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VomsSnooper - a tool for managing VOMS records  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

VomsSnooper is a tool to keep documents and sites up to date with the newest VOMS records, removing the need for manual edits to security configuration files. The input data is administered centrally at the Operations Portal, and it is made available in XML format. Prior to VomsSnooper, it was necessary at each site to manually convert the XML data. VomsSnooper automates this process by checking and creating new VOMS records directly from the portal, providing a bridge between the Operations Portal and the site configuration. The tool is also used to publish online the VOMS data of thirty Approved VOs in the GridPP wiki.

Jones, S.



Berlin Wall  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

You and your classmates have been sent to Germany to learn about the Berlin Wall. At the end of the trip you will return to your school and be asked questions about your experiences and what you have learned. You will read your task first, then go and read the process you will follow, next read through the learning advice, use the resources provided to answer the questions, and after you have finished all those steps go to the conclusion. Good Luck and have a FUN trip!!! TASK Your task is to visit sites related to the Berlin Wall and find the answers to the following questions at these sites. 1. What four countries occupied parts of Berlin? 2. What country was in charge of the area surrounding Berlin? 3. What was the Berlin Blockade? Why did it end? 4. Why was ...

B, Miss



The Berlin Airlift  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

In June 1948, British and American pilots began delivering coal, flour, and other important items of sustenance to residents of West Berlin. It was known as the Berlin Airlift, and the event was one of the earliest serious crises of the Cold War. The noted PBS series, "American Experience", dedicated one of their episodes to exploring the Berlin Airlift, and this site complements that program quite nicely. The materials offered here include an interactive map of the airlift route, contemporary newspaper accounts of the Airlift, and a great essay on "The Chocolate Pilot". For those who don't know, the Chocolate Pilot was United States Air Force pilot Gail Halvorsen, who had the excellent idea of delivering packages of gum and candy to the children of West Berlin via miniature parachutes.



Vom Washington Consensus zum Post-Washington Consensus.  

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??Untersuchungsgegenstand dieser Arbeit ist die Umsetzung des Post-Washington Consensus anhand des Beispiellands Jemen. Der erste Teil der Arbeit befasst sich mit der Weiterentwicklung vom Washington… (more)

Galter, Judith



The acceleration of the masculine in early-twentieth-century Berlin.  


In early-twentieth-century Berlin, agents of speed and industrialisation, such as the railway, contributed to the seemingly unbridled velocity of urban life. Doctors and cultural critics took an ambivalent stance toward the impact of speed and technology on the human body. Critics argued that these factors, in conjunction with sexual excess and prostitution, accelerated the sexual maturation of young men, thereby endangering ‘healthy’ male sexuality. This comparison of Hans Ostwald's socio-literary study Dunkle Winkel in Berlin (1904) with Georg Buschan's sexual education primer Vom Jüngling zum Mann (1911) queries the extent to which speed shaped the understanding of ‘the masculine’ in pre-World-War-I Germany. The essay thus examines Ostwald's and Buschan's arguments and postulates that speed in the city (Berlin) can be seen as a feminised, sexualised force that determined sex in the city. According to this reading, the homosexual urban dandy resisted the accelerated modernist urban tempo, whereas the heterosexual man and hegemonic, heteronormative masculinity yielded to speed. ‘“Das Verhältnis”’ became a fleeting, momentary alternative to stable marital relationships, which in turn contributed to the general ‘crisis’ of – and in– masculinity in early-twentieth-century Berlin. PMID:22375297

Prickett, David James



Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie (HZB) operates two large facilities for materials research: the neutron source BER II and the synchrotron source BESSY II, which provide deep insights into the structure of materials and the processes within complex systems. Each year around 3,000 scientists are using the HZB infrastructures. One important focus of HZB research is thin film photovoltaics and solar fuels. HZB is a member of the Helmholtz Association and has co-founded the Photovoltaic Competence Centre (PVcomB), to promote the transfer of technology and knowledge into industry.

7, App. 28888, Fax 21145, Workshop 23.01.2012 1 des AUMS an der TU Berlin  

E-print Network, App. 28888, Fax 21145, Workshop, App. 28888, Fax 21145, Workshop 23.01.2012 2 Evaluation des AUMS Vorstellung des Arbeits- und Umweltschutzmanagementsystems an der TU Berlin #12;, App. 28888

Berlin,Technische Universität


VOMS/VOMRS utilization patterns and convergence plan  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Grid community uses two well-established registration services, which allow users to be authenticated under the auspices of Virtual Organizations (VOs). The Virtual Organization Membership Service (VOMS), developed in the context of the Enabling Grid for E-sciencE (EGEE) project, is an Attribute Authority service that issues attributes expressing membership information of a subject within a VO. VOMS allows to partition users in groups, assign them roles and free-form attributes which are then used to drive authorization decisions. The VOMS administrative application, VOMS-Admin, manages and populates the VOMS database with membership information. The Virtual Organization Management Registration Service (VOMRS), developed at Fermilab, extends the basic registration and management functionalities present in VOMS-Admin. It implements a registration workflow that requires VO usage policy acceptance and membership approval by administrators. VOMRS supports management of multiple grid certificates, and handling users' request for group and role assignments, and membership status. VOMRS is capable of interfacing to local systems with personnel information (e.g. the CERN Human Resource Database) and of pulling relevant member information from them. VOMRS synchronizes the relevant subset of information with VOMS. The recent development of new features in VOMS-Admin raises the possibility of rationalizing the support and converging on a single solution by continuing and extending existing collaborations between EGEE and OSG. Such strategy is supported by WLCG, OSG, US CMS, US Atlas, and other stakeholders worldwide. In this paper, we will analyze features in use by major experiments and the use cases for registration addressed by the mature single solution.

Ceccanti, A.; Ciaschini, V.; Dimou, M.; Garzoglio, G.; Levshina, T.; Traylen, S.; Venturi, V.



78 FR 41398 - City of Berlin, Berlin Water Works; Notice of Preliminary Permit Application Accepted for Filing...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Regulatory Commission [Project No. 14529-000] City of Berlin, Berlin Water Works; Notice of Preliminary Permit Application...Competing Applications On June 19, 2013, the City of Berlin, Berlin Water Works, filed an application for a...



Studienreform am IB der HU-Berlin Institute for Library Science -Humboldt University at Berlin InhaltRainer Kuhlen  

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1 Studienreform am IB der HU-Berlin Institute for Library Science - Humboldt University at Berlin;2 Studienreform am IB der HU-Berlin Institute for Library Science - Humboldt University at Berlin Inhalt- wissenschaft (IBI-HU-Berlin) umbenennen. #12;4 Studienreform am IB der HU-Berlin Institute for Library Science

Kuhlen, Rainer


The Gesamtkunstwerk of a Reunifying Metropolis: Berlin’s Kunsthaus Tacheles  

Microsoft Academic Search

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the city of Berlin was faced with the challenge to reunify in both political and cultural realms. Berlin is noted throughout history as a metropolis that is characterized by flux; the Post-Wende [Post-Wall] era is another remarkable transitional phase in Berlin’s history. During this era, the city was extremely porous and susceptible to

Emma Camille Scheidt



Isaiah Berlin, Diversity Liberalism, and Education.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Discusses William Galston's view that Isaiah Berlin's moral and political philosophy is foundational for diversity liberalism. Argues that a more balanced view of Berlin is less helpful than Galston proposes, because Berlin's work is permeated by a tension between the importance of belonging to a community and the importance of individual liberty.…

Burtonwood, Neil



Sudan und Sd-Sudan. Vom Konflikt zur Kooperation?  

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Gebieten im Nord-Sudan (Provinz Blue Nile, Provinz South Kordofan und Region Abyei) zu Konflikten zwischenSudan und Süd-Sudan. Vom Konflikt zur Kooperation? Professor Dr. Karl Wohlmuth (Fachbereich aktuellen Konflikte zwischen dem Sudan und dem Süd-Sudan haben, wie die Konflikte innerhalb der beiden

Koenig, Friederike - Fachbereich 2 Biologie


Hochschulrechenzentrum FreieUniversittBerlin  

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von Ihrem iOS-Gerät (iPhone, iPad oder iPod touch) verwenden, um auf ihr Exchange-Postfach zuzugreifen Sie Safari und navigieren Sie zu: Button »Neue E-Mail« un- ten rechts (für iPhone und iPod touch) oder oben rechts (für iPad). Es öffnet

Ziegler, Günter M.


Humboldt University Berlin Computer Science Department  

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25 D-12489 Berlin-Adlershof Germany Phone: +49 30 2093-3400 Fax: +40 30 2093-3112 http://sar of issue. (State of the Art in Wireless Sensor Networks) HU Berlin Public Report SAR-PR-2006-07 May Network Simulation. * 100080 (Grid and Service Oriented Computing Research Center, Institute


Humboldt University Berlin Computer Science Department  

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25 D-12489 Berlin-Adlershof Germany Phone: +49 30 2093-3400 Fax: +40 30 2093-3112 http://sar Report SAR-PR-2007-03 February 2007 Author(s): Ulf Hermann #12;Humboldt-Universit¨at zu Berlin, Institut-Anwendung zur Definition und ¨Uberwachung der Aufgaben, einem Server ("Wrapper"), der die eigentliche Simulation


Cryogenic system for BERLinPro  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In 2010 Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB) received funding to design and build the Berlin Energy Recovery Linac Project BERLinPro. The goal of this compact Energy recovery linac (ERL) is to develop the accelerator physics and technology required to generate and accelerate a 100-mA, 1-mm mrad emittance electron beam. The BERLinPro know-how can then be transferred to various ERL-based applications. All accelerating RF cavities including the electron source are based on superconducting technology operated at 1.8 K. A Linde L700 helium liquefier is supplying 4.5 K helium. The subatmospheric pressure of 16 mbar of the helium bath of the cavities will be achieved by pumping with a set of cold compressors and warm vacuum pumps. While the L700 is already in operating, the 1.8 K system and the helium transfer system are in design phase.

Anders, W.; Hellwig, A.; Knobloch, J.; Pflückhahn, D.; Rotterdam, S.



The Berlin emissivity database (BED)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Remote-sensing infrared spectroscopy is the principal field of investigation for planetary surfaces composition. Past, present and future missions to the solar system bodies include in their payload, instruments measuring the emerging radiation in the infrared range. Apart from measuring the reflected radiance, more and more spacecrafts are equipped with instruments measuring directly the emitted radiation from the planetary surface. The emitted radiation is not only a function of the composition of the material but also of its texture and especially the grain size distribution. For the interpretation of the measured data an emissivity spectral library of planetary analogue materials in grain size fractions appropriate for planetary surfaces is needed. The Berlin emissivity database (BED) presented here is focused on relatively fine-grained size separates, providing thereby a realistic basis for the interpretation of thermal emission spectra of planetary regoliths. The BED is therefore complimentary to existing thermal emission libraries, like the ASU library for example. BED currently contains emissivity spectra of plagioclase and potassium feldspars, low Ca and high Ca pyroxenes, olivine, elemental sulfur, Martian analogue minerals and volcanic soils, and a lunar highland soil sample measured in the wavelength range from 7 to 22 ?m as a function of particle size. For each sample we measured the spectra of four particle size separates ranging from <25 to 250 ?m. The device we used is built at DLR (Berlin) and is coupled to a Fourier-transform infrared spectrometer Bruker IFS 88 purged with dry air and equipped with a nitrogen-cooled MCT detector. All spectra were acquired with a spectral resolution of 4 cm -1. We are currently working on upgrading our emissivity facility. A new spectrometer (Bruker VERTEX 80 V) and new detectors will allow us to measure the emissivity of samples in the wavelength range from 1 to 50 ?m in a vacuum environment. This will be particularly important for the interpretation of the MERcury Thermal Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (MERTIS) data.

Maturilli, A.; Helbert, J.; Moroz, L.



Humboldt-Universitt zu Berlin | Humboldt-ProMINT-Kolleg | Nora Butter Rudower Chaussee 25 | 12489 Berlin | Tel.: 030 2093 8045 |  

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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | Humboldt-ProMINT-Kolleg | Nora Butter Rudower Chaussee 25 | 12489 Berlin | Tel.: 030 ­ 2093 8045 | MINT-Doktorandenkongress 29. & 30 Butter Rudower Chaussee 25 | 12489 Berlin | Tel.: 030 ­ 2093 8045 | 30

Peters, Achim


300 Years of Astronomy in Berlin and Potsdam. (German Title: 300 Jahre Astronomie in Berlin und Potsdam)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

On May 19, 1700, the Brandenburg elector issued a Calendar Commission (monopoly of the distribution of calendars), which became the basis for the foundation of the Berlin Astronomical Observatory and the Berlin Academy of Sciences. From this a tradition of astronomy in Berlin and Potsdam started, highlights of which are described in the contributions to this volume. Also many aspects of the history of the Academy and of the general cultural history of the Berlin region are considered.

Dick, Wolfgang R.; Fritze, Klaus


Nr. 51 / 09 vom 24. September 2009 Fakultt fr Elektrotechnik, Informatik und Mathematik  

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........................................................................................................................... 9 § 11 Prüfende und Beisitzende geändert durch Art. 2 des Gesetzes zur Reform der Lehrerbildung vom 12. Mai 2009 (GV. NRW. S. 308), hat die

Hellebrand, Sybille


Nr. 52 / 09 vom 24. September 2009 Fakultt fr Elektrotechnik, Informatik und Mathematik  

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........................................................................................................................... 9 § 11 Prüfende und Beisitzende geändert durch Art. 2 des Gesetzes zur Reform der Lehrerbildung vom 12. Mai 2009 (GV. NRW. S. 308), hat die

Hellebrand, Sybille


Vortex Structures at a Rotating Ship Propeller Christoph Petz (ZIB, Berlin), Tino Weinkauf (ZIB, Berlin), Heinrich Streckwall (HSVA, Hamburg),  

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Vortex Structures at a Rotating Ship Propeller Christoph Petz (ZIB, Berlin), Tino Weinkauf (ZIB Berlin), Hans-Christian Hege (ZIB, Berlin) The vortical flow around a rotating ship propeller fluid. The pattern on the propeller surface indicates the direction of the skin friction. The tip

Noack, Bernd R.


Vom Himmelsmythos zum Weltgesetz. Eine Kulturgeschichte der Astronomie.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Contents: I: Die Betrachtung des Himmels im Zeichen des Mythos. 1. Astronomische Spuren der Vorzeit. 2. Naturvölker und Ethnoastronomie. 3. Hochkulturen in Asien und Amerika. 4. Das alte Ägypten. 5. Mesopotamien. 6. Die mythisch-religiöse Erfahrung der Welt und die frühe Astronomie. II: Vom Mythos zum Logos. 7. Antikes Griechenland. 8. Römische Antike und frühes Christentum (ca. 200 v. Chr. - 500 n. Chr.). 9. Astronomie unter dem Zeichen des Islam. 10. Europäisches Mittelalter. 11. Die Astronomie als kulturelles Erbe der Menschheit. III: Die Selbstdifferenzierung des Logos. 12. Das Buch der Natur wird aufgeschlagen. 13. Klassische Astronomie und philosophische Aufklärung (ca. 1700 - 1850). 14. Neue Wege der Kosmosforschung in Astrophysik und Kosmologie (ca. 1850 - 1950). 15. Schlußbetrachtung: Die Frage nach dem Weltbild in verunsicherter Zeit.

Bialas, V.


Humboldt University Berlin Computer Science Department  

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................................................. 4 2. Thermal climate in cities: the urban heat island of issue. Heat waves, urban climate and human health HU Berlin Public Report SAR-PR-2006-06 April 2006 Press (submitted) #12;Heat waves, urban climate and human health Wilfried Endlicher1 , Gerd Jendritzky2


Leptospirosis in Urban Wild Boars, Berlin, Germany  

PubMed Central

We found antibodies to leptospires in 25 (18%) of 141 wild boars from Berlin (95% confidence interval 12–25). Seropositivity was associated with chronic interstitial nephritis (odds ratio 10.5; p = 0.01), and leptospires were detected in kidney tissues. Wild boars represent a potential source for human leptospirosis in urban environments. PMID:17553254

Luge, Enno; Guerra, Beatriz; Wittschen, Petra; Gruber, Achim D.; Loddenkemper, Christoph; Schneider, Thomas; Lierz, Michael; Ehlert, Derk; Appel, Bernd; Stark, Klaus; Nockler, Karsten



Adam Wolisz Technische Universitt Berlin, TKN  

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Adam Wolisz Technische Universität Berlin, TKN and University of California, Berkeley, BWRC, bottlenecks have already been observed ­ e.g. in [4] the overload of the AT&T infrastructure due to wider-human relations Letters (of affection!) Phone ... SMS, Chat, Social networks.... Entertainment Passive, e.g

Wichmann, Felix


Hypolimnetic aeration in Lake Tegel, Berlin  

Microsoft Academic Search

Hypolimnetic aeration has been part of a successful restoration strategy for the shallow urban lake, Lake Tegel, in Berlin since 1980. From this time to the present, extensive limnological data on the lake's water quality have been collected which have been used to validate a one-dimensional water quality model. Three cases are discussed: full operation of a network of 15

K.-E. Lindenschmidt; P. F. Hamblin



[Population development in West Berlin, 1986].  


Information is presented on population trends in West Berlin in 1986, and comparisons are made with data from earlier years. Topics covered include population growth, marriages and divorces, fertility, mortality, causes of death, internal and international migration, and population change by district. Comparative data for the German and foreign populations are provided in most cases. PMID:12341699

Gottschalk, H



[Population trends in West Berlin, 1985].  


Information is presented on population trends in West Berlin in 1985. Some comparative data for earlier years are also provided. Topics covered include changes in population size, marriages and divorces, fertility, mortality and infant mortality, causes of death, internal and international migration, and population trends by district. Most of the data are shown separately for Germans and foreigners. PMID:12341290

Gottschalk, H



The Berlin Exoplanet Search Telescope System  

Microsoft Academic Search

We describe a small telescope system, the Berlin Exoplanet Search Telescope (BEST), dedicated to the search for planetary transits of Jupiter-sized planets on close-in orbits. This system consists of a commercial 20 cm telescope equipped with a 2048×2048 pixel CCD. Observations have been performed for almost 2 years, including a commissioning phase and regular observations. Planetary transit candidates have been

Heike Rauer; Jochen Eislöffel; Anders Erikson; Eike Guenther; Artie P. Hatzes; Harald Michaelis; Holger Voss



A Brief Vestibular/Ocular Motor Screening (VOMS) Assessment to Evaluate Concussions  

PubMed Central

Background Vestibular and ocular motor impairments and symptoms have been documented in patients with sport-related concussions. However, there is no current brief clinical screen to assess and monitor these issues. Purpose To describe and provide initial data for the internal consistency and validity of a brief clinical screening tool for vestibular and ocular motor impairments and symptoms after sport-related concussions. Study Design Cross-sectional study; Level of evidence, 2. Methods Sixty-four patients, aged 13.9 ± 2.5 years and seen approximately 5.5 ± 4.0 days after a sport-related concussion, and 78 controls were administered the Vestibular/Ocular Motor Screening (VOMS) assessment, which included 5 domains: (1) smooth pursuit, (2) horizontal and vertical saccades, (3) near point of convergence (NPC) distance, (4) horizontal vestibular ocular reflex (VOR), and (5) visual motion sensitivity (VMS). Participants were also administered the Post-Concussion Symptom Scale (PCSS). Results Sixty-one percent of patients reported symptom provocation after at least 1 VOMS item. All VOMS items were positively correlated to the PCSS total symptom score. The VOR (odds ratio [OR], 3.89; P <.001) and VMS (OR, 3.37; P <.01) components of the VOMS were most predictive of being in the concussed group. An NPC distance ?5 cm and any VOMS item symptom score ?2 resulted in an increase in the probability of correctly identifying concussed patients of 38% and 50%, respectively. Receiver operating characteristic curves supported a model including the VOR, VMS, NPC distance, and ln(age) that resulted in a high predicted probability (area under the curve = 0.89) for identifying concussed patients. Conclusion The VOMS demonstrated internal consistency as well as sensitivity in identifying patients with concussions. The current findings provide preliminary support for the utility of the VOMS as a brief vestibular/ocular motor screen after sport-related concussions. The VOMS may augment current assessment tools and may serve as a single component of a comprehensive approach to the assessment of concussions. PMID:25106780

Mucha, Anne; Collins, Michael W.; Elbin, R.J.; Furman, Joseph M.; Troutman-Enseki, Cara; DeWolf, Ryan M.; Marchetti, Greg; Kontos, Anthony P.



Humboldt-Universitt zu Berlin Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultt I  

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: und Frau Marx: Bitte füllen Sie diesen nein Wenn nein: zu kurz zu lang Aus welchen Gründen strebten Sieeinen Studienaufenthalt im Ausland an

Peters, Achim


Humboldt-Universitt zu Berlin Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultt I  

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: und Frau Marx: Bitte füllen Sie diesen Studienaufenthaltes für angemessen? ja nein Wenn nein: zu kurz zu lang Aus welchen Gründen strebten Sie einen

Peters, Achim


Humboldt-Universitt zu Berlin Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultt I  

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: und Frau Marx: Bitte füllen Sie diesen kurz zu lang Aus welchen Gründen strebten Sieeinen Studienaufenthalt im Ausland an? ­Mehrfachnennungen

Peters, Achim


Webinare im Projekt ,,sihMobil" Veranstaltungsreihe vom AK Media des ZAWiW  

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Webinare im Projekt ,,sihMobil" Veranstaltungsreihe vom AK Media des ZAWiW Der Arbeitskreis Media Internet" einladen. Ein Webinar ist ein Seminar, das im Internet in einem virtuellen Seminarraum PCs. Die Teilnehmer haben also auch die Möglichkeit, dem Referenten Fragen zu stellen. Diese Webinare

Pfeifer, Holger


The sound of Berlin. The noise annoyance you love to hate  

Microsoft Academic Search

Noise is part of life in Berlin. The Berlin Sound is often described as Berlin is a loud city, but this sound is also a matter of identification. Just like human beings, metropolitan areas may be identified by their gait. People enjoy living in Berlin but they also claim negative health effects and often permanent annoyance caused by daily environmental

Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp; Cay Hehner



[Berlin-Brandenburg-Saxony Rehabilitation Research Group].  


The principal subject of the Rehabilitation Research Network of Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony (BBS) is "the theoretical and practical bases of the organisation and economics of rehabilitation". What is involved is a nation-wide analysis of the rehabilitation system, i.e. obtaining empirical information on the question as to what organisational forms are currently used to carry out rehabilitation and what results are achieved. This empirical stocktaking also includes economic aspects as far as possible. This study is to serve as a basis for developing, testing and implementing steps to rationalise steering mechanisms in the rehabilitation system. The first aspect to be studied is "national steering problems in institutionalised forms of rehabilitation". The focus is on projects on information management and performance and quality management in rehabilitation sciences as well as on the actual work of a number of bodies paying for rehabilitation (Bundesversicherungsanstalt für Angestellte, Landesversicherungsanstalten) as well as rehabilitation facilities (clinics etc.). The two other focuses of the study will examine "rehabilitative adjustment to remedies and technical aids/prostheses" and problems facing "family members in the context of rehabilitation". In studying these two areas, we are particularly interested in examining the interaction between institutionalised aspect of rehabilitation and informal factors both inside and outside the system. The BBS approach is supported by close co-operation with the regional pension insurance institutes (BfA, LVAs) with regard to both the data model and steps being taken. The principal instrument of co-operation is the "Gesellschaft für Rehabilitationswissenschaften e.V." (Society for Rehabilitation Sciences). In Berlin the BBS co-operates with Free University, the Technical University and the Robert Koch Institute and in Saxony with the universities in Dresden and Leipzig. Responsibility for scientific questions in the BBS lies with the Institute for Rehabilitation Sciences of Berlin's Humboldt University. PMID:10065486

Brennecke, R; Müller-Fahrnow, W; Teichmann, H; Spyra, K



Nr. 39 Amtsblatt der Freien Hansestadt Bremen vom 16. Mrz 2009 345 Diese nderungsordnung nach der Genehmigung  

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­ Sprachen, Literaturen und Kulturen Italiens/Lingue, letterature e culture italiane" (Nebenfach) der ­ Sprachen, Literatu- ren und Kulturen Italiens/Lingue, letterature e culture italiane" (Nebenfach) vom 20

Hoffmeister, Thomas S.


Familie in Ost- und West-Berlin: Erziehungseinstellungen und Kinderfreundschaften (The Family in East and West Berlin: Pedagogical Attitudes and Friendship among Children).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Compares the family-centeredness of East and West Berliners with primary school-aged children shortly after the breakdown of East Germany by examining parental attitudes regarding friendship among children. Observes that while parents in East Berlin exerted greater control than those in West Berlin, children's integration into their extrafamilial…

Uhlendorff, Harald; Oswald, Hans; Krappmann, Lothar



Tel.: (+30) 314-22919/-23922 Telefax: (+30) 314-23909/-21421 E-Mail: World Wide Web:  

E-print Network · World Wide Web: Das Angebot der Pressestelle der TU Berlin zu · World Wide Web: B) Bitte teilen Sie uns hier mit, welche) 314-22919/-23922 · Telefax: (+30) 314-23909/-21421 E-Mail: · World Wide Web

Berlin,Technische Universität

42 Willkommen am  

E-print Network Head of Physikalisches Institut Hermann von Helmholtz 1871 -88 August Kundt 1888-1894 Emil Warburg 1895. Nuclear Physics 1926 together with Otto Hahn in the ,,Holzwerkstatt", Inst. für Chemie #12;www

Peters, Achim


[Young man with gunshot wound (GSW)--what killed Ernst vom Rath?].  


On the morning of November 7, 1938 vom Rath, a diplomat at the German embassy in Paris, was shot by Herschel Grynzspan, a Jewish teenager. Of the 5 shots fired, 2 hit vom Rath, one in the right shoulder and one in the abdomen. He was rushed to Alma Women's Hospital near the embassy, where emergency surgery was undertaken. Two days later his condition deteriorated rapidly and succumbed 55 hours after the shooting. It is believed that the assassination triggered the "Kristallnacht"--the organized Nazi pogrom against Jews across Germany. Based on the Alma hospital registry, autopsy findings and articles from recent years, the course of his condition and possible cause of his death are discussed. The possibility of malpractice, and even medical fraud, which led to his death are also mentioned. PMID:24416826

Shasha, Shaul M; Eithan, Arieh; Feinsod, Moshe; Georg M, Weisz



International Solar Centre, Berlin - A Comprehensive Energy Design  

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ESL-IC-10/05-06 1 INTERNATIONAL SOLAR CENTRE BERLIN - A COMPREHENSIVE ENERGY DESIGN Robert Himmler M. Norbert Fisch Technical University Braunschweig Institute of Building and Solar Technology (IGS) Mühlenpfordtstr. 23 38106 Braunschweig... / Germany ABSTRACT The International Solar Centre is a unique development in Berlin, combining a historic building and contemporary architecture to create 20 700 m² of customised office workspace. The building promotes a sustainable energy economy...

Fisch, M. N.; Himmler, R.



2. tele-TASK Symposium ,,Vom e-Learning in der Schule zur Web-Uni"  

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2. tele-TASK Symposium ,,Vom e-Learning in der Schule zur Web-Uni" 14. und 15. Juni 2007 Begrü�ung und Eröffnung des Symposiums (Hörsaal 3, HPI) 13:45 Uhr Session 1: WebUniversity ­ E-Learning am-Plattner-Institut 19:00 Uhr Konferenz-Dinner #12;Freitag. 15. Juni 2007 09:00 Uhr Session 3: E-Learning an Schulen und

Weske, Mathias


Die Anwendung des Sutcliffeschen Entwicklungstheorems auf die V b -Wetterlage vom 8. und 9. Oktober 1964  

Microsoft Academic Search

Zusammenfassung  In der vorliegenden Arbeit wurde versucht, das Sutcliffesche Entwicklungstheorem auf dieV\\u000a\\u000ab\\u000a-Wetterlage vom 8. und 9. Oktober 1964 anzuwenden. Dabei wurde dieses Theorem einer Kritik unterzogen und allgemeiner gefaßt. Die Anwendung ergab, daß die Entwicklung selbst dadurch nicht richtig erfaßt werden konnte, wohl aber das weitere Verhalten der Zyklone nach ihrer Entwicklung. Für die Entwicklung selbst spielen offenbar die

Karin Dohnal



40 CFR 180.1011 - Viable spores of the microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner; exemption from the...  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2011 CFR

...2011-07-01 false Viable spores of the microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner...180.1011 Viable spores of the microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner...following specifications: (1) The microorganism shall be an authentic strain of...



40 CFR 180.1011 - Viable spores of the microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner; exemption from the...  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2012 CFR

...2012-07-01 false Viable spores of the microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner...180.1011 Viable spores of the microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner...following specifications: (1) The microorganism shall be an authentic strain of...



40 CFR 180.1011 - Viable spores of the microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner; exemption from the...  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...2010-07-01 false Viable spores of the microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner...180.1011 Viable spores of the microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner...following specifications: (1) The microorganism shall be an authentic strain of...



40 CFR 180.1011 - Viable spores of the microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner; exemption from the...  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...2013-07-01 false Viable spores of the microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner...180.1011 Viable spores of the microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner...following specifications: (1) The microorganism shall be an authentic strain of...



The Neural Basis of the Dynamic Unconscious Heather A. Berlin (New York)  

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; dissociation; neural Heather A. Berlin: Department of Psychiatry, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, U.S.A. Correspondence to: Heather A. Berlin, Department of Psychiatry, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, One Gustave L

Block, Ned


The quality of life of patients with paranoid schizophrenia in London and Berlin  

Microsoft Academic Search

This study compared the subjective and objective quality of life and needs of patients with paranoid schizophrenia between inner city areas in Berlin (69 patients) and London (75 patients). Quality of life was assessed by means of the Lancashire Quality of Life Profile (German version Berliner Lebensqualitatsprofi), and need was quantified using the Camberwell Assessment of Need (German version Berliner

M. Heinze; R. E. Taylor; S. Priebe; G. Thornicroft



Emile Berliner and the Birth of the Recording Industry  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Emile Berliner, an innovative entrepreneur of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, invented the microphone, flat recording disc, and gramophone player. This online exhibit of Mr. Berliner draws from the Emile Berliner papers and sound recordings of the Library of Congress's Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division Industry. The collection consists of over 400 items from the manuscript collection and more than 100 sound recordings from the disc collection. Items in the collection range from correspondence, articles, lectures, and speeches to scrapbooks, photographs, clippings, and recordings. Most of the items date from the 1870s to the early 1930s, with a few items dating as late as 1956. Viewers may search the collection by keyword, or browse by recordings, subject, title, series, or name index.



Einladung zum Gastvortrag im Rahmenprogramm der Sonderausstellung "Hetren.Blicke -Klischees und Widersprche" Prostitution vom Altertum bis in die Gegenwart  

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Widersprüche" ­ Prostitution vom Altertum bis in die Gegenwart Prof. Dr. Thomas SP�TH (Professor für Antike ? Prostitution zwischen antiken Quellen, Historikerfantasien und TV-Soap Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2011, 19.00 Uhr unübersetzt blieben, über Prostitution geschrieben, hat die "Sexuelle Revolution" der 1960er Jahre auch die

Breu, Ruth


Studying Abroad in Berlin and Achieving Cultural Competence Using English  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article discusses a short-term study abroad program conducted in Berlin in English for college students. Guided by the academic goals of developing cultural competence, demonstrating cultural communication, and attaining a basic level of cultural literacy, this program, with its pre- and post-program academic components, offers an alternative…

Wolf, Gregory H.



Examining Major Rankings According to the Berlin Principles  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

While the ranking of higher education institutions (HEIs) has become more and more popular, there are increasing concerns about the quality of such ranking. In response to such legitimate expectations, in May 2006, the International Ranking Expert Group (IREG) developed and endorsed a guideline document--the Berlin Principles on Ranking of Higher…

Cheng, Ying; Liu, Nian Cai



Perspectives of eating disorders from the Charité Hospital in Berlin  

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Eating disorders have attracted steadily expanding clinical and scientific attention since second half of the 19th century and, particularly, after the core descriptions of anorexia nervosa had been delivered by Gull and Lasègue. In this review, we attempt to illustrate perspectives on eating disorders that have emerged since then from the work at the Charité Hospital in Berlin. It is

Klaus-Jürgen Neumärker; Andreas Joachim Bartsch



MUON ACCELERATION IN FFAG RINGS , Katharinenstr. 17, Berlin, Germany  

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variation) that are essentially strong-focusing rings with a dispersion small enough to keep muons overMUON ACCELERATION IN FFAG RINGS E. Keil , Katharinenstr. 17, Berlin, Germany A.M. Sessler , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA 94720, USA Abstract Compared to muon acceleration in re

Keil, Eberhard


Battling Creaticide: An Interview with David C. Berliner  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article presents an interview with David C. Berliner, a Regents' Professor in the College of Education at Arizona State University. His books include "Educational Psychology," "The Manufactured Crisis," and "The Handbook of Educational Psychology." He has served as president of the American Educational Research Association and of the…

Ambrose, Don



adfa, p. 1, 2011. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011  

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adfa, p. 1, 2011. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011 Multi-atlas labeling with population template atlas approach with non-local patch-based structure segmenta- tion for whole brain segmentation on Multi-Atlas Labeling, Nice : France (2012)" #12;mentation algorithm [4] consists of 30 pairs

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Martian Analogues Emissivity Spectra From the Berlin Emissivity Database (BED)  

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Remote sensing infrared spectroscopy is the principal field of investigation for planetary surfaces composition. Past, present and future missions to bodies in the solar system include in their payload instruments measuring the emerging radiation in the infrared range. For the interpretation of the measured data an emissivity spectral library of planetary analog materials is needed. The Berlin Emissivity Database (BED)

A. Maturilli; J. Helbert; L. Moroz



Cinderella: Computation, Complexity, Geometry Ulrich Kortenkamp, Freie Universitat Berlin  

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Cinderella: Computation, Complexity, Geometry Ulrich Kortenkamp, Freie Universit¨at Berlin July 2 in the proceedings of ICMS 2002. 1 The Interactive Geometry Software Cinderella With Cinderella[12], you can easily the segments and the altitudes are updated accordingly. The mathematical core of Cinderella is based

Wismath, Stephen


[Weapons in school--experiences and approaches in Berlin].  


On the background of current and often dramatized media reports on the subject of guns in schools this article deals with acts of violence, with guns which were discussed publicly last year in Berlin. In addition the authors have included statistical data from the Berlin school administration on acts of violence at Berlin schools which were reported 1996 to 1999. These were all incidents where guns were mentioned. On the one hand detailed analyses of these reports show that guns are used only exceptionally. On the other hand, surveys among students and studies on arming in general and also the willingness to arm oneself, which should be taken seriously, showed a wide-spread feeling of being threatened among teenagers and especially male teenagers try to prepare themselves this. With the example of Berlin this article describes which measures the school administration uses in view of increasing offences committed by children and teenagers regarding concrete acts of violence. Recommendations on steps appropriate to dealing with incidents with gun threats and what kinds of resources schools can turn to in cases of serious acts of violences are also included in this article. In the end it becomes clear that schools free of guns and violence can only be realized if children, youths and teachers can count on parents, media and the politically responsible to reliably support this goal. PMID:10783658

Schubert, B; Seiring, W



Emile Berliner and the Birth of the Recording Industry  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

While many persons immediately recognize the contributions of Thomas A. Edison and Alexander Graham Bell to the recording industry, some may not know the name of their contemporary: Emile Berliner. An immigrant to the United States, Berliner made considerable improvements to the recording process, including the flat-disc recordings which eventually replaced the fragile and unwieldy cylinders developed by Edison. This online collection, developed by the American Memory project at the Library of Congress, presents over 400 items from their holdings, along with more than 100 sound recordings from the disc collection. Berliner may also be described as something of a Renaissance man, as he also developed the prototype for the microphone (which remains the basic template for those manufactured today), worked on making an acoustic tile that helped improve audio projection in older auditoriums, and contributed greatly the development of the helicopter. Here visitors can read some of his many items of correspondence, his musings on the inventive process, and the last letters he wrote before his death in 1929. The audio recordings here are a real treat, as they include John Philip Sousa's recording of his own marches and a precious recording of Berliner singing songs for his young grandson, Bobby Frank.


International Berlin Workshop on Transport Phenomena with Moving Boundaries  

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Septembre 2007, Berlin, Germany A VOF-BASED APPROACH FOR THE SIMULATION OF REACTIVE MASS TRANSFER FROM a VOF-based approach for the numerical simulation of non-reactive or reactive mass transfer from code FS3D, which employs an advanced Volume-Of-Fluid (VOF) method. To analyze complex reaction schemes

Bothe, Dieter


BerlinAn Insider's Perspective Architecture, Art, Culture &Living  

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BerlinAn Insider's Perspective Architecture, Art, Culture &Living AUGUST 4-11, 2012 AHI: 800 and enjoy the German tradition of kaffee and kuchen, or coffee and cake. · Tour Cecilienhof Palace, where's captivating capital city -- a bustling metropolis steeped in history, culture, science, media, music

Connor, Ed


Kinderland in the Fatherland: Growing Children in Imperial Berlin  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This dissertation explores the milieu in which children of Imperial Berlin were raised. When contemporaries in the rapidly expanding capital of the Second German Empire (1871-1918) looked at children, this milieu darkened. The city, they argued, threatened children's growing bodies, and such institutions as the home, the clinic, and the school…

Brian, Amanda



The processing of skeletonized human remains found in Berlin, Germany  

Microsoft Academic Search

During World War II, and particularly the Battle of Berlin, many thousands of civilians and soldiers from a variety of countries were killed. Given the nature of the intense aerial and ground bombardments bodies were often fragmented and buried beneath rubble resulting in many individuals, who were presumed to have been killed, not being identified. Skeletal remains are continually being

Tanja Hollmann; Roger W. Byard; Michael Tsokos



Modul Prfungsberechtigte Raum Telefon e-mail Lineare Algebra fr Ing. Knipping MA576 29782  

E-print Network Liesen MA378 29295 Nabben MA372 29291 Penn-Karras MA825 23760 Scheutzow MA776 25767 Unterreiter MA672 24884 Analysis I f�r Ing. B�rwolff MA669 25749 baerwolf@math

Nabben, Reinhard


Cross-validating the Berlin Affective Word List  

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We introduce the Berlin Affective Word List (BAWL) in order to provide researchers with a German database containing both\\u000a emotional valence and imageability ratings for more than 2,200 German words. The BAWL was cross-validated using a forced choice\\u000a valence decision task in which two distinct valence categories (negative or positive) had to be assigned to a highly controlled\\u000a selection of

Melissa L. H. Võ; Arthur M. Jacobs; Markus Conrad



The Berlin Emissivity Database (BED): a collection of planetary analogues  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Mineralogical composition study of planetary surfaces is mostly performed by means of remote sensing infrared spectroscopy. The interpretation of measured spectra should take advantage of laboratory measurements of analogue minerals. The Berlin Emissivity Database (BED) is focused on relatively fine-grained size separates to provide a realistic basis for the interpretation of remote sensing thermal emission spectra of planetary regoliths. The Berlin Emissivity Database (BED) currently contains emissivity spectra of plagioclase and potassium feldspars, low Ca and high Ca pyroxenes, olivine, elemental sulphur, Martian analogue minerals, and volcanic soils measured in the wavelength range from 7 to 22 ?m as a function of particle size. For each sample we measured the spectra of four particle size separates ranging from <25 to 250 ?m. The emissivity device is built at DLR (Berlin) and is coupled to a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (Bruker IFS 88), purged with dry air and equipped with a cooled MTC detector. All spectra were acquired with a spectral resolution of 4 cm-1. We are currently working to upgrade our emissivity facility: a new spectrometer (Bruker VERTEX 80v) and new detectors will allow us to measure the emissivity of samples in the wavelength range from 1 to 50 ?m, even in a vacuum environment.

Maturilli, A.; Helbert, J.



Technische Universitt Berlin Telefax: +49 (0) 30 314-21133; E-Mail:  

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of the solar aircraft Betreuer: Rong Dong Raum EM 259 Fakultät IV propulsion system of the solar aircraft in this project. Brushless DC machine uses the e le ct ro n ics co m converter mainly consists of the main board, power board and hall sensor circuit. HA,HB,HC UDC C VT1 D5D3 D4

Wichmann, Felix


Artikel vom 24.06.10 -16:37 Uhr Fuball-WM der Roboter: Deutschland ganz vorn  

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in der Roboter-Fu�ballwelt unterstrichen auch das Team «NimbRo» der Universität Bonn mit dem Sieg in der Macher den Luis Vuitton-Preis. Ziel der Roboter-Trainer ist es, bis 2050 eine Mannschaft programmiert zuArtikel vom 24.06.10 - 16:37 Uhr Fu�ball-WM der Roboter: Deutschland ganz vorn Singapur (dpa) - Sie

Stryk, Oskar von


Berlin Access: an initiative of Berlin SMEs and Fraunhofer-HHI for new FTTH technologies  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

"Berlin Access", a regional R&D project carried out by six companies and Heinrich Hertz Institute, Fraunhofer Society, is geared towards low cost solutions for fibre access network architectures (PON and CWDM-PON), ONU transceivers, and passive fibre components. Close communication with system manufacturers, non-incumbent carriers, and a city services supplier implementing a local FTTH network supports orientation towards market demands. In this paper we report on a new FTTH transceiver based on an all-polymer PLC motherboard. The waveguides exhibit high transmission, strong optical confinement, and large operation temperature range. Low loss passively adjusted fibre/PLC coupling is achieved by employing a waveguide taper. Downstream/upstream wavelength separation is accomplished by a directional coupler, or, alternatively, a thin film filter inserted into the input/output waveguide (the latter approach also allowing for the provisioning of an overlay broadcasting channel). The horizontal-cavity surface-emitting laser diode, the pin-photodiode (equipped with a thin film filter for improved crosstalk suppression), and the monitor diode are all flip-chip surface mounted; the light being coupled via 45° waveguide mirrors. Chip mounting can be done with a commercial fineplacer using semi-active automatic alignment. Micro-strip lines with impedances adapted to both laser and photodiode are fabricated on the basis of the PLC films. The polymer motherboard integration scheme offers compact transceiver optical subassemblies and lends itself favourably to highly automized, low cost manufacturing with high yield. Extended functionalities like loss of light alarm or concepts for colourless CWDM ONUs can be easily realized with this concept.

Döldissen, Walter; Keil, Norbert; Möhrle, Martin; Schlaak, Wolfgang; Yao, Huihai; Zawadzki, Crispin



Teaching Subjects and Time Allocation in the German School System (Berlin)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article presents an overview of teaching subjects and time allocation in the German school system, with a particular focus on Berlin. An analysis of existing documents and guidelines will be combined with interviews conducted in the last part of 2002 with the Berlin school administration and with headmasters and teachers at different schools.…

Schulte, Barbara



1 of 15 TU Berlin/EMN Joint agreement of co-operation for double degree  

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the realization of a double degree program supporting the exchange of students between TU Berlin, School's application by TU Berlin, (with regard to academic level, language ability and the candidate's motivation of the agreement and aims This agreement describes the academic and administrative conditions concerning

Wichmann, Felix


The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein; Volume 6 The Berlin Years: Writings 1914 - 1917  

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Volume 6 of The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein includes Einstein's writings during 1914 - 1917, his first three years in Berlin. Einstein moved to Berlin in April 1914 from Zurich where he had been a Professor at his old undergraduate school, The Federal Institute of Technology, since February 1912. In the spring of 1913, Max Planck and Walther Nernst

A I Miller



Horizon 2020 support by the Enterprise Europe Network in Berlin-Brandenburg  

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Horizon 2020 support by the Enterprise Europe Network in Berlin-Brandenburg #12;Enterprise Europe / projects (Horizon 2020 etc.) 3. To connect industry and science of different regions, we help to H2020-Service for Berlin-Brandenburg (II) #12;15.05.14 9 Horizon 2020 ­ cooperation service ü

Potsdam, Universität


Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Utz von Wagner 15.09.2009 Technische Universitt Berlin,  

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as passive vibration control were not always successful and sometimes impractical in assigning the desiredUniv.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Utz von Wagner 15.09.2009 Technische Universität Berlin, Fakultät V ­ Institut Termin: Mittwoch, 04. November 2009, 16:15 Uhr Ort: Technische Universität Berlin Institut für Mechanik

Berlin,Technische Universität


Summer school, TU Berlin, 22 Sep 2011 11/1 Summer School  

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, with no analytic bounds · Analytic studies, assuming uniform random placement: The Capacity of Wireless NetworksSummer school, TU Berlin, 22 Sep 2011 11/1 Summer School: Efficiency of Wireless Networks Magnús M. Halldórsson Reykjavik University, Iceland #12;Summer school, TU Berlin, 22 Sep 2011 11/2 General Trend

Schmid, Stefan


The kestrel ( Falco tinnunculus L.) in Berlin: investigation of breeding biology and feeding ecology  

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Approximately 200–250 pairs of kestrels (Falco tinnunculus) breed in Berlin, preferentially in nest boxes. From 2002 to 2004, ten monitoring sites (breeding sites) characterised by different housing structure, land utilisation, vegetation cover and degree of building density were studied in Berlin: four in the city centre, three in a mixed zone and three in the outskirts. All pairs bred in

Sonja Kübler; Stefan Kupko; Ulrich Zeller



[Eating disorders in adolescents in East and West Berlin in the 80's].  


Data collected in the 1980's, before the reunification of Germany, and comparing 39 patients in former East Berlin and 60 patients in former West Berlin are presented in this second report on the Berlin longitudinal study of eating disorders in adolescence. The clinical profiles of patients of former East Berlin were found to differ from those of their West Berlin counterparts in the following assessed measures: younger age at disease onset and at admission for inpatient treatment; greater number of siblings; fewer accounts of the clinical symptoms lanugo, bradycardia, hypothermia, constipation; lower rate of premorbid psychopathological features; lower number of psychopathological findings; less frequent sibling rivalry; lower rate of psychopathological attributes among the siblings; lower incidence of maternal mental and physical illness; higher parental educational status; fewer number of complaints, and better sense of well-being. PMID:8165205

Neumärker, K J; Steinhausen, H C; Dudeck, U; Neumärker, U; Seidel, R; Reitzle, M



Modul Prfungsberechtigte Raum Telefon e-mail Lineare Algebra fr Ing. Bley MA518 78846  

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1 Modul Prüfungsberechtigte Raum Telefon e-mail Lineare Algebra für Ing. Bley MA518 78846 Holtz MA417 29295 Knipping MA576 29782 Liesen MA378 29295 Nabben MA372 29291 Penn-Karras MA825 23760

Nabben, Reinhard

84 Mies in Berlin, Mies in America  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

In 2001, the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art celebrated one of the greatest architects of the twentieth century, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, with concurrent exhibitions that showcased the architect's work. Although the exhibits no longer exist, this Web site highlights some of Mies's most famous works, including the German Pavilion in Barcelona, the Seagrams Building in New York City, and the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. The site, like the life of the architect, is divided between Mies in Berlin and Mies in America, although the same information can be found in each section. Mies's most famous works are pieced together in a timeline that begins with his first project, the Riehl House, and ends with the completion of the New National Gallery in Berlin. Along with photographs of each of the projects, the Web site provides information about Mies's life at the time of the project, his visions for the completed product, and other factors that influenced his designs.


The processing of skeletonized human remains found in Berlin, Germany.  


During World War II, and particularly the Battle of Berlin, many thousands of civilians and soldiers from a variety of countries were killed. Given the nature of the intense aerial and ground bombardments bodies were often fragmented and buried beneath rubble resulting in many individuals, who were presumed to have been killed, not being identified. Skeletal remains are continually being uncovered in Berlin, particularly with accelerated building developments following German re-unification. A retrospective study was undertaken of records over a 10-year period from 1997 to 2006 to demonstrate the method of processing of skeletal material and to show the results of such analyses. Over the period of the study, 257 cases were investigated (approximately 26 per year). As bones were found in multiple areas at each site, this represented 290 collections of bones from the 257 sites. Only nine complete skeletons were found with a total of 40,344 single or fragmented bones. In 1997, a huge number of bones were unearthed during major construction work at Potsdamer Plaz and the central railway station (Lehrter Bahnof). This gave rise to 29,602 bones and fragments, excluding animal remains. Despite the passage of time, successful identification of remains is still occurring, with 44 individuals positively identified over the 10 years of the study, including eight in 2006. PMID:18761307

Hollmann, Tanja; Byard, Roger W; Tsokos, Michael



Modernism with style : history, culture and the origins of modern architecture in Berlin, 1780-1870  

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This dissertation traces the continual, but overlooked, impact of Islamic architecture on practicing architects in nineteenth-century Berlin. As such, it examines the origins of Modernism by considering design strategies ...

Hedrick, Christian A. (Christian Andrew)



The Brandenburg Gates : unity, division, and reinvented tradition in post-wall Berlin  

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Twenty three years after the German Reunification (German: Deutsche Wiedervereinigung), the once divided Berlin is still undergoing a process of recovery from the deep political, social, cultural, and physical divisions ...

Ayyash, Dima



Univ. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang H. Muller Technische Universitat Berlin  

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Univ. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang H. M¨uller Technische Universit¨at Berlin Fakult¨at V Lehrstuhl. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang H. M¨uller Technische Universit¨at Berlin Fakult¨at V Lehrstuhl f2 FW2 a b h 1 2 (a) aus System 1 folgt: M(A) = -Fc · a + FN1 · b - FW1 · h ! = 0 Fc = FN1b - FW1h

Berlin,Technische Universität


Gender, culture, and architecture in Ahmedabad and Berlin.  


Spatial and social processes are inextricably linked. Hence gender relations as an inherent part of social relations get built into the spatial forms of any society. Spatial segregation by sex was a mark of traditional societies. This has diminished somewhat in contemporary societies due to various factors, perhaps the most important being the entry of women into the public sphere and their participation in income-earning activities. This paper looks at traditional, modern and postmodern housing in two cities--Ahmedabad and Berlin--through the lens of gender and culture. While there have been changes in housing over time, these changes have not been in proportion with the changes in gender relations in society which, in turn, have not kept pace with the way women's needs and priorities have changed. Housing must necessarily reflect the current needs of a society, and that entails reflecting the needs of both women and men equally. PMID:12179952

Kakad, K



Rebuttal of "Flawed Experimental Design Reveals the Need for Guidelines Requiring Appropriate Positive Controls in Endocrine Disruption Research" by (Vom Saa12010)  

EPA Science Inventory

In response to the letter to Toxicological Sciences by Vom Saal et al. (2010) that provided criticisms of our recent paper, we have prepared a categorical rebuttal. In this rebuttal we describe ? That the developmental effects of the potent environment estrogen Ethinyl Estradio...


L. Jean Camp, "Design for Trust," Trust, Reputation and Security: Theories and Practice, ed. Rino Falcone, Springer-Verlang (Berlin) 2003.  

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Falcone, Springer-Verlang (Berlin) 2003. Designing for Trust L. Jean Camp Associate Professor of Public, Reputation and Security: Theories and Practice, ed. Rino Falcone, Springer-Verlang (Berlin) 2003. 3

Camp, L. Jean


In U. Schmid, J. Krems, & F. Wysotzki (Eds.), Proceedings of the First European Workshop on Cognitive Modeling. 22-30. Berlin: Forschungsberichte des Fachbereichs Informatik, Technische Universitt Berlin.  

E-print Network

on Cognitive Modeling. 22- 30. Berlin: Forschungsberichte des Fachbereichs Informatik, Technische Universität, Nottingham NG7 2RD, UK Abstract We describe an improved version of the Able cognitive model that exhibits and initially translated into Soar (ver. 4) by Levy. In revising it to run in the latest version of Soar (7

Ritter, Frank


The sound of Berlin. The noise annoyance you love to hate  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Noise is part of life in Berlin. The Berlin Sound is often described as Berlin is a loud city, but this sound is also a matter of identification. Just like human beings, metropolitan areas may be identified by their gait. People enjoy living in Berlin but they also claim negative health effects and often permanent annoyance caused by daily environmental noise. For instance 1119714 cars demonstrate the volume of traffic from 6.30-9.00 a.m, and another impressive descriptor of the volume of traffic is the number of 1567600 cars from 4.00-6.30 p.m. In a representative survey of 2000 adults, almost all German (80%) citizens are affected by some level of noise pollution. The predominant source of noise in residential areas is road traffic, which remains a nuisance for over half the population, and a source of serious annoyance for some 18%. Next to road traffic, air traffic is the most important transport-related source of annoyance, followed by rail traffic noise. Results from a qualitative survey in a residential area of Berlin give insights into the different perspectives of the noise perception of the investigated subjects and of important parameters with respect to daily life.

Schulte-Fortkamp, Brigitte; Hehner, Cay



"We Learned What Democracy Really Meant": The Berlin Student Parliament and Postwar School Reform in the 1950s  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In this paper, the author highlights the Berlin Student Parliament and assesses educational innovations of the postwar era. The Berlin Student Parliament is but one example of the postwar pedagogical and curricular initiatives that sought to prepare West German pupils for their responsibilities in the new democracy. The organization believe that…

Puaca, Brian M.



Space technology in Berlin. Volume 1: Ideas for the establishment of an institute for space processing technology  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The past, present, and future status of space technology in Berlin is discussed, including raw material processing, transportation, energy, and information generation and distribution. How Berlin can contribute toward further advancement in this field, individually or in collaboration with international partners is indicated.



Ozone and PAN Formation Inside and Outside of the Berlin Plume – Process Analysis and Numerical Process Simulation  

Microsoft Academic Search

During the BERLIOZ field phase on 20 July 1998 a 40 km wide ozone-plume 30 to 70 km north of Berlin in the lee of the city was detected. The ozone mixing ratio inside the plume was app. 15 ppb higher than outside, mainly caused by high ozone precursor emissions in Berlin, resulting in a net chemical ozone production of

U. Corsmeier; N. Kalthoff; B. Vogel; M.-U. Hammer; F. Fiedler; Ch. Kottmeier; A. Volz-Thomas; S. Konrad; K. Glaser; B. Neininger; M. Lehning; W. Jaeschke; M. Memmesheimer; B. Rappenglück; G. Jakobi



Drinking-Water Production in Urban Environments - Bank Filtration in Berlin  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Berlin relies on induced bank filtration from a broad-scale, lake-type surface water system. Because the hydraulic conductivity of the lake sediments is low, infiltration only occurs close to the more permeable shore zones. Using multiple environmental tracer methods, a strong vertical age stratification of the bank filtrate could be shown. Travel times are generally long and vary throughout the upper aquifers from a few months near the ground surface to several decades in greater depth. Infiltration is mostly anoxic and redox zones were found to be vertically stratified too, becoming more reducing with depth. Because Berlin’s watercourses contain a proportion of treated municipal sewage a number of wastewater residues, e. g. pharmaceutical residues, were detected in surface water and groundwater. While the majority of the pharmaceutical residues studied were efficiently removed during underground passage, some substances (AMDOPH, primidone and carbamazepine) were found to be very persistent.

Massmann, G.; Pekdeger, A.; Heberer, T.; Grützmacher, G.; Dünnbier, U.; Knappe, A.; Meyer, H.; Mechlinski, A.



Zweiwegintegration durch zweisprachige Bildung? Ergebnisse aus der Staatlichen Europa-Schule Berlin  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

While there is no simple recipe of how to respond to the multitude of languages present in many European schools, this article presents a promising alternative to monolingual education. The focus is on Staatliche Europa-Schule Berlin (SESB), a two-way immersion (TWI) model that unites children whose mother tongue is German with children whose mother tongue is another locally spoken language in one class and teaches them together in two languages. Thus in this model, offered by 17 primary schools and 13 secondary schools in Berlin, pupils learn in two languages from and with each other. Based on a largely quantitative, quasi-experimental study with 603 students, evidence is provided that there are a number of peace-linguistic benefits that can promote two-way social integration, besides fostering personal and societal multilingualism. This suggests that TWI education as practised in Berlin could serve as an educational model for other multilingual parts of Europe.

Meier, Gabriela



TU Berlin, AS / EAS, vorlufiges amtliches Endergebnis vom 24.01.2013 Stimmbezirk FK 1 FK 2 FK 3 FK 4 FK 5 FK 6 FK 7 ZUV Gesamt % Sitze  

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67 34 48 36 65 17 0 298 13 31 Zählfehler Liste 1: 1 27 15 4 11 21 9 0 88 29,5 4 9 Initiative Jörg 0 26 21 Methner Frank-Jügen 0 27 22 Petryna Yuriy 1 1 11 6 Rück-Braun Karola 0 28 23 Schindler Yserentant Harry 0 34 29 Zarnekow Rüdiger 0 35 30 0 39 34 Liste 2: 2 2 0 41 2 0 0 0 47 15,8 2 5

Wichmann, Felix


TU Berlin, AS / EAS, amtliches Endergebnis vom 24.01.2013 Stimmbezirk FK 1 FK 2 FK 3 FK 4 FK 5 FK 6 FK 7 ZUV Gesamt % Sitze  

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65 17 0 298 13 31 Liste 1: 1 27 15 4 11 21 9 0 88 29,5 4 9 Initiative Unabhängige Politik - IUP Methner Frank-Jügen 0 27 22 Petryna Yuriy 1 1 11 6 Rück-Braun Karola 0 28 23 Schindler Volker 0 29 24 29 Zarnekow Rüdiger 0 35 30 0 39 34 Liste 2: 2 2 0 41 2 0 0 0 47 15,8 2 5 Fakultätsliste Feldmann

Berlin,Technische Universität


Contested Namesakes: East Berlin School Names under Communism and in Reunified Germany  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In this article, the author discusses how the municipal authorities eliminate the names of all schools in eastern Berlin in 1990 to formalize the spontaneous purge of school identities. She added, that the renaming of primary and secondary schools at this historical juncture provides a unique vantage point for examining what the democratic turning…

Plum, Catherine



Standards for Quality? A Citical Appraisal of the Berlin Principles for International Rankings of Universities  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article discusses the principles developed to assure the quality of international ranking practices for higher education, the so-called Berlin Principles, and the role given to them in the higher education community. While the principles are generally regarded as proper quality assurance principles, they are problematic both in their content…

Hägg, Ingemund; Wedlin, Linda



Local Belonging and "Geographies of Emotions": Immigrant Children's Experience of Their Neighbourhoods in Paris and Berlin  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article argues that a sense of local belonging and emotional attitudes to one's neighbourhood are inherently interconnected. It explores immigrant children's emotional experiences of their neighbourhoods in Paris and Berlin through subjective maps drawn by the children. The article highlights the social and spatial nature of immigrant…

den Besten, Olga



Reciprocal Relationships and Lifelong Learning: Twenty Years of Duke in Berlin  

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DepaeThe new conditions of the study abroad "market" have impelled us to rethink the costs and benefits of a small, selective US-based program, such as Duke in Berlin. The principal advantage, we argue, is an environment of "academic intimacy," a generous teacher/student ratio, which in turn fosters additional undergraduate research and internship…

Donahue, William Collins; Wohlfeil, Jochen



InterVal Internet and Value Chains Berlin Research Center on Internet Economics  

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. 17, 2003 By Professor Oliver Guenther, Humboldt Universitaet zu Berlin New information technologies networks. Only then will the new web technologies be used to their full potential." At this point, it seems recently launched a five-year, 24-million Euro research initiative to investigate these changes

Freytag, Johann-Christoph


DIW Berlin 471 A Simple Proposal for a "Debt-Sensitive Stability Pact"  

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government debt over GDP. Paradoxically, though, reference to a debt criterion is quite vague in the normsDIW Berlin 471 A Simple Proposal for a "Debt-Sensitive Stability Pact" Vierteljahrshefte zur Wirtschaftsforschung 73 (2004), 3, S. 471�480 A Simple Proposal for a "Debt-Sensitive Stability Pact" By Francesco

Boyer, Edmond


Three Decades of Protest in Berlin Land-use Planning, 1975-2005  

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Protest mobilization is often assumed to be temporary. This is not the case in Germany, as a look at grassroots mobilization in Berlin reveals. Protest arose there in the 1970s, as in Germany generally, over siting of a large energy project. Activists attacked not only the project itself, but also the legitimacy of the technocratic policymaking that produced it. Subsequent

Carol Hager



Professionalization in space: Social-spatial strategies of culturepreneurs in Berlin  

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This article discusses the social interactions and spatial practices of young businesspeople, the so-called ‘culturepreneurs’, and the networking activities they use to form professional scenes in the field of design production in Berlin's cultural industries. This article primarily deals with a problem currently facing entrepreneurship and creative industries: how do young start-up entrepreneurs overcome structural paradoxes between individual professionalization and

Bastian Lange



Will Restructuring Hungarian Companies Innovate? An Investigation Based on Joseph Berliners's Soviet Industry  

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Based on insights from Joseph Berliner's work on innovation in the Soviet centrally planned economy and its reform variants, we analyze process innovation (technological development) and product development in restructuring Hungarian companies from 1992 to 1995. Using data from a survey questionnaire responded to by 325 Hungarian companies, we conclude that decision-makers recognize the increasing uncertainty in their business environment

John P. Bonin; Istvan Abel



Univ. Prof. Dr. rer nat. Wolfgang H. Mller Technische Universitt Berlin  

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Univ. Prof. Dr. rer nat. Wolfgang H. Müller Technische Universität Berlin Fakultät V Lehrstuhl für Vorlesungsstoff für die Mechanikmodule des Bachelorstudiums [2] Walter Schnell, Dietmar Gross, Werner Hauger, Technische Mechanik 2. Elastostatik, Springer Verlag, 19,95 [3] Werner Hauger, Walter Schnell, Dietmar Gross

Berlin,Technische Universität


CTMI (2006) 301:283315 c Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2006  

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CTMI (2006) 301:283�315 c Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2006 Cytosine Methylation and DNA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 307 Abstract Cytosine methylation is a common form of post-replicative DNA modifica- tion seen in both bacteria and eukaryotes. Modified cytosines have long been known to act as hotspots for mutations due

Tian, Weidong



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system for the 20m deep excavation of the M1 pit adjacent to the main station "Hauptbahnhof" in Berlin paper follows a similar approach for simulating the performance of a deep excavation in sandAccepted M anuscript N otC opyedited 1 PREDICTION AND INTERPRETATION OF THE PERFORMANCE OF A DEEP

Entekhabi, Dara


A Doubled Heterotopia: Shifting Spatial and Visual Symbolism in the Jewish Museum Berlin's Development  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This essay considers the rhetoric of space in a rapidly transforming culture. Using Michel Foucault's concept of "heterotopias" to understand the rhetorical power of a building's disposition, it is argued that the Jewish Museum Berlin contains two heterotopias, one within the other. The first is Daniel Libeskind's original building design in…

Saindon, Brent Allen



Berlin, Moscow, Warsaw: a century of sibling rivalry expressed in urban form  

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The troubled, historical relationship between Russia, Poland and Germany is revealed in their struggles for dominance over borderland territories. Berlin, Moscow and Warsaw boast scars left by dynastic wars and cultural skirmishes between these nations before 1914. The final Partition of Poland (1795), making Warsaw the third largest city in the Russian empire, and its destruction in 1944–5, epitomise their

Gregory Andrusz



2. bung zur Vorlesung Laserspektroskopie HU Berlin SS 2009 ,,HARPS: ESO's Coming Planet Searcher"  

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2. �bung zur Vorlesung Laserspektroskopie HU Berlin SS 2009 ,,HARPS: ESO's Coming Planet Searcher das Auflösungsvermögen von HARPS. Vergleichen sie mit dem im Artikel angegebenen Wert und erklären sie Effekte können die Messgenauigkeit von HARPS herabsetzen und was wird getan um diese zu unterdrücken? 7

Peters, Achim


Towards Scalable MANETs E. Baccelli, INRIA* J. Schiller, Freie Universitat Berlin  

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Towards Scalable MANETs E. Baccelli, INRIA* J. Schiller, Freie Universit¨at Berlin Abstract to the design of such MANET protocols inside the framework provided by the IETF, stating the need for new hybrid protocols and architecture which offer a gradual transition from "traditional" MANET routing towards

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Estimation of the influence of anthropogenic emissions of the city of Berlin on the ozone production  

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A Eulerian dispersion model including meteorological and photochemical submoduls has been used to study the extra ozone production in the atmospheric boundary layer which is given rise to by the emission of precursor substances in a large city. Measurements and simulations of ozone levels on lee side areas of big cities usually show significantly higher values within a relatively small area in comparison with lee side background ozone values. The magnitude of this peak ozone production is not only of scientific interest. In periods with very high ozone concentrations these effects have to be investigated carefully in order to find practical emission reduction measures. The selected model region of Berlin-Brandenburg is very suitable for studying ozone production caused by a large city. The city of Berlin with relatively high emissions of precursors is embedded in the county of Brandenburg with low emissions. Furthermore, in the context of the discussed unification of Berlin and Brandenburg there is political interest in estimating worst case scenarios for summer smog and possibilities to counteract it. On behalf of the hitherto independent authorities in the State of Brandenburg model calculations for a day in July 1994 have been carried out under different emission conditions. The simulations confirmed the predominant influence of the anthropogenic emissions of Berlin in comparison with the emissions in the county Brandenburg.

Mieth, P.; Unger, S. [GMD-Research Institute for Computer Architecture and Software Technology, Berlin (Germany)



Hepatitis C Virus infection in apparentenly healthy individuals with family history of diabetes in Vom, Plateau State Nigeria  

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Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is an important public health problem worldwide. Its association with, and predisposing nature for diabetes mellitus (DM) has been long established. This research was carried out to determine the prevalence of Hepatitis C virus (HCV) amongst people with possible genetic predisposition to diabetes mellitus living in and around Vom, Plateau State, Nigeria. 188 subjects were screened after they filled a structured questionnaire to determine some of their demographic data, social habits and possible risk factors. 5 ml of blood was collected from each subject and sera separated out. Biotech's third generation ELISA Kit for HCV antibodies was used for the screening. Liver enzyme analysis was carried out on positive samples to determine their disease status. A prevalence of 14.36% was recorded with the highest seropositive group being those in the age bracket of 18 – 37 years. 13(13.40%) of males and 14(15.38%) of females were sero-positive. Liver enzyme analysis of sero-positive subjects showed increased levels which may imply early onset of liver damage. These result showed that these individuals could later suffer diabetes which may be triggered by their HCV infection if not treated. This is not over-looking the economic significance of their ill health, assuming they progress to cirrhotic HCV or develop hepatocelluar carcinoma due to HCV chronicity. PMID:19619316

Nwankiti, Obinna O; Ndako, James A; Echeonwu, Georgebest ON; Olabode, Atanda O; Nwosuh, Chika I; Onovoh, Ema M; Okeke, Lilian A; Akinola, Jumoke O; Duru, Boniface N; Nwagbo, Ijeoma O; Agada, Godwin O; Chukwuedo, Anthony A



Reknitting the urban fabric : a new Alexander Platz as a link and connector in the formerly divided Berlin  

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Berlin like many other European cities, is facing the dilemma of encountering the new century with a new set of growth and development ideas. This particularly applies to the fragmented urban fabric of the Germany's Capital ...

Durska, Monika K. (Monika Katarzyna), 1971-



First Considerations Concerning an Optimized Cavity Design for the Main Linac of BERLinPro  

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The Berlin Energy Recovery Linac Project (BERLinPro) is designed to develop and demonstrate CW linac technology and expertise required to drive next-generation Energy Recovery Linacs. Strongly HOM-damped multicell 1.3 GHz cavities are required for the main linac. The optimization of the cavities presented here is primarily based on the CEBAF 1.5 GHz 5-cell high-current cavity design, including HOM waveguide couplers. The cavity was scaled to 1.3 GHz and extended to 7 cells. Modifications to the end group design have also been studied. An effort was also made to reduce the ratio Epk/Eacc while still permitting HOMs to propagate.

B. Riemann, T. Weis, W. Anders, J. Knobloch, A. Neumann, H.-W. Glock, C. Potratz, U. van Rienen, F. Marhauser



[Staging of scientific facts in syphilis education. "The Shipwrecked" in the Berlin German Theater (1913)].  


The "Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Bekämpfung der Geschlechtskrankheiten" (DGBG) used plays as a means of public education. The play "Damaged Goods" (Les Avariés) by the French dramatist Eugéne Brieux (1858-1932) was used extensively for this purpose in Germany between 1910 and 1920. By proliferating a specific image of both the medical profession and the syphilis, it helped established the self-confidence of the then new dermatological discipline. The teaching of Alfred Fournier (1832-1914) provided the medical background for the play. In "The Inheritance of Syphilis" (1882) Fournier had laid the dramatic framework for Brieux' play. Analyzing the Berlin premiere of "Damaged Goods" on June 25 1913 in the German Theatre/Berlin, the interplay between scientific facts and theatrical license and their diverse influences on the public becomes obvious. PMID:12053697

Lazardzig, J



Rcents dveloppements de la recherche sur la gntique de Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner  

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Récents développements de la recherche sur la génétique de Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner Didier.N.R.A., Station de Recherches de Lutte biologique. Ln Minière, F 78280 Guyancourt R�SUM� Bacillu,s thuringiensis localisation de ce gène. Le gène du cristal peut s'exprimer chez Escherichia coli et Bacillus subtilis où la

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Water and bed-sediment quality in the vicinity of Berlin Lake, Ohio, 2001  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Berlin Lake, in northeast Ohio, was created by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1943 and is used primarily for flood control for the upper reaches of the Mahoning River. The area surrounding and under the lake has been tapped for oil and natural gas production. One of the by-products of oil and gas production is concentrated salt water or brine, which might have an effect on the chemical quality of area potable-water sources. This report presents the results of a U.S. Geological Survey baseline study to collect current (2001) water and sediment-quality data and to characterize water quality in the Berlin Lake watershed. Chloride-to-bromide ratios were used to detect the presence of brine in water samples and to indicate possible adverse effects on water quality. Analyses of ground-water samples from domestic wells in the area indicate a source of chloride and bromide, but defining the source would require more data collection. Analyses of specific conductance and dissolved solids indicate that 78 percent (14 of 18) of the ground-water samples exceeded the Secondary Maximum Contaminant Level for dissolved solids in public water supplies of 500 milligrams per liter (mg/L), compared to 6 percent of samples exceeding 500 mg/L in two nearby studies. Surface water was analyzed twice, once each during low-flow and surface runoff conditions. A comparison of the 2001 data to historical chloride concentrations, accounting for seasonal changes, does not indicate an increase in chloride loads for surface water in the area of Berlin Lake. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons were found in bed-sediment samples collected from the mouths of major tributaries to Berlin Lake. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are produced during the incomplete combustion of organic carbon materials such as wood and fossil fuels, and they are components of petroleum products.

Darner, Robert A.



Prevalence of colonization with vancomycin-resistant enterococci in various population groups in Berlin, Germany  

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In order to prevent the spread of vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE), the epidemiology of this micro-organism must be defined. The prevalence of colonization with VRE in various population groups in Berlin was investigated and the risk factors associated with VRE colonization assessed. In a cross-sectional study, rectal swabs were taken from seven population groups (healthy students, outpatients, home nursing patients, normal

C. Wendt; C. Krause; L. U. Xander; D. Löffler; H. Floss



Clinical Experience With Berlin Heart Excor in Pediatric Patients in Argentina: 1373 days of Cardiac Support  

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The objective of this study was to describe our experience (1373 days of support) with the Berlin Heart Excor (BH) ventricular-assist\\u000a device (VAD) as bridging to cardiac transplantation in pediatric patients with end-stage cardiomyopathy. This study involved\\u000a a retrospective observational cohort. Records of patients supported with the BH VAD were reviewed. Data regarding age, sex,\\u000a weight, diagnosis, preoperative condition, single versus

Guillermo E. Moreno; Alberto Charroqui; María L. Pilán; Ricardo H. Magliola; Mariela P. Krynski; María Althabe; Luis M. Landry; Gabriela Sciuccati; Alejandra Villa; Horacio Vogelfang



Urban encounters with difference: the contact hypothesis and immigrant integration projects in eastern Berlin  

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Recent urban scholarship celebrates the increased cultural and ethnic diversity of contemporary cities as promoting conviviality and intercultural sensibilities. The contact hypothesis and immigrant integration policies drawing on it similarly stress the importance of increased face-to-face contact for reducing inter-group prejudice and conflict. Drawing on ethnographic research in eastern Berlin, this paper examines spaces of encounters between local residents and

Tatiana Matejskova; Helga Leitner



Common stock returns in the pre-WWI Berlin Stock Exchange  

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We provide new evidence on the efficiency of the Berlin Stock Exchange prior to World War I, when it ranked among the top\\u000a few markets worldwide by market capitalization. Using a new set of monthly stock price data for a random sample of German\\u000a companies between 1904 and 1910, we estimate a typical three-factor model and find that returns relate

Caroline Fohlin; Steffen Reinhold



Spatial analysis in recreation resource management for the Berlin Lake Reservoir Project  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Spatial analysis of geographic information systems and the acquisition and use of remotely-sensed data within the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is an emerging Technology Work units have been developed under te Remote Sensing Research and Development Program, which are most relevant to the productive needs of the Corps in both the military and civil works missions. Corps participation in the SPOT simulation champaign is one such example of this research. This paper describes the application of spatial analysis and remote sensing in recreation resource managmaster planning at the Berlin Lake Reservoir Project within the Pittsburgh District. SPOT simulator data was acquired over Berlin Lake, Site No. 10, on July 8, 1983. The first part of this paper describes the background of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Berlin Lake project, the geographic information system being developed, and the planned use of SPOT and similar data. The remainder of the paper describes the results on an analysis of the simulated SPOT data conducted at the NASA Goddard Institut for Space Studies.

Edwardo, H. A.; Koryak, M.; Miller, M. S.; Wilson, H.; Merry, C. J.



The influence of geopolitical change on the well-being of a population: the Berlin Wall.  

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OBJECTIVES: Social cohesion is recognized as a fundamental condition for healthy populations, but social cohesion itself arises from political unity. The history of the Berlin Wall provides a unique opportunity to examine the effects of partition on social cohesion and, by inference, on health. METHODS: This ethnographic study consisted of examination of the territory formerly occupied by the Wall, formal and informal interviews with Berlin residents, and collection of cultural documents related to the Wall. Transcripts, field notes, and documents were examined by means of a keyword-in-context analysis. RESULTS: The separation of Berlin into 2 parts was a traumatic experience for the city's residents. After partition, East and West Germany had divergent social, cultural, and political experiences and gradually grew apart. CONCLUSIONS: The demolition of the Wall--the symbol and the instrument of partition--makes possible but does not ensure the reintegration of 2 populations that were separated for 40 years. The evolution of a new common culture might be accelerated by active attempts at cultural and social exchange. PMID:11236400

Heon-Klin, V; Sieber, E; Huebner, J; Fullilove, M T



Atokan (Pennsylvanian) Berlin field: genesis of recycled detrital Dolomite Reservoir, deep Anadarko basin, Oklahoma  

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The Berlin gas field in Beckham County, Oklahoma, was discovered in 1977 and is the largest Atoka (Pennsylvanian) hydrocarbon accumulation in the Anadarko basin. It is an overpressured reservoir 15,000 ft (4,572 m) deep and occupies a surface area of 41 miS (106 kmS). The reservoir rock consists primarily of recycled, detrital Arbuckle Dolomite (Cambrian-Ordovician), and contains ultimate recoverable reserves of 242 to 362 bcf (6,850 to 10,250 X 10W mT). The deep Elk City structure consists of an upthrust block bounded by the late Atokan unconformity which is genetically associated with the Berlin fan delta. The present relief on the upthrust block and overlying anticlinal folds was formed during post-Atokan growth of the structure. The Berlin field provides a model of a large, localized detrital deposit derived from uplift and erosion of a prominent structure, and it is an example of the potential for large detrital stratigraphic traps around the perimeters of prominent structures containing crestal unconformities.

Lyday, J.R.



The fight for 'traumatic neurosis', 1889-1916: Hermann Oppenheim and his opponents in Berlin.  


The concept of traumatic neurosis conceived by Hermann Oppenheim (1858-1919) located post-traumatic nervous symptoms between hysteria and neurasthenia, considering them a consequence of physical reactions to fright and a cause of molecular tissue changes. As early as 1890, his concept was criticized at an international congress in Berlin. In February 1916, there was a significant debate of the issue in Berlin, and eventually Oppenheim's concept was completely defeated at the war meeting of German neuropsychiatrists in September 1916 in Munich. In the Berlin debate, a range of views on war neurosis was presented. Partly as a result of this, but also due to the powerful position of Oppenheim himself, it was not until after the end of WWI that traumatic neurosis was excluded from medico-legal assessments. The differing views of physiological brain-mind relations from that time do not differ greatly from present concepts. However, Oppenheim's traumatic neurosis with its more quasi-neurological picture should not be equated with PTSD. PMID:22530374

Holdorff, Bernd



RSC ,,Gold for Gold"-Gutscheine fr Mitglieder der Leibniz Universitt Hannover Die TIB/UB Hannover hat vom Verlag der Royal Society of Chemistry den Gold-Status erhalten. Da-  

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RSC ,,Gold for Gold"-Gutscheine für Mitglieder der Leibniz Universität Hannover Die TIB/UB Hannover hat vom Verlag der Royal Society of Chemistry den Gold-Status erhalten. Da- durch stehen Gold for Gold-Gutscheine geeignet ist. 2. Wenn Ihre Publikation den Kriterien entspricht, schicken Sie

Vollmer, Heribert


Atokan (Pennsylvanian) Berlin field: genesis of recycled detrital dolomite reservoir, deep Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma  

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The Berlin gas field in Beckham County, Oklahoma, was discovered in 1977 and is the largest Atoka (Pennsylvanian) hydrocarbon accumulation in the Anadarko basin. It is an overpressured reservoir 15,000 ft (4572 m) deep and occupies a surface area of 41 mi/sup 2/ (106 km/sup 2/). The reservoir rock consists primarily of recycled, detrital Arbuckle Dolomite (Cambrian-Ordovician), and contains ultimate recoverable reserves of 242 to 362 bcf (6850 to 10,250 x 10/sup 6/ m/sup 3/). The Arbuckle Dolomite and limited exposures of Precambrian granite rocks were eroded from the Amarillo-Wichita mountains during the Atokan and were deposited as a terrigenous, sandy dolomite clastic wedge adjacent to the uplift. During the late Atokan, the Elk City structure was uplifted and subaerially exposed in the vicinity of the northern limit of the dolomite clastic wedge. The detrital dolomite on the structure was concurrently eroded and recycled northward as a shallow marine fan delta. Subsequent recrystallization destroyed the detrital depositional texture and created the present intercrystalline porosity. The deep Elk City structure consists of an upthrust block bounded by the late Atokan unconformity which is genetically associated with the Berlin fan delta. The present relief on the upthrust block and overlying anticlinal folds was formed during post-Atokan growth of the structure. The Berlin field provides a model of a large, localized detrital deposit derived from uplift and erosion of a prominent structure, and it is an example of the potential for large detrital stratigraphic traps around the perimeters of prominent structures containing crestal unconformities. 14 figures, 1 table.

Lyday, J.R.



Human papillomavirus vaccine uptake, knowledge and attitude among 10th grade students in Berlin, Germany, 2010  

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Purpose: Since March 2007, the Standing Committee on Vaccination (STIKO) recommends HPV vaccination for all 12–17 y-old females in Germany. In the absence of an immunization register, we aimed at assessing HPV-vaccination coverage and knowledge among students in Berlin, the largest city in Germany, to identify factors influencing HPV-vaccine uptake. Results: Between September and December 2010, 442 students completed the questionnaire (mean age 15.1; range 14–19). In total 281/442 (63.6%) students specified HPV correctly as a sexually transmitted infection. Of 238 participating girls, 161 (67.6%) provided their vaccination records. Among these, 66 (41.0%) had received the recommended three HPV-vaccine doses. Reasons for being HPV-unvaccinated were reported by 65 girls: Dissuasion from parents (40.2%), dissuasion from their physician (18.5%), and concerns about side-effects (30.8%) (multiple choices possible). The odds of being vaccinated increased with age (Odds Ratio (OR) 2.19, 95% Confidence Interval (CI) 1.16, 4.15) and decreased with negative attitude toward vaccinations (OR = 0.33, 95%CI 0.13, 0.84). Methods: Self-administered questionnaires were distributed to 10th grade school students in 14 participating schools in Berlin to assess socio-demographic characteristics, knowledge, and statements on vaccinations. Vaccination records were reviewed. Multivariable statistical methods were applied to identify independent predictors for HPV-vaccine uptake among female participants. Conclusions: HPV-vaccine uptake was low among school girls in Berlin. Both, physicians and parents were influential regarding their HPV-vaccination decision even though personal perceptions played an important role as well. School programs could be beneficial to improve knowledge related to HPV and vaccines, and to offer low-barrier access to HPV vaccination. PMID:22995838

Stöcker, Petra; Dehnert, Manuel; Schuster, Melanie; Wichmann, Ole; Deleré, Yvonne



Determination the optimum number and positions of monitoring stations for proper spatial modeling of mean PM10 concentration in Berlin  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

PM10 concentration in Berlin has exceeded from EU limit, therefore the appropriate spatial distribution of PM10 concentration is a prerequisite for management and control of PM10 concentration in Berlin. The key question of this study is 'How many PM10 monitoring stations must be installed in Berlin for appropriate spatial distribution modeling of PM10 concentration and where do they have to be installed?' In this study, a geostatistical calculation has been utilized to answer this question. The optimum number of monitoring stations and their positions are determined by minimization of estimation variance. The experimental variogram values of mean PM10 concentration were calculated using the data of 13 existing stations in Berlin and several variogram models were fitted to the experimental variogram data. The results demonstrated that circular model is the best variogram model for mean PM10 concentration and consequently, a circular variogram model was developed. The Berlin urban area was gridded to 500x500m pixels and for each pixel the estimation variance was calculated using the mean PM10 concentration of monitoring stations and the developed circular variogram model. Then, mean estimation variance (?E2) of Berlin was calculated by averaging of the estimation variance of whole pixels. By adding one virtual station in Berlin, the optimum position for this station was determined using an iterative optimization technique and with the object of minimization of mean estimation variance (?E2). Hence, the position of added station was changed and ?E2 was calculated iteratively. The best position for added station is the position that minimizes ?E2 value. Using this method, some stations were added virtually in Berlin one by one and ?E2 value was decreased continuously. This iterative technique was performed until the amount of decrease of ?E2 per increase of one virtual station goes toward zero (|??2E| |?n| < 0.04 ). The relation between the total number of stations (n) (real and virtual) and ?E2 was calculated and a power function was determined [?E2(n) = 10.67n-0.44(R2 = 0.99)]. According to this power function, |??2| -|?En| is less than 0.04, when n ? 28. Thus 15 further stations should be added in the suggested positions. The presented approach not only is a reliable method for determination of optimum number and positions of air pollution monitoring stations, but also it is applicable for all spatial correlated data such as some of meteorological, land surface, water bodies, groundwater and underground data.

Taheri Shahraiyni, Hamid; Sodoudi, Sahar; Cubasch, Ulrich



A Tandetron as proton injector for the eye tumor therapy in Berlin  

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The therapy of eye tumors with fast protons is an excellent tool giving very high local control rates. At the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB) almost 1800 patients were treated since 1998. A 2 MV Tandetron was installed as injector for the k = 132 HZB cyclotron. Using the standard 358 duoplasmatron ion source with direct extraction of negative hydrogen ions an extremely stable proton beam can be delivered, both on the short-term and the long-term scale. The hair-needle filaments made from thoriated tungsten wires have safe operation times of more than 1000 h.

Roehrich, J.; Damerow, T.; Hahn, W.; Mueller, U.; Denker, A. [Protons for Therapy, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin fuer Materialien und Energie, 14109 Berlin (Germany); Reinholz, U. [BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, 12200 Berlin (Germany)



Understanding chemical binding using the Berlin function and the reaction force  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We use the derivative of the electron density with respect to the reaction coordinate, interpreted through the Berlin binding function, to identify portions of the reaction path where chemical bonds are breaking and forming. The results agree with the conventional description for SN2 reactions, but they are much more general and can be used to elucidate other types of reactions also. Our analysis offers support for, and detailed information about, the use of the reaction force profile to separate the reaction coordinates into intervals, each with characteristic extents of geometry change and electronic rearrangement.

Chakraborty, Debajit; Cárdenas, Carlos; Echegaray, Eleonora; Toro-Labbe, Alejandro; Ayers, Paul W.



The injury pattern to children involved in lethal traffic accidents in Berlin.  


A statistical investigation of causes of death of children in Berlin, as well as in the rest of Germany shows, that 'accidents' are the most frequent causes of death in children. Nearly 50% of all child fatalities (0-15 years old) are due to traffic accidents. The reports of 30 children (19 boys, 11 girls) that were investigated in one of the three Institutes of Legal Medicine in Berlin over a period of 5 years were studied. In nearly 40% of all cases the children were pedestrians, in ten cases they died as passengers in cars, five children were bicyclists and in one case the child was a skateboarder. In 60% of all cases the principal injuries were severe injuries of the skull and brain; skull and brain trauma was the most frequent cause of death. In the group pedestrians (n=11), the cause of death in ten cases was the severe head-injury. Over 60% of all injured children died at the scene or in the first 24h after the accident, none of the children survived more than 30 days. PMID:12935640

Bockholdt, Britta; Schneider, Volkmar



National Attachment among Berlin and London Head Teachers: The Explanatory Impact of National Identity, National Pride and Supranational Attachment  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The link between formal education and the formation of national attachment is widely acknowledged. Yet, research on teachers' national attachment is still relatively rare. Based on a comparative analysis of survey data obtained from 281 Berlin and London state secondary school head teachers, this paper proposes a multivariate model in which…

Pollmann, Andreas



This is an abstract of the poster presentation at the Turkish-German Geodetic Joint Days, 1997, Berlin  

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that the popularity of internet actually comes from that "shop window". It is a huge database which everybody can, Berlin INTERNET AND GIS Arzu �öltekin, Res. Ass.,Geodesy and Phot.Eng.,YTU,80750, Yildiz, Beikta,METU,Ankara Arife Vural,Res.Ass.,Computer Center,METU,Ankara ABSTRACT In this study, today's most popular

�öltekin, Arzu


Zs. Ruttkay et al. (Eds.): IVA 2009, LNAI 5773, pp. 506507, 2009. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2009  

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Zs. Ruttkay et al. (Eds.): IVA 2009, LNAI 5773, pp. 506­507, 2009. © Springer-Verlag Berlin an emotional model. The Pogamut 3 platform is a tool for rapid prototyping of intelligent virtual agents' (IVAsSpeak is a language for behavior specification of IVAs. It is based on BDI [2] and supports both goal

Brom, Cyril


Zs. Ruttkay et al. (Eds.): IVA 2009, LNAI 5773, pp. 484485, 2009. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2009  

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Zs. Ruttkay et al. (Eds.): IVA 2009, LNAI 5773, pp. 484­485, 2009. © Springer-Verlag Berlin of intelligent virtual agents (IVAs), at least when agents interact with humans for more than a couple of minutes Model We have started to pursue a systematic research on episodic memory for IVAs, be- ginning

Brom, Cyril


Zs. Ruttkay et al. (Eds.): IVA 2009, LNAI 5773, pp. 4248, 2009. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2009  

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Zs. Ruttkay et al. (Eds.): IVA 2009, LNAI 5773, pp. 42­48, 2009. © Springer-Verlag Berlin' belongings are located. Intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) usually act in space as well. This demands them to have similar "what-where" information as humans do. In many today applications, IVAs read

Brom, Cyril


C. Pelachaud et al. (Eds.): IVA 2007, LNAI 4722, pp. 6471, 2007. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007  

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C. Pelachaud et al. (Eds.): IVA 2007, LNAI 4722, pp. 64­71, 2007. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007 Neuroticism ­ A Competitive Advantage (Also) for IVAs? Christoph Hermann1 , Helmuth Melcher1 and discussed in section 7. #12;Neuroticism ­ A Competitive Advantage (Also) for IVAs? 65 2 The Game The game


F. Saglietti and N. Oster (Eds.): SAFECOMP 2007, LNCS 4680, pp. 148161, 2007. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007  

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test and interface processor (ATIP), and a cabinet operator #12;Safety Analysis of Safety system, IDiPS Note - RSR: Remote Shutdown Room, MCR: Main Control Room, OM: Operator Module, IPS-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007 Safety Analysis of Safety-Critical Software for Nuclear Digital Protection System

Jee, Eunkyoung


Influences of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner Cotton Planting on Population Dynamics of the Cotton Aphid, Aphis gossypii Glover, in Northern China  

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The inßuence of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner (Bt) cotton on population dynamics of cotton aphid, Aphis gossypii Glover, was investigated during 1999 Ð2000 in northern China. The Þeld experiments were conducted in plots of Bt cotton and conventional cotton that received no insecticide applications, and in plots of conventional cotton in which pyrethroid and organophosphate insecti- cides were used regularly for

Kongming Wu; Yuyuan Guo



Prevention of Homicidal Violence in Schools in Germany: The Berlin Leaking Project and the Networks against School Shootings Project (NETWASS)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Since 1999, Germany has experienced at least twelve serious cases of targeted school violence. This article describes two projects designed to fill the gap between universal prevention and emergency response in preventing severe forms of school violence in Germany. The Berlin Leaking Project examined the viability of preventive efforts based on…

Leuschner, Vincenz; Bondu, Rebecca; Schroer-Hippel, Miriam; Panno, Jennifer; Neumetzler, Katharina; Fisch, Sarah; Scholl, Johanna; Scheithauer, Herbert




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This article examines the ways in which travel serves as an analytic to understand citizenship and the production of noncitizens after the Berlin Wall. This production is linked to a shift in the post-Wall German and European discourses and practices of asylum, which are significantly renegotiated and restricted shortly after the Wall falls. It is not only the law that

Damani James Partridge



G. Paliouras et al. (Eds.): Multimedia Information Extraction, LNAI6050, pp. 134166, 2011. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011  

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. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011 Ontology Population and Enrichment: State of the Art Georgios-modal semantic interpretation that they require. The purpose of this chap- ter is to present a survey of the most considered by existing approaches. Keywords: Ontology learning, Ontology population, Ontology enrichment. 1

Paliouras, George


Evaluation of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner as an alternative control of small hive beetles, Aethina tumida Murray (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae)  

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Small hive beetles, Aethina tumida Murray, are parasites and scavengers of honeybee colonies, Apis mellifera L., and have become an invasive species that can cause considerable damage in its new distribution areas. An effective subspecies\\u000a of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner (=Bt) would provide an alternative to chemical control of this pest. Therefore, we tested three different Bt strains [B. thuringiensis, var.

Sven Buchholz; Peter Neumann; Katharina Merkel; H. Randall Hepburn



P. Markopoulos et al. (Eds.): Fun and Games 2008, LNCS 5294, pp. 7587, 2008. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2008  

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-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2008 Test-Bed for Multimodal Games on Mobile Devices Marcello Coiana1 , Alex Conconi2 on mobile devices, since games are intrinsically multimodal, enriching thus the gaming experience multimodal game on mobile devices. We adopt a micro-approach for our game test-bed, focusing on multimodal

Ortega, Michael


J. Krumm et al. (Eds.): UbiComp 2007, LNCS 4717, pp. 3855, 2007. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007  

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J. Krumm et al. (Eds.): UbiComp 2007, LNCS 4717, pp. 38­55, 2007. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007 Playful Tray: Adopting Ubicomp and Persuasive Techniques into Play-Based Occupational Therapy-Chin Chou1 , Jen-hao Chen4 , Jane Yung-jen Hsu3,4 , and Polly Huang3,5 1 School of Occupational Therapy

Huang, Polly


P. Ciancarini and H. Wiklicky (Eds.): COORDINATION 2006, LNCS 4038, pp. 44 62, 2006. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2006  

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P. Ciancarini and H. Wiklicky (Eds.): COORDINATION 2006, LNCS 4038, pp. 44 ­ 62, 2006. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2006 Automated Evaluation of Coordination Approaches Tibor Bosse, Mark Hoogendoorn, treur} Abstract. How to coordinate the processes in a complex component-based software system

Bosse, Tibor


Ecological analysis of social risk factors for Rotavirus infections in Berlin, Germany, 2007-2009  

PubMed Central

Background Socioeconomic factors are increasingly recognised as related to health inequalities in Germany and are also identified as important contributing factors for an increased risk of acquiring infections. The aim of the present study was to describe in an ecological analysis the impact of different social factors on the risk of acquiring infectious diseases in an urban setting. The specific outcome of interest was the distribution of Rotavirus infections, which are a leading cause of acute gastroenteritis among infants and also a burden in the elderly in Germany. The results may help to generate more specific hypothesis for infectious disease transmission. Methods We analysed the spatial distribution of hospitalized patients with Rotavirus infections in Berlin, Germany. The association between the small area incidence and different socio-demographic and economic variables was investigated in order to identify spatial relations and risk factors. Our spatial analysis included 447 neighbourhood areas of similar population size in the city of Berlin. We included all laboratory-confirmed cases of patients hospitalized due to Rotavirus infections and notified between 01/01/2007 and 31/12/2009. We excluded travel-associated and nosocomial infections. A spatial Bayesian Poisson regression model was used for the statistical analysis of incidences at neighbourhood level in relation to socio-demographic variables. Results Altogether, 2,370 patients fulfilled the case definition. The disease mapping indicates a number of urban quarters to be highly affected by the disease. In the multivariable spatial regression model, two risk factors were identified for infants (<4 year olds): Rotavirus incidence increased by 4.95% for each additional percent of unemployed inhabitants in the neighbourhood (95% credibility interval (CI): 3.10%-6.74%) and by 0.53% for each additional percent of children attending day care in the neighbourhood (95% CI: 0.00%-1.06%). We found no evidence for an association with the proportion of foreign residents, population density, the residential quality of accommodations and resident changes in the neighbourhood. Conclusions Neighbourhoods with a high unemployment rate and high day care attendance rate appear to be particularly affected by Rotavirus in the population of Berlin. Public health promotion programs should be developed for the affected areas. Due to the ecological study-design, risk pathways on an individual patient level remain to be elucidated. PMID:22929067



*Corresponding author. Tel.: #49-30-2093-8806; fax: #49-30-2093-8859. E-mail address: (B. Ronacher).  

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. Neurocomputing 38}40 (2001) 263}268 Discrimination of behaviorally relevant signals by auditory receptor neurons, Abt. Verhalten-physiologie, Humboldt-Universita( t zu Berlin, Abt. Verhaltensphysiologie der

Machens, Christian


[The speech on Bier as a problem. Arthur Israel (1883-1969) and his struggle to come to terms with the Berlin University Surgical Clinic].  


Arthur Israel was associated with August Bier's University Surgical Clinic in Berlin from 1910 to 1933, in the end as the head of the downgraded (outpatient) clinic. After he was forced out of his Berlin post, Israel was department head in the Israelitisches Krankenhaus Hamburg until he emigrated to the U.S. in 1940, settling in New York. In 1960, he returned to Germany. Based on papers from Israel's estate, the article describes his life stations and his struggle to cope with his time at the Berlin university clinic. The focus is on a meeting in Berlin in 1961. His departure from the usual practice of heaping praise on the clinic and its former head marks the beginning of a never-published critique of conditions in the clinic. The ambivalence reflected in his evaluation is in stark contrast to the traditional cultivation of "Bier's School". PMID:24527560

Witte, Wilfried



A purification and some properties of an insecticidal exotoxin from Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner  

PubMed Central

An insecticidal exotoxin from Bacillus thuringiensis var. thuringiensis (Berliner) has been purified. The efficiency of each stage of the purification has been ascertained and the yield of toxic material estimated by means of a quantitative bioassay. It is shown that the exotoxin is an adenine derivative substituted at position 9 and having a molecular weight of approximately 825. It can be dephosphorylated enzymically or chemically under conditions that define the exotoxin as a phosphomonoester. This results in loss of toxicity, both to insects and to mice. Spectroscopic and kinetic data are presented which suggest that a ?-ribofuranosyl moiety may be attached to the adenine. Glucose and allomucic acid have been positively identified as hydrolysis fragments from the exotoxin. These results are discussed and compared with the results of others on similar (or possibly identical) compounds. PMID:5820635

Bond, R. P. M.; Boyce, C. B. C.; French, S. J.



Effects of natural attenuation processes on groundwater contamination caused by abandoned waste sites in Berlin  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The aim of this research project is to identify, characterize and quantify natural attenuation (NA) processes in groundwater affected by emissions of abandoned waste disposal sites in Berlin-Kladow/Gatow, Germany. It is part of the funding priority called KORA established by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) to explore the extent to which NA can be used for remedial purposes for varied forms of soil and groundwater contamination. Information on the emission behaviour of individual parameters is generated on the basis of hydrogeochemical comparison of 20 years old and new data. Using groundwater-modelling and CFC-analysis, information on the transport and retention of pollutants in groundwater is compiled. The microbial colonization of contaminated aquifers is characterized by molecular biological methods [polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE)] to differentiate between contaminated and not contaminated zones.

Kerndorff, Helmut; Kühn, Stephan; Minden, Thomas; Orlikowski, Dagmar; Struppe, Thomas



Spectral Characterization of Mars Analogues From the Berlin Emissivity Database (BED)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Several well-recognized Martian soil analogues have been classified and studied in the past years. The JSC Mars-1, collected and distributed under control of the NASA Johnson Space Center, originates from Puú Nene cinder cone in Hawaii, USA. It is a palagonitic tephra (glassy volcanic ash altered at low temperatures), whose spectral features resemble the bright regions on Mars. The Salten Skov, coming from a subsurface deposit in the Midjutland region of Denmark, is a Fe-oxide precipitate with a dark red color, composed mainly of goethite, hematite and maghemite, with mineralogical and magnetic close to those of the martian soil. Montmorillonite and palagonite are other natural materials commonly referred as Martian soil analogues. We present and discuss the emissivity spectra of these analogue minerals from the Berlin Emissivity Database spectral library. The Berlin Emissivity Database (BED) currently contains also emissivity spectra of plagioclase and potassium feldspars, low Ca and high Ca pyroxenes, olivine, elemental sulfur and a lunar highland soil sample measured in the wavelength range from 3 to 50 ?m as a function of particle size. For each sample we measured the spectra of four particle size separates ranging from < 25 to 250 ?m. The current main setup at the Planetary Emissivity Laboratory (PEL) at DLR consist of an emissivity device built at DLR coupled to a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (Bruker VERTEX 80v) equipped with both a cooled MTC detector and a room temperature DTGS detector. All spectra were acquired with a spectral resolution of 4 cm- 1. The combination of detectors and spectrometer allows a unique wavelength coverage encompassing the whole thermal radiation range measured by spacecraft instruments. The emissivity device is currently purged with dry air, while the spectrometer is evacuated. In a future upgrade of the facility the emissivity device will be replaced by a planetary simulation chamber which can be evacuated and which allows to heat sample up to Mercury surface temperatures.

Maturilli, A.; Helbert, J.



[The Great European Georg Friedrich Nicolai: physician and pacifist. Berlin, Germany, 1874 - Santiago, Chile, 1964].  


Georg Friedrich Nicolai (1874-1964) was a German physician and physiologist whose pacifism during the First World War led him in 1914 to cosign with W. J. Foerster, A. Einstein and O. Bueck a "Manifesto to the Europeans" against the entry of Germany into the war and the invasion of Belgium. As a result of this appeal and his strong pacifism, Nicolai lost his positions as cardiologist to the German royal family, professor at the University of Berlin and chief of laboratory at the Charite hospital also in Berlin, and was sent as a garrison physician in Graundenz, in today's Poland. There he began to write his book, The Biology of War. It managed to avoid censorship and was published in Leipzig in 1916. He was court-martialed in Danzig in 1916 but escaped to Denmark. Nicolai was reinstated to his faculty positions by the Weimar Republic after the war but was subsequently forced to emigrate from Germany to South America by the pressure of right wing student groups who accused him of being a deserter and a traitor. From 1922 to 1932 Nicolai lived in Argentina, and from 1932 until his death in 1964, in Chile. In this later country Nicolai was professor in the University of Chile and interacted with members of the Chilean intelligentsia, including the poets Vicente Huidobro, Gonzalo Rojas and Pablo Neruda. Through his friendship with Chilean psychiatrist Agustin Tellez, Nicolai influenced the development of phenomenological psychiatric school in Chile. The Chilean novelist Fernando Alegria compared him favorably with Robert J. Oppenheimer and Linus Pauling. PMID:23900377

Cabello C, Felipe



Ephemerides and information: Investigations on the content of Berlin calendars up to Bode's Astronomisches Jahrbuch. (German Title: Ephemeriden und Informationen: Inhaltliche Untersuchungen Berliner Kalender bis zu Bodes Astronomischem Jahrbuch)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This contributions investigates a line of tradition which started already with the oldest calenders, i.e. to add an `educating' appendix. As a wide-spread medium, calendars were suitable for the dissemination of astrological views, the explanation of astronomical facts, of important activities for the home and the stable, for health protection, agriculture, and social connections. The calendars of the Berlin Academy, authored by Gottfried Kirch and his successors, fit well into this picture: also astrology played an important role. Kirch had added to his ephemerides of 1681 to 1692 own and other observations and contributions. This lead to a form, which superseded `normal' calenders, a form in which also Johann Elert Bode's Berliner Astronomisches Jahrbuch appeared from 1776 to 1829.

Hamel, Jürgen


Levitronix CentriMag to Berlin Heart Excor: a "bridge to bridge" solution in refractory cardiogenic shock.  


Levitronix CentriMag is a third generation bearingless temporary rotary pump designed for short-term mechanical support. The device, combined with Berlin Heart cannulas, was implanted in 30 patients suffering from acute cardiogenic shock with biventricular failure. Fifteen patients were successfully bridged to long-term Excor support due to lack of myocardial recovery. The approach produces good results, avoiding the risks of repeated sternotomy and cardiopulmonary bypass and reducing the costs involved. PMID:19672191

Loforte, Antonio; Potapov, Evgenij; Krabatsch, Thomas; Musci, Michele; Weng, Yuguo; Pasic, Miralem; Hetzer, Roland



Ranges of psychiatric morbidity in the old and the very old – results from the Berlin Aging Study (BASE)  

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The purpose of this study was to determine prevalence rates of psychiatric morbidity in the elderly, distinguishing different\\u000a levels of psychiatric caseness as compared to the diagnoses of the DSM-III-R. In a cross-sectional population-based study\\u000a in Berlin (West), Germany, 516 people aged 70 to 95+ were randomly selected from the obligatory city registry (1990-1993)\\u000a and stratified by age and gender

Thomas F. Wernicke; Michael Linden; Reiner Gilberg; Hanfried Helmchen



Preliminary validity and reliability of a Thai Berlin questionnaire in stroke patients  

PubMed Central

Background Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a major risk factor for stroke. The Berlin Questionnaire (BQ) has been shown to be a valid tool to screen for OSA. The literature has limited data on using the BQ in stroke patients; particularly in Thailand and other developing countries. Here, we aimed to develop a Thai-language Berlin Questionnaire (Thai BQ) and to preliminarily assess construct validity, test-retest reliability and the agreement of the Thai BQ with the Thai Epworth Sleepiness Scale (Thai ESS), another screening tool for OSA. Methods A hospital-based cross-sectional study was performed from January to July, 2011. One hundred first-ever stroke patients, including acute and chronic cases, and their caregivers were enrolled. The Thai BQ was developed using the forward-backward translation method. Evaluation of construct validity was done by factor analysis. Internal consistency of the Thai BQ and the Thai ESS were evaluated using Cronbach’s alpha coefficient. Test-retest reliability and the agreement of the Thai BQ and the Thai ESS were evaluated using Cohen’s kappa coefficient. Results Factor analysis identified 4 main factors: Factor 1–Snoring behaviour; Factor 2–Sleepiness during driving; Factor 3–Daytime fatigue; and Factor 4–Hypertension or obesity. Cronbach’s alpha coefficient was 0.77 (95% confidence interval (CI)?=?0.69-0.83) and Cohen’s kappa coefficient was 0.86 (95% CI?=?0.74-0.98) in the Thai BQ. Cronbach’s alpha coefficient was 0.59 (95% CI?=?0.45-0.70) and the Cohen’s kappa coefficient was 0.81 (95% CI?=?0.60-1.00) in the Thai ESS. The agreement between the Thai ESS and the Thai BQ was fair. Conclusions The Thai BQ is a valid and reliable tool to screen for OSA in stroke patients. As factor analysis revealed 4 factors in contrast to the 3 factors in the original BQ, further modification of the Thai BQ is required. PMID:24910253



Augmented and standard Berlin-Frankfurt-M?nster chemotherapy for treatment of adult acute lymphoblastic leukemia  

PubMed Central

The augmented Berlin-Frankfurt-Münster (aBFM) regimen has demonstrated improved outcomes in children with acute lymphomblastic leukemia (ALL), but efficacy in adults is unknown. In this retrospective study, we evaluated clinical outcomes in 29 adult ALL patients (ages 19–70) treated with standard BFM (sBFM) or dose-intensive aBFM. Patients were stratified into risk groups based on age, cytogenetic abnormalities, peripheral leukocytosis, and response to induction chemotherapy. Intermediate-risk patients less than 50 years old and all high-risk patients were assigned to aBFM. Complete remission after induction therapy was achieved in 93% of patients. Fifteen patients completed a full course of BFM chemotherapy, with 7 discontinuing due to relapse, 3 due to toxicity, 2 due to transplantation, and 2 toxic deaths. Five year event-free survival was 45% (95% CI 30–67%), with 39% and 50% rates of EFS observed in the aBFM and sBFM subgroups at 5 years, respectively. Overall survival at 5 years was 62% (95% CI 46–82%), with 61% and 62% in the aBFM and sBFM subgroups alive at 5 years, respectively. Two toxic deaths were observed, and infections and neuropathy were the most common toxicities. Standard and augmented BFM have efficacy and toxicity comparable with other adult ALL regimens. PMID:19052977

Chang, Julie E.; Medlin, Stephen C.; Kahl, Brad S.; Longo, Walter L.; Williams, Eliot C.; Lionberger, Jack; Kim, KyungMann; Kim, Jihoon; Esterberg, Elizabeth; Juckett, Mark B.



Suppression of diamondback moth (Lepidoptera: Plutellidae) with an entomopathogenic nematode (Rhabditida: Steinernematidae) and Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner.  


We tested the efficacy of the All strain of Steinernema carpocapsae (Weiser) against larvae of the diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella (L.). In laboratory bioassays we found that (1) commercially formulated nematodes produced in vitro were as effective as nematodes produced in vivo, (2) resistance of P. xylostella to Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner subsp. kurstaki did not confer cross-resistance to nematodes, (3) mortality caused by nematodes was higher for early than late 3rd-instar P. xylostella larvae, and (4) no interaction occurred when B. thuringiensis and nematodes were combined against a susceptible strain of P. xylostella, but an antagonistic interaction occurred between the 2 pathogens against a strain of P. xylostella resistant to B. thuringiensis. In field trials conducted on 2 watercress [Rorippa Nasturtium-aquaticum (L.) Hayek] farms in Hawaii, nematodes provided 41% control, B. thuringiensis subsp. aizawai gave 44% control, and the combined treatment (B. thuringiensis plus nematodes both at half rate) resulted in 58% control. Using nemodes to control diamondback moth can theoretically reduce resistance development in diamondback moth populations to B. thuringiensis products, but repeated applications of nematodes will probably be ineffective in attaining control (suggested in simulation model). The results of this study demonstrate that nematodes may be a useful component of integrated pest management programs if efficacy can be increased, especially for populations of P. xylostella that are resistant to B. thuringiensis. PMID:9805498

Baur, M E; Kaya, H K; Tabashnik, B E; Chilcutt, C F



The evaluation of rainfall influence on combined sewer overflows characteristics: the Berlin case study.  


The present study aims to explore the relationship between rainfall variables and water quality/quantity characteristics of combined sewer overflows (CSOs), by the use of multivariate statistical methods and online measurements at a principal CSO outlet in Berlin (Germany). Canonical correlation results showed that the maximum and average rainfall intensities are the most influential variables to describe CSO water quantity and pollutant loads whereas the duration of the rainfall event and the rain depth seem to be the most influential variables to describe CSO pollutant concentrations. The analysis of partial least squares (PLS) regression models confirms the findings of the canonical correlation and highlights three main influences of rainfall on CSO characteristics: (i) CSO water quantity characteristics are mainly influenced by the maximal rainfall intensities, (ii) CSO pollutant concentrations were found to be mostly associated with duration of the rainfall and (iii) pollutant loads seemed to be principally influenced by dry weather duration before the rainfall event. The prediction quality of PLS models is rather low (R² < 0.6) but results can be useful to explore qualitatively the influence of rainfall on CSO characteristics. PMID:24355858

Sandoval, S; Torres, A; Pawlowsky-Reusing, E; Riechel, M; Caradot, N



Annotated type catalogue of the Orthalicoidea (Mollusca, Gastropoda) in the Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin.  


The type status is described of 96 taxa classified within the superfamily Orthalicoidea and present in the Mollusca collection of the Museum für Naturkunde der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Lectotypes are designated for the following taxa: Orthalicus elegans Rolle, 1895; Bulimus maranhonensis Albers, 1854; Orthalicus nobilis Rolle, 1895; Orthalichus tricinctus Martens, 1893. Orthalicus sphinx tresmariae is introduced as new name for Zebra sphinx turrita Strebel, 1909, not Zebra quagga turrita Strebel, 1909. The following synonyms are established: Zebra crosseifischeri Strebel, 1909 = Orthalicus princeps fischeri Martens, 1893; Orthalicus isabellinus Martens, 1873 = Orthalicus bensoni (Reeve, 1849); Zebra zoniferus naesiotes Strebel, 1909 = Orthalicus undatus (Bruguière, 1789); Porphyrobaphe (Myiorthalicus) dennisoni pallida Strebel, 1909 = Hemibulimus dennisoni (Reeve, 1848); Zebra delphinus pumilio Strebel, 1909 = Orthalicus delphinus (Strebel, 1909); Orthalicus (Laeorthalicus) reginaeformis Strebel, 1909 = Corona perversa (Swainson, 1821); Bulimus (Eurytus) corticosus Sowerby III, 1895 = Plekocheilus (Eurytus) stuebeli Martens, 1885. The taxon Bulimus (Eudioptus) psidii Martens, 1877 is now placed within the family Sagdidae, tentatively in the genus Platysuccinea. Appendices are included with an index to all the types of Orthalicoidea extant (including those listed by Köhler 2007) and a partial list of letters present in the correspondence archives. PMID:23794831

Breure, Abraham S H



The hemodynamics of the Berlin pulsatile VAD and the role of its MHV configuration.  


The 3D flow in a model of the Berlin ventricular assist device (VAD) chamber with monoleaflet valves placed in S-shape conduits was simulated numerically. The blood flow dynamics were described in terms of flow patterns, velocity, pressure, and shear stress. The hemodynamic properties and the VAD's potential risk for thrombosis were evaluated in terms of mixing and washout properties, and global estimations of platelet level of activation (LOA). In order to evaluate the role of valves on the flow in the chamber, the flow in a model with bileaflet valves in straight conduits was simulated and compared with the original case. The results showed that in both models a large rotating flow was developed in the chamber during filling. This vortex filled the entire chamber and moved constantly up to the peak ejection phase, resulting in relatively low shear stress (up to 0.4 Pa) and no lasting stagnation regions. Significant shear stresses were found near the valves with higher values near the outlet valve in both models. The configuration of valves and conduits had a large effect on VAD washout and mixing properties, with advantage to the bileaflet model. However, since the bileaflet valves exhibited higher shear stresses, higher LOA were found for the bileaflet model. PMID:16838127

Avrahami, Idit; Rosenfeld, Moshe; Einav, Shmuel



The situation and development of the district heating system in West Germany and Berlin  

SciTech Connect

The oil price crisis of 1973 has increased efforts in West Germany to develop the district heating system. The primary motivation is freedom from dependence on imported oil. This is more difficult to achieve in West Germany than, for example, in Scandinavian countries, because in West Germany district heating must compete with an existing complex network of natural gas supplies. The author has tried to show, without departing from the principles of economics, how the potential target of widespread use of district heating could be approached. The rational use and the technical and economical limitations of district heating, which are described by the author in this paper, must be kept in mind. A concerted effort is being made to advance district heating through research and development. Special attention must be paid to heat distribution, which consumes the largest portion of the capital investment. With suitable installation techniques, a compromise is being sought between safety of supply, expected useful life, and capital investment. Munich's 75 years of district heating supply is a mirror image of historical and technical development as well as the actual problems encountered by the communal supplying task in the present situation in West Germany and Berlin.

Kromm, K.



[The neurology department of the Lankwitz Hospital. A contribution to the history of emigration, psychotherapy and the Berlin hospital].  


At Lankwitz near Berlin the Jewish physicians James Fraenkel and Albert Oliven founded a private hospital in 1890. This hospital, which integrated seven departments, became one of the biggest private asylums in the Reich during the first decade of the 20th century. Parts of the hospital served the military during WWI. As most of the physicians at Lankwitz were Jewish, the year 1933 meant an immense moral and scientific decline, since these physicians were forced to leave and later threatened. We know of one physician killed in a concentration camp. Hardly any research about this hospital had been published until the 1990's. This contribution is the first portraying one department--that of neurology. From the early years of the hospital, therapists involved with psycho-dynamic psychiatry and psychoanalysis were attracted to it. Lankwitz was a major experience for a number of later famous psychiatrists and psychoanalysts. This continued to be the case during the years of the Weimar Republic, after the hospital had been leased [verpachtet] to the insurance companies [gesetzliche Krankenkassen] of Greater Berlin. Revealing more about the history of Berlin's private clinics, this article also contributes to the city's history of neurology, psychiatry and psychotherapy. For the example of Lankwitz, the myth of a 'marginalized psychoanalysis', rejected by the contemorary medicine, cannot be corroborated. On the contrary, the Lankwitz physicians portrayed here seemed to have combined and integrated clinical work with psychoanalytic theory and practice. Germany's turn towards National Socialism however meant an immediate end for the Lankwitz clinic and the mode of therapy described. PMID:15291149

Müller, Thomas



Thermo-chemical variations of the hydrothermal fluids in the Berlin geothermal field (El Salvador)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The liquid-dominated Berlin geothermal field is located about 110 km ESE of San Salvador, on the northern slope of the Berlin-Tecapa volcanic complex. The geothermal reservoir occurs within andesitic to basaltic lavas and tuffs. Measured temperatures in the production zones are in the 280-300Ë? C range, while in the reinjection zones are 245-250Ë? C. The reservoir fluids are NaCl waters with total dissolved solids of about 6000-10000 mg/kg and CO2 partial pressures of 0.049-0.460 MPa. A recent exploration project has been carried out by Enel GreenPower and LaGeo at the southern part of the field. A fluid inclusion studies have been carried out on core-samples from the recently explored area and from the production zone in order to obtain information on the thermo-chemical evolution of the geothermal fluids. In addition, isotopic data on hydrothermal epidote allowed to better constrain the sources of the water that circulated in the geothermal reservoir. The examined samples are mainly composed of volcanic rocks and breccias affected by hydrothermal alteration. The secondary minerals (mostly epidote, chlorite, quartz, adularia, albite, prehnite, calcite) occur either as replacement of primary minerals or within micro-fracture and voids. Fluid inclusions microthermometry has been performed on fluid inclusions found in hydrothermal and igneous quartz, albite, adularia, calcite, anhydrite and prehnite. Most of the observed inclusions are aqueous, two-phase liquid-rich inclusions; rare vapor-rich inclusions also occur in some samples. Fluid inclusion homogenization temperatures range is 191-344Ë? C; the inclusions with the highest homogenization values at each sampling depths were trapped at or close to boiling condition. A cooling process is recorded by the wide ranges of homogenization temperatures and is also evidenced by the comparison of present-day temperature at the sampling depths and fluid inclusion homogenization temperatures. In particular, a significant temperature decrease (up to 100Ë? C) occurred from the trapping of hottest fluid in the recently explored area to present-day condition at depths > 1.5 km below the ground level. Apparent salinities of many fluid inclusions are comparable to those of present-day fluids; however there are also fluid inclusions showing higher and lower salinities than present-day fluids. Low values of apparent salinity (down to 0.2 wt. % NaCl equiv.) can be related to the circulation of liquid water formed from steam condensation and/or in part to a decrease of the CO2 content in the geothermal fluid due to boiling processes. Whereas, the occurrence of inclusions in deep samples showing significantly high salinities (up to 21.2 wt.% NaCl equiv.) can be related to two processes: 1) open system fluid boiling with steam lost, or 2) injection of a high-salinity fluid in the system. The relatively high ^D values (up to -42 per mil) of the H2O in equilibrium with epidote is coherent with the sporadic input of saline fluids of magmatic derivation that mixed with geothermal fluid of meteoric origin in the deep part of the hydrothermal system. On the other hand, prolonged open system boiling processes at the temperatures indicated by fluid inclusions are not compatible with these isotopic values.

Ruggieri, G.; Dallai, L.; Nardini, I.; Torio Henriquez, E.



Prevalence of Trichomonas gallinae in northern goshawks from the Berlin area of northeastern Germany.  


In recent years, the northern goshawk (Accipiter gentilis) has colonized suburban and urban areas in Berlin, Germany, and elsewhere in Europe. Because of the high proportion of feral pigeons (Columba livia f. domestica) in their diet, urban goshawks are suspected to have a high infection rate with Trichomonas gallinae. Therefore, from 1998 to 2001, we examined 269 nestlings from 90 nests for infection with T. gallinae by culture of swabs taken from the oropharynx and checked their oropharynx for the presence of caseous lesions indicative of trichomonosis. In 80% of the nest sites (n=90), at least one nestling was infected. The nestling infection rate with T. gallinae was 69.7% (n=33) in 1998, 73.0% (n=89) in 1999, 55.8% (n=77) in 2000, and 62.9% (n=70) in 2001. In total, 65.1% of the northern goshawk nestlings were culture positive for T. gallinae. Prevalence increased with the age of nestlings (chi2=12.4, n=269, df=5, P=0.03) and tended to increase with brood size (chi2=9.345, n=269, df=4, P=0.053). Caseous lesions were present in 12 nestlings (4.5%), but only 10 of these were culture positive for T. gallinae. Two nestlings (0.7%) had large caseous lesions (diameter>1 cm) characteristic of late-stage trichomonosis and died shortly after examination. It is suggested that the combination of a high prevalence of T. gallinae with a low rate of pathologicic changes is the result of an evolutionary-adapted parasite-host relationship. PMID:16107664

Krone, Oliver; Altenkamp, Rainer; Kenntner, Norbert



Murder-suicide by carbon dioxide (CO2) poisoning: a family case from Berlin, Germany.  


This report demonstrates how carbon dioxide (CO(2)) may be a potent weapon in murder-suicide, where the death scene offers virtually no clues as to the lethal modality and the autopsy findings are nonspecific. Four bodies were discovered in an apartment in midsummer 2012 in Berlin, Germany. The bodies were those of a father (a 69-year-old business consultant), his wife (aged 26-years), and two sons (aged 3 and 6 years, respectively). The police found the wife and two sons lying in their beds and the husband in a supine position on the floor with a plastic bag over his head tied loosely around his neck with a rope. A 500 g single-use CO(2) cylinder was standing on the floor. The container was almost empty and according to the label had been sold as a CO(2)-fertilizer for aquarium plants. Two synthetic inhalation face masks and tubing were also found, which tested positive for the DNA of all four deceased family members. It is hypothesized that the husband placed an inhalation mask over the mouths and noses of his wife and children while they were sleeping. Inhalation of pure CO(2) ensured their rapid unconsciousness due to hypercapnia and severe anoxia. The rapid increase in CO(2) concentration would render a victim helpless, with no time to wake and defend themselves, or others. The proximate cause of death in all cases was attributed to CO(2) intoxication, based on the scene findings, the reconstructed sequence of events, the autopsy, and results of toxicological studies. PMID:24114436

Sautter, Julia; Gapert, René; Tsokos, Michael; Oesterhelweg, Lars



Clinical experience with Berlin Heart Excor in pediatric patients in Argentina: 1373 days of cardiac support.  


The objective of this study was to describe our experience (1373 days of support) with the Berlin Heart Excor (BH) ventricular-assist device (VAD) as bridging to cardiac transplantation in pediatric patients with end-stage cardiomyopathy. This study involved a retrospective observational cohort. Records of patients supported with the BH VAD were reviewed. Data regarding age, sex, weight, diagnosis, preoperative condition, single versus biventricular support, morbidity, and mortality were collected. Criteria for single versus biventricular support and intensive care unit management were registered. The procedure was approved by our Institutional Ethics Committee, and informed consent was obtained. Between March 2006 and March 2010, 12 patients with diagnosis of dilated (n = 10) and restrictive (n = 2) cardiomyopathy were supported. Median age was 56.6 months (range 20.1-165.9); mean weight was 18.3 kg (range 8.5-45); and nine patients were female. Every patient presented with severe heart failure refractory to pharmacological therapy. Biventricular support was necessary in four patients. Nine patients underwent heart transplantation. No child was weaned off the BH VAD because of myocardial recovery. Mean length of support was 73 days (range 3-331), and the total number of days of support was 1373. Three patients had fatal complications: 2 had thrombo-hemorrhagic stroke leading to brain death, and one had refractory vasoplegic shock. The BH VAD is a useful and reasonable safe device for cardiac transplantation bridging in children with end-stage heart failure. Team experience resulted in less morbidity and mortality, and time for implantation, surgical procedure, anticoagulation monitoring, and patient care improved. PMID:21424518

Moreno, Guillermo E; Charroqui, Alberto; Pilán, María L; Magliola, Ricardo H; Krynski, Mariela P; Althabe, María; Landry, Luis M; Sciuccati, Gabriela; Villa, Alejandra; Vogelfang, Horacio



Seeking a compromise between pharmaceutical pollution and phosphorus load: Management strategies for Lake Tegel, Berlin.  


Lake Tegel (Berlin, Germany) is controlled by two main inflows: inflow #1 (River Havel) is heavily phosphorus-laden, whereas inflow #2 is an artificial confluence that includes discharge from a municipal wastewater treatment plant distinguished by high levels of phosphorus and pharmaceuticals. To reduce the phosphorus load on the lake, a phosphorus elimination plant (PEP) is situated at inflow #2. Moreover, the two inflows are short-circuited by a pipeline that transfers part of the inflow #1 water to the PEP and finally releases it into inflow #2. The pipeline and the PEP have contributed to a continuous reduction in the total phosphorus concentration of Lake Tegel in the past 25 years. We investigate the question of whether the existing lake pipeline can also be used to reduce the amount of pharmaceuticals in Lake Tegel originating from inflow #2 by dilution with water from River Havel, by diverting part of inflow #2 around the lake, or by a combination of both strategies. The circulation pattern of Lake Tegel is complicated by complex bathymetry and numerous islands and is therefore highly sensitive to winds. We tested seven different management scenarios by hydrodynamic modeling for a period of 16 years with the two-dimensional version of the Princeton Ocean Model (POM). None of the scenarios provided a strategy optimal for both pharmaceuticals and phosphorus. Nonetheless, compound regimes, such as alternating the pipe flow direction or adding another pipeline, allowed the most abundant pharmaceutical (carbamazepine) to be reduced while maintaining the current phosphorus level. This study demonstrates the ability of immediate lake regulation measures to maintain water quality. In the case of Lake Tegel, the pipeline can be fully effective with regard to pharmaceuticals only in combination with additional efforts such as advanced pharmaceutical treatment of wastewater and/or phosphorus reduction in the River Havel catchment. PMID:22683406

Schimmelpfennig, Sebastian; Kirillin, Georgiy; Engelhardt, Christof; Nützmann, Gunnar; Dünnbier, Uwe



Spatial and temporal variability of urban tree canopy temperature during summer 2010 in Berlin, Germany  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Trees form a significant part of the urban vegetation. Their meteorological and climatological effects at all scales in urban environments make them a flexible tool for creating a landscape oriented to the needs of an urban dweller. This study aims at quantifying the spatio-temporal patterns of canopy temperature ( T C) and canopy-to-air temperature difference (? T C) in relation to meteorological conditions and tree-specific (physiological) and urban site-specific characteristics. We observed T C and ? T C of 67 urban trees (18 species) using a high-resolution thermal-infrared (TIR) camera and meteorological measurements in the city of Berlin, Germany. TIR images were recorded at 1-min intervals over a period of 2 months from 1st July to 31st August 2010. The results showed that ? T C depends on tree species, leaf size and fraction of impervious surfaces. Average canopy temperature was nearly equal to air temperature. Species-specific maximum ?T C varied between 1.9 ± 0.3 K ( Populus nigra), 2.9 ± 0.3 K ( Quercus robur), 3.2 ± 0.5 K ( Fagus sylvatica), 3.9 ± 1.0 K ( Platanus acerifolia), 4.6 ± 0.2 K ( Acer pseudoplatanus), 5.0 ± 0.5 K ( A. platanoides) and 5.6 ± 1.1 K ( A. campestre). We analysed ? T C for a hot and dry period (A) and a warm and wet period (B). The range of species-specific ?T C at noon was nearly equal, i.e. 4.4 K for period A and 4.2 K for period B. Trees surrounded by high fraction of impervious surfaces showed consistently higher ? T C. Knowledge of species-specific canopy temperature and the impacts of urban structures are essential in order to optimise the benefits from trees in cities. However, comprehensive evaluation and optimisation should take the full range of climatological effects into account.

Meier, Fred; Scherer, Dieter



The Berlin Brain--Computer Interface: accurate performance from first-session in BCI-naïve subjects.  


The Berlin Brain--Computer Interface (BBCI) project develops a noninvasive BCI system whose key features are: 1) the use of well-established motor competences as control paradigms; 2) high-dimensional features from multichannel EEG; and 3) advanced machine-learning techniques. Spatio-spectral changes of sensorimotor rhythms are used to discriminate imagined movements (left hand, right hand, and foot). A previous feedback study [M. Krauledat, K.-R. MUller, and G. Curio. (2007) The non-invasive Berlin brain--computer Interface: Fast acquisition of effective performance in untrained subjects. NeuroImage. [Online]. 37(2), pp. 539--550. Available:] with ten subjects provided preliminary evidence that the BBCI system can be operated at high accuracy for subjects with less than five prior BCI exposures. Here, we demonstrate in a group of 14 fully BCI-naIve subjects that 8 out of 14 BCI novices can perform at >84% accuracy in their very first BCI session, and a further four subjects at >70%. Thus, 12 out of 14 BCI-novices had significant above-chance level performances without any subject training even in the first session, as based on an optimized EEG analysis by advanced machine-learning algorithms. PMID:18838371

Blankertz, Benjamin; Losch, Florian; Krauledat, Matthias; Dornhege, Guido; Curio, Gabriel; Müller, Klaus-Robert



High-resolution spatial distribution of temperature over Berlin simulated by the mesoscale model METRAS and comparison with measured data  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The world's population is projected to increase in the next decades especially in urban areas. Additionally, the living conditions are affected largely by the local urban climate. The urban climate is a complex local system which might change differently than the regional climate. Studying the spatial distribution of air temperature and urban heat island intensity is one of the major concerns in the climate change scenarios. Due to the expected higher frequency of heat waves in the future and the related heat stress, high resolution distribution of air temperature is an important key for urban planning and development. In this study the non-hydrostatic Mesoscale Transport and Fluid Model (METRAS) developed at the University of Hamburg is used to simulate the air temperature for the urban area of Berlin. The forcing data have been derived from the ECMWF reanalysis data. We have used three nested domains (resolution of 4 km, 1 km, 200 m) to simulate the temperature in Berlin. Evaluation of these mesoscale model results is challenging for urban areas, due to the sparse and heterogeneous distribution of meteorological stations and the heterogeneous land cover in urban areas. The Meteorological Institute of the Free University of Berlin organized six measurement campaigns in 2012. Measurements were taken at 31 different routes through Berlin using mobile measurement systems. In comparison with data from permanent weather stations the mobile measurements show a general overestimation of temperature and underestimation of relative humidity values. This may be the result of the different land cover types and places, where the mobile measurements and the stationary measurements were taken. The highly resolved (200 m) simulated air temperature from METRAS has been verified for three different selected summer days in 2012 with different pressure patterns over Berlin. For the model evaluation, the data from the measuring campaign and 34 permanent stations have been used. The results show that METRAS overestimated the cloud water and rain water content on the first two selected days. The air temperature on the first two days has been underestimated by the model due to the reduced incoming radiation, and the strength of the urban heat island has not been reproduced. The mean absolute error is higher during the day time and especially in the city center. The last selected day is a sunny day with light wind from the Northwest. On this day the diurnal temperature variation is well reproduced by the model, although METRAS predicts short showers for several small areas during the afternoon. The showers do not lead to a temperature decrease over the whole city. The mean absolute error is much smaller in comparison with the other days. The temperature peak and the urban heat island are well consistent with observations. The mean absolute error is smaller in the city center and larger over the green areas. The spatial distribution of simulated temperature is in a good agreement with the measurements.

Sodoudi, Sahar; Schäfer, Kerstin; Grawe, David; Petrik, Ronny; Heinke Schlünzen, K.



H.W. Gellersen et al. (Eds.): PERVASIVE 2005, LNCS 3468, pp. 297 314, 2005. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2005  

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information and product comparison information while shopping in an RFID enabled store. The system-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2005 Integrating Intra and Extra Gestures into a Mobile and Multimodal Shopping ideas in a demonstrator called the Mobile ShopAssist. This demonstrator is then used as the basis

Wasinger, Rainer


History of Education and the Struggle for Intellectual Liberation in Post-Soviet Baltic Space after the Fall of the Berlin Wall  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This study on a "new" history of education is written from the perspective of a participant in the process of discarding Soviet intellectual and physical boundaries. The fall of the Berlin Wall has, over the past two decades, become a continuous process in post-Soviet societies, when the now liberated historians of education were faced…

Kestere, Iveta



Published in Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI 2007), , Springer Berlin /  

E-print Network

an eye- movement language, provides real-time perceptual compression through Human Visual System (HVS, and the use of the eye's visual sensitivity function and eye-position data signal de-noising. Keywords: Human Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI 2007), , Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, Beijing, China, July 22

Khan, Javed I.


A.Y. Tawfik and S.D. Goodwin (Eds.): Canadian AI 2004, LNAI 3060, pp. 461466, 2004. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2004  

E-print Network

-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2004 Binary Decision Tree Using Genetic Algorithm for Recognizing Defect Patterns a binary decision tree constructed by genetic algo- rithm(GA). In this paper, GA was used to select a subset of the suitable features at each node in the binary decision tree. The feature subset with maximum

Suen, Ching Y.


Linkage disequilibrium between RFLP haplotype 2 and the affected PAH allele in PKU families from the Berlin area of the German Democratic Republic  

Microsoft Academic Search

Probands from 26 PKU-affected families of the Berlin area were analyzed with respect to the allele frequency distribution of six RFLPs in linkage with the normal and the PKU alleles of the phenylalanine hydroxylase gene. These investigations confirm most of the RFLP haplotypes observed by Güttler and colleagues in the Danish population and describe two additional ones. They detect no

O. Riess; A. Michel; A. Speer; W. Meiske; G. Cobet; C. Coutelle



S. D'Mello et al. (Eds.): ACII 2011, Part II, LNCS 6975, pp. 289296, 2011. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011  

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-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011 Automatic Understanding of Affective and Social Signals by Multimodal Mimicry Recognition Xiaofan Sun1 , Anton Nijholt1 , Khiet P. Truong1 , and Maja Pantic1,2 1 Human Media Abstract. Human mimicry is one of the important behavioral cues displayed during social interaction

Nijholt, Anton


I. Mndoiu, R. Sunderraman, and A. Zelikovsky (Eds.): ISBRA 2008, LNBI 4983, pp. 2637, 2008. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2008  

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. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2008 A Distance-Based Method for Detecting Horizontal Gene Transfer of horizontal gene transfer on our understand- ing of genome evolution. Methods for detecting horizontal gene currently available for identifying horizontal gene transfer. 1 Introduction Horizontal or lateral gene

Brady, Arthur


H. Chen and C.C. Yang (Eds.): Intelligence and Security Informatics, SCI 135, pp. 319335, 2008. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2008  

E-print Network

and other sensors used for the detection of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, explosive. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2008 17 Optimization Problems for Port-of-Entry Detection that will help us to inspect for and intercept chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive agents

Xie, Minge


HICE -The Helmholtz Virtual Institute of Complex Molecular Systems in Environmental Health HICE proposal presentation Handout VH-VI-418, Berlin 16.06.2011  

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: · Preamble & Motivation · Scientific Hypotheses & Aims · Research Program, Work Packages and Expertise · Innovative Concepts and Advances Facilities · Management and Steering Structure · Education & Promotion, Berlin 16.06.2011, # 4 Motivation I · Severe Health Effects due to anthropogenic aerosols. · Most

Rostock, Universität


R. Winther, B.A. Gran, and G. Dahll (Eds.): SAFECOMP 2005, LNCS 3688, pp. 136 150, 2005. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2005  

E-print Network

(ANNs) within safety critical systems is highly desirable. One notable benefit includes the ability logical systems in highly dependable roles within safety critical systems. The Rolls Royce Spey Gas. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2005 Using Safety Critical Artificial Neural Networks in Gas Turbine Aero

Kelly, Tim


D. Schuler (Ed.): Online Communities and Social Comput., HCII 2007, LNCS 4564, pp. 2231, 2007. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007  

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Design Research Group, School of Informatics, Indiana University at Bloomington, 901 East 10th Street. � Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007 Using Design Critique as Research to Link Sustainability and interaction design. The significant contribution of this paper is a description of the use of design critique

Blevis, Eli


T. Kunz and S.S. Ravi (Eds.): ADHOC-NOW 2006, LNCS 4104, pp. 444 457, 2006. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2006  

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-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2006 A Classification and Performance Comparison of Mobility Models for Ad Hoc Networks {eatsan, oozkasap} Abstract. In mobile ad hoc network research, simulation plays an important of mobile entities is one of the most important concepts for the realistic simulation scenarios in mo- bile

Ã?zkasap, Ã?znur


V.S. Sunderam et al. (Eds.): ICCS 2005, LNCS 3515, pp. 656 663, 2005. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2005  

E-print Network

V.S. Sunderam et al. (Eds.): ICCS 2005, LNCS 3515, pp. 656 ­663, 2005. © Springer-Verlag Berlin of Texas at Austin, Texas, USA {klie, bangerth, mfw} 3 Dept. of Biomedical Informatics, The University of Texas at Austin, Texas, USA Abstract. The adequate location of wells in oil and environmental

Parashar, Manish


C. Di Chio et al. (Eds.): EvoApplications 2011, Part II, LNCS 6625, pp. 434443, 2011. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011  

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-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011 Nature-Inspired Optimization for Biped Robot Locomotion and Gait Planning Shahriar, Turkey {asta,sariel} Abstract. Biped locomotion for humanoid robots is a challenging problem that has come into prominence in recent years. As the degrees of freedom of a humanoid robot approaches

Talay, Sanem Sarýel


M. Tanabe, P. van den Besselaar, T. Ishida (Eds.): Digital Cities, LNCS 2362, pp. 246-256, 2002. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2002  

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M. Tanabe, P. van den Besselaar, T. Ishida (Eds.): Digital Cities, LNCS 2362, pp. 246-256, 2002. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2002 Connecting Digital and Physical Cities Toru Ishida1 , Hiroshi Digital City Project 2 Department of Computer and Communication Sciences, Wakayama University Abstract

Nakanishi, Hideyuki


J. Chen, J. Wang, and A. Zelikovsky (Eds.): ISBRA 2011, LNBI 6674, pp. 262273, 2011. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011  

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, and lack of computational models that can capture its dynamics. Here, we present a novel, multi-scale model, Multi-scale Modeling, High Performance Computing. 1 Introduction Horizontal Gene Transfer (HGT-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011 In Silico Evolution of Multi-scale Microbial Systems in the Presence of Mobile

Tagkopoulos, Ilias


J. Blanc-Talon et al. (Eds.): ACIVS 2006, LNCS 4179, pp. 1133 1142, 2006. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2006  

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-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2006 Adaptive Learning Procedure for a Network of Spiking Neurons and Visual Pattern Recognition Simei Gomes Wysoski, Lubica Benuskova, and Nikola Kasabov Knowledge Engineering and Discovery-line learning procedure to be used in biologically realistic networks of integrate-and-fire neurons. The on

Benuskova, Luba


M.L. Gavrilova et al. (Eds.): Trans. on Comput. Sci. V, LNCS 5540, pp. 8198, 2009. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2009  

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-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2009 Formal Description of the Cognitive Process of Memorization Yingxu Wang Informatics (ICfCI) Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering Schulich School of Engineering, University 6855 Abstract. Memorization is a key cognitive process of the brain because almost

Wang, Yingxu


C. Linnhoff-Popien and H.-G. Hegering (Eds.): USM 2000, LNCS 1890, pp. 326-333, 2000. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2000  

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-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2000 Virtual Malls for Web Commerce: Observations and Case Study Anton Nijholt Centre common for each of them? In this paper we survey our research on these issues and our attempt we have designed ourselves. The possibility to match user utterances with both a language model

Nijholt, Anton


A. Campilho and M. Kamel (Eds.): ICIAR 2010, Part II, LNCS 6112, pp. 378387, 2010. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2010  

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- ploit, probably due to users' memory limitations. Various literatures show that baroque music has-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2010 Can Background Baroque Music Help to Improve the Memorability of Graphical positive effects on human learning and memorizing. To alle- viate users' memory burden, we investigate

Aickelin, Uwe


M. Lungarella et al. (Eds.): 50 Years of AI, Festschrift, LNAI 4850, pp. 1828, 2007. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007  

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M. Lungarella et al. (Eds.): 50 Years of AI, Festschrift, LNAI 4850, pp. 18­28, 2007. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007 Fifty Years of AI: From Symbols to Embodiment - and Back Luc Steels Sony Computer Science Laboratory - Paris VUB AI Lab, Vrije Universiteit Brussel Abstract. There are many stories to tell

Meeden, Lisa A.


M. Lungarella et al. (Eds.): 50 Years of AI, Festschrift, LNAI 4850, pp. 174185, 2007. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007  

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M. Lungarella et al. (Eds.): 50 Years of AI, Festschrift, LNAI 4850, pp. 174­185, 2007. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007 What Can AI Get from Neuroscience? Steve M. Potter Laboratory for Neuroengineering of intelligence known, with unsurpassed ability for complex, real-time interaction with a dynamic world. AI

Meeden, Lisa A.


Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Biaxial/Multiaxial Fatigue & Fracture, DVM, Berlin, 2004, 409-414 LOCAL AND NON-LOCAL NORMALISED EQUIVALENT STRAIN FUNCTIONALS  

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, Berlin, 2004, 409-414 LOCAL AND NON-LOCAL NORMALISED EQUIVALENT STRAIN FUNCTIONALS FOR CYCLIC FATIGUE S (CNESnFs) suitable for low- cyclic fatigue is developed in this paper. It reduces any fatigue strength presented. KEYWORDS Durability; low-cyclic fatigue; multiaxial non-regularly oscillating loading; damage

Mikhailov, Sergey


H. Blockeel et al. (Eds.): ECML PKDD 2013, Part III, LNAI 8190, pp. 579594, 2013. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2013  

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-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2013 Computational Drug Repositioning by Ranking and Integrating Multiple Data Abstract. Drug repositioning helps identify new indications for marketed drugs and clinical candidates. In this study, we proposed an integrative computational framework to predict novel drug indications for both

Obradovic, Zoran


J.-M. Jacquet and G.P. Picco (Eds.): COORDINATION 2005, LNCS 3454, pp. 63 78, 2005. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2005  

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, in part, coordinates the respiratory, circulatory, and digestive systems. Similarly, the management-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2005 Coordination Systems in Role-Based Adaptive Software Alan Colman and Jun Han, Victoria, Australia {acolman,jhan} Abstract. Software systems are becoming more open

Han, Jun


M.L. Lee, K.L. Tan, and V. Wuwongse (Eds.): DASFAA 2006, LNCS 3882, pp. 702 716, 2006. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2006  

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-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2006 Effective Keyword Search in XML Documents Based on MIU Jianjun Xu1, Jiaheng Lu2 structures of the data. This paper focuses on effective keyword search in XML documents which are modeled- word search and then propose to partition an XML document into XML frag- ments with the granularity

Lu, Jiaheng


C. Stephanidis (Ed.): Universal Access in HCI, Part III, HCII 2007, LNCS 4556, pp. 637646, 2007. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007  

E-print Network

& Interactive Systems, TU Wien - Austria 2 Department of Computer Science, Quaid-i-Azam University, IslamabadC. Stephanidis (Ed.): Universal Access in HCI, Part III, HCII 2007, LNCS 4556, pp. 637­646, 2007. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007 Providing Universal Accessibility Using Connecting Ontologies


Modeling the fate of organic micropollutants during river bank filtration (Berlin, Germany)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Emerging organic contaminants (EOCs) are frequently detected in urban surface water and the adjacent groundwater and are therefore an increasing problem for potable water quality. River bank filtration (RBF) is a beneficial pretreatment step to improve surface water quality for potable use. Removal is mainly caused by microbial degradation of micropollutants, while sorption retards the transport. The quantification of biodegradation and adsorption parameters for EOCs at field scale is still scarce. In this study, the fate and behavior of a range of organic compounds during RBF were investigated using a two dimensional numerical flow- and transport model. The data base used emanated from a project conducted in Berlin, Germany (NASRI: Natural and Artificial Systems for Recharge and Infiltration). Oxygen isotope signatures and hydraulic head data were used for model calibration. Afterwards, twelve organic micropollutants were simulated with a reactive transport model. Three compounds (primidone, EDTA, and AMDOPH) showed conservative behavior (no biodegradation or sorption). For the nine remaining compounds (1.5 NDSA, AOX, AOI, MTBE, carbamazepine, clindamycin, phenazone, diclofenac and sulfamethoxazole), degradation and/or sorption was observed. 1.5 NDSA and AOX were not sorbed, but slightly degraded with model results for ? = 2.25e- 3 1/d and 2.4e- 3 1/d. For AOI a ? = 0.0106 1/d and R = 1 were identified. MTBE could be characterized well assuming R = 1 and a low 1st order degradation rate constant (? = 0.0085 1/d). Carbamazepine degraded with a half life time of about 66 days after a threshold value of 0.2-0.3 ?g/L was exceeded and retarded slightly (R = 1.7). Breakthrough curves of clindamycin, phenazone, diclofenac and sulfamethoxazole could be fitted less well, probably due to the dependency of degradation on temperature and redox conditions, which are highly transient at the RBF site. Conditions range from oxic to anoxic (up to iron-reducing), with the oxic and denitrifying zones moving spatially back and forth over time.

Henzler, Aline F.; Greskowiak, Janek; Massmann, Gudrun



State of the art in paediatric heart transplantation: the Berlin experience.  


Enormous progress has been made in paediatric heart transplantation since the first unsuccessful effort by Kantrowitz in 1967. Early reports of children undergoing heart transplantation showed alarmingly high perioperative mortality rates of 25-60%, with the diagnosis of congenital heart disease (CHD) representing a particularly high-risk subset compared with cardiomyopathy. Many of these early failures were related to poor patient selection, suboptimal immunosuppression and technical problems. We learned a great deal from these earlier difficulties. Presently, with more refined techniques, better-defined patient selection criteria, excellent graft rejection monitoring and optimal immunosuppression, the ISHLT 2011 registry reported a 10-year survival rate of 60% for patients transplanted for end-stage CHD and >70% for those transplanted for cardiomyopathy. The technical dilemmas in complex CHD were overcome by surgical ingenuity and creativity, innovative solutions and careful surgical planning, adapting the complex recipient anatomy to the normal donor anatomy. The miniaturized Berlin Heart pulsatile ventricular assist devices in children as a bridge to transplantation have revolutionized treatment and become a significant contribution in heart-failure therapy. The intramyocardial electrogram and echocardiographic strain rate imaging have been employed as non-invasive techniques of rejection monitoring. Immunosuppressive drugs have a major impact on the development and progression of cardiac allograft vasculopathy, the main cause of cardiac allograft loss and a leading cause of mortality after the first year post-transplantation. The questions of whether a transplanted heart in a newborn grows to adult size along with the child and whether the dimensional cardiac growth allows adequate function over time have been largely answered in our previous investigations. As more transplanted children reach adulthood, concerns about their life expectancy when they have reached 10 years of life post-transplant are raised, particularly with respect to establishing partnerships and families, their ability to earn a living and the fulfilment of personal life perspectives. Some heart-transplanted patients require retransplantation to remain alive. The disparity between the demand for and supply of donor hearts makes retransplantation an ethical issue. We 'do not refuse' any patient who needs retransplantation. Mechanical circulatory support devices for long-term use are now largely available to accommodate such cases. PMID:23184909

Hetzer, Roland; Weng, Yuguo; Delmo Walter, Eva Maria



Effects of climate change on water demand and water availability for power plants - examples for the German capital Berlin  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Effects of climate change on water demand and water availability for power plants - examples for the German capital Berlin Stefan Vögelea, Hagen Kochb&c, Uwe Grünewaldb a Forschungszentrum Jülich, Institute of Energy Research - Systems Analysis and Technology Evaluation, D-52425 Jülich, Germany b Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus, Chair Hydrology and Water Resources Management, P.O. Box. 101 344, D-03013 Cottbus, Germany c Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Research Domain Climate Impacts and Vulnerabilities, P.O. Box 601203, D-14412 Potsdam, Germany Numerous power plants in Europe had to be throttled in the summer months of the years 2003 and 2006 due to water shortages and high water temperatures. Therefore, the effects of climate change on water availability and water temperature, and their effects on electric power generation in power plants have received much attention in the last years. The water demand of a power plant for cooling depends on the temperature of the surface waters from which the cooling water is withdrawn. Furthermore, air temperature and air humidity influence the water demand if a cooling tower is used. Beside climatic parameters, the demand for water depends on economic and technological factors as well as on the electricity demand and the socio-political framework. Since the different systems are connected with certain levels of uncertainty, scenarios of socio-economic development and climate change should be used in analyses of climate change on power plants and to identify adaptation measures. In this presentation the effects of global change, comprising technological, socio-economic and climate change, and adaptation options to water shortages for power plants in the German capital Berlin in the short- and long-term are analysed. The interconnection between power plants, i.e. water demand, and water resources management, i.e. water availability, is described in detail. By changing the cooling system of power plants from once-through system to closed circuit cooling systems and/or increasing their efficiency the vulnerability of power plants can be reduced considerably. So the electricity production becomes much more robust against effects of climate change and declining streamflows due to human activities in the basin under study. Notwithstanding of the adaptation options analysed for power plants in Berlin economic costs are expected due to declining streamflows and higher water temperatures.

Voegele, Stefan; Koch, Hagen; Grünewald, Uwe



Department of Computer and Information Science -University Konstanz -Institute for Libtary Sciencet -Humboldt-University Berlin 1Rainer Kuhlen Universal Access Wem gehrt das Wissen? 5.5.2001  

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Access ­ Wem gehört das Wissen? 5.5.2001 Institute of Library Science ­ Humboldt University BerlinRainer Kuhlen Universal Access ­ Wem gehört das Wissen? 5.5.2001 Institute of Library Science ­ Humboldt Access ­ Wem gehört das Wissen? 5.5.2001 Institute of Library Science ­ Humboldt University Berlin

Kuhlen, Rainer


TU Berlin, Kuratorium, Amtsperiode ab 1.10.2014 bis 30.9.2016 Stimmbezirk FAK 1 FAK 2 FAK 3 FAK 4 FAK 5 FAK 6 FAK 7 ZUV Gesamt Sitze StV-Nr.  

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9 1 Behrendt Frank 1 1 2 2 Ergebnis, 11.06.2014, 17:00 Uhr ! 1 1 #12;TU Berlin, Kuratorium Franz-Josef 1 1 1 3 H�nsch Robert 1 1 Ergebnis, 11.06.2014, 17:00 Uhr ! 2 2 #12;TU Berlin, Kuratorium.009 4.790 5.759 4.766 3.299 825 31.216 1 Abgegebene Stimmen 18 17 26 91 57 16 16 7 248 Wahlbeteiligung 0

Wichmann, Felix


["Euthanasia"--victims and test subjects. The fate of diseased, disabled children in Berlin during World War II].  


This article shows, through a study of the Berlin-Brandenburg region, that children and juveniles who were subjected to the killings of diseased and disabled, or mentally retarded, persons during the Third Reich did not only fall victim to the operations of the "Reichsausschuss" ("Reich Commission for Registration of Severe Disorders in Childhood"). Many were also included in the gas chamber killings of the "T4"-action and in various decentralized killing actions. Furthermore, the co-operation of various medical disciplines in the misuse of children for scientific research is demonstrated by looking into the research on a tuberculosis vaccine. It can be shown that the purpose of the killings was not the painless ending of individual suffering, but that they constituted a means of freeing the public from so-called "ballast existences", whose lives were only prolonged if they could be of scientific use. PMID:15497481

Beddies, Thomas; Schmiedebach, Heinz-Peter



Extraction of Urban Morphology Parameters from Generic European Datasets: A Case Study for Antwerp, Berlin and Almada  

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Climate change is driven by global processes such as the global ocean circulation and its variability over time leading to changing weather patterns on regional scales as well as changes in the severity and occurrence of extreme events such as heat waves. The response of urban societies to the evolving climate depends not only on their regional climate characteristics but also on other local factors such as the urban heat island effect. Simulation of this phenomenon with local urban climate models requires comprehensive information about the urban morphology. This study focusses on the extraction of the planar and frontal area indices from detailed 3D city models and their relationship with the European Soil Sealing Level database from the European Environment Agency. These parameters have been calculated on a 1km2 grid and compared with soil sealing values aggregated at the same spatial resolution. The optimal size of the grid is a trade-off between the level of detail and the robustness of the established relationships by reducing the scatter at small scales. Moreover, the transferability of the results to other geographical areas has been investigated. The analyses have been conducted in the framework of the NACLIM FP7 project funded by the European Commission and include the cities of Antwerp (BE), Berlin (DE) and Almada (PT) represented by different climate and urban characteristics. First results show a correlation of 70% between the planar area index and the averaged soil sealing using a linear regression model at a 1km scale. Moreover, a good correspondence has been found between the relationships for Antwerp and Berlin which is promising for urban climate modellers to reduce model complexity and analyse various climate scenarios in an effective way.

Stevens, Catherine; Thomas, Bart



Spatial and seasonal variations of biogenic tracer compounds in ambient PM 10 and PM 1 samples in Berlin, Germany  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

PM 10 and PM 1 aerosol samples were collected between February and October, 2010 at three sites in Berlin that were characterized by different vegetation influences. The aim of the study was to determine the spatial and seasonal variations of several, mainly biogenic secondary and primary tracers in an urban area. Selected tracers including isoprene and ?-pinene markers, fatty acids and levoglucosan were detected with GC-MS. The highest median concentrations, up to 45.1 ng m -3, were found for the combustion product levoglucosan. The concentration range of the secondary compounds was 0.3 ng m -3 for the isoprene markers 2-methyltetrols up to 35.7 ng m -3 for malic acid. The occurrence of these compounds was mainly affected by the seasons, which could be described by three patterns. Whereas secondary compounds were mainly characterized by significantly higher concentrations during the warmer months, levoglucosan showed significantly higher concentrations during the colder months. No significant concentration differences between the two periods were rather observed for the primary compounds but also for the ?-pinene degradation product pinonic acid. The secondary compounds and levoglucosan could be associated with the fine mode (particles with an aerodynamic diameter (AD) < 1 ?m), while primary compounds are rather associated with the coarse mode (AD > 1 ?m). Spatial variations were emphasized with a tendency toward higher concentrations for most compounds at sites that were influenced by vegetation, especially evident for the PM 10 fraction. Besides concentration differences, spatial variations could also be described by differences in seasonal behavior and the size distribution, indicating major complexity in the composition of biogenic PM within the city of Berlin.

Wagener, Sandra; Langner, Marcel; Hansen, Ute; Moriske, Heinz-Jörn; Endlicher, Wilfried R.



Rate of cardiac arrhythmias and silent brain lesions in experienced marathon runners: rationale, design and baseline data of the Berlin Beat of Running study  

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Background Regular exercise is beneficial for cardiovascular health but a recent meta-analysis indicated a relationship between extensive endurance sport and a higher risk of atrial fibrillation, an independent risk factor for stroke. However, data on the frequency of cardiac arrhythmias or (clinically silent) brain lesions during and after marathon running are missing. Methods/ Design In the prospective observational “Berlin Beat of Running” study experienced endurance athletes underwent clinical examination (CE), 3 Tesla brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), carotid ultrasound imaging (CUI) and serial blood sampling (BS) within 2-3?days prior (CE, MRI, CUI, BS), directly after (CE, BS) and within 2?days after (CE, MRI, BS) the 38th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2011. All participants wore a portable electrocardiogram (ECG)-recorder throughout the 4 to 5?days baseline study period. Participants with pathological MRI findings after the marathon, troponin elevations or detected cardiac arrhythmias will be asked to undergo cardiac MRI to rule out structural abnormalities. A follow-up is scheduled after one year. Results Here we report the baseline data of the enrolled 110 athletes aged 36-61?years. Their mean age was 48.8?±?6.0?years, 24.5% were female, 8.2% had hypertension and 2.7% had hyperlipidaemia. Participants have attended a mean of 7.5?±?6.6 marathon races within the last 5?years and a mean of 16?±?36 marathon races in total. Their weekly running distance prior to the 38th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON was 65?±?17?km. Finally, 108 (98.2%) Berlin Beat-Study participants successfully completed the 38th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2011. Discussion Findings from the “Berlin Beats of Running” study will help to balance the benefits and risks of extensive endurance sport. ECG-recording during the marathon might contribute to identify athletes at risk for cardiovascular events. MRI results will give new insights into the link between physical stress and brain damage. Trial registration NCT01428778 PMID:22938148



International Project on Technical and Vocational Education (UNEVOC). International Advisory Committee (First Session, Berlin, Germany, September 20-22, 1993). Final Report = Projet International pour l'Enseignement Technique et Professionnel (UNEVOC). Comite Consultatif International (Premiere Session, Berlin, Germany, 20-22 septembre 1993). Rapport Final.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The international advisory committee of the International Project on Technical and Vocational Education (UNEVOC) held its first session in Berlin in September 1993. The advisory committee's 10 members and observers from the United Nations' specialized, intergovernmental, and nongovernmental organizations discussed educational policy, links between…

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, Paris (France).


Acquired von Willebrand Syndrome in a Child Following Berlin Heart EXCOR Pediatric Ventricular Assist Device Implantation: Case Report and Concise Literature Review.  


The development of acquired von Willebrand syndrome (AVWS) after placement of a pulsatile-flow left ventricular assist device (LVAD) is rare and only recently recognized. We report the case of a young infant who was diagnosed with ventricular assist device (VAD)-related AVWS following implantation of a Berlin Heart EXCOR Pediatric Ventricular Assist Device (Berlin Heart Inc., The Woodlands, Texas, USA) for treatment of severe heart failure. Despite significant bleeding, the patient was successfully managed with von Willebrand factor-containing concentrate until VAD explantation led to definitive resolution of the AVWS. This case demonstrates that the possibility of this diagnosis should be considered in pediatric patients when extensive, nonsurgical bleeding is encountered after pulsatile-flow VAD implantation. PMID:25324261

Costello, John P; Diab, Yaser A; Philippe-Auguste, Michael; Jones, Melissa B; Shankar, Venkat; Friedman, Kenneth D; Nath, Dilip S



Reinventing gender in higher education : Conference report: 5th European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education, Berlin, Germany, 28-31 August 2007  

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Purpose – This article aims to address topical issues in the debate on gender (in)equality in higher education in Europe and beyond, and highlights future perspectives of research and practice. Design\\/methodology\\/approach – It is based on a conference report of the 5th European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education that was hosted by Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany, 28-31

Birgit Blättel-Mink



Prevention of homicidal violence in schools in Germany: the Berlin Leaking Project and the Networks Against School Shootings Project (NETWASS).  


Since 1999, Germany has experienced at least twelve serious cases of targeted school violence. This article describes two projects designed to fill the gap between universal prevention and emergency response in preventing severe forms of school violence in Germany. The Berlin Leaking Project examined the viability of preventive efforts based on early identification of leaking behavior that often precedes targeted school attacks. Leaking refers to any behavior or communication that indicates a student is preparing to carry out a violent attack. This would include explicit or implied threats of violence, apparent fascination with prior acts of violence such as Columbine, and any evidence of planning or preparation to carry out an attack. The NETWASS project will test a training program and intervention strategy based on those findings, examining the usefulness of a threat assessment approach to prevent violence by training teachers to recognize leaking behavior by students. This approach is extended by training teachers on a larger scale to identify leaking and then having a school-based team evaluate the student and initiate appropriate interventions, such as mental health services, and in some cases, law enforcement action. PMID:21491573

Leuschner, Vincenz; Bondü, Rebecca; Schroer-Hippel, Miriam; Panno, Jennifer; Neumetzler, Katharina; Fisch, Sarah; Scholl, Johanna; Scheithauer, Herbert



Public participation in post-Fordist urban green space governance: the case of community gardens in Berlin.  


This article examines citizen participation in the governance of contemporary urban green space. Rather than exploring normative questions of ideal forms of participatory democracy, it focuses on changing roles and relationships between local state and non-state actors in order to identify and explain the changing nature of participation. I argue that neoliberal urban restructuring has changed the conditions for participation and thus participation itself in fundamental ways and that we need an account of changes in statehood and governance in order to capture this conceptually. Based on the case of community gardens in Berlin, the article discusses the extent to which this changed relationship is expressed by current citizen participation as well as the potential and problems that result from it. My empirical results show the emergence of a new political acceptance of autonomously organized projects and active citizen participation in urban green space governance. The central argument of this article is that this new acceptance can be conceptualized as an expression of the neoliberalization of cities. Nevertheless, this neoliberal strategy at the same time leads to complex and contradictory outcomes and the resulting benefits are also acknowledged. PMID:20824946

Rosol, Marit



The galvanic treatment of deafness and the trials at the Berlin Royal Deaf-Mute Asylum in 1802.  


In 1802, the director of the Berlin Royal Deaf-Mute Asylum, Ernst Adolph Eschke, performed an experiment to investigate the possibility of curing deafness by means of galvanism. This article explores the hope for a cure for deafness that was connected to the voltaic pile, and concludes that the treatment was based on insufficient knowledge of the aetiology of deafness. Furthermore, it uncovers the competition between the medical and the pedagogic approach to deafness that resulted from the purported cure. Comparing the approaches of different directors of galvanic experiments, divergences in attitudes between the medical and pedagogic realms are revealed. This is explained with reference to the contrasting motives and experiences of educational and medical professionals: the former had reasons to resist a cure to protect their profession, whereas the latter hoped for a medical breakthrough. Since the former had personal and long-lasting relationships to deaf people, while the latter only had brief encounters with deaf patients, the physicians were also more prone to objectify their trial subjects. The report from Eschke's trials is presented as an early document of deaf reactions to attempts to restore their hearing, showing that resistance to medical interventions were prevalent among the deaf already in the early nineteenth century. PMID:23283242

Söderfeldt, Ylva



[The PhD program "Multimorbidity in Old Age and Selected Care Problems" Center for Human and Health Sciences of the Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin].  


The PhD Program concerns the care of multimorbid geriatric patients. It takes a multidisciplinary approach in combining different perspectives on delivering care to the elderly. Students have completed courses of studies such as nursing, social education, sociology, psychology, or public health. Likewise, doctoral projects are overseen by members of various disciplines including medicine. These disciplines are represented in the Center for Human and Health Sciences of the Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, where the PhD Program is located. The doctoral projects are grouped into three main topics--Care Problems and Interventions, Quality of Life and Self-Determination, and Care Structures and Quality. PMID:16189739

Kuhlmey, A; Brennecke, R; Naegler, D



[Pictures and documents from the journey of the count palatine Ottheinrich to Cracow and Berlin in 1536/37].  


Just in time for teh 500th anniversary of the count palatine and later elector Ottheinrich (1502-1558) in April 2002, it became known that to this Renaissance rule we owe the earliest pictures of towns and residences from Upper Bavaria, Franconia and the Upper Palatine, from Bohemia, Silesia, Poland, Brandenburg and Saxonia. These pictures are the first series of town views after the wood engravings of the Schedel World Chronicle of 1493. Fifty plates in the size of about 30 x 40-86 cm show seventy town views, of which before only the cities of Breslau, Neisse, Prag and Eichstätt were reproduced in the work of 1493. For centuries the genesis of these pen-and-ink-drawings, coloured with watercolour and opaque water colour and ornamented with heightened gold, lay in obscurity. We only knew that they came from the monastery of Ebrach to the university library of Wurzburg in the course of teh secularisation in the year 1803. Lately these pictures, that show no signatures, but only the names of towns in the banderoles, could be identified as picture documents of a rather unknown journey of the Count Palatine Ottheinrich to Cracow and Berlin. The reason for Ottheinrich's journey was to discharge the unpaid promissory note of the marriage portion of his grandmother, the Polish Princess Hedwig who had married George the Rich of Bavaria-Landshut in 1475. The examination of hte pictures and their genesis, made by Angelika Marsch together with ten German, Polish and Czech scientists, also led to the finding of hitherto unknown documents proving that Ottheinrich's ride to his great-uncle King Sigismund the Elder had been successful. These documents also show by whom Ottheinrich was accompanied and why he didn't choose the direct way back from Cracow to Neuburg, but via Berlin. These journey pictures of Ottheinrich date fom the early times of the depiction of real towns. At the same time the first handed down picture documentation of a principal journey is of great interest for different fields of cultural history. The pictures are of special interest for the depicted towns, since they show views of buildings elsewhere not handed down, e.g. the living tower of the "Piasten" in Oberglogau or the cathedral of suburbia of Liegnitz which was laid down four later because of the refortification of the town. The artist of the pictures could not be clearly traced down, but probably belonged to the circle around Albrecht Dürer. It is assumed that it was Mathias Gerung, who also illustrated the Bible for Ottheinrich and made sketches for tapestry carpets. The artist accompanying Ottheinrich can only have made sketches during the journey, which he converted later to our plates in the size of up to 76 cm in width. PMID:15637809

Marsch, Angelika



Influence of temporal baseline on the vertical absolute accuracies of TSX HS interferometric DSMs: Case Study on Berlin  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In recent years, interferometric sytnthetic aperture radar (InSAR) is one of the most preferred techniques to generate digital surface models (DSM) which are the three dimensional (3D) digital cartographic representations of earth surface including all terrain and non-terrain formations. Interferometric DSM generation using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery is not an easy process and the vertical absolute accuracy of the final product depends on various parameters. In this study, we aimed to demonstrate the influence of temporal baseline between SAR image-pairs on the vertical absolute accuracy of high resolution interferometric DSMs. The application was realized covering 20 km2 area in Berlin, Germany using 15 descending orbit high resolution spotlight (HS) TerraSAR-X (TSX) images. The suitable interferometric pairs were determined for DSM generation and two of them that have similar parameters except temporal baseline were selected regarding the purposes of the study. The master image was selected as same in the generation of both DSMs and the temporal baselines between this master image and slave images were 11 days (1 period) and 187 days (17 periods), respectively. TSX HS DSMs were generated with 2 m grid spacing and the vertical absolute accuracies were calculated based on the comparison with a reference DSM generated by radargrammetry. The analyses were realized for built-up and forest land classes separately. The results proved that longer temporal baseline has negative influence on the vertical absolute accuracies of TSX HS interferometric DSMs. The first DSM which has the shortest temporal baseline, possible for TSX sensing is better than the second one as approx. 1.5 m both for built-up and forest areas.

Sefercik, U. G.; Soergel, U.



Relationships and sexuality of imprisoned men in the German penal system--a survey of inmates in a Berlin prison.  


The lack of concrete scientific data on the sexual behavior of inmates in German prisons is surprising, especially given the extant international scholarship on prison culture and sexual violence. Historically, the most influential publications were Clemmer's "The Prison Community", and Sykes's "The Society of Captives", which both addressed the importance of sexual deprivation and analyzed the impact of sexual victimization on prisoners. Different forms of homosexual contact between inmates include prostitution and "protective pairing", both characterized as "dark" issues--nonconsensual sexual acts--which still have not been scientifically researched. The United States enacted the Prison Rape Elimination Act, 2003, revealing nationwide data on the prevalence of sexual assault within correctional facilities. Prison inmates suffer not only from separation from their spouses or partners, but also from sexual harassment, extortion, and the threat of rape, which has multiple implications for their mental and physical health. This article presents the first German study to record data about the relationships and sexuality of imprisoned men, and was conducted in an adult correctional facility for long-term prisoners in Berlin-Tegel. The survey, which is based on results from a questionnaire taken by voluntary study participants, had a special focus on the occurrence of consensual homoerotic contacts between heterosexual inmates. The emphasis was on the potential impact of such contact on role behavior during confinement, as well as the impact on sexual identity after release. The survey revealed the first data on the incidence and prevalence of sexual violence and coercion within correctional facilities. This article presents the results of this survey for the first time. PMID:22425293

Barth, Thomas



The non-invasive Berlin Brain-Computer Interface: fast acquisition of effective performance in untrained subjects.  


Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) systems establish a direct communication channel from the brain to an output device. These systems use brain signals recorded from the scalp, the surface of the cortex, or from inside the brain to enable users to control a variety of applications. BCI systems that bypass conventional motor output pathways of nerves and muscles can provide novel control options for paralyzed patients. One classical approach to establish EEG-based control is to set up a system that is controlled by a specific EEG feature which is known to be susceptible to conditioning and to let the subjects learn the voluntary control of that feature. In contrast, the Berlin Brain-Computer Interface (BBCI) uses well established motor competencies of its users and a machine learning approach to extract subject-specific patterns from high-dimensional features optimized for detecting the user's intent. Thus the long subject training is replaced by a short calibration measurement (20 min) and machine learning (1 min). We report results from a study in which 10 subjects, who had no or little experience with BCI feedback, controlled computer applications by voluntary imagination of limb movements: these intentions led to modulations of spontaneous brain activity specifically, somatotopically matched sensorimotor 7-30 Hz rhythms were diminished over pericentral cortices. The peak information transfer rate was above 35 bits per minute (bpm) for 3 subjects, above 23 bpm for two, and above 12 bpm for 3 subjects, while one subject could achieve no BCI control. Compared to other BCI systems which need longer subject training to achieve comparable results, we propose that the key to quick efficiency in the BBCI system is its flexibility due to complex but physiologically meaningful features and its adaptivity which respects the enormous inter-subject variability. PMID:17475513

Blankertz, Benjamin; Dornhege, Guido; Krauledat, Matthias; Müller, Klaus-Robert; Curio, Gabriel



Rocket Internet GmbH ( aims to successfully establish promising models in the area of internet. In our Berlin headquarter, a young and dynamic team designs and implements internet-based ideas  

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Rocket Internet GmbH ( aims to successfully establish promising models in the area of internet. In our Berlin headquarter, a young and dynamic team designs and implements internet. Some of our best-known internet projects are amongst others, eDarling, Groupon, TopTarif and Zalando

Rostock, Universität


8. Ueta, M. et al. in Excitonic Processes in Solids Ch. 3 (Springer, Berlin, 1986). 9. Itoh, T. & Suzuki, T. Excitonic polariton-polariton resonance scattering via excitonic molecules in  

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8. Ueta, M. et al. in Excitonic Processes in Solids Ch. 3 (Springer, Berlin, 1986). 9. Itoh, T. Soc. Jpn 45, 1939­1948 (1978). 10. Ho¨nerlage, B. et al. The dispersion of excitons, polaritons pairs from the optical decay of biexcitons. Solid State Commun. 111, 495­500 (1999). 13. Shimano, R

Haile, Sossina M.


Changing Configurations of Adult Education in Transitional Times. Conference Proceedings of the Triennial European Research Conference of the European Society for Research on the Education of Adults (ESREA) (7th, Berlin, Germany, September 4-7, 2013)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This book assembles over 50 papers from the 7th Triennial European Research Conference of the European Society for Research on the Education of Adults (ESREA), which was held from the 4th to the 7th of September 2013 at Humboldt-University in Berlin. The title of the conference was "Changing Configurations of Adult Education in Transitional…

Käpplinger, Bernd, Ed.; Lichte, Nina, Ed.; Haberzeth, Erik, Ed.; Kulmus, Claudia, Ed.



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Berlin,Technische Universität


Wild coffee production in Ethiopia: the role of coffee certification for forest conservation 1 Introduction This is the html version of the file  

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is a central element of the Ethiopian culture. Furthermore, coffee is Ethiopia's most important export cropWild coffee production in Ethiopia: the role of coffee certification for forest conservation 1 Introduction This is the html version of the file


Distribution of bollworm, Helicoverpa zea (Boddie), injured reproductive structures on genetically engineered Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki Berliner cotton.  


Bollworm, Helicoverpa zea (Boddie), larvae are commonly observed feeding in genetically engineered Bollgard cotton. Although no information is currently available characterizing the levels of injury bollworms cause, aproximately 25% of the Bollgard acreage in the United States receives at least one insecticide application annually targeting bollworm populations. Studies were conducted to determine the levels of fruiting form injury that can occur from bollworm larvae feeding on white flowers of two types of genetically engineered cotton. The two types of genetically engineered cotton included the original Bollgard that produces one protein (Cry1Ac) from Bacillus thuringiensis variety kurstaki Berliner and Bollgard II that produces two proteins (Cry1Ac + Cry2Ab) from B. thuringiensis kurstaki. In one study, individual larvae (24 +/- 6 h old) were placed in first position white flowers of Deltapine 5415 (non-Bollgard) and Deltapine NuCOTN 33B (Bollgard). Larval infestations were made on 50 plants for each of 5 d during 2000 and 2001. Each plant was visually examined at 3 d and every 2 d thereafter, until larvae were no longer recovered. Larvae injured a total of 46.6 fruiting forms per 50 plants on non-Bollgard cotton, compared with only 18.9 fruiting forms per 50 plants on Bollgard cotton. Mean larval injury per insect was 4.3 fruiting forms on non-Bollgard cotton compared with 2.7 fruiting forms on Bollgard cotton. In a second study, individual larvae (24 +/- 6 h old) were placed in first position white flowers of Deltapine 50 (non-Bollgard), Deltapine 50B (Bollgard), and an experimental Bollgard II line. Larval infestations were made on 10 plants per day for each of six consecutive days during 2001. Larvae injured a total of 25.0 fruiting forms per 10 plants on non-Bollgard, 11.5 on Bollgard, and 6.4 on Bollgard II cottons. Mean larval injury per insect was 6.6 fruiting forms on non-Bollgard, 3.5 on Bollgard, and 0.8 on Bollgard II cottons. These data indicate that supplemental insecticide applications may be necessary to prevent yield losses on Bollgard cotton. In contrast, injury to Bollgard II cotton was minimal and may not require additional insecticide applications for bollworms. PMID:12852607

Gore, J; Leonard, B R; Gable, R H



Chemical effects in 11-year solar cycle simulations with the Freie Universität Berlin Climate Middle Atmosphere Model with online chemistry (FUB-CMAM-CHEM)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The impact of 11-year solar cycle variations on stratospheric ozone (O3) is studied with the Freie Universität Berlin Climate Middle Atmosphere Model with interactive chemistry (FUB-CMAM-CHEM). To consider the effect of variations in charged particle precipitation we included an idealized NOx source in the upper mesosphere representing relativistic electron precipitation (REP). Our results suggest that the NOx source by particles and its transport from the mesosphere to the stratosphere in the polar vortex are important for the solar signal in stratospheric O3. We find a positive dipole O3 signal in the annual mean, peaking at 40-45 km at high latitudes and a negative O3 signal in the tropical lower stratosphere. This is similar to observations, but enhanced due to the idealized NOx source and at a lower altitude compared to the observed minimum. Our results imply that this negative O3 signal arises partly via chemical effects.

Langematz, Ulrike; Grenfell, J. Lee; Matthes, Katja; Mieth, Peter; Kunze, Markus; Steil, Benedikt; Brühl, Christoph




SciTech Connect

We report on photometric observations of the CoRoT LRc2 field with the new robotic Berlin Exoplanet Search Telescope II (BEST II). The telescope system was installed and commissioned at the Observatorio Cerro Armazones, Chile, in 2007. BEST II is a small aperture telescope with a wide field of view dedicated to the characterization of the stellar variability primarily in CoRoT target fields with high stellar densities. The CoRoT stellar field LRc2 was observed with BEST II up to 20 nights in 2007 July and August. From the acquired data containing about 100,000 stars, 426 new periodic variable stars were identified and 90% of them are located within the CoRoT exoplanetary CCD segments and may be of further interest for CoRoT additional science programs.

Kabath, P.; Fruth, T.; Rauer, H.; Erikson, A.; Csizmadia, Sz.; Eigmueller, P.; Pasternacki, T.; Titz, R. [Institut fuer Planetenforschung, Deutsches Zentrum fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt, 12489 Berlin (Germany); Murphy, M. G. [Depto. Fisica, Universidad Catolica del Norte, P.O. Box 1280, Antofagasta (Chile); Chini, R.; Lemke, R. [Astronomisches Institut, Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum, 44780 Bochum (Germany)], E-mail:



Monbijouplatz 11 10178 Berlin  

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, Slowakei, Tadschikistan, Tschechien, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Ungarn, Usbekistan, WeiÃ?russland Studentenwerk Ausnahme von Armenien, Aserbaidschan, Kasachstan, Kirgisistan, Tadschikistan, Turkmenistan und Usbekistan

Reyle, Uwe


S. Richter, A. Schwedt (Eds.): EMC 2008, Vol. 2: Materials Science, pp. 165166, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-540-85226-1_83, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2008  

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of a carbon layer cap above the nano-particle which then grows into a nanotube. In CVD typically, one tube.1007/978-3-540-85226-1_83, © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2008 Time resolved in-situ TEM observations of Carbon Nanotube growth JPZ, UK 2. Arizona State University, USA Keywords: environmental TEM, carbon nanotube

Dunin-Borkowski, Rafal E.


On the Integration of Target Costing and Process Costing into the Berlin Balanced Scorecard Approach, as Illustrated by Development and Design Projects in the Car and Mechanical Engineering Industry  

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\\u000a The purpose of this contribution is to expand on the Berlin Balance Scorecard approach to incorporate target costing and process\\u000a costing as well. Using these two tools, specific measures applicable to the development and design departments of a car manufacturer\\u000a which permit better control of an innovation project will be developed. The approach will be substantiated from the customer-\\u000a and

Wilhelm Schmeisser; Sebastian Bertram


PCDDs\\/PCDFs, PCBs, and Organochlorine Pesticides in Eggs of Eurasian Sparrowhawks ( Accipiter nisus ), Hobbies ( Falco subbuteo ), and Northern Goshawks ( Accipiter gentilis ) Collected in the Area of Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany  

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Concentrations of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDDs), polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDFs), polychlorinated biphenyls\\u000a (PCBs), and organochlorine (OC) pesticides were measured in unsuccessfully hatched eggs of three different kinds of predatory\\u000a birds: 3 eggs of sparrowhawks, 7 eggs of hobbies, and 16 eggs of goshawks collected in the German region of Berlin-Brandenburg.Using\\u000a toxic equivalency factors for birds, eggs of hobbies contained mean concentrations of

T. Wiesmüller; P. Sömmer; M. Volland; B. Schlatterer



What is the message of a meeting? Analysis and comparison of the 2458 abstracts of the EANM\\/WCNMB congress in Berlin and the SNM meeting in Toronto in 1998  

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.   The abstracts of the joint congress of EANM\\/ WCNMB in Berlin 1998 and of the 45th Annual Meeting of the Society of Nuclear\\u000a Medicine in Toronto 1998 have been analysed and compared in terms of comprehensibility, composition, questions at issue, methods,\\u000a patient\\/subject number, type of conclusion and duplication of information between the meetings. All 1362 and 1096 abstracts,\\u000a respectively,

Hans Jacobsson; Per Grybäck; Stig A. Larsson



Motor Activity of Different-Aged Cercopithecidae: Silvered-Leaf Monkey (Presbytis cristatus Esch.), Lion-Tailed Monkey (Macaca silenus L.), Moor Macaque (Macaca maura Cuv.) as Observed in the Zoological Garden, Berlin (West)  

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The activity of different-aged monkeys belonging to three species of Cercopithecidae was quantitatively analyzed in a 1 ½-year study. The species, silvered-leaf monkey (Presbytis cristatus Esch.), lion-tailed monkey (Macaca silenus L.) and moor macaque (Macaca maura Cuv.) were observed in the Zoological Garden, Berlin (West). The data of a combined cross-sectional analysis across all three species indicate that the course

B. Jänicke; D. Coper; U.-A. Jänicke



Differences in the Incidence of Gestational Diabetes between Women of Turkish and German Origin: An Analysis of Health Insurance Data From a Statutory Health Insurance in Berlin, Germany (AOK), 2005-2007  

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Background: Gestational diabetes increases the risk of maternal and infant complications and long-term health effects. A study of differences in the incidence of gestational diabetes between women of Turkish and German origin can identify high risk groups and may indicate the need for culturally sensitive diabetes information and treatment during pregnancy. Method: We analysed all pregnancy related health insurance data from the AOK Berlin (a statutory health insurance in Berlin) based on data from 2005 to 2007, using a name algorithm to identify cases with Turkish migrant background. A group of German women insured with the AOK Berlin served as a comparison group. Results: After exclusion of miscarriages and multiple births the data set comprised 3338 pregnancies in total. The incidence of gestational diabetes was significantly higher in women of Turkish origin with 183 per 1000 pregnancies than in German women (138 per 1000 pregnancies). Regression analyses showed that women of Turkish origin with obesity were at the highest risk of gestational diabetes (OR?=?2.67; 95?% confidence interval 1.97–3.60). Conclusion: Obesity is an important factor in explaining the higher incidence of gestational diabetes in women of Turkish origin, especially among young Turkish women. These findings should stimulate discussion as to whether or not information about risk factors such as diabetes within the scope of prenatal care adequately addresses the needs of migrant women. Further research is needed to identify potential differences in undetected and primarily in insufficiently treated gestational diabetes between Turkish and German women.

Reeske, A.; Zeeb, H.; Razum, O.; Spallek, J.



Harmonization of description and classification of fetal observations: achievements and problems still unresolved: report of the 7th Workshop on the Terminology in Developmental Toxicology Berlin, 4-6 May 2011.  


This article summarizes the 7th Workshop on the Terminology in Developmental Toxicology held in Berlin, May 4-6, 2011. The series of Berlin Workshops has been mainly concerned with the harmonization of terminology and classification of fetal anomalies in developmental toxicity studies. The main topics of the 7th Workshop were knowledge on the fate of anomalies after birth, use of Version 2 terminology for maternal-fetal observations and non-routinely used species, reclassification of "grey zone" anomalies and categorization of fetal observations for human health risk assessment. The paucity of data on health consequences of the postnatal permanence of fetal anomalies is relevant and further studies are needed. The Version 2 terminology is an important step forward and the terms listed in this glossary are considered also to be appropriate for most observations in non-routinely used species. Continuation of the Berlin Workshops was recommended. Topics suggested for the next Workshop were grouping of fetal observations for reporting and statistical analysis. PMID:22781580

Solecki, Roland; Barbellion, Stephane; Bergmann, Brigitte; Bürgin, Heinrich; Buschmann, Jochen; Clark, Ruth; Comotto, Laura; Fuchs, Antje; Faqi, Ali Said; Gerspach, Ralph; Grote, Konstanze; Hakansson, Helen; Heinrich, Verena; Heinrich-Hirsch, Barbara; Hofmann, Thomas; Hübel, Ulrich; Inazaki, Thelma Helena; Khalil, Samia; Knudsen, Thomas B; Kudicke, Sabine; Lingk, Wolfgang; Makris, Susan; Müller, Simone; Paumgartten, Francisco; Pfeil, Rudolf; Rama, Elkiane Macedo; Schneider, Steffen; Shiota, Kohei; Tamborini, Eva; Tegelenbosch, Mariska; Ulbrich, Beate; van Duijnhoven, E A J; Wise, David; Chahoud, Ibrahim



Strukturbildung und Selbstorganisation weit weg vom Gleichgewicht  

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- scherweise ausbildet, wenn man zunächst flüssige Seife zwischen die Platten pre�t und anschlie�end (z.B. mit der Injektion von gefärbtem Wasser in flüssige Seife entstehen. Auffallend ist die strukturelle* )"#$'"5".C* -("* "$* ,"($%("4$-"($"* /("* ;#2&'24"* 27D-"($".E*A7#*F"2

Heermann, Dieter W.


Catecholamine im Hypothalamus vom Goldfisch ( Carassius auratus )  

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The hypothalamus of Carassius auratus was investigated by means of the method for fluorescence-microscopical detection of catechol- and tryptamines. The hypothalamus was found to contain two hitherto unknown nuclei with specific catecholamine-fluorescence. They are situated in the pars posterior of the lobus medius hypothalami and are termed nucleus recesaus lateralis and nucleus recessus posterions. The unmyelinated axons of these nuclei

H. G. Baumgarten; H. Braak



Genetic and diet effects on Ppar-? and Ppar-? signaling pathways in the Berlin Fat Mouse Inbred line with genetic predisposition for obesity  

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Background The Berlin Fat Mouse Inbred (BFMI) line is a new mouse model for obesity, which was long-term selected for high fatness. Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPARs) are involved in the control of energy homeostasis, nutrient metabolism and cell proliferation. Here, we studied the expression patterns of the different Ppar genes and the genes in the PPAR pathway in the BFMI line in comparison to physiological changes. Results At the age of 10 weeks, the BFMI mice exhibited marked obesity with enlarged adipocytes and high serum triglycerides concentrations in comparison to the often used mouse line C57BL/6 (B6). Between these two lines, gene expression analyses revealed differentially expressed genes belonging to the PPAR pathway, in particular genes of the lipogenesis and the fatty acid transport. Conclusion Surprisingly, the Ppar-? gene expression was up-regulated in liver and Ppar-? gene expression was down-regulated in the white adipose tissue, indicating the activation of a mechanism that counteracts the rise of obesity. PMID:20831792



Landscape history and man-induced landscape changes in the young morainic area of the North European Plain — a case study from the Bäke Valley, Berlin  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Bäke creek valley is part of the young morainic area in Berlin. Its origin is related to meltwater flow and dead-ice persistence resulting in a valley with a lake-creek system. During the Late Glacial, the slopes of the valley were affected by solifluction. A Holocene brown soil developed in this material, whereas parts of the lakes were filled with limnic-telmatic sediments. The excavation site at Goerzallee revealed Bronze Age and Iron Age burial places at the upper part of the slope, as well as a fireplace further downslope, but the slope itself remained stable. Only German settlements in the 12th and 13th centuries changed the processes in the creek-lake system: the construction of water mills created a retention system with higher ground water levels in the surrounding areas. On the other hand, deforestation on the till plain and on the slope triggered erosion. Therefore, in medieval time interfingering organic sediments and sand layers were deposited in the lower part of the slope on top of the Holocene soil. The new soil which formed on top of these sediments was transformed by ploughing until the 19th century. In 1905/06 the lower part of the slope was reshaped by the construction of the Teltow Canal, following the valley of the former Bäke creek. Finally, the whole area was levelled by infill after World War II.

Böse, Margot; Brande, Arthur



["With all measures...". Appeal proceedings and political specialty disputes about orthopedics at the Berlin University and the Charité during the time of the Kaiser Empire, the Weimar Republic and national socialism].  


In 1934 the NSDAP University-Commission forced the president of the German Society of Surgery and the chairman of the German Orthopaedic Society to sign a reconciliation agreement. First of all, orthopaedists and surgeons were ordered to refrain from attacking each other in public. In the future, in the event of any complaints, they were to address the 'Reichsärzteführung' at the Ministry of the Interior. On the basis of papers and documents from the archives of the medical faculty, the East German Ministry for State Security and the former Berlin Document Centre, this article describes the history of the emerging medical specialty orthopaedics at the University of Berlin and the Charité hospital. It covers a period from 1890 through 1945 and focuses on the varying relations between political authorities, medical associations and the faculty. The main attention is given to ethical and economic disputes and to the way in which professors for orthopaedics were appointed. The two pioneers of orthopaedic surgery, Julius Wolff and Albert Hoffa had to overcome less resistance than their successors Georg Joachimsthal and Hermann Gocht. Gocht's fate changed, when the NSDAP took Power. As a protégé of the regime he represented the medical faculty during the period of political cleansing. In 1937 the appointment of the orthopaedist Lothar Kreuz as a full member of the medical faculty was no longer a university matter anymore. His appointment was negotiated entirely within the organisations of the NSDAP. Politically approved, Kreuz served as dean of the medical faculty and later was to be the last rector of the University of Berlin. For the first time, this article documents the connections between Kreuz, the paramilitary squadron of the party SS, and key political figures. PMID:23155755

Philipp, Osten



Characterization of the extent of Mercury Contamination in the Androscoggin River from a former Chlor-alkali Facility, Berlin, New Hampshire  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

From the late 1800s to the 1960s a chlor-alkali plant was used to produce chlorine gas for the papermaking industry in Berlin, New Hampshire. During operation of the chlor-alkali facility, elemental mercury (Hg) was released to the environment, contaminating soils and the underlying fractured rock. Investigations have revealed that elemental Hg continues to seep through bedrock fractures into the adjacent Androscoggin River. This study evaluates the extent and transformation of Hg contamination in the Androscoggin River by comparing a reference site 17 kilometers above the former chlor-alkali facility to 5 sites ranging from 1 to 16 km downstream from the facility. Total and methyl Hg (THg and MeHg, respectively), among other analytes, were characterized in surface water, pore water, sediment and biological tissue samples at each site. Bed sediment was also assessed for bio-available (tin-reducible) inorganic Hg (II) and microbial MeHg production potential rates. Acid extractable ferrous iron, crystalline and amorphous (poorly crystalline) ferric iron, total reduced sulfur, particle size, and organic content in bed sediment was analyzed to help explain spatial differences in MeHg production rates and bio-available Hg (II) among sites. The information provided by this study will help evaluate the extent of Hg contamination in the Androscoggin River, will improve our understanding of the controls on MeHg production in the Androscoggin River system, and will be used by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to support remediation of the chlor-alkali facility site.

Chalmers, A.; Marvin-Dipasquale, M. C.; Rosiu, C.; Luce, D.; Coles, J.; Zimmerman, M.; Smith, T.



The Prescription of the Morning-After Pill in a Berlin Emergency Department Over a Four-Year Period - User Profiles and Reasons for Use  

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Questions: There are no current health care studies from Germany regarding the “morning-after pill”. This paper will use routine data to analyse details regarding the users? profiles, reasons for using it and the utilisation of hospital outpatient facilities. Patient Collective and Methods: Retrospective analysis of all triage sheets in the emergency department of the Virchow Hospital Campus/Charité University Hospital, Berlin, over a four-year period from 2007 to 2010 that were coded with the ICD diagnosis Z30 (= contraception advice) and statistical processing of the associated administrative data. Results: 860 triage sheets were included in the analysis. The emergency department is used most frequently for the prescription of the “morning-after pill” at the weekend. The average age of the users was 25.1 years. The most common reason cited for needing emergency contraception was unprotected sexual intercourse, with the second-most common being “condom failure”. Around half of the women attended the department within 12 hours of having unprotected sex. Less than 2?% (n?=?14) of all women decided against a prescription of emergency contraceptive after counselling. Conclusions: The user profile and reasons for using emergency oral contraception correlate largely with the information contained in international literature. Although the “morning-after pill” is probably prescribed mainly in general practices in Germany, and despite the availability of new drugs with a permitted post-exposure interval of up to 120 hours after unprotected sex, there appears to still be a high demand for counselling and prescriptions of the “morning-after pill” in the context of the emergency department.

David, M.; Radke, A.-M.; Pietzner, K.



Use of by-products rich in carbon and nitrogen as a nutrient source to produce Bacillus thuringiensis (Berliner)-based biopesticide.  


The amount and sources of carbon and nitrogen used to produce Bacillus thuringiensis (Berliner)-based biopesticide may influence the quality of the final product. The objective of this research was to test different levels of carbon and nitrogen: medium 1 - 1.5% maize glucose + 0.5% soy flour, medium 2 - 3.0% maize glucose + 1.0% soy flour, medium 3 - 1.0% maize glucose + 3.0% soy flour and medium 4 - Luria Bertani (LB) + salts (FeSO4, ZnSO4, MnSO4, MgSO4). The seed culture was produced in LB medium plus salt, under agitation (200 rpm) for 18h at 30 masculineC. The strain 344 of Bt was used (B. thuringiensis var tolworthi - belonging to the Embrapa's Bt Bank). The pH was measured at regular intervals. and After culturing for 96h, the pH of the four tested media was basified (6.91 and 8.15), the number of spores yielded 4.39 x 10(9) spores/ml in medium 3, where the amount of protein is high. The dry biomass weight accumulated in media 3 was 39.3 g/l. Mortality of 2-day-old larvae Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith) was 100% when using Bt produced in media 3 and 4. CL50 for medium 3 was 8.4 x 10(6) spores/ml. All tested media were satisfactory to Bt growth, and medium 3 wass the most promising to be used on a large scale Bt-based biopesticide production. PMID:19169559

Valicente, Fernando H; Mourão, André H C



Geophysical bed sediment characterization of the Androscoggin River from the former Chlor-Alkali Facility Superfund Site, Berlin, New Hampshire, to the state border with Maine, August 2009  

USGS Publications Warehouse

The former Chlor-Alkali Facility in Berlin, New Hampshire, was listed on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency National Priorities List in 2005 as a Superfund site. The Chlor-Alkali Facility lies on the east bank of the Androscoggin River. Elemental mercury currently discharges from that bank into the Androscoggin River. The nature, extent, and the speciation of mercury and the production of methyl mercury contamination in the adjacent Androscoggin River is the subject of continuing investigations. The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with Region I of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, used geophysical methods to determine the distribution, thickness, and physical properties of sediments in the Androscoggin River channel at a small area of an upstream reference reach and downstream from the site to the New Hampshire–Maine State border. Separate reaches of the Androscoggin River in the study area were surveyed with surface geophysical methods including ground-penetrating radar and step-frequency electromagnetics. Results were processed to assess sediment characteristics including grain size, electrical conductivity, and pore-water specific conductance. Specific conductance measured during surface- and pore-water sampling was used to help interpret the results of the geophysical surveys. The electrical resistivity of sediment samples was measured in the laboratory with intact pore water for comparison with survey results. In some instances, anthropogenic features and land uses, such as roads and power lines affected the detection of riverbed properties using geophysical methods; when this occurred, the data were removed. Through combining results, detailed riverbed sediment characterizations were made. Results from ground-penetrating radar surveys were used to image and measure the depth to the riverbed, depth to buried riverbeds, riverbed thickness and to interpret material-type variations in terms of relative grain size. Fifty two percent of the riverbed in the study area was covered with gravel and finer sediments. The electrically resistive river water and sediment in this study area were conducive to the penetration of the ground-penetrating radar and step-frequency electromagnetic signals and allowed for effective sediment characterization by geophysical methods. The reach between the former Chlor-Alkali Facility and the Riverside Dam, had small areas of fine sediment (estimated 11 percent of riverbed area), found on the upstream left bank and the downstream right bank, with an electromagnetic conductivity (31.4 millisiemens per meter (mS/m) maximum) that was higher than the upstream reference reach. The greatest electromagnetic conductivity (195 mS/m), pore-water specific conductance (324 mS/m) and lab measured sediment conductivity of (76.8 mS/m, measured with a direct-current resistivity test box) in the study were measured approximately 1 mile (mi) downstream of the site from a sandbar on the left bank. Reaches adjacent to and within 2 mi downstream from the site had elevated electromagnetic conductivity despite having lower estimated percentages of riverbed area covered in sediment (11, 25, and 61 percent, respectively) than the reference reach (97). Typically finer grained sediment with similar mineralogy will be more conductive. The Shelburne Reservoir is approximately 8 mi downstream from the site had the second greatest pore-water specific conductance measured, 45.8 mS/m. Many of the locations with the largest step-frequency electromagnetic values have not been sampled for pore water and sediment.

Degnan, James R.; Teeple, Andrew P.; Johnston, Craig M.; Marvin-DiPasquale, Mark C.; Luce, Darryl



BQCD - Berlin quantum chromodynamics program  

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We publish BQCD as free software under the GNU General Public License. BQCD is a Hybrid Monte-Carlo program that simulates lattice QCD with dynamical Wilson fermions. It is one of the main production programs of the QCDSF collaboration. The program can simulate 2 and 2 + 1 fermion flavours with pure, clover improved, and stout smeared fat link Wilson fermions as well as standard plaquette, and an improved (rectangle) gauge action. The single flavour is simulated with the Rational Hybrid Monte-Carlo algorithm.

Yoshifumi Nakamura; Hinnerk Stüben



Technische Universitt Berlin Postanschrift: TU Berlin . Sekr.MS 2 . Einsteinufer 5 . D-10587 Berlin  

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of a bimaterial compound consist- ing of a functionally graded material (FGM) and a homogeneous one:15 Uhr einen Vortrag zum Thema: Crack ­ Interface Crack Interactions in Functionally Graded are continuous functions of the thickness coordinate and have exponential form. The uncoupled, quasistatic

Berlin,Technische Universität


Derivation of urban objects and their attributes for large-scale urban areas based on very high resolution UltraCam true orthophotos and nDSM: a case study Berlin, Germany  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The development of automatic extraction methods for urban building and vegetation objects and the realization on a large urban data set have been accomplished within the project `Derivation of Building- and Vegetation Heights and Structures in Berlin'. This project was executed on behalf of the Senate Department for Urban Development and Environment of the City of Berlin. As input an UltraCamX dataset consisting of the true ortho mosaic with four spectral channels and the normalized digital surface model (nDSM) with 30 cm resolution were used. The size of the area adds up to about 450 km2. For the delineation of roof tiles additional slope and aspect layers were created. The workflow was developed in eCognition for automatic extraction of elevated urban objects and their height structures. Additionally we used focal statistics in ArcGIS to extend the workflow for the extraction of single tree crowns, since detailed information about the correct position and number of urban trees is relevant and completes the urban geo database. In this way a unique, complete and extensive workflow for an automatic urban objects extraction arises. Within the project methods for robust extraction of buildings with roof tiles as well as vegetation were applied. Greened roofs are automatically extracted and assigned to the class buildings. Furthermore building tiles which are located under trees are extracted by the intersection with the cadastral building data. For the transferability of the complete rule set a multi-layered workflow consisting of automated data import and export, iterating segmentation methods and fuzzy classification as well as object reshaping was developed and applied. The methods are transferable and effectively operate on large data sets. As results complete layers with building and vegetation shapes including single tree tops and crown outlines with comprehensive attributes like height and area are derived. The accuracies are in the range of 85% (trees) to 95 % (buildings). The shapes primarily serve as input for a complex urban-specific climate model, which also takes the morphology of hinterlands into account. In addition this data can be used as a basis for a variety of urban planning tasks e.g. for modeling of noise pollution, estimation of urban structure types, for town- or green space planning. They are a suitable basis for supplementing and upgrading of the official cadastral database, even though certain restrictions concerning the accuracies exist. Furthermore the object shapes are suitable for visualization tasks.

Poznanska, Anna Maria; Bayer, Steven; Bucher, Tilman



Bericht vom VII. Kongress der Westafrikanischen Ophthalmologischen Gesellschaft (SOAO)  

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\\u000a Summary  The 7th meeting of the West African Ophthalmic Society SOAO (Société Ouest Africaine d'Ophtalmologie) took place in Ouagadougou,\\u000a capital of Burkina Faso in 2007, November 5th–8th. Glaucoma was topic of 1 day of the meeting. About 40 lectures were held, basics and state-of-the-art in glaucoma management\\u000a as well as free topics on glaucoma diagnostics and treatment – which showed the

K. Rigal; S. Rehbichler; J. Sanou



Ausgabe Nr. 03/2014 vom 23. April 2014  

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of Understanding on Academic and Research Cooperation between Universidad de Costa Rica (Costa Rica) and Osnabrück) and the Universidad de Costa Rica (Costa Rica) 371 Student Exchange Program Agreement between the Conference

Steinhoff, Heinz-Jürgen


Nr. 60 / 10 vom 26. Oktober 2010 Fakultt fr Kulturwissenschaften  

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Histoire Histoire contemporaine 2 UEC Communiquer et négocier avec les entreprises 3 UEL 2 UEO = Unité d générale et communication UEL = Unité d'enseignement libre #12;- 4 - Semestre 3 (étudiants allemands Lettres au choix 3 3 UEC UEL 2 Semestre 4 (étudiants français) Intitulé de l'UEO Matières ou modules

Hellebrand, Sybille


Ausschreibung vom 15.02.2012 Institut fr Werkzeugmaschinen und  

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der Abschlussarbeit umfassen: Motivation In the research project ,,Industrial Product company with a production line that is partly automated at least. The main topics are volume and development of a concept for data storage, processing and visualization. Analysis

Berlin,Technische Universität


PCDDs/PCDFs, PCBs, and organochlorine pesticides in eggs of Eurasian sparrowhawks (Accipiter nisus), hobbies (Falco subbuteo), and northern goshawks (Accipiter gentilis) collected in the area of Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany.  


Concentrations of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDDs), polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDFs), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and organochlorine (OC) pesticides were measured in unsuccessfully hatched eggs of three different kinds of predatory birds: 3 eggs of sparrowhawks, 7 eggs of hobbies, and 16 eggs of goshawks collected in the German region of Berlin-Brandenburg. Using toxic equivalency factors for birds, eggs of hobbies contained mean concentrations of 478 pg TEQ/g fat and 551 pg TEQ/g fat contributed by PCDD/Fs and coplanar PCBs, respectively. For sparrowhawks the respective TCDD equivalents were 424 and 1278 pg/g fat; those for goshawks were 211 and 935 pg/g fat. The mean value of the summed concentrations of the PCB congeners 28, 52, 101, 138, 153, and 180 amounted to 11 microg/g fat in eggs of hobbies, 9.5 microg/g fat for sparrowhawks, and 16.1 microg/g fat for goshawks. Of the analyzed organochlorine pesticides the concentration of p,p'-DDE was highest (up to 273 microg/g); the concentration of the other OCs, with the exception of methoxychlor in eggs of goshawks (highest level of 10.6 microg/g fat), were negligible. In all cases the calculated toxicity of the coplanar PCBs surpassed the toxicity of the PCDD/Fs, at least by a factor of two. Due to the higher concentration of the coplanar PCB 77 compared to PCB 126 in eggs of hobbies, it is concluded that its metabolic excretion in this species is much lower than in sparrowhawks and goshawks. PMID:11994791

Wiesmüller, T; Sömmer, P; Volland, M; Schlatterer, B



Is aging a disease? A review of the Serono Symposia Workshop held under the auspices of the 3rd World Congress on the Aging Male. February 9, 2002, Berlin, Germany.  


On February 9, 2002, Serono Symposia sponsored a workshop at The 3rd World Congress on The Aging Male that was held in Berlin, Germany at the Hotel Inter-Continental. The title of the workshop 'Is aging a disease?', was intended to convey recent interest in the subject of aging as a clinically relevant entity and to discuss causes and approaches to its management. The Workshop was co-chaired by Drs Viktor Büber and Richard F. Walker. Speakers included Drs George R. Merriam, Heinrich M. Schulte, Felice Strollo and Richard F. Walker. Topics were arranged to proceed from a general overview of fundamental aspects of the aging process and their clinical consequences to specific aspects of the diagnosis and treatment of age-related disorders that could be associated with neuroendocrine dysfunction. F. Strollo initiated the series of lectures by reviewing some of the biological theories of aging and suggesting that maladaptive changes within the central nervous and endocrine systems play a major role in contributing to the cascade of events defined as senescence. R. Walker expanded upon this background by differentiating aging and disease. He suggested that while the process of aging is not a disease, it is directly responsible for the development of functional decrements causal of the intrinsic disease, frailty and general morbidity that occur in direct relation to advancing chronological age. From this generalized approach of linking age and disease, G. Merriam discussed a specific example in which age-related decrements in neuroendocrine dysfunction could contribute, at least in part, to senescent changes in body composition and physiological function. Specifically, he provided evidence that the gradual decline in growth hormone (GH) and testosterone secretion during aging is accompanied by anatomical and functional changes resembling pathogenic hormone deficiency. He went on to discuss possible interventions into this process, specifically showing data to support the view that a combination of GH secretagogues and sex hormones may be of value in sustaining health and vitality in the elderly. As an extension of this discussion, H. M. Schulte compared and contrasted age changes in sex hormone secretion between genders, and also stressed that the diagnosis and management of endocrine changes during life has become a serious challenge to those physicians intending to intervene in the aging process. Because the relationship of reduced hormone secretion to disease in the elderly is presently unclear, the Workshop concluded on a note of caution that guidelines for the replacement of endocrine substances as a prophylactic approach to aging have yet to be defined. PMID:12471776

Walker, R F



On Nearly Parallel G2-Structures Th. Friedrich (Berlin), I. Kath (Berlin), A. Moroianu (Paris), U. Semmelmann (Berlin)  

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and Geometrical G2-Reductions. 6 4 Nearly Parallel G2-Structures, Killing Spinors and Contact Geometry. 11 5 New Riemannian manifold is equivalent to a spin structure with a Killing spinor. We prove general results about. Keywords - G2-structure, Sasakian manifold, Killing spinor. 1 Introduction A nearly parallel G2-structure

Semmelmann, Uwe


On Nearly Parallel G 2 Structures Th. Friedrich (Berlin), I. Kath (Berlin), A. Moroianu (Paris), U. Semmelmann (Berlin)  

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and Geometrical G 2 ­Reductions. 7 4 Nearly Parallel G 2 ­Structures, Killing Spinors and Contact Geometry. 12 5 ­structure on a 7­dimensional Riemannian manifold is equivalent to a spin structure with a Killing spinor. We nearly parallel G 2 ­structures. Keywords ­ G 2 ­structure, Sasakian manifold, Killing spinor. 1

Friedrich, Thomas


Bicycle Safety Helmet Usage In Berlin 1999  

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#12;Qualitative Literature Review · outcome: head injury · target population: children · epidemiologic: head injury · target population: children · epidemiologic measure: RR (helmet usage) · year: 93 popular in the big cities in Europe and USA · 1/3 of all bicycle accidents involve head injuries · 3

Boehning, Dankmar


Freie Universitat Berlin Institut fur Mathematik  

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the molecule can typically exchange heat with its surroundings, energy is not conserved, which means that classical Hamiltonian dynamics is not a suitable dynamical model. Instead, the exchange of heat is usually, often called "noise". A typical example is the simulation of molecules (molecular dynamics, MD


Takustrae 7 D-14195 Berlin-Dahlem  

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in the year 1872. It all starts with Phileas Fogg's bet that one can do the trip in at most 80 days. To prove his claim and win the bet, he sets out for his journey. Fogg makes use of the most advanced long range

Borndörfer, Ralf


Takustrae 7 D14195 BerlinDahlem  

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system development, and traffic network extension. Technical progress continues but seems to have reached Fogg's bet that one can do the trip in at most 80 days. To prove his claim and win the bet, he sets out technology (``faster'') and traffic network extensions (``more''). The starting point for the development

Borndörfer, Ralf


Technische Universitat Berlin Institut fur Mathematik  

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that arises from the sublimation growth of semiconductor single crystals by the physical vapor transport (PVT) method. Possible semiconductor materials, produced with this method, are silicon carbide (SiC, the powder sublimates and crystallizes at a single-crystalline seed located at the cooled top of the cavity

Nabben, Reinhard


Technische Universitat Berlin Institut fur Mathematik  

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that arises from the sublimation growth of semiconductor single crystals by the physical vapor transport (PVT) method. Possible semiconductor materials, produced with this method, are silicon carbide (SiC, the powder sublimates and crystallizes at a single­crystalline seed located at the cooled top of the cavity

Nabben, Reinhard


111Technische Universitt Berlin Ec '{ r~ I >  

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program (Regelstudienzeit). A Bachelor's degree is not awarded at this point in time. 2 #12;Upon on Cooperation Concerning the Exchange of Students Aiming for a Double Degree from Ecole Nationale Superieure de offer some of their best students the opportunity to join a Double Degree Programme and graduate both

Wichmann, Felix


Thomas Steinke Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB)  

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.88 A -N--H ... O-- 3.04 A -N--H ... N-- 3.10 A binding energy: BE ~ -2 ... -13 kcal/mol water: -13 Water: An Unique Solute unique physical and chemical properties: vapour pressure, boiling temperature, evaporation enthalpie electrical conductor structural network #12;14 pH Dependent Protonation

Spang, Rainer


Telecommunication Networks Group Technische Universitt Berlin  

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: Subcarrier gains are stable for a certain time span (coherence time) Access point can assume knowledge FDM subcarrier allocation/assignment to multi-media traffic? #12;TKN Telecommunication Networks Group8 subcarriers based on weighted lengths of queues The size of important packets is given a larger weight than

Wichmann, Felix


Berlin,Berlin,Berlin,Berlin, 23232323.... Mrz 20Mrz 20Mrz 20Mrz 2012121212 Donnerstag, 22.03.2012  

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, body temperature, or blood pressure measurements this talk will discuss challenges for technology Instruments Deutschland GmbH, Freising Invited Talk Starting from applications scenarios like blood sugar optimization, low power design, analog performance and software configurability of the integrated circuits

Wichmann, Felix


Takustrae 7 D-14195 Berlin-Dahlem  

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, EMILIE DANNA5 , GERALD GAMRATH, AMBROS M. GLEIXNER, STEFAN HEINZ , ANDREA LODI6 , HANS MITTELMANN7 , TED · Ambros M. Gleixner · Stefan Heinz · Andrea Lodi · Hans Mittelmann · Ted Ralphs · Domenico Salvagnin, E-mail: Ted Ralphs Lehigh University, E-mail: Domenico Salvagnin

Ralphs, Ted



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of your group and others to keep alive the memory of those who perished in that dark night, and to remind und Dr. Margarete Kahn Das Stolpersteinprojekt von Gunter Demnig· Informationen (· MATHEON, Terror

Mielke, Alexander


Technische Universitat Berlin Institut fur Mathematik  

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with a volume of fluid (VOF) method as a starting point to simulate Np N different pedestrian species. Let P = {1, . . . , Np} be the set of indices of pedestrian groups, then the VOF method keeps track. A standard VOF method uses the velocity computed by (1) with = iP ii, µ = iP µii and changes every i

Nabben, Reinhard


Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum fr Informationstechnik Berlin  

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computer models of individual anatomy 3D geometry models of human anatomy are becoming increasingly of individual anatomy from medical image data: Segmentation and geometry processing #12;Prepared for submission reconstruction of individual anatomy from medical image data: Segmentation and geometry processing Stefan Zachow

Andrzejak, Artur


Erich Mendelsohn : from Berlin to Jerusalem  

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This paper examines the creative persona of Erich Mendelsohn's seemingly incompatible bodies of architecture in Europe, Palestine and the U.S. The limits of existing formal analysis to explain his architectural shifts were ...

Nitzan-Shiftan, Alona



Ausgabe 1 vom 10.09.2008 Compendium on Structure-Borne Sound  

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-spring-damper system can be considered. By applying Newton's second law to the freely vibrating system, the governing phenomenologically. The first step, accordingly, is to classify the concept vibration from different aspects. One

Berlin,Technische Universität


Warum Web 2.0? Oder: Was vom Web 2.0 wirklich bleiben wird  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Dieser Beitrag diskutiert die Entwicklungsgeschichte und den Facettenreichtum eines Begriffes, der gleichsam für technologische Innovation, soziale Modernisierung und eine schlaue Marketingstrategie steht. Es zeigt sich, dass die Verortung des Phänomens Web 2.0, gerade aufgrund der Polemik und Polarisierung, die der Begriff hervorgerufen hat, schwieriger ist, als man vermuten mag. Doch eines ist gewiss: Seit das Web 2.0 in unser Bewusstsein gelangt ist, ist das Internet wieder in".

Bettel, Sonja


Ultrastrukturelle veränderungen der Carapaxfelder von Argulus foliaceus L. in abhängigkeit vom ionengehalt des lebensraums (Crustacea, Branchiura)  

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Argulus foliaceus was put into water containing different amounts of sodium chloride. Various concentrations caused changes in the ultrastructure of the fields of the carapace. Very crude structural changes occured, when Argulus was put without any adaptation into distilled water or into a solution of 1% sodium chloride. When the animals were allowed to adapt slowly up to a final

Winfried Haase



Über das Gewicht des Os baculum vom Waschbären ( Procyon lotor L. 1758) in Westdeutschland  

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Die Gewichte der Penisknochen von 67 Waschbären aus Nordhessen und Ostwestfalen werden zur Einstufung in Altersklassen herangezogen und betragen für Juvenile von Mai bis März\\/April 0,1039–1,2767 g, für Subadulte 1,3239–2,4822 g und für Adulte 2,5223–4,5176 g. Die Zuordnung wird durch Einzelwerte für die Altersschätzung nach der Pulpahöhle der Eckzähne gestützt.

Walburga Lutz



Der Gehalt an freien Kohlenhydraten in Rinde und Kern von Rinderlinsen in Abhängigkeit vom Alter  

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The determination of the products of the sorbitol pathway and of inositol in the equator and nucleus of bovine lenses of different ages, performed by gaschromatographic analyses, is described. Independent of age, the proportion of glucose, sorbitol, and fructose is higher in the equatorial part than in the nucleus.

R. M. Ismail; K.-J. Otto



Ländliche Entwicklungspolitik ab 2014. Eine Bewertung der Verordnungsvorschläge der Europäischen Kommission vom Oktober 2011  

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Zusammenfassung: Im Oktober 2011 hat die Europäische Kommission ihre Legislativvorschläge für die Gemeinsame Agrarpolitik (GAP) und die Strukturpolitik für die Finanzperiode 2014 bis 2020 veröffentlicht. Der vorliegende Arbeitsbericht gibt einen Überblick über die relevanten Verordnungsentwürfe und eine erste Einschätzung zu den Auswirkungen auf die ländlichen Entwicklungsprogramme 2014 bis 2020 in Deutschland. Die Verordnungsentwürfe zeigen eine stärkere Orientierung der Förderpolitiken an

Regina Grajewski



Ländliche Entwicklungspolitik ab 2014: Eine Bewertung der Verordnungsvorschläge der Europäischen Kommission vom Oktober 2011  

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Im Oktober 2011 hat die Europäische Kommission ihre Legislativvorschläge für die Gemeinsame Agrarpolitik (GAP) und die Strukturpolitik für die Finanzperiode 2014 bis 2020 veröffentlicht. Der vorliegende Arbeitsbericht gibt einen Überblick über die relevanten Verordnungsentwürfe und eine erste Einschätzung zu den Auswirkungen auf die ländlichen Entwicklungsprogramme 2014 bis 2020 in Deutschland. Die Verordnungsentwürfe zeigen eine stärkere Orientierung der Förderpolitiken an der

Regina Grajewski



Qualitätszentrierte Softwareentwicklung in wissenschaftlichen Arbeitsgruppen Auf dem Weg vom Prototypen zum Produkt  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Neue Bildverarbeitungsmethoden werden häufig hauptsächlich für Publikationszwecke entwickelt. DieWeiterentwicklung bis zur Verwendbarkeit für klinische Anwender erfordert zusätzlichen Aufwand und wird daher oft nicht weiter verfolgt. In dieser Arbeit wurden mehrere Bildanalyseverfahren unserer Abteilung konsequent zu einem stabilen und benutzbaren Softwareprodukt weiter entwickelt, so dass es für den Einsatz bei klinischen Partnern und als Demonstrationssoftware auf Messen verwendbar ist. Wir beschreiben das Vorgehen bei der Weiterentwicklung, welche Erfahrungen gemacht wurden und welcher zusätzliche Aufwand damit verbunden ist.

Maleike, D.; Neuhaus, J.; Heimann, T.; Nolden, M.; Poxleitner, J.; Schöbinger, M.; Schwarz, T.; Seitel, M.; Wegner, I.; Wolber, P.; Meinzer, H.-P.; Wolf, I.


Die Unabhängigkeit des morphologischen Farbwechsels vom physiologischen Farbwechsel bei der Entstehung des Hochzeitskleides des männlichen Bitterlings  

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Die Zahl der Erythrophoren beim männlichen Bitterling läßt sich durch Hodenextrakte, Hypophysenvorderlappen- und Hypophysenhinterlappenextrakte vermehren und durch Adrenalin vermindern, in allen Fällen ohne Veränderung ihres Expansionsgrades. Diese Befunde zeigen, daß der morphologische Farbwechsel direkt durch Hormone bedingt ist und nicht eine Folge des physiologischen ist.

Gertraut Brantker



adfa, p. 1, 2011. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011  

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posts ("tweets") in the U.S. With the introduction of cell phones and mobile social networking sites, re]. Besides cell phones and bank notes, human mobility data exists on many different social networking sites to generate synthetic cell phone records and show they can accurately model mobility inside urban areas [5

Krumm, John


A Derecho in Europe: Berlin, 10 July 2002  

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Abstract The European windstorm,that affected parts of Germany on 10 July 2002 is classified as a derecho. With respect to the synoptic situation, it was identified as a dynamic or strongly? forced derecho. Examining different observational data, this case shows many similiarities to those investigated in the United States, giving evidence that derechos do occur in Europe as well: A

Christoph Gatzen



Future perfect : reintegrating housing and production in the Berlin Block/  

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The beginning of the 21st century has been marked by an apparently ubiquitous state of crisis, which transcends national boundaries and is reshaping global relationships. Financial meltdowns, the lack of affordable housing, ...

Wuttig, Mark Oliver



adfa, p. 1, 2011. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011  

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, but was articulated most fully in computer pioneer Allan Turing's famous "Turing test" [Turing, 1950] in which a human is which. A computer program that passes the Turing test is considered to be intelligent. Early programs

Rus, Vasile


The Idea of Moral Progress: Bush versus Posner versus Berlin  

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bymoving from the abstract to the concrete, by suggesting that the aims of “identity politics” are in tension with the Socratic educational ideals of the academy, and by contesting two particular, popular, and politically charged claims about how moral progress can be, or has already been, achieved in two areas of life. I will begin, however, with a few other

Richard A. Shweder


adfa, p. 1, 2011. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011  

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of smart appliances: smart-phones, smart homes, smart-cars and so on... More and more intelligence is given). A huge quantity of applications exist today, mobile phones, smart homes, smart cars, and a lot (Schwarz, 2006), military applications (Park, 2002), home automation (Augusto, 2007), disman- tling

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


ALLIANCE FOR EXCELLENCE Berlin / Bremen / Cologne / Hamburg / Munich / Muenster / Osnabrueck  

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IN GERMANY For more information please visit Marc Sehrt Director UAS7 Liaison Office New York 871 United Nations Plaza New York, NY 10017 Phone +1 212 758 3369 Fax +1 212 758 1629 Email info@uas7 German consortium of seven universities of applied sciences (UAS7), in cooperation with the German

New Mexico, University of


adfa, p. 1, 2011. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011  

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can make their problems worse. In contrast, this paper describes the Icebreaker T-shirt, designed-sensitive screen while also making contact with latter. 1.1 Icebreaker T-shirt Designed to be worn in real-world social events, Icebreaker T-shirt is aimed at making social contact easier by leveraging online social

Purver, Matthew


Double Degree Master Program in Engineering Science Technische Universitt Berlin  

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1 Double Degree Master Program in Engineering Science Agreement between Technische Universität ­ hereinafter referred to as "THU" ­ establish herewith a Double Degree Master Program in Engineering Science with specialization in "Precision Instruments and Mechanology" at the THU and (b) Master of Science in "Engineering

Berlin,Technische Universität


Trends and outcomes in heart transplantation: the Berlin experience.  


Heart transplantation is an established procedure with acceptable, predictable long-term results and good quality of life for more than 20 years. However, it is only available for a limited number of patients. The fate of the patients is determined by the side effects of immunosuppressive drugs, increased tumor incidence and chronic vascular transplant disease. Patients living 10 to 20 years after heart transplantation show physical status equal to that of patients with various chronic illnesses. They suffer from chronic side effects of long-term medication and mainly report fears of renal insufficiency followed by osteoporosis-associated pain, cortisone-induced myopathy and risk for tumors. Only moderate psychological impairment is reported despite somatic problems. In the period 10-20 years post-heart transplantation, there is even a surprising increase in emotional well-being. The 20-year survivors are active and satisfied with daily life. They experience their own life as meaningful and have good partner, family and social relations. Heart transplantation, the most ambitious project in medicine in the 20th century has been made a reality. Its development has the strongest impact on cardiac surgery, immunology, pharmacology, medical logistics, defining life and death, ethics in medicine, acceptance of medical progress by the public and by health care systems. It has  provided a strong  solidarity among politicians, sociologists, physicians and citizens. Ethical concerns will last and will make heart transplantation an important, yet temporary episode in human medicine. It has stimulated research and development of mechanical circulatory support systems as an alternative to treat end-stage heart failure. PMID:23888228

Hetzer, R; Delmo Walter, E M



adfa, p. 1, 2011. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011  

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technologies are designed and marketed for speakers of mainstream dialects, many children are at a disadvantage the relationship between culture and learning that will impact educational technology design. 1 Introduction-ratified perspectives on how to speak, even though all children do not share the same cultural perspectives implied

Cassell, Justine


adfa, p. 1, 2011. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011  

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cognitive performance of agents. These include the decision making modules of cognitive architectures, e.g. Soar and ACT-R [9, 10], stand-alone BDI-based lan- guages, e.g. GOAL [11], and reactive planners such as POSH [12]. It has been demonstrated that some of these systems, e.g. Soar [9], POSH [13], GOAL [11

Brom, Cyril


adfa, p. 1, 2011. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011  

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, Russia is one such city. With a large sprawling river system and a central island surrounded by water Research University ITMO, St. Petersburg, Russia 2 University of Amsterdam is evaluated through a series of experiments, modeling the flooding of an area in St. Petersburg, Russia

Amsterdam, Universiteit van


Technische Universitt Berlin Fakultt IV Elektrotechnik und Informatik  

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schreiben > durch Programmierer > zur Laufzeit > manuelles type casting #12;Internetanwendungstechnik (Ã?bung synchronous Callbacks: Methode, die mit dem Ergebnis aufgerufen wird anderer Thread SII: AMI Callbacks DII Ereignisse, die sofort weitergeleitet werden Queue oder Puffer Bsp.: SMTP + POP3 Event channel als aktiver

Wichmann, Felix


adfa, p. 1, 2011. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011  

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and Humanoids Francesco Nori Robotics, Brain and Cognitive Science Department Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia in compliant actuation and touch sensing allow safe and robust physi- cal interaction from unexpected contact. For historical reasons, these studies have assumed a fixed-base as cur- rent industrial applications do

Boyer, Edmond


Diffractive focusing optics design at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

X-ray laser facilities are being constructed all over the world: Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) in California, RIKEN X-Ray Free-Electron Laser at SPring-8 in Japan, European XFEL in Germany etc. XFEL is the next-generation (4th) light source. However, the number of such experimental facilities (SRS and FEL) is quite limited. At the same time, relatively small vacuum ultraviolet laboratories with impulse sources [High Harmonic Generators (HHG)] allow one conduct in-house research. This makes the research community directly involved in experiments with time resolution much wider. The latest radiation sources and modern physical experiments require application of the newest diffractive elements. Such diffractive elements are required for implementation of experiments with time resolution using synchrotron radiation sources or high harmonics generators. For example, valence state evolution or molecules dissociation in time-resolved investigation. Modern experiments like this might require implementation of time resolution in femto - (10-15) and even atto- (10-18) seconds.

Firsov, Alexander; Brzhezinskaya, Maria; Firsov, Anatoly; Svintsov, Alexander; Erko, Alexei



adfa, p. 1, 2011. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011  

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. While behavioral studies have been carried out on relations between two entities, both static in each approach, both formalisms make the same eight basic distinctions for topological relations hold. Formally capturing spatial semantics is a challenging and still largely unsolved research endeavor

Klippel, Alexander


Clarity without rigidity : urban performance landscape in Berlin  

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"What is necessary, is an incomplete design; a design that has clarity without rigidity; one that could be called 'open' as against 'shut'. This is the essence of theatrical thinking: a true theater designer will think of ...

Danziger, Jason Aaron, 1970-



Sethu Vijayakumar (University of Edinburgh) Marc Toussaint (FU Berlin)  

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T = = M m mmA ( ) = ++= M m mtmm Vr1 1 )(^ xb t u t uxx T ),(minarg)( = ( )= -= M m mmmmQJ 1 2T ),(),( 2 1 (LSPIf with fixed policy) Estimate{ } KkTt k t k t :1,:0 , == ux with aD andivwith ef Model-based Model

Edinburgh, University of


Technische Universitt Berlin Institut fr Land-und Seeverkehr  

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was based on a RANSE-simulation with the program OpenFOAM. The program WAMIT, which is based on a panel verwendet. Die untersuchten numerischen Methoden waren ein RANSE-Verfahren mit dem Pro- gramm OpenFOAM zur

Berlin,Technische Universität


Research Report 2009 Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Berlin  

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Department of Vertebrate Genomics (Hans Lehrach) . . . . . . . . . . 33 Molecular Embryology) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 104 Human Chromosome 21 (M.-L. Yaspo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 113 Department of Human Molecular Genetics (H.-Hilger Ropers) . . . 137 Signal Transduction in Pain

Spang, Rainer


Research Report 2012 Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Berlin  

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/Associated Research Groups Molecular Embryology and Aging Group (J. Adjaye) 79 Comparative and Functional Genomics about the whole Department 105 #12;4 The Max Plank Institute for Molecular Genetics Department of Human

Spang, Rainer


adfa, p. 1, 2011. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011  

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- Functionality Interfaces Henry Lieberman and Christopher Fry Media Laboratory Massachusetts and companies continually try to improve their products. The most successful, like Photoshop or Microsoft Excel, with a few dozen operations. Adobe's "high-functionality" Photoshop (right) has thousands of operations. #12

Lieberman, Henry


adfa, p. 1, 2011. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011  

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applied at ORNL's Jaguar Michael K Patterson1,5 , Stephen W Poole2,5 , Chung-Hsing Hsu2,5 , Don Maxwell2, Intel Corporation, Dupont, Washington, USA 2 Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Knowles, David William


adfa, p. 1, 2011. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011  

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as students interact with MetaTutor, an ITS that scaffolds self-regulated learning. Using data from 47 college modeling, eye-tracking, self-regulated learning 1 Introduction Student modeling is known to be a difficult interactions with MetaTutor, a multi-agent ITS that scaffolds self-regulated learning (SRL) while students

Conati, Cristina



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.842.9023 #12;VOTEDONEOFTHEWORLD'S BESTCRUISELINES Church of Spilled Blood St. Petersburg, Russia V1 JUNE20­JULY of Tallinn's Old Town. Continue to fabled St. Petersburg and spend a few days exploring this imperial city

Raina, Ramesh


PhD Positions HU Berlin, TU Berlin, Charit and HPI Potsdam together organize the PhD school  

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, medical-informatics, or a related area, - the intention to achieve a doctorate language. Of benefit is knowledge of service-oriented architectures, medical informatics PhD students and 11 advisers from informatics and medical informatics from four

Freytag, Johann-Christoph


Technische Universitt Berlin Telefax: +49 (0) 30 314-21133; E-Mail:  

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(DFIG)". I'm looking about Master or Bachelor student to work with me, so they will be under my Motor) to the DFIG with all measuring devices (voltage, current, torque, speed) containing the couplings

Wichmann, Felix


[Urologists meet in Berlin. Martin Stolze (1900-1989) and the urologist convention in 1959 in East and West Berlin].  


Scientific meetings are a major part of policy in science and within the scientific community and furthermore they have a major influence on medical and lay communities. Prominent examples for this are the presidential networks and the opening speeches in which the function of science within the society is presented in a special manner. The last joint meeting of the German Society for Urology (DGU) in East and West Germany was instrumentalized by the rivalry of the two systems during the Cold War but was also a brilliant presentation of the newly established German Urology after World War II and its scientific force. PMID:24026062

Moll, F H; Halling, T; Fangerau, H



Atomic structure and optical anisotropy of IIIV,,001... surfaces Institut fur Festkorperphysik, Technische Universitat Berlin, Hardenbergstrae 36, 10623 Berlin, Germany  

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As, have a fingerprint character for the various surface reconstructions. Here we present RAS spectra with a theoretical analysis based on ab initio density functional theory in local-density approximation calculations techniques are more and more advancing into this field. On the one hand, the improvement of numerical methods

Schmidt, Wolf Gero


Die Einwirkung der Seifen für sich und in Verbindung mit Phenol auf die Bakterien vom chemischen Standpunkt aus betrachtet  

Microsoft Academic Search

Zusammenfassung Die Desinfektionswirkung der von mir geprüften grünen und weißen Schmierseifen schwankte in gewissen Grenzen. Weder die chemische Analyse hinsichtlich des Alkaligehaltes, noch die chemisch-physikalische Untersuchung (Leitfähigkeit), noch die Feststellung der Fettsäuren durch die Hüblsche Jodzahl erklären diese Schwankungen.

C. Rasp



Plasma instabilities in meteor trails: 2-D simulation studies Meers M. Oppenheim, Lars P. Dyrud, and Axel F. vom Endt  

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Plasma instabilities in meteor trails: 2-D simulation studies Meers M. Oppenheim, Lars P. Dyrud indicate the presence of plasma turbulence within meteor trails. This paper presents two-dimensional simulations of meteor trail instabilities and compares these results with theory and observations

Oppenheim, Meers


Vom 1. Juli bis 31. Dezember 2011 absolvierte Maija Ozola aus Lettland, vermittelt durch AIESEC, ein Praktikum in der AFO.  

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them in their vocational training to become traders of office communication or clerks: They usually her vocational training here on October 4th, 2011. Jennifer Iking: "AFO was the first station during my vocational trai- ning at WWU. As an interface between science and industry, AFO is a very

Hinrichs, Klaus


Beschlsse des Senats in der Amtsperiode vom 1.10.98 30.9.2000 (ab 54. Senatssitzung)  

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Alexander Engels/Phil. Fak. I N.N. Gr. MTV: Gabriele Grabsch/ZEIK Ulf Lepszy/Sicherheitswesen Vorsitzende. II Gr. Stud.: Alexander Engels/Phil. Fak. I N.N. N.N. N.N. Gr. MTV: Dr. Wolfgang Götze/Dez.2 Dr

Potsdam, Universität


Beschlsse des Senats in der Amtsperiode vom 1.10.96 30.9.98 (37.-53. Senatssitzung)  

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(WiSo Fak.) Gr. MTV: Gabriele Grabsch (ZEIK III) Helga Krieger (Dez.5) FNK Mitglieder: Stellvertreter.: Kay Engelhardt (WiSo Fak.) N.N. #12;2 Ulf Rosner (WiSo Fak.) N.N. Gr. MTV: Klaus Fellenberg (ZEIK I) N. MTV: Iris Kurth (Universitätsbibliothek) N.N. - die Direktorin der Universitätsbibliothek, die sich

Potsdam, Universität


Das Bild des Endoplasmatischen Reticulums von Planaria alpina in Abhängigkeit vom p H-Wert des Fixierungsmittels (I)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Zusammenfassung Eine Besprechung der vorliegenden Literatur über die Abhängigkeit des Bildes der Zellstrukturen von der verwendeten Fixierungsmethode ergab, daß der Anteil einzelner Faktoren sehr unterschiedlich bewertet wird. So wird dempH-Wert des Fixierungsmediums von Sjöstrand und seiner Schule nur ein geringer Einfluß zugeschrieben, von Palade und P. Sitte dagegen ein wesentlicher. FürPlanaria alpina Dana konnte nun eine Änderung des ER in

Jfirg Klima



Coleoid cephalopods through time (Warnke K., Keupp H., Boletzky S. v., eds) Berliner Palobiol. Abh. 03 261-266 Berlin 2003  

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of the Cretaceous period, the majority of coleoid cephalopods had calcified shells. The fossil record of these basal, the Octopoda are known from just two complete specimens, one Jurassic and one from the Cretaceous (Engeser

Wood, James B.


Ethology 79, 143-157 (1988) 0 1988 Paul Parey Scientific Publishers, Berlin and Hamburg  

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for triggering synchronised flight in social units. Two ultimate and two proximate factors that affect this threshold were uncovered. They are: 1)Maintaining proximity to partners -flight was delayed by birds and energetic states and would therefore benefit more from a flock situation. In goose flocks an individual

Black, Jeff


Muon g -2 Theory Fred Jegerlehner, DESY Zeuthen/Humboldt University Berlin  

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, Paphos, Cyprus , 28 Oct. - 2 Nov., 2013 1 #12;Introduction Particle with spin s magnetic moment µ RESEARCH CONFERENCE ON "ELECTROMAGNETIC INTERACTIONS WITH NUCLEONS AND NUCLEI" 28 October - 2 November Oct. - 2 Nov., 2013 2 #12;Larmor precession of beam of spin particles in a homogeneous magnetic field

Röder, Beate


This article was downloaded by: [FU Berlin] On: 14 June 2013, At: 03:59  

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, Christiane P. Koch b & Robert Moszynski a a Faculty of Chemistry , University of Warsaw , Warsaw , Poland b this article: Michal Tomza , Wojciech Skomorowski , Monika Musial , Rosario González-Férez , Christiane P. Koch & Robert Moszynski (2013): Interatomic potentials, electric properties and spectroscopy of the ground

Koch, Christiane


Comparison of LIMS temperatures and geostrophic winds with Berlin radiosonde temperature and wind measurements  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The temperature and the derived winds obtained from the LIMS Map Archival Tape data for the period of October 25, 1978, to May 28, 1979, were compared with corresponding data from the Berin (Tempelhof) radiosonde station at several representative levels in the stratosphere, to assess the quality of the LIMS satellite data for use in dynamics and transport studies. It was found, on the basis of this single-station time series comparison, that the synoptically mapped LIMS temperature and wind analyses are of a sufficiently high quality for investigating large-scale dynamics in the stratosphere in conjunction with high-resolution radiosonde measurements.

Grose, W. L.; Miles, T.; Labitzke, K.; Pantzke, E.




Microsoft Academic Search

Inner-city public space has gained a central role in the process of neo-liberal urban restructuring. The profit-orientated revalorization of selected urban spaces is flanked by campaigns for cleanliness and order. Police forces focus their activities on marginalized groups, organizing themselves into “operations” or “special task forces” against homeless people, punks, (foreign) youths and drug addicts. Some of them are working




Ubungen zur Vorlesung Algorithmische Bioinformatik Freie Universitat Berlin, WS 2006/07  

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. clustal beim EGFR). In dieser Aufgabe wollen wir ein multiples Alignment mit verschiedenen Programmen Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) im Mensch, in der Maus, im Huhn und in der Fliege herunter. Die Sequenzidentifier f¨ur diese vier Sequenzen sind EGFR HUMAN, EGFR MOUSE, EGFR CHICK, und EGFR DROME. Die Sequenz

Spang, Rainer


Univ. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang H. MLLER 07.05.2012 Technische Universitt Berlin  

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, Clarus Consulting, LLC Charlotte, NC USA Abstract: As industrial plant components age, the need strength, creep strength, fracture toughness, etc., specify test specimens of a size so large that test

Berlin,Technische Universität


A "Science across Europe" Link between Schools in London and Berlin.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Describes a project in which students exchange research and information about renewable energy. Describes exchange visits including conferences and field trips to relevant places of interest. Reveals that great Britain lags behind Germany in the use of renewable resources. (DDR)

Newson, Trevor



Eur. J. For. Path. 20 (1990) 405-411 @ 1990 Verlag Paul Parey, Hamburg und Berlin  

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lost increased with age, with the greatest losses being recorded on good quality sites. 1 Introduction countries (PUNITHALINGA.YJ and WATERSTO~ 1970; PETERSON 1978; GIBSON 1979; BROWN et al. 1981; VAN DAM and DE with forest managers as well as foresters' reports served as supplementary information. The study area


Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Utz von Wagner Technische Universitt Berlin  

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structures a self-excited vibration called chatter may be observed as of a great importance. In fact) software. A mechatronic approach towards vibration surveillance during milling of flexible details the efficiency of vibration surveillance. The developed suitable procedure of vibration surveillance, which

Berlin,Technische Universität


Ethology 095\\ 314*328 "1999# 1999 Blackwell Wissenschafts!Verlag\\ Berlin  

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Determinants of Af_liative Interactions between Adult Males and Lactating Females in Pigtail Macaques "Macaca nemestrina nemestrina# Dario Maestripieri Maestripieri\\ D[ 1999] Determinants of a.liative interactions maintain a.liative relationships "{friendships|# that are apparently unrelated to mating or parental care

Maestripieri, Dario


Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2012 An Ambient Agent Model for  

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.van.der.wal } Abstract. Caring for a depressed person may have substantial impact on the health and well During Stress Azizi Ab Aziz, Jan Treur, C. Natalie van der Wal Agent Systems Research Group, VU to assess the caregiver's state in order to generate dedicated actions that are tuned to the circumstances

Treur, Jan


Lidar for remote sensing; Proceedings of the Meeting, Berlin, Germany, June 24-26, 1992  

SciTech Connect

The present volume on lidar for remote sensing discusses lidar system techniques for remote sensing of atmospheric pollution, airborne and surface-based lidar for environmental sensing of water and oceans, Doppler lidar for wind sensing and related measurement, aerosol measurements using lidar, ozone, water vapor, temperature, and density sensing with lidar systems, and new lidar technology systems and concepts. Attention is given to remote sensing of air pollution over large European cities by lidar, differential absorption lidar monitoring of atmospheric atomic mercury, an experimental evaluation of an airborne depth-sounding lidar, and remote sensing of the sea by tunable multichannel lidar. Topics addressed include recent developments in lidar techniques to measure the wind in the middle atmosphere, recent stratospheric aerosol measurements with a combined Raman elastic-backscatter lidar, the development of an eye-safe IR aerosol lidar, and temperature measurement by rotational Raman lidar.

Becherer, R.J.; Werner, C.



The Brown Bomber The symbolic weight affixed to Owens in Berlin was shared by the first  

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heavyweight champion since the days ofj ack johnson: the "Brown Bomber," Joe Louis. Louis was born Joseph words, despite having an image (crafted by his handlers) of scraping and shuffling, Joe Louis and his the Louis-Schmeling fight for the maga zine NewMasses.In his article, titled "High Tide in Harlem: JoeLouis



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, Resnick, Walker, Koch: "Physik", Wiley-VCH Trautwein, Kreibig, Hüttermann: "Physik für Mediziner, Biologen Mediziner", Wiss. Verlagsgesellschaft Feynman, Leighton, Sands: ,,The Feynman Lectures on Physics", Addison

Peters, Achim



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: ,,Gerthsen Physik", Springer Tipler, Mosca, Pelte: ,,Physik", Spektrum Verlag Halliday, Resnick, Walker, Koch. Verlagsgesellschaft Feynman, Leighton, Sands: ,,The Feynman Lectures on Physics", Addison Wesley Weitere Informationen

Peters, Achim


J. Mikulski (Ed.): TST 2013, CCIS 395, pp. 123130, 2013. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2013  

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parts: a GPS location tracking system, a CAN-bus (controller area network) interface and a supplement timed interval, distance or after predefined event triggers. The system interface to the CAN-bus is used and hence business competitiveness. Nowadays, telematics and GPS are used mainly for fleet track- ing

Landa-Silva, Dario


Ethology 095\\ 116*123 "1999# 1999 Blackwell Wissenschafts!Verlag\\ Berlin  

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in Roughskin Newts "Taricha granulosa# Andrew R[ Blaustein\\ Douglas P[ Chivers\\ Lee B[ Kats + Joseph M radiation on locomotion and orientation in roughskin newts "Taricha granulosa#[ Ethology 095\\ 116 radiation a}ects amphibian behavior\\ we used roughskin newts "Taricha granulosa# as a model[ Newts were

Blaustein, Andrew R.


Univ. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang H. MLLER 15.11.2012 Technische Universitt Berlin  

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and the gas constituent concen- tration. We say that the gas concentration is at equilibrium ceq affinity is equal to zero. Since the concentration ceq depends on stresses, the stresses can accelerate of the reaction. This effect is a consequence of the non-monotonic dependence of ceq on the pressure. In contrast

Berlin,Technische Universität


Oecologia (Berlin) (1988) 74:531-536 Oeco/og/a 9 Springer-Verlag1988  

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and leaf lifetime on the amount and type of anti-herbivore defense P.D. Coley Biology Department Neotropical trees There are large differences among plant species in both the amount and type of anti-herbivore amounts of defense and low rates of herbivore damage. Furthermore, because of long leaf life- times

Coley, Phyllis


Univ. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. W.H. Mller Technische Universitt Berlin  

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derselben mit einem Wordprozessor (vorzugsweise MS-Word oder Latex). Prozedere der Prüfung Die Prüfung zu-5 �bungsaufgaben gestellt, die in Arbeitsgruppen von maximal 4 Personen schriftlich zu bearbeiten sind (MS- Word Kurzfragentest durchgeführt. In ca. 15 Minuten wird im Multiple-Choice- Verfahren vorlesungs- und

Berlin,Technische Universität


Mistaken Identity and Mirror Images: Albert and Carl Einstein, Leiden and Berlin, Relativity and Revolution  

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Albert Einstein accepted a 'special' visiting professorship at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands in February 1920. Although his appointment should have been a mere formality, it took until October of that year before Einstein could occupy his special chair. Why the delay? The explanation involves a case of mistaken identity with Carl Einstein, Dadaist art, and a particular Dutch fear of revolutions. But what revolution was one afraid of? The story of Einstein's Leiden chair throws new light on the reception of relativity and its creator in the Netherlands and in Germany.

van Dongen, Jeroen



Mistaken Identity and Mirror Images: Albert and Carl Einstein, Leiden and Berlin, Relativity and Revolution  

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Albert Einstein accepted a 'special' visiting professorship at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands in February 1920. Although his appointment should have been a mere formality, it took until October of that year before Einstein could occupy his special chair. Why the delay? The explanation involves a case of mistaken identity with Carl Einstein, Dadaist art, and a particular Dutch fear of revolutions. But what revolution was one afraid of? The story of Einstein's Leiden chair throws new light on the reception of relativity and its creator in the Netherlands and in Germany.

Jeroen van Dongen



Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011 On the Need of a Methodological Approach for the  

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methodologies to perform safety analysis is increasing, since the complexity of modern safety-critical systems important in the design of safety-critical systems, as more and more safety re- quirements are assigned foresees safety analysis to be performed at different levels: system, software and hardware. The assessment

Boyer, Edmond


Meeting on Literacy Training, Berlin (West). Final Report. July 11-17, 1975.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This report's major points are highlighted in two sections: Section One sets forth the rational, design, and intended use of the training monograph series, "Literacy in Development", which (1) has been commissioned by the International Institute for Adult Literacy Methods, (2) is to be used as the basis for the Institute's future training…

International Inst. for Adult Literacy Methods, Teheran (Iran).


Botanica Marina Vol. 46, 2003, pp. 263275 2003 by Walter de Gruyter Berlin New York Introduction  

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to olive drab or black on drying allowing it to be distinguished from Monostroma (Scagel et al. 1989 and autumn and was greatest at sites with the highest water-column nitrogen concen- trations. Intertidal

Nelson, Tim


PRESS RELEASE Humboldt Research Award brings Stephen P. Cramer to Berlin  

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. "If one walks around a synchrotron facility, one will invariably see essential equipment developed), high-resolution X-ray fluorescence, resonant inelastic X-ray scattering (RIXS), and most recently with photons (synchrotron beams) and neutrons. The experimental facilities, some of which are unique, are used

Guo, Ting


RIAS Berlin: A case study of a cold war broadcast operation  

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When a government operation is given all the money it asks for without question from the Congress, it means either that (a) it would be political suicide to turn them down, (b) that the national security is at stake, (c) that somebody goofed or that the Congress is past its normal adjournment date, or (d) that the operation is doing

Don R. Browne



The Berlin Brain-Computer Interface: Non-Medical Uses of BCI Technology  

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Brain–computer interfacing (BCI) is a steadily growing area of research. While initially BCI research was focused on applications for paralyzed patients, increasingly more alternative applications in healthy human subjects are proposed and investigated. In particular, monitoring of mental states and decoding of covert user states have seen a strong rise of interest. Here, we present some examples of such novel applications which provide evidence for the promising potential of BCI technology for non-medical uses. Furthermore, we discuss distinct methodological improvements required to bring non-medical applications of BCI technology to a diversity of layperson target groups, e.g., ease of use, minimal training, general usability, short control latencies. PMID:21165175

Blankertz, Benjamin; Tangermann, Michael; Vidaurre, Carmen; Fazli, Siamac; Sannelli, Claudia; Haufe, Stefan; Maeder, Cecilia; Ramsey, Lenny; Sturm, Irene; Curio, Gabriel; Muller, Klaus-Robert



For. Path. 30 (2000) 175184 2000 Blackwell Wissenschafts-Verlag, Berlin  

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new wilt disease of Eucalyptus caused by Ceratocystis fimbriata in Central Africa By J. ROUX 1 , M. J of Eucalyptus clones in the Republic of Congo, Central Africa, a serious wilt and die-back disease of two


Ethology 90,206-224 (1992) @ 1992 Paul Parey Scientific Publishers, Berlin and Hamburg  

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-tailed prairie dogs, Cynomys ludovicianus. Pups first emerged from their natal burrows in late May. All of time allocation in black-tailed prairie dogs (Cynomys ludovicianus). Black-tailed prairie dogs

Loughry, Jim


Ethology 95, 54-64 (1993) @ 1993 Paul Parey Scientific Publishers, Berlin and Hamburg  

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change. A previous study of time allocation by black-tailed prairie dogs, Cynomys ludovicianus, showed underlying changes in the time allocation patterns of black-tailed prairie dog (Sciuridae: Cynomys ludovicianus) pups. Previous analyses of time budgets had revealed substantial differences between pups (young

Loughry, Jim


Robotics Developments and Future Applications. Seminar Report (Berlin, West Germany, November 29, 1983).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This collection includes five papers assessing current and projected developments in the field of robotics and the implications of these developments for vocational-technical education. The first paper, "New Applications for Industrial Robots--Perspectives for the Next Five Years" (M. Illi) compares advances in robotics in Japan and the Federal…

Illi, M.; And Others


HUMBOLDT-UNIVERSITT ZU BERLIN Initial Counselling for Prospective Students from Abroad  

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far, including the secondary school leaving certificate and, if applicable, university entrance documents must be attached to an application: authenticated copies of educational certificates obtained so certificate; enrolment certificate, if you are a student at another German or European higher education

Röder, Beate


Capitalism and the production of realtime : improvised music in post-unification Berlin  

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recent study of the music industry in Liverpool, the artsor dynamic like the music industry was supposed to be." (music-makers tried to convince the authorities that they represented a respectable, well organized industry

Skaller, Philip Emmanuel



CTMI (2006) 298:121138 c Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2006  

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and Its Ligands S. González · V. Groh · T. Spies (u) Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, 1100 FairviewD Ligands . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 126 5 NKG2D and Its Physical effector T cell subsets on engagement of ligands that can be conditionally expressed under physiologically

Spies, Thomas


Oecologia (Berlin) (1988) 75:169 174 Oecologia 9 Springer-Verlag1988  

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Summary. Mature male parr successfully fertilized eggs of anadromous female Atlantic salmon, Satmo salar access to an anadromous female during courtship while mature male parr establish a linear dominance. Department of Biology, Memorial University, St. John's, Newfoundland, Can- ada AIB 3X9 closer to the female

Hutchings, Jeffrey A.


Univ. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang H. MLLER 15.11.2012 Technische Universitt Berlin  

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of functionally graded materials. An example of bodies with constructive inhomogeneity are bodies with variable introduced and applied in a wide range of engineering sciences. Functionally graded materials are composite thick- ness. In recent years, a new type of composite materials, the so- called FGMs have been

Berlin,Technische Universität


Ulf Leser, Humboldt-Universitt zu Berlin Dataflow Research at WBI  

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million reads Quality estimation Quality filtering Read mapper 1 Quality metrics Read mapper 2 Union Local filtering Functional assessment, GWAS, ... #12;Ulf Leser: Research@WBI, Bozen, 04/2014 6 Scientific/2014 9 What makes SWFs popular? · Easier to read than Perl, Make, Python, ... · Scientific Workflow

Leser, Ulf


Different surgical strategies for implantation of continuous-flow VADs—Experience from Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin  

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Objective This manuscript summarizes our surgical experience with the implantation of recent continuous-flow left ventricular assist devices (LVADs), with special emphasis on the HeartWare HVAD pump. Methods The HeartWare HVAD is, in our experience currently implanted in four different techniques: (I) “Classical” LVAD implantation with heart-lung machine and median sternotomy; (II) “Minimally-invasive” implantation without sternotomy and without heart-lung machine; (III) “Lateral implantation” to the descending aorta; (IV) Using two continuous-flow LVADs for implantable biventricular support. Results Five-hundred and four HeartWare HVADs have been implanted using the described techniques in our institution up to now. Conclusions The HeartWare HVAD is a versatile device. It has been found to be eminently suited to these four different modes of implantation.

Drews, Thorsten; Potapov, Evgenij; Weng, Yugo; Pasic, Miralem; Hetzer, Roland



The Einstein Dossiers: Science and Politics - Einstein's Berlin Period with an Appendix on Einstein's FBI File  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In 1919 the Prussian Ministry of Science, Arts and Culture opened a dossier on "Einstein's Theory of Relativity." It was rediscovered by the author in 1961 and is used in conjunction with numerous other subsequently identified 'Einstein' files as the basis of this fascinating book. In particular, the author carefully scrutinizes Einstein's FBI file from 1950-55 against mostly unpublished material from European including Soviet sources and presents hitherto unknown documentation on Einstein's alleged contacts with the German Communist Party and the Comintern.

Grundmann, Siegfried


Double Degree Master Program in Engineering Science (DDMPES) TU Berlin -ECUST Shanghai  

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and simulation ­ fluid dynamics ­ mechatronics ­ solid state mechanics ­ thermodynamics ­ technical acoustics 2 Physics 6 Numerics II for Engineers 6 or Finite-Element-Method in Mechanics I 6 Measurement and Control) Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD I+II 12 Finite Element Methods 1 6 Finite Element Methods 2 6 Applied

Berlin,Technische Universität


Pessimistic Explanatory Style in the Historical Record: CAVing LBJ, Presidential Candidates, and East Versus West Berlin  

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The habitual way people explain causes (explanatory style) as assessed by questionnaire has been used to predict depression, achievement, and health, with a pessimistic style predicting poor outcomes. Because some individuals whose behavior is of interest cannot take questionnaires, their explanatory style can be assessed by blind, reliable content analysis of verbatim explanations (CAVE) from the historical record. We discuss

Harold M. Zullow; Gabriele Oettingen; Christopher Peterson; Martin E. P. Seligman



J. Appl. Ichthyol. 22 (Suppl. 1) (2006), 389-394 2006 Blackwell Verlag, Berlin  

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affecting the capacity of spermatozoa to fertilize an egg. Cryopreservation techniques for spermatozoa (20 mM tris pH 8 + 30 mM sucrose + 0.5 mM KCl or 20 mM tris pH 8 + 50 mM sucrose + 0.5 mM KCl was then thawed in a water bath at 40 oC for 105 s. Fertilization rate of control sperm was 81.5% (kept unfrozen

Villefranche sur mer


Navigating the Waves of Change: Political Education and Democratic School Reform in Postwar West Berlin  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article concentrates on two pieces of legislation promulgated in the early 1960s in order to investigate the broader ideas and concerns surrounding political education in the postwar Federal Republic of Germany. These pieces of educational policy highlight the consensus for continued reform while recognizing the value of curricular and…

Puaca, Brian M.



Berlin Brain-Computer Interface - The HCI communication channel for discovery  

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Abstract The investigation,of innovative,Human–Computer,Interfaces (HCI) provides,a challenge,for future interaction,research,and development.,Brain–Computer,Interfaces (BCIs) exploit the ability of human communication and control bypassing,the classical neuromuscular communication channels. In general, BCIs offer a possibility of communication for people with severe neuromuscular disorders, such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or complete paralysis of all extremities due to high spinal cord injury. Beyond medical applications, a

Roman Krepki; Gabriel Curio; Benjamin Blankertz; Klaus-robert Müller



Postdoctoral research associate position on vegetation remote sensing at the Free University of Berlin  

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stress, and is thus a direct proxy to photosynthetic activity. Global maps of Fs measured from space may such as the Max Plank Institute for Meteorology, the University College London and the NASA Jet Propulsion will also be expected to assist graduate students at the ISS and to contribute to peer-reviewed publications


Mistaken Identity and Mirror Images: Albert and Carl Einstein, Leiden and Berlin, Relativity and Revolution  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Albert Einstein accepted a 'special' visiting professorship at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands in February 1920. Although his appointment should have been a mere formality, it took until October of that year before Einstein could occupy his special chair. Why the delay? The explanation involves a case of mistaken identity with Carl Einstein, Dadaist art, and a particular Dutch fear of revolutions. But what revolution was one afraid of? The story of Einstein's Leiden chair throws new light on the reception of relativity and its creator in the Netherlands and in Germany.

Dongen, Jeroen



Eur. J. For. Path. 24 (1994) 345-356 Berlin  

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, G. H. J, KEMP and M, J. WINGFIELD Abstract Root and soil samples from Eucalyptus and Pinus plantations taken during routine surveys of South African forestry areas during 1990-1992, yielded various species have been established for timber and paper production. The forestry industry is one of the largest


1.26 Cognition in Invertebrates R Menzel and B Brembs, Freie Universitat Berlin,  

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417 Conditional Discriminations: Occasion Setting and Contextual Learning 418 1.26.6 Memory Systems 420 Physiological Correlates of Memory Systems 421 Working Memory: Capacity learning. innate preferences, innate stereotypy Simple forms of behavior based on phylogenetic memory

Menzel, Randolf - Institut für Biologie


Univ. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang H. MLLER 10.08.2010 Technische Universitt Berlin  

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) of carbon fiber preforms have a complicated hierarchical microstructure. The fiber distribution of the elastic properties of carbon/carbon composites for arbitrary fibers distribution* Ort: Technische Mechanik, Karlsruhe Abstract: Carbon/carbon (C/C) composites fabricated by chemical vapor infiltration (CVI

Berlin,Technische Universität


P. Perner (Ed.): ICDM 2008, LNAI 5077, pp. 313322, 2008. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2008  

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compared. We ranked the findings by the Factor Support Ratio, a measure introduced in this work. Keywords of an aircraft in which people suffer death or injury, and/or in which aircraft receives substantial dam- age


The Case of the Jewish High School in Berlin: A Denominational School Dealing with Diversity  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The following contribution deals with the conception of Jewish schools in Germany. With regard to the British debate about state funding for religious schools, current developments in the Jewish educational system in Germany will be presented. After this, the constitutional framework for the establishment of denominational schools in Germany will…

Mueller, Christine



CEDEFOP Forum 1993 (9th, Berlin, Germany, October 21-22, 1993).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The ninth meeting of CEDEFOP (French acronym for the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training) is summarized in this report. Attending the forum were representatives of the leading vocational training research and development institutions and ministerial departments from the European Community (EC) Member States and from…

CEDEFOP Flash, 1993



Lohn-und Vergtungstarifvertrag Nr. 1 fr die Humboldt-Universitt zu Berlin  

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Einkommensangleichungsge- setz findet ggf. Anwendung. Der Divisor beträgt bei einer abgesenkten Arbeitszeit von 36,80 Std. 1/160,01, von 36,65 Std. 1/159,35, von 36,00 Std. 1/156,53, von 35,42 Std. 1/154,01, von 35,20 Std. 1/153,05 von 34,65 Std. 1/150,66 und von 33,88 Std. 1/147,31. (2) Bei den Arbeiterinnen und


Technische Universitt Berlin R U N D S C H R E I B E N  

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einschlieÃ?lich Cycloalkyl)-alkyl-(Me, Et, n-Pr oder i-Pr)phosphonofluoride, z. B. Sarin: O-methylphosphonit (57856-11-8) 11. Chlor-Sarin: O-Isopropylmethylphosphonochlorid (1445-76-7) 12. Chlor-Soman: O

Berlin,Technische Universität


A Note on Brain Actuated Spelling with the Berlin Brain-Computer Interface  

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Blankertz,B. Krauledat,M. Dornhege,G. Williamson,J. Murray-Smith,R. Müller,K-R. Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction. Ambient Interaction, Volume 4555/2007, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-540-73281-5_83 pp 759-768 Springer Verlag

Blankertz, B.; Krauledat, M.; Dornhege, G.; Williamson, J.


Creating and refining boundaries--church splitting among Pentecostal Vietnamese migrants in Berlin.  


In many parts of the world, Pentecostalism is becoming the fastest growing religious movement. As a result of migration, people from Asia, Africa and Latin America carry religious ideas and practices across borders, in other cases, migrants establish religious networks in the diaspora. However, while embracing newcomers from various backgrounds, Pentecostal believers constantly cross cultural boundaries by incorporating people from different ethnic, national and language backgrounds. While Pentecostal charismatic practitioners blurr boundaries in many situations, simultaneously, they create 'bright boundaries' by rejecting 'traditional' religious practices, imagined as the Other of Pentecostalism and thus to be eliminated. By referring to the concept of boundaries (Barth 1969; Alba (Ethnic and Racial Studies 1:20-69, 2005)) this article argues that charismatic Pentecostal Christianity, alongside its embracing practices with regard to social, ethnic and political boundaries, generates religious boundaries: First, church members reject "traditional" religious practices such as ancestor veneration and spirit possession, practices migrants carry across borders. Second, Pentecostal believers create boundaries towards those who split from the church. By exploring the ambiguities of migrant converts, I will investigate, how some of them subvert and reject control and authority exerted by religious leaders. Therefore, this article, based on ethnographic fieldwork among Vietnamese Pentecostalists, contributes to widely underresearched practices of boundary making and church splitting in the diaspora. PMID:23264035

Hüwelmeier, Gertrud



Ethology 99, 139-149 (1995) 01995 Blackwell Wissenschafts-Verlag, Berlin  

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of Movement by Coho Salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) Parr on Their Detection by Common Mergansers (Mergus kisrrtcb) were placed with common mergansers (Mergus merganser) under laboratory conditions that precluded merganser) GUYMARTEL& LAWRENCEM. DILL MARTEI.G . & DILL,L. M. 1995: Influence of movement by coho salmon

Dill, Lawrence M.


[Autonomy despite multimorbidity in old age--the Berlin-based AMA research consortium].  


The proportion of the population with multiple illnesses increases with age and growing numbers of people are now living to a very old age. Despite medical progress and improved living conditions, many old people have to deal with physical, psychological, and social impairments. It is a crucial challenge for health and social policy to support the elderly with health-related impairments in their desire to lead as independent a life as possible. Against this background the research consortium Autonomy Despite Multimorbidity in Old Age (AMA I) examined the extent to which the self-determined life style of multimorbid old and very old persons can be supported and maintained. In order to reflect the diversity of life worlds of the elderly, the study sample included participants who were not notably impaired in their everyday functioning, participants in need of nursing care and participants with cognitive impairments. Moreover, the sample comprised both older persons who were still living in their own homes and nursing home residents. The studies conducted within the AMA framework focused on the resources available to old persons living in different situations and on how these resources can be strengthened. This article presents findings from the first phase of funding of the AMA research consortium. In a second phase of funding (2011-2013, AMA II), sustainable practice-based interventions are being developed to mobilize resources which can help multimorbid older persons to maintain their autonomy and the practical viability of these interventions will be tested. PMID:22270971

Schüz, B; Dräger, D; Richter, S; Kummer, K; Kuhlmey, A; Tesch-Römer, C



Univ. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang H. MLLER 03.03.2011 Technische Universitt Berlin  

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in spacecraft or nuclear fusion reactors, is now actively explored in many other engineering applications with properties that vary from one surface of the material to the other as a result of an intentionally introduced's ratios and the same functional form of dependence of Young's and shear moduli on the co-ordinate normal

Berlin,Technische Universität


Innovation, according to scientists from the WZB Berlin Social Research Center, is  

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survivors The Engine of Progress 6 MaxPlanckResearch 2 | 13 #12;mammals ­ through genetic manipulation and pumps form the foundation of the new, al- ready multi-award-winning field of opto- genetics. However to light on dis- eases like Parkinson's, autism, schizophre- nia, drug dependency and depression

Falge, Eva


The Groundscraper: Candilis-Josic-Woods' Free University Building, Berlin 1963-1973  

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Kenneth. Modern Architecture: A Critical History. World ofof time through the history of architecture as a model forhistory. Neither followers of Modernism nor proponents of Brutalism or conceptual architecture,

Krunic, Dina



Ethology 108, 23-37 (2002) 0 2002 Blackwell Wissenschafts-Verlag,Berlin  

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the Social Gateway: Early Vocal and Social Sensitivities in Brown-Headed Cowbirds (Molothrus ater) David J, Bloomington Abstract The organization of cowbird (Molothrus ater) social groups affords individ- uals living into how social organization in cowbirds (Molothrus ater) aects learning and development. In recent work


Ethology, 72, 89-98 (1986) 1986 Paul Parey Scientific Publishers, Berlin and Hamburg  

E-print Network

, , Female Molothrus ater from Oklahoma at the subspecies border with M.a. obscurus were tested be more open to social influence. Introduction Molothrus ater ater male cowbirds from North Carolina (NC northern and eastern M.a. ater populations. Females captured in Oklahoma showed a strong preference


The invention of the historic city : building the past in East Berlin, 1970-1990  

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The idea of a "historic city" is a rather recent phenomenon. As a conceptual framework, it evolved over the course of the 1970s and 1980s from the intellectual foundations of modernist urban design. This is especially well ...

Urban, Florian



Benefits from Productive and Consumptive Activities: Results from the Berlin Aging Study  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The aim of this study was to assess the subjective instrumentality and immediate process benefits afforded by regenerative, productive, and consumptive activities and thus to extend the microeconomic perspective on time use. Method: For six consecutive days, 33 women and 48 men aged between 72 and 97 provided signal-contingent self-reports on…

Klumb, Petra L.



The Flneur on the Bus: Franz Hessel and Joseph Roth in Weimar Berlin  

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of Modern Life, III) ,,And so, walking or quickening his pace, he goes his way, forever in search. In search Project, ed. RolfTiedemann (Cambridge, MA: Belnkap Press, 1999) #12;The Arcade Right: Passage du Grand of these went into the construction of the department store, which made use of flânerie itself in order to sell

Sheldon, Nathan D.


Berlin: Scientific Jazz in New Orleans 1 LSUHSC's Kresge Hearing Research Laboratory  

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/AD = Auditory Neuropathy/Auditory Dys-synchrony ABR = auditory brain response MEMR = middle-ear muscle reflex was a 24- to 26-year-old speech pathologist at Letterman Army Hospital and the VA Hospital


CTMI (2006) 302:169203 c Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2006  

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mechanisms by which c-myc may be directly or indirectly associated with the induction of genomic instability-myc and Initiation of Instability . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 172 2 Possible Mechanisms of c downstream pathways, and may also stimulate changes in gene expression and cellular signaling

Wahl, Geoffrey M.


Thin films for optical systems; Proceedings of the Meeting, Berlin, Germany, Sept. 14-18, 1992  

Microsoft Academic Search

These proceedings discuss the theory and design of optical thin films, practical problems and solutions in coating manufacture, thin films for electrooptical and infrared applications, thin-film characterization, optical thin films for communication systems, thin films for excimer and high-power lasers, thin films for optical data storage, and optical-coating design problem and solutions. Papers are presented on thin films for magnetooptical

Karl H. Guenther



Ethology 095\\ 284*396 "1999# 1999 Blackwell Wissenschafts!Verlag\\ Berlin  

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!eating bats promotes roost _delity and the maintenance of harem groups that exhibit high roost _delity roosting sites "Morrison + Morrison 0870#[ Ephemeral roosting sites\\ such as the tents that bats build\\ 284*396[ Abstract Defence of females by dominant males of the Jamaican fruit!eating bat Artibeus

Arita, Héctor T.


Ethology 094\\ 0962*0975 "0888# 0888 Blackwell Wissenschafts!Verlag\\ Berlin  

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"Thamnophis sirtalis# that were fed red! backed salamanders\\ earthworms\\ or nothing[ At night\\ individuals avoidance[ Corresponding author] D[ M[ Madison\\ Department of Biological Sciences\\ SUNY at Binghamton

Madison, Dale M.


MARVIN Technische Universit¤ at Berlin's Flying Robot for the IARC Millennial Event  

Microsoft Academic Search

MARVIN is an autonomously ying robot based on a model helicopter. It is designed for participation in the International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC) Millennial Event 1998 ñ 2000. The competition task consists of a search operation in an unknown environment with possible threats such as res, water fountains, and smoke. The MARVIN system consists of the helicopter with an on-board

M. Musial; Brandenburg G. Hommel


Ultrafast Phenomena XIV, pp. 650-654 , Springer, Berlin (2005). 650 Ultrafast Dynamics of Light Transmission  

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collimated linearly polarized 10-fs light pulses from a Ti:sapphire oscillator (Fig. 1(a)). The time-emission of surface plasmons. 1. Introduction The linear and nonlinear optical properties of plasmonic nanostructures currently attract much attention, as such structures are promising candidates for novel applications in nano

Peinke, Joachim


Passive solar for urban tenement housing : case study and retrofit design for West-Berlin  

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Studies about residential passive solar heating have been conducted in many countries, mostly dealing with new or existing single family houses and nearly unlimited access to the sun. Only a few studies are related to ...

Lohr, Alexander W



Prediction and interpretation of the performance of a deep excavation in Berlin sand  

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This paper describes the application of a generalized effective stress soil model, MIT?S1, within a commercial finite element program, for simulating the performance of the support system for the 20m deep excavation of the ...

Nikolinakou, Maria A.


Un director chileno en el Berliner Ensemble (Entrevista con Alejandro Quintana Contreras)  

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hora." INTEGRACIÓN CHILENO-ALEMANA. Después montaron el programa músico- teatral Con el alma llena de banderas, sobre la vida y momentos en que Víctor Jara compone y escribe sus canciones. Fue una experiencia interesante pues fue el primer intento de...

Bravo-Elizondo, Pedro



Bologna Process between Prague and Berlin. Report to the Ministers of Education of the Signatory Countries.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In Bologna, Italy, in 1999 a declaration was signed that spelled out the beginnings of a common European Higher Education Area. At a summit in Prague, Czech Republic, in 2001, the idea initiated in Bologna was clearly endorsed. In the successive period from 2001 to 2003, awareness of the importance of the Bologna process and the real need for the…

Zgaga, Pavel


Mental “structures ” in the Berlin school of Gestalt Psychology: can sensation be described as “structural”?  

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Abstract. It is not exaggerated to affirm that the modern notion of structure arises in Koffka’s Growth of the Mind and in his following article, “Perception: An introduction to the Gestalt-theorie ” (1922). The importance of the notion of structure as Koffka uses it lies in the fact that it is designed to replace the old empiricist notion of “sensation ” as a real and separable element of the phenomenal field, corresponding to a definite stimulus. But, yielding to many suggestions by Köhler, Koffka does not only understand the interdependency of sensations in a structure as a causal one: in fact, he decidedly understands it as a logical one. Thus he defines structures as “very elementary reactions, which phenomenally are not composed of constituent elements, their members being what they are by virtue of their ‘member-character, ’ their place in the whole; their essential nature being derived from the whole whose members they are ” (“Perception”, p.543). I mean to show that the parts in such structures can only be what it is classical to name “relational attributes ” or “relational predicates”. In other words, structures are now internal relations between their terms, and more precisely still “directly

Eric Tremault


Co-operating for Literacy. Report of an International Seminar (Berlin, October 1983).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Intended for people in government and other agencies who make decisions on policy or on funding for literacy, this short report of an international seminar on literacy summarizes seminar themes. The first topic considered is the rationale for investment in education. The connection between literacy and national development is stressed, and three…

Fordham, Paul, Ed.


Diffractive 3D XUV optics at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, recent developments  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional variable line spacing (VLS) gratings based on total external reflection give the unique possibility for spectroscopy and focusing in application to 4th and 5th generation synchrotron sources. We focus on the elaboration of novel approaches for design and fabrication of 3D VLS working in the entire energy range, from THz to hard X-rays. These optical elements have unique combination of properties and can operate at all XUV sources including Free Electron Lasers (FELs), Energy Recovery Linacs (ERLs) and High Harmonic Generators (HHGs). Such 3D DOEs are able to cover the energy range of up to 20 keV with energy resolution ?/?? ? 1000 for soft x-ray and ?/?? ? 10000 for hard x-ray. We fabricate 3D VLS for time-resolved spectroscopy (energy range 100 - 2000 eV, 7500-9500 eV), FELs and ERLs (energy range up to 3 keV), and HHGs (energy range 10 - 200 eV).

Brzhezinskaya, Maria; Firsov, Alexander; Erko, Alexei



Freie Universitat Berlin Prof. Dr. Ralf Borndorfer FB Mathematik und Informatik Dr. Guillaume Sagnol  

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. Prove: a) ( k i=1 Si) k i=1 (Si) for disjoint coalitions S1,... ,Sk. b) (P) n i=1 ({Pi}). Exercise) Is this game zero-sum? b) Is it essential? Exercise 3. 10 Points The 3-person game of COUPLES is played COUPLES down in normal form. b) Write COUPLES down in characteristic form. c) Prove that COUPLES is zero

Andrzejak, Artur


Sound Processing Features for Speaker-Dependent and Phrase-Independent Emotion Recognition in Berlin Database  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

An emotion recognition framework based on sound processing could improve services in human-computer interaction. Various quantitative speech features obtained from sound processing of acting speech were tested, as to whether they are sufficient or not to discriminate between seven emotions. Multilayered perceptrons were trained to classify gender and emotions on the basis of a 24-input vector, which provide information about the prosody of the speaker over the entire sentence using statistics of sound features. Several experiments were performed and the results were presented analytically. Emotion recognition was successful when speakers and utterances were “known” to the classifier. However, severe misclassifications occurred during the utterance-independent framework. At least, the proposed feature vector achieved promising results for utterance-independent recognition of high- and low-arousal emotions.

Anagnostopoulos, Christos Nikolaos; Vovoli, Eftichia


PlantBreeding113,281-286(1994) O 1994BlackwellVissenschafts-Verlag,Berlin  

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wheat is grown. Fungicides have been used ro control eyesporin many areas(WIrcnarr-s and Ct-osr: 1971-type fungicides (KrNG and GRTFFTN1985,MURRAYeral. l99O) has led to renewed efforts to develoo disease- resis other fungal pathogensof wheaq there are few resislance genes for P. ber- poticbodes available to wheat

Murray, Timothy D.


Jugendherbergen in Jena Youth Hostels in Jena a) Hostel Alpha-One Jena, Lassalle-Strae 8 (Jena-West, ca 5 Minuten vom  

E-print Network Email: jgh-weimar@djh- c) Jugendherberge Germania, Carl-August-Allee 13, Weimar Tel: Aushänge/Anzeigen (notice boards): UHG, Erdgeschoss Mittelgang; Carl-Zeiss-Stra�e 3

Rossak, Wilhelm R.


Compte rendu rdig par Franoise Berger (IEP Grenoble Pacte) et paru dans Francia (34/3) Peter Krger, Das unberechenbare Europa. Epochen des Integrationsprozesses vom  

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Compte rendu rédigé par Françoise Berger (IEP Grenoble ­ Pacte) et paru dans Francia (34/3) Peter Peter Krüger, qui a longtemps enseigné à l'Université Philipp de Marbourg, mais a également donné des

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Copyright c 2003 Springer-Verlag. This paper was published in Bildverarbeitung fur die Medizin 2003, Algorithmen -Systeme -Anwendungen, Proceedings des Workshops vom 9. bis 11. Marz  

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of the paper are prohibited. An Expectation Maximization-Like Algorithm for Multi-Atlas Multi interpretation of the concept of an "expert" in image segmentation as the pairing of an atlas image and a non-Label Segmentation Torsten Rohlfing, Daniel B. Russakoff and Calvin R. Maurer, Jr. Image Guidance Laboratories

Pratt, Vaughan


Analyse der Vorschläge der EU-Kommission vom 12. Oktober 2011 zur künftigen Gestaltung der Direktzahlungen im Rahmen der GAP nach 2013  

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Dieser Arbeitsbericht analysiert und bewertet die Auswirkungen der Vorschläge der EUKommission zur künftigen Gestaltung der Direktzahlungen an landwirtschaftliche Betriebe ab 2014. Im Mittelpunkt der auf Deutschland bezogenen Analysen stehen die Vorschläge zum sog. Greening, das neue Anforderungen hinsichtlich der Anbaudiversifizierung, der Bereitstellung ökologischer Vorrangflächen und des Erhalts von Dauergrünland vorsieht. Darüber hinaus werden zentrale weitere Vorschläge, wie z.B. die allgemeine

Bernhard Forstner; Claus Deblitz; Werner Kleinhanß; Hiltrud Nieberg; Frank Offermann; Norbert Röder; Petra Salamon; Jürn Sanders; Peter Weingarten



In: Vom interaktiven Werkzeug zu kooperativen Arbeits-und Lernwelten, Berichte des German Chapters of the ACM, Mensch & Computer 2002, Bd. 56, S. 115-124  

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bringing together education in the two usually separated disciplines of arts and computer science in school. The project is funded by the German "Bund-Länder Commission for Educational Planning and Research Pro- motion teaching material and situation for a curriculum definition for integrating education in arts and computer

Lübeck, Universität zu


Fractional multistep methods for weakly singular Volterra integral equations  

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with perturbed data R. Plato Identical with: Preprint No. 2003 / 41, Institute of Mathematics, TU Berlin, October 2003 Institut für Mathematik, TU Berlin E-mail: Str. des 17. Juni 136 Internet:;plato 10623 Berlin, Germany #12; Numerische Mathematik manuscript No

Plato, Robert


78 FR 9598 - Final Flood Elevation Determinations  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Honesdale, upstream of the Township of Berlin, Lackawaxen River Township of Dyberry...At the Pike County +691 Township of Berlin, boundary. Township of Buckingham...Approximately 400 feet +942 Township of Berlin, upstream of the Township of...



Description of vibration transmission through isolators in terms of interface mobilities  

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at TU Berlin: Dr.-Ing. Hannes A. Bonhoff Technische Universit¨at Berlin Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Engineering Acoustics Secretariat TA7 Einsteinufer 25 D-10587 Berlin Tel.: +49 30 314-28996 Email: hannes

Berlin,Technische Universität


L. Delcambre et al. (Eds.): ER 2005, LNCS 3716, pp. 1 15, 2005. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2005  

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Heidelberg 2005 Conceptual Modeling of Structure and Behavior with UML ­ The Top Level Object-Oriented Framework (TLOOF) Approach Iris Reinhartz-Berger University of Haifa, Carmel Mountain, Haifa 31905, Israel of which is a different alternative for representing behavior. In this paper I suggest a Top-Level Object

Reinhartz-Berger, Iris


E. Cant-Paz et al. (Eds.): GECCO 2003, LNCS 2724, pp. 20962108, 2003. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2003  

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models of wind propelled ventilators. The decision variables, which are the as- sembly sequences of each eighties: De Fazio and Whitney [1] and de Mello et al. [2] independently pre- sented graph-based models to con- sider assembly sequence and machine allocation simultaneously which results in a doubled

Coello, Carlos A. Coello


B. Woolf et al. (Eds.): ITS 2008, LNCS 5091, pp. 132141, 2008. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2008  

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2008 Children's Interactions with Inspectable and Negotiated Learner Models Alice Kerly and Susan Bull to metacognitive skills such as self-assessment, in addition to improving learner model accuracy. This paper describes an evaluation of an inspectable and a negotiated OLM (one that can be jointly maintained through

Bull, Susan


Origin of Mitochondria and Hydrogenosomes (ed. by William Martin and Mikls Mller) Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007  

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conversion and cellular respiration, mitochondria became regarded as the "powerhouses" of the cell. However) recognising the particulate nature of cell respiration and Keilin (1925) associating the cytochrome system with cellular structures. The first direct evidence for this functional association depended on isolation

Allen, John F.


Geology and preliminary hydrogeologic characterization of the cell-house site, Berlin, New Hampshire, 2003-04  

USGS Publications Warehouse

At the cell-house site, thin, generally less than 20-foot thick overburden, consisting of till and demolition materials, overlies fractured crystalline bedrock. Bedrock at the site consists of gneiss with thin discontinuous lenses of chlorite schist and discontinuous tabular pegmatite. Two distinct fracture domains, with principal trends to the west and northwest, and to the north, overlap near the site. The cell-house site shows principal trends common to both domains. Gneiss is the most abundant rock at the site. Steeply dipping fractures within the gneiss terminate on subhorizontal contacts with pegmatite and on moderately dipping contacts with chlorite schist. Steeply northwest-dipping en Echelon fracture zones, parallel joint zones, and silicified brittle faults show consistent strikes to the northeast. Gently east-dipping to subhorizontal fractures, sub-parallel to gneissosity, strike northeast. The impermeable cap, barrier wall, and bedrock surface topography affect ground-water flow in the overburden. There is relatively little ground-water flow in the overburden in the capped area and a poor hydraulic connection between the overburden and the underlying bedrock over most of the site. The overburden beneath the cap may receive inflow through or beneath the barrier wall, or by flow through vertical fractures in the underlying bedrock beneath the barrier wall. The bedrock aquifer near the river is well connected to the river and head difference in the bedrock across the site are large (greater than 13 ft). Horizontal hydraulic conductivities of 0.2 to 20 ft/d were estimated for the bedrock. Individual fractures or fracture zones likely have hydraulic conductivities greater than the bulk rock. Subhorizontal fractures occur at pegmatite contacts or along chlorite schist lenses and may serve as ground-water conduits to the steeply dipping fractures in gneiss. The effective hydraulic conductivity across the site is likely to be in the low range of the estimated values (0.2 ft/d). Ground water discharges to the river from the bedrock aquifer and is greatest during periods of large river stage fluctuations.

Degnan, James R.; Clark, Stewart F., Jr.; Harte, Philip T.; Mack, Thomas J.



W.-K. Leow et al. (Eds.): CIVR 2005, LNCS 3568, pp. 110, 2005. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2005  

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be critical in various situations. Evaluations done in the context of the TRECVID benchmarks show that while extraction from broadcast television news and documentary content. Multiple terabytes of video have been text search interface. It took several years for reality to catch up with this target demonstration

Fan, Jianping


A. Rauber et al. (Eds.): ECDL 2005, LNCS 3652, pp. 302 313, 2005. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2005  

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Heidelberg 2005 A Hybrid Declarative/Procedural Metadata Mapping Language Based on Python Greg Janée1 search capability. Lightweight means that the 1 #12;A Hybrid Declarative implementations lacking spatial engines, for example), can participate in a spatial sys- tem. ADL is not itself

California at Santa Barbara, University of



SciTech Connect

A photometric survey of three southern target fields with BEST II yielded the detection of 2406 previously unknown variable stars and an additional 617 stars with suspected variability. This study presents a catalog including their coordinates, magnitudes, light curves, ephemerides, amplitudes, and type of variability. In addition, the variability of 17 known objects is confirmed, thus validating the results. The catalog contains a number of known and new variables that are of interest for further astrophysical investigations, in order to, e.g., search for additional bodies in eclipsing binary systems, or to test stellar interior models. Altogether, 209,070 stars were monitored with BEST II during a total of 128 nights in 2009/2010. The overall variability fraction of 1.2%-1.5% in these target fields is well comparable to similar ground-based photometric surveys. Within the main magnitude range of R in [11, 17], we identify 0.67(3)% of all stars to be eclipsing binaries, which indicates a completeness of about one third for this particular type in comparison to space surveys.

Fruth, T.; Cabrera, J.; Csizmadia, Sz.; Dreyer, C.; Eigmüller, P.; Erikson, A.; Kabath, P.; Kirste, S.; Pasternacki, T.; Rauer, H.; Titz-Weider, R. [Institut für Planetenforschung, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt, Rutherfordstr. 2, D-12489 Berlin (Germany); Chini, R.; Lemke, R. [Astronomisches Institut, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, D-44780 Bochum (Germany); Murphy, M., E-mail: [Departamento de Física, Universidad Católica del Norte, P.O. 1280, Antofagasta (Chile)



M. Cavazza and S. Donikian (Eds.): ICVS 2007, LNCS 4871, pp. 38 50, 2007. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007  

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in economics, politics, and media studies. The essential feature of the game is that players face various storytelling. 1 Introduction The idea of using computer games to support training and learning objectives of IT Tools into Education of Humanities" we develop an educational game Europe 2045, which is likely

Brom, Cyril


M. Thielscher and D. Zhang (Eds.): AI 2012, LNCS 7691, pp. 397408, 2012. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2012  

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to computer games as it allows game designers to interact with otherwise autonomous learning algorithms increase in using computer games for Artificial Intelligence (AI) research. In particular, first person is decreased as the designers can see in real-time the effects of the bot behaviours while the game is being

Gallagher, Marcus


A. Dey et al. (Eds.): CONTEXT 2005, LNAI 3554, pp. 197 209, 2005. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2005  

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the user's context and the cell phone's behavior. In large part, the mismatch occurs because owners do people an addi- tional sense of security [4]. However, most people already consider cell phone use people are asked about the contexts in which they find cell phone use irritating, 81% responded

Connelly, Kay


Global climate change - the United Nations FCCC, {open_quotes}Berlin Mandate{close_quotes}, COP-2, and electric utilities  

SciTech Connect

Over the past 100 years, there has been a steady increase in man-made emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs, such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and most halogenated substances) due to human activities including combustion of fossil fuels and deforestation. Scientific studies suggest that these emissions are contributing to increases in atmospheric concentrations of GHGs which in turn, cause an enhanced greenhouse effect by trapping more of the sun`s energy leading to global climate change. Recently, a consensus position has emerged among the scientific community that man-made GHG emissions appear to be contributing to global climate change. Based on that finding, United States representative, Under Secretary of State Tim Wirth stated at the July 1996 meeting of the {open_quotes}Conference of Parties{close_quotes} (COP) of the FCCC, that global voluntary efforts to meet the GHG emission reduction goal have failed He called for the COP to expedite ongoing international negotiations toward establishing (in 1997) medium-term, realistic, legally-binding GHG emission targets and implementation schedules for each country. Setting a legally binding GHG emission target would have significant impacts on the nation, and especially on the electric utility sector. This article provides a general overview of the United States and international efforts toward implementing the FCCC and their potential impacts on the utility industry. A future article is anticipated to address an update on the international negotiations and their potential impacts on other sectors of the U.S. economy, and the rapidly growing GHG emissions from developing countries such as China and India.

Mathai, C.V. [Arizona Public Service Co., Phoenix, AZ (United States)



The Complex Interplay between Classification and Ranking of Colleges and Universities: Should the Berlin Principles Apply Equally to Classification?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

"Classification" and "ranking" are tools for comparing colleges and universities, albeit for different purposes. Although "classification" focuses on identifying similarities rather than ordering institutions, it is closely intertwined with "ranking", whether directly through its content, structure, and procedures, or indirectly through the ways…

McCormick, Alexander C.



Schooling the New Generation of German Citizens: A Comparison of Citizenship Curricula in Berlin and Baden-Wurttemberg  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In Germany, unlike other European countries, citizenship education has a long history. Since the Second World War, its role has evolved from promoting de-Nazification in the West and state socialism in the East to emphasising common citizenship in a multicultural society. Today, the federal states ("Bundeslander") are largely autonomous in matters…

Faas, Daniel; Street, Alex



Oecologia (Berlin) (1983)59:185-190 Oecologia9 Springer-Verlag1983 Competition for dispersal agents among tropical trees  

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. The proportion of fruits taken from individual crops may depend on the quality or quantity of fruit produced distinguish factors influencing seed dispersal that are potentially under the control of parent plants from of the aril failed to explain any variation in the proportion of fruits taken from fruiting trees. The ratio

Howe, Henry F.


D. lzak et al. (Eds.): ASEA 2009, CCIS 59, pp. 5060, 2009. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2009  

E-print Network

is presented to CBD engineers in a com- prehensive component matching profile. Uniquely, the effect of possible reuse, adaptation assets, result profile. 1 Introduction Component-Based Development (CBD. Numerous advantages of CBD have been identified [3][7][12]. However, at present CBD still fails to reach

Liu, Xiaodong


K. Chae and M. Yung (Eds.): WISA 2003, LNCS 2908, pp. 97110, 2004. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2004  

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]. In addition, anyone who has little basic knowledge on hacking can easily intrude com- puter system with tools Emergency Response Team and Coordination Center (CERTCC-KR) reports that hacking damages are significantly for hacking, which will lead to the increase of the damage by hacking in the near future. As demand

Cho, Sung-Bae


European Conference 'Training, Employment and Integration of Disabled Persons' (Berlin, West Germany, June 19-20, 1985).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This report summarizes contributions, discussions, results, and proposals from a conference focusing on the social and economic integration of the disabled. Introductory materials include the conference objectives and summaries of the opening, words of greeting, and introduction to conference objectives by Ernst Piehl, Henry Scicluna, and Tina…

European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training, Berlin (West Germany).


PROCEEDINGS OF BIOSIGNAL 2010, JULY 14-16, 2010, BERLIN, GERMANY 1 Cerebral Autoregulation Assessment in Premature  

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by the analysis of the common dynamics between the Cerebral Blood Flow (CBF) and Mean Arterial Blood Pressure Blood Flow (CBF), which can be measured continu- ously. The similarity in the dynamics of both signals of cerebral auto-regulation in clinical practice. Index Terms--blood pressure, cerebral blood flow, monitoring


M. Ferre (Ed.): EuroHaptics 2008, LNCS 5024, pp. 151156, 2008. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2008  

E-print Network

, upper arm, shoulder, and torso) are presenting the significant danger not only for human being, but also of tactile sensors such as piezoelectric-polymer-film-based [2], flexible-polyester-sheet-based, optical [3

Tachi, Susumu


M. Boughanem et al. (Eds.): ECIR 2009, LNCS 5478, pp. 675679, 2009. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2009  

E-print Network

, and �zgür Ulusoy Department of Computer Engineering, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey {ismaila in the collection and removes the tail of the list according to some decision criteria. In [1], instead of the TFIDF

Ulusoy, �zgür


D. Mery and L. Rueda (Eds.): PSIVT 2007, LNCS 4872, pp. 801 815, 2007. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007  

E-print Network

Codec Fernando Pereira1 , João Ascenso2 , and Catarina Brites1 1 Instituto Superior Técnico ­ Instituto, Portugal {fernando.pereira, joao.ascenso, catarina.brites} Abstract. Wyner-Ziv video coding has be achieved with both the joint-encoding and joint-decoding paradigm and the distributed/ #12;F. Pereira, J

Pereira, Fernando


RealTime Algorithms for Statistical Analysis of Interval Data Berlin Wu Hung T. Nguyen Vladik Kreinovich  

E-print Network Abstract: When we have only interval ranges [x i ; x i ] of sample are the distance to a star and the amount of oil in a given well. Since we can­ not measure y directly, a natural the measure­ ment result e x i . Because of these measurement errors \\Deltax i def = e x i \\Gamma x i

Kreinovich, Vladik


J. Gama et al. (Eds.): ECML 2005, LNAI 3720, pp. 365 376, 2005. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2005  

E-print Network

Heidelberg 2005 Simple Test Strategies for Cost-Sensitive Decision Trees Shengli Sheng1 , Charles X. Ling1 can be obtained at a cost (the test cost), we design several novel test strategies which attempt tree- building and various test strategies, and show that they are very effective. Our results can

Yang, Qiang


T. Dohi and R. Kikinis (Eds.): MICCAI 2002, LNCS 2489, pp. 315322, 2002. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2002  

E-print Network

are developed within a clinical application context for computer aided maxillofacial surgery. 1 Introduction. The cranio-maxillofacial surgeon determines an operative planning consisting in quantitative displacement in computer assisted orthognatic surgery. First, we remind sequences of a computer aided cranio-maxillofacial

Payan, Yohan


N. Azemard and L. Svensson (Eds.): PATMOS 2007, LNCS 4644, pp. 443452, 2007. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007  

E-print Network

Nahapetian, Foad Dabiri, Miodrag Potkonjak, and Majid Sarrafzadeh Computer Science Department, University of Calfornia Los Angeles (UCLA) {ani,dabiri,miodrag,majid} Abstract. Until now, the great majority

Potkonjak, Miodrag


D. Zhang et al. (Eds.): UIC 2009, LNCS 5585, pp. 111120, 2009. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2009  

E-print Network

mining model which estimates the social contexts like closeness and relationship from uncertain phone or representing the state of social relationships. We have implemented the phonebook application that displays on the relationship between a caller and a callee. Eagle and Pentland, in the Reality Mining project at the MIT Media

Cho, Sung-Bae


T. Panayiotopoulos et al. (Eds.): IVA 2005, 3661, pp. 381 393, 2005. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2005  

E-print Network

be achieved. 1 Introduction In order to make human-computer interaction similar to face-to-face communication, as though they were interacting with another person" when using MACK (Media lab Autonomous Conversational Heidelberg 2005 Judging Laura: Perceived Qualities of a Mediated Human Versus an Embodied Agent Renate ten

Theune, Mariët


J. Wang et al. (Eds.): ISNN 2006, LNCS 3971, pp. 1165 1170, 2006. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2006  

E-print Network

. The experimental results show that our proposed method is effective, and they also show that the local character. In this paper, we shall in-deep investigate a special but important instance of nonlinear mixtures, i.e., post of the general nonlinear mixing model that consists of so called post-nonlinear mixtures introduced by Taleb

Hefei Institute of Intelligent Machines


H. Giese (Ed.): MoDELS 2007 Workshops, LNCS 5002, pp. 118131, 2008. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2008  

E-print Network

is still ongoing, early experi- ences suggest that this approach can help reduce medical errors and improve: The Problem and Our Proposed Approach Medical errors cause approximately 98,000 patient deaths each year [1 fundamentally change to address medical errors (e.g., see [1, 2]). In particular, these studies suggest

Avrunin, George S.


T. Srevik et al. (Eds.): PARA 2000, LNCS 1947, pp. 268-278, 2001. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2001  

E-print Network

Shortened version - Full version available at R.B. Yehezkael 1 (Formerly, Computer Eng. Dept., POB 16031, Jerusalem 91160, Israel E-mail:, Fax: 009722-6751-200 2

Wiseman, Yair


T. Washio et al. (Eds.): PAKDD 2007 , LNAI 4819, pp. 5663, 2007. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007  

E-print Network

. The impact can take form of an event, disaster, government-customer debt or other interesting entities result in a large amount of government customer debt. Similar problems may be widely seen from other and negative impact. Our experiments in mining debt-associated customer behavior in social-security areas show

Cao, Longbing


S. DMello et al. (Eds.): ACII 2011, Part II, LNCS 6975, pp. 487496, 2011. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011  

E-print Network

into consumer products, so far mainly for video gaming. Linking emotion, EEG and music. This demonstration and accultured listener with a given musical interval are to a significant degree stimulated by properties

Makeig, Scott


Biol. Chem., Vol. 385, pp. 473480, June 2004 Copyright by Walter de Gruyter Berlin New York 2004/402210  

E-print Network

as protein precursors that require proteolytic processing to generate smaller, biologically active peptides that are secreted to mediate neurotransmission and hormone actions. Neuropeptides within their precursors are typi neu- rons, and peripheral peptides are required for endocrine regulation of physiological functions

Bogyo, Matthew


Oecologia (Berlin) (1984) 64:232-240 Oecologia9 Springer-Verlag1984 Remote perception of floral nectar by bumblebees  

E-print Network

nectar by bumblebees James H. Marden Department of Zoology, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT 05405, bumblebees often closely approached flowers and then departed without probing for nectar. In laboratory. In the field, bumblebees approached and rejected a large proportion of dogbane flowers and red clover inflo

Marden, James


B. Benatallah et al. (Eds.): WISE 2007, LNCS 4831, pp. 1325, 2007. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007  

E-print Network

Heidelberg 2007 Querying Capability Modeling and Construction of Deep Web Sources Liangcai Shu1 , Weiyi Meng1 at Chicago, Chicago, IL 60607, U.S.A Abstract. Information in a deep Web source can be accessed interfaces of deep Web sources such as deep Web crawling and comparison-shopping. Analyzing the querying

Meng, Weiyi


L. Chen et al. (Eds.): WAIM 2010, LNCS 6184, pp. 517, 2010. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2010  

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2010 Duplicate Identification in Deep Web Data Integration Wei Liu1 , Xiaofeng Meng2 , Jianwu Yang1,xjg} Abstract. Duplicate identification is a critical step in deep web data integration, and generally: duplicate identification, deep web data integration, web database. 1 Introduction Survey[6] revealed deep


X. Zhou et al. (Eds.): DASFAA 2009, LNCS 5463, pp. 784788, 2009. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2009  

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Heidelberg 2009 Knowledge Discovery over the Deep Web, Semantic Web and XML Aparna Varde1 , Fabian Suchanek2 to the lat- est developments in Web technology. The topics covered are: the Deep Web, also known with particular emphasis on the Deep Web, Semantic Web and XML including domain-specific markup lan- guages

Senellart, Pierre


H.C. Mayr et al. (Eds.): DEXA 2001, LNCS 2113, pp. 699711, 2001. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2001  

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", written by the novelist Stephen King, and are rated at least "very good" (i.e., with an importance value that we have an expert that provides a data model for this web site, where "novel", "Carrie", and "Stephen-King. evaluate the query "find movies RelatedTo novel Carrie, WrittenBy Stephen King, and rated above 0.7 by Joe

Ulusoy, �zgür


European Cooperation in Development Information and Documentation. Report of the International Conference (Berlin, October 9-14, 1983).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This conference, which was attended by librarians and documentalists from 12 European countries (East and West) and, for the first time, some Third World countries, emphasized the role of electronic data processing (EDP) in information and documentation, particularly in terms of one possible means by which to overcome the barriers in international…

German Foundation for International Development, Bonn (West Germany).


S. DMello et al. (Eds.): ACII 2011, Part II, LNCS 6975, pp. 200207, 2011. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011  

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Systems 201 The core component of the research is related to the affective response of the intelligent tutoring domain. The research aim is to provide intervention strategies in response to a detected mental between students and computers. The multimodal inference component will be evaluated from video and audio

Robinson, Peter


Y.Q. Shi (Ed.): Transactions on DHMS IV, LNCS 5510, pp. 2948, 2009. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2009  

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Harris corner de- tector. These feature points are more resistant to geometric attacks and are therefore is more robust to desynchronization attacks (i.e., geometric and common image processing attacks) than attacks is essential in many applications [1]. However, these desynchronization attacks are difficult

Qi, Xiaojun


G. Biswas et al. (Eds.): AIED 2011, LNAI 6738, pp. 230237, 2011. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011  

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worn in labs, the sensor requires no gel or saline for recording, and requires no #12;Toward Exploiting of sensor for students' mental states is a single-channel EEG headset simple enough to use in schools. Using, such as speech, eye movements, posture, heart rate, skin conductance, and mouse pressure. This paper tests

Mostow, Jack


M. Si et al. (Eds.): ICIDS 2011, LNCS 7069, pp. 334337, 2011. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011  

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in stimulating ICT-rich environments, surrounded by computers, cameras, social networks and so on, all of which Robotomie (, we have developed a freely available tool called StoryFactory (

Brom, Cyril


K. Miesenberger et al. (Eds.): ICCHP 2012, Part II, LNCS 7383, pp. 205212, 2012. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2012  

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Collet6 , Petros Maragos7 , and François Lefebvre-Albaret8 1 Institute for Language and Speech Processing/ATHENA language possible. To fulfi with four sign languages: British Sign Language (BS DGS), Greek Sign Language

Bowden, Richard


L. Wang and Y. Jin (Eds.): FSKD 2005, LNAI 3614, pp. 727 730, 2005. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2005  

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Perception* Xing-Jian He1 , Yue Zhang1 , Tat-Ming Lok2 , and Michael R. Lyu 3 1 Intelligent Computing Lab according to the perception of human eyes. 1 Introduction The research of image texture features has been of texture directions. For images with strong texture structures (e.g., bark, cloth, rock), the statistic

Lyu, Michael R.


C. Peters et al. (Eds.): CLEF 2005, LNCS 4022, pp. 307 331, 2006. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2006  

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place in 2003, eight groups from Europe and North America participated in nine tasks, three monolingual -Dutch, Italian and Spanish- and five bilingual, where questions were formulated in five source languages -Dutch, French, German, Italian- and answer were searched in an English corpus collection. In 2004

de Rijke, Maarten


F. Saglietti and N. Oster (Eds.): SAFECOMP 2007, LNCS 4680, pp. 276282, 2007. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007  

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and testing safety-critical systems. The events are user actions and system responses, and are ordered, Related Work Modern safety critical systems with automated monitoring and control, sophisticated man to assuring system safety [7, 12]. While en- hancing the reliability of safety critical systems, man

Belli, Fevzi


SCIENCE CHINA Science China Press and Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2010  

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for the preparation processes. An outlook on the future development in this area is also presented. reactive template interest because they provide an ideal system for investigations on the di- mensionality and size, catalysis, sensors, lightweight fill- ers, low-dielectric-constant thin films, photonic crystals, confined

Qi, Limin


C. Jesshope and C. Egan (Eds.): ACSAC 2006, LNCS 4186, pp. 24 37, 2006. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2006  

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, the extra wakeup stage on the normal fetch path can be overlapped with misprediction recovery the supply voltage (Vdd) or ground (the difference compared to DRG is that a larger sleep transistor is used and cell contents are not preserved) when the cell is put to sleep. While this technique dramatically

Skadron, Kevin


Oecologia (Berlin) (1983) 56:126-131 Oecologia9 Springer-Verlag1983 Metabolism and Thermoregulation in Desert  

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sanguinipes from cold alpine tundra at elevation 3,800 m, and Trimerotropis pallidipennis from hot desert of habitats (from low deserts to arctic and alpine tundra) occupied by this group. Heat production and heat grasshopper species, Melanoplus sanguinipes from cold alpine tundra and Trimerotropispall# dipennis from hot

Saltzman, Wendy


Improving Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. International Conference (West Berlin, Germany, September 28 - October 10, 1981).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A report of a 1981 conference on improving teaching and learning in higher education sponsored by the German Foundation for International Development is presented. Topics include the following: problems of higher education specific to Africa and the Federal Republic of Germany, common problems, approaches to dealing with problems, units for higher…

Berendt, Brigitte


Emerging Cultures and Complaints? Citizens Complaining against the Police in London, Paris and Berlin, 1890-1914  

Microsoft Academic Search

Rationale, approach and objectives In recent years, the War on Terror and numerous newly introduced public security measures have increased concerns about erosion of civil liberties in western democracies. In particular, the breaches in fundamental principles of due process and proper treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay have highlighted the relevance of the scholarly debates that took placed during the

Anja Johansen


B. Woolf et al. (Eds.): ITS 2008, LNCS 5091, pp. 722724, 2008. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2008  

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in a collaborative context [1]. In psychology, trust may relate to personal traits that deal with belief and expecta completed a questionnaire with a five-point Likert scale, and fur- ther free response elements, designed to investigate issues relating to trust in OLM. Table 1. Summary of questionnaire responses Strongly agree Agree

Bull, Susan


Ground-penetrating radar study of the thickness and extent of sediments beneath Silver Lake, Berlin and Meriden, Connecticut  

USGS Publications Warehouse

A short-pulse ground-penetrating radar system was used to determine the extent and thickness of organic-rich lake-bottom sediments in Silver Lake in south-central Connecticut. Four mi of ground-penetrating radar profiles were obtained along traverses of the frozen lake during March 1984. The radar waves penetrated 6 inches of snow, 1 ft of ice, an average of 4 to 5 ft of water, and 5 ft of soft organic and inorganic deposits. A large area of the lake bottom is underlain by soft sediment exceeding 5 ft in depth. No radar reflections were obtained from the hard subbottom in these areas because the overlying sediment probably contains large proportions of silt and clay that are relatively impervious to radar. Coring along two radar profile lines confirmed the depths of soft sediment calculated from the radar data. Boring logs around the perimeter of the lake indicate that the eastern side may be underlain by till or poorly-sorted sand and gravel, and that the rest of the lake is probably underlain by fine sands and silts with some discontinuous layers of sand and gravel. (USGS)

Haeni, F.P.; McKeegan, D.K.; Capron, D.R.



E. Corchado et al. (Eds.): HAIS 2009, LNAI 5572, pp. 646653, 2009. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2009  

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- valued transactions, however the data in real-world applications usually consists of quantitative values. In the last few years, many researchers have proposed Evolutionary Algorithms for mining interesting ex- traction of quantitative association rules. Experimental results on a real-world dataset show

Granada, Universidad de


Open Access Publishing of ETD’s: Requirements and Implications of complying with Budapest, Bethesda and Berlin  

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. Page 1 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License. Introduction Open access publishing appears to be an important value for the worldwide ETD community. The term ?Open Access... articles using the most liberal of Creative Commons licenses, CC-BY, permitting almost any form of reuse for scholarly and even commercial purposes as long as attribution to the original and author are provided. While it is not surprising that low...

Clement, Gail


The Geomatics Lab, Geography Department at Humboldt-Universitt zu Berlin seeks highly qualified and motivated candidates for  

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or equivalent in Geography, Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Economics, Landscape Ecology or related fields with an above-average MSc degree or equivalent in Geography, Environmental Sciences, Landscape Ecology

Escolano, Francisco


A. Campilho and M. Kamel (Eds.): ICIAR 2008, LNCS 5112, pp. 567578, 2008. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2008  

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Document Management (EDM) technology is being widely adopted as it makes for the efficient routing the penetration of EDM into Arabic- speaking countries. In developing an OCR system for Arabic it is necessary were stimulated by the emergence of Islam. It is the native language of more than 230 million speakers

Higgins, Colin


M. Lee et al. (Eds.): ICONIP 2013, Part II, LNCS 8227, pp. 220227, 2013. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2013  

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) are deep architectures that can learn and infer at low computational costs. The structure of SPNs, incre- mental learning, deep architecture, probabilistic graphical model. 1 Introduction As learning Heidelberg 2013 Online Incremental Structure Learning of Sum­Product Networks Sang-Woo Lee, Min-Oh Heo


W. Nejdl et al. (Eds.): AH 2008, LNCS 5149, pp. 275278, 2008. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2008  

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Educational Hypermedia We use 5 OLMs that allow learner control over the interaction, in common level (medium shading) or misconceptions (dark shading) and misconception statements (e.g. "you may knowledge level is shown in the same way. Following 'misconceptions' links leads to misconceptions presented

Bull, Susan


P. Levi, R.J. Ahlers, F. May, M. Schanz (Eds.), Mustererkennung 1998, Springer, Berlin, pp. 93--100, 1998.  

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of many image analysis and computer vision tasks ranging from medical image processing to robot navigation. Ideally it should be efficient to compute and correspond well with the physical objects depicted


P. Dourish and A. Friday (Eds.): Ubicomp 2006, LNCS 4206, pp. 159 176, 2006. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2006  

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1 , Scott Carter 1 , Carol Pai2 , Janette Fong 2 , and Jennifer Mankoff 2 1 Berkeley Institute of environmental sounds. We describe a 2-week field study of an exploratory prototype, which shows that our enough to be deployed in an unconstrained setting for two weeks. Our main goal was to explore

Mankoff, Jennifer


J.-J. Yang et al. (Eds.): PRIMA 2009, LNAI 5925, pp. 4867, 2009. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2009  

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is a social phenomenon, where levels of emotion occur that may substantially exceed the original emotion levels of group members. How to avoid such spirals for negative emotions and how to stimulate them others' behavioral intentions, and script our social behavior. Research on the idea that emotion also has

Bosse, Tibor


D. Dicheva and D. Dochev (Eds.): AIMSA 2010, LNAI 6304, pp. 281282, 2010. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2010  

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effectiveness is achieved. Keywords: Genetic algorithms, Chromosome, Feed rate, E. coli fermentation. 1. In the paper a genetic algorithm for feed rate profiles synthesis is proposed. An E. coli fed]. In this paper a genetic algorithm for feed rate profiles synthesis during an E. coli fed-batch fermentation

Mustakerov, Ivan


A. Sillitti et al. (Eds.): XP 2011, LNBIP 77, pp. 192207, 2011. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011  

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Heidelberg 2011 Empirical Investigation on Agile Methods Usage: Issues Identified from Early Adopters. Agile Methods are a set of software practices that can help to produce products faster and at the same time deliver what customers want. Despite the benefits that Agile methods can deliver, however, we

Gravell, Andrew M.


Systematic reading training in the family: Development, implementation, and initial evaluation of the Berlin Parent–Child Reading Program  

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Drawing on knowledge about the development of reading comprehension, and empirical insights into the effects of training on students' learning strategies and reading-related metacognition, we developed a parent–child reading program for implementation in the home environment. The results of this first quasi-experimental evaluation study indicate that it is generally possible to implement a program of this kind within the family

Nele McElvany; Cordula Artelt



N. Ayache et al. (Eds.): MICCAI 2012, Part II, LNCS 7511, pp. 502510, 2012. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2012  

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assessment of CAD and the potential health risk to the patient associated with higher radiation doses are all of Computed Tomography (CT) image data obtained from a 320-MDCT scanner. The non- rigid endocardial surface surface, cardiovascular CT, non-rigid shape analysis, Bag-of-Words. 1 Introduction The clinically observed

Bhandarkar, Suchendra "Suchi" M.


To appear in Proceedings of 12th International Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management, Berlin, Germany.  

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and surprise queries are needed at different levels of abstractions (e.g., within the last week, last month subset of raw data needs to be retrieved and processed. To expedite this process, we utilize our TSA that the storage space required to store the optimal subtree of TSA­tree (OTSA­tree) is no more than that required

Shahabi, Cyrus


E.A. Krupinski (Ed.): IWDM 2008, LNCS 5116, pp. 265272, 2008. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2008  

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fea- tures in common with normal breast tissue. This means that a high number of false positives]. Computer-aided detection (CAD) of mammograms could be used to avoid these missed diagnoses, and has been shown to increase the number of cancers detected by more than nineteen percent [4]. Improving

Samet, Hanan


Y. Shi et al. (Eds.): ICCS 2007, Part I, LNCS 4487, pp. 11971204, 2007. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007  

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which aims at making the wind energy a competitive alternative in the energy market. This new summarizes the latest progresses in the research. 1 Introduction Wind turbines convert the kinetic energy Heidelberg 2007 Dynamic Data-Driven Fault Diagnosis of Wind Turbine Systems Yu Ding1 , Eunshin Byon1 , Chiwoo

Ding, Yu


K. Yacef et al. (Eds.): AIED 2013, LNAI 7926, pp. 557558, 2013. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2013  

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Heidelberg 2013 Lessons from Project LISTEN: What Have We Learned from a Reading Tutor That Listens? Abstract. For 20+ years, Project LISTEN ( has made computers listen to children read aloud, and help them learn to read. Along the way we have learned lessons about children, reading

Mostow, Jack


About the role of the Higgs boson in the early Fred Jegerlehner, DESY Zeuthen/Humboldt University Berlin  

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About the role of the Higgs boson in the early universe Fred Jegerlehner, DESY Zeuthen ­ April 16-17, 2014 5 #12;The Higgs is special! � the Higgs boson was invented 1964 by Higgs, Englert OInflation OThe issue of quadratic divergences in the SM OThe cosmological constant in the SM OThe Higgs

Röder, Beate


K. Miesenberger et al. (Eds.): ICCHP 2012, Part I, LNCS 7382, pp. 581584, 2012. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2012  

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interface design, user enablement. 1 Introduction Social media content is collected from several social creation and communication (the purpose of social media) but also on content analysis, preservation and reuse for identifying the major events as they happen, analyze the social input in its content (opinion

Kouroupetroglou, Georgios


Changes of CSF-protein pattern in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia during prophylactic CNS therapy (Berlin protocol)  

SciTech Connect

The cerebral spinal fluid (CSF)-protein profiles of ten children with previously untreated acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) were investigated by agarose gel electrophoresis. The profiles were determined at diagnosis and during the fifth to eighth week of treatment when preventive therapy for central nervous system (CNS) leukemia (skull irradiation, intrathecal methotrexate (ithMTX) was administered. The profiles were compared with those obtained from a control group of 67 children and those from 42 patients with acute aseptic meningitis. The data from the latter group demonstrated the CSF-protein pattern of partial blood-CSF barrier (B-CSF-B) breakdown. The children with ALL showed no or only minor signs of a B-CSF-B impairment at diagnosis and after four weeks of systemic treatment. However, CSF changes indicative of a lesion of the B-CSF-B increased in all children continuously during CNS prophylaxis. The protein profile at the end of combined chemotherapy and radiotherapy was very similar to that in patients with acute aseptic meningitis. These observations point to neurotoxic side effects on the CNS barrier system with the combination of cranial radiation and ithMTX. A striking finding was restricted heterogeneity of gamma-globulin, observed in the CSF of nine out of the ten children with ALL before or during treatment. The significance of this abnormality is unknown.

Siemes, H.; Rating, D.; Siegert, M.; Hanefeld, F.; Mueller, S.; Gadner, H.; Riehm, H.



G. Allen et al. (Eds.): ICCS 2009, Part I, LNCS 5544, pp. 653654, 2009. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2009  

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. Keywords: Multiphysics, Multiscale, Complex systems, Modeling, Simulation, ICCS, SMMS, Workshop. 1 Multiscale Systems (SMMS) poses a grand challenge to computational science. To adequately simulate numerous physics and engineering to biological and biomedical applications. This includes computational models

Amsterdam, Universiteit van


H. Tokuda et al. (Eds.): Pervasive 2009, LNCS 5538, pp. 176183, 2009. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2009  

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's physical activities. However, having sensors embedded in devices that users wear or carry with them all day participants who took part in a three month study that used personal sensing to detect their physical activities. Our results show that concerns often depended on what was being recorded, the context in which

Anderson, Richard


M. Kamel and A. Campilho (Eds.): ICIAR 2009, LNCS 5627, pp. 707716, 2009. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2009  

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deformable objects. A feedforward neural network architecture is em- ployed in an original manner to model and for their different deformation stages. Keywords: Deformable objects, elastic behavior, range imaging, tactile prob- ing, neural networks. 1 Introduction The problem of accurately modeling deformable objects

Payeur, Pierre


J.-J. Yang et al. (Eds.): PRIMA 2009, LNAI 5925, pp. 552562, 2009. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2009  

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neurological evidence supports this perspective, in particular the recent discovery of mirror neurons else performing a similar action.; e.g., [10], [15], [17], [25], [26], [27] and [29]. Mirror neurons usually concern neurons involved in the preparation of actions or body states. By [8] such preparation

Bosse, Tibor


Y. de Kort et al. (Eds.): PERSUASIVE 2007, LNCS 4744, pp. 2435, 2007. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007  

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Heidelberg 2007 Designing Persuasion: Health Technology for Low-Income African American Communities Andrea,beki} Abstract. In the United States, African Americans face a disproportionate amount of diet-related health considerations for the design of technologies that address the diet-related health disparities in low

Grinter, Rebecca Elizabeth


Two Positions for ATLAS at LHC The experimental particle physics group of the Humboldt-University Berlin  

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V. For these fields, we invite for a 1) Postdoc Position (AN/115/07) Salary: - Vgr. IIa - BAT-O i.d.F. d. AnwTV HU Position (AN/116/07) Salary: Part time (50%) - Vgr. IIa - BAT-O i.d.F. d. AnwTV HU (limited to max. 6 years as the positions are not filled. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply. Applications of disabled candidates


F. Bomarius et al. (Eds.): PROFES 2009, LNBIP 32, pp. 362374, 2009. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2009  

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technical issues to business- relevant decision problems. While the concept of value in VBSE relies of Technology, Software Business Laboratory Otaniementie 17, Espoo, Finland 2 Vienna University of Technology on the well-established economic value concept, the exact definition for this key con- cept within VBSE domain


V. V Das et al. (Eds.): BAIP 2010, CCIS 70, pp. 45 52, 2010. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2010  

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-timer interrupt routine. Vista also uses a priority scheduler for the I/O queue so that disk defragmenters 2010 Design and Evaluation of a Fuzzy-Based CPU Scheduling Algorithm Shatha J. Kadhim1 and Kasim M. Al, Philadelphia University, Amman, Jordan Abstract. Scheduling in computer science means


Second Expert Consultation on RAMP (RAMP II). (West Berlin, Germany, June 9-11, 1982). Final Report.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Twelve experts from United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) member countries were invited participants in a meeting which was organized to assess the progress and results of UNESCO's Records and Archives Management Programme (RAMP II) since an organizational meeting in May 1979, and to provide advice for future…

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, Paris (France).