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First results obtained by RUNJOB campaign  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We report experimental results obtained by using a wide-gap type emulsion chamber flown in the first Japanese-Russo joint balloon project, called RUNJOB ( RUssia- Nippon JOint Balloon-program). Two balloons were launched from Kamchatka in July 1995, and both were recovered successfully near the Volga River. The exposure time was 130 hours for the first flight and 168 hours for the second. The mean ceiling altitude, in both flights, was 32 km corresponding to 10 g/cm 2. Total area of the emulsion chamber was 0.8 m 2, and the thickness 0.385 and 2.28 collision m.f.p.'s for vertically incident proton- and iron-primaries, respectively. We detected 381 showers using Fuji-#200-type X-ray film; of these 174 showers were due to atmospheric secondary ?-rays, and the rest 207 came from nuclear components. The energy range covers 20˜200 TeV for proton-primary, 3˜30 TeV/nucleon for helium-primary, and 0.7˜5 TeV/nucleon for iron-primary. We give the energy spectra for various elements (proton, helium, …, iron) as well as the all-particle spectrum and the average mass of the cosmic-ray primaries.

Kamioka, E.; Apanasenko, A. V.; Berezovskaya, V. A.; Fujii, M.; Fukuda, T.; Hareyama, M.; Hashimoto, G.; Ichimura, M.; Kobayashi, T.; Kopenkin, V.; Kuramata, S.; Lapshin, V. I.; Managadze, A. K.; Matsutani, H.; Misnikova, N. P.; Misu, T.; Mukhamedshin, R. A.; Nakamura, A.; Namiki, M.; Nanjo, H.; Nikolsky, S. I.; Ogura, K.; Ohta, S.; Oshuev, D. S.; Publichencko, P. A.; Rakobolskaya, I. V.; Roganova, T. M.; Sazhina, G. P.; Semba, H.; Shibata, T.; Shiota, T.; Sugimoto, H.; Sveshnikova, L. G.; Taran, V. M.; Watanabe, Z.; Yajima, N.; Yamagami, T.; Yashin, I. V.; Zamchalova, E. A.; Zatsepin, G. T.; Zayarnaya, I. S.; Runjob Collaboration ( Russia-Nippon Joint Balloon-Program)


Results Obtained Using the Opal Code  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Rosseland mean opacities computed using the OPAL codes show significant differences when compared to the Los Alamos results. The differences have been traced to improvements in both the equation of state and atomic physics in the OPAL code. Furthermore, recent work suggests that the OPAL opacities considerably improve the agreement between observations and stellar models. Key words: OPACITIES - SUN: INTEMOR - STARS: VARIABLE

Iglesias, C. A.; Rogers, F. J.



Results obtained using the Plastic Ball  

SciTech Connect

Single-particle inclusive experiments, and experiments that additionally measure a few correlations like the associated multiplicity, have provided the main contribution to our present understanding of high-energy heavy-ion collisions. The results from those experiments are in overall agreement with calculations of the cascade and hydrodynamical models. In the cascade model the collision of two nuclei is simulated as a cascade of nucleon-nucleon collisions using measured N-N cross sections. The hydrodynamical model, on the other hand, describes the nuclear collision as that of two fluids and makes use of a nuclear equation of state relating thermal and compressional energy densities to pressure. The pressure field dominates the expansion phase and leads to collective flow of the reaction products in a preferred direction. The observation of such effects in inclusive experiments is not well established. Collective effects that manifest themselves in the shape of the event in phase space are expected to be seen best in complete event detectors that measure the final state as exclusively as presently possible by measuring most of the charged particles emitted in the reaction. In addition, those detectors are well suited to test macroscopic concepts such as equilibrium and temperature. Global methods like the sphericity or thrust analysis take into account all the correlations measured in the event and are specially designed to determine the shape of an event in phase space and thus to define a reaction plane. Recent data from the Plastic Ball experiment about the study of nuclear stopping and thermalization and on global analysis are presented.

Ritter, H.G.; Gustafsson, H.A.; Gutbrod, H.H.



To what extent do enablers explain results in the EFQM excellence model? : An empirical study  

Microsoft Academic Search

Purpose – To take an in-depth look at the EFQM Excellence Model by assessing how enabler and result criteria are interrelated, and how enablers as a whole affect the complete set of results. Design\\/methodology\\/approach – Provides new insight and understanding of the associations between the EFQM criteria. Canonical correlation analysis is used to measure the relationships between enablers and results,

J. Carlos Bou-Llusar; Ana B. Escrig-Tena; Vicente Roca-Puig; Inmaculada Beltrán-Martín



Portable narcotics detector and the results obtained in field tests  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A compact integrated narcotics detection instrument (CINDI) has been developed at NOVA R&D, Inc. with funding provided by the U.S. Coast Guard. CINDI is designed as a portable sensitive neutron backscatter detector which has excellent penetration for thick and high Z compartment barriers. It also has a highly sensitive detection system for backscattered neutrons and, therefore, uses a very weak californium-252 neutron source. Neutrons backscatter profusely from materials that have a large hydrogen content, such as narcotics. The rate of backscattered neutrons detected is analyzed by a microprocessor and displayed on the control panel. The operator guides the detector along a suspected area and displays in real time the backscattered neutron rate. CINDI is capable of detecting narcotics effectively behind panels made of steel, wood, fiberglass, or even lead-lined materials. This makes it useful for inspecting marine vessels, ship bulkheads, automobiles, structure walls or small sealed containers. The strong response of CINDI to hydrogen-rich materials such as narcotics makes it an effective tool for detecting concealed drugs. Its response has been field tested by NOVA, the U.S. Coast Guard and Brewt Power Systems. The results of the tests show excellent response and specificity to narcotic drugs. Several large shipments of concealed drugs have been discovered during these trials and the results are presented and discussed.

Tumer, Tumay O.; Su, Chih-Wu; Kaplan, Christopher R.; Rigdon, Stephen W.



Comparison of MHD stability results obtained with the BETA 3D andd HERA 2D codes  

SciTech Connect

Comparison of MHD stability results obtained for helically symmetric equilibria with two codes, HERA and BETA, showed excellent agreement in growth rates and marginal stability parameters. While HERA is the helical version of the ERATO linearized 2D stability code, BETA obtains nonlinear 3D equilibria and their (nonlinear) stability properties. The cases studied comprise internal, i.e., fixed plasma boundary, resonant and nonresonant modes in low-shear equilibria with intermediate and small ..beta.. values.

Betancourt, O.; Herrnegger, F.; Merkel, P.; Nuehrenberg, J.; Gruber, R.; Troyon, F.



Comparison of MHD stability results obtained with the BETA 3D and HERA 2D codes  

SciTech Connect

Comparison of MHD stability results obtained for helically symmetric equilibria with two codes, HERA and BETA, showed excellent agreement in growth rates and marginal stability parameters. While HERA is the helical version of the ERATO linearized 2D stability code, BETA obtains nonlinear 3D equilibria and their (nonlinear) stability properties. The cases studied comprise internal, i.e., fixed plasma boundary, resonant and nonresonant modes in low-shear equilibria with intermediate and small ..beta.. values.

Betancourt, O.; Herrnegger, F.; Merkel, P.; Nuehrenberg, J.; Gruber, R.; Troyon, F.



Excellent results of primary THA using a highly porous titanium cup.  


Cementless acetabular cups for primary total hip arthroplasty have had excellent results, with failure rates typically less than 5% at up to 10-year follow-up. Tritanium is a 3-dimensional metal interface that has been used for porous biological fixation. The purpose of this study was to review the clinical and radiographic results of the use of Tritanium cups (Stryker Orthopaedics, Mahwah, New Jersey) for primary total hip arthroplasty. Two hundred eighty-eight total hip arthroplasties performed using a porous titanium acetabular cup in 252 patients between 2008 and 2010 were reviewed. One hundred thirty-three men and 119 women with a mean age of 58 years (range, 18-88 years) were included. Mean follow-up was 36 months (range, 24-56 months). Outcomes evaluated were implant survivorship, Harris Hip Score, complications, and radiographic outcomes. At final follow-up, no cup failures had occurred. Mean Harris Hip Score improved from 53 points (range, 33-82 points) preoperatively to 91 points (range, 64-100 points) postoperatively. One complication occurred; a 64-year-old woman with recurrent postoperative effusions underwent hip exploration and required abductor mechanism repair. On radiologic evaluation, no signs existed of progressive radiolucencies or changes in cup position. The survivorship of the Tritanium cup and the low complication rate is comparable with previous studies using other porous-metal prostheses. Longer follow-up study is needed and assessment of the results of using this implant in the revision setting is important. PMID:23590774

Naziri, Qais; Issa, Kimona; Pivec, Robert; Harwin, Steven F; Delanois, Ronald E; Mont, Michael A



[Oocyte donation to be legalized in Sweden. Excellent results reported from other countries].  


Oocyte donation is an effective solution for treating infertile women whose ovaries are non-functional. This infertility condition is known as premature ovarian failure and is most commonly caused by genetic or autoimmune diseases, chemo- or radiotherapy, severe endometriosis and ovarian cancer. Oocyte donation also benefits those women who have functional ovaries yet respond poorly to ovarian hyperstimulation for in vitro fertilisation. Not only does oocyte donation provide healthy oocytes to infertile women, it also allows any genetic diseases of the recipient to be avoided. The process is simple beginning with ovarian hormonal stimulation of the donor followed by trans-vaginal oocyte retrieval. The mature oocytes are then fertilised with the sperm of the recipient's partner and the resulting embryo is transferred to the uterus two to five days later. Careful counselling of all parties involved is necessary before commencing treatment. International experience using oocyte donation has been excellent revealing normal, healthy relationships between the children and their families. Until now, oocyte donation has been illegal in Sweden, yet on 25th April 2002 the Swedish Parliament accepted a change in the law regarding assisted reproduction. According to this new law, oocyte donation will be permitted in Sweden from the beginning of January 2003 providing new hope for infertile couples. PMID:12198931

Söderström-Anttila, Viveca; Hovatta, Outi



Calibration results obtained with Liulin-4 type dosimeters.  


The Mobile Radiation Exposure Control System's (Liulin-4 type) main purpose is to monitor simultaneously the doses and fluxes at 4 independent places. It can also be used for personnel dosimetry. The system consists of 4 battery-operated 256-channel dosimeters-spectrometers. We describe results obtained during the calibrations of the spectrometers at the Cyclotron facilities of the University of Louvain, Belgium and of the National Institute of Radiological Sciences-STA, Chiba, Japan with protons of energies up to 70 MeV. The angular sensitivities of the devices are studied and compared with Monte-Carlo predictions. We also present the results obtained at the HIMAC accelerator with 500 MeV/u Fe ions and at the CERN high energy radiation reference fields. Records made during airplane flights are shown and compared with the predictions of the CARI-6 model. PMID:12539758

Dachev, Ts; Tomov, B; Matviichuk, Yu; Dimitrov, Pl; Lemaire, J; Gregoire, Gh; Cyamukungu, M; Schmitz, H; Fujitaka, K; Uchihori, Y; Kitamura, H; Reitz, G; Beaujean, R; Petrov, V; Shurshakov, V; Benghin, V; Spurny, F



Rewarding Results: The MetLife Foundation Community College Excellence Award  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|At the 2004 AACC Annual Convention, Sybil Jacobson, president and CEO of MetLife Foundation, announced the two recipients of the 2004 MetLife Foundation Community College Excellence Award. The award, won by City College of San Francisco (CCSF) and Community College of Denver (CCD), honors two colleges that have made great strides in helping…

Kazis, Richard; Newton, Anne



Some research questions and results of UC3M in the eMadrid excellence network  

Microsoft Academic Search

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid is one of the six main participating institutions in the eMadrid excellence network, as well as its coordinating partner. In this paper, the network is presented together with some of the main research lines carried out by UC3M. The remaining papers in this session present the work carried out by the other five universities in

Carlos Delgado Kloos; Abelardo Pardo; Mario Muñoz Organero; M. B. Iba?ñez; R. Crespo; P. M. Merino; L. de la Fuente; D. Leony; I. Gutie?rrez



Organizational Excellence.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The question of what is organizational excellence has plagued theorists and researchers of centuries; and there have been many attempts to quantify, measure, or explain excellence. There is an attempt to intellectually develop a set of common characterist...

A. E. Slucher



Sustaining Excellence.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This publication outlines prerequisites for success, critical factors in achieving excellence, and strategies for sustaining excellence once high levels of performance have been achieved. It considers how quality and improvement models might be used to support colleges in this work and draws on the work of 10 colleges in the United Kingdom that…

Moorse, Rosemary; Reisenberger, Anna


Sustaining Excellence.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This publication outlines prerequisites for success, critical factors in achieving excellence, and strategies for sustaining excellence once high levels of performance have been achieved. It considers how quality and improvement models might be used to support colleges in this work and draws on the work of 10 colleges in the United Kingdom that…

Moorse, Rosemary; Reisenberger, Anna


Excellent Educators  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

International Society for Technology in Education's award winners exemplify what it means to be innovative, engaging, and connected. It is not difficult to find excellent educators among ISTE's membership. After all, people who join ISTE tend to be some of the most innovative teachers in the world. What is difficult is selecting the best from the…

Fingal, Diana



Excellence Revisited.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Excellence in education of gifted children is the focus of this journal theme issue. Two articles are featured: (1) "Making Connections for the At-Risk Gifted Child" by Mary Kay Finholt and Kathy Peckron, describing an exemplary support system developed for at-risk gifted students in the Rockwood School District in Missouri, which provides…

Silverman, Linda Kreger, Ed.



Dissecting Excellence.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Excellence is often in eye of the beholder, according to Wolf. There are certain criteria that can sought, such as mission statements, adequate resources, teaching methods applied, environment in which learning is encouraged and strong leadership. Competition is important, but collaboration and commitment to community is important as well. (JM)|

Wolf, Harold H.



Phase III studies on novel oral anticoagulants for stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation: a look beyond the excellent results.  


In this overview we address the three phase III studies that compared new oral anticoagulants (dabigatran, rivaroxaban and apixaban) with warfarin in the setting of stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation. Strengths and weaknesses of the studies were examined in detail through indirect comparison. We analyze and comment the inclusion and exclusion criteria, the characteristics of randomized patients, the primary efficacy and safety end points and side effects. All new oral anticoagulants resulted in being non-inferior to vitamin K antagonists in reducing stroke or systemic embolism in patients with atrial fibrillation. Dabigatran 150 mg and apixaban were superior to vitamin K antagonists. Importantly, new oral anticoagulants significantly reduced hemorrhagic stroke in all three studies. Major differences among new oral anticoagulants include the way they are eliminated and side effects. Both dabigatran and apixaban were tested in low- to moderate-risk patients (mean CHADS2 [Congestive heart failure, Hypertension, Age, Diabetes, Stroke] score = 2.1-2.2) whereas rivaroxaban was tested in high-risk patients (mean CHADS2 score = 3.48) and at variance with dabigatran and apixaban was administered once daily. Apixaban significantly reduced mortality from any cause. The choice of a new oral anticoagulant should take into account these and other differences between the new drugs. PMID:22827490

Pengo, V; Crippa, L; Falanga, A; Finazzi, G; Marongiu, F; Moia, M; Palareti, G; Poli, D; Testa, S; Tiraferri, E; Tosetto, A; Tripodi, A; Siragusa, S; Manotti, C



Overview of the Mössbauer results obtained on silicon-rich iron silicide epitaxial phases on Si  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Iron silicide phases, grown on or into single-crystals of silicon, can be produced by different techniques as reactive and molecular beam epitaxy, and ion implantation followed by recrystallisation processes. Different phases have been obtained depending on the experimental conditions: thickness and substrate temperature for deposited layers, ion implantation fluence, substrate temperature and recrystallisation technique for buried silicides. In most of these investigations, Mössbauer Effect has been used to provide short range order information about the system. We present here a summary of these results, which in some cases are compared with those obtained by other characterisation techniques.

Desimoni, J.; Sánchez, F. H.



Comparison of patient self-reports and urinalysis results obtained under naturalistic methadone treatment conditions  

Microsoft Academic Search

This study examined under naturalistic assessment conditions the validity of self-reported opiate and cocaine use among 175 veterans enrolled in methadone treatment, and factors related to self-report validity, such as stage in treatment and drug of abuse. Veterans were interviewed by clinical staff about past 30-day drug use with the addiction severity index (ASI), and urinalysis results were obtained for

Stephen T Chermack; John Roll; Mark Reilly; Leonard Davis; Usha Kilaru; John Grabowski



Searching for excellence  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Visits to six school districts which were identified by the National Science Teachers Association's Search for Excellence program were made during 1983 by teams of 17 researchers. The reports were analyzed in search for common characteristics that can explain the requirements necessary for excellent science programs. The results indicate that creative ideas, administrative and community involvement, local ownership and pride, and well-developed in-service programs and implementation strategies are vital. Exceptional teachers with boundless energies also seem to exist where exemplary science programs are found.

Yager, Robert E.


Experimental results obtained with the positron-annihilation- radiation telescope of the Toulouse-Argonne collaboration  

SciTech Connect

We present laboratory measurements obtained with a ground-based prototype of a focusing positron-annihilation-radiation telescope developed by the Toulouse-Argonne collaboration. This balloon-borne telescope has been designed to collect 511-keV photons with an extremely low instrumental background. The telescope features a Laue diffraction lens and a detector module containing a small array of germanium detectors. It will provide a combination of high spatial and energy resolution (15 arc sec and 2 keV, respectively) with a sensitivity of {approximately}3{times}10{sup {minus}5} photons cm{sup {minus}2}s{sup {minus}1}. These features will allow us to resolve a possible narrow 511-keV line both energetically and spatially within a Galactic center ``microquasar`` or in other broad-class annihilators. The ground-based prototype consists of a crystal lens holding small cubes of diffracting germanium crystals and a 3{times}3 germanium array that detects the concentrated beam in the focal plane. Measured performances of the instrument at different line energies (511 keV and 662 keV) are presented and compared with Monte-Carlo simulations. The advantages of a 3{times}3 Ge-detector array with respect to a standard-monoblock detector have been confirmed. The results obtained in the laboratory have strengthened interest in a crystal-diffraction telescope, offering new perspectives for die future of experimental gamma-ray astronomy.

Naya, J.E.; von Ballmoos, P.; Albernhe, F.; Vedrenne, G. [Centre d`Etude Spatial des Rayonnements, Toulouse (France); Smither, R.K.; Faiz, M.; Fernandez, P.B.; Graber, T. [Argonne National Lab., IL (United States)



MATROSHKA-R experiments at ISS -results obtained with passive detectors during 2005-2009  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The contribution concerns with the results measured with passive detectors within the scope of MATROSHKA-R experiments. Total absorbed doses, dose equivalents, and quality factors were determined by combination of measurements with thermoluminescence (TLD) and plastic nuclear track detectors (PNTD). The detectors were placed inside and on the surface of the tissue-equivalent spherical phantom MATROSHKA-R in order to estimate spatial distribution of dose characteristics. Data obtained during three experimental runs (Dec. 2005 -Sep. 2006, May -Dec. 2008, and May -Oct. 2009) are presented. Variation of dosimetric quantities with the phase of solar cycle as well as with the position of the detectors on or inside the phantom is discussed. The absorbed doses inside the phantom can be 30-40% lower than on the surface of the phantom; on the surface of this phantom, the dose quantities can differ up to almost twice depending on the position.

Jadrnickova, Iva; Mrazova, Zlata; Brabcova, Katerina; Kubancak, Jan; Spurny, Frantisek; Shurshakov, Vyacheslav


A comparative study for results obtained using biomonitors and PM10 collectors in Sado Estuary.  


In 1996 a program was started, financed by the Environmental Ministry of Portugal and IAEA, aiming to study the inorganic atmospheric pollutant dispersion in Sado Estuary. Gent PM10 air samplers were used for air particulate matter sampling. Three sampling sites were chosen, forming a triangle around the fuel power station of Setúbal. Transplants of Parmelia sulcata Taylor were suspended in nylon bags within a rectangle 15 km wide and 25 km long on a 2.5 x 2.5 km grid. Two sets of four transplants were hung in each of the 47 locations, one set facing the wind and the other set opposing the wind. The transplants were suspended in December 1997 for a 1-year period; every 3 months, one transplant of each set was collected. Both lichen transplants and PM10 filters were analysed by INAA and PIXE. A comparative study of results obtained for the two sampling procedures is presented in this work. PMID:12199472

Costa, C J; Marques, A P; Freitas, M C; Reis, M A; Oliveira, O R



Excel Hero Blog  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Extraordinarily creative examples for using Excel. Many Excel based visualizations with a scientific and mathematical focus. Excel Hero is a site devoted to expanding the notion of what is possible in MS Excel. Excellent source of inspiration for further study. Not a commercial site.

Ferry, Daniel


Glucose Meters: A Review of Technical Challenges to Obtaining Accurate Results  

PubMed Central

Glucose meters are universally utilized in the management of hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic disorders in a variety of healthcare settings. Establishing the accuracy of glucose meters, however, is challenging. Glucose meters can only analyze whole blood, and glucose is unstable in whole blood. Technical accuracy is defined as the closeness of agreement between a test result and the true value of that analyte. Truth for glucose is analysis by isotope dilution mass spectrometry, and frozen serum standards analyzed by this method are available from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Truth for whole blood has not been established, and cells must be separated from the whole blood matrix before analysis by a method like isotope dilution mass spectrometry. Serum cannot be analyzed by glucose meters, and isotope dilution mass spectrometry is not commonly available in most hospitals and diabetes clinics to evaluate glucose meter accuracy. Consensus standards recommend comparing whole blood analysis on a glucose meter against plasma/serum centrifuged from a capillary specimen and analyzed by a clinical laboratory comparative method. Yet capillary samples may not provide sufficient volume to test by both methods, and venous samples may be used as an alternative when differences between venous and capillary blood are considered. There are thus multiple complexities involved in defining technical accuracy and no clear consensus among standards agencies and professional societies on accuracy criteria. Clinicians, however, are more concerned with clinical agreement of the glucose meter with a serum/plasma laboratory result. Acceptance criteria for clinical agreement vary across the range of glucose concentrations and depend on how the result will be used in screening or management of the patient. A variety of factors can affect glucose meter results, including operator technique, environmental exposure, and patient factors, such as medication, oxygen therapy, anemia, hypotension, and other disease states. This article reviews the challenges involved in obtaining accurate glucose meter results.

Tonyushkina, Ksenia; Nichols, James H.



SpineCor vs. natural history - explanation of the results obtained using a simple biomechanical model.  


In the recent peer reviewed literature the SpineCor is described as an effective method of treatment for patients with scoliosis. However until recently no prospective controlled end-result study is presented comparing the results obtained with this soft brace to natural history. The objective was to determine whether the results obtained by the use of the SpineCor are better than natural history during pubertal growth spurt. The method employed prospective comparison of the survival rates of SpineCor treatment vs. natural history with respect to curve progression during pubertal growth spurt. 12 Patients with Cobb angles between 16 and 32 degrees (at average 21 degrees) during pubertal growth spurt are presented as a case series treated with the SpineCor. Survival rate of this sample is described and compared to natural history (SRS brace study 1995). All girls treated in both studies were at risk for being progressive with the first clinical signs of maturation (Tanner 2-3). During the pubertal growth spurt most of the patients (11/12) with SpineCor progressed clinically and radiologically as well (at least 5 degrees). Progression could be stopped changing SpineCor to the Chêneau brace in most of the sample described (7/10). The avarage Cobb angle at the start of treatment with the SpineCor was 21.3 degrees, after an average observation time of 21.5 months 31 degrees. At 24 months of treatment time 33% of the patients with the SpineCor where still under treatment with their original bracing concept, at 72 months follow-up time 8 % of the patients with the SpineCor survived with respect to curvature progression. Survival proportion in the SpineCor sample, though was 0.08, while in the natural history cohort it was 0.34. The SpineCor treatment during pubertal growth spurt seems to lead to a worse outcome than observation only. The use of a simple biomechanical model explains that in the brace the compression forces exceed the lateral forces used for the corrective movement. Therefore SpineCor does not seem to be indicated as a treatment during pubertal growth spurt. PMID:18810014

Weiss, H-R



A novel approach to obtaining reliable PCR results from luminol treated bloodstains.  


In recent years the forensic scientist has been afforded great advances in technology both in the detection of latent bloodstains and in acquiring reliable DNA typing results from very small pieces of physical evidence. Scientists are now able to detect minute quantities of latent bloodstains by utilizing the luminol reagent, oftentimes indicating that an attempt has been made to conceal any evidence of bloodshed. With the introduction of PCR based technology to the forensic arena, scientists are now routinely able to obtain DNA typing results from previously insufficient amounts of biological material, items as small as a single hair, saliva on a cigarette butt, or a bloodstain the size of a pin head. We present here a merging of these two advances coupled with a new collection medium for post luminol treated latent bloodstains. The forensic scientist is now able to routinely isolate and recover an adequate amount of DNA suitable for PCR typing at all of the Promega GenePrint PowerPlex 1.1 loci. In this study, several dilutions of latent bloodstains were prepared in an effort to simulate transferred bloodstains that are routinely encountered in a crime scene setting. The latent bloodstains were treated with luminol and subsequently collected using conventional cotton tipped swabs as well as a Puritan sponge tipped swab. PCR typing at the Promega GenePrint PowerPlex 1.1 loci was then attempted upon all dilutions of the latent bloodstains for both collection mediums. The results clearly indicate that it is now routinely possible to recover adequate amounts of DNA suitable for PCR typing upon post luminol treated bloodstains. PMID:10914590

Della Manna, A; Montpetit, S



C-band SAR results obtained by an experimental airborne SAR sensor  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Described is an airborne experimental SAR currently under development by the DLR. It allows the study of the SAR method and its problems, such as motion error correction and overall system calibration. The sensor is designed to operate aboard a DO 228 aircraft in either L- or C-band. A first series of flight experiments in L-band was completed successfully in spring 1988. The C-band system installation onboard the aircraft was completed in October 1988, and first flight experiments were carried out over test areas in southern Germany. The C-band front-end represents a first step towards an active array. The amount of quantization and saturation noise is minimized by adapting the received-signal power variation to the dynamic range of the A/D converters. Platform-attitude and navigation data are collected and recorded on high-density tape. The ground-based data processing and the results obtained with the radar are examined.

Horn, R.


Calculations and first results obtained with a SiC prototype of the SPES direct target  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In the framework of the SPES project at LNL [A. Bracco, A. Pisent (Ed.), REP 181/02, LNL-INFN, 2002], the realization of a direct ISOL Target for a mid-term radioactive ion beam facility is in progress. Using a primary proton beam of energy 40 MeV and intensity 0.2 mA, a high number of fission products will be obtained in the SPES multi-foil uranium carbide target, keeping a low power density deposition in the refractory matrix [A. Andrighetto, S. Cevolani, C. Petrovich, Eur. Phys J. A 25 (2005) 41]. The exotic species produced by Uranium fission in the target are collected in the ion source after the diffusion and the effusion processes. When short lived isotopes are produced it is very important to optimize the release properties of the target. To this purpose the RIBO code (radioactive ion beam optimiser) [M. Santana Leitner, A Monte Carlo Code to Optimize the Production of Radioactive Ion Beams by the ISOL Technique, PhD. Thesis, UPC-ETSEIB/CERN] has been used in order to estimate the target release efficiency for some neutron-rich nuclei. A SiC prototype of the target was recently produced at LNL and tested at ORNL using a 42 MeV proton beam. The yield of some aluminum isotopes was measured as a function of the target temperature. Some preliminary results of the data analysis will be presented.

Barbui, M.; Andrighetto, A.; Antonucci, C.; Biasetto, L.; Carturan, S.; Cervellera, F.; Cevolani, S.; Cinausero, M.; Colombo, P.; Dainelli, A.; di Bernardo, P.; Giacchini, M.; Gramegna, F.; Lollo, M.; Maggioni, G.; Manzolaro, M.; Meneghetti, G.; Petrovich, C.; Piga, L.; Prete, G.; Re, M.; Rizzi, V.; Stracener, D. W.; Tonezzer, M.; Zafiropoulos, D.; Zanonato, P.



First results obtained within the European 'LAMA' programme (Large Active Mirrors in Aluminium)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

To investigate the feasibility of large size aluminum mirrors, studies have been undertaken in cooperation with European Southern Observatory (ESO), in the framework of a European program. The first phase, which is just now ended, addressed the following items: (1) tests to select the best aluminum alloy, (2) aluminum welding, homogeneity and stability, (3) aluminum high-precision machining, (4) nickel coating, (5) polishing of the nickel layer, (6) active optics. Furthermore, tests have been conducted to demonstrate that the quality of the mirrors is not altered at various temperatures and after a large number of aluminizing and cleaning cycles (corresponding to about 50 years' life). The mirror shape (whose specifications are fully compliant with those of the Very Large Telescope (VLT), as the program is conducted in cooperation with ESO) was computed under several causes of deformations: evidencing gravity as the predominant effect, and very low distortions as the high thermal conductivity limits the thermal transverse gradient to 0.025 C. Results show that it is quite possible to obtain high optical quality mirrors, mainly due to recent progress both in metallurgical processes (high precision machining -7 microns rms-) and active optics, that permit to correct residual aberrations of the surface. Such an alternative to classical glass mirrors will presently stand as a safe, economical solution that saves manufacturing time, for monolithic or segmented mirrors for innovative telescopes (e.g., lunar interferometric network).

Rozelot, J.-P.



Monitoring system for a synthesizer at SPring-8 synchrotron radiation facility and obtained results  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Beam orbit distortion in all dispersive sections was observed in the SPring-8 storage ring during beam commissioning. In order to confirm the stability of the radio frequency (RF) synthesizer, a monitoring system was developed. The system consists of a frequency counter referenced to a global positioning system (GPS) receiver. With this system, the output of the synthesizer, which uses an external 10 MHz-Rubidium atomic clock with the time accuracy of ?t/t=10-12, is correctly monitored with 11 digits absolute accuracy, verifying that the synthesizer works well. Measurement of the circumference of the SPring-8 storage ring reveals the effect of tidal forces and seasonal temperature variations on beam orbit. To maintain the center axis of photon radiation in experimental beam lines, a beam energy correction is carried out. The frequency of the RF synthesizer is changed every 5 min with 10-digit accuracy. This corresponds to an energy accuracy of ?E/E=1.16×10-6. The monitoring system for the synthesizer and obtained results are described.

Kawashima, Y.; Ego, H.; Hara, M.; Ohashi, Y.; Ohshima, T.; Takao, M.; Takashima, T.



Frequency perception of successes as a function of results previously obtained by others and by oneself  

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Perceptual judgments of the number of right and wrong outcomes were requested at the end of tasks performed by 660 university students. The 1st 4 experiments were concerned with the effect of the number of successes obtained by a partner on an S’s perception of the frequency of personal successes obtained in a simultaneous or immediately following task. It was

Robert Vreven; Joseph R. Nuttin



Macromolecular crystallographic results obtained at CHESS using a detector incorporating a charge-coupled device  

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Results from various macromolecular crystallography experiments are presented showing the effectiveness of a recently installed detector incorporating a charge-coupled device (CCD). This detector uses a 1024[times]1024 CCD directly coupled to an x-ray sensitive phosphor by a fiber optic taper. The pixel size at the phosphor (50 [mu]m) results in a point spread of 80 [mu]m full width at half-maximum. Even with the relatively small active area, 51[times]51 mm[sup 2], about 150 orders of diffraction can be resolved across the detector face. With this detector format, well-resolved diffraction data have been collected from unit cells with edges as large as 360 A. In an offset configuration, the detector has been used to collect extremely high-resolution data (1 A). A number of data sets have been collected having [ital R][sub sym] values in the 4%--6% range; in the case of room-temperature lysozyme, an [ital R][sub sym] value as small as 2.1 was obtained for a 2.5 A resolution data set. In addition to fixed wavelength studies, the detector has also been used to collect MAD data. In all cases, the use of this detector has proven to be more efficient than using standard image plates since less x-ray exposure time and no distinct scanning step are required. Furthermore, the data quality is as good and in some cases better than those from previous image plate measurements.

Thiel, D.J.; Walter, R.L.; Ealick, S.E. (Section of Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York 14853 (United States)); Bilderback, D.H. (Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS), Cornell University, Ithaca, New York 14853 (United States)); Tate, M.W.; Gruner, S.M. (Department of Physics, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey 08544 (United States)); Eikenberry, E.F. (Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Piscataway, New Jersey 08854 (United States))



Preliminary observations and results obtained with the ultraviolet spectrometer and polarimeter  

SciTech Connect

We present new observations with the Ultraviolet Spectrometer and Polarimeter (UVSP) of a number of manifestations of solar activity obtained during the first 3 months of Solar Maximum Mission operations.

Tandberg-Hanssen, E.; Athay, R.G.; Beckers, J.M.; Brandt, J.C.; Bruner, E.C.; Chapman, R.D.; Cheng, C.C.; Burman, J.G.; Henze, W.; Hyder, C.L.; Michalitsianos, A.G.; Shine, R.A.; Schoolman, S.A.; Woodgate, B.E.



An Agenda for Excellence.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This document describes the 1988 Search for Excellence in Vocational Programs, which identifies excellence in vocational service programs for persons with disabilities. The three steps of a management strategy to help administrators make changes in programs to achieve excellence are explained: (1) develop an "Excellence Plan": (2) develop a…

Walker, Robert A.; And Others


Autism\\/excel study  

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Five high school students with ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) participating in the Excel\\/Autism study were able to demonstrate mastery of a set of Excel topics. The Excel curriculum covered approximately the same topics as are covered in the Excel portion of Computer Business Applications, a class for regular education students at Fox Chapel Area High School, a high school in

Mary Hart



Osteochondritis dissecans of the elbow: excellent mid-term follow-up results in teenage athletes treated by arthroscopic debridement and microfracture  

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Aim To extend the microfracture procedure, which has been proven successful on osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) lesions in the knee and ankle, to OCD lesions in the elbow. Methods Nine young patients were treated by arthroscopic debridement and microfracture by a single surgeon. The average age at operation was 15.0 years (median 15; range 12-19). The average length of the follow-up was 5.3 years (median 5; range 2-9). The follow-up included physical examination and patient interview with elbow function scoring. Success of treatment was determined according to pre-operative and follow-up Mayo Elbow Performance Index scores and the patients’ return to sports. Results Eight patients scored excellent results on the follow-up and 1 scored a good result. Four out of 9 patients were able to increase their training intensity, 2 returned to the same level of activity, 2 changed sports (due to reasons unrelated to the health of their elbow), and 1 left professional sports and started training only recreationally. No patients stopped participating in sports altogether. Conclusions We advocate arthroscopic microfracturing, followed by a strict rehabilitation regime, as a highly effective treatment for OCD of the humeral capitellum.

Bojanic, Ivan; Smoljanovic, Tomislav; Dokuzovic, Stjepan



Experimental results obtained with the positron-annihilation-radiation telescope of the Toulouse-Argonne collaboration  

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We present laboratory measurements obtained with a ground-based prototype of the focusing positron-annihilation-radiation telescope developed by the Toulouse-Argonne collaboration. This instrument has been designed to collect 511-keV photons from astrophysical sources when operating as a balloon borne observatory.The ground-based prototype consists of a crystal lens holding small cubes of diffracting germanium crystals and a 3×3 germanium array that detects the

J. E. Naya; P. von Ballmoos; R. K. Smither; M. Faiz; P. B. Fernandez; T. Graber; F. Albernhe; G. Vedrenne



Overview of the Mössbauer results obtained on silicon?rich iron silicide epitaxial phases on Si  

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Iron silicide phases, grown on or into single?crystals of silicon, can be produced by different techniques as reactive and\\u000a molecular beam epitaxy, and ion implantation followed by recrystallisation processes. Different phases have been obtained\\u000a depending on the experimental conditions: thickness and substrate temperature for deposited layers, ion implantation fluence,\\u000a substrate temperature and recrystallisation technique for buried silicides. In most of

J. Desimoni; F. H. Sánchez



Revision hip arthroplasty with an extensively ?porous-coated stem - excellent long-term ?results also in severe femoral bone stock loss.  


During the last 25 years uncemented hip stem revision relying on diaphyseal fixation has shown improving clinical results and stem survival. The purpose of this study was to present the long-term results of hip revision with the SOLUTION stem (DePuy, Warsaw Indiana).?Ninety-three consecutive SOLUTION hip stem revisions in 84 patients with a mean age of 69 years (range 33-86 years) were reviewed. Of these, clinical and radiographic follow-up examination by an independent observer was possible in 36 hips/29 patients after mean 14 years (range 10-18 years). Stem re-revision was documented by our own files and by the Danish Hip Arthroplasty Registry. ?Stem re-revision had been performed in two hips for aseptic loosening, one due to deep infection and in one patient due to stem fracture. The 18 years cumulative survival, free of re-revision for any reason was calculated as 94.4% (88.9-99.8)% and for aseptic loosening to 97.6% (94.3-100%). Intraoperative complications were frequent with incidence of shaft fractures (14/93) and perforations (9/93) showing a significant learning curve. Mean Harris Hip Score was 85 (range 53-99). Osseointegration was seen in 34/36 stems with two stems fibrous fixated. Stress shielding was significant associated with stem diameters ?15 mm. Severe preoperative bone deficiency had no negative bearing on stem survival and no significant influence on osseointegration of the stem or on Harris Hip Score. ?Conclusion: Femoral stem revision with an extensively porous-coated monoblock chrome-cobalt stem seems to be a reliable and reproducible technique resulting in excellent long-term survivorship and clinical outcome. It can be used in femurs with deficient bone stock. PMID:23813156

Thomsen, Per B; Jensen, Niels J F; Kampmann, Jens; Bæk Hansen, Torben



Macromolecular crystallographic results obtained at CHESS using a detector incorporating a charge-coupled device  

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Results from various macromolecular crystallography experiments are presented showing the effectiveness of a recently installed detector incorporating a charge-coupled device (CCD). This detector uses a 1024[times]1024 CCD directly coupled to an x-ray sensitive phosphor by a fiber optic taper. The pixel size at the phosphor (50 [mu]m) results in a point spread of 80 [mu]m full width at half-maximum. Even

Daniel J. Thiel; Richard L. Walter; Steven E. Ealick; Donald H. Bilderback; Mark W. Tate; Sol M. Gruner; Eric F. Eikenberry



Creating Charts in Excel  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

You will learn how to make charts using Microsoft Excel. The first thing to understand in Excel is how to make a bar graph. Follow this simple tutorial to make a bar graph. As you read through this tutorial open up Excel and follow each of the steps. In column A enter the names of the planets in order. In ...

Reed, Mrs.




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A finite element model of the GARTEUR SM-AG19 test structure is updated. The philosophy applied in selecting the updating parameters is based on physical understanding, scrutiny of the mode shapes and sensitivity calculations. The ‘corrected’ model is shown not only to accurately reproduce test data used in the updating process, but also to provide results in agreement with test data

C. Mares; J. E. MOTTERSHEAD; M. I. Friswell



Results of the 2004 UT Modeling Benchmark Obtained with the CIVA Software Developed at the CEA  

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The CIVA software developed at the French Atomic Energy Commission for processing and simulating NDT data (ultrasonics, eddy-current) includes tools for simulating the whole inspection of a component in which virtual defects are positioned. In this paper, the Kirchhoff's approximation is applied and the reciprocity principle predicts the reception by transducers of waves scattered by defects. Simulated results are compared

O. Diligent; S. Chatillon; M. Darmon; A. Lhémery; S. Mahaut



Unification of the VW Arietis observation results obtained in multisite campaign.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Results of the two-channel photometric observations of the ? Sct star VW Ari (BDS 1269 A) made at the Mt. Dushak-Erekdag Station of the Odessa Astronomical Observatory (Turkmenistan) were combined with the STEPHI network four-channel photometry made at the Xinglong Observatory (China) and Observatorio del Teide (Spain) during the same season. A five-frequency solution is proposed at the present stage of investigation. The suggestion that VW Ari belongs to the small group of peculiar ? Boo stars eliminates some discrepancies in the earlier results, and the existence of a binary system with a star with a peculiar abundance and a star with the normal abundance finds its natural explanation. A possible identification of pulsation modes is suggested.

Dorokhova, T. N.


Different approaches to obtaining consent for follow-up result in biased samples  

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BackgroundMany injury studies use samples of hospital patients. If a study requires further contact, consent is usually required but the sample may be biased if many fail to consent.ObjectiveTo determine whether wording requiring ‘active’ consent resulted in more refusals than wording that was ‘passive’—that is, where consent is implied in the absence of direct refusal.MethodsSubjects were injured children seen in

Barry Pless; Brent Hagel; Xun Zhang; Helen Magdalinos



Macromolecular crystallographic results obtained using a 2048{times}2048 CCD detector at CHESS  

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We present results of macromolecular crystallographic experiments performed at the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS) with a new CCD-based detector. This detector, installed in January 1995, complements a 1024{times}1024 CCD detector that has been in continuous operation at CHESS since December 1993. The new detector is based on a 4-port, 2048{times}2048 pixel CCD that is directly coupled to a Gd{sub 2}O{sub 2}S:Tb phosphor by a 3:1 tapered fiber optic. The active area of the phosphor is a square 82 mm on an edge. The readout time is 7 seconds. In the standard mode of operation, the pixel size at the active area is 41 {mu}m on the edge leading to the capability of resolving approximately 200 orders of diffraction across the detector face. The detector also operates in a 1024{times}1024 mode in which the pixel size is electronically increased by a factor of 4 in area resulting in smaller data files and faster detector readout but at the expense of spatial resolution. Most of the data that has been collected by this detector has been collected in this mode. Dozens of data sets have been collected by many experimenters using this detector at CHESS during the four month period from its installation until the start of the six-month down period of the storage ring. The capabilities of the detector will be illustrated with results from various crystallographic measurements including experiments in which the recorded diffraction patterns extend in resolution as far as 1 A. The results demonstrate that this detector is capable of collecting data of quality at least equal to that of imaging plates but, in many circumstances, with much greater beamline efficiency. {copyright} {ital 1996 American Institute of Physics.}

Thiel, D.J.; Ealick, S.E.; Tate, M.W.; Gruner, S.M.; Eikenberry, E.F. [Section of Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853 (United States)]|[Department of Physics, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544 (United States)]|[Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Piscataway, NJ 08854 (United States)



Identification of IgE-Binding Egg White Proteins: Comparison of Results Obtained by Different Methods  

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The binding of IgE to egg white proteins was investigated for 34 sera from adults with a positive case history and\\/or positive RAST towards egg, and the impact of experimental conditions on IgE binding in commonly used methods was studied. Radioimmunoblotting after SDS-PAGE of both reduced and unreduced egg white extracts showed complex reaction patterns. The results were confirmed by

B. Aabin; L. K. Poulsen; K. Ebbehøj; A. Nørgaard; H. Frøkiœr; C. Bindslev-Jensen; V. Barkholt



Chemical analysis of post explosion samples obtained as a result of model field experiments.  


Five different explosives were detonated in a series of field experiments. Each experiment (detonation of the charge of each specific explosive) was repeated three times. The experiments were conducted under controlled conditions, exceeding those of research published so far. Detonated charges were uniform in size and, as far as possible, in shape. The explosives used originated from the same batch. Additionally, the same kind of electric detonators were used. Witness plates (sheets of galvanised steel 100cm×90cm×0.5mm) were used to collect post-blast residues in a reproducible way. They were placed relatively close to the charge to minimise the influence of the wind. Samples were collected by systematic swabbing of the surface of the plate by acetone moistened cotton swabs. Samples were packed tight, transferred to the laboratory, and extracted with methanol. Extracts were concentrated by solvent evaporation, cleaned by centrifugation, and analysed using HPLC-DAD. Each extract was analysed three times and the mean value of the amount of the given explosive within the extract was calculated. For each of the explosive materials used the results of the repetition of the experiments proved them to be irreproducible. After each detonation of a specific charge different amounts of given explosives were found in post-blast samples. Also, the intuitively expected relationship between the distance from the charge and amount of post-blast residues were not observed. These results are consistent with previously published results of field experiments. The lack of reproducibility may be explained by differences in efficiency of detonation. The efficiency of a detonation may be influenced even by small differences in the shape of the charge as well as by the position and properties of the detonator. The lack of dependency between the amount of the explosive in the post-blast samples and the distance from the charge may be explained by the fact that during detonation, particles of unreacted explosives are not uniformly dispersed in all directions. PMID:24148455

Borusiewicz, Rafal; Zadora, Grzegorz; Zieba-Palus, Janina



Randomization in Laboratory Procedure Is Key to Obtaining Reproducible Microarray Results  

PubMed Central

The quality of gene expression microarray data has improved dramatically since the first arrays were introduced in the late 1990s. However, the reproducibility of data generated at multiple laboratory sites remains a matter of concern, especially for scientists who are attempting to combine and analyze data from public repositories. We have carried out a study in which a common set of RNA samples was assayed five times in four different laboratories using Affymetrix GeneChip arrays. We observed dramatic differences in the results across laboratories and identified batch effects in array processing as one of the primary causes for these differences. When batch processing of samples is confounded with experimental factors of interest it is not possible to separate their effects, and lists of differentially expressed genes may include many artifacts. This study demonstrates the substantial impact of sample processing on microarray analysis results and underscores the need for randomization in the laboratory as a means to avoid confounding of biological factors with procedural effects.

Yang, Hyuna; Harrington, Christina A.; Vartanian, Kristina; Coldren, Christopher D.; Hall, Rob; Churchill, Gary A.



Randomization in laboratory procedure is key to obtaining reproducible microarray results.  


The quality of gene expression microarray data has improved dramatically since the first arrays were introduced in the late 1990s. However, the reproducibility of data generated at multiple laboratory sites remains a matter of concern, especially for scientists who are attempting to combine and analyze data from public repositories. We have carried out a study in which a common set of RNA samples was assayed five times in four different laboratories using Affymetrix GeneChip arrays. We observed dramatic differences in the results across laboratories and identified batch effects in array processing as one of the primary causes for these differences. When batch processing of samples is confounded with experimental factors of interest it is not possible to separate their effects, and lists of differentially expressed genes may include many artifacts. This study demonstrates the substantial impact of sample processing on microarray analysis results and underscores the need for randomization in the laboratory as a means to avoid confounding of biological factors with procedural effects. PMID:19009020

Yang, Hyuna; Harrington, Christina A; Vartanian, Kristina; Coldren, Christopher D; Hall, Rob; Churchill, Gary A



Using the Viking biology experimental results to obtain chemical information about Martian regolith  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Although initially formulated as biology experiments, most of the results produced by the Viking Labeled Release (LR), Gas Exchange (GEX), and Pyrolytic Release (PR) experiments have been reproduced by chemical means. The experiments do not need more study as 'biological' phenomena, but they do deserve much more careful consideration from a chemical viewpoint. They are the only 'wet-chemical' experiments that scientists have performed on another planet, but they have not found very general use as sources of scientific information. There is a large set of potentially useful chemical observations, e.g., the three resolvable and precisely measured kinetic components of the release of C-14-labeled gases, the thermal sensitivity and magnitudes of the oxidation reaction(s) of the LR experiments, the kinetics and magnitude of the O2 and CO2 release of the GEX experiments, the thermal sensitivity of the GEX results, the differences between the thermal sensitivity of the GEX and the thermal sensitivity of the LR responses, and the kinetics and magnitudes of the LR successive injection reabsorption effect. It should be possible to test many chemical aspects of hypothetical martian phenomena in experiments using the biology experimental configurations and derive much valuable information by comparisons with the Viking observations.

Plumb, Robert C.



Recent results obtained by the SOIR instrument on board Venus Express: Vertical profiles of carbon species  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The SOIR instrument (Solar Occultation in the IR) performs solar occultation measurements in the IR region (2.2 - 4.3 ?m) at a resolution of 0.12 cm-1, the highest on board Venus Express. It combines an echelle spectrometer and an AOTF (Acousto-Optical Tunable Filter) for the order selection. The wavelength range probed by SOIR allows for a detailed chemical inventory of the Venus atmosphere at the terminators in the upper mesosphere and lower thermosphere (80 to 180 km) with an emphasis on vertical distribution of the gases. In particular, measurements of CO2 and CO density and rotational temperature vertical profiles have been routinely performed. Comparisons with the hydrostatic equilibrium allowed us to derive information concerning the dynamical behavior of the atmosphere at the terminators. The approach as well as some results will be described.

Mahieux, A.; Robert, S.; Wilquet, V.; Drummond, R.; Vandaele, A. C.; Bertaux, J. L.; Spicav/Soir Team



Bioassessment: A Comparison of Results Obtained From Macroinvertebrate and Fish Based Indices  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Biomonitoring in freshwater ecosystems is currently used for surveillance (i.e. observation of changes in a system) and for determining compliance with regulations. A subset of biomonitoring includes rapid bioassessment. Rapid bioassessment protocols can determine if a stream is supporting or not supporting a designated aquatic life use (ALU). This allows us the flexibility to designate streams as healthy along a continuum. Rapid bioassessment protocols (as follows: RBA refers to the macroinvertebrate index, IBI refers to the fish index), as set down by the EPA, acknowledge that the components of a water system, i.e. periphyton, macroinvertebrates, and fish, all respond differently to stressors. However, macroinvertebrate assemblages are commonly used due to an institutional entrenchment. In this study we examined four sites to determine the ALU utilizing both the IBI and RBA protocols and metrics as adapted to the state of Texas. We found a consistently higher ALU score with the IBI than with the RBA. The general categories for ALU(ie Exceptional, High, Intermediate, and Limited) determined by IBI and RBA only agreed for half of our test sites. These results suggest that the usage of RBA and IBI outcomes should only be used interchangeably with caution.

Fox, J. E.; Watson, J. M.; McDonald, D. L.; Arsuffi, T. L.



The hypothetical migraine drug comparative effectiveness study: a payer's recommendations for obtaining more useful results.  


This article explores issues of concern to payers evaluating the hypothetical comparative effectiveness case study of two fictitious migraine treatments in this month's Health Affairs. The case study presents the seemingly paradoxical situation in which randomized controlled trials produce one result, and real-world observational comparative effectiveness research produces another. For the payer making coverage decisions, this scenario raises three major themes related to interpretation and communication. First, there is a need for a well-considered set of criteria that weigh evidence across comparative effectiveness studies to determine whether enough evidence exists to communicate or enact new health care policies. Second, emphasis should be placed on studies that are published or presented in peer-reviewed settings. Third, access to raw comparative effectiveness research data would enable payers to more deeply explore research interests relevant to their particular constituencies. Payers' involvement in comparative effectiveness research should be encouraged, not discouraged, to advance our understanding of what works best and for whom. PMID:23048101

Epstein, Robert S



Simbol-X Hard X-ray Focusing Mirrors: Results Obtained During the Phase A Study  

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Simbol-X will push grazing incidence imaging up to 80 keV, providing a strong improvement both in sensitivity and angular resolution compared to all instruments that have operated so far above 10 keV. The superb hard X-ray imaging capability will be guaranteed by a mirror module of 100 electroformed Nickel shells with a multilayer reflecting coating. Here we will describe the technogical development and solutions adopted for the fabrication of the mirror module, that must guarantee an Half Energy Width (HEW) better than 20 arcsec from 0.5 up to 30 keV and a goal of 40 arcsec at 60 keV. During the phase A, terminated at the end of 2008, we have developed three engineering models with two, two and three shells, respectively. The most critical aspects in the development of the Simbol-X mirrors are i) the production of the 100 mandrels with very good surface quality within the timeline of the mission, ii) the replication of shells that must be very thin (a factor of 2 thinner than those of XMM-Newton) and still have very good image quality up to 80 keV, iii) the development of an integration process that allows us to integrate these very thin mirrors maintaining their intrinsic good image quality. The Phase A study has shown that we can fabricate the mandrels with the needed quality and that we have developed a valid integration process. The shells that we have produced so far have a quite good image quality, e.g. HEW < or approx. 30 arcsec at 30 keV, and effective area. However, we still need to make some improvements to reach the requirements. We will briefly present these results and discuss the possible improvements that we will investigate during phase B.

Tagliaferri, G.; Basso, S.; Civitani, M.; Conconi, P.; Cotroneo, V.; Pareschi, G.; Spiga, D. [INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera, Via Bianchi 46, 23807 Merate (Italy); Borghi, G.; Garoli, D.; Mattarello, V.; Orlandi, A.; Valsecchi, G.; Vernani, D. [Media Lario Technologies S.r.l., Localita Pascolo, 23842 Bosisio Parini (Italy); Burkert, W.; Freyberg, M.; Hartner, G. [Max-Planck-Institut fuer Extraterrestrische Physik, Giessenbachstr. 1, 85748 Garching (Germany); Citterio, O. [INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera, Via Bianchi 46, 23807 Merate (Italy); Media Lario Technologies S.r.l., Localita Pascolo, 23842 Bosisio Parini (Italy); Gorenstein, P.; Romaine, S. [Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, 60 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 (United States)



Simbol-X Hard X-ray Focusing Mirrors: Results Obtained During the Phase A Study  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Simbol-X will push grazing incidence imaging up to 80 keV, providing a strong improvement both in sensitivity and angular resolution compared to all instruments that have operated so far above 10 keV. The superb hard X-ray imaging capability will be guaranteed by a mirror module of 100 electroformed Nickel shells with a multilayer reflecting coating. Here we will describe the technogical development and solutions adopted for the fabrication of the mirror module, that must guarantee an Half Energy Width (HEW) better than 20 arcsec from 0.5 up to 30 keV and a goal of 40 arcsec at 60 keV. During the phase A, terminated at the end of 2008, we have developed three engineering models with two, two and three shells, respectively. The most critical aspects in the development of the Simbol-X mirrors are i) the production of the 100 mandrels with very good surface quality within the timeline of the mission, ii) the replication of shells that must be very thin (a factor of 2 thinner than those of XMM-Newton) and still have very good image quality up to 80 keV, iii) the development of an integration process that allows us to integrate these very thin mirrors maintaining their intrinsic good image quality. The Phase A study has shown that we can fabricate the mandrels with the needed quality and that we have developed a valid integration process. The shells that we have produced so far have a quite good image quality, e.g. HEW <~30 arcsec at 30 keV, and effective area. However, we still need to make some improvements to reach the requirements. We will briefly present these results and discuss the possible improvements that we will investigate during phase B.

Tagliaferri, G.; Basso, S.; Borghi, G.; Burkert, W.; Citterio, O.; Civitani, M.; Conconi, P.; Cotroneo, V.; Freyberg, M.; Garoli, D.; Gorenstein, P.; Hartner, G.; Mattarello, V.; Orlandi, A.; Pareschi, G.; Romaine, S.; Spiga, D.; Valsecchi, G.; Vernani, D.



Problems on the Analysis Results Obtained from the Geomagnetic Scalar Field  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

1.The scalar magnetic field TIA (Total Intensity Anomaly) has no physical formula describing the relation between M (Magnetization) and TIA. 2.Then MA could not be analyzed from TIA. 3.Anlyses of M from TIA have been done so far under assumption TIA=PTA (Projected Total Anomay on MF (Main Geomagnetic Field)), however, which caused the analysis error due to ?T= TIA - PTA. 4.It is impossible to evaluate the error due to ?T for the already published results so far because there were no PTA observations, but only TIA at present, then ?T cannot be defined. 5.TA satisfies the Laplace’s equation, and TA can be adusted to the physically realizable data by solving this equation for TA. For the area where there is no bservation TA, we can interpolate them by solving the Dirichlet's problem as the boundary value problem. 6.TA varies its direction from place to place where MF is uniform in the small local area, then the magnetic poential for TA could not be defined in any place. 7.We strongly recommend to carry out the magnetic survey using a three component magnetometer to get TF and TA which have many advantages for magnetic analyses (magnetization, upward continuation etc.) which cannot be done using scalar TIA. 8.It is the case for time dependent TIA which varies with ?=?t (?:time angular velocity) in Figure 1. Geometrical expression for ?T. MF, TF and TA are the vectors of the main geomagnetic field, the total geomagnetic field, and the geomagnetic anomaly field respectively. MF, TF and TA are in this plane. MF= , TF= , TA= , PTA= , PTA= TIA= , and ?T= . , ? , and ?=?BAC, ?=?DBC. TA will rotate around the point B. for estimation of ?T. If the magnitudes of MF and TA are assumed to be |MF|=50,000 nT and |TA|=1000 nT. Figure 2 shows the relative error (Isezaki etal 2009), defined by ?T/TIA. For TIA from 1000 nT to -1000 nT. ? changes from 0 at TIA=1,000 nT to the maximum ( TA/MF=0.02) where TA is almost perpendicular to MF and TIA 0nT. TF is produced by adding vector TA to vector MF as ? changes from 0 (radian) to the maximum (about 0.02 radians). MF, TF, and TA are assumed to be always in the same plane, so that this model corresponds to a 2D case.

Isezaki, N.; Harada, M.; Sayanagi, K.; Matsuo, J.



Results from CrIS/ATMS obtained using the AIRS Science Team retrieval methodology  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

AIRS was launched on EOS Aqua in May 2002, together with AMSU-A and HSB (which subsequently failed early in the mission), to form a next generation polar orbiting infrared and microwave atmospheric sounding system. AIRS/AMSU had two primary objectives. The first objective was to provide real-time data products available for use by the operational Numerical Weather Prediction Centers in a data assimilation mode to improve the skill of their subsequent forecasts. The second objective was to provide accurate unbiased sounding products with good spatial coverage that are used to generate stable multi-year climate data sets to study the earth's interannual variability, climate processes, and possibly long-term trends. AIRS/AMSU data for all time periods are now being processed using the state of the art AIRS Science Team Version-6 retrieval methodology. The Suomi-NPP mission was launched in October 2011 as part of a sequence of Low Earth Orbiting satellite missions under the "Joint Polar Satellite System" (JPSS). NPP carries CrIS and ATMS, which are advanced infra-red and microwave atmospheric sounders that were designed as follow-ons to the AIRS and AMSU instruments. The main objective of this work is to assess whether CrIS/ATMS will be an adequate replacement for AIRS/AMSU from the perspective of the generation of accurate and consistent long term climate data records, or if improved instruments should be developed for future flight. It is critical for CrIS/ATMS to be processed using an algorithm similar to, or at least comparable to, AIRS Version-6 before such an assessment can be made. We have been conducting research to optimize products derived from CrIS/ATMS observations using a scientific approach analogous to the AIRS Version-6 retrieval algorithm. Our latest research uses Version-5.70 of the CrIS/ATMS retrieval algorithm, which is otherwise analogous to AIRS Version-6, but does not yet contain the benefit of use of a Neural-Net first guess start-up system which significantly improved results of AIRS Version-6. Version-5.70 CrIS/ATMS temperature profile and surface skin temperature retrievals are of very good quality, and are better than AIRS Version-5 retrievals, but are still significantly poorer than those of AIRS Version-6. CrIS/ATMS retrievals should improve when a Neural-Net start-up system is ready for use. We also examined CrIS/ATMS retrievals generated by NOAA using their NUCAPS retrieval algorithm, which is based on earlier versions of the AIRS Science Team retrieval algorithms. We show that the NUCAPS algorithm as currently configured is not well suited for climate monitoring purposes.

Susskind, Joel; Kouvaris, Louis; Iredell, Lena



42 CFR 82.27 - How can claimants obtain reviews of their NIOSH dose reconstruction results by NIOSH?  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...obtain reviews of their NIOSH dose reconstruction results by NIOSH? 82.27 Section...ACTIVITIES METHODS FOR CONDUCTING DOSE RECONSTRUCTION UNDER THE ENERGY EMPLOYEES OCCUPATIONAL...2000 Reporting and Review of Dose Reconstruction Results § 82.27 How can...



42 CFR 82.27 - How can claimants obtain reviews of their NIOSH dose reconstruction results by NIOSH?  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...obtain reviews of their NIOSH dose reconstruction results by NIOSH? 82.27 Section...ACTIVITIES METHODS FOR CONDUCTING DOSE RECONSTRUCTION UNDER THE ENERGY EMPLOYEES OCCUPATIONAL...2000 Reporting and Review of Dose Reconstruction Results § 82.27 How can...



Four Conceptions of Excellence.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This article describes four possible conceptions of education, each with its own standards of excellence. These conceptions are called the technical, the rational, the personal, and the social. The authors argue for adoption of the social responsibility conception of educational excellence as a national goal. (MT)|

Prakash, Madhu Suri; Waks, Leonard Joseph



"Excellence" in STEM Education  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

So what does it take to achieve excellence in STEM education? That is the title of the author's presentation delivered at International Technology and Engineering Educators Association's (ITEEA's) FTEE "Spirit of Excellence" Breakfast on March 16, 2012, in Long Beach, California. In preparation for this presentation, the author went back and read…

Clark, Aaron C.



A Legacy of Excellence.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|West Virginia's school improvement plan, emphasizing learning outcomes, mandates excellent education for all students. Following an executive summary, this paper discusses, first, the conflict between excellence and equity in educational reform, and West Virginia's intent to resolve that conflict; second, the legal foundations of the master plan,…

Pisapia, John Ralph


"Excellence" in STEM Education  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|So what does it take to achieve excellence in STEM education? That is the title of the author's presentation delivered at International Technology and Engineering Educators Association's (ITEEA's) FTEE "Spirit of Excellence" Breakfast on March 16, 2012, in Long Beach, California. In preparation for this presentation, the author went back and read…

Clark, Aaron C.



Excellence for All  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The way we define excellence dictates the way we achieve it. The author looks at four models of excellence that operate in schools today. The first looks only at the lowest-performing students, focusing all resources on getting these students to score above "proficient" on standardized tests so that the school will be in compliance with NCLB. The…

Sternberg, Robert J.



Excel 1 - The Basics  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Spreadsheets are used to keep track of numbers and other data in an organized fashion. It is kind of like a big calculator. In this lesson you will learn the basics of Microsoft\\'s spreadsheet program, Excel. The tutorial link below will take you through the very basics of Excel. You will start with an Overview of what Excel is and what kinds of documents it is used to create. Watch the video from the link on the right hand side of the screen. ...

Brewer, Mrs.



Elements of Engineering Excellence.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The inspiration for this Contract Report (CR) originated in discussions with the director of Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) Engineering who asked that we investigate the question: "How do you achieve excellence in aerospace engineering." En...

J. C. Blair R. S. Ryan



Microsoft Excel Basic Tutorial  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This assignment walks students through the creation of an Excel spreadsheet, step by step. It includes numerical fills via copy, creation of fixed and relative formulas, formula fill via copy, and some summary functions.

Hirsch, Dave


NOTE: First imaging results obtained with a multimodal apparatus combining low-field (35.7 mT) MRI and pulsed EPRI  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) provides excellent images of organs and is an essential diagnostic tool in the medical field. Electron paramagnetic resonance imaging (EPRI) is being increasingly used in the biomedical field because of recent hardware advances. We present the first images obtained with a low-field (35.7 mT) multimodal apparatus that combines MRI and pulsed EPRI. For this purpose, the sample is composed of two sections, one sensitive to MRI and the other sensitive to EPRI. The MRI section of the sample is composed of three tubes containing 7 ml of a 10 mM CuSO4 water solution. The EPR section of the sample is composed of two tubes containing 350 mg of lithium phthalocyanine. The EPR image represents the two-dimensional projection of the whole sample and is reconstructed from 32 one-dimensional projections by using the Fourier reconstruction method. The MRI image is obtained by selecting a sample slice, 10 mm in thickness, by using a spin-echo sequence and the two-dimensional fast Fourier transform. The experimental results obtained with this apparatus show that the spatial resolution is better than 1 mm for the MRI section and better than 7 mm for the EPRI section. The measured SNR of the MRI and EPRI images were about 60 and 160, respectively. A detailed description of the hardware, pulse sequences and image reconstruction techniques is reported.

Placidi, Giuseppe; Alecci, Marcello; Sotgiu, Antonello



Allogeneic stem-cell transplantation provides excellent results in advanced stage chronic myeloid leukemia with major cytogenetic response to pre-transplant imatinib therapy.  


To determine the impact of imatinib therapy prior to allogeneic stem-cell transplantation in advanced stage chronic myelogenous leukaemia (CML), 30 CML patients who had received imatinib as part of pre-transplant treatment were analysed, with special emphasis on the cytogenetic response to imatinib therapy shortly before transplantation. Median patient age was 51 years (range, 24 - 64). At the time of transplantation all patients were in second or higher chronic phase (CP). The median follow-up after allogeneic transplantation was 360 days (range, 24 - 1524). Cox regression analysis revealed that the quality of cytogenetic response was a prognostic factor for transplant-related mortality (p = 0.050), relapse incidence (p = 0.015), leukaemia-free survival (p = 0.002) and overall survival (p = 0.006). A cytogenetic response with <35%BCR-ABL-positive interphase nuclei in FISH analysis from bone marrow was associated with a probability of overall survival of 81% at 3 years. In conclusion, our data suggest that advanced stage CML has an excellent outcome after allogeneic haematopoietic stem-cell transplantation when transplanted in the phase of cytogenetic response to imatinib. PMID:17325889

Weisser, Martin; Schleuning, Michael; Haferlach, Claudia; Schwerdtfeger, Rainer; Kolb, Hans Jochem



Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis results obtained in the 1992 performance assessment for the waste isolation pilot plant  

Microsoft Academic Search

Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis results obtained in the 1992 performance assessment (PA) for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) are presented. The primary performance measure under study is the complementary cumulative distribution function (CCDF) used in assessing compliance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) standard for the geologic disposal of radioactive waste (40 CFR 191, Subpart B). The analysis

J. C. Helton; D. R. Anderson; B. L. Baker; J. E. Bean; J. W. Berglund; W. Beyeler; K. Economy; J. W. Garner; S. C. Hora; H. J. Iuzzolino; P. Knupp; M. G. Marietta; J. Rath; R. P. Rechard; P. J. Roache; D. K. Rudeen; K. Salari; J. D. Schreiber; P. N. Swift; M. S. Tierney; P. Vaughn



The Efficacy of Factors Considered to be Indicators of the Probability of Obtaining Results in Internal Investigations  

Microsoft Academic Search

One hundred ten investigations of police corruption which had been conducted by the New York City Police Department were selected for a correlational study to identify factors likely to be predictive of obtaining results. The factors included: a quantitative measure of information available prior to investigation, judgments of investigative adequacy, the use of surveillances and the amount of time spent

Louis H. Primavera; Charles M. Reiser



Getting Started With Excel  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Excel is a very common spreadsheet application, and developing mastery of this powerful tool can be a bit difficult for those who might be less experienced with its various features and analytical tools. This rather useful Excel tutorial is part of the website, which was developed by Professor Sharon Garrison of the University of Arizona. The tutorial is divided into eight sections, which include "Entering and Editing Data", "Formatting the Worksheet", and "Creating a Chart". Each section contains several short paragraphs of text, complemented effectively with a few helpful graphics. The tutorial is rounded out by several problem assignments that will make sure students have mastered some of the basic features of Excel.

Garrison, Sharon H.


Tenure and Academic Excellence.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Discussion of college faculty tenure focuses on the positive role of tenure in fostering academic excellence through shared governance and creative scholarship. Notes the relationship between the rise of the managerial university and the accountability movement, and sees both as undermining educational quality by eroding faculty autonomy and by…

Carroll, Linda L.



Conversations for Excellence  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article argues that excellent schools emerge from the extensive, ongoing, and inclusive conversations among those who participate in the everyday life and work of the school. These conversations focus on the construction of complementary teaching and learning practices. As they persist and mature, they pattern the life and work of a school in…

Webb, Ivan



A comparison of results obtained by two different chromium-51 methods of determining platelet survival and recovery  

SciTech Connect

A number of different methods exist that use chromium-51 to determine platelet survival and recovery. A 1986 article in TRANSFUSION described the recommended methods for conducting such studies in the hope of standardizing methodology and permitting interlaboratory comparison of results. The results obtained with the recommended method have been compared with those of our previous method. With the new method, recovery of fresh random-donor platelets prepared in polyolefin bags was 76 +/- 6 percent with a survival of 9.3 +/- 2.8 days (n = 4). After 5 days of storage, these values were 67 +/- 8 percent and 7.8 +/- 1.9 days. Similar values were obtained for fresh and stored platelets collected on automated cell separators. However, when our previous (pre-1986) method of evaluation was used, recovery of fresh platelets in the polyolefin bags was 56 +/- 11 percent, and survival was 8.6 +/- 1.3 days. The 5-day values were 36 +/- 5 percent and 6.9 +/- 2.7 days. These values are significantly lower (p less than 0.05) than those obtained with the newer method, but they are in agreement with those previously reported for other techniques. Thus, the new method consistently gives higher values, possibly as a result of a less harmful labeling procedure.

Rock, G.; Tittley, P. (Univ. of Ottawa, Ontario (Canada))



Excel For Statistical Data Analysis  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The site, created by Dr. Hossein Arsham of the University of Baltimore, provides an introduction to understand the basics of and working with Excel. Redoing the illustrated numerical examples in this site will help in improving your familiarity, and as a result, increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your process in statistics.

Arsham, Hossein.



A comparison of results obtained with two subsurface non-isothermal multiphase reactive transport simulators, FADES-CORE and TOUGHREACT  

SciTech Connect

FADES-CORE and TOUGHREACT are codes used to model the non-isothermal multiphase flow with multicomponent reactive transport in porous media. Different flow and reactive transport problems were used to compare the FADES-CORE and TOUGHREACT codes. These problems take into account the different cases of multiphase flow with and without heat transport, conservative transport, and reactive transport. Consistent results were obtained from both codes, which use different numerical methods to solve the differential equations resulting from the various physicochemical processes. Here we present the results obtained from both codes for various cases. Some results are slightly different with minor discrepancies, which have been remedied, so that both codes would be able to reproduce the same processes using the same parameters. One of the discrepancies found is related to the different calculation for thermal conductivity in heat transport, which affects the calculation of the temperatures, as well as the pH of the reaction of calcite dissolution problem modeled. Therefore it is possible to affirm that the pH is highly sensitive to temperature. Generally speaking, the comparison was concluded to be highly satisfactory, leading to the complete verification of the FADES-CORE code. However, we must keep in mind that, as there are no analytical solutions available with which to verify the codes, the TOUGHREACT code has been thoroughly corroborated, given that the only possible way to prove that the code simulation is correct, is by comparing the results obtained with both codes for the identical problems, or to validate the simulation results with actual measured data.

Juncosa Rivera, Ricardo; Xu, Tianfu; Pruess, Karsten



Excellence in Molecular Diagnostics

The Excellence in Molecular Diagnostics Lecture series recognizes outstanding leaders who are making ground-breaking contributions in molecular diagnostics and who have demonstrated broad and integrated approaches in the development and implementation of diagnostics commensurate with emerging technologies. Speakers in this series will have made significant achievement through fundamental observations, discoveries and intellectual contributions in the basic and applied sciences relevant to the practice of clinical molecular diagnostics.


A Commitment to Excellence  

PubMed Central

In this column, the editor of The Journal of Perinatal Education describes two international credentialing programs, the Magnet Recognition Program and the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative. Both require an ongoing commitment to excellence. The editor also describes the contents of this issue, which offer a broad range of resources, research, and inspiration for childbirth educators in their efforts to promote, support, and protect natural, safe, and healthy birth. Wendy C. BudinEditor

Budin, Wendy C.



Robotic assistance provides excellent outcomes during the learning curve for laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass: results from 100 robotic-assisted gastric bypasses  

Microsoft Academic Search

BackgroundLaparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (LRYGB) has a reported learning curve of 100 cases. Robotic-assisted surgery decreases the learning curve in complex laparoscopic surgeries. We hypothesize that robotic-assisted, hand-sewn gastrojejunostomy during a LRYGB will improve results during the initial 100 cases when compared with the literature.

Sherman C. Yu; Benjamin L. Clapp; Michael J. Lee; William C. Albrecht; Terry K. Scarborough; Erik B. Wilson



Access Excellence: Food Forensics  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This immunological lesson plan was written for Access Excellence by Michael Grupe, a high school biology teacher from St. Louis. The inquiry-based lesson introduces students to the immune system and focuses on "the specificity of the reaction between an antibody and an antigen." The lesson, which spans four, 50-minute class periods, leads students through experiments designed to solve a food-related illness mystery. The concise lesson plan contains the mystery story, experiment instructions, a list of needed materials, background information, and an abstract.


Excellent therapeutic results achieved in chronic myeloid leukemia patients with front-line imatinib and early treatment modifications in suboptimal responders: A retrospective study on 91 unselected patients.  


Second generation tyrosine kinase-inhibitors (TKI) have been claimed to represent now the first-choice therapy for chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). Indeed, they generally induce faster and deeper molecular responses compared to imatinib that, however, is equally effective in at least 50% of patients. Moreover, some recent reports have questioned the long term safety of dasatinib and nilotinib. Therefore, upfront imatinib with early shift to second generation TKI for patients with slow/incomplete response might be as effective as front-line second generation TKI, with a possibly better safety profile. We retrospectively evaluated 91 chronic phase CML patients (median follow-up 57 months, median age 61 years), treated front-line with standard-dose imatinib and early therapy modifications (at 3-12 months) in case of unsatisfactory response or intolerance. Thirty-three patients (24 with unsatisfactory response, 9 intolerant) changed therapy, either by increasing imatinib dose (11/91) or by switching to second generation TKI (22 directly, 4 after high-dose imatinib). Globally, our strategy led to complete cytogenetic response (CCyR) in 98% of the patients, major molecular response (MMR) in 88% and molecular response 4 logs (MR(4.0) ) in 62%. Three patients in CCyR (3%), 2 of them in MMR too, suddenly progressed to blastic phase. At the last follow-up nine patients had died, seven of CML-unrelated causes and two only of CML progression. These results suggest that our strategy could be as effective as front line second generation TKI, with most of patients still receiving imatinib, a drug of better known long-term side effects and lower cost. Am. J. Hematol. 88:838-842, 2013. © 2013 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. PMID:23757199

Cerrano, Marco; Crisà, Elena; Pregno, Patrizia; Aguzzi, Chiara; Riccomagno, Paola; Boccadoro, Mario; Ferrero, Dario



Access Excellence Classic Collection  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Another good resource from is the Activities Exchange Classic Collection Web site. The page presents links that focus on a single person or event by putting it into historical context and relating it to current science. Each contains a set of references, classroom activities, graphics, background information, and more. Some of the titles of the activities include The Discovery Of Radioactivity: The Dawn of the Nuclear Age; Radioactivity: Historical Figures; How We See: The First Steps of Human Vision; Discovery, Chance, and the Scientific Method; DNA Structure; and Development of Polio Vaccines. The pages and activities are well designed and offer educators some interesting and unique lessons for their students.


Design, operational experiences and beam results obtained with the SNS H- ion source and LEBT at Berkeley Lab  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The ion source and Low-Energy Transport (LEBT) system that will provide H- ion beams to the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS)** Front End and the accelerator chain have been developed into a mature unit that fully satisfies the operational requirements through the commissioning and early operating phases of SNS. Compared to the early R&D version, many features of the ion source have been improved, and reliable operation at 6% duty factor has been achieved producing beam currents in the 35-mA range and above. LEBT operation proved that the purely electrostatic focusing principle is well suited to inject the ion beam into the RFQ accelerator, including the steering and pre-chopping functions. This paper will discuss the latest design features of the ion source and LEBT, give performance data for the integrated system, and report on commissioning results obtained with the SNS RFQ and Medium-Energy Beam Transport (MEBT) system. Prospects for further improvements will be outlined in concluding remarks.

Keller, R.; Thomae, R.; Stockli, M.; Welton, R.



Design, operational experiences and beam results obtained with the SNS H- ion source and LEBT at Berkeley Lab  

SciTech Connect

The ion source and Low-Energy Transport (LEBT) system that will provide H{sup -} ion beams to the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS)** Front End and the accelerator chain have been developed into a mature unit that fully satisfies the operational requirements through the commissioning and early operating phases of SNS. Compared to the early R&D version, many features of the ion source have been improved, and reliable operation at 6% duty factor has been achieved producing beam currents in the 35-mA range and above. LEBT operation proved that the purely electrostatic focusing principle is well suited to inject the ion beam into the RFQ accelerator, including the steering and pre-chopping functions. This paper will discuss the latest design features of the ion source and LEBT, give performance data for the integrated system, and report on commissioning results obtained with the SNS RFQ and Medium-Energy Beam Transport (MEBT) system. Prospects for further improvements will be outlined in concluding remarks.

Keller, R.; Thomae, R.; Stockli, M.; Welton, R.



Design, Operational Experiences and Beam Results Obtained with the SNS H- Ion Source and LEBT at Berkeley Lab  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The ion source and Low-Energy Transport (LEBT) system that will provide H- ion beams to the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) Front End and the accelerator chain have been developed into a mature unit that fully satisfies the operational requirements through the commissioning and early operating phases of SNS. Compared to the early R&D version, many features of the ion source have been improved, and reliable operation at 6% duty factor has been achieved producing beam currents in the 35-mA range and above. LEBT operation proved that the purely electrostatic focusing principle is well suited to inject the ion beam into the RFQ accelerator, including the steering and pre-chopping functions. This paper will discuss the latest design features of the ion source and LEBT, give performance data for the integrated system, and report on commissioning results obtained with the SNS RFQ and Medium-Energy Beam Transport (MEBT) system. Prospects for further improvements will be outlined in concluding remarks.

Keller, R.; Thomae, R.; Stockli, M.; Welton, R.



A Finite Difference Groundwater Modelling and Comparison of the Results with Those Obtained Using Finite element modelling approach  

Microsoft Academic Search

A finite difference modelling problem formulation with the help of a Taylor-series expansion is presented for groundwater models. The obtained differential groundwater equation is, then, solved using a suitable numerical solution algorithm based on the finite difference scheme over computational domains discretised by rectangular element grid. Defining boundary conditions, we apply the finite difference solution algorithm to obtain primarily the

Abolghasem Kamkar-Rouhani


Density-functional-theory results for Ga and As vacancies in GaAs obtained using the Socorro code.  

SciTech Connect

The Socorro code has been used to obtain density-functional theory results for the Ga vacancy (V{sub Ga}) and the As vacancy (V{sub As}) in GaAs. Calculations were performed in a nominal 216-atom simulation cell using the local-density approximation for exchange and correlation. The results from these calculations include: (1) the charge states, the atomic configurations of stable and metastable states, (2) energy levels in the gap, and (3) activation energies for migration. Seven charge states were found for the Ga vacancy (-3, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, +3). The stable structures of the -3, -2, -1, and 0 charge states consist of an empty Ga site with four As neighbors displaying T{sub d} symmetry. The stable structures of the +1, +2, and +3 charge states consist of an As antisite next to an As vacancy; AsGa-V{sub As}. Five charge states were found for the As vacancy (-3, -2, -1, 0, +1). The stable structures of the -1, 0, and +1 charge states consist of an empty As site with four Ga neighbors displaying C{sub 2v} symmetry. The stable structures of the -3 and -2 charge states consist of a Ga antisite next to a Ga vacancy; Ga{sub As}-V{sub Ga}. The energy levels of V{sub Ga} lie below mid-gap while the energy levels of As{sub Ga}-V{sub As} lie above and below mid-gap. All but one of the V{sub As} energy levels lie above mid-gap while the As{sub Ga}-V{sub As} energy level lies below mid-gap. The migration activation energies of the defect states were all found to be larger than 1.35 eV.

Wright, Alan Francis



42 CFR 82.27 - How can claimants obtain reviews of their NIOSH dose reconstruction results by NIOSH?  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2011 CFR

...NIOSH obtains records or information on radiation exposures of DOE or AWE employees that could substantially increase the level of radiation doses estimated in the completed dose...could substantially increase the level of radiation doses estimated in the completed...



Preliminary Paleointensity Results Obtained Along Two Adjacent Ridge Segments of the East Pacific Rise (15o-17oN)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The 16oN segment north of the Orozco transform fault is the shallowest and broadest along more than 5000 km of the East Pacific Rise (EPR) from 23oS to 23oN. Paleointensity experiments using the Thellier paleointensity method have been conducted on more than 35 lava samples along this magmatically inflated segment and along the more `typical' adjacent 17oN segment. Our goal is to constrain the timing and thus the emplacement mechanism of lava flows along the crest of the EPR. On-going detailed geochemical analysis on the same samples independently constrain the major lava flow sequences [Donnelly et al., Eos Trans, 79, p. F832, 1998]. Reliable preliminary results are obtained on multiple glassy basaltic samples from 25 dredges and wax cores samples. These are distributed over ~100 km along-axis, mainly within a few hundred meters (~2000 years) of the morphological axis. Our paleointensity dating technique relies on calibrated portions of the geomagnetic reference curve to constrain the timing of the lava fields. The inflated 16oN segment is characterized by very recent activities (probably less than 50 years old) along with much older flows (several hundreds years old). Samples collected off-axis and near the end of the 16oN segment have low paleointensities and are thus thought to be significantly older. There is also a weak tendency for older samples to occur along tectonized sections of the ridge axis, consistent with waning magmatism in those areas. With the help of geochemical data, flows are classified according to eruptive cycles along the neovolcanic zone.

Cormier, M. H.; Carlut, J.; Kent, D. V.; Kent, D. V.



Teaching excellence: Perceptions of community college students  

Microsoft Academic Search

Numerous efforts to assess teaching excellence have been attempted, but systematic research has produced limited results at best. This study expanded upon recent studies focusing on how students' perceptions and attitudes can be used to identify the best course environments and the qualities of teaching excellence. This is especially critical considering that most previous empirical research has been conducted at

Gary Robert Oesch



Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis Results Obtained in the 1996 Performance Assessment for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant  

SciTech Connect

The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WPP) is located in southeastern New Mexico and is being developed by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for the geologic (deep underground) disposal of transuranic (TRU) waste. A detailed performance assessment (PA) for the WIPP was carried out in 1996 and supports an application by the DOE to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the certification of the WIPP for the disposal of TRU waste. The 1996 WIPP PA uses a computational structure that maintains a separation between stochastic (i.e., aleatory) and subjective (i.e., epistemic) uncertainty, with stochastic uncertainty arising from the many possible disruptions that could occur over the 10,000 yr regulatory period that applies to the WIPP and subjective uncertainty arising from the imprecision with which many of the quantities required in the PA are known. Important parts of this structure are (1) the use of Latin hypercube sampling to incorporate the effects of subjective uncertainty, (2) the use of Monte Carlo (i.e., random) sampling to incorporate the effects of stochastic uncertainty, and (3) the efficient use of the necessarily limited number of mechanistic calculations that can be performed to support the analysis. The use of Latin hypercube sampling generates a mapping from imprecisely known analysis inputs to analysis outcomes of interest that provides both a display of the uncertainty in analysis outcomes (i.e., uncertainty analysis) and a basis for investigating the effects of individual inputs on these outcomes (i.e., sensitivity analysis). The sensitivity analysis procedures used in the PA include examination of scatterplots, stepwise regression analysis, and partial correlation analysis. Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis results obtained as part of the 1996 WIPP PA are presented and discussed. Specific topics considered include two phase flow in the vicinity of the repository, radionuclide release from the repository, fluid flow and radionuclide transport in formations overlying the repository, and complementary cumulative distribution functions used in comparisons with regulatory standards (i.e., 40 CFR 191, Subpart B).

Bean, J.E.; Berglund, J.W.; Davis, F.J.; Economy, K.; Garner, J.W.; Helton, J.C.; Johnson, J.D.; MacKinnon, R.J.; Miller, J.; O'Brien, D.G.; Ramsey, J.L.; Schreiber, J.D.; Shinta, A.; Smith, L.N.; Stockman, C.; Stoelzel, D.M.; Vaughn, P.



Cytological mapping of human chromosomes: results obtained with Quinacrine fluorescence and the Acetic-Saline-Giemsa techniques  

Microsoft Academic Search

The similarities and differences between the banding patterns obtained in human chromosomes with the Quinacrine fluorescence and the Acetic-Saline-Giemsa (ASG) techniques are described. The use of these techniques to identify each chromosome pair in the human karyotype is discussed, as also is the use of the methods to identify aberrant chromosomes and to map points of exchange in translocations and

H. J. Evans; K. E. Buckton; A. T. Sumner




Microsoft Academic Search

Anecdotal occurrence records (sighting reports, descriptions of tracks etc.) cannot be independently verified and, thus, are inherently unreliable and vulnerable to both scientific and legal challenges. In contrast, verifiable occurrence records (specimens, photos, track-plate impressions etc.) represent conclusive evidence of species presence, and provide a scientifically sound basis for conservation actions and management recommendations. To obtain reliable data on the



Ionospheric electron density profiles obtained with the Global Positioning System: Results from the GPS\\/MET experiment  

Microsoft Academic Search

The experiment, which placed a GPS receiver in a low-Earth orbit tracking GPSsatellites setting behind the Earth's limb, has collected data from several thousands ofoccultations since its launch in April 1995. This experiment demonstrated for the first timethe use of GPS in obtaining profiles of electron density and other geophysical variablessuch as temperature, pressure and water vapor in the lower

George A. Hajj; Larry J. Romans



Toward Excellence in Technology Education  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This article presents a text of a speech delivered by the author at the Foundation for Technology Education (FTE) Spirit of Excellence breakfast in Salt Lake City, Utah. In this speech, the author talked about the meaning of excellence. In order to pursue excellence, the author suggested that people in the field of technology education should…

LaPorte, James E.



Obtaining land-use information from a remotely sensed land cover map: results from a case study in Lebanon  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The availability of land-use information allows decision-makers to develop short to long-term plans for the conservation, sustainable use and development of natural resources. Spatial land-use information often does not exist, whereas land cover information is mostly present in the form of maps derived from remotely sensed data. The latter could provide a basis for obtaining land-use information but there is currently no comprehensive methodology for how to obtain such information in a standardised manner. In Lebanon, with its wide variety of land cover types due to the diversity in landforms and variability in rainfall, a case study was carried out to try to develop a set of decision rules to obtain the dominant land uses from the existing 1:50,000-scale land cover maps. The development of the decision rules to allow such a transformation brought several problems to light concerning spatial and temporal variation of land cover, the accuracy of the input materials, the limitations of the developed decision rules and the complexity of the relation between land cover and land use. The decision rules were also analysed as to their general applicability for acquisition of land-use information and the implications for field survey data collection. Furthermore, quantification of the land cover and land-use classes allowed the examination of the nature of the land cover/use relationships in Lebanon. In addition, these data were compared to the FAO Production Yearbook statistics in order to link annual production estimates with the extent of land involved in the production of commodities. This comparison underlines the complexity of deducing land-use information from land cover data, especially where the land cover/land-use relation is weak and additional data is limited. Assumptions used to identify the spatial extent of certain land uses need to be thoroughly tested in the field for their validity as this is vital in obtaining reliable land-use information.

Jansen, Louisa J. M.; Di Gregorio, Antonio



Results of regular study on radionuclidic purity of 99m Tc obtained from 99 Mo 99m Tc generators  

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A total of 39 99mTc eluates obtained from 9 99Mo-99mTc generators delivered by The Radiochemical Centre Amersham during one year was studied with regard to their radionuclide purity. Using a Ge(Li) spectrometer the contaminants 60Co, 103Ru, 131I, 134Cs, 140Ba, 140La and 188Re were found in 99mTc-eluates with average levels ranging from 2.9x10-3 to 2.8x10-1 per cent of 99mTc activity. The

Jaroslav Vl?ek; Václav Hušák; Jaroslav Rohá?ek




Microsoft Academic Search

This paper describes a method used to improve education in the Telecommunication' Engineering field, by applying PQRST methodology to the educative environment. This methodology has been successfully applied to a subject which has traditionally been considered as difficult within the Telecommunication Engineer teachings. Results confirm student's learning improvement when attending these classes, as well as the popularity of this educational

Carlos Blanco Vázquez; Francisco Álvarez-Vaquero


Reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament in the dogComparison of results obtained with three different porous synthetic materials  

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The anterior cruciate ligaments in 17 knees of 12 mongrel dogs were replaced with one of three porous minimally reactive prosthetic (synthetic) materials. The results show that while the porous materials support the ingrowth of fibrous tissue from the bone of the dog's knee, fatigue failure occurred before sufficient fibrous tissue was incorporated to reconstitute a functional ligament. Further laboratory

John F. Meyers; William A. Grana; Peggy A. Lesker



Preliminary Results from the STARDUST Encounter with Wild 2 Comet obtained by the Dust Flux Monitor Instrument  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

On January 2nd, 2004, the Stardust spacecraft successfully encountered the Wild 2 comet. The Dust Flux Monitor Instrument (DFMI) provided quantitative measurements of dust particle fluxes and particle mass distribution throughout the entire flythrough. The DFMI consists of two different dust detector systems --- a polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) dust sensor unit (SU), which measures particles in the 10-11 to 10-4 mass, and a dual acoustic sensor system (DASS), which utilizes two piezoelectric accelerometers mounted on the first two layers of the spacecraft Whipple dust shield to measure the flux ofparticles with mass larger than 10-4 g. The DFMI on the stardust mission was designed, built and tested at the University of Chicago. The Open University provided the calibration and will perform the analysis of the data from the acoustic sensors. The DFMI instrument was turned on 15 minutes before the estimated closest approach. It started to detect the first dust particles just a few minutes before the closest approach with both types of the sensors in the instrument. As the S/C was departing the comet several more dust particle streams were encountered some 2-12 minutes after the closest approach. The time distribution of dust particles detected by DFMI is not uniform and they seem to come in closely spaced swarms of particles separated by many seconds with no events. The source of these particles is believed to be several of the jet streams that were observed in many of the images obtained by the navigation camera on the STARDUST spacecraft. Data flux rates and dust particle mass distribution are currently being evaluated and will be presented at the meeting. The instrument detected thousands of small particles and a few of them were large enough to even penetrate the first layer of the Whipple bumper shield. From the DFMI data it has been estimated that more than several thousands particles larger than 20 ? in diameter have been collected in the aerogel collector that will returned back to Earth in January 2006.

Economou, T. E.; Tuzzolino, A. J.; Green, S. F.


The neurobehavioral impact of manganese: results and challenges obtained by a meta-analysis of individual participant data.  


Results from a meta-analysis of aggregated data provoked a new analysis using individual data on the neuropsychological performance of occupationally exposed workers. Data from eight studies examining 579 exposed and 433 reference participants were included, 28 performance variables analyzed. The performance scores were adjusted for well-known individual-level covariates; the influence of possible, but unknown study-level covariates was attenuated by means of a z-normalization. Associations between performance and exposure were estimated by ANOVAs and ANCOVAs, the latter representing multi-level models. Four cognitive and motor performance variables each indicated significantly lower performances of exposed individuals when confounding was considered; slowed motor performances and deficits in attention and short-term memory were found. Performance on a single test was significantly related to the biomarker manganese in blood. The outcomes on susceptibility were weak. The slowing of responses was the most distinct feature of performances of exposed workers. It remains unclear, whether this result is related to the employed tests or provides important information about early stages of the neurotoxic impairment. More specific cognitive tests need to be employed to answer this question. The lack of dose-response relationships was related to features of the biomarker: it does not reflect the Mn in brain responsible for changes in performances. PMID:23419685

Meyer-Baron, Monika; Schäper, Michael; Knapp, Guido; Lucchini, Roberto; Zoni, Silvia; Bast-Pettersen, Rita; Ellingsen, Dag G; Thomassen, Yngvar; He, Shuchang; Yuan, Hong; Niu, Qiao; Wang, Xian-Liang; Yang, Yong-Jian; Iregren, Anders; Sjögren, Bengt; Blond, Morten; Laursen, Peter; Netterstrom, Bo; Mergler, Donna; Bowler, Rosemarie; van Thriel, Christoph



[The comparative audiometric statistical study of the results obtained with plastipore or with autologous material in tympanoplasty with mastoidectomy].  


Two hundred forty-three patients underwent from 1984 to 1989 open (OT) or closed (CT) tympanoplasty and mastoidectomy, generally for cholesteatoma or non-cholesteatomatous chronic suppurant otitis media with some type of destruction of the ossicular chain. The results of the audiometric studies of 8 groups who underwent the same surgical technique using plastipore PORP or TORP, or autologous ossicle or cortical mastoid bone, were compared statistically after 2 years of evolution. Except for one of them, none of groups studied presented statistically significant differences, but the existence of more extrusions with the plastipore caused us to stop using it. The material of choice in our service is the autologous ossicle. PMID:7917474

Garzón Calles, J A


Electrolytes assessed by point-of-care testing - Are the values comparable with results obtained from the central laboratory?  

PubMed Central

Background and Aims: When dealing with very sick patients, the speed and accuracy of tests to detect metabolic derangements is very important. We evaluated if there was agreement between whole blood electrolytes measured by a point-of-care device and serum electrolytes measured using indirect ion-selective electrodes. Materials and Methods: In this prospective study, electrolytes were analyzed in 44 paired samples drawn from critically ill patients. Whole blood electrolytes were analyzed using a point-of-care blood gas analyzer and serum electrolytes were analyzed in the central laboratory on samples transported through a rapid transit pneumatic system. Agreement was summarized by the mean difference with 95% limits of agreement (LOA) and Lin’s concordance correlation (p c). Results: There was a significant difference in the mean (±standard deviation) sodium value between whole blood and serum samples (135.8 ± 5.7 mmol/L vs. 139.9 ± 5.4 mmol/L, P < 0.001), with the agreement being modest (pc = 0.71; mean difference ?4.0; 95% LOA ?8.78 to 0.65). Although the agreement between whole blood and serum potassium was good (pc = 0.96), and the average difference small (?0.3; 95% LOA ?0.72 to 0.13), individual differences were clinically significant, particularly at lower potassium values. For potassium values <3.0 mmol/L, the concordance was low (pc = 0.53) and the LOA was wide (1.0 to ?0.13). The concordance for potassium was good (pc = 0.96) for values ?3.0 (mean difference ?0.2; 95% LOA ?0.48 to 0.06). Conclusions: Clinicians should be aware of the difference between whole blood and serum electrolytes, particularly when urgent samples are tested at point of care and routine follow-up electrolytes are sent to the central laboratory. A correction factor needs to be determined at each center.

Chacko, Binila; Peter, John V; Patole, Shalom; Fleming, Jude J; Selvakumar, Ratnasamy



Developing a TQM Excellence Model  

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In contemporary management in the 1990s, TQM is a proven approach for success in manufacturing, services and the public sector. Examines what is so special about TQM and develops an excellence model based on some proven approaches adopted by the Japanese. Looks at the current thinking and development of TQM. Establishes the rationale for developing an excellence model for TQM

Samuel K. M. Ho; Christopher K. H. Fung



Mark's Maths and Excel Pages  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Geometry topics presented with the aid of downloadable Geometer's Sketchpad (GSP) files; see, in particular, Japanese temple geometry. Two comprehensive Tutorials in Excel spreadsheet form are provided for intermediate and advanced (VBA) users, and an Excel Teachers' markbook is available for download.

Dabbs, Mark



Principles of Finance with Excel  

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Finance is a topic that requires much computation, and in today's business world that computation is done almost entirely using Excel. Despite this, existing finance textbooks continue to rely heavily on hand calculators. Business school students--whose background in Excel is often weak when they come into finance courses--find that when they leave the academic environment they have to relearn both

Simon Benninga


Non-linear curve fitting using microsoft excel solver  

Microsoft Academic Search

Solver, an analysis tool incorporated into Microsoft Excel V 5.0 for Windows, has been evaluated for solving non-linear equations. Test and experimental data sets have been processed, and the results suggest that solver can be successfully used for modelling data obtained in many analytical situations (e.g. chromatography and FIA peaks, fluorescence decays and ISE response characteristics). The relatively simple user

S. Walsh; D. Diamond



Federal Resources for Educational Excellence  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

FREE (Federal Resources for Educational Excellence) is a Department of Education website that makes hundreds of learning resources from over forty federal organizations available and searchable in one place.

Excellence, Federal R.



Master Teaching: Pursuing Excellence in Marketing Education  

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This article reports results of a study undertaken with 144 of the marketing discipline's most effective teachers. Contacted through the mail, these master teachers were asked to explain the reasons for their success. Results indicate that they are excellent communicators, possess a real-world perspective, genuinely care for their students, and pride themselves on being organized and prepared. Additional insight on

Jeffrey S. Conant; Denise T. Smart; Craig A. Kelley



Feature AHP method used for excellent students evaluation  

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The purpose of this paper is to explore a scientific method to assess excellent students. By analyzing the factors affecting excellent students, this paper proposes a new method—feature AHP, based on the established AHP model. The results of this method are in agreement with our evaluation principle for excellent students in most schools. As a conclusion, this method has the

Jian Yao



Ultra-deep x-ray lithography of densely packed SU-8 features: I. An SU-8 casting procedure to obtain uniform solvent content with accompanying experimental results  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Although the benefits of SU-8 as a thick photoresist material for MEMS applications have been shown by various researchers, its use for ultra-thick applications (>1 mm) has been hampered by the difficulties associated with the high solvent gradient of the resultant layers. In this paper, the lithographic performance of the traditional methods of thick resist formation based on the casting of high solvent content SU-8 is presented. As an extension of the work, a new photoresist preparation method called 'dry chip casting' was developed. The new method involves the reduction of the solvent content of a given photoresist until the desired content is reached, the collection of the 'dry' chips and re-constitution on a substrate with the aid of heat and vacuum. The dry chip casting method yielded average solvent contents of about 7% (±0.5%) throughout the thickness of the SU-8 layers, with excellent x-ray lithographic characteristics. Results of ultra-deep x-ray lithography experiments in SU-8 layers as thick as 3 mm are presented in this paper.

Becnel, Charles; Desta, Yohannes; Kelly, Kevin



Experimental results of investigation into the two-phase flow and air entrainment in the spray cone of an atomizer obtained by the phase-Doppler-method  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The experimental work reported here first comprises the results of the measurements of the gas flow in the vicinity of the spray, i.e., main velocity components into rectangularly arranged planes of the spray cone. The vertical as well as the horizontal components were measured for different locations. Secondly, results are presented on the drop size and velocity measurements in the spray cone, obtained by a laser-Doppler velocity size-meter (LDVS) based on the phase-Doppler method. To obtain the spray cone contours and to determine the LDA measuring points in the horizontal and vertical measuring planes investigated, a laser light slit method was employed. The results of drop sizing by LDVS are compared with measurements obtained by laser diffraction spectrometry as a reference technique. Finally, the attempt is made to balance calculations of the air flow in the spray cone.

Dannehl, M.; Schulte, G.


Partnership for Excellence, Fall 2000.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Cuesta College (California) students are exceeding goals for AA/AS degrees and certificates, along with basic skills, vocational and occupational course completions. Students have shown excellent progress for goals with transfer preparedness and have shown improvement in combined California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC)…

Cartnal, Ryan; Hagen, Pete


Implementing the Reading Excellence Act.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This slide presentation outlines one state's (Utah) version of implementation of a model for literacy learning under the Reading Excellence Act (REA). According to the presentation, the model is called "The Utah Reads K-3 Literacy Model." The presentation is divided into the following sections: Utah's Vision: What We've Learned So Far; One…

Lacy, Laurie; Dole, Janice; Donaldson, Becky; Donaldson, Brady


Service excellence in electronic channels  

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Significant research and managerial attention has been devoted to service excellence over the last 20 years. We now need to focus some of that attention on service delivery through electronic channels. Evidence indicates that service is critical to online customers and that it is generally poor. The premise of this article is that we must understand how the customer evaluates

Valarie A. Zeithaml



Furman Singers: Discipline, Excellence, Beauty  

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Since 1946, the Furman Singers have been the flagship choral ensemble of Furman University, a private, liberal arts university in Greenville, South Carolina. The chorus has traveled extensively within the United States and abroad, serving as ambassadors for Furman University and the ensemble’s stated mission of “Discipline, Beauty, Excellence.” This study documents Furman University’s early history, the first few decades

Troy David Robertson



Designing Transformations: Schools of excellence  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

For over 50 years, including some form of Space education in school curriculum has become an established approach for inspiring young minds to study the sciences and pursue science-based careers. Space camps and schools are active all around the globe and typically attract the 'best and the brightest' young minds. But the context of Space is broad and all young minds need the confidence and ability to make choices that will best serve them in the world of learning, life and work. Designing Transformations: can the context of 'Space' serve as an inclusive educational engagement model and career skills tool to achieve "Schools of Excellence" (SoE)? This paper presents a case study for democratising space education within Scotland; through a new Schools of Excellence Model, which uses design methodology to convey an educational experience. It further demonstrates how the SoE model proposes the context of Space to dovetail with Scotland's Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) , with particular relevance to skills for learning, life and work to build skills and foster career agility to equip individuals for the new and changing demands of the future workplace. Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) is a new approach to the curriculum, with its emphasis on outcomes rather than inputs.

Marie Fairburn, Susan


A Path to Academic Excellence  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Educators in Roland Park Elementary/Middle School in Baltimore recognize the essential role that the arts play in education. This K-8 urban public school, which serves a highly diverse population, focuses on academic excellence and high standards for students and faculty. They believe that teaching "in and through the arts" helps to achieve those…

Grizzard, Clare; Woerner, Georgia K.



Electronics Manufacturing Center of Excellence  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

EMPFasis is a publication of the American Competitiveness Institute and the EMPF. The EMPF is the U.S. NavyÃÂ's National Center of Excellence dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art in electronics and increasing domestic productivity in electronics manufacturing.



The Dark Side of the Excellence Movement.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper examines the issue of the loss of less competent children from schools as a result of the emphasis upon academic excellence. Studies are cited indicating that more than 90 percent of all secondary principals feel that their schools are improving; yet, as many as 25 percent of all children in a given sixth-grade class will drop out…

Craft, Connie Jo Smith


Getting ready for crises: Strategic excellence  

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Results of a national survey indicate that organizations are better prepared by having a crisis plan and a crisis management team in place. However, crisis personnel often receive little individual, team, and media training for effective crisis response. Excellent communication culture positively relates to crisis preparations with respect to having a crisis plan, maintaining a crisis team, formulating comprehensive training

Jaesub Lee; Jennifer H. Woeste; Robert L. Heath



The effect of positive selection on a sexual reproduction gene in Thalassiosira weissflogii (Bacillariophyta): results obtained from maximum-likelihood and parsimony-based methods.  


Maximum-Likelihood-based and parsimony-based methods were used to test for potential effects of positive selection on the sexually induced gene 1 (Sig1) in Thalassiosira weissflogii. The Sig proteins are thought to play a role in mediating sperm-egg recognition during the sexual reproduction phase. The results obtained from parsimony-based analyses showed that none of the amino acid sites were influenced by positive selection. Maximum-likelihood analyses indicated that positive selection was affecting a maximum of seven and a minimum of four amino acid sites in the polypeptide derived from Sig1. It was concluded that the results obtained from the maximum-likelihood-based method are more reliable than those obtained from the parsimony-based approach. This is apparently the first study that has shown that reproductive proteins in unicellular eukaryotes are influenced by positive selection. PMID:12777506

Sorhannus, Ulf



Drinking water contaminants and adverse pregnancy outcomes: results obtained in Genoa in the frame of a multicentre case-control study carried out in Italy  

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Summary Reproductive and fetal development toxicity has been described in studies on laboratory animals after disinfections by-products (DBPs) exposure and an association between chlorinated drinking water exposure and adverse pregnancy outcomes has been suggested by a number of human epidemiological observa- tions. It is reported here about results obtained in Genoa in the frame of a multicentre case-control study carried



Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing of Bacillus anthracis: Comparison of Results Obtained by Using the National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards Broth Microdilution Reference and Etest Agar Gradient Diffusion Methods  

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We determined the patterns of antimicrobial susceptibility of 65 isolates of Bacillus anthracis (50 historical and 15 recent U.S. clinical isolates) to nine antimicrobial agents using the National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards (NCCLS) broth microdilution reference method. The results for the 50 historical B. anthracis isolates obtained by the broth microdilution method were compared to those generated by the

M. Jasmine Mohammed; Chung K. Marston; Tanja Popovic; Robbin S. Weyant; Fred C. Tenover


Objective and subjective measurements of slipperiness in fast-food restaurants in the USA and their comparison with the previous results obtained in Taiwan  

Microsoft Academic Search

Floor slipperiness is a critical issue in slip and fall incidents which are a major source of occupational injuries. The objectives of the current study were to investigate if the protocols used in a field study conducted in Taiwan could be used in similar environments in the USA and whether consistent results could be obtained. Protocols used in the field

Wen-Ruey Chang; Yueng-Hsiang Huang; Alfred Filiaggi



Excellent lubricating behavior of Brasenia schreberi mucilage.  


The present work reports an excellent lubrication property of an aquatic plant called Brasenia schreberi (BS). To investigate the lubrication characteristics of the BS mucilage, a novel measuring system is designed, and an ultralow friction coefficient about 0.005 between the mucilage and glass surface has been obtained. It is found that the ultralow friction is closely related to the structure of mucilage and water molecules in the mucilage. The microstructure analysis indicates that the mucilage surrounding BS forms a kind of polysaccharide gel with many nanosheets. A possible lubrication mechanism is proposed that the formation of hydration layers among these polymer nanosheets with plenty of bonded water molecules causes the ultralow friction. The excellent lubrication property has a potential application for reducing the friction between a glossy pill coated with such layer of mucilage and people's throats. PMID:22548346

Li, Jinjin; Liu, Yuhong; Luo, Jianbin; Liu, Pengxiao; Zhang, Chenhui



Law students academic excellence awarded  

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Excellence and academic achievement in Law studies were recently rewarded to students of The University of Notre Dame Australia, at its annual St Thomas More Law School Awards night, at the Fremantle Campus.\\u000aProminent Australian law firms sponsored the awards for Best Student in each year and outstanding achievements in all units, including Commercial Practice and Ethics, Criminal Law, Administrative

Andrea Barnard



Maintaining clinical excellence using SOPs.  


Clinical excellence requires the consideration of many factors--the dentist's own level of expertise and the collaborative effort of the clinical team. The Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) method of standardization can help a dentist move closer to that objective by allowing the completion of each task according to tested, successful protocols and can mean the difference between occasionally hitting the mark and consistently achieving greatness. PMID:15119564

Freeman, Marsha



The Center for Teaching Excellence  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

A number of colleges and universities have excellent sites dedicated to helping professors and other educators learn more about effective teaching methods. In recent years, more than a few community colleges have also adopted such techniques, creating a plethora of websites geared towards assisting educators. The first site profiled is from the Lansing Community CollegeÂs Center For Teaching Excellence. From their page, visitors can take a look through a number of useful documents, such as ÂClassroom Strategies for Fostering Student Retention and ÂEssays on Teaching Excellence. The site also contains their biannual newsletter, ÂSpotlight on FacultyÂ, which features a number of teaching tips and techniques developed by faculty at the college. The second site will take users to the Teaching and Learning Center at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, Texas. Here visitors can find helpful Âtechnology tips designed for incorporating technology into the classroom, and a number of podcasts of interest. These podcasts deal with a number of themes, ranging from mental health crises on campus to resource challenges facing community colleges.


The Effect of Positive Selection on a Sexual Reproduction Gene in Thalassiosira weissflogii (Bacillariophyta): Results Obtained from Maximum-Likelihood and Parsimony-Based Methods  

Microsoft Academic Search

Maximum-Likelihood-based and parsimony-based methods were used to test for potential effects of positive selection on the sexually induced gene 1 (Sig1 )i nThalassiosira weissflogii. The Sig proteins are thought to play a role in mediating sperm-egg recognition during the sexual reproduction phase. The results obtained from parsimony-based analyses showed that none of the amino acid sites were influenced by positive

Ulf Sorhannus



Results of 2007 Ect Benchmark Obtained with Civa at Cea: Prediction of Ect Inspection Over Tubes with 2d or 3d Flaws  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) has developed for years the software CIVA dedicated to the simulation of NDT techniques such as Eddy Current Testing (ECT). ECT modeling is achieved in CIVA using semi-analytical models based on the Volume Integral Method (VIM). This paper presents results obtained with CIVA for the QNDE 2007 ECT benchmark, dedicated to the inspection of tube affected by 2D and 3D flaws. Further configurations are also proposed for future benchmark sessions.

Pichenot, G.; Reboud, C.; Raillon, R.; Mahaut, S.



Understanding Solubility through Excel Spreadsheets  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This article describes assignments related to the solubility of inorganic salts that can be given in an introductory general chemistry course. Le Châtelier's principle, solubility, unit conversion, and thermodynamics are tied together to calculate heats of solution by two methods: heats of formation and an application of the van't Hoff equation. These assignments address the need for math, graphing, and computer skills in the chemical technology program by developing skill in the use of Microsoft Excel to prepare spreadsheets and graphs and to perform linear and nonlinear curve-fitting. Background information on the value of understanding and predicting solubility is provided.

Brown, Pamela



Pyrolysis of mixtures of sewage sludge and manure: a comparison of the results obtained in the laboratory (semi-pilot) and in a pilot plant.  


A pilot-scale pyrolysis process was carried out for the treatment of a mixture of two types of waste, sewage sludge and cattle manure, comparing the results with others obtained under laboratory conditions (semi-pilot scale). The aim of this study was to obtain the energetic valorization of the products. Owing to the specific characteristics of the plant, two products were obtained from the process: gas and carbonized solid. As no liquid fraction was obtained, the gas fraction is a greater percentage made up of both condensable and non-condensable compounds, which were obtained separately at the laboratory scale. The pilot plant was designed so that the gases produced by thermolysis were burnt continuously in a combustion chamber, while the carbonized fraction was fed in batches for co-combustion. To determine composition and combustion ability, the gas and solid products from the pilot process were characterized by chromatographic analysis of the gaseous fraction and chemical analysis and programmed-temperature combustion of the carbonized solid. The composition of the combustion gases, rich in light hydrocarbons, and the carbon present in the carbonized fraction enable the energetic valorization of these products. The combustion gases were subjected to a cleaning process and their composition analysed twice: before and after the gas cleaning treatment. The study led to a positive assessment of the possible use of the process products as fuel, provided that the combustion gases are treated. As most of the sulphur and chlorine from the original waste are mainly concentrated in the solid fraction, the use of char as a fuel will depend on the effectiveness of clean-up techniques for combustion gases. During gas cleansing, neutralizing with sodium bicarbonate proved effective, especially for the acidic compounds HCl, HF and SO(2). PMID:16996726

Sánchez, M E; Martínez, O; Gómez, X; Morán, A



[Chemical risk assessment in the leather goods producers: a comparison of the results obtained by measurements air concentration and algorithm ARChiMEDE].  


The Italian legislation on chemical agents has undergone significant changes. The aim of the study was to compare the results obatained from an environmental investigation and the use of the ARChi.MEDE model The results of the survey were treated with the UNI EN 689/1997 that showed an acceptable result, while according to the use A.R.Chi.M.E.D.E. a significant risk was obtained. Actually the mathematical model assess workers exposure without considering in the calculation the specific preventive measures (personal protective equipment, training, uptake of pollutants at the source) as contemplated by law. So the mathematical model showed the need of preventive measures in the studied work place. PMID:23393803

Montomoli, L; Sarrini, D; Sartorelli, P


Excellence and education: rhetoric and reality  

Microsoft Academic Search

Excellence’ has been a prevalent term in New Labour rhetoric on education, most notably in the stated goal of ‘excellence for all’ in education. Despite that, the meaning of the term has remained imprecise, and the implications of universal excellence unclear. In this paper, three distinct definitions of excellence are identified and the practicality considered of each as a universal

Donald Gillies



Excellence and Education: Rhetoric and Reality  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

"Excellence" has been a prevalent term in New Labour rhetoric on education, most notably in the stated goal of "excellence for all" in education. Despite that, the meaning of the term has remained imprecise, and the implications of universal excellence unclear. In this paper, three distinct definitions of excellence are identified and the…

Gillies, Donald



(Center of excellence: Microlaser microscope)  

SciTech Connect

This Center-of-Excellence grant has two components: development of an imaging system based on microlaser arrays forms a central project among a group of laser diagnostic and therapeutic efforts primarily funded outside the grant. In these first 8 months we have set up the Microlaser Microscope using small microlaser arrays. We have emphasized the basics of microlaser handling and electronic addressing and the optics of the microscope. Details of electronics and optics given here will be used in the larger arrays which should be available soon. After a description of the central Microlaser Microscope project, we touch briefly on the other projects of the Center, which have been outstandingly fruitful this year. Publications are necessarily concerned with the smaller projects, since the Microlaser Microscope is in its early stages.

Webb, R.H.



Implications of Academic Medicine's Failure to Recognize Clinical Excellence  

PubMed Central

Objective: To better understand the implications of inadequately recognizing clinical excellence in academia by exploring the perspectives of clinically excellent faculty within prominent American departments of medicine. Design: Qualitative study. Setting: 8 academic institutions. Participants: 24 clinically excellent department of medicine physicians. Methods: Between March 1 and May 31, 2007, investigators conducted in-depth semi-structured interviews with 24 clinically excellent physicians at leading academic institutions. Interview transcripts were independently coded by two investigators and compared for agreement. Content analysis identified themes related to clinical excellence in academia. Results: Twenty informants (83%) were Associate Professors or Professors, 8 (33%) were females, and the physicians hailed from a wide range of internal medicine specialties. The mean percent effort spent in clinical care by the physicians was 48%. The five domains that emerged related to academic medicine’s failure to recognize clinical excellence were: (1) low morale and prestige among clinicians, (2) less than excellent patient care, (3) loss of talented clinicians, (4) a lack of commitment to improve patient care systems, and (5) fewer excellent clinician role models to inspire trainees. Conclusions: If academic medical centers fail to recognize clinical excellence among its physicians, they may be doing a disservice to the patients that they pledge to serve. It is hoped that initiatives aiming to measure clinical performance in our academic medical centers will translate into meaningful recognition for those achieving excellence such that outstanding clinicians may feel valued and decide to stay in academia.

Durso, Samuel C.; Christmas, Colleen; Kravet, Steven J.; Parsons, Gregory; Wright, Scott M.



One-nucleon knockout reactions: an overview of recent results obtained on the structure of rare isotopes close to the drip-lines.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Experiments where heavy residues from one-nucleon knockout reactions are observed in coincidence with ?-rays emitted from the reaction have been carried out. The shape of the longitudinal momentum distribution convey information about the angular momentum of the removed nucleon, while the ?-ray information indicates which excited level of the residue was populated. Spectroscopic factors are deduced from measured partial and integral cross sections, using a model based on the eikonal approximation to calculate the single-particle removal cross sections. They can then be compared to shell-model calculations which give the parentage of the initial state to the final states. Results obtained on the nuclei ^11,12Be and ^16,17,19C will be presented. Other results on ^13,14B (V. Guimarães et al.), Phys. Rev. C 61, 064609 and ^26,27,28P (A. Navin et al.), Phys. Rev. Lett. 81, 5089 (1998) are available in the literature.

Hansen, P. G.; Sherrill, B. M.; Brown, B. A.; Aumann, T.; Tostevin, J. A.; Navin, A.; Glasmacher, T.; Maddalena, V.



Search for Trans-Neptunian Objects: a new MIDAS context confronted with some results obtained with the UH 8k CCD Mosaic Camera  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present the results obtained with a new program dedicated to the automatic detection of trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs) with standard sets of images obtained in the same field of view. This program has the key advantage, when compared to other similar softwares, of being designed to be used with one of the main astronomical data processing package; the Munich Image Data Analysis System (MIDAS) developped by The European Southern Observatory (ESO). It is available freely from the World Wide Web server of the Observatory of Besan\\c con (http://www.obs-besancon/www/ publi/philippe/tno.html). This program has been tested with observational data collected with the UH 8k CCD mosaic Camera, used during two nights, on October 25 and 26, 1997, at the prime focus of the CFH telescope (Mauna Kea, Hawaii). The purpose of these observational data was to detect new TNOs and a previous analysis conducted by the classical method of blinking, had lead to a first detection of a new TNO. This object appears close to the detection limit of the images (i.e. to the 24(th) magnitude) and presents an unsual orbital inclination (i =~ 33(deg) ). It has allowed the efficient and successful testing of the program to detect faint moving objects, demonstrating its ability to detect the objects close to the sky background noise with a very limited number of false detections.

Rousselot, P.; Lombard, F.; Moreels, G.



Reaeration coefficients of six streams in New York; a comparison of results obtained by a hydrocarbon-gas tracer method with those obtained by radioactive tracers and predictive equations  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Stream-reaeration measurements were made in selected reaches on six streams in New York State from 1978 to 1981 with hydrocarbon-gas and dye tracers. The sites were Canadaigua Outlet near Canadaigua, Oswego River at Fulton, Hudson River at Fort Miller, Cayadutta Creek near Johnstown, Chenango River near Morrisville, and Payne Brook near Hamilton. The reaches represent a wide range of discharge, water-surface slope, velocity, and streambed composition. Flows ranged from less than 2 cu ft/sq on the Chenango River to 4,100 cu ft/sq on the Hudson River, and water-surface slope within the reaches ranged from less than 1 foot/mile on the Hudson and Oswego Rivers to more than 50 ft/mi on Cayadutta Creek. The corresponding stream-reaeration coefficients ranged from 0.77 units/day for one reach on Canadaigua Outlet to 52 units/day on Cayadutta Creek. The reaeration coefficients for Canadaigua Outlet compared well with those obtained on the same reach 10 years earlier by radioactive tracers. Comparison of measured reaeration coefficients with those calculated from 10 predictive equations based on stream-channel characteristics yielded mean errors that range from 51% to 103%. No single equation gave reliable accuracy for all stream reaches. (USGS)

Stedfast, D. A.; Draper, R. E.



Assessment of the variations in fat content in normal liver using a fast MR imaging method in comparison with results obtained by spectroscopic imaging.  


A recently published Dixon-based MRI method for quantifying liver fat content using dual-echo breath-hold gradient echo imaging was validated by phantom experiments and compared with results of biopsy in two patients (Radiology 2005;237:1048-1055). We applied this method in ten healthy volunteers and compared the outcomes with the results of MR spectroscopy (MRS), the gold standard in quantifying liver fat content. Novel was the use of spectroscopic imaging yielding the variations in fat content across the liver rather than a single value obtained by single voxel MRS. Compared with the results of MRS, liver fat content according to MRI was too high in nine subjects (range 3.3-10.7% vs. 0.9-7.7%) and correct in one (21.1 vs. 21.3%). Furthermore, in one of the ten subjects the MRI fat content according to the Dixon-based MRI method was incorrect due to a (100-x) versus x percent lipid content mix-up. The second problem was fixed by a minor adjustment of the MRI algorithm. Despite systematic overestimation of liver fat contents by MRI, Spearman's correlation between the adjusted MRI liver fat contents with MRS was high (r = 0.927, P < 0.001). Even after correction of the algorithm, the problem remaining with the Dixon-based MRI method for the assessment of liver fat content,is that, at the lower end range, liver fat content is systematically overestimated by 4%. PMID:17999066

Irwan, Roy; Edens, Mireille A; Sijens, Paul E



Immunofluorescent staining of trypsinized formalin-fixed brain smears for rabies antigen: results compared with those obtained by standard methods for 221 suspect animal cases in Nigeria.  

PubMed Central

Formalin-fixed samples from 221 animal brains received for rabies diagnosis in Nigeria were digested in 0.1% trypsin in phosphate buffered saline, pH 7.4, and smears stained for rabies antigen by direct immunofluorescence (IF). The results were compared with those obtained using fresh material from the same animals for Negri body staining, mouse inoculation (MI) and occasionally immunofluorescent staining. From 191 specimens examined for Negri bodies and by mouse inoculation 51 and 64 respectively proved positive. The IF smear technique under investigation failed to detect 5 of these but showed up as positive 30 which had been recorded as Negri-negative and 19 that had gone undetected by MI too. In a direct comparison with IF staining of fresh tissue from 23 known rabies positive animals the similar staining of trypsin-digested formalized smears failed to give a positive result in 2 out of 23 cases. Some problems were encountered with smears not sticking to slides. When gelatinized slides were used fluorescence was sometimes poorer. Where transport and refrigeration are difficult and section-cutting equipment is lacking the technique of IF staining of smears prepared from formalized brain tissue after treatment with trypsin can be a useful adjunct to other diagnostic methods. It also makes for safer working where special facilities are absent.

Umoh, J. U.; Ezeokoli, C. D.; Okoh, A. E.



Exploring the Characteristics of "Teachers for Excellence": Teachers' Own Perceptions  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This article is concerned first with identifying teacher characteristics connected with excellence. It then analyses the results of a survey conducted among primary school teachers in one local authority area in Scotland. Teachers responded to a questionnaire which asked them to rate in importance 44 characteristics of excellence. The findings…

Grieve, Ann MacDonald



Obtaining land cover changes information from multitemporal analysis of Landsat-TM images: results from a case study in West African dryland  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Sahelian belt of West Africa is a semiarid region characterized by wide climate variations, which can in turn affect the livelihood of local populations particularly in rangeland areas, as happens during the dramatic food crisis in the 70-80s caused by rainfall scarcity. The monitoring of natural resources and rainfed agricultural activities, with the aim to provide information to support Sahelian food security action, needs the production of detailed thematic maps as emphasized by several scientific papers. In this framework, a study was conducted to develop a method to exploit time series of remote sensed satellite data to 1) provide reliable land cover (LC) map at local scale in a dry region and 2) obtain a LC change (LCC) map that contribute to identify the plausible causes of local environmental instability. Satellite images used for this work consist in a time series of Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) (path row 195-50) acquired in the 2000 (6 scenes) and 2007 (9 scenes) from February (Dry season) to September (end of wet season). The study investigates the different contribution provided by spectra information of a single Landsat TM image and by time series of derived NDVI. Different tests have been conducted with different combination of data set (spectral and temporal)in order to identify the best approach to obtain a LC map in five classes of interest: Shrubland, Cultivated Land, Water body, Herbaceous vegetation and Bare soil. The best classification approach is exposed and applied on two years in the last decade. The comparison between this two LC results in land cover change map, that displays the changes of vegetation patterns that have been characterized the area. The discussed results show a largely stable dryland region, but locally characterized by hot-spot of decreasing in natural vegetation inside the rangelands and an increasing of cultivations along fossil valleys where human activities are slightly intense. The discussion shows that this hot-spot aren't fully explained by climatic variability as displayed by a comparison with rainfall satellite data, and suggest that there are localized area where vegetation development is driven by other anthropic factors which interfere in the dynamics of plant growing.

Nutini, F.; Boschetti, M.; Brivio, P. A.; Antoninetti, M.



First results from the ionospheric tomography experiment using beacon TEC data obtained by means of a network along a longitude of 136°E over Japan  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A chain of newly designed GNU (GNU is not UNIX) Radio Beacon Receivers (GRBR) has recently been established over Japan, primarily for tomographic imaging of the ionosphere over this region. Receivers installed at Shionomisaki (33.45°N, 135.8°E), Shigaraki (34.8°N, 136.1°E), and Fukui (36°N, 136°E) continuously track low earth orbiting satellites (LEOS), mainly OSCAR, Cosmos, and FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC, to obtain simultaneous total electron content (TEC) data from these three locations, which are then used for the tomographic reconstruction of ionospheric electron densities. This is the first GRBR network established for TEC observations, and the first beacon-based tomographic imaging in Japanese longitudes. The first tomographic images revealed the temporal evolution with all of the major features in the ionospheric electron density distribution over Japan. A comparison of the tomographically reconstructed electron densities with the foF2 data from Kokubunji (35°N, 139°E) revealed that there was good agreement between the datasets. These first results show the potential of GRBR and its network for making continuous, unattended ionospheric TEC measurements and for tomographic imaging of the ionosphere.

Thampi, S. V.; Yamamoto, M.



Searching for excellence in business education  

Microsoft Academic Search

Purpose – The aim of this paper is to contradict past and present perceptions of excellence in business education, and to present excellence as a primary element for future business education in an era of new challenges for global management. Design\\/methodology\\/approach – The approach, by which this paper is structured, is theoretical and has been based on literature regarding excellence

Loukas N. Anninos; Leonidas Chytiris



On Excellence--Illustrated through Four Exemplars  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|In this article, the author presents an excerpt from his speech delivered at the Foundation for Technology Education (FTE) Spirit of Excellence Breakfast in Louisville, Kentucky, in Marcy 2009. The author focuses on people whose work reflect excellence and social responsibility. He uses this frame of excellence and social responsibility to…

Lewis, Theodore



Bayesian analysis for the results of fatigue test using full-scale models to obtain the accurate failure probabilities of the Shinkansen vehicle axle  

Microsoft Academic Search

Bayesian analysis was performed to estimate an appropriate value of the uncertain propagation rate of cracks that can be initiated at the wheelseat of a Shinkansen vehicle axle. In the analysis, fatigue life distribution obtained by numerical simulation that employed the crack propagation rate obtained from small specimens was used as the prior distribution. Then it was modified by the

Makoto Akama



An Excel macro for generating trilinear plots.  


This computer note describes a method for creating trilinear plots in Microsoft Excel. Macros have been created in MS Excel's internal language: Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). A simple form has been set up to allow the user to input data from an Excel worksheet. The VBA macro is used to convert the triangular data (which consist of three columns of percentage data) into X-Y data. The macro then generates the axes, labels, and grid for the trilinear plot. The X-Y data are plotted as scatter data in Excel. By providing this macro in Excel, users can create trilinear plots in a quick, inexpensive manner. PMID:17257347

Shikaze, Steven G; Crowe, Allan S


Provision of genetic services for hearing loss: results from a national survey and comparison to insights obtained from previous focus group discussions.  


Hearing loss is a common sensory deficit and more than 50% of affected individuals have a genetic etiology. The discovery of 40 genes and more than 100 loci involved in hearing loss has made genetic testing for some of these genes widely available. Genetic services for deafness are also being sought more often due to the early identification of hearing loss through newborn screening services. The motivations for pursuing genetic testing, and how genetic services are provided to the client may differ among individuals. Additionally, information obtained through genetic testing can be perceived and used in different ways by parents of deaf children and deaf adults. This study aimed to follow up on focus group studies published earlier with a quantitative survey instrument and assess the preference of consumers for provision of genetic services. We conducted a national survey of hearing and deaf parents of children with hearing loss and of deaf adults. Data was compared and analyzed by hearing status of the participant, their community affiliation and the genetic testing status using nominal logistic regression. Consistent with our focus group results, the survey participants thought that a genetic counselor/geneticist would be the most appropriate professional to provide genetics services. Statistically significant differences were noted in the preferred choice of provider based on the genetic testing status. Parents preferred that genetic evaluation, including testing, occur either immediately at or a few months after the audiologic diagnosis of hearing loss. This data should help providers in clinical genetics keep patient preferences at the helm and provide culturally competent services. PMID:19798556

Withrow, Kara Anne; Tracy, Kelly A; Burton, Sarah K; Norris, Virginia W; Maes, Hermine H; Arnos, Kathleen S; Pandya, Arti



An audit of the contribution to post-mortem examination diagnosis of individual analyte results obtained from biochemical analysis of the vitreous.  


Biochemical analysis of the vitreous humor from the eye is an accepted accessory test for post-mortem investigation of cause of death. Modern biochemical analyzers allow testing of a range of analytes from a sample. However, it is not clear which analytes should be requested in order to prevent unnecessary testing (and expense). The means and standard deviation of the values obtained from analysis of the vitreous humor for sodium, potassium, chloride, osmolality, glucose, ketones (?-hydroxybutyrate), creatinine, urea, calcium, lactate, and ammonia were calculated from which the contribution of each analyte was reviewed in the context of post-mortem findings and final cause of death. For sodium 32 cases were regarded as high (more than one standard deviation above the mean), from which 9 contributed to post-mortem diagnosis [drowning (4), heat related death (2), diabetic hyperglycemia (2), and dehydration (1)], but 25 low values (greater than one standard deviation below the mean) made no contribution. For chloride 29 high values contributed to 4 cases-3 drowning and 1 heat-related, but these were all previously identified by a high sodium level. There were 29 high and 35 low potassium values, none of which contributed to determining the final cause of death. Of 22 high values of creatinine, 12 contributed to a diagnosis of renal failure. From 32 high values of urea, 18 contributed to 16 cases of renal failure (2 associated with diabetic hyperglycemia), 1 heat-related death, and one case with dehydration. Osmolarity contributed to 12 cases (5 heat-related, 4 diabetes, 2 renal failure, and 1 dehydration) from 36 high values. There was no contribution from 32 high values and 19 low values of calcium and there was no contribution from 4 high and 2 low values of ammonia. There were 11 high values of glucose, which contributed to the diagnosis of 6 cases of diabetic hyperglycemia and 21 high ketone levels contributed to 8 cases: 4 diabetic ketosis, 3 hypothermia, 3 ketosis of unknown cause, and 2 alcohol related deaths. A high lactate was identified in 25 cases, which contributed to 1 case with a diagnosis of metformin toxicity (1), but none of the 22 low lactate values contributed. The results of this audit have been used to reduce vitreous biochemistry test requests for sodium, osmolality, glucose, ketones, urea, and creatinine in most cases. Critical appraisal of each part of the post-mortem process should be undertaken to provide evidence to justify any investigative methods used in an autopsy. PMID:23852932

Mitchell, Rebecca; Charlwood, Cheryl; Thomas, Sunethra Devika; Bellis, Maria; Langlois, Neil E I



Myeloablative Anti-CD20 Radioimmunotherapy +/- High-Dose Chemotherapy Followed by Autologous Stem Cell Support for Relapsed/Refractory B-Cell Lymphoma Results in Excellent Long-Term Survival  

PubMed Central

Background Radioimmunotherapy (RIT) has been used to treat relapsed/refractory CD20+ Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). Myeloablative anti-CD20 RIT followed by autologous stem cell infusion (ASCT) enables high radiation doses to lymphoma sites. We performed a phase I/II trial to assess feasibility and survival. Methods Twenty-three patients with relapsed/refractory NHL without complete remission (CR) to salvage chemotherapy were enrolled to evaluate RIT with Iodine-131 labelled rituximab (131I-rituximab) in a myeloablative setting. Biodistribution and dosimetric studies were performed to determine 131I activity required to induce a total body dose of 21-27Gy to critical organs. In 6/23 patients RIT was combined with high-dose chemotherapy. 8/23 patients received a sequential high-dose chemotherapy with a second ASCT. The median follow-up is 9.5 years. Results 6.956-19.425GBq of 131I was delivered to achieve the limiting organ dose to lungs or kidneys. No grade III/IV non-hematologic toxicity was seen with RIT alone. Significant grade III/IV toxicity (mucositis, fever, infection, one therapy related death) was observed in patients treated with RIT combined with high-dose chemotherapy. The overall response rate was 87% (64% CR). The median progression-free (PFS) and overall survival (OS) is 47.5 and 101.5 months. An international prognostic index score >1 was predictive for OS. Conclusion Myeloablative RIT with 131I-rituximab followed by ASCT is feasible, well-tolerated and effective in high risk CD20+ NHL. Combination of RIT and high-dose chemotherapy increased toxicity significantly. Long-term results for PFS and OS are encouraging.

Schreiber, Susanne; Schmidt, Burkhard; Wester, Hans-Jurgen; Schwaiger, Markus; Peschel, Christian; von Schilling, Christoph



Reduced-intensity conditioning using TBI (8 Gy), fludarabine, cyclophosphamide and ATG in elderly CML patients provides excellent results especially when performed in the early course of the disease.  


Allogeneic bone marrow or stem cell transplantation is a curative therapeutic option for chronic myelogenous leukemia. In order to decrease the toxicity of the procedure, the dosage of total body irradiation was reduced from 12 to 8 Gy and subsequently the dose of cyclophosphamide from 120 to 80 mg/kg. The purine analogue fludarabine, ATG, cyclosporine A and a short course of methotrexate were given for immune suppression. So far, 35 elderly CML patients with sibling and unrelated donors have been transplanted. Transplant-related mortality at day + 100 was 11%. After engraftment, all patients achieved a complete cytogenetic remission. Relapse occurred in 14% of the patients. The risk of relapse was significantly higher in those patients transplanted in second chronic or accelerated phase (P = 0.048). After a median follow-up of 30 months (range 12-62), 63% of the patients are alive. Those patients transplanted within the first year from diagnosis had an overall survival of 79% (P = 0.049), emphasizing the benefit of early transplantation. Stepwise reduction of conditioning intensity resulted in stable engraftment, low relapse rates and encouraging overall survival in this high-risk patient group. PMID:15489879

Weisser, M; Schleuning, M; Ledderose, G; Rolf, B; Schnittger, S; Schoch, C; Schwerdtfeger, R; Kolb, H J



On the accuracy of statistical procedures in Microsoft Excel 2000 and Excel XP  

Microsoft Academic Search

The problems that rendered Excel 97 unfit for use as a statistical package have not been fixed in either Excel 2000 or Excel 2002 (also called “Excel XP”). Microsoft attempted to fix errors in the standard normal random number generator and the inverse normal function, and in the former case actually made the problem worse.

B. D. McCullough; Berry Wilson



Notes on quasiminimality and excellence  

Microsoft Academic Search

0 can be taken as a reduct of an expansion of the complex numbers by analytic functions'. This program interacts with two other lines of research. First is the general study of categoricity theorems in infinitary languages. After initial results by Keisler, reported in (31), this line was taken up in a long series of works by Shelah. We place

John T. Baldwin



Total quality management: achieving service excellence.  


Total Quality Management (TQM) provides a philosophy and a method for organizational renewal and redesign. It is based on the principle that productive work is accomplished through processes. Improving these processes requires the office team to objectively measure performance, discover root causes of problems, take corrective action, determine the effect of these actions, and secure achievements. TQM is a technique that provides a series of steps and set of tools. Through staff involvement and a desire for quality improvement, organizations involved in total quality note the accompanying satisfaction in taking constructive action, improving patient relations, and achieving service excellence. In today's competitive delivery environment, implementation of TQM can result in more satisfied patients, higher staff morale, and a more effective office team. PMID:9161134

Adelson, R



Center of excellence in theoretical geoplasma research  

SciTech Connect

The Center for Theoretical Geoplasma Physics was established at MIT in 1986 through an AFOSR University Research Initiative grant. The goal of the Center since its inception has been to develop and maintain a program of excellence in interdisciplinary geoplasma research involving the mutual interaction of ionospheric scientists, aeronomists, plasma physicists and numerical analysts. During the past six years, members of the center have made seminal contributions to a number of definitive research findings in the fundamental understanding of ionospheric turbulence, particle acceleration, and the phenomenon of coupling between the ionosphere and magnetosphere. Some of the results of these research activities have already found practical applications toward the mission of the Air Force by scientists at the Geophysics Directorate of the Phillips Laboratory, particularly those affiliated with the research group headed by Dr. J.R. Jasperse of the Ionospheric Effects Branch. Theoretical geoplasma physics, URI Program.

Chang, T.



BREEAM Excellent: Business Value Vs Employee Morale  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

BREEAM is gaining popularity in the UK. Similar green building standards have gained popularity worldwide. However, it is important that we analyse the actual value added to a business by having a BREEAM rated facility. It is also important to analyze the impact on employee performance of such a facility. This paper presents a case study of a BREEAM excellent rated building with impact on the morale and performance of the employees. The data for the paper was collected using semi-structured interviews of a group of employees who work at this facility located in Glasgow. The results suggest that it is important to highlight the tangible benefits and value added through the implementation of the BREEAM standard.

Turner, Nova; Arif, Mohammed



Screenbowl centrifuges have shown excellent results for Ruhrkohle  

SciTech Connect

In view of the fact that separating the water mechanically is less expensive and less complicated than thermal drying, RAG decided to install additional mechanical dewatering devices. Screenbowl centrifuges consist of a two-stage screw conveyor centrifuge, which combines a solid bowl with a screenbowl-type machine. The slurry is introduced through the feed pipe and subsequently goes through two stages. During the first stage, within the solid-bowl section, solids are deposited by the effects of centrifugal force. Effluent leaves the machine over the overflow weir. Pre-thickened flotation concentrate is then pushed by the screw conveyor into the second stage, the screenbowl. Centrifuged cake is further dewatered and then discharged. Effluent leaving the screenbowl is returned to the feed. The first centrifuge used on an industrial scale by Ruhrkohle was the KHD Humboldt Wedag type SVS 900 by 1800 model. This centrifuge had a rotor diameter of 900 millimeters (36 inches) and a rotor length of 1800 millimeters (72 inches). Its optimum feed rate was 10 tons per hour. The unit was run continuously for seven months without any failure or noticeable wear. Now after more than two years of continuous operation of screenbowl centrifuges in three RAG coal preparation plants, the following conclusions can be made: (1) steady and uncomplicated operation of these machines is impressive. Centrifuges are run without flocculant; they require only starting and stopping with the desired feed rate being controlled as a function of power consumption; (2) screenbowl centrifuges discharge a product of good flow properties, with good handling characteristics; (3) in cases that have a high proportion of fine particles in the feed or high throughput rates, combined operation of rotary vacuum filters with screenbowl centrifuges or the use of compartment-type presses with screenbowl centrifuges is advisable for dewatering effluent.

Bogenschneider, B.; Wilczynski, P.



Waterfloods achieve excellent results in Western Canada oil fields  

Microsoft Academic Search

Among the large waterflood schemes, 2 of the biggest are both in southeastern Saskatchewan. The Midale and Weyburn floods, which went on stream within the past 2 yr, are performing better than expected. The oldest of all, in the Dollard Field of southwestern Saskatchewan, has exceeded all the forecasts for extent of response, increase in production, and sustained period of




Aerosol climatology over an urban site, Tirupati (India) derived from columnar and surface measurements: First time results obtained from a 30-day campaign  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In the present study, collocated and simultaneous data on spectral aerosol optical depth (AOD), mass concentration and size distribution of near-surface composite aerosols and black carbon aerosol mass concentrations were obtained from Microtops-II Sunphotometer, Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) and Aethalometer, respectively, over an urban location, Tirupati (India) in the month of May 2009. The mean AOD at 500 nm and Ångström parameters (?, ?) during this period were obtained as 0.64±0.13 and 0.89±0.24, 0.36±0.10, respectively. The total surface aerosol mass concentration varied from 13 to 60 ?g m-3 out of which coarse mode dominated by 39%. The mean value of total mass concentration of aerosols was 23.80±0.25 ?g m-3. The Ångström wavelength exponent (?) showed a positive correlation of 0.60 with the near-surface fine-mode fraction. The total mass concentration showed positive and negative correlations of 0.72 and 0.68 with air temperature and relative humidity, respectively. Along with this, the diurnal variation of black carbon aerosol concentration varied from 2 to 14 ?g m-3 and observed prominently a sharp fumigation peak at around 07:00-09:00 h and the nocturnal peak between 20:00 and 22:00 h with a low value in afternoon hours (15:00 h) with a mean BC mass concentration of 3.76±0.23 ?g m-3. A scatter plot between BC mass concentration (Mb) and total surface mass concentration (Mt) showed significant positive correlation of 0.73 and was used to estimate mean mass fraction (FBC) for the study period, which was found to be 8.1±0.5%.

Reddy, B. Suresh Kumar; Kumar, K. Raghavendra; Balakrishnaiah, G.; Gopal, K. Rama; Reddy, R. R.; Reddy, L. S. S.; Narasimhulu, K.; Rao, S. Vijaya Bhaskara; Kiran Kumar, T.; Balanarayana, C.; Moorthy, K. Krishna; Babu, S. Suresh



Feminist Rhetorical Practices: In Search of Excellence  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|In this article, we undertake three critical tasks: First, we delineate major shifts in feminist rhetorical inquiry, thus describing a new and changed landscape of the field. Second, we argue that as feminist rhetorical practices have shifted, so have standards of excellence. To articulate excellence in feminist rhetorical studies, we draw…

Kirsch, Gesa E.; Royster, Jacqueline J.



Centers of excellence in multinational corporations  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper seeks to understand the conditions under which 'centers of excellence' emerge in foreign subsidiaries of multinational firms. We define a center of excellence as an organiza- tional unit that embodies a set of capabilities that has been explicitly recognized by the firm as an important source of value creation, with the intention that these capabilities be lever- aged

Tony S. Frost; Julian M. Birkinshaw; Prescott C. Ensign



Florida's Centers of Excellence in English.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The eight English language arts programs in the six Florida public schools included among the 150 Centers of Excellence in English selected by the National Council of Teachers of English are described in this focused journal issue. Following an introductory essay by coeditor Edward Deluzain describing the Centers of Excellence selection…

Deluzain, Edward, Ed.



Getting the Best out of Excel  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Excel, Microsoft's spreadsheet program, offers several tools which have proven useful in solving some optimization problems that arise in operations research. We will look at two such tools, the Excel modules called Solver and Goal Seek--this after deriving an equation, called the "cash accumulation equation", to be used in conjunction with them.|

Heys, Chris



Using Microsoft Excel to Generate Usage Statistics  

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|At the Libraries Service Center, statistics are generated on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis by using four Microsoft Excel workbooks. These statistics provide information about what materials are being requested and by whom. They also give details about why certain requests may not have been filled. Utilizing Excel allows for a shallower…

Spellman, Rosemary



School Effectiveness: Profile of School Excellence.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Based on Larry Hutchins' analysis of the school effectiveness literature, the Profile of School Excellence (PRO-S/E) is a diagnostic tool keyed to 11 instructional and organizational variables which are positively related to effective/excellent schools and which are alterable. The variables are: needs basis; objectives; expectations; roles and…

Sanders, Jack; And Others


The global quest for nursing excellence.  


In this month's column, Stephanie Ferguson, PhD, RN, FAAN, Director, International Council of Nurses' (ICN) Leadership for Change Programme; Facilitator, ICN Global Nursing Leadership Institute; ICN Consultant for Nursing and Health Policy; and World Health Organization Consultant, provides a perspective on the importance of global nursing excellence and highlights the American Nurses Credentialing Center's strategic global quest for nursing excellence. PMID:24153194

Ferguson, Stephanie L



Florida's Centers of Excellence in English.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The eight English language arts programs in the six Florida public schools included among the 150 Centers of Excellence in English selected by the National Council of Teachers of English are described in this focused journal issue. Following an introductory essay by coeditor Edward Deluzain describing the Centers of Excellence selection procedure,…

Deluzain, Edward, Ed.



Clinical Excellence in Psychiatry: A Review of the Psychiatric Literature  

PubMed Central

Objective: The provision of excellent patient care is a goal that physicians would like to achieve in caring for all patients, all of the time. Until recently, clinical excellence had not been defined, and the extent to which this recently published definition applies to the care of patients with psychiatric illness is not known. This article sets out to consider how the paradigm for clinical excellence applies to the field of psychiatry. Data Source: PubMed, Ovid MEDLINE, and PsycINFO were searched (1962 through December 2010) combining the keywords psychiatry (or psychiatrist) and clinical excellence, limiting the output to English-language case reports. In subsequent searches, the term clinical excellence was replaced by each of the components of the definition: communication and interpersonal skills, professionalism and humanism, diagnostic acumen, skillful negotiation of the health care system, knowledge, scholarly approach to clinical practice, exhibiting a passion for patient care, explicitly modeling mastery to medical trainees, and collaborating with investigators to advance science and discovery. Study Selection: The search yielded 218 case reports. All of the case reports were reviewed, and a consensus was reached on the 8 exemplars and 1 teaching model to be presented in the article. Careful consideration was given as to whether any aspects of the framework for clinical excellence were missing or not applicable for psychiatry. Results Every case report reviewed touched on 1 or more of the domains of clinical excellence. None of the case reports uncovered new aspects of clinical excellence that were not described in the existing definition. Conclusions: This review of the case reports published in psychiatry reveals that the definition of clinical excellence described in this article may be highly applicable to those caring for patients with psychiatric illness.

Chisolm, Margaret S.; Peters, Matthew E.; Burkhart, Kathleen



The Excellence-Commitment-and-Effective-Learning (ExCEL) Group: An Integrated Approach for First-Year College Students' Success.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Presents research findings that evaluate the study skills, academic performance, and retention of students who participated in an Excellence-Commitment-and-Effective-Learning (ExCEL) group. Results indicate that the ExCEL groups appear to have enhanced the participants' study skills, GPAs, and social and cultural adjustment during the first year.…

Ting, Siu-Man Raymond; Grant, Susan; Plenert, Sheri L.



Are Bibliographic Management Software Search Interfaces Reliable?: A Comparison between Search Results Obtained Using Database Interfaces and the EndNote Online Search Function  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The use of bibliographic management software and its internal search interfaces is now pervasive among researchers. This study compares the results between searches conducted in academic databases' search interfaces versus the EndNote search interface. The results show mixed search reliability, depending on the database and type of search…

Fitzgibbons, Megan; Meert, Deborah



Animating ground water levels with Excel.  


This note describes the use of Microsoft Excel macros (programs written in Excel's internal language, Visual Basic for Applications) to create simple onscreen animations of transient ground water data within Excel. Compared to many specialized visualization software packages, the use of Excel macros is much cheaper, much simpler, and can rapidly be learned. The Excel macro can also be used to create individual GIF files for each animation frame. This series of frames can then be used to create an AVI video file using any of a number of graphics packages, such as Corel PhotoPaint. The technique is demonstrated through a macro that animates changes in the elevation of a water table along a transect over several years. PMID:12873018

Shikaze, Steven G; Crowe, Allan S


[Comparing of the results obtained from distalization of the upper molar teeth by applying extraoral forces to permanent and removable appliances].  


The purpose of the present study is to compare the experimental and clinical results of permanent and removable appliances on headgears. 3 dimensional photoelastic models were used in the experimental work. On these models, forces applied to face bows which were attached to permanent and removable ancher units. After the experiment sagittal sections prepared and analyzed under polaroscope. The results of the 8 case with removable ancher units and 7 case with permanent ancher units were compared by cephalometric processes. As a result, there was no significant difference between permanent and removable headgears. PMID:2489129

Tezcan, S; Yi?it, M D; Enacar, A



Results of a Greenhouse Study Investigating the Phytoextraction of Lead from Contaminated Soils Obtained from the Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant, Desoto, Kansas.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This report describes the results of greenhouse studies conducted to determine if phytoextraction methods could be enhanced by increasing ionic lead's solubility in water. Soil acidifiers and chelating agents were used to increase lead's solubility in wat...

A. D. Behel D. A. Kelly D. F. Bader P. A. Pier R. A. Almond



Assessing Representativeness of Sampling Methods for Reaching Men Who Have Sex with Men: A Direct Comparison of Results Obtained from Convenience and Probability Samples  

Microsoft Academic Search

Convenience samples are used to determine HIV-related behaviors among men who have sex with men (MSM) without measuring the\\u000a extent to which the results are representative of the broader MSM population. We compared results from a cross-sectional survey\\u000a of MSM recruited from gay bars between June and October 2001 to a random digit dial telephone survey conducted between June\\u000a 2002

Sandra Schwarcz; Hilary Spindler; Susan Scheer; Linda Valleroy; Amy Lansky



Some results obtained on the study of the chemical composition of Eurasian oils depending on the depth and age of the reservoir rock  

Microsoft Academic Search

The sulfur, paraffin, resin and asphaltene contents of some 6570 Cenozoic, Mesozoic and Paleozoic Eurasian oils were analysed statistically in terms of reservoir age and depth. The database includes all principal oil-bearing basins from 60 Eurasian countries. The results of the studies of the relationships between the distribution of oils with different sulfur, paraffin, resin and asphaltene contents and the

Vilori V Ahn; Yuri M Polichtchouk; Irina G Yashchenko



Negative Immunodiffusion Test Results Obtained with Sera of Paracoccidioidomycosis Patients May Be Related to Low-Avidity Immunoglobulin G2 Antibodies Directed against Carbohydrate Epitopes  

PubMed Central

Immunodiffusion (ID) is the serologic test most frequently used for the diagnosis and posttherapy follow-up of patients with paracoccidioidomycosis (PCM). The ID test is highly specific (100%), but its sensitivity is relatively low (90%), leading to false-negative results. The aim of this study was to determine the profiles of antibodies in sera from patients with proven PCM and with negative results in the ID test (IDneg) versus positive results in the ID test (IDpos). We analyzed 46 sera from patients with active PCM for total immunoglobulin G (IgG) and IgG subclass responses to Paracoccidioides brasiliensis gp43 antigen (treated or not treated with sodium metaperiodate) by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and immunoblotting. Immunoblotting showed that both IDneg and IDpos sera recognized predominantly the gp43 fraction of the P. brasiliensis antigen used in the ID test. IDneg sera contain low-avidity antibodies, low levels of specific IgG (total) and IgG1, and high levels of IgG2 compared with IDpos sera. The antibodies present in IDneg sera were predominantly directed against carbohydrate epitopes, since treatment with sodium metaperiodate resulted in a significant decrease in antibody reactivity. These data suggest that the lack of reactivity of sera from PCM patients in the ID test may be related to the production of low-avidity IgG2 antibodies directed against carbohydrate epitopes.

Neves, Andreia R.; Mamoni, Ronei L.; Rossi, Claudio L.; de Camargo, Zoilo P.; Blotta, Maria Heloisa S. L.



Ultra-deep x-ray lithography of densely packed SU8 features: I. An SU8 casting procedure to obtain uniform solvent content with accompanying experimental results  

Microsoft Academic Search

Although the benefits of SU-8 as a thick photoresist material for MEMS applications have been shown by various researchers, its use for ultra-thick applications (>1 mm) has been hampered by the difficulties associated with the high solvent gradient of the resultant layers. In this paper, the lithographic performance of the traditional methods of thick resist formation based on the casting

Charles Becnel; Yohannes Desta; Kevin Kelly



Delaying the Empiric Treatment of Candida Bloodstream Infection until Positive Blood Culture Results Are Obtained: a Potential Risk Factor for Hospital Mortality  

Microsoft Academic Search

Fungal bloodstream infections are associated with significant patient mortality and health care costs. Nevertheless, the relationship between a delay of the initial empiric antifungal treatment until blood culture results are known and the clinical outcome is not well established. A retrospective cohort analysis with automated patient medical records and the pharmacy database at Barnes-Jewish Hospital was conducted. One hundred fifty-seven

Matthew Morrell; Victoria J. Fraser; Marin H. Kollef



A critical appraisal of factors affecting the accuracy of results obtained when using flow cytometry in stem cell investigations: where do you put your gates?  


Flow cytometry is used extensively in stem cell investigations but there is wide variation in the methods used for data analysis between laboratories. Data analysis can be challenging in stem cell biology as there is often no clear distinction between positive and negative populations. We have undertaken a critical appraisal of factors that affect the accuracy of results in stem cell applications. We used mouse embryonic stem cells and determined the expression of three common antigens in stem cell investigations, namely CD15, CD184, and c-kit. We have compared different cell preparation methods and gating strategies and also evaluated the use of isotype controls and unstained cells as controls for the identification of positive populations. The use of a "doublet discriminator" using a side scatter area signal versus side scatter height signal dot plot to identify single cells for analysis increases the accuracy of results regardless of the method used to dissociate cells. Isotype controls can be helpful in mimicking cellular nonspecific binding of the experimental antibody reaction. Isotype controls behave differently on stem cells at different stages of differentiation. Analysis of a viable single cell population with careful selection of control cell populations increases the accuracy of results. PMID:19562683

Hughes, Owen R; Stewart, Rebecca; Dimmick, Ian; Jones, Elizabeth A



Results of a greenhouse study investigating the phytoextraction of lead from contaminated soils obtained from the Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant, Desoto, Kansas  

SciTech Connect

This report describes the results of greenhouse studies conducted to determine if phytoextraction methods could be enhanced by increasing ionic lead`s solubility in water. Soil acidifiers and chelating agents were used to increase lead`s solubility in water. The study was conducted using lead contaminated soil from the Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant near Desoto, Kansas. These soils were shipped to the Tennessee Valley Authority`s Environmental Research Facility in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, where the study was conducted. The report concludes that phytoextraction methods may be enhanced by these techniques and that the risk of leaching lead out of the soil`s root zone is minimal.

Bader, D.F.; Behel, A.D.; Almond, R.A.; Kelly, D.A.; Pier, P.A.



Anomalous results obtained for long-path measurements of both continuum absorption and level populations in a pure recombining hydrogen plasma  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The continuum absorption in a pure hydrogen plasma between 6400 and 6545 A has been measured using laser spectroscopy over a 400 m path length. Contributions to the opacity from a number of processes have been calculated, including the bound-free absorption from high-lying neutral hydrogen levels, estimated from a direct interferometric measurement of the n = 2 level population. Theoretical values for the n = 2 level population, calculated using a 20-level collisional-radiative code, disagree with the measured values by up to a factor of three, and calculations of the absorption fail to explain the measured results by approximately an order of magnitude. No explanation for these discrepancies is obvious.

Nightingale, M. P. S.; Burgess, D. D.



Comparison of experimental 3D dose curves in a heterogeneous phantom with results obtained by MCNP5 simulation and those extracted from a commercial treatment planning system.  


Commercial planning systems used in radiotherapy treatments use determinist correlations to evaluate dose distribution around regions of interest. Estimated dose with this type of planners can be problematic, especially when analyzing heterogeneous zones. The present work is focused in quantifying the dose distribution in a heterogeneous medium irradiated by a 6 MeV photon beam emitted by an Elekta Precise Radiotherapy Unit head. Dose mapping inside the heterogeneous water phantom has been simulated with the photon and electron transport with Monte Carlo computer code MCNP5 and also, using a commercial treatment planning software in the same irradiation conditions. The calculated results were compared with experimental relative dose curves. This comparison shows that inside the heterogeneity region, the commercial algorithms are not able to predict the variation of dose in the heterogeneous zones with the same precision as MCNP5. PMID:19963391

Juste, B; Miró, R; Campayo, J M; Díez, S; Verdú, G



Effects of response format on speech intelligibility in noise: Results obtained from open-set, closed-set, and delayed response tasks  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Many word recognition studies over the last 40 years have used forced-choice closed-set tasks, based on the assumption that closed-set and open-set tasks differ only in the level of chance performance. However, Sommers, Kirk, and Pisoni (1997) found that lexical competition and talker variability produce robust effects on performance only in open-set tasks, suggesting fundamental differences in the task demands and processing strategies between open- and closed-set tasks. In the present study, listeners were asked to recognize spoken words degraded by a bit-flipping algorithm in three response formats: open-set, closed-set ``before,'' and closed-set ``after.'' In the closed-set ``before'' condition, the six response alternatives were presented 1 s prior to the onset of the auditory signal. In the closed-set ``after'' condition, the response alternatives were presented 1 s after the auditory signal. Results revealed significant effects of lexical competition and talker variability only in the open-set task. These findings suggest that even a delay of 1 s is not adequate to induce the task demands observed in open-set word recognition tests. [Work supported by NIH.].

Clopper, Cynthia G.; Tierney, Adam T.; Pisoni, David B.



Correlation of results obtained by in-vivo optical spectroscopy with measured blood oxygen saturation using a positive linear regression fit  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Near infrared light generated by specialized instrumentation was passed through artificially oxygenated human blood during simultaneous sampling by a co-oximeter. Characteristic absorption spectra were analyzed to calculate the ratio of oxygenated to reduced hemoglobin. A positive linear regression fit between diffuse transmission oximetry and measured blood oxygenation over the range 23% to 99% (r2 equals .98, p < .001) was noted. The same technology was used to pass two channels of light through the scalp of brain-injured patients with prolonged, decreased level of consciousness in a tertiary care neuroscience ICU. Transmission data were collected with gross superficial-to-deep spatial resolution. Saturation calculation based on the deep signal was observed in the patient over time. The procedure was able to be performed clinically without difficulty; rSO2 values recorded continuously demonstrate the usefulness of the technique. Using the same instrumentation, arterial input and cerebral response functions, generated by IV tracer bolus, were deconvoluted to measure mean cerebral transit time. Date collected over time provided a sensitive index of changes in cerebral blood flow as a result of therapeutic maneuvers.

McCormick, Patrick W.; Lewis, Gary D.; Dujovny, Manuel; Ausman, James I.; Stewart, Mick; Widman, Ronald A.



Center of Excellence for Hypersonics Research.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The Center of Excellence in Hypersonics Research was established to support future hypersonic vehicle development programs. The Center engaged leading experts in experimental and computational analysis of hypersonic flows to provide research, education, a...

G. V. Candler K. Mahesh M. Holden M. MacLean T. Schwartzentruber



Application Center of Excellence (ACE) Program.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The Application Center of Excellence (ACE) program increases the effectiveness of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Production and Logistics) OASD (P and L) by exploiting the capabilities of installed computing equipment and augmenting tho...

D. J. O'Connor



Chemically Assisted Enucleation Results in Higher G6PD Expression in Early Bovine Female Embryos Obtained by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer  

PubMed Central

Abstract Despite extensive efforts, low efficiency is still an issue in bovine somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT). The hypothesis of our study was that the use of cytoplasts produced by chemically assisted enucleation (EN) would improve nuclear reprogramming in nuclear transfer (NT)–derived embryos because it results in lower damage and higher cytoplasm content than conventional EN. For that purpose, we investigated the expression of two X-linked genes: X inactive-specific transcript (XIST) and glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD). In the first experiment, gene expression was assessed in day-7 female blastocysts from embryonic cell NT (ECNT) groups [conventional, ECNT conv; chemically assisted, ECNT deme (demecolcine)]. Whereas in the ECNT conv group, only one embryo (25%; n=4) expressed XIST transcripts, most embryos showed XIST expression (75%; n=4) in the ECNT deme group. However, no significant differences in transcript abundance of XIST and G6PD were found when comparing the embryos from all groups. In a second experiment using somatic cells as nuclear donors, we evaluated gene expression profiles in female SCNT-derived embryos. No significant differences in relative abundance (RA) of XIST transcripts were observed among the groups. Nonetheless, higher (p<0.05) levels of G6PD were observed in SCNT deme and in vitro–derived groups in comparison to SCNT conv. To know whether higher G6PD expression in embryos derived from SCNT chemically assisted EN indicates higher metabolism in embryos considered of superior quality or if the presence of higher reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels generated by the increased oxygen consumption triggers G6PD activation, the expression of genes related to stress response should be investigated in embryos produced by that technique.

Oliveira, Clara Slade; Tetzner, Tatiane Almeida Drummond; de Lima, Marina Ragagnin; de Melo, Danilas Salinet; Niciura, Simone Cristina Meo; Garcia, Joaquim Mansano



Managing SharePoint Lists from Excel  

Microsoft Academic Search

\\u000a Along with MS Word, MS Excel is one of the oldest products in the Microsoft Office Suite. Microsoft developed Excel in the\\u000a early days of PCs as competition for the wildly successful Lotus 1-2-3 program, which was one of the great early productivity\\u000a tools that helped justify using PCs in many business offices. However, even before the introduction of Lotus,

Michael P. Antonovich


On the accuracy of statistical distributions in Microsoft Excel 2003  

Microsoft Academic Search

Some of previously indicated errors in Microsoft Excel 97 and Excel XP have been eliminated in Excel 2003. But some others have not been corrected in Excel 2003 and new ones have been found as is shown by numerical examples.

Leo Knüsel



Predictors of excellent early outcome after total hip arthroplasty  

PubMed Central

Background Not all patients gain the same degree of improvement from total hip replacement and the reasons for this are not clear. Many investigators have assessed predictors of general outcome after hip surgery. This study is unique in its quest for the predictors of the best possible early outcome. Methods We prospectively collected data on 1318 total hip replacements. Prior to surgery patient characteristics, demographics and co-morbidities were documented. Hip function and general health was assessed using the Harris Hip score (HHS) and the Short-Form 36 respectively. The HHS was repeated at three years. We took a maximal HHS of 100 to represent an excellent outcome (102 patients). Multiple logistic regression analysis was used to identify independent predictors of excellent outcome. Results The two strongest predictive factors in achieving an excellent result were young age and a high pre-operative HHS (p = 0.001). Conclusions It was the young and those less disabled from their arthritis that excelled at three years. When making a decision about the timing of hip arthroplasty surgery it is important to take into account the age and pre-operative function of the patient. Whether these patients continue to excel however will be the basis of future research.



77 FR 2711 - Equity and Excellence Commission  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Equity and Excellence...Office for Civil Rights, Education. ACTION: Notice of...will participate in an Ethics briefing prior to the...decision to include the Ethics briefing for Commissioners...States Department of Education at 400 Maryland...



Implementing service excellence in higher education  

Microsoft Academic Search

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to provide a critical analysis of the importance of service excellence in higher education. Design\\/methodology\\/approach – The research upon which this paper is based employed a phenomenological approach. This method was selected for its focus on respondent perceptions and experiences. Both structured and semi-structured interviews were conducted to collect relevant data on

Hina Khan; Harry Matlay



Creating conditions to nourish sustainable organizational excellence  

Microsoft Academic Search

Developing human organizations for sustainable excellence requires important adjustments in the way we understand their nature and study their behaviour. The very concept of sustainability requires a view of a human organization as a living entity, in sharp contrast to that of a ‘machine-like’ creation designed to achieve specific goals. This reflects a critical shift in the mindset of leaders

Kostas N. Dervitsiotis



Using Excel to Calculate Mineral Chemical Analyses  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

In this assignment, students are provided instructions to make an Excel spreadsheet to calculate mineral chemical analyses from weight percent to atoms per given number of oxygen atoms. This skill will be useful for the major rock-forming mineral groups.


Plotting Florida River Data Using Excel  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Students graph existing water quality data using MS Excel, and use the graphs to discuss the changes in discharge, sediment load, and dissolved load along the length of the river and over time. This exercise prepares students to analyze and discuss their own data later in the semester.

Hannula, Kim


Safety and Excellence. Safety in the Schools  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

As far as schools are concerned, there are three kinds of safety: physical, emotional, and intellectual. Excellence demands all three, while "good enough" schools are simply physically safe. How can parents and others determine whether a school is physically safe? It's always good to find out how many students were suspended at a particular…

Merrow, John



Developing a TQM excellence model: part 2  

Microsoft Academic Search

Part 1 developed a model called LETQMEX standing for LEicester Business School TQM EXcellence Model based on sound total quality management (TQM) practices. An intensive questionnaire survey was conducted based on about 1,800 BS 5750 registered companies in the UK. The aim of the research is to validate the model against real-life practices. This is done by determining whether there

Samuel K. Ho; Christopher K. Fung



California Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence  

Microsoft Academic Search

Answering the call to create an environment in which collaborations among ocean scientists and pedagogical experts flourish, the California Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (CA-COSEE) links the resources of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO), University of California, San Diego; the Marine Activities, Resources & Education (MARE) Program at the Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS), University of California, Berkeley; the

S. R. Franks; C. L. Peach; C. Strang; R. Dean; C. Halversen; D. Sullivan



Gulf of Suez has excellent potential  

SciTech Connect

Egypt's re-emergence as an oil exporting country in the past several years was brought about by the drilling of fewer than 100 exploration wells in a small area of the Gulf of Suez. Now that Israel and Egypt are at peace and Egypt again controls this area, prospects for large, new discoveries in previously untested areas are excellent.

Abdine, S.



Pacific Standards for Excellence in Science.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The Pacific Mathematics and Science Regional Consortium has developed standards for excellence in mathematics and science education appropriate to the Pacific regions. These standards are presented in three volumes, and the series is firmly based upon the research findings of scientists, teachers, curriculum developers, and others. This volume…

Pacific Region Educational Lab., Honolulu, HI.


The Excellence of Play. Second Edition  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This second edition of "The Excellence of Play" encapsulates all of the many changes that have taken place in early childhood in the last decade. It examines the vital importance of play as a tool for learning and teaching for children and practitioners, supporting all those who work in early childhood education and care in developing and…

Moyles, Janet, Ed.



Networks of Excellence: Design and Implementation  

Microsoft Academic Search

Networks of Excellence (NoE) in European Union are specific instrument of the 6 th and 7 th European Framework Programmes for achieving the long-term goal of integration of research activities i n Europe within the concept of European Research Area. Shortly after its launch in Europe in 2003, this new organisational form spread to Russia: in 2006 t he pilot

Olga A. Tretyak; Maria N. Rumyantseva; Nikita I. Popov


Humour: An Excellent EFL Teaching Device.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Humor is an excellent teaching tool because, in addition to preventing classroom boredom and monotony, it introduces lateral aspects of language such as irony, sarcasm, mockery, elision, ellipsis, and euphemism. Humor in language can be approached interactively or structurally through a variety of activities. It can be used to expand vocabulary,…

Guindal, Albert Lopez


2000 Awards of Excellence in Architectural Design.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|In 2000, ASBO International Certificates of Excellence went to Arcon Associates, Inc., in Lombard, Illinois; Barbour/LaDouceur Architects and Ellerbe Becket in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Fanning/Howey Associates in Indianapolis, Indiana; and Tomaino Iamello Associates in Deal, New Jersey, for school building construction/renovation projects. (MLH)|

School Business Affairs, 2001



Partners in Program Excellence. Instructor Handbook.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This handbook is designed to help instructors and advisory committees interact effectively in the Partners in Program Excellence (PIPE) system. It describes a way to keep a local advisory committee involved throughout the life of the training program. The handbook takes the instructor and the advisory committee through the 10 activities into…

Florida State Univ., Tallahassee. Center for Instructional Development and Services.


Equilibrator: Modeling Chemical Equilibria with Excel  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Equilibrator is a Microsoft Excel program for learning about chemical equilibria through modeling, similar in function to EQS4WIN, which is no longer supported and does not work well with newer Windows operating systems. Similar to EQS4WIN, Equilibrator allows the user to define a system with temperature, initial moles, and then either total…

Vander Griend, Douglas A.



Tenegra Awards for Internet Marketing Excellence  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

For those who want to see some of the better Internet marketing efforts in the last year, the Tenegra Awards for Internet Marketing Excellence are posted. Information on current and past award winners is available at the site. Net watchers will find it interesting.



Pursuit of excellence: Canada's successful CANDU program  

SciTech Connect

This paper deals primarily with the Ontario Hydro utility's management of its CANDU-PHW reactors. Management by objectives is discussed with respect to worker safety, public safety, environmental protection, reliability, and product cost. An overview is presented of reasons for the excellence achieved in the operation of the reactors both in Canada and abroad.

Jackson, H.A.



Pursuit of excellence: Canada's successful CANDU program  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper deals primarily with the Ontario Hydro utility's management of its CANDU-PHW reactors. Management by objectives is discussed with respect to worker safety, public safety, environmental protection, reliability, and product cost. An overview is presented of reasons for the excellence achieved in the operation of the reactors both in Canada and abroad.



Towards a Performance Support Centre of Excellence.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Discussion of performance support focuses on Canada's Bell-Northern Research's views of embedded performance support systems. The establishment of a corporate center of excellence for performance support system (PSS) development is explained; a pilot project is described; and a business case showing the benefits of implementing a PSS is presented.…

Bezanson, William R.



Expanding Educational Excellence: The Power of Schools  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|In this paper, the authors explore four major barriers to academic success that must be addressed, briefly describe two projects that have worked to address these barriers, and make recommendations for moving forward as they work to expand educational excellence for all students. They provide examples of the myriad ways in which schools have the…

Coleman, Mary Ruth; Winn, Donna-Marie; Harradine, Christine



Marketing and branding your Centers of Excellence.  


Branding your Centers of Excellence requires more than simply advertising. Developing a strong brand involves completing your due diligence. Adequate reparation and strategic planning will help your organization successfully navigate looming pitfalls, overcome competitive pressures, and make a direct hit with physicians and consumers. PMID:11372490

Herrod, K G



Budgeting for the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES) is a broad-based initiative that provides the opportunity for traditional and nontraditional secondary school students and General Educational Development (GED) recipients to earn scholarships that may be used at Kentucky colleges, universities, and selected technical and vocational education…

Letteer, Melvin E.



Implementing Service Excellence in Higher Education  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to provide a critical analysis of the importance of service excellence in higher education. Design/methodology/approach: The research upon which this paper is based employed a phenomenological approach. This method was selected for its focus on respondent perceptions and experiences. Both structured and…

Khan, Hina; Matlay, Harry



Doping is a threat to sporting excellence  

Microsoft Academic Search

Savulescu et al have argued that the risk to athletes' welfare provides the only legitimate ground for restricting the use of performance enhancing drugs in sport. In this paper, it is argued that the idea of `sport', properly understood, provides further reason to impose such restrictions. A `balance of excellences' argument is proposed whereby doping is considered objectionable on account

John William Devine



An Excel[TM] Model of a Radioactive Series  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|A computer model of the decay of a radioactive series, written in Visual Basic in Excel[TM], is presented. The model is based on the random selection of cells in an array. The results compare well with the theoretical equations. The model is a useful tool in teaching this aspect of radioactivity. (Contains 4 figures.)|

Andrews, D. G. H.



What constitutes an excellent allied health care professional? A multidisciplinary focus group study  

PubMed Central

Background Determining what constitutes an excellent allied health care professional (AHCP) is important, since this is what will guide the development of curricula for training future physical therapists, oral hygienists, speech therapists, diagnostic radiographers, and dietitians. This also determines the quality of care. Aim To describe perspectives of AHCPs on which characteristics are commonly associated with an excellent AHCP. Methods AHCPs’ perspectives were derived from three focus group discussions. Twenty-one health care professionals participated. The final analysis of the focus group discussions produced eight domains, in which content validity was obtained through a Delphi panel survey of 27 contributing experts. Results According to the survey, a combination of the following characteristics defines an excellent AHCP: (1) cognizance, to obtain and to apply knowledge in a broad multidisciplinary health care field; (2) cooperativity, to effectively work with others in a multidisciplinary context; (3) communicative, to communicate effectively at different levels in complex situations; (4) initiative, to initiate new ideas, to act proactively, and to follow them through; (5) innovative, to devise new ideas and to implement alternatives beyond current practices; (6) introspective, to self-examine and to reflect; (7) broad perspective, to capture the big picture; and (8) evidence-driven, to find and to use scientific evidence to guide one’s decisions. Conclusion The AHCPs perspectives can be used as a reference for personal improvement for supervisors and professionals in clinical practice and for educational purposes. These perspectives may serve as a guide against which talented students can evaluate themselves.

Paans, Wolter; Wijkamp, Inge; Wiltens, Egbert; Wolfensberger, Marca V



An excellent operating point tracker of the solar-cell power supply system  

Microsoft Academic Search

When the solar array is used as an input power source, the excellent operating point tracker is often employed to exploit more effectively the solar array as an electric power source and to obtain the maximum electric power at all times even when the light intensity and environmental temperature of the solar array are varied. Usually, the excellent operating point

Kimiyoshi Kobayashi; Hirofumi Matsuo; Yutaka Sekine



Center of excellence in laser medicine  

SciTech Connect

Achievements during the first six months of funding to prepare for a Center of Excellence in biomedical laser development include limited specific research projects within the Center's three broad interest areas, and program development to establish the Center and its activities. Progress in the three interest areas -- new medical laser systems development, optical diagnostics, and photosensitization, is reported. Feasibility studies and prototype development were emphasized, to enhance establishing a substantial Center through future support. Specific projects are an optimized laser-catheter system for reversal of vasospasm; optical detection of major skin burn depth and cancers using fluorescent drugs, and photosensitization of vascular tissues. In addition, an interdepartmental Laser Center was established at MGH to enhance collaborations and institutional committment to the Center of Excellence. Competitive postdoctoral research fellowships, with provision for matching funds from other departments, have been announced.

Parrish, J.A.



Problems With Using Microsoft Excel for Statistics  

Microsoft Academic Search

deemingfeatures either!)Scatterplots represent bread-and-butter graphs forvisualizing relationships between variables.Scatterplots Should Have:4 Good Choice of Axes4 Meaningful Legends4 No False Third DimensionsHowever, Excel's default scatterplots leave much to bedesired. In the following example two data points havebeen covered up by the axis labels. Can you find them?And is the legend displayed to the right of the graphuseful? Note that there is

Jonathan D. Cryer



School of Arts and Sciences celebrates excellence  

Microsoft Academic Search

The School of Arts and Sciences this week held its annual award ceremony, celebrating student excellence.\\u000aStudents were recognised for their achievements in 2009 in the areas of Behavioral Science, Communications, English, Film, History, Politics, Sociology and Theatre Studies. The Government of Canada, Caritas, Cengage, CatholicCare, the CO-OP Bookshop, Pearson Publishing and Wiley Publishing generously donated prizesA Special Achievement Award

Moira Saunders



President Bush Honors Excellence in Mentoring  

NSF Publications Database

Today, President Bush announced the recipients of the 2004 Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring (PAESMEM)?a program supported and administered by the National Science Foundation (NSF). Participants include students majoring in biological sciences, physical sciences, mathematics and computer science. Five institutional awards are going to organizations with programs directed to Latino and Native American students, women and minorities in ...


The quest for excellence in forensic psychiatry.  


Excellence in forensic psychiatry requires adopting an appropriate professional role; developing an uncommon depth of knowledge and experience; full disclosure of credentials, biases, and weaknesses to potential clients; wise choices about which assignments to accept; and scrupulous fairness in the presentation of findings and opinions. An elusive goal in the best of circumstances, the quest for excellence can appear even more quixotic as resources diminish. As forensic psychiatry faces cost controls from insurance companies, increased competition from psychiatrists who have lost clinical opportunities, and the prospect of tort reform, the pressure to employ more efficient methods and to do more superficial work increases, threatening the quality of forensic work. The many influences, distractions, temptations, and hazards in the path toward excellence can be largely overcome by men and women of integrity, but there are inflexible barriers in the path of those who take assignments for which they are unsuited, for which the data will not be made accessible, or for which too little time is available to prepare properly. Often the most consequential decision one makes in a case is the decision to accept the case. PMID:8807156

Dietz, P E



75 FR 4822 - 2010 Travel and Relocation Excellence Award  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION 2010 Travel and Relocation Excellence Award AGENCY...seeking candidates for the biennial 2010 Travel and Relocation Excellence Award, which honors excellence in federal travel and relocation policy. FOR...



The LIVESTRONG Survivorship Center of Excellence Network  

Microsoft Academic Search

Introduction  The LIVESTRONG™ Survivorship Center of Excellence Network consists of eight National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive\\u000a Cancer Centers funded by the LAF between 2004 and 2008. The Network was created to accelerate the pace of progress in addressing\\u000a the needs of the growing survivor community.\\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a Methods  This paper will briefly describe some of the salient issues surrounding the care of cancer survivors, and

Charles L. Shapiro; Mary S. McCabe; Karen L. Syrjala; Debra Friedman; Linda A. Jacobs; Patricia A. Ganz; Lisa Diller; Marci Campell; Kathryn Orcena; Alfred C. Marcus



Using humor to communicate competitive excellence  

SciTech Connect

The use of humor to communicate excellence in the nuclear industry is described, particularly as a method to relieve public anxiety. At many companies throughout our culture, it is not okay to have fun with anything work related; it violates the puritan work ethic - you know, nose to the grindstone, buckle down and get crackin, and so forth. At Wolf Creek, we`re finding that when we have fun - not only among ourselves, but around and with others as well - we are more effective with the public, more interesting to the media, and we all smile more.

Grimsley, M.



From numbers to a biological sense: How the strategy chosen for metabolomics data treatment may affect final results. A practical example based on urine fingerprints obtained by LC-MS.  


Application of high-throughput technologies in metabolomics studies increases the quantity of data obtained, which in turn imposes several problems during data analysis. Correctly and clearly addressed biological question and comprehensive knowledge about data structure and properties are definitely necessary to select proper chemometric tools. However, there is a broad range of chemometric tools available for use with metabolomics data, which makes this choice challenging. Precisely performed data treatment enables valuable extraction of information and its proper interpretation. The effect of an error made at an early stage will be enhanced throughout the later stages, which in combination with other errors made at each step can accumulate and significantly affect the data interpretation. Moreover, adequate application of these tools may help not only to detect, but sometimes also to correct, biological, analytical, or methodological errors, which may affect truthfulness of obtained results. This report presents steps and tools used for LC-MS based metabolomics data extraction, reduction, and visualization. Following such steps as data reprocessing, data pretreatment, data treatment, and data revision, authors want to show how to extract valuable information and how to avoid misinterpretation of results obtained. The purpose of this work was to emphasize problematic characteristics of metabolomics data and the necessity for their attentive and precise treatment. The dataset used to illustrate metabolomics data properties and to illustrate major data treatment challenges was obtained utilizing an animal model of control and diabetic rats, both with and without rosemary treatment. Urine samples were fingerprinted employing LC-QTOF-MS. PMID:23775708

Godzien, Joanna; Ciborowski, Michal; Angulo, Santiago; Barbas, Coral



Organizational Cultures of Excellent Schools in Hong Kong.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Currently school organizations are under pressure to achieve excellence. There is no exception to this pressure in the schools of Hong Kong. Research into organizational cultures of excellent schools in Hong Kong is seeking evidence for others striving for excellence. Excellent schools are defined as few schools that have many aspects that…

Pang, Nicholas Sun-Keung


Phase transformation temperatures of Zr alloy Excel  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The transformation temperatures of Zr alloy Excel (Zr-3.5%Sn-0.8%Nb-0.8%Mo) pressure tube material were studied using electron microscopy and a quantitative metallography technique. The ?Zr + ?Zr ? ?Zr transus temperature was found to be 968 °C. Also the volume fraction of stabilized ?Zr starts to increase in the temperature range of 600-690 °C. Furthermore, it was observed that ?Zr does not transform to ??-hcp martensite upon quenching from up to a temperature between 846 °C and 864 °C in the ?Zr + ?Zr region. Instead, the microstructure of ?Zr transforms into a mixture of retained ?Zr with a fine dispersion of athermal ? particles and few ?? orthorhombic martensite laths inside the ?Zr grains. ?Zr was first seen to fully transform to ?'-hcp martensite after quenching from 864 °C; a drastic increase in the volume fraction of ?Zr occurs above this temperature.

Sattari, M.; Holt, R. A.; Daymond, M. R.



A national neurological excellence centers network.  


The most relevant problems related to the management of neurological disorders are (i) the frequent hospitalization in nonspecialist departments, with the need for neurological consultation, and (ii) the frequent requests of GPs for highly specialized investigations that are very expensive and of little value in arriving at a correct diagnosis. In 1996, the Consorzio di Bioingegneria e Informatica Medica in Italy realized the CISNet project (in collaboration with the Consorzio Istituti Scientifici Neuroscienze e Tecnologie Biomediche and funded by the Centro Studi of the National Public Health Council) for the implementation of a national neurological excellence centers network (CISNet). In the CISNet project, neurologists will be able to give on-line interactive consultation and off-line consulting services identifying correct diagnostic/therapeutic procedures, evaluating the need for both examination in specialist centers and admission to specialized centers, and identifying the most appropriate ones. PMID:9533676

Pazzi, S; Cristiani, P; Cavallini, A




Microsoft Academic Search

The objective of this paper is to present the teaching note of a case study. The case study outlines the strategic issues facing Excel Cooperative as a result of the rapid expansion of biofuel production capacity in the Midwestern U.S. Excel Cooperative is a mid-sized, ‘local’, farmer-owned cooperative serving farmers in north central Indiana. Excel is composed of four divisions:

Maud Roucan-Kane; Michael Boehlje; Allan Gray; Jay Akridge




Microsoft Academic Search

In the age, we live in today, achieving the business or organizational excellence is a very difficult and subtle process. Organizations today face new challenges that were not present in traditional organizational environments. To name a few these challenges include volatile environment made by immense competition by competitors and new entrants into the market, increased customer expectations, low profit margins,

Asif Ali Munshi; Fareed Hussain


Sustaining Urban Excellence. Learning from the Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence, 1987-1993.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The book highlights lessons that were drawn from revisiting 21 urban places that were selected for the Rudy Bruner Award a few years earlier and found that broad-based participation and collaboration are two keys to urban excellence. The Rudy Bruner Award...

J. Farbstein R. Shibley P. Welch R. Wener



Retrospective analysis of 55,769 HbA1c EQA results obtained from professional laboratories and medical offices participating in surveys organized by two European EQA centers over a nine-year period.  


External Quality Assessment (EQA) is an essential tool for laboratories to monitor the performances of their analyses. It also allows a comparison of methods and types of laboratories (professional laboratories vs. medical offices). We, therefore, compared 55,769 HbA1c EQA results obtained between 1999 and 2008 by laboratories participating in EQA schemes organized by two European centers, Switzerland (center 1) and France (center 2). We used simple, nonparametrical statistics suited to EQA results to calculate the yearly and global precision performances. All the results, including the outliers, were included in the calculations. The best global precision performances were obtained by professional laboratories and medical offices using DCA POCT devices, followed by professional laboratories with the Integra, Hitachi, Cobas Mira, and HPLC groups of devices, and finally by both types of laboratories with the NycoCard POCT devices. When considering yearly precision performances, an overall improvement over time was observed for almost all diagnostic devices of center 1, whereas the trend was less clear for center 2. The HbA1c EQA results collected and analyzed over a 9-year period showed that the DCA POCT devices used either by professional laboratories or medical offices had better reproducibility than laboratory devices (other than POCT) and that a general improvement of yearly precision performances was observed, especially when frequent EQA schemes were organized. PMID:21919068

Morandi, Pierre-Alain; Deom, André; Kesseler, Dagmar; Cohen, Richard



The long wait for medical excellence.  


In October 1997 the book Demanding Medical Excellence: Doctors and Accountability in the Information Age provided a pathbreaking examination of the quality of American health care. It documented rampant medical error and the absence of evidence-based practice, highlighted the potential of electronic health records (EHRs), endorsed what is now known as value purchasing, and showed how patients could exert more control over their care. Although the book suggested that transformational change was imminent, sixteen years later little has changed in some areas (medical error), while in others (evidence-based medicine and population health) change is only now gaining momentum. The exception is technology, where incentives boosted EHR use and the Internet has made a vast array of information available to patients. Paradigm shifts are traumatic, and only recently has intense financial pressure made greater clinical accountability seem less painful than retaining the tradition of untrammeled autonomy. In hearing rooms and hospital hallways, the policy conversation is changing. This shift, though an unavoidable source of anxiety, nonetheless promises a genuine renewal of American medicine. PMID:24101065

Millenson, Michael L



Center of excellence for small robots  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The mission of the Unmanned Systems Branch of SPAWAR Systems Center, San Diego (SSC San Diego) is to provide network-integrated robotic solutions for Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) applications, serving and partnering with industry, academia, and other government agencies. We believe the most important criterion for a successful acquisition program is producing a value-added end product that the warfighter needs, uses and appreciates. Through our accomplishments in the laboratory and field, SSC San Diego has been designated the Center of Excellence for Small Robots by the Office of the Secretary of Defense Joint Robotics Program. This paper covers the background, experience, and collaboration efforts by SSC San Diego to serve as the "Impedance-Matching Transformer" between the robotic user and technical communities. Special attention is given to our Unmanned Systems Technology Imperatives for Research, Development, Testing and Evaluation (RDT&E) of Small Robots. Active projects, past efforts, and architectures are provided as success stories for the Unmanned Systems Development Approach.

Nguyen, Hoa G.; Carroll, Daniel M.; Laird, Robin T.; Everett, H. R.



Simulation and analysis of the diode characteristics based on Mulitisim and Excel  

Microsoft Academic Search

Multisim and Excel software is been used at the same time in the research of the diode characteristic. It has been shown while searching for on the China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) that the same research results does not appear. The Multisim software is been used to carry on simulation on the diode characteristic testing, the Excel software is been

Youyong Jiang; Mingming Ding



Simulation research of the diode characteristics based on mulitisim and excel  

Microsoft Academic Search

Multisim and Excel software is been used at the same time in the research of the diode characteristic. It has been shown while searching for on the China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) that the same research results does not appear. The Multisim software is been used to carry on simulation on the diode characteristic testing, the Excel software is been

Youyong Jiang; Ying Wang



Kastens Receives 2009 Excellence in Geophysical Education Award  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Kim Anne Kastens received the Excellence in Geophysical Education Award at the Joint Assembly, held 26 May 2009 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The award honors “a sustained commitment to excellence in geophysical education by a team, individual, or group.”

Manduca, Cathryn A.; Kastens, Kim Anne



Microsoft Excel as a supplement to intermediate algebra  

Microsoft Academic Search

Excel assignments were used as extra credit in an intermediate algebra course. Ninety per cent of the students had a home computer and seventy per cent were familiar with Excel. There was not a significant linear correlation between the amount of Excel that the students performed and their achievement in algebra. One-third of the students did less than 50% of

Larry J. Stephens



Reflections on Academic Excellence, Leadership and Sows' Ears.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This speech addresses the issue of excellence and leadership in academia. The speech begins with a review of what excellence is, how it is judged, and why it is important. It is argued that educational institutions, although they strive for excellence, do not always attain it, or else they present cosmetic approaches to make it appear they've…

Wolf, Harold H.


On the accuracy of statistical procedures in Microsoft Excel 2007  

Microsoft Academic Search

Excel 2007, like its predecessors, fails a standard set of intermediate-level accuracy tests in three areas: statistical distributions, random number generation, and estimation. Additional errors in specific Excel procedures are discussed. Microsoft’s continuing inability to correctly fix errors is discussed. No statistical procedure in Excel should be used until Microsoft documents that the procedure is correct; it is not safe

B. D. Mccullough; David A. Heiser



On the accuracy of statistical procedures in Microsoft Excel 97  

Microsoft Academic Search

The reliability of statistical procedures in Excel are assessed in three areas: estimation (both linear and nonlinear); random number generation; and statistical distributions (e.g., for calculating p-values). Excel's performance in all three areas is found to be inadequate. Persons desiring to conduct statistical analyses of data are advised not to use Excel.

B. D. McCullough; Berry Wilson



On the Reliability of Microsoft Excel XP for Statistical Purposes  

Microsoft Academic Search

The paper deals with the reliability of Micro- soft Excel XP for statistical purposes. In section 1 we show that Excel can compute negative variances. In section 2 we see that the random numbers generated by Excel cannot suffice scientific statistical requirements, and in section 3 we have to report that unbearable errors with the computation of statistical distributions that

Leo Knüsel


Enhancing Teaching using MATLAB Add-Ins for Excel  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|In this paper I will illustrate how to extend the capabilities of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with add-ins created by MATLAB. Excel provides a broad array of fundamental tools but often comes up short when more sophisticated scenarios are involved. To overcome this short-coming of Excel while retaining its ease of use, I will describe how…

Hamilton, Paul V.



Excellence: The Importance of Vision and Work Ethic  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|In this paper, the author discusses the topic of excellence and shares key aspects of excellence that he has found to be true in his life's journey. He discusses two elements of excellence, namely (1) "vision"; and (2) "work ethic", and describes some characteristics of each element. Three aspects: (1) interpersonal skills; (2) initiative; and…

Hill, Roger B.



Overcoming Microsoft Excel's Weaknesses for Crop Model Building and Simulations  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Using spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel for building crop models and running simulations can be beneficial. Excel is easy to use, powerful, and versatile, and it requires the least proficiency in computer programming compared to other programming platforms. Excel, however, has several weaknesses: it does not directly support loops for iterative…

Sung, Christopher Teh Boon



Excellent toluene sensing properties of SnO2-Fe2O3 interconnected nanotubes.  


SnO2-Fe2O3 interconnected nanotubes were obtained by combining the single nozzle electrospinning and thermal treatment methods. The results of scanning electron microscopy revealed the special structure of ruptures and interconnected nanotubes in the as-prepared materials. The toluene sensing test results of SnO2-Fe2O3 interconnected nanotubes show that SnO2-Fe2O3 interconnected nanotubes possess excellent toluene gas-sensing properties. The sensitivity of detecting limit (50 ppb) is 2.0 at the optimum operating temperature of 260 °C. The response and recovery times to 1 ppm toluene are about 5 and 11 s, respectively. Moreover, the SnO2-Fe2O3 interconnected nanotube gas sensors exhibit the remarkable selectivity to toluene, and good long-term stability. PMID:23755847

Shan, Hao; Liu, Changbai; Liu, Li; Zhang, Jinbao; Li, Haiying; Liu, Zhen; Zhang, Xiaobo; Bo, Xiaoqing; Chi, Xiao



Developing the health, safety and environment excellence instrument  

PubMed Central

Quality and efficiency are important issues in management systems. To increase quality, to reach best results, to move towards the continuous improvement of system and also to make the internal and external customers satisfied, it is necessary to consider the system performance measurement. In this study the Health, Safety and Environment Excellence Instrument was represented as a performance measurement tool for a wide range of health, safety and environment management systems. In this article the development of the instrument overall structure, its parts, and its test results in three organizations are presented. According to the results, the scores ranking was the managership organization, the manufacturing company and the powerhouse construction project, respectively. The results of the instrument test in three organizations show that, on the whole, the instrument has the ability to measure the performance of health, safety and environment management systems in a wide range of organizations.



Developing the health, safety and environment excellence instrument.  


Quality and efficiency are important issues in management systems. To increase quality, to reach best results, to move towards the continuous improvement of system and also to make the internal and external customers satisfied, it is necessary to consider the system performance measurement. In this study the Health, Safety and Environment Excellence Instrument was represented as a performance measurement tool for a wide range of health, safety and environment management systems. In this article the development of the instrument overall structure, its parts, and its test results in three organizations are presented. According to the results, the scores ranking was the managership organization, the manufacturing company and the powerhouse construction project, respectively. The results of the instrument test in three organizations show that, on the whole, the instrument has the ability to measure the performance of health, safety and environment management systems in a wide range of organizations. PMID:23369610

Mohammadfam, Iraj; Saraji, Gebraeil Nasl; Kianfar, Ali; Mahmoudi, Shahram



International Center of Excellence In Food Risk ...  

Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER)

Text Version... Food Handling & •Risk Communication in Foodborne Illness the Media •Food Defense More results from


Scientific Achievement Award Excellence in Laboratory ...  

Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER)

Text Version... Environmental Animal Feed Animal Feed Animal Feed Animal Feed Animal Feed Animal Feed Animal Feed Food Food ... Food Animal Feed ... More results from


Electron density profiles determined from tomographic reconstruction of total electron content obtained from GPS dual frequency data: first results from the South African network of dual frequency GPS receiver stations  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Dual frequency receivers of the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) of the recently established South African Network ofmore than 40 geodetic grade GPs base station receivers provide a valuable tool by means of which the ionospheric conditions over southern Africa can be determined with a better time and spatial resolution than is currently possible using only the available three ionosonde sites. Electron density profiles obtained by tomographic reconstruction of GPs derived total electron content measurements, as augmented with ionosonde measurements has the potential to become a tool to quantify ionospheric variability and investigate ionospheric dynamics and medium- and smaller-scale ionospheric structures such as travelling ionospheric disturbances. The local network of dual frequency GPs reference stations have been deployed by various agencies in south Africa to provide correction data for geodetic and surveying applications. This paper presents the first results of ionospheric tomography using data from the Trignet network of GPs stations in south Africa. The tomographic imaging is done by means of the MIDAS program. Verification is provided through comparison with electron density profiles derived from the three south African ionosonde sites.

Cilliers, Pierre J.; Opperman, Ben D. L.; Mitchell, Cathryn N.; Spencer, Paul J.



Method for obtaining tetracyclinehydrochloride  

US Patent & Trademark Office Database

This invention provides method for obtaining tetracycline hydrochloride through interaction of a suspension consisting of tetracycline base in an organic solvent with concentrated hydrochloric acid, wherein the solution containing tetracycline base and hydrochloric acid is treated by high-frequency oscillations.



On the accuracy of statistical procedures in Microsoft Excel 2003  

Microsoft Academic Search

The reliability of statistical procedures in Excel are assessed in three areas: estimation (both linear and nonlinear); random number generation; and statistical distributions (e.g., for calculating p-values). Excel's performance in all three areas is found to be inadequate. Persons desiring to conduct statistical analyses of data are advised not to use Excel. c 1999 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.

B. D. Mccullough; Berry Wilson



Creation of nutrition support centers of excellence: is it truly an excellent idea?  


In response to external pressures and events that threatened to adversely affect the field of bariatric surgery, the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery created a mechanism for certifying surgeons and their facilities to guarantee that bariatric surgery would be performed with the greatest degree of patient safety. Those surgeons and facilities that satisfied the requirements were designated as Bariatric Surgery Centers of Excellence (BSCOE). That process involved creating an independent, not-for-profit corporation, establishing the best practice criteria for certification, and developing the mechanism for evaluating surgeons and programs. After the successful implementation of this program, the American College of Surgeons introduced a similar program, Bariatric Surgery Center Network. It was believed that implementing a BSCOE program in the field of bariatric surgery would counteract the forces threatening to reduce patient access to surgery. Although some of the predicted benefits have been realized, many have not. Additionally, the process has been shown to be costly in terms of labor and monetary expense. The field of nutrition support has many similarities to bariatric surgery. Although no acute crisis threatens to adversely affect the field, leaders are considering the creation of a similar credentialing program. The decision to proceed with the development of a Nutrition Support Center of Excellence should be made after significant discussion centered on the potential benefits and problems related to such a program. The BSCOE process can be used as a successful model. This article reviews the issues leading up to the creation of the BSCOE, describes its certification process, mentions some of the benefits, and offers recommendations for the consideration of an NSCOE program. PMID:21149842

Shikora, Scott A; Delegge, Mark; Van Way, Charles W


Excellence in Environmental Education: Self Assessment Tool  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This tool for K-12 educators provides a do-it-yourself assessment for environmental education programs to determine the degree to which they deliver a comprehensive set of learning experiences, and to determine where the gaps are. It consists of a set of checklists for grades PreK-4, 5-8, and 9-12. Each checklist features a column of strand items; users can check off whether the items are fully, partly, or not addressed. A downloadable, printable table is provided to tally results and provide an overview of the self-assessment.


Obtaining and Installing  

Microsoft Academic Search

The NIST EXPRESS toolkit is a software library for building E XPRESS-related tools. The E XPRESS Toolkit is based on Draft International Standard (DIS) 10303-1 1 (N151). The NIST Part 21 Ex- change File Toolkit is a software library for building Part 21-related tools. The Part 21 T oolkit is based on DIS 10303-21. This paper describes how to obtain

Don Libes


The Preparation of Microzonation Map of the Gulf of Buyukcekmece using results obtain by Vertical Electrical Sounding Measurements with Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Wave and Microtremor Array Method  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Istanbul is a megacity with 17 million inhabitants. After the 17 August 1999 earthquake, many researchers have focused on the mitigation of earthquake hazards in the Sea of Marmara and its vicinity. If we want to lessen the effects of such an earthquake, we have to learn about three different types of problems which are properties of the earthquake's source, whether of site effect or properties of engineering structures. When ?stanbul Metropolitian Municipilaty obtained a World Bank Credit 5 years ago, they had a microzonation report for only a limited area which finished at Har amidere in the western site of Istanbul. Because they will not have any new project, the western side of Haramidere hasn't been studied by any scientist. For this reason, we focused on the Gulf of Buyukcekmece which is located on the western part of Haramidere and suffered in the 1999 earthquake. There are five geological units in the study area such as Bakirkoy formation, Gurpinar formation, Çukurçe?me formation, Güngören formation and Alluvial deposit. We conducted some measurements which are multi-channel analysis of surface wave (MASW), microtremor array method (MAM) and vertical electrical sounding(VES). The aim of using VES data is to determine bedrock depth, learn whether there is a new fault and learn the electrical properties of each layer of bedrock. The MASW method is so attactive, cheap and fast. According to seismic refraction, it has some advantages that are determining the deeper part of sub-surface, lower velocity layers and velocity contrast. Especially, we use natural sources; MAM methods are more useful method in the city. For all of these purposes, we collected MASW and MAM measurements at 80 sites and VES measurements at 20 sites. As primary results for VES measurements, we determined the bedrock depth by evaluating the VES measurements for the central, eastern and western part of Buyukcekmece Gulf. Bedrock depth is 308 meters in the central and eastern part of the Gulf and it reaches up to 448 meter in the north-eastern part. Its value obtained 471 meters in the western part of the Gulf. The depth of bedrock is determined as approximately the same on both sides of the Gulf. We collected only one VES measurement in the central part of the Gulf where the Buyukcekmece lake meets the Sea of Marmara. The bedrock depth is determined as 52 meters at this point. As primary results for MASW-MAM measurements, we determined Vs30 as average 311 m/s. Due to the frequency range being different for MASW and MAM measurements, wavelength is also different. For this reason, we evaluated both measurements together. Shear wave velocity is greater than the other parts in the study area. Especially, the north-west side (District of Tepecik) of the Gulf is the maximum value. The central part of the Gulf close to the Sea of Marmara decreases to Vs30 value. Key Words: Gulf of Büyükçekmece, Vs30, Depth of Bedrock, MASW, Microzonation,Site Effect,NAFZ

Tezel, Okan; Karabulut, Savas; Imre, Nazire; Caglak, Faruk; Yeziz, Hatice; Ozcep, Ferhat



Best practices: applying management analysis of excellence to immunization.  


The authors applied business management tools to analyze and promote excellence and to evaluate differences between average and above-average immunization peformers in private practices. The authors conducted a pilot study of 10 private practices in Pennsylvania using tools common in management to assess practices' organizational climate and managerial style. Authoritative and coaching styles of physician leaders were common to both groups. Managerial styles that emphasized higher levels of clarity and responsibility managerial styles were evident in the large practices; and rewards and flexibility styles were higher in the small above-average practices. The findings of this pilot study match results seen in high performers in other industries. It concludes that the authoritative style appears to have the most impact on performance. It has interesting implications for training/behavior change to improve immunization rates, along with traditional medical interventions. PMID:15921143

Wishner, Amy; Aronson, Jerold; Kohrt, Alan; Norton, Gary


Final report for the DOE Metal Hydride Center of Excellence.  

SciTech Connect

This report summarizes the R&D activities within the U.S. Department of Energy Metal Hydride Center of Excellence (MHCoE) from March 2005 to June 2010. The purpose of the MHCoE has been to conduct highly collaborative and multi-disciplinary applied R&D to develop new reversible hydrogen storage materials that meet or exceed DOE 2010 and 2015 system goals for hydrogen storage materials. The MHCoE combines three broad areas: mechanisms and modeling (which provide a theoretically driven basis for pursuing new materials), materials development (in which new materials are synthesized and characterized) and system design and engineering (which allow these new materials to be realized as practical automotive hydrogen storage systems). This Final Report summarizes the organization and execution of the 5-year research program to develop practical hydrogen storage materials for light duty vehicles. Major results from the MHCoE are summarized, along with suggestions for future research areas.

Keller, Jay O.; Klebanoff, Leonard E.



Demulsifier for separation of liquid obtained in chemical flooding of oil layers  

Microsoft Academic Search

The development and use of a demulsifier for separation of the fluid obtained after flooding of an oil layer using ASP (alkaline\\u000a surfactant polymer) are described. The mechanism of separation of the emulsion was investigated. As a result of laboratory\\u000a studies and tests in the field, it was shown that the demulsifier produces excellent results in separation of such emulsions.

Fusheng Zhang; Jian Ouyang; Huaibin Zhang; Xinfang Feng; Jiatai Bu



Sales Training for Army Recruiter Success: Supplementary Information on Modeling the Sales Strategies and Skills of Excellent Recruiters.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This report describes a program of research on communication strategies and skills used by excellent Army recruiters. Information to be used for the generation of more effective sales training programs for recruiters was obtained. A linguistic modeling pr...

S. Jacobson



A biodegradable shape-memory nanocomposite with excellent magnetism sensitivity.  


This paper reports a kind of biodegradable nanocomposite which can show an excellent shape-memory property in hot water or in an alternating magnetic field with f = 20 kH and H = 6.8 kA m(-1). The nanocomposite is composed of crosslinked poly(epsilon-caprolactone) (c-PCL) and Fe(3)O(4) nanoparticles. The crosslinking reaction in PCL with linear molecular structure was realized using benzoyl peroxide (BPO) as an initiator. The biocompatible Fe(3)O(4) magnetite nanoparticles with an average size of 10 nm were synthesized according to a chemical coprecipitation method. The initial results from c-PCL showed crosslinking modification had brought about a large enhancement in shape-memory effect for PCL. Then a series of composites made of Fe(3)O(4) nanoparticles and c-PCL were prepared and their morphological properties, mechanical properties, thermodynamic properties and shape-memory effect were investigated in succession. Significantly, the photos of the shape-memory process confirmed the anticipatory magnetically responsive shape-recovery effect of the nanocomposites because inductive heat from Fe(3)O(4) can be utilized to actuate the c-PCL vivification from their frozen temporary shape. All the results imply a very feasible method to fabricate shape-memory PCL-based nanocomposites since just a simple modification is required. Additionally, this modification would endow an excellent shape-memory effect to all other kinds of polymers so that they could broadly serve in various fields, especially in medicine. PMID:19451683

Yu, Xiongjun; Zhou, Shaobing; Zheng, Xiaotong; Guo, Tao; Xiao, Yu; Song, Botao



Metal mirrors with excellent figure and roughness  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

An outstanding technique in point of ultra-precision as well as economical production of mirrors is Single Point Diamond Turning (SPDT). The unique properties of the diamonds are used to get optical surfaces with roughness values down to 5 nm rms (root mean square) and very precise form accuracy down to 70 nm rms and 500 nm p.-v. (peak to valley) value over an area of 200 mm x 200 mm. This quality level is typical for applications in the Near Infrared (NIR) and Infrared (IR) range. For applications in the VIS and UV range the turning structures must be removed with a smoothing procedure in order to minimize the scatter losses. Favorable is an aluminium base body plated with a thick-film of Nickel-Phosphorus alloy (NiP). This alloy can be polished with computer assistance. Ion Beam Figuring (IBF) is the final manufacturing step. The properties after the finishing process are better than 1 nm rms for roughness and down to 15 nm rms respectively 100 nm p.-v. regarding the surface irregularity for complex optical shapes. The techniques SPDT, polishing and IBF ensures a high quality level for large mirrors with plan, spherical or aspherical surfaces. The manufacturing chain will be analyzed by surface characterisation based on 2D profilometry and white light interferometry to measure the roughness and 3D-profilometry and interferometry to monitor the shape irregularity. Scattering light analysis deepens these investigations. This paper summarizes technologies and measurement results for SPDT and surface finish of metal mirrors for novel optical applications.

Steinkopf, R.; Gebhardt, A.; Scheiding, S.; Rohde, M.; Stenzel, O.; Gliech, S.; Giggel, V.; Löscher, H.; Ullrich, G.; Rucks, P.; Duparre, A.; Risse, S.; Eberhardt, R.; Tünnermann, A.



Microsoft Excel Software Usage for Teaching Science and Engineering Curriculum  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|In this article, our main objective is to present the use of Microsoft Software Excel 2007/2003 for teaching college and university level curriculum in science and engineering. In particular, we discuss two interesting and fascinating examples of interactive applications of Microsoft Excel targeted for undergraduate students in: 1) computational…

Singh, Gurmukh; Siddiqui, Khalid



The Misuse of RC4 in Microsoft Word and Excel  

Microsoft Academic Search

In this report, we point out a serious security flaw in Mi- crosoft Word and Excel. The stream cipher RC4 (9) with key length up to 128 bits is used in Microsoft Word and Excel to protect the documents. But when an encrypted document gets modified and saved, the initial- ization vector remains the same and thus the same keystream

Hongjun Wu



On the accuracy of statistical distributions in Microsoft Excel 97  

Microsoft Academic Search

The paper deals with the numerical accuracy of some statistical functions in Microsoft Excel (Excel version in Microsoft Office 97 for Windows). It is shown that the computation of some discrete distributions (Binomial, Poisson, Hypergeometric) fails even for probabilities in the central range between 0.01 and 0.99 and even for parameter values that cannot be judged as too extreme. Furthermore

Leo Knüsel



Toward a More Reflective Teaching Practice: Revisiting Excellence in Teaching  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Excellence in teaching has always been a demanding and absorbing concern in institutions of higher learning. Earlier studies, which are numerous, have often dealt with the measurement of teacher qualities but have largely failed to explain the phenomenon of excellence in practice. This study focused on the outstanding professional teachers'…

de la Rosa, Praxedes SM



Excellent Beginnings: Evaluation of Phase I (1991-1994).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In 1991 the Plan for Social Excellence, Inc., funded three elementary schools to design and implement a comprehensive early childhood education program. This funding initiative, entitled "Excellent Beginnings," supports programs that include innovative curriculum and classroom-management strategies, extensive parent participation, the use of high…

Brickman, Alan


Excellent Beginnings: Evaluation of Phase I (1991-1994).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|In 1991 the Plan for Social Excellence, Inc., funded three elementary schools to design and implement a comprehensive early childhood education program. This funding initiative, entitled "Excellent Beginnings," supports programs that include innovative curriculum and classroom-management strategies, extensive parent participation, the use of high…

Brickman, Alan


Profile of an Excellent Teacher: Summary of Research.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|In fall 1990, educators at Chemeketa Community College, in Salem, Oregon began planning an educational video to highlight examples of teaching excellence in the community college. Research indicated, however, that no set definitions existed of teaching excellence at the community college or any other level. In order to create a local definition…

Hilgemann, Vickie; Blodget, Jim


The Oldest Cave Art: An Essay on Giftedness and Excellence.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This essay examines issues of giftedness and excellence, beginning with classical references to human striving toward the "good," the attraction of gifted children to quality, and the recent discovery of the oldest known cave art with its manifest excellence. Classroom activities related to cave art and language arts, social studies, sciences,…

Breen, Maureen; White, David A.



The German Excellence Initiative: Update. Go8 Backgrounder 24a  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

As described in "Go8 Backgrounder 24: Answering the Global Challenge--Experiences from European Excellence Initiatives," Germany began a debate about how to strengthen its position as an excellent location for science and research in 2004. This debate focussed in particular on the competitiveness of the country's universities and research centres…

Frohlich, Ellen



Architecture of business excellence in the public and service sectors  

Microsoft Academic Search

The traditional Business Excellence approach has been increasingly regarded as inward looking, inefficient and unable to drive appropriate actions for improvement in organisations, thus being of limited value for their stakeholders. The architecture of Business Excellence deals with a set of systems, stakeholders, critical success factors and Structural Equation Modelling to create a holistic, reliable and comprehensive measurement model. The

Gopal K. Kanji



Finding Aristotle's Golden Mean: Social Justice and Academic Excellence  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Over 2,000 years ago, Aristotle wrote a treatise on ethics in which he proposed that there were both intellectual and moral virtues to be developed in the human being. Virtue ("aristeia") was roughly equivalent to the English word "excellence" and the unifying virtue that was both a moral and an intellectual virtue was prudence. Excellence lay…

Rivera, John



Manduca Receives 2004 Excellence in Geophysical Education Award  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Cathryn A. Manduca received the Excellence in Geophysical Education Award at the AGU Joint Assembly Honors Ceremony, which was held on 19 May 2004 in Montreal, Canada. The award honors ``a sustained commitment to excellence in geophysical education by a team, individual, or group.''

Mogk, David; MacDonald, Heather



Courageous leaders. The integral force behind organizational excellence.  


For more than a decade, Total Quality Management (TQM) has been used as a powerful instrument in shaping the competitive strategies of businesses, and producing quality products and services has become the credo of firms trying to defend or expand their markets. During this time, we have come to realize that without effective leadership no quality program can succeed. That is why the quality guru, W. Edwards Deming, refused to work in any organization unless he could begin with the CEO. That is why the first criterion examined for the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award is leadership. Focusing on quality will not guarantee success in today's rapidly changing markets. Increasingly discriminating consumers have come to expect quality in the products and services they buy, and businesses that fail to deliver it will not survive. In a very real sense, quality performance is the price you must pay simply to play the game. But consumers want more, and satisfying their expectations will determine tomorrow's winners and losers. Building organizations capable of producing superior results that consistently meet the needs of customers is the responsibility of leaders. For this reason, leaders are more important today than they have ever been before. Leaders in successful businesses must show the way for their employees by nurturing "cultures" that encourage and reward superior performance and by exhibiting personal characteristics that inspire excellence. Great leaders possess three crucial characteristics--vision, strong values and beliefs, and the courage to do the job despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. These characteristics make the difference between excellence and "business as usual." PMID:10144342

Snyder, N H


A Tutorial on the Use of Excel 2010 and Excel for Mac 2011 for Conducting Delay-Discounting Analyses  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|In recent years, researchers and practitioners in the behavioral sciences have profited from a growing literature on delay discounting. The purpose of this article is to provide readers with a brief tutorial on how to use Microsoft Office Excel 2010 and Excel for Mac 2011 to analyze discounting data to yield parameters for both the hyperbolic…

Reed, Derek D.; Kaplan, Brent A.; Brewer, Adam T.



Domperidone – How to Obtain  

Center for Drug Evaluation (CDER)

... about the potential public health risks associated with the use of domperidone by lactating women to enhance breast milk production (ie, the risk of ... More results from


Omegaven – How To Obtain  

Center for Drug Evaluation (CDER)

... Omegaven 10% Emulsion is a fish oil emulsion administered intravenously in patients who require parenteral nutrition supplementation with long ... More results from


FT Digital Filtering and Simulating Fourier transform Apodization via Excel  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This report presents an excel spreadsheet which simulates Fourier Transform apodization filtering on a noisy signal that contains either white or an environmental noise source. Users may download the report in PDF file format.

Overway, Ken



Development of Ultra Low Carbon Steel Sheets with Excellent Formability.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The demand for steel sheets having an excellent formability is getting higher, and the requirements for the improvement of formability will be even more strict. In order to meet these requirements, the authors have established a manufacturing technology o...

H. Tanaka Y. Ogura K. Yoshioka T. Hirose H. Yamana



Center of Excellence for Individuation of Therapy for Breast Cancer.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

During the most recent period the Center of Excellence continued to collect and process human breast cancer tissues for patients receiving chemotherapy for metastatic disease. These tissues have been annotated clinically, examined by the study pathologist...

J. G. Sledge



Value(s) Deferred: The Excellent University Today  

Microsoft Academic Search

This article examines the Penn State scandal, highlighting what has been lost to contemporary universities in the rise of nonacademic administration, the managed university, and the accompanying discourse of “excellence.”

Greg Dimitriadis



Pathways to Excellence Scholarship Program for women in STEM fields  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Notre Dame of Maryland University (NDMU) has an NSF S-STEM grant, Pathways to Excellence, that gives 10 scholarships annually to academically talented women undergraduates with demonstrated financial need who are pursuing degrees in mathematics, physics, computer information systems, or engineering. NDMU has been cited (Whitten, et al. (2007)) as providing a female friendly environment for the study of physics. In this program we are using a tri-part mentoring system involving a faculty member in the student's discipline, a peer mentor from the program and an external alumnae mentor. The program also has a thematic seminar course for the scholars. Each student in the program is tasked to construct a career development plan in assistance with her faculty mentor and set measured annual goals. In addition, all scholarship students are requested to have an experiential experience. As a result, NDMU aims to strengthen its role in increasing the numbers of well-educated and skilled women employees from diverse backgrounds, including mostly first-generation college students, in technical and scientific areas. Early assessment of the success of the program will be presented as well as modifications that resulted from the formative evaluation.

di Rienzi, Joseph



Canonical correlation between job satisfaction and EFQM business excellence model  

Microsoft Academic Search

The extent to which employees are satisfied with what they are responsible for may directly influence the level of customer\\u000a satisfaction with their services and products. The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) excellence model as a\\u000a common framework for quality management and organizational culture. The main purpose of the study is to determine the relationship\\u000a between excellence model and

Ozkan Tutuncu; Deniz Kucukusta



Restricted Hartree-Fock SCF Calculations Using Microsoft Excel  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Courses in computational chemistry are increasingly common at the undergraduate level. Excellent user-friendly programs, which make the execution of ab initio calculations quite simple, are available. However, there is a danger that the underlying SCF procedure (usually coupled with contracted Gaussian atomic orbital basis sets) can become a ?black box? for the student. This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet contains all the essential elements of far more complicated ab initio calculations, but on the simplest possible molecular system.


Quantitative comparison of the results obtained by the multiple-dose guinea pig maximization test and the non-radioactive murine local lymph-node assay for various biocides  

Microsoft Academic Search

We compared the results of the multiple-dose guinea pig maximization test (GPMT) and the non-radioactive murine local lymph-node assay (LLNA) for various biocides. Thirteen out of 17 positive biocides in the GPMT gave positive results in the LLNA. In the GPMT, the minimum first induction doses ranged over four orders (0.00005–0.5%), while elicitation-threshold doses, which were evaluated using an optimally

Tetsuo Yamano; Mitsuru Shimizu; Tsutomu Noda



Climate literacy for secondary science teachers: Inspiring Climate Education Excellence  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Essential Principles of Climate Sciences ( provides a coherent framework for climate education, but educators need professional development and standards-aligned curriculum to implement it. Climate literacy efforts at CIRES range from professional development for teachers, scientists and communicators to online courses and curriculum development. The NASA-funded Inspiring Climate Education Excellence (ICEE) project is a professional development project for secondary science educators, incorporating face to face workshops, an online course and self-directed learning modules for teachers. Focusing on changes in Arctic ice and sea level rise, the modules use NASA resources for professional development around key guiding questions, and build content knowledge and pedagogical skills for how to teach climate science. The resources are being developed in partnership with GLOBE, the National Science Digital Library (NSDL) and the University of Colorado, Boulder Independent Learning Program. This presentation describes ICEE and other CIRES climate literacy projects, and describes results from a recent CIRES survey of US teachers on their climate education needs, practices and knowledge of climate literacy topics. Learn more at .

Buhr, Susan; Lynds, Susan; McCaffrey, Mark; van Gundy, Susan; Wise, Sarah



What brain science tells us about how to excel.  


Millions of people are struggling at work. Some are in the wrong jobs. Others feel no connection to their colleagues or engagement with their. The result is rampant dissatisfaction and underachievement. Hallowell, a child psychiatrist specializing in learning differences, describes the Cycle of Excellence, a plan for helping people achieve peak performance. It consists of five steps: Select a job that reflects what you like to do and what you do best and that adds value to the organization. Research has shown that good job fit reduces stress and increases satisfaction and performance. Connect with the people around you. Robust relationships in the workplace galvanize people and build their engagement with their jobs. Small talk may seem trivial, but it pays big dividends. Play on the job. It sounds like an oxymoron, but people do their best--and are most satisfied--when they're imaginatively involved with their work. And when you're hard at play, you're building your brain. Grapple and Grow--that is, work hard to achieve a difficult task. The stress you may feel as you engage with a tough assignment and connect with others to complete it is not the toxic kind. Shine in the acknowledgment of your achievements. Praise releases chemicals that make us feel good, and it fills our uniquely human need to be of value, to matter. If you aren't getting it, ask for it. The need for recognition is fundamental to optimal human performance. PMID:21188900

Hallowell, Edward M



Quantitative comparison of the results obtained by the multiple-dose guinea pig maximization test and the non-radioactive murine local lymph-node assay for various biocides.  


We compared the results of the multiple-dose guinea pig maximization test (GPMT) and the non-radioactive murine local lymph-node assay (LLNA) for various biocides. Thirteen out of 17 positive biocides in the GPMT gave positive results in the LLNA. In the GPMT, the minimum first induction doses ranged over four orders (0.00005-0.5%), while elicitation-threshold doses, which were evaluated using an optimally sensitized group of animals in the multiple-dose studies, ranged over five orders (0.00006-2.8%). In the LLNA, minimum induction doses ranged over more than three orders (0.01-30%). With respect to 13 biocides that were positive in both the GPMT and the LLNA, results were quantitatively compared. When compared after conversion to corresponding area doses (microg/cm), the minimum doses required to elicit skin reaction in guinea pigs were always lower than that for induction in mice with all biocides. Correlation between minimum induction doses from the GPMT and the LLNA seemed poor (r=0.57), while that between minimum induction doses in the LLNA and elicitation-threshold doses in the GPMT was relatively good (r=0.73). The results suggest the possibility to estimate human elicitation-threshold doses, which are definitely lacking in the process of risk assessment for skin-sensitizers, from the data of the LLNA. PMID:15863260

Yamano, Tetsuo; Shimizu, Mitsuru; Noda, Tsutomu



An empirical assessment of the EFQM Excellence Model: Evaluation as a TQM framework relative to the MBNQA Model  

Microsoft Academic Search

Total quality management (TQM) is an approach to management embracing both social and technical dimensions aimed at achieving excellent results, which needs to be put into practice through a specific framework. Nowadays, quality award models, such as the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) and the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model, are used as a guide to

J. Carlos Bou-Llusar; Ana B. Escrig-Tena; Vicente Roca-Puig; Inmaculada Beltrán-Martín



Simulation research and contrastive analysis of the volt-ampere characteristics of resistor and diode based on Mulitisim and Excel  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper, the Multisim and Excel software also applied to study the characteristics of diode, and the diode characteristics and resistance characteristics were analyzed. China Journal Net in search time found no similar research methods and research results appear. Application of Multisim to test the characteristics of the resistor and diode emulation and application of Excel to plot the curve

Youyong Jiang



Deterministic seismic hazard map for Taiwan developed using an in-house Excel-based program  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Seismic hazard analyses, either in a deterministic (DSHA) or probabilistic (PSHA) framework, are both commonly adopted for evaluating earthquake risk. Although different in methodology, both approaches involving tedious calculation are certainly a computer-aided analysis. For Taiwan, a few PSHA studies have been conducted, but not a single comprehensive DSHA study is yet available for this region. As a result, this study aims to develop a DSHA seismic hazard map for Taiwan through an Excel-based program. In use of the in-house program, the result shows that the deterministic seismic hazards for Taiwan are comparable to those estimated by the recent PSHA; in particular the 50th PGA (mean motion) in this DSHA was found in a good agreement with the PSHA at 10% exceedance probability in 50 years. In addition to developing the DSHA map for Taiwan, this paper provides the details of the in-house, Excel-based tool for Excel applications in geosciences studies.

Wang, Jui-Pin; Huang, Duruo; Yang, Zijiang



Clinical strategies for esthetic excellence in anterior tooth restorations: understanding color and composite resin selection.  


Direct composite resin restorations have become a viable alternative for patients that require anterior restorative procedures to be integrated to the other teeth that compose the smile, especially for presenting satisfactory esthetic results and minimum wear of the dental structure. Technological evolution along with a better understanding of the behavior of dental tissues to light incidence has allowed the development of new composite resins with better mechanical and optical properties, making possible a more artistic approach for anterior restorations. The combination of the increasing demand of patients for esthetics and the capacity to preserve the dental structure resulted in the development of different incremental techniques for restoring fractured anterior teeth in a natural way. In order to achieve esthetic excellence, dentists should understand and apply artistic and scientific principles when choosing color of restorative materials, as well as during the insertion of the composite resin. The discussion of these strategies will be divided into two papers. In this paper, the criteria for color and material selection to obtain a natural reproduction of the lost dental structures and an imperceptible restoration will be addressed. PMID:22666829

Nahsan, Flavia Pardo Salata; Mondelli, Rafael Francisco Lia; Franco, Eduardo Batista; Naufel, Fabiana Scarparo; Ueda, Julio Katuhide; Schmitt, Vera Lucia; Baseggio, Wagner


Influencing Decisions with Charts â Excel 2003  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

From the Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction at Maricopa Community College, Gail Korkames, and Kay Gaisford, this page presents how to manipulate data and influence decisions with charts using Microsoft Excel 2003. The module is presented in the context of digital visual literacy (DVL), the "set of skills that enable students to function in an increasingly digital and visual workplace." In this lesson, visitors will find an instructors' guide and four phases of the lesson: an introduction with background information, a demonstration of Excel tools, an independent student activity, and a quiz. The introductory PowerPoint presentation covers topics such as charts versus tables, good versus bad charts, labeling, deceptive information presentation, chart types, and designing effective charts. This is an excellent resource not only for courses or programs focused specifically on DVL, but for many other fields as effective and persuasive presentation of information is a skill that benefits everyone.



Reconstruction of the alveolar cleft: can growth factor-aided tissue engineering replace autologous bone grafting? A literature review and systematic review of results obtained with bone morphogenetic protein-2.  


The alveolar cleft in patients with clefts of lip, alveolus and palate (CLAP) is usually reconstructed with an autologous bone graft. Harvesting of autologous bone grafts is associated with more or less donor site morbidity. Donor site morbidity could be eliminated if bone is fabricated by growth factor-aided tissue engineering. The objective of this review was to provide an oversight on the current state of the art in growth factor-aided tissue engineering with regard to reconstruction of the alveolar cleft in CLAP. Medline, Embase and Central databases were searched for articles on bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP-2), bone morphogenetic protein 7, transforming growth factor beta, platelet-derived growth factor, insulin-like growth factor, fibroblast growth factor, vascular endothelial growth factor and platelet-rich plasma for the reconstruction of the alveolar cleft in CLAP. Two-hundred ninety-one unique search results were found. Three articles met our selection criteria. These three selected articles compared BMP-2-aided bone tissue engineering with iliac crest bone grafting by clinical and radiographic examinations. Bone quantity appeared comparable between the two methods in patients treated during the stage of mixed dentition, whereas bone quantity appeared superior in the BMP-2 group in skeletally mature patients. Favourable results with BMP-2-aided bone tissue engineering have been reported for the reconstruction of the alveolar cleft in CLAP. More studies are necessary to assess the quality of bone. Advantages are shortening of the operation time, absence of donor site morbidity, shorter hospital stay and reduction of overall cost. PMID:21465220

van Hout, Wouter M M T; Mink van der Molen, Aebele B; Breugem, Corstiaan C; Koole, Ronald; Van Cann, Ellen M



A Microsoft Excel® 2010 Based Tool for Calculating Interobserver Agreement  

PubMed Central

This technical report provides detailed information on the rationale for using a common computer spreadsheet program (Microsoft Excel®) to calculate various forms of interobserver agreement for both continuous and discontinuous data sets. In addition, we provide a brief tutorial on how to use an Excel spreadsheet to automatically compute traditional total count, partial agreement-within-intervals, exact agreement, trial-by-trial, interval-by-interval, scored-interval, unscored-interval, total duration, and mean duration-per-interval interobserver agreement algorithms. We conclude with a discussion of how practitioners may integrate this tool into their clinical work.

Reed, Derek D; Azulay, Richard L



Collaborative research partnerships in support of nursing excellence.  


Nursing leadership is committed to advancing the profession of nursing through research and evidence-based practice. Partnerships between the hospital and area academic institutions were formed to develop a comprehensive research program that supported active involvement for frontline staff and provide clinical research opportunities for area faculty. Through this collaborative model, the research program has continually expanded and provided clinical research that is making a difference for patients and families. The commitment of this service/academic research partnership is shown by the close involvement of each in future planning for studies and program development. A collaborative partnership is an excellent means to promote clinical research and support nursing excellence. PMID:21320666

Balakas, Karen; Bryant, Terry; Jamerson, Patricia



Excellence in role modelling: insight and perspectives from the pros  

PubMed Central

Background Role modelling is an effective teaching method in medical education. We sought to better understand role modelling by examining the insights of respected physician role models. Methods We conducted 30-minute in-depth interviews with 29 highly regarded role models at 2 large teaching hospitals. We coded the transcripts independently, and compared our coding for agreement. Content analysis identified several major categories of themes. Results The informants identified specific characteristics related to role modelling. Subcategories under the domain of personal qualities included interpersonal skills, a positive outlook, a commitment to excellence and growth, integrity and leadership. Under the domain of teaching, the subcategories were establishing rapport with learners, developing specific teaching philosophies and methods, and being committed to the growth of learners. Subjects thought there was some overlap between teaching and role modelling, but felt that the latter was more implicit and more encompassing. Being a strong clinician was regarded as necessary but not sufficient for being an exemplary physician role model. Perceived barriers to effective role modelling included being impatient and overly opinionated, being quiet, being overextended, and having difficulty remembering names and faces. Physician role models described role modeling consciousness, in that they specifically think about being role models when interacting with learners. Subjects believed that medical learners should emulate multiple role models. Interpretation Highly regarded physician role models possess personal qualities, teaching abilities and exceptional clinical skills that outweigh their own barriers to serving as effective role models. Many of these positive attributes of role models represent behaviours that can be modified or skills that can be acquired.

Wright, Scott M.; Carrese, Joseph A.



National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE): Is economic appraisal working?  


This paper analyses the 32 technology appraisals completed by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) in the UK from its establishment to the end of January 2002. It looks at why technologies have been rejected, what has happened to products reviewed at launch, evidence of rationing on cost-effectiveness grounds, and the issues raised for manufacturers and for NICE in the collection and analysis of economic data. It finds that around two-thirds of NICE appraisals have been of pharmaceuticals. Only two 'first in class' products have been reviewed at launch, with quite different results. There is clear evidence of the use of cost-effectiveness criteria to restrict or reject technologies, although these are not the only criteria used in decision making. While a number of concerns with the appraisal process raised by manufacturers have been addressed by NICE, and while the Department of Health is currently consulting on changes to the referral system whereby products are selected for review by NICE, manufacturers remain concerned about the timing of referrals in the product life cycle and about the quality and consistency of the reviews of evidence undertaken by academic groups for NICE. Concerns in the National Health Service centre on whether the right technologies are being referred to NICE and also on the opportunity cost of positive NICE recommendations. Given global budget constraints and the difficulty of withdrawing services, the NICE recommendations tend to preempt growth money that could be used for more cost-effective purposes. NICE should be asked to look at established technologies that may not be cost effective and whose discontinuance could therefore release resources for other more cost-effective treatments. PMID:12457430

Towse, Adrian; Pritchard, Clive



Everyday Excellence: A Framework for Professional Nursing Practice in Long-Term Care  

PubMed Central

Registered nurses make measurable contributions to the health and wellness of persons living in nursing homes. However, most nursing homes do not employ adequate numbers of professional nurses with specialized training in the nursing care of older adults to positively impact resident outcomes. As a result, many people never receive excellent geriatric nursing while living in a long-term care facility. Nurses have introduced various professional practice models into health care institutions as tools for leading nursing practice, improving client outcomes, and achieving organizational goals. Problematically, few professional practice models have been implemented in nursing homes. This article introduces an evidence-based framework for professional nursing practice in long-term care. The Everyday Excellence framework is based upon eight guiding principles: Valuing, Envisioning, Peopling, Securing, Learning, Empowering, Leading, and Advancing Excellence. Future research will evaluate the usefulness of this framework for professional nursing practice.

Lyons, Stacie Salsbury; Specht, Janet Pringle; Karlman, Susan E.



Design of a new static micromixer having simple structure and excellent mixing performance.  


A novel micromixer with simple construction and excellent mixing performance is developed. The micromixer is composed of two stainless steel tubes with different diameters: one is an outer tube and another is an inner tube which fits in the outer tube. In this micromixer, one reactant fluid flows in the mixing zone from the inner tube and the other flows from the outer tube. The excellent mixing performance is confirmed by comparing the results of a Villermaux/Dushman reaction with those for the other micromixers. The developed micromixer has a mixing cascade with multiple means and an asymmetric structure to achieve effective mixing. The excellent mixing performance of the developed micromixer suggests that serial addition of multiple phenomena for mixing will give us an efficient micromixing. PMID:19495468

Kamio, Eiji; Ono, Tsutomu; Yoshizawa, Hidekazu



Acoustic Markers of Syllabic Stress in Spanish Excellent Oesophageal Speakers  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The purpose of this investigation is to explore the use by Spanish excellent oesophageal speakers of acoustic cues to mark syllabic stress. The speech material has consisted of five pairs of disyllabic words which only differed in stress position. Total 44 oesophageal and 9 laryngeal speakers were recorded and a computerised designed "ad hoc"…

Cuenca, Maria Heliodora; Barrio, Marina M.; Anaya, Pablo; Establier, Carmelo



Developing and Maintaining Excellence in an Optometry Residency Program.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Factors supporting excellence in optometric residency programs are discussed, including initial student contact and orientation, instructional quality, teacher as resource, student quality, admission procedures, curriculum design, levels of clinical training, resources that expand the resident's experience, stature of the program within the…

Colgain, James D.



Mission: Possible. Center of Excellence for Hazardous Materials Management  

Microsoft Academic Search

The Center of Excellence for Hazardous Materials Management (CEHMM) was established in May 2004 as a nonprofit research organization. Its purpose is to develop a sustainable technical\\/scientific community located in Carlsbad, New Mexico, that interacts worldwide to find solutions to hazardous materials management issues. An important part of the mission is to achieve improved protection of worker safety, human health,

W. T. Bartlett; W. Prather-Stroud



Crisis communication plans: Poor predictors of excellent crisis public relations  

Microsoft Academic Search

Public relations is an important element in almost all successful crisis mana ment efforts. Newly developed theory in crisis public relations, though, suggests a shift is necessary in the way practitioners view crises. The well-accepted tactics and techniques advocated by practitioners need to be replaced with strategies and beliefs from a new perspective—a perspective or paradigm that defines excellent crisis

Francis J. Marra



Excellence in Higher Education Workbook and Scoring Guide  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Self-assessment leads to stronger performance in the nation's colleges and universities. That's the premise of "Excellence in Higher Education," a model self-assessment program that has earned accolades from the higher education community. Based on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award framework, the fourth edition of this bestseller is the…

Ruben, Brent D.



An Axiological Analysis of Shared Purpose and Academic Excellence  

Microsoft Academic Search

In this dissertation, I inquired into the relationship of shared purpose and academic excellence. Beginning with an understanding and investigation into the axiology of shared purpose and academic performance, the research reviewed and synthesized scholarly literature for contextual facts. Following analyses, a quantitative explanatory method was undertaken to measure correlation of the variables. An examination of the findings supports a

Robert Baranoski



Building Higher-Order Markov Chain Models with EXCEL  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Categorical data sequences occur in many applications such as forecasting, data mining and bioinformatics. In this note, we present higher-order Markov chain models for modelling categorical data sequences with an efficient algorithm for solving the model parameters. The algorithm can be implemented easily in a Microsoft EXCEL worksheet. We give a…

Ching, Wai-Ki; Fung, Eric S.; Ng, Michael K.



How polysulfone dialysis membranes containing polyvinylpyrrolidone achieve excellent biocompatibility?  

Microsoft Academic Search

Polysulfone (PS) dialysis membranes hydrophilized by blending polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) are well known to have excellent biocompatibility in clinical use. The objective of the present study is thus to clarify how PVP improves biocompatibility of PS membranes and furthermore to develop a patient-friendly PS dialysis membrane with higher biocompatibility. Biocompatibility based on both lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) activity and amount of protein

Masayo Hayama; Ken-ichiro Yamamoto; Fukashi Kohori; Kiyotaka Sakai



The excell method for efficient geometric access to data  

Microsoft Academic Search

The extendible cell (EXCELL) method provides a data structure for efficient geometric access. It stores geometric data into computer storage blocks corresponding to disjoint variable sized rectangular cells accessible by an address calculation type directory. We describe the method for point files and files of more complicated figures analyzing performance. We report algorithms for the nearest neighbour and point-in-polygon-network problems

Markku Tamminen; Reijo Sulonen



A methodology for simulating biological systems using Microsoft Excel  

Microsoft Academic Search

The objective of this present study was to develop a simple, easily understood methodology for solving biologically based models using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The method involves the use of in-cell formulas in which Rows and Columns of new data are generated from data typed into the spreadsheet, but does not require any programming skills or use of the macro

Angus M. Brown



Application of EXCEL for analyzing DC\\/DC converters  

Microsoft Academic Search

EXCEL is an often used and easily accessible calculation and drawing tool. The application for analyzing converters is therefore obvious. A special step-down converter is used to explain and to show the efficiency and usefulness of this tool for technical applications. The use of tapped inductors in the classical buck converter leads to high step-down ratios overcoming the extreme duty




Beyond excellence: Extending the generic approach to international public relations  

Microsoft Academic Search

This article extends the generic approach to international public relations research. The current generic approach, based on the Excellence theory of public relations, suggests a normative framework to study and evaluate international public relations practices. This generic approach has great potential for focusing international research and clarifying infrastructure, geopolitical, legal, cultural, media, and other important variables. Unfortunately, this generic approach

Michael L. Kent; Maureen Taylor



A systemic approach to achieve operational excellence in hotel services  

Microsoft Academic Search

Purpose – The purpose of the framework here proposed is to introduce an industrial culture within the service organizations. Concepts such as employees empowerment, ownership, continuous improvement, together with the systematic implementation of quantitative methods builds the organizational basis for achieving operational excellence in services, reducing costs and increasing service quality. This has been deployed in two phases: a “hard”

Vittorio Cesarotti; Caterina Spada



ASBO International's 1998 Awards for Excellence in Architectural Design.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Announces four certificates of excellence awards for renovated or newly constructed school buildings in Lombard and Elgin, Illinois; Cambridge, Massachusetts; and Houston, Texas. Certificates of merit were awarded schools in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts; Celina, Ohio; and Austin and Houston, Texas. Judges' comments are provided. (MLH)|

School Business Affairs, 1999



Standards of Excellence for Reading Programs in Iowa Schools.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

To help teachers and administrators evaluate and improve their reading programs, standards of excellence are presented for seven program components: administration and organization, student assessment, instruction and management, instructional materials, evaluation, staff and staff development, and community involvement. Procedures are suggested…

Iowa State Dept. of Public Instruction, Des Moines.


WAAVP\\/Pfizer Award for Excellence in Veterinary Parasitology Research  

Microsoft Academic Search

Being presented with the WAAVP Pfizer award for excellence in parasitological research is the pinnacle of my career. In accepting I acknowledge the support that I have received from workmates, colleagues, friends and family over the years that I have been involved in this field of endeavour. Parasitic disease is the most significant threat to the Australian sheep industry. A

D. R Hennessy



Using outcome measures to provide excellence in Alzheimer care  

Microsoft Academic Search

Outcome measures have been widely touted as a valuable tool to guarantee quality assurance in healthcare settings. Recently, a number offactors have conspired to make outcome-based measurement more feasible. This paper describes the advantages of utilizing outcome measures, continuous quality improvement methods and consumer based input to ensure excellence in long term care.

Joan Hyde; Jennifer Hillygus; Becca Levy; Sue Levkoff



Striking a Balance: Supporting Teaching Excellence Award Applications  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Students and peers who nominate academic staff for teaching excellence awards unwittingly invite them to reflect on their work, and explain their practices to other academics. What is an effective system of academic support for these applicants and should academic developers be doing it at all? Is it possible that academic developers and academic…

Layton, Catherine; Brown, Christine



Occult traumatic dissection of vertebral artery with an excellent outcome.  


We present the case of a young male with severe head injury, cervico-thoracic fractures, and an initially unrecognized brainstem infarct due to unilateral dissection of vertebral artery, who made an unusually excellent recovery. This report stresses the importance of prompt clinico-imaging diagnosis and prophylactic anticoagulant treatment in such cases. PMID:15702842

Stranjalis, G; Papavlassopoulos, F; Kouyialis, A T; Korfias, S; Bontozoglou, N; Sakas, D E



Excellence in Educating Gifted & Talented Learners, Third Edition.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This text offers a comprehensive introduction to major topics and issues in gifted and talented education. The 28 chapters are grouped into four sections on the general nature of giftedness, program development, organization of curriculum and instruction, and excellence in education of these students. Chapters include the following titles and…

VanTassel-Baska, Joyce


Simulating North American Impact Craters with ArcView & Excel  

Microsoft Academic Search

Impact craters in North America from the ArcAtlas: Our Earth CD were statistically analyzed in order to build a model to randomly generate impact events and analyze their geographic distribution and environmental impact. Using the simulation modeling, random impact craters are generated in Excel® and then displayed in ArcView®. Statistical measures were then used to predict the incidence and severity

Mark L. Blanchard


The 2013 Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

For millions of Americans, community colleges provide an essential pathway to well-paying jobs and continuing higher education. The Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence honors those institutions that strive for and achieve exceptional levels of success for all students, while they are in college and after they graduate. Community colleges…

Perlstein, Linda



Biology. Focus on Excellence. Volume 1, Number 3.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The 1982 Search for Excellence in Science Education project has identified 10 exemplary programs in biology. Descriptions of the programs and the criteria used in their selection are presented. Chapter 1 discusses the desired state in biology education, examining the goals of biology education and how these goals relate to biology curriculum and…

Penick, John E., Ed.; Bonnstetter, Ronald J.


Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health & Traumatic Brain Injury  


Defense Centers of Excellence For Psychological Health & Traumatic Brain Injury U.S. Department of Defense About DCoE Centers Leadership ... Options Tips for Treating mTBI and PTSD Traumatic Brain Injury Tips for Treating mTBI and PTSD TBI Info ...


The Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence (COSEE) initiative  

Microsoft Academic Search

Seven regional Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence have recently been established to promote the integration of ocean science research into high-quality education programs aimed at both formal and informal audiences throughout the United States. The regional Centers include two complementary partnerships in California, a New England regional effort, a Mid-Atlantic partnership, a Southeastern collaborative, a Florida initiative and a

S. Cook; E. Rom



Self-Consistent Field Calculations on Atoms Using Excel  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|An Excel file that performs self-consistent field (SCF) calculations for the two-electron atoms is described. It is readily constructed and is relatively simple to use, providing a visual demonstration of how the self-consistent field (SCF) procedure is applied and what issues are involved.|

Hoffman, Gary G.



Cultural Leadership: The Culture of Excellence in Education.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Changing the system of rules, roles, and relationships that determine how the components of school redesign are addressed is the challenge that confronts administrators who seek to create a culture of excellence in schools. This book examines the role of effective leadership in achieving significant educational improvement, arguing that culture,…

Cunningham, William G.; Gresso, Donn W.


Elevation at work: The effects of leaders’ moral excellence  

Microsoft Academic Search

Leaders influence followers in many ways; one way is by eliciting positive emotions. In three studies we demonstrate that the nearly unstudied moral emotion of ‘elevation’ (a reaction to moral excellence) mediates the relations between leaders’ and their followers’ ethical behavior. Study 1 used scenarios manipulated experimentally; study 2 examined employees’ emotional responses to their leaders in a natural work

Michelangelo Vianello; Elisa Maria Galliani; Jonathan Haidt



Practices of excellent companies in the drug industry  

Microsoft Academic Search

Examines excellence in three major pharmaceutical companies: Merck, Lilly, and Glaxo. Provides an overview of recent trends in the health care industry. Shows that, although all three companies are facing tough competition and strict cost-containment pressures, they continue to develop innovative strategies for increasing the quality of their product offering. Analyses Merck’s recent acquisition of Medco and its implications; also

Fred Pringle; Brian H. Kleiner



A "Teaching Excellence" for the Times We Live in?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|In this article, the author offers a personal view on the meaning of "teaching excellence" in higher education which makes connections with the particular historical moment people are living through--which has been variously described as "post-traditional", "postmodern", or "reflexive modernity". The author feels some urgency in giving his views…

Skelton, Alan M.



Well-being and excellence in the Earth sciences  

Microsoft Academic Search

In the symposium on Earth Sciences and Society at the Spring AGU Meeting May 29-June 1, Baltimore, Md.), I was assigned to speak on the maintenance of excellence and national well-being in the Earth sciences. I developed serious writer's block every time I approached the topic until I remembered a paragraph at the beginning of Doug Adams' great text, The

Charles L. Drake



The Malaysian Total Performance Excellence Model: A conceptual framework  

Microsoft Academic Search

The growing interest in Total Performance Excellence Measurement (TPEM) has led to the emergence of a number of frameworks such as the EQA model, Malcolm Baldrige, Kanji's model and several others. However, these models are based on enablers that are restricted to quality management perspectives. There are other enablers that deem to affect performance as found in other studies outside

Mokhtar Abdullah; Fadzli Idris; Ridzuan Mohd Sagir



Introducing CGE Models to the Classroom Using EXCEL  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper demonstrates how simple general equilibrium models can be solved with the help of Microsoft Excel. Two different general equilibrium models for tax incidence analysis are used as illustrative examples. The methods presented here are intended to be beneficial to both students and teachers working with general equilibrium theory in the classroom and can easily be extended to various

Amy Peng



Illustrating the Central Limit Theorem through Microsoft Excel Simulations  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Using Microsoft Excel, several interactive, computerized learning modules are developed to demonstrate the Central Limit Theorem. These modules are used in the classroom to enhance the comprehension of this theorem. The Central Limit Theorem is a very important theorem in statistics, and yet because it is not intuitively obvious, statistics…

Moen, David H.; Powell, John E.



Center of Excellence for Individualization of Therapy for Breast Cancer.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The report submitted herein includes reports from subcontractors involved in the COE, which explain in detail the efforts of the COE during the past year. This report will highlight the overall progress made by the Center of Excellence. As discussed in a ...

G. W. Sledge



Quality metrics in academic libraries: Striving for excellence  

Microsoft Academic Search

Quality in academic libraries is a multi-dimensional construct. Quality management and quality assurance is part of measuring performance excellence. Libraries are services. To improve service quality, stakeholders' needs and expectations should be monitored and measured, shortfalls should be identified and addressed. Some basic principles are common to all measurements, but quality metrics will focus on the unique nature and factors

Leoné Tiemensma



The FACET Report. Toward 2001: An Odyssey of Excellence.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|In 1989, the Focus on Access, Community, and Excellence in Teaching (FACET) Commission was created at St. Petersburg Junior College (SPJC) to develop recommendations to guide the college into the 21st century. The Commission's work plan included the definition of SPJC's educational standards; open hearings to solicit ideas from students, faculty,…

Saint Petersburg Junior Coll., FL.


ASBO International's 2001 Awards for Excellence in Architectural Design.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Describes four new school buildings that received the Association of School Business Officials, International's Certificates of Excellence and three new school buildings and one building renovation and expansion that received Certificates of Merit. Includes the architectural firm; building name and location, grades served, size, and cost; and…

School Business Affairs, 2002



Building Higher-Order Markov Chain Models with EXCEL  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Categorical data sequences occur in many applications such as forecasting, data mining and bioinformatics. In this note, we present higher-order Markov chain models for modelling categorical data sequences with an efficient algorithm for solving the model parameters. The algorithm can be implemented easily in a Microsoft EXCEL worksheet. We give…

Ching, Wai-Ki; Fung, Eric S.; Ng, Michael K.



How Should We Group To Achieve Excellence with Equity?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper addresses issues in the relationship of instructional grouping to both educational excellence and equity. First, equity issues are considered in light of two court cases: Hobson v. Hansen and Marshall v. Georgia which, together, offer guidelines for equitable ability grouping. Next, the research on the effects of grouping arrangements…

Grossen, Bonnie


Making a World of Difference: Collaboration. Excellence for Intercultural Teams  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Cultural awareness training that emphasizes communication delivers only a partial solution to the challenges that intercultural work teams face. Improving collaboration requires a strong foundation of performance management before a work team can determine how they will cooperate to perform to excellence. Against the backdrop of the authors'…

Schneider, Luise; Romberg, Claudia



Choice and Excellence in Public Education. Perspectives on National Trends.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This report discusses national trends in achieving excellence in public education. Although graduation rates have improved greatly since the late 1940s and early 1950s, school restructuring is necessary if the basic skills of the nation's youth are to be improved sufficiently to meet the economic challenges of the 1990s. State governors are…

Nathan, Joe


Criteria of Excellence for Geological Inquiry: The Necessity of Ambiguity.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Reports on the application of Gowin's epistemology to examples from geological inquiry which yield criteria of excellence responsive to the demands characteristic of geological problems. Supporting this approach is a case study about how geologists apply analogies. Contains 33 references. (DDR)|

Ault, Charles R., Jr.



Crisis Communication Plans: Poor Predictors of Excellent Crisis Public Relations.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Argues that newly developed theory in crisis public relations suggests a shift is necessary in the way practitioners view crises. Notes that the new paradigm defines excellent crisis public relations very differently from the literature of the past 20 years. (RS)|

Marra, Francis J.



Safety and excellence--is regulation ensuring their achievement  

Microsoft Academic Search

Canada has a large, vigorous nuclear industry staffed by competent people, and a vigourous, independent regulatory agency similarly staffed. Nevertheless, there have been many signs over the last few years that the level of operating and engineering excellence needed to ensure a high level of safety was not being achieved in some key sections of the industry. Years of successful,

R. J. A



Technology Transfer in Canada: Research Parks and Centres of Excellence.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Two types of Canadian institutions (university-related research parks and Ontario's "centers of excellence") charged with fostering technology innovation and facilitating technology transfer between university and industry are described and compared. It is concluded that despite limitations, both play a positive role in enhancing technology…

Bell, Stephen; Sadlak, Jan



Awareness and impact of business excellence in Asia  

Microsoft Academic Search

The primary objective of this research was to investigate the use of business excellence (BE) in Asian organisations. The study examines the drivers of implementation of BE, levels of awareness of BE in Asian organisations as well as the impact of its adoption. A questionnaire survey of 74 organisations in five Asian countries was carried out and, furthermore, qualitative data

Robin Mann; Dotun Adebanjo; Tritos Laosirihongthong; Prattana Punnakitikashem



Project TRREE: Teacher Recruitment and Retention for Educational Excellence  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Project TRREE (Teacher Recruitment and Retention for Educational Excellence) is a three-year, federally funded project conducted by the Kentucky Department of Education. The purpose of the project is to develop a systemic approach to increase the number of highly qualified special education teachers with a focus on recruitment of linguistically,…

Atwell, Nedra



Cabrillo College Self-Assessment of Partnership for Excellence.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This document is a report on the self-assessment of the 2000-2001 Partnership for Excellence (PFE) program conducted by Cabrillo College (California). The PFE program addresses the community college's goals, with direct emphasis on transfer programs, degrees and certificates awarded, student course completion, workforce development, and basic…

Cabrillo Coll., Aptos, CA. Office of Institutional Research.


Striving for Excellence. Final Report to SPD1 Motorola.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|In 1988 SPD1, a division of Motorola, began an extensive 4-year endeavor to transform itself into an organization built on excellence and customer satisfaction. SPD1 contracted with Merex Corporation to provide three services that would enable employees to take on their new responsibilities more effectively. Merex conducted Skills Enhancement…

Merex Corp., Tempe, AZ.


Excellence in achievement contexts: Psychological science applications and future directions  

Microsoft Academic Search

The study of human excellence has always been present in the development of psychological science, although its theory, research, and practice focus have been mainly on negative and pathological issues. Many authors have attempted to explain and understand youth and adults' exceptional achievements in several achievement domains, such as science, art, or sports. Here, we consider three main different approaches

Leandro S. Almeida; José F. Cruz



Latino Faculty Development in U.S. Medical Schools: A Hispanic Center of Excellence Perspective  

Microsoft Academic Search

Traditionally, faculty development programs and fellowships have been shown to successfully address the developmental needs of individual faculty members. Despite positive results, there are very few programs targeted specifically toward career development for Latino and other minority faculty. The Hispanic Center of Excellence, as a Bureau of Health Professions grant, provides New Jersey Medical School a unique opportunity to focus

Maria L. Soto-Greene; Jorge Sanchez; Jose Churrango; Debbie Salas-Lopez



Routine mechanical ventricular assist following the Norwood procedure—improved neurologic outcome and excellent hospital survival  

Microsoft Academic Search

BackgroundAlthough excellent survival following the Norwood procedure for palliation of hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) is being achieved by some, most centers, especially the ones with small surgical volume and limited experience, continue to struggle with initial results. Survivors often showed evidence of significant neurologic injury. The early postoperative care is labor-intensive as attempts are made to balance the systemic

Ross M Ungerleider; Irving Shen; Thomas Yeh; Jess Schultz; Robert Butler; Michael Silberbach; Carmen Giacomuzzi; Eileen Heller; Leanne Studenberg; Brian Mejak; Jamie You; Debbie Farrel; Scott McClure; Erle H Austin



The first results obtained with the installation HORIZON-T  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A new installation HORIZON-T is commissioned at the high altitude scientific station of P.N. Lebedev Institute at the Tien-Shan Mountains. The purpose of this installation is to study EAS arriving at the zenith angles close to the horizon. The installation consists of three Vavilov - Cherenkov detectors located at the center of the installation and five registration points for muons which are placed within 500 m from the center. With the help of HORIZON-T installation EAS events have been detected at zenith angles more than 65 degrees, some of which had muon pulses with the front being ahead of one from Vavilov - Cherenkov pulses by more than 20 ns. Simulations show that such EAS are most likely initiated by primary nuclei with the mass more than 10.

Beisembaev, R. U.; Vavilov, Yu N.; Vildanova, M. I.; Vildanov, N. G.; Dalkarov, O. D.; Zhukov, V. V.; Machavariani, S. K.; Nam, R. A.; Pavlyuchenko, V. P.; Ryabov, V. A.; Saduev, N. O.; Sadykov, T. H.; Stepanov, A. V.; Takibaev, Zh S.



Results obtained with piracetam in foetal distress during labour.  


A double-blind study was performed on ninety-six parturients of the Lima Maternity Hospital, Peru, with some evidence of foetal distress who were given indistinguishably piracetam or a placebo at random in order to investigate the effects of the drug on the foetus. The conditions of the new-born babies who had received piracetam were superior to those of the babies treated with the placebo, as evaluated with the Apgar at 1, 5 and 10 minutes after birth and on the basis of the neurological and clinical examination as from 24 hours until they were released. In addition, the reduction of the duration of the labour in the patients treated with piracetam as compared with the control group was obvious. PMID:6347743

Huaman, E J; Hassoun, R; Itahashi, C M; Pereda, G J; Mejia, M A



Deposition temperature independent excellent passivation of highly boron doped silicon emitters by thermal atomic layer deposited Al2O3  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In this work, we demonstrate that by using H2O based thermal atomic layer deposited (ALD) Al2O3 films, excellent passivation (emitter saturation current density of ~28 fA/cm2) on industrial highly boron p+-doped silicon emitters (sheet resistance of ~62 ?/sq) can be achieved. The surface passivation of the Al2O3 film is activated by a fast industrial high-temperature firing step identical to the one used for screen printed contact formation. Deposition temperatures in the range of 100-300 °C and peak firing temperatures of ~800 °C (set temperature) are investigated, using commercial-grade 5'' Cz silicon wafers (~5 ? cm n-type). It is found that the level of surface passivation after activation is excellent for the whole investigated deposition temperature range. These results are explained by advanced computer simulations indicating that the obtained emitter saturation current densities are quite close to their intrinsic limit value where the emitter saturation current is solely ruled by Auger recombination. The process developed is industrially relevant and robust.

Liao, Baochen; Stangl, Rolf; Ma, Fajun; Hameiri, Ziv; Mueller, Thomas; Chi, Dongzhi; Aberle, Armin G.; Bhatia, Charanjit S.; Hoex, Bram



Computational studies and experimental results--an example of excellent teamwork in studying carbocyclization.  


In silico veritas? Maybe not the whole truth, but very helpful suggestions and guidelines for the experimental work can be deduced from computational studies on Rh-catalyzed [3+2+1] cycloaddition reactions for the construction of cis-fused bicyclohexenones from alkylidenecyclopropanes and carbon monoxide. PMID:23649618

Thiel, Indre; Hapke, Marko



Heart centers 2000. Part Three: The challenge of excellence.  


Healthcare is becoming a mature market from the perspective of "product life cycle" analysis. Mature markets are distinguished by, among other things, expanding competition and increasing emphasis in the market on quality and cost. The cardiac market is the most mature of all aspects of healthcare and, as such, is the most competitive of all healthcare market segments. This is the third in a three-part series on heart centers of the future. The first part dealt with the trends in the cardiac market and the second part focused on the management of change. This article addresses excellence applied to the management of cardiovascular centers over the next decade. Because of the highly evolved nature of the cardiac market, competitive forces will require excellence in terms of service delivery, quality, cost and organization. PMID:10126708

Ronning, P L; McGinnity, E S


Advanced Modeling in Excel: from Water Jets to Big Bang  

Microsoft Academic Search

An international students' project is presented focused on application of Open Office and Excel spreadsheets for modeling of projectile-motion type dynamical systems. Variation of the parameters of plotted and animated families of jets flowing at different angles out of the holes in the wall of water-filled reservoir [1,2] revealed unexpected peculiarities of the envelopes, vertices, intersections and landing points of

Olga Ignatova; D. Chyzhyk; C. Willis; A. Kazachkov



An Excel macro for transformed and weighted averaging  

Microsoft Academic Search

An Excel macro is presented for averaging spreadsheet data. The macro has several special features: (1) The data are weighted\\u000a by the inverse variance of each datum to decrease the contribution-of noisy outliers. (2) There is a provision for a power\\u000a or a log transform of the data before averaging. The rationale for transforming the data before averaging is discussed

Stanley A. Klein



Using Excel in Finite Math and Business Calculus  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Classroom resources: freely downloadble Excel workbooks containing tutorials and projects for exploration of topics in college level finite mathematics and applied calculus. A user's guide containing details and contents of all workbooks is also available for download. All materials were written by the author for the companion web sites for Prentice Hall textbooks. However, the workbooks are general enough for use with any finite mathematics or calculus course.

Narasimhan, Revathi



Design and Use of the Microsoft Excel Solver  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper was refereed.COMPUTERS\\/COMPUTER SCIENCE---SOFTWAREINTERFACES 28: 5 September--October 1998 (pp. 29--55)Design and Use of the Microsoft Excel SolverDaniel Fylstra Frontline Systems Inc., PO Box 4288,Incline Village, Nevada 89450Leon Lasdon Department of Management Science andInformation Systems, College of BusinessAdministration, University of Texas,Austin, Texas 78712John Watson Software Engines, 725 Magnolia Street,Menlo Park, California 94025Allan Waren Computer and ...

Daniel Fylstra; Leon Lasdon; J. Watson; A. Waren



The Excellence study in Internal Public Relations, an international paradigm  

Microsoft Academic Search

L’article mostra com els indicadors de l’estudi d’Excel·lència són necessaris per tal de desenvolupar els elements clau de les relacions públiques internes i per ajudar a establir una identitat i una cultura d’organització a través d’uns valors corresponents. La implicació de l’empleat es basa principalment en la correcta administració del compromís per part de la coalició dominant amb els seus

Enric Ordeix i Rigo



The Excellence in Translational Medicine Award 2006-07  

PubMed Central

In our endeavor to recognize outstanding contributions in the field of translational medicine, the Editorial Board of the Journal of Translational Medicine (JTM) in collaboration with Global Translational Medicine at Pfizer established "The Excellence in Translational Medicine Award" in May 2006. Fifteen nominated papers from investigators representative of eight countries covering a wide range of disciplines published in JTM between 1 July 2006 and 30 June 2007 were evaluated. The four finalists and the winner are announced in this editorial.

Ablin, Richard J; Zeng, Yi-Xin



AVESTAR Center for operational excellence of electricity generation plants  

SciTech Connect

To address challenges in attaining operational excellence for clean energy plants, the U.S.Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory has launched a world-class facility for Advanced Virtual Energy Simulation Training and Research (AVESTAR™). The AVESTAR Center brings together state-of-the-art, real time,high-fidelity dynamic simulators with operator training systems and 3D virtual immersive training systems into an integrated energy plant and control room environment.

Zitney, S.



National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence appraisal and ageism.  


The requirements of the UK Equality Act 2010 and some high profile criticism for using a potentially ageist methodology have prompted the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) to assess the processes and methodology it uses to make appraisal decisions. This paper argues that NICE has established rigorous systems to protect against ageist decisions, has no track record of ageism and is well placed to meet the requirements of new UK equality legislation. PMID:22213833

Stevens, Andrew; Doyle, Nick; Littlejohns, Peter; Docherty, Mary




Library of Congress Historic Buildings Survey, Historic Engineering Record, Historic Landscapes Survey

16. 'EXCELLENT NEW PARADE GROUND BEST SINCE POST ESTABLISHED. STARTED BY COL. RALPH PARKER, FINISHED BY COL. TROUPE MILLER, PRESIDIO OF MONTEREY CALIFORNIA.' No date, probably ca. 1936. No signature, photographer probably Anton C. Heidrick. This panoramic view looks east over Soldier Field to the Bay, from the cannons at the west end. Original hand tinted silver gelatin print measures 90.4 cm by 20.2 cm, flush mounted on mat board. - Presidio of Monterey, Soldier Field, Monterey, Monterey County, CA


Safety and excellence--is regulation ensuring their achievement  

SciTech Connect

Canada has a large, vigorous nuclear industry staffed by competent people, and a vigourous, independent regulatory agency similarly staffed. Nevertheless, there have been many signs over the last few years that the level of operating and engineering excellence needed to ensure a high level of safety was not being achieved in some key sections of the industry. Years of successful, accident-free operation - a hallmark of Canadian nuclear generating stations - are not by themselves a proof of adequate safety. Signs that the level of excellence is not being met in the nuclear reactor business have been seen, for example, in reviews of significant events, in the standard of generating documentation, and in the time taken to implement necessary design modifications. In the radioisotope business, the number of violations of licence conditions has been growing steadily, and there are an unacceptable number of workers exceeding regulatory dose limits. While many of these violations are minor in themselves, their prevalence suggests a degree of complacency has been developing which will be an enemy of excellence. Equally, the level of review, assessment, inspection and confirmatory research carried out in the past by the Atomic Energy Control Board (AECB) has been clearly inadequate. The paper discusses these and other examples of a lack of excellence, particularly in organization and management within its licensees and its effect on safety,. and identifies some of the performance indicators used. The paper also identifies some of the actions that are being taken by the AECB and the licensees to ensure an adequate level of safety is being maintained. The AECB is increasing, for example, its frequency of inspections in several industrial sectors and increasing its depth of safety review of nuclear generating stations.

Levesque, R.J.A. (Atomic Energy Control Board, Ottawa, Ontario (Canada))



The Case of Ruth James A Woman in Excellent Health  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

In this case, designed for beginning pharmacy students, an elderly woman apparently “in excellent health” suddenly becomes ill and health care practitioners must determine the cause. The case is written in a four-part progressive disclosure format with an acute care clinical context. Ideally, the case should be used early in a pharmacy curriculum in a course such as pharmacy orientation, introduction to pharmaceutical care, or a pharmacy practice laboratory.

Catney, Christine M.



Taking It to the Next Level: Components of Excellent Secondary Educators.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper addresses what makes an excellent secondary school teacher, what training should occur for potential secondary school teachers to enable classroom excellence, what characteristics define such excellence, and whether excellence is learned or is the product of a particular predisposition, or both. It begins by explaining how excellent

Zarra, Ernest J., III


78 FR 25359 - Agency Emergency Information Collection (Principles of Excellence Complaint Intake Questionnaire...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Principles of Excellence Complaint Intake Questionnaire) Activities Under OMB--Request...Principles of Excellence Complaint Intake Questionnaire)'' in any correspondence FOR FURTHER...Principles of Excellence Complaint Intake Questionnaire).'' SUPPLEMENTARY...



Distance-based and stochastic uncertainty analysis for multi-criteria decision analysis in Excel using Visual Basic for Applications  

Microsoft Academic Search

A program has been developed in Excel and written in Visual Basic for Applications, which enables a decision maker to examine the robustness of a solution obtained when using multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA). The distance-based and stochastic uncertainty analysis approaches contained in the program allow a decision to be made with confidence that the alternative chosen is the best performing

K. M. Hyde; Holger R. Maier



Building a culture of excellence from the ground up.  


This article discusses the key steps taken to hire and create a team at a new facility and details the education and on-boarding that was used, as well as the foundations required to create a culture of excellence. Each new team member hired was considered an investment in the future success of the group. Each leader was committed to finding the right people for the new team even if that meant opening the facility with vacancies. Behavioral and peer interviewing are essential; performance improvement must be owned by the team, not, just the leader. Team members need clear expectations and, importantly, they need to be held accountable. PMID:23785948

Campbell, Alicia R


Chemistry Formatter Add-ins for Microsoft Word and Excel  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

A chemistry formatter is software that does some of the formatting a chemist would otherwise have to do by hand. Chemistry formatters for Microsoft Excel and Word are provided that perform the five functions described below. 1. The appropriate numbers in a chemical formula are subscripted, as in H2O. 2. The asterisk is replaced by · (to indicate waters of hydration or a radical). 3. Charges are superscripted. 4. -> is converted to →. 5. Numbers in the form of 3.2E8 are converted to 3.2 à 108.


Getting 'Lean': hardwiring process excellence into Northeast Health.  


Many healthcare organizations are turning to the "Lean" Toyota Production System as a means to hardwire process excellence into their organizations. Northeast Health, an integrated delivery system in New York's capital region, introduced the Lean concept into its culture in 2004. After four years, the organization is beginning to see its staff hardwire Lean thinking into day-to-day behaviors. This paper focuses on the approach used by Northeast Health to introduce Lean concepts into its culture, challenges faced, lessons learned and the factors critical to success. PMID:19181199

Brown, Tricia; Duthe, Robert



An Excel Workbook for Identifying Redox Processes in Ground Water  

USGS Publications Warehouse

The reduction/oxidation (redox) condition of ground water affects the concentration, transport, and fate of many anthropogenic and natural contaminants. The redox state of a ground-water sample is defined by the dominant type of reduction/oxidation reaction, or redox process, occurring in the sample, as inferred from water-quality data. However, because of the difficulty in defining and applying a systematic redox framework to samples from diverse hydrogeologic settings, many regional water-quality investigations do not attempt to determine the predominant redox process in ground water. Recently, McMahon and Chapelle (2008) devised a redox framework that was applied to a large number of samples from 15 principal aquifer systems in the United States to examine the effect of redox processes on water quality. This framework was expanded by Chapelle and others (in press) to use measured sulfide data to differentiate between iron(III)- and sulfate-reducing conditions. These investigations showed that a systematic approach to characterize redox conditions in ground water could be applied to datasets from diverse hydrogeologic settings using water-quality data routinely collected in regional water-quality investigations. This report describes the Microsoft Excel workbook, RedoxAssignment_McMahon&Chapelle.xls, that assigns the predominant redox process to samples using the framework created by McMahon and Chapelle (2008) and expanded by Chapelle and others (in press). Assignment of redox conditions is based on concentrations of dissolved oxygen (O2), nitrate (NO3-), manganese (Mn2+), iron (Fe2+), sulfate (SO42-), and sulfide (sum of dihydrogen sulfide [aqueous H2S], hydrogen sulfide [HS-], and sulfide [S2-]). The logical arguments for assigning the predominant redox process to each sample are performed by a program written in Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). The program is called from buttons on the main worksheet. The number of samples that can be analyzed is only limited by the number of rows in Excel (65,536 for Excel 2003 and XP; and 1,048,576 for Excel 2007), and is therefore appropriate for large datasets.

Jurgens, Bryant C.; McMahon, Peter B.; Chapelle, Francis H.; Eberts, Sandra M.



Center of Excellence in laser medicine. Progress performance report  

SciTech Connect

Achievements during the last 12 months of funding to initiate a Center of Excellence in biomedical laser development include: seven specific research projects within the Center`s three broad interest areas, and program development to establish the MGH Laser Center and its activities. Progress in the three interest areas namely new medical laser systems development, optical diagnostics and photo sensitization is reported. Feasibility studies and prototype development were emphasized, to enhance establishing a substantial Center through future support. Specific projects are outlined below. In addition, the interdepartmental MGH Laser Center`s activities and accomplishments.

Parrish, J.A.



Geodynamics for Everyone: Robust Finite-Difference Heat Transfer Models using MS Excel 2007 Spreadsheets  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Numerical geodynamics models of heat transfer are typically thought of as specialized topics of research requiring knowledge of specialized modelling software, linux platforms, and state-of-the-art finite-element codes. I have implemented analytical and numerical finite-difference techniques with Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheets to solve for complex solid-earth heat transfer problems for use by students, teachers, and practicing scientists without specialty in geodynamics modelling techniques and applications. While implementation of equations for use in Excel spreadsheets is occasionally cumbersome, once case boundary structure and node equations are developed, spreadsheet manipulation becomes routine. Model experimentation by modifying parameter values, geometry, and grid resolution makes Excel a useful tool whether in the classroom at the undergraduate or graduate level or for more engaging student projects. Furthermore, the ability to incorporate complex geometries and heat-transfer characteristics makes it ideal for first and occasionally higher order geodynamics simulations to better understand and constrain the results of professional field research in a setting that does not require the constraints of state-of-the-art modelling codes. The straightforward expression and manipulation of model equations in excel can also serve as a medium to better understand the confusing notations of advanced mathematical problems. To illustrate the power and robustness of computation and visualization in spreadsheet models I focus primarily on one-dimensional analytical and two-dimensional numerical solutions to two case problems: (i) the cooling of oceanic lithosphere and (ii) temperatures within subducting slabs. Excel source documents will be made available.

Grose, C. J.



Porous cobalt hydroxide nanosheets with excellent supercapacitive behavior  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

High surface area Co(OH)2 nanosheets were prepared via cathodic electrodeposition and their electrochemical performance was investigated using cyclic voltammetry and charge-discharge tests. A specific capacitance as high as 1047.3 F g-1 was obtained in aqueous 1 M KOH within the potential range of -0.3 to 0.5 V (vs. Ag/AgCl) at the scan rate of 10 mV s-1, suggesting the potential application of the prepared nanosheets in electrochemical supercapacitors. Result of this Letter showed that galvanostatic cathodic electrodeposition can be recognized as a facile method for the preparation of porous and high surface area Co(OH)2 sheets.

Malek Barmi, Abbas-Ali; Aghazadeh, Mustafa; Arhami, Behzad; Shiri, Hamid Mohammad; Fazl, Alireza Amini; Jangju, Esmaeil



Acoustic barriers obtained from industrial wastes.  


Acoustic pollution is an environmental problem that is becoming increasingly more important in our society. Likewise, the accumulation of generated waste and the need for waste management are also becoming more and more pressing. In this study we describe a new material--called PROUSO--obtained from industrial wastes. PROUSO has a variety of commercial and engineering, as well as building, applications. The main raw materials used for this environmentally friendly material come from slag from the aluminium recycling process, dust from the marble industry, foundry sands, and recycled expanded polystyrene from recycled packaging. Some natural materials, such as plastic clays, are also used. To obtain PROUSO we used a conventional ceramic process, forming new mineral phases and incorporating polluted elements into the structure. Its physical properties make PROUSO an excellent acoustic and thermal insulation material. It absorbs 95% of the sound in the frequency band of the 500 Hz. Its compressive strength makes it ideal for use in ceramic wall building. PMID:18514765

Garcia-Valles, M; Avila, G; Martinez, S; Terradas, R; Nogués, J M



Effective leadership - The way to excellence in health professions education.  


The current times are witnessing an explosion of new knowledge in medicine. The demographic profile, geographic distribution of many diseases is changing, there have been dramatic shifts in the health care delivery, healthcare professionals are more socially and professionally accountable, patients have become more consumerist in their attitude. These factors coupled with the increasing demand for trained health care professionals has led to, firstly, a rapid increase in the health professionals education institutions and secondly curricular changes and adoption of newer teaching learning methodologies, to equip the graduates with the desirable outcomes. The scene in health professions education is one characterized by rapid activity and change. A time which demands effective leadership at these institutions for achieving excellence. Drawing from a decade long experience, at different medical schools in the gulf region, the author opines that it is effective leadership, as observed at the institutions where he worked, which is responsible for realization of institutional vision, rapid development and achievement of excellence. PMID:23924363

Osmani, Syed Suhail Naser



The National Project for Excellence in Environmental Education  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The National Project for Excellence in Environmental Education, initiated by the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) in 1993, is addressing what it means to be environmentally literate. The project is taking the lead in establishing guidelines for the development of balanced, scientifically accurate, and comprehensive environmental education programs. It is a multi-year program designed to identify and provide examples of high quality environmental education practice. This site offers access to Environmental Education Materials: Guidelines for Excellence, a publication that provides a set of recommendations for developing and selecting environmental education materials. These guidelines aim to help developers of activity guides, lesson plans, and other instructional materials produce high quality products, and to provide educators with a tool to evaluate the wide array of available environmental education material. Other publications are designed to help educators find curricula, multimedia resources, and other educational materials that can enhance teaching environmental education in a variety of settings. Reviews of specific curriculum guides and educational materials are included.


An Overview of the ACE Project--Advocating for Clinical Excellence: Transdisciplinary Palliative Care Education  

PubMed Central

Background Excellence in palliative care demands attention to the multidimensional aspects of patient and family suffering, yet too few psycho-oncology professionals report adequate preparation in this vital area. Methods A total of 148 competitively selected psychologists, social workers, and spiritual care professionals participated in intensive educational courses to enhance their palliative care delivery, leadership, and advocacy skills. Extensive process and outcome evaluations measured the effectiveness of this educational program. Results To date, 2 national courses have been completed. The courses received strong overall evaluations, with participants rating increased confidence in defined palliative care skills. Conclusions The initial results of this innovative National Cancer Institute-funded transdisciplinary training for psycho-oncology professionals affirm the need and feasibility of the program. See the Advocating for Clinical Excellence Project Web site ( for additional course information.

Otis-Green, Shirley; Ferrell, Betty; Spolum, Maren; Uman, Gwen; Mullan, Patricia; Baird, Reverend Pamela; Grant, Marcia



Comparative study of framework, criteria and criterion weighting of excellence models  

Microsoft Academic Search

Purpose – This paper seeks to present a comparative study of framework, criteria and criterion weighting of 20 Excellence Models\\/National Quality Awards (EM\\/NQA), to identify their common features, contradictions and to propose suggestions for development and review of EM\\/NQA. It also aims to provide some clues to attain sustenance of business results. Design\\/methodology\\/approach – This study is based on a

Balvir Talwar



CosmoCalc: An Excel add-in for cosmogenic nuclide calculations  

Microsoft Academic Search

As dating methods using Terrestrial Cosmogenic Nuclides (TCN) become more popular, the need arises for a general-purpose and easy-to-use data reduction software. The CosmoCalc Excel add-in calculates TCN production rate scaling factors (using Lal, Stone, Dunai, and Desilets methods); topographic, snow, and self-shielding factors; and exposure ages, erosion rates, and burial ages and visualizes the results on banana-style plots. It

Pieter Vermeesch



Mistaken Identifiers: Gene name errors can be introduced inadvertently when using Excel in bioinformatics  

Microsoft Academic Search

BACKGROUND: When processing microarray data sets, we recently noticed that some gene names were being changed inadvertently to non-gene names. RESULTS: A little detective work traced the problem to default date format conversions and floating-point format conversions in the very useful Excel program package. The date conversions affect at least 30 gene names; the floating-point conversions affect at least 2,000

Barry R Zeeberg; Joseph Riss; David W. Kane; Kimberly J. Bussey; Edward Uchio; W. Marston Linehan; J. Carl Barrett; John N. Weinstein



Getting Your Mammogram Results  


... since this is the law. Be sure the mammography facility has your address and phone number. It's ... signs of disease Are mammogram results always right? Mammography is an excellent tool to find breast changes ...


[Center of excellence: Microlaser microscope]. Annual progress report  

SciTech Connect

This Center-of-Excellence grant has two components: development of an imaging system based on microlaser arrays forms a central project among a group of laser diagnostic and therapeutic efforts primarily funded outside the grant. In these first 8 months we have set up the Microlaser Microscope using small microlaser arrays. We have emphasized the basics of microlaser handling and electronic addressing and the optics of the microscope. Details of electronics and optics given here will be used in the larger arrays which should be available soon. After a description of the central Microlaser Microscope project, we touch briefly on the other projects of the Center, which have been outstandingly fruitful this year. Publications are necessarily concerned with the smaller projects, since the Microlaser Microscope is in its early stages.

Webb, R.H.



Continuing education: a bridge to excellence in critical care nursing.  


A professional nurse engages in lifelong learning that will influence practice and ultimately impact the quality of care that a patient receives. The technical skills and critical thinking acumen demonstrated by the critical care nurse at the bedside are not enough to sustain an evidence-based practice environment. Nurses need to cultivate and internalize a passion for learning throughout their careers. They need to adopt a healthy work environment that gives merit to continuing education (CE). This article will discuss perspectives in CE for the nurse. Research findings to illustrate the significance of professional development will be presented. The integration of passion for learning that provides a foundation for excellence in practice will be addressed. Finally, a variety of strategies that can be used to participate in and develop interactive CE programs to meet the needs of savvy professional nurse consumers will be explored. PMID:20234199

Skees, Janet


Achieving quality excellence at the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant  

SciTech Connect

Quality assurance methods at the Diablo Canyon plant were transformed from the then typical industry practices that often alienated professional and technical people, as well as craftsmen and their foremen, to a cooperative method that allowed plant personnel to work together as a team. It has created an attitude to do it right the first time. The roles of quality professionals were expanded to include teaching and coaching to facilitate enhanced communication between and within functional organizations. This included regular presentations to managers and line personnel in an informal group participative atmosphere. These presentations have become widely known at the plant as quality awareness tailboard sessions. These presentations are intended to increase personnel sensitivity to the subject of quality and quality management. Economic achievement of excellence in quality is essential to remain competitive in today's marketplace. The proactive team-oriented approach of quality assurance achieves the bottom line of high quality with concurrently enhanced productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Skidmore, S.M.; Taggart, D.A.



Superhydrophobic surfaces with excellent mechanical durability and easy repairability  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Superhydrophobic surfaces with both excellent mechanical durability and easy repairability based on polytetrafluoroethylene/polyvinylidene fluoride (PTFE/PVDF) composites were prepared by a facile method. The surface energy of PVDF matrix was lowered by the incorporation of PTFE particles, and the rough micro textures on the surfaces of the composites were created by abrading. A water droplet on the surface exhibited a contact angle of about 163.5°, and a sliding angle lower than 5°. Such superhydrophobic surfaces showed strong mechanical durability because the surfaces were prepared in the way of mechanical abrasion. The scratch tests indicated that the surface micro textures were retained after the abrasion cycles, and the fresh exposed surfaces were still superhydrophobic. More importantly, such superhydrophobicity can be repaired by a simple abrading regeneration process within a few minutes when the surface is polluted by dust or organic contaminant.

Wang, F. J.; Lei, S.; Ou, J. F.; Xue, M. S.; Li, W.



Excellence in Environmental Education: Executive Summary and Self Assessment  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This is the executive summary from a publication entitled Excellence in Environmental Education - Guidelines for Learning (Pre K-12). This set of guidelines was developed to set a standard for high-quality environmental education in schools across the country, based on what an environmentally literate person should know and be able to do. The Executive Summary and Self Assessment Tool is organized into four strands, each of which is further delineated by a set of guidelines that describe a level of skill or knowledge appropriate for each of three grade levels - fourth, eighth, and twelfth. In the Executive Summary, guidelines for a particular strand are arranged on two page layouts, so that the user can quickly understand the flow of guidelines at a grade level or compare how guidelines progress across the grade levels.


Bariatric surgery outcomes in a European Centre of Excellence (CoE).  


Bariatric Surgery Centres of Excellence have been promoted by the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders European Chapter to improve outcomes and security of patients. A retrospective analysis of our prospective database has been performed. Between May 2001 and September 2012, we operated on 690 patients, first with open gastric bypass (2001-2005), then laparoscopy (2006-2009), introduced robotics and finally the Centre of Excellence period (2012). Complication rate was 18.9 % in the first period and 3 % in the last. We reoperated on 9 % of patients in two early periods and none in the last. Mortality rate was 2, 0.85, 0.47 and 0 % in the four periods. Teams that are just at the beginning of their experience in bariatric surgery in order to avoid complications and deal with better long-term results. PMID:23645480

Fort, José Manuel; Vilallonga, Ramon; Lecube, Albert; Gonzalez, Oscar; Caubet, Enric; Mesa, Jordi; Armengol, Manel



Ancient science of yogic life for academic excellence in university students  

PubMed Central

Background: Academic excellence is essential to provide opportunities for students to work together to improve their understanding of concepts in their academic core. Academic excellence helps students to teach problem-solving and collaborative learning strategies. Objective: The objective of this study was to assess Guna (personality traits) in students undergoing Yoga Instructor's Course (YIC). Materials and Methods: In all, 68 YIC students with a mean age of 28.03 ± 9.38 years participated in this single group pre–post study. The Personality Inventory data were collected before (pre) and after (post) the YIC. Statistical Analysis: Means, standard deviations, Kolmogorov–Smirnov test, and Wilcoxon signed rank test were used for analyzing the data with the help of SPSS 16. Results: The data analysis showed 11.33% decrease (P < 0.01) in Tamas Guna (dull personality trait), 0.68% decrease (P =0.819) in Rajas Guna (violent personality trait), and 10.34% increase (P <0.01) in Sattva Guna (balanced personality trait) scores. Conclusion: This study suggests that YIC can result in the improvement of Sattva Guna (balance personality trait) among students, thus paving the way for their academic excellence.

Tikhe, Sham Ganpat; Nagendra, H. R.; Tripathi, Neeraj



Astrophysical Reaction Rates Obtained By Indirect Techniques  

SciTech Connect

Indirect techniques have been used to obtain information about reaction rates for several proton capture reactions that occur on short-lived nuclei. The techniques used to carry out the measurements are reviewed and the results obtained are presented. Also future prospects for further measurements with a new facility, T-REX are discussed.

Tribble, R. E.; Al-Abdullah, T.; Alharbi, A.; Banu, A.; Chen, X.; Clark, H. L.; Fu, C.; Gagliardi, C. A.; Hardy, J. C.; Iacob, V. E.; Lui, Y.-W.; McCleskey, M.; Mukhamedzhanov, A.; Nica, N.; Park, H. I.; Roeder, B.; Simmons, E.; Tabacaru, G.; Tokimoto, Y.; Trache, L. [Cyclotron Institute, Texas A and M University, College Station, TX 77843 (United States)



Astrophysical Reaction Rates Obtained By Indirect Techniques  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Indirect techniques have been used to obtain information about reaction rates for several proton capture reactions that occur on short-lived nuclei. The techniques used to carry out the measurements are reviewed and the results obtained are presented. Also future prospects for further measurements with a new facility, T-REX are discussed.

Tribble, R. E.; Al-Abdullah, T.; Alharbi, A.; Äystö, J.; Banu, A.; Burjan, V.; Carstoiu, F.; Chen, X.; Clark, H. L.; Davidson, T.; Fu, C.; Gagliardi, C. A.; Hardy, J. C.; Iacob, V. E.; Jokinen, J.; Kroha, V.; Lui, Y.-W.; McCleskey, M.; Mukhamedzhanov, A.; Nica, N.; Park, H. I.; Roeder, B.; Saastamoinen, A.; Simmons, E.; Tabacaru, G.; Tokimoto, Y.; Trache, L.; Woods, P. J.; Zhai, Y.



Methods of Obtaining Thermodynamic Data.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The types of thermodynamic data needed to predict behavior of high temperature systems such as an overheated nuclear reactor in which the fuel has been exposed to water and oxygen are discussed. Procedures for obtaining the needed data are reviewed. 14 re...

L. Brewer



Obtaining precise electron swarm parameters from a pulsed Townsend setup  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A swarm parameter experiment is introduced, which implements the pulsed Townsend (PT) electrical method with a high degree of automatization. The experimental setup and measurement procedures are described in detail, and a comprehensive definition of the swarm model is given and used for signal analysis. The intrinsic parameters of electron drift currents in the PT method are identified, and novel regression methods are presented for obtaining electron swarm parameters from PT measurements. The setup and methods are verified with measurements in Ar, N2 and CO2, which are focused on the (E/N)-range between dominating electron attachment and weakly dominating ionization. The present data are compared with experimental reference data, and to electron transport coefficients calculated by a Boltzmann solver and simulated by a Monte Carlo method. Excellent agreement was found between the present data and the Monte Carlo results, but there are significant discrepancies to widely used recommended swarm parameters of N2 and CO2. Finally, it is proposed to revise some hitherto recommended values of electron transport coefficients.

Dahl, Dominik A.; Teich, Timm H.; Franck, Christian M.



Best practices in academic mentoring: a model for excellence.  


Mentoring is important for the recruitment and retention of qualified nurse faculty, their ongoing career development, and leadership development. However, what are current best practices of mentoring? The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of a model for excellence in establishing a formal mentoring program for academic nurse educators. Six themes for establishing a formal mentoring program are presented, highlighting best practices in mentoring as culled from experience and the literature. Themes reflect aims to achieve appropriately matched dyads, establish clear mentorship purpose and goals, solidify the dyad relationship, advocate for and guide the protégé, integrate the protégé into the academic culture, and mobilize institutional resources for mentoring support. Attending to the six themes will help mentors achieve important protégé outcomes, such as orientation to the educator role, integration into the academic community, development of teaching, scholarship, and service skills, as well as leadership development. The model is intended to be generalizable for faculty teaching in a variety of academic nursing institution types and sizes. Mentoring that integrates the six themes assists faculty members to better navigate the academic environment and more easily transition to new roles and responsibilities. PMID:22685645

Nick, Jan M; Delahoyde, Theresa M; Del Prato, Darlene; Mitchell, Claudia; Ortiz, Jennifer; Ottley, Clarise; Young, Patricia; Cannon, Sharon B; Lasater, Kathie; Reising, Deanna; Siktberg, Linda



Best Practices in Academic Mentoring: A Model for Excellence  

PubMed Central

Mentoring is important for the recruitment and retention of qualified nurse faculty, their ongoing career development, and leadership development. However, what are current best practices of mentoring? The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of a model for excellence in establishing a formal mentoring program for academic nurse educators. Six themes for establishing a formal mentoring program are presented, highlighting best practices in mentoring as culled from experience and the literature. Themes reflect aims to achieve appropriately matched dyads, establish clear mentorship purpose and goals, solidify the dyad relationship, advocate for and guide the protégé, integrate the protégé into the academic culture, and mobilize institutional resources for mentoring support. Attending to the six themes will help mentors achieve important protégé outcomes, such as orientation to the educator role, integration into the academic community, development of teaching, scholarship, and service skills, as well as leadership development. The model is intended to be generalizable for faculty teaching in a variety of academic nursing institution types and sizes. Mentoring that integrates the six themes assists faculty members to better navigate the academic environment and more easily transition to new roles and responsibilities.

Nick, Jan M.; Delahoyde, Theresa M.; Del Prato, Darlene; Mitchell, Claudia; Ortiz, Jennifer; Ottley, Clarise; Young, Patricia; Cannon, Sharon B.; Lasater, Kathie; Reising, Deanna; Siktberg, Linda



Chemical Punch Packed in Venoms Makes Centipedes Excellent Predators*  

PubMed Central

Centipedes are excellent predatory arthropods that inject venom to kill or immobilize their prey. Although centipedes have long been known to be venomous, their venoms remain largely unexplored. The chemical components responsible for centipede predation and the functional mechanisms are unknown. Twenty-six neurotoxin-like peptides belonging to ten groups were identified from the centipede venoms, Scolopendra subspinipes mutilans L. Koch by peptidomics combined with transcriptome analysis, revealing the diversity of neurotoxins. These neurotoxins each contain two to four intramolecular disulfide bridges, and in most cases the disulfide framework is different from that found in neurotoxins from the venoms of spiders, scorpions, marine cone snails, sea anemones, and snakes (5S animals). Several neurotoxins contain potential insecticidal abilities, and they are found to act on voltage-gated sodium, potassium, and calcium channels, respectively. Although these neurotoxins are functionally similar to the disulfide-rich neurotoxins found in the venoms of 5S animals in that they modulate the activity of voltage-gated ion channels, in almost all cases the primary structures of the centipede venom peptides are unique. This represents an interesting case of convergent evolution in which different venomous animals have evolved different molecular strategies for targeting the same ion channels in prey and predators. Moreover, the high level of biochemical diversity revealed in this study suggests that centipede venoms might be attractive subjects for prospecting and screening for peptide candidates with potential pharmaceutical or agrochemical applications.

Yang, Shilong; Liu, Zhonghua; Xiao, Yao; Li, Yuan; Rong, Mingqiang; Liang, Songping; Zhang, Zhiye; Yu, Haining; King, Glenn F.; Lai, Ren



ASAS Centennial Paper: animal science teaching: a century of excellence.  


Teaching has a long and varied history in the life of departments of animal science and the American Society of Animal Science. Some of the earliest reports from meetings of the society have strong indication that planning the curriculum was a prominent feature of the meetings. Teaching symposia were also included almost from the beginning. The society went through a lengthy period from the 1940s through most of the 1960s when teaching was not a prominent focus, but a symposium in 1968 appeared to be a catalyst for change, and, since that date, teaching has again been an important part of the meetings. In recent years, outstanding symposia and contributed papers have made the teaching section a vibrant entry. Departments of animal science have changed considerably since the early days in which "men taught boys" and the primary goal was to produce farmers. More female students, more urban students, interest in a wide variety of animals, and greatly diversified career goals have been emerging during the last few decades. Departments of animal science and the American Society of Animal Science are positioning to be able to respond to change and face the challenge of providing excellence in teaching during the next century. PMID:18765844

Buchanan, D S



Irradiation induced microstructural changes in Zr-Excel alloy  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The in situ ion irradiation technique has been employed to elucidate irradiation damage in the dual phase Zr-Excel alloy. 1 MeV Kr ion irradiation experiments were conducted at different temperatures ranging from 100 °C to 400 °C. Damage microstructures have been characterized by transmission electron microscopy in both the alpha (?) and beta (?) phases after a maximum dose of 10 dpa at different temperatures. Several important observations including low temperature -component loop formation, and irradiation induced omega (?) phase precipitation have been reported. In situ irradiation provided an opportunity to observe the nucleation and growth of basal plane -component loops and irradiation induced dissolution of secondary phase precipitates at the same time. It has been shown that under Kr ion irradiation the -component loops start to nucleate and grow above a threshold dose, as has been observed for neutron irradiation. Furthermore, the role of temperature, material composition and pre-irradiation microstructure has been discussed in detail.

Idrees, Y.; Yao, Z.; Sattari, M.; Kirk, M. A.; Daymond, M. R.



Striving for excellence: Nurturing midwives' skills in Freetown, Sierra Leone.  


Midwives provide critical, life-saving care to women and babies. Effective midwives must be clinically competent, with the required knowledge, skills, and attitudes to provide quality care. Their success depends on an environment of supportive supervision, continuing education, enabling policies, and access to equipment and referral facilities. In Freetown, Sierra Leone, the Aberdeen Women's Centre launched a maternity unit with an emphasis on striving for excellence and providing ongoing professional development to its staff midwives. Its success was built upon fostering a sense of responsibility and teamwork, providing necessary resources, conforming to evidence-based standards, and building partnerships. An explicit philosophy of care was crucial for guiding clinical decision making. In its first two years of operation, the Aberdeen Women's Centre assisted 2076 births with two maternal deaths and 92 perinatal deaths. In-service education and supportive supervision facilitated the midwives' professional growth, leading to capable future leaders who are providing exemplary care to delivering mothers and their newborns in Freetown. PMID:23541272

Ngongo, Carrie; Christie, Kate; Holden, Jude; Ford, Carolyn; Pett, Celia



Sustaining excellence: clinical nurse specialist practice and magnet designation.  


Clinical nurse specialist practice is essential in providing the clinical expertise, leadership, and organizational influence necessary for attaining the excellence in care reflected by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Magnet designation. Clinical nurse specialists, prepared as advanced practice nurses, bring clinical expertise, knowledge of advanced physiology, and pathology and a system-wide vision for process improvements. This unique curriculum specifically prepares clinical nurse specialists (CNSs) to immediately practice as leaders of interdisciplinary groups to improve outcomes. Clinical nurse specialist graduates possess an understanding of complex adaptive systems theory, advanced physical assessment, and pathophysiology and knowledge of optimal learning modalities, all applicable to improving the health care environment. Their practice specifically links complex clinical data with multidisciplinary partnering and understanding of organizational systems. The basis for optimal clinical practice change and sustained process improvement, foundational to Magnet designation, is grounded in the combined educational preparation and systems impact of CNS practice. This article describes the role of the CNS in achieving and sustaining Magnet designation in an urban, academic quaternary care center. Using the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists model of spheres of influence, focus is on the CNS's contribution to improving clinical outcomes, nurse satisfaction, and patient satisfaction. Exemplars demonstrating use of a champion model to implement practice improvement and rapid adoption of optimal practice guidelines are provided. These exemplars reflect improved and sustained patient care outcomes, and implementation strategies used to achieve these improvements are discussed. PMID:20716978

Muller, Anne C; Hujcs, Marianne; Dubendorf, Phyllis; Harrington, Paul T


Advanced Modeling in Excel: from Water Jets to Big Bang  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

An international students’ project is presented focused on application of Open Office and Excel spreadsheets for modeling of projectile-motion type dynamical systems. Variation of the parameters of plotted and animated families of jets flowing at different angles out of the holes in the wall of water-filled reservoir [1,2] revealed unexpected peculiarities of the envelopes, vertices, intersections and landing points of virtual trajectories. Comparison with real-life systems and rigorous calculations were performed to prove predictions of computer experiments. By same technique, the kinematics of fireworks was analyzed. On this basis two-dimensional ‘firework’ computer model of Big Bang was designed and studied, its relevance and limitations checked. 1.R.Ehrlich, Turning the World Inside Out, (Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 1990), pp. 98-100. 2.A.Kazachkov, Yu.Bogdan, N.Makarovsky, N.Nedbailo. A Bucketful of Physics, in R.Pinto, S.Surinach (eds), International Conference Physics Teacher Education Beyond 2000. Selected Contributions (Elsevier Editions, Paris, 2001), pp.563-564. Sponsored by Courtney Willis.

Ignatova, Olga; Chyzhyk, D.; Willis, C.; Kazachkov, A.



Excellence in Problem-Oriented Policing: The 1999 Herman Goldstein Award Winners.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This report celebrates the excellence in problem-oriented policing (POP) demonstrated by the winner and six finalists of the Police Executive Research Forums (PERF) 1999 Herman Goldstein Award for Excellence in Problem-Oriented Policing. This award recogn...



Nanoporous Nitrogen-Doped Titanium Dioxide with Excellent Photocatalytic Activity under Visible Light Irradiation Produced by Molecular Layer Deposition.  


Ultrathin films: A new molecular layer deposition process for the synthesis of nanoporous nitrogen-doped titanium dioxide films is developed. This process is based on a four-step ABCB reaction sequence using TiCl4 , ethanolamine, and malonyl chloride as precursors. The obtained nanoporous N-doped TiO2 exhibits excellent photocatalytic activity upon irradiation with visible light. PMID:23843302

Chen, Chaoqiu; Li, Ping; Wang, Guizhen; Yu, Yu; Duan, Feifei; Chen, Caiying; Song, Weiguo; Qin, Yong; Knez, Mato



Biplot and Singular Value Decomposition Macros for Excel©  

Microsoft Academic Search

The biplot display is a graph of row and column markers obtained from data that forms a two-way table. The markers are calculated from the singular value decomposition of the data matrix. The biplot display may be used with many multivariate methods to display relationships between variables and objects. It is commonly used in ecological applications to plot relationships between

Ilya A. Lipkovich; Eric P. Smith



Excellent retention characteristics of nanocomposite gate insulator consisting of fullerene-containing polystyrene  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Nanocomposite gate insulators were fabricated with functionalized fullerene in a gate insulating polymer [polystyrene (PS) or poly 4-vinyl phenol (PVP)]. An extremely long retention time was obtained for the gate insulating PS, although a larger absolute value of the programming voltage was necessary for the same flatband-voltage shift compared with PVP. The current-voltage characteristics suggested that the level of the lowest-unoccupied molecular orbital of PS was much higher than that of PVP and that this was the reason for the excellent retention characteristics of the fullerene-containing PS. Optimizing the concentration of fullerene molecules in PS will enable fabrication of a practical nanocomposite gate insulator for organic nonvolatile flash memory.

Nakajima, Anri; Fujii, Daiki; Uchino, Masatoshi



Energy obtained through fluid flows  

SciTech Connect

A system for obtaining energy by means of fluid flows resembling those of a natural cyclone or anti-cyclone comprises a cyclonic conversion tower constituted by a group of convectors all situated round an axis toward which there are directed vortical membranes or screens contained in trumpet-shaped revolution bodies. At its top or bottom the conversion tower optionally bears deflectors or diffusers which increase output. Devices for conversion of electrical or mechanical energy from the kinetic energy of the flow are located at both the top and the base of the tower of convectors. The convection tower optionally is situated on a base which permits the passage of solar radiation with the aim of utilizing its energy, the assembly being completed by a conventional heating system for alternative use.

Valentin, Z.M.



Excellent color rendering indexes of multi-package white LEDs.  


This study introduces multi-package white light-emitting diodes (LEDs) system with the ability to realize high luminous efficacy and an excellent color rendering index (CRI, R a) using the R B,M A B,M G B,M C B (R B,M A B,M G B,M denoted as a long-pass dichroic filter (LPDF)-capped, monochromatic red, amber and green phosphor converted-LED (pc-LED) pumped by a blue LED chip, and C B denoted as a cyan and blue mixed pc-LED pumped by a blue LED) system. The luminous efficacy and color rendering index (CRI) of multi-package white LED systems are compared while changing the concentration of the cyan phosphor used in the paste of a cyan-blue LED package and the driving current of individual LEDs in multi-package white LEDs at correlated color temperatures (CCTs) ranging from 6,500 K (cold white) to 2,700 K (warm white) using a set of eight CCTs as specified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard number C78.377-2008. A R B,M A B,M G B,M C B white LED system provides high luminous efficacy (? 96 lm/W) and a color rendering index (? 91) encompassing the complete CCT range. We also compare the optical properties of the R B,M A B,M G B,M C B system with those of the R B,M A B,M G B,M B and RAGB (red, amber, green, and blue semiconductor-type narrow-spectrum-band LEDs) systems. It can be expected that the cyan color added to a blue LED in multi-package white LEDs based on LPDF-capped, phosphor-converted monochromatic LEDs will meet the needs of the high-quality, highly efficient, full-color white LED lighting market in the near future. PMID:23037079

Oh, Ji Hye; Yang, Su Ji; Sung, Yeon-Goog; Do, Y R



Monte Carlo simulation using Excel(R) spreadsheet for predicting reliability of a complex system  

Microsoft Academic Search

A technique for performing Monte-Carlo simulation using an Excel spreadsheet has been developed. This technique utilizes the powerful mathematical and statistical capabilities of Excel. The functional reliability block diagram (RBD) of the system under investigation is first transformed into a table in an Excel spreadsheet. Each cell within the table corresponds to a specific block in the RBD. Formulae for

Subhash G. Gedam; S. T. Beaudet



Redesigning Schools to Reach Every Student with Excellent Teachers: Summary of Teacher Career Paths  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|These career paths match Public Impact's school models that use job redesign and technology to extend the reach of excellent teachers to more students, for more pay, within budget. Most models create new roles and teams enabling all teachers and staff to develop and contribute to excellence. In "reach-extended roles," excellent teachers take…

Public Impact, 2012



Obtaining an IND for Estriol  

Center for Drug Evaluation (CDER)

... Thousands of physicians use INDs every day to treat patients with drugs ... covering multiple patients, on behalf of multiple health care providers, and ... More results from


Fabrication of superhydrophobic aluminium alloy surface with excellent corrosion resistance by a facile and environment-friendly method  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This work develops a facile and environment-friendly method for preparing the superhydrophobic aluminium alloy surface with excellent corrosion resistance. The superhydrophobic aluminium alloy surface is fabricated by the boiling water treatment and stearic acid (STA) modification. Results show that the boiling water treatment endows the aluminium alloy surface with a porous and rough structure, while STA modification chemically grafts the long hydrophobic alkyl chains onto the aluminium alloy surface. Just grounded on the micro- and nano-scale hierarchical structure along with the hydrophobic chemical composition, the superhydrophobic aluminium alloy surface is endued the excellent corrosion resistance.

Feng, Libang; Che, Yanhui; Liu, Yanhua; Qiang, Xiaohu; Wang, Yanping



AVESTAR Center for Operational Excellence of Electricity Generation Plants  

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To address industry challenges in attaining operational excellence for electricity generation plants, the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) has launched a world-class facility for Advanced Virtual Energy Simulation Training and Research (AVESTARTM). This presentation will highlight the AVESTARTM Center simulators, facilities, and comprehensive training, education, and research programs focused on the operation and control of high-efficiency, near-zero-emission electricity generation plants. The AVESTAR Center brings together state-of-the-art, real-time, high-fidelity dynamic simulators with full-scope operator training systems (OTSs) and 3D virtual immersive training systems (ITSs) into an integrated energy plant and control room environment. AVESTAR’s initial offering combines--for the first time--a “gasification with CO2 capture” process simulator with a “combined-cycle” power simulator together in a single OTS/ITS solution for an integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plant with carbon dioxide (CO2) capture. IGCC systems are an attractive technology option for power generation, especially when capturing and storing CO2 is necessary to satisfy emission targets. The AVESTAR training program offers a variety of courses that merge classroom learning, simulator-based OTS learning in a control-room operations environment, and immersive learning in the interactive 3D virtual plant environment or ITS. All of the courses introduce trainees to base-load plant operation, control, startups, and shutdowns. Advanced courses require participants to become familiar with coordinated control, fuel switching, power-demand load shedding, and load following, as well as to problem solve equipment and process malfunctions. Designed to ensure work force development, training is offered for control room and plant field operators, as well as engineers and managers. Such comprehensive simulator-based instruction allows for realistic training without compromising worker, equipment, and environmental safety. It also better prepares operators and engineers to manage the plant closer to economic constraints while minimizing or avoiding the impact of any potentially harmful, wasteful, or inefficient events. The AVESTAR Center is also used to augment graduate and undergraduate engineering education in the areas of process simulation, dynamics, control, and safety. Students and researchers gain hands-on simulator-based training experience and learn how the commercial-scale power plants respond dynamically to changes in manipulated inputs, such as coal feed flow rate and power demand. Students also analyze how the regulatory control system impacts power plant performance and stability. In addition, students practice start-up, shutdown, and malfunction scenarios. The 3D virtual ITSs are used for plant familiarization, walk-through, equipment animations, and safety scenarios. To further leverage the AVESTAR facilities and simulators, NETL and its university partners are pursuing an innovative and collaborative R&D program. In the area of process control, AVESTAR researchers are developing enhanced strategies for regulatory control and coordinated plant-wide control, including gasifier and gas turbine lead, as well as advanced process control using model predictive control (MPC) techniques. Other AVESTAR R&D focus areas include high-fidelity equipment modeling using partial differential equations, dynamic reduced order modeling, optimal sensor placement, 3D virtual plant simulation, and modern grid. NETL and its partners plan to continue building the AVESTAR portfolio of dynamic simulators, immersive training systems, and advanced research capabilities to satisfy industry’s growing need for training and experience with the operation and control of clean energy plants. Future dynamic simulators under development include natural gas combined cycle (NGCC) and supercritical pulverized coal (SCPC) plants with post-combustion CO2 capture. These dynamic simulators are targeted for us

Zitney, Stephen



Excellent UV absorption in spin-coated thin films of oleic acid modified zinc oxide nanorods embedded in Polyvinyl alcohol  

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The aim of the study is to investigate the optical properties of spin-coated, highly transparent nanocomposite films of oleic acid modified ZnO (Zinc oxide) nanorods embedded in Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) matrix. Pristine and oleic acid (OA) modified ZnO nanorods have been prepared by wet chemical synthesis and are characterized by X-ray diffraction, FESEM, TEM and FT-IR spectroscopy techniques. The optical properties of ZnO/PVA films are studied using UV-visible absorption and Photoluminescence (PL) spectroscopy. The results show that the optical absorption of the films in the UV region is quite high and more than 95% absorption is observed in films prepared from OA modified ZnO nanorods. The excellent UV absorption at around 300 nm offers prospects of applications of these films as efficient UV filters in this wavelength region. The PL spectrum of pristine ZnO nanorods shows almost white light emission whereas OA modified ZnO nanorods have a more intense peak centered in the blue region. The PL emission of OA modified ZnO/PVA film shows appreciable increase in intensity compared to the film obtained with pristine ZnO. The surface modification of ZnO by the polymer matrix removes defect states within ZnO and facilitates sharp near band edge PL emission at 364 nm.

Sajimol Augustine, M.; Jeeju, P. P.; Sreevalsa, V. G.; Jayalekshmi, S.



Microbiological aspects of the UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidance on urinary tract infection in children.  


The publication in August 2007 of the UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidance on urinary tract infection in children provided a fresh and useful review of the management of this condition. However, it has also resulted in some controversy. In particular, the advice to use urgent microscopy for rapid screening of urine in children >or=3 months but <3 years of age has presented practical problems for some laboratories in staffing this service out of hours. Further discussion between microbiologists, paediatricians and primary care doctors regarding this recommendation is required. In addition, the abandoning of routine antibiotic prophylaxis following a first-time urine infection has caused some debate. The evidence around these issues is reviewed, as well as the differences in the laboratory processing and interpretation of paediatric urines compared with urine specimens from adults. General measures to reduce the risk of recurrence are also discussed. As mentioned in the NICE guidance, microbiologists should continue to emphasize the basic principles, particularly the importance of obtaining an accurate diagnosis from a well-collected and well-transported urine specimen. PMID:20202989

Price, E; Pallett, A; Gilbert, R D; Williams, C



Proteomics analysis of "Rovabiot Excel", a secreted protein cocktail from the filamentous fungus Penicillium funiculosum grown under industrial process fermentation.  


MS/MS techniques are well customized now for proteomic analysis, even for non-sequenced organisms, since peptide sequences obtained by these methods can be matched with those found in databases from closely related sequenced organisms. We used this approach to characterize the protein content of the "Rovabio Excel", an enzymatic cocktail produced by Penicillium funiculosum that is used as feed additive in animal nutrition. Protein separation by bi-dimensional electrophoresis yielded more than 100 spots, from which 37 proteins were unambiguously assigned from peptide sequences. By one-dimensional SDS-gel electrophoresis, 34 proteins were identified among which 8 were not found in the 2-DE analysis. A third method, termed 'peptidic shotgun', which consists in a direct treatment of the cocktail by trypsin followed by separation of the peptides on two-dimensional liquid chromatography, resulted in the identification of two additional proteins not found by the two other methods. Altogether, more than 50 proteins, among which several glycosylhydrolytic, hemicellulolytic and proteolytic enzymes, were identified by combining three separation methods in this enzymatic cocktail. This work confirmed the power of proteome analysis to explore the genome expression of a non-sequenced fungus by taking advantage of sequences from phylogenetically related filamentous fungi and pave the way for further functional analysis of P. funiculosum. PMID:18696134

Guais, Olivier; Borderies, Gisèle; Pichereaux, Carole; Maestracci, Marc; Neugnot, Virginie; Rossignol, Michel; François, Jean Marie



EDCTP regional networks of excellence: initial merits for planned clinical trials in Africa  

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Background Achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and combating hotspots with escalating but preventable communicable diseases remain major challenges in Africa. The European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) intervened to combat poverty-related diseases including malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, and to conduct multi-centre clinical trials and multi-disciplinary health research through an innovative model of regional Networks of Excellence (NoEs). Methods We participated in a quasi-formative evaluation between October and December 2011 on the 4 regional-led research networks. These included the: Central Africa Network on Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and Malaria (CANTAM); East African Consortium for Clinical Research (EACCR); West African Network of Excellence for TB, AIDS and Malaria (WANETAM), and the Trials of Excellence for Southern Africa (TESA) launched between 2009 and 2010. We shared a participatory appraisal of field reports, progress reports and presentations from each network to jointly outline the initial experiences of the merits, outputs and lessons learnt. Results The self-regulating democratic networks, with 64 institutions in 21 African countries, have trained over 1, 000 African scientists, upgraded 36 sites for clinical trials, leveraged additional € 24 million and generated 38 peer-reviewed publications through networking and partnerships. Conclusions The shared initial merits and lessons learnt portray in part the strengthened capacity of these networks for improved research coordination and conduct of planned multi-center clinical trials in Africa. Increased funding by African agencies, governments and international health partners will ensure sustainability of these networks for research capacity development and demonstrate their commitment to achieving the MDGs in Africa.



When does outsourcing become a right source for academic excellence?  


Many new nursing leaders assuming deanships, assistant deanships, or interim deanships have limited education, experience, or background to prepare them for the job. To assist new deans and those aspiring to be deans, the authors of this department, 2 deans, offer survival tips based on their personal experiences and insights. They address common issues, challenges, and opportunities that face academic executive teams, such as negotiating an executive contract, obtaining faculty lines, building effective work teams, managing difficult employees, and creating nimble organizational structure to respond to changing consumer, healthcare delivery, and community needs. The authors welcome counterpoint discussions with readers. PMID:16855477

Kenner, Carole; Pressler, Jana L


A Model of SuccessThe Model Institutions for Excellence Program’s Decade of Leadership in STEM Education  

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The Model Institutions for Excellence (MIE) Grant, funded by the National Science Foundation and National Aeronautics and Space Administration, enhanced student pathways into science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). It achieved these results through 10 years of sustained investment and collaborative leadership. Components of the MIE model included faculty development, laboratory renovation, student scholarships, intensified student services, and undergraduate research.

Jamie P. Merisotis; Arnold M. Kee



Promotion/Retention: Policies and Guidelines. Turning the Tide: An Agenda for Excellence in Pennsylvania Public Schools.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This handbook, issued in conjunction with the Governor's "Agenda for Excellence in Pennsylvania Public Schools," provides recommendations for revising promotion policies and practices in Pennsylvania schools. After a brief introduction, the results of a survey of promotion and retention practices are presented in summary form, followed by another…

Pennsylvania State Dept. of Education, Harrisburg.


Public Relations in Strategic Management and Strategic Management of Public Relations: theory and evidence from the IABC Excellence project  

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This article establishes the case for public relations as a critical component of an organization?s strategic management processes and of the subsequent strategic management of public relations in an effective organization. The article begins with an elaboration of a theory of the value of strategic management in public relations. Qualitative and quantitative results of the IABC Research Foundation?s Excellence project,

Larissa A. Grunig



Periclase ceramics obtained by water slip casting  

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Conclusions Studies were made of the colloidal-rheological rules for forming concentrated water suspensions of periclase in relation to the method of obtaining them, the degree of hydration of MgO, and the amount of rare-earth oxides added. This work resulted in the production of dense ceramics using the slip casting method and water suspensions.

L. A. Skomorovskaya; V. B. Zlatkovskii; I. I. Nemets



Obtaining carbon suspensions by the hydromechanical method  

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This paper presents the results of an investigation of the process of obtaining carbon suspensions with a fraction of carbon particles of size less than a micrometer by the hydromechanical method with the use of a gear-type pump and two rotor-type pulsation pulverizers.

Martynenko, O. G.; Bulavko, A. A.; Suvorov, A. V.; Vlasov, A. V.; Senchuk, L. A.; Rusakevich, M. I.



Excellent outcome using selective criteria for rectocele repair  

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PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to review our experience with patients with rectoceles using very selective criteria for operative repair and to critically review our surgical results. METHODS: This is a review of patients selected for rectocele repair between 1989 and 1994. RESULTS: Two hundred seventy-nine patients were evaluated for pelvic outlet symptoms in our clinic. Defecography was

Vimal K. Murthy; Bruce A. Orkin; Lee E. Smith; Leonard M. Glassman



Seismic hazard analyses for Taipei city including deaggregation, design spectra, and time history with excel applications  

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Given the difficulty of earthquake forecast, Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis (PSHA) has been a method to best estimate site-specific ground motion or response spectra in earthquake engineering and engineering seismology. In this paper, the first in-depth PSHA study for Taipei, the economic center of Taiwan with a six-million population, was carried out. Unlike the very recent PSHA study for Taiwan, this study includes the follow-up hazard deaggregation, response spectra, and the earthquake motion recommendations. Hazard deaggregation results show that moderate-size and near-source earthquakes are the most probable scenario for this city. Moreover, similar to the findings in a few recent studies, the earthquake risk for Taipei should be relatively high and considering this city's importance, the high risk should not be overlooked and a potential revision of the local technical reference would be needed. In addition to the case study, some innovative Excel applications to PSHA are introduced in this paper. Such spreadsheet applications are applicable to geosciences research as those developed for data reduction or quantitative analysis with Excel's user-friendly nature and wide accessibility.

Wang, Jui-Pin; Huang, Duruo; Cheng, Chin-Tung; Shao, Kuo-Shin; Wu, Yuan-Chieh; Chang, Chih-Wei



Performance Management Excellence Among the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality AwardWinners in Health Care.  


When carefully constructed, performance management systems can help health care organizations direct their efforts toward strategic goals, high performance, and continuous improvement needed to ensure high-quality patient care and cost control. The effective management of performance is an integral component in hospital and health care systems that are recognized for excellence by the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in Health Care. Using the framework in the 2011-2012 Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence, this article identifies the best practices in performance management demonstrated by 15 Baldrige recipients. The results show that all of the recipients base their performance management systems on strategic goals, outcomes, or competencies that cascade from the organizational to the individual level. At the individual level, each hospital or health system reinforces the strategic direction with performance evaluations of leaders and employees, including the governing board, based on key outcomes and competencies. Leader evaluations consistently include feedback from internal and external stakeholders, creating a culture of information sharing and performance improvement. The hospitals or health care systems also align their reward systems to promote high performance by emphasizing merit and recognition for contributions. Best practices can provide a guide for leaders in other health systems in developing high-performance work systems. PMID:24168871

Duarte, Neville T; Goodson, Jane R; Arnold, Edwin W


Excellence Exemplified: Profiling the USDA National Needs Fellows.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Profiles men and women recruited into graduate studies in food and agricultural sciences. These academics were brought into these fields as a result of efforts by the graduate fellowhships program initiated in 1984. The program itself was developed by the...



Isoplate Solution in 500mL EXCEL containers; Multi ...  

Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER)

... Persons with disabilities having problems accessing any of these files may call CBER's Consumer Affairs Branch 301-827-1800 for assistance. ... More results from


Haemophilia care in the developing world: benchmarking for excellence.  


Seventy-five percent of patients with haemophilia receive no or inadequate treatment, and often do not survive to adulthood. With efficient organization, the disorder is treatable and becomes part of normal life. In developing countries there is a large discrepancy in haemophilia care. Some have zero treatment levels, while others already have comprehensive care centres. This paper attempts to assess and standardize the levels of haemophilia care for developing countries, setting up benchmarks or guidelines for future development. Four major areas are emphasized: clinical care, laboratory, blood products and patient organization. For each country or community, development work begins after the assessment of competency level in each area. The next step is then to plan, organize, improve and move up to the next level. To become successful, a sound and realistic strategy should be employed, starting from the identification of key leaders and the recruitment of an expert team. To obtain recognition and support from health authorities, the haemophilia care programme should not limit itself to haemophilia care but should also include medical care for all bleeding disorders, including the improvement of blood banks, blood products, coagulation laboratories and other medical facilities. This would directly improve the overall medical care standard of the whole hospital. It is also important to emphasize the need for selfreliance, employing simple yet effective methodology, equipment and mechanical facilities. The effective coordination of World Federation of Hemophilia assistance and the host country's committed action will ensure success in the emerging trend of better haemophilia care in developing countries. PMID:12010412

Isarangkura, P




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Playing a musical instrument demands extensive procedural, motor, and cognitive abilities, and early musical learning results in plastic reorganization of the developing brain. Even the adult brain has a considerable plasticity, and neuronal cortical connections can be remodeled by experience during one’s lifetime. Current neuroimaging methods have demonstrated complex and widespread activation in many brain areas while one performs, listens,

Barbro B. Johansson



The Diversity Paradox: Does Student Diversity Enhance or Challenge Excellence?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper seeks to explore an apparent paradox within higher education. The increasing pressure towards widening participation in higher education, resulting in a more diverse student body, can be seen as either an opportunity or a threat. On the one hand it provides new opportunities for students to learn from and challenge one another, and…

Shaw, Jenny



77 FR 6805 - Eligibility Criteria for the Centers of Excellence Program in Health Professions Education for...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Health Resources and Services Administration Eligibility Criteria for the Centers of Excellence Program in Health Professions Education for Under-Represented...



Experienced coders help ED create excellence. Part 3.  


Some ED managers have found that using certified coders, giving them incentives to perform at a high level, and educating their staff about improved documentation can improve their bottom line by hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here are some lessons they have learned: Certified coders can have specific expertise in emergency medicine, which is invaluable for appropriate coding and billing. Most coders will be compensated with a percentage of what they collect. Offering a higher percentage ultimately will result in a healthier bottom line. There is maximum value if the certified coder participates in an ongoing educational program with the staff about documentation best practices. PMID:18998356



Excellent Tolerance to Cilnidipine in Hypertensives with Amlodipine - Induced Edema  

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Background: Ankle edema is a common adverse effect of amlodipine, an L-type calcium channel blocker (CCB). Cilnidipine is a newer L/N-type CCB, approved for treatment of essential hypertension. Aim: This study was designed to determine whether cilnidipine can produce resolution of amlodipine-induced edema while maintaining adequate control of hypertension. Materials and Methods: A prospective study was performed on 27 patients with essential hypertension with amlodipine-induced edema. Concomitant nephropathy, cardiac failure, hepatic cirrhosis, or other causes of edema, and secondary hypertension were excluded by appropriate tests. Amlodipine therapy was substituted in all the cases with an efficacy-equivalent dose of cilnidipine. Clinical assessment of ankle edema and measurement of bilateral ankle circumference, body weight, blood pressure, and pulse rate were performed at onset of the study and after 4 weeks of cilnidipine therapy. Results: At completion of the study, edema had resolved in all the patients. There was a significant decrease in bilateral ankle circumference and body weight (P < 0.001). There was no significant change in mean arterial blood pressure and pulse rate. Conclusions: Therapy with cilnidipine resulted in complete resolution of amlodipine-induced edema in all the cases without significant worsening of hypertension or tachycardia. Cilnidipine is an acceptable alternative antihypertensive for patients with amlodipine-induced edema.

Shetty, Ranjan; Vivek, G; Naha, Kushal; Tumkur, Anil; Raj, Abhinav; Bairy, K L



Premixed injectable calcium phosphate cement with excellent suspension stability.  


Premixed injectable calcium phosphate cement (p-ICPC) pastes have advantages over aqueous injectable calcium phosphate cement (a-ICPC) because p-ICPC remain stable during storage and harden only after placement into the defect. This paper focused on the suspension stability of p-ICPC paste by using fumed silica as a stabilizing agent and propylene glycol (PEG) as a continuous phase. Multiple light scanning techniques were first applied to evaluate the suspension stability. The results indicated that fumed silica effectively enhanced the suspension stability of p-ICPC pastes. The stabilizing effect of fumed silica results from the network structure formed in PEG because of its thixotropy. The p-ICPC could be eventually hydrated to form hydroxyapatite under aqueous circumstances by the unique replacement between water and PEG. p-ICPC (1) not only possesses proper thixotropy and compressive strength but has good injectability as well. p-ICPC (1) was cytocompatible and had no adverse effect on the attachment and proliferation of MG-63 cells in vitro. These observations may have applicability to the development of other nonaqueous injectable biomaterials for non-immediate filling and long-term storage. PMID:23563980

Chen, Fangping; Mao, Yuhao; Liu, Changsheng



High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography: Excellent Automation  

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Product innovations from CAMAG, Switzerland, have made thin-layer chromatography (TLC) a practical laboratory tool for both qualitative and quantitative analysis. Instrumentation was developed to permit more precise auto spotting of the sample. Sample preparation is simplified because precoated clean plates are disposable. Multiple samples and standards can be run simultaneously under identical conditions in automated multiple development chambers. Mobile phase need not be compatible with detector. Chromatogram is inspected under UV 366 nm in a TLC visualizer UV cabinet to observe fluorescence for easy detection. Fluorescence visualization is usually very specific, almost like a fingerprint, when applicable. No other chromatographic technique can directly express the result as a color image and make it available for visual evaluation. These improvements in the technique result in higher separation power, resolution, accuracy, reproducibility, and faster analysis. HPTLC is the most simple separation technique available today for the analyst and can be considered a time machine that can speed up work and allow quite a number of processes at a time, usually not possible with other analytical techniques.

Charegaonkar, Dilip


Excellence in Physics Education Award Talk: Evolving Evaluation and Evidence  

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AAPT/PTRA institutes were part of the first NSF projects encouraged to design rigorous evaluations to determine the characteristic of effective professional development. The evaluation of the AAPT/PTRA program has evolved from documenting the number of teachers attending daily workshops to documenting gains in content understanding and confidence by conducting comparison study groups for over 30 institutes across the nation. Components of the current AAPT/PTRA evaluation model include documentation of teacher gains in content understanding, confidence, use of technology, changes in classroom practice, and student achievement. This talk will reflect on the evaluation components, the inherent challenges, components that were successful, and lessons learned. Results of the data collected on over 1000 teachers since 2003 will be shared.

Matsler, Karen



The Excellence-Commitment-and-Effective-Learning (ExCEL) Program: A Group Intervention for Academically High-Risk Students.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A group intervention for academically high-risk students was developed for the University of Wisconsin-River Falls using a model for noncognitive and cognitive strategies. Eleven freshmen participated in the interactive, informal, supportive activities. Results indicate participation enhanced academic performances and study skills. (Author/MSE)

Ting, Siu-Man Raymond



Excellence in school nursing workshop: Florida's experience in standardizing school nursing orientation and education.  


Specialty preparation is needed for safe, effective school nursing practice. The Excellence in School Nursing workshop was envisioned as a means to provide a statewide orientation and education program for school nurses in Florida. As a result of a needs assessment, the Florida Departments of Health and Education formed a curriculum development committee to address the educational needs of school nurses. A 3.5-day workshop was designed for school health nursing supervisors and school nurses employed by county health departments, school districts, and community agencies. The workshop was piloted and, based on evaluations and feedback, was revised and replicated nine times throughout the state. The workshop has proved to be an effective method of providing statewide orientation and education for school nurses. The purpose of this article is to describe the workshop curriculum, planning, implementation, and evaluation. Recommendations for adaptation and replication in other states are included. PMID:11885340

Battin, B; Battaglin, J J; Byrd, S



BiOBr hierarchical microspheres: Microwave-assisted solvothermal synthesis, strong adsorption and excellent photocatalytic properties.  


Two kinds of BiOBr nanosheets-assembled microspheres were successfully prepared via a facile, rapid and reliable microwave-assisted solvothermal route, employing Bi(NO(3))(3)·5H(2)O and cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) as starting reagents in the absence or presence of oleic acid. The phase and morphology of the products were characterized by powder X-ray diffraction (XRD), energy dispersive spectrometry (EDS), selected area electron diffraction (SAED), high resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Experiments indicated that the formation of these building blocks of microspheres could be ascribed to the self-assembly of nanoparticles according to mesocrystal growth mode. Interestingly, both samples exhibited not only strong adsorption abilities, but also excellent photocatalytic activities for methyl orange (MO), rhodamine B (RhB) and phenol. The resulting BiOBr hierarchical microspheres are very promising adsorbents and photocatalysts for the treatment of organic pollutants. PMID:21145062

Zhang, Lei; Cao, Xiao-Feng; Chen, Xue-Tai; Xue, Zi-Ling



Immense Essence of Excellence: Marine Microbial Bioactive Compounds  

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Oceans have borne most of the biological activities on our planet. A number of biologically active compounds with varying degrees of action, such as anti-tumor, anti-cancer, anti-microtubule, anti-proliferative, cytotoxic, photo protective, as well as antibiotic and antifouling properties, have been isolated to date from marine sources. The marine environment also represents a largely unexplored source for isolation of new microbes (bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, microalgae-cyanobacteria and diatoms) that are potent producers of bioactive secondary metabolites. Extensive research has been done to unveil the bioactive potential of marine microbes (free living and symbiotic) and the results are amazingly diverse and productive. Some of these bioactive secondary metabolites of microbial origin with strong antibacterial and antifungal activities are being intensely used as antibiotics and may be effective against infectious diseases such as HIV, conditions of multiple bacterial infections (penicillin, cephalosporines, streptomycin, and vancomycin) or neuropsychiatric sequelae. Research is also being conducted on the general aspects of biophysical and biochemical properties, chemical structures and biotechnological applications of the bioactive substances derived from marine microorganisms, and their potential use as cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals. This review is an attempt to consolidate the latest studies and critical research in this field, and to showcase the immense competence of marine microbial flora as bioactive metabolite producers. In addition, the present review addresses some effective and novel approaches of procuring marine microbial compounds utilizing the latest screening strategies of drug discovery.

Bhatnagar, Ira; Kim, Se-Kwon



An excellent fluoride sorption behavior of ceramic adsorbent.  


A new material, ceramic adsorbent, has been developed and undertaken to evaluate the feasibility for fluoride removal from aqueous environment. Batch experiments were performed to study the influence of various experimental parameters such as contact time (0-48 h), initial fluoride concentration (20-100 mg/L), pH (2-12) and the presence of competing anions on the adsorption of fluoride on ceramic adsorbent. The experimental data revealed that both the Langmuir and Freundlich isotherm models fitted well with the fluoride sorption process. The maximum adsorption capacity of ceramic adsorbent for fluoride removal was 2.16 mg/g. The optimum fluoride removal was observed between pH ranges of 4.0-11.0. The sorption process was well explained with pseudo-second-order kinetic model. The fluoride adsorption was decreased in the presence of phosphate followed by carbonate and sulfate. Results from this study demonstrated potential utility of ceramic adsorbent that could be developed into a viable technology for fluoride removal from aqueous environment. PMID:20728990

Chen, Nan; Zhang, Zhenya; Feng, Chuanping; Li, Miao; Zhu, Dirui; Chen, Rongzhi; Sugiura, Norio



Means to excellence through control of growing stock  

SciTech Connect

The major structural features of the forest growing stock determine a number of ecologically important functional properties of the forest ecosystem related to dynamics, stability, resilience, and productivity of the stand. The effect of initial spacing on early diameter growth of trees has been clearly demonstrated. Later thinning, no matter how heavy, cannot balance losses in diameter growth resulting from early crowding. In Central Europe, forest tending, including thinning, has developed during the last 200 years empirically, as an art. Guidance was provided largely by qualitative measures of stand architecture, supplemented by yield tables as rigid models of stand development geared to a dogmatic economic and social value system. The Auermuehle Production Programs discussed here were designed to serve as a guide for reforestation of windthrow areas and for conversion of densely established young stands to easily tended, well-spaced stands. The goals were efficient and low-cost stand establishment, easy tending and management, low risks of damage and unmerchantability, short production periods, and a high degree of adaptability. Effects of silvicultural improvements on harvesting, marketing, management, and administration, as well as on other sectors with which forestry interacts, can also be evaluated. Within the UNESCO program Man and the Biosphere, several groups are working to expand the simple Auermuehle Production Programs into such simulation models of tree growth and stand structure. (Refs. 29)

Brunig, E.F.



Interventions to nurture excellence in the nursing home culture.  


There is no one formula for culcure change. A joint steering committee of staff members can develop plans that will build trust, address each other as equals, and drive out fear as they move the process of change. Training and sharing information help staff recognize this is a process, not an event. New well-screened team members need training to integrate them into the culture. It is important to identify the knowledge and expertise of team members to maximize their energies and talents. Recruitment and retention of those who share the values of this culture are of paramount importance. It is worth the time and effort to secure commitment to these values. One example of this effort is a facility in Pennsylvania that, at its worst, had two thirds of its staff turnover in a year. The national average was 82% in 1995, an increase from 71.5% the year before. They were able to reduce their turnover rate to 27% by examining the hiring records and finding that workers with certain personality traits and attitudes were less likely to leave. They looked for compassion and communication skills, perceptions of older adults, ability to cope with death and dying, and ability to handle the unpleasant tasks of residene hygiene and bathroom visits. Current staff members determined and voted on best fit of candidates (Montague, 1997). Although training and evaluation are an important component of retention and commitment to values in any organization, training and evaluation of nursing home employees may be quite different from other employment. A nurse in a nursing home needs to be evaluated not only on clinical skills, but on communication skills, attitude, and leadership (Meyer, 1995). Then training and employee development programs can be targeted to specific areas for corrective action. What is taught in training and what occurs on the job should correspond, or role conflict occurs increasing the likelihood of turnover (Steffen, Nystrom, O'Connor, 1996). Although occasional exit of poor performers and fresh ideas of new recruits can be beneficial, inability to retain experienced personnel can result in replacement costs as high as $7,000 per employee (Proenca & Shewchuk, 1997). Furthermore, fostering employee commitment also has a mediating effect on family members' satisfaction with service quality (Steffen, Nystrom, & O'Connor, 1996). Each organization must be sensitized to its own problems. Attitudes cannot be changed by rules. Staff members need to be involved with listing all the strengths and weaknesses and how to change the negatives to positives in their own facilities. This requires a continuous learning process. The learning organization usually needs to restructure to improve its operation to reduce the hierarchy. If all employees understand the reasons for change and have participated in the change process, they are more likely to have learned organizational values such as trust, commitment, honesty, and integrity by inculcating these values and teaching them to others. Every employee is a partner in building a good reputation for the organization. One person can make a difference in creating, protecting, and building an organization's good name (Young, 1996). Staff members need to have a collaborative relationship with those who survey them, those who use their services, and those who compete with them. That does not mean "cronyism" (a dishonest, close relationship), but an honest, sharing relationship that fosters problem-solving and sharing of best practices. Leaders of the future must be more flexible with a broader variety of experiences. Their ceremonial responsibilities as the head of the organization become a critical and necessary function (Steere, 1996). Ceremonies, rites, and rituals bind the members to the organization. The values and culture work well because leaders exhibit these values in their interactive communication behaviors. The trend toward increasingly empowered organizations addresses the need to move decision-making to lower levels, leaving the leadership role to one of clearly articul

Deutschman, M



Work-Learn-Educate : The WLE Centre for Excellence's conceptualisation of work-based learning  

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Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to explore efforts to bridge conceptualisation and practice in work-based learning by reflecting on the legacy and sustainability of the Centre for Excellence in Work-based Learning for Education Professionals at the Institute of Education, University of London. The Centre was part of the national CETL (Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning)

Vincent Carpentier; Norbert Pachler; Karen Evans; Caroline Daly



Integration of Production Analyst and Microsoft Excel's Solver for Production Forecasts and Optimization  

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Mobil North Sea Ltd. has used OGCI`s Production Analyst (PA) for several years for reservoir management and surveillance. Once most professionals had been migrated to Microsoft Windows and Excel, the authors began to integrate the spread sheet with PA for specialized applications. Production optimization and forecasts are two applications of significant economic benefit. They developed an Excel spreadsheet and macro

M. C. Arnondin



A Journey of Excellence: An Administrator’s Perspective on the Elements of Achieving Successful Outcomes  

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Recently, the Department of Nursing at the University of South Dakota was recognized by the National League for Nursing as one of three Centers of Excellence nationally, and the program was selected for study by the Carnegie Foundation. This associate’s degree educational program has achieved an elevated degree of excellence because it adopted a number of elements that are associated

John L. Williams



Interval Methods for Accelerated Global Search in the Microsoft Excel Solver  

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This paper describes advanced interval methods for finding a global optimum and finding all solutions of a system of nonlinear equations, as implemented in the Premium Solver Platform, an extension of the Solver bundled with Microsoft Excel. It also describes the underlying tools that allow Excel spreadsheets to be evaluated over real and interval numbers, with fast computation of real

Ivo P. Nenov; Daniel H. Fylstra



Pumsy in Pursuit of Excellence and Self-Concept of Second Grade Students.  

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|This practicum evaluated the effects a self-esteem program, Pumsy in Pursuit of Excellence, which was implemented by the elementary school counselor with second grade students (N=65). Forty-five second grade students comprised the control group. The Pumsy in Pursuit of Excellence Units include: (1) Pumsy Decides; (2) If Only Things Were…

Burkholder, Janiece


Monte Carlo Simulation using Excel for Predicting Reliability of a Geothermal Plant  

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A Monte-Carlo Simulation using Excel Spreadsheet has been used to determine the reliability of a geothermal power plant. This simulation technique utilizes the powerful mathematical and statistical capabilities of Excel. Simulation time is dependent on the complexity of the system, computer speed and the accuracy desired, so a simulation may range from a few minutes to a few hours. The

Daniela E. Popescu; Corneliu Popescu; Gianina Gabor



SREMS: System Reliability Using Monte Carlo Simulation with VBA and Excel  

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This paper shows how it is possible to apply Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and Excel to study complex systems reliability via Monte Carlo simulation. A series of VBA subroutines are added-up to form a program called SREMS, which runs under Excel spreadsheet. SREMS can be applied to estimate reliability in a huge range of different complex systems. It is

Ángel A. Juan; Alicia Vila



Excellence in Television for Young Children--Entertainment, Engagement and Empowerment  

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|The notion of excellence in early childhood education is increasingly recognised as both subjective and problematic. The search for excellence can be, however, a motivating force for those committed to providing experiences that enrich and enhance the lives of young children within diverse Australian communities. This commitment is shared by the…

Harrison, Cathie



Pumsy in Pursuit of Excellence and Self-Concept of Second Grade Students.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This practicum evaluated the effects a self-esteem program, Pumsy in Pursuit of Excellence, which was implemented by the elementary school counselor with second grade students (N=65). Forty-five second grade students comprised the control group. The Pumsy in Pursuit of Excellence Units include: (1) Pumsy Decides; (2) If Only Things Were Different;…

Burkholder, Janiece


Redesigning Schools to Reach Every Student with Excellent Teachers: Financial Planning Summary  

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|This brief summarizes the ways that schools and their teachers can simultaneously reach more students with excellent teaching, expand teachers' career opportunities, and sustainably fund higher pay and other priorities. This is based on Public Impact's school models that use job redesign and technology to extend the reach of excellent teachers to…

Public Impact, 2012



Acrylic\\/polyester hybrid powder coating system having excellent weather durability  

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There have been many attempts to improve weather durability in polyester powder coatings. However, no effective suggestion improves weather durability without sacrificing other properties, such as mechanical properties. A novel polyester powder coating system is described in this article, with especially excellent weather durability. This system was based on an acrylic\\/polyester hybrid curing system composed of polyester resin showing excellent

Katsuhiko Okadaa; Kouichi Yamaguchi; Hirofumi Takeda



Per Aa Asa Hilliard: The Great House of Black Light for Educational Excellence  

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|This interpretive review draws on a number of Asa G. Hilliard's Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) writings to examine his conception of educational excellence in ancient Kemet and for African American education today. The review offers an interpretation of Hilliard's lifelong quest for excellence in education, which is especially revealed in his…

Nobles, Wade W.



University Students' Conceptions of an Excellent Physical Education Teacher in China  

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|This study investigated how university students perceive an excellent physical education (PE) teacher at the university level. A sample of 2000 university students at four universities in China responded to a 53-item questionnaire. A 6-factor, 28-item model of an excellent teacher in PE was subsequently generated with a statistical good fit,…

Song, Lihua; Chen, Junjun



Seizing Opportunity at the Top: Reaching Every Student with Excellent Teachers--Policymakers' Checklist  

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|Research continues to confirm that without "excellent" teachers consistently, most students who start behind stay behind, and too few middling and advanced students leap ahead. Even solid teachers who achieve one year of learning progress leave achievement gaps intact. Schools that "consistently" provide all students with excellent

Public Impact, 2012



Texas Educator Excellence Grant (TEEG) Program: Year Two Evaluation Report. Policy Evaluation Report. [Executive Summary  

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The history of performance pay programs and policies in Texas provides a backdrop to the state's Texas Educator Excellence Grant (TEEG) program and the Districts Awards for Teacher Excellence (DATE) program. The TEEG and DATE programs are state-funded and provide grants to schools and districts to implement locally-designed performance pay plans.…

Springer, Matthew G.; Podgursky, Michael J.; Lewis, Jessica L.; Ehlert, Mark W.; Gronberg, Timothy J.; Hamilton, Laura S.; Jansen, Dennis W.; Lopez, Omar S.; Peng, Art; Stecher, Brian M.; Taylor, Lori L.



Assessing organizational attributes contributing to marketing excellence in American professional sport franchises  

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While an abundance of research exists on the topic of professional sport marketing, little, if any, has been directed toward identifying predictors of franchise marketing success or, perhaps more importantly, measuring excellence within this organizational unit. Therefore, the fundamental purpose of this investigation was to identify key indicators for success or excellence as defined by Peters and Waterman within marketing

Richard L. Irwin; D. Zwick; William A. Sutton



Meeting the Calls for Excellence: Implications for Law-Related Education.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The current concern with educational excellence and reform prompted by six recent national reports has significant implications for law-related education (LRE). These reports are A Nation At Risk: The Imperative for Educational Reform, Action for Excellence, Making the Grade: Report of the Twentieth Century Fund Task Force on Federal Elementary…

Naylor, David T.


Striving for Excellence: Applications of Successful Business Principles. Ideas for Action in Education and Work.  

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|Eight principles that have been used to reach excellence in business and industry and ways that schools can apply those principles are described. The principles, identified by Thomas J. Peters and Robert N. Waterman, Jr. in "In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America's Best-Run Companies" are: (1) a bias for action (not waiting for extensive…

Owens, Tom


ISO 9001 : 2000 and the Baldrige criteria for performance excellence - a comparison  

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The Sandia National Laboratories Nuclear Weapons Strategic Management Unit (NWSMU) is pursuing performance excellence, by focusing on compliance with the ISO 9001:2000 standard for quality management systems. The NWSMU also intends to achieve ISO Certification and eventually reach levels of performance excellence that are consistent with those of Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award winners. In that context, this report documents

Gail L. Willette; Robert Ray Richards



Trends in Education Excellence Gaps: A 12-Year International Perspective via the Multilevel Model for Change  

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|A recent study in the USA documented the existence and growth of "excellence gaps" among students. These gaps are similar to the minimum competency achievement gaps that proliferate in policy discussions in many Western countries, but excellence gaps focus on the highest level of achievement rather than minimum competency. We extend this research…

Rutkowski, David; Rutkowski, Leslie; Plucker, Jonathan A.



Texas Educator Excellence Grant (TEEG) Program: Year One Evaluation Report. Policy Evaluation Report. [Executive Summary  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This executive summary presents findings from the first-year evaluation of the Texas Educator Excellence Grant (TEEG) program, one of several statewide performance incentive programs in Texas. In June 2006, Governor Perry and the 79th Texas Legislature created the Governor's Educator Excellence Award Program, one component of which is the TEEG…

Springer, Matthew G.; Podgursky, Michael J.; Lewis, Jessica L.; Ehlert, Mark W.; Ghosh-Dastidar, Bonnie; Gronberg, Timothy J.; Hamilton, Laura S.; Jansen, Dennis W.; Lopez, Omar S.; Patterson, Christine H.; Stecher, Brian M.; Taylor, Lori L.



Excellence in Television for Young Children--Entertainment, Engagement and Empowerment  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The notion of excellence in early childhood education is increasingly recognised as both subjective and problematic. The search for excellence can be, however, a motivating force for those committed to providing experiences that enrich and enhance the lives of young children within diverse Australian communities. This commitment is shared by the…

Harrison, Cathie



Use of ISO 9004:2000 and other business excellence tools in Canada  

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Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to investigate the use of business excellence tools, particularly the extent of adoption of the ISO 9004:2000 guideline and respondents' perceptions of its usefulness. Design\\/methodology\\/approach – In this paper a large empirical study was undertaken to identify the use of business excellence frameworks in Canada. The survey was based on a series

A. Wilcock; S. Karapetrovic; K. Boys; P. Piche



Program to Recognize Excellence in Student Literary Magazines. 1986. Ranked Magazines.  

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In keeping with the efforts of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) to promote and recognize excellence in writing in the schools, this booklet presents the rankings of winning entries in the third year of NCTE's Program to Recognize Excellence in Student Literary Magazines in the United States, Canada, and American schools abroad.…

Gibbs, Sandra E., Comp.