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ELECTRONIC NEWS SERVICE FOR THE EUROPEAN CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY R. Amor, R. Marsh, and A. Hutchison:// is an AltaVista-like service which is specialised for the construction industry. It has been developed as one set of Internet sites is drawn from all major lists offered to the construction industry (e.g., Yahoo

Amor, Robert


Science Nation: Virtual Newscast: News at Seven  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Scientists at the Intelligent Information Laboratory at the McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill.,are working on a project called News at Seven. News at Seven is a computerized newscast. The story selection, the words, the graphic background--even the expressions of the animated newscasters, or avatars--are all determined by computer. With help from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the lab's co-director, Kristian Hammond, and his team are developing artificial intelligence that, in some ways, can think like a journalist.


News from the National Institute of Standards and Technology  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

NIST News announcements: News releases, announcements, and newsletters from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, such as the biweekly NIST UPDATE and "NIST Tech Beat", a tip sheet for science journalists.


Sandia National Laboratories: News Center  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Sandia National Laboratories publishes its quarterly journal of research and development at this Web site. Free to the general public, Sandia Technology summarizes current work related to national security, energy development and infrastructure, and various other advances made at the installation. The fall/ winter 2002 issue centers on sensors for all kinds of purposes. From sensors that monitor water supplies to air-sniffing devices that can detect chemical and biological toxins, Sandia is extremely adept in this area. All back issues of Sandia Technology are also available for browsing, which cover topics such as nuclear power and smart machines.


L Su No. 31 -March 1983 Latest News about the European Coordinating Facility  

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Facility for the Space Telescope was signed in Paris by the Director General of the European Space Agency for the Space Telescope On the 23rd of February, a Memorandum of Agreement concerning the European CoordinatingSSENGER L Su No. 31 - March 1983 l Latest News about the European Coordinating Facility

Liske, Jochen


NASA NewsNational Aeronautics and Space Administration  

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Suit and Seat · Space Shuttle program has replaced outdated inertial reels with new MA-16 reels whichNASA NewsNational Aeronautics and Space Administration Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center Houston, Texas 77058 281/483-5111 NASA Johnson Space Center news releases and other information are available



NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Physics on Stage: Great Ideas from Physics on Stage Resources: Project Galileo China: The new national curriculum: a challenge to physics teachers Physics on Stage: Physics in School and Society Resources: Comic strip antimatter PPARC News: Two new free posters for PPARC Institute Matters: A new face at IOP Correction Forthcoming Events



Adolescent Leisure across European Nations.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Examined variations in adolescent time use within Europe and their relation to culture, focusing on organization of free time, most frequent leisure activities, and resulting emotional states. Found that European adolescents spent free time in a range of activities, including electronic media, computer games, playing musical instruments, reading,…

Flammer, August; Schaffner, Brigitta



BBC News Inside Europe: Your Guide To Life Inside the European Union  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Created by BBC News, this site is a very useful reference for both students and general readers interested in the European Union and European integration. At the site, visitors will find several reference guides, including a timeline, interactive maps of planned and possible EU enlargement, overviews of key institutions, an explanation of the EU budget, and information on the Euro. Other reference resources include country profiles, in-depth studies, and related links, all accessed via pull-down menus at the bottom of the page. In addition, the site also offers background briefings on current news stories, regular features stories from BBC correspondents, and a glossary.


Center for Transportation Analysis News Oak Ridge National Laboratory  

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Center for Transportation Analysis News Oak Ridge National Laboratory Pat Hu named Director of the Bureau of Transportation Statistics January 14, 2011 - Patricia Hu has been named as the Director of the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) by Peter H. Appel


Connecting News With the National Science Education Standards 2009  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This online publication includes the best 2009 posts from the Connecting News With the National Science Education Standards blog which is written for middle school science teachers. The posts provide engaging lessons that integrate the latest in scientific research in the news and provide ideas for turning the current event into an inquiry-based, standards-related learning experience for students. The topics range from polar bears to H1N1 virus. This format allows for flipping of pages, zooming, and sharing via a variety of formats


Diabetes in the national TV news: 1971-1981.  


Millions of Americans get virtually all their current events information from the national nightly television news programs. The purpose of this study was to learn what diabetes-related information had been broadcast over the last 11 years by the network news programs. Another objective was to learn how that coverage compared with that given other chronic diseases. The Vanderbilt Television News Archives (VTNA) has videotaped every ABC, NBC, and CBS nightly newscast since mid-1968. The contents of each telecast have been catalogued and indexed. Indexes were searched for every segment that had anything to do with diabetes from 1971 through 1981. In the last 11 years there have been 32 diabetes-related news segments. More than a third were about the controversial attempt to ban saccharin. Because each network may carry essentially the same story, the number of nonoverlapping reports was 20. The total time of the diabetes-related segments was 70 minutes. The topics covered by the news reports included oral agents (5 reports), artificial sweeteners (12), biosynthetic human insulin (BHI) (7), and an assortment of unique items. The 32 diabetes-related segments compare with 23 about arthritis, 215 about heart diseases, and 925 dealing with cancer. A compilation of the non-overlapping segments has been shown to health professionals, who felt the stories were generally accurate. Diabetes is not portrayed as a killer. Therefore, diabetes seems less serious, and therefore less newsworthy, than heart disease or cancer. PMID:6839927

Pichert, J W



11/3/11 11.03.11 -Science360 News Service | National Science Foundation 1/  

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11/3/11 11.03.11 - Science360 News Service | National Science Foundation 1/ to be more creative, regardless of whether the games are violent or nonviolent. Link Between Air Pollution, findings, conclusions or recommendations #12;11/3/11 11.03.11 - Science360 News Service | National Science



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, and Rafael Land?var, whose Rusticatio Mexicana introduced Europeans readers to the exotic landscapes, flora, and fauna of the New World in a style worthy of Vergil?s Georgics. In Part Four Prof. Herrera characterizes the nineteenth century not as a Silver... scriptorum Graecorum et Romanorum Mexicana,? containing translations of all of the major writers of Greece and Rome. Another achievement of the national university was the establishment of its Centro de Estudios Cl?sicos, the equal of many departments...

Donald R. Dickson, ed.



Race, Nation, and News in the United States.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Argues that racial ideology structures news coverage of race. Illustrates how two manifestations of racial ideology, namely racial hierarchy and temporal distancing, operate in news articles to help create racialized criteria for being an "American." (SR)

Shah, Hemant



Volunteer News U.S. Department of the Interior National Park Service  

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Volunteer News U.S. Department of the Interior National Park Service Harpers Ferry National in volunteering at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, please contact the park's volunteer The National Park Service cares for the special places saved by the American people so that all may experiance

Rock, Chris


European Networks and Ideas: Changing National Policies?  

Microsoft Academic Search

Wider involvement and better knowledge are keywords in the recent White Paper on European Governance. The political discourse has, quite obviously, taken up the academic debate about the importance of ideas and networks. The Commission is seen as an ideational entrepreneur which by arguing and networking is able to induce autonomous actors with quite diverse interests to follow a European

Beate Kohler-Koch



I. European civilization and its region(s): European demos: Democracy deficit and national feelings  

Microsoft Academic Search

The level and scope of European Union (EU) integration activities are showing the aspects of civilizational development with a huge impact on the world system of civilizations and make more evident the fact that the future of EU depends on the attitude of European policy?makers to the national, cultural, and political identities. Interest in the identities has been reinforced in

Vytautas Rubavi?ius



Decoding the codes: A content analysis of the news coverage of genetic cloning by three online news sites and three national daily newspapers, 1996 through 1998  

Microsoft Academic Search

This study compared news coverage of genetic cloning research in three online news sites (,, and and three national daily newspapers (The New York Times, The Washington Post, and USA Today). The study involved the analysis of 230 online and print news articles concerning genetic cloning published from 1996 through 1998. Articles were examined with respect to formats,

Jon E. Hyde



News Sports Entertainment Business Restaurants & Food Living Video Classifieds Shopping South Jersey Weather Nation World Lottery Politics Religion Weird News Blogs Editorial Education Health Obituaries  

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News Sports Entertainment Business Restaurants & Food Living Video Classifieds Shopping South Jersey Weather Nation World Lottery Politics Religion Weird News Blogs Editorial Education Health Obituaries His food product took off, with help January 26, 2012 Recommend Tweet 0 S S 0 Ads by Google Custom

Delgado, Mauricio



NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Belfast: On the next level above Galileo Wales: 2nd All Wales Physics Teachers Meeting England: Good afternoon Natural Philosphers... Communication: Posters win prizes Careers: Physics On Course 2004 Visits: Refreshing Physics Sport: Cheating at baseball Physics on Stage: Polish performance Space: Forces that affect GPS satellites New Zealand: It’s not All Black News these days New Initiatives: NOISE Physics on Stage 3: Lively stars heading for ESA



11/14/12 -National Science Foundation (NSF) News -Climate Change Threatens Giant Pandas' Bamb... 1/  

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11/14/12 - National Science Foundation (NSF) News - Climate Change Threatens Giant Pandas CLIMATE CHANGE THREATENS GIANT PANDAS' BAMBOO BUFFETAND SURVIVAL China's endangered wild pandas may need of bamboo that pandas need to survive This panda is one of about 275 wild Qinling pandas that live


European Anti Poverty Network (EAPN)  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

European Anti Poverty Network was created in 1989 "to put the fight against poverty and social exclusion on the political agenda of the European Union." The Network consists of 25 European organizations that work to alleviate poverty and 15 national networks that fight poverty specifically inside the EU. EAPN offers a nice collection of position papers and reports analyzing the ongoings of the European Union, its member countries and their policies, as well as news releases and news flashes. The site gives general information about the EAPN including its mission, members, and activities, as well as providing a tightly organized set of links.



NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

AWARDS Presentations to top students; PHYSICS IN PRIMARY SCIENCE Amaze and inspire; WEB RESOURCES PhysicsClub goes live; EVENTS GIREP develops thinking; RESEARCH FRONTIERS Carbon dating may not run to time; CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT Vocational qualifications; CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT Flanders gears up for curriculum change; EXHIBITIONS Building the Universe; EVENTS Physics Discipline Network VII; SPECIAL NEWS FEATURE Progress in UK post-16 courses; Teaching Advancing Physics... the story so far; An outside observer's view of Advancing Physics; Student views of SHAP; Results from the SHAP pilot: successful and girl-friendly; AWARDS Royal visit to publisher;



10/24/13 -National Science Foundation (NSF) News -Habitat research methods give a new peek at tiger life with conservation -US National Science Foundat... 1/1  

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peek at tiger life with conservation - US National Science Foundat... 1/1 News From the Field HABITAT RESEARCH METHODS GIVE A NEW PEEK AT TIGER LIFE WITH CONSERVATION October 21, 2013 From a tiger's point of view, yesterday's thoughtful conservation plans might


National Geographic News: Sea Trout Loss Linked to Salmon Farm Parasite  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This web site is an article from National Geographic News, which describes the link between "the explosion of sea lice in farmed fish populations and the decline of Scottish sea trout." In addition to the article, visitors can view a dynamic map of Shieldaig in western Scotland.

Owen, James.



Dark Energy's Demise? New Theory Doesn't Use for National Geographic News  

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Dark Energy's Demise? New Theory Doesn't Use the Force Ker Than for National Geographic News August 18, 2009 Dark energy, a mysterious force proposed more than a decade ago to explain why the universe dark energy," said study team member Blake Temple of the University of California, Davis. Other experts

Temple, Blake


Could Cyborg Cockroaches Save Your Life? by Amanda Fiegl for National Geographic News  

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Could Cyborg Cockroaches Save Your Life? by Amanda Fiegl for National Geographic News The sight of a cockroach scuttling across the floor makes most of us shudder, but in a disaster, roaches might prove to be our new best friends. Cockroaches that are surgically transformed into remote-controlled "biobots

South Bohemia, University of



NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Herschel papers catalogued and accessible; Maskelyne papers accepted for the nation; centenary of the Hamburg Observatory; oldest astrologer's board found; Groupe Flammarion sold; ancient sundial found; keeping time (modern folk song about John Harrison).

Davenhall, Clive



Decoding the codes: A content analysis of the news coverage of genetic cloning by three online news sites and three national daily newspapers, 1996 through 1998  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This study compared news coverage of genetic cloning research in three online news sites (,, and and three national daily newspapers (The New York Times, The Washington Post, and USA Today). The study involved the analysis of 230 online and print news articles concerning genetic cloning published from 1996 through 1998. Articles were examined with respect to formats, sources, focus, tone, and assessments about the impact of cloning research. Findings indicated that while print news formats remained relatively constant for the duration of this study, online news formats changed significantly with respect to the kinds of media used to represent the news, the layouts used to represent cloning news, and the emphasis placed on audio-visual content. Online stories were as much as 20 to 70% shorter than print stories. More than 50% of the articles appearing online were composed by outside sources (wire services, guest columnists, etc.). By comparison, nearly 90% of the articles published by print newspapers were written "in-house" by science reporters. Online news sites cited fewer sources and cited a smaller variety of sources than the newspapers examined here. In both news outlets, however, the sources most frequently cited were those with vested interests in furthering cloning research. Both online and print news coverage of cloning tends to focus principally on the technical procedures and on the future benefits of cloning. More than 60% of the articles focused on the techniques and technologies of cloning. Less than 25% of the articles focused on social, ethical, or legal issues associated with cloning. Similarly, articles from all six sources (75%) tended to be both positive and future-oriented. Less than 5% of the total articles examined here had a strongly negative or critical tone. Moreover, both online and print news sources increasingly conveyed a strong sense of acceptance about the possibility of human cloning. Data from this study are among the first to indicate the ways in which online news outlets are transforming science news. Furthermore, this study reaffirms the need for a greater diversity of sources in assessing a broader spectrum of issues related to cloning.

Hyde, Jon E.


Network News and Racial Beliefs: Exploring the Connection Between National Television News Exposure and Stereotypical Perceptions of African Americans  

Microsoft Academic Search

A random survey of nonstudent adult residents was undertaken to determine whether exposure to network news has a demonstrable effect on racial attitudes and perceptions of African Americans. After controlling for a number of factors, results revealed that exposure to network news depressed estimates of African American income. In addition, network news exposure increased the endorsement of African American stereotypes,

Travis L. Dixon



European Union health policy and its implications for national convergence.  


This paper explores the relevance for health care of European Union (EU) legislation, regulation and policies. Reports, communications and other materials of the European Commission and other relevant European bodies are screened for their implications for health care, primarily on the national health system level. The paper provides a brief overview of EU history and its main institutions, followed by an analysis of health (care)-related provisions in the EU's main legal documents--its treaties. The impact of the EU actions on health protection is considered with regard to both actions in the field of public health and health protection requirements in its policies. In the public health area, information systems that are now being developed are discussed, followed by an outline of health protection requirements in EU policies that can have an impact on health systems. These policies are then analysed using the political factions model. Finally an attempt is made to predict future developments, stressing the need for a far-reaching synchronization of national systems. PMID:10894193

Cucic, S




NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Physics on Stage: Física en Acción increases the public’s awareness of science Competition: Winner takes a trip to CERN Ireland: TruePhysics makes life simpler Czech Republic: Technology fun day highlights demand for new science centre Literary Festival: Physicists visit Hay while the Sun shines Science on Stage: Science takes stage in Germany National Convention: NSTA connects science to world Forthcoming Events



Multiperspectival news revisited: Journalism and representative democracy  

Microsoft Academic Search

Thirty years ago, I published an ethnographic study of four mainstream national news organizations entitled Deciding What’s News (Gans, 2004 [1979]). In a final chapter devoted to news policy, I urged that the news become more multiperspectival, that national news depend less on top down news from high level government and other official and authoritative sources. Instead, the news media

Herbert J Gans




NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Einstein year: Einstein is brought back to life for a year of educational events Workshop: Students reach out for the Moon Event: Masterclasses go with a bang Workshop: Students search for asteroids on Einstein's birthday Scotland: Curriculum for Excellence takes holistic approach Conference: Reporting from a mattress in Nachod Conference: 'Change' is key objective at ICPE conference 2005 Lecture: Institute of Physics Schools Lecture series Conference: Experience showcase science in Warwick National network: Science Learning Centre opens Meeting: 30th Stirling Physics Meeting breaks records Competition: Win a digital camera! Forthcoming Events



NCBI NewsNational Center for Biotechnology Information National Library of Medicine  

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Gene: Clusters of Clusters 4 News Briefs 4 Fly Genome Deposited in GenBank 5 Drosophila Finds New Home Page 5D- Viewer) and a set of options suitable for multiple sequences is active. Columns of a multiple alignment

Levin, Judith G.


National responsibilities in European species conservation: a methodological review.  


One particular challenge in reducing the loss of biodiversity by 2010, as agreed on at the Earth Summit in 2002, is to assign conservation tasks to geographic or administrative entities (e.g., countries or regions) on different geographical scales. To identify conservation tasks, it is imperative to determine the importance of a specific area for the global survival of a species. So far, these national or subnational responsibilities for the conservation of species have been included differently in methods prioritizing conservation. We reviewed how 12 European and 3 non-European methods determined national conservation responsibilities and evaluated the international importance of a biological population. Different countries used different methodologies, which made a direct comparison of assessments of national responsibilities among countries extremely difficult. Differences existed in the importance criteria used. Criteria included population decline, range reduction, rarity status, degree of isolation of a population, endemism, proportional distribution, and geographic location. To increase comparability, it is imperative to develop criteria for which data are generally available and to standardize the methodology among countries. A standardized method would allow conservation decisions to be based on the conservation status of a species and on the responsibility of a geographic or administrative entity for the survival of a species. We suggest that such a method should use a scalable index of proportional distribution, taxonomic status, and the distribution pattern of a taxon or species as key elements. Such a method would allow for the creation of hierarchical lists and would be highly relevant for parts of the world with multiple political jurisdictions or state unions and for nations with regional governmental structures. Conservation priorities could then be reasonably set by combining national responsibility assessments with the international conservation status of a species. PMID:18577089

Schmeller, Dirk S; Gruber, Bernd; Budrys, Eduardas; Framsted, Erik; Lengyel, Szabolcs; Henle, Klaus



To what extent will the banking industry be globalized? a study of bank nationality and reach in 20 European nations  

Microsoft Academic Search

We model two dimensions of bank globalization -- bank nationality (a bank from the firm's host nation, its home nation, or a third nation) and bank reach (a global, regional, or local bank) using a two-stage nested multinomial logit model. Our data set includes over 2,000 foreign affiliates of multinational corporations operating in 20 European nations. We find that these

Allen N. Berger; Qinglei Dai; Steven R. G. Ongena; David C. Smith



To what extent will the banking industry be globalized? A study of bank nationality and reach in 20 European nations  

Microsoft Academic Search

We model two dimensions of bank globalization – bank nationality (a bank from the firm’s host nation, its home nation, or a third nation) and bank reach (a global, regional, or local bank) using a two-stage nested multinomial logit model. Our data set includes over 2000 foreign affiliates of multinational corporations operating in 20 European nations and over 250 banks

Allen N. Berger; Qinglei Dai; Steven Ongena; David C. Smith



Using national news events to stimulate local awareness of public policy issues.  

PubMed Central

Community leaders in Atlanta, GA, the Detroit and Lansing, MI, areas, and San Francisco, CA, participated in a demonstration of techniques to disseminate information and increase public awareness of the recommendations from the Surgeon General's Workshop on Drunk Driving, held in December 1988. Local officials worked with the Public Health Service's Office for Substance Abuse Prevention, of the Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration, to educate and inform the public about the workshop recommendations as well as other alcohol-related concerns, and to encourage public involvement in their communities with the issue of alcohol-impaired driving and other alcohol-related concerns. With minimal assistance from Federal agencies and Washington-based health and public interest groups, the communities developed unique approaches to generating local television, radio, and newspaper coverage of an event that had originated as national news. The events demonstrated that, with minimal Federal resources and support, local groups can create media attention in conjunction with national news, and local media events can lead to successful community activism. The techniques can be applied by other community groups to gain sufficient news media attention to encourage the public to organize around issues of common concern. PMID:2113684

Convissor, R B; Vollinger, R E; Wilbur, P



Social problem construction and national context: news reporting on "overweight" and "obesity" in the United States and France.  


Drawing on analyses of American and French news reports on "overweight" and "obesity," this article examines how national context—including position in a global field of nation states, as well as different national politics and culture—shapes the framing of social problems. As has been shown in previous research, news reports from France—the economically dominated but culturally dominant nation of the two—discuss the United States more often than vice versa, typically in a negative way. Our contribution is to highlight the flexibility of anti-American rhetoric, which provides powerful ammunition for a variety of social problem frames. Specifically, depending on elite interests, French news reports may invoke anti-American rhetoric to reject a given phenomenon as a veritable public problem, or they may use such rhetoric to drum up concern over an issue. We further show how diverse cultural factors shape news reporting. Despite earlier work showing that a group-based discrimination frame is more common in the United States than in France, we find that the U.S. news sample is no more likely to discuss weight-based discrimination than the French news sample. We attribute this to specific barriers to this particular framing, namely the widespread view that body size is a behavior, akin to smoking, rather than an ascribed characteristic, like race. This discussion points, more generally, to some of the mechanisms limiting the diffusion of frames across social problems. PMID:20976972

Saguy, Abigail C; Gruys, Kjerstin; Gong, Shanna



National Research Council News: Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young Children  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The National Academy Press has released a prepublication copy of this National Research Council report, which calls for "ensur[ing] that all children are equipped with the skills and instruction they need to learn to read." According to one of the report's authors, "We need the will to ensure that every child has access to excellent preschool environments and well-prepared teachers. Because reading is such a complex and multifaceted activity, no single method is the answer. It is time for educators, parents, and everyone else concerned with children's education to make sure that children have all the experiences that research has shown to support reading development." The press release accompanying the report lays out its basic findings, which can also be found in the executive summary of the report. The press release also connects to a full text version of the report, available as individual page images (print quality varies) at this time. Purchasing information is also available.



ETSI technical committee ITS: news from european standardization for intelligent transport systems (ITS)- [global communications newsletter  

Microsoft Academic Search

Communication is a cornerstone of future intelligent transportation systems (ITS); and standardization is a key aspect for European and worldwide deployment and usage. The European Telecommunication Standardization Institute (ETSI), well known for communication standards such as GSM, created a technical committee (TC) for ITS at the end of 2007. Generally, its mission is the creation of standards and specifications for

Andreas Festag; Soeren Hess



The Search for Convergence of National Policies in the European UnionAn Impossible Quest?  

Microsoft Academic Search

This article addresses the question of whether European integration leads to convergence in the domestic policies of the member states of the European Union. Some recent studies claim that as a result of European integration the national policies of the member states are becoming more alike. The existence of various exemptions and `flexibility' arrangements in the revisions of the Treaty

Antoaneta Dimitrova; Bernard Steunenberg



LabUPDATE ISSUE 2 FEBRUARY 26, 2003 News about the Berkeley, Livermore and Los Alamos national laboratories,  

E-print Network

LabUPDATE ISSUE 2 ­ FEBRUARY 26, 2003 News about the Berkeley, Livermore and Los Alamos national of the Los Alamos National Laboratory continues. As UC representatives told members of Congress at a hearing are making headway, and the laboratory communities -- particularly the committed employees of Los Alamos

Knowles, David William


LabUPDATE ISSUE 6 MAY 15, 2003 News about the Berkeley, Livermore and Los Alamos national laboratories,  

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LabUPDATE ISSUE 6 ­ MAY 15, 2003 News about the Berkeley, Livermore and Los Alamos national. Since the Secretary of Energy announced his intention to compete the Los Alamos National Laboratory Nuclear Security Administration, has visited with employees at the Los Alamos and Livermore laboratories

Knowles, David William


Savannah River National Laboratory Involvement in the European ENSEMBLE Program  

SciTech Connect

Many atmospheric transport and dispersion models now exist to provide consequence assessment during emergency response to near-field releases. One way of estimating the uncertainty for a given forecast is to statistically analyze an ensemble of results from several models. ENSEMBLE is a European Union program that utilizes an internet-based system to ingest transport results from numerous modeling agencies. This paper addresses the involvement of the Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) in ENSEMBLE, and the resulting improvements in SRNL modeling capabilities. SRNL, the only United States agency involved in the ENSEMBLE program, uses a prognostic atmospheric numerical model (the Regional Atmospheric Modeling System, RAMS) to provide three-dimensional and time-varying meteorology as input to a stochastic Lagrangian particle mode . The model design used by SRNL is discussed, including recent upgrades to the system using parallel processing which allows for finer grid resolution in the generation of the meteorology.

Buckley, R. L.; Addies, Robert P.



Top NaTioNal RaNkiNgs U.S. News & World Report ranks Florida State in the nation's top 50 public universities.  

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by the National Research Council. Florida State's graduate program in nuclear physics was ranked eighth among & Policy is ranked 15th in the nation, according to U.S. News & World Report. a poweRhouse u, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Israel, South Korea and Taiwan. Florida State graduates in the class of 2007

Sura, Philip


TWIPS Sonar inspired by dolphins | News | National Oceanography Centre | from coast to deep ocean[10/11/2011 09:08:29  

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TWIPS ­ Sonar inspired by dolphins | News | National Oceanography Centre | from coast to deep ocean[10/11/2011 09:08:29] Home Vacancies People Find us with dolphin I sat down and worked out what pulse I would use if I were a dolphin. Professor Tim Leighton

Sóbester, András


Resistance surveillance program report for selected European nations (2011).  


In the European component of the Regional Resistance Surveillance study for 2011, a total of 21 countries were monitored for antimicrobial resistance patterns including Belgium, Bulgaria (BU), Croatia, Czech Republic, France (F), Germany (GE), Greece (GR), Ireland (IR), Israel (IS), Italy (IT), Poland (PO), Portugal (PT), Romania (RO), Russia (RU), Slovakia (SK), Slovenia, Spain, Sweden (SW), Turkey (T), Ukraine, and United Kingdom. Results from testing 12,572 strains (100 [BU] to 1535 [F] per nation) were interpreted by contemporary published breakpoints. Samples from 47 hospitals were reference tested against agents such as amikacin (AMK), cefoperazone/sulbactam (C/S), colistin (COL), levofloxacin, linezolid (LZD), tigecycline (TIG), vancomycin (VAN), and 21 others. Among Staphylococcus aureus, LZD (MIC90, 2 ?g/mL), TIG (MIC90, 0.12 ?g/mL), and VAN (MIC90, 1 ?g/mL) exhibited complete coverage and methicillin resistance rates among nations (average, 31%) ranged from 0.9% (SW) to 60.0-60.2% (PT, SK). Seven LZD-resistant coagulase-negative staphylococci (only 1.1% resistance overall) were noted in 5 nations, and a Staphylococcus simulans strain (MIC, 8 ?g/mL from RO) had L3 mutations (N130D, G152A, F147S, A157R); also 6 LZD-resistant enterococci were detected in 3 countries (GE, IR, T). VAN-resistant enterococci (10% overall; 84% VanA) were found in 14 countries, highest in GE and IR (23.0%). The ESBL phenotype rate for Escherichia coli was 20.1% (range, 0.9% [SW] to 70.0-89.7% [BU, RU]), best inhibited by COL (100.0% S), TIG (100.0%), AMK (83.3-94.1%), C/S (81.0%), and carbapenems (>99.0%; resistant strains in IS and T). Klebsiella spp. had greater ESBL rates (45.7% overall, range 2.5-100.0%), as well as carbapenem resistance (8.3% overall, greatest in BU, GR, IS, IT, PO, RO, RU, T). Non-fermentative Gram-negative bacilli (Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Acinetobacter [ACB]) were generally less susceptible, except against COL (99.2-99.6% S) and TIG (95.0% inhibited at ?2 ?g/mL; ACB only). The following carbapenemases were detected: VIM-1 (2 countries); IMP-1 (1 from T); KPC-2 or -3 (2 countries); VIM-4 (1 from PO), NDM-1 (2 in RO; 2 centers); and OXA-48 or -162 (5 from T; 2 centers). European surveillance sampling demonstrates a wide array of resistant isolates, less prevalent among Gram-positive cocci that remain inhibited by several available agents. However, beta-lactamase-mediated mechanisms have spread widely among Gram-negative bacilli, especially across the Eastern and Southern European nations, severely limiting infection chemotherapy and necessitating escalated antimicrobial stewardship. PMID:24440509

Jones, Ronald N; Flonta, Mirela; Gurler, Nazahat; Cepparulo, Mario; Mendes, Rodrigo E; Castanheira, Mariana



Marrying into the European family of nations: national disorder and upset gender roles in post-Communist Romanian film.  


Drawing on recent Romanian films, this article explores the distinctive post-communist concerns with national relocation in the symbolic geography of Europe. The focus on tragic comedies, an increasingly popular genre in Eastern European cinematography, foregrounds the critical usage of irony to express skepticism about the inclusive nature of geopolitical projects such as the European Union by national communities situated at its periphery. While the tragic comedies examined here are successful in challenging official narratives of European belonging, they rely on highly gendered scripts that prove more resilient to ironic reworkings. The movies resort to gendered plots and family tropes, representing Romania’s efforts to receive European recognition as attempts to “marry into” the European Union. The larger thrust of this article is to open complex notions such as “Europe,” “nation,” and “gender,” which are notoriously prone to essentialization, to a deconstructive analysis as systems of differentiation. PMID:22250313

Georgescu, Diana



Russian Scientists Breach Antarctica's Lake Vostok--Confirmed1 by Christine Dell'Amore for National Geographic News2  

E-print Network

Russian Scientists Breach Antarctica's Lake Vostok--Confirmed1 by Christine Dell'Amore for National Geographic News2 3 Russian scientists have confirmed that they have penetrated Antarctica's Lake Vostok--that have been discovered under18 Antarctica in past decades. The project to probe the Great Lake-size water

South Bohemia, University of


Europeanization in the "Other" Europe: Writing the Nation into "Europe" Education in Slovakia and Estonia  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

How is the tension between renewed nationalist and European narratives of belonging being unfolded in the curricula, discourse, and practice of civic education in Slovakia and Estonia. As two post-socialist territories that were "reborn" as independent nation-states in the 1990s, Slovakia and Estonia were confronted with pressure to "Europeanize".…

Michaels, Deborah L.; Stevick, E. Doyle



Centre for German and European Studies,  

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/ies in media and music Evidence from Europe and Russia DAY 1 - FRIDAY 7. DECEMBER 2012 9.00 ­ 9.30 Registration Gronskaya; Nadezhda Radina National Research University "Higher School of Economics" - Nizhny Novgorod 12 News" Daria Krivonos Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg 10.15 ­ 10.45 "The Myth of European

Moeller, Ralf


Comparing systemic risk in European government bonds and national indices  

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It has been shown, that the systemic risk contained in financial markets can be indicated by the change of cross-correlation between different indices and stocks. This change is tracked by using principle component analysis (PCA). We use this technique to investigate the systemic risk contained in European economy by comparing government long term bonds and indices.

Jurczyk, Jan; Morgenstern, Ingo



European Integration and National Social Citizenship: Changing Boundaries, New Structuring?  

Microsoft Academic Search

With the creation of EMU, European Welfare States have entered a new phase of development. The margins for manoeuvring public budgets have substantially decreased, while the unfolding of the four freedoms of movement within the EU have seriously weakened the traditional coercive monopoly of the state on actors and resources that are crucial for the stability of redistributive institutions. The

Maurizio Ferrera



News Network  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

A free service of American Lawyer Media, Law News Network is an Internet-only current awareness resource for legal professionals, journalists, policy makers, or anyone else interested in breaking legal news. Updated daily (weekdays), the site culls stories from American Lawyer Media's own publications (The American Lawyer and The National Law Journal) and eighteen other daily and weekly newspapers and journals. Conveniently, Law News Network places the full text of all of its feature stories on its own site, instead of merely linking to them. As with most professional news services, a free daily email digest is also available. Additional free resources on-site include an Op-Ed section, discussion groups, legal classifieds, links to regional online law journals, and a collection of law firm-sponsored briefing papers (memos) sorted by subject.



PubMed Central

Research on racial-ethnic portrayals in television crime news is limited and questions remain about the sources of representations and how these vary for perpetrators versus victims. We draw from power structure, market share, normal crimes, racial threat, and racial privileging perspectives to further this research. The reported race or ethnicity of violent crime perpetrators and victims are modeled as functions of: (1) situational characteristics of crime stories; and (2) contextual characteristics of television market areas. The primary data are from a stratified random sample of television newscasts in 2002–2003 (Long et al. 2005). An important innovation of our work is the use of a national, more generalizeable, sample of local news stories than prior researchers who tended to focus on single market areas. Results indicate that both the context of the story itself and the social structural context within which news stories are reported are relevant to ethnic and racial portrayals in crime news. We find limited support for power structure, market share, normal crimes and racial threat explanations of patterns of reporting. Racial privileging arguments receive more extensive support. PMID:20640244

Bjornstrom, Eileen E.S.; Kaufman, Robert L.; Peterson, Ruth D.; Slater, Michael D.





Research on racial-ethnic portrayals in television crime news is limited and questions remain about the sources of representations and how these vary for perpetrators versus victims. We draw from power structure, market share, normal crimes, racial threat, and racial privileging perspectives to further this research. The reported race or ethnicity of violent crime perpetrators and victims are modeled as functions of: (1) situational characteristics of crime stories; and (2) contextual characteristics of television market areas. The primary data are from a stratified random sample of television newscasts in 2002-2003 (Long et al. 2005). An important innovation of our work is the use of a national, more generalizeable, sample of local news stories than prior researchers who tended to focus on single market areas. Results indicate that both the context of the story itself and the social structural context within which news stories are reported are relevant to ethnic and racial portrayals in crime news. We find limited support for power structure, market share, normal crimes and racial threat explanations of patterns of reporting. Racial privileging arguments receive more extensive support. PMID:20640244

Bjornstrom, Eileen E S; Kaufman, Robert L; Peterson, Ruth D; Slater, Michael D



Alcohol, Illegal Drugs, Violent Crime, and Traffic-Related and Other Unintended Injuries in U.S. Local and National News  

Microsoft Academic Search

Objective: The present study seeks to establish the ex- tent to which media coverage acknowledges alcohol's contribution to violent crime as well as to motor vehicle injuries and other injury inci- dents. Method: The study content-analyzes a unique sample, closely approximating national representativeness, of local and national televi- sion news, local newspapers, and national magazines randomly sampled during a 2-year



Diminished States? National Power in European Education Policy  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The increasing research on international organisations' education policy lacks analyses of the relation between international organisations and nation states. This paper aims to analyse the power of nation states in international education policy. Focusing on the new degree system in higher education in Europe, partly from Foucault's…

Kupfer, Antonia



Central European vascular plants requiring priority conservation measures – an analysis from national Red Lists and distribution maps  

Microsoft Academic Search

A joint analysis considering the world-wide distribution and threat status of Central European vascular plants was carried out to derive conservation priorities for threatened species. A list of 417 taxa is presented, which are threatened throughout Central Europe and\\/or show a predominantly Central European distribution. As a first step, all plants mentioned in Central European national Red Lists were included

M. Schnittler; K.-F. Günther



1/16/09 10:23 AMMutations Linked To Mental Disorder -Genetics -an eLab Article at Scientist Live Page 1 of 5  

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1/16/09 10:23 AMMutations Linked To Mental Disorder - Genetics - an eLab Article at Scientist Live Page 1 of 5 and chromatography. #12;1/16/09 10:23 AMMutations Linked To Mental Disorder - Genetics - an eLab Article at Scientist


Joint European and National Astronomical Meeting, JENAM-97  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The booklet represents an overview of sections held during the JENAM 1997 in Thessaloniki (Greece) "New trends in Astronomy and Astrophysics". A list of members of Scientific and Local Organizing Commitees, a list of Sponsors as well as 2 Sections with content has been given. The first section : The future of European Astrponomy includes a Preface by P. Murdin as well as the abstracts of the Panel written by L. Woltjer, J. Trumper, R. Fosbury, J.-P. Swings, F.Sanchez, P. Shaver & J. Lequeux, R. Giacconi, P. Murdin (see: separate entries). The second section of the highlits includes Reports from the Convenors of the Sections: J.D. Hadjidemetriou, L. Vlahos, X. Moussas, P.G. Laskarides, N.Voglis, P.G. Niarchos, J.Ventura, N.K. Spyrou, S. Theodossiou.A list of Participants has been included at the end of the booklet.

Hadjidemetrioy, John D.; Seiradakis, John H.


Traveling Through the Web: A First Step Toward a Comparative Analysis of European National Tourism Websites  

Microsoft Academic Search

Inspired by the evolution of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), the present study describes the way ICT are used by destination marketing organizations during the destinations' website design (incorporating several website features). Relevant descriptive analysis is conducted, based on a number of case studies from the European tourism market (Official National Tourism Sites-ONTS). Following a qualitative research design, the study

Antonios A. Giannopoulos; Eleni P. Mavragani



From Europe to the nation: American journalistic perceptions of European international relations, 1933-1941  

Microsoft Academic Search

From Europe to the Nation examines how six influential American journalists - John Gunther, Freda Kirchwey, Arthur Krock, Walter Lippmann, Anne O'Hare McCormick, and Dorothy Thompson - viewed and interpreted for their American audience the series of European events from Hitler's ascension to power in Germany to the attack on Pearl Harbor. My study describes the interpretative frameworks through which

Karen Dearlove



Russia: European Court of Human Rights rules HIV-positive foreign national suffered discrimination.  


On 10 March 2011, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) held that refusing a residence permit to a foreign national solely on the basis of his HIV-positive status amounted to unlawful discrimination. This case is a significant boost to the rights of persons living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) in Europe and beyond. PMID:22165275

Weiss, Rémi



The Redistribution of Responsibilities in Five European Educational Systems: From Global Trends to National Arrangements  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article provides a comparative analysis on the evolution of the distribution of responsibilities--the authority of deciding over a particular domain--at the national, regional, and local levels in the European Union educational systems. After explaining common trends in the institutional arrangements through the role of evaluation, the…

Batista, Susana



European Earwig, Forficula auricularia L. (Dermaptera: Forficulidae) at the Hanford Reach National Monument, Washington State  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

The European earwig, Forficula auricularia L., was surveyed using pitfall traps at three sites at the Hanford Reach National Monument in south central Washington state. Pitfall traps were collected weekly from April 2002 through April 2003. The earwig was consistently taken during all months of the...


On Nations And Children: Rousseau, Poland And European Identity  

Microsoft Academic Search

The paper is an interpretation of J.-J.Rousseau’s book on the government of Poland. The central part of the paper is devoted to complex relations between the notions of nature, nation, childhood, and civic education. Methodologically, the analysis involves interpretation of historical contexts and positions significant in the writing of the book, and deconstruction of its key categories. In the latter

Tomasz Szkudlarek



On Nations and Children: Rousseau, Poland and European Identity  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The paper is an interpretation of J.-J. Rousseau's book on the government of Poland. The central part of the paper is devoted to complex relations between the notions of nature, nation, childhood, and civic education. Methodologically, the analysis involves interpretation of historical contexts and positions significant in the writing of the book,…

Szkudlarek, Tomasz



Argument and Multiple Identities: Contemporary European Nationalism and Environmentalism.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Examines argument and the creation and maintenance of social identity. Discusses the relationship between argument and current research on the construction of identities. Presents two illustrations--one focusing on nationalism as given expression in the divided city of Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and another focusing on environmentalism as…

McKerrow, Raymie; Bruner, Michael




Microsoft Academic Search

This study measures the effectiveness of the integration of Europe by evaluating economic and socioeconomic progress made by participating nations since the Maastricht Treaty. The Maastricht Treaty has been identified as the determining point because of its significance in transitioning Europe from a community into a union. The study compares the two periods: pre-Treaty 1984-1992 and post-Treaty 1993-2003. We find

D. K. Malhotra; Elizabeth Mariotz


Animal traceability across national frontiers in the European Union.  


The authors identify the fundamental requirements of a new information infrastructure for transnational animal tracking and tracing systems for use within the European Union. Relevant data for individual animals should include identification, movement history and health records. This must be maintained and available within each Member State, and should be available to other Member States on demand. A prerequisite for effective traceability is a system of unique and secure identification based on tamper-proof/tamper-evident identifiers linked directly to a database. An effective transnational traceability system requires an information infrastructure that will support the following: accuracy of information, completeness of information, common standards for interpreting data relating to animals and fast response to tracking and tracing requests. Information technology has advanced rapidly in the period since the existing animal movement control systems for Europe were first developed in the mid-1980s. The authors discuss the opportunity to use new technologies to enhance the existing systems. In particular, extensible markup language (XML) can be used to address many of the problems with data standards and interchanges in the existing infrastructure. PMID:11548515

McGrann, J; Wiseman, H



HERA: Humanities in the European Research Area  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

In 2002, funding from the Netherlands, Denmark, and Ireland spurred the creation of the Humanities in the European Research Area (HERA). By 2005, the organization had defined its mission as a "network of national funding agencies and the European Science Foundation...committed to leading and developing funding opportunities for humanities researchers in Europe...and sharing management practices and outcomes." Visitors can find a list of the member countries under the Network of Funders tab. Visitors interested in learning what topics of humanities research have been aided by HERA should check out the News tab on the menu near the top of any page. There visitors will find Research Policy News, Research News, and Newsfeeds. Some newsfeeds of note here include International Conference on Translating E-Literature, Radio Show on Vienna Housing, and Memory Work and Civil Society.



National Television News in Seven Rural Districts. Report 96-2.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The implementation, delivery, and impact on students of news programs delivered to schools by Channel One and CNN-Newsroom were examined in seven rural districts in Wisconsin. Investigation covered three districts using CNN and four districts using Channel One within a three-county area. Involved administrators, teachers, and students responded to…

Nasstrom, Roy; Gierok, Anne


Long-term dietary exposure to lead in young European children: comparing a pan-European approach with a national exposure assessment.  


Long-term dietary exposures to lead in young children were calculated by combining food consumption data of 11 European countries categorised using harmonised broad food categories with occurrence data on lead from different Member States (pan-European approach). The results of the assessment in children living in the Netherlands were compared with a long-term lead intake assessment in the same group using Dutch lead concentration data and linking the consumption and concentration data at the highest possible level of detail. Exposures obtained with the pan-European approach were higher than the national exposure calculations. For both assessments cereals contributed most to the exposure. The lower dietary exposure in the national study was due to the use of lower lead concentrations and a more optimal linkage of food consumption and concentration data. When a pan-European approach, using a harmonised food categorisation system and "European" concentration data, results in a possible health risk related to the intake of an environmental chemical for a certain country, it is advisable to refine this assessment, as part of a tiered approach, using national occurrence data, including an optimised linkage between foods analysed and consumed for that country. In the case of lack of occurrence data, these data can be supplemented with data from the "European" concentration database or by generating additional concentration data at country level. PMID:22950755

Boon, P E; Te Biesebeek, J D; Sioen, I; Huybrechts, I; Moschandreas, J; Ruprich, J; Turrini, A; Azpiri, M; Busk, L; Christensen, T; Kersting, M; Lafay, L; Liukkonen, K-H; Papoutsou, S; Serra-Majem, L; Traczyk, I; De Henauw, S; Van Klaveren, J D



Science: News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This online news digest features daily news from ScienceNOW and weekly news articles and features from Science magazine. The site provides free access to daily news articles less than four weeks old; accessing other news content requires a membership or subscription. Articles are searchable by keyword or term. Users may also register for email news alerts and RSS feeds.


Understanding ‘Utilitarian’ Support for European Integration in Scotland and Wales: the Role of Economic Interests, National Identity and Party Support  

Microsoft Academic Search

While the changing positions of ethnic and regionalist parties towards European integration have been studied in detail recently, there has been comparatively little attention given to the attitudes of sub-state electorates. This paper assesses the impact of socio-economic status, partisanship, national identity and other explanatory factors on attitudes towards European Union membership in two distinct regions of the UK. It

Ben Clements



TV News Flow Studies Revisited.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Compares different theoretical approaches to the study of international news. Finds many comparative studies of the foreign news output of national broadcasters and few studies analyzing the actual flow of television news between actors at the wholesale level and the flow between wholesale and retail level. Suggests a better framework for the…

Hjarvard, Stig



News Items - Team Science Toolkit

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The Russian News Service  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This website, a service of the European Information Network, brings English-language news and background to users each weekday. Russia Today gathers news about Russia, the Confederation of Independent States, and the Baltics. The site offers current headlines (along with the time that they were most recently updated), business news, travel information, and links to local media. New stories are drawn primarily from Reuters. An archive holds back issues. Users who want to stay current on issues affecting these regions will benefit from the professional approach this site brings to coverage.


Space Science News Headlines: NASA  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) keeps the public abreast of recent breakthroughs in space science via Space Science News Headlines, an almost daily email service. Recent stories cover SOHO, the Leonid meteor storm, and Europa's frigid oceans. Space Science News Headlines reaches beyond the scientific community; advances and discoveries in space studies are relayed in an understandable, jargon-free manner. Interested readers can browse through past news archives or subscribe to future news stories via the homepage.


Science 360 News Service  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The Science 360 News Service gathers news "from wherever science is happening." It is a valuable service sponsored by the National Science Foundation featuring video clips, interviews, and solid news reporting. On their homepage, visitors can look over Today's Video, which might feature anything from a nanosponge that can soak up oil spills to new carbon forms. After that, visitors should head on over to the Breaking Story area of the site, which profiles a new story from the world of science. The section What the Blogs Are Saying Today is a great way to stay up to date with breaking science news, as it brings together the latest from NPR, Earthsky, Scientific American, and other high quality resources. Visitors can also click on the Sections heading which includes hundreds of photographs, news videos, and links to a world of other science news sites.


Proposal for national targets in the framework of the European reduction goal for early school leaving  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

According to the European Commission's "Europe 2020" strategy, the early school leaving (ESL) rate in European Union (EU) Member States must be reduced to a maximum of 10 per cent by 2020. This paper proposes a nonlinear distribution method based on dynamic targets for reducing the percentage of early school leavers. The aim of this method is to provide policymakers with alternatives in terms of transferring the EU-wide headline target to individual national targets. Weighting was based on four indicators: ESL rate, unemployment rate, expenditure on education as a percentage of the gross domestic product (GDP), and expenditure on schools per student. As a result, nine possible scenarios for ESL reduction have been constructed for each of the EU Member States in three groups: the whole EU up to June 2013 (EU27), EU Member States which joined before 30 April 2004 (EU15) and EU Member States which joined after 30 April 2004 (EU12). This method allows the European policy to be translated into specific national targets that would converge in the aggregate goal.

Lastra-Bravo, Xavier B.; Tolón-Becerra, Alfredo; Salinas-Andújar, José A.



Cultural Dimensions of Digital Library Development, Part II: The Cultures of Innovation in Five European National Libraries (Narratives of Development)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article presents the narrative accounts of the beginnings of digital library programs in five European national libraries: Biblioteca nacional de Portugal, Bibliotheque nationale de France, Die Deutsche Bibliothek, the National Library of Scotland, and the British Library. Based on interviews with policy makers and developers of digital…

Dalbello, Marija



Educating the European Citizen in the Global Age: Engaging with the Post-National and Identifying a Research Agenda  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In recent decades there have been increased calls for UK schools to develop a more European and global orientation in their pedagogy and curriculum, and to equip children and young people with post-national knowledge, skills, and dispositions. This paper examines some key problems in post-national conceptions of citizenship education, in order to…

Marshall, Harriet



Friends of the National Library of Medicine - Health News for You & Yours  


... Current Issue Past Issues Friends of the National Library of Medicine Past Issues / Summer 2008 Table of ... On behalf of the Friends of the National Library of Medicine (FNLM), welcome to the Summer 2008 ...


DCTD — News & Events

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NEWS AND VIEWS PERSPECTIVE Novel insights into the emergence of pathogens: the case of chestnut chestnut blight. Once the pathogen was introduced into the East- ern US, where chestnuts were predominant- nut C. dentata and European chestnut C. sativa, respec- tively (Anagnostakis 1987) (Fig. 1

Grünwald, Niklaus J.


4/27/12 -National Science Foundation (NSF) News -Can Nature's Beauty Lift Citizens From Poverty?... 1/  

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, but it isn't an automatic ticket out of poverty for the humans who live there, a unique longterm study shows's Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda. Credit and Larger Version #12;4/27/12 - National laboratory to study the complex interactions of humans and nature. "This study shows the power of having



EPA Science Inventory

The draft "Overview" report from the U.S. National Assessment was released today for a 60-day public comment period. The report, entitled "Climate Change Impacts on the United States: The Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change" was written by the National Assess...


LabUPDATE ISSUE 7 JUNE 11, 2003 News about the Berkeley, Livermore and Los Alamos national laboratories,  

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the president (continued on back) RESEARCH AND PUBLIC SERVICE NEWS MANAGEMENT NEWS RECORD LASER OUTPUT on its way to becoming one of the jewels of NNSA and the nuclear weapons complex." The tremendous energy and in exploding nuclear weapons. SCANNING FOR ENERGY: Lawrence Berkeley Lab scientists have developed a portable X

Knowles, David William


InterNIC News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The _NSF Network News_, InterNIC Information Services' bimonthly publication, is now available on the Web. The current issue features an interview with the new Executive Director of the Internet Society, Tony Rutkowski, as well as a full-length article about the new NSFNET architecture, with a topology map; a Regional NIC Report from NorthWestNet about health care providers and the Internet; a news brief on current and pending National Information Infrastructure (NII) legislation, with a table of current legislation and status; and regular features of the _NSF Network News_ such as the InterNIC Event Calendar and updates from InterNIC partners.


External Actors and National Preference Formation: European Energy Security Policy & Relations with Russia  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This dissertation examines how Russia has impacted the development of a common European energy security policy through case studies of six member states which represent a variety of perspectives on integration and relations with Russia. These case studies focus on how national preferences on energy security policy are formed and the role, if any, Russia has played. The cases, which include Germany, Poland, UK, Bulgaria, Lithuania and France, rely on open source data and interviews with member states' Permanent Representations and subject matter experts from a variety of institutions both in Brussels and in the member states. The cases were selected based on factors such as size, wealth, energy dependence, historic relations with Russia, and membership in the former Eastern Bloc.

Le Renard, Callie


Comprehensive mapping of national school food policies across the European Union plus Norway and Switzerland  

PubMed Central

Childhood obesity is a major public health challenge in Europe. Schools are seen as an important setting to promote healthy diet and lifestyle in a protected environment and school food-related practices are essential in this regard. To understand what policy frameworks European countries have created to govern these practices, a systematic assessment of national school food policies across the European Union plus Norway and Switzerland (n?=?30 countries) was carried out. The survey revealed that all 30 countries currently have a school food policy in place; a total of 34 relevant policies were identified, 18 of which were mandatory and the remaining 16 voluntary. Major policy objectives specified were those to improve child nutrition (97% of policies), to help children learn and adopt healthy diet and lifestyle habits (94%) and to reduce or prevent childhood obesity (88%). Most commonly (>90%), the policies offered food-based standards for menu composition, and portion sizes were guided by age-appropriate energy requirements. Lunch and snacks were the most widely addressed mealtimes for almost 90% of all policies examined. Other important areas covered included food marketing to children; the availability of vending services; training requirements for catering staff; and whether nutrition education is a mandatory part of the national curriculum. Evaluation was mentioned in 59% of the school food policies reviewed. Future analyses should focus on evaluating the implementation of these policies and more importantly, their effectiveness in meeting the objectives defined therein. Comparable and up-to-date information along with data on education, attainment and public health indicators will enable a comprehensive impact assessment of school food policies and help facilitate optimal school food provision for all. PMID:25663818

Storcksdieck genannt Bonsmann, S




EPA Science Inventory

I am very pleased to announce the release of the First U.S. National Assessment, "Climate Change Impacts on the United States: The Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change." President Clinton announced the completion of this first comprehensive assessment of the p...


2 UBC In The News 3 ItTakes Green to Go Green First Nations Foresters  

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UBC initiative bridges the gap betweenFirst Nations communities and B.C. Forestry industry. BY HELEN Smorden shares a unique outlook with Amy Anderson of Acadia Child Care. Photo: Martin Dee 5 Refugee Initiative. Photo: Martin Dee Desperately seeking daycare? UBC's award-winning facility looks at expansion

Farrell, Anthony P.


The Modernisation of European Universities: Cross-National Academic Perspectives. Higher Education Research and Policy. Volume 1  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The recent decade brought about new ways of thinking about universities. European-level educational policies became increasingly influential as the agenda of university reforms was viewed as part of greater Lisbon strategy reforms. National governments adopted the economic concept of the university consistently developed in subsequent official…

Kwiek, Marek, Ed.; Kurkiewicz, Andrzej, Ed.



New Zealand = Maori, New Zealand = Bicultural: Ethnic Group Differences in a National Sample of Maori and Europeans  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

New Zealand (NZ) Europeans show a unique implicit bicultural effect, with research using the Implicit Association Test consistently showing that they associate Maori (the Indigenous peoples) and their own (dominant/advantaged majority) group as equally representative of the nation. We replicated and extended this NZ = bicultural effect in a small…

Harding, Jessica F.; Sibley, Chris G.; Robertson, Andrew



Youth, Europe and the Nation: The Political Knowledge, Interests and Identities of the New Generation of European Youth  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Europe is undergoing considerable demographic, economic, cultural and socio-political change. National citizenship identities have been challenged by the simultaneous processes of European integration and the migration of people into and across Europe. This paper explores how the current generation of youth relates towards Europe, and highlights…

Faas, Daniel



West European and American Public Opinion on Peace, Defence, and Arms Control in a Cross-National Perspective.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Summarizes public opinion on perceived threats to peace, the means considered most effective to preserve and strengthen peace, and attitudes toward military resistance, nuclear weapons, and defense spending. The data presented span several years and are often reported for individual West European nations. (JDH)

Adler, Kenneth P.



Capitol Watch Daily News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Capitol Watch On Line offers content on what's going on in the nations capital daily. A dozen or more headline stories plus a special interests section and links to the Federal News Service and other government sites. "Live chat with candidates and the leaders of our nation" is promised to be coming in 2 weeks.



Internal Controls and Foreign News Coverage: Pacific Press Systems.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Examines 27 daily and weekly newspapers from 25 Pacific Basin countries to determine if any national characteristics are revealed in national news media that lead those media to emphasize particular kinds of foreign news events. (JMF)

Nnaemeka, Tony; Richstad, Jim



National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse  


... Statistics Research Resources About Us Español National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse Publications Tools and Resources E-News Subscribe to E-news Go Health Information Services National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse National Digestive Diseases ...


LabUPDATE ISSUE 5 MAY 1, 2003 News about the Berkeley, Livermore and Los Alamos national laboratories,  

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appreciate that the Secretary is urging the University of California to compete. My instinct continues can be reached at news/archives/2003/apr30art1.htm President Atkinson's testimony

Knowles, David William


In The News Friday, February 11, 2011  

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In The News Friday, February 11, 2011 Tucson lawmakers lead effort to require reporting of violent heart portably 02/11/2011 KVOA Tucson News View Clip Two Worlds Find a Common Ground: "Sages and Scientists Symposium" (Stuart Hameroff, MD) 02/11/2011 News Zone View Clip National Movement Springs from

Arizona, University of


The Tone of Local Presidential News Coverage  

Microsoft Academic Search

There is little research on the tone of local news coverage of the presidency, despite the public's preference for local rather than national news. I use theories of media politics, based primarily on the profit-seeker model of news coverage, to explore the impact of newspaper characteristics, audience preferences, and story characteristics on local newspaper coverage of the presidency. Based on

Matthew Eshbaugh-Soha



Forex News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Forex News, by the Money Garden Financial Group, is a source of foreign exchange (FOREX) news and analysis. Site contents are updated daily, and articles cover political issues in Europe, Japan, Brazil, and beyond, as well as currency trading.


Entertainment News Breaking headlines and  

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Corrid... UK News Older Sibling Reduces Chances of Kids Wednesday, 26th September 2007, 07:34 Having Chances of Kids - UK News Headlines 18/11/2007 Comment: Please prove you are human by typing the following code into the box: Copyright © 2007 National

Lummaa, Virpi


Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact: Proposed Improvements at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility Newport News, Virginia  

SciTech Connect

The U. S. Department of Energy (DOE), in this Environmental Assessment (EA), reports the results of an analysis of the potential environmental impacts from the proposed construction of various site improvements and the proposed installation and operation of the Helios light source at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab) in Newport News, Virginia. Jefferson Lab is operated by the Southeastern Universities Research Association, Inc. (SURA) under contract to DOE. With this proposal, DOE intends to construct no more than four major two or three story additions totaling about 151,000 sq. ft. (square feet) to CEBAF Center, the main facility administration building, and the addition of three new single story and one two story operations support structures on the accelerator site. The structures are a 28,000 sq. ft. storage building, a 15,100 sq. ft. technical support building, a 3,500 sq. ft. refrigeration service building, and a two-story 22,600 sq. ft addition to the Free Electron Laser (FEL) facility. The proposed action also involves the installation and operation of the Helios (High-Energy Lithography Source) accelerator in the FEL Addition. DOE proposes to take this action to provide Jefferson Lab with improved staff and operations support facilities that, along with the operation of Helios, will provide an increased capability to facilitate accelerator and physics program operations. Support activities necessary to effect the installation and operation of Helios would begin in Fiscal Year (FY) 03. It is expected that the Helios machine should be available to serve developmental and operational activities in support of the physics program later in FY 04. In this EA, DOE presents the no action alternative, alternatives considered and dismissed, and the proposed action alternative. It also evaluates the impacts of each.

N /A



U.S. News Online  

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U.S. News Online offers their weekly news magazine, as well as daily newsupdates, photo essays, sound bites, and special features. Sections include: News Watch, Washington Connection, Town Hall, News You Can Use, College Fair and the Current Issue. Special features include Election '96, with election stories, photos, background information, and links to candidates' web sites. People Power offers citizens a complete reference for finding their congressional representatives, researching their financing histories, biographical information, and ratings by special interest groups. The interactive game Mind Junket offers winners the chance to see Clinton morph into Newt Gingrich. The Clock Page lets visitors keep track of the national debt, world population,and more.


Accounting for National-Level Public Support for European Integration: Comparing a New Method to Existing Methods for Time-Series Cross-Section Data  

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This paper addresses two topics: public support for European integration and the statistical analysis of pooled time-series cross-section (TSCS) data. With respect to the first topic, previous research has largely found that national-level public opinion on European integration varies little with national economic conditions and is largely attributable to nation- specific factors. We develop and evaluate empirically a political-economy model

Harvey D. Palmer; Matthew Gabel


News media coverage of euthanasia: a content analysis of Dutch national newspapers  

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Background The Netherlands is one of the few countries where euthanasia is legal under strict conditions. This study investigates whether Dutch newspaper articles use the term ‘euthanasia’ according to the legal definition and determines what arguments for and against euthanasia they contain. Methods We did an electronic search of seven Dutch national newspapers between January 2009 and May 2010 and conducted a content analysis. Results Of the 284 articles containing the term ‘euthanasia’, 24% referred to practices outside the scope of the law, mostly relating to the forgoing of life-prolonging treatments and assistance in suicide by others than physicians. Of the articles with euthanasia as the main topic, 36% described euthanasia in the context of a terminally ill patient, 24% for older persons, 16% for persons with dementia, and 9% for persons with a psychiatric disorder. The most frequent arguments for euthanasia included the importance of self-determination and the fact that euthanasia contributes to a good death. The most frequent arguments opposing euthanasia were that suffering should instead be alleviated by better care, that providing euthanasia can be disturbing, and that society should protect the vulnerable. Conclusions Of the newspaper articles, 24% uses the term ‘euthanasia’ for practices that are outside the scope of the euthanasia law. Typically, the more unusual cases are discussed. This might lead to misunderstandings between citizens and physicians. Despite the Dutch legalisation of euthanasia, the debate about its acceptability and boundaries is ongoing and both sides of the debate are clearly represented. PMID:23497284



A Brave New World for International News? Exploring the Determinants of the Coverage of Foreign News on US Websites  

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\\/ This study content analyzed international news published on two of the most visited websites in the US, and The influences of trade, existence of news agencies, national traits and cultural and geographic proximity on these two news websites were examined. The international news from the online version was analyzed and compared with the print and broadcast versions.

H. Denis Wu



European Central Bank  

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Together with the national central banks of the European Union, the European Central Bank (ECB) collects statistical information and governs the European System of Central Banks (ESCB). Legal texts about the ECB, the ESCB, and the European Monetary Union (EMI) are provided in addition to press releases, speeches, euro area statistics and selected publications of the EMI (in eleven European languages).


E-print Network FOX SPORTS CLASSIFIEDS NEWSPAPERS Search the web Go Home NEWS SECTIONS Breaking news State National World Sport Commonwealth Games 2006 Football Business The Eye Entertainment Technology is our online newspaper library ­ with more than 150 papers archived. You need to register to search. BUY

McGraw, Kevin J.


Proposal for National Targets in the Framework of the European Reduction Goal for Early School Leaving  

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According to the European Commission's "Europe 2020" strategy, the early school leaving (ESL) rate in European Union (EU) Member States must be reduced to a maximum of 10 per cent by 2020. This paper proposes a nonlinear distribution method based on dynamic targets for reducing the percentage of early school leavers. The aim of this…

Lastra-Bravo, Xavier B.; Tolón-Becerra, Alfredo; Salinas-Andújar, José A.



European Funding Opportunities for Researchers of All Nationalities and Research Fields  

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on Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) and the European Research Council (ERC) Grants Stimulate between Canadian and European innovators. 10:00am ­ 10:40am Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions ­ Dr. Gabriela offered by the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions for researchers to come to Europe. It will guide

Abolmaesumi, Purang


Documents in the News  

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The University of Michigan Government Documents center provides a Documents in the News page. Taken from official sources, this page has full text documents on such subjects as Yitzhak Rabin's assassination, Bosnia, the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Ebola Virus, the United Nations Conference on Women, the G7 Summit, term limits, and the Unabomber, among many others.

York, Grace Ann.



News and Events

The National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Biorepositories and Biospecimen Research Branch (BBRB) is routinely involved in events and activities to support biospecimen best practices and harmonization of biospecimen efforts. Here you will find information on recent news, events and links to background information about BBRB and its efforts.


News and Events | Resources

The National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Cancer Diagnosis Program (CDP) is routinely involved in events and activities in support of its mission. Here you will find information on recent news, events and links to background information about CDP and its efforts.


European Industrial Relations Observatory Online  

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The European Industrial Relations Observatory Online (EIROnline) was developed by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, an autonomous body created by the European Community. The aim of the site is to "initiate, collect, store, disseminate and provide access to information and analysis on developments in industrial relations" in the 15 European Union member states and Norway. Visitors will find the latest industrial relations news and feature articles arranged by country. There is also a bimonthly publication called the EIRObserver summarizing the news and items over the past two months.


Extraterrestrial environmental physics was very much in the news in January 2005 when the European Space Agency's Huygens probe touched down on  

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the European Space Agency's Huygens probe touched down on the surface of Titan, the largest moon of Saturn. During its descent the probe measured Titan's atmosphere, including temperature, pressure, wind, aerosols back from Titan Images from the European Space Agency. More information on the Huygens mission

Williams, Paul


Is It Really News?  

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A leading national newspaper has stated that the majority of the information contained in its pages is in the form of advertisements. To investigate this, portions of the local newspaper are distributed to students working in groups. The class first reaches consensus on their definitions of "news" and other general headings (sports, entertainment, etc.). Students then express the ratio of the area of each category to the area of the page as a fraction and decimal. After analyzing the entire newspaper, students decide how much of it is really news.

PBS Mathline



France, Italy, and Spain: Culturally Similar Nations, Yet Drastically Different In Their Roles as European Union Nations  

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Since France, Italy and Spain are neighboring Western European countries, whose languages and cultures have descended from Latin, it is inevitable that these countries share similarities on many levels. France, Italy and Spain share similar lifestyles, religious values and cultural heritages. Throughout history France, Italy and Spain have experienced many of the same historical events because of their geographical proximity.

Laura Hettinger



Geology in the News  

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For this activity students read the newspaper on a daily basis, listen to news on the radio, or watch television, to acquire material related to the earth sciences. They will look for natural hazards (earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, hurricanes, etc.), human-made hazards (urbanization, compromised engineering projects, etc.), environmental issues, or resource extraction issues which all appear in the news with great frequency and are easily accessible. Students are reminded that they should look for information on the local level (water quality, solid waste management, development issues, etc.), as well as national and world wide issues. The news items may then be presented to the class as show-and-tell exercises with follow-up discussion by the class; a bulletin board that could be dedicated to posting the geologic events of the week; or scrapbooks of events, arranged either chronologically or by category of events compiled by individuals or classes.

David Mogk


Transponder News  

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Transponder News offers several articles that explore the technology of radio frequency identification (RFID) in greater detail. Topics include choosing the frequency, types of RFID systems, suppliers, trends, and technical reports. Visitors will also find links to interviews, standards, and registration for Transponder News' newsletter of site updates.

Marsh, Mike


Industry News

Myriad RBM announces Oncology MAP v2.0Myriad RBM, a former recipient of Small Business Innovations Research funding from the NCI, has recently announced the launch of OncologyMAP® v2.0. Print This Page Industry News, eProtein News and Events


RFID News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

For additional updates on the development of RFID technology, RFID News maintains current news about emerging standards (including the controversial ISO 11784/85 standard), innovative applications, and general issues. Some topics covered include pet identification devices, intellectual property, and court cases involving RFID.


Acoustical standards news.  


American National Standards (ANSI Standards) developed by Accredited Standards Committees S1, S2, S3, and S12 in the areas of acoustics, mechanical vibration and shock, bioacoustics, and noise, respectively, are published by the Acoustical Society of America (ASA). In addition to these standards, ASA publishes catalogs of Acoustical Standards, both National and International. To receive copies of the latest Standards catalogs, please contact Susan B. Blaeser.Comments are welcomed on all material in Acoustical Standards News.This Acoustical Standards News section in JASA, as well as the National and International Catalogs of Acoustical Standards, and other information on the Standards Program of the Acoustical Society of America, are available via the ASA Standards home page: PMID:25786973

Blaeser, Susan B; Schomer, Paul D



NEWS BRIEFS News in Brief  

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| 11:58 am CDT | Weather | Free Email Newsletter Sign-Up ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT E SEARCH ARTICLES News Opinions Events Specials Weekend! Photos Contact Us 6/30/2008News in Brief - Fort Worth Business Press URL: #12;The federal government

Chiao, Jung-Chih


Cultural Dimensions of Digital Library Development, Part I: Theory and Methodological Framework for a Comparative Study of the Cultures of Innovation in Five European National Libraries  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This study examines the influence of culture on digital libraries of the first wave. The local cultures of innovation of five European national libraries (Biblioteca nacional de Portugal, Bibliotheque nationale de France, Die Deutsche Bibliothek, the National Library of Scotland, and the British Library) are reconstructed in case histories from…

Dalbello, Marija



Basic Space Science; United Nations\\/European Space Agency Workshop for Developing Countries, 2nd, San Jose, Costa Rica, November 2-7, 1992  

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The study of the world beyond the sky and how it interacts with the Earth is not only of interest to nations like the United States, but also to developing countries around the world. One aspect of this broad field, Planetary Science, was covered by a United Nations\\/European Space Agency (UN\\/ESA) workshop. Topics discussed included: the Chicxulub Impact Crater in

Walter Fernandez; Hans J. Haubold



Eastern European Militant Nationalism: Some Causes and Measures to Counteract It  

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It is hypothesized that there are causes of militant nationalism specific to the historical time and region. Specifically, 4 hypotheses are offered: (a) Because nationalism was virtually outlawed under communism, it went underground, and in the former satellite nations it emerged from something like a deep freeze reconstituted in its 1940s form; (b) because communist ideology was paranoid, the stage

Thomas M. Pick



Pulse News  

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It can be quite fun to read the news, but about what the beauty of viewing a clutch of colorful news sites? Pulse is an "elegant news reading application" designed for the iPhone, Android, and other mobile devices. The application uses colorful panning story bars and populates them with content from sources (such as CNN, the BBC, and so on) selected by the user. Visitors can sign up for a free account, and they will also want to read over the FAQ section on the site.



Comparison of the National Research Council Energy System for Lactating Cows with Four European Systems  

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The structure, prediction steps, and accuracy of the US (NRC), United Kingdom (ARC), Dutch (VEM), French (UFL), and German (NEL) systems for feed- ing high producing cows were compared. Simulations were made using 15 feeds ranging from hays to cereals. Agreement was satisfactory among European systems for the prediction of metabolizable energy and net energy for lactation (NEL) contents of

M. Vermorel; J. B. Coulon



Crustacean diseases in European legislation: Implications for importing and exporting nations  

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EC Council Directive 2006\\/88\\/EC, adopted during 2008, has for the first time introduced controls for crustacean diseases to be applied across all Member States of the European Union. It lists three crustacean diseases, all of which are caused by viral pathogens and primarily associated with the production of marine penaeid shrimp: White Spot Disease (WSD) caused by the White Spot

G. D. Stentiford; B. Oidtmann; A. Scott; E. J. Peeler



Leader Age and National Condition: A Longitudinal Analysis of 25 European Monarchs.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Analyzed the reigns of 25 long-tenured European absolute monarchs for 238 five-year age periods to determine the relationship between age and achievement in the politico-military domain. Results indicated that age negatively correlated with success in foreign wars and with treaty negotiation, and positively correlated with civil instability at…

Simonton, Dean Keith



Depression in Europe: does migrant integration have mental health payoffs? A cross-national comparison of 20 European countries.  


Objectives. Depression is a leading cause of ill health and disability. As migrants form an increasing group in Europe, already making up about 8.7% of the population in 2010, knowledge on migrant-related inequalities in depression is of main public health interest. In this study, we first assess whether migrants in Europe are at higher risk for depression compared to the native population. Second, we assess whether the association between migration and depression is dependent on different forms of migrant integration. Migrant integration is looked at both from the individual and from the national level. Design. Hierarchical linear regression analyses based on data for 20 countries in the European Social Survey 2006/2007 (N = 37,076 individuals aged 15 or more). Depression is measured using the center for Epidemiologic Depression Scale. We consider migrant integration over time (first- and second-generation migrants, differentiated according to European Union (EU) or non-EU origin), barriers to integration (low educational level, financial difficulties, being out of the labor market, ethnic minority status, discrimination), and the host country environment (national migrant integration policy). Controls are gender, age, partner relationship, social support, and welfare state regime. Results. Natives and second-generation migrants do not differ significantly in their risk profile for depression. First-generation migrants show higher levels of depression, with those born outside of Europe to be the worst off. This higher risk for depression is not attributable to ethnic minority status but is mainly due to experienced barriers to socioeconomic integration and processes of discrimination. A country's national policy on migrant integration shows not to soften the depressing effect of being a first-generation migrant nor does it have indirect beneficial health effects by reducing barriers to integration. Conclusion. In Europe, first-generation EU and non-EU migrants experience higher levels of depression. Second-generation migrants and natives show similar risk profiles. PMID:24517205

Levecque, Katia; Van Rossem, Ronan



Home | Register Web Search: News Home Page  

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Home | Register Web Search: News Home Page News Digest Photo Galleries Politics Nation Science bright to dark; each change represents one digital "bit" of information. The problem is equivalent) [4/7/2000 2:39:49 PM] #12;Toolbox On the Web Census information Federal crime data Economy by region

Hochberg, Michael


National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse  


... About Us Español National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse Publications Tools and Resources E-News Subscribe to E-news Go Health Information Services National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse National Digestive Diseases ...


Real-Time News Event Extraction for Global Crisis Monitoring  

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This paper presents a real-time news event extraction system developed by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.\\u000a It is capable of accurately and efficiently extracting violent and disaster events from online news without using much linguistic\\u000a sophistication. In particular, in our linguistically relatively lightweight approach to event extraction, clustered news have\\u000a been heavily exploited at various stages of

Hristo Tanev; Jakub Piskorski; Martin Atkinson



Comparison of the National Research Council energy system for lactating cows with four European systems.  


The structure, prediction steps, and accuracy of the US (NRC), United Kingdom (ARC), Dutch (VEM), French (UFL), and German (NEL) systems for feeding high producing cows were compared. Simulations were made using 15 feeds ranging from hays to cereals. Agreement was satisfactory among European systems for the prediction of metabolizable energy and net energy for lactation (NEL) contents of feeds and the quantities of feeds in balanced diets necessary to meet the energy requirements of lactating cows. The metabolizable energy and NEL contents of feeds seemed overestimated by the US system compared with results using the European systems, and the ratio of NEL to total digestible nutrients was almost constant, unlike the other systems. Estimating the NEL content of feeds for a level three times maintenance intake allowed satisfactory rationing for the production of 20 to 25 kg of fat-corrected milk/d. However, feed allowances seemed underestimated for higher milk production, especially with diets based on hay, probably because of the overestimation of feed NEL content, the underestimation of level of feeding, and the effects associated with feeding levels > 3 and high concentrate diets. PMID:9565890

Vermorel, M; Coulon, J B



Oral health and welfare state regimes: a cross-national analysis of European countries  

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Very little is known about the potential relationship between welfare state regimes and oral health. This study assessed the oral health of adults in a range of European countries clustered by welfare regimes according to Ferrera's typology and the complementary Eastern type. We analysed data from Eurobarometer wave 72.3, a cross-sectional survey of 31 European countries carried out in 2009. We evaluated three self-reported oral health outcomes: edentulousness, no functional dentition (<20 natural teeth), and oral impacts on daily living. Age-standardized prevalence rates were estimated for each country and for each welfare state regime. The Scandinavian regime showed lower prevalence rates for all outcomes. For edentulousness and no functional dentition, there were higher prevalence rates in the Eastern regime but no significant differences between Anglo-Saxon, Bismarckian, and Southern regimes. The Southern regime presented a higher prevalence of oral impacts on daily living. Results by country indicated that Sweden had the lowest prevalences for edentulousness and no functional dentition, and Denmark had the lowest prevalence for oral impacts. The results suggest that Scandinavian welfare states, with more redistributive and universal welfare policies, had better population oral health. Future research should provide further insights about the potential mechanisms through which welfare-state regimes would influence oral health. PMID:23659239

Guarnizo-Herreño, Carol C; Tsakos, Georgios; Sheiham, Aubrey; Watt, Richard G



ProSound News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

ProSound News is an online source for news and information in all facets of the recording industry. News articles are added frequently throughout each business day. In addition to providing appropriate news coverage, the site also features classifieds and an industry calendar. The archives of their news section contains news dating back to 2003. ProSound News is a service of United Entertainment Media.


News & Announcements  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

News from Journal House

National Chemistry Week (NCW)

<span class=National Chemistry Week"> Celebrating Chemistry and Art is the theme of NCW 2001, to be held November 4-10, 2001. As you make plans for participating in the celebrations in your area, keep in mind that JCE is developing special materials on this theme, which will appear in our October issue: Classroom Activities, a comprehensive Illustrated Resource Paper, Report from Online, specially written brief articles illustrated in color, articles related to the theme, and CLIPs (Chemical Laboratory Information Profiles).

Awards Announced

Passer Award

Passer Award recipients from the April 1 closing date are:
  • George Bennett, Millikin University, Decatur, IL
  • Daniel Berger, Bluffton College, Bluffton, OH
  • Karen Dunlap, Sierra College, Rocklin, CA
  • Myung-Hoon Kim, Georgia Perimeter College, Dunwoody, GA
  • Cheryl Longfellow, Philadelphia University, Philadelphia, PA
  • Jerry Maas, Oakton Community College, Des Plaines, IL
  • Tim Royappa, University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL

Visiting Scientist Award, Western Connecticut Section

Diane Bunce, The Catholic University of America, has been selected as the 2001 Visiting Scientist of the Western Connecticut Section of the ACS. The award, presented annually since 1967, brings an outstanding chemical educator to visit high schools in Fairfield County, CT. In May, Bunce visited three high schools, Christian Heritage School, Fairfield High School, and Greenwich High School, where she interacted with teachers and students and presented lectures and demonstrations to several chemistry classes. She was also keynote speaker at the ACS local section's Education Night. The awardee is selected by a committee of university and high school teachers, industrial chemists, and the previous Visiting Scientist; there is an honorarium of 1500 plus expenses.

Welch Award

Roger D. Kornberg, a professor of structural biology at the Stanford University School of Medicine, received the 2001 Welch Award for his discovery of the nucleosome and establishing its role in gene regulation; for his discovery of a giant complex of 20 proteins known as the "Mediator", which regulates the transcription process; and for determining the atomic structure of RNA polymerase II. The 300,000 award salutes Kornberg's lifetime contributions to biochemistry.

NSTA Teacher Awards

During its 2001 national convention the National Science Teachers Association presented prizes and awards to teachers for their exemplary teaching practices and commitment to quality science education. Many appear below.
Distinguished Service to Science Education Award
  • JoAnne Vasquez, Science Consultant, Gilbert, AZ
  • Richard F. Duncan, Beaverton Administrative Center, Beaverton, OR
  • Mitchell E. Batoff, New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ
Distinguished Informal Science Education Award
  • Al Stenstrup, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Madison, WI
Ciba Specialty Chemicals Education Foundation Exemplary Science Teaching Award, High School Level
  • Gerald Friday, Marquette High School, Milwaukee, WI
Gustav Ohaus Innovations in Science Teaching, High School
  • Mark Stefanski, Marin Academy, San Rafael, CA (first place)
  • James A. Szoka, Clarke County Hi




EPA Science Inventory

The draft "Overview" report from the U.S. National Assessment was released today for a 60-day public comment period. The report, entitled "Climate Change Impacts on the United States: The Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change," was written by the National Asses...


Dinosaur News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Publishing the latest findings and theories in the wide world of dinosaur science since 1998, Dinosaur News will raise the eyebrows of even the least paleontologically inclined. Did you know that tyrannosauruses may have hunted in packs? Are you curious where the apocalyptic asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs came from? Want to hear about the latest dinosaur exhibits from around the country â?? and the world? The Dinosaur News has all this and more. Visitors can explore a variety of features, including Links We Like and What Readers Say, but may wish to start with The Dinosaurnews Daily. This newsfeed-style site is updated daily and offers exciting headlines, photos, videos, and more. Make sure to sign up for the Dinosaur News Newsletter, then tour the well-appointed bookstore and the gift shop if so desired.


LabUPDATE ISSUE 4 APRIL 11, 2003 News about the Berkeley, Livermore and Los Alamos national laboratories,  

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Facility (DARHT). A key experimental tool to study how aging nuclear weapons behave in the absence of underground testing, DARHT began providing high-quality images to the nation's stockpile stewardship program

Knowles, David William


The Stranger within: Luxembourg's Early School System as a European Prototype of Nationally Legitimized International Blends (ca. 1794-1844)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This comparative analysis of Luxembourg's early school (law) system reveals the extent to which European school systems reflect "national-cultural idiosyncrasies" apart from "structural isomorphism". It first examines the legal soil into which the Luxembourg school system was implanted. Legislative pendular swings,…

Thyssen, Geert



The Labour Market Situation of EU and of Third Country Nationals in the European Union. Labour Market Research Topics No. 32.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The nonnational population and labor force in the 15 European Union (EU) member states were characterized from the standpoints of size and structure, and the labor market conditions faced by nationals and nonnationals were compared. In 1995, the nonnational labor force in the EU totaled approximately 7.8 million; nearly 3 million were citizens of…

Kiehl, Melanie; Werner, Heinz


United Nations\\/European Space Agency Workshops on Basic Space Science  

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In 1958, the United Nations (UN) formally recognized a new potential for international cooperation by establishing an ad hoc Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS). A year later the Committee became a permanent body, and by 1983 membership had expanded to 53 states, with more than half of the members coming from the developing world. In 1970,

H. J. Haubold; A. Ocampo; S. Torres; W. Wamsteker



The Mosaic of Europeanization. An Organizational Perspective on National Re-contextualization  

Microsoft Academic Search

EU-integration is increasing in scope, depth and geographical space. It affects virtually all aspects of policy-making in EU member states. However, at the national level the impact varies widely across countries and sectors. This duality is likely to increase with the enlargement to the East. How can this contradictory picture be accounted for, and what does it imply for our

Svein S. Andersen



Long-term dietary exposure to lead in young European children: comparing a pan-European approach with a national exposure assessment  

Microsoft Academic Search

Long-term dietary exposures to lead in young children were calculated by combining food consumption data of 11 European countries categorised using harmonised broad food categories with occurrence data on lead from different Member States (pan-European approach). The results of the assessment in children living in the Netherlands were compared with a long-term lead intake assessment in the same group using

P. E. Boon; J. D. te Biesebeek; I. Sioen; I. Huybrechts; J. Moschandreas; J. Ruprich; A. Turrini; M. Azpiri; L. Busk; T. Christensen; M. Kersting; L. Lafay; K.-H. Liukkonen; S. Papoutsou; L. Serra-Majem; I. Traczyk; S. de Henauw; J. D. van Klaveren



What's News?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

News analysis and entertainment media is part of a media literacy that helps students access, analyze, evaluate and create messages using media in various forms. Media literacy is a key asset in a democracy as well as a bridge to reading comprehension, as skillful media use and script-reading activities can support the English acquisition skills,…

Hobbs, Renee



Anime News  

E-print Network

Broadcast Transcript: They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So, if there is no picture for a news story, just make something up! This is the premise a Hong Kong-based computer animation company has based its success on. No video footage...

Hacker, Randi; Boyd, David



Computer News  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article presents several news stories about computers and technology. (1) Applied Science Associates of Narragansett, Rhode Island is providing computer modeling technology to help locate the remains to the USS Bonhomme Richard, which sank in 1779 after claiming a Revolutionary War victory. (2) Whyville, the leading edu-tainment virtual world…

Science Activities: Classroom Projects and Curriculum Ideas, 2007



Waste management in the European Union: National self-sufficiency and harmonization at the expense of economic efficiency?  

SciTech Connect

Since 1975, the European Union (EU) has developed an impressive body of waste management legislation, although, according to the principle of subsidiarity, responsibilities belong to the most local level at which the tasks can be carried out effectively. Using economic theory, this paper examines several factors that influence the efficient distribution of regulatory authority among the EU and the member states. The authors specifically analyze the role of harmonization that, in their opinion, will often lead to an overcentralization. Within this context, a second issue is becoming more important, as ongoing discussions show. If no consensus can be reached about harmonization, should member states be allowed to stop cross-border shipments of waste, or should the EU strive for a common market for waste? The authors take the position that most objections against waste shipments are not convincing, especially if the member states implement minimum standards for landfills and waste processing facilities and common information and control systems. Competition between different national regulations within adequate constraints that, e.g., control transboundary externalities leads to more efficient waste management structures in Europe than national self-sufficiency or centralized decision-making at the EU level.

Karl, H.; Ranne, O. [Friedrich-Schiller-Univ. Jena (Germany). Faculty of Economics] [Friedrich-Schiller-Univ. Jena (Germany). Faculty of Economics



Cross-National User Priorities for Housing Provision and Accessibility - Findings from the European innovAge Project.  


To develop an innovative information and communication technology (ICT) tool intended to help older people in their search for optimal housing solutions, a first step in the development process is to gain knowledge from the intended users. Thus the aim of this study was to deepen the knowledge about needs and expectations about housing options as expressed and prioritized by older people, people ageing with disabilities and professionals. A participatory design focus was adopted; 26 people with a range of functional limitations representing the user perspective and 15 professionals with a variety of backgrounds, participated in research circles that were conducted in four European countries. An additional 20 experts were invited as guests to the different research circle meetings. Three themes illustrating cross-national user priorities for housing provision and accessibility were identified: "Information barrier: accessible housing", "Information barrier: housing adaptation benefits", and "Cost barrier: housing adaptations". In conclusion, early user involvement and identification of cross-national differences in priorities and housing options will strengthen the development of a user-friendly ICT tool that can empower older people and people with disabilities to be more active consumers regarding housing provision. PMID:25739003

Haak, Maria; Slaug, Björn; Oswald, Frank; Schmidt, Steven M; Rimland, Joseph M; Tomsone, Signe; Ladö, Thomas; Svensson, Torbjörn; Iwarsson, Susanne



The European spruce bark beetle Ips typographus in a national park: from pest to keystone species  

Microsoft Academic Search

The influence of natural disturbance on biodiversity is poorly known in the intensively cultivated landscape of Europe. As\\u000a an example of insect disturbance we studied effects of gaps generated by outbreaks of the spruce bark beetle (Ips typographus) on biodiversity in the area of the National Park “Bavarian Forest” and compared them with openings (e.g. meadows) created\\u000a by humans in

Jörg Müller; Heinz Bußler; Martin Goßner; Thomas Rettelbach; Peter Duelli



National crisis, supranational opportunity: the Irish construction of abortion as a European service.  


In the late 1980s, the anti-abortion movement successfully sought injunctions against pregnancy counselling centres and students' unions in Ireland, preventing them from distributing information on how to obtain an abortion abroad. One of the defensive arguments that the students' unions employed was to claim that the distribution of abortion information was protected as an aspect of the free movement of services under European Community law. This paper addresses the implications of categorising abortion as a supranational economic service for feminist legal strategy. The advantages of categorising abortion as a service to which women have access as consumers are that it legitimates abortion and it provides a new strategy for making abortion claims. The disadvantages are that a woman's legal interest in abortion is based on her capacity to buy the service, fetal life is rendered devoid of value, and the service supplier has as much say about the abortion transaction as the woman consumer. If feminist legal strategy is to successfully use the legal construction of abortion as an economic service, it must work to minimise such negative implications. PMID:11424248

Fletcher, R



Risk perception, experience, and objective risk: a cross-national study with European emergency survivors.  


Understanding public risk perceptions and their underlying processes is important in order to learn more about the way people interpret and respond to hazardous emergency events. Direct experience with an involuntary hazard has been found to heighten the perceived risk of experiencing the same hazard and its consequences in the future, but it remains unclear if cross-over effects are possible (i.e., experience with one hazard influencing perceived risk for other hazards also). Furthermore, the impact of objective risk and country of residence on perceived risk is not well understood. As part of the BeSeCu (Behavior, Security, and Culture) Project, a sample of 1,045 survivors of emergencies from seven European countries (i.e., Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Turkey, and Italy) was drawn. Results revealed heightened perceived risk for emergency events (i.e., domestic and public fires, earthquakes, floods, and terrorist attacks) when the event had been experienced previously plus some evidence of cross-over effects, although these effects were not so strong. The largest country differences in perceived risk were observed for earthquakes, but this effect was significantly reduced by taking into account the objective earthquake risk. For fires, floods, terrorist attacks, and traffic accidents, only small country differences in perceived risk were found. Further studies including a larger number of countries are welcomed. PMID:24372277

Knuth, Daniela; Kehl, Doris; Hulse, Lynn; Schmidt, Silke



This has been optimized for release News Release  

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This has been optimized for release News Release Media Contact: Communications Organization. In December, India joined the original six ITER parties as a full partner in the ITER Project National Laboratory, relocatin... Page 1 of 1


NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release  

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within the health care system, providing high- quality health services to British Columbians in a variety-care settings, including medical clinics, mental health clinics, residential care and First Nations' healthNEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release [release number] Jan. 27, 2013 Ministry of Health Forty

Northern British Columbia, University of


Campus Child Care News, 1999.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This document is comprised of the three 1999 issues of a newsletter disseminating information on the National Coalition for Campus Child Care (NCCCC) and providing a forum for news, research, and information concerning campus child care centers. The February issue features program and registration information for the 1999 NCCCC conference,…

Newton, Marion F., Ed.



How States, Markets and Globalization Shape the NewsThe French and US National Press, 1965-97  

Microsoft Academic Search

This article presents a comparative content analysis of the US and French national press in the 1960s and 1990s to test hypotheses about the influence of media structure on journalistic discourse. The US and French press are presented as strongly contrasting models, with the US press more commercialized, and the French press more closely tied to the political field. Using

Rodney Benson; Daniel C. Hallin



High Fuel Costs Spark Increased Use of Wood for Home Heating by Brian Handwerk for National Geographic News  

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families reducing their costly household oil or gas dependence by turning to a traditional fuelHigh Fuel Costs Spark Increased Use of Wood for Home Heating by Brian Handwerk for National Hampshire. Just last week, Erik said, he had a discussion with his fuel-oil supplier about how little oil

South Bohemia, University of


LabUPDATE ISSUE 8 AUGUST 6, 2003 News about the Berkeley, Livermore and Los Alamos national laboratories,  

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system, we face very difficult decisions forced on us by the State of California's extraordinary budget, Wavefront Sciences, Boston Micromachines Corp. and Bausch & Lomb.) TELLER WINS PRESIDENTIAL MEDAL OF FREEDOM: LLNL director emeritus Edward Teller was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation

Knowles, David William



EPA Science Inventory

We are pleased to announce the release of the "Foundation" report for the first U.S. National Assessment, "Climate Change Impacts on the United States: The Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change." The "Foundation" report provides the scientific underpinnings f...


News mining for border security Intelligence  

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This presentation gives an overview of an effort to construct OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) tools for Frontex, the European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union, to facilitate automating the process of extracting structured knowledge from on-line news articles on border-security related events at the EU borders and in

Martin Atkinson; Jenya Belayaeva; Vanni Zavarella; Jakub Piskorski; Silja Huttunen; Arto Vihavainen; Roman Yangarber



Breaking News & Analysis on Food Ingredients SEARCH Search TipsNews & Analysis NEWS & ANALYSIS  

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Breaking News & Analysis on Food Ingredients SEARCH Search TipsNews & Analysis NEWS & ANALYSIS Science & Nutrition Financial & Industry Legislation Other Top Industry News PRODUCTS & SERVICES Products & Suppliers Events Market Reports Vitafoods preview 2003 Industry Services NEWS DELIVERY FREE NEWSLETTERS

Suslick, Kenneth S.


Maternal smoking and offspring inattention and hyperactivity: results from a cross-national European survey.  


In utero exposure to tobacco smoke is associated with adverse neonatal outcomes; the association with later childhood mental health outcomes remains controversial. We used a strategy involving comparison of maternal and paternal smoking reports in a sample pooling data from six diverse European countries. Data were drawn from mother (N = 4,517) and teacher (N = 4,611) reported attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms in school children aged 6-11 in Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Germany, and the Netherlands, surveyed in 2010. Mothers report on self and husband's smoking patterns during the pregnancy period. Logistic regression used with control covariates including demographics, maternal distress, live births, region, and post-pregnancy smoking. In unadjusted models, maternal prenatal smoking was associated with probable ADHD based on mother [Odds Ratio (OR) = 1.82, 95 % Confidence Interval (CI) 1.45-2.29], teacher (OR = 1.69, 95 % CI 1.33-2.14) and mother plus teacher (OR = 1.49, 95 % CI 1.03-2.17) report. Paternal prenatal smoking was similarly associated with probable ADHD in unadjusted models. When controlled for relevant confounders, maternal prenatal smoking remained a risk factor for offspring probable ADHD based on mother report (OR = 1.44, 95 % CI 1.06-1.96), whereas the effect of paternal prenatal smoking diminished (e.g., mother report: OR = 1.17, 95 % CI 0.92-1.49). Drawing on data from a diverse set of countries across Europe, we document that the association between maternal smoking and offspring ADHD is stronger than that of paternal smoking during the pregnancy period and offspring ADHD. To the extent that confounding is shared between parents, these results reflect a potential intrauterine influence of smoking on ADHD in children. PMID:25413602

Kovess, Viviane; Keyes, Katherine M; Hamilton, Ava; Pez, Ondine; Bitfoi, Adina; Koç, Ceren; Goelitz, Dietmar; Kuijpers, Rowella; Lesinskiene, Sigita; Mihova, Zlatka; Otten, Roy; Fermanian, C; Pilowsky, Daniel J; Susser, Ezra



Experiences and Perspectives of African-American, Latina/o, Asian-American and European-American Psychology Graduate Students: A National Study  

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A national, web-based survey of 1,222 African-American, Latina/o, Asian-American and European-American psychology graduate students revealed both similarities and differences in experiences and perspectives. Mentoring was found to be the strongest predictor of satisfaction across groups. Academic supports and barriers, along with perceptions of diversity were also important predictors of satisfaction. Students of color differed from European-American students in perceptions of fairness of representation of their ethnic group within psychology, and in aspects of the graduate school experience perceived as linked to ethnicity. Limitations of the study and implications for future research and action are discussed. PMID:21341899

Maton, Kenneth I.; Wimms, Harriette E.; Grant, Sheila K.; Wittig, Michele A.; Rogers, Margaret R.; Vasquez, Melba J. T.



Marine legislation--the ultimate 'horrendogram': international law, European directives & national implementation.  


The EU is a pre-eminent player in sustainable development, adopting more than 200 pieces of legislation that have direct repercussions for marine environmental policy and management. Over five decades, measures have aimed to protect the marine environment by tackling the impact of human activities, but maritime affairs have been dealt with by separate sectoral policies without fully integrating all relevant sectors. Such compartmentalisation has resulted in a patchwork of EU legislation and resultant national legislation leading to a piecemeal approach to marine protection. These are superimposed on international obligations emanating from UN and other bodies and are presented here as complex 'horrendograms' showing the complexity across vertical governance. These horrendograms have surprised marine experts despite them acknowledging the many uses and users of the marine environment. Encouragingly since 2000, the evolution in EU policy has progressed to more holistic directives and here we give an overview of this change. PMID:25088540

Boyes, Suzanne J; Elliott, Michael



Trans-Nationalization of Educational Policy Making: From European Innovation Projects in Adult Education to an Emerging European Space for Lifelong Learning: What Model for the European Vocational Education and Training Policy?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article is drawn from broader qualitative research on innovation in the field of professional adult training within the framework of European pilot projects such as the LEONARDO projects. This research aims at contributing to a general understanding of the phenomenon of innovation, in the context of European calls for projects, as an…

Bonnafous, Laurence



News Flash!  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This activity illustrates the interrelationship between science and engineering in the context of extinction prevention. There are two parts to the activity. The first part challenges students to think like scientists as they generate reports on endangered species and give presentations worthy of a news channel or radio broadcast. The second part puts students in the shoes of engineers, designing ways to help the endangered species.



Franchise News & Top Ranking Franchises  

NSDL National Science Digital Library's section on Franchise News claims to be the "Online Franchise Authority." Featured on the site is a collection of over 900 franchise opportunities, ranging from financial services to pet businesses. Browseable by name of company as well as by company sector, each franchise is described in detail, including its products or services, company background, costs and fees, number of national and international units, and corporate information. This section of provides the news and updates about today's most successful franchises.


Science News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Science News is the magazine of the Society for Science and the Public, and they certainly do deliver via their well designed website. There is a lot to read on the homepage alone and the material is pitched towards a general audience, so visitors don't need to be students of science to understand the articles. The "SN Bookshelf" offers reviews of the latest science-oriented books. The "SN Multimedia" section, near the bottom of the homepage, offers videos and photo slideshows to explain scientific research, such as the videos "Pigeons usually let best navigator take the lead" and "Fruit flies turn on auto-pilot." There is even a "Science News for Kids" section, accessible at the top of any page. For those visitors who are impressed by this site and want to continue learning about science, there is an e-mail alert or RSS feed available and there are dozens of topics to choose to get news from, as well as columns and features.


News & Announcements  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

News from Journal House

Guidelines for Submission The Journal's current Guide to Submissions can be found on pages 29-30 of this issue. They have been streamlined a bit and also include a handy check list. This information is also available on JCE Online at Wanted: Demo Checkers The Tested Demonstrations column needs people who like to try out demos. Column editor Ed Vitz is looking for additional volunteers to serve as "checkers" for manuscripts that have been submitted to the Journal for possible publication as Tested Demonstrations. A checker is expected to perform two functions: to review the manuscript for accuracy and novelty, and to attempt to perform the demonstration according to the procedure supplied by the author. Checkers may suggest important improvements in demonstration procedures, and for their efforts they are cited in the byline when the manuscript is published. For instance, the demo showing the yellow cascading precipitates (lead iodide) made from potassium iodide and lead nitrate was submitted by Wobbe de Vos and checked by Kim Kostka. The (yellow) cascading precipitates are from "Using Large Glass Cylinders To Demonstrate Chemical Reactions" that appeared in the April 1999 issue of JCE. We prefer that checkers begin the review process (which may in some cases involve procuring supplies) very soon after being contacted so that their review can be completed in the timely manner that authors deserve. Checkers are usually teachers who routinely present lecture demonstrations in their classes in either high school or colleges. We try not to call on checkers more often than once a year, which is one of the reasons for this request. Another is that we lose many highly valued, experienced checkers to retirement or other endeavors. Prospective checkers may want to look at a copy of the JCE Tested Demonstration Evaluation Form. It can be found on the Web at vitz/TD/TDhome.html. This site also has links to JCE guidelines for prospective authors. Volunteers should contact Vitz by the medium of their preference: Ed Vitz, Editor, Tested Demonstrations, Journal of Chemical Education, Department of Chemistry, Kutztown University, Kutztown, PA 19530; phone: 610/683-4443; fax: 610/683-1352; email:

Awards Announced

ACS Regional Awards in High School Chemistry Teaching The American Chemical Society has announced winners of regional awards in high school chemistry teaching for 1999. Winners have demonstrated excellence in teaching, exceptional ability to challenge and inspire students, extracurricular work, and willingness to keep up to date in the field. The award consists of two certificates (one for the recipient, the other for display at the recipient's school) and a cash prize of 1,000.
  • Thomas W. Adams, Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics & Humanities at Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana: Central Region
  • Arthur J. Crumm, Barstow School, Kansas City, Missouri: Midwest Region
  • Esther H. Freeman, Tabb High School, Yorktown, Virginia: Southeast Region
  • Joan A. Laredo-Liddell, St. Barnabas High School, Bronx, New York: Middle Atlantic Region, 1998
  • David T. Lee, Mountain Lakes High School, Mountain Lakes, New Jersey: Middle Atlantic Region, 1999
  • Diane Coley McGann, Santa Ana High School, Santa Ana, California: Western Region
  • William J. Pilotte, Newington High School, Newington, Connecticut: Northeast Region
  • Judith C. Seydel, Idaho Falls High School, Idaho Falls, Idaho: Northwest Region
  • Brenda A. Wolpa, Canyon Del Oro High School, Tucson, Arizona: Southwest/Rocky Mountain Region
NSF Distinguished Public Service Award As a part of its celebration in 2000 of its half-century in existence, the National Science Foundation has announced the recipient of its Distinguished Public Service Aw



News & Announcements  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

News from Journal House Perspective on JCE Online Recently a reader asked us for a perspective on JCE Onlinehow the chemical education community is receiving it and how the Journal staff itself views it. We share our responses below. Subscriber Numbers How many people subscribe to JCE Online+? As of June 1, 1999, our records show that 13% of individual JCE subscriptions in the USA include JCE Online+. This percentage has increased significantly during the past year- in June 1998 it was approximately 4% and December 1998 about 7%. Almost all subscribers to JCE Online subscribe to print as well. Since JCE Online has only very recently been made available to institutional subscribers, there are no numbers to report. There has been considerable interest in online from libraries. Given that JCE Online+ is a fairly recent subscriber option and that many subscribers have a wait-and-see approach to any new option, we feel that the numbers above are quite high. The steady growth is encouraging. Online Usage How many people visit our Web site? Statistics for the period January 1, 1999, through May 31, 1999, that may be of interest include:

Total Pages Served 361,115

Total Visits 138,377

Total Unique Visitors 51,744

Total Repeat Visitors 11,536

Average Visit Length 03:05

Average Requests/Visit 10.8

Average Pages/Visit 2.6

Average Daily Visits 916 Online Rationale and Expectations JCE Online is a very important part of the whole Journal, but we do not expect it to supplant print: online and print are very different media. Usage of JCE Online is growing steadily; our subscribers are realizing what we have learned: it is not possible to deliver the Journal in the print medium alone- print is no longer adequate to accomplish our mission. Examples of things not possible in print include:

·JCE Index to all 76 years of Journal issues, available all the time with responses within seconds.

·Supplementary materials that are important to only a limited number of our subscribers; materials that augment laboratory experiments are a good example.

·Supplementary videos, such as the videos, still images, and excerpts from interviews with nuclear chemists that give fuller meaning to the Viewpoints article "Chemistry of the Heaviest Elements- One Atom at a Time" referred to below.

·Internet feature columns are more effective in a dynamic medium. Two that are in place are Mathcad in the Chemistry Curriculum (edited by Theresa Zielinski) and Conceptual Questions and Challenge Problems (edited by William Robinson and Susan Nurrenbern).

·Buyers Guides have their content updated often and link to other useful sites. There is one for books and software and another for supplies and equipment. Elements Added to Periodic Table Two new transuranic elements have been added to the list in the Viewpoints article "Chemistry of the Heaviest ElementsOne Atom at a Time" by Darleane C. Hoffman and Diana M. Lee (JCE, 1999, 76, 331). The new elements have atomic numbers 118 and 116. The path to the discovery of these elements was predicted by Robert Smolanczuk, a young Polish theorist whose calculations led him to conclude that a lead-krypton collision technique could produce element 118, which then decays to element 116. Others questioned his results, but Hoffman invited him to join the team at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and a decision was made to try out his ideas. The result was almost complete verification of Smolanczuk's calculations. The experimental team was headed by Kenneth E. Gregorich; Darleane Hoffman is one of 15 codiscoverers of element 118. Aw



Palliative Care Service Use in Four European Countries: A Cross-National Retrospective Study via Representative Networks of General Practitioners  

PubMed Central

Background Due to a rising number of deaths from cancer and other chronic diseases a growing number of people experience complex symptoms and require palliative care towards the end of life. However, population-based data on the number of people receiving palliative care in Europe are scarce. The objective of this study is to examine, in four European countries, the number of people receiving palliative care in the last three months of life and the factors associated with receiving palliative care. Methods Cross-national retrospective study. Over two years (2009–2010), GPs belonging to representative epidemiological surveillance networks in Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, and Spain registered weekly all deaths of patients (?18 years) in their practices and the care they received in the last three months of life using a standardized form. Sudden deaths were excluded. Results We studied 4,466 deaths. GPs perceived to have delivered palliative care to 50% of patients in Belgium, 55% in Italy, 62% in the Netherlands, and 65% in Spain (p<.001). Palliative care specialists attended to 29% of patients in the Netherlands, 39% in Italy, 45% in Spain, and 47% in Belgium (p<.001). Specialist palliative care lasted a median (inter-quartile range) of 15 (23) days in Belgium to 30 (70) days in Italy (p<.001). Cancer patients were more likely than non-cancer patients to receive palliative care in all countries as were younger patients in Italy and Spain with regard to specialist palliative care. Conclusions Although palliative care is established in the countries studied, there are considerable differences in its provision. Two potentially underserved groups emerge non-cancer patients in all countries and older people in Italy and Spain. Future research should examine how differences in palliative care use relate to both patient characteristics and existing national health care policies. PMID:24386381

Pivodic, Lara; Pardon, Koen; Van den Block, Lieve; Van Casteren, Viviane; Miccinesi, Guido; Donker, Gé A.; Alonso, Tomás Vega; Alonso, José Lozano; Aprile, Pierangelo Lora; Onwuteaka-Philipsen, Bregje D.; Deliens, Luc



Cross-cultural validity and measurement invariance of the social physique anxiety scale in five European nations.  


The cross-cultural generalizability of the social physique anxiety scale (SPAS) was evaluated using confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) in five European nations: Britain, Estonia, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey. Motl and Conroy's (2000) methods were used to develop modified versions of the scale within each sample based on the original 12-item version. Pending the satisfactory fit of the CFAs of the modified models within each sample, it was expected that the measurement parameters and mean values of these models would be equivalent across samples in multisample CFAs. An eight-item version of the SPAS exhibited a good fit with data from the British, Estonian, and Swedish samples, and a seven-item version fitted the data well in the Spanish and Turkish samples. The eliminated items were also influenced by a method effect associated with the item wording. Multisample analyses revealed that factor loadings were equivalent across samples. Tests of latent means revealed that British and Spanish participants reported the highest levels of SPA, with Estonian participants reporting the lowest. Results indicate that the SPAS is generalizable across these cultures, although subtle variations existed in the Spanish and Turkish samples. Researchers are advised to follow these procedures to develop a valid version of the SPAS appropriate for their sample. PMID:17346291

Hagger, M S; A?çi, F H; Lindwall, M; Hein, V; Mülazimo?lu-Balli, O; Tarrant, M; Ruiz, Y Pastor; Sell, V



Different welfare states--different policies? An analysis of the substance of national health promotion policies in three European countries.  


This study examines healthy public policy development in three European countries representing different welfare regimes: England representing the liberal model; Norway, the social democratic model; and the Netherlands, the corporatist model. National policy documents were used for the analysis. In England and Norway, health promotion has a prominent place and there is a political focus on the broader determinants of health. However, while the Norwegian policies have an explicit focus on the social gradient, the English policies have a much clearer focus on disadvantaged groups and geographic areas. In the Netherlands, the main focus is on disease prevention and risk behaviors. In the Netherlands and England there is a strong focus on the free will of the population in changing unhealthy lifestyles. By analyzing the different policies in the light of Esping-Andersen's typology of welfare state regimes, it is possible to better understand the differences among the countries. While all types of regimes seem willing to develop targeted measures, the social democratic regime seems the most willing to also develop structural measures addressing the wider social determinants of health. PMID:21563624

Fosse, Elisabeth



Parallel Quality Assessment of Emergency Departments by European Foundation for Quality Management Model and Iranian National Program for Hospital Evaluation  

PubMed Central

Background European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) model is a widely used quality management system (QMS) worldwide, including Iran. Current study aims to verify the quality assessment results of Iranian National Program for Hospital Evaluation (INPHE) based on those of EFQM. Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted in 2012 on a sample of emergency departments (EDs) affiliated with Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS), Iran. The standard questionnaire of EFQM (V-2010) was used to gather appropriate data. The results were compared with those of INPHE. MS Excel was used to classify and display the findings. Results: The average assessment score of the EDs based on the INPHE and EFQM model were largely different (i.e. 86.4% and 31%, respectively). In addition, the variation range among five EDs’ scores according to each model was also considerable (22% for EFQM against 7% of INPHE), especially in the EDs with and without prior record of applying QMSs. Conclusion: The INPHE’s assessment results were not confirmed by EFQM model. Moreover, the higher variation range among EDs’ scores using EFQM model could allude to its more differentiation power in assessing the performance comparing with INPHE. Therefore, a need for improvement in the latter drawing on other QMSs’ (such as EFQM) strengths, given the results emanated from its comparison with EFQM seems indispensable. PMID:23967429




United Nations/European Space Agency Workshops on Basic Space Science  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

In 1958, the United Nations (UN) formally recognized a new potential for international cooperation by establishing an ad hoc Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS). A year later the Committee became a permanent body, and by 1983 membership had expanded to 53 states, with more than half of the members coming from the developing world. In 1970, COPUOS established the UN Program on Space Applications in order to strengthen cooperation in space science and technology between non-industrialized and industrialized countries. In the last few years, the UN and its COPUOS have paid increasing attention to education and research in space science and technology, including basic space science. In 1991 the UN, in cooperation with ESA, initiated the organization of annual Workshops in Basic Space Science for developing countries. These Workshops are designed to be held in one of the following major regions: Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, Western Asia, and Europe. Accordingly, Basic Space Science Workshops have already been held in India (1991), Costa Rica andColombia (1992), and Nigeria (1993). The fourth Workshop was held from 27 June to 1 July 1994 at the Cairo University, in Egypt, for Western Asia.

Haubold, H. J.; Ocampo, A.; Torres, S.; Wamsteker, W.



Use of Sedation for Routine Diagnostic Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy: A European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Survey of National Endoscopy Society Members  

Microsoft Academic Search

Background\\/Aims: Sedation rates may vary among countries, depending on patients’ and endoscopists’ preferences. The aim of this survey was to investigate the rate of using premedication for routine diagnostic upper gastrointestinal (UGI) endoscopy in endoscopy societies, members of the European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE). Methods: We evaluated a multiple-choice questionnaire which was e-mailed to representatives of national endoscopy societies,

S. D. Ladas; L. Aabakken; J.-F. Rey; A. Nowak; S. Zakaria; K. Adamonis; N. Amrani; J. J. G. H. M. Bergman; J. Boix Valverde; S. Boyacioglu; I. Cremers; J. Crowe; P. Deprez; P. Díte; M. Eisen; R. Eliakim; E. D. Fedorov; Z. Galkova; T. Gyokeres; L. T. Heuss; A. Husic-Selimovic; F. Khediri; K. Kuznetsov; T. Marek; M. Munoz-Navas; B. Napoleon; S. Niemela; O. Pascu; N. Perisic; R. Pulanic; E. Ricci; F. Schreiber; L. B. Svendsen; W. Sweidan; A. Sylvan; R. Teague; M. Tryfonos; D. Urbain; J. Weber; M. Zavoral



Comparison of legislation, regulations and national health strategies for palliative care in seven European countries (Results from the Europall Research Group): a descriptive study  

PubMed Central

Background According to EU policy, anyone in need of palliative care should be able to have access to it. It is therefore important to investigate which palliative care topics are subject to legislation and regulations in Europe and how these are implemented in (national) health care plans. This paper aims to deliver a structured overview of the legislation, existing regulations and the different health care policies regarding palliative care in seven European countries. Methods In 2008 an inventory of the organisation of palliative care was developed by the researchers of the Europall project. Included were two open questions about legislation, regulations, and health policy in palliative care. This questionnaire was completed using palliative care experts selected from Belgium, England, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain. Additionally, (grey) literature on palliative care health policy and regulations from the participating countries was collected to complete the inventory. Comparative analysis of country specific information was performed afterwards. Results In all countries palliative care regulations and policies existed (either in laws, royal decrees, or national policies). An explicit right to palliative care was mentioned in the Belgium, French and German law. In addition, access to palliative care was mentioned by all countries, varying from explicit regulations to policy intentions in national plans. Also, all countries had a national policy on palliative care, although sometimes mainly related to national cancer plans. Differences existed in policy regarding palliative care leave, advance directives, national funding, palliative care training, research, opioids and the role of volunteers. Conclusions Although all included European countries have policies on palliative care, countries largely differ in the presence of legislation and regulations on palliative care as well as the included topics. European healthcare policy recommendations should support palliative care access across Europe. PMID:23866928



Cancer News Coverage and Information Seeking  

PubMed Central

The shift toward viewing patients as active consumers of health information raises questions about whether individuals respond to health news by seeking additional information. This study examines the relationship between cancer news coverage and information seeking using a national survey of adults aged 18 years and older. A Lexis-Nexis database search term was used to identify Associated Press (AP) news articles about cancer released between October 21, 2002, and April 13, 2003. We merged these data to the Health Information National Trends Survey (HINTS), a telephone survey of 6,369 adults, by date of interview. Logistic regression models assessed the relationship between cancer news coverage and information seeking. Overall, we observed a marginally significant positive relationship between cancer news coverage and information seeking (p < 0.07). Interaction terms revealed that the relationship was apparent only among respondents who paid close attention to health news (p < 0.01) and among those with a family history of cancer (p < 0.05). Results suggest that a notable segment of the population actively responds to periods of elevated cancer news coverage by seeking additional information, but they raise concerns about the potential for widened gaps in cancer knowledge and behavior between large segments of the population in the future. PMID:18300068




Design News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Learning about the world of design can be rather fun, and for persons interested in entering this industry, it can be essential to stay on top of ongoing developments. Design Week launched their site in November 2006, and as the publication is based in Britain, the coverage of design events and trends is primarily focused on the British and Continental scenes. From those thinking about looking for a new job in the field, the site also contains job postings and suggestions for those going on the job market. The site is rounded out by a place where visitors can also sign up to receive news alerts via email.


NewsHour Extra: Addressing Health Mysteries  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

In this PBS NewsHour Extra lesson plan, students take an in-depth look at the SARS epidemic, with a particular focus on pan-national public health administration. A NewsHour interview with Dr. David Heyman, Director for Communicable Diseases at the World Health Organization (WHO), forms the basis of the exercise (video, audio, and transcript available). A NewsHour Extra story on SARS provides additional material. The site also offers ideas for homework and extension activities, each designed to help students explore and understand the process by which organizations like WHO tackle new disease outbreaks.

Dufour, Joanne.


National Policy Brokering and the Construction of the European Education Space in England, Sweden, Finland and Scotland  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper draws on a comparative study of the growth of data and the changing governance of education in Europe. It looks at data and the "making" of a European Education Policy Space, with a focus on "policy brokers" in translating and mediating demands for data from the European Commission. It considers the ways in which such brokers use data…

Grek, Sotiria; Lawn, Martin; Lingard, Bob; Ozga, Jenny; Rinne, Risto; Segerholm, Christina; Simola, Hannu



European Union Scandal  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This week's In the News examines the recent high-level corruption scandal in the European Union. Last Tuesday, the European Commission -- the executive body that initiates and implements EU legislation -- resigned en masse, plunging the supranational organization into unprecedented political chaos. All 20 commissioners, led by commission President Jacques Santer of Luxembourg, abdicated their positions the day after the release of a scathing report by the Committee of Independent Experts. The independent panel of experts, who were appointed by the European Parliament, had investigated allegations of bureaucratic malfeasance perpetrated by the European Commission. The committee's report collectively accused the commission of financial "fraud, mismanagement, and nepotism." In the wake of the incriminating report and subsequent resignations, EU foreign ministers are scrambling to find successors for the commissioners to placate the bewildered European citizenry and return to business as usual. This political upheaval happened at a crucial transitional time in the EU's 42-year history, undermining its credibility at a time when it plans to expand into eastern Europe. The current tumult occurred just three months after launching a new unified currency, seven weeks before the new Treaty of Amsterdam commences, and three months before the next European Parliamentary elections, which will determine the future composition of the EU's 626-member assembly. During the next two days, distracted leaders from all fifteen EU member states will meet in Berlin to discuss the reconstruction of the European Commission and formulate a seven-year budget for the entire EU, an organization with about 18,000 officials who administer nearly $100 billion annually. The eight resources discussed provide news, commentary, and analysis.

Osmond, Andrew.


European Universe Awareness  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The European Universe Awareness (EU-UNAWE) programme uses the beauty and grandeur of the cosmos to encourage young children, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds, to develop an interest in science and technology and to foster a sense of global citizenship. EU-UNAWE is already active in 40 countries and comprises a global network of almost 500 astronomers, teachers and other educators. The programme was recently awarded a grant of 1.9 million euros by the European Union so that it can be further developed in five European countries and South Africa. The grant will be used to organise teacher training workshops and to develop educational materials, such as an astronomy news service for children and games. During this presentation we will outline some of the biggest achievements of EU-UNAWE to date and discuss future plans for the programme.

Russo, P.; Miley, G.; Westra van Holthe, F.; Schrier, W.; Reed, S.




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considerable number of threat to nation reports originated from Muslim dominated countries: Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Egypt. India is one of the worst victims of terrorism and is deeply impacted from cross-border terrorism from Islamic nations.... The majority of terrorism-based news reports originated from Pakistan. War and conflict reports including threat to the nation constituted 63.3 percent (190 reports) of the total 301 news reports. There were 38.2 percent (115 reports) of reports that were...

Gupta, Alok



Coverage in Context: How Thoroughly the News Media Report Five Key Children's Issues.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This 1991 study investigated how thoroughly the news media reported stories about children's issues, focusing on the two media by which most Americans receive their daily news: television and newspapers. It analyzed a broad sample of news coverage including 12 major newspapers from across the country and newscasts on four leading national

Kunkel, Dale; Smith, Stacy; Suding, Peg; Biely, Erica


NEWS: Web's wonders!  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Introducing this month's collection of useful websites for physics teachers. If you have any suggestions for this column then please send them to us at Dave Pickersgill has drawn our attention to the following: which has annotated, classified and searchable links to over 1700 educational sites. Included are around 500 science links. Members of the American Association of Physics Teachers were recently informed of a website for those hoping to arouse interest and knowledge of astronomy in their students., a comprehensive space news website, had launched `spaceKids', a new channel specifically targeted at children complete with a gallery of space images, space and science news, stories, a space question and answer section hosted by a team of science teachers, interactive games, weekly polls and competitions. The website can be found at Those fascinated by all aspects of nuclear fusion should take a look at the General Atomics educational site: as well as the national site



European utility fuel procurement  

SciTech Connect

The article describes the major factors affecting the procurement strategies of European nuclear utilities for purchasing natural uranium, conversion services, and enrichment services. The role of the EURATOM Supply Agency in negotiating contracts for nuclear materials for the European Union is described. Bilateral agreements between the United States and EURATOM, and between the European Union and Russia are briefly outlined. National procurement strategies of Belgium, France, Germany, and Sweden are also discussed.




National Cancer Institute News Center  


... for individualizing cancer therapy. Indiana U researchers identify pancreatic cancer patients who may benefit from personalized treatment NCI ... report that about 15 percent of people with pancreatic cancer may benefit from therapy targeting a newly identified ...


PowerPC News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

PowerPC News: Full text of an independent electronic magazine published every two weeks for users and developers who want the latest news about the IBM/Motorola/Apple microprocessor family and the systems.


DCP News Archives

News Archives News about scientific advances in cancer prevention, program activities and projects are listed: View All  |  2015-2010  |  2009-2001 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 Medicines to Deter Some Cancers Are


eFinancial News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

eFinancial News is the Web-based version of the reputable print publication Financial News, one of the leading sources of news and information about investment banking, securities, and fund management in Europe. Along with much of the content from Financial News, the site also contains a news service of up-to-date securities news and information. The most current news stories are posted on the main page, and subject-specific news sections are available on the left side of the screen. After a painless, free registration, users have access to the content of the entire site, including a searchable archive of past feature articles; People Moves, a "comprehensive database of industry job moves"; and career information. Registered users may also choose to sign up for a variety of email alerts.



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Liu, Gang "Logan"


Index to NASA news releases and speeches, 1984  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The Index to NASA News Releases and Speeches (1984) contains selected speeches and news releases issued by NASA Headquarters during the year 1984. The index was prepared by the NASA Scientific and Technical Information Facility operated for the National Aeronautical and Space Administration by PRC Government Information Systems.



Some Uses-and-Gratifications of Television News Audiences.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Fourteen statements relating to the surveillance, diversion, and social interaction uses of media were drawn from a review of uses and gratification research and applied to the viewing of local and national early evening news and nighttime local news television programs. A telephone survey of 543 adults elicited information concerning demographics…

Towers, Wayne M.



NSDL National Science Digital Library

NatureNews is the science news website of the journal Nature. The site provides a daily summary of news about research and discoveries in life, physical and applied sciences, and clinical medicine. Materials include a daily top story, featured stories, videos, a news blog, and event announcements. There are also longer format reports, opinion features, podcasts, and an archive of past issues organized by year and month.


Emerging consumption patterns among young people of traditional and internet news platforms in the Low Countries  

Microsoft Academic Search

In search of a better understanding of young people’s news media consumption in a European high-media environment, this study analysed the role of uses and gratifications motivations in driving time spent with television news, newspapers, and online news sites, while controlling for the effects of possible influential socio-demographics. Our findings confirmed that the need to get information about the world

A. M. R. van Cauwenberge; L. S. J. d'Haenens; J. W. J. Beentjes



What the Terrorists Want  

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What the Terrorists Want Incidents: or http

Schneier, Bruce


Breaking Bad News  

Microsoft Academic Search

Breaking bad news has been ignored in the past and still depends largely on culture and social state. We experience now a strong trend towards full information in modern societies. The article describes the typical stages patients go through when dealing with bad news. Recommendations how to break bad news stress the importance of privacy and enough time, the necessity

Rainer Schoefl



Preserving digital local news  

Microsoft Academic Search

Much local news -- important documentation of local history -- is being lost. The fact that a lot of news media is now available digitally, presents new opportunities but also new challenges for such preservation. We explore issues and approaches for collection and management of born digital local news. Purpose Design\\/methodology\\/approach\\/findings We examine several specific bottlenecks for implementing this project.

Robert B. Allen; Kirsten A. Johnson



News Before Newspapers  

Microsoft Academic Search

From 1513 to 1640, news pamphlets informed and entertained the English. Such publications have been difficult to identify and little has been written about them. More than 1,200 pamphlets were identified by reviewing entries in the Short Title Catalogue. They were then analyzed by numbers produced and subject matter. Factors that news pamphlets may share with modern news formats -

Richard Streckfuss



Anthropology World News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This site at Texas A&M features frequently updated links to anthropology news stories published on the web by major news sources and university press releases. The news items are listed most recently first, but the whole site can also searched by keyword.


Yahoo! News: Photo Slideshows  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Yahoo!News has updated its Website with a new feature: slideshows of current news photos. Each of its news sections -- Top Stories, World, Entertainment, Sports, Science, Lifestyle, and Politics -- now contains a grouping of photos in a slideshow format. The slideshows are updated daily, and an archive is available. Be warned, however, that a few advertisements pop up during the slideshows.


Aviation News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Whether you're a fan of Airbus or Boeing, Quantas or Aer Lingus, this website provides very thorough coverage of the airline industry. The Flight Global group's motto is "serious about aviation", and it shows on their homepage, where visitors can find over thirteen sections dedicated to air transport, helicopters, training, and spaceflight. The more casual user may just wish to click on a few of the "Latest News Headlines", but dedicated aeronautics devotees may wish to sign up for their e-newsletter and their RSS feed. Moving down the site's homepage, visitors can cruise on in to the "What's Hot" area and the "Jobs" section, which might be useful for future members of a flight crew or those looking to make a more dramatic career change. Of course, any visit to this site would be woefully incomplete if visitors didn't take a look at profiles of the Airbus 380, the Boeing 747, and many other planes in the "Dynamic Aircraft Profiles" area of the site.


3/11/13 9:20 AMZombies are everywhere in pop culture! But, hey, that's normal, says college professor -NY Daily News Page 1 of 5  

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MOST POPULAR news politics sports showbiz opinion living photos video autos More of News : U.S WORLD understand what makes zombie-lovers tick. "I hate violence," she said. "I can't stand gore. So it's a labor

Duchowski, Andrew T.


The European Parliament and the Europeanization of Green Parties  

Microsoft Academic Search

Europeanization’, or the adaptation of national political actors to European integration, has increased the professionalization of European Green parties. Previous studies of this phenomenon’s effects on the Greens have not fully accounted for the processes behind this form of party development. Using a qualitative adaptation of Harmel and Janda’s (1994) model of party change as a foundation, this article develops

Eric H. Hines



Paradata for 'PBS: Can Religion Withstand Technology?Institute for the Future Blog: Emerging Technologies and Their Social ImplicationsCybertheologyNational Faculty Leadership Conference: Theology/TechnologyTechNewsWorld: Technology and ReligionWired: on Muslims and technologyCornells Minister of TechnologyReadings in Faith and Science'  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This record contains paradata for the resource 'PBS: Can Religion Withstand Technology?Institute for the Future Blog: Emerging Technologies and Their Social ImplicationsCybertheologyNational Faculty Leadership Conference: Theology/TechnologyTechNewsWorld: Technology and ReligionWired: on Muslims and technologyCornells Minister of TechnologyReadings in Faith and Science'


3/3/14 9:05 AMLive Feed into Our Bodies, University of California Santa Barbara | National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering Page 1 of 1  

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Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering Page 1 of 1 9:05 AMLive Feed into Our Bodies, University of California Santa Barbara | National-496-3500 Share January 21, 2014 Live Feed into Our Bodies, University of California Santa Barbara A device

Bigelow, Stephen


Push on to get dentists to stop routinely prescribing potentially deadly opioids | Ottawa Citizen[7/21/2014 1:43:04 PM  

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Push on to get dentists to stop routinely prescribing potentially deadly opioids | Ottawa Citizen opioids ELIZABETH PAYNE More from Elizabeth Payne Published on: July 10, 2014 | Last Updated: July 10

Haykin, Simon


Comparison of large-area land cover products with national forest inventories and CORINE land cover in the European Alps  

Microsoft Academic Search

Considerable efforts have recently resulted in the development of global land cover data at large spatial scales. The main objective of this study is a comparison of different AVHRR- and MODIS-based forest and land cover products at the scale of the European Alps: a large natural ecosystem that is exposed to both natural environmental threats and human impacts and exploitation.

Lars T. Waser; Markus Schwarz



Comparison as Curriculum Governance: Dynamics of the European-Wide Governance Technology of Comparison within England's National Curriculum Reforms  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The curriculum is a governance technology of knowledge production and is also itself governed by complex dynamics within European education policy space. This article focuses on how the curriculum is governed by comparative knowledge; in particular, it identifies how this facet of governance has manifested itself within the policy space of…

Papanastasiou, Natalie



European Biodiversity Observation Network – EBONE  

Microsoft Academic Search

EBONE (European Biodiversity Observation Network) is a project developing a system of biodiversity observation at regional, national and European levels as a contribution to European reporting on biodiversity. The project focuses on GEO (Group of Earth Observations) task BI 07-01 to unify many of the disparate biodiversity observing systems and creates a platform to integrate biodiversity data with other types

R. H. G. Jongmanb; R. H. G. Jongman; F. Gerard; L. Whittaker; R. G. H. Bunce; B. Bauch; D. S. Schmeller



Exposure assessment within a Total Diet Study: A comparison of the use of the pan-European classification system FoodEx-1 with national food classification systems.  


A Total Diet Study (TDS) consists of selecting, collecting and preparing commonly consumed foods purchased at retail level and analysing them for harmful and/or beneficial chemical substances. A food classification system is needed to link food consumption data with the contaminant concentration data obtained in the TDS for the exposure assessment. In this study a comparison was made between the use of a national food classification systems and the use of FoodEx-1, developed and recommended by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). The work was performed using data of six European countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, France, The Netherlands, Spain and the UK. For each population, exposure to contaminant A (organic compounds) and/or contaminant B (inorganic compound) was assessed by the Monte Carlo Risk Assessment (MCRA) software using the national classification system and FoodEx-1 for food consumption data and for TDS laboratory results. Minimal differences between both approaches were observed. This observation applied for both contaminant A and contaminant B. In general risk assessment will be similar for both approaches; however, this is not guaranteed. FoodEx-1 proved to be a valuable hierarchic classification system in order to harmonise exposure assessment based on existing TDS results throughout Europe. PMID:25662864

Akhandaf, Y; Van Klaveren, J; De Henauw, S; Van Donkersgoed, G; Van Gorcum, T; Papadopoulos, A; Sirot, V; Kennedy, M; Pinchen, H; Ruprich, J; Rehurkova, I; Perelló, G; Sioen, I



Frontier News: Forest Frontiers Initiative  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Frontier News is World Resources Institute's online news service tracking "threats to and development in the world's large, intact natural forests." Updated weekly, Frontier News offers recent news articles on Africa, Asia, Europe & Russia, North & Central America, Oceania (Papua New Guinea, Australia, and New Zealand), and South America. General news stories and editorials highlight frontier forests, and emphasize concerns of the Forest Frontiers Initiative.


An Application of Hester's Determinants of News Flow to American Newspapers in the 1808-1812 Period: A Preliminary Study.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Al Hester's communication model sees news flow as being primarily dependent upon national rank in the hierarchy of nations, dominance and weakness of nations, and economic and cultural factors. A sample of 37 newspapers was content analyzed in a study extending this international news flow concept to the intra-national level to determine whether…

Avery, Donald R.


Space and Earth Sciences News Your daily source for the latest space and earth sciences news  

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Space and Earth Sciences News :: Astronomers r... 1 SciencesNews. Space and Earth Sciences News :: Astronomers r... Space and Earth Sciences News Your daily source for the latest space and earth sciences news Home

Nahar, Sultana Nurun


TOP NEWS BREAKING NEWS Home | Subscribe RSS Feeds | Contact us | Make NK your default homepage  

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Sports News Cricket News Travel News Health News Technology Literature News Education News Agriculture-news stories Visit Home Page for fresh content Home > News > uk-news Incest puts an end to sexual violence to sexual violence. In some species, competition between males can mean that females are harmed during

Rankin, Daniel


From nationally bounded to pan-European inequalities? On the importance of foreign countries as reference groups  

Microsoft Academic Search

In sociology, the appropriateness of national approaches for understanding social inequality in todays societies is being increasingly questioned, and EU-wide approaches are advocated instead. In this paper, we link the growing debate about national or EU-wide approaches to reference group theory, investigating whether comparisons with foreign countries influence levels of individual life satisfaction. Our results indicate that, on the one

Jan Delhey; Ulrich Kohler



Multitask remote sensing supporting the development of environmental policies for National Park regions in the Central European Space  

Microsoft Academic Search

National park regions are strongly influenced by heterogeneous patterns of human impact varying both in time as well as in space. Developing management issues to support regional planning has to focus on the specific National Park region itself. Integration of the municipalities of the region is a must. The collection and exchange of spatial informations of the region has to

Elmar Csaplovics



Department of Family and Consumer Science News  

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5 Department of Family and Consumer Science News Dr. Jamie Kridler and Beth Lowe, along at the Tennessee Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Annual Conference in Paris Landing. Roberts' was "Mary- gramming" by Norma Myers,Archives, for $16,615 from the National Academy of Re- cording Arts and Sciences

Hong, Don


PLCO News, Spring/Summer 1998

PLCO News, Spring/Summer 1998 TABLE OF CONTENTS Notes from the National Cancer Institute PLCO: State of the Union ReportGreetings and Happy New Year from NCI! Because You Asked Why Did PLCO Mail Mouthwash to Me? Around Town Highlights


European Space Agency  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This is the home page of the European Space Agency (ESA), the European equivalent to NASA, formed of 16 member countries. Users can access information on ESA's activities, including such topics as Earth observation, human spaceflight, and various aspects of space science. The educational section includes exercises for high school and college students and a teachers' section with projects, classroom tools, and training information. The kids' section includes lab activities, games, and news articles written for younger students. A multimedia gallery is provided that contains imagery of Mars, Earth, and other objects in the solar system, artists' conceptions of spacecraft, and others. There is also a media center which provides press releases, information notes, and information on ESA television broadcasts. Miscellaneous services include an events calendar, list of publications, and a "frequently asked questions" section. The site can be translated into a variety of languages.


Development News: World Bank  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Development News, or DevNews, is the World Bank's daily Web-based newsletter. Available in English, French, and Spanish, DevNews offers feature stories on recent advances and challenges in world development. The newsletter also links to a daily summary of approved loans, speeches given by World Bank officials, an events calendar, and World Bank press releases. Articles from February 1999 to the present can be found in the free archive.


International News in United States Media: Myths, Stereotypes and Realities.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Research conducted during the past 20 years reveals that, except for the "New York Times,""Christian Science Monitor," and "Wall Street Journal," United States daily newspapers are not known for outstanding international news coverage; that European, English, Canadian, Latin American, and Asian newspapers use disproportionately larger amounts of…

Lent, John A.


Regular gaming behavior and internet gaming disorder in European adolescents: results from a cross-national representative survey of prevalence, predictors, and psychopathological correlates.  


Excessive use of online computer games which leads to functional impairment and distress has recently been included as Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD) in Section III of the DSM-5. Although nosological classification of this phenomenon is still a matter of debate, it is argued that IGD might be described best as a non-substance-related addiction. Epidemiological surveys reveal that it affects up to 3 % of adolescents and seems to be related to heightened psychosocial symptoms. However, there has been no study of prevalence of IGD on a multi-national level relying on a representative sample including standardized psychometric measures. The research project EU NET ADB was conducted to assess prevalence and psychopathological correlates of IGD in seven European countries based on a representative sample of 12,938 adolescents between 14 and 17 years. 1.6 % of the adolescents meet full criteria for IGD, with further 5.1 % being at risk for IGD by fulfilling up to four criteria. The prevalence rates are slightly varying across the participating countries. IGD is closely associated with psychopathological symptoms, especially concerning aggressive and rule-breaking behavior and social problems. This survey demonstrated that IGD is a frequently occurring phenomenon among European adolescents and is related to psychosocial problems. The need for youth-specific prevention and treatment programs becomes evident. PMID:25189795

Müller, K W; Janikian, M; Dreier, M; Wölfling, K; Beutel, M E; Tzavara, C; Richardson, C; Tsitsika, A



News & Announcements  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

News from Journal House

Journal Ambassadors, 1999 What do the people listed below have in common? A search of our records indicates that each has been a participant in our Journal Ambassador program during 1999.
  • Guy Anderson
  • Jim Becvar
  • Jerry Bell
  • Jim Birk
  • Diane Bunce
  • Ann Cartwright
  • Thomas Clark
  • Jane Crosby
  • Maria Dean
  • Art Ellis
  • Donald Elswick
  • Tommy Franklin
  • Babu George
  • Paul Heath
  • Angela Hoffman
  • Lynn Hogue
  • J. J. Lagowski
  • Frank Lambert
  • Dorothy Lehmkuhl
  • George Lelevre
  • Scott Luaders
  • Jane McMullen
  • Marci Merritt
  • Carl Minnier
  • Richard Narske
  • Ron Perkins
  • Gabriel Pinto
  • Dick Potts
  • Herb Retcofsky
  • Jerry Sarquis
  • Elke Schoffers
  • Sara Selfe
  • Uni Susskind
  • J. Mark Tolman
  • John Varine
  • Dawn Wakeley
  • Marla White
Those who are a part of this program take materials about the Journal to workshops, outreach programs, seminars, regional meetings, award nights, short courses, and other events at home and abroad, places where people who are interested in chemical education gather. Given about three weeks notice, we can outfit you with a variety of materials that will help others get tuned in to the good things that are happening in chemical education. We can send you an assortment of Journal issues, subscription forms, our Publications/Software Catalog, reprints from the Viewpoints series, copies of Classroom Activities, or JCE Gift Award Certificates, assuming that supplies are available. Of course we can arrange for the group to have temporary access to JCE Online. We can send you a brochure about the Ambassador program or answer any questions - just ask: email to; phone 1-800-991-5534 (U.S.) or 608-262-5153 (non-U.S.); fax 608-265-8094. If by chance you were a Journal Ambassador in 1999 but your name was not included, just let us know so that you can be recognized in a future column. Gift Subscription Awards As spring, the season of awards, approaches, we remind you of our handy Gift Certificates (a replica is shown on page 142). A gift of the Journal is not only affordable (gift subscriptions are 37/year (U.S.), 50/year (non-U.S.), but has lasting value. This is a really good way to help someone just starting out on a teaching career. An idea worth sharing comes from Carl Minnier of Essex Community College in Baltimore. He is chair of the Student Awards Committee of the Maryland Section of the ACS. This section has asked for 25 certificates because they honor annually an outstanding student from each of the two-year and four-year colleges within the territory of the Maryland Section. Want another interesting idea: give a one-year subscription to each Undergraduate Research Symposium participant. Classroom Activities for Outreach Many of our readers are involved with outreach programsindividually in their child's class, in a regional group that visits schools, in a van program, or as a demonstrator at their local science museum. Many readers have enthusiastically reported that our Classroom Activities series is a great resource for such programs. Since the Activities are designed for a high school classroom or lab (Activity 24 in this continuing series can be found in this issue), they are purposely not demanding of equipment, facilities, or time. But outreach activities often take place in very restricted environments, perhaps without sinks or electricity, sometimes with limited table space. So that we can provide timely advice in recommending activities for you to take "on the road", Nancy Gettys and Erica Jacobsen of the Journal staff have done an analysis of each, recommending whether it might be done



Options for compiling an inventory of mining waste sites throughout Europe by combining Landsat-TM derived information with national and pan-European thematic data sets  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Presently no reliable synoptic picture of number, extent, distribution and emissions from mining waste sites exists, neither for EU member states, nor for the Accession and Candidate Countries. At EU level, this information is needed to assess the large range of environmental impacts caused by mining wastes and their emissions in a coherent way across the different policies addressing the protection and sustainable use of environmental resources. The core task lies in the harmonised collection and standardised compilation and evaluation of existing data and in connecting them to a geographical reference system compatible with other European data sets. In the proposed approach information from national registers of mining wastes is linked to related standardized spatial data layers such as CORINE Land Cover (the classes of mineral extraction sites, dump sites) or other data sets available in the EUROSTAT GISCO data base, thus adding the spatial dimension at regional scale. Higher level of spatial detail and distinction between mineral extraction site and waste sites with or without accumulation of potentially hazardous material is added by remote sensing, applying a semi-automated principal component analysis (PCA) to selected spectral channels of geo-referenced Landsat-TM full scenes. The method was demonstrated on large areas covering approximately 120000 km2 of Slovakia and Romania and was validated against mining-related features from Pan-European and/or national databases, detailed geological maps, mineral resource maps, as well as by a GIS analysis showing the distribution of anomalous pixels in the above-mentioned features compared to the main land cover classes.

Vijdea, Anca-Marina; Sommer, Stefan



Report from the European Prison Education Association  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article presents several news stories from the European Prison Education Association (EPEA). These include: (1) The 7th International Conference for Directors of Prison Education held in Malmo, Sweden from September 11-14, 2008; (2) The visit of EPEA representatives to the Modern University of the Humanities (MUH) in Russia to examine how the…

Behan, Cormac



European PTTI report  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Time and frequency metrology in Europe presents some peculiar features in its three main components: research on clocks, comparisons and dissemination methods, and dissemination services. Apart from the usual activities of the national metrological laboratories, an increasing number of cooperation between the European countries are promoted inside some European organizations, such as the ECC, EFTA, EUROMET, and WECC. Cooperation between these organizations is covered. The present, evolving situation will be further influenced by the recent political changes in Eastern Europe.

Cordara, Franco; Grimaldi, Sabrina; Leschiutta, Sigfrido



In the News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This is an activity about challenges that humans face in future space travel as analyzed through news articles highlighting discoveries about the Sun. Learners will read and analyze a series of related articles and answer questions to determine the most newsworthy points. Ultimately, they will investigate a given problem and present their findings to their peers in their very own "In the News" broadcast.


Breaking bad news.  


This CPD article improved my knowledge of effective communication in breaking bad news, which is a frequent part of my new role in an adult hospice. Nurses have an important role in helping patients and families to prepare for, receive and assimilate bad news. It is essential that nurses are confident and competent to carry out this role. PMID:25563129

Dale, Charlotte



Renewable Energy News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Renewable Energy News is a comprehensive source which provides world-wide updates on all aspects of renewable energies. The site provides links to organizations and web directories of related products and information. The site is organized in a user-friendly way with issues organized by topic or region. Science, technology, economy energy, and nuclear review are highlighted areas of news.


Resources for News Media

The NCI Media Relations Branch serves as the central news contact for all members of the media. The branch supports the NCI Director, staff, and scientists in their interactions with press to provide accurate, timely information and disseminate cancer research news. Connect with us and explore resources available to journalists writing about cancer.


With News Search Engines  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Although there are many news search engines on the Web, finding the news items one wants can be challenging. Choosing appropriate search terms is one of the biggest challenges. Unless one has seen the article that one is seeking, it is often difficult to select words that were used in the headline or text of the article. The limited archives of…

Gunn, Holly



Water Resources News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The Water Resources division of the US Geological Service provides this water news resource, tracking current water-related events and recent publications from across the US. Recent news items include: flooding in Texas, the impacts of Hurricane Bonnie, the release of a USGS report on water use in the US, and stream-flow data from Puerto Rico, to name a few.


Covering the story: a rhetorical analysis of Brownsville's television news coverage  

E-print Network

or die shortly after birth. Such an unusual clustering of anencephalic births prompted many studies and much controversy. These events also attracted national and local news media attention. This thesis analyzes a sampling of that coverage--two national...

Groenendyk, Kathi Lynn



The Effects of Strategic News on Political Cynicism, Issue Evaluations, and Policy Support: A Two-Wave Experiment  

Microsoft Academic Search

This study investigated the effects of strategic television news coverage of a routine political issue in a nonelectoral context on political cynicism, issue evaluation, and policy support. An experimentally manipulated television news story about the en- largement of the European Union was produced in a strategy version and an is- sue-framed version, which were embedded in an experimental bulletin of

Claes de Vreese


Giving the Spirit a National Form: From Rousseau's Advice to Poland to Habermas' Advice to the European Union  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Rousseau's philosophy of education is contained not only in "Emile" (1762), but also in "The Government of Poland" (1772). In each of them he emphasises different aspects of education: How to be a human being? And: How to be a citizen? The main theme investigated by Rousseau in "The Government of Poland", is how a minor nation surrounded by such…

Korsgaard, Ove



Creativity and Education: Comparing the National Curricula of the States of the European Union and the United Kingdom  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In the past 20 years the importance of creativity as part of young people's education has increasingly been recognised. The stimulus for the growing emphasis on creativity has come from diverse sources including drives for greater national economic prosperity and enlightenment visions of young people's education. One facet of creativity…

Wyse, Dominic; Ferrari, Anusca



National Aeronautics and Space Administration  

E-print Network

National Aeronautics and Space Administration Customer Service Plan October 20, 2011 The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has a long tradition of enabling of the agency's human space flight programs, science and aeronautic missions, agency news

Waliser, Duane E.


LabUPDATE ISSUE 1 FEBRUARY 2003 News from the University of California Office of the President about the Berkeley, Livermore and Los Alamos national laboratories  

E-print Network

about the Berkeley, Livermore and Los Alamos national laboratories For complete information in the activities of the laboratories at Berkeley, Livermore, and Los Alamos, and I hope it helps keep you informed to problems in the business practices of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Since learning of these problems

Knowles, David William


National Multiple Sclerosis Society  


... Join the Community Stay Informed Corporate Support A WORLD FREE OF MS The National MS Society is ... being made and breakthrough solutions can change the world for everyone with MS. Read News & Progress Living ...


National Wildland Fire Training  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This site enables access to Local Area, Geographic Area, National, and other related Interagency Wildland Fire Training information. The home page also contains current training news and a comment section.



College News Online  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

College News Online is an international campus newswire and centralized information resource for college-bound students, current students, graduates, and others interested in higher education. The newswire indexes about 400 student-run and campus newspapers and maintains a news archive for the current year. The Campus Union section of College News Online provides information and links for financial aid, internships, employment, computer assistance, and a textbook exchange. The geographic Campus Index links users to college and university Websites throughout the US as well as to higher education institutions in over 110 different countries worldwide. Sociable visitors may share their burgeoning knowledge in the College Chat and Message Board sections.


Medical News Today  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This website presents Medical News Today, an organization based in the United Kingdom, aimed at providing "the latest news headlines from the world of medicine and healthcare today and every day." The site offers 19 pages of recent news headline lists, with each headline hyperlinked to its article (or part of its article). Most article pages contain an original URL or some other contact or source information. In addition, the article pages allow site visitors to write an opinion piece about the article, as well as view other visitors' opinions. This website also provides search engines for medical abbreviations and terms, and links to information about healthcare, conditions, and patient resources.


TRN: Technology Research News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

"Technology Research News (TRN) is an independent publisher and news service dedicated to covering technology research developments in university, corporate and government labs." The TRN Web site incorporates prominent and interesting news stories from these sources in a weekly online magazine. The scope of the magazine is quite broad, but commonly featured research includes nanotechnology, breakthroughs in computers and computing, and telecommunications. The Research Directory is the easiest way to find articles about specific topics, and a page of external links provides a good list of useful resources and directories. [CL


National Reports on the State of Social Science Information and Documentation in 16 European Countries. Reports Presented to the ECSSID General Conference (European Cooperation in Social Science Information and Documentation, 4th, Athens, Greece, October 21-23, 1984).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Papers presented at the fourth European Cooperation in Social Science Information and Documentation (ECSSID) General Conference provide information on developments in the field in 16 European countries. According to the general outlines provided for these reports, the presentations focus on developments after 1977, thus supplementing information…

Saelen, Kirsti Thesen, Ed.


Ulysses News Conference  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The focus of this lecture is to discuss the purpose of the Ulysses mission. The mission objective is to study magnetic fields, cosmic rays and the solar winds from both the equator and the (North and South) poles of the Sun. The moderator of this lecture is Dr. Steve Maran, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, and panel members include Dr. Richard Marsden, ESA (European Space Agency) Project Scientist, Dr. Edward J. Smith, JPL/NASA Project Scientist, Dr. Antoinette Galvin, University of Maryland College Park, Dr. Randy Jokipii, University of Arizona, and Dr. John Phillips, Los Alamos National Laboratory. Each panel member contributes to the informative nature of this live video coverage. Topics discussed are the direction of the magnetic fields, solar winds, and cosmic rays. Visual aids of this lecture consist of various slides and computerized simulations.



Ulysses News Conference  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The focus of this lecture is to discuss the purpose of the Ulysses mission. The mission objective is to study magnetic fields, cosmic rays and the solar winds from both the equator and the (North and South) poles of the Sun. The moderator of this lecture is Dr. Steve Maran, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, and panel members include Dr. Richard Marsden, ESA (European Space Agency) Project Scientist, Dr. Edward J. Smith, JPL/NASA Project Scientist, Dr. Antoinette Galvin, University of Maryland College Park, Dr. Randy Jokipii, University of Arizona, and Dr. John Phillips, Los Alamos National Laboratory. Each panel member contributes to the informative nature of this live video coverage. Topics discussed are the direction of the magnetic fields, solar winds, and cosmic rays. Visual aids of this lecture consist of various slides and computerized simulations.



Related Topics and News

Related Topics and News Harold Varmus Appointed to President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology Harold Varmus Attends White House Signing Harold Varmus Awarded Henry G. Friesen International Prize in Health Research Harold Varmus Featured


Turning News into Literature.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Suggests young people can respond to news stories and political issues they feel strongly about through poetry, and presents one student's effective use of satire which lets his emotions "leak through" to the reader. (NH)

Otten, Nick; Stelmach, Majorie



Figuring Out Health News  


... get their news stories by following what is published in medical journals. The best medical and scientific ... Pediatrics , Science , and Nature — carefully review studies before publishing them so the information is trustworthy. These publications ...


Cornell Science News: Nanoguitar  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This Science News article, from Cornell University, provides information about extraordinarily small vibrating devices, including a nanoguitar that is "carved out of crystalline silicon and no larger than a single cell." An optical method for detecting these vibrations is described.


Green Energy News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Bruce Mulliken has been covering news and commentary on the world of clean, efficient, and renewable energy since 1996. His Green Energy News site is geared towards a broad audience that includes the general public, industry professionals, and government officials. First-time visitors will want to look at the "News Stories" on the front page which in recent editions have included pieces on the growing hydrogen economy, the potential of parking lots as a form of solar power, and the possibility of a zero emission electric vehicle with two wheels. Those looking for previous news features can browse the "Archives and Resources" area, which dates back to April 1996. Those looking for "green" events should browse over to the "Events Calendar" section, which provides links to upcoming events such as renewable energy conferences and clean vehicle expos.

Mulliken, Bruce C.


Geophysics News 1991  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

For the second consecutive year, AGU has published Geophysics News, a collection of short articles about new research findings from the past year. The primary target for this publication is science journalists, who can make constructive use of clearly written, accessible stories by spreading them to an even wider audience. The special spin on articles in Geophysics News is that research findings are placed in their proper scientific perspective with relevant policy implications described as well.The full contents of Geophysics News 1991 will be run in Eos over the next several weeks, beginning with this issue. This is being done for two reasons. First, these articles present AGU members with a wonderful opportunity to learn about the “hot news” in research areas outside of their own expertise. And, as examples of science writing for a broad audience, these articles are meant to encourage other AGU members to also make the effort to write about their science for the general public.

Knopman, Debra S.




E-print Network

WATER RESOURCES NEWS NEBRASKA WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH INSTITUTE 212 AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING OF THE DIRECTOR . . . April 1973 NEBRASKA AND THE NATIONAL WATER COMMISSION REPORT The National Water Commission grew out of con t r-ovc rey over water resource deve lopment in the Colorado River Basin. Rp

Nebraska-Lincoln, University of


Integrating European security through space  

Microsoft Academic Search

For decades, Western European nations have been comparatively uninterested in the military use of space, largely content to rely on the far greater resources of the USA in this area. Today, however, the traditional belief that the security requirements of ‘the West’ are synonymous with those of the USA is increasingly open to challenge. A new European defence identity is

Alasdair McLean



Fox Movietone News Online  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Internauts with fast connections will want to peruse the Fox Movietone News Online site. At the heart of the site are short film clips (available for Windows and Macintosh platforms) from old Movietone newsreels. Each week there are clips from historic events. Although the clips are short, they convey a sense of what newsreel coverage was all about in a time before television brought news events to us with astonishing speed.


Environment News Service  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The Environment News Service is a daily international wire service covering issues and events that affect the environment. Topics include legislation, politics, conferences, lawsuits, international agreements, demonstrations, science and technology, public health, air quality, and many others. Site materials include text-based news articles and press releases, videos, information on professional media services, and subscription instructions. There is also a keyword search function that lets users locate material in older articles.


NSDL National Science Digital Library

From Science Matters, a company aiming to increase scientific knowledge of every individual, is a gathering of information on current space topics. General knowledge categories include spacecraft, mars, space, and solar; content in each category, most of which consists of hyperlinks to other sites, ranges from news releases to high quality photo images to background information on relevant topics. Chat and Multimedia sections give users the opportunity to visit chat sites, view videos, and listen to recordings.


Science News Online  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The weekly free online science news magazine, Science News, covers "the most important research in all fields of science" and currently reaches 200,000 subscribers and 1.2 million readers. For example, this week's issue contains seventeen articles, ranging from how scientists are uncovering the secrets behind avalanches to a report on the current Hubble telescope mission. Users can search the magazine archives, freely print each article, and even subscribe via email for each week's issue.


Breaking bad news.  


Breaking bad news is one of a physician's most difficult duties, yet medical education typically offers little formal preparation for this daunting task. Without proper training, the discomfort and uncertainty associated with breaking bad news may lead physicians to emotionally disengage from patients. Numerous study results show that patients generally desire frank and empathetic disclosure of a terminal diagnosis or other bad news. Focused training in communication skills and techniques to facilitate breaking bad news has been demonstrated to improve patient satisfaction and physician comfort. Physicians can build on the following simple mnemonic, ABCDE, to provide hope and healing to patients receiving bad news: Advance preparation--arrange adequate time and privacy, confirm medical facts, review relevant clinical data, and emotionally prepare for the encounter. Building a therapeutic relationship-identify patient preferences regarding the disclosure of bad news. Communicating well-determine the patient's knowledge and understanding of the situation, proceed at the patient's pace, avoid medical jargon or euphemisms, allow for silence and tears, and answer questions. Dealing with patient and family reactions-assess and respond to emotional reactions and empathize with the patient. Encouraging/validating emotions--offer realistic hope based on the patient's goals and deal with your own needs. PMID:11775763

VandeKieft, G K



The political economy of austerity and healthcare: Cross-national analysis of expenditure changes in 27 European nations 1995-2011.  


Why have patterns of healthcare spending varied during the Great Recession? Using cross-national, harmonised data for 27 EU countries from 1995 to 2011, we evaluated political, economic, and health system determinants of recent changes to healthcare expenditure. Data from EuroStat, the IMF, and World Bank (2013 editions) were evaluated using multivariate random- and fixed-effects models, correcting for pre-existing time-trends. Reductions in government health expenditure were not significantly associated with magnitude of economic recessions (annual change in GDP, p=0.31, or cumulative decline, p=0.40 or debt crises (measured by public debt as a percentage of GDP, p=0.38 or per capita, p=0.83)). Nor did ideology of governing parties have an effect. In contrast, each $100 reduction in tax revenue was associated with a $2.72 drop in health spending (95% CI: $1.03-4.41). IMF borrowers were significantly more likely to reduce healthcare budgets than non-IMF borrowers (OR=3.88, 95% CI: 1.95 -7.74), even after correcting for potential confounding by indication. Exposure to lending from international financial institutions, tax revenue falls, and decisions to implement cuts correlate more closely than underlying economic conditions or orientation of political parties with healthcare expenditure change in EU member states. PMID:24315493

Reeves, Aaron; McKee, Martin; Basu, Sanjay; Stuckler, David



European Union: Constraints vs. Opportunities  

E-print Network

. The latest enlargement took place in 2007, adding two more nations to the market with three more nations on the waiting list. Table 1: European Enlargement Year Countries No. of countries Population as of 2005 in millions 1957 Germany, France... companies have implemented more competitive and cost-efficient strategies to offset the reduction of profit margins and increased competition for market share. 35 European Commission, 2007 pg. 42...

Kahiha, Nguvitjita



Water quality status and trends in agriculture-dominated headwaters; a national monitoring network for assessing the effectiveness of national and European manure legislation in The Netherlands.  


Large nutrient losses to groundwater and surface waters are a major drawback of the highly productive agricultural sector in The Netherlands. The resulting high nutrient concentrations in water resources threaten their ecological, industrial, and recreational functions. To mitigate eutrophication problems, legislation on nutrient application in agriculture was enforced in 1986 in The Netherlands. The objective of this study was to evaluate this manure policy by assessing the water quality status and trends in agriculture-dominated headwaters. We used datasets from 5 agricultural test catchments and from 167 existing monitoring locations in agricultural headwaters. Trend analysis for these locations showed a fast reduction of nutrient concentrations after the enforcement of the manure legislation (median slopes of -0.55 mg/l per decade for total nitrogen (N-tot) and -0.020 mg/l per decade for total phosphorus (P-tot)). Still, up to 76 % of the selected locations currently do not comply with either the environmental quality standards (EQSs) for nitrogen (N-tot) or phosphorus (P-tot). This indicates that further improvement of agricultural water quality is needed. We observed that weather-related variations in nutrient concentrations strongly influence the compliance testing results, both for individual locations and for the aggregated results at the national scale. Another important finding is that testing compliance for nutrients based on summer average concentrations may underestimate the agricultural impact on ecosystem health. The focus on summer concentrations does not account for the environmental impact of high winter loads from agricultural headwaters towards downstream water bodies. PMID:25236957

Rozemeijer, J C; Klein, J; Broers, H P; van Tol-Leenders, T P; van der Grift, B



Extracting Violent Events From On-Line News for Ontology Population  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper presents nexus, an event extraction system, developed at the Joint Research Center of the European Commission utilized for populating violent\\u000a incident knowledge bases. It automatically extracts security-related facts from on-line news articles. In particular, the\\u000a paper focuses on a novel bootstrapping algorithm for weakly supervised acquisition of extraction patterns from clustered news,\\u000a cluster-level information fusion and pattern specification

Jakub Piskorski; Hristo Tanev; Pinar Oezden Wennerberg



Science News of the Year.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Highlights important 1983 news stories reported in Science News. Stories are categorized under: anthropology/paleontology; behavior; biology; chemistry; earth sciences; energy; environment; medicine; physics; science and society; space sciences and astronomy; and technology and computers. (JN)

Science News, 1983



Science News of the Year.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Highlights major science news stories of 1982 reported in "Science News." Categories include space/astronomy, biology, chemistry, medicine, energy, physics, anthropology/paleontology, earth sciences, technology, behavior, science/society, and the environment. (JN)

Science News, 1982



Everything I Need to Know About Science Communication, I Learned from Local Television News (Invited)  

Microsoft Academic Search

According to the National Science Foundation's Science and Engineering Indicators for 2010, the general public in the USA relies on local television news more than any other medium for their science and technology news and information -- with the internet coming in as a fast-rising second. Ten years ago, the American Institute of Physics (AIP) created Discoveries and Breakthroughs Inside

E. Lorditch; C. O'Riordan



Audience Responses to Traumatic News: Processing the World Trade Center Attacks  

Microsoft Academic Search

During traumatic national events, attention to the news and scrutiny of leader communication becomes particularly acute. Thus, the terrorist actions of September 11, 2001 and ensuing U.S. response have focused public attention on the president to an extent unknown before the attacks. This paper reports on an experimental study of audience responses to televised news coverage of the World Trade

Erik P. Bucy


From the “Little Aussie Bleeder” to Newstopia: (Really) Fake News in Australia  

Microsoft Academic Search

This article offers an overview of the key characteristics of “fake” news in the Australian national context. Focusing on two television shows, The Norman Gunston Show and Newstopia, it historicizes “fake” news within Australian television culture, situating it as part of a broader tradition of what Turner (1989) calls “Transgressive TV.” After analyzing the core comedic themes, styles, and intertextual

Stephen Harrington



Excitement, Tinged with Jingoism: British Public Opinion and the Falklands in Four News Magazines.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A study examined how four news magazines in North America and Western Europe covered British public reaction to the 1982 Falklands War. The news magazines--similar in format--represented four nations with varying degrees of closeness to Great Britain: the United States ("Time"), Canada ("Macleans"), West Germany ("Spiegel"), and Austria…

Bjork, Ulf Jonas


Relations between Gratifications Sought and Gratifications Obtained: A Study of Television News.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Questions concerning the relationship between gratifications sought (GS) and gratifications obtained (GO) were explored in a study of determinants of exposure to national network television evening news programs. The categories of gratifications, derived from a number of studies of television and political news, were (1) general information…

Palmgreen, Philip; And Others


National and School Policies on Restrictions of Teacher Smoking: A Multilevel Analysis of Student Exposure to Teacher Smoking in Seven European Countries  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The paper examines the association between restrictions on teacher tobacco smoking at school and student exposure to teachers who smoke during school hours. The data are taken from a European Commission-funded study "Control of Adolescent Smoking" (the CAS study) in seven European countries. Multilevel modelling analyses were applied to…

Wold, Bente; Torsheim, Torbjorn; Currie, Candace; Roberts, Chris




NSDL National Science Digital Library

Independent reporting on the world of television and radio is important, and NewsLab works in this area extensively. Along with offering a variety of workshops for journalists and others, their mission includes providing many, many resources for working journalists, those who study journalism, and those who are concerned with the state of today's media. Visitors can look at the latest in related media stories within the "In the News" section, and then move on to the "Strategies" area. This section is particularly nice, and it includes tips on crafting stories offered by Ira Glass and leadership lessons for broadcast news managers. Moving on, visitors can also look over the "Articles" area, which contains pieces on ethics, producing, reporting, and writing. The site is rounded out by a search engine and a place where users can sign up to receive updates by email.


Genotyping serotonin transporter polymorphisms 5-HTTLPR and rs25531 in European- and African-American subjects from the National Institute of Mental Health's Collaborative Center for Genomic Studies  

PubMed Central

A number of studies have suggested DNA sequence variability in the serotonin transporter gene (SLC6A4) between European-American (EA) and African-American (AA) populations, which could be clinically important, given the central role SLC6A4 has in serotonin transmission. However, these studies have had relatively small samples, used self-reported measures of race, and have only tested the promoter-linked polymorphism 5-HTTLPR. Here we genotype 5-HTTLPR and rs25531, a neighboring functional polymorphism, in 954 AA and 2622EA subjects from a National Institute of Mental Health repository sample. Genotyping was performed using fragment analysis by capillary electrophoresis. AA, as compared with EA, groups had lower frequencies of the S allele (0.25 vs 0.43) and SS genotype (0.06 vs 0.19) at 5-HTTLPR, and higher rates of the G allele at rs25531 (0.21 vs 0.075). A rare xL variant at 5-HTTLPR was also more common among AAs (0.017 vs 0.008). When the polymorphisms were redefined into a high- and low-transcription haplotypes, the AA group showed significantly fewer low-transcription variants (?2=4.8, P=0.03). No genotypes were associated with major depression, any anxiety disorder, or neuroticism in either EA or AA populations. This is the largest study to show SLC6A4 genotype differences between EA and AA populations, and the first to include rs25531. Lack of associations with clinical outcomes may reflect untested moderating environmental influences. PMID:24064711

Odgerel, Z; Talati, A; Hamilton, S P; Levinson, D F; Weissman, M M



Aspect-level News Browsing: Understanding News Events from Multiple Viewpoints  

E-print Network

. The reality of news events is inevitably filtered and reframed by the subjective valuation of journalists for a selected event. Existing news services, such as GoogleNews, organize news articles based on the reported


Nutrition News Focus  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Written by David M. Klurfeld, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Nutrition and Food Science at Wayne State University in Detroit, this free, daily newsletter offers concise nutrition tips and analyses of breaking nutrition news. Nutrition News Focus aims at delivering information that ordinary people can use and understand, with a minimum of jargon and no tolerance for "mumbo-jumbo." Users can subscribe to the newsletter at the site. Subscribers receive one short mailing per day, with the topic briefly described and followed by analysis. Old newsletters are added to the archive two weeks after publication, and users can browse the archive by issue date or topic.


Hubble News Archive  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Hubble site this is a collection of all publicly released pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope. Accompanying each photograph is the official news release, an introduction to the object, fast facts, and related frequently asked questions. The news releases are sorted by category, year, and type. Some of these categories consist of: cosmology, exotic, galaxy, miscellaneous, nebula, solar system, star, star cluster, and survey. Image files in different sizes and formats are available for download. This is a nice resource for those interested in the more visual aspects of astronomy and space sciences.


US Water News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This is the home page of the monthly publication US Water News. Most online content is news coverage of water supply and quality, legislation, water rights, conservation, and the global waterfront. The collection of links is quite impressive, with state, federal, international, nonprofit, and many other resources listed. Assorted buyer's guides for a wide variety of water products are given with links to online catalogs. For people that want to stay current on new developments and technologies, there is also information about upcoming water related conferences from around the world.


PsychNews International  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The well known InterPsych Newsletter has changed its name to PsychNews International and is available via email subscription and the Web. It is published ten times per year. Each issue can contain a combination of research findings, job and conference listings, and listings of Internet resources. PsychNews International concentrates on issues of psychology, psychiatry, and the social sciences. The Internet resources sections are a good place for anyone interested in the field to keep abreast of useful resources.


News About News in a Presidential Primary Campaign: Press Metacoverage on Evening News, Political Talk, and Political Comedy Programs  

Microsoft Academic Search

This study examines press metacoverage (i.e., news about news) on traditional broadcast network evening news programs, political talk programs on cable television, and political comedy programs. A content analysis found that 2008 presidential primary campaign stories on The O'Reilly Factor, Countdown, and The Daily Show were more likely to cover the news media and to present the news media in

David Wise; Paul R. Brewer



Multiple Media, Convergent Processes, and Divergent Products: Organizational Innovation in Digital Media Production at a European Firm  

Microsoft Academic Search

This article addresses the intersection of two underexplored themes in studies of cultural production in traditional and digital media: the role of technology in news work and the processes that shape media convergence. The authors analyze organizational innovation in digital media production at GMS, a European firm that operates print and broadcast outlets in several specialized news markets. Between 1994

Pablo J. Boczkowski; José A. Ferris



The European Union in the US  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Developed by the European Commission's American Offices of Press and Public Affairs, this site provides easy access to information about the European Union, its fifteen member states, and the EU's relationship with the US. The site posts the latest EU news, profiles the EU and its member states, provides information on important EU policies and issues, indexes documents on the EU-US partnership, links users to EU-related information resources, and provides full-text publications, including EURECOM, the monthly newsletter of the EU, as well as selected articles from Europe, the magazine of the EU.


Japan's Triple Disaster The Continuing News Story  

E-print Network

of a large tsunami striking the Sendai Plain is high," -Koji Minoura #12;11 News Focus "This is the returnJapan's Triple Disaster The Continuing News Story Dennis Normile Japan News Bureau Chief November not pragmatic." -Fumihiko Imamura #12;18 News Of The Week Does Japan Need Nuclear Power? #12;19 News & Analysis

Napp, Nils


National Institutes of Health, Clinical Center  


... Health and Human Services National Institutes of Health Contact us | Site Map | Staff Only About the Clinical Center Search the Studies Patient Information Education & Training Researchers & Physicians News & Events Staff Directory Dr. John I. Gallin Director, Clinical Center, National Institutes ...


Health News You Can Use …from the world's premier research institute  


... Issues Health News You Can Use …from the world's premier research institute Past Issues / Summer 2007 Table ... medical experts who work for you at the world's leading medical and health research organization, the National ...


News Release U of M launches the Food Policy Research Center to inform  

E-print Network

-offs associated with local and national food policy including legislation and regulationsNews Release U of M launches the Food Policy Research Center to inform policy through comprehensive science approach Contact: Laurel Herold, Academic

Minnesota, University of


News from the frontline

News from the Frontline Leslie G. Ford, M.D. Associate Director for Clinical Research Division of Cancer Prevention NCI/NIH/DHHS March 18, 2003 Dr. Elias Zerhouni NIH Director NIH Roadmap: Themes New Pathways to Discovery Re-engineering Clinical Research


NEWS & VIEWS Glass dynamics  

E-print Network

NEWS & VIEWS Glass dynamics Diverging views on glass transition Gregory B. T he glass transition is one of the most intriguing phenomena in the world of soft condensed matter. Despite decades of study, many aspects of the behaviour of glass-forming liquids remain elusive

Weeks, Eric R.


Geovisualization of News Stories  

E-print Network

. Engineering ­ Media Arts & Tech. ­ Geography ­ Psychology ­ Music ­ Statistics ­ Computer Science ­ Education e c t s Spheres of Influence II Geospatial and news data integration & visualization with a camera;P r o j e c t s - 3 Minotour: a mobile, spatially aware Wiki A PDA-based tour guide that weaves

Wright, Dawn Jeannine


Bugs in the News!  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Bugs in the News contains basic articles about topics relating to viruses and bacteria. Feature articles are provided on DNA vaccines, antibiotic resistance, allergies, anthrax, E. coli, cloning, flu, genes, genetic engineering, enzymes, chloroplast, Mad Cow disease, MHC molecule, penicillin, receptors, and microbiology. Advanced level articles are provided on genetically-engineered adenovirus, AIDS and HIV, and Cryptosporidium.

John Brown



Vida Imobiliria Portuguese News  

E-print Network

Publisher On the road Advertising Specifications Subscribe Bookstore Trade Section Contact Us Conferences In co-operation with: Home / News From the editors Advisory Board Industry Partners Participants of Capital Markets Board. 'Shaping of Tomorrow and the Real Estate Industry with Energy Sources' was the name

Aksay, Ilhan A.


Inexpensive News Sources.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Describes consumer or business-oriented online services that provide access to current news information and offers a less expensive alternative to standard online databases. Online clipping services are discussed, their costs are examined, and profiles of five services are compared: CompuServe, CompuServe as a gateway to IQuest, DELPHI, DIALCOM,…

Briscoe, Ellen D.; Wall, Catherine



Nursing Department NEWS & EVENTS  

E-print Network

Nursing Department NEWS & EVENTS Postgraduate and specialisation studies course 2014/15 (Published on 09/06/2014) The Department of nursing, in its programming of own of postgraduate programmes practice nursing Pre-enrollment: From July 1, 2014 * Specialist in clinical management. Pre

Escolano, Francisco


What Is News?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Determines that the elements that make information or events newsworthy include (1) the effect on our lives or community; (2) timeliness; (3) human interest; (4) the unusual; (5) proximity; (6) personalities; and (7) controversy. Examines how a reporter or editor's background, including culture, ethnicity, and education, can influence the news.…

Sotomayor, Ernie



PLCO News, Winter 2001

PLCO News, Winter 2001 Cancer Information Service If you have a question about cancer, call and speak with a trained specialist at NCI's Cancer Information Service (CIS). The CIS operates a nationwide toll-free telephone hotline Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.


PLCO News, Winter 2001

PLCO News, Winter 2001 Trial Update Enrollment goal: 148,000 Total enrollment (as of November 30, 2000): 152,139 Men enrolled: 75,565 Women enrolled: 76,574 Number of people enrolled at age: 55-59 49,944 60-64 47,058


News from LBL  

SciTech Connect

We present a brief summary of recent news from LBL related to accelerator physics. This talk was given on October 29, 1993 at the 6th Advanced ICFA Beam Dynamics Workshop on the subject ``Synchro- Betraton Resonances,`` held in Funchal (Madeira, Portugal), October 24--30, 1993.

Furman, M.A.



Environment Health News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Environmental Health Sciences, a nonprofit organization founded by the grassroots Virginia Organizing Project (VOP) in 2002 to help increase public understanding of emerging scientific links between environmental exposure and human health, tracks a broad range of relevant information on this well-designed and useful website. The In the News section of the homepage lists breaking news stories from the world press about environmental health and is updated daily. The New Science area offers paragraph summaries of newly published scientific findings from the peer-reviewed scientific literature, with links to more in-depth synopses at one of other organization's other websites, (scientific findings specifically about endocrine disruption) or (scientific findings about a broader range of human health and environment related research). The New Reports section provides links to new reports published on the Web by organizations working on environmental health issues. Most of the links are to work by nonprofit profit organizations; some links are to government reports. As of this writing, the site's searchable Archives contained 55,722 items dating to 2002. Users may also subscribe to a free daily electronic newsletter, _Above the Fold_, containing links to top news stories published in English news sources from around the world. All site content is available for syndication in both RSS and Javascript formats.


news update Fashion Communication  

E-print Network

news update let's talk Fashion Communication and Promotion Fashion Management Fashion Marketing and Branding International Fashion Business School of Art & Design #12;WorkbySamanthaPearce Sophie, who won Worthington and Ashley Dean who were both highly commended. Fashion Communication and Promotion students

Evans, Paul


Breaking News Passport Validity  

E-print Network

Breaking News Passport Validity Non-immigrants traveling to the United States are required to be in possession of passports that are valid for six months beyond the period of their intended stay in the United need to have a passport valid for their intended period of stay, rather than six months longer. http

Scharer, John E.


NewsWire, 2002.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This document presents the 3 2002 issues of the newsletter "NewsWire," (volume 5). Issue Number One focuses on collaborative Web projects. This issue begins with descriptions of four individual projects: "iEARN"; "Operation RubyThroat"; "Follow the Polar Huskies!"; and "Log in Your Animal Roadkill!" Features that follow include: "Bringing the…

Byrom, Elizabeth, Ed.; Bingham, Margaret, Ed.; Bowman, Gloria, Ed.; Shoemaker, Dan, Ed.



Science News For Kids  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This online publication offers timely, interesting news stories and features, accompanied by suggestions for hands-on activities, books, articles, and web resources. The content areas include atoms and forces, earth and sky, humans and health, life, and tech and math and it is appropriate for children 9-14, their parents, and their teachers.


Geoff Brumfiel NATURE | NEWS  

E-print Network

Geoff Brumfiel NATURE | NEWS Laser lab shifts focus to warheads US ignition facility will devote,000 pellets a minute (see Nature 483, 133­134; 2012). But unexpected The NIF's lasers blast a tiny pellet in the pellet. "Nature pushes back: that's my shorthand version of what's going on," Byer says. Nature isn


Smart Start News, 1999.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Smart Start is a comprehensive public-private initiative to help all North Carolina children enter school healthy and ready to succeed, and provides children from birth to age five access to high-quality and affordable child care, health care, and other critical services. This document comprises the first two issues of "Smart Start News," a…

Harris, Monica, Ed.



Translating the risk of major accidents into opportune safety distances from dangerous establishments: recent developments of the European regulation as deriving from selected national practices  

Microsoft Academic Search

Following the amendment of the Seveso II Directive on the control of major-accident hazards involving dangerous substances (96\\/82\\/EC) of 2003, the European Commission re-established the European Working Group on Land Use Planning with the purpose of elaborating, under the coordination of the Major Accident Hazards Bureau, official Guidelines and other instruments for the implementation of Art 12 on the control

Claudia Basta; Michalis Christou; Michael Struckl; Ben Alec


European Monetary Institute (EMI)  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The European Monetary Institute was established in 1994 to oversee the implementation of a single currency for Europe. The EMI site contains information on its staff, organization, structure, and financial resources, and outlines the process of entering the third and final phase of the European Monetary Union. After months of doubt and political difficulties in France, Germany, and most recently, Italy, it now appears that the unified European currency, the Euro, will indeed begin on January 1, 1999 to replace the national currencies of as many as 10 or 11 countries. The path to a unified currency is by no means smooth, however. Many European Union member states are finding it politically difficult to reduce their budget deficit to 3 percent of gross domestic product and other states, such as Britain and Denmark, are choosing to remain out for now regardless. On the other hand, European economic growth will apparently exceed earlier expectations, allowing leaders to use increased tax revenues instead of cutting social services to qualify.


European Mistletoe  


... for more information. European mistletoe is a semiparasitic plant that grows on several types of trees in ... and even death. American mistletoe is unsafe for medicinal use. In countries where commercial mistletoe is available ...


European Community.  


The European Community was established in 1951 to reconcile France and Germany after World War II and to make possible the eventual federation of Europe. By 1986, there were 12 member countries: France, Italy, Belgium, the Federal Republic of Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Greece, Spain, and Portugal. Principal areas of concern are internal and external trade, agriculture, monetary coordination, fisheries, common industrial and commercial policies, assistance, science and research, and common social and regional policies. The European Community has a budget of US$34.035 billion/year, funded by customs duties and 1.4% of each member's value-added tax. The treaties establishing the European Community call for members to form a common market, a common customs tariff, and common agricultural, transport, economic, and nuclear policies. Major European Community institutions include the Commission, Council of Ministers, European Parliament, Court of Justice, and Economic and Social Committee. The Community is the world's largest trading unit, accounting for 15% of world trade. The 2 main goals of the Community's industrial policy are to create an open internal market and to promote technological innovation in order to improve international competitiveness. The European Community aims to contribute to the economic and social development of Third World countries as well. PMID:12177941



Now Enhancing Working Skills: The ``NEWS`` Program. Final report  

Microsoft Academic Search

In October of 1992, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Merex Corporation began a pilot basic skills program to enhance workers` skills. The program, known as the NEWS (Now Enhancing Working Skills) Program, was implemented by the Training and Development Group of the Human Resources Division. A group of 106 employees known as Radiological Control Technicians (RCTs) from ESH-1 (Environmental, Safety,





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WATER RESOURCES NEWS NEBRASKA WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH INSTITUTE 212 AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING . . . July 1973 The final report of the National Water Commission entitled Water Policies for the Future has been issued. Because its con- cluslons -a-rid -re-commend-atlOnsmay have far-reaching effects on water

Nebraska-Lincoln, University of



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WATER RESOURCES NEWS NEBRASKA WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH INSTITUTE 212 AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING that the traditional acceptance of and fundin0 approach to extensive water resources development projects would change. The era of large public works projects for water development is over insofar as national parti- cipation

Nebraska-Lincoln, University of


TheBiologist NKU Department of Biological Sciences News  

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TheBiologist NKU Department of Biological Sciences News Queen conch Strombus gigas has long been, the once-abundant conch has been fished to extinction in many countries. The United Nations CITES Authority has been investigating whether international trade of queen conch should now be banned to save

Boyce, Richard L.


Missouri Digital News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Is it possible to wade through the wide world of news about Missouri without getting overwhelmed? This website makes the process a snap, and it's a fabulous resource created by the Missouri School of Journalism in Columbia, Missouri. The program is supported by journalism professionals and students animated by The Journalist's Creed, which was authored by the first dean of the University of Missouri's School of Journalism, Walter Williams. First-time visitors should read the creed, and then navigate the site to follow live action and audio from the state's house and senate. Visitors can use the "Stories" area to look up recent news pieces by subject, date, and staff member. Moving along, visitors can search for information about state government, the Supreme Court dockets, and find out how each member of the state's legislative body voted on recent bills. It's a rather fine resource, and the Twitter feed is also worth a look.


World Bank: News & Broadcast  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

From logistics to international development, the World Bank's News & Broadcast website is worth bookmarking, particularly for public policy types, international affairs scholars, and anyone with a penchant for global matters. The homepage presents a news area, complete with icons which indicate whether there is video or audio associated with each item. Not only is it a good way to learn about the World Bank's activities, it is another way to stay on top of economic development strategies, political unrest, and foreign investment patterns. Visitors to the site can search all of the media available here, look over the World Bank's YouTube channel, and sign up for their RSS feed. Those persons looking for specific types of information can find a number of categories, including "Speeches", and "Issue Briefs".


Running to Stay in Place: The Stability of "U.S. News'" Ranking System  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The ranks of most national universities in the annual "U.S. News" "America's Best Colleges" have not changed significantly during the past eight years. This is true even though most national universities have spent considerable resources and energy trying to improve their ranks. In this paper, we document the stability of the national

Daly, Robert; Machung, Anne; Roque, Gina



9/28/10 7:30 PMHoles Exposed in BP's Oil Spill Probe -CBS News Page 1 of 4  

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9/28/10 7:30 PMHoles Exposed in BP's Oil Spill Probe - CBS News Page 1 of 4http on the well kill 153 days after the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history. C Holes Exposed in BP's Oil Spill Probe Engineering Experts Question Thoroughness of Oil Giant's Internal Investigation on Massive

Valero-Cuevas, Francisco


The University of Miami is now up to No. 51 in U.S. News & World Report's "America's Best Colleges" rankings. The University, which is in the National Uni-  

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The University of Miami is now up to No. 51 in U.S. News & World Report's "America's Best Colleges in the country for ophthalmology in the 19th annual survey of "America's Best Hospi- tals" published in the July Presidential Medal of Freedom: University President Donna Shalala was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Shyu, Mei-Ling


Geomorphology in the news  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Each student must choose a current news article that relates to geomorphology. Each student will given an oral presentation about the article, including a synopsis of the story and a description of geomorphic processes that are involved. The other students are able to ask questions. The activity gives the students a chance to relate what they are learning about in class to current events and social issues. Designed for a geomorphology course Has minimal/no quantitative component

Nicole Gasparini


Neo-Latin News  

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: une nouvelle interpr?tation du Tim?e et de la R?publique? shows how Ficino trans- formed Platonic dialogue, establishing its critical approach in rela- tion to religious orthodoxy and the Neoplatonism of antiquity, and Christopher S. Celenza...?s ?Antiquit? tardive et platonisme florentin? proposes another account of the relation between Ficino and the NEO-LATIN NEWS 355 tradition of Neoplatonism, one that finds continuities in concep- tions of the soul and matter. In the last section, ?Lorenzo...

Craig Kallendorf, et al



Botanical Electronic News (BEN)  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The electronic newsletter BEN contains recent news about research and researchers in botany. Produced at least once a month by Dr. A. Ceska, the focus of BEN is primarily botany in British Columbia, Canada, and the adjacent Pacific Northwest (US). The BEN homepage offers users access to all issues of BEN back to 1995 (issue 115); articles vary in depth but often include links to substantial online information, such as publications, keys, or other useful resources.


Neo-Latin News  

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sets out to do: explain how early modern autobiographical writing works and demonstrate a suitable method for interpreting it. Multum ei debemus. (Patrick Baker, Humboldt- Universit?t zu Berlin) ? Jean de Pins. Letters and Letter Fragments...: Edition, Commentary, and Notes. By Jan Pendergrass. Travaux d?Humanisme et Renaissance, 433. Geneva: Librairie Droz, 2007. 392 pp. Jean de Pins (ca. 1470- 96 seventeenth-century news 1537) was a scholar and diplomat during the reigns of Louis XII...

Kallendorf, Craig et all



Close window Published online: 26 November 2004; | doi:10.1038/news041122-17  

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for fusion alone Declan Butler EU says it could build a new reactor without Japanese support. European ministers today agreed to build the $6.1-billion ITER experimental nuclear-fusion reactor with less than all both sides just insist on their own point of view, there is no way out." Top Story from news


Frontline: News War  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

It's not an understatement to say that mainstream news in the United States has been in a bit of a tizzy in recent years, with a number of journalists serving time for refusing to reveal their sources and other such activities. The times seem right for an investigative report into the challenges facing the news media, and Frontline has stepped forward with a very fine four-part series on the subject. Visitors to the site can watch the program in its entirety here, but before doing so, they may wish to read the introductory essay which can be found from the homepage. As might be expected, the site contains a number of nice extras, including a place to submit feedback, a teacher's guide, and reactions from the press regarding the series. For visitors pressed for time, there is also the option to look over selected interviews from the series in the "Interviews" area. There are over 50 journalists profiled here, and visitors can view an alphabetical list, or take a look at some topical responses organized into sections such as "The Future of the News" and "The Internet and New Media". Broad in its scope and conforming to the rigorous standards of the Frontline series, this program and its accompanying website should be "required reading" for all journalists and journalism students.


Rust-Breathing Bacteria: Miracle Microbes? Search Sign up for our free e-mail newsletter Also see: Today's Top Stories  

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Rust-Breathing Bacteria: Miracle Microbes? Search Sign up for our free & Stories - E-mail this story Sponsored in part by Supported by the National Science Foundation Rust-Breathing Bacteria: Miracle Microbes? John Roach for National Geographic News April 12, 2004 They breathe rust, clean

Lovley, Derek


32 CFR 705.15 - Employment of Navy personnel as correspondents or staff members of civilian news media.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...correspondents or staff members of civilian news media. 705.15 Section 705.15 National...correspondents or staff members of civilian news media. (a) A member of the naval service...can act as correspondents for civilian media. (b) Military personnel on...



Abstractions Visit Nautilus for regular news relevant to Nature authors and see  

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Mohammed National Park, Egypt. They also performed lab experiments in which cleaners ate from a plexiglassAbstractions Visit Nautilus for regular news relevant to Nature authors and see Peer-to-Peer for news for peer reviewers and about peer review http://blogs

Schecter, Stephen


Chemical News Via Audio Tapes: Chemical Industry News  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Tape coverage of internal R&D news now has a broader scope with improved features. A new tape series covering external news of broad interest has been initiated. The use of tape in a Continuing Education Program is discussed as the future plans for expanding the audio tape program. (1 reference) (Author)

Hanford, W. E.; And Others



News Aware Volatility Forecasting: Is the Content of News Important?  

Microsoft Academic Search

The efficient market hypothesis states that the mar ket incorporates all available information to provide a n accurate valuation of the asset at any given time. However, most models for forecasting the return or volatility of assets completely disregard the arriv al of asset specific news (i.e., news which is directly r elevant to the asset). In this paper we

Calum Robertson; Shlomo Geva; Rodney Wolff



ADVERTISMENT Home > News > Breaking news 15 Dec 2010  

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methods, the group was able to test and examine the fibers at many different scales -- from the nano scaleADVERTISMENT Home > News > Breaking news 15 Dec 2010 Researchers create new high-performance fiber a new kind of fiber that could be tougher than Kevlar. Working in a multidisciplinary team that includes

Espinosa, Horacio D.


Nationalism and Identity in a European Context. A Curriculum Unit for History and Social Studies Recommended for Grades 9-Community College.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This unit is designed to help students better understand the concept of nationalism and the powerful influence it has on group sentiments today. Nationalism can be a positive or negative force, providing avenues for either inclusion or exclusion of peoples. The unit focuses on the basic concepts of nationalism and identity by drawing upon historic…

Steinbeck, Reinhold


Who Are the Supporters of Croatian Membership in the European Union and NATO? Predictive Value of Personal and National Well-Being  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Like many other Central and Eastern European countries Croatia has passed through substantial political changes and transition processes from state to liberal market economy in the last two decades. The next important step is accession to EU and NATO, and public opinion about joining these associations is divided. The aim of this study is to…

Babarovic, Toni; Burusic, Lidija Cilic; Burusic, Josip



A Squatter on the Fourth Estate: Google News  

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Buoyed by its brand name, Google News has grown from its beta stage into a popular news site with a significant share of the Internet market for “Current Events and Global News.” The success of Google News raises questions about the nature of news and even the desirability of Google's presenting news. Where does Google News fit into the myriad

Jim Galbraith



Smithsonian News National Museum of Natural History  

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to the advancement of scientific knowledge. This work enhances everyday life in ways that yield benefits to society and the study of volcanoes; and planetary science. The 15,000-square-foot Hall of Human Origins exhibition

Mathis, Wayne N.


International News Flows in the Post-Cold War World: Mapping the News and the News Producers.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Reviews the global political environment, major global news providers, and technologies of global news production. Argues for a multinational comparative mapping of international news representation in the 1990s. Outlines a major international venture to update and elaborate the 1979 UNESCO/IAMCR study of foreign news in the media of 29 countries,…

Sreberny-Mohammadi, Annabelle



United States Imposes Penalty Tariffs on the European Union  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Starting this week, American gourmets may find the prices of imported goods such as Roquefort cheese, truffles, and goose pate skyrocketing, as the United States's stiff penalty tariff on European exports goes into effect. This week's In The News looks at looks at the history of, reasoning behind, and effects of these tariffs. In 1988, the European Union banned the import of US beef, citing that hormones injected into the animals could cause cancer. Earlier this year, however, the World Trade Organization ruled that the EU's reasoning for the ban was unfounded and allowed the US up to $116.8 million a year of penalty tariffs on European Union exports. The following seven resources provide documents, news, background information, and commentary on this issue.

Missner, Emily D.


U.S. Department of the Interior: News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The US Department of the Interior (DOI) is charged with overseeing the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Park Service, and the US Geological Survey, among other agencies. Those interested in wildlife and habitat conservation and the role that government agencies play in such efforts will find useful news releases at this site. The DOI homepage provides news and information on DOI activities, with a wide variety of links to other (related) agencies. The DOI's monthly newsletter People, Land, and Water may be accessed directly from the site (.pdf or .zip). Of greatest interest is the series of select press releases (Interior News Releases) highlighting recent ongoings in the DOI. Also available is an archive of past releases.


Workshop 2b (synthesis): linking drainage basin management to local action plans and national security--theory and practice in eastern European countries.  


Efforts to link and balance national water policies, local water action and national security issues are discussed. There needs to be greater clarity of water roles, rights and responsibilities among national stakeholders as well as between states. In some cases, insufficient attention has been paid to local concerns and, in balancing national and local actions, it is necessary to address decentralization in the context of a transboundary state. There is a strong need for enhanced stakeholder participation in the formulation and implementation of national and local water management plans. PMID:15195427

Söderbaum, P; Tropp, H



International News Connection: A Real-time Online News Filtering and Classification System  

Microsoft Academic Search

Using formal information retrieval methods, International News Connection ((4)) provides a centralized location on the Web that allows users to access constantly updated international news, through dynamic links to news stories from 14 different news sources. The links are updated every 15-20 minutes. The news stories are classified into seven regional categories: Africa, Asia (excluding China), China, Europe (excluding Russia),

Zhiping Zheng



The News Quality Index: An Instrument for Assessing Local TV News.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

To assess the quality of local news programs, a News Quality Index was develped for a study that consisted of three parts: a content analysis of local television news, an audience analysis of the kinds of news stories that are most important, and an outside the market viewer analysis of the way in which anchors for news, sports, and weather are…

Roberts, Churchill L.; Dickson, Sandra H.


What Turns Events into News?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

"The New York Times" is known for its slogan ''All the News That's Fit to Print.'' But how do gatekeepers decide which events meet this criterion? Although some individuals might believe that the news constitutes an undistorted reflection of the social reality, students in communication courses have the…

Tukachinsky, Riva



Science News of the Year.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Provides a review of science news stories reported in "Science News" during 1987. References each item to the volume and page number in which the subject was addressed. Contains references on astronomy, behavior, biology, biomedicine, chemistry, earth sciences, environment, mathematics and computers, paleontology and anthropology, physics, science…

Science News, 1987



Science News of the Year.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Reviews important science news stories reported during 1984 in "Science News" magazine. These stories are in the categories of: anthropology and paleontology; behavior; biology; chemistry; computers; mathematics; earth science; the environment; medicine; physics; science and society; space sciences and astronomy; and technology. (JN)

Science News, 1984



School Violence and the News  


School Violence and the News KidsHealth > Parents > School & Family Life > Tough Topics > School Violence and the News Print A A A Text ... staff were killed, might make you think that school violence is on the rise. But as terrible and ...


Youth and violence on local television news in California.  

PubMed Central

OBJECTIVES: This study explores how local television news structures the public and policy debate on youth violence. METHODS: A content analysis was performed on 214 hours of local television news from California. Each of the 1791 stories concerning youth, violence, or both was coded and analyzed for whether it included a public health perspective. RESULTS: There were five key findings. First, violence dominated local television news coverage. Second, the specifics of particular crimes dominated coverage of violence. Third, over half of the stories on youth involved violence, while more than two thirds of the violence stories concerned youth. Fourth, episodic coverage of violence was more than five times more frequent than thematic coverage, which included links to broader social factors. Finally, only one story had an explicit public health frame. CONCLUSIONS: Local television news provides extremely limited coverage of contributing etiological factors in stories on violence. If our nation's most popular source of news continues to report on violence primarily through crime stories isolated from their social context, the chance for widespread support for public health solutions to violence will be diminished. PMID:9279266

Dorfman, L; Woodruff, K; Chavez, V; Wallack, L



Children's Viewing Patterns for Television News.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Reports that young children characterized as high or medium news watchers, probably watch the news with their parents, watch more as they grow older, have a fairly good idea of the scope and usefulness of television news, prefer stories about topics appearing in popular entertainment programs, and tend to see television news as being about bad or…

Egan, Lola M.



Semantic Contextualisation in a News Recommender System  

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obtain it in a more timely manner. Online newspapers present breaking news on their websites in real timeSemantic Contextualisation in a News Recommender System Iván Cantador1,2 , Pablo Castells2 1-aware recommendation model using a news recom- mender system called News@hand. We analyse the strengths and weaknesses

Cantador, Iván


Breaking News on Twitter Mengdie Hu  

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Breaking News on Twitter Mengdie Hu , Shixia Liu , Furu Wei , Yingcai Wu § , John Stasko a large part in breaking the news, mass media brought the news to a wider audience and pro- vided eager media; Twitter; breaking news; opinion leaders ACM Classification Keywords H.5.m [Information Interfaces

Stasko, John T.


Audience Reactions to Local TV News  

Microsoft Academic Search

A survey measuring audience reactions to local television news was administered to middle school\\/high school students, college students, and senior citizens. The majority in each population reported watching the news to learn about the world. They agreed that news is mostly about violent events and that such news causes them to worry and to feel that the world is not

Roger D. Klein



VNRs: Is the News Audience Deceived?  

Microsoft Academic Search

Every day, television news operations have available dozens of video news releases (VNRs), public relations handout videos designed to mimic news formats. Electronic tracking indicates some of these VNRs are used. Critics typically assail VNRs on ethical grounds, that VNRs deceive audience members into thinking they are watching news gathered by reporters, rather than a promotional pitch.Using a snowball technique,

Matthew Broaddus; Mark D. Harmon; Kristin Farley Mounts



Scientific Sources' Perception of Network News Accuracy.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Recent polls seem to indicate that many Americans rely on television as a credible and primary source of news. To test the accuracy of this news, a study examined three networks' newscasts of science news, the attitudes of the science sources toward reporting in their field, and the factors related to accuracy. The Vanderbilt News Archives Index…

Moore, Barbara; Singletary, Michael


Index to NASA News Releases 1995  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

This issue of the index to NASA News Releases contains a listing of news releases distributed by the Office of Public Affairs, NASA Headquarters, during 1995. The index is arranged in six sections: Subject index, Personal name index, News release number index, Accession number index, Speeches, and News releases.



Nurses' perspectives on breaking bad news to patients and their families: a qualitative content analysis.  


Breaking bad news is quite often not done in an effective manner in clinical settings due to the medical staff lacking the skills necessary for speaking to patients and their families. Bad news is faced with similar reactions on the part of the news receiver in all cultures and nations. The purpose of this study was to explore the perspectives of Iranian nurses on breaking bad news to patients and their families. In this research, a qualitative approach was adopted. In-depth and semi-structured interviews were conducted with 19 nurses who had at least one year work experience in the ward, and content analysis was performed to analyze the data. Five major categories emerged from data analysis, including effective communication with patients and their families, preparing the ground for delivering bad news, minimizing the negativity associated with the disease, passing the duty to physicians, and helping patients and their families make logical treatment decisions. The results of this study show that according to the participants, it is the physicians' duty to give bad news, but nurses play an important role in delivering bad news to patients and their companions and should therefore be trained in clinical and communicative skills to be able to give bad news in an appropriate and effective manner. PMID:25512837

Abbaszadeh, Abbas; Ehsani, Seyyedeh Roghayeh; Begjani, Jamal; Kaji, Mohammad Akbari; Dopolani, Fatemeh Nemati; Nejati, Amir; Mohammadnejad, Esmaeil



Nurses’ perspectives on breaking bad news to patients and their families: a qualitative content analysis  

PubMed Central

Breaking bad news is quite often not done in an effective manner in clinical settings due to the medical staff lacking the skills necessary for speaking to patients and their families. Bad news is faced with similar reactions on the part of the news receiver in all cultures and nations. The purpose of this study was to explore the perspectives of Iranian nurses on breaking bad news to patients and their families. In this research, a qualitative approach was adopted. In-depth and semi-structured interviews were conducted with 19 nurses who had at least one year work experience in the ward, and content analysis was performed to analyze the data. Five major categories emerged from data analysis, including effective communication with patients and their families, preparing the ground for delivering bad news, minimizing the negativity associated with the disease, passing the duty to physicians, and helping patients and their families make logical treatment decisions. The results of this study show that according to the participants, it is the physicians’ duty to give bad news, but nurses play an important role in delivering bad news to patients and their companions and should therefore be trained in clinical and communicative skills to be able to give bad news in an appropriate and effective manner. PMID:25512837

Abbaszadeh, Abbas; Ehsani, Seyyedeh Roghayeh; begjani, Jamal; Kaji, Mohammad Akbari; Dopolani, Fatemeh Nemati; Nejati, Amir; Mohammadnejad, Esmaeil



News and Announcements  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

News from Journal House Conceptual Questions and Challenge Problems Many readers are trying to modify the way they teach and in so doing are trying to write new types of questions and problems. The Journal has a new online resource, the JCE Internet Conceptual Questions and Challenge Problems Web site, . The site is a source of questions and problems that can be used in teaching and assessing conceptual understanding and problem solving in chemistry. Here you can find a library of free-response and multiple-choice conceptual questions and challenge problems, tips for writing these questions and problems, and a discussion of types of concept questions. This site is intended to be a means of sharing conceptual questions and challenge problems among chemical educators. It will be as inclusive as possible, and to achieve this readers need to share their questions and alert the authors to references or Web sites. The screen captures shown below should provide a feeling for what you will find when you visit the site. The authors, William R. Robinson and Susan C. Nurrenbern, welcome additions to the library of conceptual questions or other comments or suggestions. Contact them by email, fax, or regular mail. William R. Robinson and Susan C. Nurrenbern, Department of Chemistry, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907-1393. Bill: phone: 765/494-5453; fax: 765/494-0239; email: Sue: phone: 765/494-0823; fax: 765/494-0239; email: fax: 765/494-0239. 1998 Ford Foundation Fellowships The National Research Council has announced the recipients of the 1998 fellowships for minority scholars. Three categories of fellowships were awarded: 50 to beginning graduate students, 33 to students writing their dissertations, and 28 to recent Ph.D. recipients. There were about 1,000 applicants. For information about the next competition contact the Fellowship Office of the National Research Council, 2101 Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20418, via email at, or at 1998 Pre-Doctoral Fellows Rafael Alcala, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Chemical Engineering Diego J. Díaz, Cornell University, Analytical Chemistry Kanya Lynn Henderson, Colorado State University, Biochemistry Félix Mario Rivas, State University of New York, Buffalo, Organic Chemistry 1998 Dissertation Fellows Kristala Lanett Jones, Arizona State University, Chemical Engineering 1998 Postdoctoral Fellows Edgardo Tabión Farinas, Yale University, Interdisciplinary Chemistry Data Base of Online Courses TeleEducation NB, a province-wide distributed distance learning network in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, has implemented an international online course database of more than 9,000 courses. The database includes public and private courses at all levels from more than 15 countries and includes only those courses that can be completed fully online. Courses vary from graduate-level engineering offerings to simple "How to" courses. The database provides access to courses and programs leading to accredited degrees, diplomas, and certificates. Professional development and personal interest courses are also included. Students can access course information by browsing subject areas or by searching specific fields. Hotlinks connect students directly to the delivering institutions. In the past year, there has been an exponential rise in the number of courses being offered online, from fewer than 2,000 in January 1998 to more than 10,000 in December 1998. It is expected that there will be more than 40,000 online courses by the year 2000. The TeleCampus Online Course Database provides students with a means of finding information on courses that meet their needs. The database can be accessed from TeleCampus at Change in the Introductory Chemistry Course, an Online Course An online conference, Proposals for Change in the Introductory Chemistry Course, will take place from March 29 to April 10, 1999. The



Updated one minute ago Latest news Softpedia Poll Daily Gadget Softpedia Opinions News Categ. Top News  

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News TECHNOLOGY SCIENCE HEALTH SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS WORLD EDITORIALS Dictatorship Ads by Google Genetic News Honey Bee Insect Molecular Evolution Ads by Google Advertise on this site Buzz Off Clothing Free SH Protect yourself from insects, EPA Approved for use in the US. bugsource

Wenseleers, Tom


Neo-Latin News  

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and political priorities that informed his views. The book?s focus is Manetti?s chapter on Pope Nicholas V?s achievements. A scholar of Hebrew, Greek and Latin, Manetti was 228 seventeenth-century news at the center of a Florentine intellectual circle during... with the inter- section of humanist culture and the built environment of fifteenth- century Italy, particularly Rome. It offers new perspectives on Nicholas V?s building campaigns, the most ambitious of any Quattrocento pope. In this, it complements the studies...

Kallendorf, Craig et al



Neo-Latin News  

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-Universit?t Bochum in February of 2007. The subject was the Neo-Latin drama of the early modern period. neo-latin news 81 In ??Histrionum exercitus et scommata??Schauspieler, die Sp?che klopfen: Johannes Reuchlins Sergius und die Anf?nge der neulatein...- ischen Kom?die,? Matthias Dall?Asta focuses on Johannes Reuchlin (1455-1522), a man who stands in many ways at the beginning of Neo-Latin comedy in Germany, with a special focus on his Sergius, a play that had an unusually broad reception. Johannes...

Kallendorf, Craig et al



News@SEI Interactive  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University publishes an online quarterly journal called news@sei interactive. The columns and features of the latest installment can be viewed online or downloaded as an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file. Of particular interest in this issue is the continuation of The Future of Software Engineering, a series of articles that considers industry trends and changes in technology. Another column examines overall Internet security and the risks inherent in doing business online. An archive on the site provides access to all previous issues of the journal, dating back to 1998.


News to Use  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

7th grade language arts curriculum -- objective 2b. This project has students look at an online source of news. They review one article and read two others. They answer comprehension questions and look for vocabulary words to look up online as well. The following is a New York Times site with infromation about the earthquake in Haiti. Click on the site and read a little about the disaster. Look at at least four photos. New York Times article on Haiti earthquake Sometimes we miss school because of snow storms. The students in Haiti have missed many days of school ...

Mrs. Hansen



Huliq:Breaking News Submit News Login Linear Nanotubes Offer Path To High-Performance Electronics  

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Huliq:Breaking News Submit News Login Linear Nanotubes Offer Path To High-Performance Page 1 of 2Linear nanotubes offer path to high-performance electronics | Huliq: Breaking News 3

Rogers, John A.


European Healthcare Policies for Controlling Drug Expenditure  

Microsoft Academic Search

In the last 20 years, expenditures on pharmaceuticals - as well as total health expenditures - have grown faster than the gross national product in all European countries. The aim of this paper was to review policies that European governments apply to reduce or at least slow down public expenditure on pharmaceutical products. Such policies can target the industry, the

Silvia M. Ess; Sebastian Schneeweiss; Thomas D. Szucs



News media framing of serious mental illness and gun violence in the United States, 1997-2012.  


Recent mass shootings by persons seemingly afflicted with serious mental illness (SMI) have received extensive news media coverage and prompted national dialogue about the causes of, and policy responses to, mass shootings. News media framing of SMI as a cause of gun violence may influence public attitudes about persons with SMI and support for gun violence prevention proposals. We analyzed the content of a 25% random sample of news stories on SMI and gun violence published in 14 national and regional news sources from 1997 to 2012. Across the study period, most news coverage occurred in the wake of mass shootings, and "dangerous people" with SMI were more likely than "dangerous weapons" to be mentioned as a cause of gun violence. PMID:24432874

McGinty, Emma E; Webster, Daniel W; Jarlenski, Marian; Barry, Colleen L



European Settlement-Era Vegetation of the  

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provide clues to Native American influencEuropean Settlement-Era Vegetation of the Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia Melissa A Research Station General Technical Report NRS-101 White oak Scarlet oak American chestnut White oak Maple


History News Network  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

What happened in the past is already being documented in the present for the future. This complexity is not lost on the talented people at George Mason University's History News Network (HNN). The HNN was started in 2002 and its mission is "to help put current events into historical perspective." The distinguished advisory board includes Pauline Maier of MIT and Walter Nugent of Notre Dame. Each week, the website features up to a dozen new op-ed pieces by prominent historians. The homepage includes polls, links to breaking news, and links of importance found on other sites. For perspective and commentary, visitors can also click on the Hot Topics area to learn about everything from the 2012 Election to Women's History month. Check out the Questions/Answers area to learn about questions people are asking search engines (such as "Did Johannes Kepler murder Tycho Brahe?") and to read thoughtful responses from HNN staff members. Moving on, the Book Reviews area contains hundreds of reviews of both academic titles and those for the general public.



The European Soil Bureau Network  

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Summary The European Soil Bureau Network (ESBN), located at the Joint Research Centre (JRC), Ispra (I), was created in 1996 as a network of national soil science institutions. Its main tasks are to collect, harmonise, organise and distribute soil information for Europe. This paper describes the history, background and current work programme of the network. The ESBN is experiencing a

Luca Montanarella; Robert J. A. Jones; Jean Dusart


ANU Centre for European Studies  

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to the United Nations. He has published on international criminal and humanitarian law, terrorism, and European of the University of Vienna, Austria. Rebecca Dodd has worked with UNHCR, Victorian Legal Aid and the International of International Humanitarian Law, she represented Australian Red Cross on the Australian Delegation

Botea, Adi


European Curricula, Xenophobia and Warfare.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Examines school and university curricula in Europe and the extent of their influence on xenophobia. Considers the pluralistic nature of the European population. Discusses the role of curriculum selection and language policy in state efforts to promote nationalism. Assesses the role of curricular systems in the actual encouragement of warfare,…

Coulby, David



The Americanization of European football  

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Will European football keep leagues open, or adopt the American system of closed leagues? Would this reform be to the benefit of consumers? This paper develops a framework to analyse the consequences of the structure of competition - whether teams play in both national and international competitions or not - and the effects on performance of revenue sharing among teams

Thomas Hoehn; Stefan Szymanski



Ivanhoe Broadcast News: Medical Breakthroughs  

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From Ivanhoe Broadcast News, this website links to an abundance of medical news stories. Articles can be found under many health categories including Alternative Health, Cardiovascular Health, Sports Medicine, Nutrition, Cancer, Vision, Dental Health, and more. Articles are listed under health categories for women, men, seniors, and children as well. The site also features a News Flash section with daily updates; Medical Headlines; Special Reports; and Discussion Groups. Site visitors looking for additional information will find links to other online resources for a variety of health topics as well.


International Boundary News Database (IBRU)  

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The International Boundaries Research Unit (IBRU) at the University of Durham maintains the International Boundary News Database, which consists of more than 10,000 documents related to international boundaries, "including their delimitation, demarcation and management." The documents, spanning from 1991 to the present, are compiled from news sources worldwide. The database may be queried through a simple keyword search or via the Boundary Field, which retrieves all records associated with an international boundary. Searches yield summarized news items, generally one paragraph in length.


Optical Long Baseline Interferometry News  

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The Optical Long Baseline Interferometry News website, a forum for scientists, engineers, and students who share an interest in long baseline stellar interferometry, offers links to projects devoted to stellar interferometry, news items, and resources for further research. Researchers can find a summary of the available software and an extensive archive of news announcements dating back to 1995. Visitors can obtain lists of publications, information on upcoming meetings and workshops, and links to employment opportunities. Those unfamiliar with stellar interferometry should be sure to check out the Introduction link offering a host of educational materials and tutorials.


News and Announcements  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Supplementary Materials The number of supplementary materials that accompany print articles has grown and also become more varied. The new guidelines for lab experiments call for supplementary materials in most cases, so that the actual materials used in lab can be made available. The From Past Issues column edited by Kathryn Williams and many of the technology columns frequently have supplements for JCE Online. An especially interesting supplement that we would like to call to the attention of readers is a collection of videos from the E. O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, based on interviews with nuclear chemists who have discovered and studied the heaviest elements. These movies accompany the Viewpoints article, "Chemistry of the Heaviest Elements-One Atom at a Time" by Darleane C. Hoffman and Diana M. Lee. The titles of the movies are listed below; illustrative stills are shown at the bottom of the page. Researchers involved with the segments about Lawrencium include Robert Silva, Torbjorn Sikkeland, Matti Nurmia, Robert Latimer, and Albert Ghiorso, all of whom are from the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. (QuickTime 3 is needed in order to view the videos; it can be downloaded free from

  • A Brief Note about Plutonium, by Glenn Seaborg
  • Plutonium and Why It Was Kept a Secret
  • The Prediction of the Actinide Series, by Glenn Seaborg
  • First Chemical Separation of Lawrencium at Lawrence Radiation Laboratory in 1970
  • The HILAC or Heavy-Ion Linear Accelerator
  • Discovery of Lawrencium
  • How To Collect Lawrencium Atoms
  • The Discovery of Element 106-Finally
  • The Naming of Element 106
  • The Limits of Discovering the Heavy Elements
  • What Good Is a Heavy Element?
To see these videos, view the Supplements of People: Glenn Seaborg Glenn Seaborg, frequent contributor and faithful supporter of this Journal, died February 25, 1999, at his home in Lafayette, California, at the age of 86. At the Fall 1998 ACS Meeting in Boston he suffered a serious fall following a stroke, from which he never recovered. One of his last photographs, taken the previous day at a Journal luncheon, appears on page 1360 of the November 1998 issue. His commentary on his long career in chemistry and education appears on page 1520 of the December 1998 issue. Seaborg was a Nobel laureate, discoverer of elements, scientific advisor to presidents, former chancellor of the University of California, former chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, chairman of the steering committee of the CHEM Study project, founder of Lawrence Hall of Science, , the list goes on and on. He was at the same time a passionate supporter of education. Seaborg published fourteen articles in the Journal between 1951 and 1998. He was interviewed in 1975 by David Ridgway as part of the Impact series (JCE 1975, 52, 70), and that interview is highly recommended reading (see supplement to this article). He received the 1994 ACS George C. Pimentel Award in Chemical Education; his award address was published in the ACS Division of Chemical Education's CHED Newsletter, Fall 1995. Memorial articles with details of his life and his scientific contributions have appeared in The New York Times (Saturday, February 27, 1999, page 1) and Chemical & Engineering News (March 8, 1999, page 29). But there is also the spirit of the man, what he believed in, what he tried to do, what he hoped he had accomplished. A sense of that can be gained from the excerpts that are reprinted below, taken first from the Impact interview and then from the award address. Ridgway: On reflection, now, out of your many contributions to chemistry, is there one that you feel has had more of an impact than others? Seaborg: The discovery of plutonium would answer that question. The impact th



European Environmental Law Homepage  

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The European Environmental Law Homepage provides access to the full text of treaties, legislation, case law, scholarly legal articles, and EU and NGO documents relevant to environmental law in Europe. In addition, the site has compiled a directory of important governmental Websites for most nations in Europe and maintains a list of pointers to other legal sites with environmental information. The site is edited by Wybe Th. Douma of the T.M.C. Asser Institute, and Jurgen G.J. Lefevere of both the Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development, and the METRO Institute, Maastricht University.


Science News: The Latest News Headlines from the Scientific World  

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Keeping tabs on important developments in the world of science can be rather exhausting, especially considering the number of websites dedicated to various fields of scientific endeavor. One very helpful way to do this is through the Science News site, which features daily news items and news from Science magazine. First-time visitors should spend a few minutes just looking at some of the recent postings, which could include items on the use of genetically modified crops to land reclamation schemes in South Africa. Visitors can access all news items from the previous four weeks at no charge, and they may also wish to sign up to receive email alerts and RSS feeds.


Pricing Policies And Control of Tobacco in Europe (PPACTE) project: cross-national comparison of smoking prevalence in 18 European countries.  


Limited data on smoking prevalence allowing valid between-country comparison are available in Europe. The aim of this study is to provide data on smoking prevalence and its determinants in 18 European countries. In 2010, within the Pricing Policies And Control of Tobacco in Europe (PPACTE) project, we conducted a face-to-face survey on smoking in 18 European countries (Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, England, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Sweden) on a total of 18 056 participants, representative for each country of the population aged 15 years or older. Overall, 27.2% of the participants were current smokers (30.6% of men and 24.1% of women). Smoking prevalence was highest in Bulgaria (40.9%) and Greece (38.9%) and lowest in Italy (22.0%) and Sweden (16.3%). Smoking prevalence ranged between 15.7% (Sweden) and 44.3% (Bulgaria) for men and between 11.6% (Albania) and 38.1% (Ireland) for women. Multivariate analysis showed a significant inverse trend between smoking prevalence and the level of education in both sexes. Male-to-female smoking prevalence ratios ranged from 0.85 in Spain to 3.47 in Albania and current-to-ex prevalence ratios ranged from 0.68 in Sweden to 4.28 in Albania. There are considerable differences across Europe in smoking prevalence, and male-to-female and current-to-ex smoking prevalence ratios. Eastern European countries, lower income countries and those with less advanced tobacco control policies have less favourable smoking patterns and are at an earlier stage of the tobacco epidemic. PMID:24441832

Gallus, Silvano; Lugo, Alessandra; La Vecchia, Carlo; Boffetta, Paolo; Chaloupka, Frank J; Colombo, Paolo; Currie, Laura; Fernandez, Esteve; Fischbacher, Colin; Gilmore, Anna; Godfrey, Fiona; Joossens, Luk; Leon, Maria E; Levy, David T; Nguyen, Lien; Rosenqvist, Gunnar; Ross, Hana; Townsend, Joy; Clancy, Luke



NIH News in Health  


... Lungs in Kids What Do You Know About Sarcoidosis? Featured Website: National DNA Day Past Issues Most ... Lungs in Kids What Do You Know About Sarcoidosis? Featured Website: National DNA Day OTHER Articles AND ...


News and Events | Resources

Skip to Content The National Cancer Institute The National Institutes of Health Home About CDP Mission Statement Staff Directory Office of the Associate Director (OAD) Biorepositories and Biospecimen Research Branch (BBRB) Diagnostic


News and Events

Skip to Content The National Cancer Institute The National Institutes of Health Home About BBRB Mission and Goals BBRB Staff Biorepository Coordinating Committee (BCC) Interactive Timeline Related Initiatives International Initiatives Funding

391 Central Asia, Caucasus News  

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The Central Eurasia Resource Project, an initiative of the Open Society Institute (OSI), distributes comprehensive information on eight Eurasian nations: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. A Resource Page for each nation provides users with brief histories, the latest news, and opinion and analysis about the country's current affairs. In addition, geographic, demographic, political, environmental, cultural, social, and travel information are included for each nation in the region. The site also includes a special section on Central Eurasian elections, a list of upcoming conferences, and a suggested bibliography. The site even allows users to order free OSI publications online.


National Science Foundation: Special Reports  

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This collection of interactive features provides in-depth looks at a variety of research projects and science news stories connected with the National Science Foundation (NSF). These features, which are longer than NSF's standard news releases, cover general science research topics in which NSF has had some sponsorship. Topics covered by the special reports include research in water chemistry, the World Year of Physics, dinosaur hunting in Antarctica, research on the sea floor, disease ecology, and many others.


Usage of European Integration ? Europeanisation from a Sociological Perspective  

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The effect of European integration on its member states constitutes the new research agenda within the study of European integration. Marked by the ?the institutionalist turn? of Anglo-Saxon political sciences, the most dominant theories on europeanisation focus on structural arrangements. Institutional incompatibility between the European and the national level, so the hypothesis, creates pressures for change. Actors are often only

Sophie Jacquot; Cornelia Woll



Tilling the soil of the European higher education area  

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The Bologna Process presents both opportunities and challenges for teachers in the European area. As tensions surface between different forms of national legislation, accreditation and quality assurance, projects need to be developed that model ways of resolving problems within a European context. Utilising their links and network of contacts across a natural community within the European Union, five partner institutions

John Burnett



Possible Orientations of the European Dimension in Romanian Educational Policy  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Curricular reform in any educational system should be to balance national, European or international elements and should integrate diversity. European education calls for a democratic citizenship education that includes a political, cultural, social and economic education--an overall European dimension, which implies an awareness of the drive and…

Enache, Roxana



SciCentral: Earth and Space Science News  

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This site provides links to Earth and space science news articles from a variety of outlets and journals. Sources featured on the site must be freely accessible to online readers and are ranked by the editors based on reliability, timeliness, extent of coverage, multidisciplinary coverage, follow-up, and presentation. The main page features links to the day's headlines, a listing of the editors' top five resources for Earth and space science, and access to a selection of tools and resources, including a literature search; online tools and references such as unit conversion tools, links to U.S. and European patent offices; and links to journals and databases, career information, and conferences.

Dr. Guy Orgambide,


European Monetary Union  

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The EMU site was created by a group of students at the King's Hospital Secondary School in Palmerston, Dublin, Ireland. Their site discusses the potential positive and negative effects of the EMU, popular opinion on the Euro, and the possible side effects for Ireland, which will join, when its neighbor Britain does not join. After months of doubt and political difficulties in France, Germany, and most recently, Italy, it now appears that the unified European currency, the Euro, will indeed begin on January 1, 1999 to replace the national currencies of as many as 10 or 11 countries. The path to a unified currency is by no means smooth, however. Many European Union member states are finding it politically difficult to reduce their budget deficit to 3 percent of gross domestic product and other states, such as Britain and Denmark, are choosing to remain out for now regardless. On the other hand, European economic growth will apparently exceed earlier expectations, allowing leaders to use increased tax revenues instead of cutting social services to qualify.


Increasing Learning from TV News.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Describes an experiment that manipulated two variables, repetition and pausing for viewer "digestion" of information in a news telecast. Concludes that the use of repetition increased viewers' retention of information, but that pauses did not. (FL)

Perloff, Richard M.; And Others



December 2014 Bunnell House News  

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December 2014 Bunnell House News UAF Community and Technical College Early Childhood Lab School a foundation for academic learning that benefits children throughout their formal school experience provide a basis for scientific inquiry. Gardening, cooking, mixing colors, pedaling a tricycle

Hartman, Chris


External Resource: In The News  

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Since the launch of the SOHO spacecraft, there have been numerous news articles highlighting discoveries about the Sun. This activity will gives students the opportunity to learn about those discoveries and to explore the unique challenges that humans fac



NEWS AND COMMENTARY Conservation genetics...............................................................  

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NEWS AND COMMENTARY Conservation genetics............................................................... Genetics at the brink of extinction R De doubt in the minds of conservation geneticists, first raised in the 1980s, that genetic considerations

DeSalle, Rob


American Chemical Society Fall National Meeting

August 16, 2009 12:00 AM - August 20, 2009 12:00 AM Washington, DC + Add to Outlook Calendar Probe Development in Molecular Imaging and Therapy Print This Page American Chemical Society Fall National Meeting News & Events


National Institute of General Medical Sciences  


... Over Navigation Links National Institute of General Medical Sciences Site Map Staff Search My Order Search the ... NIGMS Website Research Funding Research Training News & Meetings Science Education About NIGMS Feature Slides View All Slides ...


National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism  


... NIH holds competition to create better wearable alcohol biosensor First prize winner will be awarded $200,000 ... ... to Develop a New, Real-Time, Wearable Alcohol Biosensor The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and... News ...


BBC News: Lords Reform  

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On January 19, 1999, Tony Blair's government announced the most radical restructuring of the House of Lords, the UK's second chamber, in its 600-year existence. Honoring the Labour Party election manifesto, the Bill will remove all 759 hereditary peers, those with an automatic right to sit by virtue of birthright, within the year. In the meantime, a Royal Commission will formulate proposals for a new upper house and issue a report by December 31, 1999. A fully reformed chamber is expected to be in place by 2002, and in the meantime, publicly nominated "People's Peers" may sit in the Lords in addition to the politically appointed Life Peers. The BBC Special Report outlines this momentous constitutional change in Britain, and offers analysis, commentary, and the latest news.



Philosophy News Service (PNS)  

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Updated daily, this site offers links to online philosophy news and articles from a variety of sources, though most seem to be located in the US or Australia. Recent items included pieces on the ethics of Kosovo, philosophical counseling, Noam Chomsky and Edward Said, an audio symposium on "Genes, Genesis, and God," and several notices of professional interest. Additional features at the site include PhilosophEye, a special essay with related links offering "philosophical perspectives on matters of public interest," a philosophy calendar, a Question of the Week with posted responses, and related links. The PNS also hosts a mailing list, PNS-List, which shares research and professional announcements for philosophers and philosophy students.



NSDL National Science Digital Library

The applications of geographic information systems (GIS) grow with each passing day, and more people are interested in careers in this field. The SpatialNews site is a good way for students and professionals in the GIS field to stay on top of new developments via their feature articles, RSS feeds, and discussion boards. There is a great deal of information on the homepage, and first-time visitors should start by looking over the sections on "GIS Education", "Features", and "Business Bit & Bytes". Some of the more notable feature articles profile the history of GIS, the use of GIS in the military, and the use of GIS during hurricane evacuations. The site is rounded out by a listing of job opportunities and selected comments from the discussion boards.


BetterU News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

BetterU News is a free online newsletter that offers quality information regarding health and fitness. Providing information for individuals ranging across the fitness spectrum -- from fitness professionals to sedentary people with fitness hopes -- this site provides valuable information that can be used to meet just about every fitness goal. Some of the site's highlights include (but not nearly limited to) information on nutrition; cardiovascular and resistance training; and a fitness library that offers information on exercise, nutrition myths, free weight exercises, and calisthenics. Also, for those interested in paying a small fee, the site provides access to an online certified personal trainer who will design a customized exercise program based upon the information you provide on the online questionnaire. As a certified personal trainer myself, I can attest to the accuracy of the information, and therefore, highly recommend visiting the site, even if you're not interested in signing up for the monthly newsletter.



Tech News Collection  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) started life in 1893 as the Armour Institute, courtesy of funding from Philip Danforth, Sr. who gave $1 million to start a school that would offer courses in engineering, chemistry, architecture, and library science. In 1940, the school merged with the Lewis Institute and received its current name. This intriguing digital collection offers a look into the school's history via the Technology News, which has been the student newspaper since 1928. Visitors can browse past issues from that year up to the current day. The Features area is quite interesting, as it includes direct links to April Fools issues and topical coverage of swine flu outbreaks in 1976 and 2009. The April Fools issue from 1942 is quite a pip, as it includes articles titled "Surrealist Ginks Gab" and "Tennis Toddlers Tersely Terrorize Tirty-Tird Toughs."



Space Launch Initiative News  

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The purpose of the Space Launch Initiative (SLI) is "to identify feasible options for future NASA space transportation and enable a decision regarding whether the agency should proceed into full-scale development of a new reusable launch vehicle system." This news page has information on current developments, fact sheets, and vehicle concepts. Several technology summaries describe the various areas of research for the SLI. For example, using neural networks in the vehicle's control and navigation would allow for automatic, intelligent adjustments and would take some of the burden off the crew. Safety is one of the primary concerns, which is demonstrated by the articles on crew escape systems and the Integrated Vehicle Health Management system.


High Country News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

For those who live in or love the environment of the West (US), High Country News is a wonderful resource. The homepage provides access to a lead article from the current issue and selected articles from recent issues, with topics ranging from exotic species to oil to grassroots organizations. Users have full access to back issues from 1993 until three months before the current date. The Collections section anthologizes articles devoted to selected natural resource topics, currently, the Animas-La Plata Dam, 1996 elections, Land Grant Universities, and water resources. A topic index allows visitors to search (keyword) or browse all issues of the paper under 33 subject headings, from Advocacy Groups to Wildlife.



Patterns in Family Policy Preferences in the European Union  

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This study empirically examines the relationship between national content and individual preferences for national policy priorities related to improving family life within the European Union. Using data from the Eurobarometer ...

Brayfield, April A.; Alder, Marina A.; Luo, Ye



Arousing News Characteristics in Dutch Television News 1990–2004: An Exploration of Competitive Strategies  

Microsoft Academic Search

This study investigates the processes by which competition in the television news market might promote the presence of arousing characteristics in television news. A total of 3,024 news stories from six Dutch television news programs over the period 1990 to 2004 were investigated through content analysis. The findings of the study show overall increases in all 6 arousing characteristics. The

Paul Hendriks Vettehen; Johannes Beentjes; Koos Nuijten; Allerd Peeters



Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies (The Middle East and Central Asia) CEnTRE nEWS 2  

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Chowdhury, 13 June 2007. Reviving the Middle East Peace Process: An Arab Perspective, dr Ezzedine ChoukriCentre for Arab and Islamic Studies (The Middle East and Central Asia) ConTEnTS CEnTRE nEWS 2 IRAn communities and the broader community in Western European countries. Roundtable on `Islam In the modeRn wo


How Green Are European Curricula? A Comparative Analysis of Primary School Syllabi in Five European Countries  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The authors conducted a cross-national curriculum analysis as part of a European Union Comenius project regarding the implementation of an online tool to foster environmental education (EE) in primary schools. The overall goal was to determine the extent and intensity that EE is embedded in the syllabi of five European countries. To this end, the…

Hanish, Anna; Rank, Astrid; Seeber, Gunther



Co-operation Agreement between the European Organization for Nuclear Research and the Department of Energy of the United States of America and the National Science Foundation of the United States of America concerning Scientific and Technical Co-operation in Nuclear and Particle Physics  

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Co-operation Agreement between the European Organization for Nuclear Research and the Department of Energy of the United States of America and the National Science Foundation of the United States of America concerning Scientific and Technical Co-operation in Nuclear and Particle Physics



European Standards in Russian Higher Education and the Role of English: A Case Study of the National University of Science and Technology, Moscow (MISiS)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article considers the current changes in Russian universities, especially moves towards a more outward-looking, international approach, driven in particular by the Bologna Process. It is noted that the speed of change has been uneven, with many institutions slow to embrace reform. The situation at the National University of Science and…

West, Richard; Frumina, Elena




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1 TESTING THE "OMNIVORE/UNIVORE" HYPOTHESIS IN A CROSS-NATIONAL PERSPECTIVE. ON THE SOCIAL MEANING by Richard Peterson, basically opposing the quite `omnivorous' upper-middle classes, listening as much-called `Omnivore-Univore' hypothesis has not been yet fully investigated in a comparative design. In this paper, we

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


News home | search | forms | login career zone  

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News Archive email ICS department email website manager News Viewer 04/07/1999 Joe Dane receives Aspect for this year's awards consisted of UHM faculty members Curtis Ho (committee chair), David Ashworth, Ralph

Chiao, Jung-Chih


Research News and Highlights 2012 Archive

January 24, 2012 Women with BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations survive ovarian cancer at higher rates than those without mutations « Previous 1 2 3 Print This Page Research News and Highlights 2012 ArchiveRSS News & Events


In The News Wednesday, December 7, 2011  

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Ebola Vaccine (University of Arizona College of Medicine- Phoenix) 12/07/2011 Animal Lab News (ALN) Drug for common cause (University Medical Center) 12/06/2011 Explorer News View Clip UA-St. Joe's enter agreement

Arizona, University of


Black Europeans  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The British Library has been producing quality online features for close to a decade now, and this latest offering is worth a close look. This particular feature offers some insights and commentary on five prominent black Europeans. It may even come as a surprise to some visitors that several of the individuals profiled were black, such as Alexandre Dumas, the celebrated author of The Three Musketeers. These profiles are supplemented with essays by Dr. Mike Phillips, a writer, scholar, and journalist. The essays are accompanied by a series of images, including engravings, portraits, and illustrations. Visitors may also want to view and print out extended versions of Phillipsâ?? essays, which are available here in the pdf format.


FindLaw Legal News and Commentary  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

FindLaw (discussed in the February 23, 1996 Scout Report) offers this legal news section to its arsenal of law resources. Daily news feeds from Reuters are available in fourteen categories at this time, ranging from telecommunications to US Justice Department to various types of litigation news. There is a searchable archive, and email updates are available. This is an effective, one-stop shopping site featuring descriptive stories about the legal news of the day.


Malamalama 3 Campus News  

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's first-in-the-nation doctor of architecture pro- gram received the official nod from the National and environ- mental sciences and the Board of Regents approved in concept Hilo's plans to establish its first executive, heads Hawai`i Community College. Gene Awakuni, vice provost for student affairs at Stanford


DCTD — News & Events

A new compound, called ABT-888, has passed the first stage of clinical examination using a new model for drug development that promises to shorten -- by up to six to 12 months -- the timeline for taking anticancer drugs from the laboratory to the clinic, according to a team of researchers at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), part of the National Institutes of Health.


News and Events

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) Biorepositories and Biospecimen Research Branch (BBRB) is sponsoring a unique initiative to advance cancer research and treatment through development of the cancer Human Biobank (caHUB), which will serve as a national center for biospecimen science and standards. caHUB will address systematically the gaps in knowledge needed to strengthen the standards for human biobanking.


Credibility Perceptions of News Coverage of Ethnic Groups: The Predictive Roles of Race and News Use  

Microsoft Academic Search

The authors examined the roles that race and news use play in predicting perceived credibility of news coverage of ethnic groups. With data from a 2000 telephone survey of the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, analyses were conducted specific to news use and news perceptions of three media outlets: the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and WCCO-TV news. Race played




In The News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Ancient climate change meant Antarctica was once covered with palm trees trees 'grew on Antarctica' near-tropical warmth on the Antarctic continent during the early Eocene epoch would Shackleton have tweeted? States Antarctic Program images by Anthony Powell to an article published in Nature on the first of August, East Antarctica once supported near-tropical ecosystems, with winter temperatures "warmer than 10 C [50 F]." Of course, this wasn't recent by human standards - the Eocene epoch during which these temperatures were the norm occurred about 55 to 48 million years ago. However, this finding may provide insight into how Earth's climate responds to variable levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide. In addition, it allows us to imagine a world very different from the one we know: one in which palm trees flourished at latitudes that today reach summer highs of about 8 C and sink to lows of -50 C.The first link takes visitors to a blog entry outlining some of the article's discoveries, including detailed descriptions of the ecosystem. The second leads to an article featuring an interview with one of the study's co-authors that describes both the procedures and findings. Interested parties may want to read the original Nature article itself, accessible via the third link. Bringing us into the modern era, the fourth link leads to an article reflecting on the complicated relationship between the outside world and those overwintering in Antarctica. The fifth allows visitors to explore facts and figures about the United States presence in Antarctica, featuring some great webcam feeds. Finally, the last link leads to a magnificent collection of images and videos of the now-frozen continent.

Grinnell, Max



National Science Foundation boosts area research -2005-11-16 1 of 2 12/1/2005 3:05 PM  

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National Science Foundation boosts area research - 2005-11-16 by Markets More News and FeaturesMore News and Features Subscribe to Business First of Buffalo Home » Buffalo at Buffalo will share in an $800,000 National Science Foundation award to establish a computational grid

Miller, Russ


International Heliophysical Year: European Activities  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The First European General Assembly of the "International Heliophysical Year" (IHY) took place at the headquarters of the Centre Nationial de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in Paris, France, 10-13 January 2006. There were 113 participants representing 27 nations. The science concerned with the International Heliophysical Year programme was first illustrated. Then, the status of current instruments as well as practical information on the campaign management policy was given. Twenty European National Coordinators described the progress of their IHY activities. Representatives from Egypt, Angola and the coordinator of the Balkan, Black and Caspian Sea Region also reported on the progress of IHY activities in their respective regions. People from the IHY Secretariat provided a summary of the global IHY efforts including the United Nations Basic Space Sciences Program. In the education and public outreach front, a variety of activities have been planned: TV and radio shows, board games on space weather, specific programmes for schools and universities, workshops for teachers are some of the actions that were presented by the delegates. Beyond of these national and individual initiatives, specific activities requiring European coordination were discussed. This paper provides an extended summary of the main talks and discussions that held during the meeting.

Briand, C.



Howard Hughes Medical Institute: Research News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

For breaking news of interest to the medical research community, see this news metasite from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. From enzymes to viral infections, or RNA to muscle fibers, this page serves up all the medical research news that's fit to print.


Yahoo! My Yahoo! Mail -News Home Help  

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Technology Entertainment Sports Photos -- News by Country -- Yahoo! Asia News Search Yahoo! News Search at a site in Aomori Prefecture, a top bureaucrat at Japan's science and technology ministry said Monday" on whether Japan or France will host the site, said Akio Yuki, vice minister of education, culture, sports


California News Sunday, May 29, 2011  

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California News Sunday, May 29, 2011 Get more California News » TAGS: Comment Now Email Print Report a typo TAGS: Comment Now Email Print Report a typo food, pollution, california, san francisco, san diego, california news SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (KABC) -- Traces of mercury and PCBs, or toxic chemicals


Making the News: Jobs in TV Journalism  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

What do TV news workers do each day? For many of them, contributing to daily news broadcasts has changed greatly over the years. This evolution will likely continue for years to come. And more changes to news production are expected, according to Tom Weir, an associate professor at the University of South Carolina's School of Journalism and Mass…

Csorny, Lauren



Television News. Revised and Enlarged Edition.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Television news has become the most important, believable, and even the only news source for millions of people. This book examines all the skills required by the television journalist and delves into sources of news stories, interviewing techniques, writing and editing decisions, writing style, use of camera, sound and editing equipment, and use…

Fang, I. E.


Network Evening News Coverage of Environmental Risk.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Focusing on ABC, NBC, and CBS's evening news broadcasts from January 1984 through February 1986, a study examined network news coverage of environmental risk--defined as manmade chemical, biological, and physical agents that create risk in the indoor, outdoor, and occupational environments. Using the Vanderbilt University "Television News Index…

Greenberg, Michael R.; And Others


MATBN: A Mandarin Chinese Broadcast News Corpus  

Microsoft Academic Search

The MATBN Mandarin Chinese broadcast news corpus contains a total of 198 hours of broadcast news from the Public Television Service Foundation (Taiwan) with corresponding transcripts. The primary purpose of this collection is to provide training and testing data for continuous speech recognition evaluation in the broadcast news domain. In this paper, we briefly introduce the speech corpus and report

Hsin-Min Wang; Berlin Chen; Jen-Wei Kuo; Shih-Sian Cheng



Scandal Clouds News Corporation's Move into Education  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

When News Corporation announced last fall its entry into the education technology market, some observers said the media conglomerate led by Rupert Murdoch was a bad fit for education. Between the ownership of conservative-leaning outlets like Fox News and a reputation for identifying opportunities to generate lots of revenue very quickly, News

Quillen, Ian



Linking online news and social media  

Microsoft Academic Search

Much of what is discussed in social media is inspired by events in the news and, vice versa, social media provide us with a handle on the impact of news events. We address the following linking task: given a news article, find social media utterances that implicitly reference it. We follow a three-step approach: we derive multiple query models from

Manos Tsagkias; Maarten de Rijke; Wouter Weerkamp



Surveillance of antibiotic resistance in European ICUs  

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Antibiotic resistance among bacteria causing hospital-acquired infections poses a threat, particularly to patients in intensive care units (ICUs). In order to control the spread of resistant bacteria, local, regional and national resistance surveillance data must be used to develop efficient intervention strategies. In an attempt to identify national differences and the dynamics of antibiotic resistance in European ICUs, data have

H. Hanberger; D. Diekema; A. Fluit; R. Jones; M. Struelens; R. Spencer; M. Wolff



Labor Regulations and European Private Equity  

Microsoft Academic Search

European nations substitute between employment protection regulations and labor market expenditures (e.g., unemployment insurance benefits) for providing worker insurance. Employment regulations more directly tax firms making frequent labor adjustments than other labor insurance mechanisms. Venture capital and private equity investors are especially sensitive to these labor adjustment costs. Nations favoring labor expenditures as the mechanism for providing worker insurance developed

Ant Bozkaya; William R. Kerr



European Space Agency European Space Exploration  

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European Space Agency Aurora European Space Exploration Programme EXECUTIVE SUMMARY #12;2 Aurora Programme EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. What is Aurora? A European Space Exploration Programme based on a road map economically and politically as a leading world power, it cannot leave space exploration to the other space

Crawford, Ian


European Dialogue: The Magazine for European Integration  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This new bimonthly magazine published by the European Commission is targeted at "decision-makers/opinion formers having an impact on European Integration" in the ten Central European and Baltic countries that have applied to join the EU. The electronic version of the first issue contains articles on humanitarian aid, membership negotiations, pensions, and economic forecasts.


Environmental News Network El Nino Special Report  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The Environmental News Network El Nino Special Report provides background information on El Nino, how to measure an El Nino, El Nino impacts, and the current forecast for El Nino 1997. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminstration (NOAA), El Nino is "a disruption of the ocean-atmosphere system in the tropical Pacific having important consequences for weather around the globe." It is caused by a change in trade wind patterns in the central and western Pacific ocean, and causes a large volume of ocean to be warmed (typically about 20 degrees of latitude by 90 degrees of longitude). It happens at irregular intervals and has global climatic consequences (regional flooding and droughts, in particular).



What Makes Cyprus European? Curricular Responses of Greek-Cypriot Civic Education to "Europe"  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Increasing European integration and European education policies are fuelling political and academic debates over the meaning of a "European identity" and a "European citizenship" and their potential relationship(s) to national and/or state identities. These debates are especially fraught in a case such as Cyprus, a case characterized by an…

Philippou, Stavroula



Chemical & Engineering News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The American Chemical Society produces the weekly magazine "Chemical & Engineering News" which reports on topics ranging from business to government to education drawn from across the world of chemistry. Although much of the content on the website is password-protected for those with a subscription to the magazine, the fascinating "Multimedia" section of the website is accessible to all visitors. The "Latest Photo Galleries" section has the must see gallery "Another Kind of Landscape" from May 2, 2011, which is about a new book on environmental degradation. There are just five photos, all aerial views, that at first blush look beautiful and like works of art, but upon reading the caption, visitors will learn that the photos are of the run-off from a fertilizer plant, an aluminum producer, and a coal mine. The enlightening and interactive article from June 2007 (under "Other Multimedia") titled "The Incredible Vastness of Data lets visitors visualize the differences between chemical research conducted in 1907 and 2007. Overall, the multimedia has much to offer and warrants several return visits.


News in Brief News in Brief  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

NSFC Delegation Visits Russia NSFC President Visits UNEP and ICRAF Professor Chen Yiyu, NSFC President Visits South Africa Evaluation results for applications to the National Natural Science Fund Programs in 2009 Released ---- 17,858 proposals approved, 72,964 declined Prof. Shen Meets Guests from the Netherlands The 12th Joint Committee Meeting of the Sino-German Center Held in Germany NSFC-CIHR Workshop on Health Sciences held in Beijing President Chen Yiyu Meets with Dr. Alain Beaudet NFSC-FRSQ Joint Workshop on Genomics Held in Beijing President Chen Meets with Dr. Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart NSFC Vice President Attends the 13th U.S.-China Joint Commission Meeting on Science and Technology Cooperation DFG Secretary General Visits NSFC NSFC Vice President Attended the 3rd ASIAHORCs Meeting NSFC Vive President Visits Cuba and Canada NSFC Vice President Attends Second China-Thailand Joint Workshop Top Ten Events in China's Basic Research in 2009 Unveiled NSFC-RGC Funded Research Won IEEE Marconi Prize Paper Award



News and Events

The National Institutes of Health today announced awards to support the Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) project, an initiative to determine how genetic variation controls gene expression and its relation to disease.


News and Events

One of the most widely recognized and significant challenges to progress in cancer research is the lack of standardized, high-quality biospecimens. In response to this challenge, the National Cancer Institute is planning the development of a national Cancer Human Biobank (caHUB). NCI caHUB will be a unique public resource, the primary mission of which is to ensure the adequate and continuous supply of high-quality human biospecimens for the research community.


SciCentral: Engineering News  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This site provides links to engineering-related news articles from a variety of outlets and journals. Sources featured on the site must be freely accessible to online readers and are ranked by the editors based on reliability, timeliness, extent of coverage, multidisciplinary coverage, follow-up, and presentation. The main page features links to the day's headlines, a listing of the editors' top five resources for engineering news coverage, and a selection of tools and resources, including a literature search; online tools and references such as unit conversion tools and a language translation tool; and links to journals and databases, career information, and conferences.

Dr. Guy Orgambide,


Pew Research Journalism Project: Twitter News Consumers  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

How do adults get their news? Based on a recent study from the Pew Research Journalism Project, approximately 8 percent of all adults in the United States get their news through Twitter. It's an interesting finding amidst many in this report sponsored via a collaboration with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. The report looks at a wide range of topics, including analysis of conversations on Twitter around major news events, exploring how people discuss major issues via this particular form of social media. Interestingly enough, the report notes that the majority of those polled (85 percent) get news at least sometimes on mobile devices and that Twitter news consumers are younger and more educated that both the overall population and Facebook news consumers. Visitors can read the complete report here and also peruse additional reports such as "News Coverage Conveys Strong Momentum for Same-Sex Marriage" and "Twitter and the Campaign."

Guskin, Emily



Temporal and Cross Correlations in Business News  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We empirically investigate temporal and cross correlations inthe frequency of news reports on companies, using a dataset of more than 100 million news articles reported in English by around 500 press agencies worldwide for the period 2003--2009. Our first finding is that the frequency of news reports on a company does not follow a Poisson process, but instead exhibits long memory with a positive autocorrelation for longer than one year. The second finding is that there exist significant correlations in the frequency of news across companies. Specifically, on a daily time scale or longer the frequency of news is governed by external dynamics, while on a time scale of minutes it is governed by internal dynamics. These two findings indicate that the frequency of news reports on companies has statistical properties similar to trading volume or price volatility in stock markets, suggesting that the flow of information through company news plays an important role in price dynamics in stock markets.

Mizuno, T.; Takei, K.; Ohnishi, T.; Watanabe, T.


Biodegradation of news inks  

SciTech Connect

Printing ink vehicles that require no petroleum components were prepared by modifying vegetable oil. Physical properties of inks formulated with these vehicles meet or exceed the industry standards for lithographic and letterpress newsprint applications. Elimination of petroleum-based resin and reduced pigment requirements, due to the light vehicle color, provide a competitively priced alternative to petroleum-based inks of equal quality. These ink vehicles, made exclusively from soybean oil, were subjected to biodegradation, and the results were compared with those obtained with commercial vehicles. Results show that they degrade faster and more completely than commercial hybrid (partial) soy or mineral oil based vehicles. Fermentations were allowed to proceed for 5, 12, and 25 days. Both mono-and mixed cultures of microorganisms commonly found in soil were used. In 25 days, commercial mineral oil based vehicles degraded 17-27%, while commercial hybrid soy oil based vehicles degraded 58-68% and our 100% soy oil based vehicles degrade 82-92%. Similar studies were conducted with commercial news inks consisting of soy or mineral oil with petroleum resins along with the four colored pigments and USDA`s 100% soy oil based ink consisting of modified soybean oil and pigment. Results show that pigment slowed the degradation of ink vehicles; however, neither time nor type of pigment played a significant role. Also these inks were degraded by using {open_quotes}Modified Sturm Test{close_quotes} (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). In this method, test organisms were obtained from activated sludge, and the extent of degradation was determined by measuring carbon dioxide evolution. In all cases USDA`s ink degraded faster and more completely (for all four colors) than either hybrid soy oil based or petroleum based inks.

Erhan, S.Z.; Bagby, M.O. [USDA, Peoria, IL (United States)



How to Write News for Broadcast and Print Media.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This book is a primer on the techniques of news writing and the application of those principles to print and broadcast journalism. Chapters include: "The News Media," which presents a brief history of journalism and the foundations on which it is based; "What Is News?"; "Gathering News," which discusses news beats, reporters' qualifications, and…

Dary, David


The National Early Warning Score in practice: a reflection.  


In 2012, The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) developed a National Early Warning Score (NEWS) as a standardised approach to assessment and response to critical illness. This paper reports the authors' experiences whilst implementing NEWS across one large inner London NHS Trust. NEWS was introduced to all adult areas between November 2013 and January 2014. All healthcare staff completed the RCP's online e-learning module and received scenario-based teaching. One of the challenges was the Trust's geographical location over three sites. Comparisons across all sites will be made over time as data become available. Introducing NEWS has been a challenging but exciting initiative. PMID:25345453

Day, Tina; Oxton, Julie


In Brief: New European space policy  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A new European Space Policy ( that is intended to coordinate space activities undertaken by the European Space Agency, European Union, and member nations has been adopted by representatives of these entities. Earth observation is one of the key applications identified in the policy, particularly the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) initiative, which is intended to coordinate and prepare satellite and ground-based data for end-users. Other key applications include development of the GALILEO satellite navigation system, satellite communications, and security and defense.

Zielinski, Sarah




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- structure by building rural India's first mobile-phone-enabled supply chain. Cell-phone use is widespread23DECEMBER 2010 NEWS BRIEFS Published by the IEEE Computer Society0018-9162/10/$26.00 © 2010 IEEE, haven't been able to adequately or cost-effectively serve retailers in villages with populations less


research news Complementaryadaptations,photosynthesis  

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research news Complementaryadaptations,photosynthesis and phytochrome Cyanobacteria, formerly, the consensus is that cell structure and genetics are a better base for taxonomy than photosynthesis and, in any the cyanobacteria2. First, oxygen-evolving photosynthesis is totally intact - the elec- trons pass through exactly

Allen, John F.


Guess Who's in the News.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Examines the power of positive publicity as cost-effective child-care marketing. Suggests that getting positive press can make marketing easier, less expensive, and fun. Notes that by creating news stories and developing a working relationship with targeted media, child-care-center directors can inform, educate, and create new prospects and…

Wassom, Julie



IN THE NEWS Predictors of  

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IN THE NEWS Predictors of depression, stress, and anxiety among non- tenure track faculty Over indicate that citric acid derived polymers reduced bacterial proliferation... ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION between... Characterization of the surfaceome of the metal-reducing... Whose well-being? Common

Yang, Jian


Science News of the Year.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Highlights important 1985 science stories appearing in "Science News" under these headings: anthropology and paleontology, astronomy, behavior, biology, biomedicine, chemistry, computers and mathematics, earth sciences, environment, physics, science and society, space sciences, and technology. Each entry includes the volume and page number in…

Science News, 1985



Portability Experience With C News  

Microsoft Academic Search

We believe that a C programmer's impulse to use #ifdef in an attempt at portability is usually a mistake. Portability is generally the result of advance planning rather than trench warfare involving #ifdef. In the course of developing C News on different systems, we evolved various tactics for dealing with differences among systems without producing a welter of #ifdefs at

Geoff Collyer


Search Advanced Search Home > News  

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, ranging from pacemaker implants to cardiac ablation therapy, a process that selectively targetsSearch Advanced Search Home > News [-] Text [+] Email Print tweet 0 tweets RSS Feeds Newsletters in a time-consuming, point-by-point process to construct a patchwork cardiac map. In addition

Rogers, John A.


Consumer E-News Alert  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Provided by Sheller, Ludwig & Badey, P.C., a Philadelphia-based law firm, Consumer E-News Alert is a free biweekly newsletter that focuses on a range of consumer issues, such as scams, consumer rights, and business misconduct. The most recent issue (March 16) includes short pieces on bank scams, pyramid schemes, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and recent product recalls.


How to Tell Bad News  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Therapists, physicians, police officers, and emergency staff often are the messengers of bad news. They have to tell a patient, a parent, or a loved one about a death, an accident, a school shooting, a life-threatening diagnosis, a terrorist attack, or a suicide. Usually the messenger bears a heavy responsibility but has little training and seeks…

Long, Nicholas J.



Research News Clinical Investigation Center  

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Research News Clinical Investigation Center Winter 2013 Advancing Veterinary and Human Medicine to one limb and has not metastasized. · Owners are willing to pursue amputation and chemotherapy previous surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation treatments for the osteosarcoma. The study covers the costs

Blanchette, Robert A.


news update Fashion Accessory Design  

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news update let's talk Fashion Accessory Design Fashion Design Fashion Knitwear Design and Knitted in the fashion and textile industry. Through Texprint, Alice will receive mentoring and benefit from being and fashion fabrics. Following an exhibition in London, Alice will have her own stand at the Texprint Village

Evans, Paul


Science News of the Year  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Presents a review of important science articles of 1974 as reported in the pages of "Science News." References are given relating to the volume and page number in which the main article appeared. Life-sciences, physical sciences, earth science, environmental science, humanities and technology research are reviewed. (EB)

Science News, 1974



Breaking News Egyptian Passport Renewal  

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Breaking News Egyptian Passport Renewal In light of the recent upheavals in the Egyptian government, the Egyptian Embassy recommends that any Egyptian applying to renew a passport should follow this process: Contact the embassy in Washington, D.C. Inform the representative of the intent to renew a passport

Scharer, John E.


SF Gate Home Today's News  

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the ability to store and dispose of plutonium from nuclear weapons in the post-Cold War world, say the articleSF Gate Home Today's News Sports Entertainment Technology Live Views Traffic Weather Health to a friend Technology/Bioscience COUNTERTOPS SHOP FORMAN M/F 10 YRS. EXP. $30 MODERN WOODWORKS ARCHITECT

Savrasov, Sergej Y.


Cub Garden News February 2011  

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Cub Garden News February 2011 #12;The Lab School partnered with Polk Elementary to design and build a school garden. #12;Under the guidance of Mr a full day to build a garden at Polk Elementary. #12;Lab School volunteers dug


News and Research Good Bacteria  

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News and Research Good Bacteria Part 2 Article 13 Click here for Probiotics Basics Cooperation Is A No-brainer For Symbiotic Bacteria 9-4-2003 Humans may learn cooperation in kindergarten, but what about bacteria, whose behavior is preprogrammed by their DNA? Some legume plants, which rely

West, Stuart



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of limestone (basically calcium carbonate) precipitated from water flowing over a surface. It forms around hot springs, such as in Yellowstone National Park, in streams originating in mountainous limestone areas depends on flow rate, with terms covering flow normal to the surface and effects due to degassing

Loss, Daniel


Home > News [-] Text [+  

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for a range of devices with applications in epilepsy, spinal cord injuries and other neurological disorders," said Walter Koroshetz, M.D., deputy director of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders movement, and routing those signals to healthy muscles or prosthetic devices. Login | Register Publications

Rogers, John A.


News and Events

OBBR is co-sponsoring an international workshop, The U.S.-China Workshop on Developing Common Standards for Biorepositories and Biospecimen Research, with the National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) that will be held in Tianjin, China on October 19th, 2011.


Picturing obesity: analyzing the social epidemiology of obesity conveyed through US news media images.  


News media coverage can affect how Americans view health policy issues. While previous research has investigated the text content of news media coverage of obesity, these studies have tended to ignore the photographs and other images that accompany obesity-related news coverage. Images can convey important messages about which groups in society are more or less affected by a health problem, and, in turn, shape public understanding about the social epidemiology of that condition. In this study, we analyzed the images of overweight and obese individuals in Time and Newsweek coverage over a 25-year period (1984-2009), and compared these depictions, which we characterize as representing the "news media epidemiology" of obesity, to data describing the true national prevalence of obesity within key populations of interest over this period. Data collected included descriptive features of news stories and accompanying images, and demographic characteristics of individuals portrayed in images. Over the 25-year period, we found that news magazines increasingly depicted non-whites as overweight and obese, and showed overweight and obese individuals less often performing stereotypical behaviors. Even with increasing representation of non-whites over time, news magazines still underrepresented African Americans and Latinos. In addition, the elderly were starkly underrepresented in images of the overweight and obese compared to actual prevalence rates. Research in other policy arenas has linked media depictions of the populations affected by social problems with public support for policies to combat them. Further research is needed to understand how news media depictions can affect public stigma toward overweight and obese individuals and public support for obesity prevention efforts. PMID:22445762

Gollust, Sarah E; Eboh, Ijeoma; Barry, Colleen L



News / Events Home > News / Events : News > Business > SGS to Showcase Its Wind Energy Servic...  

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> Business > SGS to Showcase Its Wind Energy Servic... FOCUS ON MORE NEWS SGS to Conduct AWS Certified, Ukraine SGS to Present its Renewable Energy Services at China Wind Power 2010 in Beijing Germany - 29/07/10 SGS to Showcase Its Wind Energy Services at the Husum Wind Energy Trade Fair 2010 in Husum, Germany


Recent News | Archives | Tags | About | Newsletter | Submit News | Links | Subscribe New Articles  

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Recent News | Archives | Tags | About | Newsletter | Submit News | Links | Subscribe New Articles Comment Search Archives November 2009 October 2009 September 2009 August 2009 July 2009 June 2009 May 2009

Lovley, Derek


32 CFR 516.53 - News media and other inquiries.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

... 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true News media and other inquiries. 516.53 Section 516...United States Has An Interest § 516.53 News media and other inquiries. News media inquiries regarding litigation or...



Does Local Television News Coverage Cultivate Fatalistic Beliefs about Cancer Prevention?  

PubMed Central

A substantial proportion of American adults hold fatalistic beliefs about cancer prevention despite evidence that a large proportion of cancer deaths are preventable. Several scholars suggest that news media coverage is one source of these beliefs, but scant evidence has been brought to bear on this assertion. We report findings from two studies that assess the plausibility of the claim that local television (TV) news cultivates fatalistic beliefs about cancer prevention. Study 1 features a content analysis of an October 2002 national sample of local TV and newspaper coverage about cancer (n=122 television stations; n=60 newspapers). Study 2 describes an analysis of the 2005 Annenberg National Health Communication Survey (ANHCS, n=1,783 respondents). Study 1 indicates that local TV news stories were more likely than newspaper stories to mention cancer causes and scientific research and less likely to provide follow-up information. Study 2 reveals that local TV news viewing was positively associated with fatalistic beliefs about cancer prevention. Overall, findings are consistent with the claim that local TV news coverage may promote fatalistic beliefs about cancer prevention. We conclude with a discussion of study implications for cultivation theory and the knowledge gap hypothesis and suggest foci for future research. PMID:20563221

Niederdeppe, Jeff; Fowler, Erika Franklin; Goldstein, Kenneth; Pribble, James



Pharmacovigilance Discussion Forum - The European Generic Medicines Association's 8th Annual Meeting (January 21, 2015 - London, UK).  


The practice and science of pharmacovigilance first emerged following the disaster caused by thalidomide in 1961, which led to the initiation of systemic international efforts to address drug safety issues spearheaded by the WHO. Systems were developed in member states of the WHO to analyze cases of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and collate these data into a central database to aid national drug regulatory authorities in improving safety profiles of medicines. Pharmacovigilance is a key public health function for monitoring all medicinal products to assess their quality, efficacy and safety before and following authorization. These medicines are continually assessed to detect any aspect that could compromise their safety, and ensure that the necessary measures are taken. In July 2012, new legislation for pharmacovigilance in the E.U. came into effect as a result of the changes set out in the Directive 2010/84/EU and the European Commission (EC) implementing Regulation (EU) No 520/2012 to reduce the increasing number of ADRs. The latest developments in pharmacovigilance in Europe, including news on E.U. pharmacovigilance legislation, were discussed at the 8th European Generic Medicines Association (EGA) Pharmacovigilance Discussion Forum. The meeting facilitated constructive dialogue between regulators and industry on a range of topics including how to simplify pharmacovigilance activities and improve the processes of risk management plans, periodic safety update reports, signal detection, joint studies and inspections. PMID:25685861

Lam, S



Listening to News Audiences: The Impact of Community Structure and Economic Factors  

Microsoft Academic Search

This study examines influences on the degree to which news organizations attend to everyday readers through online feedback, or conversely via advertising and marketing data. Factors at the community level, the market level, and the organizational level are examined as predictors of editors’ exposure and attention to audiences. Results of a national survey indicate that most editors tend to pay

Carly T. McKenzie; Wilson Lowrey; Hal Hays; Jee Young Chung; Chang Wan Woo



Assessing Causality in the Relationship Between Community Attachment and Local News Media Use  

Microsoft Academic Search

Numerous studies have demonstrated a relationship between community attachment and local news media use. Despite calls for panel studies to determine the direction of causality in this relationship, there is little evidence beyond cross-sectional surveys, which are often further limited to single communities. In order to contribute to the debate about causal direction, we conducted a four-wave national panel study

Lindsay H. Hoffman; William P. Eveland Jr



The News People: A Sociological Portrait of American Journalists and Their Work.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The sociological study described in this volume, based on extensive interviews with more than 1300 practicing journalists, is one of the first large-scale national inquiries dealing with an occupational group. Interview statistics are used to paint a portrait of the people who make their living as full-time disseminators of news: those who work…

Johnstone, John W.C.; And Others


News & Blogs U.S. Lightning Strikes May Increase 50% Due to Global Warming  

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. The National Fire Protection Association ( statistics/fire-causes/lightning-fires-and-lightningNews & Blogs U.S. Lightning Strikes May Increase 50% Due to Global Warming By: Dr. Jeff Masters dangerous cloud-to-ground lightning capable of igniting more forest fires, according to a study published

Romps, David M.


News Media Representations of Women in the U.S. Military Post September 11, 2001  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper examines newspaper portrayals produced by the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the Los Angeles Times of women in the military from Sept. 11, 2001, to Sept. 11, 2009. The purpose was to identify how the three nationally recognized U.S. newspapers depict women’s expanding combat roles on contemporary battlefields that lack definitive front lines. Because the news

Colleen Krepstekies



Shock value : A comparative analysis of news reports and official police records on TASER deployments  

Microsoft Academic Search

Purpose – This paper sets out to encompass a comparative analysis of news reports and official police records of TASER deployments from 2002 to 2005. Design\\/methodology\\/approach – The methodology involves a content analysis of all LexisNexis and New York Times articles involving police use of the TASER during the study period (n = 353). Regional (New York Times) and national

Justin Ready; Michael D. White; Christopher Fisher



How Accurate Is the Science News We Receive from the Mass Media?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

One day before a health study appeared in the "New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)" the study was reported media. A content analysis of the top 5 national newspapers examined the accuracy of this news reporting. The NEJM study found that men who took aspirin had 50% fewer heart attacks than men who received a placebo. Analysis of the original…

Molitor, Fred


Professors' Pay Raises Beat Inflation; So Much for the Good News  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Faculty pay has been battered by the deepening national recession, but one cannot tell that from the American Association of University Professors' new annual report on the economic status of the profession. The average salary of a full-time faculty member rose 3.4% in 2008-2009, it says, a rate well above inflation. That would be good news, but…

June, Audrey Williams



The biannual news magazine for 146,000 IUPUI alumni worldwide In competItIon,  

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On the web: IUPUI spirit page: InDIana UnIVeRSITY FOUnDaTIOn Dee Mataj and accomplishments highlight the impact our campus has on our world. Share their success stories in these pages.S. News & World Report ranked IUPUI third among national universities this fall in the "Up

Zhou, Yaoqi


IGS News, Vol. 26, No.21, July 2010 6 Co-opted Members are nomi-  

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IGS News, Vol. 26, No.21, July 2010 6 Co-option: Co-opted Members ­ are nomi- nated and elected by the IGS Council, according to the IGS By- laws the council may co-opt up to 5 members. Co of the different industrial, scientific, or national sectors of the Society;" Reported by Elizabeth Peggs, IGS

Zornberg, Jorge G.


9\\/11 as a television news story: A media effects ethnography  

Microsoft Academic Search

Americans experienced terror through media and were forced to construct a new social reality on 9\\/11\\/01. American television journalists framed the story first as breaking news: a plane crash at the World Trade Center. TV journalists later assumed an ethnocentric perspective as the frames of the story shifted to a national crisis involving coordinated attacks against American symbols and civilians.

Michael A Lewis



News from the Forests: The Tai Chimpanzee Project in Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa  

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News from the Forests: The Tai Chimpanzee Project in Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa The current, the majority of wild chimpanzees live in the heart of the tropical rainforest belt in Central and West Africa National Park is the largest, and one of the oldest remnants of tropical forest in West Africa, dating from


Growth Hormone Is Made In The Brain, Report Scientists Main Category: Endocrinology News  

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Growth Hormone Is Made In The Brain, Report Scientists Main Category: Endocrinology News Article Date: 29 Mar 2006 - 5:00am (PDT) Scientists have found that growth hormone, a substance that is used of the National Academy of Sciences. The researchers - from three institutions - found that growth hormone

Shors, Tracey J.


May 2010 News | Media | Events Business, Science, and Technology Full-Time MBA Program  

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: RBS Quick Links MBA Open Houses Highlights Newsletters Faculty blogs Follow RBS on Twitter Research paraded from the Rutgers campus through Military Park to the stately New Jersey Performing Arts Center Program ranks #17 in the nation for employment rate of graduates according to U.S. News and World Report

Lin, Xiaodong


State Renewable Energy News -- Vol. 14, No. 2, Summer 2005 (Newsletter)  

SciTech Connect

This newsletter, a compilation of renewable electric activities in the states, is prepared for the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC). It includes news from Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Texas, Vermont, and Washington.

Swezey, B.



CHEMICAL WEAPONS CONVENTION BULLETIN News, Background and Comment on Chemical and Biological Warfare Issues  

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CHEMICAL WEAPONS CONVENTION BULLETIN News, Background and Comment on Chemical and Biological Warfare Issues ISSUE NO. 26 DECEMBER 1994 Quarterly Journal of the Harvard Sussex Program on CBW Armament Ratifications 30 Recent Publications 31­32 ASIA PACIFIC SEMINAR ON THE NATIONAL IMPLEMENTATION OF THE CHEMICAL

Sussex, University of


Learning How to translate Foreign News Discovering Strategies in Translation of Press Texts  

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This study was done to discover the strategies that were used by a group of experienced translators at different universities and colleges when translating foreign news in international and national English newspapers. Some aspects about concepts in translation strategies introduced by Vinay and Darbelnet (1995 \\/2004), were used. They are 1.abstract for concrete change double negative phrases into positive

Shirzad Mansouri; Hossein Younesi


Stanford U. Creates an Alternative to "U.S. News" College Guide.  

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In response to the controversial college rankings published in national magazines, Stanford University (California) has posted some of the statistics used in the "U.S. News and World Report" on its World Wide Web site. It encourages other institutions to do the same to make the information readily available without the perceived distortion of the…

Geraghty, Mary; Guernsey, Lisa




EPA Science Inventory

This research news edition announces the publication of the first report from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Assessment (MARA). The report is entitled, *Climate Change Impacts in the Mid-Atlantic Region -- A Workshop Report.* MARA is being conducted as part of the USGCRP First Nation...