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En este art韈ulo se presenta un estudio de la calidad del aire en la ciudad de Rosario, Argentina. Se detallan las concentraciones de Mon髕ido de Carbono, Di髕ido de Azufre y Oxidos de Nitr骻eno que se obtuvieron mediante la operaci髇 de cuatro  

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Los resultados reflejan la existencia de bajas concentraciones de estos conta- minantes en zonas suburbanas y altas concentraciones en zonas cercanas al centro comercial, motivado por una mayor circulaci髇 de automotores en estas 鷏timas. Tambi閚 muestran una tendencia creciente para los Oxidos de Nitr骻eno en 1995 respecto a 1994, acompa馻do por un crecimiento en la cantidad de Mon髕ido de Carbono.

Daniel A. Andr閟; Eduardo J. Ferrero; E. Zeballos


77 FR 29633 - Alta Wind VII, LLC, Alta Wind IX, LLC, Alta Wind X, LLC, Alta Wind XI, LLC, Alta Wind XII, LLC...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...Alta Wind XII, LLC, Alta Wind XIII, LLC, Alta Wind XIV, LLC, Alta Wind XV, LLC, Alta Windpower Development, LLC, and...interconnect the full planned capacity of Petitioners' wind and solar generation projects to the integrated...



75 FR 23263 - Alta Wind I, LLC; Alta Wind II, LLC; Alta Wind III, LLC; Alta Wind IV, LLC; Alta Wind V, LLC...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...Alta Wind V, LLC, Alta Wind VI, LLC, Alta Wind VII, LLC, Alta Wind VIII, LLC, Alta Windpower Development, LLC...tie-lines to interconnect Petitioners' full planned wind and solar generation capacity to the integrated...



Solar Innovator | Alta Devices  

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Selected to participate in the Energy Department's SunShot Initiative, Alta Devices produces solar cells that convert sunlight into electricity at world record-breaking levels of efficiency. Through its innovative solar technology Alta is helping bring down the cost of solar. Learn more about the Energy Department's efforts to advance solar technology at .

Mattos, Laila; Le, Minh



Data Mining Tools Irfan Altas  

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Data Mining Tools Irfan Altas School of Information Studies, Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga discuss several scalable and parallel discovery and predictive data mining tools. They successfully Data mining tools, thin plate splines, BMARS, revolver, regression, smoothing, addi颅 tive models

Turlach, Berwin A.


Edge of the Mesa Alta  

USGS Multimedia Gallery

USGS researcher Craig Allen stands on the edge of Mesa Alta, amid diverse forest and woodland in the uplands of northern New Mexico; note some recently dead ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir in the field of view. Forest drought stress is strongly correlated with tree mortality from poor growth, bark be...


AltaVista Babelfish Translation  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The well-known AltaVista search service has teamed with SYSTRAN Software, Inc. (discussed in the January 24, 1997 Scout report) to offer this web page translation service in the language pairs of English-Spanish, English-French, English-German, English-Portugese, and English-Italian from the main Altavista page. Users can search and then simply hit the translate button, at which time the language options are given. Users may also use the direct translation page; at present this method is more effective when page content is cut and pasted directly than when an URL is specified. Translations, as might be expected, tend to be fairly wooden.



Alta Scuola Politecnica The Alta Scuola Politecnica (ASP) is a school for young  

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Alta Scuola Politecnica The Alta Scuola Politecnica (ASP) is a school for young and exceptionally in a multidisciplinary community. ASP selects 150 students per year, among the top 5% of the applicants to the Master di Torino (PoliTo). The ASP program runs parallel to the Master of Science programs of the two


AltaVista: The Search Company  

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AltaVista was the first search engine to offer multilingual searching capabilities for non-English speaking Web users. This news was officially announced to the public by Digital Equipment Corporation on June 29, 1997. Endusers can search for pages written in several different languages including: Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. AltaVista has indicated that more languages will be added in the future.


USGS Researcher at Mesa Alta, New Mexico  

USGS Multimedia Gallery

USGS researcher Craig Allen stands on the edge of Mesa Alta, amid diverse forest and woodland in the uplands of northern New Mexico; note some recently dead ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir in the field of view. Forest drought stress is strongly correlated with tree mortality from poor growth, bark be...


Las Vegas  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

This image of Las Vegas, NV was acquired on August, 2000 and covers an area 42 km (25 miles) wide and 30 km (18 miles) long. The image displays three bands of the reflected visible and infrared wavelength region, with a spatial resolution of 15 m. McCarran International Airport to the south and Nellis Air Force Base to the NE are the two major airports visible. Golf courses appear as bright red areas of worms. The first settlement in Las Vegas (which is Spanish for The Meadows) was recorded back in the early 1850s when the Mormon church, headed by Brigham Young, sent a mission of 30 men to construct a fort and teach agriculture to the Indians. Las Vegas became a city in 1905 when the railroad announced this city was to be a major division point. Prior to legalized gambling in 1931, Las Vegas was developing as an agricultural area. Las Vegas' fame as a resort area became prominent after World War II. The image is located at 36.1 degrees north latitude and 115.1 degrees west longitude.

The U.S. science team is located at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif. The Terra mission is part of NASA's Science Mission Directorate.



Astrofsica de altas LUIS F. RODRGUEZ  

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encontraran un marco te贸rico que las explicara. En 1864, el escoc茅s James Clerk Maxwell unific贸 dos fuerzas ltante era exactamente la de la luz, 300000 kil贸metros por se gundo. Visionariamente, Maxwell afirm贸 que, encontraban una expli caci贸n natural: eran otras formas de radiaci贸n electromagn茅tica. Maxwell tambi茅n predijo

Rodriguez, Luis F.


TCD Research Methods Fall 2004 LAS 6292 (Sect. 6816x)  

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TCD Research Methods 颅 Fall 2004 LAS 6292 (Sect. 6816x) Thursday, Periods 6-8 (12:50- 3:50) 376 and development. Required textbooks, available at Goering's Books and Bagels: 1. Bernard, H.R. 1995. Research Methods in Anthropology: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches, 3rd edition. AltaMira Press, Walnut

Pilyugin, Sergei S.


Carne cocinada a altas temperaturas y el riesgo de c醤cer

Hoja informativa que explica en qu forma algunos compuestos qu韒icos se forman en la carne que se cocina usando m閠odos de alta temperatura, como fre韗 en sart閚 o asar a la parrilla, y describe los resultados de estudios sobre la relaci髇 entre el consumo de estos compuestos qu韒icos y el riesgo de c醤cer.


The Alta Mine: A Multidisciplinary Analysis of an Acid  

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i #12;The Alta Mine: A Multidisciplinary Analysis of an Acid Mine Drainage Environment LRES 442, and environmental microbiology; all disciplines highly appropriate to the study of acid mine/rock drainage associated with a closed mine that is representative of those found throughout western United States

Maxwell, Bruce D.


Interf HW & SW Redes de Alta Velocidade --SBRC97 1 Interfaces de Hardware & Software  

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Interf HW & SW Redes de Alta Velocidade -- SBRC颅97 1 Interfaces de Hardware & Software para Redes de Alta Velocidade Simp'osio Brasileiro de Redes de Computadores S~ao Carlos, 1997 Roberto A Hexsel Departamento de Inform'atica UFPR #12; Interf HW & SW Redes de Alta Velocidade -- SBRC

Hexsel, Roberto A


Apogee Imaging Systems Alta F42 CCD Camera with Back Illuminated EV2 CCD42-The Apogee Alta F42 CCD Camera has a back-illuminated full frame 4 megapixel EV2 CCD42-40  

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quantum efficiency. Midband, broadband, and UV-enhanced versions of the CCD are available. Ideal, international power supply and ActiveX driver. Apogee Alta庐 F Series Faster readout speeds, Alta reliability The Apogee Alta庐 F Series represents the next step in the evolution of the Alta line of cameras with faster

Kleinfeld, David


Estudiar las redes sociales: Aportes y perspectivas para las  

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Estudiar las redes sociales: Aportes y perspectivas para las ciencias sociales Claire Bidart LEST estructuracio- nes, sus din谩micas. Transversales a los grupos y a las estructuras sociales glo- bales, las redes. Transversales a los grupos y a las estructuras sociales globales, las redes sin embargo repercuten en ellos

Paris-Sud XI, Universit茅 de



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RETOS DE LAS HUMANIDADES Y LAS CIENCIAS SOCIALES Consejo T茅cnico de Humanidades 12,13 y 14 de junio de 2012 12 10:00 horas Pol铆ticas de estado en las Humanidades y las ciencias sociales Guillermo las Humanidades y las ciencias sociales: tensiones y ProPuestas Mar铆a de Ibarrola, CINVESTAV, IPN

Islas, Le贸n


GENERAL ______________________________________ The Black Box Theatre is located in the Alta Ham Fine Arts  

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Theatre is located in the Alta Ham Fine Arts complex, which is located on the campus of the University _________________________________________ The main lobby is small and is located in the foyer of the Alta Ham Fine Arts complex. BOX OFFICE _____________________________________ The Black Box Theatre shares the Performing Arts Center Box Office, which is located by the Artemus W. Ham

Hemmers, Oliver


An Analysis of Multimedia Searching on AltaVista Bernard J. Jansen  

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An Analysis of Multimedia Searching on AltaVista Bernard J. Jansen School of Information Sciences and Technology The Pennsylvania State University 2P Thomas Building, University Park PA USA 16802 jjansen is a significant activity for many people seeking multimedia information. Major Web search engines, such as Alta

Jansen, James



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mexicanus, Cyphorhinus phaeocephalus, Coryphospingus pileatus y Cacicus cela. Adicionalmente registramos: Herpetotheres cachinnans, Chaetura brachyura, Dryocopus lineatus y Myrmeciza laemosticta; y conrmamos la, Cyphorhinus phaeocephalus, Coryphospingus pileatus and Cacicus cela. In addition, we reported four species

Cuervo, Andr茅s


Advanced Multi-System Simulation Capabilities with AltaRica  

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Recently, AIRBUS and ONERA were involved in the ESACS (Enhanced Safety Assessment for Complex Systems) European project. The aim of this project was to investigate new safety assessment techniques based on the use of formal design languages and associated tools. Two case-studies based on AIRBUS aircraft were used to validate the approach. Both a complete hydraulic system and an electric system were modelled. We also built a model depicting the two systems and their interconnections and performed a safety analysis focusing on failure propagation. In this paper, we report how the combination of these two medium sized models was assessed and analysed with the AltaRica language. With respect to analysis, we explain how we used Cecilia OCAS, developed by Dassault Aviation, a French aircraft manufacturer. Simulation was first performed interactively with graphical views of the system that help to understand precisely how failures propagate inside a system as well as between systems. Then we used a model checker that performs symbolically an exhaustive simulation of the system. As a main result, we found out that these tools and the underlying safety approach were very efficient to assess whether qualitative safety requirements are fulfilled by a system design or not.

unknown authors


Computacion de Altas Prestaciones, una herramienta en ayuda de la ciencia  

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Computaci麓on de Altas Prestaciones, una herramienta en ayuda de la ciencia Domingo Gim麓enez Departamento de Inform麓atica y Sistemas Grupo de Computaci麓on Cient麓ifica y Programaci麓on Paralela investigacion San Alberto, 14 noviembre 2014 Computaci麓on de Altas Prestaciones San Alberto, 14-11-2014 1 / 50

Gim茅nez, Domingo


Estudio de la fotoabsorci髇 y fotoionizaci髇 de la mol閏ula de alta relevancia atmosf閞ica no a trav閟 de los estados Rydberg con la metodolog韆 MQDO  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Los procesos de fotoionizaci髇 son de una importancia fundamental [1] y encuentran aplicaci髇 en un gran n鷐ero de contextos cient韋icos: Astrof韘ica [2], qu韒ica de las radiaciones, biolog韆. Los investigadores de dichos campos, necesitan de valores de fiables de secciones eficaces para la fotoionizaci髇 parcial, la Fotoabsorci髇, as como para los procesos de fotofragmentaci髇 en amplios intervalos espectrales, particularmente en estudios de modelizaci髇 [3-5]. En este trabajo se ha centrado la atenci髇 sobre el oxido n韙rico, que se ha considerado apropiado y relevante por varios motivos: por el trascendental papel que representa en la f韘ica y qu韒ica de la alta atmosfera [6], aparte de por estar 韓timamente relacionado con los problemas de contaminaci髇. Los procesos de recombinaci髇 disociativa [7] del NO, donde los estados Rydberg se encuentran directamente implicados, son relevantes, por ejemplo, en las regiones E y F de la ionosfera [7]. En este trabajo se estudia la fotoionizaci髇 del NO desde el estado fundamental con la versi髇 molecular del m閠odo del orbital de defecto cu醤tico (MQDO). Para ello se calcula el diferencial de las fuerzas de oscilador parciales que constituyen los canales de fotoionizaci髇 del NO desde el estado fundamental. La continuidad del diferencial de fuerza de oscilador calculada a trav閟 del umbral de fotoionizaci髇, esto es, en las regiones del espectro discreta y del continua, se adopta como criterio de calidad la escasez de datos comparativos [8].

Bustos, E.; Velasco, A. M.; Mart韓, I.; Lav韓, C.


Las Vegas Strip History  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Created by amateur cultural historian Deanna DeMatteo, this site offers "the most detailed history of the Las Vegas Strip on the Internet today," showing in words and graphics the evolution of the properties on the Strip from its beginning to the present. Drawing on materials provided by publications, professional Las Vegas historians, and the Nevada State Museum and Historical Society, DeMatteo offers a detailed, noncommercial history with plenty of photographs (many archival) of the strip from the first night club in 1930 named Pair O Dice to the first true casino hotel, El Rancho with 63 rooms in 1941, to Hilton's giant Paris Las Vegas opening earlier this Fall with 2,914 rooms. There is also a special topics section, covering people significant in the strip's development, such as Warren "Doc" Bayley and Howard Hughes. Launched in August, the Website is continually updated with new material. Note: to reach table of contents, click on the photograph at end of the homepage.

Dematteo, Deanna.


El an醠isis de las interacciones grupales: las aplicaciones SOCIOS  

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El concepto de 慽nteracci髇 representa uno de los n鷆leos fundamentales de la Psicolog韆 Social. En los grupos y las organizaciones, esto significa focalizar las explicaciones de los fen髆enos en el sistema de relaciones de 搃nfluenciarec韕roca que se establece entre sus componentes. El an醠isis de las matrices de interacci髇 requiere la utilizaci髇 de algoritmos espec韋icos de tratamiento de la informaci髇, no

Jos Manuel Cornejo 羖varez



Pilot-Scale Demonstration of ALTA for NOx Control in Pulverized Coal-Fired Boilers  

SciTech Connect

This report describes computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling and pilot-scale testing conducted to demonstrate the ability of the Advanced Layered Technology Approach (ALTA) to reduce NO{sub x} emissions in a pulverized coal (PC) boiler. Testing specifically focused on characterizing NO{sub x} behavior with deep burner staging combined with Rich Reagent Injection (RRI). Tests were performed in a 4 MBtu/hr pilot-scale furnace at the University of Utah. Reaction Engineering International (REI) led the project team which included the University of Utah and Combustion Components Associates (CCA). Deep burner staging and RRI, combined with selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR), make up the Advanced Layered Technology Approach (ALTA) for NO{sub x} reduction. The application of ALTA in a PC environment requires homogenization and rapid reaction of post-burner combustion gases and has not been successfully demonstrated in the past. Operation of the existing low-NO{sub x} burner and design and operation of an application specific ALTA burner was guided by CFD modeling conducted by REI. Parametric pilot-scale testing proved the chemistry of RRI in a PC environment with a NOx reduction of 79% at long residence times and high baseline NOx rate. At representative particle residence times, typical operation of the dual-register low-NO{sub x} burner provided an environment that was unsuitable for NO{sub x} reduction by RRI, showing no NOx reduction. With RRI, the ALTA burner was able to produce NO{sub x} emissions 20% lower than the low-NO{sub x} burner, 76 ppmv vs. 94 ppmv, at a burner stoichiometric ratio (BSR) of 0.7 and a normalized stoichiometric ratio (NSR) of 2.0. CFD modeling was used to investigate the application of RRI for NO{sub x} control on a 180 MW{sub e} wall-fired, PC boiler. A NO{sub x} reduction of 37% from baseline (normal operation) was predicted using ALTA burners with RRI to produce a NO{sub x} emission rate of 0.185 lb/MBtu at the horizontal nose of the boiler. When combined with SNCR, a NO{sub x} emission rate of 0.12-0.14 lb/MBtu can be expected when implementing a full ALTA system on this unit. Cost effectiveness of the full ALTA system was estimated at $2,152/ton NO{sub x} removed; this was less than 75% of the cost estimated for an SCR system on a unit of this size.

Andrew Fry; Devin Davis; Marc Cremer; Bradley Adams



History: Las Vegas  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Las Vegas (or "The Meadows" in Spanish) is a curious place, and it is not much of a stretch to say that it was transformed from a sleepy railroad town into a ring-a-ding swinging town in just a few decades during the 20th century. The Las Vegas Sun has gone above and beyond the call of duty by crafting a site that presents a multimedia-rich experience that narrates the history of this rather unique American city. Visitors should start their journey here by watching one or all eleven parts of their "Boomtown" video on the history of the town. Then visitors may want to take a look at the interactive map of the "Strip", which tells the fortunes of casinos and other buildings, past, present, and future, which have graced this notable region of mega-structures amidst the desert. After that, visitors should look at the "12 Voices from the Past" area. Voices like casino owner Benny Binion and former Nevada governor Mike O'Callaghan are featured here, and it's a great trip back through the city's varied past.


Ossification in the patellar tendon and patella alta following sports injuries in children  

Microsoft Academic Search

Two patients with sleeve fractures of the patella and tibial tuberosity respectively are described. Our two cases demonstrate that the diagnosis can be difficult; patella alta and ossification in the patellar tendon are complications of conservative treatment. Early diagnosis and operative reduction and fixation are mandatory.

J. D. Bruijn; R. J. Sanders; B. R. H. Jansen



Ecology, Propagation and Conservation of Eulophia alta L., a Threatened Florida Orchid Scott Stewart1  

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Ecology, Propagation and Conservation of Eulophia alta L., a Threatened Florida Orchid Scott, Naples, FL 34114. Introduction Nearly 250 species of orchids are native to the United States, and approximately 120 of those species are known from Florida. Orchids throughout Florida face many conservation

Mazzotti, Frank


Bacteria adds to fly lifespan Calgary Herald Calgary, Alta.:Aug 17, 2004. p. A4  

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Bacteria adds to fly lifespan Calgary Herald Calgary, Alta.:Aug 17, 2004. p. A4 Abstract (Article Summary) Exposing the insect drosophila to bacteria at various moments of its notoriously short existence, the researchers found if bacteria were successful in latching onto a host fly within the first four to seven days

Seroude, Laurent


Modelando a volatilidade dos retornos de Petrobr醩 usando dados de alta frequ阯cia  

Microsoft Academic Search

O objetivo do presente trabalho analisar as caracter韘ticas emp韗icas de uma s閞ie deretornos de dados em alta freqncia para um dos ativos mais negociados na Bolsa de Valoresde S鉶 Paulo. Estamos interessados em modelar a volatilidade condicional destes retornos,testando em particular a presen鏰 de mem髍ia longa, entre outros fen鬽enos que caracterizameste tipo de dados. Nossa investiga玢o revela que al閙

Leonardo Cappa; Pedro Luiz Valls Pereira



Patellar maltracking is prevalent among patellofemoral pain subjects with patella alta: an upright, weightbearing MRI study  

PubMed Central

The purpose of this study is to determine if patellar maltracking is more prevalent among patellofemoral (PF) pain subjects with patella alta compared to subjects with normal patella height. We imaged 37 PF pain and 15 pain free subjects in an open-configuration magnetic resonance imaging scanner while they stood in a weightbearing posture. We measured patella height using the Caton-Deschamps, Blackburne-Peel, Insall-Salvati, Modified Insall-Salvati, and Patellotrochlear indices, and classified the subjects into patella alta and normal patella height groups. We measured patella tilt and bisect offset from oblique-axial plane images, and classified the subjects into maltracking and normal tracking groups. Patellar maltracking was more prevalent among PF pain subjects with patella alta compared to PF pain subjects with normal patella height (two-tailed Fisher抯 exact test, p < 0.050). Using the Caton-Deschamps index, 67% (8/12) of PF pain subjects with patella alta were maltrackers, whereas only 16% (4/25) of PF pain subjects with normal patella height were maltrackers. Patellofemoral pain subjects classified as maltrackers displayed a greater patella height compared to the pain free and PF pain subjects classified as normal trackers (two-tailed unpaired t-tests with Bonferroni correction, p < 0.017). This study adds to our understanding of PF pain in two ways - 1) we demonstrate that patellar maltracking is more prevalent in PF pain subjects with patella alta compared to subjects with normal patella height; and 2) we show greater patella height in PF pain subjects compared to pain free subjects using four indices commonly used in clinics. PMID:23165335

Pal, Saikat; Besier, Thor F.; Beaupre, Gary S.; Fredericson, Michael; Delp, Scott L.; Gold, Garry E.



77 FR 35669 - AltaGas Renewable Energy Colorado LLC; Supplemental Notice That Initial Market-Based Rate Filing...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...Commission [Docket No. ER12-1875-000] AltaGas Renewable Energy Colorado LLC; Supplemental Notice That Initial Market-Based...notice in the above-referenced proceeding of AltaGas Renewable Energy Colorado LLC application for market-based...



78 FR 18972 - Alta Wind X, LLC; Supplemental Notice That Initial Market-Based Rate Filing Includes Request for...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...Regulatory Commission [Docket No. ER13-1150-000] Alta Wind X, LLC; Supplemental Notice That Initial Market-Based Rate Filing...supplemental notice in the above-referenced proceeding, of Alta Wind X, LLC's application for market-based rate authority,...



The Las Campanas Redshift Survey  

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The Las Campanas Redshift Survey has sampled 26400 galaxies, with an average redshift z = 0.1, in six 1.5 deg 80 deg slices in the North and South galactic caps. The combination of the survey's large sample size, volume, and depth argues that the Las Campanas Survey may currently represent the best chance for a fair sample of the

Huan Lin; Stephen D. Landy; Augustus Oemler; Douglas L. Tucker; Robert P. Kirshner; Paul L. Schechter



Metamorphism of siliceous dolostone: An example from the Alta stock, Utah  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This exercise, based on a suite of rocks from the contact metamorphic aureole of the Alta stock near Salt Lake City, Utah, is constructed for a mid to upper level undergraduate petrology course and does not require access to rocks and thin sections. It assumes students have already had a course in mineralogy and are familiar with photomicrographs, plotting mineral compositions on ternary diagrams, the phase rule, and Schreinemaker's rules. Some of these concepts (e.g., Schreinemaker's rules) could be introduced as part of this activity. Students who complete this exercise should be able to identify mineral assemblages common to metamorphosed siliceous dolostones, determine appropriate chemical systems to describe and plot minerals, infer metamorphic reactions from progressive changes in mineral assemblages, identify metamorphic reactions responsible for producing isograds mapped in the field, understand how rock and fluid compositions control mineral assemblages, and infer the temperature and fluid composition evolution of the Alta stock aureole based on T-X(CO2)diagrams.

Davidson, Cameron


Quimioterapia de alta dosis prolonga en forma significativa la supervivencia en pacientes con leucemia mieloide aguda

Los resultados preliminares de un estudio cl韓ico grande con asignaci髇 al azar de pacientes de 16 a 60 a駉s de edad con leucemia mieloide aguda (LMA), un c醤cer de la sangre y de la m閐ula 髎ea, que no hab韆 sido tratada anteriormente, muestran que los pacientes que recibieron una alta dosis de daunorrubicina, un f醨maco de quimioterapia disponible comercialmente, durante la terapia inicial vivieron m醩 que los pacientes que recibieron una dosis normal del mismo f醨maco.



EPA Science Inventory

ENPACT: The Las Vegas Interagency Pilot Project The Las Vegas Interagency Pilot Project of the EMPACT program has involved eleven efforts. These efforts are described in brief on the poster presentation. They include: Las Vegas Environmental Monitoring Inventory, the Qual...


TransAlta's Sundance plant pioneers the company's plunge into automation  

SciTech Connect

By delaying a plantwide wireless network and sensors, plus a condition-based monitoring system, and extending the reach of its work management system, the huge but aging coal-fired Sundance power plant in Alberta has already saved more than $10 million. The facelift has lowered the cost and raised the productivity of operations, maintenance, and even warehouse inventory control. For having the vision and endurance to plan and execute a project that involved risking a bundle on emerging technologies, TransAlta's Sundance power plant is the well-deserved winner of Power magazine's 2005 Marmaduke Award for excellence in O & M. 5 photos., 2 tabs.

Wicker, K.



Natural and induced endoreic hydrological conditions in the Alta Murgia karstic region (Apulia, Southern Italy)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A study aimed at understanding the hydrological processes in karst areas related to the presence of natural and artificial endoreic basins and their modification due to land use change, as well as the influence of above factors on the infiltration rate has been carried out in the Alta Murgia region (Apulia, Southern Italy). The region is a Cretaceous limestone plateau of the Apulian platform, characterized by a mature karstic landscape: due to its elevation, climatic conditions and lithology, the plateau constitutes the main recharge area of the Murgia aquifer. The typical karst topography is essentially related to the subterranean drainage (sinkholes, caves, conduit): surface and subsurface karst geomorphology is strictly interrelated with hydrology. The morphological features of the karstic plateau are defined by the high density of surface karstic forms (mainly dolines), the presence of exposed karst and karren fields, as well as by the extensive outcrop of fractured rocks. Karst surface shows, on the bottom of the morpho-structural depressions called "lame", natural distribution of modest deposits of "terra rossa" and regolith. The "lame" work as streams during and after intense rainfall events, often outlining a primordial ephemeral hydrographical network, frequently convergent towards dolines, poljes or endoreic basins. Alta Murgia shows many natural endoreic basin conditions in a quite flat morphology. In this environment, when intense rainfall events cover large areas and rainfall intensity exceeds the infiltration capacity of soils and/or sinkholes, significant runoff amounts are produced and stored in the basins causing floods. Most of the natural endoreic basins are small and independent: while the majority of them continue functioning as endoreic even in presence of extreme events of high return time, others (quasi-endoreic), under the same circumstances can start contributing to other basins, due to exceeding their water storage capability. This way, very large flow can cascade down towards more depressed areas. Another important feature of the Alta Murgia territory is that the whole area is characterised by a high degree of division into parcels, physically delimited by a well developed network of drystone walls. These have been built during centuries by using stones retrieved from the same fields, having the main role of preserving soils from erosion. The drystone walls that limit the parcels define induced endoreic conditions, where runoff, mostly prevented from discharging out, rather converges toward natural drainage systems and internal depressions, where afterwards infiltrates: the walls allow a high infiltration rate of precipitation of low and medium intensity with low evapotranspiration, while the runoff basically activates only during highest intensity events. The drystone walls have preserved in the time the characteristics of the karst surface, with its high hydraulic conductivity consequent to the negligible outcrop of soils; because of their capability of decreasing the runoff triggering threshold, drystone walls have always worked positively inside the endoreic and quasi-endoreic basins. The above characteristics of both natural and artificial endoreic basins indicate that the definition of the water balance for the Alta Murgia aquifer is complex, requiring a model able to take into account, not only the absorption capacity of the karstic surface textures (which, indeed, are able to delay the start of the runoff due to the need to reach first the saturation of terra rossa in the fissures, pockets and fillings of karst hollows) but also the hydraulic behaviour and geomorphological features of the basins constituting on the whole the recharge area. To make the situation even more complex, in the last decades, the territory was subject to a particular type of land use change, the stone shattering (that is performed by crushing and grinding the karst surface), aimed at making suitable the parcels for mechanized agriculture. While the original situation of Alta Murgia

Canora, F.; Fidelibus, M. D.; Spilotro, G.



Investiga玢o dos perf韘 temporais de alta resolu玢o de explos鮡s solares tipo-III decim閠ricas  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Explos鮡s solares tipo-III indicam a presen鏰 de feixes de el閠rons acelerados durante "flares" solares. Sua investiga玢o fornece informa珲es tanto sobre os processos de acelera玢o de part韈ulas quanto das caracter韘ticas do agente causador e do local de acelera玢o. Explos鮡s tipo-III decim閠ricas s鉶 geradas por feixes de el閠rons viajando atrav閟 de arcos magn閠icos densos da baixa coroa solar. Os perf韘 temporais destes fen鬽enos, quando tomados com alta resolu玢o, informam sobre os mecanismos de acelera玢o de part韈ulas do feixe e o meio de transporte da energia liberada a partir da regi鉶 de acelera玢o. Usando o Brazilian Solar Spectroscope (BSS), em opera玢o no INPE, foram registradas dezenas de explos鮡s tipo-III decim閠ricas, dentro da faixa de 2050-2250 MHz com alta resolu玢o temporal (20 ms), em 13 de setembro de 2001, entre 13:00 e 16:10 UT. Foram selecionadas 10 explos鮡s isoladas para uma investiga玢o estat韘tica detalhada de seus perf韘 temporais, em todos os cerca de 50 canais de freqncia. Os resultados indicam que cerca de 70% dos perf韘 temporais s鉶 complexos tanto durante a subida quanto descida. Os 30% restantes indicam que os perf韘 da subida podem ser bem representados, na maioria dos casos, por um processo n鉶-linear e uma parcela significativa por processos lineares. Os perf韘 temporais da descida s鉶 dominados por um decaimento n鉶-linear. Neste trabalho, ser efetuada uma an醠ise dos perf韘 temporais, tanto durante a subida quanto descida do fluxo, para as explos鮡s selecionadas, em termos dos prov醰eis mecanismos de acelera玢o e relaxamento. 2

Cecatto, J. R.; Fernandes, F. C. R.; Sawant, H. S.; Madsen, F. R. H.



Las Cruces MPO 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan  

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?A ANA COUNTY June 9, 2010 LAS CRUCES METROPOLITAN PLANNING ORGANIZATION Policy Committee Sharon Thomas, Chair - City of Las Cruces Scott Krahling, Vice Chair - Do?a Ana County Mayor Nora Barraza - Town of Mesilla Olga Pedroza - City of Las... Cruces Leticia Benavidez - Do?a Ana County Sam Bernal - Town of Mesilla Gill Sorg - City of Las Cruces Karen Perez - Do?a Ana County Linda Flores - Town of Mesilla Staff Tom Murphy, AICP, MPO Officer Andrew Hume, Planner Caeri Thomas...

Las Cruces Metropolitan Planning Organization



15,000-yr pollen record of vegetation change in the high altitude tropical Andes at Laguna Verde Alta, Venezuelai  

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Alta, Venezuelai Valenti麓 Rull a,*, Mark B. Abbott b , Pratigya J. Polissar c , Alexander P. Wolfe d the Late Glacial. The most noteworthy events identified by these records are the FEl Caballo_ stadial (篓19,500 cal yr B.P.), the FMucubaji麓 III_ cold phase (tentatively correlated with the Younger Dryas

Polissar, Pratigya J.


Alta Scuola Politecnica: an ongoing experiment in the multidisciplinary education of top students towards innovation in engineering, architecture and design  

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Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino, the top technical universities in Italy, united their efforts in 2004 by launching a unique excellence programme called Alta Scuola Politecnica (ASP). The ASP programme is devoted to 150 students, selected each year from among the top 510% of those enrolled in the Engineering, Architecture and Design MSc programmes at each institution. This

S. Benedetto; F. Bernelli Zazzera; P. Bertola; M. Cantamessa; S. Ceri; C. Ranci; A. Spaziante; R. Zanino



Alta Scuola Politecnica: An Ongoing Experiment in the Multidisciplinary Education of Top Students towards Innovation in Engineering, Architecture and Design  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino, the top technical universities in Italy, united their efforts in 2004 by launching a unique excellence programme called Alta Scuola Politecnica (ASP). The ASP programme is devoted to 150 students, selected each year from among the top 5-10% of those enrolled in the Engineering, Architecture and

Benedetto, S.; Bernelli Zazzera, F.; Bertola, P.; Cantamessa, M.; Ceri, S.; Ranci, C.; Spaziante, A.; Zanino, R.



todasuvida: Las personas con diabetes son ms  

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diabetes Controlesu todasuvida: Las personas con diabetes son m谩s propensas a padecer de enfermedades del coraz贸n que quienes no tienen diabetes. Bolet铆n 631 D Las personas con diabetes tienen mayor- res relacionados con la diabetes, como derrame cerebral, mala circulaci贸n en las piernas y pies e


Two-year study of atmospheric aerosols in Alta Floresta, Brazil: Multielemental composition and source apportionment  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Atmospheric aerosol samples were collected nearly continuously from August 1996 until September 1998 at Alta Floresta in a primary forest region of the Amazon basin, Brazil. The sampling device consisted of a stacked filter unit (SFU), which separates the aerosol into a coarse (2-10 ?m equivalent aerodynamic diameter (EAD)) and a fine (<2 ?m EAD) size fraction. The coarse and fine filters of all SFU samples (205 in total) were analysed for the particulate mass (PM), black carbon (BC), and up to 47 elements (from Na upward). The multielemental analyses were done by a combination of PIXE and instrumental neutron activation analysis. Absolute principal component analysis was used for source (source type) identification and apportionment. Five components were identified in the fine size fraction, i.e. mineral dust, a biomass burning (pyrogenic) component (with PM, BC, S, K, Zn, Br, Rb and I, having loadings in the range 0.7-0.9), a Na/Ca component, a biogenic component (with P), and an almost pure Pb component. On average 67% of the fine PM was attributed to the pyrogenic component, 14% to the mineral dust, 7% each to the biogenic and Na/Ca components, and 4% to the Pb component. The relative contribution from the pyrogenic aerosol varied substantially with season, however. It was generally between 60% and 100% during the dry season. During the wet season, on the other hand, it often became insignificant. During that season, most of the fine aerosol was attributed to the biogenic component.

Maenhaut, Willy; Fern醤dez-Jim閚ez, Maria-Teresa; Rajta, Istvan; Artaxo, Paulo



Environmental exposure to mercury in the urban area of Alta Floresta  

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Mercury has been released into the Amazonia ecosystem as a result of gold mining activities over the past 15 years. Metallic mercury is used to amalgamate gold particulate. During the amalgamation process, a significant amount of metallic Hg finds its way into the aquatic and terrestrial systems. About 65 to 83% of the total mercury emission by gold mining activities enters directly into the atmosphere. The inorganic Hg is then methylated by microbiota and the organic Hg is bioaccumulated within the aquatic food chain, from which humans are a top predator. Alta Floresta is the most important gold trading center in Amazonia. The urban population is exposed to a high concentration of Hg in the atmosphere, ranging from 23 to 5,788 ng/m{sup 3}. Also the mercury levels in fishes eaten locally are high, mainly in fish from Teles Pires river. Nine from the eleven species most consumed by the urban population are carnivorous, and constitute about 98% of all fish eaten locally. The highest Hg levels are found in Brachyplastistoma sp. (Piraiba), ranging from 1.7 to 3.0 {mu}g/g (w.w.) and Paulicea Luetkin (Jau), ranging from 0.4 to 2.7 {mu}g/g (w. w.) assuming an average fish consumption rate of 31 grams per day, an weighted average of Hg fish concentration of 1.2 {mu}g/g, an average body weight for adults of 60 kg and an average exposure duration of 8 years, the estimated incorporation 0.63 pg of Hg per kg of body weight would imply that attention should be given to the critical groups such as children and woman in the child-bearing age, since fetus are more sensitive to mercury than adults.

Hacon, S.; Rochedo, E.R.R.; Calysto, R.R.; Lacerda, L.D.



SYSTRAN on AltaVista: A User Study on Real-Time Machine Translation on the Internet  

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On December 9 1997, SYSTRAN and the AltaVista Search Network launched the first widely available, real-time, high-speed and\\u000a free translation service on the Internet. This initial deployment, treated as a global experiment, has become a tremendous\\u000a success. Through this service, machine translation (MT) technology has been pushed to the forefront of worldwide awareness.\\u000a Besides growing media coverage, user response during

Jin Yang; Elke D. Lange



15,000-yr pollen record of vegetation change in the high altitude tropical Andes at Laguna Verde Alta, Venezuela  

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Pollen analysis of sediments from a high-altitude (4215 m), Neotropical (9癗) Andean lake was conducted in order to reconstruct local and regional vegetation dynamics since deglaciation. Although deglaciation commenced ?15,500 cal yr B.P., the area around the Laguna Verde Alta (LVA) remained a periglacial desert, practically unvegetated, until about 11,000 cal yr B.P. At this time, a lycopod assemblage bearing

Valent Rull; Mark B. Abbott; Pratigya J. Polissar; Alexander P. Wolfe; Maximiliano Bezada; Raymond S. Bradley



Human influence on late Holocene fluvial landscape and stratigraphy in the Mixteca Alta of Oaxaca, Mexico  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Mixteca Alta of south-central Mexico (state of Oaxaca) is a high-elevation plateau where population and agricultural steadily grew over the past 3000 years, but with a few significant episodes of population decline. Currently, the landscape is highly eroded and gullied in response to widespread land abandonment and diminished population attributed to the Spanish conquest during the 1500s and 1600s. Abandonment apparently resulted in neglect of prehistoric cross-drainage retaining walls, known as lama-bordos, which had been constructed throughout agricultural watersheds for millennia to retain runoff and sediment. Our research seeks to establish the earliest ages for construction of lama-bordos, which are buried by more than 10 m of alluvium in some localities; and we hope to determine if the chronology of alluvial sedimentation is related to fluctuations in population density versus climate changes or other drivers. Sampling is focused on relatively small tributary watersheds (<10 km^2) in the valley of Rio Culebra near the town of Coixlahuaca. Our general hypothesis is counter to Malthusian theory in that we posit land degradation and erosion was punctuated by episodes of population decline when there were insufficient people to maintain the lama-bordo infrastructure. Methods involve: (1) detailed stratigraphic and pedogenic description and sampling of several outcrops; (2) radiocarbon and luminescence dating of stratigraphic sections; (3) geochemical and lithological tracing of sedimentary beds to discriminate time periods of gully erosion; (4) relating the alluvial chronology to archaeological surveys that have established the occupation history of the region. Results indicate that upland gully erosion had occurred prior to widespread human occupation of the area, because >4000 cal yr BP cut-and-fill stratigraphic units commonly contain detritus from upland subsoil and underlying bedrock. We provide numerous radiocarbon dates for the oldest lama-bordos, and they suggest that initial construction predates 2500 cal yr BP, which is older than prevailing archaeological evidence has indicated. It appears the lama-bordos were constructed to trap gully-derived upland sediment to facilitate agriculture (largely maize cultivation). Geochemistry and lithology indicate excellent discrimination of upland soil-surface versus upland gully-derived subsoil detritus, so we are optimistic about correlating periods of exacerbated upland erosion with cultural periods of abandonment. This correlation of upland gully erosion and rapid bottomland sedimentation appears clear for the post-conquest abandonment period (1520s-1600s) until bottomlands also became gullied during the middle 1600s, but we await more radiocarbon dates to extend such correlations back in time to fully test our hypothesis. Our research is shedding new light on the extent to which people have manipulated and managed upland erosion and bottomland sedimentation for thousands of years in Mesoamerica.

Leigh, D. S.; Holdridge, G. H.; Kowalewski, S. A.



Premio Casa de las Am閞icas 1995  

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. 3) El cuento F醔ulas, de Nelson de Oliveira, Brasil. 4) El Premio de Novela fue declarado desierto. Premio Extraordinario de literatura hispana en los Estados Unidos La Casa de las Am閞icas aprovecha esta ocasi髇 para anunciar que en 1997 ha... Unidos, con textos escritos en espa駉l, ingl閟 o ambas lenguas y en los g閚eros de narrativa y poes韆. Los libros que concursen se someter醤 a las Bases generales del Premio y podr醤 ser enviados a: Casa de las Am閞icas, 3ra. y G, El Vedado, La Habana...




Las tecnolog韆s de la informaci髇 en las peque馻s y medianas empresas mexicanas  

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La presente investigaci髇 plantea una reflexi髇 sobre el uso de las Tecnolog韆s de la Informaci髇 y Comunicaci髇 (TIC)[1] en las Peque馻s y Medianas empresas mexicanas (Pymes), en t閞minos de los cambios en los procesos de producci髇 y organizaci髇, en el entorno institucional p鷅lico-privado y las ventajas de esto en la creaci髇 de capital social. \\u000a\\u000aDiscutimos en este trabajo, la escasa

M髇ica Casalet; Leonel Gonz醠ez



Tr醤sitos de las Ciencias Sociales a las Ciencias de la Comunicaci髇  

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En el presente trabajo se presenta una traves韆 que va desde el planteamiento de un mapa para reflexionar sobre las Ciencias Sociales y su papel en el mundo contempor醤eo hasta llevarnos a un territorio particular que es el de las Ciencias de la Comunicaci髇, un campo \\

J. Hugo T. Cornejo Mart韓 del Campo



Contact metamorphism surrounding the Alta stock: Finite element model simulation of heat- and {sup 18}O/{sup 16}O mass-transport during prograde metamorphism  

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Results of calcite-dolomite geothermometry and oxygen isotope studies of marbles in the southern portion of the contact aureole surrounding the Alta stock (Utah) provide evidence for extensive hydrothermal metamorphism in this part of the aureole. Simulation of these two independent data sets with two-dimensional, finite element fluid flow and heat transport models constrains the pattern of fluid flow, minimum permeability, and the permeability structure in this part of the aureole. Model results demonstrate that intrusion of the stock into a homogeneous, isotropic permeability medium yields peak metamorphic temperatures significantly lower than those measured in the marbles and significant {sup 18}O depletions both above and below the Alta-Grizzly thrust system. The latter contradicts the observations in the south aureole that {sup 18}O depletions in the marbles are restricted to marbles below the Alta-Grizzly thrust; dolomitic marbles above the thrust retain original sedimentary values up to the intrusive contact. Models with horizontal permeability barriers above the Alta-Grizzly thrust and extending over the top of the Alta stock are capable of reproducing the observed thermal and {delta}{sup 18}O profiles in the southern aureole. The presence of such horizontal barriers reduces the predominantly vertical fluid flow and heat transfer that would occur in a homogeneous and isotropic permeability medium, forcing fluid flow and heat transfer laterally away from the upper flanks of the stock. Such horizontal flow patterns are necessary to produce significant {sup 18}O depletion above the thrust, and to provide the necessary lateral heat transfer to duplicate the observed temperature profile. Best fit model results to the observed thermal and {delta}{sup 18}O profiles provide several new insights into the dynamics of fluid circulation and hydrogeologic characteristics of the southern Alta aureole during prograde metamorphism.

Cook, S.J.; Bowman, J.R.; Forster, C.B. [Univ. of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT (United States)



Wilson Botanical Garden Las Cruces Biological Station  

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Wilson Botanical Garden Las Cruces Biological Station Apdo. 73-8257 San Vito, Coto Brus, COSTA RICA you can do to help at the Wilson Botanical Garden, please email us at Tree Tour finally finished the Wilson Botanical Garden Tree Tour booklet in both Spanish and English. The self

Sekercioglu, Cagan Hakki


LAS Language Arts Supplement, English. Revised Edition.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This collection of over 100 games and activities is intended to increase oral proficiency among Spanish-speaking children without requiring reading skills. The collection grew out of the desire to provide remedies for specific linguistic weaknesses in English as identified by the Language Assessment Scales (LAS). Because tongue twisters, riddles

DeAvila, Edward A.; Duncan, Sharon E.


Alcoholism and Drug Abuse in Las Juntas  

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Background: Originally, while in Costa Rica I wanted to investigate alcoholism and drug addiction within the Las Juntas community. Specifically, I wanted to look at addiction as it pertains to the mining community in comparison with the rest of the public. I hypothesized that there may be cultural influences from the mining community, that may correlate with alcoholism and drug

Suzanne Wasserman


Las dificultades de sentir: el rol de las emociones en la estigmatizaci髇 del VIH/SIDA  

PubMed Central

Resumen El Virus de Inmunodeficiencia Humana (VIH) y el S韓drome de Inmunodeficiencia Adquirida (SIDA) han sido motivo de estigmatizaci髇 para las personas que viven con ellos. Esta estigmatizaci髇 se ha estudiado consecuentemente desde la perspectiva de opiniones de agentes estigmatizantes. Estas opiniones han obviado sistem醫icamente el rol de las emociones en el proceso de estigmatizaci髇. Llevamos a cabo este estudio con el prop髎ito de identificar el rol de las emociones en el proceso de estigmatizaci髇 de las personas que viven con el virus (PVVS) por parte de profesionales de la salud. Para lograr este objetivo utilizamos un dise駉 exploratorio y cualitativo en el cual utilizamos la t閏nica de entrevistas semiestructuradas a profundidad. La muestra estuvo compuesta por 80 profesionales de la salud y estudiantes de las siguientes especialidades: psicolog韆, trabajo social, medicina y enfermer韆. Los resultados reflejaron la existencia de emociones asociadas al VIH/SIDA tales como pena, l醩tima, compasi髇, asco, fobia y miedo entre los/as profesionales y estudiantes que participaron. Las personas participantes evidenciaron la necesidad de controlar sus emociones al interactuar con PVVS. Los resultados apuntan a la necesidad de explorar aquellos factores que mediatizan las emociones, tales como el contexto social en que se manifiestan y ante qui閚es se revelan, para lograr entender a cabalidad el estigma que rodea al VIH/SIDA. PMID:20212916

MARZ罭-RODR虶UEZ, Melissa; VARAS-D虯Z, Nelson



Stratigraphic Units in Las Vegas Valley, Nevada  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Using 25 well logs, 15 of which also had accompanying geophysical and aquifer test data were used to describe and establish three alloformations including the Tule Spring and Paradise Valley Alloformations and four aquiformations, the most well defined being, the Las Vegas Springs Aquiformation, in the west central part of the bolson (Donovan, 1996), primarily in Township 20 South, Range 60 East, Mount Diablo Baseline and Meridian (MDBLM), with the stratotypes designated in T20S, R61E S31 MDBLM (36 9'59.89"N 11511'26.34"W). The allostratigraphic units were developed using the recommendations in the North American Code of Stratigraphic Nomenclature (NACSN, 1983 and 2005). The hydrostratigraphic units were developed following the recommendations of Seaber (1992). The units constitute the bulk of the upper 500 meter section. Twenty additional wells in the same geographic area, drilled and completed between 1995 and 2005 with detailed geologic and hydrologic information provided confirmation of these units. The proposed stratigraphic units are not part of either, and are located between, the two previously named and non-contiguous formations in the bolson (the Miocene Muddy Creek Formation and the late Pleistocene Las Vegas Formation) (Longwell et al 1965). Las Vegas Valley contains a metropolitan area of approximately two million people. The deeper part of the alluvial basin below 300 ft below ground surface is of interest for supply and storage. The shallower part is of interest for water quality and the interaction between the ground water system and engineered structures.

Donovan, D.



Las opciones reales en la evaluaci髇 de inversiones bajo incertidumbre  

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Las aportaciones mas actuales en el campo de las finanzas contin鷄n apuntando a la maximizaci髇 del valor de la empresa, pero en este orden se imponen preguntas como, 縮e crea valor con la inversi髇?, 縠s o no una decisi髇 correcta desde el punto de vista econ髆ico y financiero?. La teor韆 de opciones constituye una de las bases m醩 importantes de

A. Lauchy Sa駏do; H. Dom韓guez Reyes



Las redes neuronales como herramientas estad韘ticas no param閠ricas de clasificaci髇  

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Recientemente diversos trabajos (ver p.e. Cherkassky, Friedman y Wechsler, 1994; Ripley, 1996) han analizado las relaciones entre redes neurales y t閏nicas estad韘ticas con vencionales. Aunque los resul - tados no son concluyentes, en general las redes neurales han mostrado una capacidad clasificatoria igual o superior que las t閏nicas estad韘ticas, con la ventaja de poderse utilizar independientemente del cumplimiento de los

Alfonso Pitarque; Juan Carlos Ruiz; Juan Francisco Roy



La libertad en Las manos de Dios.  

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and evil have very specific meanings: freedom and oppression."4 La figura del prisionero o del Crucificado es una representaci髇 del Hombre, atrapado en su sentido de culpa original y restringido o sacrificado por el pr骿imo. Como dice el Diablo en Las... car醕ter rebelde. Sus peticiones al carcelero se vuelven un desaf韔 cuando pregunta, "縏iene miedo el Amo de que alg鷑 d韆 esos pobres hombres que 閘 ha vuelto mudos le griten a la cara lo mismo que mi hermano le dijo?" (p. 313). Corresponde al Diablo...

Schoenbach, Peter J.



?Cuales son las amenazas o peligros volcanicos?  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Los volcanes son capaces de producir numerosos peligros geologicos e hidrologicos. Los cientificos del Servicio Geologico de los EE. UU. (USGS, por sus siglas en ingles) y de otras instituciones alrededor del mundo estan estudiando los peligros de muchos de los centenares de volcanes activos y potencialmente activos del mundo. Estos cientificos vigilan muy de cerca la actividad de algunos de los volcanes mas peligrosos, por lo que estan preparados para alertar a las autoridades y/o a la poblacion en caso de que aumente sustancialmente la probabilidad de que ocurra una erupcion u otro evento peligroso.

Myers, Bobbie; Brantley, Steven R.; Stauffer, Peter; Hendley, James W., II



Impact of land-cover change in the Southern Amazonia climate: a case study for the region of Alta Floresta, Mato Grosso, Brazil  

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The transformation of forest into pastures in the Brazilian Amazon leads to significant consequences to climate at local scale.\\u000a In the region of Alta Floresta (Mato Grosso, Brazil), deforestation has been intense with over half the forests being cut\\u000a since 1970. This article first examines the evolution of precipitation observed in this region and shows a significant trend\\u000a in the

Vincent Dubreuil; Nathan Debortoli; Beatriz Funatsu; Vincent N閐閘ec; Laurent Durieux


Balancing Forest-Regeneration Probabilities and Maintenance Costs in Dry Grasslands of High Conservation Priority [Balanceando las Probabilidades de Regeneraci??n del Bosque y los Costos de Mantenimiento en Pastizales Secos de Alta Prioridad de Conservaci??n  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Abandonment of agricultural land has resulted in forest regeneration in species-rich dry grasslands across European mountain regions and threatens conservation efforts in this vegetation type. To support national conservation strategies, we used a site-selection algorithm (MARXAN) to find optimum sets of floristic regions (reporting units) that contain grasslands of high conservation priority. We sought optimum sets that would accommodate 136 important dry-grassland species and that would minimize forest regeneration and costs of management needed to forestall predicted forest regeneration. We did not consider other conservation elements of dry grasslands, such as animal species richness, cultural heritage, and changes due to climate change. Optimal sets that included 95-100% of the dry grassland species encompassed an average of 56-59 floristic regions (standard deviation, SD 5). This is about 15% of approximately 400 floristic regions that contain dry-grassland sites and translates to 4800-5300 ha of dry grassland out of a total of approximately 23,000 ha for the entire study area. Projected costs to manage the grasslands in these optimum sets ranged from CHF (Swiss francs) 5.2 to 6.0 million/year. This is only 15-20% of the current total estimated cost of approximately CHF30-45 million/year required if all dry grasslands were to be protected. The grasslands of the optimal sets may be viewed as core sites in a national conservation strategy. ??2010 Society for Conservation Biology.

Bolliger, J.; Edwards, T.C., Jr.; Eggenberg, S.; Ismail, S.; Seidl, I.; Kienast, F.




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Resumen. Este trabajo centra su atenci髇 en la importancia que poseen las ilustraciones que utilizan los libros de texto de ciencias para la comprensi髇 de su contenido. Para ello se parte de una fundamentaci髇 te髍ica en cuanto a los requisitos que deber韆n cumplir aqu閘las para favorecer su adecuado procesamiento, as como la diferente morfolog韆 que suelen presentar en los libros




Fundamentos de la argumentaci髇 jur韉ica. Revisi髇 de las teor韆s sobre la justificaci髇 de las decisiones judiciales  

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El libro de la distinguida catedr醫ica de la Universidad de 羗sterdam, publicado en ingl閟 por Kluwer Academia Publishers, tiene una interesante estructura que permitir utilizarlo tanto para consulta de jueces, abogados y ciudadanos deseosos de aproximarse a la problem醫ica de nuestra profesi髇, como por los estudiantes de las Facultades de Derecho. Luego de una introducci髇, la autora muestra el tema

Eveline T. Feteris


Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network (LCOGTN) features a comprehensive science research program and an innovative astronomy-education program featuring state-of-the-art instructional materials appropriate for students at all levels, from elementary school through postsecondary. LCOGTN operates two research-class robotic telescopes, the Faulkes Telescope North, located in Maui, Hawaii, and the Faulkes Telescope South, located in Australia at Siding Spring Observatory. These telescopes are available to teachers to use as part of their curricular or extracurricular activities, and are supported by a range of educational materials and a team of educators and professional astronomers. Additional telescopes in Mississippi, Texas, California, and the United Kingdom will further broaden the Network's scope. Real-time observation and still images available.

Observatory, Las C.



Las ayudas de la Uni髇 Europea a las regiones espa駉las en el per韔do 1989-1993 : fichas descriptivas y apoyos financieros  

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Se ofrece una descripci髇 de las ayudas europeas a las regiones espa駉las en el periodo 1989-1993, prestando especial atenci髇 a las canalizadas a trav閟 de los fondos estructurales y de las principales iniciativas comunitarias de car醕ter estructural. La descripci髇 guarda un mismo esquema para cada Comunidad Aut髇oma y resume los datos ofrecidos en la publicaci髇 'Las regiones espa駉las en la

Jos Antonio Nieto Sol韘; Alfonso Utrilla de la Hoz



El Centro para la Salud Mundial del NCI anuncia las primeras becas de investigaci髇 para apoyar las tecnolog韆s port醫iles

El Centro para la Salud Mundial del NCI (CGH) anunci el otorgamiento de subvenciones que apoyar醤 el desarrollo y la validaci髇 de tecnolog韆s port醫iles y de bajo costo. Estas tecnolog韆s tienen el potencial de mejorar la detecci髇 temprana, el diagn髎tico y los tratamientos no invasivos o m韓imamente invasivos de varios tipos de c醤cer con una prevalencia particularmente alta en ciertos pa韘es con econom韆s de ingreso bajo y mediano.


Tecnologas de la Informacin y de las Comunicaciones (TIC)  

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1 Tecnolog铆as de la Informaci贸n y de las Comunicaciones (TIC) Plan Sectorial 2008-2012 #12;2 1 Tecnolog铆as de la Informaci贸n y de las Comunicaciones (TIC) Planificaci贸n Estrat茅gica de la Universidad de y transparencia. Se promover谩 especialmente: Comportamiento 茅tico en el uso de las TIC. Actitud

Escolano, Francisco



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155ENSE?ANZA DE LAS CIENCIAS, 2000, 18 (2), 155-169 M脕S ALL脕 DE LAS IDEAS PREVIAS COMO DIFICULTADES METACOGNITIVAS DE LOS ALUMNOS DE CIENCIAS CAMPANARIO, JUAN MIGUEL1 y OTERO, JOS? C. 1 E-mail: 2 E-mail: Grupo de Investigaci贸n en Aprendizaje de las Ciencias. Departamento de

Campanario, Juan Miguel


University of Nevada, Las Vegas Faculty Senate Constitution  

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of Nevada and the United States. Section 2. Membership All academic faculty and professional staff who holdUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas Faculty Senate Constitution Revised January 2009 Section 1 of Nevada, Las Vegas; the Nevada System of Higher Education Code; and the laws and the statutes of the State

Hemmers, Oliver


New Mexico State University Las Cruces, New Mexico 88003  

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Cole Tobin New Mexico State University Las Cruces, New Mexico 88003 325: May 2015, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces NM GPA: 3.6; GPA in Major (Anthropology): 4.0; GPA and non- human primates. ! Research Appointments ! 2013-Present NMSU-HHMI Research Scholar, New Mexico

Wright, Timothy F.


Evite las enfermedades transmitidas por alimentos al comer en restaurantes  

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Evite las enfermedades transmitidas por alimentos al comer en restaurantes Todos los d铆as, americanos consumen alimentos y bocadillos preparados fuera del hogar por otra persona. Comer en un pr谩cticas de higiene? Si manipulan dinero, 驴se lavan las manos antes de tocar los alimentos? Si la respuesta


Efecto desestacionalizador del turismo rural en las regiones espa駉las  

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La estacionalidad tur韘tica es una materia de estudio muy relevante para los responsables de las organizaciones y destinos tur韘ticos. En el presente trabajo pretendemos analizar la estacionalidad en el turismo rural en Espa馻 y, especialmente, en las Comunidades Aut髇omas. Trata- mos de comprobar los indicadores estacionales tanto desde el lado de la demanda como de la oferta tur韘tica, utilizando distintas

Jes鷖 Manuel L髉ez Bonilla; Luis Miguel; L髉ez Bonilla



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Durante las dos 鷏timas d閏adas se aprecia una evoluci髇 importante de los intereses y exigencias de los consumidores de actividades tur韘ticas. Estos intereses se han enfocado sobre todo en destinos geogr醘icos que poseen patrimonios culturales, gastronom韆 tradicional, pr醕ticas religiosas y otros atractivos tur韘ticos que responden a las nuevas necesidades y demandas de los turistas durante su tiempo de ocio. Al

Ma. Genoveva Mill醤 V醶quez de la Torre; Emilio Morales-Fern醤dez; Mar韆 Sol Castro-Freire



Translational genomics of Vegetable Crops Las Vegas, NV  

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Translational genomics of Vegetable Crops Las Vegas, NV July 21, 2005 David Francis and Allen Van Deynze At the recent ASHS meetings in Las Vegas, a workshop "Translational Genomics of Vegetable Crops interventions" (Minna and Gazdar, 1996). In applied plant science, "translational genomics" implies

Douches, David S.



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Actualmente el clima laboral sigue siendo un 醨ea de inter閟 para la gesti髇 del capital humano y psicolog韆 del trabajo, debido principalmente a la naturaleza de las actividades del responsable del personal, que demandan la comprensi髇 de las percepciones de los trabajadores, su relaci髇 con el desempe駉 en el trabajo, la satisfacci髇 y el compromiso laboral; as como la creaci髇

L髉ez Chanez Francisco Javier; Casique Guerrero Alicia



Fingerprint Indexing Based on LAS Registration , Chao Zhang1  

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Fingerprint Indexing Based on LAS Registration Tong Liu1 , Chao Zhang1 and Pengwei Hao1,2 1 Fingerprint indexing is an efficient technique that greatly improves the performance of fingerprint based method based on fingerprint registration with a novel feature called local axial symmetry (LAS

Hao, Pengwei



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351ENSE?ANZA DE LAS CIENCIAS, 2001, 19 (3), INVESTIGACI?N DID脕CTICA 驴QU? PUEDE HACER UN PROFESOR CONVENCIONALES CAMPANARIO, JUAN MIGUEL Grupo de Investigaci贸n en Aprendizaje de las Ciencias Departamento de realizarse utilizando los libros de texto de ciencias habi- tuales. Con estas actividades y tareas se intenta

Campanario, Juan Miguel


Nunca ha sido fcil distinguir los hechos de la informacin falsa sobre los alimentos; las estrategias de mercadeo, las frases  

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Nunca ha sido f谩cil distinguir los hechos de la informaci贸n falsa sobre los alimentos; las unos mitos comunes y persistentes respecto a los alimentos: Mito: Las frutas y verduras frescas son m谩s alimentos congelados y enlata- dos son tan nutritivos como los frescos. De hecho, ya que el licopeno es

Burke, Peter


Impact of land-cover change in the southern Amazonia climate: a case study for the region of Alta Floresta, Mato Grosso, Brazil.  


The transformation of forest into pastures in the Brazilian Amazon leads to significant consequences to climate at local scale. In the region of Alta Floresta (Mato Grosso, Brazil), deforestation has been intense with over half the forests being cut since 1970. This article first examines the evolution of precipitation observed in this region and shows a significant trend in the decrease in total precipitation especially at the end of the dry season and at the beginning of the rainy season. The study then compares the temperatures measured in cleared and forested sectors within a reserve in the area of Alta Floresta (Mato Grosso, Brazil) between 2006 and 2007. The cleared sector was always hotter and drier (from 5% to 10%) than the forested area. This difference was not only especially marked during the day when it reached on average 2癈 but also seemed to increase during the night with the onset of the dry season (+0.5癈). The Urban Heat Island effect is also evident especially during the night and in the dry season. PMID:21479561

Dubreuil, Vincent; Debortoli, Nathan; Funatsu, Beatriz; N閐閘ec, Vincent; Durieux, Laurent



El fenotipo de las mucinas en el es骹ago de Barrett  

PubMed Central

Antecedentes El es骹ago de Barrett es una reconocida lesi髇 precursora de adenocarcinoma esof醙ico. Aunque generalmente asociada al reflujo gastroesof醙ico, los mecanismos patog閚icos de la enfermedad no son bien conocidos. El objetivo del presente estudio es explorar la historia natural e identificar marcadores de progreso del proceso precanceroso. Material y m閠odos Se utilizaron cortes histol骻icos de 67 espec韒enes de es骹ago correspondientes a 14 pacientes con es骹ago de Barrett, a los que se sigui entre 1 9 a駉s. Se clasificaron las lesiones en: es骹ago de Barrett sin displasia, indefinido para displasia o con displasia. Se evalu la expresi髇 de diferentes mucinas en las c閘ulas caliciformes y en las columnares usando t閏nicas de histoqu韒ica e inmunohistoqu韒ica. Resultados En todos los casos se comprob la presencia de metaplasia intestinal incompleta. Las c閘ulas columnares dentro del epitelio metapl醩ico conten韆n mucinas neutras. A mayor severidad de la lesi髇 se encontr significativamente menor expresi髇 de sialomucinas en las c閘ulas columnares (p de tendencia igual a 0,03). En sujetos con lesiones indefinidas para displasia se observ un mayor contenido de sulfomucinas en las c閘ulas caliciformes (p=0,034) y de MUC2 en las c閘ulas columnares (p=0,029) que en sujetos con es骹ago de Barrett sin displasia. Se observ expresi髇 de la mucina intestinal MUC2 y de la mucina g醩trica MUC5AC en todas las muestras. MUC6, una mucina de las gl醤dulas profundas g醩tricas, se present ocasionalmente. Conclusi髇 La evaluaci髇 de los perfiles de mucinas en el es骹ago de Barrett sugiere una transici髇 gradual del fenotipo del epitelio metapl醩ico a medida que la lesi髇 avanza en el tiempo. PMID:21804831

Torrado, Julio; Piazuelo, Mar韆 Blanca; Ruiz, Irune; Izarzugaza, Mar韆 Isabel; Camargo, Mar韆 Constanza; Delgado, Alberto; Abdirad, Afshin; Correa, Pelayo



The Land Analysis System (LAS) for multispectral image processing  

USGS Publications Warehouse

The Land Analysis System (LAS) is an interactive software system available in the public domain for the analysis, display, and management of multispectral and other digital image data. LAS provides over 240 applications functions and utilities, a flexible user interface, complete online and hard-copy documentation, extensive image-data file management, reformatting, conversion utilities, and high-level device independent access to image display hardware. The authors summarize the capabilities of the current release of LAS (version 4.0) and discuss plans for future development. Particular emphasis is given to the issue of system portability and the importance of removing and/or isolating hardware and software dependencies.

Wharton, S. W.; Lu, Y. C.; Quirk, Bruce K.; Oleson, Lyndon R.; Newcomer, J. A.; Irani, Frederick M.



Safety of the Las Vegas left-turn display.  


This paper provides a safety evaluation of a special protected/permitted left turn signal control (Las Vegas LT Display) that has been implemented in the urbanized area of Las Vegas, Nevada. The Las Vegas LT Display eliminates the yellow trap condition for leading approach in lead/lag operation. It provides protected only left turns during certain times of day by suppressing the permitted green ball and yellow ball displays. Before and after studies were conducted using the crash data from 10 intersections. Results from the analyses indicated that no obvious safety concerns due to use of the special display. PMID:24144494

Ozmen, Ozlem; Tian, Zong Z; Gibby, A Reed



Wintertime aerosol in Las Vegas, Nevada  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Numerous studies have found adverse health effects in subjects who live next to major roadways due to air pollution; in particular, there can be severe impacts on lung function and development in children living and/or attending school next to major roadways due to their exposure to air pollutants, including particulate matter (PM) or aerosol. The composition of aerosol at an elementary school next to a major freeway in Las Vegas, Nevada during winter 2008 was measured using a suite of measurements. An Aerodyne High Resolution Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (HR-AMS) was used to quantify the composition of non-refractory PM1 aerosol, including organic matter (OM); an Aethalometer was used to quantify black carbon (BC); a Sunset OCEC analyzer was used to measure organic and elemental carbon (OC, EC); and a particle-into-liquid system (PILS) coupled to two ion chromatographs (IC) was used to measure fine particle ions. Hi-volume PM2.5 samplers were used to collect aerosol on quartz fiber filters at between 2 and 24 hour intervals during the study, a subset of which were analyzed for PAHs and the biomass burning tracer levoglucosan. Data were analyzed by positive matrix factorization (PMF) to determine the amount of fresh, hydrocarbon-like organic aerosol (HOA), more oxidized OA (low-volatility and semi-volatile OA [LV-OOA, SV-OOA]) and biomass burning OA (BBOA). PM1 aerosol was predominantly carbonaceous, with OM plus BC accounting for 74% of the overall average 6.9 mug/m3 of PM measured. BC had a diurnal pattern similar to traffic volume, while OM was higher in the evening compared to the morning. OM was a mixture of fresh HOA, urban- and regional-scale OOA, and BBOA; in the evening, SV-OOA and BBOA peaked, while HOA concentrations were on average the same in the morning and evening, similar to BC. OM/OC ratios were low (1.52 +/-0.14 on average) during the morning rush hour (average OM = 2.4 mug/m3) when vehicular emissions dominate this near-road measurement site, and even lower (1.46 +/- 0.10) in the evening (average OM=6.3 mug/m3), when a combination of vehicular and fresh residential biomass burning emissions was typically present during a period characterized by strong atmospheric stability. While nitrate and sulfate had size distributions typical of secondary species with a sharp peak in particle diameter between 400 nm and 500 nm, OM had a broader distribution between 100 nm and 400 nm diameter particles, reflecting its combination of fresh, smaller particles and aged, larger particles. OM concentrations were on average similar between periods when the sampling site was upwind and downwind of the freeway, though during the morning OM concentrations were higher under downwind conditions, as was the fraction of HOA.

Brown, Steven G.


Agresin Sexual Derechos de las Vctimas y Servicios Disponibles  

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Agresi贸n Sexual Derechos de las V铆ctimas y Servicios Disponibles Las v铆ctimas necesitan soporte y llamando al No. 1-800-226-6667. V铆ctimas de delitos sexuales tienen varios derechos, muchos de ellos est谩n contenidos en el Cap铆tulo 960, Estatutos de la Florida, incluyendo el derecho de: 路 Mantener la informaci贸n

Sura, Philip


Plant communities in multi-metal contaminated soils: a case study in the National Park of Alta Murgia (Apulia region - Southern Italy).  


A phytosociological study was conducted in the National Park of Alta Murgia in the Apulia region (Southern Italy) to determine the adverse effects of metal contamination of soils on the distribution of plant communities. The phytosociological analyses have shown a na, remarkable biodiversity of vegetation on non-contaminated soils, while biodiversity appeared strongly reduced on metal-contaminated soils. The area is naturally covered by a wide steppic grassland dominated by Stipa austroitalica Martinovsky subsp, austroitalica. Brassicaceae such as Sinapis arvensis L. are the dominating species on moderated contaminated soils, whereas spiny species of Asteraceae such as Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertn. and Carduus pycnocephalus L. subsp, pycnocephalus are the dominating vegetation on heavily metal-contaminated soils. The presence of these spontaneous species on contaminated soils suggest their potential for restoration of degraded lands by phytostabilization strategy. PMID:24933890

Perrino, E V; Brunetti, G; Farrag, K



The environmental balance of the Alta Val d'Agri: a contribution to the evaluation of the industrial risk and strategic sustainable development  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This study presents the preliminary environmental balance of the Alta Val d'Agri (Basilicata Region, Southern Italy), an area of great naturalistic interest characterized by the presence of huge oil and gas fields. The DPSIR methodology has been used to outline the background in terms of environmental impacts mainly caused by the oil extraction activities, as well as existing potential responses. The study aims at providing stakeholders with an exhaustive framework to identify the existing data, the main sources of pollution, their potential impacts, the associated industrial risks and the existing policy strategies. Moreover, the DPSIR approach allows identifying the vulnerable areas and defining targeted actions for a sustainable development of the area.

Loperte, S.; Cosmi, C.



Mecanismos de fabulaci髇 y mitificaci髇 de la historia en las 'Comedias impol韙icas' y las Coronas de Rodolfo Usigli  

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desarrolla una teor韆 interpretativa del discurso hist髍ico que le permite se馻lar, a un nivel estrictamente lingstico, las estrategias narrativas, argum閚tales e ideol骻icas que definen y marcan el estilo espec fico de la imaginaci髇 hist髍ica de un... metonimia, el sin閏doque y la iron韆) como elementos ret髍icos b醩icos de prefiguraci髇, as como las teor韆s filos骹icas acerca de la concep- tualizaci髇 de la realidad hist髍ica, La l韓ea interpretativa de Northrop Frye acerca de los "modos de fabulaci髇...

Layera, Ramó n



Utiliza玢o de imagens orbitais do sensor TM\\/Landsat 5 para identifica玢o e monitoramento do uso e ocupa玢o do solo no munic韕io de Pedras Altas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil  

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This paper has intended to achieve the classification and to monitor the elements in the Pedras Altas landscape, located in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, by remote sensing and geoprocessing. Two orbitals pictures from the TM\\/Landsat 5 satellite, dated of 1985 and 2007, classified by the software Idrisi Andes, were been used in a way that the spectral answers were

Raquel Freitas Duarte


La proyecci髇 teatral de la masacre de las bananeras  

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obra consta de tres escenas divididas por la entrada de un nuevo personaje. Tulia es la nueva maestra que llega al pueblo; Amalia, su hermana paral韙ica, ser fr醙il y sensitivo que presiente la tragedia vivida en el pasado, prevee la que ellas... Encarnaci髇 viene a darles la bienvenida y responde a las preguntas de Amalia; le informa que bajo la casa est醤 enterrados los obreros de las bananeras que no cupieron en los vagones del tren. Tulia se levanta aterrorizada. Empieza a caminar como si lo...

Velasco, Marí a Mercedes



Implicaciones Fiscales y Sectoriales de la Reforma a las Transferencias Territoriales en Colombia  

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En este documento se analizan las implicaciones fiscales y sectoriales de la reforma a las transferencias territoriales que actualmente se debate en segunda vuelta en el Congreso. La reforma ajusta los montos que el gobierno nacional deber transferir a las regiones y considera marginalmente la discusi髇 sobre su distribuci髇 sectorial y territorial. Las competencias de gasto no se consideran en

Igancio Lozano; Jorge Ramos; Hern醤 Rinc髇



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Resumen La violencia en las parejas j髒enes es un precursor de la violencia en las pare- jas adultas. En las parejas j髒enes la violencia suele ser psicol骻ica, plantearse de forma sutil y ser menos grave que en las parejas en la vida adulta. Por lo que se refiere a los agresores, la violencia es m醩 frecuente cuando hay ciertas variables

Itxaso Gonz醠ez-Ortega; Enrique Echebur鷄; Paz de Corral



El Informe Anual a la Naci髇 Muestra que la Incidencia de C醤cer y las Tasas de Mortalidad est醤 Declinado: Las Tasas de Supervivencia Reflejan Progreso Significativo

Las organizaciones m醩 importantes de la Naci髇 informan que los riesgos de la poblaci髇 americana a contraer o morir a causa de c醤cer contin鷄n disminuyendo mientras que las tasas de supervivencia para muchos tipos de c醤cer contin鷄n aumentando.


(DOCFRADIS 1201) Estrategia publicitaria del minorista en las redes sociales. Factores que motivan las compras en la web 2.0  

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El uso de las redes sociales, como estrategia publicitaria del minorista, favorece la comunicaci髇 interactiva de la marca y sus productos y motiva las compras, en la web 2.0, produci閚dose una revoluci髇 en el paradigma estimulo-respuesta del siglo XXI. El trabajo analiza la potencialidad de la interactividad como estrategia de marca en las redes sociales e identifica los factores clave

Ines K黶ter Boluda; Natalia Vila L髉ez; Asunci髇 Hern醤dez Fern醤dez



Las Rocas Nos Cuentan (Rocks Tell Their Stories)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Many Earth science lessons today still focus on memorizing the names of rocks and minerals. This led the author to develop a lesson that reveals the fascinating stories told by rocks through the study of their physical properties. He first designed the lesson for Puerto Rican teachers, hence its Spanish title: "Las Rocas Nos Cuentan Su Historia."

Llerandi-Roman, Pablo A.



Computando lo aspero Por que se cuelgan las computadoras?  

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construir una m麓aquina que demuestre teoremas y as麓i encuentre todas las verdades matem麓aticas. Kurt G篓odel麓aquina no puede resolver. #12;Historia de Hilbert y sus amigos David Hilbert: Bueno... yo pens麓e que... Kurt G篓odel

Figueira, Santiago


Grato colofn a las ligas internas Mar Jover, mejor  

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los dos preciados galardones del Consejo Superior de Deportes. CUADERNILLO DEL DEPORTE EN LA premios estuvo presidida por el Vicerrector de Cultura, Deporte y Pol铆tica Ling眉铆stica, Carles Cort茅s a s competiciones internas, las del deporte de todos, parece que la valoraci贸n general es muy positiva. Presidi贸 la

Escolano, Francisco



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LAS NOTICIAS A NEWSLETTER FOR K-12 TEACHERS CENTER FOR LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES UNIVERSITY CENTER a new beginners class in Portuguese? Come join the Center for Latin American Studies in fall 2013 in late September, 2013. Classes will meet at the Center for Latin American Studies on the Pitt Oakland

Machery, Edouard


Solar Hot Water for a Motor Inn -- Las Vegas, Nevada  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Solar hot-water installation at motor inn in Las Vegas, Nevada is described in report containing descriptions of design, philosophy, operation of system and problems and solutions. Provides drawings of solar roof plan, operator's instructions, manufacturers' brochures and copy of acceptance report.



Reading "Las Meninas": An Ekphrastic Approach to Teaching "Don Quijote"  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Reading and teaching "Don Quijote" present multiple challenges to twenty-first century students and instructors who are culturally and historically distanced from the seventeenth century. With "Las Meninas" serving as a visual lexicon for cuing correlative themes and events in "Don Quijote", the instructor, through an ekphrastic, interdisciplinary

Ortuno, Marian



Control del dolor: Apoyo para las personas con c醤cer

Contiene informaci髇 sobre las medicinas contra el dolor para pacientes con c醤cer, los planes para controlarlo, c髆o hablar con su equipo de atenci髇 m閐ica sobre el dolor que usted siente y qu hacer para controlar los efectos f韘icos y emocionales del mismo.


Selecci髇 de los principales problemas de seguridad de las vacunas  

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ExtractoEjemplos recientes de los principales beneficios en salud p鷅lica de la vacunaci髇 incluyen reducciones globales de la mortalidad por sarampi髇 y el registro de niveles bajos de enfermedades evitables por vacunas en Estados Unidos. No obstante, los problemas reales o percibidos de seguridad de las vacunas pueden ejercer un impacto adverso sobre los programas de vacunaci髇. La monitorizaci髇 s髄ida de

John K. Iskander; Jane Gidudu; Nelson Arboleda; Wan-Ting Huang




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, industria l铆tica, variscita e intercambios. ABSTRACT Recent studies realized on rock salt exploitation, the economic flows have been studied related to the salt circulation and the provisioning of the rock tools, Catalonia, Neolithic, rock salt, mine, blond flint, rock tools, variscite, exchanges. 213 Las herramientas

Paris-Sud XI, Universit茅 de


Castelldefels Salut: Las redes sociales y la Atenci髇 Primaria  

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Las enfermedades cr髇icas, en buena parte causadas por los estilos de vida, est醤 y estar醤 tensionando a los servicios sanitarios. Una estrategia que cada d韆 adquiere m醩 vigencia son los proyectos de salud comunitarios que puedan incidir, de forma efectiva, para fomentar h醔itos de vida m醩 saludables. En este art韈ulo presentamos nuestra experiencia de trabajo en red de los distintos

Ramon Morera; Tino Mart; Irene Cubells; Mireia Sans; Alba Brugu閟; Antoni Peris; Eduard Navarro



Las Vegas randomized algorithms in distributed consensus problems  

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We consider distributed consensus problems from the viewpoint of probabilistic algorithms. In particular, we provide an overview on some specific problems where randomization is critical in achieving consensus among multiple agents. Further, we show that the randomized algorithms which are used in this setting are the so-called Las Vegas randomized algorithms (e.g. [24]). This class is different from that of

Hideaki Ishii; Roberto Tempo



College of Arts and Sciences LAS Latin American Studies  

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College of Arts and Sciences LAS Latin American Studies KEY: # = new course * = course changed INDEPENDENT WORK IN LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES. (3) Directed study for students wishing to do specialized work on a topic related to the Latin American Studies area. May be repeated to a maximum of six credits. Prereq

MacAdam, Keith


Victoria Varga, `04 Las Matas de Farfan, Dominican Republic  

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based on their nutritional health. Many of the children were malnourished, anemic, or parasite ridden of Charity at their Nutritional Center for Children in Las Matas de Farfan was one of the most rewarding, Elaine and I worked with some of the most beautiful children that temporarily resided there. They were


Las zonas mineras espa駉las a finales del XIX  

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PRESENTACI覰 Jugh James Rose, capell醤 de las compa耥as mineras inglesas, francesas y alemanas de Linares, es el autor de la obra Untrodden Spain and her black country being sketches of the life and character of the Spaniard of the interior publicada en dos vol鷐enes en Londres en 1875. De 閘 sabemos que ejerci como capell醤 del ej閞cito en Dover y

Mar韆 Antonia L髉ez Burgos



QUARTERLY PROGRESS REPORT University of Nevada, Las Vegas  

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measurements and off-road experiments using different vehicles (ATV, motorcycle, dune buggy) were performed, Effects Of Wind Erosion, Off-Road Vehicular Activity, Atmospheric Conditions And The Proximity- road vehicle area close to Las Vegas, NV. A mapping approach to assess dust emission potential

Ahmad, Sajjad


Tree-Killing Las Conchas Fire in New Mexico  

USGS Multimedia Gallery

USGS scientist Craig D. Allen observes the results of the extensive, tree-killing fire that consumed almost all above-ground biomass in this part of the Las Conchas Fire burn area in the Jemez Mountains, New Mexico. Photo taken in late August 2011, two months post-fire. Forest drought stress is high...


The petrology of the Las Canadas volcanoes, Tenerife, Canary islands  

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Tenerife is the largest of the seven Tertiary to Recent volcanic islands that make up the Canary Archipelago. The island is composed of volcanics belonging to the basanitetrachyte-phonolite assemblage that characterises many Atlantic islands. The most voluminous development of intermediate and salic volcanics has been in the centre of the island where the Las Canadas volcanoes arose upon a basement

William Ian Ridley



Fuentes de Fuentes: Paz y las ra韈es de Todos los gatos son pardos.  

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, econom韆 y las dem醩 bases de la naci髇 mexicana. En Posdata, Paz revela el fondo de las palabras de Cort閟 y Moctezuma, y sus implicaciones: Si el hombre es doble y triple, tambi閚 lo son las civilizaciones y las sociedades. Cada pueblo sostiene un... azteca las caras de dioses (y la respuesta es "no" entonces), pero va a ver las caras de hombres que en sus papeles hist髍ico-apocal韕ticos tomar醤 el papel de dioses en la destrucci髇 de toda una civilizaci髇. Y obviamente esta destrucci髇 del imperio...

Brower, Gary



Geometrical and geochemical properties of isotope exchange and reaction fronts in the Alta aureole, Utah: evidence for scale-dependent heterogeneity and anisotropy in permeability of marbles  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A carbon isotope exchange front, periclase reaction front and an oxygen isotope exchange front are developed with increasing distance from the igneous contact in dolomitic marbles of the south Alta aureole, Utah in response to infiltration-driven metamorphism of the marbles. Their relative distances from the igneous contact, approx. 100, 200 and 350 m, respectively, are consistent with down-temperature infiltration of water-rich fluid that was equilibrated isotopically with the adjacent Alta stock. At the aureole scale both the C and O isotope exchange fronts exhibit significant dispersion: there is significant variation in both ?18O and ?13C values at any given position for >100m to either side of the geometric centers of both fronts. Applications of one-dimensional models of advection-dispersion to these aureole-scale dispersed fronts yield a minimum dispersion coefficient of 2E-8 m2/sec. However at outcrop and bedding scale, steep, coherent gradients in both ?18O and ?13C exist at or near bedding boundaries between marble layers of contrasting lithology and isotopic compositions; modeling of these profiles requires much lower diffusion/dispersion coefficients in the range of 7E-12 to 1E-14 m2/sec. The periclase reaction front (isograd) can be mapped as a fairly regular surface at the aureole scale, located an average 200 m from the igneous contact, and normally of narrow width (<10 m). However at two locations, lenses of dolomite and periclase marble interfinger for distances up to 40-50 m closer to, and farther from, the igneous contact, compared to the average location of the reaction front. This intermixing can be interpreted to result from dispersion of the reaction front owing to heterogeneity in permeability rather than to reaction kinetics, because at outcrop and bedding scales where exposed, the boundary separating dolomite- from periclase-marble is sharp (<1 cm width). Additionally, at the two locations where measurements have been made, steep ?18O and ?13C gradients accompany the sharp reaction boundary between periclase and dolomite marble. The variable characteristics of the exchange and reaction fronts can be explained by scale-dependent heterogeneity and anisotropy in permeability of the marbles. Both the exchange and reaction fronts are characterized by significant dispersion at the aureole scale because of significant bed-to-bed variations in permeability, which are reflected by significant bed-to-bed variations in ?18O and ?13C values. As original sedimentary bedding is sub-horizontal and fluid infiltration is outward from the igneous contact and bedding concordant, the bedding-controlled variations in permeability also lead to significant permeability anisotropy, with effective permeability parallel to bedding>>permeability normal to bedding. In contrast, permeability within individual beds appears to be relatively homogeneous, as suggested by relatively consistent mineral modes and homogeneous ?18O and ?13C values within individual beds, and by steep, highly coherent ?18O and ?13C gradients preserved at or near bedding boundaries.

Bowman, J. R.



Lacustrine Records of Forest Fire Indicators and Trace Elements Deposition in an Land Use Change Region in the Brazilian Amazonia (Alta Floresta, MT)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The dynamics of terrestrial ecosystems depend on interactions between the carbon cycle, nutrient cycles, and the hydrological cycle, all of which may be modified by climate and human actions. Terrestrial ecological systems, in which carbon is retained in live biomass, decomposing organic matter, and soil, play an important role in the global carbon cycle. Human activities change carbon stocks in these pools and exchanges between them and the atmosphere through land-use change and other activities. From 1850 to 1998 about 136 (+55) Gt C has been emitted as a result of land-use change, predominantly from forest ecosystems. Amazonia's carbon storage potential gives great importance to land-use changes in this region because disturbances of the natural landscape can increase atmospheric carbon and affect global biogeochemical cycles. Mercury release from gold mining activities and deforestation are the two most important environmental issues in the Amazon Basin. Gold mining activities in Amazonia have been responsible for the release of about 2000-3000 t of Hg over the last 20 y. In Alta Floresta region (southern Amazonia), concurrent with the deforestation, an intense gold rush occurred with the exploration of riverbed sediments. This region was a significant gold mining site from 1980 to 1996. This study aims to understand the atmospheric deposition rates of charcoal particles, mercury and other trace elements and discuss the environmental changes caused by man activities in an area of an intense land use change. Accordingly to the fact that in Brazilian Amazonia the colonization process generally takes place after the building of a road, an 82 cm core (AF SSW 150) was collected in a lake formed by the barrier effect of a road embankment and distant 150 km of the center of Alta Floresta city. The ages of the sedimentary sections in the core were calculated by the activity of 210Pb. The grain size profile showed a huge change from 1985, with the dominance of fine material. Before 1985, the coarse fractions prevailed. The counting of charcoal particles was done in microscopic laminas. Charcoal particles were present along the entire lacustrine faces of the core, but the greater concentrations were found in the top of the core, from 1980 to 2000, with the greatest peak in 1985. The percentual of organic carbon showed the same behavior of the charcoal, indicating that the greater fraction of the organic carbon in this sediment is from allochthonous material. The concentrations of Hg and other major and trace elements (Al, As, Co, Cr, Ti, V, Zn) also increased significantly from 1985. The AF SSW 150 core shows that the charcoal, Hg and other trace elements deposition are related to the land use change and gold mining. Trace elements and charcoal fluxes presented low values at the beginning of the human occupation (prior to 1980). At the beginning of the 1980s, there was an increase in the forest fires and mining activities. From 2000 to 2005 all the elements analyzed showed a decreased in their concentrations.

Rodrigues, R. R.; Conceic鉶, M. G.; Cordeiro, R. C.; Turcq, B. J.; Seoane, J. S.; Sifeddine, A.



Geophysical Studies of the Las Vegas Urban Corridor  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The Geophysical Studies of the Las Vegas Urban Corridor Area are part of an integrated effort to "geologically characterize the seismic hazards, water resources, and crustal structure of this rapidly growing urban corridor" by the USGS. The informational Web site contains a gravity map of the Las Vegas region, an aeromagnetic map, and a publications link with a list of over a dozen references. Seven of these publications are freely available for download with titles such as "Aeromagnetic Survey of the Amargosa Desert," "Nevada and California: A Tool for Understanding Near-Surface Geology," and Hydrology and Principal Facts for Gravity Stations in the Vicinity of Coyote Spring Valley, Nevada, with Initial Gravity Modeling Results." An interesting collection of unique resources, the site should be of interest to professionals in a wide variety of fields.


Calidad del aire interior y salud en las viviendas  

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Calidad del aire interior y salud en las viviendas temporales de FEMA A los residentes de los que usted pueda tener sobre la calidad del aire y el formaldeh铆do en los tr谩ileres de FEMA. Usted peque帽os, como los tr谩ileres de FEMA, los venenos para matar insectos tambi茅n pueden irritar l a nariz o la


Las ciudades de Andaluc韆 ante la sociedad del conocimiento  

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La relaci髇 entre competitividad econ髆ica y posicionamiento de los territorios en la sociedad del conocimiento cobra cada vez mayor protagonismo. Despiertan as especial inter閟 aquellos 醡bitos que realizan un esfuerzo por incrementar la producci髇, difusi髇 y aplicaci髇 de conocimiento para mejorar el funcionamiento de sus empresas y la calidad de vida de sus habitantes.\\u000aPor su parte, las ciudades se

Ricardo M閚dez Guti閞rez del Valle; Luis Abad Arag髇; Inmaculada Caravaca Barroso; Gema Gonz醠ez Romero



Solar hot water system installed at Las Vegas, Nevada  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

A solar energy hot water system installed in a motor inn at Las Vegas, Nevada is described. The inn is a three story building with a flat roof for installation of the solar panels. The system consists of 1,200 square feet of liquid flat plate collectors, a 2,500 gallon insulated vertical steel storage tank, two heat exchangers, and pumps and controls. The system was designed to supply approximately 74 percent of the total hot water load.



Las Trans: Negotiating Gender, Personhood, and Citizenship in Chile  

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Las Trans, a group of male-to-female transgender residents living in Arica, Chile, challenge the strict dual-sex, dual-gender system of Chile抯 family-oriented society. Chile presents an especially interesting case when analyzing the social position of sexual minorities due to the country抯 historically strong ties to the Catholic Church, and, on a political level, the experience of 17 years of dictatorship during

Sydney A. Hare




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UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, LAS VEGAS School of Social Work SWK 410.2 & SWK 410.2S Professor: Margaret Oakes, Ph.D. SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE I LCSW (Ca.), LMSW-ACP (Tx) Sprin 2003 Office Hours: Mon. 1:30-2:30, 5.M. Or by appointment Credits: 3 Email: Tel: (702) 895-1222 COURSE DESCRIPTION Social Work

Ahmad, Sajjad


GIS methodology for quantifying channel change in Las Vegas, Nevada  

USGS Publications Warehouse

This study applies spatial analyses to examine the consequences of accelerated urban expansion on a hydrologic system over a period of 24 years. Three sets of historical aerial photos are used in a GIS analysis to document the geomorphic history of Las Vegas Wash, which drains the rapidly growing Las Vegas urban area in southern Nevada. New spatial techniques are introduced to make quantitative measurements of the erosion at three specific time intervals in the hydrologic evolution of the channel and floodplain. Unlike other erosion studies that use two different elevation surfaces to assess erosion, this study used a single elevation surface to remove systematic and nonsystemic elevation errors. The spatial analysis quantifies channel changes for discrete time periods, calculates erosion volumes, and provides a foundation to examine how the specific mechanisms related to urban expansion have affected Las Vegas Wash. The erosion calculated over 24 years is the largest documented sediment loss attributed to the effect of rapid urban growth. ?? 2007 American Water Resources Association.

Buckingham, S.E.; Whitney, J.W.



Instant醤ea de los c醤ceres de h韌ado y de las v韆s biliares

Informaci髇 sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre los c醤ceres de h韌ado y de las v韆s biliares; as como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigaci髇 de estos tipos de c醤cer.


40 CFR 81.80 - Las Vegas Intrastate Air Quality Control Region.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...2010-07-01 false Las Vegas Intrastate Air Quality Control Region. 81.80 Section 81...CONTINUED) DESIGNATION OF AREAS FOR AIR QUALITY PLANNING PURPOSES Designation of Air Quality Control Regions 81.80 Las Vegas...




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365ENSE?ANZA DE LAS CIENCIAS, 2004, 22(3), 365颅378 ALGUNAS POSIBILIDADES DELART脥CULO DE los art铆culos cient铆ficos como un recurso para la ense帽anza de las ciencias. Se analizan las cuestionar ideas inadecuadas sobre la ciencia y el conocimiento cient铆fico. Palabras clave. Ense帽anza de las

Campanario, Juan Miguel


La Universidad de Alicante inaugura las X Jornadas de Redes de Investigacin en Docencia Universitaria  

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La Universidad de Alicante inaugura las X Jornadas de Redes de Investigaci贸n en Docencia edici贸n de las Jornadas Redes de Investigaci贸n Universitaria, en el Sal贸n de Actos del Aulario II, con la participaci贸n y el compromiso de la comunidad universitaria" como tema central, las X Jornadas Redes de

Escolano, Francisco


El financiamiento de la educaci髇 p鷅lica en el Per: el rol de las familias  

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Las familias que matriculan a sus hijos en escuelas p鷅licas en el Per financian una parte importante de la educaci髇 de sus hijos. Saavedra, Melzi y Miranda (1997) muestran que casi un tercio de lo que la sociedad peruana en su conjunto gasta en los ni駉s matriculados en las escuelas p鷅licas corresponde a contribuciones de las familias. Parte de estas

Jaime Saavedra; Pablo Suarez



O R E G O N Informe Final Sobre el Estudio de las  

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WASHINGTON O R E G O N IDAHO HANFORD Resumen del Informe Final Sobre el Estudio de las Enfermedades de la Tiroides en Hanford Acerca del Estudio Sobre las Enfermedades de la Tiroides en Hanford. (HTDS por su sigla en ingl茅s) El estudio sobre las enfermedades de la tiroides en Hanford (HTDS por su sigla


Tecnolog韆 de informaci髇 e innovaci髇. Factores clave de la competitividad en las peque馻s y medianas empresas  

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En el presente trabajo se muestran algunas pol韙icas ejecutadas por el gobierno nacional, en funci髇 de im- pulsar el desarrollo cient韋ico y tecnol骻ico del pa韘, as como las principales limitaciones que presentan las peque- 馻s y medianas empresas (pymes) para acceder a las tecnolog韆s de informaci髇 y comunicaci髇, tomando como base los resultados de un diagn髎tico efectuado a 8 pymes

Leal Morantes; Miraidy Elena


Taller de Ciencia para Jvenes para alumnos de bachillerato San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas  

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Taller de Ciencia para J贸venes para alumnos de bachillerato San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas 3-7 agosto, 2009 CONVOCATORIA El "Taller de Ciencia para J贸venes" en San Cristobal de las Casas (Chiapas), est谩 dirigido a los alumnos de escuelas de nivel bachillerato que se sienten atraidos a las ciencias

Bor, Gil



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INVESTIGACI?N DID脕CTICA 179ENSE?ANZA DE LAS CIENCIAS, 1999, 17 (2), 179-192 驴C?MO ENSE?AR CIENCIAS de las Ciencias. Departamento de F铆sica. Universidad de Alcal谩 de Henares. 28871 Alcal谩 de Henares ciencias ha identifi- cado diversas dificultades en los procesos de aprendiza- je de las ciencias que

Campanario, Juan Miguel



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Campanario, Juan Miguel



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93ENSE?ANZA DE LAS CIENCIAS, 2004, 22(1), 93颅104 EL ENFOQUE CONEXIONISTA EN PSICOLOG脥A COGNITIVA Y ALGUNAS APLICACIONES SENCILLAS EN DID脕CTICA DE LAS CIENCIAS Campanario, Juan Miguel Aprendizaje de las Ciencias. Departamento de F铆sica. Universidad de Alcal谩 juan

Campanario, Juan Miguel



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Campanario, Juan Miguel


Language Assessment Scales, LAS I, for Grades K-5, English/Spanish. Second Edition.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Language Assessment Scales, LAS I, are designed for children in grades K-5. LAS I accommodates ethnic and linguistic differences and provides direct language activities taken from the popular culture of both English- and Spanish-speaking peoples. LAS I consists of two independent tests, one in English and the other in Spanish, presented largely on

De Avila, Edward A.; Duncan, Sharon E.


Persisten las diferencias de c醤cer de seno en hispanas con el mismo acceso a la atenci髇 m閐ica

Con el mismo acceso a servicios m閐icos, persisten las diferencias en cuanto al tama駉, el estadio y el grado del c醤cer de seno en las mujeres hispanas en comparaci髇 con las mujeres blancas no hispanas.


Mecanismos de Acci贸n de las Auxinas y los Herbicidas Aux铆nicos  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Se muestra como las auxinas y los herbicidas aux铆nicos pueden inducir respuestas celulares y se describe el transporte bas铆peto de las auxinas. Tambi茅n se muestra como los receptores de auxinas reconocen las auxinas y los herbicidas aux铆nicos, los cuales inducen entonces la transmisi贸n y traducci贸n de se帽ales para activar varios genes; el papel de los productos de esos genes en las respuestas de las plantas es tambi茅n mostrado.


Las tecnolog韆s de informaci髇 geogr醘ica y su aplicaci髇 al an醠isis urbano. El caso del estudio de los espacios residenciales cerrados en las 醨eas metropolitanas de Santiago y Valpara韘o  

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El art韈ulo centra su atenci髇 en los aspectos metodol骻icos relacionados con el dise駉 y confecci髇 de una base de datos georeferenciada que detalla los espacios residenciales cerrados edificados en las 醨eas metropolitanas de Santiago y Valpara韘o. En la elaboraci髇 de dicho instrumento desempe馻n un papel relevante las tecnolog韆s de informaci髇 geogr醘ica (TIG), entendidas como los Sistemas de Informaci髇 Geogr醘ica (SIG)

Ma. Luisa Rodrigo Hidalgo; Lily 羖varez Correa; Alejandro Salazar Barrows; Rodrigo Lazcano; Francisco Roa; Daniela Fuentes



Revision curricular a partir de un analisis comparativo de las discrepancias en los curriculos de una escuela de optometria en Puerto Rico con las competencias requeridas para las agencias de revalida y acreditacion 2004  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

El proposito de esta investigacion, un estudio cualitativo de caso, fue comparar y contrastar el curriculo vigente de la Escuela de Optometria de la UIAPR con las competencias y estandares requeridos por las agencias de acreditacion y de revalida. Con este proposito, decidimos realizar una revision y un analisis de documentos: el prontuario de cada uno de los cursos de los curriculos implantados en el 1993 y en el 2001; las competencias y estandares establecidos por las agencias de revalida y de acreditacion; y las estadisticas en las que se analiza el porcentaje de estudiantes que aprueban cada una de las partes de los examenes de revalida entre el 1998 al 2003. Se realizaron entrevistas dirigidas para dar apoyo y complementar la revision y el analisis de estos documentos. Los participantes de las entrevistas fueron tres estudiantes de la clase de optometria del 2004 (ultima clase del curriculo del 1993); tres estudiantes de la clase de optometria del 2005 (primera clase graduanda del curriculo vigente) y tres profesores y/o directores de los Departamentos de Ciencias Basicas, Ciencias Clinicas y Cuidado al Paciente. Esta investigacion se enmarco en el modelo de evaluacion curricular de discrepancia de Malcolm Provus y en el modelo de desarrollo basado en competencias. Uno de los hallazgos mas importantes del estudio es que los cambios que se implantaron al curriculo del 2001 no han logrado que los estudiantes mejoren su ejecucion en los examenes de revalida. Por otro lado, se encontro que el curriculo vigente atiende completamente los estandares de la practica de Optometria, pero no las competencias. Esta informacion fue validada mediante el uso de una tabla de cotejo para el analisis de los cursos y de la informacion obtenida de las entrevistas. El estudio determina y concluye que existen discrepancias entre los prontuarios de los cursos del curriculo y las competencias requeridas por la agencia de revalida. Segundo, que el Departamento de Ciencias Basicas es el que presenta mas deficiencias en el desarrollo de las competencias. El investigador recomienda disenar e implantar un curriculo basado en competencias y proveer formacion en didactica y procesos de aprendizaje a los profesores.

Rivera Pacheco, Andres


Clusters and Superclusters in the Sloan and Las Campanas Surveys  

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We generate the 2-dimensional high-resolution density field of galaxies of the Early Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and the Las Campanas Redshift Survey with a smoothing length 0.8 Mpc/h to extract clusters and groups of galaxies, and a low-resolution field with a smoothing length 10 Mpc/h to extract superclusters of galaxies. We investigate properties of density field clusters and superclusters and compare the properties of these clusters and superclusters with those of Abell clusters, and superclusters found on the basis of Abell clusters. We found that clusters in a high-density environment have a luminosity a factor of 5 - 10 higher than in a low-density environment. Clusters and superclusters in the Northern slice of SDSS are much richer than those in the Southern slice.

J. Einasto



LAS homolog distribution shift during wastewater treatment and composting ecological implications  

SciTech Connect

The behavior of LAS (linear alkylbenzene sulfonate) in different environmental compartments was studied through wastewater treatment process steps in sewage treatment plants of Alicante and Benidorm (activated sludge type) as well as in Guardamar (lagoons). The fate of LAS, using a specific HPLC method, was monitored during treatment sludge compostage and soil amendment operations. Finally, the marine sediments close to a submarine wastewater sewer outfall were analyzed. The results show significant differences between distribution of LAS homologs in water and solids (sludges, sediments, and soils), as compared to the original distribution in detergent formulations, yielding a lower LAS average molecular weight in water samples. The change observed in the homolog distribution of LAS implies a reduction in the toxicity to Daphnia, because a lower average molecular weight of LAS is less toxic.

Prats, D.; Ruiz, F.; Vazquez, B.; Zarzo, D. (Univ. of Alicante (Spain). Div. Chemical Engineering); Berna, J.L.; Moreno, A. (Petresa, Madrid (Spain))



Effect of linear alkylbenzene sulphonates (LAS) on the anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge  

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Batch anaerobic biodegradation tests with different alkylbenzene sulphonates (LAS) at increasing concentrations were performed in order to investigate the effect of LAS homologues on the anaerobic digestion process of sewage sludge. Addition of LAS homologues to the anaerobic digesters increased the biogas production at surfactant concentrations ?510g\\/kg dry sludge and gave rise to a partial or total inhibition of the

M. T. Garcia; E. Campos; J. S醤chez-Leal; I. Ribosa



Contribuci髇 al flujo infrarrojo de las estrellas Be de la recombinaci髇 dielectr髇ica del MgII  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Para evaluar la contribuci髇 del proceso de recombinaci髇 dielectr髇ica del 醫omo de MgII al exceso de flujo infrarrojo observado en las estrellas Be, calculamos la energ韆 emitida en las l韓eas originadas por este proceso. Se evaluaron los efectos de las condiciones f韘icas del medio, como la temperatura electr髇ica y la densidad electr髇ica, sobre el flujo emitido. Se consider tambi閚 la influencia de una posible opacidad.

Cruzado, A.; di Rocco, H.; Ringuelet, A.


City of Las Vegas Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Demonstration Program  

SciTech Connect

The City of Las Vegas was awarded Department of Energy (DOE) project funding in 2009, for the City of Las Vegas Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Demonstration Program. This project allowed the City of Las Vegas to purchase electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and associated electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The City anticipated the electric vehicles having lower overall operating costs and emissions similar to traditional and hybrid vehicles.




La Transpiraci贸n - Movimiento del Agua a Trav茅s de las Plantas  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

La transpiraci贸n es la p茅rdida de agua en forma de vapor por las plantas. El agua es absorbida del suelo por las ra铆ces y transportada en forma l铆quida por el xilema hacia las hojas. En las hojas, unos peque駉s poros permiten que el agua (H2O) escape a la atm贸sfera en forma de vapor, al tiempo que se permite la entrada de bi贸xido de carbono (CO2) para la fotos铆ntesis. De toda el agua absorbida por las plantas, menos del 5% es retenida y utilizada para crecimiento y almacenamiento. En esta lecci贸n se explicar谩 porque las plantas pierden tanta agua, la ruta que 茅sta sigue dentro de la planta, como pudieran las plantas controlar la p茅rdida excesiva de agua y como las condiciones ambientales influyen en la p茅rdida de agua por las plantas.


Stationary Phase-Specific Virulence Factor Overproduction by a lasR Mutant of Pseudomonas aeruginosa  

PubMed Central

Secreted virulence factors of the human pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa are often under quorum sensing control. Cells lacking the quorum-sensing regulator LasR show reduced virulence factor production under typical laboratory conditions and are hypo-virulent in short-term animal infection models, yet lasR mutants are frequently associated with long-term infection in cystic fibrosis patients. Here, I show that in stationary-phase or slow-growth conditions, lasR cells continuously and strongly produce the important virulence factor pyocyanin while wild-type cells do not. Pyocyanin overproduction by lasR cells is permitted by loss of repression by RsaL, a LasR-dependent negative regulator. lasR cells also contribute pyocyanin in mixed cultures, even under 揷heating conditions where they depend on their wild-type neighbors for nutrients. Finally, some clinical P. aeruginosa isolates with lasR mutations can overproduce pyocyanin in the laboratory. These results imply that slow-growing clinical populations of lasR cells in chronic infections may contribute to virulence by producing pyocyanin under conditions where lasR+ cells do not. PMID:24533146

Cabeen, Matthew T.



La ciencia del lenguaje estudia el fenmeno de las TIC, redes sociales y nuevas formas de comunicacin en la UA  

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La ciencia del lenguaje estudia el fen贸meno de las TIC, redes sociales y nuevas formas de comunicaci贸n en la UA Alicante, 8 de marzo de 2013 Las TIC, las redes sociales y las nuevas formas de.0: las TIC, redes sociales y nuevas formas de comunicaci贸n" comienza el lunes 11 de marzo de 2013 y hasta

Escolano, Francisco


La Fundacin Banesto y el Observatorio de Insercin Laboral de la Universidad de Alicante ensearn a las PYMES el uso de las redes  

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a las PYMES el uso de las redes sociales para mejorar sus negocios Alicante, 7 de septiembre de 2011 Dirigido a empresarios, emprendedores y comerciantes, el taller "Redes Sociales y Web 2.0: c贸mo vender m谩s Alicante a participar en el taller "Redes Sociales y Web 2.0: c贸mo vender m谩s y mejor. En el taller, que

Escolano, Francisco


Fronteras del saber cientfico: reflexin epistemolgica sobre las investigaciones fundamentales y praxeolgicas en las ciencias de la educacin en torno al trabajo  

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praxeol贸gicas en las ciencias de la educaci贸n en torno al trabajo docente1 Javier NUNEZ MOSCOSO Doctorando en Ciencias de la Educaci贸n2 UMR 颅 EFTS (Education, Formation, Travail, Savoirs) Universit茅 de Toulouse II le de Chile, Facultad de Educaci贸n Correspondencia: Resumen Las ciencias de la

Paris-Sud XI, Universit茅 de


Optimization of linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS) degradation in UASB reactors by varying bioavailability of LAS, hydraulic retention time and specific organic load rate.  


Degradation of linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS) in UASB reactors was optimized by varying the bioavailability of LAS based on the concentration of biomass in the system (1.3-16 g TS/L), the hydraulic retention time (HRT), which was operated at 6, 35 or 80 h, and the concentration of co-substrates as specific organic loading rates (SOLR) ranging from 0.03-0.18 g COD/g TVS.d. The highest degradation rate of LAS (76%) was related to the lowest SOLR (0.03 g COD/g TVS.d). Variation of the HRT between 6 and 80 h resulted in degradation rates of LAS ranging from 18% to 55%. Variation in the bioavailability of LAS resulted in discrete changes in the degradation rates (ranging from 37-53%). According to the DGGE profiles, the archaeal communities exhibited greater changes than the bacterial communities, especially in biomass samples that were obtained from the phase separator. The parameters that exhibited more influence on LAS degradation were the SOLR followed by the HRT. PMID:23196232

Okada, Dagoberto Y; Delforno, Tiago P; Esteves, Andressa S; Sakamoto, Isabel K; Duarte, Iolanda C S; Varesche, Maria B A



Surveys, Temporal Variability, and the Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Upcoming wide-field surveys such as Pan-STARRS, LSST, and Skymapper will detect large numbers of objects that vary photometrically, or that move. These objects will include small bodies in the solar systema, eclipsing binary stars, transiting extrasolar planets, pulsating stars, dwarf novae, novae, supernovae, active galactic nuclei, and quite possibly other transient phenomena for which we have no names as yet. Although they will be a fertile source of such transient detections, wide-field surveys themselves ordinarily will have neither the observing cadence nor the (e.g., spectroscopic) observing capabilities to perform adequate follow-up observations of these variable objects. The Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope (LCOGT) will be a global network of moderate-aperture (2m and smaller) telescopes, instrumented and interconnected so as to facilitate such in-depth variability studies. The LCOGT now operates the two 2m Faulkes Telescopes: FT North located on the island of Maui, and FT South at the Siding Spring site in Australia. These telescopes will anchor a network of about 7 clusters of 1m-class telescopes, each cluster containing 4 telescopes. First-light instruments will provide visible-light and NIR imaging; spectroscopic capabilities will come later, and will likely include both low- and high-resolution visible-light spectrographs. Scheduling and coordination of observations will be provided from a central site, in pursuit of a single set of scientific goals.

Brown, Tim; Rosing, W. E.; Baliber, N.; Hidas, M.; Street, R.



Assembly Bias of Dark Matter Halos in LasDamas  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Assembly bias of dark matter halos refers to the phenomenon in which the clustering of dark matter halos of a fixed mass depends significantly on a second property, in particular: age, concentration or spin. This discovery suggests a challenge for halo occupation distribution and other models that connect galaxy properties solely to halo mass. To investigate assembly bias we use the Large Suite of Dark Matter Simulations (LasDamas) to calculate the large-scale clustering of distinct halos as a function of a variety of properties including mass. We first investigate whether some property other than mass is better able to single-handedly predict clustering, i.e., eliminate the need for a second parameter, but we find no such property. Noting that for many halos the current mass is significantly lower than the peak mass it attained over its history, we revisit assembly bias using only halos that have maintained a significant fraction of their peak mass. We find that the dependence of clustering on a second halo parameter is significantly reduced without the inclusion of these high mass-loss halos. This strongly suggests that part of the theoretical explanation for assembly bias may be that a large fraction of halos do not continually grow in mass, as assumed in spherical collapse models, but instead lose significant amounts of their mass at later times due to interactions with other halos.

Salcedo, Andres Nicolas; Berlind, Andreas A.; Maller, Ariyeh; Sinha, Manodeep



La Gaceta de la RSME, Vol. 00 (0000), Num. 0, Pags. 117 1 Las Medallas Fields  

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de Leovigildo Alonso Tarr麓io y Ana Jerem麓ias L麓opez Este a~no el premio Abel ha reca麓ido sobre el miembro extranjero de la Academia Nacional de las Ciencias de U.S., de la Academia Americana de las Artes

Guijarro, Luis


INTERNET 2 : Las nuevas redes del futuro Juan Manuel Torres Moreno  

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INTERNET 2 : Las nuevas redes del futuro Juan Manuel Torres Moreno Laboratorio Nacional de m谩s virtual) pero a煤n mas impactante: la revoluci贸n de las redes de computadoras. Internet ha supuesto idea de federar varias redes que usaran la conmutaci贸n de paquetes y un protocolo de enlace llamado NCP

Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse, Universit茅 de


La Drosophila de las alas manchadas Una nueva plaga invasora en los frutales de Michigan  

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La Drosophila de las alas manchadas Una nueva plaga invasora en los frutales de Michigan Rufus Bulletin E-3140SP New 路 November 2010 Introducci贸n La mosca Drosophila de alas manchadas (Drosophila mayor铆a de las moscas del vinagre atacan cuando la fruta esta da帽ada. A diferencia de estas, la Drosophila


El papel de las instituciones educativas p鷅licas en la eliminaci髇 de la pobreza  

Microsoft Academic Search

Este trabajo presenta un conjunto de propuestas que contribuir韆n a fortalecer el papel de las instituciones educativas en la eliminaci髇 de la pobreza. Se trata de un conjunto de acciones por parte del Gobierno y las instituciones educativas que podr韆 hacer m醩 eficiente el gasto p鷅lico en educaci髇. El documento es el resul tado del trabajo de campo realizado en

Blanca Zuluaga; Diego Bonilla



Las espirales de Fibonacci podran estar relacionadas con la tensin 26/04/2007 Astroseti  

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Las espirales de Fibonacci podr铆an estar relacionadas con la tensi贸n 26/04/2007 Astroseti Las espirales de Fibonacci podr铆an estar relacionadas con la tensi贸n. La serie de Fibonacci 颅 en la cual cada tensi贸n" para crear espirales con la serie de Fibonacci en microestructuras que crecen en laboratorio

Zexian, Cao


Manejo estrat間ico de la calidad ambiental en las cadenas agroalimentarias. Aplicaciones a la arveja china guatemalteca  

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Desde la perspectiva de las cadenas globales de mercanc韆s, considerando la secuencia de actividades insumo-producto (principalmente producci髇 primaria, procesamiento, comercializaci髇 y uso final), este art韈ulo analiza las interacciones (horizontales) entre productores agr韈olas como un juego del tipo dilema del prisionero. El resultado esperado es un equilibrio Nash en el cual los productores se quedan atados al uso de tecnolog韆s no

Gerardo Jim閚ez Porras; Wim Pelupessy




EPA Science Inventory

Sodium Perchlorate and ammonium Perchlorate, major components of solid rocket fuel, have been manufactured in the Las Vegas Valley immediately up gradient from the Las Vegas Wash, since 1945 and 1956, respectively. Measurements of emerging ground water quality in the vici...



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Analizamos la evoluci髇 del turismo hotelero en el per韔do 2001-2008, en las regiones y provincias espa駉las, utilizando las estad韘ticas de pernoctaciones hoteleras como indicador. Presentamos una s韓tesis de resultados de varios modelos econom閠ricos del turismo regional en Espa馻, tanto en lo que respecta a los factores que influyen en el desarrollo tur韘tico como al impacto que el turismo tiene en

M. C. Guisan; E. Aguayo



La concentraci髇 estacional en las regiones espa駉las desde una perspectiva de la oferta tur韘tica  

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RESUMEN La estacionalidad es un fen髆eno muy singular en el turismo y es de gran relevancia para los responsables de las organizaciones y destinos tur韘ticos. En el presente trabajo tratamos de analizar la estacionalidad de la oferta tur韘tica en Espa馻 y, especialmente, en las Comunidades Aut髇omas. Tratamos de comprobar los niveles de estacionalidad de la oferta tur韘tica en funci髇 de

Jes鷖 Manuel L髉ez Bonilla; Luis Miguel L髉ez Bonilla



Poder de Mercado en las Profesiones Autorreguladas: El Desempe駉 M閐ico en Argentina  

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La naturaleza potencialmente anticompetitiva de las pr醕ticas impartidas desde las organizaciones de profesionales ha sido racionalizada por la literatura econ髆ica y ha ocupado un lugar no menor en la agenda de los organismos de defensa de la competencia. Sin embargo, la econom韆 emp韗ica carece de estudios sobre el ejercicio profesional autorregulado. Este trabajo relaciona los mercados de servicios profesionales con

Evelyn Vezza



Anaerobic bioprocessing of sewage sludge, focusing on degradation of linear alkylbenzene sulfonates (LAS)  

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Anaerobic degradation of sludge amended with linear alkylbenzene sulfonates (LAS) was tested in a one stage continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) and a two stage reactor system consisting of a CSTR as first step and upflow anaerobic sludge bed (UASB) reactor as the second step. Anaerobic removal of LAS was only observed at the second step but not at the

I. Angelidaki; L. Tor鋘g; C. M. Waul; J. E. Schmidt


Pluralidad te髍ica, metodol骻ica y t閏nica en el abordaje de las redes sociales: hacia la \\  

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Discutiendo sobre algunos trabajos que se presentan en el volumen noveno de la Revista Redes. Revista Hispana para el an醠isis de las redes sociales, este art韈ulo incorpora un conjunto de reflexiones sobre el an醠isis de las redes sociales argumentando que esta espec韋ica 醨ea de an醠isis se encuentra en un cruce de caminos interdisciplinarios que vienen aportando recientemente ideas adicionales para

Estrella Gualda Caballero



Comunidades de partidarios en redes sociales: estudio de las elecciones catalanas de 2010 y 2012  

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Comunidades de partidarios en redes sociales: estudio de las elecciones catalanas de 2010 y de reclutamiento de un movimiento social en redes sociales (Lotan, 2011; Grossman, 2009; Choudhary como fluye la informaci贸n de los partidos/organizaciones en las redes sociales y la formaci贸n de

Moro, Esteban


Impacto de las redes sociales de pacientes en la pr醕tica asistencial  

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Las redes sociales de pacientes son espacios virtuales donde pacientes con condiciones similares se ponen en contacto y comparten tratamientos y problemas de salud. Estas redes ofrecen a las personas con problemas espec韋icos de salud la oportunidad de compartir experiencias, buscar, recibir y proveer informaci髇, consejos e incluso apoyo emocional online. Pero, 縞u醠 es el impacto de estas redes en

Elena Torrente; Joan Escarrabill; Tino Mart



Problem-Solving in Las Vegas: Students Are Building Skills and a Global Network.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Describes a project initiated at Silverado High School in Las Vegas, where students from Las Vegas and schools across the United States monitor the levels of radon in the atmosphere. Enables students to learn first hand about the collection, analysis, and interpretation of scientific data and to network with other students from the United States

Budd, Gregory; Curry, Don



Chris Quigg Las revoluciones por venir en Fsica de Partculas Museo de la Ciencia Chris Quigg  

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Chris Quigg 路 Las revoluciones por venir en F铆sica de Part铆culas 路 Museo de la Ciencia Chris Quigg Ciencias Fisicas no nostenga reservadas maravillas a煤n m谩s impresionantes que aquellas del pasado, parece Ciencias F铆sicas deber谩n ser buscadas en las sextas cifras decimales." Tres revoluciones de Galileo Eppur

Quigg, Chris



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Campanario, Juan Miguel



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INVESTIGACI?N DID脕CTICA ENSE?ANZA DE LAS CIENCIAS, 1999, 17 (3), 397-410 397 LA CIENCIA QUE NO ENSE?AMOS CAMPANARIO, JUAN MIGUEL Grupo de Investigaci贸n en Aprendizaje de las Ciencias. Departamento de capaces de entender la realidad que les rodea y puedan comprender el papel de la ciencia en nuestra

Campanario, Juan Miguel



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161ENSE?ANZA DE LAS CIENCIAS, 2003, 21 (1), 161-172 INNOVACIONES DID脕CTICAS DE LA NECESIDAD, VIRTUD, metacognition, teaching activities. #12;INNOVACIONES DID脕CTICAS 162 ENSE?ANZA DE LAS CIENCIAS, 2003, 21 (1) 1 ciencias, sirven como ma- teriales de consulta y referencia y, tal vez algo ingenua- mente, se tiende

Campanario, Juan Miguel



EPA Science Inventory

Climate change, land use change, and population growth are fundamental factors affecting future hydrologic conditions in streams, especially in arid regions with scarce water resources. Located in the arid southwest, Las Vegas Valley located within the Las Vegas Wash watershed is...


Savater y Recalde conferencian en las IX Jornadas de Derecho penal, Derecho penitenciario y Criminologa  

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Savater y Recalde conferencian en las IX Jornadas de Derecho penal, Derecho penitenciario y conferencias que se han expuesto en el segundo d铆a de las IX Jornadas de Derecho penal, Derecho penitenciario y Ortega y el posterior seminario-debate con los profesores del 脕rea de Derecho Penal. DIRECCI?N POSTAL

Escolano, Francisco


78 FR 43772 - Modification of Class B Airspace; Las Vegas, NV  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...12-AWA-5] RIN 2120-AA66 Modification of Class B Airspace; Las Vegas, NV AGENCY: Federal...action modifies the Las Vegas, NV, Class B airspace area to ensure the containment of large turbine-powered aircraft within Class B airspace, reduce air traffic...



77 FR 65332 - Proposed Modification of Class B Airspace; Las Vegas, NV  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...2120-AA66 Proposed Modification of Class B Airspace; Las Vegas, NV AGENCY: Federal...proposes to modify the Las Vegas, NV, Class B airspace area to ensure the containment of large turbine-powered aircraft within Class B airspace, reduce air traffic...



Magnetotelluric study of the Las Ca馻das caldera (Tenerife, Canary Islands): structural and hydrogeological implications  

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The Las Ca馻das caldera in Tenerife (Canary Islands) is a well-exposed caldera depression in which the active Teide朠ico Viejo complex stands. In addition to its volcanological interest, the Las Ca馻das caldera also holds the main groundwater reservoir of Tenerife. An audiomagnetotelluric and magnetotelluric survey was carried out in order to image the interior of the caldera depression. The field campaign

Jaume Pous; Wiebke Heise; Pierre-Andr Schnegg; Gerard Mu駉z; Joan Mart??; Carles Soriano



Managing Floods and Resources at the Arroyo Las Positas  

SciTech Connect

Engineers and water resource professionals are challenged with protecting facilities from flood events within environmental resource protection, regulatory, and economic constraints. One case in point is the Arroyo Las Positas (ALP), an intermittent stream that traverses the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in Livermore, California. Increased runoff from post-drought rainfall, upstream development, and new perennial discharges from LLNL activities have resulted in increased dry weather flows and wetland vegetation. These new conditions have recently begun to provide improved habitat for the federally threatened California red-legged frog (Rana aurora draytonii; CRLF), but the additional vegetation diminishes the channel's drainage capacity and increases flood risk. When LLNL proposed to re-grade the channel to reestablish the 100-year flood capacity, traditional dredging practices were no longer being advocated by environmental regulatory agencies. LLNL therefore designed a desilting maintenance plan to protect LLNL facility areas from flooding, while minimizing impacts to wetland resources and habitat. The result was a combination of structural upland improvements and the ALP Five Year Maintenance Plan (Maintenance Plan), which includes phased desilting in segments so that the entire ALP is desilted after five years. A unique feature of the Maintenance Plan is the variable length of the segments designed to minimize LLNL's impact on CRLF movement. State and federal permits also added monitoring requirements and additional constraints on desilting activities. Two years into the Maintenance Plan, LLNL is examining the lessons learned on the cost-effectiveness of these maintenance measures and restrictions and reevaluating the direction of future maintenance activities.

Sanchez, L; Van Hattem, M; Mathews, S



LasR, a Transcriptional Activator of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Virulence Genes, Functions as a Multimer  

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The Pseudomonas aeruginosa LasR protein functions in concert with N-3-oxo-dodecanoyl-L-homoserine lac- tone (3O-C12-HSL) to coordinate the expression of target genes, including many genes that encode virulence factors, with cell density. We used a LexA-based protein interaction assay to demonstrate that LasR forms multimers only when 3O-C12-HSL is present. A series of LasR molecules containing internal deletions or substitutions in single,

Pattarachai Kiratisin; Kenneth D. Tucker; Luciano Passador




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Este estudio recoge los resultados acerca de la oferta de las empresas de Turismo de Naturaleza (TN) del municipio de Cabo Corrientes, Jal. Las cuales no cuentan con propuestas formales de oferta, y esto disminuye en gran manera la competitividad, desarrollo y progreso de las empresas de TN, as como el crecimiento de la poblaci髇 rural que soporta a estas.

Rodrigo Espinoza S醤chez; Erika Ch醰ez F閘ix; Edmundo Andrade R; Rosa Ma. Ch醰ez D



Las dif韈iles relaciones entre teor韆, pr醕tica y metodolog韆 en la psicolog韆 del siglo XXI. (I) Sobre algunas disyuntivas  

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Las decisiones pr醕ticas en las ciencias del comportamiento se han venido apoyando en conocimientos supuestamente obtenidos a partir de indagaciones que, tambi閚 supuestamente, siguen las normas de la investigaci髇 cient韋ica. Retomar la distinci髇 entre sistemas sociales y epistemol骻icos implicada en la oposici髇 entre el sistema ciencia-t閏nica y el sistema interacci髇-comunicaci髇 permite entender por qu la llamada 搃nvestigaci髇 cient韋ica en el

Juan Delgado S醤chez-Mateos



Estrategia curricular infotecnol骻ica para el uso de las redes sociales en la formaci髇 del profesional de la educaci髇  

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Las Universidades de Ciencias Pedag骻icas, tienen como encargo social la formaci髇 integral de los profesionales de la educaci髇, en los contextos actuales con la gran diversidad de informaci髇 cada vez m醩 voluminosa y m髒il, se precisa de un proceso formativo direccionado hacia la gesti髇 del conocimiento mediante el empleo de las Tecnolog韆s de la Informaci髇 y las Comunicaciones (TIC). La

Rosa Lidia Mart韓ez Cabrales; Miriam Roll Hechavarr韆



Revista Electrnica de Enseanza de las Ciencias Vol. 2 N 2 (2003) Metalibros: La construccin colectiva de un recurso  

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Revista Electr贸nica de Ense帽anza de las Ciencias Vol. 2 N潞 2 (2003) Metalibros: La construcci贸n Internet Juan Miguel Campanario Grupo de Investigaci贸n sobre Aprendizaje de las Ciencias. Departamento de ense帽anza de las ciencias. Palabras clave: Libros de texto, nuevas tecnolog铆as, renovaci贸n educativa

Campanario, Juan Miguel


V SEMINARIO HISPANO-ARGENTINO: Los discursos sobre la Ciencia y las Nuevas Tecnologas en la Sociedad del Conocimiento  

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V SEMINARIO HISPANO-ARGENTINO: Los discursos sobre la Ciencia y las Nuevas Tecnolog铆as en la Universidad Nacional del Litoral (Argentina), se centra este a帽o en los "Discursos sobre la Ciencia y las procede, esta vez centrando la atenci贸n en el discurso de la ciencia y de las nuevas tecnolog铆as. Se

Escolano, Francisco


Las IX Jornadas de Derecho penal, Derecho penitenciario y Criminologa en la UA reflexionan sobre el nuevo panorama del terrorismo  

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Las IX Jornadas de Derecho penal, Derecho penitenciario y Criminolog铆a en la UA reflexionan sobre socio-criminol贸gica" es el tema sobre el que se centran las IX Jornadas de Derecho penal, Derecho, Jes煤s Pradells, y a la decana de la Facultad de Derecho de la UA, Amparo Navarro. Las Jornadas, que se

Escolano, Francisco


Language Assessment Scales, Level 2, LAS II, for Grades 6 and Up, English/Spanish. Examiner's Manual.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Language Assessment Scales, Level 2 (LAS II) are used to assess the linguistic proficiency of limited-English-speaking or non-English-speaking adolescents. LAS II, like its predecessor, LAS I, provides a picture of oral linguistic proficiency based on a student's performance across four linguistic subsystems: phonemic, lexical, syntactic and

Duncan, Sharon E.; De Avila, Edward A.


The Las Ca馻das caldera (Tenerife, Canary Islands): an overlapping collapse caldera generated by magma-chamber migration  

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The Las Ca馻das caldera is one of the most important geological structures of Tenerife. Stratigraphic, structural, volcanological, petrological, geochronological, and geophysical data suggest that the Las Ca馻das caldera resulted from multiple vertical collapse episodes that occurred during the construction of the Las Ca馻das edifice Upper Group. Three long-term (?200ka) cycles of phonolitic explosive activity, each culminating with a caldera collapse,

J. Marti; A. Gudmundsson



El teatro de Osvaldo Drag鷑 y las po閠icas teatrales de Buenos Aires en los cincuentas  

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destruido por el medio social. Aldo advierte las contradicciones sociales, "se desaliena," toma conciencia, del canibalismo de la sociedad (el villano) que deglute a Ra鷏, el futbolista y Gregorio, el arribista. Y lo explicita: Esa noche se acentu en m...

Pellettieri, Osvaldo



Como Mantienen la Competividad las Multinacionales de Economias Emergentes? El Case de CEMEX  

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La creciente presencia de multinacionales de pa韘es emergentes (EMNEs) entre las empresas m醩 importantes del mundo hace necesario entender cu醠es son los factores que determinan la sostenibilidad de sus ventajas competitivas ...

Lucea, Rafael


Double star images taken by HST WFPC and Las Campanas Observatory  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Comparison of the same area of sky (a double star) taken by the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) wide field planetary camera (WFPC) and ground-based image taken from the Las Campanas Observatory, Carnegie Institute of Washington.



Pottery engineering in ancient Guerrero, Mexico : the site of Las Fundiciones  

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This thesis examines ancient pottery from the site of Las Fundiciones, Guerrero, Mexico. Because this site provides the only documented evidence of prehispanic metal smelting in Mesoamerica it is critical to examine artifacts ...

Reitzel, Hannah Lynn



Center for Gaming Research University Libraries | University of Nevada, Las Vegas  

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1 Center for Gaming Research University Libraries | University of Nevada, Las Vegas Annual Report the Director................... 4 UNLV Gaming Press............................... 5 Collections Mission The Center for Gaming Research is a world-class hub for the scholarly analysis and public

Hemmers, Oliver


M醩 all de las Fronteras (Beyond the Borders): Subnational Transnationalism and the State in Mexico  

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M罶 ALL DE LAS FRONTERAS (BEYOND THE BORDERS): SUBNATIONAL TRANSNATIONALISM AND THE STATE IN MEXICO BY Rebecca J. Crosthwait Submitted to the graduate degree program in Anthropology and the Faculty of the Graduate School... ________________________________ Brent E. Metz Date defended: November 27, 2007 ii The Thesis Committee for Rebecca J. Crosthwait certifies that this is the approved version of the following thesis: M罶 ALL DE LAS FRONTERAS (BEYOND THE BORDERS): SUBNATIONAL...

Crosthwait, Rebecca Jeanne



Postmodernism and Feminism in Mexican Theatre: Aura y las once mil v韗genes by Carmen Boullosa  

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SPRING 1995 55 Postmodernism and Feminism in Mexican Theatre: Aura y las once mil v韗genes by Carmen Boullosa Roselyn Costantino Mexican author Carmen Boullosa (Mexico City, 1954) is one of the most recognized and prolific writers of her... of postmodernism and feminisms. In order to place the study in context, an outline of issues involving the "crisis" of the transition in Mexican society follows. Finally, an analysis of Boullosa's play, Aura y las once mil v韗genes, shows how the author...

Costantino, Roselyn



V Festival Nacional del Nuevo Teatro: Las fuentes inagotables del arte  

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Experimental de Cali (TEC) mostr su m醩 reciente producci髇: Opera Bufa, la recreaci髇 teatral de una compleja trama que alude a las dictaduras caribe馻s y cuyo referente hist髍ico es la dinast韆 Somoza en Nicaragua. Para tal fin, el grupo investig... representaci髇. Frente a la escasa producci髇 dramat鷕gica que no alcanza en ning鷑 momento a suplir las necesidades esc閚icas de los numerosos grupos existentes en el pa韘, no s髄o La Candelaria y el TEC, conjuntos profesionales de robusta trayectoria...

Má rceles Daconte, Eduardo



Stratigraphic and structural controls on fluorspar mineralization in northern Valle Las Norias, Coahuila, Mexico  

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Rapport, Eric John




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. POLICY MAKING 2.0 LAS TIC, LA CIUDAD Y LA PARTICIPACI?N CIUDADANA SISTEMAS DE ENERG脥A Y MOVILIDAD URBANA las TIC para la participaci贸n ciudadana y la mejora de la movilidad, o los conocimientos necesarios Instituto de Ingenier铆a de Espa帽a. PONENCIAS MOVILIDAD URBANA, 驴MOVILIDAD HUMANA? ANDR?S MONZ?N Catedr谩tico

Carde帽osa, Jes煤s



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INVESTIGACI?N DID脕CTICA 45ENSE?ANZA DE LAS CIENCIAS, 2001, 19 (1), 45-56 INVOCACIONES Y USOS INADECUADOS DE LA CIENCIA EN LA PUBLICIDAD CAMPANARIO, JUAN MIGUEL,1 MOYA, AIDA2 y OTERO, JOS? C.3 Grupo de Investigaci贸n sobre el Aprendizaje de las Ciencias. Departamento de F铆sica. Universidad de Alcal谩. 28871 Alcal谩

Campanario, Juan Miguel


Alonso Quijano en el Callej髇 del Gato: Las ficciones de psycho-killers espa駉las  

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cuando era ni駉 en la novela negra, Alfred Hitchcock y V醶quez Montalb醤. 6 蚽dice Introducci髇: Esquizofrenia y violencia en la cultura herida 厖厖厖厖厖厖厖厖厖厖. 7 El precio de una snuff movie: Globalizaci髇 y espect醕ulo en las... m醲imo exponente. Los resultados de la aceptaci髇 de estos valores se manifiestan de un modo m醩 evidente en el uso de las snuff movies como s韒bolo principal del valor mercantil adquirido por la imagen violenta en la cultura herida y el uso del cuerpo...

Meijide Lapido, Arturo Francisco



Agier, Michel y Odile Hoffmann, 1999, Las tierras de las comunidades negras en el Pacfico colombiano: interpretaciones de la ley, estrategias de los actores. Territorios, Revista de estudios  

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cuyos efectos directos es el de suscitar nuevas din谩micas sociales e incluso provocar el surgimiento de a los recursos, a los servicios, al juego pol铆tico nacional y a las redes globales y supranacionales, sean econ贸micas, sociales o pol铆ticas. El debate suscitado por la ley 70 es portador de nuevos esquemas

Paris-Sud XI, Universit茅 de


A New Transcriptional Repressor of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa Quorum Sensing Receptor Gene lasR  

PubMed Central

Pseudomonas aeruginosa pathogenic potential is controlled via multiple regulatory pathways, including three quorum sensing (QS) systems. LasR is a key QS signal receptor since it acts as a global transcriptional regulator required for optimal expression of main virulence factors. P. aeruginosa modulates the QS response by integrating this cell density-dependent circuit to environmental and metabolic cues. Hence, QS also controls the adaptation to challenging environmental niches, such as infection sites. However, little is known about the molecular mechanisms connecting QS and other signalling pathways. In this work, DNA-affinity chromatography was used to identify new lasR transcriptional regulators. This approach led to the identification and functional characterization of the TetR-like transcriptional repressor PA3699. This protein was purified and shown to directly bind to the lasR promoter region in vitro. The induction of PA3699 expression in P. aeruginosa PAO1 cultures repressed lasR promoter activity and the production of LasR-dependent virulence factors, such as elastase, pyocyanin, and proteases. These findings suggest a role for PA3699 in P. aeruginosa pathogenicity. P. aeruginosa genome encodes at least 38 TetR-family proteins, and PA3699 is the eighth member of this group functionally characterized so far and the first one shown to bind the lasR promoter in vitro. PMID:23861975

Longo, Francesca; Rampioni, Giordano; Bond, Roslen; Imperi, Francesco; Fimia, Gian Maria; Visca, Paolo; Zennaro, Elisabetta; Leoni, Livia



Global position analysis of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa quorum-sensing transcription factor LasR  

PubMed Central

Summary In Pseudomonas aeruginosa quorum sensing (QS), the transcriptional regulator LasR controls the expression of more than 300 genes. Several of these genes are activated indirectly via a second, subordinate QS regulator, RhlR. Conserved sequence elements upstream of individual other genes have been shown to bind LasR in vitro. To comprehensively identify all regions that are bound by LasR in vivo, we employed chromatin immunoprecipitation in conjunction with microarray analysis. We identified 35 putative promoter regions that direct the expression of up to 74 genes. In vitro DNA binding studies allowed us to distinguish between cooperative and non-cooperative LasR binding sites, and allowed us to build consensus sequences according to the mode of binding. Five promoter regions were not previously recognized as QS-controlled. Two of the associated transcript units encode proteins involved in the cold-shock response and in Psl exopolysaccharide synthesis, respectively. The LasR regulon includes seven genes encoding transcriptional regulators, while secreted factors and secretion machinery are the most overrepresented functional categories overall. This supports the notion that the core function of LasR is to coordinate the production of extracellular factors, although many of its effects on global gene expression are likely mediated indirectly by regulatory genes under its control. PMID:19682264

Gilbert, Kerrigan B.; Kim, Tae Hoon; Gupta, Rashmi; Greenberg, E. P.; Schuster, Martin



Lsb1 Is a Negative Regulator of Las17 Dependent Actin Polymerization Involved in Endocytosis  

PubMed Central

The spatial and temporal regulation of actin polymerization is crucial for various cellular processes. Members of the Wiskott朅ldrich syndrome protein (WASP) family activate the Arp2/3-complex leading to actin polymerization. The yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae contains only one WASP homolog, Las17, that requires additional factors for its regulation. Lsb1 and Lsb2/Pin3 are two yeast homologous proteins bearing an SH3 domain that were identified as Las17-binding proteins. Lsb2/Pin3 that promotes prion induction was suggested to link this prion formation to the actin cytoskeleton. However, the cellular role of Lsb1 and the molecular function of both Lsb1 and Lsb2 remain unknown. In this study, we show that Lsb1 and/or Lsb2 full-length proteins inhibit Las17-mediated actin polymerization in vitro, Lsb2 being a less potent inhibitor of Las17 activity compared to Lsb1. Addition of Lsb1 or Lsb2 to the corresponding full-length Lsb1/2 further inhibits Las17 activity. Lsb1 and Lsb2 form homo- and hetero-oligomeric complexes suggesting that these two proteins could regulate Las17 activity via dimerization or cooperative binding. In vivo, overexpressed Lsb1 and Lsb2 proteins cluster Las17-CFP in few cytoplasmic punctate structures that are also positive for other Arp2/3-dependent actin polymerization effectors like Sla1 or Abp1. But, only Lsb1 overexpression blocks the internalization step of receptor-mediated endocytosis. This shows a specific function of Lsb1 in endocytosis. PMID:23577202

Spiess, Matthias; de Craene, Johan-Owen; Michelot, Alph閑; Rinaldi, Bruno; Huber, Aline; Drubin, David G.



Identification of methyl triclosan and halogenated analogues in male common carp (Cyprinus carpio) from Las Vegas Bay and semipermeable membrane devices from Las Vegas Wash, Nevada  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Methyl triclosan and four halogenated analogues have been identified in extracts of individual whole-body male carp (Cyprinus carpio) tissue that were collected from Las Vegas Bay, Nevada, and Semipermeable Membrane Devices (SPMD) that were deployed in Las Vegas Wash, Nevada. Methyl triclosan is believed to be the microbially methylated product of the antibacterial agent triclosan (2, 4, 4'-trichloro-4-hydroxydiphenyl ether, Chemical Abstract Service Registry Number 3380-34-5, Irgasan DP300). The presence of methyl triclosan and four halogenated analogues was confirmed in SPMD extracts by comparing low- and high-resolution mass spectral data and Kovats retention indices of methyl triclosan with commercially obtained triclosan that was derivatized to the methyl ether with ethereal diazomethane. The four halogenated analogues of methyl triclosan detected in both whole-body tissue and SPMD extracts were tentatively identified by high resolution mass spectrometry. Methyl triclosan was detected in all 29 male common carp from Las Vegas Bay with a mean concentration of 596????g kg- 1 wet weight (ww) which is more than an order of magnitude higher than previously reported concentrations in the literature. The halogenated analogs were detected less frequently (21%-76%) and at much lower concentrations (< 51????g kg- 1 ww). None of these compounds were detected in common carp from a Lake Mead reference site in Overton Arm, Nevada.

Leiker, T.J.; Abney, S.R.; Goodbred, S.L.; Rosen, M.R.



A reinterpretation of the Pleistocene human and faunal association at Las Buitreras Cave, Santa Cruz, Argentina  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The faunal assemblage recovered from Layers VIII-VII at Las Buitreras Cave has been considered as associated with human artifacts. On that basis, the previous analysis had concluded that human hunters had exploited ground sloths at the end of the Pleistocene. A reanalysis of the bones as well as the rest of the evidence suggests that there is no basis for that conclusion. On the contrary, it is suggested here that the lower layers at Las Buitreras are the result of the use of the cave as a den by ground sloths.

Borrero, Luis A.; Martin, Fabiana M.



After 58 years, an icon on the Las Vegas Strip closes  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Las Vegas' Sahara Hotel and Casino closing after more than 58 years Vegas History Nevada: The Boomtown Years Tripping: Implosions Neon Museum that glitters is not gold, and when it comes to the glittering lights of the Vegas Strip, nothing is permanent. This weekend, the Sahara hotel saw its last guests leave as it ended its 58-year run on the Strip. The hotel was the brainchild of one Milton Prell, a former jewelry salesman who ran a bingo parlor in Montana. In 1952, he opened the Sahara, which he envisioned as a "jewel of the desert". The Sahara was the sixth hotel on the Strip, and with its fantastical Congo Room supper club and Casbar Lounge, it was a flourishing part of the "ring-a-ding-ding" 1950s and 1960s scene in Las Vegas. Characters who were part of the Strip's history included legendary entertainers Ray Bolger, Donald O'Connor, and Louis Prime, who performed there for years with his wife, Keely Smith. While plans for the site are in flux, it is hoped that some of the Sahara's iconic neon signs will end up in the nearby Neon Museum.The first link will take visitors to a nice article from this Saturday's Las Vegas Sun about the closing of the Sahara. The second link leads to piece from CNN's blog which also talks about the recent closing of this famed Strip stalwart. The third link will whisk users away to a terrific site from the Las Vegas Sun which chronicles the highs and lows of the Strip's history. Moving on, the fourth link leads to a nice digital collection from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas which documents the boom years of Southern Nevada through images, documents, and other archival items. The fifth link leads to a rather raucous and fun archive of Strip hotel implosions captured for posterity. Finally, the last link leads to the homepage of The Neon Museum in Las Vegas, which celebrates neon culture in all of its glory.

Grinnell, Max



Bioconcentration of the anionic surfactant linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS) in the marine shrimp Palaemonetes varians: a radiotracer study.  


Uptake and depuration kinetics of dissolved [(14)C]C??-6-linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS) were determined in the shrimp Palaemonetes varians using environmentally relevant exposure concentration. The shrimp concentrated LAS from seawater with a mean BCF value of 120 L kg(-1) after a 7-day exposure. Uptake biokinetics were best described by a saturation model, with an estimated BCFss, of 159 34 L kg(-1), reached after 11.5 days. Shrimp weight influenced significantly BCF value with smaller individuals presenting higher affinity to LAS. To the light of a whole body autoradiography, major accumulation of LAS occurred in the cephalothorax circulatory system (gills, heart, hepatopancreas) and ocular peduncle, but not in the flesh, limiting potential transfer to human consumers. LAS depuration rate constant value of the shrimp was 1.18 0.08 d(-1) leading to less than 1% of remaining LAS in its tissues after 8 days of depuration. PMID:25016418

Renaud, Florent; Warnau, Michel; Oberh鋘sli, Fran鏾is; Teyssi, Jean-Louis; Temara, Ali; Rouleau, Claude; Metian, Marc



Olimpiadas de Ciencias Las Olimpiadas de Ciencias son unas competiciones de carcter intelectual dirigidas al alumnado de 1 y 2 de  

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Olimpiadas de Ciencias Las Olimpiadas de Ciencias son unas competiciones de car谩cter intelectual, e internacional. Sus objetivos son: Estimular el estudio de las ciencias entre los/las j贸venes y relaci贸n entre los centros de educaci贸n secundaria y la Universidad. La Facultad de Ciencias organiza las

Escolano, Francisco


Estudio sobre las dosis de radiaci髇 y los riesgos de c醤cer causados por la prueba at髆ica 揟rinity realizada en 1945

El NCI tiene planeado realizar entrevistas en profundidad para determinar cu醠 era la alimentaci髇 caracter韘tica de las poblaciones ind韌enas americanas, hispanas (latinas) y chicanas que viv韆n en New Mexico a mediados de 1940 y utilizar informaci髇 f醕ilmente disponible sobre la alimentaci髇 y el estilo de vida de las poblaciones blancas. Estas entrevistas representan un paso importante para hacer estimaciones de las dosis de radiaci髇 generadas por la prueba Trinity.



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Escolano, Francisco


HAZTE SOCIO Si eres usuario habitual de las instalaciones deportivas, el Servicio de Deportes te recomienda  

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HAZTE SOCIO Si eres usuario habitual de las instalaciones deportivas, el Servicio de Deportes te permite el acceso a la piscina, en horario de ba帽o libre. No incluye la pr谩ctica de otros deportes. Estas: a trav茅s de Campus Virtual (Otros servicios (alumnado y PAS) Utilidades (PDI) >> Deportes >> Oficina

Escolano, Francisco


En el ao 1991se creaba el Insti-tuto Universitario del Agua y las  

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en el tratamiento de aguas residuales industriales, experien- cias de reutilizaci贸n de aguas resiEn el a帽o 1991se creaba el Insti- tuto Universitario del Agua y las Ciencias otra denominaci贸n, se imparte el m谩ster Gesti贸n Sostenible y Tec- nolog铆a del Agua, adaptado al Es

Escolano, Francisco


El VIH y las ramificaciones para la seguridad alimentaria y la salud infantil en comunidades afectadas  

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ExtractoLos primeros casos de s韓drome de inmunodeficiencia adquirida (SIDA), causada por el virus de la inmunodeficiencia humana (VIH), se identificaron en 1981. Actualmente se estima en 39 millones las personas infectadas en todo el mundo por el virus. Aunque el 64% de estos individuos viven actualmente en la pobreza de 羏rica subsahariana, la pandemia se est propagando en estos momentos

Noel W. Solomons; Gwen Ellen O扗onnell




EPA Science Inventory

The publication, in two volumes, contains the text of all papers presented at EPA's fifth flue gas desulfurization (FGD) symposium, March 5-8, 1979, at Las Vegas, Nevada. A partial listing of papers in Volume 2 includes the following: Basin Electric's involvement with dry flue ga...


M醩 para ellas - Sugerencias para cerrar la brecha entre g閚eros en las regiones en desarrollo  

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Seg鷑 el pensamiento convencional, la salud y la educaci髇 son factores esenciales para el desarrollo econ髆ico y social: permiten mejorar la distribuci髇 del ingreso y la productividad, y adem醩, los m醩 beneficiados son los pobres. Sin embargo, en muchas regiones del mundo no todos los miembros de la sociedad reciben estos servicios equitativamente. En muchos casos las mujeres est醤 excluidas

Alessandro Magnoli




EPA Science Inventory

The hydrogeologic study of the shallow ground-water zone in Las Vegas Valley, Nevada determined the sources and extent of ground-water contamination to develop management alternatives and minimize adverse effects. An extensive, computerized data base utilizing water analyses, wel...



EPA Science Inventory

The publication, in two volumes, contains the text of all papers presented at EPA's fifth flue gas desulfurization (FGD) symposium, March 5-8, 1979, at Las Vegas, Nevada. A partial listing of titles includes the following: Overview of control technology--the bridge between energy...


Geophysical constraints on the location and geometry of the Las Vegas Shear Zone, Nevada  

USGS Publications Warehouse

We model the basin configuration beneath Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, on the basis of gravity, drillhole, and seismic reflection data. We locate and characterize the various strands of the Las Vegas Valley Shear Zone (LVVSZ) by variations in basin thickness beneath the valley. The pre-Tertiary bedrock surface is complex, with subbasins buried beneath the flat alluvial surface of the valley. We suggest that these basins are formed from transtensional strain. Subbasins elongated N70??W and N50??W are interpreted as strike-slip basins. The deepest subbasin is 5 km west of Frenchman Mountain and strikes N40??E. This basin probably formed by combined movement on nonparallel strands of the LVVZ and an earlier episode of normal faulting. The basin thickness map constrains the minimum depth of the inferred detachment fault beneath Las Vegas Valley to at least 4 km. Seismic reflection data do not image a detachment fault in the upper 10 km beneath Las Vegas Valley. Our results also illustrate the utility of gravity in determining basinal structures and providing a three-dimensional perspective in areas with limited seismic reflection control.

Langenheim, V.E.; Grow, J.A.; Jachens, R.C.; Dixon, G.L.; Miller, J.J.



On quantum and probabilistic communication: Las Vegas and one-way protocols  

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and restrictions lie in quantum mechanical computing, several classical restricted models of computation have been this model also in the quantum case (intro- duction to (classical) communication complexity can be foundOn quantum and probabilistic communication: Las Vegas and one-way protocols #3; Hartmut Klauck

Klauck, Hartmut


El Control Legal del Gasto en el 羗bito de las Haciendas Locales  

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El control del gasto es una de las principales preocupaciones de la gesti髇 p鷅lica, en cualquier nivel de Administraci髇, ya sea Central, Auton髆ica o Local. En la gesti髇 en general, es vital la informaci髇: su cuant韆 ( la suficiente), la rapidez con la que se obtiene ( oportunidad), qui閚 la necesita (caracter韘ticas de los demandantes), c髆o se presenta ( los

Aurelia Vali駉 Castro; Laura de Pablos Escobar



Comenditic and pantelleritic ash-flow tuffs from Volcan Las Navajas, Nayarit, Mexico  

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Two distinctive ash-flow tuffs occur around the base of Volcan Las Navajas, a Pleistocene trachyte - peralkaline rhyolite center located in the northwestern segment of the Mexican Volcanic belt. The lower ash-flow unit is locally up to 65 m thick, is lithic rich and contains pumice blocks of comenditic rhyolite. The unit is not extensively exposed, and thus its areal

S. A. Nelson; J. A. Hebre




EPA Science Inventory

Perchlorate ion (CIO4-) has been identified in samples of dormant salt cedar (Tamarix ramosissima) growing in the Las vegas Wash. Perchlorate is an oxidenat, but its reduction is kineticaly hindered. CXoncern over thyrpoid effects caused the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA...


Perchlorate uptake by salt cedar ( Tamarix ramosissima) in the Las Vegas Wash riparian ecosystem  

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Perchlorate ion (ClO4?) has been identified in samples of dormant salt cedar (Tamarix ramosissima) growing in the Las Vegas Wash. Perchlorate is an oxidant, but its reduction is kinetically hindered. Concern over thyroid effects caused the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to add perchlorate to the drinking water Contaminant Candidate List (CCL). Beginning in 2001, utilities will look for perchlorate under

Edward T. Urbansky; Matthew L. Magnuson; Catherine A. Kelty; Stephanie K. Brown



Historia de las matemticas Depto de Matemticas, FCEyN, UBA  

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;Primeros conocimientos Aparece el lenguaje escrito La falta de agua obliga a registrar los per铆odos de lluvias o inundaciones (almanaques, calendario) Primeras obras de ingenier铆a: diques y canales Nacen las agua Primeros imperios JPP-HdM 颅 p. 11/2 #12;Primeras civilizaciones 3500 aC: Sumerios (en Irak) 3100 a

Pinasco, Juan Pablo


77 FR 77090 - Notice of Public Meeting, Las Cruces District Resource Advisory Council Meeting, New Mexico  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...Federal Land Policy and Management Act and the Federal...the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) Las Cruces...Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum, 4100 Dripping...associated with public land management in New Mexico. Planned...Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum, 4100...



Validation of Las Vegas Basin Response to the 1992 Little Skull Mtn. Earthquake as Predicted by  

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1 Validation of Las Vegas Basin Response to the 1992 Little Skull Mtn. Earthquake Valley (LVV), we modeled the ML 5.6 -5.8 Little Skull Mountain (LSM) earthquake. The NSZ process employs Little Skull Mountain (LSM) earthquake. We selected the LSM event because at ML 5.6 -5


Twelve Years of Sociocultural Action in the Las Villas Area. Chapter 2.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This chapter reports on the activities of the Rural Continuing Education Centre (CREPA), a nongovernmental organization run by volunteers from small agricultural villages in the Las Villas area of Salamanca, Spain. The organization was founded in 1983 with the goal of improving living conditions and community life for villagers through social

Gonzalez, Quintin Garcia


Un analisis econometrico del turismo hotelero y extra-hotelero en las regiones y provincias espa駉las  

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Se presentan algunos modelos econometricos de las regiones espa駉las para analizar la distribucion del turismo, hotelero y extrahotelero a nivel regional y provincial de Espa馻 en 1991-95. El enfoque resulta novedoso al incluir el estudio del turismo extra-hotelero que tiene en muchos casos gran importancia. Los modelos ponen de manifiesto la importancia de varios factores como el clima, en todos

M. Carmen Guisan; Neira I




PubMed Central

El objetivo del trabajo es conocer las disyuntivas entre los principios de beneficencia y autonom韆, que se presentan en la relaci髇 m閐ico-paciente, durante la terap閡tica del intento de suicidio. La investigaci髇 se realiz en dos hospitales psiqui醫ricos de la Ciudad de M閤ico. La muestra incluy a tres sujetos con intento de suicidio, mayores de 18 a駉s, que eran atendidos en consulta externa a causa de una lesi髇 autoinfligida en el 鷏timo a駉, y a tres psiquiatras que trataban a estos pacientes. La informaci髇 se obtuvo previo consentimiento informado en entrevistas individuales. Se llev a cabo un an醠isis de discurso argumentado para encontrar los significados que los participantes otorgaron a los principios bio閠icos y las posibles disyuntivas entre 閟tos. Las discordancias entre la beneficencia y la autonom韆 estuvieron relacionadas con el beneficio del tratamiento, el respeto por los valores y las creencias de los pacientes, entre otros. Este trabajo presenta consideraciones 閠icas relevantes en el escenario cl韓ico, al ofrecer al psiquiatra un an醠isis bio閠ico que le permita actuar de acuerdo con la beneficencia y respetando la autonom韆 del paciente frente a casos de intento de suicidio y, de esta forma procurar una mejor atenci髇 para ellos. PMID:20830214

Mondrag髇, Liliana; Monroy, Zuraya; Ito, Ma. Emily; Medina-Mora, Dra. Ma. Elena



La Gaceta de la RSME, Vol. 00 (0000), Num. 0, Pags. 114 1 Las Medallas Fields  

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positiva en relatividad general, y a las ecuaciones de Monge颅Amp`ere reales y complejas. Este es un justo dimensiones y a la teor麓ia de la relatividad general. Es una analista geom麓etrico (o ge麓ometra analista) de topology and in general relativity theory. He is an analyst's geometer (or geometer's analyst

Enciso, Alberto


Integrated diatom-pollen based Holocene environmental reconstruction of lake Las Margaritas, eastern savannas of Colombia  

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A multiproxy analysis that includes diatoms, pollen, element geochemistry, carbon content analysis, and radiocarbon dates was carried out on a core from Las Margaritas (3023慛, 73026扺) in order to reconstruct environmental and climatic change. This lake is hydrologically closed and is located in the transitional area between the Amazonian rainforest and the savannas of the eastern part of Colombia. It

M. I. Velez; M. Wille; H. Hooghiemstral; S. Metcalfe



Cient韋icos que cuestionan los paradigmas dominantes: Algunas implicaciones para la ense馻nza de las ciencias  

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In this work I present the topic of the scientists that challenge dominant paradigms. This reality can help us to deepen in the nature of the science, at the same time that can have applications for science teaching. Palabras clave: Filosof韆 de la ciencia, paradigmas dominantes, cambio conceptual, resistencia al descubrimiento, ense馻nza de las ciencias.

Juan Miguel Campanario



Nuevas formas literarias para las ciencias sociales: el caso de la autoetnograf韆  

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Este es un trabajo sobre el momento de escribir en el proceso de la investigaci髇. Es decir sobre el poder de la escritura. La posmodernidad no ha pasado en vano por la psicolog韆 social, ni por el resto de ciencias sociales. Ha aportado un debate crucial sobre las formas de expresi髇 de la ciencia establecida y los efectos de poder

Joel Feliu i Samuel-Lajeunesse



Satisfacci髇 en el voluntariado: estructura interna y relaci髇 con la permanencia en las organizaciones  

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La satisfacci髇 es un concepto considerado te髍icamente relevante por casi todos los estudios que han investigado los factores de los que depende la permanencia del voluntariado. Sin embargo, los resulta- dos emp韗icos sobre el tipo de influencia que ejerce no son concluyentes, en parte, suponemos que de- bido a la gran diversidad en las formas de entender y medir el

Mar韆 Luisa Vecina Jim閚ez; Fernando Chac髇 Fuertes; Manuel J. Sueiro Abad


Los pilares de las redes 4G: QoS, AAA y Movilidad  

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Introducci髇 A鷑 cuando no han aparecido de forma comercial las redes m髒iles de 3 generaci髇, que llegar醤 acompa馻ndo a la tecnolog韆 UMTS, ya se vislumbra la pr髕ima generaci髇, cuyas principales caracter韘ticas podr韆n resumirse en: n鷆leo IP, ubicuidad y servicios. En primer lugar se basan en un n鷆leo IP encargado de ofrecer el transporte en la red, sobre esta base se

Antonio Cuevas; Carlos Garc韆; Jos Ignacio Moreno; Ignacio Soto


Inmigrantes ucranianos en Espa馻. Una aproximaci髇 a las pautas de movilidad internacional  

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Desde principios de los a駉s noventa las pautas de movilidad internacional de los inmigrantes ucranianos en Europa Central y Occidental se caracterizan por su temporalidad, circularidad e irregularidad. Partiendo de este supuesto se examinan en este art韈ulo los patrones de movilidad de los ucranianos inmigrados a Espa馻. Como principales categor韆s de descripci髇 se utilizan los indicadores de temporalidad de desplazamiento,

Ren醫a Hosnedlov; Mikolaj Stanek



Nuevos Procesos Sociales y Polticos en Amrica Latina: Las redes neozapatistas  

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Nuevos Procesos Sociales y Pol铆ticos en Am茅rica Latina: Las redes neozapatistas Xochitl Leyva Solano Leyva Solano, Xochitl. 2008. "Nuevos procesos sociales y pol铆ticos en Am茅rica, Democracia Radical y Movimientos Sociales. Lima, Programa Democracia y Transformaci贸n Globa, pp

Geffner, Hector



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; Redes sociales; Nuevas tecnolog铆as #12;1. Espacio iberoamericano y nuevas tecnolog铆as, 驴oportunidad oLA CONSTRUCCI?N DE UN ESPACIO VIRTUAL IBEROAMERICANO: LAS REDES EN INTERNET Luis RODR脥GUEZ YUNTA redes iberoamericanas, formales e informales, en Internet: contenidos, recursos para la cooperaci贸n y

Boyer, Edmond



EPA Science Inventory

Estimates of quantity and geographic distribution of recharge to the shallow ground-water zone from water use return flows in Las Vegas Valley were made for the years 1973, 1965, 1958, 1950, and 1943 as part of a broader study on the impact of water and land use on ground-water q...


Conozca cu醠es son las opciones de atenci髇 del c醤cer en su comunidad

Este art韈ulo hace una presentaci髇 general de las funciones del programa de centros oncol骻icos designados por el NCI y del programa de investigaci髇 oncol骻ica comunitaria del NCI en Estados Unidos, los cuales son una fuente importante de atenci髇 para pacientes con c醤cer.


Las representaciones f醕ticas y cognitivas del relato de entrevistas biogr醘icas : un an醠isis reticular del discurso  

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Este art韈ulo trata de identificar y relacionar las dimensiones f醕ticas y cognitivas de un relato biogr醘ico, entendido como una representaci髇 narrativa. El entrevistado construye su narraci髇 entreverando ambas dimensiones a lo largo del relato. Este art韈ulo propone un m閠odo de an醠isis reticular del discurso como un procedimiento eficaz para poner de relieve y relacionar ambas dimensiones. A partir de teor韆s

Carlos Lozares Colina



Signal and Image Processing, SIP-2000, Las Vegas, USA, (c) IASTED SEARCHING FOR AURORA  

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Signal and Image Processing, SIP-2000, Las Vegas, USA, (c) IASTED SEARCHING FOR AURORA MIKKO T. We demonstrate an automatical algorithm for searching aurora in auroral all-sky images. The algorithm that contain aurora and require further examination in the detection phase. The detection is based on shape

Syrj盲suo, Mikko



EPA Science Inventory

An objective methodology presented in a companion paper (Liu et al., 1986) for determining the optimum number and disposition of ambient air quality stations in a monitoring network for carbon monoxide is applied to the Las Vegas, Nevada, area. The methodology utilizes an air qua...



EPA Science Inventory

The vast influx of population began pouring into the Las Vegas Valley in the 1940's the hydrologic regime of the Valley has undergone significant change. This domestic irrigation of vegetation together with wastewater return flows has caused a perennial stream leaving the Valley ...


The Development of Child Subjectivity in "La lengua de las mariposas"  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Jose Luis Cuerda's film "La lengua de las mariposas" is set in rural Galicia in the immediate lead-up to the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War. It portrays the tender relationship between a Republican schoolteacher, Don Gregorio, and a boy named Moncho. Upon the Nationalist capture of the town, the young Moncho hurls stones at his friend, but

Ryan, Lorraine




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UNIVERSITYOF NEVADA, LAS VEGAS DIFFERENTIAL FEE PROPOSAL FOR UNLV'S SCHOOL OF NURSING Responseth year) students would be adversely affected by an increase in tuition. Nursing students recognize that local private schools charge at least 4 times the current UNLV tuition. They are willing to pay extra

Hemmers, Oliver


Trees Killed by the 2011 Las Conchas Fire in New Mexico  

USGS Multimedia Gallery

Extensive, contiguous mortality of pi駉n pine, ponderosa pine, and Douglas-fir trees, killed in the first afternoon and evening of the 2011 Las Conchas Fire in the Jemez Mountains, New Mexico. Forest drought stress is highly correlated with mortality from poor growth, bark beetle outbreaks, a...


University of Nevada Las Vegas Student Wellness Center Agreement for Services  

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University of Nevada Las Vegas Student Wellness Center Agreement for Services Student Health Center Wellness Center. I also understand that the health fee assessed as part of my registration fees does if the student health insurance plan denies any or all payments for services received at the Student Wellness

Hemmers, Oliver


mAJoR NeWSPAPeRS las Vegas Review-Journal  

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Affiliate) 1500 Foremaster Ln. Las Vegas, NV 89116 (702) 642-3333 otHeR SeRViceS ADVERTISING no staff or capacity for advertising services. We do have the following in-house services telephone message system (No Charge) 3. Box Office window space for posters and flyers (No Charge) 4. E

Hemmers, Oliver


Isolation of the Autoinducer-Quenching Strain that Inhibits LasR in Pseudomonas aeruginosa  

PubMed Central

Quorum sensing (QS) has been recognized as a general phenomenon in microorganisms and plays an important role in many pathogenic bacteria. In this report, we used the Agrobacterium tumefaciens biosensor strain NT1 to rapidly screen for autoinducer-quenching inhibitors from bacteria. After initial screening 5389 isolates obtained from land and beach soil, 53 putative positive strains were identified. A confirmatory bioassay was carried out after concentrating the putative positive culture supernatant, and 22 strains were confirmed to have anti-LasR activity. Finally, we determined the strain JM2, which could completely inhibit biofilm formation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1, belonged to the genus Pseudomonas by analysis of 16S rDNA. Partially purified inhibitor factor(s) F5 derived from culture supernatants specifically inhibited LasR-controlled elastase and protease in wild type P. aeruginosa PAO1 by 68% and 73%, respectively, without significantly affecting growth; the rhl-controlled pyocyanin and rhamnolipids were inhibited by 54% and 52% in the presence of 100 ?g/mL of F5. The swarming motility and biofilm of PAO1 were also inhibited by F5. Real time RT-PCR on samples from 100 ?g/mL F5-treated P. aeruginosa showed downregulation of autoinducer synthase (LasRI and rhlI) and cognate receptor (lasR and rhlR) genes by 50%, 28%, 48%, and 29%, respectively. These results provide compelling evidence that the F5 inhibitor(s) interferes with the las system and significantly inhibits biofilm formation. PMID:24736783

Weng, Lixing; Zhang, Yuqian; Yang, Yuxiang; Wang, Lianhui



Proteja su almuerzo de los grmenes Lvese las manos con agua caliente y jabn antes de preparar el almuerzo.  

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el almuerzo. 路 Limpie las 谩reas donde prepara alimentos, incluyendo la superficie de barras y mesas. 路 Mantenga los alimentos perecederos lejos de las zonas de temperatura peligrosa (40- 1400 F) hasta la hora del almuerzo. 驴Qu茅 se conserva a temperatura ambiente? Alimentos como nueces y mantequilla de man铆


Las partes interesadas en la gesti髇 tur韘tica de los parques naturales andaluces. Identi?caci髇 de interrelaciones e intereses  

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RESUMEN En la reciente literatura tur韘tica existe una creciente atenci髇 en el an醠isis y la participaci髇 de todas las partes interesadas en la plani?caci髇, gesti髇 y comercializaci髇 de un destino tur韘tico. Sobre la base de la Teor韆 de las Partes Interesadas se han ido desarrollando un conjunto de planteamientos en esta l韓ea, que tambi閚 resultan muy interesantes para el caso

Juan Ignacio Pulido Fern醤dez



Las reformas laborales en Espa馻 y su impacto real en el mercado de trabajo en el periodo 1985-2008  

Microsoft Academic Search

El documento analiza el contenido y la eficacia de cada una de las reformas que se han producido en el Estatuto de los Trabajadores, desde su aprobaci髇 en 1980 hasta la actualidad y sus resultados en t閞minos reales. Se comprueba que ninguna de las reformas estudiadas ha logrado conseguir de manera concluyente los objetivos que se propon韆n, lo que debe

Sandalio Gomez; Ignacio Contreras; Lola Garcia




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RESUMEN: El posible deterioro de la calidad de las aguas subterr醤eas, causado por la aplicaci髇 de lodos de depuradora a un suelo agr韈ola, es evaluado en t閞minos del incremento de la salinidad del agua de recarga y de su contenido en nutrientes. Para ello, se obtuvieron las curvas de lavado de cada elemento en estudio, a partir de un ensayo

M. J. Polo G髆ez; R. Ord篑ez Fern醤dez; J. V. Gir醠dez Cerveral


Las Tecnolog韆s de la Informaci髇 y Comunicaci髇 en la Docencia Universitaria Presencial. Aplicaci髇 en Distintas Titulaciones y 羠eas de Conocimiento  

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El objetivo fundamental del presente estudio es analizar el impacto de la aplicaci髇 de las Tecnolog韆s de la Informaci髇 y Comunicaci髇 (TICs) como elemento did醕tico de autoaprendizaje y facilitador motivacional en la docencia universitaria presencial. El trabajo emp韗ico realizado consiste en la aplicaci髇 de distintas herramientas acad閙icas en ocho asignaturas de seis titulaciones de las siguientes 醨eas de conocimiento: Ciencias

Mar韆 Carmen Fern醤dez Aguirre; Juan Ignacio Modro駉 Herr醤; Teodoro Palomares Casado



Concepciones sobre la ense馻nza y difusi髇 del patrimonio en las instituciones educativas y los centros de interpretaci髇. Estudio descriptivo  

Microsoft Academic Search

Desde una perspectiva interdisciplinar (did醕tica de las ciencias sociales y did醕tica de las ciencias experimentales), se realiza un an醠isis de concepciones de una muestra estad韘tica de profesores y gestores en relaci髇 con el patrimonio, su ense馻nza y difusi髇. Como instrumento para la obtenci髇 de la informaci髇 se ha dise馻do un cuestionario, cuyo contenido se ha determinado en funci髇 de un

Jes鷖 Estepa Gim閚ez; Rosa Ma. 羦ila Ruiz; Roc韔 Ruiz Fern醤dez



Revista Electrnica de Enseanza de las Ciencias Vol. 3 N 3 (2004) Cientficos que cuestionan los paradigmas  

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Revista Electr贸nica de Ense帽anza de las Ciencias Vol. 3 N潞 3 (2004) Cient铆ficos que cuestionan los paradigmas dominantes: Algunas implicaciones para la ense帽anza de las ciencias Juan Miguel Campanario cuestionan paradigmas dominantes, como un medio para profundizar en el estudio de la naturaleza de la ciencia

Campanario, Juan Miguel


165enseanza de las ciencias, 2010, 28(2), 165174 Pensamiento intuitivo en Qumica: suPosiciones  

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165ense帽anza de las ciencias, 2010, 28(2), 165颅174 Pensamiento intuitivo en Qu铆mica: su ilustrar en qu茅 medida el razonamiento de los estudiantes de ciencias, en particular de los alumnos de razonamiento intuitivos. Desde esta perspectiva, cualquier agenda en la educaci贸n de las ciencias que se

Talanquer, Vicente A.


Revista Electrnica de Enseanza de las Ciencias Vol. 3 N 1 (2004) Presentaciones aparentemente arbitrarias de algunos  

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Revista Electr贸nica de Ense帽anza de las Ciencias Vol. 3 N潞 1 (2004) Presentaciones aparentemente niveles. Palabras clave: Metacognici贸n, ense帽anza de las ciencias, libros de texto, conocimientos previos abordamos un aspecto poco estudiado de los manuales escolares de ciencias: la aparente arbitrariedad con que

Campanario, Juan Miguel


TextMess 2.0: Las Tecnologas del Lenguaje Humano ante los nuevos retos de la comunicacin digital  

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contextos (espacial, temporal y emocional) analizando las diferentes dimensiones de uso (multilingualidad digital en el que se combinan m煤ltiples lenguas (multilingualidad), formatos de representaci贸n, temporal y emocional) analizando las diferentes dimensiones de uso (multilingualidad, multimodalidad y

Escolano, Francisco


Effect of linear alkylbenzene sulphonate (LAS) on non-specific defence mechanisms in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss).  


Linear alkylbenzene sulphonate (LAS) is among the most widely disseminated xenobiotics to enter waste streams and the aquatic environment. In the present investigation, we present a novel approach to evaluate in toxicity of LAS. The effects of sublethal levels (0.2 and 0.4 mg/l) of LAS on non-specific immune system, phagocytosis, respiratory burst and lyzosyme activity, and specific growth rate in the rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss, during a 54-day exposure were examined by a static bioassay test procedure. The phagocytic activity of leukocytes from fish exposed to 0.4 mg/l LAS statistically decreased compared with the control fish values. No significant reductions were observed in the extra-intracellular respiratory burst and lysozyme activities after exposure to LAS at any of the concentrations tested. The final body weight in fish groups exposed to the LAS were found to be significantly lower than in the control. The specific growth rate results also supported the result above. The results of this study showed sublethal doses (0.2-0.4 mg/l) of LAS caused to statistically insignificant suppression of non-specific immune system mechanisms excluding phagocytosis in fish at laboratory conditions. These doses of LAS may produce potential synergism on immune system when presented with other environmental pollutants. PMID:15642641

Bakirel, T黮ay; Kele?, Oya; Karata?, S黨eyla; Ozcan, Mukaddes; T黵kmen, G黮han; Candan, Akin




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funds online and at the pub. During the event, guests will enjoy live music and other festivities. Last Ireland, R铆 R谩 Las Vegas is located inside The Shoppes at Mandalay Place. The authentic Irish pub features a multitude of artifacts that were carefully restored in Wicklow, Ireland and shipped to their new home in Las

Ahmad, Sajjad


Candida albicans-produced farnesol stimulates Pseudomonas quinolone signal production in LasR-defective Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains  

PubMed Central

Candida albicans has been previously shown to stimulate the production of Pseudomonas aeruginosa phenazine toxins in dual-species colony biofilms. Here, we report that P. aeruginosa lasR mutants, which lack the master quorum sensing system regulator, regain the ability to produce quorum-sensing-regulated phenazines when cultured with C. albicans. Farnesol, a signalling molecule produced by C. albicans, was sufficient to stimulate phenazine production in LasR? laboratory strains and clinical isolates. P. aeruginosa ?lasR mutants are defective in production of the Pseudomonas quinolone signal (PQS) due to their inability to properly induce pqsH, which encodes the enzyme necessary for the last step in PQS biosynthesis. We show that expression of pqsH in a ?lasR strain was sufficient to restore PQS production, and that farnesol restored pqsH expression in ?lasR mutants. The farnesol-mediated increase in pqsH required RhlR, a transcriptional regulator downstream of LasR, and farnesol led to higher levels of N-butyryl-homoserine lactone, the small molecule activator of RhlR. Farnesol promotes the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in a variety of species. Because the antioxidant N-acetylcysteine suppressed farnesol-induced RhlR activity in LasR? strains, and hydrogen peroxide was sufficient to restore PQS production in las mutants, we propose that ROS are responsible for the activation of downstream portions of this quorum sensing pathway. LasR mutants frequently arise in the lungs of patients chronically infected with P. aeruginosa. The finding that C. albicans, farnesol or ROS stimulate virulence factor production in lasR strains provides new insight into the virulence potential of these strains. PMID:20656785

Cugini, Carla; Morales, Diana K.; Hogan, Deborah A.



Isdolomiteefficientinacidminedrainagepassiveremediation? Is dolomite efficient in Acid Mine Drainage  

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de Mina (Acid Mine Drainage AMD) 路 Bajos valores de pH 路 Altas concentraciones de SO4, Fe, Al yIsdolomiteefficientinacidminedrainagepassiveremediation? Is dolomite efficient in Acid Mine Drainage passive remediation? Francesco Offeddu Instituto de Diagn贸stico Ambiental y Estudios del Agua

Polit猫cnica de Catalunya, Universitat


Geologic Interpretation of the Las Vegas Valley Based on Industry Seismic Reflection Data  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Las Vegas Valley, NV is located in the southern Basin and Range Province where the basin was formed by the Las Vegas Valley Shear Zone as well as by several thrust and normal faulting events that occurred by Cenozoic time. The geology and tectonic setting in the Las Vegas region is poorly understood given the fact that many structures have been covered by the constant growth of the City. National studies of ground motion and amplification of seismic energy placed Nevada third in the list of states having the potential for loss of life and property due to earthquakes. The Las Vegas area has a high potential for strong ground shaking due its thick basin fill and associated amplification. Due to the amplification effects within the Valley, moderate nearby quakes or large distant quakes will produce a large amount of damage in the Valley. Las Vegas, though not known for its earthquakes, has numerous micro quakes and an active seismic history. In a study using HAZUS to predict damage associated with a M6.9 earthquake, the loss would be billions of dollars with thousands of lives lost. Long-term economic loss would be in the several billions of dollars. Recently, several normal faults, which have the potential to produce a M6.5 to 7.0 earthquake, were reclassified as active tectonic fault with Quaternary movement. As a result, there has been increased effort to understand the Las Vegas Valley and to assess its potential for seismic hazards. One such effort included acquiring industry reflection profiles that cross the Valley. In the 1980's, north/south and east/west trending reflection lines with intersecting tie points were placed between Frenchman Mountain to the East and Spring Mountains to produce seismic profiles using Vibroseis. The profiles, which are over 200 kilometers in length and extend down to 5 s in time or approximately 15 km depth, will provide a tie between the surface work that is currently being conducted and the crustal velocity models that are being calculated to produce a seismic hazard potential for the Las Vegas Valley. The quality of the Vibroseis data is very high. We have been able to locate the basin/bedrock contact as well as several faults that cut the sections. All of which have been mapped on the shot point map. Most of the faults appear to be normal faults listric in character that trend north-south paralleling the structure of the southern Basin and Range. Basin geometry and associated minor folding, which have been truncated by minor faulting, can be seen across the profiles. Some faults can be seen as tectonic in origin while others are merely subsidence faulting from basin settling. With this new data we will identify structures that could potentially focus energy in the sub-surface adding to our growing knowledge of the basin geometry. In addition, this data will be incorporated into the seismic hazard model that is being developed for the Las Vegas Valley and will provide very detailed geologic information that has not been previously available.

Hirsch, A.; Snelson, C. M.



Bifurcaci髇 de las soluciones de vientos impulsados por radiaci髇 en estrellas Be: formaci髇 de l韓eas  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Se ha estudiado la topolog韆 de la ecuaci髇 hidrodin醡ica no-lineal que describe el perfil de velocidades de vientos impulsados por radiaci髇 en estrellas tempranas. Al aplicar este modelo a estrellas Be se encuentra que existen dos tipos De soluciones: la est醤dar, que describe el viento polar, y una nueva, que describe un viento m醩 denso y lento y que explicar韆 el disco que se encuentra alrededor de estos objetos. Existe una regi髇 de transici髇 en donde ambas soluciones coexisten (bifurcaci髇}). Ambas soluciones satisfacen en esta regi髇 las mismas condiciones de borde. Para estas dos soluciones se han obtenido los perfiles de l韓eas de hidr骻eno del visible y del IR, resolviendo el transporte de radiaci髇 en el ``comoving frame". Para la soluci髇 est醤dar, se obtienen perfiles con componentes en emisi髇, mientras que para la nueva soluci髇 se obtienen perfiles en absorci髇. Se comparan cualitativamente los resultados con las observaciones.

Cur, M.; Rial, D.; Cidale, L.; Venero, R.


Eruption ages of Las Tres V韗genes volcano (Baja California): A tale of two helium isotopes  

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La Virgen tephra is the product of the youngest and most voluminous explosive eruption of Las Tres V韗genes volcano (Baja California). Combined U朤h and (U朤h)\\/He zircon dating allows accurate correction for uranium-series disequilibrium, and yields an eruption age for La Virgen tephra of 30.7?1.4+1.8ka (2?). No difference in eruption ages was found between samples from proximal and distal La Virgen

Axel K. Schmitt; Daniel F. Stockli; Samuel Niedermann; Oscar M. Lovera; Brian P. Hausback



Fish bioassays of linear alkylate sulfonates (LAS) and intermediate biodegradation products  

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Linear alkylate sulfonates (LAS) are relatively toxic to fish when tested under static conditions by standard bioassay techniques,\\u000a the median tolerance limit (TLm) being around 3 mg\\/liter and 0.6 mg\\/liter for the C12 and C14 homologs, respectively. However, these materials are so readily degraded by bacterial attack that bluegill fingerlings live\\u000a with no trouble in effluents from laboratory continuous flow

R. D. Swisher; J. T. O抮ourke; H. D. Tomllnson



Adems de las bases Juan Carlos I y Gabriel de Castilla, numerosos investigadores espaoles desarrollan su  

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decenas de masas de agua l铆quida de diferen- tes tama帽os y de un gran inter茅s ecol贸gico, algo poco campamento oscilan entre -50 C y +50 C, la humedad est谩 constantemente entre el 85% y el 95%, y las lluvias actividad del campamento, mientras que el agua para beber se toma de un r铆o cercano, primero se filtra y

Justel Eusebio, Ana


-1 Integrando al agua en las decisiones  

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- 1 Integrando al agua en las decisiones Producci贸n y Lluvia #12;- 3 Radiaci贸n, Temperatura (10d) y fotoper铆odo 5 10 15 D E F M A M mm/mes Pp Etp ... 驴Cu谩ndo siembro? Rendimiento potencial Oferta vs Demanda 驴Cuanta agua

Nacional de San Luis, Universidad


La funci髇 de la imaginaci髇 en las Coronas de Rodolfo Usigli  

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SPRING 1977 37 La funci髇 de la imaginaci髇 en las Coronas de Rodolfo Usigli ROBERTO R. RODR虶UEZ El teatro no es historia. Una pieza hist髍ica, si es buena, puede ser una lecci髇 de historia. Rodolfo Usigli La perspectiva de Usigli en la... presentado. De esta manera cada uno se convierte en un observador que analiza los hechos acontecidos como cualquier historiador. El uso del milagro, desde el punto de vista t閏nico, se emplea como el 44 LATIN AMERICAN THEATRE REVIEW elemento unificador de...

Rodriguez, Roberto R.



Differential vulnerability to motor deficits in second replicate HAS and LAS rats following neonatal alcohol exposure  

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Children exposed prenatally to alcohol suffer from a variety of behavioral alterations. However, variation exists in the pattern and severity of these alcohol-related neurodevelopmental disorders. We examined the influence of alcohol sensitivity in the etiology of fetal alcohol effects by studying rat lines selectively bred for extremes in alcohol-induced sleep time: high-alcohol-sensitive (HAS) and low-alcohol-sensitive (LAS) rats. Using subjects from

J. D. Thomas; B. D. Leany; E. P. Riley



Comenditic and pantelleritic ash-flow tuffs from Volcan Las Navajas, Nayarit, Mexico  

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Two distinctive ash-flow tuffs occur around the base of Volcan Las Navajas, a Pleistocene trachyte - peralkaline rhyolite center located in the northwestern segment of the Mexican Volcanic belt. The lower ash-flow unit is locally up to 65 m thick, is lithic rich and contains pumice blocks of comenditic rhyolite. The unit is not extensively exposed, and thus its areal extent and volume cannot be determined. Its chemical characteristics and stratigraphic relationship to other products erupted from Las Navajas suggest that it is related to the formation of the older of the two calderas which occur on Las Navajas. Unconformably overlying this unwelded ash-flow is a pantelleritic airfall pumice unit which is locally welded. This airfall unit is conformably overlain by a welded as-flow tuff that contains fiamme of pantelleritic composition (72 %SiO/sub 2/, 8% FeO*, 900 ppm Zr, agpaitic index of 1.7) as well as pumice blocks that show evidence of various degrees of mixing between pantellerite and trachyte. This suggests eruption from a chemically zoned magma chamber. This unit is locally up to 20 m thick, although its top has been removed by erosion. It is found on all sides of Las Navajas except on the south where it may be covered by Volcan Sanganguey, a Pleistocene to Recent calc-alkaline volcano. The welded ash-flow has been dated by K - Ar at 0.2+/-0.1 m.y. Stratigraphically and chemically this ash-flow appears to be related to the formation of younger of the two calderas.

Nelson, S.A.; Hebre, J.A.



Airborne and laboratory remote sensing applications of the CSIRO CO2 laser spectrometer MIRACO2LAS  

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The mid-infrared airborne CO2 laser spectrometer (MIRACO2LAS) was developed by CSIRO Division of Exploration and Mining to investigate the potential role of high spectral resolution thermal infrared (TIR) remote sensing for improved remote sensing of minerals, especially those silicate minerals that do not have diagnostic features at shorter wavelengths, such as quartz, feldspars, pyroxenes and garnets. Other objectives include testing

L. B. Whitbourn; T. J. Cudahy; J. F. Huntington; P. M. Connor; P. Mason; R. N. Phillips; Peter Hausknecht



The Impact of Urban Development on the Water Quality in the Las Vegas Watershed  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Las Vegas, one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, must have its water strictly monitored for quality as well as degree of pollution. Samples at various sites were collected to analyze the current pollution status of our water bodies (in both residential and urban settings) in the Las Vegas watershed. These gathered samples (sediment and water) were collected and analyzed for measuring total phosphorus, total organic carbon, trace metal contents, i.e., selenium, arsenic, mercury and lead, as well as pathogens, i.e., E-coli and total coliform counts. The concentrations of various pollutions will be compared among different sites as well as natural local sites (due to the natural occurrence of a few trace metals and normal levels of other measurements) and analyzed for spatial distribution for source identification and for elucidating the cause and consequence. Preliminary analyses of the results indicate that nonpoint source pollutions (golf courses, construction sites, etc.) have larger impacts than point source pollutions such as wastewater treatment effluents. This study will help understand and evaluate the degradation of the water quality caused by the increase of human actions in recent years in Las Vegas.

Yu, A.; Simmons, C.; Acharya, K.



Quantifying multi-temporal urban development characteristics in Las Vegas from Landsat and ASTER data  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Urban development has expanded rapidly in Las Vegas, Nevada of the United States, over the last fifty years. A major environmental change associated with this urbanization trend is the transformation of the landscape from natural cover types to increasingly anthropogenic impervious surface. This research utilizes remote sensing data from both the Landsat and Terra-Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) instruments in conjunction with digital orthophotography to estimate urban extent and its temporal changes by determining sub-pixel impervious surfaces. Percent impervious surface area has shown encouraging agreement with urban land extent and development density. Results indicate that total urban land-use increases approximately 110 percent from 1984 to 2002. Most of the increases are associated with medium-to high-density urban development. Places having significant increases in impervious surfaces are in the northwestern and southeastern parts of Las Vegas. Most high-density urban development, however, appears in central Las Vegas. Impervious surface conditions for 2002 measured from Landsat and ASTER satellite data are compared in terms of their accuracy. ?? 2008 American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.

Xian, G.; Crane, M.; McMahon, C.



Nondegraded metabolites arising from the biodegradation of commercial linear alkylbenzenesulfonate (LAS) surfactants in a laboratory trickling filter  

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The degradation of a commercial linear alkylbenzenesulfonate (LAS) surfactant was examined kinetically in a trickling filter, which allowed simultaneous chemical determinations in the aqueous phase (e.g., DOC) and in the gas phase (CO{sub 2}). About 60% of the carbon applied as LAS was released as CO{sub 2}, whereas 15% remained as DOC in the eluate of acclimated trickling filters. The biomass was analyzed after the experiment, and it was found to have sorbed about 23 mg LAS/g of dry biomass; this represented about 3% of the LAS applied to the filter. The LAS and the eluates from the trickling filter were further analyzed by HPLC and UV and IR spectrometry. The residual carbon from acclimated filters contained no LAS-like material (HPLC), which was obviously subject to quantitative biotransformation. The residual material comprised > 50 polar metabolites, some of whose UV spectra differed from that of LAS, and most or all of which were sulfonated. These nondegraded metabolites included carboxylated dialkyltetralinesulfonates and sulfophenylcarboxylates. These residual materials showed no detectable toxicity to algae or Daphnia, and did not significantly lower the surface tension of water.

Koelbener, P.; Baumann, U. [Swiss Federal Inst. for Materials Testing and Research, St. Gallen (Switzerland); Leisinger, T. [ETH-Zentrum, Zuerich (Switzerland). Inst. of Microbiology; Cook, A.M. [ETH-Zentrum, Zuerich (Switzerland). Inst. of Microbiology]|[Univ. of Konstanz (Germany). Faculty of Biology



Growth phenotypes of Pseudomonas aeruginosa lasR mutants adapted to the airways of cystic fibrosis patients.  


The opportunistic pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa undergoes genetic change during chronic airway infection of cystic fibrosis (CF) patients. One common change is a mutation inactivating lasR, which encodes a transcriptional regulator that responds to a homoserine lactone signal to activate expression of acute virulence factors. Colonies of lasR mutants visibly accumulated the iridescent intercellular signal 4-hydroxy-2-heptylquinoline. Using this colony phenotype, we identified P. aeruginosa lasR mutants that emerged in the airway of a CF patient early during chronic infection, and during growth in the laboratory on a rich medium. The lasR loss-of-function mutations in these strains conferred a growth advantage with particular carbon and nitrogen sources, including amino acids, in part due to increased expression of the catabolic pathway regulator CbrB. This growth phenotype could contribute to selection of lasR mutants both on rich medium and within the CF airway, supporting a key role for bacterial metabolic adaptation during chronic infection. Inactivation of lasR also resulted in increased beta-lactamase activity that increased tolerance to ceftazidime, a widely used beta-lactam antibiotic. Loss of LasR function may represent a marker of an early stage in chronic infection of the CF airway with clinical implications for antibiotic resistance and disease progression. PMID:17493132

D'Argenio, David A; Wu, Manhong; Hoffman, Lucas R; Kulasekara, Hemantha D; D閦iel, Eric; Smith, Eric E; Nguyen, Hai; Ernst, Robert K; Larson Freeman, Theodore J; Spencer, David H; Brittnacher, Mitchell; Hayden, Hillary S; Selgrade, Sara; Klausen, Mikkel; Goodlett, David R; Burns, Jane L; Ramsey, Bonnie W; Miller, Samuel I



Distribution and origin of dissolved gases of groundwaters at Las Ca馻das aquifer, Tenerife, Canary Islands  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Volcanic aquifers commonly trap an important fraction of the main soluble components of fluids released from volcanic-hydrothermal system (CO2, SO2, H2S, HCl, HF, etc.). In particular, the interactions between volcanic gases and volcanic aquifers have been studied through hydrogeochemical parameters, as major and minor ions contents and dissolved gases in groundwaters. In the context of hydrogeochemical studies applied to active volcanic areas, studies of dissolved gases species in groundwater could be a useful tool to better understand the subsurface processes as gas-water-rock interaction or to strengthen the geochemical seismic-volcanic surveillance programs. In this work, we report the results of the geochemical characterization of dissolved gases (N2, O2, Ar, CO2, CH4, CO, H2, He, 222Rn, ?13CTDIC) in 96 groundwater samples from Las Ca馻das aquifer (around Teide volcano) between May and October, 2006. The main aims of this work are: (1) to determine the background level of magmatic gas input in the aquifer during quiescent periods, (2) to better define the origin of dissolved gases in Las Ca馻das aquifer, specially CO2, (3) to evaluate the gas-water-rock interaction processes occurring at depth, and (4) to delineate high permeable pathway of upward migration of volcanic-hydrothermal gases. In general, the dissolved gas phase in groundwaters of Las Ca馻das aquifer is relatively enriched in endogenous gases (CO2, He and H2) while it is relatively depleted in atmospheric gases (N2, O2 and Ar). N2-O2-CO2 triangular diagram shows that dissolved gases in most of analyzed groundwater are variable mixtures of CO2-rich fluids from the volcanic-hydrothermal system (as represent the Teide fumaroles) with dissolved air. The relatively high N2/O2 ratio in some groundwater compared to the air saturated water suggests an O2 consumption during gas-water-rock interactions occurring at depth. Spatial distribution maps show anomalous concentration of 222Rn CH4, H2 and CO2 dissolved in groundwater at the westernmost area of Las Ca馻das aquifer, which is in good spatial correlation with geophysical and geochemical anomalies related to 2004-2005 seismic-volcanic unrest at Tenerife Island. Determinations of ?13C values in the total dissolved inorganic carbon (TDIC) in groundwater in Las Ca馻das aquifer ranging from -5 to +5 ( vs PDB). This result was explained by isotopic fractionation of either volcanic-hydrothermal CO2 partially dissolved in groundwater or due to precipitation of CaCO3 and CO2 degassing related to silicate hydrolysis dissolving Ca2+.

Marrero, R.; Melian, G.; Padron, E.; Sortino, F.; Hernandez Perez, P. A.; Lopez, D. L.; Perez, N.



An Aerial Radiological Survey of Selected Areas of the City of North Las Vegas  

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As part of the proficiency training for the Radiological Mapping mission of the Aerial Measuring System (AMS), a survey team from the Remote Sensing Laboratory-Nellis (RSL-Nellis) conducted an aerial radiological survey of selected areas of the city of North Las Vegas for the purpose of mapping natural radiation background and locating any man-made radioactive sources. Survey areas were selected in collaboration with the City Manager's office and included four separate areas: (1) Las Vegas Motor Speedway (10.6 square miles); (2) North Las Vegas Downtown Area (9.2 square miles); (3) I-15 Industrial Corridor (7.4 square miles); and (4) Future site of University of Nevada Las Vegas campus (17.4 square miles). The survey was conducted in three phases: Phase 1 on December 11-12, 2007 (Areas 1 and 2), Phase 2 on February 28, 2008 (Area 3), and Phase 3 on March 19, 2008 (Area 4). The total completed survey covered a total of 44.6 square miles. The flight lines (without the turns) over the surveyed areas are presented in Figures 1, 2, 3, and 4. A total of eight 2.5-hour-long flights were performed at an altitude of 150 ft above ground level (AGL) with 300 feet of flight-line spacing. Water line and test line flights were conducted over the Lake Mead and Government Wash areas to ensure quality control of the data. The data were collected by the AMS data acquisition system (REDAR V) using an array of twelve 2-inch x 4-inch x 16-inch sodium iodide (NaI) detectors flown on-board a twin-engine Bell 412 helicopter. Data, in the form of gamma energy spectra, were collected continually (every second) over the course of the survey and were geo-referenced using a differential Global Positioning System. Collection of spectral data allows the system to distinguish between ordinary fluctuations in natural background radiation levels and the signature produced by man-made radioisotopes. Spectral data can also be used to identify specific radioactive isotopes. As a courtesy service, with the approval of the U.S. Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration, Nevada Site Office, RSL-Nellis is providing this summary to the office of the Mayor of the City of North Las Vegas along with the gross-count-based exposure rate and man-made count contour maps and GIS shape files in electronic format on a compact disk.

Piotr Wasiolek



Shear Velocity Structure Beneath the Las Vegas Valley, Nevada From Regional and Teleseismic Events  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Las Vegas Valley (LVV), Nevada is located in the central Basin and Range province of western North America. The Valley sits atop a broad sedimentary basin and is susceptible to large earthquakes generated by local and regional faults. During ground motion events, the Las Vegas basin has been found to amplify seismic energy. In addition, the crustal and upper mantle structure of the Valley is poorly understood. Therefore, surface wave data have been used to create shear velocity profiles of the crust and upper mantle beneath LVV using regional and teleseismic events. This project is part of a larger collaborative study, which is characterizing the Las Vegas basin for test site readiness and seismic hazards. Although the frequency of large events is small, the risk associated with such an event is very high for the Valley. As a result, the Las Vegas Valley Broadband array (LVVBB) was deployed in late September 2002 by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the University of Nevada Las Vegas. It consists of a mixture of twelve three-component broadband and short period seismometers deployed in a saw-tooth geometry oriented northeast-southwest across the northeastern and central LVV, above the area estimated to be the deepest portion of the basin. Data examined as part of this study include both regional and global earthquake events recorded within a five-month period on seven of the twelve stations. All seven broadband stations used a three-component Guralp CMG40T sensor with a 40 samples/second sampling rate. Group velocity dispersion curves from Rayleigh waves and Love waves were determined using a multiple filter technique. Rayleigh wave group velocities range from 2.7 to 3.5 km/s for periods from 10 to 30s. Love wave group velocities range from 3.1 to 4.0 km/s for periods from 10 to 100s. In addition, Rg and Lg were examined from local events. 1-D shear velocity profiles of the crust and upper mantle have been produced through inversion along regional source-receiver paths and two-station paths. Shear velocities at depths of 3-5 km have never been directly determined in the Valley; these values will be used to better understand the seismic hazards in the area as well as the tectonic development of southern Nevada in the Basin and Range province.

McEwan, D. J.; Snelson, C. M.; Tkalcic, H.; Rodgers, A.



Final Report for the Arroyo Las Positas Maintenance Impact Study, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory  

SciTech Connect

In 2000, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's (LLNL) Environmental Protection Department, in coordination with Plant Engineering (PE), began dredging sections of the Arroyo Las Positas (ALP) to alleviate concerns about flooding of sensitive facilities within the mainsite of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. In order to reduce potential impacts on the federally threatened California red-legged frog (Rana aurora draytonii), LLNL proposed to dredge sections of the ALP in a ''checkerboard pattern'', resulting in a mosaic of open water habitat and vegetated sections (Figure 1). The Arroyo Las Positas Management Plan (Plan) was coordinated with both state and federal agencies including the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), California Department of Fish and Game (CDF&G), San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board (SFRWQCB), and the Army Corp of Engineers (ACOE). Water Discharge Requirements (WDRs) were issued for this project on December 30, 1999 (Order No. 99-086) by the SFRWQCB. Provision 19 of the WDRs outlined a five-year (2000 through 2004) Maintenance Impact Study (MIS) that LLNL began in coordination with dredging work that was conducted as part of the Arroyo Las Positas Management Plan. Provision 20 of these WDRs requires LLNL to submit a final report of the results of the Maintenance Impact Study for this project to the SFRWQCB. The purpose of this report is to present the results of the Maintenance Impact Study for Arroyo Las Positas and meet the requirements of Provision 20. A description of the annual monitoring included in this Maintenance Impact Study is included in the methods section of this report. Initially the Plan called for dredging the entire length of the Arroyo Las Positas (approximately 6,981 linear feet) over a 5-year period to minimize temporal impacts on the California red-legged frog. Dredging occurred in 2000 ({approx}1,300 ft.), 2001 ({approx}800 ft.), and 2002 ({approx}1,200 ft.), which constituted approximately 3,300 ft., or roughly half of the entire Plan (Figure 2). Logistical challenges and unanticipated cost influenced the decision to terminate the project prior to completion, and re-evaluate the long-term management goals for the ALP. No dredging was conducted in the final two years of the plan (2003 and 2004).

van Hattem, M; Paterson, L



Las Positas College Increase Female Students in Welding and Automotive Technology from 5% to 14%; Retention Increases to 94%  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This brief case study highlights Las Positas College in Livermore, California, which took part in the CalWomen Tech project. The project involved each college participating in four core recruitment strategies. Outreach took form in the place of posters, flyers, brochures and a website. Las Positas used the slogan "Women in Technology RULE." As a result of these efforts, the college was able to increase recruitment and retention of female students. The lessons learned from Las Positas College would be useful for other community colleges and technical programs looking to improve in this area.



40 CFR 51.917 - What is the effective date of designation for the Las Vegas, NV, 8-hour ozone nonattainment area?  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2014 CFR

...the Las Vegas, NV, 8-hour ozone nonattainment area? 51.917...for Implementation of 8-hour Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standard 51.917 What...the Las Vegas, NV, 8-hour ozone nonattainment area? The...



40 CFR 51.917 - What is the effective date of designation for the Las Vegas, NV, 8-hour ozone nonattainment area?  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...the Las Vegas, NV, 8-hour ozone nonattainment area? 51.917...for Implementation of 8-hour Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standard 51.917 What...the Las Vegas, NV, 8-hour ozone nonattainment area? The...



40 CFR 51.917 - What is the effective date of designation for the Las Vegas, NV, 8-hour ozone nonattainment area?  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...the Las Vegas, NV, 8-hour ozone nonattainment area? 51.917...for Implementation of 8-hour Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standard 51.917 What...the Las Vegas, NV, 8-hour ozone nonattainment area? The...



40 CFR 51.917 - What is the effective date of designation for the Las Vegas, NV, 8-hour ozone nonattainment area?  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2011 CFR

...the Las Vegas, NV, 8-hour ozone nonattainment area? 51.917...for Implementation of 8-hour Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standard 51.917 What...the Las Vegas, NV, 8-hour ozone nonattainment area? The...



40 CFR 51.917 - What is the effective date of designation for the Las Vegas, NV, 8-hour ozone nonattainment area?  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2012 CFR

...the Las Vegas, NV, 8-hour ozone nonattainment area? 51.917...for Implementation of 8-hour Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standard 51.917 What...the Las Vegas, NV, 8-hour ozone nonattainment area? The...



El Informe Anual a la Naci髇 indica que las tasas de mortalidad por c醤cer contin鷄n declinando. Se observan tasas menores de c醤cer en las poblaciones latinas de los Estados Unidos.

Un informe nuevo de las principales organizaciones oncol骻icas de la naci髇 informa que el riesgo de los estadounidenses de morir por c醤cer contin鷄 descendiendo, y que mantiene una tendencia que comenz a principios de los a駉s noventa. Preguntas y respuestas


Investigaccion-accion en la sala de clases sobre las creencias de la cultura de la ciencia de un grupo de estudiantes universitarios y su relacion reciproca con el aprendizaje de las ciencias biologicas  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

La investigacion---accion que se llevo a cabo en la sala de clases tenia como punto de partida las creencias de la cultura de la ciencia de un grupo de estudiantes universitarios para luego examinar sus implicaciones en el proceso de aprendizaje de las Ciencias Biologicas. 縌ue se supone que hagan las creencias en relacion con el aprendizaje? 縀n que consiste incorporar este aspecto a la practica educativa universitaria? Utilizando el modelo de Kemmis y McTaggart (1987) la investigacion-accion se planteo como un proceso dinamico en cuatro momentos en espiral constituidos por la planificacion, la accion, la observacion y la reflexion. Cada una de las fases tuvo una intencion retrospectiva y prospectiva formando una espiral de autorreflexion del conocimiento y la accion. Se llevaron a cabo audio grabaciones en clases y analisis de documentos. Ademas, la profesora-investigadora hizo un portafolio para reflexionar sobre las creencias de la cultura de la ciencia que tienen los estudiantes y las creencias del aprendizaje que tiene la profesora y sobre como la comprension de estos elementos ayudo a mejorar su practica educativa a traves del tiempo. Los resultados obtenidos apuntan a que las creencias de la cultura de la ciencia que tiene el grupo de estudiantes son diversas. Ellos si creen que la ciencia tiene una cultura la cual describieron como: complicada y desconocida que evoluciona constantemente, que es un conjunto de metodos, que es altamente tecnologica, que resuelve problemas de salud, ayuda a interpretar la realidad del mundo que los rodea y su origen y que existen unas intersecciones entre la ciencia y el poder. Sobre las creencias del proceso de aprendizaje de la profesora-investigadora, estas senalan que el modelaje de actores, la vision de la academia que tiene ella asi como la participacion y negociacion entre todos los involucrados en el proceso educativo, son factores que inciden en el proceso de aprendizaje.

Cordova-Santiago, Lizzette Astrid


X seminario ACIUR -septiembre 2012 Universidad Javeriana_Mesa temtica 11 Cambios urbanos y evolucin de las desigualdades en el acceso a los recursos  

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y sus recursos se plantea con mayor agudeza. La movilidad espacial es la condici贸n de acceso a los (Dureau, 2002 : 378). La accesibilidad de los lugares corresponde a "[la] oferta de movilidad, [el alcanzar. Las desigualdades en las pr谩cticas de movilidad reflejan, de hecho, las desigualdades sociales de

Boyer, Edmond


Un acercamiento a la aplicaci髇 de la teor韆 de las inteligencias m鷏tiples (IM) en la clase de ingl閟 como idioma extranjero en el contexto universitario cubano  

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El desarrollo de habilidades relacionadas con el discurso oral es una de las prioridades de los estudiantes de lenguas extranjeras. La mayor韆 de las veces, la destreza en la comunicaci髇 verbal es lo que mide el conocimiento del alumno de la lengua extranjera (LE) o la segunda lengua (L2) que se est aprendiendo. Hay muchas razones por lo que las

Daniel Cima de Mesa; Adrian Abreus Gonz醠ez




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RESUMEN: En el presente trabajo se aborda el estudio de las flechas en el Arte Levantino a partir de su contrastaci髇 con los proyectiles en piedra tallada recuperados en los yacimientos meso- l韙icos y neol韙icos m醩 pr髕imos a los abrigos pintados del n鷆leo de la Valltorta-Gasulla. El an- lisis de las diferentes modalidades de representaci髇 y las distintas propuestas de



Inhibitor profiling of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa virulence factor LasB using N-alpha mercaptoamide template-based inhibitors  

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We report on the synthesis and biological evaluation of a focussed library of N-alpha mercaptoamide containing dipeptides as inhibitors of the zinc metallopeptidase Pseudomonas aeruginosa elastase (LasB, EC The aim of the study was to derive an inhibitor profile for LasB with regard to mapping the S1? binding site of the enzyme. Consequently, a focussed library of 160 members

George R. Cathcart; Brendan F. Gilmore; Brett Greer; Pat Harriott; Brian Walker



The Las Matras tonalitic杢rondhjemitic pluton, central Argentina: Grenvillian-age constraints, geochemical characteristics, and regional implications  

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The N朣 trending belt with Grenvillian-age rocks developed in central western Argentina represents the basement of an allochthonous terrane derived from Laurentia during the Early Paleozoic. The Las Matras pluton (3646?S, 6707?W) is located at the southern extension of this belt in the Las Matras Block. It consists of a low-Al tonalitic to trondhjemitic facies characteristic of an arc magmatism.

A.M. Sato; H. Tickyj; E. J. Llambiasa; K. Sato



Disminuci髇 de las tasas de c醤cer de seno relacionada con la reducci髇 del uso de terapias de reemplazo hormonal

La tasa de los casos nuevos de c醤cer de seno en los Estados Unidos, la cual disminuy pronunciadamente en 2003, podr韆 estar relacionada con una disminuci髇 nacional del uso de terapias de reemplazo hormonal. Las tasas de incidencia de c醤cer de seno ajustadas a la edad en mujeres de los Estados Unidos bajaron un 6.7 por ciento en 2003. Durante este mismo per韔do, las recetas m閐icas para terapias de reemplazo hormonal bajaron r醦idamente.


Seismic Data for Evaluation of Ground Motion Hazards in Las Vegas in Support of Test Site Readiness Ground Motion  

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In this report we describe the data sets used to evaluate ground motion hazards in Las Vegas from nuclear tests at the Nevada Test Site. This analysis is presented in Rodgers et al. (2005, 2006) and includes 13 nuclear explosions recorded at the John Blume and Associates network, the Little Skull Mountain earthquake and a temporary deployment of broadband station in Las Vegas. The data are available in SAC format on CD-ROM as an appendix to this report.

Rodgers, A




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TABLA DE ADAPTACIONES DE ASIGNATURAS SUPERADAS EN EL PROGRAMA SIMULT脕NEO DERECHO-ADE POR LAS ASIGNATURAS DEL GRADO DE DERECHO 1潞 CURSO DERECHO Cr茅ditos Tipo DERECHO-ADE Cr茅ditos Tipo Derecho Romano 6 FB Derecho Romano 6 FB Historia del Derecho Espa帽ol y de las Instituciones 6 FB Historia del Derecho Espa帽ol

Escolano, Francisco


Volc醤 Las Navajas, a Pliocene-Pleistocene trachyte\\/peralkaline rhyolite volcano in the northwestern Mexican volcanic belt  

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Volc醤 Las Navajas, a Pliocene-Pleistocene volcano located in the northwestern portion of the Mexican volcanic belt, erupted lavas ranging in composition from alkali basalt through peralkaline rhyolite, and is the only volcano in mainland Mexico known to have erupted pantellerites. Las Navajas is located near the northwestern end of the Tepic-Zacoalco rift and covers a 200-m-thick pile of alkaline basaltic

Stephen A Nelson; Joann Hegre



An Aerial Radiological Survey of the City of North Las Vegas (Downtown) and the Motor Speedway  

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As part of the proficiency training for the Radiological Mapping mission of the Aerial Measuring System (AMS), a survey team from the Remote Sensing Laboratory-Nellis (RSL-Nellis) conducted an aerial radiological survey on December 11-12, 2007, with the purpose of mapping natural radiation background and locating any man-made radioactive sources. The survey covered 19.4 square miles (9.2 square miles over the downtown area of the City of North Las Vegas and 10.2 square miles over the Las Vegas Motor Speedway [LVMS]). The flight lines over the surveyed areas are presented in Figures 1 and 2. A total of four 2.5-hour-long flights were performed at an altitude of 150 ft above ground level (AGL) with 300 ft of flight line spacing. Water line and test line flights were conducted over the Lake Mead and Government Wash areas to ensure quality control of the data. The data were collected by the AMS data acquisition system-REDAR V using an array of twelve 2-inch x 4-inch x 16-inch sodium iodide (NaI) detectors flown on-board a twin-engine Bell 412 helicopter. Data in the form of gamma energy spectra were collected continually (every second) over the course of the survey and were geo-referenced using a differential Global Positioning System. Collection of spectral data allows the system to distinguish between ordinary fluctuations in natural background radiation levels and the signature produced by man-made radioisotopes sources. Spectral data can also be used to identify specific radioactive isotopes. As a courtesy service with the approval of the U.S. Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration, Nevada Site Office, RSL-Nellis is providing this summary to the office of the Mayor of City of North Las Vegas and LVMS security along with the gross counts-based exposure rate and man-made counts maps.

Piotr Wasiolek



An Aerial Radiological Survey of the Las Vegas Strip and Adjacent Areas  

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As proficiency training for the Radiological Mapping mission of the Aerial Measuring System (AMS), a survey team from the Remote Sensing Laboratory朜ellis (RSL-Nellis) conducted an aerial radiological survey of the Las Vegas Strip and adjacent areas on December 29, 2008. This survey was one of the bi-annual surveys carried in support of the city of Las Vegas Police Department (LVPD) before significant events on the Las Vegas Strip: e.g., the annual New Year抯 Eve and July Fourth celebrations. The AMS operation and appropriate law enforcement agencies selected this area as an appropriate urban location to exercise AMS capability for mapping environmental radiation and searching for man-made radioactive sources. The surveys covered approximately 11 square miles. Each survey required a 2.5-hour-long flight, performed at an altitude of 300 ft above ground level (AGL) at a line spacing of 600 ft. Water line and test line flights are conducted over the Lake Mead and Government Wash areas to determine the non-terrestrial background contributed by aircraft, radon, and cosmic activity, and to determine the altitude-dependent air mass correction. The data were collected by the AMS data acquisition system (REDAR V) using an array of twelve 2" x 4" x 16" sodium iodide (NaI) detectors flown on-board a twin-engine Bell 412 helicopter. Gamma energy spectral data were collected second-by-second over the survey area. This spectral data allows the system to distinguish between natural terrestrial background contributions and man-made radioisotope contributions. Spectral data can also be used to identify specific man-made radioactive isotopes. Data geo-locations were determined with a Real-Time Differential Global Positioning System (RDGPS).

Wasiolek, Piotr [NSTec



Mirando a trav閟 de las m醩caras: Una entrevista con Cristina Escofet  

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otro lugar ni la literatura, ni la filosof韆 ni la vida m醩 que del g閚ero. Las mujeres somos filosofas. 縐d. cree que existe un discurso femenino dram醫ico? No creo que haya un discurso femenino en oposici髇 a un discurso masculino. Hay una... desde d髇de. Woody Allen es importante por su punto de mira - m醩 all de que si es hombre o mujer. Esto es el punto m醩 importante. El hecho de que una mujer escriba no quiere decir que su discurso tenga una mirada interesante. Se puede reproducir el...

Rathbun, Jennifer



Geodetic leveling data used to define historical height changes between Tonopah Junction and Las Vegas, Nevada  

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This report documents geodetic leveling data for a survey route following US Highway 95 from Tonopah Junction, approximately 50 km west of Tonopah, Nevada, to Las Vegas, Nevada. The survey route passes immediately south of the potential site for a high-level nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain in southern Nevada. Comparisons among the results of the several repeated levelings along this survey route provide a partial basis for evaluating contemporary crustal deformation patterns in the vicinity of the Yucca Mountain site and the relation between any such deformation and geologic structures known or suspected to have been active during Quaternary time.

Gilmore, T.D.



Concentraciones de Na, K, Ca y P en sueros de una muestra representativa de la poblaci髇 canaria  

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As part of the nutritional survey of the Canary Is- lands (ENCA-1998), the concentrations in serum of Na, K, Ca and P were determined in 395 individuals repre- senting the population of the Canary Islands. The con- centrations were found to be within the reference inter- vals described for the healthy population. Differences were observed in the mean concentrations depending

C. D韆z Romero; P. Henr韖uez S醤chec; F. L髉ez Blanco; E. Rodr韌uez Rodr韌uez; Serra Majem


Machines, medication, modulation: circuits of dependency and self-care in Las Vegas.  


The intensive entertainment infrastructure of Las Vegas is overlaid with a robust therapeutic network for those who become addicted to its technologies. Although the objectives of gambling machines and addiction therapeutics are seemingly at odds--the first work to encourage play, the second to stop it--both gear their interventions around a model of the self as a continuum of behavioral potentials that can be externally modulated. For compulsive gamblers implicated in this circuit of modulation, pharmaceutical drugs that have been prescribed to dampen cravings for machine play sometimes function as intensifiers of its effects. Caught in an intractable play between technologies of harm and technologies of care, recovering gambling addicts are challenged to assemble a technical array through which they can maintain balance; health itself, for these individuals, becomes a state of managed dependency. This essay explores the shifting terms and changing stakes of subjectivity and health in the contemporary United States by way of ethnographic research on compulsive gamblers who live and work in Las Vegas. The analysis draws on interviews with gamblers as well as on observations in local self-help groups, directed group therapy sessions, and chat rooms of Internet recovery Web sites. PMID:16944328

Sch黮l, Natasha Dow



[Vectorial and congenital transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi in Las Lomitas, Formosa].  


Chagas disease, caused by Trypanosoma cruzi, is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in Latin America. The objective of this study was to describe the rate of infestation in four aboriginal communities in Las Lomitas (Great Chaco Region), Formosa, Argentina; the rate of infection in children residing in these communities, in blood donors and in pregnant women who received care at the Hospital Las Lomitas, as well as the rate of congenital infection in children born to women infected during the study period. The rate of infestation of 172 households evaluated in 2006 reached 32%. Prevalence of infection among 445 people was 17.5% and in children under 5 years old it was 8.6%. The rate of infection reached 18.6% in blood donors and 29.1% in pregnant women. The rate of infection among 47 children born to infected women, and living in residences under vectorial surveillance was 17.0%. These infections were considered as congenital. This study showed indexes compatible with active vectorial transmission at the beginning. After vectorial control with insecticides the infestation rate has been reduced to 3.3%. The local health system has introduced high impact procedures of primary and secondary prevention in order to prevent new cases and to treat infected people. PMID:19770096

Sosa-Estani, Sergio; Dri, Luc韆; Touris, Cecilia; Abalde, Sergio; Dell'arciprete, Ana; Braunstein, Jose



Phlebotominae spatial distribution asssociated with a focus of tegumentary leishmaniasis in Las Lomitas, Formosa, Argentina, 2002.  


Las Lomitas, Formosa, Argentina, reported 96 cases of tegumentary leishmaniasis during 2002. The urban transmission was suggested although previous outbreaks were related with floods of the Bermejo river (BR) 50 km from the village. Phlebotomine collections were performed during March 2002 to define the spatial distribution of risk, together with satellite imaginery. The phlebotomine/trap obtained was 1679.5 in the southern BR shore, 1.1 in the periruban-rural environment and 2.3 in the northern Pilcomayo river marshes. Lutzomyia neivai was the prevalent species (91.1%) among the 2393 phlebotomine captured, and it was only found in the BR traps. The other species were L. migonei (7.9%), L. cortelezzii (0.9%), and Brumptomyia guimaraesi (0.1%). The satellite images analysis indicates that the fishing spots at the BR were significantly overflowed during the transmission peak, consistent with fishermen recollections. This spatial restricted flood might concentrate vectors, reservoirs, and humans in high places. Therefore, both the spatial distribution of vectors and the sensor remoting data suggests that in Las Lomitas area the higher transmission risk it is still related with the gallery forest of the BR, despite of the urban residence of the cases. The surveillance and control implications of these results are discussed. PMID:16862326

Salom髇, Oscar Daniel; Orellano, Pablo Wenceslao; Lamfri, Mario; Scavuzzo, Marcelo; Dri, Luc韆; Farace, Mar韆 Isabel; Quintana, Dar韔 Ozuna



Spatial distribution and contamination assessment of heavy metals in urban topsoils from Las Tunas City, Cuba.  


Concentrations of Cr, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Pb and Fe in the topsoils (0-10 cm) from Las Tunas city were measured by X-ray fluorescence analysis. The mean Cr, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn and Pb contents in the urban topsoil samples (97 30, 14 2, 35 36, 94 26, 199 87 and 42 29 mg kg? dry weight, respectively) were compared with mean concentrations for other cities around the world with similar population. Cr content in school grounds, parks and residential areas exceed in 20 % the average Cr background level. Highest content for Ni was determined in residential areas, for Zn in market gardens soils and as for Pb, the highest topsoil-background content ratios were observed for market gardens (2.7) and residential areas (2.3). Spatial distribution maps indicated the same behaviour for Cr-Co-Ni and Pb-Zn, respectively, whereas the spatial distribution of Cu differs from other heavy metals. On the other hand, the metal-to-iron normalisation, using (10-20 cm) bottom soil contents as background, showed that topsoils in Las Tunas city are severely enriched with lead and not enriched with the rest of the determined metals. The average values of integrated pollution index (IPI) indicated that soils are moderately contaminated by heavy metals (1.17 ? IPI(ave) ? 1.39), but enrichment index values shows that metal concentrations on the studied locations are not above the permissible levels for urban agriculture. PMID:23719778

D韆z Rizo, O; Fonticiella Morell, D; Arado L髉ez, J O; Borrell Mu駉z, J L; D'Alessandro Rodr韌uez, K; L髉ez Pino, N



Influence of composition and temperature on hydrocarbon migration through Morrow fluvial reservoirs, Las Animas Arch, Colorado  

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Precipitation of wax in pores may impair permeability and prohibit the flow of oil. Crude oil composition and temperature are the most important controlling factors. Oils are chemically complex, may contain up to 45 wax compounds and may vary significantly even in the same pool. High-wax oils are common in the Morrow of eastern Colorado. Narrow fluvial sandstones provide migration paths toward the Las Animas Arch from adjacent basins. Temperatures range from less than 110{degrees}F. on the top of the arch to 180{degrees}F at a structural position only 1,400 feet lower. A range of 30{degrees}F has been observed in individual pools. Wax has precipitated in the 120-140{degrees}F range, creating relative permeability barriers which cut across the sandstones. Wax barriers are impermeable to oil, but may be permeable to gas and water. They account for certain dry holes with high porosity, permeability and oil saturation (and low water saturation) in both core and electrical log analysis. They explain why some oil wells with impaired permeability are adjacent to structurally lower gas wells with good permeability. A network of wax barriers around the Las Animas Arch accounts for approximately 300 feet of variation in the structural position of a line separating oil from gas fields. Since the low temperature bands may be short and discontinuous, wax barriers are more effective in narrow fluvial reservoirs than in blanket reservoirs.

Bolyard, D.W. [Consultant, Denver, CO (United States)



On an LAS-integrated soft PLC system based on WorldFIP fieldbus.  


Communication efficiency is lowered and real-time performance is not good enough in discrete control based on traditional WorldFIP field intelligent nodes in case that the scale of control in field is large. A soft PLC system based on WorldFIP fieldbus was designed and implemented. Link Activity Scheduler (LAS) was integrated into the system and field intelligent I/O modules acted as networked basic nodes. Discrete control logic was implemented with the LAS-integrated soft PLC system. The proposed system was composed of configuration and supervisory sub-systems and running sub-systems. The configuration and supervisory sub-system was implemented with a personal computer or an industrial personal computer; running subsystems were designed and implemented based on embedded hardware and software systems. Communication and schedule in the running subsystem was implemented with an embedded sub-module; discrete control and system self-diagnosis were implemented with another embedded sub-module. Structure of the proposed system was presented. Methodology for the design of the sub-systems was expounded. Experiments were carried out to evaluate the performance of the proposed system both in discrete and process control by investigating the effect of network data transmission delay induced by the soft PLC in WorldFIP network and CPU workload on resulting control performances. The experimental observations indicated that the proposed system is practically applicable. PMID:21889140

Liang, Geng; Li, Zhijun; Li, Wen; Bai, Yan



Giant Magellan Telescope Site Testing and Characterization at Las Campanas Observatory  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Las Campanas Observatory has been designated as the location for the Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT). We report results obtained since the commencement, in 2005, of a systematic site testing campaign at LCO. Measurements of the turbulence profile of the free-atmosphere above LCO have been collected with a MASS/DIMM. We examine the contribution to the seeing arising from turbulence in the ground layer (defined here as below an altitude of 500 m) through the difference between the turbulence integrals in the full atmosphere (as measured by DIMM) and in the free atmosphere (as measured by MASS). In preparation to characterize the Giant Magellan Telescope site and guide the development of its adaptive optics system, two campaigns to systematically compare the turbulence profiles obtained independently with three different instruments were conducted at Las Campanas Observatory in September, 2007 and January 2008. Slope detection and ranging (SLODAR) was used on the 2.5-m duPont telescope. SLODAR measures the Cn2 profile as a function of altitude through observations of double stars. The separation of the observed double star sets the maximum altitude and height resolution. Ground layer (altitudes < 1 km) and free atmosphere turbulence profiles are compared with those obtained with a lunar scintillometer (LuSci) and a multi-aperture scintillation sensor (MASS), respectively. In addition, the total atmospheric seeing was measured by both SLODAR and a differential image motion monitor (DIMM).

Thomas-Osip, Joanna E.; Prieto, Gabriel E.



Estudio de la fisiolog韆 del esf韓ter anal interno porcino y de la rata, y de la fisiopatolog韆 de las alteraciones de la motilidad del esf韓ter anal interno en pacientes con fisura anal.  

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??Las patolog韆s anorectales benignas (fisura anal, incontinencia fecal, hemorroides) presentan una elevada prevalencia. De forma general, se desconoce la fisiopatolog韆 de estas enfermedades en las (more)

Opazo Vald閟, 羖varo Javier




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ReSUMeN Objetivos. Evaluar la actividad citot髕ica de extractos etan髄icos de ra韈es, tallos, hojas y flores de Gnaphalium spicatum sobre algunas l韓eas celulares tumorales humanas. Materiales y m閠odos. Las l韓eas celulares HT-29, H-460, MCF-7, M-14, PC-3, DU-145, K-562, y 3T3, fueron expuestas a cuatro concentraciones de extractos etan髄icos de ra韈es, tallos, hojas y flores de Gnaphalim spicatum, asimismo, a diferentes concentraciones

David Callacondo-Riva; Angel Quispe-Mauricio; Selamir Lindo-Gamarra; Abraham J. Vaisberg


Aerosol Optical Properties of Smoke from the Las Conchas Wildfire, Los Alamos, NM  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Las Conchas wildfire in Northern New Mexico started on June, 26 2011 and spread rapidly, eventually burning an area of 634 km2 (245 mi2). Due to the close proximity to the fire, the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) was shut down and the town evacuated for several days. Immediately after LANL reopened (7/6/2011) the Earth and Environmental Sciences Division (EES-14) attained unique measurements of the smoke by sampling the ambient air. Three Integrated Photoacoustic/Nephelometer Spectrometers (DMT Inc.) were set up to measure aerosol light absorption and scattering coefficients. A University of Northwest Switzerland thermodenuder was used to remove compounds that are volatile at temperatures up to 200C. The aerosol's optical properties were measured before and after denuding the sample at 405nm (blue), 532nm (green), 781nm (red), and for non-denuded particles also at 375nm (ultraviolet). The aerosol size distributions were measured after the denuder with a Laser Aerosol Spectrometer (LAS, TSI Inc.) and black carbon was measured with a Single Particle Soot Photometer (SP2, DMT Inc.). Additionally, ambient measurements of Total Particulate Matter (PM2.5 and PM10) were collected continuously at the LANL air monitoring stations. These measurements are used in conjunction with numerical simulations to determine the bulk optical properties of the aerosol. Aerosols in wildfire smoke are composed of organic and black carbon (soot) particles that are formed during wood combustion and pyrolysis. The optical properties of the smoke particles are complex and lead to large uncertainties in assessing the global climate. During the measurement period, the Las Conchas fire provided very high particle concentrations (up to 200 ?g/m3) that were exploited to investigate their optical properties. By heating the particles to temperatures ranging from 75 to 200C in the denuder, volatile organics were removed and the optical properties of the remaining particles were measured. Denuding of the aerosols, removed the outer organic coatings leaving behind the inner core of black carbon (soot) and any compounds that did not volatize completely. By simultaneously measuring the optical properties of the non-denuded as well as the denuded aerosol, we can study how the coatings affect the optical properties. The absorption coefficient measurements showed that coatings can cause an increase or decrease in absorption. The photoacoustic measurements were also combined with SP2 measurements to gain a mechanistic understanding of the effect of composition on the mass light absorption cross-sections of carbonaceous aerosols emitted by fires.

Gorkowski, K.; Dubey, M. K.; Flowers, B. A.; Aiken, A. C.; Klein, B. Z.; Mazzoleni, C.; Sharma, N.; China`, S.



The study of ozone variations in the Las Vegas metropolitan area using remote sensing information and ground observations  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Urban development in the Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, has grown rapidly in the past fifty years. Associated with this growth has been a change in landscape from natural cover types to developed urban land mixed with planned vegetation canopy throughout in the metropolitan area. Air quality in the Las Vegas Valley has been affected by increases in anthropogenic emissions and concentrations of carbon monoxide, ozone, and criteria pollutants of particular matter. Ozone concentration in the region is generally influenced by synoptic and mesoscale meteorological conditions, as well as regional transport of pollutants from the western side of Las Vegas. Local influences from ground-level nitrogen oxide emissions and vegetation canopy coverage also affect ozone concentration. Multi-year observational data collected by a network of local air monitoring stations in Clark County, Nevada, indicate that ozone maximums develop in May and June, while minimums exist primarily from November to February. Ozone concentrations are high on the west and northwest sides of the valley. A nighttime ozone reduction in the urban area characterizes the heterogeneous features of spatial distribution for average ozone levels in the Las Vegas urban area. The urban vegetation canopy has a locally positive effect by reducing ozone in urban areas. Decreased ozone levels associated with increased urban development density suggests that the highest ozone concentrations are associated with medium- to low-density urban development in Las Vegas.

Xian, G.; Crane, M.



Evaluation of municipal wastewater treatment plants with different technologies at Las Rozas, Madrid (Spain).  


Eight small-scale municipal wastewater treatment plants were evaluated over a period of 19 months in the suburb of Las Rozas in Madrid (Spain). Four plants used compact extended aeration, two used conventional activated sludge, two used conventional extended aeration, one used a rotary biodisc reactor and the other used a peat bed reactor. The best results were obtained from the plants that used conventional technologies and the biodisc. Conventional activated sludge and extended aeration had higher removal efficiencies for ammonia, TSS, COD and BOD(5) and produced good quality final effluents for final disposal in accordance with the discharge standard. Empirical equations that correlated the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the effluents with the efficiencies of TSS, ammonia, COD and BOD(5) removals for all plants evaluated were obtained. The performance of the plants using compact extended aeration was affected more than those using conventional technologies or rotary biodisc when the capacity exceeded that of its initial design. PMID:16580126

Colmenarejo, M F; Rubio, A; S醤chez, E; Vicente, J; Garc韆, M G; Borja, R



Neighborhood Reputation and Resident Sentiment in the Wake of the Las Vegas Foreclosure Crisis  

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This study examines how two major components of a neighborhood抯 reputation梡erceived disorder and collective efficacy梥hape individuals sentiments toward their neighborhoods during the foreclosure crisis triggered by the Great Recession. Of central interest are whether neighborhood reputations are durable in the face of a crisis (neighborhood resiliency hypothesis) or whether neighborhood reputations wane during times of duress (foreclosure crisis hypothesis). Geo-coded individual-level data from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area Social Survey merged with data on census tract foreclosure rates are used to address this question. The results provide qualified support for both perspectives. In support of the neighborhood resiliency hypothesis, collective efficacy is positively associated with how residents feel about the quality of their neighborhoods, and this relationship is unaltered by foreclosure rates. In support of the foreclosure crisis hypothesis, foreclosure rates mediate the effects of neighborhood disorder on resident sentiment. The implications of these findings for community resiliency are discussed.

Pais, Jeremy; Batson, Christie D.; Monnat, Shannon M.



Perchlorate uptake by salt cedar (Tamarix ramosissima) in the Las Vegas wash riparian ecosystem.  


Perchlorate ion (ClO4-) has been identified in samples of dormant salt cedar (Tamarix ramosissima) growing in the Las Vegas Wash. Perchlorate is an oxidant, but its reduction is kinetically hindered. Concern over thyroid effects caused the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to add perchlorate to the drinking water Contaminant Candidate List (CCL). Beginning in 2001, utilities will look for perchlorate under the Unregulated Contaminants Monitoring Rule (UCMR). In wood samples acquired from the same plant growing in a contaminated stream, perchlorate concentrations were found as follows: 5-6 microg g(-1) in dry twigs extending above the water and 300 microg g(-1) in stalks immersed in the stream. Perchlorate was leached from samples of wood, and the resulting solutions were analyzed by ion chromatography after clean-up. The identification was confirmed by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry after complexation of perchlorate with decyltrimethylammonium cation. Because salt cedar is regarded as an invasive species, there are large scale programs aimed at eliminating it. However, this work suggests that salt cedar might play a role in the ecological distribution of perchlorate as an environmental contaminant. Consequently, a thorough investigation of the fate and transport of perchlorate in tamarisks is required to assess the effects that eradication might have on perchlorate-tainted riparian ecosystems, such as the Las Vegas Wash. This is especially important since water from the wash enters Lake Mead and the Colorado River and has the potential to affect the potable water source of tens of millions of people as well as irrigation water used on a variety of crops, including much of the lettuce produced in the USA. PMID:10902849

Urbansky, E T; Magnuson, M L; Kelty, C A; Brown, S K



Fishery of the Green Jack Caranx caballus (Osteichytes: Carangidae) in Las Perlas Archipelago, Pacific Panama.  


Green Jacks, Caranx caballus, are distributed along the Eastern Pacific coast. In Panama, C. caballus was heavily fished around Las Perlas Archipelago to sustain local markets until 2007, when the archipelago was declared a marine protected area. This first study in Panama, analyzed a sample of 4 990 individuals from Las Perlas, obtained monthly from June 2005 to June 2006, from landings at the central fish market. Average total length was 36.1 +/- 6.4cm and optimum length 38.9cm. Approximately 68% of fish lengths were within +/-10% of the optimal length but only six (15%) were considered mega-spawners. The von Bertalanffy parameters describe a long-lived and fast growing species, while mortality rates revealed that C. caballus is under high fishing pressure. Standard length at which half of the population is mature was 38.8cm, and the size at which individuals matured massively, 33cm. Only 10-13% of the fish were immature. C. caballus reproduces two to three times per year, with peaks in December, April, and probably September, and recruits to the population at least twice per year. Catch per unit effort (CPUE) was best predicted by minimum annual values of the Multivariate ENSO/LNSO Index (MEI) (R2=0.54). Results show that C. caballus in Pacific Panama is overfished. We recommend the raising of the minimum capture/landing size of this species in order to increase the proportion of mega-spawners in the population and guarantee the sustainability of this resource. PMID:23025097

Mair, James M; Cipriani, Roberto; Guzman, Hector M; Usan, David



A design for a new catalog manager and associated file management for the Land Analysis System (LAS)  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Due to the larger number of different types of files used in an image processing system, a mechanism for file management beyond the bounds of typical operating systems is necessary. The Transportable Applications Executive (TAE) Catalog Manager was written to meet this need. Land Analysis System (LAS) users at the EROS Data Center (EDC) encountered some problems in using the TAE catalog manager, including catalog corruption, networking difficulties, and lack of a reliable tape storage and retrieval capability. These problems, coupled with the complexity of the TAE catalog manager, led to the decision to design a new file management system for LAS, tailored to the needs of the EDC user community. This design effort, which addressed catalog management, label services, associated data management, and enhancements to LAS applications, is described. The new file management design will provide many benefits including improved system integration, increased flexibility, enhanced reliability, enhanced portability, improved performance, and improved maintainability.

Greenhagen, Cheryl



Paleoslope, sea-level and climate controls on Upper Miocene platform evolution, Las Negras area, southeastern Spain  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Carbonate platforms in the Las Negras area evolved from onlapping ramps to fringing reef complexes later draped by cyclic shallow marine strata. Although sea-level history and paleoclimate had an effect on platform evolution, substrate topography played a dominant role. The strata are divided into five depositional sequences of Tortonian and Messinian age. The model of platform evolution provided by the Las Negras area exposures likely has applications for other Miocene carbonate complexes in the Mediterranean and could apply to other carbonate complexes in the rock record.

Franseen, E.K.; Goldstein, R.H.



Informe Anual a la Naci髇 sobre el Estado del C醤cer 1975-2002 con una secci髇 especial sobre las tendencias de tratamiento: preguntas y respuestas

Las organizaciones oncol骻icas principales de la naci髇 informan que el riesgo de los estadounidenses de morir de c醤cer sigue disminuyendo y que las tasas de casos nuevos de c醤cer permanecen estables. El Informe Anual a la Naci髇 sobre el Estado del C醤cer, de 1975 a 2002, se馻la que las tasas de mortalidad de c醤cer que se observaron para todos los c醤ceres combinados disminuyeron 1,1 por ciento por a駉 de 1993 a 2002.


Taller de Ciencia para Jvenes para alumnos de nivel bachillerato San Cristbal de las Casas, Chiapas, 25-30 julio, 2011  

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Taller de Ciencia para J贸venes para alumnos de nivel bachillerato San Crist贸bal de las Casas, Chiapas, 25-30 julio, 2011 CONVOCATORIA El "Taller de Ciencia para J贸venes" en San Crist贸bal de las Casas atra铆dos a las ciencias naturales y tienen intenci贸n de estudiar una carrera cient铆fica. El programa del

Bor, Gil


Fundacin General de la UIB (FuGUIB) La Fundacin General de la Universidad de las Illes Balears (FuGUIB) es una institucin privada,  

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de 51 personas equivalentes a tiempo completo, 61% mujeres. La FuGUIB cerr贸 el ejercicio econ贸mico el curso 2012-13 han sido las siguientes: renovaci贸n del mobiliario en las zonas comunes y las habitaciones, reposici贸n del suelo de los pasillos y zonas comunes, cambio del grupo de presi贸n para el agua

Oro, Daniel


Magnetotelluric study of the Las Ca馻das caldera (Tenerife, Canary Islands): structural and hydrogeological implications  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Las Ca馻das caldera in Tenerife (Canary Islands) is a well-exposed caldera depression in which the active Teide-Pico Viejo complex stands. In addition to its volcanological interest, the Las Ca馻das caldera also holds the main groundwater reservoir of Tenerife. An audiomagnetotelluric and magnetotelluric survey was carried out in order to image the interior of the caldera depression. The field campaign consisted of 33 audiomagnetotelluric sites in the period range from 0.001 to 0.3 s and 11 magnetotelluric sites from 0.004 to 200 s. A detailed mapping of the electrical conductivity of the subsurface was obtained. For the long periods a three-dimensional modelling of the island - including the bathymetry - was carried out to study the effect of the ocean. This effect starts to be important at periods longer than 10 s. Accordingly, the sites were arranged into six profiles and a two-dimensional joint inversion of all data until 10 s was performed for each profile. The geometry of the high conductive zones found indicates that the caldera includes two closed depressions in the western (Ucanca) and central (Guajara) sectors, whereas in the eastern sector (Diego Hern醤dez) the top of the main conductive zone shows a gentle inclination towards the northeast (La Orotava valley). A narrow and marked high conductive anomaly, probably caused by the presence of highly fractured rocks and fossil hydrothermal alteration along a fracture zone, runs parallel and close to the present caldera wall, suggesting the position of the structural border of the caldera. The results indicate that there are two main aquifer zones separated by the Roques de Garc?碼 spur, coinciding with the western and central depressions. The eastern depression could be hydrologically disconnected from the central depression by another structural limit not visible at the surface. The saturation zones would have a thickness of more than 700 m starting at a few hundred metres below the present caldera floor. The data are consistent with a multiple vertical collapse origin for the caldera depression rather than a sector collapse origin.

Pous, Jaume; Heise, Wiebke; Schnegg, Pierre-Andr; Mu駉z, Gerard; Mart, Joan; Soriano, Carles



La efectividad de las redes de protecci髇 social: El rol de los sistemas integrados de informaci髇 social en Mexico  

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Este trabajo forma parte de una serie de estudios realizados en el marco del proyecto 揕a efectividad de las redes de protecci髇 social: el rol de los sistemas integrados de informaci髇 social. Los estudios de caso fueron realizados en el per韔do 2007-2008. El enfoque privilegiado en la elaboraci髇 de este estudio es m醩 pr醕tico que te髍ico y m醩 gerencial que

Rogelio Gomez Hermosillo



, 20120259, published 4 March 20133712013Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A Daniel de las Heras and Matthias Schmidt  

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, 20120259, published 4 March 20133712013Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A Daniel de las Heras and Matthias Schmidt polymer mixtures-sphere and platelet -Bulk fluid phase behaviour of colloidal platelet References cite this article - sign up go to:Phil. Trans. R

Schmidt, Matthias


78 FR 32644 - Las Vegas Wash Hydro LLC; Notice of Preliminary Permit Application Accepted for Filing and...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...Las Vegas via two 84-inch-diameter penstocks for a distance of 10,208 feet...proposes to tie into the existing penstocks and construct a new powerhouse...of the two existing 84- inch diameter penstocks would be [[Page...




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2 RESUMEN Se estudia e ilustra la morfolog韆 del polen de las familias Acanthaceae, Vitaceae y Violaceae pertenecientes a la flora del Valle de M閤ico; la primera est representada por: Acanthus mollis L., Anisacanthus quadrifidus (Vahl) Standley, Dicliptera peduncularis Nees, Dyschoriste decumbens (Gray) O. Ktze., D. microphylla (Cav.) O. Ktze., Justicia furcata Jacq., Pseuderanthemum praecox (Benth.) Leonard, Ruellia bourgaei Hemsl.,




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A lo largo de casi todo el siglo XX, en Estados Unidos prevaleci la idea de que los in- migrantes con bajos niveles de capacitaci髇, l骻icamente, ocupar韆n los pelda駉s m醩 bajos de la escala ocupacional y salarial, pero que, dadas las oportunidades exis- tentes en el pa韘, sus hijos tendr韆n muchas posibilidades para incorporarse a los estratos medios. A principios

Elaine Levine



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EL IMPACTO DEL CONFLICTO POL脥TICO SOBRE LAS ORGANIZACIONES DE LA SOCIEDAD CIVIL EN VENEZUELA: EL Universidad Central de Venezuela RESUMEN: En los a帽os recientes, la p茅rdida de legitimidad, conflicto pol铆tico, Venezuela #12;INTRODUCCI?N En este trabajo intentamos analizar algunos de los impactos

Paris-Sud XI, Universit茅 de


222Gac Sanit 2002;16(3):222-9 Objetivo: Describir la distribucin de las puntuaciones de los  

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222Gac Sanit 2002;16(3):222-9 ORIGINALES Resumen Objetivo: Describir la distribuci贸n de las companies according to the personal and occupational characteristics of the workers. Methods: Cross-sectional study of a sample of 890 workers in four companies who participated in this study voluntarily

Gil, Ana Arribas


Evaluacin de seguridad de los alimentos Las preguntas siguientes son acerca del programa de hoy. Marque su respuesta.  

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COMA BIEN Evaluaci贸n de seguridad de los alimentos Las preguntas siguientes son acerca del programa los alimentos. 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 Utilizo un term贸metro para verificar si alimentos se han cocinados


Ambient air monitoring during the 2011 Las Conchas wildland fire near Los Alamos, U.S.A.  

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Air monitoring data collected during the Las Conchas fire near the Los Alamos National Laboratory during 2011 are presented. Data included are for selected radionuclides and selected metals found in particulate matter. None of these analytes were seen at levels which exceeded any state or federal standards.

Green, Andrew A. [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Schlemann, Shea A. [Los Alamos Technical Associates; Young, Daniel L. [Los Alamos National Laboratory



El Vicerrectorado de Relaciones Internacionales presenta las convocatorias de Movilidad Internacional del curso 2012/2013 para PAS,  

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El Vicerrectorado de Relaciones Internacionales presenta las convocatorias de Movilidad apuesta estrat茅gica que fomente la movilidad internacional de la comunidad universitaria, el movilidad internacional previstas para el pr贸ximo curso 2012/2013. Personal UA PDI.- Convocatoria Erasmus

Escolano, Francisco


La efectividad de las redes de protecci髇 social: El rol de los sistemas integrados de informaci髇 social en Brasil  

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Este trabajo forma parte de una serie de estudios realizados en el marco del proyecto 揕a efectividad de las redes de protecci髇 social: El rol de los sistemas integrados de informaci髇 social. Los estudios de caso fueron realizados en el per韔do 2007-08. Se agradecen los comentarios de Am閘ia Cohn, L鷆ia Maria Modesto Pereira y Paulo de Martino Jannuzzi. El texto

Leticia Bartholo; Ricardo Rodrigues Dutra



SEGUNDA SEMANA DE LA CIENCIA EN San Cristobal de las Casas, 1-7 julio del 2007  

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SEGUNDA SEMANA DE LA CIENCIA EN CHIAPAS San Cristobal de las Casas, 1-7 julio del 2007 CONVOCATORIA tecnol贸gica El objetivo de la "semana de la ciencia" es acercar a los participantes al mundo de la. Bajar la solicitud de la p谩gina internet y enviarla por

Bor, Gil


Acritarchs of Las Ventanas Formation (Ediacaran, Uruguay): Implications for the timing of coeval rifting and glacial events in western Gondwana  

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Acritarchs and other organic-walled microfossils occurring in siltstones of the Las Ventanas Formation (Quebrada de Viera and El Perdido members) are systematically described and illustrated. The assemblage includes the following species: Leiosphaeridia tenuissima, Leiosphaeridia minutissima, Lophosphaeridium sp., Soldadophycus bossii, Soldadophycus major, Soldadophycus sp. and Vendotaenia antiqua. The microflora is characterized by low diversity (six species), dominance of L. tenuissima, absence

Claudio Gaucher; Gonzalo Blanco; Leticia Chiglino; Daniel Poir; Gerard J. B. Germs



A Catalog of Photometry for Las Campanas Redshift Survey Galaxies on the Sloan Digital Sky Survey System  

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We present high-quality photometry in the five Sloan Digital Sky Survey filters, u', g', r', i', and z', for 2195 galaxies with spectroscopic redshifts measured by the Las Campanas Redshift Survey. In addition, a polynomial photometric redshift estimator is derived, with an uncertainty of 0.035 out to z = 0.25. (c) 2000 The American Astronomical Society.

Sowards-Emmerd, David; Smith, J. Allyn; McKay, Timothy A.; Sheldon, Erin; Tucker, Douglas L.; Castander, Francisco J.




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RESUMEN Es la intenci髇 de esta comunicaci髇 reflexionar y visualizar la importancia individual, grupal y comunitaria que tienen las organizaciones de mujeres en la lucha contra la exclusi髇 social y en el fortalecimiento del Estado de bienestar. Su mera existencia cuestiona profundamente la l骻ica que articula esta sociedad patriarcal, porque expresa la presencia y reivindicaciones de sectores y colectivos sociales



Female Adolescent Subjectivities in Las Vegas: Poststructural Thoughts on the Intersections of Gender, Sexuality, Consumer Logic and Curriculum  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In this article, data collected from an ethnographic study of adolescent girls growing up in the city of Las Vegas in the US is used to further our understanding of the role of mediated sex and consumer culture and in relationship to emerging adolescent female identities. Girls in this study articulated a clear sense of their abilities to make

Dentith, Audrey M.



Boln. Asoc. esp. Ent., 28 (3-4): 89-123, 2004 Las Ceratina Latreille, 1802 ibricas del Museo  

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Boln. Asoc. esp. Ent., 28 (3-4): 89-123, 2004 Las Ceratina Latreille, 1802 ib茅ricas del Museo not been possible to confirm the presence #12;Boln. Asoc. esp. Ent., 28 (3-4): 89-123, 2004 F. JAVIER ORTIZ resultaron ser incorrectas (incluso de espe- cies descritas por 茅l mismo). Aparte del hecho de que la

Rasmont, Pierre


Visi髇 de un cient韋ico onc髄ogo que aplica la investigaci髇 a la salud humana a trav閟 de las fronteras

El doctor Jorge G髆ez es el asesor principal del Centro para la Salud Mundial del Instituto Nacional del C醤cer. Dirige la Red de Investigaci髇 del C醤cer de los Estados Unidos y Am閞ica Latina, la cual est realizando un estudio internacional de los factores de riesgo del c醤cer de mama y caracter韘ticas en las mujeres de Am閞ica Latina.


Investigation of Glacial Dynamics in the Lambert Glacier-Amery Ice Shelf System (LAS) Using Remote Sensing  

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shelves exist for the East Antarctic Ice Sheet. In addition, most recent surface velocity mappings of the Lambert Glacier-Amery Ice Shelf system (LAS) are derived for the time period of 1997-2000. From this research, surface velocity measurements provide a...

Chi, Zhaohui 1982-



Human-health pharmaceutical compounds in Lake Mead, Nevada and Arizona, and Las Vegas Wash, Nevada, October 2000-August 2001  

USGS Publications Warehouse

The U.S. Geological Survey and the National Park Service conducted a reconnaissance study to investigate the occurrence of selected human-health pharmaceutical compounds in water samples collected from Lake Mead on the Colorado River and Las Vegas Wash, a waterway used to transport treated wastewater from the Las Vegas metropolitan area to Lake Mead. Current research indicates many of these compounds can bioaccumulate and may adversely affect aquatic organisms by disrupting physiological processes, impairing reproductive functions, increasing cancer rates, contributing to the development of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria, and acting in undesirable ways when mixed with other substances. These compounds may be present in effluent because a high percentage of prescription and non-prescription drugs used for human-health purposes are excreted from the body as a mixture of parent compounds and degraded metabolite compounds; also, they can be released to the environment when unused products are discarded by way of toilets, sinks, and trash in landfills. Thirteen of 33 targeted compounds were detected in at least one water sample collected between October 2000 and August 2001. All concentrations were less than or equal to 0.20 micrograms per liter. The most frequently detected compounds in samples from Las Vegas Wash were caffeine, carbamazepine (used to treat epilepsy), cotinine (a metabolite of nicotine), and dehydronifedipine (a metabolite of the antianginal Procardia). Less frequently detected compounds in samples collected from Las Vegas Wash were antibiotics (clarithromycin, erythromycin, sulfamethoxazole, and trimethoprim), acetaminophen (an analgesic and anti-inflammatory), cimetidine (used to treat ulcers), codeine (a narcotic and analgesic), diltiazem (an antihypertensive), and 1,7-dimethylxanthine (a metabolite of caffeine). Fewer compounds were detected in samples collected from Lake Mead than from Las Vegas Wash. Caffeine was detected in all samples collected from Lake Mead. Other compounds detected in samples collected from Lake Mead were acetaminophen, carbamazepine, cotinine, 1,7-dimethylxanthine, and sulfamethoxazole.

Boyd, Robert A.; Furlong, Edward T.



Unraveling the contributions of hydrogen-bonding interactions to the activity of native and non-native ligands in the quorum-sensing receptor LasR.  


Quorum sensing (QS) via the synthesis and detection of N-acyl l-homoserine lactone (AHL) signals regulates important pathogenic and mutualistic phenotypes in many bacteria. Over the past two decades, the development of non-native molecules that modulate this cell-cell signaling process has become an active area of research. The majority of these compounds were designed to block binding of the native AHL signal to its cognate LuxR-type receptor, and much effort has focused on LasR in the opportunistic pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Despite a small set of reported LasR structural data, it remains unclear which polar interactions are most important for either (i) activation of the LasR receptor by its native AHL signal, N-(3-oxo)-dodecanoyl l-homoserine lactone (OdDHL), or (ii) activation or inhibition of LasR by related AHL analogs. Herein, we report our investigations into the activity of OdDHL and five synthetic analogs in wild-type LasR and in nine LasR mutants with modifications to key polar residues in their ligand binding sites. Our results allowed us to rank, for the first time, the relative importance of each LasR:OdDHL hydrogen bond for LasR activation and provide strong evidence for the five synthetic ligands binding LasR in a very similar orientation as OdDHL. By delineating the specific molecular interactions that are important for LasR modulation by AHLs, these findings should aid in the design of new synthetic modulators of LasR (and homologous LuxR-type receptors) with improved potencies and selectivities. PMID:25474181

Gerdt, Joseph P; McInnis, Christine E; Schell, Trevor L; Blackwell, Helen E



[Tegumental leishmaniasis in Las Lomitas, Province of Formosa, Argentina, 1992-2001].  


Las Lomitas Hospital reported 85 cases of tegumentary leishmaniasis between 1992 and 2001. The cases were males (72.9%), 91.8% older than 10 years, 10.5% presented mucosae involvement. A single ulcer on lower limbs was the most frequent manifestation. The epidemiological and clinical patterns were consistent with the infection due to Leishmania (Viannia) braziliensis. The annual distribution of ulcers onset was bimodal, the frequency of cases had a significant association with the Bermejo river volume, and the rainfall of the previous year. Intradermoreaction and recalling questions suggested that fishing in the river was the main risk activity. Among 1018 Phlebotominae collected, 97.1% were Lutzomyia neivai, 2.3% L. migonei and 0.6% L. cortelezzii (0.6%), the peridomestic/gallery forest of the Bermejo river proportion was 1/9, with similar composition to the populations around the same river in Salta province. The increase of cases since 1992, the ongoing environmental changes due to developmental works, and the potential installation of a periurban transmission cycle, require an active surveillance of cases and entomological components in the Chaco region. PMID:12532691

Salom髇, Oscar D; Sosa Estani, Sergio; Dri, Luc韆; Donnet, Marta; Galarza, Rosal韆; Recalde, Hugo; Tijera, Angel



Fueling Population Growth in Las Vegas: How Large-scale Groundwater Withdrawal Could Burn Regional Biodiversity  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This article from the September 2007 issue of BioScience provides information about urban development and the impacts on groundwater and biodiversity. Policy strategies are also discussed. Explosive growth in Las Vegas, Nevada, has stimulated demand for additional water supplies. To meet these needs, local officials hope to obtain rights to about 200,000 acre-feet (246.70 million cubic meters [m3]) per year from a regional groundwater aquifer extending from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Death Valley, California. Officials from satellite communities are pursuing rights to an additional 870,487 acre-feet (1.07 billion m3) per year. If granted, these new permits would trigger declines in groundwater across at least 78 basins covering nearly 130,000 square kilometers. Water-rights decisions have historically interpreted economic development as a more compelling public interest than maintenance of natural systems. If economic development continues to drive allocation decisions, consequent declines in the water table, spring discharge, wetland area, and streamflow will adversely affect 20 federally listed species, 137 other water-dependent endemic species, and thousands of rural domestic and agricultural water users in the region. Reducing consumption and implementing cost-effective technologies, such as recovery of urban runoff and shallow saline groundwater, indirect reuse of potable water, and desalinization, offer ways to meet metropolitan and ecological needs within the limits of the resource.




Nuevos escenarios de la migraci髇 M閤ico-Estados Unidos. Las consecuencias de la guerra antiinmigrante  

PubMed Central

La historia de la migraci髇 M閤ico-Estados Unidos se caracteriza por una serie de periodos durante los cuales los patrones migratorios se transforman y evolucionan como respuesta a los cambios en la pol韙ica migratoria de Estados Unidos. En la d閏ada de 1990 se dio uno de estos cambios, lo que provoc el paso de la 慹ra de la contradicci髇 a la 慹ra de la marginalizaci髇. Actualmente, un gran n鷐ero de migrantes indocumentados permanecen al margen de la ley, precisamente en un periodo en el que las penas se han incrementado y la persecuci髇 ha alcanzado niveles r閏ord. De manera cada vez m醩 notoria, los migrantes indocumentados, por la represi髇 interna y fronteriza, quedan obligados a romper los lazos que los vinculaban con sus lugares de destino, pero al mismo tiempo se sienten cada vez m醩 extra駉s en una tierra donde la aplicaci髇 de pol韙icas antiinmigrantes es cosa de todos los d韆s, lo que los sit鷄 en una posici髇 de marginalizaci髇 y gran vulnerabilidad. PMID:21209790

MASSEY, Douglas S.; PREN, Karen A.; DURAND, Jorge



A method based on local approximate solutions (LAS) for inverting transient flow in heterogeneous aquifers  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

An inverse method based on local approximate solutions (LAS inverse method) is proposed to invert transient flows in heterogeneous aquifers. Unlike the objective-function-based inversion techniques, the method does not require forward simulations to assess measurement-to-model misfits; thus the knowledge of aquifer initial conditions (IC) and boundary conditions (BC) is not required. Instead, the method employs a set of local approximate solutions of flow to impose continuity of hydraulic head and Darcy fluxes throughout space and time. Given sufficient (but limited) measurements, it yields well-posed systems of nonlinear equations that can be solved efficiently with optimization. Solution of the inversion includes parameters (hydraulic conductivities, specific storage coefficients) and flow field including the unknown IC and BC. Given error-free measurements, the estimated conductivities and specific storages are accurate within 10% of the true values. When increasing measurement errors are imposed, the estimated parameters become less accurate, but the inverse solution is still stable, i.e., parameter, IC, and BC estimation remains bounded. For a problem where parameter variation is unknown, highly parameterized inversion can reveal the underlying parameter structure, whereas equivalent conductivity and average storage coefficient can also be estimated. Because of the physically-based constraints placed in inversion, the number of measurements does not need to exceed the number of parameters for the inverse method to succeed.

Jiao, Jianying; Zhang, Ye



Can a Spanish science education journal become international? the case of Ense馻nza de las Ciencias  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In this paper we discuss the case of the science education research journal Ense馻nza de las Ciencias (EC) around the issue of its internationalization and the consequences this process has had and is still having on the use and preservation of different languages and more specifically the Castilian (Spanish) language. We first frame the concept of globalization and internationalization, and identify three important dimensions involved in the process of internationalization of EC such as language use, actors involved and resources available. Secondly, we address the historical evolution of EC along three phases of internationalization. In each phase we discuss the tensions experienced in relevant internationalization dimensions focusing particularly on the use of languages. We conclude by advocating a plurilingual and multicultural model for a science education research journal as an alternative to the hegemony of international English written journals. In doing so we want to continue the conversation on the role that local and national science education research journals have in promoting science education around the world.

Espinet, Mariona; Izquierdo, Merc; Garcia-Pujol, Clara



Targeting Planetary Anomalies in Microlensing Events with the Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

By the nature of these transient, non-repeating phenomena, observing microlensing events requires a fast, responsive system of telescopes distributed over a range of longitudes. The Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network currently consists of the 2m Faulkes Telescopes North and South. Over the course of the next few years LCOGT will expand this network to a complement of 44, including 2x2m, 18x1m and 24x0.4m which will be sited in clusters of 3-4 telescopes such that at least one site is in the dark at any given time, enabling us to provide 24hr coverage of any transient event. The telescopes are controlled via a robotic scheduler, allowing a fast response to alerts from eStar or other robotic agents or to manual override. Both 2m telescopes have been engaged in robotically-controlled follow-up of 222 OGLE and MOA alerts during the 2007 Bulge season and intensive observations of 2 events displaying clear anomalies. We summarise here the results to date.

Street, Rachel; RoboNet Microlensing Team



Integrated geophysical methods for studying the karst system of Gruta de las Maravillas (Aracena, Southwest Spain)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In this study we contrast the results of different geophysical methods in order to describe the karst system surrounding of the Gruta de las Maravillas cave (Aracena, Spain). A comprehensive study of the geophysical responses of the known cavity was carried out, after which several sections were studied to detect the karst architecture and cave continuity. To ensure precision, the inner 3D-topography of the cave was determined by classical geodetic techniques and a digital terrain model was performed with differential GPS. The microgravity method was used to obtain the residual gravity map of the entire study zone, whose minima could be related to caves. Then, the negative gravity anomalies were analyzed to plan several lines for implementing further geophysical methods: magnetic profiles (MP), electrical resistivity tomography (ERT), induced polarization (IP), 2D seismic prospection (refraction tomography and reflection sections) and ground penetrating radar (GPR). The resulting models for each line explored were integrated with detailed geological maps to establish the unknown continuity of the caves. Finally, we discuss the suitability of each geophysical technique for cave detection in marble with sulfur host rock and propose the best procedures to constrain their geometries.

Mart韓ez-Moreno, F. J.; Galindo-Zald韛ar, J.; Pedrera, A.; Teixido, T.; Ruano, P.; Pe馻, J. A.; Gonz醠ez-Castillo, L.; Ruiz-Const醤, A.; L髉ez-Chicano, M.; Mart韓-Rosales, W.



Exploring the unified class of Type II Supernovae with the Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Traditionally Type II supernovae (SNe) have been separated into two distinct classes based on the shape of their light curves after peak: Type II plateau (IIP) and Type II linear (IIL) SNe. Recent works suggest that Type II SNe form a continuum of objects from a single progenitor system. Here we present data for a set of Type II SNe collected with the Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope (LCOGT) Network and observed simultaneously with UVOT-Swift. In the growing sample of Type II SNe, we search for clear evidence to distinguish the two classes. SNe IIL show a similar drop at the end of their short steep plateau that resemble the drop visible in SNe IIP. We show that also at early phase SNe IIP and IIL are similar both in the UV and in the optical. Our analysis is consistent with the scenario that SNe IIP and IIL come from similar progenitors but with SN IIL progenitors having been stripped of their hydrogen envelope before explosion. While SNe IIL are on average more luminous than SNe IIP, we show that they both produce a comparable amount of nickel.

Valenti, Stefano; Howell, Dale Andrew; Sand, David J.; Arcavi, Iair; Hosseinzadeh, Griffin; McCully, Curtis



Evapotranspiration of Mixed Shrub Communities in Phreatophytic Zones of the Great Basin D.A. Devitt1, L.K. Fenstermaker2, M. Young2, B. Conrad1 and B. Bird1 1 School of Life Sciences, University of Nevada Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV 2 Desert Research Institute, Las Vegas, NV  

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Water limitations in the arid and semiarid regions of the southwestern United States have led many water managers of municipalities to begin the process of diversifying their water resource portfolios. Las Vegas in particular, is pursuing groundwater exportation from east central basins in Nevada. Estimating evapotranspiration (ET) is a critical component to closing hydrologic balances in these basins. As such,

D. A. Devitt; L. K. Fenstermaker; M. Young; B. Conrad; B. Bird



1 H, 13 C and 15 N backbone assignments for the ligand binding domain of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa virulence regulator LasR  

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LasR regulates toxin production in Pseudomonas aeruginosa and its inhibition can attenuate the virulence of this opportunistic human pathogen. To aid studies of interactions with\\u000a inhibitors, we report the NMR backbone assignments for the dimeric LasR ligand-binding domain.

Matthew James Bottomley; Ester Muraglia; Renzo Bazzo



Cmo comprar alimentos de manera segura Preste atencin a las fechas estampadas en los paquetes de los alimentos. La mayora de los  

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C贸mo comprar alimentos de manera segura Preste atenci贸n a las fechas estampadas en los paquetes de los alimentos. La mayor铆a de los alimentos tienen fechas estampadas en el paquete que indican "fecha que se debe vender o consumir un alimento para obtener la mejor calidad. A excepci贸n de las frutas y


Nunca deje alimentos en la zona peligrosa (temperaturas entre 40 F) por ms de 2 horas. Las bacterias se multiplican rpidamente  

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Nunca deje alimentos en la zona peligrosa (temperaturas entre 40掳 F y 140掳 F) por m谩s de 2 horas. Las bacterias se multiplican r谩pidamente en los alimentos que est谩n en estas temperaturas. Las temperaturas apropiadas en el refrigerador y el congelador ayudan a conservar los alimentos en buen estado y



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En este articulo se exponen los resultados del estudio emp韗ico llevado a cabo en 186 empresas de alojamiento tur韘tico a nivel nacional certificadas con la marca 換 de Calidad Tur韘tica, planteado con el objetivo de analizar las motivaciones que llevan a las empresas del sector tur韘tico a implementar y certificar Sistemas de Gesti髇 de la Calidad. Realizada una exhaustiva revisi髇

Jos 羖varez Garc韆; Jos Antonio Fraiz Brea; Mar韆 de la Cruz Del R韔 Rama



Este libro surge de la investigacin de los procesos migratorios que no solo resultan de la oferta laboral sino tambin de la dinmica propia de las redes  

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movilidad y los procesos migratorios en el espacio de frontera argentino - boliviana. Entre 2001 y 2005, en el esfuerzo por mostrar las peculiaridades de la movilidad de las personas al interior de la zona sur (Francia). Movilidad y Procesos Migratorios en el Espacio de Frontera Argentino Boliviana Herv茅 Domenach

Boyer, Edmond


Informe Anual a la Naci髇 indica que los 韓dices generales de c醤cer siguen disminuyendo; su secci髇 especial destaca las tendencias actuales y pron髎ticos del c醤cer colorrectal

Los 韓dices de casos nuevos diagnosticados y los 韓dices de muertes de todos los tipos de c醤cer combinados disminuyeron en forma considerable en el per韔do m醩 reciente para hombres y mujeres en general, y para la mayor韆 de las poblaciones raciales y 閠nicas de Estados Unidos, seg鷑 un informe de las principales organizaciones de salud y oncol骻icas.


Fractales en ciencia y arte. Discusiones posibles en el marco de las concepciones realistas y antirrealistas en la Filosofa de la Ciencia.  

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un lado, la concepci贸n realista de la ciencia, y un autor clave: Ian Hacking en textos cl谩sicos certeza si tanto las entidades como las teor铆as, son verdaderas o falsas. Para Hacking, la realidad y la torno a fractales, como punto de encuentro entre la ciencia y el arte. Ian Hacking: Un realista muy

Paris-Sud XI, Universit茅 de



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In response to the report ''Investigation of Beryllium Exposure Cases Discovered at the North Las Vegas Facility of the National Nuclear Security Administration'', published by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) in August 2003, Bechtel Nevada (BN) President and General Manager Dr. F. A. Tarantino appointed the Beryllium Investigation & Assessment Team (BIAT) to identify both the source and pathway for the beryllium found in the North Las Vegas (NLV) B-Complex. From September 8 to December 18, 2003, the BIAT investigated the pathway for beryllium and determined that a number of locations existed at the Nevada Test Site (NTS) which could have contained sufficient quantities of beryllium to result in contamination if transported. Operations performed in the B-1 Building as a result of characterization activities at the Engine Maintenance, Assembly, and Disassembly (EMAD); Reactor Maintenance, Assembly, and Disassembly (RMAD); Test Cells A and C; and the Central Support Facility in Area 25 had the greatest opportunity for transport of beryllium. Investigative monitoring and sampling was performed at these sites with subsequent transport of sample materials, equipment, and personnel from the NTS to the B-1 Building. The timeline established by the BIAT for potential transport of the beryllium contamination into the B-1 Building was from September 1997 through November 2002. Based on results of recently completed swipe sampling, no evidence of transport of beryllium from test areas has been confirmed. Results less than the DOE beryllium action level of 0.2 ???g/100 cm2 were noted for work support facilities located in Area 25. All of the identified sites in Area 25 worked within the B-1 tenant's residency timeline have been remediated. Legacy contaminants have either been disposed of or capped with clean borrow material. As such, no current opportunity exists for release or spread of beryllium contamination. Historical records indicate that there are locations at the NTS which contain hazardous quantities of beryllium; however, because beryllium was not always considered a contaminant of concern, complete characterization was not performed prior to remediation efforts. Today, it is not practical to characterize Area 25 for beryllium due to the successful remediation. Analysis of sample data collected in B-1 for the BIAT was performed for the purpose of confirming past results and identifying a source of beryllium through the use of markers. The results confirmed the presence of man-made beryllium contamination in the B-1 High Bay at levels consistent with the NNSA Report. No source markers were found that would be associated with NTS historical nuclear rocket or weapons-related operations. Beryllium contamination was identified in the southwest area of the B-1 High Bay in characteristic association with materials handled during historic metal-working operations. Use of source marker analysis suggests a contributor of beryllium found in carpeted areas of the B-Complex may be naturally occurring. Naturally occurring beryllium is not regulated by Title 10 Code of Federal Regulations Part 850 (10 CFR 850) (see Appendix A). No current uncontrolled beryllium source or transport pathways have been identified as available for spread of contamination to uncontrolled areas from the NTS.




The Galaxy-Weighted Small-Scale Velocity Dispersion of the Las Campanas Redshift Survey  

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The pair-weighted relative velocity dispersion of galaxies provides a measure of the thermal energy of fluctuations of the observed galaxy distribution, but the measure is difficult to interpret and is very sensitive to the existence of rare, rich clusters of galaxies. Several alternative statistical procedures have recently been suggested to relieve these problems. We apply a variant of the object-weighted statistical method of Davis, Miller, & White (1997) to the Las Campanas Redshift Survey (LCRS), which is the largest and deepest existing redshift survey that is nearly fully sampled. The derived one-dimensional dispersion on scales ~ 1 Mpc/h is quite low: sigma_1 = 126 +/- 10 km/s, with a modest decrease at larger scales. The statistic is very stable; the six independent slices of the LCRS all yield consistent results. We apply the same statistical procedure to halos in numerical simulations of an open cosmological model and flat models with and without a cosmological constant. In contrast to the LCRS, all the models show a dispersion which increases for scales > 1 Mpc/h; it is uncertain whether this is a numerical artifact or a real physical effect. The standard cluster-normalized Cold Dark Matter model with Omega_m = 1 as well as a tilted variant with n = 0.8 yield dispersions substantially hotter than the LCRS value, while models with low matter density (Omega_m = 0.3) are broadly consistent with the LCRS data. Using a filtered cosmic energy equation, we measure Omega_m ~ 0.2, with small-scale bias factors b = 1.0--1.5 for high-density models and b = 0.7--1.1 for low-density models.

Jonathan E. Baker; Marc Davis; Huan Lin



Diffuse CO2 flux emissions from the soil in Las Ca馻das caldera (Tenerife, Canary Islands)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Starting in April 2004, unusual seismic activity was observed in the interior of the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) with much evidence pointing to a reawakening of volcanic activity. During this seismic crisis, several events were felt by the population. Since then, a dense multiparametric monitoring network has been deployed all over the island by Instituto Geogr醘ico Nacional (IGN). In the framework of this volcanic surveillance project, several geochemical studies have been accomplished. Measurements of diffuse CO2 flux from the soil have been carried out in some zones inside Las Ca馻das caldera. This study has been performed during three different field campaigns in November 2012 and June and November 2013. The studied area includes two different zones known as Roques de Garc韆 and Los Azulejos. Since several authors have reported the existence of fractures and faults all along both structures, the objectives of this work were to find anomalous CO2 fluxes from the soil and preferential degassing areas, identify possible hidden faults and study the origin of gas emanations in order to detect the presence of magmatic sources. More than 600 sampling sites have been measured with the accumulation chamber method in an area of about 1 km2. Soil gas has been sampled in points where high CO2 fluxes were detected for the determination of chemical and isotopic composition. The results of the gas prospection confirm the existence of CO2 degassing in the area. Some anomalous fluxes have been measured along previously inferred volcano-tectonic structures. The highest anomalies were found in Los Azulejos with values up to 1774 g/m2.d. Chemical analysis did not reveal significant concentrations of magmatic or geothermal gases except CO2. The latter showed concentrations at 50 cm depth within the soils up to 48% and a C-isotopic composition between -4.72 and -3.67 o indicating a prevailing magmatic origin.

Luengo-Oroz, Natividad; Torres, Pedro A.; Moure, David; D'Alessandro, Walter; Liuzzo, Marco; Longo, Manfredi; Pecoraino, Giovannella



Proximal record of the 273 ka Poris caldera-forming eruption, Las Ca馻das, Tenerife  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Lithofacies architecture analysis is applied to the most proximal exposures of the 273 ka Poris Formation, in the Diego Hernandez caldera wall of Las Ca馻das. Here, the succession records an opening Plinian phase followed by generation of a pyroclastic density current (PDC) that was partly blocked by near-vent topography. The upper part of the current surmounted the barrier and deposited an ignimbrite veneer. During a hiatus in energetic flow, ash and various ash aggregates were deposited from a hybrid cloud comprising parts of both the Plinian and the co-ignimbrite plumes. Phreatomagmatic explosions then generated currents rich in fine-grained lithics; current waxing with local erosion was followed by pulsing-unsteady waning, recorded in repeated sets of graded tuff. Reversion to magmatic activity was marked by hybrid deposition, as coarse pumice fallout and juvenile ballistics entered pyroclastic currents to form stratified pumice-block tuff. Increasingly energetic flow is recorded in 9 m of mainly massive lapilli tuff that includes evidence of widespread scour and bypass; lithic-rich layers record incremental onset of edifice disruption due to magma withdrawal. Laterally variable stratification and load structures show that the PDC was unsteady and highly non-uniform at times, with locally rapid aggradation of gas-rich ignimbrite. Climactic edifice disruption is marked by a lithic-block layer in erosional contact with the underlying ignimbrite, recording intense pyroclastic current activity and widespread bypass of material to distal volcano slopes. Pumice-block breccia, 10 m thick and with blocks up to 1.2 m in diameter, forms the top of the succession and registers modification of the magmatic plumbing. The timing of collapse to form a major summit depression is uncertain. However, the abrupt termination of the proximal aggradation of coarse breccia, with no record there of any waning-stage pyroclastic currents, suggests subsidence at that time, conceivably with formation of a caldera that contained late-erupted material.

Smith, Natasha J.; Kokelaar, B. Peter



Computer graphics synthesis for inferring artist studio practice: an application to Diego Vel醶quez's Las Meninas[  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Diego Vel醶quez's Las meninas (1656) has been called by some art experts "the most important painting of the 17th century," "a theology of painting," and even "the world's greatest painting"; it has been the subject of intensive study. The work depicts a complex scene in the Alc醶ar palace of King Philip IV of Spain, and includes mirror reflections of the king and queen, apparently standing in place of the viewer, as well as the artist himself standing before an enormous canvas on an easel. Nevertheless, questions remain about the studio and the proper viewing configuration: Is the artist looking toward the perspectivally correct position of the viewer in the museum space (center of projection), outside the picture space? Does the perspectivally correct position correspond to the locations of the king and queen seen reflected in the mirror? Is the bright illumination on the king and queen (as revealed in the mirror) consistent with the lighting in the tableau itself? We addressed these questions in a new way: by building a full computer graphics model of the figures and tableau as well as the viewer's space outside the painting. In our full model, the painting itself is represented as a translucent window onto which the picture space is projected toward the center of projection, that is, the viewer. Our geometric and (new) lighting evidence confirm Janson's and Snyder's contention that the plane mirror on the back wall reflects the other side of the large painting depicted within the tableau, not the king and queen themselves in the studio. We believe our computer graphics synthesis of both the tableau within the painting and the viewer's space in the real world is the first of its kind to address such problems in the history of art.

Stork, David G.; Furuichi, Yasuo



Seismic Wave Amplification in Las Vegas: Site Characterization Measurements and Response Models  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

As part of a multidisciplinary effort to understand seismic wave amplification in Las Vegas Valley, we conducted geotechnical and seismic refraction field studies, geologic and lithologic interpretation, and geophysical model building. Frequency-dependent amplifications (site response) and peak ground motions strongly correlate with site conditions as characterized by the models. The models include basin depths and velocities, which also correlate against ground motions. Preliminary geologic models were constructed from detailed geologic and fault mapping, logs of over 500 wells penetrating greater than 200 m depth, gravity-inversion results from the USGS, and USDA soil maps. Valley-wide refraction studies we conducted in 2002 and 2003 were inverted for constraints on basin geometry, and deep basin and basement P velocities with some 3-d control to depths of 5 km. Surface-wave studies during 2002-2004 characterized more than 75 sites within the Valley for shear velocity to depths exceeding 100 m, including all the legacy sites where nuclear-blast ground motions were recorded. The SASW and refraction-microtremor surface-surveying techniques proved to provide complementary, and coordinating Rayleigh dispersion-curve data at a dozen sites. Borehole geotechnical studies at a half-dozen sites confirmed the shear-velocity profiles that we derived from surface-wave studies. We then correlated all the geotechnical data against a detailed stratigraphic model, derived from drilling logs, to create a Valley-wide model for shallow site conditions. This well-log-based model predicts site measurements better than do models based solely on geologic or soil mapping.

Louie, J. N.; Anderson, J. G.; Luke, B.; Snelson, C.; Taylor, W.; Rodgers, A.; McCallen, D.; Tkalcic, H.; Wagoner, J.



Geology of Volcan Las Navajas, a pleistocene trachyte/peralkaline rhyolite volcanic center in Nayarit, Mexico  

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Volcan Las Navajas, located in the northwestern portion of the Mexican Volcanic Belt has produced a sequence of volcanic rocks with compositions in marked contrast to the predominantly calc-alkaline volcanoes which predominate in this part of Mexico. The oldest exposed lavas consist of trachytes with 63% SiO/sub 2/, 6% FeO*, and 500 ppm Zr along with comenditic rhyolites with 68% SiO/sub 2/, 5% FeO*, 800 ppm Zr, and an agpaitic index of 1.0. These lavas were followed by the eruption of a comenditic ash-flow tuff and the formation of a caldera 2.7 km in diameter. This caldera was subsequently filled by eruptions of pantelleritic rhyolite obsidian lava flows with 72% SiO/sub 2/, 8% FeO*, 1100 ppm Zr, and an agpaitic index of 1.5 to 1.9. A second caldera was then formed which is offset to the south of the main eruptive vents for previous eruptions. This younger caldera has a diameter of about 4.8 km and its southern walls have been covered by calc-alkaline andesitic lavas erupted from nearby Sanganguey volcano. Volcanoclastic sediments in the floor of the younger caldera have been tilted and faulted in a manner suggestive of late stage resurgence. Subsequent eruptions within the caldera, however, have been restricted to calc-alkaline andesites. Tectonically, the area in which this volcano occurs appears to have been undergoing a crustal rifting event since the Pliocene. The occurrence of these peralkaline rocks lends further support to such a hypothesis.

Hegre, J.A.; Nelson, S.A.



Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network: Keeping Education in the Dark  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network is a non-profit organization that is building a completely robotic network of telescopes for education (24 x 0.4m, clusters of 4) and science (18 x 1.0m, clusters of 3 and 2 x 2.0 meters) which will be longitudinally spaced so there will always be at least one cluster in the dark. The network will be completely accessible online with observations being completed in either real-time or queued-based modes. The network will also have the ability to complete very long observations of all kinds of variable objects and include a rapid response system will allow the telescopes to quickly slew to unexpected phenomena and provide around-the-clock monitoring. Students will be able to do research projects using and collecting data from both the long observations (e.g. extrasolar planet follow-up, variable star light curves, etc.) and the quick response (e.g. supernovae, GRBs, etc.), as well as use their own ideas to create personalized projects. Also available online will be a huge archive of data and the ability to use online software to process it. A large library of activities and resources will be available for all age groups and levels of science. LCOGTN will work cooperatively with international organizations to bring a vast amount of knowledge and experience together to create a world class program. Through these collaborations, pilots have already been started in a few European countries, as well as trial programs involving schools partnered between the USA and UK. LCOGTN's education network will provide an avenue for educators and learners to use cutting edge technology to do real science. All you need is a broadband internet connection, computer, and lots of enthusiasm and imagination.

Ross, Rachel J.



Foraminifera from the Tepetate Formation (Heim) at Las Pocitas, Baja California Sur, Mexico Foramin韋eros de la formaci髇 Tepetate (Heim) en el 醨ea de Las Pocitas, Baja California Sur, M閤ico  

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In order to constrain the age and depositional paleoenvironment of the Tepetate Formation, benthic and planktonic foraminifera were analyzed in samples recovered from an exploration well located at Las Pocitas, Baja California Sur, Mexico. The planktonic taxa identified allowed recognition of Zone P9 (Planorotalites palmerae-Acarinina pentacamerata), equivalent to a late early Eocene age of 50.4-49 Ma. The benthic foraminiferal association

AY Miranda-Mart韓ez; AL Carre駉



Tratamiento ayuda a las mujeres j髒enes a preservar la fertilidad durante la quimioterapia para el c醤cer de seno

Las mujeres j髒enes con c醤cer de seno (mama) lograron preservar la fertilidad durante los tratamientos del c醤cer con un f醨maco inyectable bloqueador de hormonas que les provoc menopausia temporal. Los resultados del estudio se anunciaron hoy en el congreso anual de la Sociedad Americana de Oncolog韆 Cl韓ica (ASCO), y provienen del Estudio de Prevenci髇 de la Menopausia Temprana (POEMS), patrocinado por el Instituto Nacional del C醤cer (NCI).


Crystal Structure of the LasA Virulence Factor from Pseudomonas aeruginosa: Substrate Specificity and Mechanism of M23 Metallopeptidases  

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Pseudomonas aeruginosa is an opportunist Gram-negative bacterial pathogen responsible for a wide range of infections in immunocompromized individuals and is a leading cause of mortality in cystic fibrosis patients. A number of secreted virulence factors, including various proteolytic enzymes, contribute to the establishment and maintenance of Pseudomonas infection. One such is LasA, an M23 metallopeptidase related to autolytic glycylglycine endopeptidases

James Spencer; Loretta M. Murphy; Rebecca Conners; Richard B. Sessions; Steven J. Gamblin



Semana nacional de preparacin para clima severo 2 al 8 de marzo de Manual para las redes sociales  

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Federal para el Manejo de Emergencias (FEMA, por sus siglas en ingl茅s) y a la Administraci贸n Nacional:// #12; Twitter: Utilice la! Hable con su familia sobre las amenazas meteorol贸gicas de su comunidad: #Sea


Problemtica de las aguas cidas en la FPI y monitorizacin del flujo de agua y calor a  

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Problem谩tica de las aguas 谩cidas en la FPI y monitorizaci贸n del flujo de agua y calor a trav茅s de con el ox铆geno y el agua. 路 Los residuos de la actividad minera aceleran los procesos de oxidaci贸n de sulfuros #12;路 Cuando no se dispone de suficientes minerales alcalinos en el medio el agua superficial

Polit猫cnica de Catalunya, Universitat


An analysis of urban thermal characteristics and associated land cover in Tampa Bay and Las Vegas using Landsat satellite data  

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Remote sensing data from both Landsat 5 and Landsat 7 systems were utilized to assess urban area thermal characteristics in Tampa Bay watershed of west-central Florida, and the Las Vegas valley of southern Nevada. To quantitatively determine urban land use extents and development densities, sub-pixel impervious surface areas were mapped for both areas. The urban杛ural boundaries and urban development densities

George Xian; Mike Crane



Aplicaciones pr谩cticas de la fisiolog铆a de los herbicidas en las plantas  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Esta lecci髇 se focaliza en el impacto de las caracter韘ticas de la planta y el herbicida, importantes para determinar el desempe駉 del herbicida. Se usar醤 im醙enes visuales para ilustrar varios principios, incluyendo el sitio de absorci髇 del herbicida en la planta, transporte, el sitio de acci髇 sensible, y efectos del ambiente sobre el desempe駉 del herbicida. Esta informaci髇 provee la base para maximizar la utilidad del uso de los herbicidas.


The role of faulting on surface deformation patterns from pumping-induced groundwater flow (Las Vegas Valley, USA)  

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Land subsidence and earth fissuring can cause damage in semiarid urbanized valleys where pumping exceeds natural recharge.\\u000a In places such as Las Vegas Valley (USA), Quaternary faults play an important role in the surface deformation patterns by\\u000a constraining the migration of land subsidence and creating complex relationships with surface fissures. These fissures typically\\u000a result from horizontal displacements that occur in

Martin Hernandez-Marin; Thomas J. Burbey



The Quorum-Sensing Negative Regulator RsaL of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Binds to the lasI Promoter  

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A mutation in the rsaL gene of Pseudomonas aeruginosa produces dramatically higher amounts of N-acyl homoserine lactone with respect to the wild type, highlighting the key role of this negative regulator in controlling quorum sensing (QS) in this opportunistic pathogen. The DNA binding site of the RsaL protein on the rsaL-lasI bidirectional promoter partially overlaps the binding site of the

Giordano Rampioni; Iris Bertani; Elisabetta Zennaro; Fabio Polticelli; Vittorio Venturi; Livia Leoni




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TABLA DE ADAPTACIONES DE ASIGNATURAS SUPERADAS EN EL PROGRAMA SIMULT脕NEO DERECHO-ADE POR LAS ASIGNATURAS DEL GRADO DE ADE 1潞 CURSO ADE Cr茅ditos Tipo DERECHO-ADE Cr茅ditos Tipo Matem谩ticas I 6 FB Econom铆a de la Empresa 6 FB Derecho de la Empresa 6 FB Derecho Mercantil I 6 OB Matem谩ticas II 6 FB

Escolano, Francisco


Narrowband Photometry and Imaging of Deep Impact Target Comet 9P\\/Tempel 1 at Las Campanas Observatory  

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We present updated results from observations of Comet 9P\\/Tempel 1 during the 2005 Deep Impact Mission. During this mission, a 370kg copper projectile, designed to penetrate the mantle of 9P\\/Tempel 1, impacted the comet's surface on July 4, 2005. We will show images of the comet taken with the 2.5m DuPont telescope at Las Campanas Observatory from July 3 to

Luis A. Mondragon; S. M. Lederer; D. J. Osip; J. E. Thomas-Osip; J. M. de Buizer



The U.S. Department of Energy Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs Las Vegas, Nevada, Roundtable Summary  

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LAS VEGAS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Las Vegas, Nevada DOE Tribal Roundtable convened on March 16th, at the Las Vegas Hilton. The meeting was hosted by the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Indian Policy and Programs (DOE Office of Indian Energy) and facilitated by JR Bluehouse, Program Manager, Udall Foundation抯 U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution (U.S. Institute). Mr. Bluehouse was assisted by Tamara, Underwood, Program Assistant, U.S. Institute.牋Tribal leaders and representatives from multiple tribal governments and communities attended the roundtable. Tracey LeBeau, newly appointed Director of the Office of Indian Energy attended.牋 LaMont Jackson from DOE抯 Office of Electricity attended. Also attending from the administration and federal agencies were Kim Teehee, Senior Policy Advisor for Native American Affairs, The White House; Charlie Galbraith, Associate Director of the Office of Public Engagement and Deputy Associate Director of the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, The White House; Jodi Gillette, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy and Economic Development, the Bureau of Indian Affairs.




Analysis of the real estate market in Las Vegas: Bubble, seasonal patterns, and prediction of the CSW indices  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We analyze 27 house price indices of Las Vegas from June 1983 to March 2005, corresponding to 27 different zip codes. These analyses confirm the existence of a real estate bubble, defined as a price acceleration faster than exponential, which is found, however, to be confined to a rather limited time interval in the recent past from approximately 2003 to mid-2004 and has progressively transformed into a more normal growth rate comparable to pre-bubble levels in 2005. There has been no bubble till 2002 except for a medium-sized surge in 1990. In addition, we have identified a strong yearly periodicity which provides a good potential for fine-tuned prediction from month to month. A monthly monitoring using a model that we have developed could confirm, by testing the intra-year structure, if indeed the market has returned to 搉ormal or if more turbulence is expected ahead. We predict the evolution of the indices one year ahead, which is validated with new data up to September 2006. The present analysis demonstrates the existence of very significant variations at the local scale, in the sense that the bubble in Las Vegas seems to have preceded the more global USA bubble and has ended approximately two years earlier (mid-2004 for Las Vegas compared with mid-2006 for the whole of the USA).

Zhou, Wei-Xing; Sornette, Didier



Aerosol Light Absorption and Scattering in Mexico City: Comparison With Las Vegas, NV, and Los Angeles, CA.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Aerosol light scattering and absorption measurements were deployed in and near Mexico City in March 2006 as part of the Megacity Impacts on Regional and Global Environments (MIRAGE). The primary site in Mexico City was an urban site at Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo (Mexican Oil Institute, denoted by IMP). Similar campaigns were held in Las Vegas, NV in January-February, 2003; and Los Angeles, CA at numerous sites during all seasons from 2003 through 2007. The IMP site gave in-situ characterization of the Mexico City plume under favorable wind conditions. The photoacoustic instrument (PAS) used at IMP operates at 532 nm, and conveniently allowed for characterization of gaseous absorption at this wavelength as well. Light scattering measurements are accomplished within the PAS by the reciprocal nephelometery method. In Mexico City the aerosol absorption coefficient typically varies between 20 and 180 Mm-1 during the course of the day and significant diurnal variation of the aerosol single scattering albedo was observed probably as a consequence of secondary aerosol formation. We will present the diurnal variation of the scattering and absorption as well as the single scattering albedo and fraction of absorption due to gases at the IMP site and compare with Las Vegas diurnal variation. Mexico City 'breaths' more during the course of the day than Las Vegas, Nevada in part because the latitude of Mexico City resulted in more direct solar radiation. Further insight on the meteorological connections and population dynamics will be discussed.

Paredes-Miranda, G.; Arnott, W. P.; Gaffney, J. S.; Marley, N. A.; Campbell, D.; Fujita, E.



Geohydrologic reconnaissance of Lake Mead National Recreation Area; Las Vegas Wash to Opal Mountain, Nevada  

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The study is a geohydrologic reconnaissance of about 170 square miles in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area from Las Vegas Wash to Opal Mountain, Nevada. The study is one of a series that describes the geohydrology of the recreation area and that indentifies areas where water supplies can be developed. Precipitation in this arid area is about 5 inches per year. Streamflow is seasonal and extremely variable except for that in the Colorado River, which adjoins the area. Pan evaporation is more than 20 times greater than precipitation; therefore, regional ground-water supplies are meager except near the Colorado River, Lake Mead, and Lake Mohave. Large ground-water supplies can be developed near the river and lakes, and much smaller supplies may be obtained in a few favorable locations farther from the river and lakes. Ground water in most of the areas probably contains more than 1,000 milligrams per liter of dissolved solids, but water that contains less than 1,000 milligrams per liter of dissolved solids can be obtained within about 1 mile of the lakes. Crystalline rocks of metamorphic, intrusive and volcanic origin crop out in the area. These rocks are overlain by conglomerate and mudstone of the Muddy Creek Formation, gravel and conglomerate of the older alluvium, and sand and gravel of the Chemehuevi Formation and younger alluvium. The crystalline rocks, where sufficiently fractured, yield water to springs and would yield small amounts of water to favorably located wells. The poorly cemented and more permeable beds of the older alluvium, Chemehuevi Formation, and younger alluvium are the better potential aquifers, particularly along the Colorado River and Lakes Mead and Mohave. Thermal springs in the gorge of the Colorado River south of Hoover Dam discharge at least 2,580 acre-feet per year of water from the volcanic rocks and metamorphic and plutonic rocks. The discharge is much greater than could be infiltrated in the drainage basin above the springs. Transbasin movement of ground water probably occurs , and perhaps the larger part of the spring discharge is underflow from Eldorado Valley. The more favorable sites for ground-water development are along the shores of Lakes Mead and Mohave and are the Fire Mountain, Opal Mountain to Aztec Wash, and Hemenway Wash sites. Wells yielding several hundred gallons per minute of water of acceptable chemical quality can be developed at these sites. (USGS)

Laney, R.L.



Enzymatic Depilation of Animal Hide: Identification of Elastase (LasB) from Pseudomonas aeruginosa MCM B-327 as a Depilating Protease  

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Conventional leather processing involving depilation of animal hide by lime and sulphide treatment generates considerable amounts of chemical waste causing severe environmental pollution. Enzymatic depilation is an environmentally friendly process and has been considered to be a viable alternative to the chemical depilation process. We isolated an extracellular protease from Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain MCM B-327 with high depilation activity using buffalo hide as a substrate. This 33 kDa protease generated a peptide mass fingerprint and de novo sequence that matched perfectly with LasB (elastase), of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. In support of this data a lasB mutant of MCM B-327 strain lacked depilatory activity and failed to produce LasB. LasB heterologously over-produced and purified from Escherichia coli also exhibited high depilating activity. Moreover, reintroduction of the lasB gene to the P. aeruginosa lasB mutant via a knock-in strategy also successfully restored depilation activity thus confirming the role of LasB as the depilating enzyme. PMID:21347249

Pandeeti, Emmanuel Vijay Paul; Pitchika, Gopi Krishna; Jotshi, Jyotsna; Nilegaonkar, Smita S.; Kanekar, Pradnya P.; Siddavattam, Dayananda



Reconciling Scale Mismatch in Water Governance, Hydro-climatic Processes and Infrastructure Systems of Water Supply in Las Vegas  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Water resource systems are a classic example of a common pool resource due to the high cost of exclusion and the subtractability of the resource; for common pool resources, the performance of governance systems primarily depends on how well matched the institutional arrangements and rules are to the biophysical conditions and social norms. Changes in water governance, hydro-climatic processes and infrastructure systems occur on disparate temporal and spatial scales. A key challenge is the gap between current climate change model resolution, and the spatial and temporal scale of urban water supply decisions. This gap will lead to inappropriate management policies if not mediated through a carefully crafted decision making process. Traditional decision support and planning methods (DSPM) such as classical decision analysis are not equipped to deal with a non-static climate. While emerging methods such as decision scaling, robust decision making and real options are designed to deal with a changing climate, governance systems have evolved under the assumption of a static climate and it is not clear if these methods are well suited to the existing governance regime. In our study, these questions are contextualized by examining an urban water utility that has made significant changes in policy to adapt to changing conditions: the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) which serves metropolitan Las Vegas. Like most desert cities, Las Vegas exists because of water; the artesian springs of the Las Vegas Valley once provided an ample water supply for Native Americans, ranchers and later a small railroad city. However, population growth has increased demands far beyond local supplies. The area now depends on the Colorado River for the majority of its water supply. Natural climate variability with periodic droughts has further challenged water providers; projected climate changes and further population growth will exacerbate these challenges. Las Vegas is selected as a case study due to the combined challenges of population growth and climate change, common in the arid west, and due its cooperative institutional response to these challenges, unprecedented in the arid west. To begin to disentangle this question we have analyzed the institutional arrangements and rules which govern water decision making in the Las Vegas Valley and evaluated the existing DSPM used by the SNWA and partner utilities. Presented here are the preliminary results from an ongoing project.

Garcia, M. E.; Alarcon, T.; Portney, K.; Islam, S.



Las Palmeras Molecular Dynamics: A flexible and modular molecular dynamics code  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Las Palmeras Molecular Dynamics (LPMD) is a highly modular and extensible molecular dynamics (MD) code using interatomic potential functions. LPMD is able to perform equilibrium MD simulations of bulk crystalline solids, amorphous solids and liquids, as well as non-equilibrium MD (NEMD) simulations such as shock wave propagation, projectile impacts, cluster collisions, shearing, deformation under load, heat conduction, heterogeneous melting, among others, which involve unusual MD features like non-moving atoms and walls, unstoppable atoms with constant-velocity, and external forces like electric fields. LPMD is written in C++ as a compromise between efficiency and clarity of design, and its architecture is based on separate components or plug-ins, implemented as modules which are loaded on demand at runtime. The advantage of this architecture is the ability to completely link together the desired components involved in the simulation in different ways at runtime, using a user-friendly control file language which describes the simulation work-flow. As an added bonus, the plug-in API (Application Programming Interface) makes it possible to use the LPMD components to analyze data coming from other simulation packages, convert between input file formats, apply different transformations to saved MD atomic trajectories, and visualize dynamical processes either in real-time or as a post-processing step. Individual components, such as a new potential function, a new integrator, a new file format, new properties to calculate, new real-time visualizers, and even a new algorithm for handling neighbor lists can be easily coded, compiled and tested within LPMD by virtue of its object-oriented API, without the need to modify the rest of the code. LPMD includes already several pair potential functions such as Lennard-Jones, Morse, Buckingham, MCY and the harmonic potential, as well as embedded-atom model (EAM) functions such as the Sutton-Chen and Gupta potentials. Integrators to choose include Euler (if only for demonstration purposes), Verlet and Velocity Verlet, Leapfrog and Beeman, among others. Electrostatic forces are treated as another potential function, by default using the plug-in implementing the Ewald summation method. Program summaryProgram title: LPMD Catalogue identifier: AEHG_v1_0 Program summary URL: Program obtainable from: CPC Program Library, Queen's University, Belfast, N. Ireland Licensing provisions: GNU General Public License version 3 No. of lines in distributed program, including test data, etc.: 509 490 No. of bytes in distributed program, including test data, etc.: 6 814 754 Distribution format: tar.gz Programming language: C++ Computer: 32-bit and 64-bit workstation Operating system: UNIX RAM: Minimum 1024 bytes Classification: 7.7 External routines: zlib, OpenGL Nature of problem: Study of Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics of condensed matter systems, as well as kinetics of non-equilibrium processes in the same systems. Solution method: Equilibrium and non-equilibrium molecular dynamics method, Monte Carlo methods. Restrictions: Rigid molecules are not supported. Polarizable atoms and chemical bonds (proteins) either. Unusual features: The program is able to change the temperature of the simulation cell, the pressure, cut regions of the cell, color the atoms by properties, even during the simulation. It is also possible to fix the positions and/or velocity of groups of atoms. Visualization of atoms and some physical properties during the simulation. Additional comments: The program does not only perform molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations, it is also able to filter and manipulate atomic configurations, read and write different file formats, convert between them, evaluate different structural and dynamical properties. Running time: 50 seconds on a 1000-step simulation of 4000 argon atoms, running on a single 2.67 GHz Intel processor.

Davis, Sergio; Loyola, Claudia; Gonz醠ez, Felipe; Peralta, Joaqu韓



The influence of faults in basin-fill deposits on land subsidence, Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, USA  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The role of horizontal deformation caused by pumping of confined-aquifer systems is recognized as contributing to the development of earth fissures in semiarid regions, including Las Vegas Valley, Nevada. In spite of stabilizing water levels, new earth fissures continue to develop while existing ones continue to lengthen and widen near basin-fill faults. A three-dimensional granular displacement model based on Biot's consolidation theory (Biot, MA, 1941, General theory of three-dimensional consolidation. Jour. Applied Physics 12:155-164) has been used to evaluate the nature of displacement in the vicinity of two vertical faults. The fault was simulated as (1) a low-permeability barrier to horizontal flow, (2) a gap or structural break in the medium, but where groundwater flow is not obstructed, and (3) a combination of conditions (1) and (2). Results indicate that the low-permeability barrier greatly enhances horizontal displacement. The fault plane also represents a location of significant differential vertical subsidence. Large computed strains in the vicinity of the fault may suggest high potential for failure and the development of earth fissures when the fault is assumed to have low permeability. Results using a combination of the two boundaries suggest that potential fissure development may be great at or near the fault plane and that horizontal deformation is likely to play a key role in this development. R閟um. On consid鑢e que la d閒ormation horizontale provoqu閑 par un pompage dans un aquif鑢e captif joue un r鬺e dans le d関eloppement des fissures du sol en r間ions semi-arides, comme la vall閑 de Las Vegas (Nevada). Malgr des niveaux d'eau stabilis閟, de nouvelles fissures du sol continuent de se d関elopper en longueur et en largeur au voisinage de failles dans les bassins s閐imentaires. Un mod鑜e de d閜lacement granulaire tri-dimensionnel, bas sur la th閛rie de la consolidation de Biot (Biot, M A, 1941, General theory of three-dimensional consolidation. Jour. Applied Physics 12:155-164), a 閠 utilis pour 関aluer la nature du d閜lacement au voisinage de deux failles verticales. La faille a 閠 simul閑 comme 1) une barri鑢e de faible perm閍bilit pour l'閏oulement horizontal, 2) une rupture structurale dans le milieu, mais sans obstruction de l'閏oulement, et 3) une combinaison des deux pr閏閐entes conditions. Les r閟ultats indiquent que la barri鑢e de faible perm閍bilit favorise fortement le d閜lacement horizontal. Le plan de faille constitue aussi un lieu de subsidence diff閞entielle verticale significative. Les fortes contraintes calcul閑s au voisinage de la faille laissent penser qu'il existe un fort potentiel de rupture et le d関eloppement de fissures du sol quand on suppose que la faille poss鑔e une faible perm閍bilit. Les r閟ultats utilisant une combinaison des deux conditions sugg鑢ent que le d関eloppement potentiel de fissures peut 阾re grand sur ou proximit du plan de faille et que la d閒ormation horizontale joue vraisemblablement un r鬺e cl dans ce d関eloppement. Resumen. Se conoce la contribuci髇 que la deformaci髇 horizontal causada por el bombeo de sistemas acu韋eros confinados tienen en el desarrollo de fisuras en regiones semi醨idas, como es el caso del Valle de Las Vegas (Nevada, Estados Unidos de Am閞ica). A pesar de la estabilizaci髇 de los niveles, se contin鷄 desarrollando nuevas fisuras, mientras las ya existentes se alargan y ensanchan cerca de las fallas de relleno de cuenca. Se ha utilizado un modelo tridimensional de desplazamiento granular basado en la teor韆 de consolidaci髇 de Biot (Biot, M.A., 1941. General theory of three-dimensional consolidation. J. Applied Physics, 12: 155-164) para evaluar la naturaleza del desplazamiento junto a dos fallas verticales. Se ha simulado cada falla como (1) una barrera de baja permeabilidad al flujo horizontal, (2) un hueco o ruptura estructural en el medio pero sin obstrucci髇 al flujo de aguas subterr醤eas, y (3) una combinaci髇 de las dos condiciones anteriores. Los res

Burbey, Thomas



El acelerado incremento en las ltimas dcadas de impactos ambientales negati-vos como la destruccin y fragmentacin de ambientes naturales, la contamina-  

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volumen; Trejo, este volumen). La selva seca es considerada uno de los ecosiste- mas tropicales m谩s en la Pen铆nsula de Yucat谩n (Ceballos, 1995; Garc铆a, 2006; Miles et al., 2006; Trejo, este volumen (Garc铆a, 2006; Trejo-V谩zquez y Dirzo, 2000). En las tierras bajas del Pacifico las selvas en

Nacional Aut贸noma de M茅xico, Universidad


Laser Remote Measurements of atmospheric pollutants (Las-R-Map): UV-Visible Laser system description and data processing  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Laser radar more popularly known as LIDAR LIght Detection And Ranging is becoming one of the most powerful techniques for active remote sensing of the earth s atmosphere Around the globe several new lidar systems have been developed based on the scientific interest Particularly the DIfferential Absorption Lidar DIAL technique is only one which can provide the better accuracy of measuring atmospheric pollutants Using modern advanced techniques and instrumentation a mobile DIAL system called laser remote measurements of atmospheric pollutants hear after referred as Las-R-Map is designed at National Laser Centre NLC --Pretoria 25 r 45 prime S 28 r 17 prime E Las-R-Map is basically used for measuring atmospheric pollutants applying the principle of absorption by constituents The system designed primarily to focus on the following pollutant measurements such as SO 2 CH 4 CO 2 NO 2 and O 3 In future the system could be used to measure few particulate matter between 2 5 mu m and 10 mu m Benzene Hg 1 3-butadiene H 2 S HF and Volatile Organic Compounds VOC Las-R-map comprises of two different laser sources Alexandrite and CO 2 optical receiver data acquisition and signal processor It uses alexandrite laser in the UV-Visible region from 200 nm to 800 nm and CO 2 laser in the Far-IR region from 9 2 mu m to 10 8 mu m Such two different laser sources make feasibility for studying the wide range of atmospheric pollutants The present paper is focused on technical details

Sivakumar, V.; Wyk, H. V.


Larvicultura de Pintado (Pseudoplatystoma sp) em Alta Floresta - Mato Grosso  

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A key problem involved in the aquaculture of pintado is the production of fingerlings on a commercial scale. Here we evaluate the effects of two food treatments on pintado post- larval growth. In the first treatment (two replicates), fish were offered a mixture of zooplankton and dried blood and in the second (two replicates) a mixture of zooplankton, dried blood

Wagner Smerman; Jos Gerley D韆z Castro; Jos Julio de Toledo; Carlos Aur閘io Santos da Rosa; Divina Suelde de Godoi


Long-term assessment of the oil spill at Bahia Las Minas, Panama. Interim report. Volume 1: Executive summary  

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On April 27, 1986, at least 8 million liters of medium-weight crude oil spilled from a ruptured storage tank into the Bahia Las Minas on the Caribbean Coast of Panama. Coral reefs, seagrass communities, and mangroves were affected. The area of the spill was also the location of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute's Galeta Laboratory where resident and visiting scientists have been studying the ecology of the Bahia Las Minas and the adjacent areas for over 15 years. Because this was a unique opportunity to assess the immediate biological effects following a major spill in the Caribbean region and to monitor the subsequent recovery, the U.S. Department of the Interior Minerals Management Service supported a 5-year environmental study. The objectives of the study are to identify any long-term changes in the marine environment that may have resulted from the spill and to understand the ecological processes causing such changes. This is the first report from the study and addresses the effects observed during the first two years of the effort.

Keller, B.D.; Jackson, J.B.C.



Long-term assessment of the oil spill at Bahia Las Minas, Panama. Interim report. Volume 2: Technical report  

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On April 27, 1986, at least 8 million liters of medium-weight crude oil spilled from a ruptured storage tank into the Bahia Las Minas on the Caribbean Coast of Panama. Coral reefs, seagrass communities, and mangroves were affected. The area of the spill was also the location of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute's Galeta Laboratory where resident and visiting scientists have been studying the ecology of the Bahia Las Minas and the adjacent areas for over 15 years. Because this was a unique opportunity to assess the immediate biological effects following a major spill in the Caribbean region and to monitor the subsequent recovery, the U.S. Department of the Interior Minerals Management Service supported a 5-year environmental study. The objectives of the study are to identify any long-term changes in the marine environment that may have resulted from the spill and to understand the ecological processes causing such changes. This is the first report from the study and addresses the effects observed during the first two years of the effort.

Keller, B.D.; Jackson, J.B.C.



Pseudomonas aeruginosa las and rhl quorum-sensing systems are important for infection and inflammation in a rat prostatitis model.  


Pseudomonas aeruginosa frequently acts as an opportunistic pathogen of mucosal surfaces; yet, despite causing aggressive prostatitis in some men, its role as a pathogen in the prostate has not been investigated. Consequently, we developed a Ps. aeruginosa infection model in the rat prostate by instilling wild-type (WT) Ps. aeruginosa strain PAO1 into the rat prostate. It was found that Ps. aeruginosa produced acute and chronic infections in this mucosal tissue as determined by bacterial colonization, gross morphology, tissue damage and inflammatory markers. WT strain PAO1 and its isogenic mutant PAO-JP2, in which both the lasI and rhlI quorum-sensing signal systems have been silenced, were compared during both acute and chronic prostate infections. In acute infections, bacterial numbers and inflammatory markers were comparable between WT PA01 and PAO-JP2; however, considerably less tissue damage occurred in infections with PAO-JP2. Chronic infections with PAO-JP2 resulted in reduced bacterial colonization, tissue damage and inflammation as compared to WT PAO1 infections. Therefore, the quorum-sensing lasI and rhlI genes in Ps. aeruginosa affect acute prostate infections, but play a considerably more important role in maintaining chronic infections. We have thus developed a highly reproducible model for the study of Ps. aeruginosa virulence in the prostate. PMID:19460822

Nelson, Lisa K; D'Amours, Genevieve H; Sproule-Willoughby, Kimberley M; Morck, Douglas W; Ceri, Howard



Morphology, body proportions, and postcranial hypertrophy of a female Neandertal from the Sima de las Palomas, southeastern Spain  

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Considerations of Neandertal geographical variation have been hampered by the dearth of remains from Mediterranean Europe and the absence there of sufficiently complete associated postcrania. The 2006 and 2007 excavation of an articulated partial skeleton of a small adult female Neandertal at the Sima de las Palomas, Murcia, southeastern Spain (Sima de las Palomas 96) provides substantial and secure information on body proportions among southern European Neandertals, as well as further documenting the nature of Neandertal biology in southern Iberia. The remains exhibit a suite of cranial, mandibular, dental, and postcranial features, of both Neandertals and archaic Homo generally, that distinguish them from contemporary and subsequent early modern humans. Its lower limbs exhibit the robustness of later Pleistocene Homo generally, and its upper limbs conform to the pattern of elevated robustness of the Neandertals. Its body proportions, including relative clavicular length, distal limb segment lengths, and body mass to stature indicators, conform to the 揷old-adapted pattern of more northern Neandertals. Palomas 96 therefore documents the presence of a suite of 揘eandertal characteristics in southern Iberia and, along with its small body size, the more 揂rctic body proportions of other European Neandertals despite the warmer climate of southern Iberia during marine isotope stage 3. PMID:21646528

Walker, Michael J.; Ortega, Jon; Parmov, Klara; L髉ez, Mariano V.; Trinkaus, Erik



2LAs, 3LAs, and the enterprise  

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This article is about new things that engineers, facility managers and automation system operators need to learn about and understand when it comes to integrating information throughout an enterprise. The goal is to help one better understand the connection between building systems and building intelligence. The authors set the foundation with an overview of the latest concept in network communications, enterprise computing. Because any new technology spawns a number of acronyms, they`ll also investigate new two-, three-, four- and five-letter acronyms that directly affect the changing role of the building automation system (BAS) as it becomes an integral, contributing part of the business. In each case, one or more Internet URLs will be provided for more information.

Hoffmann, T.



Aerosol Light Absorption and Scattering at Four Sites in and Near Mexico City: Comparison with Las Vegas, Nevada, USA  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Four photoacoustic spectrometers (PAS) for aerosol light scattering and absorption measurements were deployed in and near Mexico City in March 2006 as part of the Megacity Impacts on Regional and Global Environments (MIRAGE). The four sites included: an urban site at Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo (Mexican Oil Institute, denoted by IMP); a suburban site at the Technological University of Tecamac; a rural site at "La Biznaga" ranch; and a site at the Paseo de Cortes (altitude 3,810 meters ASL) in the rural area above Amecameca in the State of Mexico, on the saddle between the volcanoes Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl. A similar campaign was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA in January-February, 2003. The IMP site gave in-situ characterization of the Mexico City plume under favorable wind conditions while the other sites provided characterization of the plume, mixed in with any local sources. The second and third sites are north of Mexico City, and the fourth site is south. The PAS used at IMP operates at 532 nm, and conveniently allowed for characterization of gaseous absorption at this wavelength as well. Instruments at the second and third sites operate at 870 nm, and the one at the fourth site at 780 nm. Light scattering measurements are accomplished within the PAS by the reciprocal nephelometery method. In the urban site the aerosol absorption coefficient typically varies between 20 and 180 Mm-1 during the course of the day and significant diurnal variation of the aerosol single scattering albedo was observed probably as a consequence of secondary aerosol formation. Comparisons with TSI nephelometer scattering at the T0 site will be presented. We will present the diurnal variation of the scattering and absorption as well as the single scattering albedo and fraction of absorption due to gases at the IMP site and compare with Las Vegas diurnal variation. Mexico City 'breaths' more during the course of the day than Las Vegas, Nevada in part because the latitude of Mexico City resulted in more direct solar radiation. Further insight on the meteorological connections will be discussed.

Arnott, W. P.; Miranda, G. P.; Gaffney, J. S.; Marley, N. A.



Mecanismo(s) de Acci寐硁 de las Auxinas y los Herbicidas Aux寐璶icos - Parte 1- Introducci寐硁  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Descripci寐硁:El control selectivo de malezas de hoja ancha en cultivos de cereales utilizando herbicidas aux寐璶icos ha hecho de 寐﹕tos una de las familias de herbicidas actualmente en uso m寐 ampliamente distribuidas e importantes. Estos herbicidas fueron los primeros herbicidas org寐icos desarrollados que presentaron selectividad; es decir, capaces de matar un cierto grupo de plantas sin afectar a otros grupos (por ejemplo: matar plantas de hoja ancha pero no las de hoja angosta; en este documento se utilizar寐 el t寐﹔mino "gram寐璶eas" para referirse a las plantas de hoja angosta o cereales). En esta lecci寐硁 se presentar寐 las principales caracter寐璼ticas de los herbicidas aux寐璶icos, se discutir寐 sus principales usos y se describir寐 los s寐璶tomas de da寐眔 que causan. De igual forma, se indicar寐 la forma en que estos herbicidas matan a las plantas sensibles.


FourStar: The Near-Infrared Imager for the 6.5m Baade Telescope at Las Campanas Observatory  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The FourStar Infrared Camera is a 4 K4 K near-infrared (1.0-2.4 ?m) imager built for the Magellan 6.5 m Baade Telescope at Las Campanas Observatory, Chile. FourStar has an all-refractive optical system, four HAWAII-2RG detectors, and Teledyne electronics. The pixel scale of 0.159? pixel produces a 10.8'10.8' field of view. Ten filters are available across the Y, J, H, and K bands. We present the optical, mechanical, thermal, electronic, and software design choices and their associated engineering implementations. The detector readout electronics, control system, and the automatic data acquisition hardware are also described. Laboratory and on-sky performance data are presented. FourStar has excellent image quality, easily meeting the requirement of critically sampling the median seeing disk. The throughput is ?0.5-0.6 across its wavelength coverage. Some early science results are presented.

Persson, S. E.; Murphy, D. C.; Smee, S.; Birk, C.; Monson, A. J.; Uomoto, A.; Koch, E.; Shectman, S.; Barkhouser, R.; Orndorff, J.; Hammond, R.; Harding, A.; Scharfstein, G.; Kelson, D.; Marshall, J.; McCarthy, P. J.



Spatial Statistics of the Clark County Parcel Map, Trial Geotechnical Models, and Effects on Ground Motions in Las Vegas Valley  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

When deterministically modeling the propagation of seismic waves, shallow shear-wave velocity plays a crucial role in predicting shaking effects such as peak ground velocity (PGV). The Clark County Parcel Map provides us with a data set of geotechnical velocities in Las Vegas Valley, at an unprecedented level of detail. Las Vegas Valley is a basin with similar geologic properties to some areas of Southern California. We analyze elementary spatial statistical properties of the Parcel Map, along with calculating its spatial variability. We then investigate these spatial statistics from the PGV results computed from two geotechnical models that incorporate the Parcel Map as parameters. Plotting a histogram of the Parcel Map 30-meter depth-averaged shear velocity (Vs30) values shows the data to approximately fit a bimodal normal distribution with ?1 = 400 m/s, ?1 = 76 m/s, ?2 = 790 m/s, ?2 = 149 m/s, and p = 0.49., where ? is the mean, ? is standard deviation, and p is the probability mixing factor for the bimodal distribution. Based on plots of spatial power spectra, the Parcel Map appears to be fractal over the second and third decades, in kilometers. The spatial spectra possess the same fractal dimension in the N-S and the E-W directions, indicating isotropic scale invariance. We configured finite-difference wave propagation models at 0.5 Hz with LLNL's E3D code, utilizing the Parcel Map as input parameters to compute a PGV data set from a scenario earthquake (Black Hills M6.5). The resulting PGV is fractal over the same spatial frequencies as the Vs30 data sets associated with their respective models. The fractal dimension is systematically lower in all of the PGV maps as opposed to the Vs30 maps, showing that the PGV maps are richer in higher spatial frequencies. This is potentially caused by a lens focusing effects on seismic waves due to spatial heterogeneity in site conditions.

Savran, W. H.; Louie, J. N.; Pullammanappallil, S.; Pancha, A.



Se encuentra el primer medicamento para la prevenci髇 del c醤cer de pr髎tata, aunque no todos los hombres se benefician: El NCI anuncia los resultados del Estudio de Prevenci髇 del C醤cer de Pr髎tata (PCPT)

Los hombres que tomaron finasterida, un medicamento que afecta las concentraciones de hormona masculina, redujeron en cerca de un veinticinco por ciento su probabilidad de tener c醤cer de pr髎tata, comparados con quienes tomaron placebo, seg鷑 los resultados de un estudio nacional divulgado hoy en l韓ea por el New England Journal of Medicine.


El Informe Anual a la Naci髇 indica que las tasas de mortalidad por c醤cer contin鷄n declinando: los avances en el tratamiento del c醤cer var韆n seg鷑 el tipo de c醤cer

Las organizaciones oncol骻icas principales de la naci髇 informan que el riesgo de los estadounidenses de morir de c醤cer sigue disminuyendo y que las tasas de casos nuevos de c醤cer permanecen estables. El Informe Anual a la Naci髇 sobre el Estado del C醤cer, de 1975 a 2002, se馻la que las tasas de mortalidad de c醤cer que se observaron para todos los c醤ceres combinados disminuyeron 1,1 por ciento por a駉 de 1993 a 2002.


Stratigraphic and geochemical controls on naturally occurring arsenic in groundwater, eastern Wisconsin, USA  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

High arsenic concentrations (up to 12,000?g/L) have been measured in groundwater from a confined sandstone aquifer in eastern Wisconsin. The main arsenic source is a sulfide-bearing secondary cement horizon (SCH) that has variable thickness, morphology, and arsenic concentrations. Arsenic occurs in pyrite and marcasite as well as in iron oxyhydroxides but not as a separate arsenopyrite phase. Nearly identical sulfur isotopic signatures in pyrite and dissolved sulfate and the correlation between dissolved sulfate, iron, and arsenic concentrations suggest that sulfide oxidation is the dominant process controlling arsenic release to groundwater. However, arsenic-bearing oxyhydroxides can potentially provide another arsenic source if reducing conditions develop or if they are transported as colloids in the aquifer. Analysis of well data indicates that the intersection of the SCH with static water levels measured in residential wells is strongly correlated with high concentrations of arsenic in groundwater. Field and laboratory data suggest that the most severe arsenic contamination is caused by localized borehole interactions of air, water, and sulfides. Although arsenic contamination is caused by oxidation of naturally occurring sulfides, it is influenced by water-level fluctuations caused by municipal well pumping or climate changes, which can shift geographic areas in which contamination occurs. R閟um De fortes concentrations en arsenic, jusqu' 12000?g/L, ont 閠 mesur閑s dans l'eau souterraine d'un aquif鑢e gr閟eux captif, dans l'est du Wisconsin. La principale source d'arsenic est un horizon cimentation secondaire (SCH) comportant des sulfures, dont l'閜aisseur, la morphologie et les concentrations en arsenic sont variables. L'arsenic est pr閟ent dans la pyrite et dans la marcassite, de m阭e que dans des oxy-hydroxydes de fer, mais non pas dans une phase s閜ar閑 d'ars閚opyrite. Les signatures isotopiques du soufre presque identiques dans la pyrite et dans les sulfates dissous et la corr閘ation entre les concentrations en sulfates, en fer et en arsenic dissous laissent penser que l'oxydation des sulfures est le processus dominant contr鬺ant la lib閞ation de l'arsenic dans les eaux souterraines. Cependant, les oxy-hydroxydes contenant de l'arsenic sont susceptibles d'阾re une autre source d'arsenic si des conditions r閐uctrices apparaissent ou s'ils sont transport閟 dans l'aquif鑢e sous forme de collo飀es. L'analyse des donn閑s provenant de puits montre que l'intersection entre le SCH et les niveaux statiques des puits domestiques est fortement corr閘閑 de fortes concentrations en arsenic dans les eaux souterraines. Des donn閑s de terrain et de laboratoire conduisent penser que la contamination en arsenic la plus forte est caus閑 par l'interaction localis閑 aux forages entre l'air, l'eau et les sulfures. Bien que la contamination en arsenic soit caus閑 par l'oxydation de sulfures pr閟ents naturellement, elle est influenc閑 par les fluctuations du niveau pi閦om閠rique caus閑s par les pompages du captage municipal ou par les variations climatiques, ce qui peut conduire au d閜lacement des zones g閛graphiques o se produisent les contaminations. Resumen Se han medido concentraciones de ars閚ico muy altas (de hasta 12000?g/L) en las aguas subterr醤eas de un acu韋ero confinado, en areniscas, localizado en la parte oriental de Wisconsin (EEUU). La fuente principal de ars閚ico es un horizonte de cementaci髇 secundaria (SCH) con un alto contenido en sulfuros, y con una gran variabilidad en espesor, morfolog韆 y concentraciones de As. El ars閚ico aparece en piritas y marcasitas, adem醩 de en oxihidr髕idos de hierro, pero no como una fase independiente de arsenopiritas. El hecho que la marca isot髉ica de piritas y sulfatos disueltos sea muy similar, y que exista una gran correlaci髇 entre las concentraciones de sulfato disuelto, hierro y ars閚ico sugiere que la oxidaci髇 de sulfuros es el proceso que controla la aportaci髇 de ars閚ico al agua subterr醤ea. Sin embargo

Schreiber, M. E.; Simo, J. A.; Freiberg, P. G.


Exploring the effects of population growth on future land use change in the Las Vegas Wash watershed: an integrated approach of geospatial modeling and analytics  

EPA Science Inventory

The Las Vegas Valley metropolitan area is one of the fastest growing areas in the southwestern United States. The rapid urbanization has led to many environmental problems. For instance, as population growth and urbanization continue, there will be a problem with water shortage. ...


La esgrima es tan antigua como el hombre. Desde los primeros adiestramientos de soldados para su supervivencia en las culturas antiguas hasta en nuestros das un  

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para su supervivencia en las culturas antiguas hasta en nuestros d铆as un deporte completo y divertido. La esgrima es un deporte orientado a cualquier edad. Completo al usarse todo el cuerpo. Se centra en principiantes como en los m谩s avanzados. Aunque sea un deporte que se practica individualmente, se entrena en

Escolano, Francisco



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THE LAS CAMPANAS INFRARED SURVEY. III. THE H-BAND IMAGING SURVEY AND THE NEAR-INFRARED AND OPTICAL on broadband optical and near-infrared photometry, is designed to robustly identify a statistically significant-reduction techniques, and object identification procedures. We present sam- ple near-infrared and optical photometric

Goddard III, William A.


Full House: The Las Vegas building boom has stretched the creativity and resources of the fastest-growing school district in the nation. Edutopia, September/October 2004  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This once sleepy community, founded by Mormon missionaries in 1855 and jumpstarted by gambling 85 years later, now gobbles up real estate faster than a conventioneer chowing down at a midnight buffet. Every day of the week, two acres of Las Vegas area land are developed for commercial or residential use in a frenetic drive to accommodate the

Furger, Roberta



Instituciones al Servicio de los Hispanos est醤 a la vanguardia de la investigaci髇 de las desigualdades en salud por c醤cer en la comunidad latina

Varias Instituciones al Servicio de los Hispanos forman parte de un grupo de escuelas profesionales y universidades que se han asociado con el Instituto Nacional del C醤cer (NCI) y cierto n鷐ero de centros oncol骻icos regionales para abordar el tema de las desigualdades en salud por c醤cer que afectan a la comunidad latina.



EPA Science Inventory

This report contains the papers presented at the Second Conference on Environmental Quality Sensors, held at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's National Environmental Research Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 10 and 11, 1973. The papers covered such topics as: aircra...


El primer examen de las Pruebas de Acceso a la Universidad en la UA se centra en un texto sobre Torrente de Santiago Segura  

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Torrente de Santiago Segura Alicante, 9 de junio de 2011 "Torrente y la clase pol铆tica". Con este art铆culo, Torrente, la clase pol铆tica actual en Espa帽a y la o las crisis que vive el pa铆s, ha sido el escogido para

Escolano, Francisco


Comments on the article "relative h-index to compare the scientific performance of researchers" by L.A.S. Dias.  


The relative h-index, proposed by L.A.S. Dias, is not useful to compare the scientific performance of researchers. This is shown by examples. More adequate alternatives include the g-index and the R-index. PMID:23913381

Egghe, L



Integrating NASA's Land Analysis System (LAS) image processing software with an appropriate Geographic Information System (GIS): A review of candidates in the public domain  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

A user requirements analysis (URA) was undertaken to determine and appropriate public domain Geographic Information System (GIS) software package for potential integration with NASA's LAS (Land Analysis System) 5.0 image processing system. The necessity for a public domain system was underscored due to the perceived need for source code access and flexibility in tailoring the GIS system to the needs of a heterogenous group of end-users, and to specific constraints imposed by LAS and its user interface, Transportable Applications Executive (TAE). Subsequently, a review was conducted of a variety of public domain GIS candidates, including GRASS 3.0, MOSS, IEMIS, and two university-based packages, IDRISI and KBGIS. The review method was a modified version of the GIS evaluation process, development by the Federal Interagency Coordinating Committee on Digital Cartography. One IEMIS-derivative product, the ALBE (AirLand Battlefield Environment) GIS, emerged as the most promising candidate for integration with LAS. IEMIS (Integrated Emergency Management Information System) was developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). ALBE GIS is currently under development at the Pacific Northwest Laboratory under contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Engineering Topographic Laboratory (ETL). Accordingly, recommendations are offered with respect to a potential LAS/ALBE GIS linkage and with respect to further system enhancements, including coordination with the development of the Spatial Analysis and Modeling System (SAMS) GIS in Goddard's IDM (Intelligent Data Management) developments in Goddard's National Space Science Data Center.

Rochon, Gilbert L.



Long-term continuous measurement of near-road air pollution in Las Vegas: Seasonal variability in traffic emissions impact on local air quality  

EPA Science Inventory

Excess air pollution along roadways is an issue of public health concern and motivated a long-term measurement effort established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Las Vegas, Nevada. Measurements of air pollutants ? including black carbon (BC), carbon monoxide (CO),...


L韓ea de base del Proyecto de producci髇 ecol骻ica, comercializaci髇 y asociatividad de las mujeres en el medio rural: Manual del sistema de monitoreo y seguimiento  

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El Sistema de monitoreo y seguimiento ha sido elaborado especialmente para la organizaci髇 En las Huellas del Banco Grameen-Loja, cuyo prop髎ito es facilitar el acceso a servicios financieros y t閏nicos eficientes y sostenibles para mujeres microempresarias del sur ecuatoriano. El manual fue dise馻do como un instrumento que sirva de gu韆 para que la direcci髇 ejecutiva y la coordinaci髇 del Proyecto

Carlos Pal醤 Tamayo



Las estad韘ticas Oficiales de Turismo: principales lagunas en el contexto nacional e internacional \\/Official Statistics of Tourism: Major Gaps in the National and International Context  

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En el 醡bito de las estad韘ticas de turismo se han producido notables desarrollos en los 鷏timos a駉s, tanto por parte del sector p鷅lico como del privado. El actual sistema de estad韘ticas oficiales de turismo en Espa馻 se puede considerar como uno de los m醩 desarrollados en el contexto internacional pero todav韆 persisten importantes lagunas de informaci髇. La comparabilidad de resultados




Influencia del talento del empresario y del tipo de p醙ina web en los resultados empresariales para las casas de turismo rural en Espa馻  

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El Turismo rural ha alcanzado un auge muy fuerte en Espa馻 e internet se ha convertido en una herramienta vital en el sector. En este trabajo se persigue: 1) analizar la importancia del talento del empresario en la implantaci髇 de p醙inas web; 2) examinar la influencia de este talento y de las caracter韘ticas de la p醙ina web sobre los resultados

Jannine Waleska; Nieto Arias; Rosa Mar韆; Hern醤dez Maestro; Pablo A. Mu駉z Gallego


Desempleo, inmigraci髇 y su impacto sobre el desempleo en Medell韓: An醠isis de las encuestas de calidad de vida-Medell韓, 2004-2005  

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Resumen: este estudio se enfoca en el patr髇 y en las causas del desempleo en Medell韓; en el patr髇 y la velocidad de inmigraci髇 hacia Medell韓 y en el impacto de la inmigraci髇 sobre la tasa de desempleo para los a駉s 2004 y 2005. El estudio se realiza con base en el an醠isis de la Encuesta de Calidad de Vida

Donald J. Robbins



Propuesta metodol骻ica para la evaluaci髇 del impacto de la contaminaci髇 de las cuencas h韉ricas del pa韘: Estudio de caso del r韔 揕a vieja  

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El presente estudio estuvo enfocado en la generaci髇 de una metodolog韆 general dirigida a cuantificar el impacto socioecon髆ico de la contaminaci髇 de las cuencas h韉ricas tomando como caso particular la Cuenca del R韔 La Vieja y a la poblaci髇 de Cartago (Valle del Cauca). Los t髉icos desarrollados en este trabajo de investigaci髇 se pueden resumir en los siguientes aspectos: En

Alfredo SARMIENTO; Darwin Marcelo GORDILLO; Juan Miguel VILLA




Microsoft Academic Search

Resumen: Los valores inmersos dentro del proceso de ense馻nza-aprendizaje, pernean el ambiente educativo y el quehacer escolar, sin que exista expl韈itamente dentro de un plan de estudios qu tipo de valores deben de abordarse, adem醩 de que 閟tos son empleados de acuerdo a las circunstancias del entorno escolar y facilitan la formaci髇 humanista del sujeto, 閟te, a trav閟 de la



Vicedecanato de Relaciones Internacionales y Movilidad (VRIM) El Vicedecanato de Relaciones Internacionales y Movilidad (VRIM) gestiona las acciones de movilidad y  

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Vicedecanato de Relaciones Internacionales y Movilidad (VRIM) El Vicedecanato de Relaciones Internacionales y Movilidad (VRIM) gestiona las acciones de movilidad y programas propios de docencia China en el marco del Programa Propio de Movilidad de la Facultad, nos presenta un video clip realizado

Escolano, Francisco


Reproductive Responses of Common Carp Cyprinus carpio in Cages to Influent of the Las Vegas Wash in Lake Mead, Nevada, from late Winter to early Spring  

EPA Science Inventory

To investigate the potential for contaminants in Las Vegas Wash (LW) influent to produce effects indicative of endocrine disruption in vivo, adult male and female common carp were exposed in cages for 42-48 d at four sites and two reference locations in Lake Mead....


Licenciatura en Ciencias de la Tierra Las Ciencias de la Tierra son un conjunto de disciplinas cuyo objetivo es el estudio del Planeta Tierra, y  

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Licenciatura en Ciencias de la Tierra Las Ciencias de la Tierra son un conjunto de disciplinas cuyo ciencias fundamentales como la F铆sica, Qu铆mica, Biolog铆a, Matem谩ticas para entender cuantitativamente c贸mo ciencias de la Tierra en la enorme tarea conjunta de prevenir, en la medida de lo posible, sus efectos o

Islas, Le贸n


School Resegregation in the Mississippi of the West: Community Counternarratives on the Return to Neighborhood Schools in Las Vegas, 1968-1994  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Background: School desegregation and resegregation in the Mountain West remain understudied despite the substantial impact the region's growth and demographic change have had on racial balance and diversity in schools. Home to the largest school district in the Mountain West and fifth largest school district in the country, Las Vegas's

Horsford, Sonya Douglass; Sampson, Carrie; Forletta, Felicia



Spatial Statistics of the Clark County Parcel Map, Trial Geotechnical Models, and Effects on Earthquake Ground Motions in Las Vegas Valley  

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. Motivation and Objectives. In Southern California, seven years of effort to measure shallow (300 m depth on Earthquake Ground Motions in Las Vegas Valley William Savran, John N. Louie, Brady Flinchum Nevada at a spacing of approximately 300 meters, to an average depth of resolution of 50 meters. The data set is used


Hydrology With Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) Albert Rango, USDA-ARS-Jornada Experimental Range, Las Cruces, NM (  

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, Las Cruces, NM ( Enrique Vivoni, School of Earth and Space Exploration & School of Test Sites Characteristics of the Jornada UAVs Products Available From UAV Data Hydrological remote soil types. The Jornada also has a NOAA Climate and Reference Network (CRN) station and at least 3


Ceremonial Hestiatoreion at the hill-top sanctuary of Apollo MalcaLas. Asklepieion is a word derived from the name of Aesculapius, the Greek  

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of Apollo MalcaLas. Asklepieion is a word derived from the name of Aesculapius, the Greek god of medicine throughout the Greek world by persons seeking the heaJing powers of the physician. Temples '--'--' were Exewtive Council Kirk Hevener President Frances Kirkland Medicine Marie Hatten All

Cui, Yan


Modelos te髍icos que nos ayudan a comprender el gobierno de las sociedades cooperativas, una apuesta por el enfoque de los stakeholders  

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En la actualidad, el entorno competitivo es cada vez m醩 incierto y complejo. Las caracter韘ticas de los mercados actuales hacen que sea cada vez m醩 dif韈il conseguir una ventaja competitiva sostenible en el tiempo para la empresa, por lo que hay que innovar en formas de gesti髇 y de gobierno para ser competitivo. De esta manera, se est produciendo un

Cristina Pedrosa Ortega



Estudio comparativo de las mol閏ulas isovalentes de inter閟 atmosf閞ico CF3Cl y CF3Br y sus correspondientes hal骻enos aislados Cl y Br.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Los estados Rydberg moleculares han suscitado en los 鷏timos a駉s un creciente inter閟 entre los espectroscopistas experimentales, motivado en parte por el desarrollo de nuevas t閏nicas espectrosc髉icas capaces de investigar estos estados altamente excitados electr髇icamente. Los procesos de fotoabsorci髇 que implican estados Rydberg en los derivados halogenados del metano son de gran importancia, debido a su abundancia en la atm髎fera y a sus implicaciones medioambientales. Por ello, la obtenci髇 de datos relativos a sus fuerzas de oscilador es de gran inter閟. En este trabajo se aborda el estudio de dichas propiedades para las mol閏ulas isovalentes CF3Cl y CF3Br. Ambas mol閏ulas presentan id閚tica estructura electr髇ica para el estado fundamental por lo que se espera que sus espectros Rydberg presenten grandes similitudes, en ausencia de perturbaciones. Por ello y dada la escasez de datos relativos a fuerzas de oscilador, hemos establecido la correcci髇 de nuestros resultados en base a las analog韆s esperadas en las intensidades espectrales correspondientes a transiciones an醠ogas. Por otro lado, Novak y col. [1] han encontrado experimentalmente un marcado car醕ter at髆ico en el espectro correspondiente a estas mol閏ulas, siendo muy similar a los de los 醫omos de Cl y Br. Por ello en el presente trabajo, adem醩 de establecer la comparaci髇 entre ambas mol閏ulas hemos buscado las similitudes con sus respectivos hal骻enos. Los c醠culos relativos a las especies moleculares se han realizado utilizando la Metodolog韆 Mol閏ular de Orb韙ales de Defecto Cu醤tico (MQDO) [2], mientras que para el estudio de los 醫omos de Cl y Br se emple la versi髇 relativista del m閠odo (RQDO) [3].

Mayor, E.; Velasco, A. M.; Mart韓, I.; Lav韓, C.


Environmental and social determinants of youth physical activity intensity levels at neighborhood parks in Las Vegas, NV.  


Parks can play an important role in youth activity. This study used observational data to evaluate the relationship of environmental and social determinants to youth physical activity intensity levels in Las Vegas neighborhood parks. System for observing play and leisure activity in youth was used to code activity levels as sedentary, walking, or vigorous in five low-income and five high-income parks. Environmental determinants included amenities, incivilities, size, high-speed streets, sidewalk condition, and temperature. Social determinants included percent minority and Hispanic, gender, and income. A multinomial logistic regression model was performed. We observed 1,421 youth, 59% male, 41% female; 21% were sedentary, 38% walking, and 41% vigorous. Males were more likely to be observed walking (OR 1.42) and vigorous (OR 2.21) when compared to sedentary. High-speed streets (OR 0.76), sidewalks condition (OR 0.34), and low-income neighborhoods (OR 0.07) was associated with decreased odds of vigorous activity; incivilities (OR 1.34) and amenities (OR 1.27) were associated with greater odds of being vigorous. Environmental and social determinants are associated with physical activity intensity levels at parks. Stakeholders should ensure quality parks, as they relate to physical activity levels in youth. Understanding environmental and social determinants that influence physical activity at parks is critical to utilizing their full potential in an effort to combat childhood obesity. PMID:24610562

Coughenour, Courtney; Coker, Lisa; Bungum, Tim J



Analysis of the real estate market in Las Vegas: Bubble, seasonal patterns, and prediction of the CSW indexes  

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We analyze 27 house price indexes of Las Vegas from Jun. 1983 to Mar. 2005, corresponding to 27 different zip codes. These analyses confirm the existence of a real-estate bubble, defined as a price acceleration faster than exponential, which is found however to be confined to a rather limited time interval in the recent past from approximately 2003 to mid-2004 and has progressively transformed into a more normal growth rate comparable to pre-bubble levels in 2005. There has been no bubble till 2002 except for a medium-sized surge in 1990. In addition, we have identified a strong yearly periodicity which provides a good potential for fine-tuned prediction from month to month. A monthly monitoring using a model that we have developed could confirm, by testing the intra-year structure, if indeed the market has returned to ``normal'' or if more turbulence is expected ahead. We predict the evolution of the indexes one year ahead, which is validated with new data up to Sep. 2006. The present analysis demonstrates t...

Zhou, Wei-Xing



Fast emplacement of extensive pahoehoe flow-fields: the case of the 1736 flows from Monta馻 de las Nueces, Lanzarote  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The 1730-36 Timanfaya eruption on Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands, is the second largest historical effusion on record. During its final stages, in 1736, the eruption produced the Monta馻 de las Nueces flow-field, consisting of sheets of pahoehoe lava that, within 4 weeks, had covered 32 km 2 and reached a maximum length of almost 21 km. The tholeiitic lavas have pahoehoe surface features, but internal structures that are normally associated with massive aa flows, suggesting that their fronts advanced as single units rather than as a collection of budding pahoehoe tongues. Volume conservation and a simple model of crustal failure suggest that the main flows advanced at about 0.02 ms -1 over the prevailing slopes of 1. The rates of advance are (1) consistent with emplacement near the transition from pahoehoe to aa, and (2) about an order of magnitude greater than would have been expected by analogy with Hawaiian pahoehoe flow-fields of similar dimensions. Surface texture and morphology, therefore, is an insufficient guide for constraining the rate and style of pahoehoe emplacement, and a flow's internal structure must be established before its characteristics are used to infer eruption conditions and potential hazard.

Solana, M. C.; Kilburn, C. R. J.; Rodriguez Badiola, E.; Aparicio, A.



Pedostratigraphy and pedological and geochemical characterization of Las Carreras loess paleosol sequence, Valle de Taf, NW-Argentina  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Las Carreras loess-paleosol sequence is considered the most complete Quaternary pedostratigraphic record in South America. It consists of 32 paleosols formed during the past 1.15 Ma. Chronological control is provided by magnetostratigraphy. Sediment and paleosol characterization is based on a variety of methods, including soil chemistry, geochemistry, and micromorphology. The main pedogenic processes identified are carbonate leaching and reprecipitation, ped formation, and translocation of clay and organic matter. In many cases, the boundaries between individual paleosols are not clearly defined due to indistinct transitional zones. Based on both pedological and sedimentological characteristics the sequence was subdivided into three units, with paleosols in Units I and III designated as Luvisols and paleosols in Unit II tentatively classified as (Luvic) Kastanozems. This subdivision reflects environmental changes associated with the mid-Pleistocene transition. Overall geochemical variability is low and largely related to pedogenesis. The homogeneity suggests a rather constant provenance that seems to be linked to the Central Andes pursuant to the Chaco Model of Iriondo [1997. Models of deposition of loess and loessoids in the Upper Quaternary of South America. Journal of South American Earth Sciences 10, 71-79], and includes direct volcanic ash falls and local sources in a subordinate manner. In a paleoclimatic context, loess-paleosol alternation is interpreted to reflect climatic cycles that were primarily caused by the variability of the South American Monsoon System.

Schellenberger, Andreas; Veit, Heinz



Fichas de las especies  

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Sittasomus griseicapillus, Xiphorhynchus flavigaster, Myiopagis viridicata, Mitrephanes phaeocercus, \\u000aEmpidonax difficilis \\/ occidentalis, Myiarchus tuberculifer, Myiarchus cinerascens, Myiarchus nuttingi, Myiarchus tyrannulus, Pitangus sulphuratus, Myiozetetes similis, Myiodynastes luteiventris, Pachyramphus aglaiae, Vireo brevipennis, Vireo bellii, Vireo nelsoni, Vireo hypochryseus, \\u000aVireo gilvus, Vireo flavoviridis, Thryothorus sinaloa, Thryothorus felix, Troglodytes brunneicollis, Troglodytes aedon, Henicorhina leucophrys, Polioptila caerulea, Myadestes occidentalis, Catharus aurantiirostris, Catharus occidentalis, Catharus frantzii,

Santi Guallar; E. Santana; S. Contreras; H. Verdugo; A. Gall閟



224. Toda cosa tiene un lado bueno y otro malo: aprende a buscarlos. Toma todo por el lado conveniente. Nunca en forma rabiosa, aunque venga as. Todas las cosas tienen un derecho y  

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conveniente. Nunca en forma rabiosa, aunque venga as铆. Todas las cosas tienen un derecho y un rev茅s. De modo. En palabras de Graci谩n, todas las cosas tienen un derecho y un rev茅s y los fracasos temporales en la

Mui帽o, Ricardo D铆ez


Fault interaction along the Central Andean thrust front: The Las Pe馻s thrust, Cerro Salinas thrust and the Montecito Anticline  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The region in west-central Argentina between the thin-skinned Precordillera and the thick-skinned Sierras Pampeanas structural domain is among the most active zones of thrust tectonics in the world. We quantify the rates of deformation on the east-vergent Las Pe馻s thrust (LPT), and the west-vergent Cerro Salinas thrust (CST). The Montecito anticline (MA) is located at their intersection. We mapped three key locations, collected stratigraphic logs from the MA, dated three ashes using U-Pb in zircon and dated 10 terraces using cosmogenic Be-10 depth profiles. Five terrace levels are present where the Rio Las Pe馻s crosses the LPT, up to 45 m above the modern river. Cosmogenic dating of the uppermost terrace (T1) yields and age of 123.8 +26.5/-12.3 ka. A reconstruction of this surface using a blind thrust rupture scenario indicates 73 +/- 7 m horizontal shortening and 34 +/- 3 m vertical displacement. Shortening across the structure is therefore 0.59 +0.10/-0.13 mm/yr with a vertical uplift rate of 0.27 +0.05/-0.06 mm/a. Previous work indicates higher rates to the south on the order of 2 mm/yr (Schmidt et al., 2011). Lower terraces give ages of 38.0 +11/-6.2 ka (T2) and 1.5 +5.0/-0.6 ka (T4). Three terrace levels are preserved near the center of the CST. The middle surface (T2) is folded across the axis of the structure and yields an age of 112.5 +33/-14.4 ka. Given 22.9 m surface uplift, this indicates a vertical uplift rate of 0.20 +0.05/-0.06 mm/yr, similar to the rate on the LPT. The upper terrace (T1) yields a younger age (97.1 +29.8/-12.4 ka); the T1 and T2 ages overlap within uncertainty, indicating rapid river incision at the time of their formation. An intercalated ash within the Neogene strata gives an age of 16.2 +/- 0.2. Previous work indicates long-term shortening rates of 0.8 mm/yr (Verges et al., 2007) and that the CST initiated after 8.5 Ma. The lowermost unit exposed in the MA is the Los Pozos Fm., with no indication of syn-depositional deformation. An intercalated ash from the top of this formation yields an age of 5.76 +/- 0.09 Ma. Internal unconformities are present within the overlying transitional unit and the Mogotes Fm., indicating deformation post-dates 5.8 Ma in the MA. An ash within the Mogotes Fm. is 1.52 +/- 0.06 Ma. Slip is modeled as 3.5 km reverse slip across an east-dipping dislocation with a 45 degree dip. This suggests horizontal shortening and vertical uplift of 0.42 mm/yr since the onset of deformation. Uplifted terraces near the center of the MA are 4.7 +0.8/-0.3 ka (T2) and 1.9 +3.4/-1.9 ka (T3), 6 and 4.6 m above the modern river, respectively. This suggests recent vertical uplift or incision rates of 1.3-2.4 mm/yr. These data suggest that deformation in the MA is comparable to that at the LPT and CST. Deformation in the MA could be accelerating, but alternatively, river incision could be accelerating due to climate change.

Schoenbohm, L. M.; Costa, C. H.; Brooks, B. A.; Bohon, W.; Gardini, C.; Cisneros, H.



Hydrologic, water-quality, and biological assessment of Laguna de las Salinas, Ponce, Puerto Rico, January 2003-September 2004  

USGS Publications Warehouse

The Laguna de Las Salinas is a shallow, 35-hectare, hypersaline lagoon (depth less than 1 meter) in the municipio of Ponce, located on the southern coastal plain of Puerto Rico. Hydrologic, water-quality, and biological data in the lagoon were collected between January 2003 and September 2004 to establish baseline conditions. During the study period, rainfall was about 1,130 millimeters, with much of the rain recorded during three distinct intense events. The lagoon is connected to the sea by a shallow, narrow channel. Subtle tidal changes, combined with low rainfall and high evaporation rates, kept the lagoon at salinities above that of the sea throughout most of the study. Water-quality properties measured on-site (temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, specific conductance, and Secchi disk transparency) exhibited temporal rather than spatial variations and distribution. Although all physical parameters were in compliance with current regulatory standards for Puerto Rico, hyperthermic and hypoxic conditions were recorded during isolated occasions. Nutrient concentrations were relatively low and in compliance with current regulatory standards (less than 5.0 and 1.0 milligrams per liter for total nitrogen and total phosphorus, respectively). The average total nitrogen concentration was 1.9 milligrams per liter and the average total phosphorus concentration was 0.4 milligram per liter. Total organic carbon concentrations ranged from 12.0 to 19.0 milligrams per liter. Chlorophyll a was the predominant form of photosynthetic pigment in the water. The average chlorophyll a concentration was 13.4 micrograms per liter. Chlorophyll b was detected (detection limits 0.10 microgram per liter) only twice during the study. About 90 percent of the primary productivity in the Laguna de Las Salinas was generated by periphyton such as algal mats and macrophytes such as seagrasses. Of the average net productivity of 13.6 grams of oxygen per cubic meter per day derived from the diel study, the periphyton and macrophyes produced 12.3 grams per cubic meter per day; about 1.3 grams (about 10 percent) were produced by the phytoplankton (plant and algae component of plankton). The total respiration rate was 59.2 grams of oxygen per cubic meter per day. The respiration rate ascribed to the plankton (all organisms floating through the water column) averaged about 6.2 grams of oxygen per cubic meter per day (about 10 percent), whereas the respiration rate by all other organisms averaged 53.0 grams of oxygen per cubic meter per day (about 90 percent). Plankton gross productivity was 7.5 grams per cubic meter per day; the gross productivity of the entire community averaged 72.8 grams per cubic meter per day. Fecal coliform bacteria counts were generally less than 200 colonies per 100 milliliters; the highest concentration was 600 colonies per 100 milliliters.

Soler-L髉ez, Luis R.; G髆ez-G髆ez, Fernando; Rodr韌uez-Mart韓ez, Jes鷖



Sr Isotopes and Migration of Prairie Mammoths (Mammuthus columbi) from Laguna de las Cruces, San Luis Potosi, Mexico  

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Asserting mobility of ancient humans is a major issue for anthropologists. For more than 25 years, Sr isotopes have been used as a resourceful tracer tool in this context. A comparison of the 87Sr/86Sr ratios found in tooth enamel and in bone is performed to determine if the human skeletal remains belonged to a local or a migrant. Sr in bone approximately reflects the isotopic composition of the geological region where the person lived before death; whereas the Sr isotopic system in tooth enamel is thought to remain as a closed system and thus conserves the isotope ratio acquired during childhood. Sr isotope ratios are obtained through the geologic substrate and its overlying soil, from where an individual got hold of food and water; these ratios are in turn incorporated into the dentition and skeleton during tissue formation. In previous studies from Teotihuacan, Mexico we have shown that a three-step leaching procedure on tooth enamel samples is important to assure that only the biogenic Sr isotope contribution is analyzed. The same Sr isotopic tools can function concerning ancient animal migration patterns. To determine or to discard the mobility of prairie mammoths (Mammuthus columbi) found at Laguna de las Cruces, San Luis Potosi, M閤ico the leaching procedure was applied on six molar samples from several fossil remains. The initial hypothesis was to use 87Sr/86Sr values to verify if the mammoth population was a mixture of individuals from various herds and further by comparing their Sr isotopic composition with that of plants and soils, to confirm their geographic origin. The dissimilar Sr results point to two distinct mammoth groups. The mammoth population from Laguna de Cruces was then not a family unit because it was composed by individuals originated from different localities. Only one individual was identified as local. Others could have walked as much as 100 km to find food and water sources.

Solis-Pichardo, G.; Perez-Crespo, V.; Schaaf, P. E.; Arroyo-Cabrales, J.



Geologic and geophysical maps of the Las Vegas 30' x 60' quadrangle, Clark and Nye counties, Nevada, and Inyo County, California  

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Las Vegas and Pahrump are two of the fastest growing cities in the US, and the shortage of water looms as among the greatest future problems for these cities. These new maps of the Las Vegas 30 x 60-minute quadrangle provide a geologic and geophysical framework and fundamental earth science database needed to address societal issues such as ground water supply and contamination, surface flood, landslide, and seismic hazards, and soil properties and their changing impact by and on urbanization. The mountain ranges surrounding Las Vegas and Pahrump consist of Mesozoic, Paleozoic and Proterozoic rocks. A majority of these rocks are Paleozoic carbonate rocks that are part of Nevada's carbonate rock aquifer province. The Spring Mountains represent a major recharge site in the province, where maximum altitude is 3,632 m (Charleston Peak) above sea level. Rocks in the Sheep and Las Vegas Ranges and Spring Mountains contain correlative, northeast-striking, southeast-verging thrust faults that are part of the Cretaceous, Sevier orogenic belt. These thrusts were offset during the Miocene by the Las Vegas Valley shear system (LVVSZ). We conducted new mapping in the Blue Diamond area, highlighting refined work on the Bird Spring thrust, newly studied ancient landslides, and gravity-slide blocks. We conducted new mapping in the Las Vegas Range and mapped previously unrecognized structures such as the Valley thrust and fold belt; recognition of these structures has led to a refined correlation of Mesozoic thrust faults across the LVVSZ. New contributions in the quadrangle also include a greatly refined stratigraphy of Paleozoic bedrock units based on conodont biostragraphy. We collected over 200 conodont samples in the quadrangle and established stratigraphic reference sections used to correlate units across the major Mesozoic thrust faults. Quaternary deposits cover about half of the map area and underlie most of the present urbanized area. Deposits consist of large coalescing alluvial fans that grade downslope to extensive areas of fine-grained sediment indicative of groundwater-discharge during the Pleistocene. In the central areas of Las Vegas and Pahrump valleys, Quaternary fault scarps associated with past ground-water discharge deposits suggest a genetic relationship. In collaboration with NBMG and University of Nevada, a variety of ages of gravelly alluvium are newly mapped using surficial characteristics and soil development, along with reassessment of previously published mapping during compilation. Reconnaissance geochronology (thermoluminescence and U-series) of eolian and authigenic components of surficial and buried soils and spring deposits is applied to test hypotheses of geomorphic and hydrologic response to climate change over the past 100 k.y.). The major structure in the Las Vegas quadrangle is the LVVSZ. Because the LVVSZ is concealed by thick basin-fill deposits of Quaternary and Tertiary age, it was characterized primarily based on geophysics. Likewise, the newly described State line fault system in Pahrump Valley has also been characterized by geophysics, where geophysically inferred structures correlate remarkably with surface structures defined by our new geologic mapping in the Mound Spring and Hidden Hills Ranch 7.5-minute quadrangles.

Page, William R.; Lundstrom, Scott C.; Harris, Anita G.; Langenheim, Victoria E.; Workman, Jeremiah B.; Mahan, Shannon A.; Paces, James B.; Dixon, Gary L.; Rowley, Peter D.; Burchfiel, B.C.; Bell, John W.; Smith, Eugene I.



Toxicity of a Novel Herbomineral Preparation Las01 on Human Cancer Cell Lines and Its Safety Profile in Humans and Animals  

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Polyhedral formulations based on Rasayana therapy described in Charaka Samhita showed remarkable improvement in quality of life of various cancer patients who have been found to be refractory or poor responders to modern chemotherapy and radiation treatment. One of the most recent novel herbomineral preparation, Las01 prepared absolutely as per the instruction given in the ancient Ayurvedic literature has been found to be effective as a potent anticancer drug in the human cell lines, the MCF-7 and Hela cancer cell lines. This novel preparation of Las01 is also found to be devoid of toxicity both in animals as well as in human subjects, which is the main drawback of chemotherapeutic agents used in modern system of medicine. Our results warrant multicentric clinical trials on a large scale which seems to be a future promising drug to cure incurables cancer patients. PMID:22969832

Sheikh, Saba; Srivastava, Ashok; Tripathi, Rajesh; Tripathi, Shalini; Trivedi, V. P.; Saxena, R. C.



Eruption and magma crystallization ages of Las Tres V韗genes (Baja California) constrained by combined 230Th\\/ 238U and (U朤h)\\/He dating of zircon  

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Las Tres V韗genes volcano is a calc-alkaline composite cone located near the main Gulf of California escarpment on the E coast of the Baja California peninsula. High-sensitivity ion microprobe U-series (230Th\\/238U) ages for zircon from La V韗gen tephra average 121?10+12爇a (1?; MSWD=2.7), with discrete age peaks at ?100 and 160爇a. The noble gas mass spectrometric (U朤h)\\/He zircon age, corrected for

Axel K. Schmitt; Daniel F. Stockli; Brian P. Hausback




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. Relatividad General Cu谩ntica. Aplicaci贸n de los M茅todos Ab initio al Estudio de Sistemas Moleculares de en general poco familiarizados. La presentaci贸n de las l铆neas de investigaci贸n se realiza mediante Te贸ricas y F铆sica Molecular. - Charla sobre v铆as de acceso a la carrera cient铆fica. Discusi贸n general


American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) FEMP Technical Assistance Federal Aviation Administration Project 209 - Control Tower and Support Building, Las Vegas, NV  

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This report represents findings of a design review team that evaluated construction documents (at the 70% level) and operating specifications for a new control tower and support building that will be built in Las Vegas, Nevada by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The focus of the review was to identify measures that could be incorporated into the final design and operating specification that would result in additional energy savings for the FAA that would not have otherwise occurred.

Arends, J.; Sandusky, William F.



Estudiar Ciencias Fsicas permite entender la estructura de las leyes de la Fsica y tomar parte en el descubrimiento de nuevos  

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#12;路 Estudiar Ciencias F铆sicas permite entender la estructura de las leyes de la F铆sica y tomar conocimiento cient铆fico y tecnol贸gico multidisciplinario. Ciencias F铆sicas UdeC Descripci贸n de la Carrera #12 en Ciencias F铆sicas T铆tulo Profesional Al Sexto a帽o y de acuerdo a la especialidad elegida, conduce

P茅rez, Carlos E.


Highlights of the Central Receiver Pilot Plant and Test Facility projects. Semi-annual Review, 17--19 November 1975, Las Vegas, NV  

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The highlights of the ERDA Solar Thermal Branch Semi-annual Review held in Las Vegas, Nevada, on November 17--19, 1975, are presented. The review covered the status and plans for the Central Receiver Pilot Plant and Test Facility projects. Preliminary design efforts by five contractor teams are discussed. These contractors include Honeywell, Incorporated, Martin Marietta Corporation, McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company, Boeing




Specific determination of linear Alkylbenzenesulfonates (LAS) in commercial detergents and whole blood by high-performance liquid chromatography with solid-phase extraction.  


This paper presents the extraction and analysis of linear alkylbenzenesulfonates (LAS) from whole blood using solid-phase extraction (SPE) together with high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The sample was buffered with extraction solution and purified with Bakerbond C(18) SPE columns. The columns were washed, dried, and eluted with experimental optimized solvent systems. HPLC was performed using a Wakopak) WS AS-Aqua column (4.6 * 250-mm) and monitored at 228 nm using a UV detector. A mobile phase consisting of acetonitrile/water (60:40, v/v) and containing 1.2% (w/v) of sodium perchlorate was employed. Good separation was achieved for the five homologues of LAS (C(10) approximately C(14)) eluted at 6.85 and 13.79 min. The linearity range for this analysis was found to be from 10.0 to 100.0 ng/g and the limit of detection was 4.0-5.0 ng/g in blood for each homologue. The recovery of each homologue in blood ranged from 76 to 107%. The LAS in commercial detergents could be extracted and the homologues of C(10) approximately C(13) were detected. Blood samples of rats, which were administered a commercial detergent orally, were determined by the present method, and C(14) was used as an internal standard. The method was simple and reliable for the determination of LAS in blood samples and could be expected to apply to the forensic and clinical specimens. PMID:17389082

Xue, Yuying; Hieda, Yoko; Fujihara, Junko; Takayama, Koji; Takeshita, Haruo



Analysis of impacts of urban land use and land cover on air quality in the Las Vegas region using remote sensing information and ground observations  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Urban development in the Las Vegas Valley of Nevada (USA) has expanded rapidly over the past 50 years. The air quality in the valley has suffered owing to increases from anthropogenic emissions of carbon monoxide, ozone and criteria pollutants of particular matter. Air quality observations show that pollutant concentrations have apparent heterogeneous characteristics in the urban area. Quantified urban land use and land cover information derived from satellite remote sensing data indicate an apparent local influence of urban development density on air pollutant distributions. Multi-year observational data collected by a network of local air monitoring stations specify that ozone maximums develop in the May and June timeframe, whereas minimum concentrations generally occur from November to February. The fine particulate matter maximum occurs in July. Ozone concentrations are highest on the west and northwest sides of the valley. Night-time ozone reduction contributes to the heterogeneous features of the spatial distribution for average ozone levels in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. Decreased ozone levels associated with increased urban development density suggest that the highest ozone and lowest nitrogen oxides concentrations are associated with medium to low density urban development in Las Vegas.

Xian, G.



New 40Ar/39Ar isotopic dates from Miocene volcanic rocks in the Lake Mead area and southern Las Vegas Range, Nevada  

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New 40Ar/39Ar dates on volcanic rocks interlayered with synextensional Miocene sedimentary rocks in the western Lake Mead area and southern end of the Las Vegas Range provide tight constraints on magmatism, basin formation, and extensional deformation in the Basin and Range province of southern Nevada. Vertical axis rotations associated with movement along the Las Vegas Valley shear zone occurred after 15.67??0.10 Ma (2??), based on a 40Ar/39Ar date from a tuff in the Gass Peak formation in the southern Las Vegas Range. Basaltic magmatism in the western Lake Mead area began as early as 13.28??0.09 Ma, based on a date from a basalt flow in the Lovell Wash Member of the Horse Spring Formation. Isotopic dating of a basalt from the volcanic rocks of Callville Mesa indicates that these rocks are as old as 11.41??0.14 Ma, suggesting that volcanic activity began shortly after formation of the Boulder basin, the extensional basin in which the informally named red sandstone unit was deposited. The red sandstone unit is at least as old as 11.70??0.08 Ma and contains megabreccia deposits younger than 12.93??0.10 Ma. This results shows that formation of the Boulder basin was associated with development of topographic relief that was probably generated by movement along the Saddle Island low-angle normal fault. Stratal tilting associated with extension occurred both prior to and after 11.5 Ma.

Harlan, S.S.; Duebendorfer, E.M.; Deibert, J.E.



Variation in soil organic carbon abundance and isotopic composition mediated by landslide activity in the Sierra de Las Minas, Guatemala  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Tropical mountains play an important role in biogeochemical cycles worldwide due to complex interaction between geomorphic and ecosystem processes. The strength of these interactions, however, is likely to vary along the steep environmental gradients found in mountainous terrain. Here we focus on soil organic carbon and ask how landsliding alters soil organic carbon density, C:N ratios and ?13C and ?15N along the broad climatic gradients observed in the Sierra de Las Minas (SLM) of eastern Guatemala. Soils were sampled in intact forest and 14 year-old landside sites underlain by gneiss in the southern dry to mesic (Motagua) and northern wet (Polochic) aspects of the SLM along wide elevation, temperature, and precipitation gradients. Soils samples (10 cm depth increments down to 30 cm) from each site were processed to estimate soil bulk density and obtain total carbon and nitrogen, and ?13C and ?15N. Soil organic carbon density exhibited a greater variability in forests of the Motagua (10-170 MgC ha-1) than the Polochic (40-160 MgC ha-1) whereas the opposite was true in landslides (5-40 MgC ha-1 versus10-90 MgC ha-1 in the Motagua and Polochic, respectively). Soil organic carbon density was related non-linearly with mean annual temperature (MAT) and mean total annual precipitation (MAP) but the strength and sign of the interactions differed with aspect and habitats which suggests that landsliding has different potentials to mobilize and fix carbon along the complex environmental gradients of the SLM. Similarly, the C:N ratios and ?13C and ?15N values varied between forests and landslides of the Motagua and Polochic sides of the SLM suggesting important differences in the carbon cycle and thus functioning of montane ecosystems mediated by landslide activity. Results of our work are critical both for characterizing the size of soil organic carbon stocks and pinpointing the source of carbon mobilized by landsliding in the SLM.

Restrepo, C.



Two Enzymes of a Complete Degradation Pathway for Linear Alkylbenzenesulfonate (LAS) Surfactants: 4-Sulfoacetophenone Baeyer-Villiger Monooxygenase and 4-Sulfophenylacetate Esterase in Comamonas testosteroni KF-1  

PubMed Central

Complete biodegradation of the surfactant linear alkylbenzenesulfonate (LAS) is accomplished by complex bacterial communities in two steps. First, all LAS congeners are degraded into about 50 sulfophenylcarboxylates (SPC), one of which is 3-(4-sulfophenyl)butyrate (3-C4-SPC). Second, these SPCs are mineralized. 3-C4-SPC is mineralized by Comamonas testosteroni KF-1 in a process involving 4-sulfoacetophenone (SAP) as a metabolite and an unknown inducible Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenase (BVMO) to yield 4-sulfophenyl acetate (SPAc) from SAP (SAPMO enzyme); hydrolysis of SPAc to 4-sulfophenol and acetate is catalyzed by an unknown inducible esterase (SPAc esterase). Transcriptional analysis showed that one of four candidate genes for BVMOs in the genome of strain KF-1, as well as an SPAc esterase candidate gene directly upstream, was inducibly transcribed during growth with 3-C4-SPC. The same genes were identified by enzyme purification and peptide fingerprinting-mass spectrometry when SAPMO was enriched and SPAc esterase purified to homogeneity by protein chromatography. Heterologously overproduced pure SAPMO converted SAP to SPAc and was active with phenylacetone and 4-hydroxyacetophenone but not with cyclohexanone and progesterone. SAPMO showed the highest sequence homology to the archetypal phenylacetone BVMO (57%), followed by steroid BVMO (55%) and 4-hydroxyacetophenone BVMO (30%). Finally, the two pure enzymes added sequentially, SAPMO with NADPH and SAP, and then SPAc esterase, catalyzed the conversion of SAP via SPAc to 4-sulfophenol and acetate in a 1:1:1:1 molar ratio. Hence, the first two enzymes of a complete LAS degradation pathway were identified, giving evidence for the recruitment of members of the very versatile type I BVMO and carboxylester hydrolase enzyme families for the utilization of a xenobiotic compound by bacteria. PMID:23001656

Weiss, Michael; Denger, Karin; Huhn, Thomas



Effects of illegal harvest of eggs on the population decline of leatherback turtles in Las Baulas Marine National Park, Costa Rica.  


Within 19 years the nesting population of leatherback turtles (Dermochelys coriacea) at Parque Nacional Marino Las Baulas declined from 1500 turtles nesting per year to about 100. We analyzed the effects of fishery bycatch and illegal harvesting (poaching) of eggs on this population. We modeled the population response to different levels of egg harvest (90, 75, 50, and 25%) and the effect of eradicating poaching at different times during the population decline. We compared effects of 90% poaching with those of 20% adult mortality because both of these processes were present in the population at Las Baulas. There was a stepwise decline in number of nesting turtles at all levels of egg harvest. Extirpation times for different levels of poaching ranged from 45 to 282 years. The nesting population declined more slowly and survived longer with 20% adult mortality (146 years) than it did with 90% poaching (45 years). Time that elapsed until poaching stopped determined the average population size at which the population stabilized, ranging from 90 to 420 nesting turtles. Our model predicted that saving clutches lost naturally would restore the population when adult mortality rates were low and would contribute more to population recovery when there were short remigration intervals between nesting seasons and a large proportion of natural loss of clutches. Because the model indicated that poaching was the most important cause of the leatherback decline at Las Baulas, protecting nests on the beach and protecting the beach from development are critical for survival of this population. Nevertheless, the model predicted that current high mortality rates of adults will prevent population recovery. Therefore, protection of the beach habitat and nests must be continued and fishery bycatch must be reduced to save this population. PMID:18637915

Tomillo, Pilar Santidri醤; Saba, Vincent S; Piedra, Rotney; Paladino, Frank V; Spotila, James R



Evapotranspiration of Mixed Shrub Communities in Phreatophytic Zones of the Great Basin D.A. Devitt1, L.K. Fenstermaker2, M. Young2, B. Conrad1 and B. Bird1 1 School of Life Sciences, University of Nevada Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV 2 Desert Research Institute, Las Vegas, NV  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Water limitations in the arid and semiarid regions of the southwestern United States have led many water managers of municipalities to begin the process of diversifying their water resource portfolios. Las Vegas in particular, is pursuing groundwater exportation from east central basins in Nevada. Estimating evapotranspiration (ET) is a critical component to closing hydrologic balances in these basins. As such, ET was estimated for three valleys in the Great Basin Region of Nevada (USA) during a three year period. ET estimates were made based on an energy balance approach using the eddy covariance method. ET estimates at the basin scale were made by developing empirical relationships between ET and remotely sensed spectral data (Landsat). Groundwater, soil moisture, rainfall and leaf level measurements were used to validate the differences in ET estimates based on site, year and basin. When the ET correlations were based on average NDVI values during the growing period and incorporated previously published values attained for the same valleys during the same time period, we could account for 97% of the variation in the ET estimate for the May 10 to September 5 growing period and 93% of the variation in the ET estimates based on measured or projected yearly ET totals. Variations in yearly ET estimates at the different shrub and grassland sites ranged from 20 to 50 cm during the two dry years (2006, 2007, not including the irrigated site). The amount of winter precipitation was shown to be a significant driving force in the physiological response of the plants and the yearly ET totals. In the case of White River Valley the ratio of winter precipitation to reference evapotranspiration declined from 79% to 11% over the 3 year monitoring period. Such changes led to a direct impact on leaf xylem water potential values of greasewood (Sarcobatus vermiculatus). During the two drier years (2006 and 2007) greasewood plants entered into the growing period with lower mid day levels of ?L reflecting the significant step down in the ratio of winter precipitation to reference evapotranspiration. ET rates in 2007 were highly correlated with the percent cover of greasewood at the monitoring sites (R2=0.96***), regardless of the depth to groundwater. In 2006 both sites which were monitored for an entire 12 month period, ET was shown to exceed precipitation by 55 to 60%. Although a certain amount of uncertainty must be attached to the basin level ET estimates, results suggested that all three basins had annual ET totals in the 150 to 300 million m3 range, with a significant decline from the wetter 2005 year to the drier 2007 year (30 to 47% decline).The utility of the equations generated in this study will need to be further tested over time to capture the intra and inter annual variability in ET at these sites and basins before long term hydrologic balances can be properly assessed.

Devitt, D. A.; Fenstermaker, L. K.; Young, M.; Conrad, B.; Bird, B.



Some properties of lithium aluminium silicate (LAS) glass-ceramics used in glass-ceramic to metal compressive seal for vacuum applications  

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We report here the preparation of LAS glass-ceramics and some studies on their thermo-physical properties and microstructure, for compressive seals in vacuum applications. Glass of composition 12.6Li2O-71.7SiO2-5.1Al2O3-4.9K2O-3.2B2O3-2.5P2O5 was prepared by the conventional melt quench technique. Based on differential thermal analysis (DTA) data, glass samples were nucleated at 600癈 for 2hr and were then crystallized at 800癈 for 2-5hr. X-ray diffraction

A. Ananthanarayanan; R. Kumar; S. Bhattacharya; V. K. Shrikhande; G. P. Kothiyal



High-level nuclear waste transport and storage assessment of potential impacts on tourism in the Las Vegas area. Nevada Nuclear Waste Storage Investigations Project  

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The literature review and empirical analyses presented in this report were undertaken, for the most part, between August and October 1983. They are not comprehensive. No primary data were gathered, nor were any formal surveys conducted. Additionally, because construction of a repository at Yucca Mountain, if that site is selected for a repository, is not scheduled to begin until 1993, engineering design and planned physical appearance of the repository are very preliminary. Therefore, specific design features or visual appearance were not addressed in the analyses. Finally, because actual transportation routes have not been designated, impacts on tourism generated specifically by transportation activities are not considered separately. Chapter 2 briefly discusses possible means by which a repository could impact tourism in the Las Vegas area. Chapter 3 presents a review of previous research on alternative methods for predicting the response of people to potential hazards. A review of several published studies where these methods have been applied to facilities and activities associated with radioactive materials is included in Chapter 3. Chapter 4 contains five case studies of tourism impacts associated with past events that were perceived by the public to represent safety hazards. These perceptions of safety hazards were evidenced by news media coverage. These case studies were conducted specifically for this report. Conclusions of this preliminary analysis regarding the potential impact on tourism in the Las Vegas area of a repository at Yucca Mountain are in Chapter 5. Recommendations for further research are contained in Chapter 6.




The bHLH protein ROX acts in concert with RAX1 and LAS to modulate axillary meristem formation in Arabidopsis.  


During post-embryonic shoot development, new meristems are initiated in the axils of leaves. They produce secondary axes of growth that determine morphological plasticity and reproductive efficiency in higher plants. In this study, we describe the role of the bHLH-protein-encoding Arabidopsis gene REGULATOR OF AXILLARY MERISTEM FORMATION (ROX), which is the ortholog of the branching regulators LAX PANICLE1 (LAX1) in rice and barren stalk1 (ba1) in maize. rox mutants display compromised axillary bud formation during vegetative shoot development, and combination of rox mutants with mutations in RAX1 and LAS, two key regulators of axillary meristem initiation, enhances their branching defects. In contrast to lax1 and ba1, flower development is unaffected in rox mutants. Over-expression of ROX leads to formation of accessory side shoots. ROX mRNA accumulates at the adaxial boundary of leaf and flower primordia. However, in the vegetative phase, axillary meristems initiate after ROX expression has terminated, suggesting an indirect role for ROX in meristem formation. During vegetative development, ROX expression is dependent on RAX1 and LAS activity, and all three genes act in concert to modulate axillary meristem formation. PMID:22372440

Yang, Fang; Wang, Quan; Schmitz, Gregor; M黮ler, D鰎te; Theres, Klaus



Comparing the suitability of geophysical methods in the study of a cave in marbles: A case study of Gruta de las Maravillas (Aracena, Southwest Spain)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Different geophysical methods have been applied to determine the geometry of caves, considering the host rock, depth, dimension, presence of water and other parameters. The Gruta de las Maravillas cave is located in marbles interlayered with gneiss, quartzite and granodiorite along the suture between South Portuguese and Ossa Morena zone. This cave is probably formed as a consequence of the presence of pyrite and iron oxides mineralization that interacted with the surrounding marble host rocks. In order to analyze the continuity of the Gruta de las Maravillas cave (Aracena, southwest Spain) geophysical methods has been used on the known cave in order to check their suitability. These results allow investigating the prolongation of the cave in surrounding areas, performing a comprehensive study of the Cerro del Castillo hill containing the cavity. Microtopography with differential GPS and cave topography with an accuracy of 0.01 m were measured. The first geophysical method employed were a regional microgravity, with and SCINTREX CG-5 gravimeter that reaches an accuracy up to 0.001 mGal. In the obtained residual anomaly map, negative values are associated with negative density contrast, which are related to the known cave position. In addition, residual gravity minima suggest the presence of other unknown cavities. The anomalies attributed to possible new shallow and deep caves have been studied in a second step with the application of other eight detailed geophysical methods along profiles to test the response of each of them to the presence of cavities: microgravity, magnetic, electrical resistivity tomography, induced polarization, seismic P-waves velocity tomography, ray tracing coverage, common offset and ground-penetrating radar. Moreover, the known cave has walls covered with iron oxides that determine magnetic anomaly minima and intermediate resistivity values (~2000 ohm.m) on the ERT profiles versus the host marble rocks (~45000 ohm.m). After a detailed comparison of each method, the best results are obtained by microgravity and ray tracing coverage. Other methods allow to support and precise the cave geometry obtained. The possible continuity of the known Gruta de las Maravillas cave is proposed after this detailed study, practically doubling the extent of present day know cave.

Jos Mart韓ez Moreno, Francisco; Galindo Zald韛ar, Jes鷖; Pedrera Parias, Antonio; Ullod, Teresa Teixid i.; Ruano Roca, Patricia; Pe馻 Ruano, Jose Antonio; Gonz醠ez Castillo, Lourdes; Ruiz Constan, Ana; L髉ez Chicano, Manuel; Mart韓 Rosales, Wenceslao



Falta de apetito

Provee consejos pr醕ticos para las personas que est醤 lidiando con cambios en su apetito durante la quimioterapia. Contiene sugerencias sobre alimentos y bebidas altas en calor韆s y prote韓as e incluye preguntas para su m閐ico o enfermera.


'Oficios 鷗iles': El teatro de Marcelo Ramos  

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" al escribir novelas de porno light basadas en las aventuras de sus compa馿ros; Vero terminar rob醤doles los ahorros a los dem醩; Lorenzo, un chico "conflictuado" que quiere rebelarse contra su familia que pertenece a la alta burgues韆 argentina...

Graham-Jones, Jean



DATOS EN LA WEB Los voluntarios publican sus observaciones diarias en el  

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mediciones precisas y de alta calidad hechas por los observadores suplementan las redes existentes. Tambi茅n condiciones sociales, que est谩n dispuestos a pasar algunos minutos al d铆a para medir y reportar la


Postwildfire preliminary debris flow hazard assessment for the area burned by the 2011 Las Conchas Fire in north-central New Mexico  

USGS Publications Warehouse

The Las Conchas Fire during the summer of 2011 was the largest in recorded history for the state of New Mexico, burning 634 square kilometers in the Jemez Mountains of north-central New Mexico. The burned landscape is now at risk of damage from postwildfire erosion, such as that caused by debris flows and flash floods. This report presents a preliminary hazard assessment of the debris-flow potential from 321 basins burned by the Las Conchas Fire. A pair of empirical hazard-assessment models developed using data from recently burned basins throughout the intermountain western United States was used to estimate the probability of debris-flow occurrence and volume of debris flows at the outlets of selected drainage basins within the burned area. The models incorporate measures of burn severity, topography, soils, and storm rainfall to estimate the probability and volume of debris flows following the fire. In response to a design storm of 28.0 millimeters of rain in 30 minutes (10-year recurrence interval), the probabilities of debris flows estimated for basins burned by the Las Conchas Fire were greater than 80 percent for two-thirds (67 percent) of the modeled basins. Basins with a high (greater than 80 percent) probability of debris-flow occurrence were concentrated in tributaries to Santa Clara and Rio del Oso Canyons in the northeastern part of the burned area; some steep areas in the Valles Caldera National Preserve, Los Alamos, and Guaje Canyons in the east-central part of the burned area; tributaries to Peralta, Colle, Bland, and Cochiti canyons in the southwestern part of the burned area; and tributaries to Frijoles, Alamo, and Capulin Canyons in the southeastern part of the burned area (within Bandelier National Monument). Estimated debris-flow volumes ranged from 400 cubic meters to greater than 72,000 cubic meters. The largest volumes (greater than 40,000 cubic meters) were estimated for basins in Santa Clara, Los Alamos, and Water Canyons, and for two basins at the northeast edge of the burned area tributary to Rio del Oso and Vallecitos Creek. The Combined Relative Debris-Flow Hazard Rankings identify the areas of highest probability of the largest debris flows. Basins with high Combined Relative Debris-Flow Hazard Rankings include upper Santa Clara Canyon in the northern section of the burn scar, and portions of Peralta, Colle, Bland, Cochiti, Capulin, Alamo, and Frijoles Canyons in the southern section of the burn scar. Three basins with high Combined Relative Debris-Flow Hazard Rankings also occur in areas upstream from the city of Los Alamos梩he city is home to and surrounded by numerous technical sites for the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Potential debris flows in the burned area could affect the water supply for Santa Clara Pueblo and several recreational lakes, as well as recreational and archeological resources in Bandelier National Monument. Debris flows could damage bridges and culverts along State Highway 501 and other roadways. Additional assessment is necessary to determine if the estimated volume of material is sufficient to travel into areas downstream from the modeled basins along the valley floors, where they could affect human life, property, agriculture, and infrastructure in those areas. Additionally, further investigation is needed to assess the potential for debris flows to affect structures at or downstream from basin outlets and to increase the threat of flooding downstream by damaging or blocking flood mitigation structures. The maps presented here may be used to prioritize areas where erosion mitigation or other protective measures may be necessary within a 2- to 3-year window of vulnerability following the Las Conchas Fire.

Tillery, Anne C.; Darr, Michael J.; Cannon, Susan H.; Michael, John A.



Environmental and geochemical record of human-induced changes in C storage during the last millennium in a temperate wetland (Las Tablas de Daimiel National Park, central Spain)  

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Las Tablas de Daimiel National Park has experienced many hydrological and ecological modifications through out its history, both of natural as well as anthropogenic origin, which have affected its carbon storage capacity and carbon fluxes. The study of those variations has been carried out by the analysis of its sedimentary record (geochemistry and pollen) and historical data. The natural changes have a wider variation range than the anthropogenic ones, show repetitive patterns and the system reacts readjusting the equilibrium among its components. Anthropogenic effects depend on the direct or indirect impact on the wetlands of change and its intensity. In addition, the anthropogenic impacts have the capacity of breaking the natural balance of the ecosystem and the internal interactions. ?? 2006 The Authors Journal compilation ?? 2006 Blackwell Munksgaard.

Dominguez-Castro, F.; Santisteban, J.I.; Mediavilla, R.; Dean, W.E.; Lopez-Pamo, E.; Gil-Garcia, M. J.; Ruiz-Zapata, M. B.



The Tangled Branches (Las Ramas Enredadas): Sexual Risk, Substance Abuse, and Intimate Partner Violence Among Hispanic Men who Have Sex with Men  

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Hispanic men who have sex with men (MSM) experience a number of health disparities including high rates of HIV infection from high risk sex, substance abuse, and intimate partner violence. Although some research is available to document the relationships of these health disparities in the literature, few studies have explored the intersection of these disparities and the factors that influence them. The purpose of this study was to explore the experiences that Hispanic MSM residing in South Florida have with high risk sex, substance abuse, and intimate partner violence. Focus groups were conducted and analyzed using grounded theory methodology until data saturation was reached (n = 20). Two core categories with subcategories emerged from the data: The Roots of Risk (Los raices del riesgo) and The Tangled Branches (Las Ramas Enredadas). The results of the study provided some important clinical implications as well as directions for future research with Hispanic MSM. PMID:24084703

De Santis, Joseph P.; Gonzalez-Guarda, Rosa; Provencio-Vasquez, Elias; Deleon, Diego A.



Estimates of hydraulic properties from a one-dimensional numerical model of vertical aquifer-system deformation, Lorenzi site, Las Vegas, Nevada  

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Land subsidence related to aquifer-system compaction and ground-water withdrawals has been occurring in Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, since the 1930's, and by the late 1980's some areas in the valley had subsided more than 5 feet. Since the late 1980's, seasonal artificial-recharge programs have lessened the effects of summertime pumping on aquifer-system compaction, but the long-term trend of compaction continues in places. Since 1994, the U.S. Geological Survey has continuously monitored water-level changes in three piezometers and vertical aquifer-system deformation with a borehole extensometer at the Lorenzi site in Las Vegas, Nevada. A one-dimensional, numerical, ground-water flow model of the aquifer system below the Lorenzi site was developed for the period 1901-2000, to estimate aquitard vertical hydraulic conductivity, aquitard inelastic skeletal specific storage, and aquitard and aquifer elastic skeletal specific storage. Aquifer water-level data were used in the model as the aquifer-system stresses that controlled simulated vertical aquifer-system deformation. Nonlinear-regression methods were used to calibrate the model, utilizing estimated and measured aquifer-system deformation data to minimize a weighted least-squares objective function, and estimate optimal property values. Model results indicate that at the Lorenzi site, aquitard vertical hydraulic conductivity is 3 x 10-6 feet per day, aquitard inelastic skeletal specific storage is 4 x 10-5 per foot, aquitard elastic skeletal specific storage is 5 x 10-6 per foot, and aquifer elastic skeletal specific storage is 3 x 10-7 per foot. Regression statistics indicate that the model and data provided sufficient information to estimate the target properties, the model adequately simulated observed data, and the estimated property values are accurate and unique.

Pavelko, Michael T.



VE-Cadherin Cleavage by LasB Protease from Pseudomonas aeruginosa Facilitates Type III Secretion System Toxicity in Endothelial Cells  

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Infection of the vascular system by Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Pa) occurs during bacterial dissemination in the body or in blood-borne infections. Type 3 secretion system (T3SS) toxins from Pa induce a massive retraction when injected into endothelial cells. Here, we addressed the role of type 2 secretion system (T2SS) effectors in this process. Mutants with an inactive T2SS were much less effective than wild-type strains at inducing cell retraction. Furthermore, secretomes from wild-typeswere sufficient to trigger cell-cell junction opening when applied to cells, while T2SS-inactivated mutants had minimal activity. Intoxication was associated with decreased levels of vascular endothelial (VE)-cadherin, a homophilic adhesive protein located at endothelial cell-cell junctions. During the process, the protein was cleaved in the middle of its extracellular domain (positions 335 and 349). VE-cadherin attrition was T3SS-independent but T2SS-dependent. Interestingly, the epithelial (E)-cadherin was unaffected by T2SS effectors, indicating that this mechanism is specific to endothelial cells. We showed that one of the T2SS effectors, the protease LasB, directly affected VE-cadherin proteolysis, hence promoting cell-cell junction disruption. Furthermore, mouse infection with Pa to induce acute pneumonia lead to significant decreases in lung VE-cadherin levels, whereas the decrease was minimal with T2SS-inactivated or LasB-deleted mutant strains. We conclude that the T2SS plays a pivotal role during Pa infection of the vascular system by breaching the endothelial barrier, and propose a model in which the T2SS and the T3SS cooperate to intoxicate endothelial cells. PMID:24626230

Golovkine, Guillaume; Faudry, Eric; Bouillot, St閜hanie; Voulhoux, Rom; Attr閑, Ina; Huber, Philippe



VE-cadherin cleavage by LasB protease from Pseudomonas aeruginosa facilitates type III secretion system toxicity in endothelial cells.  


Infection of the vascular system by Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Pa) occurs during bacterial dissemination in the body or in blood-borne infections. Type 3 secretion system (T3SS) toxins from Pa induce a massive retraction when injected into endothelial cells. Here, we addressed the role of type 2 secretion system (T2SS) effectors in this process. Mutants with an inactive T2SS were much less effective than wild-type strains at inducing cell retraction. Furthermore, secretomes from wild-types were sufficient to trigger cell-cell junction opening when applied to cells, while T2SS-inactivated mutants had minimal activity. Intoxication was associated with decreased levels of vascular endothelial (VE)-cadherin, a homophilic adhesive protein located at endothelial cell-cell junctions. During the process, the protein was cleaved in the middle of its extracellular domain (positions 335 and 349). VE-cadherin attrition was T3SS-independent but T2SS-dependent. Interestingly, the epithelial (E)-cadherin was unaffected by T2SS effectors, indicating that this mechanism is specific to endothelial cells. We showed that one of the T2SS effectors, the protease LasB, directly affected VE-cadherin proteolysis, hence promoting cell-cell junction disruption. Furthermore, mouse infection with Pa to induce acute pneumonia lead to significant decreases in lung VE-cadherin levels, whereas the decrease was minimal with T2SS-inactivated or LasB-deleted mutant strains. We conclude that the T2SS plays a pivotal role during Pa infection of the vascular system by breaching the endothelial barrier, and propose a model in which the T2SS and the T3SS cooperate to intoxicate endothelial cells. PMID:24626230

Golovkine, Guillaume; Faudry, Eric; Bouillot, St閜hanie; Voulhoux, Rom; Attr閑, Ina; Huber, Philippe



Slope-apron deposition in an ordovician arc-related setting: The Vuelta de Las Tolas Member (Suri Formation), Famatina Basin, northwest Argentina  

USGS Publications Warehouse

The Ordovician Suri Formation is part of the infill of the Famatina Basin of northwest Argentina, which formed in an active setting along the western margin of early Paleozoic Gondwana. The lower part of this formation, the Vuelta de Las Tolas Member, records sedimentation on a slope apron formed in an intra-arc basin situated on a flooded continental arc platform. The coincidence of a thick Arenig-Llanvirn sedimentary succession and volcanic-plutonic arc rocks suggests an extensional or transtensional arc setting, and is consistent with evidence of an extensional regime within the volcanic arc in the northern Puna region. The studied stratigraphic sections consist of volcanic rocks and six sedimentary facies. The facies can be clustered into four facies associations. Association 1, composed of facies A (laminated siltstones and mudstones) and B (massive mudstones and siltstones), is interpreted to have accumulated from silty-muddy high-and low-density turbidity currents and highly fluid, silty debris flows, with subsequent reworking by bottom currents, and to a lesser extent, hemipelagic suspension in an open-slope setting. Facies association 2 is dominated by facies C (current-rippled siltstones) strata. These deposits are interpreted to record overbank sedimentation from fine-grained turbidity currents. Facies E (matrix-supported volcanic breccias) interbedded with andesitic lava units comprises facies association 3. Deposition was contemporaneous with subaqueous volcanic activity, and accumulated from cohesive debris flows in a coarse-grained wedge at the base of slope. Facies association 4 is typified by facies D (vitric fine-grained sandstones and siltstones) and F (channelized and graded volcanic conglomerates and breccias) deposits. These strata commonly display thinning-and fining-upward trends, indicating sedimentation from highly-concentrated volcaniclastic turbidity currents in a channelized system. The general characteristics of these deposits of fresh pyroclastic detritus suggest that their accumulation was contemporaneous with, or post-dated shallow-water or subaereal explosive volcanism. The Vuelta de Las Tolas Member tends to show an overall random facies patterns reflecting the strong influence of non-cyclical episodic processes related to arc volcanism and slope sedimentation. The scarcity of resident ichnofaunas and the presence of thick packages of uniform mudstones suggest deposition under oxygen-depleted conditions in a topographically confined, ponded sub-basin. Interbasinal correlations favor comparison with Middle Arenig slope-apron successions formed in the northern Puna Basin and suggest a southward prolongation of the Arenig volcanic arc.

Mangano, M.G.; Buatois, L.A.




EPA Science Inventory

La meta del ETV es verificar, a travs de una evaluacin de informacin objectiva y de calidad, las caracteristicas del desempeo de tecnologas comerciales ambientales. As el ETV proporciona a los compradores y los licenciadores potenciales una valoracin imparcial y creble d...


Los Presupuestos Generales de Estado para 2007 : diferencias entre el proyecto de presupuestos y los presupuestos aprobados y an醠isis de las pol韙icas de gasto gestionadas por el Estado y por la Seguridad Social  

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Aunque en Espa馻 los Presupuestos Generales del Estado abarcan un 醡bito limitado dentro las Administraciones P鷅licas,1 tienen una gran importancia pues constituyen el principal instrumento financiero del gobierno para conseguir sus fines de pol韙ica econ髆ica. En general, es conveniente analizar los presupuestos desde diferentes perspectivas. Por una parte, es preciso conocer sus efectos globales sobre la econom韆 en su conjunto,

Valent韓 Edo Hern醤dez



La contribuci髇 de las pol韙icas de inversi髇 en capital p鷅lico y humano al crecimiento de la productividad en la UE15\\/The Contribution of Human and Public Capital Policies to Productivity Growth in the 15EU Countries  

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En este trabajo se analiza la contribuci髇 de las pol韙icas p鷅licas de inversi髇 en capital p鷅lico y humano al crecimiento de la productividad total de los factores en la UE-15 durante el periodo 1980- 2001. Esta contribuci髇 se estima a trav閟 de la elaboraci髇 de 韓dices de productividad de Malmquist calculados mediante t閏nicas no param閠ricas de programaci髇 lineal, que permiten




Sentana Gadea, Eloy Metodologas autrquicas aplicadas al relanzamiento de las polticas de desarrollo local Silvestre Francs, Eva M La Obra Social de Caixa Ontinyent como dinamizadora del desarrollo local en la comarca de laVall  

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Sentana Gadea, Eloy Metodolog铆as aut谩rquicas aplicadas al relanzamiento de las pol铆ticas de. Yago Mart铆nez, Laura, G贸mez Javaloyes, M.; Gisbert, E. y Beltr谩n S. eGruyere, otra forma de generar Huertos Urbanos: buena praxis en sostenibilidad urbana Mart铆nez Puche, A. et alii La

Escolano, Francisco


Information Adapted From:, Mar. 2007 Los programas educativos de Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service estn disponibles para todas las personas, sin dis-  

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- tinci贸n de raza, color, sexo, discapacidad, religi贸n, edad u origen nacional. 驴Que es Toxoplasmosis? El toxoplasmosis es causado por un parasito que se encuentra en carne cru- da y cocida a medias, productos las manos. Comiendo carne poco cocinado o bebiendo agua contaminada tambi茅n puede causar toxoplasmosis


Vino, turismo e innovaci髇: Las Rutas del Vino de Espa馻, una estrategia integrada de desarrollo rural\\/Wine, Tourism and Innovation: The Wine Routes of Spain, an Integrated Strategy of Rural Development  

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La importancia del vi馿do en la econom韆 agraria a lo largo de la historia es incuestionable. La b鷖queda de la calidad de los vinos en un mercado cada vez m醩 competitivo y globalizado es un objetivo de todas las comarcas vit韈olas del mundo. En este contexto, el af醤 por innovar y ofrecer al consumidor productos m醩 diversificados y complementarios al





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The Seventh National Ground Water Quality Symposium was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, on September 26-28, 1984. The symposium was dedicated to the memory of Mahdi S. Hantush (1921-1984), a pioneering scientist who specialized in the application of mathematics to solve transient grou...


Informe Anual a la Naci髇 indica una reducci髇 en los 韓dices de incidencia y mortalidad por c醤cer; una secci髇 especial revela amplias variaciones en las tendencias del c醤cer de pulm髇 en los estados

Un nuevo informe de las principales organizaciones oncol骻icas del pa韘 muestra que, por primera vez desde la primera publicaci髇 del informe en 1998, tanto el 韓dice de incidencia como el de mortalidad para todos los c醤ceres combinados est醤 disminuyendo en hombres y mujeres.


The Guyanas = Las Guayanas. America = Las Americas [Series].  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Written for teachers to use with migrant children in elementary grades and to highlight the many Americas, this bilingual English/Spanish social studies resource booklet provides historical and cultural background information on the Guyanas--French Guyana, Surinam, and Guyana. A table of contents indicates the language--Spanish or English--in

Toro, Leonor


CO2-rich thermomineral groundwater in the Betic Cordilleras, southeastern Spain: Genesis and tectonic implications  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The CO2-rich thermal groundwater in the Betic Cordilleras in Spain has been studied with regard to the geological and hydrogeological setting, physical and chemical characteristics, and 13C-isotope content. The study area is about 60km northeast of Almer韆 city, in southeastern Spain. The thermomineral waters are plentiful and are related to regional geothermal anomalies. Temperatures of 20 -41癈, high bicarbonate concentrations (183-1824mg/L), and high amounts of PCO2 (<1.1bar) characterize the groundwater. CO2 spatial variations are related to proximity to the Carboneras, Palomares, and Guadalent韓 fault systems, which may be the surface representation of the zone of crustal thinning and magmatism. ?13C values probably indicate a deep source for the CO2, either the mantle or perhaps carbonate rocks in the metamorphic substratum. The high amount of CO2 in the groundwater causes problems in wells and severely restricts water usage. The hydrothermal features of this area are probably related to neotectonic activity. R閟um Les eaux thermales teneurs 閘ev閑s en CO2 des Cordill鑢es B閠iques ont 閠殚tudi閑s, sp閏ialement en ce qui concerne les aspects g閛logiques et hydrog閛logiques, leurs caract閞istiques physiques et chimiques, et leurs teneurs en 13C. La zone d'閠ude est situ閑 60km environ au nord-est de la ville d'Almer韆, au sud-est de l'Espagne. Les eaux thermomin閞ales sont nombreuses et sont en relation avec les anomalies g閛thermales r間ionales. L'eau souterraine a une temp閞ature comprise entre 20-41癈, une concentration 閘ev閑 en bicarbonates (entre 183 et 1824mg/L), et PCO2閘ev閑 (<1.1bars). Les variations spaciales de CO2 sont en rapport avec la proximit des syst鑝es de failles de Carboneras, Palomares et Guadalentin, et peuvent 阾re la manifestation en surface d'une zone d'amincissement cortical. Les donn閑s de ?13C indiquent un apport probable d'origine profonde de CO2, 関entuellement du manteau et/ou des roches carbonat閑s pr閟entes dans le substratum m閠amorphique. Les concentrations 閘ev閑s en CO2 dans l'eau souterraine posent des probl鑝es dans les forages et dans l'utilisation de l'eau. Le caract鑢e hydrothermal de cette r間ion serait en rapport avec son activit n閛tectonique. Resumen Las aguas termales con elevados contenidos en CO2 de las Cordilleras B閠icas han sido estudiadas en relaci髇 con los aspectos geol骻icos e hidrogeol骻icos, sus caracter韘ticas f韘icas y qu韒icas, y sus contenidos en 13C. El 醨ea de estudio se encuentra aproximadamente a 60km al noreste de la ciudad de Almer韆, en el sureste de Espa馻. Las aguas termominerales son numerosas y est醤 relacionadas con anomal韆s geotermales regionales. El agua subterr醤ea tiene una temperatura comprendida entre 20-41癈, alta concentraci髇 de bicarbonatos (entre 183-1824mg/L) y elevada PCO2 (<1.1bares). Las variaciones espaciales de CO2 est醤 relacionadas con la proximidad de los sistemas de fallas de Carboneras, Palomares y Guadalent韓, y puede ser la manifestaci髇 en superficie de una zona de adelgazamiento cortical. Los datos de ?13C indican un posible aporte de origen profundo de CO2, posiblemente del manto y/o de las rocas carbonatadas presentes en el sustrato metam髍fico. Las elevadas concentraciones de CO2 en el agua subterr醤ea origina problemas en los sondeos y en el uso del agua. El car醕ter hidrotermal de este 醨ea estar韆 relacionado con su actividad neotect髇ica.

Cer髇, J. C.; Mart韓-Vallejo, M.; Garc韆-Rossell, L.


Model of hydrological behaviour of the anthropized semiarid wetland of Las Tablas de Daimiel National Park (Spain) based on surface water-groundwater interactions  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Las Tablas de Daimiel National Park (TDNP) in Spain is one of the most important semiarid wetlands of the Mediterranean area. The inversion of the regional groundwater flow, primarily due to overexploitation and inadequate aquifer management, has led to degradation. The system has turned from a groundwater discharge zone into a recharge zone, and has remained mostly dry since the 1980s. High heterogeneity and complexity, enhanced by anthropogenic management action, hampers prediction of the surface-groundwater system response to flooding events. This study analyses these interactions and provides empirical evidence to define a conceptual model of flooding-infiltration-groundwater dynamics through the application of a few simple analysis tools to basic hydrological data. Relevant surface water-groundwater interactions are mainly localized in the left (west) margin of TDNP, as confirmed by the fast responses to flooding observed in the hydrochemic, hydrodynamic and isotopic data. During drying periods, small artificial and/or low-flow natural floods are followed by infiltration of evaporated poor-quality ponding water into saline low-permeability layers. The results allow an improved understanding of the hydrological behaviour essential to support efficient management practices. The relative simplicity of the methodology allows for its application in other similar complex groundwater-linked wetlands where detailed knowledge of local geology is still absent.

Aguilera, H.; Casta駉, S.; Moreno, L.; Jim閚ez-Hern醤dez, M. E.; de la Losa, A.



Multivariate analysis, mass balance techniques, and statistical tests as tools in igneous petrology: application to the Sierra de las Cruces volcanic range (Mexican Volcanic Belt).  


Magmatic processes have usually been identified and evaluated using qualitative or semiquantitative geochemical or isotopic tools based on a restricted number of variables. However, a more complete and quantitative view could be reached applying multivariate analysis, mass balance techniques, and statistical tests. As an example, in this work a statistical and quantitative scheme is applied to analyze the geochemical features for the Sierra de las Cruces (SC) volcanic range (Mexican Volcanic Belt). In this locality, the volcanic activity (3.7 to 0.5?Ma) was dominantly dacitic, but the presence of spheroidal andesitic enclaves and/or diverse disequilibrium features in majority of lavas confirms the operation of magma mixing/mingling. New discriminant-function-based multidimensional diagrams were used to discriminate tectonic setting. Statistical tests of discordancy and significance were applied to evaluate the influence of the subducting Cocos plate, which seems to be rather negligible for the SC magmas in relation to several major and trace elements. A cluster analysis following Ward's linkage rule was carried out to classify the SC volcanic rocks geochemical groups. Finally, two mass-balance schemes were applied for the quantitative evaluation of the proportion of the end-member components (dacitic and andesitic magmas) in the comingled lavas (binary mixtures). PMID:24737994

Velasco-Tapia, Fernando



Colombia. America = Las Americas [Series].  

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Written for teachers to use with migrant children in elementary grades to highlight the many Americas, this bilingual English/Spanish social studies resource booklet provides historical and cultural background information on Colombia and features biographies of Colombian leaders and artists. A table of contents indicates the language--Spanish or

Toro, Leonor; Doran, Sandra


Peru. America = Las Americas [Series].  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Intended for elementary teachers to use with migrant students, this bilingual English/Spanish social studies resource booklet provides an encyclopedia-style overview of Peru's history, geography, economy, and culture. Topics included are the people, geographic regions, festivals and celebrations, the economy, natural resources, Lake Titicaca,

Toro, Leonor; Doran, Sandra


Bolivia. America = Las Americas [Series].  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Written for teachers to use with migrant children in elementary grades and to highlight the many Americas, this bilingual English/Spanish social studies resource booklet provides historical and cultural information on Bolivia. A table of contents indicates the language--Spanish or English--in which the topics are written. The quarterly provides an

Toro, Leonor; Avery, Robert S.


La verdad de las mujeres  

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It is a series of lectures on feminism because of some women students who wanted to know about the history of 獶i髏ima (a women抯 community for philosophical research) and to understand the historical context that gave birth to books like Traer al mundo el mundo [Bringing the World to the World}, by Di髏ima, my El orden simb髄ico de la madre

Luisa Muraro



Evidencia de las Transiciones Evolucionarias  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The issue-focused, peer-reviewed article demonstrates that all living organisms share the same family tree. This fact is backed by evidence such as: Archaeopteryx, a missing link between reptiles and birds, mammalian hearing structure, which evolved from reptilian jawbones, the animals of the Galapagos, isolated from the rest of the world, and DNA profiles of life forms, present and past.

Michael Benton (University of Bristol;)



Ecuador. America = Las Americas [Series].  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Designed for elementary teachers to use with migrant students, this bilingual English/Spanish social studies resource booklet provides an encyclopedia-style overview of Ecuador's history, geography, economy, and culture. Topics include the history of Ecuador's flag and coat of arms, geographic regions, food, Quito (the capital), recent wildlife

Toro, Leonor; Doran, Sandra


C髆o sentar las bases de una justicia universal: Creaci髇 de redes internacionales y ejercicio de la responsabilidad penal en el caso de violaciones de los derechos humanos en Chile y El Salvador \\/ Grounding global justice: international networks and domestic human rights accountability in Chile and El Salvador  

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Para algunos, la detenci髇 en Londres del ex-dictador chileno Augusto Pinochet, en 1998, fue una demostraci髇 paradigm醫ica de la posible eficacia de las as llamadas 玶edes globales de la sociedad civil para hacer efectiva la responsabilidad penal de ex Jefes de Estado por cr韒enes contra la humanidad. Sin embargo, el presente art韈ulo cuestiona la eficacia de las acciones que pueden

Cath Collins



A comparison of greenhouse gas emissions and local area pollution of highspeed rail and air travel between Los Angeles and Las Vegas  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Global warming is one of the most discussed global environmental issues in the world today. Global warming is driven by fossil fuel combustion emissions known as Green-house Gases (GHG). One of the major contributors to GHG emissions is the transport sector, emitting approximately 30% of total U.S. CO 2 emissions in 2010. Air travel contributed approximately 3.5% of total U.S. CO2 in 2008. High-speed Rail (HSR) is often touted as cleaner, more sustainable mode of transport than air travel. HSR is one of few modes of transport capable of competing with air travel for short to medium-haul distances. There has been considerable study of GHG emissions of each independently. Research has also been carried out into the economics and competition of these transport modes. However, there has been very limited study of the comparative emissions of each, apart from one study in Europe (Givoni, 2007). The current study was undertaken with the goal of quantifying potential emission savings due to mode substitution from air travel to HSR in the Los Angeles to Las Vegas corridor. This study only considered the emissions which occurred from the combustion of the relevant fuels, either in power plants or the engines of an aircraft. Emissions from fuel production/refining or transport of fuels were not considered. Another issue compared was Local Area Pollution (LAP), which is a measure of the severity of emissions effect on the environment. This was examined because all emissions from HSR occur close to the surface of the earth, and hence effect the local environment, while only a portion of aircraft emissions do. This study was carried out using internationally recognized emission inventory methodologies. For the air travel emission estimate methodologies and data published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) were used. The HSR energy use was estimated from energy use data from currently running HSR programs, in France, UK and Spain (Alvarez, 2007; Kemp, 2007). The emissions were then estimated using an adjusted tier 3 method. For aviation emissions a tier three method was also used. The findings of this research are mixed. HSR would emit 66% less GHG emissions using today's energy mixes for California and Nevada. Using California's 2020 target energy mix HSR would emit 80% less GHG emissions. However, using today's energy mix HSR would cause 33% more LAP than air travel. Using California's 2020 mix the HSR would cause 22% less LAP the air travel. However this 20% improvement would likely be eroded by aircraft emissions improvement between now and 2020. To conclude, this research found that HSR does offer significant GHG emission reductions, when compared to air travel between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. However is less clear regarding LAP, though HSR has the potential to create savings here in the future as well. For other corridors around the U.S.A., earmarked for HSR, similar studies should be carried out to examine the benefits of such mode transfer.

Mullins, Damien


New ultracool subdwarfs identified in large-scale surveys using Virtual Observatory tools. I. UKIDSS LAS DR5 vs. SDSS DR7  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Aims: The aim of the project is to improve our knowledge of the low-mass and low-metallicity population to investigate the influence of metallicity on the stellar (and substellar) mass function. Methods: We present the results of a photometric and proper motion search aimed at discovering ultracool subdwarfs in large-scale surveys. We employed and combined the Fifth Data Release (DR5) of the UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey (UKIDSS) Large Area Survey (LAS) and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) Data Release 7 complemented with ancillary data from the Two Micron All-Sky Survey (2MASS), the DEep Near-Infrared Survey (DENIS) and the SuperCOSMOS Sky Surveys (SSS). Results: The SDSS DR7 vs. UKIDSS LAS DR5 search returned a total of 32 ultracool subdwarf candidates, only two of which are recognised as a subdwarf in the literature. Twenty-seven candidates, including the two known ones, were followed-up spectroscopically in the optical between 600 and 1000 nm, thus covering strong spectral features indicative of low metallicity (e.g., CaH), 21 with the Very Large Telescope, one with the Nordic Optical Telescope, and five were extracted from the Sloan spectroscopic database to assess (or refute) their low-metal content. We confirm 20 candidates as subdwarfs, extreme subdwarfs, or ultra-subdwarfs with spectral types later than M5; this represents a success rate of ? 60%. Among those 20 new subdwarfs, we identify two early-L subdwarfs that are very likely located within 100 pc, which we propose as templates for future searches because they are the first examples of their subclass. Another seven sources are solar-metallicity M dwarfs with spectral types between M4 and M7 without H? emission, suggesting that they are old M dwarfs. The remaining five candidates do not have spectroscopic follow-up yet; only one remains as a bona-fide ultracool subdwarf after revision of their proper motions. We assigned spectral types based on the current classification schemes and, when possible, we measured their radial velocities. Using the limited number of subdwarfs with trigonometric parallaxes, we estimated distances ranging from ~95 to ~600 pc for the new subdwarfs. We provide mid-infrared photometry extracted from the WISE satellite databases for two subdwarfs and discuss their colours. Finally, we estimate a lower limit of the surface density of ultracool subdwarfs about 5000-5700 times lower than that of solar-metallicity late-M dwarfs. Based on observations made with ESO Telescopes at the La Silla Paranal Observatory under programme ID 084.C-0928A.Based on observations made with the Nordic Optical Telescope, operated on the island of La Palma jointly by Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, in the Spanish Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos of the Instituto de Astrof韘ica de Canarias.

Lodieu, N.; Espinoza Contreras, M.; Zapatero Osorio, M. R.; Solano, E.; Aberasturi, M.; Mart韓, E. L.



Infrared Camera Characterization of Bi-Propellant Reaction Control Engines during Auxiliary Propulsion Systems Tests at NASA's White Sands Test Facility in Las Cruces, New Mexico  

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This paper describes the application of a FUR Systems A40M infrared (IR) digital camera for thermal monitoring of a Liquid Oxygen (LOX) and Ethanol bi-propellant Reaction Control Engine (RCE) during Auxiliary Propulsion System (APS) testing at the National Aeronautics & Space Administration's (NASA) White Sands Test Facility (WSTF) near Las Cruces, New Mexico. Typically, NASA has relied mostly on the use of ThermoCouples (TC) for this type of thermal monitoring due to the variability of constraints required to accurately map rapidly changing temperatures from ambient to glowing hot chamber material. Obtaining accurate real-time temperatures in the JR spectrum is made even more elusive by the changing emissivity of the chamber material as it begins to glow. The parameters evaluated prior to APS testing included: (1) remote operation of the A40M camera using fiber optic Firewire signal sender and receiver units; (2) operation of the camera inside a Pelco explosion proof enclosure with a germanium window; (3) remote analog signal display for real-time monitoring; (4) remote digital data acquisition of the A40M's sensor information using FUR's ThermaCAM Researcher Pro 2.8 software; and (5) overall reliability of the system. An initial characterization report was prepared after the A40M characterization tests at Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) to document controlled heat source comparisons to calibrated TCs. Summary IR digital data recorded from WSTF's APS testing is included within this document along with findings, lessons learned, and recommendations for further usage as a monitoring tool for the development of rocket engines.

Holleman, Elizabeth; Sharp, David; Sheller, Richard; Styron, Jason



The Ordovician Las Chacritas pluton (Sierra de Humaya, NW Argentina): origin and emplacement triggered by lateral shortening and magmatic stoping at mid-crustal level  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Field relationships and structural studies combined with in situ U-Th-Pb dating of monazite from Las Chacritas pluton (LCP), Sierra de Humaya, provide insight into the emplacement of peraluminous magmas triggered by lateral shortening of the host rock and magmatic stoping at a mid-crustal level of a retro-arc zone in a convergent orogen. Modal and chemical compositions indicate that the LCP is composed of two main igneous units of peraluminous granitoids. The predominant two-mica granitoids were generated by interaction of crustal rocks with mafic or mafic-derived magmas and/or crystal-rich magmas that entrained residual phases, whereas less abundant leucocratic granitoids may have been originated by partial melting of metasedimentary rocks. The calculated crystallization age of 474 4 Ma is consistent with Ordovician ages (477-470 Ma) of the high-grade metamorphic rocks, indicating concomitant magmatism and metamorphism during the Famatinian orogeny. The LCP was emplaced in the middle crust at a maximum depth of ~14.5 km, where attendant fracturing and ductile deformation were active. Field evidence shows strong temporal and spatial relationships between host rock ductile deformation and the emplacement of the pluton such as folding and strike deflection of the host rock layering and folded concordant leucocratic sheets with magmatic fabrics. This suggests that material transfer processes like lateral wall rock displacement (lateral shortening) was a viable mechanism for the emplacement of the LCP. However, cross-sectional restoration and field evidence such as wall rock xenoliths and intrusive truncations of the host rock foliation and fold traces suggest that magmatic stoping was a complementary mechanism to create the necessary space for the emplacement of the LCP. This work supports previous studies showing that participation of multiple material transfer processes are the rule rather than the exception in the emplacement of plutons.

Larrovere, Mariano A.; Alasino, Pablo H.; de los Hoyos, Camilo R.; Willner, Arne P.



Funghi d'alta quota nelle Alpi Cozie Boletus edulis e Boletus aestivalis in zona alpina  

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Author describes some mycological excursions in Cozie Alps, at high altitude, during summers 2005-2006. He founded Boletaceae, Amanitaceae and Russulaceae in alpine zone, with Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, probably theirs mycorrhizal partner. The author at the end writes a list of mushrooms that he had found in this habitat. Finally he talks about new literature regard alpine zone's mushrooms.



Ocean colour validation activities at the Acqua Alta Oceanographic Tower in the northern Adriatic Sea  

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The development and validation of ocean colour products require the availability of in situ atmospheric and marine data. Since 1995, the Coastal Atmosphere and Sea Time Series (CoASTS) Program ensures the collection of an in situ comprehensive set of measurements taken from an oceanographic tower in the northern Adriatic Sea. An example of a validation exercise is presented through the

Giuseppe Zibordi; Jean-Fran鏾is Berthon; Barbara Bulgarelli; Davide D'Alimonte; Dirk van der Linde; Frederic Melin; Cristina Targa



Measuring the fracture toughness of ultra-thin films with application to AlTa coatings  

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a) , James McKinnell b) , Wie-Ming Ang b) , and Joost J. Vlassak c) Division of Engineering Corporation, 3065 Bowers Avenue, MS SC2-24, Santa Clara, California 95054, USA. b) Hewlett-Packard c) To whom rectangular membrane: Perspective views of the freestanding film, (a) before and (b) after a pressure (p


77 FR 38823 - Notice of Availability of the Alta East Wind Project Draft Environmental Impact Statement...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...either (1) available for future wind energy generation projects; or (2) unavailable for future wind energy generation projects. The Draft EIS/EIR/PA evaluates the potential impacts of the proposed AEWP on air...



Mechanized and natural soil-to-air transfer of trifluralin and prometryn from a cotton field in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  


Two pre-emergence herbicides (trifluralin and prometryn) were applied on a cotton field in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and their atmospheric particle and gas-phase concentrations were measured during mechanized soil preparation and natural wind erosion sampling events before and after herbicide application. Air sampling was conducted using samplers mounted at various heights from the ground and at various locations on the field. During mechanized soil management with a disk harrow, sampling occurred at two distances from the tractor ("near-source", 4 m downwind and "far-source", 20-100 m from the disking tractor). Natural background (no disking) sampling events occurred during daytime and at night. Both herbicides were quantifiable for all postapplication sampling events, including background sampling that occurred 8, 38, and 40 days after herbicide application. Average concentrations in both the gas and particle phases ranged from about 10 to 350 ng/m(3). Averaging by event type, mean total prometryn concentrations were 2 (night background) to 8 (near-source) times higher than the corresponding trifluralin concentrations. Prometryn/trifluralin ratios were higher in airborne samples than in soil, indicative of trifluralin losses during daytime sampling, possibly via atmospheric reactions. Prometryn particle phase mass fractions were generally higher than those for trifluralin for all sampling events, consistent with Kair/soil-oc partition coefficients, and particle-phase mass fractions were higher for near-source disking and daytime background sampling compared to far-source and nighttime. Daytime natural background prometryn concentrations could be as high as those measured during disking, and background samples showed significant relationships to meteorological parameters (air temperature, relative humidity, and dewpoint). Mechanical disturbance by tilling operations reduced the ability to predict airborne herbicide concentrations on the basis of meteorological conditions. Prometryn concentrations were higher for larger particle sizes (Dp > 1.8 ?m), while no clear patterns with particle size were observed for trifluralin. Trifluralin concentrations in the smallest size bin (PM0.18) were 2-50 times higher than prometryn for the three disking events where an impactor was used, indicating the importance of measuring size-resolved herbicide distributions in future studies. PMID:24040758

Holm閚, Britt A; Kasumba, John; Hiscox, April; Wang, Junming; Miller, David



The Las Campanas Observatory/Gemini-South campaign for Deep Impact target comet 9P/Tempel 1: Overview and Highlights  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present initial results of a combined LCO/Gemini observational programme to characterize the Deep Impact target 9P/Tempel 1 before, during and after the expected excavation of a new impact crater on 04 July 2005. Our programme combines a suite of optical, near-IR and thermal-IR instruments at the Las Campanas Observatory and Gemini South in Chile to establish a baseline and then observe the consequences when the Deep Impact Mission fires a 370kg copper projectile to penetrate the mantle of comet 9P/Tempel 1. Observations are scheduled between 20 June and 20 July, 2005. We are employing T-ReCS on Gemini South to obtain thermal infrared imaging and spectroscopy of the comet simultaneously with narrowband optical continuum and near infrared imaging from the two Magellan 6.5 meter telescopes using MagIC and PANIC. Taken together these high spatial resolution data will allow us to model the physical and chemical characteristics of the subsurface material freshly excavated by the Deep Impact projectile. We will determine or constrain the composition, albedo, size distribution, and production rate, for the dust and water ice particles in the coma prior to the mission impact (8 cometary rotations pre-impact) and then compare these same properties at three epochs following the excavation of the impact crater (immediately following the impact within the first cometary rotation, after another 4 cometary rotations and again 8 rotations after impact). To compliment the T-ReCS spectroscopy obtained within the first cometary rotation following impact, we will also have simultaneous 5-30 micron spectra obtained with the IRS instrument on the Spitzer spacecraft at UT 01:54 and 23:13 on 05 July. In addition to these simultaneous Magellan/Gemini observations, wide-field narrowband imaging will be carried out at the duPont 2.5m telescope at LCO between 27 June and 09 July, 2005. Together, these investigations will provide a detailed characterization of pristine cometary material dating back to the origins of our solar system.

Osip, D. J.; De Buizer, J.; Thomas-Osip, J. E.; Lederer, S. M.; Lisse, C.