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Evaluating medico-legal decisional competency criteria.  


In this paper I get clearer on the considerations that ought to inform the evaluation and development of medico-legal competency criteria-where this is taken to be a question regarding the abilities that ought to be needed for a patient to be found competent in medico-legal contexts. In the "Decisional Competency in Medico-Legal Contexts" section I explore how the question regarding the abilities that ought to be needed for decisional competence is to be interpreted. I begin by considering an interpretation that takes the question to be asking about the abilities needed to satisfy an idealized view of competent decision-making, according to which decisional competency is a matter of possessing those abilities or attributes that are needed to engage in good or effective or, perhaps, substantially autonomous or rational decision-making. The view has some plausibility-it accords with the way decisional competency is understood in a number of everyday contexts-but fails as an interpretation of the question regarding the abilities that should be needed for decisional competence in medico-legal contexts. Nevertheless, consideration of why it is mistaken suggests a more accurate interpretation and points the way in which the question regarding the evaluation of medico-legal competency criteria is to be answered. Building on other scholarly work in the area, I outline in the "Primary and Secondary Requirements" section several requirements that decisional competence criteria ought to satisfy. Then, in the "Applying the Framework" section, I say something about the extent to which medico-legal competency criteria, as well as some models of decisional competency proposed in the academic literature, fulfil those requirements. PMID:23807736

Whiting, Demian



Ethno – Medico – Botany of Chenchus of Mahaboobnagar District, Andhra Pradesh  

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The present paper deals with the ethno-medico-botany of Chenchus of Mahaboobnagar district, Andhra Pradesh. About fourty four plants are enumerated with knowledge of the tribals for their medicinal uses in curing different diseases and ailments. PMID:22556915

Kumar, T. Dharmachandra; Pullaiah, T.



The Hagstromer Medico-Historical Library  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the Hagstromer Medico-Historical Library is the Introduction. Visitors are treated to a fine prologue that explains the wide benefits and importance of using historical texts to understand the history of science and medicine. After building a foundational knowledge of medical history, visitors can then explore the site's collections. There is the option to learn more about Andres Johan Hagstromer himself, as well as view upcoming events sponsored by the library. The site also provides access to the remarkable Bibliotheca Systema Naturae. From here, users can find hundreds of digitized books ranging from acupuncture to zoology. Finally, visitors can read short biographies of prominent individuals who have contributed to the field of science and medicine throughout history.


Esthetics and implantology: medico-legal aspects.  


In recent years the high number of malpractice lawsuits in dentistry has attracted closer attention of dental practitioners to its medico-legal aspects. Implantology, in particular, presents many points of medico-legal concern connected with the difficulties inherent to dental procedures and objectives (both functional and esthetic), as well as full patient collaboration as an essential part of successful treatment. An accurate assessment of each case by the clinician is fundamental, especially in circumstances where esthetic considerations are preponderant as, for instance, in the frontal sectors. In such cases, the options of implantology or of a traditional fixed prosthesis need to be carefully weighed in light of the patient's anatomic condition. The patient should therefore receive complete information and be made fully aware of the risk of treatment failure, as well as possible complications, limits to the procedures, and the fact that successful outcome will also depend on her/his scrupulous observance of the practitioner's instructions. In short, the aim is to make the patient an active ''accomplice'' in treatment. To this end, the use of an extremely detailed information leaflet is strongly advised; after careful clarification of any doubts the patient may have, the patient's written informed consent should be obtained. Nevertheless, there is the risk that excessive intrusion of bureaucracy into medical procedures in defence of the practitioner against malpractice suits may hinder the principal aim of traditional medicine, i.e. to provide the best care for the patient through mutual trust fostered within the doctor-patient relationship. PMID:17287706

Santoro, V; De Donno, A; Dell'Erba, A; Introna, F



iDoctor app to help new medicos  

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Resident at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and The University of Notre Dame Australia medical graduate, Dr Rhys Clark, has developed iDoctor, an iPhone application designed to assist training medicos to keep track of their professional development and patient caseloads.\\u000aThe internationally-rated, 4.5 star iTunes application allows users to log hospital cases and export them to Excel and other spreadsheet programs.

Andrea Barnard



Doctor Zander's Medico-Mechanical Institute in Opatija.  


At the beginning of the 20th century, there were different kinds of medical institutions in the health and seaside spa resort Abbazia (nowadays Opatija). The Opatija Guidebooks (1904-1914) praised the three sanatoriums and Zander's Medico-Mechanical Institute, which was owned by Dr. Isor Stein. Dr. Zander, who is not well-known today, has been the main topic of the authors' research. The authors have found out that Dr. Gustav Zander (1835-1920) worked as a teacher of gymnastics, a physician, and a university lecturer about the remedial gymnastics at the University of Stockholm. He constructed several devices which enabled constant and regular movement of individual parts of the human body, as well as certain devices that replaced the manual massage. Zander started his first institute in Stockholm in 1865. People could do exercise using his apparatus. He gained international fame by exhibiting his devices at the International Exhibitions in Brussels and Philadelphia in 1876 and in Paris in 1878. Several Zander's medico-mechanical institutes were established around the world and they were all named after him. There were two hundred and two Zander's Institutes in 1911 when his success and fame reached its peak. Zander's Institute in Opatija was constructed already in 1904 and it was located on the ground floor of Stein's mansion, known as Vila Stein, nowadays Vila Dora. The First World War changed the fundamental role of Zander's Institutes and the Great Depression in 1929 destroyed them. It seems the Institute in Opatija closed down at that time too, even thought we have not found out the precise date. The modern fitness studios started to emerge in Europe in the 1950s, a few decades after Zander's medico-mechanical institutes ceased to exist. Many modern professional fitness devices are basically derived from the apparatus that was recommended, constructed and launched into the society already by Dr. Gustav Zander. The authors of this article presume that it was Dr. Zander who already used the methods of physiotherapy and fitness that are generally used today. PMID:20500008

Fischinger, Janez; Fischinger, Ales; Fischinger, Dusa



PREPARE UN EQUIPO PORTTIL PARA EMERGENCIAS Prepare un equipo portatil para emergencias de modo que pueda  

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libre) 2. Equipos medicos caseros (ejemplos: medidor de glucosa, monitor de presion arterial, bastonPREPARE UN EQUIPO PORTÁTIL PARA EMERGENCIAS Prepare un equipo portatil para emergencias de modo que llevar el equipo. Incluya los siguientes artículos en el equipo: 1. Medicamentos (recetados y de venta


Medico - historical study of "Vis?cik?" (Cholera).  


The Sanskrit word Vis?cik? refers to a condition in which vitiated v?ta d??a causes pain like pricking with a needle over the body. It occurs in a person suffering with aj?rna (indigestion) and its detailed description is available in Ayurvedic literature. This disease has its existence in India since ancient times; it has also been referred in Mah?h?rata and Tripitikas. Its etiology, signs, symptoms, complications, prognosis and treatment etc. as described in Ayurveda may be correlated with the disease Cholera, which is commonly known as "Haiza" in Hindi. In Greek language, the word Cholera means a flow of bile or the bilious disease. Cholera is an acute infectious diarrheal disease, caused by comma bacillus or vibrio cholerae sero groups 01 or 0139. Aretaetus, Benjamin Rush, Chadwick, John Snow, Robert Koch, etc. were some of the pioneers in Cholera research. Medico- historical importance of Cholera, its transmission, description and references from Ayurvedic texts etc., are being presented in this article. PMID:17333658

Prasad, P V V



Regulations and guidelines on handling human materials obtained from medico-legal autopsy for use in research  

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Human materials obtained from medico-legal autopsy have been used for research without consent from surviving relatives in majority of the cases in Japan. In recent years, however, informed consent has become a key principle in medical practice, and protection of privacy has been emphasized. We investigated the regulations and guidelines in Japan regarding handling of human materials obtained from medico-legal

Mitsuyasu Kurosu; Toshiji Mukai


Regulations and guidelines on handling human materials obtained from medico-legal autopsy for use in research  

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Human materials obtained from medico-legal autopsy have been used for research without consent from surviving relatives in majority of the cases in Japan. In recent years, however, informed consent has become a key principle in medical practice, and protection of privacy has been emphasized. We investigated the regulations and guidelines in Japan regarding handling of human materials obtained from medico-legal

Mitsuyasu Kurosu; Toshiji Mukai; Youkichi Ohno



Risk Management: Part 2Medico-Legal Cases and Their Actual Outcomes  

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Most medico-legal cases that arise result from a person's or institution's act or a failure to act. This exposes the patient to injury or loss. The risks and resulting failures usually take the form of failure to inform or to obtain informed consent, failure to perform, failure to diagnose, failure to treat or refer, failure to monitor, or negligence. Some

Ricardo Ainsley Scott



Esame di Stato Professione Medico Chirurgo -II sessione 2013 Elenco tutor valutatori -Roma  

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Esame di Stato Professione Medico Chirurgo - II sessione 2013 Elenco tutor valutatori - Roma n. titolo cognome nome 1 Dott. Abu Eideh Ibrahim Via Cola di Rienzo 217 Roma 00192 2 Dott. Achille Mario Piazza San Donà di Piave, 21 Roma 00182 3 Dott.ssa Alberelli Marisa Via Cerveteri 13 Roma 00183 4 Dott

Di Pillo, Gianni


Medico-legal investigations of the Airbus, A320 crash upon Mount Ste-Odile, France.  


The authors present the medico-legal investigations and identification after the aircrash of the Airbus A320 upon the Mount Sainte-Odile (France). The identification team comprising investigators from the gendarmerie, forensic pathologists, odontologists, and scientists of the Institute from Legal Medecine rapidly retrieved and identified 85 of the 87 victims, with 17 being identified through DNA typing, three through fingerprints and the remaining through dental records and specific physical or X-ray findings. Full autopsies were performed on all fatalities to determine patterns of injury and cause of death. Results lead us to point out the importance of a multidisciplinary team of forensic practitioners especially trained for managing medico-legal investigation in mass disaster and the ability of DNA technology to solve complex identification problems. PMID:7964560

Ludes, B; Tracqui, A; Pfitzinger, H; Kintz, P; Levy, F; Disteldorf, M; Hutt, J M; Kaess, B; Haag, R; Memheld, B



Occupational fatalities in the construction sector: A medico-legal viewpoint.  


Occupational fatalities are those that occur during the course of a person's occupation. They can occur in any industry or sector. Studies have shown that the construction sector is more dangerous for workers than the industrial sector, and there are more deaths both in the developed and developing countries. The construction sector has seen a boom in countries like India over the past few years and with it an increase in the number of occupational fatalities. Three different types of occupational fatalities pertaining to construction sector are presented here to increase awareness of the different types of occupational fatalities that may occur. The circumstances leading to them are discussed from a medico-legal viewpoint. Specific acts of negligence have been highlighted and suggestions offered with a view to decreasing fatalities. PMID:25338509

Das, Siddhartha



[Artery infections associated with percutaneous arterial closure devices: medico-legal issues].  


Percutaneous suture closure devices have reduced the time needed for manual compression and hospital stays, but several meta-analysis emphasized a higher risk of vascular damages compared to manual compression. Two cases of infections on percutaneous suture closure devices were analyzed; which had medico-legal issues. Beyond the medical point of view, the patient's complaints, the way lawyers and medical experts have examined the cases were analyzed and resulted in physicians and hospitals being sentenced. Rather than stigmatizing those devices, we just want to invite cardiologists not to underestimate this serious risk. Before using those devices, physicians should balance the risk-benefit ratio, follow prevention guidelines, and most of all, be aware of any single signs of emerging infection to detect and treat them early, and thus reduce the severity of infections thanks to a targeted antibiotic treatment adapted to the antibiogram and an active role of vascular surgeons. PMID:25440766

Gaultier, C J; Houselstein, T



Medico-legal aspects of dental treatment of the ageing and aged patient.  


The medico-legal aspects of the dental management of ageing and aged patients relate mainly to the assessment of the patient's competence and the role of substitute decision makers. Dentists will assess whether or not a patient is competent to give informed consent to treatment. Lawyers use the word 'capacity' when deciding whether a person can make an important decision about their life. Competence and capacity mean the same thing. Assessment of competence and the role of substitute decision makers rests firmly on a sound understanding of the ethical basis of dental practice. This article will discuss the ethical basis of dental practice; the assessment of competence and the gaining of informed consent; the role of substitute decision makers and the nature of the decisions that are made at the end of life. PMID:25762043

Story, R D



Chemical Construction of Polyfunctional Nanocomposites and Nanorobots for Medico-biological Applications  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A method for preparation of magnetosensitive nanocomposites on the basis of surface-modified magnetite carrying immobilized cisplatin and monoclonal antibody CD 95 (a medico-biological nanorobot model) was developed. Adsorption and covalent immobilization of monoclonal antibody CD 95 and human normal immunoglobulin on nanocomposites comprising magnetite coated with poly(acryl amide) and ?-aminopropylsiloxane was studied. Isotherms of covalent attachment of oxidized immunoglobulin via formation of Schiff bases and non-specific (physical) adsorption of the normal immunoglobulin were compared. Kinetics of release of the immunoglobulin to a model environment was studied. Interaction of the prepared models of nanorobots with the cell line MCF-7 was studied. It was shown that use of magnetically driven nanocomposites carrying the anti-tumour drug and the monoclonal antibody CD 95 causes a synergic cytotoxic effect which exceeds the influence of the control doses up to 50%.

Gorbyk, P. P.; Dubrovin, I. V.; Petranovska, A. L.; Abramov, M. V.; Usov, D. G.; Storozhuk, L. P.; Turanska, S. P.; Turelyk, M. P.; Chekhun, V. F.; Lukyanova, N. Yu.; Shpak, A. P.; Korduban, O. M.


Risks and medico-legal aspects of endoscopic sinus surgery: a review.  


The aim of this study was to perform a systematic literature review of risks and medico-legal aspects of endoscopic sinus surgery. The development of sophisticated technologies and instruments for endoscopic sinus surgery (ESS) has caused a dramatic increase in the number of otolaryngologists performing sinus surgery and the number of cases performed. This expansion was accompanied by an increase in malpractice lawsuits. Over the past 20 years, rhinology claims represented 70 % of the total indemnity compensation for otolaryngology claims and ESS was the surgical procedure most often involved. Only then will a careful analysis and assessment of the possible and potential risk factors of ESS, which may mislead the surgeon, allow a correct clinical risk management, with activities and procedures aimed at reducing the possibility of complications that may expose the physician to a malpractice suit. PMID:23942813

Re, M; Magliulo, G; Romeo, R; Gioacchini, F M; Pasquini, E



Danger points, complications and medico-legal aspects in endoscopic sinus surgery  

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Endoscopic endonasal sinus surgery represents the overall accepted type of surgical treatment for chronic rhinosinusitis. Notwithstanding raised and still evolving quality standards, surgeons performing routine endoscopic interventions are faced with minor complications in 5% and major complications in 0.5–1%. A comprehensive review on all minor and major complications of endoscopic surgery of the paranasal sinuses and also on the anterior skull base is presented listing the actual scientific literature. The pathogenesis, signs and symptoms of each complication are reviewed and therapeutic regimens are discussed in detail relating to actual publication references. Potential medico-legal aspects are explicated and recent algorithms of avoidance are mentioned taking into account options in surgical training and education. PMID:24403974

Hosemann, W.; Draf, C.



To err is human: Quality management practices in surgical oral pathology, a safety net for medico-legal complications.  


Reading a slide and rendering a diagnosis is not only a science but also requires us to appreciate the constant artifact that is introduced in a controlled manner by tissue processing and obtaining a stained tissue section. There are a number of steps involved in getting the final stained tissue section and all these procedures if not performed properly have the potential to give rise to erroneous picture on the slide. Simple errors in judgments can lead to wrong diagnosis and unwarranted treatment. Such mistakes can put us at risk for Medico-Legal problems. The subject of Medico-Legal issues and practice of pathology has been neglected and amount of information available to the practicing professional in India is scarce. This paper focuses on standardized procedures for the various histopathology laboratory exercises. The paper highlights the importance of proper record maintenance with reporting protocols. A list of do's and don'ts for an Oral Pathologist is provided to help him/her in reducing the probable Medico-Legal issues. It does not in any way address the issue of individual competence and diagnostic abilities: That is an aspect for each individual to introspect upon and take remedial action. PMID:24250085

Venkatraman, Narayan T; Bhadranna, Abhishek; Shenoy, Sadhana; Mohanty, Leeky



To err is human: Quality management practices in surgical oral pathology, a safety net for medico-legal complications  

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Reading a slide and rendering a diagnosis is not only a science but also requires us to appreciate the constant artifact that is introduced in a controlled manner by tissue processing and obtaining a stained tissue section. There are a number of steps involved in getting the final stained tissue section and all these procedures if not performed properly have the potential to give rise to erroneous picture on the slide. Simple errors in judgments can lead to wrong diagnosis and unwarranted treatment. Such mistakes can put us at risk for Medico-Legal problems. The subject of Medico-Legal issues and practice of pathology has been neglected and amount of information available to the practicing professional in India is scarce. This paper focuses on standardized procedures for the various histopathology laboratory exercises. The paper highlights the importance of proper record maintenance with reporting protocols. A list of do's and don’ts for an Oral Pathologist is provided to help him/her in reducing the probable Medico-Legal issues. It does not in any way address the issue of individual competence and diagnostic abilities: That is an aspect for each individual to introspect upon and take remedial action. PMID:24250085

Venkatraman, Narayan T; Bhadranna, Abhishek; Shenoy, Sadhana; Mohanty, Leeky



Risk Factors and Medico-Economic Effect of Pancreatic Fistula after Pancreaticoduodenectomy  

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The study aimed to uncover the risk factors for the new defined pancreatic fistula (PF) and clinical related PF (CR-PF) after pancreaticoduodenectomy (PD) surgery and to evaluate the medico-economic effect of patients. A total of 412 patients were classified into two groups according to different criteria, PF and NOPF according to PF occurrence: CR-PF (grades B and C) and NOCR-PF (grade A) based on PF severity. A total of 28 factors were evaluated by univariate and multivariate logistic regression test. Hospital charges and stays of these patients were assessed. The results showed that more hospital stages and charges are needed for patients in PF and CR-PF groups than in NOPF and NOCR-PF groups (P < 0.05). The excessive drinking, soft remnant pancreas, preoperative albumin, and intraoperative blood transfusion are risk factors affecting both PF and CR-PF incidence. More professional surgeons can effectively reduce the PF and CR-PF incidence. Patients with PF and CR-PF need more hospital costs and stages than that in NOPF and NOCR-PF groups. It is critical that surgeons know the risk factors related to PF and CR-PF so as to take corresponding therapeutic regimens for each patient. PMID:25788941

Huang, Renping; Liu, Bing; Chen, Hua; Bai, Xuewei; Kong, Rui; Wang, Gang; Wang, Yongwei; Sun, Bei; Guan, Yinghui



Medico-ethical versus biological evaluationism, and the concept of disease.  


According to the 'fact-plus-value' model of pathology propounded by K. W. M. Fulford, 'disease' is a value term that ought to reflect a 'balance of values' stemming from patients and doctors and other 'stakeholders' in medical nosology. In the present article I take issue with his linguistic-analytical arguments for why pathological status must be relative to such a kind of medico-ethical normativity. Fulford is right to point out that Boorse and other naturalists are compelled to utilize evaluative terminology when they characterize the nature of diseases and biological dysfunctions. But the relevant 'biofunctional judgements' are no less factual and empirical for that. While it is indeed evaluative to say that biological dysfunctions involve failures to execute naturally selected functions, such judgments are not bound to entail anything about what is good or bad for us, and what should be treated or not. In the last part of the paper I ruminate briefly on the relationship between 'biological evaluationism', on my construal, and descriptions of 'causal biology'. As I note in my conclusion, a strict bioevaluative concept of disease can be valid for every species on earth, and thus be of particular usefulness in general biological contexts. PMID:21837545

Lindstrøm, Jon A



The medico-legal evaluation of injuries from falls in pediatric age groups.  


Blunt trauma from accidental falls or intentional jumping from great heights occurs frequently in forensic medicine. The goal of this study was to investigate injuries due to falls in children under 19 years of age. Injuries from falls are the leading cause of visits to emergency departments and to deaths due to injuries. Various methods are used in the classification of falls. In this study, we have classified falls as "high-level" (?5 m), "low-level" (<5 m) and "ground-level". We have retrospectively evaluated 814 boys (61.18%) and 512 girls (38.62%), making up a total of 1326 children (under 19 years old) with the mean age of 7.85 ± 3.46, that were admitted to State Hospital between January 2009 and December 2013 due to falls from heights and falls on ground-level. Falls were low-level in 738 cases, high-level in 176 cases, and ground-level in 412 cases. Cases were categorized by gender, age, age group, fall height, Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), injured body part(s), mortality rate, and distribution according to months. In conclusion, falls merit attention because of their high risk of mortality and morbidity, as well as their burden on medical budgets. If the medico-legal aspects of falls were evaluated with regard to preventive event or death, the importance of the topic could be better understood. PMID:25735785

Kafadar, Safiye; Kafadar, Hüseyin



A preliminary analysis of insects of medico-legal importance in Curitiba, State of Paraná.  


A survey of the carrion fauna was made at two sites in Curitiba, State of Paraná, with the objective of describing the insects associated with carrion and setting up a preliminary data-base for medico-legal purposes in south Brazil. Vertebrate exclusion experiments were carried out in each season between 1994 and 1995 with a 250 g laboratory-bred rat (Rattus norvegicus). Five stages of decomposition were identified: fresh, bloated, decaying, dry and adipocere-like. Some species showed seasonal and site preference and so could be used to identify the probable place and season where death took place. Sarconesia chlorogaster (Diptera, Calliphoridae) was restricted to an open field site and to cooler months. Hemilucilia semidiaphana (Diptera, Calliphoridae) and Pattonella resona (Diptera, Sarcophagidae) were restricted to the forest site and warmer months. Phaenicia eximia (Diptera, Calliphoridae) and Oxyletrum discicolle (Coleoptera, Silphidae) were present at both sites throughout the year and could be useful for population level analysis. Dissochaetus murray (Coleoptera, Cholevidae) was present throughout the year at the forest site and was associated with the adipocere-like stage. Ants played an important role producing post-mortem injuries to the carcasses. Insects of 32 species are reported as being useful in community level approaches. PMID:9332590

Moura, M O; de Carvalho, C J; Monteiro-Filho, E L



Medico-historical study of "a?vattha" (sacred fig tree).  


A?vattha (Ficus religiosa Linn.) is a tree which has got mythological, religious and medicinal importance in Indian culture since ancient times. As per Vedic Index A?vattha means horse stand, a place or site or an object where or under which horses stand. A?vattha is also known as Pipal and Bodhidrma. This tree is the oldest depicted tree in India. In Vedic times it was used to make fire by friction and considered sacred. Atharvav?da associates it with the third heaven. It discusses medicinal properties of A?vattha along with Soma and Ku?tha. A?vattha is associated with the triad of Gods-Brahma, vi??u and siva. Reference to A?vattha is found in R?m?ya?a, Mah?bh?rata, Bhagavadg?ta, Buddhistic literature, Artha??stra, Pur?n?s, Upani?ads etc. non-medical literature also. According to Ayurv?da it has several synonyms. Most of them symbolize its sacredness. A?vattha is useful in various ailments like consumption, vomiting, ulcers in oral cavity, burns, gynaecological problems etc. Thus its medico-historical importance, regional nomenclature, morphological features in brief etc. are being presented in this article with few illustrations. PMID:18175640

Prasad, P V V; Subhaktha, P K J P; Narayana, Ala; Rao, M Mruthyumjaya



Old age as an "alternative" to illness: gerontological and medico-legal aspects.  


The current trend toward an ever increasing aging population forces society to face the problem of how to care for elderly people who are exposed to the risk of so-called "elder abuse," a phenomenon becoming increasingly widespread in Italy, as legislation does not provide a precise juridical definition of "elderly" nor does it provide for their specific protection. From a geriatric and medico-legal point of view, it is difficult to assess the cognitive performance of elderly individuals due to a number of factors, including the lack of evaluation tools with well-defined reference parameters for assessing decision-making capacities. Nonetheless, according to Italian penal code, abandoning a person incapable of self-support due to old age is considered a violation of the obligation of family assistance. Just as in the USA, which has instituted the Adult Protective Services, the Authors propose that the local health authorities provide help desks for the victims of elder abuse in Italy. PMID:20463440

Molinelli, Andrea; Viale, Laura; Landolfa, Maria Celeste; De Stefano, Francesco



Medico-Legal Findings, Legal Case Progression, and Outcomes in South African Rape Cases: Retrospective Review  

PubMed Central

Background Health services for victims of rape are recognised as a particularly neglected area of the health sector internationally. Efforts to strengthen these services need to be guided by clinical research. Expert medical evidence is widely used in rape cases, but its contribution to the progress of legal cases is unclear. Only three studies have found an association between documented bodily injuries and convictions in rape cases. This article aims to describe the processing of rape cases by South African police and courts, and the association between documented injuries and DNA and case progression through the criminal justice system. Methods and Findings We analysed a provincially representative sample of 2,068 attempted and completed rape cases reported to 70 randomly selected Gauteng province police stations in 2003. Data sheets were completed from the police dockets and available medical examination forms were copied. 1,547 cases of rape had medical examinations and available forms and were analysed, which was at least 85% of the proportion of the sample having a medical examination. We present logistic regression models of the association between whether a trial started and whether the accused was found guilty and the medico-legal findings for adult and child rapes. Half the suspects were arrested (n?=?771), 14% (209) of cases went to trial, and in 3% (31) of adults and 7% (44) of children there was a conviction. A report on DNA was available in 1.4% (22) of cases, but the presence or absence of injuries were documented in all cases. Documented injuries were not associated with arrest, but they were associated with children's cases (but not adult's) going to trial (adjusted odds ratio [AOR] for having genital and nongenital injuries 5.83, 95% confidence interval [CI] 1.87–18.13, p?=?0.003). In adult cases a conviction was more likely if there were documented injuries, whether nongenital injuries alone AOR 6.25 (95% CI 1.14–34.3, p?=?0.036), ano-genital injuries alone (AOR 7.00, 95% CI 1.44–33.9, p?=?0.017), or both nongenital and ano-genital injuries (AOR 12.34, 95% CI 2.87–53.0, p?=?0.001). DNA was not associated with case outcome. Conclusions This is the first study, to our knowledge, to show an association between documentation of ano-genital injuries, trials commencing, and convictions in rape cases in a developing country. Its findings are of particular importance because they show the value of good basic medical practices in documentation of injuries, rather than more expensive DNA evidence, in assisting courts in rape cases. Health care providers need training to provide high quality health care responses after rape, but we have shown that the core elements of the medico-legal response require very little technology. As such they should be replicable in low- and middle-income country settings. Our findings raise important questions about the value of evidence that requires the use of forensic laboratories at a population level in countries like South Africa that have substantial inefficiencies in their police services. Please see later in the article for the Editors' Summary PMID:19823567

Jewkes, Rachel; Christofides, Nicola; Vetten, Lisa; Jina, Ruxana; Sigsworth, Romi; Loots, Lizle



The woman who gave birth to a dog Monstrosity and bestiality in Quaestiones Medico-Legales by Paolo Zacchia.  


The Italian Paolo Zacchia (1584-1659) is considered one of the fathers of forensic medicine. From a letter sent by the physician and botanist Pietro Castelli, the article seeks to reconstruct the opinions that Zacchia expressed about monsters in his monumental Quaestiones Medico-Legales. Although he did not seem too sure about the possibility that a hybrid could be born from the union of a man and a beast, he believed that God intervened, allowing the birth so that the abomination could be discovered. The opinion of Zacchia is related to the image that people had at the time of the relationship between humans and animals. PMID:25702383

De Ceglia, Francesco Paolo



Resins and Gums in Historical Iatrosophia Texts from Cyprus - A Botanical and Medico-pharmacological Approach.  


This study explores historical iatrosophia texts from Cyprus from a botanical and medico-pharmacological point of view focusing on remedies containing resins and gums. The iatrosophia are a genre of Greek medical literature of Byzantine origin and can be described as medicine handbooks which serve as therapeutic repositories containing recipes or advice. To extract and analyze information on plant usage in such sources - which are largely unedited texts and so far have not been translated - we investigate (i) the relationship of the iatrosophia to Dioscorides' De Materia Medica as well as historic pharmaceutical books or standard texts on modern phytotherapy and (ii) the validity of the remedies by comparing them to modern scientific data on reported biological activities. In the six texts investigated 27 substances incorporating plant exudates are mentioned. They are obtained from over 43 taxa of higher plants and in particular are used to treat dermatological, gastrointestinal, and respiratory tract conditions. The comparison to historic pharmaceutical books and phytotherapy texts reflects the gradual decline of the use of plant exudates in Western medicine. While remarkable parallels to Dioscorides' text exist, the non-Dioscoridean influence suggests a complex pattern of knowledge exchange. Overall, this resulted in an integration of knowledge from so far poorly understood sources. The comparison with bioscientific data reveals a fragmentary picture and highlights the potential of these unexplored substances and their uses. Where relevant bioscientific data are available, we generally found a confirmation. This points to a largely rational use of the associated remedies. Taken together, the iatrosophia are a valuable resource for ethnopharmacological and natural product research. Most importantly they contribute to the understanding of the development of herbal medicines in the (Eastern) Mediterranean and Europe. PMID:21772820

Lardos, Andreas; Prieto-Garcia, José; Heinrich, Michael



Resins and Gums in Historical Iatrosophia Texts from Cyprus – A Botanical and Medico-pharmacological Approach  

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This study explores historical iatrosophia texts from Cyprus from a botanical and medico-pharmacological point of view focusing on remedies containing resins and gums. The iatrosophia are a genre of Greek medical literature of Byzantine origin and can be described as medicine handbooks which serve as therapeutic repositories containing recipes or advice. To extract and analyze information on plant usage in such sources – which are largely unedited texts and so far have not been translated – we investigate (i) the relationship of the iatrosophia to Dioscorides’ De Materia Medica as well as historic pharmaceutical books or standard texts on modern phytotherapy and (ii) the validity of the remedies by comparing them to modern scientific data on reported biological activities. In the six texts investigated 27 substances incorporating plant exudates are mentioned. They are obtained from over 43 taxa of higher plants and in particular are used to treat dermatological, gastrointestinal, and respiratory tract conditions. The comparison to historic pharmaceutical books and phytotherapy texts reflects the gradual decline of the use of plant exudates in Western medicine. While remarkable parallels to Dioscorides’ text exist, the non-Dioscoridean influence suggests a complex pattern of knowledge exchange. Overall, this resulted in an integration of knowledge from so far poorly understood sources. The comparison with bioscientific data reveals a fragmentary picture and highlights the potential of these unexplored substances and their uses. Where relevant bioscientific data are available, we generally found a confirmation. This points to a largely rational use of the associated remedies. Taken together, the iatrosophia are a valuable resource for ethnopharmacological and natural product research. Most importantly they contribute to the understanding of the development of herbal medicines in the (Eastern) Mediterranean and Europe. PMID:21772820

Lardos, Andreas; Prieto-Garcia, José; Heinrich, Michael



"A brilliant and many-sided personality": Jessie Margaret Murray, founder of the Medico-Psychological Clinic.  


This paper outlines the life and career of Jessie Margaret Murray, the moving spirit behind the foundation of the Medico-Psychological Clinic, the first public clinic in Britain to offer psychoanalytic therapy and training in psychoanalysis. Biographical details of Murray and her close friend and collaborator, Julia Turner, are presented, and possible routes by which the two women may have met are explored. Murray's role in the suffragist movement is described, as well as other networks and professional societies in which she was involved, in particular the British Society for the Study of Sex Psychology, and her relationship with Marie Stopes. An account is given of events leading up to the founding of the Clinic, its activities, Murray's death, and other factors contributing to its demise. Finally, the Clinic's heritage and implications of the personalities of Murray and Turner for understanding the subsequent development of psycho-analysis in Britain are considered. PMID:19360892

Valentine, Elizabeth R



Visualizing sexual assault: an exploration of the use of optical technologies in the medico-legal context.  


This article is an exploration of the visualization of sexual assault in the context of adult women. In investigating the production of visual evidence, we outline the evolution of the specialized knowledge of medico-legal experts and describe the optical technologies involved in medical forensic examinations. We theorize that the principles and practices characterizing medicine, science and the law are mirrored in the medico-legal response to sexual assault. More specifically, we suggest that the demand for visual proof underpins the positivist approach taken in the pursuit of legal truth and that the generation of such evidence is based on producing discrete and decontextualized empirical facts through what are perceived to be objective technologies. Drawing on interview and focus group data with 14 sexual assault nurse examiners (SANEs) in Ontario, Canada, we examine perceptions and experiences of the role of the visual in sexual assault. Certain of their comments appear to lend support to our theoretical assumptions, indicating a sense of the institutional overemphasis placed on physical damage to sexually assaulted women's bodies and the drive towards the increased technologization of visual evidence documentation. They also noted that physical injuries are frequently absent and that those observed through more refined tools of microvisualization such as colposcopes may be explained away as having resulted from either vigorous consensual sex or a "trivial" sexual assault. Concerns were expressed regarding the possibly problematic ways in which either the lack or particular nature of visual evidence may play out in the legal context. The process of documenting external and internal injuries created for some an uncomfortable sense of fragmenting and objectifying the bodies of those women they must simultaneously care for. We point to the need for further research to enhance our understanding of this issue. PMID:18952339

White, Deborah; Du Mont, Janice




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poliza de seguro; alimentos, ropa y equipo medico; y pagos de alquileres o hipotecas. Si desea saber si centros de tratamiento medico, y ayuda humanitaria (alimentos, refugios, ropa, mantas, etc.). #12;


Do drug users use less alcohol than non-drug users? A comparison of ethyl glucuronide concentrations in hair between the two groups in medico-legal cases  

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Two groups were selected from the remainder of hair samples that had been tested for drugs at TrichoTech for medico-legal cases: samples that tested negative (drug-negative group; N=42, age 33.4±7.2 years) and samples that tested positive for drugs (drug-positive group; N=57, age 32.5±8.8 years).A rapid, simple method to detect the ethanol metabolite, ethyl glucuronide (EtG) in hair has been developed.

Richard Paul; Robert Kingston; Lolita Tsanaclis; Anthony Berry; Alan Guwy



Primary pulmonary rhabdomyosarcoma with brain metastases in a child: a case report with medico-legal implications.  


Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) is a rare type of soft tissue sarcoma that mainly affects children. RMS in childhood commonly occurs in the head and neck, followed by the genitourinary tract. Primary pulmonary rhabdomyosarcoma (PPR) is extremely rare. We report a 31-month-old girl who had PPR with brain metastasis. The girl with wheezing and cough of 3 weeks and vomiting of 1 day was referred to a county hospital. At 9:00 a.m., a chest X-ray showed an abnormal shadow on a chest radiogram. Four hours later, in the process of computed tomography (CT) scan her condition deteriorated dramatically, while resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful. CT showed a solid mass in the right middle lung lobe. Subsequent autopsy revealed a large tumour located in the right middle lung lobe. Surprisingly, a mass of haematoma appearance was found in the left occipital lobe. Histological and immunohistochemical investigations of the masses established the diagnosis of PPR with brain metastasis. Herniation of brain, caused by the brain metastasis, was ascertained as the cause of death. The morphological and pathological findings are presented; the difficulty to diagnose PPR and the medico-legal implications are discussed. PMID:23910869

Guo, Yadong; Xie, Dan; Yan, Jie; Cai, Jifeng; Yin, Gang; Wu, Lixiang



[Opium alcaloids in toxicological medico-legal practice of Department of Forensic Medicine, Jagiellonian University Medical College].  


Most likely, opium was the first narcotic substance discovered at the dawn of mankind. Contemporary drug abuse predominantly poses a social and clinical problem and encompasses among other aspects emergency procedures in cases of intoxication and treatment of addictions. On the other hand, this is also a problem of the judicial system, which implements the rule of apt punishment in criminal cases (rapes, robberies, drivers, production and trade in narcotic substances) and of the necessity of monitoring drug-associates deaths. In all drug-associated cases, investigative capabilities have increased with the introduction of extremely sensitive and specific analytical methods (GC-MS, LC/MS, HPLC/DAD) allowing for detection and identification of multi-component mixtures of xenobiotics found at low concentration levels in complex biological matrices. The history of the Krakow Department of Forensic Medicine dates back to the year 1877, since archival materials have been kept since that time. Isolated deaths resulting from morphine poisoning, mostly involving individuals employed in the health care sector, constituted the subject of medico-legal expert opinions starting at the beginning of the 20th century, but only the eighties did bring the need for multidirectional toxicological examinations of opiates and their metabolites in diversified biological and non-biological materials. The present report, in addition to the historical background of opiate addiction, discusses selected problems derived from published by Department reports on opiates, including cases of fatal intoxication, hair analysis of drug addicts in its various aspects, interactions in cases of poisoning and others. PMID:24847643

K?ys, Ma?gorzata; Rojek, Sebastian; Maciów-G?ab, Martyna; Kula, Karol



From stack-firing to pyromania: medico-legal concepts of insane arson in British, US and European contexts, c.1800–1913. Part 2  

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The second part of this paper1 explores deepening doubts about pyromania as a special insanity, British debates post-1890, and pyromania’s supplanting with the broader diagnostic category of insane incendiarism. It assesses the conceptual importance of revenge and morbid-motivations for arson, and the relationship of Victorian and Edwardian concepts of arson to more modern psychiatric research. The main objective is to ascertain the extent to which Victorian and Edwardian medico-psychologists and medical legists arrived at meaningful and workable definitions of criminal insanity linked to arson. It concludes by emphasizing the limitations, contentiousness and inconsistencies in the use of technical terms such as ‘pyromania’, contrasted with the qualified success of authorities in arriving at more viable and broadly acceptable explanations of insane firesetting. PMID:21877418

Andrews, Jonathan



[Medico-legal autopsy case of an infant suffering anaphylactic shock during dental treatment. Potential hazards in the use of a rubber-dam-sheet for infants].  


We report a medico-legal autopsy of a 4-year-old girl without any history of allergies, who died following anaphylactic shock due to local anesthesia with lidocaine during dental treatment. The shock symptoms were overlooked due to a rubber-dam-sheet covering her face. The autopsy revealed laryngeal edema, secretory fluid filling the trachea, severe pulmonary congestion and edema. An immunohistochemical investigation showed numerous mast cells releasing histamine in lungs, and the fluids in the pulmonary alveoli and veins also showed positive staining. In addition, the plasma concentration of histamine in the heart blood showed a high value. From these findings, the cause of death was determined to be respiratory failure due to anaphylactic shock induced by lidocaine. In this case, her death was considered to be due to medical malpractice; adequate life support had not been performed, because anaphylactic shock was overlooked until the rubber-dam-sheet removed. In addition, due to two previous autopsy case reports that described infantile fatalities involved with the misusage of a rubber-dam-sheet for the patients under local anesthesia, we therefore recommend immediate improvements in rubber-dam-sheets and/or better applications of them in pediatric dentistry. PMID:17134013

Masuda, Tomoo; Murayama, Takako; Takada, Yuzo; Mukaida, Masahiro



[Application of hair analysis of selected psychoactive substances for medico-legal purposes. Part I. Segmental hair analysis in cases of fatal opioids and amphetamines poisoning].  


The present experimental investigations were inspired by the necessity of standardizing the procedures and analytical methods employed in hair analysis aiming at a retrospective evaluation of ingestion of various xenobiotics. Thus, in keeping with the principal premises, the main objective of the study was development of unique, novel chemico-toxicological procedures for analyzing hair content of psychoactive substances in two basic groups of substances of abuse: opioids (morphine, 6-monoacetylmorphine, codeine) and amphetamines (amphetamine, methamphetamine, MDA, MDMA, MDEA) by HPLC-APCI-MS-MS, followed by verification of the thus worked out procedures in medico-legal practice through opinionating in selected group of patients deceased due to fatal psychoactive substance poisoning (cause of death determination). Determinations of opioids and amphetamines in the hair biological matrix were performed using high performance liquid chromatography - atmospheric pressure chemical ionization - tandem mass spectrometry (HPLC-APCI-MS-MS). In the group of fatal poisonings by ,,Polish heroine", hair segmental analysis confirmed the abuse profile of the opiate or mixed (opiate-amphetamine) type, which to some measure is characteristic of Polish drug addiction, indicating the presence of these xenobiotics in the investigating hair samples in the premortem period. PMID:20860298

Rojek, Sebastian; K?ys, Ma?gorzata; Konopka, Tomasz



Social isolation and delayed discovery of bodies in houses: the value of forensic pathology, anthropology, odontology and entomology in the medico-legal investigation.  


The bodies of socially isolated people may remain undiscovered in their own houses for prolonged periods. Occasionally the body is in situ for sufficient time to become skeletonised, or partially so. Medico-legal investigation of these cases is complicated by degradation and contamination of evidence. Thus, a multidisciplinary forensic investigation is recommended. The potential contributions of forensic pathology, anthropology, odontology and entomology are outlined here with reference to two cases that occurred in Victoria, Australia, in 2003. Forensic pathologists are often unable to determine the cause of death in skeletonised bodies, however, they may find evidence to support either a natural or unnatural mode of death, and they may describe skeletal pathology or trauma, and identify skeletal features to support radiological identification of the deceased. Anthropologists can provide supplementary evidence of skeletal trauma. Additionally, they can assess age, sex, stature and racial affiliation from skeletal remains. Odontologists can identify individuals through comparison with ante-mortem dental records; however, potential difficulties exist in identifying the treating dentist of a socially isolated person. Odontologists may also examine the teeth and oro-facial skeleton for trauma. Entomologists may estimate minimum death time and/or season of death. Entomological examination of insect remains may also confirm that a body has lain in situ for a considerable period. PMID:15939160

Archer, M S; Bassed, R B; Briggs, C A; Lynch, M J



For mothers and sisters: care of the reproductive female body in the medico-ritual world of early and medieval Japan.  


While married female members of the Japanese aristocracy followed the ideal of bearing children, female Buddhist novices and ordained women, often belonging to the aristocracy themselves, had to abstain from sexual activity and reproduction in accordance with the ordination rules. Infertility was considered with disdain by the first group, whereas not bearing children was the utmost expression of leading a virtuous life for the second group. However, both groups were concerned with keeping their physical bodies healthy: some to become mothers, the others to live as nuns or religious sisters. Focusing on the early medieval period, this paper examines various sources to illuminate the ways in which women were cared for and the kind of views and ideas that informed this care. Instead of looking at the ancient methods of treatment through a modern "scientific" lens and sorting them into "proto-scientific" and "superstitious" categories, medico-ritual and religious views on the female body are explored as facets of the worldview prevalent in the period under consideration. Special attention is paid to relevant chapters of the first medical work produced in Japan, the Ishinp?, compiled by a court physician, Tanba no Yasuyori, in the late 10th century CE. The investigation of other sources, such as Buddhist legends and doctrinal texts, suggests that women were recommended to seek to overcome their femaleness altogether by transforming their female bodies into male bodies in order to reach ultimate "healing" in terms of salvation. In lay circles, however, the Buddhist divinities and other powerful deities were worshipped to ensure this-worldly "healing" in terms of successful procreation and continuation of the family line. PMID:25481966

Triplett, Katja



[Problem of exposure to direct danger of death or grave detriment to health of a child breast-fed by an alcohol-abusing mother in medico-legal opinions].  


In the last few years, the authors have noted an increasing amount of cases submitted for analysis in the Chair and Department of Forensic Medicine, Poznan University of Medical Sciences, and addressing alcohol abuse by breast-feeding mothers. A question about the exposure to direct danger of death or grave detriment to health of a child by a breast-feeding mother under the influence of alcohol is posed by prosecution or the court, and the expectation is obtaining answers from forensic experts as to whether the situation fulfills the meaning of article 160 of the penal code, which would result in the mother bearing criminal liability. Difficulties that have arisen during the analysis of such cases have prompted the authors to analyze the problem of alcohol abuse by breast-feeding mothers in terms of medico-legal opinions. PMID:22390134

Swiderski, Pawe?; Zaba, Czes?aw; Tezyk, Artur; Wachowiak, Roman



Project MEDICO Third Progress Report.  

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This report describes the searching methods and the search program for the automatic indexing method which was developed and implemented in an earlie r phase of the project. The indexing method generates index tags automatically from English language text and creates a machine searchable file of index records for the document being processed.…

Artandi, Susan; Baxendale, Stanley


Diagnostico de Prenez en Ganado Vacuno.  

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poco despues de nacer debido a accidentes y enfei-inedades. HabrA una pequefia diferencia entre este porcentaje de becerros logrados y aquel calculado con el numero de l~ecerros nacidos. La tabla 1 indica el costo por libra de res pro- clucida... li~teo tanll,ii.n puetle ser p:ulp:ttlo en el ov:urio por una person;i con experienci;~. Un foliculo gr;uitle en el ovario indica que el animal se aproxim;~ it1 pcriodo de celo. Un cuerpo luteo en el ovxio indica que la vaca esti cerca del punto...

Sorensen, A. M. Jr.; Beverly, J. R.; Arias, A. A.



Preparing medico legal report in clinical practice.  


Doctors are frequently asked to prepare reports for a variety of medicolegal purposes including court proceedings, worker's compensation, and insurance reports. The aim of this article is to provide doctors with certain aspects of writing a medicolegal report and the common pitfalls to avoid. Due to sudden rise in the consumer cases against doctors, the legal authorities who do not have sufficient medical knowledge will take the help of the physicians to provide them with sufficient material and advice so as to sue the erring doctor or to protect the medical fraternity from frivolous complaints. PMID:24426384

Naveen, S; Kumar, M V Pradeep




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paraSITE proposes the appropriation of exterior ventilation systems on existing architecture to inflate pneumatic shelters that are designed for homeless people. This project involves the production of a series of inflatable ...

Rakowitz, Michael




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Alpuente, María



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´on, aplicaci´on para m´oviles, c´odigo, base de da- tos,dpi (puntos por pulgada, dots per inch),layout,GPS. III la UAM. #12;Resumen Resumen El proyecto desarrolla aplicaciones para ayuda a invidentes utlizando tel´efonos inteligentes. La aplicaci´on principal est´a desarrollada para aparatos Android. Tiene como objetivo ayudar

Autonoma de Madrid, Universidad


Tomografía computarizada (TC) y exploraciones para cáncer

Hoja informativa que describe el procedimiento y la tecnología de exploraciones con tomografía computarizada así como sus usos para el diagnóstico, para exámenes de detección y para tratamiento del cáncer.


Pruebas genéticas para síndromes hereditarios de cáncer

Hoja informativa sobre pruebas genéticas para riesgos heredados de cáncer; incluye tipos de pruebas, para quién están indicadas y explicación y confidencialidad de los resultados. Ofrece información de pruebas genéticas a domicilio o pruebas para el consumidor.


MANEJE EL ESTRS DURANTE UN DESASTRE No se olvide de cuidar su bienestar fsico y emocional.  

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medicos caseros. Prepare un equipo portatil para emergencias y elabore un plan de evacuacion. Siga las familia y tenga todos los suministros necesarios. Ordene y etiquete todos los medicamentos y equipos medico puede darle sugerencias sobre como sobrellevar los problemas y ayudarlo a mejorar su bienestar


Separating para and ortho water.  


Water exists as two nuclear-spin isomers, para and ortho, determined by the overall spin of its two hydrogen nuclei. For isolated water molecules, the conversion between these isomers is forbidden and they act as different molecular species. Yet, these species are not readily separated, and no pure para sample has been produced. Accordingly, little is known about their specific physical and chemical properties, conversion mechanisms, or interactions. The production of isolated samples of both spin isomers is demonstrated in pure beams of para and ortho water in their respective absolute ground state. These single-quantum-state samples are ideal targets for unraveling spin-conversion mechanisms, for precision spectroscopy and fundamental symmetry-breaking studies, and for spin-enhanced applications, for example laboratory astrophysics and astrochemistry or hypersensitized NMR experiments. PMID:25196938

Horke, Daniel A; Chang, Yuan-Pin; D?ugo??cki, Karol; Küpper, Jochen




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Universidad Católica de Chile Departamento de Ingeniería Eléctrica Hugh Rudnick 24 Noviembre 2006 #12;2 Tabla Producto Geográfico Bruto versus Consumo Energético (Fuente: CNE y Banco Central) Desarrollo económico y con petróleo a EEUU en relación a Israel el año 1970 ·Venezuela utilizando energía para influir en

Catholic University of Chile (Universidad Católica de Chile)


Compatibilidad con audfonos para sordos  

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Compatibilidad con audífonos para sordos Hearing Aid Compatibility Q&A Q. What does hearing aid the different features of the phone thoroughly and in different locations, using your hearing aid or cochlear implant, to determine if you hear any interfering noise. Consult a sales representative about phone return

Greenberg, Albert


Prmio para trs novas aplicaes  

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Prémio para três novas aplicações Tecnologia. A "wiride" venceu o "Lisbon Big Apps", concurso de Instituto Superior Técnico que desenvolveu o projeto, citada pelo/dAT, a "wiride" é uma nova forma de andar

Instituto de Sistemas e Robotica


Medico-legal aspect of amphetamine-related deaths.  


The subject of the work included 41 cases of death in which amphetamine was involved as the direct or indirect cause. Identification and determination of xenobiotics in blood samples collected from post-mortem cases were performed by high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometry with electrospray ionisation (HPLC-ESI-MS-MS). Only for two cases was the cause of death amphetamine poisoning. In most of the investigated cases the death was caused by poisoning due to complex amphetamine and other psychoactive substances (e.g. opiates, benzodiazepines, cocaine). In other cases, multi-organ damage (fall from a height, traffic accident), a puncture wound and wound incised, drowning, or asphyxiation by hanging were reported. It can be explained as risky, murderous, or suicidal actions of people who were under the influence of amphetamines. The presented paper focuses on the interpretation of amphetamine concentration in blood samples from the perspective of direct or indirect cause of death. PMID:25574941

Kula, K; Rojek, S; Maciów-G??b, M; Kopacz, P; K?ys, M



Ethnobiology in Mizoram state: folklore medico-zoology.  


Studies in ethnobotany and ethnozoology under the umbrella of Ethnobiology seem imbalanced in the sense that enormous publications have accumulated in case of the former but only little information has been disseminated in case of the latter. While 7500 wild plant species are known to be used by tribals in medicine, only 76 species of animals have been shown as medicinal resources (Anonymous, 1994). The present paper is the first-hand information of folklore medicine and animals in Mizoram. The animals enumerated comprise of 25 vertebrates and 31 invertebrates and are used for treatment of over 40 kinds of diseases or ailments, including jaundice, tuberculosis, hepatitis, cancer, asthma and veterinary disease. The author, however, does not recommend destruction of wild animals, be it for food or medicine. PMID:12585311

Lalramnghinglova, H



Ensino Medico e Desenvolvimento (Secondary Education and Development).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This document is an English-language abstract (approximately 1,500 words) of a study about secondary education with particular reference to students; it essentially treats the relationship between economics and education in the context of Brazilian society. From the sociological point of view; the study is characterized by concentration on certain…

Gouveia, Aparecida Joly; Havinghurst, Robert J.


The irresponsible criminal in Norwegian medico-legal discourse.  


This article discusses discourses on criminal responsibility in Norway in the 19th and 20th centuries, in light of Michel Foucault's regimes of power and knowledge: the apparatuses of law, discipline and security. The passing of two criminal codes, in 1842 and 1902 marks a development from neo-classical law to a law influenced by positivist criminology. In these consecutive ways of thinking law, the figure of the irresponsible criminal constituted a contentious issue. From being a figure marking the limits of the law, the irresponsible criminal became an object to be disciplined and a security threat. This redefinition of criminal responsibility created or was created by new groups of experts speaking from positions increasingly close to the criminals. The most important professional group was of course the psychiatrists, that emerged in Norway as a distinct professional group in the second half of the 19th century, and whose influence in the legislative process culminated in the 1920s. PMID:24145064

Skålevåg, Svein Atle



[Valorisation of brachytherapy and medico-economic considerations].  


Economic data in the literature for brachytherapy are still sparse and heterogeneous, with few controlled prospective studies and a perspective most often limited to those of the provider (health insurances). Moreover, these observation and conclusions are difficult to generalize in France. The prospective health economic studies performed in France in the framework of a national program to sustain innovative and costly therapies (STIC program) launched by the French cancer national institute are therefore of most importance. With the exception of prostate brachytherapy with permanent seeds, the valorisation of the brachytherapy activity by the French national health insurance does not take into account the degree of complexity and the real costs supported by health institutions (i.e. no specific valorisation for 3D image-based treatment planning and dose optimization and for the use of pulsed dose rate brachytherapy). PMID:23601252

Pommier, P; Morelle, M; Millet-Lagarde, F; Peiffert, D; Gomez, F; Perrier, L




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SUMMARY Acute primary glaucoma is a pathology in which produce an intraocular pressure increase abrupt way and if it persist for a long time it can to take even blindness. The method utilized to make this work is a bibliographical revision. The treatment's ways are two:- a medical one to resolve the acute episode (in local form with aqueous humor

Raúl Andrés Fernández; Fernando Camilo Grenón; Jorge Santiago Lazaroff; Paola Elisabeth Lazaroff


Sapienza Universit di Roma Dipartimento di Scienze Medico-Chirurgiche  

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to evaluate high frequency spinal cord stimulation for the treatment of patients with chronic migraine cord stimulation for the treatment of patients with chronic migraine per l'assegnazione di una borsa di

Di Pillo, Gianni


Estudios ALCHEMIST para el cáncer de pulmón

Conjunto de información sobre los estudios ALCHEMIST para el cáncer de pulmón, los cuales examinarán los tejidos de tumores de pacientes con cáncer de pulmón en estadio inicial para detectar mutaciones genéticas en genes EGFR y ALK.


Presidncia da Repblica Subchefia para Assuntos Jurdicos  

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credenciamento e recredenciamento de instituições de educação superior; II - homologar os instrumentos de necessárias; III - propor ao CNE diretrizes para a elaboração, pelo INEP, dos instrumentos de avaliação para credenciamento de instituições; IV - estabelecer diretrizes para a elaboração, pelo INEP, dos instrumentos de

Paraná, Universidade Federal do


Tutorial para rellenar el formulario de expediente de personal y cargos TUTORIAL PARA RELLENAR EL  

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Tutorial para rellenar el formulario de expediente de personal y cargos TUTORIAL PARA RELLENAR EL EXPEDIENTE ESPACIAL DE PERSONAS Y CARGOS Objetivo del tutorial: Explicar paso a paso el procedimiento para ubicadas. En este tutorial aprenderá a: ­ Seleccionar mapas de los edificios para imprimir ­ Comprobar los

Escolano, Francisco


Fundo Global para o Meio Ambiente  

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#12;#12;Fundo Global para o Meio Ambiente Global Environment Facility Avaliação dos Recursos de Climáticos Center for Weather Forecasts and Climate Studies Programa das Nações Unidas para o Meio Ambiente Fernando Ramos Martins Samuel Luna de Abreu Ricardo Rüther Realização Divisão de Clima e Meio Ambiente


Ciudades inteligentes: beneficios para la inclusin social  

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Ciudades inteligentes: beneficios para la inclusión social Universidad de Alicante Inscripción gratuita a través del formulario trasladar los conceptos de Smart City al ámbito de la Universidad para lograr el objetivo de mejora de la

Escolano, Francisco



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Relações Exteriores para estrangeiros; a Carteira de Trabalho e Previdência Social; o Certificado de: máquinas calculadoras, agendas eletrônicas ou similares, telefones celulares, smartphones, tablets, ipod

Lucero, Jorge Carlos


Consejos para pacientes que reciben quimioterapia

Serie de dieciocho (18) hojas sobre los efectos secundarios de la quimioterapia. Cada hoja contiene recomendaciones y sugerencias prácticas para ayudarle a controlar los efectos secundarios durante la quimioterapia, y a que se sienta mejor durante el tratamiento.


Consejos para pacientes que reciben radioterapia

Serie de nueve (9) hojas sobre los efectos secundarios de la radioterapia. Cada hoja contiene recomendaciones y sugerencias prácticas para ayudarle a controlar los efectos secundarios durante la radioterapia, y a que se sienta mejor durante el tratamiento.


Software Libre para ensear o aprender Matemtica  

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Software Libre para enseñar o aprender Matemática Porqué y Cómo Pablo De Nápoli #12;Introducción · En esta charla, presentaremos algunos de los pogramas que son software libre, que ventajas de utilizar software libre para la docencia y la investigación en matemática. #12;¿Por qué

De Nápoli, Pablo Luis


Tecnologa para todos Sistema Inalmbrico de Rice  

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Tecnología para todos Sistema Inalámbrico de Rice Andrea Trevino Rice University #12;Por qué en Pecan Park? La Misión de TFA: Proporcionar conocimientos a la comunidad. El propósito de Rice: Usar este programa para explorar la siguiente generación del sistema


The ParaScope parallel programming environment  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The ParaScope parallel programming environment, developed to support scientific programming of shared-memory multiprocessors, includes a collection of tools that use global program analysis to help users develop and debug parallel programs. This paper focuses on ParaScope's compilation system, its parallel program editor, and its parallel debugging system. The compilation system extends the traditional single-procedure compiler by providing a mechanism for managing the compilation of complete programs. Thus, ParaScope can support both traditional single-procedure optimization and optimization across procedure boundaries. The ParaScope editor brings both compiler analysis and user expertise to bear on program parallelization. It assists the knowledgeable user by displaying and managing analysis and by providing a variety of interactive program transformations that are effective in exposing parallelism. The debugging system detects and reports timing-dependent errors, called data races, in execution of parallel programs. The system combines static analysis, program instrumentation, and run-time reporting to provide a mechanical system for isolating errors in parallel program executions. Finally, we describe a new project to extend ParaScope to support programming in FORTRAN D, a machine-independent parallel programming language intended for use with both distributed-memory and shared-memory parallel computers.

Cooper, Keith D.; Hall, Mary W.; Hood, Robert T.; Kennedy, Ken; Mckinley, Kathryn S.; Mellor-Crummey, John M.; Torczon, Linda; Warren, Scott K.




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1 - INTRODUÇÃO A densidade da madeira é uma característica complexa resultante da combinação de diversos fatôres. Existem inúmeros trabalhos mostrando sua relação com as dimensões das fibras, particularmente espessura da parede, volume dos vasos e parênquimas, proporção entre madeira primaveril e outonal, e arranjo dos elementos anatômicos. Êste assunto tem sido intensivamente estudado para as coníferas, porém para as

Celso Edmundo; Bochetti Foelkel; Maria Aparecida Mourão Brasil; Luiz Ernesto; George Barrichelo



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PROJECTO LEXNET OLHA PARA AS REDES WIRELESS As radiações provocadas pelas redes sem fios estão. PAG. 6 #12;Radiações das redes wireless debaixo de olho O projecto europeu Lexnet tem como objectivo redes de comunicações móveis, GSM, Wi-Fi, rá- dio, sem comprometer a qualidade dos ser- viços. Tendo

Instituto de Sistemas e Robotica


Smartphones para cegos Uma inveno portuguesa  

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Smartphones para cegos Uma invenção portuguesa Usar um ecrã tátil de forma discreta, sem recurso ao mentores do projeto. O Holi�raille é uma espécie de capa, acoplável à parte de trás de um smartphone e que

Instituto de Sistemas e Robotica


Cartilha para Legalizao de Casas Religiosas  

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Cartilha para Legalização de Casas Religiosas de Matriz Africana #12;2 Rio de Janeiro, 30 de maio Secretaria Estadual de Assistência Social e Direitos Humanos do Rio de Janeiro. NIREMA: Núcleo Social e Direitos Humanos do Rio de Janeiro Coordenador Geral Prof. Adriano Pilatti Centro de Ciências


Semntica Operacional para la Programacin en Lgica  

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sustitución tal que (A) = A Def: Sean ={ [U1, s1], ..., [Um, sm] } y = { [V1, t1], ..., [Vn, tn] } sendas sustituciones, tales que Ui Vj y Ui no aparece en tj, para todo par i, j tal que 1 i m y 1 j n. Entonces(S) ], [Y, a], [Z, T] }{ [S,W], [T, b]}= {[X, f(W)], [Y, a], [Z, b], [S,W], [T, b]} Def: Sean ={ [U1, s1

Simari, Guillermo R.


Semntica Operacional para la Programacin en Lgica  

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(A) = A Def: Sean ={ [U1, s1], ..., [Um, sm] } y = { [V1, t1], ..., [Vn, tn] } sendas sustituciones, tales que Ui Vj y Ui no aparece en tj, para todo par i, j tal que 1 i m y 1 j n. Entonces, definimos la, T] }{ [S,W], [T, b]}= {[X, f(W)], [Y, a], [Z, b], [S,W], [T, b]} Def: Sean ={ [U1, s1], ..., [Um

Simari, Guillermo R.


Ortho-Para Hydrogen Ratiometer Design  

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The design and performance of a thermal conductivity gauge to measure the ratio of ortho- to para-hydrogen content is reported. The gauge employs an ultra-thin film as heater and sensor. This ratiometer has a nearly pressure-independent thermal conductivity response over a broad pressure range. The thermal conductivity of hydrogen gas and nitrogen gas have been measured and found qualitatively correct.

D. Zhou; N. S. Sullivan



Para-hydrogen perspectives in hyperpolarized NMR.  


The first instance of para-hydrogen induced polarization (PHIP) in an NMR experiment was serendipitously observed in the 1980s while investigating a hydrogenation reaction (Seldler et al., 1983; Bowers and Weitekamp, 1986, 1987; Eisenschmid et al., 1987) [1-4]. Remarkably a theoretical investigation of the applicability of para-hydrogen as a hyperpolarization agent was being performed in the 1980's thereby quickly providing a theoretical basis for the PHIP-effect (Bowers and Weitekamp, 1986) [2]. The discovery of signal amplification by a non-hydrogenating interaction with para-hydrogen has recently extended the interest to exploit the PHIP effect, as it enables investigation of compounds without structural alteration while retaining the advantages of spectroscopy with hyperpolarized compounds [5]. In this article we will place more emphasis of the future applications of the method while only briefly discussing the efforts that have been made in the understanding of the phenomenon and the development of the method so far. PMID:23932399

Glöggler, Stefan; Colell, Johannes; Appelt, Stephan




PubMed Central

La telemedicina es una tendencia creciente en la prestación de los servicios médicos. Aunque la eficacia de esta práctica no ha estado bien establecida, es probable que los países en desarrollo compartirán este nuevo paradigma con los desarrollados. Los defensores de la telemedicina en América Latina sostienen que será una herramienta útil para reducir las disparidades y mejorar la accesibilidad de atención de salud. Aunque América Latina quizá se convierta en un lugar para la investigación e investigación de estos procedimientos, no está claro cómo la telemedicina podría contribuir a mejorar la accesibilidad para las poblaciones desfavorecidas, o coexistir con sistemas de atención de salud públicos crónicamente enfermos. Telemedicine is a growing trend in the provision of medical services. Although the effectiveness of this practice has not been well established, it is likely that developing countries will share this new paradigm with developed ones. Supporters of telemedicine in Latin America maintain that it will be a useful tool for reducing disparities and improving health care accessibility. Although Latin America might become a place for research and investigation of these procedures, it is not clear how telemedicine could contribute to improving accessibility for disadvantaged populations, or coexist with chronically ill-funded public healthcare systems. PMID:21625326

Litewka, Sergio




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10 becas para realizar masters para estudiantes de cualquier nacionalidad que sean admitidos en Biodiversidad y Actividad Microbiana del Ecosistema Pelágico Profundo en el Atlántico Norte Marta M. Varela

Fraguela, Basilio B.


Centro para la Salud Mundial (CGH) del NCI

El Centro para la Salud Mundial (CGH) del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer coordina actividades de investigación y trabaja con socios nacionales e internacionales para comprender y enfrentar la carga que representa el cáncer a nivel mundial.


Planificación para la etapa final de la vida

Información para pacientes, sus familiares y amigos sobre el cuidado del paciente terminal, la planificación para el final de la vida, y la aflicción, el duelo y manejo de la pérdida de un ser querido.


Gua para la Evaluacin de Riesgo Ambiental de Organismos  

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Guía para la Evaluación de Riesgo Ambiental de Organismos Genéticamente Modificados #12;#12;Guía para la Evaluación de Riesgo Ambiental de Organismos Genéticamente Modificados #12;APOYO: © 2012 ILSI) Guia para la evaluación de riesgo ambiental de organismos genéticamente midificados / [editores] Paulo

Parrott, Wayne


Guia para a Avaliao do Risco Ambiental de Organismos  

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Guia para a Avaliação do Risco Ambiental de Organismos Geneticamente Modificados 1ª Edição, São Paulo - ILSI Brasil 2012 #12;#12;Guia para a Avaliação do Risco Ambiental de Organismos Geneticamente para a Avaliação do Risco Ambiental de Organismos Geneticamente Modificados / [editores] Paulo Paes de

Parrott, Wayne


Protocolo de Espacios. Tutorial de estancias TUTORIAL PARA RELLENAR EL  

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Protocolo de Espacios. Tutorial de estancias TUTORIAL PARA RELLENAR EL EXPEDIENTE ESPACIAL DE ESTANCIAS Objetivo del tutorial: Explicar paso a paso el procedimiento para realizar el expediente de estancias En este tutorial aprenderá a: ­ Seleccionar mapas de los edificios para imprimir ­ Comprobar los

Escolano, Francisco


Technological Foresight - Um instrumento para política científica e tecnológica1  

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Este texto tem por objetivo apresentar a abordagem de technological foresight2, crescentemente utilizada em vários países como instrumento para a alocação de fundos públicos de C&T, para definição de priorida- des de pesquisa e para melhorar a articulação das organizações de pes- quisa com as redes de inovação e o setor produtivo. São discutidas suas bases teóricas, suas principais características



Control del dolor: Apoyo para las personas con cáncer

Contiene información sobre las medicinas contra el dolor para pacientes con cáncer, los planes para controlarlo, cómo hablar con su equipo de atención médica sobre el dolor que usted siente y qué hacer para controlar los efectos físicos y emocionales del mismo.


Publicaciones IFMBE - Instrucciones para los Autores en la Preparación de Artículos para el IV Congreso Latinoamericano de Ingeniería Biomédica  

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Este modelo presenta las instrucciones para la preparación de artículos para el CLAIB2007, basado en la serie de publicaciones del IFMBE. El mismo pretende guiar a los autores en la preparación de la versión electrónica de sus artículos. Solamente los artículos que respeten este modelo serán considerados para aceptación y publicación en los Ana- les del evento. El Abstract debe

A. B. Firstauthor; C. Coauthor


Semana nacional de preparacin para clima severo 2 al 8 de marzo de Manual para las redes sociales  

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clima severo en las redes sociales. Prepararse para clima severo va más allá de proteger a su familiaSemana nacional de preparación para clima severo ­ 2 al 8 de marzo de 2014 Manual para las redes sociales Usted, también, puede ser como una fuerza de la naturaleza en su comunidad ayudando a la Agencia


Producing and quantifying enriched para-H2  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The production of enriched para-H2 is useful for many scientific applications, but the technology for producing and measuring para-H2 is not yet widespread. In this note and in the accompanying auxiliary material, we describe the design, construction, and use of a versatile standalone converter that is capable of producing para-H2 enrichments of up to ?99.99% at continuous flow rates of up to 0.4 SLM. We also discuss para-H2 storage and back conversion rates, and improvements to three techniques (thermal conductance, NMR, and solid hydrogen impurity spectroscopy) used to quantify the para-H2 enrichment.

Tom, Brian A.; Bhasker, Siddhartha; Miyamoto, Yuki; Momose, Takamasa; McCall, Benjamin J.



Allergic contact dermatitis to para-phenylenediamine.  


Exposure to hair dye is the most frequent route of sensitisation to para-phenylenediamine (PPD), a common contact allergen. International studies have examined the profile of PPD, but Australian-sourced information is lacking. Patients are often dissatisfied with advice to stop dyeing their hair. This study examines patients' characteristics, patch test results and outcomes of PPD allergy from a single Australian centre, through a retrospective analysis of patch test data from 2006 to 2013 at the Liverpool Hospital Dermatology Department. It reviews the science of hair dye allergy, examines alternative hair dyes and investigates strategies for hair dyeing. Of 584 patients, 11 were allergic to PPD. Our PPD allergy prevalence rate of 2% is at the lower end of international reported rates. About half these patients also react to para-toluenediamine (PTD). Affected patients experience a significant lifestyle disturbance. In all, 78% tried alternative hair dyes after the patch test diagnosis and more than half continued to dye their hair. Alternative non-PPD hair dyes are available but the marketplace can be confusing. Although some patients are able to tolerate alternative hair dyes, caution is needed as the risk of developing an allergy to other hair dye ingredients, especially PTD, is high. PMID:25302475

Jenkins, David; Chow, Elizabeth T



Programas del NCI: Análisis molecular para la elección de tratamientos (MATCH) y MATCH para pacientes infantiles

Información sobre el Programa de análisis molecular para la elección de tratamientos (MATCH) del NCI, el cual asignará pacientes con tumores sólidos y linfomas avanzados que hayan dejado de responder al tratamiento convencional a estudios clínicos de acuerdo con las anomalías genéticas de sus tumores.


Semana Nacional de Preparacin para Clima Severo 2014 Pgina 1 Plantilla para artculos de blog  

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amenaza de clima severo. El tornado categoría EF-5 que azotó a Moore, Oklahoma el 20 de mayo fue el supervivencia. Esto es especialmente importante ante la amenaza de clima severo. Se estima que el tornado. Visite para obtener la información más actualizada sobre las amenazas meteorológicas. Tome


Chapter 4: PARAS Microkernel at a Glance 1 PARAS Microkernel at a Glance  

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current ones) to manage its resources. To meet this requirement, we have developed an OS kernel called-of-the-art microkernel technology. It supports most essential services such as process, memory, and interprocess communication management. In the design of the PARAS microkernel, we have adopted the philosophy of migrating

Melbourne, University of


Controlling External Parasites CeCarter\\FactSheets\\ExParas.indd ExParas.pdf  

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, or manure ­ or in wet areas such as a muddy area around a water tub. Good stable management practices canParas.pdf Revised 2009-11 by removing places where larva can grow. Drain any muddy areas; clean up any spilled feed is important. Make sure the shelter is kept clean, and consider adding a walk through barrier such as hanging

New Hampshire, University of


Más para ellas - Sugerencias para cerrar la brecha entre géneros en las regiones en desarrollo  

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Según el pensamiento convencional, la salud y la educación son factores esenciales para el desarrollo económico y social: permiten mejorar la distribución del ingreso y la productividad, y además, los más beneficiados son los pobres. Sin embargo, en muchas regiones del mundo no todos los miembros de la sociedad reciben estos servicios equitativamente. En muchos casos las mujeres están excluidas

Alessandro Magnoli



Potencial de las comarcas aragonesas para la localización industrial. Implicaciones para las autoridades públicas  

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RESUMEN Para que las empresas puedan desarrollar favorablemente sus actividades manufactureras, logísticas o de cualquier otra índole, es necesario que el espacio físico en el que se van a desarrollar disponga, de la infraestructura básica que las organizaciones demandan y que afectan no sólo al suelo industrial sino a las instalaciones que los propios polígonos les facilitan. El objetivo de

Lucía Isabel García Cebrián; Antonio Muñoz Porcar



PLAN ARGENTINA INNOVADORA 2020 Temas estratgicos para convocatorias 2014  

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abiótico. Producción de germoplasma de calidad para diferentes usos/servicios ambientales. Productos por capa. Control bacteriano en fondo de pozo para la reducción de la producción de sulfhídrico componentes electrónicos y microelectrónicos. Sistemas de automatización y control para procesos industriales

Santos, Juan


Ortho and Para Molecules of Water in Electric Field  

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Stark effect is calculated by the perturbation theory method separately for the ortho and para water molecules. At room temperature, a 30%-difference in the energy change is found for the two species put in electric field. This implies a sorting of the ortho and para water molecules in non-uniform electric fields. The ortho/para water separation is suggested to occur in the course of steam sorption on a solid surface and of large-scale atmospheric processes.

S. N. Andreev; V. P. Makarov; V. I. Tikhonov; A. A. Volkov



On Lightlike Geometry of Para-Sasakian Manifolds  

PubMed Central

We study lightlike hypersurfaces of para-Sasakian manifolds tangent to the characteristic vector field. In particular, we define invariant lightlike hypersurfaces and screen semi-invariant lightlike hypersurfaces, respectively, and give examples. Integrability conditions for the distributions on a screen semi-invariant lightlike hypersurface of para-Sasakian manifolds are investigated. We obtain a para-Sasakian structure on the leaves of an integrable distribution of a screen semi-invariant lightlike hypersurface. PMID:24892072

Acet, Bilal Eftal; K?l?ç, Erol



Algoritmo genetico para la Descomposicion de Minkowski de poligonos convexos  

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Algoritmo gen´etico para la Descomposici´on de Minkowski de pol´igonos convexos Edilma O´i presentamos un algoritmo gen´etico para el problema. 1 Introducci´on En diversas disciplinas actuales como rob´i presentamos una propuesta usando Algoritmos Gen´eticos, para resolver el problema de la de- scomposici´on de

Llanos, Diego R.


Estrategias cognitivo-conductuales para el manejo del craving  

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En el presente trabajo se revisaron los aspectos genera- les del craving y se destacó su importancia para la adhe- rencia al tratamiento en adicciones. De igual manera se revisaron las diferentes estrategias cognitivo-conductua- les para el manejo del craving, las cuales incluían: detención del pensamiento, técnicas de distracción, con- trol y programación de actividades, entrenamiento en relajación, técnicas de

Iván González Salazar



Elementos para una estrategia de desarrollo industrial en el Perú  

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El objetivo de este trabajo es discutir las propuestas de desarrollo industrial existentes para el caso peruano. Esta discusión se ha1la a la luz de las experiencias de industrialización seguidas por los países en desarrollo, a fin de identificar los elementos cruciales para el diseño de una estrategia de desarrollo industrial de largo plazo.

Rodolfo Cermeño



JavaLog: Un Lenguaje para la Programacion de Agentes  

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Resumen La programación de sistemas multi-agentes ha sido generalmente soportada por le nguajes orientados a objetos o lenguajes lógicos. Ambos paradigmas muestran poseer características para soportar parcialmente el desarrollo de agentes. Sin embargo, si ambos paradigmas son integrados, una solución a la programación de agentes aparece en forma evidente. En este artículo, un lenguaje multi-paradigma para la programación de agentes

Alejandro Zunino; Luis Berdún; Analía Amandi




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UNIVERSIDAD SOLICITANTE CENTRO CÓDIGO CENTRO Universidad de A Coruña Escuela Universitaria de Arquitectura A Coruña RAMA DE CONOCIMIENTO Ingeniería y Arquitectura CONJUNTO CONVENIO No HABILITA PARA EL EJERCICIO DE ISCED 2 Ingeniería y Arquitectura Construcción e ingeniería civil Arquitectura y urbanismo HABILITA PARA

Fraguela, Basilio B.


Sistemas de Informao para a Web: Arquitecturas Aplicacionais  

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1 Sistemas de Informação para a Web: Arquitecturas Aplicacionais Alberto Silva IST/INESC Rua Alves arquitecturas de sistemas de informação para a Web, designadamente baseadas em actividades computacionais (1. 1.1 Palavras-chave Web, Arquitecturas de Sistemas de Informação, SIW, CGI, SSI, Java, ORB. 2

da Silva, Alberto Rodrigues


Uma Proposta de Modelo para Objetos de Aprendizagem  

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Resumo. Algumas políticas públicas têm impulsionado o desenvolvimento de material digital para uso como recurso no processo de ensino e aprendizagem, incentivando o surgimento de várias equipes, cujos produtos desenvolvidos tendem a se concentrar em repositórios para que sejam acessíveis ao públicoalvo. Muitas vezes o entendim ento de quais elementos devem estar presentes num objeto varia entre as equipes, dificultando

Santos Rosa; Rogério Avellar Cordeiro; Darcy Ribeiro


Mundos Virtuales para la Enseñanza a través de Internet  

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Resumen— La aplicación de los mundos virtuales para la docencia a través de Internet hacen que el alumno pueda sumergirse en ambientes amigables que hacen más ameno el aprendizaje. Este artículo presenta tres aplicaciones docentes desarrolladas en estos entornos. La primera de ellas, para la enseñanza del vocabulario, muestra un conjunto de mundos virtuales diseñados en VRML en los que

Inmaculada Remolar; Miguel Chover; Óscar Belmonte; Cristina Rebollo; Celso Campos


Evolucin de Funciones de Densidad de Probabilidad para Optimizacin Continua  

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Evolución de Funciones de Densidad de Probabilidad para Optimización Continua Jorge Casillas y algoritmo está basado en la evolución de funciones de densidad de probabilidad para adaptarse a las zonas. Palabras clave -- optimización continua, funciones de densidad de probabilidad, estimación de

Casillas Barranquero, Jorge


Gua rpida para la solicitud de una accin Marie Curie  

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Guía rápida para la solicitud de una acción Marie Curie Fellowship Subdirección General de ser considerado elegible para la solicitud de una Marie Curie Fellowship existen tres tipos de el proyecto Marie Curie a iniciar el doctorado. #12;¿Existen requisitos según mi nacionalidad? Las

Escolano, Francisco


Reitor da Universidade de Lisboa reclama "medidas urgentes" para  

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Reitor da Universidade de Lisboa reclama "medidas urgentes" para ensino superior António Cruz Serra pública, para que as universidades ganhem "mais autonomia administrativa e financeira" O novo reitor da Universidade de Lisboa (UL), resultante da fusão entre a Clássica e a Técnica, falou hoje na necessidade de

Instituto de Sistemas e Robotica


Creciendo Juntos Plan de la Universidad de Columbia para  

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reubicación y reconstrucción de utilidades para sustituir alcantarillado y tuberías de agua y otros servicios a un ya existente regulador del alcantarillado en la avenida 12th. Columbia adjudicó este contrato para

Hone, James


Astronaut Walter Schirra during water egress para-drop training  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Astronaut Walter M. Schirra Jr., the Gemini-Titan 3 backup crew command pilot, is shown during water egress para-drop training activity in nearby Galveston Bay (10171); Schirra is shown in the water with his parachute crumpling during water egress para-drop training (10172); Schirra is retrieved from Galveston Bay by divers during water egress training (10173).



Cooling by Para-to-Ortho-Hydrogen Conversion  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Catalyst speeds conversion, increasing capacity of solid hydrogen cooling system. In radial-flow catalytic converter, para-hydrogen is converted to equilibrium mixture of para-hydrogen and ortho-hydrogen as it passes through porous cylinder of catalyst. Addition of catalyst increases capacity of hydrogen sublimation cooling systems for radiation detectors.

Sherman, A.; Nast, T.




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La enseñanza de las matemáticas es actualmente de gran interés para los actores responsables del acto educativo, ya que los propósitos se entienden diferente para alumnos y profesores. Tal situación ha llevado a los matemáticos educativos y otros investigadores a indagar sobre las creencias y actitudes de estudiantes y docentes de matemáticas y su influencia en el logro académico. Las

Maritza Batista Batista



Towards a double field theory on para-Hermitian manifolds  

SciTech Connect

In a previous paper, we have shown that the geometry of double field theory has a natural interpretation on flat para-Kähler manifolds. In this paper, we show that the same geometric constructions can be made on any para-Hermitian manifold. The field is interpreted as a compatible (pseudo-)Riemannian metric. The tangent bundle of the manifold has a natural, metric-compatible bracket that extends the C-bracket of double field theory. In the para-Kähler case, this bracket is equal to the sum of the Courant brackets of the two Lagrangian foliations of the manifold. Then, we define a canonical connection and an action of the field that correspond to similar objects of double field theory. Another section is devoted to the Marsden-Weinstein reduction in double field theory on para-Hermitian manifolds. Finally, we give examples of fields on some well-known para-Hermitian manifolds.

Vaisman, Izu [Department of Mathematics, University of Haifa, Haifa (Israel)] [Department of Mathematics, University of Haifa, Haifa (Israel)



Towards a double field theory on para-Hermitian manifolds  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In a previous paper, we have shown that the geometry of double field theory has a natural interpretation on flat para-Kähler manifolds. In this paper, we show that the same geometric constructions can be made on any para-Hermitian manifold. The field is interpreted as a compatible (pseudo-)Riemannian metric. The tangent bundle of the manifold has a natural, metric-compatible bracket that extends the C-bracket of double field theory. In the para-Kähler case, this bracket is equal to the sum of the Courant brackets of the two Lagrangian foliations of the manifold. Then, we define a canonical connection and an action of the field that correspond to similar objects of double field theory. Another section is devoted to the Marsden-Weinstein reduction in double field theory on para-Hermitian manifolds. Finally, we give examples of fields on some well-known para-Hermitian manifolds.

Vaisman, Izu



¿Son las políticas locales una buena estrategia para dinamizar el mercado de trabajo? Algunos elementos para el caso colombiano  

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Resumen: En períodos de bajo crecimiento económico, tiempos de recesión o crisis económica, implementar una política fiscal contra-cíclica puede ser una herramienta fundamental para crear empleo y dinamizar la economía. En Colombia, específicamente en las principales ciudades del país existe una posibilidad concreta para que los gobiernos locales, a través de incrementos del gasto de inversión, impacten positivamente en la

Diana Galvis G; Mauricio López Gonzalez



O Diagnostico do Curso de Farmacia da UNIMEP (Diagnosis of the Pharmacy Course of UNIMEP).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Reports on the experience of the pharmacy course at UNIMEP (Methodist University of Piracicaba (Brazil)) in diagnosing itself. Offers models for the elaboration of an innovative curriculum which is the desire of those who make up the course. (BT)

Fontes, Olney Leite; do Carmo, Thais Adriana; Polacow, Maria Luiza O.; Meneghetti, Rosa Gitana K.; Dedalo, Maria de Fatima Nepomuceno; Alves, Maria Izalina F.; da Silva, Jadson Oliveira; Carvalho, Maria Eliza C.




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-1 then the yield increment = 72,5 - 1,38 Nan, if Nan > kg -1 the yield increment = 6 %). Nan was related with the time (years) since the last pasture (r 2 = 0.39). These results suggest that Nan probably is associated with light carbon fractions and can be used to explain the response of maize to



Luis Angel Salas Fonseca (1915-1999): maestro del diagnostico agricola  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

The late Luis Angel Salas Fonseca, from the University of Costa Rica, was a world renowned researcher in agricultural entomology, plant-feeding nematodes, and plant-feeding mites. This paper provides a summary of his career and his important contributions to the study of pestiferous insects and mit...


Dissociative recombination of highly enriched para-H3+  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The determination of the dissociative recombination rate coefficient of H3+ has had a turbulent history, but both experiment and theory have recently converged to a common value. Despite this convergence, it has not been clear if there should be a difference between the rate coefficients for ortho-H3+ and para-H3+. A difference has been predicted theoretically and could conceivably impact the ortho:para ratio of H3+ in the diffuse interstellar medium, where H3+ has been widely observed. We present the results of an experiment at the CRYRING ion storage ring in which we investigated the dissociative recombination of highly enriched (˜83.6%) para-H3+ using a supersonic expansion source that produced ions with Trot˜60-100 K. We observed an increase in the low energy recombination rate coefficient of the enriched para-H3+ by a factor of ˜1.25 in comparison to H3+ produced from normal H2 (ortho:para=3:1). The ratio of the rate coefficients of pure para-H3+ to that of pure ortho-H3+ is inferred to be ˜2 at low collision energies; the corresponding ratio of the thermal rate coefficients is ˜1.5 at electron temperatures from 60 to 1000 K. We conclude that this difference is unlikely to have an impact on the interstellar ortho:para ratio of H3+.

Tom, Brian A.; Zhaunerchyk, Vitali; Wiczer, Michael B.; Mills, Andrew A.; Crabtree, Kyle N.; Kaminska, Magdalena; Geppert, Wolf D.; Hamberg, Mathias; af Ugglas, Magnus; Vigren, Erik; van der Zande, Wim J.; Larsson, Mats; Thomas, Richard D.; McCall, Benjamin J.



Construction of a Para-Ortho Hydrogen Test Cryostat  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In a prospective hydrogen economy it is necessary to verify the para concentration of the employed hydrogen. In case of a short storage time of about a few days only it has been shown that a partial conversion into para-hydrogen gives an optimized overall efficiency. Hence, an easy and reliable method of measuring the para-hydrogen concentration is needed. In this paper, the concept and construction of a small test cryostat are described and first results are presented. The measuring principle is based on a catalytic induced adiabatic ortho-para conversion of a hydrogen gas flow starting from a known temperature. The operation of the system only requires a certain amount of liquid nitrogen as coolant. To determine the concentration of para-hydrogen it is only necessary to measure the temperature of the gas before and after the adiabatic catalyst cell. The measuring cryostat is used for further investigation of the spontaneous para-ortho conversion in the supercritical state. In addition, the design of the cryostat allows the investigation of different catalyst materials regarding the catalytic activity and possible degradation by using a known para concentration for the measurement.

Essler, J.; Haberstroh, Ch.



Influence of size effects on para-dichlorobenzene lattice dynamics  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We have obtained experimental low-frequency Raman spectra for light scattering by nanoparticles of para-dichlorobenzene of size ˜300-70 nm. As their sizes decrease, the line frequencies decrease. The size of the nanoparticles was determined using an electron microscope. We found that in the lattice vibrational spectrum of nanoparticles of size 300-70 nm, a summed spectrum appears from ?- para-dichlorobenzene and ?- para-ichlorobenzene. This is consistent with molecular dynamics calculations of the structure of the nanoparticle and calculations of the histograms for the lattice vibrational spectra by the Dean method.

Korshunov, M. A.



Kinetics and mechanism of benzyl para -chlorophenyl ketone oxidation  

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The oxidation of benzyl para-chlorophenyl ketone in chlorobenzene at 100C occurs through the formation of short chains. Non-peroxide reaction products\\u000a (1-(4-chlorophenyl)-2-hydroxy-2-phenyl-1-ethanone, para-chlorobenzyl, benzaldehyde, and para-chlorobenzoic acid) are formed not only by the transformation of hydroperoxide (1-(4-chlorophenyl)-2-hydroxy-2-phenyl-1-ethanone)\\u000a but also (or solely) through the recombination of ?-ketoperoxyl radicals with or without chain termination. ?-Hydroperoxide\\u000a decomposes predominantly through a heterolytic route to form

O. A. Revkov; S. G. Voronina; A. L. Perkel’



Vibronic Spectroscopy of a Nitrile/Isonitrile Isoelectronic Pair: para-Diisocyanobenzene and para-Isocyanobenzonitrile.  


The ultraviolet spectroscopy of isoelectronic pair para-diisocyanobenzene (pDIB) and para-isocyanobenzonitrile (pIBN) has been studied under gas-phase, jet-cooled conditions. These molecules complete a sequence of mono and disubstituted nitrile/isonitrile benzene derivatives, enabling a comparison of the electronic effects of such substitution. Utilizing laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) and resonant two-photon ionization (R2PI) spectroscopy, the S0-S1 electronic origins of pDIB and pIBN have been identified at 35?566 and 35?443 cm(-1), respectively. In pDIB, the S0-S1 origin is very weak, with b3g fundamentals induced by vibronic coupling to the S2 state dominating the spectrum at 501 cm(-1) (?17, isocyano bend) and 650 cm(-1) (?16, ring distortion). The spectrum extends over 5000 cm(-1), remaining sharp and relatively uncongested over much of this range. Dispersed fluorescence (DFL) spectra confirm the dominating role played by vibronic coupling and identify Franck-Condon active ring modes built off the vibronically-induced bands. In pDIB, the S2 state has been tentatively observed at about 6100 cm(-1) above the S0-S1 origin. In pIBN, the S0-S1 origin is considerably stronger, but vibronic coupling still plays an important role, involving fundamentals of b2 symmetry. The bending mode of the nitrile group dominates the vibronically-induced activity. Calculations carried out at the TD-DFT B3LYP/6-31+G(d) level of theory account for the extremely weak S0-S1 oscillator strength of pDIB and the larger intensity of the S0-S1 origins of pIBN and pDCB (para-dicyanobenzene) as nitrile groups are substituted for isonitrile groups. In pDIB, a nearly perfect cancellation of transition dipoles occurs due to two one-electron transitions that contribute nearly equally to the S0-S1 transition. The spectra of both molecules show no clear evidence of charge-transfer interactions that play such an important role in some cyanobenzene derivatives. PMID:25699407

Mehta-Hurt, Deepali N; Korn, Joseph A; Gutberlet, Anna K; Zwier, Timothy S



Preguntas para hacerle al doctor acerca del cáncer

Serie de preguntas, organizadas por tema, que los pacientes con cáncer pueden hacerle al médico o a otros miembros de su equipo de atención médica para conocer más acerca de su tipo de cáncer y lo que pueden esperar.


DIANA: Anlisis del discurso para la comprensin del conocimiento  

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DIANA: Análisis del discurso para la comprensión del conocimiento DIANA: DIscourse ANAlysis by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. Paolo Rosso coordinates the DIANA project and leads

Rosso, Paolo


Inmunoterapia: Uso del sistema inmunitario para tratar el cáncer

Resumen de los métodos de inmunoterapia utilizados para tratar el cáncer, tales como el uso de anticuerpos monoclonales, transferencia celular adoptiva, vacunas de tratamiento contra el cáncer y sustancias modificadoras de la respuesta inmunitaria.


Control del dolor: Apoyo para las personas con cáncer

Libro sobre el control del dolor en pacientes con cáncer. Cubre los métodos y medicinas, así como los efectos físicos y emocionales del dolor. Es una adaptación cultural para el público de habla hispana del libro en inglés Pain Control.


La terapia hormonal para la menopausia y el cáncer

Hoja informativa acerca de los resultados de los estudios sobre el uso de la terapia hormonal para la menopausia. Incluye información sobre el efecto de esta terapia en el cuerpo y explica los riesgos y beneficios del uso de hormonas.


DEPARTAMENTO DE INGENIERIA INFORMATICA Normativas para el Programa Doctorado del  

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DEPARTAMENTO DE INGENIERIA INFORMATICA Normativas para el Programa Doctorado del Departamento de Valiente, 11. Madrid, 28049. Teléfono: 914972230 #12;DEPARTAMENTO DE INGENIERIA INFORMATICA 4. Una vez

Autonoma de Madrid, Universidad



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VOLUMEN 3 INSTRUMENTOS, ESTRATEGIAS E INCENTIVOS ECONÓMICOS PARA LA CONSERVACIÓN EN LAS ÁREAS NATURALES.3. ¿Regulación directa o instrumentos económicos?......................................... 4 1.4. El contexto goce o aprovechamiento...................................... 19 5. Instrumentos financieros

Enríquez Andrade, Roberto Ramón


Mensaje para alumnos y padres - Duration: 3:01.  

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El astronauta de la NASA José Hernández alienta a los estudiantes a que sigan sus sueños. Hernández también habla acerca del papel que juegan los padres para ayudar a que sus hijos hagan realidad s...


Preguntas para el doctor si tiene un cáncer avanzado

Serie de preguntas que los pacientes con cáncer pueden hacerle al médico sobre las opciones de tratamiento si el cáncer es avanzado, las formas de controlar los síntomas y cómo prepararse para la etapa final de la vida.


40 CFR 721.9520 - Methylated-para-rosaniline salt of a trisulfonated triarylmethane dye (generic).  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

... false Methylated-para-rosaniline salt of a trisulfonated triarylmethane dye...9520 Methylated-para-rosaniline salt of a trisulfonated triarylmethane dye...generically as methylated-para-rosaniline salt of a trisulfonated triarylmethane...



40 CFR 721.9520 - Methylated-para-rosaniline salt of a trisulfonated triarylmethane dye (generic).  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

... false Methylated-para-rosaniline salt of a trisulfonated triarylmethane dye...9520 Methylated-para-rosaniline salt of a trisulfonated triarylmethane dye...generically as methylated-para-rosaniline salt of a trisulfonated triarylmethane...



Lunes, 27 de julio de 2009 DIARIO MEDICO 13MEDICINA Sonia Moreno  

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neurona concreta del hipo- campo; esa misma neurona respondía también cuando el paciente escuchaba el a fotos del propio Quian, al que los pacientes conocie- ron un par de días antes del experimento, lo que


[Medico economic analysis in first line chemotherapy in advanced lung cancer].  


Our objective was to analyse economic consequences modifying first line chemotherapy in treatment non small cell lung cancer IIIB-IV. Therefore a cost minimisation has been performed. Resources consumption were collected in a Pneumology department for 21 patients receiving previously mitomycine-ifosfamide-platin and for the 21 first patients receiving vinorelbine-platin, new patients diagnosed during year 2001. Costs were derived from hospital accounting system, economic analysis performed from the hospital and from the health French system points of view. Activity Synthetic Index point decrease of 2.9% per patient in vinorelbine-platin versus mitomycine-ifosfamide-platin, as an increase of 64.6% of hospital drug spending is registered (1,893 Euro versus 1,150 Euro) and an over cost of 15.7% for health French system (14179 Euro versus 12,257 Euro). Whatever the perspective of economic analysis, vinorelbine-platin arm is dominated by the mitomycine-ifosfamide-platin arm. PMID:16886701

Joly, Anne-Christine; Austruy-Chalendard, Géraldine; Camps, Sandra; Baud, Mariette; Nérot, Alban; Bégué, Dominique; Chouaid, Christos; Tilleul, Patrick



Newer implications of medico-legal and consent issues in plastic surgery.  


The social impact of entire cadre of medical graduates admitted through donation and management seats is yet to arrive. What has arrived are the burdens of complying with various acts and facing legal challengesduring medical practice. This article deals with some recent legal requirements for catering to plastic and cosmetic surgery patients. PMID:25190914

Shah, Atulkumar K



A medico-social appraisal of commercial sex workers in a metropolitan city from eastern India.  


This cross-sectional study of 146 commercial sex workers (CSWs) selected by stratified sampling, in a red light area of Kolkata, showed that 25.3% were teenagers and 37.0% were forced into the profession due to poverty. White discharge was present in 42.5% of the CSWs. Only 65.1% had the proper knowledge of the causes of disease, but 49.3% preferred to go to "quacks" for treatment, while 42.5% preferred traditional medicine. Knowledge of the prevention of sexually transmitted infections by condom use was correct in 44.2% of the CSWs, but 17.8% used condoms regularly. One fourth of the CSWs having 5 or more clients per day used condoms regularly. PMID:16438166

Mundle, Malay; Chatterjee, Sita; Haldar, Anima; Dobe, Madhumita



Suicide note on the palm: three case reports and discussion of medico-legal aspects.  


Suicide notes are usually written by the victim on paper or readily accessible things such as notebooks, walls or mirrors. Though writing may be found on the body of the deceased, suicide notes in a structured manner written on the palm have not been reported in forensic literature. In all the three cases presented here, we found a handwritten note on the palm of the deceased at the time of autopsy. The victims had written a brief note in their own handwriting, citing the reasons for ending their lives. The suicide note in one case also mentioned details regarding the custody of the victim's children to be given to her mother. Since we have not found similar cases in the literature, we present and discuss our three cases herein. PMID:23986149

Behera, C; Rautji, Ravi; Krishna, Karthik; Kumar, Avishek; Gupta, S K



Newer implications of medico-legal and consent issues in plastic surgery  

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The social impact of entire cadre of medical graduates admitted through donation and management seats is yet to arrive. What has arrived are the burdens of complying with various acts and facing legal challengesduring medical practice. This article deals with some recent legal requirements for catering to plastic and cosmetic surgery patients. PMID:25190914

Shah, Atulkumar K.



Universit degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza" Dipartimento Medico-chirurgico di Scienze cliniche,  

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chirurgia mini-invasiva per la patologia del gomito". Responsabile scientifico il Prof. Andrea Ferretti Art MED/33 dal titolo: " moderne tecniche di chirurgia mini-invasiva per la patologia del gomito

Guidoni, Leonardo


[Gas gangrene: an extreme surgico-medical rather than medico-surgical emergency].  


A diabetic woman developed spontaneous gas gangrene of upper limb extending into trunk and due to clostridium septicum. Recovery was obtained after major surgery involving disarticulation of upper limb and excision of soft tissues of left hemithorax, and a difficult intensive care programme (hyperbaric oxygen therapy, assisted ventilation). The presence of this gas gangrene revealed a bipolar colon cancer treated in parallel. The conventional therapeutic hierarchy is discussed: surgery should be carried out as an extreme emergency and should not be delayed to allow transfer to a center equipped with a hyperbaric oxygen therapy apparatus. PMID:3584286

Jancovici, R; Brinquin, L; Tripon, P; Naudan, P; Manaa, J; Bonsignour, J P; Pailler, J L



[Medico legal considerations on prosthesis surgery of the erectile dysfunction in a La Peyronie disease case].  


Peyronie's disease is characterized by the presence of an inelastic fibrous plaque of the penile tunica albuginea affecting 3-10% of the male population. The fibrous scar causes the curvature of the erect penis, which prevents the penetration. In the stabilization phase the plaque can cause a variable degree of erectile dysfunction (20-54%). In the treatment of the chronic disease, surgery is the gold standard and in case of concomitant erectile dysfunction the placement of a penile prosthesis is indicated. This surgery is loaded with an increase of the variables which can affect the outcome, such as individual clinical features and functionality of the device. The present case concerns a patient suffering from erectile dysfunction associated with Peyronie's disease who underwent surgery for implantation of hydraulic three-component penile prosthesis. After surgery a malfunction of the prosthesis was detected, which required unloading measures under sedation and a surgical revision of the scrotal pump. The latter was followed by the displacement of the prosthesis' cylinder and by a new surgical treatment for the reintegration of the prosthesis and the repair of the left corpus cavernosum. After two months a wrong positioning of the two cylinders inserted into the corpora cavernosa, with the left cranial extreme positioned 2 cm below the contralateral, was detected. In this case the failure of surgical treatment highlights a negligent behavior and the responsibility of the doctors by failing to examine adequately the variables, both clinical and not clinical, that might affect the outcome of the intervention. PMID:23612236

Ricci, S; Massoni, F; Simeone, C; Letizia, P; Alei, G



Morphological changes in genesial system of men: medico-legal aspects.  


With the purpose of perfection of examination the character of structural changes in testicles and prostate is investigated; the comparative qualitative and quantitative analysis of cellular reactions of persons with chronic somatopathies (rheumatic disease, idiopathic hypertensia) and chronic household intoxications (alcoholic illness, narcomania) is carried out. The work is carried out on 50 corpses of male persons, 18-35 years old, who died of chronic drunkenness (13 observations), narcomania (20), idiopathic hypertensia (9), and rheumatic disease (8). The suppression of testicles was characterized by disturbances of spermatogenesis at a level of the cell population, characteristic for a zero and first degree of spermatogenesis activity especially expressed in chronic narcotic intoxication. The damage to a prostate was stacked in a picture of a chronic relapsing prostatitis and chronic indurative prostatitis with the outcome of cirrhosis of prostata, being most typical for chronic alcohol intoxication. Morpho-functional investigation of a prostate and testicles affected by chronic somatopathies and chronic household intoxications, both qualitative and quantitative, testify to reduction of function of activity of these organs (hormonal imbalances, mail sterility, sex frustration). Thus, the persons suspected of violent actions of a sexual nature should be examined in order to reveal both erectile dysfunctions and disruption of spermatogenesis. PMID:12935597

Dmitrieva, Olga Anatolievna



Virological analysis in the diagnosis of sudden children death: a medico-legal approach.  


Infections are considered to be an important cause of unexpected death in children. It has also been assumed that respiratory viruses are involved in the genesis of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The Spanish National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences act as the forensic reference centre for Spain. We analyse the experience of this centre in the virological study of 64 cases of sudden children death where viral serology, virological cultures, herpesviruses polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and electron microscopy were performed. According to pathological findings, death could only be attributed to an adenovirus infection in one amygdalitis with upper airways stenosis and asphyxia. Human herpes virus 6 (HHV-6) was detected by PCR in one case with pathological findings characteristic of SIDS. Recent infection by respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and cytomegalovirus (CMV) were also detected. Meanwhile, 85.9% of the cases yielded negative viral results. Twenty-eight infants were finally categorised as SIDS. Pathological findings of infection were detected in 12 patients despite the negativity of viral analyses. Although viral infection is an uncommon cause of sudden children death, a complete microbiological investigation will help to solve the puzzle of SIDS. Definitive guidelines for microbiological analyses need to be updated whilst new pathogens are discovered or new techniques are implemented in order to clarify unsolved cases. PMID:16300916

Fernández-Rodríguez, A; Ballesteros, S; de Ory, F; Echevarría, J E; Alvarez-Lafuente, R; Vallejo, G; Gómez, J



Sleep disorders and driving licence: the current Italian legislation and medico-legal issues.  


Road traffic accidents (RTA) are a serious issue in all industrialized countries and have dramatic social and healthcare-related implications. Fatigue (sleepiness) is the principal identifiable and preventable cause of road traffic accidents. Obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome (OSAS) and narcolepsy are two of the leading causes of excessive daytime sleepiness. In this article, the authors analyze the current Italian legislation regarding driving licence issuance and fitness to drive, in order to evaluate the potential implications of sleep disorders, particularly OSAS and narcolepsy. In European Legislation and in Italy, OSAS and narcolepsy are not included among the illnesses or invalidating conditions that limit the fitness to drive for driving licence issuance purposes. In fact, they are not included in the Annex III of the European Council Directive 91/439/EEC of the 29th of July 1991 on driving licences. Some Countries of the European Union (Belgium, France, Finland, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden) had implemented the 91/439/EEC Directive with national restrictions on driving licence issuance policies in case of OSAS and narcolepsy. Given the well-established scientific evidence available, in Italy, the lack of legislation regulating the assessment of the psychophysical requisites for the issuance and renewal of driving licences of individuals affected by sleep disorders seems extremely worrying. Furthermore, the current lack of legal obligation in Italy for healthcare facilities to disclose such diagnoses to the organs responsible for issuing driving licences (such as the Motorizzazione Civile - the Department of motor vehicles) remains the subject of heated debate. PMID:25366956

Masullo, A; Feola, A; Marino, V; Iadevaia, C; Trabucco Aurilio, M; Marsella, L T



Erb's palsy after delivery by Cesarean section. (A medico-legal key to a vexing problem.).  


Despite impressive progress in perinatology, fetal injuries from arrest of the shoulders at birth have not decreased in recent decades. Based upon sporadic reports of Erb's palsy in neonates born by Cesarean section, some obstetricians embraced the theory recently that brachial plexus lesions often derive from spontaneous forces acting in utero. Having reviewed three hundred malpractice claims involving fetal injuries attributed to shoulder dystocia at birth, the authors found only two cases connected with abdominal deliveries. One followed manual replacement of the already delivered fetal head into the pelvis after sequential vacuum and forceps procedures and failed manual extraction of the body. The other was an elective repeat Cesarean section where extensive adhesions limited the available space for the lower segment transverse uterine incision. Coincidental fracture of the clavicle and absence of contractures or deformities indicated that the brachial plexus injury was acute, having resulted from forceful traction at delivery. PMID:16440860

Iffy, Leslie; Pantages, Pamela



`ADHD patient' or `illicit drug user'? Managing medico-moral membership categories in drug dependence services  

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Amphetamine-dependent patients seeking treatment are diagnosed with ADHD at a significantly higher rate than members of the general population. To study this relationship as it is constructed in everyday life, we draw on membership categorization analysis to examine how individuals account for their candidate memberships in two social categories — `illicit amphetamine user' and `ADHD patient'. We analyse interviews with

Sarah J. Schubert; Susan Hansen; Kyle R. Dyer; Mark Rapley



Medico - botanical study of Yercaud hills in the eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu, India  

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The study reports medicinal plant survey was conceded in Yercaud hills ranges of Eastern Ghats, Tamil Nadu, India. The study primarily based on field surveys conducted throughout the hills, where dwellers provided information on plant species used as medicine, plant parts used to prepare the remedies and ailments to which the remedies were prescribed. The study resulted about 48- plant species belonging to 45- genera and 29- families of medicinal plants related to folk medicine used by the local people. Among them the most common plants viz., Asparagus racemosus Willd., Cissus quadrangularis L., Gymnema sylvestre R. Br., Hemidesmus indicus (L.) R. Br., Justisia adhatoda L., Ocimum sanctum L., Phyllanthes amarus Schum. & Thonn., Piper nigrum L., Solanum nigrum L., Tinospora cordifolia (Thunb.) Miers, Tridax procumbens L. and Zingiber officinale Roscoe which are used in their daily life to cure various ailments. PMID:22557438

Parthipan, M; Aravindhan, V; Rajendran, A



A study of elderly unnatural deaths in medico-legal autopsies at Lucknow locality.  


The main aim of this study was to determine the causes and epidemiological aspects of unnatural deaths in the elderly. Data were collected on 4405 male and female victims of unnatural deaths aged 50 years or more from the total number of 21,235 autopsies performed in King George's Medical University, Lucknow, India over a 5-year period, from 2008 to 2012. There were 3165 male victims and 1240 female victims. Unnatural deaths were higher in rural (64%) than in urban (37%) areas. Accidental deaths were the most common manner of unnatural deaths (59%), followed by suicidal deaths (34%) and homicidal deaths (7%). Traumas were the most common cause of unnatural death (77.3%), followed by undetermined causes (16.6%) and toxicological causes (6.1%). The most common causes of traumatic deaths were blunt head injuries (34%) followed by stab in the chest (6%), burn (16%), blunt injuries in abdomen and chest (10%), firearm injuries in the head and trunk (9%), strangulation (3%), stab in the abdomen (4%), smothering (4%), cut throat (3%), throttling (1%) and hanging (10%). Carbamate poisoning was the most common cause of toxicological deaths (44%) followed by organophosphorous poisoning (33%), ethyl alcohol poisoning (12%), barbiturate poisoning (3%) and zinc phosphide poisoning (8%). PMID:24166690

Kumar, S; Verma, A K




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Details on 33 plants / drugs belonging to 30 genera and 22 families are provided in this paper; ayurvedic drug name, botanical sources in the island, short description of the species occurring in the islands, chemical constituents, ayurvedic preparations and therapeutic properties are elucidated. PMID:22557524

Nair, K. Vasudevan; Gopakumar, K.; Yoganarasimhan, S. N.; Shantha, T. R.; Keshavamurthy, K. R.



Universit degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza" Dipartimento Medico-chirurgico di Scienze cliniche,  

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particolare riguardo all'utilizzo di protesi di tipo biologico". Referente scientifico il Prof. Antonio riguardo all'utilizzo di protesi di tipo biologico" #12;Pag 2 Referente scientifico il prof. Antonio

Guidoni, Leonardo


Sapienza Universit di Roma Esame di Stato per la professione di medico chirurgo  

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. Ciavaglia Roberto P.zza Michelangelo Buonarroti 24 04012 Cisterna di Latina 9 Dott. Ciotti Anacleto Via Duca 04022 Fondi 14 Dott. Di Macco Erasmo Via Sermoneta, 4 04024 Gaeta 15 Dott. D'Uva Mario Via Michelangelo. Papuzzo Michelangelo Strada Alta 36 04010 Borgo Sabotino 36 Dott. Pastore Aldo Via di Vittorio 23 04011

Di Pillo, Gianni


Medico-botanical study of Yercaud hills in the eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu, India.  


The study reports medicinal plant survey was conceded in Yercaud hills ranges of Eastern Ghats, Tamil Nadu, India. The study primarily based on field surveys conducted throughout the hills, where dwellers provided information on plant species used as medicine, plant parts used to prepare the remedies and ailments to which the remedies were prescribed. The study resulted about 48- plant species belonging to 45- genera and 29- families of medicinal plants related to folk medicine used by the local people. Among them the most common plants viz., Asparagus racemosus Willd., Cissus quadrangularis L., Gymnema sylvestre R. Br., Hemidesmus indicus (L.) R. Br., Justisia adhatoda L., Ocimum sanctum L., Phyllanthes amarus Schum. & Thonn., Piper nigrum L., Solanum nigrum L., Tinospora cordifolia (Thunb.) Miers, Tridax procumbens L. and Zingiber officinale Roscoe which are used in their daily life to cure various ailments. PMID:22557438

Parthipan, M; Aravindhan, V; Rajendran, A



Paranormal experience in a medico-swimming rescue: a case study.  


This study looks at the case of a 20-year-old fisherman, who was speared in the head, the spear entering at his jaw and protruding from the top of his scull, while he was swimming unaccompanied; he was rescued, admitted to the intensive care unit for an operation, remained in a coma for a few days and then had a full recovery. About 10 days before the rescue, he had visited a monk who, intuited and functioning as channel of the divine spirit, had told him that he 'should not be afraid of anything', rubbing the top of his scull and his jaw exactly at the points through which the 40-inch spear passed. After the incident, the monk prescience again the exact day on which he would recover from the coma. It is concluded that the survival of the fisherman can be attributed to a paranormal event. The monk's prescience permit the assumption that a divine spirit was pervasive throughout the universe and present in this life-threatening situation, endeavouring to assist the lifeguard, the neurosurgeons and the young fisherman. PMID:21424176

Avramidis, Stathis



IGF-1 abuse in sport: clinical and medico-legal aspects.  


The frequent revisions of prohibited substances list established by WADA are aimed at keeping up with those drugs that, being increasingly used in medicine and in sports, play on one side a therapeutic role and, on the other, a doping role. Among the various hormone substances widely used in sports, the authors draw particular attention on IGF-1, a growth factor that is rapidly widespreading among athletes. Moreover, IGF-1 diffusion is not exclusively correlated with the doping phenomenon, being various the pathological conditions that may require the therapeutic use of this substance. As a consequence, during pathologies or medical treatments of various nature, the athletes should be informed of the IGF-1 administration because, if they are not duly apprised, they risk undergoing unjust sanctions from the competent authority. In fact, the athlete is given the possibility of communicating, before using, he is taking a medication of the WADA list for therapeutic reasons by applying for a TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption). If this application is accepted on certified clinical grounds, the athlete will be allowed to use that substance even during sports competitions. However, the IGF-1 detection in the athlete's body shows, at the present state-of-art, two different problems: the first one has a technical character and concerns the differential diagnosis between the quantity of the physiologically produced substance and the quantity of the exogenously administrated substance; the second problem has an economic character and regards to the high cost of the analysis and, consecutively, the necessity of finding a well-equipped laboratory centre. PMID:21178942

Molinelli, A; Bonsignore, A; Cicconi, M; Cioè, A; Traverso, A



Cooling by conversion of para to ortho-hydrogen  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The cooling capacity of a solid hydrogen cooling system is significantly increased by exposing vapor created during evaporation of a solid hydrogen mass to a catalyst and thereby accelerating the endothermic para-to-ortho transition of the vapor to equilibrium hydrogen. Catalyst such as nickel, copper, iron or metal hydride gels of films in a low pressure drop catalytic reactor are suitable for accelerating the endothermic para-to-ortho conversion.

Sherman, A. (inventor)



Pasanta en TICs para el Carlos Rey Moreno  

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EHAS 3 en Perú con GTR-PUCP Objetivo Madrid: Desarrollo software para la mejora de la metodología de1 Pasantía en TICs para el desarrollo Carlos Rey Moreno I.T.T Sistemas de Telecomunicación UC3M MSc Relaciones Internacionales y Desarrollo AAU Investigador Fundación EHAS Actividades académicas en Cooperación

Autonoma de Madrid, Universidad


Para hydrogen equilibration in the atmospheres of the outer planets  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The thermodynamic behavior of the atmospheres of the Jovian planets is strongly dependent on the extent to which local thermal equilibration of the ortho and para states of molecular hydrogen is achieved. Voyager IRIS data from Jupiter imply substantial departures of the para hydrogen fraction from equilibrium in the upper troposphere at low latitudes, but with values approaching equilibrium at higher latitudes. Data from Saturn are less sensitive to the orth-para ratio, but suggest para hydrogen fractions near the equilibrium value. Above approximately the 200 K temperature level, para hydrogen conversion can enhance the efficiency of convection, resulting in a substantial increase in overturning times on all of the outer planets. Currently available data cannot definitively establish the ortho-para ratios in the atmospheres of Uranus and Neptune, but suggest values closer to local equilibrium than to the 3.1 normal ratio. Modeling of sub-millimeter wavelength measurements of these planets suggest thermal structures with frozen equilibrium lapse rates in their convective regions.

Conrath, Barney J.



ParaText : scalable text modeling and analysis.  

SciTech Connect

Automated processing, modeling, and analysis of unstructured text (news documents, web content, journal articles, etc.) is a key task in many data analysis and decision making applications. As data sizes grow, scalability is essential for deep analysis. In many cases, documents are modeled as term or feature vectors and latent semantic analysis (LSA) is used to model latent, or hidden, relationships between documents and terms appearing in those documents. LSA supplies conceptual organization and analysis of document collections by modeling high-dimension feature vectors in many fewer dimensions. While past work on the scalability of LSA modeling has focused on the SVD, the goal of our work is to investigate the use of distributed memory architectures for the entire text analysis process, from data ingestion to semantic modeling and analysis. ParaText is a set of software components for distributed processing, modeling, and analysis of unstructured text. The ParaText source code is available under a BSD license, as an integral part of the Titan toolkit. ParaText components are chained-together into data-parallel pipelines that are replicated across processes on distributed-memory architectures. Individual components can be replaced or rewired to explore different computational strategies and implement new functionality. ParaText functionality can be embedded in applications on any platform using the native C++ API, Python, or Java. The ParaText MPI Process provides a 'generic' text analysis pipeline in a command-line executable that can be used for many serial and parallel analysis tasks. ParaText can also be deployed as a web service accessible via a RESTful (HTTP) API. In the web service configuration, any client can access the functionality provided by ParaText using commodity protocols ... from standard web browsers to custom clients written in any language.

Dunlavy, Daniel M.; Stanton, Eric T.; Shead, Timothy M.



Sistemas Correctores de Campo Para EL Telescopio Cassegrain IAC80  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

El proyecto de instrumentación de mayor importancia que ha tenido el Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias en los últimos afios ha sido el diseflo y construcción del te1escopio IAC8O. Este requería del esfuerzo con junto en mec´nica, óptica y electrónica, lo que facilitó la estructuración y el crecimiento de los respectivos grupos de trabajo, que posteriormente se integraron en departamentos En su origen (1977), el telescopio IAC80 fue concebido como un sistema clásico tipo Cassegrain, con una razón focal F/i 1.3 para el sistema Casse grain y una razón focal F/20 para el sistema Coudé. Posteriormente, aunque se mantuvo la filosofia de que el sistema básico fuera el F/11.3, se consideró conveniente el diseño de secundarios para razones focales F/16 y F/32, y se eliminó el de F/20. Sin embargo, dada la importancia relativa que un foco estrictamente fotográfico tiene en un telescopio moderno, diseñado básicamente para fotometría fotoeléctrica y con un campo util mínimamente de 40 minutos de arco, se decídió Ilevar a cabo el diseño de un secundario F/8 con un sistema corrector de campo, pero que estuviera formado únicamente por lentes con superficies esféricas para que asl su construcción fuera posible en España ó en México. La creciente utilización de detectores bidimensionales para fines de investigación astron6mica y la viabilidad de que en un futuro cercano éstos tengan un área sensible cada vez mayor, hicieron atractiva la idea de tener diseñado un sistema corrector de campo para el foco primario (F/3), con un campo útil mínimo de un grado, y también con la limitante de que sus componentes tuvieron sólamente supérficies esféricas. Ambos diseños de los sis-temas correctores de campo se llevaron a cabo, en gran medida, como parte de un proyecto de colaboración e intercambio en el área de diseño y evaluación de sistemas ópticos.

Galan, M. J.; Cobos, F. J.



Evolution of invertebrate deuterostomes and Hox/ParaHox genes.  


Transcription factors encoded by Antennapedia-class homeobox genes play crucial roles in controlling development of animals, and are often found clustered in animal genomes. The Hox and ParaHox gene clusters have been regarded as evolutionary sisters and evolved from a putative common ancestral gene complex, the ProtoHox cluster, prior to the divergence of the Cnidaria and Bilateria (bilaterally symmetrical animals). The Deuterostomia is a monophyletic group of animals that belongs to the Bilateria, and a sister group to the Protostomia. The deuterostomes include the vertebrates (to which we belong), invertebrate chordates, hemichordates, echinoderms and possibly xenoturbellids, as well as acoelomorphs. The studies of Hox and ParaHox genes provide insights into the origin and subsequent evolution of the bilaterian animals. Recently, it becomes apparent that among the Hox and ParaHox genes, there are significant variations in organization on the chromosome, expression pattern, and function. In this review, focusing on invertebrate deuterostomes, I first summarize recent findings about Hox and ParaHox genes. Next, citing unsolved issues, I try to provide clues that might allow us to reconstruct the common ancestor of deuterostomes, as well as understand the roles of Hox and ParaHox genes in the development and evolution of deuterostomes. PMID:21802045

Ikuta, Tetsuro



Study on cross-reactivity to the para group.  


In 80 patients, positive to at least one hapten of the para group (para-phenylenediamine, diaminodiphenylmethane, benzocaine, PPD mix), patch tests were carried out with freshly prepared solutions of para-phenylenediamine (PPD) and of 3 selected aromatic compounds related structurally to PPD (para-aminophenol, ortho-aminophenol, hydroquinone). The number of positive reactions correlated with the rate of decomposition of the substances as evaluated by high-pressure liquid chromatography. PPD, which was almost decomposed after 24 h, gave the highest number of positive reactions, followed by ortho-aminophenol and by para-aminophenol, while hydroquinone, which was oxidized to the extent of 35%, did not give any reactions. To evaluate if a different rate of oxidation can modify the patch test response, in the same patients and in 10 normal volunteers, tests were carried out with PPD solutions containing the oxidizing agent silver oxide (0.1%). By this procedure a significant increase in the number of positive responses was observed. The results suggest that the rate of decomposition and therefore the amount of quinone(s) generated, might be the key to eliciting patch test responses to oxidizable aromatic haptens. PMID:2242776

Picardo, M; Cannistraci, C; Cristaudo, A; De Luca, C; Santucci, B



El uso de la neuromodulación para el tratamiento del temblor  

PubMed Central

Introducción: El temblor puede ser un desorden incapacitante y el tratamiento de primera línea para estos pacientes es farmacológico. Sin embargo, este tratamiento puede llevar a una reducción satisfactoria del temblor en sólo el 50% de los pacientes con temblor esencial. La talamotomía era el tratamiento de elección para el temblor refractario al tratamiento médico hasta que comenzó a utilizarse la estimulación cerebral profunda (ECP) del núcleo ventral intermedio (Vim) del tálamo. En la actualidad, raramente se realiza la talamotomía. Métodos: Este artículo es una revisión no sistemática de las indicaciones, resultados, parámetros de programación y técnica quirúrgica de la ECP del Vim para el tratamiento del temblor. Resultados: Aunque los resultados clínicos son similares usando la talamotomía o la ECP del Vim, la primera causa más efectos adversos que la última. Además, la ECP puede ser usada bilateralmente, mientras que la talamotomía tiene un alto riesgo de causar disartria cuando se realiza de ambos lados. La ECP del Vim logró una adecuada mejoría del temblor en varias series de pacientes con temblor causado por temblor esencial, enfermedad de Parkinson o esclerosis múltiple. Además del Vim, hay otros blancos que están siendo usados por varios autores, tales como la zona incerta y las radiaciones prelemniscales. Conclusión: La ECP del Vim es un tratamiento útil para el temblor incapacitante refractario al tratamiento médico. Es esencial realizar una precisa selección de pacientes, así como utilizar una técnica quirúrgica correcta. Aún se desconoce el mejor blanco estereotáctico para el temblor, aunque el Vim es el más usado. PMID:25165613

Bendersky, Damián; Ajler, Pablo; Yampolsky, Claudio



Hox and ParaHox genes: a review on molluscs.  


Hox and ParaHox genes are involved in patterning the anterior-posterior body axis in metazoans during embryo development. Body plan evolution and diversification are affected by variations in the number and sequence of Hox and ParaHox genes, as well as by their expression patterns. For this reason Hox and ParaHox gene investigation in the phylum Mollusca is of great interest, as this is one of the most important taxa of protostomes, characterized by a high morphological diversity. The comparison of the works reviewed here indicates that species of molluscs, belonging to different classes, share a similar composition of Hox and ParaHox genes. Therefore evidence suggests that the wide morphological diversity of this taxon could be ascribed to differences in Hox gene interactions and expressions and changes in the Hox downstream genes rather than to Hox cluster composition. Moreover the data available on Hox and ParaHox genes in molluscs compared with those of other Lophotrochozoa shed light on the complex and controversial evolutionary histories that these genes have undergone within protostomes. PMID:25394269

Biscotti, Maria Assunta; Canapa, Adriana; Forconi, Mariko; Barucca, Marco



SERVICIO DE ORTOPEDIA El servicio de ortopedia forma parte del Hospital Veterinario de Especialidades de la UNAM  

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, internos y residentes en el diagnóstico y tratamiento tanto medico como quirúrgico de las alteraciones musculo esqueléticas de los perros y de los gatos Tenemos la experiencia y el equipo para realizar los

Islas, León


Matriz de contabilidad social extendida ambientalmente para análisis económico de la región del Bio Bio  

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Se construye una Matriz de Contabilidad Social Extendida Ambientalmente para la Región del Bío Bío. Para ello aplicamos el método indirecto conocido como Cross Entropy para actualizar una Matriz de Contabilidad Social de esta región desde el año 1996 al 2006. Esta matriz sirve de base para un análisis de multiplicadores, cuyo fin es identificar los sectores productivos de la

Cristian Mardones P; Jorge Saavedra E



Un algoritmo para la deteccion de horizonte en dispositivos voladores radiocontrolados  

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Presentamos un algoritmo para la deteccion no supervisada en tiempo real del hori- zonte en imagenes de video. El mismo estad isenado para ser implementado en dispositivos autonomos de bajo costo y capacidad de computo (microcontroladores), como para ser incorporados en veh´õculos voladores no tripulados (UAVs). Esto permitiral a obtencion de informacion indispensable para la orientacion, navegacion, georeferenciamiento y la

Pablo Odorico; Claudio Delrieux


Usina de ciências: um espaço pedagógico para aprendizagens múltiplas  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Entendemos que o Ensino de Astronomia é especialmente apropriado para motivar os alunos e aprofundar conteúdos em diversas áreas do conhecimento, pois envolve temas ligados à Física, Matemática, Química, Computação, Tratamento de Imagens e Instrumentação de Alta Precisão, além daqueles pertinentes as áreas de Geografia, História e Antropologia. Contudo, apesar do caráter interdisciplinar que esta ciência possui, a realidade atual é que a maioria dos professores em sala de aula não foram devidamente capacitados, durante o período de formação acadêmica, para ministrar conteúdos de Astronomia nos atuais Ensinos Fundamental e Médio. Neste trabalho, discutiremos de maneira ampla, num primeiro momento, a realidade do atual ensino de ciências praticado no Estado da Bahia, apontando por dependência administrativa, o crescimento e a redução do número de escolas, da taxa de analfabetismo por faixa etária, da escolarização, do atendimento, da aprovação, reprovação e abandono, de equipamentos e laboratórios e o grau de formação dos nossos atuais professores em pleno exercício de atividade docente. Num segundo momento, discutiremos o papel do Observatório Astronômico Antares/UEFS dentro desse contexto, ou seja, suas ações implementadas ao longo dos últimos anos e em particular, o recente projeto de extensão Ensino e Difusão de Astronomia, financiado pela Fundação Vitae, que procura traduzir no lúdico, no brincar de ciências, um espaço pedagógico para aprendizagens múltiplas. Neste, o papel do professor multiplicador associado ao laboratório de kits didáticos, de fácil construção e manipulação (alguns dos quais serão mostrados), perfazem os principais veículos para o desenvolvimento de conhecimentos, atitudes, habilidades e valores que preparam os nossos alunos para a carreira técnico-científica e para sua participação crítica e criativa na Sociedade.

Martin, V. A. F.; Poppe, P. C. R.; Orrico, A. C. P.; Pereira, M. G.



Estudiar las redes sociales: Aportes y perspectivas para las  

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Estudiar las redes sociales: Aportes y perspectivas para las ciencias sociales Claire Bidart LEST muchas razones en interesarse en las redes socia- les. Estos sistemas relacionales construyen lazos entre estructuracio- nes, sus dinámicas. Transversales a los grupos y a las estructuras sociales glo- bales, las redes

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Reconocimiento robusto de marcadores artificiales para la navegacion de robots  

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cambios de escala. Los experimentos demuestran que nuestra soluci´on es r´apida y muy robusta incluso en Introducci´on Dentro del campo de investigaci´on dedicado a la navegaci´on de robots, son mu- chos los experimentos. 2 Histogramas polares Los histogramas polares son definidos como un medio para comparar s

Escolano, Francisco


actuar en el Sur y para el Sur  

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Páginas 06-07 Recursos para la investigación El IRD en 2013 Investigaciones de excelencia La Agencia desarrollo. Así, las investigaciones sobre el cambio climático, la gestión de los recursos, la biodiversidad lado, de una progresión cuanti- tativa y cualitativa de las publicaciones del IRD y la tasa de copu



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CHAMADA PARA APRESENTAÇÃO DE PROPOSTAS Programa Santander TOP USA MASSACHUSETSS O Diretor de Relações Internacionais da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Prof. Eduardo Viana Vargas, no uso de suas EUA, no âmbito do Programa Santander TOP USA MASSACHUSSETSS, gerenciado UNICAMP conforme

Chaimowicz, Luiz


Acerca del Centro para la Salud Mundial del NCI

El Centro para la Salud Mundial (CGH) coordina y fija las prioridades en las actividades que lleva a cabo el Instituto Nacional del Cáncer a nivel mundial. Su objetivo es avanzar la investigación mundial del cáncer y reducir las muertes causadas por esta enfermedad.


Sistemas de ayuda inteligente para entornos informáticos complejos  

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Los sistemas de ayuda inteligente (SAI) o asistentes inteligentes son una propuesta para mejorar el aprendizaje y el rendimiento en la utilización de entornos informáticos complejos. Habitualmente la ayuda tiene como único fin la mejora del rendimiento del usuario, pero nosotros creemos que dicha asistencia debe tener también un propósito educativo. Si el usuario mejora su conocimiento sobre la aplicación

Baltasar Fernández Manjón



Propuestas para la formación de conceptos en informática  

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Las tecnologías de la informática (TI) imponen poner en práctica estrategias comunicativas y educativas para establecer nuevas formas de enseñanza y aprendizaje. La enseñanza-aprendizaje de la Informática es una problemática actual. En que es necesario estudiarla, no son muchos los que se disgregan; pero en qué y cómo enseñar, si existen grandes divergencias de criterios y enfoques. En este trabajo

Dora Mercedes Pérez Mok; Idalmis Urgellés Castillo




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protección de naturaleza electrónica digital; estos mismos, para su control periódico requieren de pruebas nature; these same ones, for their periodic control require of tests with the object of corroborating with the equipment PULSAR. 1. INTRODUCCION La continuidad y la calidad del servicio son dos requisitos íntimamente

Boyer, Edmond


Para-acetabular periarthritis calcarea: Its radiographic manifestations  

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On retrospective reviews of radiographs, periarthritis calcarea was distinguished from os acetabula by interval radiographic progression and regression. Among 59 men and 51 women, there were 137 instances of para-acetabular calcifications and ossifications, which were morphologically classified as 58 discrete, 58 amorphous, and 21 segmented types. Correlations with other radiographic abnormalities, symptoms, signs, and laboratory abnormalities were sought, but not

Akira Kawashima; Sadayuki Murayama; Toshiyuki Ohuchida; Walter J. Russell



Una Arquitectura para una Herramienta de Patrones de Diseo  

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Una Arquitectura para una Herramienta de Patrones de Diseño José Sáez Martínez1 , Jesús García herramientas es necesario disponer de una arquitectura flexible que permita manipularlos eficientemente. Este trabajo presenta una arquitectura, basada a su vez en patrones, diseñada con este fin y describe una

Molina, Jesús García


Para-[18F]-fluorohippurate [ [18F]-PFH  

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are evaluating the use of dynamic SPECT or positron emission tomography (PET) to assess kidney function to evaluate kidney function and perform renography with PET, para-18F-fluorohippurate ([18F]-PFH), a renal emission tomography (PET) Source of signal / contrast: 18F Activation: No Studies: · In vitro · Rodents

Levin, Judith G.



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En la última década se ha despertado un gran interés en investigar y desarr ollar biomateriales con propiedades óptimas para la reparación y regeneración de tejidos 1. Idealmente, el objetivo es obtener una estructura extracelular que, después de proporcionar soporte inicial a las células, se reabsorba durante la regeneración del t ejido y finalmente sea remplazada completamente sin perjuicio o

Leoncio Garrido


Recursos financieros Familias confan en varios recursos para pagar costos  

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Recursos financieros Familias confían en varios recursos para pagar costos universitarios. Cuando Recursos personales que ya tienen Recursos financieros que pueden buscar Las fechas de vencimiento de la contribuido tu familia ha este fondo? Recursos financieros que tú puedes buscar Llenar la solicitud por ayuda


Ambiente para la Captura y Administración de Versiones de Modelos  

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El proceso de desarrollo de modelos para la gestión, investigación, producción, etc., en general involucra actividades creativas, que frecuentemente son poco estructuradas, es decir, no existe un flujo de trabajo definido previamente. Durante este proceso se genera un gran número de modelos de distinto nivel de abstracción del objeto que se desarrolla, el cual puede consistir en un sistema de

Diego Sánchez Schenone; Silvio Gonnet; Horacio Leone


Analyzing and Visualizing Cosmological Simulations with ParaView  

SciTech Connect

The advent of large cosmological sky surveys - ushering in the era of precision cosmology - has been accompanied by ever larger cosmological simulations. The analysis of these simulations, which currently encompass tens of billions of particles and up to a trillion particles in the near future, is often as daunting as carrying out the simulations in the first place. Therefore, the development of very efficient analysis tools combining qualitative and quantitative capabilities is a matter of some urgency. In this paper, we introduce new analysis features implemented within ParaView, a fully parallel, open-source visualization toolkit, to analyze large N-body simulations. A major aspect of ParaView is that it can live and operate on the same machines and utilize the same parallel power as the simulation codes themselves. In addition, data movement is in a serious bottleneck now and will become even more of an issue in the future; an interactive visualization and analysis tool that can handle data in situ is fast becoming essential. The new features in ParaView include particle readers and a very efficient halo finder that identifies friends-of-friends halos and determines common halo properties, including spherical overdensity properties. In combination with many other functionalities already existing within ParaView, such as histogram routines or interfaces to programming languages like Python, this enhanced version enables fast, interactive, and convenient analyses of large cosmological simulations. In addition, development paths are available for future extensions.

Woodring, Jonathan [Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL); Heitmann, Katrin [ORNL; Ahrens, James P [ORNL; Fasel, Patricia [Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL); Hsu, Chung-Hsing [ORNL; Habib, Salman [ORNL; Pope, Adrian [Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)



Modelo para la Integración de Tecnologías en Educación Superior  

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Abstract En este trabajo se discute un modelo para la incorporaciónde tecnologías en educación superior. Este modelo surge a partir de un proyecto de investigaciónque está siendo desarrollado en conjunto por investigadores de la Universidad Nacional de La Pampa (Argentina) y de la Universidad de Illinois (USA). La colaboración interdisciplinaria de docentes e investigadorescon experiencia en las áreas de e-learning

Pedro A. Willging; Norma I. Scagnoli



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Resumen: El siguiente artículo se propone, a partir del análisis de un proceso de investigación sobre el área pedagógica en los planes de formación docente, realizar una invitación a la incorporación del estudio del cerebro humano, como eje dentro de la formación profesional para el ejercicio docente. La capacidad de educabilidad propia de los seres humanos tiene su explicación sobre

Susan Francis Salazar



Terapias adyuvantes y neoadyuvantes para el cáncer de seno

Hoja informativa que explica las terapias adyuvantes (tratamiento que se administra además de la terapia primaria para aumentar la posibilidad de supervivencia a largo plazo) y las neoadyuvantes (terapia que se administra antes de la terapia principal). Contiene información sobre los efectos secundarios y sobre los riesgos y beneficios de estas terapias.


Marvin, robô construtor para competição em robótica móvel  

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renatohsp@gmail .com Resumo: Este artigo é sobre a construção do robô autônomo Marvin o Construtor, que foi construído para participar da IV Competição IEEE Brasileira de Robô. A tarefa consiste em empilhar blocos em uma área predeterminada em um menor tempo possível, ganha a torre mais alta. O robô, construído por alunos do Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (ITA), foi construído

André Martin Narciso; Carlos Augusto; Bentes da Silva; Jackson Paul Matsuura



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RESUMO: Neste relato de pesquisa, pretendo analisar a viabilidade de se trabalhar, na escola, com a produção do jornal escolar como recurso para mobilizar uma série de ações visando à promoção, no aluno, da consciência crítica dos usos da linguagem no mundo e da sua formação enquanto ser participativo e agente em questões que lhe dizem respeito dentro e fora

Rosana Cristina DA CUNHA


Algoritmo genetico para o problema de rotas de cobertura multiveiculo  

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Algoritmo gen´etico para o problema de rotas de cobertura multive´iculo Washington Alves de¸c~oes sub´otimas s~ao obtidas aplicando-se duas propostas de algoritmo gen´etico (AG), os quais geram rotas de tamanho menor poss´ivel. Palavras-chave: Programa¸c~ao inteira e combinat´oria, algoritmo gen´etico

Gomes, Francisco A. M.


Creciendo Juntos Plan de la Universidad de Columbia para  

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proyecto de reubicación y reconstrucción de utilidades para sustituir alcantarillado y tuberías de agua y calles 129th y 125th a un ya existente regulador del alcantarillado en la avenida 12th. Columbia adjudicó

Hone, James


Anise oil as para-methoxyamphetamine (PMA) precursor  

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These days, MDMA is one of the most popular drugs of abuse. Due to its illegality, MDMA and its chemical precursors are watched by governmental organizations in many countries. To avoid conflicts with legal instances, underground chemists have tried to market several new unregulated amphetamine analogues, such as 4-MTA. Para-methoxyamphetamine (PMA), on the other hand, is regulated by law but

Dieter Waumans; Noël Bruneel; Jan Tytgat




EPA Science Inventory

?para-Nonylphenol (PNP), a mixture of alkylphenols used in producing nonionic surfactants, is distributed widely in surface waters and aquatic sediments, where it can affect saltwater species. This article describes a database for acute toxicity of PNP derived for calculating a n...



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art´iculo de Amat, Ar`andiga, Cohen, Donat, Garc´ia y von Oehsen titulado "Data compresion with ENOUN ESQUEMA ADAPTATIVO PARA LA COMPRESION DE IMAGENES En la era de la comunicaci´on en la que la compresi´on de im´agenes. Con compresi´on nos referimos a tener una versi´on de la foto original

Amat, Sergio


Subastando la Energía para Clientes Regulados: Un Análisis de Equilibrio  

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La reciente liberalización del mercado de generación eléctrica para clientes regulados autoriza a las empresas distribuidoras a contratar energía a precios que pueden ser superiores al precio nudo fijado por el regulador, traspasándolos íntegramente a sus consumidores. Motivado en esta reforma legal, este artículo analiza el equilibrio que resulta de una subasta hipotética en que una empresa distribuidora contrataría su

Francisco Caravia; Eduardo Saavedra



Para lle l Support Vector Mach ines: The Cascade SVM  

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Para lle l Support Vector Mach ines: The Cascade SVM Hans Peter Graf, Eric Cosatto, Leon Bottou, leonb, igord, vlad}@nec­ Abstract We describe an algorithm for support vector machines (SVM in a `Cascade' of SVMs, until the global optimum is reached. The Cascade SVM can be spread over multiple

Bottou, Léon



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O propósito desta pesquisa é avaliar a estrutura do agribusiness do leite no Brasil, identificando as principais limitações logísticas para exportação. Especificamente pretende identificar as principais empresas exportadoras de produtos lácteos, os produtos mais exportados e os países de destino; relatar as maneiras mais freqüentes de inserção dos produtos no mercado externo; e mencionar as estruturas físicas utilizadas pelas empresas

Adriano Abreu Rezende; Antonio Carlos dos Santos



Mtricas de Funcionalidad: una taxonoma para sistemas Web  

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Muy poco de lo aprendido en ingeniería de software, se aplica en el desarrollo de sistemas Web. Esto, métricas para aplicaciones Web, aplicaciones/sitios Web. 1. Introducción El desarrollo y crecimiento del desarrollo de sitios y aplicaciones Web está caracterizado por cuatro importantes factores: (1) las

Guerrero, Luis


Técnicas grupales para identificación de valores en estudiantes de estomatología  

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Se realizó un estudio descriptivo transversal en el Centro Universitario Municipal Julio A. Mella de Guantánamo, curso escolar 2010-2011, con el objetivo de identificar los valores en los estudiantes de primer año de la carrera de Estomatología a través de técnicas grupales. El universo de estudio 19 estudiantes. Se utilizaron tres técnicas grupales. La primera para aumentar el entendimiento y

Nivia Ernestina Sánchez Fernández



NCI Anuncia Contribuciones para Incrementar Acceso de Minorías a Información sobre el Cáncer

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) anunció este mes una variedad de contribuciones que totalizan casi 1 millón de dólares para ayudar a desarrollar la investigación y programas para comprender y finalmente romper la División Digital que existe en muchas poblaciones minoritarias para el acceso y uso de la información sobre el cáncer disponible en la Internet. Las contribuciones son un esfuerzo del Servicio de Información sobre el Cáncer (CIS), dependiente de la NCI, para trabajar con grupos y organizaciones regionales para el control del cáncer para probar estrategias destinadas a aumentar las comunicaciones sobre el cáncer en comunidades deficientemente atendidas


Zoneamento de riscos climáticos para a cultura de milho na Região Centro-Oeste do Brasil e para o estado de Minas Gerais Climatic risks zoning for maize production in West-Center Region and in Minas Gerais state, Brazil  

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Resumo - Para a cultura de milho, a água é um fator limitante, principalmente, na fase de germinação e nos períodos de floração e enchimento de grãos. Desta forma, conhecer os elementos climáticos é uma estratégia para definir manejos que possibilitem minimizar riscos climáticos, contribuindo para melhorar a política de alocação de recursos para crédito agrícola e para o aumento

Luiz Marcelo Aguiar Sans; Eduardo Delgado Assad; Daniel Pereira Guimarães; Gisela Avellar



Um satélite brasileiro para observação do diâmetro solar  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Propomos uma missão espacial para medir a forma e o diâmetro solar com o objetivo de ajudar a determinar o potencial gravitacional do Sol e a sua rotação com precisão, testar modelos teóricos de variação de energia e pela primeira vez medir os modos g de oscilação. As observações serão obtidas através do instrumento denominado APT (Astrometric and Photometric Telescope) descrito por Kuhn(1983). A sensibilidade do instrumento é de 0,2 mas em 27 dias para as observações do diâmetro solar feitas a cada minuto. Esta é uma missão de três anos de duração e pode complementar as medidas que serão feitas pelo satélite PICARD (a ser lançado em 2007). Outros parâmetros físicos podem ser obtidos com as mesmas imagens o que certamente interessará à comunidade de física solar. Um primeiro contato foi realizado com a agência espacial brasileira que pretende lançar um satélite científico a cada dois anos.

Emilio, M.; Leister, N. V.; Benevides Soares, P.; Teixeira, R.; Kuhn, J.



Para-Sasakian geometry in thermodynamic fluctuation theory  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In this work we tie concepts derived from statistical mechanics, information theory and contact Riemannian geometry within a single consistent formalism for thermodynamic fluctuation theory. We derive the concrete relations characterizing the geometry of the thermodynamic phase space stemming from the relative entropy and the Fisher–Rao information matrix. In particular, we show that the thermodynamic phase space is endowed with a natural para-contact pseudo-Riemannian structure derived from a statistical moment expansion which is para-Sasaki and ?-Einstein. Moreover, we prove that such manifold is locally isomorphic to the hyperbolic Heisenberg group. In this way we show that the hyperbolic geometry and the Heisenberg commutation relations on the phase space naturally emerge from classical statistical mechanics. Finally, we argue on the possible implications of our results.

Bravetti, A.; Lopez-Monsalvo, C. S.




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a publicar na rede mundial de computadores (Internet), na Biblioteca virtual da PUC-Rio, entendendo-se os certificação da obra. 2 [ ] AUTORIZO a disponibilização completa a partir de 01 (um) ano após a data da, agradecimentos, resumo, sumário. Entendo que uma nova extensão por mais 01 (um) ano para a publicação digital só

Rodriguez, Noemi


The rotational excitation of methanol by para-hydrogen  

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In this paper, we present the results of calculations of cross-sections and rate coefficients for rotationally inelastic transitions in methanol (CH3OH), in its ground torsional state, induced by collisions with para-H2 in its ground rotational state. The interaction potential was calculated by means of many-body perturbation theory, and the corresponding cross-sections computed using the coupled states approximation to the Schrödinger

J. T. Pottage; D. R. Flower; Stephen L. Davis



Ultrafast photogeneration mechanisms of triplet states in para-hexaphenyl  

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We present femtosecond pump-probe measurements, both conventional and electric field-assisted, on organic light-emitting devices based on para-hexaphenyl. The dominant triplet exciton generation mechanism is assigned to nongeminate bimolecular recombination of photogenerated, spin-12 polarons. This process is active within a few hundred femtoseconds after photoexcitation and involves about 20% of the initially excited states. At higher photoexcitation densities, we observe an

C. Zenz; G. Cerullo; G. Lanzani; W. Graupner; F. Meghdadi; G. Leising; S. de Silvestri



arquivo Proposta de regras e tabela para progresso funcional  

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reconhecidos publicamente (, por exemplo). Livros - Pontuam-se livros e capítulos de livros por artigos e livros pontuam por obra. Nesse caso, aceita-se o comprovante de emissão de parecer emitido pelo editor do jornal, revista ou livro. Assessoria ad-hoc para órgãos de fomento pontuam por emissão de

Floeter, Sergio Ricardo


Linguagens para Programac~ao Paralela October 26, 2010  

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estruturas de dados Linguagens para Programa¸c~ao Paralela #12;flat data-parallelism: HPF/Fortran90 opera 1.0 to each element of A A = SQRT(A) ! Computes square root of each element of A L = A .EQ. B ! Sets¸c~ao Paralela #12;Exemplo F77 C diferen¸cas finitas program f77_finite_diff real X(100,100), New(100,100) do i

Rodriguez, Noemi


Linguagens para Programac~ao Paralela November 26, 2009  

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estruturas de dados Linguagens para Programa¸c~ao Paralela #12;flat data-parallelism: HPF/Fortran90 opera 1.0 to each element of A A = SQRT(A) ! Computes square root of each element of A L = A .EQ. B ! Sets¸c~ao Paralela #12;Exemplo F77 C diferen¸cas finitas program f77_finite_diff real X(100,100), New(100,100) do i

Rodriguez, Noemi


Relativistic treatment of ortho-para-H2 transitions  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The rate for radiative decay from ortho- to para-H2 is calculated using the quantum electrodynamical method of Feinberg and Sucher (1971). The calculation is greatly simplified by switching to the dipole length form while the fields are still second quantized. The rate, about 10 to the -12th/a, differs only slightly from that calculated by Raich and Good (1964) and is small enough to be neglected even in interstellar space.

Dodelson, Scott



ACOR hibrido con multiples colonias para problemas de optimizacion continua  

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tiempo. Este tipo de algo- ritmo se conoce com´unmente como un m´etodo multi- colonia. El objetivo de la este tipo de algoritmos hacia un m´etodo multi-colonia para incrementar la capacidad de ex- ploraci, y los m´etodos de BL utilizados, SW y Simplex. En la Secci´on IV se ex- plica como se hace la

Granada, Universidad de


Uma simulao do QuicktimeVR para mundos poligonais  

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a tecnologia de image-based rendering para realidade virtual. Essa abordagem consiste em se obter um número de ressaltar que a tecnologia de image-based rendering se propõe a reconstruir visões do ambiente e não o ambiente propriamente dito. #12;3 Essa tecnologia no entanto é relativamente nova e muito ainda há que ser


Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Zeeman Study of paraChlorophenol  

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The major field gradient directions for Cl in para-chlorophenol as determined by NQR and x-ray diffraction are compared quantitatively, and found to agree. The minor field gradient directions are examined qualitatively, and are consistent with those predicted on the basis of Cl&sngbnd;C partial double bonding. From a measurement of the field gradient asymmetry parameter &eegr;, the degree of chlorine—carbon double

G. E. Peterson; P. M. Bridenbaugh



Un API para el desarrollo de aplicaciones paralelas 100% Java  

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Un API para el desarrollo de aplicaciones paralelas 100% Java Antonio Talón Toledo 5º curso de:// · PJ es software libre que se distribuye bajo los términos de la GNU General Public License (http sobre un cluster #12;· Web del autor: · Descargas: binario y fuentes

Giménez, Domingo


Edukalibre: una herramienta para la creacion colaborativa de material didactico  

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El Software Libre, con sus caracter¶‡sticas y su particular modelo de desarrollo, ha permitido la creacion de un conjunto de metodolog¶‡as de trabajo en grupo que han resultado satisfactorias en gran cantidad diferentesambitos. En este sentido, el proyecto Edukalibre importa y adapta estas metodolog¶‡as para ser aplicadas en la creacion y man- tenimiento de documentacion en elambito de la educacion.

Diego Chaparro; Teofllo Romera


Consistent Assignment of the Vibrations of Para Disubstituted Benzene Molecules  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

When disubstituted benzene molecules are considered the relative position of the substituents must be defined. The three possible forms are ortho-, meta-, and para- where the latter is investigated in this work by consideration of the effect para positioned substituents will have on the vibrational modes. The consistency of the labelling and assignment of the vibrational frequencies of the para disubstituted benzene molecules is investigated in their ground states (S0) and first electronically excited states (S1). The work extends a previously published nomenclature where ring-localised vibrations are compared straightforwardly across different monosubstituted benzene species and given the label Mi. The assignments of the frequencies include previous work but also the calculated wavenumbers for both hydrogenated disubstituted benzenes (-h4) and the deuterated isotopologues (-d4) employing density functional theory (DFT) and time-dependent density functional theory (TDDFT). A. M. Gardner and T. G. Wright, J. Chem. Phys., 135, 114305 (2011) A. M. Gardner, A. M. Green, V. M. Tame-Reyes, V. H. K. Wilton and T. G. Wright, 138, 134303 (2013) A. M. Gardner, A. M. Green, V. M. Tame-Reyes, K. L. Reid, J. A. Davies, V. H. K. Wilton and T. G. Wright, manuscript accepted

Andrejeva, Anna; Lee, Alison Jasmin; Wright, Tim



Determination of the Ratio of Ortho Hydrogen and Para Hydrogen  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The two different quantum states of hydrogen, ortho-hydrogen and para-hydrogen, possess different properties. The accurate determination of the ortho/para ratio in gaseous, liquid and solid state is important both for research needs and for applications in cryogenic engineering, such as H2 production, transport and storage. NMR can determine the ratio1 accurately, but it is cumbersome and often not practical. Cryogenic applications need a simple and reliable method. We report on the development of a thermal conductivity gauge employing a pure metal thin film that serves as both heater and thermometer for the detection of ortho-para hydrogen ratios in the gaseous state. This ratio-meter has been tested and found to have a nearly pressure-independent voltage response over a broad pressure range with a constant current. The thermal conductivity of hydrogen and nitrogen was measured and found to agree quantitatively with published data. The new development will be presented. *Thanks to Larry Phelps, Bill Malphurs, Stephen Wood, David Hernandez. # Supported by NASA Contract NAG3-2750 Ref. 1. D. Zhou, C. M. Edwards, and N. S. Sullivan, Phys. Rev. Lett. 62, 1528 (1989)

Zhou, D.; Ihas, G. G.; Sullivan, N. S.



Consejos para los efectos de la quimioterapia: Cambios en la memoria

Provee consejos prácticos para las personas que están reflejando cambios en la memoria durante la quimioterapia. Enumera síntomas que requieren que se comuniquen con su médico o enfermera e incluye preguntas para su médico o enfermera.


Taller de Ciencia para J ovenes CIMAT, 20-31 julio, 1998  

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~nar los cursos de \\Ciencia para J#19;ovenes'' para alumnos de escuelas preparatorias en los a~nos 1997 of Numbers", por L. E. Dickson (The Uni- versity of Chicago Press, 1947). Un cl#19;asico del tema. Todos

Bor, Gil



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2008 para a prótese, a coordenação entre os micro-controladores escravos para fazer medições de diferentes variáveis, e a geração de trajetórias de juntas. Os micro-controladores escravos utilizados são d

Carvalho, João Luiz


Pitones Birmanas en Florida del Sur: Soporte Cientfico para el Manejo de Especies Invasoras1  

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clasificada por la Unión Internacional para la Conservación como "casi amenazada" en su rango nativo en el Sureste de Asia, debido a su exportación para el comercio como mascota y a la cacería por su piel. Miles

Mazzotti, Frank


El Centro para la Salud Mundial del NCI anuncia las primeras becas de investigación para apoyar las tecnologías portátiles

El Centro para la Salud Mundial del NCI (CGH) anunció el otorgamiento de subvenciones que apoyarán el desarrollo y la validación de tecnologías portátiles y de bajo costo. Estas tecnologías tienen el potencial de mejorar la detección temprana, el diagnóstico y los tratamientos no invasivos o mínimamente invasivos de varios tipos de cáncer con una prevalencia particularmente alta en ciertos países con economías de ingreso bajo y mediano.


A study of the valence shell electronic structure and photoionisation dynamics of para-dichlorobenzene and para-bromochlorobenzene  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The valence shell electronic structure and photoionisation dynamics of para-dichlorobenzene and para-bromochlorobenzene have been investigated both experimentally and theoretically. High resolution photoelectron spectra of the outer valence orbitals have been recorded with HeI radiation and the observed structure has been interpreted using calculated ionisation energies and spectral intensities. The theoretical predictions for the single-hole ionic states due to outer valence ionisation agree satisfactorily with the experimental results. Ionisation from the inner valence orbitals is strongly influenced by many-body effects and the with a particular orbital is spread amongst numerous satellites. Some of the photoelectron bands exhibit vibrational progressions and tentative assignments have been proposed. The photoionisation dynamics of the outer valence orbitals of para-dichlorobenzene have been investigated theoretically by using the continuum multiple scattering approach to calculate photoionisation partial cross-sections and photoelectron anisotropy parameters. The results show that ionisation from some of the orbitals is affected by the Cooper minimum associated with the chlorine atom. Synchrotron radiation has been used to record angle resolved photoelectron spectra of the entire valence shell, for photon energies between threshold and ˜100 eV, and these have allowed the corresponding experimental data to be derived. A comparison between the predicted and measured anisotropy parameters confirms the influence of the Cooper minimum in those orbitals related to the chlorine lone-pairs.

Powis, I.; Trofimov, A. B.; Bodzuk, I. L.; Holland, D. M. P.; Potts, A. W.; Karlsson, L.



Zeeman Effect of the Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance of 81Br in para-Bromophenol and 35Cl in paraChlorophenol  

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The Zeeman effect of the 81Br and 35Cl nuclear quadrupole resonance has been studied with high precision on single crystals of para-bromophenol and para-chlorophenol, respectively. The results substantially agree with previous x-ray and NQR studies of para-chlorophenol (x-ray studies are known only for this substance). In p-bromophenol, four physically inequivalent sites were found, instead of two, as reported by other

P. Bucci; P. Cecchi; A. Colligiani



Um Framework para a Simulao de Redes Mveis Ad hoc Alexandre Mele & Markus Endler  

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Um Framework para a Simulação de Redes Móveis Ad hoc Alexandre Mele & Markus Endler Departamento de, um framework flexível para a prototipação e simulação de protocolos para redes móveis ad hoc. Depois.11. Palavras-chave Redes Móveis Ad hoc, Framework, Simulação, Roteamento, Prototipação de Protocolos #12;Um

Endler, Markus


Fondos del SBIR para el desarrollo de tecnologías de imágenes más avanzadas

El Programa de Investigación de la Innovación de la Pequeña Empresa (SBIR), junto con el Programa de Transferencia Tecnológica para la Pequeña Empresa (STTR), son los motores del NCI para la creación y comercialización de nuevas tecnologías para prevenir, diagnosticar y tratar el cáncer.


Notas para un curso de introduccion a la Teoria de Numeros  

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´i inicialmente para acompa~nar los cursos de "Ciencia para J´ovenes" para alumnos de escuelas preparatorias en traducido al espa~nol. "Modern Elementry Theory of Numbers", por L. E. Dickson (The Univer- sity of Chicago

Bor, Gil


Un Sistema de Control de Acceso para la Distribucin de Contenidos Multimedia  

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para aplicar una calidad de servicio (QoS) adecuada. Aunque el control de acceso es una característicaUn Sistema de Control de Acceso para la Distribución de Contenidos Multimedia M. Sánchez1 , G que se intercambie la información necesaria para realizar las tareas de control de acceso, así como

Sánchez Cuenca, Manuel


Propuesta de autorizacin para entornos Grid basada en la arquitectura NAS-SAML  

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Propuesta de autorización para entornos Grid basada en la arquitectura NAS-SAML Manuel Sánchez1 que acceden a sus recursos. Se han propuesto varias arquitecturas de autorización para este tipo de como un recurso más. La arquitectura AAA fue diseñada para resolver este problema usando diferentes

Sánchez Cuenca, Manuel



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Resumen En este artículo, como punto de partida, describimos parte de nuestra experiencia en un caso de estudio particular y sobre un e scenario real en el que se trabaja para resolver una cierta problemática asociada al aprendizaje del diseño domótico. Para este caso de estudio desarrollamos un sistema para el aprendizaje colaborativo basado en los paradigmas de interacción asistida

Miguel A. Redondo; Ana I. Molina; Crescencio Bravo; José Bravo; Manuel Ortega


Aplicación del Teorema de Nekhorochev para tiempos de estabilidad en Mecánica Celeste  

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En Mecánica Celeste, uno de los problemas centrales consiste en la determinación de los tiempos de estabilidad. El teorema de Nekhorochev proporciona un método para dicho estudio, para un sistema determinado por un hamiltoniano descripto en las variables acción-ángulo. El trabajo consiste en la acotación tanto del potencial perturbador y de la matriz hessiana del hamiltoniano integrable para determinar luego

O. Miloni; J. Núñez; A. Brunini



Accesibilidad para personas con debilidad auditiva Mac OS X Snow Leopard  

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Accesibilidad para personas con debilidad auditiva Mac OS X Snow Leopard ASIC ­ 18 de noviembre de LEOPARD MAC OS X Snow Leopard ofrece algunas ayudas para personas sordas o con problemas para escuchar Snow Leopard ASIC ­ 18 de noviembre de 2010 Pág. 2 de 14 1. Recomendaciones previas frente al uso del

Fernández de Córdoba, Pedro


Accesibilidad para personas con debilidad motriz Mac Os X Snow Leopard  

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Accesibilidad para personas con debilidad motriz Mac Os X Snow Leopard ASIC ­ 18 de noviembre de LEOPARD Si usted tiene problemas para utilizar el teclado, el ratón o el trackpad de su portátil, puede para personas con debilidad motriz Mac Os X Snow Leopard ASIC ­ 18 de noviembre de 2010 Pág. 2 de 9

Fernández de Córdoba, Pedro


ParA resolvase catalyzes site-specific excision of DNA from the Arabidopsis genome  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

The small serine resolvase ParA from bacterial plasmids RK2 and RP4 catalyzes the recombination of two identical 133 bp recombination sites known as MRS. Previously, we reported that ParA is active in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe. In this work, the parA recombinase gene was placed un...


Females prefer carotenoid colored males as mates in the pentamorphic livebearing fish, Poecilia parae  

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The first results of female preference and chosen male mating success in a new model organism, the pentamorphic livebearing fish, Poecilia parae, are presented. Poecilia parae is a relative of the guppy, P. reticulata, and is assumed to have similar reproductive behavior. We tested the hypothesis that P. parae females, like female guppies, prefer caretenoid colored males as mates. Here

Godfrey R. Bourne; Felix Breden; Teresa C. Allen




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del Área de Libre Comercio para las Américas (ALCA) desarrollada por un novedoso actor transnacional y recomposición sindical a nivel internacional. Estas cuestiones resultan cardinales para comprender el relieve al proyecto del Área de Libre Comercio para las Américas (ALCA) en el continente americano. Con este

Paris-Sud XI, Université de



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La competitividad en las organizaciones es un factor primordial para su permanencia y desarrollo en el mercado. Para ello, los procesos de fabricación y los productos se monitorean constantemente incluso cuando están en su fase de diseño para asegurar la calidad que los clientes exigen. Los costos generados por reparaciones en las instalaciones del cliente o por la salida de

Rosalva Martínez Aguilar; José Francisco Rodríguez Silva



Buenas prcticas para la digitalizacin de documentos destinados al repositorio Digital.CSIC  

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prácticas para la digitalización de documentos en el repositorio institucional Digital.CSIC: digitalización1 Buenas prácticas para la digitalización de documentos destinados al repositorio Digital instituciones culturales disponen de escáneres de mesa para uso interno del personal o de autoservicio, como


Cómo cuidarse mientras usted cuida a su ser querido: Apoyo para personas que cuidan a un ser querido con cáncer

Un folleto para las personas responsables del cuidado de un ser querido que recibe tratamiento para el cáncer. Ofrece información práctica y apoyo para ayudarlas a sobrellevar este período difícil y estresante.


Amazon Land Wars in the South of Para  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The South of Para, located in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, has become notorious for violent land struggle. Although land conflict has a long history in Brazil, and today impacts many parts of the country, violence is most severe and persistent here. The purpose of this article is to examine why. Specifically, we consider how a particular Amazonian place, the so-called South of Para has come to be known as Brazil's most dangerous badland. We begin by considering the predominant literature, which attributes land conflict to the frontier expansion process with intensified struggle emerging in the face of rising property values and demand for private property associated with capitalist development. From this discussion, we distill a concept of the frontier, based on notions of property rights evolution and locational rents. We then empirically test the persistence of place-based violence in the region, and assess the frontier movement through an analysis of transportation costs. The findings from the analyses indicate that the prevalent theorization of frontier violence in Amazonia does little to explain its persistent and pervasive nature in the South of Para. To fill this gap in understanding, we develop an explanation based the geographic conception of place, and we use contentious politics theory heuristically to elucidate the ways in which general processes interact with place specific history to engender a landscape of violence. In so doing, we focus on environmental, cognitive, and relational mechanisms (and implicated structures), and attempt to deploy them in an explanatory framework that allows direct observation of the accumulating layers of the region's tragic history. We end by placing our discussion within a political ecological context, and consider the implications of the Amazon Land War for the environment.

Simmons, Cynthia S.; Walker, Robert T.; Arima, Eugenio Y.; Aldrich, Stephen P.; Caldas, Marcellus M.




SciTech Connect

The ortho-para chemistry of ammonia in the cold interstellar medium is investigated using a gas-phase chemical network. Branching ratios for the primary reaction chain involved in the formation and destruction of ortho- and para-NH{sub 3} were derived using angular momentum rules based on the conservation of the nuclear spin. We show that the 'anomalous' ortho-to-para ratio of ammonia ({approx}0.7) observed in various interstellar regions is in fact consistent with nuclear spin selection rules in a para-enriched H{sub 2} gas. This ratio is found to be independent of temperature in the range 5-30 K. We also predict an ortho-to-para ratio of {approx}2.3 for NH{sub 2}. We conclude that a low ortho-to-para ratio of H{sub 2} naturally drives the ortho-to-para ratios of nitrogen hydrides below the statistical values.

Faure, A.; Hily-Blant, P.; Le Gal, R.; Rist, C. [UJF-Grenoble 1/CNRS-INSU, Institut de Planetologie et d'Astrophysique de Grenoble (IPAG) UMR 5274, Grenoble F-38041 (France); Pineau des Forets, G., E-mail: [Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale, Universite Paris-Orsay and CNRS, Orsay (France)



Do Well, Be Well with Diabetes 2013 1 Formulario de Conclusin para Personas con Diabetes Formulario de Conclusin para Personas con Diabetes 201  

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Do Well, Be Well with Diabetes ­ 2013 1 Formulario de Conclusión para Personas con Diabetes Formulario de Conclusión para Personas con Diabetes ­ 201 Si usted NO TIENE diabetes, por favor NO LLENE este últimos cuatro números de mi número telefónico son __ __ __ __. C. Marque todas las clases sobre diabetes


Do Well, Be Well with Diabetes 2013 1 Formulario de Registro para Personas con Diabetes Formulario de Registro para Personas con Diabetes 2013  

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Do Well, Be Well with Diabetes ­ 2013 1 Formulario de Registro para Personas con Diabetes Formulario de Registro para Personas con Diabetes ­ 2013 Si usted NO TIENE diabetes, por favor NO LLENE este sobre diabetes en el Condado de _______________. D. El código postal en mi casa es __ __ __ __ __. E


Una propuesta para el dise~no de m'etodos de Jacobi unilaterales por bloques para el Problema Sim'etrico de Valores Propios \\Lambda  

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los tiempos de ejecuci'on te'oricos con los de un m'etodo bilateral por bloques. Palabras clave: m'etodosUna propuesta para el dise~no de m'etodos de Jacobi unilaterales por bloques para el Problema Sim'etrico de Valores Propios. Se estudian dos m'etodos secuenciales y sus versiones paralelas, y se comparan

Giménez, Domingo


The infrared dielectric function of solid para-hydrogen  

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We report laboratory measurements of the absorption coefficient of solid para-H2, within the wavelength range from 1 to 16.7 micron, at high spectral resolution. In addition to the narrow rovibrational lines of H2 which are familiar from gas phase spectroscopy, the data manifest double transitions and broad phonon branches that are characteristic specifically of hydrogen in the solid phase. These transitions are of interest because they provide a spectral signature which is independent of the impurity content of the matrix. We have used our data, in combination with a model of the ultraviolet absorptions of the H2 molecule, to construct the dielectric function of solid para-H2 over a broad range of frequencies. Our results will be useful in determining the electromagnetic response of small particles of solid hydrogen. The dielectric function makes it clear that pure H2 dust would contribute to IR extinction predominantly by scattering starlight, rather than absorbing it, and the characteristic IR absorption s...

Kettwich, Cassie; Walker, Mark; Tuntsov, Artem



Para-Sexiphenyl Layers Grown On Light Sensitive Polymer Substrates  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In this contribution the deposition of Para-sexiphenyl (PSP) layers on poly (diphenyl bicyclo[2.2.1]hept-5-ene-2,3-dicarboxylate) (PPNB) by Hot Wall Epitaxy (HWE) is reported. It is demonstrated that pre-treating the substrate by UV-illumination induces a clear change in the morphology of the grown PSP films due to the polarity modification of the substrate surface. PPNB surface polarity increases when illuminated by UV via photo-Fries rearrangement. By detailed atomic force microscopy analysis the influence on the growth kinetics by the substrate temperature, deposition time and particularly by the UVtreatment of the substrate was investigated. A high crystalline order of the films is underlined by the observation of growth spirals and terraced islands, providing mono-layer step heights of standing PSP-molecules.

Hernandez-Sosa, G.; Simbrunner, C.; Höfler, T.; Moser, A.; Werzer, O.; Kunert, B.; Trimmel, G.; Kern, W.; Resel, R.; Sitter, H.


Photophysics of Isolated Nanostructured Poly(para-phenylenevinylene)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The photophysics of bulk poly(para-phenylenevinylene) (PPV) films are compared to those of isolated PPV chains incorporated into a self-assembled lyotropic liquid-crystalline matrix ordered at the nanometer scale (nano-PPV). As expected, the optical spectra and the spectral dependence of the photoluminescence (PL)-detected magnetic resonance (PLDMR) show that the nano-PPV structure largely eliminates the interchain charge transfer excitons, allowing only intrachain migration of singlet excitons (SE´s). The observed unusual sublinear dependence of the PL on the excitation density in nano-PPV indicates that these SE´s are strongly nonradiatively quenched at trapped polarons. A rate-equation model based on this quenching mechanism provides strong evidence that this quenching process is responsible for the polaron PLDMR. *Operated by ISU for the USDOE under Contract W-7405-Eng-82.

List, Emil J. W.; Partee, Jonathan; Shinar, Joseph; Zojer, Egbert; Markart, P.; Gadermaier, Christoph; Leising, Guenther; Smith, R.; Gin, D.; Graupner, Wilhelm



Technique to match mantle and para-aortic fields  

SciTech Connect

A technique is described to match the mantle and para-aortic fields used in treatment of Hodgkin's disease, when the patient is treated alternately in supine and prone position. The approach is based on referencing the field edges to a point close to the vertebral column, where uncontrolled motion is minimal and where accurate matching is particularly important. Fiducial surface points are established in the simulation process to accomplish the objective. Dose distributions have been measured to study the combined effect of divergence differences, changes in body angulation and setup errors. Even with the most careful technique, the use of small cord blocks of 50% transmission is an advisable precaution for the posterior fields.

Lutz, W.R.; Larsen, R.D.



ParaText : scalable text analysis and visualization.  

SciTech Connect

Automated analysis of unstructured text documents (e.g., web pages, newswire articles, research publications, business reports) is a key capability for solving important problems in areas including decision making, risk assessment, social network analysis, intelligence analysis, scholarly research and others. However, as data sizes continue to grow in these areas, scalable processing, modeling, and semantic analysis of text collections becomes essential. In this paper, we present the ParaText text analysis engine, a distributed memory software framework for processing, modeling, and analyzing collections of unstructured text documents. Results on several document collections using hundreds of processors are presented to illustrate the exibility, extensibility, and scalability of the the entire process of text modeling from raw data ingestion to application analysis.

Dunlavy, Daniel M.; Stanton, Eric T.; Shead, Timothy M.



Nuevos sistemas de frecuencia intermedia para el IAR  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Se presenta el diagrama en bloques de los nuevos sistemas de Frecuencia Intermedia para los dos radiómetros instalados en el IAR. Entre las características más importantes del sistema podemos mencionar la posibilidad de conectar cualquiera de las dos antenas a los ``backend" disponibles: analizador espectral de alta resolución (META II) de 0,05 Hz, autocorrelador de 1008 canales y contínuo. Se incorporan al sistema nuevos sintetizadores de frecuencia implementados con PLL y la moderna técnica de síntesis digital directa. Por último, el conjunto del sistema es susceptible de ser configurado por las computadoras de adquisición de datos, supervisadas por otra, que entrega el estado de funcionamiento actual y evita la selección de configuraciones incorrectas por parte del usuario.

Olalde, J. C.; Perilli, D.; Larrarte, J. J.


Procedimento para utilizar a assinatura do IB no Webmail 1) Acesse a sua conta no webmail;  

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1/5 Procedimento para utilizar a assinatura do IB no Webmail 1) Acesse a sua conta no webmail; 2 clique no ícone imagem; 8) Na tela seguinte, digite a seguinte URL da imagem: A imagem da assinatura do IB será exibida. Clique em OK para voltar para a tela de configuração e salve

Morandini, Andre C.


The existence of all three ParaHox genes in the clitellate annelid, Perionyx excavatus  

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A ParaHox gene cluster is composed of three genes (Gsx, Xlox, and Cdx). It has been proposed that all three ParaHox genes were present in the last common ancestor to the lophotrochozoan protostomes and the deuterostomes and that gene loss event has occurred in the ecdysozoan lineage. In this paper, we report the existence of all three ParaHox genes in

Bum Joon Park; Sung-Jin Cho; Eun Sik Tak; Bo Eun Lee; Soon Cheol Park



Nueva opción de tratamiento para mujeres jóvenes con cáncer de seno sensible a las hormonas

Un fármaco usado para el tratamiento del cáncer de seno (mama), conocido como exemestano, es más eficaz que tamoxifeno, un fármaco preventivo de uso común para el cáncer de seno, en la prevención de la recidiva del cáncer de seno en mujeres jóvenes que también reciben tratamiento posoperativo para suprimir el funcionamiento ovárico. Los resultados de este estudio se presentaron en mujeres que tenían un tipo de cáncer de seno en estadio inicial sensible al tratamiento hormonal.


Tcnicas de Investigacin y Manejo para la Conservacin de las Tortugas Marinas 199 Tcnicas de Investigacin y Manejo para la Conservacin de las Tortugas Marinas  

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instalaciones y que se dispone de suficientes recursos financieros para el mantenimiento. Además deberán considerarse las siguientes advertencias: 1. Los viveros son muy costosos tanto en recursos financieros como

Prestwich, Ken


Features of the ancestral bilaterian inferred from Platynereis dumerilii ParaHox genes  

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Background The ParaHox gene cluster is the evolutionary sister to the Hox cluster. Whilst the role of the Hox cluster in patterning the anterior-posterior axis of bilaterian animals is well established, and the organisation of vertebrate Hox clusters is intimately linked to gene regulation, much less is known about the more recently discovered ParaHox cluster. ParaHox gene clustering, and its relationship to expression, has only been described in deuterostomes. Conventional protostome models (Drosophila melanogaster and Caenorhabditis elegans) are secondarily derived with respect to ParaHox genes, suffering gene loss and cluster break-up. Results We provide the first evidence for ParaHox gene clustering from a less-derived protostome animal, the annelid Platynereis dumerilii. Clustering of these genes is thus not a sole preserve of the deuterostome lineage within Bilateria. This protostome ParaHox cluster is not entirely intact however, with Pdu-Cdx being on the opposite end of the same chromosome arm from Pdu-Gsx and Pdu-Xlox. From the genomic sequence around the P. dumerilii ParaHox genes the neighbouring genes are identified, compared with other taxa, and the ancestral arrangement deduced. Conclusion We relate the organisation of the ParaHox genes to their expression, and from comparisons with other taxa hypothesise that a relatively complex pattern of ParaHox gene expression existed in the protostome-deuterostome ancestor, which was secondarily simplified along several invertebrate lineages. Detailed comparisons of the gene content around the ParaHox genes enables the reconstruction of the genome surrounding the ParaHox cluster of the protostome-deuterostome ancestor, which existed over 550 million years ago. PMID:19627570

Hui, Jerome HL; Raible, Florian; Korchagina, Natalia; Dray, Nicolas; Samain, Sylvie; Magdelenat, Ghislaine; Jubin, Claire; Segurens, Béatrice; Balavoine, Guillaume; Arendt, Detlev; Ferrier, David EK



Medico-legal significance of service difficulties and clinical errors in the management of patients with inflammatory bowel diseases.  


There is a significant growth in medical litigation, and cases involving the care and management of patients with inflammatory bowel disease are becoming common. There is no central register of such cases, and the majority are settled before court proceedings. As a result, there is no specific case law related to such conditions, and secrecy usually surrounds the outcome with "no admission of guilt" by the defendant and a clause about non-disclosure and discussion linked to the financial compensation received by the claimant. This review discusses common areas of potential litigation. PMID:25006046

Farrukh, Affifa; Mayberry, John F



[Medico-legal studies on the deaths from coal-mine accidents. 3. Causes of death (author's transl)].  


Thirty-four deceased who were killed from twenty cases of coal-mine accidents during fourteen years from 1965 to 1978 were autopsied in our laboratory and their causes of death have been discussed. In the explosion of methane gas and coal dust chemical energy stored in coal or methane is converted to mechanical energy and thermal energy which act upon the human bodies to bring about seven sorts of causes of death. Deaths are caused more frequently by thermal energy directly or indirectly than by mechanical energy. It is a characteristic found in the explosions of coal mines which are large and closed underground spaces consisting of inflammable material. In gas spurt major cause of death is asphyxia from the lack of oxygen resulting from the substitution of air by methane gas and the effects of mechanical energy developed by gas spurt is slight in degree. In the coal-mine accidents the causes of death are so much concurred that is is difficult to certify the cause of death. A new concept of a cause of death has been proposed to solve such a problem. PMID:527936

Suzutani, T; Ishibashi, H; Takatori, T



Medico-legal evaluation of firearm injuries--an original study from India with review of literature.  


Firearm (FA) injuries pose great health burden and presents enormous challenge for health and national economies. This study was undertaken to analyze the characteristics of fatal gunshot injuries, their pattern, associated factors, and postmortem findings in central India, to provide data for such fatalities in this region, which has not been reported earlier. This is a descriptive, retrospective cross-sectional study carried out on the victims of FA injuries referred to the mortuary. Of the autopsies conducted during study, 2.09% were firearm-related deaths. Of the cases, males (92.42%) notably outnumbered females in a ratio of 12.2:1. Homicidal attacks were maximum, and unlicensed, illegal country-made weapons were the preferred choice. Suicides were least. Result signifies that illegal country-made weapons should be strictly limited to save the precious lives. A holistic approach encompassing public awareness, behavioral modification, and stringent management of law and order is the need of the hour. PMID:25381843

Kumar, Alok; Sachan, Rahul; Verma, Archana



[Medico-genetic study of myopathies in a population of Pamir and Karategin valley of the Tadzhik SSR].  


The clinic-genealogical and population-genetical studies were undertaken to reveal the myopathia patients. The frequency of myopathies in a population of Tajiks, their clinical polymorphism and the course of the pathologic process, depending on factors of environment were studied. In the population of Pamir people, who were exposed to external conditions, 25 patients with the neural amyotrophy, 8 patients with shoulder, shoulder-blade and face form of progressive muscle distrophy, 4 patients with Erba's PMD and 3 with the pseudohypertrophic Dushen form were revealed. High frequency of the neural amyotrophy was connected with the marriage election of the population, its isolation and accumulation of heterozygote carriers. Earlier onset of progressive muscle distrophy was connected with sharp change in climate and great physical burdens which led to the disarrangement of the adaptation system. It was established that 17 patients with the shoulder-blade and face form of the PMD, 5 patients with the sporadic form of the neural amyotrophy, 3 patients with the Dushen's PMD, 2 patients with the Erba's PMD and 1 patient with the spinal amyotrophy inhabited Karategin valley having the continental climate. The high level of migration of these populations resulted in dissemination of the gene in the valley regions. The quantity of abortions and still-borns in families suffering from myopathy is fewer than in Pamir. PMID:2959589

Radzhabaliev, Sh



Test de Evaluacion de Conocimientos Medicos-CIIPME (Test of Evaluation of Medical Knowledge-CIIPME). Publication No. 42.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The purpose of this research is to build a test for the evaluation of the knowledge needed by medical students before entering clinical courses in medical school. The criterion for this was provided by teachers in both the pre-clinical and clinical subjects. The Pilot instrument consisted of 335 items that covered 8 sections. Each one of these…

Alfici, C.; And Others


Medico-social and socio-demographic factors associated with maternal mortality at Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya.  


To identify the most significant determinants of maternal mortality in Kenya, a prospective study involving 49,335 deliveries occurring at Kenyatta National Hospital from January 1978-87 was conducted. There were 156 maternal deaths in this series, for a maternal mortality rate of 3.2/1000 deliveries. The 5 most frequent causes of death were abortion (24%), hypertensive disease of pregnancy (13%), sepsis (13%), anemia (10%), and cardiac disease (7%). 24% of women who died were age 19 years or under, 27% were 20-24 years, 23% were 25-29 years, and 11% were 30-34 years. The largest percentage (24%) of deaths involved nulliparous women; 16% were to women of parity 5 and above. 28% of the women who died were single, and single women contributed the majority of deaths from abortion. 66% of the women who died had received no prenatal care. The proportion of avoidable deaths was 19% among clinic attenders compared to 29% among non-attenders. Overall, age, parity, and marital status--traditionally regarded as the key factors associated with maternal mortality--vary in their impact, given the cause of death and medical services received. The assumption that high parity is associated with maternal mortality was not confirmed in this study due to the significant number of deaths from abortion that involved single, nulliparous women. In addition, many women who died were in the optimum age group for childbearing, but were more prone to suffer from anemia, hypertension, ectopic pregnancy, and cardiac disease than women over 30 years old. Overall, 126 deaths were considered avoidable. Contributory factors were slowness of surgical management of emergencies, prolonged confinement of women with cardiac disease, and a lack of emergency supplies of blood and drugs for complicated deliveries. PMID:12316813

Makokha, A E



Risk management in clinical practice. Part 6a. Identifying and avoiding medico-legal risks in complete denture prosthetics  

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The provision of complete dentures is often perceived as a clinical 'black art' as it relies on a blend of clinical skill, scientific evidence and no little artistic interpretation. Coupled to this is a heavy reliance on patient ability to control their dentures in a muscular environment while, hopefully, coping with the various oral functions in addition to appearance. This

J. F. McCord



On Being Insane in Medico-Legal Places: The Importance of Taking a Complete History in Forensic Mental Health Assessment  

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Rosenhan's experiment (1973) showed that it is not difficult to simulate symptoms of psychiatric illness. A Parliamentary Committee in New South Wales and research from overseas have shown that, in the medicolegal context, such practices continue to exist. To illustrate the argument, there will be a discussion of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is argued that such practices not only

Peter C. Gaughwin



[Medico-legal assessment in the sequelae of burns (2nd part): the lawyer's point of view].  


Corporal prejudice rights have considerably progressed thanks to Dintilhac's nomenclature. The latter has created new headings of prejudice and has identified each of them. The aim is to harmonise experts' reports, claims for compensation, and court verdicts. This nomenclature has defined the notion of temporary aesthetic injury and indirect sexual harm, very useful in the expertise of burn sequelae, and thus permitting compensation of the professional prejudice. PMID:21944870

Nakache, V; Perez, B; Cantaloube, A



DYNA3D/ParaDyn Regression Test Suite Inventory  

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The following table constitutes an initial assessment of feature coverage across the regression test suite used for DYNA3D and ParaDyn. It documents the regression test suite at the time of production release 10.1 in September 2010. The columns of the table represent groupings of functionalities, e.g., material models. Each problem in the test suite is represented by a row in the table. All features exercised by the problem are denoted by a check mark in the corresponding column. The definition of ''feature'' has not been subdivided to its smallest unit of user input, e.g., algorithmic parameters specific to a particular type of contact surface. This represents a judgment to provide code developers and users a reasonable impression of feature coverage without expanding the width of the table by several multiples. All regression testing is run in parallel, typically with eight processors. Many are strictly regression tests acting as a check that the codes continue to produce adequately repeatable results as development unfolds, compilers change and platforms are replaced. A subset of the tests represents true verification problems that have been checked against analytical or other benchmark solutions. Users are welcomed to submit documented problems for inclusion in the test suite, especially if they are heavily exercising, and dependent upon, features that are currently underrepresented.

Lin, J I



Ab initio dynamics study of poly-para-phenylene vinylene  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present an ab initio dynamics investigation within a density-functional perturbation theory framework of the properties of the conjugated polymer poly-para-phenylene vinylene (PPV) in both the isolated chain and crystalline states. The calculated results show that for an isolated chain, most of the vibrational modes correspond to experimentally observed modes in crystalline PPV. However, additional hitherto unidentified modes have been observed in experiment and our calculations on crystalline material have allowed us to assign these. We also present the results of calculations of the polarizability and permittivity tensors of the material, which are in reasonable agreement with the typical values for conjugated polymers. Dynamical Born effective charges [S. Baroni, S. de Gironcoli, A. Dal Corso, and P. Giannozzi, Rev. Mod. Phys. 73, 515 (2001)] are calculated and compared with atomic charges obtained from Mulliken population analysis [M. D. Segall, C. J. Pickard, R. Shah, and M. C. Payne, Mol. Phys. 89, 571 (1996)] and we conclude that effective charges are more appropriate for use in the study of the dynamics of the system. Notable differences are found in the infrared-absorption spectra obtained for the isolated chain and crystalline states, which can be attributed to the differences in the crystalline packing effects, which clearly play a key role in influencing the lattice dynamics of PPV.

Zheng, Guang; Clark, S. J.; Tulip, P. R.; Brand, S.; Abram, R. A.



Para-hydrogen induced polarization in heterogeneous hydrogenationreactions  

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We demonstrate the creation and observation ofpara-hydrogen-induced polarization in heterogeneous hydrogenationreactions. Wilkinson's catalyst, RhCl(PPh3)3, supported on eithermodified silica gel or a polymer, is shown to hydrogenate styrene intoethylbenzene and to produce enhanced spin polarizations, observed throughNMR, when the reaction was performed with H2 gas enriched in the paraspinisomer. Furthermore, gaseous phase para-hydrogenation of propylene topropane with two catalysts, the Wilkinson's catalyst supported onmodified silica gel and Rh(cod)(sulfos) (cod = cycloocta-1,5-diene;sulfos) - O3S(C6H4)CH2C(CH2PPh2)3) supported on silica gel, demonstratesheterogeneous catalytic conversion resulting in large spin polarizations.These experiments serve as a direct verification of the mechanism ofheterogeneous hydrogenation reactions involving immobilized metalcomplexes and can be potentially developed into a practical tool forproducing catalyst-free fluids with highly polarized nuclear spins for abroad range of hyperpolarized NMR and MRI applications.

Koptyug, Igor V.; Kovtunov, Kirill; Burt, Scott R.; Anwar, M.Sabieh; Hilty, Christian; Han, Song-I; Pines, Alexander; Sagdeev, Renad Z.



Quadrupole Approximation for Para-Positronium in Relativistic Schrödinger Theory  

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The non-relativistic energy levels of para-positronium are calculated in the quadrupole approximation of the interaction potential. This approximation technique takes into account the anisotropy of the electrostatic electron-positron interaction in the lowest order. The states due to different values of the quantum number $(l_z)$ of angular momentum are found to be no longer degenerate as is the case in the conventional theory. The physical origin of this elimination of the conventional degeneracy may intuitively be attributed to the state-dependent inertial \\emph{broadening} of the rotating charge clouds; the corresponding \\emph{anisotropic} deformation (in the quadrupole approximation) lowers then the negative electrostatic interaction energy. The result of this influence of anisotropy is that the states with $l_z=0$ adopt smaller binding energy whereas the states with maximal value of $|l_z|$ (for fixed principal quantum number $n$) have the largest binding energy within the angular momentum multiplet $(-|l_{z,\\mathrm{max}}| \\le l_z \\le |l_{z,\\mathrm{max}}|)$. This yields a certain kind of electric fine-structure splitting with the splitted RST levels being placed in a relatively narrow band around the (highly degenerated) conventional levels.

M. Mattes; M. Sorg



Vibrational relaxation in jet-cooled para-alkylanilines  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Absorption and fluorescence spectra have been obtained for the 1B2(??*)?1A1 transition of a series of para-alkylanilines cooled in a supersonic free jet. The series consists of all p-n-alkylanilines through n-butyl- as well as p-isopropylaniline and aniline itself. For those members of the series having an alkyl chain length of three or greater, two distinct molecular conformations are found to be populated in the jet with roughly equal likelihood. Spectra of both the extended chain conformation [p-n-(t)-alkylanilines] and the coiled chain conformation [p-n-(g)-alkylanilines] show that two optically active aniline vibrations are largely unaffected by changes in the length and nature of the n-alkyl chain. One of these vibrations (the inversion motion of the -NH2 group) would be expected to be particularly weakly coupled to the torsions and bends of p-alkyl chain. Nonetheless, fluorescence spectra obtained when this vibration is excited in the 1B2 state show that intramolecular vibrational relaxation occurs into the chain modes within a nanosecond.

Powers, D. E.; Hopkins, J. B.; Smalley, R. E.



Para-dichlorobenzene toxicity – a review of potential neurotoxic manifestations  

PubMed Central

Background: Para-dichlorobenzene (PDCB) is an active ingredient of mothballs, deodorizers and fumigants. Due to the easy availability of this chemical, there is a considerable risk for accidental or intentional toxic exposure. Recently, multiple cases of PDCB toxicity due to mothball ingestion were reported. PDCB toxicity can affect multiple organ systems including liver, kidneys, skin, lung and the central nervous system (CNS). CNS toxicity often results in leukoencephalopathy and heterogeneous neurological manifestations. Objectives: The objective of this study was to illustrate the clinical presentation, imaging findings, diagnosis and management of PDCB toxicity. Methods: We carried out a literature review of the pharmacological and toxicological properties of PDCB. Conclusions: PDCB and other aromatic hydrocarbons are capable of CNS tissue damage and in promoting functional neurological decline. While very little is currently known about prevalence of PDCB addiction, it cannot be ruled out that its illicit use among young people is under-recognized. The number of cases of PDCB toxicity might also rise due to the increasing industrial and domestic use of this chemical. PMID:24790648

Dubey, Divyanshu; Sharma, Vibhash D.; Pass, Steven E.; Sawhney, Anshudha



Analise de Mecanismos de CAC para Redes ATM Michel Ferreira Abdalla  

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An´alise de Mecanismos de CAC para Redes ATM Michel Ferreira Abdalla Department of Computer Science~ao em redes ATM. Uma classifica¸c~ao destes mecanismos baseada no princ´ipio impl´icito neles utilizado encontrar em redes ATM, estes mecanismos apre- sentam resultados bastante superestimados para a capaci- dade

Abdalla, Michel Ferreira


MiCCS4Mobile Middleware para Comunicao e Coordenao Segura em Redes Ad-hoc  

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MiCCS4Mobile Middleware para Comunicação e Coordenação Segura em Redes Ad-hoc com Participantes desenvolvimento de aplicações móveis. Algumas aplicações exploram protocolos de redes sem fios e a mobilidade dos dispositivos para aumentar as suas funciona- lidades. A classe de protocolos de redes sem fios com dispositivos

Neves, Nuno


Uma Implementac~ao Concorrente de Redes Neurais PCA para Compress~ao de Imagens  

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Uma Implementac¸~ao Concorrente de Redes Neurais PCA para Compress~ao de Imagens Willian Y. Honda1 dados. Considerando uma rede neural que aproxima os resultados da PCA cl´assica, a principal contribuic¸~ao deste trabalho consiste em apresentar um modelo de implementac¸~ao concorrente para essa rede. Um estudo

Pereira, Marcone Corrêa


Opciones de cirugía para mujeres con CDIS o con cáncer de seno

Contiene información sobre los tipos de cirugía de seno, como la operación para conservar el seno y la mastectomía, y ayuda a las mujeres diagnosticadas con CDIS o con cáncer de seno a decidir cuál cirugía es la más conveniente para ellas.



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comerciales, de prestaciones inferiores, que presentan problemas para generar estímulos para experimentos distinguir la red de un campo uniforme. La CSF se obtiene como la inversa del contraste global en el espacio imposibilita su uso durante un experimento, por lo que trabajamos con estímulos pre-calculados. MEDIDA El

Escolano, Francisco



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TRIBUNAL REGIONAL FEDERAL DA 1ª REGIÃO XIV CONCURSO PÚBLICO PARA PROVIMENTO DE CARGO DE JUIZ FEDERAL SUBSTITUTO ­ 1ª REGIÃO Edital de Retificação O Desembargador Federal Presidente da Comissão de Concurso do XIV Concurso Público para provimento de cargo de Juiz Federal Substituto do Tribunal Regional

Maier, Rudolf Richard



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Para lograr introducir en nuestras comunidades rurales cualquiera información técnica o participativa debemos de pensar en forma de desarrollo futuro buscando alternativas que propicien una buena capacitación en este caso para la introducción de nuevas técnicas, cultivos, utilización de los recursos racionales e introducción de otros de mejor resultados y hasta hacer de los diferentes productores de comunidades una escuela

Jorge Alfredo González Pérez



Evaluación de dos esquemas de inmunización para la Evaluación de dos esquemas de inmunización para la Evaluación de dos esquemas de inmunización para la Evaluación de dos esquemas de inmunización para la producción de sueros producción de sueros producción de sueros producción de sueros hiperinmunes contra hiperinmunes contra hiperinmunes contra hiperinmunes contra Leptospira Leptospira Leptospira Leptospira interrogans interrogans interrogans interrogans  

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Los antisueros policlonales utilizados para el serotipaje de cepas de Leptospira deben caracterizarse por un alto nivel de aglutininas específicas a un serogrupo o serovar determinado y una baja reactividad cruzada frente al resto de las serovariedades. El presente trabajo se desarrolló con el objetivo de evaluar y comparar dos de los esquemas de inmunización reportados para la obtención de

Andrés González; Niurka Batista; Manuel Ortíz; Vismark Torres; Juan F. Infante; Marta González



Planificación y Lenguaje para la Iniciación a la Programación Orientada a Objetos  

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Resumen— La programación orientada a objetos suele enseñarse después de la procedimental en los planes de estudio actuales. La parte práctica de una asignatura de programación suele consistir en la realización de programas. Elegir un lenguaje para cada paradigma, uno orientado a objetos para ambos o un lenguaje híbrido, presenta diferentes problemas de aprendizaje. Además, muchos lenguajes comerciales orientados a

Luis Fernández Muñoz; Rosalía Peña Ros; J. Ángel Velázquez-Iturbide


Extensi'on del c'alculo para la Modelizaci'on de Procesos Concurrentes  

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casos como para pensar en 'el como recurso expresi­ vo adecuado para la programaci'on, vamos a definir un lenguaje de m'as alto nivel, ALEPH, que posee los recursos expresivos deseables en programaci'on y

Alpuente, María


Notas de Aula: Fisica para Biologia: PRELIMINAR Nestor Caticha e Osame Kinouchi  

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Notas de Aula: F´isica para Biologia: PRELIMINAR Nestor Caticha e Osame Kinouchi 27 de junho de´ificas nem discutir a biologia por tr´as destas aplica¸c~oes. Esperamos que isso seja estudado em outras problema maior para estudantes de biologia pode ser o tratamento matem´atico. Usaremos novamente o

Caticha, Nestor


Arquitectura Multiagente para la Gestin de Informacin de Awareness en Entornos CSCL  

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Arquitectura Multiagente para la Gestión de Información de Awareness en Entornos CSCL Iván D razón, este artículo presenta una Arquitectura Multiagentes como alternativa para la gestión de usuario mediante una Arquitectura Multiagente que permite gestionar la información de Conciencia Grupal o

Guerrero, Luis


Uso del conocimiento de la arquitectura Fermi para mejorar el rendimiento en aplicaciones  

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Uso del conocimiento de la arquitectura Fermi para mejorar el rendimiento en aplicaciones CUDA Yuri arquitectura Fermi de NVIDIA introduce nuevos criterios a la hora de selec- cionar los tama~nos y la geometr arquitectura para aplicar adecua- damente t´ecnicas de optimizaci´on de c´odigo. Fermi [2] [3] [4] es la

Llanos, Diego R.


Desarrollo y Aplicacin de un ndice de Calidad de Agua para ros en Puerto Rico  

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Desarrollo y Aplicación de un Índice de Calidad de Agua para ríos en Puerto Rico por Francisco J en INGENIERÍA CIVIL UNIVERSIDAD DE PUERTO RICO RECINTO UNIVERSITARIO DE MAYAGÜEZ 2009 Aprobado por trabajo presenta la elaboración de un Índice de Calidad de Agua (ICA) para los ríos en Puerto Rico. Dicho

Gilbes, Fernando



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RESUMO - Nos últimos anos, foi despertado um grande interesse para o pr ocessamento da batata na forma de fritura no Brasil. Visando à obtenção de culti- vares nacionais que atendam aos padrões de qualidade culinária exigidos pelas indústrias de processamento, os programas de melhoramento de batata têm estabelecido estratégias para a redução de custos e de tempo. Reali- zou-se



Un test adaptativo informatizado para evaluar el conocimiento de inglés escrito: diseño y comprobaciones psicométricas  

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El presente artículo muestra el trabajo desarrollado para diseñar un test adaptativo informatizado que evalúa el nivel de conocimientos de inglés escrito en castellano-parlantes. Se describe el proceso se- guido para la elaboración del banco de ítems, la comprobación de sus propiedades psicométricas, el ajuste obtenido al modelo logístico de tres parámetros y las principales características del algoritmo adaptativo. Se

Julio Olea; Francisco José Abad; Vicente Ponsoda; M. Carmen Ximénez



Interpoladores Espaciais para Gerao de Superfcies de Densidade Populacional na Amaznia Brasileira: problemas e perspectivas.  

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Interpoladores Espaciais para Geração de Superfícies de Densidade Populacional na Amazônia de superfícies de densidade populacional na Amazônia Brasileira. Os principais problemas de mais utilizados para gerar superfícies de densidade populacional. Discute-se a aplicabilidade destes

Camara, Gilberto


Bases morfofisiológicas para maior tolerância dos híbridos modernos de milho a altas densidades de plantas  

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RESUMO O lançamento de híbridos de milho tolerantes ao aumento da densidade de plantas contribuiu para o incremento do potencial produtivo da cultura na segunda metade do século XX. Objetiva-se com esta revisão de literatura discutir características morfológicas, fisiológicas, fenológicas e alométricas que contribuíram para maior adaptação do milho a elevadas densidades de plantas. Os processos de seleção utilizados pelos

Luís Sangoi; Milton Luiz de Almeida; Paulo Regis Ferreira da Silva; Gilber Argenta



Escalamiento en la Densidad de Im agenes para una Reconstrucci on Tridimensional  

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Escalamiento en la Densidad de Im#19;agenes para una Reconstrucci#19;on Tridimensional Luis Gerardo microscopio electr#19;onico de transmisi#19;on. El escalamiento en la densidad es un paso previo para usar semejante, a una densidad cero y una varianza arbitraria de valor 100. Roseman et al [6] simplemente

Fraga, Luis Gerardo de la


Metodología para el Análisis y Diseño de Sistemas Multi Agente Robóticos: MAD-Smart  

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RESUMEN En este artículo se describe la metodología para el desarrollo de Sistemas Multi-Agente Robóticos MAD-Smart y se desarrollan algunos ejemplos para visualizar algunas de sus car acterísticas. La metodología buscar dar cobertura en la fase de con ceptuación, análisis y diseño mediante la definición de un conj unto de actividades que ayudan al desarrollador a entender mejor el problema

Marcela Vallejo Valencia; John Fredy; Ochoa Gómez; Términos Generales


The effects of para-chlorophenylalanine on brain serotonin, food intake, and U-Maze behavior  

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The effects of the serotonin depleting drug dl para-chlorophenylalanine on conditioned alternation in the U-Maze were examined. Rats given para-chlorophenylalanine and nondrugged rats received reward contingent upon alternating choices between the left and right maze arms.

Robert A. McFarlain; J. M. Bloom



Livro de actividades em ToonTalk para o pré-escolar  

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Como orientação para os educadores, foi desenvolvido um conjunto de actividades adequadas a contextos de educação pré-escolar (crianças dos 3 aos 5 anos, na presença de educadores), que se apoiam no videojogo - ou videobrinquedo - ToonTalk. Para permitir uma fácil compreensão e acompanhamento por parte de crianças e educadores, foi então desenvolvida uma forma gráfica de transmitir essas actividades,

Leonel Morgado; Maria Gabriel Bulas Cruz; Ana Teresa Tavares; Christophe Moura


Plastic debris ingestion by sea turtle in Para??ba, Brazil  

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Coastal gill net entanglement and debris intake are important threats to the survival of sea turtles. Two sea turtles (Lepidochelys olivacea and Chelonia mydas) were found stranded along the coast of Para??ba. After necropsy, plastic debris were found in the stomach. The debris is described. This is the first record of this sort of problem for the Para??ba littoral.

Rita Mascarenhas; Robson Santos; Douglas Zeppelini



Accesibilidad para personas con debilidad visual Mac OS X Snow Leopard  

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Accesibilidad para personas con debilidad visual Mac OS X Snow Leopard ASIC ­ 18 de noviembre de LEOPARD Al igual que otros sistemas operativos, MAC OS X Snow Leopard ofrece algunas ayudas para que las debilidad visual Mac OS X Snow Leopard ASIC ­ 18 de noviembre de 2010 Pág. 2 de 25 1. Recomendaciones

Fernández de Córdoba, Pedro



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El trabajo se desarrollo en la Empresa Forestal Integral Guantánamo. Para la realización de la propuesta se analizó el sistema de costo que se utiliza y su aplicación en las 3 Unidades Básicas de Producción Industrial con que cuentan. Estas unidades para realizar su actividad productiva tienen como punto de partida la demanda que existe por parte de los organismos

Rebeca Judith Gabriel Pellicier; María del Pilar Garzón Wilson



Corynebacterium diphtheriae diphtheriae diphtheriae diphtheriae, empleados en la , empleados en la , empleados en la , empleados en la producción de vacunas para uso humano producción de vacunas para uso humano producción de vacunas para uso humano producción de vacunas para uso humano  

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En el presente estudio se evaluó el método de congelación a -70ºC para la preservación de Bordetella pertussis y Corynebacterium diphtheriae. Para verificar el sustento de los cultivos se realizó un adecuado control de calidad, que incluyó comprobación de pureza, viabilidad y estabilidad de las propiedades de interés. En este trabajo se probaron diferentes formulaciones. Se seleccionó la que arrojó

Elsie Iglesias; Yilian Plasencia; Teresita Morales; Luis Izquierdo



AMIR-ST: Propuesta de una Aproximación Metodológica para la Ingeniería de Requisitos de Sistemas Telemáticos  

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Resumen En el presente artículo se propone a AMIR-ST (Aproximación Metodológica para la Ingeniería de Requisitos de Sistemas Telemáticos), como un conjunto articulado y bien balanceado de métodos para el flujo de trabajo de Ingeniería de Requisitos, que constituye un proceso de desarrollo fundamentado en la interacción continua con los usuarios, la obtención del Modelo de Negocio, el desarrollo de

Mario Fernando; Solarte Sarasty


Seguimiento de Objetos para la reconstrucción de Ambientes en 3D  

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Este documento presenta el estado del arte en el seguimiento de objetos por medio de visión artificial para generar ambientes reconstruidos en tres dimensiones. El proceso en general, es la consecución o el flujo cíclico de los procesos para llegar a los módulos de seguimiento y reconstrucción. Partiendo desde los dispositivos de visión que son quienes proporcionan al sistema la

Alvarez Tirado


Montaje de INTEGRAL -1 -Manual de Montaje para los Astrnomos de Soporte  

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montado. No obstante, hay que tener en cuenta que esta sala se utiliza también para otros instrumentos, y explica el montaje del instrumento. Este documento complementa el "Instrument Change Checklist" del WHT utili- zación para las observaciones de esa noche con otros instrumentos. Los distintos pasos a ejecutar


MAEB 2012 Albacete, 8-10 de Febrero de 2012 Tecnicas de pruebas automaticas para  

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. Para demostar el uso estas estrategias, se aplican a un algoritmo gen´etico estacionario, comprobando c algoritmo gen´etico con codificaci´on real [11], aun- que el enfoque planteado puede extenderse a otros AEsMAEB 2012 Albacete, 8-10 de Febrero de 2012 T´ecnicas de pruebas autom´aticas para algoritmos

Granada, Universidad de


Modelo de desarrollo de aplicaciones móviles basadas en videojuegos para la navegación de personas ciegas  

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Existe una necesidad real de contar con sistemas para que personas con discapacidad visual mejoren las habilidades de movilidad y orientación, es especial para que los niños puedan mejorar su autonomía en el futuro. Sin embargo, estos sistemas deben ser diseñados acorde a los objetivos, metodologías y recursos disponibles, así como también considerando los intereses y formas de interacción de

Jaime Sánchez; Luis Guerrero; Mauricio Sáenz; Héctor Flores



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En el presente trabajo se muestran los resultados obtenidos a partir de la evaluación del cultivo de Caña de Azúcar; La puesta en vigencia de las leyes argentinas, que fija incentivos específicos para este cultivo, reabren las posibilidades de retomar la producción de bioetanol anhidro para uso como combustible. El objetivo final del presente estudio es entonces, contribuir al uso

Renée Alicia Anschau; Noelia Flores Marco; Stella Maris Carballo; Jorge Hilbert



Para-nitrobenzyl esterases with enhanced activity in aqueous and nonaqueous media  


A method for isolating and identifying modified para-nitrobenzyl esterases which exhibit improved stability and/or esterase hydrolysis activity toward selected substrates and under selected reaction conditions relative to the unmodified para-nitrobenzyl esterase. The method involves preparing a library of modified para-nitrobenzyl esterase nucleic acid segments (genes) which have nucleotide sequences that differ from the nucleic acid segment which encodes for unmodified para-nitrobenzyl esterase. The library of modified para-nitrobenzyl nucleic acid segments is expressed to provide a plurality of modified enzymes. The clones expressing modified enzymes are then screened to identify which enzymes have improved esterase activity by measuring the ability of the enzymes to hydrolyze the selected substrate under the selected reaction conditions. Specific modified para-nitrobenzyl esterases are disclosed which have improved stability and/or ester hydrolysis activity in aqueous or aqueous-organic media relative to the stability and/or ester hydrolysis activity of unmodified naturally occurring para-nitrobenzyl esterase.

Arnold, Frances H. (Pasadena, CA); Moore, Jeffrey C. (Pasadena, CA)



Para-nitrobenzyl esterases with enhanced activity in aqueous and nonaqueous media  


A method for isolating and identifying modified para-nitrobenzyl esterases which exhibit improved stability and/or esterase hydrolysis activity toward selected substrates and under selected reaction conditions relative to the unmodified para-nitrobenzyl esterase. The method involves preparing a library of modified para-nitrobenzyl esterase nucleic acid segments (genes) which have nucleotide sequences that differ from the nucleic acid segment which encodes for unmodified para-nitrobenzyl esterase. The library of modified para-nitrobenzyl nucleic acid segments is expressed to provide a plurality of modified enzymes. The clones expressing modified enzymes are then screened to identify which enzymes have improved esterase activity by measuring the ability of the enzymes to hydrolyze the selected substrate under the selected reaction conditions. Specific modified para-nitrobenzyl esterases are disclosed which have improved stability and/or ester hydrolysis activity in aqueous or aqueous-organic media relative to the stability and/or ester hydrolysis activity of unmodified naturally occurring para-nitrobenzyl esterase.

Arnold, Frances H. (Pasadena, CA); Moore, Jeffrey C. (Pasadena, CA)



Para-nitrobenzyl esterases with enhanced activity in aqueous and nonaqueous media  


A method is disclosed for isolating and identifying modified para-nitrobenzyl esterases. These enzymes exhibit improved stability and/or esterase hydrolysis activity toward selected substrates and under selected reaction conditions relative to the unmodified para-nitrobenzyl esterase. The method involves preparing a library of modified para-nitrobenzyl esterase nucleic acid segments (genes) which have nucleotide sequences that differ from the nucleic acid segment which encodes for unmodified para-nitrobenzyl esterase. The library of modified para-nitrobenzyl nucleic acid segments is expressed to provide a plurality of modified enzymes. The clones expressing modified enzymes are then screened to identify which enzymes have improved esterase activity by measuring the ability of the enzymes to hydrolyze the selected substrate under the selected reaction conditions. Specific modified para-nitrobenzyl esterases are disclosed which have improved stability and/or ester hydrolysis activity in aqueous or aqueous-organic media relative to the stability and/or ester hydrolysis activity of unmodified naturally occurring para-nitrobenzyl esterase. 43 figs.

Arnold, F.H.; Moore, J.C.



Para-nitrobenzyl esterases with enhanced activity in aqueous and nonaqueous media  


A method is disclosed for isolating and identifying modified para-nitrobenzyl esterases which exhibit improved stability and/or esterase hydrolysis activity toward selected substrates and under selected reaction conditions relative to the unmodified para-nitrobenzyl esterase. The method involves preparing a library of modified para-nitrobenzyl esterase nucleic acid segments (genes) which have nucleotide sequences that differ from the nucleic acid segment which encodes for unmodified para-nitrobenzyl esterase. The library of modified para-nitrobenzyl nucleic acid segments is expressed to provide a plurality of modified enzymes. The clones expressing modified enzymes are then screened to identify which enzymes have improved esterase activity by measuring the ability of the enzymes to hydrolyze the selected substrate under the selected reaction conditions. Specific modified para-nitrobenzyl esterases are disclosed which have improved stability and/or ester hydrolysis activity in aqueous or aqueous-organic media relative to the stability and/or ester hydrolysis activity of unmodified naturally occurring para-nitrobenzyl esterase. 43 figs.

Arnold, F.H.; Moore, J.C.



Um enfoque antropológico para o ensino de astronomia no nível médio  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Há uma enorme carência de materiais didático-pedagógicos em astronomia para professores do ensino médio, sobretudo materiais que explorem também aspectos humanísticos. A origem do Universo é um bom exemplo desta constatação central. Embora tal origem teve explicações culturais diversas, os professores não têm informações sobre isso e muito menos material que trabalhe diferentes visões de mundo e treinamento que os capacite a abordá-las devidamente. Conseqüentemente o ensino de astronomia costuma ser tecnicista e dissociado do aspecto humano que alimenta o grande interesse e curiosidade que esses temas despertam. Aqui apresentamos propostas visando contribuir para reverter esse quadro e trabalhamos distintas visões de Universo: espontâneas, autóctones e científicas. Desenvolvemos práticas, materiais instrucionais e textos para viabilizar a adoção de um enfoque antropológico para o ensino de astronomia no nível médio, no qual as culturas humanística e científica sejam integradas de uma maneira contextualizada e eficaz para aquele ensino. Estas propostas foram aplicadas em um curso de treinamento para professores da rede pública de diferentes disciplinas. A receptividade dos professores à abordagem proposta e os resultados alcançados foram muito estimulantes. Destes, destacamos: produção de roteiros de atividades; desenvolvimento de práticas didático-pedagógicas específicas (e.g., encenação de mitos; dança primordial guarani; "criação" de constelações e interpretações pluriculturais; etc.); e sugestões concretas para a efetiva realização de um ensino interdisciplinar contextualizado, onde questões cosmogônicas servem de mote para iniciar tal ensino. Discutimos estes resultados e como o enfoque adotado pode instrumentalizar os professores para leituras de mundo que incluem naturalmente aspectos culturais, sociais e históricos associados aos temas estudados. (PPGECNM/UFRN; PRONEX/FINEP; NUPA/USP; Temáticos/FAPESP)

Costa, G. B.; Jafelice, L. C.



Construção de um catálogo de aglomerados abertos para estudo da dinâmica da estrutura espiral da Galáxia  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Os aglomerados abertos são objetos de grande valor para o estudo da dinâmica da Galáxia devido esses objetos terem uma faixa de idade relativamente ampla. O trabalho visa estudar a dinâmica da estrutura espiral da Galáxia principalmente através do uso desses aglomerados, uma vez que o estudo da cinemática desses objetos é fundamental para esse objetivo. Nosso grupo trabalha no sentido de construir uma base de dados de aglomerados abertos contendo coordenadas, distância, idade, movimentos próprios e velocidades radiais e já disponibiliza uma nova versão do catálogo de aglomerados abertos o qual é uma compilação de edições anteriores, principalmente Lynga (1987), Mermilliod (1995) e ESO-B (Lauberts 1982). Nossa amostra possui cerca de 1630 aglomerados, mas nem todos os parâmetros acima citados foram determinados em sua totalidade. Para determinarmos esses parâmetros, derivamos as cores intrínsecas das estrelas membro de cada aglomerado a partir de seus tipos espectrais (busca feita no SIMBAD) obtendo assim o excesso de cor individual. A distribuição dos excessos de cor foi então utilizada para derivarmos o avermelhamento médio para cada aglomerado. De maneira similar, os tipos espectrais foram usados para estimar as magnitudes absolutas, e com as magnitudes absolutas e aparentes determinamos a respectiva distribuição do módulo de distância e finalmente a distância. Para determinar as idades foram confeccionados os diagramas cor-magnitude das estrelas de cada aglomerado onde foram superpostas a Seqüência Principal de Idade Zero (ZAMS). Superpomos a ZAMS de Schmidt-Kaler e isócronas de composição solar. Essas isócronas foram usadas para determinação das idades dos aglomerados. Uma vez que não temos ainda resultados finais, apresentamos então alguns diagramas cor-magnitude os quais foram usados para determinação, principalmente, da distância e idade dos aglomerados.

Carlos, I. M.; Lépine, J. R. D.



COD, para-chlorophenol and toxicity removal from para-chlorophenol containing synthetic wastewater in an activated sludge unit.  


Chlorinated phenolic compounds present in some chemical industry wastewaters cause severe toxic effects on the organisms and often are resistant to biological degradation. Synthetic wastewater containing different concentrations of para-chlorophenol (4-chlorophenol, 4-CP) was biologically treated in an activated sludge unit for COD, 4-CP and toxicity removal. Effects of feed 4-CP concentration on COD, 4-CP, toxicity removals and on sludge volume index were investigated at a constant sludge age of 20 days and hydraulic residence time (HRT) of 25 h. Resazurin method based on dehydrogenase activity was used for determination of the toxicity of the feed and effluent wastewater. COD and 4-CP removals were not affected by the presence of 4-CP in the wastewater up to feed 4-CP concentration of 925 mg l(-1) because of almost complete degradation of 4-CP yielding lower than 50 mg l(-1) 4-CP in the aeration tank. Percent COD, 4-CP and toxicity removals decreased and the effluent COD, 4-CP and toxicity levels increased with further increases in the feed 4-CP concentrations above 925 mg l(-1) because of inhibitory concentrations of 4-CP in the reactor. Biomass concentration in the aeration tank decreased and the sludge volume index (SVI) increased with feed 4-CP concentrations above 925 mg l(-1) resulting in lower COD and 4-CP removal rates. The rates of COD and 4-CP removals indicated substrate (4-CP) inhibition for the feed 4-CP concentrations above 925 mg l(-1) corresponding to the reactor 4-CP of above 200 mg l(-1). The system should be operated at the feed 4-CP concentrations of less than 900 mg l(-1) (4-CP(R) < 200 mg l(-1)) in order to obtain high rates and extents of COD, 4-CP and toxicity removals at a sludge age of 20 days and HRT of 25 h. PMID:16257114

Kargi, Fikret; Konya, Isil



75 FR 34943 - Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement; Para-Aramid Fibers and Yarns Manufactured in a...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

...Domestic Para-Aramid Sewing Thread May Be of Lower Quality...specification to use para-aramid thread that was heavier and weaker than the commercial thread that was used in the commercial...Regulatory Flexibility Analysis One respondent...



Aplicación del Teorema de Nekhorochev para tiempos de estabilidad en Mecánica Celeste  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

En Mecánica Celeste, uno de los problemas centrales consiste en la determinación de los tiempos de estabilidad. El teorema de Nekhorochev proporciona un método para dicho estudio, para un sistema determinado por un hamiltoniano descripto en las variables acción-ángulo. El trabajo consiste en la acotación tanto del potencial perturbador y de la matriz hessiana del hamiltoniano integrable para determinar luego el tiempo de estabilidad de dicho sistema, donde por estabilidad se entiende la separación en norma infinito en el espacio de las acciones.

Miloni, O.; Núñez, J.; Brunini, A.


Colonization of wheat para-nodules by N2-fixing cyanobacterium Nostoc 2S9  

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The treatment of wheat roots with 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid led to the formation of tumor-like structures, para-nodules, which were readily colonized by cyanobacteria. The amount of cyanobacteria found on 2,4-D treated roots was 3.6 times higher than that found on untreated roots. Cyanobacteria penetrated the para-nodules by migrating in between loosely arranged cells that covered their surfaces or by penetrating the space at the junction of root and para-nodule. In plants treated with 2,4-D and co-cultivated with cyanobacteria, the rate of acetylene reduction was three times higher than in control plants.

Gantar, Miroslav; Elhai, Jeff



Endovascular Treatment of a Ruptured Para-Anastomotic Aneurysm of the Abdominal Aorta  

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We report a case of a ruptured para-anastomotic aortic aneurysm treated with implantation of a bifurcated stent-graft. A 72-year-old patient, who had undergone aortobifemoral bypass for aortoiliac occlusive disease 16 years ago, presented with a ruptured para-anastomotic aortic aneurysm. A bifurcated stent-graft was successfully deployed into the old bifurcated graft. This is the first report of a bifurcated stent-graft being placed through an 'end-to-side' anastomosed old aortobifemoral graft. Endovascular treatment of ruptured para-anastomotic aortic aneurysms can be accomplished successfully, avoiding open surgery which is associated with increased mortality and morbidity.

Sfyroeras, Giorgos S.; Lioupis, Christos, E-mail:; Bessias, Nikolaos; Maras, Dimitris [Red Cross Hospital of Athens, Department of Vascular Surgery (Greece); Pomoni, Maria [Red Cross Hospital of Athens, Department of Radiology (Greece); Andrikopoulos, Vassilios [Red Cross Hospital of Athens, Department of Vascular Surgery (Greece)



Modelos Teoricos de Linhas de Recombinacao EM Radio Frequencias Para Regioes H II  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Foram feitos modelos de linhas de recombinção provenientes de regiões HII nas frequências de rádio para distintos números quãnticos. Estes modelos consideram regrões H II esfericamente simétricas com variações radiais na densidade e temperatura eletrônica, efeitos de colisoes inelásticas dos eletrons (alargarnento por pressão), e afastarnento do equiliíbrio termodinâmico local. 0 bojetivo é construir o perfil da linha para cada ponto da nuvern e obter o valor médio resultante da sua convoluçã com o feixe da antena de tarnanho comparável corn o tarnanho angular da nuvern para posterIor cornpara o corn

Abraham, Z.; Cancoro, A. C. O.



All the three ParaHox genes are present in Nuttallochiton mirandus (Mollusca: polyplacophora): evolutionary considerations.  


The ParaHox gene cluster contains three homeobox genes, Gsx, Xlox and Cdx and has been demonstrated to be an evolutionary sister of the Hox gene cluster. Among deuterostomes the three genes are found in the majority of taxa, whereas among protostomes they have so far been isolated only in the phylum Sipuncula. We report the partial sequences of all three ParaHox genes in the polyplacophoran Nuttallochiton mirandus, the first species of the phylum Mollusca where all ParaHox genes have been isolated. This finding has phylogenetic implications for the phylum Mollusca and for its relationships with the other lophotrochozoan taxa. PMID:16331637

Barucca, Marco; Biscotti, Maria A; Olmo, Ettore; Canapa, Adriana



Measurement of the formaldehyde ortho to para ratio in three molecular clouds  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Observations of ortho and para H2CO in two types of clouds, a warm cloud (Orion A) and two cold clouds (L183 and TMC1), are presented. The ortho to para ratio in Orion deduced from the H2(C-13)O data is about three, while that for TMC1 is about one and that for L183 is 1-2. The former value is in agreement with the value calculated from chemical models of ortho and para H2CO production. The values for the cold clouds are consistent with thermal equilibrium at a temperature slightly smaller than 10 K.

Kahane, C.; Lucas, R.; Frerking, M. A.; Langer, W. D.; Encrenaz, P.



Descripción de la zona de alta difusión en un modelo bidimensional para hojas de corriente  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Los modelos bidimensionales para describir hojas de corriente de alta simetría no suministran una descripción detallada de las regiones donde la difusión es considerablemente importante. Tal es el caso de los modelos desarrollados en la década del '60 por Sweet, Parker, Petschek y Sonnerup. En esta comunicación presentamos una solución de las ecuaciones MHD en el entorno del origen, construyendo series bidimensionales para todas las magnitudes físicas involucradas. Valiéndonos de la alta simetría y de las características del problema, logramos reducir el número de coeficientes a calcular. Utilizamos un programa autoconsistente para extender el cálculo a regiones vecinas con difusión moderada o despreciable.

Montero, M. F.; Paola, C. A.; Platzeck, A. M.


Algoritmos genéticos para la resolución de problemas de Programación por Metas Entera. Aplicación a la Economía de la Educación  

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En este trabajo se presenta un algoritmo genético para la resolución de problemas de Programación por Metas Entera. Este tipo de problemas presentan en general un gran número de dificultades para su resolución utilizando algoritmos tradicionales de Programación Entera, siendo en la mayoría de los casos de problemas reales demasiado costosa computacionalmente para afrontarla con garantías. Sin embargo, se mostrará

Rafael Caballero; Julián Molina Luque; Angel Torrico González; Trinidad Gómez Nuñez


Evaluación de la facilitación del comercio y el transporte: Una herramienta práctica para su implementación en los países  

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En este documento se presenta una herramienta para evaluar los obstáculos en las cadenas de abastecimiento internacional y las medidas necesarias para superarlos. Esta herramienta se ha diseñado para los grupos interesados en la facilitación del comercio y la logística en los países en vías de desarrollo, tales como los oficiales de los gobiernos responsables de formular políticas, los especialistas

Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo



Reglas y Estrategias de Transformaci'on para Programas L'ogico--Funcionales  

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Alba U.P. Valencia Mayo de 2000 #12; #12; Resumen El problema de la integraci'on de la programaci'on l programaci'on declarativa. Para que los lenguajes declarativos sean ' utiles y puedan utilizarse en apli

Alpuente, María


Successful Mnemonics for "por"/"para" and Affirmative Commands with Pronouns.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Two mnemonic devices, "4A Rule" and "PERFECT," are described to simplify the learning of two grammar points: the placement of object pronouns with respect to commands and the distinction between "por" and "para." (five references) (LB)

Mason, Keith



Communications: Development and characterization of a source of rotationally cold, enriched para-H3+  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In an effort to develop a source of H3+ that is almost entirely in a single quantum state (J =K=1), we have successfully generated a plasma that is enriched to ˜83% in para-H3+ at a rotational temperature of 80 K. This enrichment is a result of the nuclear spin selection rules at work in hydrogenic plasmas, which dictate that only para-H3+ will form from para-H2, and that para-H3+ can be converted to ortho-H3+ by subsequent reaction with H2. This is the first experimental study in which the H2 and H3+ nuclear spin selection rules have been observed at cold temperatures. The ions were produced from a pulsed solenoid valve source, cooled by supersonic expansion, and interrogated via continuous-wave cavity ringdown spectroscopy.

Tom, Brian A.; Mills, Andrew A.; Wiczer, Michael B.; Crabtree, Kyle N.; McCall, Benjamin J.



Lo que usted debe saber antes de dar sus tejidos para investigación médica

Contiene información sobre las cosas que usted debe saber y tener en cuenta al tomar una decisión de donar sus tejidos para investigación. El tejido puede incluir materiales de su cuerpo tales como piel, cabello, uñas, sangre y orina.


revised January 2009 Formulario de Inscripcin para Voluntario de 4-H  

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,000 Sexo: ( ) Nativo Hawaiano o Islas del Pacifico ( ) Suburbio mas de 50,000 ( ) Masculino ( ) Blanco o para todos sin tener en cuenta raza, color, religión, sexo, orientación sexual, nacionalidad, edad

Tullos, Desiree


The design and synthesis of linear and macrocyclic Poly(para-arylene)s  

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Poly(para-phenylene) (PPP) has generated sustained scientific interest due to its potential as a blue-emitting material for use in Organic Light Emitting Devices (OLEDs). However, due to its highly unfavorable solubility, ...

Batson, Joel Marcus



ParaLearn: a massively parallel, scalable system for learning interaction networks on FPGAs  

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ParaLearn is a scalable, parallel FPGA-based system for learning interaction networks using Bayesian statistics. ParaLearn includes problem specific parallel\\/scalable algorithms, system software and hardware architecture to address this complex problem. Learning interaction networks from data uncovers causal relationships and allows scientists to predict and explain a system's behavior. Interaction networks have applications in many fields, though we will discuss them

Narges Bani Asadi; Christopher W. Fletcher; Greg Gibeling; John Wawrzynek; Wing H. Wong; Garry P. Nolan; Zoey Zhou



v*i*d*a lab: repensar los objetos para la vida cotidiana  

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v*i*d*a lab (2005-2008) fue un taller experimental para estudiantes de diseño industrial de la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá (Colombia ) el cual exploró la concepción de nuevos objetos para la vida cotidiana tomando como punto de partida acercamientos de distintas disciplinas sobre el fenómeno de la vida. El presente texto expone las principales re flexiones del taller, sus ejercicios

Alejandro Tamayo



Vers de nouvelles molécules antibactériennes. Intérêt du  para-guanidinoéthylcalix[4]arène  

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We present here the results concerning the antibacterial properties evaluation of para-guanidinoethylcalix[4]arene, compared with its constitutive monomer, the para-guanidinoethylphenol, and hexamidine (Hexomédine®), an antiseptic from the diamidine family widely used in therapeutic, chosen as a reference in this study for its resemblance in terms of functional groups. Antibacterial activities of those three compounds were evaluated by microdilution methods, in Mueller

M. Grare; M. Mourer; J.-B. Regnouf de Vains; R.-E. Duval



Una alternativa terapéutica para micosis superficiales An alternative therapy to superficial mycosis  

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RESUMEN: se realizaron ensayos in-vivo e in-vitro de una solución saturada de sacarosa, eugenol (0.4%v\\/v) y polietilenglicol 400 (0.4%v\\/v) para determinar su acción fungicida sobre cepas productoras de micosis superficiales y su genotoxicidad. A suspensiones de Microsporum canis, Trichophyton rubrum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes y Epidermophyton flocosum, se les agregó la solución de ensayo y se hicieron cultivos en agar Sabouraud para


Desenvolvimento de um data logger portátil para sinais de movimento utilizando cartões MMC  

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Resumo - Neste artigo descreve-se o desenvolvimento de um data logger portátil para armazenagem de sinais relacionados ao movimento humano. O sistema utiliza cartões MultiMediaCard™ como dispositivo de armazenamento de alta capacidade e um microcontrolador com oito canais de conversão A\\/D para entrada dos sinais analógicos provenientes de sensores de movimento ou eletrodos de eletromiografia. A taxa de amostragem pode

R. E. M. Farias; J. P. J Conti; E. F. Manffra; P. Nohama


Curing of some epoxy-acrylate glycidyl ethers based on para-alkyl substituted phenols  

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Curing of epoxy-acrylate glycidyl ethers based on phenol and para-alkyl [?CH3, ?C(CH3)3, ?C9H19] substituted phenols in the presence of benzoyl peroxide was examined by differential scanning calorimetry at different heating rates. The tested monomers polymerize first as acrylic monomers and the reaction continues by the curing process only in the case of the epoxy-acrylate glycidyl ethers of para-alkyl substituted phenols,

C. N. Ca?caval; D. Ro?u; A. Stoleriu



Hibridacion entre Filtros de Particulas y Meta-heuristicas para resolver problemas dinamicos  

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optimizaci´on en los cuales la descripci´on del problema y/o los datos relevantes cambian en el tiempo. Para de adaptaci´on a cambios. Los m´etodos metaheur´isticos son procedimientos para explorar de forma´es de la hibridaci´on de los m´etodos anteriores. 1. Introducci´on Muchos problemas de optimizaci´on con

Pantrigo Fernández, Juan José


Un Algoritmo Genetico para Aprendizaje de un Sistema Basado en Reglas Difusas tipo  

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Un Algoritmo Gen´etico para Aprendizaje de un Sistema Basado en Reglas Difusas tipo Takagi Sugeno F´atico, sistemas basados en reglas difusas TS, algoritmos gen´eticos, I. INTRODUCCI ´ON El modelado difuso ling´on por m´inimos cuadrados. Para la definici´on de la BD se emplear´a un Algoritmo Gen´etico que incluye

Granada, Universidad de



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El análisis del conjunto de aportaciones al repertorio didáctico para violín, viola y violoncello, realizadas por autores vinculados al Conservatorio de Madrid durante el siglo XIX, pone de manifiesto la conexión de la enseñanza de cuerda con modelos europeos, al tiempo que representa un capítulo imprescindible dentro del estudio de la música instrumental española en esa centuria. El Método Elemental

Mónica García Velasco



ALCHEMIST (Estudios sobre la Secuenciación e Identificación de Marcadores para el Mejoramiento de la Terapia Adjuvante para el Cáncer de Pulmón): Preguntas y respuestas

ALCHEMIST comprende tres estudios clínicos integrados de medicina de precisión diseñados para identificar a personas con cáncer de pulmón en estadio inicial cuyos tumores tienen ciertos cambios genéticos poco comunes. También buscan evaluar si los tratamientos con medicamentos que combaten esos cambios moleculares pueden mejorar la supervivencia


Competing ParA structures space bacterial plasmids equally over the nucleoid.  


Low copy number plasmids in bacteria require segregation for stable inheritance through cell division. This is often achieved by a parABC locus, comprising an ATPase ParA, DNA-binding protein ParB and a parC region, encoding ParB-binding sites. These minimal components space plasmids equally over the nucleoid, yet the underlying mechanism is not understood. Here we investigate a model where ParA-ATP can dynamically associate to the nucleoid and is hydrolyzed by plasmid-associated ParB, thereby creating nucleoid-bound, self-organizing ParA concentration gradients. We show mathematically that differences between competing ParA concentrations on either side of a plasmid can specify regular plasmid positioning. Such positioning can be achieved regardless of the exact mechanism of plasmid movement, including plasmid diffusion with ParA-mediated immobilization or directed plasmid motion induced by ParB/parC-stimulated ParA structure disassembly. However, we find experimentally that parABC from Escherichia coli plasmid pB171 increases plasmid mobility, inconsistent with diffusion/immobilization. Instead our observations favor directed plasmid motion. Our model predicts less oscillatory ParA dynamics than previously believed, a prediction we verify experimentally. We also show that ParA localization and plasmid positioning depend on the underlying nucleoid morphology, indicating that the chromosomal architecture constrains ParA structure formation. Our directed motion model unifies previously contradictory models for plasmid segregation and provides a robust mechanistic basis for self-organized plasmid spacing that may be widely applicable. PMID:25521716

Ietswaart, Robert; Szardenings, Florian; Gerdes, Kenn; Howard, Martin



Spontaneous Emission Between - and Para-Levels of Water-Ion H_2O^+  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Nuclear spin conversion interaction of water ion, H_2O^+, has been studied to derive spontaneous emission lifetime between ortho- and para-levels. H_2O^+ is a radical ion with the ^2B_1 electronic ground state. Its off-diagonal electron spin-nuclear spin interaction term, Tab(S_a? I_b + S_b? I_a), connects para and ortho levels, because ? I = I_1 - I_2 has nonvanishing matrix elements between I = 0 and 1. The mixing by this term with Tab = 72 MHz predicted by ab initio theory in the MRD-CI/Bk level, is many orders of magnitude larger than for closed shell molecules because of the large magnetic interaction due to the un-paired electron. Using the molecular constants reported by Mürtz et al. by FIR-LMR, we searched for ortho and para coupling channels below 1000 cm-1 with accidental near degeneracy between para and ortho levels. For example, hyperfine components of the 42,2(ortho) and 33,0(para) levels mix by 1.2 × 10-3 due to their near degeneracy (? E = 0.417 cm-1), and give the ortho-para spontaneous emission lifetime of about 0.63 year. The most significant low lying 10,1(para) and 11,1(ortho) levels, on the contrary, mix only by 8.7 × 10-5 because of their large separation (? E = 16.267 cm-1) and give the spontaneous emission lifetime from 10,1(para) to 00,0(ortho) of about 100 year.These results qualitatively help to understand the observed high ortho- to para- H_2O^+ ratio of 4.8 ± 0.5 toward Sgr B2 but they are too slow to compete with the conversion by collision unless the number density of the region is very low (n ˜1 cm-3) or radiative temperature is very high (T_r > 100 K). M. Staikova, B. Engels, M. Peric, and S.D. Peyerimhoff, Mol. Phys. 80, 1485 (1993) P. Mürtz, L.R. Zink, K.M. Evenson, and J.M. Brown J. Chem. Phys. 109, 9744 (1998). LP. Schilke, et al., A&A 521, L11 (2010).

Tanaka, Keiichi; Harada, Kensuke; Nanbu, Shinkoh; Oka, Takeshi



On the Ortho:Para Ratio of H+ 3 in Diffuse Molecular Clouds  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The excitation temperature T 01 derived from the relative intensities of the J = 0 (para) and J = 1 (ortho) rotational levels of H2 has been assumed to be an accurate measure of the kinetic temperature in interstellar environments. In diffuse molecular clouds, the average value of T 01 is ~70 K. However, the excitation temperature T(H+ 3) derived from the (J, K) = (1, 1) (para) and (1, 0) (ortho) rotational levels of H+ 3 has been observed to be ~30 K in the same types of environments. In this work, we present observations of H+ 3 in three additional diffuse cloud sight lines for which H2 measurements are available, showing that in four of five cases T 01 and T(H+ 3) are discrepant. We then examine the thermalization mechanisms for the ortho:para ratios of H+ 3 and H2, concluding that indeed T 01 is an accurate measure of the cloud kinetic temperature, while the ortho:para ratio of H+ 3 need not be thermal. By constructing a steady-state chemical model taking into account the nuclear spin dependence of reactions involving H+ 3, we show that the ortho:para ratio of H+ 3 in diffuse molecular clouds is likely governed by a competition between dissociative recombination with electrons and thermalization via reactive collisions with H2. Based in part on observations made with ESO Telescopes at the La Silla or Paranal Observatories under program ID 384.C-0618.

Crabtree, Kyle N.; Indriolo, Nick; Kreckel, Holger; Tom, Brian A.; McCall, Benjamin J.



ParaPep: a web resource for experimentally validated antiparasitic peptide sequences and their structures  

PubMed Central

ParaPep is a repository of antiparasitic peptides, which provides comprehensive information related to experimentally validated antiparasitic peptide sequences and their structures. The data were collected and compiled from published research papers, patents and from various databases. The current release of ParaPep holds 863 entries among which 519 are unique peptides. In addition to peptides having natural amino acids, ParaPep also consists of peptides having d-amino acids and chemically modified residues. In ParaPep, most of the peptides have been evaluated for growth inhibition of various species of Plasmodium, Leishmania and Trypanosoma. We have provided comprehensive information about these peptides that include peptide sequence, chemical modifications, stereochemistry, antiparasitic activity, origin, nature of peptide, assay types, type of parasite, mode of action and hemolytic activity. Structures of peptides consisting of natural, as well as modified amino acids have been determined using state-of-the-art software, PEPstr. To facilitate users, various user-friendly web tools, for data fetching, analysis and browsing, have been integrated. We hope that ParaPep will be advantageous in designing therapeutic peptides against parasitic diseases. Database URL: PMID:24923818

Mehta, Divya; Anand, Priya; Kumar, Vineet; Joshi, Anshika; Mathur, Deepika; Singh, Sandeep; Tuknait, Abhishek; Chaudhary, Kumardeep; Gautam, Shailendra K.; Gautam, Ankur; Varshney, Grish C.; Raghava, Gajendra P.S.



The formaldehyde ortho/para ratio as a probe of dark cloud chemistry and evolution  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

We present measurements of the H2CO ortho/para ratio toward four star-forming cores, L723, L1228, L1527, and L43, and one quiescent core, L1498. Combining these data with earlier results by Minh et al., three quiescent cores are found to have ortho/para ratios near 3, the ratio of statistical weights expected for gas-phase formation processes. In contrast, ortho/para ratios are 1.5-2.1 in five star-forming cores, suggesting thermalization at a kinetic temperature of 10 K. We attribute modification of the ortho/para ratio in the latter cores to formation and/or equilibration of H2CO on grains with sub-sequent release back into the gas phase due to the increased energy inputs from the forming star and outflow. We see accompanying enhancements in the H2CO abundance relative to H, to support this idea. The results suggest that the formaldehyde ortho/para ratio can differentiate between quiescent cores and those in which low-mass star formation has occurred.

Dickens, J. E.; Irvine, W. M.



Davis o ambiente ideal para estudantes internacionais estudarem, desenvolverem-se como cidados mundiais e fazerem amigos para toda a vida. Davis tem uma populao  

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a sociedade e o 10º lugar em termos de gastos com pesquisas. Todos os anos, mais de 30 000 alunos estudam informações Para baixar um folheto com informações sobre todos os nossos cursos, visite nosso website ou entre o ano todo, é um dos cursos de inglês intensivo mais antigos e respeitados dos EUA. Com uma carga

California at Davis, University of


Comparison of Divalent Transition Metal Ion ParaCEST MRI Contrast Agents  

PubMed Central

Transition metal ion-based paraCEST agents (TM-CEST) are a promising new class of compounds for MRI contrast. Members in this class of compounds include paramagnetic complexes of FeII, CoII and NiII. The development of the coordination chemistry for these paraCEST agents is presented with an emphasis on the choice of azamacrocycle backbone and pendent groups with the goals of controlling oxidation state, spin state and stability of the complexes. CEST spectra and images are compared for different macrocyclic complexes containing amide or heterocyclic pendent groups. The potential of paraCEST agents that function as pH and redox-activated MRI probes is discussed. PMID:24253281

Dorazio, Sarina J.; Olatunde, Abiola O.; Tsitovich, Pavel B.



Irritant contact dermatitis from a black henna tattoo without sensitization to para-phenylendiamine.  


Allergic contact dermatitis from nonpermanent black henna tattoos has been frequently reported, particularly in children. Contamination or adulteration of the dyes with para-phenylendiamine has been identified as major cause of active sensitization and elicitation of severe allergic contact dermatitis. Sequelae include permanent sensitization, hyper- or hypopigmentation, scarring, keloids, and hypertrichosis. We report a rare case of irritant dermatitis to an unknown ingredient in a black henna tattoo with consecutive hypopigmentation. Sensitization to para-phenylendiamine and other para-compounds was excluded by patch test evaluation. This is relevant for future exposure to consumer products such as hair dyes or in occupational settings. Generally, black henna tattoos, particularly if done with dyes of unknown composition, should be strongly discouraged. PMID:23690526

Kind, Fabiola; Hofmeier, Kathrin Scherer; Bircher, Andreas J



Allergic contact dermatitis to para-phenylenediamine in a tattoo: a case report.  


It is highly popular among children and young adults to have temporary henna tattoos on their bodies in different colors and figures. Henna is a greenish natural powder obtained from the flowers and dry leaves of Lawsonia alba plant and its allergenicity is very low. Henna is also used in combination with other coloring substances such as para-phenylenediamine in order to darken the color and create a permanent tattoo effect. Para-phenylenediamine is a substance with high allergenicity potential and may cause serious allergic reactions. Here, we aimed to draw attention to the potential harms of para-phenylenediamine containing temporary tattoos by presenting a child patient who developed allergic contact dermatitis after having a scorpion-shaped temporary tattoo on his forearm. PMID:22909181

Turan, Hakan; Okur, Mesut; Kaya, Ertugrul; Gun, Emrah; Aliagaoglu, Cihangir



Animaciones en 3D en tiempo real para las clases de ciencias e ingeniería: Ejemplos desarrollados con el módulo de programación VPython  

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RESUMEN: Se describe el uso del módulo de programación VPython para desarrollar animaciones en 3D por computadora para ilustrar temas de interés para las clases. Mostramos la utilidad del uso de animaciones para reforzar las presentaciones de materias como física y matemática, entre otras. Con tales presentaciones se puede innovar en el desarrollo de las clases de ciencias e ingeniería

Eduardo E. Rodríguez


Quantum rotation of ortho and para-water encapsulated in a fullerene cage  

PubMed Central

Inelastic neutron scattering, far-infrared spectroscopy, and cryogenic nuclear magnetic resonance are used to investigate the quantized rotation and ortho–para conversion of single water molecules trapped inside closed fullerene cages. The existence of metastable ortho-water molecules is demonstrated, and the interconversion of ortho-and para-water spin isomers is tracked in real time. Our investigation reveals that the ground state of encapsulated ortho water has a lifted degeneracy, associated with symmetry-breaking of the water environment. PMID:22837402

Beduz, Carlo; Carravetta, Marina; Chen, Judy Y.-C.; Concistrè, Maria; Denning, Mark; Frunzi, Michael; Horsewill, Anthony J.; Johannessen, Ole G.; Lawler, Ronald; Lei, Xuegong; Levitt, Malcolm H.; Li, Yongjun; Mamone, Salvatore; Murata, Yasujiro; Nagel, Urmas; Nishida, Tomoko; Ollivier, Jacques; Rols, Stéphane; Rõõm, Toomas; Sarkar, Riddhiman; Turro, Nicholas J.; Yang, Yifeng



Técnicas de Minería de Datos para la Detección de Lavado de Activos  

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Abstract—La tarea de detección de lavado,de activos no es un tema fácil de resolver, teniendo en cuenta las múltiples modalidades,y la evolución rápida que,este tema,ha,tenido. En la actualidad muchas entidades financieras a nivel mundial, utilizan técnicas de,minería de,datos,y modelos,estadísticos para reconocer,patrones,de comportamiento,de las transacciones fraudulentas,o de la utilización” normal”,de los clientes para detectar operaciones” sospechosas”’. Este documento,realiza una introducción,al tema

Wilfredy Santamaria Ruiz


Large scale visualization on the Cray XT3 using ParaView.  

SciTech Connect

Post-processing and visualization are key components to understanding any simulation. Porting ParaView, a scalable visualization tool, to the Cray XT3 allows our analysts to leverage the same supercomputer they use for simulation to perform post-processing. Visualization tools traditionally rely on a variety of rendering, scripting, and networking resources; the challenge of running ParaView on the Lightweight Kernel is to provide and use the visualization and post-processing features in the absence of many OS resources. We have successfully accomplished this at Sandia National Laboratories and the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.

Rogers, David; Geveci, Berk (Kitware, Inc.); Eschenbert, Kent (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center); Neundorf, Alexander (Technical University of Kaiserslautern); Marion, Patrick (Kitware, Inc.); Moreland, Kenneth D.; Greenfield, John



Natural bond orbital analysis of some para -substituted N -nitrosoacetanilide biological molecules  

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Theoretical study of several para-substituted N-nitrosoacetanilide biological molecules has been performed using density functional B3LYP method with 6-31G(d,p) basis set.\\u000a Geometries obtained from DFT calculation were used to perform natural bond orbital analysis. The p characters of two nitrogen\\u000a natural hybrid orbital (NHO) ?\\u000a N3–N2 bond orbitals increase with increasing ?\\u000a p values of the para substituent group on the

Xiao-Hong Li; Rui-Zhou Zhang; Xian-Zhou Zhang




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LIVROS DIDÁTICOS E SUAS FUN��ES PARA O PROFESSOR DE MATEMÁTICA NO BRASIL E NA FRAN�A. Clovis RESUMO Esse texto aborda as funções do livro didático de matemática em dois n que visa pôr em evidência o livro didático de matemática como «vetor de formação continuada» para os

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


REDES-Revista hispana para el anlisis de redes sociales Vol.17,#13, Diciembre 2009  

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REDES- Revista hispana para el análisis de redes sociales Vol.17,#13, Diciembre 2009 http://revista-redes - Universidad de Sevilla Resumen Este artículo resume una parte de nuestro trabajo sobre las redes de apoyo clasificación de los tipos de redes de apoyo de los inmigrantes con menos de diez años de residencia en España

Boyer, Edmond



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1 ABORDAGEM MULTIOBJETIVO PARA OTIMIZAÇÃO DE REDES DE FILAS FINITAS F. R. B. Cruz Departamento de uma rede de filas finitas com serviço geral. Como tais objetivos são conflitantes, utiliza-se uma sistemas estocásticos. Palavras-Chaves: Redes de filas; algoritmos genéticos; otimização multiobjetivo

Cruz, Frederico


REDES-Revista hispana para el anlisis de redes sociales Vol.15, #4, Diciembre 2008  

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REDES- Revista hispana para el análisis de redes sociales Vol.15, #4, Diciembre 2008 Patrones de cambio de las redes personales de inmigrantes en Cataluña José Luis Molina1 (UAB), Jürgen Lerner2 (UK) y Sílvia Gómez Mestres3 (UAB) Resumen A través del análisis de las redes personales de

Brandes, Ulrik


Aplicao de Tcnicas de Redes Sociais para o Sucesso Alexandre Baro  

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Aplicação de Técnicas de Redes Sociais para o Sucesso Educativo Alexandre Barão alexandrebarao combate ao insucesso escolar. A análise de redes sociais concentra-se nas relações existentes entre informação electrónicos, a aplicação da análise de redes sociais pode proporcionar um conjunto de inferências

da Silva, Alberto Rodrigues


REDES-Revista hispana para el anlisis de redes sociales Vol.6,#7, Junio 2009  

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REDES- Revista hispana para el análisis de redes sociales Vol.6,#7, Junio 2009 http://revista-redes propone devolverle a la relación social su importancia como unidad básica de las redes sociales, y explorar lo que constituye su "sustancia" considerada aquí como el "motivo" de las relaciones. Las redes

Boyer, Edmond


REDES-Revista hispana para el anlisis de redes sociales Vol.19,#10, Diciembre 2010  

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REDES- Revista hispana para el análisis de redes sociales Vol.19,#10, Diciembre 2010 Redes de consejo en la industria biotecnológica en Francia1 Alvaro Piña-Stranger2 ­ IRISSO (CNRS artículo exploramos las redes de consejo inter-organizacionales, apoyándonos en la idea de que la

Boyer, Edmond


Um Framework para Proviso de QoS em Redes Mveis Sem Fio1  

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Um Framework para Provisão de QoS em Redes Móveis Sem Fio1 Luciana dos Santos Lima, Antônio Tadeu A provisão de QoS em redes móveis sem fio integrando soluções isoladas encontradas na literatura. Esses descrita através de um cenário simulado em que serviços integrados são oferecidos sobre uma rede IP Móvel

Colcher, Sérgio


REDES-Revista hispana para el anlisis de redes sociales Vol.6,#7, Junio 2009  

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REDES- Revista hispana para el análisis de redes sociales Vol.6,#7, Junio 2009 En busca del contenido de las redes sociales: los "motivos" de las relaciones1 Claire Bidart2 , CNRS devolverle a la relación social su importancia como unidad básica de las redes sociales, y explorar lo que

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


REDES-Revista hispana para el anlisis de redes sociales Vol.9,#6, Diciembre 2005  

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REDES- Revista hispana para el análisis de redes sociales Vol.9,#6, Diciembre 2005 La explicación a través de la visualización de redes1 Ulrik Brandes, Universidad de Konstanz. Tercero, valoramos algunos ejemplos específicos de la visualización de redes basada en estos principios

Brandes, Ulrik


Submetido revista Pesquisa Naval Abordagem Multiobjetivo para Otimizao de Redes de Filas Finitas  

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Submetido à revista Pesquisa Naval Abordagem Multiobjetivo para Otimização de Redes de Filas atendimento global de uma rede de filas finitas com serviço geral. Como tais objetivos são conflitantes of these important stochastic systems. Palavras-chave: Redes de filas. Algoritmos genéticos. Otimização multiobjetivo

Cruz, Frederico



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RESUMO - As espécies de leguminosas Piptadenia gonoacantha e Piptadenia paniculata apresentam dificuldade para nodular e crescer em substratos esterilizados, o que dificulta a seleção de estirpes de rizóbio eficientes dessas espécies. As plantas que apresentam nódulos no campo estão micorrizadas. Assim, a boa resposta das plantas no campo pode ser devida à presença de FMAs. O objetivo deste trabalho

Ederson da Conceição Jesus; Jolimar Antônio Schiavo; Sérgio Miana de Faria


Planejamento Hierrquico Para Enxames Robticos Baseado na Explorao do Espao de Configuraes  

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independente do número de robôs. Experimentos foram realizados em simulação e ambientes reais e os resultados espaço de configurações individual, ou definir campos vetoriais globais para con- trolar o enxame como um

Chaimowicz, Luiz


Montagem e Resultados Preliminares de Aparato Experimental para Estudo Térmico de Materiais Ablativos  

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O estudo do fenômeno físico de ablação, que ocorre em determinados materiais usados em sistemas de proteção térmica de satélites, bem como a caracterização das propriedades térmicas dos mesmos são considerados de grande importância, por representar um ponto estratégico para a tecnologia espacial. No Brasil, os estudos de materiais ablativos têm sido realizados dentro da perspectiva do Programa Nacional de

Gabriel Antônio de Souza Júnior; Lucas Mello de Campos Arruda; Walber Ferreira Braga; Márcia Barbosa; Henriques Mantelli


Interrupting Commemoration: Thinking with Art, Thinking through the Strictures of Argentina's "Espacio para la memoria"  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Recently, a few buildings within the "Espacio para la memoria" in Buenos Aires have been designated as a UNESCO Centre where, amongst other educational activities, evidentiary materials of the past repression are to be stored and displayed. Another building in the complex houses a Community Centre operated by the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo,…

Paolantonio, Mario Di




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SELECCI�N DE ACACIAS PARA LA CONSTRUCCI�N DE NIDOS DE AVES: UN BENEFICIO INDIRECTO DEL MUTULISMO caducifolio centroamericano, y comúnmente construyen sus nidos en acacias, principalmente en Acacia collinsii alimenta de las secreciones de los nectarios y los cuerpos de Belt de la de la acacia. Por su parte, la

Cuervo, Andrés


Creación de guía ergonómica para el diseño de interfaz de supervisión  

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En tareas de supervisión humana de sala de control industrial se aplican de forma genérica disciplinas como la ingeniería del software y la ergonomía física para el diseño de la interfaz computerizada y el diseño de la sala de control. Desde el punto de vista de la interacción persona ordenador, a estas disciplinas hay que añadir la ingeniería de la

Pere Ponsa; Marta Díaz; Andreu Català


Significado de los cambios en el cuello uterino: Guía para la salud de la mujer

Explica los pasos que deben seguirse después de un resultado anormal en una prueba de Pap o del VPH, así como las formas de diagnosticar y tratar las afecciones en el cuello uterino. También contiene información sobre las pautas para los exámenes de detección y las vacunas contra el VPH.


Estructuras de comunicación para la resolución de problemas de manera distribuida en la ingeniería concurrente  

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Se presenta el problema de la comunicación en la resolución de problemas distribuidos. Se analizan las siguientes tecnologías de la comunicación: actores, pizarrones, las comunicaciones homogéneas y heterogéneas en un ambiente de multiagentes. Se ilustra la discusión con ejemplos del ambiente para el Diseño de Objetos Estructurados (Design of Structured Objects - DESO). El prototipo actual integra algunos sistemas preexistentes

Leonid B. Sheremetov



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RESUMEN La implementación de modelos de monitorización del funcionamiento de calderas de potencia requiere de gran cantidad de datos para su validación, que además deben cumplir unos mínimos requi- sitos de precisión y completitud. La importancia de estos modelos es cada día mayor, pues se aplican en el control de procesos complejos que suceden en este tipo de instalaciones. Frente

Luis Ignacio Díez; Cristóbal Cortés; Inmaculada Arauzo



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1/5 CBEB 2008 NOVO MÉTODO PARA COMPRESSÃO DE SINAIS DE EMG USANDO JPEG2000 M. V. C. Costa*, P. A for two-dimensional compression of EMG signals, namely correlation sorting. We also present an algorithm for compression of electromyographic (EMG) signals based on the JPEG2000 coding system. Originally designed

Carvalho, João Luiz


Michael Faraday e o manuscrito Matter: uma solução metafísica para o problema da ação a distância  

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O texto aqui traduzido, intitulado simplesmente Matéria, revela um Faraday muito pouco conhecido. É notório que Michael Faraday (1791-1867) fez grandes contribuições para a ciência do eletromagnetismo; dentre elas, duas merecem destaque: a descoberta ex- perimental da indução eletromagnética e a elaboração teórica do conceito de linhas de força, alternativa à explicação (de perspectiva newtoniana) baseada na ação a distân-

Sonia Maria Dion



Para presentar una queja en la Oficina de Equidad y Diversidad (OED), por favor incluya  

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de Oportunidades de Empleo de los EE.UU. (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) o del Estado para la Igualdad de Oportunidades en el Empleo de los Estados Unidos (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) Reuss Federal Plaza 310 West Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 800 Milwaukee, WI 53203-2292 Teléfono: 414

Sheridan, Jennifer



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RESUMEN. Notas taxonómicas sobre el género Valerianella Mill. (Valerianaceae) para la Flora Ibérica. Sobre la base de estudios experimentales que han puesto de manifiesto que Valerianella coronata y V. pumila no son sino dos morfotipos de una misma especie, que difieren fundamentalmente en caracteres carpológicos, se plantea la hipótesis de que igual sucede en el caso de V. locusta V.

Juan Antonio DEVESA; Josefa LÓPEZ; Raúl GONZALO



Factor Structure of the "Escala de Autoeficacia para la Depresion en Adolescentes" (EADA)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The current concept and measures of self-efficacy for depression in adolescents do not consider developmental and cultural aspects essential to understand and assess this construct in Latino youth. We examined the factor structure of the "Escala de Autoeficacia para la Depresion en Adolescentes" (EADA), a Spanish instrument designed to assess this…

Diaz-Santos, Mirella; Cumba-Aviles, Eduardo; Bernal, Guillermo; Rivera-Medina, Carmen




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Resumen. Este trabajo presenta una propuesta de utilización de los mapas conceptuales en la formación de profesores a distancia usando el software CmapTools del Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, dentro de un paradigma constructivista. Nuestra propuesta utiliza como base teórica la Epistemología Genética de Jean Piaget y, en especial, la teoría de las Implicaciones Significantes para la construcción de

Lea Fagundes; Alberto J. Cañas



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Resumen En este trabajo se presenta una arquitectura de tres modelos para desarrollar multimedia educativa, a través de una implementación particular de ésta, la biblioteca GraphicalSpriteKernel. Esta arquitectura está constituida por tres modelos diferentes, a emplear en tres fases fundamentales del desarrollo de una aplicación multimedia: diseño, implementación y prueba. Esta especialización permite que cada modelo incluya sólo la lógica

Vicente Arturo Romero Zaldivar



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El modelo educativo de Secundaria Básica exige de un profesional que por su nivel de preparación, sea capaz de garantizar la formación integral de las presentes y futuras generaciones. En tal sentido, la presente investigación incursiona en una de las problemáticas acuciantes de esta educación “la preparación de los profesores de Secundaria Básica, para favorecer el desarrollo de habilidades prácticas

Alfredo Puig Batista




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Se plantea la importancia que brinda el desarrollo de herramientas asistidas por computador como apoyo al proceso de enseñanza. SIGACLE (Simulador Gráfico Asistido por Computador Para la Enseñanza de Programación de Lenguajes Estructurados), tiene como principal objetivo el desarrollo de habilidades cognoscitivas en estudiantes de pregrado en las materias de programación de computadores. Este documento define específicamente los conceptos necesarios

George Franco Cendales; María Paula Díaz; Rafael J. Barros


The Combined Ortho / Para Hydrogen Assignments in H_2 Metal Chlorides  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The rotational spectra of H_2-AgCl and H_2-AuCl have been measured using a cavity FTMW spectrometer equipped with a laser ablation source. A combination of isotopic substitution, including HD and D_2 substitutions, and the spin-spin interaction of ortho hydrogen were used to determine the structures of these species. Trends in these structures and the strengths of the H_2 interaction will be discussed. Previous work with hydrogen containing complexes have shown that separate spectra are observed for the both the ortho and para hydrogen species. In this work, ortho and para hydrogen are assigned together. The a-axis in the present species is coincident with internal rotation axis of hydrogen. This symmetry, along with a covalent interaction of the H_2 with the metal chlorides, allows for a straightforward global assignment of the ortho and para species. The differences in the present study from the previous works will be discussed, as well as the assignment of the combined ortho and para fits. Y. Zhenhong, K. J. Higgins, W. Klemperer, M. C. McCarthy and P. Thaddeus, J. Chem. Phys., 123(2005) 221106. J. M. Michaug, W. C. Topic, W. Jäger, J. Phys. Chem. A., 115(2011) 9456 M. Ishiguro, K Harada, K. Tanaka, Y. Sumiyoshi, Y. Endo, Chem. Phys. Lett., 554(2012) 33.

Obenchain, Daniel A.; Grubbs, G. S., II; Frank, Derek S.; Pickett, Herbert M.; Novick, Stewart E.



Notas de Aula: Fisica para Biologia: PRELIMINAR Nestor Caticha e Osame Kinouchi  

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Notas de Aula: F´isica para Biologia: PRELIMINAR Nestor Caticha e Osame Kinouchi 17 de abril de´oxima d´ecada. H´a vezes em que a escolha de carreira dos estudantes de biologia ´e descrita usando exemplos de simbiose entre biologia e f´isica que demostram alguns dos pontos altos da

Caticha, Nestor


Algoritmos Basados en Nubes de Particulas y Evolucion Diferencial para el Problema de  

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Algoritmos Basados en Nubes de Part´iculas y Evoluci´on Diferencial para el Problema de Optimizaci con variables reales pode- mos destacar a los algoritmos basados en nubes de part´iculas y evoluci propuestas en la literatura. Este estu- dio permite analizar las distintas t´ecnicas en funci´on de sus

Granada, Universidad de


Problemática de Seguridad para el Comercio Electrónico en el Sector Turístico  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumen: Uno d e los s ervicios que c ada día cobra más importancia y que promete un cambio radical para las empresas es el comercio electrónico en Internet, pero tradicionalmente las empresas r elacionadas con el t urismo sólo han empleado la red pa ra darse a conocer y ofertar s us productos. La razón esencial es la d

Javier López; Javier Areitio; Felipe Roselló



Microsoft Academic Search

Desde un enfoque que identifica al conocimiento como una fuente de capacidad de competencia en el contexto social, organizacional e individual se explica al Comercio electrónico como un proceso estratégico de las organizaciones de negocio, en el ámbito económico actual. En particular se enfatiza la trascendencia del proceso específico de planeación para el éxito del negocio a través de la

L. P. Carrillo



The nongenotoxic carcinogens naphthalene and para-dichlorobenzene suppress apoptosis in Caenorhabditis elegans  

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Naphthalene (1) and para-dichlorobenzene (PDCB, 2), which are widely used as moth repellents and air fresheners, cause cancer in rodents and are potential human carcinogens. However, their mechanisms of action remain unclear. Here we describe a novel method for delivering and screening hydrophobic chemicals in C. elegans and apply this technique to investigate the ways in which naphthalene and PDCB

David Kokel; Yehua Li; Jun Qin; Ding Xue



Arquitectura del Sistema de Gestin del ancho de Banda y Proteccin (SGBP) para entornos de redes  

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Arquitectura del Sistema de Gestión del ancho de Banda y Protección (SGBP) para entornos de redes} Resumen. En el presente artículo se describe la arquitectura de un sistema inte- gral de gestión del ancho 4 detalla la arquitectura propuesta del sistema. Por último, se presentan las conclusiones y futuros

Ortega, Eusebi Calle


El proyecto InterAct: Una arquitectura de pizarra para la implementacin de Entornos Activos*  

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El proyecto InterAct: Una arquitectura de pizarra para la implementación de Entornos Activos en una arquitectura en la que se distinguen tres capas: la capa de contexto, la capa de interacción columna vertebral de la arquitectura de InterAct. Se ha optado por una arquitectura basada en una

Autonoma de Madrid, Universidad



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RESUMO Dos diversos tipos de celulas a combustíveis (CaC), a PEMFC (Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell) se destaca pela versatilidade de aplicações, tanto para uso estacionário como móvel. Entretanto a PEMFC apresenta alto custo de fabricação, com reflexos diretos no custo da energia produzida. Este trabalho propõem a sulfonação do ácido ftalico e polimerização deste com o glicerol, usando como

R. P. Fiuza; D. R. de Souza; R. A. Fiuza; N. M. José; J. S. Boaventura


Anniversary VetTech Training Hawai`i's First Para-Professionals  

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facilities, and private veterinary practice (there are over 80 veterinary clinics in Hawai`i). The new a tremendous success, placing more than 70 percent of graduates in the veterinary industry. Building40th Anniversary VetTech Training Hawai`i's First Para-Professionals Veterinary Technology is among

Olsen, Stephen L.



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RESUMEN Este artículo propone el diseño de un sistema de adquisición de datos con componentes digitales y analógicos microelectrónicos reconfigurables, como son el FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) y el FPAA (Field Programmable Analog Array), para monitorear y analizar la contaminación por ruido ambiental. Este prototipo obtiene los datos del ruido de una zona vial (zona centro de una ciudad)

A. Castillo Atoche; J. Vázquez Castillo; V. Sanchez Huerta; P. Del Río Dawn



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La presente monografía titulada: Una experiencia de trabajo para el desarrollo local en una comunidad urbana de Cuba es fruto de una investigación realizada hace algún tiempo ya, en el cual se ha contado con el apoyo del CITMA por ser el órgano rector en cuestión del medio ambiente en Cuba, específicamente en este caso se obtuvo la ayuda de

Milena Gómez Navarro



Estudio para la Detección de Plomo en Alimentos de Origen Vegetal por Análisis Infrarrojo  

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Resumen— El objetivo del estudio es determinar un método no invasivo, basado en espectroscopia infrarroja, que sirva como herramienta para la detección de plomo en alimentos de origen vegetal. Teniendo presente que los vegetales son una parte importante de nuestra dieta, resulta necesario realizar investigaciones referentes a la presencia de metales pesados en los vegetales, en este caso plomo. El

Daniel Octavio García Romero; Leopoldo Félix; Yabar Escribanel


Taller: Enfoque Multisectorial para la Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutricin 7-8 Marzo 2013  

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desarrollo del sector agrícola más sostenible ambientalmente? ¿Cuál es el rol de los gobiernos y demás Multilaterales de la Agencia Colombiana de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo. Colombia. Con recursos. Coordinador de la Alianza Panamericana de Nutrición y Desarrollo. Moderador: Pablo Mandeville. Coordinador

Liu, X. Shirley


Indicadores de gestión urbana. Los observatorios urbano-territoriales para el desarrollo sostenible. Manizales, Colombia  

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Los Observatorios para el Desarrollo Sostenible del Municipio de Manizales en Colombia, hacen parte del Sistema de Monitoreo diseñado por el Municipio como apoyo a la gestión urbana local. A partir de los resultados de indicadores económicos, sociales y ambientales, los ciudadanos podrán evaluar de forma permanente el desempeño de programas y proyectos del Plan de Desarrollo Municipal y participar

Luz Stella Velásquez



O e-learning como etapa da universidade para o virtual  

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Resumo. A adopção de práticas de ensino a distância ou presencial de suporte electrónico, normalmente designadas por e-learning, tem sido vistas como a direcção a seguir para um ensino superior, moderno e adequado à realidade da Sociedade da Informação. Tendo em linha de conta a realidade específica da Universidade Fernando Pessoa, é traçado pelos autores uma reflexão que sustenta que



Microsoft Academic Search

En el presente trabajo se analiza la utilidad de las tecnologías de la información y la comunicación (TIC), y específicamente del “Wiki”, como herramienta para el modelo de enseñanza-aprendizaje derivado del Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior (EEES). Se realiza una aproximación al significado del EEES y al modelo de enseñanza que propone, en el que lo relevante no es tanto

Mabel López García; José María Souvirón Morenilla



On the Ortho:Para Ratio of H3+ in Diffuse Molecular Clouds  

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The excitation temperature T_01 derived from the relative intensities of the J = 0 (para) and J = 1 (ortho) rotational levels of H2 has been assumed to be an accurate measure of the kinetic temperature in interstellar environments. In diffuse molecular clouds, the average value of T_01 is ~70 K. However, the excitation temperature T(H3+) derived from the (J,K) = (1,1) (para) and (1,0) (ortho) rotational levels of H3+ has been observed to be ~30 K in the same types of environments. In this work, we present observations of H3+ in three additional diffuse cloud sight lines for which H2 measurements are available, showing that in 4 of 5 cases T_01 and T(H3+) are discrepant. We then examine the thermalization mechanisms for the ortho:para ratios of H3+ and H2, concluding that indeed T_01 is an accurate measure of the cloud kinetic temperature, while the ortho:para ratio of H3+ need not be thermal. By constructing a steady-state chemical model taking into account the nuclear-spindependence of reactions involving H3...

Crabtree, Kyle N; Kreckel, Holger; Tom, Brian A; McCall, Benjamin J



ConPor: um modelo de gerao conceitual para o Lucia Specia, Lucia Helena Machado Rino  

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ConPor: um modelo de geração conceitual para o português Lucia Specia, Lucia Helena Machado Rino ­ 13565-905 ­ São Carlos ­ SP ­ Brasil {lspecia,lucia} Abstract. This paper describes Con

Specia, Lucia



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RESUMEN Se desea presentar la aparición del software educativo y su evolución a la luz de algunas de las teorías educati- vas más representativas. En este paralelismo, sólo se mencionan aquellas teorías y\\/o autores que darán los marcos con- ceptuales para los desarrollos de los programas didácticos en función de las aplicaciones deseadas. Partiendo del con- ductismo skinneriano1, se pasa

Z. Cataldi; F. Lage; R. Pessacq; García Martínez



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RESUMEN En el presente estudio se evalúa la levadura Saccharomyces cerevisiae de forma desintegrada (LD) y tres fracciones celulares obtenidas de ella: complejo pared-membrana (FP), núcleo-proteínas (FN) y citoplasma (FC) como aditivo alimentario utilizando al crustáceo Artemia franciscana como modelo de experimentación. Se realizaron dos bioensayos para determinar el efecto que ejercían dichos aditivos en el crecimiento, biomasa seca, supervivencia

Yamilé Comabella; Tsai García-Galano; Olimpia Carrillo; Yadir Mauri



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La política migratoria es considerada un objetivo primordial en España, por eso el análisis las directrices en trabajadores extranjeros no comunitarios es el tema de este artículo. Objetivo: identificar los elementos de contexto de la política migratoria. Metodología: Se trata de la revisión analítica de las políticas y sistematización de la literatura sobre el tema de la política migratoria para




Se necesitan 50 000 fumadores y exfumadores para el Estudio Nacional de Exámenes de Pulmón (NLST)

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) lanzó hoy un nuevo estudio para determinar si el examinar a las personas ya sea con una tomografía computarizada espiral o con una radiografía de pecho antes de que tengan síntomas puede reducir las muertes por cáncer de pulmón.



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ACADEMIA DE POLÍCIA CIVIL CONCURSO P�BLICO PARA PROVIMENTO DE VAGAS E FORMA��O DE CADASTRO DE ACADEMIA DE POLÍCIA CIVIL DO DISTRITO FEDERAL (APCDF), no uso de suas atribuições legais, torna pública Diretor da Academia de Polícia Civil do Distrito Federal #12;

Maier, Rudolf Richard


Long-range excitons in conjugated polymers with ring torsions: poly(para-phenylene) and polyaniline  

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Long-range excitons in conjugated polymers with ring torsions: poly(para-phenylene) and polyaniline (Running head: Long-range excitons in conjugated polymers) Kikuo Harigaya Physical Science Division formalism. Long-range excitons are charac- terized, and the long-range component of the oscillator strengths

Harigaya, Kikuo


Antimicrobial effect of para-alkoxyphenylcarbamic acid esters containing substituted N-phenylpiperazine moiety  

PubMed Central

In current research, nine basic esters of para-alkoxyphenylcarbamic acid with incorporated 4-(4-fluoro-/3-trifluoromethylphenyl)piperazin-1-yl fragment, 6i–6m and 8f–8i, were screened for their in vitro antimicrobial activity against Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, respectively. Taking into account the minimum inhibitory concentration assay (MIC), as the most active against given yeast was evaluated 8i (MIC = 0.20 mg/mL), the most lipophilic structure containing para-butoxy and trifluoromethyl substituents. Investigating the efficiency of the compounds bearing only a single atom of fluorine and appropriate para-alkoxy side chain against Candida albicans, the cut-off effect was observed. From evaluated homological series, the maximum of the effectiveness was noticed for the stucture 6 k (MIC = 0.39 mg/mL), containing para-propoxy group attached to phenylcarbamoyloxy fragment, beyond which the compounds ceased to be active. On the contrary, all the tested molecules were against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli (MICs > 1.00 mg/mL) practically inactive. PMID:24294237

Malík, Ivan; Bukovský, Marián; Andriamainty, Fils; Gališinová, Jana



Estados Unidos y cuatro países de América Latina se unen para combatir el cáncer

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) de Estados Unidos formalizó esta semana alianzas bilaterales con los gobiernos de Argentina, Brasil, México y Uruguay, para acelerar el avance contra el cáncer en la población hispana de Estados Unidos y de América Latina y mejorar la investigación del cáncer.


Métodos de depuración HW-SW para sistemas on chip reconfigurables  

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El dinamismo de las aplicaciones en sistemas on chip reconfigurables re- quiere un eficiente uso de los recursos disponibles. Para permitir la asignación en tiempo real de los recursos, el sistema operativo y la plataforma SoC reconfigurable han de estar diseñadas en paralelo. En este contexto, el desarrollo del hardware y software encastado presenta los inconvenientes individuales de cada uno,

Guillermo Talavera; Vincent Nollet; Jean-Yves Mignolet; Diederick Verkest; Rudy Lauwereins; Jordi Carrabina


Sensores CMOS para robotica e industria: Sensor ret nico espacio variante y vision activa  

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Sensores CMOS para robotica e industria: Sensor ret nico espacio variante y vision activa Fernando Pardo, Francisco Vegara, Jose A. Boluda, Santiago Felici Instituto de Robotica Universidad de Valencia C venido estudiando especialmente en el terreno de aplicaciones en robotica 2]. Sin em- bargo, en el

Valencia, Universidad de


AstroFácil: Sistema Computacional Embarcado para Automatização de Telescópios de Pequeno Porte  

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O uso de telescópios de pequeno porte na observação astronômica amadora é muitas vezes restringido pela dificuldade que astrônomos amadores enfrentam para localizar um astro desejado e acompanhá-lo no céu. Este artigo apresenta o desenvolvimento de um sistema embarcado a ser utilizado na automação de telescópios de pequeno porte visando facilitar a operação desses equipamentos por amadores. O sistema é

Marcos Roberto Silva; Maicon Carlos Pereira; Caroline Farias Salvador; Rafael Luiz Cancian; Roberto Miguel Torres; Cesar Albenes Zeferino



Mdulo II.-Amenazas para la biodiversidad l La sexta gran extincin  

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Módulo II.- Amenazas para la biodiversidad l La sexta gran extinción l Cambio global l Causas y ejemplos de extinción y amenaza Fecha actualización: 14-11-13 #12;n La diversidad de especies en la Tierra riesgo de extinción global desde 1980 #12;Geografía de las amenazas a la seguridad del agua y la

Rey Benayas, José María


Tutorial sobre o uso de Geotecnologias no estudo de Bacias Hidrogrficas para professores da Educao Bsica  

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Tutorial sobre o uso de Geotecnologias no estudo de Bacias Hidrográficas para professores da of hydrographic basing degradation, a tutorial was developed for secondary school teachers to use in environmental education and other environmentally-based subjects. This tutorial gives them the possibility of performing


Regulamenta os procedimentos para a alocao de vagas docentes de Magistrio Superior da  

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Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. O Conselho de Ensino de Graduação (CEG) e o Conselho de Ensino para 2006; Considerando: a. que a admissão de professores na Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro é um Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro; d. que o banco de professores-equivalente corresponderá à soma dos

Liu, I-Shih


Para-Professionals in Further Education: Changing Roles in Vocational Delivery  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Roles and structures within further education colleges seem to be in constant change and development; roles are becoming blurred, and lecturers are taking on more management tasks. Alongside this has been the development of para-professional roles, using non-lecturers to undertake teaching tasks. This can allow for the greater involvement of…

Scott, Gill



Involvement of mitochondrial ferredoxin and para-aminobenzoic acid in yeast coenzyme Q biosynthesis  

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1 Involvement of mitochondrial ferredoxin and para-aminobenzoic acid in yeast coenzyme QABA is a precursor of yeast coenzyme Q *Manuscript Click here to view linked References #12;2 Summary Yeast ubiquinone or coenzyme Q6 (Q6) is a redox active lipid with a crucial role in the mitochondrial electron

Boyer, Edmond


Computer-controlled radiation therapy machine for pelvic and para-aortic nodal areas  

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A computer-controlled radiation therapy technique has been developed to treat cancer of the uterine cervix that has extended to the pelvic and para-aortic lymph nodes. During five longitudinal scans with a 4 cm wide 8 MV X ray beam, conformation of the high dose region to the target volume was achieved primarily by varying the other field dimensions. Treatment planning

Lee M. Chin; Peter K. Kijewski; Göran K. Svensson; John T. Chaffey; Martin B. Levene; B. E. Bjaerngard



Hacia un framework Orientado a Objetos para Bills of Materials Complejos  

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Las empresas de producción industrial se enfrentan por un lado, a los cambios constantes de las condiciones del mercado, como po r ejemplo, los patrones de demanda, ciclo de vida de los productos mucho más cortos, etc. Por otro, a un mercado global, que requiere que la cadena de suministros, alcance muy altos niveles de eficiencia. Para mantener la competitividad

Marcela Vegetti; Gabriela Henning; Horacio Leone


Um Instrumento para a Avaliação de Estressores Psicossociais no Contexto de Emprego  

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Resumo Os contextos onde se desenvolvem as atividades humanas apresentam características diferentes que têm importantes implicações no momento da elaboração e aplicação de procedimentos de avaliação. O contexto de emprego é muito importante para importantes setores de nossa população. Moos desenvolveu um marco conceitual sócio-ecológico no qual a relação, entre os acontecimentos vitais estressantes e as condutas adaptativas, encontra-se influenciada

Nora Leibovich de Figueroa; Marta Schufer; Roberto Muiños; Claudia Marro; Elizabeth Aranda Coria



Metaheurística algoritmo genético para solução de problemas de planejamento florestal com restrições de integridade  

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2 RESUMO - Os objetivos deste trabalho foram desenvolver e testar um algoritmo genético (AG) para a solução de problemas de gerenciamento florestal com restrições de integridade. O AG foi testado em quatro problemas, contendo entre 93 e 423 variáveis de decisão, sujeitos às restrições de singularidade, produção mínima e produção máxima, periodicamente. Todos os problemas tiveram como objetivo a

Flávio Lopes Rodrigues; Helio Garcia Leite; Heleno do Nascimentos Santos; Agostinho Lopes de Souza; Gilson Fernandes da Silva



Diseño y evaluación de una interfaz móvil para lectura de medidores de energía  

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El Instituto de Investigaciones Eléctricas (IIE) havenido trabajando durante varios años en el área deAMR (Lectura Automática de Medidores, por sus siglas eninglés) así como en la deteccón del robo deenergía eléctrica como líneasestratégicas para el desarrollo de infraestructura interna ytambién como respuesta a las demandas deautomatización de la Comisión Federal de Electricidad(CFE) y de la Compañía de Luz y

Víctor Álvarez-Cortés; Benjamín Zayas-Pérez



Desarrollo de un servidor HTTP para dispositivos moviles en J2ME  

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El protocolo HTTP viene siendo ampliamente utilizado desde el nacimiento de la web, en donde es indispensable para la creacion de aplicaciones que hacen uso deesta. Con la llegada de las tecnolog´ias moviles pueden darse diversas situaciones en las que la creacion de un servidor HTTP en dispositivos limitados pueda resultar de gran utilidad. Un ejemplo, es la comparticion de

Guillermo Diez-Andino Sancho; Rosa Ma Garc; Celeste Campo


Reconocimiento de Palabras Aisladas Utilizando LPC Y DTW, para control de navegación de un  

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Resumen—La utilización de herramientas computacionales, hardware y software con capacidades de desarrollo en torno al manejo de modelos bioinspirados generó la construcción de un minirobot móvil aplicando la caracterización de comandos de voz y el aprovechamiento de las capacidades de procesamiento paralelo ofrecidas por el gene digital para gobernar la correspondiente navegación. A nivel general en la etapa de software

Y. Baquero; Z. Alezones


Esquema Adaptativo de Reserva para el Control de Admisión Jerárquico en Redes Móviles Celulares  

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Se propone un esquema adaptativo de reserva diseñado para trabajar en cooperación con la política de con- trol de admisión Multiple Guard Channel (MGC). El esquema ajusta los parámetros de configuración de MGC mediante un seguimiento continuo de la calidad de servicio (QoS) percibida por el usuario y permite adaptar la política a cualquier combi- nación de tráfico entrante, permitiendo

David García Roger; Jorge Martínez


Irradiation of para-aortic lymph node metastases from carcinoma of the cervix or endometrium  

SciTech Connect

Twenty-two patients with biopsy-proved para-aortic lymph node metastases from carcinoma of the cervix (15 patients) or endometrium (7 patients) received a median dose of 5,000 rad/25 fractions. Para-aortic nodal metastases were controlled in 77% of cases. Control was significantly lower following radical retroperitoneal lymph node dissection than less extensive sampling procedures. Obstruction of the small bowel developed in 3 patients with tumor recurrence in the para-aortic region. Eight of the 10 patients who were disease-free at 2 years received >5,000 rad. Three patients were still alive without disease at 129, 63, and 60 months, respectively. The 5-year disease-free survival rate was 40% for cervical cancer and 60% for endometrial cancer: in the former group, it was significantly different depending on whether the para-aortic nodes were irradiated (40%) or not (0%). The authors suggest that 5,000-5,500 rad in 5-5.5 weeks is well tolerated and can control aortic nodal metastases in cervical and possibly endometrial cancer.

Komaki, R.; Mattingly, R.F.; Hoffman, R.G.; Barber, S.W.; Satre, R.; Greenberg, M.



Control mioeléctrico para movimientos en 2D de un manipulador robótico industrial  

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Resumen —En este trabajo se describe un sistema de control mioeléctrico de un manipulador robótico para la ejecución de tareas sobre el plano x-y. Las señales mioeléctricas provinieron de voluntarios sanos y especialmente de amputados de miembro superior conectadas mediante placas de acondicionamiento de señal y adquisición digital al entorno MATLAB ®. Se comparó el desempeño de parámetros descriptivos de

Natalia López; Carlos Soria; Eugenio Orosco; Fernando di Sciascio; Máximo Valentinuzzi


Effect of the site of infusion of para-aminohippuric acid (PAH) on portal blood flow  

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Effect of the site of infusion of para-aminohippuric acid (PAH) on portal blood flow LM Zeoula C requirements of animals. In this context, the determination of portal blood flow is critical. When dilution techniques are used for such measurements, eg using PAH, a homogeneous mixing of the marker in the blood

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


ADS -Accelerator Driven System -Uma tecnologia do futuro para a produo de energia nuclear  

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ADS - Accelerator Driven System - Uma tecnologia do futuro para a produção de energia nuclear 1980, quando as restrições ligadas principalmente a possíveis catástrofes relacionadas à tecnologia nessa tecnologia, que poderá ser de grande importância num futuro não muito distante. 2 #12;

Ribas, Roberto Vicençotto



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1 MINISTÉRIO DA CIÊNCIA, TECNOLOGIA E INOVAÇÃO (MCTI) CONCURSO PÚBLICO PARA PROVIMENTO DE VAGAS EM DA CIÊNCIA, TECNOLOGIA E INOVAÇÃO, tendo em vista o disposto na Portaria nº 553, de 8 de dezembro de, Planejamento e Infraestrutura em Ciência e Tecnologia e da Carreira de Desenvolvimento Tecnológico de que trata



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RESUMEN El suelo es un sistema abierto que tiende hacia un equilibrio dinámico acumulando y reciclando materia y energía a través del tiempo. Mediante un balance energético es posible evaluar la energía acumulada o la que circula a través de su masa. Esta miscelánea tiene por objetivo presentar aspectos teóricos y metodológicos para cuantificar la energía dinamizada durante la formación





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El sistema para gestionar la actividad científica del Departamento de Informática de la Universidad de Guantánamo surge debido a la necesidad de gestionar de manera más rápida, segura y eficaz los procesos que se desarrollan actualmente en dicho centro. Fue desarrollado utilizando los lenguajes PHP del lado del servidor con CodeIgniter como framework y JavaScript del lado del cliente. Se

Denis Boizan Romero




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O grande desafio do mundo nos próximos anos será convergir desenvolvimento econômico com sustentabilidade. Nesse sentido a busca para ampliar a participação de energias sustentáveis nas matrizes energéticas tanto países de desenvolvidos como de países em desenvolvimento deverá cada vez sofrer mais pressão da comunidade internacional. Nesse ambiente alguns países da America Latina e Caribe podem beneficiar-se, já que possuem

André Luiz Marques Kós; Mario Miguel Amin Garcia Herreros; Heriberto Wagner Amanajás Pena




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Durante muito tempo, os recursos fósseis e hídricos foram os grandes propulsores da civilização e da economia. O Brasil também se apoiou nessas fontes energéticas para o desenvolvimento de atividades industriais, agrícolas, de serviços e da própria sociedade. Entretanto, vive-se hoje uma crise no abastecimento energético, em função da problemática geopolítica, econômica e ambiental em torno da extração e comercialização

Mariane Silva Marconato; Giuliana Aparecida Santini



Modelo para la reduccin del ciclo de desarrollo de software basado en CMM. Francisco J. ALVAREZ.  

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alto costo de implementación de modelos y la disminución de productividad en el período de aprendizaje: Calidad de Software, Procesos de desarrollo, CMM (Capability Maturity Model), KPA's (Key Process Areas desarrollo lograrían el estandarizar procesos e incrementar la calidad de los productos. Para adoptar el CMM

Weitzenfeld, Alfredo



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En este trabajo se presenta un procedimiento para realizar el diagnóstico de la logística interna, el cual fue aplicado en una empresa de servicios extrahoteleros. A partir de su aplicación se determinó un banco de problemas teniendo en cuenta las principales dificultades encontradas, así como un conjunto de acciones que le permitieron a la entidad mejorar los niveles de eficiencia

Damaris Valdés Ferrer




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Este trabajo tiene como objetivo proponer un procedimiento para la planeación integral del capital humano aplicado a Empresas Logísticas, en el mismo se tienen en cuenta los principales enfoques modernos sobre el tema, integra las actividades relacionadas con el capital humano, aborda la perspectiva cuantitativa y cualitativa, los diferentes plazos de tiempo: corto, mediano y largo, con un enfoque estratégico;

Daniel Machado Labrada; Margarita de Miguel Guzmán; Clara Marrero Fornaris



Sistema informtico para gestionar la Garanta de Calidad de centros y titulaciones  

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componentes de software libre Francisco Grimaldo, Jesús Santiago Aupi, Ricardo Ferrís, Vicente Cerverón desarrollo de un Sistema de Garantia Interna de Calidad (SGIC) para los centros y las titulaciones de laSQL. · Arquitectura web: J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, JavaMail... Figura 2. Proceso de orientación al estudiante en XPDL

Grimaldo, Francisco


AOWE : una Metodolog¶‡a Orientada a Aspectos para Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Web  

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Un enfoque para la separacion de intereses que ha cobrado cada vez mas importancia en la ¶ ultima decada es la orientacion a aspec- tos, debido a que permite evitar que un mismo interes este re?ejado en el dise~no en varios modulos o clases y que un mismo modulo o clase con- temple distintos intereses. Existe una carencia de metodos

Hernan Casalanguida; Juan Eduardo Duran


Desarrollo de Técnicas Ultrasónicas para Seguimiento y Interacción de la Marcha  

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En este trabajo se expone un sistema ultrasónico en desarrollo de captación y seguimiento de la marcha que es empleado como entrada a un sistema de control en el que eventualmente los patrones de movimientos y posiciones constituyen realmente un medio de comunicación ya sea de tipo general o bien para control natural de dispositivos de ayuda a la movilidad.

Anselmo Frizera; Rafael Raya; Juan C. Moreno; Ramón Ceres; Leopoldo Calderón


Limnological variables and macrophyte infestation in Tucuruı´ reservoir - Para´ - Brazil  

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This paper identified the relationship between aquatic macrophyte infestation and some limnological variables in Tucuruı´ reservoir, a hydroelectric power facility in Para´ State, northern Brazil. The spread of macrophyte stands jeopardizes environmental quality in many aspects since it is a natural habitat for the malaria vector; it is also an area of increased methane emission. On top of that, macrophyte




International Collaboration and Capacity Building at the Federal University of Para, Brazil: the Geoscience Cyberinfrastructure Journey  

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For over three decades, the Federal University of Para (UFPA) has been committed to building faculty and student capacity through national and international collaboration. Since the early 1980s, the Meteorology Department has actively participated in a large number of international scientific experiments in the Amazon region. One difficulty in the continuation of research after the field phase was data sharing

E. M. Cutrim; T. C. Yoksas; D. Nechet; J. Cohen



Intact cluster and chordate-like expression of ParaHox genes in a sea star  

PubMed Central

Background The ParaHox genes are thought to be major players in patterning the gut of several bilaterian taxa. Though this is a fundamental role that these transcription factors play, their activities are not limited to the endoderm and extend to both ectodermal and mesodermal tissues. Three genes compose the ParaHox group: Gsx, Xlox and Cdx. In some taxa (mostly chordates but to some degree also in protostomes) the three genes are arranged into a genomic cluster, in a similar fashion to what has been shown for the better-known Hox genes. Sea urchins possess the full complement of ParaHox genes but they are all dispersed throughout the genome, an arrangement that, perhaps, represented the primitive condition for all echinoderms. In order to understand the evolutionary history of this group of genes we cloned and characterized all ParaHox genes, studied their expression patterns and identified their genomic loci in a member of an earlier branching group of echinoderms, the asteroid Patiria miniata. Results We identified the three ParaHox orthologs in the genome of P. miniata. While one of them, PmGsx is provided as maternal message, with no zygotic activation afterwards, the other two, PmLox and PmCdx are expressed during embryogenesis, within restricted domains of both endoderm and ectoderm. Screening of a Patiria bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) library led to the identification of a clone containing the three genes. The transcriptional directions of PmGsx and PmLox are opposed to that of the PmCdx gene within the cluster. Conclusions The identification of P. miniata ParaHox genes has revealed the fact that these genes are clustered in the genome, in contrast to what has been reported for echinoids. Since the presence of an intact cluster, or at least a partial cluster, has been reported in chordates and polychaetes respectively, it becomes clear that within echinoderms, sea urchins have modified the original bilaterian arrangement. Moreover, the sea star ParaHox domains of expression show chordate-like features not found in the sea urchin, confirming that the dynamics of gene expression for the respective genes and their putative regulatory interactions have clearly changed over evolutionary time within the echinoid lineage. PMID:23803323



La Importancia De Las Ayudas Informáticas Para Los Análisis Ergonómicos En El Diseño Industrial. Caso: la implementación de la silla sit-stand para las cajeras de supermercado en el estado de Quebec - Canadá  

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El diseño industrial está estrechamente relacionado con las necesidades de los diferentes utilizadores (clientes) y con el desarrollo de nuevos productos; en este proceso para llegar a los resultados esperados, el diseñador debe establecer las soluciones que deben satisfacer las necesidades encontradas. Para llegar a los objetivos, el producto debe ser pasado por diversas validaciones y verificaciones. Los análisis ergonómicos

Alvaro Enrique Diaz



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La intención principal de esta investigación es encontrar las claves que se utilizan a diario en los medios de comunicación para crear, de cara a la opinión pública, héroes y anti -héroes en periodos de crisis internacional como los que se vienen viendo desde el pasado 11 de septiembre. Para plantear esta investigación partimos de dos ideas. La primera de

García Gordillo


Ancient origins of axial patterning genes: Hox genes and ParaHox genes in the Cnidaria.  


Among the bilaterally symmetrical, triploblastic animals (the Bilateria), a conserved set of developmental regulatory genes are known to function in patterning the anterior-posterior (AP) axis. This set includes the well-studied Hox cluster genes, and the recently described genes of the ParaHox cluster, which is believed to be the evolutionary sister of the Hox cluster (Brooke et al. 1998). The conserved role of these axial patterning genes in animals as diverse as frogs and flies is believed to reflect an underlying homology (i.e., all bilaterians derive from a common ancestor which possessed an AP axis and the developmental mechanisms responsible for patterning the axis). However, the origin and early evolution of Hox genes and ParaHox genes remain obscure. Repeated attempts have been made to reconstruct the early evolution of Hox genes by analyzing data from the triphoblastic animals, the Bilateria (Schubert et al. 1993; Zhang and Nei 1996). A more precise dating of Hox origins has been elusive due to a lack of sufficient information from outgroup taxa such as the phylum Cnidaria (corals, hydras, jellyfishes, and sea anemones). In combination with outgroup taxa, another potential source of information about Hox origins is outgroup genes (e.g., the genes of the ParaHox cluster). In this article, we present cDNA sequences of two Hox-like genes (anthox2 and anthox6) from the sea anemone, Nematostella vectensis. Phylogenetic analysis indicates that anthox2 (= Cnox2) is homologous to the GSX class of ParaHox genes, and anthox6 is homologous to the anterior class of Hox genes. Therefore, the origin of Hox genes and ParaHox genes occurred prior to the evolutionary split between the Cnidaria and the Bilateria and predated the evolution of the anterior-posterior axis of bilaterian animals. Our analysis also suggests that the central Hox class was invented in the bilaterian lineage, subsequent to their split from the Cnidaria. PMID:11324016

Finnerty, J R; Martindale, M Q




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Coincidiendo con el surgimiento de la psiquiatría comunitaria, ha habido un progresivo proceso de desinstitucionalización de los pacientes psiquiátricos; seleccionando a los menos discapacitados para los recursos comunitarios y dejando los pacientes con más discapacidad al cuidado de las instituciones. La rehabilitación pretende afrontar la discapacidad para realizar actividades, con la finalidad de mejorar la desventaja social consecuencia del deterioro

Victoria Villalta Gil; Susana Ochoa Güerre




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BUSCA LOCAL PARA P´OS-PROCESSAMENTO EM RESULTADOS DE OTIMIZA¸C~AO MULTI-OBJETIVO EM REDES DE FILAS otimiza¸c~ao de redes de filas finitas, a capacidade total do sistema em ´areas de espera deve ser a menor algoritmo simulated annealing foi desenvolvido, especialmente para redes de filas finitas, produzindo solu

Cruz, Frederico


Bacillus subtilis Soj (ParA): The involvement of DNA binding and dynamic localization in plasmid partitioning  

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The ParA family of ATPases encompasses proteins with a wide variety of functions. The prototype of this family is the ParA ATPase from the P1 prophage plasmid, which, along with ParB and the parS binding site, is required for the faithful...

Hester, Christina Marie



La UA dirige un programa para prevenir conductas adictivas en los ms jvenes a travs del deporte  

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La UA dirige un programa para prevenir conductas adictivas en los más jóvenes a través del deporte la Diputación de Alicante, han puesto en marcha un programa para prevenir conductas adictivas y impacto y cambios de conducta en los jóvenes", explica Carreres. Juan M. Cortell, vicedecano de Ciencias

Escolano, Francisco


Thouless theorem for one and two degrees of freedom (Teorema de Thouless para um e dois graus de liberdade)  

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Realizamos uma demonstracao acess´ ivel do teorema de Thouless para um ou dois graus de liberdade, usando somente mecanica quantica elementar. Este teoremae especialmenteutil para encontrar o vacuo relativo au m conjunto de operadores bosonicos transformados. Outra motivacaoe a existencia de experimentos envolvendo ´ ions capturados ou campos em eletrodinamica quantica de cavidades, usualmente modelados por osciladores harmonicos interagindo linearmente.

A. R. Bosco de Magalhaes; Avila Fonseca; M. C. Nemes


TRIBUNAL REGIONAL FEDERAL DA 1 REGIO Edital de divulgao de Sesso Pblica para julgamento dos recursos interpostos da 1  

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TRIBUNAL REGIONAL FEDERAL DA 1ª REGIÃO Edital de divulgação de Sessão Pública para julgamento dos de Juiz Federal Substituto da 1ª Região O Presidente da Comissão do XIV Concurso Público para Provimento de Cargo de Juiz Federal Substituto da 1ª Região, no uso de suas atribuições, comunica que

Maier, Rudolf Richard


Characterization of the axon initial segment (AIS) of motor neurons and identification of a para-AIS  

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Characterization of the axon initial segment (AIS) of motor neurons and identification of a para-AIS and a juxtapara-AIS, organized by protein 4.1B Duflocq et al. Duflocq et al. BMC Biology 2011, 9:66 http initial segment (AIS) of motor neurons and identification of a para-AIS and a juxtapara-AIS, organized

Paris-Sud XI, Université de



EPA Science Inventory

Mothcakes made of para-dichlorobenzene have been widely available for the general population to be used as a moth repellant to protect garments from insect damage. Usually, a mothcake is expected to last for weeks or even months during which the para-dichlorobenzene emits slowly ...


Diseño y desarrollo del subsistema de detección y reacción de una plataforma para la prevención de ataques coordinados  

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Resumen. Uno de los requisitos imprescindibles para el éxito en el comercio electrónico es el de proporcionar confianza y seguridad. A pesar del gran avance en este ámbito, tales como sistemas cortafuegos, mecanismos de autenticación y sistemas para la detección de intrusos, la mayoría de las infraestructuras que respaldan el comercio electrónico son actualmente vulnerables a sufrir un gran número

Sergio Castillo; Joaquín García; Joan Borrell


Entornos Operativos para la Gestin de Recursos...Dept. d'Arquitectura de Computadors Execution Environments for  

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Entornos Operativos para la Gestión de Recursos...Dept. d'Arquitectura de Computadors UPC Execution Environments for Parallel Applications Master CANS 2007/2008 Departament d'Arquitectura de Computadors Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya #12;Dept. d'Arquitectura de Computadors Entornos Operativos para la

Corbalan, Julita


Lmite de prazas para o curso 2014-2015 Consello de Goberno da UDC 27 de marzo de 2014  

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Dirección de Empresas 180 180 Grao en Arquitectura 200 200 Grao en Arquitectura Técnica 190 160(1) Grao en Arquitectura Técnica 301 Simultaneidade de estudos dos Graos en CC. Empresariais e Turismo 30 30 DILIXENCIA e Arquitectura Técnica. Ofértanse 30 prazas para a simultaneidade e mantéñense 90 prazas para o grao

Fraguela, Basilio B.


Directrices de consenso en el campo de las microfinanzas: Definición de términos, coeficientes y ajustes financieros para las microfinanzas  

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El propósito de este documento es proponer una definición estándar para cada uno de los términos financieros seleccionados y plantear un método común de cálculo para determinados coeficientes financieros. Fue producido en colaboración entre el Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) y el Grupo Consultivo de Ayuda a la Población más Pobre (CGAP) del Banco Mundial, con los aportes de varias

Damian von Stauffenberg; Frank Abate; Tillman Bruett; Isabelle Barres; Robert Peck Christen; Richard Rosenberg; Dana de Kanter; Tor Jansson; Barry Lennon; Alice Negre; Sanjay Singha



Método de Prueba GAED: Tiempo Óptimo para el Reemplazo de CAG en Plantas de Tratamiento de Agua Potable  

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l carbón activado granular (CAG) no dura para siempre en una planta de tratamiento de agua (PTA), su rendimiento no necesita ser monitoreado periódicamente, y deberá ser reemplazado con CAG fresco, no usado o reactivado. El CAG usado, que se remueve, puede ser reactivado en plantas dedicadas a carbones de agua potable para ser retornado a la planta. Los reactivadores

Por Henry Nowicki; H. George Nowicki; Wayne Schuliger; Barbara Sherman



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Se compararon tres métodos cartográficos diferentes para la representación de aspectos climáticos (temperatura y precipitación) en zonas altas del estado Lara. Se usó conjuntamente A) Representación analógica (en papel), B) Mapas digitalizados de coberturas mediante el software para Sistema de Información Geográfica (SIG) ArcInfo y C) Modelos numéricos interpolados mediante software de aplicación geoestadística (SURFER), empleando el modelo de interpolación

Jorge López Márquez; Rigoberto Andressen




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Resumen. Este artículo describe un método para reducir observaciones y variables contenidas en grandes archivos de datos a nuevos conjuntos de datos cuyo tamaño es mucho más reducido. Estos nuevos conjuntos son confiables para mejorar tanto en calidad como en tiempo, la construcción de los modelos de redes neuronales. El método, Stratified\\/PCA utiliza la técnica de muestreo estratificado y análisis


O recurso a veculos areos tripulados remotamente para realizar vrias tarefas, da investigao cientfica ao controlo de fronteiras,  

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TECNOLOGIA DRONES PARA TODO O SERVI�O O recurso a veículos aéreos tripulados remotamente para privacidade aumentam TEXTOS DE ALEXANDRA SIM�ES DE ABREU FOTOGRAFIAS DE NUNO BOTELHO UAV, VANT, RPA, drones falar mais dos drones (zangões em portu- guês), nomeadamente com fins mi- litares -- podem realizar

Instituto de Sistemas e Robotica


Comienza la construcción de instalación patrocinada por el NCI en Puerto Rico para realizar estudios clínicos sobre el cáncer

El gobierno de Puerto Rico ha destinado $196 millones de dólares para construir un hospital oncológico de 287 000 pies cuadrados en San Juan, que contará con 96 camas. El nuevo hospital es el primero en su clase en la región caribeña y en él se llevarán a cabo tratamientos para el cáncer y estudios clínicos.


Instrumentos para la conservacin de la Diversidad Biolgica y los HbitatsDiversidad Biolgica y los Hbitats  

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Instrumentos para la conservación de la Diversidad Biológica y los HábitatsDiversidad Biológica y. 5 de Biología. 2011-12 Jesús Ángel Cuevas MorenoJesús Ángel Cuevas Moreno #12;Instrumentos para la. Principales impulsores de la pérdida de Diversidad Biológica y los hábitats Instrumentos de conservación

Rodríguez, Miguel Ángel


Zoneamento agrícola e época de semeadura para trigo no Brasil Agricultural zoning and sowing dates for wheat in Brazil  

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Resumo - Um Programa de Zoneamento Agrícola para o Brasil, subsidiando a política de crédito e securidade rural, começou a ser posto em prática pelo Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento (MAPA) a partir da safra de inverno de 1996, com a cultura de trigo no sul do Brasil. Este artigo apresenta uma síntese dos trabalhos sobre zoneamento agrícola para

Gilberto Rocca da Cunha; João Carlos Haas; Jaime Ricardo; Tavares Maluf; Paulo Henrique Caramori; Eduardo Delgado Assad; Hugo José Braga; Jurandir Zullo Jr; Cláudio Lazzarotto; Sérgio Gonçalves; Marcos Wrege; Dionísio Brunetta; Sérgio Roberto Dotto; Hilton Silveira Pinto; Orivaldo Brunini; Vera Magali; Radtke Thomé; Sérgio Luiz Zampieri; Aldemir Pasinato; Márcia Barrocas Moreira Pimentel; Cristina Pandolfo



Ambulacrarian prototypical Hox and ParaHox gene complements of the indirect-developing hemichordate Balanoglossus simodensis.  


The Hox genes and its evolutionary sister, the ParaHox genes, are widely distributed among animals. Although it has been expected that hemichordates and echinoderms have a single set of Hox genes and most likely a single set of ParaHox genes, it is not known whether the ortholog of Hox8 is absent in hemichordates, and in turn, consensus view about Hox/ParaHox gene complements in hemichordates has not been established. In this study, we isolated either complete or nearly complete coding sequences of 12 Hox genes, including the ortholog of the Hox8 that has not been reported in the previous studies, and three ParaHox genes from the recently discovered indirect-developing acorn worm, Balanoglossus simodensis. Our data suggest that the ancestral hemichordate had intact complements of ambulacrarian prototypical Hox and ParaHox genes, consisting of 12 and three members, respectively. PMID:19669790

Ikuta, Tetsuro; Miyamoto, Norio; Saito, Yasunori; Wada, Hiroshi; Satoh, Nori; Saiga, Hidetoshi



Saturn’s Tropospheric Temperatures and Para-Hydrogen Distribution from Ten Years of Cassini Observations  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Cassini/CIRS observations of Saturn’s 10-1400 cm-1 spectrum have been inverted to construct a global record of tropospheric temperature and para-hydrogen variability over the ten-year span of the Cassini mission. The data record the slow reversal of seasonal asymmetries in tropospheric conditions from northern winter (2004, Ls=293), through northern spring equinox (2009, Ls=0) to the present day (2014, Ls=60). Mid-latitude tropospheric temperatures have cooled by approximately 4-6 K in the south and warmed by 2-4 K in the north, with the seasonal contrast decreasing with depth. CIRS detected the north polar minimum 100-mbar temperatures 6-8 years after winter solstice, whereas the south polar maximum occurred 1-2 years after summer solstice, consistent with the lag times predicted by radiative equilibrium models. Warm polar cyclones and the northern hexagon persist throughout the mission, suggesting that they are permanent features of Saturn’s tropospheric circulation. The 200-mbar thermal enhancement (“knee”) that was strongest in the summer but weak or absent in winter in 2004-2006 (Fletcher et al., 2007, Icarus 189, p.457-478) has now shifted northward and is present globally in 2014, suggestive of radiative heating in Saturn’s tropospheric haze layer. Saturn’s para-H2 fraction, which serves as a tracer of both tropospheric mixing and the efficiency of re-equilibration between the ortho- and para-hydrogen states, is slowly altering: super-equilibrium conditions (para-H2 fraction exceeding equilibrium expectations and suggestive of subsiding airmasses) that dominated the southern summer hemisphere are now weakening, whereas the sub-equilibrium conditions (suggestive of uplift) of the northern winter are being replaced by equilibrium or super-equilibrium conditions in spring. The thermal ‘knee’ and the para-H2 distribution are tracking both the increased spring illumination and the increasing tropospheric haze opacity of the springtime hemisphere observed via colour changes in visible light, suggesting a close connection between the tropospheric temperatures, para-H2 and haze characteristics.

Fletcher, Leigh N.; Irwin, Patrick G.; Sinclair, James; Giles, Rohini; Barstow, Joanna; Achterberg, Richard K.; Orton, Glenn S.



El concepto del honor en tres dramas de Calderon  

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honor con la muerte de Mencfa, cata listo para cometer un crimen nuevamente en caso de que Leonor lo haga tener sospechas. Por eso al darle la mano para el matrimonio le dice: Mira que medico he sido de mi honra: no esta olvidada la ciencia . (pag..., " el que deja a su hermano abandonado despues de un accidente, o que hace una apuesta injusta con Coqufn. Si se analiza el Rey objetivamente, se puede ver que no es ni completamente bueno ni completamente malo. Corno humano, al fin, comete sus...

Escabi, Maria Isabel



A nanoparticle catalyst for heterogeneous phase para-hydrogen-induced polarization in water.  


Para-hydrogen-induced polarization (PHIP) is a technique capable of producing spin polarization at a magnitude far greater than state-of-the-art magnets. A significant application of PHIP is to generate contrast agents for biomedical imaging. Clinically viable and effective contrast agents not only require high levels of polarization but heterogeneous catalysts that can be used in water to eliminate the toxicity impact. Herein, we demonstrate the use of Pt?nanoparticles capped with glutathione to induce heterogeneous PHIP in water. The ligand-inhibited surface diffusion on the nanoparticles resulted in a (1) H?polarization of P=0.25?% for hydroxyethyl propionate, a known contrast agent for magnetic resonance angiography. Transferring the (1) H?polarization to a (13) C?nucleus using a para-hydrogen polarizer yielded a polarization of 0.013?%. The nuclear-spin polarizations achieved in these experiments are the first reported to date involving heterogeneous reactions in water. PMID:25565403

Glöggler, Stefan; Grunfeld, Alexander M; Ertas, Yavuz N; McCormick, Jeffrey; Wagner, Shawn; Schleker, P Philipp M; Bouchard, Louis-S



Renormalization-group approach for para-hydrogen adsorbed on exfoliated graphite  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Heat-capacity measurements of para-hydrogen adsorbed on graphite were performed recently and revealed an interesting phase diagram similar to 4He. We report a renormalization-group study based on a three-state Potts model with vacancies which approximates the experimental situation. The resulting global phase diagram is in a three parameter space of pair-interaction constants and chemical potential as studied by Berker, Ostlund and Putnam. The Lennard-Jones or other effective potential between the para-H 2 adsorbed molecules determines the subspace relevant to this adsorbate. A method to calculate thermodynamic densities is discussed and the resulting temperature versus density diagram agrees well with the experiment.

Mello, E. V. L.; Carneiro, G. M.



High dose para-aortic lymph node irradiation for gynecologic cancer: technique, toxicity, and results  

SciTech Connect

A technique for high dose (5600-6100 cGy) extended field irradiation to the para-aortic lymph nodes is described. Fourteen patients have been treated with this technique, of whom 10 have had histologic confirmation of para-aortic node metastases. With follow-up ranging from 11 to 78 months, 7 of 14 patients are alive and clinically cancer-free. Acute effects of extended field treatment on patient weight and circulating blood counts are analyzed, and late treatment morbidity assessed. The findings suggest that such treatment, executed with modern equipment and appropriate technique, is not significantly more hazardous than pelvic irradiation, and can result in a substantial probability of disease-free survival.

Russell, A.H.; Jones, D.C.; Russell, K.J.; Gerdes, A.J.; Figge, D.C.; Greer, B.E.; Tamimi, H.K.; Cain, J.M.



Incentivos para atraer y retener personal de salud de zonas rurales del Perú: un estudio cualitativo  

PubMed Central

El objetivo fue identificar incentivos de atracción y retención en zonas rurales y distantes de Ayacucho, Perú. Fueron realizadas entrevistas en profundidad con 80 médicos, enfermeras, obstetras y técnicos (20 por grupo) de las zonas más pobres y con 11 funcionarios. No existen políticas sistemáticas de atracción y retención de personal de salud en Ayacucho. Los principales incentivos, en orden de importancia, fueron mejoras salariales, oportunidades de formación y capacitación, estabilidad laboral y nombramiento, mejoras en infraestructura y equipos, e incremento del personal. Se mencionaron también mejoras en la vivienda y alimentación, mayor cercanía con la familia y reconocimiento por el sistema de salud. Existen coincidencias y singularidades entre los distintos grupos sobre los incentivos clave para estimular el trabajo rural, que deben considerarse al diseñar políticas públicas. Las iniciativas del Estado deben comprender procesos rigurosos de monitoreo y evaluación, para asegurar que las mismas tengan el impacto deseado. PMID:22488318

Huicho, Luis; Canseco, Francisco Díez; Lema, Claudia; Miranda, J. Jaime; Lescano, Andrés G.



H2CS abundances and ortho-to-para ratios in interstellar clouds  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Several H2CS ortho and para transitions have been observed toward interstellar molecular clouds, including cold, dark clouds and star-forming regions. H2CS fractional abundances f(H2CS) about 1-2 10 to the -9th relative to molecular hydrogen toward TMC-1, Orion A, and NGC 7538, and about 5 10 to the -10th for L134N are derived. The H2CS ortho-to-para ratios in TMC-1 are about 1.8 toward the cyanopolyyne peak and the ammonia peak, which may indicate the thermalization of H2CS on 10 K grains. A ratio of about 3, the statistical value, for Orion (3N, 1E) and NGC 7538 is derived, while a value of about 2 for Orion (KL) is found.

Minh, Y. C.; Irvine, W. M.; Brewer, M. K.



Molecular Characterization of Neurally Expressing Genes in the Para Sodium Channel Gene Cluster of Drosophila  

PubMed Central

To elucidate the mechanisms regulating expression of para, which encodes the major class of sodium channels in the Drosophila nervous system, we have tried to locate upstream cis-acting regulatory elements by mapping the transcriptional start site and analyzing the region immediately upstream of para in region 14D of the polytene chromosomes. From these studies, we have discovered that the region contains a cluster of neurally expressing genes. Here we report the molecular characterization of the genomic organization of the 14D region and the genes within this region, which are: calnexin (Cnx), actin related protein 14D (Arp14D), calcineurin A 14D (CnnA14D), and chromosome associated protein (Cap). The tight clustering of these genes, their neuronal expression patterns, and their potential functions related to expression, modulation, or regulation of sodium channels raise the possibility that these genes represent a functionally related group sharing some coordinate regulatory mechanism. PMID:8849894

Hong, C. S.; Ganetzky, B.



Development of an integrated remote monitoring technique and its application to para-stressing bridge system  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Bridge monitoring system via information technology is capable of providing more accurate knowledge of bridge performance characteristics than traditional strategies. This paper describes not only an integrated Internet monitoring system that consists of a stand-alone monitoring system (SMS) and a Web-based Internet monitoring system (IMS) for bridge maintenance but also its application to para-stressing bridge system as an intelligent structure. IMS, as a Web-based system, is capable of addressing the remote monitoring by introducing measuring information derived from SMS into the system through Internet or intranet connected by either PHS or LAN. Moreover, the key functions of IMS such as data management system, condition assessment, and decision making with the proposed system are also introduced in this paper. Another goal of this study is to establish the framework of a para-stressing bridge system which is an intelligent bridge by integrating the bridge monitoring information into the system to control the bridge performance automatically.

Miyamoto, Ayaho; Motoshita, Minoru; Casas, Joan R.




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El Programa CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) es un curso basado en Internet y desarrollado por voluntarios, que brinda material educacional sobre protección de sujetos humanos en investigaciones biomédicas y de conducta, buenas prácticas clínicas, conducta responsable de la investigación y trato humanitario a animales de laboratorio. Es un esfuerzo conjunto del Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center y la Universidad de Miami. Con la colaboración de expertos locales, gran parte del contenido se ha adaptado para América Latina, se ha traducido al español y portugués y se han establecido acuerdos de colaboración con instituciones especializadas en bioética en Chile, Brasil, Costa Rica y Perú. Los autores presentan una metodología accesible para la capacitación en ética de la investigación y una justificación de su uso y difusión en América Latina PMID:21687817

Litewka, Sergio; Goodman, Kenneth; Braunschweiger, y Paul



Desarrollo de un receptor polarimétrico en banda S para aplicación en estudios radioastronómicos  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Desde el punto de vista tecnológico, el objetivo principal de este proyecto es desarrollar un cabezal de receptor en la frecuencia de 3.3 GHz, con una temperatura del sistema de 60 K y un ancho de banda de 140 MHz. El mismo será instalado en el foco primario de un reflector parabólico de 30 metros de diámetro que funcionará como radiómetro en el IAR. El receptor es del tipo polarimétrico, con lo cual permite la posibilidad de obtener las componentes de polarización lineal y circular. Para tal fin el cabezal constará de dos ramas receptoras que amplificarán la señal y la trasladarán a una frecuencia menor, (frecuencia intermedia), permitiendo de esa forma un mejor transporte de la señal a la sala de control para su posterior procesamiento. El receptor, además de tener características polarimétricas, podrá ser usado en el contínuo y en la línea, utilizando las ventajas observacionales y de procesamiento de señal que actualmente posee el IAR.

Barberis, C. M.; Bava, J. A.; Sanz, A. J.


Modelizacion, control e implementacion de un procesador energetico paralelo para aplicacion en sistemas multisalida  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Cualquier sistema electronico que incluya un procesado o tratamiento de la senal, y ademas, algun tipo de actuador mecanico generalmente necesita, como minimo, dos tensiones diferentes de alimentacion. Excluyendo los sistemas de alimentacion distribuida, la solucion tecnica mas utilizada para proporcionar dos o mas tensiones consiste en las fuentes de alimentacion multisalida. En una fuente de alimentacion multisalida los diferentes circuitos que conforman cada salida comparten un mismo transformador de potencia optimizando coste, masa, y volumen. Las ventajas obtenidas con este procedimiento tienen en su contra el efecto que sobre cada salida individual provocan las demas en su conjunto debido, principalmente, a los efectos de los elementos parasitos de los componentes. Un cambio de carga en una de las salidas produce un transitorio que es visto por todas las demas como un efecto de impedancia cruzada, y al final del transitorio, la tension de cada salida es diferente respecto a la que tenian antes del transitorio. Este ultimo resultado se conoce como regulacion cruzada. La disminucion de los efectos de la regulacion cruzada ha sido objeto de estudio durante los ultimos anos. El objetivo ha sido el desarrollo de distintas estrategias que permiten, desde disminuir los efectos de la regulacion cruzada hasta los niveles deseables, a eliminarla completamente. El resultado final suele suponer una penalizacion sobre el diseno del sistema directamente proporcional al grado de regulacion a conseguir en las distintas salidas. Entre las soluciones propuestas para eliminar la regulacion cruzada las tecnicas de post-regulacion se han consolidado como la opcion mas aceptada ya que, pueden aplicarse a cualquier convertidor y no suponen ninguna complejidad adicional a la hora de plantear el diseno. En esta Tesis Doctoral se abordara el estudio de la tecnica conocida como postregulacion mediante transformador controlado, que si bien se ha empleado en convertidores resonantes, su modelizacion, y aplicacion en convertidores PWM, esta aun por estudiar y valorar. El primer Capitulo consiste en una breve introduccion al problema de la regulacion cruzada y la impedancia cruzada para posteriormente describir las tecnicas de post-regulacion actualmente mas empleadas, con especial atencion al post-regulador con transformador controlado. El Capitulo segundo trata del estudio de las caracteristicas estaticas del postregulador con transformador controlado. Partiendo de los estudios disponibles sobre el postregulador se plantean mejoras en su modo de actuacion y se discuten tres alternativas diferentes para controlar el transformador. Las dos primeras consisten en emplear un convertidor auxiliar Boost en sus dos modos de funcionamiento, continuo y discontinuo. La tercera consiste en controlar el transformador con una tension PWM directamente, sin filtrado. Finalmente se comprueba experimentalmente, para el estado estacionario, el funcionamiento del post-regulador para cada uno de los tres metodos de control. El Capitulo tercero trata de la dinamica de la salida controlada con el post-regulador cuando este emplea un convertidor auxiliar tipo Boost. Mediante la tecnica de promediado de variables de estado se propone el modelo de pequena senal, tanto para el modo continuo como para el modo discontinuo de funcionamiento del convertidor auxiliar. Los resultados mas significativos de esta seccion son las expresiones analiticas de las impedancias cruzadas y de la impedancia de la salida post-regulada. Como complemento al modelo de pequena senal se plantea un modelo de gran senal implementado sobre el simulador Pspice. Con este nuevo modelo se reproducen los resultados obtenidos con el modelo de pequena senal y ademas es posible simular los transitorios en las tensiones de salida ante cambios de carga. La modelizacion del convertidor cuando el transformador se controla con una tension PWM sin filtrar es el objetivo del Capitulo 4. En las secciones siguientes del Capitulo se plantea el correspondiente modelo de gran senal aplicado a un nuevo prototipo exper

Ferreres Sabater, Agustin


Kinetic energy of solid and liquid para-hydrogen: a path integral Monte Carlo simulation  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The translational (center of mass) kinetic energy of solid and liquid para-hydrogen have been recently measured by means of Deep Inelastic Neutron Scattering. We have evaluated the same quantity, in similar thermodynamic conditions, by means of Path Integral Monte Carlo computer simulation, modelling the system as composed of a set of spherical molecules interacting through a pairwise additive Lennard-Jones potential. In spite of the crude approximations on the interaction potential, the agreement is excellent. The pressure was also computed by means of the same simulations. This quantity, compared with the equation of state for solid para-hydrogen given by Driessen and Silvera, gives an agreement of a lesser quality and a negative value for the liquid state. We attribute this discrepancy to the limitations of the Lennard-Jones potential.

Zoppi, Marco; Neumann, Martin



Improvement of some pharmaceutical properties of mycophenolate mofetil (MMF) by para sulphonatocalix[4]resorcinarene inclusion complex  

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As a part of our investigations to unfold the chemistry of calixresorcinarene, we have focused on the formation of inclusion\\u000a complex of a poorly soluble (43 ?g ml?1 at pH 7) drug mycophenolate mofetil (MMF) an immunosuppressive agent and an inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase (IMPDH) inhibitor\\u000a with para sulphonatocalix[4]resorcinarene (PSC4R). The complete complexation of the drug was achieved after 48 h of stirring\\u000a with

Shobhana K. Menon; Nishith R. Modi; Bhoomika Mistry; Kuldeep Joshi



Programao 1 Encontro para Estudos em Polticas e Prticas de Educao Ambiental  

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Programação 1º Encontro para Estudos em Políticas e Práticas de Educação Ambiental 14:00 às 14:20 - A unidade curricular Políticas de Educação Ambiental no contexto da proposta interdisciplinar do Projeto Pedagógico do Curso de Bacharelado em Ciência Ambiental do Instituto de Geociências - Profa. Patricia Almeida

Souza, Max O.


NMR Imaging of Catalytic Hydrogenation in Microreactors with the Use of paraHydrogen  

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Catalysis is vital to industrial chemistry, and the optimization of catalytic reactors attracts considerable resources. It has proven challenging to correlate the active regions in heterogeneous catalyst beds with morphology and to monitor multistep reactions within the bed. We demonstrate techniques, using magnetic resonance imaging and para-hydrogen (p-H2) polarization, that allow direct visualization of gas-phase flow and the density of

Louis-S. Bouchard; Scott R. Burt; M. Sabieh Anwar; Kirill V. Kovtunov; Igor V. Koptyug; Alexander Pines



Injection Molding Poly(Para-phenylene) with a Rapidly Heated Mold  

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Poly(para-phenylene), a self-reinforced rigid-chain polymer, has superb mechanical properties. Its use as a thermoplastic polymer in injection molding, however, is prohibited because of its extremely high viscosity. In this study, an injection molding process with a rapidly heated mold was used to enhance the moldability. The mold can be heated from room temperature to 250°C in 5 s and thermally cycled

Thomas E. Kimerling; Donggang Yao; Byung H. Kim



Projeto do sistema anti-ressonante da fiação dos transdutores para o detector Mario Schenberg  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

O detector de ondas gravitacionais Mario Schenberg está sendo projetado e construído pelo grupo Gráviton. Sua construção está ocorrendo no Laboratório de Estado Sólido e Baixas Temperaturas (LESBT) da Universidade de São Paulo, na cidade de São Paulo. Esse detector possui uma massa ressonante esférica de cobre-alumínio, com 65 cm de diâmetro, pesando aproximadamente 1150 Kg, suspensa por um sistema de isolamento vibracional, que se encontra em fase de testes preliminares. A real eficácia desse sistema, entretanto, só poderá ser comprovada quando o detector estiver aparelhado com, pelo menos, um transdutor eletromecânico de altíssima sensibilidade acoplado à massa ressonante. Neste momento, não só este sistema de isolamento vibracional será posto em teste, como o do projeto da fiação que transporta os sinais de microondas até os transdutores e destes para a pré-amplificação. Apesar dessa fiação ter sido projetada para não apresentar nenhum contato com a superfície esférica da antena, de maneira a não haver nenhuma transmissão de ruído vibracional do laboratório para esta, deve-se minimizar o ruído microfônico produzido nessa fiação por oscilações mecânicas, uma vez que ela não utiliza nenhum sistema de isolamento vibracional. Com o intuito de resolver este problema, projetamos uma estrutura, formada por pequenos cilindros conectados por barras, a qual não terá nenhuma ressonância mecânica na faixa de freqüências de interesse para detecção (3000 - 3400 Hz). Desta forma, as vibrações nessa faixa não serão amplificadas. O projeto foi feito usando iterativamente, de maneira a otimizar os resultados obtidos, o programa de elementos finitos Msc/Nastran. Através de simulações feitas neste programa, determinamos os parâmetros geométricos ideais a serem utilizados, os quais proporcionam a maior região espectral de interesse livre de ressonâncias.

Vieira, S. J.., Jr.; Melo, J. L.



Modelos auxiliares para problemas de programacion lineal con coeficientes imprecisos en las restricciones  

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Resumen  En este artículo se considera un problema de Programación Lineal en el que los coeficientes del sistema de inecuaciones lineales,\\u000a que definen el conjunto de restricciones, están dados de forma imprecisa o vaga. Se supone entonces que tales coeficientes\\u000a pueden ser definidos mediante números difusos. Se propone un enfoque de resolución basado en las distintas versiones existentes\\u000a para la comparación

L. Campos; J. L. Verdegay



Un Marco No-Monotonico para Representar Intenciones Bajo un Modelo BDI  

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- vas, est´an ´intimamente relacionadas con las creencias y los planes, al tiempo que proveen elementos posibilidades l´ogicas leg´itimas. As´i, resulta ilustrativo notar que aunque el cambio de creencias sobre la,8,12,16], llevando a teor´ias de revisi´on de creencias y l´ogicas no-monot´onicas para creencias, los #12;2 procesos

Guerra Hernández, Alejandro


Calendrio escolar para o ano lectivo 2006/2007 1 SEMESTRE  

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de Curso) Período de Aulas do 1º Ano: Segunda-feira, dia 25 de Setembro de 2006, a Sexta-feira, dia, a Quinta-feira, dia 14 de Setembro de 2006 �poca Especial de Exames referente ao ano de 2006/2007 SegundaCalendário escolar para o ano lectivo 2006/2007 1º SEMESTRE Período de Aulas (excepto 1ºano



SAGISc: Sistema Colaborativo para Recolha de Dados Paula Andr Pedro Antunes  

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, etc. A segunda etapa processa-se no campo, onde se efectua o levantamento da geologia da área. Este deslocações ao local de estudo. � de salientar que actualmente este processo pode demorar alguns anos. Este verificar as situações de dúvida ou para dar uma segunda opinião sobre determinado elemento geológico. O

Antunes, Pedro


Lanzamiento del estudio de tratamiento personalizado para el cáncer de seno

Hoy se inició el Estudio de Asignación de Opciones Individualizadas de Tratamiento (Trial Assigning IndividuaLized Options for Treatment (Rx), o TAILORx, el cual evaluará si los genes que están frecuentemente asociados con el riesgo de recurrencia entre las mujeres con cáncer de seno en etapa inicial pueden ser utilizados para asignar a las pacientes el tratamiento más adecuado y efectivo. Preguntas y respuestas


Aplicando Metodos de Aprendizaje Sensible al Coste para Mejorar Problemas de Big Data  

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´ecnicas de miner´ia de datos no est´an bien preparadas para afrontar los requerim- ientos de tiempo y espacio datos y las tecnolog´ias de miner´ia de datos han quedado desbordados por no poder hacer frente a dichas,vlopez,j.m.benitez,herrera} Abstract. Debido a la explosi´on y proliferaci´on de datos en los ´ultimos a~nos, surge la necesidad de

Granada, Universidad de


Propuesta de Diseño para la Gestión Colaborativa del Conocimiento Mediante Información Semántica  

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ABSTRACT Uno,de los ,efectos indeseables ,de la ,introducción de las tecnologías de la información y las comunicaciones, Internet y la Web ha sido ,la sobrecarga ,de información. Se están buscando soluciones,a este ,problema ,desde ,distintos campos ,de investigación, Gestión del Conocimiento, Minería de Información, Web Semántica, etc. Una hipótesis interesante para buscar soluciones a este problema,en el ámbito de los

Jaime Moreno Llorena; Xavier Alamán Roldán; Ruth Cobos Pérez


Solvatochromism and preferential solvation of para -derivatives of guaiacol in water-N,N-dimethylformamide mixtures  

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The influence of the composition of the water-N,N-dimethylformamide mixed solvent on the position of the B absorption band\\u000a in UV spectra of 2-methoxyphenol, its para-substituted derivatives, and corresponding phenolate anions simulating base units of natural lignin is investigated. The\\u000a data obtained are interpreted in terms of the model of preferential solvation. The preferential solvation parameters and compositions\\u000a of the solvation

D. S. Kosyakov; N. S. Gorbova; K. G. Bogolitsyn; L. V. Gusakov



Exito para el XVI Festival Internacional de Teatro Hispano del Teatro Avante  

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Nueva York del 20 al 30 de junio 2001 en el New 42nd Street Studios logró traer maravillosos representantes del teatro latinoamericano y español contemporáneo. En Miami el programa incluyó: Cenizas sobre el mar (Colombia/Miami), La ciudad sitiada...) y Melodrama (Brasil). Y hubo tres obras de teatrodanza: Jacinta-todas las plegarias (Ecuador/EEUU), Seque volverás (Colombia) y Materia (Brasil). Por último el Teatro Taller de Colombia presentó Los cíngaros, obra para espacios abiertos públicos...

Marrero, Marí a Teresa



ltima Hora Seminario Orientacin para Mayores de 25 Aos NOTICIAS Y EVENTOS  

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Alumnos/as para las sesiones del 14 al 28 de marzo (Publicada 10/03/2014) Importante: El aula común de la Primer Apellido y Aula del Aulario II de 16 a 19 horas: Aula Desde Hasta C02 A L C03 M Z 19.30 - 21.00 : Los alumnos que deseen asistir a la clase sobre el manejo del Campus Virtual deberán acudir a las

Escolano, Francisco


Mitotic Haploidization by Treatment of Aspergillus niger Diploids with para-Fluorophenylalanine  

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IN genetic analysis based on mitotic segregation1-4 an important step is the recovery of haploid segregants from heterozygous diploids. This has been done until recently by laborious or complicated techniques4,5. I am indebted to Dr. G. Morpurgo, of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, for informing me and permitting me to make use of his discovery that treatment with para-fluoro-phenylalanine

Pol Lhoas



Natural bond orbital (NBO) population analysis of para-substituted S-Nitroso-thiophenols  

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Theoretical study of several para-substituted S-Nitroso-thiophenols has been performed using quantum computational ab initio RHF and density functional B3LYP and B3PW91 methods with 6-31G(d,p) basis set. Geometries obtained from DFT calculations were used to perform NBO analysis. It is noted that the weakness in the SN sigma bond is due to nO1??S3N2? delocalisation and is responsible for the longer SN

Li Xiao-Hong; Tang Zheng-Xin; Zhang Xian-Zhou



An Unusual Case of Bilateral Maxillary and Mandibular Para Premolar: A Case Report  

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The presence of supernumerary teeth is not uncommon in the general population. They occur more frequently in patients with a family history of such teeth. It is rare to find multiple supernumeraries in individuals with no other associated disease or syndrome. There have been very few documented cases of bilateral maxillary and mandibular supernumeraries in the premolar region. An unusual case of a 35-year-old man with six para premolars and complete dentition is presented. PMID:24396358

Chanagay, Sunil Kumar Vishwanath; Singh, Vikram; Bantwal, Sunil Rao; Muniyappa, Manjunatha