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Reinserción laboral tras infarto agudo de miocardio (IAM): tratamiento rehabilitador frente a tratamiento convencional tras IAM  

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IntroductionAcute myocardial infarction (AMI) produces more morbidity-mortality than any other disease in developed countries. It affects the patient's quality of life and work situation, generating significant economic cost. Among the goals of cardiac rehabilitation are: to prolong the patient's life, reduce symptoms, improve physical function, promote good general state and facilitate the resumption of daily activity. The aim of this

N. Álvarez-Bandrés; M. Malillos-Torán; A. Domínguez-Aragó; C. Lapresta; R. Numancia-Andreu



Imaging MAMA detector systems  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Imaging multianode microchannel array (MAMA) detector systems with 1024 x 1024 pixel formats have been produced for visible and UV wavelengths; the UV types employ 'solar blind' photocathodes whose detective quantum efficiencies are significantly higher than those of currently available CCDs operating at far-UV and EUV wavelengths. Attention is presently given to the configurations and performance capabilities of state-of-the-art MAMA detectors, with a view to the development requirements of the hybrid electronic circuits needed for forthcoming spacecraft-sensor applications. Gain, dark noise, uniformity, and dynamic range performance data are presented for the curved-channel 'chevron', 'Z-plate', and helical-channel high gain microchannel plate configurations that are currently under evaluation with MAMA detector systems.

Slater, David C.; Timothy, J. G.; Morgan, Jeffrey S.; Kasle, David B.



Novedades en el tratamiento quirúrgico del cáncer de mama  

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Summary Adecuate surgical treatment is mandatory in order to achieve cure in patients with breast cancer. Breast surgeons have to choice the best surgical technique over the breast and over the axillary nodes. Two new surgical aproaches have been implemented in the last decade: oncoplas- tic conservative surgery and sentinel lymph node biopsy. Oncoplastic surgery provides oncologic safety results and

FM Regueira; N Rodríguez-Spiteri; M García Manero; G Zornoza


Tratamiento del cáncer

Información sobre métodos diversos de tratar el cáncer. Cómo encontrar a un doctor o un establecimiento de tratamiento para personas con cáncer, y recursos económicos para ellas. Se incluyen también descripciones y explicaciones de tratamientos convencionales para los tipos específicos de cáncer, y un resumen de la medicina complementaria y alternativa.


Structural Analysis of TRAS1, a Novel Family of Telomeric Repeat-Associated Retrotransposons in the  

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We characterized TRAS1, a retrotransposable element which was inserted into the telomeric repetitive sequence (CCTAA)nof the silkworm,Bombyx mori. The complete sequence of TRAS1, a stretch of 7.8 kb with a poly(A) tract at the 3 end, was determined. No long terminal repeat (LTR) was found at the termini of the element. TRAS1 containsgag- andpol-like open reading frames (ORFs) which are




EPA Science Inventory

The Methods Advancement for Milk Analysis (MAMA) study was designed by US EPA and CDC investigators to provide data to support the technological and study design needs of the proposed National Children=s Study (NCS). The NCS is a multi-Agency-sponsored study, authorized under the...


Arrivederci Mama: Love Songs of a Stolen Daughter  

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Arrivederci Mama documents the troubled childhood of its narrator, and contextualizes it in the mosaic-styled stories of its women- the immigrant grandmother, the dying mother, and the narrator in various stages of life as struggling student and mother. This work finds its center in its economical prose, its acute studies of these people, and its structure. Its sequence of chapters

Angela Dawn Sebastian



Prevención del linfedema tras cirugía de cáncer de mama mediante ortesis elástica de contención y drenaje linfático manual: ensayo clínico aleatorizado  

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Background and objectiveSecondary lymphoedema is considered one of the most common complications after breast cancer surgery. The aim of the present study was to analyze the effectiveness of containment elastic orthosis and manual lymphatic drainage in the prevention of lymphoedema secondary to mastectomy.

Adelaida María Castro-Sánchez; Carmen Moreno-Lorenzo; Guillermo A. Matarán-Peñarrocha; María Encarnación Aguilar-Ferrándiz; Isabel Almagro-Céspedes; Juan Anaya-Ojeda



Teacher Reporting Attitudes Scale (TRAS): confirmatory and exploratory factor analyses with a Malaysian sample.  


The Teacher Reporting Attitude Scale (TRAS) is a newly developed tool to assess teachers' attitudes toward reporting child abuse and neglect. This article reports on an investigation of the factor structure and psychometric properties of the short form Malay version of the TRAS. A self-report cross-sectional survey was conducted with 667 teachers in 14 randomly selected schools in Selangor state, Malaysia. Analyses were conducted in a 3-stage process using both confirmatory (stages 1 and 3) and exploratory factor analyses (stage 2) to test, modify, and confirm the underlying factor structure of the TRAS in a non-Western teacher sample. Confirmatory factor analysis did not support a 3-factor model previously reported in the original TRAS study. Exploratory factor analysis revealed an 8-item, 4-factor structure. Further confirmatory factor analysis demonstrated appropriateness of the 4-factor structure. Reliability estimates for the four factors-commitment, value, concern, and confidence-were moderate. The modified short form TRAS (Malay version) has potential to be used as a simple tool for relatively quick assessment of teachers' attitudes toward reporting child abuse and neglect. Cross-cultural differences in attitudes toward reporting may exist and the transferability of newly developed instruments to other populations should be evaluated. PMID:22902514

Choo, Wan Yuen; Walsh, Kerryann; Chinna, Karuthan; Tey, Nai Peng



Purification of the M. magneticum Strain AMB-1 Magnetosome Associated Protein MamA?41  

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Magnetotactic bacteria comprise a diverse group of aquatic microorganisms that are able to orientate themselves along geomagnetic fields. This behavior is believed to aid their search for suitable environments (1). This capability is conferred by the magnetosome, a subcellular organelle that consists of a linear-chain assembly of lipid vesicles each able to biomineralize and enclose a ~50-nm crystal of magnetite or greigite. A principle component of the magnetosome that was shown to be required for the formation of functional vesicles is MamA. MamA is a highly abundant magnetosome-associated protein which is one of the most characterized magnetosome-associated proteins in vivo(2-6). This article focuses on the purification of MamA, which despite being studied in vivo, no clear functional or structural details have been identified for it. Bioinformatics analysis suggested that MamA is a tetra-tricopeptide repeat (TPR) containing protein. TPR is a structural motif found as such or forming part of a bigger fold in a wide range of proteins, it serves as a template for protein-protein interactions and mediates multi-protein complexes (7). TPRs are involved in many crucial tasks in eukaryotic cell organelle processes and many bacterial pathways (8-14). In order to understand MamA, a unique TPR containing protein, highly purified protein is required as a first step. In this article, we present the purification protocol for a stable MamA deletion mutant (MamA?41) from M. magneticum AMB-1.

Zeytuni, Natalie; Zarivach, Raz



Self-recognition mechanism of MamA, a magnetosome-associated TPR-containing protein, promotes complex assembly.  


The magnetosome, a biomineralizing organelle within magnetotactic bacteria, allows their navigation along geomagnetic fields. Magnetosomes are membrane-bound compartments containing magnetic nanoparticles and organized into a chain within the cell, the assembly and biomineralization of magnetosomes are controlled by magnetosome-associated proteins. Here, we describe the crystal structures of the magnetosome-associated protein, MamA, from Magnetospirillum magneticum AMB-1 and Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense MSR-1. MamA folds as a sequential tetra-trico-peptide repeat (TPR) protein with a unique hook-like shape. Analysis of the MamA structures indicates two distinct domains that can undergo conformational changes. Furthermore, structural analysis of seven crystal forms verified that the core of MamA is not affected by crystallization conditions and identified three protein-protein interaction sites, namely a concave site, a convex site, and a putative TPR repeat. Additionally, relying on transmission electron microscopy and size exclusion chromatography, we show that highly stable complexes form upon MamA homooligomerization. Disruption of the MamA putative TPR motif or N-terminal domain led to protein mislocalization in vivo and prevented MamA oligomerization in vitro. We, therefore, propose that MamA self-assembles through its putative TPR motif and its concave site to create a large homooligomeric scaffold which can interact with other magnetosome-associated proteins via the MamA convex site. We discuss the structural basis for TPR homooligomerization that allows the proper function of a prokaryotic organelle. PMID:21784982

Zeytuni, Natalie; Ozyamak, Ertan; Ben-Harush, Kfir; Davidov, Geula; Levin, Maxim; Gat, Yair; Moyal, Tal; Brik, Ashraf; Komeili, Arash; Zarivach, Raz



Neoplasias mielodisplásicas o mieloproliferativas: Tratamiento (PDQ®)

Resumen de información revisada por expertos acerca del tratamiento de las neoplasias mielodisplásicas o mieloproliferativas, incluso las leucemias mielomonocíticas crónicas o juveniles, y la LMC atípica.


Sequence-Specific Recognition and Cleavage of Telomeric Repeat (TTAGG)n by Endonuclease of Non-Long Terminal Repeat Retrotransposon TRAS1  

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The telomere of the silkworm Bombyx mori consists of (TTAGG\\/CCTAA)n repeats and harbors a large number of telomeric repeat-specific non-long terminal repeat retrotransposons, such as TRAS1 and SART1. To understand how these retrotransposons recognize and integrate into the telomeric repeat in a sequence-specific manner, we expressed the apurinic-apryrimidinic endonuclease-like endonuclease domain of TRAS1 (TRAS1 EN), which is supposed to digest




Inter-phylum structural conservation of the magnetosome-associated TPR-containing protein, MamA.  


Magnetotactic bacteria enclose the magnetosome, a unique prokaryotic sub-cellular organelle that allows the biomineralization of magnetic nano-crystals. Membrane-coated magnetosomes are arranged into a linear chain that permits magnetotactic bacteria to navigate geomagnetic fields. Magnetosome assembly and biomineralization are controlled by conserved magnetosome-associated proteins, including MamA, a tetra-trico-peptide repeat (TPR)-containing protein that was shown to coat the magnetosome membrane. In this study, two MamA structures from Candidatus Magnetobacterium bavaricum (Mbav) were determined via X-ray crystallography. These structures confirm that Mbav MamA folds as a sequential TPR protein and shares a high degree of structural similarity with homologous MamA proteins from Magnetospirillum species. Furthermore, the two TPR-containing domains of MamA are separated by an interphylum-conserved region containing a flexible hinge that is involved in ligand binding and recognition. Finally, substantial differences were found in the local stabilization of the MamA N-terminal domain as a result of the loss of an evolutionary conserved salt bridge. PMID:22917855

Zeytuni, Natalie; Baran, Dror; Davidov, Geula; Zarivach, Raz



Magnetosome vesicles are present before magnetite formation, and MamA is required for their activation  

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Bacterial magnetosomes are intracellular compartments that house highly ordered magnetite crystals. By using Magnetospiril- lum sp. AMB-1 as a model system, we show that magnetosome vesicles exist in the absence of magnetite, biomineralization of magnetite proceeds simultaneously in multiple vesicles, and bi- omineralization proceeds from the same location in each vesicle. The magnetosome-associated protein, MamA, is required for the formation

Arash Komeili; Hojatollah Vali; Terrance J. Beveridge; Dianne K. Newman



Opciones de tratamiento y estudios clínicos

Información sobre las opciones de tratamiento de varios tipos de linfoma no Hodgkin, entre ellas, la posibilidad de participar en un estudio clínico. Conozca los conceptos básicos de los estudios clínicos y consulte la lista de los estudios que tienen inscripción abierta.



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portamentales. Se presentan en este trabajo, distintos tipos de tratamientos psicológicos que en los últimos años han demostrado su efectividad en la reducción de la presión arterial esencial. Se consideraron im­ portantes para individuos hipertensos leves, la implementación de procedimientos tales como: la relajación, el entrenamiento autóge­ no, la retroalimentación biológica, la meditación, el Hatha -Yoga, la reestructuración cognitiva y

Lilia Mabel Labiano; Claudia Brusasca



Tratamientos de la colestasis crónica en niños  

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ResumenSe dispone de pocos tratamientos específicos para los niños con colestasis crónica. La mayoría de las estrategias terapéuticas alivian la retención de componentes de la bilis o aminoran algunas de las consecuencias de la colestasis crónica. El ácido ursodesoxicólico es el fármaco que con más frecuencia se utiliza en niños con colestasis crónica. Este ácido biliar se administra a la

Fernando Álvarez



Un nuevo estudio de terapias dirigidas para cáncer de mama establece un modelo de estudios clínicos a nivel mundial

Dos medicamentos dirigidos, diseñados para tratar una forma agresiva de cáncer de seno o mama, están siendo probados en un estudio nuevo que incluye a 8 000 participantes en 50 países de seis continentes. Éste será un estudio clínico que los investigadores esperan proporcionará un nuevo modelo para la investigación del cáncer a nivel mundial. Preguntas y respuestas


The Funky Mamas: Learning to Create and Perform Music for Young Children within a Community of Practice  

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|This article reports a case study examining the music learning and making of the Funky Mamas--five professional mother-musicians who create and perform music for young children at festivals, fairs, theatres and community events across Canada. Data were collected through interviews with the band members and field observations of rehearsals and…

Bolden, Benjamin



MAMA: an algebraic map for the secular dynamics of planetesimals in tight binary systems  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present an algebraic map (MAMA) for the dynamical and collisional evolution of a planetesimal swarm orbiting the main star of a tight binary system. The orbital evolution of each planetesimal is dictated by the secular perturbations of the secondary star and gas drag due to interactions with a protoplanetary disc. The gas disc is assumed eccentric with a constant precession rate. Gravitational interactions between the planetesimals are ignored. All bodies are assumed coplanar. A comparison with full N-body simulations shows that the map is of the order of 102 times faster, while preserving all the main characteristics of the full system. In a second part of the work, we apply multiparticle algebraic map for accretion (MAMA) to the ?-Cephei, searching for friendly scenarios that may explain the formation of the giant planet detected in this system. For low-mass protoplanetary discs, we find that a low-eccentricity static disc aligned with the binary yields impact velocities between planetesimals below the disruption threshold. All other scenarios appear hostile to planetary formation.

Leiva, A. M.; Correa-Otto, J. A.; Beaugé, C.



Crystallization and preliminary crystallographic analysis of the Magnetospirillum magneticum AMB--1 and M. gryphiswaldense MSR-1 magnetosome-associated proteins MamA  

PubMed Central

MamA is a unique magnetosome-associated protein that is predicted to contain six sequential tetratricopeptide-repeat (TPR) motifs. The TPR structural motif serves as a template for protein–protein interactions and mediates the assembly of multi-protein complexes. Here, the crystallization and preliminary X-ray analysis of recombinant and purified Magnetospirillum magneticum and M.?gryphiswaldense MamA are reported for the first time. M. gryphiswaldense MamA?41 crystallized in the tetragonal space group P41212 or P43212, with unit-cell parameters a = b = 58.88, c = 144.09?Å. M. magneticum MamA?41 crystallized in the orthorhombic space group P212121, with unit-cell parameters a = 44.75, b = 76.19, c = 105.05?Å. X-ray diffraction data were collected to resolutions of 2.0 and 1.95?Å, respectively.

Zeytuni, Natalie; Zarivach, Raz



Tratamiento del paludismo pediátrico: Papel de las intervenciones nutricionales  

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ResumenEl paludismo es una causa primordial de morbilidad y mortalidad en niños, particularmente en África subsahariana. Aunque se ha logrado un progreso considerable en el tratamiento del paludismo pediátrico con el tratamiento de combinación basado en la artemisinina, siguen existiendo numerosos obstáculos que se oponen a la puesta en práctica efectiva de estas nuevas opciones terapéuticas sumamente eficaces. Análogamente, si

Akoto Kwame Osei; Davidson H. Hamer



99m Tc-MAMA-chrysamine G, a probe for beta-amyloid protein of Alzheimer’s disease  

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.   Chrysamine G (CG), an analogue of Congo red, is known to bind in vitro to the ?-amyloid protein (A? 10-43) and to homogenates\\u000a of several regions of the brain of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patients. We synthesised a conjugate of 2-(acetamido)-CG with\\u000a a bis-S-trityl protected monoamide-monoaminedithiol (MAMA-Tr2) tetraligand, which was efficiently deprotected and labelled with a 75% yield with technetium-99m,

Nancy A. Dezutter; René J. Dom; Tjibbe J. de Groot; Guy M. Bormans; Alfons M. Verbruggen



Genetic analysis of quartz from pegmatites of the Mama-Chuya mica belt based on distribuition of isomorphic impurities, Russia  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The effect of the formation conditions of pegmatites in the Mama-Chuya mica belt on the distribution of isomorphic Al, Ti, and Ge impurities in quartz detected by electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) has been estimated using the isogen method, which takes into account the relationship between this distribution and geological time. It has been revealed that each of the studied types of pegmatite veins is described by special isogens that reflect interrelations between concentrations of various isomorphic impurities. The typification of veins, enrichment of parental melt in water, and other factors affect the isogens. New potentialities of the isogen method for genetic analysis of quartz have been established.

Rakov, L. T.; Tkachev, A. V.; Sakhnov, A. A.



Influences of wastewater discharges on the water quality of Mamas?n dam watershed in Aksaray, Central Anatolian part of Turkey  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Sustaining the human ecological benefits of surface water requires carefully planned strategies for reducing the cumulative risks posed by diverse human activities. Municipal governments in Aksaray City play a key role in developing solutions to surface water management and protection problems. The responsibility to provide drinking water and sewage works, regulate the use of private land, and protect public health provides the mandate and authority to take action. A large part of Aksaray City uses Mamas?n dam water as its primary source for drinking water. Several point sources of contamination may result from direct wastewater discharges from Melendiz and Karasu rivers, which recharge the Mamas?n dam watershed. Relevant studies were carried out for monitoring the eutrophication process, which usually occurs in the static water mass of the Mamas?n dam lake. This process may be caused by the continual increase in nutrients and decrease of O2 levels, causing anaerobic conditions. Stimulated algae growth in these water bodies consequently reduces water quality. Hydrochemical parameters were evaluated to estimate the types of pollution sources, the level of pollution, and its environmental impacts on the Mamas?n dam drinking water reservoir.

Elhatip, Hatim; Güllü, Özlem



Fascitis necrosante tras histerectomía  

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Necrotizing soft tissue infections represent a highly lethal group of infections. Necrotizing fasciitis is a rare, rapidly progressive infection with extensive necrosis of subcutaneous tissue and fascia, usually accompanied by severe systemic toxicity. The cornerstone of treatment is early diagnosis and treatment. Unfortunately, a delay in accurate diagnosis or definitive treatment may prove fatal.

S. Gutiérrez-García; J. Casasola; A. Pinedo; S. Argüelles



Yoga S?tras  

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The yoga system accepts the S?nkhya metaphysics, the fundamental variation being that consciousness is held to be supreme. The goal to be achieved is to attain this final state of pure consciousness. All obstacles, mental and physical, are subjugated and transcended. The method is the development of concentration by controlling all thought modes. It starts by the purification of the

Sarasvati Chennakesavan




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RESUMEN. Sobre el tratamiento de Galium L. (Rubiaceae) en Flora Iberica. El estudio taxonómico del género Galium para Flora Iberica ha revelado la existencia en el territorio de 51 especies y 14 subespecies. Éstas han sido agrupadas en 10 secciones, previamente descritas, reconociéndose para algunas de ellas nuevas series: Galium sect. Galium ser. Trichogaliopsis (Lange) Ortega-Olivencia & Devesa, Galium sect.



Tratamiento de la infección de esternotomía media con terapia de vacío  

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Objetivo: Conocer la aplicabilidad y eficacia de este tratamiento usando un sistema artesanal que nos permite aplicar este concepto terapéutico sin disponer del dispositivo actualmente comercializado (KCI

López Almodóvar; Luis Fernando; Cañas Alfonso; Lima Pedro; Calleja Manuel


Estudio de Asignación de Opciones Individualizadas de Tratamiento (TAILORx): preguntas y respuestas

Hoy se inició el Estudio de Asignación de Opciones Individualizadas de Tratamiento (Trial Assigning IndividuaLized Options for Treatment (Rx), o TAILORx, el cual evaluará si los genes que están frecuentemente asociados con el riesgo de recurrencia entre las mujeres con cáncer de seno en etapa inicial pueden ser utilizados para asignar a las pacientes el tratamiento más adecuado y efectivo.


Los tratamientos psicológicos en la fobia social infantil y adolescente: una revisión cualitativa  

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Se presentan los resultados de un estudio cualitativo de revisión de la eficacia de los tratamientos psicológicos utilizados en la fobia social en niños y adolescentes. Se localizaron 26 investigaciones: 5 artículos son diseños de caso único, 6 presentan los datos de un solo grupo tratado y aportan medidas pretest-postest y 16 informes son grupos de comparación entre tratamientos psicológicos

Ana Isabel Rosa Alcázar; Pablo J. Olivares-Olivares; Marina Iniesta



Magnetosome formation and expression of mamA, mms13, mms6 and magA in Magnetospirillum magneticum AMB-1 exposed to pulsed magnetic field.  


To investigate the effects of pulsed magnetic field on magnetosome formation in Magnetospirillum magneticum AMB-1, cultures inoculated with either mangetic or non-magnetic pre-cultures were incubated under 1 mT pulsed magnetic field. Magnetism of cells was measured by using spectrophotometer coupled with applied magnetic fields and the values were described as C(mag). Magnetosome in cells was counted by transmission electron microscopy observation. The results showed that pulsed magnetic field did not affect cellular growth, but enhanced magnetosome formation. The applied pulsed magnetic field might exceed the chain of magnetosomes and change the homogeneity of the magnetosome particles. The results implied that magnetite precipitation induced by the adjacent magnetosome was affected by pulsed magnetic field. Moreover, the applied pulsed magnetic field up-regulated the magA and mamA expression in cells, which might account for the increasing number and the exceeding chain of magnetosomes in cells. PMID:19459005

Wang, Xiaoke; Liang, Likun; Song, Tao; Wu, Longfei



Tratamiento numérico de la información hidrogeológica: fases de estudio y ejemplos de aplicación  

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En este trabajo se ha realizado una recopilación de algunos de los métodos estadísticos y geoestadísticos de estimación usados en hidro- geología. En primer lugar, se lleva a cabo una introducción a las características de los datos hidrogeológicos, para pasar a comentar los pasos a seguir en el tratamiento numérico de los mismos, comenzando por las técnicas estadísticas univariantes, y

R. Jiménez Espinosa




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La estrategia de tratamiento más utilizada en el cáncer de pul- món no microcítico (CPNM) avanzado es la quimioterapia, concre- tamente la combinación de dos drogas, principalmente cisplatino con gemcitabina, vinorelbina, taxanos, irinotecan. En el pasado se han hecho intentos en vano de revertir la resistencia a la quimiote- rapia. La supervivencia en este estadio no suele superar los 8-10

M. Cobo; M. García; F. Páez; J. Torres; R. Arrabal; C. Pagés; J. L. de la Cruz


Conhecimento e significado para funcionárias de indústrias têxteis sobre prevenção do câncer do colo-uterino e detecção precoce do câncer da mama Knowledge and Meaning in the Prevention of Uterine Cancer and Early Detection of Breast Cancer in Female Textile Workers  

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Resumo Verificar o conhecimento sobre o exame preventivo do câncer cérvico-uterino, detecção precoce do câncer da mama e compreender os sentimentos e significados atribuídos pelas mulheres ao serem submetidas a esses foram os objetivos deste estudo. A pesquisa foi realizada em duas indústrias têxteis, com aplicação de formulários contendo perguntas abertas e fechadas, em uma população de 81 mulheres. Os

Maria de Lourdes; Marques Ferreira


Análisis comparativo de 3 regímenes de tratamiento en niños con linfoma de Burkitt  

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Resumen  De enero de 1980 a junio de 1996 se trataron en nuestra institución un total de 86 pacientes con linfoma de Burkitt. El presente\\u000a estudio es una revisión retrospectiva en el que se comparan las complicaciones y los resultados de sobrevida utilizando 3\\u000a esquemas de tratamiento distintos.\\u000a \\u000a Se trataron 46 pacientes en el régimen 1, 26 con el régimen 2,

Rocío Cárdenas Cardós; Roberto Rivera Luna; Roxana Martínez Agreda; Carlos Calderón Elvir; Amparo Plata García



ACT-asthma control y tratamiento para niños: a progress report.  


A randomized clinical trial is in progress to evaluate an asthma educational program for Latino children and their parents. The intervention, "ACT-Asma Control y Tratamiento Para Niños," was adapted from ACT for Kids, an asthma self-management program for English-speaking families. Results of a pilot study indicated that socioeconomic status was a critical variable to be considered in the design of such programs. Latino children and parents encounter significant barriers to access and continuity of medical care. Therefore, the intervention was redesigned to include "linkages" using a nurse to reduce barriers and to coordinate care. The lesson plans emphasize concrete, experimental learning experiences, with repetition of key points in each session. PMID:3654235

Lewis, M A; de la Sota, A; Rachelefsky, G; Lewis, C E; Quinones, H; Richards, W



Índice de Comportamiento Objetivo. Una medida para valorar la respuesta al tratamiento de pacientes con trastornos de personalidad graves  

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Una medida que capta la frecuencia e intensidad de comportamientos disfuncionales experimentados, así como el uso de los servicios de salud mental, se desarrollaron y probaron como parte de un ensayo de tratamiento controlado de pacientes con trastorno de personalidad borderline. El índice de comportamiento objetivo (ICO) se realizó con 136 individuos diagnosti- cados de trastorno de personalidad borderline antes

Heather Munroe-Blum; Lynn McClearly


Carcinoma de mama: metástasis en cuero cabelludo  

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We report a case of metastatic lesion to the scalp and the right and left parietal bones 15 years after the development of the primary breast lesion and 7 years after axillary lymph node metastasis and uterine adenocarcinoma probably related to tamoxifen.

Aitziber Elvira Urdampilleta; Amaia Oyarzabal Urkiola; Javier Recio



STIS-23 FUV MAMA Image Quality  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This proposal will measure the FUV spectroscopic PSF along the length of a long slit. It will do this by observing a point source with the 52X0.1 aperture and the G140L grating, using a five-point centered Perpendicular-to-Slit dither pattern with 0.1 arcsec spacing to measure centering of the target. This seven-point pattern will be done at three different positions along the length of the aperture, including both the nominal centered aperture position and the D1 aperture position, which is located at a position of low FUV dark current. A single centered exposure will also be taken through the photometric 52X2 aperture to provide a reference for estimating the small slit throughput. Sufficient targets will be provided to allow this test to be executed at any time during the BEA period..;

Gull, Theodore



Tratamiento farmacológico del TOC  

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Summary The pharmacological management of OCD is based in the serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SRI), which are effective and safe. The SRI are as effective as clorimipramine, produce less collateral effects, are well tolerated and produce more attachment. Their antiobsessive efficacy is independent of their antidepressive actions. It has been suggested that high scores in compulsions predict a poor answer to

Cristina Lóyzaga; Humberto Nicolini


Prognostic factors in multiple myeloma: definition of risk groups in 410 previously untreated patients: a Grupo Argentino de Tratamiento de la Leucemia Aguda study.  


Four hundred ten previously untreated multiple myeloma patients entered onto two consecutive Grupo Argentino de Tratamiento de la Leucemia Aguda (GATLA) protocols were analyzed to identify significant prognostic factors influencing survival. The univariate analysis selected the following variables: performance status, renal function, percentage of bone marrow plasma cells at diagnosis, hemoglobin, and age. A multivariate analysis showed that performance status, renal function, percentage of bone marrow plasma cells, hemoglobin, and age were the best predictive variables for survival. A score was assigned to each patient according to these variables, which led to their classification in three groups: good, intermediate, and poor risk, with a probability of survival of 26% and 10% at 96 months, and 5% at 56 months, and median survival of 60, 37, and 14 months, respectively (P = .0000). In our patient population, this model proved to be superior to the Durie-Salmon staging system in defining prognostic risk groups, and separating patients with significantly different risks within each Durie-Salmon stage. PMID:2585023

Corrado, C; Santarelli, M T; Pavlovsky, S; Pizzolato, M



Tratamiento sintomático de la EM  

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SUMMARY. Symptomatic Treatment is the treatment of those symptoms that were found in the evolution of disease and are very impor- tant in the management of Multiple sclerosis. In this articule are referred the most important symptoms of the disease and their possibi- lities treatment that have efficacy in the control of the symptoms.

Miguel Ángel



All God's Chillun Got a Mama and a Papa?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Describes alternate methods of schematically representing genetic lines of descent, and illustrates the different patterns obtained with random mating, line breeding, parthanogentic males, cloning, and grafting. (AL)|

Hollander, Willard F.



Human milk oligosaccharides: Every baby needs a sugar mama  

PubMed Central

Human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) are a family of structurally diverse unconjugated glycans that are highly abundant in and unique to human milk. Originally, HMOs were discovered as a prebiotic “bifidus factor” that serves as a metabolic substrate for desired bacteria and shapes an intestinal microbiota composition with health benefits for the breast-fed neonate. Today, HMOs are known to be more than just “food for bugs”. An accumulating body of evidence suggests that HMOs are antiadhesive antimicrobials that serve as soluble decoy receptors, prevent pathogen attachment to infant mucosal surfaces and lower the risk for viral, bacterial and protozoan parasite infections. In addition, HMOs may modulate epithelial and immune cell responses, reduce excessive mucosal leukocyte infiltration and activation, lower the risk for necrotizing enterocolitis and provide the infant with sialic acid as a potentially essential nutrient for brain development and cognition. Most data, however, stem from in vitro, ex vivo or animal studies and occasionally from association studies in mother–infant cohorts. Powered, randomized and controlled intervention studies will be needed to confirm relevance for human neonates. The first part of this review introduces the pioneers in HMO research, outlines HMO structural diversity and describes what is known about HMO biosynthesis in the mother's mammary gland and their metabolism in the breast-fed infant. The second part highlights the postulated beneficial effects of HMO for the breast-fed neonate, compares HMOs with oligosaccharides in the milk of other mammals and in infant formula and summarizes the current roadblocks and future opportunities for HMO research.

Bode, Lars



El cáncer según su ubicación en el cuerpo: Seno (mama)

In English En español In English En español Para buscar un tipo de cáncer, seleccione su ubicación en el cuerpo — Aparato locomotor Aparato respiratorio y tórax Cabeza y cuello Célula germinativa Cerebro y sistema nervioso Digestivo y gastrointestinal


Oh Mama, Where's My Comma? [State of the Art  

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I was taught in no uncertain terms that a list of words was separated by commas. If a comma did not appear between two words, then they were to be read as collective equals, both together and inseparable. So we have a list such as: French toast, ham and eggs, and coffee. The ham and eggs are to be reasoned

Arthur Johnson




Microsoft Academic Search

The inspiratory muscular fatigue produces a shortfast respiratory pattern. When the inspiratory muscular fatigue is due to a maximum exercise, this pattern must rind in the last phase of excercise and during the recuperation period. The objetive of this study was to prove the respiratory pattern diferences, if any, throughout the effort and recuperation periods, as well as to analize

Ortega Ruiz; Fernández Guerra J; Valenzuela Mateos


Donación tras la muerte cardíaca. Parada cardíaca en el mantenimiento del donante en muerte encefálica  

Microsoft Academic Search

Brain death implies the complete cessation of activity in both cerebral hemispheres and in the brainstem; this leads to severe physiopathological disorders that make donor maintenance complex and involve the concomitant risk of rapid organ deterioration.The heart is one of the target organs in this process of multiple organ failure. Myocardial stunning occurs due to a “catecholamine storm” and subsequent

F. del Río-Gallegos; J. L. Escalante-Cobo; J. R. Núñez-Peña; E. Calvo-Manuel



Decidualización peritoneal y embolización de arterias uterinas en la hemorragia puerperal tras cesárea  

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Deciduosis peritonei consists of the presence of decidua in the peritoneal surface and develops during pregnancy due to the effect of progesterone. The typical lesions are highly vascularized and immunohistochemical studies are required to exclude a diagnosis of malignancy. Selective arterial embolization is a conservative procedure to treat postpartum hemorrhages with minimal side effects and allows fertility to be preserved.

Almudena Pérez Quintanilla; Gloria Costa Martínez; Mar Ramírez Mena; Isabel Campo Gesto; Vicente Furió Bacete; José Antonio Vidart Aragón




Microsoft Academic Search

PNEUMONIA not complicated in children: treatment The pneumonia defines pulmonary parenchyma as an acute infection of, with a discharge preva- lencia in countries in routes of development, of clinical and radiological changeable presentation; as well as your diverse etiology in the different stages of the childhood. This work of bibliographical review was proposed by the aim to update the treatment

Ricardo Enrique Martearena


Tratamiento nutricional del niño con trastorno neuromotor  

Microsoft Academic Search

The risk of suffering malnutrition is very high in children and adolescents who suffer a certain type of neuromotor pathology (NP) due to different factors that occur in them: motor coordination disorders in the different stages of deglutition, gastroesophageal reflux, oesophagitis, gastritis, gastrocolic reflex alteration, constipation, anorexia, etc. These disorders alter the desirable proportionality between the amount of food given

Isabel Polanco Allué



Nuevos enfoques del tratamiento de la fenilcetonuria  

Microsoft Academic Search

ResumenDesde su descubrimiento por Følling en 1934, la fenilcetonuria (FCU) ha sido objeto de numerosos estudios de investigación, abarcando varias disciplinas como genética humana, bioquímica, desarrollo, neurobiología y otras. Durante los últimos 75 años se han mapeado diferentes mutaciones en los genes responsables de la enfermedad, se ha aclarado su base bioquímica y se han revelado los mecanismos conducentes al

Ronen Eavri; Haya Lorberboum-Galski



Síndrome posneumonectomía izquierda. Tratamiento endoscópico precoz  

Microsoft Academic Search

Postpneumonectomy syndrome is characterized by postoperative bronchial obstruction caused by mediastinal shift. The syndrome is well documented in the medical literature as a late complication of right pneumonectomy; however, it rarely occurs following resection of the left lung, and only 10 cases have been published. The pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, prognosis, and treatment are similar for both sides of the lung.We

Carlos A. Rombolá; Pablo León Atance; Antonio Francisco Honguero Martínez; Juan Luis Rueda Martínez; Ana Núñez Ares; Manuel Vizcaya Sánchez



Tratamiento laparoscópico de los remanentes uracales  

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ObjectivesThe urachus is a vestigial obliterated structure derived from the alantois. Failure of this involution process originates patent urachal remnants. Surgery is the treatment of choice as it prevents both recurrence of symptoms and malignant transformation. The purpose of this study is to present our experience in the laparoscopic management of this pathology.

M. Castanheira de Oliveira; F. Vila; R. Versos; D. Araújo; A. Fraga


Enuresis, otra perspectiva de su tratamiento  

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Enuresis in childhood is highly frequent, given that 16 % of 5 year-olds wet the bed at night. The negative effects on children and their families should not be underestimated. The allopathic point of view does not include the possibility of treatments other than behavioral therapy, alarms and drug treatment.The present article aims to broaden the therapeutic options, explaining how

Francisco Javier Ramos Alija



Trastornos de conducción auriculoventricular tras implantación de prótesis aórtica CoreValve ®. Papel predictivo de la ecocardiografía transesofágica  

Microsoft Academic Search

Atrioventricular conduction disorders (AVCD) can appear after the implantation of percutaneous aortic CoreValve® prostheses in patients requiring permanent pacemakers (40%-45% of these patients). The aim of our study was to detect if 2- or 3-dimensional echocardiographic variables could predict the appearance of AVCD. For this purpose, the relationship of the prosthesis with the interventricular septum was studied in 26 consecutive

Carlos Almería Valera; Alberto de Agustín; Rosa Ana Hernández-Antolín; Eulogio García Fernández; Leopoldo Pérez de Isla; Cristina Fernández Pérez; Carlos Macaya Miguel; Jose Luis Zamorano Gómez


Muerte por sobredosis: de la reacción aguda tras consumo de opiáceos a la muerte asociada al policonsumo  

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Drugs consumption is one of the main causes of death in young people from the European Union, either by an acute reaction to their consumption or because of AIDS. Mortality rates register is a prevalence indicator of drugs consumption, being introduced in our country in 1987 by the SEIT, and from the establishment of the European Observatory for drugs and



Neoplasia vesical tras nefroureterectomía por tumores de urotelio superior. ¿La cirugía del uréter distal influye en la evolución?  

Microsoft Academic Search

BLADDER NEOPLASM AFTER NEPHROURETERECTOMY FOR UPPER URINARY TRACT TUMOR. DOES DISTAL URETER SURGERY INFLUX ON THE EVOLUTION? Objective. To compare evolution in patients with urothelial upper tract tumor (UUTT) in whom we performed the classic open appro- ach to the distal ureter with those in whom whe performed the endoscopic approach. We study the bladder recurrences in each group and

Blanco Díez; Armas Molina J; Artíles Hernández JL; Martín Betancor


Combinación de colgajos locales y libre microvascularizado para reconstrucción del tercio facial inferior tras traumatismo por arma de fuego  

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Gunshot wounds to the maxillofacial region are a challenging problem for the surgeon responsible for reconstruction. The essential difference with respect to other injuries is the severity of the lesion and soft and hard tissue loss. Extensive literature exists on facial reconstruction following tumor extirpation, but there are few reports on the use of local flaps and free tissue transfer

Laura Villanueva-Alcojol; Damián Manzano Solo De Zaldivar; Raúl González-García; David González Ballester; Isidoro Rubio Correa; Cristina Hernández Vila; Luis Ruiz Laza; Carlos Moreno García; Florencio Monje



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The communication doctor - patient plays a fundamental role in their relationship. Bad communication can imply a negative influence between patient and his family. The aim of this work is to obtain better insight in the process of the information that is contributed by the medical oncologist and to check whether the patients remembers this information after fifteen days. The

Luisa Vidal; Pedro T. Sánchez; Cristina Corbellas; Gema Peiró; María Godes; Ana Blasco; Cristina Caballero; Carlos Camps



"Mama Condom" preaches safe-sex at a truck-stop.  


Efforts to stop the spread of AIDS at a small town which provides food, lodging, and sex for truck drivers on the highway from Uganda through Tanzania to Burundi center on using prostitute peer educators. The trained peer educators visit guest houses and distribute approximately 300 condoms each week and talk to the prostitutes about their problems with clients. They report that some of the clients try to slip the condoms off when the woman is not looking. Also, some of the prostitutes resist using the condoms. The peer educators, who have seen many deaths from AIDS, counsel the prostitutes to refuse sex without a condom. PMID:12288609


"Mama," Affection, and Migration: Recommended Books about Latinos for Children and Adolescents.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Presents an annotated bibliography of books to teach children and adolescents about Latinos and the Latino culture. Topics of the books range from the spirit of the Latino folk arts to poetic expressions, migration stories, and insightful essays about Cuba under Castro. (SM)

Schon, Isabel



Caso clínico: coordinación en los cuidados de una paciente con cáncer de mama  

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In Spain, cancer is the leading cause of death in absolute terms. Statistically, the most frequent type of cancer in women in developed countries is breast cancer, which is becoming the leading cause of death from cancer among women.The breast cancer is statistically the most frequent in women and it is getting the first reason of death by cancer between

M. del Carmen Peinado-Barraso; M. del Rosario Cabrerizo-Cordero; Ana Eva Granados-Matute; Raquel Contreras-Fariñas



A theory of African-American archetypes: big mama and the whistlin' woman  

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This study introduces a literary Theory of African-American Archetypes, which is an outgrowth of two parent theories, Archetypal Criticism and African-American Literary Criticism. The theory posits that the folklore of Africana peoples created and inform culturally specific archetypes, which are deeply seeded in the collective unconscious of many African Americans. As in life, such archetypes are prevalent in African-American literature,

Jan Alexia Holston



Avaliação de técnicas fisioterapêuticas no tratamento do linfedema pós-cirurgia de mama em mulheres  

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Evaluation of Physiotherapeutic Techniques for Treating Lymphedema Following Breast Cancer Surgery in Women General objective: To verify the effectiveness of lymphedema treatment over a two-year period, in a group of women who underwent breast cancer surgery. Specific objective: To evaluate the volume of the treated arm at 6, 12, 18 and 24 months after the lymphedema treatment. Method: The participants

MCCC Meirelles; MV Mamede; L Souza; Panobianco



Are we really mama's boys? How incomes affect Italians' leaving home decisions.1  

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The aim of this paper is to identify the main determinants of Italians' leaving home decisions. We use data from the Survey of Household Income and Wealth (SHIW) by the Bank of Italy. The empirical study is performed by cross-section probit and panel-probit estimation. Contrary to the predominant literature's claim, our findings unveil the positive and statistically significant effects of

Filippo Belloc



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The risk factors established for the development of breast cancer cannot explain the increase in more than 50 percent in the number of cases. Due to this situation in the last 20 years the environmental factors have been studied, specially those chemical substances that have shown actions similar to those of the estrogens (xeno-estrogens) having the ability to stimulate breast

Ruth De Celis; Gilberto Morgan; Alejandro Bravo; Alfredo Feria


Jesus, Mama, and the constraints on salvific love in contemporary country music .  


The discourse of contemporary country music creates a world permeated with religion and centered on the notion of salvific love. This form of salvation arises in the connection between people (or between people and God) and includes elements of sacrifice and transformation. Although highly conventional, country music must meet standards of 'authenticity' and 'relevance', which require the incorporation of contemporary American religious values (including self-love and self-actualization). An analysis of recent country music lyrics reveals the remarkable openness to new religious messages. However, the only acceptable messages are those that can be harmonized with the implicit Protestant Christian sensibility of the music. Salvific love, for this reason, is always heterosexual and at least compatible with a Christian message. While the music industry does its best to erase minority sexualities, the music itself is often surprisingly open to a queer interpretation. PMID:20681105

Grossman, M L



Liposarcoma mixoide de mama. A propósito de un caso y revisión de la literatura  

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A 40 year old woman presented with a palpable swelling in her right breast. She had no relevant past medical history. Mammography revealed a 34mm, well-defined heterogeneous nodular mass in the axillary tail of the upper external quadrant of the right breast. An ultrasound guided biopsy was performed, in which a mesenchymal tumour was found, with myxoid stroma, a plexiform

Esther Sanfeliu Torres; Amparo Sáez Artacho; María Teresa Villajos Fernández; Francisco Javier Andreu Navarro; María Rosa Escoda Giralt; Ana Bueno Remacha; Mercè Rey Ruhí



Costo-efectividad de políticas para el tamizaje de cáncer de mama en México  

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Objective. Generate cost-effectiveness information to allow policy makers optimize breast cancer (BC) policy in Mexico. Material and methods. We constructed a Markov model that incorporates four interrelated processes of the disease: the natural history; detection using mammography; treatment; and other competing-causes mortality, according to which 13 different strategies were modeled. Results. Strategies (starting age, % of coverage, frequency in years)=

Atanacio Valencia-Mendoza; Gilberto Sánchez-González; Sergio Bautista-Arredondo; Gabriela Torres-Mejía; Stefano M Bertozzi




EPA Science Inventory

Phthalates are plasticizers used to impart flexibility in products including PVC, plastic toys, and medical devices. These products are widely used by the general population. Phthalates act as anti-androgens and in utero or perinatal exposure in laboratory animal models leads to ...


Eficacia del tratamiento con leflunomida en pacientes con artritis psoriásica  

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Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) occurs in 1-3% of the population and 25% of affected patients require systemic therapy. The drugs used in PsA have been developed for other diseases, mainly rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and there are no clinical trials supporting their efficacy and safety in these patients. Leflunomide (LFN) inhibits the activation and proliferation of T-lymphocytes and is considered to be

Ingrid Möller




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A brief history review of chromomycosis (formerly called chromoblastomycosis) is featured. The disease is a deep subcutaneous mycosis, which is caused by different black dymorphic fungi species from the Hypomycetos gender and Dematiacea family. These organisms live as saprophytes in the soil. In Latin American countries the most frequent species found are Fonseca pedrosoi in tropical endemic and humid subtropical

Zuño Burstein A



Tratamiento de linfomas cutáneos de células T con bexaroteno  

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IntroductionThe choice of treatment in cutaneous T-cell lymphomas (CTCLs) depends on the clinical stage of the disease and the patient's general condition. To date, there is no curative treatment for this disease, and the objective is to control the symptoms and prevent the disease from progressing. Bexarotene is an X receptor-specific retinoid with anti-tumor activity. Its use as treatment for

Olatz Lasa; Rosa Izu; Elvira Acebo; Patricia Eguino; José L. Díaz-Pérez



Tratamiento fisioterapéutico en el linfedema de miembro superior postmastectomía  

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Mastectomy-associated upper limb lymphedema is a common disorder among patients (mostly woman) who have undergone this type of surgery. Patients at risk of suffering from this complication must be trained in healthcare habits which may lead to a good hygiene; this may help them to prevent eventual development of lymphedema. Once settled, an early physiotherapy treatment using combined manual lymphatic

M. M. de la Fuente Sanz




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Description of the project, construction and final evaluation of a hotel building already operative, located in the way of an aircraft rising route that reaches 80 m height when intersecting the the building vertical axis. Specters and temporal evolution of noise diffusion in the premises are shown here, as well as criteria adopted concerning maximum sound level allowed, design of

Lic. Juan; C. Giménez de Paz; Decibel Sudamericana


Tratamiento de prúrigo nodular con ultravioleta B de banda estrecha  

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Summary Prurigo nodularis is an uncommon chronic skin condition characterized by multiple intensely itchy papules and nodules. Both the pruritus and the skin lesions are difficult to treat and are often refractory to many treatments. Local, intralesional and sistemic drugs, criosurgery and phototherapy have been employed, even in combination. Therapy of nodular prurigo with narrow band UVB phototherapy is a

Carolina Cantalejo Rodríguez; Ana María; Carrizosa Esquivel; Francisco Camacho Martínez


Efalizumab: ¿un tratamiento seguro para una enfermedad crónica?  

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Psoriasis is a chronic disease that has a very negative impact on the quality of life of those suffering it. Therefore, treatments that make it possible to satisfactorily control the disease in the long term and maintain a good safety profile are needed. Efalizumab fulfills both requirements. In this article, the potential risks involved in treatment with efalizumab, specifically the

E. Daudén; M. J. Oñate



El ranelato de estroncio en el tratamiento de la osteoporosis  

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Strontium (Sr), chemical element number 38, has a content in normal diets of 0.022-0.046 mmol\\/day and its physiological levels are between 0.11-0.31 mmol\\/l. Its behaviour is similar to that of calcium. It is distributed in plasma, extracellular liquid, soft tissues and skeleton. It binds to serum proteins and is eliminated through urine and faeces. If administered alone, 25-30% is absorbed

Antonio Torrijos Eslava; Cristina Bohórquez Heras; D. Peiteado López



Tratamiento oral con laquinimod en la esclerosis múltiple  

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IntroductionMultiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease of the central nervous system, probably of autoimmune origin. Its early treatment with interferon beta or glatiramer acetate reduces the number of exacerbations, slows disability progression and improves the quality of life, but these treatments are only partially effective and require parenteral administration.

O. Fernández



Tratamiento fisioterápico de la epicondilitis en un tenista joven  

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This case-study analyzed the physical therapy applied to a young tennis player with tennis elbow. It was placed in an interdisciplinary health team system for recovery based on the collaboration of physical therapist and trainer, permitting a rigorous and objective analysis of the different aspects considered as determinants for the injury, as well as the seriousness, the causes that provoked

M. Menayo Antúnez; R. Menayo Antúnez; J. P. Fuentes García; D. Sanz Rivas



Tratamiento nutricional de los síndromes colestáticos en la infancia  

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ResumenLa hepatopatía colestática causa un riesgo serio de desnutrición, que incluye la desnutrición de proteína y energía y las carencias nutricionales específicas. El estado nutricional puede evaluarse basándose en mediciones antropométricas, que pueden ser equívocas a causa de la ascitis y el edema periférico. Las determinaciones bioquímicas del estado de las vitaminas liposolubles son importantes para evaluar las necesidades de

Piotr Socha



Listeriosis durante el embarazo: importancia del tratamiento precoz  

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Listeria monocytogenes infection in pregnant women may have severe consequences for pregnancy outcome. Early antenatal treatment with ampicillin and gentamicin when there is clinical suspicion is highly recommended to avoid neonatal infection caused by maternal bacteremia. We describe three cases with distinct outcomes due to the different timing of treatment.

D. Montañez; I. Camaño; O. Villar; A. García Burguillo; P. Vallejo



Tratamiento canonico del problema de Poincaré. Movimiento del polo.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The rotational motion for a rigid Earth model with a homogeneous liquid core has been obtained using Hamilton's equations. From the canonical equations for the precessional und nutational motions in an inertial frame, the corresponding equations in an Earth fixed frame are deduced. The linearized equations obtained for polar motion and liquid core motion are equivalent to the Moritz's equations (1980).

Romero, P.; Sevilla, M. J.


Recovering from ‘yo mama is so stupid’: (en)gendering a critical paradigm on Black feminist theory and pedagogy  

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This article offers an analysis of the dozens using Black feminist theory. The dozens are a ritualized verbal game of insults that historically have used sexual offenses against Black women as the vehicle for insults. Rather than simply viewing the dozens as a cultural phenomenon, the article draws a connection between its occurrence in West Africa, the West Indies, slave

Rochelle Brock



Mama just won’t accept this”: Adult Perspectives on Engaging Depressed African American Teens in Clinical Research and Treatment  

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This manuscript focuses on qualitative data collected for AAKOMA Project, a 2-phase treatment engagement intervention trial\\u000a for depressed African American adolescents and families. Data are presented from our phase I study of adult perspectives on\\u000a African American adolescent depression, depression treatment, and research engagement. The research team conducted four focus\\u000a groups (N = 24) and generated major themes from the data including

Alfiee M. Breland-Noble; Carl C. Bell; Antoinette Burriss


No Baby Mama Drama: Examining Early Influences On the Choice to Avoid Pregnancy in Young Adult African American Women  

Microsoft Academic Search

The choice to be sexually active yet avoid pregnancy among young adult women is influenced by an array of personal, familial, cultural, and social factors. In this exploratory study, the authors conducted focus group sessions with sexually active African American college females who have chosen to put off childbearing while pursuing educational goals. Parents, peers and peer-modeling, healthcare workers, and

Jennie E. Long Dilworth; Marlo Rouse-Arnett



And My Mama Said...: The (Relative) Parental Influence on Fear of Crime among Adolescent Girls and Boys  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Many studies have been conducted to examine the predictors of fear of crime among adults, but feelings of insecurity among children and adolescents have been practically ignored. The aim of this study is to search for relevant determinants of fear of crime in a representative sample of 1,212 Flemish (Belgian) adolescents, age 14 to 18, and one of…

De Groof, Saskia



Recruitment and Retention of Pregnant Women for a Behavioral Intervention: Lessons from the Maternal Adiposity, Metabolism, and Stress (MAMAS) Study  

PubMed Central

Introduction Recruiting participants for research studies can be challenging. Many studies fall short of their target or must prolong recruitment to reach it. We examined recruitment and retention strategies and report lessons learned in a behavioral intervention developmental trial to encourage healthy pregnancy weight gain and stress reduction in low-income overweight pregnant women. Methods In the San Francisco Bay area from February 2010 through March 2011, we used direct and indirect strategies to recruit English-speaking overweight and obese pregnant women who were aged 18 to 45, were in the early stages of pregnancy, and who had an annual household income less than 500% of the federal poverty guidelines. Eligible women who consented participated in focus groups or an 8-week behavioral intervention. We identified successful recruiting strategies and sites and calculated the percentage of women who were enrolled and retained. Results Of 127 women screened for focus group participation, 69 were eligible and enrolled. A total of 57 women participated in 9 focus groups and 3 women completed individual interviews for a completion rate of 87%. During recruitment for the intervention, we made contact with 204 women; 135 were screened, 33% were eligible, and 69.1% of eligible women enrolled. At 1 month postpartum, 82.6% of eligible women completed an assessment. Recruiting at hospital-based prenatal clinics was the highest-yielding strategy. Conclusion The narrow window of eligibility for enrolling early stage pregnant women in a group intervention presents obstacles. In-person recruitment was the most successful strategy; establishing close relationships with providers, clinic staff, social service providers, and study participants was essential to successful recruitment and retention.

Laraia, Barbara A.; Adler, Nancy; Vieten, Cassandra; Thomas, Melanie; Epel, Elissa



The mamas and the papas: the invisible diversity of families with same?sex parents in the United States  

Microsoft Academic Search

This literature review is intended for administrators, educators, and counselors to generate discussion and awareness of the issues facing families with same?sex parents in the United States, a demographic that is rapidly growing and needing service and attention from its communities. To provide educators with background into how these families are formed, research exploring the emotional and legal dynamics of

Lucy Rimalower; Caren Caty



Creation of a novel telomere-cutting endonuclease based on the EN domain of telomere-specific non-long terminal repeat retrotransposon, TRAS1  

Microsoft Academic Search

BACKGROUND: The ends of chromosomes, termed telomeres consist of repetitive DNA. The telomeric sequences shorten with cell division and, when telomeres are critically abbreviated, cells stop proliferating. However, in cancer cells, by the expression of telomerase which elongates telomeres, the cells can continue proliferating. Many approaches for telomere shortening have been pursued in the past, but to our knowledge, cutting

Kazutoshi Yoshitake; Hideyuki Aoyagi; Haruhiko Fujiwara



New and rare Harpellales from Portugal and northwestern Iberian Peninsula: discovering the hidden mycobiota of Galicia-Tras-os-Montes region.  


The species of Harpellales obtained from a survey of the gut fungi of aquatic arthropods in the Galaico-Portuguese region, also known as the Galicia-Trás-os-Montes Zone, are presented. New species include Orphella lusitanica, a close relative of O. helicospora in Plecoptera nymphs and Stachylina pleurospora, in Chironomiidae larvae, both from Galicia and Portugal. Tectimyces gallaecicus, in Ephemeroptera nymphs from Galicia, Spain, morphologically resembles the narrowly distributed T. robustus representing a genus known only from Europe. New geographical records from Portugal include Genistellospora homothallica, Graminella bulbosa, Harpella melusinae, Lancisporomyces vernalis, Legeriomyces ramosus, O. coronata, Simuliomyces microsporus and Smittium simulii. Also three rare taxa are reported from Galicia: Legeriomyces dolabrae and Baetimyces ancorae from Baetidae nymphs and Smittium inexpectans from Chironomidae larvae. PMID:23360975

Valle, Laia Guardia



A Conceptual Framework for the Assessment of Multiple Functions of Agro-Ecosystems: A Case Study of Tras-os-Montes Olive Groves  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Multifunctionality in agriculture has received a lot of attention the last decade from researchers and policy-makers alike, perhaps most notably evidenced by the important changes made to the EU's Common Agricultural Policy. While the concept has been embraced by environmentalists envisioning positive impulses for decoupling and a range of local…

Fleskens, Luuk; Duarte, Filomena; Eicher, Irmgard



Tapping the Wisdom of the Ancestors: An Attempt to Recast Vodou and Morality through the Voice of Mama Lola and Karen McCarthy Brown  

Microsoft Academic Search

The focus of this Research Report is on morality as a culture-specific and contextual phenomenon. It argues that Vodou, as a religion, has largely been misrepresented in the West and has been portrayed as having no legitimate basis for morality mainly because of its African origins. This paper attempts to interpret morality in Vodou by presenting a model of ethics

Claudine Michel



Tapping the Wisdom of Our Ancestors: An Attempt to Recast Vodou and Morality through the Voice of Mama Lola and Karen McCarthy Brown  

Microsoft Academic Search

In this essay, I demonstrate that morality is culture-specific and contextual. To illustrate this point, I focus on Vodou, a religion that has been almost entirely misrepresented in the West, foremost because of its African origins, and that is perceived as having no legitimate basis for morality. I attempt to interpret morality in Vodou by presenting a model of ethics

Claudine Michel



Avances en el diagnóstico del cáncer de la mama. Importancia de la pesquisa y diagnóstico precoz. Reflexiones sobre el problema en Venezuela  

Microsoft Academic Search

Early diagnosis of breast cancer is a main progress in modern medicine. We resume advances in clinic, risk factors, radiology, pathology, in situ carcinoma and sub clinic lesions. Results of screening trials using mammography in others countries, decreasing mortality, pros and cons. We analyse the problem in Venezuela and call attention over the great number of advanced lesions seen in

José Antonio; Ravelo Celis



Determinantes psicológicos, clínicos y sociales del diagnóstico temprano del cáncer de mama en Bogotá, Colombia Psychological, Social, and Clinical Determinants of Breast Cancer Early Detection in Bogotá, Colombia  

Microsoft Academic Search

Introduction: Various determinants of breast cancer early detection have been described (psychological, socio-demographic, clinical, health systems). Early detection of breast cancer is crucial to improve survival rates and quality of life. This paper analyzes determinants of breast cancer early detection in women form Bogota, Colombia. Methodology: A case-control study matched by socio economical strata was conducted. 102 women were included.



Brominated flame retardant levels in human milk and serum from MAMA study participants: Correlations over time, matrix, and with questionnaire results  

EPA Science Inventory

Brominated flame retardants (BFRs) are synthetic, lipophilic, and bioaccumulative compounds used to prevent the combustion of a variety of items including electronics and furniture. There are 75 classes of BFRs, two of which are the polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) and the polybrom...



Microsoft Academic Search

Critical limb ischaemia is the final phase of the peripheral arterial disease. The treatment consists of the revascularización, but sometimes, the medical treatment is the only therapeutic option before the amputation. The cellular therapy allows the possibility of dealing with diseases with the use alive cells. This paper is a review about the utilization of adult staminal cells in patients

Beatriz Cuevas Ruiz; Juan Luis Fonseca Legrand; Gerardo Hermida Fernández; Yolanda Gallardo Hoyos




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En el proceso de extracción de cloruro de sodio a partir de agua de mar queda una salmuera residual rica en sales de sodio y magnesio que al ser tratadas químicamente y al ser evaporada permite recuperar aproximadamente el 75% del cloruro de sodio que queda en dicho residual, lo que puede reducir la contaminación ambiental del litoral y generar

Mariana Estela Colombat Rodríguez; Amada Lissett Colombat Rodríguez



Documento de consenso sobre el diagnóstico y tratamiento de la faringoamigdalitis aguda  

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Acute tonsillopharyngitis is one of the most common childhood diseases. Viruses are the most frequent origin. Group A Streptococcus (Streptococcus pyogenes) is the main bacterial cause. A culture or a rapid antigen-detection test of a throat-swab specimen should only be done on the basis of clinical scores, in order to avoid over-diagnosis of bacterial origin and unnecessary antibiotic prescription. The

R. Piñeiro Pérez; F. Hijano Bandera; F. Álvez González; A. Fernández Landaluce; J. C. Silva Rico; C. Pérez Cánovas; C. Calvo Rey; M. J. Cilleruelo Ortega



Las hipersomnias: diagnóstico, clasificación y tratamiento Hypersomnia: diagnosis, classification and treatment  

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Hypersomnia or excessive daytime sleepiness is common in neurological practice and may have different etiologies. Hypersomnia may be defined as sleepiness at an inappropriate time or in an inappropriate situation. It is important to consider that hypersomnia is at times referred to as tiredness or fatigue. A detailed clinical history is essential to reach an accurate diagnosis. A correct diagnosis

M. E. Erro; B. Zandio



Neumotórax complicado en una gestante a término: tratamiento mediante cesárea y videotoracoscopia simultáneas  

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Spontaneous pneumothorax rarely occurs during pregnancy. The most common cause is almost always related to the presence of apical blebs or bullae. The most frequent symptoms are chest pain and dyspnea and chest radiography usually confirms the diagnosis. The treatment of choice is insertion of a chest drain and surgery should be considered in recurrent pneumothorax or persistent air leaks.

Pedro Rodríguez Suárez; Margarita Medina Castellano; Elena Cortes Cros; Miguel A. Barber Marrero; Jorge Freixinet Gilart; José A. García Hernández



Tratamiento percutáneo de las bioprótesis aórticas disfuncionantes con la prótesis CoreValve ®  

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Recently, percutaneous aortic valve replacement has emerged as a therapeutic option for patients with severe symptomatic aortic stenosis and a high surgical risk. We report our initial experience in four patients with percutaneous implantation of a CoreValve aortic prosthesis to treat aortic bioprosthesis dysfunction involving aortic stenosis or regurgitation. In-hospital and medium-term outcomes were analyzed. The procedure was performed under

José M. Hernández-García; Antonio J. Muñoz-García; Juan H. Alonso-Briales; Manuel F. Jiménez-Navarro; Antonio J. Domínguez-Franco; Isabel Rodríguez-Bailón; Eduardo Olalla-Mercadé; Eduardo de Teresa-Galván



La hipnosis como adjunto en el tratamiento del hábito de fumar. Estudio de caso  

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Se presenta el caso de una paciente de 33 años con dependencia a la nicotina que lle vaba 9 años fu- mando una media de 35 cigarrillos diarios. Intentó dejarlo hace 3 años pero tuvo una recaída a los seis meses por problemas de ansiedad y continuó con su adicción. El tr atamiento tuvo como objetivo que la paciente dejara

María Elena; Mendoza Figueroa




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The carrying out and publication of studies that assess the efficacy and efficiency of drug-addiction treatment programmes is an im- portant requirement, both in social and economic terms -for health authorities- and in deontological terms -for the psychology profes- sion. The present work offers a brief description of the main methodological characteristics of these studies, outlines the principal aspects of

José Ramón Fernández Hermida; Roberto Secades Villa



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With the objective to describe the extent of treatment adherence and identify factors that impact antiretroviral treatment among individuals participating in the HIV treatment program of the Ministry of Health in Tamaulipas, Mexico between June 2008 and October 2008. A cross-sectional study including all individuals in the treatment program (117) was carried. To identify non-adherence in the last four days

Maria Isabel Peñarrieta; Tamil Kendall; Norma Martinez; Ana María Rivera; Nora Gonzales; Elva del Angel



Pacientes en tratamiento por desnutrición en atención primaria, estudio sobre 500 pacientes reales  

Microsoft Academic Search

Objective: The worsening of the nutritional status of certain segments of the population has led to frequent si- tuations of chronic undernourishment even in the he- althy population. There are very few data available on the prevalence and causes of malnutrition in Primary Health Care. The present study attempts to provide me- asurable information, obtained at random from the doc-

A. Soto Moreno; E. Venegas Moreno; M. Santos; Rubio M; León Sanz; P. P. García Luna; Virgen del Rocío




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The recurrent aphthous stomatitis is a painfull ulceration of the oral mucose that appeared in children in school age and in adults and it is observed between 10 and 60% of the population. It has been classified according to the shape of appearance, size and number of lessions and duration. It is a broadly observed pathology in the world population

María Gabriela Acosta; Iraida Labrador



Tratamiento hormonal de reasignación de sexo en España: nuestra experiencia en 236 casos  

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IntroductionIn recent decades, demand for gender reassignment therapy (psychological, hormonal and surgical) has significantly increased. In Spain, this type of therapy has not generally been provided in public hospitals. Consequently, endocrinologists and other health professionals have insufficient experience of this treatment and transsexuals have to resort to self therapy or to private hospitals.

Antonio Becerra Fernández; María Jesús Lucio Pérez; José Luis Llopis Agelan



El tratamiento de la violencia en el futbol por la prensa deportiva  

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Journalists are also main players with regard to violence in sports. Many organisms are worried about this issue and have pointed out the need for the mass media to take care of their own behaviour in order not to create a climate of violence. In this report, we exhaustively review those actions carried out by sports journalists that contribute to

JoseBarrero Munoz


Tratamiento supresor de la TSH en el cáncer diferenciado de tiroides. un dogma en revisión  

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TSH-suppressive therapy (ST) is part of the treatment protocol for differentiated thyroid carcinoma (DTC). There is however little evidence of its clinical effectiveness. On the other side, ST is not free from side effects related to the subclinical hyperthyroidism status induced in patients for a long time period. Because of this, widespread use of ST in all patients has recently

Carles ZAFON


Tacrolimus tópico en el tratamiento de la dermatitis atópica en niños  

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More than five years have passed since tacrolimus (Protopic®) has been put on the market in Spain. This is sufficient time to reevaluate the successes and failures that this product has had after the great expectations created prior to the time when it was put on the market based on its extensive experimentation in clinical trials and very encouraging results.

A. Torrelo



¿Es útil el ejercicio en el tratamiento de la espondilitis anquilosante?  

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Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects mainly young men. This disease can affect axial and peripheral joints as well as specific organs, thus impairing quality of life in these patients. There are three types of treatment interventions in these patients: medical treatment, surgical treatment and physical-rehabilitation therapy. Physical-rehabilitation therapy includes distinct modalities such as hydrotherapy, electrothermotherapy,

Alejandra López Robles; Rubén Queiro Silva; Marta Sánchez Menéndez; María Mercedes Alperi López; José Luis Riestra Noriega; Francisco Javier Ballina García




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Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is the leading cause of cancer deaths for both men and women in our society. Patients with advanced-stage NSCLC managed with supportive care alone have a median survival of 5 months, and only 10% live 1 year. Treatment with chemotherapy can make a difference, and it is therefore of paramount importance to understand the latest

M. Cobo; M. García; F. Paez; J. Torres; R. Arrabal; C. Pagés



Micafungina en el tratamiento de la infección fúngica en modelos animales  

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BackgroundMicafungin is an echinocandin antifungal drug recently approved for the treatment of candidiasis. The possibility of its clinical use against other invasive mycoses, has aroused the interest of numerous investigators in evaluating its efficacy in different animal models.

Francisco Javier Pastor; Josep Guarro




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Resumen El tema de las adicciones ha sido abordado históric amente por la literatura desde múltiples puntos de vista, sin embargo en esta investigación bibliográfica nuestra intenci ón es dimensionar las teorías sobre el origen de la s adicciones, considerando la complementariedad teórica para la q ue se presta el tema, permitiendo un paralelo con l as terapias psicoanalíticas y

Alan Herzberg; Viviana Messina; Diego Moreno; Natalia Olmedo; Romina Pitronello; Francisca Roman


Consumo de drogas en mujeres asistentes a centros de tratamiento especializado en la Ciudad de México  

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The most frecuently consumed drugs once in a lifetime were: tobacco (89.3%), alcoholic drinks (77.3%), marijuana (30.4%), crack (18.4%), cocaine hydrochloride (17.0%) and solvents and removers (15.4%). During the last year of use they were: tobacco (82.9%), alcoholic drinks (65.6%), marijuana (19.4%), crack (15.3%), cocaine hydrochloride (10.9%) and solvents and removers (10.1%). During the last month of use they were:

P. Isaías; Castillo Franco; Alma Delia; Gutiérrez López


Creación de ascitis artificial para el tratamiento mediante radiofrecuencia percutánea del hepatocarcinoma cercano al diafragma  

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Surgical resection is the first-line curative treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). However most patients are unable to undergo surgical resection because of advanced tumoral stage, severe liver dysfunction or poor clinical status. Therefore, image-guided tumor ablation techniques have been introduced for the treatment of unresectable HCC. Among them, radiofrequency ablation (RFA) has been demonstrated to be an effective alternative curative

Luisa Adán Merino; Antonio Olveira Martín; Juan Pedro Pérez Robledo; Isabel Prieto; Francisco Gea Rodriguez; Pilar Castillo Grau; Eduardo Martín Arranz; Eduardo Alonso Gamarra; Pedro Mora Sanz



Inmersión en agua para el tratamiento adyuvante de la ascitis refractaria en pacientes con cirrosis hepática  

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Summary Background: Head-out water immersion has been proposed as an adjuvant treatment in refractory ascites and hepatorenal syndrome. We undertook this study to present the results of management of patients with refractory ascites. Methods: We included 10 patients with diagnosis of hepatic cirrhosis and refractory ascites. Variables were measured in four stages: stage I (basal); II (at the end of

María-Elena López-Ortega; Ernesto Santiago-Luna; Mario Salazar-Páramo; José Luis Montañez-Fernández; Jacqueline Osuna-Rubio; Alejandro González-Ojeda



Tratamiento de la ascitis en pacientes cirróticos Treatment of ascites in cirrhotic patients  

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Ascites is the most frequent complication of hepatic cirrhosis and its appearance brings a reduction of survival. The treatment aims to mobilise the intraperitoneal liquid and to prevent its reaccumulation. The first step of treatment includes rest in bed, a hyposodic and spironolactone diet, alone or in combination with furosemide or torasemide. However, 10-20% of patients do not respond to

I. Elizalde; J. M. Zozaya


Tratamiento de la tendinopatía calcificante de hombro: ¿iontoforesis con ácido acético u onda corta?  

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IntroductionCalcifying tendinitis of the shoulder (TCH) is a crippling, painful and common disease with high socio-economic impact. This study has aimed to compare iontophoresis with acetic acid (IAA) with shortwave (SW), both associated with ultrasound (US) and a physiotherapy home shoulder program in two groups of patients with TCH.

D. Jiménez-García; E. López-Dolado; M. C. López-Zarzuela



Hacia la implementación de una guía de práctica clínica para el tratamiento del asma  

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Abstract. Dados los esfuerzos que el personal sanitario hace para la definición de guías de práctica clínica (CPG) por su elevado impacto en la calidad de los cuidados y la dificultad de su implantación, hemos considerado necesario desarrollar una,solución efectivade cara a laimplantación de CPGsmediante Sistemas de Ayuda a la Toma de Decisiones (DSS). Por la importancia de lo antedicho,

Pikatza F. J; Lopez de Ipiña


Tratamiento Multicomponente de un Caso de Mutismo Selectivo Multicomponent treatment in a case of selective mutism  

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This study displays the process of evaluation and treatment of a 6 year old girl who fulfi lls the diagnoses criteria for selective mutism according to the DSM-IV-TR. The treatment includes strategies that surpass the individual setting and considers the institutional setting (family and school). With the purpose of reach- ing the proposed therapeutic objectives, two differentiated phases were designed.

José Olivares Rodríguez; José Antonio; Piqueras Rodríguez; Ana Isabel; Rosa Alcázar; Facultad de Psicología


Revisión y recomendaciones sobre la prevención, diagnóstico y tratamiento de la infección posnatal por citomegalovirus  

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Postnatal cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection in the newborn can occur from exposure to maternal cervical secretions during birth, ingestion of breast milk, transfusion of blood products or transmission by body fluids of infected people. Breast milk is the main source of infection, given the high rate of CMV-positive mothers excreting CMV in milk. Freezing reduces the risk of CMV transmission by

A. Alarcón Allen; F. Baquero-Artigao



Utilidad de la herramienta FRAX en el tratamiento de la osteoporosis en población femenina española  

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Background and objectiveOsteoporotic fractures involve a significant consumption of health resources. Bone densitometry has been essential in the management of osteoporosis. However, for fracture absolute risk prediction, other important clinical risk factors are also important. WHO published a risk estimation tool (FRAX), and the National Osteoporosis Guideline Group (NOGG) reported thresholds for densitometry assessment based on cost-effectivity criteria. Our goal

Rafael Azagra Ledesma; Daniel Prieto-Alhambra; Gloria Encabo Duró; Enrique Casado Burgos; Amada Aguyé Batista; Adolfo Díez-Pérez




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La duda acerca de si en realidad existió un arte rupestre propiamente incaico ha obsesionado a los investigadores durante décadas. En este artículo se discute este problema con datos del sitio SBa-518, un pequeño asentamiento agropastoril con arte rupestre figurativo tanto naturalista como esquemático, situado a un kilómetro del camino inca del Alto Loa, Región de Antofagasta, norte de Chile.

Diego Artigas



DNA Methylation Impacts Gene Expression and Ensures Hypoxic Survival of Mycobacterium tuberculosis  

PubMed Central

DNA methylation regulates gene expression in many organisms. In eukaryotes, DNA methylation is associated with gene repression, while it exerts both activating and repressive effects in the Proteobacteria through largely locus-specific mechanisms. Here, we identify a critical DNA methyltransferase in M. tuberculosis, which we term MamA. MamA creates N6-methyladenine in a six base pair recognition sequence present in approximately 2,000 copies on each strand of the genome. Loss of MamA reduces the expression of a number of genes. Each has a MamA site located at a conserved position relative to the sigma factor ?10 binding site and transcriptional start site, suggesting that MamA modulates their expression through a shared, not locus-specific, mechanism. While strains lacking MamA grow normally in vitro, they are attenuated in hypoxic conditions, suggesting that methylation promotes survival in discrete host microenvironments. Interestingly, we demonstrate strikingly different patterns of DNA methyltransferase activity in different lineages of M. tuberculosis, which have been associated with preferences for distinct host environments and different disease courses in humans. Thus, MamA is the major functional adenine methyltransferase in M. tuberculosis strains of the Euro-American lineage while strains of the Beijing lineage harbor a point mutation that largely inactivates MamA but possess a second functional DNA methyltransferase. Our results indicate that MamA influences gene expression in M. tuberculosis and plays an important but strain-specific role in fitness during hypoxia.

Shell, Scarlet S.; Prestwich, Erin G.; Baek, Seung-Hun; Shah, Rupal R.; Sassetti, Christopher M.; Dedon, Peter C.; Fortune, Sarah M.



Psychometric properties of the Trauma Relevant Assumptions Scale  

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This article describes the psychometric properties of a novel questionnaire, i.e. the Trauma Relevant Assumptions Scale (TRAS). The added value of the TRAS over previous trauma relevant belief questionnaires is that the TRAS enables measuring valence and rigidity of beliefs simultaneously. Both aspects are thought to be predictive of the development of chronic PTSD symptoms. For the exploratory factor analysis,

Nicole Buck; Merel Kindt; Arnoud Arntz; Marcel van den Hout; Erik Schouten



Uso clínico del agregado de trióxido mineral (MTA) en el tratamiento de lesiones periapicales y perforaciones radiculares  

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The use of MTA cement (mineral trioxide aggregate) to solve endodontics treatment complications, like pulpar floor camera perforations during root canal treatment, as well as a retrograde obturation material of apicectomy treatment, was the purpose of this investigation. White MTA Angelus, (Industria de productos odontologicos Ltda. Londrina-PR-Brazil) was used wich has 10 - 15 minutes as initial and final hardening

Martha Elena; Pineda Mejía; Silva Infantes; Doris Salcedo Moncada; Antonia Castro Rodríguez; Liliana Terán Casafranca; Ortiz Cárdenas; Julio Ochoa Tataje; Jorge Gaitán Velásquez


El papel de las combinaciones de antirretrovirales a dosis fijas en el tratamiento de la infección por VIH-1  

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The launch of generic forms of some of the drugs included in fixed-dose combinations of antiretrovirals (FDCA) raises the potential risk of breaking these combinations in order to allow the administration of the new cheaper generic drug. This could result in a step back in some major advances achieved in simplicity and treatment adherence, resulting in an increased risk of

Josep M. Llibre; Antonio Antela; José Ramón Arribas; Pere Domingo; Josep M. Gatell; José López-Aldeguer; Fernando Lozano; Celia Miralles; José Moltó; Santiago Moreno; Enrique Ortega; Melcior Riera; Antonio Rivero; Concepción Villalonga; Bonaventura Clotet




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El presente trabajo revisa algunos de los aspectos más destacables de la fiscalidad sobre el consumo de bienes nocivos como instrumento de intervención vinculada a las políticas de salud y a la corrección del fallo de mercado. El objetivo no es otro que el de repasar el estado de conocimiento al respecto, destacando las variables que delimitan el marco de

Guillém López Casasnovas; Esther Martínez García




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A novel alternative with great potential of use is proposed to replace chlorine with another biocide in cooling systems. This alternative has a minimum environmental impact and allows the establishment of a microbiological control of cooling systems by decreasing the bacteria popu- lation commonly present in cooling water. The proposed alternative to be used as biocide is the electrolytically generated




Cólera: Una revisión actualizada. Parte 3. Complicaciones del cólera. Tratamiento. Genética del cólera. Mecanismos de control de la epidemia. Referencias  

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Cholera: An updated review. Part 3. Cholera complications. Treatment. Genetics of cholera. Mechanisms for the control of the epidaemia. References. This review gives a complete, precise and update information on the cholera disease, from its beginning in the world up to the current seventh pandaemia, which already is present in South America, including Peru, Colombia and Venezuela. Information is given

Pedro José Salinas



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An experimental study was done at the Clinic for the Develop- ment of Natural and Traditional Medicine with the purpose to com- pare the effectiveness of acupuncture and western medicine in the treatment of sacrolumbalgy in workers exposed to labor risk factors. Patients were assigned, in a probabilistic sequential way, to two treatment groups. The most frequent labor risk factors

Pintos J; Caballero EL; Suárez R; Romero JM; Jesús Pintos Valluerca; Eduardo Lázaro; Caballero Poutou; René Suárez Martínez; Juana María Romero del Sol


Dosis bajas de cinacalcet reducen el calcio sérico en pacientes con hiperparatiroidismo primario no subsidiario de tratamiento quirúrgico  

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We present our experience with low-dose cinacalcet to normalize serum calcium in patients with primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) not eligible for surgery. We analyzed the impact of this drug on various parameters of calcium-phosphorus metabolism and its tolerability profile.We recruited 17 patients diagnosed with PHPT who had hypercalcemia and also met one or more of the following inclusion criteria: elevated risk

Alfonso Arranz Martín; Andrea Azcárate Villalón; Manuel Luque Ramírez; Blanca Santana Durán; Mónica Marazuela Azpíroz; Amalia Paniagua Ruiz; Raffaele Carraro; Antonio Gómez Pan



Fallas en los tratamientos termicos para aceros de herramienta. (Failures on the heat treatments of steels for tools).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The main objective of the work was to determine the most common defects occuring in tool steels of the AISI D-2, S-1, 0-1 and W-2 series during thermal treatment. Defects were evaluated by metallographic analyses, a method used to determine and recognize ...

G. Nunez-Gonzalez



Documento de consenso sobre tratamiento con infusión subcutánea continua de insulina de la diabetes tipo 1 en la edad pediátrica  

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This article reports on the Spanish Position Statement for the Diabetes Pediátric Group for the Spanish Pediatric Endocrinology Society (SEEP) on continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes. The practical issues about their indications, appropriate candidates, feasibility, and limits are outlined. The conclusions are based on the comprehensive review and balanced assessment of the evidence

R. Barrio Castellanos; B. García Cuartero; A. Gómez Gila; I. González Casado; F. Hermoso López; C. Luzuriaga Tomás; M. Oyarzabal Irigoyen; I. Rica Etxebarria; M. Rodríguez Rigual; M. Torres Lacruz




Microsoft Academic Search

Objectives. To compare the efficacy of two treatments of the diabetes mellitus: insulin glargine, an analogue of long-acting insulin (Lantus®), and intermediate acting isophanic insulin (NPH insulin). Method. Modelized retrospective cost-utility analysis, from the pers- pective of the Spanish Health System (considering the direct health costs). It was simulated the evolution during 9 years of the patients with type 1

Carlos Rubio-Terrés; Javier Rodríguez; Bjorn Bolinder; Pedro de Pablos; REES Vol; Cian Magenta; Amarillo Negro


Evidencia Científica actual sobre la utilidad del Ultrasonido de Alta Intensidad (HIFU) en el tratamiento del Adenocarcinoma Prostático  

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SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE ON THE USE OF HIGH-INTENSITY FOCAL ULTRASOUND (HIFU) IN THE TREATMENT OF PROSTATIC CARCINOMA Objectives: To evaluate in the literature scientific evidence on the use of High-Intensity Focal Ultrasound (HIFU) in the treat- ment of prostatic carcinoma (PC). Method: Three database are searched: PubMed, Cochrane Library, HTA database. Several articles were selected taking into account number of cases,

E. Lledó García; J. Jara Rascón; D. Subirá Ríos; F. Herranz Amo; J. I. Martínez-Salamanca; C. Hernández Fernández



Construyendo puentes entre la política ambiental y la política de tratamiento de aguas en la cuenca Lerma-Chapala  

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The sustainable development of a nation does not recognise divisions bet- ween the importance of economical, ecological, social, political and cul- tural factors. However, an analytical review of the water and environ- mental policies in Mexico does show a gap between them. There are divergences between two sector policies that must be, by definition, con- vergent. In order to demonstrate



Prevalencia de disfunción eyaculatoria secundaria al tratamiento con alfa-bloqueantes en pacientes con hiperplasia benigna de próstata  

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PREVALENCE OF EJACULATORY DYSFUNCTION SECONDARY TO ALPHA-BLOCKER THERAPY IN PATIENTS WITH BENIGN PROSTATIC HYPERPLASIA Introduction: Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is characterized by lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) that may cause ejaculatory disorders, although they could be also a consequence of alpha-blocker treatment. Objectives: To determine the prevalence of ejaculatory dysfunction in patients with HBP undergoing alpha-blocker therapy. Secondary objectives were

A. Martín-Morales; G. Meyer; E. Ramírez




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The tropical dry forest (TDF), is ones of the types of vegetation were keep high amount of flora and fauna species. TDF is the tropical forest most endangered major ecosystem. Because the biodiversity and uses are high, this forest is interesting for the conservation and to be considering in different development options. Any option of conservation, restoration, rehabilitation or development,

Guadalupe Hernández-Vargas; Lázaro R. Sánchez-Velásquez; Fernando Aragón



Variabilidad en la realización de la espirometría y sus consecuencias en el tratamiento de la EPOC en Atención Primaria  

Microsoft Academic Search

BackgroundSeveral studies have approached the use of spirometry in the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in Primary Care (PC), but few have analysed its impact on the treatment of the patient with COPD.

Mònica Monteagudo; Teresa Rodriguez-Blanco; Judith Parcet; Núria Peñalver; Carles Rubio; Montserrat Ferrer; Marc Miravitlles



Kathy Talks with Other Mothers about Breastfeeding an Older Baby. Mother-to-Mother Support = Josefa Habla con Otras Mamas sobre el Amamantar a un Bebe Mayorcito. Apoyo Madre a Madre.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

These magazine-sized booklets, one in English, one in Spanish, are in cartoon format and designed to be used by people with limited literacy in English or Spanish. The book explains that a 1- or 2-year old breastfed baby is comforted by breastfeeding, breast milk continues to have nutritional value (even if the mother becomes pregnant), and that…

Magalhaes, Rebecca; Stone-Jimerez, Maryanne; Allen de Smith, Paulina; Smith, Natalia


Validation of the Greek Maternal Adjustment and Maternal Attitudes Scale for Assessing Early Postpartum Adjustment  

Microsoft Academic Search

Background: The Maternal Adjustment and Maternal Attitude (MAMA) is a self-administered scale, designed for use in primary care settings to identify postpartum maternal adjustment problems regarding body image, sex, somatic symptoms and marital relationships.Methods: Women were recruited within 4 weeks of giving birth. Responses to the MAMA were compared for agreement with responses to the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS)

Victoria G. Vivilaki; Vassilis Dafermos; Liana Gevorgian; Athanasia Dimopoulou; Evridiki Patelarou; Debra Bick; Nicholas D. Tsopelas; Christos Lionis




Microsoft Academic Search

Innovative tools such as the Internet, personal digital assistants, tablet computers, cell phones, and other technologies are a growing arsenal in the global effort to prevent and control HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). While a variety of information and communication technology tools are in various stages of use for HIV\\/STI prevention, relatively few areas have accumulated a critical

Walter H. Curioso; Magaly M. Blas; Ann E. Kurth; Jeffrey D. Klausner



High-resolution pulse-counting array detectors for imaging and spectroscopy at ultraviolet wavelengths  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The performance characteristics of multianode microchannel array (MAMA) detector systems which have formats as large as 256 x 1024 pixels and which have application to imaging and spectroscopy at UV wavelengths are evaluated. Sealed and open-structure MAMA detector tubes with opaque CsI photocathodes can determine the arrival time of the detected photon to an accuracy of 100 ns or better. Very large format MAMA detectors with CsI and Cs2Te photocathodes and active areas of 52 x 52 mm (2048 x 2048 pixels) will be used as the UV solar blind detectors for the NASA STIS.

Timothy, J. Gethyn; Bybee, Richard L.



Applications of Multidirectional Asymmetrical Microlens-Array Light-Control Films on Reflective Liquid-Crystal Displays for Image Quality Enhancement  

Microsoft Academic Search

The multidirectional asymmetrical microlens-array light-control film (MAMA-LCF) is developed for enhancing the image brightness and contrast ratio of various reflective liquid-crystal displays. By use of index-matching material, the interface reflection is greatly reduced. Through optimized designs, the surface-scattering effect is also suppressed; thus the contrast ratio is much enhanced. From experimental results, the MAMA-LCF leads to a ~1.5x gain in

Yi-Pai Huang; Han-Ping David Shieh; Shin-Tson Wu



Air and Biological Monitoring of Toluene Diisocyanate in a Flexible Foam Plant  

Microsoft Academic Search

Comparative air measurements of toluene diisocyanate (TDI) were performed in a 5.6 m standard atmosphere and at a TDI flexible foam plant. Air samples were collected in midget impinger flasks containing 9-(N-methyl-amino-methyl)-anthracene (MAMA) in toluene and on 13-mm glass-fiber filters impregnated with MAMA and glycerol analyzed by LC-UV and with filter-tape instruments. In the laboratory study the average amounts of

Håkan Tinnerberg; Marianne Dalene; Gunnar Skarping



Validación del Cuestionario de Variables de Interacción Psicosocial (VIP): hacia un modelo de tratamiento de las conductas adictivas «guiado por la personalidad»  

Microsoft Academic Search

ObjectiveThe personality can be studied at three levels: clinical (disorders), traits and the level of interactive variables. There are valid instruments for the measurement of both first, but we do not have any that explores in a combined way the interactional level. We propose a model of «personality guided treatment» for the addictive behaviours in the direction of the one

E. J. Pedrero Pérez; M. Pérez López; S. de Ena de la Cuesta; C. Garrido Caballero



Zoonosis: Principales Enfermedades Transmisibles de los Animales al Hombre - Causas, Tratamiento y Prevencion (Zoonosis: Principal Diseases Transmittable from Animals to Humans - Causes, Treatment and Prevention).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The document provides causes, treatment and prevention information on 19 zoonoses--animal diseases that can be transmitted to man. These diseases are: mastitis; cowpox; sacropsiliasis; rabies; trichinosis; tapeworm; hedatidosis; 'estomatitis'; distomatosi...

A. M. Tovar



Linfoma cardiaco primario: diagnóstico citológico y tratamiento con respuesta a poliquimioterapia y a autotrasplante de precursores hematopoyéticos. Presentación de un caso y revisión de la literatura  

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The primary cardiac lymphoma (PCL) is an extremely infrequent tumor suffered by immunocompetents patients with a difficult diagnosis and slow progress leading to a serious prognosis and few therapeutically possibilities. It's a primary-cardiac non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) in a patient of 46-year-old, immunocompetent, who started with a congestive heart failure and atrial flutter. Some examinations were carried out such as a

C. Porcar Ramells; C. Clemente González; D. García Parés; R. Guardia Sánchez; F. García-Bragado Dalmau



Doxorrubicina liposomal no pegilada en combinación con ciclofosfamida, vincristina, prednisona y rituximab en el tratamiento de linfomas no hodgkinianos: estudio de 26 pacientes  

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Background and objectivesNon-pegylated liposomal doxorubicin is associated with lower cardiac toxicity than conventional doxorubicin, and for that reason it has been used in the treatment of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) in old patients or patients with cardiac disease. The objective of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of chemotherapy schedules including non-pegylated liposomal doxorubicin in patients with NHL.

Miriam Moreno; Juan-Manuel Sancho; Santiago Gardella; Rosa Coll; Olga García; David Gallardo; Josep-María Ribera



Guía de la EAU sobre el cáncer de próstata. Parte II: tratamiento del cáncer de próstata avanzado, recidivante y resistente a la castración  

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ObjectivesOur aim is to present a summary of the 2010 version of the European Association of Urology (EAU) guidelines on the treatment of advanced, relapsing, and castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC).

N. Mottet; J. Bellmunt; M. Bolla; S. Joniau; M. Mason; V. Matveev; H. P. Schmid; T. van der Kwast; T. Wiegel; F. Zattoni; A. Heidenreich



Del conocimiento de la etiología bacteriana al tratamiento y la prevención de las infecciones más prevalentes en la comunidad: las infecciones odontológicas  

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SUMMARY The prevalence of community odontological infections and their relevance to public health were reviewed. Knowledge of bacterial etiology (and the transmittability of these microbial agents) was used to study the disease (individual susceptibility to etiological agents) in order to review the effect of treatment on odontological pathogens and human microbials. The synergy between the primary care physician and the

P. Matesanz; E. Figuero; M. J. Giménez; L. Aguilar; C. Llor; J. Prieto; A. Bascones


Resultados funcionales de la técnica de placa antideslizante versus técnica de placa lateral para el tratamiento quirúrgico de fracturas del maléolo externo tipo Weber B  

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Introduction: Ankle fractures are frequent. Its treatment could be surgical and not surgical. The main complication is residual instability of the joint. This would affect its biomechanical behaviour resulting in loss of function and arthrosis. The objective of this study was to determine the functional outcome of antiglide plate versus lateral plate for ankle fractures. Methods: We designed an experimental

Esteban Holguín Maldonado; Juan Manuel Herrera Arbeláez; Oscar Reyes Pardo; Jorge Mesa



Evolución de las Teorías Cognoscitivas y del Tratamiento Cognoscitivo Conductual de la Anorexia Nerviosa The Evolution of Cognitive Theories and Behavioral Therapy for Anorexia Nervosa  

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Anorexia nervosa is the eating disorder (ED) that represents the highest mortality rate among psychiatric disorders, though the interest of investigators has been particularly centered on bulimia nervosa; probably because its incidence is higher, but also because the complexity of the clinical course of anorexia nervosa supposes a frustrating scenario that is constant for the therapist and the patient. The

Ximena Palacios Espinosa



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Psychological coping with childhood cancer involves the use of strategies and re- sources that help children and their families undergo the disease with the fewest possible emotional and behavioural problems. In the fi eld of Psychology, techniques and programs have been developed and adapted with the aim of minimising the psychological impact of the diagnosis and treatment of childhood and

Juan Manuel Ortigosa; Francisco Xavier Méndez; Antonio Riquelme



Documento de consenso sobre la evaluación y el tratamiento de la psoriasis moderada\\/grave del Grupo Español de Psoriasis* de la Academia Española de Dermatología y Venereología  

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The treatment of psoriasis has been revolutionized by the introduction of biologic agents; these agents achieve skin clearance and long-term improvement without the risk of toxicity that has limited use of the classic systemic treatments. The role of systemic treatment in the management of psoriasis is being reviewed on the basis of a large volume of scientific evidence on the

L. Puig; X. Bordas; J. M. Carrascosa; E. Daudén; C. Ferrándiz; J. M. Hernanz; J. L. López-Estebaranz; J. C. Moreno; J. L. Sánchez-Carazo; F. Vanaclocha; H. Vázquez-Veiga



Modelo HACCP General para Productos Carnicos y Avicolas no Perecederos, Sin Tratamiento Termico (Generic HACCP Model for Not Heat Treated, Shelf Stable Meat and Poultry Products).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system is a scientific approach to process control. It is designed to prevent the occurrence of problems by assuring that controls are applied at any point in a food production system where hazardous or c...



Application of Generalized Linear Models to Data Analysis in Drinking Water Treatment Aplicacion de modelos lineales generalizados al analisis de datos en el tratamiento de agua potable  

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In drinking water treatment we found appropriate linear models to ex- plain dose and concentration of sulphate, dose of lime, lime application prob- ability and polymer application probability, including as explanatory variables some physical and chemical properties of raw water.

Zulma Cepeda



Treatment of tinnitus in the elderly: a controlled trial of cognitive behavior therapy Tratamiento del acufeno en ancianos: una prueba controlada de terapia conductual cognitiva  

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The aim of the study was to investigate the effects of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in elderly people with tinnitus (B \\/65 years). Thirty-seven patients were called in for a structured interview. Following exclusion, twenty- three participated in the trial. All participants underwent medical ear, nose, and throat (ENT) examination, audio- metry, and tinnitus matchings. A randomized controlled design with

Gerhard Andersson; Daniel Porsaeus; Magnus Wiklund; Viktor Kaldo; Hans Christian Larsen


Nitroglicerina transdermica en el tratamiento de la tendinopatia aquilea. Mejoría clínica y funcional constatada con test de marcha. A propósito de un caso  

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Most patients with Achilles tendon injury improve with conservative treatment, reserving surgery for cases that do not respond, although the symptoms may persist after surgery. Such is the case, a 41 year-old patient subject of conservative and surgical treatment, which persisted despite of all the discomfort. We proposed the introduction of transdermal nitroglycerin patches, aiming at the improvement in the

R. García; J. Cervera; I. Martinez; A. Pina




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When restoring highly degraded areas such as the Mixteca Alta (Oaxaca State, Mexico), it is important to use native species that promote natural succession. To do so, we need to know whether their seeds have dormancy and how to break it. We compared different pre-germination treatments of eight species relevant for restoration. The results were analyzed with a new method




Tratamiento para la Apnea del Sueno: Revision de la Investigacion para Adultos (Treating Sleep Apnea: A Review of the Research for Adults).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This information is right for you if a doctor said you have mild, moderate, or severe obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA. People with OSA may snore and stop (or pause) their breathing a few or many times when they sleep; If you are looking for ways to treat ...



Metodologías de Pre-procesamiento y Procesamiento Utilizadas en el Tratamiento Cuantitativo de Datos SAR Para el Estudio de Ambientes en el Bajo Delta del Río Paraná, Argentina  

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From SAR point of view, the Delta of Paraná's river (Argentina), a major fresh water wetland, represents a complex area where the radar backscattered signal has the influence of the structural properties of the landscape elements as well as of the dielectric properties due to the different flooding conditions of the land cover categories. To understand the different mechanisms that



[In Process Citation].  


RESUMENOBJETIVODeterminar la incidencia de nefropatía inducida por contraste  (NIC) en un grupo de pacientes diabéticos en tratamiento con metformina  a los que se realiza un estudio de tomografía computarizada (TC)  con contraste yodado (civ)MATERIAL Y MÉTODOSEstudio prospectivo de  pacientes diabéticos   incluidos en el protocolo para la prevención de la acidosis láctica   a  los que se hace seguimiento clínico y analítico tras la realización de una TC con civ.RESULTADOSSe recogieron  98 casos.En los  pacientes sin insuficiencia renal previa la incidencia de NIC es del 0%. En los  pacientes con insuficiencia renal previa la incidencia de NIC es del 4,7%. No se registró ningún caso de acidosis láctica.CONCLUSIONESEl riesgo de de NIC en pacientes diabéticos sin insuficiencia renal a los que se administra contraste yodado  es mínimo. Las recomendaciones de retirar la metformina para evitar la acidosis láctica en pacientes a los que se administra civ se podría reservar para los pacientes con  TFG <45. ABSTRACTPURPOSETo determine the incidence of contrast-induced nephropathy (CIN) among diabetic patients treated with Metformin who underwent computed tomography (CT) scan with iodinated contrast media.MATERIAL AND METHODSProspective study of diabetic patients enrolled in a lactic acidosis prevention protocol in whom clinical and analytical follow up after CT scan with intravenous contrast was performed.RESULTS98 cases were collected. The incidence of CIN in diabetic patients without prior renal failure was 0%. In patients with previous renal failure the incidence of CIN was 4.7%. No case of lactic acidosis was registered.CONCLUSIONSThe risk of CIN in diabetic patients with no renal failure undergoing intravenous contrast administration is minimal. Recommendations to stop Metformin to avoid lactic acidosis in patients undergoing intravenous contrast administration may be restricted to patients with GFR <45. PMID:24008523

Gómez Herrero, H; De Arriba Villamor, C; Buldain Parra, M; Arraiza Sarasa, M



Análisis de la Satisfacción con los Cuidados en Salud a Través del Cuestionario EORTC IN-PATSAT32 en Pacientes con Cáncer de Mama, Linfoma no Hodgkin y Cáncer ColoRectal en Diferentes Etapas Clínicas. Relación con las Características Socio-Demográficas, Estados Co-Mórbidos y Variables del Proceso de Atención en el Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social  

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IntroductionIn Mexico cancer is a public health burden. Nowadays the health care systems pay special attention to patient's perception and satisfaction of the health care received. Satisfaction with quality of health care has an impact in the adherence to the treatment.

Luz-Ma-Adriana Balderas-Peña; Daniel Sat-Muñoz; Iris Contreras-Hernández; Pedro Solano-Murillo; Guillermo-Allan Hernández-Chávez; Ignacio Mariscal-Ramírez; Martha Lomelí-García; Margarita-Arimatea Díaz-Cortés; Joaquín-Federico Mould-Quevedo; Juan-Manuel Castro-Cervantes; Oscar-Miguel Garcés-Ruiz; Gilberto Morgan-Villela



STIS-13 CCD Spectroscopic Image Quality and ACQ Tests  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Check image quality along the 52x0.1 slit in combination with the G230LB grating. The target star will be positioned at several positions along the slit including 52X0.1 {nominal center position}, 52X0.1E1 {CTE position} and 51X0.1D1 {MAMA acquisitions near low background for FUV MAMA}. Positioning of the target will be done utilizing PATTERN and offsets of 0.1 arcseconds between five positions. Sufficient targets will be selected, and contingency visits prepared, to allow this activity to occur any time during the BEA period.;

Gull, Theodore



Eficacia y seguridad de la terapia tópica con capsaicina 0,075% versus mentol 1%, en el tratamiento del prurito de la foliculitis eosinofílica asociada al virus de la inmunodeficiencia adquirida  

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ResumenObjetivo: ? Determinarlaeficaciayseguridaddelaterapiatópicaconcapsaicina ? 0,075% ? versus ? mentol ? 1% ? eneltratamientodelpruritodelafoliculitiseosinofílicaasociadaalvirusdela ? inmunodeficienciaadquirida ? (VIH). ? Diseño: ? Estudioclínicoaleatorizadoydobleciego. ? Lugar: ? ServiciosdeEnfermedadesInfecciosasyTropicales ? (SEIT) ? yDermatología, ? HospitalNacional ? DosdeMayo, ? Lima, ? Perú. ? Participantes: ? Pacientesconfoliculitiseosinofílicaasociadaal ? VIH. ? Intervenciones: ? Lamuestraestuvoconstituidapor ? 40 ? pacientesconfoliculitiseosinofílica ? asociadaalVIH, ? quienesfuerondistribuidosmediantemuestreoaleatoriosistemáticoendos ? grupos: ? elgrupo ?

Carlos Galarza; Willy Ramos; Humberto Chía; Gerardo Ronceros; Jesús Santiani; Ericson Gutiérrez; Marcos Ñavincopa; María Vilcarromero; Jack Ávila; Jorge Hancco; Deny Gámez



Note. Kinetic parameters of Bacillus stearothermophilus spores under isothermal and non-isothermal heating conditions Nota. Parámetros cinéticos del tratamiento isotérmico y no isotérmico de esporas de Bacillus stearothermophilus  

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Thermobacteriological studies using Bacillus stearotherrnophilus spores were carried out by heating the spores under isothermal and non-isothermal conditions followed by an isothermal period. Ex perimental data obtained after isothermal heating were analyzed using a two-step linear regression procedure and a one-step nonlinear regression method. Results obtained using both analytical tech niques were close, but the 90% interval of confidence for

P. M. Periago; S. Leontidis; P. S. Fernández; C. Rodrigo; A. Martínez



Primary angioplasty vs. fibrinolysis in very old patients with acute myocardial infarction: TRIANA (TRatamiento del Infarto Agudo de miocardio eN Ancianos) randomized trial and pooled analysis with previous studies  

PubMed Central

Aims To compare primary percutaneous coronary intervention (pPCI) and fibrinolysis in very old patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI), in whom head-to-head comparisons between both strategies are scarce. Methods and results Patients ?75 years old with STEMI <6 h were randomized to pPCI or fibrinolysis. The primary endpoint was a composite of all-cause mortality, re-infarction, or disabling stroke at 30 days. The trial was prematurely stopped due to slow recruitment after enroling 266 patients (134 allocated to pPCI and 132 to fibrinolysis). Both groups were well balanced in baseline characteristics. Mean age was 81 years. The primary endpoint was reached in 25 patients in the pPCI group (18.9%) and 34 (25.4%) in the fibrinolysis arm [odds ratio (OR), 0.69; 95% confidence interval (CI) 0.38–1.23; P = 0.21]. Similarly, non-significant reductions were found in death (13.6 vs. 17.2%, P = 0.43), re-infarction (5.3 vs. 8.2%, P = 0.35), or disabling stroke (0.8 vs. 3.0%, P = 0.18). Recurrent ischaemia was less common in pPCI-treated patients (0.8 vs. 9.7%, P< 0.001). No differences were found in major bleeds. A pooled analysis with the two previous reperfusion trials performed in older patients showed an advantage of pPCI over fibrinolysis in reducing death, re-infarction, or stroke at 30 days (OR, 0.64; 95% CI 0.45–0.91). Conclusion Primary PCI seems to be the best reperfusion therapy for STEMI even for the oldest patients. Early contemporary fibrinolytic therapy may be a safe alternative to pPCI in the elderly when this is not available. # NCT00257309.

Bueno, Hector; Betriu, Amadeo; Heras, Magda; Alonso, Joaquin J.; Cequier, Angel; Garcia, Eulogio J.; Lopez-Sendon, Jose L.; Macaya, Carlos; Hernandez-Antolin, Rosana; Bueno, Hector; Hernandez-Antolin, Rosana; Alonso, Joaquin J.; Betriu, Amadeo; Cequier, Angel; Garcia, Eulogio J.; Heras, Magda; Lopez-Sendon, Jose L.; Macaya, Carlos; Azpitarte, Jose; Sanz, Gines; Chamorro, Angel; Lopez-Palop, Ramon; Sionis, Alex; Aros, Fernando; Garcia-Fernandez, Eulogio; Rubio, Rafael; Hernandez, Felipe; Tascon, Juan Carlos; Moreu, Jose; Betriu, Amadeu; Heras, Magda; Hernandez-Antolin, Rosana; Fernandez-Ortiz, Antonio; Moris, Cesar; de Posada, Ignacio Sanchez; Cequier, Angel; Esplugas, Enrique; Melgares, Rafael; Bosa, Francisco; Garcia-Gonzalez, Martin Jesus; Lezaun, Roman; Carmona, Jose Ramon; Vazquez, Jose Manuel; Castro-Beiras, Alfonso; Picart, Joan Garcia; de Rozas, Jose Dominguez; Fernandez, Jose Diaz; Vazquez, Felipe Fernandez; Alonso, Norberto; Zueco, Jose Javier; San Jose, Jose Maria; San Roman, Alberto; Hernandez, Carolina; Garcia, Jose Maria Hernandez; Alcantara, Angel Garcia; Bethencourt, Armando; Fiol, Miquel; Mancisidor, Xabier; Mancisidor, Xabier; Ruiz, Rafael; Hidalgo, Rafael; Sobrino, Nicolas; Maqueda, Isidoro Gonzalez; Torres, Alfonso; Aros, Fernando; Amaro, Antonio; Jaquet, Michel



Efecto del tratamiento con 8-MOP mas UVA en la supervivencia y reparacion de pBR322. (Effect of 8-MOP plus treatment on survival and repair of plasmid pBR322).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

We have studied the lethality produced in pBR322 DNA after PUVA treatment (8-MOP+UVA). As recipients, we used a collection of E. coli strains differing in their repair capacities and analysed the involvement of several DNA repair pathways in the removal o...

C. Bauluz R. Vidania




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This study compares 100 hypertensive patients in emergency units with those who were seen in outpatient clinics. Hypertensive patients seen at the emergency unit showed to be different (p < 0.05) from those seen at the outpatient clinic regarding: higher blood pressure; lower income; not belonging to the hospital community; greater alcohol intake; became aware of their hypertension because felt

Cristiane Garcia Sanchez; Maria G. Pierin; Décio Mion Jr; Angela Maria Geraldo Pierin



El compostaje como tecnologia para el tratamiento de residuos: compostaje de bagazo de sorgo dulce con diferentes fuentes nitrogenadas. (Composting as a waste treatment technology: composting of sweet sorghum bagasse with different nitrogen sources).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The purpose of this work is to study aerobic solid fermentation of sweet sorghum bagasse in mixture with other additives as nitrogen sources to evaluate the utilization of this material as a substrate for composting. The characteristics of sweet sorghum b...

J. Vicente J. E. Carrasco M. J. Negro



Evaluacion de Tratamiento de Oxido de Cromo para Absorbedores Solares Applicados por Proyeccion con Sopletes de Plasma (Evaluation of the Chromium Oxide Arc Spraying Treatment on Solar Energy Collectors).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Accelerated aging tests were performed on steel specimens coated with plasma gun Cr2O3 arc sprays. The chromium oxide coating is attractive due to its radiation absorptance characteristic, especially for solar thermal energy absorption applications. The u...

G. Fernandezarroyo A. Gonzalezgarcia-conde F. Moralespoyato J. M. Arrerajaraiz C. Blancotemprano



Evaluacion de la radiacion ionizante como tratamiento de control cuarentenario de la falsa aranita de la vid (Brevipalpus chilensis Baker). (Evaluation of ionizing radiation applied to quarantine control of the false grape mite).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The objectives of this study were to evaluate effect of three dosages of ionizing radiation in combination with cold storage (0-2(sup 0) C), and the effect of cold storage without irradiation, establishing time curves for eclosion of eggs and mortality of...

Y. Jadue C. A. Vargas



Difusión de resultados iniciales del Estudio del Tamoxifeno y del Raloxifeno (STAR): el fármaco para el tratamiento de la osteoporosis, raloxifeno, es tan efectivo como el Tamoxifeno en la prevención de cáncer de seno invasor

Los resultados iniciales del Estudio del Tamoxifeno y del Raloxifeno, STAR, demuestran que el fármaco raloxifeno, actualmente utilizado para prevenir y tratar la osteoporosis en mujeres posmenopáusicas, funciona tan bien como el tamoxifeno para reducir el riesgo de cáncer de seno entre las mujeres posmenopáusicas que tienen riesgo elevado de padecer la enfermedad. Preguntas y respuestas


Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (84th, Washington, DC, August 5-8, 2001). Mass Communication and Society Division.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The Mass Communication and Society section of the proceedings contains the following selected 14 papers: "When No News Is Not Good News, Ignorance Is Not Bliss, and Your Mama May Not Have Told You: Female Adolescent Information Holding and Seeking about Sexually Transmitted Diseases" (Donna Rouner and Rebecca E. Lindsey); "Newspapers & the…

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.



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Unlike the Papa, Mama, and Baby Bears faced by the storybook Goldilocks, our Goldilocks faced three ferocious grizzlies: a cascading, global financial crisis; global deflation and excess capacity (or insufficient demand); and a domestic fiscal surplus in conjunction with record private deficits.

L. Randall Wray


Speckle Interferometry of Southern Double Stars.I.First Results of the Yale-San Juan Speckle Interferometry Program  

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We present position angle and separation measures for 60 double stars from speckle observations at El Leoncito, Argentina between 1994 July and 1995 February. The data were taken with a multianode microchannel array (MAMA) detector system, which we have on long term loan from J. G. Timothy of the University of New Brunswick, Canada. Most of the observations were performed

E. P. Horch; D. I. Dinescu; T. M. Girard; W. F. van Altena; C. E. Lopez; O. G. Franz



The First Year of Observations on the Yale-San Juan Double Star Project  

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Because of the relative lack of speckle measures in the southern hemisphere, we have been taking speckle observations of (mostly) southern double stars from El Leoncito, Argentina since July of 1994. The data are taken with the Stanford University speckle interferometer, which uses a multi-anode microchannel array (MAMA) detector as the imaging device. As of this writing, our data base

E. Horch; D. Dinescu; T. Girard; W. van Altena; C. Lopez; O. Franz; J. G. Timothy



A Large Gene Cluster Encoding Several Magnetosome Proteins Is Conserved in Different Species of Magnetotactic Bacteria  

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In magnetotactic bacteria, a number of specific proteins are associated with the magnetosome membrane (MM) and may have a crucial role in magnetite biomineralization. We have cloned and sequenced the genes of several of these polypeptides in the magnetotactic bacterium Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense that could be assigned to two different genomic regions. Except for mamA, none of these genes have been




Esteróides anabolizantes no esporte  

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RESUMO Os hormônios esteróides anabólicos androgênicos (EAA) compreendem a testosterona e seus derivados. Eles são pro- duzidos nos testículos e no córtex adrenal, e promovem as características sexuais secundárias associadas à masculi- nidade. Na medicina, os EAA são utilizados geralmente no tratamento de sarcopenias, do hipogonadismo, do câncer de mama e da osteoporose. Nos esportes, são utilizados para o aumento

Paulo Rodrigo Pedroso da Silva; Ricardo Danielski; Mauro Antônio Czepielewski



Mobile agents for Web-based systems management  

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The increasing dimension and heterogeneity of global Web systems make their management with tools based on the client\\/server model more difficult. The mobile agent technology overcomes the limits of traditional approaches and proposes solutions that are suitable for the management of distributed and heterogeneous Internet-based systems. The paper describes the MAMAS environment and its implementation with a mobile agent technology.

Paolo Bellavista; Antonio Corradi; Fabio Tarantino; Cesare Stefanelli



Mammaglobin-A cDNA vaccination of breast cancer patients induces antigen-specific cytotoxic CD4+ICOShi T cells.  


Mammaglobin-A (Mam-A) is a 10 kDa secretory protein that is overexpressed in 80 % of primary and metastatic human breast cancers. Previous studies from our laboratory demonstrated that Mam-A cDNA vaccine can induce Mam-A-specific CD8 T cell responses and mediate regression of human breast cancer xenografts in NOD/SCID mice. In this article, we present our results on a phase I clinical trial of a Mam-A cDNA vaccination in breast cancer patients with stage-IV metastatic disease, including the impact of vaccination on the expression of the inducible co-stimulator molecule (ICOS) on CD4 T cells. Specimens from seven patients with stage-IV metastatic cancer were available for these analyses. Patients were vaccinated with a Mam-A cDNA vaccine on days 0, 28, and 56, and immune responses were assessed at serial time points following vaccination. At 6 months following the first vaccination, flow cytometric analysis demonstrated a significant increase in the frequency of CD4+ICOS(hi) T cells from 5 ± 2 % pre-vaccination to 23 ± 4 % (p < 0.001), with a concomitant decrease in the frequency of CD4+FoxP3+ T cells (regulatory T cells [Treg]) from 19 ± 6 to 10 ± 5 % (p < 0.05). ELISpot analysis of CD4+ICOS(hi) sorted T cells demonstrated that following vaccination the cytokines produced by Mam-A-specific T cells switched from IL-10 (78 ± 21 spm pre-vaccination to 32 ± 14 spm 5 months post-vaccine p < 0.001) to IFN-? (12 ± 6 spm pre-vaccination to 124 ± 31 spm 5 months post-vaccine p < 0.001). The ratio of CD4+ICOS(hi) T cells to CD4+FoxP3+ T cells increased from 0.37 ± 0.12 before vaccination to 2.3 ± 0.72 (p = 0.021) following vaccination. Further, these activated CD4+ICOS(hi) T cells induced preferential lysis of human breast cancer cells expressing Mam-A protein. We conclude that Mam-A cDNA vaccination is associated with specific expansion and activation of CD4+ICOS(hi) T cells, with a concomitant decrease in Treg frequency. These encouraging results strongly suggest that Mam-A cDNA vaccination can induce antitumor immunity in breast cancer patients. PMID:22678162

Tiriveedhi, Venkataswarup; Fleming, Timothy P; Goedegebuure, Peter S; Naughton, Michael; Ma, Cynthia; Lockhart, Craig; Gao, Feng; Gillanders, William E; Mohanakumar, T



Mammaglobin-A cDNA Vaccination of Breast Cancer Patients Induces Antigen-Specific Cytotoxic CD4+ICOShi T Cells  

PubMed Central

Mammaglobin-A (Mam-A) is a 10 kD secretory protein that is overexpressed in 80% of primary and metastatic human breast cancers. Previous studies from our laboratory demonstrated that Mam-A cDNA vaccine can induce Mam-A specific CD8 T-cell responses and mediate regression of human breast cancer xenografts in NOD/SCID mice. In this report, we present our results on a phase I clinical trial of a Mam-A cDNA vaccination in breast cancer patients with stage-IV metastatic disease, including the impact of vaccination on the expression of the inducible co-stimulator molecule (ICOS) on CD4 T cells. Specimens from seven patients with stage IV metastatic cancer were available for these analyses. Patients were vaccinated with a Mam-A cDNA vaccine on days 0, 28 and 56, and immune responses were assessed at serial time points following vaccination. At six months following the first vaccination, flow cytometric analysis demonstrated a significant increase in the frequency of CD4+ICOShi T cells from 5 ± 2% pre-vaccination to 23 ± 4% (p<0.001), with a concomitant decrease in the frequency of CD4+Foxp3+ T cells (Treg) from 19 ± 6% to 10 ± 5% (p<0.05). ELISpot analysis of CD4+ICOShi sorted T-cells demonstrated that following vaccination the cytokines produced by Mam-A-specific T cells switched from IL-10 (78 ± 21 spm pre-vaccination to 32 ± 14 spm 5 months post-vaccine p<0.001) to IFN-? (12 ± 6 spm pre-vaccination to 124 ± 31 spm 5 months post-vaccine p<0.001). The ratio of CD4+ICOShi T cells to CD4+Foxp3+ T cells increased from 0.37 ± 0.12 prior to vaccination to 2.3 ± 0.72 (p=0.021) following vaccination. Further, these activated CD4+ ICOShi T-cells induced preferential lysis of human breast cancer cells expressing Mam-A protein. We conclude that mammaglobin-A cDNA vaccination is associated with specific expansion and activation of CD4+ICOShi T cells, with a concomitant decrease in Treg frequency. These encouraging results strongly suggest that Mam-A cDNA vaccination can induce antitumor immunity in breast cancer patients.

Tiriveedhi, Venkataswarup; Fleming, Timothy P.; Goedegebuure, Peter S.; Naughton, Michael; Ma, Cynthia; Lockhart, Craig; Gao, Feng; Gillanders, William E; Mohanakumar, T



Comparison of human turning gait with the mechanical performance of lower limb prosthetic transverse rotation adapters.  


Given the importance of minimizing transverse plane shear stress on soft tissue, several transverse rotational adapters (TRAs) are available for incorporation in lower limb prostheses. This study compares kinetic and kinematic data from human subjects during straight and turning gaits to the mechanical performance of several TRAs. Physiological data were collected from three individuals walking straight and turning at self-selected speeds around a 1 m radius circle. The average peak torques and range of motion for normal subjects while turning were 8.2 Nm and 26 degrees (outside leg), 11.8Nm and 20 degrees (inside leg), and 11.4 Nm and 20 degrees (right leg) during straight gait. Each TRA was mechanically tested without axial loading in a servo-hydraulic material testing system (MTS) over its rotational range at 0.5 dergrees/s and 60 degrees/s. The TRAs with axial compression were also tested at 0.5 degrees/s under a 736N (75kg mass) axial load. Applying these torques to the different TRAs yielded 3 to 35 degrees rotation, depending on the elastomer installed. Some TRAs had nearly constant stiffness, while others stiffened with rotation. The TRAs also varied in their average maximum stiffness from 0.4Nm/degree to 2.7Nm/degrees. Normal subjects exhibit interior vs. exterior asymmetrical torques and displacements; however, only one of the TRAs is designed to allow asymmetrical stiffness, and none have asymmetric ranges. Prosthetists and physicians can use these data to better interpret amputees' qualitative remarks and to prescribe the correct TRA and/or elastomer. This information also forms a basis for further design and development of novel torque absorbing prosthetic adapters. PMID:16180379

Flick, K C; Orendurff, M S; Berge, J S; Segal, A D; Klute, G K



Identification of HLA-A24 restricted CD8+ Cytotoxic T-Cell Epitopes Derived from Mammaglobin-A, A Human Breast Cancer Associated Antigen  

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Human breast cancer associated antigen, Mammaglobin-A (Mam-A), potentially offers a novel therapeutic target as breast cancer vaccines. In this study, we define the CD8+ CTL response to Mam-A derived candidate epitopes presented in the context of HLA-A24 (A*2402). HLA-A24 has a frequency of 72% in Japanese, 27% in Asian-Indian and 18% in Caucasian populations. Using HLA-binding prediction algorithm we identified seven HLA-A24 restricted Mam-A-derived candidate epitopes (MAA24.1–7). Membrane stabilization studies with TAP-deficient T2 cells transfected with HLA-A2402 (T2.A24) indicated that MAA24.2 (CYAGSGCPL) and MAA24.4 (ETLSNVEVF) have the highest HLA-A24 binding affinity. Further, two CD8+ CTL cell lines generated in vitro against T2.A24 cells individually loaded with Mam-A-derived candidate epitopes showed significant cytotoxic activity against MAA24.2 and MAA24.4. In addition, the same CD8+ CTL lines lysed the HLA-A24+/Mam-A+ stable transfected human breast cancer cell line AU565 and MDA-MB-361. However, these CTLs had no cytotoxicity against HLA-A24?/Mam-A+ and HLA-A24+/Mam-A? breast cancer cell lines. In summary, our results define HLA-A24-restriced, Mam-A-derived, CD8+ CTL epitopes which can potentially be employed for Mam-A-based breast cancer vaccine therapy to breast cancer patients with HLA-A24 phenotype.

Tiriveedhi, Venkataswarup; Sarma, Nayan J; Subramanian, Vijay; Fleming, Timothy P.; Gillanders, William E.; Mohanakumar, T.



Preparation and structural characterization of monoamine-monoamide bis(thiol) oxo complexes of technetium(V) and rhenium(V)  

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The authors report the design and synthesis of a novel N[sub 2]S[sub 2] ligand system for the formation of Re(V) oxo and [sup 99]Tc(V) oxo complexes. An S,S[prime]-bis(trityl) N-benzyl monoamine-monoamide (Bn-MAMA[prime]-Tr[sub 2]) complex was prepared in four steps from commercially available cysteamine hydrochloride. S-Trityl protection of cysteamine hydrochloride followed by N-acylation of the amine function with bromoacetyl bromide provided the corresponding primary bromide, which was then reacted with additional S-trityl-protected cysteamine to provide the S,S[prime]-bis(trityl) monoamine-monoamide ligand (MAMA[prime]-Tr[sub 2]). N-Alkylation by nucleophilic displacement with the methanesulfonate of benzyl alcohol gave the N-benzyl MAMA[prime] ligand in the thiol-protected form. Metal incorporation to provide the title compounds consisted of deprotection of the sulfur atoms with Hg(OAc)[sub 2] followed by H[sub 2]S to provide free bis(thiol) which could then be reacted with the corresponding metals in basic methanolic medium to provide a mixture of syn- and anti-substituted metal(V) oxo products (Bn-MAMA[prime]-M=O, metal = Re, [sup 99]Tc). The two disastereomers could be differentiated by proton NMR due to the upfield shifts of the methylene protons on the endo (anti) phenylmethyl substitutent (2.7 and 3.4 ppm) relative to those of the exo- (syn-) substituted isomer (4.7 and 5.1 ppm). An unambiguous structural assignment of the N-benzyl-MAMA-metal(V)-oxo compounds was established by an X-ray diffraction study on the rhenium compounds 8a-Re (syn) and 8b-Re (anti).

O'Neil, J.P.; Wilson, S.R.; Katzenellenbogen, J.A. (Univ. of Illinois, Urbana, IL (United States))



Substrate specificity of Rhbg: ammonium and methyl ammonium transport  

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Rhbg is a nonerythroid membrane glycoprotein belonging to the Rh antigen family. In the kidney, Rhbg is expressed at the basolateral membrane of intercalated cells of the distal nephron and is involved in NH4+ transport. We investigated the substrate specificity of Rhbg by comparing transport of NH3/NH4+ with that of methyl amine (hydrochloride) (MA/MA+), often used to replace NH3/NH4+, in oocytes expressing Rhbg. Methyl amine (HCl) in solution exists as neutral methyl amine (MA) in equilibrium with the protonated methyl ammonium (MA+). To assess transport, we used ion-selective microelectrodes and voltage-clamp experiments to measure NH3/NH4+- and MA/MA+-induced intracellular pH (pHi) changes and whole cell currents. Our data showed that in Rhbg oocytes, NH3/NH4+ caused an inward current and decrease in pHi consistent with electrogenic NH4+ transport. These changes were significantly larger than in H2O-injected oocytes. The NH3/NH4+-induced current was not inhibited in the presence of barium or in the absence of Na+. In Rhbg oocytes, MA/MA+ caused an inward current but an increase (rather than a decrease) in pHi. MA/MA+ did not cause any changes in H2O-injected oocytes. The MA/MA+-induced current and pHi increase were saturated at higher concentrations of MA/MA+. Amiloride inhibited MA/MA+-induced current and the increase in pHi in oocytes expressing Rhbg but had no effect on control oocytes. These results indicate that MA/MA+ is transported by Rhbg but differently than NH3/NH4+. The protonated MA+ is likely a direct substrate whose transport resembles that of NH4+. Transport of electroneutral MA is also enhanced by expression of Rhbg.

Abdulnour-Nakhoul, Solange M.; Boulpaep, Emile L.; Rabon, Edd; Schmidt, Eric; Hamm, L. Lee



Contemporary definitions of tumor specific antigens, immunogens and markers as related to the adaptive responses of the cancer-bearing host.  


This review describes clear parameters for designating the correct use of the term Tumor Rejection Antigen [TRA] to define the role of tumor cell constituents which activate adaptive anti-tumor immune reactions in the cancer-bearing host. This is important, especially in defining immunogens which activate the patient's cytotoxic T-cells that are important to immunotherapeutic applications in human cancer treatment. The focus of the review is to correctly delineate the immunogenic properties of 37 kDa oncofetal antigen [OFA], one of only a few true TRAs expressed on human and experimental rodent cancers. The purpose of this review is to provide a background for publication reviewers, journal and text editors, and scientists reporting on TRAs to avoid creating further confusion that has proliferated in the cancer literature to imply traits of so-called tumor-associated antigens that do not qualify as TRAs. PMID:16080461

Coggin, Joseph H; Barsoum, Adel L; Rohrer, James W; Thurnher, Martin; Zeis, Matthias


Modulation of Aire regulates the expression of tissue-restricted antigens  

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Intrathymic expression of tissue-restricted antigens (TRAs) has been viewed as the key element in the induction of central tolerance and recently, a central role for the autoimmune regulator (Aire) has been suggested in this process. The aim of this study was to establish whether down or up-regulation of Aire leads to alterations in TRA expression and whether this is limited to thymic epithelial cells. This study also characterized whether TRAs follow Aire expression during normal development, and whether thymic microenvironment plays a role in the expression of Aire and TRAs. We did several in vivo and in vitro experiments to manipulate Aire expression and measured expression of four TRAs (Trefoil factor-3, Insulin-2, Major urinary protein-1 and Salivary protein-1) by real-time RT-PCR. Aire had an allele dose-dependent effect on TRA expression in the thymuses of mice from two strains, C57BL/6J and Balb/c, but had no effect on TRA expression in the lymph nodes. In the thymus, Aire and TRAs were both localized in the medulla and were co-expressed during normal development and involution. In the primary stromal cells as well as thymic epithelial cell line, the adenoviral over-expression of Aire resulted in an increase in TRA expression. By manipulating in vitro organ-cultures we showed that thymic microenvironment plays a dominant role in Aire expression whereas TRAs follow the same pattern. The data underline a direct role for Aire in TRA expression and suggest that modulation of Aire has a potential to control central tolerance and autoimmunity.

Kont, Vivian; Laan, Martti; Kisand, Kai; Merits, Andres; Scott, Hamish S.; Peterson, Part



Spatial & Temporal Variations in the UV Emission from the Atmosphere of Io  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Measurements of the spatial distribution of Io's hydrogen, sulfur and oxygen FUV emissions will be obtained using STIS spectroscopic and imaging modes. This coordinated program uses 10 orbits of STIS GTO time, 5 orbits from PI W. Moos {program 7582} and 5 orbits from PI F. Roesler {prog. 7583}. During Visit 1, MAMA FUV spectroscopy and imaging will be performed when Io is west of Jupiter. Visit 2 will perform MAMA FUV spectroscopy when Io is east of Jupiter. Visit 3 is devoted to emission line measurements of the spatial and velocity distribution of the atomic oxygen doublet OI 1356A/1359A and the atomic sulfur multiplet SI 1479A. TIME-TAG mode is used for all observations to monitor the temporal variability of the emissions.

Roesler, Fred



A Christmas Book from 1875  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This is a story about a book that I found in my collection, its author, and the boy who owned it. The book is "The Boy's Playbook of Science", first published in 1860 by John Henry Pepper (1821-1900). On the flyleaf is written "Arthur G. Webster; Christmas/75; from Mama." Arthur Gordon Webster (1863-1923) was one of the founders of the American…

Greenslade, Thomas B., Jr.



On-Orbit Performance of the ACS Solar Blind Channel  

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The ACS solar blind channel (SBC) is a photon-counting MAMA detector capable of producing two-dimensional imaging in the UV at wavelengths 1150-1700 Å, with a field of view (FOV) of 31 arcsec×35 arcsec. We describe the on-orbit performance of the ACS\\/SBC from an analysis of data obtained from the service mission observatory verification (SMOV) programs. These data show that the

H. D. Tran; G. R. Meurer; H. C. Ford; A. R. Martel; Marco Sirianni; R. C. Bohlin; Mark Clampin; Colin Cox; G. de Marchi; G. F. Hartig; R. A. Kimble; Vic Argabright



Improving the detection limit of quantitative diagnosis of anti- S. haematobium antibodies using Falcon Assay Screening Test (FAST) ELISA by developing a new standard curve  

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Immunodiagnosis of schistosomiasis are currently based on parasitological examinations of stool and urine for egg detection,\\u000a which is laborious and lacks sensitivity. There are many assays that detect the anti-schistosomal antibodies in patient sera.\\u000a One of these assays is the Falcon assay screening test (FAST) ELISA that uses adult worm microsomal antigen for Schistosoma haematobium and Schistosoma mansoni, HAMA, MAMA

Mohamed Abdel-Fattah; Maged Al-Sherbiny; Ahmed Osman; Ragia Charmy; Victor Tsang



Record reviews  

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Emotions In Motion by Billy SquierThe Abominable Showman by Nick Lowe1999 by PrinceWhem The Going Gets Tough The Tough Get Going by Bow Wow WowDuran Duran by Duran DuranMama Africa by Peter ToshNona by Nona HendricksH2O By Daryl Hall and John OatesSide Kicks by the Thompson TwinsThe Youth Of Today by Musical YouthMake a Circuit With Me by The PolecatsMake

Janice Cleary; Ronald D. Ciancutti; James K. Skipper Jr; John L. Smith; R. Serge Denisoff



Hip Hop Honey or Video Ho: African American Preadolescents’ Understanding of Female Sexual Scripts in Hip Hop Culture  

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This qualitative study identifies African American preadolescents’ acceptance and usage of Stephens and Phillips (2003) sexual\\u000a scripts—the Diva, Gold Digger, Freak, Dyke, Gangster Bitch, Sister Savior, Earth Mother, and Baby Mama. These eight sexual\\u000a scripts were found to be recognized and have shared meanings about sexual behaviors for participants. In turn, these were\\u000a found to influence participants’ conceptualizations of their

Dionne P. Stephens; April L. Few



The Effects of Images of African American Women in Hip Hop on Early Adolescents’ Attitudes Toward Physical Attractiveness and Interpersonal Relationships  

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This qualitative study was designed to identify African American early adolescents’ subjective meanings of African American\\u000a women’s sexuality through an examination of Stephens & Phillips (2003) sexual images—the Diva, Gold Digger, Freak, Dyke, Gangster Bitch, Sister Savior, Earth Mother, and Baby Mama. These eight\\u000a sexual images both inform and reflect beliefs about African American women’s physical attractiveness. Interpersonal relationship\\u000a decision

Dionne P. Stephens; April L. Few



New Ultraviolet Observations of AM CVn  

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AM CVn is an ultra-short-period Helium cataclysmic variable. An interesting question is whether the accretion disk or the accreting white dwarf dominates the ultraviolet spectrum from this object. We obtained HST\\/STIS observations of the UV spectrum of AM CVn on 2002 Feb 21. We used the NUV MAMA with grating G230L to obtain 1925 s of time--tagged data covering 1600--3150

R. A. Wade; M. Eracleous



Identification of HLA-A24-restricted CD8(+) cytotoxic T-cell epitopes derived from mammaglobin-A, a human breast cancer-associated antigen.  


Human breast cancer-associated antigen, mammaglobin-A (Mam-A), potentially offers a novel therapeutic target as a breast cancer vaccine. In this study, we define the CD8(+) cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) response to Mam-A-derived candidate epitopes presented in the context of HLA-A24 (A*2402). HLA-A24 has a frequency of 72% in Japanese, 27% in Asian Indian, and 18% in Caucasian populations. Using a human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-binding prediction algorithm we identified 7 HLA-A24-restricted Mam-A-derived candidate epitopes (MAA24.1-7). Membrane stabilization studies with TAP-deficient T2 cells transfected with HLA-A2402 (T2.A24) indicated that MAA24.2 (CYAGSGCPL) and MAA24.4 (ETLSNVEVF) have the highest HLA-A24 binding affinity. Further, 2 CD8(+) CTL cell lines generated in vitro against T2.A24 cells individually loaded with Mam-A-derived candidate epitopes demonstrated significant cytotoxic activity against MAA24.2 and MAA24.4. In addition, the same CD8(+) CTL lines lysed the HLA-A24(+)/Mam-A(+) stable transfected human breast cancer cell lines AU565 and MDA-MB-361. However, these CTLs had no cytotoxicity against HLA-A24(-)/Mam-A(+) and HLA-A24(+)/Mam-A(-) breast cancer cell lines. In summary, our results define HLA-A24-restricted, Mam-A-derived, CD8(+) CTL epitopes that can potentially be employed for Mam-A-based breast cancer vaccine therapy to breast cancer patients with HLA-A24 phenotype. PMID:22074997

Tiriveedhi, Venkataswarup; Sarma, Nayan J; Subramanian, Vijay; Fleming, Timothy P; Gillanders, William E; Mohanakumar, Thallachallour



Low complexity interference alignment algorithms for desired signal power maximization problem of MIMO channels  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In this article, we investigate the interference alignment (IA) solution for a K-user MIMO interference channel. Proper users' precoders and decoders are designed through a desired signal power maximization model with IA conditions as constraints, which forms a complex matrix optimization problem. We propose two low complexity algorithms, both of which apply the Courant penalty function technique to combine the leakage interference and the desired signal power together as the new objective function. The first proposed algorithm is the modified alternating minimization algorithm (MAMA), where each subproblem has closed-form solution with an eigenvalue decomposition. To further reduce algorithm complexity, we propose a hybrid algorithm which consists of two parts. As the first part, the algorithm iterates with Householder transformation to preserve the orthogonality of precoders and decoders. In each iteration, the matrix optimization problem is considered in a sequence of 2D subspaces, which leads to one dimensional optimization subproblems. From any initial point, this algorithm obtains precoders and decoders with low leakage interference in short time. In the second part, to exploit the advantage of MAMA, it continues to iterate to perfectly align the interference from the output point of the first part. Analysis shows that in one iteration generally both proposed two algorithms have lower computational complexity than the existed maximum signal power (MSP) algorithm, and the hybrid algorithm enjoys lower complexity than MAMA. Simulations reveal that both proposed algorithms achieve similar performances as the MSP algorithm with less executing time, and show better performances than the existed alternating minimization algorithm in terms of sum rate. Besides, from the view of convergence rate, simulation results show that the MAMA enjoys fastest speed with respect to a certain sum rate value, while hybrid algorithm converges fastest to eliminate interference.

Sun, Cong; Yang, Yunchuan; Yuan, Yaxiang



Far-Ultraviolet Imaging of the Hubble Deep Field-North: Star Formation in Normal Galaxies at z<1  

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We present far-ultraviolet (FUV) imaging of the Hubble Deep Field-North (HDF-N) taken with the Solar Blind Channel of the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS SBC) and the FUV MAMA detector of the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph onboard the Hubble Space Telescope. The full WFPC2 deep field has been observed at 1600 Å. We detect 134 galaxies and one star down

H. I. Teplitz; B. Siana; T. M. Brown; R. Chary; J. W. Colbert; C. J. Conselice; D. F. de Mello; M. Dickinson; H. C. Ferguson; Jonathan P. Gardner; F. Menanteau



Spatial Localizations of Mam22 and Mam12 in the Magnetosomes of Magnetospirillum magnetotacticum  

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Magnetospirillum magnetotacticum possesses intracellular magnetite particles with a chain-like structure, termed magnetosomes. The bacterium expresses 22-kDa and 12-kDa magnetosome-associated proteins, termed Mam22 (MamA) and Mam12 (MamC), respectively. In this study, we investigated the structure of the purified magnetosomes with transmission electron microscopic techniques and found that the magnetosomes consisted of four compartments, i.e., magnetite crystal, magnetosomal membrane, interparticle connection, and

Azuma Taoka; Ryuji Asada; Hideaki Sasaki; Kazushi Anzawa; Long-Fei Wu; Yoshihiro Fukumori



Length of stay in surgical patients: nutritional predictive parameters revisited.  


Nutritional evaluation may predict clinical outcomes, such as hospital length of stay (LOS). We aimed to assess the value of nutritional risk and status methods, and to test standard anthropometry percentiles v. the 50th percentile threshold in predicting LOS, and to determine nutritional status changes during hospitalisation and their relation with LOS. In this longitudinal prospective study, 298 surgical patients were evaluated at admission and discharge. At admission, nutritional risk was assessed by Nutritional Risk Screening-2002 (NRS-2002), Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST) and nutritional status by Subjective Global Assessment (SGA), involuntary % weight loss in the previous 6 months and anthropometric parameters; % weight loss and anthropometry were reassessed at discharge. At admission, risk/undernutrition results by NRS-2002 (P< 0.001), MUST (P< 0.001), % weight loss (P< 0.001) and SGA (P< 0.001) were predictive of longer LOS. A mid-arm circumference (MAC) or a mid-arm muscle circumference (MAMA) under the 15th and the 50th percentile, which was considered indicative of undernutrition, did predict longer LOS (P< 0.001); conversely, there was no association between depleted triceps skinfold (TSF) and longer LOS. In-hospital, there was a high prevalence of weight, muscle and fat losses, associated with longer LOS. At discharge, patients with a simultaneous negative variation in TSF+MAC+MAMA (n 158, 53 %) had longer LOS than patients with a TSF+MAC+MAMA positive variation (11 (8-15) v. 8 (7-12) d, P< 0.001). We concluded that at risk or undernutrition evaluated by all methods, except TSF and BMI, predicted a longer LOS. Moreover, MAC and MAMA measurements and their classification according to the 50th percentile threshold seem reliable undernutrition indicators. PMID:22717003

Almeida, Ana Isabel; Correia, Marta; Camilo, Maria; Ravasco, Paula



A Christmas Book from 1875  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This is a story about a book that I found in my collection, its author, and the boy who owned it. The book is The Boy's Playbook of Science, first published in 1860 by John Henry Pepper (1821-1900). On the flyleaf is written ``Arthur G. Webster; Christmas/75 from Mama.'' Arthur Gordon Webster (1863-1923) was one of the founders of the American Physical Society, and was 12 when he was given this book.

Greenslade, Thomas B.



Imaging at soft X-ray wavelengths with high-gain microchannel plate detector systems  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Multianode microchannel array (MAMA) detector systems with formats of 256 x 1024 pixels and active areas of 6 x 26 mm are now under evaluation at visible, UV and soft X-ray wavelengths. Very-large-format versions of the MAMA detectors with formats of 2048 x 2048 pixels and active areas of 52 x 52 mm are under development for use in the NASA Goddard Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS). Open-structure versions of these detectors with Cs I photocathodes can provide a high-resolution imaging capability at EUV and soft X-ray wavelengths and can deliver a maximum count rate from each array in excess of 10 to the 6th counts/s. In addition, these detector systems have the unique capability to determine the arrival time of a detected photon to an accuracy of 100 ns or better. The construction, mode of operation, and performance characteristics of the MAMA detectors are described, and the program for the development of the very-large-format detectors is outlined.

Timothy, J. Gethyn



The development and test of multi-anode microchannel array detector systems. Part 2: Soft X-ray detectors  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Multi-Anode Microchannel Array (MAMA) detector systems with formats of 256 x 1024 pixels and active areas of 6 x 26 square mm are now under evaluation at visible, ultraviolet and soft x-ray wavelengths. Very-large-format versions of the MAMA detectors with formats of 2048 x 2048 pixels and active areas of 52 x 52 square mm are under development for use in the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS). Open-structure versions of these detectors with CsI photocathodes can provide a high-resolution imaging capability at extreme ultraviolet (EUV) and soft x-ray wavelengths and can deliver a maximum count rate from each array in excess of 1 million counts s-1. In addition, these detector systems have the unique capability to determine the arrival time of a detected photon to an accuracy of 100 ns or better. The construction, mode-of-operation and performance characteristics of the MAMA detectors are described and the program for the development of the very-large-format detectors is outlined.

Timothy, J. G.



A Large Gene Cluster Encoding Several Magnetosome Proteins Is Conserved in Different Species of Magnetotactic Bacteria  

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In magnetotactic bacteria, a number of specific proteins are associated with the magnetosome membrane (MM) and may have a crucial role in magnetite biomineralization. We have cloned and sequenced the genes of several of these polypeptides in the magnetotactic bacterium Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense that could be assigned to two different genomic regions. Except for mamA, none of these genes have been previously reported to be related to magnetosome formation. Homologous genes were found in the genome sequences of M. magnetotacticum and magnetic coccus strain MC-1. The MM proteins identified display homology to tetratricopeptide repeat proteins (MamA), cation diffusion facilitators (MamB), and HtrA-like serine proteases (MamE) or bear no similarity to known proteins (MamC and MamD). A major gene cluster containing several magnetosome genes (including mamA and mamB) was found to be conserved in all three of the strains investigated. The mamAB cluster also contains additional genes that have no known homologs in any nonmagnetic organism, suggesting a specific role in magnetosome formation.

Grunberg, Karen; Wawer, Cathrin; Tebo, Bradley M.; Schuler, Dirk



Analysis of ciprofloxacin-resistant Salmonella strains from swine, chicken, and their carcasses in Taiwan and detection of parC resistance mutations by a mismatch amplification mutation assay PCR.  


One hundred thirty-three Salmonella strains isolated from the viscera of swine, chicken, and carcasses of swine and chicken in Taiwan from 2004 to 2006 were identified to serotype level and analyzed for their susceptibility to ciprofloxacin. In total, 76 (57%) strains of the Salmonella isolates exhibited high-level resistance to ciprofloxacin, having MICs ranging from 16 to 64 microg/ml. DNA sequence analysis revealed that mutations in the quinolone resistance-determining regions of gyrA (Ser83Phe, Asp87Gly or Asp87Asn), parC (Ser80Arg, or Ser80Ile or Glu84Lys), and parE (Ser458Pro) genes were associated with the Salmonella strains that demonstrated resistance to ciprofloxacin. A mismatch amplification mutation assay (MAMA)-PCR was developed to identify mutations in parC at codons 80 and 84. Specific PCR products were only recovered from ciprofloxacin-resistant Salmonella strains but not from the susceptible strains. MAMA-PCR targeting the mutations in parC correlated with what DNA sequencing revealed. In conclusion, monitoring ciprofloxacin-resistant Salmonella from animal sources should be performed on a regular basis. MAMA-PCR targeting parC could provide a fast method for those laboratories interested in quickly characterizing the resistance profile and with little access to DNA sequencing facilities. PMID:19205458

Lin, Cheng-Chung; Chen, Ter-Hsin; Wang, Yu-Chih; Chang, Chao-Chin; Hsuan, Shih-Ling; Chang, Yi-Chih; Yeh, Kuang-Sheng



La evolución de la pobreza estática y dinámica en España en el período 1985-1995  

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El objetivo de este trabajo es analizar la evolución de la pobreza económica en España, tanto desde una perspectiva estática como dinámica, entre mediados de los años ochenta y mediados de los noventa, período todavía no suficientemente abordado en la literatura. Se muestra cómo tras un fuerte impulso inicial de reducción de la pobreza, éste se agota y revierte en

Olga Cantó; Coral del Río; Carlos Gradín



Músico, Exilio y Memoria — La Lucha Por Los Restos De Manuel De Falla  

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En vísperas de la guerra civil, España era uno de los centros intelectuales más efervescentes de Europa. A partir de 1898, tras perder los últimos restos del Imperio en el Nuevo Mundo (Cuba y Puerto Rico), y particularmente en los años de la Segunda República (1931–1936), se llevaron a cabo apasionantes debates sobre cuestiones de identidad nacional y el sendero

Raanan Rein



Aristocracia fantástica: los moderados y la poética del gobierno representativo  

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La mayor parte de los ideólogos del moderantismo tras la implantación del régimen liberal fueron destacados teóricos de la estética que contribuyeron a fijar el canon del romanticismo en España. Este artículo investiga la influencia de las reflexiones estéticas de autores como Alberto Lista, Nicomedes Pastor Díaz y Alcalá Galiano en su teoría del gobierno representativo. El asunto de fondo

Pablo Sánchez León



US EPA, Pesticide Product Label, ROCKLAND KLEEN-KOW ...  

EPA Pesticide Factsheets

... "l.... Jiol4 lid. ~ at 1.. , 2 t ?? " --r fro. o~jeo'e _~ all \\ Ka,..' .r~11 .. 'ions .. ~cs·rJ. I ... wl.~_ tras ?? or ..... nytlr aJlt,s fit"., ka,. aa;Aat..; rarlnt ..... dlld. ...




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Resumen: Las condiciones de conservación de materiales de naturaleza cinemato- gráfica, magnética y óptica, centran la presente investigación. En primer lugar, se analiza el caso de los soportes fílmicos. A tal efecto, tras revisar los hitos princi- pales de su evolución, se expone su composición y se consideran las patologías que sufren, para señalar después las condiciones ambientales para su

Antonio Bereijo Martínez; Juan José Fuentes Romero




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Más conocido por su labor organizativa y académica en su exilio chileno tras la Guerra Civil, la precoz incorporación del musicólogo y crítico madrileño Vicente Salas Viú (1911-1967) a la escena musical madrileña le permitió ser testigo privilegiado del panorama creativo de los años 30?, en el período de plena actividad de los compositores de la Generación musical del 27

Germán Gan Quesada



Les entreprises sidérurgiques depuis cinq ans  

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[spa] Las empresas siderúrgicas de cinco anos para aca por Paul Laffont . Tras largo perîodo de estanciamiento, las empresas siderúrgicas francesas han registrado desde 1968 resultados notables. En el transcurso de los dos anos siguientes su giro progresó en un 66 %, incremento que puedo atribuirse para una tercera parte aproximadamente al restablecimiento de la producción y para las

Paul Laffont




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Una hembra de oso pardo (Ursus arctos, L.), localizada junto a una carretera el 28 de marzo de 1999 con dificultades motrices y que no mostraba el comportamiento habitual de huida, fue capturada y dotada de un transmisor. Tras una inspección sobre el terreno, en la que sus ritmos respiratorios y cardiacos y su temperatura corporal resultaron normales, se le




La gestión de las relaciones con clientes y la empresa de alta rentabilidad de Galicia  

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RESUMEN La gestión de las relaciones con los clientes es un factor diferencial de las empresas de alta rentabilidad (AR), organizaciones que poseen un elevado rendimiento económico. El presente trabajo propone profundizar en la gestión de clientes como fuente de ventaja competitiva, aplicando la perspectiva de los recursos y capacidades. Con esta finalidad, ofrecemos los resultados obtenidos tras la realización

Pablo Cabanelas Lorenzo; Anxo Moreira



Familias Multiproblemáticas y en Riesgo Social: Características e Intervención Multiproblem Families at Social Risk: Characteristics and Intervention  

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El artículo comprende la familia multiproblemática como un sistema vulnerable de alto riesgo, tanto por la acción de sus mecanismos internos, como de fuerzas sociales que potencian su disfuncionalidad. Tras una extensa revisión bibliográfi ca, los autores proponen como sus características centrales la polisintomatología y crisis recurrentes, la desorganización, el abandono de las funciones parentales y el aislamiento, focalizando específi

Esteban Gómez; María Magdalena Muñoz; Ana María Ha


Neoplastic progression of breast epithelial cells--a molecular analysis.  

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Molecular changes associated with breast cancer progression were characterized using the MCF-10F cell series. MCF-10F was established from fibrous mastectomy tissue of a patient without detectable cancer. In vitro treatment of MCF-10F cells with benzo(a)pyrene resulted in a transformed subclone MCF-10F-BP1 (BP1). Transfection of clone BP1 with T24-Hras resulted in the tumorigenic line MCF-10F-BP1-Tras (BP1-Tras). Using flow cytometry, the expression of HLA I, ERBB-2 and MUC-1 was found to be comparable in 'normal' MCF-10F, transformed BP1 and tumorigenic BP1-Tras cells. Glycosylated mucin is elevated in BP1 but reduced in BP1-Tras cells. Using mRNA differential display analysis, cDNA profiles of the 'normal', transformed and tumorigenic cell lines were strikingly similar, yet distinct and elevated expression of several common cDNA fragments was detected in BP1 and BP1-Tras when compared with MCF-10F cells. These fragments were cloned and sequenced. The sequences of clones T1-360 and C4-310 are homologous to two reported EST cDNA clones from human fetal tissue and were further characterized. Elevated expression of the genes corresponding to clones T1-360 and C4-310 was verified using Northern blotting. High-level expression of these genes was also detected in the breast cancer cell line MCF-7 that was derived from the pleural effusion of a patient with advanced breast cancer. Therefore, specific molecular changes associated with breast cancer development were identified and may be indicators of neoplastic progression. Images Figure 3 Figure 4

Wei, W. Z.; Pauley, R.; Lichlyter, D.; Soule, H.; Shi, W. P.; Calaf, G.; Russo, J.; Jones, R. F.



Mecanismos implicados en la reparacion de las lesiones inducidas en pBR322 por tratamiento Puva (8-metoxipsoraleno + luz ultravioleta A). (Mechanisms involved in repairing the lesions induced in pBR 322 by PUVA treatment (8-Methoxypsoralen + ultraviolet A light)).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This work deals with the genotoxic effects derived from damaging pBR322 DNA through PUVA treatment (8-Methoxypsoralen plus UVA light), both with respect to the lethality and mutagenicity of the lesions produced by the treatment. The mechanisms involved in...

C. Bauluz



Effects of high hydrostatic pressure processing and of glucose oxidase-catalase addition on the color stability and sensorial score of grape juice \\/ Efectos del tratamiento con altas presiones y de la adición de glucosa oxidasa-catalasa en la estabilidad del color y en la evaluación sensorial del zumo de uva  

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The effects of high hydrostatic pressure treatment (HHP) and the use of glucose oxidase-catalase enzymes on the color stability of a white grape juice were studied. The cold-prepared grape juice was stored for three weeks at 5 °C and evaluated for color and non-flavonoid phenolic content. The HHP treatments at 600 and 900 MPa slowed the degradation of non-flavonoid phenolics

M. Castellari; L. Matricardi; G. Arfelli; G. Carpi; S. Galassi



Los tests de sensibilidad alimentaria no son una herramienta útil para el diagnóstico o el tratamiento de la obesidad u otras enfermedades: Declaración de Postura del Grupo de Revisión, Estudio y Posicionamiento de la Asociación Española de Dietistas-Nutricionistas (GREP-AEDN)  

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In the face of the growing use of weight-losing strategies as an alternative to conventional methods, the Revision, Study and Positioning Group of the Spanish Association of Dieticians-Nutritionists (GREP-AEDN) has decided to analyse these methods and to provide information on the degree of efficacy, reliability and\\/ or risk involved in their use, specifically of the Food Sensitivity Tests. By means

Mar Garcia-Aloy; Maria Teresa Comas; Julio Basulto; Maria Manera; Eduard Baladia; Núria Ibarrola




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Resumen Los tratamientos utilizados para desordenes inmunológicos son de origen empírico, utilizando drogas inmunosupresoras identificadas a través de la selección de un gran número de compuestos natu- rales y sintéticos. Las drogas inmunosupresoras son ampliamente utilizadas en tratamientos clínicos de desor- denes autoinmunes, en la prevención de rechazo a transplantes así como también en desordenes de carácter no autoinmune tales




pH sensitivity of ammonium transport by Rhbg.  


Rhbg is a membrane glycoprotein that is involved in NH(3)/NH(4)(+) transport. Several models have been proposed to describe Rhbg, including an electroneutral NH(4)(+)/H(+) exchanger, a uniporter, an NH(4)(+) channel, or even a gas channel. In this study, we characterized the pH sensitivity of Rhbg expressed in Xenopus oocytes. We used two-electrode voltage clamp and ion-selective microelectrodes to measure NH(4)(+)-induced [and methyl ammonium (MA(+))] currents and changes in intracellular pH (pH(i)), respectively. In oocytes expressing Rhbg, 5 mM NH(4)Cl (NH(3)/NH(4)(+)) at extracellular pH (pH(o)) of 7.5 induced an inward current, decreased pH(i), and depolarized the cell. Raising pH(o) to 8.2 significantly enhanced the NH(4)(+)-induced current and pH(i) changes, whereas decreasing bath pH to 6.5 inhibited these changes. Lowering pH(i) (decreased by butyrate) also inhibited the NH(4)(+)-induced current and pH(i) decrease. In oocytes expressing Rhbg, 5 mM methyl amine hydrochloride (MA/MA(+)), often used as an NH(4)Cl substitute, induced an inward current, a pH(i) increase (not a decrease), and depolarization of the cell. Exposing the oocyte to MA/MA(+) at alkaline bath pH (8.2) enhanced the MA(+)-induced current, whereas lowering bath pH to 6.5 inhibited the MA(+) current completely. Exposing the oocyte to MA/MA(+) at low pH(i) abolished the MA(+)-induced current and depolarization; however, pH(i) still increased. These data indicate that 1) transport of NH(4)(+) and MA/MA(+) by Rhbg is pH sensitive; 2) electrogenic NH(4)(+) and MA(+) transport are stimulated by alkaline pH(o) but inhibited by acidic pH(i) or pH(o); and 3) electroneutral transport of MA by Rhbg is likely but is less sensitive to pH changes. PMID:20810915

Nakhoul, Nazih L; Abdulnour-Nakhoul, Solange M; Schmidt, Eric; Doetjes, Rienk; Rabon, Edd; Hamm, L Lee



Air and biological monitoring of toluene diisocyanate in a flexible foam plant.  


Comparative air measurements of toluene diisocyanate (TDI) were performed in a 5.6 m3 standard atmosphere and at a TDI flexible foam plant. Air samples were collected in midget impinger flasks containing 9-(N-methyl-amino-methyl)-anthracene (MAMA) in toluene and on 13-mm glass-fiber filters impregnated with MAMA and glycerol analyzed by LC-UV and with filter-tape instruments. In the laboratory study the average amounts of the TDI-MAMA derivatives determined were higher for filters compared to impingers when tested at concentrations between 16 and 150 micrograms/m3 (n = 29). At the TDI foaming plant the amount of TDI-MAMA collected on the filters compared with impingers showed higher TDI values at low concentrations and lower values at higher concentrations. The same was seen for the filter-tape measurements, but for two samples at very low concentrations the response was much lower. The average air concentration was 29.8 micrograms/m3 (12.5-79.9; n = 12). The highest exposure peak measured was approximately 3 mg TDI/m3. 2,4- and 2,6-toluene diamine (TDA) in urine (U-TDA) and in plasma (P-TDA) from four exposed workers and one volunteer were determined after strong acid hydrolysis as their pentafluoro-propionic anhydride derivatives using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. The ions monitored were the M-20 ions (M = molecular weight) of the TDA and trideuterium labeled TDA as the internal standard. The P-TDA among the workers varied between 1-38 micrograms/L and between 7-24 micrograms/L for 2,4- and 2,6-TDA, respectively. The individual plasma levels among the workers over the 3-day periods varied between 7-73%. For the volunteer, P-TDA reached a maximum about 24 hours after the last exposure. The half-time of P-TDA for the volunteer was about 10 days. The urine levels (U-TDA) varied greatly with time and exposure. High peaks were found during or shortly after the exposure. No clear correlation between air levels of TDI measured with the filter-tape instruments and levels of TDA in hydrolyzed urine and plasma was seen, but the U-TDAMax followed the exposure in time as measured with the filter-tape instruments. PMID:9075314

Tinnerberg, H; Dalene, M; Skarping, G



Asiddhatva Principle in Computational Model of A???dhy?y?  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

P??ini's A???dhy?y? can be thought of as an automaton to generate Sanskrit words and sentences. A???dhy?y? consists of s?tras that are organized in a systematic manner. The words are derived from the roots and affixes by the application of these s?tras that follow a well defined procedure. Therefore, A???dhy?y? is best suited for computational modeling. A computational model with conflict resolution techniques was discussed by us (Sridhar et al, 2009)[12]. In continuation with that, this paper presents, an improvised computational model of A???dhy?y?. This model is further developed based on the principle of asiddhatva. A new mathematical technique called 'filter' is introduced to comprehensively envisage all usages of asiddhatva in A???dhy?y?.

Subbanna, Sridhar; Varakhedi, Shrinivasa


Possible Mechanisms of Local Tissue Renin-Angiotensin System Activation in the Cardiorenal Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus  

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The role of local tissue renin-angiotensin system (tRAS) activation in the cardiorenal metabolic syndrome (CRS) and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is not well understood. To this point, we posit that early redox stress-mediated injury to tissues and organs via accumulation of excessive reactive oxygen species (ROS) and associated wound healing responses might serve as a paradigm to better understand how tRAS is involved. There are at least five common categories responsible for generating ROS that may result in a positive feedback ROS-tRAS axis. These mechanisms include metabolic substrate excess, hormonal excess, hypoxia-ischemia/reperfusion, trauma, and inflammation. Because ROS are toxic to proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids they may be the primary instigator, serving as the injury nidus to initiate the wound healing process. Insulin resistance is central to the development of the CRS and T2DM, and there are now thought to be four major organ systems important in their development. In states of overnutrition and tRAS activation, adipose tissue, skeletal muscle (SkM), islet tissues, and liver (the quadrumvirate) are individually and synergistically related to the development of insulin resistance, CRS, and T2DM. The obesity epidemic is thought to be the driving force behind the CRS and T2DM, which results in the impairment of multiple end-organs, including the cardiovascular system, pancreas, kidney, retina, liver, adipose tissue, SkM, and nervous system. A better understanding of the complex mechanisms leading to local tRAS activation and increases in tissue ROS may lead to new therapies emphasizing global risk reduction of ROS resulting in decreased morbidity and mortality.

Hayden, Melvin R.; Sowers, Kurt M.; Pulakat, Lakshmi; Joginpally, Tejaswini; Krueger, Bennett; Whaley-Connell, Adam; Sowers, James R.



Possible Mechanisms of Local Tissue Renin-Angiotensin System Activation in the Cardiorenal Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus  

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The role of local tissue renin-angiotensin system (tRAS) activation in the cardiorenal metabolic syndrome (CRS) and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is not well understood. To this point, we posit that early redox stress-mediated injury to tissues and organs via accumulation of excessive reactive oxygen species (ROS) and associated wound healing responses might serve as a paradigm to better understand

Melvin R. Hayden; Kurt M. Sowers; Lakshmi Pulakat; Tejaswini Joginpally; Bennett Krueger; Adam Whaley-Connell; James R. Sowers



Localisation of renin-angiotensin system (RAS) components in breast  

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Angiotensin II has mitogenic and angiogenic effects and its receptors are widespread, particularly in epithelial tissue. Tissue renin angiotensin systems (tRASs) may be a local source of angiotensin II that has specific paracrine functions. To investigate the presence of a tRAS in normal human breast and tumours. Immunocytochemistry, and quantitative RT–PCR was used to establish: (i) the presence and localisation

M Tahmasebi; S Barker; J R Puddefoot; G P Vinson; JR Puddefoot



Trastuzumab after Adjuvant Chemotherapy in HER2Positive Breast Cancer  

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background Trastuzumab, a recombinant monoclonal antibody against HER2, has clinical activity in advanced breast cancer that overexpresses HER2. We investigated its efficacy and safety after excision of early-stage breast cancer and completion of chemotherapy. methods This international, multicenter, randomized trial compared one or two years of tras- tuzumab given every three weeks with observation in patients with HER2-positive and either

Martine J. Piccart-Gebhart; Marion Procter; Brian Leyland-Jones; Aron Goldhirsch; Michael Untch; Ian Smith; Luca Gianni; Jose Baselga; Richard Bell; Christian Jackisch; David Cameron; Mitch Dowsett; Carlos H. Barrios; Günther Steger; Chiun-Shen Huang; Michael Andersson; Moshe Inbar; Mikhail Lichinitser; István Láng; Ulrike Nitz; Hiroji Iwata; Christoph Thomssen; Caroline Lohrisch; Thomas M. Suter; Josef Rüschoff; Tamás Süto ý; Victoria Greatorex; Carol Ward; Eleanor McFadden; M. Stella Dolci; Richard D. Gelber



Cessation and integration in classical yoga  

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In this paper I challenge and attempt to correct conclusions about Classical Yoga philosophy drawn by traditional and modern interpretations of Patañjali's Yoga?s?tras. My interpretation of Patañjali's Yoga—which focuses on the meaning of “cessation” (nirodha) as given in Patañjali's central definition of Yoga (YS 1.2)—counters the radically dualistic and ontologically?oriented interpretations of Yoga presented by many scholars, and offers an

Ian Whicher




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The behaviour of two Listeria species (L. monocytogenes and L. innocua) during the elaboration and ripening of Arzua's Cheese from Galicia (North-West of Spain) has been studied. The effect of sodium sorbate against these microorganisms was also evaluated. During the elaboration most of the tested microorganisms were entrapped into the curd. Listeria populations decreased during 55 days of ripening. Populations

C. M. Franco; S. Menéndez; E. J. Quinto; C. Fente; L. Domínguez; A. Cepeda



Uso da prótese vertical expansível de titânio para costela (VEPTR) como opção na instrumentação sem fusão para tratamento da escoliose neuromuscular The vertical expandable prosthetic titanium rib device (VEPTR) as option in spine instrumentation without arthrodesis in the treatment of neuromuscular scoliosis Uso de la prótesis vertical expansible de titanio para costilla (VEPTR como opción en la instrumentación sin fusión para tratamiento de la escoliosis neuromuscular  

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Objective: report results of vertical expandable prosthetic titanium ribs (VEPTR) surgery in the treatment of neuromuscular scoliosis without spinal fusion. Methods: a total of 17 patients (mean age 8 years; 3 to 13 years) with neuromuscular scoliosis exceeding 40° of scoliosis measured using the Cobb method and presenting a Risser grade of 1 and 2 before VEPTR surgery. The degree

Élcio Landim; Paulo Tadeu; Maia Cavali; Marcus Alexandre; Mello Santos; Wagner Pasqualini; Rodrigo Castello; Branco Manhães



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National literature on people living with HIV\\/AIDS (PLWHA) perceptions on existing health services they receive is scarce. Objectives: To gather the perceptions of PLWHA on specialized health care services and highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) Materials and methods: A cross-sectional study with application of an ad-hoc survey, previously validated, in PLWHA users of the main hospitals that provide HAART in

J. Maziel; Girón V; Eddy R. Segura; Rocío Valverde; Ximena Salazar L; Carlos F. Cáceres



Antimicrobial susceptibilities of thermophilic Campylobacter from humans, swine, and chicken broilers.  


The aim of this study was to evaluate the incidence and the distribution of antimicrobial resistance, and the presence of genetic determinants of resistance, in Campylobacter recovered from swine, poultry, and human populations in Quebec. Minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs) of 10 antimicrobial agents were determined by the agar dilution technique. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was used to detect the tetO determinant, and mutations in gyrA were analyzed by sequencing and by mismatch amplification mutation assay (MAMA) PCR. Among C. coli isolates from pigs, the rates of resistance were high, at 59% for clindamycin, 61% for erythromycin, 67% for streptomycin, and 68% for tetracycline; isolates from chicken broilers were mainly resistant to streptomycin and tetracycline, with a rate of 50% for each; and 56% of the isolates from humans were resistant to tetracycline. The rates of resistance among C. jejuni isolates were low except for tetracycline (39% and 67% in humans and broilers, respectively). The tetO determinant was identified among both tetracycline-resistant and tetracycline-susceptible Campylobacter isolates from swine. Sequencing analysis showed that 64% and 100% of ciprofloxacin-resistant C. coli isolates from swine and humans, respectively, had the mutation Thr-86-->Ile, which is associated with quinolone resistance. The MAMA PCR gave identical results. Further analyses need to be done in order to detect other genetic determinants of tetracycline resistance. PMID:16639939

Guévremont, Evelyne; Nadeau, Eric; Sirois, Marc; Quessy, Sylvain



Antimicrobial susceptibilities of thermophilic Campylobacter from humans, swine, and chicken broilers  

PubMed Central

Abstract The aim of this study was to evaluate the incidence and the distribution of antimicrobial resistance, and the presence of genetic determinants of resistance, in Campylobacter recovered from swine, poultry, and human populations in Quebec. Minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs) of 10 antimicrobial agents were determined by the agar dilution technique. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was used to detect the tetO determinant, and mutations in gyrA were analyzed by sequencing and by mismatch amplification mutation assay (MAMA) PCR. Among C. coli isolates from pigs, the rates of resistance were high, at 59% for clindamycin, 61% for erythromycin, 67% for streptomycin, and 68% for tetracycline; isolates from chicken broilers were mainly resistant to streptomycin and tetracycline, with a rate of 50% for each; and 56% of the isolates from humans were resistant to tetracycline. The rates of resistance among C. jejuni isolates were low except for tetracycline (39% and 67% in humans and broilers, respectively). The tetO determinant was identified among both tetracycline-resistant and tetracycline-susceptible Campylobacter isolates from swine. Sequencing analysis showed that 64% and 100% of ciprofloxacin-resistant C. coli isolates from swine and humans, respectively, had the mutation Thr-86?Ile, which is associated with quinolone resistance. The MAMA PCR gave identical results. Further analyses need to be done in order to detect other genetic determinants of tetracycline resistance.

Guevremont, Evelyne; Nadeau, Eric; Sirois, Marc



Drug Safety Communication  

Center for Drug Evaluation (CDER)

Text Version... Los profesionales de la salud deben considerar el riesgo de ritmos cardiacos fatales con azitromicina al contemplar las opciones de tratamiento ... More results from


Preguntas para el doctor si tiene un cáncer avanzado

Serie de preguntas que los pacientes con cáncer pueden hacerle al médico sobre las opciones de tratamiento si el cáncer es avanzado, las formas de controlar los síntomas y cómo prepararse para la etapa final de la vida.


Keeping Kids Still during Exams  


... saber acerca de... Nada produce más miedo a un padre que un hijo enfermo, especialmente si su hijo debe someterse ... cada vez más claves en la realización de un diagnóstico e inicio de tratamiento. Los tecnólogos radiológicos ...


Cáncer óseo (hueso)

Información acerca del cáncer óseo (hueso), lo cual incluye temas como el tratamiento de los tumores de Ewing, el osteosarcoma y el histiocitoma fibroso maligno óseo. También se incluye información sobre estudios clínicos.


Cáncer de cabeza y cuello

Información acerca del cáncer de cabeza y cuello, lo cual incluye cánceres de glándulas salivales, hipofaringe, laringe, labio, boca y nariz. Se incluyen temas como tratamiento, prevención, causas, exámenes selectivos de detección y estudios clínicos.


Cáncer de cuello del útero o uterino

Información acerca del cáncer de cérvix (cervical o cuello uterino), lo cual incluye temas como tratamiento, prevención, causas, factores de riesgo, exámenes selectivos de detección, estudios clínicos y estadísticas del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer.


Tomografía computarizada (TC) y exploraciones para cáncer

Hoja informativa que describe el procedimiento y la tecnología de exploraciones con tomografía computarizada así como sus usos para el diagnóstico, para exámenes de detección y para tratamiento del cáncer.


Comunicado de la FDA sobre la seguridad de los ...  

Center for Drug Evaluation (CDER)

... Samsca se usa en el tratamiento de un bajo nivel de sodio en la ... El fabricante de Samsca, Otsuka American Pharmaceutical, Inc., publicó una carta ... More results from


Nueva Publicacion Habla de las Necesidades de los Sobrevivientes de cancer Latinos y sus Familias

Esta publicación gratuita combina la información más actual de los profesionales de la salud con anécdotas personales de sobrevivientes de cáncer latinos, sobre cómo enfrentarse a la vida después del tratamiento del cáncer


El cáncer según su ubicación en el cuerpo: Endocrino y neuroendocrino

Lista de los tipos de cáncer que se forman en los tejidos neuroendocrinos y tejidos del cuerpo que secretan hormonas. Esta página contiene enlaces e información sobre tratamiento, estudios clínicos y otros temas.


Evaluación de la Seguridad de los Productos Biológicos a lo ...  

Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER)

Text Version... enfermas. Piensen, por ejemplo, en la quimioterapia para un tratamiento contra el cáncer. ... label”). Piensen en el cáncer. ... More results from


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 27 de marzo de 2012

Le invitamos a que comparta esta publicación con sus amigos, familiares y colegas y nos ayude a continuar nuestra misión de difundir las investigaciones más recientes sobre la prevención, el tratamiento y la información del cáncer.


Complicaciones gastrointestinales (PDQ®)

Resumen de información revisada por expertos acerca del estreñimiento, la retención fecal, la obstrucción intestinal y la diarrea como complicaciones del cáncer o su tratamiento. Se discute el manejo de estos problemas.


Cánceres de la A a la Z: S

Lista de todos los cánceres en orden alfabético, con enlaces a información específica según el tipo de cáncer e información general acerca de la prevención, detección, tratamiento, cuidados médicos de apoyo, estudios clínicos y otros temas.


Progresos recientes en Astronomía de Rayos Gamma  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Tras la exitosa misión del Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory durante los años 1990, la astronomía de rayos gamma ha entrado en una etapa de madurez, convirtiéndose en una de las principales herramientas para el estudio de procesos relativistas en el universo. En este reporte, presentaré una revisión de los principales tópicos abordados a través de estudios con rayos gamma en los últimos años, con particular énfasis en los intentos más recientes por establecer la naturaleza de las fuentes de rayos gamma no identificadas, detectadas por el instrumento EGRET.

Romero, G. E.


Targeting FtsZ for anti-tuberculosis drug discovery: non-cytotoxic taxanes as novel anti-tuberculosis agents  

PubMed Central

Screening of 120 taxanes identified a number of compounds that exhibited significant anti-tuberculosis activity. Rational optimization of selected compounds led to the discovery that the C-seco-taxane-multidrug-resistance (MDR) reversal agents (C-seco-TRAs) are non-cytotoxic at the upper limit of solubility and detection (>80 ?M), while maintaining MIC99 values of 1.25–2.5 ?M against drug-resistant and drug-sensitive MTB strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB). Treatment of MTB cells with TRA 3aa and 10a at the MIC caused filamentation and prolongation of the cells, a phenotypic response to FtsZ inactivation.

Huang, Qing; Kirikae, Fumiko; Kirikae, Teruo; Pepe, Antonella; Slayden, Richard A.; Tonge, Peter J.; Ojima, Iwao



[Sero-epidemiology of congenital syphilis in Kinshasa, Zaire].  


Between March 1 and May 31, 1988, 314 mother-baby couples have been tested for syphilis at confinement in two large hospitals of Kinshasa (Hôpital Mama Yemo and Clinique de Ngaliema). The study used in first instance the Veneral Disease Research Laboratory (VDRL) test. When positive, the results were verified quantitatively with the Treponema Pallidum Hemagglutination (TPHA) reaction. The prevalence levels obtained were low: 0.9% in the newborns and 1.6% in the mothers. In spite of the relative rarity of the disease, clinical examination of all newborns should remain a permanent concern for the clinician, especially for the pediatrician, in order to make sure that the diagnosis be made as soon as possible and treatment started without undue delay. The authors insist on the necessity to adopt, in Kinshasa, measures for veneral disease control aiming at reducing the prevalence of congenital syphilis. PMID:2629645

Omanga, U; Fendler, F; Bamba, M; Sulu, M; Mikanga, B



Spatial Distribution of Io's Extended UV Emissions  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Measurements of the spatial distribution of Io's sulfur and oxygen UV emissions will be obtained using STIS spectroscopic modes. This coordinated program uses 6 orbits of STIS GTO time, 3 orbits from PI W. Moos {program 7582} and 3 orbits from PI F. Roesler {prog. 7583}. During Visit 1, MAMA FUV spectroscopy will be performed when Io is near western elongation. Visit 2, also near west Io elongation, is devoted to emission line measurements to measure the spatial distribution of the atomic sulfur doublet SI 1900A/1915A and the atomic oxygen doublet OI 1356A/1359A. TIME-TAG mode is used for all observations to monitor the temporal variability of the emissions.

Moos, H.



High-throughput vacuum ultraviolet stimulus for flat fielding and spectral calibration of the HST advanced camera for surveys  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) will fly on the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Servicing Mission 3b in late-2001 and includes a Solar Blind Channel (SBC) comprising correcting/magnifying relay optics, a far ultraviolet (FUV) filter selection, and a 1K X 1K multi-anode microchannel array (MAMA) detector with cesium iodide photocathode. In order to characterize SBC's flat field response over its full spectral range and to radiometrically calibrate ACS at two FUV lines through as many SBC filters as possible, a sophisticated and automated STimulus for Ultraviolet Flat Fields (STUFF) was developed whose application extends to other vacuum ultraviolet optical instrumentation having similar characterization requirements. Challenges in STUFF's development and resulting design features are presented along with results from in vacuo characterizations carried out before and during thermal vacuum testing of ACS.

Leviton, Douglas B.; Eichhorn, William L.; Madison, Timothy J.; Miner, Linda A.; Sullivan, Pamela C.; Edelman, Joel E.; Garza, Mario S.; Kubalak, David A.; Neuman, Mark A.; Skelton, Dennis L.; Worrel, Louis R.; Norton, Todd A.; Hartig, George F.



Multimedia agent monitoring and assessment system  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The explosion of Information Technology (IT) in the commercial sector in the 1990's has led to billion dollar corporations overtaking the US Government (e.g., DARPA, NSF) as the leaders in IT research and development. The tenacity of the IT industry in accelerating technology development, in response to commercial demands, has actually provided government organizations with a unique opportunity to incorporate robust commercial IT into their individual applications. This development allows government agencies to focus their limited funds on the application aspects of their problems by leveraging commercial information technology developments. This paradigm applies directly to counterdrug enforcement and support. This paper describes a system that applies the state-of-the-art in information technology to news and information exploitation to produce a Multi-media Agent Monitoring and Assessment (MAMA) system capable of tracking information for field agent use, identifying assets of organizations and individuals for seizure, and disrupting drug shipping routes.

Gilmore, John F.; Pagels, Michael A.; Palk, Justin



Henry's Gallery  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This site showcases the work of Henry Diltz, the official photographer of the Woodstock and Monterey Pop Festivals and over 100 album covers. Although the site is designed as a commercial enterprise (many of the photos can be ordered at the site), users are free to browse this collection of over 100 photos, some with brief notes, of many of the leading Rock and Roll musicians of the 1960s and 70s. Some of the photos were taken during posed sessions or album cover shoots, but many are candids to be found nowhere else. Highlights include shots of Joni Mitchell, David Crosby, and Eric Clapton in Mama Cass's backyard; Jerry Garcia jamming at Crosby's house; and the Who at the Monterey Pop Festival with a hapless engineer trying to save his microphones from Pete Townshend's flailing guitar. Additional resources include a brief special feature on Henry's recollections of Woodstock (with photos).

Diltz, Henry.


Increased seizure susceptibility induced by prenatal methamphetamine exposure in adult female rats is not affected by early postnatal cross-fostering.  


Our previous studies repeatedly demonstrated that prenatal methamphetamine (MA) exposure alters seizure susceptibility in adult rats. Both the inhibitory GABA system and the excitatory NMDA system play a role in the effect of MA on epileptic seizures. On the basis of our previous behavioral results, the effect of cross-fostering on seizure susceptibility in adult female rats was examined in the present study. Bicuculline (GABA(A) receptor antagonist) and NMDA (NMDA receptor agonist) were used to induce seizures in adult female offspring exposed to MA in the prenatal and/or preweaning periods. Female dams were injected with MA (5mg/kg daily) or physiological saline (S) for approximately 9 weeks [about 3 weeks prior to impregnation, for the entire gestation period (22 days), and in the preweaning period (21 days)]. Absolute controls (C) did not receive any injections. On postnatal day 1, pups were cross-fostered so that each mother received pups from all three treatments. Thus, nine groups (based on the prenatal and postnatal drug exposures) of adult female rats were tested in each seizure test: C/C, C/S, C/MA, S/C, S/S, S/MA, MA/C, MA/S, MA/MA. The present study demonstrated that both the excitatory NMDA system and the inhibitory GABA system are involved in the proconvulsive effect of MA during prenatal and partially also postnatal development in female rats. However, because our results did not show any improvement in seizure susceptibility in prenatally MA-exposed animals that were fostered by control mothers (MA/C) relative to their siblings fostered by MA-treated mothers (MA/MA), our hypothesis of the cross-fostering effect seems to be incorrect in contrast to our behavioral studies. PMID:21067979

Slamberová, R; Hrubá, L; Mat?jovská, I; Bernášková, K; Rokyta, R



Hybrid & El Tor variant biotypes of Vibrio cholerae O1 in Thailand  

PubMed Central

Background & objectives: El Tor Vibrio cholerae O1 carrying ctxBC trait, so-called El Tor variant that causes more severe symptoms than the prototype El Tor strain, first detected in Bangladesh was later shown to have emerged in India in 1992. Subsequently, similar V. cholerae strains were isolated in other countries in Asia and Africa. Thus, it was of interest to investigate the characteristics of V. cholerae O1 strains isolated chronologically (from 1986 to 2009) in Thailand. Methods: A total of 330 V. cholerae O1 Thailand strains from hospitalized patients with cholera isolated during 1986 to 2009 were subjected to conventional biotyping i.e., susceptibility to polymyxin B, chicken erythrocyte agglutination (CCA) and Voges-Proskauer (VP) test. The presence of ctxA, ctxB, zot, ace, toxR, tcpAC, tcpAE, hlyAC and hlyAE were examined by PCR. Mismatch amplification mutation assay (MAMA) - and conventional- PCRs were used for differentiating ctxB and rstR alleles. Results: All 330 strains carried the El Tor virulence gene signature. Among these, 266 strains were typical El Tor (resistant to 50 units of polymyxin B and positive for CCA and VP test) while 64 had mixed classical and El Tor phenotypes (hybrid biotype). Combined MAMA-PCR and the conventional biotyping methods revealed that 36 strains of 1986-1992 were either typical El Tor, hybrid, El Tor variant or unclassified biotype. The hybrid strains were present during 1986-2004. El Tor variant strains were found in 1992, the same year when the typical El Tor strains disappeared. All 294 strains of 1993-2009 carried ctxBC ; 237 were El Tor variant and 57 were hybrid. Interpretation & conclusions: In Thailand, hybrid V. cholerae O1 (mixed biotypes), was found since 1986. Circulating strains, however, are predominantly El Tor variant (El Tor biotype with ctxBC).

Na-Ubol, M.; Srimanote, P.; Chongsa-nguan, M.; Indrawattana, N.; Sookrung, N.; Tapchaisri, P.; Yamazaki, S.; Bodhidatta, L.; Eampokalap, B.; Kurazono, H.; Hayashi, H.; Nair, G.B.; Takeda, Y.; Chaicumpa, W.



A new global palaeobiogeographical model for the late Mesozoic and early Tertiary.  


Late Mesozoic palaeobiogeography has been characterized by a distinction between the northern territories of Laurasia and the southern landmasses of Gondwana. The repeated discovery of Gondwanan lineages in Laurasia has led to the proposal of alternative scenarios to explain these anomalous occurrences. A new biogeographical model for late Mesozoic terrestrial ecosystems is here proposed in which Europe and "Gondwanan" territories possessed a common Eurogondwanan fauna during the earliest Cretaceous. Subsequently, following the Hauterivian, the European territories severed from Africa and then connected to Asiamerica resulting in a faunal interchange. This model explains the presence of Gondwanan taxa in Laurasia and the absence of Laurasian forms in the southern territories during the Cretaceous. In order to test this new palaeobiogeographical model, tree reconciliation analyses (TRAs) were performed based on biogeographical signals provided by a supertree of late Mesozoic archosaurs. The TRAs found significant evidence for the presence of an earliest Cretaceous Eurogondwanan fauna followed by a relatively short-term Gondwana-Laurasia dichotomy. The analysis recovered evidence for a biogeographical reconnection of the European territories with Africa and South America-Antarctica during the Campanian to Maastrichtian time-slice. This biogeographical scenario appears to continue through the early Tertiary and sheds light on the trans-Atlantic disjunct distributions of several extant plant and animal groups. PMID:22199008

Ezcurra, Martín D; Agnolín, Federico L



Localisation of renin-angiotensin system (RAS) components in breast  

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Angiotensin II has mitogenic and angiogenic effects and its receptors are widespread, particularly in epithelial tissue. Tissue renin angiotensin systems (tRASs) may be a local source of angiotensin II that has specific paracrine functions. To investigate the presence of a tRAS in normal human breast and tumours. Immunocytochemistry, and quantitative RT–PCR was used to establish: (i) the presence and localisation of RAS components, (ii) the possibility of their involvement in cancer. (1) mRNA coding for angiotensinogen, prorenin, angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE), and both AT1 and AT2 receptors was demonstrated in normal and diseased breast tissues. (2) (pro)renin was identified in epithelial cells in both normal and diseased tissue, but in invasive carcinoma, its distribution was mostly confined to fibroblasts or could not be detected at all. (3) Angiotensin converting enzyme was shown in epithelial cells in both normal and malignant tissue. The results are consistent with the hypothesis that a tRAS is present in the breast, and is disrupted in invasive cancer.

Tahmasebi, M; Barker, S; Puddefoot, J R; Vinson, G P



Localisation of renin-angiotensin system (RAS) components in breast.  


Angiotensin II has mitogenic and angiogenic effects and its receptors are widespread, particularly in epithelial tissue. Tissue renin angiotensin systems (tRASs) may be a local source of angiotensin II that has specific paracrine functions. To investigate the presence of a tRAS in normal human breast and tumours. Immunocytochemistry, and quantitative RT-PCR was used to establish: (i) the presence and localisation of RAS components, (ii) the possibility of their involvement in cancer. (1) mRNA coding for angiotensinogen, prorenin, angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE), and both AT1 and AT2 receptors was demonstrated in normal and diseased breast tissues. (2) (pro)renin was identified in epithelial cells in both normal and diseased tissue, but in invasive carcinoma, its distribution was mostly confined to fibroblasts or could not be detected at all. (3) Angiotensin converting enzyme was shown in epithelial cells in both normal and malignant tissue. The results are consistent with the hypothesis that a tRAS is present in the breast, and is disrupted in invasive cancer. PMID:16755291

Tahmasebi, M; Barker, S; Puddefoot, J R; Vinson, G P



Un estudio financiado por los Institutos Nacionales de la Salud (NIH) muestra reducción en la mortalidad entre hombres con cáncer de próstata en grado intermedio:

Terapia hormonal por corto tiempo administrada en combinación con radioterapia a hombres con cáncer de próstata en estadio inicial aumentó sus posibilidades de vivir más en comparación con tratamiento de radioterapia sola, según un estudio clínico patrocinado por el NCI. Los beneficios del tratamiento combinado se limitaron principalmente a pacientes con enfermedad de riesgo intermedio y no se observaron en hombres con cáncer de próstata de riesgo bajo, indican los investigadores.


U-Pb Zircon geochronology of the Cambro-Ordovician metagranites and metavolcanic rocks of central and NW Iberia  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

New U-Pb zircon data from metagranites and metavolcanic rocks of the Schist-Graywacke Complex Domain and the Schistose Domain of Galicia Tras-os-Montes Zone from central and NW Iberia contribute to constrain the timing of the Cambro-Ordovician magmatism from Central Iberian and Galicia Tras-os-Montes Zones which occurred between 498 and 462 Ma. The crystallization ages of the metagranites and metavolcanic rocks from the northern Schist-Graywacke Complex Domain are as follows: (a) in west Salamanca, 489 ± 5 Ma for Vitigudino, 486 ± 6 Ma for Fermoselle and 471 ± 7 Ma for Ledesma; (b) in northern Gredos, 498 ± 4 Ma for Castellanos, 492 ± 4 Ma for San Pelayo and 488 ± 3 Ma for Bercimuelle; (c) in Guadarrama, 490 ± 5 Ma for La Estación I, 489 ± 9 Ma for La Cañada, 484 ± 6 Ma for Vegas de Matute (leucocratic), 483 ± 6 Ma for El Cardoso, 482 ± 8 Ma for La Morcuera, 481 ± 9 Ma for Buitrago de Lozoya, 478 ± 7 Ma for La Hoya, 476 ± 5 Ma for Vegas de Matute (melanocratic), 475 ± 5 Ma for Riaza, 473 ± 8 Ma for La Estación II and 462 ± 11 Ma for La Berzosa; and (d) in Toledo, 489 ± 7 Ma for Mohares and 480 ± 8 Ma for Polán. The crystallization ages of the metagranites from the Schistose Domain of Galicia Tras-os-Montes Zone are 497 ± 6 Ma for Laxe, 486 ± 8 Ma for San Mamede, 482 ± 7 Ma for Bangueses, 481 ± 5 Ma for Noia, 480 ± 10 for Rial de Sabucedo, 476 ± 9 Ma for Vilanova, 475 ± 6 Ma for Pontevedra, 470 ± 6 Ma for Cherpa and 462 ± 8 Ma for Bande. This magmatism is characterized by an average isotopic composition of (87Sr/86Sr)485Ma ? 0.712, (?Nd)485Ma ? -4.1 and (TDM) ? 1.62 Ga, and a high zircon inheritance, composed of Ediacaran-Early Cambrian (65 %) and, to a lesser extent, Cryogenian, Tonian, Mesoproterozoic, Orosirian and Archean pre-magmatic cores. Combining our geochronological and isotopic data with others of similar rocks from the European Variscan Belt, it may be deduced that Cambro-Ordovician magmas from this belt were mainly generated by partial melting of Ediacaran-Early Cambrian igneous rocks.

Talavera, C.; Montero, P.; Bea, F.; González Lodeiro, F.; Whitehouse, M.



Caracterización de tintas de titanio dopadas con óxidos metálicos  

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Se prepararon tintas de Diisopropoxido de titanio bis(acetilacetonato) por el método sol-gel para aplicar en la elaboración de nanoestructuras mediante la técnica de escritura directa. Esta técnica permite estructurar materiales con alto índice de refracción a escala micro y nanométrica en tres dimensiones mediante extrusión, para elaborar cristales fotónicos. El tratamiento de las nanoestructuras extruidas a temperaturas elevadas para transformarlas



Estudio Comparado de la Tributación del Sector Transporte de Carga en Argentina, Brasil, y Uruguay  

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En un contexto de creciente integración internacional, caracterizado por la formación de bloques económicos regionales, el sector del transporte de carga cobra cada vez más prominencia. Por ejemplo, el tratamiento tributario conferido al sector por los distintos países participantes de un bloque crea incentivos diferenciados en relación con la ampliación de la integración comercial.

Erika Amorim Araujo



El dolor como terapia. La médula común de los campos de concentración nazis y franquistas  

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Los campos de concentración franquistas y los nazis evidencian un cuerpo común. En ambos se desarrollaba una terapia para los internos que tenía al cuerpo como vehículo de aprendizaje. El tratamiento político prescribía penalidades físicas — la suciedad, el hambre, la sed— y morales que debían conducir a los prisioneros a comprender la finalidad buscada por el Estado totalitario alemán

Mirta Núñez Díaz-Balart




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, 10 -6 y 10 -3 M) al medio de cultivo, de disminuciones en la tem- peratura de crecimiento (16, 18, 20, 22 y 25ºC) y combinacio- nes de estos factores, en Costa Rica, en 1997. Se encontró que los brotes mantuvieron altos porcentajes de viabilidad después de ser conservados durante seis meses en los tratamientos eva- luados. Debido a

Silvana Alvarenga-Venutolo; Ana Abdelnour-Esquivel; Víctor Villalobos-Aránbula




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RESUMEN El procesamiento de imágenes es una herramienta común para estudiar proble- mas científicos en muchas áreas diferentes, tales como la imagenología biomédica, televisión, las publicaciones electrónicas, tales como las páginas WEB y la multi- media. Existen muchos sistemas de tratamiento de imágenes en las universidades para la enseñanza a un nivel introductorio y en el nivel de postgrado. Muchos



Mesiodens: presentación de tres casos  

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Resumen El mesiodens es el diente supernumerario que aparece con mayor frecuencia en la denti- ción definitiva. En la mayoría de ocasiones se trata de un hallazgo casual. El diagnóstico pre- coz permite realizar la extracción de forma temprana, favoreciendo la erupción espontánea de los incisivos permanentes, y evita tener que efectuar otros tratamientos más complejos, quirúrgicos u ortodóncicos. Presentamos

Díaz Ortiz; M. Vicente Rodríguez



La malnutrición en los países en vías de desarrollo: un cambio de apariencia  

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ResumenLa malnutrición implica anomalías de sobrenutrición y subnutrición. Los países en vías de desarrollo se caracterizan por la pobreza generalizada, debida a la escasez de recursos económicos o la distribución injusta de la riqueza en la sociedad. Aunque la subnutrición se manifiesta como la insuficiencia ponderal, emaciación y retraso del crecimiento en la población, y el tratamiento hospitalario de la

Noel W. Solomons




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En este trabajo se presentan los resultados de un estudio meta-analítico sobre la efectividad de los programas multicomponentes en el tratamiento de sujetos con adicción al tabaco. Una búsqueda exhaustiva de la literatura nos permitió identificar 16 trabajos empíricos realizados en España entre 1980 y 1996, dando lugar a un total de 37 estudios independientes que recogían datos de 1.979

Julio Sánchez Meca; José Olivares Rodríguez; Ana Isabel; Rosa Alcázar



Efecto de la irradiación luminosa en la aclimatación de Mammillaria carmenae Castañeda (Cactaceae) proveniente de cultivo in vitro  

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Resumen Se reprodujo Mamillaria carmenae por cultivo in vitro a partir de areolas de una planta etiolada in vivo. Se obtuvieron plantas a partir de callos, las cuales se aclimatizaron bajo diferentes tratamientos de irradiación luminosa (50, 150 y 970 µmol m -2 s -1 ) bajo condiciones de invernadero. Durante la acli- matación se registraron la variación en el

Coca Soriano; Ortiz Montiel; Juan Gerardo; Sánchez Correa; Pérez Crisanto Joel


Cómo hacer frente al cáncer

Existen muchos recursos de ayuda y apoyo para las personas con cáncer, sus familiares y amigos. Infórmese sobre las reacciones psicológicas al cáncer y la forma de hacer frente a estas situaciones. Conozca los servicios que ofrecen las comunidades locales y las organizaciones nacionales para ayudarle con los diferentes aspectos del tratamiento y la recuperación del cáncer.



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Este artículo hace una revisión de las masas sólidas renales bilaterales en niños y sus diagnósticos diferenciales basados en la edad de presentación y en las características observadas en las imágenes diagnósticas. Las lesiones más frecuentes son el tumor de wilms, el linfoma no Hodgkin y la nefroblastomatosis. Conocerlas es importante para la planeación de los tratamientos médico y quirúrgico

Hugo Hernán Ferreira Traslaviña; Gustavo Triana; Jennifer León Martínez; Nelson Bedoya


Enantiómeros puros partiendo de sus racémicos ¿Realmente se beneficia el paciente?  

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Resumen El objetivo de este artículo es hacer una revisión sobre los medicamentos enantiómeros puros que se han comercializado en nuestro país cuando ya existía el racémico y que sean usados desde atención primaria, centrando especial atención en aquellos estudios que comparen la eficacia y seguridad del racémico con el enantiómero puro en humanos con la enfermedad objeto de tratamiento.

E Carracedo Martínez


Les expériences de santé comme vecteur de l'identité  

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[spa] Las experiencias de salud coma vector de la identidad . . Para medir el impacto de los problemas de salud sobre la construccion de las identidades, tres preguntas sirvieron . a delimitar una poblacion ataflida por tales problemas: un 4,5 % declaran unicamente limitaciones de su actividad, un 23 % unicamente un tratamiento 0 control regular por motivo médico,

Isabelle Ville; Daniel Ruffin




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Resumen Los déficit en habilidades sociales luego de traumatismo encéfalo-craneal severo son predominantes. Sin embargo, el desarrollo y la provisión de tratamientos preventivos durante el proceso de rehabilita- ción no han estado a la par de las necesidades en esta área. Este estudio describe el desarrollo conceptual y la provisión inicial de programas intensivos de entrenamiento de habilidades sociales y



Cómo hacer frente al cáncer: cuidados médicos de apoyo y cuidados paliativos

Formas de controlar los efectos físicos y psicológicos del cáncer y del tratamiento en los pacientes y sus familias, así como los efectos en la calidad de vida. También se incluye información sobre servicios de salud, ayuda económica y seguro médico.


Números: simplicidad conceptual, complejidad curricular  

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¿De quién es el conocimiento sobre el número?, ¿quién determina su tratamiento curric- ular? Cuestiones similares han sido propuestas recientemente por Michael Apple ( ¿De quién es el conocimiento que más valor tiene?, ¿de quién es este curriculo? ), y se plantean en toda su crudeza cuando, como en la actualidad, se trabaja sobre modificaciones importantes del currícu- lo. En

Luis Rico Romero


El ejercicio físico como terapia complementaria en el cáncer de próstata  

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Este artículo presenta como el ejercicio físico es una terapia complementaria en el tratamiento del cáncer próstata. En concreto presentamos el diseño e implementación de un programa de ejercicio físico de fuerza-resistencia adaptado al cáncer de próstata. El modelo base corresponde a la guía de la American College Sports Medicine Position Stand (ACSM 1998). La adaptación y transformación del programa

Bernat Carles Serdà Ferrer; Pilar Monreal Bosch; Arantza Del Valle



On the Generalizability of P??ini's Praty?h?ra-Technique to Other Languages  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

P??ini defines the sound classes involved in grammatical rules by praty?h?ras, i.e., a two-letter code based on the order of the sounds in the ?ivas?tras. In the present paper we demonstrate that P??ini's praty?h?ra method is generalizable to the description of the phonological systems of other languages by applying it to the sound classes and phonological alternations of German. Furthermore, we compare P??ini's praty?h?ra technique with the technique of describing phonological classes by phonological features, which is more common in Western phonology. It turns out that praty?h?ras perform better than features for the description of our sample of German phonological processes if one considers the quality criterion for class-description devices proposed by [10] which is based on the ratio of describable to actual classes.

Petersen, Wiebke; Hamann, Silke


[In Process Citation].  


Los queloides son cicatrices de aspecto tumoral que pueden aparecer hasta varios años después de la herida original, y se extienden más allá de los confines de ésta. La  oreja prominente es la deformidad auricular estética más frecuente. La otoplastia para su corrección logra resultados altamente satisfactorios. Sin embargo, no está exenta de complicaciones, entre las que hay que considerar el desarrollo de queloides. Existen muchas técnicas para la extirpación y la posterior cobertura. La técnica del colgajo queloideo consiste en la escisión del queloide preservando una capa delgada de su cubierta cutánea, unida por un pedículo a la piel normal, para reparar el defecto. El colgajo queloideo es una solución sencilla y efectiva para cobertura de defectos importantes tras la extirpación completa de grandes queloides. Se presenta un caso clínico ilustrativo, secundario a otoplastia, del empleo de dicho procedimiento. PMID:24008539

Pérez-Espadero, A; Escudero Nafs, F J



Models of Aire-Dependent Gene Regulation for Thymic Negative Selection  

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Mutations in the autoimmune regulator (AIRE) gene lead to autoimmune polyendocrinopathy syndrome type 1 (APS1), characterized by the development of multi-organ autoimmune damage. The mechanism by which defects in AIRE result in autoimmunity has been the subject of intense scrutiny. At the cellular level, the working model explains most of the clinical and immunological characteristics of APS1, with AIRE driving the expression of tissue-restricted antigens (TRAs) in the epithelial cells of the thymic medulla. This TRA expression results in effective negative selection of TRA-reactive thymocytes, preventing autoimmune disease. At the molecular level, the mechanism by which AIRE initiates TRA expression in the thymic medulla remains unclear. Multiple different models for the molecular mechanism have been proposed, ranging from classical transcriptional activity, to random induction of gene expression, to epigenetic tag recognition effect, to altered cell biology. In this review, we evaluate each of these models and discuss their relative strengths and weaknesses.

Danso-Abeam, Dina; Humblet-Baron, Stephanie; Dooley, James; Liston, Adrian



Improving the detection limit of quantitative diagnosis of anti-S. haematobium antibodies using Falcon Assay Screening Test (FAST) ELISA by developing a new standard curve.  


Immunodiagnosis of schistosomiasis are currently based on parasitological examinations of stool and urine for egg detection, which is laborious and lacks sensitivity. There are many assays that detect the anti-schistosomal antibodies in patient sera. One of these assays is the Falcon assay screening test (FAST) ELISA that uses adult worm microsomal antigen for Schistosoma haematobium and Schistosoma mansoni, HAMA, MAMA antigen, respectively. This assay depends on quantitative detection of anti-schistosome antibodies, using a standard curve, but the detection limit of FAST-HAMA assay is low due to the small range of the standard curve. In our study, a new wide range (0-80 ?l/?l) of standard curve for FAST-HAMA assay was constructed, and the cut-off value of the assay, using the new curve, was determined to be 1.2 units/?l. Screening of 41 S. haematobium-infected sera with FAST-HAMA, using the new constructed curve, showed a sensitivity of 95%. The purity of HAMA antigen and highly specific Abs for S. haematobium lends the FAST-HAMA with the new constructed wide range standard curve as a diagnostic assay with high detection limit for S. haematobium infection. PMID:21161274

Abdel-Fattah, Mohamed; Al-Sherbiny, Maged; Osman, Ahmed; Charmy, Ragia; Tsang, Victor



The FUV Spectrum of SS 433  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We propose to make the first ever investigation of the FUV spectrum of the unusual X-ray binary, SS 433, using STIS and its sensitive MAMA detector. The unexplored FUV region should offer significant clues about the nature of the mass- losing star and mass loss by winds. Our plan is to obtain spectra at key phases in the disk precessional cycle in order to document the spectral variations associated with this ``clock''. We will use a tomography algorithm to separate the FUV spectral features associated with the moving jets and the "stationary" disk and star components, and we will compare the optical and FUV light curves to establish the flux contributions from the various parts of this system. We will search for the UV P Cygni profiles associated with winds to test if colliding winds are a source of the X-ray flux. The huge redshifts associated with the jets will translate jet flux from the Lyman limit into the region near Ly-alpha, and these variations will help elucidat e the radiative processes that dri ve the jets. The proposed observations offer an exceptional opportunity to study the mass loss processes at this singular stage in binary star evolution.

Gies, Douglas



Understanding Sexual Abstinence in Urban Adolescent Girls  

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Objectives To gain insight into the context of sexual abstinence and identify potential determinants of abstinence in this population. Design Four focus groups. Participants and Setting Twenty-four, predominantly African American (88%) girls aged 14 to 19 years were recruited from urban health centers and youth development programs in Rochester, New York, between September and December 2006. Data Analysis Content analysis was used to analyze the four verbatim transcripts. Using analytic induction, groups were compared and contrasted at the micro (within-group) and macro (between-group) levels to identify themes. Results Four themes were identified that provided insight into how and why these girls remain abstinent despite being in sexually active social climates. They focused on the following: self-respect (I'm worth it), impact of mothers (Mama says … think before you let it go), influence of boys and other peers (Boys will be boys), and potential negative consequences of sex (Hold on, there's a catch). Conclusions Developing interventions to maintain abstinence, delay onset of sexual activity, and promote protected first and subsequent sexual contact in abstinent girls are key to decreasing future sexual risk. These findings suggest opportunities to develop HIV prevention strategies tailored to the needs of abstinent girls.

Morrison-Beedy, Dianne; Carey, Michael P.; Cote-Arsenault, Denise; Seibold-Simpson, Susan; Robinson, Kerry Anne



The Shapley Supercluster. I. Spectroscopic Observations in the Central Region  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present a new analysis of the kinematics of the Shapley supercluster based on radial velocities for 1087 galaxies in the clusters A3558 (Shapley 8), A3528 (Klemola 21), A3532 (Klemola 22), A3530, A3556 (SC 1321-314), A3559 (CE 1327-292), A3560, A3562, SC 1329-314 and in the intercluster region of the core of the supercluster, of which 367 are new measurements. We also present accurate positions from APM and MAMA scans of the ESO/SERC Southern Sky Survey photographic plates. We obtain new velocity dispersions and estimate the masses of the member clusters, evaluating dynamical models of the supercluster. The supercluster is found to be significantly flattened. We find that for {OMEGA}_0_ = 0.3, H_0_= 75 km s^-1^ Mpc^-1^, the gravitational pull of the supercluster may account for up to 25% of the peculiar velocity of the Local Group required to explain the dipole anisotropy of the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation, in which case the mass of the supercluster would be dominated by intercluster dark matter. This fractional contribution would be considerably higher for combinations of significantly lower values of {OMEGA}_0_ and higher values of H_0_.

Quintana, H.; Ramirez, A.; Melnick, Jorge; Raychaudhury, Somak; Slezak, Eric



Far ultraviolet Observations of Jovian low latitude regions with HST/STIS  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Far ultraviolet observations of the Jovian disk were made at low and mid-latitudes with FUV MAMA/STIS on board HST in January 1999 both in the imaging and spectroscopic modes. An image was obtained with the Lyalpha filter in the hydrogen bulge region for comparison with the expected Lyman-alpha brightness distribution for Ly-alpha resonance scattering. Other images in the 1200-1700 { Angstroms} region show band structures parallel to the equator with fading contrast toward the center and the limb. Spectroscopic observations were made in the 1200-1700 { Angstroms} (G140L) and 1245-1298 { Angstroms} (G140M) regions at ~ 5 { Angstroms} resolution to map the H_2 airglow and the UV absorbents along the STIS slit. Preliminary results indicate that a C_2H_2 absorption signature is clearly observed in the solar ultraviolet reflected spectrum. The ethylene absorption may be mapped to derive variations of the acetylene abundance. The H_2 FUV airglow shows both the fluorescence and the electron impact components. Its spatial variation is described and compared with the expected airglow distribution. We acknowledge funding by NASA and by the PRODEX program of the European space agency.

Gustin, J.; Grodent, D.; Gerard, J. C.; Dols, V.; Gladstone, G. R.; Waite, J. H.; Trafton, L. T.



Galaxy evolution at low redshift? I. Optical counts.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present bright galaxy number counts in the blue (16MAMA machine, and individually calibrated using an adequate number of CCD sequences. We find a relatively large density of bright galaxies implying a "high" normalization of the local luminosity function. Our counts and colour distributions exhibit no large departure from what standard no-evolution models predict to magnitudes B_J_<21, removing the need for evolution of the non-dwarf galaxy population in the optical, out to z=~0.2. This result disagrees with that of Maddox et al. (1990MNRAS.243..692M, 1990MNRAS.246..433M) on the APM catalog. We show that the APM and similar catalogs may be affected by a systematic magnitude scale error which would explain this discrepancy.

Bertin, E.; Dennefeld, M.



Metal-silicate partitioning of Ni and Co in a deep magma ocean  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The pattern of siderophile (iron-loving) element abundance in the silicate portion of the Earth is a consequence of metal separation during core formation. The apparent excess of nickel and cobalt in mantle-derived rocks has been attributed to metal-silicate equilibration in a deep terrestrial magma ocean. Based on the extrapolation of phase equilibria and metal-silicate partitioning results obtained at lower pressure (P) and temperature (T), previous estimates of the P-T of equilibration are all greater than 25 GPa and 3000 K. Using the laser-heated diamond anvil cell, we have extended metal-silicate partitioning measurements for Ni and Co to 75 GPa and 4400 K, exceeding the liquidus temperatures for both metal and silicate (basalt or peridotite) and, therefore, achieving thermodynamic conditions directly comparable to those of the magma ocean. The metal-silicate partition coefficients of nickel and cobalt decrease with increasing pressure and reach the values required to yield present mantle concentrations at ~ 50 GPa. At these conditions, silicon and oxygen concentrations measured in the metallic liquid allow to solve the seismically constrained core density deficit. Above 60 GPa, the partition coefficients become too low, resulting in an overabundance of Ni and Co in the silicate mantle. Our data therefore support the paradigm of core formation in a deep mama ocean, providing an upper bound for the depth at which Earth's core may have formed, and explaining the main geophysical (density) and geochemical (excess siderophile elements) observables.

Siebert, Julien; Badro, James; Antonangeli, Daniele; Ryerson, Frederick J.



Microlens array coated as a high-efficiency reflective diffuser for the vacuum ultraviolet  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The stimulus for ultraviolet flat fields (STUFF) was developed to supply spatially flat, broadband, far ultraviolet irradiance in thermal vacuum testing of the Solar Blind Channel (SBC) of the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) which will fly on Servicing Mission 3b in mid-2001. Because the SBC's 1K X 1K multi-anode microchannel array (MAMA) detector has a global count rate limit of about 300,000 events/s, it takes a minimum of roughly 10 hours of expensive test time in thermal vacuum to collect a deep flat field having 10,000 signal counts in each pixel (1% certainty in Poisson statistics). As such, a diffuser with far ultraviolet (FUV) throughput substantially higher than conventional state-of-the-art Lambertian diffuser material was sought to insure that the length of flat field exposures could be minimized. An FUV diffuser with concentrating properties was conceived as the overcoating of the convex lens side of commercially available microlens array material with Goddard Space Flight Center's (GSFC) standard aluminum-magnesium fluoride coating optimized for reflectance at 120 nm. The concept for this diffuser, a geometric optical model of its performance, visible light measurements to test that model, and the diffuser's FUV performance in STUFF relative to conventional diffuser material is presented.

Leviton, Douglas B.; Miner, Linda A.; Rice, Stephen H.; Struss, Sharon M.; Norton, Todd A.; McNeil, Brian



A photometric catalogue of galaxies in the cluster Abell 85  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present two catalogues of galaxies in the direction of the rich cluster ABCG 85. The first one includes 4232 galaxies located in a region +/- 1(deg) from the cluster centre. It has been obtained from a list of more than 25000 galaxy candidates detected by scanning a Schmidt photographic plate taken in the B_J band. Positions are very accurate in this catalogue but magnitudes are not. This led us to perform CCD imaging observations in the V and R bands to calibrate these photographic magnitudes. A second catalogue (805 galaxies) gives a list of galaxies with CCD magnitudes in the V and R bands for a much smaller region in the centre of the cluster. These two catalogues will be combined with a redshift catalogue of 509 galaxies \\cite[(Durret et al. 1997)]{dur97} to investigate the cluster properties at optical wavelengths \\cite[(Durret et al., in preparation)]{dur97}, as a complement to our previous X-ray studies \\cite[(Pislar et al. 1997;]{pis97} \\cite[Lima-Neto et al. 1997)]{lim97}. Based on plates scanned with the MAMA microdensitometer at CAI, Paris and on observations collected at the European Southern Observatory, La Silla, Chile.

Slezak, E.; Durret, F.; Guibert, J.; Lobo, C.



Nuevo estudio relaciona a los índices de utilización de servicios de atención médica más que a la biología con las desigualdades en salud por cáncer colorrectal

Los índices más altos de incidencia y mortalidad por cáncer colorrectal que experimentan los afroamericanos pueden deberse principalmente a las diferencias en la utilización de servicios médicos y en menor proporción a la biología, según un nuevo estudio dirigido por investigadores del NCI. Índices más bajos de seguimiento podrían resultar en un retraso del diagnóstico y de tratamiento y en un aumento de la mortalidad.


Exámenes selectivos de detección para cáncer colorrectal: para los hispanos, se trata de prevención, no solo de detección

Todos los exámenes de detección de cáncer que se usan extensamente tienen el objetivo de detectar el cáncer a tiempo, cuando el tratamiento puede tener más éxito. Pero varias pruebas de detección pueden también ayudar a encontrar células anormales que no se han convertido todavía en cancerosas, lo que permite que se extirpen antes de que causen problemas. Las pruebas de detección de cáncer colorrectal, es decir, en el colon y recto, pueden ayudar a detectar formaciones precancerosas que se llaman pólipos.


Immunization with an antigen identified by cytokine tumor vaccine-assisted SEREX (CAS) suppressed growth of the rat 9L glioma in vivo.  


We have reported previously that s.c. immunization of rats with IL-4 transduced 9L gliosarcoma cells (9L-IL-4) induced a potent antitumor immunity against intracranial, parental 9L tumors. Subcutaneous implantation of 9L-IL-4 influenced the systemic humoral response, which was demonstrated by Th2-type isotype-switching and the induction of cellular immune responses, which played a critical role in the rejection of tumors. Serological analyses of recombinant cDNA expression libraries (SEREX), has recently emerged as a powerful method for serological identification of tumor-associated antigens (TAAs) and/or tumor rejection antigens (TRAs). Because IL-4 is known to activate B cells and to promote humoral responses, and inasmuch as induction of humoral responses by central nervous system tumors has been reported to be minimal, we investigated whether the induction of a potent humoral immune response against 9L TAAs or TRAs in rats immunized s.c. with 9L-IL4 could be demonstrated. Screening of 5 x 10(5) independent clones of 9L-expression cDNA library for the presence of reactive antibodies in the serum from a 91-IL-4 immunized rat led to the identification of three different TAAs. One 9L TAA (clone 29) was demonstrated to be calcyclin, a member of the S-100 family of calcium-binding proteins. The second 9L TAA (clone 37) was demonstrated to be the rat homologue of the J6B7 mouse immunomodulatory molecule. The third TAA (clones 158 and 171) was determined to be the rat homologue of the mouse Id-associated protein 1 (MIDA1), a DNA-binding, protein-associated protein. Northern blotting demonstrated that message for calcyclin was overexpressed in 9L cells. Message encoding MIDA1 was highly expressed in parental 9L cells and thymus and, to a lesser degree, in testis, suggesting that MIDA1 was comparable with the cancer/testis category of TAAs. Sera obtained from animals bearing 9L-IL-4 were found to have a higher a frequency and titer of antibodies to these antigens when compared with sera obtained from rats bearing sham-transduced 9L (9L-neo) cells. To determine whether immunization with these TAAs induced antitumor immunity, animals were immunized by intradermal injection with expression plasmids encoding calcyclin or MIDA1. Subsequent challenge of rats with parental 9L resulted in significant suppression of tumor growth in animals immunized with MIDA1, but not with calcyclin. These results indicate that MIDA1 is an effective 9L TRA and will be useful for the investigation of specific antitumor immunity in this glioma model. Furthermore, these results suggest that this approach, termed "cytokine-assisted SEREX (CAS)," may serve as an effective strategy for identification of TRAs for in animal-glioma models of cytokine gene therapy, and potentially in humans undergoing cytokine gene therapy protocols as well. PMID:11289140

Okada, H; Attanucci, J; Giezeman-Smits, K M; Brissette-Storkus, C; Fellows, W K; Gambotto, A; Pollack, L F; Pogue-Geile, K; Lotze, M T; Bozik, M E; Chambers, W H



Kinks of the Transplant Renal Artery Without Accompanying Intraarterial Pressure Gradient Do Not Require Correction: Five-Year Outcome Study  

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Significant transplant renal artery stenosis (TRAS) results in an intraarterial pressure gradient and increasing graft dysfunction correctable by endovascular therapy. Kinks of the transplant artery cause velocity gradients on Doppler ultrasound, but some will have no intraarterial pressure gradient across the kink. It is not known whether these nonflow limiting kinks progress further to threaten graft function and should undergo endovascular correction. This is a longitudinal study of conservatively managed arterial kinks to define their natural history. Fourteen patients who had undergone angiography over a 5-year period for suspected TRAS had kinks of the renal artery. True intraarterial pressures were measured in all cases by slow withdrawal of an end-hole catheter after intraarterial injection of a vasodilator. Those with a significant pressure change ({>=}10% change in peak systolic pressure across the area of suspicion) underwent endovascular treatment. The rest were managed conservatively, with maximal antihypertensive therapy. Outcome of all 14 cases was determined by follow-up of creatinine levels, blood pressure (BP) control and graft outcome over a 3-5-year period (median 4 years). Of the 14 patients with kinks, 10 were male and 4 female; age range 23-67 years (mean 47 years). Eleven had received cadaveric transplants and 3 were allografts; 12 had end-to-side and 2 end-to-end anastomosis, 11/14 cases had an intraarterial pressure ratio of <10% and at median 4 years follow-up on conservative treatment, the serum creatinine of these 11 patients did not differ significantly from those who underwent successful endovascular treatment (mean 118 {mu}mol/l versus 149 {mu}mol/l; p = 0.30, Mann Whitney test). Mean blood pressure was 137/82 mmHg, with a range of 124-155/56-95 mmHg. Only one patient has required an unexplainable increase in antihypertensive medication. Grafts (2/11) were lost and both had chronic rejection on histology. There were no unexplained graft failures. Kinks of the renal transplant artery with normal intraarterial pressures do not appear to progress and threaten renal graft function. Satisfactory graft outcome was seen on 5-year follow-up with conservative therapy alone.

Chua, Gim Chuah; Snowden, Sue; Patel, Uday [St. George's Hospital, Department of Nephrology and Radiology (United Kingdom)], E-mail:



The Allele-Specific Probe and Primer Amplification Assay, a New Real-Time PCR Method for Fine Quantification of Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Pooled DNA  

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The evolution of fungicide resistance within populations of plant pathogens must be monitored to develop management strategies. Such monitoring often is based on microbiological tests, such as microtiter plate assays. Molecular monitoring methods can be considered if the mutations responsible for resistance have been identified. Allele-specific real-time PCR approaches, such as amplification refractory mutation system (ARMS) PCR and mismatch amplification mutation assay (MAMA) PCR, are, despite their moderate efficacy, among the most precise methods for refining SNP quantification. We describe here a new real-time PCR method, the allele-specific probe and primer amplification assay (ASPPAA PCR). This method makes use of mixtures of allele-specific minor groove binder (MGB) TaqMan probes and allele-specific primers for the fine quantification of SNPs from a pool of DNA extracted from a mixture of conidia. It was developed for a single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) that is responsible for resistance to the sterol biosynthesis inhibitor fungicide fenhexamid, resulting in the replacement of the phenylalanine residue (encoded by the TTC codon) in position 412 of the enzymatic target (3-ketoreductase) by a serine (TCC), valine (GTC), or isoleucine (ATC) residue. The levels of nonspecific amplification with the ASPPAA PCR were reduced at least four times below the level of currently available allele-specific real-time PCR approaches due to strong allele specificity in amplification cycles, including two allele selectors. This new method can be used to quantify a complex quadriallelic SNP in a DNA pool with a false discovery rate of less than 1%.

Billard, A.; Laval, V.; Fillinger, S.; Leroux, P.; Lachaise, H.; Beffa, R.




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We analyze archival HST/STIS/FUV-MAMA imaging and spectroscopy of 13 compact star clusters within the circumnuclear starburst region of M83, the closest such example. We compare the observed spectra with semi-empirical models, which are based on an empirical library of Galactic O and B stars observed with IUE, and with theoretical models, which are based on a new theoretical UV library of hot massive stars computed with WM-Basic. The models were generated with Starburst99 for metallicities of Z = 0.020 and Z = 0.040, and for stellar initial mass functions (IMFs) with upper mass limits of 10, 30, 50, and 100 M{sub sun}. We estimate the ages and masses of the clusters from the best-fit model spectra and find that the ages derived from the semi-empirical and theoretical models agree within a factor of 1.2 on average. A comparison of the spectroscopic age estimates with values derived from HST/WFC3/UVIS multi-band photometry shows a similar level of agreement for all but one cluster. The clusters have a range of ages from about 3 to 20 Myr and do not appear to have an age gradient along M83's starburst. Clusters with strong P-Cygni profiles have masses of a fewx10{sup 4} M{sub sun}, seem to have formed stars more massive than 30 M{sub sun}, and are consistent with a Kroupa IMF from 0.1to100 M{sub sun}. Field regions in the starburst lack P-Cygni profiles and are dominated by B stars.

Wofford, Aida; Leitherer, Claus [Space Telescope Science Institute, 3700 San Martin Drive, Baltimore, MD 21218 (United States); Chandar, Rupali, E-mail: [University of Toledo, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Toledo, OH 43606 (United States)



An infant with mos45,X/46,XY/47,XYY/48,XYYY: Genetic and clinical findings  

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We report on an infant with mos45,X/46,XY/47,XYY/48,XYYY who presented with ambiguous genitalia. The patient was the 2,637 gram product of a 38 week gestation and elective repeat C-section born to a 35 year old G3P2 mother. The pregnancy was complicated by placenta previa. There was no history of maternal health problems or drug or steroid use. At birth bilateral epicanthal folds and overfolded helices were noted without webbing of the neck or lymphedema. There was a phallic structure measuring 1.5 cm with dorsal hood and midline cleft with a normal female introitus, urethra, and vagina. Congenital adrenal hyperplaxia was excluded. Renal ultrasound was normal. Periperal blood chromosomes revealed a mos45,X(38%)/47,XYY(29%)/48,XYYY(33%) karyotype. Echocardiography revealed coarctation of the aorta and a bicuspid aortic valve. An additional cell line, 46,XY, was identified in aortic tissue obtained at the time of surgery. At age 15 months she was 25% in height and weight and had bilateral ptosis. Her development was within normal limits, but no words except {open_quotes}Mama{close_quotes} or {open_quotes}Dada{close_quotes} were spoken. A left intraabdominal testis with epididymis and dilated tubules and bilateral Fallopian tubes were removed at laparoscopy/reconstruction. Cell cultures were initiated from gonadal tissue, and karyotypes are pending. Patients with mosaic Y chromosome aneuploidy involving 2 Y chromosomes are rare. Eighteen patients with 45,X/47,XYY have been described; prenatally diagnosed cases appeared to be normal male whereas cases diagnosed postnally presented with ambiguous genitalia and/or other anomalies. The phenotype of Y chromosome aneuploidy with 3 Y chromosomes is even more unpredictable due to the paucity of reported cases. To our knowledge this is the first patient described with this unusual karyotype, thus adding to the limited information of patients with rare mosaic Y chromosome aneuploidy.

Fox, J.; Blumenthal, D.; Brock, W. [Long Island Jewish Medical Center, New Hyde Park, NY (United States)] [and others



Auditory spatial resolution in horizontal, vertical, and diagonal planes  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Minimum audible angle (MAA) and minimum audible movement angle (MAMA) thresholds were measured for stimuli in horizontal, vertical, and diagonal (60°) planes. A pseudovirtual technique was employed in which signals were recorded through KEMAR's ears and played back to subjects through insert earphones. Thresholds were obtained for wideband, high-pass, and low-pass noises. Only 6 of 20 subjects obtained wideband vertical-plane MAAs less than 10°, and only these 6 subjects were retained for the complete study. For all three filter conditions thresholds were lowest in the horizontal plane, slightly (but significantly) higher in the diagonal plane, and highest for the vertical plane. These results were similar in magnitude and pattern to those reported by Perrott and Saberi [J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 87, 1728-1731 (1990)] and Saberi and Perrott [J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 88, 2639-2644 (1990)], except that these investigators generally found that thresholds for diagonal planes were as good as those for the horizontal plane. The present results are consistent with the hypothesis that diagonal-plane performance is based on independent contributions from a horizontal-plane system (sensitive to interaural differences) and a vertical-plane system (sensitive to pinna-based spectral changes). Measurements of the stimuli recorded through KEMAR indicated that sources presented from diagonal planes can produce larger interaural level differences (ILDs) in certain frequency regions than would be expected based on the horizontal projection of the trajectory. Such frequency-specific ILD cues may underlie the very good performance reported in previous studies for diagonal spatial resolution. Subjects in the present study could apparently not take advantage of these cues in the diagonal-plane condition, possibly because they did not externalize the images to their appropriate positions in space or possibly because of the absence of a patterned visual field.

Grantham, D. Wesley; Hornsby, Benjamin W. Y.; Erpenbeck, Eric A.



Drug response and genetic properties of Vibrio cholerae associated with endemic cholera in north-eastern Thailand, 2003-2011.  


Cholera, caused by Vibrio cholerae, results in significant morbidity and mortality worldwide, including Thailand. Representative V. cholerae strains associated with endemic cholera (n = 32), including strains (n = 3) from surface water sources, in Khon Kaen, Thailand (2003-2011), were subjected to microbiological, molecular and phylogenetic analyses. According to phenotypic and related genetic data, all tested V. cholerae strains belonged to serogroup O1, biotype El Tor (ET), Inaba (IN) or Ogawa (OG). All of the strains were sensitive to gentamicin and ciprofloxacin, while multidrug-resistant (MDR) strains showing resistance to erythromycin, tetracycline, trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole and ampicillin were predominant in 2007. V. cholerae strains isolated before and after 2007 were non-MDR. All except six diarrhoeal strains possessed ctxA and ctxB genes and were toxigenic altered ET, confirmed by MAMA-PCR and DNA sequencing. Year-wise data revealed that V. cholerae INET strains isolated between 2003 and 2004, plus one strain isolated in 2007, lacked the RS1 sequence (rstC) and toxin-linked cryptic plasmid (TLC)-specific genetic marker, but possessed CTX(CL) prophage genes ctxB(CL) and rstR(CL). A sharp genetic transition was noted, namely the majority of V. cholerae strains in 2007 and all in 2010 and 2011 were not repressor genotype rstR(CL) but instead were rstR(ET), and all ctx(+) strains possessed RS1 and TLC-specific genetic markers. DNA sequencing data revealed that strains isolated since 2007 had a mutation in the tcpA gene at amino acid position 64 (N?S). Four clonal types, mostly of environmental origin, including subtypes, reflected genetic diversity, while distinct signatures were observed for clonally related, altered ET from Thailand, Vietnam and Bangladesh, confirmed by distinct subclustering patterns observed in the PFGE (NotI)-based dendrogram, suggesting that endemic cholera is caused by V. cholerae indigenous to Khon Kaen. PMID:23319310

Chomvarin, Chariya; Johura, Fatema-Tuz; Mannan, Shahnewaj B; Jumroenjit, Warin; Kanoktippornchai, Boonnapa; Tangkanakul, Waraluk; Tantisuwichwong, Napaporn; Huttayananont, Sriwanna; Watanabe, Haruo; Hasan, Nur A; Huq, Anwar; Cravioto, Alejandro; Colwell, Rita R; Alam, Munirul



A High-Throughput Data Mining of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Coffea Species Expressed Sequence Tags Suggests Differential Homeologous Gene Expression in the Allotetraploid Coffea arabica1[W  

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Polyploidization constitutes a common mode of evolution in flowering plants. This event provides the raw material for the divergence of function in homeologous genes, leading to phenotypic novelty that can contribute to the success of polyploids in nature or their selection for use in agriculture. Mounting evidence underlined the existence of homeologous expression biases in polyploid genomes; however, strategies to analyze such transcriptome regulation remained scarce. Important factors regarding homeologous expression biases remain to be explored, such as whether this phenomenon influences specific genes, how paralogs are affected by genome doubling, and what is the importance of the variability of homeologous expression bias to genotype differences. This study reports the expressed sequence tag assembly of the allopolyploid Coffea arabica and one of its direct ancestors, Coffea canephora. The assembly was used for the discovery of single nucleotide polymorphisms through the identification of high-quality discrepancies in overlapped expressed sequence tags and for gene expression information indirectly estimated by the transcript redundancy. Sequence diversity profiles were evaluated within C. arabica (Ca) and C. canephora (Cc) and used to deduce the transcript contribution of the Coffea eugenioides (Ce) ancestor. The assignment of the C. arabica haplotypes to the C. canephora (CaCc) or C. eugenioides (CaCe) ancestral genomes allowed us to analyze gene expression contributions of each subgenome in C. arabica. In silico data were validated by the quantitative polymerase chain reaction and allele-specific combination TaqMAMA-based method. The presence of differential expression of C. arabica homeologous genes and its implications in coffee gene expression, ontology, and physiology are discussed.

Vidal, Ramon Oliveira; Mondego, Jorge Mauricio Costa; Pot, David; Ambrosio, Alinne Batista; Andrade, Alan Carvalho; Pereira, Luiz Filipe Protasio; Colombo, Carlos Augusto; Vieira, Luiz Gonzaga Esteves; Carazzolle, Marcelo Falsarella; Pereira, Goncalo Amarante Guimaraes



Screening for the interacting partners of the proteins MamK & MamJ by two-hybrid genomic DNA library of Magnetospirillum magneticum AMB-1.  


Magnetotactic bacteria are a group of prokaryotes capable of sensing and navigating along the earth's magnetic field. The linear alignment of magnetosomes, which acts as a compass needle for orientation, is dependent on the proteins MamJ (amb0964) & MamK (amb0965). We constructed Magnetospirillum magneticum AMB-1 two-hybrid DNA libraries by fusing the random genomic fragments of AMB-1 to the N-terminal domain of the ?-subunit of RNA polymerase in vector pTRG and used as preys. The genes mamJ & mamK were cloned in frame with the ? repressor protein (? cI) in vector pBT and used as baits for screening the binding partners. After preliminary screening, we further confirmed the candidate interactions between selected protein pairs. The results showed that there were relatively strong interactions between MamK versus Amb3498 (flagella motor switch protein fliM), versus Amb0854 MCPs (signal domain of methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein) and versus Amb3568 (GGDEF domain-containing protein), respectively. MamJ versus Amb1722 (hypothetical protein), MamJ versus MamK, and MamK versus Amb1807 (cation transport ATPase) exhibited low level of interaction. Although the TPR repeat protein MamA (amb0971) showed no interaction with either MamJ or MamK, the TPR repeat protein Amb0024 with more motif sequences exhibited relatively strong interaction with MamK. Among the identified proteins, all categorized as signal transduction-related displayed interaction only with MamK and without MamJ, suggesting that magnetotaxis via MamK in Magnetospirillum magneticum AMB-1 might be somehow concerned with the widely accepted chemotaxis mechanism in bacteria. PMID:22382918

Pan, Weidong; Xie, Chunlan; Lv, Jing



Established thymic epithelial progenitor/stem cell-like cell lines differentiate into mature thymic epithelial cells and support T cell development.  


Common thymic epithelial progenitor/stem cells (TEPCs) differentiate into cortical and medullary thymic epithelial cells (TECs), which are required for the development and selection of thymocytes. Mature TEC lines have been widely established. However, the establishment of TEPC lines is rarely reported. Here we describe the establishment of thymic epithelial stomal cell lines, named TSCs, from fetal thymus. TSCs express some of the markers present on tissue progenitor/stem cells such as Sca-1. Gene expression profiling verifies the thymic identity of TSCs. RANK stimulation of these cells induces expression of autoimmune regulator (Aire) and Aire-dependent tissue-restricted antigens (TRAs) in TSCs in vitro. TSCs could be differentiated into medullary thymic epithelial cell-like cells with exogenously expressed NF-?B subunits RelB and p52. Importantly, upon transplantation under the kidney capsules of nude mice, TSCs are able to differentiate into mature TEC-like cells that can support some limited development of T cells in vivo. These findings suggest that the TSC lines we established bear some characteristics of TEPC cells and are able to differentiate into functional TEC-like cells in vitro and in vivo. The cloned TEPC-like cell lines may provide useful tools to study the differentiation of mature TEC cells from precursors. PMID:24086471

Chen, Pengfei; Zhang, Jun; Zhan, Yu; Su, Juanjuan; Du, Yarui; Xu, Guoliang; Shi, Yufang; Siebenlist, Ulrich; Zhang, Xiaoren



Established Thymic Epithelial Progenitor/Stem Cell-Like Cell Lines Differentiate into Mature Thymic Epithelial Cells and Support T Cell Development  

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Common thymic epithelial progenitor/stem cells (TEPCs) differentiate into cortical and medullary thymic epithelial cells (TECs), which are required for the development and selection of thymocytes. Mature TEC lines have been widely established. However, the establishment of TEPC lines is rarely reported. Here we describe the establishment of thymic epithelial stomal cell lines, named TSCs, from fetal thymus. TSCs express some of the markers present on tissue progenitor/stem cells such as Sca-1. Gene expression profiling verifies the thymic identity of TSCs. RANK stimulation of these cells induces expression of autoimmune regulator (Aire) and Aire-dependent tissue-restricted antigens (TRAs) in TSCs in vitro. TSCs could be differentiated into medullary thymic epithelial cell-like cells with exogenously expressed NF-?B subunits RelB and p52. Importantly, upon transplantation under the kidney capsules of nude mice, TSCs are able to differentiate into mature TEC-like cells that can support some limited development of T cells in vivo. These findings suggest that the TSC lines we established bear some characteristics of TEPC cells and are able to differentiate into functional TEC-like cells in vitro and in vivo. The cloned TEPC-like cell lines may provide useful tools to study the differentiation of mature TEC cells from precursors.

Zhan, Yu; Su, Juanjuan; Du, Yarui; Xu, Guoliang; Shi, Yufang; Siebenlist, Ulrich; Zhang, Xiaoren



Effect of cross-fostering on seizures in adult male offspring of methamphetamine-treated rat mothers.  


Stimulant drugs are often associated with increased seizure susceptibility. Inhibitory gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and excitatory N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) systems play a role in the effect of stimulants in the genesis of epileptic seizures. Our previous studies showed that prenatal methamphetamine (MA) exposure induced long-term changes in seizure susceptibility. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of cross-fostering on the prenatal and postnatal MA-exposed rats, respectively, on their seizures in adulthood. Bicuculline (GABA(A) receptor antagonist), NMDA (NMDA receptor agonist) and flurothyl (a convulsant gas) were used to induce seizures in adult male offsprings. Female dams were injected with MA (5 mg/kg daily) or physiological saline (S) for approx. 9 week [about 3 week prior to impregnation, for the entire gestation period (22 days) and in preweaning period (21 days)]. Absolute controls (C) did not receive any injections. On postnatal day 1, pups were cross-fostered so that each mother received pups from all three treatments. Thus, nine groups (based on the prenatal and postnatal drug exposure) of adult male rats were tested in each seizure test: C/C; C/S; C/MA; S/C; S/S; S/MA; MA/C; MA/S; MA/MA. The present study demonstrates that the effect of prenatal and/or postnatal MA exposure is seizure model specific. In addition, our data show that there is an effect of cross-fostering on seizures; particularly, the effect of prenatal MA exposure shown in animals fostered by control mothers is no longer apparent in animals fostered postnatally by MA-treated mothers. Such effect of postnatal treatment is not manifested in prenatal controls. In summary, it seems that: (1) prenatal MA exposure alters seizure susceptibility more than postnatal MA exposure; (2) especially in seizures induced by chemicals that affect GABAergic system (bicuculline, flurothyl) notable effect of adoption (cross-fostering) is apparent; (3) in seizure models that are associated with NMDA system (NMDA, flurothyl), effect of prenatal stress seems to play a role. PMID:20599607

Slamberová, R; Hrubá, L; Bernásková, K; Matejovská, I; Rokyta, R



Test Observations and Plans For the Hubble Deep Field - South  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We will discuss the planning process, scheduling constraints, and scientific considerations which we have studied and undertaken thus far for the southern Hubble Deep Field observations which are to be performed in October of 1998. Observations from a 3-orbit test program taken in October 1997 at the same position angle and with the same guide stars will be presented to the community for comment and for informational purposes. Planning is constrained in part by CVZ passages, by solar avoidance, zodiacal light, effective use of filters and gratings minimizing effects of scattered earthshine, SAA avoidance, avoidance of bright stars, and availability of suitable guide stars. In particular, it is crucial to test the same guide stars that will be used for the full set of observations. This preview of science data on the field will also allow us to fine-tune any other aspects of the program which may be better optimized scientifically. The HDF-S test observations will consist of one orbit of STIS 50CCD clear aperture imaging to image the field around the QSO, and two orbits of STIS NUV-MAMA G230L spectroscopy on the QSO to obtain a low resolution spectrum. In addition, three orbits of WFPC2 F606W imaging will be obtained in parallel on a field about 6.2 arc minutes from the QSO, and three orbits of NIC3 F160W imaging will be obtained in parallel on a field about 8.7 arc minutes from the QSO. The actual HDF-S observations next October are currently planned to include the same complement of filters for WFPC2 as was used in the original HDF-N ( F300W, F450W, F606W, and F814W ). Other options yet to be determined will be pursued for STIS and NICMOS for the full campaign. For more information, see our HDF-South Web site at the URL

Williams, R. E.; Baum, S. A.; Blacker, B. S.; Carollo, M.; Casertano, S.; Dickinson, M. E.; Ferguson, H. C.; Fruchter, A. S.; Gilliland, R. L.; Lucas, R. A.; MacKenty, J.; Madau, P.; Postman, M.; Stiavelli, M.



Background and Scattered-Light Subtraction in the High-Resolution Echelle Modes of the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present a simple, effective approach for estimating the on-order backgrounds of spectra taken with the highest resolution modes of the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS) on board the Hubble Space Telescope. Our scheme for determining the on-order background spectrum for STIS E140H and E230H observations uses moderate-order polynomial fits to the interorder scattered light visible in the two-dimensional STIS MAMA images. We present a suite of high-resolution STIS spectra to demonstrate that our background-subtraction routine produces the correct overall zero point as judged by the small residual flux levels in the centers of strongly saturated interstellar absorption lines. Although there are multiple sources of background light in STIS echelle mode data, this simple approach works very well for wavelengths longward of Ly? (?>~1215 Å). At shorter wavelengths, the smaller order separation and generally lower signal-to-noise ratios of the data can reduce the effectiveness of our background estimation procedure. Slight artifacts in the background-subtracted spectrum can be seen in some cases, particularly at wavelengths of <~1300 Å. Most of these are caused by echelle scattering of strong spectral features into the interorder light. We discuss the limitations of high-resolution STIS data in light of the uncertainties associated with our background-subtraction procedure. We compare our background-subtracted STIS spectra with the Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph (GHRS) Ech-A observations of the DA white dwarf G191-B2B and the GHRS first-order G160M observations of the early-type star HD 218915. We find no significant differences between the GHRS data and the STIS data reduced with our method in either case. Based on observations made with the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, obtained from the data archive at the Space Telescope Science Institute, which is operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc., under NASA contract NAS 5-26555.

Howk, J. Christopher; Sembach, Kenneth R.



A natural mutation-led truncation in one of the two aluminum-activated malate transporter-like genes at the Ma locus is associated with low fruit acidity in apple.  


Acidity levels greatly affect the taste and flavor of fruit, and consequently its market value. In mature apple fruit, malic acid is the predominant organic acid. Several studies have confirmed that the major quantitative trait locus Ma largely controls the variation of fruit acidity levels. The Ma locus has recently been defined in a region of 150 kb that contains 44 predicted genes on chromosome 16 in the Golden Delicious genome. In this study, we identified two aluminum-activated malate transporter-like genes, designated Ma1 and Ma2, as strong candidates of Ma by narrowing down the Ma locus to 65-82 kb containing 12-19 predicted genes depending on the haplotypes. The Ma haplotypes were determined by sequencing two bacterial artificial chromosome clones from G.41 (an apple rootstock of genotype Mama) that cover the two distinct haplotypes at the Ma locus. Gene expression profiling in 18 apple germplasm accessions suggested that Ma1 is the major determinant at the Ma locus controlling fruit acidity as Ma1 is expressed at a much higher level than Ma2 and the Ma1 expression is significantly correlated with fruit titratable acidity (R (2) = 0.4543, P = 0.0021). In the coding sequences of low acidity alleles of Ma1 and Ma2, sequence variations at the amino acid level between Golden Delicious and G.41 were not detected. But the alleles for high acidity vary considerably between the two genotypes. The low acidity allele of Ma1, Ma1-1455A, is mainly characterized by a mutation at base 1455 in the open reading frame. The mutation leads to a premature stop codon that truncates the carboxyl terminus of Ma1-1455A by 84 amino acids compared with Ma1-1455G. A survey of 29 apple germplasm accessions using marker CAPS(1455) that targets the SNP(1455) in Ma1 showed that the CAPS(1455A) allele was associated completely with high pH and highly with low titratable acidity, suggesting that the natural mutation-led truncation is most likely responsible for the abolished function of Ma for low pH or high acidity in apple. PMID:22806345

Bai, Yang; Dougherty, Laura; Li, Mingjun; Fazio, Gennaro; Cheng, Lailiang; Xu, Kenong



The endoplasmic reticulum stress response is involved in apoptosis induced by aloe-emodin in HK-2 cells.  


Aloe-emodin (AE; 1,8-dihydroxy-3-hydroxymethyl-9,10-anthracenedione) is one of the primary active compounds in total rhubarb anthraquinones (TRAs), which induce nephrotoxicity in rats. However, it is still not known whether AE has a similar effect on human kidney cells. In this study, 3-(4,5,-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide (MTT) assays showed that AE decreases the viability of HK-2 cells (a human proximal tubular epithelial cell line) in a dose- and time-dependent manner. AE induced G2/M arrest of cell cycle in HK-2 cells, which was detected with propidium iodide (PI) staining. This apoptosis was further investigated by Hoechst staining, transmission electron microscopy (TEM), DNA fragmentation, and Annexin V/PI staining. Apoptosis of the cells was associated with caspase 3 activation, which was detected by Western blot analysis and a caspase activity assay. In addition, changes in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) ultrastructure as observed by TEM showed the effects of AE on ER. Treatment with AE also resulted in an increase in eukaryotic initiation factor-2? (eIF-2?) phosphorylation, X-box binding protein 1 (XBP1) mRNA splicing, c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) phosphorylation, glucose-regulated protein (GRP) 78 and CAAT/enhancer-binding protein-homologous protein (CHOP) accumulation. These results suggest that AE induces ER stress in HK-2 cells, which is involved in AE-induced apoptosis. In conclusion, AE induces apoptosis in HK-2 cells, and the ER stress is involved in AE-induced apoptosis in vitro. The implications of the toxic effects of AE for clinical use are unclear and these findings should be taken into account in the risk assessment for human exposure. PMID:22210228

Zhu, Shaohua; Jin, Jing; Wang, Yan; Ouyang, Zizhang; Xi, Chen; Li, Jia; Qiu, Yuwen; Wan, Jinzhi; Huang, Min; Huang, Zhiying



Effect of ocean currents on the performance of a time-reversing array in shallow water.  


Active acoustic time reversal may be accomplished by recording sounds with an array of transducers--a time-reversing array (TRA) or time-reversal mirror (TRM)--and then replaying the recorded and time-reversed sounds from the same array to produce back-propagating waves that converge at the location(s) of the remote sound source(s). Future active sonar and underwater communication systems suitable for use in unknown shallow ocean waters may be developed from the automatic spatial and temporal focusing properties of TRAs. However, ocean currents affect time reversal because they alter acoustic reciprocity in the environment. This paper presents a theoretical and computational investigation into how ocean currents influence TRA retrofocusing in shallow ocean environments for various array orientations. The case of TRA retrofocusing in a three-dimensional range-independent sound channel with a steady horizontal ocean current is covered here, based on a normal-mode propagation model valid for low Mach number currents. The main finding is that in the presence of ocean currents (typically <1 m/s), a TRA performs well (the associated retrofocus amplitude decay is less than 1 dB) except that a retrofocus shift (up to a few wavelengths at 500 Hz at a range of 2.5 km) may occur due to the differing interaction between the ocean current profile and each acoustic normal mode. In addition, TRA performance is predicted to depend on the array orientation relative to the ocean current direction, especially for horizontal arrays. PMID:14714795

Sabra, Karim G; Dowling, David R



Treatment of young patients with Philadelphia chromosome-positive acute lymphoblastic leukaemia using increased dose of imatinib and deintensified chemotherapy before allogeneic stem cell transplantation.  


The main outcomes of the Programa Español para Tratamiento de Hemopatías (PETHEMA)-acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL)-Ph-08 trial were described and compared with those of the historical PETHEMA-CSTIBES02 trial. The trials differed in imatinib dose (600 vs. 400 mg/d) and amount of chemotherapy (one vs. two consolidation cycles) before stem cell transplantation (SCT). All patients (n = 29) enrolled in the ALL-Ph-08 trial achieved complete remission (CR) (vs. 90% in CSTIBES02), and SCT was performed in CR in 90% (vs. 78%). The reduction in early death, relapse before SCT and transplant-related mortality observed in the ALL-Ph-08 trial resulted in an improved 2-year event-free survival (63% vs. 37%, P = 0·009). PMID:22823211

Ribera, Josep-María; García, Olga; Montesinos, Pau; Brunet, Salut; Abella, Eugenia; Barrios, Manuel; González-Campos, José; Bravo, Pilar; Amigo, Maria-Luz; Hernández-Rivas, Jesús-María



Grupos españoles de cálculos ab initio de moléculas de interés astrofísico  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Pocos campos de la química están tan bien adaptados a la modelización por medio de los métodos teóricos de la Química Cuántica como la Astroquímica y la Química de la Atmósfera, donde las interacciones moleculares son, generalmente, lo suficientemente pequeñas para que el modelo de molécula aislada funcione muy bien. En España son varios los grupos teóricos que dedican su esfuerzo de investigación, o parte de él, al estudio de moléculas o procesos de interés en Astrofísica o en atmósferas planetarias. Presentaremos diferentes ejemplos paradigmáticos de esta actividad en la que se exploran desde aspectos estructurales, hasta aspectos espectroscópicos y dinámicos. Entre los últimos, cabe destacar estudios en los que se demuestra la importancia de procesos a dos estados, prohibidos por espín, en la formación astrofísica de diversos derivados de interés. En el tratamiento espectroscópico se han hecho esfuerzos interesantes, que han aunado teoría y experimento, en el estudio de sistemas relevantes desde el punto de vista atmosférico, como los hidratos de ácido nítrico, o el tratamiento espectroscópico de moléculas no rígidas. No menos interesantes son los estudios de fotoabsorción de radicales o de procesos multifotónicos. Son particularmente abundantes los estudios dedicados a la reactividad específica de sistemas de interés astrofísico o atmosférico, con el objetivo de esclarecer vías de formación de determinados compuestos o de proporcionar mecanismos que permitan identificar las etapas reactivas limitantes de reacciones de interés en esos medios y sobre los que no existía información previa. Así, por ejemplo, se han publicado interesantes estudios sobre la formación o propiedades de compuestos de fósforo, de silico o de azufre o sobre mecanismos de reacción en los que intervienen el ozono, el radical nitrato, el radical OH u otras especies. Finalmente, son también particularmente relevantes los estudios que varios grupos españoles han llevado, y siguen llevando a cabo, sobre sistemas débilmente enlazados, como complejos de Van der Waals o complejos por enlace de hidrógeno, que sin duda juegan un papel importante tanto en medios atmosféricos como interestelares.

Yáñez, M.



PubMed Central

Introduccion La diabetes mellitus y las demencias constituyen dos problemas crecientes de salud entre la población adulta mayor del mundo y en particular de los paises en desarrollo. Hacen falta estudios longitudinales sobre el papel de la diabetes como factor de riesgo para demencia. Objetivo Determinar el riesgo de demencia en sujetos Mexicanos con diabetes mellitus tipo 2. Materiales y Metodos Los sujetos diabéticos libres de demencia pertenecientes al Estudio Nacional de Salud y Envejecimiento en México fueron evaluados a los dos años de la línea de base. Se estudió el papel de los factores sociodemográficos, de otras comorbilidades y del tipo de tratamiento en la conversión a demencia. Resultados Durante la línea de base 749 sujetos (13.8%) tuvieron diabetes. El riesgo de desarrollar demencia en estos individuos fue el doble (RR, 2.08 IC 95%, 1.59–2.73). Se encontró un riesgo mayor en individuos de 80 años y más (RR 2.44 IC 95%, 1.46–4.08), en los hombres (RR, 2.25 IC 95%, 1.46–3.49) y en sujetos con nivel educativo menor de 7 años. El estar bajo tratamiento con insulina incrementó el riesgo de demencia (RR, 2.83, IC 95%, 1.58–5.06). Las otras comorbilidades que aumentaron el riesgo de demencia en los pacientes diabéticos fueron la hipertensión (RR, 2.75, IC 95%, 1.86–4.06) y la depresión (RR, 3.78, 95% IC 2.37–6.04). Conclusión Los sujetos con diabetes mellitus tienen un riesgo mayor de desarrollar demencia, La baja escolaridad y otras comorbilidades altamente prevalentes en la población Mexicana contribuyen a la asociación diabetes-demencia.

Silvia, Mejia-Arango; Clemente, y Zuniga-Gil



Long Slit Observations of the WR Central Star of the Lmc-Pn N66-CYCLE 8 Continuation  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We are following the remarkable event occurring in the central star of the LMC-PN N66. Before 1987, it showed a weak continuum with a T_eff 120000 K and L_bol 30000 L_sun and in few years its continuum increased by large factors and it developed strong WR features {P-Cygni profiles in NV 1240 A and CIV 1550 A lines, wide He II lines, etc.} resembling a WN4.5. The wind has persisted since 1990, showing some dramatic variations. HST FOS data of this object were obtained in Cycles 5 {prop. 6055} and 6 {prop. 6409} from which we have constructed expanding model atmospheres for the star; the best-fit for Cycle 6 data are: T_eff 93300 K, L_*=34000 L_sun, R_*=0.71 R_sun, mass loss rate = 10E-5 M_sun/yr, v_infty=2000 km/s. For Cycle 5 data the stellar parameters are the same, but the mass loss rate is slightly larger. The atmosphere is very H deficient {X/Y < 0.1}, with N abundance of 0.004 by mass and C and O abundances lower than 0.0002 by mass. This chemical composition is most unusual since all the known PNe with WR nuclei show He- and C-rich winds. Model atmospheres have been calculated for the pre-outburst epoch and for maximum stellar brightness} and we found that the stellar luminosity has not changed substantially with time. The atmospheric H-deficiency and the constant L_bol have allowed us to discard the thermal pulse possibility as the triggering mechanism of the outburst. We propose that the star is suffering a violent atmospheric instability with large variations of the mass loss rate. Long-slit STIS observations, covering the spectral range 1100-7000A were performed in January 99 {Cycle 7}. These data are being analized. Preliminar results show that since 1997 the star has been slowly fading. The stellar spectrum still shows WR features at NV 1240, CIV 1550, all the UV and visible HeII lines, and others, but much fainter than before showing that the stellar wind is diminishing. The `false photosphere' generated by the optically thick wind receds, while the surface temperature increases. To re-observe the object in Cycle 8 is paramount to follow its evolution, specially at UV. HST observations are needed to isolate the stellar emission from the nebular spectrum. Thus we can study the star and the nebula separately. Three CVZ orbits have been granted for Cycle 8. WE REQUEST THAT MAMA VISIT AND CCD VISIT ARE PROGRAMMED AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE Qu estions

Pena, Miriam



Fluorescence lifetime measurements of boronate derivatives to determine glucose concentration  

SciTech Connect

A novel investigation into the fluorescence lifetimes of molecules, both established and newly designed, was performed. These molecules are the basis of a continuous, minimally invasive, glucose sensor based on fluorescence lifetime measurements. This sensor, if coupled with an automated insulin delivery device, would effectively create an artificial pancreas allowing for the constant monitoring and control of glucose levels in a person with diabetes. The proposed sensor includes a fluorescent molecule that changes its' fluorescence properties upon binding selectively and reversibly to glucose. One possible sensor molecule is N-methyl-N-(9-methylene anthryl)-2-methylenephenylboronic acid (AB). The fluorescence intensity of AB was shown to change in response to changing glucose concentrations. (James, 1994) James proposed that when glucose binds to AB the fluorescence intensity increases due to an enhancement of the N{yields}B dative bond which prevents photoinduced electron transfer (PET). PET from the amine (N) to the fluorophore (anthracene) quenches the fluorescence. The dative bond between the boron and the amine can prevent PET by involving the lone pair of electrons on the amine in interactions with the boron rather than allowing them to be transferred to the fluorophore. Results of this research show the average fluorescence lifetime of AB also changes with glucose concentration. It is proposed that fluorescence is due to two components: (1) AB with an enhanced N{yields}B interaction, and no PET, and (2) AB with a weak N{yields}B interaction, resulting in fluorescence quenching by PET. Lifetime measurements of AB as a function of both the pH of the solvent and glucose concentration in the solution were made to characterize this two component system and investigate the nature of the N{yields}B bond. Measurements of molecules similar to AB were also performed in order to isolate behavior of specific AB constituents. These molecules are 9-(Methylaminomethyl)-anthracene (MAMA), and N-benzyl-N-methyl-N-methyl anthracene (AB-B). Fluorescence lifetime measurements confirmed the two species of AB, with and without PET. Fluorescence lifetimes were approximately 11 nsec without PET and 3 nsec with PET. The degree of the interaction between the N and the B atoms was also determined by fluorescence lifetime measurements. Electron transfer rates of AB were measured to be on the order of 10{sup 8} sec{sup -1}. Analysis of AB as a glucose sensor shows it has the potential for measuring glucose concentrations in solution with less than 5% error. Two novel glucose sensing molecules, Chloro-oxazone boronate (COB) and Napthyl-imide boronate (NIB), were synthesized. Both molecules have a N{yields}B dative bond similar to AB, but with longer wavelength fluorophores. COB and NIB were found to be unacceptable for use as glucose sensor molecules due to the small changes in average fluorescence lifetime.

Gable, J H



Early epoch stellar positions from the Bordeaux Carte du Ciel  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Astrometric measurements made by the satellite Hipparcos have brought forth a homogeneous system of precise proper motions of about 105 stars, which is unprecedented in its combination of quality and quantity. Such proper motions are of great importance in various sorts of kinematic studies. However, the proper motion system needs to be disseminated and extended to stars of fainter magnitudes by means of earth-bound observations. Here, photographic records of star positions from the beginning of the 20th century present a valuable and indispensable source of information. A first important step was made with the construction of the ACT Catalogue (Urban et al. 1997), which incorporates the ancient plate measurements of the so-called Astrographic Catalogue (AC). A second series of plates, the so-called Carte du Ciel (CdC), taken as part of the same survey project as the AC, has not been used systematically for astrometry so far. The advantage of the CdC is that it reaches about 3 mag fainter than the AC. It provides however less redundancy from plate overlap. The Observatoire de Bordeaux has initiated a program for the digitisation and measurement of its collection of CdC plates which covers the zone of +11 to +17 declination and contains positions for about 8 × 105 stars at epochs mostly between 1910 and 1920. As a pilot study for this program, we are currently working on two regions near the galactic anticenter, one surrounding the open cluster NGC 2355, the other intersecting the galactic plane at l 195. These regions were selected for practical as well as for scientific reasons. The plates have been digitised on the MAMA machine at the Observatoire de Paris. Object detection was made using the software SExtractor (Bertin & Arnouts 1996). The plate limit proves to be at B = 15 and a completeness of 80 percent is reached up to 14th magnitude. The plates of the CdC provide three equal exposures with a small angular separation of 10 arc second. A loss of about 20 percent of stars must be accepted due to interferences between the grid lines and the triple exposures. Refined object positions are derived by fitting a 2-D triple gaussian to the images (cf. Dick et al. 1993). A direct reduction of the measurements to the Hipparcos catalogue is not advisable because of the density of Hipparcos stars being low and because of problems from overexposure. Instead, the use of the ACT as a reference catalogue is appropriate. Rms residuals in the reduction to ACT are typically around 0.15 arc second. Comparing the positions of stars in the overlapping borders of adjacent plates, we obtain consistency on the level of 0.2 arc second for non-corner regions and 0.3 arc second for corner regions. This indicates typical positional accuracies of 0.15 arc second and 0.2 arc second respectively per star and plate. Proper motions are determined in combination with recent observations obtained with the Bordeaux meridian circle (see Colin, this volume, p. 141). With an epoch difference of 80 years, a proper motion accuracy of typically 2.5 mas/y is achieved.

Odenkirchen, Michael; Soubiran, Caroline; Le Campion, J. François


Use of black vulture (Coragyps atratus) in complementary and alternative therapies for cancer in Colombia: A qualitative study  

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Background Although Coragyps atratus has been used as a traditional therapy for patients with cancer, the scientific literature does not contain enough information on how this therapy is used or the mechanisms that explain this therapeutic practice. Objectives To understand the methods of use and the reasons given by patients and caregivers for the use of Coragyps atratus in cancer treatment. Methods This study used a qualitative design based on twenty in-depth interviews of patients with cancer or caregivers of patients with the disease. The analysis of the text was based on an inductive thematic approach. Results Resistance to disease and immune enhancement are properties attributed to Coragyps atratus when used for cancer treatment. The most recommended method of use is fresh blood ingestion, and the associated mechanism of action is transfer of immune factors to the individual who consumes it. Conclusions Use of Coragyps atratus as a treatment for cancer is a popular alternative therapy in Colombia. More studies are needed to understand the clinical effects of this intervention in cancer patients. Spanish abstract Introducción Aunque Coragyps atratus se usa tradicionalmente como terapia para pacientes con cáncer, no existe suficiente información en la literatura científica sobre su forma de utilización ni sobre los mecanismos explicativos que subyacen a esta práctica terapéutica. Objetivos Conocer métodos de utilización y mecanismos explicativos dados por los pacientes y cuidadores de pacientes sobre el uso de Coragyps atratus en el tratamiento del cáncer. Materiales y métodos Diseño cualitativo basado en veinte entrevistas en profundidad de pacientes con cáncer o cuidadores de pacientes con esta enfermedad. Análisis de texto basado en enfoque temático inductivo. Resultados Al Coragyps atratus se le atribuyen propiedades de resistencia y fortalecimiento del sistema inmune de personas enfermas de cáncer. La forma de utilización mas común es la ingesta de la sangre fresca y el mecanismo de acción asociado es la transferencia de defensas a quien lo consume. Conclusiones La utilización del Coragyps atratus como tratamiento para el cáncer es una terapia alternativa usada popularmente en Colombia. El uso de este animal debe estudiarse más a fondo para conocer los efectos clínicos en los pacientes con cáncer.



Risk-adapted treatment for low- and intermediate-risk acute promyelocytic leukemia.  


The clinical integration of risk-tailored therapies for patients with acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) has become a standard treatment approach in recent years. In this article, we will review the risk-adapted strategies designed to treat patients with white blood cell counts ? 10 × 109/L, with platelet counts > 40 × 109/L (low risk), or platelet counts ? 40 × 109/L (intermediate risk), with particular reference to the risk-adapted strategy followed in the LPA99 and LPA2005 trials conducted by the Programa para el Tratamiento de Hemopatías Malignas group. In these studies, the combination of all-trans-retinoic acid (ATRA) and chemotherapy in consolidation therapy resulted in an improved antileukemic efficacy without significantly increasing toxicity in low-risk (LPA2005 trial vs. LPA99 trial) and intermediate-risk (LPA99 trial vs. LPA96 trial) categories. In addition, a decrease in dose intensity of mitoxantrone in low- and intermediate-risk patients (LPA2005 trial vs. LPA99) resulted in a significant reduction of hematologic toxicities and hospital stay without compromising antileukemic activity. We will also discuss whether the use of arsenic trioxide to reinforce consolidation therapy in standard ATRA/chemotherapy regimens can permit a reduction of chemotherapy intensity while maintaining cure rates or confirm the improvement on outcomes currently achieved with optimal ATRA/anthracycline-based protocols. PMID:21115431

Sanz, Miguel A; Montesinos, Pau



Lessons from scaling up a depression treatment program in primary care in Chile.  


In Chile, the National Depression Detection and Treatment Program (Programa Nacional de Diagnóstico y Tratamiento de la Depresión, PNDTD) in primary care is a rare example of an evidence-based mental health program that was scaled up to the national level in a low- or middle-income country. This retrospective qualitative study aimed to better understand how policymakers made the decision to scale up mental health services to the national level, and to explore the elements, contexts, and processes that facilitated the decision to implement and sustain PNDTD. In-depth semistructured interviews with six key informants selected through intentional sampling were conducted in August-December 2008. Interviewees were senior officers at the Ministry of Health who were directly involved in the decision to scale up the program. Results yielded four elements pivotal to the decisionmaking process: scientific evidence, teamwork and leadership, strategic alliances, and program institutionalization. Each element contributed to building consensus, securing funding, attracting resources, and gaining lasting support from policymakers. Additionally, a review of available documentation led the authors to consider sociopolitical context and use of the media to be important factors. While research evidence for the effectiveness of mental health services in the primary care setting continues to accumulate, low- and middle-income countries should get started on the lengthy process of scaling up by incorporating the elements that led to decisionmaking and implementation of the PNDTD in Chile. PMID:23183564

Araya, Ricardo; Alvarado, Rubén; Sepúlveda, Rodrigo; Rojas, Graciela



Sobre el estado evolutivo de ? Pictoris  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Desde el descubrimiento de fuertes excesos infrarrojos en ? Pictoris, esta estrella ha sido muy estudiada y es considerada candidata a poseer un sistema planetario propio. ? Pic está rodeada de un disco asimétrico de polvo que se observa de canto y que esta vacío a distancias <= 40 AU. Esto se considera una fuerte evidencia en favor de la presencia de (al menos) un planeta gigante. Recientemente se han observado líneas de material circunestelar que se han interpretado como consecuencia de la caída de objetos cometarios sobre esta estrella. Recientemente se ha utilizado la existencia del disco de polvo para atribuir una edad corta (pre - secuencia principal) a ?Pic. Sin embargo, la evaporación de estos cometas provee suficiente polvo como para explicar la presencia del disco observado sin necesidad de edades cortas. En este trabajo mostramos que la comparación entre la tasa de impactos cometarios estimada en el Sistema Solar para diferentes etapas de su evolución y los datos observados en ? Pic indica edades avanzadas para ? Pic. Esta estimación debe tomarse con cautela ya que depende de la estructura de los sistemas planetarios. Además mostramos que, desde el punto de vista de la evolución estelar y con las incertezas presentes en la luminosidad y la temperatura efectiva, existe un continuo de edades posible para ? Pic. Sin embargo, empleando los datos provenientes de los flujos cometarios encontramos que una edad prolongada es consistente con ambos tratamientos.

Brunini, A.; Benvenuto, O. G.


Esquizofrenia y trastorno en el consumo de sustancias: prevalencia y character?sticas sociodemogr?ficas en la poblaci?n Latina  

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El interés por comprender la co-morbilidad de la esquizofrenia y el trastorno en el uso de sustancias, ha aumentado debido al incremento de este diagnóstico, a los efectos negativos observados en el sujeto y a los costos en los servicios de salud. Este trastorno dual puede tener efectos dramáticos en el curso clínico del trastorno psicótico tales como: mayores recaídas, re-hospitalizaciones, síntomas más severos, no adherencia al tratamiento antipsicótico, cambios marcados del humor, aumento en el grado de hostilidad e ideación suicida, así como alteraciones en otras áreas del funcionamiento incluyendo violencia, victimización, indigencia y problemas legales. La literatura proveniente en particular de Estados Unidos y Europa sugiere que el rango de prevalencia para este diagnóstico puede oscilar entre el 10% hasta el 70%. En este estudio, revisamos la prevalencia del diagnóstico dual de esquizofrenia y trastorno en el uso sustancias, así como sus características sociodemográficas, con base en la literatura disponible alrededor del mundo dando énfasis en la poblacion latina. A pesar de que este diagnóstico es ampliamente aceptado, se conoce poco sobre su prevalencia en la población latina, sobre los factores ambientales, demográficos, clínicos y otras características de estos individuos. Un mejor conocimiento sobre este diagnóstico permitiría mejorar los métodos para la detección y adecuada valoración del trastorno en el uso de sustancias en personas con trastornos metales severos como la esquizofrenia.

Jimenez-Castro, Lorena; Raventos-Vorst, Henriette; Escamilla, Michael



Climate change impacts on groundwater resources: modelled deficits in a chalky aquifer, Geer basin, Belgium  

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An integrated hydrological model (MOHISE) was developed in order to study the impact of climate change on the hydrological cycle in representative water basins in Belgium. This model considers most hydrological processes in a physically consistent way, more particularly groundwater flows which are modelled using a spatially distributed, finite-element approach. Thanks to this accurate numerical tool, after detailed calibration and validation, quantitative interpretations can be drawn from the groundwater model results. Considering IPCC climate change scenarios, the integrated approach was applied to evaluate the impact of climate change on the water cycle in the Geer basin in Belgium. The groundwater model is described in detail, and results are discussed in terms of climate change impact on the evolution of groundwater levels and groundwater reserves. From the modelling application on the Geer basin, it appears that, on a pluri-annual basis, most tested scenarios predict a decrease in groundwater levels and reserves in relation to variations in climatic conditions. However, for this aquifer, the tested scenarios show no enhancement of the seasonal changes in groundwater levels. Un modèle hydrologique intégré (MOHISE) a été développé afin d'étudier l'impact du changement climatique sur le cycle hydrologique de bassins versants représentatifs de Belgique. Ce modèle prend en compte tous les processus hydrologiques d'une manière physiquement consistante, plus particulièrement les écoulements souterrains qui sont modélisés par une approche spatialement distribuée aux éléments finis. Grâce à cet outil numérique précis, après une calibration et une validation détaillées, des interprétations quantitatives peuvent être réalisées à partir des résultats du modèle de nappe. Considérant des scénarios de changements climatiques de l'IPCC, l'approche intégrée a été appliquée pour évaluer l'impact du changement climatique sur le cycle de l'eau du bassin du Geer en Belgique. Le modèle de nappe est décrit en détail et les résultats sont discutés en terme d'impact du changement climatique sur l'évolution des réserves souterraines. Les premiers résultats indiquent que des déficits d'eau souterraine peuvent apparaître dans le futur en Belgique. Se ha desarrollado un modelo hidrológico integrado (MOHISE) para estudiar el impacto del cambio climático en el ciclo hidrológico de cuencas representativas en Bélgica. Este modelo considera todos los procesos hidrológicos de forma coherente, especialmente en relación con los flujos de aguas subterráneas, que son modelados por medio de un enfoque de elementos finitos espacialmente distribuidos. Gracias a esta herramienta numérica precisa, y tras una calibración y validación detalladas, se puede obtener interpretaciones cuantitativas de los resultados del modelo del acuífero. Considerando escenarios de cambio climático IPCC, se ha aplicado el enfoque integrado a la evaluación del impacto de dicho cambio climático en el ciclo hidrológico de la cuenca del Geer. Se describe los detalles y resultados del modelo de las aguas subterráneas en términos del impacto del cambio climático en la evolución de las reservas de los acuíferos. Los resultados preliminares indican que es posible esperar déficits de aguas subterráneas en un futuro en Bélgica.

Brouyère, Serge; Carabin, Guy; Dassargues, Alain



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One of U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) primary missions at Savannah River Site (SRS) is to retrieve and treat the high level waste (HLW) remaining in SRS tanks and close the F&H tank farms. At present, a significant impediment to timely completion of this mission is the presence of significant organic chemical contamination in Tank 48H. Tank 48H is a 1.3 million gallon tank with full secondary containment, located and interconnected within the SRS tank system. However, the tank has been isolated from the system and unavailable for use since 1983, because its contents - approximately 250,000 gallons of salt solution containing Cs-137 and other radioisotopes - are contaminated with nearly 22,000 Kg of tetraphenylborate, a material which can release benzene vapor to the tank head space in potentially flammable concentrations. An important element of the DOE SRS mission is to remove, process, and dispose of the contents of Tank 48H, both to eliminate the hazard it presents to the SRS H-Tank Farm and to return Tank 48H to service. Tank 48H must be returned to service to support operation of the Salt Waste Processing Facility, to free up HLW tank space, and to allow orderly tank closures per Federal Facility Agreement commitments. The Washington Savannah River Company (WSRC), the SRS prime contractor, has evaluated alternatives and selected two processes, Wet Air Oxidation (WAO) and Fluidized Steam Bed Reforming (FBSR) as candidates for Tank 48H processing. Over the past year, WSRC has been testing and evaluating these two processes, and DOE is nearing a final technology selection in late 2007. In parallel with WSRC's ongoing work, DOE convened a team of independent qualified experts to conduct a Technology Readiness Assessment (TRA). The purpose of the TRA was to determine the maturity level of the Tank 48H treatment technology candidates - WAO and FBSR. The methodology used for this TRA is based on detailed guidance for conducting TRAs contained in the Department of Defense (DoD), Technology Readiness Assessment Deskbook. The TRA consists of three parts: (1) Determination of the Critical Technology Elements (CTEs) for each of the candidate processes. (2) Evaluation of the Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) of each CTE for each process. (3) Defining of the technology testing or engineering work necessary to bring immature technologies to the appropriate maturity levels. The TRA methodology assigns a TRL to a technology based on the lowest TRL assigned to any CTE of that technology. Based on the assessment, the overall TRL for WAO was 2 and the TRL for FBSR was 3. WAO was limited by the current lack of definition for the off-gas treatment system (TRL of 2). The FBSR Product Handling had little or no test work and therefore received the lowest score (TRL of 3) for the FBSR CTEs. In summary, both FBSR and WAO appear to be viable technologies for treatment of Tank 48H legacy waste. FBSR has a higher degree of maturity than WAO, but additional technology development will be required for both technologies. However, the Assessment Team believes that sufficient information is available for DOE to select the preferred or primary technology. Limited testing of the backup technology should be conducted as a risk mitigation strategy.

Harmon, Harry D.; Young, Joan K.; Berkowitz, Joan B.; Devine, John C.; Sutter, Herbert G.




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ABSTRACT One of U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) primary missions at Savannah River Site (SRS) is to retrieve and treat the high level waste (HLW) remaining in SRS tanks and close the F&H tank farms. At present, a significant impediment to timely completion of this mission is the presence of significant organic chemical contamination in Tank 48H. Tank 48H is a 1.3 million gallon tank with full secondary containment, located and interconnected within the SRS tank system. However, the tank has been isolated from the system and unavailable for use since 1983, because its contents – approximately 250,000 gallons of salt solution containing Cs-137 and other radioisotopes – are contaminated with nearly 22,000 Kg of tetraphenylborate, a material which can release benzene vapor to the tank head space in potentially flammable concentrations. An important element of the DOE SRS mission is to remove, process, and dispose of the contents of Tank 48H, both to eliminate the hazard it presents to the SRS H-Tank Farm and to return Tank 48H to service. Tank 48H must be returned to service to support operation of the Salt Waste Processing Facility, to free up HLW tank space, and to allow orderly tank closures per Federal Facility Agreement commitments. The Washington Savannah River Company (WSRC), the SRS prime contractor, has evaluated alternatives and selected two processes, Wet Air Oxidation (WAO) and Fluidized Steam Bed Reforming (FBSR) as candidates for Tank 48H processing. Over the past year, WSRC has been testing and evaluating these two processes, and DOE is nearing a final technology selection in late 2007. In parallel with WSRC’s ongoing work, DOE convened a team of independent qualified experts to conduct a Technology Readiness Assessment (TRA). The purpose of the TRA was to determine the maturity level of the Tank 48H treatment technology candidates – WAO and FBSR. The methodology used for this TRA is based on detailed guidance for conducting TRAs contained in the Department of Defense (DoD), Technology Readiness Assessment Deskbook. The TRA consists of three parts: • Determination of the Critical Technology Elements (CTEs) for each of the candidate processes. • Evaluation of the Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) of each CTE for each process. • Defining of the technology testing or engineering work necessary to bring immature technologies to the appropriate maturity levels. The TRA methodology assigns a TRL to a technology based on the lowest TRL assigned to any CTE of that technology. Based on the assessment, the overall TRL for WAO was 2 and the TRL for FBSR was 3. WAO was limited by the current lack of definition for the off-gas treatment system (TRL of 2). The FBSR Product Handling had little or no test work and therefore received the lowest score (TRL of 3) for the FBSR CTEs. In summary, both FBSR and WAO appear to be viable technologies for treatment of Tank 48H legacy waste. FBSR has a higher degree of maturity than WAO, but additional technology development will be required for both technologies. However, the Assessment Team believes that sufficient information is available for DOE to select the preferred or primary technology. Limited testing of the backup technology should be conducted as a risk mitigation strategy.

Harmon, Harry D.; Young, Joan K.; Berkowitz, Joan B.; Devine, John C.; Sutter, Herbert G.



[Evaluation of new technologies PET/CT nuclear imaging].  


Nuclear imaging has used initially anatomic and volumetric technologies as CT or MRI. In recent years new dimensions of non invasive studies, as PET, have shown a higher utility in the effectiveness of the treatment. The evaluation of need must be done according to a principle of Horizontal Equity, equal treatment for equal need and of a principle of Vertical Equity, Different treatment, at regional level, according to each hospital level. The evaluation of need has been made according to the Potential Demand by Potential User Groups: diabetes, type 2, (50 years and more); screening colorectal (50 years and more); morbidity by cancer; surgery of lung cancer; cardiology; heart surgery; acute chest pain in the emergency department. In a Macro Perspective need has been evaluated using the Population Estimations for 2007, at municipality level. Relatively to Lisbon and Porto data at locality level has been used, from the 2001 Census. According to Campos, J.R. (2007), in 2006, it existed 1 PET by 1 million inhabitants and after that date 2 more were created (Quadrantes and Hospital ad Luz), belonging to the private sector. Mores 15 PET are needed in the NHS, 1 PET for about 504128 inhabitants. According to The Potential Demand perspective 18 new PET are needed, 15 from the public sector. The private sector will cover progressively the demand. Dorado and Albertino (2002), in Spain, mention that the introduction of this new technique in our Health System must be done slowly due to the cost and complexity. In Portugal exists already 6 PET and this applies also. As a first priority the intervention in Oncology in the IPO (Coimbra). A priority must be given to the University Hospitals of Santa Maria and São João. The Central Hospitals of Viseu and VilaReal/Régua must have also 1 PET. A priority must be given to the interior in order to avoid transports of patients and families. In fourth place the HC Central Lisbon must have also 1 PET, which will go to the New Hospital of Todos-os-Santos. The Hospital Garcia de Orta must have also 1 PET, what will avoid the patients from the Setúbal district to come to Lisbon. The HC of Coimbra and the HC of Ocidental Lisbon must have 1 PET in order to cover the population of the Centre Region and of Lisbon Region. The HC of VN de Gaia, the Hospital Pedro Hispano, Matosinhos, and the Hospital of Guimarães, must have 1 PET due to the population density of the North Region. The New Central Hospitals of Evora and Faro must also have 1 PET and the New Hospital of Braga. The estimation of diabetes, type 2, has been made using the minimum prevalence of 3%. The prevention of cardiac illness in the population of 50 years need with diabetes, type 2, must be done with PET annual examinations in the Hospital, referred by the family doctor in the health centre. The screening colorectal has not a tradition in Portugal. Sun L et al (2008) mention that according to criteria of specificity, sensibility and precision PET/CT presents higher advantages in the colorectal screening. It has been estimated that it must be done in 10% of the adults of 50 years and more with annual examinations in the Hospital, referred by the family doctor in the health centre. The use of PET in cancer treatment must be done only in the cancer of mama; cáncer colorectal; cancer of esofagus; cancer of head and neck; lung cancer; linfoma; melanoma; and Solitary Pulmonary Nodules; cancer of thyroid; cancer cervical . Those types of cancer are 46,7 % of total cancer mortality. The use of PET in cardiology in CAD is also important. If the prevalence of CAD is less than 70% PET has a lower value per QALY. The number foreseen of examinations is of about 3114 examinations/ year. The application of Pet in acute chest pain makes that the localization of PET must be done near the Emergency Department. Mowatt, G. et al. (2008) conclude that, based in some studies of Acute Chest Pain there is an evidence of prognostic that the use of 64-slice CT has influence in the way as patients are treated, what gives origin to a reduction in some inpatien

Giraldes, Maria Rosário



Prognostic value of FLT3 mutations in patients with acute promyelocytic leukemia treated with all-trans retinoic acid and anthracycline monochemotherapy  

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Background Fms-like tyrosine kinase-3 (FLT3) gene mutations are frequent in acute promyelocytic leukemia but their prognostic value is not well established. Design and Methods We evaluated FLT3-internal tandem duplication and FLT3-D835 mutations in patients treated with all-trans retinoic acid and anthracycline-based chemotherapy enrolled in two subsequent trials of the Programa de Estudio y Tratamiento de las Hemopatías Malignas (PETHEMA) and Hemato-Oncologie voor Volwassenen Nederland (HOVON) groups between 1996 and 2005. Results FLT3-internal tandem duplication and FLT3-D835 mutation status was available for 306 (41%) and 213 (29%) patients, respectively. Sixty-eight (22%) and 20 (9%) patients had internal tandem duplication and D835 mutations, respectively. Internal tandem duplication was correlated with higher white blood cell and blast counts, lactate dehydrogenase, relapse-risk score, fever, hemorrhage, coagulopathy, BCR3 isoform, M3 variant subtype, and expression of CD2, CD34, human leukocyte antigen-DR, and CD11b surface antigens. The FLT3-D835 mutation was not significantly associated with any clinical or biological characteristic. Univariate analysis showed higher relapse and lower survival rates in patients with a FLT3-internal tandem duplication, while no impact was observed in relation to FLT3-D835. The prognostic value of the FLT3-internal tandem duplication was not retained in the multivariate analysis. Conclusions FLT3-internal tandem duplication mutations are associated with several hematologic features in acute promyelocytic leukemia, in particular with high white blood cell counts, but we were unable to demonstrate an independent prognostic value in patients with acute promyelocytic leukemia treated with all-trans retinoic acid and anthracycline-based regimens.

Barragan, Eva; Montesinos, Pau; Camos, Mireia; Gonzalez, Marcos; Calasanz, Maria J.; Roman-Gomez, Jose; Gomez-Casares, Maria T.; Ayala, Rosa; Lopez, Javier; Fuster, Oscar; Colomer, Dolors; Chillon, Carmen; Larrayoz, Maria J.; Sanchez-Godoy, Pedro; Gonzalez-Campos, Jose; Manso, Felix; Amador, Maria L.; Vellenga, Edo; Lowenberg, Bob; Sanz, Miguel A.



Absence of beta-amyloid in cortical cataracts of donors with and without Alzheimer's disease.  


Eye lenses from human donors with and without Alzheimer's disease (AD) were studied to evaluate the presence of amyloid in cortical cataract. We obtained 39 lenses from 21 postmortem donors with AD and 15 lenses from age-matched controls provided by the Banco de Ojos para Tratamientos de la Ceguera (Barcelona, Spain). For 17 donors, AD was clinically diagnosed by general physicians and for 4 donors the AD diagnosis was neuropathologically confirmed. Of the 21 donors with AD, 6 had pronounced bilateral cortical lens opacities and 15 only minor or no cortical opacities. As controls, 7 donors with pronounced cortical opacities and 8 donors with almost transparent lenses were selected. All lenses were photographed in a dark field stereomicroscope. Histological sections were analyzed using a standard and a more sensitive Congo red protocol, thioflavin staining and beta-amyloid immunohistochemistry. Brain tissue from two donors, one with cerebral amyloid angiopathy and another with advanced AD-related changes and one cornea with lattice dystrophy were used as positive controls for the staining techniques. Thioflavin, standard and modified Congo red staining were positive in the control brain tissues and in the dystrophic cornea. Beta-amyloid immunohistochemistry was positive in the brain tissues but not in the cornea sample. Lenses from control and AD donors were, without exception, negative after Congo red, thioflavin, and beta-amyloid immunohistochemical staining. The results of the positive control tissues correspond well with known observations in AD, amyloid angiopathy and corneas with lattice dystrophy. The absence of staining in AD and control lenses with the techniques employed lead us to conclude that there is no beta-amyloid in lenses from donors with AD or in control cortical cataracts. The inconsistency with previous studies of Goldstein et al. (2003) and Moncaster et al. (2010), both of which demonstrated positive Congo red, thioflavin, and beta-amyloid immunohistochemical staining in AD and Down syndrome lenses, is discussed. PMID:23142516

Michael, Ralph; Rosandi?, Jurja; Montenegro, Gustavo A; Lobato, Elvira; Tresserra, Francisco; Barraquer, Rafael I; Vrensen, Gijs F J M



Progress in the prognosis of adult Hodgkin's lymphoma in the past 35 years through clinical trials in Argentina: a GATLA experience.  


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the trends in complete remission (CR) rate, disease-free survival (DFS), and overall survival (OS) through 35 years of Grupo Argentino de Tratamiento de la Leucemia Aguda (GATLA) clinical trials. A total of 1,254 adult patients with Hodgkin's Lymphoma were evaluated according to seven consecutive protocols. This 35-year study was divided into three phases. The patients in the first phase (1968-1985) were treated with CVPP (cyclophosphamide/vinblastine/procarbazine/prednisone) plus involved-field radiotherapy (IFRT). In the CVPP regimen, cyclophosphamide and vinblastine were administered intravenously on day 1 and prednisone and procarbazine were administered orally on days 1-14 every 28 days. The second phase (1986-1996) used mainly reinforced CVPP with cyclophosphamide and vinblastine on days 1-8 plus IFRT. The third phase (1997-2003) used ABVD(doxorubicin/bleomycin/vinblastine/dacarbazine) plus IFRT. In clinical stage I/II, the CR rate was 86% in 252 patients treated in the first phase and DFS and OS were 57% and 78% at 5 years and 50% and 71% at 10 years. The second phase had 148 patients with clinical stage I/II disease, and the CR rate was 91%, 5-year DFS and OS were 78% and 90%, and 10-year DFS and OS were 70% and 83%. The third phase had 182 patients with clinical stage I/II disease, and the CR rate was 95%, 5-year DFS and OS were 87% and 96%, and 10-year DFS and OS were not reached. The statistical difference was P = 0.016 in terms of CR and P < 0.001 in terms of DFS and OS. In the first phase of 394 patients with clinical stage III/IV disease, the CR rate was 71%, DFS and OS at 5 years were 37% and 62%, and DFS and OS at 10 years were 32% and 53%. In the second phase of 164 patients with clinical stage III/IV disease, the CR rate was 84%, DFS and OS at 5 years were 66% and 80%, and DFS and OS at 10 years were 60% and 75%. In the third phase of 114 patients with clinical stage III/IV disease, the CR rate was 88% and DFS and OS at 5 years were 60% and 90%. The DFS and OS were not reached at 10 years. The differences among the 3 phases in CR, DFS and OS were highly significant (P < 0.001). PMID:15453925

Pavlovsky, Santiago; Lastiri, Francisco



Effect of acclimation to outdoor condition on the sexual performance of mass-produced Medflies (Diptera: Tephritidae)  

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Application of the sterile insect technique (SIT) as part of integrated area-wide programs to control the Mediterranean fruit fly (medfly) Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) require that the released males attract wild females and transfer sterile sperm. However, knowledge about male sexual performance after they are released is scarce. We conducted a study to evaluate male sexual performance in field cage tests, according to standard quality control procedures. Mass-reared 5-d-old sterile males from the genetic sexing strain VIENNA 7mix2000 were acclimated for 0, 1, and 3 d to outdoor conditions before competing with wild males for wild females. Although the proportion of mating (PM) in the test was satisfactory, the resulting relative sterility index (RSI) data showed no significant differences among the treatments. The data indicate that pre-conditioning males to outdoor conditions in Madeira did not confer an advantage in field cage sexual performance. (author) [Spanish] La aplicacion de la tecnica del insecto esteril (TIE) como parte de un programa integrado de amplio efecto para el control de la mosca mediterranea de la fruta Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) requiere que los machos liberados atraigan las hembras naturales y transfieran su esperma. Sin embargo, el conocimiento del desempeno sexual de los machos despues de ser liberados es muy escaso. Nosotros realizamos un estudio para evaluar el desempeno sexual de los machos en pruebas usando jaulas del campo, segun los procedimientos estandardizados de calidad. Machos esteriles de 5 dias de edad de la raza que separa los sexos geneticamente VIENNA 7mix2000 criados en masa fueron aclimatados por 0, 1 y 3 dias en condiciones de campo antes de competir con machos naturales para las hembras naturales. Aunque la proporcion del apareamiento en la prueba fue satisfactorio, el indice relativo de esterilidad (IRS) resultante no mostro ninguna diferencia significativa entre los tratamientos. Los datos indicaron que al condicionar los machos anteriormente a las condiciones de campo en Madeira no conferio ventaja alguna en el desempeno sexual en la jaula de campo. (author)

Pereira, R.; Silva, N.; Quintal, C.; Abreu, R.; Andrade, J.; Dantas, L. [Programa Madeira-Med, Estrada Eng. Abel Vieira, 262, 9135-260 Camacha, Madeira (Portugal)



The effects of training in time-limited dynamic psychotherapy: changes in therapeutic outcome.  


The present study explored the effects on therapeutic outcomes of training therapists in brief manualized therapy. As part of the Vanderbilt II project, each of 16 therapists (8 psychiatrists and 8 clinical psychologists) treated 2 moderately disturbed adult patients using his or her customary short-term treatment methods; they then received a year of training in a manualized form of brief dynamic therapy, Time-Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy (TLDP); finally, they administered TLDP to 2 additional patients. It was hypothesized that training would result in improved outcomes generally and that differentially greater improvement would be seen in patients commonly considered less suitable for brief dynamic therapy. Outcome data obtained at termination failed to support either hypothesis. Measurements of interpersonal dependency obtained at a one-year follow-up were consistent with the first hypothesis, but the follow-up data were inconsistent with the second. A systematic review of the 32 posttraining cases suggested that the majority of the therapists had not achieved basic competence at TLDP. Die hier beschriebene Studie untersucht die Wirkungen eines Trainings in manualisierter Kurzzeitherapie auf das Therapierergebnis. Als Teil des Vanderbilt II Projektes behandelten jeweils 16 Therapeuten (8 Psychiater und 8 klinische Psychologen) zwei mittelgradig beeinrächtigte erwachsene Patienten mit den ihnen vertrauten Kurzzeitbehandlungsmethoden. Danach wurden sie über ein Jahr in einer manualisierten Form psychodynamischer Kurzzeittherapie ausgebildet und wandten diese Therapie auf zwei weitere Patienten an. Es wurde angenommen, dass die Ausbildung in besseren Ergebnisdaten, die bei Ende der Therapie erhoben wurden, konnten diese Hypothese nicht bestätigen. Maße für die interpersonale Abhängigkeit zu einem Einjahreskatamnesezeitpunkt waren mit der ersten Hypothese konform, aber inkonsistent mit der zweiten. Eine systematische Untersuchung der 32 nach der Ausbildung behandelten Fälle legt nahe, dass die Mehrzahl der Therapeuten keine grundlegende Kompetenz in zeitlich limitierter dynamischer Psychotherapie erworben hatte. Cette éude explore les effets sur les résultats thérapeutiques de la formation des thérapeutes dans une thérapie brève, manualissée. Dans le cadre du projet Vanderbilt II, chacun des 16 thérapeutes (8 psychiatrs et 8 psychologues cliniciens) a traité deux patients adultes modérément perturbés, chacun par sa méthode habituelle de thérapie brève; ensuite ils ont reçu une formation d'une année dans une méthode manualisée de thérapie brève, la Psychothérapie Dynamique Limitée dans le Temps (TLDP); pour finir, ils ont appliqué la TLDP à de meilleurs résultats en général, et qu'une amélioration comparativement plus importante sera observée chez des patients habituellement considérés comme moins adaptés à une thérapie dynamique brè. Les résultats obtenus à la terminaison n'ont pu confirmer aucune de ces hypothèses. Des mesures de la dépendance interpersonnelle une année après étaient consistantes avec la première hypothèse, mais les données catamnestiques étaient inconsistantes avec la deuxième. Une revue systématique des 32 cas après formation a suggéré que la majorité des thérapeutes n'avait pas acquis une compétence de base en TLDP. Este estudio exploró la efectividad del entrenamiento de terapeutas en una terapia breve manualizada. Como parte del proyecto Vanderbilt II, dieciséis terapeutas (ocho psiquiatras y ocho psicólogos clínicos) trataron dos pacientes adultos mooderadamente perturbados con sus métodos habituales de tratamiento a corto plazo. Estos terapeutas recibieron luego un año de entrenamiento en terapia dinámica breve manualizada que se Ilamó Psicoterapia Dinámica de Tiempo limitado (TLDP). Finalmente, administraron esta TLDP a dos pacientes más. La hipótesis fue que el entrenamiento ilevaría, en general, a resultados mejores y que habría mayor mejoramiento en pacientes menos aptos para una terapia dinámica breve. Los resultados

Bein, E; Anderson, T; Strupp, H; Henry, W; Schacht, T; Binder, J; Butler, S



Impact of Chloroquine on Viral Load in Breast Milk  

PubMed Central

Summary The anti-malarial agent chloroquine has activity against HIV. We compared the effect of chloroquine (n = 18) to an anti-malarial agent without known anti-HIV-activity, sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine (n = 12), on breast milk HIV RNA levels among HIV-infected breastfeeding women in Zambia. After adjusting for CD4 count and plasma viral load, chloroquine was associated with a trend towards lower levels of HIV RNA in breast milk compared with sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine (P 0.05). Higher breastmilk viral load was also observed among women receiving presumptive treatment = for symptomatic malaria compared with asymptomatic controls and among controls reporting fever in the prior week. Further research is needed to determine the potential role of chloroquine in prevention of HIV transmission through breastfeeding. Impacte de la chloroquine sur la charge virale dans le lait maternelle La chloroquine, agent antimalarique, a une activité contre le VIH. Nous avons comparé l’effet de la chloroquine à celui d’un autre agent antimalarique, la sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine, dont l’activité sur le VIH n’est pas connue, en mesurant les taux d’ARN de VIH dans le lait maternel de femmes allaitantes infectées par le VIH en Zambie. Après ajustement pour les taux de CD4 et la charge virale dans le plasma, la chloroquine comparée à la sulfadoxine pyrimethamine était associée à une tendance vers des teneurs plus bas en ARN de VIH dans le lait maternel (P = 0,05). Des charges virales plus élevées dans le lait maternel étaient aussi observées chez des femmes recevant un traitement présomptif pour des symptômes de malaria par rapport aux contrôles asymptomatiques et par rapport à des contrôles rapportant de la fièvre durant la première semaine. Des études supplémentaires sont nécessaires pour déterminer le rôle potentiel de la chloroquine dans la prévention de la transmission du VIH par l’allaitement maternel. mots clésVIH, malaria, allaitement maternel, chloroquine, sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine, charge virale du lait maternel, fièvre Impacto de la cloroquina en la carga viral de la leche materna El antimalárico cloroquina tiene actividad frente al VIH. Comparamos el efecto de la cloroquina (n = 18) frente a un antimalárico sin actividad anti-VIH conocida, la sulfadoxina-pirimetamina (n = 12), en los niveles de ARN en la leche materna de mujeres infectadas con VIH, en Zambia. Después de ajustar para recuento de CD4 y la carga viral en plasma, se asoció a la cloroquina con una tendencia hacia menores niveles de ARN del VIH en leche materna, comparado con la sulfadoxina pirimetamina (P = 0.05). También se observó una mayor carga viral en la leche materna de mujeres recibiendo tratamiento presuntivo para malaria sintomática, que en los controles asintomáticos y controles que habáan reportado fiebre la semana anterior. Es necesario realizar más estudios para determinar el papel potencial de la cloroquina en la prevención de la trasmisión de VIH a través de la lactancia materna. palabras claveVIH, malaria, lactancia materna, cloroquina, sulfadoxina pirimetamina, transmisión vertical, leche materna, carga viral, fiebre

Semrau, Katherine; Kuhn, Louise; Kasonde, Prisca; Sinkala, Moses; Kankasa, Chipepo; Shutes, Erin; Vwalika, Cheswa; Ghosh, Mrinal; Aldrovandi, Grace; Thea, Donald M.