Sample records for etude rimed rayonnements

  1. Rime Mushrooms - Extreme Rime Ice Buildup on Mountain Summits of Southern Patagonia

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Whiteman, C. D.


    The Southern Patagonian Andes are known among mountain climbers for a meteorological phenomenon that occurs there but is unknown in many other mountain areas. The phenomenon is the buildup of rime ice in large bulbous or mushroom-shaped accretions on the windward side of projecting mountain summits, ridges and exposed near-vertical rock faces. These "ice mushrooms" have never been investigated scientifically. This talk will introduce the audience to ice mushrooms, describe where they are found, consider the meteorological factors leading to their formation, and illustrate how they are negotiated by mountain climbers using photographs and descriptions from Southern Patagonia.

  2. Insights into riming and aggregation processes as revealed by aircraft, radar, and disdrometer observations for a 27 April 2011 widespread precipitation event: Insights into Riming and Aggregation


    Giangrande, Scott E.; Toto, Tami; Bansemer, Aaron; Kumjian, Matthew R.; Mishra, Subhashree; Ryzhkov, Alexander V.


    Our study presents aircraft spiral ascent and descent observations intercepting a transition to riming processes during widespread stratiform precipitation. The sequence is documented using collocated scanning and profiling radar, including longer-wavelength dual polarization measurements and shorter-wavelength Doppler spectra. Riming regions are supported using aircraft measurements recording elevated liquid water concentrations, spherical particle shapes, and saturation with respect to water. Profiling cloud radar observations indicate riming regions during the event as having increasing particle fall speeds, rapid time-height changes, and bimodalities in Doppler spectra. These particular riming signatures are coupled to scanning dual polarization radar observations of higher differential reflectivity (ZDR)more » aloft. Moreover, reduced melting layer enhancements and delayed radar bright-band signatures in the column are also observed during riming periods, most notably with the profiling radar observations. The bimodal cloud radar Doppler spectra captured near riming zones indicate two time-height spectral ice peaks, one rimed particle peak, and one peak associated with pristine ice needle generation and/or growth between -4°C and -7°C also sampled by aircraft probes. We observe this pristine needle population near the rimed particle region which gives a partial explanation for the enhanced ZDR. The riming signatures aloft and radar measurements within the melting level are weakly lag correlated (r~0.6) with smaller median drop sizes at the surface, as compared with later times when aggregation of larger particle sizes was believed dominant.« less

  3. Charge transfer during individual collisions in ice growing by riming

    NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

    Avila, Eldo E.; Caranti, Giorgio M.


    The charging of a target by riming in the wind was studied in the temperature range of (-10, -18 C). For each temperature, charge transfers of both signs are observed and, according to the environmental conditions, one of them prevails. The charge is more positive as the liquid water concentration is increased at any particular temperature. It is found that even at the low impact velocities used (5 m/s) there is abundant evidence of fragmentation following the collision.

  4. The Role of Phoneme and Onset-Rime Awareness in Second Language Reading Acquisition

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Haigh, Corinne A.; Savage, Robert; Erdos, Caroline; Genesee, Fred


    This study investigated the link between phoneme and onset-rime awareness and reading outcomes in children learning to read in a second language (L2). Closely matched phoneme and onset-rime awareness tasks were administered in English and French in the spring of kindergarten to English-dominant children in French immersion programmes (n=98).…

  5. Investigation of riming within mixed-phase stratiform clouds using Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Hou, Tuanjie; Lei, Hengchi; Yang, Jiefan; Hu, Zhaoxia; Feng, Qiujuan


    In this study, we investigated stratiform precipitation associated with an upper-level westerly trough and a cold front over northern China between 30 Apr. and 1 May 2009. We employed the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model (version 3.4.1) to perform high-resolution numerical simulations of rainfall. We also conducted simulations with two microphysics schemes and sensitivity experiments without riming of snow and changing cloud droplet number concentrations (CDNCs) to determine the effect of snow riming on cloud structure and precipitation. Then we compared our results with CloudSat, Doppler radar and rain gauge observations. The comparison with the Doppler radar observations suggested that the WRF model was quite successful in capturing the timing and location of the stratiform precipitation region. Further comparisons with the CloudSat retrievals suggested that both microphysics schemes overestimated ice and liquid water contents. The sensitivity experiments without riming of snow suggested that the presence or absence of riming significantly influenced the precipitation distribution, but only slightly affected total accumulated precipitation. Without riming of snow, the changes of updrafts from the two microphysics schemes were different due to a different consideration of ice particle capacitance and latent heat effect of riming on deposition. While sensitivity experiments with three different CDNC values of 100, 250 and 1000 cm- 3 suggested variations in snow riming rates, changing CDNC had little impact on precipitation.

  6. Polarimetric radar and in situ observations of riming and snowfall microphysics during CLACE 2014

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Grazioli, J.; Lloyd, G.; Panziera, L.; Hoyle, C. R.; Connolly, P. J.; Henneberger, J.; Berne, A.


    This study investigates the microphysics of winter alpine snowfall occurring in mixed-phase clouds in an inner-Alpine valley during January and February 2014. The available observations include high-resolution polarimetric radar and in situ measurements of the ice-phase and liquid-phase components of clouds and precipitation. Radar-based hydrometeor classification suggests that riming is an important factor to favor an efficient growth of the precipitating mass and correlates with snow accumulation rates at ground level. The time steps during which rimed precipitation is dominant are analyzed in terms of temporal evolution and vertical structure. Snowfall identified as rimed often appears after a short time period during which the atmospheric conditions favor wind gusts and updrafts and supercooled liquid water (SLW) is available. When a turbulent atmospheric layer persists for several hours and ensures continuous SLW generation, riming can be sustained longer and large accumulations of snow at ground level can be generated. The microphysical interpretation and the meteorological situation associated with one such event are detailed in the paper. The vertical structure of polarimetric radar observations during intense snowfall classified as rimed shows a peculiar maximum of specific differential phase shift Kdp, associated with large number concentrations and riming of anisotropic crystals. Below this Kdp peak there is usually an enhancement in radar reflectivity ZH, proportional to the Kdp enhancement and interpreted as aggregation of ice crystals. These signatures seem to be recurring during intense snowfall.

  7. Riming in winter alpine snowfall during CLACE 2014: polarimetric radar and in-situ observations

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Grazioli, J.; Lloyd, G.; Panziera, L.; Connolly, P. J.; Henneberger, J.; Berne, A.


    This study investigates the microphysics of winter alpine snowfall occurring in mixed-phase clouds in an inner-Alpine valley during January and February 2014. The available observations include high resolution polarimetric radar and in-situ measurements of the ice-phase and liquid-phase components of clouds and precipitation. Radar-based hydrometeor classification suggests that riming is a dominant factor leading to an efficient growth of the precipitating mass and to a large snow accumulation on the ground. The time steps during which rimed precipitation is dominant are analysed in terms of temporal evolution and vertical structure. In most cases, riming is the result of a turbulent phase, of limited duration, during which supercooled liquid water (SLW) is available. When this turbulent layer is stable in time and continuously provides SLW, riming can be sustained for many hours without SLW depletion, thus generating large accumulations of snow. The microphysical interpretation as well as the meteorological situation associated with one event with those characteristics are detailed in the manuscript. The vertical structure of polarimetric radar observations during intense rimed precipitation shows a peculiar maximum of specific differential phase shift Kdp, associated with large number concentrations and/or heavy riming of anisotropic crystals. Below this Kdp peak there is usually an enhancement in ZH, proportional to the Kdp enhancement and interpreted as aggregation of ice crystals.

  8. The Radar for Icy Moon Exploration (RIME) on the JUICE Mission

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Bruzzone, L.; Plaut, J.; Alberti, G.; Blankenship, D. D.; Bovolo, F.; Campbell, B. A.; Castelletti, D.; Gim, Y.; Ilisei, A. M.; Kofman, W. W.; Komatsu, G.; McKinnon, W. B.; Mitri, G.; Moussessian, A.; Notarnicola, C.; Orosei, R.; Patterson, G. W.; Pettinelli, E.; Plettemeier, D.


    The Radar for Icy Moon Exploration (RIME) is one of the main instruments included in the JUpiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE) ESA mission. It is a radar sounder designed for studying the subsurface geology and geophysics of Galilean icy moons (i.e., Ganymede, Europa and Callisto) and for detecting possible subsurface water. RIME is designed for penetration of the icy moons up to a depth of 9 km. Two main operation scenarios are foreseen for RIME: i) flyby observations of Europa, Ganymede and Callisto (from a distance of 1000 km to the closest approach of about 400 km); and ii) circular orbital observations around Ganymede at 500 km of altitude. According to these scenarios, RIME is designed to explore the icy shell of the Galilean icy satellites by characterizing the wide range of compositional, thermal, and structural variation found in the subsurface of these moons. RIME observations will profile the ice shells of the Galilean icy satellites with specific focus on Ganymede given the circular orbital phase. The acquired measures will provide geological context on hemispheric (thousands of km), regional (hundreds of km with multiple overlaps), and targeted (tens of km) scales appropriate for a variety of hypothesis tests. RIME will operate in a single frequency band, centred at 9 MHz. The frequency was selected as the result of extensive study of penetration capabilities, surface roughness of the moons, Jovian radio noise, antenna accommodation, and system design. The 9 MHz frequency provides penetration capabilities and mitigation of surface scattering (which can cause signal loss and clutter issues), at the expense of mapping coverage, as it is likely to obtain high SNR observations only on the anti-Jovian side of the target moons. The RIME antenna is a 16 m dipole. The chirp pulse bandwidth is up to 3 MHz, which provides vertical resolution of about 50 m in ice after side lobe weighting. RIME will also operate with 1 MHz bandwidth to reduce data volume when

  9. Riming in alpine snowfall during CLACE 2014: Polarimetric radar and in situ observations

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Grazioli, Jacopo; Berne, Alexis


    Riming occurs when ice crystals or snowflakes encounter supercooled liquid water (SLW) droplets during their fall to the surface within a mixed-phase cloud. It is an efficient mechanism to convert cloud liquid droplets to precipitating ice particles, frequently seen in snowfall in the mid-latitude regions. This study investigates the microphysics of winter alpine snowfall occurring in mixed-phase clouds in an inner-Alpine valley during January and February 2014. The available observations include high-resolution polarimetric radar and in situ measurements of the ice-phase and liquid-phase components of clouds and precipitation. Radar-based hydrometeor classification suggests that riming is an important factor to favour an efficient growth of the precipitating mass and correlates with snow accumulation rates at ground level. The time steps during which rimed precipitation is dominant are analyzed in terms of temporal evolution and vertical structure. Snowfall identified as rimed often appears after a short time period during which the atmospheric conditions favour wind gusts and updrafts and supercooled liquid water (SLW) is available. When a turbulent atmospheric layer persists for several hours and ensures continuous SLW generation, riming can be sustained longer and large accumulations of snow at ground level can be generated. The microphysical interpretation and the meteorological situation associated with one such event are detailed in the presentation.

  10. Charge Transfer Process During Collision of Riming Graupel Pellet with Small Ice Crystals within a Thundercloud

    NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

    Datta, Saswati; De, Utpal K.; Goswami, K.; Jones, Linwood


    A charge transfer process during the collision of a riming graupel pellet and an ice-crystal at low temperature is proposed. During riming, the surface structure of graupel deviates from perfect crystalline structure. A concept of quasi-solid layer (QSL) formation on the surface is introduced. This QSL contains defects formed during riming. In absence of impurities, positively charged X-defect abundance is considered in the outer layer. These defects are assumed to be the charge carriers during the charge transfer process. Some part of the QSL is stripped off by the colliding ice crystals, which thereby gain some positive charge, leaving the graupel pellet negatively charged. With the proposed model, fC to pC of charge transfer is observed per collision. A transition temperature between -10 C to -15 C is also noted beyond which the QSL concept does not hold. This transition temperature is dependent on the bulk liquid water content of the cloud.

  11. Rime and graupel: description and characterization as revealed by low-temperature scanning electron microscopy.


    Rango, Albert; Foster, James; Josberger, Edward G; Erbe, Eric F; Pooley, Christopher; Wergin, William P


    Snow crystals, which form by vapor deposition, occasionally come in contact with supercooled cloud droplets during their formation and descent. When this occurs, the droplets adhere and freeze to the snow crystals in a process known as accretion. During the early stages of accretion, discrete snow crystals exhibiting frozen cloud droplets are referred to as rime. If this process continues, the snow crystal may become completely engulfed in frozen cloud droplets. The resulting particle is known as graupel. Light microscopic investigations have studied rime and graupel for nearly 100 years. However, the limiting resolution and depth of field associated with the light microscope have prevented detailed descriptions of the microscopic cloud droplets and the three-dimensional topography of the rime and graupel particles. This study uses low-temperature scanning electron microscopy to characterize the frozen precipitates that are commonly known as rime and graupel. Rime, consisting of frozen cloud droplets, is observed on all types of snow crystals including needles, columns, plates, and dendrites. The droplets, which vary in size from 10 to 100 microm, frequently accumulate along one face of a single snow crystal, but are found more randomly distributed on aggregations consisting of two or more snow crystals (snowflakes). The early stages of riming are characterized by the presence of frozen cloud droplets that appear as a layer of flattened hemispheres on the surface of the snow crystal. As this process continues, the cloud droplets appear more sinuous and elongate as they contact and freeze to the rimed crystals. The advanced stages of this process result in graupel, a particle 1 to 3 mm across, composed of hundreds of frozen cloud droplets interspersed with considerable air spaces; the original snow crystal is no longer discernible. This study increases our knowledge about the process and characteristics of riming and suggests that the initial appearance of the

  12. Rime and graupel: Description and characterization as revealed by low-temperature scanning electron microscopy

    USGS Publications Warehouse

    Rango, A.; Foster, J.; Josberger, E.G.; Erbe, E.F.; Pooley, C.; Wergin, W.P.


    Snow crystals, which form by vapor deposition, occasionally come in contact with supercooled cloud droplets during their formation and descent. When this occurs, the droplets adhere and freeze to the snow crystals in a process known as accretion. During the early stages of accretion, discrete snow crystals exhibiting frozen cloud droplets are referred to as rime. If this process continues, the snow crystal may become completely engulfed in frozen cloud droplets. The resulting particle is known as graupel. Light microscopic investigations have studied rime and graupel for nearly 100 years. However, the limiting resolution and depth of field associated with the light microscope have prevented detailed descriptions of the microscopic cloud droplets and the three-dimensional topography of the rime and graupel particles. This study uses low-temperature scanning electron microscopy to characterize the frozen precipitates that are commonly known as rime and graupel. Rime, consisting of frozen cloud droplets, is observed on all types of snow crystals including needles, columns, plates, and dendrites. The droplets, which vary in size from 10 to 100 μm, frequently accumulate along one face of a single snow crystal, but are found more randomly distributed on aggregations consisting of two or more snow crystals (snowflakes). The early stages of riming are characterized by the presence of frozen cloud droplets that appear as a layer of flattened hemispheres on the surface of the snow crystal. As this process continues, the cloud droplets appear more sinuous and elongate as they contact and freeze to the rimed crystals. The advanced stages of this process result in graupel, a particle 1 to 3 mm across, composed of hundreds of frozen cloud droplets interspersed with considerable air spaces; the original snow crystal is no longer discernible. This study increases our knowledge about the process and characteristics of riming and suggests that the initial appearance of the

  13. Rime ice accretion and its effect on airfoil performance. Ph.D. Thesis. Final Report

    NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

    Bragg, M. B.


    A methodology was developed to predict the growth of rime ice, and the resulting aerodynamic penalty on unprotected, subcritical, airfoil surfaces. The system of equations governing the trajectory of a water droplet in the airfoil flowfield is developed and a numerical solution is obtained to predict the mass flux of super cooled water droplets freezing on impact. A rime ice shape is predicted. The effect of time on the ice growth is modeled by a time-stepping procedure where the flowfield and droplet mass flux are updated periodically through the ice accretion process. Two similarity parameters, the trajectory similarity parameter and accumulation parameter, are found to govern the accretion of rime ice. In addition, an analytical solution is presented for Langmuir's classical modified inertia parameter. The aerodynamic evaluation of the effect of the ice accretion on airfoil performance is determined using an existing airfoil analysis code with empirical corrections. The change in maximum lift coefficient is found from an analysis of the new iced airfoil shape. The drag correction needed due to the severe surface roughness is formulated from existing iced airfoil and rough airfoil data. A small scale wind tunnel test was conducted to determine the change in airfoil performance due to a simulated rime ice shape.

  14. Annotated Bibliography of Computer Software for Teaching Early Reading and Spelling. Project RIMES 2000.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Rhein, Deborah; Alibrandi, Mary; Lyons, Mary; Sammons, Janice; Doyle, Luther

    This bibliography, developed by Project RIMES (Reading Instructional Methods of Efficacy with Students) lists 80 software packages for teaching early reading and spelling to students at risk for reading and spelling failure. The software packages are presented alphabetically by title. Entries usually include a grade level indicator, a brief…

  15. Phoneme Manipulation Not Onset-Rime Manipulation Ability Is a Unique Predictor of Early Reading

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Savage, Robert; Carless, Sue


    Background: Phonological awareness is known to be an excellent predictor of later reading acquisition. It remains unclear, however, whether phoneme manipulation alone best explains this association or whether an additional direct contribution of onset-rime awareness is predictive. This issue is explored here. Method: A longitudinal study is…

  16. Understanding the Role of Riming in Deep Convection Through Variability in Collection Efficiencies and Aerosol Effects

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Saleeby, S. M.; van den Heever, S. C.; Marinescu, P. J.; Kreidenweis, S. M.; DeMott, P. J.; Tao, W. K.; Matsui, T.; Wu, D.


    In many mixed-phase cloud systems, the riming of cloud droplets is a key microphysical process in the growth of precipitation-sized hydrometeors. The relative importance of riming compared to other hydrometeor growth mechanisms depends on the type of cloud system and the mass, size, and number concentration of cloud droplets and ice species. In a perturbed climate state, the nature of deep convection may be altered through changes in the environmental conditions and aerosol concentrations. Such climate-induced variability can modify the dominant microphysical processes that generate precipitation through changes in hydrometeor size spectra. Such changes could either increase or decrease precipitation production and efficiency as well as impact associated morphology of clouds and convection. If the efficiency of the riming process is modified through these climate changes, it can alter the accumulated precipitation, precipitation intensity, spatial and temporal distribution of cloud and ice water, and the radiation budget through the modification of ice spectra and areal coverage of upper-level anvil clouds. The impacts of variability in aerosol concentration and collision efficiencies on the riming process in deep convection is explored through the use of high-resolution cloud resolving model simulations of a squall line that occurred May 20, 2011 over the U.S. central plains during the MC3E field project. Results thus far have demonstrated that changes in the riming rates strongly impact the intensity and partitioning of squall line precipitation between convective and stratiform, the lofting of condensate to upper levels, the vertical distribution of latent heating, and the area and optical thickness of stratiform anvil clouds. Analyses from direct tests of microphysical processes have revealed that a reduction in riming rates leads to less precipitation, greater amounts of lofted cloud water, and greater ice mass in cirrus anvils. Further, an increase in aerosol

  17. Wind tunnel investigations on the retention of carboxylic acids during riming

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Jost, Alexander; Szakáll, Miklós; Diehl, Karoline; Mitra, Subir K.; Borrmann, Stephan


    In mid-latitudes, precipitation is mainly initiated via the ice phase in mixed phase clouds. In such clouds the ice particles grow to precipitation sizes at the expense of liquid drops through riming which means that supercooled droplets collide with ice particles and subsequently freeze. Water-soluble trace substances present in the liquid phase might remain only fractionally in the ice phase after freezing. This fractionation is called retention and is an important ratio which quantifies the partitioning of atmospheric trace substances between the phases. Laboratory experiments were carried out at the Mainz vertical wind tunnel to determine the retention of lower mono- and di-carboxylic acids during riming. Due to their low molecular weight and their polarity these acids are water-soluble. In the atmosphere formic acid and acetic acid are the most abundant mono-carboxylic acids in the gas and aqueous phase, thus, they represent the major fraction of carboxylic acids in cloud water. Oxalic and malonic acid are common coatings on aerosol particles because of their relatively low saturation vapor pressure. These di-carboxylic acids might therefore promote the aerosol particles to act as cloud condensation nuclei and additionally contribute to the aqueous phase chemistry in cloud droplets. The conditions during the riming experiments in the wind tunnel were similar to those in atmospheric mixed phase clouds, i.e. temperatures from -18°C to -6 °C, liquid water contents between 0.5 and 1.5 g/m3, and liquid drop radii between 10 and 20 μm. The liquid phase concentrations ranged from 3 to 5 mg/l (4.1 < pH < 4.5). As rime collectors captively floating ice particles and quasi-floating snowflakes with diameters between 0.6 and 1.5 cm were used. The wind speed in the vertical wind tunnel was very close to the terminal velocities of the rime collectors, thus, the ventilation during riming was in the same order of magnitude as under atmospheric riming conditions. After

  18. Rime-, mixed- and glaze-ice evaluations of three scaling laws

    NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

    Anderson, David N.


    This report presents the results of tests at NASA Lewis to evaluate three icing scaling relationships or 'laws' for an unheated model. The laws were LWC x time = constant, one proposed by a Swedish-Russian group and one used at ONERA in France. Icing tests were performed in the NASA Lewis Icing Research Tunnel (IRT) with cylinders ranging from 2.5- to 15.2-cm diameter. Reference conditions were chosen to provide rime, mixed and glaze ice. Scaled conditions were tested for several scenarios of size and velocity scaling, and the resulting ice shapes compared. For rime-ice conditions, all three of the scaling laws provided scaled ice shapes which closely matched reference ice shapes. For mixed ice and for glaze ice none of the scaling laws produced consistently good simulation of the reference ice shapes. Explanations for the observed results are proposed, and scaling issues requiring further study are identified.

  19. Observed Influence of Riming, Temperature, and Turbulence on the Fallspeed of Solid Precipitation

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Garrett, T. J.; Yuter, S. E.


    Forecasts of the amount and geographic distribution of snow are highly sensitive to a model's parameterization of hydrometeor fallspeed. Riming is generally thought to lead to larger, heavier particles with higher terminal velocities. Yet models commonly assume that heavily rimed particles such as graupel have a fixed density and that their settling speed is unaffected by turbulence in storms. Here we show automated measurements of photographed hydrometeor shape and fallspeed using a Multi Angle Snowflake Camera placed in Utah's Wasatch Mountain Range. The data show that graupel in low turbulence conditions has a size-dependent fallspeed distribution with a mode near 1 m/s, a result that is generally consistent with prior observations. However, the distributions are broadened by turbulence and a correspondence between particle density and air temperature. In high turbulence and at low temperatures, any sensitivity of fallspeed to particle size disappears.

  20. Observed influence of riming, temperature, and turbulence on the fallspeed of solid precipitation

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Garrett, Timothy J.; Yuter, Sandra E.


    Forecasts of the amount and geographic distribution of snow are highly sensitive to a model's parameterization of hydrometeor fallspeed. Riming is generally thought to lead to particles with a higher mass and terminal velocity. Yet models commonly assume that heavily rimed particles such as graupel have a fixed density and that their settling speed is unaffected by turbulence in storms. Here we show automated measurements of photographed hydrometeor shape and fallspeed using a new instrument placed in Utah's Wasatch Mountain Range. The data show that graupel in low-turbulence conditions has a size-dependent fallspeed distribution with a mode near 1 m s-1, a result that is generally consistent with prior observations. However, the distributions are broadened by turbulence and there is a correspondence between particle density and air temperature. In high turbulence and at low temperatures, any sensitivity of fallspeed to particle size disappears.

  1. Water Droplet Impingement on Simulated Glaze, Mixed, and Rime Ice Accretions

    NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

    Papadakis, Michael; Rachman, Arief; Wong, See-Cheuk; Yeong, Hsiung-Wei; Hung, Kuohsing E.; Vu, Giao T.; Bidwell, Colin S.


    Water droplet impingement data were obtained at the NASA Glenn Icing Research Tunnel (IRT) for a 36-in. chord NACA 23012 airfoil with and without simulated ice using a dye-tracer method. The simulated ice shapes were defined with the NASA Glenn LEWICE 2.2 ice accretion program and including one rime, four mixed and five glaze ice shapes. The impingement experiments were performed with spray clouds having median volumetric diameters of 20, 52, 111, 154, and 236 micron. Comparisons to the experimental data were generated which showed good agreement for the rime and mixed shapes at lower drop sizes. For larger drops sizes LEWICE 2.2 over predicted the collection efficiencies due to droplet splashing effects which were not modeled in the program. Also for the more complex glaze ice shapes interpolation errors resulted in the over prediction of collection efficiencies in cove or shadow regions of ice shapes.

  2. Using Field and Satellite Measurements to Improve Snow and Riming Processes in Cloud Resolving Models

    NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

    Colle, Brian A.; Molthan, Andrew L.


    The representation of clouds in climate and weather models is a driver in forecast uncertainty. Cloud microphysics parameterizations are challenged by having to represent a diverse range of ice species. Key characteristics of predicted ice species include habit and fall speed, and complex interactions that result from mixed-phased processes like riming. Our proposed activity leverages Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Mission ground validation studies to improve parameterizations

  3. Fingerprints of a riming event on cloud radar Doppler spectra: observations and modeling

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Kalesse, Heike; Szyrmer, Wanda; Kneifel, Stefan; Kollias, Pavlos; Luke, Edward


    Radar Doppler spectra measurements are exploited to study a riming event when precipitating ice from a seeder cloud sediment through a supercooled liquid water (SLW) layer. The focus is on the "golden sample" case study for this type of analysis based on observations collected during the deployment of the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program's (ARM) mobile facility AMF2 at Hyytiälä, Finland, during the Biogenic Aerosols - Effects on Clouds and Climate (BAECC) field campaign. The presented analysis of the height evolution of the radar Doppler spectra is a state-of-the-art retrieval with profiling cloud radars in SLW layers beyond the traditional use of spectral moments. Dynamical effects are considered by following the particle population evolution along slanted tracks that are caused by horizontal advection of the cloud under wind shear conditions. In the SLW layer, the identified liquid peak is used as an air motion tracer to correct the Doppler spectra for vertical air motion and the ice peak is used to study the radar profiles of rimed particles. A 1-D steady-state bin microphysical model is constrained using the SLW and air motion profiles and cloud top radar observations. The observed radar moment profiles of the rimed snow can be simulated reasonably well by the model, but not without making several assumptions about the ice particle concentration and the relative role of deposition and aggregation. This suggests that in situ observations of key ice properties are needed to complement the profiling radar observations before process-oriented studies can effectively evaluate ice microphysical parameterizations.

  4. A study of the influence of riming of ice crystals on snow chemistry during different seasons in precipitating continental clouds

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Kalina, M. F.; Puxbaum, H.

    During three field campaigns at Mt Sonnblick—SBO—(3106 m a.s.l.), Salzburg, Austria, in winter 1991, spring and summer 1992, a comprehensive study of cloud water and precipitation chemistry was performed including a microscopic study of form, size and degree of riming of precipitating ice crystals. The surface weighted average of the degree of riming of precipitating snow showed large fluctuations during all seasons studied with a range of 0.5-4.5 The average degree of riming was around 2 during the November and June campaigns and 2.6 in March. The attachment of cloud droplets to precipitating ice crystals was found to be the predominant process determining the final composition of a snowflake. This process was found to be active during all seasons studied. The strong seasonality of the sulfate concentration in precipitation at SBO with very low values during winter and high values during summer could be attributed primarily to the corresponding fluctuation of the sulfate concentration in the cloud water while the extent of riming was rather similar at least during the periods of our winter and summer campaigns. There are indications that the extent of riming is higher during the spring season as compared to winter or summer conditions which might help to explain the spring maximum of sulfate observed in continental precipitation. the amount of cloud water being attached to the ice crystals in relation to the amount of unrimed ice phase in the riming process was estimated to be around 30% during November and June and around 70% in March. The ice crystal shapes and size distributions observed during different cloud temperatures were according to the scheme of Magono and Lee ( Journal of the Faculty of Science of Hokkaido University, Series VII, 1966, 2, 321-335).

  5. Requirements for low density riming and two stage growth on atmospheric particles

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Levi, Laura; Castellano, Nesvit E.; Nasello, Olga B.; Prodi, Franco

    A theoretical study is carried out of the conditions that can be expected to determine low density riming on atmospheric ice particles. Using a growth simulation model, critical liquid water contents Lwc and air temperatures Ta are calculated, which correspond to a density ρ=0.5 g/cm 3 for rime deposit on ice particles with radii varying from 1 to 10 mm. Their dependence on the used laws for the ice density as a function of Macklin's parameter and for the drag coefficient as a function of Reynolds number, is discussed. The evolution of the density and related parameters for free falling particles growing by accretion from initial values of the radius R and density ρ is studied in different environmental conditions. It is shown that the temperature of the deposit Ts increases with R, up to the transition to wet growth, represented by Ts=0°C. Only for Lwc≥2 g/m 3 the transition from low density ice to wet growth is found to occur rapidly, at a distance from the center R≤1 cm. This distance is considered to represent the maximum radius of regions where two-stage growth, due to water penetration and freezing into pores of low-density layers, can be responsible for rapid variations of the particle density and consequently of its free-fall speed, which would characterize the effect of hail growth via microphysical recycling.

  6. Assessing the Effectiveness of Two Theoretically Motivated Computer-Assisted Reading Interventions in the United Kingdom: GG Rime and GG Phoneme

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Kyle, Fiona; Kujala, Janne; Richardson, Ulla; Lyytinen, Heikki; Goswami, Usha


    We report an empirical comparison of the effectiveness of two theoretically motivated computer-assisted reading interventions (CARI) based on the Finnish GraphoGame CARI: English GraphoGame Rime (GG Rime) and English GraphoGame Phoneme (GG Phoneme). Participants were 6-7-year-old students who had been identified by their teachers as being…

  7. Environmental Role of Rime Chemistry at Selected Mountain Sites in Poland

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Godek, Michał; Błaś, Marek; Sobik, Mieczysław; Polkowska, Żaneta; Cichała-Kamrowska, Katarzyna; Namieśnik, Jacek


    The results of field experiments on fog pollutant deposition enhanced by local mountain climate, completed by the dendrochronological analysis of the forest response, are presented in this paper. In spite of their low absolute altitude (1,000-1,600 m a.s.l), the Sudetes and the Silesian Beskid form a noticeable orographic barrier for the airflow of the humid Atlantic air masses. This results in the increase of cloudiness and fog frequency as well as both atmospheric precipitation and horizontal precipitation volume. Between January and December 2009 the daily samples of atmospheric precipitation and rime were collected on three selected mountain tops of similar height. The selected measurement sites were situated along a 300 km WNW-ESE profile parallel to the direction of the prevailing atmospheric circulation. High day-to-day variability of rime water volume, the total ionic content and chemical composition of the individual samples were typical of each measurement site and depended on the emission patterns, synoptic situation and the local climatic conditions influenced chiefly by terrain relief. Significantly larger rime efficiency and pollution deposition via fog were observed at the westernmost Szrenica Mt site rather than more to the southeast at Śnieżnik Mt and Skrzyczne Mt. This difference should be explained by more intense orographic deformation of predominant airflow from the western sector as well as the higher liquid water content of fog in the vicinity of Szrenica. Both temporal and spatial variability of fog deposition correlates closely with the health status of the drilled trees of Norway Spruce ( Picea Abies) in the Śnieżnik Massif. The averaged annual tree rings width near the local tree line (1,350 m a.s.l.) on the summit dome of Śnieżnik decreased by 71% between 1950 and the early 1980s. This is also the area of the highest rate of atmospheric pollutant deposition due to particularly important role of fog. At an altitude of 1,200 m a

  8. Rhyming Words and Onset-Rime Constituents: An Inquiry into Structural Breaking Points and Emergent Boundaries in the Syllable

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Geudens, Astrid; Sandra, Dominiek; Martensen, Heike


    Geudens and Sandra, in their 2003 study, investigated the special role of onsets and rimes in Dutch-speaking children's explicit phonological awareness. In the current study, we tapped implicit phonological knowledge using forced-choice similarity judgment (Experiment 1) and recall of syllable lists (Experiment 2). In Experiment 1, Dutch-speaking…

  9. Onset-Rime Units in Visual Word Recognition in Spanish Normal Readers and Children with Reading Disabilities.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Gonzalez, Juan E. Jimenez; Gonzalez, Carlos J. Alvarez; Monzo, Adelina Estevez; Hernandez-Valle, Isabel


    This study examined effects of intrasyllabic units on lexical decision performance in 15 normal reading (NR) children and 15 children with reading disabilities (RD) in a transparent orthography (Spanish). Findings suggest that Spanish children with RD do not use correspondences based on higher level units (onsets and rimes) in visual word…

  10. Orthographic Consistency and Word-Frequency Effects in Auditory Word Recognition: New Evidence from Lexical Decision and Rime Detection

    PubMed Central

    Petrova, Ana; Gaskell, M. Gareth; Ferrand, Ludovic


    Many studies have repeatedly shown an orthographic consistency effect in the auditory lexical decision task. Words with phonological rimes that could be spelled in multiple ways (i.e., inconsistent words) typically produce longer auditory lexical decision latencies and more errors than do words with rimes that could be spelled in only one way (i.e., consistent words). These results have been extended to different languages and tasks, suggesting that the effect is quite general and robust. Despite this growing body of evidence, some psycholinguists believe that orthographic effects on spoken language are exclusively strategic, post-lexical, or restricted to peculiar (low-frequency) words. In the present study, we manipulated consistency and word-frequency orthogonally in order to explore whether the orthographic consistency effect extends to high-frequency words. Two different tasks were used: lexical decision and rime detection. Both tasks produced reliable consistency effects for both low- and high-frequency words. Furthermore, in Experiment 1 (lexical decision), an interaction revealed a stronger consistency effect for low-frequency words than for high-frequency words, as initially predicted by Ziegler and Ferrand (1998), whereas no interaction was found in Experiment 2 (rime detection). Our results extend previous findings by showing that the orthographic consistency effect is obtained not only for low-frequency words but also for high-frequency words. Furthermore, these effects were also obtained in a rime detection task, which does not require the explicit processing of orthographic structure. Globally, our results suggest that literacy changes the way people process spoken words, even for frequent words. PMID:22025916

  11. Simulations of Severe Tropical Cyclone Nargis over the Bay of Bengal Using RIMES Operational System

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Raju, P. V. S.; Potty, Jayaraman; Mohanty, U. C.


    The Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System (RIMES), an international, intergovernmental organization based in Thailand is engaged in disaster risk reduction over the Asia-Pacific region through early warning information. In this paper, RIMES' customized Weather Research Forecast (WRF) model has been used to evaluate the simulations of cyclone Nargis which hit Myanmar on 2 May 2008, the most deadly severe weather event in the history of Myanmar. The model covers a domain of 35ºE to 145ºE in the east—west direction and 12ºS to 40ºN in the north—south direction in order to cover Asia and east Africa with a resolution of 9 km in the horizontal and 28 vertical levels. The initial and boundary conditions for the simulations were provided by the National Center for Environmental Prediction-Global Forecast System (NCEP-GFS) available at 1º lon/lat resolution. An attempt is being made to critically evaluate the simulation of cyclone Nargis by seven set of simulations in terms of track, intensity and landfall time of the cyclone. The seven sets of model simulations were initialized every 12 h starting from 0000 UTC 28 April to 01 May 2008. Tropical Rainfall Measurement Mission (TRMM) precipitation (mm) is used to evaluate the performance of the simulations of heavy rainfall associated with the tropical cyclone. The track and intensity of the simulated cyclone are compared by making use of Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) data sets. The results indicate that the landfall time, the distribution and intensity of the rainfall, pressure and wind field are well simulated as compared with the JTWC estimates. The average landfall track error for all seven simulations was 64 km with an average time error of about 5 h. The average intensity error of central pressure in all the simulations were found out to be approximately 6 hPa more than the JTWC estimates and in the case of wind, the simulations under predicted it by an average of 12 m s-1.

  12. ETUDE - European Trade Union Distance Education.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Creanor, Linda; Walker, Steve


    Describes transnational distance learning activities among European trade union educators carried out as part of the European Trade Union Distance Education (ETUDE) project, supported by the European Commission. Highlights include the context of international trade union distance education; tutor training course; tutors' experiences; and…

  13. Apport du rayonnement synchrotron à l'étude de cheveux archéologiques

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Bertrand, L.; Chevallier, P.; Doucet, J.; Simionovici, A.; Tsoucaris, G.; Walter, P.


    La préservation dans certains contextes archéologiques des cheveux humains et des fibres animales est favorisée par leur transformation chimique au contact d'objets métalliques. Afin de mieux comprendre les phénomènes complexes mis en jeu, nous avons étudié expérimentalement la fixation de cations métalliques (Cu et Pb) dans des cheveux modèles à partir de différentes méthodes de caractérisation utilisant le rayonnement X synchrotron. Nous avons ainsi pu mettre en évidence la fixation spécifique d'une partie de ces cations au sein des lipides structurés du cheveu. La comparaison entre échantillons modèles et archéologiques apporte de nouvelles données concernant les premières étapes d'altération des cheveux archéologiques.

  14. Les neuropeptides gastro-intestinaux cibles des effets des rayonnements ionisants : altérations fonctionnelles

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Linard, C.; Esposito, V.; Wysocki, J.; Griffiths, N. M.


    The symptoms associated with exposure to ionizing radiation are nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea. The response of the gut is complex involving modifications of motility and fluid and electrolyte transport. Gastrointestinal regulatory peptides have an important role in these functions. This study showed that radiation-induced tissue variations of neuropeptides have some repercussions on intestinal biological activity of these peptides soon after irradiation. In addition such modifications are also seen a few years after irradiation. Les symptômes associés à l'exposition aux rayonnements ionisants sont des nausées, vomissements et diarrhées. La réponse du système digestif est complexe, impliquant des modifications de la motilité et du transport d'eau et d'électrolytes. les neuropeptides gastro-intestinaux ont un rôle important dans ces fonctions. Cette étude montre que les variations tissulaires de ces neuropeptides induites par l'irradiation ont des répercussions sur l'activité biologique intestinale pour des temps précoces mais que ces perturbations sont encore visibles quelques années après l'irradiation.

  15. Étude des perturbations conduites et rayonnées dans une cellule de commutation

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Costa, F.; Forest, F.; Puzo, A.; Rojat, G.


    The principles used in static conversion and the rise of the performances of the new switching devices contribue to increase the level of electromagnetic noises emitted by electronic converters. We have studied the way how these perturbations are created and coupled through their environment in conducted and radiated mode by a switching cell. This one can work in hard switching, zero current or voltage switching modes. We first outline the general problems of electromagnetic pollution and their metrology in converters. Then we describe the experimental environment. We analyse the mechanisms of generation of parasitic signals in a switching cell related to the electrical constraints and its switching mode. The simulated results, issued of the analytical models obtained, are confronted with the experimental ones. Then we show a method to calculate analytically the E and H near fields. It has been confirmed by experimental results. At last, we present, in a synthetic manner, the main results obtained, relative to the switching mode and the electrical constraints, using a new characterizing method. Theses results will allow the designer to incorporate the electromagnetic considerations in the conception of a converter. Les principes de commutation employés en conversion statique, l'évolution des performances statiques et dynamiques des composants, contribuent à faire des dispositifs de conversion statique de puissants générateurs de perturbations conduites et rayonnées. Nous nous sommes attachés à étudier les mécanismes de génération et de couplage des perturbations, tant en mode conduit que rayonné dans des structures à une seule cellule de commutation et fonctionnant selon les trois principaux modes de commutation : commutation forcée, à zéro de courant (ZCS), et à zéro de tension (ZVS). Après la mise en évidence de la problématique de pollution électromagnétique dans les structures et leur métrologie, nous décrivons l'environnement exp

  16. Text Comprehension in Chinese Children: Relative Contribution of Verbal Working Memory, Pseudoword Reading, Rapid Automated Naming, and Onset-Rime Phonological Segmentation

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Leong, Che Kan; Tse, Shek Kam; Loh, Ka Yee; Hau, Kit Tai


    The present study examined the role of verbal working memory (memory span, tongue twister), 2-character Chinese pseudoword reading, rapid automatized naming (letters, numbers), and phonological segmentation (deletion of rimes and onsets) in inferential text comprehension in Chinese in 518 Chinese children in Hong Kong in Grades 3 to 5. It was…

  17. Action Research of a Color-Coded, Onset-Rime Decoding Intervention: Examining the Effects with First Grade Students Identified as at Risk

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Wall, Candace A.; Rafferty, Lisa A.; Camizzi, Mariya A.; Max, Caroline A.; Van Blargan, David M.


    Many students who struggle to obtain the alphabetic principle are at risk for being identified as having a reading disability and would benefit from additional explicit phonics instruction as a remedial measure. In this action research case study, the research team conducted two experiments to investigate the effects of a color-coded, onset-rime,…

  18. Numerical Analysis Using WRF-SBM for the Cloud Microphysical Structures in the C3VP Field Campaign: Impacts of Supercooled Droplets and Resultant Riming on Snow Microphysics

    NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

    Iguchi, Takamichi; Matsui, Toshihisa; Shi, Jainn J.; Tao, Wei-Kuo; Khain, Alexander P.; Hao, Arthur; Cifelli, Robert; Heymsfield, Andrew; Tokay, Ali


    Two distinct snowfall events are observed over the region near the Great Lakes during 19-23 January 2007 under the intensive measurement campaign of the Canadian CloudSat/CALIPSO validation project (C3VP). These events are numerically investigated using the Weather Research and Forecasting model coupled with a spectral bin microphysics (WRF-SBM) scheme that allows a smooth calculation of riming process by predicting the rimed mass fraction on snow aggregates. The fundamental structures of the observed two snowfall systems are distinctly characterized by a localized intense lake-effect snowstorm in one case and a widely distributed moderate snowfall by the synoptic-scale system in another case. Furthermore, the observed microphysical structures are distinguished by differences in bulk density of solid-phase particles, which are probably linked to the presence or absence of supercooled droplets. The WRF-SBM coupled with Goddard Satellite Data Simulator Unit (G-SDSU) has successfully simulated these distinctive structures in the three-dimensional weather prediction run with a horizontal resolution of 1 km. In particular, riming on snow aggregates by supercooled droplets is considered to be of importance in reproducing the specialized microphysical structures in the case studies. Additional sensitivity tests for the lake-effect snowstorm case are conducted utilizing different planetary boundary layer (PBL) models or the same SBM but without the riming process. The PBL process has a large impact on determining the cloud microphysical structure of the lake-effect snowstorm as well as the surface precipitation pattern, whereas the riming process has little influence on the surface precipitation because of the small height of the system.

  19. Etude theorique du jet de plasma supersonique a courant continu

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Jodoin, Bertrand

    La déposition par plasma supersonique à courant continu permet d'obtenir une qualité de dépôt supérieure au jet subsonique. Un modèle numérique a été développé dans le but de mieux comprendre les mécanismes de transfert à l'intérieur de la tuyère et d'estimer l'influence des paramètres d'opération de la torche sur le jet à la sortie de la tuyère. Les équations d'Euler, auxquelles sont ajoutées l'effet Joule, la conduction et les pertes par rayonnement sont résolues à l'aide de la méthode de Jameson. Un schéma centré est utilisé pour résoudre les champs électriques. La sous-couche cathodique en déséquilibre thermodynamique est modélisée à l'aide du modèle simple de Morrow et Lowke. Quelques détails sur les aspects numériques facilitant la convergence du système sont donnés. Le modèle est validé pour un écoulement compressible classique et pour un jet de plasma supersonique à l'aide de résultats de la littérature. Les champs à l'intérieur de la tuyère sont analysés afin de déterminer l'influence de l'hydrogène, de l'intensité du courant et de la géométrie de la tuyère sur les caractéristiques de l'écoulement.

  20. Etude theorique des fluctuations structurales dans les composes organiques a dimensionnalite reduite

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Dumoulin, Benoit

    Les systemes a dimensionnalite reduite constituent maintenant une branche entiere de la physique de la matiere condensee. Cette derniere s'est developpee rapidement au cours des dernieres annees, avec la decouverte des materiaux organiques qui presentent, justement, des proprietes physiques fortement anisotropes. Cette these presente une etude en trois parties de plusieurs composes organiques qui, bien que tres differents du point de vue de leurs compositions chimiques et de leurs proprietes physiques a haute temperature, subissent tous une instabilite structurale a tres basse temperature. De plus, dans chacun des cas, l'instabilite structurale est precedee d'un important regime fluctuatif a partir duquel les proprietes physiques changent de maniere significative. Notre etude suit un ordre chronologique inverse puisque nous nous attardons en premier lieu au cas de composes recemment decouverts: les composes de la famille des (BCPTTF)2X (X = PF6 , AsF6). Ces derniers sont des isolants magnetiques a la temperature ambiante et subissent une instabilite structurale de type spin-Peierls a une temperature appelee TSP. En particulier, nous nous interessons a l'etude des proprietes physiques de ces systemes dans le regime fluctuatif, qui precede cette instabilite. Notre etude theorique nous permet de comprendre en detail comment ces systemes s'approchent de l'instabilite struturale. Dans la seconde partie de cette these, nous etudions le regime fluctuatif (pre-transitionnel) observe experimentalement dans le compose de (TMTTF)2PF6. Ce compose organique, dont la structure s'apparente aux sels de Bechgaard, subit une instabilite de type spin-Peierls a une temperature T SP = 19K. Bien que ce compose possede la particularite d'etre un bon conducteur a la temperature ambiante, il subit une transition de type Mott-Hubbard a une temperature Trho ≈ 220K et devient alors un isolant magnetique, analogue aux composes de la famille des (BCPTTF)2X. Le regime fluctuatif precedant l

  1. Etude des émissions radio aurorales de Saturne, modélisation et aurores UV

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Lamy, Laurent


    Cette thèse porte sur l'étude du rayonnement radio auroral kilométrique de Saturne (SKR pour Saturn Kilometric Radiation) observé de façon quasi-continue par les antennes radio de la sonde Cassini depuis son entrée en orbite autour de Saturne en juillet 2004. Comme les rayonnements radio auroraux des autres planètes magnétisées, le SKR est généré sur des lignes de champ magnétique de haute latitude prés des pôles magnétiques. Tirant parti de plusieurs années d'observations, les propriétés macroscopiques du SKR (spectre, polarisation, conjuguaison des sources de chaque hémisphère, mode d'émission) sont déduites par une analyse statistique. Elles montrent en particulier que les caractéristiques de l'émission dépendent fortement de la position de l'observateur. Ceci est une conséquence directe de l'anisotropie du SKR qui engendre de forts effets de visibilité, visibles dans les cartes d'intensité temps-fréquence (arcs, régions d'invisibilité de l'émission). La simulation de ces effets de visibilité apporte de nouvelles contraintes sur les propriétés microscopiques des sources (énergie et distribution des électrons auroraux). Le SKR est connu pour être modulé à une période variable. Une analyse de la variation de cette période radio sur plusieurs années révèle des oscillations à court terme de l'ordre de 20-30 jours dont l'origine est attribuée à la variation de la vitesse caractéristique du vent solaire au niveau de Saturne. Une étude parallèle du rayonnement auroral kilométrique terrestre (AKR), observé lors du survol de la Terre par Cassini en août 1999, met en évidence la découverte d'une modulation diurne semblable à celle du SKR. Enfin, la technique de goniopolarimétrie permet de faire de l'imagerie radio des sources du SKR. L'étude de leur distribution moyenne montre pour la première fois l'existence d'un ovale radio. La comparaison des images des sources du SKR avec celles des ovales auroraux (observ

  2. Contributions a L'etude de la Dynamique des Lasers a Modes Synchronises

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Morin, Michel

    Cette these examine theoriquement deux aspects de la synchronisation des modes d'un laser. D'une part, on etudie l'influence de la desyntonisation de la frequence de modulation sur la stabilite des impulsions produites par la synchronisation modale AM. On montre que la desyntonisation provoque une perte de convergence intrinseque du processus de synchronisation active independante de la presence de bruit dans la cavite. La plage de convergence est d'autant plus etroite que le nombre de modes sous la courbe de gain est eleve. En pratique, elle est considerablement reduite par le bruit present dans la cavite. La synchronisation interferentielle, realisee a l'aide d'une cavite couplee contenant un element non-lineaire, est aussi etudiee. On decrit les principes generaux de la compression resultant de l'interference de deux impulsions. On evalue les performances realisables en fonction du taux de compression et de modulation de phase de l'element non-lineaire. Une etude detaillee du laser a interferometre de Michelson non-lineaire et non dispersif est presentee.

  3. Etude theorique et experimentale des evaporateurs de dioxyde de carbone operant dans des conditions de givrage

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Bendaoud, Adlane Larbi

    Les evaporateurs de refrigeration sont surtout du type tube a ailettes, appeles serpentins, et fonctionnent dans l'une des conditions suivantes: seche, humide ou avec formation de givre. Il a ete demontre que la formation du givre sur la paroi exterieure de l'echangeur engendre une surconsommation energetique a cause des operations de degivrage puisque 15 a 20% seulement de la chaleur produite sert au degivrage tandis que le reste est dissipee dans l'environnement [1]. Avec l'avenement des nouveaux refrigerants, moins nocifs envers l'environnement, l'industrie du froid se trouve penalisee du fait que peu ou pas de composantes mecaniques (compresseur, pompe, echangeur...etc.) adaptees sont disponibles [3]. Il s'agit pour la communaute des frigoristes de combler ce retard technologique en redeveloppant ces composantes mecaniques afin qu'elles soient adaptees aux nouveaux refrigerants. Dans cette optique, et afin de mieux comprendre le comportement thermique des evaporateurs au CO2 fonctionnant dans des conditions seches, qu'un groupe de chercheurs du CanmetENERGIE avaient lance, en 2000, un programme de R & D. Dans le cadre de programme un outil de simulation des evaporateurs au CO2 a ete developpe et un banc d'essai contenant une boucle secondaire de refrigeration utilisant le CO2 comme refrigerant a ete construit. Comme continuite de ce travail de recherche, en 2006 ce meme groupe de recherche a lance un nouveau projet qui consiste a faire une etude theorique et experimentale des evaporateurs au CO2 operants dans des conditions de givrage. Et, c'est exactement dans le cadre de ce projet que se positionne ce travail de these. Ce travail de recherche a ete entrepris pour mieux comprendre le comportement thermique et hydrodynamique des serpentins fonctionnant dans des conditions de givrage, l'effet des circuits de refrigerant ainsi que celui des parametres geometriques et d'operation. Pour cela, un travail theorique supporte par une etude experimentale a ete effectue

  4. La structure de l'eau liquide: Une etude thermique par spectroscopie infrarouge

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Larouche, Pascal

    Le probleme de la structure de l'eau liquide est important car l'eau est le liquide le plus present sur Terre, et complexe, la quete d'un modele precis pour decrire comment fonctionne ce liquide ayant debute des la fin du dix-neuvieme siecle. Cette etude aborde ce probleme en etudiant l'effet de l'augmentation de la temperature sur H2O et D 2O purs a l'aide de la spectroscopie infrarouge. L'intervalle de temperatures scrute est 29--93.1°C. Les spectres enregistres sont des spectres MIR-ATR entre 650 et 6000 cm-1 . L'analyse par facteurs de ces donnees permet de montrer que deux et seulement deux facteurs principaux sont necessaires pour decomposer tous les spectres experimentaux. Ces resultats sont confirmes grace a l'analyse par facteurs de spectres de la region FIR. Par la suite, la transformation en spectres de la partie reelle n et imaginaire k de l'indice de refraction permet de combiner les donnees des regions MIR et FIR. Une fois ce calcul termine, les spectres de transmission complets de H 2O et D2O entre 25 et 90°C sont connus. Ils sont ensuite utilises pour calculer par extrapolation le spectre des especes constituant l'eau liquide, puis leur abondance en fonction de la temperature. L'extrapolation de ces abondances montre que les especes correspondent a des temperatures limites de --18 et 122°C. Par la suite, la decomposition gaussienne des spectres d'especes met en evidence la riche structure de ces objets et permet de demontrer que l'apparent deplacement du massif d'absorption OH (OD) est produit par une variation de l'intensite des bandes et non pas de leur deplacement. L'examen attentif des spectres des especes prouve qu'il n'y a pas de OH libres crees par l'augmentation de la temperature: meme a 93.1°C, chaque molecule possede quatre liens-H. Ces conclusions sont de plus confirmees par une analyse thermodynamique du passage des molecules de la phase solide a la phase gazeuse. Pour diversifier la nature des resultats experimentaux utilises, des

  5. Etude par spectroscopie de Coulomb de points quantiques lateraux individuels et couples

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Pioro-Ladriere, Michel

    Des points quantiques contenant un nombre discret et variable d'electrons sont formes dans un gaz bi-dimensionnel d'electrons a l'aide de grilles metalliques. Le transport electrique, le blocage de spin et la detection de charge sont employes comme outils spectroscopiques permettant de sonder les proprietes de ces nanostructures. Ces techniques permettent aussi de controler exactement le nombres d'electrons confines dans des points quantiques individuels et couples en utilisant un patron de grille judicieux. Une technique de refroidissement en tension est developpee afin de minimiser les effets parasites du bruit telegraphique. Ce type de bruit de charge deteriore la stabilite des nanostructures laterales par l'activation d'un minuscule courant de fuite entre les grilles et le gaz bi-dimensionnel. Un modele expliquant le role du refroidissement en tension sur le courant de fuite est presente. L'activation du courant de fuite est confirmee par detection de charge. Les effets des interactions entre les electrons pieges dans un point quantique sont ensuite etudies dans un regime ou il est possible de comparer les resulats experimentaux avec ceux obtenus par diagonalisation exacte. L'etude demontre que la phase associee au facteur de remplissage nu = 2 est instable au-dessus d'un nombre critique d'electrons. Cette instabilite est confirmee experimentalement par blocage de spin. On demontre aussi l'existence d'etats correles dans le regime des renversements de spin, associe au passage de la phase nu = 2 a nu = 1. Les etats correles sont identifies par spectroscopie en transport non lineaire. Cette caracterisation du diagramme de phase de points individuels permet de coupler deux points quantiques configures a nu = 2. Pour ce regime, la nanostructure se comporte comme un systeme a deux niveaux pouvant contenir entre un et quatre electrons de valence et ce, meme si le nombre total d'electrons est plus eleve. Les degres de liberte de charge et de spin des deux points

  6. Etude de l'influence de la temperature et de l'humidite sur les proprietes mecaniques en traction des fibres de chanvre et de coco

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Ho Thi, Thu Nga

    L'objectif de cette etude fut d'etablir l'effet de l'humidite et de la temperature sur la resistance en traction et le module elastique des fibres de chanvre et de coco. Deux etudes ont ete realisees afin d'atteindre cet objectif. La premiere vise l'absorption de l'humidite dans ces fibres en exposition dans l'air (de 0%RH a 80%RH) ainsi que l'absorption de l'eau dans ces fibres immergees dans l'eau aux differentes temperatures. La deuxieme consiste a mesurer la resistance en traction et le module elastique de ces fibres sous differentes conditions d'humidite et de temperature. En basant sur les resultats experimentaux obtenus, les methodes semi empiriques et de reseaux de neurones ont ete utilisees pour but de predire les proprietes en traction (resistance et module d'elasticite) des fibres de chanvre et de coco sous l'influence de l'humidite et de la temperature.

  7. Etude des phenomenes dynamiques ultrarapides et des caracteristiques impulsionnelles d'emission terahertz du supraconducteur YBCO

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Savard, Stephane

    Les premieres etudes d'antennes a base de supraconducteurs a haute temperature critique emettant une impulsion electromagnetique dont le contenu en frequence se situe dans le domaine terahertz remontent a 1996. Une antenne supraconductrice est formee d'un micro-pont d'une couche mince supraconductrice sur lequel un courant continu est applique. Un faisceau laser dans le visible est focalise sur le micro-pont et place le supraconducteur dans un etat hors-equilibre ou des paires sont brisees. Grace a la relaxation des quasiparticules en surplus et eventuellement de la reformation des paires supraconductrices, nous pouvons etudier la nature de la supraconductivite. L'analyse de la cinetique temporelle du champ electromagnetique emis par une telle antenne terahertz supraconductrice s'est averee utile pour decrire qualitativement les caracteristiques de celle-ci en fonction des parametres d'operation tels que le courant applique, la temperature et la puissance d'excitation. La comprehension de l'etat hors-equilibre est la cle pour comprendre le fonctionnement des antennes terahertz supraconductrices a haute temperature critique. Dans le but de comprendre ultimement cet etat hors-equilibre, nous avions besoin d'une methode et d'un modele pour extraire de facon plus systematique les proprietes intrinseques du materiau qui compose l'antenne terahertz a partir des caracteristiques d'emission de celle-ci. Nous avons developpe une procedure pour calibrer le spectrometre dans le domaine temporel en utilisant des antennes terahertz de GaAs bombarde aux protons H+ comme emetteur et detecteur. Une fois le montage calibre, nous y avons insere une antenne emettrice dipolaire de YBa 2Cu3O7-delta . Un modele avec des fonctions exponentielles de montee et de descente du signal est utilise pour lisser le spectre du champ electromagnetique de l'antenne de YBa 2Cu3O7-delta, ce qui nous permet d'extraire les proprietes intrinseques de ce dernier. Pour confirmer la validite du modele

  8. Reconstruction de la surface de Fermi dans l'etat normal d'un supraconducteur a haute Tc: Une etude du transport electrique en champ magnetique intense

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Le Boeuf, David

    Des mesures de resistance longitudinale et de resistance de Hall en champ magnetique intense transverse (perpendiculaire aux plans CuO2) ont ete effectuees au sein de monocristaux de YBa2Cu3Oy (YBCO) demacles, ordonnes et de grande purete, afin d'etudier l'etat fondamental des supraconducteurs a haute Tc dans le regime sous-dope. Cette etude a ete realisee en fonction du dopage et de l'orientation du courant d'excitation J par rapport a l'axe orthorhombique b de la structure cristalline. Les mesures en champ magnetique intense revelent par suppression de la supraconductivite des oscillations magnetiques des resistances longitudinale et de Hall dans YBa2Cu 3O6.51 et YBa2Cu4O8. La conformite du comportement de ces oscillations quantiques au formalisme de Lifshitz-Kosevich, apporte la preuve de l'existence d'une surface de Fermi fermee a caractere quasi-2D, abritant des quasiparticules coherentes respectant la statistique de Fermi-Dirac, dans la phase pseudogap d'YBCO. La faible frequence des oscillations quantiques, combinee avec l'etude de la partie monotone de la resistance de Hall en fonction de la temperature indique que la surface de Fermi d'YBCO sous-dope comprend une petite poche de Fermi occupee par des porteurs de charge negative. Cette particularite de la surface de Fermi dans le regime sous-dope incompatible avec les calculs de structure de bande est en fort contraste avec la structure electronique presente dans le regime surdope. Cette observation implique ainsi l'existence d'un point critique quantique dans le diagramme de phase d'YBCO, au voisinage duquel la surface de Fermi doit subir une reconstruction induite par l'etablissement d'une brisure de la symetrie de translation du reseau cristallin sous-jacent. Enfin, l'etude en fonction du dopage de la resistance de Hall et de la resistance longitudinale en champ magnetique intense suggere qu'un ordre du type onde de densite (DW) est responsable de la reconstruction de la surface de Fermi. L'analogie de

  9. Randomized control trial for the assessment of the anti-albuminuric effects of topiroxostat in hyperuricemic patients with diabetic nephropathy (the ETUDE study)

    PubMed Central

    Kato, Sawako; Ando, Masahiko; Mizukoshi, Toshihiro; Nagata, Takanobu; Katsuno, Takayuki; Kosugi, Tomoki; Tsuboi, Naotake; Maruyama, Shoichi


    ABSTRACT Proteinuria is an established risk factor for diabetic nephropathy. Recent studies indicate that some xanthine oxidase inhibitors have a renoprotective effect. The aim of this study was to assess whether topiroxostat reduces albuminuria in hyperuricemic patients with diabetic nephropathy and overt proteinuria. The ETUDE study is an ongoing 24-week, multicenter, open-label, randomized (1:1), parallel group study involving hyperuricemic patients with diabetic nephropathy (estimated glomerular filtration rate [eGFR] ≥ 20 mL/min/1.73 m2) and overt proteinuria (0.3 ≤ urine protein to creatinine ratio (UPCR) < 3.5 g/g Cr). Patients are randomly assigned to high dose (topiroxostat 160 mg daily) or low dose (topiroxostat 40 mg daily) on top of standard of care. The primary endpoint is the change in albuminuria indicated by urine albumin-to-creatinine ratio after 24 treated weeks relative to the baseline values. This trial was registered at the Japanese University Hospital Medical Information Network Clinical Trials Registry (UMIN-CTR: UMIN 000015403). The background, rationale, and study design of this trial are presented here. Seventy-six patients from four registered facilities have already been enrolled and received at least one dose of topiroxostat. This trial will end in 2017. The ETUDE trial is the first randomized controlled study of topiroxostat in hyperuricemic patients with diabetic nephropathy and overt proteinuria. We will clarify the pleiotropic function of topiroxostat including an anti-albumiuric effect as well as its effects on safely decreasing serum uric acid levels. PMID:27303100

  10. Etude experimentale des excitations topologiques de l'effet Hall quantique a nu = 1 dans les heterostructures semiconductrices a double puits quantique

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Charlebois, Serge

    De nombreux travaux theoriques et experimentaux ont ete publies sur les excitations topologiques de gaz electroniques bidimensionnels (GE2D), appellees skyrmions, dans le regime de l'effet Hall quantique a remplissage unitaire. On attend des excitations semblables appellees bimerons dans les systemes formes de deux GE2D couples. Contrairement au cas des GE2D simples, aucune experience n'a, a notre connaissance, presente la mesure d'une propriete specifique aux bimerons. Nous presentons dans cette these des travaux experimentaux ayant pour objectif l'etude d'excitations topologiques dans les heterostructures a double puits quantique. Une manifestation attendue (les bimerons est la presence d'une anisotropie dans la conductivite a travers une constriction. Nous avons concu un dispositif original a point de contact a trois grilles non-coplanaires. Ce dispositif a trois grilles a la particularite de permettre la creation d'une constriction etroite dans le double GE2D tout en permettant l'equilibrage de la densite electronique entre les deux puits dans l'etroit canal de conduction. Nous avons fabrique ce dispositif de taille submicronique par electrolithographie sur des heterostructures a double puits. Les dispositifs ainsi fabriques ont ete etudies a basse temperature (0.3K) et ont montre un fonctionnement conforme aux attentes. Les travaux n'ont pas permis de mettre en evidence une anisotropie de transport revelatrice de l'existence de bimerons. Cette these est a notre connaissance la premiere etude experimentale visant la realisation de l'experience d'anisotropie de transport et est ainsi une contribution significative a l'avancement des connaissances dans ce domaine. Les travaux theoriques que nous presentons ont permis de montrer l'effet des excitations topologiques sur la capacite grille-GE2D du systeme. Ces travaux ouvrent la voie de la detection des bimerons par l'intermediaire de la mesure de la capacite grille-GE2D ou encore de la susceptibilite electrique du

  11. Etude des phenomenes de penetration des especes chimiques dans les revetements cathodiques des cuves d'electrolyse de l'aluminium

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Brisson, Pierre-Yves

    Cette these decrit l'etude effectuee sur les phenomenes d'insertion du sodium et de penetration du bain electrolytique dans les revetements cathodiques des cuves d'electrolyse de l'aluminium. L'etude fut effectuee a l'aide d'un montage permettant d'effectuer l'electrolyse en laboratoire. Trois types de revetement cathodiques furent etudies : des blocs semi-graphitique, des blocs graphitiques et des blocs graphitises. L'insertion du sodium dans les trois differents types de blocs fut etudiee a l'aide de la spectrometrie des photoelectrons X (XPS). L'analyse a permis de mettre en evidence deux formes de sodium dans l'anthracite et la phase liante des materiaux semi-graphitiques et graphitiques, indiquant qu'une fraction du sodium se retrouve sous forme adsorbee dans les micropores des materiaux alors que l'autre fraction est inseree dans la structure cristalline du carbone. Dans les phases graphitiques (materiaux graphitises et graphitiques), seuls les micropores sont occupes par le sodium Ce resultat explique la tendance observee selon laquelle l'ajout de graphite dans les blocs permet d'abaisser le gonflement sodique. Les mecanismes de penetration du bain dans le reseau poreux des materiaux furent etudies en microscopie electronique et en diffraction des rayons X sur des echantillons apres differents temps d'electrolyses et en variant l'atmosphere (soit sous argon ou sous azote). Ces analyses ont permis d'identifier le mecanisme conduisant a la mouillabilite du bain sur le carbone en fonction de l'atmosphere entourant l'electrolyse. Ainsi, sous azote, la formation de NaCN dans les pores des materiaux par reactions entre le sodium et l'azote permet une mouillabilite accrue du bain alors qu'en absence d'azote (sous argon), le carbure d'aluminium, formes a la surface des pores, joue un role similaire. Dans ce dernier cas, la penetration du bain est moins rapide etant donnee la necessite de toujours amener des especes contenant de l'aluminium en tete du front de

  12. Etude exploratoire des conceptions de la circulation sanguine aupres d'eleves de l'ordre collegial

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Robitaille, Jean-Marc

    Il existe peu d'etudes sur les conceptions touchant les domaines de la biologie, notamment sur les conceptions de la circulation sanguine Nous avons observe egalement l'absence de recherche menee aupres d'eleves de l'ordre collegial sur cette question. Nous avons voulu combler une lacune en menant une recherche sur les conceptions de la circulation sanguine aupres d'eleves de l'ordre collegial. Pour mener cette recherche nous nous sommes inspires d'une methode developpee par Treagust (1988). Le premier niveau de formulation didactique etablit l'architecture du systeme et la fonction nutritive de la circulation. Le second niveau de formulation didactique decrit et relie les parametres de la dynamique de la circulation et leur relation: Pression, Debit et Resistance. Le troisieme niveau de formulation didactique s'interesse au controle de la circulation du sang dans un contexte d'homeostasie qui implique la regulation de la pression arterielle. Nous avons construit un questionnaire en nous guidant sur les niveaux de formulation didactique et l'analyse des entrevues menees aupres de dix-huit eleves, representatifs de la population cible. Ce questionnaire fut administre a un echantillon de 2300 eleves disperses dans six colleges de la region de Montreal. Notre echantillon comprend des eleves inscrits a des programmes de l'ordre collegial en Sciences de la nature et en Techniques de la sante et qui n'ont pas suivi le cours sur la circulation sanguine. Notre analyse des reponses des eleves de notre echantillon aux questions sur le premier niveau de formulation didactique revele que la majorite des eleves considerent que le systeme circulatoire relie les organes les uns aux autres dans un circuit en serie. Notre analyse revele egalement que la majorite des eleves estiment que les nutriments sont extraits du sang par les organes selon un processus de selection base sur les besoins determines par la fonction de l'organe. Ces besoins sont differents selon les organes qui ne

  13. Etudes optiques de nouveaux materiaux laser: Des orthosilicates dopes a l'ytterbium: Le yttrium (lutetium,scandium) pentoxide de silicium

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Denoyer, Aurelie

    La decouverte et l'elaboration de nouveaux materiaux laser solides suscitent beaucoup d'interet parmi la communaute scientifique. En particulier les lasers dans la gamme de frequence du micron debouchent sur beaucoup d'applications, en telecommunication, en medecine, dans le domaine militaire, pour la, decoupe des metaux (lasers de puissance), en optique non lineaire (doublage de frequence, bistabilite optique). Le plus couramment utilise actuellement est le Nd:YAG dans cette famille de laser, mais des remplacants plus performants sont toujours recherches. Les lasers a base d'Yb3+ possedent beaucoup d'avantages compares aux lasers Nd3+ du fait de leur structure electronique simple et de leur deterioration moins rapide. Parmi les matrices cristallines pouvant accueillir l'ytterbium, les orthosilicates Yb:Y 2SiO5, Yb:Lu2SiO5 et Yb:Sc2SiO 5 se positionnent tres bien, du fait de leur bonne conductivite thermique et du fort eclatement de leur champ cristallin necessaire a l'elaboration de lasers quasi-3 niveaux. De plus l'etude fine et systematique des proprietes microscopiques de nouveaux materiaux s'avere toujours tres interessante du point de vue de la recherche fondamentale, c'est ainsi que de nouveaux modeles sont concus (par exemple pour le champ cristallin) ou que de nouvelles proprietes inhabituelles sont decouvertes, menant a de nouvelles applications. Ainsi d'autres materiaux dopes a l'ytterbium sont connus pour leurs proprietes de couplage electron-phonon, de couplage magnetique, d'emission cooperative ou encore de bistabilite optique, mais ces proprietes n'ont encore jamais ete mises en evidence dans Yb:Y 2SiO5, Yb:Lu2SiO5 et Yb:Sc2SiO 5. Ainsi, cette these a pour but l'etude des proprietes optiques et des interactions microscopiques dans Yb:Y2SiO 5, Yb:Lu2SiO5 et Yb:Sc2SiO5. Nous utilisons principalement les techniques d'absorption IR et de spectroscopie Raman pour determiner les excitations du champ cristallin et les modes de vibration dans le materiau

  14. Etude du processus de changement vecu par des familles ayant decide d'adopter volontairement des comportements d'attenuation des changements climatiques

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Leger, Michel T.

    recension des ecrits sur le changement de comportement en environnement. Nous explorons egalement la famille comme systeme fonctionnel de sorte a mieux comprendre ce contexte d'action environnementale qui est, a notre connaissance, peu etudie. Dans le deuxieme article, nous presentons nos resultats de recherche concernant les facteurs d'influence observes ainsi que les competences manifestees au cours du processus d'adoption de nouveaux comportements environnementaux dans trois familles. Enfin, le troisieme article presente les resultats du cas d'une quatrieme famille ou les membres vivent depuis longtemps des modes de vie ecologique. Dans le cadre d'une demarche d'analyse par theorisation ancree, l'etude de ce cas modele nous a permis d'approfondir les categories conceptuelles identifiees dans le deuxieme article de sorte a produire une modelisation de l'integration de comportements environnementaux dans le contexte de la famille. Les conclusions degagees grace a la recension des ecrits nous ont permis d'identifier les elements qui pourraient influencer l'adoption de comportements environnementaux dans des familles. La recension a aussi permis une meilleure comprehension des divers facteurs qui peuvent affecter l'adoption de comportements environnementaux et, enfin, elle a permis de mieux cerner le phenomene de changement de comportement dans le contexte de la famille consideree comme un systeme. En appliquant un processus d'analyse inductif, a partir de nos donnees qualitatives, les resultats de notre etude multi-cas nous ont indique que deux construits conceptuels semblent influencer l'adoption de comportements environnementaux en famille : 1) les valeurs biospheriques communes au sein de la famille et 2) les competences collectivement mises a profit collectivement durant l'essai de nouveaux comportements environnementaux. Notre modelisation du processus de changement dans des familles indique aussi qu'une dynamique familiale collaborative et la presence d'un groupe de

  15. Le transfert de connaissances entre les mathematiques et les sciences. Une etude exploratoire aupres d'eleves de 4e secondaire

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Samson, Ghislain


    Au moment ou dans plusieurs pays on travaille a refondre les programmes d'etudes, tant au primaire qu'au secondaire, l'interet pour le transfert renait. Un des concepts fondamentaux en apprentissage consiste en l'habilete a reutiliser de facon consciente et efficace un acquis d'une situation a une autre situation. Cette recherche emane de preoccupations professionnelles au moment ou le chercheur etait enseignant au secondaire. Au cours de ces annees, il lui a ete possible de constater que plusieurs eleves percevaient difficilement les liens presents entre les disciplines mathematiques et scientifiques. Des travaux en psychologie cognitive et plus particulierement selon une perspective du traitement de l'information ont servi de cadre de reference pour evaluer et analyser les capacites de transfert aupres d'eleves de 4e secondaire. Ce cadre de reference permet de formuler le principal objectif qui est de mieux comprendre le processus de transfert chez des eleves en situation de resolution de problemes scientifiques. Cette these s'interesse donc au transfert en tant que phenomene important du processus d'apprentissage au sens de l'integration. La methode de recherche choisie, de nature qualitative, est principalement axee sur l'evaluation de la capacite a transferer des connaissances lors d'une epreuve et d'un entretien. Pour evaluer ce potentiel de transfert, nous avons elabore deux outils: une epreuve en mathematiques et en sciences et un guide d'entretien. Pour la passation de l'epreuve, le chercheur a pu compter sur la collaboration de 130 sujets provenant de deux ecoles. L'entretien complete la prise de donnees avec 13 sujets ayant accepte de poursuivre l'etude. Les donnees recueillies par ces instruments font ensuite l'objet d'une analyse de contenu. En premier lieu, les verbatims de l'epreuve et de l'entretien ont ete transcrits, puis codifies. La correction des reponses fournies pour les problemes resolus s'est faite a partir d'une grille d

  16. Gestion des ressources hydriques adaptee aux changements climatiques pour la production optimale d'hydroelectricite. Etude de cas: Bassin versant de la riviere Manicouagan

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Haguma, Didier

    Il est dorenavant etabli que les changements climatiques auront des repercussions sur les ressources en eau. La situation est preoccupante pour le secteur de production d'energie hydroelectrique, car l'eau constitue le moteur pour generer cette forme d'energie. Il sera important d'adapter les regles de gestion et/ou les installations des systemes hydriques, afin de minimiser les impacts negatifs et/ou pour capitaliser sur les retombees positives que les changements climatiques pourront apporter. Les travaux de la presente recherche s'interessent au developpement d'une methode de gestion des systemes hydriques qui tient compte des projections climatiques pour mieux anticiper les impacts de l'evolution du climat sur la production d'hydroelectricite et d'etablir des strategies d'adaptation aux changements climatiques. Le domaine d'etude est le bassin versant de la riviere Manicouagan situe dans la partie centrale du Quebec. Une nouvelle approche d'optimisation des ressources hydriques dans le contexte des changements climatiques est proposee. L'approche traite le probleme de la saisonnalite et de la non-stationnarite du climat d'une maniere explicite pour representer l'incertitude rattachee a un ensemble des projections climatiques. Cette approche permet d'integrer les projections climatiques dans le probleme d'optimisation des ressources en eau pour une gestion a long terme des systemes hydriques et de developper des strategies d'adaptation de ces systemes aux changements climatiques. Les resultats montrent que les impacts des changements climatiques sur le regime hydrologique du bassin de la riviere Manicouagan seraient le devancement et l'attenuation de la crue printaniere et l'augmentation du volume annuel d'apports. L'adaptation des regles de gestion du systeme hydrique engendrerait une hausse de la production hydroelectrique. Neanmoins, une perte de la performance des installations existantes du systeme hydrique serait observee a cause de l'augmentation des

  17. Le changement comme tradition dans la recherche et la formation a la recherche en biotechnologie et en peripherie Etude de cas en sciences de la sante, sciences naturelles et genie

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Bourque, Claude Julie

    Le champ de la recherche scientifique et de la formation a la recherche est traverse depuis quelques dizaines d'annees par plusieurs courants et discours associes au changement, mais peu de travaux empiriques permettent de comprendre ce qui change concretement. C'est la contribution originale de cette these au champ de l'education, plus specifiquement a l'etude sociologique de l'enseignement superieur ou sont concentrees les activites liees a la triade thematique du programme doctoral dans lequel elle a ete produite : recherche, formation et pratique. L'enquete-terrain a ete realisee en 2009 et 2010 aupres de 808 repondants affilies a 60 etablissements au Quebec et a produit un vaste materiau de nature mixte (donnees quantitatives et qualitatives). Un portrait de la nebuleuse biotechnologique qui touche les secteurs des sciences de la sante, des sciences naturelles et du genie a ete realise. Ce domaine concerne des dizaines de disciplines et se revele de nature transdisciplinaire, mais les pratiques n'y sont pas davantage marquees par le changement que celles d'autres domaines connexes. Les dynamiques sociales ont fait l'objet d'analyses comparatives dans quatre contextes: le choix des programmes, des objets et des methodes, le financement, la diffusion et la planification de la carriere. Les resultats indiquent que les echanges entre les agents traditionnellement situes au coeur des activites de recherche dominent ces dynamiques dans tous les contextes etudies. L'etude des representations au fondement des pratiques a revele l'existence de trois ecoles de pensee qui coexistent dans le champ scientifique: academique, pragmatique et economiste. Ces ecoles permettent de categoriser les agents en fonction des zones de fractures qui marquent leurs oppositions tout en identifiant ce qu'ils ont en commun. Les representations et les pratiques liees a la formation temoignent d'un habitus plutot homogene, alors que les contradictions semblent plus souvent ancrees dans des

  18. Use of low-temperature scanning electron microscopy to observe icicles, ice fabric, rime and frost

    SciTech Connect

    Wergin, W.P.; Rango, A.; Erbe, E.F.


    Previous studies showed that low temperature scanning electron microscopy (SEM) can be used to record images of precipitated snow crystals, which collectively form structures that are commonly known as snowflakes. Information about the structure of snow crystals can be used to improve models that estimate the water equivalent of the winter snowpack. These models, which are based on satellite microwave data, have practical use in approximating the quantity of water that will be available for crop irrigation and hydroelectric power. Our previous success of using low temperature SEM to image snow crystals has encouraged us to utilize this technique for other types of frozen aqueous specimens.

  19. Etude du mecanisme de predissociation de l'ion moleculaire de protoxyde d'azote par la mesure de l'energie cinetique des fragments de l'oxyde nitrique et de l'oxygene

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Delisle, Claude

    La reaction N2 + O+ ↔ NO + + N, laquelle joue un role important dans la physique de la haute atmosphere, a ete le sujet de plusieurs etudes. Bien que cette reaction ait ete l'objet d'une quantite importante de travaux, ces derniers ne permettent toutefois pas de comprendre entierement le mecanisme d'un point de vue quantique, particulierement les niveaux d'energie excites des fragments qui permettent cette reaction. Puisque cette reaction n'est pas tres facile a reproduire en laboratoire, nous avons utilise la spectroscopie laser sur faisceaux d'ions rapides afin d'explorer les limites de dissociation de l'ion moleculaire intermediaire de cette reaction, a savoir l'ion N2O+. Le faisceau d'ions N2O+ rapides, apres excitation de l'ion moleculaire vers un niveau predissocie de l'etat A2Sigma+, se dissocie pour produire les fragments ioniques O+ et NO+. Par la mesure de la variation du nombre de fragments ioniques en fonction de l'energie cinetique des ions N2O+, nous avons enregistre les spectres de predissociation de l'ion N2O+. Lorsque c'etait possible, nous avons procede a l'analyse de ces spectres de dissociation afin d'en tirer les constantes moleculaires. Pour certaines des transitions rotationnelles intenses, nous avons mesure l'energie cinetique acquise par les fragments lors de la predissociation de l'ion N 2O+. Afin d'analyser les distributions en energie cinetique, nous avons developpe une simulation de l'experience en considerant, entre autres choses, la position des niveaux de vibration et de rotation des fragments diatomiques de chacune des limites de dissociation de N2O+. Les resultats de l'analyse sont exprimes en termes de population des niveaux de vibration des fragments diatomiques pour une distribution donnee de la population des niveaux de rotation des fragments. Les resultats ainsi obtenus, montrent que les fragments diatomiques sont produits dans des niveaux de vibration fortement excites. De tels niveaux d'excitation ne correspondent pas aux

  20. Education relative a l'environnement (ERE): Une etude des representations sociales et des pratiques educatives d'enseignants de science et technologie du secondaire en contexte de formation continue

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Collard-Fortin, Ugo

    Le developpement des sciences/technologie a tres clairement contribue a ce que ce dernier domaine de savoirs jouisse d'une place de choix au sein de notre societe. Au-dela des progres de notre civilisation inherents a ce dernier developpement, cette croissance amena avec elle un lot d'ineluctables dommages collateraux, contribuant en corollaire a l'emergence de diverses problematiques environnementales inquietantes pour lesquelles les valeurs ainsi que le mode de fonctionnement de la societe occidentale contemporaine sont largement tributaires. C'est entre autres en reponse a cet etat de fait que la recente vague de reforme de l'Education conduisit a l'integration, dans les curricula de sciences/technologie, de contenus relavant d'education relative a l'environnement (ERE). Face au changement, les enseignants de sciences ont du s'approprier ce nouveau programme afm de l'enseigner a leurs eleves. Toutefois, l'analyse de la situation montre que les prescriptions du programme en matiere d'ERE ne se sont pas toujours traduites en de reelles actions dans la pratique. Le contexte de notre etude s'est interesse aux pratiques educatives de l'ERE ainsi qu'a la representation sociale qui en decoule. Notre recherche aborde plus specifiquement la problematique de la modification de ces derniers objets chez les enseignants de sciences et technologie du deuxieme cycle du secondaire. Pour y arriver, nous avons propose a un groupe de trois praticiens de participer a une activite, en communaute de pratique, de formation continue orientee autour de thematiques ERE. Cette recherche developpement, s'inscrivant dans un paradigme qualitatif/interpretatif, s'est appuyee sur une cueillette de donnees effectuee a partir d'entrevues semi-dirigees, d'observations en situation et d'un groupe de discussion, au debut et a la fm de la formation continue. Les donnees brutes ont ete soumises a une demarche d'analyse inductive et ont genere diverses categories etayant nos objets de recherche

  1. Mars Science Laboratory Using Laser Instrument, Artist's Concept

    NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)


    This artist's conception of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory portrays use of the rover's ChemCam instrument to identify the chemical composition of a rock sample on the surface of Mars.

    ChemCam is innovative for planetary exploration in using a technique referred to as laser breakdown spectroscopy to determine the chemical composition of samples from distances of up to about 8 meters (25 feet) away. ChemCam is led by a team at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Centre d'Etude Spatiale des Rayonnements in Toulouse, France.

    Mars Science Laboratory, a mobile robot for investigating Mars' past or present ability to sustain microbial life, is in development at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory for a launch opportunity in 2009. The mission is managed by JPL, a division of the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, Calif., for the NASA Science Mission Directorate, Washington.

  2. André Saint-Marc 1944-1988

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Reme, H.; Anderson, K. A.

    Andr Śaint-Marc, professor at the Institute of Technology of the Universite Paul Sabatier (IUT), in Toulouse, France, died suddenly and unexpectedly February 17, 1988, a few months before his 44th birthday.Saint-Marc carried out a research career in cosmic rays and space plasma physics beginning in 1969 at the Centre d'Etude Spatiale des Rayonnements (CESR), a laboratory of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and the Université Paul Sabatier. He was born in Condegaygues, France (Lotet-Garonne). His four university degrees were awarded by the Universite Paul Sabatier. His Thèse de Docteur de Specialité was earned in 1973 for work on propagation of auroral X rays in Earth's atmosphere. The highest degree, the Doctorat d'Etat, came in 1979 for his studies of beam-plasma interactions in the ionosphere.

  3. Effets de rayonnement sur les detecteurs au silicium a pixels du detecteur ATLAS

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Lebel, Celine

    Two detection systems are using pixel silicon detectors in the ATLAS detector: the Pixel, which is the subdetector closest to the interaction point, and the MPX network. The activation of the materials present in the Pixel produced by radiation has been measured in two experiments which we performed at CERF (CERN) and NPI-ASCR (Czech Republic). These experimental studies of activation are compared with GEANT4 simulations. The results of these comparisons show that the simulation can predict the activities with a precision of an order of magnitude. They also show that GEANT4 fails to produce certain radioisotopes seen in the experimental activation studies. The contribution to background and the residual doses due to the desintegration of the radioisotopes produced by fast neutrons (category in which falls the expected average neutron energy of 1 MeV in ATLAS) are extrapolated to ATLAS conditions. It is found that this background in the ATLAS Pixel subdetector will be negligible and that the doses are well below safety concerns for detector manipulation during maintenance and repair periods. The radiation field also inflicts damages to the silicon detectors thus reducing their detection efficiency. A modified Hecht model is presented using an electric field description which includes the double junction effect and a small exponential component in areas usually considered without electric field. This model allows the description of the detection efficiency as a function of applied bias voltage and irradiation fluence for several types of silicon detectors irradiated by particles of different types and energies. On top of validating the Hecht model proposed in this thesis, the studies of the radiation damage on silicon detectors has allowed to conclude that the N1EL hypothesis has to be revised (study with different energies). Using the variation with irradiation fluence of the effective doping concentration and of the leakage current, it is shown that silicon detectors with a higher concentration of oxygen have a radiation hardness slightly improved for low-energy protons compared to standard silicon detectors. It is also demonstrated that the radiation hardness of the Mesa detectors is similar to standard detectors for proton and neutron irradiations. The MPX network includes fourteen pixel detectors located in the ATLAS detector and its cavern. Their goal is to perform, within the ATLAS detector and cavern, real-time measurements of the particle flux (type and energy), the doses and the background signal due to neutrons and photons. It will be shown that these detectors can indeed adequately detect several types of particles produced in ATLAS: photons, neutrons and charged particles. Using low-energy photons, the energy calibration of the comparator threshold is done. A phenomenological model is elaborated describing the charge sharing among pixels which appears when a heavy charged particle stops in the detector. Keywords: ATLAS, Pixel, detectors, silicon, radiation, activation, damage, detection efficiency

  4. Etude et simulation de la MADA

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Defontaines, Remi

    Over the past ten years, the production of electric energy using wind turbines has increased eight times. This production of energy is in full expansion, and different means are now at the dispositions of researchers to finally explore it to the maximum. The DFIG is a type of wind turbine that has been the object of numerous studies over the past several years. This wind turbine functions with the speed of the wind. Its principle particularity is that it is constituted of an asynchronous machine, a wound-rotor and is capable of providing active power to the network by the stator and the rotor. This structure permits a good performance over a wide range of wind speeds, at a reasonable cost. It manages to be cost-effective because it uses weakly dimensioned power converters. Despite its advantages, there is a problem: its connection to the network. The electric network is not always stable; it regularly suffers voltage damage (low voltage, unbalance or overvoltage). This damage can result in fault from poor quality in the machine, and this damages or even destroys the power converters. To avoid this issue, the wind turbine disconnects from the network when it undergoes deterioration. The goal of this research is to find a strategy that allows the wind turbine to function even when the network voltage deteriorates, which in turn results in avoiding disconnection and therefore the loss of electrical power.

  5. Etude Differentielle Intonative Francais/Anglais.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Lepetit, D.; Martin, Ph.


    Describes an investigation of the differences and similarities existing between the intonation systems of French and English. The unity of the procedures described here is confirmed by an analysis of intonational errors made by English-speaking learners of French. (Author/VWL)

  6. The Enigma of the Origin of Round, Deep, Rimed Lakes in the Russian Heartland-Was Lake Smerdyachie Formed During the Impact of an Extraterrestrial Body?

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Abbott, D. H.; Gusiakov, V. K.; Kiselev, A.; Amelin, I. I.; Breger, D. L.; McCafferty, P.


    The heartland of Russia has many enigmatic deep lakes. Shallow lakes have a more obvious origin, perhaps as kettle lakes, oxbow lakes or subsidence features. Deep lakes, particularly round lakes with partial or complete rims are more problematic. Traditionally, round or nearly round lakes with rims are candidates for Holocene age impact structures. The problem is that there are too many such lakes in the Russian heartland- a minimum of 15 deep, round lakes with diameters between 0.2 and 3 km. Even with a possibly increased impact rate during the Holocene, these deep lakes would represent the entire budget of Holocene impacts concentrated in one small region of the Earth. We examine here Lake Smerdyachie, a previously proposed impact lake. Smerdyachie is perfectly round with a raised rim. It has a diameter of about 350 meters and a maximum water depth of over 30 m. The basement at Smerdyachie is at~40 meters depth. It consists of Carboniferous age carbonate rock with fossils of brachiopods, crinoids and gastropods. The overlying material consists of unconsolidated, sand and silt-sized, quartz-rich sediments. We found clasts of brachiopod, crinoid and gastropod-bearing Carboniferous carbonate rock up to 32 cm in diameter on the SE rim of Smerdyachie. These clasts are present over about 1/3 of the total circumference of the lake. We also made panned concentrates of the sediment on the rim. To the NW, the concentrated sediment has a negative magnetic susceptibility (-0.07 to -0.03 cgs units), consistent with a higher concentration of pulverized limestone. To the SE, the sediment has a positive magnetic susceptibility (0.06 to 0.35 cgs units). The areas of positive magnetic susceptibility lie on the SE two-thirds of the rim of the lake. The highest susceptibility value is from the sample taken closest to the lake shoreline on the SE rim. This spatial distribution of susceptibility could mean that there is a higher concentration of iron rich material on the SE side of the lake. To test this hypothesis, we plan to remove the calcium carbonate from our previously measured samples and then to remeasure their magnetic susceptibility. We will then examine the material with the highest magnetic susceptibility for possible impactor fragments.

  7. Large Grain Instruction and Phonological Awareness Skill Influence Rime Sensitivity, Processing Speed, and Early Decoding Skill in Adult L2 Learners

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Brennan, Christine; Booth, James R.


    Linguistic knowledge, cognitive ability, and instruction influence how adults acquire a second orthography yet it remains unclear how different forms of instruction influence grain size sensitivity and subsequent decoding skill and speed. Thirty-seven monolingual, literate English-speaking adults were trained on a novel artificial orthography…

  8. Search for Heavy Top-like Quarks t-rime ---> Wq Using Lepton Plus Jets Events in 1.96-TeV p anti-p Collisions

    SciTech Connect

    Lister, Alison; /UC, Davis


    We present the results of a search for a new heavy top-like quark, tprime, decaying to a W boson and another quark using the CDF II Detector in Run II of the Tevatron ppbar collider. New top-like quarks are predicted in a number of models of new physics. Using a data sample corresponding to 2.8 fb-1 of integrated luminosity we fit the observed spectrum of total transverse energy and reconstructed quark mass to a combination of background plus signal. We see no evidence for tprime production, so use this result to set limits on the tprime tprimebar production cross section times the branching ratio of tprime to Wq and infer a lower limit of 311 GeV/c2 on the mass of the tprime at 95% CL.

  9. Recombinative Generalization of Subword Units Using Matching to Sample

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Mahon, Catherine; Lyddy, Fiona; Barnes-Holmes, Dermot


    The purpose of the current study was to develop and test a computerized matching-to-sample (MTS) protocol to facilitate recombinative generalization of subword units (onsets and rimes) and recognition of novel onset-rime and onset-rime-rime words. In addition, we sought to isolate the key training components necessary for recombinative…

  10. Etude numerique des mecanismes d'autodiffusion dans les semiconducteurs

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    El-Mellouhi, Fedwa

    The most promising and most natural physical process for the formation of elementary structures in nanotechnology such as quantum dots and nanocrystals remains self-assembly. Self-assembly is governed by the atomic diffusion which is the fundamental process of mass transport due to defects (vacancies, interstitials, impurities, etc.). This work exploits recent developments in ab-initio methods based on density functional theory in order to give a reliable description of the electronic structure and migration mechanisms of vacancy type defects in semiconductors. Four main achievements in this direction are covered by this thesis. First, frequent and rare events connected to the neutral Si vacancy in silicon are identified. The calculated migration barrier to the first neighbor agrees with the experimental results obtained by Watkins et al. [1]. Second, a detailed study focuses on the stability and the charge state of As and Ga vacancies in the binary semiconducting compound GaAs with respect to experimental preparation conditions (doping, stoichiometry). Next, activated events associated to Ga vacancies are studied together with the effect of charge states on the path and the migration barrier. Gallium vacancy can migrate by jumps to the second, first and fourth neighbors with an increasing barrier for more negatively charged vacancies. In addition, a new mechanism for migration to the second neighbor have been found for negatively charged vacancies. Finally, the debate about the stability of charged Ga vacancies in GaAs at elevated temperature is analyzed. Gibbs free energy of formation is calculated by adding entropic effects. The thermal dependence of the Fermi level and of the ionization levels lead to a reversal of the preferred charge state as the temperature increases. This single set of calculated energies is suitable to fit at the same time experimental concentration profiles from positron annihilation experiments and diffusion profiles obtained from heterostructure interdiffusion experiments. Keywords. Nanostructure, Self-diffusion, Semiconductors, Defects, First principles calculation, Vacancy, ab-initio, Simulation, GaAs, Si.

  11. Equivalents dynamiques pour l'etude de la stabilite transitoire

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    El Aouni, Wassil

    Today's transient stability (TS) studies are a necessary tool to predict power systems behavior after the occurring of huge faults (ex: short-circuit, generator's lost, etc.). These studies allow us to plan the necessary actions to take in order to maintain the required levels of availability and quality of the electricity production. However, because of the fast increase of the size and the complexity of the power systems, these (TS) studies require higher duration and efforts for their calculations to be processed. The problem of this thesis is therefore: How to reduce the (TS) programs duration and calculation efforts while keeping the precision of their results? In order to resolve this problem, an initial literature review was performed. This literature review allowed us to notice that power systems reduction techniques used to decrease duration of (TS) simulation programs were designed long time ago. These techniques have the common goal of reducing the (TS) simulation duration and effort while keeping the same original power system dynamic behavior. This literature review leaded us also to choose a four steps power system reduction method: In the first step, the power system internal and external zones are chosen. In the second step the power system external zone generators able to be aggregated together are identified using the slow coherency method in addition to a time domain (TS) simulation. In the third step, dynamic parameters of the equivalent reduced network machines are derived using the structure preserving method which has the advantage of being useful for both classical and detailed power systems models. In the fourth step, the equivalent power system admittance matrix is processed using Zhukov method. The method proposed to resolve the problem of this thesis was afterwards implemented under Matlab(c) functions format. These aggregation functions were validated in the case of (TS) and (SIME) programs for the two following test network: " New England " 10 machines 39 buses under classical and detailed models, and the IEEE 50 machines 145 buses under classical model. PSSE(c) industrial software was also used in order to validate the results. The designed aggregation functions allowed us to have a significant increase of the speed of the (TS) and (SIME) programs while keeping a good accuracy of their outputs.

  12. Etude de champ proche d'un laser diaphragme

    SciTech Connect

    Kellou, A.; Stephan, G.


    A circular aperture is generally used inside a metrologic gas laser to suppress transverse modes. The resonant field inside the laser or the near field observable at the output display longitudinal or transverse oscillations due to diffraction. These fields are different from the Gaussian modes usually obtained from nondiaphragmed cavities. This article studies the near field of a diaphragmed laser in both experimental and theoretical aspects. For this purpose we use a field expansion on the basis of geometrical Laguerre Gauss modes and we calculate the field diffracted by an aperture, inside a resonant cavity. This allows calculation of the measurable field at the laser output. Numerical application and corresponding experiments are done with a single frequency laser working on the Ne line. Excellent agreement is obtained between experimental and theoretical curves.

  13. Etude analytique d'interface dynamique aeronef-navire

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Ferrier, Bernard

    This report introduces an approach for the solution of real-time aircraft/ship dynamic interface problems using ship motion filtered by helicopter stability limits. The Landing Period Designator (LPD) calculates quiescent periods using the Energy Index scale. A test plan was developed in three phases. The purpose of the first phase was to demonstrate the proof-of-concept. During the second phase, a prototype was developed and tested without the pilot in the loop at-sea. In the third phase, a full-scale system was developed and tested with the pilot in the loop at-sea. The first phase was composed of simulation, assembly and test of a pre-prototype system. This report concentrates on this phase. The simulation test program was based on three hypothesis regarding the reliability of the energy index. The energy index must distinguish between various helicopter models for the same sea and ship conditions. The rise-time must always respect an inertial delay between excitation and ship displacement. Finally, the characteristics of the index using synthetic (simulated) time history must resemble a similar result using recorded time histories (for similar conditions). Aircraft-ship rise-times vary, depending the ship characteristics, between 4 to 5.5 seconds (corvette to destroyer class ships). With more than 6,200 simulation runs of the LPD, the rise-time delays were always respected. The LPD calculated with simulated data always resembled similar conditions calculated with recorded ship motion data. A strong correlation between the LPD value and its physical significance was established early in phase 1. This prompted the US Government to award a grant for the assembly of a ship motion instrumentation system which was connected to the LPD through a signal conditioning unit. The US Government furnished the means by which the pre-prototype system could be tested at-sea. By the end of phase one, the pre-prototype system was tested on three frigates (US and German) at-sea. The results demonstrate that the rise-time delays were always within the minimum calculated for the class of ship. End phase 2 and beginning phase 3 continued to show similar results as documented earlier. Full scale trials (phase 3), operated the system to sea state 8 (Hurricane Lill) on-board HMS Marlborough of the Royal Navy (UK). The results demonstrated reliability of the energy index even in the worst case conditions. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)

  14. Etude de la resistance en fatigue des materiaux bitumineux

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Touhara, Radouen

    The goal of this research program is to evaluate and characterize the fatigue behaviour of two GB20 hot mix asphalt made with two different bitumen. One of them is made in laboratory with a straight-run PG58-28 bitumen, while the second mix was made in an asphalt plant with a PG64-28 bitumen. Two characterization tests, in homogeneous conditions, done in traction/compression on cylindrical specimens are used in this study. First, a complex modulus test performed in the linear viscoelasticity (LVE) domain is used to characterize the mixes and second, a fatigue test is done to evaluate the mixes performances. The fatigue tests were done in strain controlled at different amplitude. All fatigue tests were performed at 10Hz, but at different temperatures (10, 20 and 30°C) in order to evaluate the effect of the temperature on the fatigue behaviour of those mixes. In this document, the results are presented, and the analysis of the results as a function of the grade of bitumen, the tests’ temperature and the dispersion of the results is performed. Also, the DGCB method is applied to the fatigue results to calculate the rate of damage per cycle followed by a study of the different failure criteria (Nf) to predict the fatigue life of asphalt mixes. Keywords: bituminous materials, fatigue, complex modulus, Damage.

  15. Etude RICH Nursing. Plus de connaissances et de preuves scientifiques

    PubMed Central



    L’importance et la validité des résultats de l’étude RICH-Nursing* ont été récemment mises en cause par certains milieux, ce qui a provoqué certaines incertitudes chez les infirmières. Les auteurs reviennent sur l’impact actuel de cette étude et évoquent les perspectives d’avenir. PMID:25221376

  16. Etude thermo-aeraulique d'une piscine interieure

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Guerfala, Nasreddine

    Les grands espaces fermés (amphithéâtres, supermarchés, gymnases et piscines) jouent un rôle essentiel dans l'économie et la société canadienne mais n'assurent pas nécessairement le confort thermique et la bonne qualité de l'air intérieur. En outre, leur consommation énergétique demeure très élevée. Plus spécifiquement, les piscines intérieures présentent certaines particularités telles qu'une humidité relative élevée, une température contrôlée de l'eau et une condensation possible sur les parois ce qui rend la tâche d'assurer le confort des baigneurs encore plus difficile. Rares sont les études réalisées pour ce type de bâtiment malgré l'existence de pistes d'optimisation de la consommation énergétique et l'amélioration de la qualité d'air intérieur. Dans cette optique, ce mémoire présente une étude thermo-aéraulique réalisée sur la piscine intérieure de l'Université Bishop's (Sherbrooke, Canada). La simulation numérique a été effectuée en utilisant le logiciel TRNSYS. L'approche adoptée pour la modélisation est la méthode zonale qui découpe l'espace de travail étudié en plusieurs zones fictives tout en calculant les caractéristiques thermo-aérauliques (température, pression, nombre de changement d'air par heure). D'autre part, une validation expérimentale en situations réelles est mise en œuvre au sein de cette piscine moyennant un dispositif expérimental spécifique. Ce dernier a été conçu spécialement pour s'adapter aux caractéristiques du milieu (hauteur du bâtiment, présence de l'eau et forte humidité) afin de mesurer la température, la pression et la vitesse de l'air dans plusieurs endroits significatifs de la piscine. Cette étude développe un outil de calcul capable de prédire les températures de différentes zones thermiques et des surfaces de l'enveloppe du bâtiment d'une part et de calculer le débit massique de l'air entre les zones ainsi que le nombre de changement d'air par heure pour en déduire le confort thermique des occupants d'autre part. De plus, elle fournit une base de données des mesures extensives de température, humidité relative et de vitesse de l'air prises à l'été 2012 qui ont permis de valider les simulations numériques réalisées. Enfin, une étude paramétrique a été menée pour savoir l'effet de la modification de certains paramètres tel que les caractéristiques des systèmes de ventilation et chauffage sur la consommation énergétique du bâtiment et le confort thermique des occupants. Par conséquent, des recommandations ont été proposées. Les résultats ainsi obtenus permettront aux industriels d'améliorer les performances énergétiques des piscines intérieures et donneront des solutions constructives pour les concepteurs de ce type de bâtiment. Mots clés : Grands espaces fermés, piscine intérieure, méthode zonale, confort thermique, qaulité d'air intérieur, efficacité énergétique.

  17. Etude des effets du martelage repetitif sur les contraintes residuelles

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Hacini, Lyes

    L'assemblage par soudage peut engendrer des contraintes residuelles. Ces contraintes provoquent des fissurations prematurees et un raccourcissement de la duree de vie des composants. Dans ce contexte, le martelage robotise est utilise pour relaxer ces contraintes residuelles. Trois volets sont presentes: le premier est l'evaluation des effets des impacts unitaires repetes sur le champ de contraintes developpe dans des plaques d'acier inoxydable austenitique 304L vierges ou contenant des contraintes residuelles initiales. Dans la deuxieme partie de ce projet, le martelage est applique grace au robot SCOMPI. Les contraintes residuelles induites et relaxees par martelage sont ensuite mesurees par la methode des contours, qui a ete adaptee a cet effet. Dans la troisieme partie, le martelage est modelise par la methode des elements finis. Un modele axisymetrique developpe grace au logiciel ANSYS permet de simuler des impacts repetes d'un marteau elastique sur une plaque ayant un comportement elastoplastique.

  18. Etudes des Reactions de Transfert LITHIUM-7/LITHIUM -6

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Baddou, Djafer

    Les reactions de transfert de deux nucleons ^7Li/^6Li(^3He, rm p)^8Be/^9Be ont ete effectuees a partir d'um faisceau d'^3He initialement polarise et d'energie incidente egale a 4.58 MeV au centre de la cible. Le faisceau d'^3He est simplement ionise et il est accelere par l'accelerateur Van de Graaff de l'Universite Laval. Ce faisceau d' ^3He est de polarisation egale a 40% et il est obtenu a partir d'une source d'^3He a l'etat metastable. Nous avons decrit la reaction depuis la production et le transport du faisceau initial de l'^3 He jusqu'a la chambre de reaction. Par la suite, nous avons obtenu les distributions angulaires de la section efficace differentielle et du pouvoir d'analyse de ces reactions. Elles ont ete comparees a la theorie DWBA a l'approximation zero. La theorie a montre qu'il s'agit d'un transfert de deux particules independants (neutron, proton) pour le cas de la reaction ^7Li( ^3He,rm p)^9Be et d'un transfert de "cluster" deuteron pour le cas de la reaction ^6Li(^3He, rm p)^8Be. Notons que pour cette reaction l'instabilite du ^8Be ne nous permet pas d'avoir une diffusion elastique permettant la determination des parametres du modele optique entre ce noyau et la particule diffusee. Afin de contourner cette difficulte, nous supposons que le ^8 Be est un noyau compose de deux particules alpha et nous avons teste cette hypothese avec les reactions ^6Li(^3He, rm p)^8Be et ^7Li( ^3He,rm d)^8Be. Nous mentionnons a la fin que nous avons observe que l'etat fondamental de la reaction ^6Li( ^3He,rm p)^8Be et l'etat excite 2.43 MeV de la reaction ^7Li(^3He,rm p)^9Be sont des reactions directes alors que le premier etat excite (2.96 MeV) de la reaction ^6Li(^3He,rm p)^8Be et l'etat fondamental de la reaction ^7Li(^3He,rm p)^9Be peuvent etre domines par une reaction a noyau compose.

  19. Etudes physiques des mélanges eau-cryoprotecteurs

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Vassoille, R.; Perez, J.

    The aim of the following review is to present the most important studies concerning the physical properties of water-solutes mixtures used in cryobiology. Cryobiology is a branch of biology which deals with the very low temperature behaviour of cells. This technique is developed today in several directions. The creation of banks of cells and perhaps in a short time of small organs, is the purpose of much research in this domain. Before freezing, living cells are generally put in a solution containing one or more solutes. The role of these solutes is to protect the cells against damage due to crystallization of water (cryoprotectors). The mechanisms of cryoprotection are not well known ; nevertheless the vitreous state formation during cooling is often invoked. So, it is possible to avoid crystallization damage such as mechanical strain (due to an increase of volume of about 10 %) and salt effects (due to osmotic pressure). The conditions in which the vitreous state is obtained, maintained during cooling, storage at low temperature and rewarming can be defined by physical studies presented in the following review. Le présent travail est essentiellement une revue bibliographique des principales études physiques qui ont été réalisées avec des solutions de composés habituellement employés en cryobiologie. La cryobiologie est une branche de la biologie qui s'intéresse au comportement des cellules à basse température. Cette discipline est actuellement en plein développement dans des domaines très divers. Son principal but est la création de banques de cellules de plus en plus complexes avec comme perspective la conservation des organes. Les cellules vivantes sont généralement placées avant congélation dans une solution contenant divers composés dont le rôle est de protéger les cellules contre les effets de la cristallisation de l'eau. L'action protectrice de ces cryoprotecteurs est encore mal connue; cependant, la formation d'un état vitreux lors du refroidissement est souvent invoquée. Ainsi, il est possible d'éviter les dommages liés à la cristallisation : contrainte mécanique due à l'augmentation de volume, effets de sel dus à l'existence d'un gradient de pression osmotique de part et d'autre de la membrane cellulaire. Les conditions d'obtention et de maintien de cet état vitreux lors des opérations de congélation peuvent être définies par des études physiques dont nous proposons une revue.

  20. Analyse des transferts de chaleur et de masse transitoires dans un arena a l'aide de la methode zonale

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Daoud, Ahmed

    Cette these presente les resultats d'une etude sur le mouvement de l'air et les transferts thermiques et massiques dans les arenas en regime transitoire et en 3D. Pour la partie aeraulique, il a ete question de developper un modele base sur la methode zonale qui permet de calculer les debits de l'air (dus a la ventilation et aux gradients de temperature) et de l'humidite entre les differentes zones du batiment et de determiner l'age de l'air dans chacune des zones. Pour la partie thermique, un modele de calcul du rayonnement entre les surfaces interieures du batiment qui a ete couple a TRNSYS afin de calculer sur une base annuelle les charges de chauffage et de refrigeration; ces dernieres tiennent compte des transferts radiatif et convectif, de la chaleur latente due a la condensation de l'humidite sur la glace et du surfacage. Le document presente est constitue de 7 chapitres qui peuvent etre resumes comme suit: Les chapitres 1, 2 et 3 sont consacres respectivement: a l'introduction generale, a la revue bibliographique et a la description du batiment modelise. Le chapitre 4 decrit l'approche developpee et la contribution importante qui y est apportee. Il presente l'utilisation de la methode zonale comme une alternative pratique aux methodes CFD car elle permet de realiser des simulations dynamiques sur une annee avec des temps de simulation tres courts et une precision acceptable. Il s'agit d'une approche intermediaire entre les modeles CFD et les modeles a un noeud d'air (considerant la temperature homogene dans un local). Le chapitre 5 est consacre a la methode de resolution numerique. L'outil de simulation a ete developpe en utilisant l'interface du logiciel TRNSYS: Le type 56 de ce logiciel a ete adopte comme modele energetique tandis que les autres modeles ont ete developpes et programmes en utilisant le logiciel MATLAB. Le chapitre 6 presente les resultats de simulation pour un arena sans faux plafond et avec un faux plafond et les resultats de mesures

  1. Case Studies On Recent Stark Broadening Calculations And Stark-B Database Development In The Framework Of The European Project Vamdc (Virtual Atomic And Molecular Data Center)

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Sahal-Bréchot, S.


    Stark broadening theories and calculations have been extensively developed for about 50 years. The theory can now be considered as mature for many applications, especially for accurate spectroscopic diagnostics and modelisation. In astrophysics, with the increasing sensitivity of observations and spectral resolution, in all domains of wavelengths from far UV to infrared, it has become possible to develop realistic models of interiors and atmospheres of stars and interpret their evolution. For hot stars, especially white dwarfs, Stark broadening is the dominant collisional line broadening process. This requires the knowledge of numerous collisional line profiles, especially for very weakly abundant atoms and ions that are used as useful probes for modern spectroscopic diagnostics. Hence, calculations based on a simple but enough accurate and fast method is indispensable for obtaining numerous results. Ab initio quantum calculations are also a useful domain of development, especially for ion emitters. Nowadays, the access to such data via an on line database becomes indispensable. The Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre (VAMDC, is a European Union funded collaboration between groups involved in the generation and use of atomic and molecular data. VAMDC aims to build a secure, documented, flexible and interoperable e-science environment-based interface to existing atomic and molecular data. In this framework, the Stark-B ( database, which is a part of VAMDC, is a collaborative project between the Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade and the Laboratoire d'Etude du Rayonnement et de la Matière en Astrophysique (LERMA). It is a database of calculated widths and shifts of isolated lines of atoms and ions due to electron and ion collisions (i.e. impacts are separated in time). This database is devoted to modelisation and spectroscopic diagnostics of stellar atmospheres and envelopes. In addition, it is relevant to

  2. Realisation d'un detecteur de radioactivite pour un systeme microfluidique

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Girard Baril, Frederique

    Pour etablir le comportement pharmacocinetique de nouveaux radiotraceurs en imagerie moleculaire, il est necessaire d'approfondir l'analyse realisee a partir d'une image par l'ajout d'une mesure dynamique de la radioactivite dans le sang. L'Universite de Sherbrooke developpe presentement une plateforme microfluidique d'echantillonnage et d'analyse permettant la mesure de la radioactivite du plasma en temps reel. L'objectif du present projet de maitrise etait de realiser le composant optoelectronique responsable de la detection des positrons et de l'integrer a la puce microfluidique. L'option retenue a ete l'utilisation de photodiodes PIN en silicium. Un procede de fabrication, ainsi qu'une serie de photomasques ont ete developpes afin de produire une premiere iteration de prototypes. Les detecteurs ont ete concus de maniere a optimiser leur sensibilite en fonction du type de rayonnement a detecter. En effet, la region de detection doit etre suffisamment epaisse et sensible pour absorber le maximum de particules energetiques. Egalement, il est essentiel de minimiser le courant de fuite en noirceur afin d'obtenir un photocourant directement proportionnel a l'energie des radiations incidentes. Les caracteristiques electriques obtenues avec les premiers detecteurs ont ete demontrees proches des performances de detecteurs commerciaux similaires. De plus, il a ete possible d'integrer un canal microfluidique au substrat contenant les photodiodes et d'en realiser l'encapsulation sans alterer les performances electriques initiales des detecteurs. Une courbe de l'activite radioactive du 18F a ete mesuree, celle-ci se comparant a l'activite theorique associee a ce radioisotope communement utilise en TEP. Enfin, un spectre en energie des emissions radiatives du 18F a ete mesure et compare aux performances de systemes utilisant des photodiodes commerciales. Il a ete demontre que le prototype offrait un rapport signal sur bruit similaire aux systemes bases sur des photodiodes

  3. Synthese de champs sonores adaptative

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Gauthier, Philippe-Aubert

    La reproduction de champs acoustiques est une approche physique au probleme technologique de la spatialisation sonore. Cette these concerne l'aspect physique de la reproduction de champs acoustiques. L'objectif principal est l'amelioration de la reproduction de champs acoustiques par "synthese de champs acoustiques" ("Wave Field Synthesis", WFS), une approche connue, basee sur des hypotheses de champ libre, a l'aide du controle actif par l'ajout de capteurs de l'erreur de reproduction et d'une boucle fermee. Un premier chapitre technique (chapitre 4) expose les resultats d'appreciation objective de la WFS par simulations et mesures experimentales. L'effet indesirable de la salle de reproduction sur les qualites objectives de la WFS fut illustre. Une premiere question de recherche fut ensuite abordee (chapitre 5), a savoir s'il est possible de reproduire des champs progressifs en salle dans un paradigme physique de controle actif: cette possibilite fut prouvee. L'approche technique privilegiee, "synthese de champs adaptative" ("Adaptive Wave Field Synthesis" [AWFS]), fut definie, puis simulee (chapitre 6). Cette approche d'AWFS comporte une originalite en controle actif et en reproduction de champs acoustiques: la fonction cout quadratique representant la minimisation des erreurs de reproduction inclut une regularisation de Tikhonov avec solution a priori qui vient de la WFS. L'etude de l'AWFS a l'aide de la decomposition en valeurs singulieres (chapitre 7) a permis de comprendre les mecanismes propres a l'AWFS. C'est la deuxieme principale originalite de la these. L'algorithme FXLMS (LMS et reference filtree) est modifie pour l'AWFS (chapitre 8). Le decouplage du systeme par decomposition en valeurs singulieres est illustre dans le domaine du traitement de signal et l'AWFS basee sur le controle independant des modes de rayonnement est simulee (chapitre 8). Ce qui constitue la troisieme originalite principale de cette these. Ces simulations du traitement de signal

  4. Etudes sur la gravitation: Theories alternatives en 2+1 et 3+1 dimensions

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Edery, Ariel

    This thesis contains four articles on gravitation of which three have been published in scientific journals and one has been submitted for publication. The four articles divide naturally into two parts. Chapter 1 contains two articles on conformal gravity, a 3 + 1 dimensional theory of gravity and chapter 2 contains two articles on 2 + 1 dimensional topologically massive gravity. Conformal gravity is a metric theory of gravitation which is generally covariant like Einstein gravity but also requires the action to be invariant under conformal transformations of the metric. The novel feature of the solution is a term in the metric that grows linearly with the radius. This linear term, which plays a significant role on large distance scales, can then be used to imitate the effects of the dark matter that is presumed to exist in abundance on galactic scales. In the first and second article, we test the viability of the vacuum solution of conformal gravity. In the first article we calculate the deflection of light due to a spherically symmetric source and obtain a remarkably simple result: besides the usual Einstein deflection, we obtain an extra deflection that increases linearly as the ``impact parameter'' increases (valid for small deflections). In both analyses no dark matter has been included. We explain clearly in our first article the reasons for the discrepency between the two results. In the second article, we study in detail the geometrical properties and the causal structure of the vacuum solution to conformal gravity. At infinity the space-time is not flat but conformal to flat. Through the use of Penrose (conformal) diagrams, we demonstrate that certain space- times, corresponding to certain parameters in the metric, do not allow light to scatter from infinity to infinity. For those which do, we obtain the trajectories and the deflection of light for arbitrary large values of r0 (the radius of closest approach). To simplify the study of gravity, it is common to study a 2 + 1 dimensional model. However, in 2 + 1 dimensions, the analog to Einstein gravity is trivial. The space-time outside sources is flat and particles at rest do not interact. The odd dimensional space-time allows one to include a gravitational Chern-Simons term called a topological mass term because it gives mass to the graviton. In article three and four, we consider localized mass and spin sources in the full non-linear theory. We obtain solutions for both of Vuorio's sectors. In article 3 we demonstrate that delta function sources, while allowed in the linearized theory are not consistent with the full non-linear field equations. In article four, we consider how to embed point sources in Vuorio's cosmological sector and discuss the metric solution for the case when observers are near and far away from the source. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)

  5. Etude methodologique de l'imagerie optique diffuse couplee a l'electroencephalographie

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Chapuisat, Sarah

    Diffuse Optical Imaging (DOI) and electroencephalography (EEG) are two complementary functional brain imaging modalities: they do not image the same physiological phenomenon, but their spatial and temporal resolutions are of the same order of magnitude. Because the relationship between electrical (as measured by EEG) and hemodynamic (as measured by DOI) activities is still poorly understood, being able to record EEG and DOI data simultaneously appears necessary. On the experimental side, the aim of this project was to adapt an EEG cap to introduce optical fibers and thus, record DOI and EEG simultaneously. A study of the activations in the premotor and motor cortices, involved in movement preparation, allowed us to validate the acquisition setup, which nevertheless needs to be further improved. The theoretical part of this work focused on the use of regions reconstructed from DOI data as a spatial prior for the resolution of the inverse problem in EEG (i.e. the source location) via a Bayesian model. Simulation data gave us an accurate assessment of the contribution of DOI data and showed in particular that the use of a prior improved the amplitude of the reconstructed EEG sources. This study also showed that, regardless of the spatial coherence between DOI and EEG activities, the use of DOI prior did not worsen the EEG reconstruction. Although both the theoretical model and the acquisition system remain to be improved, this work showed the interest and feasibility of simultaneous EEG and DOI acquisition. Key words: diffuse optical imaging, near infrared spectroscopy, electroencephalography, movement preparation, Bayesian estimation

  6. Contributions a l'etude des lidars a champs visuels multiples

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Roy, Gilles

    On presente un modele, base sur la diffraction et l'optique geometrique, liant les signaux lidar a champs multiples a la densite de distribution de la taille des particules. On ecrit la relation sous forme matricielle ce qui permet d'obtenir la densite de distribution apparente de la taille des particules par inversion matricielle avec contrainte. On interprete la perturbation causee par la contribution de l'optique geometrique au signal lidar comme de la diffraction causee par une particule de diametre d'environ un micron. La densite de distribution apparente est corrigee a posteriori en calculant la contribution relative des differents ordres de diffusion a l'elargissement de la fonction de phase des particules. La validite du modele est supportee par des simulations Monte Carlo et par des resultats experimentaux obtenus sous des conditions controlees. Finalement, on applique avec succes, la technique d'inversion aux mesures lidar multichamps obtenues sur des nuages.

  7. Etude D'onduleurs Triphases a Haute Frequence et a Commutation Douce

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Cheriti, Ahmed

    This thesis contributes to the increase of the application field of resonant converters which until now was limited to small switch mode power supplies. The approaches used in this case cannot be straight forward applied to the inverters which operate in several quadrants and where the power involved is much higher. Therefore, the integration of the resonance techniques to the inverters necessitates a separate study and that is what we are trying to do in this work. The configuration that we wanted to develop should have two major features. Firstly, it should not generate any overvoltage on the power semiconductors. Secondly, it should be able to operate in pulse width modulation at high frequency. Consequently an approach such as the recently proposed resonant dc link inverter will not be considered. After analysing a few structures, we selected a configuration which met our specifications. This configuration was called: the pulse width Modulation Resonant Pole Inverter (MRPI) and it will the subject for a detailed study in this thesis. Basically, this study includes: the applications, the operating sequences, the design, the possible modifications, the base drive circuits, the control circuit, the experimentation and the efficiency calculations. In this study, the state-plane technique is extensively used. This technique simplifies the study of second order systems with low damping factor. For example, we use the state plane while determining: (1) the operating sequences and their duration, (2) the voltage and current stresses on the power semiconductors, (3) the operating limits. The experimental tests were held on a three-phase asynchronous machine based variable speed drive controlled under the V/F constant low. The control circuit implementing this law was elaborated with the help of original digital circuits which will be the subject for a detailed description too. Finally, we will show in this thesis that the proposed configuration contributes substantially to the reduction of the electromagnetic interference, the commutation losses and the power switches stresses. However, to avoid that these improvements are obtained at the expense of the efficiency, more importance should be given to the different conception phases of this converter. In particular, the choice of the the type of the power switch, the calculations of the values of the reactive elements and the determination of the commutation frequency.

  8. Etude par elements finis du comportement thermo-chimiomecanique de la pâte monolithique

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Girard, Pierre-Luc

    Aluminum industry is in a fierce international competition requiring the constant improvement of the electrolysis cell effectiveness and longevity. The selection of the cell's materials components becomes an important factor to increase the cell's life. The ramming paste, used to seal the cathode lining, is compacted in the joints between the cathode and the side wall of the cell. It is a complex thermo-chemo-reactive material whose proprieties change with the evolution of his baking level. Therefore, the objective of this project is to propose a thermo-chemo-mechanical constitutive law for the ramming paste and implement it in the finite element software ANSYSRTM. A constitutive model was first chosen from the available literature on the subject. It is a pressure dependent model that uses hardening, softening and baking mechanisms in its definition to mimic the behavior of carbon-based materials. Subsequently, the numerical tool was validated using the finite element toolbox FESh++, which contains the most representative carbon-based thermochimio- mechanical material constitutive law at this time. Finally, a validation of the experimental setup BERTA (Banc d'essai de resistance thermomecanique ALCAN) was made in prevision of a larger scale experimental validation of the constitutive law in a near future. However, the analysis of the results shows that BERTA is not suited to adequately measure the mechanical deformation of such kind of material. Following this project, the numerical tool will be used in numerical simulation to introduce the various effects of the baking of the ramming paste during the cell startup. This new tool will help the industrial partner to enhance the understanding of Hall-Heroult cell start-up and optimize this critical step.

  9. Etude descriptive et analytique du cancer de l’œsophage au Togo

    PubMed Central

    Oumboma, Bouglouga; Mawuli, Lawson-Ananissoh Laté; Aklesso, Bagny; Laconi, Kaaga; Datouda, Redah


    Introduction Décrire les aspects épidémiologiques, cliniques, endoscopiques et histologiques du cancer de l’œsophage (CO) au Togo. Méthodes Il s'agit d'une étude rétrospective descriptive et analytique menée sur 8 ans (Janvier 2005-Décembre 2012) dans le service d'hépato-gastroentérologie (HGE) du CHU Campus de Lomé. Etaient inclus les dossiers des patients hospitalisés pour CO confirmé histologiquement. Résultats Sur 8 ans, 24 patients remplissant nos critères d'inclusion ont été retenus soit 3cas de CO par an et 0,55% des hospitalisations. L’âge moyen des patients était de 57,08 ans (extrêmes: 32 et 82 ans). La dysphagie et l’épigastralgie étaient les motifs d'hospitalisation les plus rencontrés. L'alcool (n=15), le tabac (n=13) étaient les facteurs de risque les plus présents. A la fibroscopie, les lésions étaient ulcéro-bourgeonnantes et hémorragiques (n=12), ulcéro-bourgeonnantes (n=5); ces lésions siégeaient au niveau du 1/3 inférieur (n= 11), à l'union 1/3 supérieur 1/3moyen de l’œsophage (n= 13) et aucun au niveau du 1/3 supérieur. Seize lésions étaient des carcinomes épidermoïdes et 3 des adénocarcinomes. L’évolution dans le service a été fatale dans 2cas; 16 patients avaient été transférés en chirurgie pour des soins palliatifs et 5 patients (20,8%) étaient perdus de vue. Conclusion Le CO semble en augmentation au Togo. L'alcool et le tabac sont les facteurs de risque et le pronostic sévère dans notre série est lié au retard diagnostic. Son dépistage précoce passe par une consultation rapide devant toute dysphagie chez un sujet de 50 ans et plus. PMID:25883742

  10. Contribution a l'etude de l'inactivation de micro-organismes par plasma

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Benhacene-Boudam, Mustafa-Karim

    The present work is a deepening of some specific research aspects concerning medical device sterilization by ionized gases, that were initiated almost ten years ago and pursued since then by the "Sterilization team" of the Groupe de physique des plasmas. Initially, the thesis was directed at spore inactivation by atmospheric-pressure plasmas with the intent of showing that it was possible to reach sterility mainly by the action of UV photons, therefore minimizing damage to materials (in contrast to using chemically reactive species from the plasma) and, at the same time, achieving a greater control of the process through its better understanding. We actually succeeded in demonstrating the possibility of spore inactivation based on the dominant action of UV photons issued from an atmospheric-pressure plasma. However, the low inactivation efficiency and the practical difficulty of the atmospheric-pressure plasma used made us turn to low-pressure post-discharge sterilization systems. To comply with this new goal, we first characterized, essentially through emission spectroscopy, the flowing afterglow of a N2-O2 low-pressure discharge, concentrating on the properties and effects of the early and late post-discharges as far as sterilization is concerned. We demonstrated that the early afterglow is responsible for heavy damage to processed polymers but that it is possible to reduce its influence provided a minimum percentage of O2 is added in the N2-O2 mixture and also by moving away the plasma source from the sterilization chamber entrance. We then studied the combined effects, on the kinetics of spore inactivation, of the species (UV photons, radicals) issued from the plasma and of the heating of the petri dish, using B. atrophaeus spores as reference microorganisms. We clearly proved the existence of synergy between UV photons and heating in inactivating spores, provided UV photons and heating act simultaneously. Whatever the O2% in the mixture, and thus the UV intensity, the inactivation rate was also found to obey a fluence law and its dependence on temperature could be modeled by the Arrhenius relation. Keywords: sterilization, atmospheric-pressure plasma, low-pressure plasma, UV photons, bacterial spores, survival curves, UV and heating synergy.

  11. Machine learning etudes in astrophysics: selection functions for mock cluster catalogs

    SciTech Connect

    Hajian, Amir; Alvarez, Marcelo A.; Bond, J. Richard E-mail:


    Making mock simulated catalogs is an important component of astrophysical data analysis. Selection criteria for observed astronomical objects are often too complicated to be derived from first principles. However the existence of an observed group of objects is a well-suited problem for machine learning classification. In this paper we use one-class classifiers to learn the properties of an observed catalog of clusters of galaxies from ROSAT and to pick clusters from mock simulations that resemble the observed ROSAT catalog. We show how this method can be used to study the cross-correlations of thermal Sunya'ev-Zeldovich signals with number density maps of X-ray selected cluster catalogs. The method reduces the bias due to hand-tuning the selection function and is readily scalable to large catalogs with a high-dimensional space of astrophysical features.

  12. Etude des facteurs de risque du retard de croissance intra-utérin à Lubumbashi

    PubMed Central

    Moyambe, Jules Ngwe Thaba; Bernard, Pierre; Khang'Mate, Faustin; Nkoy, Albert Mwembo Tambwe A; Mukalenge, Faustin Chenge; Makanda, Daudet; Twite, Eugene; Ndudula, Arthur Munkana; Lubamba, Cham; Kadingi, Arnauld Kabulu; Kayomb, Mutach; Kayamba, Prosper Kalenga Muenze


    Introduction Dans notre milieu, il n'existe aucune politique de prévention du Retard de Croissance Intra-Utérin (RCIU) clairement défini. L'objectif de ce travail était d'identifier les facteurs de risque de RCIU afin de proposer une stratégie de lutte contre cette pathologie en agissant surtout sur des facteurs pouvant faire l'objet d'une action préventive. Méthodes Une étude cas-témoins a été menée dans 11 centres hospitaliers de Lubumbashi en République Démocratique du Congo, de Janvier 2010 à Juin 2011, dans le but d'identifier les facteurs de risque du retard de croissance intra-utérin (RCIU). Au total 420 gestantes (cas et témoins) avec grossesse monofoetale d'au moins 24 semaines d'aménorrhée ont été inclues dans l'étude. Les cas correspondaient aux gestantes dont le poids du fœtus était resté inférieur au 10 eme percentile des courbes de référence d'Alexander, après 2 échographies successives réalisées à intervalle de 4 semaines. Les témoins correspondaient aux gestantes dont le poids du fœtus était supérieur ou égal au 10 eme percentile de mêmes courbes. A chaque cas a été apparié un témoin de même parité porteur d'une grossesse de même âge. Résultats L'analyse univariée a identifié comme facteurs de risque: la taille maternelle. Conclusion L'amélioration du niveau socio-économique des populations, la lutte contre le paludisme et les consultations prénatales mieux organisées couplées à une meilleure éducation sanitaire et nutritionnelle peuvent contribuer sensiblement à la réduction de la fréquence du RCIU à Lubumbashi. PMID:23504392

  13. Etude morphométrique de l'oreille externe chez les jeunes adultes

    PubMed Central

    Nyemb, Philippe Manyacka Ma; Sankale, Anne-Aurore; Ndiaye, Lamine; NDiaye, Aïnina; Gaye, Magaye


    Introduction Connaitre les dimensions normales de l'oreille externe constitue un pré-requis en chirurgie. Le but de ce travail est de déterminer les valeurs moyennes des différentes mesures morphométriques des oreilles gauches et droites dans notre population d’étude. Méthodes Notre groupe d’étude était constitué de 100 sujets adultes jeunes (50 femmes et 50 hommes) âgés de 18 à 25 ans, et exempts de traumatismes ou d'anomalies congénitale de l'oreille externe. Les différentes mesures répertoriées étaient représentées par: la hauteur totale de l'oreille, la largeur totale de l'oreille, la hauteur lobulaire, la largeur lobulaire, la distance tragus - anti-hélix, la distance tragus - hélix, ainsi que la projection de l'oreille. Résultats L’âge moyen de notre population d’étude était de 22 ans. La hauteur totale de l'oreille était respectivement de 61,6 et 60,3 mm chez les sujets de sexe masculin et féminin. La largeur totale retrouvée était respectivement de 32,5 et 30,8 mm. Pour toutes les distances mesurées, nous retrouvions des différences entre hommes et femmes, ainsi que d'un coté à l'autre. Conclusion Pour le clinicien, il est important de prendre en compte les mesures morphométriques de l'oreille externe non seulement dans un but diagnostic, mais également pour reproduire lors de sa reconstruction une oreille anatomiquement correcte. PMID:25932068

  14. Etude de Degradation des Resines Epoxy Sous L'action des Decharges Partielles

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Hudon, Claude

    Over the past few decades, epoxy resin composites have been extensively used in the high voltage insulation systems of rotating machines. Although these materials exhibit good mechanical performance, are thermally stable and present intrinsically excellent resistance against electrical discharge attack, their actual life under alienating high voltage is always shorter than predicted. Among the leading causes responsible for premature failure of rotating machine insulation are slot discharges which are characterized by extremely large pulses. Partial discharges occurring within the occluded cavities in the epoxy resin of the insulation can also lead to breakdown of the insulating system, but the degradation mechanism is somewhat more obscure. The reason is that the degradation results form a complex synergistic action of electronic and ionic surface bombardment, of ultraviolet radiation and of electrochemical reactions in a confined and non-vented space that is in most cases inaccessible for careful observation and analysis. Most investigations usually rely either on discharge signal analysis, or on the analysis of the resulting material modifications if available following failure. Most investigations on machine insulation merely attempt to predict failure in terms of partial discharge pulse data and are less concerned with the understanding of the degradation process itself. In the present work, a comparative study, using parallel-plane epoxy-covered electrodes, is carried out on the interrelation between the discharge signal behavior and the associated degradation of the epoxy resin. Examination of the behavior in terms of measured amplitude of the electrical pulse component and the light emission intensity, disclosed the presence of three types of discharges, namely spark, glow and pseudoglow discharges. Since conventional partial discharge detection only responds to fast voltage drops, the latter two forms of discharge generally evade detection. The intent of this work is not to present an alternative discharge detection method, but rather to obtain a better understanding of the degradation mechanism of epoxy resin when subjected to partial discharges. It was found that as a consequence of material degradation with time, the altered conditions within the discharge gap tended to favor a transition to ever smaller discharge amplitudes, and ultimately to a glow type discharge. Detailed chemical analyses of reaction products at the specimen surface indicated that the different discharge types, although leading to the formation of different degradation products, contribute significantly in various degrees to the overall degradation of the epoxy resin; it is precisely for this reason that conventional pulse detectors cannot effectively monitor the total level of insulation degradation. A model has been proposed to explain the discharge signal transition process with time. It is based primarily on the measured increase of surface conductivity resulting from degradation product formation, products which are mostly composed of electrically conductive organic acids and nitric acid.

  15. Etude des observations, par Hipparcos, de petites planètes.

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Bec-Borsenberger, A.

    Observation of minor planets has been proposed, among other reasons, in order to try to link the Hipparcos reference frame to dynamical reference system defined through the motion of these minor planets. Positions of minor planets are given in the Input Catalogue using high precision ephemerides. First observations have been obtained in December 1989 for the minor planet 6-Hebe. The principle of linking observations to computed positions is recalled and an application to preliminary data obtained for 6-Hebe and, more recently, 192-Nausikaa is given.

  16. PECVD de composes de silicium sur polymeres: Etude de la premiere phase du depot

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Dennler, Gilles

    Since their first introduction in the early 90's, transparent barriers against oxygen and/or water vapor permeation through polymers, such as SiO 2, are the object of increasing interest in the food and pharmaceutical packaging industries, and more recently for the encapsulation of organic-based displays. It is now well known that these thin layers possess barrier properties only if they are thicker than a certain critical thickness, dc. For example, dc is around 12 nm in the case of SiO2 on KaptonRTM PI; below this value, the measured "Oxygen Transmission Rate" (OTR, in standard cm3/m2/day/bar) is roughly the same as that of the uncoated polymer. Until now, no detailed research has been carried out to explain this observation, but a hypothesis was proposed in the literature, based on island-like growth structure of the coating for d ≤ dc. According to this hypothesis, the surface energy of the polymeric substrates is so low that the Volmer-Weber (island-coalescence) growth mode occurs. We have aimed to verify this explanation, that is, to study the initial phase of silicon-compound (SiO2 and SiN) growth on four different polymeric substrates, namely polyimide (KaptonRTM PI), polycarbonate (LexanRTM PC), polypropylene (PP), and polyethyleneterephthalate (MylarRTM PET). Three different deposition methods were used, namely reactive evaporation of SiO, radio-frequency (RF) Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (RF PECVD), and Distributed Electron Cyclotron Resonance (DECR) PECVD. In this latter case, the substrates were placed in three different positions: (i) in the active glow zone, (ii) downstream, and (iii) downstream, but shielded from photon emission (e.g. VUV) from the plasma. Angle-Resolved X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (ARXPS), Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy (RBS), and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), the latter performed after Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) by oxygen plasma, revealed that growth indeed occurs in a Volmer-Weber mode in the case of evaporated films. The island coalescence was observed to occur at d = 1.2 nm, at which point the sticking coefficient of precursor species changes drastically. Finally, we have investigated the presence of an "interphase" between deposited coatings and the polymeric substrate. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)

  17. Etude de la consolidation gravitaire en colonnes des remblais miniers cimentes en pate

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    El Aatar, Omar


    The challenge of underground mines backfilling in Abitibi region remains a major topic of investigation by many researchers in recent decades. For example, it has been observed in the backfilled stopes that the top of the fill settles systematically few days after its placement (by an average value varying between 0.9 and 1.5 m observed at Louvicourt mine). In addition, the strength of the cemented paste backfill (CPB) increases substantially, almost three times between the top and bottom of the backfilled stope. Some studies have also shown that the strength (unconfined compressive strength or UCS) of in situ CPB core specimens was 2 to 4 times of that of specimens of the equivalent lab-prepared CPB poured into plastic moulds. Among the many possible causes which could explain these observations, one can mention the self-weight consolidation of CPB. The main objective of this research is to understand the physical phenomena that govern the mechanical strength development within paste backfill after placement. To this end, three PVC columns, each of 3 m high, were manufactured and installed at the Louvicourt (LVT) mine and LaRonde (LRD) mine backfill plants to be in-filled. The column tests performed at the Louvicourt mine backfill plant allowed simulating different drainage configurations of a backfilled stope, namely, full drainage, partial drainage and no drainage while column tests performed at the LaRonde mine allowed comparing the response of three different paste backfill mix recipes for unique drainage condition: combined lateral and vertical drainage. Before the columns in-filling, the effect of mixing time on the slump height value of CPB was evaluated. Each column was then in-filled with CPB having a slump height similar to that of the fill used underground and in two sequences of in-filling of about 1.45 to 1.5 m over a time period of 24 hours. The monitoring of in-filled columns with CPB lasted for 5 days and consisted of measuring the amount of drainage water along with the observed settlement at the top surface of CPB column at time intervals of 1 hour. For the Louvicourt mine columns, several CPB core samples were extracted after 45 days curing time for experimental characterization of their mechanical, physical and hydro-geochemical properties. For the LaRonde mine columns, pore pressure and suction were measured using pressure sensors installed along the column height. The results obtained show that the maximum amount of drainage water (fully drained column) does not exceed 15% of the total water of the CPB, the maximum strength of CPB is reached with the fully drained column (2.9 MPa after 87 days of curing) and that the behavior of a backfilled stope at Louvicourt mine would be closer to either fully drained or partially drained column configurations. A clear distinction of the microstructure as a function of columns depth with the highest values of porosity and specific surface areas were observed in the case of drained CPB.

  18. Etude histopathologique des adénopathies cervicales à Yaoundé, Cameroun

    PubMed Central

    Sando, Zacharie; Fouelifack, Florent Ymele; Fouogue, Jovanny Tsuala; Fouedjio, Jeanne Hortence; Ndeby, Yvette Sandrine Ngo; Djomou, Francois; Fewou, Amadou; Oyono, Jean-Louis Essame


    Introduction Les adénopathies cervicales ont été très peu étudiées au Cameroun. Méthodes Pour améliorer leur connaissance nous avons mené une étude rétrospective et descriptive dans les cinq principaux laboratoires de la capitale du pays en vue d'en déterminer les aspects histopathologiques. Résultats Nous avons colligé 292 cas. L’âge moyen était de 30,95 ±4,11ans et le ratio homme / femme était de 0,96/1. Les principaux diagnostics histologiques étaient les suivants: tuberculose ganglionnaire (39,38%), les lymphadénites (18,49%), les lymphomes malins non hodgkiniens (12,33%), la maladie de Kaposi ganglionnaire (5,82%), les métastases de carcinome (5,82%) et la maladie de Hodgkin (5,14%). Dans 95,65% des cas le diagnostic était posé au-delà du deuxième mois d’évolution des symptômes. Conclusion Nos résultats, quoique préliminaires, sont une contribution à l'amélioration de la stratégie diagnostique et thérapeutique dans nos hôpitaux aux ressources limitées. PMID:25848448

  19. Etude des performances de solveurs deterministes sur un coeur rapide a caloporteur sodium

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Bay, Charlotte

    The reactors of next generation, in particular SFR model, represent a true challenge for current codes and solvers, used mainly for thermic cores. There is no guarantee that their competences could be straight adapted to fast neutron spectrum, or to major design differences. Thus it is necessary to assess the validity of solvers and their potential shortfall in the case of fast neutron reactors. As part of an internship with CEA (France), and at the instigation of EPM Nuclear Institute, this study concerns the following codes : DRAGON/DONJON, ERANOS, PARIS and APOLLO3. The precision assessment has been performed using Monte Carlo code TRIPOLI4. Only core calculation was of interest, namely numerical methods competences in precision and rapidity. Lattice code was not part of the study, that is to say nuclear data, self-shielding, or isotopic compositions. Nor was tackled burnup or time evolution effects. The study consists in two main steps : first evaluating the sensitivity of each solver to calculation parameters, and obtain its optimal calculation set ; then compare their competences in terms of precision and rapidity, by collecting usual quantities (effective multiplication factor, reaction rates map), but also more specific quantities which are crucial to the SFR design, namely control rod worth and sodium void effect. The calculation time is also a key factor. Whatever conclusion or recommendation that could be drawn from this study, they must first of all be applied within similar frameworks, that is to say small fast neutron cores with hexagonal geometry. Eventual adjustments for big cores will have to be demonstrated in developments of this study.

  20. Le Francais parle. Etudes sociolinguistiques (Spoken French. Sociolinguistic Studies). Current Inquiry into Languages and Linguistics 30.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Thibault, Pierrette

    This volume contains twelve articles dealing with the French language as spoken in Quebec. The following topics are addressed: (1) language change and variation; (2) coordinating expressions in the French spoken in Montreal; (3) expressive language as source of language change; (4) the role of correction in conversation; (5) social change and…

  1. Etude de la texture des rubans EPR de silicium polycristallin photovoltaïque

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Chibani, A.; Gauthier, R.; Pinard, P.; Andonov, P.


    EPR polysilicon ribbons are obtained from a 5N-6N purity grade silicon powder melting followed by a recrystallization step. Being assigned to the photocell manufacture, we study the texture by X-ray diffraction method to reveal the majority of the crystal orientations and prove the eventual existence of specific orientations adapted to the best photovoltaic conversion efficiencies such as (100), (110) or (111). Moreover, we tested the possibility to induce the (111) orientation with a monocrystalline seed having this orientation. It appears that the crystal growth is essentially anisotropic and that only the orientation of the grains with their (331) planes parallel to the ribbon surface may be considered as dominant after the recrystallization step; finally, the (111) starting seed has an effect only at the recrystallization onset.

  2. Guide to International Studies at Canadian Universities = Guide pour les etudes internationales aux universites Canadiennes.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Johnston, Pari, Ed.

    Included in this guide is a list of 65 Canadian universities and colleges offering programs in international and Native studies. Programs encompass area studies, international development, international relations, international business, international law, international agriculture, and international and comparative education. Also included are…

  3. Etude de l'isolation hybride en vue de son application dans les transformateurs de puissance

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Kassi, Koutoua Simon

    For nearly a century the conventional insulation (oil / cellulose complex) was the type of insulation used in the power transformers and most electrical power equipments. But the cellulose paper, the solid part of this insulation has many weaknesses. Indeed, the aging of cellulose paper in power transformers is accelerated by moisture, oxygen, metal catalysts, temperature, etc.). The risk of failures is thereby increased. Another major weakness of cellulose paper is its inability to protect the electrical transformer windings against the harmful effects of corrosive sulfur. Given all the weaknesses of cellulose paper, several studies have been conducted to evaluate the performance of aramid paper, which has better thermal properties. The aramid paper is currently used as high temperature insulation, combined with high fire point oils (synthetic and vegetable oils), mainly in electric traction transformers. The hybrid solid insulation is associated with mineral oil or with high fire point oils; it finds application in transformers of fixed and mobile substations. Manufacturing technology is controlled by manufacturers but operators of electrical networks do not have baseline data (standards) as diagnostic tools, allowing them to monitor the health/condition of the isolation in this new type of transformer. The overall objective of this research was to study the hybrid insulation and to demonstrate its potential use in power transformers. This overall objective has been subdivided into three specific objectives, namely: (i) improving the diagnostic of the condition of solid hybrid insulation and conventional solid insulation; (ii) diagnosing the condition of oils sampled from hybrid, high temperature and conventional insulation and finally (iii) investigating the ability of aramid paper and cellulose paper to protect the copper (electrical windings) against harmful effects of corrosive sulfur. In order to achieve these objectives, thermal accelerated aging were conducted in laboratory : • according to ASTM D1934 (American Society for Testing and Materials), four different type of insulation samples were considered, namely the oil impregnated hybrid insulation, oil impregnated cellulose insulation, oil impregnated high temperature insulation and paperless oil samples. Following the aging procedure, a local overheating (thermal fault) was applied on the paper sample using an experimental setup designed in our laboratory (first and second specific objectives). • according to the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission)-62535, for mineral, synthetic, vegetable and silicones oils (third specific objective). The degree of polymerization by viscosimetry and the determination of the carbon oxides by dissolved gas analysis (DGA) were determined to assess the condition of the paper in conventional insulation compared to that of the hybrid insulation. Our results indicate that cellulose paper in the hybrid insulation is less degraded when compared to the conventional insulation. Since the life of a transformer is directly related to the solid insulation, these results suggest that hybrid transformer insulation has a higher life than conventional ones. Subsequently, a very good correlation between amounts of oxides of carbon and degree of polymerization was established. This relationship might help improving the accuracy when interpreting the results of the DGA for transformers (first specific objective). Regarding the second specific objective, we used four physicochemical diagnosis techniques (dissolved decay products 'DDP', Turbidity, interfacial tension (IFT) and water content) to assess comparatively the quality of oils sampled from the four types of insulation. According to our results, the oil of the hybrid insulation indicated better quality at a certain stage of aging and especially after the application of thermal stress on the solid insulation. For the third specific objective, a qualitative study followed by a quantitative ones provided the following results: aramid paper better protects copper against corrosive

  4. Etude des structures secondaires dans les nébuleuses planétaires.

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Louise, R.


    Ring nebulae associated with secondary structures (NGC 6720) and butterfly nebulae (NGC 650-1) were considered as a same object seen along different lines of sight. This point of view is confirmed by the author's recent observations (Louise and Pascoli, 1985). The author suggests that such peculiar structures are a consequence of the "champagne effect" evolved from an initially flattened disk of gas.

  5. Microactuateur electrothermique bistable: Etude d'implementation avec une technologie standard CMOS

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Ressejac, Isabelle

    The general objective of this Ph.D. thesis was to study the implementation of a new type of eletrothermal microactuator. This actuator presents the advantages to be bistable and fabricated in a standard CMOS process, allowing the integration of a microelectronics addressing circuit on the same substrate. Experimental research work, presented in this thesis, relate to the different steps carried out in order to implement this CMOS MEMS device: its theoretical conception, its fabrication with a standard CMOS technology, its micromachining as a post-process, its characterization and its electro-thermo-mechanical modeling. The device was designed and fabricated by using Mitel 1,5 mum CMOS technology and the Can-MEMS service which are both available via the Canadian Microelectronics Corporation. Fabricated monolithically within a standard CMOS process, our microactuator is suitable for large-scale integration due to its small dimensions (length ˜1000 mum and width ˜150 mum). It constitutes the basic component of a N by N matrix controlled by a microelectronic addressing system built on the same substrate. Initially, only one micromachining technique (involving TMAH) was used, and long etching times (>9 h) were requires} in order to release the microstructures. However, the passivation layer from the CMOS process could protect the underlying metal from the TMAH for a sufficient time (only ˜1--2 h). Consequently, we had to develop a micromachining strategy with shorter etching times to allow the complete release of the microstructures without damaging them. Post-processing begins with deposition (by sputtering) of a platinum layer intended to protect the abutment from subsequent etching. Our micromachining strategy is mainly based on the use of a hybrid etching process starting with a first anisotropic TMAH etching followed by a XeF2 isotropic etching. After micromachining, the released microactuator has a significant initial deflection with its tip reaching a height up to a hundred times higher than its thickness. This natural deflection results from the relaxation of internal stresses inside the thin films which are part of the microactuator. These internal stresses are intrinsics to the host CMOS process. We have developed a model of the microactuator's initial deflection using mechanical properties of thin films and dimensions of the structure. Actuation experiments were performed in order to characterize the deflection of the microactuator with respect to the heating of the bilayers (separately and together). We have developed a thermal actuation analytical model for an n-layers multimorph structure, which takes into account the initial deflection resulting from the relaxation of stresses as well as the deflection due to the temperature increase during the electrothermal activation of the bilayers. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)

  6. Etude des relations entre photosynthese respiration, transpiration et nutrition minerale chez le ble

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    André, M.; Ducloux, H.; Richaud, C.; Massimino, D.; Daguenet, A.; Massimino, J.; Gerbaud, A.

    La croissance du Blé Triticum aestivum a été étudiée en environnement contrôlé et fermé pendant une période de 70 jours. Les échanges gazeux (Photosynthèse, Respiration) hydriques (Transpiration) et la consommation en éléments minéraux (Azote, Phosphore, Potassium) ont été mesurés en continu. On présentera les relations dynamiques observées entre les différentes fonctions physiologiques, d'une part sous l'influence de la croissance et d'autre part en réponse à des modifications de l'environnement. L'influence de la teneur en CO2 pendant la croissance (teneur normale ou doublée) sera mise en évidence.

  7. Environmental Indicators. A Preliminary Set = Indicateurs d'environnement. Une etude pilote.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, Paris (France).

    This document provides a preliminary set of environmental indicators by which to measure environmental performance. The indicators are patterned on the outline of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) "Report on the State of the Environment," a companion volume published in the same year. This volume is comprised of 18…

  8. Etude d'un systeme de trigeneration decentralise en climats canadiens

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Allaire Tanguay, Dominique

    Ce mémoire présente l'étude d'un système de trigénération ou CCHP (combined cooling, heating and power) au gaz naturel fournissant les besoins thermiques à un immeuble à logement typique de 13 étages. Un groupe électrogène permettant de générer de l'électricité tout en fournissant de l'eau chaude assure le chauffage du bâtiment et de l'eau chaude sanitaire tandis qu'une machine à absorption ammoniac-eau permet de transformer cette chaleur en puissance frigorifique afin de climatiser le bâtiment en période chaude. Le modèle de cette machine à absorption a spécialement été conçu pour fonctionner avec une température de désorption basse et permet d'évaluer les performances de telles machines dans des situations hors design. Ce modèle à été vérifié à l'aide d'autres modèles avérés et propose des coefficients de performance de l'ordre de 0,7 à 0,8. L'évaluation des performances horaires de ce système est présentée pour une année standard sous trois climats canadiens. Ces performances sont ensuite comparées aux différentes méthodes employées pour assurer ces besoins ainsi que pour générer l'électricité supplémentaire. Les résultats démontrent d'excellentes performances même lorsque comparées aux plus récentes technologies. Les résultats passent d'une légère augmentation de la consommation de gaz naturel dans un climat chaud comme Toronto à une importante réduction dans un climat froid comme Edmonton. Ce système permet donc de combler les besoins thermiques d'un bâtiment tout en générant de l'électricité dans des périodes de pointes annuelles et possiblement journalières. Plusieurs études dont notamment l'optimisation du système et le couplage à d'autres types de bâtiment permettrait cependant de mieux évaluer les possibilités complètes de la trigénération. Mots-clés : Trigénération, CCHP, Absorption, Ammoniac-eau, cogénération.

  9. Pratique d'apprentissage en ligne aux etudes superieures (Online Learning for Higher Education).

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Marchand, Louise


    Online learning requires new approaches to teaching and learning. At the University of Montreal, 28 graduate students in education and adult students specializing in educational technology attended an experimental distance education course. Students identified advantages and disadvantages of online learning/teaching and reflected on how the course…

  10. Etude hydromecanique d'une fracture en cisaillement sous contrainte normale constante

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Lamontagne, Eric

    This research study deals with the effects of shear direction and injection flow rate on the flow directional anisotropy for a given normal stress. It presents experimental works on hydromechanical shear behaviour of a fracture under constant normal stress conditions that permits the characterisation of the intrinsic hydraulic transmissivity in relation with the directional anisotropy of the roughness morphology on the fracture surfaces. Tests were performed on mortar replicas of a natural fracture so that the fracture roughness and void space geometry were kept the same for each test. The experimental work program was performed through direct shear tests on the fracture replicas in four shear directions under four constant normal stress levels. The application of the normal stress was followed by several injections of fluid under constant flow rate. Then, for each defined shear displacement, several injections of fluid were done at different flow rate but under constant flow rate. The test results show that: (1) for the whole shear tests, the global intrinsic transmissivity is included within an enveloping zone of about one order of size. The transmissivity curves within the enveloping zone has a particularity to increase about two orders of size in the first millimetre of shear displacement and subsequently stabilised rapidly; (2) the highest dilatancy do not correspond necessarily with the highest intrinsic transmissivity so that, the behaviour of the global intrinsic transmissivity is not directly proportional to the fracture dilatancy during shear; (3) after the peak shear stress, the divergence is more marked between the global intrinsic transmissivity curves at various flow rate; (4) after peak shear strength and the beginning of asperity degradation, the gradual passage to residual friction shear behaviour causes a directional flow anisotropy and a reorientation of the flow chenalisation direction sub perpendicularly to the shear direction; (5) the anisotropy is not to develop equally between the two sense in the perpendicular direction to shear direction. In order to characterise the dynamics of the flow pattern in the fracture, a statistical analysis of the surfaces morphology of the fracture and the casting of void space geometry were performed before and after shear. A statistical analysis of asperity heights, on the global scale of the fracture surfaces, permits to characterise the fracture morphology and put in evidence a large morphological structure on which are superposed smaller asperities of variable dimensions. This large dimension structure generate a higher level landing occupying more than half of the fracture area. The study of the surfaces morphology of the fracture, performed with the geostatistical mean asperity heights variogram by direction before shearing, show the presence of two entangled morphologic structure families (28 and 15 mm). This same study done after shearing shows that the asperity degradation seems associated with the reduction of the global intrinsic transmissivity of the fracture. Finally, the void spaces morphology evaluated by casting techniques, during the shear tests, has permitted to verify the contacts evolution with the increasing shear displacement and visualised flow chenalisation during fracture shearing.

  11. Etudes de linguistique semitique et arabe (Studies of Semitic and Arabic Linguistics).

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Cohen, David

    Various aspects of Arabic and Semitic linguistics are discussed in this text. The nine chapters include: (1) fundamental Semitic vocabulary and the classification of southern dialects; (2) observations on nominal derivation by affixation in several Semitic languages; (3) an automatic analysis of literary Arabic; (4) "Addad" and linguistic…

  12. Etude du transfert thermique conjugue dans les cavites rectangulaires en convection naturelle

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Nouanegue, Herve Frank

    Energy conservation is one of the most important areas of research and development. In parallel and in conjunction with it, developing clean energy technologies using renewable energy sources is similarly an important area to provide a sustainable energy supply. In this way, the quality of life will continue to flourish and at the same time the environment will be protected. For this purpose, devices operating on the principal of passive utilization techniques are used in different applications such as solar collectors, passive cooling and heating of buildings and others. Many of these applications make use of open and/or closed enclosures having different geometries, in which heat transfer by natural convection is used often with conjunction of conduction and surface radiation. To have the best thermal performance of these devices, the understanding of conjugate heat transfer in basic geometries is essential. The aim of this thesis is to study the influence of conduction and radiation heat transfer on natural convection in rectangular enclosures with different geometries and properties. A mathematical model of the system is developed which combines heat transfer by convection, conduction and radiation. A numeric code based on the volume control method is developed to simulate open and close systems with different geometries, in which the conservation equations of mass, momentum and energy are solved using the control volume method and the radiation heat exchange equations are added by calculating radiative heat flux on the emitting surfaces and treating it as a local heat source for the conjugate heat transfer by the three modes. Four specific configurations have been studied. The first one is a closed square inclined cavity containing a massive wall. The second configuration is an open cavity. The last two configurations involve passive cooling and heating systems in which the air circulates in long vertical channels. Numerical results for all the configuration show that radiative heat transfer represents an important part of the total heat transfer for all studied configurations. In the case where surfaces are assumed to be black bodies, this part is at least 25% and can increase up to 97%, i.e. air circulation is enhanced by surface radiative exchange. On the other hand, it is shown that heat exchange by surface radiation makes the surface temperatures more uniform as a result of which natural convection is reduced. As expected, the wall conductance is an important parameter in the conduction heat transfer through the wall and hence in the thermal performance of the massive wall. More specifically for each studied case, the obtained results are the following: (i) the close cavity inclination has a significant effect on the flow field; its effect is enhanced when the heat source is placed in the upper part of the flow domain. (ii) the aspect ratio of the open cavity affects the air circulation but its influence on the heat transfer is less important; (iii) the heat transfer by natural convection increases with the wall conductance for the case of solar chimney, and thus, the ventilating capacity of the channel is enhanced; (iv) the thermal efficiency of the passive system with thermal mass is reduced when the heat exchange by surface radiation is accounted for and the temperature difference between both external vertical boundaries increases.

  13. Etude experimentale et numerique d'ecoulements supersoniques en ejecteur avec et sans condensation

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Marynowski, Tom

    First of all, the objective of the thesis is to improve the comprehension of incondensable compressible flows in ejectors for all states of flow susceptible to appear. For that reason, in the first part of the thesis, the physics of compressible flows was studied with emphasis on implementation of numerical methods, more specifically on turbulence models used. Standard k-epsilon turbulence model was selected because it simulates adequately flow phenomena present in dry air powered ejectors. This is a sine qua non condition for the application of a model on to more complex flows such as flow with condensation. A thorough parametric study of ejectors operation gave prominence to particular operation regimes. This is one of this work's originalities since only little of those phenomena have been studied to this day. Furthermore, this first part allows a better anticipation of ejectors regimes and, therefore, facilitates their design. The second part of this thesis takes into account phenomenology of condensation/evaporation by adding it to the incondensable flow models while using the results of the parametric study. An experimental study based on visualisations of an ejector condensation zone is used for comparison. The complete study was realized with the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software FLUENT in which a 2D axisymetric model of condensation in high speed flow was implemented. Mass condensation fields in ejectors obtained by simulation are compared to experimental laser tomography measurements. It was emphasized that these measurements were in agreement with the numerical results. Again, this is one of this thesis' originalities since no study has been realised on the visualisation and comparison of condensation fields in ejectors.

  14. Etude de l'effet du gonflement par les solvants sur les proprietes du caoutchouc butyle

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Nohile, Cedrick

    Polymers and in particular elastomers are widely used for personal protective equipment against chemical and biological hazards. Among them, butyl rubber is one of the most effective elastomers against chemicals. However, if this rubber has a very good resistance to a wide range of them, it is sensitive to non polar solvents. These solvents will easily swell the material and may dramatically affect its properties. This situation may involve a large risk for. butyl rubber protective equipment users. It is thus essential to improve the understanding of the effect of solvents on the properties of butyl rubber. The research that was carried out had two objectives: to identify the parameters controlling the resistance of butyl rubber to solvents and to study the effect of swelling on the properties of butyl rubber. The results show that the resistance of butyl rubber to solvents appears to be controlled by three main parameters: the chemical class of the solvent, its saturation vapor pressure and its molar volume. In addition, swelling affects butyl rubber mechanical properties in a permanent way. The effects can be attributed to the extraction of plasticizers by the solvent and to the degradation of the physico-chemical structure of the polymer network. This chemical degradation was linked to a phenomenon of differential swelling which seems to be controlled by the solvent flow inside the material. These results question some general beliefs within the field of protection against chemical risks. They also open new perspectives for the development of predictive tools relative to the behavior of butyl rubber in the presence of solvents

  15. French Language Arts, 10-20-30: Programme d'etudes.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Leduc, Denise; Mariez, Jean-Marie

    The Alberta (Canada) curriculum for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade French immersion instruction is presented. An introductory section describes the rationale and objectives of the program and provides a brief bibliography. The next section charts the types of discourse on which the curriculum focuses within each language skill area (listening,…

  16. Contributions a l'etude et a l'application industrielle de la machine asynchrone

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Ouhrouche, Mohand-Ameziane

    The work presented in this thesis, done in the Electrical Drives Laboratory of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, deals with the industrial applications of a three-phase induction machine (electrical drives and electricity generation). This thesis, characterized by its multidisciplinary content, has two major parts. The first one deals with the on-line and off-line parametric identification of the induction machine model necessary to achieve accurate vector control strategy. The second part, which is a resume of a research work sponsored by Hydro-Quebec, deals with the application of an induction machine in Asynchronous Non Utility Generators units (ANUG). As it is shown in the following, major scientific contributions are made in both two parts. In the first part of our research work, we propose a new speed sensorless vector control strategy for an induction machine, which is adaptive to the rotor resistance variations. The proposed control strategy is based on the Extended Kalman Filter approach and a decoupling controller which takes into account the rotor resistance variations. The consideration of coupled electrical and mechanical modes leads to a fifth order nonlinear model of the induction machine. The load torque is taken as a function of the rotor angular speed. The Extended Kalman Filter, based on the process's nonlinear (bilinear) model, estimate simultaneously the rotor resistance, angular speed and the flux vector from the startup to the steady state equilibrium point. The machine-converter-control system is implemented in MATLAB/SIMULINK environment and the obtained results confirm the robustness of the proposed scheme. As in the electrical drives erea, the induction machine is now widely used by small to medium power Non Utility Generator units (NUG) to produce electricity. In Quebec, these NUGs units are integrated into the Hydro-Quebec 25 kV distribution system via transformer which exhibit nonlinear characteristics. We have shown by using the ElectroMagnetic Program (EMTP) that, in some islanding scenarios, i.e. that the NUG unit is disconnected from the power grid, in addition to frequency variations, appearence of high an abnormal overvoltages, ferroresonance should occur. As a consequence, normal protective devices could fail to securely operate, which could cause serious damages to the equipment and the maintenance staff. This result, established for the first time , can be useful to improve the reliability of the NUGs units and is considered important by the power engineering community. This has led to a publication in the John Wiley & Sons Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering which will be available in February 1999 ( ece/ece).

  17. Etude des defauts apparaissant dans les amenagements interieurs des avions d'affaires

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Charette, Emilie

    The evolution of the aeronautic industry led to the development of new materials for these high performance applications. Among other examples, composite sandwich structures are increasingly used for interior body panels of business airplanes. These structures are assembled and fixed to the fuselage using metallic inserts bonded inside the sandwich panels with an epoxy resin adhesive. A thin film of wood veneer covers the visible side of interior furniture in order to bring sophistication and esthetic to the interior design. However, due to multiple factors, surface defects frequently appear on the veneered side of the panel where inserts are located. Moreover the defects tend to appear months after the airplane delivery causing costly reparations. The sources of defects can be mechanical ( deformation due to an excessive tightening), chemical (shrinkage of the epoxy adhesive) or the result of hygrothermal exposition. It is therefore important to understand the source of such surface defects and ultimately prevent or control their appearance. The present thesis deals with defects from chemical and hygrothermal sources appearing on the composite panels used on the interior body of business jets after aging. The main objective was to identify and quantify phenomena causing the defects on the interior panels of business planes. This research project is the first part of a project sponsored by CRIAQ and NSERC. The interaction of several materials can lead to various phenomena causing the apparition of surface defects. The project was thus divided into three parts in order to study an increasingly complex problem. the first study deals with the characterization of the different constitutive materials taken separately. This first part focused on thermal, rheological and mechanical aspects of epoxy adhesives. It was shown that the two adhesives used have different mechanical properties and cure kinetic reactions. In addition, the mechanical properties of sandwich composites panels were studied. The second study focused on the analysis of hygrothermal influence on the adhesive and the composite sandwich panels taken separately. Humidity and temperature can have an important effect on the constitutive materials, it is therefore important to know their influence. Finally, the third part deals with the influence of hygrothermal aging on a structure combining all the different materials. Sample panels including fixing zones (insert and resin) were made at the industrial partner's facility according to the industrial procedure. Subsequently, the samples have undergone an accelerated aging. By using deflectometry system, changes in local curvatures with respect to the aging conditions were observed. A correlation between the material characterization results, the aging effects and the surface defect gravity was performed to evaluate the sources and the occurrence of defects. Recommendations have also been made to ensure the project continuity. This project, carried out in an industrial context with the collaboration of Centre de Recherche Industrielle du Quebec ( CRIQ), 3M Canada and the Chaire de recherche sur les composites hautes performances (CCHP) of the department of mechanical engineering of Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, highlights the importance of the choice of methods and materials in the manufacturing of composite structures.

  18. Structure electronique de nanorubans de graphene avec des contacts metalliques: Une etude ab initio

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Archambault, Chloe

    Graphene, a graphite monolayer presenting novel exciting properties, has attracted much attention recently in the scientific community as well as in the high-technology industry. In electronics, nanoribbons -- narrow strips of graphene which happen to be semiconducting-- could possibly allow further miniaturization of electronic devices such as transistors because of their atomic thickness. On the other hand, once making devices, the problem of metallic contacts, which can have critical impact at the nanoscopic scale, cannot be evaded. For example, metal induced gap states may short-circuit very short devices. With this in mind, the interaction of gold, palladium and titanium contacts with finite size graphene nanoribbons has been studied using ab initio density functional theory calculations. This theoretical approach made it possible to study separately and then conjugate four important aspects of the metal-ribbon interaction: bonding, charge transfer, electrostatics and metal induced gap states. Another goal of this project was to study size effects related to the ribbons' dimensions and to estimate the minimal channel length necessary for a device to operate as expected without the unwanted effect of induced gap states. Aside from the high precision achieved, these calculations stand out from earlier studies because they take into account finite size effects which often prevail in small ribbons. Using this model for the metal-nanoribbon junction, it was shown that, as for two-dimensional graphene, the bonding between a ribbon and a metal can be of two types depending on the electronic configuration of the metal. In the first case, physisorption, weak bonding resulting in a large separation distance between ribbon and electrode, is illustrated by the gold contact. On the other hand, titanium, because of its high density of states at the Fermi level, binds more strongly with graphene nanoribbons. This chemisorption is characterized by strong hybridization between the metal and the ribbon's orbitals. This leads to the apparition of intense evanescent gap states in the ribbon. As for palladium, it represents an intermediate case showing some but not as much hybridization. For all three metals, right under the contact, we observe a net decrease of electron density in the ribbon in favour of the contact. Effectively, any kind of bonding is generally associated with charge transfer necessary to balance the work function difference. As expected, a metal with a large work function such as gold and palladium tends to attract electrons. However, this behaviour is surprising from titane whose work function is much smaller. This can only be explained by considering the large hybridization of the ribbon's orbitals. Moreover, the charge transfer is not restricted to the area under the contact as an evanescent charge can also be observed in the channel. This charge results from the occupation of metal induced gap states and its sign depends on the position of the charge neutrality point. The calculations presented don't take into account the effect of temperature. Nevertheless, the position of the Fermi level relative to the ribbon's bands suggests that at non-zero temperature, gold and palladium would p dope the graphene nanoribbons while titanium would have the opposite effect. The charge redistribution in the junction generates a molecular-sized dipole which is responsible for the slowly varying three-dimensional potential profile, a particularity of low dimensional systems. A potential barrier thus appears at the interface and controls band curvature in the device, but it can also constitute an obstacle to efficient charge injection. The intimate relation between the titanium contact and the ribbons seems to maximize screening and reduce considerably the height of the barrier, which could turn out to be beneficial. Finally, metal induced gap states slowly decaying in the channel have been observed directly in graphene nanoribbons for the first time. Their characteristic evanescent shape is clearly distinguishable. The extent of the gap states was measured to be on the order of a nanometer. It depends mostly on the ribbon's bandgap which varies both with its length and width. The bandgap, which can easily be measured experimentally, could thus be a useful tool to predict the penetration of gap states, a must-have information in order to limit the undesired effect of gap states since it sets for a device the minimal channel length (˜1-2 nm). In summary, these theoretical results could be used as a guideline in the conception of electronic devices made of graphene nanoribbons in which doping and potential profile need to be optimized while making sure that metal induced gap states do not compromise normal operation.

  19. Montblanc: GPU accelerated Radio Interferometer Measurement Equations in support of Bayesian Inference for Radio Observations

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Perkins, Simon; Marais, Patrick; Zwart, Jonathan; Natarajan, Iniyan; Tasse, Cyril; Smirnov, Oleg


    Montblanc, written in Python, is a GPU implementation of the Radio interferometer measurement equation (RIME) in support of the Bayesian inference for radio observations (BIRO) technique. The parameter space that BIRO explores results in tens of thousands of computationally expensive RIME evaluations before reduction to a single X2 value. The RIME is calculated over four dimensions, time, baseline, channel and source and the values in this 4D space can be independently calculated; therefore, the RIME is particularly amenable to a parallel implementation accelerated by Graphics Programming Units (GPUs). Montblanc is implemented for NVIDIA's CUDA architecture and outperforms MeqTrees (ascl:1209.010) and OSKAR.

  20. Ice Multiplication by Crystal Growth?Ice growing from the vapor along with tiny amounts of salt solution sheds free ice crystals, at -5C and saturation with respect to liquid water, in quiescent conditions. This is a more appealing explanation for the Hallett-Mossop effect than rime splintering, if it occurs primarily at temperatures near -5C.

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Knight, C. A.


    Ice growing from the vapor, at -5C and liquid water supersaturation, often sheds crystals when it grows along with a small amount of salt solution. The experiments are done with single crystals growing in a temperature-controlled chamber with 5 ml of water in the bottom to maintain and control supersaturation, and the new crystals are detected when they fall into and nucleate the water in the bottom. Crystal growth is initiated by inserting into the growth chamber a pipet tip that contained a few microliters of very dilute salt solution that had been supercooled to -5C and nucleated at the tip. Growth from the vapor ensues, with condensation directly onto ice and onto whatever salt solution is exposed. The results are not completely reproducible, no doubt because the starting details of the exposure of ice and solution is not controllable. However, the shedding of crystals often occurs with starting NaCl concentrations of the order of 0.01 wt. percent, and almost never occurs with "pure" water. The shedding events themselves have not been identified, and an attractive hypothesis for how the shedding of ice occurs has not been found at the time of writing this abstract. By the time of the AGU meeting it is hoped that enough experiments will have been performed in order to say whether this effect is found only near -5C. If it requires a temperature near -5C then it seems to be an attractive explanation of the Hallett-Mossop process. It also, of course, is hoped that an attractive hypothesis for the mechanism of the shedding will have been found.

  1. Teaching Adults to Read Braille Using Phonological Methods: Single-Case Studies

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Crawford, Shauna; Elliott, Robert T.


    Four women with visual impairments were taught 13 braille letters as phonemes and another 13 braille letters as graphemes and then were taught 10 braille words as onset-rime and another 10 braille words as whole words. Phoneme and onset-rime instruction resulted in faster and more accurate performance. (Contains 1 table and 2 figures.)

  2. Phonological Inconsistency in Word Naming: Determinants of the Interference Effect between Languages

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Smits, Erica; Sandra, Dominiek; Martensen, Heike; Dijkstra, Ton


    Dutch-English participants named words and nonwords with a between-language phonologically inconsistent rime, e.g., GREED and PREED, and control words with a language-typical rime, e.g., GROAN, in a monolingual stimulus list or in a mixed list containing Dutch words. Inconsistent items had longer latencies and more errors than typical items in the…

  3. Phonics Software for a New Millennium.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    McKenna, Michael C.


    Considers how good phonics instruction should encourage children to recognize rimes and to identify an unfamiliar word by blending its onset with the rime that follows. Discusses seven conclusions/implications for phonics software derived from research into phonics instruction. (SG)

  4. Etude de la transmission sonore a travers un protecteur de type "coquilles" : modelisation numerique et validation experimentale

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Boyer, Sylvain

    On estime que sur les 3,7 millions des travailleurs au Quebec, plus de 500 000 sont exposes quotidiennement a des niveaux de bruits pouvant causer des lesions de l'appareil auditif. Lorsqu'il n'est pas possible de diminuer le niveau de bruit environnant, en modifiant les sources de bruits, ou en limitant la propagation du son, le port de protecteurs auditifs individualises, telles que les coquilles, demeure l'ultime solution. Bien que vue comme une solution a court terme, elle est communement employee, du fait de son caractere peu dispendieux, de sa facilite d'implantation et de son adaptabilite a la plupart des operations en environnement bruyant. Cependant les protecteurs auditifs peuvent etre a la fois inadaptes aux travailleurs et a leur environnement et inconfortables ce qui limite leur temps de port, reduisant leur protection effective. Afin de palier a ces difficultes, un projet de recherche sur la protection auditive intitule : " Developpement d'outils et de methodes pour ameliorer et mieux evaluer la protection auditive individuelle des travailleur ", a ete mis sur pied en 2010, associant l'Ecole de technologie superieure (ETS) et l'Institut de recherche Robert-Sauve en sante et en securite du travail (IRSST). S'inscrivant dans ce programme de recherche, le present travail de doctorat s'interesse specifiquement a la protection auditive au moyen de protecteurs auditifs " passifs " de type coquille, dont l'usage presente trois problematiques specifiques presentees dans les paragraphes suivants. La premiere problematique specifique concerne l'inconfort cause par exemple par la pression statique induite par la force de serrage de l'arceau, qui peut reduire le temps de port recommande pour limiter l'exposition au bruit. Il convient alors de pouvoir donner a l'utilisateur un protecteur confortable, adapte a son environnement de travail et a son activite. La seconde problematique specifique est l'evaluation de la protection reelle apportee par le protecteur. La methode des seuils auditifs REAT (Real Ear Attenuation Threshold) aussi vu comme un "golden standard" est utilise pour quantifier la reduction du bruit mais surestime generalement la performance des protecteurs. Les techniques de mesure terrains, telles que la F-MIRE (Field Measurement in Real Ear) peuvent etre a l'avenir de meilleurs outils pour evaluer l'attenuation individuelle. Si ces techniques existent pour des bouchons d'oreilles, elles doivent etre adaptees et ameliorees pour le cas des coquilles, en determinant l'emplacement optimal des capteurs acoustiques et les facteurs de compensation individuels qui lient la mesure microphonique a la mesure qui aurait ete prise au tympan. La troisieme problematique specifique est l'optimisation de l'attenuation des coquilles pour les adapter a l'individu et a son environnement de travail. En effet, le design des coquilles est generalement base sur des concepts empiriques et des methodes essais/erreurs sur des prototypes. La piste des outils predictifs a ete tres peu etudiee jusqu'a present et meriterait d'etre approfondie. L'utilisation du prototypage virtuel, permettrait a la fois d'optimiser le design avant production, d'accelerer la phase de developpement produit et d'en reduire les couts. L'objectif general de cette these est de repondre a ces differentes problematiques par le developpement d'un modele de l'attenuation sonore d'un protecteur auditif de type coquille. A cause de la complexite de la geometrie de ces protecteurs, la methode principale de modelisation retenue a priori est la methode des elements finis (FEM). Pour atteindre cet objectif general, trois objectifs specifiques ont ete etablis et sont presentes dans les trois paragraphes suivants. (Abstract shortened by ProQuest.).

  5. Etude de solutions pour la mise en oeuvre d'une antenne a reflecteur bi-grille en polarisation circulaire

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Joyal, Marc-Andre

    Dual-gridded reflector (DGR) antennas are widely used on satellites. They consist of a cascade of two parabolic grids operating in orthogonal linear polarizations, each one having its own feed. Therefore, DGRs are actually two antennas in one structure, so they use less space on the satellite. Moreover, they provide excellent isolation between adjacent coverage areas. The disadvantage with these DGRs is that they work only in linear polarization (vertical and horizontal). In this thesis, two different solutions to design a circularly polarized (right and left hand circular polarizations) DGR are explored. The first one consists in the use of circular polarizers that are fixed on a conventional DGR. Those polarizers are surfaces that make the conversion between linear and circular polarizations. The other solution uses circular polarization selective surfaces (CPSSs) as reflectors on the DGR instead of the orthogonal grids. These CPSSs are structures that are transparent to one sense of circular polarization (say right hand circular polarization for instance), but that reflect the other sense (left hand circular polarization). The major part of this work is based on the first solution. A new circular polarizer design method is proposed. It allows a greater flexibility in the polarizer design than existing designs. The proposed technique is also modified in order to implement polarizers optimized for an oblique incidence, which is required for DGR applications. The second solution using CPSSs is only briefly explored. A new type of CPSS, implemented with a cascade of circular and linear polarizers, is proposed. This cascade CPSS has shown a broader bandwidth than those obtained with the resonant structures known so far. Also, the limitations of CPSSs are identified as to their use on DGRs. Finally, as a proof of concept, two simple prototypes of circularly polarized DGRs are presented. The first design is implemented with a circular polarizer and a metallic grid attached to a small reflector. The second prototype is similar, but the planar grid is replaced by a reflectarray that plays the same role, but increases the gain in the direction of the main beam. The satellite industry requirements between 18-20 GHz are respected with this latter implementation, but only for a very low variation in the elevation angle.

  6. Etude des Environnements Circumstellaires D'etoiles Ae/be de Herbig et D'autres Etoiles Jeunes

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Hajjar, Roger

    Cet ouvrage présente une étude des environnements circumstellaires d'étoiles pré-séquence principale de masse intermédiaire dites Ae/Be de Herbig ainsi que d'objets stellaires jeunes de différents types, des T Tauris, des FU Ori et d'autres de types encore indéterminés. Nous avons recouru pour cela à deux techniques d'observation: la photométrie et la cartographie dans le continu millimétrique et la cartographie en polarisation linéaire. Nous avons comparé, pour la première fois, des cartes de polarisation obtenues différentes longueurs d'onde, allant du visible à l'infrarouge dans le but d'observer et d'exploiter une prédiction faite par Bastien & Ménard (BM) voulant que la dimension du disque polarimétrique, représenté par un profil de vecteurs de polarisation alignés et délimités par deux points nuls, varie en fonction de la longueur d'onde. Les points nuls indiqueraient la zone de transition entre le milieu optiquement épais et celui optiquement mince. L'observation de cet effet à été constatée pour tous les objets de notre échantillon, indépendamment de leur âge ou de leur type. Le seul critère d'appartenance à l'échantillon étant un angle d'inclinaison du disque de ~ 90°. Nous avons également obtenu le profil de densité dans le disque et, pour un objet, HL Tau, les densités effectives du disque. La masse trouvée à partir de ces calculs, MD ~ 0.1 Msolar, concorde avec les estimations obtenues par d'autres méthodes. Le profil de densité en loi de puissance obtenu, r(r)=r0 (r0/r)g où γ = 1.4-1.9, est comparable à ceux utilisés pour la nébuleuse protosolaire ainsi que pour les modèles de disques d'accrétion autour des étoiles jeunes. L'étude des cartes de polarisation nous a permis également le développement d'une méthode de détermination de la source d'illumination de la nébuleuse. Elle se base sur le calcul des coordonnées de tous les points d'intersection des perpendiculaires aux vecteurs de polarisation. Nos résultats semblent indiquer que les histogrammes en deux dimensions des points d'intersection portent de l'information sur la géométrie ainsi que les propriétés optiques de la source. La cartographie millimétrique et submillimétrique a permis la découverte et la caractérisation d'une nouvelle source dans la région de V633 Cas. Elle a également montré la complexité de la distribution de poussière autour de V628 Cas. Ceci montre l'importance de la cartographie et l'identification de toutes les sources contribuant au flux électromagnétique dans une région. Les observations polarimétriques ont de HL Tau montré que les densités du disque proche de l'étoile sont suffisamment élevées pour rendre le milieu opaque à la radiation submillimétrique. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)

  7. Initiating Franco-American Studies: A Handbook for Teachers = Manuel du professeur pour introduire les etudes Franco-Americaines.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Freeman, Stanley L., Jr.; Pelletier, Raymond J.

    This five-chapter handbook is designed for use by teachers in elementary and secondary schools and adult education. Its purpose is to achieve more widespread awareness and understanding of the Franco-American presence in New England by offering teaching plans and strategies for incorporating materials into the existing humanities curriculum. It…

  8. Etude des mecanismes de formation des microstructures lors du brasage isotherme de superalliages a base de nickel

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Ruiz-Vargas, Jose

    This thesis reports theoretical and experimental investigations carried out to understand the mechanisms of microstructure formation during isothermal brazing, produced by brazing Inconel 625 and MC2 nickel-based superalloys with filler metal BNi-2. Firstly, studies were made on pure Ni to interpret microstructure's formation with simplified alloy chemistry. Microstructure formation have been studied when varying time at constant temperature (isothermal kinetics), but also when varying temperature for constant hold time (isochronal kinetics). The chemical composition and crystallography of the present phases have been identified, with the following results : (i) the fraction of dissolved base metal has been found proportional to the initial thickness of the brazing alloy, so that the composition of the liquid remains homogeneous with a precise initial equilibrium composition during the whole brazing process, (ii) the melting of the joint occurs in two steps : at lower temperature, it involves only partially melting, and boron diffusion in pure Ni leads to the precipitation of fine Ni3B borides at the interface ; in a second stage, at higher temperature, melting is complete and thermodynamic equilibrium requires significant dissolution of nickel, which also involves the dissolution of part of borides already formed. Secondly, nickel plating technique was used on Inconel 625 nickel-based superalloy. A thin layer of Ni with varying thickness, has been electrodeposited to observe the gradual dissolution of Inconel and microstructural features formation due to the presence of superalloy alloying elements. It has been observed that the nickel coating does not prevent precipitation in the base metal as boron diffuse rapidly through the coating width. In the intermediate nickel plating width, fragile precipitates of nickel borides have been observed, because the contribution of Inconel alloying elements to the melt was very limited. In absence of nickel plating on the superalloy, the formation of Nb and Cr-Mo borides phase has been observed. Efforts have been made to evaluate the accuracy of Boron measurement by energy dispersion X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) in the MC2 superalloy and BNi-2 filler metal. The most accurate method to quantify Boron using EDS is by composition difference. A precision of 5 at.% has been reached when using optimized data acquisition and post processing schemes. Ultimately, Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) combined with localized EDS analysis has been proven invaluable in conclusively identifying micrometer sized boride precipitates ; thus further improving the characterization of brazed Ni-based superalloys.

  9. The Role of Women in Foreign-Language Textbooks: A Collection of Essays. Collection d'"Etudes linguistiques" No. 24.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Freudenstein, R., Ed.

    Essays that consider the way that women are portrayed in foreign language textbooks are presented. The selected essays were submitted to a competition sponsored by the Federation Internationale des Professeurs de Langues Vivantes, which requested that language teachers assess such concerns as: (1) whether women were described in a stereotyped way;…

  10. Effets Seebeck et Nernst dans les cuprates: Etude de la reconstruction de la surface de Fermi sous champ magnetique intense

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Laliberte, Francis


    Ce memoire presente des mesures de transport thermoelectrique, les effets Seebeck et Nernst, dans une serie d'echantillons de supraconducteurs a haute temperature critique. Des resultats obtenus recemment au Laboratoire National des Champs Magnetiques Intenses a Grenoble sur La1.7Eu0.2Sr0.1 CuO4, La1.675Eu0.2Sr0.125CuO 4, La1.64Eu0.2Sr0.16CuO4, La1.74Eu0.1Sr0.16CuO4 et La 1.4Nd0.4Sr0.2CuO4 sont analyses. Une attention particuliere est accordee aux equations de la theorie semi-classique du transport et leur validite est verifiee. La procedure experimentale et les materiaux utilises pour concevoir les montages de mesures sont expliques en detail. Enfin, un chapitre est dedie a l'explication et l'interpretation des resultats de transport thermoelectrique sur YBa2Cu3O6+delta publies au cours de l'hiver 2010 dans les revues Nature et Physical Review Letters. Les donnees d'effet Seebeck dans les echantillons de La 1.8-x,Eu0.2SrxCuO 4, ou un changement de signe est observe, permettent de conclure a la presence d'une poche d'electrons dans la surface de Fermi qui domine le transport a basse temperature dans la region sous-dopee du diagramme de phase. Cette conclusion est similaire a celle obtenue par des mesures d'effet Hall dans YBa 2Cu3O6+delta et elle cadre bien dans un scenario de reconstruction de la surface de Fermi. Les donnees d'effet Nernst recueillies indiquent que la contribution des fluctuations supraconductrices est limitee a un modeste intervalle de temperature au-dessus de la temperature critique.

  11. Study Abroad, Etude a l'etranger, Estudios en el extranjero: 1972-1973, 1973-1974.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, Paris (France).

    This book provides information on scholarships, travel, grants, assistance with fees, internships, international courses, and special courses for foreign students. The programs described are for students of all ages from undergraduate level upwards, for their tutors, advisors, parents, libraries, and reference services. More than 250,000…

  12. Etude d'integration fonctionnelle du cycle de developpement des produits et des communautes de pratique virtuelles

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Doumit, Nancy

    Product development, subject to time constraints and system complexity, needs synchronous communication between different disciplines and locations in order to enable knowledge sharing. Being well supported, informal information flow increases productivity during product realization. Therefore, manufacturing industries are exploring the use of Enterprise Social Media (ESM) functionalities. This thesis explores the functional integration of formal information technologies such as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software with informal technologies as ESM through an industrial case study. Reviewing literature, the candidate has identified a gap between Virtual Communities of Practice (VCoP) and product development, as well as the correlation of PLM solutions and noncontrolled ESM in the aerospace industry. In order to disseminate a descriptive study of the current collaboration status, the author has undertaken online surveys for geodistant employees of the same department, semi-structured interviews and research among existing documentations. Subsequently, a Quality Functional Analysis is performed via two modified House of Quality matrices (PLM and ESM) to assign a convenient support for information transfer independently of its content maturity. Users' needs are categorized, and for each category a choice of platform is made with further recommendation regarding the use of the function or the need of human intervention. VCoP form an integrated part of the solution where employees support the technical content. Thus, essential roles and responsibilities are presented to maintain existing CoP and develop new ones. Finally, the candidate presents the limits of this research, gives recommendations for the manufacturing industry and suggests potential continuation of this study using PLM 2.0 with noncontrolled ESM tools.

  13. Etude de la variabilite climatique des hautes latitudes nord, derivee d'observations satellites micro-ondes

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Mialon, Arnaud

    Observing sub-polar ecosystems is important as they are suspected to change significantly in response to the expected increase in temperature for the next decades. To bypass the lack of meteorological stations in the Northern High Latitudes, remote sensing is an interesting alternative tool, covering almost the entire area. This project deals with the development of a method to derive surface parameters (>50°N) from satellite data. For this study, brightness temperature data acquired by the SSM/I (Special Sensor Microwave Imager) in the microwave spectrum are used because they are independent of solar radiation and weakly influenced by the atmosphere. Methods used are based on brightness temperatures measured at 19 and 37 GHz, which allow to derive three geophysical parameters related to climate variability: daily maps of snowcover between 1988 and 2002; a water surface extent (open water, small lakes, reservoirs, wetlands associated with low vegetation); a temperature characterizing the surface and the air above the ground. A method to normalize the temperature is presented to overcome the variation of the time of measurement. It leads to hourly series of temperature, This allows to study climate indicators such as the annual sum of positive degree days. Trends confirm observed climate evolution: increase of surface temperature (+0.8 +/- 0.4°C for Canada/Alaska between 1992 and 2002), decrease in snow extent cover. These original databases could also be useful for validation of regional climate model. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)

  14. Etude de production et de caracterisation de biocharbons de panic erige (Panicum virgatum L.) obtenus par pyrolyse

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Pilon, Guillaume

    This research aimed at the production of biomass char under pyrolytic conditions, targeting biochar as soil amendment, while also considering its application as biocoal, either for bioenergy or subsequent upgrading. The production of biomass char was performed using two bench-scale, batch-type, fixed-bed reactors, each with an operating capacity of 1 and 25 gw.b. /batch, respectively. Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) has been used for the tests. Production conditions studied implied temperatures of 300, 400 and 500 °C with short residence times (2.5 and 5 min). As well, the effect of using CO2 as vector gas has been compared to a common inert environment of N2. The effects of the previously mentioned parameters were correlated with some important physicochemical characteristics of biomass char. Analyses were also performed on complementary pyrolytic products (bio-oil and gas). The biomass char extraction was performed using a Soxhlet and dichloromethane was used as extracting solvent. The extracts were then characterized by GC-MS thus allowing the identification of several compounds. Specific pyrolysis conditions used at 300 °C - N2 with the 1 g/batch reactor, such as high heating rates as well as high convection conditions, presented advantegeous biomass char yields and properties, and, possible torrefaction process productivity improvement (in comparison to reported literature, such as Gilbert et al. [2009]). The char extracts as well as the bio-oils analysis (also performed using GC-MS), all generated from the 25 g/batch reactor, showed major differences among the compounds obtained from the CO2 and N2 environments, respectively. Several compounds observed in the char extracts appeared less concentrated in the CO2 environment vs N2, for the same reaction temperatures. As an example, at 400 °C, furfural was found only in char extracts from N2 environment as compared to the CO2 environment. Among all studied conditions (for both reactors), only naphthalene and naphthalene derivatives constituted the PAHs content, which was only detected for the chars produced at 500 °C. The use of CO2 as pyrolysis vector gas led to a significant difference for every temperature conditions studied for the biomass char as well as for the liquid and gas products. At 300 °C, in CO 2 environment, it is possible to observe a bio-oil production significantly lower than within a N2 environment (18.0 vs 24.6 %; CO2 vs N2 for P<0.002), a result consistent with the biomass char volatile content that was shown to be significantly higher under the same conditions (0.29 vs 0.35 gchar volatiles content/graw biomass; P=0.1). In addition, at 500 °C, the char ash content was observed to be significantly lower in CO 2 than in N2 (P<0.06). Keywords: Pyrolysis, torrefaction, char, biochar, biocoal, CO 2, Soxhlet extractions, characterization.

  15. Elaboration du Ge mesoporeux et etude de ses proprietes physico-chimiques en vue d'applications photovoltaiques

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Tutashkonko, Sergii

    Le sujet de cette these porte sur l'elaboration du nouveau nanomateriau par la gravure electrochimique bipolaire (BEE) --- le Ge mesoporeux et sur l'analyse de ses proprietes physico-chimiques en vue de son utilisation dans des applications photovoltaiques. La formation du Ge mesoporeux par gravure electrochimique a ete precedemment rapportee dans la litterature. Cependant, le verrou technologique important des procedes de fabrication existants consistait a obtenir des couches epaisses (superieure a 500 nm) du Ge mesoporeux a la morphologie parfaitement controlee. En effet, la caracterisation physico-chimique des couches minces est beaucoup plus compliquee et le nombre de leurs applications possibles est fortement limite. Nous avons developpe un modele electrochimique qui decrit les mecanismes principaux de formation des pores ce qui nous a permis de realiser des structures epaisses du Ge mesoporeux (jusqu'au 10 mum) ayant la porosite ajustable dans une large gamme de 15% a 60%. En plus, la formation des nanostructures poreuses aux morphologies variables et bien controlees est desormais devenue possible. Enfin, la maitrise de tous ces parametres a ouvert la voie extremement prometteuse vers la realisation des structures poreuses a multi-couches a base de Ge pour des nombreuses applications innovantes et multidisciplinaires grace a la flexibilite technologique actuelle atteinte. En particulier, dans le cadre de cette these, les couches du Ge mesoporeux ont ete optimisees dans le but de realiser le procede de transfert de couches minces d'une cellule solaire a triple jonctions via une couche sacrificielle en Ge poreux. Mots-cles : Germanium meso-poreux, Gravure electrochimique bipolaire, Electrochimie des semi-conducteurs, Report des couches minces, Cellule photovoltaique

  16. Mutations des roles techniques et formation. Etude documentaire (Changes in the Roles and Education of Technicians. Documentary Study).

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Pinard, Helene

    Drawing from research conducted in 1990-91, this report examines trends affecting the future work of technicians in Quebec, their pre-employment education, and the link between college and work. Part 1 focuses on aspects of the economic, technological, and social environment that will influence the future role of technicians. Economic concerns…

  17. Etude de la performance de piles a combustible microbiennes et l'effet des materiaux d'electrodes

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Martin, Edith

    Recent climate change has brought a whole new dimension to the energy field since now we must change our primary source, fossil fuels. The microbial fuel cell (MFC) technology emerged as a result of recent efforts in the development of alternative sources of energy. This project aims to improve the performance maximization of such celsl. It is assumed that the microbial fuel cells' functioning is influenced by the operation conditions as well as the biofilm development and other limitations. It is also appropriate to suppose that the electrode materials also have consequences on either the microorganisms' activity or the electrochemical reaction reactivity. Thus, various operating conditions and configurations are tested to identify the specific effects of these changes on cell performance. Also, the development of the biofilm is extensively studied under various conditions to improve the electrons transfer between the active biofilm and the anode. These experiments and analyses permitted to identify various effects that can improve the microbial fuel cell performance. Thus, the influence of organic load (of glucose and acetate), pH and operating temperature of the fuel cell has been shown and optimal values were determined, leading to a significant increase in the anodic biofilm activity and a decrease of the methanogens activity, the latter reducing the coulombic efficiency by diverting a non-negligible substrate amount for their benefit. Hence, organic loading of 2 to 4 g L-1 day-1, pH between 6,25 and 6,5 as well as high cathode temperature (62 °C) but moderate anode temperature (30 °C) caused a maximum power generation increase to 19,2 W m -3. During the experiments with acetate as substrate, distance between electrodes and fuel cell volume have been reduced, leading to a power density of 92,4 W m-3. All these observations are the subject of the first article presented in this thesis. Since the microbial fuel cell power generation depends on the number of anode-reducing microorganisms populating the biofilm, this relationship was deepened in the second manuscript. This article, which intended to monitor the biofilm development, highlights the influence of external load changing rate during the active biofilm growth. Thus, when the external load is adjusted rapidly to approach the cell internal resistance, electrons exchange is enhanced as well as the proliferation of microorganisms responsible of these electrons generation. By promoting faster anode-reducing microorganisms growth, other species are somewhat disadvantaged and substrate consumption is primarily involved in the electricity production rather than any other unwanted products (eg.: methane). This article also demonstrates the influence of the biofilm development level on the diffusion limitation of the anodic reaction, a limitation that becomes more pronounced as the biofilm grows. The third article clarifies the diffusion limitation of the charge transfer at the anode. Therefore, the organic load variation of acetate in microbial fuel cells with carbon felt (3D) and carbon paper (2D) anodes as well as the electrolyte conductivity decrease has targeted protons diffusion out of the biofilm as the current generation limitation. In addition, a secondary electrochemical reaction has been identified at the anode, creating an electrode resistance increase and thereby a slight power output decrease. Finally, multiple electrochemical analyses helped to establish with certainty that the electron transfer mechanism carried out by anode-reducing microorganisms is by direct contact with the anode via microorganisms themselves or the conductive biofilm matrix, cytochromes being responsible for the electrons transport in both cases. The last manuscript deals with new cathode materials (carbon, Mn 2O3 and Fe2O3) evaluation in comparison to a platinum cathode. These materials were chosen for their potential to stimulate the proliferation of microorganisms capable of influencing cathode activity in order to obtain a biocathode; however, this phenomenon has not been verified. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)

  18. Les moyens necessaires a l'etude fondamentale des instabilites de combustion d'un moteur biliquide

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Lourme, D.; Schmitt, D.

    (Necessary means for a fundamental study of combustion instabilities in a liquid propellant engine).—Within the framework of Ariane launch vehicle studies, ONERA has entered upon a fundamental investigation of combustion instabilities, that should lead to a digital program simulating the unsteady behaviour of a liquid propellant engine with radial injection, the nominal working pressure of which is near the critical pressure of propellant. The first step of this study was to define the necessary methods and means that must be worked out to characterize the various physical processes taking place in the engine, in order to achieve this object. The droplet size and velocity distributions in space and time (characteristic of injection-atomization) is the upper boundary condition of the problem. It will be empirically described from parametric test results, so a flexible and valid measurement method must be found, the exploitation of which has to be automatized. The droplet evolution within the chamber (characteristic of combustion) depends on environmental conditions, especially forced convection due to radial injection geometry. It will be analyzed with the help of a two-dimenstional single droplet combustion model, that must stay valid near the propellant critical pressure; thus the propellant state law, and its thermodynamic and transport properties, have to be known in this area. Gas flow description, droplet trajectography in a turbulent-environment and mass, momentum and energy transport consideration (characteristic of aerodynamics) will be handled in a progressive way. Each of intermediate models will be checked, then validated, with the help of suitable test results, some of them being fit to be later used as a theoretical support for the exploitation of complementary atomization or combustion experiments. The final model that is reached constitutes the synthesis of the whole study. ONERA has taken advantage of the helpful assistance of external research centers, in particular amid the French University.

  19. The Pedagogical Value of Leo Brouwer's "Etudes Simples": A Perspective on Preserving an Exquisite, Yet Neglected Custom

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Kronenberg, Clive W.


    The decline in the status of the classical guitar is, for many, a cause of concern, calling for viable answers to restore its place in the expressive arts tradition. In this article, I explore a pedagogical style specifically intended for young and/or inexperienced players. It is argued that this endeavor could prospectively benefit a range of…

  20. Etude de l'electrocatalyse de la reduction de l'oxygene sur des alliages de palladium cuivre

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Fouda-Onana, Frederic

    This thesis is on the development of the ORR on Pd-Cu alloys in acid medium. Density Functional Theory (DFT) was used to determine the intrinsic properties of the alloys. The alloys were fabricated by RF sputtering on glassy carbon support and chemical salt reduction on carbon support. They characterised by electrochemical methods and correlations were made between the intrinsic properties and the experimental electrochemical parameters. These correlations were used to explain the electrocatalytic performance of the ORR on these aklooys and to determine the mechanism of this reaction on these electrocatalysts. Accordingly the following aspects were studied in details. In the first step, ab initio investigations of the effect of the intermediate adsorption on the variation of the reversible potential of the ORR on Pt(100) was shown. Density Functional Theory (DFT) was used to determine the energies and the geometry parameters of the intermediates which can be adsorbed on Pt(100) during the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) and their effect on the . The Comparison of these energies and parameters using the Bridge or the Griffiths sites adsorption mechanism suggests that the two paths are feasible. In both mechanisms, the total adsorption energies of the intermediates species continuously decrease. Moreover, according to the geometry analysis, the O-O bond distance in H2O2 is higher in both (Bridge and Griffiths) processes compared to the gas phase. Such a result suggests a dissociative H2O2 adsorption whatever the type of the involved mechanism involved. In the second step, the Oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) on palladium-copper alloys was studied through two approaches. The first one is based on the correlations between the surface chemical composition and the kinetics parameters of the ORR. The second approach is focused on the correlations between the adsorption energies of O2 and OH of Pd-Cu(111) surfaces and the electronic properties of the alloys. The adsorbtion energy calculations are based on on ab initio calculation using the program VASP (Vienna ab initio program) in a MeDeA environnement (software purchased from Materials Design, Inc. The studies of the oxygen reduction reaction were performed in an acidic media on Palladium-Copper alloys as catalyst. The variation of the intrinsic metal surface properties (lattice parameter, binding energy, work function (Wf), d-band filling and d-band center epsilond) and O2 and OH adsorption energies of on (111) Pd-Cu surface alloys were determined using ab initio program. Calculations of these parameters were based on plane waves approach on slab system with density functional theory (DFT) using the Vienna ab initio simulation program (VASP). It was shown that insertion of Cu atoms in Pd lattice affects geometric and electronic properties of Pd. These changes influence significantly O2 and OH adsorption. In the third step, the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) on Pd-Cu catalyst has been studied in acidic media. The palladium alloys were prepared by RF magnetron using a palladium and a copper wafer as targets on the glassy carbon substrate. The dual sputtering we used allowed the deposition of about 1micrometer thin film of Pd-Cu on glassy carbon (GC). The ORR kinetics was studied on these catalysts in 0,1M HClO4. Cyclic voltammetry (CV) was used to determine the electrochemical active surface area (Sa). An increase in Sa with the Cu content in the alloy was observed for the alloys containing more than 50% in Cu. The Pd-Cu alloys containing more than 50% in Cu exhibits a constant value of 23 cm2 for Sa. It was further shown that the ORR on the Pd-Cu alloys proceeds through the 4 electrons transfer mechanism and a Tafel slope of 60 mV/dec. The Pd 50Cu50 exhibits the highest activity for this reaction. The enhancement of the electro catalytic activity is attributed to an optimal d band property that makes easier the OOH dissociative adsorption which is considered as chemical rate determining step (RDS) for the ORR. It was also found that all the Pd-Cu alloys exhibited better electrocatalystic performances for the ORR than Pd or Cu alone. From the polarisation of the ORR in 0,1 M HClO4 it was shown that the curve of the Pd electrode was shifted to the lower potentials than those of the Pd-Cu alooys. In addition, the variation of the kinetic current of the ORR at 0,6 V vs. SCE (0,841 V vs. RHE) on the Pd-Cu alloys with the composition of in Cu content exhibited a volcano-shape. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)

  1. [Prevalence of transmission of zidovudine-resistant viruses in Switzerland. l'Etude suisse de cohorte VIH].


    Yerly, S; Rakik, A; Kinloch-de-Loes, S; Erb, P; Vernazza, P; Hirschel, B; Perrin, L


    Zidovudine (ZDV) was the most widely used anti-HIV drug between 1987 and 1995, and, as already reported, transmission of ZDV-resistant viruses occurs. Several mutations of the reverse transcriptase gene have been identified; one of them affects the 215 codon and is associated with a high degree of resistance. We have determined, using selective PCR, the prevalence of transmission of 215 mutant isolates in 134 patients with primary HIV infection (PHI) and have identified 8 patients with 215 mutant virus between 1989 and 1995 in Switzerland. Mutant resistant viruses have been isolated from patients treated with most antiviral drugs. A systematic search for mutant viruses may provide useful information for the adaptation of treatment strategies. PMID:9005525

  2. Etude des caractéristiques d'une cavité laser en X de forte puissance

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Grevey, D. F.; Badawi, K. F.; Boquillon, J. P.; Taisne, B.; Jacrot, G.


    This study is devoted to a new ring cavity, an X geometry. It allows to obtain about 280W in opposite to the 450W of the initial linear cavity. The difference in the values comes from the formation of an instable cavity due to the length of the cavity which is longer. Expecting that, the quality factor of the beam is lower for the X configuration and consequently power density are higher and cutting speed are 50% greater than for the linear system. Concerning welding, due to the higher level of power density, the key hole is more easily formed than with the linear configuration and the penetration increases. So, even if the optical way is difficult to adjust, cutting and welding performances are interesting. Cette étude est relative à une nouvelle cavité en anneau, avec une géométrie en “X”. Elle permet d'obtenir un faisceau de meilleure qualité que lorsque la cavité est sous forme linéaire, et par suite les puissances spécifiques peuvent être multipliées par un facteur 10 au moins. Ce gain, qui se fait au détriment de la puissance moyenne maximale délivrable (75% de celle atteinte avec la configuration linéaire) reste intéressant car les vitesses de découpe et de soudage en faibles épaisseurs sont augmentées d'environ 50%.

  3. Etude séro-épidémiologique de la leishmaniose canine au centre du Maroc

    PubMed Central

    Fellah, Hajiba; Doughmi, Oursula; Maniar, Saâd; Lalami, Abdelhakim El Ouali


    Dans le monde, la leishmaniose viscérale humaine est connue pour avoir comme principale source d'infection les Canidés domestiques et sauvages. Au centre du Maroc, les données épidémiologiques, cliniques et parasitologiques sur la leishmaniose canine, sont quasiment inexistantes. Ce travail traite une étude prospective au cours de laquelle 61 sérums canins ont été analysés par un test rapide et par l'immunofluorescence indirecte. La sensibilité du test rapide par rapport à celle de l'immunofluorescence indirecte (IFI) est de 33,33%. La fréquence de la maladie chez les chiens s’élève à 9,83% (Test Rapide) et 24,59% (IFI). 73,33% des cas canins positifs à la sérologie sont asymptomatiques. Ce sont les jeunes chiens de moins de 5 ans qui sont les plus fréquemment atteints avec une sensibilité de la race Berger Allmand à l'infection. Cette étude a permis de mettre en évidence la présence de chiens leishmaniens (15 chiens séropositifs parmi 61) et de prouver l'existence du réservoir canin. Une stratégie de prévention active doit être mise en place. PMID:25852791

  4. Contribution à l'Etude des Disques Planétaires et Protoplanétaires Perturbés

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Charnoz, Sébastien


    Nous avons étudié plusieurs aspects dynamiques et photométriques des disques planétaires et protoplanétaires perturbés. Dans la première partie, à l'aide de modèles numériques simples, nous avons étudié l'eacute;volution thermodynamique d'un disque protoplanétaire composé de planétésimaux subissant des collisions physiques inélastiques, au voisinage d'un embryon de planète géante (~ 15 masses terrestres). Dès l'apparition de l'embryon planétaire, un transfert de chaleur se met en place dans le disque, augmentant fortement les vitesses relatives dans ce dernier, sur une région s'étendant sur plusieurs unités astronomiques. L'évolution de ce mécanisme transitoire a été étudiée sur des temps longs (un million d'années) et pour une vaste gamme demasses du perturbateur. C'est un mécanisme générique qui pourrait avoir profondément affecté le processus de formation des planètes, aussi bien telluriques que géantes. Les conséquences sur la formation de la Ceinture d'Astéroïdes sont discutées, ainsi que l'effet possible de la fragmentation des planétésimaux, qui n'a pu être prise en compte dans le modèle numérique. La deuxième partie de cette thèse est une étude photométrique de l'anneau F de Saturne, qui est perturbé par ses deux satellites gardiens. En étudiant un ensemble de plus de 300 images prises au télescope CFH, nous avons mis en évidence la présence de structures étendues, dont l'origine est toujours mal connue. En combinant nos données et celles du télescope spatial, nous avons établi avec précision une nouvelle orbite de l'anneau F, à 140060+/-60 km, soit plus faible de 150 km par rapport à celle déterminée en 1980-81. Cecipourrait être le signe qu'une important restructuration radiale de l'anneau F a dû avoir lieu entre 1980 et 1995.

  5. Contributions de la geographie et de la modelisation predictive a une etude de potentiel archeologique prehistorique en Gaspesie

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Desrosiers, Marc

    La Gaspésie, région péninsulaire à l'extrême est du Québec, possède un héritage archéologique préhistorique riche qui s'étend de 9 000 ans jusqu'à 450 ans avant aujourd'hui. L'archéologie a livré de nombreux sites préhistoriques dans la région, surtout dans le nord de la péninsule, un constat en partie attribuable à la présence de sources de matières premières lithiques, d'axes de circulation potentielles, mais aussi à la répartition spatiale inégale des efforts de recherche. L'étude du potentiel archéologique préhistorique gaspésien, c'est la première étape de la démarche archéologique, est donc nécessaire pour orienter les travaux futurs dans cette région. Trois secteurs représentatifs de la Gaspésie ont été étudiés pour développer une nouvelle approche d'étude de potentiel : Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, le lac Sainte-Anne et New Richmond. Ensemble, ces secteurs s'étirent au travers de la péninsule sur un axe nord-sud et correspondent à un possible axe de circulation préhistorique. L'évaluation du potentiel archéologique de ces aires d'étude dépend notamment de contexte géographique gaspésien. Celui-ci est complexe, particulièrement depuis la déglaciation qui a engendré une succession de transformations du paysage. Les variations du niveau marin relatif, le passage de la toundra à un milieu forestier et d'autres changements environnementaux ont conditionné la façon dont les populations préhistoriques se sont adaptées au territoire. L'étude de potentiel dépend également des connaissances archéologiques existantes pour la région, car elles conditionnent la sélection de variables environnementales représentatives des sites connus. À partir de la confrontation des données géographiques et archéologiques, nous avons proposé des schèmes d'établissement pour les périodes chronoculturelles de la préhistoire gaspésienne. Ces patrons informationnels permettent d'illustrer la façon dont les populations préhistoriques occupaient le territoire gaspésien. C'est en appliquant ces schèmes d'établissement dans un SIG (Système d'Information Géographique) qu'il est alors possible de modéliser l'occupation potentielle du territoire au cours des périodes de la préhistoire gaspésienne. Les résultats de la modélisation sont prometteurs car les sites archéologiques connus dans le secteur de Sainte-Anne-des-Monts correspondent aux secteurs à potentiel élevé proposés par la modélisation, bien qu'une validation géomorphologique de la modélisation soit nécessaire à une étape ultérieure. Les deux autres secteurs ne présentaient pas de sites archéologiques datés qui permettaient de valider la modélisation à ces endroits. L'outil proposé est d'autant plus intéressant qu'il permet d'étudier rapidement de vastes territoires au potentiel archéologique mal évalué, comme c'est le cas de la Gaspésie.

  6. Etude de sensibilite du profil de durete des engrenages traites thermiquement par induction en fonction des parametres machine

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Barka, Noureddine

    This project involves a study of sensitivity of the hardness profile of cylindrical bars and spur gears heated by induction using finite element models (axisymmetric and 2D) combined with experimental tests. This sensitivity study is considered as the basic step towards the development of prediction models. The study mainly aims at evaluating the effect of material properties and machine parameters on the hardness profile. As the induction heating is very fast, it is reasonable to assume that the material properties are different from those measured under thermodynamic equilibrium conditions. For this reason, the study attempts to measure the effect of variations in material properties on the surface temperature using the axisymmetric model. The results show that the relative magnetic permeability is the property that most significantly influences surface temperatures and the variation of this property has a large effect on the hardness profile. The effects of specific heat and electrical conductivity are rather low, while the thermal conductivity has a negligible effect on the model developed. Moreover, the variation in temperature of austenitizing margins have limited effects on the developed model. Therefore, the use of material properties at thermodynamic equilibrium was sufficient to establish models for predicting trends. Moreover, study of global sensitivity profile of hardness as a function of machine parameters allowed, in the first place, to compare the two cases of heat to medium and high frequency, by applying them to a disc and a gear and determine the effect of the imposed current density and heating time on the hardness profile using the results of the simulations. It appears that the edge effect is smaller in the MF heating case. In addition, the 2D model can confirm that the MF power heat more the tooth root, while the HF power heat the tooth tip region. Finally, the regression models developed were used to estimate surface temperatures and depths hardened with time of heating and power received by the part. The experimental tests, performed on discs and gears with the same exterior dimensions, have confirmed a clear correlation between hardness profiles measured and those obtained by simulation. Moreover, since the power transmitted by the machine to the coil is not known and it is difficult to measure the current in the inductor, the issue was to find a method leading to a match between simulation and experimentation. Indeed, tests have allowed the calibration of developed models by evaluating the power ratio between the power received by the part and that provided by the machine. Thus, the calibrated models are able to predict global trends of the hardness profile as a function of machine parameters even if the material properties measured at thermodynamic equilibrium are used. Finally, a local sensitivity analysis was performed by varying the machine parameters slightly around the nominal values leading to a definite hardness profile. Based on the statistical tools of variance analysis, this study showed that the hardness profile is very sensitive to small variations of the power machine and the heating time in the case of the disc. With regard to the gears and considering the dual frequency sequential heating mode, HF power and HF heating time are the parameters that most affect the hardness profile. Although the study focused on the specific geometry and a given material, it is clear that the models developed can be used to develop mechanical components and they help reduce the development time. The greatest contribution of this work has been to bridge the gap between theory, simulation and practice. Therefore, it laid the groundwork to achieve a more general and robust model capable of supporting the interactions between the machine parameters, variables, dimensions and material properties. The accuracy of the model could be greatly improved by considering inductor current measurement during heating and material properties characterization in thermodynamic nonequilibrium conditions. (Abstract shor

  7. Recreologie -- L'Etude de L'Homme et du Loisir. (Recreology -- The Study of Man and Leisure)

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Beauchesne, Jean-Marc


    The central problem of post-industrial society is the quality of man's whole life. The change agent who accepts this challenge is faced with recreational illiteracy at almost all levels of our society. The author questions the validity of the content of work-oriented literacy programs in both developing and industrial countries. (Author/MF)

  8. Analysis of surface roughness generation in aircraft ice accretion

    NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

    Hansman, R. J., Jr.; Reehorst, Andrew; Sims, James


    Patterns of roughness evolution have been studied analysis of high magnification video observations of accreting ice surfaces provided by the NASA Lewis Research Center. Three distinct patterns of surface roughness generation have been identified within the parametric regions studied. They include: Rime, Multi-Zone Glaze, and Uniform Glaze. Under most icing conditions, a brief period of transient rime ice growth was observed caused by heat conduction into the body. The resulting thin rime layer explains previously observed insensitivity of some ice accretions to substrate insensitivity of some ice accretions to substrate surface chemistry and may provide justification for simplifying assumptions in ice accretion sailing and modeling effects.

  9. Actes du colloque sur le bilinguisme, Universite de Neuchatel, 14/15 Septembre, 1981 (Proceedings of the Colloquium on Bilingualism, University of Neuchatel, September 14-15, 1981).

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    TRANEL, 1982


    This issue contains proceedings of a colloquium on linguistics at the University of Neuchatel: (1) "Propositions epistemologiques pour une etude du bilinguisme (Epistemological Propositions for a Study of Bilingualism)," by B. Py; (2) "Comment on di ca? Prolegomenes a une etude de la composante semantique du langage des migrants (How Do You Say…

  10. Evaluation of Mixed-Phase Microphysics Within Winter Storms using Field Data and In Situ Observations

    NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

    Colle, Brian A.; Yu, Ruyi; Molthan, Andrew L.; Nesbitt, Stephen


    It is hypothesized that microphysical predictions have greater uncertainties/errors when there are complex interactions that result from mixedphased processes like riming. Use Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Mission ground validation studies in Ontario, Canada to verify and improve parameterizations

  11. Searching near-replicas of images via clustering

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Chang, Edward Y.; Li, Chen; Wang, James Z.; Mork, Peter; Wiederhold, Gio


    Internet piracy has been one of the major concerns for Web publishing. In this study we present a system, RIME, that we have prototyped for detecting unauthorized image copying on the WWW. To speed up the copy detection, RIME uses a new clustering/hashing approach that first clusters similar images on adjacent disk cylinders and then builds indexes to access the clusters made in this way. Searching for the replicas of an image often takes just one IO to loop up the location of the cluster containing similar objects and one sequential file IO to read in this cluster. Our experimental results show that RIME can detect images copies both more efficiently and effectively than the traditional content- based image retrieval systems that use tree-like structures to index images. In addition, RIME copes well with image format conversion, resampling, requantization and geometric transformation.

  12. An Experimental Study of Airfoil Icing Characteristics

    NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

    Shaw, R. J.; Sotos, R. G.; Solano, F. R.


    A full scale general aviation wing with a NACA 63 sub 2 A415 airfoil section was tested to determine icing characteristics for representative rime and glaze icing conditions. Measurements were made of ice accretion shapes and resultant wing section drag coefficient levels. It was found that the NACA 63 sub 2 A415 wing section was less sensitive to rime and glaze icing encounters for climb conditions.

  13. Redistribution of Snowfall across a Mountain Range by Artificial Seeding: A Case Study.


    Hobbs, P V; Radke, L F


    Clouds over the western slopes of the Cascade Mountains were artificially seeded to reduce the riming and fall speeds of snow crystals and to divert snowfall across the crest. Aircraft observations showed that the clouds were glaciated by the seeding. The crystal habits and the degrees of riming of snow crystals reaching the target area were modified. Snowfall rates decreased at the crest and simultaneously increased 20 kilometers east of the crest. PMID:17731264

  14. Montblanc1: GPU accelerated radio interferometer measurement equations in support of Bayesian inference for radio observations

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Perkins, S. J.; Marais, P. C.; Zwart, J. T. L.; Natarajan, I.; Tasse, C.; Smirnov, O.


    We present Montblanc, a GPU implementation of the Radio interferometer measurement equation (RIME) in support of the Bayesian inference for radio observations (BIRO) technique. BIRO uses Bayesian inference to select sky models that best match the visibilities observed by a radio interferometer. To accomplish this, BIRO evaluates the RIME multiple times, varying sky model parameters to produce multiple model visibilities. χ2 values computed from the model and observed visibilities are used as likelihood values to drive the Bayesian sampling process and select the best sky model. As most of the elements of the RIME and χ2 calculation are independent of one another, they are highly amenable to parallel computation. Additionally, Montblanc caters for iterative RIME evaluation to produce multiple χ2 values. Modified model parameters are transferred to the GPU between each iteration. We implemented Montblanc as a Python package based upon NVIDIA's CUDA architecture. As such, it is easy to extend and implement different pipelines. At present, Montblanc supports point and Gaussian morphologies, but is designed for easy addition of new source profiles. Montblanc's RIME implementation is performant: On an NVIDIA K40, it is approximately 250 times faster than MEQTREES on a dual hexacore Intel E5-2620v2 CPU. Compared to the OSKAR simulator's GPU-implemented RIME components it is 7.7 and 12 times faster on the same K40 for single and double-precision floating point respectively. However, OSKAR's RIME implementation is more general than Montblanc's BIRO-tailored RIME. Theoretical analysis of Montblanc's dominant CUDA kernel suggests that it is memory bound. In practice, profiling shows that is balanced between compute and memory, as much of the data required by the problem is retained in L1 and L2 caches.

  15. Wind turbine performance under icing conditions

    SciTech Connect

    Jasinski, W.J.; Noe, S.C.; Selig, M.S.; Bragg, M.B.


    The effects of rime ice on horizontal axis wind turbine performance were estimated. For typical supercooled fog conditions found in cold northern regions, four rime ice accretions on the S809 wind turbine airfoil were predicted using the NASA LEWICE code. The resulting airfoil/ice profile combinations were wind tunnel tested to obtain the lift, drag, and pitching moment characteristics over the Reynolds number range 1--2 {times} 10{sup 6}. These data were used in the PROPID wind turbine performance prediction code to predict the effects of rime ice on a 450-kW rated-power, 28.7-m diameter turbine operated under both stall-regulated and variable-speed/variable-pitch modes. Performance losses on the order of 20% were observed for the variable-speed/variable-pitch rotor. For the stall-regulated rotor, however, a relatively small rime ice profile yielded significantly larger performance losses. For a larger 0.08c-long rime ice protrusion, however, the rated peak power was exceeded by 16% because at high angles the rime ice shape acted like a leading edge flap, thereby increasing the airfoil C{sub l,max} and delaying stall.

  16. Radiations cosmiques : danger dans l'Espace

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Bonnet-Bidaud, J. M.; Dzitko, H.


    Au sol, l'atmosphere nous protege plus ou moins bien. Mais dans l'espace ou a bord des avions de ligne, l'homme est directement expose aux rayonnements cosmiques qui peuvent etre mortels. Un veritable frein a la presence humaine prolongee dans l'espace. Une menace que les agences spatiales prennent tres au serieux.

  17. Etude du risque d'inondation en aval du delta du fleuve rouge en utilisant la teledetection et les sig: Le cas du district de Bac Hung Hai

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Bui, Duc Viet

    The Bac Hung Hai zone is the greatest basin in the Red River Delta in Vietnam and also one of the most densely populated regions of the planet. It is mainly a rural region and its economy is dominated by agriculture. In the context of frequent and larger floods in the Bac Hung Hai zone, causing deep socio-economical consequences, the focus of this study is to establish cartography of the high risk areas for flooding in the Bac Hung Hai region using remote sensing and GIS to assist land management. The preparation of a map describing land management in this region is more complicated because parcels for farming are very small and not homogeneous. A consistent and precise map of land use is essential for studies of flooding. The secondary objective is to improve the land use map. To this effect, a classification has been applied to the combination of the spectral bands and textures (TM and ETM+) of Landsat and a radar image (ERS). The addition of this information to the spectral bands increases the accuracy of classification by 1% to 4%, according to the dates selected. Additionally, in the study zone where there are few days without clouds, a problem related to the optical satellite image is the cloud cover. Then, the use of radar images will provide ground information for areas hidden by clouds where spectral images are not sufficient. To reach these goals, we have determined the main biophysical considerations that influence flooding. Then, these considerations have been combined in a multi-criteria analysis to evaluate the risks of flooding in the entire basin area. The results show that high to very high risks affect 47% of the area studied and that the south-east region, center, and north-east present the greatest risk. Keywords. Flood risks, remote sensing, GIS, land use, multicriteria analysis, Red river delta, Vietnam.

  18. Etude structurale et vibrationnelle d’un nouveau composé complexe de cobalt: [Co(imidazole)4Cl]Cl

    PubMed Central

    Derbel, Amira; Mhiri, Tahar; Graia, Mohsen


    In the title complex, chlorido­tetra­kis­(1H-imidazole-κN 3)cobalt(II) chloride, [CoCl(C3H4N2)4]Cl, the CoII cation has a distorted square-pyramidal coordination environment. It is coordinated by four N atoms of four imidazole (Im) groups in the basal plane, and by a Cl atom in the apical position. It is isostructural with [Cu(Im)4Cl]Cl [Morzyk-Ociepa et al. (2012 ▸). J. Mol. Struct. 1028, 49–56] and [Cu(Im)4Br]Br [Hossaini Sadr et al. (2004 ▸). Acta Cryst. E60, m1324–m1326]. In the crystal, the [CoCl(C3H4N2)4]+ cations and Cl− anions are linked via N—H⋯Cl hydrogen bonds, forming layers parallel to (010). These layers are linked via C—H⋯Cl hydrogen bonds and C—H⋯π and π–π [inter-centroid distance = 3.794 (2) Å] inter­actions, forming a three-dimensional framework. The IR spectrum shows vibrational bands typical for imidazol groups. The monoclinic unit cell of the title compound emulates an ortho­rhom­bic cell as its β angle is close to 90°. The crystal is twinned, with the refined ratio of twin components being 0.569 (1):0.431 (1). PMID:26594402

  19. Etude du E caduc--Stabilisation en cours et variations lexicales (Study of the Unstressed "E"--Stabilization over Time and Lexical Variations).

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Hansen, Anita Berit


    A study investigating the evolution in French of the unstressed "e" positioned between single consonants (e.g., "besoin") is presented. It is argued that stabilization of this pattern cannot be confirmed in the speech of educated Parisians but appears to be governed by sociolinguistic variables. Lexical conditioning is examined. (Author/MSE)

  20. Etude par spectrometrie infrarouge et Raman de la triméthyl-4,5,6 pyrimidone-2 et de son chlorhydrate. Complexation par les halogenures de potassium

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Lautié, Alain; Picquenard, Eric; Ratovelomanana, Nicole

    The i.r. Raman spectra of crystalline 4,5,6-trimethyl 2-pyrimidone and seven deuterated derivatives have been investigated between 4000 and 180 cm -1. Aqueous and CHCl 3 solutions were also examined. An assignment for intramolecular fundamentals is given, as well as a distinction between the most characteristic of each methyl group. The methylation and protonation effects are discussed. Furthermore, a 1/1 adduct of this pyrimidone and potassium halides is observed and characterized; it contains a strong NH…X - hydrogen bond.

  1. Etude de phenomenes cinetiques a longue portee lors de la croissance epitaxiale a l'aide de la methode Monte Carlo cinetique

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Beausoleil, Alexandre

    The main objective of this thesis is to study long range kinetic phenomena during epitaxial growth with the kinetic Monte Carlo (KMC) method. We begin by studying the impact of long jumps and the reversible aggregation regime on singular surface growth. We then present an alternative KMC method which allows to decrease the simulation time. With this new method, we finally analyze the impact of nucleation on vicinal surface growth. In a study on the impact of the reversible aggregation regime combined to the Meyer-Neldel rule on submonolayer epitaxial growth, we observe that atom and small island densities are such that the island size distribution is bimodal. The frequent detachment events are responsible for an increase of the number of unattached atoms and the probability of nucleation increases due to this large density of atoms, resulting in an important small island density. In such a case, those small islands are metastable because of their large probability to fragment following a detachment event. Long jumps accentuate the distinction between the two modes of the bimodal island size distribution by allowing detached atoms to diffuse far away from islands. Long jumps increase the effective diffusion coefficient of atoms, which show a supra-Arrhenius behavior especially important for a large maximum long jump extent. Since the most frequent events in our simulations are simple diffusion events (that is, when an atom is not attached to an island), which account for nearly 80% of the number of performed events, we develop an improved KMC method which allows to reduce the simulation time for such events. To do so, we partition the atoms in two groups, the first one containing the atoms far enough from each other to be considered interaction free (with respect to the KMC model used) and the other one containing all bonded atoms. This non-interacting condition allows to reduce the number of updates required after the diffusion of an atom without any additional approximation compared to the KMC method. This strategy results in the elaboration of a new method, the LAUKMC (for low adatom update KMC) method. The LAUKMC simulations are approximatively four times faster than equivalent KMC simulation in a step flow regime, and six times faster when the reattachment procedure is applied. The speed-up is especially important when the number of atoms out of interaction range from other atoms is large and when the aggregation regime is strongly reversible. For limited diffusion and irreversible aggregation regime conditions, the LAUKMC method behaves as KMC simulations and little speed-up is observed. Nucleation lengths of first ( Ln ) and second ( Ln2 ) layers allow to elaborate a phase diagram that describes the transition from a step flow to a three-dimensional layer-by-layer island growth regime which occurs through two-dimensional island growth. By comparing the terrace width (W) with the nucleation lengths on the phase diagram, we can predict that when W < Ln , the Bales-Zangwill and kink-Ehrlich-Schwoebel-effect meandering instabilities will manifest since the growth regime is one of step flow. From LAUKMC simulations, we predict a new mechanism leading to the apparition of meanders of step edges of vicinal surfaces. This instability appears when W ≃ Ln

  2. Elaboration d'un simulateur de gravure par plasma de haute densite base sur une approche cellulaire pour l'etude de profils dans divers materiaux

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Saussac, Jerome

    Sub-micrometer and nanometer-size device manufacturing requires perfect control of fabrication processing, in particular plasma etching. The fabrication of such devices is complex and the requirements in terms of quality and geometry of the etching profiles impose to use the best adapted operating conditions. Simulation of space and time-etching profile evolution that is proposed in this thesis addresses these issues. The simulator yields a better understanding of the fundamental mechanisms that occur during plasma etching of features in various materials. It enables to test the influence of plasma parameters on the profile shape and thus to determine the optimal operating conditions. The development of the simulator is based on the fundamental concepts in plasma etching. From thorough review of the various numerical approaches available to simulate etching profile evolution, we have developed a stable and flexible algorithm that enables to emphasize the importance of some key-parameters for the realization of etching profiles by high-density and low-pressure plasma. The capabilities of this algorithm were tested on the study of Si sputtering in an argon plasma and of ion-assisted chemical etching of SiO2/Si in a chlorine plasma. From comparisons between simulated and experimental profiles, we have shown the importance of some parameters, like the nature of the gas, the plasma pressure, the initial shape of the mask, the mask/material selectivity, the neutral/ion flux ratio, etc. We also linked these parameters to the formation of defects in the profile, for exemple mask facetting, sidewall bowing and microtrenching. Finally, we have shown that redeposition of sputtered atoms compete with electric surface charging to explain V-shape profiles observed on Pt sputtered in argon plasmas. Keywords. plasma, etching, profile, simulation, silicon, platinum, redeposition, microtrenching

  3. Contribution de l'altimetrie satellitaire a l'etude de la variabilite du niveau d'eau du Delta interieur du fleuve Niger

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Telly Diepkile, Adama

    Title: Contribution of satellite altimetry to the study of the spatial and temporal variability of water level in the Inner Delta of Niger River Content: The radar altimeter was originally developed to contribute to the study of ocean waters dynamics. The large size of oceans and their relative homogeneity favor the use of satellite altimetry. The success on the oceans led many researchers to investigate the use of satellite altimetry for the characterization of inland waters and land surfaces. Encouraging results have been reported by some studies on the hydrology of inland seas, lakes and rivers and floodplains. In this thesis, we evaluate the contribution of satellite altimetry in the analysis of changes in water level in the Inner Delta of Niger River in Mali, in West Africa. Classified among the sites of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, the Inner Delta plays a leading role for Mali and the whole sub-region, both on the socio-economic and environmental scales. The Delta is characterized by a flooding period, during which an area of over 20,000 km2 of land is flooded. The water withdraws completely during the recession. These dynamic flooding-recession conditions practically control all the human activities in the region and significantly influence the ecological processes. On the other hand, the Delta is becoming more and more fragile due to desertification, climate change and agricultural activities. A better characterization of water level variations and understanding the hydrological regime are of critical importance in the Delta. Satellite altimetry data considered in the study come from Topex/Poseidon (1992-2005) and Envisat (2002-2009). The data were corrected for environmental effects. In order to develop time series including data from both satellites, we analyzed their overlapping period (2002-2005). This analysis revealed a good correlation between the two sets of measurements (R2 = 0,76), and a systematic bias of about 89 cm. The Envisat measurements were then corrected to bring them in the same altimetry reference level as Topex/Poseidon, thereby producing time series of 17 years (1992-2009). Following this analysis, we proposed a waveform retracking algorithm that integrates the backscattering coefficient to the time scale of penetration of the radar pulse in a medium with a presence of vegetation. The idea here is to consider the heterogeneity of a medium such as the Delta, which can be covered with vegetation. For this, we introduce into the equation of the waveform, the backscattering coefficient estimated from the so called water cloud model, to create a new algorithm called retracking algorithm of water cloud. This algorithm was applied to the Envisat and OSTM/Jason-2 data. The results of the algorithm were validated with in situ measurements of the Direction Nationale de l'Hydraulique du Mali and also with measurements acquired during a campaign of data collection conducted between August and October 2009. The observed differences are generally small (<+/- 1 m). The retracking algorithm of water cloud was compared to other existing algorithms. It shows a strong correlation with Ice-1 (R 2 = 0,84). Finally, we analyzed the influence of precipitation on the variations of the altimetry-derived water levels. Three sources of precipitations from satellite measurements and reanalysis data were considered in three catchments (basin Fouta Djallon in upstream, Bani basin and the inner basin in Mali). The analysis reveals the importance of precipitations, particularly in the basin of Fouta Djallon. Approximately 70% of sites analyzed in the Delta show a relatively strong correlation (R2 > 0,40) with the cumulative precipitations in the basins considered. Keywords : Remote Sensing, Satellite altimetry, Continental waters, Water level, Long term analysis, Inner Delta of Niger River, Water-cloud model, Envisat, Topex/Poseidon.

  4. Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group = Groupe Canadien d'etude en didactique des mathematiques. Proceedings of the 1994 Annual Meeting (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, June 3-7, 1994).

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Quigley, Martyn, Ed.

    These proceedings contain papers from the 1994 annual meeting of the Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group. Papers are divided into the following sections: (1) invited lectures; (2) working groups; (3) topic groups; (4) ad hoc groups; and (5) reports on ICMI (International Committee on Mathematical Instruction) studies. Papers include: (1)…

  5. Etude de l'influence de defauts sur les proprietes mecaniques de materiaux composites fabriques par le procede de placement de fibres

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Legay, Pierre


    The effect of automated fiber placement defects on composite material mechanical properties needs to be characterized. Impact behavior and laminate compressive properties can be affected by these defects. This study aims at characterizing the effect of AFP defects on impact (ASTM D7136), compression after impact (ASTM D7137) and open hole compression properties (ASTM D6484) of a quasi-isotropic carbon/epoxy laminate (G40-800/5276-1). The defects that we studied were “critical” because they were located in every plies of same orientation and they were stacked. First, we performed open hole compression tests on coupons containing defects. 7 defect configurations were studied with gaps and overlaps placed in the compression direction and perpendicular to the compression direction. The results are compared with an analytical modeling of defects and they reveal that if defects are placed along compression direction they do not cause stress concentrations which lead to specimen failure. If defects are placed in plies which are perpendicular to compression direction, fiber waviness leads to a more important reduction of compressive strength. But electron microscope observations revealed that fiber waviness only affect plies that are adjacent to defects (+/-45°) and do not affect 0° plies which carry most of the load. It explains that compressive strength reduction is low even for 90° defects. Then we performed impact and compression after impact tests. We studied the results of impact tests (impactor contact force and impact absorbed energy) and we also performed ultrasonic measures (C-scan) and electron microscope observations, it allowed us to characterize impact damages. We first studied the effect of impact energy on laminate damage modes. For lower impact energies there is no damage in the material. When the impact energy increases, matrix cracking and délaminations appear, they are followed by the first fiber fractures. The damage spreads in plies which are opposed to the impact point. For higher energies, material properties are highly reduced and the laminate cannot support the load increase, the damage propagates through the laminate thickness. Finally impact and compression after impact tests performed on coupons containing defects reveal that gaps and overlaps have a local effect on damage: defects do not affect coupons global mechanical properties.

  6. Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group = Groupe Canadien d'Etude en Didactique des Mathematiques. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting (Kingston, Ontario, Canada, May 29-June 2, 1987).

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Mendoza, Lionel P., Ed.; Williams, Edgar R., Ed.

    These conference proceedings include three invited lectures, a panel discussion, three working group reports, two reports from topic groups and a participant list. The invited lectures include a discussion of the impact of calculators on the calculus curriculum (Herbert S. Wilf); a consideration of the role of misconceptions in learning…

  7. Higher Education and Social Origin in France: A Statistical Study of Inequalities Since 1965 = Enseignement Superieur Et Origine Sociale En France: Etude Statistique Des Inegalites Depuis 1965

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Jaoul, Magali


    Mass education has the goal of guaranteeing the same education to all in order to moderate differences between individuals and promote a kind of "equality of opportunity." Nonetheless, it seems clear that lower-class youths do not benefit as much from their degree or university experience as do those who come from more privileged backgrounds. The…

  8. La Parabole du Gaucher et de la Casserole a Bec Verseur: Etude des Processus d'Apprentissage dans un Environnement de Calculatrices Symboliques.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Trouche, Luc


    Discusses the problems of conceptualization of the function limit in technological environments (principally graphing calculators today and symbolic calculators tomorrow) that are gradually being adopted in precalculus teaching. Explains how the instrumentation process and the conceptualization process are dependent on each other. Sets forth a…

  9. Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group = Groupe Canadien d'etude en didactique des matematiques. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting (St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, May 27-31, 1989).

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Pereira-Mendoza, Lionel, Ed.; Quigley, Martyn, Ed.

    These conference proceedings include two invited lectures, four working group reports, five topic group reports, a list of participants, and a list of previous proceedings. The invited lectures were: "Teaching Mathematical Proof: Relevance and Complexity of a Social Approach" (Nicolas Balacheff) and "Geometry Is Alive and Well!" (Doris…

  10. Etude par resonance magnetique nucleaire de l'azote 15 et du phosphore 31 d'amino-2 dimethyl-1,3 diaza-1,3 phospholanes-2

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Gouesnard, J. P.; Dorie, J.


    The 15N and 31P NMR study of 2-amino 1,3-dimethyl 1,3-diaza 2-phospholanes shows that the cyclic nitrogen atoms approach a pyramidal sp3 structure and the exocyclic nitrogen atoms an sp2 structure. A determination of the factors that govern δ 15N and 1J31P— 15N is attempted.

  11. Etude comparative entre l'astrolabe dit "carolingien" et l'astrolabe d'Abù-Bakr ibn Yusuf de Toulouse.

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    D'Hollander, R.

    This article is a comparative study that is essentially technical. It is based on very careful measurements of an accuracy of up to one tenth of a millimetre carried out on the plates and retes of the two astrolabes examined by the writer. Abù-Bakr ibn Yusuf's astrolabe is in the Musée Paul Dupuy in Toulouse. It was made in 1216-17 in Marrakech.

  12. Identification d'indicateurs de risque des populations victimes de conflits par imagerie satellitaire. Etude de cas: Le nord de l'Irak

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Mubareka, Sarah Betoul

    Remote sensing and security, terms which are not usually associated, have found a common platform this decade with the conjuring of the GMOSS network (Global Monitoring for Security and Stability), whose mandate is to discover new applications for satellite-derived imagery to security issues. This study focuses on human security, concentrating on the characterisation of vulnerable areas to conflict. A time-series of satellite imagery taken from Landsat sensors from 1987 to 2001 and the SRTM mission imagery are used for this purpose over a site in northern Iraq. Human security issues include the exposure to any type of hazard. The region of study is first characterised in order to understand which hazards are and were present in the past for the region of study. The principal hazard for the region of study is armed conflict and the relative field data was analysed to determine the links between geographical indicators and vulnerable areas. This is done through historical research and the study of open-sourced information about disease outbreaks; the movements of refugees and the internally displaced; and humanitarian aid and security issues. These open sources offer information which are not always consistent, objective, or normalized and are therefore difficult to quantify. A method for the rapid mapping and graphing and subsequent analysis of the situation in a region where limited information is available is developed. This information is coupled with population numbers to create a "risk map": A disaggregated matrix of areas most at risk during conflict situations. The results show that describing the risk factor for a population to the hazard conflict depends on three complex indicators: Population density, remoteness and economic diversity. Each of these complex indicators is then derived from Landsat and SRTM imagery and a satellite-driven model is formulated. This model based on satellite imagery is applied to the study site for a temporal study. The output are three 90 m x 90 m resolution grids which describe, at a pixel level, the risk level within the region for each of the dates studies, and the changes which occur in northern Iraq as the result of the Anfal Campaigns. Results show that satellite imagery, with a minimum of processing, can yield indicators for characterising risk in a region. Although by no means a replacement for field data, this technological source, in the absence of local knowledge, can provide users with a starting point in understanding which areas are most at risk within a region. If this data is coupled with open sourced information such as political and cultural discrimination, economy and agricultural practices, a fairly accurate risk map can be generated in the absence of field data. Keywords. SRTM, Landsat, risk indicators, Iraq, conflict, population vulnerability, segmentation, land-use, fuzzy-classification, atmospheric corrections.

  13. Etude du comportement et de la modélisation viscoplastique du zircaloy 4recristallisé sous chargements monotones et cycliques uni et multiaxes

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Delobelle, P.; Robinet, P.


    The results of experiment performed on a recrystallized zircaloy 4 alloy in the intermediate temperature domain 20 leqslant T leqslant 400 ^{circ}C are presented. To characterize the anisotropy, especially at 350 ^{circ}C, the tests were made under both monotonic and cyclic uni- and bidirectional loadings, i.e. tension-compression, tension-torsion and tension-internal pressure tests. The different anisotropy coefficients and especially R^p = \\varepsilon^p_{θθ} /\\varepsilon^ p _ {{^-_-}{^-_-} } seem to be temperature independent. An important feature of the behavior of this alloy in the neighbourhood of 300 ^{circ}C is attributed to the dislocations-point defects interactions (dynamic strain aging), phenomena often observed in the solid solutions. For the 2D cyclic non proportional loadings it is shown that a weak supplementary hardening appears, which is a function of the degree of the phase lag. We propose to particularize and to apply a unified viscoplastic model with internal variables to the considered alloy, as the model as already been developed and identified elsewhere for other isotropic materials. From a general point of view the introduction of the anisotropy in the model is made by four tensors of rank 4 ; [ M] is assigned to the flow directions, [ N] to the linear parts of the kinematical hardening variables and [ Q] , [ R] respectively to the dynamic and static recoveries of these tensorial variables. This phenomenological formulation leads to a correct representation of the set of the experimental results presented at 350 ^{circ}C, which provides an a posteriori confirmation of the formalism used. On étudie, entre 20 et 400 ^{circ}C, à l'aide d'essais sous chargements multiaxiaux monotones et cycliques (traction, torsion et pression interne) les propriétés viscoplastiques anisotropes de tube de zircaloy 4 recristallisé. A la température de 350 ^{circ}C, l'anisotropie a été quantifiée de façon détaillée. Les quelques résultats obtenus à la température ambiante ainsi que l'indépendance du rapport R^p = \\varepsilon^p_{θθ}/\\varepsilon^ p_{{^-_-}{^-_-} } avec la température laissent supposer que l'ensemble des coefficients d'anisotropie ne dépendent pas de la température. Par contre, la fluidité de cet alliage présente un minimum très marqué au voisinage de 300 ^{circ}C. Ce comportement est imputable au vieillissement dynamique fréquemment observé dans les solutions solides d'insertion. Lors d'un chargement cyclique hors phase (traction-torsion déphasée à 90^{circ}) ce matériau présente un léger durcissement supplémentaire. On propose l'extension au cas du zircaloy 4 de la formulation d'un modèle viscoplastique unifié développé et identifié par ailleurs sur d'autres matériaux initialement isotropes. D'une manière générale, l'introduction de l'anisotropie dans ce modèle s'effectue par l'intermédiaire de quatre tenseurs d'ordre 4 affectant les directions d'écoulement [ M] , les parties linéaires des écrouissages cinématiques [ N] , ainsi que les restaurations dynamiques [ Q] et statiques [ R] de ces mêmes variables d'écrouissage. L'identification de ce modèle est discutée et réalisée à 350 ^{circ}C. On montre l'adéquation du formalisme à appréhender l'ensemble des caractéristiques mécaniques de cet alliage.

  14. Etude des aspects cliniques, échographiques et nutritionnels du syndrome des ovaires micropolykystiques (SOMPK) à Mbuji-Mayi, RD du Congo

    PubMed Central

    Kalenda, Louis Mbuyamba Ntobo; Mikenji, Justin Biayi; Nkoy, Albert Mwembo-Tambwe; Kayamba, Prosper Kalenga Muenze


    Introduction Le Syndrome des Ovaires Micropolykystiques (SOMPK) est polymorphe. L'objectif de cette étude était de déterminer la prévalence et rechercher les facteurs nutritionnels éventuellement associés. Méthodes Chez 300 patientes atteintes de SOMPK faisant l'objet de cette étude, les données anamnestiques, cliniques et échographiques, et les habitudes alimentaires ont été analysées. Les statistiques usuelles et les mesures d'association ont été utilisées pour analyser les résultats. Résultats La prévalence de SOMPK était de 23,6%. L’âge moyen des patientes avec SOMPK était 24 ± 7 ans et chez celles sans SOMPK 36 ± 7 ans (P < 0,05). Le risque de développer le SOMPK en présence d'un niveau de vie élevé était de 2,03 (RR = 2,03; IC à 95%: 1,73-2,38; P = 0,00). Le risque de développer le SOMPK en exerçant une activité légère est de 2,15 (RR = 2,15; IC à 95%: 1,87-2,87; P= 0,00). La proportion des patientes avec SOMPK ayant accumulé plus de 2400 kcal était de 59% vs 36% (P < 0,05) et le risque de développer le SOMPK lorsque l’énergie accumulée était supérieure à 2400 kcal était de 1,57 (RR = 1,57; IC à 95%: 1,33-1,85; P= 0,00). Conclusion Dans notre milieu la prévalence de SOMPK était de 23,6%. Les facteurs associés au SOMPK étaient l’âge, l’énergie accumulée de plus de 2400 Kcal, le niveau socio-économique élevé et l'activité physique légère. Des études analytiques plus poussées sont nécessaires, pour évaluer la force du risque que représentent ces différents facteurs étudiés. PMID:25870722

  15. HIV/AIDS epidemic in French Guiana: 1979-1997. Groupe d'Etude Clinique de l'Infection VIH en Guyane Française.


    Sobesky, M; Dabis, F; Le Beux, P


    The incidence of AIDS in French Guiana remains one of the highest in Latin America and the Caribbean. The annual AIDS incidence rate increased continually from the start of the epidemic until 1995, when it reached 59.3/100,000 population declining thereafter to 26.6 in 1997. The prevalence of HIV in pregnant women was 0.9% in 1993, increasing to 1.3% in 1995, and that in individuals attending sexually transmitted disease (STD) clinics was 2.1% in 1996. We included 224 patients in a study of survival after AIDS diagnosis. The principal AIDS-defining diagnosis was tuberculosis in 20.5% of reported cases. The median duration of survival was 10.2 months. Multivariate analysis showed that, patients > or = 45 years at entry progressed more rapidly to AIDS than younger patients. HIV prevention and access to health care should be developed in the various ethnic communities and adapted to cultural status. The progressive implementation of multiple antiretroviral therapies since 1996 may further reduce progression of the disease but early HIV diagnosis is required to improve the overall prognosis of HIV-infected patients. PMID:10935695

  16. Etude, par principes premiers, des effets de la correlation entre electrons sur les proprietes electroniques et magnetiques de polymeres pontes et de supraconducteurs a haute temperature critique

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Pesant, Simon

    Description of complex systems by Density functional theory is treated in this thesis. First, the Density functional theory and a few functionals used to simulate cristals are presented. Specifically, the LDA and GGA functionnals are described and their limits are exposed. Furthermore, the Hubbard model as well as the LDA+U functionnal are addressed in this chapter. These methods enable the study of highly correlated materials. Then, results obtained on polymers are summarized in two articles. The first one treats the band gap variation of ladder-type polymers compared to non ladder type ones. The second article considers small band gap polymers. In this case, it will be shown that an hybrid functional, which contains exact exchange, is required to describe the electronic properties of the polymers under study. Finally, the last chapter address the study of cuprates superconductors. The LDA+U can account for the localization of electrons in copper orbitals. Consequently, a study of the impact of this functionnal on electronic properties of cuprates is conducted. The chapter is ended by an article treating magnetic orders in doped La 2CuO4. Supplementary materials of the second article and a description of the theory of superconductivity of Bardeen, Cooper and Schrieffer are put in annex. Keywords : Electronic correlation, DFT, LDA+U, cuprates, polymers, magnetic orders

  17. Contribution a l'etude des mecanismes de l'adhesion de la glace a differents materiaux et application a l'evaluation des materiaux glaciophobes

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Ghalmi, Zahira

    Several Nordic countries with cold climates like Canada are often subjected to ice storms causing major economic and social losses. Ice or sticky snow adhesion on power network equipment can be a significant issue in transmission and distribution of electrical energy for companies operating in these regions. The costs of such events can be substantial, particularly due to the cessation of economic activities, equipment failures, deicing techniques (active methods), and population safety. Because of such events, power companies have understood the need to develop so-called superhydrophobic and/or icephobic surfaces, which can significantly reduce ice adhesion (passive methods). Several studies have led to the development of a variety of new nanostructured surfaces using various strategies. These studies have led to the design of superhydrophobic surfaces with contact angles greater than 150 and low ice adhesion strength. In order to optimally reduce the ice adhesion strength on different substrates, better understanding of the various mechanisms involved in the icing process is essential. It is in this context and within the framework of Canada's research chair on atmospheric icing of power networks (INGIVRE) that this thesis was carried out, aiming to improve the knowledge of atmospheric icing, and explain the forces involved at the ice/substrate interface. Furthermore, the effect of contact angle, surface roughness and porosity on icing and ice/substrate interface was investigated. This study clearly showed that the electrostatic, van der Waals and hydrogen bond forces are the main contributors to ice adhesion to a surface at the molecular level. The electrostatic energy, based on the principle of image charge, depends on the type of material in contact with the ice, the distance between the ice and the material, and the types of ice surface defects. The van der Waals energy depends on the material type, the thickness of the liquid water layer, and the temperature. For its part, the energy associated with hydrogen bonds depends on the material type, temperature, droplet mass, as well as on the static and sliding contact angles. Among these three forces, the electrostatic energy is the largest. Whereas the hydrogen bond energy is larger than the van der Waals energy. However, the latter is always present as long as ice is in contact with a solid surface. The experimental study showed that ice adhesion strength depends on the surface roughness of the substrate. In the case of metals with a thin natural protective oxide layer, higher roughness leads to higher ice adhesion strength. In other words, polished metallic surfaces exhibit lower ice adhesion strengths. However, in the case of anodized aluminum surfaces coated with PTFE, the roughened needle-like structure resulted in lower ice adhesion. The experimental results showed that PTFE coatings remain resistant to icing/deicing cycles. Even after 15 icing/deicing cycles, surfaces remain hydrophobic with a static contact angle greater than 130°.

  18. Etude des effets du climat nordique sur la duree de vie en fatigue en tension des composites unidirectionnels de fibres de verre et d'epoxy

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Brassard, David

    Northern regions of Canada present a huge potential for wind energy production. Unfortunately, it introduces new challenges regarding the operating conditions. This thesis presents a study on the effects of northern climate on the fatigue life of unidirectional glass fibre/epoxy composites. Following a review of previous researches in that field, we provide the results of the present study. Under controlled experimental conditions, we examined the individual and combined effects of low temperatures, moisture content, and freeze-thaw cycles on the fatigue life under tension load of composites. These results were compared to dry and room temperature conditions that served as a baseline. Statistical analysis suggests that thermal cycles between 40 °C and -40 °C do not affect the average fatigue life of unidirectional composites. Freeze-thaw cycles detrimentally affects the interface observed after failure of the specimens. At high stresses, moisture content decreases fatigue life while at low stresses, moisture content increases fatigue life probably due to an increase in ductility of the epoxy matrix. Low temperature did not affect the fatigue life of dry samples, but increased the fatigue life of specimens for moisture conditioned samples. In dry conditions, Northern climates do not negatively affect the fatigue life of unidirectional composites. Freeze-thaw cycles also did not affect fatigue life of unidirectionnal composites. Future research should test its effect on the interface in multidirectional composites.

  19. Etude numerique de l'effet de l'elancement et de la garde au sol Sur le galop d'un corps rigide cylindrique a section carree

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Corbeil-Letourneau, Simon

    In this thesis, the transverse galloping of square cylinders is investigated in 3D by means of a fully coupled fluid-structure interaction numerical model. More precisely, the in uence of two parameters: the aspect ratio and the presence of a gap or not are investigated. Before performing the investigation by means of 3D simulations one of the main issue to overcome is the high cost of 3D direct simulation. An important part of this cost is due to the management of the deformations of the mesh that must follow the moving body. The pseudo-solid method is a strategy to manage the deformations but it involves solving additional equations which double the number of unknowns. The use of this method have been avoided by solving the Navier-Stokes equations and the rigid body equations in the non-inertial frame of the moving body. In this frame the body is fixed, then there is no need to deform the mesh, but this comes with the side effect of an addition of fictitious force that act on the body. Because we need the force calculated in the fixed frame of the laboratory, we need to deduce the real force acting on the body. This is done by removing the fictitious force and by adjusting the mass of the body. In summary, the change of referential allows us to solve the equations at lower cost because there is no need to deform the mesh. The new. The new method has been validated on number of test cases obtained form the scientific literature. This validation have been successful and allowed us to be sure that the code solved the equations properly. Then the 3D direct simulations have been carried out to investigate the effect of aspect ratio. The analysis of the resulting data shows that the aspect ratio have weak effect on the amplitude of galloping. In other words, the effect of aspect ratio is not critical and can not explain the differences between experimental data and 2D simulations. Then, the next step have been realized, the investigation of the effect of gap below the cylinder have been carried out. This time, the analysis of data have shown that the effect on galloping is critical and play a central role in the differences already described. It has been found that there is a critical value of gap above which the inhibited galloping reappear. This means that normally, in the situation of an infinite cylinder (which situation is the 3D analog of 2D simulation), the galloping can't develop but if a sufficiently large gap is added the galloping can appear. So we conclude that the gap is the parameter that explains the difference between the galloping observed experimentally at low mass ratio and its inhibition in 2D simulations. The analysis have been pushed further. We have found that in presence of a gap, the Von Karman vortex (responsible of VIV) are formed further in the wake of the cylinder. This explains why the VIV interact less with the galloping. The flow structure involved in this phenomenon has also been identified, it's an hairpin vortex that is formed by the collision of the flow passing through the gap and an opposite flow induced by the Von Karman vortex. In summary, the question is partially answered, we know that the gap is the dominant parameter which allow the galloping to be sustained in 3D at low mass ratio. An hairpin vortex keeps away from the body the Von Karman vortex. This distance mitigates the strong interactions with the body which usually inhibit galloping in 2D at low mass ratio. But it's still not known what is the effect of the high Reynolds numbers involved in experiments. (Abstract shortened by UMI.).

  20. Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group = Groupe Canadian d'etude en didactique des mathematiques. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting (Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, May 23-27, 1991).

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Quigley, Martyn, Ed.

    The proceedings report is divided into four sections that include: (1) two invited lectures by Colette Laborde and James Kaput on the topics of students' reading and writing of mathematics and an allegory in which writing is introduced into a technology-based mathematical society; (2) working group reports on the topics of fractal geometry in the…

  1. Etude des parametres physiques en vue d'applications medicales de l'actionnement magnetique de dispositifs medicaux par un systeme d'imagerie par resonance magnetique

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Mathieu, Jean-Baptiste

    An actuation and control method for medical devices based on the magnetic gradient coils of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) was proposed for the first time in 2002 by NanoRobotics Laboratory [1]. The work undertaken in the present thesis began in the context of demonstrating the concept of automatic navigation of a magnetic bead in vivo. From the point of view of actuation, models and experimental data correlate. A maximum velocity of 13cm/s was measured for a 1.5mm diameter chrome steel bead in the carotid artery of a living swine. The bead was under the influence of magnetic gradients applied by a clinical MRI system without any hardware modification. In light of these results, the aim of this thesis is the study of the physical parameters involved in the development of a first medical application: the steering of magnetic particles in MRI in the context of drug targeting. It was demonstrated that an MRI system equipped with a set of magnetic gradient coils with enhanced amplitude was able to apply a high enough actuation force to act upon magnetic microparticles suspended in a liquid. General rules for MRI actuation were identified. First of all, increasing the amplitude of the main magnetic field of the MRI leads to the increase of the actuation force amplitude only until the ferromagnetic body reaches its saturation magnetization. Moreover, soft ferromagnetic bodies appear to be better candidates for MRI based magnetic actuation because they can reach high saturation magnetizations. Magnetic gradient amplitude appears as a foremost factor to increase the amplitude of the magnetic force. Clinical MRI systems do not provide gradients with high enough amplitude for the applications studied here. Theoretical models developed in this thesis predict that a one order of magnitude increase in gradient amplitude would be required. Implementing actuation dedicated gradient coils is therefore suggested. Finally, a larger ferromagnetic body will lead to higher magnetophoretic velocities for magnetic particles. In the context of magnetic microparticle targeting for cancer treatment through embolisation, the scaling laws bridging from the preliminary works with millimeter sized beads to magnetic microparticles suspensions were studied. Magnetic microparticles suspensions injected through branching channels were guided in MRI under the influence of magnetic gradients. The goal of these experiments was to maximize the amount of particles flowing through one of the outlets of the channel. The outcome of the experiments was quantified using an optical set-up as well as by analyzing the suspension at each outlet of the channels. The most important parameters that were identified are the magnetic force amplitude, the interactions and aggregation between magnetic particles of the suspension, the size, geometry and density of the particles or aggregates driven, the dimensions of the channel and the intensity of the flow. Mathematical models based on analyses of particle trajectories and on non dimensionalization of the experimental parameters were proposed. The model predicts steering efficiencies in the order of what was recorded experimentally. Nevertheless, some parameters that remain to be quantified more precisely like the effects of magnetic aggregation and friction forces cause discrepancies between theoretical and experimental data. Despite these differences, the knowledge gained in the field of magnetic suspension steering appears to be sufficient to envision in vivo experiments lead in parallel with improving the theoretical predictions. Hence, an experimental set-up and an experimental protocol are being designed to adapt the steering methods to interventional procedures and animal subjects. Finally, the same principles used for microparticle steering can be applied for magnetic catheter navigation. Hence, on the side of the main subject of this thesis, the deflection of magnetic catheters by MRI was also studied as a second medical application. Using magnetic catheter and guide wires could facilitate the placement of medical instruments and accelerate medical procedures. The recorded deflections are lower than the ones measured with other magnetic guidance systems. The parameters and performances obtained are functions of the amplitude of the applied magnetic force and material strength properties of the catheters or guide wires. Hence, deflection could be enhanced by adapting the mechanical properties of the devices, by increasing the amplitude of the magnetic gradient or the volume and magnetization of the magnetic tip. These latter results are the object of an upcoming patent application. Hence, the paper relating them could not be submitted prior to the submission date of this thesis. For this reason, this paper's manuscript is presented as an annex of the present document

  2. Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group = Groupe Canadien d'etude en didactique des mathematiques. Proceedings of the 1995 Annual Meeting (Ontario, Canada, May 26-30, 1995).

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Pothier, Yvonne M., Ed.

    These proceedings contain the papers presented at the 1995 annual meeting of the Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group. Papers are organized into four sections: (1) plenary lectures; (2) working groups; (3) topic sessions; and (4) ad hoc sessions. Papers include: (1) "The Role of Epistemology in the Analysis of Teaching/Learning Relationships…

  3. Etude longitudinale de la névralgie cervico-brachiale dans le service de neurologie du CHU Gabriel Touré, Bamako (Mali)

    PubMed Central

    Maiga, Youssoufa; Fara, Amina Ahmed; Sogoba, Youssouf; Diango, Djibo; Diakite, Sara; Diallo, Mohamed; Ak, Hadiza; Diallo, Gangaly; Traore, Hamar Alassane


    Introduction La Névralgie Cervico-Brachiale (NCB) est une pathologie relativement fréquente dans la pratique courante. Elle est pourvoyeuse d'importants coûts médicaux et socio-économiques. Peu de données existent sur la NCB en Afrique. Méthodes Il s'agit d'une étude longitudinale, descriptive et prospective qui s'est déroulée du 1er novembre 2009 au 30 Août 2010 au CHU Gabriel Touré de Bamako, Mali. Elle a pour objectif d’étudier les caractéristiques épidémiologiques et cliniques de la NCB. Le diagnostic à été strictement clinique, et la DN4 a permis de déterminer les caractéristiques de cette névralgie. L'intensité de la douleur a été évaluée par l’échelle verbale simple (EVS). L’échelle concis de la douleur et l’échelle HAD ont permis d’étudier l'impact de la douleur sur la qualité de vie des patients. Résultats La fréquence de la NCB est de 10,9%. Les ménagères sont les plus touchées, 21(40,4%). L’âge moyen des patients est de 48 ±7 ans. La tranche d’âge de 50-59 ans représente la classe modale. La douleur est à prédominance nocturne chez 75,0% des patients. Les décharges électriques sont la caractéristique principale soit 48,1% des patients et 57,7% malades présentent une douleur intense. Sur le plan topographique, la racine C7, est la plus atteinte soit 50,0%. Sur la qualité de la vie, 44,2% des malades présentent des troubles du sommeil. Sur le plan thérapeutique l’évolution a été favorable chez 78,8% des patients sous AINS, Tramadol et Amitriptilline. Conclusion otre travail à l'instar des études antérieures sur la NCB montre que cette pathologie reste une entité clinique relativement courante. Le pronostic généralement favorable est fonction d'un diagnostic précoce et d'une prise en charge adaptée. PMID:24648859

  4. Etude ab initio des proprietes electroniques et optiques d'un systeme donneur-accepteur organique utilise dans les cellules photovoltaiques

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Maillard, Arnaud

    The search for new sources of clean and renewable energy has recently been encouraged by the growing energy demand caused by the industrialization of developing countries and by population growth. In this context, the generation of electricity through the exploitation of solar energy with photovoltaic cells is particularly interesting, since this energy source is largely unused compared to its full potential. Nevertheless, large scale electricity generation with the current design of photovoltaic cells based on silicon is hindered by the large manufacturing cost of these devices. A new generation of photovoltaic cells, which includes organic photovoltaic cells that use semiconducting polymers, is under intense development in order to significantly reduce the manufacturing costs. The replacement of conventional materials with conjugated polymers in photovoltaic cells opens the possibility of using large scale manufacturing processes to produce large-area devices at low cost. However, the power conversion efficiency and the lifetime of organic photovoltaic cells are currently too low for these devices to be cost effective. A better understanding of the organic photovoltaic process is therefore necessary to improve the power conversion efficiency of these devices. The operating principle of photovoltaic cells requires the charge transfer between a polymer acting as an electron donor and a molecule acting as an electron acceptor to enable the dissociation of photogenerated excitons into free charge carriers. Furthermore, to ensure that the majority of the photogenerated excitons dissociates, the active region of an organic photovoltaic cell is typically formed by a bulk heterojunction between the donor and the acceptor. Many experimental studies have shown that the power conversion efficiency of these devices, which is proportional to the product of their short-circuit current Isc with their open circuit potential Voc, is strongly governed by the microstructure of the bulk heterojunction defined as the local order of the two phases and the organization of the donor-acceptor interfaces. Even though these studies have helped to increase the efficiency of organic photovoltaic cells, the relations linking the microstructure of the bulk heterojunction to their electronic and optical properties are still to be established. The objective of the research project is to computationally study the electronic and optical properties of organic bulk heterojunctions composed of regioregular poly(3-hexylthiophene) (rrP3HT) and C60, two materials typically used in organic photovoltaic cells. In this study, the microstructure of the donor-acceptor systems can be directly controlled, which facilitates the systematic study of the influence of this parameter on the electronic and optical properties of the organic bulk heterojunctions. The density functional theory (DFT) is used to study the ground state geometric and electronic properties of multiple bulk heterojunction systems, while the time dependent density functional theory (TDDFT) is used to study the optical properties of these systems. The SIESTA software package is used to study periodic systems representing perfectly crystalline materials. The results obtained in this research project show that the power conversion efficiency of organic photovoltaic cells is strongly modulated by the microstructure of the bulk heterojunctions. Indeed, the size of the rrP3HT crystalline domains must be optimized to maximize the efficiency of the photovoltaic devices, since Voc and Isc have opposite behaviors with respect to π-stacking of the rrP3HT chains. In addition, the efficiency of organic photovoltaic cells could be improved by imposing geometrical constraints in the bulk heterojunctions through manufacturing methods in order to increase the value of Voc without altering the value of Isc. (Abstract shortened by UMI.).

  5. Etude experimentale de la photoexcitation des colorants de type anthracene, azobenzene et thioindigo dans des matrices de cristaux liquides nematiques et smectiques

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Saad, Bendaoud

    Nous avons étudié le comportement de différents colorants (tétracène et azobenzènes AZD3, DR1 et D2) dans des matrices de cristaux liquides (E7 et 5CB). Les résultats obtenus ont montré que la réorientation optique des molécules de cristaux liquides se produit à des intensités extrêmement faibles (~1 μW/cm 2). Nous avons attribué cet effet à l'interaction entre les molécules des colorants photoexcitées et celles des cristaux liquides hôtes. Ces interactions se produisent lorsque les molécules dichroïques exçitées transitent entre des états triplets intermédiaires tout en conduisant à la génération d'un nouveau moment optique géant, responsable de la réorientation des molécules. Le changement de la forme de la molécule du colorant, dû à l'isomérisation Trans-Cis , est à l'origine de la création de ce moment. Ce qui distingue notre réorientation moléculaire de celle obtenue sur d'autres systèmes hôtes-dopants est que les molécules sont repoussées du champ électrique de la lumière. Par ailleurs, cette réorientation est accompagnée d'une diffusion anisotrope des molécules excitées. Nous avons aussi étudié le cristal liquide PhBz rendu ferroélectrique en le dopant par des molécules thioindigos. En exploitant l'augmentation de la polarisation spontanée due à la photoisomérisation du colorant, nous avons pu réaliser un hologramme dynamique contrôlable par un champ optique assisté par une tension statique.

  6. Etude comparative sur la propagation de l'endommagement apres impact des composites carbone/epoxy renforces par piquage au fil Kevlar et titane-nickel

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Vachon, Pierre-Luc

    Composite laminates have strong in-plane mechanical properties, but they are generally weaker through their thickness. This specificity makes the laminates prone to delamination, particularly under low-velocity impact loads. Consequently numerous research efforts have been dedicated to developing interlaminar reinforcing methods, such as transverse stitching. The present project proposes the use of the stitching technique combined with a special stitching thread made of superelastic TiNi alloy. This technology is intended to improve the delamination toughness in composite laminates loaded in bending. In the first part of this study a numerical model was developed for analyzing composite structures. The 3-D finite element model was built with the ANSYS commercial software using 20-node solid and 8-node shell elements. The progressive damage modeling technique was used, allowing the prediction of delamination propagation in a laminate submitted to various loading modes. The model was validated for a plate under quasi-static traction load, and it was then used to simulate three-point bending tests. Secondly, carbon/epoxy composite panels were fabricated, with each panel containing unstitched and stitched specimens. Two different materials were used for the stitching thread: superelastic TiNi wires and Kevlar threads as a reference. Some stitched specimens were cut in slices in order to make some observations of the internal stitch using an optical microscope. Standardized low-velocity impact tests and compression after impact tests were carried out on stitched and unstitched specimens (ASTM D7136 and D7137). The Kevlar reinforcements have shown great performance in reducing the delaminated zone after impact, as well as in improving the residual compression strength. The TiNi reinforcements provided encouraging results during the impact tests, though being less effective than the Kevlar threads. During the compression after impact tests, only a slight difference could be measured between the TiNi-stitched and the unstitched specimens. Then the bending performance of the specimens was quantified experimentally by calculating the energy required to create a unit volume of damaged material (Gv, J/mm3). This metric is similar to the Strain Energy Release Rate (SERR) commonly used in studies on delamination. According to the experimental results, the damage resistance in three-point bending was not improved by the Kevlar reinforcements, despite the reduced damaged zone after the impact test. Indeed, when the strain energy in bending is relativized to the induced damaged volume during propagation, it turns out that the TiNi reinforcements are more effective than the Kevlar's for improving the damage resistance. Finally, the numerical study on the behavior of both types of stitched reinforcements allowed identifying subtle differences between those. Indeed, both stitching threads (TiNi and Kevlar) promoted the interlaminar propagation of the delamination during simulation of the bending test, with this behavior being less pronounced for the TiNi-stitched plate. However the Kevlar threads seemed more effective for stopping this propagation in the zones between the stitches. Keywords: composite materials, stitching, numerical model, shape memory alloy, three-point bending, low-velocity impact, ultrasound imaging.

  7. Etude échographique du diamètre de l'enveloppe du nerf optique chez l'enfant noir africain sain

    PubMed Central

    de Tové, Kofi-Mensa Savi; Biaou, Olivier; Adedemy, Julien Didier; Fatigba, Olatoundji Holden; Yèkpè, Patricia; Boco, Vicentia; Agossou-Voyeme, Augustin Karl


    Introduction L'objectif de cette étude était de déterminer le diamètre échographique de l'enveloppe du nerf optique (DENO) dans une population d'enfants sains noirs Africains au Bénin. Méthodes Une étude transversale descriptive a été menée sur une période de 6mois. Le DENO a été mesuré chez 304 enfants sains. Deux mesures échographiques du DENO (coupe transversale et sagittale) ont été réalisées 3mm en arrière de la papille sur chaque œil. Le DENO d'un patient est égal à la moyenne des quatre mesures. Résultats L’âge moyen était de 35, 72 ± 35,38 mois et la sex-ratio H/F de 0,96. La mesure moyenne du DENO était de 3, 31±0,54mm avec des extrêmes de 2,02 et de 4,44mm. Le DENO croît avec l’âge avec une moyenne corrélation significative (r = 0,58 et p < 0,0001). Cette croissance est plus marquée pendant les 48 premiers mois de vie. Il n'y avait pas de différence entre les garçons et les filles (p = 0, 45). Conclusion Les valeurs retrouvées dans cette étude ne diffèrent pas de ce qui est classiquement décrit dans les autres populations. Un DENO supérieur à 4,40 (IC 95%) doit être considéré comme anormal. PMID:25870740

  8. The Relationship between Musical Instrumental Performance Skills and Postsecondary Musical Independence (How Important Are Scales, Etudes, Solos, Sight-Reading, Improvisation, Etc.?)

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Bobbett, Gordon C.; And Others

    This study examines the relationships among a variety of secondary/postsecondary experiences and activities and postsecondary students' musical independence (MI). The paper reports on the impact Instrumental Performance Skills (IPSs) have on the students" MI development during private lessons, band rehearsal, and individual practicing. The study…

  9. Etude des mecanismes de transport des ions chlore dans le beton en vue de la mise au point d'un essai de migration

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Arsenault, Julie

    The main purpose of this research was to propose a reliable migration test to predict the chloride diffusivity of cement based materials. In this research we also studied the interaction phenomena between chloride and hydrated cement paste in order to improve our knowledge of these mechanisms. The first results of this research program showed that both chloride concentration and the composition of solutions used in the migration test may affect the chloride transport, if the equation used to calculate the diffusion coefficient does not describe correctly the transport in the migration experiment. Some tests were also conducted to characterise the microstructure of cement pastes. Results of these tests showed that neither the electrical field for a DC potential of 10 volts, nor the pure diffusion for chloride concentrations below 1,5 mol/L, do affect significantly the microstructure of cement pastes. Various w/c ratios and types of cement were also tested in this research program. Results showed that both characteristics influence the chloride transport in concrete, whether the diffusivity is calculated from the diffusion or the migration test. Results of migration and diffusion experiments showed that all ions present in the system, not only the chloride, can move under the chemical and/or electrical potential, then affecting the chloride transport into concrete. In addition, we studied interactions between chloride and cement paste by means of an immersion test. We thereby observed that some characteristics, such as the type of solution used in the immersion test, the total aluminate content of cement and the age of the material tested, do influence the chloride binding capacity of the cement paste. We also observed an acceleration of the lixiviation phenomena and significant production of ettringite. In concluding, we proposed a new method to measure the chloride binding capacity of cement paste, using samples previously tested by the migration test. Results showed that chloride binding capacity of the material measured from the migration test correspond fairly well to chloride binding capacity of material measured from the diffusion test.

  10. Etude de la cinétique de polarisation de concentration en microfiltration du sang en régime transitoire

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Ding, L. H.; Laurent, J. M.; Jaffrin, M. Y.


    In plasma separation by membrane, the blood flows tangentially along a microporous membrane while the plasma crosses the membrane under the action of a transmembrane pressure gradient. As in other cross flow filtrations of suspensions, the permeate flux increases linearly at low transmembrane pressure and reaches a plateau at high transmembrane pressure due to concentration polarization and membrane fouling. Concentration polarization consists in the formation of a high particle concentration boundary layer near the membrane which is assumed to occur rapidly, in less than one minute. In the case of plasma filtration from blood, this layer consists of cells which are rejected by the membrane and it forms a reversible secondary membrane which becomes the limiting filtration mechanism. In this condition, the permeate flux becomes approximately independent of transmembrane pressure and is controlled mostly by the shear rate. In order to study the kinetics and time scales of establishment of these phenomena, we have investigated the transient response of microporous membrane under stepped charges in transmembrane pressure. When the pressure is suddenly raised from the unpolarized regime to a level corresponding to complete concentration polarization, the permeate flux reaches a peak in 0.4-0.6s, which surpasses the equilibrium level by 60 to 80% depending upon the pressure, returning to the concentration polarization equilibrium level in 3 to 4s. These data show that the membrane retains its original permeability only during the first 0.5s of the pressure change and that concentration polarization takes about 3 to 4s to build-up. This formation time decreases with increasing pressure. When the pressure returns to its initial level, the concentration polarization disappears instantaneously and the process can be repeated at a frequency up to 0.7Hz. However, when a stepped pressure increase is applied in the concentration polarization regime, with initial pressure above 150mmHg, the permeate flux hardly changes, which confirms that once concentration polarization is established, the system membrane-polarization layer ceases to behave as a porous medium even with increased resistance. These data can explain the permeate increase observed when pressure and flow pulsations at 1Hz are superimposed on the retentate. La plasmaphérèse par membrane consiste à filtrer le plasma au travers d'une membrane microporeuse sous l'action de la pression transmembranaire. Comme toutes filtrations tangentielles, le flux de filtration augmente linéairement aux faibles pressions transmembranaires, puis atteint un plateau aux fortes pressions à cause du phénomène de polarisation de concentration et du colmatage de la membrane. La polarisation de concentration est due à la formation d'une couche fortement concentrée en soluté au voisinage de la membrane. Le temps de formation de cette couche est rapide, généralement inférieur à une minute. En microfiltration du sang, cette couche est constituée des globules qui forment une seconde membrane réversible qui limite le flux de filtration. Dans ce régime, le flux de perméat devient indépendant de la pression transmembranaire et dépend principalement du taux de cisaillement. Nous avons entrepris une étude de la réponse transitoire d'une membrane à des échelons de pression transmembranaire afin de comprendre la cinétique d'établissement de ces phénomènes. Lorsque l'on passe brusquement d'un régime non polarisé à celui polarisé, le flux de filtration croît jusqu'à un pic en 0,4 à 0,6s dépassant la valeur du plateau de 60 à 80%, puis il revient à sa valeur d'équilibre correspondant au régime de polarisation de concentration en 3 à 4s. Les données expérimentales montrent que la membrane garde une perméabilité originale pendant seulement 0,5s lors d'un changement brusque de pression et que la couche de polarisation de concentration met environ 3 à 4s à s'établir. Quand la pression transmembranaire est abaissée, la couche de polarisation disparaît également et le processus peut se répéter à une fréquence de 0,7Hz. Mais, une fois le régime de polarisation de concentration atteint, la réponse de la membrane devient négligeable. Cette étude justifie le choix d'une fréquence de 1Hz employée dans notre laboratoire en plasmaphérèse membranaire à débit pulsé.

  11. Etude structurale et vibrationnelle d'un nouveau composé complexe de cobalt: [Co(imidazole)4Cl]Cl.


    Derbel, Amira; Mhiri, Tahar; Graia, Mohsen


    In the title complex, chlorido-tetra-kis-(1H-imidazole-κN (3))cobalt(II) chloride, [CoCl(C3H4N2)4]Cl, the Co(II) cation has a distorted square-pyramidal coordination environment. It is coordinated by four N atoms of four imidazole (Im) groups in the basal plane, and by a Cl atom in the apical position. It is isostructural with [Cu(Im)4Cl]Cl [Morzyk-Ociepa et al. (2012 ▸). J. Mol. Struct. 1028, 49-56] and [Cu(Im)4Br]Br [Hossaini Sadr et al. (2004 ▸). Acta Cryst. E60, m1324-m1326]. In the crystal, the [CoCl(C3H4N2)4](+) cations and Cl(-) anions are linked via N-H⋯Cl hydrogen bonds, forming layers parallel to (010). These layers are linked via C-H⋯Cl hydrogen bonds and C-H⋯π and π-π [inter-centroid distance = 3.794 (2) Å] inter-actions, forming a three-dimensional framework. The IR spectrum shows vibrational bands typical for imidazol groups. The monoclinic unit cell of the title compound emulates an ortho-rhom-bic cell as its β angle is close to 90°. The crystal is twinned, with the refined ratio of twin components being 0.569 (1):0.431 (1). PMID:26594402

  12. Etude des phenomenes chimiques au contact entre le bloc cathodique et la barre collectrice d'une cellule d'electrolyse d'aluminium

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Lebeuf, Martin

    La production d'aluminium est une industrie importante au Québec. Les propriétés de ce métal le vouent à de multiples usages présents et futurs dans le cadre d'une économie moderne durable. Toutefois, le procédé Hall-Héroult est très énergivore et des progrès demeurent donc nécessaires pour en diminuer les coûts financiers et environnementaux. Parmi les améliorations envisageables de la cellule d'électrolyse se trouve le contact entre la cathode et la barre collectrice, qui doit offrir une faible résistivité au passage du courant électrique. En cours d'opération de la cellule, ce contact a tendance à se dégrader, générant des pertes énergétiques significatives. Les causes de cette dégradation, pouvant provenir de phénomènes chimiques, thermiques, mécaniques et/ou électriques, demeurent mal comprises. Le but du présent projet était donc d'étudier les phénomènes chimiques se produisant au contact bloc-barre de la cellule d'électrolyse Hall-Héroult. En premier lieu, un aspect crucial à considérer est la pénétration du bain électrolytique dans la cathode, car des composés de bain atteignent éventuellement la barre collectrice et peuvent y réagir. A cet effet, une méthode novatrice a été développée afin d'étudier les cathodes et la pénétration du bain dans celles-ci à l'aide de la microtomographie à rayons X. Cette méthode rapide et efficace s'est avérée fort utile dans le projet et a un potentiel important pour l'étude future des cathodes et des phénomènes qui s'y produisent. Ensuite, une cellule d'électrolyse rectangulaire à petite échelle a été développée. Plusieurs phénomènes observés 'en industrie sur des autopsies de cellules post-opération et rapportés dans la littérature ont été reproduis avec succès à l'aide de cette cellule expérimentale. Puis, des tests sans électrolyse, ciblant l'effet du bain électrolytique sur l'acier, ont aussi été conçus et complétés afin de ségréger l'influence des différents paramètres en jeu. L'analyse des résultats de l'ensemble de ces tests a permis de constater différents phénomènes au contact bloc-barre, dont la présence systématique de NaF et, surtout, de β-Al 2O3. Outre la carburation inévitable de la barre collectrice, la formation d'une couche Fe-Al a aussi été observée, favorisée par une pénétration rapide du bain électrolytique dans la cathode ainsi que par une composition de bain acide en surface de la barre. Cette couche comportait par ailleurs des cristaux de β-Al 2O3 pouvant nuire à sa conductivité électrique. Ensuite, à des ratios de bain entre 2.5 et 4.9, une mince couche contenant les éléments Al et N peut se former en surface de la barre. Pour un bain très basique (> 6.0), c'est plutôt une couche Na 2O qui a été observée. En conditions d'électrolyse mais sans une pénétration rapide du bain dans la cathode, du Na a pu carrément pénétrer dans la barre collectrice, préférentiellement avec le carbone. De plus, de la corrosion ainsi que des couches de fer et d'oxyde de fer peuvent se former sur la barre et potentiellement dégrader la qualité du contact électrique. Pour la suite des travaux, des mesures de résistivité ainsi que l'analyse des échantillons industriels permettraient d'évaluer l'impact de ces phénomènes sur la qualité du contact. Mots-clés : Électrolyse, aluminium, Hall-Héroult, interface barre-cathode, bain électrolytique.

  13. Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education = la Revue canadienne pour l'etude de l'education des adultes. 1987-1994.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education, 1994


    These 17 issues include feature articles and perspectives on the study of adult education, as well as book reviews/recensions of works related to adult education. Some articles are written in English, and some are written in French. Among the feature articles included are the following: "The Fifties: Pivotal Decade in Canadian Adult Education"…

  14. Etude numerique et experimentale du phenomene de la transition en convection mixte dans le cas d'un tube vertical pour un nombre de Reynolds inferieur a 2000

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Behzadmehr, Amin

    Combined forced and free convection (mixed convection) heat transfer for upward airflow through a vertical tube at relatively low Reynolds numbers was studied numerically and experimentally. The research focused on the axial and radial evolutions of hydrodynamic and thermal parameters of the flow field at Re < 2000, particularly on flow field transitions at such low Reynolds numbers. Therefore, a formulation based on Launder and Sharma Low Re k-epsilon turbulent model was proposed. Its main advantage is that it can predict laminar as well as turbulent flow fields. The elliptical form of the governing equations was also used in order to predict developing flow field parameters. The ability of the formulation and numerical procedure to predict the flow field characteristics was shown by comparison with experimental results. The calculated results were compared with experimental measurements that were found in the literature for very low Reynolds number (Re = 380) and high Reynolds number (Re = 5000). They were also compared with our experimental results at relatively low Reynolds number (Re = 1588). The calculated results for Re = 430, 1000 and 1500 established two critical Grashof numbers for which transitions occur (these transitions did not appear for Re = 430). At the first one (Gr ≈ 9 x 106 for Re = 1000 and Gr ≈ 2 x 106 for Re = 1500), the flow regime changes from laminar to turbulent. At the second critical point (Gr ≈ 5 x 107 for Re = 1000 and Gr ≈ 9 x 10 7 for Re = 1500), the flow regime comes back to laminar because of the accelerating effect of heating. Two flow reversal patterns were predicted and discussed. The first one includes the centerline while the second one occurs between the tube axis and the wall. In spite of the analytical solution by Hallman (1956), which confirms the existence of the second one, it had not been predicted numerically before. An experimental apparatus was designed and built to study the flow field transitions and their structure. FFT spectra of the temperature fluctuations and the velocity fluctuations indicator determined the critical Grashof numbers for which the flow field changes from laminar to turbulent. These critical Grashof numbers are 3.78 x 106, 1.09 x 10 6, and 3.81 x 105 corresponding to Re ≈ 1000, Re ≈ 1300 and Re ≈ 1600. The most important thermal fluctuations oscillate with f = 0.45Hz and its multiples while the velocity fluctuations oscillate with f = 1.8Hz (which is also a multiple of f = 0.45Hz) and its multiples.

  15. Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group = Groupe Canadien d'etude en didactique des mathematiques. Proceedings of the 1993 Annual Meeting (York, Ontario, Canada, May 28-June 1, 1993).

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Quigley, Martyn, Ed.

    These proceedings contain papers presented at the 1993 annual meeting of the Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group. Papers are presented in four sections: (1) invited lectures; (2) working groups; (3) topic groups; and (4) ad hoc groups. Papers include: (1) "What is a Square Root? A Study of Geometrical Representation in Different…

  16. Identifying patients with a high risk of relapse in quiescent Crohn's disease. The GETAID Group. The Groupe d'Etudes Thérapeutiques des Affections Inflammatoires Digestives.

    PubMed Central

    Sahmoud, T; Hoctin-Boes, G; Modigliani, R; Bitoun, A; Colombel, J F; Soule, J C; Florent, C; Gendre, J P; Lerebours, E; Sylvester, R


    No reliable identification of quiescent Crohn's disease (CD) patients with a high risk of relapse is available. The aim of this study was to develop a prognostic index to identify those patients. Untreated adult patients with quiescent disease (not induced by surgery) included in three phase III clinical trials were analysed retrospectively with respect to time to relapse. Nineteen factors related to biology, disease history, and topography were investigated. A relapse was defined as either a CD Activity Index (CDAI) > or = 200, a CDAI > or = 150 but over the baseline value by more than 100, or acute complications requiring surgery. The inclusion criteria were fulfilled by 178 patients. The median follow up was 23 months. The Cox model retained the following bad prognostic factors: age < or = 25 years, interval since first symptoms > 5 years, interval since previous relapse < or = 6 months, and colonic involvement (p < 0.001). Bootstrapping confirmed the variable selection. Patients were classified into three groups with an increasing risk of relapse (p < 0.001). The worst risk group was composed of patients presenting at least three of the four bad prognostic factors. These results make possible the design of clinical trials in quiescent CD patients with a high risk of relapse. PMID:8537053

  17. Francais, langue seconde, premier cycle, secondaire. Programme d'etudes. (French as a Second Language, First Cycle, Secondary Level. Study Program.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Quebec Dept. of Education, Quebec.

    The program of French as a second language required of first and second year students in public and private secondary English schools in Quebec is presented. The curriculum outline begins with an introductory section describing: (1) the program's relationship to other required programs; (2) background information; (3) a formal needs assessment;…

  18. Contribution a l'etude et a la conception d'une machine synchrone a flux transverse destinee au degivrage d'aeronefs en cours de vol

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Boussetoua, Mohammed

    During winter, the climate in the northern region is known for its icing and freezing conditions. However, emergency services often use helicopters to reach isolated locations. The difficult situations, generally experiences in the North particularly in Quebec, may prevent rescuers to intervene. The main reason preventing such operations is the lack of a de-icing system in the small helicopter blades. The overall objective of the project is research, development, design and manufacture of a system composed of an on-board rotating low speed generator and heating elements. It consumes a part of the power supplied by the turbine through the axis of the main rotor of the small aircraft and converts it to electrical power to be used by the heating elements. This innovation will allow to fly safely everywhere throughout the year protect the lives of the users even in the worst weather conditions. Firstly, the research focuses on the identification of problems related to the use of protection systems against the hoarfrost on main rotor blades of different aircrafts during flight. In this phase, we specifically focused on the difficulties encountered by the aircraft companies using the existing and operational systems for protection against hoarfrost. Main rotor blades are difficult to protect on helicopters. Several systems were considered by the helicopter manufacturers, such as electrothermal systems, pneumatic systems or using anti-icing fluids. In the current state of technological knowledge, all helicopters that have been certified to fly in icing conditions use electrothermal systems for protection against hoarfrost on their main rotor Small helicopters addressed by this work, are forbidden to fly in icing conditions due to lack of energy source to operate these systems. The electrothermal system has been considered for this thesis work to protect the main rotor blades of small aircraft in-flight. The second part of this thesis is based on the source of power feeding the hearting system. In recent years, numerous research studies have started on the development of electromechanical system converters for various applications, such as transport by road, rail or aviation. The development of new low-speed, low-weight electric machines and their very high degree of compactness has become a very promising alternative. This project strongly interests many industries in the field of air transport. The transverse flux machine is considered as a compact structure having better mass power compared to other electrical machines. The design of transverse flux machine was the subject of an electromagnetic study. Also, the analytical study helped to determine the overall dimensions of the machine. The study was followed by a validation phase of the analytical model using numerical simulations. These two studies were intended to determine changes in the characteristics of the transverse flux machine according to the different geometric dimensions of its active parts. From the calculations made using analytical and numerical models, a prototype of the transverse flux machine (600 W, 320 RPM) was designed and manufactured in the AMIL laboratory at the Universite du Quebec a Chicoutimi (UQAC). A bench test was conducted to compare the theoretical and experimental results. The measurements obtained on this prototype were compared with the theoretical results. This phase of the study demonstrates with satisfaction, the reliability of the theoretical models developed. Finally, a new configuration of this machine has been proposed. Numerical simulation results of this structure are particularly encouraging and require further investigations. For logistical and financial reasons, the prototype of this configuration has not been manufactured. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)

  19. etude experimentale de la propagation de fissures de fatigue dans la zone affectee thermiquement de joints soudes de roues de turbines hydrauliques

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Trudel, Alexandre

    This thesis presents the results of a comprehensive experimental study on the fatigue crack propagation behavior in aqueous environment of the heat affected zone of CA6NM stainless steel hydraulic turbine runner welds. The initial objective of this project was to determine the fatigue crack growth properties of the heat affected zone. To achieve this, standardized fatigue crack growth tests in aqueous environment were performed to determine the crack growth threshold DeltaKth, and the Paris relationship constants C and m of the heat affected zone. Given potential experimental uncertainties arising from the growth of a crack confined to the heat affected zone, fatigue crack growth tests in an aqueous environment at constant stress intensity factor range (DeltaK) were performed so that the crack would propagate across the heat affected zone. These tests allowed to better appreciate the fatigue crack growth resistance variation between the three zones of the weld, i.e., the filler metal, the heat affected zone and the base metal. Various experimental objectives were supplemented to these two primary objectives. A CA6NM plate was welded to generate a layer of filler metal over its entire surface. The welded plate was cut in two equal pieces, one of which was post-weld heat treated in order to study the effect of this treatment on the fatigue crack growth behavior. Compact tension type fatigue specimens were machined from the welded plates. Rectangular samples were also collected to allow the characterization of the weld. Metallographic observations and X-ray diffraction measurements of the three zones of the weld (filler metal, heat affected zone and base metal) were conducted in order to characterize the microstructure. This microstructural characterization combined with metallographic observations of the crack path profiles were useful in assessing the microstructural effects acting on the fatigue crack growth behavior of the weld. Microhardness measurements were carried out across the weld in order to quantify the heat affected zone width and to allow a relative mechanical characterization of the three weld zones. Residual stresses were measured in fatigue specimens to determine their influence on the fatigue crack growth behavior. Finally, the fracture surfaces were observed using a scanning electron microscope in order to identify the main fracture mechanisms. This work led to several conclusions about the fatigue crack growth behavior in aqueous environment of hydraulic turbine runner welds, and especially in the heat affected zone. First, the measured crack tip tensile residual stresses inhibited crack closure, which resulted in a deteriorated resistance to fatigue crack growth. On the other hand, the beneficial effect of post-weld heat treatment was explained by its ability to sufficiently reduce the tensile residual stresses to allow crack closure to occur. Secondly, the martensitic microstructure of the three weld zones was identified as influencing the fatigue crack growth behavior. The varying martensite coarseness between the three weld zones influenced the path of the crack. A fine martensitic microstructure, as observed in the weld metal, resulted in a linear crack path, while a coarse microstructure, as observed in the heat affected zone and base metal, resulted in a tortuous crack path. The degree of crack path tortuosity was related to the fatigue crack growth resistance, which revealed that a coarse martensitic microstructure that leads to a tortuous crack path, promotes toughening by local mixed modes of crack advance and roughness-induced crack closure. Thirdly, when the crack propagated in the heat affected zone, a tendency to gradually deviate towards the base metal was observed. This behavior was rationalized by considering the yield strength mismatch between the three weld zones. The yield strength decreased in the heat affected zone from filler metal to base metal. Finally, the presence of residual and/or reformed austenite in the three zones of the weld, as well as the occurrence of an intergranular fracture mechanism in the heat affected zone and base metal were identified as having a negligible influence on the fatigue crack growth behavior in the amounts measured. The main conclusion of this study is that the heat affected zone is only slightly less resistant to fatigue crack growth than the base metal. This was attributed to its somewhat finer microstructure that leads to a less tortuous crack path. It is rather the weld-induced residual stresses that dominantly affect the growth of fatigue cracks in hydraulic turbine runner welds. From a practical point of view, the results of this research allow to assert that the turbine runner welding process combined with a post-weld heat treatment produce a weld with good resistance to fatigue crack growth. (Abstract shortened by UMI.).

  20. Etude de quelques fonctionnelles du mouvement brownien et de certaines propriétés de la diffusion unidimensionnelle en milieu aléatoire

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Monthus, Cécile

    This paper deals with functionals of Brownian motion that appear in various contexts, and with some properties of anomalous diffusion in a one-dimensional random environment. Section 2 explains why path integrals provide a powerful framework to compute probability distribution of functionals of Brownian motion. This approach is used to study winding properties of planar Brownian motion. Section 3 is devoted to an exponential functional of Brownian motion, which arise in particular in the study of transport properties of classical diffusion in a one-dimensional disordered system of finite length. This functional belongs to the field of multiplicative stochastic processes. Cet article porte sur l'étude des distributions de probabilité de quelques fonctionnelles du mouvement brownien qui interviennent dans divers contextes physiques. Le paragraphe 2 présente une méthode d'intégrale de chemin qui relieles distributions de probabilité de certaines fonctionnelles du mouvement brownien, à des fonctions de Green euclidiennes de la mécanique quantique. Cette approche permet notamment d'étudier certaines propriétés d'enroulementdu mouvement brownien plan, qu'il soit libre ou soumis à l'action d'un potentiel extérieur. Les fonctions d'échelle et les formes des lois asymptotiques à grand temps de l'enroulement autour d'un point dépendent des propriétés spectrales de basse énergied'une famille d'hamiltoniens contenant un potentiel vecteur de type Aharonov-Bohm.Le paragraphe 3 a pour l'objet l'étude de la loi de probabilité d'une fonctionnelle exponentielle du mouvement brownien qui intervient dans le cadnG de la diffusion unidimensionnelle aléatoire. Celle-ci apparaît notamment lorsque l'on s'intéresse à la distribution du flux de particules quitraverse un échantillon désordonné de taille finie, lorsque les particules diffusent classiquement, sous l'action d'une force aléatoire gelée distribuée comme un bruit blanc gaussien. Le spectre de relaxation de la distribution du flux par rapport à longueur de l'échantillon présente une branche continue et quelques états discrets, dont le nombre dépend de l'importance du désordre par rapport à la force moyenne.La fonctionnelle exponentielle étudiée intervient aussi dans l'étude du mouvement brownien libre sur le demi-plan de Poincaré, et s'inscrit plus largement dans le cadre des processus stochastiques multiplicatifs.

  1. Bibliographie annotee de ressources complementaires. Etudes sociales: Secondaire, 7e a 12e (Annotated Bibliography of Further Resources. Social Studies: Secondary School, Grades 7-12).

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Soucy, Claire, Comp.; Hebert, Lorraine, Comp.

    This annotated bibliography offers resources for teaching the social studies for grades 7 through 12. Subject areas include: (1) grade 7 - culture of Canada and Japan, as well as multicultural and bilingual Canada; (2) grade 8 - the geography of Canada, the United States, and the case of Brazil in South America; (3) grade 9 - economic perspectives…

  2. La detection des cyanobacteries en milieu lacustre par l'etude des anomalies des spectres de reflectance de l'eau

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Constantin, Gabriel

    Proliferation of cyanobacteria is a growing problem in lacustrine environment that results in rapid degradation of water quality. Moreover, certain cyanobacteria species produce harmful toxins. Phycocyanin (PC) is a photosynthetic pigment typical of cyanobacteria and affects the water color: it is therefore possible to study them using remote sensing. At least three algorithms to estimate PC concentration ([PC]) have been published, but their relative errors are important, especially for lower concentration. In this study, we are presenting the results of a new algorithm that uses the second order variability (anomalies) of water's reflectance spectrum to estimate [PC]. This method has never been used in lacustrine environment. The dataset used to develop and validate the algorithm was obtained between 2001 and 2005 in 57 different lakes and reservoirs of the Netherlands and Spain. The performance of the second order algorithm is equivalent or better than the three previously published algorithms. For the subset were [PC] > 32 mg m-3, the contribution of the second order term (R2=0.68 and RMSE=0.25) seems to improve considerably the first order algorithm (R2=0.50 and RMSE=0.35). The accuracy of the second order algorithm for [PC] > 32 mg m-3 is superior to the one calculated for the whole dataset (R2=0.69 and RMSE=0.44). The algorithm can also be adapted to the. bands of satellite sensor MERIS for the study of cyanobacteria. The application of this algorithm to a MERIS image acquired the 29 August 2010 taken over the Missisquoi Bay (Quebec, Canada) demonstrates the potential of this new algorithm for a future cyanobacteria' monitoring system. Note that all the statistical results presented above are for the logarithm of [PC] and the units of the RMSE are log(mg/m 3).

  3. A propos de l'agraphie des aphasiques sensoriels: etude comparative italien-francais (On Agraphia of Subjects with Sensory Aphasia: A Comparative Study of Italian and French)

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    De Agostini, Maria


    A report on research on agraphia using subjects afflicted with sensory aphasia. It compares performance in Italian, a phonetic language, with performance in French. The disorders in the Italian language appear less varied than in French. (Text is in French.)

  4. Etude de la formation de resonances electroniques et de leur role dans la fragmentation neutre de molecules d'interet biologique

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Lepage, Martin


    Cette these est presentee a la Faculte de medecine de l'Universite de Sherbrooke en vue de l'obtention du grade de Ph.D. en Radiobiologie. Elle contient des resultats experimentaux enregistres avec un spectrometre d'electrons a haute resolution. Ces resultats portent sur la formation de resonances electroniques en phase condensee et de differents canaux pour leur decroissance. En premier lieu, nous presentons des mesures d'excitations vibrationnelles de l'oxygene dilue en matrice d'argon pour des energies des electrons incidents de 1 a 20 eV. Les resultats suggerent que le temps de vie des resonances de l'oxygene est modifie par la densite d'etats d'electrons dans la bande de conduction de l'argon. Nous presentons aussi des spectres de pertes d'energie d'electrons des molecules de tetrahydrofuranne (THF) et d'acetone. Dans les deux cas, la position en energie des pertes associees aux excitations vibrationnelles est en excellent accord avec les resultats trouves dans la litterature. Les fonctions d'excitation de ces modes revelent la presence de plusieurs nouvelles resonances electroniques. Nous comparons les resonances du THF et celles de la molecule de cyclopentane en phase gazeuse. Nous proposons une origine commune aux resonances ce qui implique qu'elles ne sont pas necessairement attribuees a l'excitation des electrons non-apparies de l'oxygene du THF. Nous proposons une nouvelle methode basee sur la spectroscopie par pertes d'energie des electrons pour detecter la production de fragments neutres qui demeurent a l'interieur d'un film mince condense a basse temperature. Cette methode se base sur la detection des excitations electroniques du produit neutre. Nous presentons des resultats de la production de CO dans un film de methanol. Le taux de production de CO en fonction de l'energie incidente des electrons est calibre en termes d'une section efficace totale de diffusion des electrons. Les resultats indiquent une augmentation lineaire du taux de production de CO en fonction de l'epaisseur du film et de la dose d'electrons incidente sur le film. Ces donnees experimentales cadrent dans un modele simple ou un electron cause la fragmentation de la molecule sans reaction avec les molecules avoisinantes. Le mecanisme propose pour la fragmentation unimoleculaire du methanol est la formation de resonances qui decroissent dans un etat electronique excite. Nous suggerons l'action combinee de la presence d'un trou dans une orbitale de coeur du methanol et de la presence de deux electrons dans la premiere orbitale vide pour expliquer la dehydrogenation complete du methanol pour des energies des electrons entre 8 et 18 eV. Pour des energies plus grandes, la fragmentation par l'intermediaire de l'ionisation de la molecule a deja ete suggeree. La methode de detection des etats electroniques offre une alternative a la detection des excitations vibrationnelles puisque les spectres de pertes d'energie des electrons sont congestionnes dans cette region d'energie pour les molecules polyatomiques.

  5. Methodologie d'evaluation de la demande de chaleur des groupes de batiments dans le cadre d'une etude de faisabilite du chauffage urbain

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Quirion-Blais, Olivier

    In the context of energy efficiency improvements to pulp and paper mills, process modifications allow to free low quality steam. This kind of low pressure and temperature steam is often found to be in excess in mills. New opportunities to use this energy could be created by gathering plants along with local communities and other enterprises into eco-industrial clusters. Following this proposition, district heating is an interesting technology that could be developed. It consists in supplying buildings with steam or hot water from one or more central heating plants through a series of canalization, generally underground. The supplied energy is used mostly for space heating but it can also be used with appliances specially designed for this purpose. Under certain conditions, this type of heating is cheaper and more environmentally friendly for several reasons including the facts that one central boiler plant is more efficient and has lower pollutant emissions due to better combustion control. Moreover, it can be adapted to multiple fuels that are locally available such as biomass around some pulp and paper mills. However, to insure that the savings occur, the heat demand must be sufficiently high and concentrated. Therefore, detailed feasibility studies shall be conducted to justify significant investments. Such studies require a lot of time not to mention that they necessitate a lot of data which can be difficult to obtain. The objective of this work is to develop a methodology that can assess the feasibility of district heating quickly and using easily accessible data. It was mainly designed to determine the heat consumption, which is especially critical as to decide whether or not to implement this technology. The focus is primarily directed on residential buildings, but another methodology is also developed to take into account the commercial and institutional buildings demand. An analysis of the sources of data revealed a certain redundancy among them. Therefore, four different computation procedures were developed to obtain the heat consumption of residential buildings: • C1, the first procedure, is the most time consuming one. It is also the one that uses the most specific information from the case: aerial photographs, census data (building year of construction and type (single family detached, single family attached, apartments or mobile homes)) and punctual on-site verification from the target area. National estimates of thermal requirements values are also used. • C2, the second procedure, is less specific than C1, but is much less time consuming to achieve. The local data sources used are: aerial photographs and census data from the case. While the national ones are: estimates of the building heating surfaces and thermal requirements. • C3 and C4, are the easiest procedures. Those two are very similar. The specific data used in these cases are census data from the locations under study. National data used for C3 are building surface estimates and thermal requirements values while C4 only uses thermal requirement values which are slightly different from those of C3. A further analysis revealed later that these two calculations yielded the same results. Therefore, since C3 is slightly more complicated to implement, it was removed from further analysis. Using three procedures thus ensures the stability of the methodology when the three results are the same order of magnitude. An average of the three results gives a good estimation of the consumption. The methodology was then applied to four study cases. One of them has already been the subject of a detailed district heating assessment feasibility study. It is used to validate the results obtained with the new methodology. The three other cases are rather used to test different conditions (number, density, type and year of construction of buildings). The validation results showed that the methodology can determine the heat consumption to about 20% of the baseline value. It also determines the total heating surface to about 5%. The three other study cases, A, B

  6. Etude du comportement sous charges laterales des ossatures de beton arme avec murs de remplissage de maconnerie, construites avant les annees 1960

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Lefebvre, Karine

    Reinforced concrete structures with unreinforced masonry infills (BMR) are considered vulnerable to earthquakes. Under seismic actions, infills could fail (causing injuries or death) and cause damages to columns. In Quebec and Canada, most of BMR structures have been constructed prior to the introduction of modern seismic design codes raising question on the contribution of the infill to the structure lateral resistance. The aim of this thesis is to improve modelling technique of BMR structures built in Quebec between 1915 and 1960. This type of structures is found in hospitals or schools buildings, which must comply with some post-earthquake functionality requirements. They could also be residential or office buildings. Actually, practicing engineers usually calculate seismic capacity of BMR structures without considering the infill's structural contribution to the lateral resistance. Yet, this contribution should not be omitted. The first part of the thesis investigates the construction techniques and material properties of the old BMR structures in the Province. The results are the material properties (concrete, reinforcing steel, brick, terra cotta tile, and mortar) and the characteristics of the assemblies (wall section, reinforcement details…). The second part of the thesis presents the results of series of parametric analyses to identify among modelling and geometric parameters, which ones are the most influent on the lateral load response (rigidity, fundamental period, normal modes). Linear and modal analyses were performed. The most influent parameters identified are: number of storeys, number of bays, bay's width, soft storey, openings, upper storeys modelized (instead of being replaced by punctual loads) and the modelization technique of infills panels (strut or shell). Nonlinear static analyses have been performed to identify the most influent parameters to be considered for evaluating the lateral resistance, the capacity (load / displacement) and the yielding sequence (beam versus columns versus infills). The identified parameters are the presence of the infills, the openings and the geometric characteristics of the models (number of storeys and number of bays). One important contribution of this work is the development of an equivalent strut model to represent the action of the infill. The model could be easily implemented in standard analysis software. A central axial hinge reproducing the nonlinear behaviour of the masonry is added to the strut element. This model is a hybridization of existing proposals (FEMA and others) with added innovations by the author. It has been validated with experimental and numerical analyses results from literature. An important conclusion of this thesis is that the contribution of infills to lateral load resisting capacities of BMR structures should be considered for structure of more than one storey. Infills can add up to 51 % to bare frame capacity. The National building code requires that the lateral resistance of existing buildings must be at least 60 % of the equivalent static seismic force (V2005). It is concluded that one storey BMR buildings have a sufficient resistance, while three-storeys structures exhibit plastic deformations for loads under 0,6* V2005.

  7. CD4+ CD56+ cutaneous neoplasms: a distinct hematological entity? Groupe Français d'Etude des Lymphomes Cutanés (GFELC).


    Petrella, T; Dalac, S; Maynadié, M; Mugneret, F; Thomine, E; Courville, P; Joly, P; Lenormand, B; Arnould, L; Wechsler, J; Bagot, M; Rieux, C; Bosq, J; Avril, M F; Bernheim, A; Molina, T; Devidas, A; Delfau-Larue, M H; Gaulard, P; Lambert, D


    We report seven cases of particular cutaneous tumors selected from the register of the French Study Group on Cutaneous Lymphomas. The patients (three men, four women) were aged 37-86 years. They initially presented with cutaneous nodules or papules. Three cases presented with regional lymph nodes. Stagings were negative, except for one patient with bone marrow involvement. Histological features were relevant with pleomorphic medium T-cell lymphoma, but these cells exhibited a distinguishing phenotype. They were positive for CD4, CD56, and also CD45, CD43, and HLA-DR. All other T-cell and B-cell markers were negative. The myelomonocytic markers (CD13, CD14, CD15, CD33, CD117, myeloperoxidase, and lysozyme) were negative excepted CD68, which was clearly positive in four cases and weakly in two cases. Others natural killer cell markers (CD16, CD57, TiA1, granzyme B), TdT, and CD34 were negative. Polymerase chain reaction studies did not detect any B or T clonal rearrangement. The cytogenetic studies, performed in five cases, showed a del(5q) in two cases. All patients were treated successfully by polychemotherapy, but relapsed quickly in the skin, between 4 and 28 months. Five patients developed bone marrow involvement, with leukemia in three cases, and they died in 5-27 months. One patient died at 17 months with skin progression. The seventh patient is alive at 33 months, with cutaneous progression. The origin of these cells is unclear. Despite expression of CD4 or CD56, we failed to demonstrate a T-cell, natural killer cell origin. However, CD4 and CD56 are not specific for T or natural killer lineages. Although these two markers are also known to be expressed by monocytic cells, classic myeloid antigens were negative. These seven cases, together with other rare similar cases already reported, seem to represent a distinct entity likely developed from hematological precursor cells. PMID:9989839

  8. Etude par Imagerie à faible Niveau dans le proche Infrarouge d'une Emission de la haute Atmosphère

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Pautet, Pierre-Dominique


    Le travail effectué a eu pour but la mise en place d'un protocole d'observation et de traitement des images, ainsi que les outils appropriés, visant à l'étude d'une émission de la haute atmosphère terrestre dans le proche infrarouge. Il existe actuellement des télescopes comme le VLT (Very Large Telescope), installé au Chili, qui permettent d'observer des astres et des galaxies distants de plusieurs millions de parsecs. A cause de l'expansion de l'Univers, des objets situés aussi loin s'éloignent très rapidement de nous. Le spectre de leur émission qui nous parvient alors est décalé vers le rouge ou l'infrarouge, du fait de l'effet Doppler. Il faut donc observer ces objets dans des longueurs d'onde appropriées. Malheureusement, l'atmosphère terrestre qui nous sépare d'eux est aussi le siège de nombreuses émissions qui peuvent venir perturber les mesures. De toutes ces émissions, la principale est due au radical OH dont les raies de rotation-vibration couvrent tout le spectre entre 0,7 et 2,5 microns. Cette émission a lieu au niveau d'une couche assez fine de la haute atmosphère appelée mésopause et située à environ 85 kilomètres d'altitude. Le travail effectué a eu pour but de mettre en évidence les principales caractéristiques de cette émission qui n'est pas uniforme et constante dans le temps. Un programme d'observations dans le proche infrarouge a été élaboré. Plusieurs algorithmes de traitement d'image ont été développés. Un programme d'inversion de perspective a été mis au point pour une utilisation en temps réel sur le terrain. Les caractéristiques des images peuvent être ensuite analysées. La première partie du mémoire comporte une description des différentes émissions lumineuses que l'on peut observer la nuit lorsque l'on regarde la voûte céleste. Ces émissions peuvent avoir deux origines: astronomique ou atmosphérique. Le problème de l'absorption atmosphérique et plus précisément les conditions requises pour de bonnes observations dans le domaine du proche infrarouge ont aussi été étudiées. Ensuite, la construction d'une station mobile de prise de vues est détaillée. Celle-ci doit permettre d'observer l'émission et d'obtenir des résultats exploitables par la suite. Trois méthodes d'observation ont été décrites: visuelle, photographique et à l'aide d'un détecteur CCD. La troisième, qui a été retenue, a été vue plus en détail. Le matériel utilisé, de la caméra à la plate-forme de prise de vues en passant par les objectifs et les filtres optiques, est ensuite décrit. Lorsque le matériel a été choisi, un protocole d'observation a été défini et mis au point. Le choix du site d'observation a été crucial. Plusieurs lieux géographiques ont été retenus et sont présentés dans le mémoire. Le déroulement d'une séance de prise de vue a été décrit afin de faciliter un futur programme d'observation. Deux séquences types d'observations ont été plus particulièrement détaillées: -la réalisation de panoramas permettant une étude des structures que fait apparaître l'émission, -la réalisation de séquences vidéos afin d'étudier la dynamique du phénomène. Dans une quatrième partie, je décris les méthodes de traitement des images qui ont été développées. Tout d'abord, des prétraitements sont appliqués aux images pour corriger les défauts (champ plat, offset,?). Ensuite, une méthode de restitution géographique permet d'obtenir une image plus exploitable de la couche émissive ; elle n'est alors plus observée à partir d'une station au sol, mais en employant une caméra virtuelle située à la verticale du site d'observation. Différents problèmes liés à cette méthode ont aussi été traités: réfraction atmosphérique proche de l'horizon, passage d'une surface atmosphérique à la surface du pixel correspondant, et effet de Van Rhijn. Plusieurs traitements ont été appliqués aux images pour faciliter leur exploitation: filtrage pour supprimer les objets parasites tels que les étoiles, amélioration du

  9. Cubitus varus: l'ostéotomie de soustraction externe a-t-elle toujours sa place? Etude rétrospective à propos de 25 cas

    PubMed Central

    Chagou, Aniss; Bassir, Réda Allah; Rhanim, Abdelkarim; Lahlou, Abdou; Berrada, Mohammed Saleh; Yaacoubi, Moradh


    Le cubitus varus est cal vicieuxle plus souvent secondaire à des fractures supracondyliennes déplacées de l'extrémité inférieure de l'humérus chez l'enfant. Différentes techniques chirurgicales ont été proposées avec un taux de réussite différents mais aussi un taux de complications rapportées différents. Nous évaluons à travers une étude rétrospective de 25 cas colligés au centre hospitalier universitaire de Rabat, les résultats de la technique de soustraction externe que nous utilisons dans notre formation pour prendre en charge cette déformation. PMID:27516828

  10. Progress in Representing Microphysical Processes in a Snow Growth Model

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Erfani, Ehsan; Mitchell, David


    A steady-state snow growth model (SGM) has been developed based on the microphysical growth processes of vapor deposition, aggregation and riming. Climate models use mass-dimension (m-D) and area-dimension (A-D) power laws (e.g. m = αDβ) to formulate ice particle growth rates, however it is well known that the m-D and A-D power laws for the smallest ice particles differ considerably from the power laws for the largest particles. To overcome this problem, β and α are predicted as a function of diameter where the m-D expression is a 2nd-order polynomial in log-log space. By tailoring these m-D and A-D relationships to the SGM, ice particle growth rates and fall speeds are represented more accurately and realistically. The predicted size spectra by SGM are in good agreement with observed spectra from Colorado Airborne Mixed-Phase Cloud Study (CAMPS). Although ice particle riming often has little impact on ice particle size, its impact on ice particle mass and projected area can be considerable. A method is introduced to calculate rimed mass and area from unrimed mass and area, and from maximum mass and area that can be achieved by riming. The treatment for riming is explicit, accounting for the dependence of collision efficiency on droplet and ice particle size using both hydrodynamic theory and experimental measurements. It appears that the riming process is essential in characterizing the snowfall rates. Moreover, increase in cloud condensation nuclei (CCN), due to aerosols, can modify cloud droplet SD (size distribution) and therefore decrease the snowfall rate. So, snowfall rate is sensitive to the shape of cloud droplet SD. It is speculated that by implementing the new m-D and A-D treatment, and riming growth in any climate model, the ice particle growth rates will become more accurate.

  11. Meteorological conditions during the formation of ice on aircraft

    NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

    Samuels, L T


    These are the results of a number of records recently secured from autographic meteorological instruments mounted on airplanes at times when ice formed. Ice is found to collect on an airplane only when the airplane is in some form of visible moisture, such as cloud, fog, mist, rain. etc., and the air temperature is within certain critical limits. Described here are the characteristics of clear ice and rime ice and the specific types of hazards they present to airplanes and lighter than air vehicles. The weather records are classified according to the two general types of formation (clear ice and rime) together with the respective temperatures, relative humidities, clouds, and elevations above ground at which formations occurred. This classification includes 108 cases where rime formed, 43 cases in which clear ice formed, and 4 cases when both rime and clear ice formed during the same flight. It is evident from the above figures that there was a preponderance of rime by the ratio of 2.5 to 1, while in only a few cases both types of ice formation occurred during the same flight.

  12. Une Exception Francaise: Les Grandes Ecoles (A French Exception: The Great Schools).

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Kimmel, Alain


    Examines the role of exceptional schools in France that have produced famous personages such as Charles de Gaulle and Jean-Paul Sartre. The schools reviewed include L'Ecole Nationale d'Administration, L'Ecole Polytechnique, L'Ecole Normale Superieure, L'Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales, Saint-Cyr, and L'Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris.…

  13. Wind tunnel evaluation of air-foil performance using simulated ice shapes

    NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

    Bragg, M. B.; Zaguli, R. J.; Gregorek, G. M.


    A two-phase wind tunnel test was conducted in the 6 by 9 foot Icing Research Tunnel (IRT) at NASA Lewis Research Center to evaluate the effect of ice on the performance of a full scale general aviation wing. In the first IRT tests, rime and glaze shapes were carefully documented as functions of angle of attack and free stream conditions. Next, simulated ice shapes were constructed for two rime and two glaze shapes and used in the second IRT tunnel entry. The ice shapes and the clean airfoil were tapped to obtain surface pressures and a probe used to measure the wake characteristics. These data were recorded and processed, on-line, with a minicomputer/digital data acquisition system. The effect of both rime and glaze ice on the pressure distribution, Cl, Cd, and Cm are presented.

  14. Additional Study of Water Droplet Median Volume Diameter (MVD) Effects on Ice Shapes

    NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

    Tsao, Jen-Ching; Anderson, David N.


    This paper reports the result of an experimental study in the NASA Glenn Icing Research Tunnel (IRT) to evaluate how well the MVD-independent effect identified previously might apply to SLD conditions in rime icing situations. Models were NACA 0012 wing sections with chords of 53.3 and 91.4 cm. Tests were conducted with a nominal airspeed of 77 m/s (150 kt) and a number of MVD's ranging from 15 to 100 m with LWC of 0.5 to 1 g/cu m. In the present study, ice shapes recorded from past studies and recent results at SLD and Appendix-C conditions are reviewed to show that droplet diameter is not important to rime ice shape for MVD of 30 microns or larger, but for less than 30 m drop sizes a rime ice shape transition from convex to wedge to spearhead type ice shape is observed.

  15. Study of unusual atmospheric icing at Mount Zao, Japan, using the Weather Research and Forecasting model

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Podolskiy, Evgeny Andreevich; Nygaard, BjøRn Egil Kringlebotn; Nishimura, Kouichi; Makkonen, Lasse; Lozowski, Edward Peter


    A mesoscale atmospheric model, the Weather Research and Forecasting model (WRF), was used for a case study that reconstructs mid-spring episodes of rime formation at Mt. Zao, Japan. One particularly interesting and rare form of rime was observed. The formations were feathery, opaque aggregates of granular ice 15-30 cm long, called "shrimp tails" in Japanese. Based on an analysis of model-generated results, we find good quantitative agreement of modeled and observed wind and temperature time series at Jizosancho ropeway station. We identified two icing events (lasting for 36 and 41 h respectively, with surface air temperatures between -6.3° and -0.1°C, relatively constant westerly winds up to 26 m s-1, and maximum cloud liquid water contents (LWC) between 0.72 and 1.05 g m-3). We confirmed that high-resolution modeling (1.1 km grid spacing) was much more accurate than simulations with coarser grids (10 and 3.3 km). The LWC during the formation period of this rare type of icing was estimated for the first time using the WRF model at Mt. Zao, and it was found to be up to several times higher than values previously used in experimental studies. We found that the joint wind speed-air temperature distribution for this type of "tail" rime was more similar to that of a hard rime or glaze, than to a soft rime. We explain the formation of "shrimp tails" by wind impact angle and report previously made laboratory results on its effect on the droplet collision efficiency and the density of rime ice.

  16. ESA is hot on the trail of Geminga

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    close to the neutron star. Geminga’s breathless rotation rate - once every quarter of a second - creates an extraordinary environment in which electrons and positrons, their antimatter counterparts, can be accelerated to extraordinarily high energies. At such energies, they become powerful high-energy gamma-ray producers. Astronomers had assumed that all the electrons would be converted into gamma rays. However, the discovery of the tails proves that some do find escape routes from the maelstrom. “It is astonishing that such energetic electrons succeed in escaping to create these tails,” says Caraveo, “The tail electrons have an energy very near to the maximum energy achievable in the environment of Geminga.” The tails themselves are the bright edges of the three-dimensional shockwave sculpted by Geminga. Such shockwaves are a bit like the wake of a ship travelling across the ocean. Using a computer model, the team has estimated that Geminga is travelling almost directly across our line of sight. Studies of Geminga could not be more important. The majority of known gamma-ray sources in the Universe have yet to be identified with known classes of celestial objects. Some astronomers believe that a sizeable fraction of them may be Geminga-like radio-quiet neutron stars. Certainly, the family of radio-quiet neutron stars, discovered through their X-ray emission, is continuously growing. Currently, about a dozen objects are known but only Geminga has a pair of tails! Note for editors During the search to track down this elusive celestial object, a co-author on the paper, Giovanni Bignami, named Geminga almost 30 years ago. He was Principal Investigator of XMM-Newton's EPIC camera from 1987 to1997 and is now Director of the Centre d'Etude Spatiale des Rayonnements (CESR). Geminga was first glimpsed as a mysterious source of gamma rays, coming from somewhere in the constellation Gemini by NASA's SAS-2 spacecraft in 1973. While searching to pin down its exact location

  17. SIRIUS FEL project

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Roche, Michel; Moret-Bailly, Jacques


    This article presents a 6 MV electrostatic accelerator-driven free electron laser project, with a wavelength range of 80 to 1000 μm. The study of this facility, called SIRIUS (source intense de rayonnement infra-rouge pour utilisations scientifiques), is based on the facility realized by Elias at the University of California, Santa Barbara. We plan to improve some important technological features.

  18. Subsyllabic Unit Preference in Learning to Read Pinyin Syllables

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Wang, Min; Gao, Wei


    We designed two experiments to investigate subsyllabic unit preference in reading Pinyin in Chinese kindergarteners. Pinyin is an alphabetic transcription used in Mainland China to assist children in learning to read Chinese characters. In Pinyin instruction, teachers rely heavily on onset-rime division. Spoken Chinese, however, encourages…

  19. Effects of Feedforward and Feedback Consistency on Reading and Spelling in Dyslexia

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Davies, Robert A. I.; Weekes, Brendan S.


    We investigated the effects of rime consistency on reading and spelling among dyslexic children and a group of matched reading age skilled readers by manipulating consistency of orthography-to-phonology (OP) mappings and consistency of mappings from phonology-to-orthography (PO). For both dyslexic and control children we found feedforward…

  20. Component Skills of Text Comprehension in Less Competent Chinese Comprehenders

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Leong, Che Kan; Hau, Kit Tai; Tse, Shek Kam; Loh, Ka Yee


    The present study examined the role of verbal working memory (memory span and tongue-twister), two-character Chinese pseudoword reading (two tasks), rapid automatized naming (RAN) (letters and numbers), and phonological segmentation (deletion of rimes and onsets) in inferential text comprehension in Chinese in 31 less competent comprehenders…

  1. Neural Correlates of Priming Effects in Children during Spoken Word Processing with Orthographic Demands

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Cao, Fan; Khalid, Kainat; Zaveri, Rishi; Bolger, Donald J.; Bitan, Tali; Booth, James R.


    Priming effects were examined in 40 children (9-15 years old) using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). An orthographic judgment task required participants to determine if two sequentially presented spoken words had the same spelling for the rime. Four lexical conditions were designed: similar orthography and phonology (O[superscript…

  2. LD Students and the Ancient Mariner.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Cohen, Barbara L.


    Synectics, the making of analogies, was used with learning disabled high school seniors to provide them with a creative process that aids in developing a deeper understanding of literature. After studying Coleridge's "Rime of the Ancient Mariner," the students completed a six-step process and produced a short writing assignment. (VW)

  3. A Developmental Model of Reading Acquisition Based upon Early Scaffolding Errors and Subsequent Vowel Inferences

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Savage, Robert; Stuart, Morag


    This paper investigates the processes that predict reading acquisition. Associations between (a) scaffolding errors (e.g., "torn" misread as "town" or "tarn"), other reading errors, and later reading and (b) vowel and rime inferences and later reading were explored. To assess both of these issues, 50 6-year-old children were shown a number of CVC…

  4. Development of Phonological Awareness in Bilingual Chinese Children

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Chen, Xi; Ku, Yu-Min; Koyama, Emiko; Anderson, Richard C.; Li, Wenling


    This study investigated the phonological awareness of 219 first, second, and fourth grade Cantonese-speaking children from the south of China, who received immersion Mandarin instruction beginning in the first grade. Children received onset, rime and tone awareness tasks in Cantonese and Mandarin. Children performed better on the Cantonese onset…

  5. Repeated Reading Intervention Effects in Kindergartners with Partial Letter Knowledge

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    van Gorp, Karly; Segers, Eliane; Verhoeven, Ludo


    The direct, transfer and retention effects of a repeated reading intervention study of single CVC (consonant in the onset and a vowel and consonant in the rime) words in kindergartners with partial letter knowledge were examined. A total of 26 second-year kindergartners participated in this study. Participants were divided over two feedback…

  6. Cat in the Hat or Cat in the Cap? An Investigation of the Developmental Trajectories of Phonological Awareness for Korean Children

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Kim, Young-Suk


    This study investigated trajectories of Korean children's growth in the awareness of four phonological units--"syllable," "body," "rime" and "phoneme"--over time, by following a sample of 215 children over a period of 15 months, beginning at their first year of preschool and collecting four waves of data. Much of the existing research suggests…

  7. Phonological Awareness Is Child's Play!

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Yopp, Hallie Kay; Yopp, Helen


    Noticing and being able to manipulate the sounds of spoken language-phonological awareness-is highly related to later success in reading and spelling. The authors define and explain the levels of phonological awareness-syllable awareness, onset-rime awareness, phoneme awareness. They give teachers step-by-step instructions for implementing a…

  8. Proceedings: Eighteenth Annual Conference on Research in Medical Education, Washington, D.C., November 6-7, 1979.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Jones, Deborah L., Comp.

    The Research in Medical Education (RIME) Program Planning Committee's selections for program materials for the eighteenth annual conference on Research in Medical Education are contained in this volume. The agenda consisted of poster sessions, presentation of papers, and presentation of symposia. Poster sessions examined such topics as student…

  9. A Question of Evidence, or a Leap of Faith?

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Howard, Jennifer


    Did he or didn't he? The question is vexing Coleridge scholars. Did the author of "Christabel," "Kubla Khan," and "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" compose a blank-verse translation of Goethe's "Faust" that was published anonymously in London in 1821? Two prominent Romanticists, Frederick Burwick and James C. McKusick, both Americans, believe they…

  10. A Comparison of Phonological Awareness Skills in Early French Immersion and English Children

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Tingley, Patricia A.; Dore, Katherine A.; Lopez, Anita; Parsons, Heather; Campbell, Elizabeth; Kay-Raining Bird, Elizabeth; Cleave, Patricia


    This 2-year study examined the effects of early second language exposure on phonological awareness skills. Syllable, onset-rime and phoneme awareness skills of 72 anglophone children attending English or French immersion programs in primary and grade 1 were investigated. Three-way mixed ANOVAS revealed the following effects and interactions. In…

  11. Teaching Avalanche Safety Courses: Instructional Techniques and Field Exercises.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Watters, Ron

    This paper discusses course structure, teaching techniques, and field exercises for enhancing winter travelers' avalanche knowledge and skills. In two class sessions, the course typically consists of a historical perspective; a section on snow physics (clouds, types of snow crystals, effects of riming, identification of precipitated snow crystals,…

  12. Feed up, Back, Forward

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Fisher, Douglas; Frey, Nancy


    Like the ancient sailor in "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" who lamented, "water, water everywhere nor any drop to drink," many teachers feel awash in a sea of assessment data that they don't know how to use. Part of the solution, Fisher and Frey claim, is for educators to understand the three components of any effective feedback system: (1) Feed…

  13. Basic Auditory Processing and Developmental Dyslexia in Chinese

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Wang, Hsiao-Lan Sharon; Huss, Martina; Hamalainen, Jarmo A.; Goswami, Usha


    The present study explores the relationship between basic auditory processing of sound rise time, frequency, duration and intensity, phonological skills (onset-rime and tone awareness, sound blending, RAN, and phonological memory) and reading disability in Chinese. A series of psychometric, literacy, phonological, auditory, and character…

  14. The Developmental Turnpoint of Orthographic Consistency Effects in Speech Recognition

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Ventura, Paulo; Kolinsky, Regine; Pattamadilok, Chotiga; Morais, Jose


    The influence of orthography on children's online auditory word recognition was studied from the end of Grade 4 to the end of Grade 9 by examining the orthographic consistency effect in auditory lexical decision. Fourth-graders showed evidence of a widespread influence of orthography in their spoken word recognition system; words with rimes that…

  15. Cues for Lexical Tone Perception in Children: Acoustic Correlates and Phonetic Context Effects

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Tong, Xiuli; McBride, Catherine; Burnham, Denis


    Purpose: The authors investigated the effects of acoustic cues (i.e., pitch height, pitch contour, and pitch onset and offset) and phonetic context cues (i.e., syllable onsets and rimes) on lexical tone perception in Cantonese-speaking children. Method: Eight minimum pairs of tonal contrasts were presented in either an identical phonetic context…

  16. Neural Correlates of Mapping from Phonology to Orthography in Children Performing an Auditory Spelling Task

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Booth, James R.; Cho, Soojin; Burman, Douglas D.; Bitan, Tali


    Age-related differences (9- to 15-year-olds) in the neural correlates of mapping from phonology to orthography were examined with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Participants were asked to determine if two spoken words had the same spelling for the rime (corresponding letters after the first consonant or consonant cluster). Some of…

  17. A Comparative Study Using CFD to Predict Iced Airfoil Aerodynamics

    NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

    Chi, x.; Li, Y.; Chen, H.; Addy, H. E.; Choo, Y. K.; Shih, T. I-P.


    WIND, Fluent, and PowerFLOW were used to predict the lift, drag, and moment coefficients of a business-jet airfoil with a rime ice (rough and jagged, but no protruding horns) and with a glaze ice (rough and jagged end has two or more protruding horns) for angles of attack from zero to and after stall. The performance of the following turbulence models were examined by comparing predictions with available experimental data. Spalart-Allmaras (S-A), RNG k-epsilon, shear-stress transport, v(sup 2)-f, and a differential Reynolds stress model with and without non-equilibrium wall functions. For steady RANS simulations, WIND and FLUENT were found to give nearly identical results if the grid about the iced airfoil, the turbulence model, and the order of accuracy of the numerical schemes used are the same. The use of wall functions was found to be acceptable for the rime ice configuration and the flow conditions examined. For rime ice, the S-A model was found to predict accurately until near the stall angle. For glaze ice, the CFD predictions were much less satisfactory for all turbulence models and codes investigated because of the large separated region produced by the horns. For unsteady RANS, WIND and FLUENT did not provide better results. PowerFLOW, based on the Lattice Boltzmann method, gave excellent results for the lift coefficient at and near stall for the rime ice, where the flow is inherently unsteady.

  18. Peer Tutoring, Individualized Intervention, and Progress Monitoring with At-Risk Second- Grade Readers

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Green, Susan K.; Alderman, Gary; Liechty, Adam


    This study examined the effect on at-risk second graders of twice weekly peer-tutoring: sessions with repeated readings combined with once per week tutoring by a college student. The college student addressed onsets and rimes appearing in errors made by the second graders during peer tutoring and noted by the peer tutors. The authors monitored…

  19. Monitoring Variability and Change in Children's Spelling Strategies

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Farrington-Flint, Lee; Stash, Amanda; Stiller, James


    This study examined the role of variability and change in children's strategy performance within the context of spelling. The spelling ability of 34 eight- to nine-year-olds was examined using an experimental spelling task comprising 45 items, which varied with regard to rime unit frequency. The spelling task incorporated a series of consistent,…

  20. Effects of Consistency and Age of Acquisition on Reading and Spelling among Developing Readers

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Weekes, Brendan S.; Castles, Anne E.; Davies, Robert A.


    Three experiments investigated the effects of rime consistency on reading and spelling among developing readers ranging in age from 7 to 11 years. Experiment 1 found that children read words with inconsistent feedforward mappings between orthography and phonology (O [right arrow] P) less accurately than consistent words. OP consistency interacted…


    EPA Science Inventory

    We present a narrative account of case studies of the recovery of flowing water systems from disturbance, focusing on the investigators' conclusions about recovery rime and the factors contributing to recovery. e restrict our attention to case studies in which the recovery of som...

  2. Etude épidémio-clinique des diarrhées aiguës à rotavirus chez les nourrissons à l'hôpital Jason Sendwe de Lubumbashi, République Démocratique du Congo

    PubMed Central

    Sangaji, Maguy Kabuya; Mukuku, Olivier; Mutombo, Augustin Mulangu; Mawaw, Paul Makan; Swana, Edouard Kawawa; Kabulo, Benjamin Kasongo; Mutombo, André Kabamba; Wembonyama, Stanis Okitotsho; Luboya, Oscar Numbi


    Introduction Le rotavirus est un problème de santé publique, non seulement dans les pays en développement où tous les enfants sont infectés avant l’âge de deux à trois ans mais aussi dans les pays développés où les conditions d'hygiène sont bonnes. La présente étude est la première à fournir des informations sur la prévalence de l'infection à rotavirus dans les diarrhées aiguës des nourrissons dans la ville de Lubumbashi. Elle s'est fixée comme objectifs de déterminer la fréquence hospitalière ainsi que la saisonnalité, les caractéristiques sociodémographiques, cliniques et évolutives de l'infection à Rotavirus chez les nourrissons admis à l'hôpital Jason Sendwe de Lubumbashi pour une diarrhée aiguë. Méthodes Il s'agit d'une étude descriptive et transversale menée pendant la période allant du 1er janvier au 31 décembre 2012. Les paramètres épidémio-cliniques et évolutifs (âge, sexe, saison, signes cliniques, nombre journalier de selles et évolution) des enfants diagnostiqués positifs au rotavirus ont été comparés à ceux des enfants dont le test au rotavirus était négatif. Le degré de signification était de 5%. Résultats Nous avons récolté 193 cas de diarrhées aiguës dont 104 nourrissons étaient infectés par le rotavirus soit 53,8%. Des taux élevés des diarrhées à rotavirus sont enregistrés au cours de la saison sèche comparativement à la saison des pluies (p0,05). Par ailleurs, les enfants infectés par le rotavirus étaient 6 fois plus susceptibles de présenter une déshydratation modérée/sévère (p0,05). Conclusion Le rotavirus est confirmé dans la ville de Lubumbashi et touche souvent les enfants d’âge ≤12 mois, pendant la saison sèche sans distinction de sexe et conduit rapidement à une déshydratation modérée/sévère. Une prise en charge adaptée et précoce permet d’éviter les décès et l'assainissement du milieu, le lavage des mains, la prise d'eau potable et la vaccination contre le rotavirus sont les mesures préventives les plus efficaces contre les rotavirus et à conseiller dans notre communauté. PMID:26327950

  3. Pratique intonative et utlisation d'un logiciel de visualisation dans un cours de prononciation en francais langue seconde: une etude descriptive (Practicing Pitch and Using Visualization Software in a French as a Second Language Pronunciation Course: A Descriptive Study).

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Knoerr, Helene


    Describes the use of a pitch visualization software in a pronunciation course in French as a second language. Outlines the software's characteristics and explains the methodological and pedagogical framework of the experiment. (Author/VWL)

  4. Study Abroad: International Scholarships and Courses. Etudes a L'entranger: Bourses et Cours internationaux. Estudios en el extranjero: Becas y cursos internacionales. 1970-71, 1971-72.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, Paris (France).

    This book provides information on courses, scholarships, and fellowships available to students planning to study abroad primarily during the normal academic year. This volume, the 18th edition of "Study Abroad," provides information for the academic years 1969-70, 1970-71, and 1971-72. It includes the period of the International Education Year and…

  5. Proceedings of the 2002 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group = Actes de la Rencontre Annuelle 2002 du Groupe Canadien d'Etude en Didactique des Mathematiques (26th, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, May 24-28, 2002)

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Simmt, Elaine, Ed.; Davis, Brent, Ed.


    This submission contains the Proceedings of the 2002 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group (CMESG), held at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. The CMESG is a group of mathematicians and mathematics educators who meet annually to discuss mathematics education issues at all levels of learning. The aims of the Study…

  6. Proceedings of the 2003 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group = Actes de la Rencontre Annuelle 2003 du Groupe Canadien d'Etude en Didactique des Mathematiques (27th, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada, May 30-June 3, 2003)

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Simmt, Elaine, Ed.; Davis, Brent, Ed.


    This submission contains the Proceedings of the 2003 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group (CMESG), held at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. The CMESG is a group of mathematicians and mathematics educators who meet annually to discuss mathematics education issues at all levels of learning. The aims of the…

  7. Etude de facteurs de risque de la transmission du VIH de la mère à l'enfant dans la stratégie « option A » à Lubumbashi, République Démocratique du Congo

    PubMed Central

    Ngwej, Dieudonné Tshikwej; Mukuku, Olivier; Mudekereza, Rachel; Karaj, Eugénie; Odimba, Etienne Bwana Fwamba; Luboya, Oscar Numbi; Kakoma, Jean-Baptiste Sakatolo; Wembonyama, Stanis Okitotshio


    Introduction L'infection à VIH chez la femme enceinte a pour principal risque la contamination du nouveau-né. L'objectif est de déterminer le taux de transmission du VIH de la mère à l'enfant (TME) dans la ville de Lubumbashi et en évaluer les facteurs de risque. Méthodes Il s'agissait d'une étude prospective transversale à visée analytique de 157 accouchées séropositives au VIH et de leurs enfants dans 12 structures sanitaires de Lubumbashi (RDCongo) du 1er octobre 2012 au 31 décembre 2013. Les paramètres sociodémographiques, cliniques et les données relatives aux activités de PTME du VIH ont été étudiés. Les statistiques usuelles ont été utilisées pour analyser les résultats. Le seuil de significativité a été fixé à une valeur de p < 0,05. Résultats Le taux de transmission verticale du VIH était de 12,7% (20/157). Il n'y avait pas d'association significative entre les caractéristiques sociodémographiques maternelles telles que l’âge, la parité, le niveau d’étude, la profession et l’état-civil et la TME (p>0,05). La transmission verticale du VIH était significativement associée aux facteurs suivants: le stade clinique 3 de l'OMS (OR=5,18 (1,5-18,1)), la présence d'infection opportuniste (OR=8,7 (2,7-27,8)), le dépistage lors de l'accouchement (OR=6,3 (1,0-39,0)) ou au cours de l'allaitement (OR=7,1 (1,1-76,7)), au taux de CD4 maternel <350/mm3 (OR=2,9 (1,1-7,7)), l'absence de thérapie antirétrovirale chez la mère (OR=19,9 (4,8-81,9)), la naissance avant terme (OR=4,7 (1,4-16,0)), la rupture prématurée de membranes (OR=45,0 (7,4-454,6)), le faible poids de naissance (OR=5,6 (1,9-16,7)), la notion de réanimation néonatale (OR=12,4 (3,8-40,1)), la non administration de la névirapine à la naissance (OR=26,4 (7,6-92,3)) et l'alimentation mixte (OR=12,6 (1,3-115,9)). Le sexe du nourrisson et le mode d'accouchement n’étaient pas non plus associés à la transmission verticale du VIH (p>0,05). Conclusion Le taux de TME du VIH demeure fort élevé à Lubumbashi comme dans la plupart de pays en développement où les nouveau-nés continuent d’être infectés par le VIH de manière verticale alors que certains facteurs de transmission sont tout à fait souvent évitables. La réduction de cette transmission passe par une amélioration du système de suivi des grossesses dans notre milieu. PMID:26600917

  8. [Recommendations of the Seminar on "Women, Population and Development", jointly organized by the Projet Institut de Recherches et d'Etudes de Population and the United Nations Population Fund, Tunis, June 29 - July 3, 1992].



    This work outlines actions recommended by the 1992 Tunis Seminar on Women, Population, and Development to be taken by national governments, international organizations and nongovernmental organizations. In the area of fertility, seminar participants urged adherence to the 1979 International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, which was ratified in 1992 by more than 100 UN member nations; respect for the basic right of women and especially for their access to family planning information and services; close monitoring of the quality and availability of family planning and maternal-child health services and the use of contraceptive methods; and initiation of studies on the impact of socioeconomic factors on fertility to aid in design of policies concerning promotion of women, population, and development. In the area of health, seminar participants urged governments and international organizations to increase efforts to control maternal mortality; to provide information and education for prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and elimination of social practices harmful to women such as excision, forced marriage, and early pregnancy; and to encourage research and programs relating to the socioeconomic causes of mortality among infants and women. Governments and international organizations were urged to take necessary measures to improve conditions among migrant and refugee women and to conduct in-depth studies of the socioeconomic determinants of female migration and the condition of wives of migrants. In the area population policy, the seminar recommended that population policy address not just fertility and population growth but also mortality and migration; that governments reinforce their institutional facilities related to population policy, especially through creation of a high level population institute; the nongovernmental organizations educate women about their individual and collective rights, fertility behavior, and contraceptive methods; and that governments and international organizations prepare young people for their future lives and help them adapt to societal changes and avoid family problems. In the area of economic and social development, the seminar urged promotion of female inequalities between men and women in legal protection, income, access to credit, and other areas, and provision of child care and other services to enable women to participate more fully in public life. Unpaid housework work of women should be considered as contributing to development, and the effects of structural adjustment programs on women should be studies. The UN and other international organizations were urged to reinforce their financial and technical support for programs concerning women, population, and development, and to consider holding future seminars on related topics. PMID:12344672

  9. Les sous-prefectures de Sikensi et Dabakala, Cote-d'Ivoire. (The Regions of Sikensi and Dabakala, Ivory Coast.) Method de preparation de la carte scolaire: etudes de cas 9.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Hallak, J.; And Others

    This volume contains the results of the first study of the problems associated with using educational television in curriculum planning in the Ivory Coast. The study was conducted in two districts of this African country, one relatively developed and situated in the southern part of the country, and the other more characteristic of the poorer…

  10. Les "petits mots" de coordination: etude diachronique de leur apparition chez quatre enfants entre 3 et 4 ans (The "Little" Coordinating Words: A Diachronic Study of Their Appearance in Four Children, ages 3-4)

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Chambaz, Marcelle; And Others


    Reports on a diachronic study concerning the syntactic phenomena of coordination and subordination and their place in language acquisition. The organization and evolution of the coordination system of 4 children, ages 3-6 was studied. The need for investigation of adult speech for further understanding acquisition is stressed. (Text is in French.)…