Sample records for intramurale aortico aspetti

  1. Urologia: aspetti medico-legali. Cosa l'urologo non può non sapere.


    Rizzotto, Antonio


    Medico-legal notes in urologyIn recent years, claims for damages for medical liability have significantly increased. This implies that urologists need to know at least some basic concepts and updates regarding Forensic Medicine. Hence it is mandatory that, beyond the requirements of the law, every physician is covered by insurance liability for medical professionals. With the aim to protect and help the urologist in response to a claim for damages, the Italian Society of Urology has established and activated a "urological first aid", which any member can turn to in a moment of need. In the case of an accident, urologists can contact the "urological first aid" otherwise they can send a letter within 3 days to his/her insurance company, which will analyze the complaint and prepare a brief statement of defence and choose a civil lawyer specializing in medical professional liability. In this paper we will deal with some concepts of forensic medicine, distinguishing between public-liability and penal setting. PMID:25451877

  2. Il dolore in ambito urologico: aspetti fisiopatologici del dolore e della cronicità


    Bonezzi, Cesare; Demartini, Laura; Angelini, Lucia; Armiento, Luciana; Jallous, Hussein


    Pain in urology: pathophysiological aspects of pain and chronicityChronic pain has been traditionally defined by pain duration, but this approach has limited empirical support and does not account for chronic pain multidimensionality. Defining chronic pain solely by duration is based on the view that acute pain signals potential tissue damage, whereas chronic pain results from central sensitization in which pain is sustained after nociceptive inputs have diminished. Chronic urological pain is a prevalent condition, which can represent a major challenge to health care providers due to its complex aetiology and poor response to therapy. In most cases, clear signs of on-going tissue trauma, inflammation or infection are not present. Despite this, more underhanded pathophysiological mechanisms, affecting the urinary system or other pelvic organ systems (musculoskeletal, neurologic, urologic, gynaecologic) and some psychological aspects may be present. In this article, some pathophysiological aspects of visceral pain are discussed; the definition of 'chronic pain', the mechanism of action of drugs used in the treatment of pain and the rationale for association therapy are also reviewed. PMID:25451874

  3. Alcuni Aspetti dello Sviluppo Morfosintattico in Italiano (Some Aspects of the Development of Morphology and Syntax in Italian).

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Chilosi, A; And Others


    Discusses research that gathered language samples via videotape recordings from 2 Italian children (one upper class, the other lower class) from the age of 18 months to 36 months, and then analyzes the data to determine the development of morphology and syntax in these children. (19 references) (CFM)

  4. La semantica dei colori: Aspetti teorici e analisi dei cromonimi in italiano e neerlandese (Semantics of Colors: Theoretical Aspects and Analysis of Names of Colors in Italian and Dutch).

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Ross, Delores


    Presents a review of the literature dealing with the theory of the naming of colors. A comparison is made between the names of colors in Italian and Dutch, discussing the differences between languages in terms of the influence of the sociocultural context. (61 references) (CFM)

  5. Management of Traumatic Sinus of Valsalva-Right Ventricular Fistulae

    PubMed Central

    Murphy, J. Peter; Weiland, Anne P.; Adams, Phillip R.; Walker, William E.


    Residual intracardiac defects following penetrating injuries to the heart require thorough invasive evaluation and strong consideration for operative repair based upon the degree of hemodynamic compromise. Traumatic aortico-right ventricular fistulae result in high flow left-to-right shunts, and are associated with early onset of congestive failure. Operative repair requires utilization of total cardiopulmonary bypass, ventriculotomy and aortotomy to allow for thorough inspection of the ventricular septum, aortic valve cusps, and coronary ostia. Obliteration of both ends of the fistula (septal and sinus of Valsalva repair) minimizes the risk of recurrence. Images PMID:15227364

  6. Grossesse intra murale à propos d'un cas

    PubMed Central

    de Tové, Kofi-Mensa Savi; Salifou, Kabibou; Imorou, Rachidi Sidi; Biaou, Olivier; Boco, Vicentia


    La grossesse intra-murale est la variété la plus rare de grossesse extra-utérine. Il s'agit de la localisation de l’œuf dans l’épaisseur du myomètre. En cas de retard diagnostic, l’évolution peut être catastrophique avec rupture utérine et hémorragie cataclysmique. L’échographie permet dans certains cas un diagnostic pré opératoire. Les auteurs rapportent un cas survenu chez une patiente aux antécédents de curetage. PMID:26448812

  7. [Effect of snoezelen on the behaviour of demented elderly].


    Holtkamp, C C; Kragt, K; van Dongen, M C; van Rossum, E; Salentijn, C


    A randomised cross-over trial was carried out at nursing home Bernardus in Amsterdam to investigate the effect of 'snoezelen' in a specially furnished room on the well-being of demented elderly people. The behaviour during the experimental intervention 'snoezelen' was compared with the behaviour during the control intervention, consisting of standard activities in the livingroom. Sixteen elderly persons participated in the study. They were all in a very advanced stage of dementia, requiring a high level of care and nursing. The occurrence of behavioural problems was registered, using video cameras and assessed with four subscales of the Gedragsobservatieschaal voor de Intramurale Psychogeriatrie (GIP) (behavioural observation scale for intramural psychogeriatrics). During the experimental intervention a relatively low level of behavioural problems was observed. This could indicate that snoezelen increases the wellbeing of demented elderly. The outcome of this study indicates the need of a larger-scale study in which additional outcome parameters should be included. PMID:9381521

  8. Sources of the porcine testis innervation.


    Sienkiewicz, W


    This study was carried out on three adult male pigs of the large White Polish breed weighing 110-130 kg each. The animals were anaesthetised and injected with retrograde tracer Fast Blue (FB) into right testis. Three weeks later, the pigs were deeply anaesthetised and perfused transcardially with fixative (4% paraformaldehyde in 0.1 M phosphate buffer pH 7.4). Collected ganglia were cut with freezing microtome into 12-μm-thick sections. The sections were examined under a fluorescent microscope (Zeiss). FB-positive neurones were found in pelvic ganglia (anterior pelvic ganglion) (15.4% of all FB(+) neurones), prevertebral ganglia (caudal mesenteric, testicular, aortico-renal and renal ganglia) (59% of all FB(+) neurones), sympathetic chain ganglia (last four lumbar and first three sacral ganglia) (18.1% of all FB(+) neurones) and dorsal root ganglia (DRG) (first three lumbar and first three sacral ganglia) (7.4% of all FB(+) neurones). The majority of FB-positive nerve cell bodies were observed in ipsilateral ganglia, but they were also found in contralateral ganglia (approximately 85% and 15% respectively). Thus, FB-positive neurones were located in the left prevertebral, sympathetic chain and DRG, but surprisingly, they were absent in left anterior pelvic ganglia. PMID:21105891

  9. Chromosomal abnormalities among children born with conotruncal cardiac defects

    PubMed Central

    Lammer, Edward J.; Chak, Jacqueline S.; Iovannisci, David M.; Schultz, Kathleen; Osoegawa, Kazutoyo; Yang, Wei; Carmichael, Suzan L.; Shaw, Gary M.


    BACKGROUND Conotruncal heart defects comprise 25%-30% of non-syndromic congenital heart defects. This study describes the frequency of chromosome abnormalities and microdeletion 22q11 associated with conotruncal heart malformations. METHODS From a population base of 974,579 infants/fetuses delivered, 622 Californian infants/fetuses were ascertained with a defect of aortico-pulmonary septation. Infants whose primary cardiac defect was tetralogy of Fallot (n=296) or D-transposition of the great vessels (n=189) were screened for microdeletions of 22q11. RESULTS Fourteen (2.3%) of the 622 infants/fetuses had chromosomal abnormalities. Thirty infants, 10% of those whose primary defect was tetralogy of Fallot, had chromosome 22q11 microdeletions. Right aortic arch, abnormal branching patterns of the major arteries arising from the thoracic aorta, and pulmonary artery abnormalities were observed more frequently in these children. CONCLUSIONS We found an unusual number of infants with an extra sex chromosome and a conotruncal defect. Infants with tetralogy of Fallot due to 22q11 microdeletion showed more associated vascular anomalies than infants with tetralogy but no 22q11 microdeletion. Although these associated vascular anomalies provide clues as to which infants with tetralogy of Fallot are more likely to carry the microdeletion, the overall risk of 10% among all infants with tetralogy of Fallot warrants chromosome analysis and FISH testing routinely. PMID:19067405

  10. [The effect of sensory stimulation in the sensory stimulation room on the well-being of demented elderly. A cross-over trial in residents of the R.C. Care Center Bernardus in Amsterdam].


    Kragt, K; Holtkamp, C C; van Dongen, M C; van Rossum, E; Salentijn, C


    A controlled cross-over experiment was carried out to investigate the effect of snoezelen in the snoezelenroom on the well-being of elderly people with dementia. Seventeen elderly residents from the Bernardus Nursing Home in Amsterdam participated. All were in a very advanced stage of dementia requiring a high level of care and nursing. In this study, the presence of behavioural problems was used as a basis for the measurement of well-being. The behaviour was registered by video cameras and analysed by means of certain subscales of a Dutch behavioural observation scale for intramural psychogeriatrics, the Gedragsobservatieschaal voor Intramurale Psychogeriatrie (GIP). The results showed that less behavioural problems were seen with the experimental intervention. This indicates a higher degree of well-being during the snoezelen activity in the snoezelen room than when the residents remained in the living room. The results of this study indicate the need for a large-scale study in which additional outcome parameters are measured. PMID:9469128

  11. [Teoria della Mente e funzionamento sociale nella schizofrenia: correlazione con anomalie del linguaggio figurato, sintomatologia clinica e intelligenza generale].


    Piovan, Cristiano; Gava, Laura; Campeol, Mara


    RIASSUNTO. Scopo. Negli ultimi decenni gli studi hanno mostrato come la Teoria della Mente (ToM) non sia un processo unitario, ma un sistema che include aspetti cognitivi e affettivi. Nell'ambito dei domini che definiscono la social cognition, la ToM rappresenta il miglior predittore dello scarso funzionamento sociale nella schizofrenia. Lo scopo del presente lavoro è stato di esaminare la competenza di un gruppo di pazienti ambulatoriali affetti da schizofrenia in compiti di ToM, di riconoscimento di aspetti metaforici e idiomatici del linguaggio, in una prova di rispetto di regole conversazionali e di indagarne la relazione con il funzionamento sociale. Metodi. Sono stati reclutati 30 pazienti ambulatoriali con diagnosi di schizofrenia e 24 controlli sani. Sono stati somministrati il TIB per il calcolo del QI premorboso, la PANSS, il Theory of Mind Picture Sequencing Task, un test di comprensione di metafore e idiomi e un test conversazionale. Il funzionamento sociale è stato valutato con la PSP. Risultati. Non vi era differenza significativa tra i valori medi del QI premorboso del gruppo dei pazienti e dei controlli. Ai test di ToM e di competenza pragmatica, la differenza tra i gruppi è risultata altamente significativa, con i pazienti che hanno eseguito le prove in modo peggiore. È emersa una correlazione tra la comprensione di metafore e idiomi e le false credenze di secondo ordine. La PSP è risultata correlata con la PANSS e con la quota di ToM cognitiva, ma non con la ToM affettiva. Conclusioni. I risultati hanno mostrato che i soggetti affetti da schizofrenia, in condizione clinica di stabilizzazione, hanno evidenti difficoltà nelle prove di ToM e di comprensione del linguaggio figurato. Nel nostro modello teorico, la correlazione evidenziata tra la ToM cognitiva, i deficit pragmatici, lo stato clinico e il livello di funzionamento sociale suggerisce l'utilità di interventi riabilitativi di recupero delle funzioni metacognitive e delle abilit

  12. Calibrazioni a terra e prestazioni in volo di spettrometri ad immagine nel visibile e nel vicino infrarosso per l'esplorazione planetaria

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Filacchione, Gianrico


    progettuale e realizzativa dei parametri e de lle prestazioni strumentali; in generale infatti non solo sarà necessario mantenere le dimensioni, il peso, i consumi elettrici ed il data-volume entro i requisiti disponibili del satellite ma anche ottimizzare i disegni ottici, meccanici ed elettronici al fine di ottenere le massime prestazioni possibili in funzione della natura del target osservato e dei parametri orbitali della missione. Questa tesi descrive i metodi utilizzati per caratterizzare il funzionamento di spettrometri ad immagine per l’esplorazione planetaria. L’attività svolta ha riguardato sia la misura in laboratorio dei parametri strumentali fondamentali sia l’analisi dei dati in volo su cui verificarne ed eventualmente correggerne la risposta. Il funzionamento degli strumenti e la metodologia di calibrazione vengono descritti nelle due parti principali e nelle appendici di questa tesi per gli esperimenti Cassini-VIMS-V e Rosetta-VIRTIS-M. La prima parte è dedicata all’esperimento VIMS-V sul satellite Cassini, il cui disegno ottico, originariamente proposto da Francis Reininger, verrà successivamente riutilizzato e perfezionato su VIRTIS-M (Reininger et al., 1994; Miller et al., 1996). Il capitolo 1 contiene una descrizione dei parametri ottici, strutturali, termici ed elettronici di VIMS-V mettendone in risalto gli aspetti più innovativi del progetto. Vengono inoltre descritti la collocazione dell’esperimento sul satellite Cassini, il coallineamento con gli altri strumenti di remote sensing, i possibili modi operativi ed il formato dei dati scientifici. Il capitolo 2 riguarda il processo di calibrazione ed analisi dei dati in volo di VIMS-V. La procedura eseguita per calibrare radiometricamente lo strumento utilizzando i dati della superficie della Luna e per stimare il flat-field mediante i dati dell’atmosfera di Venere viene dettagliatamente descritta assieme agli algoritmi utilizzati per la rimozione di diversi effetti strumentali (read

  13. Geogenic Enrichment of PTEs and the " Serpentine Syndrome"(H. Jenny, 1980). A proxy for soil remediation

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Bini, Claudio; Maleci, Laura


    to limit metal absorption to roots so that leaf concentration is generally low; only a few species (e.g. Alyssum bertoloni) are able to accumulate metals in their shoots and leaves. The hypothesis that the cell wall could constitute a barrier against the penetration of PTEs inside the plant tissues is supported by metabolic modifications that make possible plant tolerance to very high metal concentrations, and to low levels of essential nutrients such as P, K, N, Ca, Mn. This vegetation, therefore, is of great interest for the study of resistant mechanisms to PTEs penetration, and therefore could be useful in remediation of metal-contaminated soils. References Bini C., Angelone M., Vaselli O., Coradossi N. (1993) - Pedochemical evolution and trace elements availability to plants in ophiolitic soils. Sci. Tot. Environ ,129, 291-309. Dinelli E., Lombini A. (1996) - Metal distribution in plants growing on copper mine spoils in Northern Apennines, Italy: the evaluation of seasonal variations. Applied Geochem, 11: 375-385. Gabbrielli R. Pandolfini T., Vergnano O., Palandri M.R. (1990) - Comparison of two serpentine species with different nickel tolerance strategies. Plant and Soil, 122: 271-277. Jenny H. (1980) - The soil resource. Springer Verlag, N.Y. Johnston W.R., Proctor J. (1981) - Growth of serpentine and non-serpentine races of Festuca rubra in solutions simulating the chemical conditions in a toxic serpentine soil. J. Ecol., 69, 3, 855-869. Giuliani C., Pellegrino R., Tirillini B., Maleci L. (2008) - Micromorphological and chimical characterization of Stachys recta L. subsp. serpentini (Fiori) Arrigoni in comparison to S. recta subsp. recta (Lamiaceae). Flora, 203: 376-385. Vergnano Gambi O. (1975) - La vegetazione delle serpentine: aspetti ecologici e fisiologici. Inf. Bot. Ital., 7: 344-348. (in Italian)