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[Diversity of wild and domestic mammal's intestinal helminths from the Caatinga of the Parque Nacional Serra da Capivara, Southeast of Piauí, Brazil].  


Biodiversity studies allow ecosystem assessment and monitoring of environmental changes and impacts. Parasite diversity could reflect the host/ parasite coevolutionary process and the environment changes that permit the loss, gain or maintenance of species. This survey used species/morphotypes of helminths eggs found in feces from seven wild mammal species (the groups Dasypodidae and Large Cats, and Tamandua tetradactyla, Cebus apella, Alouatta caraya, Cerdocyon thous, Pecari tajacu) and from two domestic species (Canis familiaris and Sus scrofa), which occur within the Serra da Capivara National Park (PNSC) and surrounding areas in order to analise the diversity of mammal intestinal helminths. This work used the helminthological fauna findings of wild and domestic mammals, to consider a possible helminth flux between these two host groups using Unweighted Pair Group Method with Arithmetic Mean (UPGMA) of the hosts based on helminthological fauna composition. The results indicate that the region of the PNSC still maintains environmental conditions that still keep wild mammal helminthological fauna composition different from the one found for domestic mammals. PMID:20040186

Brandão, Martha Lima; Chame, Marcia; Cordeiro, José Luis Passos; de Miranda Chaves, Sérgio Augusto




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Parque Nacional Carara is located midway along the Pacific versant of Costa Rica in the transition zone between dry tropical forest to the north and wet tropical forest to the south. We documented patterns of biodiversity among three sites within Parque Nacional Carara and compared the park's overall herpetofaunal community to those found in the dry tropical forest to the



The orchid-bee faunas (Hymenoptera: Apidae) of 'Parque Nacional do Monte Pascoal', 'Parque Nacional do Descobrimento' and three other Atlantic Forest remnants in southern Bahia, eastern Brazil.  


The orchid-bee faunas of 'Parque Nacional do Monte Pascoal', 'Parque Nacional do Descobrimento' and three other Atlantic Forest remnants ranging from 1 to 300 ha in southern Bahia, eastern Brazil, were surveyed. Baits with seventeen different scents were used to attract orchid-bee males. Four thousand seven hundred and sixty-four males belonging to 36 species were actively collected with insect nets during 300 hours from November, 2008 to November, 2009. Richness and diversity of orchid bees found in this study are the highest ever recorded in the Atlantic Forest domain. Eufriesea dentilabris (Mocsáry, 1897) and Eufriesea violacea (Blanchard, 1840) were collected at the 'Parque Nacional do Monte Pascoal', the first record of these species for the state of Bahia and the northernmost record for both species. Females Exaerete dentata (Linnaeus, 1758) were also collected at 'Parque Nacional do Monte Pascoal' and old records of Eufriesea aeneiventris (Mocsáry, 1896) in this area makes this site the richest and most diverse concerning its orchid-bee fauna in the entire Atlantic Forest and similar to areas in the Amazon Basin. PMID:23917575

Nemésio, A



Importancia de los deslizamientos en el Parque Nacional Podocarpus, Loja, Ecuador Importance of landslides in Podocarpus National Park, Loja, Ecuador  

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We present preliminary data on the pioneer vegetation found on natural and man-made landslides in the Parque Nacional de Podocarpus (PNP). The natural landslides selected were distributed between 2100 and 3200 m (216 study sites), while the man-made landslides were situated between 1900 and 2800 m above sea- level (216 study sites). Sampling followed Blanquet (1979) and the altitudinal gradient

Pablo Lozano; Rainer Bussmann


Bases para el diseño de un plan estratégico de la Unidad del Sistema de Parques Nacionales y el Sistema Nacional de Áreas Protegidas  

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Colombia cuenta con el Sistema de Parques Nacionales Naturales -SPNN- y está en el proceso de constituir un Sistema Nacional de Áreas Protegidas -SINAP- que articule la variedad de áreas protegidas de iniciativa municipal, departamental, regional, colectiva y privada. La Unidad Administrativa Especial del Sistema de Parques Nacionales Naturales -UAESPNN- es la entidad responsable de administrar el primero de estos

Francisco Alberto Galán



New karyologycal data and cytotaxonomic considerations on small mammals from Santa Virg?nia (Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar, Atlantic Forest, Brazil)  

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Abstract Atlantic Forest, in the eastern coast of Brazil, is a hotspot of biodiversity of mammals, and Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar (PESM) is the largest continuous area of this biome. Here, we characterized the karyotype composition of the small mammals from Santa Virgínia, a region in the northern part of PESM. Specimens were collected from July 2008 to September 2009. We identified 17 species (13 rodents and 4 marsupials) from which 7 exhibited species-specific karyotypes, illustrating the importance of karyotype information in cytotaxonomy. We report for first time the karyotype of Monodelphis scalops (Thomas, 1888) and two new records for PESM: Akodon montensis Thomas, 1913 and Brucepattersonius soricinus Hershkovitz, 1998. Cytogenetic polymorphisms were detected for some species trapped in the area. Our results show the importance of Santa Virgínia / PESM in addressing studies for the conservation of small mammal wildlife in the Atlantic Forest.

Di-Nizo, Camilla Bruno; Neves, Carolina Lima; Vilela, Julio Fernando; Silva, Maria Jose de J.



The origin of oriented lakes in the Andean foreland, Parque Nacional Torres del Paine (Chilean Patagonia)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Parque Nacional Torres Del Paine and surrounding area in the Magallanes foreland basin in Chilean Patagonia is the site for numerous lakes fed by glaciers and rivers in the Andean highlands to the west. The lakes are elongate and have conspicuously systematic orientations. We hypothesize that the origin of the oriented lakes lies in the fault system, composed of a right-lateral strike-slip fault set oriented 58° from north, a left-lateral strike-slip set oriented 87°, and a thrust fault set oriented 167°, that exists within the underlying rocks. To test this hypothesis quantitatively, we determined the shape and orientation of the lakes by fitting each lake with an ellipse of appropriate aspect ratio, and later with multiple ellipses consistent with the composite geometry of some lakes. We then examined the faults in the area in terms of their kinematics, orientation and distribution. The distribution of lake orientations showed three distinct groups which appear to correspond to the three main fault groups. For lakes fitted with multiple ellipses, the difference in means between the right-lateral, left-lateral, and thrust faults and their corresponding groups of lakes are 3.05°, 1.57°, and 5.17°. Using a Kolmogorov-Smirnov (K-S) statistical test to compare the orientations of faults with respect to the lakes suggests that there is not a strongly significant difference between the fault orientations and the corresponding lake groups. These results indicate that the faults have a profound control on the orientation, shape, and distribution of the lakes. We attribute this to faults and their damage zones being weaker and therefore prone to a faster rate of erosion, and to stress perturbations associated with discontinuous faults resulting in localized high density fracturing and surface subsidence. These results have implications for lake and drainage system morphologies in other foreland basins along the Andes and other similar settings.

Gonzales, Joseph; Aydin, Atilla



Aerial view of the eastern border of the Parque Nacional Soberania in central Panama following a fire.  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

An aerial view of the eastern border of the Parque Nacional Soberania in central Panama following a fire. The park borders on an extensive monoculture of the invasive grass Saccharum spontaneum. The fire was severe enough to kill small remnant patches of trees that remained in the monoculture, but not severe enough to enter the contiguous forest of the national park. Experimental plantings of native trees also escaped the fire and are visible in the upper right of the photograph. This photograph originally appeared on the cover of Ecological Applications (17:5) in July of 2007.

Ziegler, Christian



The sandfly fauna (Diptera: Psychodidae: Phlebotominae) of the Parque Estadual da Serra da Tiririca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  

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Cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) in the state of Rio de Janeiro is sporadic and can be characterised as a peridomestic transmission that occurs in modified natural environments. The aim of this work was to study the fauna and ecological characteristics of sandflies in an environmentally protected area (the State Park of Serra da Tiririca) within the remnants of the Atlantic Forest in the municipalities of Niterói and Maricá and their possible relationship with leishmaniasis. Captures were performed using light traps during the night once a month for one year in both sylvatic environments and areas surrounding homes near the park. A total of 1,037 sandflies were captured, belonging to nine genera and 12 species: Evandromyia tupynambai (34.1%), Migonemyia migonei (20.6%), Brumptomyia cunhai (13.8%), Micropygomyia schreiberi (9.7%), Psathyromyia lanei (6.5%), Brumptomyia nitzulescui (5.7%), Evandromyia edwardsi (5.4%), Nyssomyia intermedia (2.8%), Evandromyia cortelezzii (0.6%), Pintomyia bianchigalatiae (0.5%), Lutzomyia longipalpis (0.2%) and Sciopemyia microps (0.1%). Both Mg. migonei and Ny. intermedia may be acting as vectors of CL in this area.

Rodrigues, Andressa Alencastre Fuzari; Barbosa, Vanessa de Araujo; Andrade, Jose Dilermando; Brazil, Reginaldo Pecanha



The Dasypodidae (Mammalia, Xenarthra) from the Urso Fóssil Cave (Quaternary), Parque Nacional de Ubajara, State of Ceará, Brazil: paleoecological and taxonomic aspects.  


This paper deals with xenarthrans osteoderms assigned to Dasypus aff. D. novemcinctus, Euphractus sexcinctus and Cabassous sp. The material was collected in subsurface, from 0.10 to 0.60 m in the Urso Fóssil Cave, Parque Nacional de Ubajara, State of Ceará, northeastern Brazil. The ages of sediment samples from levels 4 and 5 (depths of 0.40 and 0.50 m) were determined by thermoluminescence technique, and indicated ages of 8,000 and 8,200 years BP for each layer respectively. The presence in these layers of early Holocene xenarthrans taxa can contribute to the understanding of the biotic evolution of the northwest region of Ceará during the last 10,000 years. Two of the three identified taxa still occur in the region: Dasypus novemcinctus and Euphractus sexcinctus. The Dasypodidae fauna here reported includes animals with generalist feeding habits and current wide geographical distribution. It is suggested, therefore, that the climatic and environmental conditions in the early Holocene were very similar the actual ones, and that the absence of Cabassous may be conditioned to other factors, such as anthropogenic action and loss of habitat by fragmentation of the vegetation. PMID:24519005

Oliveira, Paulo V; Ribeiro, Ana Maria; Oliveira, Edison V; Viana, Maria Somália S



Diversidade de helmintos intestinais em mamíferos silvestres e domésticos na Caatinga do Parque Nacional Serra da Capivara, Sudeste do Piauí, Brasil  

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Biodiversity studies allow ecosystem assessment and monitoring of environmental changes and impacts. Parasite diversity could reflect the host\\/ parasite coevolutionary process and the environment changes that permit the loss, gain or maintenance of species. This survey used species\\/morphotypes of helminths eggs found in feces from seven wild mammal species (the groups Dasypodidae and Large Cats, and Tamandua tetradactyla, Cebus apella,

Martha Lima Brandão; Marcia Chame; José Luis Passos Cordeiro; S. A. de M. Chaves



Depositación polínica anual en el Parque Nacional Pre-Delta, Entre Ríos, Argentina  

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Annual pollen deposition in the Pre-Delta National Park (Entre Ríos, Argentina). This work aims to analyze the seasonal pattern and the diversity of the Pre-Delta National Park vegetation (Entre Ríos, Argentina) as reflected by the deposited pollen along a year. Pollen has been monitored monthly with Tauber traps over one year (since August 2004 to July 2005). The pollen traps




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The flood plain of Paraná river problably mantain, one of the last considerable populations of neotropical big cats, represented by jaguar (Panthera onca) and puma (Puma concolor). Large felids depend on the landscape to obtain food and habitat. Fire is a huge natural agent that can change the landscape, modifying flora and fauna species. In the Ilha Grande National Park,

Kauê Cachuba de Abreu; Letícia de Paulo Koproski; Ângela Márcia Kuczach; Pedro Chaves de Camargo; Tiago Giarola Boscarato


A fauna apícola do Parque Municipal da Cachoeirinha (Iporá, GO)  

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Bees are dependent on flower nectar and pollen (main sources of protein and energy, respectively) and have an important economic and ecological role as pollinators, representing about 40 to 90% of phanerogams pollinators in several ecosystems. This work presents a description of bee species from Parque Municipal da Cachoeirinha in Iporá, Goiás state, Brazil. A total of 58 hours of

Leandro Rodrigues Santiago; Rute Magalhães Brito; Thiago Mahlmann Vitoriano Lopes Muniz; Favízia Freitas de Oliveira; Flávio de Oliveira Francisco



Age distribution of Serra Geral (Parana??) flood basalts, southern Brazil  

USGS Publications Warehouse

We evaluated 193 K-Ar ages (10 newly determined) of basaltic and differentiated rocks of the Serra Geral (Parana??) flood-basalt province for indications of magmatism occurring systematically with progressive rifting and complete separation ( ???130-105 Ma) of South America from Africa. The K-Ar ages represent basalt emplacement between 35?? and 19??S covering about 1,200,000 km2. We note that volcanism appears ubiquitous across the province between about 140 and 115 Ma, and that there are no significant age differences within that relate directly to progressive south-to-north tectonism. On the other hand, the oldest samples, about 140-160 Ma, are among those nearest the Brazil coastline (rift margin), perhaps suggesting migration of activity away from the rift with time. Studies of other flood-basalt provinces now indicate short (<3 m.y.) eruption periods, thereby pointing to the need for re-examination of Serra Geral ages by 40Ar-39Ar incremental heating techniques. ?? 1989.

Fodor, R. V.; McKee, E. H.; Roisenberg, A.



Isolation and characterization of microsatellite markers in the Serra Spanish mackerel, Scomberomorus brasiliensis.  


Thirteen nuclear-encoded microsatellites from a genomic DNA library of Serra Spanish mackerel, Scomberomorus brasiliensis, were isolated and characterized. The microsatellites include 10 perfect repeats (eight tetranucleotide and two dinucleotide) and three imperfect repeats (two tetranucleotide and one dinucleotide). An additional five microsatellites, isolated originally from two congeneric species (S. cavalla and S. niphonius), were characterized in S. brasiliensis. Serra Spanish mackerel support artisanal fisheries along the Caribbean and Atlantic coasts of Central and South America, from Belize to Brazil. PMID:21564761

Renshaw, Mark A; Douglas, Kory C; Rexroad Iii, Caird E; Jobity, Ann Marie C; Gold, John R



Ecologia de mosquitos (Diptera, Culicidae) em áreas do Parque Nacional do Iguaçu, Brasil: 1 ­ Distribuição por hábitat  

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A study of the mosquito fauna in the Iguaçu National Park focused on population be- havior in four biotopes with different types of plant cover inside the Park. Systematic bimonthly diurnal and nocturnal human bait and Shannon trap captures were conducted in both forest and domiciliary environments over the course of 24 months. A total of 20,273 adult mosquito specimens

Anthony Érico Guimarães; Catarina Macedo Lopes; Rubens Pinto de Mello; Jeronimo Alencar



Bioenergetics and diving activity of internesting leatherback turtles Dermochelys coriacea at Parque Nacional Marino Las Baulas, Costa Rica.  


Physiology, environment and life history demands interact to influence marine turtle bioenergetics and activity. However, metabolism and diving behavior of free-swimming marine turtles have not been measured simultaneously. Using doubly labeled water, we obtained the first field metabolic rates (FMRs; 0.20-0.74 W kg(-1)) and water fluxes (16-30% TBW day(-1), where TBW=total body water) for free-ranging marine turtles and combined these data with dive information from electronic archival tags to investigate the bioenergetics and diving activity of reproductive adult female leatherback turtles Dermochelys coriacea. Mean dive durations (7.8+/-2.4 min (+/-1 s.d.), bottom times (2.7+/-0.8 min), and percentage of time spent in water temperatures (Tw) < or =24 degrees C (9.5+/-5.7%) increased with increasing mean maximum dive depths (22.6+/-7.1 m; all P< or =0.001). The FMRs increased with longer mean dive durations, bottom times and surface intervals and increased time spent in Tw< or =24 degrees C (all r2> or =0.99). This suggests that low FMRs and activity levels, combined with shuttling between different water temperatures, could allow leatherbacks to avoid overheating while in warm tropical waters. Additionally, internesting leatherback dive durations were consistently shorter than aerobic dive limits calculated from our FMRs (11.7-44.3 min). Our results indicate that internesting female leatherbacks maintained low FMRs and activity levels, thereby spending relatively little energy while active at sea. Future studies should incorporate data on metabolic rate, dive patterns, water temperatures, and body temperatures to develop further the relationship between physiological and life history demands and marine turtle bioenergetics and activity. PMID:16215215

Wallace, Bryan P; Williams, Cassondra L; Paladino, Frank V; Morreale, Stephen J; Lindstrom, R Todd; Spotila, James R



The Serra Pelada Au-PGE deposit, Serra dos Carajás (Pará State, Brazil): geological and geochemical indications for a composite mineralising process  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Serra Pelada Au-PGE-rich deposit is located in the Serra dos Carajás, a leading mining area in Brazil. This region is characterised by a complex geological and structural framework and is affected by deep lateritisation which has lasted for more than 70 Ma. The Serra Pelada deposit is emplaced in a late-Archean low-grade metasedimentary sequence (Rio Fresco/Águas Claras Formation) which is host to other gold deposits in the region (Igarapé Bahia, Águas Claras). The Rio Fresco/Águas Claras sequence was deposited in tectonic basins developed on Archean basement and Au-bearing greenstone terranes which were intruded by PGE-rich layered mafic complexes (e.g. Luanga). The Serra Pelada mineralisation is located along a regional, complex system of strike-slip faults (Cinzento-Carajás systems) which were active during the late Archean to early Proterozoic. The mineralisation appears to be concentrated along a faulted hinge zone of a fold. Ore zone rock facies are dominated by low-grade ferruginous to carbonaceous metasiltstones and minor sandstones, locally brecciated and cemented by quartz (±sulphide) stockwork. Supergene alteration led to partial to total transformation into friable aggregates of kaolinite, Fe oxide-hydroxides, silica and secondary phosphate-sulphates even at depths exceeding 200 m. Precious metals are exceptionally enriched, with up to more than 1,000 ppm Au+PGE in some peculiar ferruginous-graphitic zones locally called "hidrotermalito". Geochemistry shows complex patterns of major and trace elements, particularly rare-earth elements (REE), in mineralised vs. nonmineralised samples. These patterns are interpreted in terms of variable degree of superposition of hydrothermal and supergene alteration. Precious metals show progressive increase from samples with hydrothermal imprint to samples with supergene imprint. The geological evolution of the Carajás region and the characteristics of mineralisation at Serra Pelada may suggest a composite mineralising process: hydrothermal activity (by fluids likely originated from granitoids) was followed by supergene alteration during long-lasting lateritisation to develop extreme precious metal enrichments in a geological context probably already anomalous for Au and PGE.

Moroni, Marilena; Girardi, Vicente A.; Ferrario, Alfredo



The Portuguese naturalist Correia da Serra (1751–1823) and his impact on early nineteenth-century botany  

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This paper focuses on the contributions to natural history, particularly in methods of plant classification of the Portuguese\\u000a botanist, man of letters, diplomat, and Freemason Abbé José Correia da Serra (1751–1823), placing them in their national and\\u000a international political and social contexts.\\u000a \\u000a Correia da Serra adopted the natural method of classification championed by the Frenchman Antoine-Laurent de Jussieu, and\\u000a introduced

Maria Paula Diogo; Ana Carneiro; Ana Simões



Indicadores de sustentabilidad ambiental en la gestión de espacios verdes. Parque urbano Monte Calvario, Tandil, Argentina1  

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RESUMEN Los espacios verdes de las ciudades y particularmente los parques urbanos representan sistemas ambientales que cumplen con un doble rol, social y ecológico, en donde es posible evaluar las condiciones de sustentabilidad am- biental urbana. En tal sentido, proponemos un conjunto de indicadores destinados a evaluar en forma integral las condiciones de sustentabilidad del parque urbano Monte Calvario de



New species of Isotomiella Bagnall, 1939 from Southeast of Brazil (Collembola, Isotomidae)  

PubMed Central

Abstract Two new species of the genus Isotomiella Bagnall, 1939 are described and illustrated, the first: Isotomiella macedoi sp. n., based on males and females, from the “Parque Nacional da Serra dos Órgãos” (Teresópolis municipality, State of Rio de Janeiro) differs from the other by tibiotarsus III thickened and blunt and two antero-lateral chaetae of labrum strongly thickened. The second species Isotomiella uai sp. n. from “Serra da Gandarela”, (Caeté municipality, State of Minas Gerais) differs from the other by presence of short sensilla on antennal IV and tergites, two anterolabral chaetae thickened and falcate mucro.

de Mendonca, Maria Cleide; Abrantes, Eduardo A.; Neves, Ana Carolina R.



Zornia subsessilis (Leguminosae: Papilionoideae: Dalbergieae), a new species from Serra do Cabral, Minas Gerais, Brazil  

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Zornia subsessilis, a new species from Serra do Cabral, Minas Gerais State, Brazil, is described and illustrated on the basis of field and herbarium\\u000a studies. It belongs to Zornia section Zornia of subgenus Zornia and it appears to be restricted to “campo rupestre” (rocky fields) within the “cerrado” biome. This new species is characterized\\u000a by its sessile to subsessile leaves,

Ana Paula Fortuna-Perez; Ana Maria Goulart de Azevedo Tozzi



Development of a benthic multimetric index for the Serra da Bocaina bioregion in Southeast Brazil.  


Brazil faces a challenge to develop biomonitoring tools to be used in water quality assessment programs, but few multimetric indices were developed so far. This study is part of an effort to test and implement programs using benthic macroinvertebrates as bioindicators in Rio de Janeiro State. Our aim was first to test the Multimetric Index for Serra dos Órgãos (SOMI) for a different area--Serra da Bocaina (SB)--in the same ecoregion. We sampled 27 streams of different sizes and altitudes in the SB region. Despite the environmental similarities, results indicated biological differences between reference sites of the two regions. Considering these differences, we decided to develop an index specific for the SB region, the Serra da Bocaina Multimetric Index (MISB). We tested twenty-two metrics for sensitivity to impairment and redundancy, and six metrics were considered valid to integrate the MISB: Family Richness, Trichoptera Richness, % Coleoptera, % Diptera, IBE-IOC index, EPT / Chironomidae ratio. A test of the MISB in eleven sites indicated it was more related to land-use and water physico-chemical parameters than with altitude or stream width, being a useful tool for the monitoring and assessment of streams in the bioregion. PMID:24212698

Baptista, D F; Henriques-Oliveira, A L; Oliveira, R B S; Mugnai, R; Nessimian, J L; Buss, D F



The Late Holocene upper montane cloud forest and high altitude grassland mosaic in the Serra da Igreja, Southern Brazil.  


Many soils of the highlands of Serra do Mar, as in other mountain ranges, have thick histic horizons that preserve high amounts of carbon. However, the age and constitution of the organic matter of these soils remain doubtful, with possible late Pleistocene or Holocene ages. This study was conducted in three profiles (two in grassland and one in forest) in Serra da Igreja highlands in the state of Paraná. We performed ?13C isotope analysis of organic matter in soil horizons to detect whether C3 or C4 plants dominated the past communities and 14C dating of the humin fraction to obtain the age of the studied horizons. C3 plants seem to have dominated the mountain ridges of Serra da Igreja since at least 3,000 years BP. Even though the Serra da Igreja may represents a landscape of high altitude grasslands in soils containing organic matter from the late Pleistocene, as reported elsewhere in Southern and Southeastern Brazil, our results indicate that the sites studied are at least from the beginning of the Late Holocene, when conditions of high moisture enabled the colonization/recolonization of the Serra da Igreja ridges by C3 plants. This is the period, often reported in the literature, when forests advanced onto grasslands and savannas. PMID:23828336

Scheer, Maurício B; Curcio, Gustavo R; Roderjan, Carlos V



[Outbreak of oropouche virus fever in Serra Pelada, municipality of Curionópolis, Pará, 1994].  


In the final of November 1994, an outbreak of a febrile disease was observed in the Serra Pelada gold mine (5 degrees 35'S: 49 degrees 30'W) in the Southeast region of Pará State. Twenty samples were collected and sent to the laboratory of Arbovirus of Instituto Evandro Chagas. The tests showed that the disease was caused by Oropouche virus (Bunyaviridae, Bunyavirus, Simbu serological group). Between 8-22 December 296 serum samples were taken (54 from febrile patients, 16 paired samples and 242 from contacts and convalescent patients) of the 73 familiar groups. From febrile patients, ten Oropouche virus strains were obtained. From paired serum, six seroconversions were obtained and 242 other Oropouche infections were diagnosed by HI and MAC ELISA. The clinical-picture of febrile disease accompanied by severe bedache, chills, myalgia, photophobia retrobulbar pain and malaise was observed. Involvement of central nervous system was not observed. Based on the serological data, we estimated that in the outbreak of Serra Pelada around 5,000 cases occurred corresponding to a prevalence of 83%. PMID:9011877

Rosa, A P; Rodrigues, S G; Nunes, M R; Magalhães, M T; Rosa, J F; Vasconcelos, P F



Insights into the morphology of the Serra da Cangalha impact structure from geophysical modeling  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Forward modeling is commonly applied to gravity field data of impact structures to determine the main gravity anomaly sources. In this context, we have developed 2.5-D gravity models of the Serra da Cangalha impact structure for the purpose of investigating geological bodies/structures underneath the crater. Interpretation of the models was supported by ground magnetic data acquired along profiles, as well as by high resolution aeromagnetic data. Ground magnetic data reveal the presence of short-wavelength anomalies probably related to shallow magnetic sources that could have been emplaced during the cratering process. Aeromagnetic data show that the basement underneath the crater occurs at an average depth of about 1.9 km, whereas in the region beneath the central uplift it is raised to 0.5-1 km below the current surface. These depths are also supported by 2.5-D gravity models showing a gentle relief for the basement beneath the central uplift area. Geophysical data were used to provide further constraints for numeral modeling of crater formation that provided important information on the structural modification that affected the rocks underneath the crater, as well as on shock-induced modifications of target rocks. The results showed that the morphology is consistent with the current observations of the crater and that Serra da Cangalha was formed by a meteorite of approximately 1.4 km diameter striking at 12 km s-1.

Vasconcelos, M. A. R.; Wünnemann, K.; Crósta, A. P.; Molina, E. C.; Reimold, W. U.; Yokoyama, E.



Changing collecting strategies of the clam Donax serra Röding (Bivalvia: Donacidae) during the Pleistocene at Pinnacle Point, South Africa.  


South Africa's Middle Stone Age (MSA) coastal sites have played a prominent role in documenting early evidence of systematic shellfish collection and adaptation to aquatic environments in the context of anatomically modern humans. Pinnacle Point 13B cave is important among these MSA sites not only because it holds the earliest yet known evidence for human use of marine resources (?162 ka [thousands of years ago]), but because shellfish observations have been integrated more fully into discussions of MSA adaptations. This is particularly the case of Donax serra procurement on sandy beaches, where skills that are usually indicative of an aspect of behavioural modernity (in the context of hunting) were apparently used. In this paper, D. serra from 110 to 91 ka old assemblages are studied in detail by way of metrical analyses and relevant biological and ecological literature of this species. Existing seasonality studies derived from oxygen isotope analyses on the same molluscs are incorporated into this reconstruction. Shellfish appear to have been collected in winter over many millennia when D. serra are most nutritious due to high gonad content. A dramatic change in collection strategies took place during the same millennia-long period. Earliest systematic collection of D. serra consisted of mostly unselective procurement of animals in terms of shell size along the tidal gradient and beach depth. In later visits, people collected mostly larger individuals by narrowing their collection to the mid-intertidal. This change increased the efficiency of D. serra collection, which reflects a positive adaptive behaviour that endured into Later Stone Age (LSA) times. PMID:24582428

Jerardino, Antonieta; Navarro, René A; Galimberti, Mariagrazia



Micromorphology of selected relict slope deposits from Serra da Estrela, Portugal  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Serra da Estrela is the highest mountain in Portugal (1,993 m ASL) and part of the Iberian Central Cordillera. The mountain has a strong relief and a lithological diversity with several types of granitoids and metasediments. Most of the western plateau area was glaciated during the Last Glacial Maximum and its morphology is dominated by glacial landforms. Vieira (2004) produced a detailed geomorphological map of Serra da Estrela and described several sites showing stratified slope, head and debris-flow deposits. Based on the geomorphological analysis of the relationships between glacial and periglacial evidence, a first relative chronology was presented. However, a detailed and systematical sedimentological analysis has not been conducted before and absolute ages are also lacking. Micromorphology analysis has proven to be of considerable value in the interpretation of mountain soils and sediments. Such interpretation depends on identifying diagnostic features, indicating factors as the presence or absence of permafrost, thickness of the active layer, ice segregation and the operation of processes of mass-wasting. In this study, micromorphology was used to answer questions concerning the composition, structure, origin and depositional processes of relict slope deposits. Micromorphology allowed a systematic description of the physical characteristics of the sediments. Lamination and sorting, when preserved, are good evidence for overland flow. Features due to deformation (folds, boudins, coatings and tails due to the rotation of clasts) are associated with sliding. Other mass-movements such as debris flows, earth flows, and to a certain extent, dry grain flows may be characterized by similar microscopic facies, typically a poorly sorted, porphyric material. Porosity gives evidence for both liquefaction (debris flows) and frost-induced mass-movement (solifluction). The relict slope deposits of the Serra da Estrela show an increase in cryogenic micromorphological features with altitude. Above 1100-1200 m, solifluction microstructures become frequent and very well-developed, evidencing frost-induced mass movement. Below this altitude solifluction processes were less frequently observed, and with poorly developed microfeatures. Debris-flow and run-off processes occur in a wider altitudinal range and are controlled by local topographical and geomorphological conditions.

Nieuwendam, Alexandre; Vieira, Gonçalo; Schaefer, Carlos



Immature mosquitoes of Serra do Mar park, Sao Paulo State, Brazil.  


With the objective of providing knowledge about the natural habitat of mosquito larvae, we conducted a study on the culicid fauna and identified larval habitat types at 3 different locations in the Serra do Mar State Park, Brazil, over the 12 months of 1991. We collected 1,425 larvae belonging to 23 species, of which the most frequent were Culex iridescens, Culex spp., Limatus durhami, and Trichoprosopon pallidiventer. The mosquito larval habitats presenting the greatest densities of specimens were bamboo, bromeliads, rubber boots, and streams. We observed that the culicids used a variety of containers as larval habitats and bred under a diversity of ecological conditions. Most of the habitats were natural, formed by bamboo, bromeliads, streams, and depressions in the ground and in rocks, along with artificial habitats consisting of rubber boots and abandoned metal cans. Seven species occurred preferentially in the internodes of closed bamboo stems, 6 in internodes of open stems, and 4 in bromeliads. PMID:21033051

Alencar, Jeronimo; Serra-Freire, Nicolau Maués; De Oliveira, Renata Freitas Nunes; Silva, Julia Dos Santos; Pacheco, Juliana Barreto; Guimarães, Anthony Erico



Studies on the microwave extraction of the yellow pigment from Rabdosia serra (Maxim.) Hara.  


A new method of microwave extraction was used to extract the yellow pigment from Rabdosia serra (Maxim.) Hara. The extraction processes were investigated and the optimal conditions were determined as follows: raw material is 2. 0000 g dry powder, the extraction agent is 95% alcohol, the ratio of raw material to extraction agent is 1:60 (g:ml) , microwave power is 464 W, extraction time is 350 s, extraction times is 3. Under the optimal conditions, extraction rate is 90.6%, productive rate is 12.7%, colority E (1%, 330 nm) is 53.3 and pH value of the extractive is 6.0. Compared with solvent extraction, microwave extraction reduces extraction time from 6 h to 350 s and increases extraction rate from 90.4% to 90.6%. PMID:16104512

Li, Yu; Liu, Minrui



The Observatorio Astronómico Nacional - Tonantzintla: Site Evaluation  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The objective of this contribution is to present some results of an evaluation on the local conditions at the site that were considered in order to propose that the Observatorio Astronómico Nacional, Tonantzintla, (OAN-Tonantzintla) become a National Facility for Astronomy Education. The evaluation included a quantitative diagnostic (CCD photometry) on the quality of the local sky. The attributes of the 1-m telescope, the current instrumentation and a well planned upgrading that includes new instrumentation is considered at the basis for a successful transition maintaining the attractiveness of the site for astronomy education. A 3-year upgrading program actually in progress at UNAM is providing funding for that purpose. Physics and astronomy programs at college and graduated levels at UNAM will benefit from this, yielding clear connections among astronomy researchers and educators and students at various levels. Although the OAN-Tonantzintla faces the danger of deteriorating its sky conditions, we are maintaining awareness of the night sky characteristics in long-term monitoring campaigns and encouraging the local authorities to find alternative solutions to this problem.

Hernández-Toledo, H. M.; Martínez-Vázquez, L. A.; Pani-Cielo, A.



Population structure, growth and production of the surf clam Donax serra (Bivalvia, Donacidae) on two Namibian sandy beaches  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Population structure, growth and production of the surf clam Donax serra (Bivalvia, Donacidae), inhabiting highly exposed sandy beaches of Namibia, were investigated between November 1997 and December 1999. From length-frequency distribution and tagging-recapture data, a von Bertalanffy growth function with an asymptotic length ( L ?) of 82 mm and a growth constant ( K) of 0.274 yr -1 was established. Regarding growth performance of Donacidae, D. serra fits in a group of species inhabiting cold temperate and upwelling regions. The intertidal biomass of the studied population ranged between 141 and 546 g ash-free dry mass (AFDM) m -2 yr -1. Individual production was maximal at 56.5 mm shell length (0.83 g AFDM ind. -1 yr -1), and annual production ranged between 167 and 637 g AFDM m -2 yr -1, resulting in productivity values (P/ B¯) between 1.167 and 1.589 yr -1. These data underline the importance of D. serra for the beach/surf ecosystem. Further, the findings of this study are crucial to support future aquaculture or exploitation activities and management.

Laudien, J.; Brey, T.; Arntz, W. E.



Rheomorphic diapirs in densely welded ignimbrites: The Serra di Paringianu ignimbrite of Sardinia, Italy  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Rheomorphic structures in welded ignimbrites are commonly associated with deposition from hot pyroclastic flows on inclined topography or by tractional shear on aggrading agglutinate by the pyroclastic density current. We describe a type of rheomorphic deformation involving the formation of diapirs in ignimbrite following the re-equilibration of internal gravitational instabilities within the deposit. We show that diapirs can develop in horizontal welded ignimbrites that have an inverted density stratification. The interpretation of these structures in terms of their dynamics and kinematics can help in defining the timing of the deformation history of ignimbrites. The rhyolitic Serra di Paringianu Ignimbrite is the uppermost, largest ignimbrite of Cenozoic volcanism in SW Sardinia. A detailed study at La Punta, north of San Pietro island (Sardinia; Italy), schematically characterized by a twin sequence of densely welded and partially welded ignimbrite flow units of the Serra di Paringianu Ignimbrite, revealed the presence of mushroom and pillow-shaped diapiric structures, constituted by material of an intermediate, partially welded, flow unit intruding into an upper, densely welded, unit. The diapirs are generally connected with their source region and show both vertical and lateral variations in the textural and physical features. The uppermost densely welded unit is deformed within a few meters of the diapiric structures, with the foliation pattern of the surrounding ignimbrite enveloping the cup region of diapirs. We used the existing numerical models of cooling-compaction of welded ignimbrites to constrain the time scale for the development of specific rheomorphic structures. We present a model in which the diapirism involves the buoyant rise of partially welded lithofacies into the densely welded cover in a time scale of a few months. The diapir model takes into account the rheology of the host and intruding layers and explains the textural and physical modifications both experienced by the partially welded lithofacies during rise and induced in the host layers. The model shows that the time scale of the diapiric rise well agrees with the time scale of the cooling process of the upper portion of the ignimbrite.

Mundula, F.; Cioni, R.; Mulas, M.



Quartz grain surface analysis for paleoenvironmental reconstruction in Western Iberia mountain environments (Serra da Estrela, Portugal).  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This work deals with the genesis and paleoenvironmental significance of relict slope deposits in Serra da Estrela, Central Portugal and is part of a wider sedimentological and dating approach. The aim is to identify what microstructures indicate frost weathering, witch mechanisms are responsible for their development and the effectiveness of frost weathering across an altitudinal profile. Our goals are to contribute to the better understanding of the morphogenetical significance of the different types of slope deposits, clarifying the role of cold environment processes and develop a chronological framework for the Late Quaternary evolution of the slope environment of the mountains of Western Iberia. Quartz grains, 0.5 mm in diameter, were collected from samples from stratified, head and debris-flow deposits. Cailleux (1942) analysis, with modifications from Gozdzik (1980), was performed allowing assessing frosting and rounding, as well as the effects of later frost weathering in vertical profiles from slope deposits. Grains were also analysed using a scanning electron microscope (SEM) following Mahaney (2002). The effects of frost weathering comprise several microstructures such as breakage blocks, conchoidal fractures and fresh surfaces. Breakage blocks microstructures are the most common. Two types of frost weathering were distinguished: weathering of the P type is mainly initiated on convex fragments of grains as the result of ice segregation, and F type is linked to the volumetric expansion of ice and usually observed within concave linear microstructures. The frost action index (FAI) was estimated from the rate of microstructures from frost weathering. FAI varies between 0 and 3. The values of the sediments from the slope deposits vary between 1.2 and 2.05. This approach was for the first time applied on slope deposits from Serra da Estrela. There is a clear correlation between deposits in weathering type. Samples that display intensive physical weathering in the Cailleux analysis, are linked to weathering of the P type (effect of grains moving relative to each other) and also have the highest value of frost-weathering intensity. We interpret these samples taken from paleosols and openwork gravels layers to be related to transport by solifluction processes.

Nieuwendam, Alexandre; Woronko, Barbara; Schaefer, Carlos; Vieira, Gonçalo



Loxosceles niedeguidonae (Araneae, Sicariidae) a new species of brown spider from Brazilian semi-arid region  

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Abstract A new species of recluse spider, Loxosceles niedeguidonae sp. n., is described from the Parque Nacional Serra da Capivara, State of Piauí, Brazil. This is the first endemic species described from Brazilian semi-arid environment. The species is included in gaucho group of Gertsch (1967) due to its spermathecal shape and is considered close to Loxosceles chapadensis Bertani, Fukushima & Nagahama, 2010 by the unusual long male palpal tibia, a character not common for species of this group. An updated key for Loxosceles species of gaucho group is presented.

Goncalves-de-Andrade, Rute Maria; Bertani, Rogerio; Nagahama, Roberto Hiroaki; Barbosa, Maria Fatima Ribeiro



Vozes católicas no Congresso Nacional: aborto, defesa da vida  

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Este levantamento sobre os argumentos apresentados nos debates do Congresso Nacional faz parte de um trabalho mais amplo sobre a tramitação de projetos de lei relativos aos direitos sexuais e reprodutivos que tramitaram na década de 90. O aborto, um dos eventos da vida reprodutiva das mulheres, aparece na pauta dos debates mais polêmicos das últimas décadas, tanto em nível

Myriam Aldana



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 16 de enero 2013

El Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer ha suspendido su publicación a partir del 16 de enero de 2013. El archivo del Boletín, que cuenta con todas las ediciones publicadas desde 2009 a 2013, permanecerá a disposición de los lectores en el sitio web del NCI.


Se lanza Red Nacional de Estudios Clínicos del NCI

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) puso en marcha una nueva red de investigación de estudios clínicos con el objetivo de mejorar el tratamiento de más de 1,6 millones de estadounidenses que reciben un diagnóstico de cáncer cada año.


TEM Texture and x-ray Single-Crystal Study of Serra de Mage Orthopyroxene  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A combined TEM, x-ray single crystal diffraction (XRD) and microprobe study was undertaken on the orthopyroxene of Serra de Mage feldspar cumulate eucrite. Two single crystals, natural and equilibrated at several temperatures, were examined in order to identify the true symmetry of the orthopyroxene and to estimate the cooling history of the meteorite. TEM texture analysis showed augite lamellae larger than 500 Angstroms irregularly spaced within the orthopyroxene matrix, with orientation parallel to (100). The cell orientation for the lamellae was a*(sub)opx=a*(sub)aug, [101](sub)opx=c*(sub)aug, b*(sub)opx*b*(sub)aug. Ledges at the augite-orthopyroxene interface were observed with a periodicity of about 500 Angstroms. EDAX analysis on a lamella-free zone showed about 0.03 Ca atoms per formula unit. Streaking along a* was observed in SAD patterns, although no Guiner-Preston zones were detected according to [1]. XRD data were collected using a four-circle diffractometer. Structural refinement carried out in space group Pbca converged to a discrepancy factor of R = 2.81%. Because of the presence of some 0kl "forbidden" reflections (with k = 2n + 1, l = 4n + 2) that may be explained either by P21ca symmetry of the orthopyroxene or by overlap of reflections from the exolved C2/c clinopyroxene [2], structural refinement in space group P2(sub)1ca was also attempted. The resulting discrepancy factor was very close to that obtained in Pbca; however, the anomalous values of many thermal parameters and cation-oxygen bond distances do not support the choice of the P2(sub)1ca space group. Calibration of K(sub)D (K(sub)D = (Fe^2++Mn)(sub)M1Mg(sub)M2/(Fe^2++Mn)(sub)M2Mg(sub)M1) vs. 1/T [3] gave a closure temperature T(sub)c for the intracrystalline Fe^2+-Mg exchange reaction of about 470 degrees C, consistent with a relatively slow cooling rate. References: [1] Harlow G .E. et al. (1979) EPSL, 43, 173-181. [2] Sasaki S. and Prewitt C. (1984) Am. Min., 69, 1082-1089. [3] Molin G. et al. (1991) EPSL, 105, 260-265.

Domeneghetti, M. C.; Molin, G.; Stimpfl, M.; Tribaudino, M.; Sighinolfi, G. P.



Mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae) assemblages associated with Nidularium and Vriesea bromeliads in Serra do Mar, Atlantic Forest, Brazil  

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Background The most substantial and best preserved area of Atlantic Forest is within the biogeographical sub-region of Serra do Mar. The topographic complexity of the region creates a diverse array of microclimates, which can affect species distribution and diversity inside the forest. Given that Atlantic Forest includes highly heterogeneous environments, a diverse and medically important Culicidae assemblage, and possible species co-occurrence, we evaluated mosquito assemblages from bromeliad phytotelmata in Serra do Mar (southeastern Brazil). Methods Larvae and pupae were collected monthly from Nidularium and Vriesea bromeliads between July 2008 and June 2009. Collection sites were divided into landscape categories (lowland, hillslope and hilltop) based on elevation and slope. Correlations between bromeliad mosquito assemblage and environmental variables were assessed using multivariate redundancy analysis. Differences in species diversity between bromeliads within each category of elevation were explored using the Renyi diversity index. Univariate binary logistic regression analyses were used to assess species co-occurrence. Results A total of 2,024 mosquitoes belonging to 22 species were collected. Landscape categories (pseudo-F value = 1.89, p = 0.04), bromeliad water volume (pseudo-F = 2.99, p = 0.03) and bromeliad fullness (Pseudo-F = 4.47, p < 0.01) influenced mosquito assemblage structure. Renyi diversity index show that lowland possesses the highest diversity indices. The presence of An. homunculus was associated with Cx. ocellatus and the presence of An. cruzii was associated with Cx. neglectus, Cx. inimitabilis fuscatus and Cx. worontzowi. Anopheles cruzii and An. homunculus were taken from the same bromeliad, however, the co-occurrence between those two species was not statistically significant. Conclusions One of the main findings of our study was that differences in species among mosquito assemblages were influenced by landscape characteristics. The bromeliad factor that influenced mosquito abundance and assemblage structure was fullness. The findings of the current study raise important questions about the role of An. homunculus in the transmission of Plasmodium in Serra do Mar, southeastern Atlantic Forest.



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 07-20-2010

El doctor Harold Varmus, acompañado de su esposa Constance Casey (centro), presta juramento como director del NCI ante la Secretaria del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos, Kathleen Sebelius, el lunes 12 de julio. (Foto cortesía de Chris Smith) El 12 de julio, el doctor Harold Varmus prestó juramento ante la Secretaria del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos de los Estados Unidos, Kathleen Sebelios, como el decimocuarto director del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer.


Assessment of computer techniques for processing digital LANDSAT MSS data for lithological discrimination of Serra do Ramalho, State of Bahia  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Enhancement techniques and thematic classifications were applied to the metasediments of Bambui Super Group (Upper Proterozoic) in the Region of Serra do Ramalho, SW of the state of Bahia. Linear contrast stretch, band-ratios with contrast stretch, and color-composites allow lithological discriminations. The effects of human activities and of vegetation cover mask and limit, in several ways, the lithological discrimination with digital MSS data. Principal component images and color composite of linear contrast stretch of these products, show lithological discrimination through tonal gradations. This set of products allows the delineations of several metasedimentary sequences to a level superior to reconnaissance mapping. Supervised (maximum likelihood classifier) and nonsupervised (K-Means classifier) classification of the limestone sequence, host to fluorite mineralization show satisfactory results.

Paradella, W. R. (principal investigator); Vitorello, I.; Monteiro, M. D.



Multiseasonal and geobotanical approach in remote detection of greisenization areas in the Serra da Pedra Branca Granite, Goias State, Brazil  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Multiseasonal analysis of LANDSAT multispectral images in CCT format permitted the mapping of lithologic facies in the Pedra Branca Granite, using geobotanical associations, which occur in the form of variations in the density of cerrado vegetation, as well as the predominance of certain distinctive vegetation species. Dry season images did not show very good results in lithological differentiation due to anomalous illumination conditions related to the low solar elevation and the homogeneity in the vegetation cover, specially the grasses that become dry during this season. Rainy season image, on the other hand, allowed the separation of the lithological types, a fact that can be attributed to a greater differentiation among the geobotanical associations. As a result of this study, the muscovite-granite facies with greisenization zones, which are lithological indicators of important tin mineralization within the Serra da Pedra Branca Granite, were mapped. This methodology can be sucessfully applied to similar known granite bodies elsewhere in the Tin Province of Goias.

Parada, N. D. J. (principal investigator); Almeidafilho, R.



Speckle Interferometry at the Observatorio Astronómico Nacional. IV  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present speckle interferometric measurements of binary stars performed during September and October of 2009 with the 2.1 m telescope of the Observatorio Astronómico Nacional at SPM (Mexico). We report here the results of 200 measurements of 196 pairs with a primary limiting magnitude of V = 12.3. The measured angular separations range from 0".115 to 5".26. Ninety seven pairs have separations less than 1". The mean error in separation is 0".03 and 1°.5 in position angle. The usual 180° ambiguity was corrected for a majority of position angles by comparison with observations performed by other observers.

Orlov, V. G.; Voitsekhovich, V. V.; Guerrero, C. A.



Late Quaternary vegetation, climate and fire history of the Araucaria forest and campos region from Serra Campos Gerais, ParanáState (South Brazil)  

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New palynological and charcoal data from a bog (24°40?S, 50°13?W, 1200 m asl) of Serra Campos Gerais, northeastern ParanáState, allow a complete and detailed reconstruction of the late Quaternary vegetation and climate history of the South Brazilian highlands. The late-glacial period, which starts at 12,50014C yr BP, indicates the predominance of a diverse grassland vegetation (campos) with scattered stands of

Hermann Behling



GC/MS analysis of volatiles obtained by headspace solid-phase microextraction and simultaneous-distillation extraction from Rabdosia serra (MAXIM.) HARA leaf and stem.  


Volatiles in Rabdosia serra were investigated by headspace solid phase microextraction (HS-SPME) and simultaneous-distillation extraction (SDE). The HS-SPME technique was previously evaluated to optimise sampling conditions. A total of 56 and 48 compounds including alcohols, aldehydes, hydrocarbons, ketones, carboxylic acid, ester, and aromatics were identified in leaf and stem by optimised HS-SPME method (CAR/PDMS fibre; incubation time, 10 min; extraction temperature, 50°C; extraction time, 40 min), respectively. 1-Octen-3-ol and (2E)-hexenal had significant contribution to R. serra aroma. Cluster analysis indicated that leaf and stem exhibited different volatile diversity. Air drying was favourable for the retention of the volatiles, while freeze- and sun-drying led to the loss of volatiles. SDE method preferred to the analysis of compounds with low volatility including fatty acids and esters. HS-SPME was a useful technique for the analysis of readily volatile components for the characteristics of R. serra aroma. PMID:23122097

Lin, Lianzhu; Zhuang, Mingzhu; Lei, Fenfen; Yang, Bao; Zhao, Mouming



Progressive coaxial Variscan deformation in the Centro-Iberian Zone (Portugal): Serra do Moradal-Fajao complex syncline  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Serra do Moradal-Fajão syncline is a major NNW-SSE Variscan structure developed in the SW sector of the Centro-Iberian Zone, one of the main geodynamical structures of the Iberian Variscides. This tight syncline with a 1.5 km wavelength, could be followed for more than 80 km and represents one of the most important regional structures. Its complex structure has been possible to characterize, not only due to excellent outcrop condition (mostly induced by the competent behaviour of the Lower Ordovician Armorican Quartzite Formation), but also to the detailed lithostratigraphic control of the Ordovician-Silurian lithologies. These units are present in a homogeneous regional distribution, unconformably overlain the Cambrian Beiras Group. Concerning the Variscan structures, their geometry and kinematics show that they could be ascribed to progressive deformation induced by the first and main D1 tectonic event. During this event, a complex NNW-SSE aggregation of fold and thrust arrays have been developed. At the macroscale, this pattern is mainly characterized by the Serra de Moradal-Fajão syncline. Both limbs of this major D1 Variscan fold, which present a slightly ENE facing, have been disrupted by convergent thrust systems, leading to the superposition of the Cambrian Beiras metasediments on top of the Ordovician-Silurian succession. Concerning its SW limb, a major single overthrust has been developed, the Vilar Barroco-Fajão one, although in some very localized sectors, some minor thrusts could be emphasized; as they present a ENE facing, they are interpreted as duplex style forethrusts in relation to the main overthrust. Regarding the NE limb, a different behaviour is found. Indeed, in this sector, an imbricated thrust system has been mapped; due to their WSW facing it should be considered as backthrusts. Concerning the temporal relations between the previously described structures, although in some rare cases backthrusts cut forethrusts, the scarcity of interference structures turns difficult the subdivision of the main tectonic Variscan phase in sub-events of regional meaning. Indeed, the described geometries and kinematics could be the result of progressive deformation in a coaxial regime. This coaxial deformation is also consistent with the mesoscopic Variscan structures of the Serra de Moradal-Fajão syncline. In fact, not only the geometry of the minor folds are similar to the major syncline, but also the coeval S1 cleavage presents an axial plane behaviour, emphasized by the regularity of the intersection L1 lineation, which is subparallel to the fold axes. Both the folds and the thrusts are distorted at the cartographic scale by ductile shear zones: N-S to NNE-SSW dextral and WNW-ESE to E-W sinistral. As these structures could be interpreted as conjugate shears induced by a stress field fully compatible with the D1 Variscan tectonic event they are considered as lateral ramps of the main thrust system. Some of the previous planar anisotropies are reactivated in a brittle regime during the late-Variscan orogenic cycle: mainly the N-S to NNE-SSW behaves as sinistral strike-slip faults. Alpine reactivation by NNW-SSE compression (Cebola reverse fault of the Central Cordillera system) induces also sinistral strike-slip on NE-SW and dextral strike-slip on ENE-WSW previous Variscan faults.

Metodiev, Daniel; Romao, Jose; Dias, Rui; Ribeiro, Antonio



Um Projeto de Intervenção nos Espaços de Exposições do Planetário do Parque do Ibirapuera  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Cada vez mais a humanidade, em sua imensa maioria, está alheia às próprias conquistas. A insatisfação com esta realidade tem levado muitos pesquisadores, instituições, empresas e governos a procurar formas alternativas de acompanhar e transmitir todo este acervo científico cultural à sociedade, buscando a melhoria da qualidade da divulgação científica e contribuindo para o processo de cultura e alfabetização científica. Não há tempo nem espaço nos limitados planos curriculares do ensino médio e mesmo nos programas de ensino que propiciem a cultura científica e o acompanhamento do vertiginoso progresso científico e tecnológico atual. Neste sentido, a educação formal escolar precisa ser complementada ou acrescida de uma educação informal, extra-escolar, que possa oferecer à sociedade o que a escola não pode oferecer. A interação do público com museus, feiras de ciências, planetários, exposições científicas e/ou culturais é de grande importância para a aquisição e difusão de conhecimentos relacionados ao mundo científico. Reconhecidamente como um modelo de alfabetização científica esses ambientes promovem uma interação social capaz de propiciar de forma efetiva uma melhor relação ensino-aprendizagem com o público. Partindo desta realidade a Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul e a Escola Municipal de Astronomia (EMA) vêm desenvolvendo um projeto de intervenção no espaço em torno do Planetário do Parque do Ibirapuera com o objetivo de se implantar um ambiente de aprendizagem motivador e desafiador que promova a popularização de conteúdos relacionados à astronomia, astrofísica e cosmologia. Busca-se, também, a aproximação e interação do público com exposições que estão sendo implementadas no planetário. Considerando que se trata de um projeto de mestrado em fase inicial o objetivo do presente trabalho é apresentar a concepção básica e os critérios que estão sendo utilizados do ponto de vista pedagógico para as indicações dos objetos e experimentos que serão expostos, procurando formas de construir, expor e apresen! tá-los d e maneira mais eficiente em termos de uma aprendizagem significativa. (Apoio: Fundação Vitae, CNPq)

Elias, D. S.; Amaral, L. H.; de Araújo, C. F., Jr.; Matsuura, O. T.; Voelzke, M. R.




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O crescimento acelerado das cidades acarretou sérios prejuízos à qualidade ambiental das áreas de expansão urbana, pois a ocupação urbana desordenada configurada nestes espaços substituiu de forma degradante o espaço natural transformando-o em espaço construído sem qualquer planejamento urbano que levasse em conta a vegetação como componente essencial da qualidade de vida humana. Dentro deste contexto, o bairro Parque Verde,



Determinantes de las visitas a los parques y jardines urbanos: aplicación de un modelo de gravedad\\/Determinants of the Visits to Urban Parks: A Gravity Model  

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El trabajo que se presenta pretende modelizar el comportamiento de los ciudadanos en sus visitas a los parques y jardines de las ciudades. Para ello se utiliza una herramienta desarrollada en otras áreas de la economía, pero inédita en el campo de la recreación en zonas verdes urbanas. En concreto se aplica la \\




Ambient Dose Equivalent measured at the Instituto Nacional de Cancerología Department of Nuclear Medicine  

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Ambient dose equivalent values were determined in several sites at the Instituto Nacional de Cancerología, Departmento de Medicina Nuclear, using TLD-100 and TLD-900 thermoluminescent dosemeters. Additionally, ambient dose equivalent was measured at a corridor outside the hospitalization room for patients treated with 137Cs brachytherapy. Dosemeter calibration was performed at the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares, Laboratorio de Metrología, to known

O. Ávila; C. L. Torres-Ulloa; L. A. Medina; F. E. Trujillo-Zamudio; I. Gamboa de Buen; A. E. Buenfil; M. E. Brandan



Health evaluation of gold miners living in a mercury-contaminated village in Serra Pelada, Pará, Brazil.  


Serra Pelada is a village in the Amazon region of Brazil where most of the inhabitants are former gold miners. Of 235 individuals evaluated, 219 were males (93.19%), 16 were females (6.80%), and the mean age was 52.07 years (standard deviation = 11.57). Most were heavy drinkers (62.44%) and smokers (70.30%), and 85.53% had previously suffered from malaria. Reported symptoms included fatigue (30.60%), irritability (35.62%), excitability (14.16%), insomnia (34.48%), memory loss (61.80%), visual field constriction (4.18%), paresthesia (64.93%), partial hearing loss (16.35%), and gingivitis (18.01%). After an examination of the residents, the authors observed several neurological symptoms: tremors (22.80%), involuntary ocular movement (2.20%), visual field constriction (4.18%), Romberg syndrome (2.33%), involuntary tongue movement (2.19%), dysdiadochokinesia (0.43%), failure of a finger-nose test (10.96%), failure of a knee-heel test (4.84%), inability to complete a tandem march (6.25%), muscular weakness (2.27%), and damage to sensory organs (24.66%). The authors concluded that these neurological changes possibly resulted from mercury toxicity; however, they could not determine a significant correlation with the mercury levels detected in participants' urine. PMID:18400651

Corbett, Carlos Eduardo Pereira; El Khouri, Marcelo; Costa, André Nathan; Gyuricza, Janos Valery; Corbett, Julieta Franca; Frizzarini, Ronaldo; de Araújo Andrade, Daniel Ciampi; Cordeiro, Quirino; Stravogiannis, Andréas; Chassot, Celso Alberto; Vieira, José Luiz Fernandes; Pinheiro, Maria da Conceição



In vitro and in vivo anti-tumor effects of novel Span 80 vesicles containing immobilized Eucheuma serra agglutinin.  


The lectin Eucheuma serra agglutinin (ESA) is known from previous studies to specifically bind to high-mannose type N-glycans and to induce apoptotic cancer cell death in vitro. In this study, Span 80 vesicles, with an average diameter between about 200 and 400 nm, containing immobilized ESA were prepared from the nonionic surfactant Span 80, also known as sorbitan monooleate. The vesicles were investigated in vitro and in vivo to evaluate the vesicles's potential applicability as novel drug delivery system. The results obtained are promising since the following was observed: (i) vesicular ESA had the same hemagglutinating activity as free ESA, demonstrating its biological activity when bound to the vesicles; (ii) vesicles containing immobilized ESA decreased the viability of Colo201 cancer cells in vitro while the growth of normal cells was not affected; (iii) the vesicles showed binding to Colo201 cells in vitro and caused inhibition of cancer cell growth in nude mice to which the vesicle-treated cells were added; (iv) the vesicles diminished tumor growth after intravenous administration to nude mice which contained an implanted Colo201 tumor; (v) the vesicles showed a tendency to accumulate at the site of the tumor 6h after i.v. administration to nude mice. Thus, all measurements carried out indicate that this type of Span 80 vesicle can be considered as promising alternatives to conventional phospholipid-based vesicles. PMID:20100554

Omokawa, Yousuke; Miyazaki, Tatsuhiko; Walde, Peter; Akiyama, Koichi; Sugahara, Takuya; Masuda, Seizo; Inada, Akihiro; Ohnishi, Yasuyuki; Saeki, Toshiaki; Kato, Keiichi



The Serra Pelada Au-Pd-Pt Deposit, Carajas Mineral Province, Northern Brazil: Reconnaissance Mineralogy and Chemistry of Very High Grade Palladian Gold Mineralization  

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A historic drill core from the Serra Pelada open pit was only recently assayed and has spectacular gold, pal- ladium, and platinum grades over a 43-m-depth interval (4,709 g\\/t Au, 1,174 g\\/t Pd, 204 g\\/t Pt). The Au-Pd-Pt mineralization in a bonanza-grade interval (54.5-55.0 m @ 132,000 g\\/t Au, 11,400 g\\/t Pd, 359 g\\/t Pt) consists of coarse-grained, up to




Thematic mapping of likely target areas for the occurence of cassiterite in the Serra do Mocambo (GO) granitic massifs using LANDSAT 2 digital imaging  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The applicability of LANDSAT/MSS images, enhanced by computer derived techniques, as essential tools in mineral research was investigated and the Serra do Mocambo granitic massif was used as illustration. Given the peculiar factors founded in this area, orbital imagery permitted the delineation of potential target areas of mineralization occurrences, associated to albitized/greisenized types. Follow up prospection for primary tin deposits in this granitic massif should be restricted to the delineated areas which are less than 5% of the total superficial area of the massif.

Almeidofilho, R. (principal investigator)



Ayuda para usar el sitio web en español del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer

Página de guía que le permite al lector entender la forma en que está organizado el sitio web del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI), las categorías de información disponibles y las políticas que rigen este sitio web.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 28 de febrero de 2012

Los artículos originales en inglés están disponibles en las páginas del NCI Cancer Bulletin. El Boletín es una publicación del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI), una entidad gubernamental de los Estados Unidos creada en 1937.


Comunidades y arrecifes coralinos del Parque Nacional Marino Ballena, costa del Pacífico de Costa Rica Coral communities and reefs of Ballena Marine National Park, Pacific coast of Costa Rica  

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The coral communities and reefs at Ballena Marine National Park, on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, were studied using three 10-m long transects per site, parallel to the coast, with 1-m2 quadrants. A total of 15 species of corals (11 hermatypic and 4 ahermatypic) were found, which when added to previous reports for the park makes a total

Juan José Alvarado; Jorge Cortés; Cindy Fernández; Jaime Nivia


Ambient Dose Equivalent measured at the Instituto Nacional de Cancerologi´a Department of Nuclear Medicine  

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Ambient dose equivalent values were determined in several sites at the Instituto Nacional de Cancerologi´a, Departmento de Medicina Nuclear, using TLD-100 and TLD-900 thermoluminescent dosemeters. Additionally, ambient dose equivalent was measured at a corridor outside the hospitalization room for patients treated with 137Cs brachytherapy. Dosemeter calibration was performed at the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares, Laboratorio de Metrologi´a, to known

O. A´vila; C. L. Torres-Ulloa; L. A. Medina; F. E. Trujillo-Zamudio; I. Gamboa de Buen; A. E. Buenfil; M. E. Brandan



Thermal inactivation kinetics of Rabdosia serra (Maxim.) Hara leaf peroxidase and polyphenol oxidase and comparative evaluation of drying methods on leaf phenolic profile and bioactivities.  


Inactivation kinetics of peroxidase and polyphenol oxidase in fresh Rabdosia serra leaf were determined by hot water and steam blanching. Activation energy (52.30 kJ mol(-1)) of polyphenol oxidase inactivation was higher than that (20.15 kJ mol(-1)) of peroxidase. Water blanching at 90 °C or steam blanching at 100 °C for 90 s was recommended as the preliminary treatment for the retention of phenolics. Moreover, comparative evaluation of drying methods on the phenolics profiles and bioactivities of R. serra leaf were conducted. The results indicated that only intact leaf after freeze drying retained the initial quality. The sun- and air-dried leaves possessed identical phenolic profiles. The homogenised leaf (after freeze-drying) possessed a lower level of phenolics due to enzymatic degradation. Good antioxidant activities were detected for the sun- and air-dried leaves. There was insignificant difference in anti-tyrosinase and anti-?-glucosidase activities among sun-, air-, and freeze-dried leaves. PMID:23442652

Lin, Lianzhu; Lei, Fenfen; Sun, Da-Wen; Dong, Yi; Yang, Bao; Zhao, Mouming



Endemic and threatened tetrapods in the restingas of the biodiversity corridors of Serra do Mar and of the Central da Mata Atlântica in eastern Brazil.  


Biodiversity corridors comprise a mosaic of land uses connecting fragments of natural forest across a landscape. Two such corridors have been established along the eastern coast of Brazil: the Serra do Mar and the Central da Mata Atlântica corridors, along which most of the coastal plains are restinga areas. In this study, we analyze the present status of the endemic and endangered terrestrial vertebrates of both corridors. We sampled 10 restingas in both corridors, recording species of amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Some restingas harbor a relatively large number of endemic species,and two main regions of endemism can be identified along the restingas of both corridors: the coastal restingas from northern Espirito Santo State to southern Bahia State (between Linhares, ES, and Tarancoso, BA), and the coastal region between the restingas of Maricá and Jurubatiba, Rio de Janeiro State. Six species of terrestrial vertebrates considered threatened with extinction are found in the restingas of Serra do Mar and Central da Mata Atlântica biodiversity corridors (Liolaemus lutzae, Formicivora littoralis, Mimus gilvus, Schistochlamys melanopis, and Trinomys eliasi). The region located between the restinga of Maricá and that of Jurubatiba is of special relevance for the conservation of vertebrate species of the restingas of the corridors because a considerable number of threatened species of terrestrial vertebrates are found there. We strongly recommend efforts to develop checklists of threatened faunas for the States of Espirito Santo and Bahia. PMID:16025914

Rocha, C F D; Van Sluys, M; Bergallo, H G; Alves, M A S



Antibacterial activity-guided purification and identification of a novel C-20 oxygenated ent-kaurane from Rabdosia serra (MAXIM.) HARA.  


The objective of this work was to conduct an activity-guided isolation of antibacterial compounds from Rabdosia serra. The ethanol extracts of R. serra leaf and stem were partitioned sequentially into petroleum ether, ethyl acetate, butanol and water fractions, respectively. The ethanol extract of leaf evidenced broad-spectrum antibacterial activity against gram-positive bacterial, including Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus cereus, Staphylococcus aureus, and Listeria monocytogenes. The ethyl acetate fractions of leaf and stem exhibited strong inhibition against gram-positive bacteria, and were then purified further. On the basis of antibacterial assay-guided purification, three phenolic compounds (rosmarinic acid, methyl rosmarinate and pedalitin) and four C-20 oxygenated ent-kauranes (effusanin E, lasiodin, rabdosichuanin D and a new compound namely effusanin F) were obtained, whose contents were determined by HPLC analysis. The broth microdilution method confirmed the important inhibition potential of C-20 oxygenated ent-kauranes with low minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) values. Effusanin E, lasiodin and effusanin F could be useful for the development of new antibacterial agents. PMID:23561188

Lin, Lianzhu; Zhu, Dashuai; Zou, Linwu; Yang, Bao; Zhao, Mouming



The development of the Heliometer of the Observatório Nacional  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Observatório Nacional at Rio de Janeiro has developed a new heliometer to perform accurate measurements of the solar diameter. The equipment makes use of split parabolic mirrors, rather than split achromatic lenses as objective. In its first campaign this reflector heliometer generated a few thousands of images of the Sun through which we evaluate the precision of the solar diameter measurements as been 5 mas. The mechanical and thermal stability of the instrument is guaranteed by the use of a telescope tube manufactured in carbon fiber. The tube firmly holds the heliometric mirrors and the CCD camera that collects the images. The perfect lodging between the two half-mirrors over its supporting plate defines the angular instrumental separation between the two images of the sun. The heliometric mirrors and supporting plate have been made in ceramic material in order to ensure the stability of the optical configuration and to maintain the two images of the solar disk displaced by a fixed angle in relation to each other. To verify the stability of the instrument we designed the procedures of collimation and comparison. The collimation consists of using the heliometer for measuring the diameter of an artificial solar image specifically created for this purpose. The comparison is performed by measuring the residual unfold of a punctual image after been unfold by two opposed heliometers. The heliometric approach allows the measurement of the solar diameter at any heliolatitude and can be undertaken as often as desired. Computer programs have been developed for automated image acquisition and analysis. The optical and mechanical design has been performed by using 3D computer aided design software.

d'Ávila, Victor; Reis, Eugênio; Penna, Jucira; Oliveira, Luiz Carlos; Coletti, Alissandro; Matias, Victor; Andrei, Alexandre; Boscardin, Sergio



Karyotypic description of the stingless bee Oxytrigona cf. flaveola (Hymenoptera, Apidae, Meliponina) of a colony from Tangar? da Serra, Mato Grosso State, Brazil  

PubMed Central

The aim was to broaden knowledge on the cytogenetics of the subtribe Meliponina, by furnishing cytogenetic data as a contribution to the characterization of bees from the genus Oxytrigona. Individuals of the species Oxytrigona cf. flaveola, members of a colony from Tangará da Serra, Mato Grosso State, Brazil, were studied. The chromosome number was 2n = 34, distributed among four chromosomal morphologies, with the karyotype formula 8m+8sm+16st+2t. Size heteromorphism in the first metacentric pair, subsequently confirmed by sequential staining with fluorochrome (DA/DAPI/CMA3 ), was apparent in all the examined individuals The nucleolar organizing regions (NORs) are possibly located in this metacentric chromosome pair. These data will contribute towards a better understanding of the genus Oxytrigona. Given that species in this group are threatened, the importance of their preservation and conservation can be shown in a sensible, concise fashion through studies such as this.



Multitemporal and geobotanical approach in the remote detection of Greisenization areas in the Serra da Pedra Branca Granite, Goias State, Brazil  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

A multiseasonal analysis of LANDSAT multispectral images in CCT format permitted the mapping of lithologic facies in the Pedra Branca Granite, using geobotanical associations, which occur in the form of variations in the density of the cerrado vegetation, as well as the predominance of certain distinct vegetation species. Dry season images did not show very good results in lithological differentiation due to anomalous illumination conditions related to the low solar elevation and the homogeneity in the vegetation cover, specially the grass that becomes dry during this season. Rainy season images, on the other hand, allowed the separation of the lithological types, a fact that can be attributed to a greater differentiation among the geobotanical associations. The muscovite-granite facies with greisenization zones within the Serra da Pedra Branca were mapped. This methodology can be successfully applied to similar known granite bodies elsewhere in the Tin Province of Goias.

Parada, N. D. J. (principal investigator); Filho, R. A.



El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer publica nuevo atlas de mortalidad por cáncer

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI, por sus siglas en inglés) ha publicado un nuevo atlas, el Atlas de Mortalidad por Cáncer en los Estados Unidos, 1950-94, que muestra los patrones geográficos de las tasas de mortalidad por cáncer durante más de cuatro décadas, en más de 3.000 condados a lo largo del país.


Enlightenment, Education, and the Republican Project: Chile's "Instituto Nacional" (1810-1830)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article analyses the establishment of the "Instituto Nacional de Chile" between 1810 and 1830 as a crucial element of a political and cultural project advanced from an enlightened and republican elite. Its early inception in 1813 resulted from the necessity of consolidating a republican order, as shown by the different projects between 1810…

Baeza Ruz, Andres



Consumo de drogas entre adolescentes: resultados de la Encuesta Nacional de Adicciones, 1998  

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Objective. The aim of this paper is to describe drug and associated factors use among adolescents (12 to 17 years of age). Material and Methods. Data come from the re- cent Encuesta Nacional de Adicciones, 1998 (National Sur- vey on Addictions) undertaken in urban areas of Mexico. A probabilistic, multi-stage, stratified cluster sampling design was used to select the study

Ma Elena Medina-Mora; Patricia Cravioto; Jorge Villatoro; Clara Fleiz; Fernando Galván-Castillo; Roberto Tapia-Conyer



El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer lanza el sitio en la Internet

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI, por sus siglas en ingls) anunci hoy el lanzamiento de (, que ha sido mejorado significativamente, es muy fcil de navegar y brinda en un solo sitio toda la informacin sobre el cáncer


Aspectos generales de la Red Nacional de Estudios Clínicos del NCI

Reseña general sobre la estructura organizativa de la Red Nacional de Estudios Clínicos del NCI, así como un resumen de los cambios que se están llevando a cabo y una sinopsis de cómo estos cambios se basan en el éxito del programa de Grupos Cooperativos.


"La Hermandad" and Chicanas Organizing: The Community Rhetoric of the "Comision Femenil Mexicana Nacional" Organization  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

To address the need for situated accounts of community rhetoric, this article examines the legacy of the first Chicana feminist organization, the "Comision Femenil Mexicana Nacional (CFMN)." The CFMN and their archival collection provide[d] Chicanas an education about how to interpret, be and act in the world. To invent a rhetorical…

Leon, Kendall Marie




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This project born from the need to evaluate the visual impact that the construction of a wind park can suppose. This park will be build in a mountain know as Serra de l'Auleda, in La Jonquera (Spain). This city is located at hne north of Spain near the French boundary. Based on a Digital Elevation Model of the area, there

F. Orduña Aznar


Delimitação de Fitofisionomias em áreas do Parque Estadual Verde Grande e da Área de Proteção Ambiental do Lajedão (MG) e entorno, com o uso de imagens Ikonos de alta resolução e classificação orientada a objeto  

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The objective of this work was to apply object-based classification to map vegetation types in the Parque Estadual Verde Grande, APA Lajedão and surroundings. IKONOS-II images were input to segmentation algorithms with different scale parameters generating image objects of different sizes. In the first segmentation level, general vegetation classes were distinguished (forests and grass land). The second level within forest

Prado Costa; Luís Marcelo; Tavares de Carvalho; Luciano Teixeira de Oliveira; Gil Júlio de Souza Netto


New evidence of a magmatic arc in the southern Brasília Belt, Brazil: The Serra da Água Limpa batholith (Socorro-Guaxupé Nappe)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This paper presents a detailed description of the Neoproterozoic Serra da Água Limpa batholith (SALB) and the interpretation of its genesis. The batholith, located along the border of the states of Minas Gerais and São Paulo, was involved in the Socorro-Guaxupé Nappe, a tectonic unit that integrates the southern Brasília Belt. The tectonic evolution of this nappe is related to the convergence and subsequent collision between the Paranapanema paleocontinent, representing the upper plate, with the São Francisco paleocontinent, resulting in the construction of the southern Brasília Belt. The active margin of the Paranapanema paleocontinent developed during the pre-collisional stage a magmatic arc composed of batholithic igneous bodies. The Socorro-Guaxupé Nappe represents this active margin and SALB is one of those bodies. U-Pb dating (Laser Ablation, LA-ICP-MS) in zircon was performed in five samples of SALB. The results are as follows: sample RDTM 62, 667 ± 10 Ma; RDPA 44, 645 ± 5 Ma; RDPA 46, 630 ± 12 Ma; VAC 10, 631 ± 7 Ma and RDIT 41, 635 ± 8 Ma. These ages indicate that the body crystallized between 670 and 630 Ma, with predominance of ages in the interval 645-630 Ma, demonstrating that the magmatic event that formed the arc lasted at least 40 myr. Younger ages, measured in rims of zircon grains, mainly in the range 625-600 Ma were interpreted as metamorphic ages. The lithogeochemical analyses indicate that the I-type rocks of the Serra da Água Limpa batholith belong to the high K calc-alkaline series, and are metaluminous to slightly peraluminous. Tectonic environment diagrams also indicate that the batholith was produced in a volcanic arc setting which is confirmed by negative anomalies of elements of high ionic potential (HFS) in multi-element diagrams. Whole rock Sm-Nd isotope analyses show highly negative ?Nd values (-12 to -7), indicating significant crustal contamination or origin of the magma by melting of enriched lower crust.

Vinagre, Rodrigo; Trouw, Rudolph A. J.; Mendes, Julio Cezar; Duffles, Patrícia; Peternel, Rodrigo; Matos, Gabriel



Speckle Interferometry and Speckle Photometry of Binary Stars at Telescopes of Observatorio Astronomico Nacional  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Observatorio Astronomico Nacional (OAN) is a facility of the Instituto de Astronomía of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (IA-UNAM). There are two astronomical sites where the four telescopes are mounted: one site is located at San Pedro Mártir (OAN-SPM), Baja California, and the second one at Tonantzintla (OAN-T), near Puebla, Mexico. These telescopes can be effectively used for speckle interferometric and for speckle photometric measurements of binary and multiple stars with the Rayleigh resolution limit R = 1.22 ?/D. Regular speckle interferometric measurements of binary stars have been made with telescopes of the OAN since 2008. In 2011 we start speckle photometric measurements in three colors (V,R,I). In 2012 two more spectral bands (U,B) were added.

Orlov, V.


Susceptibility of Biomphalaria straminea (Dunker, 1848) from Serra da Mesa Dam, Goiás, Brazil to infection with three strains of Schistosoma mansoni Sambon, 1907.  


Ecological changes from water resources development projects often affect the epidemiology of water-associated diseases. In order to investigate the occurrence and distribution of freshwater snails of medical and veterinary importance in the area of influence of the Serra da Mesa Hydroelectric a survey has been performed since 1997 and revealed the occurrence of well-established populations of Biomphalaria straminea (Dunker, 1848) in the 8 municipalities surrounding the lake. Areas of epidemiologic risk for schistosomiasis were selected and studies of parasite-mollusc compatibility were undertaken using specimens from 19 populations of B. straminea and 3 strains (CM, EC and PB) originally isolated from B. straminea. Among 1,135 specimens used 15 became infected (infection index of 1.3%) and 8 populations were susceptible to the schistosome strains: B. straminea from Campinorte (Castelão, susceptible to CM and EC strains, and Planeta Agua, EC strain), Colinas (Tocantinzinho river, CM and EC strains), Minaçu (Canabrava river, EC strain), Niquelândia (Codemin, CM and PB strains, and Almas river, CM strain), Uruaçu (touristic area, PB strain) and Santa Rita do Novo Destino (Maranhão river, CM and EC strains). These results, associated with marked social and ecological changes occurred, strongly suggest the possibility of B. straminea coming to act as a vector of schistosomiasis in the studied area. PMID:12426596

Fernandez, Monica Ammon; Thiengo, Silvana Carvalho



Ecology of mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) in areas of Serra do Mar State Park, State of São Paulo, Brazil. II - habitat distribution.  


The mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae) ecology was studied in areas of Serra do Mar State Park, State of São Paulo, Brazil. Systematized biweekly human bait collections were made three times a day, for periods of 2 or 3 h each, in sylvatic and rural areas for 24 consecutive months (January 1991 to December 1992). A total of 24, 943 adult mosquitoes belonging to 57 species were collected during 622 collective periods. Aedes scapularis, Coquillettidia chrysonotum, Cq. venezuelensis, Wyeomyia dyari, Wy. longirostris, Wy. theobaldi and Wy. palmata were more frequently collected at swampy and at flooded areas. Anopheles mediopunctatus, Culex nigripalpus, Ae. serratus, Ae. fulvus, Psorophora ferox, Ps. albipes and the Sabethini in general, were captured almost exclusively in forested areas. An. cruzii, An. oswaldoi and An. fluminensis were captured more frequently in a residence area. However, Cx. quinquefasciatus was the only one truly eusynanthropic. An. cruzii and Ae. scapularis were captured feeding on blood inside and around the residence, indicating that both species, malaria and arbovirus vectors respectively, may be involved in the transmission of these such diseases in rural areas. PMID:10656699

Guimarães, A E; Gentile, C; Lopes, C M; Mello, R P



Active Targeting to Osteosarcoma Cells and Apoptotic Cell Death Induction by the Novel Lectin Eucheuma serra Agglutinin Isolated from a Marine Red Alga.  


Previously, we demonstrated that the novel lectin Eucheuma serra agglutinin from a marine red alga (ESA) induces apoptotic cell death in carcinoma. We now find that ESA induces apoptosis also in the case of sarcoma cells. First, propidium iodide assays with OST cells and LM8 cells showed a decrease in cell viability after addition of ESA. With 50??g/ml ESA, the viabilities after 24 hours decreased to 54.7 ± 11.4% in the case of OST cells and to 41.7 ± 12.3% for LM8 cells. Second, using fluorescently labeled ESA and flow cytometric and fluorescence microscopic measurements, it could be shown that ESA does not bind to cells that were treated with glycosidases, indicating importance of the carbohydrate chains on the surface of the cells for efficient ESA-cell interactions. Third, Span 80 vesicles with surface-bound ESA as active targeting ligand were shown to display sarcoma cell binding activity, leading to apoptosis and complete OST cell death after 48 hours at 2??g/ml ESA. The findings indicate that Span 80 vesicles with surface-bound ESA are a potentially useful drug delivery system not only for the treatment of carcinoma but also for the treatment of osteosarcoma. PMID:23346404

Hayashi, Keita; Walde, Peter; Miyazaki, Tatsuhiko; Sakayama, Kenshi; Nakamura, Atsushi; Kameda, Kenji; Masuda, Seizo; Umakoshi, Hiroshi; Kato, Keiichi



EQUAÇÕES DE VOLUME PARA A FLORESTA NACIONAL DO TAPAJÓS (Volume equations for the Tapajós National Forest)  

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Com o objetivo de atender a demanda de informações acerca de relações quantitativas para a Floresta Nacional do Tapajós, Estado do Pará, selecionaram-se equações de volume para andiroba (Carapa guianensis), abiurana (diversos gêneros), jutaí-açu (Hymenaea courbaril), jarana (Holopyxidium jarana), ucuuba- da-terra-firme (Virola sp), taxi-vermelho (Sclerolobium chrysophyllum), maçaranduba (Manilkara huberi), além de equações abrangentes, para qualquer espécie. Testaram-se 16 equações, nove

José Natalino Macedo Silva


Bat flies (Diptera: Streblidae, Nycteribiidae) parasitic on bats (Mammalia: Chiroptera) at Parque Estadual da Cantareira, São Paulo, Brazil: parasitism rates and host-parasite associations.  


A total of 443 bat flies belonging to the families Nycteribiidae and Strelidae, were collected on 22 species of bats (Molossidae, Phyllostomidae, and Vespertilionidae) from Parque Estadual da Cantareira (São Paulo, Brazil), between January, 2000 and January, 2001. Eighteen new occurrences of bat flies were recorded on Anoura geoffroyi (Anastrebla caudiferae), Glossophaga soricina (A. caudiferae), Sturnira lilium (Trichobius phyllostomae, T. furmani, and Paraeuctenodes similis), Artibeus lituratus (A. caudiferae), A. fimbriatus (Megistopoda proxima), A. obscurus (Metelasmus pseudopterus), Myotis nigricans (M. proxima, M. aranea, Paratrichobius longicrus), M. ruber (Anatrichobius passosi, Joblingia sp.), M. levis (A. passosi), M. albescens (A. passosi, Basilia andersoni), and Histiotus velatus (M. aranea). Seven new occurrences were recorded for the state of São Paulo, increasing the range for T. tiptoni, T. furmani, M. proxima, Aspidoptera falcata, A. caudiferae, A. modestini and B. andersoni. The relationships between parasitism and host sex, reproductive stage, age hyperparasitism by fungi are discussed. PMID:15867959

Bertola, Patrícia Beloto; Aires, Caroline Cotrim; Favorito, Sandra Elisa; Graciolli, Gustavo; Amaku, Marcos; Pinto-da-Rocha, Ricardo



Geochemistry and origin of the early Mesoproterozoic mangerite-charnockite-rapakivi granite association of the Serra da Providência suite and associated gabbros, central-eastern Rondônia, SW Amazonian Craton, Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Serra da Providência suite (SPS) is constituted of quartz mangerite-charnockite-rapakivi granite and coeval mafic rocks, intruded during the 1.60-1.53 Ga interval into Paleoproterozoic metamorphic basement (Jamari Complex) in the Juruena-Rondônia geochronologic province, SW Amazonian Craton. In this region the Serra da Providência suite consists of two batholiths and several small plutons represented by syeno-monzogranites and igneous quartz mangerite and charnockites. The Serra da Providência granites are ferroan, calc-alkalic to alkali-calcic and characterized by high Na2O + K2O, Rb, Zr, Y, Nb, Ta, Ce, Zn, Ga, and REE (except for Eu), moderate Ba, and low Sr, MgO, and CaO. Ga/Al, Y/Nb, FeOT/(FeOT + MgO) and K2O/Na2O ratios are high and Sr/Ba and Rb/Ba are low and are geochemically similar to typical A2-subtype granites. The SPS charnockites and quartz mangerites display values of FeOT, MgO, CaO, Ba, Rb, Sr, Nb/Ta and Zr/Hf similar to the SPS A-type granites. The occurrence of magnetite as an accessory phase and the high FeOT/(FeOT + MgO) in granites, charnockites and quartz mangerites suggest crystallization from a relatively oxidized magma and also explain the occurrence of titanite as a primary phase in these granites, similar to those reported in several localities of the Amazonian Craton. The parental magma of the mafic rocks of the SPS probably had mainly enriched sources and resulted from melting of heterogeneous mantle reservoirs with coherent chemical characteristics. Trace elements data indicate subduction-modified mantle sources for the mafic rocks that are in agreement with the post-collisional character of this magmatism. A large set of whole-rock Sm-Nd isotope data (Bettencourt et al., 1999; Scandolara, 2006; Santos et al., 2008 and this work) demonstrate that granites, charnockites and quartz mangerites of the study area are the product of magmas derived from interaction between enriched mantle derived magmas (in very subordinate proportions) and recycled crust in larger proportion. The source region is dominated by Paleoproterozoic material, but several samples yield Archaean model ages that are the first evidence for such ancient source materials in the SW Amazonian Craton. The Serra da Providência suite was emplaced during the post-collisional stage of the Juruena-Jamari arc and Madeirinha orogeny (Scandolara et al., 2011), and post-dates the collision between the Tapajós (Tapajós-Parima geochronological province, Pará, Brazil) and Bolívia (palaeocontinent which precedes Sunsás geochronological province) blocks. Its geochemical and structural features are coincident with those recognized in post-collisional granitoids. Geochemical data suggest that complex processes which involved crustal melting, fractional crystallization, magma mixing and, in some extent, crustal assimilation were responsible for the magmatism of the Serra da Providência suite. The magmas that constitute the Serra da Providência suite resulted from varying degrees of partial melting of a compositionally heterogeneous source. The nature of the source and the degree of melting exerted a significant control over compositional variation in some of the parental magmas which were also affected by subsequent fractional crystallization and mingling processes. Internal variations in composition observed in several bodies can be the result of incremental amalgamation of different magma pulses that varied mainly in the degree of partial melting.

Scandolara, Jaime E.; Fuck, Reinhardt A.; Dall'Agnol, Roberto; Dantas, Elton L.



Ecological distribution of stream macroalgal communities from a drainage basin in the Serra da Canastra National Park, Minas Gerais, Southeastern Brazil.  


Twelve stream segments were sampled four times in 1998-1999 (one sampling per season) in the drainage basin of the upper São Francisco River (19 masculine 45'-21 masculine 25'S, 49 masculine 05'-51 masculine 30'W), situated in Serra da Canastra National Park, at altitudes ranging from 1,175 to 1,400 m. The macroalgae survey resulted in 30 species, with a predominance of Cyanophyta (12 species = 40%) and Chlorophyta (11 species = 36.5%) and a lower proportion of Rhodophyta (seven species = 23.5%). Two species, Klebsormidium rivulare (Chlorophyta) and Kyliniella latvica (Rhodophyta), were new records for Brazil. Capsosira sp. and Stigonema sp. (Cyanophyta) and the "Chantransia" stage of Batrachospermum (Rhodophyta) were the most widespread macroalgae, occurring in six sampling sites, whereas 11 species were found at only one site. The proportion of macroalgal morphological types were as follows: mats (33%), free filaments (27%), gelatinous filaments (27%), crusts (7%), tufts (3%), and gelatinous colonies (3%). The flora revealed few species in common (4%-8%) with stream macroalgae from other Brazilian regions. The macroalgal communities proved to have species richness values close to the highest values reported in previous studies. The patterns typical for stream macroalgal communities (patchy distribution and dominance of few species) were also found in this basin. However, the stream variables most influential in macroalgal distribution in this study (rocky substratum, low pH, high COD, water color, and current velocity) were essentially the same that best describe the limnological characteristics of this lotic ecosystem. In addition, this combination of variables differed sharply from results of previous studies in other Brazilian stream ecosystems. PMID:15029374

Necchi-Júnior, O; Branco, L H Z; Branco, C C Z



A sensitive analysis method for 7 diterpenoids in rat plasma by liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization mass spectrometry and its application to pharmacokinetic study of Isodon serra extract.  


A simple and sensitive LC-MS/MS method has been developed and validated for the identification and quantification of epinodosin, epinodosinol, nodosin, oridonin, lasiokariurinol, lasiokaurin and rabdoternin A in rat plasma using sulfamethoxazole as the internal standard. The plasma sample pre-treatment consisted of a liquid-liquid extraction. Chromatographic separation was achieved on a C18 column with linear gradient elution using water and methanol, which were both acidified with 0.1% formic acid, at a flow rate of 0.7 mL/min. A tandem mass spectrometric detection was conducted using multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) via an electrospray ionization (ESI) source. A novel multi-determination-periods program was executed to achieve a higher sensitivity by setting five scanning periods. The method presented here utilizes a novel determination strategy, enabling the application of positive and negative ESI-MS in a single run. The optimized mass transition ion-pairs (m/z) for quantitation were 361.2/287.1 for epinodosin, 382.3/347.3 for epinodosinol, 363.3/281.2 for nodosin, 365.3/347.3 for oridonin, 407.3/329.1 for lasiokariurinol, 405.2/59.0 for lasiokaurin, 363.2/283.1 for rabdoternin A and 254.1/156.0 for IS. The total run time was 20.50 min (including 5 min equilibration time) between injections. The specificity, linearity, accuracy, precision, recovery, matrix effect and several validation results demonstrate that this method is sensitive, specific and reliable. The proposed method was further applied to investigate the pharmacokinetics of all analytes after a single oral administration of Isodon serra extract to rats. PMID:21930275

Du, Yingfeng; Liu, Pengwei; Zhu, Hong; Shi, Xiaowei; Zhao, Chengcheng; Wang, Na; Zhang, Lantong



Sustainable Trail Management in Costa Rica National Parks: The use of photography for trail surfacing decisions under tropical rainforest  

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Resumen: El Parque Nacional Volcán Poas (PNVP) es el parque mas visitado de Costa Rica. Sus facilidades físicas, accesibilidad, y su proximidad a las mayores ciudades del país hacen del PNVP un destino preferido por visitantes locales y extranjeros. Ademas de su cono volcánico activo, los senderos del parque son muy apreciados. Las condiciones lluviosas que prevalecen a través del

Juan A Aguirre



El Servicio de Información sobre el Cáncer del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer

El Servicio de Información del Cáncer (CIS) del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer facilita la información más actualizada y precisa sobre el cáncer a pacientes, a sus familias, al público en general y a profesionales médicos. El CIS brinda respuestas personalizadas a preguntas específicas sobre el cáncer y asistencia a los fumadores que quieren abandonar el hábito. Comuníquese con el CIS al 1-800-422-6237 (1-800-4-CANCER) o al 1-877-448-7848 (1-877-44U-QUIT).


Spatio-temporal analysis of the urban-rural gradient structure: an application in a Mediterranean mountainous landscape (Serra San Bruno, Italy)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The most recent and significant transformations of European landscapes have occurred as a consequence of a series of diffused, varied and often connected phenomena: urban growth and sprawl, agricultural intensification in the most suitable areas and agricultural abandonment in marginal areas. These phenomena can affect dramatically ecosystems' structure and functioning, since certain modifications cause landscape fragmentation while others tend to increase homogeneity. Thus, a thorough comprehension of the evolution trends of landscapes, in particular those linked to urban-rural relations, is crucial for a sustainable landscape planning. In this framework, the main objectives of the present paper are: (a) to investigate Land Use/Land Cover (LULC) transformations and dynamics occurred over the period 1955-2006 in the municipality of Serra San Bruno (Calabria, Italy), an area particularly representative of the Mediterranean mountainous landscape; (b) to compare the settlement growth with the urban planning tools in charge in the study area; (c) to examine the relationship between urban-rural gradient, landscape metrics, demographic and physical variables; (d) to investigate the evolution of urban-rural gradient composition and configuration along significant axes of landscape changes. Data with a high level of detail (minimum mapping unit 0.2 ha) were obtained through the digitisation of historical aerial photographs and digital orthophotos identifying LULC classes according to the Corine Land Cover legend. The investigated period was divided into four significant time intervals, which were specifically analysed to detect LULC changes. Differently from previous studies, in the present research the spatio-temporal analysis of urban-rural gradient was performed through three subsequent steps: (1) kernel density analysis of settlements; (2) analysis of landscape structure by means of metrics calculated using a moving window method; (3) analysis of composition and configuration of the urban-rural gradient within three landscape profiles located along significant axes of LULC change. The use of thematic overlays and transition matrices enabled a precise identification of the LULC changes that had taken place over the examined period. As a result, a detailed description and mapping of the landscape dynamics were obtained. Furthermore, landscape profiling technique, using continuous data, allowed an innovative and valuable approach for analysing and interpreting urban-rural gradient structure over space and time.

Modica, G.; Vizzari, M.; Pollino, M.; Fichera, C. R.; Zoccali, P.; Di Fazio, S.



Spatio-temporal analysis of the urban-rural gradient structure: an application in a Mediterranean mountainous landscape (Serra San Bruno, Italy)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The most recent and significant transformations of European landscapes have occurred as a consequence of a series of diffused, varied and often connected phenomena: urban growth and sprawl, agricultural intensification in the most suitable areas and agricultural abandonment in marginal areas. These phenomena can affect dramatically ecosystems' structure and functioning, since certain modifications cause landscape fragmentation while others tend to increase homogeneity. Thus, a thorough comprehension of the evolution trends of landscapes, in particular those linked to urban-rural relations, is crucial for a sustainable landscape planning. In this framework, the main objectives of the present paper are: (a) to investigate Land Use/Land Cover (LULC) transformations and dynamics that occurred over the period 1955-2006 in the municipality of Serra San Bruno (Calabria, Italy), an area particularly representative of the Mediterranean mountainous landscape; (b) to compare the settlement growth with the urban planning tools in charge in the study area; (c) to examine the relationship between urban-rural gradient, landscape metrics, demographic and physical variables; (d) to investigate the evolution of urban-rural gradient composition and configuration along significant axes of landscape changes. Data with a high level of detail (minimum mapping unit 0.2 ha) were obtained through the digitisation of historical aerial photographs and digital orthophotos identifying LULC classes according to the Corine Land Cover legend. The investigated period was divided into four significant time intervals, which were specifically analysed to detect LULC changes. Differently from previous studies, in the present research the spatio-temporal analysis of urban-rural gradient was performed through three subsequent steps: (1) kernel density analysis of settlements; (2) analysis of landscape structure by means of metrics calculated using a moving window method; (3) analysis of composition and configuration of the urban-rural gradient within three landscape profiles located along significant axes of LULC change. The use of thematic overlays and transition matrices enabled a precise identification of the LULC changes that had taken place over the examined period. As a result, a detailed description and mapping of the landscape dynamics were obtained. Furthermore, landscape profiling technique, using continuous data, allowed an innovative and valuable approach for analysing and interpreting urban-rural gradient structure over space and time.

Modica, G.; Vizzari, M.; Pollino, M.; Fichera, C. R.; Zoccali, P.; Di Fazio, S.



[The Bernardino Álvarez Farm Hospital and Farm School: antecedents to Instituto Nacional de Neurología y Neurocirugía].  


By 1960, México's Manicomio General (General Asylum) could no longer fulfill the functions for which it was created so implementation of the so-called Castañeda Operation began, an initiative designed to close down and relocate psychiatric patients to other institutions. At that time, Dr. Manuel Velasco-Suárez was in charge of the General Direction of Neurology, Mental Health and Rehabilitation, and planned to create the Institute of Neurology on a site he already possessed for its construction. The Asylum was a dependency of the aforementioned Direction and Velasco- Suárez decided that some patients at the Castañeda could be moved to the old hacienda house that stood on that terrain. Thus was born the Bernardino Álvarez Farm Hospital. A year later, in 1961, the Farm School for the Weak-Minded, also named Bernardino Álvarez was established there as well. This paper examines the history of these two institutions as antecedents to the Instituto Nacional de Neurología y Neurocirugía. PMID:24687360

Rodríguez-de Romo, Ana Cecilia; Castañeda-López, Gabriela



Ambient Dose Equivalent measured at the Instituto Nacional de Cancerología Department of Nuclear Medicine  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Ambient dose equivalent values were determined in several sites at the Instituto Nacional de Cancerología, Departmento de Medicina Nuclear, using TLD-100 and TLD-900 thermoluminescent dosemeters. Additionally, ambient dose equivalent was measured at a corridor outside the hospitalization room for patients treated with 137Cs brachytherapy. Dosemeter calibration was performed at the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares, Laboratorio de Metrología, to known 137Cs gamma radiation air kerma. Radionuclides considered for this study are 131I, 18F, 67Ga, 99mTc, 111In, 201Tl and 137Cs, with main gamma energies between 93 and 662 keV. Dosemeters were placed during a five month period in the nuclear medicine rooms (containing gamma-cameras), injection corridor, patient waiting areas, PET/CT study room, hot lab, waste storage room and corridors next to the hospitalization rooms for patients treated with 131I and 137Cs. High dose values were found at the waste storage room, outside corridor of 137Cs brachytherapy patients and PET/CT area. Ambient dose equivalent rate obtained for the 137Cs brachytherapy corridor is equal to (18.51+/-0.02)×10-3 mSv/h. Sites with minimum doses are the gamma camera rooms, having ambient dose equivalent rates equal to (0.05+/-0.03)×10-3 mSv/h. Recommendations have been given to the Department authorities so that further actions are taken to reduce doses at high dose sites in order to comply with the ALARA principle (as low as reasonably achievable).

Ávila, O.; Torres-Ulloa, C. L.; Medina, L. A.; Trujillo-Zamudio, F. E.; de Buen, I. Gamboa; Buenfil, A. E.; Brandan, M. E.



Ambient Dose Equivalent measured at the Instituto Nacional de Cancerologia Department of Nuclear Medicine  

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Ambient dose equivalent values were determined in several sites at the Instituto Nacional de Cancerologia, Departmento de Medicina Nuclear, using TLD-100 and TLD-900 thermoluminescent dosemeters. Additionally, ambient dose equivalent was measured at a corridor outside the hospitalization room for patients treated with {sup 137}Cs brachytherapy. Dosemeter calibration was performed at the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares, Laboratorio de Metrologia, to known {sup 137}Cs gamma radiation air kerma. Radionuclides considered for this study are {sup 131}I, {sup 18}F, {sup 67}Ga, {sup 99m}Tc, {sup 111}In, {sup 201}Tl and {sup 137}Cs, with main gamma energies between 93 and 662 keV. Dosemeters were placed during a five month period in the nuclear medicine rooms (containing gamma-cameras), injection corridor, patient waiting areas, PET/CT study room, hot lab, waste storage room and corridors next to the hospitalization rooms for patients treated with {sup 131}I and {sup 137}Cs. High dose values were found at the waste storage room, outside corridor of {sup 137}Cs brachytherapy patients and PET/CT area. Ambient dose equivalent rate obtained for the {sup 137}Cs brachytherapy corridor is equal to (18.51{+-}0.02)x10{sup -3} mSv/h. Sites with minimum doses are the gamma camera rooms, having ambient dose equivalent rates equal to (0.05{+-}0.03)x10{sup -3} mSv/h. Recommendations have been given to the Department authorities so that further actions are taken to reduce doses at high dose sites in order to comply with the ALARA principle (as low as reasonably achievable).

Avila, O. [Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares, AP 18-1027, 11801, DF (Mexico); Torres-Ulloa, C. L. [Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares, AP 18-1027, 11801, DF (Mexico); Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, AP 70-542, 04510, DF (Mexico); Medina, L. A. [Instituto de Fisica, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, AP 20-364, 01000, DF (Mexico); Unidad de Investigacion Biomedica en Cancer INCan-UNAM, Av. San Fernando 22 C.P. 14080 (Mexico); Trujillo-Zamudio, F. E. [Instituto Nacional de Cancerologia (INCan), Av. San Fernando 22, C.P. 14080 (Mexico); Gamboa de Buen, I. [Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, AP 70-543, 04510 DF (Mexico); Buenfil, A. E.; Brandan, M. E. [Instituto de Fisica, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, AP 20-364, 01000, DF (Mexico)



La restricción intertemporal del presupuesto. Una evaluación empírica para el Gobierno Nacional Central de Colombia, 1950-2010  

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En este documento se analiza la sostenibilidad fiscal del Gobierno Nacional Central en Colombia utilizando el enfoque de la Restricción Intertemporal de Presupuesto. Los resultados empíricos revelan que la estrategia fiscal actual es sostenible. No obstante, se vislumbran problemas de insolvencia en el largo plazo, lo que implica generar un mayor superávit primario en comparación con el actualmente programado. Lo

Álvaro Hernando Chaves



El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer de EE. UU. y la República del Perú firman una Declaración de Intención

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer y la República del Perú firmaron una declaración de intención para compartir el interés en fomentar la investigación biomédica de oncología, basándose en la colaboración mutua de ambas entidades, así como el objetivo común de educar y capacitar la futura generación de científicos y clínicos en investigación oncológica.


Evaluación y perspectivas del Código Nacional de Recursos Naturales de Colombia en sus 30 años de vigencia  

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Los artículos presentados estudian la eficacia, vigencia y perspectivas del Código Nacional de Recursos Naturales, decreto 2811 de 1974, teniendo de presente el avanzado estado de la ciencia en Colombia establecido por la Constitución del 91, y la Ley 99 de 1993; de esta manera los doctrinantes retoman la historia y las funciones del Código, la biodiversidad, la diversidad de

Autores varios


Se da a conocer el plan del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer para acelerar la investigación del cáncer

En la 100va Reunión Anual de la Asociación Estadounidense de Investigación del Cáncer realizada en Denver, el director del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer, doctor John E. Niederhuber, dio a conocer detalles importantes, tales como financiamiento de más subvenciones, creación de una plataforma para atención personalizada del cáncer y un programa acelerado de genética del cáncer que hará avanzar la investigación oncológica en este nuevo ambiente económico.


The Earnings Impact of Training Duration in a Developing Country. An Ordered Probit Selection Model of Colombia's "Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje" (SENA).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Estimates the earnings impact of an extensive inservice training program in the developing world, Colombia's Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (SENA), through a comparison of nongraduates' and graduates' earnings profiles. (JOW)

Jimenez, Emmanuel; Kugler, Bernardo



Fiber-Optic Telecommunications Technical Assistance to Empresa Nacional de Energia Electrica, Honduras (ENEE). Final Report. Task 5: Economic and Financial Feasibility. Volume 2: Financial Projections.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Attached are schedules and figures from Project Finance Advisors, LLC ('PFA's') economic model (the Model) developed to measure the viability Empresa Nacional de Energia Electrica's (ENEE) sponsorship and support for a fiber optic communications initiativ...



Development and first year of results from the Heliometer of Observatório Nacional  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Recent research on global climate changes points to three distinct sources of climate disturbance: anthropogenic; natural changes in the oceans and atmosphere; and irregularities in the solar cycles. One of the most direct ways to survey an exogenous component of the climatic variability is through the measurement of variations in the diameter and shape of the solar disk. At Observatório Nacional/MCTI, Rio de Janeiro, after several years of diameter observation using a CCD Solar Astrolabe, these measurements are now performed by a state-of-the-art Solar Heliometer. The heliometric method is one of the most successful techniques to measure small variations of angles. Its principle has been used for the latest space borne astrometric missions, aiming to milli-arcsecond precision. The success of this method relies in the fact that it minimizes the dependence of angular measurements to the thermal and mechanical stability of the instrument. However in the classic heliometer the objective is split into two halves to which is applied a linear displacement along the cut, thus still leaving room for a residual dependence with the focus, due to non-concentricity of the beams of the two images. The focus variation, as well as the effects brought by the large temperature variations during solar observations, was tackled in the Solar Heliometer by having all optical elements and their niches made on CCZ, and the telescope tube on carbon fiber, both materials of negligible thermal coefficient. Additionally, the measures are made perpendicular to the separation direction and the plate scale can be known at every time from the solar motion itself. We present the results from the first year of measurements, in special exploring the upheaval of solar activity on late 2011.

Andrei, Alexandre H.; D'Ávila, Victor A.; Neto, Eugânio Reis; Penna, Jucira L.; Boscardin, Sérgio C.; Coletti, Alissandro; Oliveira, Luiz C.; Sigismondi, Costantino



Impact of natural climate change and historical land use on vegetation cover and geomorphological process dynamics in the Serra dos Órgãos mountain range in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Serra dos Órgãos mountain range in the hinterland of Rio de Janeiro contains extensive remnants of the Atlantic Forest (Mata Atlântica) biome, which once covered about 1.5 million km² from Northeast to South Brazil and further inland to Paraguay and Argentina. As a result of historical deforestation and recent land use intensification processes today only 5 to 8% of the original Atlantic Forest remains. Despite the dramatic habitat loss and a high degree of forest fragmentation, the remnants are among the Earth’s most diverse habitats in terms of species richness. Furthermore, they are characterized by a high level of endemism. Therefore, the biome is considered a "hotspot of biodiversity". In the last years many efforts have been taken to investigate the Mata Atlântica biome in different spatial and time scales and from different scientific perspectives. We are working in the Atlantic Forest of Rio de Janeiro since 2004 and focus in our research particularly on Quaternary landscape evolution and landscape history. By means of landscape and soil archives we reconstruct changes in the landscape system, which are mainly the result of Quaternary climate variability, young tectonic uplift and human impact. The findings throw light on paleoecological conditions in the Late Quaternary and the impact of pre-colonial and colonial land use practices on these landscapes. In this context, a main focus is set on climate and human-driven changes of the vegetation cover and its consequences for the geomorphological process dynamics, in particular erosion and sedimentation processes. Research methods include geomorphological field studies, interpretation of satellite images, physical and chemical sediment and soil analyses as well as relative and absolute dating (Feo/Fed ratio and 14C dating). For the Late Quaternary landscape evolution, the findings are compared with results from paleoclimatic and paloecological investigations in Southeast and South Brazil using other dating techniques, such as pollen analysis. The impact of early civilizations on deforestation, forest fragmentation and geomorphological process dynamics is estimated on the basis of archaeological and anthropological findings. Furthermore, historical sources, such as written documents, maps, paintings and photographs, were collected and analysed to get a more detailed picture of the younger landscape history. As a result we present a landscape genetic model for the Late Quaternary in the Serra dos Órgãos mountain range and the Guanabara Basin. Based on a functional analysis of the natural process dynamics we reconstruct the human impact on the vegetation cover and related erosion and sedimentation processes in different time periods. According to this, the polycyclic climate fluctuations in the Pleistocene emerge as periods of stability and instability in the landscape system. During dry and cool periods of the Ice Ages forests drew back and erosion processes increased, causing higher erosion and deposition rates on slopes and stronger incision of river beds, accompanied by a deposition of gravels. The colluvial soils presently found in the mountain region were mainly deposited during the last instability period in the Late Pleistocene (Wisconsin) and Early Holocene. With the return of rainforests from their retreats under wetter climate conditions in the mid Holocene, slopes were stabilized under a dense vegetation cover. In the Late Holocene erosion conditions changed again with human deforestation and land use, which led to high erosion rates in the mountainous landscape. Concerning the human impact on rainforests and geomorphological process dynamics we give an overview of the pre-historical (Sambaqui, Tupi) and historical (colonial exploitation cycles) landscape transformation and degradation processes for different landscape units within the Serra dos Órgãos and its floodplains. The results not only give a detailed picture of historical land use patterns and landscape degradation processes, but also contribute to the understanding of rece

Nehren, U.; Sattler, D.; Heinrich, J.



Catalogue of the type specimens deposited in the Mollusca Collection of the Museu Nacional / UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  


A curatorial revision of the type specimens deposited in the Mollusca Collection of the Museu Nacional / UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (MNRJ) revealed the existence of 518 lots of type specimens (holotypes, neotypes, syntypes and paratypes) for 285 names of molluscan taxa from 88 families, including 247 gastropods, 30 bivalves, three cephalopods and five scaphopods. A total of 106 holotypes and one neotype are deposited in the MNRJ. Type material for ten nominal taxa described as being deposited in the MNRJ was not located; the probable reasons are discussed. Some previously published erroneous information about types in the MNRJ is rectified. A total of 37 type specimens are illustrated. PMID:24871828

Pimenta, Alexandre Dias; Monteiro, Júlio César; Barbosa, André Favaretto; Salgado, Norma Campos; Coelho, Arnaldo Campos Dos Santos



Gamma Radiation Dose Rate in Air due to Terrestrial Radionuclides in Southern Brazil: Synthesis by Geological Units and Lithotypes Covered by the Serra do Mar Sul Aero-Geophysical Project  

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The absorbed dose rates in air due to terrestrial radionuclides were estimated from aerial gamma spectrometric data for an area of 48,600 km{sup 2} in Southern Brazil. The source data was the Serra do Mar Sul Aero-Geophysical Project back-calibrated in a cooperative work among the Geological Survey of Brazil, the Geological Survey of Canada, and Paterson, Grant and Watson Ltd. The concentrations of eU (ppm), eTh (ppm) and K (%) were converted to dose rates in air (nGy{center_dot}h{sup -1}) by accounting for the contribution of each element's concentration. Regional variation was interpreted according to lithotypes and a synthesis was performed according to the basic geological units present in the area. Higher values of total dose were estimated for felsic igneous and metamorphic rocks, with average values varying up to 119{+-}24 nGy{center_dot}h{sup -1}, obtained by Anitapolis syenite body. Sedimentary, metasedimentary and metamafic rocks presented the lower dose levels, and some beach deposits reached the lowest average total dose, 18.5{+-}8.2 nGy{center_dot}h{sup -1}. Thorium gives the main average contribution in all geological units, the highest value being reached by the nebulitic gneisses of Atuba Complex, 71{+-}23 nGy{center_dot}h{sup -1}. Potassium presents the lowest average contribution to dose rate in 53 of the 72 units analyzed, the highest contribution being obtained by intrusive alkaline bodies (28{+-}12 nGy{center_dot}h{sup -1}). The general pattern of geographic dose distribution respects well the hypotheses on geo-physicochemical behavior of radioactive elements.

Bastos, Rodrigo O.; Appoloni, Carlos R. [Applied Nuclear Physics Laboratory-Department of Physics-CCE State University of Londrina Campus Universitario-Rodovia Celso Garcia Cid s/n, Cx. Postal 6001, CEP 86051-990, Londrina, PR (Brazil); Pinese, Jose P. P. [Department of Geosciences-CCE State University of Londrina Campus Universitario-Rodovia Celso Garcia Cid s/n, Cx. Postal 6001, CEP 86051-990, Londrina, PR (Brazil)



Nuevo sitio web en español del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer, (NCI, por sus siglas en inglés) en español - Silvia Inéz Salazar - transcript

Transmisiones de radio para promover en espa%XF1ol | Nuevo sitio web en espa%XF1ol del Instituto Nacional del C%XE1ncer, (NCI, por sus siglas en ingl%XE9s) en espa%XF1ol | Transcripci%XF3n Transmisiones de radio para promover


Reformulation of Engineering Education at Undergraduate Level in the Faculdad de Ingenieria y Ciencias Hidricas Universidad Nacional del Litoral--Water Resources and Engineering Degrees.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper explains the educational changes in the Water Resources Engineering program offered by the Universidad Nacional del Litoral in Santa Fe, Argentina, for the last 20 years at the undergraduate level. The need for modernizing the engineering teaching program occurred due to changes in the social system in which the concepts of development…

Theiler, Julio; Isla, Miguel; Arrillaga, Hugo; Ceirano, Eduardo; Lozeco, Cristobal


A journey through the skill of healing at the Historical Museum of the "Hospital Nacional de Clínicas de Córdoba - Argentina".  


The Museum of History "Hospital Nacional de Clínicas", from the National University of Cordoba, República Argentina, it's charged with the knowledge continuity of the Health Science, in time and space. Its guiding motto says: "I'll be a shield to stop the wind that wants to erase the imprint of men that shaped the history of the School of Medical Sciences by their work." To accomplish the tasks, general and particular objectives were settled. The Museum has a Library divided in three sections: Classical, Contemporary and Virtual. It counts with a specialized Information and Documentation Centre. Courses about different topics are given as well as the course of History of Medicine for Grade and post grade careers, completing with humanistic contents, the students education exclusively scientific and technical. For high school and Bachelor students there is a program called: "Education - Apprenticeship strategies at the Museum". These strategies are arranged to fit the programmes and levels of formal education for educational institutions. The heritage of the Museum consists of more than a thousand apparatus and tools that served the research and instruction at the different professorships of the School of Medical Sciences. Many of them obsolete they allow us to understand the evolution of science and technique, within the broad field of Health Science, since the creation of the School of Medical Sciences in 1877. PMID:20481374

Cremades, Norma Acerbi



[Eccrine Porocarcinoma: clinical-pathological study of 19 cases in the Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Neoplásicas, Lima - Peru].  


In order to describe the clinical-pathological characteristics of the cases of Eccrine Porocarcinoma (EP) found in the Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Neoplásicas (INEN), a cross-sectional study was carried out, including all EP cases recorded between 1998 and 2009. A revision of the clinical-pathological records indentified and a new reading of the pathology slides of the cases found were performed. 19 EP cases were found, the median age of which was 64 years (range: 37-98). EP was primarily found on male patients (57.9%) and was most commonly located on the foot (21.1%), followed by the head, thorax and thigh (15.8%, respectively). In one case, EP was located on the gluteal region, and showed an unusually invasive behavior and rectal involvement. We conclude that EP is a rather uncommon entity in Peru. Its most common location is on the foot and it affects mostly male patients for the most part. PMID:24100819

Casavilca, Sandro; Lama, Anny; Guerrero, Melvy; Essary, Lydia R; Mantilla, Raúl; Cano, Luis; Barrionuevo, Carlos



El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) anuncia su nueva política de reuniones libres de humo de tabaco para abordar peligros graves de salud pública

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI), que forma parte de los Institutos Nacionales de la Salud, anunció hoy una nueva política que requiere que todas las reuniones y conferencias organizadas o financiadas principalmente por el NCI se lleven a cabo en un estado, condado, ciudad o pueblo que haya adoptado una política integral de ambientes libres de humo de tabaco, a menos que circunstancias especificas justifiquen la exención.


Strategies, Programs and Projects 2008 of the Astrophysical Group "SPACE-Universidad Nacional Mayor De San Marcos, Peru" - Preparing for the IYA2009  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present a review of our efforts to introduce astronomy as scientific career in Peru, showing how our astronomy outreach programs have been one of the most important keys to reach our national astronomical scientific goals, remarking the crucial role that the celebration of the IYA2009 must play, in order to promote PhD programmes in astronomy in developing countries. We show the importance of the creation of the Seminario Permanente de Astronomía y Ciencias Espaciales (SPACE) in the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, as an academic scientific and cultural center in Peru, to support our 26 years-old "Astronomical Fridays” which are addressed to wide range of public, from schoolchildren to scientists. We also show how important was to rediscover our ancient astronomical cultural past of Incas in order to promote the construction of a Astronomical Center located near Cusco city over 4000 meters above sea level, which includes a tourist-educational observatory, a scientific optical observatory and a solar radio observatory.

Vera, Victor; Aguilar, M.; Huisacayna, J.



Vigilando la Calidad del Agua de los Grandes Rios de la Nacion: El Programa NASQAN del Rio Grande (Rio Bravo del Norte)  

USGS Publications Warehouse

La Oficina del Estudio Geologico de los Estados Unidos (U.S. Geological Survey, 0 USGS) ha monitoreado la calidad del agua de la cuenca del Rio Grande (Rio Bravo del Norte) desde 1995 como parte de la rediseiiada Red Nacional para Contabilizar la Calidad del Agua de los Rios (National Stream Quality Accounting Network, o NASOAN) (Hooper and others, 1997). EI programa NASOAN fue diseiiado para caracterizar las concentraciones y el transporte de sedimento y constituyentes quimicos seleccionados, encontrados en los grandes rios de los Estados Unidos - incluyendo el Misisipi, el Colorado y el Columbia, ademas del Rio Grande. En estas cuatro cuencas, el USGS opera actualmente (1998) una red de 40 puntos de muestreo pertenecientes a NASOAN, con un enfasis en cuantificar el flujo en masa (la cantidad de material que pasa por la estacion, expresado en toneladas por dial para cada constituyente. Aplicacando un enfoque consistente, basado en la cuantificacion de flujos en la cuenca del Rio Grande, el programa NASOAN esta generando la informacion necesaria para identificar fuentes regionales de diversos contaminantes, incluyendo sustancias qui micas agricolas y trazas elementos en la cuenca. EI efecto de las grandes reservas en el Rio Grande se puede observar segun los flujos de constituyentes discurren a 10 largo del rio. EI analisis de los flujos de constituyentes a escala de la cuenca proveera los medios para evaluar la influencia de la actividad humana sobre las condiciones de calidad del agua del Rio Grande.

Lurry, Dee L.; Reutter, David C.; Wells, Frank C.; translated by Rivera, M.C.; Munoz, A.



The development of the Heliometer of the Observatorio Nacional of Rio de Janeiro and application to the study of the Sun-Earth system  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This work presents the development and construction of the Heliometer of the Observatório Nacional/MCTI. This instrument is designed to monitor changes on the solar diameter with the accuracy of the next-generation solar satellites. A review of the heliometric method is made and the building and testing of 4 prototypes is described. The instrument has a mirror objective split in dihedral, formed by the hemi-sections of a parabolic mirror. The materials that form the instrument have thermal and mechanical stability to 10^(-7). The number of optical parts is minimized and their quality is greater than {?}/12. An original software for the automated collection and analysis of the images was developed. With its latest version fully developed, we conducted an observational campaign of 9 days, deriving more than 70000 heliometric images of the Sun. The measured solar diameter has a standard deviation of 0.5 arcseconds, with no instrumental bias, and limited only by the provisional atmospheric modeling. Therefore, by improving the statistics, an accuracy at milliarcseconds can be achieved. A study of the correlation between the solar diameter and the geomagnetic field intensity was made. A correspondence between the peaks of the series related to solar activity, namely, the semidiameter variation, the flares index, and the sunspots counts, and the number of negative peaks on the intensity of the geomagnetic field is found. It must be cautioned though that it is a complex correspondence, requiring different modes of response and phase dependence on the stage of the cycle of solar activity. The straightforward interpretation of observational evidence indicates that the semidiameter of the Sun seems to vary significantly prior to the corresponding variations of the geomagnetic field. The effect is most evident in the downward phase of the solar cycle.

Reis Neto, Eugênio



First steps of vulagarization of science in the late ninetheen century: The Yearbook of the Observatorio Astronomico Nacional de Chapultepec, Mexico during the period of Mr. Angel Anguiano (1878-1889)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Since the founding of the Observatorio Astronomico Nacional de Chapultepec in 1878 during the presidential term of General Porfirio Diaz, begins the publication of the Yearbook of the Observatorio Astronomico Nacional de Chapultepec (from now on OAN) in a period when the positivist paradigm based on will boost science as a means of national progress. Here we describe the actions taken by the observatory's director and editor of the publication, the engineer Angel Anguiano, to initiate and successfully carry out the exchange of scientific publications and / or dissemination through the exchange of the Yearbook of the OAN, both nationally and internationally. The importance of conferences to which he attended started the sharing printed information relating to subjects such as astronomy, meteorology, cartography and geography. The Yearbook was intended to publish two or three months before the beginning of each year and according to the editor would serve to popularize science, making its contents available to anyone with basic knowledge of geometry or for amateur astronomers. I find that the yearbook was the publication that was released to the observatory in the country and abroad, but was sent to distant places where no one speaks or reads Spanish. I think that the content of articles published in, did not respond and objective and informative to the public as mentioned by, because at the late 1800s, 90% of the inhabitants of the Mexican Republic were illiterate and lived in rural areas. The access to the Bulletin was the Mexican intellectual elite grouped into societies, astronomical or meteorological observatories and another wealthy person individually. The same happened abroad. The collection of data from reports to the Secretaria de Fomento, that was the government agency that funds money destined to different scientific institutions founded during this period were published in the Yearbook, the oficios that sent the OAN over a hundred sites in the world responding to the exchange of scientific publications of the mentioned areas through the Library. These documents are available on the Fund of National Astronomical Observatory Historical Archive of the UNAM. The importance of this publication is reflected in the fact that it has continued publishing without interruption since 1881 and gave rise to the Bulletin of the OAN which later became the Boletin del Observatorio Astronomico Nacional de Tacubaya in and finally to the Boletin del Observatorio Astronomico Nacional de Tonantzintla y Tacubaya.

Zueck, S. L.



A New Genus and Species of Lachnophorini and Two New Species of Lebiini from Costa Rica (Coleoptera: Carabidae)  

Microsoft Academic Search

A new genus and new species of Lachnophorini and 2 new species of Lebiini from Costa Rican are described (type localities in parentheses): Quammenis spectabilis, n. gen., n. sp. (type locality: COSTA RICA: Heredia Province, Estacion Magsasay, Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo, 200m, LN264600,531100); Lebia (Chelonodema) inbio, n. sp. (type locality: Guanacaste Province, Estacion Pitilla, 9 km S Santa Cecilia, 700

Terry L. Erwin



The effects of nest environment on calcium mobilization by leatherback turtle embryos ( Dermochelys coriacea) during development  

Microsoft Academic Search

We investigated the effect of sand moisture content and sand temperature on developmental success and the mobilization of calcium during development using laboratory incubated eggs (n=251) collected from leatherbacks nesting at Parque Nacional Marino Las Baulas, Costa Rica. Calcium concentrations of egg components [eggshell, yolk plus albumen (Y+A) and embryo] changed significantly through incubation for both viable and undeveloped eggs.

Joseph J Bilinski; Richard D Reina; James R Spotila; Frank V Paladino



Roles of mesophyll conductance and plant functional diversities in tropical photosynthesis  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Tropical photosynthesis dominates global terrestrial gross primary production (GPP) and will likely play a defining role in determining how global GPP will respond to climate change. Yet, our current understanding of biological, ecological, edaphic and environmental controls on tropical photosynthesis is poor. The overly simplistic schemes that current Earth System Models use to simulate tropical photosynthesis cannot capture the functional diversities associated with high species diversities in the tropics. New approaches that explicitly represent the functional diversities of tropical photosynthesis in Earth System Models are needed in order to realistically model responses of tropical photosynthesis to increased atmospheric CO2 concentrations and associated climate changes. To establish a basis for such approaches, we conducted intensive field measurements of leaf photosynthesis at three forest sites along a strong rainfall gradient in Panama in 2012-2013. The three sites are Parque Natural Metropolitano, Gamboa, and Parque Nacional San Lorenzo. The Parque Natural Metropolitano receives an annual precipitation of less than 1800mm and Parque Nacional San Lorenzo over 3300 mm with Gamboa in between. The three sites differ in species diversity with Parque Nacional San Lorenzo having the highest species diversity and Parque Nacional San Lorenzo the lowest. At the three contrasting sites, we measured A/Ci curves, leaf traits and leaf nutrient (N and P) contents of about 100 species. We determined mesophyll conductance with the LeafWeb approach. From these measurements, we developed practical but realistic parameterizations of functional diversities of tropical plant species at the three sites and implemented these parameterizations in the latest version of the Community Land Model. We found that mesophyll conductance is key to representing functional diversities of tropical forest species. Without it, responses of tropical photosynthesis to increased atmospheric CO2 concentrations may be underestimated. Interactive effects of mesophyll conductance, nutrient limitations, CO2 concentrations and climate change will be discussed in the context of new parameterizations enabled with our intensive measurements in Panama.

Gu, L.



[The Spanish AIDS study group and Spanish national AIDS plan (GESIDA/Secretaría del plan nacional sobre el Sida) recommendations for the treatment of tuberculosis in HIV-infected individuals (Updated January 2013)].  


This consensus document was prepared by an expert panel of the Grupo de Estudio de Sida (GESIDA [Spanish AIDS Study Group]) and the Plan Nacional sobre el Sida (PNS [Spanish National AIDS Plan]). The document updates current guidelines on the treatment of tuberculosis (TB) in HIV-infected individuals contained in the guidelines on the treatment of opportunistic infections published by GESIDA and PNS in 2008. The document aims to facilitate the management and treatment of HIV-infected patients with TB in Spain, and includes specific sections and recommendations on the treatment of drug-sensitive TB, multidrug-resistant TB, and extensively drug-resistant TB, in this population. The consensus guidelines also make recommendations on the treatment of HIV-infected patients with TB in special situations, such as chronic liver disease, pregnancy, kidney failure, and transplantation. Recommendations are made on the timing and initial regimens of antiretroviral therapy in patients with TB, and on immune reconstitution syndrome in HIV-infected patients with TB who are receiving antiretroviral therapy. The document does not cover the diagnosis of TB, diagnosis/treatment of latent TB, or treatment of TB in children. The quality of the evidence was evaluated and the recommendations graded using the approach of the Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation Working Group. PMID:23541879

Rivero, Antonio; Pulido, Federico; Caylá, Joan; Iribarren, José A; Miró, José M; Moreno, Santiago; Pérez-Camacho, Inés



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer

No se puede negar que vivimos en una comunidad global, en la que los eventos de una ciudad o país pueden tener graves consecuencias para los residentes de otra ciudad o país a miles de kilómetros de distancia. Ya sea la pandemia del virus H1N1, los recientes disturbios en Irán o la recesión económica mundial, es evidente que esta interconectividad trae consigo retos importantes. Pero también puede crear oportunidades sin precedentes, en particular aquellas que podrían mejorar sustancialmente la salud pública.


A new species of Atanatolica Mosely 1936 (Trichoptera: Leptoceridae) from Serra Bonita, Bahia, Brazil.  


The Neotropical genus Atanatolica includes 17 species distributed from Costa Rica to Brazil, but only two, A. brasiliana and A. flinti, have been recorded from Brazil, both occurring in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo States. A new species, Atanatolica bonita n. sp., is described and illustrated based on males and females from the Atlantic Forest in Bahia State in northeastern Brazil. The new species can be diagnosed by the following characters: Apicomesal and apicolateral processes of segment X of same length, long and digitate; and second article of each inferior appendage well developed, long, and thumb-shaped. Notes on demographic changes and correlations with seasonal variation and precipitation are also given. PMID:24869867

Costa, Anne M; Calor, Adolfo R



Mayfly diversity in the brazilian tropical headwaters of Serra do Cipó  

Microsoft Academic Search

The objectives of this study were to evaluate spatial and seasonal distribution, assemblage structure and substrate associations of mayfly nymphs in five lotic ecosystems in the headwaters of the Doce River and São Francisco River watersheds, Brazil. Samples were taken in 24 sampling stations during rainy and dry seasons in 1998. In total, 7,066 organisms were collected, belonging to 27

Michael Goulart; Marcos Callisto



First Results of Beryllium Detection Using the Berylometer in Serra Branca, Cavalcante, Goias.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The berylometer is a portable tool, used to detect beryllium minerals in soil or rocks. It has an antimony 124 source of gamma ray, and it measures the neutron radiation produced by the irradiated mineral. This paper presents the field mapping results usi...

D. Drummond F. J. C. Mello J. H. Goncalves R. J. Silva



Ornithodoros peruvianus Kohls, Clifford & Jones (Ixodoidea: Argasidae) in Chile: a tentative diagnosis.  


Three argasid tick larvae were collected on April 2, 2010, from a common vampire bat, Desmodus rotundus, captured in the Parque Nacional Pan de Azúcar (26°09' S, 70°41' W), Region of Atacama, Chile. The larvae were diagnosed as Ornithodoros, and further comparative analysis showed them to be Ornithodoros peruvianus Kohls, Clifford & Jones or a species close to it. Phylogenetic analysis based on 16S mitochondrial rRNA gene sequences of Ornithodoros species plus four Argas species was carried out to clarify the taxonomic position of the larvae. This is the first finding of ticks parasitizing D. rotundus in Chile. PMID:23950013

Venzal, J; González-Acuña, Daniel; Mangold, A; Guglielmone, A



V Semana Nacional de Conscientização da Epilepsia em Campinas  

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V National Week of Epilepsy Awareness in Campinas Epilepsy is a common neurological condition and 70% can achieve seizure control, however, it is still often to observe myths and beliefs regarding epilepsy in our society. The National Demonstration Project on Epilepsy part of WHO\\/ILAE\\/IBE Global Campaign Against Epilepsy in Brazil brought important changes in our society through a national movement

Paula T. Fernandes; Ana Lúcia A. Noronha; Pablo Gimenez; Ana Carolina Coan; Li Hui Ling



Northeast Project/CNEN (Comissao Nacional de Energia Nuclear).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The subprojects from the Northeast/CNEN project, that aims to disseminate the benefits of nuclear energy are described. Those subprojects are the following: food conservation, energy, health, hydric resources, mineral and agriculture, all of them have as ...

R. N. Alves G. F. Ribeiro J. O. V. Lima G. H. Dornelles J. J. Laborne



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 02-02-2010

En un estudio clínico en fase inicial que probó una vacuna terapéutica en pacientes con leucemia mieloide crónica (LMC) que tomaban el fármaco imatinib (Gleevec), no se pudieron detectar células cancerosas en 7 de los 19 participantes por un tiempo promedio de 22 meses. Los resultados del estudio fueron publicados en el número del 1º de enero de la revista Clinical Cancer Research.


Lengua nacional: Fichas de trabajo 4 (National Language: Workbook 4).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This consumable, graded workbook can be used for exercises, tests, and individualized learning. Each level contains 30 units divided into four groups of exercises: reading analysis, grammar, composition, and spelling. Ten general tests are also included. For the accompanying reader, see FL 004 050. (Author/SK)

Peniche Leger, Maria Elena, Ed.


Lengua nacional: Fichas de trabajo 6 (National Language: Workbook 6).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This consumable, graded workbook can be used for exercises, tests, and individualized learning. Each level contains 30 units divided into four groups of exercises: reading analysis, grammar, composition, and spelling. Ten general tests are also included. For the accompanying reader, see FL 004 052. (Author/SK)

Peniche Leger, Maria Elena, Ed.


Lengua nacional: Fichas de trabajo 3 (National Language: Workbook 3).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This consumable, graded workbook can be used for exercises, tests, and individualized learning. Each level contains 30 units divided into four groups of exercises: reading analysis, grammar, composition, and spelling. Ten general tests are also included. For the accompanying reader, see FL 004 049. (Author/SK)

Peniche Leger, Maria Elena, Ed.


Lengua nacional: Fichas de trabajo 5 (National Language: Workbook 5).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This consumable, graded workbook can be used for exercises, tests, and individualized learning. Each level contains 30 units divided into four groups of exercises: reading analysis, grammar, composition, and spelling. Ten general tests are also included. For the accompanying reader, see FL 004 051. (Author/SK)

Peniche Leger, Maria Elena, Ed.


Lengua Nacional: Fichas de trabajo 2 (National Language: Workbook 2).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This consumable, graded workbook can be used for exercises, tests, and individualized learning. Each level contains 30 units divided into four groups of exercises: reading analysis, grammar, composition, and spelling. Ten general tests are also included. For the accompanying reader, see FL 004 048. (Author/SK)

Peniche Leger, Maria Elena, Ed.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 01-05-2010

Al caminar por los pasillos del nuevo centro oncológico integral en la sede de Ciencias Médicas de la Universidad de Puerto Rico (UPR) en San Juan, uno debe mantener los ojos abiertos. La mujer que pasa caminando vigorosamente podría ser la doctora Marcia Roxana Cruz-Correa, y no debe uno perderse la oportunidad de conocerla.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 04-27-2010

Cada vez es más evidente que los esfuerzos mundiales de salud de mayor éxito dependen no solo del aporte de las mentes más brillantes, sino de la colaboración entre ellas para marcar la diferencia en el escenario global. Este enfoque es el motor impulsor detrás de una asociación excepcional con el NCI, financiada en parte por Susan G.


MEDLINEplus Informacion de Salud de la Biblioteca Nacional de Medicina  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

MEDLINEplus, the National Library of Medicine's free health Web site is now available in Spanish. Spanish-speaking Americans can now access real-time health information from the National Institutes of Health and other credible medical agencies. Current features include interactive health tutorials covering medical procedures, surgeries, and disease, a full-color medical encyclopedia, and more. Additionally, each page of this Web site contains a link to its corresponding English-language page, and vice versa, which non-Spanish-speaking doctors and other medical professionals could use to facilitate communication with their patients. Some of the features currently available at the English-language site are not yet available in Spanish.



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 05-25-2010

Aproximadamente 41.000 participantes en un estudio en el Reino Unido se sometieron una sola vez a una examen de detección en la parte inferior del colon mediante el uso de un sigmoidoscopio, un instrumento delgado en forma de tubo que se inserta a través del recto para buscar lesiones precancerosas o cancerosas. Este dispositivo también tiene una herramienta para extraer pólipos potencialmente precancerosos.


Analysis of forensic samples in Banco Nacional de Datos Genéticos  

Microsoft Academic Search

Analysis of forensic samples to evaluate the rate of success for molecular markers: autosomal STRs, Y chromosome, and mitochondrial DNA. Since 2006 to date a total of 390 forensic samples were analyzed: bones, teeth, hairs, swabs, stains and paraffin embedded tissue. Bones and teeth, were pulverized in a Freezer Mill, extracted by chloroform\\/phenol\\/isoamyl alcohol method, and then purified with Centricon

O. Santapa; S. Filippini; S. Valente; M. B. Rodriguez Cardozo



Identificação dos vegetais destinados a ornamentação de praças, parques e creches em Campina Grande, PB  

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RESUMO O Horto Florestal Lauro Pires Xavier, situado às margens do açude de Bodocongó, em Campina Grande-PB é uma importante unidade mantida pela prefeitura no sentido de preservação e conservação de espécies. Através do viveiro, o município tem condição de aumentar as áreas verdes, proporcionando lazer e bem estar à população. Esse trabalho tem como tema à identificação dos vegetais

Mário Luiz Farias Cavalcanti; Ivan Coelho Dantas; Giselle Medeiros da Costa Silva; Luciana de Luna Costa; Maria José Benício Barros; Ronny Soffiantini Lira



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This paper introduces a methodology to calculate the efficiency of a water meter population. Its importance is based on the fact that one single number incorporates\\/translates the efficiency of a water meter population. This \\




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ABSTRACT: Biganzoli, F. & Múlgura de Romero, M. E. 2004. Checklist of vascular plants of Teyú Cuaré Provincial Park and surrounding areas (Misiones, Argentina). Darwiniana 42(1-4): 1-24. The Teyú Cuaré Provincial Park is located in the department of San Ignacio, Misiones, Argentina





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2 ) is a Brasiliano aged intrusion (single zircon Pb-Pb age of 739 ± 2 Ma), located in the South area of an alignment of alkaline rocks that constitute the Alkaline Province of South Bahia. These rocks are predominantly hypersolvus syenites with biotite, hornblende an d occasionally quartz, which gradually evolve into blue quartz-alkaline granites in the core. The massif



Pollination ecology of Ruellia angustiflora (Ness) Lindau ex Rambo (Acanthaceae) in the Serra da Bodoquena, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil  

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In Brazil, studies focusing on reproductive biology and aspects of pollination in the genus Ruellia have demonstrated common characteristics such as pollination by hummingbird, the predominance of self-fertility and spontaneous self-pollination. The objectives of this study were to describe the floral biology, nectar production, the reproductive system, the effect of pollination intensity and flowering phenology of Ruellia angustiflora, as well

Rogério Rodrigues Faria; Andréa Cardoso Araujo



Analysis of marble statues from the San Bruno Church (Serra San Bruno, Southern Italy): provenance and degradation  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This paper illustrates the results of a multidisciplinary study on two white marble statues placed in the San Bruno Church (Calabria—Southern Italy): the `Madonna con Bambino' and `San Bruno' statues. The study, performed by combining different analytical techniques (LA-ICP-MS, CL, SEM-EDS, OM, FT-IR, isotopic ratios of 18O/16O and 13C/12C by mass spectrometry), aims to give information on the provenance of the marble, the kinds and causes of decay forms that affect the surface of the statues, and the materials used during some undated renovation works. As regards the "San Bruno" statue, three past undocumented restoration samples were analysed. Two of these samples were made with a mixture of gypsum and white pigments, while the other one is a mixture of lime mortar and white pigments, with the addition of diatomaceous earth. A comparison of the obtained data with bibliographic studies concerning pigments allowed the formulation of some hypotheses about the renovation works: they were probably carried out after the early 800s. For both statues several analyses were carried out to characterise some yellow-brown patinas present on their bases. Wax and calcium oxalate are the main components of the patinas on the statues: the former attributable to the use of wax candles, the latter, probably due to the alteration of organic matter, which may have been used during previous restoration phases. The Mn content, the maximum grain size (MGS) of calcite crystals and the isotopic analyses ( ? 13C, ? 18O) confirmed that Carrara white marble was used to sculpt the two statues and their bases.

Miriello, D.; Alfano, I.; Miceli, C.; Ruffolo, S. A.; Pingitore, V.; Bloise, A.; Barca, D.; Apollaro, C.; Crisci, G. M.; Oliva, A.; Lezzerini, M.; de Chirico, F.; Mari, N.; Murat, C.



Morphology and anatomy of leaf mine in Richterago riparia Roque (Asteraceae) in the campos rupestres of Serra do Cipó, Brazil.  


The leaf mine in Richterago riparia is caused by a lepidopteran larva (lepidopteronome). The leaves of R. riparia show campdodrome venation; the epidermis is unistratified, with stomata and glandular trichomes in adaxial and abaxial surfaces. The mesophyll is bilateral and the vascular system is collateral. During the formation of the mine, the larva consumes the chlorenchyma of the mesophyll and the smaller vascular bundles (veins of third and fourth orders). Structural alterations in the tissues of the host plant were not observed, except for the formation of a wound meristem and the presence of cells with phenolic substances next to the mine. Three cephalic exuviae of the miner were found in the mesophyll. This lepidopteronome is parenchymatic and the epidermis remains intact, but forms a protective layer for the mining insect. PMID:12185918

Melo De Pinna, G F A; Kraus, J E; de Menezes, N L



Gas a effetto serra: Prima valutazione delle emissioni in Italia. (Estimate of the greenhouse gases emissions in Italy).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The estimate of the anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases and the selection of the relevant emission factors represents a preliminary condition to define policies aiming at curbing these emissions. In the first part of this paper is carried out an a...

D. Gaudioso G. Onufrio



La evaluación de la reducción de amenazas en el Parque Natural de la Zona Volcánica de la Garrotxa (Girona)  

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En aquest article, s’hi presenta la metodologia i els resultats derivats de l’aplicació d’una adaptació del denominat model d’avaluació de la reducció d’amenaces (Threat Reduction Assesment) en el Parc Natural de la Zona Volcànica de la Garrotxa (PNZVG). S’hi pretén valorar l’efectivitat de la gestió a partir del grau de reducció de les amenaces en el PNZVG. L’estudi es va

Fernando Abarquero Zorrilla; Josep Vila Subirós




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The urbanization of the Brazilian metropolinan regions produced complex, unequal and compartmented structures. Slopes and green areas were and are not properly used, resulting in environmental degradation and facilitating environmental hazards. The implementation of conservation policies asks for studies and zoning as a way to support the management and monitoring of such areas. The present study develops a vulnerability map

Heinrich Hasenack; Eliseu Weber; Rejane Valdameri



La experiencia de CNEA (Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica) en prepararse para el sistema nacional de acreditacion de laboratorios. (CNEA's (Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica) experience in the preparation of a national system for laboratory accreditation).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Within the regional markets, as it is the case of MERCOSUR, the laboratories which are suppliers of test and calibration results, are mutually recognized through the National Accreditation Systems. In Argentina there is a project to create a Center for th...

N. H. Piacquadio T. A. Palacios V. A. Casa J. H. Koll



A new species of dactyloid anole (Iguanidae, Polychrotinae, Anolis) from the southeastern slopes of the Andes of Ecuador.  


We describe a new species of Anolis from the southeastern slopes of the Andes of Ecuador, province of Zamora-Chinchipe, Parque Nacional Podocarpus. It belongs to (1) the aequatorialis species-group by being of moderate to large size with narrow toe lamellae, and (2) the eulaemus sub-group by having a typical Anolis digit, in which the distal lamellae of phalanx II distinctly overlap the proximal scales of phalanx I. The new species is most similar morphologically to Anolis fitchi but differs from it mainly by having a dewlap with longitudinal rows of 2-5 granular, minute scales separated by naked skin (longitudinal rows of one or two keeled, large scales separated by naked skin in Anolis fitchi) and a vertically shorter dewlap (longer dewlap in Anolis fitchi). PMID:21594133

Ayala-Varela, Fernando P; Omar, Torres-Carvajal



[Asbestos, danger and invisibility: perception of environmental risks and health of the residents of Bom Jesus da Serra/Bahia state].  


It is important for society as a whole to know how environmentally exposed populations understand and respond to technological chemical risks. This study aimed to analyze the perception of environmental risks and health of the residents of BJS/BA, which is an area especially subjected to environmental exposure to asbestos in Brazil. Mixed questionnaires were used on residents who attend the "Family Health Program" of this city. The subjects of the study were selected according to the following characteristics: specific age groups--one group from 20 to 35 and the other group over 60; sex; length of time and location of dwelling. The intentional sample reached comprised 83 individuals. The results showed that there was general concern about contamination by dust in the air, but general denial of the environmental risks related to asbestos. With respect to health risks, there was lack of visibility by the majority of informants regarding greater risk of getting cancer and pulmonary diseases, mainly for the group of the residents close to the mine and elderly ex-workers. PMID:22267028

Moniz, Marcela de Abreu; de Castro, Hermano Albuquerque; Peres, Frederico



Diseño metodológico de la Encuesta Nacional sobre Violencia contra las Mujeres en México  

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Objective. To describe the methodology, the research de- signs used, the estimation and sample selection, variable definitions, collection instruments, and operative design and analytical procedures for the National Survey Violence Against Women in Mexico. Material and Methods. A com- plex (two-step) cross-sectional study was designed and the qualitative design was carried out using in-depth interviews and participant observation in health

Gustavo Olaiz; Aurora Franco; Oswaldo Palma; Carlos Echarri; Rosario Valdez; Cristina Herrera



Diseño metodológico dela Encuesta Nacional sobre Violencia contra las Mujeres en México  

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Abstract Objective. To describe the methodology, the research de- signs used, the estimation and sample selection, variable definitions, collection instruments, and operative design and analytical procedures ,for the National Survey Violence Against Women,in Mexico. Material and Methods. A com- plex (two-step) cross-sectional study was designed and the qualitative design was carried out using in-depth interviews and participant observation,in health,care units.

Gustavo Olaiz; Aurora Franco; Lic en Tr Soc; Oswaldo Palma; Carlos Echarri; en Demografía; M en Antrop; Cristina Herrera


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 17 de julio de 2012

La salud de los adolescentes y adultos jóvenes supervivientes de cáncer es peor que la salud de las personas que no tienen antecedentes de la enfermedad, y sus conductas son menos saludables, según un estudio. Estos supervivientes fuman más y se ejercitan menos, sufren una mayor cantidad de enfermedades crónicas, son obesos, tienen una salud mental y física precaria y enfrentan más obstáculos financieros para el acceso a la atención médica.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 31 de enero de 2012

Dr. Nils Daulaire Salud mundial a través de la colaboración y el liderazgo Para conmemorar el Día Mundial del Cáncer que tuvo lugar el 4 febrero, el doctor Nils Daulaire, director de la Oficina de Asuntos Internacionales del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos de los Estados Unidos habla sobre las razones por las cuales los Estados Unidos deben participar en iniciativas para mejorar la salud mundial.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 4 de diciembre de 2012

Los pacientes con cáncer avanzado que hablaron con sus médicos sobre su cuidado durante sus últimos días de vida en las etapas más tempranas de la enfermedad, recibieron un cuidado menos agresivo en su último mes de vida. Asimismo, tuvieron una probabilidad menor de usar servicios para enfermos terminales, según indican los resultados de un nuevo estudio.


Mapeamento da cobertura da terra na Floresta Nacional de Tapajós - PA utilizando imagem de coerência polarimétrica  

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The assessment of the polarimetric coherence information with full polarimetric data was studied using the region classification. The pair of HH and VV bands showed the relevant information of the phase difference among every band pairs, so the HH and VV bands were used to generate the polarimetric coherence data (CoPHH-VV). The Advanced Land Observing Satellite (ALOS) complex full polarimetric

Graziela Balda Scofield



Linfadenomegalia superficial (LAS): Correlato clínico patológico en 154 pacientes del Hospital Nacional Cayetano Heredia, Lima, Perú  

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Introducción: la linfadenomegalia superficial (LAS) son hallazgos clínicos frecuentes en la práctica médica que pueden ser las primeras manifestaciones de una enfermedad de trascendencia o de un síndrome clínico específico. Objetivo: realizar un correlato clínico-patológico en pacientes con LAS que acudieron por primera vez a la consulta médica sin un diagnóstico conocido. Materiales y Métodos: estudio prospectivo transversal en el

Fernando Osores Plenge; Raúl Gutiérrez Rodríguez; Oscar Guerra Amaya; Juan Cortez-Escalante; Juan C. Ferrufino Lach; Leandro Huayanay; Isaias Rodríguez; Betty Bustamante; Ciro Maguiña Vargas



Hallazgos histopatológicos en la gastritis nodular. Experiencia en el Hospital Nacional Cayetano Heredia  

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RESUMEN INTRODUCCIÓN: La gastritis nodular (GN) es un hallazgo endoscópico frecuente en adultos. Desde enero de 1994 a abril 1997 hemos observado que de 3600 endoscopías altas 261 pacientes presentaban este hallazgo. Se piensa que la GN es más frecuente en adultos jóvenes y sobretodo en mujeres. Existe bibliografía que afirma que se presenta en niños con más frecuencia y

Samuel Maghidman; Jaime Cok; Alejandro Bussalleu; TRABAJOS ORIGINALES



Ciencia-ficcion Cubana: El proyecto nacional del hombre nuevo socialista  

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The Cuban and Latin American literary canon does not pay much attention to the development of the science fiction genre. However, the study and incorporation of this genre is key to the complete understanding of such canon. This investigation focuses on the relationship between the traditional Cuban literary canon and the ideas brought up by the 1959 revolution on the

Juan Carlos Toledano Redondo



Memoria del Primer Seminario Nacional de Energia (Memoir of the First Seminar on Energy).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This report is a collection of papers presented at a seminar on energy held in Costa Rica. The studies concentrate on the countries of Central America. Conclusions and recommendations are given for solar, wind, and biomass energy. Hydraulic resources in C...



Valve Surgery at the Hospital de Cardiologia Y Neumologia Del Centro Medico Nacional IMSS *  

PubMed Central

From January 1964 until February 1985, we performed 8,370 prosthetic valve procedures; this represents 54.32% of our total surgical load. Approximately 93% of the replacements were for rheumatic valve disease; the rest were for ischemic, myxomatous, degenerative, congenital, and traumatic heart disease. All cases were between New York Heart Association (NYHA) Classes II and IV; almost all patients had heart catheterizations before surgery. During the last 6 years, all patients had echocardiograms before undergoing heart catheterization.

Martinez-Banuet, Rogelio; Maulen-Radovan, Ximena; Ibarra-Perez, Carlos; Diaz-Devis, Cuauhtemoc; Ramirez-Godinez, Fernando; Palacios-Macedo, Xavier



La transferencia de conocimiento y el Plan Nacional de I+D+I  

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The transfer of knowledge is having more and more con- sideration in the definition of R+D+I public policies, that is reflected in the National Program as its main refe- rence. The creation of the new Ministry of Sciencie and Innovation, will help to increase these policies, bringing up new tools for transfer of knowledge that help to miti- gate the

Otilia Mó Romero


The acoustic design of the Centro Nacional de las Artes in Mexico City  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In this paper the acoustic design of the separate buildings housing the school of music, school of drama, and school of dance that opened in 1996 will be described. Spaces that JHA designed included practice rooms, studios, rehearsal rooms, black box, and concert hall. Details of room acoustic treatments, sound isolation measures, and venturi air flow will be illustrated. An overview of the entire project will also include the 500 seat multipurpose theater (with variable absorption systems) and the Alla Magna. Differences between the American and Mexican styles of consulting, importing of materials, installation, and commissioning will also be discussed.

Cooper, Rusell



Physics Department, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Of. 370, Edif. 404, Ciudad Universitaria, Bogotá, Colombia  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The vibrational modes of a C molecule irradiated with ultrafast laser pulses are studied, using a tight binding approach with variable occupations. It is shown that for the same level of electronic excitation, measured through the electronic temperature, each mode suffers a distinct softening. Excited trajectories below and above the damage threshold, are examined. It is shown that the bond breaking processes and the ulterior fragmentation might be described in terms of the activation of softened vibrational modes; and that the changes in frequency can be dramatically larger than those estimated with the isothermal model.

Rios, Carlos; Valencia, Felipe




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The lightweight concrete can be used in the civil engineering for structural aims or filling. The use of this material allows benefits by the reduction of the weight of the structures and, when used in coverings or closures, in the thermal natural conditioning of the environments. This study analyses the potentiality of the use of the expanded clay produced in

R. A. Cremonini



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 11 de septiembre de 2012

Con la ayuda de herramientas genéticas, investigadores han identificado subconjuntos de células que parecen impulsar el crecimiento de tumores en ratones. Estos resultados ofrecen factores adicionales que sustentan la hipótesis de la existencia de células madre del cáncer, es decir, la idea de que algunos tumores contienen células que se autorenuevan y dan origen a todo tipo de células tumorales.


El Museo Nacional de Antropologia de Mexico. (The Mexican National Museum of Anthropology)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Designed as a potential attraction of tourist income and for popular education, the National Museum of Anthropology provides instruction for children and adults, publications, public lectures, library services, and other educational services. (LY)

Lopez, Gilberto



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 8 de noviembre de 2011

Le invitamos a que comparta esta publicación con sus amigos, familiares y colegas y nos ayude a continuar nuestra misión de difundir las investigaciones más recientes sobre la prevención, el tratamiento y la información del cáncer.


Short-period cataclysmic variables at Observatorio Astronomico Nacional IA UNAM.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present results of time-resolved spectroscopy and photometry of faint (∼17-19 mag) Cataclysmic Variable stars with periods around the minimum orbital period (∼80 min). In this work we concentrated to our results of study of CVs systems which have evolved beyond the period minimum (so-called bounce-back systems). Using various instruments attached to 2.1m, 1.5m and 0.84m telescopes of OAN SPM of IA UNAM we explored conditions and structure of accretion disks in those short-period Cataclysmic Variables. We showed that the accretion disk in a system with an extremely low mass ratio (≤0.05) grows in the size reaching 2:1 resonance radius and is relatively cool. The disk in such systems also becomes largely optically thin in the continuum, contributing to the total flux less than the stellar components of the system. In contrast, the viscosity and the temperature in spiral arms formed at the outer edge of the disk are higher and their contribution in continuum plays an increasingly important role. We model such disks and generate light curves which successfully simulate the observed double-humped light curves in the quiescence. Thanks to support of our programs by the Time Allocation Commission of OAN SPM, the perfect astroclimate in the observatory, and the phase-locked method of spectroscopic observations, the significant progress in the study of bounce-back systems using a small size telescope was reached.

Zharikov, S.



Resultados del Estudio Nacional de Colografía de Tomografía Computarizada: preguntas y respuestas

Estudios anteriores encontraron que la colografía de tomografía computarizada, también conocida como colonoscopia virtual, era prometedora como método de examen selectivo de detección de cáncer colorrectal debido a su precisión, seguridad, rentabilidad y aceptabilidad por parte de los pacientes.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 6 de noviembre de 2012

Nuevos resultados de tres estudios clínicos resaltan la evolución de opciones de tratamiento para mujeres con cáncer de mama HER2 positivo. Estos cánceres, los cuales producen demasiada proteína HER2, constituyen una forma maligna de la enfermedad y representan aproximadamente 20 por ciento de todos los casos de cáncer de mama diagnosticados.



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No contexto atual de estreitamento e volatividade do mercado de trabalho, de extremas exigências de qualificações profissionais e do excedente de mão-de-obra pouco escolarizada e qualificada, um dos maiores desafios a serem enfrentados é a inserção dos jovens no mundo do trabalho, já que estes são os mais penalizados com o desemprego e com a precarização do trabalho, que se

Carlos Soares


Primera conferencia a nivel nacional para tratar asuntos genéticos importantes para la población hispana/latina

La reunión cumbre de la Red de Consulta Comunitaria Hispana/Latina en Genética (HLGCCN, por sus siglas en inglés), la primera reunión de este tipo, se llevará a cabo en Washington, D.C., del 22 al 24 de junio de 2003.


Mapeamento DA Vegetacao/USO DA Terra de Areas Indigenas Utilisando-Se Dados TM/LANDSAT (Mapping of Vegetation/Land Use of Indigenous Areas Utilizing TM/LANDSAT Data).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The objective of this work is to provide environmental information about indigenous areas (Ananas Ponta da Serra, Cajueiro, Ouro, Araca, Serra da Moca, Recanto da Saudade). The study area is located in Boa Vista, Bonfim, and Alto Alegre municipalities in ...

P. Hernandezfilho K. Defaria



Relación entre saberes y prácticas culinarios con la conservación de la agrodiversidad. Estudio etnobotánico en el Parque Pereyra Iraola (Buenos Aires, Argentina)  

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The Park Pereyra Iraola, 10,200 hectares located in Buenos Aires Conurbano (peripheral localities to the city of Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina), constitutes the greater green lung of the area more densely populated in the country. At the moment, among the diverse ventures settled in the Park, 1200 of the hectares are devoted to approximately 100 gardens or \\

Elida Turco; Lucía Souilla; Ministerio de Asuntos


[Rediscovery of Melipona subnitida Ducke (Hymenoptera: Apidae) in the "Restinga" in the Nacional Park Lençóis Maranhenses, Barreirinhas, MA, Brazil].  


Approximately 95 years after the original description, a nest of Melipona subnitida Ducke was rediscovered in the state of Maranhão, in a restinga ecosystem of the Barreirinhas municipality, Northeastern Brazil. The voucher specimens are deposited in the collection of the "Laboratório de Estudos sobre Abelhas" of the "Departamento de Biologia UFMA". PMID:18575706

Rêgo, Márcia; Albuquerque, Patrícia




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After pointing out the problems involving the nuddng of historie time series of eco- nomic aggregates, the main estimates of Spanish national income are described, indica- °i>g shortcomings and disparities. Pro£ Prados de la Escosura's work is thorou^ly •\\



Technologia educativa: Lengua nacional 3. Guiones didacticos para el profesor (Educational Technology: National Language 3. Teacher's Guide).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This is the third in a series of six teacher's guides designed to accompany the Senda textbooks (FL 004 047 through 004 052). It contains instructions for presenting the lessons and for handling the individual needs of the pupils. (Author/SK)

Peniche Leger, Maria Elena


Avaliação dos dados MODIS para o estudo da cobertura vegetal da Floresta Nacional do Tapajós no estado do Pará  

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This paper presents an evaluation of Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) images for studying vegetation cover in the Tapajós National Forest region, located in the Pará State, Amazon region. For this, MODIS image at 250 m (pixel resolution) obtained in different season of the year are analyzed to discriminate and characterize forested and converted areas in this study site. MODIS



Análise da composição florística e fitossociológica da floresta nacional do Tapajós com o apoio geográfico de imagens de satélites  

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The objective of this work was to analyze the distribution of the vegetation cover of several portions of the Tapajos National Forest (TNF) in the State of Pará, through phytosociologic and floristic attributes supported by satellite images in primary (PF) and secondary (SF) forest areas. For this it was sampled 35 transects of 10 m ´ 250 m in PF

Evandro Luiz; Mendonça MACHADO


The tissue bank at the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares: ISO 9001:2000 certification of its quality management system  

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Tissue banking is a complex operation concerned with the organisation and coordination of all the steps, that is, from donor\\u000a selection up to storage and distribution of the final products for therapeutic, diagnostic, instruction and research purposes.\\u000a An appropriate quality framework should be established in order to cover all the specific methodology as well as the general\\u000a aspects of quality

María Esther Martínez-Pardo; David Mariano-Magaña



Se lanza Lung-MAP, el primer estudio de medicina de precisión de la Red Nacional de Estudios Clínicos

Hoy se anunció el inicio de un estudio clínico denominado Protocolo Modelo para el Cáncer de Pulmón (Lung-MAP) en lo que constituye un esfuerzo de colaboración excepcional entre organizaciones públicas y privadas. Lung-MAP es un estudio clínico que utiliza varios fármacos, está compuesto por varios grupos de participantes y se basa en los biomarcadores de pacientes con cáncer de pulmón de células escamosas en estadio avanzado.


Helicobacter pylori en niños atendidos en el Hospital Nacional Cayetano Heredia durante los años 2003 al 2006  

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INTRODUCTION: There is a lack of awareness of the prevalence of infection by Helico- bacter pylori (HP) and its histopathological characterization in children in Peru. OBJECTIVES: To report the clinical and histopathological characteristics of infection by HP in children in Cayetano Heredia Public Hospital (HNCH) in Lima, Peru. METHODS: Information was obtained on endoscopies and biopsies done on children between

Ana Muñoz Urribarri; Jaime Cok García; Alejandro Bussalleu Rivera; Aldo Maruy Saito; Félix Takami Angeles



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This paper contains an analysis of the economic effects of human capital onproduction, measured as Gross Value Added per full-time equivalent worker. To thisend, a Cobb-Douglas type production function has been used, with Gross Value Added(GVA) a function of human capital and private and public physical capital. Provincialdata from the 1990s were used. Results obtained applying the panel-data techniqueshow human



Factores asociados con sobrepeso y obesidad en niños mexicanos de edad escolar: resultados de la Encuesta Nacional de Nutrición 1999  

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Objective. The objective of the study was to measure the prevalence of overweight and obesity in Mexican school- age children (5-11 years) in the National Nutrition Survey 1999 (NNS-1999). Material and Methods. Overweight and obesity (defined as an excess of adipose tissue in the body) were evaluated through the Body Mass Index (BMI) in 10 901 children, using the standard

Bernardo Hernández; Lucía Cuevas-Nasu; Teresa Shamah-Levy; Eric A Monterrubio; Claudia Ivonne Ramírez-Silva; Raquel García-Feregrino; Jaime Sepúlveda-Amor


Abuso de Inhalantes. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuse de Drogas. (Inhalant Abuse. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

National surveys indicate that more than 22.9 million Americans have abused inhalants at least once in their lives. NIDA's Monitoring the Future study reveals that approximately 17.3 percent of eighth-graders have abused inhalants. Parents and children ne...



El fracaso de la derecha en México. El comportamiento electoral del Partido Acción Nacional (PAN) y su llegada al poder  

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El ascenso al poder en el año 2000 de la derecha en México, representada por el PAN, fue resultado de una larga lucha contra el partido del antiguo régimen (Partido Revolucionario Institucional, PRI) y enmarcada dentro de los cauces legales (participación en procesos electorales) Una vez que el PAN asume el poder, su desempeño como partido en el Gobierno dejó

Manuel Zúñiga Aguilar



[Consensus report for the clinical care of smoking cessation in Spain. Comité Nacional para la Prevención del Tabaquismo].  


Tobacco use presents an odd confluence of circumstances: it is a significant and high threat to health, and there is a lack of motivation among health workers to act accordingly. Yet we have effective interventions. It is really hard to identify any other determinant of health presenting this mixture of lethality, prevalence, and lack of care, despite having effective treatments readily available. On the other hand, smoking cessation interventions are considered as the gold standard of preventive interventions, far above other preventive measures commonly used. This has prompted the National Committee for Smoking Prevention to develop a consensus document for the Clinical Care of Smoking Cessation in Spain. The purpose of this technical and scientific document is to agree on a basic proposal of quality of care to tackle smokers to quit. This document would serve as a guideline in the clinical practice in our country. The aims of this agreement are to review the effectiveness of the existing therapies for smoking cessation, to synthesize their available evidence, and to set the basic minimum standards of care in the clinical practice of patients who smoke. The consensus sets the strategies, and the evidences that support them, in order to assist both the smokers who want to quit, and the smokers who do not, setting out the steps to intervene in the most adequate. PMID:23246167

Camarelles Guillem, Francisco; Dalmau González-Gallarza, Regina; Clemente Jiménez, Lourdes; Díaz-Maroto Muñoz, José Luis; Lozano Polo, Adelaida; Pinet Ogué, María Cristina



Missouri Botanical Garden-Research: Flora of the Páramo of El Cajas, Azuay, Ecuador  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Available in Spanish and English, the Flora of the Páramo of El Cajas, Azuay, Ecuador is a collaborative creation developed by the ETAPA-Parque Nacional Cajas, Department of Systematic Botany at Aarhus University, and the Missouri Botanical Garden. The project's purpose "was to explore the páramo of Cajas, to take high quality digital photographs, and to produce an illustrated flora of the vascular plants available through the internet." The site contains images and descriptions for 100 representative species with the primary goal of increasing appreciation, knowledge, and protection of these wild and native plants. The species are organized alphabetically by family, and each listing includes the following: photograph, scientific name, family, brief description, and distribution. Site visitors can also link from each listing to the TROPICOS database for additional species and specimen information. The site is designed to be user-friendly for a wide public and includes a glossary for easy interpretation of technical terms. The site also includes the Checklist of the Flora of the Páramo of Cajas, Ecuador.


Seasonal absolute acoustic intensity, atmospheric forcing and currents in a tropical coral reef system  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The seasonal patterns of marine circulation and biovolume were obtained from time-series measurements carried out in the "Parque Nacional Sistema Arrecifal Veracruzano" (PNSAV), located in the western continental shelf of the Gulf of Mexico, from June 2008 to September 2009. Two mechanisms were depicted as the responsible for the current pattern observed in the PNSAV and not only one as suggested in large-scale studies. The first mechanism is the wind generated currents. This mechanism by itself is responsible for up to 78% of total variation of the seasonal circulation in the PNSAV as estimated with the first mode of the EOF's (Empirical Orthogonal Functions), which was correlated (Normalized Lagged Correlation) with the north-south wind component. Therefore, the wind and the first mode were highly correlated for most of the year (r > 0.7). The second mode was attributed to the low frequency current, associated to the meso-scale circulation of the Gulf of Mexico, owing to the cyclonic eddy of the Campeche Bay. Both mechanisms were mostly observed throughout the year. Nevertheless, the cyclonic eddy of the Campeche Bay (meso-scale) was the first responsible for the current fluctuations observed during the summer of 2008 and 2009. The absolute acoustic intensity (plankton biovolumes) was highly correlated to currents, showing high spatial variability, attributed to advection produced by the meso-scale circulation and to river discharges, but also by eddy diffusion produced by atmospheric and coastal water fronts.

de Jesús Salas Pérez, José; Salas-Monreal, David; Monreal-Gómez, María Adela; Riveron-Enzastiga, Mayra Lorena; Llasat, Carme



Temporal occurrence of two morpho butterflies (lepidoptera: nymphalidae): influence of weather and food resources.  


The seasonality of fruit-feeding butterflies is very well known. However, few studies have analyzed the influence of climatic variables and resource availability on the temporal distributions of butterflies. Morpho helenor achillides (C. Felder and R. Felder 1867) and Morpho menelaus coeruleus (Perry 1810) (Nymphalidae) were used as models to investigate the influences of climatic factors and food resources on the temporal distribution of these Morphinae butterflies. These butterflies were collected weekly from January 2005 to December 2006 in the Parque Nacional de Brasília (PNB). In total, 408 individuals were collected, including 274 of M. helenor and 134 of M. menelaus. The relative abundance of the two species was similar in 2005 (n = 220) and 2006 (n = 188). Of the variables considered, only the relative humidity and resource availability measured in terms of phenology of zoochorous fruits of herbaceous plants explained a large proportion of the variation in the abundance of these butterflies. Both of the explanatory variables were positively associated with the total abundance of individuals and with the abundances of M. helenor and M. menelaus considered separately. The phenology of anemochorous fruits was negatively associated with butterfly abundance. The temporal distribution of the butterflies was better predicted by the phenology of the zoochorous fruits of herbaceous plants than by the climatic predictors. PMID:24495483

Freire, Geraldo; Nascimento, André Rangel; Malinov, Ivan Konstantinov; Diniz, Ivone R



An oceanographic context for the foraging ecology of eastern Pacific leatherback turtles: Consequences of ENSO  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We analyzed some of the primary biological and physical dynamics within the eastern Pacific leatherback turtle ( Dermochelys coriacea) migration area in relation to ENSO and leatherback nesting ecology at Parque Nacional Marino Las Baulas (PNMB), Costa Rica. We used data from remote sensing to calculate resource availability via a net primary production (NPP) model, and to analyze the physical dynamics of the migration area via sea surface temperature fronts. Within the migration area, NPP north of 15°S was highly governed by interannual variability as indicated by the Multivariate ENSO Index while south of 15°S, production had a more seasonal signal. Nesting peaks of leatherbacks at PNMB were associated with cool, highly productive La Niña events and with large-scale equatorial phytoplankton blooms encompassing 110°W that were induced by iron enrichment following the termination of El Niño events. Resource availability in the northern migration area (eastern equatorial Pacific) appeared to determine the nesting response for the population at PNMB, Costa Rica. We suggest that ENSO significantly influences the nesting ecology of leatherbacks at PNMB because the majority of the population consists of pelagic foragers that strictly rely on the eastern equatorial Pacific for prey consumption prior to the nesting season. Coastal foragers may be a minority in the population because of high mortality rates associated with coastal gillnet fisheries along Central and South America.

Saba, Vincent S.; Shillinger, George L.; Swithenbank, Alan M.; Block, Barbara A.; Spotila, James R.; Musick, John A.; Paladino, Frank V.



Temporal dynamics of Trichodesmium erythraeum (Cyanophyta) in the National Park "Sistema Arrecifal Veracruzano" in the Gulf of Mexico.  


Trichodesmium erythraeum Ehrenberg ex Gomont is a microalga worldwide distributed in tropical seas. This filamentous microalga was detected in phytoplankton samples collected in the Protected NaturalArea "Parque Nacional SistemaArrecifal Veracruzano", and because of its ecological importance, its temporal dynamics was studied using net samples (30 microm) collected in one year period. Samples were studied with a light microscope recording the presence, morphological characteristics, life form and relative abundance. Trichodesmium erythraeum occurred as single filaments and was rare in April 2007 and March 2008; as single filaments from May to August and December 2007; as single filaments and small aggregates in September 2007 and January 2008; in aggregates of large size (> 3mm) and high relative abundance in October 2007; and was absence in November 2007 and April 2008. Although the relative abundance of the species was not important comparing with other members of phytoplankton, its occurrence was frequent with a bloom at the beginning of the north winds period. The observed temporal dynamics of this microalga in this coral reef region comes up on the alert in the monitoring red tides programs being implemented in Veracruz coast. PMID:22315818

Aké-Castillo, José A



Relicts of a forested past: Southernmost distribution of the hairy frog genus Trichobatrachus Boulenger, 1900 (Anura: Arthroleptidae) in the Serra do Pingano region of Angola with comments on its taxonomic status.  


The monotypic genus Trichobatrachus, with its sole representative, the hairy frog, Trichobatrachus robustus Boulenger, 1900, could be considered one of the most well-known frogs of Africa. Despite its broad recognition and the fact that it is considered wide-spread and locally common (Amiet & Burger 2004), surprisingly little is known about the actual distribution and the specific occurrence patterns of the species. It was originally described by Boulenger (1900) from the Benito River, previously erroneously stated to be located in Gabon. However, Lötters et al. (2001) clarified that the type locality was actually situated in Equatorial Guinea, then part of French Congo, and subsequently provided the first confirmed country record for Gabon. Hairy frogs were previously included in the herpetofaunal lists of Cameroon (Parker 1936; Perret & Mertens 1957), the Democratic Republic of Congo (Laurent 1956), and Nigeria (Schiøtz 1963). More recently published accounts list them for Cameroon (Euskirchen et al. 1999; Herrmann et al. 2005; Gonwouo & Rödel 2008), Equatorial Guinea (De la Riva 1994; Lasso et al. 2002), Gabon (Lötters et al. 2001; Rödel & Pauwels 2003; Burger et al. 2004; Pauwels & Rödel 2007; Bell et al. 2011), and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC, Fretey et al. 2011), and speculate about their potential occurrence in Congo and the Cabinda enclave of Angola (Amiet & Burger 2004). The DRC record so far represented the most southerly distribution, while the most northerly account comes from the Adamaoua Province of northern Cameroon (Tadpole voucher MHNG-AMP/ERPI-1035.006 from Bénoué source, Northern cliff Ngaoundéré, Adamaoua, Cameroon/Adamaoua Province, cf. Perret 1966). Specimens stored in the collection at the Royal Museum of Central Africa, Tervuren (RMCA) under collection numbers RMCA B 90060.0004-11 confirm the occurrence of the species in Congo. To our knowledge, these specimens represent yet unpublished first country records. PMID:24871726

Ernst, Raffael; Nienguesso, Alvaro Bruno Toto; Lautenschläger, Thea; Barej, Michael F; Scmitz, Andreas; Hölting, Monique



Avaliação da neotectônica no município de Angra dos Reis, setor sul-fluminense da Serra do Mar, com base em mapas morfométricos gerados em Sistemas de Informações Geográficas (SIG)  

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Morphotectonic maps applied in neotectonics analysis was first used in 60´s and, since then, methods of evaluation of morphometric parameters have been constantly improved with the development of new techniques. In this study, the influence of the Cenozoic tectonics on the landscape dynamics is evaluated in Angra dos Reis city, based on the analysis of the correlation between morphometric (base

Elizete Domingues Salvador; Jorge Pimentel



Characterization of a Bacillus thuringiensis strain collection isolated from diverse Costa Rican natural ecosystems.  


Costa Rican natural ecosystems are among the most diverse in the world. For this reason, we isolated strains of the entomopathogenic bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) to determine their diversity, distribution and abundance. A total of 146 Bt strains were obtained from environmental samples collected from diverse natural ecosystems and life zones of Costa Rica. We recovered Bt strains from 71%, 63%, 61% and 54% of soil samples, fresh leaves, other substrates and leaf litter respectively. Bt was isolated in 65% of the samples collected in the humid tropical forest in national parks (Braulio Carrillo, Gandoca Manzanillo, Sierpe, Hitoy Cerere, and Cahuita), and in 59% of the samples collected in the dry tropical forest (Parque Nacional Marino las Baulas, Palo Verde and Santa Rosa). In the very humid tropical forest (Tortuguero) Bt was isolated in 75% of the samples and in the very humid tropical forest transition perhumid (Carara) it was found in 69% of the samples. The strains exhibit a diverse number, size and morphology of parasporal inclusion bodies: irregular (47%), oval (20%), bipyramidal (3%), bipyramidal and cubic (1%), bipyramidal, oval and irregular (5%) and bipyramidal, oval and cubic crystals (2%). Strains isolated from Braulio Carrillo, Tortuguero and Cahuita, presented predominantly irregular crystals. On the other hand, more than 60% of the isolates from Térraba-Sierpe and Hitoy-Cerere had medium oval crystals. Strains from Gandoca-Manzanillo, Palo Verde and Carara presented mainly combinations of oval and irregular crystals. Nevertheless, the greatest diversity in crystal morphology was observed in those from Santa Rosa, Llanos del Rio Medio Queso and Parque Marino las Baulas. Protein analyses of the crystal-spore preparations showed delta-endotoxin with diverse electrophoretic patterns, with molecular weights in the range of 20 to 160 kDa. Fifty six percent of the strains amplified with the cry2 primer, 54% with vip3, 20% with cry1, 9% with cry3-cry7 and 8% with cry8. The cry11 and cyt genes were found in 8% and 7% of the strains, respectively. When analyzed with specific primers for the cryl subfamily, 13 different genetic profiles were obtained. In addition, twenty-four strains did not amplify with any of the primers used, suggesting they contain novel cry genes. The diversity of Bt genes found in this collection indicates it could have great potential for the control of different species of insect pests. The toxicological characterization of the strains by bioassays against important insect pests will provide useful information about their potential use for the formulation of biological insecticides and their respective cry and vip genes for the transformation of crops to confer resistance to insects. PMID:18457170

Arrieta, Glen; Espinoza, Ana M



Ticks on captive and free-living wild animals in northeastern Brazil  

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From 2005 to 2009, 147 ticks found on 32 wild animals from or referred to two zoobotanical parks (Parque Zoobotânico Arruda\\u000a Câmara and Parque Estadual Dois Irmãos) located in northeastern Brazil were identified. Ticks found on two veterinarians working\\u000a in one of the parks (i.e., Parque Estadual Dois Irmãos), after return from forested areas within the park’s territory, were\\u000a also

Filipe Dantas-Torres; Débora R. A. Ferreira; Louise M. de Melo; Polly-Ana C. P. Lima; Daniel B. Siqueira; Luciana C. Rameh-de-Albuquerque; Adriana V. de Melo; Janaina A. C. Ramos



A área de proteção ambiental 'Fazenda e Parque do Carmo': os problemas ambientais, as dificuldades de gestão e a influência na qualidade de vida da população The environmental protection area \\  

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RESUMO: A falta de planejamento urbano da Cidade de São Paulo contribuiu para a eliminação da maior parte da cobertura vegetal, dada à ocupação irregular, inclusive de áreas legalmente protegidas. Essas áreas verdes são reguladoras do equilíbrio ambiental e assim, interferem diretamente na qualidade de vida da população. Através de levantamento bibliográfico e documental e entrevista com o Conselho Consultivo

Mirtes Moreira Silva; José Luís Negrão Mucci; Maria Cecília Focesi Pelicioni


Study of Evolution of Vegetal Cover and Slide Scars in the Cubatao Municipality, Sao Paulo.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Atmospheric pollution liberated by the industrial complex of Cubatao acting on the vegetation of the Mogi River valley, in the Serra do Mar, promotes a reduction in the number of higher stratum plants and the decreasing of biomass exposing the Serra do Ma...

C. F. Braganca E. C. Kono L. S. Junqueiraaguiar R. Perezdossantos



Geologia, petrografia e idade do Batólito de Catolé do Rocha (RN-PB), porção W do Domínio Rio Grande do Norte da Província Borborema  

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The Catolé do Rocha Batholith (BCR), located in the western portion of the Rio Grande do Norte Domain (the Borborema Province), crops out at the adjacencies of the Catolé of Rocha (PB) and Alexandria (RN) cities, possessing as satellites bodies of Brejo do Cruz (PB), Serra do Moleque (PB) and Serra da Boa Vista (RN). These on were affected by

Vladimir Cruz de Medeiros; Marcos Antonio; Leite do Nascimento; Almir Gomes Freire


Relevant principal component analysis applied to the characterisation of Portuguese heather honey  

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The main purpose of this study was the characterisation of ‘Serra da Lousã’ heather honey by using novel statistical methodology, relevant principal component analysis, in order to assess the correlations between production year, locality and composition. Herein, we also report its chemical composition in terms of sugars, glycerol and ethanol, and physicochemical parameters. Sugars profiles from ‘Serra da Lousã’ heather

Rui C. Martins; Victor V. Lopes; Patrícia Valentão; João C. M. F. Carvalho; Paulo Isabel; Maria T. Amaral; Maria T. Batista; Paula B. Andrade; Branca M. Silva



A revision of the shore-fly genus Hydrochasma Hendel (Diptera, Ephydridae)  

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Abstract A revision of the shore-fly genus Hydrochasma Hendel. The species of the genus Hydrochasma Hendel are revised, including 27 new species (type locality in parenthesis): H. andeum (Ecuador. Guayas: Boliche (02°07.7'S, 79°35.5'W)), H. annae (United States. Utah. Grand: Swasey Beach (15.3 km N Green River; 39°07'N, 110°06.6'W; Green River; 1255 m)), H. capsum (Ecuador. Orellana: RíoTiputini (0°38.2'S, 76°8.9'W)), H. castilloi (Ecuador. Loja: Catamayo (03°59'S, 79°21'W)), H. crenulum (Peru. Cuzco: Paucartambo, Atalaya (Río Alto Madre de Dios; 12°53.3'S, 71°21.6'W; 600 m)), H. denticum (Ecuador. Orellana: Río Tiputini (0°38.2'S, 76°8.9'W)), H. digitatum (Peru. Madre de Dios: Diamante (Río Alto Madre de Dios; 12°19.9'S, 70°57.5'W; 400 m)), H. distinctum (Costa Rica. Limón: Parque Nacional Barbilla, Sector Casas Negras, (10°0.8'N, 83°28.1'W; 300 m)), H. dolabrutum (Dominican Republic. Barahona: Barahona (18°12'N, 71°5.3'W)), H. edmistoni (Dominican Republic. Azua: near Pueblo Viejo (18°24.8'N, 70°44.7'W)), H. falcatum (Peru. Madre de Dios: Río Manu, Erika (near Salvación; 12°50.7'S, 71°23.3'W; 550 m)), H. glochium (Dominican Republic. Peravia: San José Ocoa (10 km NE; 18°35'N, 70°25.6'W)), H. kaieteur (Guyana. Kaieteur Falls (05°10.5'N, 59°26.9'W)), H. lineatum (Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad. St. George: Filette (1 km SE; 10°47'N, 61°21'W)), H. miguelito (Honduras. Cortés: San Pedro Sula (8 km S; 15°25.7'N, 88°01.4'W)), H. octogonum (Ecuador. Manabí: Pichincha (01°02.7'S, 79°49.2'W)), H. parallelum (Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad. St. Andrew: Lower Manzanilla (16 km S; 10°22'N, 61°01'W)), H. peniculum (Dominican Republic. Pedernales: Pedernales (18°01.8'N, 71°44.7'W)), H. rictum (Honduras. Cortés: San Pedro Sula (8 km S; 15°25.7'N, 88°01.4'W)), H. robustum (Brazil. São Paulo. Ubatuba, Praia Puruba (23°21'S, 44°55.6'W; beach)), H. sagittarium (Trinidad and Tobago. Tobago: St. John: Parlatuvier (creek; 11°17.9'N, 60°35'W)), H. simplicum (Costa Rica. Limón: Parque Nacional Barbilla, Sector Casas Negras, (10°01.2'N, 83°26.2'W; 300 m)), H. sinuatum (Belize. Stann Creek: Mullins Creek (17 km N Dangriga; 17°06.2'N, 88°17.8'W)), H. spinosum (Costa Rica. Limón: Westfalia (4 km S; 09°54.5'N, 82°59'W; beach)), H. urnulum (Dominican Republic. Puerto Plata: Río Camu (14 km E Puerto Plata; 19°41.9'N, 70°37.5'W)), H. viridum (Guyana. Karanambo, Rupununi River (ox bow; 03°45.1'N, 59°18.6'W)), H. williamsae (Belize. Stann Creek: Mullins River (17 km N Dangriga; 17°06.2'N, 88°17.8'W)). All known species are described with an emphasis on structures of the male terminalia, which are fully illustrated. Detailed locality data and distribution maps for all species are provided. A lectotype is designated for Discocerina incisum Coquillett and Hydrochasma zernyi Hendel. For perspective and to facilitate genus-group and species-group recognition, the tribe Discocerinini is diagnosed and a key to included genera in the New World is provided.

Mathis, Wayne N.; Zatwarnicki, Tadeusz



A revision of the shore-fly genus Hydrochasma Hendel (Diptera, Ephydridae).  


A revision of the shore-fly genus Hydrochasma Hendel. The species of the genus Hydrochasma Hendel are revised, including 27 new species (type locality in parenthesis): H. andeum (Ecuador. Guayas: Boliche (02°07.7'S, 79°35.5'W)), H. annae (United States. Utah. Grand: Swasey Beach (15.3 km N Green River; 39°07'N, 110°06.6'W; Green River; 1255 m)), H. capsum (Ecuador. Orellana: RíoTiputini (0°38.2'S, 76°8.9'W)), H. castilloi (Ecuador. Loja: Catamayo (03°59'S, 79°21'W)), H. crenulum (Peru. Cuzco: Paucartambo, Atalaya (Río Alto Madre de Dios; 12°53.3'S, 71°21.6'W; 600 m)), H. denticum (Ecuador. Orellana: Río Tiputini (0°38.2'S, 76°8.9'W)), H. digitatum (Peru. Madre de Dios: Diamante (Río Alto Madre de Dios; 12°19.9'S, 70°57.5'W; 400 m)), H. distinctum (Costa Rica. Limón: Parque Nacional Barbilla, Sector Casas Negras, (10°0.8'N, 83°28.1'W; 300 m)), H. dolabrutum (Dominican Republic. Barahona: Barahona (18°12'N, 71°5.3'W)), H. edmistoni (Dominican Republic. Azua: near Pueblo Viejo (18°24.8'N, 70°44.7'W)), H. falcatum (Peru. Madre de Dios: Río Manu, Erika (near Salvación; 12°50.7'S, 71°23.3'W; 550 m)), H. glochium (Dominican Republic. Peravia: San José Ocoa (10 km NE; 18°35'N, 70°25.6'W)), H. kaieteur (Guyana. Kaieteur Falls (05°10.5'N, 59°26.9'W)), H. lineatum (Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad. St. George: Filette (1 km SE; 10°47'N, 61°21'W)), H. miguelito (Honduras. Cortés: San Pedro Sula (8 km S; 15°25.7'N, 88°01.4'W)), H. octogonum (Ecuador. Manabí: Pichincha (01°02.7'S, 79°49.2'W)), H. parallelum (Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad. St. Andrew: Lower Manzanilla (16 km S; 10°22'N, 61°01'W)), H. peniculum (Dominican Republic. Pedernales: Pedernales (18°01.8'N, 71°44.7'W)), H. rictum (Honduras. Cortés: San Pedro Sula (8 km S; 15°25.7'N, 88°01.4'W)), H. robustum (Brazil. São Paulo. Ubatuba, Praia Puruba (23°21'S, 44°55.6'W; beach)), H. sagittarium (Trinidad and Tobago. Tobago: St. John: Parlatuvier (creek; 11°17.9'N, 60°35'W)), H. simplicum (Costa Rica. Limón: Parque Nacional Barbilla, Sector Casas Negras, (10°01.2'N, 83°26.2'W; 300 m)), H. sinuatum (Belize. Stann Creek: Mullins Creek (17 km N Dangriga; 17°06.2'N, 88°17.8'W)), H. spinosum (Costa Rica. Limón: Westfalia (4 km S; 09°54.5'N, 82°59'W; beach)), H. urnulum (Dominican Republic. Puerto Plata: Río Camu (14 km E Puerto Plata; 19°41.9'N, 70°37.5'W)), H. viridum (Guyana. Karanambo, Rupununi River (ox bow; 03°45.1'N, 59°18.6'W)), H. williamsae (Belize. Stann Creek: Mullins River (17 km N Dangriga; 17°06.2'N, 88°17.8'W)). All known species are described with an emphasis on structures of the male terminalia, which are fully illustrated. Detailed locality data and distribution maps for all species are provided. A lectotype is designated for Discocerina incisum Coquillett and Hydrochasma zernyi Hendel. For perspective and to facilitate genus-group and species-group recognition, the tribe Discocerinini is diagnosed and a key to included genera in the New World is provided. PMID:24363601

Mathis, Wayne N; Zatwarnicki, Tadeusz



High Performance School Buildings in Portugal: A Life Cycle Perspective  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In 2007 the Portuguese government launched a major school modernisation programme, and has taken steps to ensure the long-term sustainability of facilities. A specially created state-owned company, Parque Escolar (PE) has already completed 104 schools; 70 are work-in-progress and an additional 39 are under design or tender. Parque Escolar is…

Jorge, Graca Fonseca; da Costa, Marta Marques



Nicotiana glauca invertase: characterization and effects of endogenous alkaloids fn2 fn2 Career researchers of the Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (conicet), Argentina  

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An acid-soluble invertase from Nicotiana glauca has been studied for the first time. The plant was selected because it is known that the genus Nicotiana has vacuolar alkaloids; the same localization of the acid-soluble invertases in higher plants. The enzyme was partially purified and the optimum pH, Km, Mr, activation energy, fructose effect, activation by protein, sugar specificity, lectin activation

Hebe P Rojo; Emma N Quiroga; Marta A Vattuone; Antonio R Sampietro



Lengua nacional: Fichas de trabajo 1. Metodo de lectura y escritura (National Language: Workbook 1. A Method of Reading and Writing).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This consumable, graded workbook can be used for exercises, tests, and individualized learning. Each level contains 30 units divided into four groups of exercises: reading analysis, grammar, composition, and spelling. Ten general tests are also included. For the accompanying reader, see FL 004 047. (Author/SK)

Peniche Leger, Maria Elena, Ed.


ARTIGO ARTICLE Bases para uma política nacional de ciência, tecnologia e inovação em saúde The basis for a Brazilian national policy in science, technology, and innovation in health  

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This paper discusses the basis for a Brazilian National Policy in Science, Technology, and Innovation in Health (PNCTI\\/S) as the structural element for a Brazilian health research effort. At least since the National Research Coun- cil (CNPq) was founded in 1951, this huge effort, including a set of nearly 18,000 researchers in 4,900 research groups, has not been backed by

Reinaldo Guimarães



Cambios del EEG por habituación y condicionamiento en niños de tres a 15 años que acuden al Instituto Nacional de Rehabilitación (INR)  

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SUMMARY During waking, stimuli activate the sensory pathways giving rise to sensation and the response to such stimulation. The electrobiochemical changes and modifications in EEG rhythms event- related synchronization or event-related desynchronization, ERD or ERS) propagated in the specific and unspecific cortex are added to the changes elicited by the responses and to the new signals originated by those same

Héctor Brust-Carmona; Francisco Ramírez-Aboytes; José Martínez; Ángel Rodríguez Miguel; Blanca Flores-Ávalos; Oscar Yáñez-Suárez



Efeitos da Exploração Madeireira de Baixo Impacto sobre uma Comunidade de Aves de Sub-bosque na Floresta Nacional do Tapajós, Pará, Brasil  

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RESUMO Este estudo compara a resposta de uma comunidade aves à exploração madeireira de baixo impacto através da distribuição das espécies em floresta controle e manejada ao longo de cinco anos com amostragem pré e pós-exploração. O procedimento de ordenação mostrou que a similaridade da comunidade de aves após a exploração madeireira foi menor que a similaridade entre as amostras

Luiza Magalli; Pinto HENRIQUES; Joseph M. WUNdERLE; C. OREN; Michael R. WILLIG


La Adopción de las estampas jaliscienses en el imaginario nacional mexicano mediante la educación = The adoption of the Jalisco symbols in the mexican national imaginary through the education  

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Des de finals del segle XIX, l'Estat mexicà, que tenia urgència per construir la unitat\\u000anacional, va promoure els símbols que servissin per crear aquesta cohesió. Per això,\\u000aes va valer de les estampes i símbols emblemàtics de la identitat de la nació: el charro,\\u000ael mariachi i el tequila, elements populars entorn dels quals es va anar construint un

Angélica Peregrina



Anais do 14. encontro nacional de fisica de particulas e campos. (Proceedings of the 14. national meeting on particle physics and fields).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This publication contains the papers presented during the 14. national meeting on particle physics and fields. Works on the areas of gravitation, cosmology, quantum mechanics, string models; symmetry, current algebras, interaction models; particle decays ...



Anais do 12. Encontro Nacional de Fisica de Particulas e Campos. (Proceedings of the 12. National Meeting on Particle Physics and Fields).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This publication contains the Proceedings presented during the 12. National Meeting on Particle Physics and Fields. Works on the areas of gravitation, quantum mechanics, string models; symmetry, current algebras, interaction models; particle decays, and t...

A. L. Santos E. R. B. Mello J. A. M. Simoes J. A. Chinellato V. Pleitez



Politica Nacional sobre Discapacidad: Un Informe del Progreso, Diciembre 2000-Diciembre 2001 (National Disability Policy: A Progress Report, December 2000-December 2001).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This report (written in Spanish) of the National Council on Disability (NCD) describes the nation's progress in advancing public policies to increase the inclusion, empowerment, and independence of people with disabilities in light of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The report covers December 2000 through December 2001. It reviews…

National Council on Disability, Washington, DC.


La Problematica Tecnologica Latinoamericana y Sus Implicaciones en el Desarrollo de una Ingenieria Nacional (Latin America Technological Problem and Its Implications in the Development of National Engineering).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The report introduces four perspectives to follow up: (1) Strategical elements that hasten the technological development within the Latin American countries; (2) Technological Policy within Latin America; (3) Characterization of the development of the Lat...

G. Tirado E. Paredes M. Genova L. Alvaray J. Giordani



Obtencion de anticuerpos anti-prolactina a partir de prolactina humana de produccion nacional. (Obtention of antibodies anti prolactin from human prolactin of national production).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In this work was studied the use of the the Prolactin hormone as immuno gen, which is obtained in Cuba by the pharmaceutical institute Mario Munoz, to produce the antibody antiprolactin. Was made the validation of obtained antibody (tritatium, specificity...

R. Caso M. Mosquera E. Perez C. Amanz



Adiccion al Tabaco. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuso de Drogas (Tobbaco Abuse and Addiction. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Tobacco use kills nearly half a million Americans each year, with one in every six U.S. deaths the result of smoking. Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body, causing many diseases and compromising smokers health in general. Nicotine, a component of ...



Cocaina Abuso y Adiccion. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuso de Drogas (Cocaine Abuse and Addiction. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Cocaine abuse and addiction continues to be a problem that plagues our nation. For instance, from 1965 to 1967, only 0.1 percent of youths had ever used cocaine, but rates rose throughout the 1970s and 1980s, reaching 2.2 percent in 1987. After a brief de...



Abuso de la Marihuana. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuso de Drogas (Marijuana Abuse and Addiction. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The use of marijuana can produce adverse physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral changes, and contrary to popular belief it can be addictive. Marijuana smoke, like cigarette smoke, can harm the lungs. The use of marijuana can impair short-term memory,...



Abuso y Adiccion a la Metanfetamina. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuse de Drogas. (Methamphetamine Abuse and Addiction. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The abuse of methamphetamine a potent and highly addictive psychostimulant is a very serious problem in the United States. Methamphetamine abuse leads to devastating medical, psychological, and social consequences. Adverse health effects include memory lo...



VIH/SIDA. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuse de Drogas. (HIV/AIDS. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Initially characterized by relatively localized outbreaks, HIV/AIDS has now become a pandemic that has literally put the world at risk, affecting diverse populations in different ways. And while all nations are affected by HIV/AIDS, each faces differing u...



Heroina: Abuso y Adiccion. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuso de Drogas (Heroin Abuse and Addiction. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Heroin is a highly addictive drug, and its abuse has repercussions that extend far beyond the individual user. The medical and social consequences of drug abuse HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, fetal effects, crime, violence, and disruptions in family, workplace, ...



Abuso de la MDMA (Extasis). Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuso de Drogas (MDMA (Ecstasy) Abuse. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The so-called club drug MDMA continues to be used by millions of Americans across the country, despite evidence of its potential harmful effects. 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA, or ecstasy) has gained a deceptive reputation as a safe drug among i...



Vicisitudes de la política exterior y la seguridad nacional en México y la relación con Estados Unidos al inicio del siglo XXI  

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The following essay evaluates Mexican Foreign and National Security policies during Pre- sident Vicente Fox's term (2000-2006). The author suggests that both policies lacked a strategic plan that granted the protection of Mexican interests throughout the War on Te- rrorism led by the US government. In this sense, the absence of coordination amidst the Cabinet, which provoked several conflicts between

Abelardo Rodríguez Sumano



Fiber-Optic Telecommunications Technical Assistance to Empresa Nacional de Energia Electrica, Honduras (ENEE). Final Report. Task 8: Developmental Impact Analysis.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Project Finance Advisors, LLC (PFA) is conducting a multi-disciplinary study examining the overall feasibility of Empresa Natcional de Energia Electrica providing telecommunication services or transmission capacity to telecom/media operators and other cus...



Acreditacion de laboratorios de ensayos en CNEA (Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica). (Accreditation of testing laboratories in CNEA (National Atomic Energy Commission)).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The recognition of the technical capability of a testing laboratory is carried out by Laboratory Accreditation Bodies as the result of a satisfactory evaluation and the systematic follow up of the certified qualification. In Argentina the creation of a Na...

N. H. Piacquadio V. A. Casa T. A. Palacios



GUMNET - A new long-term monitoring initiative in the Guadarrama Mountains, Madrid, Spain  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We are announcing a new monitoring network in the Guadarrama Mountains north of Madrid, which is planned to be operational in early 2015. This network integrates atmospheric measurements as well as subsurface observations. It aims at improving the characterization of atmosphere-ground interactions in mountainous terrain, the hydrometeorology of the region, climatic change, and related research lines. It will also provide the meteorological and climate data which form the necessary background information for biological, agricultural and hydrological investigations in this area. Currently, the initiative is supported by research groups from the Complutense and Polytechnical Universities of Madrid (UCM and UPM), the Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas (CIEMAT), the Spanish National Meteorological Agency (AEMET), and finally the Parque Nacional de la Sierra de Guadarrama (PNSG). This infrastructure forms part of the Campus of Excellence Moncloa, and is supposed to become a focus of local as well as of international research. However, it is not associated with a particular project: data will in principle be available to the scientific and public communities. Also, the integration of new instruments (long or short term) will be welcome. The starting setup is as following: A group of WMO-compatible meteorological station in the central area of the massif will be installed, which include also a subsurface component of boreholes (?20 m depth), where temperature and moisture will be measured. This core group is complemented by a reference site near El Escorial (including a fixed and a mobile tower for micrometeorological investigations). This setup is embedded in a network of meteorological stations run partly by AEMET and partly by the PNSG, which will provide the information necessary for the characterization of regional meteorology and climate. Finally, part of the data will be made available quasi-online on a central web server in Madrid. (temporary web page:

Rath, Volker; Fidel González Rouco, J.; Yagüe Anguis, Carlos



Relative efficiency of anuran sampling methods in a restinga habitat (Jurubatiba, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).  


Studies on anurans in restinga habitats are few and, as a result, there is little information on which methods are more efficient for sampling them in this environment. Ten methods are usually used for sampling anuran communities in tropical and sub-tropical areas. In this study we evaluate which methods are more appropriate for this purpose in the restinga environment of Parque Nacional da Restinga de Jurubatiba. We analyzed six methods among those usually used for anuran samplings. For each method, we recorded the total amount of time spent (in min.), the number of researchers involved, and the number of species captured. We calculated a capture efficiency index (time necessary for a researcher to capture an individual frog) in order to make comparable the data obtained. Of the methods analyzed, the species inventory (9.7 min/searcher /ind.- MSI; richness = 6; abundance = 23) and the breeding site survey (9.5 MSI; richness = 4; abundance = 22) were the most efficient. The visual encounter inventory (45.0 MSI) and patch sampling (65.0 MSI) methods were of comparatively lower efficiency restinga, whereas the plot sampling and the pit-fall traps with drift-fence methods resulted in no frog capture. We conclude that there is a considerable difference in efficiency of methods used in the restinga environment and that the complete species inventory method is highly efficient for sampling frogs in the restinga studied and may be so in other restinga environments. Methods that are usually efficient in forested areas seem to be of little value in open restinga habitats. PMID:15744429

Rocha, C F D; Van Sluys, M; Hatano, F H; Boquimpani-Freitas, L; Marra, R V; Marques, R V



Sex determination in Turdus amaurochalinus (Passeriformes: Muscicapidae): morphometrical analysis supported by CHD gene.  


Sex determination is important for conservation and population studies, particularly for reproduction programs of threatened species and behavioural ecology. Turdus amaurochalinus, Creamy-bellied Thrush, only exhibits sexual dimorphism during the breeding season, when males are considered to show intense yellow bills, and females and immature males show dark brown bills. The objectives of this study were: 1) to determine the sex of individuals using genetic techniques, and 2) to test the hypothesis that sex dimorphism can be detected by morphometry. This study was carried out at Parque Nacional da Restinga de Jurubatiba, a preserved area located on the North coast of Rio de Janeiro State. The birds were captured using ornithological nets, singly marked with metal rings, weighed, measured and had blood samples collected before being released. The sex of 42 T. amaurochalinus individuals was determined using the CHD gene marker. A total of 20 males and 22 females were identified from June to August, with peak capture frequency in June. Turdus amaurochalinus females and males differed significantly in morphometrical measures. The most important traits to distinguish males from females were wing length (Student t-test = 4.34, df = 40, p = 0.0001) and weight (Student t-test = 2.08, d f = 40, p = 0.044): females were heavier and had significantly shorter wing length than males. Females and males were correctly classified in 86% and 75% of cases, respectively, using Discriminant Analysis. The molecular analysis was the most secure method for sex determination in the studied species. PMID:21717857

Silva, Katyucha Von Kossel de Andrade; Lôbo-Hajdu, Gisele; Alves, Maria Alice S



Litter and soil properties are not altered by invasive deer browsing in forests of NW Patagonia  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

It is largely accepted that large mammalian herbivores can indirectly influence ecosystem properties by changing the quantity and quality of litter inputs to soil through selective browsing on plant communities. However, idiosyncratic effects (positive, neutral and negative) have been found for different vegetation types, herbivory and soil properties. In this study we tested whether browsing by exotic deer introduced into Patagonian forests 90 years ago alters physical, chemical and biological soil properties and litter quantity and quality. As in many terrestrial ecosystems, N is the main nutrient that limits plant growth in Patagonia. Consequently, any disturbance that alters the N cycle, such as changes in the type or intensity of herbivory, is expected to affect these forest ecosystems. We compared soil and total litter from inside and outside five 7-yr old exclosures located on Isla Victoria, Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi, Argentina. Despite introduced deer has significantly affected the composition, abundance and structure of the understory vegetation, we found no differences between browsed and unbrowsed areas in the physical (bulk density, moisture), chemical (pH, base cations, organic C and total N) and biological (potential microbial respiration and net N mineralization) soil properties. This could be attributable to the high capacity of volcanic soils to stabilize organic matter, buffering disturbance-induced changes. However, the quantity and quality (C, N and C/N ratio) of total litter were also not different between browsed and unbrowsed areas. Although non-significant differences were found between treatments in both compartments, litter and soil, most variables showed a slight trend toward higher values in unbrowsed areas. This suggests that 7 years of browsing exclusion would be not enough to detect changes induced by browsing, particularly in highly stable volcanic soils.

Relva, María Andrea; Castán, Elisa; Mazzarino, María Julia



Effects of illegal harvest of eggs on the population decline of leatherback turtles in Las Baulas Marine National Park, Costa Rica.  


Within 19 years the nesting population of leatherback turtles (Dermochelys coriacea) at Parque Nacional Marino Las Baulas declined from 1500 turtles nesting per year to about 100. We analyzed the effects of fishery bycatch and illegal harvesting (poaching) of eggs on this population. We modeled the population response to different levels of egg harvest (90, 75, 50, and 25%) and the effect of eradicating poaching at different times during the population decline. We compared effects of 90% poaching with those of 20% adult mortality because both of these processes were present in the population at Las Baulas. There was a stepwise decline in number of nesting turtles at all levels of egg harvest. Extirpation times for different levels of poaching ranged from 45 to 282 years. The nesting population declined more slowly and survived longer with 20% adult mortality (146 years) than it did with 90% poaching (45 years). Time that elapsed until poaching stopped determined the average population size at which the population stabilized, ranging from 90 to 420 nesting turtles. Our model predicted that saving clutches lost naturally would restore the population when adult mortality rates were low and would contribute more to population recovery when there were short remigration intervals between nesting seasons and a large proportion of natural loss of clutches. Because the model indicated that poaching was the most important cause of the leatherback decline at Las Baulas, protecting nests on the beach and protecting the beach from development are critical for survival of this population. Nevertheless, the model predicted that current high mortality rates of adults will prevent population recovery. Therefore, protection of the beach habitat and nests must be continued and fishery bycatch must be reduced to save this population. PMID:18637915

Tomillo, Pilar Santidrián; Saba, Vincent S; Piedra, Rotney; Paladino, Frank V; Spotila, James R



Lesson's-learned from a 2003-2006 USA-Honduras NGO and University Geosciences Education Partnership in Land use Land / Land Cover Change Analysis using Remote Sensing and GPS  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Between 2004 and 2006 the Loma Linda University ESSE21 Mesoamerican Project (Earth System Science Education for the 21st Century) collaborated with a series of academic, NGO (nongovernmental) and government agencies, including a USAID (United States Agency for International Development) integrated environmental resource management project to: a) build the human and technical capacity of local partners in the use of geospatial technologies, e.g. GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing, b) improve their capacity to apply these tools to biodiversity, health, sustainability, protected-area management, and other NRM (Natural Resource Management) decision-making needs and problems, and c) establish long term institutional relationships for teacher/student exchange, including development of joint curricula and research projects focused on health geoinformatics as well as sustainable development. Much of this has contributed toward a new "geotourism" effort adopted by Honduras called the SAVE Honduras strategy (Scientific, Academic, Volunteer, Educational). A central element of this initiative is to increase joint collaborative research and learning together by students and faculty at US universities working with Honduran institutions (private and public). See SAVE Strategy page = In the presentation we describe our experience over the last three years collaborating with key partners such as the Central American Observatory of Suyapa based at the UNAH (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras) which has opened a new GIS/Remote Sensing Laboratory. We also collaborated closely with CURLA (Centro Universitario Regional del Litoral Atlántico) located near La Ceiba--a land grant-type institution- -to support outreach and extension activities by students and staff to local-level NGOs and community groups dealing with conservation, hazards mitigation, biodiversity, fisheries and related problems. We have also participated in joint "informal education" efforts doing environmental and ecotourism outreach with groups such as the Hugh Parkey Foundation and EarthWatch Institute in Belize and others in Honduras such as FUCSA (Fundacion Cuero y Salado), FUPNAPIB (Fundacion Parque Nacional Pico Bonito), REHDES (Red Ecologista Hondurena para el Desarrollo Sostenible), and SMBC (Sociedad Mesoamericana para la Biologia y Conservacion). See more about the projects on water resources, herpetofauna on the Pacific coast, and the West Indian manatee at: Lessons learned about designing, organizing, implementing, and financing such geosciences educational partnerships will be presented as well as describing "next steps". Suggestions about how other universities could join with us will be also proposed.

Ford, R. E.



Petrology and Geochemistry of the Marbles and Calcosilicated Rocks from Ipira, Bahia - Brazil.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This work explains a study of marbles and diopsitites from Serra das Panelas, Ipira, Bahia, Brazil. Petrographic analysis, chemistry some elements, trace elements and rare earths, isotopic analysis of Strontium, carbon and oxigen, and geochronological det...

M. A. F. T. Oliveira



8. Historic American Buildings Survey Photographed by Henry F. Withey ...  

Library of Congress Historic Buildings Survey, Historic Engineering Record, Historic Landscapes Survey

8. Historic American Buildings Survey Photographed by Henry F. Withey April 1937 RUINS OF SOAP FACTORY FROM EAST CORNER. - Mission San Gabriel Arcangel, Industrial Shop (Ruins), West Mission Drive & Junipero Serra Street, San Gabriel, Los Angeles County, CA


2. Historic American Buildings Survey Photographed by Henry F. Withey ...  

Library of Congress Historic Buildings Survey, Historic Engineering Record, Historic Landscapes Survey

2. Historic American Buildings Survey Photographed by Henry F. Withey April 1937 RUINS OF FOUNTAIN, SMITHY AND SOAP FACTORY (LOOKING EAST) - Mission San Gabriel Arcangel, Industrial Shop (Ruins), West Mission Drive & Junipero Serra Street, San Gabriel, Los Angeles County, CA


7. Historic American Buildings Survey Photographed by Henry F. Withey ...  

Library of Congress Historic Buildings Survey, Historic Engineering Record, Historic Landscapes Survey

7. Historic American Buildings Survey Photographed by Henry F. Withey April 1937 RUINS OF SOAP FACTORY (S. W. Side) - Mission San Gabriel Arcangel, Industrial Shop (Ruins), West Mission Drive & Junipero Serra Street, San Gabriel, Los Angeles County, CA


5. Historic American Buildings Survey Photographed by Henry F. Withey ...  

Library of Congress Historic Buildings Survey, Historic Engineering Record, Historic Landscapes Survey

5. Historic American Buildings Survey Photographed by Henry F. Withey April 1937 RUINS OF SMITHY AND SOAP FACTORY (LOOKING SOUTH) - Mission San Gabriel Arcangel, Industrial Shop (Ruins), West Mission Drive & Junipero Serra Street, San Gabriel, Los Angeles County, CA


12 CFR 516.40 - Where do I file my application?  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas. West Office of Thrift Supervision, Pacific Plaza, 2001 Junipero Serra Boulevard, Suite 650, Daly City, California Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico,...



12 CFR 516.40 - Where do I file my application?  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas. West Office of Thrift Supervision, Pacific Plaza, 2001 Junipero Serra Boulevard, Suite 650, Daly City, California Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico,...



77 FR 2609 - Unblocking of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons Pursuant to the Foreign...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...c/o LOMEDIC, S.A. DE C.V., Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico; DOB 05 Aug 1959; POB Guadalajara, Mexico; citizen Mexico; nationality...del Parque 489, Col. San Andres, Guadalajara, Jalisco 44810, Mexico; Calle...



77 FR 36041 - Additional Designations, Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Central 1191-35, Condominio Malaga, Colonia Parques de la Castellana, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico; Local 9 Zona E, Plaza Universidad, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico; Avenida Nayar 222, Colonia Ciudad del Sol, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico; Avenida...



Potential role of frugivorous birds (Passeriformes) on seed dispersal of six plant species in a restinga habitat, southeastern Brazil.  


Restingas are considered stressful habitats associated with the Brazilian Atlantic forest, and their ecological interactions are poorly known. The goal of the present study was to determine the potential role of frugivorous birds as seed dispersers in a restinga habitat. Data were collected in Parque Nacional da Restinga de Jurubatiba, southeastern Brazil, where the main physiognomy (Open Clusia Formation) is characterized by the presence of patches of vegetation covering 20 to 48 % of the sandy soil and reaching a height of 5 m. Birds were captured with mist nets (12 x 2.5 m; 36 mm mesh; 1,680 net-hrs) and had their fecal and regurgitate samples inspected for seeds. Six plant species found in these bird samples were studied. The germination of seeds obtained from plants was compared to those from the birds. Both groups of seeds were set on Petri dishes at room temperature and washed when infected with fungi. In general, there was no effect on germination rate, and the effect on germination speed was negative. Germination of seeds from Pilosocereus arrabidae treated by the birds seemed to be influenced by storage of defecated seeds, while few Miconia cinnamomifolia seeds both from plants and from birds germinated. Ocotea notata presented a great variation in time to the onset of germination, perhaps an advantage against dissecation. Aechmea nudicaulis, Clusia hilariana and Erythroxylum subsessile probably take advantage of the arrival to favorable microhabitats, not by the gut effect on the seeds. All plant species studied are numerically important for the community and some of them are main actors in the succession of vegetation patches. Among the birds, Mimus gilvus is an important resident species, endemic to restingas in Brazil, while Turdus amaurochalinus is a visitor and may be important for plants that fructify during its passage by the study site. Although the effect of pulp removal was only tested for one species (Achmea nudicaulis) in the present study, we confirmed that the tested effect of restinga frugivorous birds on seed germination was generally null. Although there is a need for more detailed studies on specific animal-plant interactions on this habitat, the overall effect of the birds on seed dispersal in restinga is probably positive. PMID:18624238

Gomes, Verônica Souza da Mota; Correia, Maria Célia Rodrigues; de Lima, Heloisa Alves; Alves, Maria Alice S



Late Holocene Lacustrine Records of Climate and Vegetation Change From Southern Patagonia, Chile  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The westerly wind field is one of the most prominent atmospheric circulation features in the Southern Hemisphere, having a major impact on the climate of Chile and hydrographic conditions in the Southern Ocean. The latitudinal position and strength of the westerlies directly influences the amount and isotopic composition of precipitation that falls in southern Chile. Although instrumental records provide information on how the westerlies have varied over the recent past there is still an incomplete understanding of how the strength and latitudinal position of the southern westerlies have changed during the Holocene and how the wind field has varied at millennial to sub-decadal timescales. In this study we relate changes in the westerly winds to changes in water balance as recorded in closed-basin lakes. Sediment cores were obtained from Laguna Guanacos in Parque Nacional Torres del Paine (51° S, 72° W) during the austral summer of 2004 and sampled at 1-2cm intervals for pollen, charcoal, and stable isotope analysis. Laguna Guanacos is a small closed-basin lake situated in the core of westerly wind belt and is therefore sensitive to fluctuations in the strength and position of the westerlies. The sediment cores obtained from the lake reveal high concentrations of organic mater ( ˜20%) and biogenic carbonate, which is rare in Chilean Patagonia. AMS radiocarbon dates on the organic and carbonate fractions indicate that the record spans the last ˜14,000 calendar years and modern dates from core tops suggest little influence by old or dead carbon sources. Pollen analysis on the late Holocene portion of the record reveals a significant expansion of the Nothofagus forest since ˜3500 cal yr BP, suggesting an overall increase in precipitation during this interval. Millennial- and centennial-scale fluctuations in bulk carbonate content and forest and steppe pollen are superimposed upon this pattern, providing a view of a highly dynamic westerly wind regime and forest-steppe ecotone response in southern Patagonia. These results will be discussed in conjunction with carbon and oxygen isotopic data derived from the biogenic carbonate phases exposed in the late Holocene portion of the record.

Moy, C. M.; Francois, J.; Moreno, P.; Villa Martinez, R.; Dunbar, R. B.



8th Argentinean Bioengineering Society Conference (SABI 2011) and 7th Clinical Engineering Meeting  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In September 2011, the Eighteenth Edition of the Argentinean Bioengineering Society Conference (SABI 2011) and Seventh Clinical Engineering Meeting were held in Mar del Plata, Argetina. The Mar del Plata SABI Regional and the School of Engineering of the Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata invited All bioengineers, engineers, physicists, mathematicians, biologists, physicians and health professionals working in the field of Bioengineering to participate in this event. The overall objectives of the Conference were: To provide discussion of scientific research results in Bioengineering and Clinical Engineering. To promote technological development experiences. To strengthen the institutional and scientific communication links in the area of Bioengineering, mainly between Universities of Latin America. To encourage students, teachers, researchers and professionals to establish exchanges of experiences and knowledge. To provide biomedical engineering technology solutions to the society and contributing ideas for low cost care. Conference photograph Conference photograph Conference photograph Conference photograph EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE SABI 2011 Chair Dra Virginia L Ballarin Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Co-Chair Dra Teresita R Cuadrado Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - CONICET Local Comittee Dr Gustavo Abraham Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - CONICET Dra Josefina Ballarre Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - CONICET Dr Eduardo Blotta Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dra Agustina Bouchet Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dr Marcel Brun Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dra Silvia Ceré Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - CONICET Dra Mariela Azul Gonzalez Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - CONICET Dra Lucia Isabel Passoni Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dr Juan Ignacio Pastore Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - CONICET Dra Adriana Scandurra Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY COMMITTEE President Dr Gustavo Meschino Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Comittee Dr Gustavo Abraham Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - CONICET Mg Rubén Acevedo Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos Ing Pablo Agüero Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Ing Mariela Ambrustolo Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dr Ricardo Armentano Universidad Favaloro Dra Virginia L Ballarin Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dra Josefina Ballarre Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - CONICET Dr Eduardo Blotta Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Ing Marco Benalcázar Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Mg Freddy Geovanny Benalcázar Palacios Escuela Superior Politécnica de Chimborazo, Ecuador Dr Roberto Boeri Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - CONICET - INTEMA Dra Agustina Bouchet Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dr Ariel Braidot Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos Dr Marcel Brun Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dra Silvia Ceré Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - CONICET Ing Fernando Clara Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dr Raúl Correa Prado Universidad Nacional de San Juan Bioing Pablo Cortez Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dra Teresita R Cuadrado Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - CONICET Ing Eduardo De Forteza Universidad Favaloro Dra Mariana Del Fresno Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires Dr Martín Diaz Informática Médica Hospital Aleman de Buenos Aires - GIBBA Ing Julio César Doumecq Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Mg Ana María Echenique Universidad Nacional de San Juan Bioing Pedro Escobar Universidad Nacional del Centro, Olavarría, Pcia de Buenos Aires Dr Fernando Daniel Farfán Universidad Nacional de Tucumán Dr Carmelo Felice Universidad Nacional de Tucumán - CONICET Dr Elmer Fernández Universidad Católica de Córdoba - CONICET Ing José Flores Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos Dr Arturo Gayoso Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dra Bioing Agustina Garcés Universidad Nacional de San Juan ¬- CONICET Bioing Luciano Gentile Universidad Favaloro Mg María Eugenia Gómez Universida

Meschino, Gustavo Javier; Ballarin, Virginia L.



User satisfaction with pharmacy services in the Brazilian National STD\\/AIDS Program: validity and reliability issues Satisfação de usuários do Programa Nacional de DST\\/AIDS com a dispensação de medicamentos: aspectos de validade e confi abilidade  

Microsoft Academic Search

The objective of this study is to evaluate the psy- chometric properties of a user satisfaction scale regarding the Brazilian National STD\\/AIDS Pro- gram, specifically related to dispensing AIDS medicines. The scale was developed and applied in a study covering 10 Brazilian States that eval- uated the quality of medicine dispensing. The questionnaire was answered by 1,412 people liv- ing

Escola Nacional de Saúde; Pública Sergio Arouca; Thiago Botelho Azeredo; Maria Auxiliadora Oliveira; Vera Lucia Luiza; Ângela Esher; Mônica Rodrigues Campos



Red de Telefonia Celular y Sistema de Radiolocalizadores con Cubrimiento Nacional. Informe Final. Tarea 3. Diseno (Cellular Telephone Network and System for Radio Location with National Coverage. Final Report. Work 3. Design).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The report, written in Spanish, is the result of a Feasibility Study conducted on the Cellular Telephone Network and System for Radio Location with National Coverage in Colombia. The principal objective of the report was to develop a detailed design for t...



Resultados Preliminares DA Analise Visual de Dados Sarex E Descricao das Atividades de Campo NA Floresta Nacional Do Tapajos (Preliminary Results of the Visual SAREX Data and Description of the Field Work Activities in the Tapajos National Forest).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This work presents the preliminary results of the visual interpretation of the C/SAREX data, HH polarization, narrow and swath mode. This data was compared with TM/Landsat data. The test site corresponds to the Tapajos National Forest and surroundings. Th...

P. H. Filho L. V. Dutra S. Amaral



Terapia ocupacional e farmacodependência: categorização e atualização das publicações nacionais Occupational therapy and pharmacodependence: categorization and update of national publications Terapia ocupacional y farmacodependencia: clasificación y actualización de publicaciones nacional  

Microsoft Academic Search

ReSumO: Esta pesquisa tem por finalidade atualizar e sistematizar as publicações sobre dependência química e terapia ocupacional. Realizou-se um embasamento histórico, conceitual e epidemiológico da farmacodependência, assim como suas abordagens terapêuticas. O objetivo desta atualização é organizar e descrever categorias temáticas derivadas dos artigos nacionais publicados sobre esta problemática e correlacionar com os apontamentos teóricos e procedimentais encontrados na literatura

Daniela Carraro Antoniassi; Juliana Aureana Leal; Solange Aparecida Tedesco


Primera Reunion de la Comision Nacional de Analisis y Evaluacion del Sistema Educativo: Informe Final (The First Meeting of the National Committee for Analysis and Evaluation of the Educational System: Final Report).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This document contains the legislation creating the National Committee for Analysis and Evaluation of the Educational System and the final report of that committee's first meeting. The report deals with each level from elementary to higher education. For each level it describes and considers curriculum, school buildings, human resources, current…

Ministerio de Cultura y Educacion, Buenos Aires (Argentina). Centro National de Documentacion e Informacion Educativa.


Six new species of Hylotribus Jekel, 1860 from Brazil (Coleoptera, Anthribidae, Anthribinae, Discotenini).  


Hylotribus Jekel, 1860 is a distinct genus of South American Anthribidae characterized by a fragmented antebasal pronotal carina, and includes nine species, eight of which are endemic to Chile, and one species from Peru. We here describe and illustrate six new species from the Atlantic Rainforest biome in Brazil based on unidentified material deposited in various collections: Hylotribus fluminensis Queiroz & Mermudes sp. nov. (Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro State); Hylotribus sublimis Queiroz & Mermudes sp. nov. (Campos do Jordão, São Paulo State); Hylotribus plaumanni Queiroz & Mermudes sp. nov. (Seara, Santa Catarina State); Hylotribus frontispeltastes Queiroz & Mermudes sp. nov. (São José do Barreiro, Serra da Bocaina, São Paulo State and Serra do Caraça, Minas Gerais State); Hylotribus gauchus Queiroz & Mermudes sp. nov. (Cambará do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul State); and Hylotribus involucer Queiroz & Mermudes sp. nov. (São José do Barreiro, Serra da Bocaina, São Paulo State). A key is provided to the species of Hylotribus in Brazil. PMID:24943425

De Quei, Fernando Luiz Cunha Avila Villar; Mermudes, José Ricardo M



Genus Ixodes (Acari: Ixodidae) in Mexico: Adult Identification Keys, Diagnoses, Hosts, and Distribution (El genero Ixodes (Acari: Ixodidae) en Mexico: claves de identificacion para adultos, diagnosis, huespedes y distribucion).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Identification keys, diagnoses, hosts, and distribution data are provided for adults of the 26 species of Ixodes known from Mexico. Data are from specimens deposited in the Coleccion Nacional de Acaros (CNAC), Instituto de Biologia Universidad Nacional Au...

C. Guzman-Cornejo R. G. Robbins



Direct cloud water recovery by inertial impaction: Implications for large scale water supply in the Cape Verde Islands  

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In this study, we explore the idea of harvesting cloud water in mountainous areas of the drought prone Cape Verde Islands as a year-round fresh water resource based on three cloud water collection experiments in the islands. Cloud water was collected by impaction on a commercially available, plastic, agricultural shade cloth at Serra Malagueta, Santiago, and at Monte Verde, São

J. O. Juvik; C. Dos Anjos; D. Nullet



6. Historic American Buildings Survey Photographed by Henry F. Withey ...  

Library of Congress Historic Buildings Survey, Historic Engineering Record, Historic Landscapes Survey

6. Historic American Buildings Survey Photographed by Henry F. Withey April 1937 RUINS OF SOAP FACTORY & SMITHY (FROM S. E. END OF SOAP FACTORY) - Mission San Gabriel Arcangel, Industrial Shop (Ruins), West Mission Drive & Junipero Serra Street, San Gabriel, Los Angeles County, CA


Description of the male Hymenoepimecis japi Sobczak et al. 2009 (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae) parasitoid of Leucauge roseosignata Mello-Leitão 1943 (Araneae: Tetragnathidae).  


The male of Hymenoepimecis japi (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Pimplinae) is described and illustrated. The specimen was collected in a modified web (cocoon web) of Leucauge roseosignata (Araneae, Tetragnathidae) made in a laboratory. Both, host and parasitoid were collected in Reserva Biológica Serra do Japi, located in Jundiaí, São Paulo, Brazil. PMID:23295526

Sobczak, J F



Locational dynamics of Brazilian winegrowing: new regions in Rio Grande do Sul and in the São Francisco River Valley area  

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The objective of the research is to identify the locational factors that influenced the decision to expand winemaking activity into other regions of Brazil. In recent years, winemaking has expanded into new regions in the state of Rio Grande do Sul (Serra do Sudeste and Campanha) and into the São Francisco River Valley (states of Bahia and Pernambuco) - regions

Márcia Azanha; Ferraz Dias de Moraes


Miocene sharks in the Kendeace and Grand Bay formations of Carriacou, The Grenadines, Lesser Antilles  

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The Miocene chondrichthyan fauna from the Kendeace and Grand Bay formations consists of five species which have been identified from the remains of teeth. These are Carcharias taurus (sand-tiger shark), Isurus oxyrinchus (shortfin mako shark), Carcharocles megalodon (mega-tooth shark), Carcharhinus obscurus (requiem shark) and Hemipristis serra (extinct snaggletooth shark). No further skeletal fish remains, Chondrichthyes or Actinopterygii, were discovered. Teeth



Esquistossomose em área de ecoturismo do Estado de Minas Gerais, Brasil  

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This paper discusses schistosomiasis transmis- sion in São José da Serra, a village with a popula- tion of 500 in the county of Jaboticatubas, Minas Gerais State, Brazil. The area receives thousands of visitors a year for ecotourism. The study was motivated by a case of acute schistosomiasis in- volving a couple that spent the 2007 Carnival (Mardi Gras) holiday

Cristiano Lara Massara; Graciela Larissa Amaral; Roberta Lima Caldeira; Sandra Costa Drummond; Martin Johannes Enk; Omar dos Santos Carvalho




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Animals' life habits are ignored when conservation units are created. Usually, these units consider only political aspects. This paper will analyze if conservation units' shapes are appropriate to animals' maintenance. Ecology landscape' concepts and the Brazilian Forest Legislation allied with remote sensing techniques will be used for an analysis of the Serra da Bocaina National Park and Itatiaia National Park,



Establishment of a Metallogenetic Prospecting Model of a Pilot Area in the Resende Basin - RJ, Brazil, within It's Geomorphic Aspects.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The Resende Basin lies between the Mantiqueira Mountain range which rises up to 2800m in the alcaline massif of Itatiaia - Passa Quatro in the North, and the Serra do Mar Mountain range in the South. The basin is the most casterly of a series of elongate ...

E. D. Bidone P. Perrin J. A. Rocha



Acquisition des competences discursives dans un contexte plurilingue (Acquisition of Discourse Competencies in a Multilingual Context).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This collection of articles on second language learning in a multilingual environment includes: "Franzosisch-Deutsch: Zweisprachiges Lernen au der Sekundarstufe 1" (French-German: Learning Two Languages at Secondary School, Level 1) (Otto Stern, Brigit Eriksson, Christine Le Pape, Hans Reutener, Cecilia Serra Oesch); "Das Projekt…

Berthoud, Anne-Claude, Ed.



Concept on thermoeconomic evaluation of steam turbines  

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Concepts of exergoeconomic audits and evaluation of steam turbines are presented. In the first part of the work, an analysis based on the first and second laws of thermodynamics is applied to a power plant. The well-known procedures of “Exergy Cost Theory” and the “General Theory of Thermoeconomics” proposed by Valero et al. [V. Verda, L. Serra, A. Valero, Zooming

A. Zaleta-Aguilar; L. Correas-Uson; J. Kubiak-Szyszka; F. Z. Sierra-Espinosa



Produção de frutos e distribuição espacial de angiospermas com frutos zoocóricos em uma Floresta Ombrófila Mista no Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil  

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Fruit production and spatial distribution of animal-dispersed angiosperms in a Mixed Ombrophilous Forest in State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil). We investigated, during 14 months, patterns of fruit production of animal dispersed angiosperms in a patch of Mixed Ombrophilous Forest (MOF) in the National Park of Aparados da Serra, State of Rio Grande do Sul, south Brazil. For a

Gabriela Paise; Emerson M. Vieira



Land use change effects on abandoned terraced soils in a Mediterranean catchment, NE Spain  

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The Serra de Rodes catchment (NE Spain), enclosed in the Natural Park of Cap de Creus, represents a typical Mediterranean ecosystem. This semiarid environment, with hot summers and mild winters, has been progressively abandoned by farmers during the last century. Nowadays, most of hillside soils are abandoned and only small patches of vineyards and olive trees are cultivated with very

Gemma Dunjo; Giovanni Pardini; Maria Gispert



Linking Community Communication to Conservation of the Maned Wolf in Central Brazil  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article describes the environmental education (EE) program developed in the neighboring community of Serra da Canastra National Park based on a research project focused on the maned wolf conservation. The article assesses three tools used to foster the community's participation in discussing local issues: (1) communal production of a book…

Bizerril, Marcelo Ximenes A.; Soares, Carla Cruz; Santos, Jean Pierre



Ecological Studies on Amapari Virus.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

(1) Amapari virus has been isolated from only two of the many species of rodents and other vertebrates studied at Serra do Navio, Amapa, Brazil. These are Oryzomys capito goeldii and Neacomys guianae. The isolation rate for each species over 4 years was c...

F. P. Pinheiro J. P. Woodall



Observations on the Vegetation of Northeastern Mato Grosso. II. Forests and Soils of the Rio Suia-Missu Area  

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The vegetation of the well drained soils along the Suia-Missu road in the Serra do Roncador region of NE Mato Grosso is Evergreen Seasonal forest of Amazonian type. The area lies close to the meeting place of the Amazonian forest (the hylaea) and the cerrado (savanna) formation of Central Brazil. The structure of the forest is simple: the canopy is

J. A. Ratter; G. P. Askew; R. F. Montgomery; D. R. Gifford



Late Holocene Lacustrine Records of Climate and Vegetation Change From Southernmost South America  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The westerly wind field is one of the most prominent atmospheric circulation features in the Southern Hemisphere and has a major impact on the climate of southern South America as well as Southern Ocean hydrography. Southernmost South America is well-located to investigate past changes in the westerly winds because regional precipitation variability is controlled by the location and intensity of the wind field and it is the only landmass to extend within the core of the westerlies. Here we present late Holocene lacustrine records of climate change related to the westerlies from southern Patagonia, Chile. We focus on Lago Guanaco, a small hydrologically closed-basin lake in Southern Patagonia, and use stable isotope and pollen data from this site and three additional lakes in order to reconstruct changes in moisture balance related to the westerlies. Lago Guanaco (51°S, 72°W) is located close to the Nothofagus forest-Patagonian Steppe transition in the eastern region of Parque Nacional Torres del Paine. The location and composition of this important biological discontinuity is highly sensitive to the W-E precipitation gradient throughout Patagonia. The 4.75 m sediment core we obtained from the center of the lake has high concentrations of organic mater in addition to ostracodes and bivalves, which are relatively rare in Chilean Patagonia. Eleven AMS radiocarbon dates on organic and carbonate fractions indicate that the record spans the last ~14,400 cal yr BP and modern dates from core tops suggest little influence by old carbon sources. Changes in moisture balance and forest density/proximity are reflected in downcore variations in ?18Obivalve and ?18Oostracode, the Nothofagus/Poaceae paleovegetation index, and the C/N ratio of bulk decalcified organic matter. Combined, these variables document changes in the isotopic composition of the lake water, which largely reflect the isotopic composition of precipitation and the influence of evaporation, as well as shifts in the forest/steppe ecotone during the last 1800 years. More negative isotopic values at ~1350 cal yr BP and at the onset of the Little Ice Age (LIA) at ~450 cal yr BP correspond to cooler and/or wetter conditions. Increases in C/N and paleovegetation index values culminate between 100 and 400 cal yrs BP and are indicative of forest expansion and increased terrestrial matter input to the lake. Coincidently, enrichment of ?18Obivalve and ?18Oostracode are indicative of increased evaporation during spring/summer months. Taken together, the data indicate that during peak LIA conditions, summer precipitation was reduced while annual moisture balance increased to allow for forest expansion. An enhanced summertime poleward displacement of the westerlies can account for the observed change in the precipitation/evaporation regime.

Moy, C. M.; Dunbar, R. B.; Francois, J.; Moreno, P. I.; Villa Martínez, R.



Ozone concentrations at a selected high-elevation forest site downwind Mexico City  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Torres-Jardón, R.*, Rosas-Pérez, I., Granada-Macías, L. M., Ruiz-Suárez, L. G. Centro de Ciencias de la Atmósfera, UNAM, México D. F. México * For many years, the vegetation of forest species such as Abies religiosa in natural parks located in the southwest mountains of Mexico City has attracted much attention since these parks have been experiencing a severe decline of unclear etiology. The high ozone levels in the area and the observed naked eye macroscopic, histological and cytological injuries on these species, strongly suggest an important contribution of tropospheric ozone to this deterioration process. Apart of historical short monitoring campaigns for measuring ozone levels in these mountains, it is known just a little is known about the present exposure levels at which the local vegetation is exposed. A continuous ozone analyzer has been in operation since 2011 at a high-elevation forest site (Parque Nacional Miguel Hidalgo, PNMH; 3110 m above mean sea level) located downwind of Mexico City Metropolitan Area (MCMA), in order to characterize the local ozone diel amplitude and its seasonal trend, as well as the influence of MCMA on the local O3 concentrations. Hourly average ozone data in PNMH shows that in general, the diel of ozone concentrations in the forest site has a statistical significant correlation with the pattern of ozone levels observed in several monitoring sites (smog receptor sites) within the MCMA, although the high elevation O3 levels are relatively lower than those in the urban area (around 2200 m above mean sea level). It is possible that a part of the oxidants in the air masses are removed by sink deposition processes during the air mass transport across the hills. The diel amplitude of ozone concentrations is small in the cold season, increasing as the seasons advance to June. As in the city, the highest ozone concentrations occur in April or May and the lowest levels during the rainy season, which extends from July to September. Episodes of high concentrations occurred mainly during the dry warm months. Most of the year, nocturnal ozone levels were higher than those registered in the urban area due to the PMH altitude. As a great part of the mountain terrain regularly is above the nocturnal mixing layer formed each day on the valley floor, the ozone remanent levels above this layer in the mountains are kept isolated from urban NOx emissions generated at night. An evaluation of the AOT40 indicator shows that the forest zone is under a strong risk due to ozone pollution. A preliminary analysis of several ozone events in the PNMH shows the suppression of the diel peak, suggesting that a stratospheric intrusion of ozone occurs frequently in high-elevation sites surrounding MCMA.

Torres-JArdon, R.



Valoración de impactos socio- ambientales del arbolado urbano: una aplicación a la ciudad de Santiago, Chile  

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Santiago de Chile es tercero en la lista de ciudades más contaminadas de Latinoamérica, después de Ciudad de México y Sao Paulo, por lo cual la valoración ambiental y social del arbolado urbano en este contexto es de vital importancia. Los proyectos de arbolado urbano ya sea en calles, plazas, parques u otras áreas verdes tienen como propósito, por una

Carmen L. De la Maz; Claudia L. Cerd



Portugal's Secondary School Modernisation Programme  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The aim of the Secondary School Modernisation Programme, being implemented in Portugal by "Parque Escolar, EPE", is based on the pursuit of quality and makes Portuguese education a potential international benchmark. This paper discusses the strategies adopted to reorganise school spaces. It describes the conceptual model and highlights the…

Heitor, Teresa V.; Freire da Silva, Jose M. R.



Pilot project of biogas production from pig manure and urine mixture at ambient temperature in Ventanilla (Lima, Peru)  

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Parque Porcino de Ventanilla has an extension of 840ha with 2200 farmers dedicated to pig production. There is a lack of services in the area (i.e., water supply, electricity, or waste collection). Anaerobic treatment of pig manure would replace current dumping and incineration, reducing environmental pollution and hazards to public health, as well as providing an organic fertilizer and biogas.

I. Ferrer; M. Gamiz; M. Almeida; A. Ruiz



Traditional knowledge of wild edible plants used in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal): a comparative study  

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BACKGROUND: We compare traditional knowledge and use of wild edible plants in six rural regions of the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula as follows: Campoo, Picos de Europa, Piloña, Sanabria and Caurel in Spain and Parque Natural de Montesinho in Portugal. METHODS: Data on the use of 97 species were collected through informed consent semi-structured interviews with local informants. A

Manuel Pardo-de-Santayana; Javier Tardío; Emilio Blanco; Ana Maria Carvalho; Juan José Lastra; Elia San Miguel; Ramón Morales



77 FR 2308 - Approval of Altol Petroleum Product Service, as a Commercial Gauger  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...and Border Protection Approval of Altol Petroleum Product Service, as a Commercial Gauger...ACTION: Notice of approval of Altol Petroleum Product Service, as a commercial gauger...pursuant to 19 CFR 151.13, Altol Petroleum Product Service, Parque Industrial...



Readerly and Writerly "Letters from the Park."  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Discusses in depth the film "Cartas del parque" ("Letters from the Park"), the first of six films in the "Amores Dificiles" series. Notes that the film is pervaded by the traditional overdetermination of gender roles. Suggests that an intrusive and authoritative narrator makes of this both a "readerly" and a "writerly" film. (RS)

Conde, Susana



Carbon isotope composition of canopy leaves in a tropical forest in Panama throughout a seasonal cycle  

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The seasonal variation in ?13C values was measured in leaves from 17 upper canopy, five mid-canopy and in four gap tree species, as well as in five epiphyte and five vine species, in a seasonally dry lowland tropical forest at Parque Natural Metropolitano near Panama City, Republic of Panama. No seasonal variation was detected in the ?13C values of mature

Joseph A. M. Holtum; Klaus Winter




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RESUMO - A região cacaueira da Bahia vem enfrentando uma crise sem precedente em sua história com a redução continuada da renda e emprego em virtude de problemas enfrentados pela cultura do cacau. O crescimento do parque agroindustrial de polpa de frutas na região poderá contribuir na diversificação da economia regional ao criar uma opção de mercado para a produção

Antônio Carlos de Araújo; Lúcia Maria Ramos Silva; Ahmad Saeed Khan; José B. V. Leite; Aurélio F. Macedo


Acumulação de nutrientes em mudas de moringa ( Moringa oleifera Lam) sob omissão de macronutrientes1  

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Resumo - A Moringa oleifera Lam. é uma espécie arbórea pertencente à família Moringaceae, adaptada às condi- ções áridas e semi-áridas e de uso diversificado com especial destaque na ornamentação de parques e jardins, na alimentação animal, na complementação alimentar humana e na medicina. Uma vez que são poucas as informações sobre essa planta, o trabalho teve como objetivo avaliar

Hugo Vieira; Lucia Helena; Garófalo Chaves; Ricardo Almeida Viégas



Integracao de Dados Topograficos E de Sensoriamento Remoto Para a Classificacao de Florestas Tropicais: Caso DA Floresta Nacional de Tapajos (Integration of Topographical and Remotely-Sensed Data for the Classification of Tropical Rain Forests: The Case of Tapajo's National Forest).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The objective of this work is to integrate the orbital images with cartographical data for classifying tropical forest areas. The Tapajo's National Forest, located in Para State, between Santerem and Itaituba cities, was selected for this study. It compri...

P. H. Filho Y. E. Shimabukuro D. C. L. Lee



Efeito da exploração de madeira e tratamentos silviculturais na composição florística e diversidade de espécies em uma área de 136ha na Floresta Nacional do Tapajós, Belterra, Pará Effects of logging and silvicultural treatments on floristic composition and species diversity in a 136ha area in the Tapajós National Forest, Belterra, Pará  

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Changes occurring in floristic composition and species diversity in a 136ha area, in the Tapajós National Forest, during 22 years of monitoring are discussed. The in- fluences of timber harvesting and of the different intensities of thinning applied seeking to induce an increase in the number of commercially valuable timber species are considered. All trees with DBH ? 5,0cm present

Lia Cunha de Oliveira; Hilton Thadeu; Zarate do Couto; José Natalino; Macedo Silva; João Olegário; Pereira de Carvalho


On strict positive real systems design: guaranteed cost and robustness issues 1 1 This research was supported by grants from “Fundação de Amparo á Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo, FAPSEP” and “Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Cient??fico e Tecnológico, CNPq”, Brazil  

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This paper deals with unbounded nonlinear real uncertainty and proposes a solution to the strict positive real control problem by dynamic output feedback. Besides, a guaranteed cost problem, solved by LMI optimization combined with line search, is introduced in order to provide robust performance.

J. Bernussou; J. C. Geromel; M. C. de Oliveira



Cáncer de hígado

Información acerca del cáncer de hígado, lo cual incluye temas como tratamiento, prevención, genética, causas, exámenes selectivos de detección, estudios clínicos y estadísticas del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer.


Tabanidae (Diptera) of Amazônia XX. description of Tabanus pseudonebulosus n.sp.  


Tabanus pseudonebulosus, new species, is described based on 217 female specimens and 5 males collected in Venezuela (Guarico, Aguaio, Santa Elena, and Palmarito) and in Brazil (Parcí: Santana do Araguaia, Serra das Andorinhas in São Geraldo do Araguaia, Serra Norte Carajás and Gorotire; Amazonas: Canutama; Mato Grosso do Sul: Corumbá), mostly in open vegetation, scrub forest and in rocky environments. Observed intraspecific variation in the specimens is presented and related to collection localities, and morphological differences are diagnosed in relation to the similar species Tabanus nebulosus DeGeer 1776 and T. importunus Wiedemann 1828. Morphometrical data and indices for specimens in different localities are provided. Drawings and photo of the new species are presented. PMID:16830715

Gorayeb, Inocêncio de Sousa; de Barros, Antonio Thadeu Medeiros



Sandy beach molluscs as possible bio-indicators of metal pollution 1. field survey. [South Africa  

SciTech Connect

A great variety of molluscs occur around the South African coast, extending as it does from the sub-tropical environment of Natal to the temperate environment of the Cape. The potential of many of these molluscs as bio-indicators has been discussed in general terms on the basis of the reported use of related species (DARRACOTT and WATLING 1975) and certain of these, among them the bivalve Donax serra and gastropod Bullia rhodostoma, have been included in the national marine pollution monitoring program. The aims of this preliminary investigation are: to determine the metal concentrations in D. serra and B. rhodostoma growing along a 500 km stretch of the southern African coast, supplementing data from sediment and water sampling surveys of the same region; and to determine in laboratory studies whether these molluscs accumulate metals, thus meeting some at least of the criteria for monitoring organisms. The field survey data are presented in this paper.

Watling, H.R.; Watling, R.J.



Large Stratospheric Electric Fields Driven by Possible Upward Initiated Positive Lightning  

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Thirty-seven vertical quasi-dc (<25~Hz) electric field changes greater than 10~V\\/m were measured at 30-35 km in altitude during Flight 1 of the Sprite Balloon Campaign in southeastern Brazil (December 6-7, 2002). These electric field changes were measured when the balloon payload was within 75 km horizontal distance of a thunderstorm that occurred above the Serra da Mantiqueira, a mountain range

J. N. Thomas; R. H. Holzworth; M. P. McCarthy; N. N. Solorzano; K. P. Naccarato; O. Pinto



Mapas Auto-Organizáveis Aplicados ao Mapeamento do Potencial Mineral na Província Mineral de Carajás, Norte do Brasil  

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A preliminary Self-Organizing Map (SOM) was designed with the aim of integrating and searching for patterns in airborne geological and geophysical gamma-spectrometric and magnetic data of the Serra Leste region, Carajás Mineral Province. SOM is an unsupervised Artificial Neural Network method that performs a non-linear mapping from a high-dimensional data space to a 2-dimensional grid, whereas preserving the topological relations

Emilson Pereira Leite


Biomass and nutrient dynamics associated with slash fires in neotropical dry forests  

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Unprecedented rates of deforestation and biomass burning in tropical dry forests are dramatically influencing biogeochemical cycles, resulting in resource depletion, declines in biodiversity, and atmospheric pollution. We quantified the effects of deforestation and varying levels of slash-fire severity on nutrient losses and redistribution in a second-growth tropical dry forest ([open quotes]Caatinga[close quotes]) near Serra Talhada, Pernambuco, Brazil. Total aboveground biomass

J. B. Kauffman; D. L. Cummings; R. L. Jr. Sanford; I. H. Salcedo; E. V. S. B. Sampaio



Bat pollination of Encholirium glaziovii , a terrestrial bromeliad  

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The many-flowered, brush-like spikes ofEncholirium glaziovii, a ground-dwelling pitcairnioid bromeliad of the “campo rupestre” formation of southeastern Brazil, was observed being pollinated by the glossophagine bat,Lonchophylla bokermanni, in the Serra do Cipó (Minas Gerais). Nectar feeding was while hovering, and the pollen was preferentially transferred by the bat's snout. The floral pattern is chiropterophilous; unlike known tillandsioid bat flowers, stamens

Ivan Sazima; Stefan Vogel; Marlies Sazima



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Summary Due to the criticism of the non-isothermal kinetic at a single heating rate, in the last period, data obtained at different heating rates are processed by means of elevated methods like Friedman’s (FD) differential-isoconversional method or the one suggested by Budrugeac and Segal (BS). The non-parametric kinetics (NPK) method, suggested by Serra, Nomen and Sempere offers two major advantages:

T. Vlase; Gabriela Vlase; N. Doca; C. Bolcu



Geographical distribution of Eupatorieae ( Asteraceae ) in South-eastern and South Brazilian Mountain Ranges  

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This study deals with the geographical distribution of Eupatorieae species in South-eastern and Southern Brazilian mountain\\u000a ranges, with special emphasis on the Mantiqueira range (Serra da Mantiqueira). In the Mantiqueira range, five localities were\\u000a sampled for two years during the flowering period of the plants. Species composition in the Mantiqueira localities was then\\u000a compared to data from a central range

Adriana M. Almeida; Paulo I. Prado; Thomas M. Lewinsohn



Current distribution of Achatina fulica, in the state of São Paulo including records of Aelurostrongylus abstrusus (Nematoda) larvae infestation.  


The currently known distribution range of Achatina fulica Bowdich, 1822, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, is presented. The record of A. fulica naturally infested with Aelurostrongylus abstrusus larvae (Railliet, 1898) (Nematoda: Metastrongylidae) can be found in the city of Guaratinguetá. It was found A. fulica with Metastrongylidae larvae without known medical and veterinary importance in the cities of Carapicuíba, Embu-Guaçu, Itapevi, São Caetano do Sul, São Paulo and Taboão da Serra. PMID:21748230

Ohlweiler, Fernanda Pires; Guimarães, Marisa Cristina de Almeida; Takahashi, Fernanda Yoshika; Eduardo, Juliana Manas



Habitat selection and abundance of common genets Genetta genetta using camera capture-mark-recapture data  

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Using camera-trapping techniques, the present study, conducted from 2005 to 2007, provides common genet abundance estimates\\u000a in Serra da Malcata Nature Reserve (central-eastern Portugal). We estimated genet abundance using the software CAPTURE. It\\u000a was possible to obtain a capture success of 1.49 captures\\/100 trap-nights. Considering the heterogeneity model (Mh), which presents higher biological significance, the estimated density varied between 0.50

Pedro Bernardo Sarmento; Joana P. Cruz; Catarina I. Eira; Carlos Fonseca



Enameloid microstructure of the serrated cutting edges in certain fossil carcharhiniform and lamniform sharks.  


The triple-layered enameloid organization of neoselachian teeth has proven to be a reliable systematic character of the group. This study uses scanning electron microscopy to investigate the orientation of the parallel enameloid bundles in the area of the serrated cutting edges in certain fossil elasmobranchs. The examined teeth come from two Upper Cretaceous Squalicorax species and the Upper Miocene carcharhiniforms Galeocerdo sp., Carcharhinus sp., and Hemipristis serra. The parallel bundles are revealed by surface etching, which removes the superficial shiny-layered enameloid. In the teeth of Squalicorax, the bundles around the cutting edge bend once, before they reach the serrations. The studied carcharhiniform species show a more complicated pattern with a change of parallel bundle course inside the serrations. H. serra teeth do not display the first bending of the bundles, whereas it was present in the other two carcharhiniforms. The course of the crystalline bundles in both Squalicorax species is not affected by the presence of the serrations, regardless of the twofold difference in tooth size between them. In the carcharhiniform species, the bended bundles occur within the primary and secondary serrations and are always associated with them. This feature might have functional significance by strengthening the cutting edge or could simply develop as a consequence of the enameloid mineralization around the individual serrae. PMID:19953663

Andreev, Plamen S



Chemical analysis, antioxidant, antichemotactic and monoamine oxidase inhibition effects of some pteridophytes from Brazil  

PubMed Central

Background: Ferns are a group of plants that have been little explored from a chemical and biological perspective but that have interesting potential, occurring in various parts of the world. Objective: This work investigates the chemical profile and the biological effects of ferns from Brazil. Materials and Methods: Analyses were performed using rapid performance liquid chromatography (RP-LC) with a diode array detector (DAD). Extracts were tested for their in vitro antioxidant activity, by the total reactive antioxidant potential method and for their antichemotactic potential, by the Boyden chamber method. Cytotoxic effects were assessed by lactate dehydrogenase levels, while the monoamine oxidase (MAO) assay was carried out using a fluorescence-based method. Results: Different chemical compositions were found for the studied ferns, such as Asplenium gastonis, in which hesperidin was identified in its extract, while A. serra showed the presence of xanthone mangiferin. The most samples with highest antioxidant activity were the Asplenium serra, Lastreopsis amplissima and Cyathea dichromatolepis extracts, at 10 ?g/mL. High antichemotactic activity was found for A. serra (94.06%) and Didymochlaena truncatula (93.41%), at 10 ?g/mL. The extracts showed no cytotoxicity at the highest concentration. Against MAO-A, D. truncatula (82.61%), Alsophila setosa (82.21%), Cyathea phalerata (74.07%) and C. delgadii (70.32%) were the most active extracts (100 ?g/mL). Conclusion: The hypothesis was considered that phenolics and triterpenes are responsible for these pronounced activities.

Andrade, Juliana MM; Passos, Carolina dos S; Dresch, Roger R; Kieling-Rubio, Maria Angelica; Moreno, Paulo Roberto H; Henriques, Amelia T



Phylogeography of Tibouchina papyrus (Pohl) Toledo (Melastomataceae), an endangered tree species from rocky savannas, suggests bidirectional expansion due to climate cooling in the Pleistocene  

PubMed Central

Many endemic species present disjunct geographical distribution; therefore, they are suitable models to test hypotheses about the ecological and evolutionary mechanisms involved in the origin of disjunct distributions in these habitats. We studied the genetic structure and phylogeography of Tibouchina papyrus (Melastomataceae), endemic to rocky savannas in Central Brazil, to test hypothesis of vicariance and dispersal in the origin of the disjunct geographical distribution. We sampled 474 individuals from the three localities where the species is reported: Serra dos Pirineus, Serra Dourada, and Serra de Natividade. Analyses were based on the polymorphisms at cpDNA and on nuclear microsatellite loci. To test for vicariance and dispersal we constructed a median-joining network and performed an analysis of molecular variance (AMOVA). We also tested population bottleneck and estimated demographic parameters and time to most recent common ancestor (TMRCA) using coalescent analyses. A remarkable differentiation among populations was found. No significant effect of population expansion was detected and coalescent analyses showed a negligible gene flow among populations and an ancient coalescence time for chloroplast genome. Our results support that the disjunct distribution of T. papyrus may represent a climatic relict. With an estimated TMRCA dated from ?836.491 ± 107.515 kyr BP (before present), we hypothesized that the disjunct distribution may be the outcome of bidirectional expansion of the geographical distribution favored by the drier and colder conditions that prevailed in much of Brazil during the Pre-Illinoian glaciation, followed by the retraction as the climate became warmer and moister.

Collevatti, Rosane Garcia; de Castro, Thais Guimaraes; de Souza Lima, Jacqueline; de Campos Telles, Mariana Pires



Discrimination of Different Water Layers with TerraSAR X Images in "La Albufera de Valencia"  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

To analyze the capabilities of TerraSAR X Strip Map images in order to discriminate different water layers in the "Parque de la Albufera de Valencia", Spain, a test project was carried out. This place is a rice crop area under European and National Agro environmental regulation which obliges to preserve the habitat and to keep the rice plots flooded out of crop season, from October to January

García Fernández, M. A.; Miguelsanz Muñoz, P.



Ticks on captive and free-living wild animals in northeastern Brazil.  


From 2005 to 2009, 147 ticks found on 32 wild animals from or referred to two zoobotanical parks (Parque Zoobotânico Arruda Câmara and Parque Estadual Dois Irmãos) located in northeastern Brazil were identified. Ticks found on two veterinarians working in one of the parks (i.e., Parque Estadual Dois Irmãos), after return from forested areas within the park's territory, were also identified. The following tick-host associations were recorded: Amblyomma fuscum Neumann on Boa constrictor L.; Amblyomma longirostre Koch on Ramphastos vitellinus ariel Vigors and Coendou prehensilis (L.); Amblyomma varium Koch on Bradypus variegates Schinz; Amblyomma rotundatum Koch on Chelonoidis carbonaria (Spix), Chelonoidis denticulata (L.), Micrurus ibiboboca (Merrem), Python molurus bivittatus Kuhl, Iguana iguana (L.) and B. variegatus; Amblyomma nodosum Neumann on Myrmecophaga tridactyla L. and Tamandua tetradactyla (L.); and Rhipicephalus sanguineus (Latreille) on Nasua nasua (L.). The ticks found on the veterinarians were identified as nine Amblyomma larvae. The presence of Am. nodosum in Pernambuco and Am. rotundatum and Am. varium in Paraíba is recorded for the first time and the occurrence of Am. longirostre in Pernambuco is confirmed. Ramphastos vitellinus ariel is a new host record for Am. longirostre whereas M. ibiboboca and B. variegatus are new host records for Am. rotundatum. Finally, the human parasitism by Amblyomma ticks is reported for the first time in Pernambuco, highlighting the potential of tick-borne pathogen transmission in this state. PMID:19693679

Dantas-Torres, Filipe; Ferreira, Débora R A; de Melo, Louise M; Lima, Polly-Ana C P; Siqueira, Daniel B; Rameh-de-Albuquerque, Luciana C; de Melo, Adriana V; Ramos, Janaina A C



Una Mirada al Futuro: Doctrina, Estrategia, Nuevas Amenazas y el Rol del Poder Aéreo  

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Hemos delineado unas ideas que esperamos puedan servir para contribuir en la elaboración de la concepción Estratégica Aeroespacial y Nacional. La ocurrencia de conflictos de nuevas características que se suman a los tradicionales, hacen aún más compleja, la ya dinámica temática de la Defensa Aeroespacial Nacional. Nuestro trabajo no agota el tema ni la totalidad de las ideas relacionadas, pero

Horacio Matias Orefice



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Objective. To describe the surgical, clinical and epidemiological characteristics in patients with pulmonary hydatid in the Hospital Nacional Dos de Mayo. Material and methods. Descriptive, retrospective and observational study. The studied population was patients with the diagnosis of pulmonary hydatid, operated and registered in the Program of Torax and Cardiovascular Surgery of the Hospital Nacional Dos de Mayo from January

Aldo Rafael; Willy Ramos; Julio Peralta; Luis Rojas; Efraín Montesinos; Alex G. Ortega-Loayza


First records of the ticks Amblyomma calcaratum and A. pacae (Acari: Ixodidae) parasitizing mammals of Mexico Primeros registros de las garrapatas Amblyomma calcaratum y A. pacae (Acari: Ixodidae) parasitando mamíferos de México  

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Based on study of ticks deposited in the Colección Nacional de Ácaros, Instituto de Biología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, we report the fi rst records in Mexico for two species of Amblyomma: Amblyomma calcaratum ex Tamandua mexicana, and Amblyomma pacae ex Tapirus bairdii. These new records increase the number of species recorded for the genus Amblyomma in Mexico to

Carmen Guzmán-Cornejo; Tila M. Pérez; Santiago Nava; Alberto A. Guglielmone; Colección Nacional



[Why must we celebrate the 150 years from the National Academy of Medicine of Mexico foundation?].  


En primer lugar, permítaseme expresar mi más profundo agradecimiento al presidente de la Academia Nacional de Medicina de México, el doctor Enrique Ruelas Barajas, por haberme hecho el gran honor de invitarme a dictar esta conferencia que lleva el nombre de un mexicano excepcional, de un personaje ilustre del siglo XX, de quien fuera rector de la Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, director de la Escuela Nacional de Medicina de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México y rector de nuestra máxima Casa de Estudios, fundador del Instituto Nacional de Cardiología que ahora lleva su nombre y miembro de El Colegio Nacional, así como académico honorario y expresidente de la Academia, el maestro Ignacio Chávez. PMID:24894303

Varela Rueda, Carlos E



Diesel vehicle and urban burning contributions to black carbon concentrations and size distributions in Tijuana, Mexico, during the Cal-Mex 2010 campaign  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Black carbon (BC) was characterized by three complementary techniques – incandescence (single particle soot photometer, SP2, at Parque Morelos), light absorption (cavity ringdown spectrometer with integrating nephelometer, CRDS-Neph, at Parque Morelos and Aethalometers at seven locations), and volatility (volatility tandem differential mobility analyzer, V-TDMA) during the Cal-Mex 2010 campaign. SP2, CRDS-Neph, and Aethalometer measurements characterized the BC mass, and SP2 and V-TDMA measurements also quantified BC-containing particle number, from which mass-mean BC diameters were calculated. On average, the mass concentrations measured in Tijuana (1.8 ± 2.6 ?g m?3 at Parque Morelos and 2.6 ?g m?3 in other regions of Tijuana) were higher than in San Diego or the international border crossing (0.5 ± 0.6 ?g m?3). The observed BC mass concentrations were attributable to nighttime urban burning activities and diesel vehicles, both from the local (Baja California) and transported (Southern California) diesel vehicle fleets. Comparisons of the SP2 and co-located Aethalometers indicated that the two methods measured similar variations in BC mass concentrations (correlation coefficients greater than 0.85), and the mass concentrations were similar for the BC particles identified from nighttime urban burning sources. When the BC source changed to diesel vehicle emissions, the SP2 mass concentrations were lower than the Aethalometer mass concentrations by about 50%, likely indicating a change in the mass absorption efficiency and quantification by the Aethalometers. At Parque Morelos there were up to three different-sized modes of BC mass in particles: one mode below 100 nm, one near 100 nm, and another between 200 and 300 nm. The mode between 200 and 300 nm was associated with urban burning activities that influenced the site during evening hours. When backtrajectories indicated that airmasses came from the south to the Parque Morelos site, BC mass in particles was also larger (mass median diameter of 170 nm rather than 155 nm), consistent with the higher fraction of older diesel vehicles in the Tijuana fleet compared to the vehicles found in southern California.

Takahama, S.; Russell, L. M.; Shores, C. A.; Marr, L. C.; Zheng, J.; Levy, M.; Zhang, R.; Castillo, E.; Rodriguez-Ventura, J. G.; Quintana, P. J. E.; Subramanian, R.; Zavala, M.; Molina, L. T.



Forest Restoration Carbon Analysis of Baseline Carbon Emissions and Removal in Tropical Rainforest at La Selva Central, Peru  

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Conversion of tropical forest to agricultural land and pasture has reduced forest extent and the provision of ecosystem services, including watershed protection, biodiversity conservation, and carbon sequestration. Forest conservation and reforestation can restore those ecosystem services. We have assessed forest species patterns, quantified deforestation and reforestation rates, and projected future baseline carbon emissions and removal in Amazon tropical rainforest at La Selva Central, Peru. The research area is a 4800 km{sup 2} buffer zone around the Parque Nacional Yanachaga-Chemillen, Bosque de Proteccion San Matias-San Carlos, and the Reserva Comunal Yanesha. A planned project for the period 2006-2035 would conserve 4000 ha of forest in a proposed 7000 ha Area de Conservacion Municipale de Chontabamba and establish 5600 ha of natural regeneration and 1400 ha of native species plantations, laid out in fajas de enriquecimiento (contour plantings), to reforest 7000 ha of agricultural land. Forest inventories of seven sites covering 22.6 ha in primary forest and 17 sites covering 16.5 ha in secondary forest measured 17,073 trees of diameter {ge} 10 cm. The 24 sites host trees of 512 species, 267 genera, and 69 families. We could not identify the family of 7% of the trees or the scientific species of 21% of the trees. Species richness is 346 in primary forest and 257 in the secondary forest. In primary forest, 90% of aboveground biomass resides in old-growth species. Conversely, in secondary forest, 66% of aboveground biomass rests in successional species. The density of trees of diameter {ge} 10 cm is 366 trees ha{sup -1} in primary forest and 533 trees ha{sup -1} in secondary forest, although the average diameter is 24 {+-} 15 cm in primary forest and 17 {+-} 8 cm in secondary forest. Using Amazon forest biomass equations and wood densities for 117 species, aboveground biomass is 240 {+-} 30 t ha{sup -1} in the primary sites and 90 {+-} 10 t ha{sup -1} in the secondary sites. Aboveground carbon density is 120 {+-} 15 t ha{sup -1} in primary forest and 40 {+-} 5 t ha{sup -1} in secondary forest. Forest stands in the secondary forest sites range in age from 10 to 42 y. Growth in biomass (t ha{sup -1}) as a function of time (y) follows the relation: biomass = 4.09-0.017 age{sup 2} (p < 0.001). Aboveground biomass and forest species richness are positively correlated (r{sup 2} = 0.59, p < 0.001). Analyses of Landsat data show that the land cover of the 3700 km{sup 2} of non-cloud areas in 1999 was: closed forest 78%; open forest 12%, low vegetation cover 4%, sparse vegetation cover 6%. Deforestation from 1987 to 1999 claimed a net 200 km{sup 2} of forest, proceeding at a rate of 0.005 y{sup -1}. Of those areas of closed forest in 1987, only 89% remained closed forest in 1999. Consequently, closed forests experienced disruption in the time period at double the rate of net deforestation. The three protected areas experienced negligible deforestation or slight reforestation. Based on 1987 forest cover, 26,000 ha are eligible for forest carbon trading under the Clean Development Mechanism, established by the Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Principal components analysis showed that distance to nonforest was the factor that best explained observed patterns of deforestation while distance to forest best explained observed patterns of reforestation, more significant than elevation, distance to rivers, distance to roads, slope, and distance to towns of population > 400. Aboveground carbon in live vegetation in the project area decreased from 35 million {+-} 4 million t in 1987 to 34 million {+-} 4 million t in 1999. Projected aboveground carbon in live vegetation would fall to 33 million {+-} 4 million t in 2006, 32 million {+-} 4 million t in 2011, and 29 million {+-} 3 million t in 2035. Projected net deforestation in the research area would total 13,000 {+-} 3000 ha in the period 1999-2011, proceeding at a rate of 0.003 {+-} 0.0007 y{sup -1}, and would total 33,000 {+-} 7000

Patrick Gonzalez; Benjamin Kroll; Carlos R. Vargas



Commentary on "common genetic polymorphisms modify the effect of smoking on absolute risk of bladder cancer." Garcia-Closas M, Rothman N, Figueroa JD, Prokunina-Olsson L, Han SS, Baris D, Jacobs EJ, Malats N, De Vivo I, Albanes D, Purdue MP, Sharma S, Fu YP, Kogevinas M, Wang Z, Tang W, Tardón A, Serra C, Carrato A, García-Closas R, Lloreta J, Johnson A, Schwenn M, Karagas MR, Schned A, Andriole G Jr., Grubb R 3rd, Black A, Gapstur SM, Thun M, Diver WR, Weinstein SJ, Virtamo J, Hunter DJ, Caporaso N, Landi MT, Hutchinson A, Burdett L, Jacobs KB, Yeager M, Fraumeni JF Jr., Chanock SJ, Silverman DT, Chatterjee N, Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD, USA.: Cancer Res 2013;73(7):2211-20 [Epub 2013 Mar 27].  


Bladder cancer results from the combined effects of environmental and genetic factors, smoking being the strongest risk factor. Evaluating absolute risks resulting from the joint effects of smoking and genetic factors is critical to assess the public health relevance of genetic information. Analyses included up to 3,942 cases and 5,680 controls of European background in seven studies. We tested for multiplicative and additive interactions between smoking and 12 susceptibility loci, individually and combined as a polygenic risk score (PRS). Thirty-year absolute risks and risk differences by levels of the PRS were estimated for U.S. males aged 50 years. Six of 12 variants showed significant additive gene-environment interactions, most notably NAT2 (P = 7×10(-4)) and UGT1A6 (P = 8×10(-4)). The 30-year absolute risk of bladder cancer in U.S. males was 6.2% for all current smokers. This risk ranged from 2.9% for current smokers in the lowest quartile of the PRS to 9.9% for current smokers in the upper quartile. Risk difference estimates indicated that 8,200 cases would be prevented if elimination of smoking occurred in 100,000 men in the upper PRS quartile compared with 2,000 cases prevented by a similar effort in the lowest PRS quartile (P(additive) = 1×10(-4)). Thus, the potential impact of eliminating smoking on the number of bladder cancer cases prevented is larger for individuals at higher than lower genetic risk. Our findings could have implications for targeted prevention strategies. However, other smoking-related diseases, as well as practical and ethical considerations, need to be considered before any recommendations could be made. PMID:24445297

Scherr, Douglas S



Rickettsial infection in ticks collected from road-killed wild animals in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  


During 2008-2010, ticks were collected from road-killed wild animals within the Serra dos Orgãos National Park area in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In total, 193 tick specimens were collected, including Amblyomma dubitatum Neumann and Amblyomma cajennense (F.) from four Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris (L.), Amblyomma calcaratum Neumann and A. cajennense from four Tamandua tetradactyla (L.), Amblyomma aureolatum (Pallas) and A. cajennense from five Cerdocyon thous L., Amblyomma longirostre (Koch) from one Sphiggurus villosus (Cuvier), Amblyomma varium Koch from three Bradypus variegatus Schinz, and A. cajennense from one Buteogallus meridionalis (Latham). Molecular analyses based on polymerase chain reaction targeting two rickettsial genes (gltA and ompA) on tick DNA extracts showed that 70.6% (12/17) of the A. dubitatum adult ticks, and all Amblyomma sp. nymphal pools collected from capybaras were shown to contain rickettsial DNA, which after DNA sequencing, revealed to be 100% identical to the recently identified Rickettsia sp. strain Pampulha from A. dubitatum ticks collected in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Phylogenetic analysis with concatenated sequences (gltA-ompA) showed that our sequence from A. dubitatum ticks, referred to Rickettsia sp. strain Serra dos Orgãos, segregated under 99% bootstrap support in a same cluster with Old World rickettsiae, namely R. tamurae, R. monacensis, and Rickettsia sp. strain 774e. Because A. dubitatum is known to bite humans, the potential role of Rickettsia sp. strain Serra dos Orgãos as human pathogen must be taken into account, because both R. tamurae and R. monacencis have been reported infecting human beings. PMID:23270184

Spolidorio, Mariana G; Andreoli, Guilherme S; Martins, Thiago F; Brandão, Paulo E; Labruna, Marcelo B



Correlation between the cosmic noise absorption calculated from the SARINET data and the energetic particles measured by MEPED: simultaneous observations over SAMA region  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The cosmic noise absorption is presented in terms of the two-dimensional images obtained from the imaging riometers operated at the Southern Space Observatory, in São Martinho da Serra, Brazil, Concepcion and Punta Arenas in Chile, which belong to the South American Riometer Network and are located at the central and periphery regions of the South American Magnetic Anomaly. Correlations are performed between the maximum cosmic noise absorption observed at these stations and the energetic electron flux in two energies channels (>30 keV and >300 keV) and the proton flux in three energies channels (80-240 keV, 800-2500 keV and >6900 keV) as measured by the Medium Energy Proton and Electron Detector, during a moderate geomagnetic storm that occurred on September 3, 2008. The results show high correlations between the cosmic noise absorption detected at São Martinho da Serra and the flux of protons with energy between 80 and 240 keV, and the flux of electrons with energies higher than 300 keV, while an additional ionization at Concepcion was correlated with electrons of energies higher than 30 keV. The cosmic noise absorption detected at Punta Arenas was probably caused by the increase of the protons flux with energy between 80 and 240 keV.; 2h time series of cosmic noise absorption images from imaging riometers installed at Sao Martinho da Serra (SSO/Brazil), Concepcion (CON/Chile) and Punta Arenas (PAC/Chile) for 3-6 September 2008.

Moro, J.; Denardini, C. M.; Correia, E.; Abdu, M. A.; Schuch, N. J.; Makita, K.; Resende, L.; Guizelli, L. M.; Su Chen, S.



Oridonin promotes CD4+\\/CD25+ Treg differentiation, modulates Th1\\/Th2 balance and induces HO1 in rat splenic lymphocytes  

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.\\u000a Objective and design:  \\u000a Oridonin is an ent-kaurene diterpenoid extracted from Isodon Serra, and we have previously demonstrated its immunosuppressive effect. Our goal was to study how Oridonin impacts CD4+\\/CD25+ regulatory T cells (Tregs) and Th1\\/Th2 balance, as well as its effect on the anti-inflammatory target HO-1.\\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a Material:  Splenic lymphocytes were prepared from male 6–8-week-old SD rats.\\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a Treatment:  Cells were cultured in

A.-P. Hu; J.-M. Du; J.-Y. Li; J.-W. Liu



Estimating reforestation by means of remote sensing  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

LANDSAT imagery at the scale of 1:250.000 and obtained from bands 5 and 7 as well as computer compatible tapes were used to evaluate the effectiveness of remotely sensed orbital data in inventorying forests in a 462,100 area of Brazil emcompassing the cities of Ribeirao, Altinopolis Cravinhos, Serra Azul, Luis Antonio, Sao Simao, Santa Rita do Passa Quatro, and Santa Rosa do Viterbo. Visual interpretation of LANDSAT imagery shows that 37,766 hectares (1977) and 38,003.75 hectares (1979) were reforested areas of pine and eucalyptus species. An increment of 237.5 hectares was found during this two-year time lapse.

Dejesusparada, N. (principal investigator); Filho, P. H.; Shimabukuro, Y. E.; Dossantos, J. R.



Diversity of larvae of littoral Chironomidae (Diptera: Insecta) and their role as bioindicators in urban reservoirs of different trophic levels.  


The Chironomidae (Diptera: Insecta) have a high species richness, with species adapted to live under widely different environmental conditions. The study of the taxonomic composition of chironomid larvae and the percentage of occurrence of deformities in mouthparts, mainly in the mentum, are used in biomonitoring programmes in order to obtain information on the levels of organic and chemical pollution of aquatic ecosystems. The objective of this study was to evaluate the abundance of chironomid larvae and to quantify the occurrence of mentum deformities in the specimens collected in three urban reservoirs with different trophic levels. The reservoirs are located in the hydrographic basin of the Paraopeba River, an affluent of the São Francisco River basin (Minas Gerais State, southeastern Brazil). The Serra Azul Reservoir is oligotrophic, the Vargem das Flores Reservoir is mesotrophic, and the Ibirité Reservoir is eutrophic. Along the littoral zone of each reservoir, 30 samples were collected during each sampling campaign. Sampling was carried out every three months for one year, with two sampling campaigns during the wet season and two during the dry season in 2008. Physical and chemical parameters measured in the water column included the water depth, Secchi depth, air and water temperature, electrical conductivity, total dissolved solids, redox potential, dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, Total-N, Total-P, P-ortho, and chlorophyll-a. The chironomid larvae were identified to the genus level. The structure of the chironomid assemblages was evaluated based on taxonomic richness (24 genera), density, equitability, and diversity. The potential indicator taxa for each reservoir were established through an Indicator Species Analysis. The values for taxonomic richness (20 taxa), equitability (0.737), and Shannon-Wiener diversity (2.215) were highest in the Serra Azul Reservoir. Fissimentum was the indicator taxon in Serra Azul, the oligotrophic reservoir; whereas Pelomus was the indicator taxon in Vargem das Flores, and Chironomus in Ibirité. The highest percentage of mentum deformities was found during the dry season in Serra Azul (6.9%), while the lowest percentage was found during the wet season in Vargem das Flores (0.8%). The results of this study evidenced significant differences in the taxonomic composition, richness, equitability, and diversity of the chironomid assemblages in these three reservoirs of different trophic levels. PMID:21180904

Morais, S S; Molozzi, J; Viana, A L; Viana, T H; Callisto, M



The thickness of eucritic crust in the HED parent body  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Because cumulate eucrites are generally thought to be located at the lower part in eucritic crust on a diogenitic mantle in the HED parent body, the burial depth of cumulate eucrites gives information on the thickness of the eucritic crust. We estimated the burial depth and cooling rate of cumulate eucrites, Serra de Mage and Moore County on the basis of the width of augite lamellae and compositional gradients of Ca in pyroxenes by numerically solving the diffusion equation. We obtained the burial depth of the eucrites of 7-8 km and cooling rate of 0.00016-0.0002 degrees C/yr.

Miyamoto, M.; Takeda, H.



Cosmic ray precursor observed by Global Network of Muon Detectors (GNMD)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Global Network of Muon Detectors (GNMD) is a network of multidirectional muon telescopes distributed in three different continents, covering global rage of asymptotic telescope views. The muon telescopes that compose the GNMD are installed in Nagoya (Japan), Hobart (Australia), São Martinho da Serra (Brazil), and Kuwait (Kuwait). Using GNMD data it was possible to a observe a cosmic ray precursor for the magnetic storm occurred at December 2006 (Dst -150 nT).This occurred approximately 8 hours before the storm sudden commencement (SSC). In this work we will explain this cosmic ray precursory associated with ICMEs and discuss the possibility of a Space Weather forecasting using this kind of analysis.

da Silva, Marlos; Dal Lago, Alisson; Gonzalez Alarcon, Walter Demétrio; Munakata, Kazuoki; Kuwabara, Takao; Echer, Ezequiel; de Lucas, Aline


A 'chondritic' eucrite parent body - Inference from trace elements  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Thirty-three elements were analyzed by radiochemical and instrumented neutron activation in four eucrites - Juvinas (brecciated), Ibitira (vesicular, unbrecciated) and Moore County and Serra de Mage (both cumulate, unbrecciated). Nebular and planetary effects are distinguished in the C1-normalized abundance patterns arranged in the order of volatility. Lithophile, chalcophile, and siderophile patterns are discussed; the stepped lithophile pattern reveals the dominance of nebular processes while the siderophile pattern retains little sign of nebular processes and instead reflects planetary metal-silicate partition. Volatiles were apparently accreted as a fractionated C3-like component, and consistent but subtle C1-normalized abundance differences between eucrites result from crystal/liquid differentiation.

Morgan, J. W.; Higuchi, H.; Takahashi, H.; Hertogen, J.



EDITORIAL: XVI Brazilian Colloquium on Orbital Dynamics  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The XVI Brazilian Colloquium on Orbital Dynamics was held from 26-30 November 2012, at the Biazi Grand Hotel, Serra Negra, São Paulo, Brazil. The Brazilian Colloquia on Orbital Dynamics are scientific events that occur bi-annually and are designed to develop those areas of research in celestial mechanics, orbital dynamics, planetary science, fundamental astronomy, aerospace engineering, and nonlinear systems and chaos. The meeting has been held for 30 years and it brings together researchers, professors and students from South American and also from other continents. Acknowledgements National Council for Scientific and Technological Development - CNPq Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Level - CAPES São Paulo Research Foundation - FAPESP

de Melo, Cristiano F.; Macau, Elbert E. N.; Prado, Antonio B. A.; Hetem Jnr, Annibal



Antecedentes de la evolucion historica de los recursos de uranio de la region de Cuyo entre 1951-1968. (Antecedents of historical evolution of the uranium resources in the Cuyo region, between 1951 and 1968).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The present article pretends to summarize the initial stage of the development of national uranium resources - focusing the labor done by the Escuela Superior de Ingenieria en Combustible of the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo - between the years 1951 and 19...

A. A. Vergara Bai



Revisão sistemática sobre obesidade em adolescentes brasileiros  

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Resumo - O propósito deste estudo foi revisar, de forma sistemática, a literatura nacional sobre a prevalência e fatores associados à obesidade em adolescentes. A busca foi realizada nas bases de dados Pubmed e Bireme, através dos descritores: \\

Rafael Miranda Tassitano; Maria Cecília Marinho Tenório; Pedro C Hallal


Proceedings of University Seminar on Pollution and Water Resources. Volume IX: 1975-1978.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Contents: Federal saline water conversion program (1976); Salinity management and the development of the Colorado River Basin; Plan nacional hidraulico (Mexican national water plan-1973); The unanswered challenge: Planning to meet the total water resource...

G. J. Halasi-Kun K. Widmer



Evaluation of Refractivity Profiles from CHAMP and SCA-C GPS Radio Occultation.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The GeoForschungsZentrum's Challenging Minisatellite Payload for Geophysical Research and Application (CHAMP, Germany-US) and the Comision Nacional de Actividades Especiales' Satelite de Aplicaciones Cientificas-C (SAC-C, Argentina-US) missions are the fi...

P. Poli C. C. Ao J. Joiner M. de la Torre Juarez R. Hoff



Term Dictionary Widget Spanish

Diccionario de cncer Definiciones fciles de entender de trminos relacionados con el cncer y la medicina. | Aclaracin Este widget proporciona contenido del Instituto Nacional del Cncer (NCI) y est disponible como


Transformación de los programas de estudios clínicos del NCI

Información sobre los programas e iniciativas del NCI que patrocinan, realizan, crean o apoyan estudios clínicos, entre los que se incluyen la Red Nacional de Estudios Clínicos (NCTN) y el Programa de Investigación Oncológica Comunitaria (NCORP) del NCI.


Rapid Photometry of the delta Scuti Variable 63 Her.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The Delta Scuti variable 63 Her was observed during 21 nights at two observatories (Observatorio del Teide, Tenerife Island, Spain and Observatorio Astronomico Nacional de San Pedro Martir in Baja California, Mexico). Six frequencies of pulsation are unam...

A. Mangeney M. Chevreton J. A. Belmonte W. Daeppen O. Saint-Pe



75 FR 15772 - Additional Designations, Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Militar Nacional 607092 (Mexico); Electoral Registry No. MRGNPR73051625H400 (Mexico); (INDIVIDUAL) [SDNTK] 35. VALENZUELA ZUNIGA, Ruben Alejandro, Privada Garcia Conde No. 107, Int. 06, Col. San Felipe, Chihuahua, Chihuaha, Mexico;...



Contribuicao geofisica a folha Patos (PI). (Geophysical contribution for Folha Patos (PI, Brazil)).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

As a part of PLGB (Brazilian Geologic reconnaissance program), executed in 1986-1989 period by Companhia de Pesquisa de Recursos Minerais - CPRM to the Departamento Nacional da Producao Mineral - DNPM, geophysical studies were carried out in the Patos Qua...

J. C. Rodrigues A. C. Mota M. J. Metelo R. M. Vasconcelos



NCI en el congreso de ASCO 2014

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) participará en el 50° congreso anual de la Sociedad Americana de Oncología Clínica (ASCO) que tendrá lugar del 30 de mayo al 3 de junio de 2014 en Chicago, Illinois.


Informe de Labores 1995-1996. (Work report 1995-1996).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares presents the results obtained from the activities carried out during the period 1995-1996. This report is divided into 3 main sections, plus a statistical appendix. The first section points out the impor...

National Institute of Nuclear Resea



Collaborative Research and Support Program on Food Intake and Human Function: Mexico Project.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The Mexico Collaborative Research and Support Program on Nutrition and Function (Mexico CRSP) was a joint effort of researchers from the Instituto Nacional de la Nutricion Salvador Zubiran (INN), Division de Nutricion de Comunidad in Mexico City and the U...

L. H. Allen G. H. Pelto A. Chavez



Prevalencia de Bocio Endemico en la Poblacion escolar de Bolivia (Prevalence of Endemic Goiter in the School Population of Bolivia).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Although goiter has been endemic in Bolivia since the days of colonization, the actual magnitude and severity of the disease has never been measured. This 1981 study by the Instituto Nacional de Alimentacion y Nutricion was conducted to statistically meas...

R. Vera G. Varela M. Feraudi V. Cossio R. Lopez



El NCI inicia un estudio para evaluar la utilidad de la secuenciación genética para mejorar los resultados en los pacientes

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) lanzará este mes un estudio clínico piloto denominado M-PACT con la finalidad de evaluar si el tratamiento asignado según mutaciones genéticas específicas puede brindar beneficios a pacientes con tumores sólidos metastásicos.


Cheralite Quartzites in Itiuba Mountains-Bahia, Brazil.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Quartzitic pebbles of anomalous radioactivity were found by the geologists of the 'Comissao Nacional de Energia Nuclear' of Brazil (CNEN) in November 1964 in the Vicinity of Santa Rosa, municipality of Jaguarari, Bahia. A radioactive anomaly of large exte...

E. Gorsky V. A. Gorsky



Mass concentration, composition and sources of fine and coarse particulate matter in Tijuana, Mexico, during Cal-Mex campaign  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This work was carried out in the framework of the Cal-Mex project, which focuses on investigating the atmosphere along Mexico–California border region. Sampling was carried out at two sites located in Tijuana urban area: Parque Morelos and Metales y Derivados. PM2.5 and PM10 24 h samples were collected every three days from 17th May 2010 to 27th June 2010, and were used for gravimetric and chemical analyses (major and minor elements, inorganic ions, organic and elemental carbon) of PM. A subsequent Positive Matrix Factorization (PMF) analysis was performed.

Minguillón, María Cruz; Campos, Arturo Alberto; Cárdenas, Beatriz; Blanco, Salvador; Molina, Luisa T.; Querol, Xavier



Toxoplasmosis in golden-headed lion tamarins (Leontopithecus chrysomelas) and emperor marmosets (Saguinus imperator) in captivity.  


From 1991 to 1995, eight New World nonhuman primates of the family Callitrichidae belonging to the collection of Fundacão Parque Zoologico de São Paulo died of toxoplasmosis. Of the eight affected nonhuman primates, four were Leontopithecus chrysomelas (one male, three females) and four were Saguinus imperator (two males, two females). The most commonly affected organs were the lungs, liver, and lymph nodes, with hemorrhagic and necrotic lesions. Histopathologic examination revealed protozoa that were morphologically consistent with Toxoplasma gondii. Immunohistochemical assays were strongly positive for T. gondii. PMID:10982139

Epiphanio, S; Guimarães, M A; Fedullo, D L; Correa, S H; Catão-Dias, J L



Genotoxic potential generated by biomass burning in the Brazilian Legal Amazon by Tradescantia micronucleus bioassay: a toxicity assessment study  

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Background The Brazilian Amazon has suffered impacts from non-sustainable economic development, especially owing to the expansion of agricultural commodities into forest areas. The Tangará da Serra region, located in the southern of the Legal Amazon, is characterized by non-mechanized sugar cane production. In addition, it lies on the dispersion path of the pollution plume generated by biomass burning. The aim of this study was to assess the genotoxic potential of the atmosphere in the Tangará da Serra region, using Tradescantia pallida as in situ bioindicator. Methods The study was conducted during the dry and rainy seasons, where the plants were exposed to two types of exposure, active and passive. Results The results showed that in all the sampling seasons, irrespective of exposure type, there was an increase in micronucleus frequency, compared to control and that it was statistically significant in the dry season. A strong and significant relationship was also observed between the increase in micronucleus incidence and the rise in fine particulate matter, and hospital morbidity from respiratory diseases in children. Conclusions Based on the results, we demonstrated that pollutants generated by biomass burning in the Brazilian Amazon can induce genetic damage in test plants that was more prominent during dry season, and correlated with the level of particulates and elevated respiratory morbidity.



Using a systematic approach to select flagship species for bird conservation.  


Conservation marketing campaigns that focus on flagship species play a vital role in biological diversity conservation because they raise funds and change people's behavior. However, most flagship species are selected without considering the target audience of the campaign, which can hamper the campaign's effectiveness. To address this problem, we used a systematic and stakeholder-driven approach to select flagship species for a conservation campaign in the Serra do Urubu in northeastern Brazil. We based our techniques on environmental economic and marketing methods. We used choice experiments to examine the species attributes that drive preference and latent-class models to segment respondents into groups by preferences and socioeconomic characteristics. We used respondent preferences and information on bird species inhabiting the Serra do Urubu to calculate a flagship species suitability score. We also asked respondents to indicate their favorite species from a set list to enable comparison between methods. The species' traits that drove audience preference were geographic distribution, population size, visibility, attractiveness, and survival in captivity. However, the importance of these factors differed among groups and groups differed in their views on whether species with small populations and the ability to survive in captivity should be prioritized. The popularity rankings of species differed between approaches, a result that was probably related to the different ways in which the 2 methods measured preference. Our new approach is a transparent and evidence-based method that can be used to refine the way stakeholders are engaged in the design of conservation marketing campaigns. PMID:24033848

Veríssimo, Diogo; Pongiluppi, Tatiana; Santos, Maria Cintia M; Develey, Pedro F; Fraser, Iain; Smith, Robert J; MacMilan, Douglas C



Did Upper Cretaceous Intrusions reactivate Pre-Cretaceous structures at the South Atlantic passive continental margin of Brazil?  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

"Passive" continental margins especially of the South Atlantic Ocean are perfect locations to quantify exhumation, rock uplift, and surface uplift rates, model the long-term landscape evolution and provide information on the influence of mantle processes on a longer time scale. Furthermore, these passive margin allow to study the influence of large intrusions on the reactivation of Pre-Intrusion structures. In Southern Brazil, the Poços de Caldas intrusion (83 Ma) took place in Neoproterozoic para-metamorphic rocks of amphibolite facies, which are deformed and metamorphosed during the Central Brazilian Orogeny (630 Ma - 510 Ma). The compressional deformation caused major N-S trending transform faults, and related perpendicular structures. In the Serra da Mantiqueira and Serra do Mar to the East, these N-S trending transform structures are reactivated at about 120 Ma. Together with the surrounding Precambrian metamorphic rocks the Poços de Caldas Intrusion forms the Poços de Caldas Plateau reaching elevatiosn between 900 m.a.s.l. and 1300 m.a.s.l. The intrusion covers an area of 800 km². The presentation will provide data and discuss the influence of the large intrusion on Pre-Intrusion structures within the surrounding metamorphic basement.

Glasmacher, Ulrich Anton; De Souza Silva, Jaqueline; Hackspacher, Peter Christian; Doranti-Tiritan, Carolina



Correlation between the cosmic noise absorption calculated from the SARINET data and the energetic particles measured by MEPED: Simultaneous observations over SAMA region  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The cosmic noise absorption is presented in terms of two-dimensional images obtained from the imaging riometers operated at the Southern Space Observatory (geographic coordinate: 29.4° S, 53.1° W), in São Martinho da Serra, Brazil, Concepcion (geographic coordinate: 36.5° S, 73.0° W) and Punta Arenas (geographic coordinate: 53.0° S, 70.5° W) in Chile, which belong to the South American Riometer Network and are located at the central and periphery regions of the South American Magnetic Anomaly. Correlations are performed between the maximum cosmic noise absorption observed at these stations and the energetic electron flux in two energy channels (>30 and >300 keV) and the proton flux in three energy channels (80-240, 800-2500 and >6900 keV) as measured by the Medium Energy Proton and Electron Detector, during a moderate geomagnetic storm that occurred on September 3, 2008. The results show high correlations between the cosmic noise absorption detected at São Martinho da Serra and the flux of protons with energy between 80 and 240 keV, and the flux of electrons with energies higher than 300 keV, while an additional ionization at Concepcion was correlated with electrons of energies higher than 30 keV. The cosmic noise absorption detected at Punta Arenas was probably caused by the increase of the protons flux with energy between 80 and 240 keV.

Moro, J.; Denardini, C. M.; Abdu, M. A.; Correia, E.; Schuch, N. J.; Makita, K.



Observations of Pluto-Charon mutual events  

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As part of the planned 'Pluto-Charon Mutual Eclipse Season Campaign', one mutual event was observed at the ESO Observatory on July 10, 1986 and seven mutual events were observed at the Serra La Nave stellar station of Catania Astrophysical Observatory from April 29 to July 21, 1987. At ESO the measurements were performed at the 61-cm Bochum telescope equipped with a photon-counting system and U, B, V, filters; at Serra La Nave the Cassegrain focus of the 91-cm reflector was equipped with a photon-counting system and B and V filters. The observed light losses and contact times do not show relevant systematic deviations from the predicted ones. An examination of the behavior of the B and V light curves gives slight indications of a different slope of the B and V light loss of the same event for a superior or an inferior event, and shows that the superior events are shallower at wavelengths longer than B. 6 refs.

Blanco, C.; Di Martino, M.; Ferreri, W. (Catania Universita (Italy); Osservatorio Astronomico, Turin (Italy))



Genetic diversity of Vriesea cacuminis (Bromeliaceae): an endangered and endemic Brazilian species.  


Data about the genetic structure can help to understand the evolutionary process of natural populations as well as to drive strategies of conservation. Vriesea cacuminis, an endemic Brazilian Bromeliad, has been found in 2 areas of Minas Gerais State. One is a legal preservation unit (Ibitipoca State Park) and the other an unprotected area (Serra Negra). The 2 areas belong to the Mantiqueira Mountain Range Complex; both are characterized by steep relief with high altitudes and by heterogenic vegetation formed by a mosaic of rocky fields and forest fragments. According to International Union for Conservation of Nature criteria, V. cacuminis is designated as "vulnerable". We examined the genetic variability and population structure of 70 individuals (3 populations) of V. cacuminis, using 16 ISSR markers. Although V. cacuminis is considered a rare species, the estimated genetic diversity was found to be relatively high (Shannon index = 0.33; percentage of polymorphic bands = 87%). The populations were found not to be structured (AMOVA test, ?ST = 0.16), probably due to the cross-breeding. Based on Bayesian analysis, this species includes one cluster containing the populations from Ibitipoca State Park and another cluster including the population from Serra Negra. This information will help determine strategies to maintain the genetic variability of these populations. PMID:23913376

Ribeiro, P C C; Pinheiro, L C; Domingues, R; Forzza, R C; Machado, M A; Viccini, L F



Lasiodin Inhibits Proliferation of Human Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Cells by Simultaneous Modulation of the Apaf-1/Caspase, AKT/MAPK and COX-2/NF-?B Signaling Pathways  

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Rabdosia serra has been widely used for the treatment of the various human diseases. However, the antiproliferative effects and underlying mechanisms of the compounds in this herb remain largely unknown. In this study, an antiproliferative compound against human nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) cells from Rabdosia serra was purified and identified as lasiodin (a diterpenoid). The treatment with lasiodin inhibited cell viability and migration. Lasiodin also mediated the cell morphology change and induced apoptosis in NPC cells. The treatment with lasiodin induced the Apaf-1 expression, triggered the cytochrome-C release, and stimulated the PARP, caspase-3 and caspase-9 cleavages, thereby activating the apoptotic pathways. The treatment with lasiodin also significantly inhibited the phosphorylations of the AKT, ERK1/2, p38 and JNK proteins. The pretreatment with the AKT or MAPK-selective inhibitors considerably blocked the lasiodin-mediated inhibition of cell proliferation. Moreover, the treatment with lasiodin inhibited the COX-2 expression, abrogated NF-?B binding to the COX-2 promoter, and promoted the NF-?B translocation from cell nuclei to cytosol. The pretreatment with a COX-2-selective inhibitor abrogated the lasiodin-induced inhibition of cell proliferation. These results indicated that lasiodin simultaneously activated the Apaf-1/caspase-dependent apoptotic pathways and suppressed the AKT/MAPK and COX-2/NF-?B signaling pathways. This study also suggested that lasiodin could be a promising natural compound for the prevention and treatment of NPC.

Lin, Lianzhu; Deng, Wuguo; Tian, Yun; Chen, Wangbing; Wang, Jingshu; Fu, Lingyi; Shi, Dingbo; Zhao, Mouming; Luo, Wei



[Factors associated with dietary quality among adults in Greater Metropolitan São Paulo, Brazil, 2002].  


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the demographic, socioeconomic, and lifestyle factors associated with quality of diet in adults residing in Greater Metropolitan São Paulo, Brazil. This was a cross-sectional, population-based study conducted in the district of Butantã and the municipalities of Itapecerica da Serra, Embu, and Taboão da Serra, based on data from a questionnaire and 24-hour recall from 1,840 adults, both males and females, included in a household health survey (ISA-SP). Dietary quality was assessed using the Healthy Eating Index (HEI) adapted to the local reality. Linear regression analysis was used to evaluate the relationship between HEI and other variables. Most individuals (75%) ate diets that were rated as "need improvement". The mean HEI was low for fruit, vegetables, and dairy products. Number of durable goods, head-of-family's schooling, and age >or= 60 years were associated with HEI in men. For women, age was associated with HEI. Energy intake was considered an adjustment variable for both genders. PMID:18209845

Morimoto, Juliana Masami; Latorre, Maria do Rosário Dias de Oliveira; César, Chester Luiz Galvão; Carandina, Luana; Barros, Marilisa Berti de Azevedo; Goldbaum, Moises; Fisberg, Regina Mara



[Diversity of the order Lepidoptera (Hesperioidea and Papilionoidea) from Corrientes city, Argentina].  


Urbanization is one of the most important threats for biodiversity. Among many different organisms, butterflies are useful indicators of environment diversity and quality. The aim of this study was to investigate the Lepidoptera from Corrientes city. Random samplings were performed at two sites: a native forest situated in Santa Catalina district and an urban area, Parque Mitre. The captures were carried out using entomological nets, at four seasons between January to October 2007. A total of 1 114 butterflies, represented by six families: Hesperiidae, Lycaenidae, Nymphalidae, Papilionidae, Pieridae and Riodinidae and 18 subfamilies were recorded. Fifty-nine genera and 75 species were identified; Anartia jatrophae jatrophae was the most abundant species at both localities. This species and Urbanus procne, Phoebis sennae marcellina, Pyrgus orcus and Dryas iulia alcionea were, among other seven, captured at all months. Highest values of abundance were registered during the warmest seasons. Santa Catalina presented the largest abundance (n = 701), richness (S = 74) and diversity (H' = 3.87). A total of 413 individuals and 52 species were identified at Parque Mitre, and Shannon diversity index was 3.58. The obtained data reveals a high species richness and similarity at both sites. PMID:21516652

Gabriela Lazzeri, María; Esther Bar, María; Pieri Damborsky, Miryam



Reproductive Modes in Leiothrix (Eriocaulaceae) in South-eastern Brazil: The Role of Microenvironmental Heterogeneity  

PubMed Central

Background and Aims The genus Leiothrix (Eriocaulaceae) is restricted to South America and contains 37 taxa. The genus is most species-rich in the mountains of Minas Gerais, where 25 species occur, 19 of them in the Serra do Cipó. Leiothrix taxa that inhabit different microhabitats exhibit a number of reproductive modes. Rhizomatous taxa produce seeds plentifully; therefore, this group were defined as rhizomatous seed-producing. The pseudoviviparous reproductive mode was divided into canopy-forming and rooted. In the first, ramets remain attached to a parental rosette suspended by scapes, whereas in the second, ramets take root and may or may not remain attached to a parental rosette. In this study, it is proposed that microenvironmental heterogeneity is an important factor generating and maintaining reproductive modes in Leiothrix. Methods Soil analyses and vegetation cover estimates were performed for five Leiothrix taxa occurring in 19 areas along the Serra do Cipó. In these 19 points of the Serra do Cipó, soil data were collected from 27 populations of each species, and vegetation cover data were collected from 20 populations, due to fire that occurred in the region and destroyed most of the vegetation. For each population, three replicates were made. A discriminant function analysis was performed, in an attempt to test the effect of microhabitat features in the differentiation of the reproductive modes. Key Results Discriminant function analyses separated the three groups of reproductive modes based mainly on percentage vegetation cover. The pseudoviviparous canopy-forming group occurs under densely crowded conditions, while the pseudoviviparous rooted and rhizomatous seed-producing groups occur in areas with sparse vegetation cover. However, the group pseudoviviparous rooted occurs in soils constituted of exposed sand, while the rhizomatous seed-producing group occurs, frequently, on mat-forming mosses. Conclusions Microenvironmental heterogeneity, specifically heterogeneity in percentage cover of vegetation, appears to have influenced the generation and maintenance of reproductive modes in Leiothrix. Reproductive variation within Leiothrix taxa occupying different microenvironments results from a response to fine-scale habitat variation. Therefore, it is proposed that ecological speciation is an important process in adaptive radiation in this genus.

Coelho, Flavia F.; Capelo, Christina; Ribeiro, Leonardo C.; Figueira, Jose Eugenio C.



The Parent Magmas of the Cumulate Eucrites: A Mass Balance Approach  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The cumulate eucrite meteorites are gabbros that are related to the eucrite basalt meteorites. The eucrite basalts are relatively primitive (nearly flat REE patterns with La approx. 8-30 x CI), but the parent magmas of the cumulate eucrites have been inferred as extremely evolved (La to greater than 100 x CI). This inference has been based on mineral/magma partitioning, and on mass balance considering the cumulate eucrites as adcumulates of plagioclase + pigeonite only; both approaches have been criticized as inappropriate. Here, mass balance including magma + equilibrium pigeonite + equilibrium plagiociase is used to test a simple model for the cumulate eucrites: that they formed from known eucritic magma types, that they consisted only of magma + crystals in chemical equilibrium with the magma, and that they were closed to chemical exchange after the accumulation of crystals. This model is tested for major and Rare Earth Elements (REE). The cumulate eucrites Serra de Mage and Moore County are consistent, in both REE and major elements, with formation by this simple model from a eucrite magma with a composition similar to the Nuevo Laredo meteorite: Serra de Mage as 14% magma, 47.5% pigeonite, and 38.5% plagioclase; Moore County as 35% magma, 37.5% pigeonite, and 27.5% plagioclase. These results are insensitive to the choice of mineral/magma partition coefficients. Results for the Moama cumulate eucrite are strongly dependent on choice of partition coefficients; for one reasonable choice, Moama's composition can be modeled as 4% Nuevo Laredo magma, 60% pigeonite, and 36% plagioclase. Selection of parent magma composition relies heavily on major elements; the REE cannot uniquely indicate a parent magma among the eucrite basalts. The major element composition of Y-791195 can be fit adequately as a simple cumulate from any basaltic eucrite composition. However, Y-791195 has LREE abundances and La/Lu too low to be accommodated within the model using any basaltic eucrite composition and any reasonable partition coefficients. Postcumulus loss of incompatible elements seems possible. It is intriguing that Serra de Mage, Moore County, and Moama are consistent with the same parental magma; could they be from the same igneous body on the eucrite parent asteroid (4 Vesta)?

Treiman, Allan H.



The New 40 Meter Radiotelescope of OAN at Yebes  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Observatorio Astronómico Nacional (OAN) of Spain (Instituto Geográfico Nacional - Ministerio de Fomento) is building a new 40 meter parabolic radiotelescope in its premises at Centro Astronómico de Yebes (CAY), near Guadalajara, Spain. The instrument, whose construction is progressing well, is expected to be available for observations in 2004. The new radiotelescope will be equiped with state-of-the-art receivers in the 2 to 115 GHz range (including the geodetic S/X bands), and will join the astronomical and geodetic VLBI networks (EVN and IVS) from the start of its operations.

Colomer, Francisco



Traditions of the Sun  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This Web site explores the desire shared by past civilizations and today's society to observe and study the sun. It features two interactive modules, which include satellite images, aerial photographs, panoramic pictures, time-lapse videos and other multimedia. Each module is focused on a different ancient culture: Maya in the Yucatan and Native Americans in Chaco Canyon. The site is a collaboration among NASA; the National Park Service at Chaco Canyon; the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México in Mexico; and Space Imaging and Ideum, a media design company.



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Advertisement and courtship calls of Phyllodytes wuchereri (Peters, 1873) (Anura: Hylidae) .  


The genus Phyllodytes Wagler comprises 11 species, of which six have vocalizations already described [P. edelmoi Peixoto, Caramaschi & Freire, 2003 (Lima et al. 2008); P. gyrinaethes Peixoto, Caramaschi & Freire, 2003 (Roberto & Ávila 2013); P. luteolus (Wied-Neuwied, 1824) (Weygoldt 1981); P. melanomystax Caramaschi, Silva & Britto-Pereira, 1992 (Nunes et al. 2007); P. kautskyi Peixoto & Cruz, 1988 (Simon & Peres 2012); and P. tuberculosus Bokermann, 1966 (Juncá et al. 2012)]. Here we describe the advertisement and courtship calls of P. wuchereri (Peters, 1873) recorded at the Private Reserve of Natural Heritage (RPPN) Serra Bonita, in the Camacan municipality, Bahia State, Brazil (15o23'S, 39o33'W; 900 m a.s.l.). This is the first description of a courtship call of the genus Phyllodytes.  PMID:24871409

Cruz, Deise; Marciano-Jr, Euvaldo; Napoli, Marcelo Felgueiras



The Mesozoic Continental Magmatism in Brazil: its Role in the Western Gondwana Evolution from Integrated Paleomagnetic and Geochemical Data  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Most of the Paleozoic era in the South American platform represents a period of tectonic quiescence during which large sedimentary basins evolved. Subsequently an intense magmatic activity took place preceding the disclosure of the Gondwana from Pangea, and later the disruption of the western Gondwana blocks (South America and Africa separation). In Brazil Early Jurassic (~220-180 Ma) tholeiitic basalts erupted mostly in the northern area (Amazonas and Parnaíba basins), whereas the Early Cretaceous (~140-120 Ma) is best represented by the huge magmatism of the Serra Geral Formation (Paraná basin, southeastern Brazil). An intense associated intrusive activity in the form of dykes and sills of both ages is widespread all over the country but tends to concentrate towards the continental margins. The integration of paleomagnetic and geochemical data on the Brazilian Mesozoic magmatism put some constraints on the timing, duration and the mantle sources involved in the generation of the magma products related to the different magmatic events.

Ernesto, M.; Marques, L. S.



Unilateral NMR study of a XVI century wall painted.  


Wall paintings in the XVI century Serra Chapel in the "Chiesa di Nostra Signora del Sacro Cuore" Rome, have been studied using unilateral NMR. In order to map the distribution of moisture content in the wall painted, a large number of Hahn echo measurements, covering large areas of the wall painting were performed. Because the intensity of the Hahn echo is proportional to the amount of moisture in the area under study, the experimental data were transformed into 2D gradient colour maps which allowed an easy visualization of the moisture content of the wall. The state of conservation of the wall painting was monitored using T2 measurements specially with regards to outcropping salt. PMID:17433740

Proietti, N; Capitani, D; Rossi, E; Cozzolino, S; Segre, A L



Exploration of the Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Meteorological Variables over the Bay Area in Summer  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Bay Area is known for its many microclimates. On a typical summer day one does not have to go far to experience big changes in temperature, cloud cover, and humidity. We thought it would be interesting to measure how rapidly the weather can change as one moves around the Bay Area. On five separate days during August 2005, we measured temperature, relative humidity, pressure, and GPS positions at various locations using instruments mounted on a car. Our measurements took place on trips back and forth from the San Francisco State University campus to Twin Peaks, Mt. Diablo, Mt. Tamalpais, and the Junipero Serra statue on Interstate 280. This allowed us to sample the changes in the variables we measured in the east-west, north-south and up-down direction. The data were collected using various instruments and were recorded using a data logger and then downloaded to a computer and analyzed. The results of our analysis will be presented.

Garcia, O.; Frieberg, E.; Dempsey, D.; Corbett, S.; Batjargal, Z.; Chow, B.; Lara, E.; Matic, M.



Three new species of Solanum (Brevantherum Clade) endemic to the Brazilian Atlantic Forest  

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Abstract Three new Brazilian species of the Brevantherum clade of Solanum (Solanaceae) are described, all closely related to the poorly known Solanum inornatum Witasek. Solanum bradei Giacomin & Stehmann, sp. nov., and Solanum kriegeri Giacomin & Stehmann, sp. nov., differ from S. inornatum in having very small deltate calyx lobes that are not accrescent in fruit. Solanum bradei is a shrub up to 1.8 m with generally pedunculate inflorescences and tiny translucent fruits, whereas Solanum kriegeri is a dwarf glabrescent plant growing on sandy soils in cloud forests, with larger fruits and sessile to subsessile inflorescence. Solanum friburgense Giacomin & Stehmann, sp. nov., has linear calyx lobes like S. inornatum, and is characterized by its 2-foliate sympodia and leaf pubescence, with trichomes concentrated on leaf veins. The species here described and illustrated are restricted to the mountain ranges of Mantiqueira and Serra do Mar in the Atlantic forests of southeastern Brazil and are all of considerable conservation concern.

Giacomin, Leandro L.; Stehmann, Joao R.



Macrogeographic genetic variation in broad-snouted caiman (Caiman latirostris).  


Broad-snouted caiman's (Caiman latirostris) geographic distribution comprises one of the widest latitudinal ranges among all crocodilians. In this study we analyzed the relationship between geographic distance (along the species latitudinal range) and genetic differentiation using DNA microsatellite loci developed for C. latirostris and Alligator mississippiensis. The results suggest that there is a consistent relationship between geographic distance and genetic differentiation; however, other biogeographical factors seem to be relevant. The Atlantic Chain (Serra do Mar) seems to be an effective geographic barrier, as well as the relatively narrow (< or =1.5 km) sea channel between Cardoso Island and the continent. In addition, coastal populations seem to have been well connected in recent geological time (Pleistocene 16,000 years ago) all along the eastern Brazilian coast. Further studies should focus on the São Francisco River drainage, which is still poorly known for this species. PMID:18661469

Villela, Priscilla Marqui Schmidt; Coutinho, Luiz Lehmann; Piña, Carlos Ignacio; Verdade, Luciano M



Nerocila species (Crustacea, Isopoda, Cymothoidae) from Indian marine fishes.  


Eleven Nerocila species are recorded from 22 marine fishes belonging to 15 families. Three, Nerocila arres, Nerocila depressa, and Nerocila loveni, are new for the Indian fauna. N. arres and Nerocila sigani, previously synonymized, are redescribed and their individuality is restored. Nerocila exocoeti, until now inadequately identified, is described and distinctly characterized. A neotype is designated. New hosts were identified for N. depressa, N. loveni, Nerocila phaiopleura, Nerocila serra, and Nerocila sundaica. Host-parasite relationships were considered. The parasitologic indexes were calculated. The site of attachment of the parasites on their hosts was also observed. A checklist of the nominal Nerocila species until now reported from Indian marine fishes was compiled. PMID:23324945

Trilles, Jean-Paul; Rameshkumar, Ganapathy; Ravichandran, Samuthirapandian



Sm-Nd Age and Initial Sr-87/Sr-86 for Yamato 980318: An Old Cumulate Eucrite  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The complex pyroxene exsolution texture of the Moore County cumulate eucrite was interpreted by Miyamoto and Takeda as indicating initial cooling at 160 C/Ma followed by a sudden temperature rise and final cooling at 0.35 C/yr. They suggested initial cooling at a depth of approx. 8 km near the base of Vesta s crust, followed by impact excavation to its surface. Young Sm-Nd ages of approx. 4456, 4460, and 4410 Ma, respectively, for the Moore County, Moama, and Serra de Mag cumulate eucrites are puzzling because closure to Nd isotopic exchange would occur in only a few Ma at the above initial cooling rate. The exception to young ages among the cumulate eucrites is EET87520, with a 147Sm-147 - Nd-143 age of 4547-4598 Ma. We report here initial results of a combined mineralogical/chronological study of the Yamato 980318 feldspar-cumulate eucrite.

Nyquist, L. E.; Takeda, H.; Shih, C.-Y.; Wiesmann, H.



Brazilian Stone Meteorites  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Why are Brazilian stone meteorites interesting and worthy of their own volume? Before the investigations reported in this volume, many had been poorly described, but, more significantly, several are unique and their proper description is important for the development of ideas on the origin and evolution of all meteorites.Twenty-one meteorites are described. The most significant and important are the achondrites Angra dos Reis, Governador Valadares, Ibitira, and Serra de Mage. These four require 31 pages of text compared with 62 pages for 17 ordinary chondrites. Descriptions for the ordinary chondrites include mineralogic, petrographic, electron microprobe, and bulk chemical studies. In the case of the achondrites age dating, trace element geochemistry and other data are included. These data are from the authors and other investigators. The location of available material in museums and collections is recorded for each meteorite.

Moore, Carleton B.


Spectral discrimination of lithologic facies in the granite of the Pedra Branca Goias using LANDSAT 1 digital imagery  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The applicability of LANDSAT MSS imagery for discriminating geobotanical associations observed in zones of cassiterite-rich metasomatic alterations in the granitic body of Serra da Pedra Branca was investigated. Computer compatible tapes of dry and rainy season imagery were analyzed. Image enlargement, corrections, linear contrast stretch, and ratioing of noncorrelated spectral bands were performed using the Image 100 with a grey scale of 256 levels between zero and 255. Only bands 5 and 7 were considered. Band ratioing of noncorrelated channels (5 and 7) of rainy season imagery permits distinction of areas with different vegetation coverage percentage, which corresponds to geobotanial associations in the area studied. The linear contrast stretch of channel 5, especially of the dry season image is very unsatisfactory in this area.

Parada, N. D. J.; Almeido, R., Jr.



Electron spin resonance dating of human teeth from Toca da Santa shelter of São Raimundo Nonato, Piauí, Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Results of the dating of fossil human teeth excavated from a shelter in the surroundings areas of the Serra da Capivara National Park, São Raimundo Nonato, Piauí, Brazil are presented. This shelter was partially excavated to search for more data that could improve the archaeological context of the Garrincho’s limestone hill sites, where the Toca do Gordo do Garrincho shelter provided two human teeth dated by conventional C-14 in (12,170 ± 40) yBP (years before present) and calibrated age (2 Sigma, 95% probability) 15,245 14,690 yBP (Beta 136204) [E. Peyre, C. Guérin, N. Guidon, I. Coppens, CR Acad. Sci. Paris, Sciences de la terre et des planètes/ Earth & Planetary Sciences 327 (1998) 335, [1

Kinoshita, A.; Figueiredo, A. M. G.; Felice, G. D.; Lage, M. C. S. M.; Guidon, N.; Baffa, O.



Geomagnetic storm's precursors observed from 2001 to 2007 with the Global Muon Detector Network (GMDN)  

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We use complementary observations from the prototype and expanded Global Muon Detector Network (GMDN) and the Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) satellite to identify precursors of geomagnetic storm events. The GMDN was completed and started operation in March 2006 with the addition of the Kuwait detector, complementing the detectors at Nagoya, Hobart, and São Martinho da Serra. Analyzed geomagnetic storms sorted by their intensity as measured by the Disturbance storm-time (Dst) index. Between March 2001 and December 2007, 122 Moderate Storms (MS), 51 Intense Storms (IS), and 8 Super Storms (SS) were monitored by the GMDN. The major conclusions are (i) the percentage of the events accompanied by the precursors prior to the Sudden Storm Commencement (SSC) increases with increasing peak Dst, (ii) 15% of MSs, 30% of ISs, and 86% of SSs are accompanied by cosmic ray precursors observed on average 7.2 hours in advance of the SSC.

Rockenbach, M.; Dal Lago, A.; Gonzalez, W. D.; Munakata, K.; Kato, C.; Kuwabara, T.; Bieber, J.; Schuch, N. J.; Duldig, M. L.; Humble, J. E.; Al Jassar, H. K.; Sharma, M. M.; Sabbah, I.



Genetic characterization of a Juquitiba-like viral lineage in Oligoryzomys nigripes in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  


Hantaviruses, family Bunyaviridae, are rodent-borne RNA viruses that have caused cases of hantavirus cardiopulmonary syndrome (HCPS) in various regions of the Americas. There are five hantaviral lineages associated with HCPS in Brazil: Juquitiba virus (JUQV), Araraquara virus (ARAV), Laguna Negra-like virus (LNV), Castelo dos Sonhos virus (CASV), and Anajatuba virus (ANAJV). Three additional hantaviruses have been described in rodents alone: Rio Mearim virus, Jaborá virus, and a hantavirus lineage related to Seoul virus. This study describes the genetic detection and characterization of a Juquitiba-like hantavirus in Oligoryzomys nigripes, or the black-footed pygmy rice rat, in the Serra dos Orgãos National Park, Rio de Janeiro State, where so far no cases of HCPS have been reported. PMID:19660427

Oliveira, R C; Teixeira, B R; Mello, F C A; Pereira, A P; Duarte, A S; Bonaldo, M C; Bonvicino, C R; D'Andrea, P S; Lemos, E R S



A vanadium-dependent bromoperoxidase in the marine red alga Kappaphycus alvarezii (Doty) Doty displays clear substrate specificity.  


Bromoperoxidase activity was initially detected in marine macroalgae belonging to the Solieriaceae family (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta), including Solieria robusta (Greville) Kylin, Eucheuma serra J. Agardh and Kappaphycus alvarezii (Doty) Doty, which are important industrial sources of the polysaccharide carrageenan. Notably, the purification of bromoperoxidase was difficult because due to the coexistence of viscoid polysaccharides. The activity of the partially purified enzyme was dependent on the vanadate ion, and displayed a distinct substrate spectrum from that of previously reported vanadium-dependent bromoperoxidases of marine macroalgae. The enzyme was specific for Br- and I- ions and inactive toward F- and Cl-. The K(m) values for Br- and H2O2 were 2.5x10(-3) M and 8.5x10(-5) M, respectively. The halogenated product, dibromoacetaldehyde, that accumulated in K. alvarezii was additionally determined. PMID:17434548

Kamenarska, Zornitsa; Taniguchi, Tomokazu; Ohsawa, Noboru; Hiraoka, Masanori; Itoh, Nobuya



Cytochemical detection of calcium in a case of calcinosis circumscripta in a dog.  


A 9-month-old intact female Serra-da-Estrela dog (giant Portuguese breed) was presented with a 2-month history of lingual lesions. Two hard, nodular, nonpainful lesions were observed on the lateral border of the tongue. Fine-needle aspiration yielded a chalky white material. Hemacolor-stained smears showed an amorphous granular basophilic background with crystal-like structures and granulomatous inflammation consisting of foamy macrophages and giant cells. Cytochemical staining with von Kossa and Alizarin red S confirmed the calcareous nature of the material. The cytologic diagnosis was lingual calcinosis circumscripta; this was later confirmed by histopathologic examination. To our knowledge, this case is the first to document the use of von Kossa and Alizarin red S on cytologic smears to obtain a definitive diagnosis of lingual calcinosis circumscripta. PMID:16783721

Marcos, R; Santos, M; Oliveira, J; Vieira, M J; Vieira, A L; Rocha, E



Nova in Puppis  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Nova Puppis 2007 was discovered visually by Alfredo Jose Serra Pereira, Carnaxide, Portugal, on November 14.23 UT at visual magnitude 7.0. The discovery was announced in IAU Circular No. 8895 (Daniel W. E. Green, Ed.). The nova is located at 08:16:17.99 -34:15:25.0 (J2000, J. Young and H. Rhoades, Table Mountain Observatory, near Wrightwood, CA). Nothing was visible down to magnitude 8 on November 6.23, 7.22, 8.23, 10.23, and 11.22 UT. Young reports that a red image of the field from the Digitized Sky Survey contains a point source at an approximate magnitude of 20. No spectra have yet been published. Please report observations to the AAVSO International Database as N PUP 2007.

Templeton, Matthew R.



Night-sky brightness at observatories and sites  

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A model previously constructed for night-sky brightness calculations has been modified to allow for the curvature of the earth. The model has been applied to calculate the brightness at the following observatories: Mount Wilson, Lick, Mount Palomar, Kitt Peak, Sacramento Peak, Mauna Kea, McDonald, San Pedro Martir, Mount Hopkins, Mount Lemmon, Lowell (Mars Hill), Lowell (Anderson Mesa), Fick, Iowa, Van Vleck, David Dunlap, Anglo-Australian, Haute Provence, and Cerro Tololo. Calculations have also been carried out for the following prospective observatory sites: Junipero Serra, Mount Graham, Charleston Peak, Wheeler Peak, Miller Peak, San Benito Mountain, Lowell (Hutch Mountain), Lowell (Saddle Mountain), and South Baldy (New Mexico). The model is extended to calculate magnitudes in the B photometric band.

Garstang, R. H.



Schemes for realizing frequency up- and down-conversions in two-mode cavity QED  

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We propose experimental schemes for realizing frequency up- and down-conversion in two-mode cavity QED by considering the atom-cavity interaction in the presence of a strong driving classical field. In contrast to the recent paper based on dispersive atom-cavity interaction [Serra et al., Phys. Rev. A 71, 045802 (2005)], our scheme is based on resonant interaction of the cavity modes with a single driven three-level atom, so that the quantum dynamics operates at a high speed, which is important in view of decoherence. It is shown that, with the help of a strong driving classical field, frequency up- and down-conversion operations can be realized by initially preparing the atom in a certain state.

Zou Xubo; Dong Yuli; Guo Guangcang [Key Laboratory of Quantum Information, University of Science and Technology of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei, Anhui 230026 (China)




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The aim of this work was to assess the levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the environment and their sources found in protected regions of southeastern Brazil. Samples of sediments were collected at four National Parks: Itatiaia National Park (PNIT), Serra da Bocaina National Park (PNSB), Serra dos Orgãos National Park (PNSO) and Jurubatiba National Park (PNJUB). The National Parks studied comprise rainforests, altitudinal fields and ‘restinga’ environments located in the Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo states. The sampling was conducted between 2002 and 2004 from June to September. In general, the environmental levels of PAHs found were similar to those in other remote areas around the globe. PNIT exhibited the highest median values of total PAHs in sediment (97 ng·g?1), followed by PNJUB (89 ng·g?1), PNSO (57 ng·g?1) and PNSB (27 ng·g?1). The highest levels of total PAHs (576 and 24430 ng·g?1) could be associated to a point source contamination where are characterizated for human activities. At PNSB and PNIT the PAH profiles were richer in 2 and 3 ring compounds, whereas at PNSO and PNJUB, the profiles exhibited 3 and 4 ring compounds. The phenanthrene predominance in most samples could indicate the influence of biogenic synthesis. The samples with a petrogenic pattern found in this study might be associated with the vicinity of major urban areas, highway traffic and/or industrial activities close to PNSO and PNIT. At PNIT and PNJUB, forest fires and slash and burn agricultural practices may drive the results towards a pyrolytic pattern.

Meire, Rodrigo Ornellas; Azeredo, Antonio; de Souza Pereira, Marcia; Paulo, Joao; Torres, Machado; Malm, Olaf



Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons assessment in sediment of national parks in southeast Brazil.  


The aim of this work was to assess the levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the environment and their sources found in protected regions of southeastern Brazil. Samples of sediments were collected at four National Parks: Itatiaia National Park (PNIT), Serra da Bocaina National Park (PNSB), Serra dos Orgãos National Park (PNSO) and Jurubatiba National Park (PNJUB). The National Parks studied comprise rainforests, altitudinal fields and 'restinga' environments located in the Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo states. The sampling was conducted between 2002 and 2004 from June to September. In general, the environmental levels of PAHs found were similar to those in other remote areas around the globe. PNIT exhibited the highest median values of total PAHs in sediment (97 ng g(-1)), followed by PNJUB (89 ng g(-1)), PNSO (57 ng g(-1)) and PNSB (27 ng g(-1)). The highest levels of total PAHs (576 and 24430 ng g(-1)) could be associated to a point source contamination where are characterized for human activities. At PNSB and PNIT the PAH profiles were richer in 2 and 3 ring compounds, whereas at PNSO and PNJUB, the profiles exhibited 3 and 4 ring compounds. The phenanthrene predominance in most samples could indicate the influence of biogenic synthesis. The samples with a petrogenic pattern found in this study might be associated with the vicinity of major urban areas, highway traffic and/or industrial activities close to PNSO and PNIT. At PNIT and PNJUB, forest fires and slash and burn agricultural practices may drive the results towards a pyrolytic pattern. PMID:18472130

Meire, Rodrigo Ornellas; Azeredo, Antonio; Pereira, Márcia de Souza; Torres, João Paulo Machado; Malm, Olaf



Perspectives on sexual and reproductive health among women in an ancient mining area in Brazil.  


The purpose of this study was to describe the reproductive profile and frequency of genital infections among women living in the Serra Pelada, a former mining village in the Pará state, Brazil. A descriptive study of women living in the mining area of Serra Pelada was performed in 2004 through interviews that gathered demographics and clinical data, and assessed risk behaviors of 209 randomly-selected women. Blood samples were collected for rapid assay for HIV; specimens were taken for Pap smears and Gram stains. Standard descriptive statistical analyses were performed and prevalence was calculated to reflect the relative frequency of each disease. Of the 209 participants, the median age was 38 years, with almost 70% having less than four years of education and 77% having no income or under 1.9 times the minimum wage of Brazil. About 30% did not have access to health care services during the preceding year. Risk behaviors included: alcohol abuse, 24.4%; illicit drug abuse, 4.3%; being a sex worker, 15.8%; and domestic violence, 17.7%. Abnormal Pap smear was found in 8.6%. Prevalence rates of infection were: HIV, 1.9%; trichomoniasis, 2.9%; bacterial vaginosis, 18.7%; candidiasis, 5.7%; Chlamydial-related cytological changes, 3.3%; and HPV-related cytological changes, 3.8%. Women living in this mining area in Brazil are economically and socially vulnerable to health problems. It is important to point out the importance of concomitant broader strategies that include reducing poverty and empowering women to make improvements regarding their health. PMID:19531311

Miranda, Angélica Espinosa; Merçon-de-Vargas, Paulo Roberto; Corbett, Carlos E P; Corbett, Julieta França; Dietze, Reynaldo



Faunistic Inventory of Spheciformes Wasps at Three Protected Areas in Portugal  

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The importance of considering insects in the protection of biodiversity has been recently recognized. However, despite the importance of Spheciformes wasps (Hymenoptera: Ampulicidae, Sphecidae and Crabronidae) in natural ecosystems and their potential as bioindicators, the Spheciformes communities in Portugal (part of the European biodiversity hotspot) have rarely been studied, and data for Portuguese protected areas are scarce. The Spheciformes wasp communities at 3 protected areas in Portugal, Douro International Natural Park, Serras de Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park, and Paúl do Boquilobo Nature Reserve, were studied in 2000 and 2001. During the study, 134 species of Spheciformes belonging to 3 families, Ampulicidae, Sphecidae, and Crabronidae, were identified. The species collected constituted nearly 1/3 of the species known in the Iberian Peninsula, 42 were new records for Portugal. Additionally, several specimens of 6 potentially new species were collected. Douro International Natural Park had the highest species richness, followed by Serras de Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park and Paúl do Boquilobo Nature Reserve. All the protected areas studied had species that were found exclusively at an individual protected area and species that were found to be new records for Portugal. Based on the literature review of the geographic distribution, nidification types, and prey orders, it was found that most species collected had a Euroasiatic or Mediterranean distribution, species with fossorial habits predominated, and the orders/suborders of insects preyed upon by most species were Diptera, Orthoptera, Sternorrhyncha, and Auchenorrhyncha. This study underscores the importance of including the protected areas studied in the conservation of Spheciformes diversity and also suggests that insect diversity should be studied separately, as it does not necessarily follow the same patterns as other, more studied, groups.

Vieira, L. C.; Oliveira, N. G.; Brewster, C. C.; Gayubo, S. F.



Tectonic relations between shallow and deep crust in the southeastern Brazilian continental margin: low temperature thermochronology, gravimetry and seismic reflection  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Low-temperature thermochronology studies, gravimetric and seismic reflection modeling, developed on the southeastern Brazil has been approached independently and without apparent connection. This paper correlates data from shallow and deep crust in the region that includes the Serra do Mar and Mantiqueira. This region is formed by Precambrian rocks with steep topography resulted of intense reworking during the Mesozoic and Cenozoic. Fission tracks data on zircon, apatite and U-Th/He methodology record a polycyclic history with tectonic peaks at temperatures below 240oC in 90, 60 and 45 Ma. Uplift and exhumation alternated heterogeneously along the margin, related to a E-W extensional process with strong vertical movements. Associated with the history of the Eocene, Precambrian rocks, forms structure of the Southeastern Brazilian Continental Rift of totaling approximately 2 000 km along the continental and submerged margin of the southeastern South America Gravimetric modeling shows an alignment of denser rocks at the base of the crust along the Rift. Interpretation of reflexion seismic section in the Campos Basin, shows syn-rift, post-rift stratigraphic sequences and Precambrian basement, postulating an tectonic evolution with an crustal stretching (Cainelli, C., Mohriak, W.U.,1998; Macedo, J.M., 1989). This process would be associated with the drift phase (Post-Albian) responsible for the large amount of clastic sediments to the marginal basins and can be observed in the interpretations of seismic profiles and wells. The correlation of the thermochronological, seismic and gravimetric tools allows us to consider an E-W stretching with thinning of the continental, until the oceanic crust, in SE Brazil, with uplift of the lithospheric mantle and consequent formation of the Serra do Mar and Mantiqueira, erosion and deposition of sediments of the Southeastern Brazilian Continental Rift, all occurring, after the drift phase of the South Atlantic Rifting. Concepts of plume and delamination can be attributed to these modeling.

Hackspacher, P. C.; Souza, I. A.; Almeida, S. H.; Glasmacher, U. A.



Evaluation of cardiovascular protective effect of different apple varieties - Correlation of response with composition.  


Epidemiological evidence supports the concept that diets rich in fruits and vegetables promote health and attenuate or delay the onset of cardiovascular disease (CVD). In particular, a reduced risk of CVD has been associated with apple consumption, probably due to the cholesterol-lowering effect of the main bioactive compounds, namely fibre and polyphenols. In this work, the effect of diet supplementation with 20% of three Portuguese apple cultivars (Bravo de Esmolfe, Malápio Serra and Golden), containing distinct phenolic and fibre concentrations, on serum lipid profile and oxLDL of male Wistar rats fed a cholesterol-enriched diet (2%) was evaluated. After 30 days, only Bravo de Esmolfe apple was able to decrease significantly serum levels of triglycerides, total and LDL cholesterol concentrations (reductions of 27.2%, 21.0% and 20.4%, respectively, in relation to the cholesterol-enriched diet group, P<0.05). The levels of oxLDL were also significantly improved with the consumption of this apple variety (reductions of 20.0% and 11.9%, in relation to the cholesterol-enriched diet group and control group, respectively, P>0.05) as well as with Malapio da Serra apple (reductions of 9.8% in relation to the cholesterol-enriched diet group, P<0.05). Correlation of the bioactive response with chemical composition showed that catechin, epicatechin, procyanidin B1 and ?-carotene are the major phytocompounds responsible for the cholesterol lowering ability of apples. The antioxidant potential may have also contributed to this beneficial effect. PMID:22980816

Serra, Ana Teresa; Rocha, J; Sepodes, B; Matias, Ana A; Feliciano, Rodrigo P; de Carvalho, Agostinho; Bronze, Maria R; Duarte, Catarina M M; Figueira, M E



Predictive-like distribution mapping using Google Earth: Reassessment of the distribution of the bromeligenous frog, Scinax v-signatus (Anura: Hylidae).  


The hylid frog Scinax perpusillus species group comprises 13 species that share, in addition to a few morphological features, reproduction that occurs exclusively associated with bromeliads. Among the species in the group, Scinax v-signatus (Lutz, 1968) is one of the few with a relatively large geographic distribution, occurring in association with bromeliads growing on granitic outcrops above 800 m along the Serra dos Órgãos (a local designation of Serra do Mar) in the Atlantic forest, State of Rio de Janeiro. Here we demonstrate that previous assessment of the distribution of this species was overestimated, and reevaluate the available data on its occurrence. The distributional data analyzed was based on three levels of evidence. First, we assessed the distribution of the bromeliad, Alcantarea imperialis (Carrière) Harms, which is used by S. v-signatus at the type locality. We plotted potential occurrence data for this plant using Google Earth (GE) by visually inspecting GE images in search of indications of granitic outcrops where groups and large individual bromeliads could be identified. Second, we plotted the distribution of these plants and that of the frog based on locality data taken from the literature and voucher specimens in natural history collections and checked for congruence between these sets of data. Third, as a second test of accuracy of this methodology we visited four new localities indicated by the bromeliad-occurrence GE prediction map and searched for the occurrence of both the frog and the bromeliad. This simple process has proven efficient and accurate in finding new collecting sites and determining the distribution of the two involved taxa. We discuss this and other possibilities of using Google Earth as a tool for mapping and discovering the distribution of organisms and habitats. Furthermore, this study has shed light on a more accurate and realistic estimate of the distribution of Scinax v-signatus with implications for the assessment of its conservation status. PMID:24699583

Da Silva, Helio Ricardo; Alves-Silva, Ricardo



Conventional U-Pb dating versus SHRIMP of the Santa Barbara Granite Massif, Rondonia, Brazil  

USGS Publications Warehouse

The Santa Ba??rbara Granite Massif is part of the Younger Granites of Rondo??nia (998 - 974 Ma) and is included in the Rondo??nia Tin Province (SW Amazonian Craton). It comprises three highly fractionated metaluminous to peraluminous within-plate A-type granite units emplaced in older medium-grade metamorphic rocks. Sn-mineralization is closely associated with the late-stage unit. U-Pb monazite conventional dating of the early-stage Serra do Cicero facies and late-stage Serra Azul facies yielded ages of 993 ?? 5 Ma and 989 ?? 13 Ma, respectively. Conventional multigrain U-Pb isotope analyses of zircon demonstrate isotopic disturbance (discordance) and the preservation of inherited older zircons of several different ages and thus yield little about the ages of Sn-granite magmatism. SHRIMP U-Pb ages for the Santa Ba??rbara facies association yielded a 207Pb/206Pb weighted-mean age of 978 ?? 13 Ma. The textural complexity of the zircon crystals of the Santa Ba??rbara facies association, the variable concentrations of U, Th and Pb, as well as the mixed inheritance of zircon populations are major obstacles to using conventional multigrain U-Pb isotopic analyses. Sm-Nd model ages and ??Nd (T) values reveal anomalous isotopic data, attesting to the complex isotopic behaviour within these highly fractionated granites. Thus, SHRIMP U-Pb zircon and conventional U-Pb monazite dating methods are the most appropriate to constrain the crystallization age of the Sn-bearing granite systems in the Rondo??nia Tin Province.

Sparrenberger, I.; Bettencourt, J. S.; Tosdal, R. M.; Wooden, J. L.



Effect of Chronic treatment with conventional and organic purple grape juices (Vitis labrusca) on rats fed with high-fat diet.  


Serra Gaucha is described as the most important wine region of Brazil. Regarding cultivars widespread in the Serra Gaucha, about 90 % of the area is occupied by vines of Vitis labrusca that is the most important specie used in grape juice production. The objective of this study was to investigate the antioxidant and neuroprotective effect of chronic intake of purple grape juice (organic and conventional) from Bordo variety (V. labrusca) on oxidative stress in different brain regions of rats supplemented with high-fat diet (HFD) for 3 months. A total of 40 male rats were randomly divided into 4 groups. Group 1 received a standard diet and water, group 2 HFD and water, group 3 HFD and conventional grape juice (CGJ), and group 4 HFD and organic grape juice (OGJ). All groups had free access to food and drink and after 3 months of treatment the rats were euthanized by decapitation and the cerebral cortex, hippocampus and cerebellum isolated and homogenized on ice for oxidative stress analysis. We observed that the consumption of calories in HFD and control groups, were higher than the groups supplemented with HFD and grape juices and that HFD diet group gain more weight than the other animals. Our results also demonstrated that HDF enhanced lipid peroxidation (TBARS) and protein damage (carbonyl) in cerebral cortex and hippocampus, reduced the non-enzymatic antioxidants defenses (sulfhydryl) in cerebral cortex and cerebellum, reduced catalase and superoxide dismutase activities in all brain tissues and enhanced nitric oxide production in all cerebral tissues. CGJ and OGJ were able to ameliorate these oxidative alterations, being OGJ more effective in this protection. Therefore, grape juices could be useful in the treatment of some neurodegenerative diseases associated with oxidative damage. PMID:23989908

Cardozo, Marcia Gilceane; Medeiros, Niara; Lacerda, Denise dos Santos; de Almeida, Daniela Campos; Henriques, João Antônio Pegas; Dani, Caroline; Funchal, Cláudia



Occurrence and molecular diagnosis of Cryptosporidium serpentis in captive snakes in São Paulo, Brazil.  


The present study aimed to determine whether Cryptosporidium oocysts were present in stools from captive snakes at Fundação Parque Zoológico (Zoological Park Foundation) in São Paulo, Brazil. Two collections were performed; the first in July 2008 and the second in February 2009. Fecal samples were collected from 74 enclosures that housed 101 individuals of 23 snake species. The stool specimens collected from 16 out of the 74 enclosures (21.6%) contained Cryptosporidium spp. oocysts; all of them were confirmed as Cryptosporidium serpentis, using molecular techniques. Only in three (18.7%) out of the 16 enclosures with positive samples were there animals with clinical signs compatible with infection by C. serpentis, such as regurgitation and significant progressive weight loss. From the results, it was concluded that diagnostic examinations need to be performed periodically, even on clinically healthy animals, as a preventive measure. PMID:22946415

Sevá, Anaiá da Paixão; Sercundes, Michele K; Martins, Juliana; de Souza, Sheila Oliveira; da Cruz, João Batista; Lisboa, Cybele Sabino; Correa, Sandra Helena Ramiro; Soares, Rodrigo Martins



Leaf development in Xylopia aromatica (Lam) Mart. (Annonaceae): implications for palatability to Stenoma scitiorella Walker 1864 (Lepidoptera: Elachistidae).  


Variations in specific foliar mass and water content, nitrogen, soluble carbohydrates and tannins were studied during the growth and maturation processes of the Xylopia aromatica leaves, to determine the effects of such alterations on the herbivory of Stenoma scitiorella caterpillars. This work was carried out in the physiognomy of the typical cerrado of the Parque Estadual de Vassununga, Gleba Pé-de Gigante, Santa Rita do Passa Quatro, São Paulo State, Brazil. While nutritional quality (water and nitrogen) decreases during expansion and maturation of Xylopia aromatica leaves, the chemical (tannins) and physical (sclerophylly) defenses are raised. In agreement with the observations on herbivory, the results support the hypothesis that the reduction in palatability and increase in chemical defenses of Xylopia aromatica leaves account for the caterpillars' preference for young expanding leaves. PMID:19197502

Varanda, E M; Costa, A A; Barosela, J R



Acari ectoparasites of bats from Minas Gerais, Brazil.  


Ectoparasites were recovered from Brazilian bats captured from April to November 1997 at or near Parque Estadual do Rio Doce, State of Minas Gerais, southeastern Brazil. Sixty bats were collected, representing three families and 13 species. Five Acari families were recorded: Myobiidae, Trombiculidae, Labidocarpidae, Macronyssidae, and Spinturnicidae. The macronyssid Radfordiella desmodi Radovsky (71 specimens) and the spinturnicid Periglichrus iheringi Oudemans (45 specimens) were the most abundant mite species. They were mainly recorded on Desmodus rotundus (Geoffroy) and Artibeus litratus (Ofers), respectively. Among trombiculid chiggers, the genus Colicus Brennan (55 specimens) was predominant and found mainly on Carollia perspicillata (L.). The current study presents new data about host-parasite relationships and increases the understanding of geographical distribution for some mite and chigger species. PMID:12061455

Azevedo, Alexsander Araújo; Marcos Linardi, Pedro; Coutinho Zanatta, Maria Teresa



Calibration and uncertainty estimation of erythemal radiometers in the Argentine Ultraviolet Monitoring Network  

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The erythemal radiometers of the Ultraviolet Monitoring Network of the Argentine Servicio Meteorologico Nacional were calibrated in an extensive in situ campaign from October 1998 to April 1999 with Austrian reference instruments. Methods to correct the influence of the location's horizon and long-term detector changes are applied. The different terms that contribute to the measurement uncertainty are analyzed. The expanded

Alexander Cede; Eduardo Luccini; Liliana Nunez; Ruben D. Piacentini; Mario Blumthaler



Technology for communicational development and learning in psychomotor disability  

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The applied investigation and experimental development project described in this paper has been carried out by Grupo Ingeniería Clínica of the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional together with two Special Education Schools dependent on the Ministry of Education of Córdoba Province. Its aim is the development of computer access assistive tools for students with mobility limitations, and with or without intellectual problems

I. Trento; M. Santucci; S. Tula; E. González




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La plantación azucarera comienza su expansión en Cuba a mediados de la década del ’60 del siglo XVIII. El aumento de la demanda y, por consiguiente, de los precios del azúcar en el mercado internacional favoreció el auge de esa rama de la economía nacional.

Javier Figueroa Ledón



The Spanish Organizational Structure for Organ Donation – Up to Date  

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SummaryAt the end of 1989, the Organización Nacional de Trasplantes (ONT) was created within the Spanish Department of Health. It has become a common meeting place for professionals involved in all types of transplantation, the central and autonomous administrations, the media, and Spanish society in general. It has a formal but flexible management structure, which ensures that the hospital transplant

B. Miranda; J. Cañón; N. Cuende



Efecto antiulceroso del extracto hidroalcohólico liofilizado de hojas de Bixa orellana (achiote), en ratas Antiulcer effect of lyophilized hydroalcoholic extract of Bixa orellana (annatto) leaves in rats  

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Objective: To identify the secondary metabolites present in Bixa orellana leaves extract, to evaluate the extract protection against ethanol injury, and histopathology study of the stomach glandular region. Design: Prospective, experimental and analytical research. Setting: Biochemistry and Nutrition Research Center laboratories, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. Biological material: Bixa orellana leaves extract and male albino rats. Interventions: Secondary metabolites

Oscar Huamán; Miguel Sandoval; Inés Arnao; Elsa Béjar


La política brasileña para los residuos sólidos urbanos. Los planteamientos de catadores y empresarios en sus páginas electrónicas  

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El gobierno brasileño señala la posibilidad de aprobar la política nacional para los residuos sólidos urbanos (PNRS). La propuesta del Proyecto de Ley 1991\\/07 está en trámite en la cámara de los diputados desde el año 1991. Los senadores mantuvieron una charla con los catadores, empresarios del reciclaje y empresarios de servicios de gestión de residuos sólidos urbanos para conocer

Fábio Fonseca Figueiredo



Depresión posparto: ¿se encuentra asociada a la violencia basada en género? Post partum depression: is it associated to gender based violence?  

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Introduction: Post partum depression and gender based violence are very common disorders in women; the importance of early diagnosis and prompt treatment is to avoid future consequences in women, newborns and the family. Objectives: To determine the association between post partum depression and gender based violence. Design: Exploratory cross-sectional. Place: Hospital Nacional Docente Madre Niño San Bartolome, Lima, Peru. Participants:

Juan Escobar; Percy Pacora; Nilton Custodio; Walter Villar



LOS HISPANOS Y EL CÁNCER DE PÁNCREAS: COSAS PARA SABER por el Instituto Nacional del Cáncer Una de las causas principales de muerte relacionadas con el cáncer en los hispanos o latinos de los Estados Unidos es una enfermedad poco común pero con frecuencia



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Más de ocho años han transcurrido desde la publicación de la segunda edición de esta obra, durante los cuales se han producido transformaciones en el orden legal en materia de autoría y participación, que han estimulado a los estudiosos del derecho a hacer aportes doctrinales y a la jurisprudencia nacional a hacer nuevos pronunciamientos. El nuevo Código Penal (Ley 599

Alberto Suárez Sánchez


Bojayá: entre el miedo y los medios  

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El día en que en la iglesia de Bojayá las FARC hicieron estallar una pipeta de gas que mató a 119 civiles y dejó heridas a otras 90, ese municipio en la ribera del Atrato dejó de ser un desconocido pueblo de la geografía colombiana. Los ojos de la comunidad nacional e internacional se volcaron allí. La masacre se convirtió

Aída Carolina Lancheros Ruiz; Julián Andrés Rincón Ortiz


Argentina: Nacionalismo, Migración e Identidad  

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Las naciones no son una característica inherente al ser humano. Esto es real, pero hoy día el tenar una se ha convertido en imprescindible al punto de ser una tragedia el no tenerla. Miles de desplazados, apátridas, migrantes nos recuerdan esta realidad de una forma cruda y cruel. Por otro lado, en un planeta donde los estados tienden a borrar

María Eugenia Cruset


Conflictes armats i drets civils  

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En 1995 las Naciones Unidas ratificaban un protocolo sobre la RESPONSABILIDAD DE PROTEGER ante la pasividad internacional en muchos conflictos. En 2005 el Gobierno Español se mostraba dispuesto a participar activamente en la defensa de la población civil en caso de violación de sus derechos. En los últimos 50 años los conflictos del mundo han generado una gran cantidad de

Joaquim Alsina



TV news and political change in BrazilThe impact of democratization on TV Globo's journalism  

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The article analyzes the changes that since the mid-1990s have transformed journalistic practices in Brazil's most powerful media institution. More especially, the aim is to investigate the transformation of TV Globo's News Division and situate this process in relation to the democratization of Brazilian politics and society. Based on content analysis of Jornal Nacional, TV Globo's main newscast, and on

Mauro Porto



Luminous flux and correlated color temperature determination for LED sources  

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Recently, Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have found several applications from lighting to automotive displays, screens, traffic signaling and many other. These emerging applications require some of their visual quality characteristics to be measured as accurately as possible in an objective physical manner. Therefore the Photometry Laboratory and the Sources Spectroradiometry Laboratory of the Centro Nacional de Metrologia (CENAM) of Mexico

A. Estrada-Hernández; L. P. González-Galván; H. Zárate-Hernández; R. Cardoso; E. Rosas



Complicaciones Perinatales y Vía de Parto en Recién Nacidos de Madres Adolescentes Tempranas y Tardías, 1995-1997  

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RESUMEN OBJETIVOS: Conocer las complicaciones perinatales y la vía de terminación de parto en adolescentes tempranas y tardías. MATERIALES Y MÉTODOS: Estudio analítico, observacional, comparativo en- tre adolescentes tempranas y tardías en relación con el tipo de parto y las complicaciones perinatales en el Hospital Nacional Daniel A. Carrión entre enero de 1995 y diciembre 1997. RESULTADOS: El 18,6% de





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Este trabalho é resultado de uma investigação sobre a ação dos órgãos oficiais de Assistência Técnica e Extensão rural (ATER) no nordeste brasileiro, com o objetivo avaliar as ações dos mesmos visando a implementação da nova Política Nacional de ATER (PNATER), na região como referência para o país. Ela contemplou os Estados de Bahia, Pernambuco, Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte,

José Ribamar; Furtado de Souza


Lamellar bodies as a diagnostic test of fetal lung maturity  

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Objectives: To determine the number of lamellar bodies in the amniotic fluid indicating fetal lung maturity and to define the effectiveness of a diagnostic test in a healthy pregnant population. Methods: The study took place at the Hospital General de Zona #16 Centro Médico Nacional del Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social. Torreón, Coahuila, México, where 264 pregnant women were followed-up

J. Roiz-Hernández; E. Navarro-Solis; E. Carreón-Valdéz



Papel de los Servicios de Urgencias y Emergencias en la donación de órganos  

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Para nadie es un secreto que España es el pri- mer país del mundo en materia de donación y trasplantes. Para los más iniciados tampoco lo es que ello se debe en gran medida a un peculiar modelo organizativo instaurado por la Organiza- ción Nacional de Trasplantes (ONT) hace ahora 20 años 1 . Este modelo, en realidad una forma




Estados Unidos y cuatro países de América Latina se unen para combatir el cáncer

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) de Estados Unidos formalizó esta semana alianzas bilaterales con los gobiernos de Argentina, Brasil, México y Uruguay, para acelerar el avance contra el cáncer en la población hispana de Estados Unidos y de América Latina y mejorar la investigación del cáncer.


Fomento de la investigación del cáncer en América Latina

La Oficina para el Desarrollo de Programas de Cáncer en América Latina (OLACPD), fruto de una alianza innovadora entre el Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) y el Centro Internacional Fogarty (FIC), fue creada en reconocimiento de la oportunidad de apoyar y mejorar la investigación y el tratamiento del cáncer en América Latina.


Tenaga Nasional Berhad Technical Specifications Manual. Final Submittal.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The U.S. Trade and Development Agency funded this report, conducted by R.W. Beck. The study updates the overhead transmission line design manual and related specifications for Tenaga Nacional Berhad in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This report, in three volumes...



L’incidence du recours à l’intérim sur la mesure de la productivité du travail des branches industrielles ; suivi d'un commentaire de Ferhat Mihoubi  

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[spa] La incidencia del recurso al trabajo temporario sobre la medición de la productividad laboral de las ramas industriales . . En la contabilidad nacional, se reparten las plantillas según las ramas de la actividad en la que son asalariadas. Por tanto, los interinos, asalariados de empresas de trabajo temporario, se registran en la rama correspondiente. La productividad aparente del

Lucie Gonzalez; Ferhat Mihoubi



UBVRI photometry of southern T Tauri stars (Batalha+ 1998)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present full tables of the photoelectric photometry of T Tauri Stars observed in the 0.5m telescope at Laboratorio Nacional de Astronomia (Brazil). The photometry was performed with the instrument FOTRAP (Jablonski et al., 1994PASP..106.1172J, see text). For a description of the UBVRI photometric system, see e.g. (2 data files).

Batalha, C. C.; Quast, G. R.; Torres, C. A. O.; Pereira, P. C. R.; Terra, M. A. O.; Jablonski, F.; Schiavon, R. P.; Sartori, M. J.



Clinical-etiological and therapeutic profile of 719 Mexican epileptic children  

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Rationale. We performed this study with the intention of describing the clinical-etiological characteristics and therapeutic responses in a group of epileptic children seen at the Instituto Nacional de Pediatría (INP), a tertiary facility in Mexico City. Methods. All patients who attended the Epileptic Clinic between March and June 1998 and fulfilled the selection criteria were enrolled in the study. Clinical

Matilde Ruiz-García; Cristina Sosa-de-Martinez; Adalberto González-Astiazarán; Fernando Rueda-Franco



'In Vivo' Dosimetry in High Dose Rate Brachytherapy for Cervical Cancer Treatments  

SciTech Connect

In this prospective study, rectal dose was measured 'in vivo' using TLD-100 crystals (3x3x1 mm{sup 3}), and it has been compared to the prescribed dose. Measurements were performed in patients with cervical cancer classified in FIGO stages IB-IIIB and treated with high dose rate brachytherapy (HDR BT) at the Instituto Nacional de Cancerologia (INCan)

Gonzalez-Azcorra, S. A.; Ruiz-Trejo, C.; Buenfil, A. E. [Instituto de Fisica, UNAM, A.P. 20-364, Mexico 01000 D.F. (Mexico); Mota-Garcia, A.; Poitevin-Chacon, M. A.; Santamaria-Torruco, B. J.; Rodriguez-Ponce, M.; Herrera-Martinez, F. P. [Instituto Nacional de Cancerologia, Mexico 14000 D.F. (Mexico); Gamboa de Buen, I. [Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares, UNAM, A.P. 70-543, Mexico 04510 D.F. (Mexico)



Instability of the current sheath in plasma focus devices  

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We suggest a possible explanation to account for the previously observed existence of pressure dependent regimes during the implosion phase of plasma focus devices, in terms of viscous dominated Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities. Member of Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET).

L. Bilbao; H. Bruzzone




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Este trabajo analiza la relación existente entre la estructura del mercado y la rentabilidad en el sector bancario español en el período 1986-95 uti- lizando una medida directa de eficiencia. Los resultados obtenidos per- miten rechazar la hipótesis tradicional de colusión tanto en el sector de las cajas de ahorros como en la banca nacional ya que no se encuentra




Analysis of the Use of Twitter as a Learning Strategy in Master's Studies  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The present study analyses the use of Twitter in the course Social Media and Digital Learning, taught as part of a master's programme at Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia (Spain). The main purpose of the use of this resource was to develop a learning community. This was implemented through the micro design of activities. A mixed…

Feliz, Tiberio; Ricoy, Carmen; Feliz, Sálvora



Síndrome metabólico en adolescentes con sobrepeso y obesidad  

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Objective: To determine the presence of metabolic syndrome in overweight and obese adolescent population. Design: Clinical study. Setting: Endocrinology service. Hospital Nacional Dos de Mayo. Participants: Adolescents. Interventions: We studied 195 adolescents between 10 to 19 year-old. Inclusion criteria was that they should be overweight or obese. We used the reference population of Must et al. with the following diagnosis

Jaime Pajuelo; Ivonne Bernui; Violeta Nolberto; Alberto Peña; Luis Zevillanos



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A principios de la década del noventa Colombia introdujo una serie de reformas fiscales que al parecer estuvieron dirigidas a desconcentrar el gasto nacional y a mejorar la cobertura y eficiencia en la provisión de bienes públicos.1 En esencia, las reformas redefinieron las responsabilidades de gasto en todos los niveles de gobierno y modificaron el sistema de transferencias del nivel

Ana María Iregui; Jorge Ramos; Luz Amparo Saavedra



Una nota sobre la sostenibilidad fiscal y el nexo entre los ingresos y gastos del Gobierno Colombiano  

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En este trabajo se analiza empíricamente la sostenibilidad fiscal en Colombia a través de las técnicas de cointegración. En particular, usando los ingresos tributarios y los gastos primarios del gobierno nacional central para el período 1990Q1 a 2008Q4 (datos reales y ajustados por el ciclo económico), en el documento se examina si las cuentas fiscales del gobierno han sido sostenibles

Ignacio Lozano; Enrique Cabrera




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Este trabajo resume, por un lado los aportes centrales de una investigación más amplia denominada Políticas Públicas y Formación pa ra el Trabajo en Argentina. Articulaciones de una Política Neoliberal2 , cuyo eje fue e l análisis, desde una perspectiva c rítica, de un Programa focalizado e implementado a escala nacional en la República Argentina - el Proyecto Joven -

Esther Levy



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Se realiza un estudio comparado del grado de desarrollo del gobierno electrónico en distintas regiones y países del mundo, dedicándole una atención particular al caso Cuba. Para ello se utiliza el Índice de desarrollo de gobierno electrónico (IDGE) establecido por las Naciones Unidas. A partir de los componentes del IDGE que son, el índice de servicios en línea (ISL), el

Alejandro de Armas Suárez; Roberto de Armas Urquiza



Acuerdos entre el gobierno central y los departamentos: una propuesta para aumentar la eficiencia del gasto público  

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El objetivo de este trabajo es proponer un instrumento para el seguimiento de la eficiencia del gasto público. El instrumento muestra que el gobierno central se puede apoyar en las administraciones departamentales con el fin de medir los productos del gasto. La idea central de la propuesta es que los objetivos de productividad acordados entre el nivel nacional y el

Isaac de León-Beltrán; Diego Jaramillo




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O presente artigo divide-se em duas partes principais. Na primeira é feita uma discussão sobre os aspectos teóricos referentes à estrutura de estratificação social na agropecuária brasileira. Na segunda, é feita uma análise sobre a posição relativa do rendimento do trabalho do pequeno produtor familiar e se essa posição foi de alguma forma afetada pela criação do Programa Nacional de

Jorge Alexandre Neves; Danielle Cireno Fernandes; Florence Fiuza Carvalho; Daniete Fernandes Rocha; Flavia Pereira Xavier



Basic Training Programme for Library Technicians in Mexico.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia (CONACYT), set up in 1971 to further scientific and technological advancement in Mexico, commissioned this determination of the steps necessary to promote the use of libraries and recorded scientific and technical information, and to foster the reading habits of the population. A brief overview examines…

Vilentchuk, Lydia


Pensando en Cynthia y su Hermana: Educational Implications of United States-Mexico Transnationalism for Children  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

We use 3 brief educational biographies of students in Mexico who have previously attended public school in the United States to introduce this literature review on United States-Mexico transnational students. This article is also the first of several planned articles stemming from a currently ongoing, Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y…

Hamann, Edmund T.; Zuniga, Victor; Garcia, Juan Sanchez



Ciencia, Sociedad, Soluciones: Una Introduccion al USGS  

USGS Publications Warehouse

El USGS sirve a la nacion de los Estados Unidos proveyendo informacion fidedigna para ? Describir y comprender la Tierra; ? Minimizar la perdida de vidas y propiedades por desastres naturales; ? Manejar los recursos hidrologicos, biologicos, energeticos y minerales; y ? Mejorar y proteger nuestra calidad de vida.

Geological Survey (U.S.)



Ayahuasca and the process of regulation in Brazil and internationally: Implications and challenges  

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BackgroundThis paper provides a summary and analysis of the regulation of ayahuasca in Brazil, from its prohibition in the mid-eighties to the recent adoption of CONAD's (Conselho Nacional de Políticas sobre Drogas) 2010 Resolution, which established a set of rules, norms and ethical principles to be applied to religious and ritual uses of ayahuasca. Brazil's regulatory process is used as

Beatriz Caiuby Labate; Kevin Feeney


El análisis de un estudio clínico indica que una combinación de fármacos puede ser de gran eficacia contra el cáncer de ovario recidivante

El uso de un tratamiento farmacológico combinado para el cáncer de ovario recidivante mostró mejorías significativas, según se informó el día de hoy en el congreso anual de la Sociedad Americana de Oncología Clínica (ASCO). La combinación farmacológica se evaluó en un estudio de fase I y posteriormente en un estudio clínico aleatorizado de fase II patrocinado por el Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI).


Hepatoprotección antioxidante de la cáscara y semilla de Vitis vinifera L. (uva)  

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Objective: To determine by TBARS test (substances reactive to thiobarbituric acid) the antioxidant and liver protection effect induced by Vitts vinifera L. grape skin and seeds in animals of experimentation with alcoholic aggression. Design: Experimental study. Setting: Alberto Guzman Barron Biochemistry and Nutrition Research Center, Faculty of Medicine, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru. Biologic material: Albino male

Miguel Sandoval; Karen Lazarte; Inés Arnao


Estudio de los Institutos Nacionales de la Salud indica que quienes toman café tienen un riesgo menor de muerte

Los adultos mayores que tomaron café, con o sin cafeína, tuvieron un riesgo menor de muerte en general que quienes no tomaron café, según un estudio llevado a cabo por investigadores del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI), parte de los Institutos Nacionales de la Salud, y por la Asociación Estadounidense de Personas Jubiladas (AARP).


Hydrogeochemical investigations in support of well logging operations at the Zunil geothermal field, Guatemala.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

A suite of 41 thermal and nonthermal waters in the Zunil-Quetzaltenango region, Guatemala, were collected as part of a well logging operation conducted by the Instituto Nacional de Electrificacion (INDE) and Los Alamos National Laboratory. Both in situ an...

A. Adams F. Golf P. E. Trujillo D. Counce J. Archuleta



Sobrevivir al cáncer: comer bien

Sobrevivir al cáncer: comer bien Por el Instituto Nacional del Cáncer Bethesda, MD. - Más de 13 millones de personas que viven en Estados Unidos han recibido un diagnóstico de cáncer. Muchas de las personas que han tenido cáncer quieren seguir una



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RESUMEN En el cultivo de chile, la incidencia de la enfermedad marchitez del chile causada por el hongo oomyceto Phytophthora capsici Leo., constituye a nivel nacional, uno de los principales problemas que afectan la productividad del cultivo. El presente estudio tuvo como objetivo: conocer la respuesta de 14 aislados de Phytophthora capsici a diferentes fungicidas. Los fungicidas utilizados fueron azoxystrobin,

Luis Pérez-Moreno; Luisa Josefina Durán-Ortiz; Rafael Ramírez-Malagón; Jesús Ricardo Sánchez-Pale; Víctor Olalde-Portugal



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La aproximación que se tendrá en este análisis está enfocada en los aportes que desde la ingeniería electrónica se pueden realizar en la solución de necesidades de las empresas y la sociedad regional, nacional y mundial en desarrollos que ilustren a países en condiciones similares o peores que Colombia, en mostrar que están en capacidades de construir una nueva Economía

Rubén Dario Cardenas Espinosa



El desarrollo de la creatividad a través del proceso docente como problema social  

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El artículo tiene como propósito reflejar aspectos sobre el desarrollo de la creatividad en estudiantes de Educación Inicial del Programa Nacional de Formación de Educadores y Educadoras (PNFE). En tal sentido el Problema científico es ¿Cómo perfeccionar los modos de actuación en los estudiantes del PNFE? El Objetivo está dirigido a la Elaboración de una metodología para favorecer el desarrollo

Magaly Sarmiento Romero



Uma Análise Tipológica da Dinâmica dos Arranjos e Sistemas Produtivos e Inovativos Locais (Aspil?S) Do Nordeste do Brasil  

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O presente trabalho tem como objetivo apresentar a dinâmica produtiva e inovativa dos Arranjos e Sistemas Produtivos e Inovativos Locais (ASPILs), tendo como foco os ASPILs nordestinos. Para tanto, foi utilizado o arcabouço da teoria evolucionária tendo por base o conceito de Sistema Nacional de Inovação do qual gerou a conceituação de ASPIL. Assim, buscou-se apresentar a dinâmica de arranjos

Diogo Araújo Sampaio


Estrutura, Evolucao e Dinamica dos Sistemas Agroalimentares e Cadeias Agroindustriais Analise das estrategias de posicionamento e diferenciacao dos produtos no mercado a partir do caso da empresa Bertin alimentos  

Microsoft Academic Search

Análise das estratégias de posicionamento e diferenciação dos produtos no mercado a partir do caso da empresa Bertin alimentos que é muito competitivo, tanto local, regional, quanto nacional. A proposta do artigo é mostrar como algumas estratégias adotadas pela empresa foram bem sucedidas e diferenciam seus produtos das ofertas concorrentes, adquirindo assim, características desejadas pela maioria dos consumidores. --------------------------------------------------------------- With

Ronney Marcio Faial Silva; Gisleide Lima da Silva; Maria Do Rosario Alves Pereira; Cyntia Meireles de Oliveira; Daniel Ferreira da Silva



SITACI: Un sistema de transferencia de datos de código abierto  

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Este trabajo presenta los lineamientos seguidos para el desarrollo de un sistema de transferencia de datos realizado por la Administración Nacional de la Seguridad Social (ANSES) utilizando componentes de software libre y puesto a disposición de otros organismos también en carácter de software libre. Se presentan los parámetros considerados para asegurar la adaptación a diversos entornos productivos y las posibilidades

Eduardo M. Zavalla; Jorge Landoni; Alberto Mariuzzo


Perspectivas de la economía española para 1998-1999: estabilidad en el crecimiento a niveles superiores a la media europea y con una tasa de paro muy elevada  

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Los datos de la contabilidad nacional trimestral (CNTR) correspondientes al tercer trimestre de 1997 señalan una fuerte desaceleración del producto interior bruto, que ha pasado de una tasa de crecimiento trimestral del 1,13% en el primer trimestre a una del 0,64 % en el tercero. Estos datos son provisionales y a la vista de la evolución de bastantes indicadores económicos

Antoni Espasa; J. Manuel Martínez


Del socialismo de Estado a la economía de mercado. Experiencias en Alemania Oriental  

Microsoft Academic Search

En esta conferencia, dictada en la Universidad Nacional en Abril de 1993, se describe el proceso de transformación de Alemania Oriental y se analiza el proceso de reestructuración económica, tomando como ejemplo la industria de la construcción naval. Su detallado análisis de los efectos de la reunificación alemana y la transformación de la economía de Alemania Oriental todavía no son

Heiner Heseler



Deforestation and Malaria in Mâncio Lima County, Brazil  

Microsoft Academic Search

Malaria is the most prevalent vector-borne disease in the Amazon. We used malaria reports for health districts collected in 2006 by the Programa Nacional de Controle da Malária to determine whether deforestation is associated with malaria incidence in the county (município) of Mâncio Lima, Acre State, Brazil. Cumulative percent deforestation was calculated for the spatial catchment area of each health

Sarah H. Olson; Ronald Gangnon; Guilherme Abbad Silveira; Jonathan A. Patz



El cuento del cáncer de cérvix podría tener un final feliz

El cuento del cáncer de cérvix podría tener un final feliz Por el Instituto Nacional del Cáncer El cáncer de cérvix fue en un tiempo la causa principal de muerte por cáncer entre mujeres estadounidenses. Pero, en los últimos 50 años, el número de


EDITORIAL: The 29th International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases The 29th International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases  

Microsoft Academic Search

The 29th International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases (ICPIG) was held in Cancún, Mexico, on 12-17 July, 2009, under the sponsorship of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico, UNAM, the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, UAM, and the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP). ICPIG, founded in 1953, has since been held biennally, and nowadays it covers both fundamental

J. de Urquijo




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La importancia que tienen los grupos de trabajo académicos para alcanzar objetivos que propicien la realización de investigación y desarrollo tecnológico en el Sistema Nacional de Institutos Tecnológicos hace imperativo su buen funcionamiento; de esto depende el poder alcanzar los objetivos o desviarse hacia actividades triviales. En ocasiones se realizan juntas pero no son productivas, con planeación defectuosa de las

Gloria Pérez Garmendia; Francisco Gerardo Barroso Tanoira; Concepción Mánica Zuccolotto



The role of Amazonian rivers for wintering ospreys (Pandion haliaetus): clues from North American band recoveries in Brazil between 1937 and 2006  

Microsoft Academic Search

In this paper we describe band-recovery data from 90 ospreys (Pandion haliaetus), banded in North America and recovered in Brazil between 1937 and 2006. Data were obtained from the Bird Banding Laboratory (US Geological Survey, USA) and from the Centro Nacional de Pesquisa para Conservação das Aves Silvestres (IBAMA, Brazil). The majority of ospreys were banded near the coast in

Luiz A. M. Mestre; Richard O. Bierregaard Jr



NSF-CNPq Collaborative Research Opportunities for FY 1998 (CISE)  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This program, a joint venture of the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Cientifico e Tecnologico (CNPq) of Brazil, aims to increase collaborative research between scientists in Brazil and the United States. Funding is available for research, workshops, and visiting faculty positions. Complete submission details are available at the site. Proposals are due the first Friday in October.


Saturation of the massive Schwinger model  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We determine the field configurations saturating the massive Schwinger model (MSM). Fermion confinement is proved, for the MSM, without invoking the Bose form of the theory. A gas of induced instantons accounts for the presence of the bare fermion mass. Supported in part by Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (CNPq), Brazil.

Girotti, H. O.



The Orbit of Visual Binary ADS4396 = A2657  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The physical and orbital elements of the binary star ADS 4396= A2657 are determined. The reductions were performed on the IBM 370/145 computer at the LCC-Laboratorio de Cientifica do CNPq (Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Cientifico e Tecnologico).

de Freitas-Mourao, R. R.; Tavares, O. C.; Nunes, M. R.



Exchange-current contribution to the pion-deuteron scattering length  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Chiral symmetry, implemented by means of effective lagrangians, is used to evaluate the exchange-current contribution to the pion-deuteron scattering length. It is shown that this approximate ssymmetry is responsible for partial cancellations, yielding an overall contribution of about 10% of the total scattering length. Work supported in part by the Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Cientifico e Tecnológico, Brazil.

Robilotta, M. R.



A Salafiya marroquina e a questão feminina: leitura de l'Autocritique de Allal el-Fassi  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumo Falar do longo processo de mobilização nacional pela reforma do código da família no Marrocos exige que se preste homenagem aos primeiros militantes, homens e mulheres, pela emancipação das mulheres. Desde os anos quarenta, esses pioneiros colocavam entre suas reivindicações a abolição da poligamia, o estabelecimento do divórcio judiciário e os direitos iguais para as mulheres no interior da

Fatima Harrak



Práticas naturalistas e feministas. Debate educacional e a construção da carreira de Bertha Lutz na comunidade científica e política das décadas de 1920 e 30  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumo: Analisamos a trajetória da naturalista do Museu Nacional, Bertha Lutz nos anos iniciais de sua carreira, buscando compreender em que medida seu ingresso e atuação na instituição estão relacionados com o contexto de profissionalização e especialização científica no Brasil, e como participou em meio às culturas científicas - também políticas - e formas de sociabilidade. Este movimento, permeado pelo

Lia Gomes; Pinto de Sousa


Mexico: Country Status Report.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A survey of the status of language usage in Mexico begins with an overview of language distribution among the population, mono- and multilingualism, changes in patterns of usage between the 1970 and 1980 censuses, and linguistic issues related to assimilation of the Indian population and the role and philosophy of the Instituto Nacional

McFerren, Margaret


Hydrogeochemical investigations in support of well logging operations at the Zunil geothermal field, Guatemala  

Microsoft Academic Search

A suite of 41 thermal and nonthermal waters in the Zunil-Quetzaltenango region, Guatemala, were collected as part of a well logging operation conducted by the Instituto Nacional de Electrificacion (INDE) and Los Alamos National Laboratory. Both in situ and weirbox samples were collected in the Zunil geothermal field. The various data suggest that the reservoir at Zunil is geochemically inhomogeneous.

A. Adams; F. Golf; P. E. Jr. Trujillo; D. Counce; J. Archuleta; B. Dennis; V. Medina



Epidemiology of bone tumors in Mexico City: retrospective clinicopathologic study of 566 patients at a referral institution  

Microsoft Academic Search

A retrospective analysis of all bone tumors accessioned at a large referral center (Instituto Nacional de Rehabilitacion) in Mexico City between 2000 and 2005 is presented. A total of 6216 biopsies and surgical resection specimens were reviewed during this period, of which 566 corresponded to bone tumors. Benign bone tumors accounted for 71.6% of cases and malignant bone tumors for

Leticia del Carmen Baena-Ocampo; Esperanza Ramirez-Perez; Luis Miguel Linares-Gonzalez; Ricardo Delgado-Chavez



Colombia: Los problemas de competitividad de un país en conflicto  

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La persistencia del conflicto interno en Colombia inhibe todos los elementos principales que contribuyen a la determinación de la competitividad de la economía nacional, que son los siguientes: (i) el monto de sus recursos productivos; (ii) la calidad y productividad de los mismos; (iii) la eficiencia con que operan sus mercados; (iv) el estado de su infraestructura; (v) la capacidad

Alberto Melo



On inverse scattering at a fixed energy for potentials with a regular behaviour at infinity  

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We study the inverse scattering problem for electric potentials and magnetic fields in {\\\\bb R}^d, d\\\\geq 3 , that are asymptotic sums of homogeneous terms at infinity. The main result is that all these terms can be uniquely reconstructed from the singularities in the forward direction of the scattering amplitude at some positive energy. Research partially supported by Universidad Nacional

Ricardo Weder; Dimitri Yafaev



Visión de un científico oncólogo que aplica la investigación a la salud humana a través de las fronteras

El doctor Jorge Gómez es el asesor principal del Centro para la Salud Mundial del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer. Dirige la Red de Investigación del Cáncer de los Estados Unidos y América Latina, la cual está realizando un estudio internacional de los factores de riesgo del cáncer de mama y características en las mujeres de América Latina.


Definição de uma nomenclatura padronizada e de especificações técnicas básicas de equipamentos biomédicos  

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This paper presents the development of a data base which contains medical devices nomenclature information from world wide adopted nomenclatures GMND (Global Medical Devices Nomenclature) and UMDNS (Universal Medical Device Nomenclature System), and also ANVISA (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária) nomenclature. Besides the 3 nomenclatures codes, the data base contains basic technical specification of biomedical instrumentation. Its data can be

Brayner Dulfes Luís; Marques Iório; Eduardo Jorge; Valadares Oliveira


Efecto protector del Aloe vera (sábila) en lesiones gástricas inducidas con etanol en ratas Protective effect of Aloe vera in injuries gastric  

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Objective: To determine the cytoprotective effect of Aloe Vera (Sabila) on gastric mucosa and compare them with those produced by sucralfate in the experimentation animals. Design: Experimental study. Setting: San Marcos University Institute of Pathology. Lima, Perú. Materials: thirty six albino female rats were evaluated, of the specie Ratus norvegicus strain Holtzman of Instituto Nacional de Salud, Lima-Perú Interventions: Following

Ronald Arce; Janet Molina-Ordóñez; Fiorella Morán; José Moreno-Lozano



New host records and description of the egg of Anacanthorus penilabiatus (Monogenea, Dactylogyridae).  


Anacanthorus penilabiatus is referred parasitizing the type-host Piaractus mesopotamicus (Serrasalmidae) and two new hosts, Colossoma macropomum and C. brachypomum (Characidae) from fish ponds of "Departamento Nacional de Obras Contra as Secas", Pentecoste, State of Ceará, Brazil. Table of measurements and the first description of the egg are presented. PMID:11500767

Pamplona-Basilio, M C; Kohn, A; Feitosa, V A



Experience at the CENAM With Time and Frequency Standards Signals Received by the Global Positioning System (GPS).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The Time and Frequency Division of the Centro Nacional de Metrologia (CENAM) in Mexico has been working along two years with two high-stability signals reception systems: GPS and LORAN-C. We have determined the frequency stability of these systems using a...

H. Jardon-Aguilar J. M. Lopez-Romero J. T. Vega- Duran V. Molina-Lopez



Mexico's National Educational Videoconferencing Network.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper begins with background on the National University of Mexico (UNAM) and its networks. Other distance education projects in Mexico are described, including projects of the Instituto Politecnico Nacional (IPN), the National Distance Education Program operated by the Secretary of Education, and the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios…

Pisanty, Alejandro


Using Virtualization and Automatic Evaluation: Adapting Network Services Management Courses to the EHEA  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper outlines the adaptation of a course on the management of network services in operating systems, called NetServicesOS, to the context of the new European Higher Education Area (EHEA). NetServicesOS is a mandatory course in one of the official graduate programs in the Faculty of Computer Science at the Universidad Nacional de Educacion a…

Ros, S.; Robles-Gomez, A.; Hernandez, R.; Caminero, A. C.; Pastor, R.



The Student Strike at the National Autonomous University of Mexico: A Political Analysis.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Analyzes political tensions related to student strikes at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), 1998-2000, which were sparked by proposed tuition fees. Discusses conflict between social justice sentiments focused on free and egalitarian access to higher education versus market-driven views promoting selective, competitive higher…

Rhoads, Robert A.; Mina, Liliana



Respeito às Normas e Crescimento Econômico: Como Promotores Públicos Garantem o Cumprimento das Leis e Promovem o Crescimento Econômico no Brasil  

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Esta pesquisa examina como os membros do Ministério Público (MP) brasileiro conseguem que empresas instaladas em território nacional cumpram com a legislação trabalhista e ambiental sem perder a competitividade. Nos casos analisados, promotores e procuradores percebem que os gargalos que dificultam o cumprimento da lei estão freqüentemente fora das empresas infratoras e de suas respectivas cadeias de valor, e que,

Salo Vinocur Coslovsky



Crisis de identidad y nuevos roles institucionales de los partidos políticos en México  

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'Toda identidad política se constituye en referencia a un sistema temporal en el que la interpretación del pasado y la construcción del futuro deseado se conjugan para dotar de sentido a la acción presente'. (G. Aboy Carlés) El triunfo de Vicente Fox como candidato del Partido Acción Nacional (PAN) en las elecciones presidenciales del 2 de julio de 2000, fue

Margarita Jiménez Badillo



Preliminary Reflections on the 2000 Presidential Elections in Mexico  

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In the summer of 2000, Mexico's political system experienced something that long seemed impossible: the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI) lost the presidential elections for the very first time since the party was founded in 1929. An interesting aspect of the loss of the PRI and the victory of Vicente Fox of the Partido de Accion Nacional (PAN) - it not

Leendert de Bell; Wil Pansters


Montagem e Resultados Preliminares de Aparato Experimental para Estudo Térmico de Materiais Ablativos  

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O estudo do fenômeno físico de ablação, que ocorre em determinados materiais usados em sistemas de proteção térmica de satélites, bem como a caracterização das propriedades térmicas dos mesmos são considerados de grande importância, por representar um ponto estratégico para a tecnologia espacial. No Brasil, os estudos de materiais ablativos têm sido realizados dentro da perspectiva do Programa Nacional de

Gabriel Antônio de Souza Júnior; Lucas Mello de Campos Arruda; Walber Ferreira Braga; Márcia Barbosa; Henriques Mantelli


La doctora Amelie Ramírez ayuda a dirigir la investigación de las desigualdades en la atención del cáncer en la comunidad latina

La doctora Ramírez es la investigadora principal de Redes en Acción, un centro del programa de redes comunitarias subvencionado por el NCI que se propone reducir la incidencia del cáncer en la comunidad latina a través de una red nacional de grupos comunitarios, investigadores, agencias de salud gubernamentales y la población en general.


8th Argentinean Bioengineering Society Conference (SABI 2011) and 7th Clinical Engineering Meeting  

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In September 2011, the Eighteenth Edition of the Argentinean Bioengineering Society Conference (SABI 2011) and Seventh Clinical Engineering Meeting were held in Mar del Plata, Argetina. The Mar del Plata SABI Regional and the School of Engineering of the Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata invited All bioengineers, engineers, physicists, mathematicians, biologists, physicians and health professionals working in the field

Gustavo Javier Meschuino; Virginia L Ballarin



Amphetamine derivative related deaths  

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Amphetamine its methylendioxy (methylendioxyamphetamine methylenedioxymethylamphetamine, methylenedioxyethylamphetamine) and methoxy derivatives (p-methoxyamphetamine and p-methoxymethylamphetamine) are widely abused in Spanish society. We present here the results of a systematic study of all cases of deaths brought to the attention of the Madrid department of the Instituto Nacional de Toxicologia from 1993 to 1995 in which some of these drugs have been found in

C Lora-Tamayo; T Tena; A Rodr??guez




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Penetration of Vibrio mimicus through lora turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) egg shells. The objective of this research was to determine the capability of this vibrio to trespass the turtle egg shell; the study was conducted at Centro Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología de Alimentos in year 2000. This was done by inoculating the surface of the shell with the bacteria and

Mónica Pereira-Zamora; Francisco Hernández-Chavarría; Eric Wong-González; NOTA TÉCNICA



Antimicrobial susceptibility patterns for pathogens isolated from patients in Latin American medical centers with a diagnosis of pneumonia: analysis of results from the SENTRY Antimicrobial Surveillance Program (1997) 1 1 SENTRY Latin America Study Group includes: H.S. Sader (Brazil-Latin America Coordinator); J. Sampaio (Lâmina Laboratory, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil); C. Zoccoli (Santa Lúzia Laboratory, Florianopolis, Brazil); J.M. Casellas (Centro de Estudios en Antimicrobianos, San Isidro, Argentina); J. Smayevsky (Microbiology Laboratory C.E.M.I.C., Buenos Aires, Argentina); V. Prado (Faculdad de Medicina de Chile, Santiago, Chile); E. Palavecino (Universidad Catolica del Chile, Santiago, Chile); H. Bagnulo (Hospital Maciel, Montivideo, Uruguay); J.A. Robledo (Corporation Para Investigaciones Biologicas, Medellin, Colombia); and J. Sifuentes-Osornio (Instituto Nacional de la Nutricion, Ciudade del Mexico, Mexico)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Pneumonia is the most common fatal hospital-acquired infection, with attributable mortality rates ranging from 30 to 60%. Rapid initiation of optimal antimicrobial therapy is essential for obtaining treatment success. In this report the antimicrobial susceptibility of 556 strains from the lower respiratory tract were collected by the SENTRY Antimicrobial Surveillance Program (1997). These strains were isolated from hospitalized patients with

Helio S. Sader; Ronald N. Jones; Ana C. Gales; P. Winokur; Kari C. Kugler; Michael A. Pfaller; Gary V. Doern



Sr-Nd constraints and trace-elements geochemistry of selected Paleo and Mesoproterozoic mafic dikes and related intrusions from the South American Platform: Insights into their mantle sources and geodynamic implications  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The study of selected mafic intrusions from cratonic areas of the South American Platform shows considerable differences among their mantle sources and geodynamic features, particularly regarding the dikes from the SW Amazonian and São Francisco Cratons. The tholeiites from the SW Amazonian Craton, which belong to the Serra da Providência Intrusive Suite (1.55 Ga), the Nova Lacerda swarm (1.44 Ga), the Colorado Complex (1.35 Ga), and the Nova Brasilândia Group (1.10 Ga), originated from a mantle source composed mainly of a N-MORB end-member, with a variable addition of slab fluids (up to 30%, according to the adopted model) from oceanic lithosphere due to episodic subductions during the Mesoproterozoic. Mafic intrusions from Nova Lacerda swarm and Colorado Complex are related to arc settings formed during the 1.47-1.35 Ga closure of the oceanic domain separating the Amazonian Craton and the Paraguá Terrane, whereas the tholeiites from the Serra da Providência Intrusive Suite and the Nova Brasilândia Group are considered intracratonic. The dike swarms of the São Francisco Craton are associated with intra-plate events. The inferred composition of the mantle source of the Lavras swarm (1.9 Ga) has a predominant E-MORB signature, and a modest contribution of up to 10% of an OIB component. The mantle composition underwent considerable changes during the Proterozoic, as indicated by the sources of the younger dikes, represented by the Diamantina (0.93 Ga) and the Salvador-Olivença swarms (0.92 Ga), to which considerable amount of slab derived fluids, probably from recycled crustal material, and OIB component were added. Changes in mantle composition and dikes intrusions could be related to the initial disruption of the Rodinia Supercontinent. The Florida (1.79 Ga) and Tandil (2.0 Ga) dikes are associated with extensional events of the Rio de La Plata Craton. In spite of the similarities between the tectonic framework of these swarms and that of Lavras (1.9 Ga), the composition of the Paleoproterozoic mantle of both cratons is very different. The parent mantle of the Florida dikes is more enriched and more heterogeneous than the others, probably due to the recycling of old crusts and OIB metasomatism. Isotopic data from the Tandil dikes also suggest an enriched original source, which could be a characteristic feature of the mantle of the Rio de La Plata Craton in Paleoproterozoic times. The Crixás-Goiás (2.49 Ga) swarm originated from a very heterogeneous mantle source, probably contaminated by OIB metasomatic fluids and crustal addition, suggesting that crustal recycling has occurred since Archean times.

Girardi, V. A. V.; Teixeira, W.; Mazzucchelli, M.; Corrêa da Costa, P. C.



CESAR Mission—Cooperation Española-Argentina  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This paper describes the CESAR Mission, an Earth Observation Satellite Mission developed in cooperation between INTA (Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial) from Spain and CONAE (Comisión Nacional de Actividades Espaciales) from Argentina. The Mission, with a proposed launch date of the corresponding CESAR satellite circa 2002/2003, consists in the design, construction, launch and operation of a small satellite, less than 500 Kg, and the update of the existing Ground Segment Capabilities in Spain and Argentina to receive and process the CESAR generated data. The primary objectives will be: Cartography, Natural Resources and Geophysics, with a Satellite Payload composed of a Panchromatic Camera with 5 meters geometric resolution and 10 bits radiometric resolution, for cartography and topography studies; a Multispectral Camera with 6 bands, 34 meters geometric resolution and 10 bits radiometric resolution, for thematic studies; and Panchromatic High Sensibility Camera with 1Km geometric resolution and a Spectrometer, for geophysics studies.

Acedo, Lucía; Urech, Alvaro; Caruso, Daniel; Yelós, Juan



Citizen Empowerment in Volcano Monitoring, Communication and Decision-Making at Tungurahua Volcano, Ecuador  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Trained citizen volunteers called vigías have worked to help monitor and communicate warnings about Tungurahua volcano, in Ecuador, since the volcano reawoke in 1999. The network, organized by the scientists of Ecuacor's Instituto Geofísico de la Escuela Politécnica Nacional (Geophysical Institute) and the personnel from the Secretaría Nacional de Gestión de Riesgos (Risk Management, initially the Civil Defense), has grown to well over 20 observers living around the volcano who communicate regularly via handheld two-way radios. Interviews with participants in 2010 indicate that the network enables direct communication between communities and authorities, engenders trust in scientists and emergency response personnel, builds community, and empowers communities to make decisions in times of crisis.

Bartel, B.; Mothes, P. A.



[Reproduction, sexuality and power: the struggles and disputes over abortion and contraception in Rio de Janeiro, 1890-1930].  


This article examines the debate among physicians over abortion, from the turn of the nineteenth century through to the 1930s, especially in the Academia Nacional de Medicina (National Academy of Medicine). Considered a crime, abortion was seen as something that threatened the dominance of husbands over wives and the control over medical practice in relation to the female body. Midwives, seen as the propagators of the techniques of medical termination of pregnancy, were opposed as a serious threat to the established gender order. Ten theses of the Faculdade de Medicina do Rio de Janeiro were analyzed, as well as the bulletins of the Academia Nacional de Medicina and articles published in the Correio da Manhã and O Globo newspapers. PMID:23184238

Silva, Marinete Dos Santos



NASA Network  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The NASA Network includes nine NASA operated and partner operated stations covering North America, the west coast of South America, the Pacific, and Western Australia . A new station is presently being setup in South Africa and discussions are underway to add another station in Argentina. NASA SLR operations are supported by Honeywell Technical Solutions, Inc (HTSI), formally AlliedSignal Technical Services, The University of Texas, the University of Hawaii and Universidad Nacional de San Agustin.

Carter, David; Wetzel, Scott



Transmission grating Validation and Qualification for Mars and Future Planetary exploration Missions  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In the frame of ExoMars 2018 mission (ESARoscosmos collaboration), the Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial (INTA) in Spain, has successfully finish validation test plan of the transmission grating, one of the key optical components that forms part of the Spectrometer Unit of the instrument Raman Laser Spectrometrer that will be on board of ExoMars 2018 and that has never being qualified before.

Gallego, P.; Fernández, M.; Guembe, V.; Ramos, G.; González, C.; Prieto, J. A. R.; Canchal, R.; Moral, A.; Pérez, C.; Rull, F.



Social And Economic Correlates Of Induced Abortion In Santiago, Chile  

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\\u000a Resumen  Desde 1962, se ha estado desarrollando un proyecto de investigación para estudiar el problema del aborto inducido y la planificación\\u000a de la familia en una de las cinco Areas en las cuales el Servicio Nacional de Salud divide la ciudad de Santiago. El proyecto\\u000a se dividió en un Estudio Piloto, que tenia por objetivoobtenerinformación sobre la incidencia del aborto inducido,

Requena B. Mariano



A study of migration to Greater Santiago (Chile)  

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\\u000a Resumen  Se presentan los resultados mas significativos de una encuesta realizada en el Gran Santiago (Chile) en 1962 por el Centro\\u000a Latinamericano de Demografia de las Naciones Unidas (CELADE). La población estudiada era por entonces de, aproximadamente,\\u000a 2.054.000 habitantes. Dieha investigación utilizó una muestra probabílistiea de poco más que 2.000 hogares familiares. Los\\u000a cuestionarios fueron diseñados para investigar características demoqráficas y

Juan C. Elizaga



PARTNeR for Teaching and Learning Radio Astronomy Basics  

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NASA has three satellite tracking stations around the world: CDSCC (Canberra, Australia), GDSCC (Goldstone, USA) and MDSCC (Madrid, Spain). One of the antennas located at MDSCC, DSS-61, is not used for satellite tracking any more and thanks to an agreement between INTA (Instituto Nacional de TÃl’cnica Aeroespacial) and NASA, it has been turned into an educational radio telescope. PARTNeR (Proyecto

Juan A´ngel Vaquerizo



PARTNeR for Teaching and Learning Radio Astronomy Basics  

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NASA has three satellite tracking stations around the world: CDSCC (Canberra, Australia), GDSCC (Goldstone, USA) and MDSCC (Madrid, Spain). One of the antennas located at MDSCC, DSS-61, is not used for satellite tracking any more and thanks to an agreement between INTA (Instituto Nacional de TA~l'cnica Aeroespacial) and NASA, it has been turned into an educational radio telescope. PARTNeR (Proyecto

Juan Ángel Vaquerizo



The impact of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) program on radiation and tissue banking in Uruguay: development of tissues quality control and quality management system in the National Multi-Tissue Bank of Uruguay  

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BNOT was created and regulated in 1977 and started its operation in 1978 according to the Decree No. 86\\/1977. By the Decree\\u000a 248\\/005 is transformed in the National Institute of Donation and Transplantation of Cells, Tissues and Organs (Instituto Nacional\\u000a de Donación y Trasplante de Células, Tejidos y Órganos—INDT). The organisation has been operating within the State University\\u000a Medical School

I. Álvarez; Jorge Morales Pedraza; M. C. Saldías; H. Pérez Campos; O. Wodowóz; María Acosta; W. Vicentino; W. Silva; G. Rodríguez; D. Machín; O. Álvarez



El doctor Varmus dirigirá una institución "inigualable", afirma el director del NCI, doctor John Niederhuber

En un mensaje dirigido al personal del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) y a quienes se interesan por la oncología, el doctor John Niederhuber, director del NCI, aplaude el nombramiento de Harold Varmus y afirma que esta designación le "dará al NCI un liderazgo fuerte no solo en la institución sino mas allá de ella, así como una voz muy respetada en el Congreso, que abogue por los recursos que son tan necesarios para sostener la misión del Instituto.


Vanderbilt-led team identifies new breast cancer gene expression pattern

A study led by Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center investigators has identified a gene expression pattern that may explain why chemotherapy prior to surgery isn’t effective against some tumors and suggests new therapy options for patients with specific subtypes of breast cancer. Other investigators in the study include researchers from the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, UK; the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas; and the Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Neoplásicas (INEN) in Lima, Perú.



NSDL National Science Digital Library

INBioparque is an ecotourism park created by the Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad (INBio). It is dedicated to promoting awareness of the importance of biodiversity and conservation of the ecosystems of Costa Rica. The guided tour lets visitors come into contact with the most representative of Costa Rica's ecosystems--the Central Valley Forest, the Humid Forest, the tropical Dry Forest, and the Wetlands--and approximately 51 bird species, 583 native plant species, as well as mammals and reptiles.


Automation of the OAN/SPM 1.5-meter Johnson telescope for operations with RATIR  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Reionization And Transients Infra-Red (RATIR) camera is intended for robotic operation on the 1.5-meter Harold Johnson telescope of the Observatorio Astronómico Nacional on the Sierra de San Pedro Mártir, Baja California, Mexico. This paper describes the work we have carried out to successfully automate the telescope and prepare it for RATIR. One novelty is our use of real-time absolute astrometry from the finder telescopes to point and guide the main telescope.

Watson, Alan M.; Richer, Michael G.; Bloom, Joshua S.; Butler, Nathaniel R.; Ceseña, Urania; Clark, David; Colorado, Enrique; Córdova, Antolín.; Farah, Alejandro; Fox-Machado, Lester; Fox, Ori D.; García, Benjamín.; Georgiev, Leonid N.; González, J. Jesús; Guisa, Gerardo; Gutiérrez, Leonel; Herrera, Joel; Klein, Christopher R.; Kutyrev, Alexander S.; Lazo, Francisco; Lee, William H.; López, Eduardo; Luna, Esteban; Martínez, Benjamín.; Murillo, Francisco; Murillo, José Manuel; Núñez, Juan Manuel; Prochaska, J. Xavier; Ochoa, José Luís.; Quirós, Fernando; Rapchun, David A.; Román-Zúñiga, Carlos; Valyavin, Gennady



Efecto del glicerol sobre la catálisis por fosfatasa ácida de bajo peso molecular de hígado de alpaca (Lama pacos)  

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Objective: To determine the effect of glycerol on hydrolisis of p-nitrophenyl phosphate at pH 5,0 by low molecular weight acid phosphatase from alpaca liver. Design: Experimental analytical study. Setting: Biochemistry and Nutrition Research Center, Faculty of Medicine, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru. Materials: Disodic p-nitrophenyl phosphate salt, glacial acetic acid, glycerol, tricloroacetic acid, sulfuric acid, ammonium molibdate,

Emilio Guija; Fernando Arauco; Hielke Haak-Mares; Mercedes Soberón



Cancer de cuello uterino y vacuna contra el VPH_Lineas_Vitales

Lo que los padres deben saber sobre el cáncer de cuello uterino y la vacuna contra el VPH Por el Instituto Nacional del Cáncer Nosotros podemos vacunar a nuestros hijos contra la varicela, el sarampión y la gripe (flu). Y más recientemente se ha puesto al alcance de los padres una vacuna que les permite ofrecer a sus hijos un medio adicional de protección contra ciertas enfermedades; se trata de una vacuna que previene algunos tipos de cáncer.


Illustrative statistics from the National Mortality Survey  

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\\u000a Resumen  El Survey Nacional de Mortalidad, el cual empezó en 1961 es descrito como un survey basado sobre una muestra probabilística\\u000a sobre datos de mortalidad, la cual está diseñada para recolectar información de hospitales, instituciones que se hacen cargo\\u000a de los muertos, e informes sobre alrededor de cinco mil defunciones al año.\\u000a \\u000a \\u000a Se presentan aquí datos ilustrativos, los cuales describen experiencia

Gordon F. Sutton



Fertility among ethnic groups in the USSR  

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\\u000a Resumen  Se analiza las diferenciales de la fecundidad en 26 grupos étnicos de la URSS. El análisis se basa en los dotos del Censo\\u000a Nacional de 1959. Para explicar las diferenciales de la fecundidad encontradas, se ha seguido como posibles factores contributivos,\\u000a algunos hechos sociológicos y etnográficos de estos grupos. Una de las observaciones importantes de este estudio es el hecho

D. Peter Mazur



The significance of differences in patterns of mortality for population projections  

Microsoft Academic Search

\\u000a Resumen  La significatividad de las diferencias en patrones de mortalidad para proyecciones de población ha sido examinada por medio\\u000a de la proyección de estables test poblaciones clasificadas por sexo y edad con fertilidad constante y mortalidad decreciente,\\u000a de acuerdo a los modelos Oeste, Norte, Este, Sud y de acuerdo a los modelos de las Naciones Unidas, a intervalos de cinco\\u000a años

Kogalur G. Basavarajappa



Histoplasmosis en Venezuela  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumen  Se hace un recuento de los principales trabajos que se han llevado a cabo en Venezuela sobre Histoplasmosis desde 1950 cuando\\u000a se comprobó la infección, siguiéndose comunicaciones que conducen a la organización de la Comisión Coordinadora para el Estudio\\u000a Nacional de las Micosis con el objeto de facilitar y standardizar los métodos de investigación en el campo.\\u000a \\u000a Se presenta una

J. I. Baldó; H. Campins; Carlos Ayala Páez



A compact and low cost TT&C S-Band Ground Station for low orbit satellites  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE's) S-Band Ground Station for satellite control and monitoring is revised consdiering the current software and hardware technology. A Ground Station concept for low orbit satellites is presented. The front-end uses a small antenna and low cost associated equipment without loss of performance. The baseband equipment is highly standardized and developed on a personal computer IBM compatible using extensively Digital Signal Processing (DSP). A link budget for ranging, telecommand and telemetry is also presented.

Pacola, Luiz C.; Ferrari, Carlos A.


Ten years of Meridian Astronomy studies in Argentina  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In 1996, through a Cooperation Agreement between the Universidad Nacional de San Juan and the Real Instituto y Observatorio de la Armada de España (ROA), the San Fernando Automatic Meridian Circle of this Institute was installed in San Juan, to be jointly operated by this research center and the Observatorio Astronómico Félix Aguilar (OAFA). In these 10 years, the telescope has been working uninterruptedly, and in this paper we inform about its results and its observation program. FULL TEXT IN SPANISH

Mallamaci, C. C.; Pérez, J. A.; Marmolejo, L. F.; Navarro, J. L.; Sedeño, J. A.; Muiños, J. L.; Belizón, F.; Montojo, J.; Vallejo, M.


Developing the IBA equipment to increase the versatility of the CNA  

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The Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (CNA) in Sevilla-Spain currently contains three accelerators: two tandems and a compact 18\\/9 cyclotron. Next year, a 60Co irradiation system will also be installed. This equipment will expand the range of irradiation experiments in the Centre using both charged particles as well as gamma-ray photons. Originally, based on the 3MV tandem accelerator, the CNA was

Y. Morilla; M. C. Jiménez-Ramos; J. García López; J. A. Labrador; F. R. Palomo; I. Ortega-Feliu


The 29th International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases  

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The 29th International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases (ICPIG) was held in Cancún, Mexico, on 12–17 July, 2009, under the sponsorship of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico, UNAM, the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, UAM, and the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP).ICPIG, founded in 1953, has since been held biennally, and nowadays it covers both fundamental and

J de Urquijo



Tratamiento ayuda a las mujeres jóvenes a preservar la fertilidad durante la quimioterapia para el cáncer de seno

Las mujeres jóvenes con cáncer de seno (mama) lograron preservar la fertilidad durante los tratamientos del cáncer con un fármaco inyectable bloqueador de hormonas que les provocó menopausia temporal. Los resultados del estudio se anunciaron hoy en el congreso anual de la Sociedad Americana de Oncología Clínica (ASCO), y provienen del Estudio de Prevención de la Menopausia Temprana (POEMS), patrocinado por el Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI).


The new Cyclone 18\\/9 beam transport line at the CNA (Sevilla) for high energy PIXE applications  

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The Cyclone 18\\/9 cyclotron system at the Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (Sevilla, Spain) is commonly used to create short life radioisotopes for PET applications. Besides, an external beam transport line has been recently installed in one of the target ports with two major purposes: to study the effects of 18MeV protons irradiation on the behaviour of electronic devices for space

J. García López; I. Ortega-Feliu; Y. Morilla; A. Ferrero



Extenso estudio realizado en muchos centros demuestra que hay una precisión comparable de la colonoscopia virtual con la colonoscopia convencional

Según los resultados del Estudio Nacional de Colografía de Tomografía Computarizada de la American College of Radiology Imaging Network, ACRIN, la colografía de tomografía computarizada, también conocida como colonoscopia virtual, es comparable a la colonoscopia convencional en su capacidad para detectar con precisión cáncer y pólipos precancerosos y podría servir como examen selectivo inicial de detección de cáncer colorrectal. La colonoscopia convencional usa un tubo largo, flexible, con cámara, para ver el revestimiento del colon.


BSC-CNS Research and Supercomputing Resources  

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Early in 2004 the Ministry of Education and Science (Spanish Government), Generalitat de Catalunya (local Catalan Government)\\u000a and Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) took the initiative of creating a National Supercomputing Center in Barcelona.\\u000a BSC-CNS (Barcelona Supercomputing Center—Centro Nacional de Supercomputación) is the National Supercomputing Facility in Spain\\u000a and was officially constituted in April 2005. BSC-CNS manages MareNostrum, one of

David Vicente; Javier Bartolome


Experience in Parallel Computational Mechanics on MareNostrum  

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We present in this paper the experience of the authors in solving very large problems of computational mechanics on a supercomputer.\\u000a The authors are researchers of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center-Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC-CNS), a brand\\u000a new research center in Spain, which hosts the fastest supercomputer in Europe and the fifth in the world: MareNostrum (TOP500,\\u000a November 2006). A brief

G. Houzeaux; M Vazquez; R Grima; H Calmet; J. M Cela