It was observed a increased frequency of some minerals in the lithofacies studied, carbonates (calcite and dolomite), hematite and feldspar occurring in the intermediate portions of the profile with a predominance in lithofacies Intercalated. The illita clay mineral occurs throughout the profile, but with greater frequency in the lithofacies Massive and Laminated. The clay minerals kaolinite and montmorillonite occur in portions intermediate and top of the profiles studied in the intercalated and altered lithofacies. The chemical results of major elements by X-ray fluorescence confirmed the mineralogical results, with average values of 63.74 % of SiO2, 12.50 of Al2O3, 4.35% of of K2O, 0.45% of Na2O, 2,72% of CaO and 1,87 of MgO. The results chemical and mineralogical subsidized testing and ceramic formulations due to be executed later so defining the main applications of these clays in the production of ceramic products. The authors acknowledge the finantial support of Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo-FAPESP, (Process, number 2012/24219-9).

Christofoletti, Sergio Ricardo; Torres Moreno, Maria Margarita; Batezelli, Alessandro; Zanardo, Antenor



Economic wealth and soil erosion in new Citrus plantations in Eastern Spain or how to explain the Land Degradation  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We use to accept the idea that the best oranges are coming from Valecia Region in Eastern Spain. Although the oranges are originally from Eastern Asia, Valencia is having a mild climate in winter, with a low recurrency of frost and is strategically located close to the largest market of citrus: Western Europe. This resulted in a continuous growth of production and trade of citrus, and contributed to make the Valencia Region the largest World exporter (Bono, 2010). This economical success reached the highest point after the EU and Spain agreement in 1986. This expansion of citrus plantations were done on steep slopes allowed by the drip irrigation systems that does not need leveling the land as it was done by new farmers with large properties. The traditional farming of oranges was done in small properties, flood irrigation and leveled land. Those changes are triggering intense soil erosion rates such were shown by previous researchers in Valencia (Cerdà et al., 2009). This impact is also shown in other regions with a similar citrus production evolution, and China is a clear example (Wang et al., 2010; Liu et al., 2012). Land This research evaluate the relations between the investment (economic wealth) of the owners of citrus plantations and the soil erosion rates on their orchards. The economic wealth of the onwers was measured on the size of their properties and after an interview. The soil erosion rates were measured by means of rainfall simulation experiments in each farm by means of thunderstorms of 10 years return period (55 mm h-1). The results show that the soil losses in the new plantations are extremely high (> 10 Mg ha-1 y-1), and that we can show three types of orchards: < 0.99 ha; 1-10 ha and > 10.1. The soil erosion rates where positively related to the size of the farms. The higher erosion rates are shown also by the scientific literature review. Chemically treated plantations (Cerdà, 2002) show high erosion rates due to the road construction too (Cerdà, 2007) and is higher than rainfed agriculture soil (García Orenes et al., 2009). Acknowledgements The research projects GL2008-02879/BTE, LEDDRA 243857 and RECARE FP7 project 603498 supported this research. References Bono, E. 2010. Naranja y desarrollo. La base agrícola exportadora de la economía del País Valenciano y el modelo de crecimiento hacea afuera. PUV, Valencia, 203 pp. Cerdà, A. 2001. Erosión hídrica del suelo en el Territorio Valenciano. El estado de la cuestión a través de la revisión bibliográfica. Geoforma Ediciones, Logroño, 79 pp. Cerdá, A. 2007. Soil water erosion on road embankments in Eastern Spain. Science of the Total Environments 378, 151-155. Cerdà, A., Morera, A.G., Bodí, M.B. 2009. Soil and water losses from new citrus orchards growing on sloped soils in the western Mediterranean basin. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 34 (13), 1822-1830. García-Orenes, F., Cerdà, A., Mataix-Solera, J., Guerrero, C., Bodí, M.B., Arcenegui, V., Zornoza, R. & Sempere, J.G. 2009. Effects of agricultural management on surface soil properties and soil-water losses in eastern Spain. Soil and Tillage Research, doi:10.1016/j.still.2009.06.002 Liu, Y., Tao, Y., Wan, K.Y., Zhang, G.S., Liu, D.B., Xiong, G.Y., Chen, F. 2012. Runoff and nutrient losses in citrus orchards on sloping land subjected to different surface mulching practices in the Danjiangkou Reservoir area of China. Agricultural Water Management, 110, 34-40. Wang, L., Tang, L., Wang, X., Chen, F. 2010. Effects of alley crop planting on soil and nutrient losses in the citrus orchards of the Three Gorges Region. Soil and Tillage Research, 110 (2), 243-250.

Giménez-Morera, Antonio; Cerdà, Artemio; Pereira, Pauloq



Linking storm surge activity and circulation variability along the Spanish coast through a synoptic pattern classification  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The potentially negative consequences resulting from the estimations of global sea level rising along the current century are a matter of serious concern in many coastal areas worldwide. Most of the negative consequences of the sea level variability, such as flooding or erosion, are linked to episodic events of strong atmospheric forcing represented by deep atmospheric disturbances, especially if they combine with extreme astronomical high tides. Moreover, the interaction between the prevailing flows during such events and the actual orientation of the coast line might accelerate or mitigate such impacts. This contribution analyses sea surge variations measured at five tide-gauge stations located around the Iberian Peninsula and their relationships with regional scale circulation patterns with local-scale winds. Its aim is to improve the knowledge of surge related-coastal-risks by analysing the relationship between surges and their atmospheric forcing factors at different spatial scales. The oceanographic data set consists of hourly data from 5 tide gauge stations (Santander, Vigo, Bonanza, Málaga, Valencia and Barcelona) disseminated along the Spanish coastline, provided by Puertos del Estado. To explore the atmospheric mechanisms responsible for the sign and magnitude of sea surges, a regional Eulerian approach (a synoptic typing) were combined with a larger-scale Lagrangian method, based on the analysis of storm-tracks over the Atlantic and local information (synop reports) obtained from the closest meteorological stations to the tide gauges. The synoptic catalogue was obtained following a procedure that combines Principal Component Analysis (PCA) for reduction purposes and clustering (Ward plus K-means) to define the circulation types. Sea level pressure, surface 10m U and V wind components gridded data were obtained from NCEP Reanalysis, while storm tracks and cyclone statistics were extracted from the CDC Map Room Climate Products Storm Track Data ( The second task was to evaluate the performance of each circulation type on the spatial patterns of a daily fire danger risk index (Canadian Fire Weather Index, FWI). Finally, anomaly maps of several surface and low level climate variables, corresponding to the dates of ignition of the very large forest fires within each synoptic pattern, were calculated to provide insight of the specific conditions associated to those extreme events. A principal component analysis upon 6 hourly residuals highlighted the homogeneous behaviour of the tide gauges and provided a regional quantitative index to identify the largest storm surges. The leading PCA displayed a homogeneous spatial pattern, describing the low frequency variability along the entire coast, in spite of different orientations of the coast, accounting for more than 80% of the total variability. The second PCA displayed opposite phases between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Furthermore, the results suggest that surges are a regional rather than local phenomenon, probably related to the same single physical forcing. The comparison between extreme surge events and circulation patterns highlighted that single physical mechanism is represented by extratropical cyclonic disturbances located at the north-western corner of the Iberian Peninsula, responsible for an environment characterized by low pressure readings and westerly-southwesterly winds. That wind pattern acquires an onshore component in the Atlantic coast, but becomes offshore in the Mediterranean. So, the main mechanism responsible for those storm surges is the inverse barometer effect, being the wind dragging secondary. The main physical forcing of the storm surges, the extratropical cyclones, have experience a reduction of this frequency and a marked reduction in their strength since 1950, replaced by stable circulations. Both conditions suggest a long term reduction of the frequency and the magnitude of storm surges.

Rasilla Álvarez, Domingo; Garcia Codrón, Juan Carlos



Circulation patterns and wave climate along the coast of the Iberian Peninsula  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Evidences of an active erosion (beach retreat, falling cliffs, damaged infrastructures) are observed in many coastal areas around the Iberian Peninsula. Morphogenetic coastal processes result from individual episodes of storminess that can accelerate or mitigate the expected impacts of the global rising trend of average sea levels. Thus, a good understanding of the local forcing processes is required in order to assess the impacts of future sea levels. The spatial and temporal variability of the wave climate along the cost of the Iberian Peninsula and their relationships with regional scale circulation patterns and local-scale winds are the main objectives of this contribution. The oceanographic data set consists of observed hourly data from 7 buoys disseminated along the Spanish coastline, and hindcasted 3-hourly analogous parameters (SIMAR 44 database), provided by Puertos del Estado. Sea level pressure, surface 10m U and V wind components gridded data were obtained from NCEP Reanalysis, while storm tracks and cyclone statistics were extracted from the CDC Map Room Climate Products Storm Track Data ( The influence of the local conditions was highlighted comparing meteorological data from the buoys and synop reports from coastal stations. To explore the regional atmospheric mechanisms responsible for the wave variability, a regional Eulerian approach (a synoptic typing) were combined with a larger-scale Lagrangian method, based on the analysis of storm-tracks over the area. The synoptic catalogue was obtained following a well-known procedure that combines Principal Component Analysis (PCA) for reduction purposes and clustering (Ward plus K-means) to define the circulation types. As expected, rougher wave climate are observed along the northern and western coast of the Iberian Peninsula, open to the Atlantic storms. The Mediterranean shorelines experiences calmer conditions, although the Gulf of Lions, Catalonian coast and Balearic Islands suffer stormier episodes than Mar de Alborán. Moderate wave power conditions occurred frequently by circulation patterns predominately stable and characterized by weak (mostly sea breezes) winds. Synoptic situations dominated by extra-tropical cyclones produced the highest, but least frequent wave power conditions. Depending on the location of the shorelines, three types of storm events are defined: 1. Long winds fetch and locally strong westerly and northwesterly winds expose the northern coast of Iberia to episodes of intense storminess. Extratropical disturbances tracking between the 50-60°N parallels are the main forcing mechanism of those episodes, many of them result of a cyclogenesis processes along the eastern coast of North America. In some cases, the systems evolves as a secondary cyclon, crossing the area southward of the 50°N parallel; significant wave heights can be as high as the northernmost cyclones, but the wave period is slightly lower. 2.Cyclones tracking along the 40°N parallel bring stormy conditions to the western coast and the Gulf of Cádiz area, associated to southwesterly winds. 3. Finally, the Mediterranean shoreline suffer the worst conditions during easterly and northeasterly wind events, usually dominanted by local disturbances formed along the Western Mediterranean basin. Trends observed on the different circulation patterns can explain the temporal evolution of the wave climate along the Spanish coast, characterized by calmer conditions on the south and an increase of the wave period on the north, without discernible wave height trend. The overall results indicated that this synoptic climatological approach provides a viable framework to establish and examine links between weather systems and wave conditions.

Rasilla Álvarez, D.; García Codrán, J. C.



Tides at the east coast of Lanzarote Island  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The main goal of this work is the study of the ocean tides at the east coast of Lanzarote (Canary Islands). We have analyzed time series of tide gauge and bottom pressure observations available in the region and we have made a further comparative validation with recent global and local ocean tide models. Lanzarote island shows singular features, with regard its volcanic structure and geomorphological properties and, also, concerning the characteristics of the ocean tides in the surrounding waters. For this reason, this region experiences a great interest in Geodesy and Geodynamics. Particularly, an accurate modelization of the ocean tides is of great importance to correct with high accuracy the effect of the ocean over the multiple geodetic measurements that are being carried out in the Geodynamic Laboratory of Lanzarote, LGL (Vieira et al., 1991; 2006). Furthermore, the analysis of tide gauge and bottom pressure records in this area is of great importance to investigate sea level variations, to evaluate and quantify the causes of these changes and the possible correlation with vertical movements of the Earth's crust. The time series of sea level and bottom pressure data considered in this work are obtained at two different locations of the island and, in each of them, using several sensors at different periods of time. First location is Jameos del Agua (JA) station, which belongs to the LGL. This station is placed in the open ocean, 200 meters distant from the northeastern coast of the island and at 8 meters depth. The observations have been carried out using 3 bottom pressure sensors (Aanderaa WLR7, SAIV TD301A and Aqualogger 210PT) at different periods of time (spanning a total of six years). Second location is Arrecife (AR) station, which is 23 km south of JA station. In this case, the sea level data come from a float tide gauge belonging to the Instituto Español de Oceanografía, installed at the beginning of the loading bay, and a radar tide gauge from the REDMAR network of Puertos del Estado placed at the end of the same loading bay. Results obtained from the time series analysis at both locations, amplitude and phase of the main diurnal and semi-diurnal tidal waves, are compared with the most recent global ocean tide models, as TPXO7.2, EOT11a, HAMTIDE, FES2004, GOT4.7 and AG2006, and also with the high resolution regional ocean tide model for the Canaries CIAM2 (Arnoso et al., 2006, Benavent, 2011). Comparison of simulated harmonic constant (from global and local ocean tide model) with those obtained from tidal stations is done by means of the direct comparison between amplitudes and phase for each tidal wave and the root mean square (rms) of the differences in the complex plane. Finally the root sum square (rss) of residuals over all harmonic constituents considered is calculated.

Benavent, M.; Arnoso, J.; Vélez, E. J.



A review of eating disorders research in Mexico.  


The objective of this paper is to summarize research findings on eating disorders and the current state of the field in Mexico. Papers published in indexed journals and graduate dissertations were retrieved, using "eating disorders," "anorexia nervosa," "bulimia nervosa," "body image," "binge eating," "restrained eating," "weight and shape concern," and "dieting" as keywords. These were combined with the Boolean operator "AND" with "Mexico" and "Latin America." Findings are presented for epidemiology, the validity of assessment instruments, comorbidity, and risk factors. A national representative survey found a prevalence of 1.8% for bulimia nervosa, and no cases of anorexia nervosa. However, the lack of studies with confirmatory clinical interview and other national or regional representative samples makes it difficult to reach conclusions about the actual prevalence. A number of instruments for the detection of eating disorders and disordered eating have been validated for the Mexican population. The comorbidity of eating disorders in Mexico includes drug and alcohol abuse, obesity, and borderline personality disorder. Risk factors found included body weight and cultural pressure to be thin. Future lines of research should include epidemiological studies with representative samples and diagnosis confirmation, longitudinal studies, and the exploration of protective and risk factors specific to this population. We want to acknowledge Dr Richard A. Gordon's encouragement to write this manuscript and his accurate comments on its preliminary and final versions. We also want to thank the participants of the seminar on publications held at the Office of Epidemiological and Psychosocial Studies of the National Institute of Psychiatry for the comments they made to this article. El objetivo de este trabajo es el de resumir los hallazgos de investigación sobre los trastornos alimentarios y el estado actual del campo en México. Se recuperó la obra publicada en revistas indizadas y tesis de grado, mediante los descriptores "trastorno alimentario," anorexia nervosa," bulimia nervosa," "imagen corporal," "atracones," "restricción alimentaria," "preocupación por el peso y la figura," y "conducta de dieta." Éstos se combinaron con el operador Booleano "AND" con "México" y "América Latina." Se presentan los hallazgos para la epidemiología, la validez de los instrumentos de medición, comorbilidad, y factores de riesgo. Una encuesta nacional representativa encontró una prevalencia de 1.8% para la bulimia nervosa, y ningún caso de anorexia nervosa. No obstante, la carencia de estudios con una entrevista clínica confirmatoria y de otras muestras nacionales o regionales dificulta el arribo a conclusiones acerca de la prevalencia real. Varios instrumentos para la detección de los trastornos alimentarios y de la alimentación desordenada se han validado en población mexicana. La comorbilidad de los trastornos alimentarios en México incluye el uso y abuso de alcohol, la obesidad y el trastorno de personalidad limítrofe. Los factores de riesgo referidos incluyen el peso corporal y la presión cultural para estar delgado. Las líneas de investigación futuras deberán incluir estudios epidemiológicos con muestras representativas y la confirmación del diagnóstico, estudios longitudinales, y la exploración de factores de riesgo y protectores específicos a esta población. L'objectif de cet article est de résumer les résultats de recherche et l'état actuel des connaissances sur les troubles alimentaires au Mexique. Les articles publiés dans des revues indexées et les thèses de doctorat ont été recensés en utilisant les mots-clés « eating disorders », « anorexia nervosa », « bulimia nervosa », « body image », « binge eating », « restrained eating », « weight and shape concern » et « dieting ». Ceu

Unikel, Claudia; Bojorquez, Ietza



The migration, dissolution, and fate of chlorinated solvents in the urbanized alluvial valleys of the southwestern USA  

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The migration, dissolution, and subsequent fate of spilled chlorinated solvents in the urban alluvial valleys of the southwestern U.S. appear to be governed by a unique set of hydrogeologic and geochemical processes occurring within terrigeneous clastic depositional systems. The alluvial and lacustrine fill of the basins, the trapping of solvents in fine-grained sediments beneath the urbanized valley centers, the oxic conditions typical of the deeper alluvium, and the contaminant-transport patterns produced by large-scale basin pumping combine to produce long aqueous-phase plumes derived from the dissolution of trapped chlorinated solvents. Although of limited aqueous solubility, these dense solvents are sufficiently mobile and soluble in the southwestern alluvial valleys to have produced aqueous plumes that have migrated several kilometers through the deeper alluvium and have contaminated valuable water-supply well fields in California, Arizona, and New Mexico. The typical length of these plumes and the presence of oxic groundwater indicate that it is unlikely that natural attenuation will be a practical remedial option in the southwestern alluvial valleys or in other alluvial systems in which similar hydrogeologic and geochemical conditions exist. Résumé La migration, la dissolution et l'évolution consécutive des rejets de solvants chlorés dans les vallées alluviales du sud-ouest des États-Unis paraissent déterminées par un même ensemble de processus hydrogéologiques et géochimiques intervenant dans des formations de dépôts clastiques terrigènes. Les remplissages alluviaux et lacustres des bassins, le piégeage des solvants par des sédiments fins sous les centres des vallées urbanisées, les conditions oxiques typiques des alluvions plus profondes et les types de transport de contaminants provoqués par le pompage à l'échelle du bassin se combinent pour produire des panaches, étendus dans la phase aqueuse, provenant de la dissolution de solvants chlorés piégés. Malgré leur faible solubilité dans l'eau, ces solvants denses sont suffisamment mobiles et solubles pour avoir produit, dans le sud-ouest des vallées alluviales, des panaches aqueux qui ont migré de plusieurs kilomètres dans les alluvions plus profondes et ont contaminé des champs captants pour l'eau potable en Californie, en Arizona et au Nouveau-Mexique. La longueur de ces panaches et la présence d'eau souterraine en conditions oxiques indiquent qu'il est peu probable que la décroissance naturelle soit un recours pratique de décontamination dans les vallées alluviales du sud-ouest ou dans d'autres systèmes alluviaux dans lesquels existent des conditions hydrogéologiques et géochimiques semblables. Resumen La migración, disolución y transporte de compuestos clorados en valles aluviales urbanos del sudoeste de los Estados Unidos de América parecen estar gobernados por un conjunto único de procesos hidrogeológicos y geoquímicos que tienen lugar en los depósitos clásticos. El relleno aluvial y lacustre de las cuencas, la inmovilización de los solutos en sedimentos de grano fino bajo las zonas urbanizadas, los condiciones óxicas típicas del aluvial profundo y las direcciones de transporte regidas por los fuertes bombeos en las cuencas se combinan para producir grandes penachos en fase acuosa procedentes de la disolución de los compuestos clorados atrapados en el medio. Aunque la solubilidad de estos compuestos clorados densos es pequeña, es suficiente para producir penachos que en algunos casos se han desplazado varios kilómetros a través del aluvial profundo y han llegado a contaminar zonas de extracción muy productivas en California, Arizona y Nuevo México. La longitud de estos penachos y la presencia de agua subterránea oxidante indican que es improbable que la degradación natural sea un buen método de limpieza de estos acuíferos o de otros sistemas aluviales que presenten características hidrogeológicas y geoquímicas semejantes.

Jackson, R. E.


Simulation of regional-scale groundwater flow in the Azul River basin, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A three-dimensional modular model (MODFLOW) was used to simulate groundwater flow in the Azul River basin, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, in order to assess the correctness of the conceptual model of the hydrogeological system. Simulated heads satisfactorily match observed heads in the regional water-table aquifer. Model results indicate that: (1) groundwater recharge is not uniform throughout the region but is best represented by three recharge rates, decreasing downgradient, similar to the distribution of soils and geomorphological characteristics; and (2) evapotranspiration rates are larger than previous estimates, which were made by using the Thornthwaite-Mather method. Evapotranspiration rates estimated by MODFLOW agree with results of independent studies of the region. Model results closely match historical surface-flow records, thereby suggesting that the model description of the aquifer-river relationship is correct. Résumé Un modèle modulaire tridimensionnel (MODFLOW) a été utilisé pour simuler les écoulements souterrains dans le bassin de la rivière Azul (Province de Buenos Aires, Argentine), dans le but d'évaluer la justesse du modèle conceptuel du système hydrogéologique. La piézométrie simulée s'ajuste de façon satisfaisante à celle observée pour l'ensemble de la nappe. Les résultats du modèle indiquent que: (1) la recharge de la nappe n'est pas uniforme sur toute la région, mais qu'elle est mieux approchée par trois valeurs différentes, décroissant vers l'aval-gradient, en suivant la même distribution que les sols et les caractéristiques géomorphologiques et (2) l'évapotranspiration est nettement plus importante que prévu initialement à partir de la méthode de Thornthwaite-Mather. Les valeurs d'évapotranspiration fournies par MODFLOW concordent bien avec les résultats d'autres études portant sur la région. Les résultats du modèle reproduisent convenablement les chroniques de débit des écoulements de surface, suggérant ainsi que la description par le modèle des relations rivière-nappe est correcte. Resumen Se ha utilizado el modelo MODFLOW, del Servicio Geológico de los Estados Unidos, para simular el flujo de agua subterránea en la cuenca del arroyo del Azul, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina, con el objeto de evaluar el modelo hidrogeológico conceptual. Los niveles hidráulicos simulados ajustan satisfactoriamente con los niveles observados. Los resultados de la simulación indican que: (1) la recarga no es uniforme, sino que puede caracterizarse con tres zonas en las que sus valores decrecen en la medida en que decrece la pendiente, que guarda similitud con la distribución de suelos y características geomorfológicas y (2) la evapotranspiración sería mayor que la estimada en estudios previos, en los que se utilizó el método de Thornthwaite-Mather. La evapotranspiración estimada mediante la presente simulación concuerda con resultados de varios estudios independientes en la región. Respecto de la relación acuífero-río, existe un muy buen ajuste entre los aportes del acuífero al río simulados y los valores históricos de caudal base.

Varni, Marcelo R.; Usunoff, Eduardo J.


Como Lo Hago Yo: Mielomeningocele En Bolivia  

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Introducción: Las malformaciones del tubo neural (MTN) representan la segunda causa más frecuente de anomalías congénitas, luego de las cardiopatías. En este grupo se destaca el mielomeningocele (MMC) por su mayor incidencia, y por ser la más incapacitante y la más compleja entre todas las demás malformaciones del sistema nervioso c`entral (SNC). En Bolivia, como en muchos países de Sudamérica, los bajos niveles socio-culturales y la debilidad en el sistema sanitario, hacen que su incidencia y su morbilidad, sean mayores que en las naciones más desarrolladas. Material y Métodos: Se realizó un estudio retrospectivo y descriptivo de 70 casos de MMC, atendidos por un equipo multidisciplinario en el Hospital Universitario Japonés (HUJ) de Santa Cruz de la Sierra, entre 2008-2011. De ellos, 60 fueron intervenidos quirúrgicamente. Resultados: Se realizaron controles prenatales sólo en 27 mujeres (38.6%), diagnosticándose una disrafia espinal en apenas dos casos (7.4%). La edad de ingreso del MMC en su mayoría fue después de las 24 horas (65.6%), predominando su localización en la región lumbosacra (64.3%). De ellos, 67.2% eran abiertos, presentando un 32.9% un daño neurológico motor parcial mientras que 47.1% tenían paraplejia por debajo de la lesión. De los 70 casos, tres (4.3%) no fueron intervenidos, por presentar defectos congénitos severos o estado general grave. Las principales complicaciones posoperatorias inmediatas fueron: dehiscencia de sutura y/o infección de la herida (16.6%), fístula de líquido cefalorraquídeo (LCR) (10%) e infección del SNC (11.7%). La mortalidad general y postoperatoria fue de 7.1% y 3.3%, respectivamente. Al mes de vida presentaban hidrocefalia un 80% de los pacientes operados, colocándose una derivación ventriculoperitoneal (DVP) de presión media. De 9 pacientes que tuvieron un acompanamiento de dos o más años, seis presentaron una médula anclada, que fueron intervenidas quirúrgicamente. Conclusión: En esta serie, el diagnóstico prenatal del MMC fue ocasional y la derivación al HUJ de los recién nacidos con esta malformación fue generalmente tardía. No hubo predominio de género y la mayoría de los casos presentaron sus lesiones en la región lumbar y lumbosacra. La mortalidad general y postoperatoria fue similar a la reportada en la literatura. Pocos enfermos realizaron controles posteriores al alta hospitalaria. Igual que otros países de Sudamérica, las falencias en el sistema público de salud y el nivel sociocultural, son factores determinantes para un mal pronóstico en estos niños. Por sus múltiples complicaciones, el MMC requiere de una especial atención gubernamental, sobre todo de carácter preventivo mediante el uso de ácido fólico en mujeres fértiles, como también de un equipo profesional multidisciplinario, a fin de realizar un tratamiento adecuado y oportuno. Al mismo tiempo, trabajos multicéntricos en hospitales de América Latina, ayudarán al mejor manejo de estos pacientes.

Dabdoub, Carlos F.; Dabdoub, Carlos B.; Villavicencio, Ramiro; Quevedo, German



Groundwater demand management at local scale in rural areas of India: a strategy to ensure water well sustainability based on aquifer diffusivity and community participation  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Watershed development programmes provide an opportunity for sustainable management strategies, although currently, they remain largely `supply-side' mechanisms of water resources development. Hydrogeological conditions, community participation and status of groundwater usage are important in evolving strategies on `demand-side' groundwater management. Neemkheda aquifer is a typical low-storage, low-hydraulic conductivity aquifer from a watershed in the dryland regions of Madhya Pradesh State of central India. A shallow unconfined aquifer, it consists of an upper coarse, calcareous sandstone unit underlain by a fine-grained sandstone unit. A `well commune' of seven wells is poised to test the concept of joint groundwater management, wherein wells are mechanisms of tapping a common water source, the Neemkheda aquifer. The strategy for systematic groundwater management in the Neemkheda well commune is based upon the relationship between Transmissivity (T) and Storage coefficient (S), i.e. aquifer diffusivity, and its variation within the aquifer. Wells within a high diffusivity domain tend to dewater more quickly than wells within a low diffusivity domain. A well-use schedule during the dry season, based upon aquifer diffusivity forms the basis of the groundwater management concept. The distribution of local aquifer diffusivities governs the relationship between local and regional aquifer depletion times and forms the basis of the groundwater management exercise being proposed for the Neemkheda aquifer. Los programas de desarrollo de una cuenca hídrica son una oportunidad para el uso de estrategias de gestión sostenible, aunque hoy en día estas siguen siendo principalmente mecanismos para el desarrollo de recursos hídricos con énfasis en la ``oferta''. Las condiciones hidrogeológicas, la participación comunitaria y la condición de utilización del agua subterránea, son importantes en el desarrollo de estrategias para la gestión del agua subterránea, desde el punto de vista de la ``demanda''. El acuífero de Neemkheda es un acuífero típico de almacenamiento bajo y conductividad hidráulica baja, perteneciente a una cuenca hídrica ubicada en las regiones secas del Estado de Madhya Pradesh, en la parte central de India. Un acuífero de tipo libre, somero, formado por una unidad superior de arenisca calcárea de grano grueso, subyacida por una unidad de arenisca de grano fino. Un campo de pozos comunitario compuesto por siete pozos, pone a prueba el concepto de gestión conjunta del agua subterránea, dentro del cual los pozos son mecanismos para usar una fuente de agua común: El acuífero de Neemkheda. La estrategia usada para la gestión sistemática del agua subterránea, en el campo de pozos comunitario de Neemkheda, se basa en la relación existente entre Transmisividad (T) y Coeficiente de Almacenamiento (S), es decir en la Difusividad del Acuífero y en su variación observada dentro del mismo acuífero. Los pozos cuya difusividad esta dentro de un rango alto, tienden a experimentar un descenso en su nivel mas rápidamente que aquellos pozos con una difusividad baja. El concepto de gestión de agua subterránea se basa en un programa especial de operación para cada pozo durante la estación seca, el cual a su vez se basa en la difusividad del acuífero. La distribución de difusividades locales del acuífero rige las relaciones entre las épocas de descensos de nivel en el acuífero a escala regional y local, y además constituyen la base del ejercicio de la gestión del agua subterránea que se esta proponiendo para el acuífero de Neemkheda. Les programmes de développement des bassins versants offrent une occasion de développer des stratégies pour une gestion durable, bien qu' à présent elles restent en grande mesure `le terme source' dans le mécanisme de développement de la ressource en eau. Les conditions hydrogéologiques, la participation de la communauté et l'usage des eaux souterraines sont importants pour le `terme demande' dans les stratégies de gestion des eaux souterraines. L'aquifèr

Kulkarni, Himanshu; Vijay Shankar, P. S.; Deolankar, S. B.; Shah, Mihir


Monitoring artificially stimulated fluid movement in the Cretaceous Dakota aquifer, western Kansas  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Aquifer properties can be evaluated by monitoring artificially stimulated fluid movements between wells, if the fluid is heated. Changes in the temperature profile recorded in observation wells indicate the flow path of the heated fluid, which in effect acts as a tracer. A fluid-flow experiment in the Cretaceous Dakota Formation at the Hodgeman County site, west-central Kansas, demonstrated the advantage of using the distributed optical-fiber temperature sensing method for monitoring transient temperature conditions in this hydrological application. The fluid flow in the aquifer was increased by producing water from a pumping well and injecting heated water in an injection well 13 m (43 ft) distant from the pumping well. The time-temperature series data obtained and compared with results from previous pumping tests point to interwell heterogeneity of the aquifer and to a zone in the sandstone aquifer of high hydraulic conductivity. However, the experiment would have allowed further clarification of aquifer heterogeneity and thermal properties if at least one observation well had been present between the injection and production wells. Résumé. Les caractéristiques d'un aquifère peuvent être évaluées en effectuant un suivi des mouvements du fluide stimulés artificiellement entre des puits, si le fluide est chauffé. Les variations de profils de température enregistrés dans les puits d'observation donnent des informations sur les directions d'écoulement du fluide chauffé, qui en fait se comporte comme un traceur. Réalisée dans la formation crétacée de Dakota, sur le site du Comté de Hodgeman (centre-ouest du Kansas), une expérience a démontré l'intérêt d'utiliser la méthode de détection distribuée de température par fibres optiques pour suivre les variations de température dans cette application hydrologique. L'écoulement du fluide dans l'aquifère a été favorisé en extrayant de l'eau par pompage et en injectant de l'eau chaude dans un puits d'injection distant de 13 m du puits de pompage. La chronique de température obtenue et comparée aux résultats d'essais de pompage précédents fait apparaître l'hétérogénéité de l'aquifère entre les puits et l'existence d'une zone de forte conductivité hydraulique dans l'aquifère de grès. Toutefois, l'expérience aurait fourni des éclaircissements supplémentaires sur l'hétérogénéité de l'aquifère et sur ses propriétés thermiques si au moins un puits d'observation avait été placé entre le puits d'injection et le puits de pompage. Resumen. Se puede evaluar las propiedades de un acuífero mediante la observación del movimiento de un fluido, calentado artificialmente, entre pozos. Los cambios registrados en el perfil de temperatura de los pozos de observación indican la trayectoria del fluido calentado, el cual actúa como un trazador. Un experimento de este tipo que se realizó en la formación cretácica de Dakota, en el condado de Hodgeman (porción occidental del centro de Kansas, Estados Unidos de América), demostró la ventaja de utilizar el método del sensor de temperatura con fibra óptica distribuída para medir condiciones transitorias de temperatura en esta aplicación hidrológica. El flujo del fluido en el acuífero aumentó con el bombeo de un pozo y la inyección de agua caliente en otro sondeo, que distaba 13 m (43 pies) del primero. Las series de temperatura obtenidas y comparadas con resultados de ensayos de bombeo previos resaltan la heterogeneidad del acuífero entre ambos pozos, así como la existencia de una zona de elevada conductividad hidráulica en el acuífero de la arenisca. Sin embargo, el experimento habría proporcionado más información sobre la heterogeneidad de la formación y sus propiedades termales si se hubiera dispuesto al menos de un punto de observación entre los pozos de inyección y bombeo.

Macfarlane, Allen; Förster, Andrea; Merriam, Daniel; Schrötter, Jörg; Healey, John



Spanish Network on Effects of Wildfires on Soils. The view after 5 years of networking  

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1. WHAT IS FUEGORED? The Spanish Thematic Network "Effects of Wildfires on Soils" (FUEGORED, has been working for over 5 years at becoming a point of reference for the study of fire-affected soils and restoration strategies. FUEGORED started in 2007, originally scheduled to run three years, as a result of the interest of Spanish researchers for developing better strategies and scientific interchange of ideas, people and collaboration between research groups. The first steps towards the establishment of a working group were a series of fieldtrips through Spain (2003), USA (2004) and Portugal (2005), where discussions about problems and research strategies arised. In its early years the network was supported by the former Ministry of Science and Innovation. This is a project to review scientific knowledge developed to date and discuss and propose future developments in scientific research about the effects of wildfires on soils. The objectives of the network are to promote and disseminate scientific research findings, provide technical and management information, and facilitate transference of knowledge between scientists, forest managers, students and society. 2. WHO IS IN THE NETWORK? The research group consists of the leading names of Spanish science in the topic and young talents, which are currently developing the most innovative research lines. Currently, the network is formed by 245 members, researchers from over 30 Spanish universities and research centers to provide the experience of decades of scientific and technical work in areas affected by forest fires and outstanding foreign researchers from Europe, Australia and America, including countries such as Australia, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, UK, USA and others. Forest managers and technicians from various institutions are also present. 3. MAIN ACHIEVEMENTS Four international congresses have been promoted by the network in Valencia, 2008, Seville, 2009, Santiago de Compostela, 2010 and Tenerife, 2012 (the next meeting will be held in Barcelona in 2014). In addition, several contributions, courses and workshops have been celebrated in Spanish or international forums as the EGU General Assembly, the International Meeting of Fire Effects on Soil Properties (FESP2011 and forthcoming FESP2013) and the International Conference on Geomorphology have been also sponsored. Other activities include the publication of book series (two volumes have been published: Cerdá and Jordán, 2010; Cerdà and Mataix-Solera, 2009. The third one is currently in preparation), books of abstracts (Díaz-Raviña et al., 2010; Jordán et al., 2009), a series of technical reports (in preparation) and special issues in international journals (in, for example, Catena, Geoderma, Environmental Research or the International Journal of Wildland Fire). A four-monthly journal (FLAMMA; is published regularly since 2010 with an increasing audience and issues scheduled until 2014. Also, the network has promoted voluntary environmental actions and educational activities. 4. MAIN CHALLENGES The next challenges are to continue promoting the interaction between scientists, decision makers, forest management staff and end-users and to establish new connections with European institutions and research groups. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The Spanish Thematic Network "Effects of Wildfires on Soils" was supported between 2007 and 2009 by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (projects CGL2007-28764-E 2007-2008 and CGL2008-01632-E 2009). REFERENCES Cerdà, A. Jordán, A. (Eds.). 2010. Actualización de Métodos y Técnicas para el Estudio de los Suelos Afectados por Incendios Forestales [Updated methods and techniques for the study of soils affected by wildfires; in Spanish]. Cátedra de Divulgació de la Ciència, Universitat de València, FUEGORED 2010. Valencia. 521 pp. ISBN: 978-84-370-7887-8. Cerdà, A., Mataix-Solera, J. (Eds). 2009. Efectos de los incendios forestales sobre los suelos en España. El estado de la cuestión vis

Jordán, Antonio; Mataix-Solera, Jorge; Cerdà, Artemi



PREFACE: XIV Mexican School on Particles and Fields  

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The XIV Mexican School on Particles and Fields took place from 8-12 November, 2010, in the colonial city of Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico. The format of the school was such that the morning sessions were devoted to theoretical and experimental reviews, whereas parallel thematic sessions were held in the afternoons. All the reviews and seminars were delivered by experts of international prestige on subjects which are of current interest to the global scientific community and are also actively pursued within Mexico. In order to equip the attending graduate students and post docs with the necessary introductory tools to allow them to benefit substantially from the specialized seminars, a series of mini-courses were offered prior to the event from 4-7 November 2010, in the Auditorium of the Faculty of Science of the University of Michoacan (UMSNH). The length of each course was about 5 hours, English being the language of instruction. An informal and friendly atmosphere was encouraged during the courses so that the students could overcome their inhibitions and actively participate in the discussions. A novel feature of this event was a colloquium aimed at the general public and younger students of pre-undergraduate level, which allowed the expert scientists to reach out to a wider community and raise their awareness and interest in one of the most fascinating and vital fields of knowledge. The XIV-MSPF was organized by the Division of Particles and Fields of the Mexican Physical Society. It was generously sponsored by several institutions: Consejo Estatal de Ciencia y Tecnológico (COECyT) del Estado de Michoacán, Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, Universidad de Sonora, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Universidad de Guanajuato, Universidad de Sinaloa, Centro de Investigaciones de Estudios Avanzados del IPN (CINVESTAV), Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONACyT), la Academia Mexicana de Ciencias and, most importantly, the Red Nacional de Física de Altas Energías. At a personal level, we are very grateful to Dr Juan Carlos D'Olivo (President of the Red Nacional de Física de Altas Energías), Dr Pedro Mata Vázquez (Director of COECyT), Dr Ricardo Becerril Bárcenas (Director of the Institute of Physics and Mathematics, UMSNH), Dr Rigoberto Vera Mendoza (Director of the Faculty of Science, UMSNH) and Dr José Napoleón Guzmán Ávila (Coordinator of Scientific Research, UMSNH) for their invaluable support in all organizational matters, which enabled the school to become a reality. We gratefully acknowledge the help of our colleagues in the organizing committee: Alexis Aguilar, Alejandro Ayala, Wolfgang Bietenholz, Alberto Güijosa, Gabriela Murguía, Sarira Sahu (UNAM), Eduard de la Cruz Burelo, Abdel Pérez-Lorenzana (CINVESTAV), Elena Cáceres (UCOL), David Delepine (UG), Mariana Kirchbach (UASLP), Ildefonso León (UAS), Juan Carlos Arteaga-Velázquez (for his impeccable work in managing the web page of the school) and Víctor Villanueva (UMSNH). Most of them contributed to the extra work involved in refereeing the contributions submitted for this publication. Many thanks also go to all the student volunteers for the efficiency and dedication with which they carried out their duties. At the registration desk, we relied on the hard work of Xiomara Gutiérrez, Enif Gutiérrez (UMSNH) and Mara Diaz Pancardo. Several post docs and PhD students provided invaluable support in all organizational matters: Adolfo Huet, Cliffor Compeán, Rocío Bermúdez, Saúl Sánchez, Anabel Trejo, Iraís Rubalcava, Khépani Raya, José Juan González, Saúl Hernández Ortiz (UMSNH), Alfredo Galaviz, and Alan Aganza (USON). Their help in carrying out the organization of the school was essential and without their collaboration, this school would not have been the same. We also acknowledge the help of the administrative secretary Maria Esperanza Jaramillo of IFM (UMSNH). We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the speakers for delivering excellent lectures and seminars which made this event a success.

Bashir, Adnan; Contreras, Guillermo; Raya, Alfredo; Tejeda-Yeomans, Maria Elena



Phytoreovirus-like sequences isolated from salivary glands of the glassy-winged sharpshooter Homolodisca vitripennis (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae)  

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The salivary glands of the Glassy-winged sharpshooter (GWSS), Homalodisca vitripennis Germar 1821, (syn. H. coagulata, Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) were collected and used to produce a cDNA library. Examination by BLASTX analyses identified 2 viral sequences, one a 610-base pair fragment and a second 839-base pair fragment, both of which had significant homology to viruses within the genus Phytoreovirus. Resequencing of the fragments confirmed sequence validities. These sequences were used for in silico protein translation and BLASTP analysis confirming the established homology. While the GWSS is the primary vector of Pierce's disease of grapes, this is the first report that GWSS may be a vector of a phytoreoviruses. Phylogenetic and homology comparisons with BLASTX, BLASTP, and PAUP analyses indicated that the viral sequences isolated from GWSS were closely related to the viruses in the Family Reoviridae, Genus Phytoreovirus, specifically Rice Dwarf Phytoreovirus (RDV). RDV is the only plant reovirus that is not limited to the phloem. Phytoreoviruses are transmitted in a propagative manner by cicadellid leafhoppers (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae), which acquire and transmit them during feeding. Phytoreoviruses have been reported from Agallian, Agalliopsis, Nephotettix, and Recilia, genera of leafhoppers, with evidence for transovarial transmission. The GWSS, although considered to feed primarily from the xylem, ingests from other plant tissues, such as the phloem and mesophyll during probing similar to other leafhoppers. The feeding behavior and wide host range of the GWSS provides an overlapping condition for these two organisms, leafhopper and virus. GWSS will feed from grasses as a transitory host, and on herbaceous and woody plants as primary hosts, which may favor the acquisition and transmission of Phytoreovirus by this leafhopper. Monitoring for an increase of Phytoreovirus spread in graminaceous crops that are in proximity to vineyards or tree crop orchards, where GWSS occurs, such as in southern California, will provide a better understanding of the potential role of the GWSS as a disease vector in the spread of phytoreoviruses and other plant pathogens. The sequences have been deposited in NCBI database under the accession numbers (EF058280) for GWSS-V1, WHSg013C11 and (EF058281) for GWSS-V2, WHSg024H02. (author) [Spanish] Dos fragmentos de 610 y 839 pares de bases fueron aislados apartir de una genoteca de expresion derivada de las glandulas salivales del cucarron de las alas cristalinas (GWSS), Homalodisca vitripennis, Germar 1821 (syn. H. coagulata) el cual es vector de la enfermedad de Pierce de las uvas. Los resultados de alineamiento utilizando BLASTX, BLASTP y el analisis filogenetico utilizando PAUP indicaron que los fragmentos de DNA estaban relacionado de manera mas cercana a viruses en la familia Reoviridae, genero Phytoreovirus, y especificamente a los virus del enanismo del arroz (RDV) y al virus del tumor de las grietas (WTV). El cucarron de las alas cristalinas es un saltahoja que se alimenta no solo del xilema sino tambien del floema y del mesofilo. Saltahojas del genero Agallian, son los principales vectores de WTV, el cual infecta el floema de plantas dicotiledoneas tumoraciones en las hojas y en las raices. WTV es transmitido por saltahojas y es el unico reovirus que es capaz de infectar tanto tejidos del xilema como del floema. El comportamiento alimentario del GWSS y su amplio rango de hospederos que incluye pastos y plantas herbaceas y lenosas podria proveer la interaccion entre estos dos organismos facilitando la adquisicion y tranmision de fitoreovirus por el GWSS. Un adecuado monitoreo de el incremento en la expansion de reoviruses en cultivos de gramineas asociados al los vinedos en donde GWSS ocurre en regiones tales como el sur de California, y en general el sur de los Estados Unidos, podria proveer un mejor entendimiento del papel del GWSS como vector de fitoreovirus y otros patogenos de plantas. Las sequencias se depositaron en la base de datos NCBI con los siguientes numeros de identificac

Katsar, C.S.; Hunter, W.B. [Subtropical Insect Research Unit, United States Horticultural Research Lab, United States Department Agriculture, ARS, Fort Pierce, FL 34945 (United States)]. E-mail:; Sinisterra, X.H. [University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, Indian River Research and Education Center, Fort Pierce, FL 34945 (United States)



Physical activity and overweight among adolescents on the Texas-Mexico border  

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Objective To investigate differences in associations between physical activity and overweight for students in two adjacent areas on the border between Mexico and the United States of America: students in the city of Matamoros, Mexico, and Mexican-American students in the Lower Rio Grande Valley (LRGV) area of southern Texas. Since the extremely high prevalence of overweight among Mexican-American adolescents is well-recognized, we wanted to determine whether overweight has become a problem among Mexican adolescents. Methods Students from 6 schools (n = 669), representing 12% of the ninth-grade students in Matamoros during 2002-2003, and students from 13 high schools (n = 4 736), representing 22% of the ninth-grade students in the LRGV during 2000-2001, completed questionnaires. Polytomous logistic regression was performed to estimate the risk of being at risk of overweight (?85th percentile to <95th percentile of body mass index (BMI) for age and sex) and the risk of being overweight (?95th percentile of BMI-for-age and sex) versus normal weight associated with measures of physical activity. For simplicity normal weight includes underweight. Results A higher percentage of adolescents in the LRGV were at risk of overweight (17.2%) in comparison with adolescents from Matamoros (14.8%). The percentages of LRGV and Matamoros adolescents who were overweight were identical (16.9%). LRGV adolescent boys (OR = 0.87, 95% CI = 0.77-0.98) who participated in team sports were less likely to be at or above the 85th percentile of BMI-for-age and sex. Although of borderline significance, Matamoros and LRGV adolescent boys who participated in physical education classes were less likely to be at risk of overweight. Neither in Matamoros nor LRGV students were any of the various physical activity categories or levels associated with being at risk of overweight or being overweight. Conclusions Nearly one-third of the students in both Matamoros and the LRGV are at risk of overweight and are overweight. Implementation of interventions on healthful dietary choices and participation in physical education classes and sports teams are essential for reducing the extremely high prevalence of overweight among students on both sides of the Texas/Mexico border. ABSTRACT. Spanish. Objetivo: Investigar si hay diferencias en las asociaciones entre la actividad física y el sobrepeso observadas en estudiantes de dos zonas colindantes en la frontera mexicanoestadounidense: estudiantes de la ciudad de Matamoros, México, y estudiantes mexicanoestadounidenses del valle a lo largo de la desembocadura del Río Bravo (VRB) en la parte sur del estado de Texas. Dada la consabida prevalencia extremadamente alta de sobrepeso en adolescentes mexicanoestadounidenses, los autores queríamos determinar si el sobrepeso también se ha convertido en un problema entre adolescentes mexicanos. Métodos: Estudiantes de 6 escuelas (n = 653), que comprenden 11% de los estudiantes de noveno grado en Matamoros durante 2002–2003, y estudiantes de 13 bachilleratos (n = 4 736), que comprenden 22% de los estudiantes de noveno grado del VRB durante 2000–2001, contestaron cuestionarios. Se llevó a cabo una regresión logística politómica a fin de calcular el riesgo de estar en riesgo de tener sobrepeso (?85.° percentil a <95.° percentil de índice de masa corporal (IMC) para la edad y el sexo) y el riesgo de tener sobrepeso (?95.° percentil de índice de masa corporal (IMC) para la edad y el sexo), frente a un peso normal, que se asociaban con distintos grados de actividad física. En aras de la sencillez, en la clasificación del peso normal también se abarcó la insuficiencia de peso. Resultados: Un mayor porcentaje de adolescentes estaban en riesgo de sufrir sobrepeso en el VRB (17%) que en Matamoros (15%). Los porcentajes de adolescentes de VRB y de Matamoros que tenían sobrepeso fueron idénticos (17%). Los varones adolescentes en el VRB (raz&

Perez, Adriana; Reininger, Belinda M.; Flores, Maria Isabel Aguirre; Sanderson, Maureen; Roberts, Robert E.



Assessment of Management to Mitigate Anthropogenic Effects on Large Whales  

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Abstract United States and Canadian governments have responded to legal requirements to reduce human-induced whale mortality via vessel strikes and entanglement in fishing gear by implementing a suite of regulatory actions. We analyzed the spatial and temporal patterns of mortality of large whales in the Northwest Atlantic (23.5°N to 48.0°N), 1970 through 2009, in the context of management changes. We used a multinomial logistic model fitted by maximum likelihood to detect trends in cause-specific mortalities with time. We compared the number of human-caused mortalities with U.S. federally established levels of potential biological removal (i.e., species-specific sustainable human-caused mortality). From 1970 through 2009, 1762 mortalities (all known) and serious injuries (likely fatal) involved 8 species of large whales. We determined cause of death for 43% of all mortalities; of those, 67% (502) resulted from human interactions. Entanglement in fishing gear was the primary cause of death across all species (n = 323), followed by natural causes (n = 248) and vessel strikes (n = 171). Established sustainable levels of mortality were consistently exceeded in 2 species by up to 650%. Probabilities of entanglement and vessel-strike mortality increased significantly from 1990 through 2009. There was no significant change in the local intensity of all or vessel-strike mortalities before and after 2003, the year after which numerous mitigation efforts were enacted. So far, regulatory efforts have not reduced the lethal effects of human activities to large whales on a population-range basis, although we do not exclude the possibility of success of targeted measures for specific local habitats that were not within the resolution of our analyses. It is unclear how shortfalls in management design or compliance relate to our findings. Analyses such as the one we conducted are crucial in critically evaluating wildlife-management decisions. The results of these analyses can provide managers with direction for modifying regulated measures and can be applied globally to mortality-driven conservation issues. Evaluación del Manejo para Mitigar Efectos Antropogénicos sobre Ballenas Mayores Resumen Los gobiernos de Estados Unidos y Canadá han respondido a requerimientos legales para reducir la mortalidad de ballenas inducida por humanos por medio de impacto con embarcaciones y enmarañamiento en artes de pesca mediante la implementación de un conjunto de acciones reguladoras. Analizamos los patrones espaciales y temporales de la mortalidad de ballenas mayores en el Atlántico Noroccidental (23.5°N a 48.0°N), de 1970 a 2009, en el contexto de cambios de manejo. Utilizamos un modelo logístico multinomial ajustado por la máxima probabilidad de detección de tendencias en mortalidades por causa específica en el tiempo. Comparamos el número de muertes provocadas por humanos con los niveles de remoción biológica potencial (i.e., mortalidad específica provocada por humanos sustentable). De 1970 a 2009, hubo 1762 muertes (conocidas) y lesiones serias (casi fatales) involucrando 8 especies de ballenas mayores. Determinamos la causa de 43% de todas las muertes; de ellas, 67% (502) resultaron de interacciones humanas. El enmarañamiento en artes de pesca fue la causa principal de muerte en todas las especies (n = 323), seguida de causas naturales (n = 248) e impacto de embarcaciones (n = 171). Los niveles sustentables de mortalidad establecidos fueron excedidos consistentemente hasta en 650% en 2 especies. Las probabilidades de muerte por enmarañamiento y por impacto de embarcaciones incrementaron significativamente de 1990 a 2009. No hubo cambio significativo en la intensidad local de mortalidad por todas las causas o por impacto de embarcaciones antes y después de 2003, año en el que se implementaron numerosos esfuerzos de mitigación. Hasta ahora, los esfuerzos regulatorios no han reducido los efectos letales de las actividades humanas sob

Van Der Hoop, Julie M; Moore, Michael J; Barco, Susan G; Cole, Timothy VN; Daoust, Pierre-Yves; Henry, Allison G; McAlpine, Donald F; McLellan, William A; Wimmer, Tonya; Solow, Andrew R



A thick lens of fresh groundwater in the southern Lihue Basin, Kauai, Hawaii, USA  

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A thick lens of fresh groundwater exists in a large region of low permeability in the southern Lihue Basin, Kauai, Hawaii, USA. The conventional conceptual model for groundwater occurrence in Hawaii and other shield-volcano islands does not account for such a thick freshwater lens. In the conventional conceptual model, the lava-flow accumulations of which most shield volcanoes are built form large regions of relatively high permeability and thin freshwater lenses. In the southern Lihue Basin, basin-filling lavas and sediments form a large region of low regional hydraulic conductivity, which, in the moist climate of the basin, is saturated nearly to the land surface and water tables are hundreds of meters above sea level within a few kilometers from the coast. Such high water levels in shield-volcano islands were previously thought to exist only under perched or dike-impounded conditions, but in the southern Lihue Basin, high water levels exist in an apparently dike-free, fully saturated aquifer. A new conceptual model of groundwater occurrence in shield-volcano islands is needed to explain conditions in the southern Lihue Basin. Résumé. Dans le sud du bassin de Lihue (Kauai, Hawaii, USA), il existe une épaisse lentille d'eau souterraine douce dans une vaste région à faible perméabilité. Le modèle conceptuel conventionnel pour la présence d'eau souterraine à Hawaii et dans les autres îles de volcans en bouclier ne rend pas compte d'une lentille d'eau douce si épaisse. Dans ce modèle conceptuel, les accumulations de lave dont sont formés la plupart des volcans en bouclier couvrent de vastes régions à relativement forte perméabilité, avec des lentilles d'eau douce peu épaisses. Dans le sud du bassin de Lihue, les laves remplissant le bassin et les sédiments constituent une région étendue à faible conductivité hydraulique régionale, qui, sous le climat humide du bassin, est saturée presque jusqu'à sa surface; les surfaces piézométriques sont plusieurs centaines de mètres au-dessus du niveau de la mer à quelques kilomètres de la côte. On pensait jusqu'à présent que des niveaux piézométriques aussi élevés dans des îles de volcans en bouclier n'existaient que dans le cas de nappes perchées ou de blocage par un dyke, mais dans le sud du bassin de Lihue, des niveaux piézométriques élevés existent dans un aquifère apparemment sans dyke et complètement saturé. Un nouveau modèle conceptuel de présence d'eau souterraine dans les îles de volcans en bouclier est nécessaire pour expliquer les conditions observées dans le sud du bassin de Lihue. Resumen. Se ha determinado la existencia de un espeso lentejón de aguas subterráneas dulces en una extensa región de baja permeabilidad situada al sur de la cuenca de Lihue, en Kauai (Hawaii, Estados Unidos de América). El modelo conceptual convencional de las aguas subterráneas en Hawai y en otros cinturones de islas volcánicas no considera la existencia de lentejones tan gruesos de agua dulce. En dicho modelo, las acumulaciones de flujos de lava que constituyen la mayoría de los cinturones volcánicos se desarrollan en grandes áreas de permeabilidad relativamente baja y con pequeños lentejones de agua dulce. En el sur de la cuenca de Lihue, las lavas de relleno y los sedimentos forman una región extensa de baja conductividad hidráulica regional que, con el clima húmedo de la zona, está saturada hasta prácticamente la superficie del terreno, mientras que el nivel freático se encuentra centenares de metros por encima del nivel del mar a pocos kilómetros de la línea de costa. Se creía hasta ahora que, en los cinturones de islas volcánicas, tales niveles sólo tenían lugar en acuíferos colgados o en condiciones de confinamiento por diques, pero, al sur de la cuenca de Lihue, se dan en acuíferos completamente saturados que no están limitados por diques. Se necesita un nuevo modelo conceptual de las aguas subterráneas en cinturones de islas volcánicas para explicar las condiciones halladas en la cuenca meridional de Lihue.

Izuka, Scot; Gingerich, Stephen



Storm pulse chemographs of saturation index and carbon dioxide pressure: implications for shifting recharge sources during storm events in the karst aquifer at Fort Campbell, Kentucky/Tennessee, USA  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Continuous records of discharge, specific conductance, and temperature were collected through a series of storm pulses on two limestone springs at Fort Campbell, western Kentucky/Tennessee, USA. Water samples, collected at short time intervals across the same storm pulses, were analyzed for calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate, total organic carbon, and pH. Chemographs of calcium, calcite saturation index, and carbon dioxide partial pressure were superimposed on the storm hydrographs. Calcium concentration and specific conductance track together and dip to a minimum either coincident with the peak of the hydrograph or lag slightly behind it. The CO2 pressure continues to rise on the recession limb of the hydrograph and, as a result, the saturation index decreases on the recession limb of the hydrograph. These results are interpreted as being due to dispersed infiltration through CO2-rich soils lagging the arrival of quickflow from sinkhole recharge in the transport of storm flow to the springs. Karst spring hydrographs reflect not only the changing mix of base flow and storm flow but also a shift in source of recharge water over the course of the storm. L'enregistrement en continu du débit, de la conductivité et de la température de l'eau a été réalisé au cours d'une série de crues à deux sources émergeant de calcaires, à Fort Campbell (Kentucky occidental, Tennessee, États-Unis). Des échantillons d'eau, prélevés à de courts pas de temps lors de ces crues, ont été analysés pour le calcium, le magnésium, les bicarbonates, le carbone organique total et le pH. Les chimiogrammes de calcium, d'indice de saturation de la calcite et de la pression partielle en CO2 ont été superposés aux hydrogrammes de crue. La concentration en calcium et la conductivité de l'eau se suivent bien et passent par un minimum correspondant au pic de l'hydrogramme ou légèrement retardé. La pression partielle en CO2 continue de croître au cours de la récession de l'hydrogramme de même que l'indice de saturation de la calcite décroît. Ces résultats sont interprétés comme étant dus à l'infiltration dispersée au travers de sols riches en CO2, décalée par rapport à l'arrivée de l'écoulement rapide provenant de la recharge, à partir d'une perte, de l'écoulement de crue vers les sources. Les hydrogrammes de sources karstiques ne reflètent pas seulement le mélange variable de l'écoulement de base et de l'écoulement de crue, mais également un changement d'origine de l'eau de la recharge au cours de l'épisode de crue. Se ha registrado en continuo la descarga, conductancia específica y temperatura de una serie de episodios de tormenta en dos manantiales en calizas ubicados en Fort Campbell, en el oeste de Kentucky/Tennessee (Estados Unidos de América). Se ha analizado muestras de agua recogidas en breves intervalos de tiempo durante los episodios de tormenta, determinando el calcio, magnesio, bicarbonato, carbono orgánico total y pH. Se ha superpuesto quimiogramas de calcio, índice de saturación en calcita y presión parcial de dióxido de carbono en los hidrogramas de las tormentas. La concentración de calcio y la conductancia específica se comportan de forma similar y presentan un mínimo que coincide también con un pico del hidrograma o que se retrasa ligeramente con respecto a él. La presión de dióxido de carbono sigue aumentando en la rama de recesión del hidrograma y, como consecuencia, disminuye el índice de saturación de la rama de recesión del hidrograma. Se interpreta que estos resultados son debidos a la infiltración dispersa a través de suelos enriquecidos en dióxido de carbono que retrasan el flujo rápido desde la recarga en los sumideros hasta su afloramiento en los manantiales. Los hidrogramas en manantiales kársticos reflejan no sólo la mezcla cambiante del flujo de base y el de tormenta, sino también el cambio en el origen del agua de recarga durante el curso de la tormenta.

Vesper, Dorothy J.; White, William B.