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[Inquérito epidemiológico com paracoccidioidina e histoplasmina em área agrícola de café em Ibiá, Minas Gerais, Brasil.].  


An epidemiological survey in an endemic area for paracoccidioidomycosis in Ibiá town, Minas Gerais state, Brazil was carried out. For this, we used a standard form for each household and intradermal antigens of histoplasmin and paracoccidioidin. Out of 194 individuals, 109(56%) were engaged in the survey showing reactivity of 44% and 49.5% for these antigens respectively. The reactivity to paracoccidioidin was observed in 50% of children below ten years. Individuals who revealed reactivity to paracoccidiodin with prior history of coffee growing activities, and those reporting the grain collection as the main work, showed statistically significant association p = 0.0092, p = 0.0007 and p = 0,01 respectively. These results could suggest that activities related to coffee crops, may favour the transmission of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis, specially among the grain collectors. In addition, the reactivity for histoplasmin antigen, suggest that this region is endemic for both fungi. PMID:18473521

Silva-Vergara, M L; Martínez, R



Adesão às precauções padrão pela equipe do atendimento pré-hospitalar móvel de Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil  

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This was a cross-sectional study of workers in the pre-hospital care team in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State, Brazil, aimed at evaluating adherence to precautions. The study instrument included questions on knowledge, attitudes, and facilitating factors for adherence to standard precautions. Adherence was verified by percentage of adequacy: > 75 percent correct answers. Drivers showed the lowest degree of knowledge

Aline Cristine; Adriana Cristina Oliveira; Jussara Teixeira Silva; Maria Henriqueta Rocha




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Este estudo atua com uma ferramenta de feedback quanto aos resultados obtidos com os programas educacionais em combate ao descarte incorreto de embalagens vazias no município de Campos Gerais no Sul do Estado de Minas Gerais. Os objetivos são mensurar a eficiência dos -programas educativos implementados por empresas e órgãos governamentais como forma de prevenção ao impacto ambiental causado pelo

Jairo Gustavo De Lima; Marcelo Marcio Romaniello; Cristhiane Oliveira Da Graca Amancio



Rickettsial spotted fever in capoeirão Village, Itabira, Minas Gerais, Brazil  

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SUMMARY The present study investigated the infection by spotted fever rickettsia in an endemic area for Brazilian spotted fever (BSF; caused by Rickettsia rickettsii) in Minas Gerais State, Brazil. Human, canine and equine sera samples, and Amblyomma cajennense adult ticks collected in a rural area of Itabira City, Minas Gerais State were tested for rickettsial infection. Through Immunofluorescence Assay (IFA)

Manoella Campostrini Barreto Vianna; Maurício Claudio Horta; Luis Antônio Sangioni; Adriana Cortez; Rodrigo Martins Soares; Cláudio Lisias Mafra; Márcio Antônio Moreira Galvão; Marcelo Bahia Labruna; Solange Maria Gennari



MINA, an IL-4 repressor controls TH2 bias  

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T helper-2 (TH2)-bias, the propensity of naive CD4+ T cells to differentiate into interleukin 4 (IL-4) secreting TH2 cells, is a genetic trait impacting infectious, autoimmune and allergic disease susceptibility. TH2-bias correlates with the amount of IL-4 initially secreted by newly activated TH cells that feeds back positively through the IL-4R-STAT6-GATA3 pathway to drive TH2 development. Here, we identify Mina, a JmjC family member, as a genetic determinant of TH2-bias. Mina specifically bound to and repressed the Il4 promoter. Mina overexpression in transgenic mice impaired Il4 expression, while its knockdown in primary CD4+ T cells led to Il4 derepression. Together, these findings provide mechanistic insight into an Il4 regulatory pathway controlling TH differentiation and genetic variation in TH2-bias.

Okamoto, Mariko; Van Stry, Melanie; Chung, Linda; Koyanagi, Madoka; Sun, Xizhang; Suzuki, Yoshie; Ohara, Osamu; Kitamura, Hiroshi; Hijikata, Atsushi; Kubo, Masato; Bix, Mark



Plumboan crichtonite: from the Fazenda Guariba, Minas Gerais, Brazil  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Senaite, Pb(Ti,Fe,Mn)21O38, a member of the crichtonite group, was first described from alluvial gravels near Dattas, Minas Gerais, Brazil. It was subsequently reported (always from alluvial stream gravels) from about seven additional localities. "Senaite' from the first in situ source in Brazil, at the Fazenda Guariba, Minas Gerais, Brazil was described by Cassedanne (1988). Approximately 20 crystals of "senaite' from the Fazenda Guariba were examined chemically and all were found to be plumboan crichtonite rather than senaite. -from Authors

Foord, E. E.; Chaves, M. L. D. S. C.; Lichte, F. E.



[Outbreak of histoplasmosis in Pedro Leopoldo, Minas Gerais, Brazil].  


An outbreak of histoplasmosis was spotted in Pedro Leopoldo, a city in Minas Gerais State, Brazil, in 1997, where four individuals had been in contact with a bat-inhabited cave. Acute pulmonary histoplasmosis diagnosis was made by the use of clinical, serologic, radiographic and epidemiological criteria. An antifungal treatment with ketoconazole (400mg daily for 30 days) was administered resulting in symptons' remission in a few days. PMID:11600916

Cury, G C; Diniz Filho, A; Cruz, A G; Hobaika, A B


Mercury concentration in fish from Piracicaba River (Minas Gerais, Brazil)  

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Mercury emissions from some upstream gold mining areas and recent findings of high natural Hg levels in sediments motivated\\u000a studies on the Hg cycle in the Minas Gerais state. The study presents the total mercury amount found in Geophagus brasiliensis’ muscular tissue (wet weight) and sediments from Piracicaba River. Mercury was analyzed using acid digestion followed by\\u000a determination of total

I. A. Arantes; M. T. C. Pinto; P. A. Mangabeira; M. F. Grenier-Loustalot; M. A. R. V. Veado; A. H. Oliveira



Axonopus graniticola, a new species of A. ser. Suffulti (Poaceae, Panicoideae, Paspaleae) from Minas Gerais, Brazil  

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Abstract A new species of Axonopus ser. Suffulti from Minas Gerais, Brazil, is described and illustrated. Comparison with morphologically related species, as well as comments on the ecology and the conservation status are provided.

Viana, Pedro Lage; de Paula, Luiza Fonseca Amorim



Geology and geochemistry of the Águas Claras and Pico Iron Mines, Quadrilátero Ferrífero, Minas Gerais, Brazil  

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The Águas Claras and Pico Mines are two world-class iron-ore mines hosted within the Lower- Proterozoic banded iron-formations (locally known as itabirites) of the Minas Supergroup located in the Quadrilátero Ferrífero district, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The Águas Claras orebody consists of a 2,500-m-long roughly tabular-shaped lens hosted within the dolomitic itabirite of the Cauê Formation. Dolomitic itabirite is the protore

Carlos Alberto Spier; Sonia Maria Barros de Oliveira; Carlos Alberto Rosière



Mercury concentration in fish from Piracicaba River (Minas Gerais, Brazil).  


Mercury emissions from some upstream gold mining areas and recent findings of high natural Hg levels in sediments motivated studies on the Hg cycle in the Minas Gerais state. The study presents the total mercury amount found in Geophagus brasiliensis' muscular tissue (wet weight) and sediments from Piracicaba River. Mercury was analyzed using acid digestion followed by determination of total mercury by cold vapour atomic absorption spectrophotometry. This study was also complemented with the analysis of the limnological parameters (water temperature, conductivity, total dissolved solids, suspended particles, pH, dissolved oxygen, maximum depth, photic index and total carbon). The mercury concentration in sediments samples was higher than the mercury concentration in muscular tissue of fish. The lowest Hg level measured in fish was 0.0147 microg g( - 1), while the highest was 0.101 microg g( - 1). In the sediment samples, the lowest and highest levels were 0.02 microg g( - 1) and 0.16 microg g( - 1), respectively. The Hg concentrations in fish and sediment were both under the maximum limit permitted by the World Health Organization. PMID:18683058

Arantes, I A; Pinto, M T C; Mangabeira, P A; Grenier-Loustalot, M F; Veado, M A R V; Oliveira, A H



Ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) on dogs from Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brazil.  


Uberlândia in Minas Gerais State, southeastern Brazil, has 622 000 inhabitants and is located in the Cerrado biome, the South American savannah. The city dog population is estimated at 82 000 and identification of tick species and infestation prevalence on this host has not been determined. A major infectious disease of dogs in the city, canine ehrlichiosis, is transmitted by Rhipicephalus sanguineus ticks. At the same time, autochthonous leishmaniosis has been recently described in the city and a role for dog ticks in the disease transmission has been supposed in Brazil. In this work, we present general information on dog ticks in Uberlândia municipality and region. Dogs from 33 farms and 31 districts were examined for ticks from July 2007 to February 2009. On the whole, 413 dogs were examined, 311 (75.3%) from the city and 102 (24.6%) from rural area. Overall infestation rate of dogs from Uberlândia was 37.3% and the mean infestation intensity was 3.25 parasites per dog. In the urban area, 100 dogs (32.2%) had ticks whereas 54 dogs (52.9%) from rural areas were infested. Four tick species were found: Rhipicephalus sanguineus, Amblyomma cajennense, Amblyomma ovale and Boophilus microplus. In the city, only R. sanguineus and one A. cajennense was found on dogs and R. sanguineus and A. ovale were the main dog ticks in rural areas. PMID:20537111

Szabó, M P J; de Souza, L G A; Olegário, M M M; Ferreira, F A; de Albuquerque Pajuaba Neto, A



[Schistosomiasis in an ecotourism area in Minas Gerais State, Brazil].  


This paper discusses schistosomiasis transmission in São José da Serra, a village with a population of 500 in the county of Jaboticatubas, Minas Gerais State, Brazil. The area receives thousands of visitors a year for ecotourism. The study was motivated by a case of acute schistosomiasis involving a couple that spent the 2007 Carnival (Mardi Gras) holiday in the area. Stool tests from 268 local residents (53.6% of the population) showed that 35 (13%) were positive for the infection. A comparison with a previous survey (2005) in the same location showed an increase in the schistosomiasis-positive rate from 9.6% to 12.5%, among the 56 individuals who participated in both surveys. A malacological survey of 65 Biomphalaria glabrata snails showed one specimen (1.5%) eliminating cercariae. In a similar survey in 2005, no positive snail specimens were found. The study indicates that active schistosomiasis transmission is occurring in the area, and that integrated educational programs are needed for both the local community and tourists. PMID:18670694

Massara, Cristiano Lara; Amaral, Graciela Larissa; Caldeira, Roberta Lima; Drummond, Sandra Costa; Enk, Martin Johannes; Carvalho, Omar dos Santos




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Se pretende en el presente trabajo, mostrar las carcatristicas que presenta el Estado en los Montes de María (1) (departamentos de Sucre y Bolívar, republica de Colombia), en el cual se resalta la naturaleza mafiosa y politiquera de un Estado que ya no existe como tal y que se ha convertido en feudos de la politiquería local. Igualmente, se hace

Daniel Menco Rivera



How Do Criminals Locate? Crime and Spatial Dependence in Minas Gerais  

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The aim of this paper is to investigate the existence of a spatial dependence of crime rates at a local level in the case of municipalities of Minas Gerais, one of the 26 Brazilian states. Results suggest the existence of a positive spatial autocorrelation of municipal violent crime rates. However, it also appears that violent crime against property and against

Frédéric PUECH



Characterization and origin of spongillite-hosting sediment from João Pinheiro, Minas Gerais, Brazil  

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Spongillite from João Pinheiro, Minas Gerais, Brazil is mainly known for its use in brick production and in the refractory industry. Very few studies have focused on its geological context. Spongillite-rich deposits occur in shallow ponds on a karstic planation surface developed on rocks of the Neoproterozoic São Francisco Supergroup. Cenozoic siliciclastic sediments are related to this surface. A field

A. C. S. Almeida; A. F. D. C. Varajão; N. S. Gomes; C. A. C. Varajão; C. Volkmer-Ribeiro



Spatial-temporal analysis of water requirements of coffee crop in Minas Gerais State, Brazil  

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Scientific investigations about crop water requirements are of fundamental importance to the irrigation process. The main objective of this paper is to analyze and to map water requirements of coffee crop in Minas Gerais State, Brazil. Poten- tial evapotranspiration values (ET 0) were estimated by the Penman-Monteith-FAO method, using daily data sets available for 42 National Meteorology Institute (INMET) stations

Luis C. de A. Lemos Filho; Carlos R. de Mello; Manoel A. de Faria; Luiz G. de Carvalho



Agaricales Fungi from atlantic rain forest fragments in Minas Gerais, Brazil  

PubMed Central

Two Atlantic Rain Forest fragments in Minas Gerais state were studied to access their Agaricales fungal richness. A total of 187 specimens were collected and 109 species, 39 genera, and eight families were identified. Thirty-three species were cited for the first time in Brazil.

Rosa, Luiz Henrique; Capelari, Marina



First report of vancomycin-resistant enterococcus faecalis in Uberaba, Minas gerais state  

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In this study we report the first isolation of VanA-type vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecalis strains from two different patients hospitalized in the same intensive care unit at the hospital of Universidade Federal do Triângulo Mineiro (UFTM), Uberaba, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Conceicao, Natalia; da Costa Darini, Ana Lucia; Palazzo, Izabel Cristina Vanzato; de Oliveira, Cristina da Cunha Hueb Barata; de Oliveira, Adriana Goncalves



First report of vancomycin-resistant enterococcus faecalis in Uberaba, Minas gerais state.  


In this study we report the first isolation of VanA-type vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecalis strains from two different patients hospitalized in the same intensive care unit at the hospital of Universidade Federal do Triângulo Mineiro (UFTM), Uberaba, Minas Gerais, Brazil. PMID:24031460

Conceição, Natália; da Costa Darini, Ana Lúcia; Palazzo, Izabel Cristina Vanzato; de Oliveira, Cristina da Cunha Hueb Barata; de Oliveira, Adriana Gonçalves



Geology of the Gualan and Southern Sierra de las Minas Quadrangles, Guatemala  

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The Gualan and Sierra de las Minas quadrangles straddle the Motagua Valley fault zone, a major southerly convex fault zone of Nuclear Central America, and the active transform boundary between the North American and Caribbean plates. Two distinctly different pre-Mesozoic metamorphic basement complexes are exposed in the area. The Chuacus Group crops out north of the Motagua Valley. The Las

K. R. Johnson



Farmers' Visions on Soils: A Case Study among Agroecological and Conventional Smallholders in Minas Gerais, Brazil  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Purpose: Why do farmers not take better care of their soils? This article aims to give insight into how farmers look at soil quality management. Design/methodology/approach: It analyses diverse land management practices and visions on soils and soil quality of ten agroecological and 14 conventional smallholder farmers in Araponga, Minas Gerais,…

Klingen, Klarien Elisabeth; De Graaff, Jan; Botelho, Maria Izabel Vieira; Kessler, Aad




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Selective isolation of coal tar bases was performed by using two different separation methods: liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) and column liquid chromatography (CLC). Two cuts, A (boiling range 100°C – 230°C) and B (boiling range 230°C – 300°C), obtained by distillation of “Mina do Leao” coal tar oil, are compared after the isolation of bases by both methods through elemental analysis,

Elina B. Caramão; L. M. F. Gomes; M. D. Oliveira; A. Bristoti; Fernando M. Lanças



Seroprevalence for Neospora caninum in goats of Minas Gerais state, Brazil.  


This study was aimed at determining the prevalence of anti-Neospora caninum antibodies in serum samples from 667 goats, collected from 90 herds in 90 municipalities in eight of the twelve mesoregions of Minas Gerais State. The presence of anti-N. caninum antibodies was determined by IFAT with a cut-off value of 1:50. The true herd-level seroprevalence in the entire study area was 75.2% (CI 95%: 59.5-90.9%). The true individual-level seroprevalence in the entire study area was 10.7% (CI 95%: 8.3-13.4%) with titers ranging from 50 (50.5%) to 3200 (1.7%). The serological evidence from this study indicated that N. caninum infection is widely distributed among goat-rearing herds in Minas Gerais and further studies are needed in order to evaluate the impact of this parasite as a cause of reproductive disorders. PMID:23200513

Andrade, Gislaine da Silva; Bruhn, Fábio Raphael Pascoti; Rocha, Christiane Maria Barcellos Magalhães; de Sá Guimarães, Alessandro; Gouveia, Aurora Maria Guimarães; Guimarães, Antônio Marcos



Reactivation of organophosphate-inhibited human acetylcholinesterase by isonitrosoacetone (MINA): A kinetic analysis  

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Treatment of poisoning by highly toxic organophosphorus compounds (OP) with atropine and an acetylcholinesterase (AChE) reactivator (oxime) is of limited effectiveness in case of different nerve agents and pesticides. One challenge is the reactivation of OP-inhibited brain AChE which shows inadequate success with charged pyridinium oximes. Recent studies with high doses of the tertiary oxime isonitrosoacetone (MINA) indicated a beneficial

Franz Worek; Horst Thiermann



Vertebrate fossils from the Adamantina Formation (Late Cretaceous), Prata Paleontological District, Minas Gerais State, Brazil  

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In this contribution is given a preliminary up-to-date annotated list of all fossil vertebrates from the Turonian–Santonian Adamantina Formation, Bauru Group where it occurs in the Prata Paleontological District which is located 45 km to the west of Prata in Minas Gerais State, Brazil. The Adamantina Formation is reddish sandstone in the Triângulo Mineiro region. These fluviolacustrine sediments were deposited in

Carlos Roberto A. Candeiro; Adriano R. Santos; Thomas H. Rich; Thiago S. Marinho; Emerson C. Oliveira


Vertebrate fossils from the Adamantina Formation (Late Cretaceous), Prata paleontological district, Minas Gerais State, Brazil  

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In this contribution is given a preliminary up-to-date annotated list of all fossil vertebrates from the Turonian–Santonian Adamantina Formation, Bauru Group where it occurs in the Prata paleontological district which is located 45 km to the west of Prata in Minas Gerais State, Brazil. The Adamantina Formation is a reddish sandstone in the Triângulo Mineiro region. These fluviolacustrine sediments were deposited

Carlos Roberto A. Candeiro; Adriano R. Santos; Thomas H. Rich; Thiago S. Marinho; Emerson C. Oliveira




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RESUMO - Avaliou-se a comunidade microbiana pela determinação do número, biomassa e atividade de microrganismos heterotróficos em amostras de solos sob mata ciliar e campo cerrado adjacentes, localizados na microrregião Campos da Mantiqueira (MG), no reservatório da hidrelétrica Itutinga\\/Cam argos, em Minas Gerais. As amostras de solos foram coletadas na profundidade de 0-20 cm, no período entre abril e maio



Pollen spectrum of honey produced in cerrado areas of Minas Gerais State (Brazil).  


The pollen spectra of honey samples collected in five apiaries situated near cerrado areas in Minas Gerais State, Brazil, were studied from April 1996 to April 1998 in order to establish the contribution of different plant species in pollen or nectar production The honey samples were characterized by the following native species: Astronium sp., Alternanthera sp., Schinus sp., and Serjanea sp. The pollinic participation percentage of those species was related to the degree of preservation in the areas. PMID:15029371

Bastos, E M A F; Silveira, V M; Soares, A E E



Populational genetic data for 15 STR markers in the Brazilian population of Minas Gerais.  


Fifteen short tandem repeats (STR) markers were analyzed (TPOX, D2S1338, D3S1358, FGA, D5S818, CSF1PO, D7S820, D8S1179, TH01, vWA, D13S317, D16S539, D18S51, D19S433, and D21S11) in unrelated individuals undergoing paternity studies from Minas Gerais state, Brazil. Allele frequencies and statistical parameters for the 15 loci were calculated. PMID:18789747

del Castillo, Dora Mendez; Perone, Carlos; de Queiroz, Allyson Rivelli; Mourão, Paulo Henrique Orlandi; de Souza Vasconcellos, Leonardo; do Nascimento, Márcia Arantes; Januario, José Nélio



Genetic Services and Research in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil  

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The state of Minas Gerais in Brazil has a surface of 586,528 km2, and 18 million inhabitants. Infant mortality rate is 20\\/1,000, and congenital anomalies are its second cause. There are 11 medical schools where basic genetics, but not clinical genetics, is taught. Genetic services in the state include: newborn screening for hypothyroidism, phenylketonuria, sickle cell disease and cystic fibrosis;

Marcos José Burle Aguiar



Using decision analysis to estimate 3-D seismic value-Minas field, Sumatra Indonesia  

SciTech Connect

Decision Analysis has been used to estimate the value added from a 3-D seismic survey recorded over Minas field, Central Sumatra. The method involves comparing the expected values which result from the various decision options, such as acquiring 3-D or not. Probabilities must be assigned to the various branches of the decision tree. These include for example, the expected reliability of the 3-D data as well as the subsequent interpretation. Anticipated drilling results with and without 3-D are assessed after reviewing historical data and interviewing experts to obtain 10th, 50th and 90th percentile results for various scenarios. In this way the expected value, or cumulative distribution of the expected value of the 3-D can be computed and risk can be assessed. The Minas 3-D survey is the largest (450 square kilometers) of over 25 development 3-D surveys recorded by Caltex Pacific Indonesia (CPI) over its fields in Central Sumatra. This survey was conducted after nearly 50 years of production from more than 750 wells. CPI's 3-D experience has shown that increasing the subsurface resolution within complex high angle faulted areas results in new drilling locations in older mature fields such as Minas. Better knowledge of the oil producing reservoirs can also be used to optimize pattern waterflood locations, horizontal drilling and other tertiary recovery studies.

Mangold, K.M.; Whitacre, T.P.; Seffibudianti (Caltex Pacific Indonesia, Sumatra (Indonesia))



Plant-Derived MINA-05 Inhibits Human Prostate Cancer Proliferation In Vitro and Lymph Node Spread In Vivo1  

PubMed Central

Few treatment options exist for metastatic prostate cancer (PC) that becomes hormone refractory (HRPC). In vitro, plant-derived MINA-05 caused dose-dependent decreases in cell numbers in HRPC cell lines LNCaP-C4-2B and PC-3, and in androgen-sensitive LNCaP-FGC, DuCaP, and LAPC-4, by WST-1 assay. MINA-05 pretreatment significantly decreased clonogenic survival in agar and on plastic at 1 x and 2 x IC50 for PC-3 (P < .05 and P < .001, respectively), and at ½ x, 1 x, and 2 x IC50 for LNCaP-FGC cells (P < .001). MINA-05 also induced G2M arrest of LNCaP-FGC and PC-3 cells (by flow cytometry) and caused some apoptosis in LNCaP-FGC (sub-G1 peak on flow, expression of activated caspase-3) but not in PC-3 cells. Western blotting indicated that these cell cycle changes were associated with decreased levels of regulatory proteins cyclin B1 and cdc25C. MINA-05 given daily by gavage for 39 days did not diminish primary orthotopic PC-3 growth in nude mice, but decreased the extent of lymph node invasion at higher doses. We conclude that MINA-05 induces G2M arrest, inhibits cell growth, reduces PC cell regrowth in vitro, and reduces lymph node invasion after orthotopic PC-3 cell implantation in vivo. It has potential as an adjuvant treatment for patients with PC.

Vandyke, Kate; White, Melanie Y; Nguyen-Khuong, Terry; Ow, Kim; Luk, Sharon C-W; Kingsley, Elizabeth A; Rowe, Alexandra; Pang, Shiu-Fun; Walsh, Bradley J; Russell, Pamela J




Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

We studied the influence of the dry/cold and hot/humid seasons on the prevalence of Listeria monocytogenes and Staphylococcus aureus in retail samples of pasteurized milk (PM) and Minas frescal cheese (MFC) from Juiz de Fora, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. A total of 104 PM samples (9 brands; 54 in ...


Toxigenic status of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from bovine raw milk and Minas frescal cheese in Brazil.  


A group of 291 Staphylococcus aureus isolates from mastitic cow's milk (n = 125), bulk tank milk (n = 96), and Minas frescal cheese (n = 70) were screened for staphylococcal enterotoxin (SE) genes (sea, seb, sec, sed, see, seg, seh, sei, selj, and sell) and for the tst-1 gene encoding staphylococcal toxic shock syndrome toxin 1 by PCR assay. A total of 109 (37.5%) of the isolates were positive for at least one of these 11 genes, and 23 distinct genotypes of toxin genes were observed. Of the S. aureus isolates bearing SE genes, 17 (13.6%) were from mastitic cow's milk, 41 (41.7%) were from bulk tank milk, and 51 (72.9%) were from Minas frescal cheese. The occurrence of exclusively more recently described SE genes (seg through sell) was considerably higher (87 of 109 PCR-positive strains) than that of classical SE genes (sea through see, 15 strains). The SE genes most commonly detected were seg and sei; they were found alone or in different combinations with other toxin genes, but in 60.8% of the cases they were codetected. No strain possessed see. The tst-1 gene was found in eight isolates but none from mastitic cow's milk. Macrorestriction analysis of chromosomal DNA from 89 S. aureus isolates positive for SE gene(s) was conducted with the enzyme SmaI. Fifty-five distinct pulsed-field gel electrophoresis patterns were found, demonstrating a lack of predominance of any specific clone. A second enzyme, Apa I, used for some isolates was less discriminating than Sma I. The high genotype diversity of potential toxigenic S. aureus strains found in this study, especially from Minas frescal cheese, suggests various sources of contamination. Efforts from the entire production chain are required to improve consumer safety. PMID:21219740

Arcuri, Edna Froeder; Angelo, Fabiola Fonseca; Guimarães, Marta Fonseca Martins; Talon, Régine; Borges, Maria de Fatima; Leroy, Sabine; Loiseau, Gérard; Lange, Carla Christine; Andrade, Nélio José de; Montet, Didier



[Malacological survey of the Soledade lake hydrographic basin, in Ouro Branco (Minas Gerais, Brazil)].  


A malacological survey was carried out at the Soledade Lake, in Ouro Branco, State of Minas Gerais, for the period 1986-1991. A total amount of 46,579 mollusks was collected, and among them seven species corresponding to five families could be found, as follows: 39,176 specimens of Biomphalaria tenagophila; 1,296 B. glabrata; 7 Drepanotrema cimex; 2,527 Physa sp; 417 Lymnaea sp; 92 Pomacea hastrum, and 3,064 specimens of Melanoides tuberculata (Melanniidae = Thiaridae) were collected from March/1990 onwards. Four specimens of B. tenagophila were found to be positive for Schistosoma mansoni. PMID:7569611

da Silva, R E; de Melo, A L; Pereira, L H; Frederico, L F


POTENCIAL DA REGIÃO SUL DE MINAS GERAIS PARA A PRODUÇÃO DE CAFÉS ESPECIAIS1 (I - Atividade da polifenoloxidase, condutividade elétrica e lixiviação de potássio) Potential for production of special coffees in southern Minas Gerais  

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It is well known that coffee quality is directly correlated with coffee grain chemical composition. Based on this fact this research aimed to evaluate physico-chemical characteristics of coffee samples from twenty cities located in the southern Minas Gerais, selected for their coffee plant populations higher than ten million. Coffee samples were taken from ten farms at each city, totalizing 220

Marcelo Ribeiro Malta


Evolucao tectono-termal da regiao nordeste de Minas Gerais e sul da Bahia. (Tectonic-thermal evolution from the northeast region of Minas Gerais and South of Bahia).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The northeast region of Minas Gerais and South Bahia are centered to the east of 42(sup 0) 00(sup ')WGr, between parallels 15(sup 0) and 18(sup 0). Its tectonic-thermal evolution is presented here with the support of stratigraphy/lithology, structural ana...

N. Litwinski



[Male mortality due to external causes in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil].  


A descriptive study of a time series seeking to assess mortality due to external causes in males in the State of Minas Gerais was conducted in the period from 1999 to 2008, duly identifying the behavior of this group of causes throughout the time series. Data were obtained about the male population resident in the State of Minas Gerais recorded in the Unified Health System (SUS). Mortality rates per 100,000 inhabitants, divided by age group and specific cause were calculated. A simple linear regression model was used to check the trends of male deaths during the study period. An increase in male mortality in all years of the study period was found, rising from 82.7 deaths per 100,000 in 1999 to 95.7 deaths per 100,000 in 2008, representing a 15.7% increase in the risk of death due to external causes. Young male adults (20-39 years) accounted for the majority of deaths due to external causes. In relation to traffic accidents, there was an increase in mortality rates, especially between 2000 and 2007. The rates of suicide and homicide also rose in the period. In conclusion, it is necessary to adopt preventive measures, since men are prone to death due to external causes, in order to contribute to the inclusion of specific aspects into educational programs geared to reverse this trend. PMID:23546198

de Andrade-Barbosa, Thiago Luis; Xavier-Gomes, Ludmila Mourão; Barbosa, Vanessa de Andrade; Caldeira, Antônio Prates



[Fertility of indigenous women in Minas Gerais State, Brazil: an analysis using the 2000 census].  


Indigenous populations living in villages in Brazil have presented high total fertility rates (TFR) that have increased over time in some cases. Meanwhile, data from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) or National Census Bureau show a decline in the TFR for the total self-declared indigenous population (combining urban, rural, and specific rural residence). The current study uses data from the 2000 Population Census to describe and compare the structure and level of period fertility for the cohort of self-declared indigenous women living in the State of Minas Gerais. We calculated age-specific fertility rates (ASFR), the period TFR for 2000, and the cohort TFR for women 50 years and older. According to the findings, self-declared indigenous women living in Minas Gerais experienced high fertility in the past, regardless of their place of residence. In conclusion, the 2000 Population Census is an important data source for studies on indigenous populations in Brazil, based on the high coverage and wealth of information. PMID:19009128

Dias Júnior, Cláudio Santiago; Verona, Ana Paula de Andrade; Pena, João Luiz; Machado-Coelho, George Luiz Lins



Eucalyptus agroforestry system for small farms: 2-year experiment with rice and beans in Minas Gerais, Brazil  

Microsoft Academic Search

In Minas Gerais, Brazil, Eucalyptus plantation agroforestry techniques for small farms appear to be an adequate alternative to small-scale plantations, and by integrating timber and food production, they can meet local demands for aliment and wood. Intercropping of Eucalyptus camaldulensis with rice and beans was studied to compare yields of intercropping and monocultures over 2 years. In the first year,

Eliane Ceccon




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This piece of work objectified a historical analysis on the introduction and the widespread of coffee in the southern region of Minas Gerais. Considered as objects of historygraphic study were literary works, documents, journalistic, memorialistic, biographic, documental and didactic oriented texts. Yet another method used was the quantitative one, besides orally reported pieces of historical nature as well as life

Ferdinando Filetto; Edgard Alencar



Genetic diversity of indigenous common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) rhizobia from the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil  

PubMed Central

We characterized indigenous common bean rhizobia from five districts of the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The isolates were trapped by two common bean varieties, the Mineiro Precoce (Andean origin) and Ouro Negro (Mesoamerican origin). Analysis by BOX-PCR of selected isolates detected a high level of genetic diversity.

Torres, Adalgisa Ribeiro; Cursino, Luciana; Muro-Abad, Jupiter Israel; Gomes, Eliane Aparecida; de Araujo, Elza Fernandes; Hungria, Mariangela; Cassini, Servio Tulio Alves



Synopsis and keys to the tribes, genera, and species of Miridae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Part I: Bryocorinae  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

This paper begins a series of synoptic taxonomic treatments of the Miridae known from Minas Gerais, Brazil, by subfamily, beginning with the Bryocorinae. We provide diagnoses, illustrations of most adults and male genitalia, host-plant information, distribution data, and illustrated keys to the fou...


Mina53 , a novel c-Myc target gene, is frequently expressed in lung cancers and exerts oncogenic property in NIH\\/3T3 cells  

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Purpose  Mina53, whose expression is directly induced by c-Myc, is overexpressed in various cancers and plays an important role in\\u000a cell growth. To clarify the involvement of Mina53 in lung cancers, we investigated its expression in human lung cancer tissues\\u000a as well as in various lung cancer cell lines.\\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a Methods  Mina53 expression was determined by real-time RT-PCR, western blotting, and immunohistochemistry using

Kazutoshi Komiya; Naoko Sueoka-Aragane; Akemi Sato; Takashi Hisatomi; Toru Sakuragi; Masahiro Mitsuoka; Toshimi Sato; Shinichiro Hayashi; Hiroto Izumi; Makoto Tsuneoka; Eisaburo Sueoka



Plant-derived MINA-05 inhibits human prostate cancer proliferation in vitro and lymph node spread in vivo.  


Few treatment options exist for metastatic prostate cancer (PC) that becomes hormone refractory (HRPC). In vitro, plant-derived MINA-05 caused dose-dependent decreases in cell numbers in HRPC cell lines LNCaP-C4-2B and PC-3, and in androgen-sensitive LNCaP-FGC, DuCaP, and LAPC-4, by WST-1 assay. MINA-05 pretreatment significantly decreased clonogenic survival in agar and on plastic at 1 x and 2 x IC50 for PC-3 (P < .05 and P < .001, respectively), and at 1/2 x, 1 x, and 2 x IC50 for LNCaP-FGC cells (P < .001). MINA-05 also induced G2M arrest of LNCaP-FGC and PC-3 cells (by flow cytometry) and caused some apoptosis in LNCaP-FGC (sub-G1 peak on flow, expression of activated caspase-3) but not in PC-3 cells. Western blotting indicated that these cell cycle changes were associated with decreased levels of regulatory proteins cyclin B1 and cdc25C. MINA-05 given daily by gavage for 39 days did not diminish primary orthotopic PC-3 growth in nude mice, but decreased the extent of lymph node invasion at higher doses. We conclude that MINA-05 induces G2M arrest, inhibits cell growth, reduces PC cell regrowth in vitro, and reduces lymph node invasion after orthotopic PC-3 cell implantation in vivo. It has potential as an adjuvant treatment for patients with PC. PMID:17460776

Vandyke, Kate; White, Melanie Y; Nguyen-Khuong, Terry; Ow, Kim; Luk, Sharon C-W; Kingsley, Elizabeth A; Rowe, Alexandra; Pang, Shiu-Fun; Walsh, Bradley J; Russell, Pamela J



Mature field development using 3-D seismic in Minas field, Central Sumatra, Basin, Indonesia  

SciTech Connect

The Minas field 3-D seismic survey (450 km2) was conducted after nearly 4000 MMBO of production. Interpretation of the data has shown a significant number of remaining prospects within the field. Delineation of these locations was impossible using the 2D seismic grid. The new 3D data cube has revealed locations in simple anticlines, en-echelon folds, faulted monoclines, rollover folding, complex faulted zones, stratigraphic traps and within a fractured basement high. The new interpretation has identified more than 75 development and OSWC well locations. These wells will produce an estimated 75 MMBO. As the result of a $5MM seismic survey, the asset value will increase by nearly $1000MM.

Fitris, F.; Whitacre, T.P. (PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia, Sumatra (Indonesia))



[Scientific research in nursing education: Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais research groups].  


This study aims to characterize the scientific production of the Research Groups in Nursing Education (RGNE) of the states of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, in Brazil. This is a documentary quantitative descriptive retrospective research, conducted by searching the CVs of all researchers who are part of the RGNEs in the Lattes database, followed by the search, organization, and evaluation of their scientific production according to Qualis/CAPES. The period studied was from 1995 to 2009 (the last five CAPES triennia) and included articles, books, book chapters, and full papers in conference proceedings. Results show that Rio de Janeiro has the higher number of articles in Nursing Education, highlighting the qualification of researchers at doctorate level. Both states present historic and socio-economic factors that favor scientific development. PMID:21987995

Gomes, Diana Coelho; Backes, Vânia Marli Schubert; Lino, Mônica Motta; Canever, Bruna Pedroso; Ferraz, Fabiane; Schveitzer, Mariana Cabral



Quantification of vertical transmission of Neospora caninum in dairy cows in Minas Gerais, Brazil.  


The objective of this cross-sectional study was to estimate the rate of vertical transmission and to investigate horizontal transmission of Neospora caninum and occurrences of reproductive abnormalities in seropositive dairy cows on two farms in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The frequency of cows seropositive for N.caninum according to the indirect fluorescent antibody test (IFAT) was 39.4% (93/236) for Farm A and 31.4% (32/102) for the Farm B (p > 0.05). The mean vertical transmission rates for N. caninum were 29% and 9% for the herds of Farms A and B, respectively. No negative effects (p > 0.05) from infection by N.caninum were observed regarding milk production and occurrences of reproductive abnormalities in herds A and B. PMID:23070443

Santos, Raquel Ribeiro Dias; da Rocha, Christiane Maria Barcellos Magalhães; Gonçalves, Tarcísio de Morais; Guimarães, Antônio Marcos


Sandflies (Diptera: Psychodidae) from caves of the quartzite Espinhaço Range, Minas Gerais, Brazil.  


This study investigated the sandfly fauna of two quartzite caves in the Espinhaço Mountain Range, located in the municipality of Diamantina, state Minas Gerais. From August 2010-July 2011, entomological sampling was performed in the caves of Salitre and Monte Cristo with two HP light traps exposed in the photic and aphotic zones of each cave. The sandfly fauna consisted of 17 species, among which Lutzomyia cipoensis was predominant (54.76%). The male/female ratio in the total captures was 1:2.5. The aphotic zone showed the highest frequency of specimens captured (65%). A greater density of sandflies occurred during the summer (January-February), coinciding with the period of higher temperatures, humidity and rainfall. The presence of Lutzomyia longipalpis, Lutzomyia whitmani and Lutzomyia pessoai, proven or suspected vectors of leishmaniasis, is of concern because the area is visited by many tourists. PMID:23295752

Barata, Ricardo Andrade; Apolinário, Estefânia Conceição



Use of Indicator Kriging to Investigate Schistosomiasis in Minas Gerais State, Brazil  

PubMed Central

Geographic Information Systems (GISs) are composed of useful tools to map and to model the spatial distribution of events that have geographic importance as schistosomiasis. This paper is a review of the use the indicator kriging, implemented on the Georeferenced Information Processing System (SPRING) to make inferences about the prevalence of schistosomiasis and the presence of the species of Biomphalaria, intermediate hosts of Schistosoma mansoni, in areas without this information, in the Minas Gerais State, Brazil. The results were two maps. The first one was a map of Biomphalaria species, and the second was a new map of estimated prevalence of schistosomiasis. The obtained results showed that the indicator kriging can be used to better allocate resources for study and control of schistosomiasis in areas with transmission or the possibility of disease transmission.

Guimaraes, Ricardo J. P. S.; Freitas, Corina C.; Dutra, Luciano V.; Felgueiras, Carlos A.; Drummond, Sandra C.; Tibirica, Sandra H. C.; Oliveira, Guilherme; Carvalho, Omar S.



[Musculoskeletal disorders among healthcare workers in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State, Brazil].  


This cross-sectional study investigated the prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders and associated factors in a sample of 1,808 workers (from a total of 13,602) in the municipal health system in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State, Brazil. Prevalence was calculated according to self-reported pain in the upper or lower limbs and/or back, and size of associations was estimated by univariate (p ? 0.20) and multivariate Poisson regression (p ? 0.05). Musculoskeletal disorders showed a prevalence of 49.9% and were statistically associated with female gender, living with a partner, physical activity less than twice a week, self-reported common mental disorder, certain job positions (dentists, dental technicians, and community health workers), high physical demand, and inadequate working conditions. The results confirm the complexity of musculoskeletal disorders and suggest areas for development of health promotion programs in health services. PMID:22892976

Barbosa, Rose Elizabeth Cabral; Assunção, Ada Ávila; Araújo, Tânia Maria de



Mercury fractionation in stream sediments from the Quadrilátero Ferrífero gold mining region, Minas Gerais State, Brazil.  


The Iron Quadrangle (IQ) region, located in the state of Minas Gerais, has been the most important gold producing area in Brazil since the end of seventeenth century. The use of mercury for gold amalgamation in small scale mines has been responsible for large release of Hg to aquatic and terrestrial environments during 300 years of mining. The present work sought to evaluate the fractionation of Hg in stream sediments is the southern region of the IQ by utilizing sequential extraction. Since mobility and availability of Hg are related to its distribution among sediment partitions, fractionation methods provide detailed information on the ecotoxicological impact and risks associated to the presence of Hg in sediments. The total Hg concentration varied from 179.3 to 690.1 microg kg( - 1) and Hg(0) accounted for the majority at all sample sites, ranging from 42% to 56% of the total. PMID:18821025

Varejão, Eduardo V V; Bellato, Carlos R; Fontes, Maurício P F



Hematite mining in the ancient Americas: Mina Primavera, A 2,000 year old Peruvian mine  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Mina Primavera, a hematite (Fe2O3) mine located in southern Peru, was exploited beginning approximately 2,000 years ago by two Andean civilizations, the Nasca and Wari. Despite the importance of hematite in the material culture of the ancient Americas, few hematite mines have been reported in the New World literature and none have been reported for the Central Andes. An estimated 3,710 tonnes of hematite were extracted from the mine for over 1,400 years at an average rate of 2.65 tonnes per year, suggesting regular and extensive mining prior to Spanish conquest. The hematite was likely used as a pigment for painting pottery, and the mine demonstrates that iron ores were extracted extensively at an early date in the Americas.

Vaughn, Kevin J.; Grados, Moises Linares; Eerkens, Jelmer W.; Edwards, Matthew J.



Improving patient access to specialized health care: the Telehealth Network of Minas Gerais, Brazil  

PubMed Central

Abstract Problem The Brazilian population lacks equitable access to specialized health care and diagnostic tests, especially in remote municipalities, where health professionals often feel isolated and staff turnover is high. Telehealth has the potential to improve patients’ access to specialized health care, but little is known about it in terms of cost-effectiveness, access to services or user satisfaction. Approach In 2005, the State Government of Minas Gerais, Brazil, funded the establishment of the Telehealth Network, intended to connect university hospitals with the state’s remote municipal health departments; support professionals in providing tele-assistance; and perform tele-electrocardiography and teleconsultations. The network uses low-cost equipment and has employed various strategies to overcome the barriers to telehealth use. Local setting The Telehealth Network connects specialists in state university hospitals with primary health-care professionals in 608 municipalities of the large state of Minas Gerais, many of them in remote areas. Relevant changes From June 2006 to October 2011, 782 773 electrocardiograms and 30 883 teleconsultations were performed through the network, and 6000 health professionals were trained in its use. Most of these professionals (97%) were satisfied with the system, which was cost-effective, economically viable and averted 81% of potential case referrals to distant centres. Lessons learnt To succeed, a telehealth service must be part of a collaborative network, meet the real needs of local health professionals, use simple technology and have at least some face-to-face components. If applied to health problems for which care is in high demand, this type of service can be economically viable and can help to improve patient access to specialized health care.

Alkmim, Maria Beatriz; Figueira, Renato Minelli; Marcolino, Milena Soriano; Cardoso, Clareci Silva; Pena de Abreu, Monica; Cunha, Lemuel Rodrigues; da Cunha, Daniel Ferreira; Antunes, Andre Pires; de A Resende, Adelson Geraldo; Resende, Elmiro Santos



Seroprevalence and risk factors for Neospora caninum in sheep in the state Minas Gerais, southeastern Brazil.  


The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence and risk factors associated with infection due to Neospora caninum in serum samples from 488 sheep originating from 63 farms in 63 municipalities distributed across eight of the twelve mesoregions of the state Minas Gerais, southeastern Brazil. For detection of N. caninum the sheep serum samples were subjected to the indirect fluorescence antibody test (IFAT ? 50). To identify the risk factors associated with infection due to N. caninum a questionnaire was filled out for each herd by interviewing, the individual responsible for the herd, demanding information on the general characteristics of the property. Sixty-four sheep sera (13.1%; 95% CI=10.3-16.4) presented IgG-specific anti-N. caninum antibodies with the following titers: 50 (49; 76.6%), 100 (7; 10.9%), 200 (4; 6.2%), 400 (3; 4.7%) and 800 (1; 1.6%). The prevalence of infected sheep per mesoregion ranged from 0 to 28.1%. Out of the 63 farms sampled, 31 (49.2%; 95% CI=36.4-62.1) presented at least one seropositive sheep. No significant association was found between the presence of anti-N. caninum antibodies and the risk factors evaluated on the farms, except for the mesoregion variable (p=0.004; OR=0.429; CI95%=0.182-1.008). These results indicate that there is a need for additional research to define the epidemiological importance of this parasite as a cause of reproductive problems in sheep herds in Minas Gerais. PMID:22475416

da Silva Andrade, Gislaine; Bruhn, Fábio Raphael Pascoti; Rocha, Christiane Maria Barcellos Magalhães; Guimarães, Alessandro de Sá; Gouveia, Aurora Maria Guimarães; Guimarães, Antônio Marcos



Guide to export crudes for the '80s--9: Minas crude, plus Soviet and Chinese streams. [China, Indonesia, Malaysia, USSR  

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Asian crudes in the Journal's assay series are completed in this issue with coverage of 16 streams. A couple of high volume crudes in this list are Minas, Indonesia, and Soviet Export Blend. Malaysia's Tapis Blend also has the potential of becoming a stream with considerable volume. For details and information on the scope of this crude oil assay series, see OGJ, April 11, p. 71. A following issue in October will focus on Latin American crudes.

Aalund, L.R.



[The creation of hospitals by charities in Minas Gerais (Brazil) from 18th to 20th century].  


This article is the fruit of research into the cultural heritage of healthcare in Minas Gerais (Brazil) and explores the construction of hospitals supported by Catholic charities from the 18th to 20th century. Catholicism has always been strong in Minas Gerais, partly because the Portuguese Crown prohibited the free travel of priests, who were suspected of illegally trading in gold from the mines. A brotherhood was responsible for creating the first Santa Casa, in Vila Rica. Another very important religious group in Brazil, the Vincentians, was also devoted to charitable works and propagated the ideas on charity of Frederico Ozanan, based on the work of St. Vincent de Paul. This group comprised both a lay movement, supported by conferences organized by the St. Vincent de Paul Society, and a religious order, the Vincentian priests and nuns. Catholic physicians make up the third group studied here, organized in a professional association promoted by the Catholic Church. The brotherhoods, Vincentians, and associations, with their Santa Casas, represent a movement that is recognized worldwide. The enormous Catholic participation in these charitable works brought in the physicians, who would often make no charge and exerted efforts to create hospitals that served the population. Although the capital of Minas Gerais was the creation of republicans and positivists in the 20th century, with their ideas of modernity, it remained dependent on Christian charity for the treatment of the poor. PMID:21936227

Marques, Rita de Cássia



Management practices to control gastrointestinal parasites in dairy and beef goats in Minas Gerais; Brazil.  


Parasitic infection is recognized worldwide as a limiting factor in the production of goats, and various control methods are used to reduce economic losses, often without considering the epidemiology of the parasites. This has led to the development of highly tolerant parasite populations and the presence of chemical residues in the beef and milk. The objective of this study was to determine the level of knowledge of goat farmers about parasitic diseases and to correlate this with the epidemiology of endoparasites and parasite control practices in goat farms in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The analysis was based on a questionnaire applied by trained veterinarians. The sample was homogeneous throughout the state, covering 18.4% (157/853) of municipalities. Eighty-four dairy goat farms in 81 municipalities and 200 properties with beef goats in 76 municipalities were evaluated. The herd size per goat farm ranged from 4 to 57 (average 24) for beef herds and from 2 to 308 (average 63) for dairy farms. The majority of the beef herd production was extensive and semi-extensive (98.5%), while the dairy herds were maintained under intensive farming (98.8%). The mixed production of goats and sheep was reported by 36.5% of beef goat farmers and by 20.2% of dairy goat farmers. Among the beef goats farms on which the technological level was determined, 2.0% were categorized as having high technological level, 34.5% as medium, and 63.5% as low. Of the 84 dairy farms, 30% operated at a high, 47% at a medium, and 23% at a low technological level. The adoption of practices to reduce parasitism, such as the quarantine of animals, treatment of newly arrived animals, regular cleaning of the floor, and technical assistance, was significantly higher on dairy farms than on beef farms. Although 85.7% of dairy farmers and 83% of beef farmers medicate their animals, the treatments were performed without technical criteria, and deworming intervals ranged from 30 to 120 days or more. The average interval between treatments was significantly longer in dairy goat herds (4.8 months) than in the beef herds (3.6 months). The most commonly used drugs were macrocyclic lactones (37.7% in dairy and 39.5% in beef herds) and benzimidazoles (48.9% in dairy and 31.5% in beef herds). Goat production in Minas Gerais is still in its infancy, and even though using a control program associated with other health practices, producers still rely heavily on chemicals to get satisfactory results. PMID:21232868

Guimarães, Alessandro de Sá; Gouveia, Aurora Maria Guimarães; do Carmo, Filipe Borges; Gouveia, Gabriela Canabrava; Silva, Marcos Xavier; Vieira, Luiz da Silva; Molento, Marcelo Beltrão



Estados que requieren cobertura de los costos de estudios clínicos

Una lista de búsqueda y el mapa de los estados de EE.UU. requieren que los planes de salud para pagar los costos de la atención del paciente asociados con ensayos clínicos. Las principales disposiciones se resumen.


Paleomagnetic Evaluation of Crustal-Scale Block Rotations in the Mina Deflection of the Central Walker Lane  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Crustal deformation resulting from relative Pacific-North America plate motion is broadly distributed on faults across the western U.S.. Geodetic observations show that some 25 percent of transform plate motion is currently accommodated by faults east of the Sierra Nevada, from the eastern California shear zone to the central Walker Lane (CWL). The northwest trending faults of the CWL are joined to the Furnace Creek - Owens Valley fault system by the Mina deflection, a belt of east-northeast striking faults that serve as a displacement transfer system linking the two fault zones. The Furnace Creek - Owens Valley fault system has a cumulative right-slip of 40 - 50 km, and this displacement is transferred in an extensional right-step to the curved high-angle faults of the Mina deflection. The high-angle fault geometry and basin depths preclude more than 10 km of right-lateral displacement accommodated along structures in the Mina deflection and thus a slip deficit of 30 to 40 km exists. We are attempting to resolve the amount of permanent Neogene strain in the Mina deflection and determine if the geodetically observed strain accumulation and local heterogeneities are consistent with the permanent Neogene strain, in particular, vertical axis rotation of blocks in the Mina deflection area. To in part quantify the magnitude and potential heterogeneities of crustal block rotation and to more clearly define block boundaries, paleomagnetic data have been obtained from numerous stratigraphic sections of upper Tertiary volcanic rocks in a 300 sqkm area centered on the Candeleria Hills, NV. Eight to ten oriented samples from 260 sites distributed across multiple tectonic blocks have been fully demagnetized with all sites yielding interpretable results (23 sites (two sections) in mid Miocene andesite flows, 102 sites (10 sections) in upper Miocene basalt flows, and 135 sites (27 sections) in lower Miocene, regionally extensive ash flow tuffs). Although some anomalous directions were observed, the stratigraphically corrected (typically less than 15° dip) data from the volcanic rocks are internally consistent, well-grouped at the site level, and discordant clockwise to late Cenozoic expected field direction (358\\deg, 58\\deg). For example, a Miocene basalt flow section in the central Candelaria Hills yields a group mean (D = 16.5, I = 50.0, a95 = 1.8, k = 497.3) that provides an inferred rotation of +18.5\\deg +/- 6.9\\deg compared to a late Cenozoic expected field. Two sites in the Candelaria Junction regional ash flow tuff located in separate structural blocks yield similar inclinations, yet statistically distinct declinations (Site1, 255.8, -48.6, 4.4; Site2, 296.4, -41.0, 4.6), providing evidence for a modest clockwise vertical axis rotation between structural blocks. Overall, we interpret most data obtained to reflect at most moderate clockwise vertical axis rotation among structural blocks in the Mina deflection region. The absence of large magnitude rotation of any individual block and, thus between blocks, places limits on the amount of cumulative slip on fault networks in the Mina deflection. The area may be accommodating strain by net northwest extension on a curved fault array with very low rates of vertical axis rotation and minor slip on individual faults. To compare the geodetic observations with long-term strain, we are developing a tectonic model, using existing fault geometries and paleomagnetic data for the CWL that links vertical axis rotations of the fragmented upper crust to the driving mechanisms associated with slip transfer across the region.

Petronis, M. S.; Geissman, J. W.; Oldow, J. S.



Horizontal well application in a mature field - Minas Field, Sumatra, Indonesia  

SciTech Connect

Minas Field, the largest oil field in Southeast Asia, is located in Central Sumatra, Indonesia. The 400 square kilometer field was discovered in December, 1944 and placed on production in February, 1951. Nearly 4,000 MMBO of the original 9,000 MMBO in place have been produced. An active development drilling campaign continues and, to date, more than 850 wells have been drilled. Horizontal well technology has been implemented as a strategic portion of the current development plan. The primary objectives of the horizontal wells are to reduce water coning problems, drain unswept oil and minimize environmental impact. A pilot program, initiated in 1994, resulted in three successful horizontal wells. Production rates from these wells were significantly higher than adjacent straight wells. Consequently, a large-scale, horizontal well program is being implemented utilizing short radius and medium radius drilling techniques. The successful execution of this program requires a detailed screening process involving a cross-functional, multi-disciplinary team of geologists and engineers.

Bagus, A.I.; Whitcare, T.P. (PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia, Riau, Sumatra (Indonesia))



Hematite from a mining area in the east border of Quadrilátero Ferrífero, Minas Gerais, Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Iron oxides are dominant minerals in many geo-domains of economical interest, as iron ore mines. Knowing the main mineral transformation pathways is a fundamental step to plan prospecting new mineral deposits. This study aimed at contributing to a better understanding of the chemical and mineralogical processes related to the genesis and transformations of iron oxides involving hematite in an iron-ore mine of the east border of Quadrilátero Ferrífero, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Two representative geo-samples were analyzed with synchrotron radiation X-ray diffraction (XRD), 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy, X-ray fluorescence and saturation magnetization ( ?) measurements. The iron content varied from 65 to 69 mass% Fe. From XRD data, hematite is indeed the major mineral for all samples but characteristic reflections of goethite and magnetite also appear. For the magnetic sample, ? = 6.9 J T - 1 kg - 1. 298 K- and 110 K-Mössbauer data allow characterizing hematite in these iron-rich geo-materials.

Pereira, Ana Rosa Passos; Fabris, José Domingos; Rios, Francisco Javier; Rosière, Carlos Alberto; da Costa Couceiro, Paulo Rogério; Ferreira, Fábio Furlan; de Menezes, Lucas Morais



[Association between air pollution and respiratory and cardiovascular diseases in Itabira, Minas Gerais State, Brazil].  


The city of Itabira, Minas Gerais State, Brazil, is located in the Espinhaço Mountain Range, an area that features large-scale mechanized iron ore pit mines. The current study evaluates the acute effects of inhalable particulate matter (PM10) in terms of emergency room visits due to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases in Itabira. Generalized additive Poisson regression models were adopted, controlling for temperature, humidity, and both short and long-term seasonality. Increases of 10mg/m(3) in PM10 were associated with increases in respiratory emergency room visits of 4% (95%CI: 2.2-5.8), at lags 0 and 1 for children and adolescents younger than 13 years of age, and of 12% (95%CI: 8.5-15.5) on the three subsequent days for adolescents (13 to 19 years of age). For cardiovascular diseases, the effect was acute (4%; 95%CI: 0.8-8.5) and mainly for the 45 to 64 age group. These results show that PM10 generated by open pit mining can lead to health problems in the exposed population. PMID:18038038

Braga, Alfésio Luís Ferreira; Pereira, Luiz Alberto Amador; Procópio, Marly; André, Paulo Afonso de; Saldiva, Paulo Hilário do Nascimento



Congenital neosporosis in goats from the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil.  


Congenital Neospora caninum infection was diagnosed in two Saanen goat kids from two distinct herds with a history of abortion and weak newborn goat kids in the Southern region of the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The first kid was weak at birth, had difficulty to rise and was unable to nurse. Gross lesions of porencephaly and hydrocephalus ex vacuo were seen. Multifocal necrosis, gliosis and non-supurative encephalitis were observed in the brain. Several parasitic cysts with a thick wall that reacted strongly only with polyclonal antiserum to Neospora caninum were seen in the cerebral cortex, brain stem and cerebellum. The second kid was born from a Neospora caninum seropositive mother that aborted in the last pregnancy. It was born without clinical signs. The diagnosis of neosporosis was based on antibody titer of 1:800 to N. caninum by indirect fluorescence antibody test obtained from blood collected before the goat kid ingested the colostrum and Neospora caninum DNA was detected by polymerase chain reaction and sequenced from placenta. This is the first report of neosporosis in goats in the southeast region of Brazil. PMID:22451736

Varaschin, Mary S; Hirsch, Christian; Wouters, Flademir; Nakagaki, Karen Y; Guimarães, Antônio M; Santos, Domingos S; Bezerra, Pedro S; Costa, Rafael C; Peconick, Ana P; Langohr, Ingeborg M



Perceptions of milk producers from Divinópolis, Minas Gerais, regarding Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus control.  


Semi-systematized interviews were conducted with 100 dairy cattle producers in the municipality of Divinópolis, Minas Gerais, with the aim of ascertaining their perceptions regarding the importance of Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus and of combating it. Content analysis was performed and the frequency distribution of each of the variables was used to construct profiles of the producers interviewed. The production losses caused by ticks were perceived incompletely by the producers, who were unaware of the pathogen transmission caused by the parasite and the indirect losses through combating it, such as the cost of acaricide and labor. The combat operations were performed in a traditional manner, with an excessive number of inefficient treatments that aimed to control the level of infestation at that moment. The quality of the acaricide dipping/spraying applied was affected by the quality of the equipment used to apply the products, lack of knowledge of the mode of action of these products, lack of the specific information needed and lack of motivation caused by unawareness of the disadvantages of chemical combat. It was concluded that the lack of knowledge about combat methods and the acceptance of endemicity of the parasitosis were impediments to changing the realities encountered. PMID:22166383

da Rocha, Christiane Maria Barcellos Magalhães; Leite, Romário Cerqueira; Bruhn, Fábio Raphael Pascoti; Guimarães, Antônio Marcos; Furlong, John


Perceptions about the biology of Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus among milk producers in Divinópolis, Minas Gerais.  


One hundred semi-systematized interviews were applied with the aim of surveying the perceptions of milk producers in the municipality of Divinópolis, Minas Gerais regarding the biology of the tick Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus. Content analysis was conducted on each of the variables surveyed and their descriptions, highlighting the higher frequencies in order to construct profiles of perceptions about each of the matters surveyed. In addition, each of the producers was categorized regarding their readiness to proceed with efficient control, from the assessment of their responses. Among the variables surveyed were the tick lifespan, duration of parasitic life, time of greatest incidence, survival in pastures and egg-laying volume. These questions are considered important for defining the knowledge needed for rational combat. It was concluded that the information needed for adopting effective practices to combat ticks was insufficient among the milk farm properties in Divinópolis. Moreover, the producers interviewed had a good perception of what they observed in their daily routine, but did not have complementary information about the tick life cycle. PMID:22166382

da Rocha, Christiane Maria Barcellos Magalhães; Leite, Romário Cerqueira; Bruhn, Fábio Raphael Pascoti; Guimarães, Antônio Marcos; Furlong, John


[Evaluating the implementation of Information System on Live Births in municipalities of Minas Gerais, Brazil].  


This study evaluated the degree of implementation of the Information System on Live Births (SINASC) and its relationship to the organizational context in municipalities (counties) of Minas Gerais State, Brazil, in 2010. The sample included 132 municipalities that had healthcare facilities providing childbirth care and the decentralized SINASC. Data collection used a semi-structured questionnaire. Degree of implementation was defined by a scoring system with different weights for each indicator, according to the respective levels of importance assigned to them, using the following classification: adequate, inadequate, and critical. Data analysis used the median as the summary measure and the Pearson chi-square test for comparison of proportions. SINASC is not adequately implemented in the majority of the municipalities in the sample. Population size and quality of the municipal administration did not influence the degree of implementation. In terms of organization of information in the SINASC, the structure was evaluated as better than the process. Limitations included lack of qualified staff, unsatisfactory collection and completion of certificates of live birth, underutilization of data, and limited publication of the information. PMID:24127104

Guimarães, Eliete Albano de Azevedo; Hartz, Zulmira Maria de Araújo; Loyola Filho, Antônio Ignácio de; Meira, Antônio José de; Luz, Zélia Maria Profeta da



Genotyping of Cryptococcus neoformans isolated from captive birds in Uberaba, Minas Gerais, Brazil.  


To evaluate Cryptococcus spp. molecular types isolated from captive birds' droppings, an epidemiological survey was carried out in Uberaba, Minas Gerais, Brazil, from December 2006 to September 2008. A total of 253 samples of bird excreta (120 fresh and 133 dry) were collected from pet shop cages and houses in different neighbourhoods. Cryptococcus neoformans was isolated in 19 (14.28%) dry samples and one fresh sample (0.84%). Cryptococcus laurentii was recovered from seven (5.26%) dry samples, but not in the fresh samples. The canavanine-glycine-bromothymol blue test was positive in all but one of the C. laurentii isolates. Cryptococcus neoformans molecular typing was performed using URA5-RFLP and the mating type locus using mating type specific PCR. Nineteen (95.0%) presented genotype VNI and one VNII (5.0%). In addition, all isolates presented mating type ?. Thus, the genotype of the environmental C. neoformans isolates observed in this study is in accordance with others already reported around the world and adds information about its distribution in Brazil. Cryptococcus laurentii strains were typed using URA5-RFLP and M13 fingerprinting, which showed similar profiles among them. Thus, despite the low number of C. laurentii isolates analysed, their molecular profile is different from another already reported. PMID:20492533

Ferreira-Paim, Kennio; Andrade-Silva, Leonardo; Mora, Delio Jose; Pedrosa, André Luiz; Rodrigues, Virmondes; Silva-Vergara, Mario León



[Prevalence of intestinal parasites in the Maxakali indigenous community in Minas Gerais, Brazil, 2009].  


A prevalence survey using the TF-Test technique to identify intestinal parasites was conducted in the Maxakali indigenous villages in Minas Gerais State, Brazil. Stool samples were collected on three alternating days, in separate tubes, containing 10% formalin, and unified in a laboratory by double filtering centrifugation. Samples of sediment aliquot were prepared in triplicate and examined by microscope (10x and 40x) for eggs, cysts, and larvae. Prevalence of parasites (89.5%) and polyparasitism (46%) were similar by sex and age, but varied by village. Prevalent species were: Entamoeba histolytica/Entamoeba dispar (48.9%), Giardia duodenalis (32%), Entamoeba coli (40.8%), Endolimax nana (10.3%), hookworms (37.9%), Schistosoma mansoni (23.7%), Hymenolepis nana (18.6%), Strongyloides stercoralis (5.4%), Ascaris lumbricoides (4.9%), and Trichuris trichiura (0.5%). The Maxakali population lives in socially vulnerable conditions, and government agencies need to introduce measures to improve sanitation infrastructure and health education. PMID:23568298

de Assis, Eliseu Miranda; de Olivieria, Roberto Carlos; Moreira, Luciano Evangelista; Pena, João Luiz; Rodrigues, Laura Cunha; Machado-Coelho, George Luiz Lins



Ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) within various phytophysiognomies of a Cerrado reserve in Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brazil.  


Cerrado biome, the South American savannah, covers about 2 million km(2) and is very rich in endemic species but threatened by agriculture. In this report free-living tick species are presented, and their seasonal and relative distribution within the various phytophysiognomies in a small Cerrado reserve in Minas Gerais State, Brazil. Overall 2,694 free-living ticks were found during a 2 years sampling period with CO(2) traps and cloth dragging. Of these, 73.5% were Amblyomma cajennense and 0.6% Amblyomma dubitatum. All other ticks (25.9%) were retained as Amblyomma spp. Adults of A. cajennense peaked in spring, the nymphs in winter of both years. Amblyomma larval clusters were found in autumn and winter. Adult ticks (46.7%) and nymphs (39.5%) were most often found in woodlands, whereas most larval clusters were found in valley-side marshes (39%). Amblyomma cajennense, Anocentor nitens, Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplusand Rhipicephalus sanguineus ticks were found on domestic animals from neighboring properties. Search for Rickettsia in the hemolymph of 497 A. cajennense and one A. dubitatum ticks yielded negative results. Results confirmed earlier reports on the overwhelming prevalence of A. cajennense ticks in the Cerrado biome of Brazil and added information to habitat preferences of this tick species, a major vector in Brazil of the Rocky Mountain spotted fever. PMID:19693680

Veronez, Viviane Aparecida; Freitas, Beatriz Zanolli; Olegário, Maria Marlene Martins; Carvalho, William Mendes; Pascoli, Graziela Virginia Tolesano; Thorga, Khelma; Garcia, Marcos Valério; Szabó, Matias Pablo Juan



Inhibition of Listeria monocytogenes in minas frescal cheese by free and nanovesicle-encapsulated nisin  

PubMed Central

The effectiveness of free and nanovesicle-encapsulated nisin to control Listeria monocytogenes in Minas Frescal cheese was investigated. Commercial nisin was encapsulated into liposomes of partially purified soy lecithin. Free (0.1 mg/mL and 0.25 mg/mL) and nanovesicle-encapsulated nisin (0.25 mg/mL) were applied onto the surface of cheese samples, and L. monocytogenes was inoculated before incubation at 6–8°C for 28 days. A bactericidal effect was observed with 0.25 mg/mL free nisin; a bacteriostatic effect was observed for liposome-encapsulated nisin and 0.1 mg/mL free nisin. Free nisin was more efficient than nisin-loaded liposomes in controlling L. monocytogenes. Possible reasons for this behavior, and also the significance of nisin to soft cheeses are discussed. Nisin acted as a suitable barrier within hurdle technology, potentially extending the shelf-life and safety of fresh cheeses.

Malheiros, Patricia da Silva; Daroit, Daniel Joner; Brandelli, Adriano



Modelling welded material for ultrasonic testing using MINA: Theory and applications  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Austenitic steel multi-pass welds exhibit a heterogeneous and anisotropic structure that causes difficulties in the ultrasonic testing. Increasing the material knowledge is a long term research field for LCND laboratory and EDF Les Renardières in France. A specific model has been developed: the MINA model (Modelling an Isotropy from Notebook of Arc welding). Welded material is described in 2D for flat position arc welding with shielded electrode (SMAW) at a functional scale for UT modeling. The grain growth is the result of three physical phenomena: epitaxial growth, influence of temperature gradient, and competition between the grains. The model uses phenomenological rules to combine these three phenomena. A limited number of parameters is used to make the modelling possible from the information written down in a notebook of arc welding. We present all these principles with 10 years' hindsight. To illustrate the model's use, we present conclusions obtained with two recent applications. In conclusion we give also insights on other research topics around this model : inverse problem using a F.E.M. code simulating the ultrasonic propagation, in position welding, 3D prospects, GTAW.

Moysan, J.; Corneloup, G.; Chassignole, B.; Gueudré, C.; Ploix, M. A.



Congenital Neosporosis in Goats from the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil  

PubMed Central

Congenital Neospora caninum infection was diagnosed in two Saanen goat kids from two distinct herds with a history of abortion and weak newborn goat kids in the Southern region of the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The first kid was weak at birth, had difficulty to rise and was unable to nurse. Gross lesions of porencephaly and hydrocephalus ex vacuo were seen. Multifocal necrosis, gliosis and non-supurative encephalitis were observed in the brain. Several parasitic cysts with a thick wall that reacted strongly only with polyclonal antiserum to Neospora caninum were seen in the cerebral cortex, brain stem and cerebellum. The second kid was born from a Neospora caninum seropositive mother that aborted in the last pregnancy. It was born without clinical signs. The diagnosis of neosporosis was based on antibody titer of 1:800 to N. caninum by indirect fluorescence antibody test obtained from blood collected before the goat kid ingested the colostrum and Neospora caninum DNA was detected by polymerase chain reaction and sequenced from placenta. This is the first report of neosporosis in goats in the southeast region of Brazil.

Hirsch, Christian; Wouters, Flademir; Nakagaki, Karen Y.; Guimaraes, Antonio M.; Santos, Domingos S.; Bezerra, Pedro S.; Costa, Rafael C.; Peconick, Ana P.; Langohr, Ingeborg M.



Genetic diversity of Annona crassiflora (Annonaceae) in northern Minas Gerais State.  


Genetic diversity analyses of tropical tree species are relevant to landscape management, plant genetic resource inventory, and biological conservation of threatened species. Annona crassiflora is an endangered fruit tree native to the Cerrado biome that is threatened by reduction of natural populations and fruit extraction. We examined the intra- and interpopulational genetic diversity of this species in the northern region of Minas Gerais State. Seventy-two individuals from four natural populations were genotyped using RAPD markers. We found moderate genetic diversity among populations, with Shannon's I index varying between 0.31 and 0.44, and Nei's genetic diversity (H(E)) for the population set equal to 0.31. AMOVA indicated a greater genetic variation within (77.38%) rather than among populations (22.62%), tending towards isolation by distance (Mantel's r = 0.914; P = 0.089). Nei's genetic identity estimates among populations revealed a hierarchical pattern of genetic similarity of form [(CA1, CA2), MC], [(GM)], corroborating the high genetic differentiation between spatially isolated populations. PMID:21968724

Cota, L G; Vieira, F A; Melo Júnior, A F; Brandão, M M; Santana, K N O; Guedes, M L; Oliveira, D A



[Talc pneumoconiosis among soapstone handicraft workers in a rural area of Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil].  


Talc pneumoconiosis in Brazil has received little research attention to date. The disease was investigated in Mata dos Palmitos, a district of Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais State, among soapstone handicraft workers. The district has some 180 inhabitants, of whom 108 are engaged in handicrafts production, while 15 alternate handicrafts production with work in the soapstone quarries. A clinical and occupational investigation was conducted, along with a respiratory symptoms standardized questionnaire, chest x-ray (ILO standard), and spirometry. Clinical data showed a low prevalence of respiratory complaints. Dyspnea was the most frequent symptom. Chronic bronchitis was identified in 12 adult workers. Chest x-rays showed evidence of small lung opacities in 5 workers, and in 11 there was suspicion of the same opacities. One worker showed a plaque-shaped pleural thickening. Seven workers showed abnormal spirometry. The soapstone dust composition showed breathable asbestos fibers from the amphibole group (tremolite-actinolite). The results suggest talc asbestosis occurrence among soapstone handicraft workers. PMID:14999341

Bezerra, Olívia Maria de Paula Alves; Dias, Elizabeth Costa; Galvão, Márcio Antônio Moreira; Carneiro, Ana Paula Scalia



Perceptions and attitudes among milk producers in Minas Gerais regarding cattle tick biology and control.  


This study evaluates milk producers' knowledge regarding cattle ticks and practices for controlling them. Ninety-three dairymen in Minas Gerais were interviewed. These producers had no information regarding acaricide efficiency tests. To analyze the information, open responses were categorized through "content analysis", and descriptive analysis consisting of extracting the profile highlighted by the highest frequencies. The association between schooling level and knowledge was tested by means of chi-square trend tests. It was observed that 92.3% had no knowledge of the nonparasitic period. For 96.4%, what determined the time to apply treatment was the degree of tick infestation; 93.3% used spray guns to apply the acaricide. In seeking to cross-correlate the biological and control variables with education, cooperative action, length of experience and herd size, it was found that there was a linear association between schooling level and implementation of acaricide solution preparation. The other factors didn't show any significant association. These data demonstrated the need to instruct the producers in relation to the biology and control of Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus. It was concluded that the majority of milk producers were unaware of cattle tick biology and the factors that influence choosing an acaricide, which makes it difficult to implement strategic control. PMID:21961747

do Amaral, Maria Alice Zacarias; da Rocha, Christiane Maria Barcellos Magalhães; Faccini, João Luiz; Furlong, John; Monteiro, Caio Márcio de Oliveira; Prata, Márcia Cristina de Azevedo


Geology of the Gualan and Southern Sierra de las Minas Quadrangles, Guatemala  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Gualan and Sierra de las Minas quadrangles straddle the Motagua Valley fault zone, a major southerly convex fault zone of Nuclear Central America, and the active transform boundary between the North American and Caribbean plates. Two distinctly different pre-Mesozoic metamorphic basement complexes are exposed in the area. The Chuacus Group crops out north of the Motagua Valley. The Las Ovejas Complex crops out south of the valley. Early Tertiary rift basins received clastic deposits of the Subinal Formation. Concurrently, hornblende diorite and La Union pluton granodiorites intruded the Las Ovejas. Sinistral strike slip motion began in the Miocene and the Junquillo pull apart basin formed between the Cabanas and Jubuco faults along the south side of the valley. Las Ovejas Complex rocks between these faults were mylonitized during the faulting. Southerly derived Plio-Quaternary alluvial fans in the Junquillo basin have been offset left laterally as much as 15 to 20 km from their source areas by the Jubuco fault. A shift in the active trace of the Jubuco fault led to uplift of the western Junquillo basin during the Quaternary. The Cabanas fault is now the active plate boundary.

Johnson, K. R.


[Mortality Information System in small municipalities of Minas Gerais state: concepts of health professionals].  


Strategies to accelerate the consolidation process of health information systems and make it possible to obtain reliable data on vital statistics are urgently needed. This qualitative study sought to understand the concepts of municipal administrators and Epidemiology managers about the Mortality Information System (MIS) in the Northeast region of Minas Gerais, one of the poorest in the state with the highest proportions of deaths with ill-defined causes. Professionals from ten municipalities were interviewed and their answers evaluated by content analysis. It was found that the MIS was perceived as important for management, but there was a general perception among respondents that it served the state and federal managers rather than the municipality in the planning of health actions. Improvements were reported in the physical structure of the municipalities to make the MIS operational, but also shortcomings related to lack of trained human resources for the systematic use and production of data at the local level and with high staff turnover. Partnerships between the health department with other state sectors can contribute to reduce under-registration of events and deaths with ill-defined causes. PMID:23670476

Campos, Deise; Hadad, Salime Cristina; Abreu, Daisy Maria Xavier de; Cherchiglia, Mariângela Leal; França, Elisabeth



[Drinking-and-driving prevalence in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State, Brazil].  


Problems resulting from alcohol consumption by drivers have been studied worldwide, and epidemiological research points to high injury and death rates related to drinking-and-driving. However, equivalent data are limited in Brazil. In this study, 913 drivers were stopped on public roads with heavy traffic and high concentrations of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State, and asked to answer a questionnaire and submit to an active breathalyzer test. The study was done in December 2005 and December 2006. The study adopted the internationally accepted sobriety checkpoint method. In the sample, 38.0% of drivers showed some trace of alcohol in their exhaled air, and 19.6% were at or above the legal limit (0.6 g/l). These figures were five times those found in similar surveys in other countries. The findings suggest a critical drinking-and-driving problem in Belo Horizonte (and probably elsewhere in Brazil) and the need for on-going research, the development of specific public policies to deal with the problem, and effective enforcement of the existing law. PMID:18392360

Campos, Valdir Ribeiro; Salgado, Rogério; Rocha, Mariela Campos; Duailibi, Sérgio; Laranjeira, Ronaldo



Iron oxides of Fazendão Deposit, East Border of Quadrilátero Ferrífero, Minas Gerais, Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The iron oxides highly influence the soil structure and aggregation of mineral particles in soil. They also play an important role in some economical variables, as those related to the use of land for agriculture practices or mineral exploitation, in ore mining activities. About 60 % of all industrial activities on iron processing in Brazil is based on ores mined in the geodomain of Quadrilátero Ferrífero, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Samples of a mining area for iron, the Fazendão Deposit in the east border of Quadrilátero Ferrífero have been studied in an attempt to contribute to a better understanding of the key chemical and mineralogical pathways related to the formation and transformation of iron oxides, involving hematite. From powder diffraction patterns, it is confirmed that hematite is the main mineralogical phase in all samples. The total iron contents were found to range between 65.15 and 70.00 mass%. The saturation magnetization values, ? = 6.9 and 2.1 J T-1 kg-1 are significantly measurable only for the two samples showing some evidences of magnetite. 298 K-Mössbauer data confirmed the dominant occurrence of hematite in all samples, along with magnetite for the two samples showing non-zero magnetization. 110 K-Mössbauer data indicate that the hematite in all samples undergoes the Morin transition (TM approx 260 K), as expected for the relatively pure oxide. Maghemite could not be detected in any sample. New numerical analysis are now being performed, using Rietveld refinement of XRD data, in an attempt to obtain crystallographic results that could indicate more reliable evidences about the mechanisms of formation of hematite, particularly in the magnetic samples, for which the precursor is presumably magnetite.

Pereira, A. R. P.; Rios, F. J.; Rosière, C. A.; Fabris, J. D.



Cervical uterine lesions: an epidemiological and molecular investigation in midwestern Minas Gerais, Brazil.  


Cervical uterine cancer is the second most frequent form of cancer in the female population and the fourth cause of cancer deaths among Brazilian women. In Divinópolis county, Minas Gerais state, cervical cancer accounted for 6.6% of deaths in 2007. The purpose of this study was to conduct an epidemiological and molecular investigation of samples of pre-neoplastic and neoplastic cervical uterine lesions from patients assisted at public healthcare services in the county. The study was based on clinical-epidemiological descriptions retrieved from cytological examination request forms from 2006 to 2010. For molecular analysis, samples from 95 patients were collected and DNA was extracted using the Chelex 100 method. PCR was performed for detection and typing of HPV 6/11, 16, 18, 31, and 33. Of the 52 168 patients who underwent cytological examination, 625 had pre-neoplastic or neoplastic lesions during the study period. Age distribution was consistent with the literature, with a predominance of patients aged 20-49 years. The microorganism found most frequently was Lactobacillus sp. (65%). Prominent among cellular alterations were cervical intraepithelial neoplasia I (39.7%) and atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance (32%). Molecular analysis revealed 72.6% of positive samples for HPV. HPV 16 (26.3%) was the most frequent type, followed by types 6/11 (7.4%), 18 (5.3%), 33 (2.1%), and 31 (1%). The results provided improved understanding of the association between HPV and cancer in Divinópolis, in addition to providing data that can contribute to the design of measures to prevent and control HPV infection in the county investigated. PMID:23508912

Rocha, Vanessa Regina; Schüffner, Raíssa de Oliveira Aquino; Soares, Isabela Iside Gagliardo; Tibúrcio, Jacqueline Domingues; Ribeiro, Rosy Iara Maciel de Azambuja; Lopes, Débora de Oliveira; dos Santos, Luciana Lara



Diversity of phlebotomine sand flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) in Ibitipoca State Park, Minas Gerais, Brazil.  


Leishmaniasis is a complex of zoonotic diseases that are endemic to many Brazilian states. They are transmitted to the vertebrates by the bite of the hematophagous female sand fly (Diptera: Psychodidae) vectors. Despite the increasing occurrence of visceral and cutaneous leishmaniasis cases in large urban centers, their transmission continues to occur primarily in a wild environment and may be associated with professional activities, ecotourism activities, or both. This study investigates the ecological parameters of the sand flies present in Ibitipoca State Park, Minas Gerais, Brazil. During 2009, systematic collections of sand flies were made monthly using HP light traps installed at five sites, including three natural settings (a cave, riparian vegetation, and a rain forest), the tourist and researchers' accommodations, and a surrounding domestic livestock area. In total, 161 sand flies (seven species) were collected, the most abundant, particularly in the surrounding domestic livestock area, being Lutzomyia (Psychodopygus) lloydi (Antunes, 1937). Furthermore, a previously unidentified Lutzomyia (Sciopemyia) sp. was prevalent in the cave environment. There are no existing records of the occurrence of leishmaniasis in Ibitipoca State Park; however, the some species of the subgenus Psychodopygus are known vectors of Leishmania spp in Brazil. Hence, the presence of a species of this genus in areas surrounding the park may represent a risk to ecotourism and the local inhabitants. Our study shows the importance of regular monitoring of the various areas used by humans to determine the distribution and spread of sand fly vectors for preventive management to forestall potential risk to health and consequent effect on ecotourists. PMID:21845934

Carvalho, Gustavo Mayr de Lima; De Vasconcelos, Fernanda Bernardes; Da Silva, Daniela Gonçalves; Botelho, Helbert Antônio; Filho, José Dilermando Andrade



H3+: superficies de energía potencial, estados y transiciones rovibracionales  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Hemos calculado varias superficies globales de energía potencial para el estado fundamental y excitados del sistema H3+ en más de ocho mil geometrías diferentes usando una base (9s 3p 1d)/[4s 3p 1d] en cada átomo de Hidrógeno y mediante un método de cálculo de interacción de configuraciones completa (FCI). Hemos ajustado las superficies a formas analíticas del tipo Aguado y Paniagua con un error promedio menor de 50 cm-1 y menor en el pozo de potencial del estado fundamental. Finalmente hemos calculado y analizado los niveles vibracionales para los dos estados electrónicos más bajos, siendo la desviación respecto de los mejores valores publicados, tanto experimentales como teóricos, de unos pocos números de onda.

Aguado, M. Paniagua Y. A.


[The Brazilian School Nutrition Program from the standpoint of students attending state schools in Minas Gerais, Brazil].  


The scope of this article is to analyze the Brazilian School Nutrition Program from the standpoint of students attending state schools in Minas Gerais. It is a qualitative and quantitative cross-sectional study with a sample of 1500 students, representing the population of the state schools of Minas Gerais, involving the administration of a semi-structured questionnaire. The data were analyzed using simple frequency, mean, standard deviation, Fisher's exact test, the chi-square test and logistic regression (p < 0.05, CI 95%). The effective acceptance of the program was 28.8% and the effective adhesion to the program was 45.1%. Program acceptance was significantly higher among males and students who consumed less extra-institutional food. Acceptance and adhesion to the program was significantly higher among the older students and those who reported participating in activities related to nutritional education. In total, 73.5% of the students suggested improvements in school food. Many of the program's norms and guidelines are not being implemented. The acceptance of school food was negatively influenced by the consumption of extra-institutional foods and positively influenced by food and nutritional education activities. PMID:23670372

da Silva, Camilo Adalton Mariano; Marques, Luciana Araújo; Bonomo, Elido; Bezerra, Olívia Maria de Paula Alves; Corrêa, Margareth da Silva; Passos, Letícia Siqueira Falce; de Souza, Anelise Andrade; Barros, Betannya França; de Souza, Débora Maria Soares; so Reis, Joana Almeida; de Andrade, Noemi Gonçalves



Comparison Between Kriging Variance and Interpolation Variance as Uncertainty Measurements in the Capanema Iron Mine, State of Minas Gerais—Brazil  

Microsoft Academic Search

The Capanema Mine, an iron ore deposit, is located in the central portion of the Quadrilátero Ferrífero, State of Minas Gerais, southeastern Brazil. Mine development data from approximately 7000 drillholes were used for a comparative study between kriging variance and interpolation variance as uncertainty measurements associated with ordinary kriging estimates. As known, the traditional kriging variance does not depend on

Marcelo Monteiro da Rocha; Jorge Kazuo Yamamoto



Zirconium and uranium recoveries from a ZrSiOâ and ZrOâ mineral (Caldasito) from the Pocos de Caldas Plateau, the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil  

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Thesis. A commercial-gnade zirconium dioxide (Zr, Hf)Oâ and a ; sodium diuranate (SDU) or ammonium diuranate (ADU) processing is presented. ; These compounds are obtained from the Caldasito, from the Pocos de Caldas Plateau ; in the southern part of the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The processing scheme ; is developed in three steps: the chemical opening of the

A. E. P



Distribuicao da scheelita ao longo da faixa anfibolitica do greenstone belt, Barbacena, MG. (Scheelite distribution a long of amphibolitic belt from greenstone belt Barbacena, Minas Gerais, Brazil).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In the middle southern portion of the Minas Gerais state a 60 Km long and 12 Km wide tungsten belt was discovered, and related to the amphibolitic rocks of the Barbacena Greenstone. Tungsten, present as scheelite, is associated with amphibolites, amphibol...

R. M. Pereira C. A. Alexandre



A Retail Survey of Brazilian Milk and Minas Frescal Cheese, and a Contaminated Dairy Plant, To Establish The Prevalence, Relatedness, and Sources of Listeria monocytogenes  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

A study was designed to recover Listeria monocytogenes from pasteurized milk and Minas Frescal cheese (MFC) sampled at retail and to identify the source(s) of contaminated products in the corresponding dairy processing plant and farm. Fifty milk samples (9 brands, 5-7 samples/brand) and 55 MFC sampl...


Hepatic photosensitization in buffaloes intoxicated by Brachiaria decumbens in Minas Gerais state, Brazil.  


The aim of this paper is to report the study of hepatogenous photosensitization in buffaloes during two outbreaks provoked by ingestion of Brachiaria decumbens in Minas Gerais state, Brazil. Ten young buffaloes in outbreak 1 and seven buffaloes in outbreak 2 were intoxicated by B. decumbens. Nine clinically healthy buffaloes raised under the same conditions as the sick animals served as the control group. All animals were subjected to clinical examination, and serum was collected to measure gamma-glutamyl transferase (GGT), aspartate aminotransferase (AST), direct bilirubin (DB), indirect bilirubin (IB) and total bilirubin (TB) as indicators of liver function and urea and creatinine as indicators of renal function. Histopathology of liver fragments from five different animals was carried out. During the outbreaks and every two months for one year, samples of grass from paddocks where the animals got sick were collected for quantitative evaluation of the saponin protodioscin, combined with observations of pasture characteristics and daily rainfall. Clinical signs included apathy, weight loss, restlessness, scar retraction of the ears and intense itching at the skin lesions, mainly on the rump, the tail head, neck and hindlimbs, similar to the signs observed in other ruminants. Only the GGT enzyme presented significantly different (P < 0.01) serum levels between intoxicated animals (n = 17) and healthy animals (n = 9), indicating liver damage in buffaloes bred in B. decumbens pastures. Microscopy of the liver showed foamy macrophages and lesions of liver disease associated with the presence of crystals in the bile ducts, which have also been found in sheep and cattle poisoned by grasses of the genus Brachiaria. During the outbreaks, protodioscin levels were higher than 3%, and shortly after, these levels were reduced to less than 0.80%, suggesting a hepatic injury etiology. The outbreaks took place at the beginning of the rainy season, and there was a positive correlation between saponin and the amount of rainfall, as well as between saponin and the amount of green leaves in the pasture. These findings indicate that the grass was more toxic in this period. This is the first report of photosensitization by B. decumbens in buffalo. PMID:23850427

De Oliveira, C H S; Barbosa, J D; Oliveira, C M C; Bastianetto, E; Melo, M M; Haraguchi, M; Freitas, L G L; Silva, M X; Leite, R C



Uranium Ore from Morro Do Agostinho, Pocos de Caldas, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Uranium Determination and Planning for Recovery of Uranium and Molybdenum from Their Leach by Ion-Exchange.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Three non-destructive methods for determination of uranium from Morro do Agostinho's ore, Pocos de Caldas, Minas Gerais are presented. Comparative data between chemical analysis (volumetric method) and cited non-destructive methods are shown. Gamma spectr...

H. T. Matsuda



Altération hydrothermale des monazites-(Ce) des pegmatites du district de Santa Maria de Itabira (Minas Gerais, Brésil)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Monazite-(Ce) is found in granitic pegmatites in the Santa Maria de Itabira pegmatite district (Minas Gerais, Brazil). During the magmatic stage, monazite-(Ce) seems to have had higher contents of cheralite and huttonite in the solid solution. The Th content in primary monazite-(Ce) is high and characteristic for each pegmatite body. During the late stage (albitization), the mean LREE content in the altered zone is slightly higher and Th content is very low. The accessory mineral assemblages changed; huttonite and cheralite crystallize together with Th-poor and La-rich monazite-(Ce) at the border of altered crystals. Nd/Sm and U/Pb ratios are also changed during the hydrothermal stage.

Bilal, Essaïd; Marciano, Vitoria; Marques^Correia Neves, José; Fuzikawa, Kazuo; Riffel, Bruno Fernando; Nalini, Herminio Arias; Fernandes, Maria Lourdes; Nasraoui, Mohamed



Factors associated with alcohol intake and alcohol abuse among women in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State, Brazil.  


The main objective of this cross-sectional study was to analyze factors associated with alcohol consumption among adult women living in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State, Brazil, in 2011. Data for Belo Horizonte were obtained from the VIGITEL system (Telephone-Based Surveillance of Risk and Protective Factors for Chronic Diseases). Alcohol use was defined as self-reported intake of at least one dose in the previous 30 days; alcohol abuse was defined as four or more doses on at least one occasion during the same period. Polytomous logistic regression was used to evaluate factors associated with alcohol use and abuse. Alcohol use was more prevalent among women 25 to 34 years of age. Alcohol abuse was associated with age, schooling, health status, and smoking. The results suggest the need for policies to prevent alcohol abuse among women, especially targeting those who are younger, single, smokers, and with more education. PMID:23843011

Machado, Isis Eloah; Lana, Francisco Carlos Félix; Felisbino-Mendes, Mariana Santos; Malta, Deborah Carvalho



[Positive breathalyzer test: factors associated with drinking and driving in the city of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State, Brazil].  


Few researches in Brazil have focused on factors associated with drinking and driving. The current study presents data on the prevalence and characteristics of individuals that drive under the influence of alcohol (DUI) in nine regions of the city of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State, Brazil. A total of 1,656 drivers were interviewed, of whom 1,254 (76%) agreed to answer a structured questionnaire and submit to the breathalyzer test. The breathalyzer test was positive in 15% of these drivers. The logistic regression model predicted 1.5 times higher odds of a positive breathalyzer test in drivers over 31 years of age and 4.5 times higher in individuals that reported at least weekly alcohol consumption. In addition, drivers in the Barreiro region showed two-fold odds of a positive breathalyzer test. Focused studies with sobriety checkpoints can monitor DUI behavior, drivers' characteristics, and traffic risks, meanwhile orienting public policies to prevent drinking and driving. PMID:23370024

Campos, Valdir Ribeiro; Salgado, Rogério de Souza; Rocha, Mariela Campos



Paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic investigations on Isla de los Estados, Argentina  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The expedition in November-December 2005 to Isla de los Estados (Staten Island) off the southeastern tip of South America was a cooperative venture between Lund University (LU) and Stockholm University (SU) in Sweden and the CADIC-CONICET Institute in Ushuaia, Argentina. The aim of the expedition was threefold: (1) to extend the Swedish paleoclimatic "ATLANTIS"-project (Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Azores, Grenada, Tristan da Cunha; PI S Björck) to the southern part of the South American continent, (2) to connect earlier glacial and climate history reconstructions from the Antarctic Peninsula to equivalents north of the Drake Passage in southernmost South America, and (3) to complement paleo-information available from the Tierra del Fuego mainland with information from Isla de los Estados. Focus was on two areas in the northern and north-western part of the island, Bahía Colnett and Bahia Crossley. Detailed geomorphologic and stratigraphic mapping of glacial deposits were combined with sampling sediments for OSL dating. To reconstruct the paleoclimatic development of Isla de los Estados since the last ice retreat, four main peat bog/lake sites were cored and sampled. In addition, living trees of Nothofagus and old logs preserved in the peat were sampled for dendrochronological and dendroclimatological studies. Preliminary results show that the deglaciation of the study area occurred before 16500 cal yr BP. Detailed multi- proxy analyses of the four sequences are under way and first results will be presented.

Björck, S.; Fernandez, M.; Hjort, C.; Ljung, K.; Martinez, O.; Möller, P.; Ponce, F.; Rabassa, J.; Roig, F.; Unkel, I.; Wohlfarth, B.



Avaliacao da disponibilidade biologica do fosforo dos fosfatos bicalcico, Patos de Minas, Tapira e Finos de Tapira para ovinos pela tecnica de diluicao isotopica. (Evaluation of the availability of phosphorus from dicalcium phosphate and rock phosphates from Patos de Minas, Tapira and Finos de Tapira for sheep, by the isotope dilution technique).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

'In vitro' and 'in vivo' assays were carried out to determine the phosphorus availability from dicalcium phosphate and rock phosphates from Patos de Minas, Tapira and Finos de Tapira. Twenty four male sheep, with 40 kg live weight, were assigned to three ...

D. M. S. Vitti



Chemostratigraphy of Carbonates from the Minas Supergroup, Quadrilatero Ferryifero (Iron Quadrangle), Brazil: A Stratigraphic Record of Early Proterozoic Atmospheric, Biogeochemical and Climactic Change  

Microsoft Academic Search

The ca. 2.42 Ga-old Gandarela Formation overlies the finely laminated CaueBanded Iron Formation (BIF) of the Itabira Group, Minas Supergroup, Brazil and consists of red carbonate facies BIF grading upsection into buff dolomites and limestones, which are locally stromatolitic. Carbonates of the Gandarela Formation have 13C values ranging narrowly from -1.6 to 0.4 permil versus PDB (n 93). The Cercadinho




Condicionantes da competitividade da cadeia de produção suinícola na região de Pará de Minas - MG  

Microsoft Academic Search

This study aimed to identify the determinants of the Pará de Minas pork meat chain competitiviness as well as suggest actions to improve it. The chain analysis was based on the Silva e Batalha (1999) methodology, and it was extended by the development of a S.W.O.T. analysis. The main chain strengths were related to the presence of cooperatives and a

Altair Dias de Moura; Viviani Silva Lirio; Aziz Galvao da Silva Junior; Denis Teixeira da Rocha; Beatriz de Assis Junqueira



Projeto Vida no Vale: universal access to water and sanitation in the North East of Minas Gerais (Brazil)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In the rural areas of the developing countries, the access to water supply and sanitation services is still largely inadequate. Poor governance of the water sector is frequently singled out as a cause and reforms are required. Studies analyzing the great diversity of restructuring efforts currently being undertaken in the water sector have not succeeded in determining the most appropriate institutional and economic framework for such reforms. Moreover they underline the lack of documentation on actual projects and call for concrete models and tools for improving water and sanitation services (WSS) and for adapting water utility practice to real conditions. In this context, the Vida no Vale (Life in the Valley) project is aimed at bringing universal access to WSS for all inhabitants of both urban and rural areas, in the north-eastern area of the Brazilian State of Minas Gerais. The project takes sustainable development as its guiding principle, and relies on the joint implementation of an innovative technical design, a governance model involving public participation and subsidiarity, and an economic structure combining financial viability and social equity. Designed at a consistent geographical and hydrological scale, it includes the creation of a regional subsidiary of the existing state water company as a keystone element. The institutional organisation also relies on the creation of a public board consisting of the 92 municipalities of the project region and of the State of Minas Gerais. This board will be in charge of the system's governance. This paper presents the first step of the project (2006), consisting of a feasibility study and the implementation of 9 pilot sub-projects. During the feasibility study, the supply, demand and capacity to pay for water services were defined, existing infrastructure appraised, the necessary amount of investment assessed and an innovative operational model and a sustainable management system, including civil society participation, defined. The main features of the Vida no Vale project have been tested in 9 pilot sub-projects, and implemented in municipalities chosen for their low Human Development Index and for the lack of WSS, in both urban and rural areas. A second phase corresponding to the project's final implementation will run from 2007 to 2011. The Vida no Vale project design resulted in a logical and extensive framework which could be used for developing similar WSS projects in other poor, rural regions, its adaptiveness being a key feature for taking into account the specific, local conditions.

Kauark-Leite, L.; Vinçon-Leite, B.; Deroubaix, J. F.; Loireau, A.; Silveira, D.; Haddad, E.



Fault kinematics and depocenter evolution of oil-bearing, continental successions of the Mina del Carmen Formation (Albian) in the Golfo San Jorge basin, Argentina  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Up to 10% of the liquid hydrocarbons of the Golfo San Jorge basin come from the Mina del Carmen Formation (Albian), an ash-dominated fluvial succession preserved in a variably integrated channel network that evolved coeval to an extensional tectonic event, poorly analyzed up to date. Fault orientation, throw distribution and kinematics of fault populations affecting the Mina del Carmen Formation were investigated using a 3D seismic dataset in the Cerro Dragón field (Eastern Sector of the Golfo San Jorge basin). Thickness maps of the seismic sub-units that integrate the Mina del Carmen Formation, named MEC-A-MEC-C in ascending order, and mapping of fluvial channels performed applying geophysical tools of visualization were integrated to the kinematical analysis of 20 main normal faults of the field. The study provides examples of changes in fault throw patterns with time, associated with faults of different orientations. The "main synrift phase" is characterized by NE-SW striking (mean Az = 49°), basement-involved normal faults that attains its maximum throw on top of the volcanic basement; this set of faults was active during deposition of the Las Heras Group and Pozo D-129 formation. A "second synrift phase" is recognized by E-W striking normal faults (mean Az = 91°) that nucleated and propagated from the Albian Mina del Carmen Formation. Fault activity was localized during deposition of the MEC-A sub-unit, but generalized during deposition of MEC-B sub-unit, producing centripetal and partially isolated depocenters. Upward decreasing in fault activity is inferred by more gradual thickness variation of MEC-C and the overlying Lower Member of Bajo Barreal Formation, evidencing passive infilling of relief associated to fault boundaries, and conformation of wider depocenters with well integrated networks of channels of larger dimensions but random orientation. Lately, the Mina del Carmen Formation was affected by the downward propagation of E-W to ESE-WNW striking normal faults (mean Az = 98°) formed during the "third rifting phase", which occurs coeval with the deposition of the Upper Member of the Bajo Barreal Formation. The fault characteristics indicate a counterclockwise rotation of the stress field during the deposition of the Chubut Group of the Golfo San Jorge basin, likely associated to the rotation of Southern South America during the fragmentation of the Gondwana paleocontinent. Understanding the evolution of fault-controlled topography in continental basins allow to infer location and orientation of coeval fluvial systems, providing a more reliable scenario for location of producing oil wells.

Paredes, José Matildo; Plazibat, Silvana; Crovetto, Carolina; Stein, Julián; Cayo, Eric; Schiuma, Ariel



Fault Slip Partitioning in the Eastern California Shear Zone-Walker Lane Belt: Pliocene to Late Pleistocene Contraction Across the Mina Deflection  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Two different mechanisms have been proposed for fault slip transfer between the subparallel NW-striking dextral- slip faults that dominant the Eastern California Shear Zone (ECSZ)-Walker Lane Belt (WLB). In the northern WLB, domains of sinistral-slip along NE-striking faults and clockwise block rotation within a zone of distributed deformation accommodated NW-dextral shear. A somewhat modified version of this mechanism was also proposed for the Mina deflection, southern WLB, whereby NE-striking sinistral faults formed as conjugate faults to the primary zone of NW-dextral shear; clockwise rotation of the blocks bounding the sinistral faults accommodated dextral slip. In contrast, in the northern ECSZ and Mina deflection, domains of NE-striking pure dip-slip normal faults, bounded by NW-striking dextral-slip faults, exhibited no rotation; the proposed mechanism of slip transfer was one of right-stepping, high angle normal faults in which the magnitude of extension was proportional to the amount of strike-slip motion transferred. New geologic mapping, tectonic geomorphologic, and geochronologic data from the Queen Valley area, southern Mina deflection constrain Pliocene to late Quaternary fault geometries, slip orientations, slip magnitudes, and slip rates that bear on the mechanism of fault slip transfer from the relatively narrow northern ECSZ to the broad deformation zone that defines the Mina deflection. Four different fault types and orientations cut across the Queen Valley area: (1) The NE-striking normal-slip Queen Valley fault; (2) NE-striking sinistral faults; (3) the NW-striking dextral Coyote Springs fault, which merges into (4) a set of EW-striking thrust faults. (U-Th)/He apatite and cosmogenic radionuclide data, combined with magnitude of fault offset measurements, indicate a Pliocene to late Pleistocene horizontal extension rate of 0.2-0.3 mm/yr across the Queen Valley fault. Our results, combined with published slip rates for the dextral White Mountain fault zone (0.3-0.8 mm/yr) and the eastern sinistral Coaldale fault (0.4 mm/yr) suggest that transfer of dextral slip from the narrow White Mountains fault zone is explained best by a simple shear couple whereby slip is partitioned into three different components: horizontal extension along the Queen Valley fault, dominantly dextral slip along the Coyote Springs fault, and dominantly sinistral slip along the Coaldale fault. A velocity vector diagram illustrating fault slip partitioning predicts contraction rates of <0.1 to 0.5 mm/yr across the Coyote Springs and western Coaldale faults. The predicted long-term contraction across the Mina deflection is consistent with present-day GPS data.

Lee, J.; Stockli, D.; Gosse, J.



[Population dynamics and the profile of mortality in the municipality of Montes Claros, Minas Gerais State, Brazil].  


This study is an ecological study of time trend. The objective of this study is to assess the population dynamics as the 1980 Census, 1991 and 2000, and the profile of mortality in the period between 1996 and 2005, in Montes Claros, Minas Gerais State. We used the information systems database of Datasus and IBGE. The main results indicate that the elderly group increased from 4.1% in 1980, 5.0% in 1991 to 6.6% in 2000. On the proportional mortality by cause, diseases of the circulatory system were the first cause of death, and 23.05% in 1996 and 28.26% in 2005, followed by cancer 14.13% in 1996 and 15.69% in 2005, external causes of morbidity and mortality 11.87% in 1996 and 12.74% in 2005 and infectious and parasitic diseases 8.42% in 1996 and 5.43% in 2005. The profile of mortality followed the population dynamics of the city observed a reduction of infectious diseases and an increase in chronic diseases, consistent with the process of population aging. PMID:21503480

Oliveira-Campos, Maryane; Cerqueira, Marília Borborema Rodrigues; Rodrigues Neto, João Felício



Spatial attachment-site preferences of macroectoparasites on Atlantic sturgeons Acipenser oxyrinchus in Minas Basin, Bay of Fundy, Canada.  


Although parasite habitat preference is well studied, it is rarely rigorously evaluated statistically because of many zero intensities. Attachment-site preference and intensities of 2 macroectoparasite species ( Caligus elongatus and Calliobdella vivida ) of Atlantic sturgeon, Acipenser oxyrinchus Mitchill, in Minas Basin, Bay of Fundy, Canada, were characterized with the use of zero-inflated negative binomial statistical models that included a fork-length offset to control for body size. Three other parasites were encountered, sometimes in high numbers on various body sites, but too few counts overall prevented construction of meaningful statistical models. Of 26 sturgeons, prevalence of (1) C. elongatus (Copepoda) was 85%, mainly on caudal fins and nonfin body sites; (2) C. vivida (Hirudinea) was 81%, mainly on the pelvic and pectoral fins, and dorsal and ventral-lateral body sites; (3) Dichelesthium oblongum (Copepoda) was 31% within the gills or burrowed into the musculature at the base of fins; (4) Argulus stizostethii (Crustacea: Branchiura) was 8%; and (5) Nitzschia sturionis (Monogenea) was 12%. Only D. oblongum was associated with visible damage, mainly as lesions on gills and soft tissues. Characterizing parasite prevalences within the Bay of Fundy is important because some parasites affect fish health and population biology. PMID:21506763

Munroe, Samantha E M; Avery, Trevor S; Shutler, Dave; Dadswell, Michael J



Microbiological Safety of Minas Frescal Cheese (MFC) and Tracking the Contamination of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus in MFC Processing.  


Abstract Minas Frescal cheese (MFC) is a traditional food produced and consumed in Brazil, characterized by its soft texture, low sodium, and high moisture content. This study characterized the microbiological contamination by coliforms, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, in 99 MFC samples obtained in retail sale and produced by three distinct industrial procedures. Dairy processors were selected to investigate the key points of E. coli and S. aureus contamination during cheese processing. MFC samples produced by the addition of lactic culture presented higher counts of coliforms and E. coli, when compared to other samples (p<0.05). MFC samples produced by the addition of rennet alone presented higher counts of S. aureus when compared to other samples (p<0.05). Fourteen of 19 MFC samples produced by the addition of lactic culture presented E. coli counts higher than 5×10(2) colon-forming units/g. The processing steps after pasteurization were identified as the main sources of E. coli and S. aureus contamination of MFC. Based on the results, MFC was characterized as a potential hazard for consumers due to the high frequency of samples contaminated with E. coli and S. aureus counts in noncompliance with Brazilian standards for sanitary quality and safety. PMID:23909773

Freitas, Rosangela; Brito, Maria Aparecida Vasconcelos Paiva; Nero, Luís Augusto; de Carvalho, Antonio Fernandes



[Gravimetric characterization of potentially infectious material in urban solid waste in southern Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State, Brazil].  


This study investigated potentially infectious waste (feces, urine, blood, body fluids) in the composition of total municipal solid waste. From August to September 2002, solid waste samples from southern Belo Horizonte, capital of the State of Minas Gerais, were collected and sent to the solid waste treatment and disposal site at BR-040 for segregation and quantification. Sharps (objects that can cause cuts or puncture wounds) made up 0.02+/-0.02% of the collected waste, while non-sharps accounted for 5.47+/-1.11%. In the sharps category, the majority were razor blades (0.01+/-0.01%), while among non-sharps the most frequent components were toilet paper (3.00+/-0.90%), diapers (2.21+/-1.08%), and sanitary napkins (0.22+/-0.12%). Household infectious waste was twice the total amount of waste (infectious + common) from healthcare units. The study was discussed in light of the health hazards and safety aspects for formal and informal waste collectors. PMID:16751957

Cussiol, Noil Amorim de Menezes; Rocha, Gustavo Henrique Tetzl; Lange, Liséte Celina



Boron-isotopic constraints on the petrogenesis of hematitic phyllite in the southern Serra do Espinhaço, Minas Gerais, Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Metasiliciclastic rocks predominate in the lower units of the Palaeo-Mesoproterozoic Espinhaço Supergroup, in the southern Serra do Espinhaço, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The lower units also comprise rocks with locally preserved igneous fabrics, but which have very unusual chemistries. These rocks, collectively known as hematitic phyllite, are characterised by abundant fine-grained muscovite, i.e. sericite, and variable amounts of titaniferous hematite, rutile and tourmaline. Currently, the hematitic phyllite has been interpreted as a metamorphosed palaeosol after basaltic rocks and, as such, has been used as a palaeoclimatic indicator. However, the lateritic nature of the hematitic phyllite cannot unambiguously be determined because of the K metasomatism, hematitisation and tourmalinisation recorded in the hematitic phyllite and in the arenaceous country rocks. Here we report the B-isotopic and chemical compositions of tourmaline from the hematitic phyllite. Our ?11B data are in the range between - 15‰ and 4‰. The tourmaline compositions fall along the povondraite-"oxy-dravite" join, which defines a meta-evaporitic tourmaline trend. A meta-evaporitic B source is constrained by the B-isotopic data as non-marine. Our model for the hematitic phyllite suggests that B- and K-rich brines were derived from the metamorphic dewatering of non-marine evaporites. Such brines extensively altered volcanic rocks of basaltic and rhyolitic compositions, leading to tourmaline-bearing, hematite-sericite assemblages of the hematitic phyllite.

Cabral, Alexandre Raphael; Wiedenbeck, Michael; Koglin, Nikola; Lehmann, Bernd; de Abreu, Francisco R.



Plagioscion squamosissimus (Sciaenidae) and Parachromis managuensis (Cichlidae): a threat to native fishes of the Doce River in Minas Gerais, Brazil.  


The middle section of the lake basin of the Doce River in Minas Gerais State, Brazil is plagued by grave environmental problems, including the introduction of non-native fish, which reduces the biodiversity of this region. This study reports the presence of two newly-detected non-native species in the Doce River Basin. Sampling efforts included gill nets with mesh size of 3 to 12 mm (measured diagonally) and trawling nets, both of which were used in independent field campaigns in 2002 and 2011. The two new invasive Perciform fishes, Plagioscion squamosissimus (Heckel 1840) and Parachromis managuensis (Günther 1867) were collected in Caratinga and Rio Doce municipalities. These records and other reports on non-native fishes suggest favorable environmental conditions for the establishment of invasive species in this drainage. These invasive species have behavior and diet observed in other wide distribution exotic fish of Rio Doce Basin representing a threat to the 77 native fishes of this region, 37 of which are endangered. PMID:22720053

Barros, Lucas C; Santos, Udson; Zanuncio, José C; Dergam, Jorge A



Fructification phenology as an important tool in the recovery of iron mining areas in Minas Gerais, Brazil.  


'Canga' is a name given to the ferruginous rocky fields that can be found in the 'Quadrilátero Ferrífero' of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The endemism and species richness make them areas of special biological importance, regarded as high-priority for conservation. Nevertheless, they are being threatened by intense mining activity. Aiming to understand more about this flora, this study was performed in order to determine the maturation or dispersal period of the fruits of four Canga species, Alibertia vaccinioides K.Schum. (Rubiaceae), Coccoloba acrostichoides Cham. (Polygonaceae), Miconia sellowiana Naudin (Melastomataceae), and one probable new species of Calyptranthes Sw. (Myrtaceae). Although fruit maturation or dispersal tended to occur at the end of the dry season, some asynchrony was observed in these species, with food sources being available during most of the year. This shows that these species have the potential to attract animals the whole year round, and planting them for the recovery of iron mining areas may increase the community's self-regeneration capacity, leading to a more successful restoration process. PMID:19802449

Garcia, L C; Barros, F V; Lemos-Filho, J P



Evaluation of mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae) species richness using two sampling methods in the hydroelectric reservoir of Simplício, Minas Gerais, Brazil.  


We compared two types of light traps used for monitoring mosquito abundance in the hydroelectric reservoir of Simplício, Além Paraíba - Minas Gerais. Mosquitoes were captured bimonthly using automatic CDC and Shannon traps before the filling of the hydroelectric plant reservoir from December 2008 to December 2009. In total, 1474 specimens from 13 genera were captured. Among the captured specimens, several species known to be vectors of disease-causing agents for humans and/or animals were identified, including Anopheles aquasalis, Aedes albopictus, Coquillettidia venezuelensis, Haemagogus leucocelaenus, and Aedes scapularis. Sampling efficacy between the four capture sites was not found to be significantly different, irrespective of species captured or type of trap used. Poor correlation (r (x, y) = -0.0444) between the number of mosquito species and capture site was observed when not influenced by the type of trap used. Among the installation sites of the CDC and Shannon traps in the areas investigated, CDC traps fixed in livestock shelters obtained an overall higher abundance of species captured. PMID:22468830

Alencar, Jeronimo; de Mello, Viviane Soares; Serra-Freire, Nicolau Maués; Silva, Júlia dos Santos; Morone, Fernanda; Guimarães, Anthony Érico



Energy reserves of Artibeus lituratus (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae) in two areas with different degrees of conservation in Minas Gerais, Brazil.  


Forest fragmentation associated with the expansion of human development is a phenomenon that occurs worldwide. Studies reveal that there have been both a decline in species diversity and a decrease in Neotropical bat population size because of habitat loss. The aim of this study was to investigate whether human action has been affecting the food availability to wildlife species, which could impact the storage of body energy reserves. For this purpose, fruit-eating bats (Artibeus lituratus) were collected in two areas in Minas Gerais state, Brazil. The concentrations of plasma glucose, as well as glycogen, lipids and protein in liver in muscles were performed, in addition to adipose tissue weight and carcass fatty acids. Our results indicate that fat reserves were significantly lower in most tested tissues (muscle of the hindlimbs, breast muscles, adipose tissue and carcass) in animals collected in the region with a higher degree of human disturbance. The other parameters showed no significant differences in the groups collected at different locations. In conclusion, we suggest that human action on the environment may be affecting the storage of body fat energy reserves of this species during the autumn, particularly in metropolitan region areas of Belo Horizonte, MG - Brazil, requiring special attention to the species conservation. PMID:22437400

Melo, B E S; Barros, M S; Carvalho, T F; Amaral, T S; Freitas, M B



Regional sulfate-hematite-sulfide zoning in the auriferous Mariana anticline, Quadrilátero Ferrífero of Minas Gerais, Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The distribution of mineral deposits, characterised as barite deposits, hematite-rich auriferous deposits and auriferous tourmaline-sulfide deposits, displays a regional sulfate-hematite-sulfide zoning along the thrust-delineated limbs of the Mariana anticline, in the south-eastern part of the Quadrilátero Ferrífero of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Cross-cut relationships of barite veins and sulfide lodes indicate that sulfidation occurred in a late-tectonic context, which is here attributed to the collapse of the ˜0.6-Ga Brasiliano thrust front. Reconnaissance S-isotopic data from barite and pyrite (Antônio Pereira barite deposit and its adjacent gold deposit, respectively), and arsenopyrite (Passagem de Mariana gold deposit), suggest a new interpretation for the hydrothermal fluid overprint in the Mariana anticline. The Antônio Pereira barite has ?33S values that are near zero, constraining the sulfate source to rocks younger than 2.45 Ga. The barite-?34S values are between +19.6 and +20.8 ‰. The Passagem arsenopyrite and tourmaline have Co/Ni ratios that define a positive linear trend with the Antônio Pereira pyrite. The latter has homogenous ?34S values, between +8.8 and +8.9 ‰, which are compatible with thermochemical reduction of aqueous sulfate with the S-isotopic composition of the Antônio Pereira barite.

Cabral, Alexandre Raphael; Koglin, Nikola; Strauss, Harald; Brätz, Helene; Kwitko-Ribeiro, Rogerio



Epidemiologic aspects of an outbreak of Trypanosoma vivax in a dairy cattle herd in Minas Gerais state, Brazil.  


The aim of this study was to assess the epidemiological situation of bovine trypanosomiasis caused by Trypanosoma vivax in a dairy cattle herd from Igarapé, Minas Gerais state, Brazil. The herd was monitored from September 2007 to February 2009 by sampling blood for determination of packed cell volume (PCV), microhaematocrit centrifugation test of parasitaemia (MHCT), serology (IFA), morphological identification of T. vivax and molecular diagnosis by polymerase chain reaction (PCR). During all the experimental period, 25 animals were MHCT and PCR positive, considering that in each sample collection a mean of 70 animals was evaluated. The morphometric characteristics of trypomastigote forms confirmed the infection by T. vivax. The seroprevalence ranged from 7.4% in September 2007 to 48% in February 2009, and the highest incidence observed could be correlated with an increased population of Stomoxys calcitrans flies in that region. Anaemia was the most important change found in infected animals, which showed lower averages of PCV than parasitologically negative animals (p<0.0001). Infected individuals showed lower averages of PCV than parasitologically negative animals (p<0.0001), indicating higher anaemia in the former compared with the latter group. PMID:20138431

Cuglovici, D A; Bartholomeu, D C; Reis-Cunha, J L; Carvalho, A U; Ribeiro, M F B



Patrones de migración México-Estados Unidos en los noventa: Datos de cuatro encuestas mexicanas  

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Este artículo analiza los patrones de migración internacional de los mexicanos, con destino a Estados Unidos, en los noventa, a partir de los datos que arrojan cuatro encuestas mexicanas. Este artículo se insiere en una discusión reciente en la literatura de migraciones sobre los supuestos cambios estructurales del patrón migratorio procedente de México y con destino a los Estados Unidos.

Cristóbal Mendoza


La emigración española a Estados Unidos: una aproximación desde los microdatos censales de 1910  

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Este artículo tiene como objetivo principal explorar las características demográficas y el efecto de la desigual distribución de efectivos por sexos en las pautas matrimoniales de los inmigrantes y segunda generación de españoles en Ybor City (Tampa, Florida, Estados Unidos) a principios de siglo XX. Ybor City, además de proporcionarnos detalles de la poco estudiada emigración a Estados Unidos, es

Albert Esteve Palós; Àngels Torrents i Rosés; Clara Cortina Trilla



Los Estados Unidos y la República de Chile se unen para combatir el cáncer

Una nueva alianza entre el Instituto Nacional del Cáncer de los Estados Unidos y el Ministerio de Salud de la República de Chile, tiene el propósito de acelerar el avance contra el cáncer en la población hispana en los Estados Unidos y en América Latina.


Modelos estocásticos de aprendizaje en ensayos de respuesta dicotómica y un número finito de estados absorbentes  

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En este trabajo se construye un modelo probabilístico para representar un proceso de aprendizaje en el contexto de los modelos de estado en la denominada teoría matemática del aprendizaje. El modelo in- cluye tanto el proceso de adquisición como el de olvido, así como el supuesto de que el proceso pue - de terminar en uno cualquiera de r estados.

Carmen Santisteban Requena



71 FR 33759 - Announcement of Availability of Funds for Cooperative Agreement to the Fundación México-Estados...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...oacute]n M[eacute]xico-Estados Unidos para la Ciencia, A.C. (FUMEC...oacute]n M[eacute]xico-Estados Unidos para la Ciencia, A. C. (FUMEC...oacute]n M[eacute]xico-Estados Unidos para la Ciencia, A. C....



Lutzomyia diamantinensis sp. nov., a new phlebotomine species (Diptera: Psychodidae) from a quartzite cave in Diamantina, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.  


A new species of Brazilian phlebotomine sandfly found in Brazil, municipality of Diamantina, state of Minas Gerais, is described based on males and females collected in a quartzite cave. The body of spermathecae is continuous to the individual duct, lanky and tapering at the end, with conical shaped, not striated and presenting the head with dense setae. The male presents gonostyle with four spines and a small subterminal seta and gonocoxite with one group of persistent setae. The paramere is simple with a group of small setae on the dorsal apex. The morphological features of this new species permit its inclusion in the migonei group. PMID:23295750

Barata, Ricardo Andrade; Serra e Meira, Paula Cavalcante Lamy; Carvalho, Gustavo Mayr de Lima



Mortality of the defoliator Euselasia eucerus (Lepidoptera: Riodinidae) by biotic factors in an Eucalyptus urophylla plantation in Minas Gerais State, Brazil.  


Euselasia eucerus (Hewitson, 1872) (Lepidoptera: Riodinidae) is a Brazilian native species commonly found in Eucalyptus plantations. Biotic mortality factors of this defoliator were studied in a Eucalyptus urophylla plantation in Minas Gerais State, Brazil aiming to identify natural enemies and their impact on this insect. Euselasia eucerus had biotic mortality factors during all development stages. The most important were Trichogramma maxacalii Voegelé and Pointel, 1980 (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) during egg stage (48.9%), a tachinid fly (Diptera: Tachinidae) during larval stages (10%) and Itoplectis sp. (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) during pupal stage (52.2%). The parasitism rate was higher in the basal part of the plant canopy (37.8%). PMID:19274332

Zanuncio, José C; Torres, Jorge B; Sediyama, Camilla A Z; Pereira, Fabricio F; Pastori, Patrik L; Wermelinger, Eduardo D; Ramalho, Francisco S



Mortality by neoplasia and cellular telephone base stations in the Belo Horizonte municipality, Minas Gerais state, Brazil.  


Pollution caused by the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of radio frequencies (RF) generated by the telecommunication system is one of the greatest environmental problems of the twentieth century. The purpose of this research was to verify the existence of a spatial correlation between base station (BS) clusters and cases of deaths by neoplasia in the Belo Horizonte municipality, Minas Gerais state, Brazil, from 1996 to 2006 and to measure the human exposure levels to EMF where there is a major concentration of cellular telephone transmitter antennas. A descriptive spatial analysis of the BSs and the cases of death by neoplasia identified in the municipality was performed through an ecological-epidemiological approach, using georeferencing. The database employed in the survey was composed of three data banks: 1. death by neoplasia documented by the Health Municipal Department; 2. BSs documented in ANATEL ("Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações": 'Telecommunications National Agency'); and 3. census and demographic city population data obtained from official archives provided by IBGE ("Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística": 'Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics'). The results show that approximately 856 BSs were installed through December 2006. Most (39.60%) of the BSs were located in the "Centro-Sul" ('Central-Southern') region of the municipality. Between 1996 and 2006, 7191 deaths by neoplasia occurred and within an area of 500 m from the BS, the mortality rate was 34.76 per 10,000 inhabitants. Outside of this area, a decrease in the number of deaths by neoplasia occurred. The greatest accumulated incidence was 5.83 per 1000 in the Central-Southern region and the lowest incidence was 2.05 per 1000 in the Barreiro region. During the environmental monitoring, the largest accumulated electric field measured was 12.4 V/m and the smallest was 0.4 V/m. The largest density power was 40.78 ?W/cm(2), and the smallest was 0.04 ?W/cm(2). PMID:21741680

Dode, Adilza C; Leão, Mônica M D; Tejo, Francisco de A F; Gomes, Antônio C R; Dode, Daiana C; Dode, Michael C; Moreira, Cristina W; Condessa, Vânia A; Albinatti, Cláudia; Caiaffa, Waleska T



Genotype and mating type distribution within clinical Cryptococcus neoformans and Cryptococcus gattii isolates from patients with cryptococcal meningitis in Uberaba, Minas Gerais, Brazil.  


We molecularly characterized 81 cryptococcal isolates recovered from cerebrospinal fluid samples of 77 patients diagnosed between 1998 and 2007 as having cryptococcal meningitis in Uberaba Minas Gerais, Brazil. Fifty-seven (74%) were male with a mean age 35.6 years. Seventy-two (88.9%) of the isolates were from 68 AIDS patients and cryp-tococcosis was the first AIDS-defining condition in 38 (55.9%) patients. Cryptococcosis and AIDS were simultaneously diagnosed in 25 (65.8%) of these 38 patients. Genotypes were characterized through the use of URA5 restriction fragment length polymorphisms analysis, the genetic variability was determined using PCR-fingerprinting with the minisatellite-specific primer M13, and the mating type and serotypes were established by PCR. Seventy-six of the 81 isolates were Cryptococcus neoformans (93.8%), while the remaining five were C. gattii (6.1%), but all were mating type alpha. C. neoformans isolates were genotype VNI (serotype A), while C. gattii isolates were VGII. Four of the latter isolates were identical, but only two were from AIDS patients. Six of the nine isolates from non-AIDS patients were VNI. PCR fingerprints of the isolates from two of the three AIDS patients with clinical relapse were 100% identical. The predominance of VNI and mating type alpha is in accordance with data from other parts of the world. The occurrence of VGII in Minas Gerais indicates a geographical expansion within Brazil. PMID:19905964

Mora, Delio José; Pedrosa, André Luiz; Rodrigues, Virmondes; Leite Maffei, Claudia Maria; Trilles, Luciana; Dos Santos Lazéra, Márcia; Silva-Vergara, Mario León



Captura y Reconfiguración Cooptada del Estado en Guatemala, México y Colombia Análisis conceptual de las memorias de la Primera Discusión Internacional Sobre Captura y Reconfiguración Cooptada del Estado  

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La evidencia muestra que el narcotráfico es importante en el fortalecimiento de la corrupción de Guatemala, México y Colombia; por lo tanto, es problemático analizar de modo separado ambos fenómenos. Los hechos muestran también que las organizaciones narcotraficantes de los tres países han aprendido a regular la coerción del Estado. Este aprendizaje ha representado un salto que va desde la

Luis Jorge Garay-Salamanca; Isaac de León-Beltrán; Eduardo Salcedo-Albarán



La red exterior de Puertos del Estado: Información oceanográfica en tiempo real. Puertos del Estado deep water network: Oceanographic information in real time  

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SUMMARY In the last 20 years, Puertos del Estado has settled a complex marine monitoring system that allows the access to real time oceanographic and meteorological information. One of the networks in this system is the deep water network with buoys deployed at open sea. The access to this information is completely free through the web pages where users can

Marta Alfonso; José Damián López; Isabel Ruiz; Enrique Álvarez; Nuevas Tecnologías


Ochoterenella esslingeri n. sp. (Nematoda: Onchocercidae: Waltonellinae) from Bokermannohyla luctuosa (Anura: Hylidae) in Minas Gerais, Brazil, with notes on Paraochoterenella Purnomo & Bangs, 1999  

PubMed Central

The waltonelline Ochoterenella esslingeri n. sp., a filarial parasite of the anuran Bokermannohyla luctuosa in Minas Gerais, Brazil is described. Several characters distinguish this new species from the 15 species presently included in the genus: the cuticular ornamentation of the female that is restricted to the posterior region of the body, the irregular arrangement of the small, rounded bosses, the postoesophageal vulva, the short glandular oesophagus, the size and shape of the microfilariae, the long left spicule and high spicular ratio. Irregularly arranged, tiny, rounded bosses are common in the monotypic genus Paraochoterenella from an Indonesian ranid, which is not well defined but likely valid. In the Neotropical Realm, the type hosts of the species of Ochoterenella are Hylidae (O. esslingeri n. sp.), Leptodactylidae (two species) and the remaining 13 species were described from the giant toad Rhinella marina (Bufonidae).

Souza Lima, S.; Marun, B.; Alves, P.V.; Bain, O.



The unique karyotype of Henochilus wheatlandii, a critically endangered fish living in a fast-developing region in Minas Gerais State, Brazil.  


Henochilus wheatlandii, the only species of this genus, is critically endangered and was considered extinct for over a century. The rediscovery of this fish in 1996 made it possible to study its phylogenetic relationships with other species in the subfamily Bryconinae. The aim of this study was to characterise the karyotype of H. wheatlandii. Standard staining, C-positive heterochromatin and nucleolar organiser region (NOR) banding, chromomycin A(3) staining, and fluorescent in situ hybridisation (FISH) using 5S rDNA and 18S rDNA probes were conducted on nineteen specimens collected in the Santo Antonio River, a sub-basin of the Doce River in Ferros municipality, Minas Gerais State, Brazil. Henochilus wheatlandii shared the same diploid number and chromosome morphology as other species of Bryconinae. However, its heterochromatin distribution patterns, NOR localisation, and FISH patterns revealed a cytogenetic profile unique among Neotropical Bryconinae, emphasizing the evolutionary uniqueness of this threatened species. PMID:22848754

Silva, Priscilla C; Santos, Udson; Travenzoli, Natália M; Zanuncio, Jose C; Cioffi, Marcelo de B; Dergam, Jorge A



[A comparison of the Family Health Strategy to other sources of healthcare: utilization and quality of health services in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State, Brazil].  


Indicators of healthcare utilization and quality were compared in a probabilistic sample of adults (N = 7,534) covered by private health plans, the Family Health Strategy (FHS), and "traditional" primary care clinics (UBS) in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State, Brazil. After adjusting for demographics, health conditions, and socioeconomic status, indicators of healthcare utilization (longitudinality, health-seeking, and medical consultations) showed better performance among users of the FHS and private health plans compared to those covered by the UBS. Hospitalizations, preventive tests, and flu vaccinations varied little between sources of care. Quality indicators (difficulty in making an appointment, waiting lines, complaints about obtaining medications, and receiving an appointment within 24 hours) were better among private health plans. Recommending one's healthcare providers to others was more frequent among FHS users (61.9%) and those with private health plans (55.6%), compared to those served by UBS (45.4%). PMID:23843004

Lima-Costa, Maria Fernanda; Turci, Maria Aparecida; Macinko, James



Water Resources Estimation of the Biosphere Reserve "Sierra de las Minas" in Guatemala, by Using a Distributed Hydrological Model and Considering Lack of Data  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve "Sierra de las Minas" is part of the Guatemalan System of Protected Areas and contains the largest cloud forests of Guatemala. Its southern slopes flow into the Motagua Valley, one of the more active zones in the country and paradoxically, the most arid and driest zone of Central America. The main objective of this work was to obtain a better estimation of the water resources coming from the southern slopes of the "Sierra de las Minas", and to have an analysis tool to better understand key hydrological processes involved on water sustainable management practices, as the environmental services initiatives on the zone. Unfortunately, the lack of data was the general framework. The selected model was the so called TETIS, which is a conceptual distributed model developed by our research group. A simple and efficient method was used for parameter maps estimation with a 100 m cell size. The model was calibrated at daily time step in the Teculután basin with 187 km2, by applying a new split-parameter structure coupled with the SCE-UA automatic optimization algorithm, in order to obtain the set of optimal correction factors of the model. For a period of medium daily precipitation within the validation period, we obtained a simulated discharge very close to the observed data (the monthly Nash and Sutcliffe model efficiency coefficient was 0.83). We present here a precipitation spatial and sensitivity analysis, and a simple approach for estimate the contribution of cloud forests to the hydrological balance. Finally, the calibration results were extrapolated to the Uyús ungaged basin to simulate its flow regime and to evaluate its water resources.

Morales-de La Cruz, M.; Frances Garcia, F.



High sero-prevalence of caseous lymphadenitis identified in slaughterhouse samples as a consequence of deficiencies in sheep farm management in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil  

PubMed Central

Background Caseous lymphadenitis (CLA), caused by Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis, is one of the most important diseases of sheep and goats, causing considerable economic losses for herd owners. Results We assessed the seroprevalence of infection with C. pseudotuberculosis in 805 sheep from 23 sheep farms that supply slaughterhouses in the state of Minas Gerais; we also analyzed management practices that could be associated with CLA occurrence, used on these and nearby farms that also supplied animals to the slaughterhouse (n = 60). The serum samples for assaying CLA infection were taken at the slaughterhouse. Frequency of infection with C. pseudotuberculosis was estimated at 43.7%, and farm frequency was estimated at 100%. Management practices were analyzed through a questionnaire. All farmers (60/60) had extensive/semi-extensive rearing system; 70.0% (42/60) identified sheep individually; 11.7% (7/60) had periodical technical assistance; 41.7% (25/60) disinfected the facilities; 86.7% (52/60) used barbed wire fences and did not implement adequate CLA control measures; only 11.7% (7/60) of breeders reported vaccination against C. pseudotuberculosis; 13.3% (8/60) took note of animals with clinical signs of CLA; 1.7% (1/60) opened and sanitized abscesses, and isolated the infected animals; 10.0% (6/60) knew the zoonotic potential of this disease and 1.7% (1/60) of the farmers culled animals in case of recurrence of abscesses. Conclusions It can be concluded that C. pseudotuberculosis infection is widely spread in sheep flocks in Minas Gerais state in Brazil and that there is a lack of good management measures and vaccination, allowing transmission of this infectious agent throughout the production network.



The chemical composition of specular hematite from Tilkerode, Harz, Germany: implications for the genesis of hydrothermal hematite and comparison with the Quadrilátero Ferrífero of Minas Gerais, Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The black shale-hosted selenide vein-type deposit at Tilkerode, eastern Harz, Germany, has specular hematite enclosed in clausthalite (PbSe). The specular hematite has Ti and V in amounts of up to ˜1 wt.% TiO2 and ˜3 wt.% V2O5, and subordinate, but important, contents of Mo (22-372 ppm) and B (up to 68 ppm). The Tilkerode hematite serves as a reference for hydrothermal hematite formed at relatively low temperatures (<150 °C). The composition of the Tilkerode hematite is compared with that of two generations of specular hematite from itabirite-hosted iron-ore deposits in the Quadrilátero Ferrífero of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The first generation of specular hematite represents an early tectonic hematitisation of dolomitic itabirite at Águas Claras and occurs as fine-grained crystals. Reconnaissance data indicate that the Águas Claras hematite is poorer in Ti and V, relative to the Tilkerode hematite, but has ˜5-10 ppm B and ˜7-11 ppm Li. The second generation of specular hematite defines the pervasive tectonic foliation of the Gongo Soco iron ore. This hematite has Ti contents of up to ˜2 wt.% TiO2 and subordinate amounts of V (62-367 ppm); its B and Li concentrations are mostly below <2 ppm B and <1 ppm Li. The presence of Ti and B in the Tilkerode hematite can be explained by highly saline, B-bearing fluids that were capable of mobilising otherwise immobile Ti. The Mo signature of the Tilkerode hematite suggests that Mo was derived from the host black shale. In Minas Gerais, B and Li were incorporated into the early tectonic hematite from saline fluids at relatively low temperatures (Águas Claras) and then released during metamorphic hematite growth at higher temperatures, as suggested by the foliation-defining hematite without B-Li signature (Gongo Soco).

Cabral, Alexandre Raphael; Rosière, Carlos Alberto




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Esse trabalho procura discutir a aplicação da lei 9.974\\/00 (prevenção ao impacto ambiental causado pelo descarte incorreto das embalagens de agrotóxicos) na região cafeeira no município de Lavras no Sul de Minas Gerais através da percepção dos agentes envolvidos na comercialização e destinação final das embalagens de agrotóxicos (produtores, revendas autorizadas e Ministério Público).---------------------------------------------This reserch aims to discuss the law

Marcelo Marcio Romaniello; Cristhiane Oliveira Da Graca Amancio; Walter Braga Junior



Seroprevalence and risk factors of toxoplasmosis in cattle from extensive and semi-intensive rearing systems at Zona da Mata, Minas Gerais state, Southern Brazil  

PubMed Central

Background Concerning the infection of humans by T. gondii, limited efforts have been directed to the elucidation of the role of horizontal transmission between hosts. One of the main routes of transmission from animals to humans occurs through the ingestion of raw or insufficiently cooked meat. However, even though the detection of T. gondii in meat constitutes an important short-term measure, control strategies can only be accomplished by a deeper understanding of the epidemiology of toxoplasmosis. The present study aimed to investigate the seroprevalence of toxoplasmosis in cattle from Zona da Mata, Minas Gerais, Brazil, and to identify associated risk factors, through an epidemiological investigation. Methods The animals studied (Bos indicus, breed Nelore or Gir) were reared in the Zona da Mata micro-region and killed at a commercial slaughterhouse at Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais state. The animals came from 53 cattle farms with extensive (predominantly pasture feeding management) or semi-intensive (food management based on grazing, salt mineral and feed supplementation) rearing systems. Blood samples were collected from 1200 animals, and assigned to Indirect Fluorescent Antibody Test. Results When analyzing IgG anti-T.gondii we found an overall seroprevalence of 2.68%. In Brazil prevalences vary from 1.03% to 60%. Although in the present study, the seroprevalence per animal is considered low compared to those observed in other studies, we found out that of the 53 farms analyzed, 17 (34.69%) had one or more positive cattle. It is a considerable percentage, suggesting that the infection is well distributed through the Zona da Mata region. The results of the epidemiological investigation showed that the main risk factors of Toxoplasma gondii infection are related to animal management and to the definive host. There was a relationship between the number of seropositive cattle and the presence and number of resident cats, presence and number of stray cats, presence of cats walking freely, rat control by using cats and feed storage. Conclusion These results may contribute to the development of preventive strategies in Brazil and other developing countries were extensive and semi-intensive cattle rearing systems are very widespread and the efforts to control this important zoonotic disease have attained little success.



Optimization methods for gas liquefaction production in Algeria and for a firewater safety system for the Holy Area of Mina, in Saudi Arabia  

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The major part of this study deals specifically with problems encountered in liquefied-gas production in Algeria. However, its developed methodology could be applied to other industrial units of similar importance (petrochemical, pipeline, etc.). Capital costs as well as manpower, operations, and maintenance costs are very high in such production, especially in Algeria, a foreign-technology dependent country. Moreover, the technical complexity of an LNG plan constitutes a further incentive for the formulation of mathematical models as tools toward attaining management efficiency. These models can form the basis for Decision Support Systems for use as well in improving the operations of any major national industrial plant. The remainder of the dissertation consists of a conception and a study for an optimal firewater safety system for the Holy Area of Mina, in Saudi Arabia, where fire outbreaks cause significant losses in lives and property damages during the yearly pilgrimage. Part of the contribution of this study lies in the guidelines established for a Decision Support System, which will improve the user's effectiveness as a decision maker.

Chergui, B.



[Nutritional profile of the Xukuru-Kariri indigenous people in the state of Minas Gerais in accordance with different anthropometric and body composition indicators].  


The scope of this study was to evaluate the nutritional profile of indigenous Xukuru-Kariri villagers in the state of Minas Gerais between seven and seventy-eight years of age in accordance with the different anthropometric and body composition indicator. The measurements were: weight, height, waist circumference (WC) and body fat percentage (BF%). The sensitivity and specificity of anthropometric indices were calculated with a confidence interval of 95% and positive predictive value (PPV) and negative predictive value (NPV). A total of 58 individuals was evaluated, of which 56.9% (n =33) were male and 43.1% (n =25) were female. Specificity was greater than sensitivity in all indices. It was seen that 29% of individuals were classified as having excess body fat as assessed by BMI and hand-to-hand bioimpedance and 50% of subjects had high body fat in relation to BMI and WC. Studies need to be conducted with different ethnic groups in order to construct indicators for specific nutritional guidance of indigenous health services. PMID:23358766

Simões, Bárbara dos Santos; Machado-Coelho, George Luiz Lins; Pena, João Luiz; Freitas, Silvia Nascimento de



[Evaluation of labor-related and physical risk factors for cardiovascular disease in drivers of urban transport buses in Montes Claros in the state of Minas Gerais].  


The scope of this study was to evaluate risk factors for cardiovascular disease among bus drivers in Montes Claros in the state of Minas Gerais. A semi-structured questionnaire covering personal, anthropometric, professional and labor-related data was used, in addition to a questionnaire on the level of stress. 53 bus drivers were surveyed and the average age was 30 to 39 years of age. 81.1% were non-smokers; 58% of the sample were teetotalers; and 50% took regular exercise. In the assessment of BMI, 40 drivers (75.4%) were overweight. The prevalence in eating habits revealed excess consumption of sugar (66.0%), fat (64.2%), coffee (69.8%), salt (60.4%), coca cola (64.2%) and soft drinks (54.7%). Among reports of chronic diseases, no diabetic (98.1%) or hypertensive (94.3%) drivers were observed. Most of the sample (69.7%) had normal stress levels. With respect to laboratory data, the vast majority of drivers had hypertriglyceridemia and hypercholesterolemia. HDL levels were satisfactory, and the LDL revealed normal and desirable levels in more than half of the sample. The prevalence of cardiovascular disease was low. PMID:22899155

Alquimim, Andréia Farias; Barral, Ana Beatris Cezar Rodrigues; Gomes, Kênnya Caroline; Rezende, Mayra Costa de



Oxidation states of iron as an indicator of the techniques used to burn clays and handcraft archaeological Tupiguarani ceramics by ancient human groups in Minas Gerais, Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Ceramics of the Tupiguarani Tradition typically have in common the burning characteristics, their forms and decoration motifs. Dating such ceramic pieces with the radiocarbon method indicate that these artifacts were probably handcrafted between 1,500 and 500 years before the present. Fragments ceramic utensils were collected in the archaeological site of Beltrão, in the municipality of Corinto, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. A fragment of about 50 mm in diameter and 15 mm thick, with a color gradation across the ceramic wall ranging from red, on one side, grayish, in the middle, and orange, on the opposite side, was selected for a more detailed examination. The fragment was transversely cut and a series of subsamples were separated from different points along the piece wall, in layer segments of ~3 mm. All subsamples were analyzed with Mössbauer spectroscopy at room temperature and 80 K. Results reveal that hematite is the magnetically ordered phase. A Fe2 + component (relative spectral area, 50 %) appears for the grayish subsample. According to these first results, the red subsample seems to be the side that had direct contact with fire used to burn the precursor clay in air. The grayish middle layer is probably due to the clay mixed with some ashes. Mössbauer data reveal that the orange layer, corresponding to the opposite side of the ceramic relatively to the direct fire, does contain about the same Fe2 + :Fe3 + ratio but much lower proportion of ?-Fe2O3 than the red layer.

Floresta, D. L.; Ardisson, J. D.; Fagundes, M.; Fabris, J. D.; Macedo, W. A. A.



Talc mineralisation associated with soft hematite ore, Gongo Soco deposit, Minas Gerais, Brazil: petrography, mineral chemistry and boron-isotope composition of tourmaline  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Talc mineralisation occurs as hematite-talc schist between soft hematite ore and dolomitic itabirite at Gongo Soco, Quadrilátero Ferrífero of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The hematite-talc schist and soft hematite have a prominent tectonic foliation of tabular hematite. Tabular hematite without preferential orientation is superimposed on the tectonic foliation. The talcose schist is enriched in F and has a constant Fe/S ratio. Electron-microprobe analyses indicate trace amounts of S in different generations of hematite. The whole-rock Fe/S ratio possibly represents sulfate S from hematite-hosted fluid inclusions. Fluid inclusions in foliation-overprinting hematite and chlorite geothermometry from talcose rocks suggest, respectively, temperatures from <200°C to ~300°C. Tourmaline, a rarely observed mineral in the hematite-talc schist, belongs to the alkali group and falls in the dravite compositional field. Boron-isotope determinations of tourmaline crystals, using secondary ion mass spectrometry, vary from -20‰ to -12‰ ?11B. This compositional isotopic range and the tourmaline chemical composition suggest a meta-evaporitic origin. A non-marine evaporitic setting is the most likely source of acidic, highly oxidising fluids, which resulted in the abundant F-bearing talc and the presence of otherwise immobile Ti in hematite. Oxidising brines were channelled along shear zones and converted dolomitic itabirite into the Gongo Soco soft hematite and the talc mineralisation. The latter is envisaged as the hydrothermal wall-rock alteration of dolomitic itabirite, which gave rise to the soft hematite ore.

Cabral, Alexandre Raphael; Wiedenbeck, Michael; Rios, Francisco Javier; Seabra Gomes, Antônio Augusto; Rocha Filho, Orlando Garcia; Jones, Richard David



Acute schistosomiasis outbreak in the metropolitan area of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais: alert about the risk of unnoticed transmission increased by growing rural tourism.  


The present article describes the occurrence of 17 cases of acute schistosomiasis in the metropolitan area of Belo Horizonte, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. All individuals affected took a bath in a swimming pool of a holiday resort that was provided with water from a nearby brook. The apparently clean water and the absence of snails in the pool gave the wrong impression that there was no risk for infection. During a malacological survey at the site snails of the species Biomphalaria glabrata were found and tested positive for Schistosoma mansoni. All the patients live in the middle-class area of Barreiro, metropolitan area of Belo Horizonte and have medium grade school education. The difficulties in establishing the right diagnosis is expressed by the search for medical attention in 17 different medical facilities, the wide range of laboratory test and the inadequate treatment administration. A lack of knowledge about the disease was found in all groups studied. The booming rural tourism in endemic areas is identified as a probable risk factor for infection, especially for individuals of the non-immune middle and upper class parts of the society in urban centers. Special attention is given to a multidisciplinary approach to the complex issue of disease control and prevention. PMID:14595449

Enk, Martin J; Amorim, Amanda; Schall, Virginia T



[From guidelines to practice: evaluation of the pediatric care provided by a service of secondary reference in the north of the State of Minas Gerais].  


In the State of Minas Gerais, the Secondary Reference Viva Vida Centers (CVVRS) are one of the strategies deployed to tackle the problems in child health. This study sought to evaluate pediatric care provided in a CVVRS, using the guidelines defined when it was set up as a benchmark. A quantitative-qualitative approach was adopted, which included a cross-sectional study with stratified random sampling of 385 medical records of children registered with the program between 2007 and 2009, and analysis of focus groups with strategic actors of the initiative. There were divergences between the user profiles and the target audience in terms of age, hometown and clinical characteristics. Access and use of the service differed depending on the town, due to problems of misinformation concerning the proposal, difficulty of transportation and the fragility of the health network. The centers are considered an innovative and important initiative for the expansion and organization of the health network, though the intended logic is not effectively seen in practice. Interventions for articulation between the network services and adaptation of the agreed guidelines to the regional specificities are necessary. PMID:23752544

Moreira, Laura Monteiro de Castro; Alves, Cláudia Regina Lindgren; Belisário, Soraya Almeida; Bueno, Mariana de Caux; de Moraes, Erica Furtado



Xenotime-hematite aggregates on opaline filaments: evidence for biomineralization in weathered siliciclastic rocks, Capanema, Quadrilátero Ferrífero of Minas Gerais, Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Dissolution cavities in weathered pebbly quartzite of the ~2.5-Ga Moeda Formation at Capanema, Quadrilátero Ferrífero of Minas Gerais, Brazil, are decorated with suspended filaments of opaline silica. The filaments sustain xenotime-hematite aggregates in the open space. Xenotime occurs as inclusions in buds and botryoidal aggregates of hematite. The filamentous structures consist of strand-forming buds, hypha-like extensions, and thin strands that compose mat-like arrangements. They resemble microbial filaments that were replaced by opaline silica and fossilized. The occurrence of spherical hematite as protuberances on hematite-free opaline hyphae is interpreted as accretion of dissolved iron onto extracellular polymers. Phosphate sites in polymeric substances expelled from the microbial filaments might have adsorbed yttrium and heavy rare-earth elements from groundwater to the iron-accreting polymers. These would have resulted in botryoidal aggregates of hematite with xenotime inclusions. The presence of authigenic xenotime in the weathering zone opens a new possibility to constrain the evolution of lateritic profiles by xenotime geochronology.

Cabral, Alexandre Raphael; Koglin, Nikola; Seabra Gomes, Antônio Augusto; Lehmann, Bernd



The Glória quartz-monzodiorite: isotopic and chemical evidence of arc-related magmatism in the central part of the Paleoproterozoic Mineiro belt, Minas Gerais State, Brazil.  


The Glória quartz-monzodiorite, one of the mafic plutons of the Paleoproterozoic Mineiro belt, is intrusive into banded gneisses, amphibolites, schists and phyllites of the Rio das Mortes greenstone belt, in the southern portion of the São Francisco Craton, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The Glória quartz-monzodiorite yields a SHRIMP U-Pb zircon age of 2188 +/- 29 Ma, suggesting a tectonic relationship with the pre-collisional phase of the Mineiro belt. According to the Nd isotopic evidence (epsilonNd(T) = -3.4; T DM = 2.68 Ga) the original magmas was formed by a mixture among Archean crustal material and Paleoproterozoic juvenile magma. The Glória quartz-monzodiorite shows metaluminous and calc-alkaline tendency with intermediate K content, comparable to that of volcanic-arc rocks. The primary mineralogical assemblage was partly modified by metamorphism, dated between 2131-2121 Ma in nearby coeval plutons. Such metamorphism is significantly older than the reported metamorphic episodes of the Mineiro belt in the Quadrilátero Ferrífero region (2059-2041 Ma) in the eastern portion of the study area. This evidence, together with chemical and isotopic data from other mafic and felsic plutons coeval with the Glória quartz-monzodiorite, indicate a tectonic and magmatic migration within the Mineiro belt from west to east. PMID:16936942

Avila, Ciro A; Teixeira, Wilson; Cordani, Umberto G; Barrueto, Héctor R; Pereira, Ronaldo M; Martins, Veridiana T S; Dunyi, Liu



Spotted fever group Rickettsia in small rodents from areas of low endemicity for Brazilian spotted fever in the eastern region of Minas Gerais State, Brazil.  


We investigated the humoral immune response against different species of Rickettsia in serum samples from small rodents collected in two areas of a silent focus for Brazilian spotted fever in the eastern region of Minas Gerais State, Brazil. Sera samples were analyzed by indirect immunofluorescence assay using antigens from Rickettsia species of the spotted fever, ancestral, and transition groups. Titers ? 1:64 were considered positive. In Santa Cruz do Escalvado, 94% (30 of 32) of the samples collected from Rattus rattus, 22% (5 of 23) from Nectomys squamipes, and 80% (4 of 5) from Akodon sp., reacted by indirect immunofluorescence assay with Rickettsia antigens of the spotted fever group. In the municipality of Pingo D'Água, 84% (26 of 31) of the samples collected from R. rattus, 86% (6 of 7) of the samples from Oryzomys subflavus, 86% (6 of 7) from N. squamipes, and 100% (1 of 1) from Bolomys sp. contained antibodies that reacted with rickettsial antigens of the spotted fever group. These results demonstrated the previous exposure of small rodents to spotted fever group Rickettsia, suggesting the participation of these animals in the natural history of these rickettsiae in this region. PMID:23509125

Milagres, Bruno S; Padilha, Amanda F; Montandon, Carlos E; Freitas, Renata N; Pacheco, Richard; Walker, David H; Labruna, Marcelo B; Mafra, Cláudio L; Galvão, Márcio A M



Assessment of the molecular structure of natrodufrénite - NaFeFe53+()4(·2(HO), a secondary pegmatite phosphate mineral from Minas Gerais, Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The mineral natrodufrénite a secondary pegmatite phosphate mineral from Minas Gerais, Brazil, has been studied by a combination of scanning electron microscopy and vibrational spectroscopic techniques. Electron probe analysis shows the formula of the studied mineral as (Na0.88Ca0.12)?1.00(Fe0.722+Mn0.11Mg0.08Ca0.04Zr0.01Cu0.01)?0.97(Fe4.893+Al0.02)?4.91(PO4)3.96(OH6.15F0.07)6.22?2.05(H2O). Raman spectroscopy identifies an intense peak at 1003 cm-1 assigned to the PO43- ?1 symmetric stretching mode. Raman bands are observed at 1059 and 1118 cm-1 and are attributed to the PO43- ?3 antisymmetric stretching vibrations. A comparison is made with the spectral data of other hydrate hydroxy phosphate minerals including cyrilovite and wardite. Raman bands at 560, 582, 619 and 668 cm-1 are assigned to the ?4PO43- bending modes and Raman bands at 425, 444, 477 and 507 cm-1 are due to the ?2PO43- bending modes. Raman bands in the 2600-3800 cm-1 spectral range are attributed to water and OH stretching vibrations. Vibrational spectroscopy enables aspects of the molecular structure of natrodufrénite to be assessed.

López, Andrés; Frost, Ray L.; Xi, Yunfei; Scholz, Ricardo; Belotti, Fernanda Maria; Ribeiro, Érika



The molecular structure of matioliite - NaMgAl5(PO4)4(OH)6·2(H2O) - A pegmatite mineral from Minas Gerais, Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Detailed spectroscopic and chemical investigation of matioliite, including infrared and Raman spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy and electron probe microanalysis has been carried out on homogeneous samples from the Gentil pegmatite, Mendes Pimentel, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The chemical composition is (wt.%): FeO 2.20, CaO 0.05, Na2O 1.28, MnO 0.06, Al2O3 39.82, P2O5 42.7, MgO 4.68, F 0.02 and H2O 9.19; total 100.00. The mineral crystallize in the monoclinic crystal system, C2/c space group, with a = 25.075(1) Å, b = 5.0470(3) Å, c = 13.4370(7) Å, ? = 110.97(3)°, V = 1587.9(4) Å3, Z = 4.Raman spectroscopy coupled with infrared spectroscopy supports the concept of phosphate, hydrogen phosphate and dihydrogen phosphate units in the structure of matioliite. Infrared and Raman bands attributed to water and hydroxyl stretching modes are identified. Vibrational spectroscopy adds useful information to the molecular structure of matioliite.

Scholz, Ricardo; Xi, Yunfei; Frost, Ray L.



Patrones alimenticios y valoración del estado nutricional en población adulta atendida en la Atención Primaria  

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INTRODUCCIÓN: Los patrones alimenticios influyen en la salud del momento y pueden determinarla a largo plazo.\\u000aOBJETIVOS: Identificar los hábitos alimenticios y el estado nutricional de la población entre 18 y 44 años de edad atendida en un centro de atención primaria y estudiar los factores asociados.\\u000aTIPO DE ESTUDIO: Transversal.\\u000aEMPLAZAMIENTO: Área básica urbana.\\u000aSUJETOS: Muestra aleatoria de 201

Matilde González Solanellas; Marta Puig Soler; Ana Romagosa Perez-Portabella; Clàudia Caselles Montagut; Montserrat Grau Carod; Hegoi Segurola Gurrutxaga; Santiago Lancho Lancho; Edurne Zabaleta del Olmo




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RESUMEN. En este trabajo se presenta una revisión de los cambios que se han producido en los últimos años en las ecuaciones de estado cúbicas de más amplia aceptación y se hace un estudio comparativo del cálculo del volumen específico de once líquidos puros por medio de cinco ecuaciones cúbicas: Van der Waals, Redlich-Kwong, Soave-Redlich-Kwong, Peng-Robinson y Valderrama-Patel- Teja .



Highlights of the XXI annual meeting of the Brazilian Society of Protozoology, the XXXII annual meeting on Basic Research in Chagas' disease & an international symposium on vesicle trafficking in parasitic Protozoa - 7 to 9 November 2005, Caxambu, Minas Gerais, Brazil  

PubMed Central

This report focuses on the 2005 Annual meeting held in Caxambu, Minas Gerais, Brazil that was convened and organized by the Brazilian Society of Protozoology . This is an annual event and details of these meetings can be found on the Society's website. Within the space available it has been impossible to cover all the important and fascinating contributions and what is presented are our personal views of the meetings scientific highlights and new developments. The contents undoubtedly reflect each author's scientific interests and expertise. Fuller details of the round tables, seminars and posters can be consulted on line at .

Shaw, Jeffrey; Schenkman, Sergio; Rodrigues, Mauricio Martins



Far-field effects of tidal energy extraction in the Minas Passage on tidal circulation in the Bay of Fundy and Gulf of Maine using a nested-grid coastal circulation model  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Bay of Fundy in eastern Canada has the highest tides in the world. Harnessing the tidal energy in the region has long been considered. In this study, the effects of tidal in-stream energy extraction in the Minas Passage on the three-dimensional (3D) tidal circulation in the Bay of Fundy (BoF) and the Gulf of Maine (GoM) are examined using a nested-grid coastal ocean circulation model based on the Princeton Ocean Model (POM). The nested-grid model consists of a coarse-resolution (~4.5 km) parent sub-model for the GoM and a high-resolution (~1.5 km) child sub-model for the BoF. The tidal in-stream energy extraction in the model is parameterized in terms of nonlinear Rayleigh friction in the momentum equation. A suite of numerical experiments are conducted to determine the ranges of extractable tidal in-stream energy and resulting effects on the 3D tidal circulation over the Bay of Fundy and the Gulf of Maine (BoF-GoM) in terms of the Rayleigh friction coefficients. The 3D model results suggest that the maximum energy extraction in the Minas Passage increases tidal elevations and tidal currents throughout the GoM and reduces tidal elevations and circulation in the upper BoF, especially in the Minas Basin. The far-field effect of tidal energy extraction in the Passage on the 3D tidal circulation in the BoF-GoM is examined in two cases of harnessing tidal in-stream energy from (a) the entire water column and (b) the lower water column within 20 m above the bottom in the Passage. The 3D model results demonstrate that tidal in-stream energy extraction from the lower water column has less impact on the tidal elevations and circulation in the BoF-GoM than the energy extraction from the whole water column in the Minas Passage.

Hasegawa, Daisuke; Sheng, Jinyu; Greenberg, David A.; Thompson, Keith R.



Esperanzaite, NaCa(2)Al(2)(As(5+)O(4))[As(5+)O(3)(OH)](OH)(2)F(4)(H(2)O), A New Mineral From Mina La Esperanza, Mexico: Descriptive Mineralogy and Atomic Arrangement  

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Esperanzaite, ideally NaCazA12(As5+0.i)[As5+03 (OH)] (OH)2FJH20), Z =2, is a new mineral from the Mina h Esperarq Durango State, Mexico. The mineral occurs as blue-green botryoidal crystalline masses on rhyolite, with separate spheres up to 1.5 mm Y Deceased in diameter. Mobs hardness is 4.5, specific gravity 3.240h, and 3.36( 3)C.IC. Optical properties were measured in 589 nm light. Esperanzaite is

F. Cureton; A. U. Falster; E. E. Foord; P. F. Hlava; J. M. Hughes; C. H. Maxwell



[Evaluation of a program for the control of schistosomiasis in municipalities located on the basin of the Sao Francisco River, Minas Gerais, Brazil].  


An evaluation of the control program on schistosomiasis (PCE/PCDEN) was performed in the region of São Francisco river in MInas Gerais. The study area comprises six municipalities, with 130,000 inhabitants and 916 localities situated in an area with 10,722 km2. The activities initiated in 1983-85 in four municipalities and in 1987 in the other two. The main measures of control were repeated treatment with oxamniquine and use of niclosamide. The prevalence of infection by Schistosoma mansoni in the first four municipalities, that was initially around 18 and 32%, dropped abruptly after the first intervention (1983/85) and remained in levels below the initial ones until the last assessment (1990-94); similar trends were observed for the proportion of infected snails. In these municipalities, the proportion of localities without infection or with prevalence below 5% increased in relation to those with higher prevalence. In the other two municipalities, with initial prevalence below 5%, there were no substantial changes in S. mansoni prevalence or proportion of infected snails; the cost benefit of the program in these municipalities need to be assessed and the priorities redirected to eradicate focal areas and prevent spread to non infected localities. The authors call attention to the difficulties in the long term of a control program based on repeated treatments. Information on factors associated with S. mansoni infection in each locality, or in groups of similar localities, would allow to develop additional measures to treatment that could last longer and be less dependent on the continuous use of chemotherapy. PMID:8713603

Lima e Costa, M F; Guerra, H L; Pimenta, F G; Firmo, J O; Uchoa, E


Detection of Theileria and Babesia in brown brocket deer (Mazama gouazoubira) and marsh deer (Blastocerus dichotomus) in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil.  


Intraerythrocytic protozoan species of the genera Theileria and Babesia are known to infect both wild and domestic animals, and both are transmitted by hard-ticks of the family Ixodidae. The prevalences of hemoprotozoa and ectoparasites in 15 free-living Mazama gouazoubira, two captive M. gouazoubira and four captive Blastocerus dichotomus from the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil, have been determined through the examination of blood smears and the use of nested polymerase chain reaction (nPCR). The cervid population was inspected for the presence of ticks and any specimens encountered were identified alive under the stereomicroscope. Blood samples were collected from all 21 animals, following which blood smears were prepared, subjected to quick Romanowsky staining and examined under the optical microscope. DNA was extracted with the aid of commercial kits from cervid blood samples and from tick salivary glands. The nPCR assay comprised two amplification reactions: the first was conducted using primers specific for a 1700 bp segment of the 18S rRNA gene of Babesia and Theileria species, whilst the second employed primers designed to amplify a common 420 bp Babesia 18S rRNA fragment identified by aligning sequences from Babesia spp. available at GenBank. The ticks Amblyomma cajennense, Rhipicephalus microplus and Dermacentor nitens were identified in various of the cervids examined. Of the animals investigated, 71.4% (15/21) were infected with hemoprotozoa, including Theileria cervi (47.6%), Theileria sp. (14.3%), Babesia bovis (4.8%) and Babesia bigemina (4.8%). However, only one of the infected wild cervids exhibited accentuated anaemia (PCV=17%). This is first report concerning the occurrence of Theileria spp. in Brazilian cervids. PMID:21354704

da Silveira, Júlia A G; Rabelo, Elida M L; Ribeiro, Múcio F B



Population demography of Northern muriquis (Brachyteles hypoxanthus) at the Estação Biológica de Caratinga/Reserva particular do Patrimônio Natural-Felìciano Miguel Abdala, Minas Gerais, Brazil.  


The 957-ha forest at the Estação Biológica de Caratinga/Reserva Particular do Patrimônio Natural-Felìciano Miguel Abdala, in Minas Gerais, Brazil, supports one of the largest known populations of the critically endangered northern muriqui (Brachyteles hypoxanthus). We combine long-term data on one group that has been monitored since 1982 with new data obtained on the other three groups since 2002 and 2003 to describe the demographic structure of this population, evaluate its potential for future growth, and predict how dispersal and competitive regimes may change in response to current demographic conditions. As of January 2005, the 226 individuals in the population were divided into four mixed-sex groups with 37-77 members, and an all-male unit whose eight males maintained transient associations with two of the mixed-sex groups. Although 51.77% of the population was female, the sex ratio among adults and subadults was female-biased (0.75), while that among immatures was male-biased (1.47). Consistent with expectations from mean interbirth intervals, 64.18% of adult females gave birth in 2003 and 2004. However, by January 2005, only 52.31% of adult females were still carrying infants <24 months of age due to unusually high infant mortality. First-year survivorship among the 25 infants born in the population in 2003 was only 76%, considerably lower than previously documented in the longest-studied group. High female fecundity is indicative of a healthy population, but the current male bias in births will result in a decline in the population growth rate within two decades, and may increase levels of male reproductive competition and alter dispersal patterns. PMID:16365854

Strier, Karen B; Boubli, Jean P; Possamai, Carla B; Mendes, Sérgio L



Hidden Diversity Behind the Zombie-Ant Fungus Ophiocordyceps unilateralis: Four New Species Described from Carpenter Ants in Minas Gerais, Brazil  

PubMed Central

Background Ophiocordyceps unilateralis (Clavicipitaceae: Hypocreales) is a fungal pathogen specific to ants of the tribe Camponotini (Formicinae: Formicidae) with a pantropical distribution. This so-called zombie or brain-manipulating fungus alters the behaviour of the ant host, causing it to die in an exposed position, typically clinging onto and biting into the adaxial surface of shrub leaves. We (HCE and DPH) are currently undertaking a worldwide survey to assess the taxonomy and ecology of this highly variable species. Methods We formally describe and name four new species belonging to the O. unilateralis species complex collected from remnant Atlantic rainforest in the south-eastern region (Zona da Mata) of the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Fully illustrated descriptions of both the asexual (anamorph) and sexual (teleomorph) stages are provided for each species. The new names are registered in Index Fungorum ( and have received IF numbers. This paper is also a test case for the electronic publication of new names in mycology. Conclusions We are only just beginning to understand the taxonomy and ecology of the Ophiocordyceps unilateralis species complex associated with carpenter ants; macroscopically characterised by a single stalk arising from the dorsal neck region of the ant host on which the anamorph occupies the terminal region and the teleomorph occurs as lateral cushions or plates. Each of the four ant species collected - Camponotus rufipes, C. balzani, C. melanoticus and C. novogranadensis - is attacked by a distinct species of Ophiocordyceps readily separated using traditional micromorphology. The new taxa are named according to their ant host.

Evans, Harry C.; Elliot, Simon L.; Hughes, David P.



Vibrational spectroscopy of the phosphate mineral lazulite--(Mg, Fe)Al2(PO4)2·(OH)2 found in the Minas Gerais, Brazil.  


This research was done on lazulite samples from the Gentil mine, a lithium bearing pegmatite located in the municipality of Mendes Pimentel, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Chemical analysis was carried out by electron microprobe analysis and indicated a magnesium rich phase with partial substitution of iron. Traces of Ca and Mn, (which partially replaced Mg) were found. The calculated chemical formula of the studied sample is: (Mg0.88, Fe0.11)Al1.87(PO4)2.08(OH)2.02. The Raman spectrum of lazulite is dominated by an intense sharp band at 1060 cm(-1) assigned to PO stretching vibrations of of tetrahedral [PO4] clusters presents into the HPO4(2-) units. Two Raman bands at 1102 and 1137 cm(-1) are attributed to both the HOP and PO antisymmetric stretching vibrations. The two infrared bands at 997 and 1007 cm(-1) are attributed to the ?1PO4(3-) symmetric stretching modes. The intense bands at 1035, 1054, 1081, 1118 and 1154 cm(-1) are assigned to the ?3PO4(3-) antisymmetric stretching modes from both the HOP and tetrahedral [PO4] clusters. A set of Raman bands at 605, 613, 633 and 648 cm(-1) are assigned to the ?4 out of plane bending modes of the PO4, HPO4 and H2PO4 units. Raman bands observed at 414, 425, 460, and 479 cm(-1) are attributed to the ?2 tetrahedral PO4 clusters, HPO4 and H2PO4 bending modes. The intense Raman band at 3402 and the infrared band at 3403 cm(-1) are assigned to the stretching vibration of the OH units. A combination of Raman and infrared spectroscopy enabled aspects of the molecular structure of the mineral lazulite to be understood. PMID:23434550

Frost, Ray L; Xi, Yunfei; Beganovic, Martina; Belotti, Fernanda Maria; Scholz, Ricardo



Vibrational spectroscopy of the phosphate mineral lazulite - (Mg, Fe)Al2(PO4)2·(OH)2 found in the Minas Gerais, Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This research was done on lazulite samples from the Gentil mine, a lithium bearing pegmatite located in the municipality of Mendes Pimentel, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Chemical analysis was carried out by electron microprobe analysis and indicated a magnesium rich phase with partial substitution of iron. Traces of Ca and Mn, (which partially replaced Mg) were found. The calculated chemical formula of the studied sample is: (Mg0.88, Fe0.11)Al1.87(PO4)2.08(OH)2.02. The Raman spectrum of lazulite is dominated by an intense sharp band at 1060 cm-1 assigned to PO stretching vibrations of of tetrahedral [PO4] clusters presents into the HPO42- units. Two Raman bands at 1102 and 1137 cm-1 are attributed to both the HOP and PO antisymmetric stretching vibrations. The two infrared bands at 997 and 1007 cm-1 are attributed to the ?1PO43- symmetric stretching modes. The intense bands at 1035, 1054, 1081, 1118 and 1154 cm-1 are assigned to the ?3PO43- antisymmetric stretching modes from both the HOP and tetrahedral [PO4] clusters. A set of Raman bands at 605, 613, 633 and 648 cm-1 are assigned to the ?4 out of plane bending modes of the PO4, HPO4 and H2PO4 units. Raman bands observed at 414, 425, 460, and 479 cm-1 are attributed to the ?2 tetrahedral PO4 clusters, HPO4 and H2PO4 bending modes. The intense Raman band at 3402 and the infrared band at 3403 cm-1 are assigned to the stretching vibration of the OH units. A combination of Raman and infrared spectroscopy enabled aspects of the molecular structure of the mineral lazulite to be understood.

Frost, Ray L.; Xi, Yunfei; Beganovic, Martina; Belotti, Fernanda Maria; Scholz, Ricardo



El número de supervivientes de cáncer en Estados Unidos asciende a aproximadamente 12 millones

El número de supervivientes de cáncer en Estados Unidos ascendió a 11,7 millones en 2007, de acuerdo a un informe publicado por los Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades, CDC, y el Instituto Nacional del Cáncer, NCI, el cual forma parte de los Institutos Nacionales de la Salud. Hubo 3 millones de supervivientes de cáncer en 1971 y 9,8 millones en 2001.



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RESUMO: RESUMO: RESUMO: RESUMO: RESUMO: Trata-se de um estudo de natureza qualitativa com emprego do método de história de vida que objetivou descrever a interferência do estado reacional na história de vida das pessoas acometidas pela hanseníase. Foi realizada em 2006, numa unidade básica de saúde, no município do Rio de Janeiro. Foram entrevistados 13 clientes com estado reacional em

Miranda LF; Leão AMM; Kelly Cristina; Cateringer SangiI


Revisiting the Role Schoo l?Regents Played in the Educational Policy of Estado Novo (1930's-1950's)  

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Though approached in several texts about the organization of teaching activity during Estado Novo, the figure of the school ? regent has barely deserved specific treatment. It was not until recently that the first systematisation of quantitative data concerning their presence in the education system emerged, along with an attempt of analysis about the characteristics of this professional group, reaching

Paulo Guinote



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Foi instalado um teste de procedência e progênie de Liquidambar styraciflua L. em Agudos, SP, em solo de areia quartzosa. Os materiais genéticos foram fornecidos pelo Oxford Forestry Institute, incluindo doze procedências da Guatemala, Honduras, Nicarágua, México e dos Estados Unidos, sendo testados juntamente com uma testemunha local, com duas a dez progênies por procedência. Medições efetuadas dos quatro até

Jarbas Y. Shimizu; Ivana H. Z. Spir



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Se compararon tres métodos cartográficos diferentes para la representación de aspectos climáticos (temperatura y precipitación) en zonas altas del estado Lara. Se usó conjuntamente A) Representación analógica (en papel), B) Mapas digitalizados de coberturas mediante el software para Sistema de Información Geográfica (SIG) ArcInfo y C) Modelos numéricos interpolados mediante software de aplicación geoestadística (SURFER), empleando el modelo de interpolación

Jorge López Márquez; Rigoberto Andressen




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Un total de 50 muestras de hisopados nasales de becerros. con enfermedad respiratoria procedentes de dos fincas ubicadas en el estado Guárico. fueron analizados por estudios bacteriológicos. Los agentes bacterianos más frecuentes fueron Pasteurella multocida (28%), Streptococcus spp. hemolíticos (22%), Klebsiella pneumoniae (18%), Corynebacterium spp. (14%), Staphylococcus epidermidis (6%), Bacillus spp. (4%), Escherichia coli y Pseudomonas aeruginosa (2%). respectivamente. Se

Yuraima Pineda; Salin Mora; Jorge Santander


Information System and Geographic Information System Tools in the Data Analyses of the Control Program for Visceral Leishmaniases from 2006 to 2010 in the Sanitary District of Venda Nova, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil  

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The aim of this paper is to report a brief history of control actions for Visceral Leishmaniasis (VL) from 2006 to 2010 in the Sanitary District (DS) of Venda Nova, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, focusing on the use of information systems and Geographic Information System (GIS) tools. The analyses showed that the use of an automated database allied with geoprocessing tools may favor control measures of VL, especially with regard to the evaluation of control actions carried out. Descriptive analyses of control measures allowed to evaluating that the information system and GIS tools promoted greater efficiency in making decisions and planning activities. These analyses also pointed to the necessity of new approaches to the control of VL in large urban centers.

Saraiva, Lara; Leite, Camila Goncalves; de Carvalho, Luiz Otavio Alves; Andrade Filho, Jose Dilermando; de Menezes, Fernanda Carvalho; Fiuza, Vanessa de Oliveira Pires



Information system and geographic information system tools in the data analyses of the control program for visceral leishmaniases from 2006 to 2010 in the sanitary district of venda nova, belo horizonte, minas gerais, Brazil.  


The aim of this paper is to report a brief history of control actions for Visceral Leishmaniasis (VL) from 2006 to 2010 in the Sanitary District (DS) of Venda Nova, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, focusing on the use of information systems and Geographic Information System (GIS) tools. The analyses showed that the use of an automated database allied with geoprocessing tools may favor control measures of VL, especially with regard to the evaluation of control actions carried out. Descriptive analyses of control measures allowed to evaluating that the information system and GIS tools promoted greater efficiency in making decisions and planning activities. These analyses also pointed to the necessity of new approaches to the control of VL in large urban centers. PMID:22518168

Saraiva, Lara; Leite, Camila Gonçalves; de Carvalho, Luiz Otávio Alves; Andrade Filho, José Dilermando; de Menezes, Fernanda Carvalho; Fiúza, Vanessa de Oliveira Pires



El comercio de servicios de enseñanza en el el tratado de libre comercio (TLC) con los Estados Unidos de América. Las implicaciones para la educación superior en Colombia  

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Desde la perspectiva del comercio internacional la prestación de servicios, en particular la de servicios públicos, ha sido un tema reciente. En el caso de la educación este tema se consideraba tradicionalmente como una actividad propia del Estado, asociada al concepto de servicio público. En la actualidad estos conceptos han cambiado y hoy se considera que la educación no sólo

Hernán Jaramillo Salazar; Marcela Anzola Gil



Estado nutricional em zinco e teste de acuidade do paladar em crianças de baixa estatura familiar Zinc nutritional status and taste acuity test in familial short stature children  

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Objetivos: Avaliar o estado nutricional em zinco e a percepção do paladar (salgado, doce, ácido e amargo) em crianças de baixa estatura familiar. Métodos: Estudo transversal de 30 crianças sem sinais de puberdade, pacientes do ambulatório de crescimento da Universidade Federal de São Paulo. A ingestão dietética foi avaliada pelo método do Registro Alimentar. Para o teste de acuidade do

Andréa G. Marques; Luiz A. Lopes; Olga M. S. Amancio



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Este artigo identifica os grupos de produtos do estado de Mato Grosso que exibem vantagens competitivas no comércio exterior durante o período 1996-2007. Para tanto, com base em dados da Secretaria de Comércio Exterior do Ministério da Indústria e Comércio, estimam-se indicadores de Comércio Exterior, tais como VCR (Vantagens Comparativas Reveladas), ICSC (Índice de Contribuição ao Saldo da Balança Comercial)

Paula Luciana Silva; Benedito Dias Pereira; Alexandre Magno Faria; Gerson Rodrigues Silva; Arturo Zavala Zavala



The Prince, the Captain and "The State": An Examination of the Mesquita Family Ownership of "O Estado de Sao Paulo" to 1969.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Julio Mesquita joined the staff of "O Estado de Sao Paulo" in 1885 and became a director in 1891, when he also began his first term as a deputy of the Sao Paulo state assembly. Until his death in 1927, Mesquita guided the newspaper's growth in all respects--editorial, political, technological, and economic. Julio de Mesquita Filho assumed…

Etsinger, Jean


Petrogenesis of fertile mantle peridotites from the Monte del Estado massif (southwest Puerto Rico): a preserved section of Proto-Caribbean oceanic lithospheric mantle?  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Monte del Estado massif is the largest and northernmost serpentinized peridotite belt in southwest Puerto Rico. It is mainly composed of spinel lherzolite and minor harzburgite with variable clinopyroxene modal abundances. Mineral and whole rock major and trace element compositions of peridotites coincide with those of fertile abyssal peridotites from mid ocean ridges. Peridotites lost 2-14 wt% of relative MgO and variable amounts of CaO by serpentinization and seafloor weathering. HREE contents in whole rock indicate that the Monte del Estado peridotites are residues after low to moderate degrees (2-15%) of fractional partial melting in the spinel stability field. However, very low LREE/HREE and MREE/HREE in clinopyroxene cannot be explained by melting models of a spinel lherzolite source and support that the Monte del Estado peridotites experienced initial low fractional melting degrees (~ 4%) in the garnet stability field. The relative enrichment of LREE in whole rock is not due to secondary processes but probably reflects the capture of percolating melt fractions along grain boundaries or as microinclusions in minerals, or the presence of exotic micro-phases in the mineral assemblage. We propose that the Monte del Estado peridotite belt represents a section of ancient Proto-Caribbean (Atlantic) lithospheric mantle originated by seafloor spreading between North and South America in the Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous. This portion of oceanic lithospheric mantle was subsequently trapped in the forearc region of the Greater Antilles paleo-island arc generated by the northward subduction of the Caribbean plate beneath the Proto-Caribbean ocean. Finally, the Monte del Estado peridotites belt was emplaced in the Early Cretaceous probably as result of the change in subduction polarity of the Greater Antilles paleo-island arc without having been significantly modified by subduction processes.

Marchesi, Claudio; Jolly, Wayne T.; Lewis, John F.; Garrido, Carlos J.; Proenza, Joaquín. A.; Lidiak, Edward G.




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A castanha do brasil (Bertholletia excelsa, H.B.K.), é uma planta nativa da Amazônia, sendo uma das mais importantes espécies de exploração extrativista. Suas amêndoas apresentam alto valor econômico, tornando-se uma das principais atividades econômicas na região amazônica. O presente estudo teve como objetivo fazer um levantamento da produção e comercialização da castanha-do-brasil no Estado do Acre, n o período de

Lilliane Martins; Zenobio Perelli Gouveia E Silva; Breno Carrillo Silveira



Estudio de la fotoabsorción y fotoionización de la molécula de alta relevancia atmosférica no a través de los estados Rydberg con la metodología MQDO  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Los procesos de fotoionización son de una importancia fundamental [1] y encuentran aplicación en un gran número de contextos científicos: Astrofísica [2], química de las radiaciones, biología. Los investigadores de dichos campos, necesitan de valores de fiables de secciones eficaces para la fotoionización parcial, la Fotoabsorción, así como para los procesos de fotofragmentación en amplios intervalos espectrales, particularmente en estudios de modelización [3-5]. En este trabajo se ha centrado la atención sobre el oxido nítrico, que se ha considerado apropiado y relevante por varios motivos: por el trascendental papel que representa en la física y química de la alta atmosfera [6], aparte de por estar íntimamente relacionado con los problemas de contaminación. Los procesos de recombinación disociativa [7] del NO, donde los estados Rydberg se encuentran directamente implicados, son relevantes, por ejemplo, en las regiones E y F de la ionosfera [7]. En este trabajo se estudia la fotoionización del NO desde el estado fundamental con la versión molecular del método del orbital de defecto cuántico (MQDO). Para ello se calcula el diferencial de las fuerzas de oscilador parciales que constituyen los canales de fotoionización del NO desde el estado fundamental. La continuidad del diferencial de fuerza de oscilador calculada a través del umbral de fotoionización, esto es, en las regiones del espectro discreta y del continua, se adopta como criterio de calidad la escasez de datos comparativos [8].

Bustos, E.; Velasco, A. M.; Martín, I.; Lavín, C.


Records of environmental changes during the Holocene from Isla de los Estados (54.4°S), southeastern Tierra del Fuego  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Southernmost Patagonia, located at the relatively narrow passage between Antarctica and South America, is a highly sensitive region for recording meridional and zonal changes in the pattern of oceanic and atmospheric circulation. The island of Isla de los Estados, situated at 54.5°S, 64°W, east of Argentinean Tierra del Fuego, provides an exceptional possibility, to investigate terrestrial records of atmospheric conditions in an oceanic setting during the last deglaciation and the Holocene. Here we present geochemical and diatom analyses from 10 600 to c. 1500 cal BP of one sequence (LGB) with peat, lake sediments and lagoon deposits at the northern coast of the island, and a lake sediment sequence (CAS) 3 km further inland. The data comprise TC, TN, loss on ignition analyses and continuous XRF scanning as well as age-depth modeling based on AMS- 14C dating on both cores. Diatom analysis of the CAS record complements the geochemical proxies. During the Holocene, our two sites have been impacted by two different forcings: changes in the regional climate regime largely influenced by the varying strength and position of the Southern Hemisphere Westerlies (SHW), while relative sea-level changes affected the deposits of the coastal site. In concert with the onset of the Antarctic thermal optimum, our data suggest fairly warm conditions and the establishment of denser peat and forest vegetation on the island c. 10 600 cal BP. Between 8500 and 4500 cal BP geochemistry and diatoms from the CAS record indicate stronger Westerlies at this latitude, which means higher wind speed or higher storm frequency and more precipitation, resulting in more pronounced surface run-off. After 4500 cal BP, the geochemical proxies and large changes in diatom assemblages indicate a decrease in precipitation, weaker winds and possibly cooler conditions, probably as an effect of weaker SHW and/or a latitudinal shift. The depositional environment of CAS changed from gyttja to peat around 1000 cal BP. At LGB, the onset of gyttja sedimentation around 7900 cal BP shows that the former wet land with peat accumulation had become a lake with a fairly rapid sedimentation. The chemical data from LGB imply a gradually increasing marine influence, probably as an effect of both rising sea level and increased impact of storms and maximum high tides. After a marine high-stand during the mid-Holocene, the LGB site returned into a peat bog again around 3400 cal BP. Our data suggest that since then relative sea level first dropped back below present sea level followed by a rise to present day sea level.

Unkel, Ingmar; Fernandez, Marilen; Björck, Svante; Ljung, Karl; Wohlfarth, Barbara



HIPERTENSÃO OCULAR E OPACIDADES CRISTALINIANAS SUBCAPSULARES ASSOCIADA AO TRATAMENTO DO ESTADO REACIONAL HANSÊNICO COM CORTICOTERAPIA ORAL Ocular hypertension and cataract related to the treatment of the reactional states in Hansen's disease with oral prednisone  

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RESUMO O objetivo deste trabalho foi determinar a freqüência de hipertensão ocular e de catarata em portadores de hanseníase em tratamento de estado reacional dos tipos I e II, associado ou não à neurite, com corticoterapia oral. A partir daí, selecionar, orientar e encaminhar os pacientes que apresentaram complicações oculares para propedêutica e tratamento oftalmológico adequados. Foi elaborado estudo descritivo

Monica Jeha Maakaroun; N. B. Vilela de Castro; Arthur Jeha; Maakaroun Vilela de Castro


Vegetais fósseis do Terciário brasileiro  

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A bacia de Fonseca, situada na região do Quadrilátero Ferrífero, no estado de Minas Gerais, sudeste do Brasil, constitui um clássico exemplo de sedimentos terciários, tendo despertado o interesse de vários pesquisadores, desde a segunda metade do século passado, por conter depósitos de \\

Claudio Limeira Mello; Lílian Paglarelli Bergqvist; Lucy Gomes Sant


El Estado de los Ecosistemas  

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The recent Millennium Ecosystem Assessment has illustrated that human actions have significantly transformed many of Earths ecosystems. The main findings describe how: humans changed ecosystems dramatically over the past 50 years, changes to ecosystem services may get worse in the next 50 years, global action at all levels can reverse the degradation, and how ecosystem degradation increases risks of sudden changes and reduces benefits for future generations.

ChristiÃÂán Samper (National Museum of Natural History of the Smithsonian Institution;)



Multi-proxy analyses of a peat bog on Isla de los Estados, easternmost Tierra del Fuego: a unique record of the variable Southern Hemisphere Westerlies since the last deglaciation  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We have analyzed an almost 14,000 year old peat sequence on the island of Isla de los Estados (55° S, 64° W), east of Tierra del Fuego, in the core of the Southern Hemisphere Westerlies. A multitude of methods have been used: high resolution 14C dating; detailed lithologic descriptions including humification degree; loss on ignition; magnetic susceptibility; bulk density; pollen and spore analysis and determination of Aeolian sand influx. By combining proxies for wind and precipitation we have been able to reconstruct how the westerlies have varied over time in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean. It shows that this westerly wind belt was most intense at the onset of the record, 13,600-13,200 cal BP, coinciding with the mid to late part of the Antarctic Cold Reversal, followed by a gradual decline. At 12,200 cal BP the westerlies seem to have shifted to a position south of Tierra del Fuego and this phase, the calmest and driest period on the island throughout the sequence, ended at 10,000 cal BP when the westerlies moved equatorward again. Since then the westerlies have been present but with a variable impact on the 55° S latitude of the Atlantic. Mostly conditions have been fairly similar to today, but occasionally with a wider or narrower and/or weaker or stronger wind belt. At 7200 cal BP wind intensity began to increase and between 4500 and 3500 cal BP these southern latitudes experienced a distinct wind and precipitation maximum, both in terms of perseverance and intensity. Our results show a both wide and strong wind belt, with possible niveo-aeolian activity in Tierra del Fuego in winter, and possibly creating milder summers around the Antarctic Peninsula. In the later part of the Holocene, expansion-contraction phases of the wind belt, especially in winter, seem to have been a common phenomenon.

Björck, Svante; Rundgren, Mats; Ljung, Karl; Unkel, Ingmar; Wallin, Åsa



Las Fuerzas Armadas y el Estado  

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La Argentina, como Nación, en el nuevo contexto internacional, de libre comercio y de interdependencia económica, no tiene aún una visión homogénea de su pasado. Cada corriente ideológica como así también cada grupo de interés, se inclina, inevitablemente, por aquellas personas o sucesos que sean afines con sus pensamientos, haciendo un análisis subjetivo del pasado para dar validez a su

Claudio Cuello



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Brazil is a megadiverse developing country and the knowledge on the current situation of Brazilian taxonomy is a necessary step to establish future policies to deal with biodiversity. Certainly, the most important issue for the understanding of biodiversity is the installing capacity of taxonomists. In fact, little is known concerning the number of taxonomists, scientific production, and the problems faced



Sobre el estado evolutivo de ? Pictoris  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Desde el descubrimiento de fuertes excesos infrarrojos en ? Pictoris, esta estrella ha sido muy estudiada y es considerada candidata a poseer un sistema planetario propio. ? Pic está rodeada de un disco asimétrico de polvo que se observa de canto y que esta vacío a distancias <= 40 AU. Esto se considera una fuerte evidencia en favor de la presencia de (al menos) un planeta gigante. Recientemente se han observado líneas de material circunestelar que se han interpretado como consecuencia de la caída de objetos cometarios sobre esta estrella. Recientemente se ha utilizado la existencia del disco de polvo para atribuir una edad corta (pre - secuencia principal) a ?Pic. Sin embargo, la evaporación de estos cometas provee suficiente polvo como para explicar la presencia del disco observado sin necesidad de edades cortas. En este trabajo mostramos que la comparación entre la tasa de impactos cometarios estimada en el Sistema Solar para diferentes etapas de su evolución y los datos observados en ? Pic indica edades avanzadas para ? Pic. Esta estimación debe tomarse con cautela ya que depende de la estructura de los sistemas planetarios. Además mostramos que, desde el punto de vista de la evolución estelar y con las incertezas presentes en la luminosidad y la temperatura efectiva, existe un continuo de edades posible para ? Pic. Sin embargo, empleando los datos provenientes de los flujos cometarios encontramos que una edad prolongada es consistente con ambos tratamientos.

Brunini, A.; Benvenuto, O. G.


Feeding behavior of Triatoma vitticeps (Reduviidae: Triatominae) in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.  


The objective of this study was to evaluate the feeding behavior of Triatoma vitticeps through the identification of its food sources and the characterization of the blood ingestion process. In addition, we aimed to verify if the saliva of this vector interferes with the perception of the host during the feedings by creating a nervous impulse. Here, we demonstrated that the T. vitticeps saliva reduces, gradually and irreversibly, the amplitude of the compound action potential of the nervous fibre, which helps decrease the perception of the insect by the host. The precipitin reaction demonstrated the feeding eclecticism of this vector, with the identification of eight food sources - most of them found simultaneously in the same insect. The analysis of the electrical signals produced by the cibarial pump during meals demonstrated that the best feeding performance of T. vitticeps nymphs that fed on pigeons is mainly due to the higher contraction frequency of the pump. The longer contact period with the host to obtain a complete meal compared with other triatominae species of the same instar could favor the occurrence of multiple blood sources in T. vitticeps under natural conditions, as it was evidenced by the precipitin test. PMID:21340350

Souza, Rita de Cássia Moreira de; Soares, Adriana C; Alves, Ceres Luciana; Lorosa, Elias Seixas; Pereira, Marcos Horácio; Diotaiuti, Liléia



Possible competitive displacement of planorbids by Melanoides tuberculata in Minas Gerais, Brazil.  


Several species of snails, including Pomacea haustrum, Marisa cornuarietis and Helisoma duryi, have been identified as probable competitors and/or predators of planorbid intermediate hosts of Schistosoma. During the last few years, studies carried out in the Caribbean region have shown reductions and even disappearances of populations of Biomphalaria glabrata and B. straminea in breeding places where the snail Melanoides tuberculata was introduced. Observations made over a period of 10 years in two lakes close to Belo Horizonte, MG, showed that there were marked reductions in autochthonous populations of B. glabrata and B. straminea after the arrival of M. tuberculata, both Biomphalaria species disappearing completely after eight years. PMID:11586446

Guimarães, C T; Souza, C P; Soares Dd



Possible competitive displacement of planorbids by Melanoides tuberculata in Minas Gerais, Brazil  

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Several species of snails, including Pomacea haustrum, Marisa cornuarietis and Helisoma duryi, have been identified as probable competitors and\\/or predators of planorbid intermediate hosts of Schisto- soma. During the last few years, studies carried out in the Caribbean region have shown reductions and even disappearances of populations of Biomphalaria glabrata and B. straminea in breeding places where the snail Melanoides

Carlos Tito Guimarães; Cecília Pereira de Souza; Delza de Moura Soares



Challenges of Including the Mina Route in the Nevada Rail Alignment Environmental Impact Statement  

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The Department of Energy's Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management is developing the Yucca Mountain repository for the disposition of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and high level radioactive waste (HLW). Part of that development is the transportation infrastructure needed to ship SNF and HLW from 77 sites around the country to the repository. A Record of Decision was issued in 2004 to use mostly rail as the mode of transport both nationally, and in the State of Nevada. No rail access exists to the Yucca Mountain site, so a Rail Alignment Environmental Impact Statement (RA-EIS) is being prepared to address the impacts associated with connecting existing track in Nevada to Yucca Mountain. Late in the preparation of the Draft RA-EIS, an option to consider an additional alignment alternative was introduced. This paper describes the consideration given to the new alternative and describes how it is being incorporated into the RA-EIS. (authors)

Lanthrum, G.; Larson, N. [U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste, Washington, DC (United States); Mussler, R. [Booze Allen Hamilton, Suite (United States)



Antimicrobial resistance and virulence profiles of salmonella isolated from butcher shops in minas gerais, Brazil.  


Salmonella can contaminate finished products of butcher shops, mainly through cross-contamination of utensils exposed to raw materials. To identify the main sources of contamination with this foodborne pathogen in four butcher shop environments, surface samples were obtained from employees' hands, cutting boards, knives, floor of the refrigeration room, meat grinders, and meat tenderizers (32 samples per area) and analyzed for Salmonella using the International Organization for Standardization method 6579, with modifications. Suspect isolates were identified by PCR (targeting ompC), and confirmed Salmonella isolates were subjected to pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (after treatment with restriction enzyme XbaI), analyzed for the presence of virulence genes (invA, sefA, and spvC), and screened for resistance to 12 antimicrobials. Salmonella isolates was identified only on cutting boards (five samples) from three butcher shops. Fifteen isolates were confirmed as Salmonella belonging to four pulse types (similarity of 71.1 to 100%). The invA gene was detected in 13 isolates, and the sefA was found in 8 isolates; no isolate carried spvC. All tested isolates were resistant to clindamycin and sensitive to amikacin and cefotaxine, and all isolates were resistant to at least 3 of the 12 antimicrobials tested. The results indicate the importance of cutting boards as a source of Salmonella contamination in butcher shops. The presence of multidrug-resistant Salmonella strains possessing virulence genes highlights the health risks for consumers. PMID:23992511

Cossi, Marcus Vinícius Coutinho; Burin, Raquel Cristina Konrad; Lopes, Danilo Augusto; Dias, Mariane Rezende; Castilho, Natalia Parma Augusto de; de Arruda Pinto, Paulo Sérgiode; Nero, Luís Augusto



A Fourth Chemotype of Lutzomyia longipalpis (Diptera: Psychodidae) from Jaíbas, Minas Gerais State, Brazil  

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Lutzomyia longipalpis (Lutz and Neiva) is a species complex of Lutzomyia pseudolon- gipalpis (Arrivillaga and Feliciangeli) and at least three other as yet undeÞned siblings. Isozyme and mitochondrial studies of allopatric populations across Central and South America have suggested the presence of four \\

J. G. C. HAMILTON; R. P. Brazil; R. Maingon



Fabrication of Plate for Special Applications by USIMINAS (Usinas Siderurgicas de Minas Gerais S/A).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Some aspects of the development of plate for applications in off-shore platforms, hydroelectric and nuclear industry, pressure vessels, heavy equipment and linepipe, have been discussed. Also dealt with are materials with special charateristics such as th...

S. L. Andrade T. Miyashita I. Hanan



Audiomagnetotelluric 3D imaging of the Regis kimberlite pipe, Minas Gerais, Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Kimberlite pipes are significant source rocks that form primary diamond deposits. Usually, the low resistivity of kimberlite produces a significant contrast in electrical resistivity, which can be mapped using electromagnetic EM methods. The Regis kimberlite is located in a well-known diamondiferous province in central Brazil. The main tectonic feature of the area is a northwest-southeast major crustal fracture zone that extends for more than 3000 km within the Brazilian territory, where Regis and several other kimberlites have intruded. In this paper, we present an audiomagnetotelluric (AMT) study at the Regis pipe. AMT data were collected in the 10 Hz-100 kHz frequency range at 111 stations on a grid, and three-dimensional (3D) inversions were used to generate a resistivity model of the pipe. Our interpretation was corroborated by available geological information of six drill holes. The final model shows an asymmetric conically shaped body with a conductivity range of 2 to 70 ohm.m and a depth of 0 to 550 m. These conductive sources were associated with crater lake sediments in the upper part and the main kimberlite diatreme at depth.

La Terra, Emanuele F.; Menezes, Paulo T. L.



Review of the photovoltaic energy program in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil  

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In much of the world, there is increasing demand for electricity to serve rural communities, isolated from the existing grids and typified by low-density electrical consumption. Because these non-urban consumer markets require rather high implementation investments (as well as high operation and maintenance costs), new technological and policy options are required to meet the needs of these markets. These consumers

Antonia Sônia A. C. Diniz; Lauro V. B. Machado Neto; Carlos F. Camara; Paulo Morais; Claudia V. T. Cabral; Delly Oliveira Filho; Regina F. Ravinetti; Edson D. França; Denio A. Cassini; Márcio E. M. Souza; José H. Santos; Mara Amorim



Characterization of Mina?u virus (Reoviridae: Orbivirus) and pathological changes in experimentally infected newborn mice  

PubMed Central

Minaçu virus was isolated from Ochlerotatus scapularis (Diptera: Culicidae) in Minaçu, Goiás State, Brazil, in 1996. In attempting characterization of virus serological (hemagluttination inhibition, HI; indirect immunofluorescence assay, IFA), physicochemical [test for deoxycholate acid (DCA) sensitivity; polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE)] tests and ultrastructural studies were made. Virus was also assayed in suckling mice after intracerebral inoculation of 0.02 ml and in VERO and C6/36 cells with 0.1 ml of viral suspension containing 105 LD50/ml. Inoculated and control systems were observed daily. Every 24 h, one control and two inoculated animals were killed for tissue testing, including histopathological changes by haematoxylin and eosin (HE)-stained sections, which were semi-quantified. Research into viral antigen in the tissues of mice [central nervous system (CNS), liver, heart, lungs, spleen and kidneys] was carried out by the immunohistochemical technique using the peroxidase system. The virus only replicated in VERO cells, with antigen positive by IFA. Positive complement fixation tests were only obtained using antiserum of Minaçu virus. Minaçu virus is DCA resistant; haemagglutinating activity was negative. By electronic microscopy non-enveloped virus particles were 75 nm in diameter. PAGE analysis showed Minaçu virus genome profile with 10 RNA segments. Infected, non-killed animals died 7 days after inoculation. Tissue lesions were observed in all organs, except the lungs. Intense lesions were observed in the CNS and the heart, where neurone and cardiocyte necroses, respectively, were noted. The liver, spleen and kidneys had moderate tissue changes. Viral antigens were more abundant in the CNS and the heart, and absent in the lungs. In conclusion, Minaçu virus belongs to the family Reoviridae, genus Orbivirus.

Martins, Livia C; Diniz, Jose A P; Silva, Eliana V P; Barros, Vera L R S; Monteiro, Hamilton A O; Azevedo, Raimunda S S; Quaresma, Juarez A S; Vasconcelos, Pedro F C



Epidemiology of Visceral Leishmaniasis in a Reemerging Focus of Intense Transmission in Minas Gerais State, Brazil  

PubMed Central

This study was developed in the urban area of Governador Valadares, a reemerging focus of intense transmission of visceral leishmaniasis (VL) in Brazil, presenting 86 human cases of VL from 2008 to 2011. The disease prevailed in males (73.2%) with most patients between 0 and 9 years (44.1%) and a lethality rate of 16.2%. A canine survey was carried out on 16,529 domestic dogs in 35 districts in the area and it showed that 30.2% of them (4,992?dogs) were positive for VL by serum assays. Prevalence ratios for canine VL varied between 13.6% and 53.4%. The clinical exam of 343 seropositive dogs showed that 49.9% of them were considered symptomatic, with larger prevalence of canine VL being in short-furred animals (90%). The entomological survey was performed in eight districts, where 2,539 phlebotomines were captured, preferentially in the peridomicile (84.5%). Lutzomyia longipalpis was the predominant species (90%) suggesting its participation in the VL transmission in the area. The correlation between canine prevalence and L. longipalpis density was evaluated.

Peixoto, Jennifer Cunha; Tanure, Aline; Gomes, Marcela Esteves; Apolinario, Estefania Conceicao; Bodevan, Emerson Cotta; de Araujo, Holbiano Saraiva; Dias, Edelberto Santos; Pinheiro, Aimara da Costa



Trace Element Geochemistry of Metapelitic Rocks of the Medio Rio Doce, Minas Gerais Region.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Representative samples of schists and gneisses, which was metamorphosed in the sillimanite isograde, have been submited to spectrographic analyses for trace-elements. The concentrations and standard deviation (in ppm) are: Be:6,25 (3,6); Sc:29 (12); Ti:57...

J. H. G. Sad



Cissus xerophila (Vitaceae), a new species from the xerophytic vegetation of northeastern Minas Gerais, Brazil  

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A new species of Vitaceae is described and illustrated:Cissus xerophila, a simple-leaved species similar toC. verticillata (L.) Nicolson & C. E. Jarvis and related species. A key to the group in South America is presented.

Julio Antonio Lombardi; C. E. Jarvis



Physical disabilities resulting from hansen's disease in Vale do Jequitinhonha\\/State of Minas Gerais, Brazil  

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Leprosy is potentially debilitating. The present study aims at describing and assessing the occurrence of physical disabilities in cases of leprosy in the population of the Vale do Jequitinhonha\\/MG, in the period 1998-2006. It is an epidemiological descriptive study and the data were collected from the Leprosy Notification Forms. This information was processed using EPI-INFO and analyzed, based on the

Francisco Carlos Félix Lana; Evaldo Pinheiro Amaral; Fernanda Moura Lanza; Andrigo Neves e Silva Lopes de Saldanha



Challenges of Including the Mina Route in the Nevada Rail Alignment Environmental Impact Statement  

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The Department of Energy's Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management is developing the Yucca Mountain repository for the disposition of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and high level radioactive waste (HLW). Part of that development is the transportation infrastructure needed to ship SNF and HLW from 77 sites around the country to the repository. A Record of Decision was issued in

G. Lanthrum; N. Larson; R. Mussler



Ergonomic analysis of workplaces in the iron casting industrial pole in Claudio, Minas Gerais--Brazil.  


Brazil is currently recognized as the 10th largest producer of castings, and the city of Cláudio, MG is known worldwide as the "Greatest foundry and metallurgical pole in Latin America", with more than 80 companies. However, this large number of enterprises and increasing investments in product development has demanded an increase in manpower and working hours of workers in the sector, proportionally increasing the incidence of occupational related health problems like RSI (repetitive strain injury), WMSDs (work-related musculoskeletal disorders) and industrial accidents. This article aims to characterize the industry from previously conducted case studies to relate the main causes of occupational diseases and outline possible interventions through design, showing how this tool can contribute to improve the working environment, workplace, tools and equipment through ergonomics adjustments. PMID:22316962

Mottin, Artur Caron; de Miranda, Carlos A Silva; Pagnan, Caroline Salvan; Monken, Olavo Pena



Correlación entre la corriente interlobular inducida y estados de depresión  

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A non-invasive technique known as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), that uses electromagnetic fields to induce electric currents in the brain, that could alter brain activity, is being applied since 1985. Initially, such technique (TMS) was used in a diagnostic procedure to dimension excitability and connectivity of nervous tissue, and to map brain functions, but due to its capacity of modulating

Antonino Caralli D'Ambrosio; Cesar Seijas; Sergio Villazana; Francisco Arteaga; Andreau Lenox


La FDA investiga Brote de Hepatitis A en varios estados ...  

Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN)

... FDA, los Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades (CDC) y de las autoridades de salud locales y estatales acerca de un brote de ... More results from


Múltiples estados de desorden en el etanol sólido  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

El diagrama de fases del etanol por debajo de los 169 K será presentado. Se mostrará que el etanol puede solidificarse en tres fases con diversos niveles de desorden,(como un vidrio(G), como un vidrio orientacional (OG) y como un cristal de fase rotora (RP)) además de en una fase totalmente cristalina. Las estructuras de estas tres fases serán presentadas tal y como se deducen a partir de diversas medidas de difracción de neutrones al igual que las proporciones de los isómeros de dicho material en las fases desordenadas y se compararán con los resultados de la fase cristalina y del líquido superenfriado. Igualmente diversas medidas sobre su dinámica serán presentadas, tanto de dispersión de neutrones, como de capacidad calorífica y de medidas dieléctricas y comparadas con modelos teóricos y simulaciones para tratar de explicar los procesos de relajación observados y las transiciones entre las diversas fases.

Fernández-Perea, R.


Comercio justo, Estado y sociedad civil. Una aproximación crítica  

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In this paper, we propose to analyze the case of a textile productive chain, framed in fair trade, it takes place in the town of Capilla del Monte, Cordoba, Argentina. This iniciative brings together a large number of workers in the context of domestic and handmade work processes. Under the guidelines of local economic development, the textile productive chain was

Susana R. Presta



Contaminación del aire en Santiago: Estado actual y soluciones  

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En el presente trabajo se discute el problema de la contaminación atmosférica en Santiago y de los esfuerzos en marcha para su solución, representados formalmente por el Plan de Prevención y Descontaminación de la Región Metropolitana (PPDA). A modo de introducción se definen términos y conceptos utilizados en el PPDA, los cuales son de uso frecuente en el área de

Raúl ORyan; Luis Larraguibel




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Thirty eight species were determined in 28 genera of the superfamily Acridoidea in the state of Guanajuato. Gomphocerinae belonging to Acrididae, showed the greatest number of genera and species with 11 and 14 respectively; next came Oedipodinae, with six genera and eigth species, and finally Melanoplinae with three genera and four species. Melanoplus differentilis was the most abundant species, constituting



Estado e Economia no Institucionalismo de Douglass North  

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Douglass North's ideas, notwithstanding his 1993's Nobel award are still barely known among Brazilian economists. This unawareness is deplorable not only because the relevance of his ideas to current development theory but also for his new (and rather heterodox) contribution to the analysis of the modern State's economic role. This paper presents a synthesis of North's discussion concerning the institutional



Servicio de Salud Pública de los Estados Unidos  

Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN)

Text Version... “Escherichia coli enterohemorrágica” (EHEC, por sus siglas en ingles) es la E. coli que causa la colitis hemorrágica, es decir, hemorragia intestinal. ... More results from


La Economía y la Reinvención del Estado Mexicano  

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For the last few years, the importance of the role of the state in formulating and implementing economic policies to achieve growth and development of society, broadly speaking, both state and society have undergone a lot of changes and transformations. In Mexico, the so called neoliberal model of state has been impossed over a former protectionist, statist and populist regimes

José G. Vargas


Hacia una teoría sistémica del 'Estado parasitario': El caso Argentino  

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Argentina has more than twice the total debt of India whilst the latter has twenty-eight times more population in roughly equivalent territories. It was once a prosperous haven for poor Europeans, with one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, but now half its population is underneath the poverty line. It has perpetrated the greatest default in world

Carlos Escudé



Histórias infantis: um recurso para a compreensão dos estados mentais  

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Children's storybooks: a resource to the understanding of mental states. This study examined a sample of 100 national children's storybooks directed to pre-school children aged four to six years to identify words\\/ utterances that denote mental states according to three views of analysis: via words and expressions in the text; via the pictures; and via presence of irony or false

Marisa Cosenza Rodrigues; Jacqueline Silva Rubac



COMPOSTOS NÃO VOLÁTEIS EM CAFÉS DA REGIÃO SUL DE MINAS SUBMETIDOS A DIFERENTES PONT OS DE TORRAÇÃO Non-volatile compounds in coffee from the south of Minas Gerais state region submitted to different roasting degrees  

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The roasting process of coffee induces sensorial, chemical and physical alterations in the raw material. The type and intensity of the process depend mainly on the chemical composition of the grains and on the time and temperature used. This process promotes the degradation, formation and volatilisation of several compounds. There are roast and ground coffees submitted to different roasting conditions

Mirian Pereira Rodarte; Sheila Andrade Abrahão; Gualberto Fonseca; Alvarenga Pereira; Marcelo Ribeiro Malta


Paleomagnetic Evaluation of Crustal-Scale Block Rotations in the Mina Deflection of the Central Walker Lane  

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Crustal deformation resulting from relative Pacific-North America plate motion is broadly distributed on faults across the western U.S.. Geodetic observations show that some 25 percent of transform plate motion is currently accommodated by faults east of the Sierra Nevada, from the eastern California shear zone to the central Walker Lane (CWL). The northwest trending faults of the CWL are joined

M. S. Petronis; J. W. Geissman; J. S. Oldow



Gold in Archean iron formations at the nova lima district, and in the Quadrilatero Ferrifero, Minas Gerais, Brazil  

SciTech Connect

Gold is in iron formation and metachert of the Rio das Velhas Greenstone Belt which underwent three main periods of deformation and is greenschist facies. At the Morro Velho, Bicalho, Bela Fama, and Urubu mines gold is mostly within and at grain boundaries of pyrrhotite, arsenopyrite, pyrite, minor chalcopyrite, cubanite, tetrahedrite, galena and sphalerite, in stratiform and stratabound massive and banded sulfide bodies. Some gold is in minor quartz veins. The main host rock consist of schistose to massive quartz ferroan dolomite and ankerite and it rests on spilitized tholeiitic metabasalt with intercalcated mafic to felsic metatuffs overlain by intermediate to felsic metatuffs. /sup 18/O of authigenic quartz of 17.07 per thousand is similar to that of Archean marine carbonate-bearing chert. At the Raposos, Faria, Cuiaba, Sao Bento and Santa Quiteria mines gold is with sulfide minerals similar to those at Morro Velho Mine but is in banded, cabonate, silicate, oxide and sulfide facies iron formation conformable upon and lateral to carbonate rock which both overlies and is intercalated with spilitized pillowed metabasalt, felsic metatuffs and graphitic phyllite. Both gold bearing-sections have a base of metamorphosed periodtitic komatiite and basalt and clastic rocks. The gold-bearing sulfide bodies, the carbonate rock and the BIF are interpreted as chemical precipitants on the sea floor by mixing of ascending reduced hot aqueous fluids and sea water.

Ladeira, E.A.




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The process of economic development is also a process of development of institutions. For this, strengthening the institutions is one of the actions necessary to local development. This article has the thematic discussion on the development from the contribution of local institutions. To this end, trying to highlight the role of various institutions that promote actions for development in order

Sara Souza; Gonçalves Antunes; Ferrera de Lima


Seasonal dynamics of the free-living phase of Anocentor nitens at Pedro Leopoldo, Minas Gerais, Brazil.  


An understanding of seasonal dynamics in the free-living phase of the tropical horse tick, Anocentor nitens, is vital for effective control measures. This study examines seasonal changes in the oviposition and incubation periods, eclosion rates, reproductive success, and larval survival in the free-living phase during the period June 1995-July 1997. Ten engorged female ticks, placed individually in wire-gauze tubes, were exposed in a field of Brachiaria decumbens fortnightly each month, and monitored to measure the duration of the various reproductive parameters, and success. Larval abundance was estimated indirectly, through the percentage of females with viable progeny, and directly by using a flagging method. Duration of the free-living cycle ranged from 12.3 weeks (October and December) to 23.5 weeks (March). The cycle was prolonged in cold and dry months. Larval survival was longer from February to July, and reduced from August to February. Oviposition was recorded in all months, and the egg production index ranged from 26.7 to 47.1%. The eclosion rate ranged from 0.1 to 76.6% in different months. Monthly estimates of larval abundance in the pasture were similar for the two methods used, being higher in months with higher temperatures, relative humidity and rainfall. PMID:10628702

Borges, L M; Oliveira, P R; Ribeiro, M F




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RESUMO - Este trabalho teve por objetivo utilizar o modelo de avaliação do desempenho logístico de cadeias produtivas (ADELCAP) centrado nos tempos dos elementos do ciclo operacional do transporte de madeira, visando otimizar os recursos, garantir um fluxo contínuo de abastecimento e assegurar um volume adequado de entrada de madeira na fábrica. O ciclo operacional de transporte de madeira é

Raiane Ribeiro Machado; Márcio Lopes da Silva; Carlos Cardoso Machado; Helio Garcia Leite



Denudation rates of the Southern Espinhaço Range, Minas Gerais, Brazil, determined by in situ-produced cosmogenic beryllium-10  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

To investigate denudation rates in the southern part of the Espinhaço Range (central-eastern Brazil) and to understand how this important resistant and residual relief has evolved in the past 1.38 My, cosmogenic 10Be concentrations produced in situ were measured in alluvial sediments from the three main regional basins, whose substratum is composed primarily of quartzites. The long-term denudation rates (up to 1.38 My) estimated from these measurements were compared with those that affect the western (São Francisco River) and eastern (Doce and Jequitinhonha Rivers) basins, which face the West San Francisco craton and the Atlantic, respectively. Denudation rates were measured in 27 samples collected in catchments of different sizes (6–970 km2) and were compared with geomorphic parameters. The mean denudation rates determined in the northern part are low and similar to those determined in the southern part, despite slightly different geomorphic parameter values (catchment relief and mean slope). For the southern catchments, the values are 4.91 ± 1.01 m My? 1 and 3.65 ± 1.26 m My? 1 for the Doce and São Francisco River basins, respectively; for the northern catchments, they are 4.40 ± 1.06 m My? 1 and 3.96 ± 0.91 m My? 1 for the Jequitinhonha and São Francisco River basins, respectively. These low values of denudation rates suggest no direct correlation if plotted against geomorphic parameters such as the catchment area, maximum elevation, catchment relief, average relief and mean slope gradients. These values show that the regional landscape evolves slowly and is strongly controlled by resistant lithology, with similar erosional rates in the three studied basins.

Barreto, Helen N.; Varajão, César A. C.; Braucher, Régis; Bourlès, Didier L.; Salgado, André A. R.; Varajão, Angélica F. D. C.



Cagaita ( Eugenia dysenterica DC.) of the Cerrado of Minas Gerais, Brazil: Physical and chemical characterization, carotenoids and vitamins  

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The physical characteristics (diameters, height and mass), chemical composition (tritratable acidity, soluble solids, pH, moisture, ash, protein, lipids and total dietary fiber), occurrence and content of vitamin C (ascorbic acid and dehydroascorbic acid), carotenoids (?-carotene, ?-carotene, ?-cryptoxanthin and lycopene), vitamin E (?-, ?-, ?- and ?-tocopherol and tocotrienol) and folates (tetrahydrofolate, 5-methyltetrahydrofolate and 5-formyltetrahydrofolate) were evaluated in the cagaita obtained

Leandro de Morais Cardoso; Hércia Stampini Duarte Martino; Ana Vládia Bandeira Moreira; Sônia Machado Rocha Ribeiro; Helena Maria Pinheiro-Sant'Ana



Prevalence of yeasts and mycelial fungi in bovine parasitic otitis in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil.  


Infestations by rhabditiform nematodes and acarids of the genus Raillietia are considered the primary causes of external otitis in cattle in tropical regions. Recently, yeasts of the genus Malassezia have been associated with a relatively high percentage of otitis cases, but the occurrence of other yeasts and mycelial fungi has not yet been reported in the literature. This work studied the presence of fungi in the ear canal of 45 cattle with external parasitic otitis. The results were positive for yeasts of the genus Malassezia in 31 (68.9%) of the 45 cultures in Mycosel medium supplemented with olive oil. The 45 cultures in Sabouraud dextrose medium revealed the growth of seven (15.5%) yeasts of the genus Candida, five (11.1%) Rhodotorula mucilaginosa, two (4.4%) fungi of the genus Aspergillus and eight 'Micelia sterilia'. Future studies may confirm and elucidate the importance of these agents in the aetiology of bovine otitis. PMID:11708682

Duarte, E R; Resende, J C; Rosa, C A; Hamdan, J S



Natural Leishmania sp. reservoirs and phlebotomine sandfly food source identification in Ibitipoca State Park, Minas Gerais, Brazil.  


Leishmania spp are distributed throughout the world and different species are associated with varying degrees of disease severity. However, leishmaniasis is thought to be confined to areas of the world where its insect vectors, sandflies, are present. Phlebotomine sandflies obtain blood meals from a variety of wild and domestic animals and sometimes from humans. These vectors transmit Leishmania spp, the aetiological agent of leishmaniasis. Identification of sandfly blood meals has generally been performed using serological methods, although a few studies have used molecular procedures in artificially fed insects. In this study, cytochrome b gene (cytB) polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was performed in DNA samples isolated from 38 engorged Psychodopygus lloydi and the expected 359 bp fragment was identified from all of the samples. The amplified product was digested using restriction enzymes and analysed for restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs). We identified food sources for 23 females; 34.8% yielded a primate-specific banding profile and 26.1% and 39.1% showed banding patterns specific to birds or mixed restriction profiles (rodent/marsupial, human/bird, rodent/marsupial/human), respectively. The food sources of 15 flies could not be identified. Two female P. lloydi were determined to be infected by Leishmania using internal transcribed spacer 1 and heat shock protein 70 kDa PCR-RFLP. The two female sandflies, both of which fed on rodents/marsupials, were further characterised as infected with Leishmania (Viannia) braziliensis. These results constitute an important step towards applying methodologies based on cytB amplification as a tool for identifying the food sources of female sandflies. PMID:22666858

Quaresma, Patrícia Flávia; Carvalho, Gustavo Mayr de Lima; Ramos, Mariana Campos das Neves Farah; Andrade Filho, José Dilermando



Utilizing environmental, socioeconomic data and GIS techniques to estimate the risk for ascariasis and trichuriasis in Minas Gerais, Brazil  

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The impact of intestinal helminths on human health is well known among the population and health authorities because of their wide geographic distribution and the serious problems they cause. Geohelminths are highly prevalent and have a big impact on public health, mainly in underdeveloped and developing countries. Geohelminths are responsible for the high levels of debility found in the younger

Ronaldo G. C. Scholte; Corina C. Freitas; Luciano V. Dutra; Ricardo J. P. S. Guimaraes; Sandra C. Drummond; Guilherme Oliveira; Omar S. Carvalho


Projeto Vida no Vale: universal access to water and sanitation in the North East of Minas Gerais (Brazil)  

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In the rural areas of the developing countries, the access to water supply and sanitation services is still largely inadequate. Poor governance of the water sector is frequently singled out as a cause and reforms are required. Studies analyzing the great diversity of restructuring efforts currently being undertaken in the water sector have not succeeded in determining the most appropriate

L. Kauark-Leite; B. Vinçon-Leite; J. F. Deroubaix; A. Loireau; D. Silveira; E. Haddad



Detection of toxins A/B and isolation of Clostridium difficile and Clostridium perfringens from dogs in Minas Gerais, Brazil  

PubMed Central

The objective of this study was to detect C. difficile A/B toxins and to isolate strains of C. perfringens and C. difficile from diarrheic and non-diarrheic dogs in Brazil. Stool samples were collected from 57 dogs, 35 of which were apparently healthy, and 22 of which were diarrheic. C. difficile A/B toxins were detected by ELISA, and C. perfringens and C. difficile were identified by multiplex PCR. C. difficile A/B toxins were detected in 21 samples (36.8%). Of these, 16 (76.2%) were from diarrheic dogs, and five (23.8%) were from non-diarrheic dogs. Twelve C. difficile strains (21.1%) were isolated, of which ten were A+B+ and two were A?B?. All non-toxigenic strains were isolated from non-diarrheic animals. The binary toxin gene cdtB was found in one strain, which was A+B+ and was derived from a non-diarrheic dog. C. perfringens strains were isolated from 40 samples (70.2%). Of these, 18 (45%) were from the diarrheic group, and 22 (55%) belonged to the non-diarrheic group. All isolates were classified as C. perfringens type A and there was an association between the detection of the cpe gene and the presence of diarrhea. Interestingly, ten strains (25%) were positive for the presence of the cpb2 gene. The high rate of detection of the A/B toxins in non-diarrheic dogs suggests the occurrence of subclinical disease in dogs or carriage of its toxins without disease. More studies are needed to elucidate the epidemiology of C. difficile and C. perfringens in dogs and to better our understanding of C. difficile as a zoonotic agent. This is the first study to report the binary toxin gene in C. difficile strains isolated from dogs in Brazil.

Silva, Rodrigo Otavio Silveira; Santos, Renata Lara Resende; Pires, Prhiscylla Sadana; Pereira, Luiz Carlos; Pereira, Silvia Trindade; Duarte, Marina Carvalho; de Assis, Ronnie Antunes; Lobato, Francisco Carlos Faria



Carbon-14 Dating of a Mummy from 'Caverna DA Babilonia', Rio Novo Country, South of Minas Gerais (MG, Brazil).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The vegetable fibers of a cloth wrapping a mummy of a woman, found in 'Caverna da Babilonia' (MG, Brazil), were dated with carbon-14. There is strong evidence that it is a pre-colombian mummy since the age of the sample is 600 + - 80 years (1sigma). (Atom...

M. C. M. C. Beltrao J. Danon G. Poupeau



[Dipterans of forensic interest in two vegetation profiles of cerrado in Uberlândia, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil].  


Carrion breeding insects may be of great utility in crimes briefing. Studies on forensic entomology are restricted to few localities in Brazil and very few of them were done in the cerrado vegetation (a type of Savannah) until now. This work aimed to survey the main species of dipterans associated with the decomposition process of Sus scrofa and the insect succession pattern in carcasses in the Cerrado. The study was carried out in the dry and humid season of the year, in two cerrado vegetation profiles in Uberlândia, MG. Two pig carcasses were placed in each vegetation profile and time period of the year. The decomposition process was slower and insects were more abundant in the dry season. Differences in temperature, air humidity and pluvial precipitation seemed to be the main physical factors responsible for the differences in the time of decomposition of the pig carcasses between the two seasons. Fourteen species of dipterans (59,467 specimens) bred in the decomposing carcasses. Chrysomya albiceps (Wiedemann) was the species more abundantly breed in the two periods. The other species that breed in the carcasses were: C. putoria (Wiedemann), Hemilucilia segmentaria(Fabricius), Lucilia eximia(Wiedemann) (Calliphoridae), Peckia (Pattonella) intermutans(Walker), Peckia (Squamatoides) trivitatta(Curran), Sarcodexia lambens(Wiedemann) (Sarcophagidae), Musca domestica(L.), Ophyra aenescens(Wiedemann), Stomoxys calcitransL. (Muscidae), Fannia pusio(Wiedemann), Fannia sp. (Fanniidae), Hermetia illuscens L. (Stratiomyidae) and Phoridae sp. The Cerrado of this region presents many dipterans potential forensic indicators. PMID:20098935

Rosa, Thiago A; Babata, Micaela L Y; De Souza, Carina M; De Sousa, Danielle; De Mello-Patiu, Cátia A; Mendes, Júlio


The Andrelândia depositional cycle (Minas Gerais\\/Brazil), a post-transamazonic sequence south of the São Francisco Craton: Evidence from UPb dating on zircons of a metasediment  

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U-Pb age determinations were carried out on zircons from a quartz-rich micaschist of the Andrelândia depositional cycle, part of a mobile belt adjacent to the southern border of the São Francisco Craton. The metamorphism suffered by the sampled unit is characterized by the mineral assemblage: almandine + kyanite + rutile + muscovite + quartz. Zircons separated from the sample are

F. Sollner; R. A. J. Trouw



Production of bioenergy on small farms: a two-year agroforestry experiment using Eucalyptus urophylla intercropped with rice and beans in Minas Gerais, Brazil  

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\\u000a Abstract  Agroforestry systems using Eucalyptus for biomass production are important alternatives for small farms in the southeast of Brazil because they integrate timber\\u000a and food production while reducing the environmental impact of large plantations. In this article, I studied the intercropping\\u000a of Eucalyptus urophylla with rice and beans for two years to compare yields using intercropping versus monocultures. During the first

Eliane Ceccon



Optimization methods for gas liquefaction production in Algeria and for a firewater safety system for the Holy Area of Mina, in Saudi Arabia  

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The major part of this study deals specifically with problems encountered in liquefied-gas production in Algeria. However, its developed methodology could be applied to other industrial units of similar importance (petrochemical, pipeline, etc.). Capital costs as well as manpower, operations, and maintenance costs are very high in such production, especially in Algeria, a foreign-technology dependent country. Moreover, the technical complexity




A new approach to characterization of the resistance of populations of Rhipicephalus microplus (Acari: Ixodidae) to organophosphate and pyrethroid in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.  


The monitoring of resistance of cattle tick populations in Brazil to the chemical bases in use is largely limited to investigation of the phenotypic profile. There are few studies investigating the role played by the genotypic profile in acaricide resistance in the country. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to carry out molecular characterization and trace out the genetic profile of populations of Rhipicephalus microplus with respect to resistance to the organophosphate and pyrethroid chemical groups. For that purpose, larvae were genotyped belonging to 587 populations for pyrethroids and 306 for organophosphates, using the polymerase chain reaction technique. It was found that 75.49% and 97.44% of the larvae studied showed resistance to the organophosphates and pyrethroids, respectively. Among the populations resistant to pyrethroids, 91.9% were heterozygotes, showing that most of the resistant populations have only one allele responsible for resistance. Therefore, it is possible to conclude that the genotyped populations have high resistance to organophosphates, and even more so to pyrethroids. This information is fundamental for understanding the mechanisms of resistance of R. microplus to acaricides, to enable improvement of control techniques. PMID:23639866

Faza, Aline Pasqualini; Pinto, Isabella Silvestre Barreto; Fonseca, Isabela; Antunes, Gustavo Resende; Monteiro, Caio Márcio de Oliveira; Daemon, Erik; Muniz, Michelle de Souza; Martins, Marta Fonseca; Furlong, John; Prata, Márcia Cristina de Azevedo



Hourly Activity and Natural Infection of Sandflies (Diptera: Psychodidae) Captured from the Aphotic Zone of a Cave, Minas Gerais State, Brazil  

PubMed Central

Sandflies are holometabolous insects that are of great epidemiological importance in the neotropical region as vectors of leishmaniases. Caves are ecotopes that significantly differ from external environments and, among the insects that live or visit their internal area and adjacent environment, sandflies are commonly found. Based on this context, the objective of this work was to examine the period of activity of sandflies in the cave environment in the aphotic zone. Thus, four sandfly captures were conducted, one in each season of the year, in a cave where studies on the bioecological aspects of sandfly fauna have been conducted since 2008. In this same study, we have also noticed the presence of flagellates in some captured females. Catches were carried out for 24 hours using a Shannon trap, light bait, and cave walls were actively searched. We collected a total of 638 sandflies, representing 11 species. The most abundant species and with more intense period of activity were, in descending order: Lu. cavernicola (62%), Ev. spelunca (16%) and Ev. sallesi (14%). A total of 69 females were dissected to check for natural infection, and in five specimens we found living flagellated forms: two Ev. spelunca, two Ev. sallesi and one Sc. sordellii. This study shows that the activity of some species caught in the aphotic zone of the cave, especially Lu. cavernicola, differs from what has already been reported in previous sandfly captures, which are almost always conducted at night and during twilight. The existence of sandflies that were naturally infected with flagellates and the lack of awareness regarding the behaviour of sandflies in cave environments are strong indicators of the need for further study on this group of insects in this ecotope, as a safety measure to protect the visitors of such environment.

Carvalho, Gustavo Mayr de Lima; Brazil, Reginaldo Pecanha; Saraiva, Lara; Quaresma, Patricia Flavia; Botelho, Helbert Antonio; Ramos, Mariana Campos das Neves Farah; de Almeida Zenobio, Ana Paula Lusardo; e Meira, Paula Cavalcante Lamy Serra; de Castilho Sanguinette, Cristiani; Filho, Jose Dilermando Andrade



Long-Term Assessment of the Oil Spill at Bahia Las Minas, Panama. Synthesis Report. Volume 2. Technical Report, Part 1.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Environmental assessments ideally consist of monitoring natural variation or of studying planned environmental modifications, such as the release of heated effluents from a power plant, and their effects. In contrast, unplanned environmental modifications...

B. D. Keller J. B. C. Jackson



Hydrothermal fluid source constrained by Co/Ni ratios in coexisting arsenopyrite and tourmaline: the auriferous lode of Passagem, Quadrilátero Ferrífero of Minas Gerais, Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The auriferous lode of Passagem de Mariana is characterised by abundant tourmaline, which is intergrown with arsenopyrite. Spot measurements using laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry show that Co and Ni are the most abundant trace elements in the arsenopyrite (45-538 ppm Co, 246-828 ppm Ni), with Co/Ni ratios consistently <1. The coexisting tourmaline also has Co/Ni <1, with Co and Ni contents that are ~2 orders of magnitude lower than those in the arsenopyrite. The Co/Ni ratios of tourmaline and arsenopyrite are tightly distributed along a positive linear trend, the angular coefficient of which represents the Co/Ni of the hydrothermal fluid from which these minerals precipitated. The fluid Co/Ni ratio is close to the average Co/Ni value for the upper continental crust. In conjunction with the abundance of lode tourmaline and its B-isotope data (from the literature), the Co/Ni ratios of tourmaline and arsenopyrite fingerprint a continental evaporitic source of B.

Cabral, Alexandre Raphael; Koglin, Nikola




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In 2003, we carried out a line-transect sampling for all the primates (Alouatta guariba clamitans, Brachyteles hypoxanthus, Cebus nigritus, and Callithrix fl aviceps) at the Estação Biológica de Caratinga (EBC) to estimate the sizes of their populations. Our goal was to examine whether the trend in population growth observed in the northern muriqui population was accom- panied by similar trends

Bárbara Almeida-Silva; André A. Cunha; Jean P. Boubli; Sérgio L. Mendes; Karen B. Strier


Hidden Diversity Behind the Zombie-Ant Fungus Ophiocordyceps unilateralis: Four New Species Described from Carpenter Ants in Minas Gerais, Brazil  

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BackgroundOphiocordyceps unilateralis (Clavicipitaceae: Hypocreales) is a fungal pathogen specific to ants of the tribe Camponotini (Formicinae: Formicidae) with a pantropical distribution. This so-called zombie or brain-manipulating fungus alters the behaviour of the ant host, causing it to die in an exposed position, typically clinging onto and biting into the adaxial surface of shrub leaves. We (HCE and DPH) are currently

Harry C. Evans; Simon L. Elliot; David P. Hughes; Corrie Moreau



Using oxygen isotope chemistry to track hydrothermal processes and fluid sources in itabirite-hosted iron ore deposits in the Quadrilátero Ferrífero, Minas Gerais, Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Quadrilátero Ferrífero, Brazil, is presently the largest accumulation of single itabirite-hosted iron ore bodies worldwide. Detailed petrography of selected hypogene high-grade iron ore bodies at, e.g. the Águas Claras, Conceição, Pau Branco and Pico deposits revealed different iron oxide generations, from oldest to youngest: magnetite ? martite (hematite pseudomorph after magnetite) ? granoblastic (recrystallised) ? microplaty (fine-grained, <100 ?m) ? specular (coarse-grained, >100 ?m) hematite. Laser-fluorination oxygen isotope analyses of selected iron ore species showed that the ?18O composition of ore-hosted martite ranges between -4.4 and 0.9 ‰ and is up to 11 ‰ depleted in 18O relative to hematite of the host itabirite. During the modification of iron ore and the formation of new iron oxide generations (e.g. microplaty and specular hematite), an increase of up to 8 ‰ in ?18O values is recorded. Calculated ?18O values of hydrothermal fluids in equilibrium with the iron oxide species indicate: (1) the involvement of isotopically light fluids (e.g. meteoric water or brines) during the upgrade from itabirite-hosted hematite to high-grade iron ore-hosted martite and (2) a minor positive shift in ?18Ofluid values from martite to specular hematite as result of modified meteoric water or brines with slightly elevated ?18O values and/or the infiltration of small volumes of isotopically heavy (metamorphic and/or magmatic) fluids into the iron ore system. The circulation of large fluid volumes that cause the systematic decrease of 18O/16O ratios from itabirite to high-grade iron ore requires the presence of, e.g. extensive faults and/or large-scale folds.

Hensler, Ana-Sophie; Hagemann, Steffen G.; Brown, Philip E.; Rosière, Carlos A.



Transamazonian Orogeny in the Southern São Francisco Craton Region, Minas Gerais, Brazil: evidence for Paleoproterozoic collision and collapse in the Quadrilátero Ferr??fero  

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The Paleoproterozoic Transamazonian orogeny yielded a series of discrete orogens in Brazil. The present field study in the Quadrilátero Ferr??fero (QF) indicates that the southern São Francisco craton region of the Brazilian highlands preserves a portion of one of these orogens. Two sets of Transamazonian structures occur in this region. The first consists of northwest-verging folds and thrusts affecting supracrustal

Fernando F Alkmim; Stephen Marshak



Fault Slip Partitioning in the Eastern California Shear Zone-Walker Lane Belt: Pliocene to Late Pleistocene Contraction Across the Mina Deflection  

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Two different mechanisms have been proposed for fault slip transfer between the subparallel NW-striking dextral- slip faults that dominant the Eastern California Shear Zone (ECSZ)-Walker Lane Belt (WLB). In the northern WLB, domains of sinistral-slip along NE-striking faults and clockwise block rotation within a zone of distributed deformation accommodated NW-dextral shear. A somewhat modified version of this mechanism was also

J. Lee; D. Stockli; J. Gosse



Lenguaje, nación y Estado: pasado y presente Language, Nation, and State: Past and Present  

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The three elements: language, nation and state have been interrelated. Three types of interrelations can be distinguished: 1) language-nation- state, 2) nation-language and state, 3) state-nation and language. These types have been active especially in Europe since the 19 th century, and in countries and regions following European example, including present cases of nationalism and ethno-regionalism. In recent decades language




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Chemical weed control in dry beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in the state of Veracruz México. Two experi- ments wiht herbicides were carried out during the Fall-Winter seasons of 1990-91 and 1991-92. The objective was to determi- ne the best preemergence and\\/or postemergence herbicide treatments for controlling the dominant weed species in the residual moisture growing sistem of beans. The experiments

Valentín A. Esquivel; Octavio Cano; Ernesto López


El comercio de los productos transgénicos: el estado del debate internacional  

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Los productos transgénicos mezclan aspectos contradictorios. La manipulación genética de cultivos permite desarrollar tanto productos con toxinas insecticidas, disminuyendo el uso de defensivos agrícolas que pueden dañar el medio ambiente, como alimentos con propiedades vitamínicas y proteicas, que pueden mejorar los indicadores sociales en los países en desa- rrollo. Por otra parte, se han abierto interrogantes acerca de los posibles

María Angélica Larach; División de Comercio Internacional


Radioinmunoterapia en los linfomas no Hodgkin: desarrollo histórico y estado actual  

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Radioimmunotherapy treatment for lymphoma is a novel targeted therapeutic approach. Several years of development of radioimmunotherapeutic compounds came to fruition in February of 2002 when 90Y-ibritumomab tiuxetan (Zevalin (™), Y2B8) was approved in the USA and later in Europe, for the treatment of relapsed or refractory, low grade or transformed B-cell lymphoma in the USA. 90Y-ibritumomab tiuxetan utilizes a monoclonal

C. Emmanouilides




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Este artigo apresenta os resultados de avaliações da eficácia do Programa Empreendedor Rural – PER – em alcançar seus objetivos. O PER é um programa de educação rural para produtores e trabalhadores rurais desenvolvido no Paraná e executado pelo Senar\\/PR e Sebrae\\/PR que visa elevar os estoques de capital humano e social no meio rural. O programa adota o construtivismo

Vania Di Addario Guimaraes; Fernando Curi Peres; Luis Alberto Ambrosio; Jose Roberto Fernandes Canziani



Prevalencia de caries y estado periodontal de los niños y adolescentes de Navarra (2002)  

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Background. Surveys of caries prevalence and dental treatment have been conducted in Navarra since 1987, before PADI was implemented (1991). Objectives: Investigate the dental and perio- dontal health status of children and adolescents of Navarra in 2002. Methods: Epidemiological survey of a representative sample (n 1,566) of 1º,3º,6º EP and 2º ESO schoolchildren. Clinical examinations were conducted by calibrated examiners

Ángel Doria-Bajo; Cortés Martinicorena; Francisco Javier


One Language for the United States? (Un Idioma para Los Estados Unidos?) CSG Backgrounder.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The United States has become increasingly multilingual in recent decades, and while English is the most commonly spoken language, almost 11 percent of Americans prefer to speak another language at home. Bilingualism is promoted by governmental units at the federal, state, and local levels through a variety of programs, particularly in education…

Ford, Mark L.


Conductas purgativas y estado nutricional en anorexia nerviosa y bulimia nerviosa  

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Aims: The aim of the study was to investigate whether the use of purgative methods in patients with eating di- sorders (anorexia nervosa (AN) and bulimia nervosa (BN)) could be capable of producing changes in the nu- tritional status of the patients. Setting and Patients: The group under study was com- posed of 184 female eating disordered outpatients. One hundred

F. J. Vaz; A. García-Herráiz; B. López-Vinuesa; M. Monge; A. Fernández-Gil; J. A. Guisado



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The problem to investigate is the permanent disequilibrium of Mexican commercial balance of cattle heads and meat regarding United States during the period 1993-2007. The objective is shows that the inequality productive structure on cattle heads and meat that exists between Mexico and American Union, through commercial exchange of those products impact the commercial balance. The methodology used was the

Luis Alberto Araujo Andrade; Eraclio del Jesus Cruz Pacheco




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Boats, gears and procedures of the artisanal fishing at the southern coast of Paraná state, Brazil This work describes boats and gears employed by artisanal fishermen of the Southern Paraná coast, Brazil, and analyses the fishing procedures performed at the shallow continental shelf. Seven types of boats and 7 main types of gears were identified. Differences between the fisherman communities



Monitoramento de radioatividade ambiental no estado de Sao Paulo. (Environmental radiation monitoring in Sao Paulo state).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The results of environmental radiation monitoring that CETESB (Technological Company of Environmental Sanitation of Sao Paulo) does in influence areas of radioactive materials store of Nuclemon Minero-Quimica S.A. in the municipality of Itu, Sao Paulo Sta...

E. G. Agudo A. M. Albuquerque N. V. Vasconcellos



Características asociadas al subregistro de muerte en niños del estado de Guerrero, México  

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Objective. To estimate the frequency of underregis- tered children deaths in rural areas and to identify associ- ated characteristics. Material and methods. The study was conducted in three stages. In the first, three strata of communities were formed according to the number of in- habitants; then a representative number of villages was ran- domly selected from each stratum. A census




Inconsistencias en la seguridad nacional de Vicente Fox y la relacion con Estados Unidos  

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The central argument of this dissertation is to examine how the political regime which emerged from the Mexican Revolution confused its own security with the security of the Nation-State between 1928 and the year 2000. Nevertheless, that was the type of relationship supported by Washington because it helped to preserve its own interests of stability and security in its Southern

Abelardo Rodriguez Sumano



¿Quién habla en la oreja de Einstein? Arte indígena contemporáneo en el estado de Chiapas (México)  

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This article analyzes the current artistic production of the indigenous peoples of Chiapas, combining a sociological focus and an aesthetic perspective. The Zapatista uprising of 1994, transformed the urbanistic structure and social fabric of San Cristóbal de Las Casas in such a way that, today, the idealized indigenous world for tourism does not compare to the real indigenous world of

Luca D'Ascia


Economía Urbana y Calidad de Vida. Una revisión del estado del conocimiento en España  

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Quality of life is increasingly becoming a concept researched empirically and theoretically in the field of economics. In urban economics in particular, this increasing interest stems mainly from the fact that quality of life affects urban competitiveness and urban growth, research shows that when households and businesses decide where to locate, quality of life considerations can play a very important

Vicente Royuela; Diona Lambiri; Bianca Biagi




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This study was carried out to evaluate 19 native and exotic species and to identify potential species for plantation in homogeneous stands and in agroforestry systems in forest ecosystem in Roraima State. The species were planted from 1997 to 2000. When the objective was sawn wood production the spacing was 4 x 3 m and when the objective was energy

Helio Tonini; Marcelo Francia Arco-Verde; Dalton Schwengber; Moises Mourão Junior




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Resumo Hammondia heydorni, Neospora caninum e Toxoplasma gondii são protozoários coccídios que parasitam diferentes espécies animais domésticas e silvestres. E nquanto a infecção por H. heydorni parece ser assintomática, N. caninum e T. gondii podem provocar alterações reprodutivas em ruminantes. N. caninum é um importante causador de abortamentos em bovinos, ao passo que T. gondii induz a abortamentos em caprinos




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This paper analyzes the evolution of the residual stresses in high strength steel wires when diverse fatigue loadings are applied. According to the obtained results, a stress redistribution at surface is observed, it being more accused in the cases where the maximum loading exceeds the yield strength. This effect on the stress state could be relevant in the analysis of

M. Lorenzo; D. Vergara; V. Kharin; J. Toribio


Evaluación del estado de salud con la Encuesta SF36: resultados preliminares en México  

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Objective. To establish a multidimensional profile of the health status in a population of southeastern Mexico and analyze the psychometric properties of a translation of the SF-36 survey authorized by the International Quality of Life Assessment Project. Material and methods. The SF-36 was administered to 257 volunteers of a clinic and a con- trol group in a governmental institution. The

Miguel A. Zúniga; Genny T. Carrillo-Jiménez; Peter J. Fos; Barbara Gandek; Manuel R. Medina-Moreno




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Una hembra de oso pardo (Ursus arctos, L.), localizada junto a una carretera el 28 de marzo de 1999 con dificultades motrices y que no mostraba el comportamiento habitual de huida, fue capturada y dotada de un transmisor. Tras una inspección sobre el terreno, en la que sus ritmos respiratorios y cardiacos y su temperatura corporal resultaron normales, se le





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The world and the current society live a moment of deep transformations. Concepts are appearing and being adapted. The Knowledge Management appears as alternative in the managerial ambit. Information Technology, allied to new products and concepts it is generating innovation in the companies management. The organizations to each generation, year, event suffers changes that are worsened by the economical recession

Fábio Câmara; Araújo de Carvalho; M. Eng; João Ernesto Escosteguy Castro; Aline França de Abreu


Níveis de organoclorados em queijos produzidos no Estado do Rio Grande do Sul  

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Organochlorine compounds are pesticides used in agriculture, for the control of biological vectors of diseases and of livestock ectoparasites. Their use in Brazil is now prohibited, except for control of biological vectors in epidemics. However, residues of such compounds can still be found in the environment and in foodstuffs. For this reason, the presence of organochlorine compounds in cheese produced

Joice Sifuentes dos Santos; Ana Augusta Odorissi Xavier; Edi Franciele Ries; Ijoni Hilda Costabeber; Tatiana Emanuelli



LEVANTAMENTO PEDOLÓGICO E SISTEMA DE INFORMAÇÕES GEOGRÁFICAS NA AVALIAÇÃO DO USO DAS TERRAS EM SUB-BACIA HIDROGRÁFICA DE MINAS GERAIS 1 Pedologic survey and geographic information system for evaluation of land use within a small watershed, Minas Gerais State, Brazil  

Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMO A aptidão agrícola das terras consiste em uma classificação técnica que identifica o potencial agrícola de utilização das mesmas, considerando as limitações do solo em níveis de manejo diferenciados a partir das informações geradas em um levantamento pedológico. O cruzamento dos dados de aptidão agrícola e uso atual das terras em ambiente SIG (Sistema de Informações Geográficas) consiste numa

Michele Duarte de Menezes; Nilton Curi; João José Marques; Carlos Rogério de Mello; Alexandre Romeiro de Araújo


VIABILIDADE TÉCNICA E ECONÔMICA DA APLICAÇÃO DE ÁGUA NA CULTURA DO FEIJOEIRO COMUM ( Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Technical and economic viability of the application of water on the culture of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)  

Microsoft Academic Search

This experiment was carried out at campus II of Patos de Minas University Center (Centro Universitário de Patos de Minas (UNIPAM) in Patos de Minas, MG, during the year of 2005, with the purpose of evaluating the yield of the common bean plant, cultivar Talismã, submitted to different levels of irrigation water replacement, as well as determining the optimum economic

Márcio José de Santana; Jacinto de Assunção Carvalho; Messias José; Bastos de Andrade; Gilson Gerson Gervásio; José Carlos Braga; Eduardo Branquinho Lepri


Registros documentados de cinco novos trinta-réis (Charadriiformes: Sternidae) no estado do Ceará, nordeste do Brasil  

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Documented records of five terns (Charadriiformes: Sternidae) new for the State of Ceará, north-east Brazil. We present new records, based on museum specimens and\\/or photographs, of five species of Sternidade for the State of Ceará in north- east Brazil, namely, Black Noddy Anous minutus (apparently the first from Brazilian mainland), Least Tern Sternula antillarum, Black Tern Chlidonias niger, Arctic Tern

Weber Girão; Ciro Albano; Alberto A. Campos; Thieres Pinto; Caio J. Carlos


Guia para su incorporacion a los Estados Unidos de America (A Guide to Resettlement in the United States. Spanish).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This resettlement guide, entirely in Spanish, describes the initial stage of resettlement and the processes that refugees undergo as new arrivals. Subjects covered in this guide include pre-arrival procedures, admissions criteria, immigrant's statement of understanding, travel costs and U.S. Customs; resettlement procedures, immigrants'…

Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington, DC. Refugee Service Center.



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An account of 29 anamorphs and one holomorph species are presented, all of them were collected in several localities of the State of Veracruz, where small areas of cloud forest still remain. All the species are recorded for the first time to Mexico, many of them are scarcely known in the worldwide. Pictures and data about their distribution and substrates




Relações solo-geoambiente em áreas de ocorrências de Ipucas na planície do Médio Araguaia - Estado de Tocantins  

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RESUMO - Dentre as paisagens do médio rio Araguaia, destacam-se as extensas planícies e depressões sazonalmente alagadas. Nelas se inserem formações florestais higrófilas denominadas Ipucas, como enclaves peculiares pela sua fitossociologia e ambiente pedogeomorfológico. Esses fragmentos florestais naturais ocorrem na planície fluvial, em região de ecótono entre o Cerrado e a Floresta Amazônica. Neste estudo, foi selecionada uma área de

Alan Kardec Elias Martins; Carlos Ernesto G. R. Schaefer; Elias Silva; Vicente Paulo Soares; Guilherme Resende Corrêa; Bruno Araújo Furtado de Mendonça




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The presence of Tarpon atlanticus (Valenciennes, 1846) is recorded for the first time inside the Todos os Santos Bay (State of Bahia, Brazil). Five specimens were analized, measuring between 210,95 and 226,00mm in total length, collected near the mouth of Dorneles River (Araripe de Baixo Beach), Saubara Municipality (13ºS - 39ºW). Morphometric and meristic data, as well as a diagnosis,

Paulo Roberto Duarte Lopes; Marconi Porto Sena


Primórdios do Ativismo Feminino nos Estados Unidos e a Violência de Rua EARLY UNITED STATES WOMEN'S ACTIVISM AND STREET VIOLENCE  

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This paper focus on the role of women in antebellum racial incitement, beginning with Philadelphia and Boston Female Anti-Slavery Societies. The political nature of their abolitionist activities and their acceptance of black women as members led critics to associate the women's groups with the fear of racial \\




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The development of a sustainable production system, perennial, with low environmental impact and high socioeconomic potential in the Brazilian Amazon has always been seen as an ideal model of development for the region. In this context, the deployment and the expansion of the cultivation of palm ( Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) was driven and today represents one of agroindustrial activities with

Adriano Venturieri


Chironomidae (Diptera) do Rio Ribeira (divisa dos Estados de São Paulo e Paraná) numa avaliação ambiental faunística  

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Chironomidae (Diptera) in Rio Ribeira (border between the States of São Paulo and Paraná) in an Environmental faunistic evaluation- During a program of limnological characterization, the macrobenthic community was evaluated in a section of river Ribeira, in the area included of the future reservoir UHE Tijuco Alto. In the four expeditions, during XII\\/95 to IX\\/96, samples were collected in five

Susana Trivinho-Strixino; Giovanni Strixino



PRODUÇÃO INTEGRADA DE FRUTAS PIF e a produção de Açaí (Euterpe oleracea Mart) no Estado do Pará: ameaças ou oportunidades?  

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Este trabalho, apoiado na dinâmica de crescimento do consumo de sucos naturais, como uma das bebidas esportivas associadas à imagem de produto saudável, suscita as questões relacionadas com a aplicação do PIF junto à produção do Açaí, visto a ampliação da aceitação desse produto nos mercados nacional e internacional. Está fundamentado na aplicação da legislação específica e seus pré-requisitos frente

Rubens Cardoso Da Silva; Paulo Cerqueira Dos Santos; Jose Sebastiao Romano De Oliveira; Maria Cristina Das Neves Silva; Ismael Matos Da Silva



Producción de hojarasca en un bosque semideciduo estacional en São Pedro, Potirendaba, estado de São Paulo, Brasil  

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Litter production was determined during a year in a semideciduous forest located in Potirendaba, State of São Paulo, Brasil. Litterfall was collected at monthly intervals, from June 1999 to May 2000, by placing 15 traps of 0.25 m 2 of surface area. The material was separated into five components and the sorted samples were dried at 80ºC in order to

Maristela Sanches Bertasso-Borges; Dania Prieto Trueba; Fabrícia C. Peral; Cristiane A. R. Tamburi; Ronaldo Caseri; Rosalina Berazaín



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An inventory of pollution for 14 municipalities in Hidalgo, México is reported in this paper. The studied zone concentrates about 40 % of Hidalgo's population, its main communication roads, services, the most representative industries and all the state's industrial zones. Therefore, it is important to determinate qualitative and quantitatively pollution emissions in this area. The methodology used was the environmental




Análisis no destructivo del estado de degradación en morteros bajo la acción de ciclos hielo-deshielo  

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Evaluation by means of non destructive techniques to deterioration of mortars due to cycles freeze-thawing In this paper we evaluate different mortars, with varying degrees of damage by the action of ice-thawing cycles, and analyzing their status through various methods to assess usual. The results obtained by these methods are compared to an analysis by means of the technique of

E. MEnéndEz; J. dE Frutos



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Growing canola (Brassica napus and B. rapa) in Jalisco State, Mexico. I. Agronomic characteristics With the purpose of determining some probable benefits of canola production in Jalisco State, Mexico, the crop potential was studied in different counties of the regions of Ciénega and Sur de Jalisco. During four cycles of agricultural production in autumn- winter (2000-2004) varieties of canola were

Ramón Hernández; Alfredo González; Patricia River


Estado de conservación de Melanomys zunigae (Sanborn 1949) y de los mamíferos pequeños en las Lomas de Lima  

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The coastline and the western slopes of the Andes are main sites of Peruvian endemic mammals. Along the central coast occurs the only endemic rat from Lima, Zuniga's dark rice rat, Melanomys zunigae (Sanborn, 1949). It was collected by Enrique Zuñiga in 1942 at Lomas de Atocongo and Cerro San Jerónimo. Since then, sporadic searches have been conducted, not necessarily

José Luis Mena; Martha Williams; Carla Gazzolo; Francesca Montero


De la White House a la Black House: elección presidencial de los Estados Unidos en el 2008. ¿Movilidad social ascendente?  

Microsoft Academic Search

The aim of this article is to present a sociological interpretation of the 2008 presidential election in the United States. It suggests that the victory of the democrat Barack Obama, can be analyzed by the conceptual framework of social mobility. The historical-ideological context in which the American dream has emerged and has been transformed; an empirical analysis that reflects the

Juan Paul Farías Peña


Atlas de Recursos Eólicos del Estado de Oaxaca (The Spanish version of Wind Energy Resource Atlas of Oaxaca)  

SciTech Connect

The Oaxaca Wind Resource Atlas, produced by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's (NREL's) wind resource group, is the result of an extensive mapping study for the Mexican State of Oaxaca. This atlas identifies the wind characteristics and distribution of the wind resource in Oaxaca. The detailed wind resource maps and other information contained in the atlas facilitate the identification of prospective areas for use of wind energy technologies, both for utility-scale power generation and off-grid wind energy applications.

Elliott, D.; Schwartz, M.; Scott, G.; Haymes, S.; Heimiller, D.; George, R.




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This study was conducted to determine the effect of planting date on soybean seed quality. The cultivars evaluated were Cristalina, IAC-2, Tropical, Doko, and IAC-8. The sowing dates were stablished between October 29, 1983 and January 7, 1984 (10\\/29, 11\\/11, 11\\/25, 12\\/10, 12\\/24 and 01\\/7), at Lucas do Rio Verde in Mato Grosso State, Brazil. In the plantings carried out



Adaptive Estimation of State Noise in a Kalman Filter Estimacao Adaptativa Do Ruido No Estado Para O Filtro de Kalman.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In the presence of estimates, divergence due to errors in system dynamics modelling and to algorithm numerical ill-conditioning, Kalman filter usefulness is seriously impaired. A procedure to estimate the state noise level adaptively and in real time in o...

A. R. Neto H. K. Kuga




Microsoft Academic Search

Effect of applications of organic residues on maize performance in two soils of Yaracuy State, Venezuela The intense land cultivation for maize cropping on the last 50 years in Yaracuy State, Venezuela, caused an accelerated soil degradation expressed by loss of soil organic matter and crop productivity. With the objective of improving those parameters, the use of organic residues were

Isabel Arrieche; Orlando Mora




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SUMMARY Mercury levels in soil samples from El Callao, Bolívar State, Venezuela, were determined by mineralization in aqua regia followed by cold vapor-atomic absorption spectrometry (CVAAS), and by direct determination on solid matrix by pyrolisis and preconcentration using an automatic mercury analyzer AMA-254 (AMA). Hg concentration in samples were in the range of 0.05 to 17.31mg\\/kg for CVAAS and of

Armando Carrasquero Durán; Melitón Adams


Cambios en el uso del suelo y deforestación en el sur de los estados de Campeche y Quintana Roo, México  

Microsoft Academic Search

Landsat MSS satellite imagery from 1975 to 1990 were anaiyzed in order to estimate the rates of conversion of tropical forests and savannas to cropland and pasture in the southern Yucatán Peninsula of Mexiw. The area of southeastern Campeche and southern Quintana Roo was subject of a federally financed directed-colonization program during the seventies, which included felling the tropical forests

Sergio Cortina Villar; Pedro Macario Mendoza; Yelena Ogneva-Himmelberger


Ocorrência e coleta de colônias e de enxames de abelhas africanizadas na zona urbana de Maringá, Estado do Paraná, Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

Occurrence and collection of Africanized honeybee swarm and colonies on the urbane zone of Maringá, Paraná State, Brazil. During the last years, a great number of swarms of Africanized honey bees migrated to the urban zone of Maringá, Paraná State, Brazil, causing a great concern, mainly in those who live at home with children, elderly and allergic people. This study

Vagner De Alencar Arnaut de Toledo; Fábio Luiz Buranelo Toral; Sidnei Bueno de Miranda; Adilson Shiraishi; Juliano Hideo Hashimoto; Waldirene Rossi da Silva




Microsoft Academic Search

of the groundwater wells that provide drinking water for the state of Aguascalientes show fluoride concentrations above 1.5 mg\\/L. The objective of our research was to perform a risk analysis study to estimate the health implicationsof fluoride exposure through drinking water in Aguascalientes. Fluoride exposure doses were calculated for local population in each of the state municipalities. These estimates were



Perspectiva Historica de la Educacion Bilingue en los Estados Unidos (A Historical Perspective of Bilingual Education in the United States)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This article defines bilingualism and bilingual education and traces the history of bilingual education in the United States, starting with the Spanish missions in the west. (Text is in Spanish.) (NCR)|

Zamora, Juan Clemente



Florística y fisonomía de un matorral xerófilo espinoso intervenido en Punta de Piedras, Municipio Miranda, Estado Zulia, Venezuela  

Microsoft Academic Search

Floristic and physiognomic characteristics of disturbed thorny xerophytic scrubland in Punta de Piedras, Miranda Municipality, Zulia State, Venezuela. We determined the floristic and physiognomic aspects of disturbed thorny xerophytic scrubland in Punta de Piedras, Miranda Municipality, Zulia State, Venezuela. Botanical sampling was done twice monthly (November 2005-June 2006), in both rainy and dry seasons, for a total of 16 samples.

Antonio Vera; Maritza Martínez; Yin Ayala; Sadieth Montes; Anderson González



The role of two acidophilic algae as ecological indicators of acid mine drainage sites El papel de dos algas acidófi las como indicadores ecológicos de zonas de drenajes ácidos de minas  

Microsoft Academic Search

Acidic effl uents, emerging from four abandoned mines (Valdarcas, Carris, Adoria and Cerquido) in Northern Portugal were ana- lyzed regarding physical-chemical, mineralogical and ecological characteristics. Such effl uents present distinct properties since they were mobilized from wastes of different primary ores and mining procedures. Results show that acidophilic algal colonization is dominated by Euglena mutabilis and Klebsormidium sp.. Abundance and

T. M. Valente; C. L. Gomes


Ground water chemistry and geochemical modeling of water-rock interactions at the Osamu Utsumi mine and the Morro do Ferro analogue study sites, Poc??os de Caldas, Minas Gerais, Brazil  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Surface and ground waters, collected over a period of three years from the Osamu Utsumi uranium mine and the Morro do Ferro thorium/rare-earth element (Th/REE) deposits, were analyzed and interpreted to identify the major hydrogeochemical processes. These results provided information on the current geochemical evolution of ground waters for two study sites within the Poc??os de Caldas Natural Analogue Project. The ground waters are a KFeSO4F type, a highly unusual composition related to intense weathering of a hydrothermally altered and mineralized complex of phonolites. Tritium and stable isotope data indicate that ground waters are of meteoric origin and are not affected significantly by evaporation or water-rock interactions. Recharging ground waters at both study sites demonstrate water of less than about 35 years in age, whereas deeper, more evolved ground waters are below 1 TU but still contain in most cases detectable tritium. These deeper ground waters may be interpreted as being of 35 to 60 or more years in age, resulting mainly from an admixture of younger with older ground waters and/or indicating the influence of subsurface produced tritium. Geochemical processes involving water-rock-gas interactions have been modeled using ground water compositions, mineralogic data, ion plots and computations of speciation, non-thermodynamic mass balance and thermodynamic mass transfer. The geochemical reaction models can reproduce the water chemistry and mineral occurrences and they were validated by comparing the results of thermodynamic mass transfer calculations (using the PHREEQE program, Parkhurst et al., 1980). The results from the geochemical reaction models reveal that the dominant processes are production of CO2 in the soil zone through aerobic decay of organic matter, dissolution of fluorite, calcite, K-feldspar, albite, chlorite and manganese oxides, oxidation of pyrite and sphalerite, and precipitation of ferric oxides, silica and kaolinite. Gibbsite precipitation can be modeled for the shallow (recharge) water chemistry at Morro do Ferro, consistent with known mineralogy. Recharge waters are undersaturated with respect to barite and discharging waters and deeper ground waters are saturated to supersaturated with respect to barite demonstrating a strong solubility control. Strontium isotope data demonstrate that sources other than calcium-bearing minerals are required to account for the dissolved strontium in the ground waters. These may include K-feldspar, smectite-chlorite mixed-layer clays and goyazite [SrAl3(PO4)2(OH)5??H2O]. ?? 1992.

Nordstrom, D. K.; McNutt, R. H.; Puigdomenech, I.; Smellie, J. A. T.; Wolf, M.



Evaluacion de la mina nuclear Cerro Solo, provincia del Chubut. Sobre los parametros economicos del deposito. Pte. 3. (Evaluation of the Cerro Solo nuclear ore, province of Chubut. On the economic parameters of the deposit. Pt. 3).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Preliminary results of the resources estimation carried out in the Cerro Solo uranium ore deposit, located in the Chubut Province, 1900 km SW from Buenos Aires and 380 Km W from Trelew, presented in tonnes of uranium recoverable at costs up to U$S 80/kgU,...

P. R. Navarra P. G. Sardin L. Urquiza G. J. Bernal D. Guzman Lobos



QUALIDADE DA ÁGUA DO RIBEIRÃO LA VRINHA NA REGIÃO ALTO RIO GRANDE - MG , BRASIL 1 Water quality on Lavrinha Stream in Alto Rio Grande region, Minas Gerais State, Brazil  

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The main purpose of this work was to study the surface water quality behavior, continuously throughout the time, at the headwater watershed of the Grande River, MG. The watershed drains into Grande River area of 687 ha and is enclosed by the Mantiqueira Mountains. The samples were collected at six points in Lavrinha Stream, main tributary of the watershed, from

Daniel Brasil Ferreira Pinto; Antônio Marciano da Silva; Carlos Rogério de Mello; Gilberto Coelho


Chemical Equilibrium of the Dissolved Uranium in Groundwaters From a Spanish Uranium-Ore Deposit  

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The main objectives of this work are to determine the hydrogeochemical evolution of an uranium ore and identify the main water\\/rock interaction processes that control the dissolved uranium content. The Mina Fe uranium-ore deposit is the most important and biggest mine worked in Spain. Sageras area is located at the north part of the Mina Fe, over the same ore

Antonio Garralon; Paloma Gomez; Maria Jesus Turrero; Belen Buil; Lorenzo Sanchez



Biodisponibilidade de Metilmercúrio, Zinco e Cobre em Distintas Frações Granulométricas de Solo Contaminado Utilizando Oligoquetas da Espécie Eisenia andrei Bioavailability of Mercury, Zinc and Copper in Distinct Grain Sizes of a Contaminated Soil Using Earthworms Eisenia andrei  

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The scientifi c community has been concerned about heavy metals contamination and their effects on human health and the environment. Rural areas of Descoberto municipality, southern Minas Gerais State, were submitted to gold extraction using rudimentary techniques of mineral processing. In 2002, local population detected metallic mercury presence on soil surface, and in 2005 Environmental Foundation of Minas Gerais State

Ricardo Gonçalves Cesar; Silvia Gonçalves Egler; Helena Polivanov; Zuleica Carmen


Métodos para la suavización de indicadores de mortalidad: aplicación al análisis de desigualdades en mortalidad en ciudades del Estado español (Proyecto MEDEA)  

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Although there is some experience in the study of mortality inequalities in Spanish cities, there are large urban centers that have not yet been investigated using the census tract as the unit of territorial analysis. The coordinated project «Socioeconomic and environmental inequalities in mortality in Spanish cities. The MEDEA project» was designed to fill this gap, with the participation of

M. Antònia Barceló; Marc Saez; Gemma Cano-Serral; Miguel Ángel Martínez-Beneito; José Miguel Martínez; Carme Borrell; Ricardo Ocaña-Riola; Imanol Montoya; Montse Calvo; Gonzalo López-Abente; Maica Rodríguez-Sanz; Silvia Toro; José Tomás Alcalá; Carme Saurina; Pablo Sánchez-Villegas; Adolfo Figueiras



Comunicação relacionada ao uso de agrotóxicos em região agrícola do Estado do Rio de Janeiro Pesticide use reporting in a rural area of Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil  

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Objective To assess communications aspects related to pesticide use in a rural area of the Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil. Methods The study was carried out in the area of São Lourenço stream. It was based on methodological triangulation comprising: semi-structured interviews and observation of a local population sample (about 600 inhabitants); structured questionnaire to collect data on the local

Frederico Peres; Brani Rozemberg; Sérgio Rabello Alves; Josino Costa Moreira; Jefferson José Oliveira-Silva



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The aim of this work was to evaluate the economic feasibility of two biodigestion systems using animal excrements in a rural settlement, in Itaberá - SP, Brazil, in the year of 2005. One of them was constructed to supply biogas for five residences. The other one was constructed to supply biogas for production activities. The generated benefits related to the




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This study seeks the presence of contents related to gender and ethics in the writings of 12 pioneers in psychology, both from United States and Chile: William James, Stanley Hall, James Baldwin, Mary Calkins, Margaret Washburn, Helen Thompson, Hernán Larraín, Salvador Cifuentes, Sergio Yulis, Lola Hoffmann, Héliettè Saint Jean, and Leyla Holmberg. We confirmed our central hypothesis, that a prevalence




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This study seeks the presence of contents related to gender and ethics in the writings of 12 pioneers in psychology, both from United States and Chile: William James, Stanley Hall, James Baldwin, Mary Calkins, Margaret Washburn, Helen Thompson, Hernán Larraín, Salvador Cifuentes, Sergio Yulis, Lola Hoffmann, Héliettè Saint Jean, and Leyla Holmberg. We confirmed our central hypothesis, that a prevalence




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FEEDING BIOLOGY OF THE CATFISH GENIDENS GENIDENS (VALENCIENNES, 1839) FROM THE AÇU LAKE SAND BARR IN THE NORTH OF THE STATE OF RIO DE JANEIRO. The article describes the feeding habits of the catfi sh Genidens genidens (Valenciennes, 1839) caught in the Açu Lake, an impor- tant coastal lagoon in the north of the state of Rio de Janeiro. It

Mona Lisa; Ribeiro Pedra; Marcelle de Azevedo Oliveira; Ronaldo Novelli


Determinação da área de vida e do uso de hábitats pela jaguatirica (Felis pardalis) na região nordeste do Estado de São Paulo  

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The brazilian ocelot (Felis pardalis mitis) is one of the facing extinction cats due mainly to the loss of habitat. This animal occurs mainly in the vegetal tree coverings and feeds itself basically of small vertebrate animals as rodents, reptiles and birds among others. This study was carried through in the Jatai Ecological Station, in the period between March, 2000

Ana Lia de Barros; José Eduardo Mantovani; Caixa Postal


Qualidade de ambiente para a onça-pintada, puma e jaguatirica na Baía de Guaratuba, Estado do Paraná, utilizando os aplicativos Capture e Presence  

Microsoft Academic Search

Environmental quality for jaguar, puma and ocelot in Guaratuba Bay, State of Paraná, using the programs Capture and Presence. Two month-long expeditions to Guaratuba Bay in the southern Atlantic Forest of Brazil were conducted in 2006. Parameters calculated from vestiges and camera-trap sampling were mammalian richness and proportion of area occupied (PAO) by jaguar, puma, and opportunistically, by ocelot. Eight

Marcelo Mazzolli; Matthias Ludwig; Alfons Hammer; Projeto Puma; Liberato Carioni



Cambios en el uso de tabaco y factores relacionados en estudiantes del sexto al noveno grado, Estado Lara, Venezuela, años 2000 y 2003  

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The Global Youth Tobacco Survey (GYTS) is a school-based surveillance system. In Lara State, Venezuela, it was conducted by a coalition of or- ganizations. The instrument includes: attitudes, knowledge, behaviors, exposure to environmen- tal tobacco smoke, mass media, and marketing. Participation was 85.7% in 2000 and 79.3% in 2003. Comparing prevalence (%) from 2000 to 2003: \\

Ricardo Granero; Magda Sánchez



Validación de escalas de seguridad alimentaria y de apoyo social en una población afro-colombiana: aplicación en el estudio de prevalencia del estado nutricional  

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We conducted a cross-sectional study on 193 mothers of children 6 to 18 months of age in an African-Colombian community, with the objec- tives: (1) to adapt and validate the Community Childhood Hunger Identification Project scale, the DUKE-UNC-11 social support scale, and the Quebec Longitudinal Study of Child Develop- ment (QLSCD) partner support scale, and (2) to identify any existent

Beatriz Eugenia Alvarado; María Victoria Zunzunegui; Helene Delisle


Influence of Conduction States on the Electronic Properties of Doped Semiconductors Influencia DOS Estados de Conducao Sobre as Propriedades Eletronicas de Semicondutores Dopados.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

A model for the calculation of electronic properties of doped semiconductors, that considers the presence of the conduction band of the host material, is proposed. The model is derived from the standard basis operator form of the extended Anderson model. ...

L. F. Perondi R. Kishore



Bactérias transportadas em mutucas (Diptera: Tabanidae) no nordeste do estado do Pará, Brasil Bacteria transported by horseflies (Diptera: Tabanidae) in the northeast of Pará State, Brazil  

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Resumo: Os insetos da família Tabanidae (Diptera), conhecidos vulgarmente como mutucas, são considerados potenciais pragas ao homem e animais domésticos pelo comportamento hematófago de suas fêmeas. São capazes de transportar mecanicamente vírus, bactérias e helmintos, pelo fato desses patógenos aderirem-se à estrutura da probóscide. As coletas dos insetos foram realizadas em áreas peri-urbanas e florestadas, utilizando-se armadilhas Malaise e cavalos

Willy Cristiano Luz-Alves; Inocêncio de Sousa Gorayeb; José Caetano Lima Silva; Edvaldo Carlos; Brito Loureiro


Perfil de atividade física em escolares da rede pública de diferentes estados nutricionais Physical activity profile among children of public school of different nutritional status  

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JENOVESI, J.F.; BRACCO, M.M.; COLUGNATI, F.A.B.; TADDEI, J.A.A.C. Physical activity profile among children of public school of different nutritional status. R. bras. Ci. e Mov. 2003; 11(4): 57-62. The aim of study was to compare physical activity levels among school children of different nutritional status. The sample was composed of 2519 children of both sexes (male 50,7%; female 49,3%), of

Jefferson Ferreira Jenovesi; Mario Maia Bracco; Fernando Antonio; Basile Colugnati


A Transferencia do Controle da Educacao da Igreja para o Estado (The Transfer of Educational Control from the Church to the State).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Analyzes the principal phases in the historical process of the occidental world that resulted in the transfer of educational control from the church to the state, demonstrating some of the consequences of this historic turn. (BT)|

Silva, Marcos



Assistência pré-natal, baixo peso e prematuridade no Estado de São Paulo, 2000 Prenatal care, low birth weight and prematurity in Brazil, 2000  

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Objective The historical evolution of infant mortality rate and neonatal mortality according to birth weight and term of delivery in the state of São Paulo are presented to assess the role of the number of prenatal visits and others factors for determining mortality. Methods Based on data available from the Seade Institute of Vital Statistics, four variables (maternal age, marital

Samuel Kilsztajn; Manuela Santos; Gustavo Toshiaki; Lopes Sugahara




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El crecimiento desmedido e incontenible de la Zona Metropolitana de la Ciudad de México en los últimos 50 años, concatenado a las políticas de liberalización y desregulación económicas ha conformado un espacio con grandes núcleos de concentración generando problemas de habitabilidad y calidad de vida para sus habitantes. El diagnosticar la habitabilidad de dichas zonas es un trabajo complejo, pues

Osvaldo Velázquez Mejía



Satisfação de Idosos com Aparelhos Auditivos Concedidos no Estado do Tocantins Satisfaction of Elderly with Hearing Aid Conceded in Tocantins State  

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Method: Forty elderly hearing aid users were selected to complete the Satisfaction with Amplification in Daily Life scale. This self-report inventory was developed by COX and ALEXANDER (1999) and was translated into Portuguese and modified according to individual's reality. Besides the Satisfaction with Amplification in Daily Life questionnaire, additional tools were used to help better understand the factors that interfere

Janaina Santo; Amore de Carvalho



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A microbiotic crust, consisting photosynthetic organisms, develops in about the first 3mm of surface in the locality of Quíbor Lara state, Venezuela. The crust is constituted by algae, cyanobacteria, mosses (bryophytes) and lichens. The objective of this investigation is the determination of the chemical elements that compose the matrix of the soil with microbiotic crust in the interphases morphological soil-structure



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This experimental study aimed to evaluate the effect of relaxation techniques on anxiety levels, and the relation between anxiety and the concentration of Immunoglobulin A. The study was carried out in a maternity hospital in a city of the State of Espírito Santo, Brazil. The sample was composed of 60 puerperae. The information on the variables: age, education, marital status,

Cândida Caniçali Primo


Estado actual y recomendaciones sobre la utilización de los sistemas de monitorización continua de glucosa en niños y adolescentes con diabetes mellitus tipo 1  

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Glucose monitoring methods have made great advances in the last decade with the appearance of the continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGMS) that measure the glucose levels in the interstitial liquid, providing information about glucose patterns and trends, but do not replace the self-monitoring of capillary glucose.Improvement in diabetes control using the CGMS depends on the motivation and training received by

M. Torres Lacruz; R. Barrio Castellanos; B. García Cuartero; A. Gómez Gila; I. González Casado; F. Hermoso López; C. Luzuriaga Tomás; M. Oyarzabal Irigoyen; I. Rica Etxebarria; M. Rodríguez Rigual




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Morphological and physiological characteristics of rice cultivars may influence nutrient amounts required by rice plants and their response to nitrogen (N) application. The objective of this study was to evaluate the response of two irrigated rice cultivars to nitrogen levels and its relation to nutritional plant state during the vegetative cycle, using a chlorophyll meter and a Leaf Color Chart

Leandro Souza da Silva; Humberto Bohnen; Elio Marcolin; Vera Regina; Mussoi Macedo


Resposta de fase aguda, subnutriÁªo e estado nutricional do ferro em adultos com AIDS Iron status, malnutrition and acute phase response in HIV-positive patients  

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Nutritional status and some iron metabolism parameters of acute phase response (APR) positive and APR-negative AIDS patients were studied. Twenty-nine AIDS patients were submitted to 24h food intake recall, anthropometry, and albumin, C-reactive protein (CRP), hemoglobin, ferritin, and total iron binding capacity (TIBC) measurements. Infection plus serum CRP > 7mg\\/dl were criteria for APR presence. Protein-energy malnutrition (PEM) was ascertained

Jacqueline Pontes Monteiro; Daniel Ferreira da Cunha; Freire de Carvalho da Cunha; Mário León Silva-Vergara; Dalmo Correia; Maria de Lourdes; Pires Bianchi



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Desde os anos 90 existe um esforço da União Européia em promover a proteção ecológica dos corpos d'água. Com a nova Diretriz da Água do Parlamento Europeu e do Conselho, de 23 de Outubro de 2000, pela primeira vez, uma orientação ecológica foi atingida na União Européia. Várias ações estão sendo implementadas, dentre elas ressalta-se o estabelecimento de um plano

Alessandra Maciel; Maria do Carmo Sobral; Günter Gunkel



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En este estudio se analizó la influencia de auxinas y citocininas en el contenido de nutrimentos y crecimiento vegetal de vitroplantas de caña de azúcar (Saccharum spp.) de la variedad ITV 92-1424. Se evaluaron dos factores: ácido indol-3-acético (AIA), como fuente de auxina, y N6-furfurilade nina (kinetina o KIN), como fuente de citocinina, con cinco niveles cada uno (0, 0.5,

Odón Castañeda-Castro; Fernando C. Gómez-Merino; Libia I. Trejo-Téllez; Miriam C. Pastelín-Solano; Yolanda Martínez-Ocampo; Marina Guevara-Valencia



Análise Ecoepidemiológica da Incidência da Doença de Chagas em Abaetetuba, Barcarena e Bragança, no estado do Pará, entre 2000 e 2006, utilizando Geotecnologias Livres  

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The main propose of this paper is to demonstrate the ecoepidemiological analysis of the spatial distribution of vectors of Chagas's Disease in the municipalities of Abaetetuba, Barcarena and Bragança, in the state of Pará. Taking into account that the incidence of this disease is linked to human activities such as deforestation, agriculture for subsistence, among others. To achieve this goal

Cláudia Souza; Douglas Gasparetto; Cleice T. N. Souza; Nelson F. L. Soffiatti


Mapeamento da cobertura natural e uso da terra como subsidio ao estudo da dinâmica e ocupação do Estado do Tocantins entre 1990 e 2007  

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In the Amazon Region large areas of savannas and forests have been changing in pasture and agriculture that modify the environment resulting in environmental and economic problems. The Tocantins state has climatics and physicals features common with Amazon and the Brazil Central Region and it is a transiction zone. On the purpose of study the dynamic of coverage and land

Marco Aurélio Barros


Caracterização da vegetação no município de Marabá, no estado do Pará, através de dados e transformações espectrais (Índice de Vegetação por Diferença Normalizada) do sensor ETM+ \\/ Landsat 7  

Microsoft Academic Search

The objective of this work is to evaluate the spectral response of several vegetation physiognomies in the municipality of Maraba, Para, in relation to the reflectance in Landsat -7 ETM+ and to NDVI (\\

Adriana Gomes Affonso; Dalton de Morrison Valeriano; Getúlio Teixeira Batista



LUMINA, una Cohorte de Pacientes con Lupus en Minorías Étnicas de Estados Unidos. ¿Qué Hemos Aprendido? LUMINA, a Multiethnic US Lupus Cohort What Have We Learned?  

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Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) tends to be a more serious disease (disease manifestations, disease activity, damage accrual and expected survival) among non-Caucasian populations. Distinctive biological and genetic features, as well as socioeconomic features play an important role in the discrepant course, and outcome of the disease among patients from different ethnic groups. To delineate the influence of these factors on

Mónica Fernández; Jaime Calvo-Alén; Qing Li; Gerald McGwin Jr; Luis M. Vilá; John D. Reveille; Graciela S. Alarcón



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This work presents some studies related to the behavioral and physical limits for tourism in Brazilian caves, as well as trends in current research on speleoturist carrying capacity. The methods of research were based on surveys including world examples for any comparisons with caves in Brazil. Three main approaches were found for the management of tourist caves: 1) control of

Heros Augusto; Santos Lobo; José Alexandre de Jesus; Paulo César




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This work shows the results of two surveys taken in the state of Nuevo León, Mexico during 1985. The first survey, which covered morbidity and health service use, was taken from 759 households in urbanlsuburban Mon- terrey (a city of two million inhabitants and capital of the state of Nuevo León) and from 751 households from a stratified sample from



Tidally-induced sediment transport patterns in the upper Bay of Fundy: A numerical study  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Minas Basin, the eastern end of the Bay of Fundy, is well known for its high tide ranges and strong tidal currents, which can be exploited to extract electricity power. The properties of the tidally-induced sediment transport in the Minas Basin, where significant changes in tidal processes may occur due to a recently proposed tidal power project, have been studied with a three-dimensional hydrodynamic model, an empirical bed load sediment transport model and surface sediment concentrations derived from the remotely-sensed images. The hydrodynamic model was evaluated against independent observational data, which include tidal elevation, tidal current (in the full water column and bottom layer), residual current profile and tidal asymmetry indicators. The evaluation shows that the model is in good agreement with the observations.The sediment transport includes two components, bed load and suspended particulate load. The bed load is calculated using the modelled bottom shear stress and the observed grain size data. The estimated features of bed load transport roughly agree with the observed patterns of the erosion and deposition in the Minas Basin and Cobequid Bay. The transport of the suspended load is estimated using the modelled velocity fields and the surface sediment concentration derived from remote-sensing images. The comparisons between the modelled results and the limited observations illustrate that the observed directions of suspended sediment transport are basically reproduced by the model. The modelled net suspended sediment input into the Minas Basin through Minas Passage is 2.4×106 m3 yr-1, which is comparable to the observed value of 1.6×106 m3 yr-1.The variations of the bed load and the suspended load in space and time are also presented. The total net transport, defined as the mean value of the sum of bed and suspended load transports during the tidal cycle, shows strong spatial variability. The magnitude of the transport flux ranges from 0.1 to 0.2 kg m-1 s-1 in Minas Channel and Minas Passage, 0.1 kg m-1 s-1 in Cobequid Bay, to 0.01 kg m-1 s-1 in the central Minas Basin and Southern Bight. In Minas Channel, the sediment transport follows the structure of the tidal residual circulation, which features a large anticlockwise gyre. The sediment in Minas Passage moves eastward and deposits into the central Minas Basin. However, the sediment from the eastern part of the Basin moves westward and deposits in the central Minas Basin as well. In the Cobequid Bay, sediment moves eastward and deposits in the upper bay.

Wu, Yongsheng; Chaffey, Jason; Greenberg, David A.; Colbo, Keir; Smith, Peter C.



Estratigrafia, tectonica e potencialidade mineral das unidades pre-cambrianas da regiao de Serro - MG (quadricula de Mato Grosso). (Stratigraphy, tectonic and ore potential of pre-cambrian unities from Serro region-MG (Mato Grosso quadrangle)).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Geological and stratigraphic elements of the Proterozoic units of the Serro region, Mato Grosso Quadrangle, show the absence of the faciological transition between the Espinhaco Group and the Minas Supergroup. Occurs in this region is a lithostratigraphic...

L. C. Assis



New species of the genus Dentigaster Zettel (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Cheloninae) from Brazil.  


A new species of the genus Dentigaster Zettel, 1990 (Braconidae, Cheloninae) is described from savannah areas of Mato Grosso, São Paulo and Minas Gerais states, Brazil. This is the fourth species of the genus known for brazilian fauna. PMID:23917570

Dias, M M; Penteado-Dias, A M



A New Species of the Genus Scybalocanthon (Coleoptera: Scarabaeinae) from Southeast Brazil  

PubMed Central

A new species of the genus Scybalocanthon Martínez 1948, Scybalocanthon korasakiae sp. nov., from Atlantic forest ecosystem, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil is described based on external and genital morphology.

Silva, Fernando Augusto Barbosa



Gold Deposits Related to Greenstone Belts in Brazil. Deposit Modeling Workshop. Part A. Excursions.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Contents: Introduction to a workshop on gold deposits related to greenstone belts in Brazil, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 1986; Geological field excursion from Belo Horizonte to Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil; Field excursion from Belo Horizonte to Ouro Pret...

C. H. Thorman E. A. Ladeira D. C. Schnabel



The Important Contribution of Photovoltaics in a Rural School Electrification Program  

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This paper describes Brazil's photovoltaic rural school electrification program developed in the southeastern state of Minas Gerais, from its demonstration phase through its current larger-scale (near 1000 systems) deployment. Based upon several successful initial demonstration projects, which have shown PV could be both reliable and cost effective in remote rural areas, over previous 10-year period, CEMIG-Energetic Company of Minas Gerais

A. S. A. C. Diniz; E. D. Franca; C. F. Camara; P. M. R. Morais; L. Vilhena



The feminine issues: Narrative and testimony  

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This presentation is part of the Testimony and Listening track.\\u000aThere is a book called O avesso da memória: cotidiano e trabalho da mulher em Minas Gerais no século XVIII. (The memory opposite: woman's daily life and work in the eighteenth century Minas Gerais). The history that it tells is the one of the invisible women who worked in that

Monica Sette Lopes




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The main objective of this work is to study the index forest sites build, for the dominant height, of populations located in the central area of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. To do that, information from 3 stands located at FEPAGRO was used. To construct the curves index sites forest, information from 18 dominant trees was collected in

Gerson Luiz Selle; Frederico Dimas Fleig; Elisabete Vuaden; Evaldo Muñoz Braz



Revisión y estado de conservación de la flora briológica de la Sierra de Peña Sagra (Cordillera Cantábrica, España). Revision and conservation status of the bryological flora from Sierra de Peña Sagra (Cordillera Cantábrica, Spain  

Microsoft Academic Search

Se analiza el porcentaje de especies de briófitos amenazados del catálogo de la Sierra de Peña Sagra (Cantabria). Se aportan 4 nuevos taxones a la Lista Roja de Briófitos de la Península Ibérica: Anastrepta orcadensis, Plagiochila spinulosa, Orthotrichum consimile y Sphagnum brevifolium. Se plantea el cambio de categoría de amenaza de Bazzania tricrenata. Se propone la inclusión de esta zona

Gisela Oliván Martínez; Esther Fuertes Lasala; M. Acón



Anthropically dislodged assemblages of sponges (Porifera: Demospongiae) in the River Araguaia at Araguatins, Tocantins State, Brazil Assembléias de esponjas desalojadas no Rio Araguaia em Araguatins, Estado do Tocantins, Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

A recent outbreak of an human ocular disease at Araguaia River by the town of Araguatins, TO, Central Amazonia, along the low water period of 2005 required pathological analyses of surgically extracted ocular tissues. Spicules which invest the gemmules of the freshwater sponges Drulia uruguayensis and D. ctenosclera were found inside these ocular materials. Such relation between an ocular disease

C. Volkmer-Ribeiro; Salvador França; Rodovia Washington Luís


Estado nutricional e carência de ferro em crianças freqüentadoras de creche antes e 15 meses após intervenção nutricional Nutritional status and iron deficiency among children enrolled in a day care center before and after 15 months of nutritional management  

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Objective: To compare the nutritional status and the preva- lence of iron deficiency among children enrolled in a day care center before and after 15 months of nutritional management. Methods: Cohort study of 52 children, aged 32 to 78 months, evaluated before and after treatment of anemia and nutritional disturbs in a no-profit day care center in Catan- duva, São

Terezinha Soares Biscegli; Carlos Elysio; C. Corrêa; João Romera; André Binotti Candido



Integração de Dados Aerogeofísicos Gamaespectométricos e Altimétricos do SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) a imagens do Sensor LANDSAT7 ETM+ utilizando-se a adição de bandas em RGB em área da Folha Garanhuns, Estado de Pernambuco, Nordeste Brasileiro  

Microsoft Academic Search

A methodology of data integration using aerogeophysical and altimetry data from STRM with the first Principal Component of LANDSAT 7 ETM+, applied in the area of Garanhuns Sheet (SC.24-X-B, 18.000 km2 in Northeastern Brazil), is the scope of this paper. This methodology has been developed to support the geological mapping of the area. A greater control concerning the STRM and

Carlos Eugênio da Silveira Arraes


CONTAMINACIÓN DE SUELOS CON HUEVOS DE Toxocara spp. (NEMATODA, ASCARIDIDA) EN PARQUES PÚBLICOS DE LA CIUDAD DE CORO, ESTADO FALCÓN, VENEZUELA. Soil Contamination With Toxocara spp. Eggs (Nematoda, Ascaridida) in Public Parks From Coro City, Falcon State, Venezuela  

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A descriptive and transversal survey to establish contamination with Toxocara spp. eggs of soils from 38 public parks of the city of Coro, Falcon State, Venezuela, was carried out between February-March 2004. The soil samples were parasitologically processed using the technique of flotation with NaCl (modified Willis-Molloy). Texture, salinity (electric conductivity) and pH of the soils were also analyzed. Toxocara

Dalmiro José Cazorla Perfetti; Pedro Morales Moreno; María Eugenia; Acosta Quintero


NUEVO FOCO DE INFECCIÓN DE Oxyspirura mansoni EN GALLOS DE PELEA DE MUNICIPIOS DEL ESTADO ZULIA, VENEZUELA. New Focal Infection of Oxyspirura mansoni in Gamecock of Municipalities of Zulia State, Venezuela  

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The purpose of this research was to determine the existence of the source of an Oxispirurosis infection which ethiological agent is a nematode known as Thelaziidae: Oxyspirura man- soni (Cobbold, 1869). This nematode is responsible of ocular filariosis of birds. This study is related with gamecock birds lo- cated in the following Municipalities: Maracaibo, San Fran- cisco, Jesus Enrique Lossada

Nelly M. de Chirinos; Angel R. Chirinos; Jorge Briceño; Marvin Molina


CORRELAÇÃO ENTRE AS CAPACIDADES FÍSICAS BÁSICAS E O ÍNDICE DE CAPACIDADE DE TRABALHO EM BOMBEIROS DO ESTADO DO RIO DE JANEIRO Correlation between basic physical capacities and the work capacity index in firefighters of the state of rio de janeiro  

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The purpose of this experiment was to investigate the basic physical characteristics of a military firefighter of Corpo de Bombeiro Militar do Rio de Janeiro (CBMRJ) and to correlate the physical fitness level with the work capacity index (WCI). Participants of this study were 14 military firefighters (33 ± 4 years; 179 ± 0.07 cm; 83.4 ± 11.6 kg) students

EDUCAÇÃO FÍSICA; Cristiano Marcelino; Roberto Simão; Raphael Guimarães; Belmiro Freitas de Salles; Juliano Spineti




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SUMMARY In Lara state, the semiarid zones represent approximately 52% of the total territory. Among the xerophytes plants found in the area can be mentioned the cactus Lemaireo- cereus griseus (Haw) Britt & Rose. This plant is well adapted to soil and climate conditions. The fruits from this plant represents a source of feeding for local people and showed a

Yanira Terán; Ramón D'Aubeterre; María P. de Camacaro



COMPOSICIÓN QUÍMICA del PASTO AGUJA (brachiaria humidìcola) SOMETIDA A PASTOREO EN UNA FINCA DEL MUNICIPIO GUANARE ESTADO PORTUGUESA Chemical composition of Brachiaria humidicola grazed into a farm in Guanare, Portuguesa state, Venezuela  

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In order to evaluate the chemical composition of Brachiaria humidicola in a farm of Guanare, Portuguesa state, eight samples were taken monthly by means of metallic frame (0.5 x 0.5), and dried off at 60 ºC during 48 h, for dry matter estimation. Each sample was divided in two components: (PI) the plant as a whole, (H) just leaves. Proximal

Adelis Arias; Helber Hernández




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The profitability of a production system of oyster mushrooms was evaluated under conditions of greenhouse with a surface of 112 m2 located in San Salvador Chachapa, pertaining to the municipality of Amozoc de Mota in the state of Puebla. The indicators of economic evaluation were used: net present value (NPV), relation benefit-cost (B\\/C), relation net benefitinvestment (N\\/K) and internal rate

Omar Romero Arenas; J. Manuel Barrios Diaz; A. Macias Lopez; A. Simon Baez; A. Ibanez Martinez; F. Juarez Huerta



Factors influencing tropical island freshwater fishes:Species, status, and management implications in puerto rico [Factores que influencian a los peces tropicales de agua dulce: Especies, estado actual e implicaciones para el manejo en Puerto Rico  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Anthropogenic effects including river regulation, watershed development, contamination, and fish introductions have substantially affected the majority of freshwater habitats in Europe and North America. This pattern of resource development and degradation is widespread in the tropics, and often little is known about the resources before they are lost. This article describes the freshwater resources of Puerto Rico and identifies factors that threaten conservation of native fishes. The fishes found in freshwater habitats of Puerto Rico represent a moderately diverse assemblage composed of 14 orders, 29 families, and 82 species. There are fewer than 10 species of native peripherally-freshwater fish that require a link to marine systems. Introductions of nonindigenous species have greatly expanded fish diversity in freshwater systems, and native estuarine and marine species (18 families) also commonly enter lowland rivers and brackish lagoons. Environmental alterations, including land use and development, stream channelization, pollution, and the impoundment of rivers, combined with nonnative species introductions threaten the health and sustainability of aquatic resources in Puerto Rico. Six principal areas for attention that are important influences on the current and future status of the freshwater fish resources of Puerto Rico are identified and discussed.

Wesley, Neal, J.; Lilyestrom, C. G.; Kwak, T. J.



Estudos de Fraturamentos Para Pesquisa de Agua Subterranea No Estado de Sergipe COM Produtos de Sensoriamento Remoto (Study of Fracturing for Groundwater Research in the Sergipe State with Remote Sensing Products).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

For groundwater prospecting in Sergipe Crystalline Complex, a systematic interpretation of the remote sensing data was conducted and enabled the delineation of some potential areas for groundwater exploration in the future. The method used includes the an...

O. Souzasampaio J. Tavaresdemattos P. Veneziani




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Considering that Plutella xylostella (L.) is the most important pest of cruciferous crops in the State of Guanajuato, susceptibility of early third instar larvae of P. xylostella to emamectin benzoate, indoxacarb, fipronil, and spinosad was determined in three insect populations (North, West, and East) of the State of Guanajuato and in one susceptible population in the laboratory. The values of

Roberto Barrera-Urzúa; Rafael Bujanos-Muñiz; J. Concepción Rodríguez-Maciel; Gustavo Mora-Aguilera; Miguel Á. Martínez-Téllez; Centro de Investigación


Evolução do estado nutricional de crianças com mielomeningocele em período de três anos Tree-year period evolution of the nutritional condition of children with mielomeningocelis Evolución en tres años de la condición nutricional de niños con mielomeningocele  

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RESumo: O presente manuscrito teve o objetivo de descrever e classificar o perfil antropométrico, de forma longitudinal, de um grupo de crianças com mielomeningocele inserido em um programa especial de atividades físicas. Vinte e quatro crianças com mielomeningocele foram avaliada em três momentos, com intervalo de um ano entre os mesmos. Foram avaliados: peso, comprimento, e calculado o IMC (índice

Cynthia Müller Coelho; Elizabeth Miyeko Egashira; Regina Célia da Silva; Sandra Maria Lima Ribeiro



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SUMMARY The impact of different densities of a native shrub legume known as cat claw (Mimosa monancistra) was determine, over the abundance and activity of the microbial flora located in and out side the canopy. Such impact was determine by means of the carbon content of microbial biomass, total amount of microorganisms (bacteria, fungus and actinomycets) and the inorganic nitrogen

Jaime A. Félix-Herrán; María V. Angoa-Pérez; Rosalinda Serrato-Flores; Víctor Olalde-Portugal



Genotype by environment interaction in Nelore cattle from five Brazilian states  

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Records from 75,941 Nelore cattle were used to determine the importance of genotype by environment interaction (GEI) in five Brazilian states. (Co)variance components were estimated by single-trait analysis (with yearling weight, W450, considered to be the same trait in all states) and multiple-trait analysis (with the record from each state considered to be a different trait). The direct heritability estimates for yearling weight were 0.51, 0.39, 0.44, 0.37 and 0.41 in the states of Goiás, Mato Grosso, São Paulo, Mato Grosso do Sul and Minas Gerais, respectively. The across-state genetic correlation estimates between Goiás and Mato Grosso, Goiás and Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Minas Gerais, and Mato Grosso do Sul and Minas Gerais ranged from 0.67 to 0.75. These estimates indicate that GEIs are biologically important. No interactions were observed between Goiás and São Paulo, Goiás and Mato Grosso do Sul, Mato Grosso and São Paulo, Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, Mato Grosso and Minas Gerais, or São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul (0.82 to 0.97). Comparison of single and multiple-trait analyses showed that selection based on the former was less efficient in the presence of GEI, with substantial losses (up to 10%) during selection.

Diaz, Iara Del Pilar Solar; de Oliveira, Henrique Nunes; Bezerra, Luis Antonio Framartino; Lobo, Raysildo Barbosa



The effect of motor activity on improved memory and The effect of motor activity on improved memory and emotional well-being in elderly women. emotional well-being in elderly women. Influencia de la actividad motora en la mejora de la memoria y Influencia de la actividad motora en la mejora de la memoria y del estado de ánimo emocional de mujeres mayores. del estado de ánimo emocional de mujeres mayores  

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This study researches the effect of a wide range of different types of intervention (cognitive versus cognitive + motor versus non-intervention) on the memory and mental state of elderly women complaining of memory loss and leading a sedentary life. Subjects (N=102, 80% women, age M\\/SD = 76\\/5 years) were distributed randomly into the three treat- ment groups. The cognitive training

Carmen Requena Hernández; Marta Zubiaur González; Alberto Fernández Lucas; Tomas Ortiz Alonso


Yeast communities in two Atlantic rain Forest fragments in Southeast Brazil  

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We studied the yeast communities associated with fruits, mushrooms, tree exudates, and flies of the genus Drosophila, in two Atlantic Rain Forest fragments in state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. A total of 456 samples were collected from Rio Doce State Park and 142 from Ecological Station of Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. From these samples, 608 yeast isolates were obtained, belonging to 71 different species. Among the yeasts isolated from Rio Doce State Park, 17 isolates were recovered from fruits, 12 from mushrooms, 13 from tree exudates, and 299 from Drosophila spp. In the Ecological Station of Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, 24 isolates were recovered from fruits and 243 from Drosophila spp. Distinct communities of yeast were observed in Drosophila flies, fruits, mushrooms and tree exudates. The highest number of yeast species was recovered from Drosophila flies suggesting that flies are the natural vectors of these microorganisms.

Pimenta, Raphael S.; Alves, Priscila D. D.; Almeida, Gabriel M. F.; Silva, Juliana F.M; Morais, Paula B.; Correa Jr., Ary; Rosa, Carlos A.



Dumai base oils project feasibility study: Final report, Appendix. Volume 2. Export trade information  

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The study will evaluate the feasibility of producing of high quality lube oils at a new facility to be built adjacent to and integrated with Pertamina's existing UP II refinery at Dumai, Sumatra which processes Minas/SLC and Duri Crudes. These lube base oils will be produced from feed stocks derived primarily from Minas, Duri, and Pedada crude oils. Incremental feed for the new facilities will be additional low sulfur waxy residue (LSWR) from Pertamina's existing Sungai Pakning Refinery which processes Minas, Pedada, and other crudes. The purpose of the feasibility study is to preliminarily define the facilities and estimate the associated capital and operating costs in order to allow economic assessment and selection of the best alternative by the Consortium.

Not Available



Política de incentivos governamentais na Paraíba- implicações sobre o desenvolvimento industrial e a geração de empregos (1988-2003)  

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Neste trabalho foi analisada a política de incentivos governamentais adotada pelo estado da Paraíba no período 1988-2003, como forma de se inserir no contexto da guerra fiscal. Verificou-se que a Paraíba foi um dos estados beneficiados pelo processo de desconcentração industrial verificado na economia brasileira, durante a década de 90 e início dos anos 2000, já que este Estado apresentou

Patrick Morais Brasil


Effect of rhizobia, mycorrhizal fungi and phosphate-solubilizing microorganisms in the rhizosphere of native plants used to recover an iron ore area in Brazil  

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The iron-ore deposits in Minas Gerais state are concentrated in an area named Ferruginosous Quadrilateral, in which the dominant vegetation belongs to the Cerrado biome (savanna type, called campo rupestre or rupestrian field). This vegetation occurs in altitudes higher than 1000m and is one of the most endangered biomes of the world. This study aimed to restore an area of

Sandra Rosa Matias; Marcela Cláudia Pagano; Frederico Carvalho Muzzi; Christiane A. Oliveira; Andrea Almeida Carneiro; Sá Nadja Horta; Maria Rita Scotti



Nyssomyia intermedia (Lutz & Neiva, 1912) and Nyssomyia neivai (Pinto, 1926) (Diptera: Psychodidae: Phlebotominae) geographical distribution and epidemiological importance.  


Nyssomyia intermedia (Lutz & Neiva 1912) and N. neivai (Pinto 1926) are possible vectors of tegumentary leishmaniasis in some regions of Brazil. Further, the latter was until recently, considered a junior synonym of the former. This study has the purpose of updating our knowledge of the geographical distribution of these species, based on specimens deposited at the collection of the Centro de Pesquisas René Rachou-Fiocruz, Faculdade de Saúde Pública-Universidade de São Paulo, and on data presented by literature as also to associate this distribution with the cutaneous leishmaniasis cases reported. It has been reported that N. intermedia occurs in the states of the Northeastern Region, in Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo, on the northern coast of São Paulo, in eastern Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso do Sul, and Goiás, close to the border with Minas Gerais and Bahia. N. neivai occurs in the Southern Region, southern coast and in western São Paulo, southern and western Minas Gerais, southern Goiás, and southern Pará, beyond Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay. It is important to highlight that N. intermedia and N. neivai occur in sympatry in Minas Gerais and São Paulo. N. intermedia or N. neivai are predominant or are captured abundantly in several cutaneous leishmaniasis foci in the Southeastern and Southern regions of Brazil. PMID:17612769

Andrade Filho, José Dilermando; Galati, Eunice A Bianchi; Falcão, Alda Lima



Dumai Base Oils Project Feasibility Study: Final Report, Appendix. Volume 2.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The study will evaluate the feasibility of producing of high quality lube oils at a new facility to be built adjacent to and integrated with Pertamina's existing UP II refinery at Dumai, Sumatra which processes Minas/SLC and Duri Crudes. These lube base o...



Leaf-litter breakdown in 3 streams in temperate, Mediterranean, and tropical Cerrado climates  

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The objectives of our study were to assess leaf-litter breakdown in 3 streams in 3 climates and to determine the contributions of associated microbial and invertebrate communities to the process. We incubated leaves of Alnus glutinosa in 1 stream in each of 3 climate zones: temperate (mountains of Central Portugal), Mediterranean (South Portugal), and tropical Cerrado (Minas Gerais, Brazil). Leaf-litter

José F. Gonçalves; Manuel A. S. Graça; Marcos Callisto



Effects of crude seed extracts of Annona atemoya and Annona squamosa L. against the cabbage looper, Trichoplusia ni in the laboratory and greenhouse  

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Antifeedant, growth inhibitory and toxic effects of crude seed extracts of Annona squamosa and Annona atemoya from Fazenda Viveiro Bona, Parasisópolis – Minas Gerais, Brazil, were evaluated against the cabbage looper, Trichoplusia ni (Hübner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) using different bioassays. Crude methanolic seed extracts deterred feeding of third instar T. ni larvae in a leaf disc choice bioassay. A. squamosa was

Rita de Cássia Seffrin; Ikkei Shikano; Yasmin Akhtar; Murray B. Isman




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This paper reports on an ongoing research project - CORDIALL (Corpus of Discourse for the Analysis of Language and Literature) - developed at Faculdade de Letras, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, which adopts an SFL approach to translation studies drawing on corpus evidence obtained through corpora and concordancing software. More specifically, it discusses an approach to the study of literary



Molecular ecology and polyphasic characterization of the microbiota associated with semi-dry processed coffee ( Coffea arabica L.)  

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This work was aimed at isolating and identifying the microbiota present during the semi-dry method of coffee processing using polyphasic methods and to evaluate microbial diversity with PCR-DGGE. Samples of Coffea arabica L. were collected during different processing stages in southern Minas Gerais, Brazil. The bacterial and fungal isolates were phenotypically characterised and grouped according to the ARDRA technique, in

Danielle Marques Vilela; Gilberto Vinícius de M. Pereira; Cristina Ferreira Silva; Luís Roberto Batista; Rosane Freitas Schwan



A Sourcebook for Basic Writing Teachers.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Focusing on the sociolinguistic dimensions of literacy, this sourcebook builds upon Mina Shaughnessy's contributions to the study of basic writing by gathering together contemporary research, theory, and practice on the subject. The 39 essays and their authors include: "Defining Basic Writing in Context" and "Perspectives on Legacies and Literacy…

Enos, Theresa, Ed.


O perfil de clientes de um shopping center: um estudo exploratório com consumidores do interior  

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The study was carried out in a Minas Gerais' inland city, so as to get acquainted with the profile and habits of its clients. This research is innovative as it approaches as customer the citizen of an inland town. The objective of this work was to identify the groups of customers taking into consideration their level of satisfaction as well

Daniela Meireles de Andrade


O perfil de clientes de um shopping center: um estudo exploratório com consumidores do interior  

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The study was carried out in a Minas Gerais' inland city, so as to get acquainted with the profile and habits of its clients. This research is innovative as it approaches as customer the citizen of an inland town. The objective of this work was to identify the groups of customers taking into consideration their level of satisfaction as well

Daniela Meirelles Andrade; Josmaria Lima Ribeiro de Oliveira; Luiz Marcelo Antonialli



Sapucai River Project.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The Sapucai River Project is a gold, ilmenite, monazite and zircon alluvial deposit. It is located on Sapucai River valley in the south of Minas Gerais State. The reserves are 28.000.000 m(sup 3) of pay bed. The production will be 1.400.000 m(sup 3)/year ...

A. L. Duarte M. J. Rosa



A new genus and species of Cicadellini (Hemiptera Cicadellidae Cicadellinae) from Southeastern Brazil  

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The Neotropical leafhopper Aurigoniella dutrai n. gen., n. sp., from Minas Gerais State, Brazil, is described and illustrated. The new species is placed in the nominate tribe of the subfamily Cicadellinae. The new genus can be distinguished from other Neotropical genera of the Cicadellini by the combination of the following features: crown produced anteriorly, its disk sculptured with punctures; forewings

D. M. Takiya; G. Mejdalani; M. Felix



Intertidal Habitat Use, Population Characteristics, Movement, and Exploitation of Striped Bass in the Inner Bay of Fundy, Canada  

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Striped bass Morone saxatilis were sampled from intertidal weirs in Minas Basin and Cobequid Bay, Bay of Fundy, to determine tidal behavior, population characteristics, movements, and exploitation. During 1985 and 1986, 1,864 striped bass ranging from 69 to more than 600 mm in fork length were captured in three commercial weirs from May to December along the north shore of

Roger A. Rulifson; Sean A. McKenna; Michael J. Dadswell



Controle da Mosca Branca na Cultura de Berinjela Por Três Inseticidas  

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Control of the white fly in the eggplant crop for three insecticides This research aimed to evaluate the efficacy of the insecticides cyfluthrin 50 CE, thriflumuron 480 SC and chlorpyriphos 450 CE in the control of white fly B. argentifolii in the eggplant in Coimbra Minas Gerais State. The experimental design was realized in randomized blocks with four replications. The

Emerson C. de Barros; Marcelo C. Picanço; Carla do C. Milagres; Ézio M. da Silva; Lessando M. Gontijo


Ovos de Toxocara sp. e larvas de Ancylostoma sp. em praça pública de Lavras, MG Toxocara sp. eggs and Ancylostoma sp. larva in public parks, Brazil  

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Visceral and cutaneous larva migrans are parasitic zoonoses caused by the infection of larval nematodes Toxocara sp. and Ancylostoma sp. respectively. The objective of this study was to investigate the contamination by Toxocara sp. eggs and Ancylostoma sp. eggs and larva of soil samples collected from public parks and children's playground areas in state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, using both

Antônio Marcos Guimarães; Endrigo Gabellini; Leonel Alves; Glycia Ferreira de Rezende; Marcelo Costa Rodrigues


Genetic diversity and population structuring of Schistosoma mansoni in a Brazilian village  

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The digenean trematode Schistosoma mansoni is responsible for chronic schistosomiasis worldwide, and in Brazil alone an estimated 35 million people are at risk. To evaluate epidemiological patterns among human definitive hosts, we assessed genetic diversity and population subdivision of S. mansoni infrapopulations in human hosts from the highly endemic village of Virgem das Graças in the state of Minas Gerais,

E. A. Thiele; R. E. Sorensen; A. Gazzinelli; D. J. Minchella



Degradation of crude oils by Pseudomonas sp. in enriched seawater medium  

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Microbial degradation of five crude oils such as Arabian light, Berri, Murban, Khafji and Minas crude oil by a pure bacterial strain,Pseudomonas sp. isolated from the sea water sampled at Kawasaki Harbor in Tokyo Bay, was studied experimentally in the enriched seawater medium.

Akihiko Murakamit; Kazunobu Suzukit; Akiko Yamanet; Tadao Kusamat



Evidence of scavenging on remains of the gomphothere Haplomastodon waringi (Proboscidea: Mammalia) from the Pleistocene of Brazil: Taphonomic and paleoecological remarks  

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This study reports implications of different tooth marks left by carnivorous mammals on long bones of Haplomastodon waringi from the Quaternary of Águas de Araxá, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Analyses of gnawing damage by ursids, felids, and canids have shown that these groups produce pits on bone surfaces when the gnawing is superficial, and punctures more often when the prey is

Victor Hugo Dominato; Dimila Mothé; Rafael Costa da Silva; Leonardo dos Santos Avilla




Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

Conservation tillage and waste management are strategies for sequesting carbon in the soil in the cotton belt, where a large amount of poultry litter and mulch-till (MT) systmes are used. An experiment was initiated in 1996 at Alabama Agriculture Experiment Station, Belle Mina, Al, to evaluate surf...


A taxonomic review of species of the Neotropical pericaline genus Oreodicastes Maindron, 1905 (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Lebiini)  

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Based on adult character states, a key is provided to the seven known species of Oreodicastes Maindron 1905 (type species Oxyglossus subcyaneus Chaudoir 1843). Two new species (with type locality) are described: 0. virginia (Fazenda dos Campos, Virginia, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil) and 0. zikani (Macieiras, Itatihia, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

Danny Shpeley; George E. Ball




Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

Conservation tillage and waste management are strategies for sequestering soil carbon in the Cotton Belt, where a large amount of poultry waste is being produced every year. A study was initiated in 1996 at Belle, Mina, AL, to study the effects of no-till and mulch-till systems, surface application...



Microsoft Academic Search

This work was carried out at the Experimental Area of Hydraulics, Irrigation and Drainage of the Agricultural Engineering Department, at the Federal University of Viçosa, Viçosa, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The aim was to evaluate the influence of successive applications of swine wastewater, with different concentrations of total solids, on the infiltration capacity of a Yellow Red Podzol. The experiment was

Rubens Alves Oliveira; Paulo Luis Gonçalves Campelo; Antônio Teixeira Matos; Mauro Aparecido Martinez; Paulo Roberto Cecon



Microsoft Academic Search

The objective of this work was to quantify and to characterize the chemical composition of arabic and robust coffees of diferent crops and its effects in the quality of the toasted coffee. Arabic grains of coffee (Coffea arabic L.) of the crops 88\\/89 and 2000 coming from the south region of Minas Gerais state and the coffee conilon (Coffea canephora



Storage of green coffee in hermetic packaging injected with CO 2  

Microsoft Academic Search

The objective of this study was to evaluate the physical, chemical, and sensory qualities of green coffee beans (Coffea arabica L.) during storage in different types of packaging. Coffee was stored from October 2008 to September 2009 in a warehouse of the Agriculture Society Ltda. (SAAG) in Santana da Vargem, southern Minas Gerais State, Brazil. The treatments in the factorial

Fabiana Carmanini Ribeiro; Flávio Meira Borém; Gerson Silva Giomo; Renato Ribeiro De Lima; Marcelo Ribeiro Malta; Luisa Pereira Figueiredo



Monitoring marine oil pollution using AVHRR data: observations off the coast of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia during January 1991  

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In support of a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) initiative to assess the impact of marine oil pollution during the conflict over Kuwait, a time series of five Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) scenes recorded during January 1991 was analysed. Evidence of the oil slick was observed adjacent to the Mina al Ahmadi oil terminal at Sea Island and




Seasonal and Social Correlates of Fecal Testosterone and Cortisol Levels in Wild Male Muriquis ( Brachyteles arachnoides)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Fecal testosterone and cortisol levels were analyzed from six wild male muriquis (Brachyteles arachnoides) over a 19-month period at the Estação Biológica de Caratinga in Minas Gerais, Brazil, to investigate the hormonal correlates of seasonal sexual behavior and environmental conditions. Group mean testosterone levels based on weekly samples from the six males did not differ between copulatory and noncopulatory periods

Karen B. Strier; Toni E. Ziegler; Daniel J. Wittwer



Effects of Patch Size on Feeding Associations in Muriquis (Brachyteles arachnoides)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Data were collected on one group of muriquis, or woolly spider monkeys (Brachyteles arachnoides) during a 14-month study at Fazenda Monies Claros, Minas Gerais, Brazil to examine the effects of food patch size on muriqui feeding associations. Muriqui food patches were larger than expected from the availability of patch sizes in the forest; fruit patches were significantly larger than leaf

Karen B. Strier



Food habits of the ocelot, Leopardus pardalis, in two areas in southeast Brazil  

Microsoft Academic Search

The objective of this study was to compare the diet of the ocelot at two sites in southeastern Brazil: the small (957 ha), isolated Caratinga Biological Station (CBS), Minas Gerais and the large (>44,000 ha) contiguous area, comprised of the Vale do Rio Doce Natural Reserve (VRDNR) and the Sooretama Biological Reserve (SBR). We collected 60 scats in CBS from

Rita de Cassia Bianchi; Sérgio Lucena Mendes; Paulo De Marco Júnior



Variations in genotype-phenotype correlations in phenylketonuria patients  

Microsoft Academic Search

Phenylalanine hydroxylase deficiency is a trait inherited in an autosomal recessive pattern; the associated phenotype varies con- siderably. This variation is mainly due to the considerable allelic hetero- geneity in the phenylalanine hydroxylase enzyme locus. We examined the genotype-phenotype correlation in 54 phenylketonuria (PKU) pa- tients from Minas Gerais, Brazil. Two systems were used. The first was a phenotype prediction

L. L. Santos; C. G. Fonseca; A. L. P. Starling; M. J. B. Aguiar; M. G. C. D. Peixoto; M. R. S. Carvalho



Why We Need To Publish Student Writers.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Generally speaking English department faculty respond very differently when reading freshman writing than when reading most other kinds of writing. Mina Shaughnessy has pointed out that "ordinary readers" try to understand what they are reading, but the writing teacher, "like a lawyer examining a client's document for all possible ambiguities and…

Sladky, Paul


Ore Reserve Evaluation, Through Geostatistical Methods, in Sector C-09, Pocos de Caldas, MG-Brazil.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In sector C-09, Pocos de Caldas in the state of Minas Gerais, geostatistical techniques have been used to evaluate the tonnage of U sub 3 O sub 8 and associated minerals and to delimit ore from sterile areas. The calculation of reserve was based on boreho...

A. C. Censi C. Huijbregts J. P. M. Marques P. A. G. Guerra



Inessential Writings: Shaughnessy's Legacy in a Socially Constructed Landscape.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Investigates the contradictory terminological investments within the charges against Mina Shaughnessy's scholarship (i.e., "essentialism,""accommodationism," and lack of "materialist praxis") from poststructuralist, feminist, and Marxist quarters. Maintains, through close readings of Shaughnessy's texts, that the complexity and "self-difference"…

Gray-Rosendale, Laura



Seedling growth of the invader Calotropis procera in ironstone rupestrian fi eld and seasonally dry forest soils Crescimento de plântulas da espécie invasora Calotropis procera em solos de campos rupestres ferruginosos e fl oresta seca sazonal  

Microsoft Academic Search

The present study evaluated the growth, biomass allocation and nutrient content in seedlings of the invasive and exotic especies Calotropis procera (Aiton) W.T. Aiton (Apocynaceae), cultured in greenhouse, in soils from two different ecosystems: ironstone rupestrian fi elds (Canga) of Brumadinho, Minas Gerais; and seasonally dry forest (Caatinga), of Serra Talhada, Pernambuco. Seedlings from the Canga treatment were signifi cantly

Silvia H. F. de Oliveira; Daniel Negreiros; G. Wilson Fernandes; Newton P. U. Barbosa


Male reproductive system in the South American catfish Conorhynchus conirostris  

Microsoft Academic Search

The testes of the catfish Conorhynchus conirostris (n ¼ 67) from the Sao Francisco River, Minas Gerais, Brazil were of the fringed type, similar to those of some Pimelodidae. The germ, Sertoli and Leydig cells showed characteristics which are general for all vertebrates although the spermatozoa had a peculiar morphology, with an ovoid head without an acrosome, inverted U-shaped nucleus,




Contrôle structural du partage de Rb entre fluide et micas potassiques dans les pegmatites du Brésil Structural control of the Rb distribution between K- micas and fluid in Brazil pegmatites  

Microsoft Academic Search

A geochemical study of pegmatitic micas from Minas Gerais State in Brazil was performed with an electron microprobe, in order to examine the variations of Rb, K, Al and F contents. It is observed a linear decreasing relationship between the (Rb\\/K) ratio of the micas and their contents in AlVI. The interpretation is based on the hypothesis that the partition

Joël Quéméneura; Marcel Volfinger; Luciana Azevedo


Profile Characterization of Soil Developed on Pelitic Rocks from the Bambui Group Through Chemical Analysis, X-Ray Diffraction and Moessbaur Spectroscopy.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Five sample from a red-yellow latosol developed on pelitic rocks from the Bambui Group, located close to Paraopeba, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, were collected and studied. The sample with color patterns varying from yellowish (sample SL11; 0.3m depth),...



INCIDÊNCIA DE OCRATOXINA A EM DIFERENTES FRAÇÕES DO CAFÉ (Coffea arabica L.): BÓIA, MISTURA E VARRIÇÃO APÓS SECAGEM EM TERREIROS DE TERRA, ASFALTO E CIMENTO Incidence of ochratoxin A in fraction diferents coffee beans (Coffea Arabica L): boia , mixes and varrição  

Microsoft Academic Search

The ochratoxin incidence was studied in coffee it mixes, it bóia and varrição dry in three yard types: earth, cement and asphalt. 238 samples were analyzed collected in 11 municipal districts of the south of Minas Gerais state, being 35 bóia , 97 - it mixes and 106 varrição. Of the analyzed samples, in 40% the ochratoxin A presence it

Luís Roberto Batista; Sara Maria Chalfoun


Lactic acid bacteria and yeasts associated with spontaneous fermentations during the production of sour cassava starch in Brazil  

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Sour cassava starch is a traditional fermented food used in the preparation of fried foods and baked goods such as traditional cheese breads in Brazil. Thirty samples of sour cassava starch were collected from two factories in the state of Minas Gerais. The samples were examined for the presence of lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, mesophilic microorganisms, Bacillus cereus and faecal

Inayara C. A. Lacerda; Rose L. Miranda; Beatriz M. Borelli; Álvaro C. Nunes; Regina M. D. Nardi; Marc-André Lachance; Carlos A. Rosa



A Sourcebook for Basic Writing Teachers.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Focusing on the sociolinguistic dimensions of literacy, this sourcebook builds upon Mina Shaughnessy's contributions to the study of basic writing by gathering together contemporary research, theory, and practice on the subject. The 39 essays and their authors include: "Defining Basic Writing in Context" and "Perspectives on Legacies and Literacy…

Enos, Theresa, Ed.


Health Education through Analogies: Preparation of a Community for Clinical Trials of a Vaccine against Hookworm in an Endemic Area of Brazil  

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BackgroundObtaining informed consent for clinical trials is especially challenging when working in rural, resource-limited areas, where there are often high levels of illiteracy and lack of experience with clinical research. Such an area, a remote field site in the northeastern part of the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, is currently being prepared for clinical trials of experimental hookworm vaccines. This

Maria Flavia Gazzinelli; Lucas Lobato; Leonardo Matoso; Renato Avila; Rita de Cassia Marques; Ami Shah Brown; Rodrigo Correa-Oliveira; Jeffrey M. Bethony; David J. Diemert




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RESUMO --- Para tentar avaliar o impacto das modificações na cobertura vegetal de uma bacia nos processos hidrológicos, no trabalho aqui apresentado adotou-se como objeto de estudo um trecho, com área de drenagem de 109 km2, da sub-bacia do ribeirão Serra Azul - Minas Gerais. As variações no comportamento hidrológico foram representadas pela evapotranspiração: componente do ciclo hidrológico considerada mais

Betânia Vilas Boas Neves; Paulo César; Horta Rodrigues; Bruno Rabelo Versiani


Nostalgia e Aspiracao pelo Livro: Santana Mestra na Colonia (Nostalgia and Longing for the Book: Santana Mestra na Colonia).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Proposes a historiographical reading about devotion and the figure of a saint, represented by a woman with a book teaching her daughter. Analyzes some episodes of the history of education in Brazil through the religious imagery in the geographic region of Brazil known as Minas Gerais. (PA)|

Lopes, Eliane Marta Teixeira



Effect of flooding regime and understorey bamboos on the physiognomy and tree species composition of a tropical semideciduous forest in Southeastern Brazil  

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The interrelationship between river flooding regime, topography, soil properties and the distribution of tree and bamboo species was analysed in an area of tropical semideciduous forest on the margins of the Rio Grande, in Madre de Deus de Minas, Southeastern Brazil. A survey was carried out in a single forest plot (1.597 ha, 71 adjacent 225 m2 quadrats) located in

A. T. Oliveira-Filho; E. A. Vilela; M. L. Gavilanes; D. A. Carvalho




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Habitat fragmentation has some negative consequences to bird populations, including high nest predation rates due to the access of predators to the interior of small fragments. Qur purpose was to test the hypothesis that nest predation rates is inversely related to forest fragment size in forests at 'Tri~ngulo Mineiro', Minas Gerais state, Brazil. We conducted two experiments with artificial nests,

Celine Melo; Miguel Angelo Marini


Species richness and fluctuation of defoliator Lepidoptera populations in Brazilian plantations of Eucalyptus grandis as affected by plant age and weather factors  

Microsoft Academic Search

The effect of plant age and weather factors on species richness and fluctuation of defoliator Lepidoptera populations was investigated in a Eucalyptus grandis plantation subjected to a five-year survey (June 1993–July 1998) in Santa Bárbara County, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Adult Lepidoptera were collected every 15 days with five light traps, and the number of individuals per morphospecies in

R. N. C Guedes; T. V Zanuncio; J. C Zanuncio; A. G. B Medeiros



Seasonal patterns of feeding by natural populations of Keratella, Polyarthm, and Bosrnincc Clearance rates, selectivities, and contributions to community grazing1  

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Seasonal changes in individual clearance rates, selective feeding behavior, and population grazing rates of Keratella cochlearis, Polyarthra vulgaris, Polyarthra dolichoptera, and Bos- mina longirostris were investigated in a eutrophic lake using five tracer foods (Aerobacter, Rhodotorula, Chlorella, Chlamydomonas, and Euglena) and by in situ radioisotope tech- niques. Clearance rates ranged from

Kenneth G. Bogdan; John J. Gilbert


COMPOSIÇÃO QUÍMICA DE GRÃOS CRUS DE CULTIVARES DE Coffea arabica L. SUSCETÍVEIS E RESISTENTES À Hemileia vastatrix Berg et Br. Chemical composition of raw grains of cultivars the Coffea arabica L. susceptible and resistant to Hemileia vastatrix Berg et Br  

Microsoft Academic Search

The aim of this article is characterizing the chemical and physical chemical composition of raw grains and analyzing new resistent material to rust (Hemilea vastatrix Berg. et Br.) compared to the traditional ones. The fruits were originated from breeding experiments from MAPA\\/PROCAFÉ, localized in the experimental farm of Varginha , Minas Gerais state. They were harvested and taken to the

Maria Vieira; Lopes Mendonça; Rosemary Gualberto Fonseca; Alvarenga Pereira; Antônio Nazareno; Guimarães Mendes; Flávio Meira Borém; Elizabeth Rosemeire Marques


Schooling, Organisation of the Constitutional Monarchy and the Education of Citizens (Brazil, 1822-1889)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The objective of this article is to analyse the process of institutionalisation of public elementary schooling associated with the political organisation of the constitutional monarchy and the legislation regarding citizen rights and prerogatives in Brazil, especially in the province of Minas Gerais, during the nineteenth century. During this…

Veiga, Cynthia Greive



Average long-term sediment discharge investigations based on reservoir resurvey data and sediment yield rate factors  

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This paper presents a summary of investigation s, based on resurveys of existing reservoirs, developed in the state of Minas Gérais in the neighbourhood of Juiz de Fora and Belo Horizonte, the State Capital. Comparisons and adjustments are made based on sediment yield rate factors such as rainfall, soil type, topography, land use and drainage area size. The result was




Coupling an ultrasonic propagation code with a model of the heterogeneity of multipass welds to simulate ultrasonic testing  

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The knowledge of the anisotropic and heterogeneous behaviour of the material is the key point for understanding ultrasonic testing. In the case of austenitic stainless steel multipass welds, there was no exact knowledge. The succession of passes and complex solidification processes makes the modelling of the resulting grain orientation difficult. The MINA model allows such a description. Coupling this model

A. Apfel; J. Moysan; G. Corneloup; T. Fouquet; B. Chassignole



Preventable infant mortality and quality of health care: maternal perception of the child's illness and treatment  

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This study used a qualitative methodology to analyze the discourse of mothers from Greater Metropolitan Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, whose infant children had died from what were considered avoidable causes (diarrhea, malnutrition, and pneumonia), seeking to elucidate the factors associated with utilization of health care services. Identification of the ill- ness by the mother was related to perception of

Salime Hadad; Elisabeth França; Elizabeth Uchôa




Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

Citrus Sudden Death (CSD) is a disease of unknown etiology that affects sweet orange grafted on Rangpur lime and Volkamer lemon in Brazil. The spatial and temporal patterns of CSD was monitored in 116 citrus plots from 37 citrus farms located in 10 counties of Minas Gerais (MG) and São Paulo (SP) s...


Microbial diversity during maturation and natural processing of coffee cherries of Coffea arabica in Brazil  

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The magnitude and diversity of the microbial population associated with dry (natural) processing of coffee (Coffea arabica) has been assessed during a 2-year period on 15 different farms in the Sul de Minas region of Brazil. Peptone water-washed samples were taken of maturing cherries on trees (cherries, raisins and dried cherries) and from ground fermentations. The microbial load varied from

Cristina F Silva; Rosane F Schwan; Ëustáquio Sousa Dias; Alan E Wheals



Southernmost Exposures of the Arroyo del Soldado Group (Vendian to Cambrian, Uruguay): Palaeogeographic Implications for the Amalgamation of W-Gondwana  

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The occurrence of the Vendian to lowermost Cambrian Arroyo del Soldado Group (ASG) is reported from an area located to the SW of Minas, which was formerly mapped as part of the Lavalleja Group. The Yerbal, Polanco and Cerro Espuelitas Formations of the ASG occur there as a rather continuous, microfossil-rich sedimentary cover, intruded by granites of probable Cambrian age

Claudio Gaucher; Leticia Chiglino; Ernesto Peçoits



Two-dimensional geostatistical modeling and prediction of the fracture system in the Albala Granitic Pluton, SW Iberian Massif, Spain  

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We use a fracture index distribution method of geostatistical modelling and prediction to characterize quantitatively the fracture system in two-dimensions (2D) in the Mina Ratones area, located in the Albalá Granitic Pluton (SW Iberian Massif). The fracture index (FI) is a quantitative estimate of the fracture density in discrete domains. To validate the results of geostatistical modeling a detailed structural

J. Escuder Viruete; R. Carbonell; M. J. Jurado; D. Mart??; A. Pérez-Estaún




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This work was developed on a soil contaminated by heavy metals from a zinc -extracting and industrializing area belonging to the Companhia Mineira de Metais at Tres Marias, Minas Gerais state, Brazil, with a view to evaluating the efficiency of silicon and phosphorus as ameliorating agents of heavy metal toxicity. The samples collected were prepared and incubated into polyethylene flasks,



Isolation of bacteriocin-producing staphylococci from Brazilian cheese  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

A total of 285 staphylococcus isolates were recovered from Minas Frescal cheese, a traditional Brazilian fresh cheese made with pasteurized milk, and screened for the production of antibacterial substances. The staphylococci were isolated from 50 lots of commercial cheese and cultured on mannitol s...


Transport–Regional Equity Issue Revisited  

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Almeida E. S. de, Haddad E. A. and Hewings G. J. D. Transport–regional equity issue revisited, Regional Studies. The objective of this paper is to analyse the relationship between transport and regional equity in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Furthermore, the existence of a trade-off between economic performance and regional equity is investigated as well. To do so, the paper develops a

Eduardo Simões de Almeida; Eduardo Amaral Haddad; Geoffrey J. D. Hewings



Proceedings of Conference on: Economics of Higher Education: A Comparative Perspective of Policy and Dilemma (New York, New York, March 30, 1978).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Proceedings from a conference on the economics of higher education are presented. Following an introduction by Henry Wasser and opening remarks by Mina Rees, a paper by Gareth Williams is presented. In "The Buffer Under Pressure: An Examination of the British System of Financing Higher Education in Periods of Affluence and Stringency," it is…

Wasser, Henry, Ed.


Contrasting Stories of Inclusion\\/Exclusion in the Chemistry Classroom  

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This article reports on the construction process of inclusion\\/exclusion for high school chemistry students in two schools in Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais State, Brazil. We examined the interactional accomplishment of inclusion\\/exclusion of four students, two from a private school and two from a public school. The aim of this article is to describe these students’ stories of

Maria De Fatima Cardoso Gomes; Eduardo F. Mortimer; Gregory J. Kelly



Comportamentos problemáticos em estudantes do ensino fundamental: características da ocorrência e relação com habilidades sociais e dificuldades de aprendizagem  

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Behavior problems in elementary school children and their relation to social skills and academic performance. This research investigated the socio-demographic characteristics of the frequency of behavior problems and its relation to social skills and academic competence, in a sample of 257 elementary school students from the 1 st to 4 th grades, in a medium size city of Minas Gerais,

Marina Bandeira; Sandra Silva Rocha; Thiago Magalhães Pereira de Souza; Zilda Aparecida Pereira Del Prette; Almir Del Prette



AVALIAÇÃO DAS PROPRIEDADES FÍSICAS E MECÂNICAS DO ADOBE (TIJOLO DE TERRA CRUA) Evaluation of physical and mechanical properties of adobe bricks  

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Aim at verifying the feasibility of the adobe brick for housing construction, a research was carried out to evaluate the mechanical and physical characteristics of the material and to define production procedures and methods, establishing therefore the criteria to improve the product quality. The soil chosen was distrofic (Red Yellow) Latosoil that is typical in south region of Minas Gerais

Andréa Aparecida; Ribeiro Corrêa; Vitor Hugo Teixeira; Sebastião Pereira Lopes; Marcelo Silva de Oliveira



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This research was developed in eucalyptus plantations, in Marliéria and Córrego Novo, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, with the objective of multivariated analysis applying in the study of human factors related to chainsaw cutting, clustering the chainsaw operators, considering the individual productivity and the envolved human factors. The cluster analysis classified the chainsaw operators in four groups. Thirteen

Jorge Roberto Malinovski


AvaliaÁªo nutricional de operadores de motosserra no corte de eucalipto em regiªo montanhosa Nutritional evaluation of chainsaw operators in clear-cutting of Eucalyptus in mountain region  

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The main objective of this study was the analysis of nutritional state of chainsaw operators in clear-cutting of Eucalyptus plantations, in mountain areas. The short-wood cutting method was used. The data collection took place on a forest enterprise, on the Vale do Rio Doce region, at the state of Minas Gerais, in Brazil. The studied area is inserted in the

Cleverson de Mello Santíanna; Jorge Roberto Malinovski


Visualization of elastic strain fields by the spatial distribution of the blue luminescence in a twinned microcline crystal  

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This paper correlates the mineralogical characteristics of twinning and exsolutions of a microcline giant crystal with macroscopic twin-domains and perthitic texture, taken from the Golconda III granitic pegmatite (Minas Gerais, Brazil), with the spatial distribution of the blue luminescence from radiation-induced O? defects. The twinning macrostructure and the Na distribution of the microcline have been studied by optical microscopy, backscattered

L. Sánchez-Muñoz; V. Correcher; M. J. Turrero; A. Cremades; J. García-Guinea



Vertical distributions of uranium, thorium and potassium and of volumetric heat production rates in the sediments of the São Francisco Basin, Central Brazil  

Microsoft Academic Search

Uranium, thorium and potassium measurements and volumetric heat production rate calculations were made in Bambu?? Group Neoproterozoic sedimentary rocks from the São Francisco Basin, central Brazil. The measurements were made from drilling cuttings from two deep wells drilled near the cities of Alvorada do Norte, northeast Goiás State, and Montalvânia, north of Minas Gerais State. The obtained results allowed the

Fernando Brenha Ribeiro; Arnaldo Roque



Ancient diet of the Pleistocene gomphothere Notiomastodon platensis (Mammalia, Proboscidea, Gomphotheriidae) from lowland mid-latitudes of South America: Stereomicrowear and tooth calculus analyses combined  

Microsoft Academic Search

The gomphothere assemblage from the Pleistocene of Águas de Araxá (Minas Gerais State, Brazil) is composed of several isolated teeth, cranial and postcranial fragments assigned to a single population of Notiomastodon platensis. The age profile suggests decline of the population, due to the large amount of senile and mature adult individuals. The mortality event probably occurred during a long period

Lidiane Asevedo; Gisele R. Winck; Dimila Mothé; Leonardo S. Avilla


A Mere Shadow of an Institution: the Unhappy Story of the Portuguese Geological Survey (PGS) in the Period Between the Two World Wars  

Microsoft Academic Search

In the period between the two World Wars, the Portuguese Geological Survey (Serviços Geológicos de Portugal: PGS) was legally dependent on the General Directorate of Mines and Geological Survey (Direcção Geral de Minas e Serviços Geológicos: GDMGS). Portugal was then living through troubled times, and the PGS struggled with financial problems and a lack of technical personnel. This situation did

Teresa Salomé Alves Da Mota




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Recognized in the State of São as one of the last f rontiers of development paulista, the Pontal do Par anapanema, has its main base in the agricultural economy, but needs to further diversify and increase technology. Order to support actions of public and private actors with r egard to rural development, this work had as main o bjective to

Ricardo Firetti; Vanderlei José Sereia; Eduardo Cardoso de Oliveira; Antônio Assiz de Carvalho


Domestic Determinants of Net U. S. Foreign Investment (Facteurs intérieurs déterminant l'investissement net étranger dans les comptes nationaux des Etats-Unis) (Factores determinantes internos de la inversión externa neta de Estados Unidos)  

Microsoft Academic Search

The current account balance known as net foreign investment in the national income and product accounts of the United States is largely determined by domestic factors that have changed the supply of national saving relative to the demand for domestic investment. Thus, the estimated rate of net foreign investment declined by almost half as much as the cyclically adjusted net

George M. Von Furstenberg



Proyecto Curricular Sobre la Herencia Iberoamericana. Latinos en la Formacion de los Estados Unidos de American: Ayer, Hoy y Manana. Procedimientos de la Conferencia Sequnda Conferencia Anual del Panel Consultivo Internacional en Santillana del Mar, Espana (The Ibero-American Heritage Curriculum Project. Latinos in the Making of the United States of America: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The Ibero-American Heritage Curriculum Project is an interdisciplinary curriculum development project designed to integrate the study of Ibero-American heritage and culture into classroom instructional programs, kindergarten through grade 12. The project was initiated by the New York State Education Department and involves the Spanish National…

New York State Education Dept., Albany.


Frecuencia de Trichinella spiralis en sangre y músculo de equinos sacrifi cados en dos diferentes mataderos, uno de tipo industrial y otro de tipo rural en el Estado de México, México Frequency of Trichinella spiralis in blood and muscles of horses from two slaughter houses (industrial and rural) in the State of Mexico, Mexico  

Microsoft Academic Search

The objective of this study was the evaluation of the frequency of Trichinella spiralis in horse meat that is used for human and animal consumption. A total of 150 horses were sampled, from two private slaughterhouses, one industrial slaughterhouse with some level of technology and the other one rural with less technology. Seventy animals from the fi rst one and

Enedina Jiménez-Cardoso; María de Lourdes Caballero-García; Gabriel Uribe-Gutiérrez; Esmeralda Trejo-Hernández; Francisco Ramón Gay-Jiménez


Double-blind evaluation of transdermal nitroglycerine as adjuvant to oral morphine for cancer pain management 1 1 Sponsored by a financial grant from FAPESP (Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo). Marcelo V Perez received a monthly grant from FAPESP during the realization of this paper  

Microsoft Academic Search

Study Objectives: To examine analgesia and adverse effects following transdermal application of nitroglycerine (a nitric oxide generator) combined with oral morphine, in cancer pain patients.Design: Randomized, double-blind study.Setting: Teaching hospital.Patients: 36 patients suffering from cancer pain.Interventions: Patients were divided into two groups (n = 18). All patients were regularly taking oral amitriptyline 50 mg at bedtime. Pain was evaluated using

Gabriela R Lauretti; Marcelo V Perez; Marlene P Reis; Newton L Pereira




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The objective of this paper was to estimate the parameters and genetic values for the traits height, diameter and survival of erva-mate progenies, in an initial development phase, for the establishment of a progeny test in the indian area Kaiowá and Guarani. Seeds from 30 parent trees were collected in Caarapó, MS. The half-sib progenies were established at the COMFLORA

Suzi Maggi Kras; Reginaldo Brito da Costa; Marcos Deon; Vilela de Resende



Análisis de la Satisfacción con los Cuidados en Salud a Través del Cuestionario EORTC IN-PATSAT32 en Pacientes con Cáncer de Mama, Linfoma no Hodgkin y Cáncer ColoRectal en Diferentes Etapas Clínicas. Relación con las Características Socio-Demográficas, Estados Co-Mórbidos y Variables del Proceso de Atención en el Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social  

Microsoft Academic Search

IntroductionIn Mexico cancer is a public health burden. Nowadays the health care systems pay special attention to patient's perception and satisfaction of the health care received. Satisfaction with quality of health care has an impact in the adherence to the treatment.

Luz-Ma-Adriana Balderas-Peña; Daniel Sat-Muñoz; Iris Contreras-Hernández; Pedro Solano-Murillo; Guillermo-Allan Hernández-Chávez; Ignacio Mariscal-Ramírez; Martha Lomelí-García; Margarita-Arimatea Díaz-Cortés; Joaquín-Federico Mould-Quevedo; Juan-Manuel Castro-Cervantes; Oscar-Miguel Garcés-Ruiz; Gilberto Morgan-Villela



FishTraits: A database of ecological and life-history traits of freshwater fishes of the United States [FishTraits: Base de datos de caracter??sticas ecol??gicas y de historia de vida de peces dulceacu??colas en los Estados Unidos de Norteam??rica  

USGS Publications Warehouse

The need for integrated and widely accessible sources of species traits data to facilitate studies of ecology, conservation, and management has motivated development of traits databases for various taxa. In spite of the increasing number of traitsbased analyses of freshwater fishes in the United States, no consolidated database of traits of this group exists publicly, and much useful information on these species is documented only in obscure sources. The largely inaccessible and unconsolidated traits information makes large-scale analysis involving many fishes and/or traits particularly challenging. We have compiled a database of > 100 traits for 809 (731 native and 78 nonnative) fish species found in freshwaters of the conterminous United States, including 37 native families and 145 native genera. The database, named FishTraits, contains information on four major categories of traits: (1) trophic ecology; (2) body size, reproductive ecology, and life history; (3) habitat preferences; and (4) salinity and temperature tolerances. Information on geographic distribution and conservation status was also compiled. The database enhances many opportunities for conducting research on fish species traits and constitutes the first step toward establishing a central repository for a continually expanding set of traits of North American fishes.

Frimpong, E. A.; Angermeier, P. L.



The Cost of Trade Restraints: The Case of Japanese Automobile Exports to the United States (Le coût des obstacles au commerce: étude du cas des exportations d'automobiles japonaises aux Etats-Unis) (El costo de las limitaciones del comercio: El caso de la exportación de automóviles japoneses a los Estados Unidos)  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper assesses the extent to which restraints on exports of Japanese automobiles to the United States affected car sales and prices in the period 1981-84. The estimates are obtained using a model of the U.S. automobile sector that explicitly allows for the effects of the quotas on the average quality of cars purchased. By distinguishing between pure price effects

Charles Collyns; Steven Dunaway



Palabras del Secretario de Educacion Publica en la reunion anual de directores de education federal e inspectores generales en los estados que se rigen por el calendario "A". (Address by the Minister of Education at the Annual Meeting of Directors of Federal Education and Inspectors General in Calendar "A" States).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This document is an English-language abstract (approximately 1,500 words) of a speech by the Mexican Minister of Education at an annual educators meeting. The Minister dealt with the administration and quality of education, the role of the directors and the duties towards them of the inspectors, and the main features of the reform of national…

Yanez, Agustin


Caracteristicas DA Drenagem Determinadas Em Fotografias Aerease Do Relevo Determinadas Em Cartas Planialtimetricas de Escalas Diferentes Para Tres Solos Do Estado de Sao Paulo (Characteristics of Drainage Determinations in Aerial Photographs and Relief Determination on Different Scales Planialtimetric Charts for Three Soils in the State of Sao Paulo).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Based on the interpretation of vertical aerial photographs on a 1:35,000 scale, the characterization was made of the drainage standards from three different soils of the State of Sao Paulo (red-yellow latosol, red-yellow podzol, and litosol) and the varia...

R. Angulofilho V. A. Demetrio G. V. Defranca



Welfare recipients’ quality of life: lessons from the United Nations’ Human Development Index for the US welfare policy La calidad de vida de las beneficiarias del bienestar social: lecciones del Indice de Desarrollo Humano (IDH) de las Naciones Unidas para la política de bienestar social de los Estados Unidos de América  

Microsoft Academic Search

This article is part of a study on single mothers who were welfare recipients in Georgia, US (n?=?53,323) in the year 2000 which used the Human Development Index (HDI) to measure their quality of life (QOL) and that of the overall Georgia population by race. The United Nations created the HDI in 1990 to compare QOL across nations, but the

Mónica M. Alzate



Nível de atividade física da população do Estado de São Paulo: análise de acordo com o gênero, idade, nível socioeconômico, distribuição geográfica e de conhecimento Physical activity level of São Paulo State population: an analysis based on gender, age, socio-economic status, demographics and knowledge  

Microsoft Academic Search

Physical inactivity has assumed the highest prevalence among cardiovascular risk factors. This phenomenon is even worse in the developing countries. Considering the relevance of this problem, we aimed to assess the São Paulo State physical activity level. 2001 people aged from 14 to 77 years old were interviewed (953 males and 1048 females) on July, 2002, referring to a sample

Sandra Mahecha Matsudo; Victor Rodrigues Matsudo; Timoteo Araújo; Douglas Andrade; Erinaldo Andrade; Luis Oliveira; Glaucia Braggion


La flor y el fruto de la salud, la virtud y la felicidad: Lo interno transformado en externo en la enseñanza de la música en las escuelas públicas de los Estados Unidos desde décadas tempranas hasta el presente * The Flower and Fruit of Health, Virtue, and Happiness: Inwardness Turned Outward in American Public School Music Instruction from the Early Decades to the Present  

Microsoft Academic Search

In this article, I analyze several of the key systems of reasoning that are embodied in several eras of music documents. Starting from these texts and reading across cultural practices that touched the curriculum, the analysis considers ideals and codes of behavior as systems of knowledge that fabricate who the learner is and what the substance of the lessons should

Ruth Gustafson



RESUMEN DE TESIS DOCTORAL Reconstrucción de Parámetros y Variables de Estado para una Clase de Sistemas Caóticos con Aplicación en Codificación y Decodificación de Información Parameter and State Variable Reconstruction for a Class of Chaotic with Application to Information Codification and De-codification  

Microsoft Academic Search

In this paper we describe how to use exact state and parametric integral equations re-constructors for the identification of the state variables of dynamic chaotic discrete and continuous non-lineal systems. In both cases, we avoid the use of asymptotic observers and Takens Theorem. Identification and reconstruction of discrete systems is illustrated with Lozi's system. The state reconstruction schema for discrete

Miguel Santiago; Suárez Castañón; Carlos Fernando Aguilar Ibáñez



Establishment of Tunga trimamillata (Siphonaptera: Tungidae) in Brazil.  


Tunga trimamillata is a species of sand flea occurring in Ecuador and Peru parasitizing cattle, goat, sheep, swine, and man. This is the first report of this species in Brazil, having been found on the hooves of cows in Barretos, São Paulo State, and Felixlândia, Minas Gerais State, and previously misidentified as Tunga penetrans. A previous report concerning Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris from Rio Novo, Minas Gerais State, may also be attributed to that species of sand flea, a possible the primary host. Given the large geographical distribution of T. trimamillata, the vast cattle population in Brazil, and the high number of individuals subject to the risk of tungiasis, the number of cases attributed to this sand flea will most likely increase over time. PMID:23797275

Linardi, Pedro Marcos; De Avelar, Daniel Moreira; Filho, Elias Jorge Facury



New data on freshwater psammic Gastrotricha from Brazil  

PubMed Central

Abstract Current knowledge of freshwater gastrotrich fauna from Brazil is underestimated as only two studies are available. The present communication is a taxonomic account of the first-ever survey of freshwater Gastrotricha in Minas Gerais State. Samplings were carried out yielding six species of three Chaetonotidae genera: Aspidiophorus cf. pleustonicus, Ichthydium cf. chaetiferum, Chaetonotus acanthocephalus, Chaetonotus heideri, Chaetonotus cf. succinctus, Chaetonotus sp., and also an undescribed species belonging to the genus Redudasys (incertae sedis): this is the first finding of specimens of Redudasys outside of original type locality. These preliminary observations suggest that the knowledge of the biodiversity of Gastrotricha in the Minas Gerais State, as well as in the whole Brazil, will certainly increase as further investigations are undertaken, and that freshwater Macrodasyida may be more common than previously thought.

Garraffoni, Andre R. S.; Araujo, Thiago Q.; Lourenco, Anete P.; Balsamo, Maria



Correlation of male genital filaments and female spermathecal ducts in New World sand flies of the Lutzomyia intermedia species complex (Diptera: Psychodidae, Phlebotominae).  


The lengths of the male genital filaments and female spermathecal ducts were measured in phlebotomine sand flies of the Lutzomyia intermedia species complex and the ratios between these characters calculated. Ratios for L. intermedia s. s. from Northeast vs Southeast Brazil (Espírito Santo and Minas Gerais), Espírito Santo/Minas Gerais vs Rio de Janeiro/São Paulo and L. intermedia vs L. neivai were significantly different at P < 0.1, 0.05 and 0.01 respectively when compared using ANOVA. The spermathecal ducts and genital filaments of L. intermedia were significantly longer than those of L. neivai (P < 0.01) and could be used to differentiate these species. The taxonomic and biological significance of these differences is discussed. PMID:12973526

Marcondes, Carlos Brisola; Alexander, Bruce



[The Meninos do Rio Program: lifeworld, adolescence, and health risks].  


This study focuses on health risks among teenagers from two towns in the Sao Francisco River Valley (Ibiai and Morada Nova) and slums in Morro das Pedras, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State, Brazil. The study discusses teaching and extracurricular activities by the Federal University in Minas Gerais in these localities, aimed at promoting health in adolescence. The authors use the Habermas communicative action theory as the main theoretical and methodological approach. The research adopted a qualitative and quantitative methodology, including dynamic observation, focus groups, interviews, and questionnaires answered by high school students. Sexuality, work, and violence were the main themes and were associated with numerous health risks. Work in the 10-to-14-year-old group was associated with nearly all types of health risks. The authors analyze the relations between context and adolescent behavior using the Habermasian concept of lifeworld colonization. PMID:15692636

Melo, Elza Machado de; Faria, Horácio Pereira de; Melo, Maria Aparecida Machado de; Chaves, Adriana Braga; Machado, Graziela Paronetto



Cuidados paliativos aos pacientes terminais: percepção da equipe de enfermagem Palliative care to terminal patients: perception of the nursing team cuidado Paliativo a los pacientes terminales: opinión del equipo de enfermería  

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ReSUMO: Trata-se de um estudo de abordagem qualitativa exploratória,realizado em um hospital do interior de Minas Gerais, com o objetivo de compreender o significado atribuído pela equipe de enfermagem aos cuidados paliativos com pacientes terminais.A partir dos relatos feitos pela equipe de enfermagem, foram identificadas cinco categorias: Percebendo a necessidade de humanizar o cuidar dos pacientes terminais; Presença da família:

Júlio César; Batista Santana; Kênia Fraga de Paula; Ana Cristina; Viana Campos; Maria Alice Efigênia Rezende; Bruna Danielle; Guedes Barbosa; Bianca Santana Dutra; Carlos Eduardo; Freitas Baldessari


Incidência de suicídios e uso de agrotóxicos por tra- balhadores rurais em Luz (MG), Brasil  

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The article presents the incidence of suicides and attended cases of poisoning in the micro-region of Luz, Minas Gerais, and their possible relationship with pesticides. A descriptive study was held involving 50 local residents, who were asked to answer a questionnaire. Acetylcholinesterase, gamma-glutamyl- transferase (GGT), Serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase(SGOT), and Serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase(SGPT) were measured, and suicides between the

Tufi Neder Meyer; Ione Lamounier Camargos; Juscélio Clemente de Abreu


Melanoides tuberculata (Mollusca: Thiaridae) as an intermediate host of Centrocestus formosanus (Trematoda: Heterophyidae) in Brazil.  


Pleurolophocercous cercariae emerged from naturally infected Melanoides tuberculata from Minas Gerais State, Brazil, were used to perform experimental infection of laboratory-reared Poecilia reticulata. Mature metacercariae were obtained from the gills of fishes and force-fed to Mus musculus. The adult parasites which recovered from small intestines of mice were identified as Centrocestus formosanus. This is the first report of M. tuberculata as intermediate host of this heterophyid in Brazil. PMID:21748229

Pinto, Hudson Alves; de Melo, Alan Lane


Melanoides tuberculata (Mollusca: Thiaridae) harboring renicolid cercariae (Trematoda: Renicolidae) in Brazil.  


Melanoides tuberculata , naturally infected by gymnocephalous cercariae, were found in aquatic collections from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. After morphological characterization, larvae were used for experimental infection of Poecilia reticulata. Metacercariae were obtained from the liver of these fish, which were also found to be naturally infected in the same locality. The morphology and biology of the developmental stages of trematodes we obtained were characteristic of Renicola sp. This is the first record of renicolid cercariae and metacercariae in Brazil. PMID:22288437

Pinto, H A; Melo, A L



Analysis of callouts made in relation to wild urban marmosets ( Callithrix penicillata ) and their implications for urban species management  

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In this study, we investigated what problems urban marmosets (Callithrix penicillata) face in a city environment through the analysis of responses to callouts (N?=?348) made by the environmental police of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, in the period from 2002 to 2007. Our objective\\u000a was to characterise the problems faced by the marmosets and human city dwellers. The environmental police

Vinícius D. L. R. Goulart; Camila P. Teixeira; Robert John Young



Geology and tectonic history of Southeastern Luzon, Philippines  

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Southeastern Luzon belongs to the eastern Philippine Mobile Belt. Geological and structural studies revealed that it could be divided into three major structural units limited by two subparallel NW-SE trending left-lateral strike-slip faults: the Hilawan Fault in the NE and the Minas Fault in the SW. The North-central Catanduanes Structural Unit (NCSU) is characterized by a Middle to early Late

Sevillo David Jr.; Jean-Francois Stephan; Jean Delteil; Carla Müller; Jacques Butterlin; Herve Bellon; Elmer Billedo



Mise en place du complexe filonien aurifère de la région d'Ouro Preto (Quadrilatère ferrifère, Brésil) : contraintes minéralogiques et pétrographiques  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Petrological and mineralogical analysis of gold-bearing quartz veins of the Ouro Preto area (Minas Gerais, Brazil) demonstrates: i) that gold, always associated with bismuth, is located within open fractures of quartz vein arsenopyrite; ii) that mineral association related to the mineralizing event developed later with respect to the regional metamorphism. These results are consistent with the structural studies that suggest a gold-bearing veins emplacement posterior to the regional metamorphism.

Chauvet, Alain; Barbanson, Luc; Piantone, Patrice; Nehlig, Pierre



Ocurrence of Philophthalmus gralli (Trematoda: Philophthalmidae) in farmed ostriches in Brazil.  


This paper reports the occurrence of parasitism by the Oriental eye-fluke, Philophthalmus gralli in ostriches reared in a commercial flock from the State of Minas Gerais State, Southeastern Brazil. The two affected birds presented lacrimation, inflammatory reaction and loss of body condition. After physical examination the birds revealed, 17 and 15 trematodes each, only in the right eyes. The economic impact of this parasite on Brazilian ostrich industry is still undetermined, requiring further studies. PMID:19184508

Verocai, Guilherme Gomes; Lopes, Lauro Nogueira; Burlini, Leonardo; Correia, Thaís Ribeiro; de Souza, Clarissa Pimentel; Coumendouros, Katherina



Plasticity and toughness in bone  

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Built primarily from collagen molecules, mineral crystals, water, and ions, bone forms the lightweight but tough and protective load-bearing framework of the body. Bone's elastic modulus—its stiffness during elastic deforma- tion—spans 15-25 GPa, roughly a third of metallic alu- minum; its strength, the applied stress at the onset of plastic deformation, is a few hundred MPa, comparable with alu- mina

Robert O. Ritchie; Markus J. Buehler; Paul Hansma



Studies in Brazilian Passifloraceae III. A new species of Passiflora  

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A new species ofPassiflora from Minas Gerais, Brazil, is described and namedP. saccoi. This species belongs to subgenusPassiflora seriesLobatae harms because of its lobed leaves, foliaceous, semi-ovate to semi-oblong stipules that are attached on one side above base\\u000a and, hence, often appear sub-reniform, and foliaceous, verticillate bracts borne near the apex of the peduncle.

Armando Carlos Cervi



A diallel study of yield components and fruit quality in chilli pepper ( Capsicum baccatum )  

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The aim of this work was to estimate the general and specific combining ability of peppers by measuring fruit quality and\\u000a yield traits. This experiment was carried out on the garden field from Universidade Federal de Viçosa (UFV), Minas Gerais\\u000a State—Brazil. Eight lines of Capsicum baccatum belonging to the UFV Horticultural Germplasm Bank were chosen based on their broad genetic

Elizanilda Ramalho do Rêgo; Mailson Monteiro do Rêgo; Fernando Luiz Finger; Cosme Damião Cruz; Vicente Wagner Dias Casali



Advances in ultrasonic testing of austenitic stainless steel welds. Towards a 3D description of the material including attenuation and optimisation by inversion  

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\\u000a In the case of multi-pass welds, the material is very difficult to describe due to its anisotropic and heterogeneous properties.\\u000a Anisotropy results from the metal solidification and is correlated with the grain orientation. A precise description of the\\u000a material is one of the key points to obtain reliable results with\\u000a wave propagation codes. A first advance is the model MINA

J. Moysan; C. Gueudré; M.-A. Ploix; G. Corneloup; Ph. Guy; R. El Guerjouma; B. Chassignole



?-Globin Gene Cluster Haplotypes in a Cohort of 221 Children with Sickle Cell Anemia or S?-Thalassemia and Their Association with Clinical and Hematological Features  

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Background\\/Aims: ?S-Haplotype prevalence and its associations with clinical and hematological characteristics were assessed in Brazilian children with sickle cell anemia or S?0-thalassemia. Methods: A retrospective randomized cohort study was undertaken with 208 SS and 13 S?0-thalassemia children derived from the Newborn Screening Program of the state of Minas Gerais. ?S-Haplotypes were determined by PCR-RFLP. Results: Thirty-nine percent of the SS

André Rolim Belisário; Marina Lobato Martins; Ana Mercy Siebra Brito; Cibele Velloso Rodrigues; Célia Maria Silva; Marcos Borato Viana



?-Globin Gene Cluster Haplotypes in a Cohort of 221 Children with Sickle Cell Anemia or S?0Thalassemia and Their Association with Clinical and Hematological Features  

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Background\\/Aims: ?S-Haplotype prevalence and its associations with clinical and hematological characteristics were assessed in Brazilian children with sickle cell anemia or S?0-thalassemia. Methods: A retrospective randomized cohort study was undertaken with 208 SS and 13 S?0-thalassemia children derived from the Newborn Screening Program of the state of Minas Gerais. ?S-Haplotypes were determined by PCR-RFLP. Results: Thirty-nine percent of the SS

André Rolim Belisário; Marina Lobato Martins; Ana Mercy Siebra Brito; Cibele Velloso Rodrigues; Célia Maria Silva; Marcos Borato Viana



Potential acetylcholinesterase reactivators: pyridine and alpha-oxooxime derivatives.  


The synthesis and pharmacological screening in vitro and in vivo of pyridine-2-carbaldoxime derivatives I and alpha-oxooximes II are described. Four compounds elicited reactivating effect on phosphorylated acetylcholinesterase comparable with that of pralidoxime used as reference substance. Among the compounds tested, interesting structures are those of oximes bearing a thioether substituent [RA 49 (Table 1) and RA 59 (Table 2)] chloro derivative of MINA [RA 55 (Table 2)] and dipyridyl glyoxime methiodide RA 56 (Table 1). PMID:3823111

Daroszewski, J; Serafin, B; Borkowska, G; Rump, S



Application of California Puff (CALPUFF) model: a case study for Oman  

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Oil Refineries surrounding the gulf are the largest source of environmental pollution in the region. Air dispersion models\\u000a are powerful tools for assessing the consequences of environmental air pollutant concentrations. This study was carried out\\u000a to investigate the transport and dispersion patterns of SO2 originating from Mina Al-Fahal refinery, in the Sultanate Oman by employing California Puff (CALPUFF) dispersion modeling

Sabah Abdul-Wahab; Ali Sappurd; Ali Al-Damkhi



Effect of spacing and age on nitrogen and phosphorus distribution in biomass of Eucalyptus camaldulensis, Eucalyptus pellita and Eucalyptus urophylla plantations in southeastern Brazil  

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The nitrogen and phosphorus accumulation in different tree parts (including root systems) of Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh., Eucalyptus urophylla Blake and Eucalyptus pellita F. Muell. planted at three spacings (3m×1.5m, 3m×3m and 4m×3m) and at three ages (15, 31 and 41 months) were evaluated in the savanna region of central Minas Gerais state in southeastern Brazil. A series of equations were

Robert B. Harrison; Geraldo G. Reis; Maria D. G. F. Reis; Alberto L. Bernardo; Dueseles J Firme



Effect of spacing on growth and biomass distribution in Eucalyptus camaldulensis, E. pellita and E. urophylla plantations in southeastern Brazil  

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The growth and biomass accumulation in different plant parts (including root systems) of Eucalyptus camaldulensis, E. urophylla and E. pellita planted at three spacings (3×1.5 m, 3×3 m and 4×3 m) and three ages (15, 31 and 41 months) were evaluated in the savannah region of central Minas Gerais state in southeastern Brazil. A series of equations were produced to

Alberto L Bernardo; Maria G. F Reis; Geraldo G Reis; Robert B Harrison; Deuseles J Firme



Vocal sequential exchanges and intragroup spacing in the Northern Muriqui Brachyteles arachnoides hypoxanthus  

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ABSTRACT Sequential exchanges,of vocalizations (staccatos and neighs) emitted by Northern Muriquis Brachyteles arachnoides hypoxanthus were recorded at the Biological Station of Caratinga, Minas Gerais State, Brazil. Staccatos and neighs containing larger proportion of short elements were preferentially produced,during short-range exchanges; neighs, produced by a larger number of participants, were typical of long-range exchanges. Staccatos emitted by animals feeding in a

Francisco D. C. Mendes; César Ades



Prospective surveillance applying the national nosocomial infection surveillance methods in a Brazilian pediatric public hospital  

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Background: A hospital-wide, traditional prospective surveillance for nosocomial infections was commenced in 1992 in Centro Geral de Pediatria in Minas Gerais, Brazil, to describe the epidemiology of nosocomial infection in this pediatric hospital and to implement cross-infection prevention and control policies. Methods: We performed a prospective cohort nosocomial infection surveillance of all patients receiving acute care according to the hospital-wide

J. M. M. Lopes; E. Tonelli; J. A. Lamounier; B. R. G. M. Couto; A. L. Siqueira; F. Komatsuzaki; A. P. Champs; C. E. F. Starling



Habitat, density, and spatial distribution of Rivulus giarettai ( Actinopterygii , Cyprinodontiformes ) in southeastern Brazil  

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We present data on the habitat, density, and spatial distribution of Rivulus giarettai, and discuss some biotic and abiotic variables related to its abundance in Free Flowing Waters (FFW) and Dam Reservoirs (DR)\\u000a in palm grove (Mauritia flexuosa) marshes (Veredas) in Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, southeastern Brazil. The mean density (individuals\\/plot) of R. giarettai was about 13 times higher in FFW

Luciano Elias Oliveira; Kátia G. Facure; Ariovaldo A. Giaretta


Effects of atrial natriuretic peptide on systemic and renal hemodynamics and renal excretory function in patients with chronic renal failure  

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Summary We examined the effects of 60 mina-hANP infusion (24 ng\\/min\\/kg) on glomerular filtration rate (GFR), renal blood flow (RBF), cardiac index (CI) and blood pressure (BP) in 8 patients with chronic renal failure (CRF) with GFR ranging from 18 to 80 ml\\/min\\/1.73 m2 and in 8 control (C) subjects with normal renal function. Basal plasma levels of ANP and

H. Meyer-Lehnert; T. Bayer; H.-G. Predel; K. Glänzer; H. J. Kramer



Influencia de la formulación de la glutamina en sus efectos sobre los sistemas antioxidantes y de destoxificación hepática en la rata  

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Resumen Objetivos: El objeto de este estudio es valorar el efecto que la suplementación de dietas parenterales con L-gluta- mina o con L-alanil-L-glutamina ejerce sobre el equilibrio oxidante\\/antioxidante hepático y sobre los sistemas de des- toxificación mediados por el citocromo P-450 en ratas. Material y métodos: Los animales (n = 60) se cateteri- zaron centralmente y se asignaron aleatoriamente a

J. J. Ortiz de Urbina; F. Jorquera; J. Culebras; C. Villares; J. González-Gallego; M. J. Tuñón



Architecture of fault zones determined from outcrop, cores, 3-D seismic tomography and geostatistical modeling: example from the Albalá Granitic Pluton, SW Iberian Variscan Massif  

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The 3-D seismic tomographic data are used together with field, core and well log structural information to determine the detailed 3-D architecture of fault zones in a granitic massif of volume 500×575×168 m at Mina Ratones area in the Albalá Granitic Pluton. To facilitate the integration of the different data, geostatistical simulation algorithms are applied to interpolate the relatively sparse

J Escuder Viruete; R Carbonell; D Mart??; M. J Jurado; A Pérez-Estaún



Niobium (columbium) and tantalum resources of Brazil  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Most of the niobium resources of Brazil occur as pyrochlore in carbonatites within syenitic intrusives of Late Cretaceous to early Tertiary age in western Minas Gerais and southeastern Goils. Minor amounts of it are produced together with tantalum from columbite-tantalite concentrates from pegmatites and placers adjacent to them, in the Sao Joao del Rei district in south-central Minas Gerais. All the niobium and tantalum produced in Brazil is exported. The only pyrochlore mined is from the Barreiro carbonatite deposit near Araxa in Minas Gerais where concentrates and ferroniobium are produced. Exploration work for pyrochlore and other mineral resources are being undertaken on other carbonatites, particularly at Catalao I in southeast Goias and at Tapira and Serra Negra in western Minas Gerais. Annual production and export from the Barreiro deposit are about 8,000 metric tons of pyrochlore concentrate containing about 60 percent Nb205 and about 2,700 metric tons of ferroniobium with 63 percent Nb2O5. The annual production capacity of the Barreiro plant is 18,000 tons of concentrate and 4,000 tons of ferroniobium. Ore reserves of the Barreiro deposit in all categories are 380 million tons with percent Nb2O5. Annual production of tantalite-columbite from the Sao Joao del Rei district, most of which is exported to the United States, is about 290 tons, of which about 79 percent is tantalite and about percent is columbite. Reserves of tantalite-columbite in the Sao Joao del Rei district are about 43,000 tons of proved and 73,000 tons of probable ore.

White, Max Gregg



Ergonomics analysis of the productive environment of fashion clothing firm in Belo Horizonte-MG.  


A company making women's clothing, located in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais was studied in its ergonomic aspects with regard to the layout. With this study it was possible to establish the best positioning of machines and jobs of employees. The analysis criteria used were: frequency of use, functional grouping, sequence of use, flow and intensity of preferred connections. An ideal arrangement in the workplace provides improved manufacturing quality and employee performance and consequently higher production yields. PMID:22316892

Pagnan, Andreia Salvan; Câmara, Jairo José Drummond



Band Iron Formations and Satellite Magnetic Anomalies  

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Band Iron Formations (BIF) are mainly Precambrian (2.5-1.8 Ga) sedimentary deposits and are composed of alternating layers of iron rich material and silica (chert). Precambrian BIF mark growth in the level of free oxygen in the atmosphere and the ocean which happened about 2.2 Ga. Distribution of main BIF includes Hamersley Range, Australia; Transvaal-Griquatown, South Africa; Minas Gerais, Brazil; Labrador

K. A. Nazarova; P. Wasilewski




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In order to evaluate the residual effect of fertilizer applied to potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.) on succesive green maize (Zea mays L.) crops, this experiment was carried out at the EPAMIG, Experimental Station in Três Pontas, city, in Minas Gerais, state. Before the establishment of the experiment, the area was uniformly treated with 1,5 t.ha-1 of lime, 100 kg.ha-1 of



Effect of plant species and mycorrhizal inoculation on soil phosphate-solubilizing microorganisms in semi-arid Brazil: Growth promotion effect of rhizospheric phosphate-solubilizing microorganisms on Eucalyptus camaldulensis  

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The Jaíba Project is an irrigation enterprise in the north of the state of Minas Gerais and its native vegetation is a dry\\u000a deciduous forest called woody Caatinga. Two experimental areas (1.5 ha\\/site) were established in a degraded area using native\\u000a species intercropped with Eucalyptus camaldulensis in three blocks at random. In each experimental area six plots, randomly distributed in

M. R. Scotti; N. Sá; I. Marriel; L. C. Carvalhais; S. R. Matias; E. J. Corrêa; N. Freitas; M. A. Sugai; M. C. Pagano


Central Cholinesterase Reactivation by Oximes Improves Survival and Terminates Seizures Following Nerve Agent Intoxication  

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The ability of oximes to reactivate organophosphorus nerve agent-inhibited acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity is critical for protection against chemical warfare nerve agent intoxication. We have studied the capability of the tertiary oximes monoisonitrosoacetone (MINA) and diacetylmonoxime (DAM), in comparison with the quaternary oximes 2-PAM, HLo7 and MMB-4 to reactivate AChE inhibited by sarin (GB) in blood, brain regions (cortex, hippocampus, striatum,

Tsung-Ming Shih; Jacob W. Skovira; John C. O'Donnell; John H. McDonough


Vale a pena desarmar? Uma avaliação do impacto da campanha de entrega voluntária de armas sobre as mortes com armas de fogo  

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Resumo O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar o impacto da campanha de entrega de armas (política de buy-back) sobre a incidência de óbitos com armas de fogo no Estado do Paraná. Visto que neste estado esta campanha teve início seis meses antes da campanha nacional, foi possível utilizar o estimador de diferenças em diferenças, em que os municípios paranaenses constituíram

Milena Karla Soares; Luiz Guilherme Dácar Da Silva Scorzafave



La presencia de China en América Latina. Un tema controvertido  

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El autor analiza la presencia de la República Popular China en América Latina y sus repercusiones para la seguridad nacional de los Estados Unidos en la última década. Al sostener que actualmente la RPC no amenaza los intereses vitales de Estados Unidos en su patio trasero, el autor toma en cuenta el diálogo estratégico sino-estadounidense, la seguridad nacional de la

Peter M. Lewis



Economia Política de Petróleo e Gás: A Experiência Russa  

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A recuperação do poder central da Rússia no governo Putin com uma estratégia de desenvolvimento nacional foi o ponto de partida para uma revisão da política do Estado diante do setor de energia. O governo aumentou drasticamente a presença do Estado no setor de energia, e chegou a controlar, no final de 2007, 47% dos ativos, contra menos de 10%

Giorgio Romano Schutte



España, entre Europa y América: un ensayo interpretativo  

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Este último artículo del dossier presenta algunas hipótesis de interpretación sobre la historia de la política exterior española durante el siglo xx.Los elementos centrales son la relación entre España y el resto de los Estados continentales; la imagen de las instituciones europeas; los sentimientos encontrados hacia Estados Unidos, su política y su sociedad; y las cambiantes percepciones, estrategias e intereses

Florentino Portero




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O Brasil é importante exportador de madeira do mundo, tendo como principais mercados de destino os Estados Unidos e a União Européia. Desse modo, nesse estudo pretende-se estimar as equações de oferta e demanda por exportação madeireira do Brasil para os Estados Unidos e a União Européia; identificar as fontes de comércio madeireiro do Brasil nos seus principais mercados de

Rachel Silva Almeida; Rosemeiry Melo Carvalho; Ruben Dario Mayorga Mera



Tratamiento nutricional de los síndromes colestáticos en la infancia  

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ResumenLa hepatopatía colestática causa un riesgo serio de desnutrición, que incluye la desnutrición de proteína y energía y las carencias nutricionales específicas. El estado nutricional puede evaluarse basándose en mediciones antropométricas, que pueden ser equívocas a causa de la ascitis y el edema periférico. Las determinaciones bioquímicas del estado de las vitaminas liposolubles son importantes para evaluar las necesidades de

Piotr Socha



Introduction to Cleft and Craniofacial Team Care  


... los Estados Unidos, alfabéticamente por estado ) A – C – D – F – G – H – I – K – L – M – N – O – P – R – S – T – U – V – W International Team Listings alphabetically by Country ( Equipos internacionales, alfabéticamente por país ) A – B – C – D – F – G – I – J – K – M – N – P – S – T – U Before ...


Mitochondrial genetic variability of Didelphis albiventris (Didelphimorphia, Didelphidae) in Brazilian localities  

PubMed Central

Didelphis albiventris is a well-known and common marsupial. Due to its high adaptability, this very widespread generalist species occurs under various environmental conditions, this even including protected regions and disturbed urban areas. We studied a 653 bp fragment of cytochrome oxidase c (COI) from 93 biological samples from seven Brazilian localities, with linear distances ranging between 58 and about 1800 km to analyze the effects of geographic distances on variability and genetic differentiation. The haplotype network presented nine haplotypes and two genetic clusters compatible with the two most distant geographic areas of the states of Minas Gerais, in the southeast, and Rio Grande do Sul, in the extreme south. As each cluster was characterized by low nucleotide and high haplotype diversities, their populations were obviously composed of closely related haplotypes. Surprisingly, moderate to high FST differentiation values and a very weak phylogeographic signal characterizes interpopulation comparisons within Minas Gerais interdemes, these being correlated with the presence of privative haplotypes. On a large rgeographic scale, a comparison between demes from Minas Gerais and Rio Grande do Sul presented high FST values and a robust phylogeographic pattern. This unexpected scenario implies that mtDNA gene flow was insufficient to maintain population cohesion, reflected by the observed high differentiation.

Sousa, Luciene C.C.; Gontijo, Celia M.F.; Botelho, Helbert A.; Fonseca, Cleusa G.



Biggest oil spill tackled in gulf amid war, soft market  

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Industry is scrambling to cope with history's biggest oil spill against the backdrop of a Persian Gulf war and a softening oil market. U.S. and Saudi Arabian officials accused Iraq of unleashing an oil spill of about 11 million bbl into the Persian Gulf off Kuwait last week by releasing crude from the giant Sea Island tanker loading terminal at Mina al Ahmadi. Smart bombs delivered by U.S. aircraft hit two onshore tank farm manifold stations, cutting off the terminal's source of oil flow Jan. 26. A small volume of oil was still leaking from 13 mile feeder pipelines to the terminal at presstime. Press reports quoted U.S. military and Saudi officials as estimating the slick at 35 miles long and 10 miles wide but breaking up in some areas late last week. Meantime, Iraq reportedly opened the valves at its Mina al Bakr marine terminal at Fao to spill crude into the northern gulf. BBC reported significant volumes of crude in the water off Fao 24 hr after the terminal valves were opened. Mina al Bakr is a considerably smaller terminal than Sea Island, suggesting that the resulting flow of oil would be smaller than that at Sea Island.

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A new instrument for high-resolution in situ assessment of Young's modulus in shallow cohesive sediments  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This paper describes a new, miniature, instrumented flat dilatometer (mIDMT) designed to assess variations in nearly continuous compressive stress-strain behaviour with depth in shallow cohesive sediments. The instrument was tested both in situ in the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, Canada, and in cored samples from Willapa Bay, Washington, USA. Comparisons between probe and laboratory uniaxial assessments for other elastic materials—gelatine and foam rubber specifically—show strong agreement over the range of strains induced in the experiments. Observed values of Young's modulus ( E) for the gelatine and ethylene-vinyl acetate foam ranged from 6-343 kPa. Sediment stress-strain curves were distinctly linear for the overconsolidated fine-grained sediments of the Minas Basin, and values of E were found to increase with depth from near zero to 500-1,300 kPa at 20 cm depth. At the Willapa site, the sandy tidal flat sediments also behave elastically but E tended to increase more strongly with depth than for sediments from the Minas Basin. Young's modulus was inversely correlated to porosity at all sites tested, and linearly related to shear strength in the Minas Basin. The newly designed instrument has much finer resolution than for other, similar methods of determining E in situ, and it provides data at a resolution sufficient to assess small-scale processes such as gas bubble growth and infaunal locomotion, for which elastic constants are needed for modelling and prediction.

Barry, Mark A.; Johnson, Bruce D.; Boudreau, Bernard P.



Fiscal Deficits and Interest Rates in the United States: An Empirical Analysis, 1960-84 (Déficits budgétaires et taux d'intérêt aux Etats-Unis: analyse empirique, 1960-84) (El déficit fiscal y las tasas de interés en Estados Unidos: Un análisis empírico, 1960-84)  

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The paper deals with the ongoing controversy about whether fiscal deficits bring about higher interest rates and whether the historically high peacetime fiscal deficits experienced by the United States in recent years have been the main factor explaining the extraordinarily high level of U.S. real interest rates. On the basis of a simple model of interest rate determination that includes

Vito Tanzi



Freqüência das infecções pelo HIV1, rubéola, sífilis, toxoplasmose, citomegalovírus, herpes simples, hepatite B, hepatite C, doença de Chagas e HTLV I\\/II em gestantes, do Estado de Mato Grosso do Sul Frequency of HIV1, rubella, syphilis, toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, simple herpes virus, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, Chagas' disease and HTLV I\\/II infection in pregnant women of State of Mato Grosso do Sul  

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It was aimed to estimate the frequency of syphilis, rubella, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, toxoplasmosis, Chagas' disease, HTLV I\\/II, simple herpes virus, HIV-1 and cytomegalovirus in pregnant women and to evaluate the relationship between age and the frequency of the infections studied. A transversal study of 32,512 pregnant women submitted to pre-natal sreening in the period of November 2002 to

Ernesto Antonio Figueiró-Filho; Flávio Renato de Almeida; Alessandro Henrique Antunes Lopes; Orlando Oliveira de Morais; Virgílio Gonçalves; Souza Júnior; Tamara Lemos Maia; Geraldo Duarte


Desenvolvimento local e agricultura familiar: o caso da produção de açúcar mascavo em Capanema - Paraná Local development and family agriculture: the brown sugar production case in Capanema city- Paraná state in Brazil Développement local et agriculture familiale: le cas de la production de sucre brun dans la ville de Capanema dans l'état du Paraná au Brésil Desarrollo local y la agricultura familiar: el caso de la producción de azúcar marrón en la ciudad de Capanema - estado de Paraná en Brasil  

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Resumo: Esse estudo analisa, por meio de um estudo exploratório, o aporte dos produtos derivados da cana-de- açúcar no contexto do desenvolvimento local no município de Capanema - Paraná. Essa atividade se apresenta como opção para a produção da agricultura familiar ao criar alternativa de renda nas unidades agroindustriais, além de possibilitar a diversificação da produção. Os resultados mostram que

Mariza Zeni de Castro; Jandir Ferrera de Lima; Pery Francisco Assis Shikida



66 FR 12658 - Office of Protocol; Gifts to Federal Employees From Foreign Government Sources Reported to...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...United Mexican States. Government. Unidos de America William Jefferson Clinton, Como Recuerdo de las Visita a los Estados Unidos de America Vincente Fox Quesada, Presidente Electo de Mexico, 24, VIII, 2000;'' Recd-August 24, 2000;...



60 FR 52512 - Commerce Trade Fair Privatization: Private Sector Organization and Management of U.S. Exhibitor...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...and packaging Brazil machinery Eduardo Altenfelder Commercial Specialist U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service Rua Estados Unidos, 1812 Sao Paulo, S.P. 01427-002 Brazil Tel: 55-11-853-2011/2411/2778 Fax:...



60 FR 17622 - Commerce Trade Fair Privatization: Private Sector Organization and Management of Overseas Trade...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...B Machado Feiras e Promocoes Ltda., Commercial Officer, US&FCS Rua Rua Brasilio Machado 60, 01230- Estados Unidos, 1812, Sao Paulo, 905, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Tel: 55- S.P., Brazil, Tel: 55-11-853-...



61 FR 63828 - Joint Projects With the U.S. Commercial Centers in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Jakarta, Indonesia, and...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: John Steuber, Director, U.S. Commercial Center--Sao Paulo, Rua Estados Unidos, 1812, Sao Paulo, SP. 01427-002, Brazil or AMCONGEN--Sao Paulo, Unit 3502, APO AA 34030, TEL:...



63 FR 14424 - Joint Projects with the U.S. Commercial Centers in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Jakarta, Indonesia; and...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Alan Long, Director, U.S. Commercial Center--Sao Paulo, Rua Estados Unidos, 1812, Sao Paulo, SP. 01427-002, Brazil; or AMCONGEN--Sao Paulo, Unit 3502, APO AA 34030. Tel:...



PDVSA Waste Oil Lagoon Cleanup Feasibility Study. Characterization and Cost Estimate Report, Mara Estacion E Annex.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The report was prepared for PDVSA Exploration and Production, Protection Integral in Lagunillas, Estado Zulia, Venezuela to evaluate the conditions in 14 different study areas due to contamination resulting from the exploration, production and refining of...



PDVSA Waste Oil Lagoon Cleanup Feasibility Study. Characterization and Cost Estimate Report, Mara Estacion E.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The report was prepared for PDVSA Exploration and Production, Protection Integral in Lagunillas, Estado Zulia, Venezuela to evaluate the conditions in 14 different study areas due to contamination resulting from the exploration, production and refining of...



PDVSA Waste Oil Lagoon Cleanup Feasibility Study. External Financing Evaluation Report.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The report was prepared for PDVSA Exploration and Production, Protection Integral in Lagunillas, Estado Zulia, Venezuela to evaluate the conditions in 14 different study areas due to contamination resulting from the exploration, production and refining of...



PDVSA Waste Oil Lagoon Cleanup Feasibility Study. Characterization and Cost Estimate Report, Canal Bachaquero.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The report was prepared for PDVSA Exploration and Production, Protection Integral in Lagunillas, Estado Zulia, Venezuela to evaluate the conditions in 14 different study areas due to contamination resulting from the exploration, production and refining of...



PDVSA Waste Oil Lagoon Cleanup Feasibility Study. Characterization and Cost Estimate Report, Mene Grande.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The report was prepared for PDVSA Exploration and Production, Protection Integral in Lagunillas, Estado Zulia, Venezuela to evaluate the conditions in 14 different study areas due to contamination resulting from the exploration, production and refining of...



PDVSA Waste Oil Lagoon Cleanup Feasibility Study. Characterization and Cost Estimate Report, Las Gemelas.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The report was prepared for PDVSA Exploration and Production, Protection Integral in Lagunillas, Estado Zulia, Venezuela to evaluate the conditions in 14 different study areas due to contamination resulting from the exploration, production and refining of...



PDVSA Waste Oil Lagoon Cleanup Feasibility Study. Characteriztion and Cost Estimate Report, La Concepcion.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The report was prepared for PDVSA Exploration and Production, Protection Integral in Lagunillas, Estado Zulia, Venezuela to evaluate the conditions in 14 different study areas due to contamination resulting from the exploration, production and refining of...



PDVSA Waste Oil Lagoon Cleanup Feasibility Study. Characterization and Cost Estimate Report, Mara DM-120.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The report was prepared for PDVSA Exploration and Production, Protection Integral in Lagunillas, Estado Zulia, Venezuela to evaluate the conditions in 14 different study areas due to contamination resulting from the exploration, production and refining of...



PDVSA Waste Oil Lagoon Cleanup Feasibility Study. Prioritization Report.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The report was prepared for PDVSA Exploration and Production, Protection Integral in Lagunillas, Estado Zulia, Venezuela to evaluate the conditions in 14 different study areas due to contamination resulting from the exploration, production and refining of...




Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER)

Text Version... Unión Europea, Japón y los Estados Unidos, así como las de Australia, Canadá, los países Nórdicos y la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS). ... More results from


Los Ref ige ios!  

Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN)

Text Version... Las Guías Alimentarias para las Personas que Viven en los Estados Unidos recomiendan que escoja leche baja en grasa o sin grasa, yogur o ... More results from


Demographic implications of the New United States certificates  

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\\u000a Resumen  Rara atender al desarrollo de una información uniforme de sucesos vitales en los cincuenta estados, junto con Puerto Rico\\u000a y las islas Vírgenes, el gobierno de los Estados Unidos prepara cettificados estandar de nacimienios, muertes fetales, muertes,\\u000a matrimonios y divorcios. Estos modelos son revisados aproximadamente cada diez años con asistencia de todos los esiados, Actualmente\\u000a se está preparando una revisión

Anders S. Lunde; Robert D. Grove



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 31 de enero de 2012

Dr. Nils Daulaire Salud mundial a través de la colaboración y el liderazgo Para conmemorar el Día Mundial del Cáncer que tuvo lugar el 4 febrero, el doctor Nils Daulaire, director de la Oficina de Asuntos Internacionales del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos de los Estados Unidos habla sobre las razones por las cuales los Estados Unidos deben participar en iniciativas para mejorar la salud mundial.


Potential effects of accumulating environmental policies on Dutch dairy farms.  


Consequences for farm management, environment, and economics of environmental policies for Dutch dairy farms were examined through modeling with two policies applied successively to typical dairy farms. Both policies aim to decrease nutrient losses in the soil. The first policy, the Mineral Accounting System (MINAS), is a farm gate balance approach that was introduced in 1998. Acceptable surpluses and levies are gradually tightened in this system until final standards are used in 2003. The second policy was developed to comply with the European Union Nitrate Directive and is called the Manure Transfer Agreement System (MTAS). This system links production and use of animal manure. Farms that produce more manure than the amount that can be applied on their own land according to standards are obliged to have a contract with a farmer who is willing to apply the surplus of manure on his farm. This system will be first applied in 2002 and final standards will be used in 2003. Results of the MINAS policy show fine-tuning of protein feeding especially by replacing grass in summer rations by maize silage and low protein concentrate. Another general result of MINAS is decreased use of N-fertilizer on grassland. As a consequence, division of the area between maize silage and grassland is adjusted. Income drop ranges from 1400 euros to 4800 (5 to 18%). Mineral Accounting System N surpluses drop by 45 to 113 kg/ha (23 to 37%). Adding MTAS is an incentive for more grassland as grassland has a higher manure application standard. Particularly for intensive farms, MTAS leads to high extra costs (2600 euros). However, expected environmental improvement is negligible. Therefore, from an environmental point of view there is no logic in adding the MTAS. PMID:12703639

Berentsen, P B M; Tiessink, M



Leaf water repellency of species in Guatemala and Colorado (USA) and its significance to forest hydrology studies  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Fog persistency and high precipitation totals contribute to the unique ecohydrology of tropical montane cloud forests. The persistence of water droplets on leaf surfaces in cloud forests inhibits photosynthetic carbon exchange because carbon dioxide diffuses slower in water than air. Adaptations that reduce water retention on leaf surfaces may increase photosynthetic capacity of cloud forests. The objective of the present study was to determine if 12 cloud forest species from the Sierra de las Minas, Guatemala have a higher degree of leaf water repellency than 12 species from tropical dry forests in Chiquimula, Guatemala and 12 species from foothills grassland vegetation in Colorado (USA). Leaf water repellency was measured as the contact angle between the leaf surface and the line tangent to the water droplet passing through the point of contact between the droplet and the leaf surface. Analysis of variance indicated that leaf water repellency was significantly different between the three study areas; however, the leaf water repellency of 12 species in the Sierra de las Minas was lower than 12 species in Chiquimula and lower than the leaf water repellency of 12 species in Colorado. Leaf water repellency of abaxial surfaces of all species in the cloud forest (Sierra de las Minas) was greater leaf water repellency of adaxial surfaces. The low values of leaf water repellency in cloud forest species may be influenced by presence of epiphylls or the loss of epicuticular wax on the leaf surfaces because of high precipitation totals and longer leaf life-span. High leaf water repellency in dry climates may be an adaptation to increase hydrological inputs underneath the canopy.

Holder, Curtis D.



Geotourism in the "Estrada Real", Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Many natural landscapes are preserved throughout the World due to their cultural and historical values as well as for their environmental importance. The Way of Saint James of Compostela (Camino de Santiago de Compostela), located in Europe, is a well known example of this. It was the inspiration source for the development of a tourist route in the Brazilian States of Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, although it has no pilgrimage connotation. The Estrada Real (literally translated as the Royal Route) is made of a series of roads or routes that were formerly used by the Portuguese colonizers to control the flow of gold, silver, diamonds and other precious stones and minerals. The tourist activities, particularly in the State of Minas Gerais, are experiencing an accelerated growth, benefiting the local and traditional communities economically. The existence of various geomorphological and geological sites in the Estrada Real has also favored the increase of the ecotourism and the Brazilian incipient geotourism. However, the uncontrolled touristic activities can damage the natural environment and some historical heritage sites. This research basically consisted in a preliminary identification of important geomorphosites such as caves and mountains that need to be protected for a rational and sustainable use. Out of the 4,632 known Brazilian caves, approximately 1,655 caves developed in limestone, dolomite, quartzite and granite are located in the State of Minas Gerais. For this reason, the authors strongly recommend that studies on the importance of such geomorphosites should take place in the municipalities of the Estrada Real in order to guide the regional development of tourism and sustainable development. Keywords: ecotourism, Estrada Real, sustainability.

Travassos, L. E. P.; Barbosa, F. M. Da C. P.



Fumarole/plume and diffuse CO2 emission from Sierra Negra caldera, Galapagos archipelago  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Measurements of visible and diffuse gas emission were conducted in 2006 at the summit of Sierra Negra volcano, Galapagos, with the aim to better characterize degassing after the 2005 eruption. A total SO2 emission of 11 ± 2 t day-1 was derived from miniature differential optical absorption spectrometer (mini-DOAS) ground-based measurements of the plume emanating from the Mini Azufral fumarolic area, the most important site of visible degassing at Sierra Negra volcano. Using a portable multigas system, the H2S/SO2, CO2/SO2, and H2O/SO2 molar ratios in the Mina Azufral plume emissions were found to be 0.41, 52.2, and 867.9, respectively. The corresponding H2O, CO2, and H2S emission rates were 562, 394, and 3 t day-1, respectively. The total output of d