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Background to Berlin.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The video presents the story of Berlin from the end of World War II to the building of the Berlin Wall. It traces the origin of Allied rights to Berlin, shows how the city came to be divided, and considers the problem of Berlin in the light of the whole q...



Sculpture in Reunified Berlin  

Microsoft Academic Search

The goal of my research was to examine the sculpture in Berlin, Germany which pertains to the city's division after WWII. I hoped to find that the sculpture produced before and after reunification in 1990 would reveal how East Berlin and West Berlin have coped with its past as a divided city, and how both sides have greeted the future

Katherine Gray


The Berlin Airlift  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

In June 1948, British and American pilots began delivering coal, flour, and other important items of sustenance to residents of West Berlin. It was known as the Berlin Airlift, and the event was one of the earliest serious crises of the Cold War. The noted PBS series, "American Experience", dedicated one of their episodes to exploring the Berlin Airlift, and this site complements that program quite nicely. The materials offered here include an interactive map of the airlift route, contemporary newspaper accounts of the Airlift, and a great essay on "The Chocolate Pilot". For those who don't know, the Chocolate Pilot was United States Air Force pilot Gail Halvorsen, who had the excellent idea of delivering packages of gum and candy to the children of West Berlin via miniature parachutes.



Berlin Exoplanet Search Telescope  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

BEST (Berlin Exoplanet Search Telescope) is a simple but robust ground-based photometric observation system with the scope to detect exoplanet transit events of Jupiter sized objects. A 20-cm flat-field Schmidt-camera is equipped with a 2048×2048 CCD. The field of view is around 3.0 degrees, allowing a large number of stars to be observed simultaneously. Regular observations of a number of selected fields have started at Thüringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg (TLS) in July 2001. The BEST system, together with the status of the ongoing exoplanet search program, will be presented.

Rauer, H.; Erikson, A.; Voss, H.; Hatzes, A.; Eislöffel, J.


Sewer rehabilitation strategy in Berlin.  


Berlin Wasserbetriebe is in need of a significant and longterm investment in the rehabilitation of is sewer system. With ratification of the European Standard EN 752 Part 5, comprehensive rules have been set out for the rehabilitation of drain and sewer systems: hydraulic performance, environmental impact and structural integrity of complete catchment areas are given equal consideration. Taking this into account, Berliner Wasserbetriebe has developed a sewer rehabilitation strategy. Economic aspects are integrated with a cost-benefit-analysis; the significance of the remaining useful life of a pipe section is examined. PMID:12381015

Jacobi, D; Sympher, K J



The Gesamtkunstwerk of a Reunifying Metropolis: Berlin’s Kunsthaus Tacheles  

Microsoft Academic Search

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the city of Berlin was faced with the challenge to reunify in both political and cultural realms. Berlin is noted throughout history as a metropolis that is characterized by flux; the Post-Wende [Post-Wall] era is another remarkable transitional phase in Berlin’s history. During this era, the city was extremely porous and susceptible to

Emma Camille Scheidt



Sewer rehabilitation strategy in Berlin  

Microsoft Academic Search

Berlin Wasserbetriebe is in need of a significant and longterm investment in the rehabilitation of its sewer system. With ratification of the European Standard EN 752 Part 5, comprehensive rules have been set out for the rehabilitation of drain and sewer systems: hydraulic performance, environmental impact and structural integrity of complete catchment areas are given equal consideration. Taking this into

D. Jacobi; K.-J. Sympher


The Nazi Olympics: Berlin 1936  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

During August 1936, Adolf Hitler's Nazi government played host to the Summer Olympics and many international observers and commentators wondered whether the United States might elect to boycott the Games entirely. They did not, and the triumphs of runner extraordinaire Jesse Owens were a highlight of those rather dark times in Germany. This engaging online exhibit on the Summer Games of 1936 was created by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to complement a recent in situ exhibit at their headquarters in Washington, D.C. Visitors can make their way through sections that include "Germany", "Sports", "Boycott", "To Berlin", and "The Aftermath". Each section contains brief essays on each subject, nicely complemented by period photographs, digitized documents, and other items of historical importance. Visitors should not miss the "Boycott" section, as it contains first-hand recollections from various athletes on the situation in Berlin, including the perspective of Jesse Owens.


Hahn-Meitner-Institut Berlin  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The Hahn-Meier-Institute (HMI) promotes its basic and applied research primarily in the structures of solid matter and materials and solar energy at this website. Researchers can learn about the main goals, instruments, and successes of the Berlin Neutron Scattering Center (BENSC), Residual Stress Center, Ion Beam Laboratory (ISL), and other HMI facilities. Users can find out about the development of new materials for solar energy production, proton therapy for eye tumors, ion irradiation, and more. While a few of the links are only available in German, the abundance of information on solar energy and structural research makes this website worth the visit.



Hahn-Meitner-Institut Berlin  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The Hahn-Meier-Institute (HMI) promotes its basic and applied research primarily in the structures of solid matter and materials and solar energy at this website. Researchers can learn about the main goals, instruments, and successes of the Berlin Neutron Scattering Center (BENSC), Residual Stress Center, Ion Beam Laboratory (ISL), and other HMI facilities. Users can find out about the development of new materials for solar energy production, proton therapy for eye tumors, ion irradiation, and more. While a few of the links are only available in German, the abundance of information on solar energy and structural research makes this website worth the visit.


The 'Berlin Exoplanet Search Telescope'  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The 'Berlin Exoplanet Search Telescope' (BEST) is a groundbased system designed to search for transits of Jupiter-sized exoplanets across the disk of their central star. The system consists of a 20cm flat-field telescope and is equipped with a CCD camera with 2048x2048 pixels. The field-of-view of the telescope is about 3.1x3.1 degrees, allowing for a large number of stars (>30000) to be observed simultaneously in a typical field near the galactic plane. The system operates since 1.5 years at the Thüringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg, Germany. Three target fields have been regularely observed. Two observations of the transiting exoplanet HD209458 demonstrate the ability of the instrument to detect transits of Jupiter-sized planets around Sun-like stars.

Rauer, H.; Voss, H.; Erikson, A.; Michaelis, H.; Hatzes, A. P.; Eisloeffel, J.



Optical Coherence Tomographic Findings in Berlin's Edema  

PubMed Central

Purpose To describe optical coherence tomography (OCT) findings in a patient with Berlin’s edema following blunt ocular trauma. Case Report A 26-year-old man presented with acute loss of vision in his left eye following blunt trauma. He underwent a complete ophthalmologic examination and OCT. Fundus examination revealed abnormal yellow discoloration in the macula. OCT disclosed thickening of outer retinal structures and increased reflectivity in the area of photoreceptor outer segments with preservation of inner retinal architecture. Re-examination was conducted one month later at the time which OCT changes resolved leading to a surprisingly normal appearance. Conclusion OCT can be a useful tool in the diagnosis and follow-up of eyes with Berlin’s edema and may reveal ultrastructural macular changes.

El Matri, Leila; Chebil, Ahmed; Kort, Fedra; Bouraoui, Rym; Largueche, Leila; Mghaieth, Fatma



"Verfremdung" in Action at the Berliner Ensemble  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Discussion of Brecht's aesthetic principles, particularly "Verfremdung" (the device of renewal and estrangement), including the opinions of the Berliner Ensemble concerning to what degree they have retained Brecht's principles in productions of his plays. (DD)|

Brown, Thomas K.



300 Years of Astronomy in Berlin and Potsdam. (German Title: 300 Jahre Astronomie in Berlin und Potsdam)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

On May 19, 1700, the Brandenburg elector issued a Calendar Commission (monopoly of the distribution of calendars), which became the basis for the foundation of the Berlin Astronomical Observatory and the Berlin Academy of Sciences. From this a tradition of astronomy in Berlin and Potsdam started, highlights of which are described in the contributions to this volume. Also many aspects of the history of the Academy and of the general cultural history of the Berlin region are considered.

Dick, Wolfgang R.; Fritze, Klaus


The Berlin Exoplanet Search Telescope System  

Microsoft Academic Search

We describe a small telescope system, the Berlin Exoplanet Search Telescope (BEST), dedicated to the search for planetary transits of Jupiter-sized planets on close-in orbits. This system consists of a commercial 20 cm telescope equipped with a 2048×2048 pixel CCD. Observations have been performed for almost 2 years, including a commissioning phase and regular observations. Planetary transit candidates have been

Heike Rauer; Jochen Eislöffel; Anders Erikson; Eike Guenther; Artie P. Hatzes; Harald Michaelis; Holger Voss



Acute respiratory distress syndrome: the Berlin Definition.  


The acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) was defined in 1994 by the American-European Consensus Conference (AECC); since then, issues regarding the reliability and validity of this definition have emerged. Using a consensus process, a panel of experts convened in 2011 (an initiative of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine endorsed by the American Thoracic Society and the Society of Critical Care Medicine) developed the Berlin Definition, focusing on feasibility, reliability, validity, and objective evaluation of its performance. A draft definition proposed 3 mutually exclusive categories of ARDS based on degree of hypoxemia: mild (200 mm Hg < PaO2/FIO2 ? 300 mm Hg), moderate (100 mm Hg < PaO2/FIO2 ? 200 mm Hg), and severe (PaO2/FIO2 ? 100 mm Hg) and 4 ancillary variables for severe ARDS: radiographic severity, respiratory system compliance (?40 mL/cm H2O), positive end-expiratory pressure (?10 cm H2O), and corrected expired volume per minute (?10 L/min). The draft Berlin Definition was empirically evaluated using patient-level meta-analysis of 4188 patients with ARDS from 4 multicenter clinical data sets and 269 patients with ARDS from 3 single-center data sets containing physiologic information. The 4 ancillary variables did not contribute to the predictive validity of severe ARDS for mortality and were removed from the definition. Using the Berlin Definition, stages of mild, moderate, and severe ARDS were associated with increased mortality (27%; 95% CI, 24%-30%; 32%; 95% CI, 29%-34%; and 45%; 95% CI, 42%-48%, respectively; P < .001) and increased median duration of mechanical ventilation in survivors (5 days; interquartile [IQR], 2-11; 7 days; IQR, 4-14; and 9 days; IQR, 5-17, respectively; P < .001). Compared with the AECC definition, the final Berlin Definition had better predictive validity for mortality, with an area under the receiver operating curve of 0.577 (95% CI, 0.561-0.593) vs 0.536 (95% CI, 0.520-0.553; P < .001). This updated and revised Berlin Definition for ARDS addresses a number of the limitations of the AECC definition. The approach of combining consensus discussions with empirical evaluation may serve as a model to create more accurate, evidence-based, critical illness syndrome definitions and to better inform clinical care, research, and health services planning. PMID:22797452

Ranieri, V Marco; Rubenfeld, Gordon D; Thompson, B Taylor; Ferguson, Niall D; Caldwell, Ellen; Fan, Eddy; Camporota, Luigi; Slutsky, Arthur S



40 CFR 180.1011 - Viable spores of the microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner; exemption from the...  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

... Viable spores of the microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner; exemption from... Viable spores of the microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner; exemption...microorganism shall be an authentic strain of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner...



40 CFR 180.1011 - Viable spores of the microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner; exemption from the...  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

... Viable spores of the microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner; exemption from... Viable spores of the microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner; exemption...microorganism shall be an authentic strain of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner...



40 CFR 180.1011 - Viable spores of the microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner; exemption from the...  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

... Viable spores of the microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner; exemption from... Viable spores of the microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner; exemption...microorganism shall be an authentic strain of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner...



The sound of Berlin. The noise annoyance you love to hate  

Microsoft Academic Search

Noise is part of life in Berlin. The Berlin Sound is often described as Berlin is a loud city, but this sound is also a matter of identification. Just like human beings, metropolitan areas may be identified by their gait. People enjoy living in Berlin but they also claim negative health effects and often permanent annoyance caused by daily environmental

Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp; Cay Hehner



Impact of sports arenas on land values: evidence from Berlin  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper develops a hedonic price model explaining standard land values in Berlin. The model assesses the impact of three\\u000a multifunctional sports arenas situated in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg which were designed to improve the attractiveness of their\\u000a formerly deprived neighbourhoods. Empirical results confirm expectations about the impact of various attributes on land values.\\u000a Sports arenas have significant positive impacts within a

Gabriel M. Ahlfeldt; Wolfgang Maennig



Phosphogluconat-Dehydrogenase (PGD). Stichprobe aus der Berliner Bevölkerung  

Microsoft Academic Search

Summary The findings during a study of human red cell phosphogluconate dehydrogenase polymorphism in the population of West-Berlin are reported. Application of a discontinuous citrate-phosphate buffer system makes possible the combined detection of PGD- and AK-phenotypes in a single electrophoretical run. The results in the Berlin-survey supports the hypothesis of two allele genes with codominant autosomal transmission. The significance in

M. Smerling



Tanks at Checkpoint Charlie: Lucius Clay and the Berlin Crisis, 1961–62  

Microsoft Academic Search

The stand-off of Soviet and American tanks in the heart of Berlin in October 1961 constituted the most dangerous moment of the Cold War in Europe. It has been attributed to unnecessarily confrontational policies of General Lucius D. Clay, who served as President Kennedy's Special Representative in Berlin. This article assesses how the crisis evolved from the Berlin Wall to

Ingo Wolfgang Trauschweizer



The quality of life of patients with paranoid schizophrenia in London and Berlin  

Microsoft Academic Search

This study compared the subjective and objective quality of life and needs of patients with paranoid schizophrenia between inner city areas in Berlin (69 patients) and London (75 patients). Quality of life was assessed by means of the Lancashire Quality of Life Profile (German version Berliner Lebensqualitatsprofi), and need was quantified using the Camberwell Assessment of Need (German version Berliner

M. Heinze; R. E. Taylor; S. Priebe; G. Thornicroft



Mauerkunst, Lebenskunst: An Anlysis of the Art on the Berlin Wall  

Microsoft Academic Search

The art on the Berlin Wall has been looked at often for its social and political meaning. Instead, I intend to look at the artwork and text which appeared on the Berlin Wall as art. In this paper I will discuss the formal aspects of the art on the Berlin Wall as well as its import as an example of

Magdalene A. Brooke



The Tribulations of the Free University of Berlin  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The Free University of Berlin is, according to the authors, not an institution of higher learning but of permanent political agitation. They trace the historical consequences of the institutionalization of the student revolt of the 1960's through legislation enacted by the states to reform the universities. (JT)|

Domes, Jurgen; Frank, Armin Paul



The Mevlana Mosque in Berlin-Kreuzberg: An Unsolved Conflict  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper describes a public conflict over the building of a mosque in Berlin. The conflict covered the best part of three years. It started in 1999 with a misunderstanding, steadily culminated over a period of two years and was finally cemented into stalemate after 11 September 2001. It has not been solved yet. A description of the historical background

Gerdien Jonker



Die Berliner Epidermophytien in den Jahren 1952–1954  

Microsoft Academic Search

Die oberflächlichen, durch das Epidermophyton interdigitale, Epidermophyton rubrum Castellani und Epidermophyton inguinale in Berlin in den Jahren 1952–1954 hervorgerufenen oberflächlichen Dermatomykosen werden mit den Verhältnissen des Jahres 1939 verglichen und im Rahmen einer Betrachtung der geographischen Verteilung der verschiedenen Pilze, den epidemiologischen Erhebungen in anderen deutschen Städten sowie in Großbritannien einschl. Nordirland und der Schweiz gegenübergestellt.

Heinz Grimmer



Kinderland in the Fatherland: Growing Children in Imperial Berlin  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This dissertation explores the milieu in which children of Imperial Berlin were raised. When contemporaries in the rapidly expanding capital of the Second German Empire (1871-1918) looked at children, this milieu darkened. The city, they argued, threatened children's growing bodies, and such institutions as the home, the clinic, and the school…

Brian, Amanda



Studying Abroad in Berlin and Achieving Cultural Competence Using English  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This article discusses a short-term study abroad program conducted in Berlin in English for college students. Guided by the academic goals of developing cultural competence, demonstrating cultural communication, and attaining a basic level of cultural literacy, this program, with its pre- and post-program academic components, offers an…

Wolf, Gregory H.



The Berlin School of Thermodynamics founded by Helmholtz and Clausius  

Microsoft Academic Search

The history of thermodynamics is closely connected with a scientific school founded in Berlin by Hermann Helmholtz and Rudolf Clausius in the 1840s. Other great scientists which belonged to this school were Kronig, Kirchhoff, Planck, Nernst, Caratheodory, Einstein, Warburg, Debye, Schottky, Schrodinger, Szilard and von Neumann. Not only the foundation of the three laws of thermodynamics but also many important

Werner Ebeling; Dieter Hoffman



Twelve Years After: The Berlin Wall as Will and Idea  

Microsoft Academic Search

The Berlin Wall at different times in its ignominious history has been demonized by Western opinion less because of its real paltry role in the Cold War tension in Europe than because of the fears and frustrations it generated within Europe. This is the central theme and claim of this paper. We attempt to show through an excursion of personal

Robert J. Kelly; Robert W. Rieber



Openness and growth: The long shadow of the Berlin Wall  

Microsoft Academic Search

The question whether international openness causes higher domestic growth has been subject to intense discussions in the empirical growth literature. This paper addresses the issue in the context of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. We analyze whether the slow convergence in per capita incomes between East and West Germany and the lower international openness of East Germany

Claudia M. Buch; Farid Toubal



The Economics of Density: Evidence from the Berlin Wall  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper develops a quantitative model of city structure to separate agglomeration forces, dispersion forces and fundamentals as determinants of location choices. The model remains tractable and amenable to empirical analysis because of stochastic shocks to worker productivity, which yield a gravity equation for commuting flows. To empirically disentangle alternative determinants of location choices, we use Berlin's division and reunification

Gabriel M. Ahlfeldt; Stephen J. Redding; Daniel M. Sturm; Nikolaus Wolf



Fatal accidents due to train surfing in Berlin  

Microsoft Academic Search

This study was undertaken for the purpose of analysing under the aspect of legal medicine, fatal accidents due to train surfing in the local transport system of Berlin (S-Bahn and underground). The period of investigation was from 1989 through 1995, with 41 train surfing accidents, among them 18 with fatal outcome. Evaluation included those 14 deaths which were forensically autopsied.

H Strauch; I Wirth; G Geserick



Bode's Berlin Astronomisches Jahrbuch as a biographical source (German Title: Bodes Berliner Astronomisches Jahrbuch als biographische Quelle)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The appendices of the first 54 volumes (1776-1829) of the Berliner Astronomisches Jahrbuch (BAJ), edited by Johann Elert Bode, contain a plethora of biographically relevant notes, which are listed here, alphabetically sorted, in short versions. In parts, the listing possesses the quality of a primary source, and contains information on 771 persons. Many of them are poorly known or unknown.

Schwemin, Friedhelm



Dosierung von Botulinumtoxin Typ B bei spasmodischer Dysphonie vom Adduktortyp  

Microsoft Academic Search

Zusammenfassung Spasmodische Dysphonien vom Adduktortyp werden heute bevorzugt mit wiederholten intralaryngealen Injektionen von Botulinumtoxin Typ A behandelt. Abhängig von der kumulativen Dosis entwickeln einige Patienten Antikörper gegen das Toxin, sodass die wiederholte Behandlung unwirksam wird. In diesem Fall ist das Neurotoxin Typ B (NeuroBloc ®) indiziert. Dabei muss der Anwender eine zum Neurotoxin A „äquivalente“ Dosis finden, die für die zervikale Dystonie gegenüber Botox

R. Schönweiler; P. Zwirner



Die Verlegung der Berliner Sternwarte nach Babelsberg - ein konservativer Neubeginn.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In 1913 the Berlin Observatory was moved from the center of the city to Babelsberg on the outskirts of Berlin, now part of Potsdam. The new observatory was considerably larger in size and with respect to its staff, and it had got a completely new equipment. At that time it was the most modern astronomical observatory in Germany and possibly even in Europe. However, the scientific results achieved afterward were not comparable to that of other institutions, especially in the USA. A main reason was the conservative concept for the observatory, drawn up by Wilhelm Foerster and his colleagues, and restricting the work to classical fields of astronomy. Foerster's successor Hermann Struve tried to follow rather strictly this concept as well as the traditions of his family of astronomers. This led to conflicts with his collaborators Eugen Goldstein, Erwin Finlay Freundlich and Paul Guthnick, who were interested rather in astrophysics than in the classical problems.

Dick, W. R.


Micro Materials Center Berlin: reliability research for MEMS  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Micro Materials Center Berlin (MMCB) located at the Fraunhofer Institute IZM belongs to three German Centers for Materials Research in Microtechnology funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF). The paper presents some recent results obtained in the field of electronic packaging for MEMS. A survey is given concerning advanced interconnection technologies (chip size packaging, BGA, wafer level packaging etc.) taking into account new developments in the field of materials research for packaging in various applications, e.g. in automotive and telecommunication systems. Special attention will be given to overcome the reliability gap which can be found in the field of microsystem reliability (e.g. high temperature electronics, lead-free solder applications in MEMS etc.). The authors present recent results obtained in the different branch labs of MMCB situated in Berlin, Munich, Chemnitz, Oberpfaffenhofen, and Teltow. New fields of applications are dealt with e.g. polytronics, micromechatronics.

Michel, Bernd; Winkler, Thomas




Microsoft Academic Search

Un miroir étrusque du Musée de Berlin-Ouest représente Atropos en femme ailée nue tenant un marteau et un clou (pl. 7, 1; fig. dans le texte 1). Le modèle de cette représentation est une Niké occupée à clouer, figurée sur les tétradrachmes de Syracuse des années 310-304 av. J.-C. (pl. 7, 2); ces monnaies deviennent donc, pour la datation du




Female suicides in Berlin with the use of firearms  

Microsoft Academic Search

The Statistical Office of Berlin recorded a total of 5488 suicides within the 10-year period 1990–1999 (3550 males, 1938 females). Firearms were used in 238 cases (218 males, 20 females). An autopsy was performed in 19 of the 20 female cases. The women’s ages ranged from 21 to 88 years. Their marital status was single (n=6), married (n=5), divorced (n=5)

A. Schmeling; H. Strauch; M. A. Rothschild



Symbolic uses of the Berlin Wall, 1961–1989  

Microsoft Academic Search

This essay presents the argument that samples from public discourse during the period 1961–1989 reveal several different symbolic uses of the Berlin Wall. Not only are these differences interesting from the point of view of rhetorical theory, they may reflect something of the never?completed struggle between the U.S.A. and the Soviet Union, between the cultures these nations have made, and

Michael S. Bruner



[From traditional to modern hospital--from Paris to Berlin].  


Discussions about the modernisation and reform of the Hôtel Dieu in Paris concerning the catastrophic fire of 1772 there were followed very closely in Prussia and other German countries, though for a long time this had only slight consequences for modernising developments in the hospitals of Berlin or other administrative capitals of Germany. In contrast to this, the Hôpital Lariboisière was praised as a model example in Germany soon after its completion in 1854 after the pre-revolutionary Parisian plans, was imitated in Berlin twenty years later. It must be added that in Prussia great importance was attached to stricter requirements for hygiene and ventilation than in Paris. This was clearly demonstrated barely in the construction of the pavilionhospital in Berlin-Friedrichshain (1868-1874) with an extremely decentralized layout. It was not until two generations later with the completion of the municipal hospital Westend in Charlottenburg (1904-1907), a suburb of Berlin, that a slightly modified "Lariboisière" in the Wilheminian brick Baroque style was built. Similarily the acceptance of high-rise construction was, compared with Paris, considerably delayed on the German hospital scene. Whereas in the USA and France plans had been made for high-rise hospitals from the 1920s on and realized by 1935, as with the Hôpital Beaujon in Paris (1932-1935), there were fundamental reservations about them in Germany. As a result, this conception of the structure, with an effective concentration of inpatient care in towers together with separate low-rise buildings for functions such as treatment and diagnosis, only gradually gained acceptance in Germany at the end of the 1960s. On the other hand, German architects such as Hermann Distel (1875-1946) or Ernst Kopp (1890-1962), had already, indeed before the Second World War, promoted the high-rise type for inpatient care on theoretical grounds. In addition, two hospitals providing medical care within in Berlin, Martin-Luther-Krankenhaus, (1929-1931) and in Schwäbisch-Hall (1931-1938), were built as multi-storey buildings in the 1930s. But in the hospital system, long outdated theories in medicine and hygiene that permitted blocks of low buildings to appear to be clinically better and patient-friendlier than high-rise buildings continued to be the guide in Germany. (Translation: Roger Higgins, Ph. D. Amherst, USA) PMID:22701985

Murken, Axel Hinrich


[Some impressions of child and adolescent psychiatric management in Berlin after the fall of the wall].  


The fall of the Berlin wall caused a sudden increase in migration from East-Germany to West-Berlin. In our sample we compared 155 Berlin elementary school children to 17 children from East-Germany now living in Berlin and 25 immigrant children most oft them coming from Turkey and Poland. Although many authors expected short-term disorders of adaptation, we found a constancy of psychiatric diagnosis in the migration group. We noticed important differences particularly in the new psychosocial situation of the former East German mothers, with many single-mother-families, where the mothers now were often unemployed. PMID:1287633

Fegert, J M; Geiken, G; Lenz, K



The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein; Volume 6 The Berlin Years: Writings 1914 - 1917  

Microsoft Academic Search

Volume 6 of The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein includes Einstein's writings during 1914 - 1917, his first three years in Berlin. Einstein moved to Berlin in April 1914 from Zurich where he had been a Professor at his old undergraduate school, The Federal Institute of Technology, since February 1912. In the spring of 1913, Max Planck and Walther Nernst

A I Miller



The Berlin wall and the Bastille: Tearing down walls and building myths  

Microsoft Academic Search

This article first discusses the construction, destruction and consumption of the Berlin Wall, noting especially the different meanings of Mauer (the wall as a barrier) and Wand (the surface of a wall). It then compares the end of the Wall with the storming of the Bastille and its transformation into symbolic souvenirs. The fall of the Berlin Wall entered collective

Frederick Baker




Microsoft Academic Search

The Japanese ambassador in Berlin sent detailed enciphered military, political, and economic reports to his government in Tokyo during the Second World War, but from January 1945 until the end of war in Europe, his reports focused on the destruction of the great metropolis of Berlin. Intercepted and solved, the Japanese MAGIC-ULTRA messages provided Anglo-American intelligence with eyewitness accounts of

Carl Boyd




Microsoft Academic Search

This paper investigates how young foreign tourists regard the Berlin Wall, including their previous knowledge base, perceptions and expectations. I address questions, such as: Does the on-site educational and interpretive materials satisfy this visitor groups' needs for understanding, appreciating and participating at the site? What approach (es) would this tourist group prefer? How are Berlin Wall sites, within the government

Kate Pierce-McManamon


A different political forumEast German theatre and the construction of the Berlin Wall  

Microsoft Academic Search

Using new archive material, this article explores how East German theatre responded to the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961. East Berlin's theatres and opera houses faced serious logistical difficulties, as they had previously relied heavily on Western practitioners. Even so, dramatists, directors and actors rallied in a strong public show of support for the Wall. Behind the scenes,

Laura Bradley



Martian Analogues Emissivity Spectra From the Berlin Emissivity Database (BED)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Remote sensing infrared spectroscopy is the principal field of investigation for planetary surfaces composition. Past, present and future missions to bodies in the solar system include in their payload instruments measuring the emerging radiation in the infrared range. For the interpretation of the measured data an emissivity spectral library of planetary analog materials is needed. The Berlin Emissivity Database (BED) currently contains emissivity spectra of plagioclase and potassium feldspars, low Ca and high Ca pyroxenes, olivine, elemental sulphur, and Martian analogue minerals, measured in the wavelength range from 7 to 22 microns as a function of particle size. For each sample we measured the spectra of four particle size separates ranging from 0 to 250 microns. The device we used is built at DLR (Berlin) and is coupled to a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (Bruker IFS 88), purged with dry air and equipped with a cooled detector (MCT). All spectra were acquired with a spectral resolution of 4 cm-1. We present here the results of our analysis on well knew and characterized Martian analogue minerals: JSC Mars-1, Salten Skov, and Palagonite from Mauna Kea, Hawaii. We are currently working to upgrade our emissivity facility. A new spectrometer (Bruker VERTEX 80v) and new detectors will allow us to measure the emissivity of samples in the wavelength range from 1 to 50 microns, even in a vacuum environment.

Maturilli, A.; Helbert, J.; Moroz, L.



Social characteristics of psychological distress in disadvantaged areas of Berlin.  


Purpose: Living in disadvantaged urban areas is associated with poor mental health. The purpose of this study was to assess which social characteristics were associated with psychological distress within a disadvantaged, multi-ethnic neighbourhood of Berlin. METHODS: The study was conducted in an area of Berlin with the highest rates of unemployment and highest density of migrants. A total of 143 participants aged 18-57 years were included from a random sample. The social characteristics educational level, employment status, marital status, living alone, per-capita income and background of migration were collected. Psychological distress was assessed using the General Health Questionnaire GHQ-28; scores ? 5 indicated psychological distress corresponding to psychiatric caseness. RESULTS: Psychological distress was found in 40.6% (n = 58) of the sample. Psychological distress was associated with younger age (OR = 0.95, 95% CI = 0.92-0.98, p = .004), female gender (OR = 3.51, 95% CI = 1.55-7.92, p = .003) and living alone (OR = 3.88, 95% CI = 1.58-9.52, p = .003), but not with background of migration, low educational level or with unemployment. CONCLUSIONS: Young age and female gender may predispose for psychological distress in disadvantaged areas. Living alone could be a social indicator of poor mental health within disadvantaged urban areas. The directionality of the association is unclear. BACKGROUND: of migration, low income and educational level do not seem to be associated with poor mental health within those areas. PMID:23117825

Mundt, Adrian; Kliewe, T; Yayla, S; Ignatyev, Y; Busch, M A; Heimann, H; Heinz, A; Rapp, M A; Schouler-Ocak, M; Ströhle, A; Aichberger, M C



‘Declaration of Love on Celluloid’: The depiction of the Berlin Wall in a GDR film, 1961–62  

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The construction of the Berlin Wall posed a double challenge to the East German state monopoly film industry, the DEFA. Not only was it difficult for many of its employees to get to the DEFA's Babelsberg studios to the south-west of sealed-off West Berlin – they lived either in East Berlin and henceforth had to circumnavigate it, or actually in

Cyril Buffet



Hepatitis C Virus infection in apparentenly healthy individuals with family history of diabetes in Vom, Plateau State Nigeria  

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Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is an important public health problem worldwide. Its association with, and predisposing nature for diabetes mellitus (DM) has been long established. This research was carried out to determine the prevalence of Hepatitis C virus (HCV) amongst people with possible genetic predisposition to diabetes mellitus living in and around Vom, Plateau State, Nigeria. 188 subjects were

Obinna O Nwankiti; James A Ndako; Atanda O Olabode; Chika I Nwosuh; Ema M Onovoh; Lilian A Okeke; Jumoke O Akinola; Boniface N Duru; Ijeoma O Nwagbo; Godwin O Agada; Anthony A Chukwuedo



“Imago für imago von der Schöpferwelt dort draußen”—Durs Grünbeins Vom Schnee oder Die Melancholie der Sprache  

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Images play a major role in the works of the contemporary German poet Durs Grünbein, especially in his volume Vom Schnee oder Descartes in Deutschland. At first glance this complex epic poem seems to focus on modern rationalism and the logic of language, yet closer analysis reveals it to be a poetic meditation on the erratic nature of images. In

Sonja Klein



The 3He filter project at HMI Berlin  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Nuclear-spin polarised gaseous 3He serves as a polarising filter for neutron beams. It can be used for a broad range of neutron wavelengths and also for divergent beams, since the polarisation mechanism is decoupled from the beam optics. This method is the most promising technique for polarising neutron beams at spallation sources. Hence the realisation of such a flexible tool for neutron scattering is a focal point in the instrumental development programme at the HMI Berlin. The method we favour to polarise 3He is that of optical pumping via the metastable 23S1 and 23P states. The 3He station will include a unit for the polarisation of the Helium, a compressor to produce sufficient number densities of He atoms and filter cells to store the polarised gas. An overview on the status of the project at the HMI will be given.

Danzig, A.; Rupp, A.



Marble Deterioration and Climate: Examples from the Schlossbrücke Berlin  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Protective structures for works of art or antique artefacts have a long architectural tradition and have been known in Germany since the 19th century. The effect of such covers on the microclimate around artworks of natural stone, and hence, their protective capability are insufficiently documented and understood. In 2007, an inter-disciplinary model project and part of a pilot study coordinated by the Berlin State Office for the Protection of Monuments was planned with the aim of developing an innovative winter covering system for marble statuaries located on the Schlossbrücke in Berlin. Such a system would need to fulfil the various requirements for structural stability, aesthetics, climate and practical use. This applied research represents the first complex scientific study of the sustainability of a winter covering system. A climate monitoring system was designed to create a dense database for the numerical prediction of the effect of protective systems, and to compare the given climate conditions to the known factors influencing the marble deterioration. Based on these findings a prototype of an innovative shelter was designed and tested. The project shows, that beside a temporary covering regular inspection and maintenance combined with regular cleaning ensures an effective and sustainable protection of marble sculptures. Such a maintenance program is the precondition for preserving the sculptures of the Schlossbrücke as a historical ensemble. Important scientific results of the project are transferable to similar objects of Carrara marble. The results throw a new light on the conventional protection of such objects and leads to a discussion on the necessity of an all-season protection.

Pirskawetz, S.; Siegesmund, S.; Weise, F.; Rieffel, Y.; Plagge, R.



Front Lines of the Cold War: Documents on the Intelligence War in Berlin, 1946 to 1961.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The release of limited but significant documentary materials from both sides of the Iron Curtain now makes a scholarly discussion of intelligence activities in Berlin possible. The documents compiled in this volume by CIA historian Donald Steury add clari...

D. P. Steury



40 CFR 180.1011 - Viable spores of the microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner; exemption from the...  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...The microorganism shall be an authentic strain of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner conforming to the morphological and biochemical characteristics of Bacillus thuringiensis as described in Bergey's Manual of Determinative Bacteriology, Eighth...



Gottfried Kirch (1639-1710) and astronomy in Berlin in the 18th century. Contributions of the colloquium held in Berlin-Treptow on March 6, 2010 (German Title: Gottfried Kirch (1639-1710) und die Berliner Astronomie im 18. Jahrhundert.) Beiträge des Kolloquiums am 6. März 2010 in Berlin-Treptow  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The contributions of this volume are dedicated to Gottfried Kirch (1639-1710), the first Berlin astronomer, on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of his death. They deal with the astronomy of his times and developments in later times, which are connected to his work. The papers deal with the following topics: The instrumental equipment of Berlin Observatory at the time of G. Kirch and its modernisation up to around 1780; the instruments of Johann Makob Marioni's Viennese observatory around 1730; the heraldic celestial globe by Kirch's teacher Erhard Weigel. In addition, they deal with Kirch's share in the propagation of ideas of the Enlightenment, and with the Berlin meteorological record and its consequences for the investigation of anthropogenous climatic changes. They also deal with astronomical topics in the exchange of letters between Leonhard Euler and Daniel Bernoulli, and with the Berlin "Astronomisches Jahrbuch", which is based on Kirch's activities, as a biographical source.

Hamel, Jürgen



Designing the past in East Berlin before and after the German reunification  

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For the celebration of Berlin's 750th anniversary in 1987, only two years before the unexpected fall of the Berlin Wall, the socialist regime in the German Democratic Republic remodeled some of the long-despised late-19th-century tenement neighborhoods and fitted them out with the insignia of historic everyday life. Simultaneously, it approved the construction of a number of representative architectural ensembles using

Florian Urban



First Considerations Concerning an Optimized Cavity Design for the Main Linac of BERLinPro  

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The Berlin Energy Recovery Linac Project (BERLinPro) is designed to develop and demonstrate CW linac technology and expertise required to drive next-generation Energy Recovery Linacs. Strongly HOM-damped multicell 1.3 GHz cavities are required for the main linac. The optimization of the cavities presented here is primarily based on the CEBAF 1.5 GHz 5-cell high-current cavity design, including HOM waveguide couplers.

B. Riemann; T. Weis; W. Anders; J. Knobloch; A. Neumann; H.-W. Glock; C. Potratz; U. van Rienen; F. Marhauser



Thermochemical variations of the hydrothermal fluids in the Berlin geothermal field (El Salvador)  

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The liquid-dominated Berlin geothermal field is located about 110 km ESE of San Salvador, on the northern slope of the Berlin-Tecapa volcanic complex. The geothermal reservoir occurs within andesitic to basaltic lavas and tuffs. Measured temperatures in the production zones are in the 280-300Ë? C range, while in the reinjection zones are 245-250Ë? C. The reservoir fluids are NaCl waters

G. Ruggieri; L. Dallai; I. Nardini; E. Torio Henriquez



Suicide by self-immolation in Berlin from 1990 to 2000  

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We investigated retrospectively the forensic autopsy cases of suicide by self-immolation in Berlin from 1990 to 2000. There were 46 cases (35 men and 11 women), corresponding to 0.76% of all known suicides committed in Berlin during this period. The most common reasons for self-immolation were separation from a partner or financial problems. Two individuals had political reasons. There was

M. A. Rothschild; H.-J. Raatschen; V. Schneider



Zur Biologie und Populationsdynamik des Mäusebussards (Buteo buteo) (Unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Abhängigkeit vom Massenwechsel der Feldmaus Microtus arvalis )  

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Zusammenfassung Es werden Fragen der Biologie und der Populationsdynamik des Mäusebussards (Buteo buteo) behandelt. In erster Linie wurde die Abhängigkeit dieses Vogels vom Massenwechsel der Feldmaus(Microtus arvalis) untersucht. Beobachtungsgebiet war zunächst eine 30 qkm große, dann eine erweiterte, 92 qkm umfassende Kontrollfläche bei Castell\\/Unterfranken. Die Freiland-Untersuchungen an der Bussard-Population erstreckten sich über 5 Jahre; der Feldmaus-Bestandswechsel im gleichen Gebiet wurde

Th. Mebs



Natural production of organic bromine compounds in Berlin Lakes.  


Berlin surface waters are characterized by elevated concentrations of organic bound bromine (up to 35 microg/L) in late summer. Organic bromine compounds in lakes are of significant importance because human life is closely connected to fresh water. Apart from recreational use, fresh water is frequently used for the production of drinking water, e.g., after bank filtration. Therefore the source, particularly the mechanism responsible for the formation is studied. Field studies indicate that the organic bromine compounds, measured as adsorbable organic bromine (AOBr), are autochthonous. Staggered maxima concentrations of chlorophyll-a, DOC and AOBr indicate that phototrophic organisms might contribute to the AOBr after death. The involvement of phototrophic organisms was established in the laboratory using surface water and/or cultures of organisms. Light and the presence of phototrophic organisms are essential for an AOBr production. Phototrophic organisms incorporate bromide, which is released randomly and after cell death. A part of the incorporated bromide is used for the formation of organic bromine compounds in the cell. After death of the organisms the brominated compounds and the incorporated bromide are released into the water phase, and an extracellular AOBr production can lead to a further formation of AOBr, most probably due to the parallel release of haloperoxidases. PMID:17547185

Hütteroth, Alexandra; Putschew, Anke; Jekel, Martin



The Berlin Poliklinik: psychoanalytic innovation in Weimar Germany.  


After Freud proposed in 1918 the creation of "institutions or out-patient clinics [where] treatment will be free," Max Eitingon, Ernst Simmel, and other progressive psychoanalysts founded the Berlin Poliklinik, a free outpatient clinic. Guided by Weimar Republic principles of "radical functionalism," the Poliklinik and its companion inpatient service, the Schloss Tegel Sanatorium, pioneered treatment and training methodologies still used--and still debated--today. Their funding strategies, statistics, and approaches to clinical problems like length of treatment tell the history of an innovative psychoanalytic institute where men and women were generally treated in equal numbers and patients (ranging in occupational status from unemployed to professional) of all ages were treated free. Franz Alexander, Karl Abraham, Theresa Benedek, Paul Federn, Otto Fenichel, Edith Jacobson, Karen Horney, Erich Fromm, Helene Deutsch, Hanns Sachs, Sándor Radó, Hermine von Hug-Hellmuth, Wilhelm Reich, Annie Reich, and Melanie Klein all worked at the Poliklinik, and from there initiated decades of original clinical theory, practice, and education. PMID:10650563

Danto, E A



Cohort Profile: The Berlin Aging Study II (BASE-II).  


Similar to other industrialized countries, Germany's population is ageing. Whereas some people enjoy good physical and cognitive health into old age, others suffer from a multitude of age-related disorders and impairments which reduce life expectancy and affect quality of life. To identify and characterize the factors associated with 'healthy' vs. 'unhealthy' ageing, we have launched the Berlin Aging Study II (BASE-II), a multidisciplinary and multi-institutional project that ascertains a large number of ageing-related variables from a wide range of different functional domains. Phenotypic assessments include factors related to geriatrics and internal medicine, immunology, genetics, psychology, sociology and economics. Baseline recruitment of the BASE-II cohort was recently completed and has led to the sampling of 1600 older adults (age range 60-80 years), as well as 600 younger adults (20-35 years) serving as the basic population for in-depth analyses. BASE-II data are linked to the German Socio-Economic Panel Study (SOEP), a long-running panel survey representative of the German population, to estimate sample selectivity. A major goal of BASE-II is to facilitate collaboration with other research groups by freely sharing relevant phenotypic and genotypic data with qualified outside investigators. PMID:23505255

Bertram, Lars; Böckenhoff, Anke; Demuth, Ilja; Düzel, Sandra; Eckardt, Rahel; Li, Shu-Chen; Lindenberger, Ulman; Pawelec, Graham; Siedler, Thomas; Wagner, Gert G; Steinhagen-Thiessen, Elisabeth



Female suicides in Berlin with the use of firearms.  


The Statistical Office of Berlin recorded a total of 5488 suicides within the 10-year period 1990-1999 (3550 males, 1938 females). Firearms were used in 238 cases (218 males, 20 females). An autopsy was performed in 19 of the 20 female cases. The women's ages ranged from 21 to 88 years. Their marital status was single (n=6), married (n=5), divorced (n=5) and widowed (n=3). Eight of the women had one or more children. A suicide note was found in eight cases; six women had a history of psychiatric illness, and six had previously attempted suicide. Predominant among the suicide motives were mental (n=5) and organic (n=4) disorders as well as relationship problems (n=3) and financial difficulties (n=2). Most of the women (n=16) committed suicide in their own apartment, mainly in the bedroom. The weapons used were pistol (n=10), revolver (n=6), rifle (n=2) and a blank cartridge gun (n=1). In 16 cases we found a contact discharge at point blank range. Six of the dead women were found with the weapon still in their hands. The site of bullet-entry was the right temple (n=11), high-parietal (n=2), mouth (n=3), neck (n=1), and chest (n=2). A comparison of our results with the data of other authors for male or predominantly male collectives did not indicate any sex-specific differences regarding the type of weapon, location of the entry wound or the scene. However, alcohol was detected at a lower frequency compared with male gunshot suicides. PMID:11792508

Schmeling, A; Strauch, H; Rothschild, M A



The sound of Berlin. The noise annoyance you love to hate  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Noise is part of life in Berlin. The Berlin Sound is often described as Berlin is a loud city, but this sound is also a matter of identification. Just like human beings, metropolitan areas may be identified by their gait. People enjoy living in Berlin but they also claim negative health effects and often permanent annoyance caused by daily environmental noise. For instance 1119714 cars demonstrate the volume of traffic from 6.30-9.00 a.m, and another impressive descriptor of the volume of traffic is the number of 1567600 cars from 4.00-6.30 p.m. In a representative survey of 2000 adults, almost all German (80%) citizens are affected by some level of noise pollution. The predominant source of noise in residential areas is road traffic, which remains a nuisance for over half the population, and a source of serious annoyance for some 18%. Next to road traffic, air traffic is the most important transport-related source of annoyance, followed by rail traffic noise. Results from a qualitative survey in a residential area of Berlin give insights into the different perspectives of the noise perception of the investigated subjects and of important parameters with respect to daily life.

Schulte-Fortkamp, Brigitte; Hehner, Cay



Drinking-Water Production in Urban Environments - Bank Filtration in Berlin  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Berlin relies on induced bank filtration from a broad-scale, lake-type surface water system. Because the hydraulic conductivity of the lake sediments is low, infiltration only occurs close to the more permeable shore zones. Using multiple environmental tracer methods, a strong vertical age stratification of the bank filtrate could be shown. Travel times are generally long and vary throughout the upper aquifers from a few months near the ground surface to several decades in greater depth. Infiltration is mostly anoxic and redox zones were found to be vertically stratified too, becoming more reducing with depth. Because Berlin’s watercourses contain a proportion of treated municipal sewage a number of wastewater residues, e. g. pharmaceutical residues, were detected in surface water and groundwater. While the majority of the pharmaceutical residues studied were efficiently removed during underground passage, some substances (AMDOPH, primidone and carbamazepine) were found to be very persistent.

Massmann, G.; Pekdeger, A.; Heberer, T.; Grützmacher, G.; Dünnbier, U.; Knappe, A.; Meyer, H.; Mechlinski, A.



Zweiwegintegration durch zweisprachige Bildung? Ergebnisse aus der Staatlichen Europa-Schule Berlin  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

While there is no simple recipe of how to respond to the multitude of languages present in many European schools, this article presents a promising alternative to monolingual education. The focus is on Staatliche Europa-Schule Berlin (SESB), a two-way immersion (TWI) model that unites children whose mother tongue is German with children whose mother tongue is another locally spoken language in one class and teaches them together in two languages. Thus in this model, offered by 17 primary schools and 13 secondary schools in Berlin, pupils learn in two languages from and with each other. Based on a largely quantitative, quasi-experimental study with 603 students, evidence is provided that there are a number of peace-linguistic benefits that can promote two-way social integration, besides fostering personal and societal multilingualism. This suggests that TWI education as practised in Berlin could serve as an educational model for other multilingual parts of Europe.

Meier, Gabriela



Candi(e)d action: biosocialities of Turkish Berliners living with diabetes.  


In this article, I explore Turkish migrants' responses to diabetes in Germany. Anthropological studies on health inequalities tend to theorize "social suffering" as passive experiences; those that analyze active social engagement by patient groups as "biosociality" do so solely in the realm of biotechnologies and suggest that social disadvantage prevent active engagement. This article draws on 12 months of ethnographic fieldwork in Berlin from 2006 to 2007. Although Turkish Berliners seem burdened by diabetes, informal diabetes care, for example through a self-help group, is nonetheless collectively negotiated. Increasing incidence and awareness of diabetes in Berlin's Turkish population and their growing political organization and economic entrepreneurship, against the backdrop of experiences of marginality, gives rise to biosociality unanticipated in previous accounts. Addressing the limitations of previous uses of biosociality, this ethnography suggests that social interaction and belonging that formed around altered biologies, here diabetes, are complex and fragmented. PMID:22007563

Guell, Cornelia



Rechnergestuetzte Herstellung ines Gelaendereliefs und Umgebung 1:25,000 (Computer Aided Production of a 1:25,000 Relief Model of Berlin and Surroundings).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Developments in digital cartographic models, as well as the computer aided production of a three-dimensional relief model of Berlin and of a two-dimensional relief map of Berlin with hypsometric shadings are presented.

F. Christ



When Iron Crumbles: Berlin and the Wall. A Social Studies Unit Recommended for Grades 9-12 and Community College.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This unit, designed for use with high school and community college students, uses primary materials, literature, and interactive lesson plans to present the city of Berlin (Germany) as a case study of some of the 20th century's most significant events. In lesson 1, students take a pre-test, view a video about the Berlin Wall, and discuss the…

Chan, Adrian; And Others


Everything is What it is, and Not Another Thing: Knowledge and Freedom in Isaiah Berlin's Political Thought  

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Although Isaiah Berlin's critique of positive liberty has achieved canonical status, its place within his wider political philosophy remains obscure. However, the re-publication of one of his most important philosophical essays, From Hope and Fear Set Free, as part of a new edition of Four Essays on Liberty, simply entitled Liberty, has opened the door to a re-evaluation of Berlin's

Mark Bode



Spontaneous endogenous microbubbles in a child with Berlin heart ventricular assist device.  


We report the case of an 11-year-old boy with familial dilated cardiomyopathy on biventricular assist devices (Berlin Heart EXCOR) who was found to have spontaneous endogenous microbubbles in the left ventricular (LV) cavity on routine echocardiogram. Although no major sequelae resulted from the presence of these microbubbles, it did however lead to several noninvasive investigations. To our knowledge, this is a novel observation of spontaneous endogenous microbubbles in a patient with a Berlin Heart. The unknown clinical significance of this phenomenon highlights the need for further studies. PMID:23438783

Dhillon, Santokh S; Khoo, Nee Scze; Quinonez, Luis; Buchholz, Holger


Two Types of Health Care Systems and Their Influence on the Introduction of Perinatal Care: An Epidemiological Twin Model in Berlin from 1950 to 1990  

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Objectives: When perinatal medicine emerged as a new medical discipline in the 1960s, Berlin was as one of the world's leading centers. During that time, the city was separated into two parts, each fostering its own health care system. After the destruction of the Berlin Wall, it was possible to speak with the citizens of East Berlin and to access

Birgit Arabin; Elke Raum; Axel Mohnhaupt; Friedrich Wilhelm Schwartz



Mutualism, resource competition and opposing movements among Turkish organizations in Amsterdam and Berlin, 1965-2000.  


This article seeks to understand environmental effects on associational interdependencies, be they competitive or collaborative, in a polarized organizational population. To do so, it builds on the density-dependent model and the ecology of ideologies. Especially interested in the effect of context on density-dependent processes, I compare different Turkish ideological movements in Amsterdam and Berlin. Amsterdam represents an open and supportive environment for such movements, whereas Berlin constitutes a more closed and hostile one. By analysing the founding and disbanding rates of Turkish immigrant organizations in Amsterdam and Berlin during the period 1965-2000, the article demonstrates how the increasing density of Turkish ideologies has affected interdependencies in two main ways: by heightening competition, particularly between ideologically similar organizations, and by increasing counter activities between opposing movements. It also shows that the influence of context is limited. An open environment does not significantly influence the vitality rates of ideologies or further collaboration among or between them. On the contrary, it seemingly increases competition and fragmentation because more resources and opportunities are available. More signs of collaboration and mutualism are found in Berlin's closed environment. PMID:23998320

Vermeulen, Floris



Water and Bed-Sediment Quality in the Vicinity of Berlin Lake, Ohio, 2001.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Berlin Lake, in northeast Ohio, was created by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1943 and is used primarily for flood control for the upper reaches of the Mahoning River. The area surrounding and under the lake has been tapped for oil and natural gas pr...

R. A. Darner



Berlin—Warsaw—Jena: A Journey with Glen H. Elder Through Sites of Social Change  

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Glen H. Elder's intellectual legacy for psychological research on social change in Germany is exemplified by its influence on the first author's research group, spanning the time from the early 1980s until today. Several research lines are reported that were influenced by Elder's concepts and research strategies, such as the notion of hardships, control cycles, and cohort comparisons. The Berlin

Rainer K. Silbereisen; Martin J. Tomasik



Structured Parent Education in the Management of Childhood Atopic Dermatitis: The Berlin Model.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Describes the goals and content of the Berlin education program for parents and children with atopic dermatitis (AD). Program included six group sessions concerning medical, nutritional, and psychological issues. Program aimed to contribute towards a comprehensive, family-oriented management of childhood AD. Data showed the program had a positive…

Wenninger, Kerstin; Kehrt, Rainer; von Ruden, Ursula; Lehmann, Christine; Binder, Christiane; Wahn, Ulrich; Staab, Doris



Local Belonging and "Geographies of Emotions": Immigrant Children's Experience of Their Neighbourhoods in Paris and Berlin  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This article argues that a sense of local belonging and emotional attitudes to one's neighbourhood are inherently interconnected. It explores immigrant children's emotional experiences of their neighbourhoods in Paris and Berlin through subjective maps drawn by the children. The article highlights the social and spatial nature of immigrant…

den Besten, Olga




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In recent years, the northern goshawk (Accipiter gentilis) has colonized suburban and urban areas in Berlin, Germany, and elsewhere in Europe. Because of the high proportion of feral pigeons (Columba livia f. domestica) in their diet, urban goshawks are suspected to have a high infection rate with Trichomonas gallinae. Therefore, from 1998 to 2001, we examined 269 nestlings from 90

Oliver Krone; Rainer Altenkamp; Norbert Kenntner


The fight for ‘traumatic neurosis’, 1889–1916: Hermann Oppenheim and his opponents in Berlin1  

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The concept of traumatic neurosis conceived by Hermann Oppenheim (1858–1919) located post-traumatic nervous symptoms between hysteria and neurasthenia, considering them a consequence of physical reactions to fright and a cause of molecular tissue changes. As early as 1890, his concept was criticized at an international congress in Berlin. In February 1916, there was a significant debate of the issue in

Bernd Holdorff; Tom Dening



Diversity of Experience, Experience of DiversityTurkish Migrant Youth Culture in Berlin  

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In public, popular, and scholarly discourses, Turkish migrant youth appear as relentless agents of revitalized Turkishness or Islam in the midst of European modernity. Contrary to this seemingly intuitive assumption, I argue in this article that the manifest diversity of migrant youth cultures is facilitated and authorized by the discursive and institutional resources available to them in Berlin, the metropolis

Levent Soysal



Reading and Modernization: The Experience of Jewish Women in Berlin Around 1800  

Microsoft Academic Search

This essay focuses on the reading practices of a group of Jewish women who lived in Berlin in late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. The copious personal sources left by such women as Henriette Herz, Rahel Levin, Sara Meyer and Dorothea Mendelssohn, among others, contain detailed evidence on their reading habits, pointing at the centrality of this activity in their

Natalie Naimark-Goldberg


A comparison of municipal solid waste management in Berlin and Singapore.  


A comparative analysis of municipal solid waste management (MSWM) in Singapore and Berlin was carried out in order to identify its current status, and highlight the prevailing conditions of MSWM. An overview of the various aspects of MSWM in these two cities is provided, with emphasis on comparing the legal, technical, and managerial aspects of MSW. Collection systems and recycling practiced with respect to the involvement of the government and the private sector, are also presented. Over last two decades, the city of Berlin has made impressive progress with respect to its waste management. The amounts of waste have declined significantly, and at the same time the proportion that could be recovered and recycled has increased. In contrast, although Singapore's recycling rate has been increasing over the past few years, rapid economic and population growth as well as change in consumption patterns in this city-state has caused waste generation to continue to increase. Landfilling of MSW plays minor role in both cities, one due to geography (Singapore) and the other due to legislative prohibition (Berlin). Consequently, both in Singapore and Berlin, waste is increasingly being used as a valuable resource and great efforts have been made for the development of incineration technology and energy recovery, as well as climate protection. PMID:20022478

Zhang, Dongqing; Keat, Tan Soon; Gersberg, Richard M



Features of the Metabolic Syndrome in the Berlin Fat Mouse as a Model for Human Obesity  

Microsoft Academic Search

SummaryBackground: The Berlin Fat Mouse BFMI860 is a polygenic obesity mouse model which harbors a natural major gene defect resulting in early onset of obesity. To elucidate adult bodily responses in BFMI860 mice that develop juvenile obesity, we studied features of the metabolic syndrome at 20 weeks. Methods: We examined fat deposition patterns, adipokines, lipid profiles in serum, glucose homeostasis,

Claudia Hantschel; Asja Wagener; Christina Neuschl; Daniel Teupser; Gudrun A. Brockmann



A Doubled Heterotopia: Shifting Spatial and Visual Symbolism in the Jewish Museum Berlin's Development  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This essay considers the rhetoric of space in a rapidly transforming culture. Using Michel Foucault's concept of "heterotopias" to understand the rhetorical power of a building's disposition, it is argued that the Jewish Museum Berlin contains two heterotopias, one within the other. The first is Daniel Libeskind's original building design in…

Saindon, Brent Allen



Pointing the way: The electoral transition from the Bonn Republic to the Berlin Republic  

Microsoft Academic Search

The 1994 Bundestag election exhibited features both of continuity and of change. Like the 1949 election (a bridge between the Weimar and Bonn political systems), the 1994 election can also be considered as transitional: between the old Bonn Republic and the new, post?unification, Berlin Republic. It did, though, confirm what previous Bundestag elections had established: that Germany can be governed

Peter Pulzer



The outcome of adolescent anorexia nervosa: Findings from Berlin and Sofia  

Microsoft Academic Search

As part of a multisite collaborative outcome study of eating disorders in adolescence, two samples from West Berlin and Sofia were compared. The study was based on a systematic evaluation of the clinical status during the first inpatient treatment after onset of the disorder, and personal interviews with the former patients at follow-up. Despite the differences in the cultural background,

Hans Christoph Steinhausen; Svetlana Boyadjieva



Fitness as "Social Heritage": A Study of Elementary School Pupils in Berlin  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Health and fitness among children and adolescents is a subject currently receiving public attention. This article focuses on the fitness of German pupils (third and fourth grades) in five schools in Berlin with widely differing social catchment areas as well as children from differing social backgrounds. Besides an orthopaedic examination and…

Pfister, Gertrud; Reeg, Annemarie



Trading Costs in Early Securities Markets: The Case of the Berlin Stock Exchange, 1880-1910  

Microsoft Academic Search

Based on daily prices (amtliche Kurse) we estimate effective spreads of securities traded at the Berlin Stock Exchange in 1880, 1890, 1900 and 1910. Several extensions of the Roll measure are applied. We find surprisingly tight effective spreads for the historical data, comparable with similar measures of the MDAX and DAX at the end of the 20th century.

Caroline Fohlin



A comparison of municipal solid waste management in Berlin and Singapore  

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A comparative analysis of municipal solid waste management (MSWM) in Singapore and Berlin was carried out in order to identify its current status, and highlight the prevailing conditions of MSWM. An overview of the various aspects of MSWM in these two cities is provided, with emphasis on comparing the legal, technical, and managerial aspects of MSW. Collection systems and recycling

Dongqing Zhang; Tan Soon Keat; Richard M. Gersberg



Reciprocal Relationships and Lifelong Learning: Twenty Years of Duke in Berlin  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|DepaeThe new conditions of the study abroad "market" have impelled us to rethink the costs and benefits of a small, selective US-based program, such as Duke in Berlin. The principal advantage, we argue, is an environment of "academic intimacy," a generous teacher/student ratio, which in turn fosters additional undergraduate research and…

Donahue, William Collins; Wohlfeil, Jochen



Planning reunification: the planning history of the fall of the Berlin Wall  

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This article looks at the history of plans for the reuse of the zone of land left vacant by the fall of the Berlin Wall. This strip and its redevelopment offer a window on the complex planning processes and issues that have been animating the city as a whole for the past fifteen years. In the main, plans developed since

Carolyn Loeb



20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall: Regional unemployment in Eastern Germany  

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20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall there is still a strong division between the economies and labour markets of eastern and western Germany. In the last few years, however, unemployment has been reduced especially in the East, even in times of economic crisis. Within eastern Germany a strong variation of labour market situations is visible, which has

Uwe Blien; Van Phan



International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications (DC2008) in Berlin  

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Purpose – The International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications (DC-2008) is being held this year in Berlin. The purpose of this paper is to describe the evolution of the Dublin Core effort from an initial focus on “core” elements for resource description towards a more comprehensive framework for developing application profiles that use multiple vocabularies on basis of

Thomas Baker



Rebuttal of "Flawed Experimental Design Reveals the Need for Guidelines Requiring Appropriate Positive Controls in Endocrine Disruption Research" by (Vom Saa12010)  

EPA Science Inventory

In response to the letter to Toxicological Sciences by Vom Saal et al. (2010) that provided criticisms of our recent paper, we have prepared a categorical rebuttal. In this rebuttal we describe ? That the developmental effects of the potent environment estrogen Ethinyl Estradio...


The Optici and Mechanici of the Berlin Academy and of its Astronomical Observatory. (German Title: Optici und Mechanici der Berliner Akademie und ihrer Sternwarte)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Amongst the staff of the Berlin Academy in the 18th century, who have until now been almost completely absent from historical texts, were numerous mechanical and optical technicians. Although only a partial picture can be drawn from the available historical sources, it is clear that the Academy continuously employed a number of instrument makers, and financed their labours generously. Their primary task was the care and repair of the Academy's and its observatory's scientific instruments. Most of this equipment was, in the 18th century, imported from Paris or London.

Zaun, Joerg


The Berlin astronomer - Life and works of Johann Elert Bode (1747-1826) (German Title: Der Berliner Astronom - Leben und Werk von Johann Elert Bode (1747-1826) )  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Johann Elert Bode (1747-1826), long-time director of Berlin Observatory, earned his merits by editing the “Astronomisches Jahrbuch” for many years, for producing a immaculate star atlas, and for writing a series of popular books. Today, astronomers still know the “Titius-Bode law” of planetary distances, which had been publicized by him. The author traces the life of this Hamburg-born scholar. He analyzes his works and tries to determine his place in the history of astronomy. The volume comprises texts of original documents from Bode's life, a bibliography of his works, as well as numerous historical illustrations, often published here for the first time.

Schwemin, Friedhelm


[Everything OK?! Introduction of quality management in the social psychiatric service in Berlin].  


With the help of a structured quality report (SQR) the first assessment on the quality of task fulfillment in the 12 social psychiatric services (SPS) in Berlin was carried out. 102 standardised questions in 10 dimensions were posed. The results show that in the important dimensions which depict the core tasks of the SPS, in general a good quality was documented. At the same time deficiencies and deficits were mentioned (e. g., lack of check-lists, poor cooperation with the clinics, inadequate supervision). For the further development of SQR an adaptation to the Berlin situation as well as progress documentation in the individual SPS will be of major importance. Furthermore, a modification for other services in the public health-care system such as, e. g., child and adolescent health care should be considered. PMID:21374532

Gagel, D E; Rottig, M



Professor Bernhard Pollack (1865-1928) of Friedrich Wilhelm University, Berlin: neurohistologist, ophthalmologist, pianist.  


This article highlights the life and work of Bernhard Pollack (1865-1928), a pioneer neurohistologist, ophthalmologist, and world-class pianist. In 1897, Pollack published the first standard manual on staining methods for the nervous system. Born into a Prussian-Jewish family, he received his piano education from the composer Moritz Moszkowski and his pathology education from Carl Weigert. Pollack worked in the Institutes of Wilhelm Waldeyer (anatomy), Emanuel Mendel (neuropsychiatry), the later Nobel laureate Robert Koch (infectious diseases), and the Eye Policlinic of Paul Silex (ophthalmology), becoming a Professor of Ophthalmology at Berlin's Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität in 1919. The study also chronicles the founding by Pollack of the Berlin Doctors' Orchestra in 1911. PMID:22572721

Triarhou, Lazaros C



The Energy Materials in-Situ Laboratory Berlin (EMIL) at BESSY II  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Helmholtz Center Berlin (HZB) and the Max-Planck Society (MPG) strengthen their research in renewable energies with the implementation of the joint Energy Material in-Situ Lab Berlin (EMIL) at the third generation light source BESSY II. The new facility is dedicated to the in-situ and in-system x-ray analysis of materials and devices for photovoltaic applications, (photo-) catalytic processes, energie conversion and storage. To obtain a comprehensive understanding of the involved materials, spectroscopic methods with x-rays from the soft- up to the hard x-ray regime reveal an almost complete picture of their chemical and electronic properties. The contribution presents the layout of the x-ray beamlines and their performance in terms of photon flux, energy resolution and spot sizes.

Follath, R.; Hävecker, M.; Reichardt, G.; Lips, K.; Bahrdt, J.; Schäfers, F.; Schmid, P.



First Considerations Concerning an Optimized Cavity Design for the Main Linac of BERLinPro  

SciTech Connect

The Berlin Energy Recovery Linac Project (BERLinPro) is designed to develop and demonstrate CW linac technology and expertise required to drive next-generation Energy Recovery Linacs. Strongly HOM-damped multicell 1.3 GHz cavities are required for the main linac. The optimization of the cavities presented here is primarily based on the CEBAF 1.5 GHz 5-cell high-current cavity design, including HOM waveguide couplers. The cavity was scaled to 1.3 GHz and extended to 7 cells. Modifications to the end group design have also been studied. An effort was also made to reduce the ratio Epk/Eacc while still permitting HOMs to propagate.

B. Riemann, T. Weis, W. Anders, J. Knobloch, A. Neumann, H.-W. Glock, C. Potratz, U. van Rienen, F. Marhauser



Explaining crimeBerlin newspapers and the construction of the criminal in Weimar Germany  

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In the turbulent years of the Weimar Republic, well-known journalists working for leading newspapers regularly covered the proceedings of the criminal court in Berlin-Moabit. In seeking sensational news as well as stories about everyday life in the metropolis, the court provided them with insights into contemporary urban problems such as unemployment, political struggle, gender-based conflict, and crimes of passion. The

Daniel Siemens



Underground High-Power Transmission Part III- Experience From Practice And Experimental Work In Berlin (West)  

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Electric supply in densely built-up areas of large cities necessitates provision of high-power transmission systems of high availability. Underground transmission systems and compact switchgear play a vital r81e in such areas. Part I11 describes design and construction of the high- power system for Berlin (West). In the first stage of con- struction two 380 kV oil-filled cable systems with direct

H. J. Kunisch; M. H. Bohge; E. Rumpf



The new cold neutron radiography and tomography instrument CONRAD at HMI Berlin  

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The new cold neutron radiography instrument CONRAD is a multifunctional facility for radiography and tomography with cold neutrons at Hahn–Meitner Institut, Berlin. It is located at the end of a curved neutron guide, which faces the cold-neutron source of the BER-II research reactor. The geometry provides a cold-neutron beam with wavelengths between 2 and 12Å. Two measuring positions are available

A. Hilger; N. Kardjilov; M. Strobl; W. Treimer; J. Banhart



Clinical Experience With Berlin Heart Excor in Pediatric Patients in Argentina: 1373 days of Cardiac Support  

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The objective of this study was to describe our experience (1373 days of support) with the Berlin Heart Excor (BH) ventricular-assist\\u000a device (VAD) as bridging to cardiac transplantation in pediatric patients with end-stage cardiomyopathy. This study involved\\u000a a retrospective observational cohort. Records of patients supported with the BH VAD were reviewed. Data regarding age, sex,\\u000a weight, diagnosis, preoperative condition, single versus

Guillermo E. Moreno; Alberto Charroqui; María L. Pilán; Ricardo H. Magliola; Mariela P. Krynski; María Althabe; Luis M. Landry; Gabriela Sciuccati; Alejandra Villa; Horacio Vogelfang



The Berlin Brain-Computer Interface: Machine Learning Based Detection of User Specific Brain States  

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We outline the Berlin Brain-Computer Interface (BBCI), a system which enables us to translate brain signals from movements or movement intentions into control commands. The main contribution of the BBCI, which is a non-invasive EEG-based BCI system, is the use of advanced machine learning techniques that allow to adapt to the specific brain signatures of each user with literally no

Benjamin Blankertz; Guido Dornhege; Steven Lemm; Matthias Krauledat; Gabriel Curio; Klaus-robert Müller



Preliminary Results of a Multi-Agent Traffic Simulation for Berlin  

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This paper provides an introduction to multi-agent traffic simulation. Metropolitan regions can consist of several million\\u000a inhabitants, implying the simulation of several million travelers, which represents a considerable computational challenge.\\u000a We reports on our recent case study of a real-world Berlin scenario. The paper explains computational techniques necessary\\u000a to achieve results. It turns out that the difficulties there, because of

Ulrike Beuck; Marcel Rieser; David Strippgen; Michael Balmer; Kai Nagel


Urban encounters with difference: the contact hypothesis and immigrant integration projects in eastern Berlin  

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Recent urban scholarship celebrates the increased cultural and ethnic diversity of contemporary cities as promoting conviviality and intercultural sensibilities. The contact hypothesis and immigrant integration policies drawing on it similarly stress the importance of increased face-to-face contact for reducing inter-group prejudice and conflict. Drawing on ethnographic research in eastern Berlin, this paper examines spaces of encounters between local residents and

Tatiana Matejskova; Helga Leitner



Common stock returns in the pre-WWI Berlin Stock Exchange  

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We provide new evidence on the efficiency of the Berlin Stock Exchange prior to World War I, when it ranked among the top\\u000a few markets worldwide by market capitalization. Using a new set of monthly stock price data for a random sample of German\\u000a companies between 1904 and 1910, we estimate a typical three-factor model and find that returns relate

Caroline Fohlin; Steffen Reinhold



Investigation of the fate of sulfonamides downgradient of a decommissioned sewage farm near Berlin, Germany  

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The drinking water production of a drinking water treatment plant in Berlin is affected by ambient contaminated groundwater. The three organic compounds para-toluenesulfonamide (p-TSA), ortho-toluenesulfonamide (o-TSA) and benzenesulfonamide (BSA) were identified in the catchment area of this plant. The groundwater pollution is a result of former sewage farm irrigation in the area, operating for almost 70 years until the 1980s. The

Doreen Richter; Gudrun Massmann; Thomas Taute; Uwe Duennbier



Determination of the accuracy of truncated Leiden and Berlin virial expansions for pure gases  

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The accuracy of truncated virial EoS to represent pure gas properties was studied in detail for the residual properties (Z?1), ln? and (HR\\/RT). The Leiden or density expansion was examined with truncation after the second virial coefficient B and also after the third virial coefficient C and compared with the same truncation of the Berlin or pressure expansion. First a

Philip T. Eubank; Harald Kruggel-Emden; Gabriel Santana-Rodriguez; Xiaonian Wang



The fight for 'traumatic neurosis', 1889-1916: Hermann Oppenheim and his opponents in Berlin.  


The concept of traumatic neurosis conceived by Hermann Oppenheim (1858-1919) located post-traumatic nervous symptoms between hysteria and neurasthenia, considering them a consequence of physical reactions to fright and a cause of molecular tissue changes. As early as 1890, his concept was criticized at an international congress in Berlin. In February 1916, there was a significant debate of the issue in Berlin, and eventually Oppenheim's concept was completely defeated at the war meeting of German neuropsychiatrists in September 1916 in Munich. In the Berlin debate, a range of views on war neurosis was presented. Partly as a result of this, but also due to the powerful position of Oppenheim himself, it was not until after the end of WWI that traumatic neurosis was excluded from medico-legal assessments. The differing views of physiological brain-mind relations from that time do not differ greatly from present concepts. However, Oppenheim's traumatic neurosis with its more quasi-neurological picture should not be equated with PTSD. PMID:22530374

Holdorff, Bernd



Berlin questionnaire study in surgical patient in Alzahra Hospital in year 2010  

PubMed Central

Background: To examine the prevalence of high-risk subjects of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and its predictive factors in patients undergoing elective surgery by using the Berlin Questionnaire. Materials and Methods: 300 surgical ASA physical status I, II, III, and IV patients were surveyed. Patients were screened with the Berlin questionnaire for obstructive sleep apnea. Data of sex, age, BMI and HTN also evaluated. Data were analyzed by Chi-square test and P < 0.05 was meaningful. Results: The Berlin questionnaire identified 25.3% (76/300) of patients as being at high risk of sleep apnea (95% confidence interval, 20%-28%). This group consisted of 195 (65%) males and 105 (35%) females. The prevalence of high-risk subjects in men were more significantly than women (P = 0.001). High-risk subjects also were increasing with age (P = 0.000) and increasing with obesity (P = 0.000) and arterial hypertension (P = 0.000). Conclusions: Predictors of high risk for OSA-related symptoms were female sex, age more than 50 years, and body mass index.

Amra, Babak; Saberpur, Shahhin; Ghoharian, Vahid; Tabatabai, Sayed Abbas; Akbari, Mojtaba; Beni, Batool Hashemi



The influence of geopolitical change on the well-being of a population: the Berlin Wall.  

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OBJECTIVES: Social cohesion is recognized as a fundamental condition for healthy populations, but social cohesion itself arises from political unity. The history of the Berlin Wall provides a unique opportunity to examine the effects of partition on social cohesion and, by inference, on health. METHODS: This ethnographic study consisted of examination of the territory formerly occupied by the Wall, formal and informal interviews with Berlin residents, and collection of cultural documents related to the Wall. Transcripts, field notes, and documents were examined by means of a keyword-in-context analysis. RESULTS: The separation of Berlin into 2 parts was a traumatic experience for the city's residents. After partition, East and West Germany had divergent social, cultural, and political experiences and gradually grew apart. CONCLUSIONS: The demolition of the Wall--the symbol and the instrument of partition--makes possible but does not ensure the reintegration of 2 populations that were separated for 40 years. The evolution of a new common culture might be accelerated by active attempts at cultural and social exchange.

Heon-Klin, V; Sieber, E; Huebner, J; Fullilove, M T



Hepatitis C Virus infection in apparentenly healthy individuals with family history of diabetes in Vom, Plateau State Nigeria  

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Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is an important public health problem worldwide. Its association with, and predisposing nature for diabetes mellitus (DM) has been long established. This research was carried out to determine the prevalence of Hepatitis C virus (HCV) amongst people with possible genetic predisposition to diabetes mellitus living in and around Vom, Plateau State, Nigeria. 188 subjects were screened after they filled a structured questionnaire to determine some of their demographic data, social habits and possible risk factors. 5 ml of blood was collected from each subject and sera separated out. Biotech's third generation ELISA Kit for HCV antibodies was used for the screening. Liver enzyme analysis was carried out on positive samples to determine their disease status. A prevalence of 14.36% was recorded with the highest seropositive group being those in the age bracket of 18 – 37 years. 13(13.40%) of males and 14(15.38%) of females were sero-positive. Liver enzyme analysis of sero-positive subjects showed increased levels which may imply early onset of liver damage. These result showed that these individuals could later suffer diabetes which may be triggered by their HCV infection if not treated. This is not over-looking the economic significance of their ill health, assuming they progress to cirrhotic HCV or develop hepatocelluar carcinoma due to HCV chronicity.

Nwankiti, Obinna O; Ndako, James A; Echeonwu, Georgebest ON; Olabode, Atanda O; Nwosuh, Chika I; Onovoh, Ema M; Okeke, Lilian A; Akinola, Jumoke O; Duru, Boniface N; Nwagbo, Ijeoma O; Agada, Godwin O; Chukwuedo, Anthony A



A Tandetron as proton injector for the eye tumor therapy in Berlin  

SciTech Connect

The therapy of eye tumors with fast protons is an excellent tool giving very high local control rates. At the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB) almost 1800 patients were treated since 1998. A 2 MV Tandetron was installed as injector for the k = 132 HZB cyclotron. Using the standard 358 duoplasmatron ion source with direct extraction of negative hydrogen ions an extremely stable proton beam can be delivered, both on the short-term and the long-term scale. The hair-needle filaments made from thoriated tungsten wires have safe operation times of more than 1000 h.

Roehrich, J.; Damerow, T.; Hahn, W.; Mueller, U.; Denker, A. [Protons for Therapy, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin fuer Materialien und Energie, 14109 Berlin (Germany); Reinholz, U. [BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, 12200 Berlin (Germany)



A Concrete Curtain: The Life and Death of the Berlin Wall  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The central feature of this fine site posted to the Web late last month is a hypertext history of the Berlin Wall and the significant events of the cold war that featured prominently in its life and death. The hypertext offers maps, exhibitions, and sidebars to supplement the main historical narrative. The Annexes section gives a timeline of key events, excerpts from various books and speeches offering first person accounts of events at the Wall (including its demolishment), and a substantial bibliography of fiction and nonfiction texts about the Wall. The site is posted by the Memorial de Caen in France. Note: some of the written text in the exhibitions is in French.


A Tandetron™ as proton injector for the eye tumor therapy in Berlin  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The therapy of eye tumors with fast protons is an excellent tool giving very high local control rates. At the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB) almost 1800 patients were treated since 1998. A 2 MV Tandetron™ was installed as injector for the k = 132 HZB cyclotron. Using the standard 358 duoplasmatron ion source with direct extraction of negative hydrogen ions an extremely stable proton beam can be delivered, both on the short-term and the long-term scale. The hair-needle filaments made from thoriated tungsten wires have safe operation times of more than 1000 h.

Röhrich, J.; Damerow, T.; Hahn, W.; Müller, U.; Reinholz, U.; Denker, A.



Promotion of Physical Activity Using Point-of-Decision Prompts in Berlin Underground Stations  

PubMed Central

To evaluate point-of-decision prompts in the promotion of stair use in Germany, motivational posters were placed at three underground stations in Berlin. The proportion of passengers using stairs or stairways was counted before, during installation, and two weeks after removal of posters. In total, 5,467 passersby were counted. Stair use increased significantly in women, but not in men. The present pilot study thereby shows that the use of point-of-decision prompts is also feasible in Germany and it provides some evidence of effectiveness. Methodologically rigorous studies are warranted to confirm these findings.

Muller-Riemenschneider, Falk; Nocon, Marc; Reinhold, Thomas; Willich, Stefan N.



Suicide by self-immolation in Berlin from 1990 to 2000.  


We investigated retrospectively the forensic autopsy cases of suicide by self-immolation in Berlin from 1990 to 2000. There were 46 cases (35 men and 11 women), corresponding to 0.76% of all known suicides committed in Berlin during this period. The most common reasons for self-immolation were separation from a partner or financial problems. Two individuals had political reasons. There was a history of mental disturbances in 65% of these suicide cases. The location of the self-immolation was outdoors in 65%, the rest were indoors, except for three victims, who committed suicide in their cars. In nearly all cases, the individuals had doused themselves with an inflammable fluid, usually petrol. One-third of the victims died from burn shock, about 20% from a combination of severe burns and inhalation trauma. The median body surface area burnt was 78% for all cases. The blood had a mean 21% carboxyhemoglobin concentration and 0.07 microg/ml of cyanide. Suicide by self-immolation was committed under the influence of drugs in nine cases and of alcohol in 11 cases. PMID:11792506

Rothschild, M A; Raatschen, H J; Schneider, V



[Etiology and occurrence of periodic eye inflammation of horses in the area of Berlin].  


Over 130 cases of equine periodic ophthalmia (p.o.), which were treated as in-patients at the Equine Clinic of the Free University of Berlin in the last 35 years, were examined statistically in relation to the age and gender of the animals involved as well as to the development of the illness and the season in which it arose. As regards aetiology, the extraction of 71 affected Trotters was investigated. Antibodies to toxoplasmosis, leptospirosis and intestinal parasites were found only in some of the patients. Younger animals, aged between one and four years, and male animals (63.6%) were predominantly affected. The results of the examinations of faeces showed no correlation between cases of p.o. and a vermination of the horses. The examinations for antibodies to toxoplasmosis gave no indication of a participation of the toxoplasmas in the aetiology of recurrent uveitis. In contrast, the results of the examinations for antibodies to leptospirosis, of which 58.8% were positive, showed a seven to ten times higher infection than in healthy horses in Berlin. Breed analysis showed that in certain breeds of Trotters and warm-blooded horses, p.o. illnesses were frequent, supporting the hypothesis that the occurrence of p.o. is due to a hereditary, allergic reaction, triggered by various factors, in particular an infection without clinical signs. PMID:2080508

Alexander, C S; Keller, H



German: Child Language Survey. Collected Transcripts of Recordings Made in Heidelberg, Berlin, Hanover and Urach/Wurtt.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Nine transcripts of recorded conversation of German children ranging from 10 through 19 years of age are of special interest to linguists working on child language. The recordings, made in Heidelberg, Berlin, Hanover, and Urach/Wurttemberg, include elicited behaviors called "linguistic activities". The interviewers attempt to elicit: (1)…

Wybraniec, Ania, Ed.


Deep Building Pits in High Groundwater Level in the Heart of Berlin: Difficultes and Aspects of Design  

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The uncontained lowering of groundwater for construction is not an option for deep building pits in Berlin due to a naturally high groundwater level (2-3 m as measured below the sur­ face level ) The funnel produced by such adewatering method would, under such cond itions of high gro undwater level , dramatically affect the hydrogeological balance of adjacent areas.

Thomas Richter



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This article examines the ways in which travel serves as an analytic to understand citizenship and the production of noncitizens after the Berlin Wall. This production is linked to a shift in the post-Wall German and European discourses and practices of asylum, which are significantly renegotiated and restricted shortly after the Wall falls. It is not only the law that

Damani James Partridge



Effects of climate change on water demand and water availability for power plants - examples for the German capital Berlin  

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Effects of climate change on water demand and water availability for power plants - examples for the German capital Berlin Stefan Vögelea, Hagen Kochb&c, Uwe Grünewaldb a Forschungszentrum Jülich, Institute of Energy Research - Systems Analysis and Technology Evaluation, D-52425 Jülich, Germany b Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus, Chair Hydrology and Water Resources Management, P.O. Box. 101 344, D-03013 Cottbus,

Stefan Voegele; Hagen Koch; Uwe Grünewald



Longitudinal Cognition-Survival Relations in Old and Very Old Age: 13Year Data from the Berlin Aging Study  

Microsoft Academic Search

We use a statistical model that combines longitudinal and survival analyses to estimate the influence of level and change in cognition on age at death in old and very old individuals. Data are from the Berlin Aging Study, in which an initial sample of 516 elderly individuals with an age range of 70 to 103 years was assessed up to

Paolo Ghisletta; John J. McArdle; Ulman Lindenberger



Influence of gender on treatment and short-term mortality of patients with acute myocardial infarction in Berlin  

Microsoft Academic Search

Zusammenfassung Einleitung Frühere Studien bei Patienten mit akutem Myokardinfarkt zeigten eine höhere Krankenhaussterblichkeit von Frauen, speziell jüngeren Frauen, im Vergleich zu Männern. Da die Behandlung des akuten Myokardinfarktes sich schnell entwickelt und nachdem geschlechtsspezifische Aspekte in den letzten Jahren detailliert diskutiert wurden, war es unser Ziel die Determinanten der Krankenhaussterblichkeit, insbesondere geschlechtsspezifische Aspekte, in Berlin erneut zu untersuchen. Methoden und

H. Theres; B. Maier; R. Matteucci Gothe; S. Schnippa; G. Kallischnigg; K. P. Schüren; W. Thimme



Prevention of Homicidal Violence in Schools in Germany: The Berlin Leaking Project and the Networks against School Shootings Project (NETWASS)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Since 1999, Germany has experienced at least twelve serious cases of targeted school violence. This article describes two projects designed to fill the gap between universal prevention and emergency response in preventing severe forms of school violence in Germany. The Berlin Leaking Project examined the viability of preventive efforts based on…

Leuschner, Vincenz; Bondu, Rebecca; Schroer-Hippel, Miriam; Panno, Jennifer; Neumetzler, Katharina; Fisch, Sarah; Scholl, Johanna; Scheithauer, Herbert




Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

Laboratory experiments were conducted to evaluate the behavior of bollworm, Helicoverpa zea (Boddie), and tobacco budworm, Heliothis virescens (F.), larvae on meridic diet with different concentrations of the Cry1Ac and Cry2Ab proteins from Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki Berliner. The proteins use...


Integration, Social Networks and Economic Success of Immigrants: A Case Study of the Turkish Community in Berlin  

Microsoft Academic Search

SUMMARYThe observation that some immigrants choose not to integrate into the host society has caused political controversies across European states. This paper hypothesizes that immigrants can exploit social networks of different scales in order to substitute for costly integration. Using a novel dataset of Turkish households in Berlin, which was specifically collected for this analysis, we investigate the determinants of

Alexander M. Danzer; Hulya Ulku



East Germans and the Berlin Wall: Popular Opinion and Social Change before and after the Border Closure of August 1961  

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Based on sources from the East German regime’s internal archives, this article considers how the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961 affected both the regime’s political authority as well as wider processes of social change. After first considering the domestic problems that the East German communist leadership sought to solve by sealing the border, it proceeds to examine the

Corey Ross



National Attachment among Berlin and London Head Teachers: The Explanatory Impact of National Identity, National Pride and Supranational Attachment  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The link between formal education and the formation of national attachment is widely acknowledged. Yet, research on teachers' national attachment is still relatively rare. Based on a comparative analysis of survey data obtained from 281 Berlin and London state secondary school head teachers, this paper proposes a multivariate model in which…

Pollmann, Andreas



National attachment among Berlin and London head teachers: the explanatory impact of national identity, national pride and supranational attachment  

Microsoft Academic Search

The link between formal education and the formation of national attachment is widely acknowledged. Yet, research on teachers’ national attachment is still relatively rare. Based on a comparative analysis of survey data obtained from 281 Berlin and London state secondary school head teachers, this paper proposes a multivariate model in which notions of national identity, levels of national pride and

Andreas Pöllmann



Reduced size liver transplantation from a donor supported by a Berlin Heart.  


Patients on cardiac assist devices are often considered to be high-risk solid organ donors. We report the first case of a reduced size liver transplant performed using the left lateral segment of a pediatric donor whose cardiac function was supported by a Berlin Heart. The recipient was a 22-day-old boy with neonatal hemochromatosis who developed fulminant liver failure shortly after birth. The transplant was complicated by mild delayed graft function, which required delayed biliary reconstruction and abdominal wall closure, as well as a bile leak. However, the graft function improved quickly over the first week and the patient was discharged home with normal liver function 8 weeks after transplant. The presence of a cardiac assist device should not be considered an absolute contraindication for abdominal organ donation. Normal organ procurement procedures may require alteration due to the unusual technical obstacles that are encountered when the donor has a cardiac assist device. PMID:19775315

Misra, M V; Smithers, C J; Krawczuk, L E; Jenkins, R L; Linden, B C; Weldon, C B; Kim, H B



Detecting Mental States by Machine Learning Techniques: The Berlin Brain-Computer Interface  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Berlin Brain-Computer Interface Brain-Computer Interface (BBCI) uses a machine learning approach to extract user-specific patterns from high-dimensional EEG-features optimized for revealing the user's mental state. Classical BCI applications are brain actuated tools for patients such as prostheses (see Section 4.1) or mental text entry systems ([1] and see [2-5] for an overview on BCI). In these applications, the BBCI uses natural motor skills of the users and specifically tailored pattern recognition algorithms for detecting the user's intent. But beyond rehabilitation, there is a wide range of possible applications in which BCI technology is used to monitor other mental states, often even covert ones (see also [6] in the fMRI realm). While this field is still largely unexplored, two examples from our studies are exemplified in Sections 4.3 and 4.4.

Blankertz, Benjamin; Tangermann, Michael; Vidaurre, Carmen; Dickhaus, Thorsten; Sannelli, Claudia; Popescu, Florin; Fazli, Siamac; Danóczy, Márton; Curio, Gabriel; Müller, Klaus-Robert


Fast neutron therapy in treatment of soft tissue sarcoma--the Berlin-Buch study.  


From 1975-1994, 221 adult patients with a total of 232 radiation sites for soft tissue sarcomas were irradiated with fast neutrons with a mean energy of 6.2 MeV in Berlin-Buch/Dresden-Rossendorf. The tumour dose ranged between 6 and 12 Gy and was limited by the low dose penetration of the neutron beam. A local control rate of 66% was obtained. The local control was affected by the tumour differentiation, residual status and histological subtype. Severe fibrosis of the subcutaneous tissues occurred in 40% usually after 2 years. No serious general side effects occurred. To optimize neutron therapy, a high energy clinically-based cyclotron with a fully rotational gantry and a multileaf collimator should be utilized. It seems that patients with locally advanced and well differentiated sarcomas can benefit from this therapy. PMID:8949763

Steingräber, M; Lessel, A; Jahn, U



[Seroepidemiologic studies on hepatitis A infections in German and foreign children living in Berlin (West)].  


The incidence of antibody to hepatitis A (anti-HAV) was studied in two populations living in Berlin (West): German children and children of parents, coming from Mediterranean countries, mainly from Turkey (77%). Sera of 366 German and 280 foreign children aged between 1 and 17 years were tested by a competitive binding radioimmunoassay (HAVAB). In the group of German children only 15 (4.1%) had anti-HAV, but there were 86 (30.7%) among the foreign children. In contrast to the results taken from German children the presence of anti-HAV in foreign children was significantly according to their age. The frequency of anti-HAV rose from 2.6% in children aged between 1 and 2 years to nearly 90% in children older than 10 years. PMID:6302480

Lasius, D; Lange, W; Stück, B



[The architect Heino Schmieden and his merits regarding the construction of hospitals in Berlin].  


The architect Johann Heino Schmieden (1835-1913) in research today is primarily perceived, if perceived at all, as the partner of Martin Gropius (1824-1880), with whom he maintained a joint architectural firm for 15 years. So far, not much has been published about his life and his achievements. The author proves that Schmieden's life's accomplishments deserve better appreciation and that he belonged to the leading representatives of his profession. Citing numerous examples in the Berlin area, the author presents Heino Schmieden as a nationally and internationally sought-after and leading hospital architect, without forgetting to mention that he discusses only one, albeit the most important, aspect of his work in the present article. PMID:22701991

Peters, Oleg


[Dusseldorf- Berlin - Ankara - Washington. The Iife of Edith Weigert, née Vowinckel (1894-1982)].  


Based on unpublished material and oral history interviews, the article traces the life of Edith Weigert. Born in Dusseldorf, she moved to Berlin where she studied psychiatry under Bonhoeffer, was trained in psychoanalysis, joined the German Psychoanalytic Society (DPG) and worked at the psychoanalytic clinic Schloss Tegel. At the beginning of the Nazi regime she became a training analyst and a faculty member and joined the board of the DPG. Her husband was Jewish and in 1935 she fled to Turkey with her family. After three years of pioneering work there she emigrated to the USA and settled in Washington, D.C. where she worked in private practice. With her involvement in institutional politics and psychoanalytic training, she significantly contributed to the development of American psychoanalysis. It was characteristic for Weigert to try to build bridges between psychoanalysis and psychiatry, philosophy and religion as well as between the Sullivan school und IPA psychoanalysis. PMID:17992841

Holmes, Maren



Lethal pedestrian--passenger car collisions in Berlin. Changed injury patterns in two different time intervals.  


To expand the passive safety of automobiles protecting traffic participants technological innovations were done in the last decades. Objective of our retrospective analysis was to examine if these technical modifications led to a clearly changed pattern of injuries of pedestrians whose death was caused by the accidents. Another reduction concerns the exclusion of injured car passengers--only pedestrians walking or standing at the moment of collision were included. We selected time intervals 1975-1985 and 1991-2004 (=years of construction of the involved passenger cars). The cars were classified depending on their frontal construction in types as presented by Schindler et al. [Schindler V, Kühn M, Weber S, Siegler H, Heinrich T. Verletzungsmechanismen und Wirkabschätzungen der Fahrzegfrontgestaltung bei Pkw-Fussgänger-Kollisionen. Abschlussbericht im Auftrag der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft e.V. TU-Berlin Fachgebiet Kraftfahrzeuge (GDV) 2004:36-40]. In both periods more than 90% of all cars were from the usual types small/medium/large class. Hundred and thirty-four autopsy records of such cases from Department of Forensic Medicine (Charité Berlin) data were analysed. The data included technical information of the accidents and vehicles and the external and internal injuries of the victims. The comparison of the two periods showed a decrease of serious head injuries and femoral fractures but an increase of chest-, abdominal and pelvic injuries. This situation could be explained by an increased occurrence of soft-face-constructions and changed front design of modern passenger cars, resulting in a favourable effects concerning head impact to the car during accident. Otherwise the same kinetic energy was transferred to the (complete) victim - but because of a displacement of main focus of impact the pattern of injuries modified (went distally). PMID:19261507

Ehrlich, Edwin; Tischer, Anja; Maxeiner, H



Ephemerides and information: Investigations on the content of Berlin calendars up to Bode's Astronomisches Jahrbuch. (German Title: Ephemeriden und Informationen: Inhaltliche Untersuchungen Berliner Kalender bis zu Bodes Astronomischem Jahrbuch)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This contributions investigates a line of tradition which started already with the oldest calenders, i.e. to add an `educating' appendix. As a wide-spread medium, calendars were suitable for the dissemination of astrological views, the explanation of astronomical facts, of important activities for the home and the stable, for health protection, agriculture, and social connections. The calendars of the Berlin Academy, authored by Gottfried Kirch and his successors, fit well into this picture: also astrology played an important role. Kirch had added to his ephemerides of 1681 to 1692 own and other observations and contributions. This lead to a form, which superseded `normal' calenders, a form in which also Johann Elert Bode's Berliner Astronomisches Jahrbuch appeared from 1776 to 1829.

Hamel, Jürgen


Vom Gehirn lernen?  

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\\u000a Summary.   Taking the concepts of psychic structure and internal representation as an example, three different ways of relating psychoanalytic\\u000a concepts to neurobiology are presented and discussed: the localizing, the metaphorical and the modelling relation. The need\\u000a is stressed not to mix up the different levels of description and explanation too early; at the same time it is argued that\\u000a –

Peter Henningsen



The Berlin Brain--Computer Interface: Accurate Performance From First-Session in BCI-NaÏve Subjects  

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The Berlin brain-computer interface (BBCI) project develops a noninvasive BCI system whose key features are: 1) the use of well-established motor competences as control paradigms; 2) high-dimensional features from multichannel EEG; and 3) advanced machine-learning techniques. Spatio-spectral changes of sensorimotor rhythms are used to discriminate imagined movements (left hand, right hand, and foot). A previous feedback study [M. Krauledat, K.-R.

Benjamin Blankertz; Florian Losch; Matthias Krauledat; Guido Dornhege; Gabriel Curio; K.-R. Muller



Effect of long-term irrigation with sewage effluent on the metal content of soils, Berlin, Germany  

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This study aimed to determine whether >110 years of sewage application has led to recognizable changes in the metal chemistry\\u000a of soils from former sewage farms, Berlin, Germany. Background concentrations of soils and element enrichment factors were\\u000a used for the evaluation of possible perturbations of natural element abundances in sewage farm soils. Calculations verify\\u000a that precious metals (Ag, Au) as well

Bernd G. Lottermoser


A sero-epidemiological survey on the occurrence of opisthorchiid liver flukes in red foxes ( Vulpes vulpes ) in Berlin, Germany  

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Serum samples collected from red foxes in the city of Berlin between 1996 and 1999 were analysed for the presence of antibodies against Opisthorchis felineus and Metorchis bilis using an indirect ELISA. Out of 1,000 specimens, 30.6% and 46.5% reacted positively with specific O. felineus and M. bilis antigens, respectively. Seroprevalence in adult foxes was always higher than in juveniles.

Rolf Schuster; Bettina Gregor; Jana Heidrich; Karsten Nöckler; Moses Kyule; Ulrich Wittstatt



Second International Symposium on Obesity and Hypertension: genetics and molecular mechanisms, 25–27 October 2001, Berlin, Germany  

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The 2nd International Symposium on Obesity and Hypertension (ISOH'01) was held on October 28–30, 2001 at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin-Buch, Germany. The meeting, which consisted largely of invited lectures, presented a state-of-the-art overview of the genetic and molecular mechanisms that link obesity and hypertension. The over 40 oral presentations were supplemented by 85 poster presentations

AM Sharma



Translation and validation of Berlin questionnaire in primary health care in Greece  

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Background The aim of our study was to validate a Greek translation of the Berlin Questionnaire (BQ) for obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome (OSAS) and to explore whether this screening questionnaire could be used to help identify primary care patients at greater risk of having OSAS. Methods We recruited 189 patients visiting a primary health care setting on the island of Crete, Greece. They all completed the Greek Version of the BQ. Patients were then referred to a Sleep Disorders Unit for evaluation of suspected sleep-disordered breathing. Results A PSG study was performed in 129 of the 189 subjects (68.3%). BQ identified 74.4% (n?=?96) of the patients as high-risk for OSAS and the remaining 25.6% (n?=?33) as low-risk. The sensitivity and specificity of BQ for OSAS diagnosis were 76% and 40%, respectively, for an apnoea–hypopnoea index (AHI) ?5 per hour but <15 per hour, 84% and 61% for an AHI ?15 per hour but ?30 per hour, and 79% and 39% for an AHI >30 per hour. Conclusions In conclusion, the Greek Version of the BQ is a useful instrument for identifying patients at risk for OSAS in primary health care in Greece. The findings of our study confirm that such screening tools should be used by primary care clinicians for OSAS prediction.



Tertiary treatment of Berlin WWTP effluents with ferrate (Fe(VI)).  


New and higher standards in the EU water framework directive necessitate advanced treatment of secondary effluents for reduction of trace organic compounds (TrOCs) and nutrients before the discharge into receiving surface waters. Due to its dual function as oxidant and coagulant, ferrate is considered as a promising alternative for tertiary treatment. The oxidation of selected TrOCs and simultaneous flocculation of phosphates by ferrate was tested in batch experiments with secondary effluent from Berlin Ruhleben. The concentrations of carbamazepine (CBZ) and diclofenac were reduced by >90% with ferrate dosages of 6 mg/L as Fe. CBZ was transformed to 1-(2-benzaldehyde)-4-hydro-(1H,3H)-quinazoline-2-one, which is known as the major product from the reaction of CBZ with ozone. In contrast to ozonation, no further transformation of this product was observed. The concentration of ibuprofen was not reduced by ferrate treatment. For efficient removal of 60-100 ?g/L phosphate-P to values <20 ?g/L, ferrate dosages of 3-4 mg/L as Fe were sufficient. PMID:24135118

Hübner, U; Jekel, M



Neutron Scattering at Highest Magnetic Fields at the Helmholtz Centre Berlin  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Helmholtz Centre Berlin (HZB), formerly Hahn-Meitner Institute is a user facility for the study of structure and dynamics with neutrons and synchrotron radiation with special emphasis on experiments under extreme conditions. Neutron scattering is uniquely suited to study magnetic properties on a microscopic length scale, because neutrons have comparable wavelengths and, due to their magnetic moment, they interact with the atomic magnetic moments. At HZB a dedicated instrument for neutron scattering at extreme fields is under construction, the Extreme Environment Diffractometer ExED. It is projected according to the “time-of-flight” principle for elastic and inelastic neutron scattering and for the special geometric constraints of analysing samples in a high field magnet. The new magnet will not only allow for novel experiments, it will be at the forefront of development in magnet technology itself. The design of the magnet will follow the Series Connected Hybrid System Technology (SCH) developed at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL) in Tallahassee, Florida. To compromise between the needs of the magnet design for highest fields and the concept of the neutron instrument, the magnetic field will be generated by means of a coned solenoid with horizontal field orientation. By using resistive insert coils, which are mounted in the room temperature bore of a superconducting cable-in-conduit (CIC) magnet, fields above 30 Tesla can be obtained in a geometry optimised for the demands of neutron scattering.

Smeibidl, P.; Tennant, A.; Ehmler, H.; Bird, M.



The Berlin Heart EXCOR Pediatric ventricular assist device: history, North American experience, and future directions.  


Options for long-term mechanical circulatory support to sustain pediatric heart failure patients requiring cardiac transplantation while they wait for donor hearts have been unsatisfactory. The conventional approach has been to use extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), but its lack of feasibility for long-term use and the major complications associated with the technology have limited its use, especially in light of lengthy waiting lists for donor hearts. With the advent of the Berlin Heart EXCOR® Pediatric ventricular assist device (VAD), pediatric heart failure specialists have gained an important tool for helping this patient population survive until a donor heart can be identified. The EXCOR Pediatric VAD is designed to support pediatric patients of all age groups, from newborns to teenagers, and can be used successfully for many months. This paper describes the early experience with the EXCOR Pediatric VAD and the challenging journey undertaken to gain U.S. FDA approval, including successful completion of the first worldwide prospective clinical study of VADs in a pediatric population. PMID:23750961

Fraser, Charles D; Jaquiss, Robert D B



Preliminary single center North American experience with the Berlin Heart pediatric EXCOR device.  


For children requiring mechanical circulatory support as a bridge to cardiac transplantation in North America, options previously were limited to extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) or centrifugal pump ventricular assist, both of which were suitable for only very short term application and were associated with significant complications and limitations. The Berlin Heart EXCOR ventricular assist device (VAD) was recently introduced into practice in North America to address this deficiency. We report a preliminary single center experience with the EXCOR in 17 children, 13 who received only a left-sided pump and four who required biventricular support. Before EXCOR placement, six patients were on ECMO, and one was on a centrifugal VAD. Eleven children were bridged to transplantation, one was bridged to recovery, and one remains on support. Three children died during support and one died after explantation. There was one late death nearly 2 years after transplant. Complications included stroke in seven patients, two of which were ultimately fatal. Five patients required re-operations for bleeding or evacuation of hematoma. Despite a disappointing rate of neurologic morbidity, our preliminary experience with the EXCOR has been very encouraging. PMID:18812737

Rockett, Stephanie R; Bryant, Janet C; Morrow, W Robert; Frazier, Elizabeth A; Fiser, William P; McKamie, Wesley A; Johnson, Charles E; Chipman, Carl W; Imamura, Michiaki; Jaquiss, Robert D B


Development of Arabic version of Berlin questionnaire to identify obstructive sleep apnea at risk patients  

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BACKGROUND: Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a common, under-recognized, under diagnosed, under treated, and serious medical condition in adults. Polysomnography (PSG) is the gold standard for diagnosis of OSA; however, prohibitive cost of the test and rarity of sleep laboratory in the Arabic nations limit its access. So, searching for another simple, economical, reliable, and valid tool for identification of OSA at risk patients is of special public concern. OBJECTIVE: This study was conducted to evaluate the reliability and validity of Arabic version of Berlin questionnaire (ABQ) in detection of OSA at risk patients. METHODS: After hospital ethics approval and formal patients consent, 100 patients were subjected to full night PSG study after their response to the developed ABQ. The patients were classified into both low (30) and high risk (70) for OSA using ABQ and validated against apnea hypopnea index (AHI). Reliability was assessed by internal consistency using Cronbach's alpha test and consistency over time using test retest correlation. RESULTS: The study demonstrated a high degree of internal consistency and stability over time for the developed ABQ. The Cronbach's alpha coefficient for the 10-item tool was 0.92. Validation of ABQ against AHI at cutoff >5 revealed a sensitivity of 97%, specificity of 90%, positive and negative predictive values of 96% and 93%, respectively. CONCLUSION: The ABQ is reliable and valid scale in screening patients for the risk of OSA among Arabic-speaking nations, especially in resource-limited settings.

Saleh, Abdel Baset M.; Ahmad, Magda A.; Awadalla, N. J.



30th German Cancer Congress, 22nd-25th February 2012, Berlin  

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“Securing quality – calling for and encouraging research”. From 22nd to 25th February 2012 one of the largest multi-disciplinary cancer congresses took place in Berlin, Germany, attended by more than 10,000 healthcare professionals. “The German Cancer Congress is the only interdisciplinary congress of its kind in Germany and the second largest congress of its kind anywhere in the world” stated the congress president Professor Dr P Albers and the president of the German Cancer Society (DKG), Professor Dr Dr h.c. W Hohenberger in their greetings. Only the ASCO Annual Meeting is larger. At the 30th German Cancer Congress (DKK) established national and international experts presented latest data and discussed hot topics in the various oncology fields. Joint Symposia of the DKG together with the UICC (Union for International Cancer Control) and ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) respectively stressed the importance of the meeting. The overreaching theme of the meeting was “Securing quality – calling for and encouraging research”. This theme evolved from the idea, that only excellent research in clinics and medical practices can found the basis of future high quality efficient and effective structures in patient care and of the allocation of limited resources to meaningful measures for patient benefit.

Budiner, L



Simulations of stratospheric sudden warmings in the Berlin troposphere-stratosphere-mesosphere GCM  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Stratospheric sudden warming events in the Northern Hemisphere of the Berlin TSM GCM are investigated. In about 50% of the simulated years (13 out of 28), major midwinter warmings occur. This agrees well with observations but, whereas real events tend to occur approximately every second season, those in the model are clustered, most of them occur in the period between years 15/16 and years 24/25. In most other years, minor warming events take place. The warming events are found earlier in the winter than in reality. Many of the observed characteristics of warming events are well captured by the model: pulses of wave activity propagate out of the troposphere; these transient events force the zonal-mean zonal wind in the stratosphere and coincide with increases of the temperature at the North Pole and cooling at low levels in the tropics; temperature changes of opposite sign are modelled at higher levels. Synoptically, the modelled stratosphere evolves quite realistically before the warmings: the cyclonic vortex is displaced from the Pole by an amplifying anticyclone. After minor warmings, the stratosphere remains too disturbed as the cyclonic centre does not return to the North Pole as quickly as in reality. In the aftermath of major warmings the cyclonic vortex is not fully eroded and the anticyclonic circulation does not develop properly over the Pole; furthermore, the wintertime circulation is not properly restored after the event.

Erlebach, P.; Langematz, U.; Pawson, S.



The polarized neutron small-angle scattering instrument at BENSC Berlin  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A polarized neutron beam has been installed at the small-angle neutron-scattering instrument V4 at BENSC Berlin. The main component of this new option is a /1.8 m long cavity transmission polarizer. The advantages of this device compared to the conventional bender polarizers are: (i) high transmission (35% of unpolarized beam at ?=6Å) (ii) the polarization is better than 93% in the wavelength band 4Å

Keller, T.; Krist, T.; Danzig, A.; Keiderling, U.; Mezei, F.; Wiedenmann, A.



[Dangerous dogs in Berlin in comparison to the dog population--ways to reduce the dangerousness of dogs].  


The law for handling and control of dogs in Berlin of September 29, 2004 was enacted to prevent the risks for humans and animals when ever they have contact with dogs. "Dangerous dogs" are defined by this law. There are 10 breeds of dogs supposed to be dangerous due to specific characteristics of their breed ("listed breeds"). The dangerousness of a dog's breed is not identical with the dangerousness of an individual dog. The subject of this study is to examine the potential dangerousness of dog breeds and not the individual dangerousness of a dog. This study refers to statistics of incidents between dogs and humans in Berlin for the years 1998 to 2004. The population density of a breed is based on the dogs assessed for tax purposes in Berlin of January 1, 2005 and on the dog registrations maintained at veterinary hospitals. The fourfold-table-test was used to compare the quantity of the recorded incidents of two statistically independent dog breeds. Of the total population of 107,804 tax assessed dogs in Berlin in 2004, 0.9% was documented as dogs involved in incidents with humans. The incidents per year decreased in the "listed breeds"about 68% and in the "unlisted breeds" about 41% during the last 7 years in Berlin. Therefore, the probability (the odds ratio) of a breed to be conspicuous was analysed. The values for the calculation of this probability were the number of dogs of a breed having been involved in incidents compared to the population of this breed based on tax records. The comparison of the probability of a breed with another to be conspicuous was used to compile a cluster of breeds which had the same probability to be conspicuous in 2004. A cluster was assessed for dogs of the following breeds: Sheep dogs, Rottweiler, Doberman, Pitbull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier. A listing of breeds is not the right way to reduce the potential dangerousness of a dog, especially in the private domain of their owners. Most incidents with dogs occur in the private domain which normally is not recorded in the statistics of incidents. Therefore, it is more effective to support activities which include the training of abilities of the dog owners. Training by experts can enable dog owners to avoid conflict situations with their dog, or in case of conflict, to take appropriate actions. PMID:17172131

Kuhne, Franziska; Struwe, Rainer


Thermo-chemical variations of the hydrothermal fluids in the Berlin geothermal field (El Salvador)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The liquid-dominated Berlin geothermal field is located about 110 km ESE of San Salvador, on the northern slope of the Berlin-Tecapa volcanic complex. The geothermal reservoir occurs within andesitic to basaltic lavas and tuffs. Measured temperatures in the production zones are in the 280-300Ë? C range, while in the reinjection zones are 245-250Ë? C. The reservoir fluids are NaCl waters with total dissolved solids of about 6000-10000 mg/kg and CO2 partial pressures of 0.049-0.460 MPa. A recent exploration project has been carried out by Enel GreenPower and LaGeo at the southern part of the field. A fluid inclusion studies have been carried out on core-samples from the recently explored area and from the production zone in order to obtain information on the thermo-chemical evolution of the geothermal fluids. In addition, isotopic data on hydrothermal epidote allowed to better constrain the sources of the water that circulated in the geothermal reservoir. The examined samples are mainly composed of volcanic rocks and breccias affected by hydrothermal alteration. The secondary minerals (mostly epidote, chlorite, quartz, adularia, albite, prehnite, calcite) occur either as replacement of primary minerals or within micro-fracture and voids. Fluid inclusions microthermometry has been performed on fluid inclusions found in hydrothermal and igneous quartz, albite, adularia, calcite, anhydrite and prehnite. Most of the observed inclusions are aqueous, two-phase liquid-rich inclusions; rare vapor-rich inclusions also occur in some samples. Fluid inclusion homogenization temperatures range is 191-344Ë? C; the inclusions with the highest homogenization values at each sampling depths were trapped at or close to boiling condition. A cooling process is recorded by the wide ranges of homogenization temperatures and is also evidenced by the comparison of present-day temperature at the sampling depths and fluid inclusion homogenization temperatures. In particular, a significant temperature decrease (up to 100Ë? C) occurred from the trapping of hottest fluid in the recently explored area to present-day condition at depths > 1.5 km below the ground level. Apparent salinities of many fluid inclusions are comparable to those of present-day fluids; however there are also fluid inclusions showing higher and lower salinities than present-day fluids. Low values of apparent salinity (down to 0.2 wt. % NaCl equiv.) can be related to the circulation of liquid water formed from steam condensation and/or in part to a decrease of the CO2 content in the geothermal fluid due to boiling processes. Whereas, the occurrence of inclusions in deep samples showing significantly high salinities (up to 21.2 wt.% NaCl equiv.) can be related to two processes: 1) open system fluid boiling with steam lost, or 2) injection of a high-salinity fluid in the system. The relatively high ^D values (up to -42 per mil) of the H2O in equilibrium with epidote is coherent with the sporadic input of saline fluids of magmatic derivation that mixed with geothermal fluid of meteoric origin in the deep part of the hydrothermal system. On the other hand, prolonged open system boiling processes at the temperatures indicated by fluid inclusions are not compatible with these isotopic values.

Ruggieri, G.; Dallai, L.; Nardini, I.; Torio Henriquez, E.



Prevalence of Trichomonas gallinae in northern goshawks from the Berlin area of northeastern Germany.  


In recent years, the northern goshawk (Accipiter gentilis) has colonized suburban and urban areas in Berlin, Germany, and elsewhere in Europe. Because of the high proportion of feral pigeons (Columba livia f. domestica) in their diet, urban goshawks are suspected to have a high infection rate with Trichomonas gallinae. Therefore, from 1998 to 2001, we examined 269 nestlings from 90 nests for infection with T. gallinae by culture of swabs taken from the oropharynx and checked their oropharynx for the presence of caseous lesions indicative of trichomonosis. In 80% of the nest sites (n=90), at least one nestling was infected. The nestling infection rate with T. gallinae was 69.7% (n=33) in 1998, 73.0% (n=89) in 1999, 55.8% (n=77) in 2000, and 62.9% (n=70) in 2001. In total, 65.1% of the northern goshawk nestlings were culture positive for T. gallinae. Prevalence increased with the age of nestlings (chi2=12.4, n=269, df=5, P=0.03) and tended to increase with brood size (chi2=9.345, n=269, df=4, P=0.053). Caseous lesions were present in 12 nestlings (4.5%), but only 10 of these were culture positive for T. gallinae. Two nestlings (0.7%) had large caseous lesions (diameter>1 cm) characteristic of late-stage trichomonosis and died shortly after examination. It is suggested that the combination of a high prevalence of T. gallinae with a low rate of pathologicic changes is the result of an evolutionary-adapted parasite-host relationship. PMID:16107664

Krone, Oliver; Altenkamp, Rainer; Kenntner, Norbert



Seeking a compromise between pharmaceutical pollution and phosphorus load: Management strategies for Lake Tegel, Berlin.  


Lake Tegel (Berlin, Germany) is controlled by two main inflows: inflow #1 (River Havel) is heavily phosphorus-laden, whereas inflow #2 is an artificial confluence that includes discharge from a municipal wastewater treatment plant distinguished by high levels of phosphorus and pharmaceuticals. To reduce the phosphorus load on the lake, a phosphorus elimination plant (PEP) is situated at inflow #2. Moreover, the two inflows are short-circuited by a pipeline that transfers part of the inflow #1 water to the PEP and finally releases it into inflow #2. The pipeline and the PEP have contributed to a continuous reduction in the total phosphorus concentration of Lake Tegel in the past 25 years. We investigate the question of whether the existing lake pipeline can also be used to reduce the amount of pharmaceuticals in Lake Tegel originating from inflow #2 by dilution with water from River Havel, by diverting part of inflow #2 around the lake, or by a combination of both strategies. The circulation pattern of Lake Tegel is complicated by complex bathymetry and numerous islands and is therefore highly sensitive to winds. We tested seven different management scenarios by hydrodynamic modeling for a period of 16 years with the two-dimensional version of the Princeton Ocean Model (POM). None of the scenarios provided a strategy optimal for both pharmaceuticals and phosphorus. Nonetheless, compound regimes, such as alternating the pipe flow direction or adding another pipeline, allowed the most abundant pharmaceutical (carbamazepine) to be reduced while maintaining the current phosphorus level. This study demonstrates the ability of immediate lake regulation measures to maintain water quality. In the case of Lake Tegel, the pipeline can be fully effective with regard to pharmaceuticals only in combination with additional efforts such as advanced pharmaceutical treatment of wastewater and/or phosphorus reduction in the River Havel catchment. PMID:22683406

Schimmelpfennig, Sebastian; Kirillin, Georgiy; Engelhardt, Christof; Nützmann, Gunnar; Dünnbier, Uwe



Occurrence and distribution of psychoactive compounds and their metabolites in the urban water cycle of Berlin (Germany).  


The occurrence and distribution of six psychoactive compounds (primidone, phenobarbital, oxazepam, diazepam, meprobamate, and pyrithyldione) and a metabolite of primidone (phenylethylmalonamide) were investigated in wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) effluents, surface water, groundwater of a bank filtration site, raw and final drinking water, and in groundwater affected by former sewage irrigation. Primidone and its metabolite phenylethylmalonamide were found to be ubiquitous in environmental water samples in Berlin. Maximum concentrations of 0.87 and 0.42 ?g/L, respectively, were encountered in WWTP effluents. Both compounds are apparently not removed when passaging through the different compartments of the water cycle and concentrations are only reduced by dilution. Phenobarbital was present at nearly every stage of the Berlin water cycle with the exception of raw and final drinking water. The highest concentrations of phenobarbital (up to 0.96 ?g/L) were measured in groundwater influenced by former sewage irrigation. Oxazepam was only present in WWTP effluents and surface waters (up to 0.18 ?g/L), while diazepam was not detected in any matrix. Due to their withdrawal from the German market years ago, the pharmaceuticals meprobamate and pyrithyldione were only found in sewage farm groundwater (up to 0.50 and 0.04 ?g/L, respectively) and, in case of meprobamate, also in decade old bank filtrate (0.03 ?g/L). Our results indicate a high persistence of some of the investigated compounds in the aquatic system. As a consequence, these pollutants may potentially reach drinking water resources via bank filtration if present in WWTP effluents and/or surface waters in partly closed water cycles such as Berlin's. PMID:22967903

Hass, Ulrike; Duennbier, Uwe; Massmann, Gudrun



[Homoeopathy, a contentious issue: clinical experiments to support homeopathy in the military and in the Berlin Charité, 1820-1840].  


This article investigates a series of clinical trials undertaken at Berlin's Charité hospital between 1820 and 1840. Part of the administrative practices associated with Prussian medical policy, these trials were used to decide whether a new method resulted in better, faster or less costly cures. The article demonstrates that the hopes of homopaths that these trials would clearly demonstrate the superiority of their relatively new method were not fulfilled. The essay investigates the role of the medical experts; medical claims and arguments; the areas of dispute and agreement in academic and homeopathic medical communities; and the role of public opinion and censorship laws. PMID:13678039

Thoms, Ulrike



Investigation of the fate of sulfonamides downgradient of a decommissioned sewage farm near Berlin, Germany.  


The drinking water production of a drinking water treatment plant in Berlin is affected by ambient contaminated groundwater. The three organic compounds para-toluenesulfonamide (p-TSA), ortho-toluenesulfonamide (o-TSA) and benzenesulfonamide (BSA) were identified in the catchment area of this plant. The groundwater pollution is a result of former sewage farm irrigation in the area, operating for almost 70 years until the 1980s. The distribution of the sulfonamides in the anoxic groundwater was investigated, and a large number of observation and production wells were sampled for this purpose. The contaminant plume is 25 m3000 m2000 m (depth, length, width) in size. The high concentrations of p-TSA, o-TSA and BSA in the groundwater show that the sulfonamides persist over decades in an anoxic aquifer environment. Groundwater quality assessment revealed that elevated concentrations of the analytes can be expected in the abstraction well galleries in the future. Therefore, sulfonamides should periodically be monitored in the drinking water (maximum allowed concentration of 0.30 microg/L of p-TSA and for o-TSA and BSA, a limit of 0.10 microg/L for unknown substances applies). Because of the widespread application and the persistence of the sulfonamides under anoxic conditions, our local investigations suggest that the substances may generally be present in groundwater under the influence of sewage irrigation. Incubation experiments were conducted under in situ hydrostatic pressure to study the behaviour of these trace organic compounds under different redox conditions (oxic and anoxic). Groundwater sampling equipment was either sterilised or not sterilised in order to distinguish between microbiological processes occurring in the aquifer and those representing sampling and storage artefacts (incubation experiments). Results showed that the addition of oxygen to the anoxic groundwater facilitates p-TSA and o-TSA degradation. Hence, while the substances are persistent under anoxic conditions, they are more degradable in the presence of oxygen. Results also illustrate that maintaining anoxic conditions or applying appropriate preservation techniques is necessary to ensure accurate analysis. PMID:19371963

Richter, Doreen; Massmann, Gudrun; Taute, Thomas; Duennbier, Uwe



Studies of stratospheric and mesospheric chemistry in polar regions with the Berlin Climate Middle Atmosphere Model (CMAM CHEM)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Berlin Climate Middle Atmosphere model (CMAM) with resolution T21 and lid at 84km (Langematz and Pawson, 1997) has been interactively coupled with the chemistry module of Steil et al., (1998). Chemical tracer fields from a test run which used the Palmer gravity wave drag (GWD) scheme have been found to compare well both with observations and other models (e.g. MA-ECHAM4-CHEM). However, in this run the model pole has a warm bias and dynamical variability is not well reproduced. Therefore we are currently testing a suite of orographic and non-orographic GWD schemes in the model. Preliminary results from these latter runs are presented here and focus on stratospheric and mesospheric chemical processes during polar winter, particularly those affecting ozone. The contrast between hemispheres, the springtime 'recovery' of polar stratospheric ozone and relevant chemical diurnal cycles are explored. Bibliography U. Langematz, and Pawson S., The Berlin troposphere-stratosphere-mesosphere GCM: Climatology and forcing mechanisms, Q. J. R. Meteorol. Soc., 123, 1075-1096, 1997 B. Steil, Dameris M., Brühl C., Crutzen P. J., Grewe V., Ponater M., and Sausen R., Development of a chemistry module for GCMs: first results of a multiannual integration, Ann. Geophys., 16, 205-228, 1998

Grenfell, J. L.; Mieth, P.; Kruger, K.; Langematz, U.; Labitzke, K.; Steil, B.



U.S. 302 in the Town of Berlin and City of Montpelier, County of Washington, Vermont. Project U 026-1(13).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The project is located in the Town of Berlin and City of Montpelier, Washington County, Vermont. The project is to be a 4-lane divided highway, with 24-foot directional travel lanes, 16-foot median, and 10-foot shoulders. A channelized intersection, with ...



Visual Display, Media Convergence, and a Reconsideration of Media Ecology: The Jewish Museum Berlin as a Site of Interactive Technological Integration  

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This paper considers the contribution that the media ecology tradition can make to contemporary scholarship on media convergence. Using the Jewish Museum Berlin as a case study, it is suggested that media convergence scholarship remains too focused on the development of new technologies and the consolidation of the media industry. Displays in the museum integrate the message encoding practices of

Brent Saindon


German mental health legislation and alcoholism treatment: results of a retrospective long-term study in a Berlin state mental health hospital  

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In 1985 German mental health legislation underwent a transformation. In accordance with an international trend, the State of Berlin, a pacesetter in this field, introduced a Law for Mentally Diseased Patients (Gesetz für psychisch Kranke). In contrast to the former Law for the Committal of the Mentally Ill and Substance Abusers (Gesetz über die Unterbringung von Geisteskranken und Süchtigen) healing

Franklin A. Oberlaender; Werner E. Platz; Fred Mengering



Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union since the Fall of the Berlin Wall: Review of the Changes in the Environment and Natural Resources  

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This paper reviews the environmental record of the transition countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia since the fall of the Berlin Wall, with a focus on areas of key concern to public policy at the present time. With the impacts of environment on public health being given the highest priority, we examined several associated health indicators at the national

Anil Markandya; Wan-Jung Chou



An Arabic dictionary of technical alchemical terms: MS Sprenger 1908 of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (fols. 3r-6r).  


The Arabic MS Sprenger 1908 (Staatsbibliothek, Berlin) is a handbook of medieval alchemy. Among the works it preserves, we can find the only extant witness to the Arabic original of the well-known Liber de aluminibus et salibus. In this paper, I focus on a detailed alchemical dictionary preserved in this manuscript (fols. 3r-6r) whose explicit aim is to clarify the meaning of the secret language used by the alchemists to conceal the names of substances and operations. Other versions of the same alchemical lexicon are found in Syriac and karsuni in MSS Oriental 1593 and Egerton 709, both preserved in the British Library. After describing these manuscripts, I analyse the contents of this dictionary, its structure, its different versions, and the features of the alchemical language that it attests to, providing some examples to show how this kind of dictionary is still a useful tool for the contemporary researcher. PMID:19831258

Ferrario, Gabriele



Interactive short-term effects of equivalent temperature and air pollution on human mortality in Berlin and Lisbon.  


There is substantial evidence that both temperature and air pollution are predictors of mortality. Thus far, few studies have focused on the potential interactive effects between the thermal environment and different measures of air pollution. Such interactions, however, are biologically plausible, as (extreme) temperature or increased air pollution might make individuals more susceptible to the effects of each respective predictor. This study investigated the interactive effects between equivalent temperature and air pollution (ozone and particulate matter) in Berlin (Germany) and Lisbon (Portugal) using different types of Poisson regression models. The findings suggest that interactive effects exist between air pollutants and equivalent temperature. Bivariate response surface models and generalised additive models (GAMs) including interaction terms showed an increased risk of mortality during periods of elevated equivalent temperatures and air pollution. Cold effects were mostly unaffected by air pollution. The study underscores the importance of air pollution control in mitigating heat effects. PMID:23941745

Burkart, Katrin; Canário, Paulo; Breitner, Susanne; Schneider, Alexandra; Scherber, Katharina; Andrade, Henrique; Alcoforado, Maria João; Endlicher, Wilfried



[Eating before of an unselected student population of the 7th to 10th grade in a Berlin school].  


In 1990 a study of 32 girls and 44 boys in Grades 7 to 10 in a former "East Berlin" school in the borough of Prenzlauer Berg was carried out in continuation of an "East-West Berlin Study on Eating Disorders in Adolescents" which we had initiated in the mid-eighties. The Eating Attitudes Test (EAT), Eating Disorder Inventory (EDI), State of Comfort Scale (SCS) were used in a one-step study design together with complementary clinical and sociodemographic data, including body weight, height and BMI. On the whole, all students were well aware of their own body measurements and had definite ideas about their ideal body weight. Boys were less sure about their real weight, while girls showed some insecurity in defining their ideal weight. Regardless of weight parameters, girls were more strongly preoccupied with issues specific to eating disorders, such as dissatisfaction with their own body, the quest for a slim figure and diet. They were more severely affected by perceptions of insufficiency. 44% of all girls and 4% of the boys said they had problems with their body weight. These students' intensive preoccupation with issues specific to eating disorders was dependent on their actual body weight. They exhibited more clearly pronounced psychological characteristics of eating disorders. Eating-related and psychological characteristics of eating disorders were significantly more pronounced in girls with irregular menstruation. The correlation between irregular menstruation and individually perceived weight problems was significant. These results are discussed in greater detail with due consideration of the need for understanding the specific dynamics of eating attitudes in the general population. PMID:9553228

Hein, J; Neumärker, K J; Neumärker, U



The influence of pH on trace element uptake by an alga ( Scenedesmus pannonicus subsp. Berlin ) and Fungus ( Aureobasidium Pullulans )  

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Experiments were carried oud in order to obtain information on the uptake characteristics of metals in the algal and fungus components of lichens. The uptake of 115Cd, 65Zn, 64Cu, 140La, 187W, 75Se, and 76As in the alga Scenedesmus pannonicus, subsp. Berlin and the fungus Aureobasidium pullulans was determined during 11 days of incubation at pH 5 and pH 7. The

A. Demon; M. DE BRUIN; H. Th. Wolterbeek



Chemical effects in 11-year solar cycle simulations with the Freie Universität Berlin Climate Middle Atmosphere Model with online chemistry (FUB-CMAM-CHEM)  

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The impact of 11-year solar cycle variations on stratospheric ozone (O3) is studied with the Freie Universität Berlin Climate Middle Atmosphere Model with interactive chemistry (FUB-CMAM-CHEM). To consider the effect of variations in charged particle precipitation we included an idealized NOx source in the upper mesosphere representing relativistic electron precipitation (REP). Our results suggest that the NOx source by particles

Ulrike Langematz; J. Lee Grenfell; Katja Matthes; Peter Mieth; Markus Kunze; Benedikt Steil; Christoph Brühl



The role of cities in achieving the EU targets on biofuels for transportation: The cases of Berlin, London, Milan and Helsinki  

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Road transportation is a strongly growing source of CO2, and use of biofuels represents one option to reduce end-of-pipe emissions of the existing car fleet. In this contribution, the implementation of the EU Biofuels Directive (2003\\/30\\/EC) and related voluntary measures at the local level are examined in Germany, UK, Italy and Finland and the cities of Berlin, London, Milan and

A. Silvestrini; S. Monni; M. Pregernig; A. Barbato; J.-F. Dallemand; E. Croci; F. Raes



BioRef: A versatile time-of-flight reflectometer for soft matter applications at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

BioRef is a versatile novel time-of-flight reflectometer featuring a sample environment for in situ infrared spectroscopy at the reactor neutron source BER II of the Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie (HZB). After two years of design and construction phase the instrument has recently undergone commissioning and is now available for specular and off-specular neutron reflectivity measurements. BioRef is especially dedicated to the investigation of soft matter systems and studies at the solid-liquid interface. Due to flexible resolution modes and variable addressable wavelength bands that allow for focusing onto a selected scattering vector range, BioRef enables a broad range of surface and interface investigations and even kinetic studies with subsecond time resolution. The instrumental settings can be tailored to the specific requirements of a wide range of applications. The performance is demonstrated by several reference measurements, and the unique option of in situ on-board infrared spectroscopy is illustrated by the example of a phase transition study in a lipid multilayer film.

Strobl, M.; Steitz, R.; Kreuzer, M.; Rose, M.; Herrlich, H.; Mezei, F.; Grunze, M.; Dahint, R.



BioRef: A versatile time-of-flight reflectometer for soft matter applications at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin  

SciTech Connect

BioRef is a versatile novel time-of-flight reflectometer featuring a sample environment for in situ infrared spectroscopy at the reactor neutron source BER II of the Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin fuer Materialien und Energie (HZB). After two years of design and construction phase the instrument has recently undergone commissioning and is now available for specular and off-specular neutron reflectivity measurements. BioRef is especially dedicated to the investigation of soft matter systems and studies at the solid-liquid interface. Due to flexible resolution modes and variable addressable wavelength bands that allow for focusing onto a selected scattering vector range, BioRef enables a broad range of surface and interface investigations and even kinetic studies with subsecond time resolution. The instrumental settings can be tailored to the specific requirements of a wide range of applications. The performance is demonstrated by several reference measurements, and the unique option of in situ on-board infrared spectroscopy is illustrated by the example of a phase transition study in a lipid multilayer film.

Strobl, M.; Kreuzer, M. [University of Heidelberg, Im Neuenheimer Feld 253, 69120 Heidelberg (Germany); Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, Hahn-Meitner-Platz 1, 14109 Berlin (Germany); Steitz, R.; Rose, M.; Herrlich, H. [Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, Hahn-Meitner-Platz 1, 14109 Berlin (Germany); Mezei, F. [Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico 87545 (United States); Grunze, M.; Dahint, R. [University of Heidelberg, Im Neuenheimer Feld 253, 69120 Heidelberg (Germany)



Comparative molecular investigation of Nc5-PCR amplicons from Neospora caninum NC-1 and Hammondia heydorni-Berlin-1996.  


The clinical relevance of Neospora caninum as a cyst-forming coccidian parasite is increasingly acknowledged within veterinary medicine, although the pathways of transmission are far from being solved. The parasite is well known for causing diaplacental infections in cows associated with abortion and/or severe damage of the fetus. In addition, it may cause neuromuscular disease in dogs, which thus apparently act as intermediate hosts as well as final hosts. In our previous studies, we have demonstrated that molecular diagnosis of N. caninum infections has a high performance when a highly sensitive polymerase chain reaction (PCR) targeted to the Nc5 region of the parasite is used. The present study indicates that the high sensitivity of the PCR is the consequence of a target dose effect which reflects a high redundancy of Nc5-type sequences within the genome of the parasite. The PCR was shown to amplify a set of DNA molecules exhibiting significant sequence differences. A complex composition of Nc5-type sequences was observed in the parasite isolate N. caninum NC-1 but also in another isolate, designated Hammondia heydorni-Berlin-1996. Investigation of the infection pattern of this parasite in its intermediate and final canine hosts showed it to be indistinguishable from N. caninum NC-1. PMID:11688897

Müller, N; Sager, H; Hemphill, A; Mehlhorn, H; Heydorn, A O; Gottstein, B



VERORDNUNG (EG) Nr. 742\\/2003 DER KOMMISSION vom 28. April 2003 zur siebzehnten Änderung der Verordnung (EG) Nr. 881\\/2002 des Rates über die Anwendung bestimmter spezifischer restriktiver Maßnahmen gegen bestimmte Personen und Organisationen, die mit Osama bin Laden, dem Al-Qaida-Netzwerk und den Taliban in Verbindung stehen, und zur Aufhebung der Verordnung (EG) Nr. 467\\/2001 des Rates  

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DIE KOMMISSION DER EUROPÄISCHEN GEMEINSCHAFTEN — gestützt auf den Vertrag zur Gründung der Europäischen Gemeinschaft, gestützt auf die Verordnung (EG) Nr. 881\\/2002 des Rates vom 27. Mai 2002 über die Anwendung bestimmter spezifischer restriktiver Maßnahmen gegen bestimmte Personen und Orga- nisationen, die mit Osama bin Laden, dem Al-Qaida-Netzwerk und den Taliban in Verbindung stehen, und zur Aufhebung der Verordnung (EG)

Christopher PATTEN



[Pictures and documents from the journey of the count palatine Ottheinrich to Cracow and Berlin in 1536/37].  


Just in time for teh 500th anniversary of the count palatine and later elector Ottheinrich (1502-1558) in April 2002, it became known that to this Renaissance rule we owe the earliest pictures of towns and residences from Upper Bavaria, Franconia and the Upper Palatine, from Bohemia, Silesia, Poland, Brandenburg and Saxonia. These pictures are the first series of town views after the wood engravings of the Schedel World Chronicle of 1493. Fifty plates in the size of about 30 x 40-86 cm show seventy town views, of which before only the cities of Breslau, Neisse, Prag and Eichstätt were reproduced in the work of 1493. For centuries the genesis of these pen-and-ink-drawings, coloured with watercolour and opaque water colour and ornamented with heightened gold, lay in obscurity. We only knew that they came from the monastery of Ebrach to the university library of Wurzburg in the course of teh secularisation in the year 1803. Lately these pictures, that show no signatures, but only the names of towns in the banderoles, could be identified as picture documents of a rather unknown journey of the Count Palatine Ottheinrich to Cracow and Berlin. The reason for Ottheinrich's journey was to discharge the unpaid promissory note of the marriage portion of his grandmother, the Polish Princess Hedwig who had married George the Rich of Bavaria-Landshut in 1475. The examination of hte pictures and their genesis, made by Angelika Marsch together with ten German, Polish and Czech scientists, also led to the finding of hitherto unknown documents proving that Ottheinrich's ride to his great-uncle King Sigismund the Elder had been successful. These documents also show by whom Ottheinrich was accompanied and why he didn't choose the direct way back from Cracow to Neuburg, but via Berlin. These journey pictures of Ottheinrich date fom the early times of the depiction of real towns. At the same time the first handed down picture documentation of a principal journey is of great interest for different fields of cultural history. The pictures are of special interest for the depicted towns, since they show views of buildings elsewhere not handed down, e.g. the living tower of the "Piasten" in Oberglogau or the cathedral of suburbia of Liegnitz which was laid down four later because of the refortification of the town. The artist of the pictures could not be clearly traced down, but probably belonged to the circle around Albrecht Dürer. It is assumed that it was Mathias Gerung, who also illustrated the Bible for Ottheinrich and made sketches for tapestry carpets. The artist accompanying Ottheinrich can only have made sketches during the journey, which he converted later to our plates in the size of up to 76 cm in width. PMID:15637809

Marsch, Angelika



Profile of thrombin generation in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia treated by Berlin-Frankfurt-Münster (BFM) protocols.  


Treatment with L-asparaginase is associated with coagulation disturbances with deep venous thrombosis being the most common clinical consequence. Use of the calibrated automated thrombogram allows precise estimation of thrombin generated in vitro. We show the first data on thrombin generation, measured by calibrated automated thrombography (CAT), in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia treated with L-asparaginase. Thrombin generation was measured by means of CAT in 23 children treated for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Samples were obtained at predefined time points during the induction and reinduction phase of acute lymphoblastic leukemia-intercontinental Berlin-Frankfurt-Münster (BFM) 2000 or Associazione Italiana Ematologica Oncologia Pedaitrica Interim BFM 2000 protocols. Antihrombin and fibrinogen were measured on the same sample. Twenty-eight sets of thrombin generation measurements were collected from 23 patients. We observed no significant effect of antithrombin deficiency and/or hypofibrinogenemia on thrombin generation. Endogenous thrombin generation and peak thrombin were significantly higher during induction than in the reinduction phase (P?

Lejhancova-Tousovska, Katerina; Zapletal, Ondrej; Vytiskova, Sona; Strbackova, Petra; Sterba, Jaroslav



Relationships and sexuality of imprisoned men in the German penal system--a survey of inmates in a Berlin prison.  


The lack of concrete scientific data on the sexual behavior of inmates in German prisons is surprising, especially given the extant international scholarship on prison culture and sexual violence. Historically, the most influential publications were Clemmer's "The Prison Community", and Sykes's "The Society of Captives", which both addressed the importance of sexual deprivation and analyzed the impact of sexual victimization on prisoners. Different forms of homosexual contact between inmates include prostitution and "protective pairing", both characterized as "dark" issues--nonconsensual sexual acts--which still have not been scientifically researched. The United States enacted the Prison Rape Elimination Act, 2003, revealing nationwide data on the prevalence of sexual assault within correctional facilities. Prison inmates suffer not only from separation from their spouses or partners, but also from sexual harassment, extortion, and the threat of rape, which has multiple implications for their mental and physical health. This article presents the first German study to record data about the relationships and sexuality of imprisoned men, and was conducted in an adult correctional facility for long-term prisoners in Berlin-Tegel. The survey, which is based on results from a questionnaire taken by voluntary study participants, had a special focus on the occurrence of consensual homoerotic contacts between heterosexual inmates. The emphasis was on the potential impact of such contact on role behavior during confinement, as well as the impact on sexual identity after release. The survey revealed the first data on the incidence and prevalence of sexual violence and coercion within correctional facilities. This article presents the results of this survey for the first time. PMID:22425293

Barth, Thomas



Eliciting views on antibiotic prescribing and resistance among hospital and outpatient care physicians in Berlin, Germany: results of a qualitative study  

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Objective To better understand physicians' views on factors of influence for the prescribing of antibiotics and on antibiotic resistance in the Berlin region, Germany. Design Qualitative study with focus groups. Setting Outpatient care and hospital care practice in the Berlin region, Germany. Participants 7 General practitioners, two urologists, one paediatrician from outpatient care and eight internists, two paediatricians, two ear, nose and throat specialists and two urologists from hospital care. Results Physicians showed differential interest in topics related to antibiotic prescribing and antibiotic resistance. Outpatient care physicians were interested in topics around their own prescribing, such as being able to diagnose and prescribe precisely, and topics about patient demand and non-compliance. Hospital care physicians were interested in hygiene challenges, limited consult time and multi-resistant pathogens. Conclusions Physicians considered the development of resistance to be more in the domain of clinical treatment than that of the patient. Major challenges related to antibiotic resistance for this group of physicians are access to and clarity of treatment recommendations, implementation of hygienic measures, as well as increased outsourcing of laboratory services. Results raise questions about whether meeting physicians' expectations should be a focus when developing intervention that aims to influence antibiotic resistance in this and other areas of Germany.

Ziegelmann, Antina; Eckmanns, Tim; Krause, Gerard



["We will employ the best engravers for the figures"--draughtsmen and engravers of the Berlin Academy of Sciences, 1700-1809].  


Although barely mentioned in accounts of its history of the Berlin Academy of Sciences, draughtsmen and engravers were, from the very inception, essential collaborators. Based on previously overlooked archival sources, this paper investigates the strategies that scientists used to select the most appropriate candidates during the first hundred years of the academy's existence. These included: (1) the engaging of artists already known to the scientists or those who had been recommendaded to them; (2) maintaining long-term relationships with a number of artists, and later with their offspring (who had frequently been trained by their fathers); in 1768 this strategy culminated in the creation of a permanent position for one academic draughtsman; and (3) hiring draughtsmen who specialised in the subject matter in question, which entailed, for example, employing different people to carry out anatomical and botanical illustrations. PMID:17575866

Nickelsen, Kärin



[Short assessment of subjective quality of life. Application and results of a short form of the Berliner Lebensqualitätprofil (BELP-KF)].  


The concurrent validity between the Berliner Lebensqualitätsprofil (BELP) and a new developed short form (BELP-KF) was tested in a sample of schizophrenia outpatients (N = 36) and turned out to be very high. The restriction to subjective quality of life questions did not lead to a greater halo-effect in the sense of an increasing similarity of single item values. Correlations with psychopathological symptoms were almost identical for both interview-versions. The same is true concerning the factorial structure of the satisfaction items which was nearly congruent. Two optional items on satisfaction with sexual life and with psychopharmacological treatment, which had been included into the short interview version, were attributable to an underlying general satisfaction dimension. Among 14 variables satisfaction with psychopharmacological treatment had the second highest factor-loading on the resulting general satisfaction factor. PMID:10548998

Kaiser, W; Isermann, M; Hoffmann, K; Huxley, P; Priebe, S



Collection and utilization of Japanese scientific and technological information in Europe and U.S.A. - Report on the Berlin Conference 1989 -  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The 2nd International Conference on Japanese Information in Science Technology and Commerce was held on October 23-25, 1989 at Japanisch-Deutsches Zentrum Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany. During two years since previous Conference at Warwick, England, in 1987, much progresses were made in collecting, using and evaluating Japanese scientific, technological and industrial information in Western countries. On the other hands, overseas supply of Japanese databases and information by Japanese governmental and private organizations have been improved in many aspects. There occurred presentation of papers and valuable exchange of opinions and experiences. The Conference consisted of II Sessions which covered trends and policies, various information sources, analysis and distributions, Japanese language and Kanji processings and direct connection with Japan.

Miyakawa, Takayasu; Miwa, Makiko; Obara, Michio


Occurrence of endocrine-disrupting and other wastewater compunds during water treatment with case studies from Lincoln, Nebraska and Berlin, Germany  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Research on the fate and transport of endocrine-disrupting compounds and other organic wastewater compounds released into the environment and their potential presence in drinking water is in its infancy. Studies conducted during the last decade in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Berlin, Germany, indicate that removal of less polar compounds probably can be obtained through bank filtration, ground-water enrichment, and additional drinking-water and wastewater treatment processes. Polar compounds, such as atrazine and some metabolites, occur in drinking water obtained from contaminated surface water or ground water, but at concentrations generally lower than those occurring in wastewater and surface water. The results of the studies also suggest that concentrations of nonpolar estrogenic compounds decrease during drinking-water pretreatment processes such as bank filtration and ground-water enrichment.

Verstraeten, I. M.; Heberer, T.; Vogel, J. R.; Speth, T.; Zuehlke, S.; Duennbier, U.



Motor Activity of Different-Aged Cercopithecidae: Silvered-Leaf Monkey (Presbytis cristatus Esch.), Lion-Tailed Monkey (Macaca silenus L.), Moor Macaque (Macaca maura Cuv.) as Observed in the Zoological Garden, Berlin (West)  

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The activity of different-aged monkeys belonging to three species of Cercopithecidae was quantitatively analyzed in a 1 ½-year study. The species, silvered-leaf monkey (Presbytis cristatus Esch.), lion-tailed monkey (Macaca silenus L.) and moor macaque (Macaca maura Cuv.) were observed in the Zoological Garden, Berlin (West). The data of a combined cross-sectional analysis across all three species indicate that the course

B. Jänicke; D. Coper; U.-A. Jänicke



PCDDs\\/PCDFs, PCBs, and Organochlorine Pesticides in Eggs of Eurasian Sparrowhawks ( Accipiter nisus ), Hobbies ( Falco subbuteo ), and Northern Goshawks ( Accipiter gentilis ) Collected in the Area of Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany  

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Concentrations of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDDs), polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDFs), polychlorinated biphenyls\\u000a (PCBs), and organochlorine (OC) pesticides were measured in unsuccessfully hatched eggs of three different kinds of predatory\\u000a birds: 3 eggs of sparrowhawks, 7 eggs of hobbies, and 16 eggs of goshawks collected in the German region of Berlin-Brandenburg.Using\\u000a toxic equivalency factors for birds, eggs of hobbies contained mean concentrations of

T. Wiesmüller; P. Sömmer; M. Volland; B. Schlatterer



Erratum to “Continuous four-dimensional source attribution for the Berlin area during two days in July 1994. Part I: The new Euler–Lagrange-model system LaMM5”  

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The multiple nested three-dimensional (3D) mesoscale Eulerian grid point model MM5 was directly coupled with a Lagrangian particle trajectory model in order to perform a 4D source attribution for the area of Berlin based on the import probability density (IPD) distribution of the according receptor box. Within the resulting model system LaMM5 introduced here, the IPD distributions are not based

Andreas Becker; Eberhard Schaller; Klaus Keuler



Continuous four-dimensional source attribution for the Berlin area during two days in July 1994. Part I: the new Euler–Lagrange-model system LaMM5  

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The multiple nested three-dimensional mesoscale Eulerian grid point model MM5 was directly coupled with a Lagrangian particle trajectory model in order to perform a four-dimensional source attribution for the area of Berlin based on the import probability density (IPD) distribution of the according receptor box. Within the resulting model system LaMM5 introduced here, the IPD distributions are not based on

Andreas Becker; Eberhard Schaller; Klaus Keuler



The crime writer as historian: Representations of National Socialism and its post-war legacies in Joseph Kanon’s The Good German and Pierre Frei’s Berlin  

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This article explores the cross-fertilization of Joseph Kanon’s The Good German (2001) and Pierre Frei’s Berlin (2003) with the historiography of Alltagsgeschichte, illustrating how the novels reflect, but also extend, the examination of everyday life under National Socialism through their depiction of German suffering during defeat and Allied occupation. In the process, the texts instigate a controversial thematic turn whose

Katharina Hall



The proof of the pudding is in the eating: an outbreak of emetic syndrome after a kindergarten excursion, Berlin, Germany, December 2007.  


An outbreak of food poisoning (emetic syndrome) occurred in three kindergartens (A, B and C) in Berlin, Germany, on 3 December 2007 after an excursion during which food was served. We conducted a retrospective cohort study among the kindergarten children and personnel who participated in the trip. The overall attack rate among the 155 participants was 30%. It was 31% among the 137 children (aged two to six years) and 17% among adults (n=18). The consumption of rice pudding was significantly associated with disease. Among those who ate rice pudding, the attack rate was 36%, compared with 0% for non-eaters (relative risk: infinite, p<0.001, aetiological fraction: 100%), but differed significantly between kindergartens A (43%), B (61%) and C (3%), probably because groups were served from different pots. Bacillus cereus sensu stricto was identified from one vomit sample. The clinical and epidemiological characteristics suggest that B. cereus emetic toxin (cereulide) was the causative agent, although it could not be proven in the single vomit isolate. Inadequate food handling most probably led to the outbreak. Single-portion ready-to-eat rice pudding was recommended for subsequent excursions and no further cases of food poisoning occurred. PMID:21507320

Kamga Wambo, G O; Burckhardt, F; Frank, C; Hiller, P; Wichmann-Schauer, H; Zuschneid, I; Hentschke, J; Hitzbleck, T; Contzen, M; Suckau, M; Stark, K



Report on the 1st international workshop on procedures for the development of evidence-based vaccination recommendations, Berlin, Germany, 22-23 November 2010.  


In November 2010, experts from European and North-American countries met in Berlin, Germany, to discuss improved methods for the development of evidence-based vaccination recommendations. The objectives of the workshop were to (i) review current procedures and experiences of National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups (NITAGs) in developing a framework for evidence-based vaccination recommendations, (ii) discuss the applicability of methods like Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation (GRADE), and (iii) to identify opportunities for international collaboration to support NITAGs in the development of vaccination recommendations at country-level. Recognizing that a systematic and transparent approach is necessary to promote the quality and acceptance of vaccination recommendations, various decision making frameworks have been implemented by national and international advisory groups addressing common key aspects of knowledge, such as the burden of disease or characteristics of the vaccine. There are several challenges when grading the quality of evidence of some immunization-specific topics (e.g. population-level effects of vaccination). This does not, however, necessitate development of an entirely new systematic methodology. The participants concluded that (i) GRADE or a modification of this methodology is suitable for the grading of quality of evidence related to vaccine effectiveness and safety, and that (ii) international cooperation would be beneficial to develop common framework methodologies for certain aspects of national immunization recommendation developments in order to avoid duplication of efforts, to build on existing strengths, and to support NITAGs worldwide. PMID:22178723

Matysiak-Klose, Dorothea; Ahmed, Faruque; Duclos, Philippe; Falck-Ytter, Yngve; Forland, Frode; Houweling, Hans; Kramarz, Piotr; Langley, Joanne M; Mertens, Thomas; Schünemann, Holger; Senouci, Kamel; Temte, Jonathan; Wichmann, Ole



Source apportionment of organic compounds in Berlin using positive matrix factorization - assessing the impact of biogenic aerosol and biomass burning on urban particulate matter.  


Source apportionment of 13 organic compounds, elemental carbon and organic carbon of ambient PM(10) and PM(1) was performed with positive matrix factorization (PMF). Samples were collected at three sites characterized by different vegetation influences in Berlin, Germany in 2010. The aim was to determine organic, mainly biogenic sources and their impact on urban aerosol collected in a densely populated region. A 6-factor solution provided the best data fit for both PM-fractions, allowing the sources isoprene- and ?-pinene-derived secondary organic aerosol (SOA), bio primary, primarily attributable to fungal spores, bio/urban primary including plant fragments in PM(10) and cooking and traffic emissions in PM(1), biomass burning and combustion fossil to be identified. With mean concentrations up to 2.6 ?g Cm(-3), biomass burning dominated the organic fraction in cooler months. Concentrations for ?-pinene-derived SOA exceeded isoprene-derived concentrations. Estimated secondary organic carbon contributions to total organic carbon (OC) were between 7% and 42% in PM(10) and between 11% and 60% in PM(1), which is slightly lower than observed for US- or Asian cities. Primary biogenic emissions reached up to 33% of OC in the PM(10)-fraction in the late summer and autumn months. Temperature-dependence was found for both SOA-factors, correlations with ozone and mix depth only for the ?-pinene-derived SOA-factor. Latter indicated input of ?-pinene from the borders, highlighting differences in the origin of the precursors of both factors. Most factors were regionally distributed. High regional distribution was found to be associated with stronger influence of ambient parameters and higher concentrations at the background station. A significant contribution of biogenic emissions and biomass burning to urban organic aerosol could be stated. This indicates a considerable impact on PM concentrations also in cities in a densely populated area, and should draw the attention concerning health aspects not only to cardio-vascular diseases but also to allergy issues. PMID:22871466

Wagener, Sandra; Langner, Marcel; Hansen, Ute; Moriske, Heinz-Jörn; Endlicher, Wilfried R



Use of by-products rich in carbon and nitrogen as a nutrient source to produce Bacillus thuringiensis (Berliner)-based biopesticide.  


The amount and sources of carbon and nitrogen used to produce Bacillus thuringiensis (Berliner)-based biopesticide may influence the quality of the final product. The objective of this research was to test different levels of carbon and nitrogen: medium 1 - 1.5% maize glucose + 0.5% soy flour, medium 2 - 3.0% maize glucose + 1.0% soy flour, medium 3 - 1.0% maize glucose + 3.0% soy flour and medium 4 - Luria Bertani (LB) + salts (FeSO4, ZnSO4, MnSO4, MgSO4). The seed culture was produced in LB medium plus salt, under agitation (200 rpm) for 18h at 30 masculineC. The strain 344 of Bt was used (B. thuringiensis var tolworthi - belonging to the Embrapa's Bt Bank). The pH was measured at regular intervals. and After culturing for 96h, the pH of the four tested media was basified (6.91 and 8.15), the number of spores yielded 4.39 x 10(9) spores/ml in medium 3, where the amount of protein is high. The dry biomass weight accumulated in media 3 was 39.3 g/l. Mortality of 2-day-old larvae Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith) was 100% when using Bt produced in media 3 and 4. CL50 for medium 3 was 8.4 x 10(6) spores/ml. All tested media were satisfactory to Bt growth, and medium 3 wass the most promising to be used on a large scale Bt-based biopesticide production. PMID:19169559

Valicente, Fernando H; Mourão, André H C


Characterization of the extent of Mercury Contamination in the Androscoggin River from a former Chlor-alkali Facility, Berlin, New Hampshire  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

From the late 1800s to the 1960s a chlor-alkali plant was used to produce chlorine gas for the papermaking industry in Berlin, New Hampshire. During operation of the chlor-alkali facility, elemental mercury (Hg) was released to the environment, contaminating soils and the underlying fractured rock. Investigations have revealed that elemental Hg continues to seep through bedrock fractures into the adjacent Androscoggin River. This study evaluates the extent and transformation of Hg contamination in the Androscoggin River by comparing a reference site 17 kilometers above the former chlor-alkali facility to 5 sites ranging from 1 to 16 km downstream from the facility. Total and methyl Hg (THg and MeHg, respectively), among other analytes, were characterized in surface water, pore water, sediment and biological tissue samples at each site. Bed sediment was also assessed for bio-available (tin-reducible) inorganic Hg (II) and microbial MeHg production potential rates. Acid extractable ferrous iron, crystalline and amorphous (poorly crystalline) ferric iron, total reduced sulfur, particle size, and organic content in bed sediment was analyzed to help explain spatial differences in MeHg production rates and bio-available Hg (II) among sites. The information provided by this study will help evaluate the extent of Hg contamination in the Androscoggin River, will improve our understanding of the controls on MeHg production in the Androscoggin River system, and will be used by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to support remediation of the chlor-alkali facility site.

Chalmers, A.; Marvin-Dipasquale, M. C.; Rosiu, C.; Luce, D.; Coles, J.; Zimmerman, M.; Smith, T.



Who Is at Risk for Diagnostic Discrepancies? Comparison of Pre- and Postmortal Diagnoses in 1800 Patients of 3 Medical Decades in East and West Berlin  

PubMed Central

Background Autopsy rates in Western countries consistently decline to an average of <5%, although clinical autopsies represent a reasonable tool for quality control in hospitals, medically and economically. Comparing pre- and postmortal diagnoses, diagnostic discrepancies as uncovered by clinical autopsies supply crucial information on how to improve clinical treatment. The study aimed at analyzing current diagnostic discrepancy rates, investigating their influencing factors and identifying risk profiles of patients that could be affected by a diagnostic discrepancy. Methods and Findings Of all adult autopsy cases of the Charité Institute of Pathology from the years 1988, 1993, 1998, 2003 and 2008, the pre- and postmortal diagnoses and all demographic data were analyzed retrospectively. Based on power analysis, 1,800 cases were randomly selected to perform discrepancy classification (class I-VI) according to modified Goldman criteria. The rate of discrepancies in major diagnoses (class I) was 10.7% (95% CI: 7.7%–14.7%) in 2008 representing a reduction by 15.1%. Subgroup analysis revealed several influencing factors to significantly correlate with the discrepancy rate. Cardiovascular diseases had the highest frequency among class-I-discrepancies. Comparing the 1988-data of East- and West-Berlin, no significant differences were found in diagnostic discrepancies despite an autopsy rate differing by nearly 50%. A risk profile analysis visualized by intuitive heatmaps revealed a significantly high discrepancy rate in patients treated in low or intermediate care units at community hospitals. In this collective, patients with genitourinary/renal or infectious diseases were at particularly high risk. Conclusions This is the current largest and most comprehensive study on diagnostic discrepancies worldwide. Our well-powered analysis revealed a significant rate of class-I-discrepancies indicating that autopsies are still of value. The identified risk profiles may aid both pathologists and clinicians to identify patients at increased risk for a discrepant diagnosis and possibly suboptimal treatment intra vitam.

Wittschieber, Daniel; Klauschen, Frederick; Kimmritz, Anna-Christin; von Winterfeld, Moritz; Kamphues, Carsten; Scholman, Hans-Joachim; Erbersdobler, Andreas; Pfeiffer, Heidi; Denkert, Carsten; Dietel, Manfred; Weichert, Wilko



The 27-day solar rotational cycle in the Freie Universitaet Berlin Climate Middle Atmosphere Model with interactive chemistry (FUB CMAM CHEM)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We simulated twenty, perpetual Januaries each under solar minimum and maximum conditions using the Freie Universitaet Berlin Climate Middle Atmosphere Model with interactive chemistry (FUB CMAM CHEM) and including the 27-day solar rotational cycle. Cross-correlation functions (r) of tropical ozone and ultra-violet suggested peak values of +0.5 to +0.6 (with % changes in ozone of 0.4 to 0.6%) in the middle atmosphere and (-0.6 to -0.8) in the mesosphere (with % changes of up to 1%) , in line with other modelling and satellite studies. Peak correlations were generally 5-10% stronger for the solar maximum, compared with the solar minimum run. They also differed in altitude and in phase lag between solar minimum and maximum. This suggests it is important to separate data into solar minimum and maximum periods for such analyses. Modelled ozone-UV correlations peak at generally higher altitudes (0.2-1hP) compared with satellite studies which peak near 4hPa. Ozone sensitivity varied between 0.2 to 0.3% per % change in UV throughout the stratosphere. In addition to ozone, we examined chlorine monoxide (ClO) and hydroxyl (OH), as well as transformed Eulerian mean quantities such as the vertical velocity component. These quantities were also found to exhibit a clear cross-correlation response with UV over the 27-day cycle. In the troposphere at solar maximum we calculated a strong, positive correlation between temperature and the phase of the 27-day cycle which peaked at the surface (r=+0.99) with a peak-to-peak amplitude of +0.3 to +0.4K; this feature was not present for the solar minimum run.

Grenfell, J. L.; Langematz, U.; Kunze, M.; Matthes, K.; Krueger, K.; Mieth, P.; Steil, B.



Gleichgeschlechtliche Partnerschaft - Vom Straftatbestand zum Status?  

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Zusammenfassung. Der deutsche Gesetzgeber steht kurz davor, gleichgeschlechtlichen Paaren die Möglichkeit zu gewähren, familienrechtlichen Status zu erlangen. Er sieht sich dabei allerdings von verfassungsrechtlichen Vorgaben eingeschränkt. So wird ganz überwiegend im verfassungsrechtlichen Schrifttum davon ausgegangen, eine weitgehende oder völlige Gleichstellung mit der Ehe verbiete sich, da diese nach Art. 6 Abs. 1 GG unter besonderem Schutz stehe, mit der Ehe

Kerstin Strick



Neues vom Ontong-Java-Plateau (Westpazifik)  

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For the investigation of climatic history for the last 65 million years, several holes were drilled in 1990 on the Ontong Java Plateau by the drilling vessel Joides Resolution, under the auspices of the international Ocean Drilling Program. The Ontong Java Plateau is the largest basalt plateau on earth, and was formed in the Middle Cretaceous. From the core material,

Wolfgang H. Berger; Gerold Wefer



Vom Ende des Marxismus-Leninismus  

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Classical Soviet Marxism-Leninism is in the process of dissolution, with some parts of the ideology being rejected, others retained in one form or another, and new components being adopted. At the same time, a wide-ranging pluralism of new objectives and forms of consciousness has emerged in Soviet intellectual life. Since both the motives for restructuring and also the braking effects

Arnold Buchholz



Using the variations in chemical composition of a geothermal aquifer to estimate changes in water storage: the Berlin Geothermal Field, El Salvador  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The exploitation of the Berlin Geothermal Field started in February1992 with a 5 MW unit. In December 1999, exploitation at a large scale started with the operation of two turbogenerating condensation units of 28 MW each. Since the beginning of exploitation to today, all the waste waters generated during the generation of electricity have been reinjected back to the reservoir. Good records of the mass extracted and mass reinjected to the different wells, as well as the results of frequent chemical analysis of the extracted and reinjected waters and gases have been kept. The exploited area measures around 4.4 E6 m2. The thickness of the reservoir is around 200 m and the porosity around 0.1 (Castro et al., 2006). Using this information, the volume of the reservoir in the vicinity of the production wells is around 8.8 E8 m3 and the initial mass of water is around 8.061 E10 kg. The concentrations of the different solutes for the waters extracted and reinjected throughout time were used to generate best fitting equations that describe the average variation of concentration with time. These equations were used to calculate the expected concentration of the solutes at each production or reinjection well each day. Multiplication of the volume of water produced or reinjected times the expected concentration produces the expected mass of solute extracted or reinjected each day. The volume of water within the reservoir seems to have decreased with time, as it is evident from the increase in concentrations of ions in the extracted waters. Only SiO2 and alkalinity show a decreasing trend. For the period of time July 1, 2004 to June 30, 2005 a change in storage of -3.44 E6 m3, or -3.46 E9 kg of water (using density equal to 1004.6 kg/m3) has been found using the chloride concentration. The calculated change in storage for the reservoir using the chloride concentrations can be compared with the difference between the water extracted and the water reinjected to the reservoir. The difference between the water extracted for production of electrical energy and the hot water reinjected into the reservoir is 3.77 E9 kg/y. These results suggest that the effect of the exploitation is to decrease the mass of water stored in the reservoir.

Lopez, D. L.; Sullivan, M. P.; Matus, A.



Lessons from a one-year hospital-based surveillance of acute respiratory infections in Berlin- comparing case definitions to monitor influenza  

PubMed Central

Background Surveillance of severe acute respiratory infections (SARI) in sentinel hospitals is recommended to estimate the burden of severe influenza-cases. Therefore, we monitored patients admitted with respiratory infections (RI) in 9 Berlin hospitals from 7.12.2009 to 12.12.2010 according to different case definitions (CD) and determined the proportion of cases with influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 (pH1N1). We compared the sensitivity and specificity of CD for capturing pandemic pH1N1 cases. Methods We established an RI-surveillance restricted to adults aged ? 65 years within the framework of a pH1N1 vaccine effectiveness study, which required active identification of RI-cases. The hospital information-system was screened daily for newly admitted RI-patients. Nasopharyngeal swabs from consenting patients were tested by PCR for influenza-virus subtypes. Four clinical CD were compared in terms of capturing pH1N1-positives among hospitalized RI-patients by applying sensitivity and specificity analyses. The broadest case definition (CD1) was used for inclusion of RI-cases; the narrowest case definition (CD4) was identical to the SARI case definition recommended by ECDC/WHO. Results Over the study period, we identified 1,025 RI-cases, of which 283 (28%) met the ECDC/WHO SARI case definition. The percentage of SARI-cases among internal medicine admissions decreased from 3.2% (calendar-week 50-2009) to 0.2% (week 25-2010). Of 354 patients tested by PCR, 20 (6%) were pH1N1-positive. Two case definitions narrower than CD1 but -in contrast to SARI- not requiring shortness of breath yielded the largest areas under the Receiver-Operator-Curve. Heterogeneity of proportions of patients admitted with RI between hospitals was significant. Conclusions Comprehensive surveillance of RI cases was feasible in a network of community hospitals. In most settings, several hospitals should be included to ensure representativeness. Although misclassification resulting from failure to obtain symptoms in the hospital information-system cannot be ruled out, a high proportion of hospitalized PCR-positive pH1N1-patients (45%) did not fulfil the SARI case-definition that included shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. Thus, to assess influenza-related disease burden in hospitals, broader, alternative case definitions should be considered.



Zuschauer beim Berlin-Marathon  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Jedes Computerprogramm, sei es ein Betriebssystem, eine Textverarbeitung oder ein Computerspiel, ist aus einer Vielzahl von Algorithmen zusammen gesetzt. Ein Algorithmus ist eine Art Rechenvorschrift, die Daten als Eingabe entgegennimmt und daraus ein Ergebnis berechnet. Um beispielsweise die Anzeige desMauszeigers auf dem Bildschirm zu steuern, erhält der dafür zuständige Algorithmus die letzte Position des Mauszeigers und die Bewegung der Maus auf dem Schreibtisch als Eingabe. Daraus wird die neue Position des Mauszeigers berechnet, sie bildet die Ausgabe des Algorithmus.

Hougardy, Stefan; Kirchner, Stefan; Zelke, Mariano


Berlin Heart Inc. Sponsor Presentation  

Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER)

Text Version... 9 3 0 adverse events Blood Pump 8 6 1 adverse event ... In all other cases, blood pump exchanged without incident and no adverse events reported ... More results from


Back to basics in Berlin.  


At this year's quinquennial International Congress of Genetics, human genetics provided only a fascinating minority of the content of this conference dedicated to illuminating fundamental biological systems and their evolution. PMID:19165913



The Nazi Olympics: 1936 Berlin  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum presents this Web version of an exhibition depicting the 1936 Olympics as a two-week anomaly during which Germany attempted to conceal the racist and militaristic character of the newly powerful Nazi regime and appear a tolerant host for the international games. In spite of this, some individual athletes and countries elected to boycott the 1936 Olympics. Using a variety of graphic materials such as photographs, posters, and newspaper clippings, accompanied by explanatory texts, the exhibition lays out this history in ordered sections from the rise of Nazism in Germany to concluding sections on World War II and the Holocaust. In between are sections like the Boycott and the Olympics. The former includes an account by Milton Green, the Jewish captain of the Harvard track team who took first place in pre-Olympic trials, then decided to boycott the Nazi Olympics. The latter features Nazi propaganda promoting the games, as well as images of African-Americans who participated. The concluding image of the show is a table of photographs of Olympic athletes who died in the Holocaust.


[Quality of life and well-being in a housing project in Berlin--experiences gained in cooperation between a community health promotion office and a university-based public health project].  


The realization of a community-based health promotion within the framework of a cooperation between a public health office and a university-based PH project is described and discussed. First of all, the project, the cooperating partners and the common aims are described. We will then deal with telephone survey as the method used, and present the results. In a third step the methods and results of the "future workshops" are discussed. Finally there is a critical reflection on the course of the project, the limiting factors of the actions and consideration of further developments. The project dealt with was a cooperation of a community public health agency (Plan- und Leitstelle) in the district of Berlin-Wilmersdorf and the research project A8 "Cooperative project development for communal health promotion" of the Berlin Centre for Public Health at the Technical University Berlin. Starting point was the agreement for those politically responsible of the district that the living quarter "Schlangenbader Strasse" was a focus of social problems. The quarter had been built in 1980 above a highway with 1800 apartments for 4000 people. Health promotion was defined as a concern of a wide range of sectors within the community. Mutual rights and responsibilities of the cooperating partners were laid down in a contract. The Plan- und Leitstelle tried to gain experience with the definition of health promotion the university partners stood for. This introduces a notion of health beyond bio-medical understanding and deals with the connection of quality of life, well-being and the environment in the residential area. Thus health- or sickness-related variables were not specifically asked for. One result is that actors within the given framework are reluctant to permit operationalisation of this concept. The telephone survey reached 324 household within 10 working days. 68p.c. of the interviewed were pleased with the comfort of the apartments, 37p.c. enjoyed the peace and quiet and 35p.c. the green around the housing project. Unpleasant were for 51p.c. the dirt, 33p.c. complained about vandalism, 30p.c. about the high rent, especially the extras. Safety improvements were asked for by 17p.c. Some 12p.c. were willing to become involved in bringing about those improvements. This willingness was confirmed by the good response to two future workshops with those living in the quarter. PMID:10414017

Gottwald, S; Voigt, T; Luber, E



Induction death and treatment-related mortality in first remission of children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia: a population-based analysis of the Austrian Berlin-Frankfurt-Münster study group.  


In the management of the childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), 5% of failures are due to induction death and treatment-related deaths in first complete remission. We retrospectively analyzed the incidence, pattern and causes of death and its risk factors for 896 children with ALL enrolled into five Austrian (A) Berlin-Frankfurt-Münster (BFM) trials between 1981 and 1999. The estimated 10-year cumulative incidence of death significantly decreased from 6+/-1% (n=16/268) in trials ALL-BFM-A 81 and ALL-A 84 to 2+/-1% (n=15/628) in trials ALL-BFM-A 86, 90 and 95 (P=0.006). A significant reduction of death was evident during induction therapy (2.2% in trials ALL-BFM-A 81 and ALL-A 84 and 0.2% in trials ALL-BFM-A 86, 90 and 95, P=0.001). Of 31 patients, 21 (68%) patients died from infectious and 10 (32%) from noninfectious complications. Treatment in trial ALL-BFM-A 81, infant age and female gender were independent predictors of an enhanced risk for death. Conclusively, we found a progressive reduction of death rates that may be explained by the increasing experience in specialized hemato-oncologic centers and improved supportive and intensive care. We also identified a distinct subset of patients who are especially prone to death and may need a special focus when receiving intense chemotherapy. PMID:19212332

Prucker, C; Attarbaschi, A; Peters, C; Dworzak, M N; Pötschger, U; Urban, C; Fink, F-M; Meister, B; Schmitt, K; Haas, O A; Gadner, H; Mann, G



Long-term outcome of initially homogenously treated and relapsed childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in Austria--a population-based report of the Austrian Berlin-Frankfurt-Münster (BFM) Study Group.  


Relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) is the most common cause for a fatal outcome in paediatric oncology. Although initial ALL cure rates have improved up to 80%, the prognosis of recurrent ALL remains dismal with event-free-survival (EFS) rates about 35%. In order to analyse a population-based cohort with uniform treatment of initial disease, we examined the outcome of children suffering from relapsed ALL in Austria for the past 20 years and the validity of the currently used prognostic factors (e.g. time to and site of relapse, immunophenotype). Furthermore, we compared survival rates after chemotherapy alone with those after allogeneic stem cell transplantation (SCT). All 896 patients who suffered from ALL in Austria between 1981 and 1999 were registered in a prospectively designed database and treated according to trials ALL-Berlin-Frankfurt-Münster (BFM)-Austria (A) 81, ALL-A 84 and ALL-BFM-A 86, 90 and 95. Of these, 203 (23%) suffered from recurrent disease. One-hundred-and-seventy-two patients (85%) achieved second complete remission. The probability of 10-year EFS for the total group was 34 +/- 3%. Clinical prognostic markers that independently influenced survival were time to relapse, site of relapse and the immunophenotype. Additionally, a Cox regression model demonstrated that allogeneic SCT after first relapse was associated with a superior EFS compared with chemo/radiotherapy only (hazard ratio = 0.254; P = 0.0017). PMID:19077160

Reismüller, Bettina; Attarbaschi, Andishe; Peters, Christina; Dworzak, Michael N; Pötschger, Ulrike; Urban, Christian; Fink, Franz-Martin; Meister, Bernhard; Schmitt, Klaus; Dieckmann, Karin; Henze, Günter; Haas, Oskar A; Gadner, Helmut; Mann, Georg



Comparison of surface temperatures measured by the Planetary Fourier Spectrometer (PFS) on Mars Express with predictions from the Berlin Mars near Surface Thermal model (BMST) for the BEAGLE 2 landing site in Isidis Planitia  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Isidis Plantita region on Mars is a landing site favored by engineers for its inherent safety. The landing site of Beagle 2 was in this area, as was one of the prime backup landing sites for the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit. Therefore, it seems likely that for future lander missions to Mars this area will be on the shortlist. Within its first orbits Mars Express has passed over Isidis Planitia and the Beagle 2 landing site. From these passes we have derived first estimates of the surface temperature for a region covering the planned landing site of Beagle 2 using in the long wavelength channel (5 45 ?m) of the Planetary Fourier Spectrometer (PFS) on Mars Express. We have compared these temperatures with a map of surface temperatures for this area derived from a modeling with the Berlin Mars near Surface Thermal model (Helbert, J., Benkhoff, J. A new approach to assessing the burial depth of ground ice deposits and its application to proposed MER landing sites in Isidis Planitia. Journal of Geophysical Research 108(E12), ROV 28-1, 2003).

Helbert, Jörn; Arnold, G.; Benkhoff, J.; Hirsch, H.; Maturilli, A.; Formisano, V.; Giuranna, M.



Pediatric follicular lymphoma - a clinico-pathological study of a population-based series of patients treated within the Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma - Berlin-Frankfurt-M?nster (NHL-BFM) multicenter trials  

PubMed Central

Background Pediatric follicular lymphoma has recently been recognized as a novel variant of follicular lymphoma in the World Health Organization classification of lymphomas. Given the rarity of the disease, histopathological and genetic data on this type of lymphoma are still scarce. Design and Methods We analyzed 25 cases of pediatric follicular lymphoma (patients aged ?18 years) by morphology, immunohistochemistry and interphase fluorescence in situ hybridization. All patients analyzed were treated within Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma - Berlin-Frankfurt-Münster (NHL-BFM) multicenter trials, and the cohort was representative of the German population. Results The genetic hallmark of adult follicular lymphoma, t(14;18)(q32;q21), was not detectable in any of the pediatric cases, although BCL2 protein was expressed in 55% of the latter cases. No correlation was found between BCL2 protein expression and outcome. Chromosomal breaks in the immunoglobulin heavy chain gene (IGH) and the BCL6 locus were detected in 5 of 17 and 1 of 18 cases, respectively. Patients with pediatric follicular lymphoma had long event-free survival and, in contrast to adult follicular lymphoma, the clinical course was not dominated by relapses. A simultaneous diffuse large B-cell lymphoma was frequently detected at initial diagnosis in children but did not indicate an aggressive clinical course. Conclusions Our data suggest that pediatric follicular lymphoma is a disease that differs from its adult counterpart both genetically and clinically.

Oschlies, Ilske; Salaverria, Itziar; Mahn, Friederike; Meinhardt, Andrea; Zimmermann, Martin; Woessmann, Wilhelm; Burkhardt, Birgit; Gesk, Stefan; Krams, Matthias; Reiter, Alfred; Siebert, Reiner; Klapper, Wolfram



Pediatric acute myeloid leukemia with t(8;16)(p11;p13), a distinct clinical and biological entity: a collaborative study by the International-Berlin-Frankfurt-Munster AML-study group.  


In pediatric acute myeloid leukemia (AML), cytogenetic abnormalities are strong indicators of prognosis. Some recurrent cytogenetic abnormalities, such as t(8;16)(p11;p13), are so rare that collaborative studies are required to define their prognostic impact. We collected the clinical characteristics, morphology, and immunophenotypes of 62 pediatric AML patients with t(8;16)(p11;p13) from 18 countries participating in the International Berlin-Frankfurt-Münster (I-BFM) AML study group. We used the AML-BFM cohort diagnosed from 1995-2005 (n = 543) as a reference cohort. Median age of the pediatric t(8;16)(p11;p13) AML patients was significantly lower (1.2 years). The majority (97%) had M4-M5 French-American-British type, significantly different from the reference cohort. Erythrophagocytosis (70%), leukemia cutis (58%), and disseminated intravascular coagulation (39%) occurred frequently. Strikingly, spontaneous remissions occurred in 7 neonates with t(8;16)(p11;p13), of whom 3 remain in continuous remission. The 5-year overall survival of patients diagnosed after 1993 was 59%, similar to the reference cohort (P = .14). Gene expression profiles of t(8;16)(p11;p13) pediatric AML cases clustered close to, but distinct from, MLL-rearranged AML. Highly expressed genes included HOXA11, HOXA10, RET, PERP, and GGA2. In conclusion, pediatric t(8;16)(p11;p13) AML is a rare entity defined by a unique gene expression signature and distinct clinical features in whom spontaneous remissions occur in a subset of neonatal cases. PMID:23974201

Coenen, Eva A; Zwaan, C Michel; Reinhardt, Dirk; Harrison, Christine J; Haas, Oskar A; de Haas, Valerie; Mihál, Vladimir; De Moerloose, Barbara; Jeison, Marta; Rubnitz, Jeffrey E; Tomizawa, Daisuke; Johnston, Donna; Alonzo, Todd A; Hasle, Henrik; Auvrignon, Anne; Dworzak, Michael; Pession, Andrea; van der Velden, Vincent H J; Swansbury, John; Wong, Kit-Fai; Terui, Kiminori; Savasan, Sureyya; Winstanley, Mark; Vaitkeviciene, Goda; Zimmermann, Martin; Pieters, Rob; van den Heuvel-Eibrink, Marry M



Is aging a disease? A review of the Serono Symposia Workshop held under the auspices of the 3rd World Congress on the Aging Male. February 9, 2002, Berlin, Germany.  


On February 9, 2002, Serono Symposia sponsored a workshop at The 3rd World Congress on The Aging Male that was held in Berlin, Germany at the Hotel Inter-Continental. The title of the workshop 'Is aging a disease?', was intended to convey recent interest in the subject of aging as a clinically relevant entity and to discuss causes and approaches to its management. The Workshop was co-chaired by Drs Viktor Büber and Richard F. Walker. Speakers included Drs George R. Merriam, Heinrich M. Schulte, Felice Strollo and Richard F. Walker. Topics were arranged to proceed from a general overview of fundamental aspects of the aging process and their clinical consequences to specific aspects of the diagnosis and treatment of age-related disorders that could be associated with neuroendocrine dysfunction. F. Strollo initiated the series of lectures by reviewing some of the biological theories of aging and suggesting that maladaptive changes within the central nervous and endocrine systems play a major role in contributing to the cascade of events defined as senescence. R. Walker expanded upon this background by differentiating aging and disease. He suggested that while the process of aging is not a disease, it is directly responsible for the development of functional decrements causal of the intrinsic disease, frailty and general morbidity that occur in direct relation to advancing chronological age. From this generalized approach of linking age and disease, G. Merriam discussed a specific example in which age-related decrements in neuroendocrine dysfunction could contribute, at least in part, to senescent changes in body composition and physiological function. Specifically, he provided evidence that the gradual decline in growth hormone (GH) and testosterone secretion during aging is accompanied by anatomical and functional changes resembling pathogenic hormone deficiency. He went on to discuss possible interventions into this process, specifically showing data to support the view that a combination of GH secretagogues and sex hormones may be of value in sustaining health and vitality in the elderly. As an extension of this discussion, H. M. Schulte compared and contrasted age changes in sex hormone secretion between genders, and also stressed that the diagnosis and management of endocrine changes during life has become a serious challenge to those physicians intending to intervene in the aging process. Because the relationship of reduced hormone secretion to disease in the elderly is presently unclear, the Workshop concluded on a note of caution that guidelines for the replacement of endocrine substances as a prophylactic approach to aging have yet to be defined. PMID:12471776

Walker, R F



Berlin Heart EXCOR®® Pediatric Pediatric Ventricular Assist ...  

Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER)

Text Version... Biocompatibility Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) & ... Survival with an acceptable neurological ... unacceptable neurologic outcome ... More results from



EPA Science Inventory

The U.S.-German Bilateral Working Group is developing Site-specific Management Approaches and Redevelopment Tools (SMART). In the U.S., the SMART compilation is housed in a web-based, decision support tool called SMARTe. All tools within SMARTe that are developed specifically for...


How Frogs Built the Berlin Wall  

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\\u000a The paper describes the University of Amsterdam’s participation in the Question Answering track at CLEF 2003, our system and\\u000a the results produced by it. A thorough analysis of the wrong answers given by our system is provided, including a discussion\\u000a of each type of error and possible strategies for handling them. We outline our current efforts for improvement of the system,

Valentin Jijkoun; Gilad Mishne; Maarten de Rijke



The Berlin Wall on the Therapist's Couch  

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This paper falls under the rubric of the sociology of knowledge, which bridges the gap between phenomenological philosophy and the human sciences (Berger et al., 1969). It presents an empirical investigation of the communicative construction of psychotherapeutic reality. I examine therapeutic talk and psychotherapists' reconstructions of the transition from state socialism in Germany in 1989. In both instances I show

Christine Leuenberger



Erfolgreiche Behandlung einer Multiplen Sklerose vom Typ Marburg mit Mitoxantron  

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\\u000a Abstract  We report on a 28-year-old previously healthy female\\u000a patient who developed a rightsided\\u000a hemiparesis and hemisensory\\u000a deficit, a left-sided homonymous\\u000a hemianopia, as well as a\\u000a psychomotor slowing within a\\u000a period of 6 weeks. MR imaging\\u000a proved multiple contrast-enhancing\\u000a lesions and lumbar puncture\\u000a revealed intrathecal immunoglobulin\\u000a G synthesis. Despite twofold\\u000a high-dose i.v. corticosteroid therapy,\\u000a no improvement of symptoms\\u000a was present. Probably

David Czell; J. Mutschler; M. Huber; G. Manzl; C. Klötzsch



Beyond Vom Kriege: The Character and Conduct of Modern War.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

It is the tragedy of history that man cannot free himself from war. Indeed, far more than by the development of art or literature or trade or political institutions, the history of man has been determined by the wars he has fought. Time and again, advance...

J. R. Hooker



Die Entwicklung der Lehre vom Klima auf der Erde  

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Weather observations are, without doubt, among the oldest occupations of mankind. The concept of “klimata” introduced by Aristotl in his “meteora” as the presentation of the most frequent, normal, average course of weather has remained a subject of research by meterologists up to the present time and still offers many interesting and unanswered questions.

K. Keil



Biogene Amine im Gehirn vom Frosch ( Rana esculenta )  

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The distribution of biogenic amines in the central nervous system of Rana esculenta was investigated by means of the fluorescence-microscopical detection of catecholand tryptamines. The nucleus reticularis mesencephali was found to contain numerous neurones rich in catechol- and tryptamines. Apart from this nucleus nerve cells in the organon vasculosum hypothalami and in the area praeoptica were found to contain catecholamines.

H. Braak



VOM THEATRON ZUM THEATER. Zur Genese eines griechischen Bautypus  

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Dans cette étude consacrée aux débuts de la construction du théâtre grec, l'auteur s'attache à définir deux aspects principaux. Tout d'abord, en se plaçant dans le prolongement des travaux de C. Anti, il retrace l'évolution formelle du théâtre grec à partir des plus anciens témoignages, jusqu'à l'émergence, dans la deuxième moitié du IVe siècle av. J.-C, de l'espace arrondi destiné




Farbkodierte Dopplersonographie - Normwerte des Widerstandsindex in Abhängigkeit vom Gestationsalter  

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The examination of fetal circulation by means of Doppler ultrasound has clinical potential. In order to use the indices that characterize the waveform, it is important to establish reference ranges throughout pregnancy and to determine the natural variations. This paper sets out to fulfill these requirements. The study was performed in 139 patients with singleton pregnancies between 29 and 41

L. W. Molendijk; J. Kesdogan; P. Kopecky



40 CFR Appendix B - VOM Measurement Techniques for Capture Efficiency  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...indicators. Any means of indicating inward or outward...filaments, and sensory perception. 2.2.2Method 2 or...of air flow at intervals of at least 10 minutes for...Quality Assurance 6.1The success of this protocol lies...



The inferior prognosis of adolescents with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) is caused by a higher rate of treatment-related mortality and not an increased relapse rate--a population-based analysis of 25 years of the Austrian ALL-BFM (Berlin-Frankfurt-Münster) Study Group.  


Adolescents aged 15-18 years with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) have been historically reported to have a poorer prognosis than younger children. We retrospectively analysed the characteristics and outcome of 67 adolescents included in a population-based series of 1125 non-infant cases that were enrolled into four Austrian ALL-BFM (Berlin-Frankfurt-Münster) multicentre trials at paediatric institutions within a 25-year period. Five-year event-free survival (EFS) and overall survival (OS) were 66 ± 6% and 76 ± 5% respectively, and thus lower than in younger children (83 ± 1%, 91 ± 1%; P < 0·001). This was not due to an increased cumulative incidence of relapse (CIR) (5-year CIR: 19 ± 5% vs. 13 ± 1%; P = 0·284), but due to an increased incidence of treatment-related death [5-year cumulative incidence of death (CID): 15 ± 4% vs. 3 ± 0%; P < 0·001] as a first event. Furthermore, while 44/67 (66%) non-high-risk adolescents had favourable 5-year EFS and OS rates (76 ± 7%, 89 ± 5%), 18/67 (27%) high-risk adolescents had an inferior outcome (5-year EFS: 56 ± 12%, OS 61 ± 11%, P < 0·05). Among the latter patients the CID was significantly higher than in younger high-risk children (22 ± 10% vs. 6 ± 2%; P = 0·020). Given that adolescent age is an independent risk factor for death as a first event, this specific age group may need particular vigilance when receiving intense BFM-type chemotherapy, as relapse-free survival is similar to younger children. PMID:23480776

Pichler, Herbert; Reismüller, Bettina; Steiner, Manuel; Dworzak, Michael N; Pötschger, Ulrike; Urban, Christian; Meister, Bernhard; Schmitt, Klaus; Panzer-Grümayer, Renate; Haas, Oskar A; Attarbaschi, Andishe; Mann, Georg



BERLIN HEART INC. HDE# H100004 Circulatory System ...  

Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER)

Text Version... Hospital Professor of Pediatrics, Washington University School of Medicine ? Mary Beth Kepler** ? Robert Kroslowitz** ? Christine Tjossem** ... More results from


Gender, Culture, and Architecture in Ahmedabad and Berlin  

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Spatial and social processes are inextricably linked. Hence gender relations as an inherent part of social relations get built into the spatial forms of any society. Spatial segregation by sex was a mark of traditional societies. This has diminished somewhat in contemporary societies due to various factors, perhaps the most important being the entry of women into the public sphere

Krishna Kakad



Berlin Heart, Inc. EXCOR Pediatric Ventricular Assist Device ...  

Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER)

Text Version... 16.7%) Primary Cardiac Diagnosis Congenital Heart Disease 3 (12.5%) 6 (25.0%) Dilated Myopathy 19 (79.2%) 17 (70.8%) ... More results from


The Berlin oil channel for drag reduction research  

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For drag reduction research an oil channel has been designed and built. It is also well suited for investigations on turbulent flow and in particular on the dynamics of the viscous sublayer near the wall. The thickness of the viscous sublayer (y+= 5) can be varied between 1 and 4 mm. Surfaces with longitudinal ribs (“riblets”), which are known to

D. W. Bechert; G. Hoppe; J. G. Th. Hoeven; R. Makris



The Berlin oil channel for drag reduction research  

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For drag reduction research an oil channel has been designed and built. It is also well suited for investigations on turbulent flow and in particular on the dynamics of the viscous sublayer near the wall. The thickness of the viscous sublayer ( y += 5) can be varied between 1 and 4 mm. Surfaces with longitudinal ribs (``riblets''), which are

D. W. Bechert; G. Hoppe; J. G. Th. van der Hoeven; R. Makris



Berlin Heart EXCOR Pediatric Ventricular Assist Device Safety ...  

Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER)

Text Version... Page 35. 35 Serious Adverse Events in Patients Primary Safety Endpoint: 0.055 events per patient days Adverse Events ... More results from


Beyond Berlin: Twelve German Cities Confront the Nazi Past  

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Gavriel Rosenfeld (wiith Paul Jaskot), in addition to a co-editing this book, is a co-contributing author,:\\u000a“Urban Space and the Nazi Past in Postwar Germany [with Paul Jaskot]”, p.1-24. and,\\u000a\\

Gavriel D. Rosenfeld; Paul Jaskot



Managing the mentally ill in the prisons of Berlin  

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A high and possibly increasing prevalence of mental disorders in prisoners has been demonstrated in recent surveys. Psychiatric care of prisoners is subject to wide regional variations in Germany, especially regarding inpatient treatment. Although hospitalized psychiatric patients in prison closely resemble those in forensic psychiatric secure hospitals with regard to socio-demographic (percentage of women, age peak) and forensic characteristics (delinquency,

Norbert Konrad



Berlin Heart Inc Product Catalog 2011_05_17  

Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER)

Text Version... Page 3. Blood Pumps with Tilting Disk Valves Descripition Article no. 50 ml blood pump with tilting disk valves P50M-001* ... More results from


A Derecho in Europe: Berlin, 10 July 2002  

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Abstract The European windstorm,that affected parts of Germany on 10 July 2002 is classified as a derecho. With respect to the synoptic situation, it was identified as a dynamic or strongly? forced derecho. Examining different observational data, this case shows many similiarities to those investigated in the United States, giving evidence that derechos do occur in Europe as well: A

Christoph Gatzen



Trends and outcomes in heart transplantation: the Berlin experience.  


Heart transplantation is an established procedure with acceptable, predictable long-term results and good quality of life for more than 20 years. However, it is only available for a limited number of patients. The fate of the patients is determined by the side effects of immunosuppressive drugs, increased tumor incidence and chronic vascular transplant disease. Patients living 10 to 20 years after heart transplantation show physical status equal to that of patients with various chronic illnesses. They suffer from chronic side effects of long-term medication and mainly report fears of renal insufficiency followed by osteoporosis-associated pain, cortisone-induced myopathy and risk for tumors. Only moderate psychological impairment is reported despite somatic problems. In the period 10-20 years post-heart transplantation, there is even a surprising increase in emotional well-being. The 20-year survivors are active and satisfied with daily life. They experience their own life as meaningful and have good partner, family and social relations. Heart transplantation, the most ambitious project in medicine in the 20th century has been made a reality. Its development has the strongest impact on cardiac surgery, immunology, pharmacology, medical logistics, defining life and death, ethics in medicine, acceptance of medical progress by the public and by health care systems. It has  provided a strong  solidarity among politicians, sociologists, physicians and citizens. Ethical concerns will last and will make heart transplantation an important, yet temporary episode in human medicine. It has stimulated research and development of mechanical circulatory support systems as an alternative to treat end-stage heart failure. PMID:23888228

Hetzer, R; Delmo Walter, E M



The 3 He filter project at HMI Berlin  

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Nuclear-spin polarised gaseous 3He serves as a polarising filter for neutron beams. It can be used for a broad range of neutron wavelengths and also for divergent beams, since the polarisation mechanism is decoupled from the beam optics. This method is the most promising technique for polarising neutron beams at spallation sources. Hence the realisation of such a flexible tool

A. Danzig; A. Rupp



Did the Berlin Wall really come down on both sides?  

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It has become fairly obvious that the EU will be able to realise its original goals in the following decades only by expanding\\u000a its influence on the outside world. Some people define this influence as the ability to co-design globalisation. But it is\\u000a important never to lose sight of the founding objectives of the EU. The EU exists because Europeans

Janez Janša



Regulation of Health and Social Care — A New Berlin Wall?  

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The Government has published proposals to set up two new structures - one for the regulation of social services and one for independently provided health care. This article argues that a single regulator for all categories of health care, including that provided in social care settings, would be more cost-effective. It proposes the creation of functionally ring-fenced divisions of health

C. Vellenoweth



Elite intransigence and the end of the Berlin Wall  

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The impact of ruling?class obstinacy on the East German revolution of 1989 remains insufficiently explored, despite the numerous studies that now exist of that autumn. This intransigence, when set in the context of the year's events, is shown to have been a key factor in promoting protest and accelerating the collapse of the GDR rulers’ authority. The stubbornness and its

M. E. Sarotte



[Urologists meet in Berlin : Martin Stolze (1900-1989) and the urologist convention in 1959 in East and West Berlin].  


Scientific meetings are a major part of policy in science and within the scientific community and furthermore they have a major influence on medical and lay communities. Prominent examples for this are the presidential networks and the opening speeches in which the function of science within the society is presented in a special manner. The last joint meeting of the German Society for Urology (DGU) in East and West Germany was instrumentalized by the rivalry of the two systems during the Cold War but was also a brilliant presentation of the newly established German Urology after World War II and its scientific force. PMID:24026062

Moll, F H; Halling, T; Fangerau, H



Das verhalten von hill-reaktion und photophosphorylierung isolierter chloroplasten in abhängigkeit vom wassergehalt  

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1.Isolated chloroplasts from leaves of spinach and beets were dehydrated by drying for 3 hours in vacuo over CaCl2 at +2°C in the absence and in the presence of different substances. After rehydration ferricyanide reduction, cyclic photophosphorylation with PSM as cofactor, noncyclic photophosphorylation and the level of free SH groups were investigated. Furthermore, the quantity of water bound under the

Kurt A. Santarius; Ulrich Heber



Ultrastrukturelle veränderungen der Carapaxfelder von Argulus foliaceus L. in abhängigkeit vom ionengehalt des lebensraums (Crustacea, Branchiura)  

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Argulus foliaceus was put into water containing different amounts of sodium chloride. Various concentrations caused changes in the ultrastructure of the fields of the carapace. Very crude structural changes occured, when Argulus was put without any adaptation into distilled water or into a solution of 1% sodium chloride. When the animals were allowed to adapt slowly up to a final

Winfried Haase



Mechanisch induzierte Dissoziation von Kalzium vom kontraktilen Apparat elektrisch stimulierter, intakter, menschlicher, atrialer Trabekel  

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Zusammenfassung Die kurzzeitige Kalzium-Akkumulation im myokardialen Gewebe bei isotoner Kontraktion ist von klinischer Bedeutung, da die Kalziumüberladung des Zytosols ursächlich an der Entstehung von Rhythmusstörungen beteiligt ist. Unklar ist derzeit, woher das überschüssige Kalzium stammt, ob aus intrazellulären Speichern, modifizierten Membranströmen oder von Seiten des kontraktilen Apparates. Ziel dieser Arbeit ist es zu klären, 1) an welcher Stelle in der

N. Kayhan; G. Reinerth; O. Dössel; C.-F. Vahl



Elektrophysiologische Untersuchungen über den Einfluß von Dopamin auf isolierte Myokardpräparate vom Meerschweinchen  

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\\u000a Summary  In electrophysiological investigations about the influence and actions of dopamine on isolated spontaneously beating auricular\\u000a trabecles and electrically stimulated papillary muscles of the guinea pig dopamine proved to have a strong positive inotropic\\u000a action on the myocardial tissue. Compared with epinephrine and norepinephrine dopamine acts differently by slowly and continously\\u000a increasing contractility of the heart preparations and by very slow

G. Engstfeld; F. GROSSE-BRocK



Bürokratie- und organisationstheoretische Analysen der Sicherheitspolitik: Vom 11. September zum Irakkrieg  

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In vielen Analysen wird das Geschehen zwischen dem 11. September 2001 und dem Irakkrieg 2003 als eine Ereigniskette interpretiert,\\u000a die vor allem eine Stunde der Exekutive war. Es sei der zum Krieg entschlossenen Administration von Präsident George W. Bush\\u000a gelungen, die öffentlichen Reaktionen auf die terroristischen Anschläge (in den USA und anderen Gesellschaften) zu nutzen,\\u000a ihre eigene Politik durchzusetzen. Daran

Thomas Jäger; Kai Oppermann


Images of Jews and Judaism in Georg Rollenhagen’s drama Vom reichen Manne und armen Lazaro  

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Georg Rollenhagen of Magdeburg (1542–1609) wielded considerable influence as headmaster of the best-attended Gymnasium in German-speaking lands. His work Froschmeuseler from 1595 (inspired in part by Luther’s translation of the Bible) demonstrates his diverse interests in classical Greek and\\u000a fabulistic themes. He was one of the authors of his time who, writing in the New High German vernacular, recognized the

Elliott Bergman



Der Influx von Kaliumionen bei Blättern von Elodea densa , Abhängigkeit vom Licht, von der Kaliumkonzentration und von der Temperatur  

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1.The influx of potassium ions in leaves of Elodea densa during short periods of time was measured using 42K and 86Rb as tracers. The K+ influx was linear with time (Fig. 1) without a contribution by Donnan adsorption even in 1 min experiments.2.Light increased the K+ influx in air by a factor of up to 30–50 compared to dark\\/air. Light-induction

Wolf Dietrich Jeschke



Vom Armen- und Arbeitshaus zu Hartz-IV Eine kurze Geschichte der staatlichen Armen- und Arbeitslosenverwaltung zwischen Repression und Almosentransfer  

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feudalistischen Ständegesellschaft war ‚arbeitslos' maximal der leibeigene Bauer, der nach der Fronarbeit oder nach der Einbringung der Ernte zeitlich eng befristet ‚ohne Arbeit' war - sozusagen nach Feierabend. Das Charak- teristikum des Feudalismus waren nicht fehlende Arbeitsplätze, sondern im Gegenteil der permanente Mangel an menschlicher Arbeitskraft für Fron- und Kriegsdienste im Interesse der herrschenden Adelsklasse. Die Ausbeu- tung der Fronarbeit

Egbert Scheunemann


Levels of air pollution and respiratory disease in Berlin, New Hamphire  

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The relation of air pollution to various parameters on a standard British questionnaire and to FVC, PEFR, and FEVâ.â in a sample of 1,261 people from the town is reported. There was no consistent effect of air pollution on prevalence of respiratory disease. There was an increase in simple chronic bronchitis in nonsmoking females related to the degree of air

D. O. Anderson; B. G. Jr. Ferris; R. Zickmantel



Realizing the European Higher Education Area: Berlin Conference of European Higher Education Ministers  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The Bologna Declaration of June 1999 has put in motion a series of reforms needed to make European higher education more compatible and comparable, more competitive and attractive for European citizens and for citizens and scholars from other continents. In Prague, in May 2001, the ministers took note of the progress so far and added three new…

European Education, 2004



Cities, citizenship, contested cultures: Berlin's Palace of the Republic and the politics of the public sphere  

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The notion of the `public sphere' stands in principle for normative as well as historical conditions of civic participation critically legitimating the democratic state. Yet it also tends to be associated very readily with the distinctly spatial dimension inherent in the terms it is related with, such as public space, agora, or more recently, the network. Arguably, however, an ill-defined

Uta Staiger



Mistaken Identity and Mirror Images: Albert and Carl Einstein, Leiden and Berlin, Relativity and Revolution  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Albert Einstein accepted a "special" visiting professorship at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands in February 1920. Although his appointment should have been a mere formality, it took until October of that year before Einstein could occupy his special chair. Why the delay? The explanation involves a case of mistaken identity with Carl Einstein, Dadaist art, and a particular Dutch fear of revolutions. But what revolutions was one afraid of? The story of Einstein's Leiden chair throws new light on the reception of relativity and its creator in the Netherlands and in Germany.

van Dongen, Jeroen



New Media in Education and Research – a Sophomore Lecture at TU Berlin  

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\\u000a Information flood is an essential facet of the digital age. Consequently, organizing information of an explicit subject efficiently,\\u000a without losing the overview is difficult. In education and especially in academic education, information management is a sensitive\\u000a issue for freshmen and sophomores. Many students are overburdened with the new situation at university having to organize\\u000a and manage all the new knowledge

Nicole Natho; Sabina Jeschke; Erhard Zorn


New media in education and research — A sophomore lecture at TU Berlin  

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Information flood is an essential facet of the digital age. Consequently, organizing information of an explicit subject efficiently, without losing the overview is difficult. In education and especially in academic education, information management is a sensitive issue for freshmen and sophomores. Many students are overburdened with the new situation at university having to organize and manage all the new knowledge

Sabina Jeschke; Nicole Natho; Erhard Zorn



Robotics Developments and Future Applications. Seminar Report (Berlin, West Germany, November 29, 1983).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This collection includes five papers assessing current and projected developments in the field of robotics and the implications of these developments for vocational-technical education. The first paper, "New Applications for Industrial Robots--Perspectives for the Next Five Years" (M. Illi) compares advances in robotics in Japan and the Federal…

Illi, M.; And Others


The Necropolis of Dahshur Third Excavation Report Spring 2006 Free University of Berlin For ASAE  

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Introduction Excavations in the cemetery in the wadi east of the Red Pyramid Caesium-magnetometry in the cemetery in the wadi east of the Red Pyramid Excavations in the cemetery around the mastaba of Ipi near the lake of Dahshur Survey of Middle Kingdom Monuments in the necropolis of Dahshur (R.Schiestl) Survey of the Area of the Pyramid of Khendjer and

Nicole Alexanian; Robert Schiestl; Stephan Johannes Seidlmayer


Formation of Nitrate and Sulfate in the Plume of Berlin (8 pp)  

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Background, Aims and Scope. Secondary inorganic aerosol (SIA), i.e. particulate sulphate (S(VI)), ammonium and nitrate (N(V)), is formed from gaseous precursors, i.e. sulfur dioxide (S(IV)), ammo- nia and nitrogen oxides, in polluted air on the time-scale of hours to days. Besides particulate ammonium and nitrate, the respective gas- eous species ammonia and nitric acid can be formed as well. SIA

Gerhard Lammel; Adrian Leip



A Note on Brain Actuated Spelling with the Berlin Brain-Computer Interface  

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Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) are systems capable of decoding neural activity in real time, thereby allowing a computer application to be di- rectly controlled by the brain. Since the characteristics of such direct brain-to- computer interaction are limited in several aspects, one major challenge in BCI research is intelligent front-end design. Here we present the mental text entry application 'Hex-o-Spell' which

Benjamin Blankertz; Matthias Krauledat; Guido Dornhege; John Williamson; Roderick Murray-smith; Klaus-robert Müller



[Autonomy despite multimorbidity in old age--the Berlin-based AMA research consortium].  


The proportion of the population with multiple illnesses increases with age and growing numbers of people are now living to a very old age. Despite medical progress and improved living conditions, many old people have to deal with physical, psychological, and social impairments. It is a crucial challenge for health and social policy to support the elderly with health-related impairments in their desire to lead as independent a life as possible. Against this background the research consortium Autonomy Despite Multimorbidity in Old Age (AMA I) examined the extent to which the self-determined life style of multimorbid old and very old persons can be supported and maintained. In order to reflect the diversity of life worlds of the elderly, the study sample included participants who were not notably impaired in their everyday functioning, participants in need of nursing care and participants with cognitive impairments. Moreover, the sample comprised both older persons who were still living in their own homes and nursing home residents. The studies conducted within the AMA framework focused on the resources available to old persons living in different situations and on how these resources can be strengthened. This article presents findings from the first phase of funding of the AMA research consortium. In a second phase of funding (2011-2013, AMA II), sustainable practice-based interventions are being developed to mobilize resources which can help multimorbid older persons to maintain their autonomy and the practical viability of these interventions will be tested. PMID:22270971

Schüz, B; Dräger, D; Richter, S; Kummer, K; Kuhlmey, A; Tesch-Römer, C



Constructing the creative neighborhood: Hopes and limitations of creative city policies in Berlin  

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Recent urban development policies have put much emphasis on the establishment of creative cities. The creative city promises to be a new city, a transformative shift from the existing and conventional ways of urbanization to one that includes creativity and livability for all. Yet, this goal is often not achieved nor is it even necessarily pursued. The dominant creative city

Doreen Jakob



CEDEFOP Forum 1993 (9th, Berlin, Germany, October 21-22, 1993).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The ninth meeting of CEDEFOP (French acronym for the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training) is summarized in this report. Attending the forum were representatives of the leading vocational training research and development institutions and ministerial departments from the European Community (EC) Member States and from…

CEDEFOP Flash, 1993



[Quality management and consumer orientation: survey of referring pediatricians of a Berlin pediatric clinic].  


Quality management in hospitals not only includes performance according to international medical standards but also the optimization of processes regarding internal staff as well as external customers. Total Quality Management (TQM) and the Business Excellence Model of the European Foundation of Quality Management (EFQM) require continuous evaluation of customer satisfaction. Specialists and family physician as external customers influence the patient's choice of a hospital. The aim of the present study is to evaluate the satisfaction of admitting physicians of a children's hospital with the help of a questionnaire. The results describe their needs and their level of satisfaction regarding service, information, cooperation and communication within the hospital. PMID:10721162

Lüthy, A; Lotze, I; Leiske, M; Rossi, R



RIAS Berlin: A case study of a cold war broadcast operation  

Microsoft Academic Search

When a government operation is given all the money it asks for without question from the Congress, it means either that (a) it would be political suicide to turn them down, (b) that the national security is at stake, (c) that somebody goofed or that the Congress is past its normal adjournment date, or (d) that the operation is doing

Don R. Browne



Spectral Characterization of Mars Analogues From the Berlin Emissivity Database (BED)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Several well-recognized Martian soil analogues have been classified and studied in the past years. The JSC Mars-1, collected and distributed under control of the NASA Johnson Space Center, originates from Puú Nene cinder cone in Hawaii, USA. It is a palagonitic tephra (glassy volcanic ash altered at low temperatures), whose spectral features resemble the bright regions on Mars. The Salten

A. Maturilli; J. Helbert



The Impact of Atrial Fibrillation on the Cost of Stroke: The Berlin Acute Stroke Study  

Microsoft Academic Search

ObjectiveAtrial fibrillation (AF) is an important risk factor for stroke. The primary purpose of this study was to determine the resource use for patients admitted to hospital with acute stroke and to calculate stroke-related direct costs, stratifying the results according to the presence of AF as a risk factor.

Bernd Brüggenjürgen; Karin Rossnagel; Stephanie Roll; Fredrik L. Andersson; Dagmar Selim; Jacqueline Müller-Nordhorn; Christian H. Nolte; Gerhard J. Jungehülsing; Arno Villringer; Stefan N. Willich



The Berlin Brain-Computer Interface: Non-Medical Uses of BCI Technology.  


Brain-computer interfacing (BCI) is a steadily growing area of research. While initially BCI research was focused on applications for paralyzed patients, increasingly more alternative applications in healthy human subjects are proposed and investigated. In particular, monitoring of mental states and decoding of covert user states have seen a strong rise of interest. Here, we present some examples of such novel applications which provide evidence for the promising potential of BCI technology for non-medical uses. Furthermore, we discuss distinct methodological improvements required to bring non-medical applications of BCI technology to a diversity of layperson target groups, e.g., ease of use, minimal training, general usability, short control latencies. PMID:21165175

Blankertz, Benjamin; Tangermann, Michael; Vidaurre, Carmen; Fazli, Siamac; Sannelli, Claudia; Haufe, Stefan; Maeder, Cecilia; Ramsey, Lenny; Sturm, Irene; Curio, Gabriel; Müller, Klaus-Robert



‘Today, We Are All Ahmadi’: Configurations of Heretic Otherness between Lahore and Berlin  

Microsoft Academic Search

The Ahmadis are widely regarded as heterodox in Pakistan, where they have moved after the Partition of British India in 1947, and where they have later been declared by the state as being ‘non-Muslim’. Faced with violence and discrimination on a regular basis, they have migrated in large numbers to Europe, including Germany. There, they are free to continue their

Michael Nijhawan



Comparing exercise in Parkinson's disease--the Berlin LSVT®BIG study.  


Physiotherapy is widely used in Parkinson's disease (PD), but there are few controlled studies comparing active interventions. Recently, a technique named "LSVT®BIG" has been introduced. LSVT®BIG is derived from the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment and focuses on intensive exercising of high-amplitude movements. In the present comparative study, 60 patients with mild to moderate PD were randomly assigned to receive either one-to-one training (BIG), group training of Nordic Walking (WALK), or domestic nonsupervised exercises (HOME). Patients in training (BIG) and WALK received 16 hours of supervised training within 4 (BIG) or 8 (WALK) weeks. The primary efficacy measure was difference in change in Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS) motor score from baseline to follow-up at 16 weeks between groups. UPDRS scores were obtained by blinded video rating. ANCOVA showed significant group differences for UPDRS-motor score at final assessment (P < 0.001). Mean improvement of UPDRS in BIG was -5.05 (SD 3.91) whereas there was a mild deterioration of 0.58 (SD 3.17) in WALK and of 1.68 (SD 5.95) in HOME. LSVT®BIG was also superior to WALK and HOME in timed-up-and-go and timed 10 m walking. There were no significant group differences for quality of life (PDQ39). These results provide evidence that LSVT®BIG is an effective technique to improve motor performance in patients with PD. PMID:20669294

Ebersbach, Georg; Ebersbach, Almut; Edler, Daniela; Kaufhold, Olaf; Kusch, Matthias; Kupsch, Andreas; Wissel, Jörg



Navigating the Waves of Change: Political Education and Democratic School Reform in Postwar West Berlin  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This article concentrates on two pieces of legislation promulgated in the early 1960s in order to investigate the broader ideas and concerns surrounding political education in the postwar Federal Republic of Germany. These pieces of educational policy highlight the consensus for continued reform while recognizing the value of curricular and…

Puaca, Brian M.



Turbulent drag reduction by nonplanar surfaces - A survey on the research at TU/DLR Berlin  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The use of riblets for drag reduction is examined theoretically. For various riblet shapes, the anisotropic properties of the viscous flow over the riblets are determined. The results obtained can be used for riblet optimization and as input data for computer simulations of the complete turbulent flow field. Attention is also given to other concepts, such as hypothetical mechanisms derived from observations of the shark skin. The experimental facilities that would be required to test these new concepts are discussed.

Bechert, D. W.; Bartenwerfer, M.; Hoppe, G.


Turbulent drag reduction by nonplanar surfaces - A survey on the research at TU\\/DLR Berlin  

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The use of riblets for drag reduction is examined theoretically. For various riblet shapes, the anisotropic properties of the viscous flow over the riblets are determined. The results obtained can be used for riblet optimization and as input data for computer simulations of the complete turbulent flow field. Attention is also given to other concepts, such as hypothetical mechanisms derived

D. W. Bechert; M. Bartenwerfer; G. Hoppe



The Impact of the Cold War and the Fall of the Berlin Wall on Southern Africa  

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Southern Africa's immersion as a region into 'the international civil war of the twentieth century', as Sue Onslow (2009: 2) has described the Cold War, came relatively late in that seven-decade long conflict and lasted only a short period, no more than two decades. Yet the price paid in human and material terms was horrendous, arguably, as I have suggested

John Daniel


[Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner mutants resistant to various antibiotics and showing alterations of sporulation].  


Mutants resistant to oxytetracyclin, erythromycin and neomycin but not to streptomycin, often shown, in the absence of antibiotic, alterations in sporulation: slight or pronounced temperature-sensitive character between 30 and 37 degrees C, slight thermoresistance of refractive spores formed at 30 degrees C, oligosporogenic character at 30 degrees C. PMID:806389

Fargette, F; Grelet, N



Berlin Brain-Computer Interface - The HCI communication channel for discovery  

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Abstract The investigation,of innovative,Human–Computer,Interfaces (HCI) provides,a challenge,for future interaction,research,and development.,Brain–Computer,Interfaces (BCIs) exploit the ability of human communication and control bypassing,the classical neuromuscular communication channels. In general, BCIs offer a possibility of communication for people with severe neuromuscular disorders, such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or complete paralysis of all extremities due to high spinal cord injury. Beyond medical applications, a

Roman Krepki; Gabriel Curio; Benjamin Blankertz; Klaus-robert Müller



The vernacular and the monumental: memory and landscape in post-war Berlin  

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Recent geographical literature has given extensive consideration to monumental landscapes and collective memory. Vernacular\\u000a landscapes have been given limited attention, though they too bear testimony to collective memory. The vernacular and monumental\\u000a are intertwined in urban space, and ambiguity and fluidity mark their border, yet their distinction remains significant. The\\u000a monumental sustains collective memory, linking the past, present and future.

Paul Stangl



Politics and the Olympic film documentary: the legacies of Berlin Olympia and Tokyo Olympiad  

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Hosting the olympics has become a way for a modern nation state to represent itself to the international community. If we accept this truism, it then follows that the Olympic film functions as a representation of that representation. What does this mean? Any discussion of the legacy of Olympic films brings to mind only two films that we might consider:

D. P. Martinez



From Berlin to Baghdad: America's Search for Purpose in the Post-Cold War World  

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Containing Communism was the primary goal of American foreign policy for four decades, allowing generations of political leaders to build consensus atop a universally accepted foundation. This book dissects numerous attempts, after the collapse of Communism, to devise a new grand strategy that could match containment's moral clarity and political efficacy. In the 1990s, the Bush and Clinton administrations eventually

Hal Brands



Challenges in Detecting HIV Persistence during Potentially Curative Interventions: A Study of the Berlin Patient  

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There is intense interest in developing curative interventions for HIV. How such a cure will be quantified and defined is not known. We applied a series of measurements of HIV persistence to the study of an HIV-infected adult who has exhibited evidence of cure after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant from a homozygous CCR5?32 donor. Samples from blood, spinal fluid, lymph node, and gut were analyzed in multiple laboratories using different approaches. No HIV DNA or RNA was detected in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC), spinal fluid, lymph node, or terminal ileum, and no replication-competent virus could be cultured from PBMCs. However, HIV RNA was detected in plasma (2 laboratories) and HIV DNA was detected in the rectum (1 laboratory) at levels considerably lower than those expected in ART-suppressed patients. It was not possible to obtain sequence data from plasma or gut, while an X4 sequence from PBMC did not match the pre-transplant sequence. HIV antibody levels were readily detectable but declined over time; T cell responses were largely absent. The occasional, low-level PCR signals raise the possibility that some HIV nucleic acid might persist, although they could also be false positives. Since HIV levels in well-treated individuals are near the limits of detection of current assays, more sensitive assays need to be developed and validated. The absence of recrudescent HIV replication and waning HIV-specific immune responses five years after withdrawal of treatment provide proof of a clinical cure.

Busch, Michael; Bentsen, Christopher; Chun, Tae-Wook; Douek, Daniel; Eisele, Evelyn; Haase, Ashley; Ho, Ya-Chi; Hutter, Gero; Justement, J. Shawn; Keating, Sheila; Lee, Tzong-Hae; Li, Peilin; Murray, Danielle; Palmer, Sarah; Pilcher, Christopher; Pillai, Satish; Price, Richard W.; Rothenberger, Meghan; Schacker, Timothy; Siliciano, Janet; Siliciano, Robert; Sinclair, Elizabeth; Strain, Matt; Wong, Joseph; Richman, Douglas; Deeks, Steven G.



The Experiential Teaching of Berlin--Theoretical Reflections and Best Practices from a Study Abroad Site  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Creating first hand experiences of urban cultures that focus on reflection and leave profound impressions on students while providing the framing for future cycles of experiential learning is a complex and difficult dynamic to navigate. The way urban manifestations of a different culture are directly experienced varies depending on the…

Wagenknecht, Thomas



40 CFR 180.1011 - Viable spores of the microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner; exemption from the...  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2012 CFR

...fermentation procedures with adequate control measures during production to detect...Such test shall show no evidence of infection or injury in the test animals when observed...larvae toxicity test (âMicrobial Control of Insects and Mites,â...



Culture for competitiveness: valuing diversity in EU-Europe and the ‘creative city’ of Berlin  

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The European Union (EU) has in recent years propagated an approach to ‘culture’ that pulls together support for the creative and cultural industries with diversity-sensitive immigration and integration strategies, drawing on popular policy visions of the ‘creative’ and ‘intercultural’ city. This approach emphasizes the role that the diversity of culture, as personal resource, can play in enhancing economic competitiveness. The

Katharina Bodirsky



Passing under separation: comics representations of the Holocaust and the Berlin Wall  

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This article analyses two comics works – Art Spiegelman's Maus and Flix's Da war Mal was – and their employment of the comics form in portraying the horror behind cultural separationalism at the heart of two of the most extreme separational regimes in history: the Nazi regime and the GDR. This is demonstrated through a focus on scenes depicting attempts

Ofra Amihay



Culture for competitiveness: valuing diversity in EU-Europe and the ‘creative city’ of Berlin  

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The European Union (EU) has in recent years propagated an approach to ‘culture’ that pulls together support for the creative and cultural industries with diversity-sensitive immigration and integration strategies, drawing on popular policy visions of the ‘creative’ and ‘intercultural’ city. This approach emphasizes the role that the diversity of culture, as personal resource, can play in enhancing economic competitiveness. The

Katharina Bodirsky



The Collapse of the Berlin Wall: Simulating State-Level East to West German Migration Patterns  

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\\u000a This article suggests an agent-based dynamic programming model of migration to explain the observed state-level migration\\u000a flows from East to West Germany since 1989. The agents in the model represent individuals in the five East German states who\\u000a decide whether or not, when and whereto in the West to migrate. Agents respond to incentives provided by current and expected\\u000a future

Frank Heiland


NATO, From Berlin to Bosnia. Trans-Atlantic Security in Transition.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In mid-September 1994, North Atlantic Treaty Organization forces deployed to Poland alongside troops from seven former Warsaw Pact members to conduct the first joint peacekeeping exercise under the mantle of the newly formed 'Partnership for Peace.' Exerc...

S. N. Drew



The Unification Bonus (Malus) of East Germans After the Fall of the Berlin Wall  

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This paper presents estimates of the unification bonus for East Germans over the period 1991 to 1998. The unification bonus is defined as the discounted value of the difference between a person’s actual income and his or her counterfactual real income stream forecast for a hypothetical continuation of economic life in a static GDR. Our central result is that nineteen

Irwin L. Collier; Miriam Beblo; Thomas Knaus



Sound Processing Features for Speaker-Dependent and Phrase-Independent Emotion Recognition in Berlin Database  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

An emotion recognition framework based on sound processing could improve services in human-computer interaction. Various quantitative speech features obtained from sound processing of acting speech were tested, as to whether they are sufficient or not to discriminate between seven emotions. Multilayered perceptrons were trained to classify gender and emotions on the basis of a 24-input vector, which provide information about the prosody of the speaker over the entire sentence using statistics of sound features. Several experiments were performed and the results were presented analytically. Emotion recognition was successful when speakers and utterances were “known” to the classifier. However, severe misclassifications occurred during the utterance-independent framework. At least, the proposed feature vector achieved promising results for utterance-independent recognition of high- and low-arousal emotions.

Anagnostopoulos, Christos Nikolaos; Vovoli, Eftichia


9th transgenic technology meeting (TT2010) in Berlin, Germany: a meeting report  

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The first Transgenic Technology (TT) Meeting was organized in 1999 by Johannes Wilbertz, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm,\\u000a Sweden as a regional meeting. The TT Meetings continued in this way, constantly gathering additional practitioners of transgenic\\u000a methodologies until the breakthrough in 2005 when the 6th TT Meeting in Barcelona, Spain, hosted by Lluis Montoliu (Centro\\u000a Nacional de Biotecnologia, Madrid, Spain), generated the

Thomas L. SaundersPeter Sobieszczuk; Peter Sobieszczuk



Untersuchung ueber die Gasabgabe aus den Waenden eines Tokamak-Fusionsreaktors vom Typ ITER II. (Investigations about the outgassing behaviour of the walls of a Tokamak fusion reactor).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The present paper represents a ''state of the art''-review about some aspects of outgassing. First some theoretical models of outgassing and models for calculating outgassing rates will be discussed. The adsorption-diffusion-model of MALEV is considered a...

I. Kunz



Institut fuer Astronomie und Astrophysik der Technischen Universitaet Berlin. Jahresbericht fuer das Jahr 1989 (Activities Report of the Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics at Technical University of Berlin (Germany, F.R.)).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Activities, computer installations, and conferences of the institute are reviewed. Scientific projects and achievements are presented in the following areas: solar system; cataclysmic variable and x-ray double stars; extragalactic x-ray sources; developme...

K. Beuermann



Fortbildungsbedarf und Fortbildungsangebote im Bereich: Bibliothekswesen, Information und Dokumentation in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und Berlin (West) (The Need for and Availability of Further Education in the Librarianship/Information and Documentation Field in West Germany and West Berlin).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This investigation into the availability of and demand for further educational measures in library and information science indicates that obvious discrepancies exist, with demand exceeding availability in the following areas: EDP (electronic data processing) use; criteria for selection for EDP use; online use, including retrieval and database…

Simon, Hans-Reiner


The Impact of Technology-Oriented University Start-Ups on Regional Development: The Case of the Technical University Berlin  

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\\u000a The emergence of new technology-oriented industries creates opportunities to overcome economic and social problems resulting\\u000a from the shrinking of traditional heavy industry. For this purpose, a strong presence of research institutions, particularly\\u000a with technical focus is indispensible because they guarantee technology transfer. Thereby, one of the most relevant channels\\u000a of technology transfer are entrepreneurship or spin-off activities at research institutions.

M. Mro?ewski; K. Fajga; A. Matuschka


Impact of stroke on health-related quality of life in diverse cultures: the Berlin-Ibadan multicenter international study  

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Background Various studies have reported discordant profiles of health-related quality of life (HRQOL) after stroke. The aims of this study, the first of its kind, were to determine the real impact of stroke on HRQOL across diverse cultures; and to compare HRQOL between stroke patients and healthy adults, and across stroke severity strata. Methods 100 stroke patients and 100 apparently healthy adults (AHAs) in Nigeria; as well as 103 stroke and 50 AHAs in Germany participated. Stroke severity was measured using the National Institute of Health Stroke Scale, Stroke Levity Scale and modified Rankin scale. HRQOL was evaluated using the HRQOL In Stroke Patients (HRQOLISP) measure, a holistic multiculturally-validated measure with seven therapeutically-relevant domains distributed into two spheres. Results Domains within the spiritual sphere were considered more important by stroke patients. In both countries, stroke patients significantly (0.00001 < p < 0.004) had worse HRQOL than AHAs in all domains within the physical sphere. This was not so for the spiritual sphere. Consistently, stroke severity correlated significantly with all domains in the physical sphere unlike the spiritual sphere. In diverse cultures, the correlation coefficients between HRQOL and all indices of stroke severity revealed a decremental trend from the physical domain (rho = 0.77, p < 0.00001) to the spiritual domain (rho = 0.01, p = 0.893). Conclusions Consistently, stroke elicited a decremental response across domains, with domains in the spiritual sphere being relatively stroke-resilient. The potential utility of the relatively preserved spiritual sphere in facilitating stroke rehabilitation requires evaluation in diverse cultures.



Ostracodology-Linking Bio- and Geosciences: Proceedings of the 15th International Symposium on Ostracoda, Berlin, 2005  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

If you want to know about the ``paradox of sex'' or why a tiny crustacean prefers spinach over brussels sprouts, then read this book. Ostracodes are a class of small crustaceans of 33,000 known living and extinct species and many more yet to be described. They are notable for their application to paleoclimatology and paleoenvironmental reconstruction-as described by J. Holmes and A. Chivas in the 2002 AGU Geophysical Monograph Series volume 131. In addition, they can make the evolutionary claim to the oldest proven male animal, a 435-million-year-old Silurian fossil from England called Colymbosathon ecplecticos (D. J. Siveter et al., Science, 302, 1749-1751, 2003).

Cronin, Thomas M.



The eating attitudes test: Comparative analysis of female and male students at the Public Ballet School of Berlin  

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Differentiated examination of eating attitudes and behaviours of female and male German ballet school students with particular\\u000a reference to their age and analysis of common points with and differences from female Anorexia nervosa (A.n.) patients. The\\u000a Eating Attitudes Test (EAT-40) was used. Male and female adolescent students of a ballet school and a high school as well\\u000a as anorectic patients

K.-J. Neumärker; N. Bettle; O. Bettle; U. Dudeck; U. Neumärker




Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

Artificial diet was supplemented with avidin at 10 and 100 ppm to determine its effects on growth and mortality of five lepidopteran insects: Helicoverpa zea, Heliothis virescens, Spodoptera frugiperda, Spodoptera exigua, and Anticarsia gemmatalis. All insects were placed on diet immediately after...


Systematic Reading Training in the Family: Development, Implementation, and Initial Evaluation of the Berlin Parent-Child Reading Program  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Drawing on knowledge about the development of reading comprehension, and empirical insights into the effects of training on students' learning strategies and reading-related metacognition, we developed a parent-child reading program for implementation in the home environment. The results of this first quasi-experimental evaluation study indicate…

McElvany, Nele; Artelt, Cordula



What’s the Emergency Here? An examination of emergency room perspectives on Muslim immigrant patients in Berlin  

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My thesis, then, proposes to examine an often-overlooked field in which tensions relating to immigration also occurs: health care. It aims to better understand how Germany’s health care system, particularly its emergency facilities, have responded to the increasing ethnic and cultural diversity of patients as a result of these demographic shifts, and what still must be done to provide equal

Janet Ma



Schooling the New Generation of German Citizens: A Comparison of Citizenship Curricula in Berlin and Baden-Wurttemberg  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|In Germany, unlike other European countries, citizenship education has a long history. Since the Second World War, its role has evolved from promoting de-Nazification in the West and state socialism in the East to emphasising common citizenship in a multicultural society. Today, the federal states ("Bundeslander") are largely autonomous in…

Faas, Daniel; Street, Alex



The Eating Attitudes Test: comparative analysis of female and male students at the Public Ballet School of Berlin.  


Differentiated examination of eating attitudes and behaviours of female and male German ballet school students with particular reference to their age and analysis of common points with and differences from female Anorexia nervosa (A.n.) patients. The Eating Attitudes Test (EAT-40) was used. Male and female adolescent students of a ballet school and a high school as well as anorectic patients participated in this study. EAT totals exhibited by female and male ballet school students were higher with significance than those recorded from high school students. EAT totals > 30 were reached by 21.6% of female ballet school students but by no male ballet school student at all. In the context of certain EAT items, a number of differences are described between female ballet school students, on the one hand, and female A.n. patients, on the other. No case was identifiable which would satisfy ICD-10 criteria for Anorexia nervosa. Attitudes and behaviours of adolescent female and male ballet dancers toward eating and their own body should be judged with due consideration of their specific living conditions. PMID:9563809

Neumärker, K J; Bettle, N; Bettle, O; Dudeck, U; Neumärker, U



Berlin's Failed Bid to Host the 2000 Summer Olympic Games: Urban Development and the Improvement of Sports Facilities  

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Recently scholars have become interested in how the Olympic Games can create a positive legacy for the cities that host them. These benefits often include state-of-the-art sports facilities, improved transportation infrastructure and beautification projects, such as the creation of parks. Stimulated by the Olympic Games, cities may embark on large-scale urban development projects that may otherwise not be carried out




Changes of CSF-protein pattern in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia during prophylactic CNS therapy (Berlin protocol)  

SciTech Connect

The cerebral spinal fluid (CSF)-protein profiles of ten children with previously untreated acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) were investigated by agarose gel electrophoresis. The profiles were determined at diagnosis and during the fifth to eighth week of treatment when preventive therapy for central nervous system (CNS) leukemia (skull irradiation, intrathecal methotrexate (ithMTX) was administered. The profiles were compared with those obtained from a control group of 67 children and those from 42 patients with acute aseptic meningitis. The data from the latter group demonstrated the CSF-protein pattern of partial blood-CSF barrier (B-CSF-B) breakdown. The children with ALL showed no or only minor signs of a B-CSF-B impairment at diagnosis and after four weeks of systemic treatment. However, CSF changes indicative of a lesion of the B-CSF-B increased in all children continuously during CNS prophylaxis. The protein profile at the end of combined chemotherapy and radiotherapy was very similar to that in patients with acute aseptic meningitis. These observations point to neurotoxic side effects on the CNS barrier system with the combination of cranial radiation and ithMTX. A striking finding was restricted heterogeneity of gamma-globulin, observed in the CSF of nine out of the ten children with ALL before or during treatment. The significance of this abnormality is unknown.

Siemes, H.; Rating, D.; Siegert, M.; Hanefeld, F.; Mueller, S.; Gadner, H.; Riehm, H.



New Working Pairs for Absorption Processes: Proceedings of a Workshop in Berlin, April 14-16, 1982.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Introductory remarks by the chairman of the workshop; Current and historical heat pump activities in Belin; Absorption heat pump and working pair developments in Europe until 1974; Overview and history of absorption fluid developments in the USA(1927-1974...

W. Baldow



The Berlin Brain-Computer Interface (BBCI) - towards a new communication channel for online control in gaming applications  

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The investigation of innovative Human- Computer Interfaces (HCI) provides a challenge for future multimedia research and development. Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) exploit the ability of human communica- tion and control bypassing the classical neuromuscular communication channels. In general, BCIs offer a possibil- ity of communication for people with severe neuromuscu- lar disorders, such as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or spinal cord

Roman Krepki; Benjamin Blankertz; Gabriel Curio; Klaus-robert Müller



Comparative molecular investigation of Nc5PCR amplicons from Neospora caninum NC1 and Hammondia heydorni Berlin1996  

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The clinical relevance of Neospora caninum as a cyst-forming coccidian parasite is increasingly acknowledged within veterinary medicine, although the pathways of transmission are far from being solved. The parasite is well known for causing diaplacental infections in cows associated with abortion and\\/or severe damage of the fetus. In addition, it may cause neuromuscular disease in dogs, which thus apparently act

N. Müller; H. Sager; A. Hemphill; H. Mehlhorn; A. Heydorn; B. Gottstein



Mobility of students, academic and administrative staff: a basis for establishing a European higher education area (Berlin communiqué 2003).  


This article aims to highlight the possibilities of the Intensive Programme (IP), one of the items of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission. The benefits of organizing an IP in a specific discipline-related area is illustrated by a case study of the speech-language therapy IP, which has been coordinated for 16 years by the Department of Speech-Language Therapy of the Lessius Hogeschool Antwerp, Belgium. PMID:20639640

Chantrain, Hilde



The Berlin Exoplanet Search Telescope II Catalog of Variable Stars. I. Characterization of Three Southern Target Fields  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A photometric survey of three southern target fields with BEST II yielded the detection of 2406 previously unknown variable stars and an additional 617 stars with suspected variability. This study presents a catalog including their coordinates, magnitudes, light curves, ephemerides, amplitudes, and type of variability. In addition, the variability of 17 known objects is confirmed, thus validating the results. The catalog contains a number of known and new variables that are of interest for further astrophysical investigations, in order to, e.g., search for additional bodies in eclipsing binary systems, or to test stellar interior models. Altogether, 209,070 stars were monitored with BEST II during a total of 128 nights in 2009/2010. The overall variability fraction of 1.2%-1.5% in these target fields is well comparable to similar ground-based photometric surveys. Within the main magnitude range of R in [11, 17], we identify 0.67(3)% of all stars to be eclipsing binaries, which indicates a completeness of about one third for this particular type in comparison to space surveys.

Fruth, T.; Cabrera, J.; Chini, R.; Csizmadia, Sz.; Dreyer, C.; Eigmüller, P.; Erikson, A.; Kabath, P.; Kirste, S.; Lemke, R.; Murphy, M.; Pasternacki, T.; Rauer, H.; Titz-Weider, R.



Do We Need Berlin Walls or Chinese Walls between Research, Public Consultation, and Advice? New Public Responsibilities for Life Scientists  

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During the coming decades, life scientists will become involved more than ever in the public and private lives of patients\\u000a and consumers, as health and food sciences shift from a collective approach towards individualization, from a curative to\\u000a a preventive approach, and from being driven by desires rather than by technology. This means that the traditional relationships\\u000a between the activities

Michiel Korthals



How Frogs Built the Berlin Wall: A Detailed Error Analysis of a Question Answering System for Dutch  

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The paper describes the University of Amsterdam's partici- pation in the Question Answering track at CLEF 2003, our system and the results produced by it. A thorough analysis of the wrong answers given by our system is provided, including a discussion of each type of error and possible strategies for handling them. We outline our current eorts for improvement of

Valentin Jijkoun; Gilad Mishne; Maarten De Rijke



Do we need Berlin Walls or Chinese Walls between research, public consultation and advice? New public responsibilities for life scientist  

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During the coming decades, life scientists will become involved more than ever in the public and private lives of patients and consumers, as health and food sciences shift from a collective approach towards individualization, from a curative to a preventive approach, and from being driven by desires rather than by technology. This means that the traditional relationships between the activities

M. J. J. A. A. Korthals



Lost in Transition? The Returns to Education Acquired under Communism 15 Years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall  

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Using data for 22 economies in Eastern and Western Europe, we find evidence that having studied under communism is relatively penalized in the economies of the late 2000s. This evidence, however, is limited to males and to primary and secondary education, and holds for eight CEE economies but not for the East Germans who have studied in the former German

Giorgio Brunello; Elena Crivellaro; Lorenzo Rocco



Three-dimensional turbulent boundary layers; Proceedings of the Symposium, Berlin, West Germany, March 29-April 1, 1982  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Papers are presented on recent research concerning three-dimensional turbulent boundary layers. Topics examined include experimental techniques in three-dimensional turbulent boundary layers, turbulence measurements in ship-model flow, measurements of Reynolds-stress profiles in the stern region of a ship model, the effects of crossflow on the vortex-layer-type three-dimensional flow separation, and wind tunnel investigations of some three-dimensional separated turbulent boundary layers. Also examined are three-dimensional boundary layers in turbomachines, the boundary layers on bodies of revolution spinning in axial flows, the effect on a developed turbulent boundary layer of a sudden local wall motion, three-dimensional turbulent boundary layer along a concave wall, the numerical computation of three-dimensional boundary layers, a numerical study of corner flows, three-dimensional boundary calculations in design aerodynamics, and turbulent boundary-layer calculations in design aerodynamics. For individual items see A83-47012 to A83-47036

Fernholz, H. H.; Krause, E.


Twenty Years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall: Structural Convergence in a Slow-Growth Environment  

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In this paper, we take a closer look at the development of the East German economy since German reunification in 1990 and its sectoral structure. Manufacturing has regained importance, driven by strong growth. Particularly in the southern East German states—Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia—manufacturing has grown rapidly and new industrial clusters have emerged. These states have experienced a substantially higher rate

Markus Demary; Klaus-Heiner Röhl



Frequent Combination of Antimicrobial Multiresistance and Extraintestinal Pathogenicity in Escherichia coli Isolates from Urban Rats (Rattus norvegicus) in Berlin, Germany  

PubMed Central

Urban rats present a global public health concern as they are considered a reservoir and vector of zoonotic pathogens, including Escherichia coli. In view of the increasing emergence of antimicrobial resistant E. coli strains and the on-going discussion about environmental reservoirs, we intended to analyse whether urban rats might be a potential source of putatively zoonotic E. coli combining resistance and virulence. For that, we took fecal samples from 87 brown rats (Rattus norvegicus) and tested at least three E. coli colonies from each animal. Thirty two of these E. coli strains were pre-selected from a total of 211 non-duplicate isolates based on their phenotypic resistance to at least three antimicrobial classes, thus fulfilling the definition of multiresistance. As determined by multilocus sequence typing (MLST), these 32 strains belonged to 24 different sequence types (STs), indicating a high phylogenetic diversity. We identified STs, which frequently occur among extraintestinal pathogenic E. coli (ExPEC), such as STs 95, 131, 70, 428, and 127. Also, the detection of a number of typical virulence genes confirmed that the rats tested carried ExPEC-like strains. In particular, the finding of an Extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL)-producing strain which belongs to a highly virulent, so far mainly human- and avian-restricted ExPEC lineage (ST95), which expresses a serogroup linked with invasive strains (O18:NM:K1), and finally, which produces an ESBL-type frequently identified among human strains (CTX-M-9), pointed towards the important role, urban rats might play in the transmission of multiresistant and virulent E. coli strains. Indeed, using a chicken infection model, this strain showed a high in vivo pathogenicity. Imagining the high numbers of urban rats living worldwide, the way to the transmission of putatively zoonotic, multiresistant, and virulent strains might not be far ahead. The unforeseeable consequences of such an emerging public health threat need careful consideration in the future.

Guenther, Sebastian; Bethe, Astrid; Fruth, Angelika; Semmler, Torsten; Ulrich, Rainer G.; Wieler, Lothar H.; Ewers, Christa



Ways and possibilities of controlling turbulent shear flows - A selection of problems pursued at HFI and DLR in Berlin  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Recent works on flow stability and turbulence are reviewed with emphasis on the flow control of free and wall-bounded flows. Axisymmetric jets in counterflow are considered for two characteristic cases: a stable case at low velocity ratios and an unstable case at higher velocity ratios. Among mixing layers, excited layers are covered as well as density-inhomogeneous flows, where countergradient, homogeneous, and cogradient cases are reviewed. The influences of boundary conditions are analyzed, and focus is placed on feedback condition, flow distortion, accelerated flow, and two- and three-dimensional studies. Attention is given to stability investigations and riblets as a means for reducing surface friction in a turbulent flow.

Fiedler, Heinrich E.



The orphaned nation: Korea imagined as an overseas adopted child in Clon's Abandoned Child and Park Kwang-su's Berlin Report  

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en ABSTRACT International adoption from Korea constitutes the background to this study. The forced migration of Korean children has by now continued for over half a century, resulting in a diaspora of more than 150,000 adopted Koreans dispersed among 15 main host countries on the continents of Europe, North America and Oceania. Both the demographic scope, the time span and

Tobias Hübinette



II-VI compounds 1989; Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference, Technische Universitaet Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany, Sept. 17-22, 1989  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Various papers on crystal growth are presented. The general topics addressed include: crystal growth and epitaxy; theoretical concepts; impurities; surfaces and interfaces, thin films, superlattices, and quantum wells; optical properties; transport; semimagnetics; electroluminescence; and applications. Individual topics addressed include: MOVPE of narrow and wide gap II-VI compounds; HgTe/HgCdTe superlattices: growth, electrical, and optical properties; growth and characterization of CdS; vertical Bridgman growth of Cd(1-x)Zn(y)Te and characterization of substrates for use in Hg(1-x)Cd(x)Te liquid phase epitaxy; CdTe and CdZnTe crystal growth by horizontal Bridgman technique; crystalline and chemical quality of CdTe and Cd(1-x)Zn(x)Te grown by the Bridgman method in low temperature gradients.

Broser, I.; Gumlich, H.-E.; Gutowski, J.; Mullin, J. B.




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Retail trading on financial exchanges is always intermediated by banks. Thus, a direct link between exchange and retail investors does not exist. However, financial exchanges offer services to retail investors. Thus, from a marketing perspective, retail investors are their direct customers. Caused by the bank-intermediated transaction chain on financial retail exchanges a direct customer relationship management (CRM) among exchanges and

Christoph Lattemann; Stefan Stieglitz


Synergistic effects of STI Control and HIV preventionPresented at the International Congress of Sexually Transmitted Infections (ISSTDR\\/IUSTI) 2001, Berlin  

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Provision of early and effective treatment of STD impacts on HIV transmission by shortening the duration of a biological cofactor\\u000a for HIV transmission, which can lead to reduced infectiousness in an HIV positive person or reduced susceptibility in an HIV\\u000a negative person. In addition, offering good quality STD services, integrated into the existing healthcare centres or set up\\u000a as special

Y. Lafort



Birgit Schmidt am Busch, Die amerikanisch-sowjetische RUstungskontrollabkommen im Recht der vdlkemchtlichen VertrOge, Berlin, Duncker & Humbkrt (1993) 364 pages  

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Though limited in number, the bilateral treaties between the United States and the Soviet Union (and the latter's successor States) on disarmament, arms control and crisis management are not only of great political and military importance but also raise numerous interesting questions on the level of international law. In her doctoral dissertation at the University of Munich, Birgit Schmidt am

Hanspeter Neuhold


The Challenge of the Future. Future Trends in Adult and Continuing Technical and Vocational Education. An International Symposium (Berlin, Germany, October 16-20, 1995).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This report on an international symposium on the strengthening of the development and improvement of vocational education begins with a description of UNEVOC, the International Project on Technical and Vocational Education. Section 2 presents discussions of the following topics: adult and continuing technical and vocational education and its…

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, Hamburg (Germany). Inst. for Education.


Relation Between Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease and Cognition in Very Old Age: Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Findings From the Berlin Aging Study  

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This study documented findings on the relation between cognitive functioning (perceptual speed, memory, fluency, and knowledge) and cardiovascular and metabolic disease in a sample of very old adults (ages 70 and older), both cross-sectionally (n = 516) and longitudinally (n = 206) in a 4-year follow-up. After age, SES, sex, and dementia status were controlled for, 4 diagnoses were negatively

Paul Verhaeghen; Markus Borchelt; Jacqui Smith



7TH International Workshop on Laser Physics (LPHYS'98) Berlin, Germany July 6-10, 1998 Program and Book of Abstracts: Volume 2.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Laser Physics. The topics covered at this seminar include; Modern Trends in Laser Physics, Laser Spectroscopy ; Laser Cooling and Atom Optics, Physics of Solid State Lasers; Laser Methods in Medicine; a...

M. Haus W. H. Heraeus E. Heraeus-Stiftung



Teaching Literature in a Proficiency Oriented Classroom. Pedagogically Prepared Units by Teachers of German, 1991, NEH German Institute, Westminster College, Berlin, Germany.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|A number of papers by secondary school German language teachers resulting from an institute on incorporation of literature into classroom instruction jointly sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Goethe Institute of Germany are collected here. They represent classroom methods and materials developed by institute…

Moeller, Aleidine J., Ed.


Global Climate Change: Adequacy of Commitments Under the U.N. Framework Convention and the Berlin Mandate. CRS Report for Congress.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The second session of the Conference of Parties (COP-2) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC) convened July 8-19, 1996, in Geneva, Switzerland. Some in the U.S. Congress have voiced concerns about the principles of common but...

W. A. Morrissey



US-German Cooperation For Further Development Of Decision Support Systems For Sustainable Contaminated Site Revitalization - Berlin, Germany, Sept. 24, 2008.  

EPA Science Inventory

SMARTe ( S ustainable M anagement A pproaches and R evitalization T ools - e lectronic) is a web-based decision support tool developed by the Office of Research and Development (ORD) in partnership with the Office of Brownfields and Land Revital...


Occurrence of Endocrine-Disrupting and Other Wastewater Compounds during Water Treatment with Case Studies from Lincoln, Nebraska and Berlin, Germany  

EPA Science Inventory

Except for herbicides, research on the fate and transport of endocrine disrupting compounds and other organic wastewater compounds released into the environment and their potential presence in drinking water is in its infancy. Analytical methods still are being developed, evalua...


A. Kim, k.f. Anderson, j. Berliner, j. Hassan, j. Jensen, h.j. Mertz, h. Pietsch, a. Rao, R. Scherer, and a. Sutterfield.  


In this study, three dummies were evaluated on the component level and as a whole. Their responses were compared with available volunteer and embalmed Post Mortem Human Subject (PMHS) data obtained under similar test conditions to evaluate their biofidelity. The volunteer and PMHS data, used as comparators in this study, were used previously to establish some of the biofidelity requirements of the Hybrid III. The BioRID II, the Hybrid III, and the RID2 were all subjected to rear impact HYGE sled tests with deltaVs of 17 and 28 km/hr to determine their biofidelity in these conditions. A static pull test, where a load was manually applied to the head of each dummy, was used to evaluate the static strength of their necks in flexion and extension. Finally, pendulum tests were conducted with the Hybrid III and RID2 to evaluate the dynamic characteristics of their necks in flexion and extension. The sled test results indicate that out of the three dummies, the overall flexibility of the Hybrid III is comparable to that of the volunteer anticipating the impact. The overall flexibilities of the BioRID II and the RID2 are greater than those of all the comparators used in this study (the tensed volunteer and the two embalmed PMHSs). The responses of the Hybrid III are closer to those of the tensed volunteer than those of the PMHSs. The responses of the BioRID II and the RID2 are closer to those of the PMHSs than to the tensed volunteer. PMID:17096262

Kim, A; Anderson, K F; Berliner, J; Hassan, J; Jensen, J; Mertz, H J; Pietsch, H; Rao, A; Scherer, R; Sutterfield, A



Live Image Processing Does Not Increase Adenoma Detection Rate During Colonoscopy: A Randomized Comparison Between FICE and Conventional Imaging (Berlin Colonoscopy Project 5, BECOP-5)  

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OBJECTIVES:Fujinon intelligent chromoendoscopy (FICE) is a post-processing imaging technique for increasing contrast of mucosa and mucosal lesions that might lead to improvement in colonic adenoma detection during colonoscopy. Previous studies on similar contrast-enhancing techniques as well as on dye staining have yielded variable and conflicting results. This large randomized trial was undertaken to determine whether FICE technology enhances adenoma detection

Alireza Aminalai; Thomas Rösch; Jens Aschenbeck; Michael Mayr; Rolf Drossel; Andreas Schröder; Matthias Scheel; Doris Treytnar; Ulrich Gauger; Gabriela Stange; Frank Simon; Andreas Adler



Control of the African army worm Spodoptera exempta walker (lepidoptera: noctuidae) in kenyan fields with highly effective strains of Bacillus thuringiensis berliner  

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Good control of second and third instar larvae of Spodoptera exempta was obtained in cereal fields using spray application of powder preparations of different Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) strains: Bt24 (var. entomocidus), IH?A (var. aizawai) and K26–21 (new isolate). These Bt preparations also protected cereal crops from damage caused by fourth to sixth instar larvae, but lower rates of larval mortality

M. Broza; M. Brownbridge; M. Hamal; B. Sneh



The Berlin initiative study: the methodology of exploring kidney function in the elderly by combining a longitudinal and cross-sectional approach  

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Epidemiologic data on incidence, prevalence and risk factors for chronic kidney disease (CKD) and its progression to kidney\\u000a failure in people ?70 years are scarce. This lack may have two reasons: First, the issue has only recently gained importance\\u000a by the changing demographics characterized by an aging society. Secondly, a validated method for estimating kidney function\\u000a in terms of glomerular filtration

Elke S. Schaeffner; Markus van der Giet; Jens Gaedeke; Markus Tölle; Natalie Ebert; Martin K. Kuhlmann; Peter Martus



[Investigations of the Berlin-Reinickendorf Health Office of salmonella infections, a pilot project in cooperation with the Robert von Ostertag Institute of the Federal Health Office].  


According to the Federal Law on Epidemics, salmonelloses belong to the notifiable diseases. Even the suspicion of the disease is notifiable. However, only in very few cases the suspicion is notified, thus, the activity of the Public Health Office to clarify the infection routes is often too late. The rate of clarified cases from the total single cases is, therefore, very low. The different fields of responsibility of the Public Health Offices and the Veterinary Offices and Food Investigation Centres has a negative effect on the clarification rate as well. The Department of Health and Environment Protection has, in cooperation with the Robert von Ostertag-Institute, developed a pilot project: "Recording of suspected food infections and intoxications in private households--clarification of infection routes". The objective of the project is the improvement of cooperation of human and veterinary medicine, as well as of the investigation centres, the Federal Health Office and private physicians. Additionally, clinical data are to be collected to find out the reasons for the salmonellosis suspicion. Hypotheses on infection routes in households are to be verified or falsified by means of clutch and swab samples. Early investigations of the cases are to lead to a higher investigation rate of food samples in households and restaurants. PMID:8375325

Hoppe, B



[Clinical cancer documentation of the Central Institute for Cancer Research of the Academy of Sciences of the German Democratic Republic, Berlin-Buch--tasks, organization and usefulness].  


The Hospital based Cancer Registry working at the Central Institute for Cancer Research, Academy of Sciences of GDR is demonstrated. The paper describes its organization, the data collected, its activities and benefit for research and clinical practice. PMID:4037998

Kluge, E; Ebeling, K



Annual Meeting on Nuclear Technology 1980 (Held at Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany on 25 March 1980). Technical Meeting: Operating Experiences.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In addition to general experiences, experiences in reactor operation with relation to the Phenix reactor, KNK-2 reactor, the AVR reactor, the BWR-type KKI-reactor, the Philippsburg-1 reactor and the Obrigheim reactor are described. (ERA citation 12:038836...



The role of facemasks and hand hygiene in the prevention of influenza transmission in households: results from a cluster randomised trial; Berlin, Germany, 2009-2011  

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Background Previous controlled studies on the effect of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPI) - namely the use of facemasks and intensified hand hygiene - in preventing household transmission of influenza have not produced definitive results. We aimed to investigate efficacy, acceptability, and tolerability of NPI in households with influenza index patients. Methods We conducted a cluster randomized controlled trial during the pandemic season 2009/10 and the ensuing influenza season 2010/11. We included households with an influenza positive index case in the absence of further respiratory illness within the preceding 14 days. Study arms were wearing a facemask and practicing intensified hand hygiene (MH group), wearing facemasks only (M group) and none of the two (control group). Main outcome measure was laboratory confirmed influenza infection in a household contact. We used daily questionnaires to examine adherence and tolerability of the interventions. Results We recruited 84 households (30 control, 26 M and 28 MH households) with 82, 69 and 67 household contacts, respectively. In 2009/10 all 41 index cases had a influenza A (H1N1) pdm09 infection, in 2010/11 24 had an A (H1N1) pdm09 and 20 had a B infection. The total secondary attack rate was 16% (35/218). In intention-to-treat analysis there was no statistically significant effect of the M and MH interventions on secondary infections. When analysing only households where intervention was implemented within 36 h after symptom onset of the index case, secondary infection in the pooled M and MH groups was significantly lower compared to the control group (adjusted odds ratio 0.16, 95% CI, 0.03-0.92). In a per-protocol analysis odds ratios were significantly reduced among participants of the M group (adjusted odds ratio, 0.30, 95% CI, 0.10-0.94). With the exception of MH index cases in 2010/11 adherence was good for adults and children, contacts and index cases. Conclusions Results suggest that household transmission of influenza can be reduced by the use of NPI, such as facemasks and intensified hand hygiene, when implemented early and used diligently. Concerns about acceptability and tolerability of the interventions should not be a reason against their recommendation. Trial registration The study was registered with (Identifier NCT00833885).



Psychological distress and psychiatric disorders in primary health care patients in East and West Germany 1 year after the fall of the Berlin Wall  

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Background: The reunification of Germany confronted citizens in East and West Germany with many changes in their lives. These changes\\u000a may be considered as critical life events. Especially for those in East Germany, life circumstances drastically changed, and\\u000a individuals were increasingly required to adopt and develop coping capabilities. In addition to new opportunities and freedom,\\u000a there was threatening uncertainty about

M. Achberger; M. Linden; O. Benkert



Authoritarianism and Education in Soviet Schools: a tale of John Dewey's Ideas and the Woman Who Brought Down the Berlin Wall  

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Here is a perfectly plausible theory, even more so as the two last American presidents seemingly supported it. Once upon a time there were two military and ideological blocks: the Western democracies and Communist totalitarianism. They fought the Cold war, which the Western block has won, and the Communist block has lost. Two main strategies greatly contributed to the fall

Alexander M. Sidorkin



International Conference on Low Temperature Chemistry, LTC5, (5th) Held in Berlin-Dahlem, Germany on September 7-10, 2004. Final Proceedings Abstracts.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The Final Proceedings for Fifth International Conference on Low Temperature Chemistry (LTC5) 7 September 2004 - 10 September 2004. The proceedings are abstracts only. Topics covered include: Quantum solid: hydrogens and condensates, Quantum liquid: helium...

N. Schwentner I. Twesten



Die Veröffentlichung des Privaten. Mit intelligenten Etiketten vom grundsätzlichen Schutz der Privatsphäre zum Selbstschutz-Prinzip [Revealing the Private: By Means of Intelligent Labels From the Principal Protection of Privacy to the Principle of Self-protection  

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Small electronic storage-devices, also known as Smart Labels or RFID-Tags, that emit the information they hold via radio signals, are intended to be mounted on or integrated in products to serve as means of product identification. These RFID-Tags shall store a product’s Electronic Product Code, a worldwide unique identifier of a single product. Based on this identifier information on the

Andreas Krisch



Abhaengigkeit des Verjuengungserfolges vom Oberbodenzustand und Saeuregrad in geschaedigten Waldbestaenden des Schwarzwaldes. (Dependence of natural regeneration of forest trees on upper soil conditions and acidity at damaged sites in the Black Forest, Germany).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

It was the goal of this study to investigate the influence of different upper soil conditions on the germination and establishment, as well as the growth, of young plants of various tree species. For this purpose, four test plots in the region of the Blac...

T. Littek



Die Andragogische Tatigkeit der Volkshochschule vom Beginn des Zweiten Weltkrieges bis zur Autonomie Kroatiens (Adult Education Activity of People's University from the Beginning of Second World War Until the Independence of Croatia).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper looks at adult education activity of the Croatian People's University from the beginning of World War II until the independence of Croatia. The People's University was an initiative developed in 1907 by Dr. Albert Bazola, who modeled it after other existing world university extensions. An important characteristic in the work of the…

Klapan, Anita


Temperaturmessungen in 80 Bis 100 Km Hoehe Vom Boden Aus durch Laser-Angeregte Resonanz-Fluoreszenz AM na (Temperature Measurements at Heights Between 80 and 100 Km Using Laser Induced Resonance Fluorescence on NA).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

A lidar system was developed for temperature measurements in the Earth atmosphere at heights between 80 and 100 km (mesopause) where the temperature reaches an absolute minimum of 180 to 220 K. Methods for the evaluation of the raw data, the physics funda...

U. P. Hoppe



Mutproben im Ubergang vom Kindes--ins Jugendalter, Befunde zu Verbreitung, Formen und Motiven (Tests of Courage during the Transition from Childhood to Adolescence--Findings Concerning Their Dissemination, Forms, and Motives).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Summarizes a courage behavior study of 1050 children and adolescents in Northrhine-Westphalia (Germany). Notes that most tests of courage are performed by 11-year-olds. Reveals that boys perform twice as many acts of courage as girls. Discusses the gender specific differences in relation to the development of children and adolescents. (CAJ)

Raithel, Jurgen



Oelbefeuertes Brennwert-Heizgeraet Insumma. Entwicklungsarbeiten vom 1.7.1984 bis 30.9.1986. Schlussbericht. (Insumma oil-fired high-efficiency heater. Engineering activities July 1, 1984 to September 30, 1986. Final report).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Engineering activities performed on the oil-fired high-efficiency heater during the report period concerned major modifications of appliance design concept and comprehensive theoretical and experimental activities to test the newly developed concept. The ...



Friedrichstraße, 1987: neo?historical urban design in the German Democratic Republic  

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In East Berlin, the turn towards the historic city had its peak in 1987 with the celebration of Berlin’s 750th anniversary. Only two years before the unforeseen fall of the Berlin Wall, the socialist leaders planned to reconstruct a glitzy shopping and entertainment district unheard of under the ‘real existing socialism’, which was to be designed with garish references to

Florian Urban



Beyond the regime: barriers to and opportunities for integrated sustainability policy as- sessment Paper for presentation at the 2008 Berlin Conference on the Human Dimensions of Global Envi- ronmental Change \\/ International Conference of the Social-Ecological Research 22-23 February 2008, Berlin  

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The concept of radical, systemic, decadal innovation - or a 'transition' - inevitably challenges dominant actors and institutions. Yet, the inability of current (incremental, short-term) policy approaches to adequately tackle persistent, long-term, complex and cross-sectoral problems suggests such a transition is needed. This paper explores the extent to which current policy assessment practices and institutions are able to support and

Lorraine Whitmarsh; Björn Nykvist


Statusbericht zur Aus- und Fortbildung in der Information und Dokumentation und in der Informationswissenschaft in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und Berlin (West) (Status Report on Education and Training in Information and Documentation and in the Field of Information Science in West Germany and West Berlin).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This report provides a summary of the accredited programs in library and information science in the Federal Republic of Germany. Discussions consider the expansion of education programs in such fields as electronic data processing and information and communications technology; the shifting trend in course development from more general to very…

Simon, Hans-Reiner


Sex discrimination in advertising — A summary of the situation in Sweden  

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Zusammenfassung Gegenstand dieses Berichts ist das Problem der Diskriminierung der Frau in der Werbung und insbesondere, wie dieses Problem in Schweden vomVerbraucherombudsmann und vomMarktgericht behandelt wird. Die Möglichkeiten rechtlichen Eingreifens sind gegenwärtig offenbar gering, sie könnten sich jedoch als Ergebnis laufender Untersuchungen von Regierung und Parlament verbessern. Eine vomVerbraucherombudsmann eingesetzte Arbeitsgruppe hat versucht, das Konzept der Geschlechtsdiskriminierung zu präzisieren; ihre

Thomas Utterström



Protection of a hermit crab by its symbiotic sea anemone Calliactis tricolor  

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Zusammenfassung Experimenteller Nachweis, dass Einsiedlerkrebse,Pagurus pollicaris, mit symbiontischer Seeanemone,Calliactis tricolor, anf ihrer Schale vom natürlichen Feind der Krabbe,Calappa flammea, weitgehend gemieden werden.

R. B. McLean; R. N. Mariscal



Die Zahl der Staubfäden der Weinrebe  

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Die Zählung der Staubfäden an fünfzigtausend Blüten von 423 Rebsorten ergab die extremen Zahlen 2 und 9 bei einem Mittelwert von 5.3 Staubfäden. Im einzelnen ist deren mittlere Zahl je Blüte abhängig vor allem von der Species der Rebe sowie dem Geschlecht der betreffenden Sorte, ferner vom Alter des Stockes und dem relativen Zeitpunkte des Aufblühens, nicht aber vom Jahrgang,

F. A. Schilder



Rheumatologie im G-DRG-Fallpauschalensystem  

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Zusammenfassung. Mit der Entscheidung vom 27. 6. 2000 durch die Selbstverwaltung und zuletzt durch die Festsetzung des GDRG- Systems 2004 im Rahmen einer Ersatzvornahme durch das Bundesministerium für Gesundheit und Soziale Sicherung wurde ein fast durchgängig pauschalierendes Vergütungssystem für den stationären Krankenhausbereich etabliert. Im Rahmen eines vom Verband der Rheumatologischen Akutkliniken (VRA) mit Unterstützung der DRG-Research-Group des Universitätsklinikums Münster unter

N. Roeder; W. Fiori; J. L. Hülsemann; N. Könecke; H. Lehmann; W. Liman; H.-J. Lakomek



Determination of BOD-values of starch-containing waste water by a BOD-biosensor 1 This paper was presented at the fifth World Congress on Biosensors, Berlin, Germany, 3–5 June 1998. 1  

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The control of waste water plants is difficult or even impossible using the classical determination method for biological oxygen demand (BOD), because of its high time consumption of five days. A determination within some minutes is possible by microbial BOD-sensors. However, high molecular weight substances cannot be detected, a problem which can be overcome by the use of additional enzymes.

Monika Reiss; Andreas Heibges; Jutta Metzger; Winfried Hartmeier



Phase-polarisation contrast for surface plasmon resonance biosensors 1 This paper was presented at the Fifth World Congress on Biosensors, Berlin, Germany, 3–5 June 1998. 1  

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A technique of phase-polarisation contrast (PPC) for the enhancement of the contrast of a surface plasmon resonance (SPR) intensity profile is proposed and experimentally realised. The technique exploits the peculiarities of light phase and polarisation behaviour under SPR. It applies to non-optimum SPR coupling conditions and enables one to lower the resonant minimum of reflected intensity nearly to zero, and

A. V. Kabashin; V. E. Kochergin; A. A. Beloglazov; P. I. Nikitin



Photoreceptor consisting of spiropyran–bacteriorhodopsin films for photosignal enhancement 1 This paper was presented at the Fifth World Congress on Biosensors, Berlin, Germany, 3–5 June 1998. 1  

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A photoreceptor composed of bacteriorhodopsin and 6-nitro spiropyran was fabricated for the enhancement of the ratio of signal to noise. Bacteriorhodopsin, a protein generating photocurrent, was deposited onto the pretreated ITO glass using LB technique and its photoelectric effect was verified. The photocurrent generated by bacteriorhodopsin was proportional to the light intensity change. The other side of the glass was

Junhong Min; Jeong-Woo Choi; Won Hong Lee; Ui Rak Kim



Blood Flow Volume Changes in the Maturing Arteriovenous Access for Hemodialysis 1 1 Presented at the 4th International Congress of the Vascular Access Society (VAS), Berlin, Germany, May 25 to 27, 2005  

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In our center, we start hemodialysis using arteriovenous accesses empirically 1 mo after surgery in nearly all patients, when the vein diameter reaches 5 mm and blood flow is assumed to be adequate. We measured blood flow and vessel diameter in the maturing autogenous and prosthetic access to determine if this approach can be justified by quantitative physiological parameters. Of

David Shemesh; Ilya Goldin; Daniel Berelowitz; Ibrahim Zaghal; Charles Zigelman; Oded Olsha



Landslides: Risk Analysis and Sustainable Disaster Management Edited by K. Sassa, H. Fukuoka, F.W. Wang, G. Wang. 2005 XXX, 385 p. 417 illus. 3-540-28664-0. Berlin: Springer, 2005.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Based on contributions to the first General Assembly of the International Consortium on Landslides, this reference and status report emphasizes the mechanisms of different types of landslides, landslide risk analysis, and sustainable disaster management. It comprises the achievements of the ICL over the past three years, since the Kyoto assembly. It consists of three parts: research results of the International Programme on Landslides (IPL); contributions on landslide risk analysis; and articles on sustainable disaster management.

Sassa, Kyoji; Fukuoka, H.; Wang, F. W.; Wang, Gonghui


IN Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Mixed Reality (ISMR '99). Mixed Reality - Merging Real and Virtual Worlds, pp. 261-284. Berlin: Springer Verlag. Collaborative Mixed Reality  

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Virtual Reality (VR) appears a natural medium for computer supported collaborative work (CSCW). However immersive Virtual Reality separates the user from the real world and their traditional tools . An alternative approach is through Mixed Reality (MR), the overlaying of virtual objects on the real world. This allows users to see each other and the real world at the same

Mark Billinghurst; Hirokazu Kato


Long-term earth system governance: A role for the social institution of insurance in greenhouse mitigation? Paper for the 2008 Berlin Conference on Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change ( DRAFT - NOT FOR CITATION WITHOUT PERMISSION )  

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This paper explores the potential for the global insurance industry to participate powerfully and constructively in long-term socio-ecological governance, specifically towards significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change presents a formidable public policy challenge and one to which sections of the insurance industry have been responsive. The industry can be expected to play a further constructive role for three

Liam Phelan; Glenn Albrecht


Establishing Partnership in Technical and Vocational Education. Co-operation between Educational Institutions and Enterprises in Technical and Vocational Education. A Seminar for Key Personnel from Africa and Asia (Berlin, Germany, May 2-12, 1995).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This report contains materials from a seminar designed to assist in the coordination between educational institutions and enterprises in preparing people for, and maintaining them within, the world of work. Chapter 1, Introduction, describes the International Project on Technical and Vocational Education (UNEVOC); it contains the greeting…

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, Berlin (Germany).


In Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 1531- PRICAI'98: Topics in Artificial Intelligence, H. Lee & H. Motoda (Eds.). Berlin:Springer Verlag. Applying Knowledge Discovery to Predict Infectious Disease Epidemics  

Microsoft Academic Search

Predictive modelling, in a knowledge discovery context, is regarded as the problem of deriving predictive knowledge from historical\\/temporal data. Here we argue that neural networks, an established computational technology, can efficaciously be used to perform predictive modelling, i.e. to explore the intrinsic dynamics of temporal data. Infectious-disease epidemic risk management is a candidate area for exploiting the potential of neural

Syed Sibte; Raza Abidi; Alwyn Goh


Building consensus on nomenclature and disease classification for ankylosing spondylitis: results and discussion of a questionnaire prepared for the International Workshop on New Treatment Strategies in Ankylosing Spondylitis, Berlin, Germany, 18-19 January 2002  

PubMed Central

Background: There is currently no universal consensus on nomenclature for spondyloarthropathy (SpA), or on activity and severity criteria for ankylosing spondylitis (AS). Method: Points of agreement and majority opinions among 28 international experts in the field were identified by questionnaire. Agreement was defined as >80% concurrence, clear majority as >60% concurrence, and a majority or trend as >50% concurrence. Results: Respondents agreed on the need for one term that reflects the inflammatory nature of the disease, but no agreement was reached on a specific term. Agreement included subdivision of patients with SpA into AS, psoriatic arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease associated arthritis, and undifferentiated spondyloarthritis/spondyloarthropathy. A majority of experts defined active disease as fulfilling classification criteria for AS and/or a SpA, and disease activity measured by a Bath AS Disease Activity Index (BASDAI) score >4 determined by two patient visits during a two month period, but no maximum radiographic score. The majority of participants considered failure of treatment response to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) alone to be a prerequisite for active/severe AS, and 15/28 (54%) thought that NSAID treatment failure should be defined as lack of response to two or more NSAIDs. Conclusions: Respondents agreed that a two to five year study is the ethical method to demonstrate effects of anti-tumour necrosis factor ? (TNF?) therapy on radiographic progression of AS, and that inclusion criteria should include a certain level of disease activity (measured by BASDAI) and failure of certain treatments. After the efficacy of anti-TNF? therapy in AS and psoriatic arthritis is proved, respondents agreed that more studies will be needed to show efficacy for other SpA subsets.

Braun, J; Sieper, J



Assessing and Managing Earthquake Risk: Geo-scientific and Engineering Knowledge for Earthquake Risk Mitigation: developments, tools, techniques. Edited by Carlos Sousa Oliveira, Antoni Roca, and Xavier Goula. Berlin: Springer, 2006.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This book points out the need of a multidisciplinary approach in the field of risk assessment and management. It provides an overview of the problems, approaches and common practices directly related to earthquake risk mitigation and, in particular, to the preparation of earthquake emergency plans.

Sousa Oliveira, Carlos; Roca, Antoni; Goula, Xavier



Microsoft Academic Search

Seventeen years after the fall of the Berlin wall, it seems odd to speak of a sociological article concerning gay and lesbian everyday life in East Berlin.1 For many in Berlin, speaking of the Eastern and Western parts of the city no longer makes sense. For others, being gay or lesbian rather than straight has become a non-issue here. However,



6. Statuskolloquium des PEF vom 6. bis 8. Maerz 1990 im Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe. Zusammenfassungen der Projektleitung. (6th status colloquium of the PEF project, on March 6-8, 1990 at Karlsruhe Nuclear Research Center. Summarizing reviews of the program management).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This report compiles the summarizing reviews of the program management in the final session of the 6th status colloquium. The full papers to which the summaries refer, are published in KfK-PEF 61. (orig.).



Globale und Hochaufgeloeste Radarrueckstrahlquerschnitts-Messungen und Zweidimensionale Mikrowellenabbildungen von Einem Skalierten und Flugzeugmodell Vom Typ Airbuss a 310 (Global and High Resolution Radar Cross Section Measurements and Two-Dimensional Microwave Images of a Scaled Aircraft Model from the Type Airbus A310).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The results from radar cross section high resolution measurements of a metallized scaled model of a usual airliner of the Airbus A310 type are presented. The measurements were performed for line polarization states by using a coherent short pulse radar at...

K. Bethke



Bericht ueber die im zweiten Halbjahr 1991 vom BMFT gefoerderten F+E-Arbeiten zur Entsorgung von radioaktiven Abfaellen und zur Ablagerung von chemisch-toxischen Abfaellen. (Report on R and D work on radioactive waste management and dumping of chemical-toxic wastes sponsored by the BMFT in the second half of 1991).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

On behalf of the Federal Minister of Research and Technology, the Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe has undertaken the projekt management of the R and D programme sector of waste management, subdivided into the programmes decommissioning and nuclear fuel cy...



Ethanol Infusion the Vein of Marshall Facilitates Mitral Isthmus Ablation  

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Background Treatment of perimitral flutter (PMF) requires bidirectional mitral isthmus (MI) block, which can be difficult with radiofrequency ablation (RFA). The vein of Marshall (VOM) is located within the MI. Objective To test whether VOM ethanol infusion could help achieve MI block. Methods Perimitral conduction was studied in patients undergoing ablation of atrial fibrillation (AF). Group 1 included 50 patients with a previous AF ablation undergoing repeat ablation, 30 of which had had MI ablation. Spontaneous (8/50) or inducible PMF (21/50) was confirmed by activation mapping. Group 2 included 21 patients undergoing de novo VOM ethanol infusion. The VOM was cannulated with a quadripolar catheter for pacing and with an angioplasty balloon to deliver up to four 1mL infusions of 98% ethanol. Voltage maps were created before and after VOM ethanol. Bidirectional MI block was verified by differential pacing. RFA times required to achieve it were assessed. Results In Group 1, VOM ethanol infusion acutely terminated PMF in 5/29 patients. RFA needed to achieve bidirectional MI block was 2.2±1.6 min. Presence of PMF or previous MI ablation did not affect RFA times. In Group 2, RFA needed to achieve bidirectional MI block was 2.0±1.6 min (p=NS). Five patients had bidirectional MI block achieved solely by VOM ethanol without RFA. In both groups, ablation after VOM ethanol was required in the annular aspect of the MI. There were no acute complications. Conclusion VOM ethanol infusion is useful in the treatment of PMF and assists in reliably achieving bidirectional MI block.

Baez-Escudero, Jose L.; Morales, Percy Francisco; Dave, Amish S.; Sasaridis, Christine M.; Kim, Young-Hoon; Okishige, Kaoru; Valderrabano, Miguel



Philosophie und Geschichte der Kosmologie.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Contents: 1. Von der Mythologie zum geozentrischen Kosmos. 2. Vom geozentrischen zum heliozentrischen Kosmos (15. - 16. Jahrhundert). 3. Der Kosmos im Zeitalter der klassischen Physik (17. - 19. Jahrhundert). 4. Der Kosmos im Zeitalter der modernen Physik. 5. Zusammenfassung.

Mainzer, K.


Development of Volatile Oil of Mustard and Vanillin as an Effective Food Preservation System for Military Bread and Baked Goods.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The objective of this study was to determine if the combination of volatile oil of mustard (VOM) vanillin is an effective food preservation system for molds and yeast. Four bread spoilage organisms were evaluated in the study Penicillium notatum, Rhizopus...

W. S. Muller A. Sikes W. Yeomans D. Anderson A. Senecal



Untersuchungen über einen Sporulations-und Wachstumshemmstoff in Oedogonium-Kulturen  

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In Abhängigkeit vom Entwicklungszustand der Oedogonium-Kulturen wird von den Zellen ein Hemmstoff in die Kulturlösung ausgeschieden. Die wachstumshemmende, insbesondere aber die sporulationshemmende Wirkung dieses Stoffes wurde nachgewiesen.

Fritz Bühnemann



Zur Physiologie des Liegens  

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Zusammenfassung  Durch Unterwasseraufnahmen wird die Winkelstellung in Hüfte und Knie bei maximaler Entspannung ermittelt sowie die Abhängigkeit des Kniewinkels vom Hüftwinkel bei Zwischenstellungen zwischen Sitzen und Liegen. Die gewonnenen Unterlagen können für die zweckmäßige Konstruktion von Liegestühlen verwendet werden.

Gunther Lehmann



Die Stabilisierung des luxierten Schultereckgelenks mit Bandnaht und Balser-Platte  

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Zusammenfassung Operationsziel Reposition und Rekonstruktion des Schultereckgelenks durch Nahr des zerrissenen Kapsel-Band-Apparates und temporäre Retention der Klavikula mit Balser-Platte zur Wiederherstellung der Form und Funktion des Schultergürtels. Indikationen Primäre Schultereckgelenkzerreißungen vom Typ Tossy III oder Rockwood III bei körperlich belasteten Patienten. Ausgedehnte Schultereckgelenkzerreißungen mit zusätzlichen Muskel- oder Nervenläsionen vom Typ Rockwood IV-VI. Alte Schultereckgelenkzerreißungen ohne Arthrose mit anhaltenden Schmerzen unter

Ewa Klara Folwaczny; Klaus Michael Stürmer



Die CSU  

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Die bayerischen Landtagswahlen vom 28. September 2008 bedeuteten eine tiefe Zäsur für die erfolgsverwöhnte christlich-soziale\\u000a Regierungspartei Bayerns. Vom „Ende der Staatspartei“, dem „Verlust der Einzigartigkeit Bayerns“, sogar von einer „Revolution“\\u000a im süddeutschen Freistaat war in der Presse die Rede. Schließlich hatte die CSU mehr als vierzig Jahre lang die bayerische\\u000a Staatsregierung gestellt, ohne dabei auf einen Koalitionspartner angewiesen zu sein.

Stephan Klecha; Clemens Wirries


Putting a Human Face on Crimes: A Qualitative Study on Restorative Justice Processes for Youths  

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Restorative justice conferences including Victim Offender Mediation (VOM) are rapidly increasing. Due to a lack of participants’\\u000a accounts on their experiences, gaining knowledge on how restorative justice works from their perspective is critical, especially\\u000a to further development of justice policy and practice. In this exploratory qualitative study we interviewed 37 participants\\u000a in a VOM operating in a mid-sized Midwestern city

Jung Jin Choi; Diane L. Green; Michael J. Gilbert


Zum Problem der Säurefuchsinophilie „dunkler Zellen“ in der Nebennierenrinde  

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1.In heterogenem Nebennierenmaterial und zur Kontrolle dienenden Leberschnitten werden Pufferfärbungen bei abgestufter Wasserstoffionenaktivität durchgeführt.2.Färbungen mit Rubin S und Ponceau-Fuchsinen erfolgen vom isoelektrischen Punkt aus gesehen, nur auf der sauren Seite.3.Die Intensität der Farbstoffadsorption geht dem Grad der positiven elektrostatischen Gesamtladung parallel und ist von dieser sowie von der optischen Strukturdichte des Cytoplasmas abhängig.4.Auf der alkalischen Seite — vom isoelektrischen Punkt

K. W. Schaumkell; H.-H. Stange; P. Dörffler



The Self-Organising Seismic Early Warning Information Network: Scenarios  

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SAFER and EDIM working groups, the Department of Computer Science, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany, and Section 2.1 Earthquake Risk and Early Warning, GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, Germany Contact: Frank Kühnlenz, The Self-Organising Seismic Early Warning Information Network (SOSEWIN) represents a new approach for Earthquake Early Warning Systems (EEWS), consisting in taking advantage of novel wireless communications

F. Kühnlenz; J. Fischer; I. Eveslage



Political change and course of schizophrenia in East Germany, 1984–1994  

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Background: We tested the hypothesis that the political change occurring in East Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall in November\\u000a 1989 affected patients with long-term schizophrenia, resulting in more and longer hospitalisations. Methods: In two samples in East Germany (120 patients in East Berlin, 70 patients in Chemnitz) and in a control group from West Berlin\\u000a (40 patients),

S. Priebe; M. Bröker



40 CFR 81.142 - Central Massachusetts Intrastate Air Quality Control Region.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2012 CFR

...Berlin, Blackstone, Boylston, Brookfield, Charlton, Clinton, Douglas, Dudley, East Brookfield, Grafton, Hardwick, Harvard, Holden, Hopedale, Hubbardston, Lancaster, Leicester, Lunenburg, Mendon, Millbury, Millville, New...



An Investigation of Fecal Volatile Organic Metabolites in Irritable Bowel Syndrome  

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Diagnosing irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can be a challenge; many clinicians resort to invasive investigations in order to rule out other diseases and reassure their patients. Volatile organic metabolites (VOMs) are emitted from feces; understanding changes in the patterns of these VOMs could aid our understanding of the etiology of the disease and the development of biomarkers, which can assist in the diagnosis of IBS. We report the first comprehensive study of the fecal VOMs patterns in patients with diarrhea-predominant IBS (IBS-D), active Crohn's disease (CD), ulcerative colitis (UC) and healthy controls. 30 patients with IBS-D, 62 with CD, 48 with UC and 109 healthy controls were studied. Diagnosis of IBS-D was made using the Manning criteria and all patients with CD and UC met endoscopic, histologic and/or radiologic criteria. Fecal VOMs were extracted by solid phase microextraction (SPME) and analyzed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). 240 VOMs were identified. Univariate analysis showed that esters of short chain fatty acids, cyclohexanecarboxylic acid and its ester derivatives were associated with IBS-D (p<0.05), while aldehydes were more abundant in IBD (p<0.05). A predictive model, developed by multivariate analysis, separated IBS-D from active CD, UC and healthy controls with a sensitivity of 94%, 96% and 90%; and a specificity of 82%, 80% and 80% respectively (p<0.05). The understanding of the derivation of these VOMs may cast light on the etiology of IBS-D and IBD. These data show that fecal VOMs analyses could contribute to the diagnosis of IBS-D, for which there is no laboratory test, as well as IBD.

Ahmed, Iftikhar; Greenwood, Rosemary; Costello, Ben de Lacy; Ratcliffe, Norman M.; Probert, Chris S.



Early Identification of Skill Needs in Europe. CEDEFOP Reference Series.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This document contains the following papers: "Early Recognition of Skill Needs in Europe: European Conference, Berlin, 30/31 May 2002" (Susanne Liane Schmidt, Klaus Schomann, Manfred Tessaring); "Welcome and Opening of the European Conference 'Early Recognition of Skill Needs in Europe,' 30 May 2002, Social Sciences Research Center Berlin

Schmidt, Susanne Liane, Ed.; Schomann, Klaus, Ed.; Tessaring, Manfred, Ed.


Biosignal 2010: Advanced technologies in intensive care and sleep medicine  

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This focus section of Physiological Measurement follows the international conference Biosignal 2010: Advanced technologies in intensive care and sleep medicine. The conference was hosted at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and the Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin on occasion of their bicentennial and tricentennial, respectively. The event offered an interdisciplinary platform for biomedical engineers, mathematicians, physicists and physicians to develop solutions for monitoring problems

Niels Wessel; Jürgen Kurths; Hagen Malberg; Thomas Penzel



From Central Planning to Markets: 20 Years of Post-Socialist Transformation in an Eastern German County  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The Berlin Wall was one of the most visible symbols of two worlds that could not view each other. Thus, the fall of the Berlin Wall--and the fall of Communist regimes all over Eastern Europe, ultimately including the dissolution of the Soviet Union itself--removed the barrier to visibility. These events were revolutions that resulted in the end…

Singelmann, Joachim



Hermann Wilhelm Abich im Kaukasus: Zum zweihundertsten Geburtstag  

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Hermann Abich was born in 1806 in Berlin and died in 1886 in Graz. He grew up in a wealthy family which had friendly relations with famous scientists like Alexander von Humboldt, Leopold von Buch or Carl Ritter. After his studies in Heidelberg and Berlin he turned to extended fieldwork at the volcanoes of Italy. In 1833–1834 he published excellent

Ilse Seibold; Eugen Seibold



Kurt Marburg oral history interview by Tori Lockler, November 4, 2010  

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Oral history interview with Holocaust survivor and World War II veteran Kurt Marburg. Marburg was born in Berlin in 1924 and has clear memories of the rise of the Third Reich, including the Nazi takeover, the burning of the Reichstag, the 1933 book burnings, and the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. The increase in anti-Semitism led to the family's decision to

Kurt Marburg; Tori Chambers Lockler



The Green Area Ratio: an urban site sustainability metric  

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The Green Area Ratio (GAR) is an urban site sustainability metric which has been used in Berlin, Germany since 1997 to enhance the urban environment by requiring green infrastructure enhancements on private properties. Following an overview of the principles of the GAR instrument, this paper outlines metric development and implementation procedures in Berlin and then analyses how instrument features might

Melissa Keeley



Health Promotion and the Freedom of the Individual  

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This article considers the extent to which health promotion strategies pose a threat to individual freedom. It begins by taking a look at health promotion strategies and at the historical development of health promotion in Britain. A theoretical context is then developed in which Berlin’s distinction between negative and positive liberty is used alongside the ideas of John Stuart Mill,

Gary Taylor; Helen Hawley



Separate Discharge and Treatment of Urine, Faeces and Greywater Pilot Project  

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Berliner Wasserbetriebe has started a pilot project about new sanitation concepts in conjunction with Vivendi Water in the framework of the Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin. In order to define the experiments for testing new, sustainable sanitation con- cepts a pre-study has been done. This study includes a cost comparison between two new sanitation concepts with gravity and vacuum separation toilets and

A. Peter-Fröhlich; I. Kraume; A. Lesouëf; M. Oldenburg


High Performance Computing and Communications Program. Hearing before the Subcommittee on Science of the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. U.S. House of Representatives, One Hundred Third Congress, First Session (October 26, 1993).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This hearing explores how the High Performance Computing and Communications Program (HPCC) relates to the technology needs of industry. Testimony and prepared statements from the following witnesses on future effects of computing and networking technologies on their companies are included: (1) F. Brett Berlin, president, Brett Berlin Associates,…

Congress of the U.S., Washington, DC. House Committee on Science, Space and Technology.


Can Germany hold its own in the new world of a reconfigured Europe, an ascendant China, and 21st century America? Is German economic decline exaggerated? or inevitable?  

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Remarks before the Atlantik-Brücke Annual Meeting, Berlin, Germany, June 9, 2004 ; On October 12, 2005, at a meeting organized by the Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations and the American Council on Germany, German Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger referred to a speech that Dallas Fed President Richard W. Fisher delivered at the Atlantik-Brücke annual meeting in Berlin in June 2004. “It

Richard W. Fisher



Bridges between helioseismological and asteroseismological inference  

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Exactly eighty years ago, a very young Yehudi Menuhin was invited by Bruno Walter to perform Beethoven's violin concerto with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Walking through the streets of Berlin he was unsure of his way, and asked a passer-by how he could get to the Konzerthaus. The man looked at him, looked down at the violin case that Yehudi

D. O. Gough




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After the fall of the Berlin Wall, important changes have occurred world wide. Not only the Berlin Wall, but also technological improvements such as the Internet affected businesses as befits humans. Globalization bias presents considerable challenges and opportunities for international marketers. The relaxation of trade policies has provided consumers with more foreign product choices than ever before (Wang & Chen,

B. Candan; K. Aydin; G. T. Yamamoto


[Prof. Carl Wilhelm von Zehender (1819-1916)--first professor of ophthalmology and co-founder of the ophthalmological clinic at the University of Rostock--commemorative lecture at the 100th DOG meeting in Berlin from 26.9 to 29.9.2002].  


The Grand-ducal University Eye Department in Rostock was solemnly inaugurated 16 May 1892. According to many years of studies in Europe and on efforts to build this clinic, construction was outlined by Professor Carl Wilhelm v. Zehender, but the drafts were executed by the "Grossherzoglich-Mecklenburgisch-Schwerinschen Medicinalcommission" and Landbaumeister Schlosser in winter 1888/89. Professor v. Zehender, who originated from a very ancient Swiss family, was born in Bremen, 21 May 1819. He studied medicine in Goettingen, Jena, Prague, Paris and Vienna. During this time he developed a lifelong friendship with Albrecht v. Graefe. 1856 he took over the medical care for the hereditary duke Georg von Mecklenburg-Strelitz and published the "Correspondenzblatt für Aerzte im Grossherzoglichen Mecklenburg-Strelitz". 1857, during a conference in Heidelberg, his initiative led in the long run to the establishment of the "Heidelberger Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft", the forerunner of the "Deutsche Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft", which was founded in 1920. In 1863 the first edition of "Klinische Monatsblaetter für Augenheilkunde" was published as a periodical; the cover page bore its name as the founder of the magazine. In 1866, after the death of the hereditary duke and a professorship in his hometown Berne, he became honorary professor of the Rostock University, and from 1869 onwards he chaired the clinic as a regular professor. After all his efforts to build his own hospital had failed, he demonstratively and finally resigned from his professorship in 1889. He went to Munich and became editor of the " Klinische Monatsblaetter für Augenheilkunde". In 1907 he moved with his wife via Eutin to Warnemuende. There the nestor of world ophthalmologists died at the age of 98. His burial place without gravestone is situated in today's landscape park "Stephan Jantzen". So far all efforts of the author and of the Rostock University Eye Department taken after 1980 to create a worthy note to this exceptional ophthalmologist in the Baltic Sea resort Warnemuende were unsuccessful, also for financial reasons. But on 2.9.2002 with the help of the Lighthouse Club of Warnemuende a memorial plaque to Prof. C. W. v. Zehender was mounted on the guest house "Margarete". This plaque commemorates Professor Zehender's merits in establishing the DOG, planning and building the eye clinic of the university of Rostock. PMID:12612842

Stave, Joachim; Guthoff, Rudolf


Significance of Bone Scintiscanning in Orthopedics. Attempt of an Evaluation with Regard to the Diagnostical Value of Bone Scintiscanning in Connection with Other Clinical Parameters, Illustrated by the Example of the Orthopedic and Physical Therapeutic Department of the Staedtische Rudolf-Virchow-Krankenhaus Berlin (1976-1979).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Bone scintiscanning is a method applied for detecting zones of increased osseous metabolism. Not the focus itself but only the reactive transformation processes are imaged. Therefore it is not possible to give differential diagnostic statements exclusivel...

J. Sperling



Tradition for Development: Indigenous Structures and Folk Media in Non-Formal Education. Report and Papers from the International Seminar on The Use of Indigenous Social Structures and Traditional Media in Non-Formal Education and Development (Berlin, West Germany. November 5-12, 1980).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Case studies and seminar reports are provided that were presented at an international seminar to examine field experiences in using a culture-based approach to nonformal education. Part I, containing an introductory paper and nine case studies, focuses on indigenous institutions and processes in health, family planning, agriculture, basic…

Kidd, Ross, Ed.; Colletta, Nat, Ed.


Observations on social organization and behaviour of African and Asiatic Wild Asses ( Equus africanus and Equus hemionus) 1 This paper appears with kind permission of Verlag Paul Parey, Berlin and Hamburg. It was originally published in Z. Tierpsychol., 44, 323–331 (1977), ISSN 0044–3573\\/ASTM-Coden: ZETIAG. 1  

Microsoft Academic Search

African and Asiatic Wild Asses (Equus africanus and Equus hemionus) live in unstable groups or herds of variable composition. Some of the adult stallions are territorial in large territories in which they tolerate other ??. The territorial ?? are dominant over all their conspecifics.

Hans Klingel



[Formal pathogenesis, average age and breed distribution in the comparison of 61 Lysodren-treated and 36 untreated cases of canine hyperadrenocorticism which were dissected in the years 1975 to 1991 at the Institute for Veterinary Pathology of the Free University of Berlin].  


61 Lysodren -treated dogs with hyperadrenocorticism are compared with 36 untreated dogs with the same disease. 75.14% of the treated dogs had pituitary-dependent-hyperadrenocorticism (PDH) whereas this diagnosis was found in 63.89% of the untreated dogs. A functioning adrenocortical tumor (FAT) was found in 13.11% of the treated dogs but was evident in 22.22% of the untreated dogs. Simultaneous pituitary and adrenal Cushing's syndrome (PDH/FAT) were found in 11.48% of the treated and 8.33% of the untreated cases. Sex distribution was equal in both groups. Overall slightly more females than males were affected by the disease. Poodles (38.14%) and dachshunds (23.71%) were the mainly affected races. Race-distribution of diseased animals is compared to the overall race-distribution in a ten years statistic (1981-1990) of all necropsied animals (Walter und Schwegler, 1992). The mean age of Lysodren -treated dogs with a PDH diagnosis (10.0 years) is lower as the mean age of untreated dogs with the same diagnosis (10.3 years). Reasons for this unexpected finding are discussed. PMID:1417721

Nothelfer, H B; Weinhold, K



EsKiMo – Das Ernährungsmodul im Kinder und Jugendgesundheitssurvey (KiGGS)  

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\\u000a Zusammenfassung\\u000a   Im Rahmen des bundesweiten Kinder- und Jugendgesundheitssurveys (KiGGS) wurde von Januar bis Dezember 2006 in einem Modul\\u000a das Ernhrungsverhalten von 6- bis 17-Jhrigen erfasst. Die Studie mit dem Namen EsKiMo (Ernhrungsstudie als KiGGS-Modul)\\u000a wurde vom Robert Koch-Institut (RKI) gemeinsam mit der Universitt Paderborn, Fachgruppe Ernhrung und Verbraucherbildung,\\u000a durchgefhrt und vom Bundesministerium fr Ernhrung, Lebensmittel und Verbraucherschutz finanziert. Die Eltern

G. B. M. Mensink; A. Bauch; C. Vohmann; A. Stahl; S. Kohler; J. Fischer; H. Heseker



Vergleich der Zentrierung und der Nachstarrate nach Implantation von SI30 und SI40NB Silikonlinsen  

Microsoft Academic Search

\\u000a Zusammenfassung  Ziel der Studie war es, das Zentrierungsverhalten und die Nachstarinzidenz von zwei Silikonfaltlinsenmodellen mit unterschiedlich\\u000a rigiden Haptiken zu vergleichen. Dazu wurden 81 Linsen vom Typ SI30 mit Polypropylenhaptiken und 35 Linsen vom Typ SI40 mit\\u000a PMMA-Haptiken, die in ”no-stich-Technik“ in den Kapselsack eingesetzt worden waren, retrospektiv nachkontrolliert. Der durchschnittliche\\u000a Nachbeobachtungszeitraum betrug bei den SI30-Linsen 22 ± 12 (SD) Monate, bei

E. Dragosits; L. Speicher; E. Schmid; W. Philipp



Fast neutron therapy of bronchus carcinoma: the pooled results from two European centres.  


The Berlin-Buch and Heidelberg centres used fast neutron therapy in bronchial carcinomas. The neutron source was a cyclotron in Berlin-Buch/Rossendorf and a d-t generator in Heidelberg. Three hundred twelve patients with inoperable bronchial carcinoma were treated with fast neutron therapy alone or in combination with photons. The results were then compared with those obtained from 594 patients treated only with photons. Altogether, 788 were treated in Berlin-Buch and 188 in Heidelberg. The results suggest that neutron therapy for bronchial carcinoma can be a good alternative in curative and palliative situations in the early stages. PMID:8949765

Lessel, A



LSWAVE 2000: Lasers and short-wavelength applications  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

LSWAVE 2000 was organized as a Satellite Workshop to the Seventh International Conference on Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation SRI 2000. It was held on Saturday, August 26, 2000, at the Technische Universität Berlin, and was jointly organized by the Max Born Institute for Nonlinear Optics and Short Pulse Spectroscopy (MBI) and the Technical University Berlin (TUB). The organizing committee consisted of Wilhelm Raith (chairman), Wolfgang Sandner, Ingolf Hertel, Manfred Wick, Bernd Winter, Tatjana Gießel, Holger Stiel, Ingo Will, Ursula Bayr (secretary) and Silvia Szlapka (secretary). Continuing information on the Workshop and its proceedings may be found under

Sandner, W.



Compilation of 5S rRNA and 5S rRNA gene sequences  

PubMed Central

This is an update for the 5S rRNA sequences of the BERLIN RNA DATABANK last published in 1990 (1). The new entry consists of 25 eubacterial and 2 eukaryotic 5S rRNA sequences and 10 plant 5S rRNA pseudogenes (Table 1). Thus the BERLIN RNA DATABANK contains as of Febuary 1, 1991 the 5S rRNA sequences of 44 archaebacteria, 292 eubacteria, 20 plastids, 6 mitochondria, 321 eukaryotes and 21 eukaryotic pseudogenes. The BERLIN RNA DATABANK uses the format of the EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Data Library complemented by a Sequence Alignment (SA) field including secondary structure information.

Specht, Thomas; Wolters, Jorn; Erdmann, Volker A.



12. Historic American Buildings Survey Photocopy of Plate #19 'Wohnhaus ...  

Library of Congress Historic Buildings Survey, Historic Engineering Record, Historic Landscapes Survey

12. Historic American Buildings Survey Photocopy of Plate #19 'Wohnhaus W. H. Winslow, River Forest, Ills. 1893' In: Frank Lloyd Wright Ausgefuhrte Baute, Berlin: Ernst Wasmuth A.- G., 1911 - William H. Winslow House, Auvergne Place, River Forest, Cook County, IL


Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki Affects a Beneficial Insect, the Cinnabar Moth (Lepidoptera: Arctidae).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The microbial insecticide bacillus thuringiensis Berliner var. kurstaki is used to control forest pests in regions where tansy ragwort, Senecio jacobaea L. occurs. Biological control of this noxious weed may be compromised if the cinnabar moth, Tyria jaco...

R. R. James J. C. Miller B. Lighthart



Field and Laboratory Investigations of 'Bacillus thuringiensis' as a Control Agent for Gypsy Moth, 'Porthetria dispar (L.)'.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Because disease in a primary factor in the population dynamics of the gypsy moth, disease-causing agents are biologically feasible as an alternative to DDT. Commercial preparations of a microbial insecticide, Bacillus thuringiensis varthuringiensis Berlin...

F. B. Lewis D. P. Connola



A prototype empirical framework of intrinsic and extrinsic EERQI indicators  

Microsoft Academic Search

Mooij, T. (in press). A prototype empirical framework of intrinsic and extrinsic EERQI indicators. In I. Gogolin, & F. Åström (Eds.), Assessing quality in European Educational Research: Indicators and approaches. Berlin: VS Verlag.

Ton Mooij



Lionel Charles Renwick (Rennick) Emmett (1913-96): physician and Olympian.  


Lionel Charles Renwick Emmett, a physician who trained in pre-independent India as a medical student, participated in the 1936 Berlin Summer Olympics as a part of the Indian field hockey team that won the Gold Medal. PMID:22892304

Biswas, Tamoghna; Datta, Adrija; Chandra, Shivika




EPA Science Inventory

A communitywide outbreak of gastrointestinal illness due to Giardia lamblia infection occurred in the city of Berlin, New Hampshire, during April and May 1977. The clinical, epidemiologic, and laboratory aspects of this outbreak are described here. In 213 predominantly symptomati...


Ballungsraumnahe Waldoekosysteme. Abschlussbericht. (Forest ecosystems near conurbations. Final report).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In Berlin forests the pollution impact on the ecosystem was investigated from 1986 to 1989. Data about soil characteristic, botany, vegetation, zoology, microbiology, climatology and air pollution were collected and analyzed comprehensivly. Vegetation sho...

R. Cornelius U. Dewitz A. Faensen-Thiebes J. Gerstenberg W. Kratz



Working with Hans-Jörg Rheinberger.  


In this article, I present my personal recollections of the work with Hans-Jörg Rheinberger and his department at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin from 1995 to 2011. PMID:23888833

Radeck, Antje



Minimal residual disease in acute lymphoblastic leukemia  

Center for Drug Evaluation (CDER)

Text Version... Salamanca Lisbon Monza Padova Zurich Vienna Prague Heidelberg Frankfurt Paris Lille Brussel Rotterdam Amsterdam Hamburg Berlin Kiel ... More results from


Designs, Guidelines and Recommendations for Plant Automation (Brewing) Technological Processes.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The report, divided into three chapters, contains six papers dealing with automation of (brewing) engineering processes which were worked out in cooperation with the Technical University Berlin and the Brewing Research School (VLB). In the first chapter, ...

K. H. Sturm



Geography and the Properties of Surfaces. Plane Globe Projection. A Linnean System of MAP Projection.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The work is an edited translation of Maurer's Ebene Kugelbilder, Berlin, 1935. It contains an exhaustive classification system for map projection and a catalogue of 237 named projections arranged in classes and various subclasses on the basis of such char...

H. Maurer W. Warntz



Insights into the genetics and molecular mechanisms of pink bollworm resistance to Cry toxins  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

Transgenic crops producing Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) Berliner (Bacillales: Bacillaceae) toxins target key insect pests in cotton and corn cropping systems. The pink bollworm, Pectinophora gossypiella (Saunders) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae), is currently the target of an area-wide eradication progra...


78 FR 36570 - National Register of Historic Places; Notification of Pending Nominations and Related Actions  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Landmarks Program. CONNECTICUT Hartford County Kensington Soldier's Monument, 312 Percival Ave., Berlin, 13000456 HAWAII...Howard Sts., Cumberland, 13000460 Baltimore Independent city American Ice Company, 2100 W. Franklin St., Baltimore,...



The Legend About the Free Market Economy  

Microsoft Academic Search

R. Naumann is a professor of Humboldt University in Berlin. His book analyzes the Western German economy, and the theory of neoliberalism which serves as a basis for Western German economic policy as well as the \\

E. Gnedin



International Portrait Catalogue  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

One of the last days in September this year, I went to Berlin (West) to give a talk at the Wilhelm Foerster Volkssternwarte (People's observatory), on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of its "Bamberg" refractor.



75 FR 62851 - National Register of Historic Places; Notification of Pending Nominations and Related Actions  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...General airport landside area N of the airport airside, City of Millville, 10000875. Ohio Athens...Cleveland, 10000873. Erie County Stone House, The, 8217 Mason Rd, Berlin...Ashley River Historic District, NW of Charleston between the NE...



Air Force and the Cold War.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This publication presents 11 chapters that discuss varying aspects of Air Force participation in the Cold War. Chapter 1, Iron Curtain, focuses on the challenge in Europe, containment, the Berlin Airlift, and atomic air power. Chapter 2, Massive Retaliati...

J. T. Correll



40 CFR 81.26 - Hartford-New Haven-Springfield Interstate Air Quality Control Region.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...Townships âAndover, Avon, Beacon Falls, Berlin, Bethany, Bethlehem, Bloomfield, Bolton, Branford, Burlington, Canton, Cheshire, Cromwell, Durham, East Granby, East Haddam, East Hampton, East Hartford, East Haven, East Windsor,...



65 FR 64282 - Consultation Agreements: Changes to Consultation Procedures  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...D.C. 2:18 Gerald Taylor, President, Milwaukee...New Berlin, WI 2:19 Francis Sawyer, Secretary/Treasurer...Safety Manager, The Colman Group, Inc., Elhorn, WI 2...Southington, CT 2:178 Francis Gualtieri,...



When the times were changing  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

It has been 20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. In the wake of the upheaval, the East German society was radically remodelled. For physicists, it brought new opportunities - and fresh challenges.

Klein, Max




Microsoft Academic Search

!. Expand \\/ Resist Two years ago, the independent section of the Berlin Film Festival, Berlinale (International Forum of New Cinema), launched a new initia- tive called Forum expanded. Updating and ter- minologically modifying the \\

Volker Pantenburg



From Hammerstein to Hammerstein  

Microsoft Academic Search

The American musical from Show Boat (1927) to Oklahoma (1943) is surveyed in an essay and bibliography. The entire Broadway careers of Jerome Kern, Irving Berlin, George and Ira Gershwin, Cole Porter, and Rodgers and Hart are featured.

William E. Studwell



Short of War: Major USAF Contingency Operations, 1947-1997.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, a series of geographically localized crises caused by political, religious, or ethnic unrest; outright military aggression; and natural disasters has replaced the relative stability that characterized international relat...

A. T. Warnock



Über das Schmelzverhalten von dehnungsinduzierter Kristallisation am Beispiel des Naturkautschuk  

Microsoft Academic Search

Zusammenfassung Kalorimetrisch und mit Röntgenmessungen wurde das Schmelzverhalten von verstrecktem Naturkautschuk untersucht. Die Proben wurden bei Zimmertemperatur verstreckt und die Verstreckung während des Aufheizens konstant gehalten. Für das Aufschmelzen ergab sich ein weiter Schmelzbereich, der sofort nach Aufheizbeginn einsetzt, das Schmelzende ist vom Dehnungsgrad abhängig. Ein Vergleich von Schmelzende und Verstreckgrad mit der Theorie vonFlory ergab nur bei Verwendung eines

W. Sietz; D. Göritz; F. H. Müller



Enterprise Search - Suchmaschinen für Inhalte im Unternehmen  

Microsoft Academic Search

Ist ein zentraler Informationszugang wie im Internet auch in Unternehmen möglich? Im Beitrag werden die Anforderungen und Besonderheiten der Suche in Unternehmen vorgestellt. Anschließend werden Suchansätze und Softwarearchitekturen von Suchmaschinen für einen zentralen Informationszugang im Unternehmen vergleichend untersucht. 1. Enterprise Search - Die Vision vom integrierten Informationszugang Die Nutzung von Suchmaschinen ist durch ihre zentrale Rolle im Internet für viele

Julian Bahrs


Selektive, lumbale, mediolaterale und laterale (lateroforaminale) Wurzeldekompression bei lateraler Wirbelkanalstenose  

Microsoft Academic Search

Zusammenfassung Operationsziel Dekompression einer lumbalen Nervenwurzel (meist L5) vom Hiatus duralis bis lateral des Foramen intervertebrale und bis zum lateralen Kompartiment ohne Zerstörung des Gelenks. Indikationen Knöcherne Kompression einer lumbalen Nervenwurzel im Recessus lateralis, Foramen intervertebrale und intervertebralen Kompartiment. Kontraindikationen Bei korrekter Diagnose gibt es keine Kontraindikationen. Erschwerend kann die extraforaminale Dekompression der fünften Lendenwurzel sein, besonders im Fall der

Arnaldo Benini



Coaching: Nichts für Vorgesetzte? ? Möglichkeiten und Grenzen aus systemischer Sicht  

Microsoft Academic Search

insbesondere im Tennis - wurde es möglich und nötig, daß Spitzenspieler und solche, die es werden wollten, sich einen Rundumbetreuer engagieren, der sich nicht nur um ihre physische - wie der klassische Trainer -, sondern auch um die mentale Fitness kümmert. Leib und Seele des Spielers sollen also in Topform gebracht und gehalten werden; so wird er vom Coach nicht

Hans Rudi Fischer


Die Tetrapodenfährten der Choza Formation (Texas) und das Artinsk-Alter der Redbed-Ichnofaunen des Unteren Perm The Tetrapod footprints of the Choza Formation (Texas) and the Artinskian age of the Lower Permian ichnofaunas  

Microsoft Academic Search

Zusammenfassung: Mittels mariner Horizonte in der Choza Formation, Texas, und in der Robledo Mountains Formation, New Mexico, kann das Alter der eingeschalteten Red Beds mit Tetrapodenfährten stratigraphisch eingegrenzt werden. Alle äquivalenten Vorkommen von Tetrapodenfährten sind danach nicht jünger als Artinsk. Die Ichnofauna der Choza Formation vom Castle Peak, Texas, gehört in das späte Artinsk bzw. in das Leonard. Nach der




Über die Desmidiacee Cosmarium annulatum ( Nägeli ) De Bary und ihr Vorkommen im Lunzer Moorgebiete  

Microsoft Academic Search

Zusammenfassung  Es wird über das Vorkommen der Desmidiacee (Conjugate)Cosmarium annulatum im Rehberger Moor bei Lunz in Niederösterreich berichtet; eine Liste der in diesem Moore zwischen 1936 und 1951 vom Verfasser vorgefundenen Desmidiales wird vorgelegt. Der bis jetzt noch ungenügend bekannte Zellbau vonCosmarium annulatum wird beschrieben und die Stellung der Alge im System erörtert.

Oskar Kopetzky-Rechtperg




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Der deutsche Film unterscheidet sich vom nordamerikanischen Film unter anderem dadurch, dass darin nicht annähernd so viel geballert und gesprengt und gerast wird wie in Hollywood- produktionen. Wir haben keinen Sylvester Stallone, keinen Ridley Scott, keinen Quentin Tarantino und keine Angelina Jolie. Selten werden für hiesige Filme Autos geschrottet oder Kulissen gesprengt. \\

Annette Vowinckel


Mittelfristig steigender Arbeitskräftebedarf im Baugewerbe - Umfrage zu den Auswirkungen der deutschen Vereinigung auf die westdeutsche Bauwirtschaft  

Microsoft Academic Search

Bei einer Zusatzerhebung des ifo-Instituts vom Oktober 1990, die sich damit befaßte, wie sich die Öffnung des Marktes im Gebiet der ehem. DDR und das Zusammenwachsen der beiden deutschen Teilstaaten auf die Geschäftstätigkeit der westdeutschen Bauunternehmen in den neuen Bundesländern auswirken, kamen folgende Ergebnisse zustande: Die befragten Unternehmen erwarten für 1990-93 eine mittelfristig positive Entwicklung der Bauproduktion und einen deutlichen

Joachim Gürtler; Leo Pusse; Wolfgang Ruppert



Investitionsentscheidungen und die Begünstigung nicht entnommener Gewinne nach § 34a EStG  

Microsoft Academic Search

Dieser Beitrag formuliert Kalküle für Investitionsentscheidungen von Personenunternehmen unter Berücksichtigung der neu geschaffenen Option zur Begünstigung nicht entnommener Gewinne (§ 34a EStG n.F.). Im Kalkül unter Sicherheit besteht die optimale Alternativanlage immer in der abgeltend besteuerten, privaten Finanzanlage. Ob die Ausübung des Wahlrechts bei Sachinvestitionen vorteilhaft ist, hängt vom Grenzsteuersatz des Investors, dem voraussichtlichen Nachversteuerungszeitpunkt und der Alternativrendite ab. Bei

Dominik Rumpf; Dirk Kiesewetter; Maik Dietrich



Gesundheitsmonitoring auf Bundesebene  

Microsoft Academic Search

Zusammenfassung Es wird eine Bestandsaufnahme der bereits existierenden Elemente eines Gesundheitsmonitorings in Deutschland vorgelegt. Ausgehend vom Ist-Zustand wird auf bestehende Defizite und die Notwendigkeit eines planbaren Monitoringsystems hingewiesen. Es werden Ansatzpunkte vorgestellt, wie, unter Einbeziehung verschiedener Akteure und der Bedienung unterschiedlicher Interessen, am Robert Koch-Institut (RKI) ein Gesundheitsmonitoringsystem etabliert werden könnte. Das vorgeschlagene System ist nach dem Baukastenprinzip konzipiert und

B.-M. Kurth; T. Ziese; F. Tiemann



Neue Daten zur Biostratigraphie und zur tektonischen Lagerung der Phyllit-Gruppe und der Trypali-Gruppe auf der Insel Kreta (Griechenland)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Zusammenfassung  Eine große Zahl neuer Fossilfunde — vor allem Conodonten und Ostrakoden — in der Hochdruck\\/Tieftemperatur metamorphen Phyllit-Gruppe Westkretas geben Auskunft über den stratigraphischen Umfang dieser Schichtenfolge und Hinweise auf ihre paläogeographische und tektonische Entwicklung.Für den Zeitraum vom Oberkarbon bis zum Ende der Untertrias müssen — mit einigen Unterbrechungen — aufgrund der zahlreichen Conodontenfunde vollmarine Bedingungen in diesem Sedimentationsraum angenommen werden.

J. Krahl; G. Kauffmann; H. Kozur; D. Richter; O. Förster; F. Heinritzi



Bedeutungswechsel der Dinge in der Umwelt des Kampffisches Betta splendens Regan  

Microsoft Academic Search

Es wurde bei Kampffischen untersucht, wie weit die Ambivalenz eines Dinges, das sowohl Futterals auch Strafbedeutung hatte, durch Dressur diesen Bedeutungen gemäß in seine beiden Komponenten zerlegt werden konnte, so daß es vom Tier einmal nur als Futter, ein andermal nur als Feind aufgefaßt wurde.

M. Beniuc



Strategische Ausrichtung und Innovationstätigkeit von KMU im Raum Jena  

Microsoft Academic Search

Das vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) geförderte Projekt KompNet2011 – Erfolgsfaktoren regionaler Innovationsnetze – untersucht die strategische Ausrichtung sowie die Innovationsaktivitäten von kleinen und mittelständischen Unternehmen (KMU) in der Region Jena. Für die 225 Befragungsteilnehmer stellt die Qualitätsführerschaft die wichtigste Strategie dar: Fast 80% weisen ihr eine hohe bzw. sehr hohe Bedeutung zu. Allerdings belegt der Datensatz auch

Katharina Kaps; Silko Pfeil; Thomas Sauer; Matthias-Wolfgang Stoetzer



Self-Concept and Valuing of Mathematics in TIMSS 2003: Scale Structure and Relation to Performance in a Swedish Setting  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The present study investigated whether two summated rating scales used in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS 2003), Mathematics Self-Concept (MSC), and Students' Valuing of Mathematics (VoM) seemed appropriate, meaningful, and useful in a Swedish context. The 4,256 Swedish eighth-grade students involved in TIMSS 2003…

Eklof, Hanna



Untersuchungen über das Tonunterscheidungs vermögen der Elritze (Phoxinus laevis Agass)  

Microsoft Academic Search

1.Zur Feststellung des Tonunterscheidungsvermögens wurde bei geblendeten Elritzen eine Differenzdressur auf einen ausgehaltenen Ton als Futtersignal gegen eine gleichmäßig wechselnde Folge eben dieses Tones mit einem anderen vom Abstand des zu prüfenden Intervalles als Warnsignal ausgearbeitet.2.In einem Vorversuch lernte eine Elritze die beiden Signale auffallend schnell unterscheiden, jedoch zeigte genauere Prüfung, daß die Signale allein infolge ihres rhythmischen Unterschiedes erkannt

Theodor A. Wohlfahrt



Einzelstaatliche Regelungsmodelle zur Embryonenforschung  

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\\u000a Der verfassungsrechtliche Schutz des Lebens und die Rechtsstellung des ungeborenen Lebens ergeben sich aus den Leitentscheidungen\\u000a zur Abtreibung Roe v. Wade1, Webster v. Reproductive Health Services2 und Casey v. Planned Parenthood of Southeastem Pennsylvania3. In diesen Urteilen wurde vom Obersten Bundesgericht ein Grundrecht der Frau auf Abtreibung statuiert und näher ausgeformt.

Holger Haßmann


Der Küstenschelf von El Salvador im Zusammenhang mit der Morphologie und Geologie des Festlandes  

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Morphologie und Geologie El Salvadors sind besonders durch Vulkanismus und Verwerfungen charakterisiert. Die jungen und alten Vulkane sind in ihrer Lage durch tektonische Leitlinien bestimmt. An dem parallelogrammförmigen Gitternetz der tektonischen Leitlinien wird eine Anzahl von Bruchschollen deutlich, auf deren Bestehen schon K. Sapper hinwies. Auf einer vom Verfasser angefertigten Tiefenkarte (Tafel 8) ist die pazifische Saumtiefe des Guatemala-Grabens herausgearbeitet.

H. G. Gierloff-Emden



Clausewitz's Conceptual System  

Microsoft Academic Search

This article examines the first chapter of book one of Carl Von Clauswitz's famous work Vom Krieg (On War), taking as its central theme Clauswitz's acknowledgement that it was, in fact, his only truly complete work. Many treatments of other passages have provided contradictory interpretations, which this article seeks to resolve by reorienting scholarship towards Clauswitz's original intent. This reorientation

Raymond Aron



Bundeswehrreform. Der Krieg ist der Ernstfall  

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In der Bonner Erklärung der NATO-Staats- und Regierungschefs vom 10. Juni 1982, verabschiedet während die Stationierung von Pershing 2 und Marschflugkörpern in vollem Gange war, wurde be- tont, daß »keine unserer Waffen ... jemals eingesetzt werden (wird), es sei denn als Antwort auf einen Angriff« 1 . Diese Aussage hatte den Charakter einer einseitigen quasi völkerrechtlichen und unbegrenzten Nichtangriffsverpflichtung vor



Ionic currents in cardiac excitation  

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An dünnen Purkinje-Fäden von 1–2 mm Länge werden Membranströme während Spannungsklemmen bis zu 1000 msec Dauer gemessen. Die Kaliumströme werden als Nettoströme in natriumfreier Lösung und die Natriumströme durch Subtraktion der Kaliumströme vom in Tyrode gemessenen Strom bestimmt.

K. A. Deck; W. Trautwein



Antibiotika-Resistenz und R-Faktoren bei Salmonellen-Spezies in der Bundesrepublik  

Microsoft Academic Search

Zusammenfassung In der vorliegenden Arbeit wurden drei Kollektive von S. typhi murium und S. panama untersucht, die in den Jahren 1969–1970 in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland isoliert wurden. Folgende Ergebnisse wurden erzielt: 1. Gegenüber den Jahren 1965 bis 1968 zeigt sich bei den Stämmen menschlicher Herkunft keine wesentliche Veränderung in der Häufigkeit resistenter Anteile. 2. Vom Tier stammende Stämme, bei denen

H. Knothe; B. Wiedemann; E. Bulling; S. Hofmann



Die Produktivitaetsentwicklung und die Rolle von Arbeitszeitkonten waehrend der Grossen Rezession 2008\\/2009: Ergebnisse auf der Grundlage des IAB Betriebspanels (Productivity Development and the Role of Working Time accounts during the 2008\\/2009 Recession: Evidence from the IAB Establishment Panel)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Zwischen 2008 und 2009 wurde Deutschland vom dramatischsten oekonomischen Schock seit der Grossen Weltwirtschaftskrise 1929 erfasst. Im Gegensatz zu anderen betroffenen Staaten blieb der Arbeitsmarkt weitestgehend entspannt. Dieses Phaenomen bezeichnete Paul Krugman im Herbst 2009 als „Germany‘s Jobs Miracle“. Intuitiv laesst sich dies nur so erklaeren, dass die Betriebe in ganz erheblichem Ausmass ihre Beschaeftigten gehortet haben. Empirische Hinweise hierfuer,

Hans-Dieter Gerner



Innovationskooperationen und Wissenstransfer von Unternehmen im Raum Jena  

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Die im Rahmen des vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) geförderten Projektes KompNet2011 - Erfolgsfaktoren regionaler Innovationsnetze - durchgeführte Befragung untersucht die Innovationskooperationen sowie Wissenstransferaktivitäten von schwerpunktmäßig kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen (KMU) in der Region Jena. Die Studie konzentriert sich auf drei Aspekte: Mit welcher Intensität werden die verschiedenen Transferkanäle für die Übertragung des Wissens zwischen den kooperierenden Partnern

Katharina Kaps; Silko Pfeil; Thomas Sauer; Matthias-Wolfgang Stoetzer



The type specimen of Anoura geoffroyi lasiopyga (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae)  

USGS Publications Warehouse

In 1868, Wilhelm Peters described Glossonycteris lasiopyga, based on a specimen provided by Henri de Saussure and collected in Mexico. The type specimen was presumed to be among those housed in the collections of the Zoologisches Museum of the Humboldt Universitat in Berlin, Germany. Our study of one of Saussure?s specimens from Mexico, discovered in the collections of the Museum d?Histoire Naturelle, Geneva, Switzerland, demonstrates that it and not one of the Berlin specimens is the holotype.

Arroyo-Cabrales, J.; Gardner, A.L.



Type material in the moss herbarium of Samuel Elisée von Bridel, 1  

Microsoft Academic Search

Zippel, E.: Type material in the moss herbarium of Samuel Elisée von Bridel, 1. - Willdenowia 36: 913-935. - ISSN 0511-9618; © 2006 BGBM Berlin-Dahlem. doi:10.3372\\/wi.36.36222 (available via http:\\/\\/\\/) The herbarium of the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem (B) contains as one of its historical collections the moss herbarium of Bridel (1762-1828). A list of the type material in




Three perspectives on the cultural construction of disease and healing  

Microsoft Academic Search

Fabrega, Horacio. Evolution of Sickness and Healing. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1997. xv + 364 pp. including appendix, references, and index.Kudlick, Catherine J. Cholera in Post?Revolutionary Paris: A Cultural History. Berkeley: University of California, xiv + 293 pp. including notes, bibliography, and index. $40.00 cloth.Berlin, Elois Ann and Brent Berlin. Medical Ethnobiology of the Highland Maya of Chiapas, Mexico:

Hans A. Baer



Mural Sovereignty: From the Twin Towers to the Twin Walls  

Microsoft Academic Search

After the demolition of the Berlin Wall (1989), the construction of the Palestinian Wall from 2002 and the passing of The\\u000a Secure Fence Act of 2006 (governing the US–Mexico border) enact a return to mural forms of sovereignty: walls are both without\\u000a and within law, ‘old solutions’ to problems newly-made. While the Berlin Wall is considered a Cold War monument,

Peter J. Hutchings



New approach in treatment of acute cardiogenic shock requiring mechanical circulatory support  

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In 12 patients with acute cardiogenic shock who required mechanical circulatory support a short-term Abiomed BVS 5000 extracorporeal assist device was implanted using the inflow and outflow cannulas of the BerlinHeart extracorporeal assist device. In 7 patients suitable for long-term support the Abiomed pumps were later exchanged for BerlinHeart pumps. This approach avoids the risks associated with repeat sternotomy and

Evgenij V Potapov; Yuguo Weng; Harald Hausmann; Michael Kopitz; Miralem Pasic; Roland Hetzer



The significance of Cern  


Le Prof. V.Weisskopf, DG du Cern de 1961 à 1965, est né à Vienne, a fait ses études à Göttingen et a une carrière académique particulièrement riche. Il a travaillé à Berlin, Copenhague et Berlin et est parti aux Etats Unis pour participer au projet Manhattan et était Prof. au MTT jusqu'à 1960. Revenu en Europe, il a été DG du Cern et lui a donné l'impulsion que l'on sait.


Ground-Based and Airborne Measurements of Nonmethane Hydrocarbons in BERLIOZ: Analysis and Selected Results  

Microsoft Academic Search

During the Berlin Ozone Experiment BERLIOZ in July–August 1998 quasi-continuous measurements ofC2–C12 nonmethane hydrocarbons (NMHCs) were carried out at 10 sites in and around the city of Berlin using on-line gas-chromatographic systems (GCs) with a temporal resolution of 20–120 minutes. Additional airborne NMHCmeasurements were made using canister sampling on three aircraft and an on-line GC system on a fourth aircraft.

J. Winkler; P. Blank; K. Glaser; J. A. G. Gomes; M. Habram; C. Jambert; W. Jaeschke; S. Konrad; R. Kurtenbach; P. Lenschow; J. C. Lörzer; P. E. Perros; M. Pesch; H. J. Prümke; B. Rappenglück; Th. Schmitz; F. Slemr; A. Volz-Thomas; B. Wickert



ESPANDA: For solving problems by applying the principle of similarity  

Microsoft Academic Search

ESPANDA is a software system that was developed for consultation on problems in connection with machining operations. The prototype of the system was implemented by INPRO11INPRO—Innovationsgesellschaft für fortgeschrittene Produktionssysteme in der Fahrzeugindustrie mbH in Berlin is a jointly owned subsidiary of Mercedez-Benz AG, Krupp Stahl AG, SIEMES AG, Voest-Alpine Steinel Ges.m.b.H., Volkswagen AG, HOECHST AG, and the Berlin Senate. in

Angelika Garben; Michael Fürnsinn; Bernd Ruschkowski



Landing Day Wake Up Song and Greeting  

NASA Video Gallery

Kate Smith’s rendition of Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America” woke Commander Chris Ferguson, Pilot Doug Hurley and Mission Specialists Sandy Magnus and Rex Walheim. But unlike most wakeup songs, which are played in honor of a particular crew member, this one was dedicated to all the men and women who have worked for the Space Shuttle Program in the past three decades.

Mark Garcia



50 years of optics research [Invited].  


The 50-year life span of Applied Optics covers also approximately the time I have been engaged in optics. I started in 1962 [1] with the Institute for Optics and Spectroscopy, which was one of several Academy Institutes (mission statement: "theoria cum praxi," G. Leibniz) located in Berlin-Adlershof on the area of the first airfield in Berlin dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. PMID:23292371

Schwider, Johannes



Calcium, phosphorus and magnesium balance: FM 85 fortification of human milk does not meet mineral needs of extremely low birthweight infants  

Microsoft Academic Search

Objective: Extremely low birthweight (<1000 g) infants are growing rapidly and their nutritional requirements for calcium, phosphorus, magnesium are high.Design: Prospective, mineral balance.Setting: The study was carried out at the Department of Neonatology, Virchow-Hospital, Charité Berlin and the Department of Molecular Trace Element Research, Hahn-Meitner-Institute Berlin.Subjects: Nineteen infants <1000 g birthweight were admitted, nine infants dropped out and 10 infants

A Loui; A Raab; M Obladen; P Brätter



Assessment of the potential of urban organic carbon dynamics to off-set urban anthropogenic emissions  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The impact of urban systems on current and future global carbon emissions has been a focus of several studies. Many mitigation options in terms of increasing energy efficiency are discussed. However, apart from technical mitigation potential urban systems also have a considerable biogenic potential to mitigate carbon through an optimized management of organic carbon pools of vegetation and soil. Berlin city area comprises almost 50% of areas covered with vegetation or largely covered with vegetation. This potentially offers various areas for carbon mitigation actions. To assess the mitigation potentials our first objective is to estimate how large current vegetation and soil carbon stocks of Berlin are. We use publicly available forest and soil inventories to calculate soil organic carbon of non-pervious areas and forest standing biomass carbon. This research highlights data-gaps and assigns uncertainty ranges to estimated carbon resources. The second objective is to assess the carbon mitigation potential of Berlin’s vegetation and soils using a biogeochemical simulation model. BIOME-BGC simulates carbon-, nitrogen- and water-fluxes of ecosystems mechanistically. First, its applicability for Berlin forests is tested at selected sites. A spatial application gives an estimate of current net carbon fluxes. The application of such a model allows determining the sensitivity of key ecosystem processes (e.g. carbon gains through photosynthesis, carbon losses through decomposition) towards external drivers. This information can then be used to optimise forest management in terms of carbon mitigation. Initial results of Berlin’s current carbon stocks and its spatial distribution and preliminary simulations results will be presented.

Gottschalk, P.; Churkina, G.; Wattenbach, M.; Cubasch, U.



Development of a Pregnancy-Specific Screening Tool for Sleep Apnea  

PubMed Central

Study Objective: The Berlin Questionnaire and Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS) are commonly used to screen for sleep apnea in non-pregnant populations. We sought to evaluate the Berlin and ESS in pregnancy and to determine whether an alternative screening approach could better detect sleep apnea in pregnant women. Methods: Pregnant women at high risk for sleep apnea (women with chronic hypertension, pre-gestational diabetes, obesity, and/or a prior history of preeclampsia) completed a sleep survey composed of the Berlin and ESS, and participated in an overnight sleep evaluation with the Watch-PAT100 (WP100), a wrist-mounted device designed to diagnose sleep apnea, defined as an apnea hypopnea index ? 5. Using multivariable statistics, demographic, clinical, and subjective symptoms that were independently associated with sleep apnea were determined and a prediction rule for the presence of sleep apnea was developed. The predictive capacity of this newly developed system was compared to that of the Berlin and ESS using receiver-operating curve (ROC) statistics. Results: Of the 114 women who participated and had a valid WP100 study, 100 completed the Berlin and 96 the ESS. The Berlin and ESS did not accurately predict sleep apnea in this high-risk pregnancy cohort, with ROC area under the curves (AUC) of 0.54 (p = 0.6) and 0.57 (p = 0.3), respectively. Conversely, a model incorporating frequent snoring, chronic hypertension, age, and body mass index performed significantly better (AUC 0.86, p > 0.001). Conclusion: The Berlin and ESS are not appropriate tools to screen for sleep apnea in high-risk pregnant women. Conversely, our four-variable model more accurately predicts sleep apnea in pregnancy. Citation: Facco FL; Ouyang DW; Zee PC; Grobman WA. Development of a pregnancy-specific screening tool for sleep apnea. J Clin Sleep Med 2012;8(4):389-394.

Facco, Francesca L.; Ouyang, David W.; Zee, Phyllis C.; Grobman, William A.



Der dorsale Zugang zur Implantation von Hüftendoprothesen  

Microsoft Academic Search

Zusammenfassung\\u000a Operationsziel  Schonender Zugang zum Hüftgelenk mit geringem Verletzungsrisiko von Gefäßen und Nerven, geringem Blutverlust und guter Übersicht\\u000a über koxales Femurende, Hüftpfanne und hinteren Beckenpfeiler.\\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a Indikationen  Implantation von Endoprothesen, Prothesenwechsel und Azetabulumfrakturen mit Abbruch des hinteren Pfeilers.\\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a Kontraindikationen  Keine.\\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a Operationstechnik  Von einer bogenförmigen Hautinzision vom Gesäß über den Schenkelhals und Trochanter major nach distal wird der Musculus glutaeus\\u000a maximus vom Musculus glutaeus medius sowie

Eckhart Engelbrecht; Thorsten Gehrke



CRM — Grundlagen und Erfolgsfaktoren  

Microsoft Academic Search

Customer Relationship Management ist ein Schlagwort, das in den letzten Jahren in Wissenschaft und Praxis verstärkt an Bedeutung\\u000a gewonnen hat. Die Gründe dafür sind insbesondere in den aktuellen Marktbedingungen zu finden, die es Unternehmen erschweren,\\u000a sich erfolgreich vom Wettbewerb zu differenzieren und Kunden zu binden. Dies gilt insbesondere für jene Branchen, die durch\\u000a hohen Wettbewerbsdruck, Stagnation und aus Kundensicht austauschbaren

Sonja Grabner-Kräuter; Alexander Schwarz-Musch


Cretaceous and Paleogene geologic history of coastal Ecuador  

Microsoft Academic Search

Zusammenfassung  Aus der Kreide- und Paläogen-Geschichte Ecuadors läßt sich die Entwicklung der Küstenregion ableiten. Sie wird vom Zusammenwirken von drei ozeanischen Platten (Bolivar, Proto-Nazca und Nazca) und der kontinentalen Platte Südamerikas bestimmt. Die Entwicklung umfaßt ausgedehnte Seitenverschiebungen, das Auftreten einer bisher nicht erkannten Bolivar-Platte, die Anlage von drei aufeinanderfolgenden Subduktionszonen, die Bildung eines Inselbogens und die folgende Kollision mit der Südamerikanischen

Tomas Feininger; C. Roger Bristow



Über die Voraussage zeitlich gemittelter Höhenkarten für Zwecke mittelfristiger Wetterprognosen  

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Eine Überprüfung der vonNamias abgeleiteten Formel zur Konstruktion sogenannter Trendkarten an Hand 20 ausgewählter Höhenkarten in der Zeit vom November 1955 bis Mai 1956 ergab eine vollkommene Bestätigung der vonNamias für Amerika angegebenen Korrelationskoeffizienten und des Faktors der entsprechenden Regressionsgleichung für den mitteleuropäischen Raum, obwohl die Untersuchungen sich auf die 850 mb-Topographie bezogen zum Unterschied vonNamias, der die 700 mb-Fläche

Heinz Reuter



Vergleichende Untersuchungen zur Sinusbodenelevation mit autogenem oder allogenem Knochengewebe  

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Zusammenfassung Bei 63 Patienten wurden 82 Sinusbodenelevationen durchgeführt. Als Augmentationsmaterial wurden in 39 Fällen autogener Knochen vom Beckenkamm (bei 16 Sinusbodenaugmentationen in Kombination mit einer absoluten Alveolarkammerhöhung) und in 43 Fällen osteoinduktives, allogenes Knochenpulver [AAA-Knochen (autolysierter, Antigen-extrahierter, allogener Knochen): n = 8, DFDBA (demineralized freeze-dried bone allograft) und\\/oder GraftonTM (demineralized bone matrix gel): n = 35] verwendet. Bei den osteoinduktiven,

N. R. Kübler; C. Will; R. Depprich; T. Betz; E. Reinhart; J. S. Bill; J. F. Reuther



Über lichtelektrische Wirkung in Steinsalzkristallen  

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Zusammenfassung 1.Es werden nach Röntgens Vorgang „lichtelektrische Ströme“ in natürlich und künstlich verfärbtem Steinsalz gemessen. Dabei werden die gleichen Bedingungen benutzt, unter denen sich bei den lichtelektrisch leitenden Kristallen vom Brechungsindex höher als 2 die einfachen Erscheinungen des lichtelektrischen Primärstromes ergeben. Es ergibt sich:a)Reproduzierbarkeit der Messungen selbst nach Wochen.b)linearer Zusammenhang zwischen Strom und Spannung, keine Andeutung von Sättigung auch bei

J. Bingel



Zur Bestandsentwicklung des Feldhasen ( Lepus europaeus Pallas, 1778) in Schleswig-Holstein  

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Ausgewertet werden die Feldhasenstrecken vom Jagdjahr 1955\\/56 bis Jagdjahr 1987\\/88. Von 1955\\/56 bis 1977\\/78 bewegten sich die Strecken mit relativ großer Schwankungsbreite um ein mittleres Niveau von etwa 92 000 Hasen, im Jagdjahr 1964\\/65 wurde mit 127 000 Individuen die größte Jahresstrecke des Untersuchungszeitraumes erzielt. In erster Linie bedingt durch den Schnee-Katastrophenwinter 1978\\/79 wurde der tiefste Stand mit 19 000

K. Skírnisson




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Dieses Buch handelt vom Handwerk erfolgreicher Unternehmenskommunikation1 am Beispiel des Geschäftsberichts. Weshalb ich dieses Handwerk am Beispiel des Geschäftsberichts abhandle, hat einen autobiografischen\\u000a und einen systematischen Grund: Der autobiografische Grund ist der, dass ich seit 1996 als Juror des Bereichs „Sprache“ im\\u000a Rahmen des Wettbewerbs „Der beste Geschäftsbericht“ tätig bin, eines Rankings, das die Zeitschrift manager magazin jedes Jahr\\u000a erstellen

Johann Wolfgang Goethe; Maximen; Reflexionen


Über den Einfluß der Lösungsmittel auf die Zusammensetzung extrahierter anorganischer Verbindungen  

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Untersuchungen zum Verteilungsverhalten von Eisen(III)-rhodanid, Zinkrhodanid, Wismutjodid und Cadmiumjodid mit verschiedenen organischen Lösungsmitteln ergeben eine Abhängigkeit der Zusammensetzung der extrahierten anorganischen Verbindung vom Lösungsmittel. Bei sehr aktiven Lösungsmitteln z. B. Tributylphosphat ist die Anzahl der gebundenen Halogenidionen kleiner als bei Lösungsmitteln mit geringerem Extraktionsvermögen. So wird z. B. Eisen(III)-rhodanid mit Tributylphosphat und Cyclohexanon als Fe(SCN)3 extrahiert, mit Diäthyläther als Fe(SCN)4-.

H. Specker; E. Jackwerth; G. Hövermann



Die neue Gefahrstoffkennzeichnung  

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\\u000a Die EG-Verordnung 1272\\/2008 über die Einstufung, Kennzeichnung und Verpackung von Stoffen und Gemischen baut auf dem bestehenden\\u000a Chemikalienrecht auf und führt ein neues System zur Einstufung und Kennzeichnung gefährlicher Stoffe und Gemische ein, indem\\u000a die vom Wirtschaftsund Sozialrat der Vereinten Nationen (UN-ECOSOC) vereinbarten internationalen Kriterien für die Einstufung\\u000a und Kennzeichnung von gefährlichen Stoffen und Gemischen, das so genannte Globally Harmonized

Heinz Meinholz; Gabi Förtsch


Lack of Effects for Low Dose Levels of Bisphenol A and Diethylstilbestrol on the Prostate Gland of CF1 Mice Exposed in Utero  

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vom Saal et al. (Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 94, 2056–2061, 1997) have reported that low dose exposure (0.02–2 ?g\\/kg\\/day) of CF1 mice to diethylstilbestrol (DES) in utero led to increases in the prostate gland weight when the pups reached 8 months of age. Nagel et al. (Environ. Health Perspect. 105, 70–76, 1997) reported similar effects in CF1 mice at 6

John Ashby; H. Tinwell; J. Haseman



The first occurrence of the aetosaur Paratypothorax andressi (Reptilia, Aetosauria) in the western United States and its biochronological significance  

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\\u000a Kurzfassung  Ein unvollständiges Skelett des AetosauriersParatypothorax andressi aus dem Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona, ist der erste Nachweis dieser Art in Nordamerika.Paratypothorax ist eine der wenigen Tetrapoden-Gattungen, die sowohl in Keuper-Schichten Deutschlands als auch in der Chinle Gruppe der\\u000a westlichen USA auftreten.Paratypothorax hat jedoch geringen biochronologischen Wert, da die Gattung in Schichten wahrscheinlich vom späten Karn bis zum mittleren\\u000a Nor vorkommt.

Adrian P. Hunt; Spencer G. Lucas



Die Anreicherung und mikromaßanalytische Bestimmung des Strontiumions in Mineralwässern  

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Zusammenfassung Es wurde versucht, eine neue Methode der Anreicherung und mikroanalytischen Bestimmung des Strontiumions samt dessen Abtrennung vom Bariumion auszuarbeiten. Zur Anreicherung wurde die schwach alkalische Aluminiumoxyd-Säule verwendet, die unter Einhaltung der beschriebenen Versuchsbedingungen quantitativ alles Strontium und Barium zurückhält. Die Abtrennung von Calcium und den Alkalimetallen erfolgte mittels der Salpetersäure-Methode nachS. G. Rawson, die wir jedoch für die Mikroanalyse

H. Ballczo; H. Muthenthaller



Mikadocephalus gracilirostris n. gen., n. sp., a new ichthyosaur from the Grenzbitumenzone (Anisian-Ladinian) of Monte San Giorgio (Switzerland)  

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\\u000a Kurzfassung  Ein nahezu vollständiger Schädel eines neuen Ichthyosauriers aus der mitteltriassischen Grenzbitumenzone vom Monte San Giorgio\\u000a (Kanton Tessin, Schweiz) stellt einen der vollständigsten und besterhaltenen Funde des Schädels eines großwüchsigen triassischen\\u000a Ichthyosauriers dar, die bisher bekannt wurden. Die Beziehungen zu anderen triassischen Ichthyosaurier-Taxa werden diskutiert,\\u000a und es wird gezeigt, daß der Fund einer neuen Gattung und Art angehört,Mikadocephalus gracilirostris, die sich

Michael W. Maisch; Andreas T. Matzke



Beiträge zur Chemie der Enaminoketone, 4. Mitt.: 1,2,3,4-Tetrahydro-pyrido[2,3- d ]pyrimidin-2,4-dione  

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Enaminoketone vom Typ der Aryl-bzw. Alkyl-aminopropenone sind vorzüglich geeignet, mit 4-Aminouracil 1,2,3,4-Tetrahydro-pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidin-2,4-dione zu geben. Mit Aminomethylencyclohexanon gelangt man auf diese Weise zum 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10-Octahydro-pyrimido[4,5-c]isochinolin. Das Isomerieproblem dieser Heterocyclen wird diskutiert.

H. Junek; Ilse Wrtilek



Enhanced purine nucleotide synthesis in erythrocytes of uremic patients  

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Zusammenfassung Erythrozyten von gesunden Kontrollpersonen und von urämischen Patienten wurden im Dichtegradienten in drei Altersklassen getrennt und die Enzyme des Purinnukleotid-Reutilisierungsstoffwechsels bestimmt:1.Bei gleichzeitiger Verminderung der Fraktion der alten Zellen war der Anteil der jüngeren Erythrozyten in den urämischen Patienten um das drei- bis vierfache erhöht.2.In allen Fraktionen der urämischen Erythrozyten waren die spezifischen Aktivitäten der vom Zellalter-abhängigen Enzyme, Phosphoribosyl-1-pyrophosphat (PRPP)-Synthetase,

H. J. Becher; H. J. Weise; U. Volkermann; P. Schollmeyer



An outbreak of febrile gastroenteritis associated with jellied pork contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes  

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\\u000a Zusammenfassung  Im September 2008 erfuhr die Österreichische Agentur für Gesundheit und Ernährungssicherheit (AGES) von einem Ausbruch infektiöser\\u000a Gastroenteritis; die Blutkultur eines 71-jährigen Hospitalisierten hatte Listeria monocytogenes erbracht. Sieben von 19 Teilnehmern eines Tagesausfluges nach Bratislava stellten Stuhlproben zur Verfügung; aus drei Proben\\u000a konnte L. monocytogenes angezüchtet werden. Alle Isolate waren vom Serovar 4b und zeigten idente DNA-Fingerabdrücke. Eine Kohortenstudie zeigte,\\u000a dass

Juliane Pichler; Peter Much; Sabine Kasper; Rainer Fretz; Bettina Auer; Julia Kathan; Michaela Mann; Steliana Huhulescu; Werner Ruppitsch; Ariane Pietzka; Karl Silberbauer; Christian Neumann; Ernst Gschiel; Alfred de Martin; Angelika Schuetz; Josef Gindl; Ernst Neugschwandtner; Franz Allerberger



Corporate und Product Brands in die Markenarchitektur integrieren  

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Akquisitionen, Zusammenschlüsse sowie die Einführung neuer und Dehnung bestehender Marken haben dazu geführt, dass die Markenportfolios\\u000a vieler Unternehmen neben der Unternehmensmarke zahlreiche weitere Marken beinhalten. So steuert Henkel allein im klassischen\\u000a Markenartikelgeschäft rund 1000 Marken. Unilever reduziert gerade die Zahl seiner Marken von ehemals 1600 auf rund 400 Marken.\\u000a Das vom Markenpionier Domizlaff (1992, S. 91) propagierte Einproduktunternehmen mit nur

Franz-Rudolf Esch; Sören Bräutigam


Amiodaron zur Therapie perioperativer kardialer Rhythmusstörungen  

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Zusammenfassung  Kardiale Arrhythmien stellen eine häufige Komplikation in der perioperativen Phase dar. Die in der Literatur zu findende Inzidenz\\u000a schwankt stark und ist vom untersuchten Patientenkollektiv und der zugrunde gelegten Definition abhängig. Insgesamt überwiegen\\u000a deutlich die supraventrikulären Rhythmusstörungen, angeführt durch das Vorhofflimmern. Aufgrund seines breiten Wirkspektrums\\u000a ist Amiodaron ein weit verbreitetes Medikament zur Behandlung lebensbedrohlicher supraventrikulärer und ventrikulärer Tachyarrhythmien.\\u000a Der Einsatz

N. Butte; B. W. Böttiger; P. Teschendorf



Validierung des NACA-Score anhand objektivierbarer Parameter  

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Zusammenfassung In einer retrospektiven Studie mit Daten aus 104.962 Primäreinsätzen von 28 Luftrettungszentren der ADAC-Luftrettung und des Bundesinnenministeriums vom 01.01.1999 bis 31.12.2003 wurde die Validität des präklinisch erhobenen NACA-Scores untersucht. Zur Klassifikation der Vitalfunktionen wurde der physiologisch orientierte, für die präklinische Patientenversorgung konzipierte MEES als Score genutzt. Für die Beurteilung der Notfallschwere war der kritischste Messwert für die jeweilige Vitalfunktion

T. Schlechtriemen; K. Burghofer; C. K. Lackner; K. H. Altemeyer



Bericht des Robert Koch-Instituts zu den Meldungen nach § 22 Transfusionsgesetz für die Jahre 2001 und 2002  

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Zusammenfassung Die Erhebung infektionsepidemiologischer Daten zur Bestimmung der Prävalenz und Inzidenz von HIV-, Hepatitis-C-Virus- (HCV-), Hepatitis-B-Virus- (HBV-) und Syphilisinfektionen im Blut- und Plasmaspendewesen in Deutschland wird auf der Grundlage des § 22 Transfusionsgesetz vom Robert Koch-Institut durchgeführt. Die vierteljährlich erhobenen Daten erlauben eine Aussage über die Infektionshäufigkeit in den Spenderkollektiven und somit indirekt eine Beurteilung der Sicherheit der gewonnenen Spenden.

R. Offergeld; S. Ritter; D. Faensen; O. Hamouda



Infektionsepidemiologische Daten von Blutspendern 2003–2004  

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Die Erhebung infektionsepidemiologischer Daten zur Bestimmung der Prävalenz und Inzidenz von HIV-, Hepatitis-C-Virus- (HCV-), Hepatitis-B-Virus- (HBV-) und Syphilisinfektionen im Blut- und Plasmaspendewesen in Deutschland wird auf der Grundlage des §22 Transfusionsgesetz vom Robert Koch-Institut durchgeführt. Die vierteljährlich erhobenen Daten erlauben eine Aussage über die Infektionshäufigkeit in den Spenderkollektiven und somit indirekt eine Beurteilung der Sicherheit der gewonnenen Spenden. Der vorliegende

R. Offergeld; S. Ritter; D. Faensen; O. Hamouda



Overall survival and extent of surgery in adult versus elderly glioblastoma patients: A population based retrospective study  

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\\u000a Zusammenfassung  EINLEITUNG: In einer retrospektiven Analyse von in Vorarlberg therapierten Glioblastompatienten wurde der Einfluss des Resektionsausmaßes\\u000a auf das Gesamtüberleben in Abhängigkeit vom Lebensalter analysiert. METHODEN: Die therapeutische Intervention bei 48 Patienten\\u000a (Alter median 62,5 Jahre, zwischen 25 und 82 Jahren, 19 Frauen und 29 Männer) mit histologisch verifiziertem Glioblastom bestand\\u000a aus dem chirurgischen Eingriff (16 Biopsien, 18 Teil- und 14 Komplettresektionen)

Iris Zachenhofer; Roland Maier; Helmut Eiter; Bernhard Muxel; Manfred Cejna; Alexander DeVries; Karl Roessler


A coconut left atrium 23 years after mitral valve replacement for chronic mitral stenosis  

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Zusammenfassung. Wir beschreiben den Fall einer 65-jährigen Patientin, die wegen Verschlechterung einer chronischen Dyspnoesymptomatik stationär eingewiesen wurde. 23 Jahre zuvor war ein Mitralklappenersatz durch eine Kugel-Käfig-Prothese vom Typ Starr-Edwards wegen einer chronischen Mitralstenose vorgenommen worden. Es bestand jetzt eine ausgeprägte pulmonale Hypertonie. Die Funktion der Mitralklappenprothese war in der transthorakalen Echokardiographie und in der Cineradiographie (?Klappenfilm?) regelrecht. Die Cineradiographie zeigte

W. Meyners; S. Peters



Morphogenetische Analyse der Färbung bei weissen Axolotln  

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Zusammenfassung 1.Das Hormon der Hypophyse des schwarzen Axolotls ruft eine Expansion der Melanophoren hervor und stimuliert die Pigmentbildung.2.Das Hormon der Hypophyse des wei\\\\en Axolotls besitzt dieselbe formbildende Fähigkeit — es ist imstande, die Expansion zu erhalten und die Pigmentbildung herbeizuführen.3.Die Methode der Wechseltransplantationen der Haut vom schwarzen Axolotl auf einen wei\\\\en bestätigt auch die Aktivität der Hypophyse des wei\\\\en Axolotls.4.Es

Marie A. Woronzowa



Über die Wirkung der Röntgenbestrahlung auf das embryonale Wachstum  

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Zusammenfassung 1.Die Arbeit stellt sich die Aufgabe, die doppelte Abhängigkeit zwischen den quantitativ verschiedenen Röntgenstrahlendosen und dem Alter des wachsenden Organismus einerseits, den nachfolgenden änderungen im bestrahlten Organismus andererseits zu studieren. Versuchsmaterial: 5–15 Tage alte Axolotlenembryonen (vom Anfang der Gastrulation bis zum Freiwerden aus den Eihüllen) und Larven der FliegeDrosophila melanogaster.2.Im Laufe der Entwicklung des Embryo (Axolotlen,Drosophila-Larven) sinkt die Röntgenempfindlichkeit;

N. M. Woskressensky



Entwicklungspfade neuer Medien im Tourismus — Auswirkungen auf die Branche  

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Spätestens seit Anfang der 1990er Jahre, als in den USA die Vision vom Information-Highway propagiert wurde, bestimmen solche\\u000a Begriffe wie „Multimedia“, „virtuelle Realit“, „Cyberspace“, die einen grundlegenden Wandel des menschlichen Informations-\\u000a und Kommunikationsverhaltens implizieren, die gesellschaftliche Diskussion. Eine Vielzahl von Ideen, Konzepten und Pilotprojekten\\u000a ist entstanden, um dem potentiellen Anwender die so genannten „neuen Medien“ umfassend nahe zu bringen. Diese

Ulrike Stopka


Mobil statt fossil: Evaluationen, Strategien und Visionen einer neuen Automobilität  

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Gegenwärtig beginnt sich ein Paradigmenwechsel in der Automobilität zu vollziehen, weg vom Benzin- und Diesel-Verbrennungsmotor hin zu alternativen Antriebs- und Kraftstofftechnologien. Dabei spielen Innovationen im Bereich der automobilen Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellentechnologie eine zentrale Rolle. Daraus ergeben sich gerade in diesem Bereich neue Herausforderungen für die interdisziplinäre und problemorientierte Zusammenarbeit zwischen Innovations-Theoretikern und Innovations-Praktikern. Ziel des vorliegenden Papers ist es, konkrete

Thomas Aigle; Holger Braun-Thürmann; Lutz Marz; Kerstin Schäfer; Marc Weider



Johannes Keppler, der Begründer der Biophysik  

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\\u000a Zusammenfassung  Johann Keppler hat selbst seinen Namen sowohl in lateinischen als auch in deutschen Texten beliebig mit einem oder zwei „p“\\u000a geschrieben. Im Wiener Adelsarchiv ist die erste Eintragung der Familie (vom Ritterschlag 1433) mit zwei „p“ erfolgt. Seine\\u000a Grabinschrift mit dem von ihm selbst verfaßten Distichon weist ebenfalls zwei „p“ auf, so daß hier einmal an diese Schreibweise\\u000a erinnert werden

K. Hommer



MRT zur Therapiekontrolle bei Patienten mit Aortenisthmusstenose  

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Zusammenfassung  Die Aortenisthmusstenose als häufigste angeborene Aortenanomalie stellt ein häufiges Problem der Therapieüberwachung dar und\\u000a ist neben möglichen begleitenden Anomalien (z. B. bikuspidale Aortenklappe) in Abhängigkeit vom primär gewählten Therapieverfahren\\u000a mit verschiedenen Komplikationen im mittel- bis längerfristigem Verlauf vergesellschaftet. Bei der Kontrolle der Aortenisthmusstenose\\u000a bzw. deren Therapie spielt die Magnetresonanztomographie (MRT) aufgrund der Nichtinvasivität und fehlenden Strahlenexposition\\u000a bei den meist jüngeren Patienten

B. J. Wintersperger; D. Theisen; M. F. Reiser



Über die Ursachen der sogenannten spontanen Aortenzerreißungen  

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Zusammenfassung 1.An sechs Beobachtungen werden die Ergebnisse vonGsell, Erdheim bestätigt, daß bei spontanen Aortenzerreißungen schwere Schäden der Muskelschicht bestehen.2.Diese Schäden finden sich vereinzelt herdförmig um die ernährenden Wandgefäße, so daß an die Einwirkung einer Schädlichkeit vom Blutweg her gedacht wird.3.Die Schäden der Muskelschicht finden sich nicht nur an der Rißstelle, sondern konnten auch in der Bauchschlagader, in der Lungenschlagader, Arteria

Kurt Wolff



Clausewitz und die „Überlegenheit der Verteidigung“. Zum Stärkeverhältnis von Offensive und Defensive  

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Zusammenfassung  Eine der zentralen inhaltlichen Botschaften des preußischen Generals und Kriegsphilosophen Carl von Clausewitz, dargelegt\\u000a in seinem Werk Vom Kriege, lautet: „Die Verteidigung ist an sich die stärkere Form des Kriegführens“. Diese Vorstellung steht im Widerspruch zu den\\u000a Ansichten namhafter Autoritäten verschiedener Epochen, insbesondere auch aus der Zeit des Kriegsphilosophen selbst. Gleichzeitig\\u000a steht die Clausewitzsche Theorie von der größeren Stärke der

Johann Schmid



Hydroxylapatitplombenimplantation nach Enukleation — Erfahrungen in 112 Fällen  

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\\u000a Zusammenfassung  Im Zeitraum vom Oktober 1993 bis Oktober 1996 wurde in 112 von 117 Fällen eine Hydroxylapatitplombe als Bulbusersatz gewählt.\\u000a Enukleationsursache war in 50% der Fälle eine perforierende Verletzung. Zu wesentlich geringeren Anteilen waren intraokulare\\u000a Tumoren (12,5%) und amaurotische Augen bei proliferativen Vitreoretinopathien (Zentralvenenverschluß = 5,4% und diabetischer\\u000a Retinopathie = 2,7%) repräsentiert. 64 Augen wurden primär, 31 sekundär bei implantatloser Orbita

A. Norda; H. W. Meyer-Rüsenberg



Einjahresergebnisse nach Implantation von faltbaren Acryllinsen (IOPTEX ACR 360)  

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\\u000a Zusammenfassung  In einer prospektiven klinischen Studie wurden 25 Acryllinsen vom Typ IOPTEX ARC 360 implantiert; über die Einjahresergebnisse\\u000a wird berichtet, wobei 21 der 25 Patienten nachuntersucht werden konnten. Die Sehschärfe nach einem Jahr war mit 0,71 (SD =\\u000a 0,221) im Vergleich zur postoperativen Sehschärfe von 0,72 (SD = 0,203) stabil, ein behandlungsbedürftiger Nachstar ist zum\\u000a Untersuchungszeitpunkt nicht aufgetreten, Dezentrierungen sind 4mal

E. Alzner; A. Mistlberger; G. Grabner