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Emergent cardiopulmonary bypass during pectus excavatum repair.  


Pectus excavatum is a chest wall deformity that produces significant cardiopulmonary disability and is typically seen in younger patients. Minimally invasive repair of pectus excavatum or Nuss procedure has become a widely accepted technique for adult and pediatric patients. Although it is carried out through a thoracoscopic approach, the procedure is associated with a number of potential intraoperative and post-operative complications. We present a case of cardiac perforation requiring emergent cardiopulmonary bypass in a 29-year-old male with Marfan syndrome and previous mitral valve repair undergoing a Nuss procedure for pectus excavatum. This case illustrates the importance of vigilance and preparation by the surgeons, anesthesia providers as well as the institution to be prepared with resources to handle the possible complications. This includes available cardiac surgical backup, perfusionist support and adequate blood product availability. PMID:23816675

Craner, Ryan; Weis, Ricardo; Ramakrishna, Harish



Pectus excavatum: cosmetic improvement using preformed silicone implants  

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Thirteen patients with a pectus excavatum deformity, without associated cardiopulmonary symptoms, were treated by implantation of a custom made silicone prosthesis. The postoperative results are reported and the indications for this operation are discussed.

A. C. J. Swart; M. P. Carpentier Alting; T. F. J. Specken; W. J. Morshuis; M. Kong



Pectus excavatum repair using a costal cartilage graft for patients with tracheobronchomalacia  

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Background: Pectus excavatum is sometimes associated with tracheobronchomalacia, which usually manifests left mediastinal shift, atelectasis of the left lung, and recurrent pulmonary infection. Standard repair of pectus excavatum alone usually failed to improve symptoms. Methods: Pexis of the great vessels and pericardium combined with the support of the lower sternum, using a contralateral costal cartilage graft following the standard Ravitch's

Shinkichi Kamata; Noriaki Usui; Toshio Sawai; Yuko Tazuke; Keisuke Nose; Hisayoshi Kawahara; Akira Okada



Comparison of Haller index values calculated with chest radiographs versus CT for pectus excavatum evaluation  

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Background  Pectus excavatum is a common chest wall anomaly in children. Pre-operative imaging for pectus excavatum is performed with\\u000a CT, which is used to calculate the Haller index to determine the severity of pectus excavatum.\\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a Objective  To determine the correlation between Haller index values calculated with two-view chest radiographs and those calculated with\\u000a CT and to determine, with CT as the reference

Geetika Khanna; Alok Jaju; Steven Don; Tim Keys; Charles F. Hildebolt



[Repair of pectus excavatum without the introduction of exogenous material].  


We review our experience of surgical repair for pectus excavatum without the introduction of exogenous material. Two hundred seven patients underwent surgical repair. Sterno-costal elevation was adopted for 196 patients. Sternal turnover was employed for 11 adult patients with severe asymmetric deformities. In sterno-costal elevation, a section of the 3rd or 4th to the 7th costal cartilages were resected, and all of the cartilage stumps were resutured to the sternum. The secured ribs generate 0.5 to 12 kg of tension, pulling the sternum bilaterally, such that the resultant force causes the sternum to rise anteriorly and prevents flail chest. We've made modifications such as resection of the lower tip of the sternum below the 6th cartilage junction, or a diagonal groove on the sternal cortex to get better correction in any age group. There were neither operative death nor any severe complications, and in all cases the deformities were corrected satisfactorily. Patients resumed unlimited daily activities within 3 months after surgery. Our technique represents a less invasive procedure with low operative risk for the repair of pectus excavatum in any age group. PMID:22242288

Iida, Hiroshi; Sunazawa, Tooru



Rib cartilage characterization in patients affected by pectus excavatum.  


Pectus excavatum (PE) is the most frequent anterior chest deformity which may be frequently associated with connective tissue disorders. We performed microscopic analyses to better understand cartilage behavior and obtain clues on its pathogenesis. In 37 PE patients, none with Marfan syndrome, we analyzed costal cartilage by light microscopy, immunohistochemistry and transmission electron microscopy. Control tissue specimens were harvested from four patients without any connective tissue disease. In both control and PE patients, chondrocytes were on the average <15 µm in diameter and occupied <10% of tissue volume; in most cases the extracellular matrix was stained by alcian blue, instead of safranin; no difference between PE and control samples was significant. All samples showed an uneven collagen type II immunolabeling both within the cells and pericellular matrix, and occasionally of the territorial matrix. In all cases numerous cells underwent apoptosis accompanied by matrix condensation as shown by electron microscopy. Our results suggest that matrix composition and the cell number and size of costal cartilage are dependent on the subject and not on the disease; the microscopic organization of cartilage is correlated with the stabilization of the defective shape rather than with the onset of the deformity. PMID:24170345

Tocchioni, Francesca; Ghionzoli, Marco; Calosi, Laura; Guasti, Daniele; Romagnoli, Paolo; Messineo, Antonio



Virtual simulation of the postsurgical cosmetic outcome in patients with Pectus Excavatum  

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Pectus excavatum is the most common congenital deformity of the anterior chest wall, in which several ribs and the sternum grow abnormally. Nowadays, the surgical correction is carried out in children and adults through Nuss technic. This technic has been shown to be safe with major drivers as cosmesis and the prevention of psychological problems and social stress. Nowadays, no application is known to predict the cosmetic outcome of the pectus excavatum surgical correction. Such tool could be used to help the surgeon and the patient in the moment of deciding the need for surgery correction. This work is a first step to predict postsurgical outcome in pectus excavatum surgery correction. Facing this goal, it was firstly determined a point cloud of the skin surface along the thoracic wall using Computed Tomography (before surgical correction) and the Polhemus FastSCAN (after the surgical correction). Then, a surface mesh was reconstructed from the two point clouds using a Radial Basis Function algorithm for further affine registration between the meshes. After registration, one studied the surgical correction influence area (SCIA) of the thoracic wall. This SCIA was used to train, test and validate artificial neural networks in order to predict the surgical outcome of pectus excavatum correction and to determine the degree of convergence of SCIA in different patients. Often, ANN did not converge to a satisfactory solution (each patient had its own deformity characteristics), thus invalidating the creation of a mathematical model capable of estimating, with satisfactory results, the postsurgical outcome.

Vilaça, João L.; Moreira, António H. J.; L-Rodrigues, Pedro; Rodrigues, Nuno; Fonseca, Jaime C.; Pinho, A. C. M.; Correia-Pinto, Jorge



Ivabradine to treat inappropriate sinus tachycardia after the fast pathway ablation in a patient with severe pectus excavatum  

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We present the case of a 49-year-old woman with atrioventricular nodal re-entrant tachycardia and a severe pectus excavatum. The patient underwent an electrophysiological study and fast pathway ablation. Fast pathway ablation was not done on purpose but accidentally, likely due to the abnormal position of the heart in the chest cavity in this patient suffering from severe pectus excavatum. Some




Evaluation of Unexplained Dyspnea in A Young Athletic Male with Pectus Excavatum  

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Pectus excavatum (PE) is a relatively common congenital deformity of the anterior chest wall associated with reduced exercise capacity. Uncertainty exists over the nature of physiologic impairment in PE. Evidence suggests that myocardial compression exerted by the displaced sternum on the right heart chambers, disables the ability of the heart to augment stroke volume during exercise. This case study describes the evaluation of an athletic 20 year old Caucasian male, lifelong non-smoker, with severe pectus deformity and previous fixation procedure to repair a sternal fracture. The patient performed an incremental cycle ergometer exercise test to determine the etiology of his dyspnea with exertion. The patient demonstrated normal work output and normal aerobic capacity but displayed dynamic hyperinflation. Mechanical restriction of tidal volume expansion appeared to be the major contributors to exercise limitation. These results are compared and contrasted with similar cases reported in the literature. Key Points Pectus excavatum (PE) is a relatively common phenomenon affecting approximately 1 in 300 births, with a 9:1 ratio of male to female rate of incidence. The etiology or exercise limitation is most frequently due to cardiovascular limitation due to the compression of the sternum upon the myocardium, impairing the ability to augment stroke volume. The Pectus Severity Index (PSI) is a useful indicator of pectus severity. Cardiopulmonary exercise testing provides useful data to distinguish between cardiovascular limitation, ventilatory limitation, or deconditioning in the evaluation of PE. In this case study, ventilatory limitation was due to the mechanical restriction of the thoracic cavity. PMID:24453537

Tardie, Gregory B.; Dorsey, David A.; Kaeferlein, Bernhard H.



Automatic prebent customized prosthesis for pectus excavatum minimally invasive surgery correction.  


Pectus excavatum is the most common deformity of the thorax. A minimally invasive surgical correction is commonly carried out to remodel the anterior chest wall by using an intrathoracic convex prosthesis in the substernal position. The process of prosthesis modeling and bending still remains an area of improvement. The authors developed a new system, i3DExcavatum, which can automatically model and bend the bar preoperatively based on a thoracic CT scan. This article presents a comparison between automatic and manual bending. The i3DExcavatum was used to personalize prostheses for 41 patients who underwent pectus excavatum surgical correction between 2007 and 2012. Regarding the anatomical variations, the soft-tissue thicknesses external to the ribs show that both symmetric and asymmetric patients always have asymmetric variations, by comparing the patients' sides. It highlighted that the prosthesis bar should be modeled according to each patient's rib positions and dimensions. The average differences between the skin and costal line curvature lengths were 84 ± 4 mm and 96 ± 11 mm, for male and female patients, respectively. On the other hand, the i3DExcavatum ensured a smooth curvature of the surgical prosthesis and was capable of predicting and simulating a virtual shape and size of the bar for asymmetric and symmetric patients. In conclusion, the i3DExcavatum allows preoperative personalization according to the thoracic morphology of each patient. It reduces surgery time and minimizes the margin error introduced by the manually bent bar, which only uses a template that copies the chest wall curvature. PMID:24151136

Vilaça, João L; Rodrigues, Pedro L; Soares, Tony R; Fonseca, Jaime C; Pinho, António Cm; Henriques-Coelho, Tiago; Correia-Pinto, Jorge



Artificial neural networks for automatic modelling of the pectus excavatum corrective prosthesis  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Pectus excavatum is the most common deformity of the thorax and usually comprises Computed Tomography (CT) examination for pre-operative diagnosis. Aiming at the elimination of the high amounts of CT radiation exposure, this work presents a new methodology for the replacement of CT by a laser scanner (radiation-free) in the treatment of pectus excavatum using personally modeled prosthesis. The complete elimination of CT involves the determination of ribs external outline, at the maximum sternum depression point for prosthesis placement, based on chest wall skin surface information, acquired by a laser scanner. The developed solution resorts to artificial neural networks trained with data vectors from 165 patients. Scaled Conjugate Gradient, Levenberg-Marquardt, Resilient Back propagation and One Step Secant gradient learning algorithms were used. The training procedure was performed using the soft tissue thicknesses, determined using image processing techniques that automatically segment the skin and rib cage. The developed solution was then used to determine the ribs outline in data from 20 patient scanners. Tests revealed that ribs position can be estimated with an average error of about 6.82+/-5.7 mm for the left and right side of the patient. Such an error range is well below current prosthesis manual modeling (11.7+/-4.01 mm) even without CT imagiology, indicating a considerable step forward towards CT replacement by a 3D scanner for prosthesis personalization.

Rodrigues, Pedro L.; Moreira, António H. J.; Rodrigues, Nuno F.; Pinho, ACM; Fonseca, Jaime C.; Correia-Pinto, Jorge; Vilaça, João. L.



Systematic review of surgical treatment techniques for adult and pediatric patients with pectus excavatum  

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This compares outcome measures of current pectus excavatum (PEx) treatments, namely the Nuss and Ravitch procedures, in pediatric and adult patients. Original investigations that stratified PEx patients based on current treatment and age (pediatric?=?0–21; adult 17–99) were considered for inclusion. Outcome measures were: operation duration, analgesia duration, blood loss, length of stay (LOS), outcome ratings, complications, and percentage requiring reoperations. Adult implant patients (18.8%) had higher reoperation rates than adult Nuss or Ravitch patients (5.3% and 3.3% respectively). Adult Nuss patients had longer LOS (7.3 days), more strut/bar displacement (6.1%), and more epidural analgesia (3 days) than adult Ravitch patients (2.9 days, 0%, 0 days). Excluding pectus bar and strut displacements, pediatric and adult Nuss patients tended to have higher complication rates (pediatric - 38%; adult - 21%) compared to pediatric and adult Ravitch patients (12.5%; 8%). Pediatric Ravitch patients clearly had more strut displacements than adult Ravitch patients (0% and 6.4% respectively). These results suggest significantly better results in common PEx surgical repair techniques (i.e. Nuss and Ravitch) than uncommon techniques (i.e. Implants and Robicsek). The results suggest slightly better outcomes in pediatric Nuss procedure patients as compared with all other groups. We recommend that symptomatic pediatric patients with uncomplicated PEx receive the Nuss procedure. We suggest that adult patients receive the Nuss or Ravitch procedure, even though the long-term complication rates of the adult Nuss procedure require more investigation. PMID:24506826



A Sensorized Nuss Bar for Patient-Specific Treatment of Pectus Excavatum  

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Pectus Excavatum is an anatomical deformation characterized by a depression of the anterior chest wall. Nuss technique (representing the current clinical golden standard) consists in the introduction of a corrective metal bar, in order to raise the sternum in its anatomic natural position. Nowadays, the bar plays purely a mechanical/corrective action and is kept implanted for about three years, supporting up to a maximum force of 250 N. Our study aims at optimizing the procedure of correction, in terms of monitoring the bar effect, minimizing the body response, and facilitating the bar removal. The sensorized Nuss bar prototype inserted in a platform for telemedicine described in this article is able to monitor in vitro pressure data variations, with more than 150 discrete measurements during the operating period. This behavior is promising for future clinical applications, in which the device could be exploited to monitor the forces at work, thus, providing a customized therapeutic protocol, which in turn may optimize the period of implant. The sensorized bar was also provided with a polymeric coating, able to influence human dermal fibroblast behavior in vitro. This highlights the possibility to minimize, in future in vivo applications, tissue fibrotic responses. PMID:25268912

Betti, Stefano; Ciuti, Gastone; Ricotti, Leonardo; Ghionzoli, Marco; Cavallo, Filippo; Messineo, Antonio; Menciassi, Arianna



Automatic modeling of pectus excavatum corrective prosthesis using artificial neural networks.  


Pectus excavatum is the most common deformity of the thorax. Pre-operative diagnosis usually includes Computed Tomography (CT) to successfully employ a thoracic prosthesis for anterior chest wall remodeling. Aiming at the elimination of radiation exposure, this paper presents a novel methodology for the replacement of CT by a 3D laser scanner (radiation-free) for prosthesis modeling. The complete elimination of CT is based on an accurate determination of ribs position and prosthesis placement region through skin surface points. The developed solution resorts to a normalized and combined outcome of an artificial neural network (ANN) set. Each ANN model was trained with data vectors from 165 male patients and using soft tissue thicknesses (STT) comprising information from the skin and rib cage (automatically determined by image processing algorithms). Tests revealed that ribs position for prosthesis placement and modeling can be estimated with an average error of 5.0 ± 3.6mm. One also showed that the ANN performance can be improved by introducing a manually determined initial STT value in the ANN normalization procedure (average error of 2.82 ± 0.76 mm). Such error range is well below current prosthesis manual modeling (approximately 11 mm), which can provide a valuable and radiation-free procedure for prosthesis personalization. PMID:25070021

Rodrigues, Pedro L; Rodrigues, Nuno F; Pinho, A C M; Fonseca, Jaime C; Correia-Pinto, Jorge; Vilaça, João L



Pectus excavatum postsurgical outcome based on preoperative soft body dynamics simulation  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Pectus excavatum is the most common congenital deformity of the anterior chest wall, in which an abnormal formation of the rib cage gives the chest a caved-in or sunken appearance. Today, the surgical correction of this deformity is carried out in children and adults through Nuss technic, which consists in the placement of a prosthetic bar under the sternum and over the ribs. Although this technique has been shown to be safe and reliable, not all patients have achieved adequate cosmetic outcome. This often leads to psychological problems and social stress, before and after the surgical correction. This paper targets this particular problem by presenting a method to predict the patient surgical outcome based on pre-surgical imagiologic information and chest skin dynamic modulation. The proposed approach uses the patient pre-surgical thoracic CT scan and anatomical-surgical references to perform a 3D segmentation of the left ribs, right ribs, sternum and skin. The technique encompasses three steps: a) approximation of the cartilages, between the ribs and the sternum, trough b-spline interpolation; b) a volumetric mass spring model that connects two layers - inner skin layer based on the outer pleura contour and the outer surface skin; and c) displacement of the sternum according to the prosthetic bar position. A dynamic model of the skin around the chest wall region was generated, capable of simulating the effect of the movement of the prosthetic bar along the sternum. The results were compared and validated with patient postsurgical skin surface acquired with Polhemus FastSCAN system.

Moreira, Antonio H. J.; Rodrigues, Pedro L.; Fonseca, Jaime; Pinho, A. C. M.; Rodrigues, Nuno F.; Correia-Pinto, Jorge; Vilaça, João L.



Investigating an approach to identifying the biomechanical differences between intercostal cartilage in subjects with pectus excavatum and normals in vivo: preliminary assessment of normal subjects  

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The cause of pectus excavatum (PE) is unknown and little research has been done to assess the material properties of the PE costal cartilage. One source reported, after studying ex vivo various properties of the costal cartilage in cases of PE that the biomechanical stability of PE cartilage is decreased when compared to that of normals. Building on this idea, it would be beneficial to measure the biomechanical properties of the costal cartilages in vivo to further determine the differences between PE subjects and normals. An approach to doing this would be to use a modified FARO arm, which can read applied loads and resulting deflections. These values can be used to establish a finite element model of the chest area of a person with PE. So far, a validated technique for the registration between a CT based 3D model of the ribcage and a skin surface scan in case of PE has been addressed. On the basis of the data gathered from 10 subjects with normal chests using a robot arm, stylus and 3D laser scanner, we tried to evaluate the influence of inter-measurement respiration of a subject on results accuracy and the possibility of using the stylus for deflection measurement. In addition, we established the best strategy for taking measurements.

Rechowicz, Krzysztof; McKenzie, Frederic; Yan, Zhenzhen; Bawab, Sebastian; Ringleb, Stacie



Pectus carinatum.  


Pectus carinatum or keel chest is a spectrum of progressive inborn anomalies of the anterior chest wall, named after the keel (carina) of ancient Roman ships. It defines a wide spectrum of inborn protrusion anomalies of the sternum and/or the adjacent costal cartilages. Pectus carinatum is often associated with various conditions, notably Marfan disease, homocystinuria, prune belly, Morquio syndrome, osteogenesis imperfecta, Noonan syndrome, and mitral valve prolapse. Treatment of pectus carinatum by nonsurgical methods such as exercise and casting has not been worthwhile, whereas surgical management is simple and successful. PMID:20974441

Robicsek, Francis; Watts, Larry T



Right ventricular outflow tract obstruction caused by a displaced pectus bar 30 months following the Nuss procedure.  


Complications following the Nuss procedure for the correction of pectus excavatum later than 30 days are rare. We report of a 40-year old man who developed dyspnoea and was diagnosed with a pulmonary stenosis more than 2 years after undergoing the Nuss procedure. This was discovered to be caused by a displaced pectus bar. Following removal of the pectus bars, the symptoms along with the right ventricular outflow tract obstruction disappeared. PMID:25312526

Maagaard, Marie; Udholm, Sebastian; Hjortdal, Vibeke E; Pilegaard, Hans K



How to avoid pectus bar dislocation in the MIRPE or MOVARPE technique: results of 12 years' experience.  


Bar displacement remains the most common complication of the minimally invasive repair of pectus excavatum (MIRPE). To date, no studies show results from 12 years' experience using a bar fixation technique with only absorbable sutures. Our aim is to show how to stabilize the bar using a modified approach for bar fixation. A retrospective review of 68 patients, who underwent MIRPE or the minor open videoendoscopic assisted repair of pectus excavatum, was performed. To stabilize the pectus bar, both wings of the pectus bar were tied to the ribs in 52 patients with circumcostal absorbable sutures using a Deschamps needle under endoscopic survey and in 16 patients with lateral stabilizers. The stability of pectus bar after the operation was assessed by lateral chest X-ray films and classified as being perfect, incomplete, or poor. No complications were observed in the perioperative period with the circumcostal suture technique. Lateral chest X-rays showed an excellent position of the pectus bar in 50 patients, incomplete position in 1, and poor position in another patient. Our technique seems to be effective in preventing bar displacement following pectus excavatum repair. It does not add any significant cost or time to the operation, and it is fairly simple to perform. PMID:23241769

Del Frari, Barbara; Schwabegger, Anton H



Technical innovation in minimally invasive repair of pectus excavatum.  


The aim of study was to introduce technical innovation of MIRPE which reduces the risk of cardiac injury. Modification of MIRPE method with semiflexible thoracoscope and sternum elevating technique has been used. Volkmann bone hook has been inserted percutaneously to the sternum. The hook elevates the sternum forward and enlarges the retrosternal space for safer passage of thoracoscopically guided introducer. Using semiflexible thoracoscope allows better view from various angles via one site of insertion. During the period 2005-2012, the MIRPE was performed on 29 girls and 151 boys; the mean age at the time of surgery was 15.9 years (range 13-18.7 years). The mean Haller index was 4.7 (range 2.7-20.5). The most common complication was pneumothorax (3.3 %) and the incidence of bar displacement was 2 %. The most serious complication was cardiac perforation when inserting Lorenz introducer. This occurred in a 16-year-old girl; she required urgent sternotomy with right atrial repair and recovered well. External elevation of sternum with the hook was used since this case. Subsequent 113 patients underwent surgery without any serious complications. Technical innovation using semiflexible thoracoscope and hook elevation of the sternum reduces the risk of cardiac injury. The hook opens the anterior mediastinum space effectively and makes the following dissection relatively safe and straightforward. PMID:24292408

Rygl, Michal; Vyhnanek, M; Kucera, A; Mixa, V; Kyncl, M; Snajdauf, J



Aorta-to-right ventricular fistula due to pectus bar migration.  


A 23-year-old man, operated on for pectus excavatum with a modified Ravitch procedure, was admitted to our emergency department suffering from severe dyspnea. Massive pericardial effusion, rupture of the sinus of Valsalva, and aortic-to-right ventricular fistula were present on echocardiography. Cardiac penetration of the metal bar was detected on chest CT scan. The defect at the right sinus of Valsalva was closed with a PTFE patch, and the right aortic and ventricular ruptures were repaired primarily. PMID:21243574

Aydemir, B; Sokullu, O; Hastaoglu, O; Bilgen, F; Celik, M; Dogusoy, I



[Use of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy on Surgical Incisions (Prevena™) after Surgery of Pectus Deformities Reduces Wound Complications.  


Introduction: Pectus surgery can lead to postoperative wound complications in some cases. The purpose of this study is to determine whether preventive negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) could reduce wound complications after open pectus surgery. Material and Methods: 100 patients after open procedure for the treatment of pectus excavatum or pectus carinatum in the years 2010 to 2012 were retrospectively analysed. 50 patients treated with Prevena™ (KCI Medical Products GmbH, Wiesbaden, Germany) were compared with 50 patients whose wounds were covered with OPSITE® film (Smith & Nephew, Hamburg, Germany). Wound closure was performed following a standard procedure as well as the placement of subcutaneous drains. Therefore two comparable groups of patients were formed and analysed by standardised parameters. The wound dressing was placed epicutaneously immediately after wound closure in the operating room and removed after 5 days in each case. Follow-ups were performed immediately after removal of the wound dressing, at the time of discharge from hospital as well as 6 and 12 weeks after operation. The wounds were checked for tenderness, pain, secretion, redness and fistulas. Results: The Prevena group showed 10?% wound complications which needed operative treatment, whereas the OPSITE group showed complications in 24?%. Some patients who were treated with Prevena showed superficial skin lesions at the rim of the foam and the film. All of these lesions healed well. Conclusion: Treating wounds postoperatively with preventive measures (NPWT) showed a remarkable reduction of wound complications following open pectus surgery whereas statistically the difference was not significant (p?=?0.074). PMID:24647815

Simon, K; Schulz-Drost, M; Besendörfer, M; Carbon, R T; Schulz-Drost, S



Modified minimally invasive pectus repair in children, adolescents and adults: an analysis of 262 patients.  


In order to achieve safe and successful funnel chest treatment even in older patients and reduce postoperative complications, we modified the procedure of minimally invasive pectus repair using the single-piece pectus bar (PSI Hofer Medical, Austria) with no metal abrasion. The features of modified minimally invasive funnel chest correction (MMIPR) are the following: (a) additional subxiphoidal incision, (b) anterior mediastinal-mediastinoscopic mobilization, (c) mediastinoscopy, (d) elevation of the funnel during pectus bar placement, and (e) fixation of the implant ends in a latissimus dorsi muscle bag, below the anterior margin of the muscle. In older funnel chest patients with a stiff thorax, a curved sternum, marked asymmetry or a mixed pigeon/funnel chest, the minimally invasive correction method has to be supplemented by additional surgical measures (MEMIPR) such as partial sternotomy (23%), slit-rib chondrotomy under thoracoscopic guidance (Rokitansky method; 48%), rib resection (5%), and occasionally rib osteotomy. In 8 patients with residual minor deformities we administered an ultrasound-guided Macrolane injection (5 to 20 cc). 262 patients (mean age: 17.7+/-7 years) were eligible for analysis. The large majority of them underwent MIPR between the age of 14 and 20 years; 6 patients were older than 40 years. The pectus bar implant was left in the chest for a period of 1.4 to 6.5 years. Modified minimally invasive pectus repair (MMIPR) was performed in 121 patients (mean age: 15.2+/-5 years). The majority of patients received one pectus bar; 13.2% received two bars. Modified extended minimally invasive pectus repair (MEMIPR) was performed in 141 patients (mean age: 22.5+/-8 years); two pectus bars were used in 58.1% of cases. We observed no bar dislocation. Minimal bar movements were noted in 1.6% (MEMIPR) and 4.9% (MMIPR) of cases. With the MEMIPR technique, subcutaneous hematoma was observed in 4.1% of patients. No re-thoracotomy was required in the 262 patients who underwent MMIPR or MEMIPR. After a mean period of 3.4 years the implants were removed surgically in 103 patients; recurrences were observed 0.9%. Our procedures of MMIPR and MEMIPR with a single-piece pectus bar permitted safe and successful surgery in patients who required complex funnel chest correction. PMID:24734356

Rokitansky, Alexander M; Stanek, Rainer



Excavatoids E and F: Discovery of Two New Briaranes from the Cultured Octocoral Briareum excavatum  

PubMed Central

Two new briarane-related diterpenoids, designated as excavatoids E (1) and F (2), were isolated from the cultured octocoral Briareum excavatum. The structures of compounds 1 and 2 were established on the basis of extensive spectral data analysis. Briaranes 1 and 2 were found to exhibit moderate inhibitory effects on elastase release by human neutrophils. PMID:19841727

Sung, Ping-Jyun; Chen, Bo-Yuan; Lin, Mei-Ru; Hwang, Tsong-Long; Wang, Wei-Hsien; Sheu, Jyh-Horng; Wu, Yang-Chang



Excavatoids O and P, New 12-Hydroxybriaranes from the Octocoral Briareum excavatum  

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Two new 12-hydroxybriarane diterpenoids, designated as excavatoids O (1) and P (2), were isolated from the octocoral Briareum excavatum. The structures of briaranes 1 and 2 were established on the basis of extensive spectral data analysis. Excavatoid P (2) is the first metabolite which possesses a 6? -chlorine atom in briarane analogues. PMID:21116411

Sung, Ping-Jyun; Li, Gung-Ying; Su, Yin-Di; Lin, Mei-Ru; Chang, Yu-Chia; Kung, Ting-Hsuan; Lin, Chan-Shing; Chen, Yung-Husan; Su, Jui-Hsin; Lu, Mei-Chin; Kuo, Jimmy; Weng, Ching-Feng; Hwang, Tsong-Long



Previously undescribed fourth-stage larvae of anisakid nematodes were found in the haemocoel of the amphipod Paracorophium excavatum (Thomson, 1884) (Corophiidae) in New Zealand. Morphological examination by light microscopy  

E-print Network

in the haemocoel of the amphipod Paracorophium excavatum (Thomson, 1884) (Corophiidae) in New Zealand from the amphipod P. excavatum. Key words Anisakid larvae, Hysterothylacium, metacercariae, Coitocaecum, Microphallus, amphipods, Paracorophium, New Zealand *Corresponding author: robert

Poulin, Robert


Toxin accumulation and feeding behaviour of the planktonic copepod Calanus finmarchicus exposed to the red-tide dinoflagellate Alexandrium excavatum  

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The planktonic copepod Calanus finmarchicus is a dominant member of the zooplankton community in the lower St. Lawrence Estuary in eastern Canada. Blooms of the toxic marine dinoflagellate Alexandrium excavatum which produces high cellular levels of paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP) toxins, occur during the period of high C. finmarchicus production in summer in this region. To study the feeding behaviour

N. Turriff; J. A. Runge; A. D. Cerebella



Cáncer infantil: Tratamiento

Cáncer infantil: Tratamiento Tumores cerebrales infantiles Descripción del tratamiento de tumores de cerebro y de médula espinal infantiles (PDQ®) [ pacientes ] [ profesionales ] Resumen de información revisada por expertos acerca del tratamiento de tumores


Efficacy of Hyalomma scupense (Hd86) antigen against Hyalomma excavatum and H. scupense tick infestations in cattle.  


The Rhipicephalus microplus recombinant Bm86-based tick vaccines have shown their efficacy for the control of several Hyalomma cattle ticks genera, namely H. dromedarii and H. anatolicum. However, H. scupense species, the most important tick in North Africa has never been studied. Vaccination trials using either a recombinant Bm86-based vaccine or a recombinant Hd86-based vaccine (the Bm86 ortholog in H. scupense) were conducted in cattle against immature and adult H. scupense ticks and adult H. excavatum ticks. The results showed a 59.19% reduction in the number of scupense nymphs engorging on Hd86 vaccinated cattle. However, cattle vaccination with Bm86 or Hd86 did not have an effect on H. scupense or H. excavatum adult ticks infestations. These results showed that Hd86 vaccines are selectively effective against H. scupense immature instars and emphasize on an integrated anti-tick vaccine control in North Africa. PMID:23036501

Galaï, Yousr; Canales, Mario; Ben Saïd, Mourad; Gharbi, Mohamed; Mhadhbi, Moez; Jedidi, Mohamed; de La Fuente, José; Darghouth, Mohamed-Aziz



Tratamiento del cáncer

Información sobre métodos diversos de tratar el cáncer. Cómo encontrar a un doctor o un establecimiento de tratamiento para personas con cáncer, y recursos económicos para ellas. Se incluyen también descripciones y explicaciones de tratamientos convencionales para los tipos específicos de cáncer, y un resumen de la medicina complementaria y alternativa.


In vitro acaricidal effect of plant extract of neem seed oil ( Azadirachta indica) on egg, immature, and adult stages of Hyalomma anatolicum excavatum (Ixodoidea: Ixodidae)  

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Effects of the plant extract of neem seed (Azadirachta indica) on eggs, immature, and adult stages of Hyalomma anatolicum excavatum was studied at concentrations of 1.6, 3.2, 6.4, and 12.8%. The extract was found to have a significant effect on the hatching rate of eggs. It significantly increased the hatching rate during the first 7 days post-treatment (DPT) giving incompletely

S. Abdel-Shafy; A. A. Zayed



Experimental transmission of field Anaplasma marginale and the A. centrale vaccine strain by Hyalomma excavatum, Rhipicephalus sanguineus and Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) annulatus ticks.  


The cattle rickettsia Anaplasma marginale is distributed worldwide and is transmitted by about 20 tick species, but only Rhipicephalus simus, a strictly African tick species, has been shown to transmit the vaccine strain of A. centrale. The aim of the present study was to examine transmission of field strains of A. marginale and of the vaccine strain of A. centrale by three tick species -Hyalomma excavatum, Rhipicephalus sanguineus and Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) annulatus - to susceptible calves. Two genetically distinct Israeli field strains of A. marginale, tailed and non-tailed (AmIsT and AmIsNT, respectively), were efficiently transmitted by R. sanguineus, whereas H. excavatum transmitted only the tailed isolate, and R. (Boophilus) annulatus did not transmit A. marginale. None of the three tick species transmitted A. centrale. By means of msp1a primers in PCR assays, amplicons of similar sizes were obtained from either A. marginale-infected calves that were used for acquisition feeding, from R. sanguineus fed on the infected calves, or from calves to which anaplasmosis had been successfully transmitted by these ticks. Although an A. centrale-specific fragment was amplified from salivary glands of R. sanguineus, no transmission to susceptible cattle occurred during 3 months of observation, and anaplasmosis was not induced in splenectomized calves that were subinoculated with blood from calves on which R. sanguineus had fed. PMID:18823724

Shkap, Varda; Kocan, K; Molad, T; Mazuz, M; Leibovich, B; Krigel, Y; Michoytchenko, A; Blouin, E; de la Fuente, J; Samish, M; Mtshali, M; Zweygarth, E; Fleiderovich, E L; Fish, L



Molecular characterization of Bm86 gene orthologs from Hyalomma excavatum, Hyalomma dromedarii and Hyalomma marginatum marginatum and comparison with a vaccine candidate from Hyalomma scupense.  


The ixodid ticks from the Hyalomma genus are important pests of livestock, having major medical and veterinary significance in Northern Africa. Beside their direct pathogenic effects, these species are vectors of important diseases of livestock and in some instances of zoonoses. Anti-tick vaccines developed in Australia and Cuba based on the concealed antigen Bm86 have variable efficacy against H. anatolicum and H. dromedarii. This variation in vaccine efficacy could be explained by the variability in protein sequence between the recombinant Bm86 vaccine and Bm86 orthologs expressed in different Hyalomma species. Bm86 orthologs from three Hyalomma tick species were amplified in two overlapping fragments and sequenced. The rate of identity of the amino acid sequence of Hm86, He86 and Hdr86, the orthologs of Bm86, respectively, in H. marginatum marginatum, H. excavatum and H. dromedarii, with the Bm86 proteins from Rhipicephalus microplus (Australia, Argentina and Mozambique) ranged between 60 and 66%. The obtained amino-acid sequences of Hmm86, He86 and Hdr86 were compared with the Hd86-A1 sequence from H. scupense used as an experimental vaccine. The results showed an identity of 91, 88 and 87% for Hmm86, He86 and Hdr86, respectively. A specific program has been used to predict B cells epitopes sites. The comparison of antigenic sites between Hd86-A1 and Hm86/Hdr86/He86 revealed a diversity affecting 4, 8 and 12 antigenic peptides out of a total of 28 antigenic peptides, respectively. When the Bm86 orthologs amplification protocol adopted in this study was applied to H. excavatum, two alleles named He86p2a1 and He86p2a2 were detected in this species. This is the first time that two different alleles of Bm86 gene are recorded in the same tick specimen. He86p2a1 and He86p2a2 showed an amino acid identity of 92%. When He86p2a1 and He86p2a2 were compared to the corresponding sequence of Hd86-A1 protein, an identity of 86.4 and 91.0% was recorded, respectively. When compared to He86, Hdr86 and Hm86, Bm86 used in commercial and experimental vaccines, showed a greater extent of diversity than noted when the same Hyalomma orthologs were compared to Hd86-A1. Although significant, these variations were less extensive within the Hyalomma genus. Accordingly, thus suggesting that Hd86-A1 vaccine candidate might be more appropriate to target Hyalomma tick species than corresponding Bm86 commercial vaccines. However, vaccination trials with both antigens are required to validate this hypothesis. PMID:22683299

Ben Said, Mourad; Galai, Yousr; Mhadhbi, Moez; Jedidi, Mohamed; de la Fuente, José; Darghouth, Mohamed Aziz



Fumar durante el tratamiento de cáncer (PDQ®)

Resumen de información revisada por expertos acerca de la influencia de seguir fumando sobre el tratamiento del cáncer y el riesgo de segundos cánceres. Se mencionan las intervenciones que estimulan dejar el hábito de fumar.


Infant with multiple congenital anomalies and deletion (9) (q34.3)  

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The authors report on a male infant with developmental delay, growth failure, hypotonia, dolichocephaly, hypoplastic midface, epicanthal folds, down-slanting palpebral fissures, foveal hypoplasia, tracheomalacia, pectus excavatum, supraventricular tachycardia, gut malrotation, hypospadias, talipes equinovarus, short third metatarsals, capillary hemangiomata, and a de novo terminal deletion at 9q34.3.

Schimmenti, L.A.; Berry, S.A.; Tuchman, M.; Hirsch, B. [Univ. of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN (United States)



The use of a lateral stabilizer increases the incidence of wound trouble following the Nuss procedure  

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BackgroundA lateral stabilizer has been used to prevent bar displacement during the Nuss procedure for pectus excavatum repair in pediatric patients. We experienced wound troubles in patients who had a stabilizer placed within them. The aim of this study was to examine the effect of a lateral stabilizer and other clinical factors on wound troubles after the Nuss procedure.

Atsushi Watanabe; Toshiaki Watanabe; Takuro Obama; Hisayoshi Ohsawa; Tooru Mawatari; Yasunori Ichimiya; Tomio Abe



Adherencia del tratamiento antibiótico en los cuadros  

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OBJETIVO: Evaluar la adherencia del tratamiento antibiótico observada en pacientes con cuadros infecciosos no complicados y tratados con diversas pautas antibióticas.\\u000aDISEÑO: Estudio observacional y prospectivo desde 2003 hasta 2008. ÁMBITO DE ESTUDIO: Dos centros de atención primaria de Cataluña.\\u000aSUJETOS: Pacientes de 18 años o más con sospecha de infección de etiología bacteriana de faringe, tracto respiratorio inferior, tracto

Nuria Sierra Montalbán; Silvia Hernández Anadón; Carles Llor Vilà; Ana Moragas Moreno; Marta Hernández Anadón; Carolina Bayona Faro



El uso de la neuromodulación para el tratamiento del temblor  

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Introducción: El temblor puede ser un desorden incapacitante y el tratamiento de primera línea para estos pacientes es farmacológico. Sin embargo, este tratamiento puede llevar a una reducción satisfactoria del temblor en sólo el 50% de los pacientes con temblor esencial. La talamotomía era el tratamiento de elección para el temblor refractario al tratamiento médico hasta que comenzó a utilizarse la estimulación cerebral profunda (ECP) del núcleo ventral intermedio (Vim) del tálamo. En la actualidad, raramente se realiza la talamotomía. Métodos: Este artículo es una revisión no sistemática de las indicaciones, resultados, parámetros de programación y técnica quirúrgica de la ECP del Vim para el tratamiento del temblor. Resultados: Aunque los resultados clínicos son similares usando la talamotomía o la ECP del Vim, la primera causa más efectos adversos que la última. Además, la ECP puede ser usada bilateralmente, mientras que la talamotomía tiene un alto riesgo de causar disartria cuando se realiza de ambos lados. La ECP del Vim logró una adecuada mejoría del temblor en varias series de pacientes con temblor causado por temblor esencial, enfermedad de Parkinson o esclerosis múltiple. Además del Vim, hay otros blancos que están siendo usados por varios autores, tales como la zona incerta y las radiaciones prelemniscales. Conclusión: La ECP del Vim es un tratamiento útil para el temblor incapacitante refractario al tratamiento médico. Es esencial realizar una precisa selección de pacientes, así como utilizar una técnica quirúrgica correcta. Aún se desconoce el mejor blanco estereotáctico para el temblor, aunque el Vim es el más usado. PMID:25165613

Bendersky, Damián; Ajler, Pablo; Yampolsky, Claudio



Cánceres poco comunes en la niñez: Tratamiento (PDQ®)

Resumen de información revisada por expertos acerca del tratamiento de los cánceres poco comunes en la niñez como los cánceres de la cabeza y el cuello, el tórax, el abdomen, el aparato reproductor, la piel y otros.


Management of Congenital Chest Wall Deformities  

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Congenital chest wall deformities are considered to be anomalies in chest wall growth. These can be categorized as either rib cage overgrowth or deformities related to inadequate growth (aplasia or dysplasia). Rib cage overgrowth leads to depression of the sternum (pectus excavatum) or protuberance of the sternum (pectus carinatum) and accounts for greater than 90% of congenital chest wall deformities. The remaining deformities are a result of inadequate growth. Evolution in the management of congenital chest wall deformities has made significant progress over the past 25 years. This article will review chest wall deformities and the current management strategies of these interesting anomalies. PMID:22294949

Blanco, Felix C.; Elliott, Steven T.; Sandler, Anthony D.



[Effect of correcting funnel chest on respiratory function].  


The authors discuss the results of pulmonary function tests performed at rest in 25 patients treated for pectus excavatum. Surgical correction of the lesion was performed by resection of the deformed costal cartilages, longitudinal and transversal sternotomy, stabilization of the anterior chest wall with Kirschner wires. Control tests carried out 6 months following the surgical correction. In cases of severe deformation of the chest wall a decrease of pulmonary function indices was evident. Following the surgical correction all spirometric indices increased. PMID:8499881

Kowalewski, J; Barcikowski, S; Zo?y?ski, K



Postgraduate ProsPectus2013/14  

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Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), our research in fifteen subject areas was rated by expert panels Research Assessment Exercise, we are ranked 10th in the UK for graduate-level jobs and 12th for graduate where you can expand your professional horizons while studying in the heart of one of the world's most

Martin, Ralph R.


InternatIonal ProsPectus 2014  

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achieve your ambitions. I look forward to welcoming you to Charles Darwin University. Professor Barney Glover Vice-Chancellor, Charles Darwin University Welcome from the Vice-chancellor Welcome to charles Darwin university Charles Darwin University (CDU) offers exciting academic opportunities and globally


Nueva opción de tratamiento para mujeres jóvenes con cáncer de seno sensible a las hormonas

Un fármaco usado para el tratamiento del cáncer de seno (mama), conocido como exemestano, es más eficaz que tamoxifeno, un fármaco preventivo de uso común para el cáncer de seno, en la prevención de la recidiva del cáncer de seno en mujeres jóvenes que también reciben tratamiento posoperativo para suprimir el funcionamiento ovárico. Los resultados de este estudio se presentaron en mujeres que tenían un tipo de cáncer de seno en estadio inicial sensible al tratamiento hormonal.


Programas del NCI: Análisis molecular para la elección de tratamientos (MATCH) y MATCH para pacientes infantiles

Información sobre el Programa de análisis molecular para la elección de tratamientos (MATCH) del NCI, el cual asignará pacientes con tumores sólidos y linfomas avanzados que hayan dejado de responder al tratamiento convencional a estudios clínicos de acuerdo con las anomalías genéticas de sus tumores.


Estudio de Asignación de Opciones Individualizadas de Tratamiento (TAILORx): preguntas y respuestas

Hoy se inició el Estudio de Asignación de Opciones Individualizadas de Tratamiento (Trial Assigning IndividuaLized Options for Treatment (Rx), o TAILORx, el cual evaluará si los genes que están frecuentemente asociados con el riesgo de recurrencia entre las mujeres con cáncer de seno en etapa inicial pueden ser utilizados para asignar a las pacientes el tratamiento más adecuado y efectivo.


Lanzamiento del estudio de tratamiento personalizado para el cáncer de seno

Hoy se inició el Estudio de Asignación de Opciones Individualizadas de Tratamiento (Trial Assigning IndividuaLized Options for Treatment (Rx), o TAILORx, el cual evaluará si los genes que están frecuentemente asociados con el riesgo de recurrencia entre las mujeres con cáncer de seno en etapa inicial pueden ser utilizados para asignar a las pacientes el tratamiento más adecuado y efectivo. Preguntas y respuestas


Foraminotomia cervical posterior en el tratamiento de conflictos foraminales  

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Introducción: La foraminomotima cervical posterior es un procedimiento utilizado para la descompresion radicular por via posterior y constituye una alternativa a la via clásica anterior. En este trabajo evaluamos nuestra serie de pacientes tratados por esta via. Método: Desde enero de 2008 a diciembre de 2011, 17 pacientes (18 foraminotomías) fueron operados por presentar cervicobraquialgia a causa de un conflicto foraminal, realizando un foraminotomía cervical posterior. Los pacientes fueron evaluados en el postoperatorio inmediato, al mes y a los 3 meses de la cirugía. Los parámetros para valorar los resultados fueron la Escala Análoga del Dolor (VAS), la Neck Disability Index y los criterios de Odom. Resultados: El dolor radicular por conflicto foraminal secundario a hernia de disco cervical fue el síntoma y la patología predominante. El nivel más afectado fue C5-C6. La resolución completa del dolor radicular se observó en casi todos los pacientes. La VAS preoperatoria en promedio fue de 8.8 (mínimo 8 – máximo 10), con una franca mejoría en todos los casos (0.4 en el último control). La media en la Neck Disability Index al inicio fue de 35.3 (mínimo 32 – máximo 45), con una evolución favorable en la evaluación final (0.6). Los Criterios de Odom para la evaluación de pacientes operados de columna cervical fueron satisfactorios con un promedio de 1.17. Se observaron complicaciones en 4 pacientes (23%), todas tuvieron una evolución favorable. No hubo infecciones, discitis ni empeoramiento de los síntomas preexistentes en ningún paciente. Conclusión: La foraminotomía cervical posterior es un procedimiento efectivo para el tratamiento del dolor radicular en los conflictos foraminales PMID:23596556

Campero, Álvaro; Barrera, Ramiro; Ajler, Pablo



Self- and social perception of physical appearance in chest wall deformity.  


This study analyzes self- and social perception of physical appearance in patients with chest wall deformity (CWD), including both pectus carinatum and pectus excavatum. Self-perception of appearance in 76 patients with CWD and social perception of patients' appearance by 20 adult and 20 adolescent raters was assessed using the Appearance Rating Scale (Stangier et al., 2000) and evaluated for agreement and multivariate correlates. Results indicate no agreement between self- and social rating. Based on mean scores patients rated their appearance significantly more negatively than adult raters but only slightly different than adolescent raters. Adolescent raters' judgment of the patients' appearance was related to CWD characteristics, while self-rating rather seems to be related to psychosocial factors. Because adolescents are a relevant peer group for adolescent patients with CWD their evaluation of the appearance might influence patients' self-image and might affect their psychological functioning. Effective interventions focusing on social interactions are needed. PMID:22366427

Krille, Stefanie; Müller, Astrid; Steinmann, Cornelia; Reingruber, Bertram; Weber, Peter; Martin, Alexandra




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Luego de una breve descripción del proceso de endurecimiento del agua, se brinda una amplia información actualizada sobre la tecnología del tratamiento magnético del agua como método anti- incrustante en sistemas de intercambio de calor. Se destaca las principales hipótesis o mecanismos que pudieran responder a los efectos industriales observados, así como algunos de los resultados experimentales de los investigadores

Rigoberto del Toro Rodríguez; Arístides Berenguer Maurant


Se inicia estudio de los NIH sobre respuestas excepcionales al tratamiento del cáncer

La Iniciativa de Respuestas Excepcionales (Exceptional Responders Initiative), un estudio que investiga los factores moleculares de los tumores en pacientes de cáncer que responden en forma excepcional al tratamiento con medicamentos, se inició hoy bajo la guía del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI). Los científicos tratarán de identificar en los tumores las características moleculares que predicen si un medicamento o una clase de medicamento en particular será beneficioso o no.


Estimation of cartilaginous region in noncontrast CT of the chest  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Pectus excavatum is a posterior depression of the sternum and adjacent costal cartilages and is the most common congenital deformity of the anterior chest wall. Its surgical repair can be performed via minimally invasive procedures that involve sternum and cartilage relocation and benefit from adequate surgical planning. In this study, we propose a method to estimate the cartilage regions in thoracic CT scans, which is the first step of statistical modeling of the osseous and cartilaginous structures for the rib cage. The ribs and sternum are first segmented by using interactive region growing and removing the vertebral column with morphological operations. The entire chest wall is also segmented to estimate the skin surface. After the segmentation, surface meshes are generated from the volumetric data and the skeleton of the ribs is extracted using surface contraction method. Then the cartilage surface is approximated via contracting the skin surface to the osseous structure. The ribs' skeleton is projected to the cartilage surface and the cartilages are estimated using cubic interpolation given the joints with the sternum. The final cartilage regions are formed by the cartilage surface inside the convex hull of the estimated cartilages. The method was validated with the CT scans of two pectus excavatum patients and three healthy subjects. The average distance between the estimated cartilage surface and the ground truth is 2.89 mm. The promising results indicate the effectiveness of cartilage surface estimation using the skin surface.

Zhao, Qian; Safdar, Nabile; Yu, Glenna; Myers, Emmarie; Sandler, Anthony; Linguraru, Marius George



[Correction of the congenital malformations of the front chest wall by the modelling technique of sternochondroplasty: technique and results on a series of 14 cases].  


In the congenital malformations of the front chest wall showing depression or protrusion, the cardiorespiratory disorders are inconstant and often not linked with the distortion. On the other hand psychoaffective repercussions are major in adolescents and young adults justifying recourse to surgery with morphological and aesthetic aiming. The authors present the technique of modelling sternochondroplasty by raising with osteosynthesis by slide fastener-handle of Martin-Borrelly, applied to the correction of congenital malformation of the front chest wall in young adult, both of protrusion (pectus carinatum), of thoraxes in funnel (pectus excavatum) types or of mixed types (pectus arcuatum). This surgical replanning intervention is carried out by under-mammary way and aims at reestablishing a normal anatomy of the front chest wall. It leads to a genuine wide sternochondrocostal volet, which is stabilised by a specific, multipurpose, adaptable and reliable osteosynthesis equipment. The results obtained on a series of 14 cases are good or excellent in 86% of the cases and stable over time in the absence of major complications. A good cooperation of the patient is essential to obtain a good result in particular via the continuation of musculation exercises after assembly consolidation, possibly associated with remote mammary plastic surgery in the event of hypoplasia or of associated mammary agenesia. PMID:12801547

Duhamel, P; Brunel, C; Le Pimpec, F; Pons, F; Jancovici, R



Método de Prueba GAED: Tiempo Óptimo para el Reemplazo de CAG en Plantas de Tratamiento de Agua Potable  

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l carbón activado granular (CAG) no dura para siempre en una planta de tratamiento de agua (PTA), su rendimiento no necesita ser monitoreado periódicamente, y deberá ser reemplazado con CAG fresco, no usado o reactivado. El CAG usado, que se remueve, puede ser reactivado en plantas dedicadas a carbones de agua potable para ser retornado a la planta. Los reactivadores

Por Henry Nowicki; H. George Nowicki; Wayne Schuliger; Barbara Sherman


Tratamiento Quirúrgico de los Meningiomas del Foramen Óptico, Técnicay Resultados de una Serie de 18 Pacientes  

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Introducción: los meningiomas del foramen óptico producen un rápido deterioro de la función visual aún cuando su tamaño es pequeño, por eso su diagnóstico y manejo difiere del resto de los meningiomas clinoideos. El propósito de este estudio es presentar la técnica y los resultados de nuestro manejo quirúrgico de meningiomas foraminales (MF). Pacientes y Métodos: se llevó a cabo una revisión de las historias clínicas de 47 pacientes con meningiomas primarios intraorbitarios. Se realizaron 52 cirugías en los pacientes con MF. Se empleó una craneotomía fronto-orbitaria, seguida de una descompresión extradural del canal óptico, resección del componente intraorbitario y exploración intradural del nervio óptico. Resultados: de los 12 pacientes con MF que presentaban la visión conservada, la agudeza visual fue preservada en 7 casos, mejoró en 2, y empeoró en 3. En 18 pacientes, el principal síntoma fue exoftalmos y en 35 pacientes ceguera unilateral. Ocurrieron 6 recurrencias, 2 a 10 años después de la resección quirúrgica. Cinco de ellos fueron reoperados. Se indicó radioterapia después de la recurrencia en 3 pacientes. Conclusión: el manejo de los MF continúa siendo controvertido y frecuentemente se propone un tratamiento conservador. Basados en nuestros hallazgos de frecuente extensión intracraneal, proponemos realizar una resección total o subtotal del tumor, preservando el nervio óptico en pacientes con visión prequirúrgica conservada. PMID:25165616

Goldschmidt, Ezequiel; Ajler, Pablo; Campero, Álvaro; Landriel, Federico; Sposito, Maximiliano; Carrizo, Antonio



Extensión del Formalismo de Orbitales de Defecto Cuántico al tratamiento del efecto Stark (SQDO).  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

El estudio experimental de las interacciones de átomos Rydberg altamente excitados con campos eléctricos ha experimentado un creciente interés durante las dos últimas décadas debido, en gran medida, al desarrollo de nuevas técnicas para crear y estudiar átomos Rydberg en el laboratorio. Acompañando a estas nuevas técnicas experimentales, es necesario el desarrollo de modelos teóricos que nos permitan contrastar sus medidas y conocer mejor los fundamentos de los mismos. Desde el punto de vista teórico el conocimiento del desdoblamiento de los niveles energéticos de un átomo en función de la magnitud del campo eléctrico aplicado (lo que se conoce como mapa Stark) es el mejor punto de partida para la descripción del sistema y un prerrequisito fundamental para el cálculo de distintas propiedades atómicas en presencia del campo eléctrico tales como intensidades de transición, umbrales de ionización de campo eléctrico, tiempos de vida, posición y anchura de cruces evitados, etc. En este trabajo presentamos la adaptación del método de orbitales de defecto cuántico [1,2,3] al tratamiento del efecto Stark (SQDO) [4] y su aplicación al cálculo de los desdoblamientos energéticos y fuerzas de oscilador de estados Rydberg en los átomos de Li, Na y K. El propósito de este estudio es, por un lado, desarrollar métodos fiables para la determinación de propiedades atómicas en presencia de campos eléctricos y, por otro, mostrar la fiabilidad de las funciones de onda QDO en la descripción del efecto Stark en sistemas atómicos.

Menéndez, J. M.; Martín, I.; Velasco, A. M.


Tratamiento ayuda a las mujeres jóvenes a preservar la fertilidad durante la quimioterapia para el cáncer de seno

Las mujeres jóvenes con cáncer de seno (mama) lograron preservar la fertilidad durante los tratamientos del cáncer con un fármaco inyectable bloqueador de hormonas que les provocó menopausia temporal. Los resultados del estudio se anunciaron hoy en el congreso anual de la Sociedad Americana de Oncología Clínica (ASCO), y provienen del Estudio de Prevención de la Menopausia Temprana (POEMS), patrocinado por el Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI).


A case of simultaneous bilateral spontaneous pneumothorax after the Nuss procedure.  


We present a case of simultaneous bilateral spontaneous pneumothorax caused by a pleuro-pleural communication formed from Nuss procedure for pectus excavatum. A 17-year-old man with a history of Nuss operation complained chest pain and dyspnea. A chest roentgenogram demonstrated a tiny bilateral pneumothorax and two metallic bars inserted at the Nuss procedure. Computed tomography revealed furthermore a bulla in the apex of the left lung. The bilateral pneumothorax critically deteriorated after 4 days from onset and urgent bilateral chest drainages were performed. Nevertheless the drainages the full expansion of both lungs was not obtained and air leakage only from left side was continued. A video-assisted left bullectomy was performed 9 days after the tube insertion. The two bars penetrating anterior mediastinal pleura were thought to be a cause of the simultaneous bilateral spontaneous pneumothorax. PMID:25352312

Matsuoka, Shunichiro; Miyazawa, Masahisa; Kashimoto, Kentaro; Kobayashi, Hiroaki; Mitsui, Fumihiko; Tsunoda, Hajime; Kunitomo, Kazuyoshi; Chisuwa, Hisanao; Haba, Yoshiaki



A simplified method to pass the bar through the mediastinum in the nuss technique.  


In the minimally invasive repair of pectus excavatum, as reported by Nuss, the introducer is inserted into the thoracic cavity, making its way through the mediastinum, and emerges through a left intercostal space. Then, 2 umbilical tapes are tied to the introducer tip as a guide to pass into this tunnel the curved bar with the concave side up. When fat tissue is present in the anterior mediastinum or bars with notched ends are used, passage of the umbilical tape could be challenging and eventually lead to bleeding. In this report, we describe a different and simple technique to allow this passage, from left to right, in a very safe and effective way. PMID:25639424

Messineo, Antonio; Ghionzoli, Marco; Lo Piccolo, Roberto; Milanez De Campos, José Ribas



Modification of the Nuss Procedure: The Single-incision Technique  

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Summary: The Nuss procedure is a prevalent minimally invasive surgery for pectus excavatum. Although the Nuss procedure has the advantage of leaving less obtrusive scars, the standard technique requires at least 3 skin incisions to insert several instruments. We experienced 7 cases of the modified Nuss procedure using a single incision during a 7-year period. To facilitate passing of the bar, a traction guide was created according to our unique method. There was no need for a bar stabilizer, and no severe intraoperative complications occurred. All patients exhibited satisfactory short-term results; however, 1 patient suffered from bar rotation and required repeat surgery for fixation. Two patients underwent bar removal via the same single incision without any difficulties. PMID:25506539

Togashi, Shinji; Domoto, Takashi; Sasaki, Kaoru; Kiyosawa, Tomoharu; Sekido, Mitsuru



New syndrome of skeletal, dental and hair anomalies.  


A Brother and sister are presented with the following abnormalities: dolichocephaly with tendency toward premature closure of the sagittal suture; antimongoloid slant of the eyes with epicanthal folds, full cheeks, everted lip, multiple oral frenula, mildly high-arched palate, and microdontia with possible enamel defect; posteriorly rotated low-set pinnae with deficient cartilage; a small short thorax with pectus excavatum; unusual dermatoglyphics, and abnormal hair growth and stucture; disproportionate shortening of the fibulae and the middle and distal phalanges of the toes and fingers; and somewhat flattened epiphyses. A paternal aunt gave birth to a stillborn dwarfed male with some of the same clinical features. Although an autopsy was obtained, unfortunately no roentgenograms were made. PMID:1227553

Sensenbrenner, J A; Dorst, J P; Owens, R P



Gorlin syndrome and bilateral ovarian fibroma  

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INTRODUCTION Gorlin syndrome (GS), also known as nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome (NBCCS), is a rare hereditary, autosomal dominant disease that affects various systems. Its prevalence is estimated at 1/57,000 to 1/256,000 of the population. It is characterized by basal cell carcinomas, multiple odontogenic keratocysts, skeletal abnormalities and ovarian fibroma, among other disorders. PRESENTATION OF CASE To report the case of a young patient with Gorlin syndrome and bilateral ovarian fibroma. DISCUSSION A 20-year old patient with Gorlin syndrome presented with facial asymmetry, broad nasal root, dental abnormalities, micrognathism, convergent strabismus, multiple pigmented lesions on the trunk and face, pectus excavatum, kyphoscoliosis and a palpable mass in the abdomen occupying the entire pelvic region. CONCLUSION Gorlin–Goltz syndrome is a hereditary pathology that includes numerous clinical manifestations. Diagnosis is clinical and genetic confirmation is unnecessary. PMID:22771908

Pirschner, Fernanda; Bastos, Pollyana Marçal; Contarato, George Luiz; Bimbato, Anna Carolina Bon Lima; Filho, Antônio Chambô



Atomic force microscopy characterization of collagen 'nanostraws' in human costal cartilage.  


Costal cartilage, a type of hyaline cartilage that bridges the bony ribs and sternum, is relatively understudied compared to the load bearing cartilages. Deformities of costal cartilage can result in deformation of the chest wall, where the sternum is largely pushed toward or away from the spine, pectus excavatum and pectus carinatum, respectively, with each condition having significant clinical impact. In the absence of extensive literature describing morphological features of costal cartilage, we characterized a sample from the costal margin immunohistologically and through atomic force microscopy. We had previously observed the presence of collagen 'nanostraws' running the length of costal cartilage. Hypothesizing that these structures may be responsible for fluid flow within this thick, avascular tissue, and prior to microfluidic analysis, we estimated the diameters and measured Young's modulus of elasticity of the collagen nanostraws. We found significant differences in results between treatment type and fixation. Significant differences in nanostraw elasticity and diameter obviously affect nano-fluidic transport calculations, and therefore, we consider these results of importance to the scientific community relying upon measurements in the nanoscale. PMID:23127510

Stacey, M; Dutta, D; Cao, W; Asmar, A; Elsayed-Ali, H; Kelly, R; Beskok, A



Three-Dimensional Computed Tomography (3–D CT) for Evaluation and Management of Children with Complex Chest Wall Anomalies: Useful Information or Just Pretty Pictures?  

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Purpose Shaded Surface Display (SSD) technology, with 3-D CT reconstruction, has been reported in a few small series of patients with congenital or acquired chest wall deformities. SSD images are visually attractive and educational, but many institutions are hesitant to utilize these secondary to cost and image data storage concerns. This study was designed to assess the true value of SSD to the patient, family, and operating surgeon, in the evaluation and management of these children. Methods Following IRB approval, we performed a retrospective review of records of 82 patients with chest wall deformities, evaluated with SSD, from 2002 to 2009. SSD usefulness, when compared with routine 2-D CT, was graded on a strict numerical scale from 0 (added no value besides education for the patient/family) to 3 (critical for surgical planning and patient management). Results There were 56 males and 26 females. Median age was 15.3 years (range: 0.6–41.1). Deformities included 56 pectus excavatum, 19 pectus carinatum, and 8 other/mixed deformities. 6 patients also had acquired asphyxiating thoracic dystrophy (AATD). Eleven (13%) had previous chest wall reconstructive surgery. In 25 (30%) patients, SSD was useful or critical. Findings underappreciated on 2-D images included: sternal abnormalities (29), rib abnormalities (28), and heterotopic calcifications (7). SSD changed or influenced operation choice (4), clarified bone versus soft tissue (3), helped clarify AATD (3), and aided in rib graft evaluation (2). Point biserial correlation coefficient analysis (Rpb) displayed significance for SSD usefulness in patients with previous chest repair surgery (Rpb=0.48, p?0.001), AATD (Rpb=0.34, p=0.001), pectus carinatum (Rpb=0.27, p=0.008), and females (Rpb=0.19, p=0.044). Conclusions Shaded Surface Display, when used to evaluate children and young adults with congenital or acquired chest wall deformities, provides useful or critical information for surgical planning and patient management in almost 1/3 of patients, especially those requiring a second operation, with acquired asphyxiating thoracic dystrophy, pectus carinatum, and females. PMID:21496531

Calloway, E. Hollin; Chhotani, Ali N.; Lee, Yueh Z.; Phillips, J. Duncan



Validity and Reliability of the Turkish Version of the Nuss Questionnaire Modified for Adults  

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Background Pectus excavatum (PE) is the most common chest wall deformity. The Nuss Questionnaire modified for Adults (NQmA) is a disease-specific health-related quality of life assessment tool for patients with pectus deformities. The aim of this study is to adapt the NQmA into Turkish. Methods Two hundred and sixty-five patients with PE were participated, with an age range of 14 to 29 years. All patients underwent a physical examination and had not undergone corrective surgery. The Turkish version of the NQmA was completed by patients and their parents. Results The content validity index based on expert opinions was 91% for the patient questionnaire and 96% for the parent questionnaire. The Cronbach’s alpha value for the NQmA was found to be 0.805 for the patient questionnaire and 0.800 for the parent questionnaire. Exploratory factor analysis was used to assess construct validity. Two factors explained 51.1% of the total variance in the patient questionnaire (psychosocial: 31.145%, Cronbach’s alpha=0.818; physical: 19.955%, Cronbach’s alpha=0.862). In the parent questionnaire, two factors explained 51.422% of the total variance (psychosocial: 26.097%, Cronbach’s alpha=0.743; physical: 25.325%, Cronbach’s alpha=0.827). Construct validity was confirmed by confirmatory factor analysis. Conclusion The Turkish version of the NQmA was found to be valid and reliable for the assessment of quality of life in patients with PE.

Bahadir, A. Tugba; Kuru, Pinar; Afacan, Ceyda; Ermerak, Nezih Onur; Bostanci, Korkut; Yuksel, Mustafa



Epidural and opioid analgesia following the Nuss procedure  

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Summary Background Parents have the right to decide on behalf of their children and deny consent to regional anaesthesia. The investigators decided to investigate quality of postoperative analgesia in adolescents undergoing epidural and opioid analgesia following the Nuss procedure. Material/Methods The study subjects were 61 adolescents aged 11–18 years who underwent pectus excavatum repair with the Nuss procedure. Patients were divided into epidural (n=41) and opioid (n=20) groups, depending on their parents’ consent to epidural catheter insertion. Intraoperatively, 0.5% epidural ropivacaine with fentanyl or intermittent intravenous injections of fentanyl were used. Postoperative analgesia was achieved with either epidural infusion of 0.1% ropivacaine with fentanyl, or subcutaneous morphine via an intraoperatively inserted “butterfly” cannula. Additionally, both groups received metamizol and paracetamol. Primary outcome variables were postoperative pain scores (Numeric Rating Scale and Prince Henry Hospital Pain Score). Secondary outcome variables included hemodynamic parameters, additional analgesia and side effects. Results Heart rate and blood pressure values in the postoperative period were significantly higher in the opioid group. Pain scores requiring intervention were noted almost exclusively in the opioid group. Conclusions Denial of parental consent to epidural analgesia following the Nuss procedure results in significantly worse control of postoperative pain. Our data may be useful when discussing with parents the available anaesthetic techniques for exceptionally painful procedures. PMID:22037752

Walaszczyk, Malgorzata; Knapik, Piotr; Misiolek, Hanna; Korlacki, Wojciech



4q12-4q21.21 deletion genotype-phenotype correlation and the absence of piebaldism in presence of KIT haploinsufficiency.  


Chromosome 4q deletion syndrome is a rare intellectual disability disorder caused by a variety of non-recurrent deletions of 4q. We describe the evolution of the phenotypic features of a female patient with a previously unreported deletion of 4q12-4q21.21 (hg 18; 54,711,575-79,601,919). By review reported individuals with interstitial deletions extending telomeric from 4q12 have syndromic intellectual disability with variable piebaldism. We expand the phenotype to include dolichocephaly, pectus excavatum, hip dysplasia, pes planus, myopia, lens opacities, and an absence of spoken language but not of communication through sign. The proposita also did not have piebaldism suggesting again that piebaldism arises from a mechanism more complex than simple haploinsufficiency of KIT. Comparing deletions among affected individuals localizes the critical interval within 4q12-4q13.1, although the absence of molecular boundaries for nearly all reported cases precludes precise delineation and genotype-phenotype correlation. PMID:25355368

Hemati, Parisa; du Souich, Christèle; Boerkoel, Cornelius F



Childhood hypophosphatasia due to a de novo missense mutation in the tissue-nonspecific alkaline phosphatase gene.  


Hypophosphatasia is an inherited disorder due to mutations in the bone alkaline phosphatase (ALPL) gene. We report here a patient with childhood hypophosphatasia diagnosed at 1.4 yr because of pectus excavatum, large anterior fontanel, rachitic skeletal changes, and low serum alkaline phosphatase. Sequencing of the ALPL gene produced evidence of two distinct missense mutations, E174K (c.571G>A), of maternal origin, and a de novo mutation, M45I (c.186G>C). The study of various microsatellite polymorphisms ruled out false paternity and therefore confirmed that M45I occurred de novo in the paternal germline or in the early development of the patient. Site-directed mutagenesis showed that M45I results in the absence of in vitro alkaline phosphatase activity, suggesting that the mutation is a severe allele. In conclusion, childhood hypophosphatasia in this patient is the result of compound heterozygosity for the moderate mutation E174K and a novel severe de novo mutation M45I. PMID:15671102

Taillandier, A; Sallinen, S-L; Brun-Heath, I; De Mazancourt, P; Serre, J-L; Mornet, E



Partial trisomy 8p (8p11.2-->pTER) and deletion of 13q (13q32-->qTER): case report.  


We report a female infant with partial trisomy 8p (8p11.2-->pter) and deletion of 13q (13q32-->qter). She was born with mild hypotonia, intrauterine growth retardation, microcephaly, micrognathia, large low set ears, pectus excavatum, anteriorly placed anus, and bilateral clinodactyly. Echocardiography showed left ventricular hypertrophy, bicuspid aortic valve, dilatation of the aorta and pulmonary artery, and prolapse of atrio-venticular valve leaflets. Cytogenetic investigation of her sister and her father showed that the altered region resulted from a balanced translocation between the part of the long arm of chromosome 13 and short arm of chromosome 8. In partial trisomy 8p, the clinical picture of the patients comprises hypotonia, structural brain abnormalities, facial anomalies including a large mouth with a thin upper lip, a high arched palate, a broad nasal bridge, an abnormal maxilla or mandible, malformed, low set ears, and orthopedic anomalies. Although patients with proximal deletions of 13q that do not extend into band q32 have mild to moderate mental and growth delays with variable minor anomalies, patients with more distal deletions including at least part of band q32 usually have major malformations such as retinoblastoma, mental-motor growth retardation, malformation of brain and heart, anal atresia, and anomalies of the face and limbs. To our knowledge partial trisomy 8p and partial monosomy of 13q have not been reported previously in the same person. PMID:21614986

Ye?ilyurt, A; Dilli, D; Oguz, S; Dilmen, U; Altug, N; Candemir, Z



Clinical report: Two patients with atelosteogenesis type I caused by missense mutations affecting the same FLNB residue.  


We present two patients with Atelosteogenesis Type I (AO type I) caused by two novel Filamin B (FLNB) mutations affecting the same FLNB residue: c.542G > A, predicting p.Gly181Asp and c.542G > C, predicting p.Gly181Arg. Both children had typical manifestations of AO type I, with severe rhizomelic shortening of the extremities, limited elbow and knee extension with mild webbing, pectus excavatum, broad thumbs with brachydactyly that was most marked for digits 3-5, dislocated hips and bilateral talipes equinovarus. Facial features included proptosis, hypertelorism, downslanting palpebral fissures, cleft palate, and retromicrognathia. The clinical course of one child was influenced by airway instability and bronchopulmonary dysplasia that complicated intubation and prevented separation from ventilator support. Respiratory insufficiency with tracheal hypoplasia, laryngeal stenosis, and pulmonary hypoplasia have all been described in patients with AO type I and we conclude that compromised pulmonary function is a major contributor to morbidity and mortality in this condition. PMID:23401428

Li, Ben C; Hogue, Jacob; Eilers, Meg; Mehrotra, Pavni; Hyland, James; Holm, Tara; Prosen, Tracy; Slavotinek, Anne M



Pulmonary sequelae in survivors of congenital diaphragmatic hernia.  

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Nineteen survivors of congenital diaphragmatic hernia repair were compared with age and sex matched control children six to 11 years after repair. All subjects were examined clinically and underwent lung function testing. The patients also had individual lung volumes assessed radiographically and had radionuclide (krypton-81 m, technetium-99 m macroaggregates) ventilation-perfusion (V/Q) lung scans. Four patients had pectus excavatum and two had mild scoliosis. Spirometric measurements were lower in the patients than in the control subjects but only the differences in peak expiratory flow and flow at 50% of expired vital capacity were significant. The radiographic left lung volumes in patients surviving left diaphragmatic repair were larger than expected at 49.3% (SD 2%), suggesting alveolar overdistension. V/Q scans showed a mismatch in the ipsilateral lung, mean Q (40% (7%] being significantly lower than mean V (47% (6%)). In seven patients who had required ventilation for four days or more perfusion to the ipsilateral lung was significantly lower (34% (6%)) than values for the 12 patients ventilated for less than four days (43% (6%)). Survivors of right diaphragmatic repair had a better outcome in terms of relative radiographic lung volumes and V/Q distribution. More severely affected children are now surviving repair of congenital diaphragmatic herniation, with residual pulmonary abnormalities that could produce functional impairment in adult life. PMID:2315875

Falconer, A R; Brown, R A; Helms, P; Gordon, I; Baron, J A



Pulmonary sequelae in survivors of congenital diaphragmatic hernia.  


Nineteen survivors of congenital diaphragmatic hernia repair were compared with age and sex matched control children six to 11 years after repair. All subjects were examined clinically and underwent lung function testing. The patients also had individual lung volumes assessed radiographically and had radionuclide (krypton-81 m, technetium-99 m macroaggregates) ventilation-perfusion (V/Q) lung scans. Four patients had pectus excavatum and two had mild scoliosis. Spirometric measurements were lower in the patients than in the control subjects but only the differences in peak expiratory flow and flow at 50% of expired vital capacity were significant. The radiographic left lung volumes in patients surviving left diaphragmatic repair were larger than expected at 49.3% (SD 2%), suggesting alveolar overdistension. V/Q scans showed a mismatch in the ipsilateral lung, mean Q (40% (7%] being significantly lower than mean V (47% (6%)). In seven patients who had required ventilation for four days or more perfusion to the ipsilateral lung was significantly lower (34% (6%)) than values for the 12 patients ventilated for less than four days (43% (6%)). Survivors of right diaphragmatic repair had a better outcome in terms of relative radiographic lung volumes and V/Q distribution. More severely affected children are now surviving repair of congenital diaphragmatic herniation, with residual pulmonary abnormalities that could produce functional impairment in adult life. PMID:2315875

Falconer, A R; Brown, R A; Helms, P; Gordon, I; Baron, J A



Gorlin-Goltz syndrome in a child: case report and clinical review.  


Gorlin-Goltz syndrome is a rare autosomal dominant disorder that involves multiple organ systems, including the skin, skeleton and jaws. We report the case of a mild mentally retarded 7-year-old boy who was referred with a swelling of his left mandible. Imaging studies showed a unilocular well-defined lytic mandibular lesion, calcifications of the falx, bifid ribs and fusion anomalies of the ribs. The mandibular lesion was treated with surgical decompression and proved to represent a keratocyst on histological examination. Further clinical examination revealed cutaneous lesions, Sprengel deformity, pectus excavatum and facial dysmorphism. Based on the combination of imaging and clinical findings the diagnosis of Gorlin-Goltz syndrome was made. This was confirmed by genetic tests. During three-year follow-up the boy presented with recurrent and multiple odontogenic keratocysts. The occurrence of multiple and recurrent keratocysts at young age, should alert the radiologist to the potential diagnosis of an underlying Gorlin-Goltz syndrome. This paper reviews the imaging findings in Gorlin-Goltz syndrome, with emphasis on maxillofacial imaging. PMID:19202996

Snoeckx, A; Vanhoenacker, F M; Verhaert, K; Chappelle, K; Parizel, P M



Tratamiento nutricional de la fenilcetonuria  

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ResumenLa fenilcetonuria (FCU) está causada por la actividad deficiente de la enzima fenilalanina hidroxilasa, necesaria para convertir el aminoácido (AA) esencial fenilalanina (phe) en tirosina. Con objeto de prevenir el daño neurológico es necesaria la adhesión permanente a una dieta pobre en phe, que restringe los alimentos naturales y requiere la ingestión de una fórmula de AA libre de phe

Erin L. MacLeod; Denise M. Ney



Malan syndrome: Sotos-like overgrowth with de novo NFIX sequence variants and deletions in six new patients and a review of the literature.  


De novo monoallelic variants in NFIX cause two distinct syndromes. Whole gene deletions, nonsense variants and missense variants affecting the DNA-binding domain have been seen in association with a Sotos-like phenotype that we propose is referred to as Malan syndrome. Frameshift and splice-site variants thought to avoid nonsense-mediated RNA decay have been seen in Marshall-Smith syndrome. We report six additional patients with Malan syndrome and de novo NFIX deletions or sequence variants and review the 20 patients now reported. The phenotype is characterised by moderate postnatal overgrowth and macrocephaly. Median height and head circumference in childhood are 2.0 and 2.3 standard deviations (SD) above the mean, respectively. There is overlap of the facial phenotype with NSD1-positive Sotos syndrome in some cases including a prominent forehead, high anterior hairline, downslanting palpebral fissures and prominent chin. Neonatal feeding difficulties and/or hypotonia have been reported in 30% of patients. Developmental delay/learning disability have been reported in all cases and are typically moderate. Ocular phenotypes are common, including strabismus (65%), nystagmus (25% ) and optic disc pallor/hypoplasia (25%). Other recurrent features include pectus excavatum (40%) and scoliosis (25%). Eight reported patients have a deletion also encompassing CACNA1A, haploinsufficiency of which causes episodic ataxia type 2 or familial hemiplegic migraine. One previous case had episodic ataxia and one case we report has had cyclical vomiting responsive to pizotifen. In individuals with this contiguous gene deletion syndrome, awareness of possible later neurological manifestations is important, although their penetrance is not yet clear. PMID:25118028

Klaassens, Merel; Morrogh, Deborah; Rosser, Elisabeth M; Jaffer, Fatima; Vreeburg, Maaike; Bok, Levinus A; Segboer, Tim; van Belzen, Martine; Quinlivan, Ros M; Kumar, Ajith; Hurst, Jane A; Scott, Richard H



Reversal of childhood idiopathic scoliosis in an adult, without surgery: a case report and literature review  

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Background Some patients with mild or moderate thoracic scoliosis (Cobb angle <50-60 degrees) suffer disproportionate impairment of pulmonary function associated with deformities in the sagittal plane and reduced flexibility of the spine and chest cage. Long-term improvement in the clinical signs and symptoms of childhood onset scoliosis in an adult, without surgical intervention, has not been documented previously. Case presentation A diagnosis of thoracic scoliosis (Cobb angle 45 degrees) with pectus excavatum and thoracic hypokyphosis in a female patient (DOB 9/17/52) was made in June 1964. Immediate spinal fusion was strongly recommended, but the patient elected a daily home exercise program taught during a 6-week period of training by a physical therapist. This regime was carried out through 1992, with daily aerobic exercise added in 1974. The Cobb angle of the primary thoracic curvature remained unchanged. Ongoing clinical symptoms included dyspnea at rest and recurrent respiratory infections. A period of multimodal treatment with clinical monitoring and treatment by an osteopathic physician was initiated when the patient was 40 years old. This included deep tissue massage (1992-1996); outpatient psychological therapy (1992-1993); a daily home exercise program focused on mobilization of the chest wall (1992-2005); and manipulative medicine (1994-1995, 1999-2000). Progressive improvement in chest wall excursion, increased thoracic kyphosis, and resolution of long-standing respiratory symptoms occurred concomitant with a >10 degree decrease in Cobb angle magnitude of the primary thoracic curvature. Conclusion This report documents improved chest wall function and resolution of respiratory symptoms in response to nonsurgical approaches in an adult female, diagnosed at age eleven years with idiopathic scoliosis. PMID:20003501



[Familial Marfan's syndrome. A critical review and presentation of a clinical case].  


Aim of this paper is to describe and discuss, on the basis of an exhaustive review of literature, the case of a 14-year-old girl with familiar Marfan's syndrome. This disease is a generalized inherited disorder with involvement of connective tissue and symptoms affecting ocular, skeletal and cardio-vascular systems, usually diagnosed in young age and associated with a poor prognosis because of late severe aortic complications (dissection, dilation or aneurysms, regurgitation, etc.). The young patient sought to our medical attention because of severe leanness, delayed menarca and irregular menstruations; physical examination disclosed the typical "morphotype of Marfan" with long limbs, slenderness of hands and feet, severe kyphoscoliosis, narrow chest with "pectus excavatum", marked hyperextensible joints, and high arched palate with malocclusion. Echocardiography demonstrated a mild mitral valve prolapse. The 43-year-old patient's mother presented an undiagnosed Marfan's syndrome, despite typical morphotype, muscle-skeletal alterations and moderate dilation of ascending aorta. The maternal grand-mother deceased prematurely for cardiopathy of unknown origin. It is stressed that the disease should not be underestimated, because the early diagnosis is important for the patient's prognosis, allowing the early preventive surgical intervention for correcting aortic or valvular alterations. The echocardiography represents a sensitive and noninvasive mean, useful to manage the patients with proven or suspected aortic dilation. The subjects with Marfan's syndrome who exhibit rapid progression of aortic dilation, or an aortic diameter in excess of 50 mm, should be considered for an elective surgical intervention (at low mortality and suitable to increase remarkably the lifetime expectation). Women with syndrome of Marfan should be advised on the high cardio-vascular risk during pregnancy. PMID:8700348

Iannello, S; Spina, M; Prestipino, M; Strano, A M; Bellassai, M; Politi, G; Belfiore, F



[Prune-Belly Syndrome: a case report].  


Prune-Belly Syndrome (PBS) is a rare congenital syndrome characterized by the absence of abdominal muscles, anomalies in the urinary tract, megaureter, cryptorchidism or testicular agenesis, hypertension and worsening chronic kidney disease (CKD). The incidence is estimated between 1 out of 35,000 and 1 out of 50,000 born alive, and it affects males in prevalence (97%). In the present study we describe the case of a 38 year old male patient (followed since May 2011) affected by PBS, CKD, one functional kidney at the scintigraphy, pediatric testicular implants, bladder surgery and correction of pectus excavatum. At the beginning of the observation, renal function was deteriorated, with a creatinine 3.3 mg/dl, GFR calculated at MDRD 23 ml/min, proteinuria in nephrotic range (4 g/day), high blood pressure, anemia and hyperparathyroidism. In the following examinations renal function framework worsened, despite the adoption of a low-protein diet. Due to the functional trend, the patient was prescribed hemodialysis as substitute treatment. In January 2013 a first attempt of artero-venous fistula (AVF) did not succeed, while a new AVF in March 2013 resulted effective. In July hemodialysis was started. In the future, we expect to insert the patient in the Kidney Transplant List (since surgical feasibility has already been positively evaluated). Our case is quite peculiar due to the late beginning of substitute treatment. Further, SPB represents a challenge that, in the absence of a prompt and effective treatment, inevitably it leads to terminal uremia; nevertheless, given a proper treatment, a transplant with good chances of success can be envisaged. PMID:25030009

Tattoli, Fabio; De Prisco, Ornella; Gherzi, Maurizio; Falconi, Daniela; Marazzi, Federico; Marengo, Marita; Serra, Ilaria; Tamagnone, Michela; Formica, Marco



Sindrome de Intestino Irritable: Diagnóstico y Tratamiento  

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SUMMARY Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) usually is considered a functional gastrointestinal disorder characterized by pain, bloating and either diarrhea or constipation, but a small subgroup of patients report a sudden onset of their IBS symptoms after gastroenteritis, that is named postinfectious IBS. IBS can be diagnosed with confidence when a patient fulfills the Rome II criteria for IBS and displays

William Otero Regino; Martín Gómez Zuleta


Tratamiento del dolor en la pancreatitis crónica  

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Abdominal pain is the most frequent symptom in patients with chronic pancreatitis. Between 70 and 90% of patients experience pain at some point in the course of their disease. In patients with alcoholic pancreatitis, pain is usually experienced at disease onset. Two distinct forms of idiopathic chronic pancreatitis can be distinguished: in early-onset (juvenile) idiopathic chronic pancreatitis, pain occurs initially,

Luisa Guarner; Monder Abu-Suboh; Joan Dot; Jorge Olsina



Tratamiento endovascular del aneurisma de aorta  

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SUMMARY The natural history of an aneurysm leads to its rupture, followed by the patient's death. On 1990 an aneurysm was excluded from the circulation through deployment of a device, using the femoral arteries for acces. This procedure has been performed with increasing frecuency over the last few years, changing radically the practice of vascular surgery. Its application for treatment



Tratamiento con fulvestrant en mujeres posmenopáusicas con cáncer de mama avanzado tras tratamiento hormonal previo  

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Background and objectiveFulvestrant (Flv) is a pure antiestrogen without agonist activity. Flv is effective as second line treatment in postmenopausal women with advanced breast cancer after tamoxifen.

Virginia Martínez Marín; Andrés J. Muñoz Martín; M. Carmen Viñuela Benéitez; Pilar García Alfonso; Antonio Alonso Muñoz; Gumersindo Pérez Manga



Trisomy 18  


... bottom feet) Low birth weight Low-set ears Mental delay Poorly developed fingernails Small head ( microcephaly ) Small jaw ( micrognathia ) Undescended testicle Unusual shaped chest ( pectus carinatum )


Prevalence of Olfactory and Other Developmental Anomalies in Patients with Central Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism  

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Introduction: Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (HH) is a heterogeneous disease caused by mutations in several genes. Based on the presence of hyposmia/anosmia it is distinguished into Kallmann syndrome (KS) and isolated HH. The prevalence of other developmental anomalies is not well established. Methods: We studied 36 patients with HH (31 males, 5 females, mean age 41.5), 9 with familial and 27 with sporadic HH (33 congenital, 3 adult-onset), by physical examination, smell test (BSIT Sensonics), audiometry, renal ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging of the olfactory structures. Results: Based on the smell test, patients were classified as normosmic (n?=?21, 58.3%) and hypo/anosmic (n?=?15, 41.6%). Hypoplasia/agenesis of olfactory bulbs was found in 40% of patients (10/25; 75% hypo/anosmic, 7.6% normosmic, p?pectus excavatum, bimanual synkinesis, iris coloboma, and absent nasal cartilage. Anamnestically 4/31 patients reported cryptorchidism (25% hypo/anosmic, 5.2% normosmic, p?=?NS). Conclusion: Hypo/anosmia is significantly related to anatomical anomalies of the olfactory bulbs/tracts but the prevalence of other developmental anomalies, especially midline defects and neurosensorial hearing loss, is high both in HH and KS and independent of the presence of anosmia/hyposmia. From the clinical standpoint KS and normosmic HH should be considered as the same complex, developmental disease. PMID:23760293

Della Valle, Elisa; Vezzani, Silvia; Rochira, Vincenzo; Granata, Antonio Raffaele Michele; Madeo, Bruno; Genovese, Elisabetta; Pignatti, Elisa; Marino, Marco; Carani, Cesare; Simoni, Manuela



Submicroscopic deletions of 11q24-25 in individuals without Jacobsen syndrome: re-examination of the critical region by high-resolution array-CGH  

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Background Jacobsen syndrome is a rare contiguous gene disorder that results from a terminal deletion of the long arm of chromosome 11. It is typically characterized by intellectual disability, a variety of physical anomalies and a distinctive facial appearance. The 11q deletion has traditionally been identified by routine chromosome analysis. Array-based comparative genomic hybridization (array-CGH) has offered new opportunities to identify and refine chromosomal abnormalities in regions known to be associated with clinical syndromes. Results Using the 1 Mb BAC array (Spectral Genomics), we screened 70 chromosomally normal children with idiopathic intellectual disability (ID) and congenital abnormalities, and identified five cases with submicroscopic abnormalities believed to contribute to their phenotypes. Here, we provide detailed molecular cytogenetic descriptions and clinical presentation of two unrelated subjects with de novo submicroscopic deletions within chromosome bands 11q24-25. In subject 1 the chromosome rearrangement consisted of a 6.18 Mb deletion (from 128.25–134.43 Mb) and an adjacent 5.04 Mb duplication (from 123.15–128.19 Mb), while in subject 2, a 4.74 Mb interstitial deletion was found (from 124.29–129.03 Mb). Higher resolution array analysis (385 K Nimblegen) was used to refine all breakpoints. Deletions of the 11q24-25 region are known to be associated with Jacobsen syndrome (JBS: OMIM 147791). However, neither of the subjects had the typical features of JBS (trigonocephaly, platelet disorder, heart abnormalities). Both subjects had ID, dysmorphic features and additional phenotypic abnormalities: subject 1 had a kidney abnormality, bilateral preauricular pits, pectus excavatum, mild to moderate conductive hearing loss and behavioral concerns; subject 2 had macrocephaly, an abnormal MRI with delayed myelination, fifth finger shortening and squaring of all fingertips, and sensorineural hearing loss. Conclusion Two individuals with ID who did not have the typical clinical features of Jacobsen syndrome were found to have deletions within the JBS region at 11q24-25. Their rearrangements facilitate the refinement of the JBS critical region and suggest that a) deletion of at least 3 of the 4 platelet function critical genes (ETS-1, FLI-1 and NFRKB and JAM3) is necessary for thrombocytopenia; b) one of the critical regions for heart abnormalities (conotruncal heart defects) may lie within 129.03 – 130.6 Mb; c) deletions of KCNJ1 and ADAMTS15 may contribute to the renal anomalies in Jacobsen Syndrome; d) the critical region for MRI abnormalities involves a region from 124.6 – 129.03 Mb. Our results reiterate the benefits of array-CGH for description of new phenotype/genotype associations and refinement of previously established ones. PMID:19000322

Tyson, Christine; Qiao, Ying; Harvard, Chansonette; Liu, Xudong; Bernier, Francois P; McGillivray, Barbara; Farrell, Sandra A; Arbour, Laura; Chudley, Albert E; Clarke, Lorne; Gibson, William; Dyack, Sarah; McLeod, Ross; Costa, Teresa; VanAllen, Margot I; Yong, Siu-li; Graham, Gail E; MacLeod, Patrick; Patel, Millan S; Hurlburt, Jane; Holden, Jeanette JA; Lewis, Suzanne ME; Rajcan-Separovic, Evica



Adherencia al tratamiento en niñas y niños con VIH  

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The article discusses and determines the degree of adherence to HIV\\/AIDS treatment in children while considering the behaviors and the variables associated with the disease. The study was adjusted for 1 male and 5 female children diagnosed with HIV and their primary caregivers. A semi-structured interview evaluating treatment adherence for children with HIV\\/AIDS ad hoc was conducted with the 6

Ana María; Ruiz Navi; Sandra Liliana; Enríquez Lara; Paula Andrea; Hoyos Hernández



Alternativas en el tratamiento quirúrgico de los abscesos anales  

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Summary Introduction: Anal abscess is a pus collection localized in some of the regions around the anus and rectum. We reviewed the experience in the management of abscesses in the Coloproctology Unit at the Gastroenterology Service in the General Hospital of Mexico. Material and methods: This is a retrospective, longitudinal and descriptive study in patients diagnosed as carriers of an

Luis Charúa-Guindic; José Ángel Cantú-Marroquín; Rosa Martha Osorio-Hernández; Octavio Avendaño-Espinosa


Diagnóstico y tratamiento de la patología de la articulación temporomandibular  

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Summary We present a brief description of the pathology that most often affects the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), with its clinical features and the therapeutic principles for each one. Thereafter, we comment the diagnostic techniques in TMJ pathology, its indication, interpretation and limitations. Finally, we discuss the different general therapeutic options, that can be either conservative (psychological treatment, drugs, oclusal treatment

Eduardo Valmaseda; Cosme Gay Escoda


Reacciones cutáneas psoriasiformes durante el tratamiento con etanercept  

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Anti-TNFs have a wide spectrum of skin lesions, psoriasis being found among them paradoxically.A 42-year old woman with a history of rheumatoid arthritis since 19 years of age was referred to the Dermatology service due to pustular psoriasis on both soles during treatment with etanercept. Due to her incapacity to walk and the pain reported by the patient, etanercept was

J. Santos-Juanes; C. Galache




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SUMMARY Objective: To describe our experience in the treatment of vaginal intra-epithelial neoplasia (VAIN) with the use of CO2 laser. Method: Nineteen patients with the diagnosis of VAIN were treated by this technique. We used a spot size of 1.5 to 2 mm and a power density of 400 to 500 W\\/cm2. The entire lesion in addition to at least



Como Lo Hago Yo: Tratamiento Quirurgico Del Mielomeningocele  

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En Argentina hay plan de fortificación con ácido fólico. Diagnostico prenatal no siempre es correcto. Cierre según técnica. Cerramos músculo. No favorecemos corpectomía temprana en casos de cifosis. Suturamos la plaqueta. Cerramos el plano muscular. Hidrocefalia: Válvula de derivación, generalmente dentro de los dos primeros meses. Ventriculostomía no está indicada. Chiari II. Laminectomia cervical alta. Siringomielia: Derivación desde la cavidad al peritoneo. PMID:24791219

Portillo, Santiago



La espiritualidad en el tratamiento del cáncer (PDQ®)

Resumen de información revisada por expertos acerca de la influencia que tiene la espiritualidad y la religión en las personas que tienen cáncer. Se discuten varios métodos sobre manejo e intervención.


Tratamiento biológico del lixiviado generado en el relleno sanitario \\  

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2 *d; además, este sistema presentó gran estabilidad frente a variaciones importantes en cuanto a las características del lixiviado y ausencia de olores desagradables. Los porcentajes de remoción de DQO en el reactor UASB eran muy variables, con picos bajos y caídas muy marcadas, que indican que no se presentaba un funcionamiento óptimo del proceso durante la mayor parte del

Alexander Álvarez Contreras; John Hermógenes; Suárez Gelvez



La Madona de Yavi, tratamiento de conservación y restauración  

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This paper deals with the description of a 16 th century South American vice regal painting, and also with the explanation of an uncommon conservation and restoration treatment. The art work, painted by a hispano-flemish artist using oil on wood technique, presented major conservation problems. The board was broken and warped, the painting layer was skinned -as the result of

Pedro Querejazu Leyton



Uso de Biológicos para el Tratamiento de la Psoriasis  

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Summary Psoriasis is a chronic T cell-mediated inflammatory disease that mainly affects the skin and joints, and is present in 1%-3% of world population. It is also associated to other inflammatory conditions such as inflammatory intestinal disease and coronary pathologies, among others. Conventional treatments for moder- ate to severe psoriasis are associated to broad band immunosup- pression and\\/or organ-toxicities which

Julia Tzu; Eliana Krulig; Vanessa Cárdenas; Francisco A. Kerdel



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SUMMARY Acute primary glaucoma is a pathology in which produce an intraocular pressure increase abrupt way and if it persist for a long time it can to take even blindness. The method utilized to make this work is a bibliographical revision. The treatment's ways are two:- a medical one to resolve the acute episode (in local form with aqueous humor

Raúl Andrés Fernández; Fernando Camilo Grenón; Jorge Santiago Lazaroff; Paola Elisabeth Lazaroff


Efectos fisiológicos específicos y efectos psíquicos inespecíficos en el tratamiento acupuntural del síndrome del colon irritable  

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Background and aimsThe aim was to evaluate the efficacy of acupuncture (AC) in patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). We investigated psychological and neuroendocrinological parameters to meet the demands of the psychosomatic paradigm. In addition, we wanted to examine the impact of perception of bodily sensations on treatment response.

A. Schneider; P. Enck; K. Streitberger; S. Joos; C. Weiland; S. Bagheri; H.-C. Friederich; S. Zipfel




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Levonogestrel intrauterine system is indicated for treatment of menorrhagia.The menhorragia is defined as greater than or equal to 80 ml of blood loss per menstrual cycle. Objectives. To evaluate the effectiveness and security of levonogestrel intrauterine system and to compare with others medical or surgical treatments. Material and methods. We used bibliography of gynaecology and randomized controlled clinical trials about

María Josefa Toledo; Elena Elizabet Gomez



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Técnicas nuevas ayudan a solucionar la infertilidad. Incluyen la estimulación hormonal, la inyección intracitoplasmática de esperma- tozoides (ICSI), la transferencia intrafalopiana de gametos (TIG) y la fertilización \\

Daniel M. Campagne



Recursos de tratamiento en internet para conductas adictivas Treatment resources in internet for addictive behaviors  

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17 RESUMEN: Internet se configura como un instru- mento de utilidad en el apoyo a los procesos de tra- tamiento psicológico. El objetivo de este trabajo es la búsqueda de recursos de utilidad en el trata- miento de conductas adictivas. Dado lo extenso de este concepto se ha limitado la búsqueda a cuatro de estas conductas: adicción al propio Internet,




Combinación de ortopedia-ortodoncia en el tratamiento de Clase III esqueletal en paciente adulto  

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In the practice of current orthodontics we observe with concern ,controversies among some profes - sionals about the mayor relevance between orthopedics and orthodontics. That situation creates the false criterion that one specialty is more important than the other. The present manuscript presents the case of a 15 years old female patient with a skeletal Class III with a maxillary




Injerto óseo pediculado de pronador cuadrado en el tratamiento de la seudoartrosis de escafoides  

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Scaphoid pseudoarthrosis is a challenge for the surgeon specialized in hands. Among the different surgical methods to treat non-union of the scaphoid, one may underline the internal fixation accompanied by autologue bone grafts of

Pastor León Santana; Humberto Díaz Ramos; Luis F. Paredes González; Ricardo Monreal González; Servicio Ortopedia



Evaluación de un programa de valoración de adherencia al tratamiento antirretroviral  

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IntroductionPoor adherence to antiretroviral treatment (ART) is the commonest cause of treatment failure in children and adults living with HIV, and this is especially important during adolescence. Therefore, any analysis of ART effectiveness in children should include an evaluation of adherence to ART. The aim of this study is to assess the usefulness of an ART adherence monitoring program in

C. Valdivia Vadell; P. Soler-Palacín; A. Martín-Nalda Nalda; M. J. Cabañas Poy; S. Clemente Bautista; M. Espiau Guarner; C. Figueras Nadal


Evolución de la adherencia al tratamiento antirretoviral del 2000 al 2008  

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ObjectivesTo evaluate antiretroviral treatment adherence in the HIV patient cohort of our hospital and observe their evolution over a 9-year period; also to determine the individual pattern of adherence over time.

O. Ibarra Barrueta; A. Urrutia Losada; A. López de Torre Querejazu; J. Mayo Suárez; E. Martinez Gutíerrez; M. J. Martínez-Bengoechea



Herramientas para mejorar la adherencia al tratamiento con inmunomoduladores en pacientes con esclerosis múltiple  

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IntroductionThe objective of this work was to assess the factors identified in the Global Adherence Project (GAP) in disease-modifying therapy (DMT) in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) and to propose measures directed at improving adherence. It was proposed to prepare questionnaires to detect patients at risk of non-adherence before and during the follow-up.

E. Arroyo; M. González; C. Grau; C. Arnal; M. Bujanda; P. de Castro; L. Grau; M. Martínez; C. Ramo; V. Sánchez; O. Sánchez-Soliño




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The World Health Organization considers early and adequate treatment as a basic strategy of the malaria control program. One problem associated to this strategy is antimalarial drug resistance mainly observed in P. falciparum. Objective: To determine social, cultural and health supply factors associated to malaria treatment compliance, both from the providers and users perspectives at communities in the Piura and

Fernando Llanos-Zavalaga; Armando Cotrina R; Pilar Campana S



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With the objective to describe the extent of treatment adherence and identify factors that impact antiretroviral treatment among individuals participating in the HIV treatment program of the Ministry of Health in Tamaulipas, Mexico between June 2008 and October 2008. A cross-sectional study including all individuals in the treatment program (117) was carried. To identify non-adherence in the last four days

Maria Isabel Peñarrieta; Tamil Kendall; Norma Martinez; Ana María Rivera; Nora Gonzales; Elva del Angel



Patrón y costo del tratamiento antihipertensivo para pacientes ambulatorios en un hospital general  

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SUMMARY In our hospitals, the treatment of hypertension is highly variable and individualized, with prescriptions and costs that influence on treatment accessibility and compliance. OBJECTIVE: To know the class and costs of the antihypertensive therapy in a general hospi- tal. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A transversal and descriptive study was done on the prescription of antihypertensive drugs from ambula- tory patients

Marcela Juárez-García; Pedro José Ortiz-Saavedra; Leonidas Gutiérrez-Fernán-Segarra; Jorge Casas-Castañeda




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The purpose of the study was to determine the effectiveness of a biopsychosocial intervention program to reduce blood pressure levels and to improve adherence to treatment in patients diagnosed with Hypertension. The study was a quasi-experimental, with transversal design, and intragroup analysis for pre-post intervention. The sample was composed of 44 hypertension patients, without any other chronic illness and\\/or without





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The present investigation was centered in the relationship between Locus of Control and Adherence to the treatment in people that suffer Inadequacy Renal Chronicle (I.R.C). Basing us on the obtained results can establish that in general terms relationship exists between Locus of Control and Adherence to the treatment in the I.R.C. he\\/she was that one of the factors of which

Carolina Cepeda; Connie Wanner; Claudio Barrales; Natacha Nuñez


Percepciones y prácticas relacionadas con la tuberculosis y la adherencia al tratamiento en Chiapas, México  

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Objective. To identify health perceptions and practices and non-adherence to therapy among tuberculosis patients. Material and methods. Qualitative research work con- sisting of 11 group interviews with 62 tuberculosis patients during 1997-1998 in the Central, Highlands, and Border Regions of Chiapas, Mexico. Results. Perceived causes of tuberculosis included contagion via food utensils, excess work, malnutrition, and cold, as well as

Guadalupe del Carmen Alvarez-Gordillo; Julio Félix Alvarez-Gordillo; José Eugenio Dorantes-Jiménez; David Halperin-Frisch



Adherencia al tratamiento en adolescentes diabéticos tipo 1 chilenos: una aproximación psicológica  

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Background: Treatment compliance among patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus, is low in 50% of diabetic teenagers, becoming a social and medical problem. Aim: To determine psycho-social factors associated to treatment compliance among Chilean diabetic type 1 teenagers. Patients and methods: A non experimental study of 61 diabetic teenagers (age 14.9±1.9 years, 37 male). The number of blood glucose determinations,

Manuel Ortiz P; Eugenia Ortiz P



Estilo de vida y adherencia al tratamiento de la población canaria con diabetes mellitus tipo 2  

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Lifestyle and Treatment Adherence of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus People in the Canary Islands Background: The Canary Islands population experiences the highest type 2 diabetes (DM2) mortality in Spain. We stu­ died lifestyle, unknown DM2 and treatment adherence in dia­ betics of these islands. Methods: cross-sectional study of 6729 subjects from the general population (age 18-75) that participate in the

Antonio Cabrera de León; José Carlos del Castillo Rodríguez; Santiago Domínguez Coello; María del Cristo Rodríguez Pérez; Buenaventura Brito Díaz; Carlos Borges Álamo; Lourdes Carrillo Fernández; Delia Almeida González; José Juan Alemán Sánchez; Ana González Hernández; Armando Aguirre-Jaime




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Wine grapes postharvest UVC treatment increases bioactive stilbene content, mainly resveratrol, in grapes. The induction capacity is variable and contingent on many factors. After UVC irradiation and three days of storage (Dm), Jaén tinto variety showed the highest estilbene content (9.94 mg\\/Kg), this variety has shown to have the greatest and fastest resveratrol induction potential among all autochthonous varieties tested.

E. E. Cantos; R. F. Guerrero; B. Puertas; M. J. Jiménez; M. S. Jurado



Creencias, prácticas y necesidad de tratamiento periodontal en una población adulta en Cali, 2003  

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SUMMARY Objective: To identify the beliefs, practices and periodontal treatment needs in an adult population who assist to the clinics of the Colegio Odontológico Colombiano, Cali, 2003. Materials and methods: An observacional, descriptive cross sectional study was made. A proportional simple random sampling was used. A sample of 127 patients was obtained from the total number of attendants to the




Novedades en biología molecular y su aplicación en el diagnóstico y el tratamiento del melanoma  

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Even though malignant melanoma accounts for 4% of all skin cancers, it is the type responsible for most deaths.The pathogenesis of melanoma is currently not well understood, although an interaction of environmental and genetic factors doubtlessly plays a role.Molecular biology in medicine has progressed increasingly rapidly in recent years. In dermatology, application of molecular biology techniques to the study of

A. Martorell-Calatayud; C. Requena; R. Botella-Estrada; O. P. Sangüeza



Derrame pleural e hipertensión pulmonar en un paciente con enfermedad de Parkinson en tratamiento con cabergolina  

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Cabergoline is a synthetic dopamine agonist used to treat Parkinson disease. The drug occasionally induces pleuropulmonary adverse effects, which manifest as pleural thickening or effusion, interstitial pneumonitis, pulmonary infiltrates, or fibrosis. We report a rare case of pleural effusion and severe pulmonary hypertension in a 79-year-old man with Parkinson disease who had been treated with cabergoline for 1 year. The

Manuel Haro-Estarriol; Gladis Sabater-Talaverano; Francisco Rodríguez-Jerez; Anton Obrador-Lagares; David Genís-Batlle; Salvi Sendra-Salillas



Tratamiento Léxico en los Sistemas de Recuperación y Representación de Información en Biomedicina  

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La terminología usada en Biomedicina tiene rasgos léxicos que han requerido la elaboración de recursos terminológicos y sistemas de recuperación de información con funcionalidades específicas. Las principales características son las elevadas tasas de sinonimia y homonimia, debidas a fenómenos como la proliferación de siglas polisémicas y su interacción con el lenguaje común. Los sistemas de recuperación de información en el

Mónica Marrero; Sonia Sánchez-Cuadrado; Julián Urbano; Jorge Morato; José Antonio Moreiro González




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En el proceso de extracción de cloruro de sodio a partir de agua de mar queda una salmuera residual rica en sales de sodio y magnesio que al ser tratadas químicamente y al ser evaporada permite recuperar aproximadamente el 75% del cloruro de sodio que queda en dicho residual, lo que puede reducir la contaminación ambiental del litoral y generar

Mariana Estela Colombat Rodríguez; Amada Lissett Colombat Rodríguez



Estimulación Medular (EEM) en el tratamiento de la enfermedad vascular periférica. Parte I  

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This technique appears as one of the main indications with high levels of efficiency (80%), so much in the clinical aspect for the symptomatic relief as well as in the ischemic physiopatologic benefits that induces the neuroestimulation.

Enrique Freire Vil; Aurora de la Iglesia López; Alberto Camba Rodríguez



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Introduction: Pyeloureteral duplication is often associated to ureterocele and ectopic ureter. Therapeutic appro- ach of ureterocele is actually a debated subject because of the differents treatments. There is controversy about the clasic heminefrectomy with ureterocele aspiration and the minimal invasive endoscopic approach. Material and methods: We made a retrospective study about 34 children with pyeloureteral duplication asso- ciated with ureterocele



La infeccin por el VIH y su tratamiento Medicamentos contra el VIH aprobados por la FDA  

E-print Network

Emtricitabina (FTC) Emtriva Gilead Sciences 2 julio 2003 Lamivudina (3TC) Epivir GlaxoSmithKline 17 noviembre) (TDF) Viread Gilead Sciences 26 octubre 2001 Zidovudina (ZDV,AZT) Retrovir GlaxoSmithKline 19 marzo

Levin, Judith G.


Hacia una adaptación cultural para el tratamiento de trastornos alimentarios en latinos en Estados Unidos  

PubMed Central

Eating disorders affect all ethnic and socioeconomic groups. However, evidence based treatments for eating disorders have been developed and tested exclusively on Caucasian populations. With the purpose to develop a culturally sensitive framework for the eating disorders treatment in Latinos/as, the objectives of this work were: 1) identify and describe some of the relevant cultural elements for eating disorders in the Latino population and, 2) to draft a culturally sensitive intervention model for eating disorders in Latino population in the United States. Providing culturally sensitive treatments for Latinos with psychiatric disorders is essential to reverse public health disparities. PMID:22003472

Reyes-Rodríguez, Mae Lynn; Bulik, Cynthia M.



Tratamiento hormonal de reasignación de sexo en España: nuestra experiencia en 236 casos  

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IntroductionIn recent decades, demand for gender reassignment therapy (psychological, hormonal and surgical) has significantly increased. In Spain, this type of therapy has not generally been provided in public hospitals. Consequently, endocrinologists and other health professionals have insufficient experience of this treatment and transsexuals have to resort to self therapy or to private hospitals.

Antonio Becerra Fernández; María Jesús Lucio Pérez; José Luis Llopis Agelan




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En los Estados Unidos, está aumentando la carencia de psiquiatras, y pacientes con necesidad de medicación psicotrópica a menudo se enfrentan a largas esperas y servicios limitados. Para disminuir la brecha creciente entre la oferta y la demanda, están incorporán- dose personas con capacidad para prescribir, formadas fuera de los escenarios médicos tradicionales. A pesar de que tradicional- mente los

George M. Kapalka


Diagnóstico y tratamiento farmacológico del trastorno por déficit de atención e hiperactividad  

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. Se asocia con retraso y dificultades del funcionamiento académico y social 2 , y hay evidencia creciente que indica que también se asocia con morbilidad significativa y peor funcionamiento en la edad adulta 3,4 . Además, estudios longitudinales recientes señalan que los niños con TDAH de ambos sexos y de cual- quier edad generan un gasto médico total y

César Soutullo Esperón



Tratamiento percutáneo de las bioprótesis aórticas disfuncionantes con la prótesis CoreValve ®  

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Recently, percutaneous aortic valve replacement has emerged as a therapeutic option for patients with severe symptomatic aortic stenosis and a high surgical risk. We report our initial experience in four patients with percutaneous implantation of a CoreValve aortic prosthesis to treat aortic bioprosthesis dysfunction involving aortic stenosis or regurgitation. In-hospital and medium-term outcomes were analyzed. The procedure was performed under

José M. Hernández-García; Antonio J. Muñoz-García; Juan H. Alonso-Briales; Manuel F. Jiménez-Navarro; Antonio J. Domínguez-Franco; Isabel Rodríguez-Bailón; Eduardo Olalla-Mercadé; Eduardo de Teresa-Galván



Prótesis enterales en el tratamiento paliativo de la obstrucción gastroduodenal: técnica endoscópica  

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Malignant gastroduodenal obstruction may cause signi- ficant morbidity. Insertion of enteral prostheses as a pallia- tive treatment is an acceptable option to achieve an appro- priate gastric voiding without the morbidity associated to palliative surgery, with a lesser procedure-related morta- lity and a lower cost, while providing a better quality of life. Its is important to unify and consolidate the

J. Espinel Díez; F. Jorquera Plaza; A. Domínguez Carbajo; D. López Cuesta; P. Suárez Álvarez; C. Bailador Andrés; M. Álvarez Posadilla; J. L. Olcoz Goñi; A. Digestivo del Hospital de León


La prótesis de pene en el tratamiento de la disfunción eréctil  

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PENILE PROSTHESIS FOR THE TREATMENT OF ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION The erectile dysfunction is a pathology that, with different degrees of intensity, affects nearly the 20% of the spanish adult men. The treatment is usually performed in stages, reserving the penile prosthesis for when other previous treatments have failed. The aim of this work is to evaluate, according to the state of

G. Atienza Merino



El tratamiento de la violencia en el futbol por la prensa deportiva  

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Journalists are also main players with regard to violence in sports. Many organisms are worried about this issue and have pointed out the need for the mass media to take care of their own behaviour in order not to create a climate of violence. In this report, we exhaustively review those actions carried out by sports journalists that contribute to

JoseBarrero Munoz


Ixodidae ticks in cattle and sheep in Sistan and Baluchestan Province (Iran).  


This survey was conducted to investigate the presence and abundance of hard tick species (Acari: Ixodidae) on cattle and sheep in Sistan and Baluchestan Province (Iran). Between 2010 and 2011, a total of 1,403 ticks was collected from 332 infested cattle and 1,480 ticks were collected from 602 infested sheep during the seasons of tick activity. The species collected from cattle were Hyalomma marginatum (46.04%), Hyalomma excavatum (25.51%), Hyalomma anatolicum (10.33%), Hyalomma asiaticum (6.34%), and ticks of the Rhipicephalus sanguineus group (11.76%); while the species collected from sheep were of the Rhipicephalus sanguineus group (34.66%), H. marginatum (25.60%), H. excavatum (27.97%), H. asiaticum (9.45%) and Hyalomma scupense (2.29%). The results show that H. marginatum, H. excavatum, as well as ticks of the R. sanguineus group are dominant in the surveyed area. PMID:24715595

Mirzaei, Mohammad; Khedri, Javad



Prevalence of ixodid ticks on cattle and sheep southeast of Iran.  


A survey was carried out to investigate the prevalence of hard tick species (Acari: Ixodidae) on cattle and sheep southeast of Iran. A total of 972 ticks were collected from 280 infested cattle and 1,207 ticks were collected from 632 infested sheep during activating seasons of ticks in 2008-2009. The species collected from cattle were Hyalomma marginatum marginatum (50.92%), Hyalomma anatolicum excavatum (25.61%), Hyalomma anatolicum anatolicum (8.12%), Hyalomma asiaticum asiaticum (1.85%), and Rhipicephalus sanguineus (13.47%) while the species collected from sheep were R. sanguineus (36.37%), H. marginatum marginatum (30.65%), H. anatolicum excavatum (19.05%), H. asiaticum asiaticum (10.52%), Hyalomma detritum (3.14%), and Dermacentor marginatus (0.24%). The results show that, H. marginatum marginatum, H. anatolicum excavatum, and R. sanguineus are dominant tick species in the surveyed area. PMID:21113660

Dehaghi, Mohammad Mirzaei; Fathi, Saeid; Asl, Ehsan Norouzi; Nezhad, Hojat Asgary



Climate Niches of Tick Species in the Mediterranean Region: Modeling of Occurrence Data, Distributional Constraints, and Impact of Climate Change  

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In this study, we used ecological niche factor analysis (ENFA) and principal components analysis (PCA) of climate variables to deÞne the climate niches and areas of potential colonization of six species of ticks in the Mediterranean region: Dermacentor marginatus Sulzer, Rhipicephalus bursa Canestrini & Fanzago, Rhipicephalus turanicus Pomerantsev, Matikashvili & Lototsky, Hyalomma marginatum Koch, Hyalomma excavatum Koch, and Boophilus annulatus

Agustí Estrada-peña; José M. Venzal




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Scaphoid fractures are the most common carpal injury after fractures of the distal radial bone, which when not diagnosed timely lead to late sequelae and scaphoid non-unions that result in high-risk complex treatments with a high index of complications and non-union described in 50% of conservative treatments. This is a retrospective study of a series of 42 patients with scaphoid




Variables psicosociales en la adherencia al tratamiento antirretroviral en pacientes adscritos a un programa de mantenimiento con metadona  

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Psychosocial variables in the antiretroviral treatment adherence in methadone maintenance patients . The object of this paper has been to explore the relationship between adherence to antiretroviral treat- ment and any of the psychological and social variables from a sample of 100 HIV injection drug user (IDU) patients, under a methadone maintenance program. The sample has been split into adherents

Lucía Ladero Martín; Santos Orejudo Hernández; José Antonio Carrobles


Género y niveles de adherencia al tratamiento antihipertensivo en el personal de la Universidad Estatal a Distancia de Costa Rica  

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Gender and levels of adherence to antihypertensive treatment in personnel of the Costa Rican Distance Education University. Among chronic diseases, hypertension is one of the top causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Until now, health efforts have focused on decreasing this condition but the treatments have been ineffective and costly, and hypertension is one the least controlled diseases. Several studies

Lourdes Arce Espinoza; Julián Monge-Nájera


Creencias y opiniones acerca del tratamiento quirúrgico del cáncer de mama Beliefs and opinions about breast cancer surgical treatment  

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The present study tries to identify psychological factors which contribute to explain why many women with breast cancer still undergo mastectomy. However, scientific evidence show that it is not the only valid treatment. Women preferences and their perceptions of surgical interventions consequences are analyzed. 459 women were interviewed, 180 were surgical cases and 135 new cases of breast cancer. Also,

Carmen Regina; Victoria García-Viniegras; Maritza González Blanco; Hugo Alexis; Cantero Ronquillo; Armando Seuc Jo; María Josefa Cintero



Duración del tratamiento con etanercept y razones de discontinuación en una cohorte de pacientes con patología reumática  

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ObjectiveTo evaluate the duration of etanercept (ETN) treatment and motives for discontinuation in our local cohort of patients with rheumatic pathology and compare them to the group with other biological treatments.

José Miguel Senabre-Gallego; José Rosas-Gómez de Salazar; Gregorio Santos-Soler; Carlos Santos-Ramírez; Mabel Sánchez-Barrioluengo; Esteban Salas-Heredia; Xavier Barber-Vallés; Catalina Cano-Pérez; Núria Llahí-Vidal; Rosa Riestra-Juán



Tratamiento de 15 casos de dolor crónico con un equipo de fotopuntura por diodos emisores de luz roja (617 nm)  

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IntroductionThe present study describes a preliminary approach for pain relief using a novel photopuncture device designed by SORISA. The device consists of a 10-channel red light emitting diode (LED) system at 617nm.

J. M. Costa; L. Cáncer; M. I. Corral-Baqués; A. Amat



Innovative manure treatments in the USA – state of the art (Tratamientos Innovadores de estiercoles en USA - estado del arte)  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

Currently, the potential impact of manure on the environment represents one of the world agriculture’s major challenges. Treatment technologies can play an important role in the management of livestock manure by providing a more flexible approach to land application and acreage limitations and by so...



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El medio ambiente es un recurso importante para las empresas y su gestión ha de ser eficiente en beneficio tanto de la entidad como de la sociedad. La necesidad de contabilizar los costos y las obligaciones ambientales de las cuestiones asociadas con la contabilidad ambiental ha cobrado cada vez más importancia, ya se trate de empresas privadas, de organizaciones sin

Clara Luz Reynaldo Argüelles




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The fatigue life on samples made of 7075 T7351 aeronautic aluminium alloy, submitted to different surface treatments, using rotative fatigue is analyzed. The surface treatments analyzed are those used in the protection against corrosion in these kinds of alloys, in accordance to the industrial practice normally used. Due to the surface treatment modifies the metal surface, rotative fatigue was used,

A. Monsalve; M. Páez; M. Toledano; R. Parra; Y. Sepúlveda; N. Valencia


Diseño de una vía clínica para el tratamiento quirúrgico del carcinoma gástrico a partir del análisis del proceso  

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IntroductionClinical pathways are highly useful tools for the systematization and improvement of clinical processes. We present the methodology for the management of the surgical treatment of gastric cancer, through a prior analysis of the process and design of a clinical pathway.

Cristina Valiño; Ángel Serrano; Juan Alcalde; Alfredo Abad; Carlos Morales; Alfredo Ibarra; Pedro Ruiz; Felipe Cruz-Vigo




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Modification of stomatal index and density in tomato plants (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) submitted to saline treatments Field grown tomato plants cv. Missouri were irrigated with water containing four different levels of NaCl (EC of approximately 0.5, 2.3, 3.1 and 5.0 dS\\/m). At harvest, stomatal index (SI) and stomatal density (SD) were determined on the middle portions of randomly selected leaflets.

José A. Salas; María E. Sanabria; Reinaldo Pire



Cautivas cristianas y enamorados turcos: el tratamiento pico de unos infortunios nuticos en la guerra de Chipre*1  

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, poco después de la batalla de Nicosia en Chipre, cuando la amenaza turca sobre el Mediterráneo-López. #12;2 modo de amenaza para exigir la rendición de esta segunda plaza fuerte veneciana de la isla

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Disminución del dolor y el peso durante el tratamiento de fisioterapia en pacientes intervenidos de prótesis de rodilla  

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Pain of recently operated patients for total knee prosthesis is the main problem during the first phase of physiotherapy, which is faster and more efficient in non-overweight patients. We performed a randomized clinical trial to demonstrate pain and body weight reduction in obese patients undergoing knee prosthesis through daily biorhythms and physiological protocolized nutrition, exercise, hydration and rest during the

J. Fortuño Godes; M. Martín Baranera; E. Kadar García; I. Redondo Parra; B. Gallardo Perez



Efecto de la terapia de locomoción refleja combinada con el tratamiento de fisioterapia en lesión medular. Presentación de un caso  

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To analyze the effects of inclusion within a Vojta Therapy protocol in the physiotherapy program of a case with a spinal cord injury. A Patient with 6-month old C3-C6 incomplete spinal cord injury, ASIA Scale C. The ASIA Scale sensory-motor assessment, the Walking Index for Spinal Cord Injury, version 2 (Wisci II) Scale for gait analysis and Barthel Scale for

L. Perales López; A. García Heras; I. Delgado; M. Lara Romero



Espasticidad después de la lesión medular: revisión de los mecanismos fisiopatológicos, técnicas de diagnóstico y tratamientos fisioterapéuticos actuales  

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Spasticity is a sensorimotor disorder that develops in about 70% of patients with spinal cord injury. Spasticity is mainly defined as an increase in tonic reflexes, an increase in muscle tone and presence of spasms. Although its pathophysiology has not been clearly defined, it is believed to be caused by a reduction in spinal neuronal inhibition mechanisms, associated with descending

J. Gómez-Soriano; J. Taylor



Supravalvular aortic stenosis in William's syndrome.  


We report supravalvular aortic stenosis in a 12 year old patient who presented with mental retardation, malformed teeth, broad lower lips, pectus carinatum, clinodactyly, kyphoscoliosis with symptoms of shortness of breath. On examination presence of better volume pulse in right radial artery with ejection systolic murmur best heard in right 2(nd) intercostal space were noted. Patient was diagnosed as having William's syndrome with investigations demonstrating Supravalvular aortic stenosis with a gradient of 170 mm Hg. PMID:21976893

Mohan, Bishav; Mittal, Chander Mohan



Spotted fever group rickettsiae in ticks in Turkey.  


One hundred twenty-six ticks belonging to 12 tick species were collected from humans, domestic and wild animals, and from the ground as unfed (questing ticks) from distinct localities in Turkey in 2011. Ticks were individually tested by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for Rickettsia spp., amplifying citrate synthase (gltA), and outer membrane protein (ompA) genes. Twenty-five ticks (19.8%) were found to be infected with Rickettsia species. Five SFG rickettsiae were identified, including 4 pathogens: Ri. aeschlimannii in Hyalomma marginatum, Hy. aegyptium, Hyalomma sp. (nymph), and Rhipicephalus turanicus; Ri. africae in Hy. excavatum, Hy. aegyptium, and Hyalomma sp. (nymph); Ri. slovaca and Ri. raoultii in Dermacentor marginatus; and one species with unknown pathogenicity, Ri. hoogstraalii, in Haemaphysalis parva. Rickettsia slovaca and Ri. hoogstraalii were reported for the first time from Turkey. In addition, Ri. hoogstraalii and Ri. africae were detected for the first time in Ha. parva and Hy. excavatum ticks, respectively. PMID:24355764

Orkun, Ömer; Karaer, Zafer; Çakmak, Ay?e; Nalbanto?lu, Serpil



The distribution of Hyalomma spp. ticks from domestic ruminants in Iran.  


The distribution of Hyalomma species on domestic animals was studied in four zoogeoghraphical zones. Nine hundred and ninety-two Hyalomma ticks were collected from sheep, goats, cattle and camels. A total of seven tick species consisting of: Hyalomma anatolicum Koch, 1844 (28.93%), H. excavatum Koch, 1844 (12.5%), H. asiaticum Schulze & Schlottke, 1930 (13.5%), H. marginatum Koch, 1844 (27.01%), H. detritum Schulze, 1919 (9.67%), H. schulzei Olenev, 1931 (4.03%) and H. dromedary Koch, 1844 (4.33%) were recorded. The results indicated that H. anatolicum, H. asiaticum, H. marginatum and H. detritum were present in all zones whereas H. excavatum was absent in Zone I. The result also showed that H. dromedari was presented in Zones III and IV whereas H. schulzei was present in Zones II and III. During this study, the tick species collected are candidates for investigation as vectors of pathogenic organisms in Iran. PMID:19712158

Nabian, S; Rahbari, S; Changizi, A; Shayan, P



Molecular detection of Rickettsia africae, Rickettsia aeschlimannii, and Rickettsia sibirica mongolitimonae in camels and Hyalomma spp. ticks from Israel.  


In this study, we aimed to identify and genetically characterize spotted fever group (SFG) rickettsiae in ticks, domestic one-humped camels, and horses from farms and Bedouin communities in southern Israel. A total of 618 ixodid ticks (Hyalomma dromedarii, Hyalomma turanicum, Hyalomma excavatum, and Hyalomma impeltatum) collected from camels and horses, as well as 152 blood samples from 148 camels and four horses were included in the study. Initial screening for rickettsiae was carried out by targeting the gltA gene. Positive samples were further analyzed for rickettsial ompA, 17kDa, ompB, and 16S rRNA genes. Rickettsia aeschlimannii DNA was detected in the blood of three camels and 14 ticks (H. dromedarii, H. turanicum, and H. excavatum). Rickettsia africae was found in six ticks (H. turanicum, H. impeltatum, H. dromedarii, and H. excavatum). In addition, Rickettsia sibirica mongolitimonae was detected in one H. turanicum tick. These findings represent the first autochthonous detection of R. africae in Israel. Previous detections of R. africae in Asia were reported from the Sinai Peninsula (Egypt) and Istanbul, only. Furthermore, we report for the first time the finding of R. aeschlimannii in H. turanicum and H. excavatum ticks, as well as the first identification of R. sibirica mongolitimonae in H. turanicum ticks. The tick species identified to harbor R. africae and other SFG rickettsiae have been reported to occasionally feed on people, and, therefore, physicians should be aware of the possible exposure of local communities and travelers, especially those in contact with camels, to these tick-borne rickettsial pathogens. PMID:24107206

Kleinerman, Gabriela; Baneth, Gad; Mumcuoglu, Kosta Y; van Straten, Michael; Berlin, Dalia; Apanaskevich, Dmitry A; Abdeen, Ziad; Nasereddin, Abed; Harrus, Shimon



Quality of life of people with chronic pain after acupuncture treatment Calidad de vida de portadores de dolores crónicas en tratamiento con acupuntura  

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Pain is a signal of alert, common in sickness and with negative impact in people's life that search for alternative ways of relief. Acupuncture is used because of its analgesic effect. It was questioned if quality of life (QL) changes after acupuncture's beginning. The study aimed to analyse people's QL after acupuncture treatment to chronic pain relief. It was a

Virginia Visconde BrasilI; Laidilce Teles; Jacqueline Andréia; Bernardes Leão; Antonio Márcio; Teodoro Cordeiro; Daniel Teles ZattaV; Maria Alves


Impacto del agua de cola de la industria pesquera: tratamientos y usos Impact of stickwater produced by the fishery industry: treatment and uses  

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The effluent produced by the seafood industry especially stickwater is the main source of pollution in seas where these industries have been established. Therefore, there are currently several processes for treatment, which covers physical, chemical and biological methods. Currently, efforts are being made in both: stickwater treatment as well as the recovery of solids from it that can be reinstated

C. O. García-Sifuentes; R. Pacheco-Aguilar; S. Valdez-Hurtado; E. Márquez-Rios; M. E. Lugo-Sánchez; J. M. Ezquerra-Brauer



Ciática: tratamiento con ozono intradiscal y radiofrecuencia del ganglio de la raíz dorsal frente a cada una de estas dos técnicas  

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ObjectiveWe performed a prospective, comparative study that evaluated the effectiveness of intradiscal ozone administration associated with pulsed radiofrequency of the compromised lumbar root versus the isolated use of each of these two techniques in the management of radicular pain secondary to a herniated disc.

L. Cánovas; M. Castro; J. Martínez-Salgado; S. Vila; J. Centeno; F. Rocha



Del conocimiento de la etiología bacteriana al tratamiento y la prevención de las infecciones más prevalentes en la comunidad: las infecciones odontológicas  

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SUMMARY The prevalence of community odontological infections and their relevance to public health were reviewed. Knowledge of bacterial etiology (and the transmittability of these microbial agents) was used to study the disease (individual susceptibility to etiological agents) in order to review the effect of treatment on odontological pathogens and human microbials. The synergy between the primary care physician and the

P. Matesanz; E. Figuero; M. J. Giménez; L. Aguilar; C. Llor; J. Prieto; A. Bascones


Validación del Cuestionario de Variables de Interacción Psicosocial (VIP): hacia un modelo de tratamiento de las conductas adictivas «guiado por la personalidad»  

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ObjectiveThe personality can be studied at three levels: clinical (disorders), traits and the level of interactive variables. There are valid instruments for the measurement of both first, but we do not have any that explores in a combined way the interactional level. We propose a model of «personality guided treatment» for the addictive behaviours in the direction of the one

E. J. Pedrero Pérez; M. Pérez López; S. de Ena de la Cuesta; C. Garrido Caballero



CÁLCULO DEL TRATAMIENTO ÓPTIMO ECONÓMICO DE INSUMOS AGRÍCOLAS MEDIANTE UN PROCEDIMIENTO NUMÉRICO DISCRETO Calculation of the Optimum Economic Treatment of Agricultural Inputs Using a Discrete Numeric Procedure  

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RESUMEN Con el propósito de reducir los costos de la generación de recomendaciones para el manejo de los cultivos, se propone un método en el que se realiza el modelaje de los niveles del óptimo económico de N, P, K y densidad de población (Dp) en el cultivo de maíz, mediante una aproximación binomial. Por cada factor de estudio, se

Ernesto Aceves-Ruiz; Antonio Turrent-Fernández; José I. Cortés-Flores; Víctor Volke-Haller


La decisión de entrar a un tratamiento de adicciones: motivación propia e influencia de terceros The decision to enter an addiction treatment: self motivation and others' influence  

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This article presents the results of a research about the importance of significant others over the decision to enter an addiction treatment, taken by an individual who has developed an addiction. Especially, it becomes interesting to understand how the participation of these significant others influence the perception of free choice of the individual who carries the addiction. From this point,

Cristián López Acosta



Infecciones tardías en el tratamiento quirúrgico de la escoliosis idiopática del adolescente. A propósito de dos casos Delayed infections in the surgical treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis  

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Two patients who had been managed with posterior spi- nal fusion and TSRH instrumentation developed a delayed infection at 29 and 45 months after operation. Patients had pain in the back for some weeks before, they were a good cli- nical conditions with no fever and laboratory investigation proved a sedimentation rate and white blood count slightly elevated. Plain roentgenograms

Servicio de Ortopedia; Vives E. Gene



Evaluación económica del uso de condroitín sulfato y antiinflamatorios no esteroideos en el tratamiento de la artrosis. Datos del estudio VECTRA  

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ObjectiveOur aim was to investigate: a) the average cost per patient with osteoarthritis treated with chondroitin sulfate compared with NSAIDs for 6 months and b) the possible impact that the reduction NSAID use due to monotherapy with or combined administration of chondroitin sulfate treatment may have on the budget of the Spanish National Health System.

Carlos Rubio-Terrés




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The characteristics of the Scale for Treatment Adherence in Type II Diabetes - version III (EATDM-III©), were compared in two Costa Rican samples, one from an urban zone and another from a rural zone. The N = 163 (n urban = 104, n rural = 59), both genders. The comparison results show statistically significant differences (p < 0.05) for the




Estabilidad de la Adherencia al Tratamiento en una Muestra de Adolescentes Diabéticos Tipo 1 Treatment Adherence Stability in a Sample of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Adolescents  

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The prognosis of Type I Diabetes Mellitus (DM1) depends to a great extent on the treatment adherence stability. In order to test treatment adherence stability\\/instability and the role of age and stress on it, a follow- up study was performed over 20 adolescent with DM1. Three Hb1Ac probes were accomplished with four Hb1Ac measures previously obtained. These seven measures correspond

Manuel Ortiz Parada



Estrés, Estilo de Afrontamiento y Adherencia al Tratamiento de Adolescentes Diabéticos Tipo 1. Stress, Copying Style, and Treatment Adherence in Adolescents Sufferingfrom Type I Diabetes  

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The relationship between stress, coping style, and Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus has been well documented. Due to its chronic nature and its highly demanded treatment, adolescents suffering from Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus may fail when confronting important aspects of the illness, generating high levels of stress and low rates of treatment adherence. In this study, using a non experimental design

Manuel Ortiz Parada


Análisis del cambio en la adherencia y eficiencia del tratamiento antirretroviral con el uso de efavirenz-emtricitabina-tenofovir en dosis única diaria  

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ObjectiveTo analyse whether the change of antiretroviral therapy to efavirenz\\/emtricitabine\\/tenofovir in a single daily dose (EETu) increases adherence and maintains effectiveness, and establish the cost increase caused by the change.

S. E. García-Ramos; M. R. Santolaya Perrín; M. Fernández-Pacheco García-Valdecasas


Determinantes de la Calidad de Vida de los Pacientes Infectados por VIH\\/SIDA Bajo Tratamiento Antirretroviral en el hospital de Infectología de Guayaquil  

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In health-care research, health status of a person has been based on results through the application of objective methods based on measures such as physiological, biochemical or anatomical indices , or using epidemiological indicators to characterize a population, however there is not an instrument which measures the quality of life and individual health status depending on the definition of health

Karla Chambers Quirós; Andrea Samaniego Díaz; Mario Fernández Cadena



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One of the procedures available for the synthesis of distributed wastewater treatment networks is based on an extension of the concepts and methodology derived from heat recovery pinch technology. The minimum flowrate target and the design of a wastewater treatment subnetwork are obtained within the pinch technology methodology in a sequential manner in two different steps. In this paper a

J. M. Zamora-Mata; R. Hernández-Suárez; J. Castellanos-Fernández



Creencias, actitudes y percepciones de médicos, farmacéuticos y pacientes acerca de la evaluación y el tratamiento del dolor crónico no oncológico  

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AimTo identify patients’, physicians’ and pharmacists’ attitudes, personal beliefs, experiences and opinions regarding chronic nononcological pain and to determine how these attitudes influence the choice and follow-up of analgesic strategies.

J. R. González-Escalada; C. Barutell; A. Camba; D. Contreras; C. Muriel; M. Rodríguez



Tratamiento endovascular de la insuficiencia de los ejes safenos mediante láser diodo 980 NM Great saphenous vein endoablation using diode 980 NM laser  

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Background: Great Saphenous Vein reflux is the main cause of superficial vein insufficiency. Endoluminal ablation of this vein is a minimally invasive treatment for varices. Aim: To evaluate the results of Great Saphenous Vein endoablation using Diode 980 nm laser. Material and Methods: A prospective study in 146 lower extremities of 90 patients aged 25 to 91 years (69 females),




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Palabras clave: Helicobacter pylori, úlcera péptica, resistencia primaria, triple terapia Abstract Diagnosis and treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection. Relationship with gastroduodenal ulcer and antimicrobial resistance. Reliable data regarding the efficacy of different schemes of triple therapy for the eradication of Helicobacter pylori in our country, are not available. Patients with Helicobacter pylori infection and non-ulcer dyspepsia or active peptic ulcer



Patología postquirúrgica del cáncer de mama. Propuesta de subproceso y desarrollo de una unidad de tratamiento rehabilitador en el contexto sanitario andaluz  

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In recent years, the Public Health Care Administration of Andalusia has developed health care programs to improve care programs aimed at structuring, improving and encouraging user care\\/patient care in specific diseases due to their social and economic incidence, repercussions and costs. The role of the specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is not always well defined within the care algorithms

A. Galván; Y. Pons; C. Echevarría; T. Ibáñez



Documento de consenso sobre la evaluación y el tratamiento de la psoriasis moderada\\/grave del Grupo Español de Psoriasis* de la Academia Española de Dermatología y Venereología  

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The treatment of psoriasis has been revolutionized by the introduction of biologic agents; these agents achieve skin clearance and long-term improvement without the risk of toxicity that has limited use of the classic systemic treatments. The role of systemic treatment in the management of psoriasis is being reviewed on the basis of a large volume of scientific evidence on the

L. Puig; X. Bordas; J. M. Carrascosa; E. Daudén; C. Ferrándiz; J. M. Hernanz; J. L. López-Estebaranz; J. C. Moreno; J. L. Sánchez-Carazo; F. Vanaclocha; H. Vázquez-Veiga



Evolución de las Teorías Cognoscitivas y del Tratamiento Cognoscitivo Conductual de la Anorexia Nerviosa The Evolution of Cognitive Theories and Behavioral Therapy for Anorexia Nervosa  

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Anorexia nervosa is the eating disorder (ED) that represents the highest mortality rate among psychiatric disorders, though the interest of investigators has been particularly centered on bulimia nervosa; probably because its incidence is higher, but also because the complexity of the clinical course of anorexia nervosa supposes a frustrating scenario that is constant for the therapist and the patient. The

Ximena Palacios Espinosa


Testing road surface treatments to reduce erosion in forest roads in Honduras [Tratamientos de la superficie de rodadura para reducir la erosion en caminos forestales en Honduras  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Testing road surface treatments to reduce erosion in forest roads in Honduras. Cien. Inv. Agr. 36(3):425-432. Using forest roads produces more erosion and sedimentation than any other forest or agricultural activity. This study evaluated soil losses from a forest road in central Honduras over two consecutive years. We divided a 400-m segment of road into 8 experimental units, each 50 m in length. Four units were treated with Best Management Practices (BMPs) and four were left untreated. The BMP treatments included reshaping the road prism, installing culverts and reshaping of road ditches, compacting 20-cm layers of the road tread, crowning the road surface (3% slope, double drainage), longitudinal sloping (less than 12%), and adding a 10-cm layer of gravel (crush size = 0.63 cm). Soil movement was measured daily during the rainy seasons. The highest soil loss occurred in the control road, around 500 m3 km-1 per year, while the road treated with BMP lost approximately 225 m3km-1 per year. These results show that road surface erosion can be reduced up to 50% with the implementation of surface treatments.

Rivera, Samuel; Kershner, Jeffrey L.; Keller, Gordon R.



Tratamiento prehospitalario de los pacientes con IAMCEST. Una declaración científica del Working Group Acute Cardiac Care de la European Society of Cardiology  

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In ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) the pre-hospital phase is the most critical, as the administration of the most appropriate treatment in a timely manner is instrumental for mortality reduction. STEMI systems of care based on networks of medical institutions connected by an efficient emergency medical service are pivotal. The first steps are devoted to minimize the patient's delay in seeking

Marco Tubaro; Nicolas Danchin; Patrick Goldstein; Gerasimos Filippatos; Yonathan Hasin; Magda Heras; Petr Jansky; Tone M. Norekval; Eva Swahn; Kristian Thygesen; Christiaan Vrints; Doron Zahger; Hans R. Arntz; Abdelouahab Bellou; Jean E. De La Coussaye; Leonardo De Luca; Kurt Huber; Yves Lambert; Maddalena Lettino; Bertil Lindahl; Scott Mclean; Lutz Nibbe; William F. Peacock; Susanna Price; Tom Quinn; Christian Spaulding; Gabriel Tatu-Chitoiu; Frans Van De Werf


Un estudio de los Institutos Nacionales de la Salud indica que dos dosis de vacuna contra los VPH pueden proteger tanto como el tratamiento completo

Dos dosis de Cervarix, la vacuna contra virus del papiloma humano (VPH), fueron tan efectivas como la pauta normal actual de tres dosis después de cuatro años de seguimiento. El estudio de vacuna en Costa Rica, patrocinado por el NCI, fue diseñado para evaluar la eficacia de Cervarix en una población determinada.


Silica-coated super paramagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPION) as biocompatible contrast agent in biomedical photoacoustics  

PubMed Central

In this study, we report for the first time the use of silica-coated superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPION) as contrast agents in biomedical photoacoustic imaging. Using frequency-domain photoacoustic correlation (the photoacoustic radar), we investigated the effects of nanoparticle size, concentration and biological media (e.g. serum, sheep blood) on the photoacoustic response in turbid media. Maximum detection depth and the minimum measurable SPION concentration were determined experimentally. The nanoparticle-induced optical contrast ex vivo in dense muscular tissues (avian pectus and murine quadricept) was evaluated and the strong potential of silica-coated SPION as a possible photoacoustic contrast agents was demonstrated. PMID:23082291

Alwi, Rudolf; Telenkov, Sergey; Mandelis, Andreas; Leshuk, Timothy; Gu, Frank; Oladepo, Sulayman; Michaelian, Kirk



Special Publication No. 3, Ticks and Tickborne Diseases, II. Hosts, Part 1. A-F  

E-print Network

) Hyalomma sp. no. 1 near excavatum (Hoogstraal, H. & Kaiser, ?. N. , (1958A), 7-12) (Giza Province & El Ami ri ya) Rhipicephalus plumbeus (Neumann, L. G. , (1911C), 1-169) Hyalomma dromedarii (Hoogstraal, H. & Kaiser, M. N. , (1958A), 7-12) (Cairo area... latum (Tendeiro, J. , (1951B), 681-690) Aponomma latum (Theiler, G., (1945B), 179-190) (Zululand) Acontias plumbeus Aponomma exornatum (Eibl, A. & Anastos, G. , (1966D), 1-412) (Africa) Aponomma laeve capensis (Bedford, G. A. H. , (1936A), 69...

Doss, Mildred A.; Farr, Marion M.; Roach, Katharine F.; Anastos, George



Prevalence of ixodid ticks on cattle in Mazandaran province, Iran.  


A survey was carried out to investigate the prevalence of hard tick species (Acari: Ixodidae) on cattle in Mazandaran province, Iran. A total of 953 ticks were collected from 86 infested cattle during activating seasons of ticks during 2004-2005. Nine species were identified: Boophilus annulatus (51.3%), Rhipicephalus bursa (16.8%), Haemaphysalis punctata (6.3%), Ixodes ricinus (6.8%), Hyalomma marginatum (12.5%), Hyalomma anatolicum excavatum (5.2%), Hyalomma asiaticum (0.6%), Hyalomma detritum (0.2 %), and Dermacentor spp. (0.1%). The results show that Boophilus annulatus, Rhipicephalus bursa, and Hyalomma species are dominant tick species in the surveyed area. PMID:18165714

Razmi, Gholam Reza; Glinsharifodini, Meisam; Sarvi, Shaboddin




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The sedimentation stage of the cassava-starch extraction process generates the largest pollutant load in terms of quantity and quality of wastewater. In the north of Cauca department, there are several anaerobic filters for wastewater treatment which have shown deficiencies associated with environmental and operational factors. The evaluation of start-up and the performance of full-scale anaerobic filter evidenced the need to




Mycoplasma pneumoniae en exacerbación de asma refractaria a tratamiento convencional en pacientes pediatricos de dos hospitales de Lima y Callao Mycoplasma pneumoniae IN ACUTE ASTHMA NOT SOLVED BY STANDARD TREATMENT IN PEDIATRIC PATIENTS OF TWO HOSPITALS OF LIMA AND CALLAO  

Microsoft Academic Search

Objective: to determine the prevalence of acute Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection in children with asthma exacerbations not solved by standard treatment. Methods: an analityc-descriptive study was developed from June 2000 through June 2003, on children between 2 and 13 years old, with asthma exacerbations not solved by standard treatment, attended at pediatric services at Hospital for Pediatric Emergencies and Alberto Sabogal



Protocolo de tratamiento funcional en el esguince agudo no grave de tobillo. Alta laboral precoz Functional treatment protocol for acute mild-moderate ankle sprain. Early return to work  

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We present the results obtained with our functional tre- atment protocol for mild-moderate ankle sprains. We per- formed a retrospective study of 72 patients with grade II acu- te lateral ankle sprain treated in 1999. All the patients healed and returned to previous activity. They returned to work af- ter 7,6 days average (2-21). Only three patients felt pain for


Comunicación breve \\/ Short report\\/ Comunicação breve Evaluación del uso de pictogramas como ayuda a la adherencia al tratamiento farmacológico Avaliação do uso de pictogramas no auxílio à adesão ao tratamento farmacológico Assessing pictogram use on assisting to patient pharmacotherapy adherence  

Microsoft Academic Search

Pharmacotherapy non-compliance constitutes one of the greatest current public health problems, for its scope as for its clinical and socio-economic consequences. A necessity of a differentiated and pharmacotherapy efficacy committed follow-up appears. Objective: Evaluate the understanding extent of the applied tool and its efficacy on treatment adherence. Methods: Monitor the use of medicines in a control and an intervention group,

Juliana TEIXEIRA; Gustavo S. PACHECO; Indianara R. TORETI



Microsoft Academic Search

The Scale for Treatment Adherence in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus - version III (EATDM-III©) was tested. It was compounded by the following factors: Family Support, Organization and Community Support, Physical Exercise, Medical Control, Hygiene and Self-Care, Diet and Assessment of Physical Condition. The research was developed at Dr. Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia Hospital, Costa Rica, n=104 subjects, both genders, during



Difusión de resultados iniciales del Estudio del Tamoxifeno y del Raloxifeno (STAR): el fármaco para el tratamiento de la osteoporosis, raloxifeno, es tan efectivo como el Tamoxifeno en la prevención de cáncer de seno invasor

Los resultados iniciales del Estudio del Tamoxifeno y del Raloxifeno, STAR, demuestran que el fármaco raloxifeno, actualmente utilizado para prevenir y tratar la osteoporosis en mujeres posmenopáusicas, funciona tan bien como el tamoxifeno para reducir el riesgo de cáncer de seno entre las mujeres posmenopáusicas que tienen riesgo elevado de padecer la enfermedad. Preguntas y respuestas


Diabetes mellitus tipo 2: ventas de los hipoglucemiantes orales y costos de los tratamientos farmacológicos en México Diabetes mellitus type 2: sales of oral hypoglycemic agents and costs of the pharmacological treatments in Mexico  

Microsoft Academic Search

the diabetes mellitus (DM) is a serious public health problem. The objective of the present work was to analyze the use of oral hypoglycemic agents in Mexico. The methodological used was partial pharmacoeconomics analysis. The results showed that the hypoglycemic agents increased their sales from US$58.4 to US$140.8 million dollars (1999 to 2003). The big- gest participation in the market

Marina Altagracia-Martínez; Jaime Kravzov-Jinich; María del Rosario Moreno-Santamaría; Consuelo Rubio-Poo; David Skromne-Kadlubik; Marina S. Rivas-Cornejo; Everardo Vázquez-Moreno


Tratamiento de lesiones con alto riesgo de reestenosis. Estudio comparativo en 300 pacientes del stent liberador de rapamicina, el stent con polímero liberador de paclitaxel y el stent convencional  

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Introduction and objectivesRapamycin- and taxoleluting stents have been shown to reduce restenosis, but there are no large-scale studies of their usefulness in lesions with a high risk of restenosis, or of the relative merits of the two devices. This prospective study compared their safety and efficacy in lesions with a high risk of restenosis.

José M. de La Torre Hernández; Fermín Sainz Laso; Cristina Ruisánchez; Javier Zueco; Álvaro Figueroa; Thierry Colman




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The contents of moisture, ash, protein, fat, starch and ascorbic acid present in Cara potatoes, before and after to apply the following culinary processes: fried, boiled, baked and wrinkled («arrugado»), were determined in order to know the real contribution of these nutrients for its consumption. The frying is the culinary treatment that produces a higher water loss, being replaced partly

P. Suárez Hernández; E. M. Rodríguez Rodríguez; C. Díaz Romero



Prurito (PDQ®)

Resumen de información revisada por expertos acerca del prurito (picazón de la piel) como complicación a causa del cáncer y su tratamiento. Se discuten los enfoques del manejo y tratamiento del prurito.


Dolor (PDQ®)

Resumen de información revisada por expertos acerca del dolor como una complicación a causa del cáncer o su tratamiento. Se discuten enfoques sobre el manejo y tratamiento del dolor relacionado con el cáncer.


Informacion sobre la quimioterapia

Provee información en quimioterapia para las personas con cáncer. Incluye preguntas para hacerlas a un doctor o enfermera acerca del tratamiento de quimioterapia y le proporciona un espacio para poner sus respuestas. Incluye información sobre los tratamientos clínicos.


Safe intubation in Morquio-Brailsford syndrome: A challenge for the anesthesiologist  

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Morquio-Brailsford syndrome is a type of mucopolysaccharidoses. It is a rare disease with features of short stature, atlantoaxial instability with risk of cord damage, odontoid hypoplasia, pectus carinatum, spine deformities, hepatomegaly, and restrictive lung disease. Neck movements during intubation are associated with the risk of quadriparesis due to cervical instability. This, along with the distortion of the airway anatomy due to deposition of mucopolysaccharides makes airway management arduous. We present our experience in management of difficult airway in a 3-year-old girl with Morquio-Brailsford syndrome posted for magnetic resonance imaging and computerized tomography scan of a suspected unstable cervical spine. As utmost sagacity during intubation is required, the child was intubated inside operation theatre in the presence of experienced anesthesiologists and then shifted to the peripheral location. Intubation was done with an endotracheal tube railroaded over a pediatric fibreoptic bronchoscope passed through the lumen of a classic laryngeal mask airway, keeping head in neutral position. PMID:23878456

Chaudhuri, Souvik; Duggappa, Arun Kumar Handigodu; Mathew, Shaji; Venkatesh, Sandeep



Safe intubation in Morquio-Brailsford syndrome: A challenge for the anesthesiologist.  


Morquio-Brailsford syndrome is a type of mucopolysaccharidoses. It is a rare disease with features of short stature, atlantoaxial instability with risk of cord damage, odontoid hypoplasia, pectus carinatum, spine deformities, hepatomegaly, and restrictive lung disease. Neck movements during intubation are associated with the risk of quadriparesis due to cervical instability. This, along with the distortion of the airway anatomy due to deposition of mucopolysaccharides makes airway management arduous. We present our experience in management of difficult airway in a 3-year-old girl with Morquio-Brailsford syndrome posted for magnetic resonance imaging and computerized tomography scan of a suspected unstable cervical spine. As utmost sagacity during intubation is required, the child was intubated inside operation theatre in the presence of experienced anesthesiologists and then shifted to the peripheral location. Intubation was done with an endotracheal tube railroaded over a pediatric fibreoptic bronchoscope passed through the lumen of a classic laryngeal mask airway, keeping head in neutral position. PMID:23878456

Chaudhuri, Souvik; Duggappa, Arun Kumar Handigodu; Mathew, Shaji; Venkatesh, Sandeep



Pathological fractures as an initial presentation of Wilson's disease  

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Wilson's disease (WD) has varied phenotypic presentations. Here we report the case of a 16-year-old boy who presented with a history of multiple pathological fractures, severe joint deformities, hepatic dysfunction, cognitive decline and limb dystonia. On examination, the patient had pinched out facies, pallor and leukonychia totalis. Bilateral Kayser Fleischer (KF) ring was present. Musculoskeletal examination revealed pectus carinatum, bilateral genu valgus and gun-stock deformity of the left elbow joint. Splenomegaly and moderate ascites were present. Neurological examination revealed mild rigidity and intermittent episodes of dystonic posturing of all four limbs. On this basis a diagnosis of WD with dystonia with cirrhosis of liver with portal hypertension with renal tubular acidosis with renal rickets was thought likely. Investigations confirmed the diagnosis. The patient was started on treatment but he did not improve. He suffered aspiration pneumonia during his hospital stay and succumbed to the illness. PMID:23576656

Verma, Rajesh; Junewar, Vivek; Sahu, Ritesh



A novel FBN2 mutation in a Chinese family with congenital contractural arachnodactyly  

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Congenital contractural arachnodactyly (CCA, OMIM: 121050) is an autosomal dominant condition that shares skeletal features with Marfan syndrome (MFS, OMIM: 154700), including contractures, arachnodactyly, dolichostenomelia, scoliosis, crumpled ears and pectus deformities but excluding the ocular and cardiovascular complications that characterize MFS. These two similar syndromes result from mutations in two genes belonging to the fibrillin family, FBN1 and FBN2, respectively. We successfully identified a novel FBN2 mutation (C1406R) in a Chinese family with CCA for over five generations. This mutation was detected in the patients of this family but not in the seven unaffected family members or 100 normal individuals. SIFT and PolyPhen analyses suggested that the mutation was pathogenic. We identified a missense mutation in the calcium binding-epidermal growth factor (cbEGF)-like domain. Our study extends the mutation spectrum of CCA and confirms a relationship between mutations in the FBN2 gene and the clinical findings of CCA.

Liu, Wei; Zhao, Ning; Li, Xue-fu; Wang, Hong; Sui, Yu; Lu, Yong-ping; Feng, Wen-hua; Ma, Chao; Han, Wei-tian; Jiang, Miao



Modern foraminiferal facies in a subtropical estuarine channel, Bertioga, São Paulo, Brazil  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Numerical analyses of modern foraminiferal abundance and environmental data from the Bertioga Channel (Sa??o Paulo, Brazil) reveal multiple biofacies within an overall paralic setting. Despite its fisheries, mariculture and attraction to tourists, the environmental state of Bertioga Channel remains poorly studied. The present investigation is an attempt to partly fill this gap; the parameters examined include depth, salinity, temperature, organic carbon, sulfur content and bottom sediment type. Muddy sediments with high organic carbon content derived from land drainage are found in the inner parts of the channel, whereas sandy sediment dominates the areas adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean. In the eastern entrance to the channel, sandy sediment contain species of Rotaliida from Facies 1 (including Elphidium discoidale, Elphidium poeyanum, Hanzawaia boueana, Pararotalia cananeiaensis and Nonionella atlantica), reflecting normal marine salinity. Sediments with high percentages of silt and clay in polyhaline and eurybaline environments of the eastern part and Itapanhau?? River contain Facies 2, which includes Ammonia beccarii and Pararotalia cananeiaensis. In the western entrance and central, western and eastern parts, where salinities vary from 18 to 30 psu and the sediments contain both low and high organic carbon, the foraminifera from Facies 3 are dominated by Quinqueloculina milletti, Arenoparrella mexicana, Pararotalia cananeiaensis, Ammonia beccarii, Buliminella elegantissima, Elphidium sp., Elphidium excavatum, Elphidium gunteri and Elphidium poeyanum. In mesohaline and polyhaline waters of the central part, the organic-carbon-rich silt and clay contain Facies 4, which includes Ammonia beccarii, Pararotalia cananeiaensis, Elphidium excavatum and Elphidium sp. Most of organic-carbon-enriched, silty-clay substrates that are subject to the highest fresh-water discharge and high bottom temperatures support two different assemblages: one of mostly Rotaliina and the other mostly of Textulariida (Facies 5 and 6). Facies 5 includes Ammonia beecarii, Elphidium excavatum, Arenoparrella mexicana, Haplophragmoides wilberti, Siphotrochammina lobata, Trochammina inflata and Trochammina sp., all of which are typical of mesohaline sites (mainly Crumau?? and Trindade rivers), and Facies 6 includes Bolivina sp., Ammoastuta salsa, Arenoparrella mexicana, Haplophragmoides wilberti and Trochammina sp., all of which are typical of oligohaline and mesohaline mangrove fringes. The foraminiferal species from the present study are frequently found in paralic environments in Brazil, western Africa and other estuaries around the world.

Eichler, P.P.B.; Eichler, B.B.; De Miranda, L. B.; Rodrigues, A.R.



Platiquemos un rato...

1 La historia de Ana Y cómo ella recibió tratamiento para el cáncer 2 Ana tiene cáncer. 3 “Existen muchos tratamientos para el cáncer”, dijo su médico. 4 Le dio un folleto acerca de un estudio clínico, una opción para el tratamiento del cáncer. 5 Un estudio


New tuber species found in Poland.  


New information from a survey of truffles carried out in southern part of Poland in September 2007 is presented. The fruit bodies of Tuber aestivum, T. excavatum, T. rufum and one unidentified Tuber sp. were found. The soil chemistry of the five T. aestivum sites was analysed. Our inventory showed that T. aestivum prefers the mixed forest with host-trees such as: Quercus robur, Corylus avellana, Carpinus betulus, Fagus silvaticus and Tilia cordata. Selection of local inocula of T. aestivum for the propagation of truffles production could be an alternative to the Mediterranean truffles orchards in times when demand for the fungi will be increasing. Fruit bodies of truffles are conserved in the collection of biological material in the Forest Research Institute in Sekocin Stary. PMID:18414906

Hilszcza?ska, Dorota; Sierota, Zbigniew; Palenzona, Mario



The most recent results on orchid mycorrhizal fungi in Hungary.  


Symbionts and endophytes of Hungarian orchids were studied at diverse habitats. Mycobionts of roots and in situ germinated protocorms of 15 orchid species were identified by molecular methods. Four fungal groups could be distinguished from orchids living at diversely wet treeless habitats: Ceratobasidiaceae, Epulorhiza 1, Epulorhiza 2 and Sebacinaceae. While the groups Ceratobasidiaceae and Sebacinaceae were detected only at habitats with medium water supply, members of clade Epulorhiza occurred at all of the treeless study sites. These observations suggest that fungi belonging to the genus Epulorhiza are more tolerant of water-stress than the other investigated genera. An ascomycetous fungus from the family Pezizaceae could be identified from the roots of Orchis coriophora. Further Ascomycetes were identified at forest habitats. Tuber maculatum was detected from the roots of Epipactis helleborine and Cephalanthera damasonium, and Tuber excavatum from Epipactis microphylla. PMID:21565766

Illyés, Z; Ouanphanivanh, Noémi; Rudnóy, Sz; Orczán, A K; Bratek, Z



New Coleoptera records from New Brunswick, Canada: Tenebrionidae and Zopheridae  

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Abstract Thirteen species of Tenebrionidae are newly reported for New Brunswick, Canada. Paratenetus punctatus Spinola, Pseudocistela brevis (Say), Mycetochara foveata (LeConte), and Xylopinus aenescens LeConte are recorded for the first time from the Maritime provinces. Platydema excavatum (Say) is removed from the faunal list of New Brunswick, and the presence of Platydema americanum Laporte and Brullé for the province is confirmed. This brings the total number of species of Tenebrionidae known from New Brunswick to 42. Two species of Zopheridae, Bitoma crenata Fabricius and Synchita fuliginosa Melsheimer, are newly recorded for New Brunswick, bringing the number of species known from the province to four. Bitoma crenata is new to the Maritime provinces. Collection and habitat data are presented for these species. PMID:22539897

Webster, Reginald P.; Sweeney, Jon D.; DeMerchant, Ian; Bouchard, Patrice; Bousquet, Yves



Hard ticks on one-humped camel (Camelus dromedarius) and their seasonal population dynamics in southeast, Iran.  


The primary objective of this study was to determine the diversity and intensity of ticks found on camels (Camelus dromedarius) and their seasonal population dynamics in Kerman, southeast of Iran. For this purpose, a total of 426 tick specimens were collected from 217 infested camels in southeast of Iran during activating seasons of ticks (April 2009 to March 2010). The species collected from camel were Hyalomma dromedarii (84.7%), Hyalomma marginatum (8.7%), Hyalomma anatolicum excavatum (5.4%), and Hyalomma anatolicum anatolicum (1.2%). The highest seasonal activities occurred in summer. The ratio of male ticks was more than female ticks. H. dromedarii was the predominant tick species and accounted for 84.7% of the ticks. PMID:21720786

Fard, Saeid Reza Nourollahi; Fathi, Saeid; Asl, Ehsan Norouzi; Nazhad, Hojat Asgary; Kazeroni, Seimin Salehzadeh



Benthic foraminifera and environmental changes in Long Island Sound  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Benthic foraminiferal faunas in Long Island Sound (LIS) in the 1940s and 1960s were of low diversity, and dominated by species of the genus Elphidium, mainly Elphidium excavatum clavatum, with common Buccella frigida and Eggerella advena. The distribution of these species was dominantly correlated with depth, but it was not clear which depth-related environmental variable was most important. Differences between faunas collected in 1996 and 1997, and in the 1940s and 1960s include a strong decrease in relative abundance of Eggerella advena over all LIS, an increase in relative abundance of Ammonia beccarii in western LIS, and a decrease in species diversity. The decreased diversity suggests that environmental stress caused the faunal changes. Oxygen isotope data for E. excavatum clavatum indicate that a change in salinity is not a probable cause. Carbon isotope data suggest that the supply of organic matter to the benthos increased since the early 1960s, with a stronger increase in western LIS where algal blooms have occurred since the early 1970s, possibly as a result of nutrient input by waste water treatment plants. These blooms or the resulting episodes of anoxia/hypoxia may have played a role in the increased relative abundance of A. beccarii. There is no clear explanation for the decreased abundance of E. advena, but changes in the phytoplankton composition (thus food supply) are a possible cause. Benthic foraminiferal faunal and stable isotope data have excellent potential as indicators of physicochemical environmental changes and their effects on the biota in LIS.

Thomas, E.; Gapotchenko, T.; Varekamp, J.C.; Mecray, E.I.; Buchholtz ten Brink, M. R.



Distribution of foraminifera in Pamlico Sound, North Carolina, over the past century  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Foraminiferal and radionuclide data have been used to investigate environmental change that has occurred within Pamlico Sound, North Carolina, over the last century. Environmental conditions were evaluated for three time slices; (1) the modern environment as determined by surficial (0-1 cm) sediments, (2) short-core intervals representing approximately 40 years BP, as determined by 137Cs activity, and (3) short-core intervals representing approximately 120 years BP, as determined by 210Pb activity. Cluster analysis distinguished four foraminiferal assemblages at the surface (0-1 cm): (1) Marsh Biofacies, (2) Estuarine Biofacies A, (3) Estuarine Biofacies B, and (4) Marine Biofacies. The Marsh Biofacies is characterized by typical marsh foraminifera such as Tiphotrocha comprimata, Trochammina inflata, Miliammina fusca and Haplophragmoides wilberti. Estuarine Biofacies A is distinguished from Estuarine Biofacies B by the greater relative abundance of the agglutinated species Ammotium salsum and Ammobaculites crassus in the former and the greater relative abundance of Elphidium excavatum in the latter. The Marine Biofacies is comprised completely of calcareous foraminifera (e.g., Elphidium excavatum, Hanzawaia strattoni, Cibicides lobatulus, Elphidium subarcticum, Quinqueloculina seminula and Elphidium galvestonense) and is restricted to tidal inlets. Down-core foraminiferal data indicate that approximately 120 years BP, Pamlico Sound was dominated by Estuarine Biofacies A, which is indicative of brackish conditions. Upcore in the 40 years BP and modern time slices, Estuarine Biofacies B is the more prominent assemblage within Pamlico Sound; this is indicative of increased salinity over time. Lowered salinity conditions 120 years BP may be the result of high hurricane activity over a several year period.

Abbene, I.J.; Culver, S.J.; Corbett, D.R.; Buzas, M.A.; Tully, L.S.



Acute toxicity of cadmium to two species of infaunal marine amphipods (tube-dwelling and burrowing) from New Zealand  

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Chapman reviewed the range of species and different response levels used in sediment toxicity testing. He recommended that a battery of sediment bioassays incorporating different response criteria should be used in sediment toxicity evaluations as there is no single test which gives adequate assessment of sediment toxicity. However, one test which is becoming accepted as the {open_quotes}benchmark{close_quotes} technique, and which is now commonly included in any battery of tests, is the amphipod bioassay. This test was developed in North America and uses the phoxocephalid Rhepoxynius abronius. It has been subjected to rigorous interlaboratory evaluation and its sensitivity and usefulness has been demonstrated in a wide range of applications. Unfortunately, species import controls makes the use of existing test species (such as R. abronius) impractical for sediment toxicity testing in New Zealand. In view of the demonstrated sensitivity, reproducibility and value of the amphipod bioassay, we therefore initiated preliminary studies to assess the possibility of developing a test with a native New Zealand amphipod. Examination of intertidal sediments in several northern New Zealand estuaries has shown that the amphipods Proharpinia hurleyi, Paracorophium excavatum and Paracalliope novizealandiae can be found, at times, in large numbers (hundreds per square metre). The results of benthic studies in Auckland`s Manaukau Harbour also suggested that P. excavatum and P. hurleyi may be sensitive to pollution, as these species were noticeably absent from sites where there was measurable sediment contamination. Using the protocol of Swartz et al., we undertook to test the sensitivity and laboratory performance of two local amphipod species; the tube-dweller P. contrasting modes of existence may differ in their level of exposure to sediment contaminants and, therefore, show different toxic responses. 12 refs., 2 tabs.

Hickey, C.W.; Roper, D.S. [Water Quality Centre, Hamilton (New Zealand)



Fármacos dirigidos activos contra el cáncer de seno HER-2 positivo: preguntas y respuestas

ALTTO fue un estudio clínico diseñado para determinar si la combinación del anticuerpo monoclonal trastuzumab (Herceptina) y el fármaco lapatinib (Tykerb) era más eficaz para el tratamiento del cáncer de seno HER2/ErbB2 positivo al combinarse con quimioterapia que el tratamiento con uno solo de los fármacos. Los resultados del estudio no indicaron que existan ventajas al combinar trastuzumab y lapatinib frente al tratamiento solo con trastuzumab.


Efectos del IFN? y del Lymphomyosot sobre el crecimiento del melanoma B16F10 «in vitro» e «in vivo». Tratamiento con IFN? y Lymphomyosot Effects of IFN? and Lymphomyosot on «vitro» and «in vivo» B16F10 melanoma growth. Treatment with IFN? and Lymphomyosot  

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SUMMARY Introduction: Several cytokines are being tested in the treatment of melanoma. Among them IFN? should be high- lighted, whilst no other experimental studies using homeo- pathic products are underway. Material & Methods: «In vitro»: the cell line B16F10 was treated at 24, 48 and 72 hours with IFN?\\/10 at 1,000,000 IU\\/ml and with Lymphomyosot 1\\/1 and 1\\/3 (v\\/v). Cell

Fernando Pascual Carpe; Vicente Vicente Ortega; Matilde Campos Aranda; Josefa Yáñez Gascón; Juana García Reverte


Efi cacia y seguridad de altas dosis de hierro parenteral en el tratamiento de anemia ferropénica en pacientes con enfermedad renal crónica Effi cacy and safety of hight doses of parenteral iron in the treatment of ferropenic anemia in patients with cronic renal disease  

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Objetive: to determine the effi cacy and safety of iron saccharose at high doese (200 to 300 ml, intravenously) compared to the classical doses (100 mgr. I.V.) in patients with chronic renal disease and ferropenic anemia.



Estimados profesores, trabajadores y alumnos de la Universidad Rey Juan La farmaciaSur sita en la calle Estambul n 28 (junto al Hospital Capio Sur) se  

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nutrición infantil y para adultos - accesorios de puericultura - productos de ortopedia - tratamientos preparados oficinales, homeopatía, fitoterapia, artículos de ortopedia y material de cura Les saludamos

Rey Juan Carlos, Universidad


E S P A O L V A L E N C I E N G L I S H Instituto Universitario de Investigacin Informtica  

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, Ingeniería Web e Inteligencia de Negocio Automática y robótica Tratamiento de señal y telecomunicaciones recomendado: Graduado, ingeniero o ingeniero técnico en informática, industrial, telecomunicaciones, graduado

Escolano, Francisco


Complicaciones gastrointestinales (PDQ®)

Resumen de información revisada por expertos acerca del estreñimiento, impacción, obstrucción intestinal y diarrea como complicaciones del cáncer o su tratamiento. Se discute el manejo de estos problemas.


Benthic Foraminifera in the Changing Ecosystem of Long Island Sound  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Long Island Sound (LIS) is an estuary in a heavily urbanized region; Long Island lies to its South, New York City (NYC) to its West and Connecticut to its North. The Connecticut River contributes >70% of the fresh water influx. LIS has a narrow opening to the West (into East River), but exchange with the ocean occurs dominantly at its eastern end, resulting in an east-west gradient in salinity. An east-west gradient is also present in indicators of anthropogenic contamination in the surface sediments (e.g., trace metals) because western LIS is close to the major source of anthropogenic input (NYC). In addition, bottom currents focus fine-grained, contaminant-loaded sediments there. Since the early 1970's western LIS and parts of central LIS have suffered summer hypoxia, probably as a result of increased algal growth caused by anthropogenic nitrogen input. Benthic foraminifera are eukaryote heterotrophic organisms with a calcareous or agglutinated test. We investigated changes in their populations over time in about 2m-long gravity cores in westernmost (WLIS75GGC1; 73o 40'W, 40o 52'N, 19m waterdepth) and coastal central LIS (B1GGC1; 73o 4'W, 41o 10'N, 8m water depth), to document environmental changes over the last millennium, including the time of European settlement and the industrial revolution and population increase. An age model was derived from metal pollution records and 14C dating. Before European settlement, the low-diversity benthic faunas in core B1GGC1, at a depth within the zone of light penetration, were dominated by Elphidium excavatum, a species feeding on living diatoms. In western LIS (below the zone of light penetration) this species was less abundant and Elphidium incertum and Buccella frigida were common. In both cores, the absolute abundance of benthic foraminifera and the relative abundance of Elphidium excavatum increased in the early 1800's, coinciding with a time of rapid increase in human population around LIS and slightly before an increase in trace metal concentration. The ecological changes may have been caused by increased productivity of diatoms resulting from beginning anthropogenic eutrophication. From the middle 1960's on, absolute foraminiferal abundance decreased and Ammonia beccarii, formerly absent or rare, became common to dominant in WLIS75GGC1; in B1GGC1 a similar but less severe change started in the 1970's. The increase in relative abundance of A. beccarii could have been caused by hypoxia (possibly in conjunction with rising bottom water temperatures), but both Ammonia and Elphidium species survive hypoxia in the laboratory. We suggest that high N/Si resulting from strong eutrophication might favor primary producers other than diatoms (e.g., dinoflagellates, cyanobacteria), making E. excavatum less competitive. The LIS coastal ecosystem thus changed significantly with the enhanced nutrient input associated with human population growth in the middle 1800's, and again with more severe eutrophication over the last few decades.

Thaler, B.; Thomas, E.; Varekamp, J. C.



Molecular and serological detection of Theileria equi and Babesia caballi infection in horses and ixodid ticks in Iran.  


Equine piroplasmosis is a hemoprotozoan tick-borne disease with worldwide distribution that is caused by Theileria equi and Babesia caballi. However, the geographical distribution of equine piroplasmosis in Iran is unknown. The aim of the current study was to determine the causative agents and vector ticks of equine piroplasmosis in horses in the North Khorasan Province. In the year 2011, 100 horses were randomly selected from 14 villages. Blood samples and ixodid ticks were collected and examined using microscopical, molecular, and serological methods. Theileria equi infection was microscopically detected in 5 (5%) of the blood smears with low parasitemia, while serum samples were tested by the indirect immunofluorescent antibody test (IFAT). Antibodies against T. equi, B. caballi, and a mixed infection were detected in 48 (48%), 2 (2%), and 3 (3%) of the serum samples, respectively. A multiplex PCR was used to detect T. equi and B. caballi DNA in blood samples. No B. caballi infections could be found, but Theileria equi DNA was detected in 45 (45%) of the blood samples, and a BLAST analysis of the sequenced samples indicated a 99% similarity with T. equi 18S rRNA gene sequences in GenBank. Both molecular and serological results did not identify any significant association between T. equi infection and risk factors. A comparision of the results of 3 diagnostic methods demonstrated a poor agreement between microscopical examination with IFAT and PCR and a moderate agreement between IFAT and PCR. Thirty-seven adult ticks (20 females and 17 males) were collected from 15 horses. The most common tick was Hyalomma marginatum marginatum (n=19), followed by Hyalomma anatolicum excavatum (n=10), Rhipicephalus bursa (n=4), Hyalomma marginatum turanicum (n=3), and Hyalomma anatolicum anatolicum (n=1). The salivary glands and ovaries were also examined using PCR. The genomic DNA samples of the salivary glands of 3 ticks, H. a. excavatum (n=2) and R. bursa (n=1), had a positive reaction for T. equi, but no tick contained B. caballi DNA. Thus, our results indicate that T. equi occurs more frequently than B. caballi in the investigated geographical region. PMID:24556274

Abedi, Vali; Razmi, Golamreza; Seifi, Hesam; Naghibi, Abolghasem



AVICENA: Gestin Guiada de Procesos en la atencin A. Dez, A. Corts, R.Gil  

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Anamnesis Evaluación Tratamientos Pruebas Vía clínica Gestión Organizativa Gestión de Costes y Calidad La adherencia inmediata a normas Calidad BeneficiosExperiencias Ontología sistematizada en VIH Integración HCE y sistemas de tratamiento de Ordenes Hospital de la Ribera (Alzira) Programa preventivo de


The Condor 111(4):722729 The Cooper Ornithological Society 2009  

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territorios en las parcelas tratamiento que en las par- celas control. Sin embargo, no hubo más parcelas tratamiento con parejas reproductivas que parcelas control. Esta diferencia puede significar que los machos que son atraídos por las grabaciones son de menor calidad que los ma- chos establecidos en



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La calcificación de bioprótesis es un problema grave que ha estimulado la investigación. El endurecimiento del tejido se ha asociado con el tratamiento previo de fijación antes del implante. Se han estudiado diferentes métodos para mitigar la calcificación de bioprótesis, basados en fijación con glutaraldehido y más recientemente tratamientos que no involucren aldehídos como fotooxidación. Tejidos de pericardio bovino, obtenidos

Juan C. Briceño; Andrés F. León; Jacqueline Mugnier


Flea Control (Spanish)  

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. Tratamientos eficaces para su mascota incluyen aceites c?tricos (limonene y linalool) y piretrinas. El champ? y tratamientos herbarios pueden ayu- dar pero, no eliminar?n completamente una infestaci?n de pulgas. Aplique un regulador de crecimiento al animal a...

Merchant, Michael E.



Current and emerging treatments and surgical interventions for Morquio A syndrome: a review.  


Patients with mucopolysaccharidosis type IVA (MPS IVA; Morquio A syndrome) have accumulation of the glycosaminoglycans, keratan sulfate, and chondroitin-6-sulfate, in bone and cartilage, causing systemic spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia. Features include lumbar gibbus, pectus carinatum, faring of the rib cage, marked short stature, cervical instability and stenosis, kyphoscoliosis, genu valgum, and laxity of joints. Generally, MPS IVA patients are wheelchair-bound as teenagers and do not survive beyond the second or third decade of life as a result of severe bone dysplasia, causing restrictive lung disease and airway narrowing, increasing potential for pneumonia and apnea; stenosis and instability of the upper cervical region; high risk during anesthesia administration due to narrowed airway as well as thoracoabdominal dysfunction; and surgical complications. Patients often need multiple surgical procedures, including cervical decompression and fusion, hip reconstruction and replacement, and femoral or tibial osteotomy, throughout their lifetime. Current measures to intervene in disease progression are largely palliative, and improved therapies are urgently needed. A clinical trial for enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) and an investigational trial for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) are underway. Whether sufficient enzyme will be delivered effectively to bone, especially cartilage (avascular region) to prevent the devastating skeletal dysplasias remains unclear. This review provides an overview of historical aspects of studies on MPS IVA, including clinical manifestations and pathogenesis of MPS IVA, orthopedic surgical interventions, and anesthetic care. It also describes perspectives on potential ERT, HSCT, and gene therapy. PMID:24839594

Tomatsu, Shunji; Mackenzie, William G; Theroux, Mary C; Mason, Robert W; Thacker, Mihir M; Shaffer, Thomas H; Montaño, Adriana M; Rowan, Daniel; Sly, William; Alméciga-Díaz, Carlos J; Barrera, Luis A; Chinen, Yasutsugu; Yasuda, Eriko; Ruhnke, Kristen; Suzuki, Yasuyuki; Orii, Tadao



Digital Stereophotogrammetry as a New Technique to Quantify Truncal Deformity: A Pilot Study in Persons with Osteogenesis Imperfecta  

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The objective of this pilot study was to determine the usability of stereophotogrammetry (SP) as a non-invasive technique for obtaining linear measures and anatomical data of the torso in people with osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) in comparison to clinical observations. Ten participants were recruited from subjects enrolled in ongoing IRB-approved OI protocols at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD). Using a Gulick tape measure, anthropometer, and the SP system proprietary software, linear measurements of the torso were taken. In addition, the presence or absence of specific torso deformities was documented from both clinical observation and evaluation of SP images.. Measurements of torso diameter and circumference by SP demonstrated strong agreement with the manual measurements (ICC=0.995, 0.964, respectively). Substantial and statistically significant agreement was present between SP image evaluation and clinical observation for pectus carinatum (? = 0.52±0.23) as well as thoracic scoliosis (? = 0.72±0.12). The ? values between clinical observation and SP evaluations of other torso deformities were not significant. The strong correlations and p values determined by this study demonstrate the potential value of SP in studying persons with truncal deformities. However, the weak agreement between SP and some clinical observations suggests that further development of SP image analysis tools is required before SP can be used as a standard method of diagnosis or assessment of treatment success. PMID:21862911

Gabor, Lisa R; Chamberlin, Andrew P; Levy, Ellen; Perry, Monique; Cintas, Holly; Paul, Scott M



Two cases of 5q deletions in patients with familial adenomatous polyposis: possible link with Caroli's disease.  

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Two cases are reported of patients with deletions of chromosome 5q. Both have familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) and mild mental retardation. In both, macroscopic polyposis was confined to the proximal colon in adult life (in their thirties) although microscopic adenomatosis was shown in the more distal colon with occasional single polyps. Both subjects had dermoid cysts, and congenital hypertrophy of the retinal pigment epithelium (CHRPE) was seen in case 2. Case 1 has gastroduodenal polyps and desmoid tumours; case 2 has a marfanoid habitus with an abnormal pectus, wasted calf muscles and clawing of the toes, and Caroli's syndrome. His deletion is cytogenetically more extensive than that in case 1. The paucity of adenomas in the left side of the colon suggests that FAP cannot always confidently be excluded by sigmoidoscopy alone. The expression of the disease in the colon in these cases could be milder than in the more usual autosomal dominant cases where nonsense mutations resulting from single base changes of small deletions rather than deletion of the whole gene are the usual finding. Images PMID:8391580

Hodgson, S V; Coonar, A S; Hanson, P J; Cottrell, S; Scriven, P N; Jones, T; Hawley, P R; Wilkinson, M L



Benthic foraminifers on the continental shelf and upper slope, Russian River area, northern California ( USA).  

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We analyzed benthic foraminifers from 71 surface samples collected from the sea floor of the continental margin. One hundred and six different taxa were identified, and Q-mode factor analysis was used to identify assemblages. Six foraminiferal assemblage factors explain 94% of the variation in the data matrix. The Inner Shelf Assemblage is characterized by Trichohyalus ornatissima, Rotalia columbiensis, Cassidulina limbata, Cibicides fletcheri, Elphidiella hannai and Elphidium sp. 1 and occupies water depths less than 50 m. The Middle Shelf Assemblage is characterized by Nonionella basispinata, Elphidium excavatum and Florilus labradoricus and occupies water depths between 50 and 90 m. A Middle Shelf to Upper Bathyal Assemblage is characterized by Uvigerina juncea, Globobulimina spp. and Nonionella basispinata and occupies depths between about 90 and 450 m. Two overlapping assemblages make up the Upper Middle Bathyal Assemblage and are most abundant between water depths of 500 and 1300 m. They are associated with low- oxygen conditions. The Mid-Bathyal Assemblage is dominated by Uvigerina proboscidea and occurs on the slope at water depths ranging from 1200 to 2500 m. -from Authors

Quinterno, P.J.; Gardner, J.V.



Benthonic foraminiferal faunal and isotopic data for the postglacial evolution of the Champlain Sea*1  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Benthonic foraminiferal faunal and isotopic data from Champlain Sea sediments (approximately 12,500 to 10,000 yr B.P. in age) in two piston cores from Lake Champlain provide a detailed, apparently continuous record of the evolution of the Champlain Sea. Cassidulina reniforme and Islandiella helenae are the dominant benthonic foraminifera during the initial phase of the Champlain Sea, and are replaced by Elphidium excavatum forma clavatum and Protelphidium orbiculare as the dominant species during the remainder of the sea's history. The oxygen-isotopic data show a gradual decrease in ?18O between approximately 12,500 and 10,900 yr B.P., followed by a more rapid decrease during the interval 10,900 to 10,000 yr B.P. The ?13C data have a similar trend as ?18O, with generally decreasing values up the section. The isotopic and faunal data suggest that nearly marine conditions were present in the initial plase of the Champlain Sea, followed by gradually decreasing salinities and increasing temperatures as the sea evolved. The beginning of the rapid isotopic decrease at approximately 10,900 yr B.P. marks the onset of the largest environmental change in the history of the Champlain Sea, probably reflecting a major pulse of meltwater from the Laurentide Ice Sheet.

Corliss, Bruce H.; Hunt, Allen S.; Keigwin, Lloyd D.



Foraminiferal biofacies analysis of the Yakataga Formation, Icy Bay, Alaska: Insights into Pliocene glaciomarine paleoenvironments of the Gulf of Alaska  

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The Upper Miocene to Pleistocene Yakataga Formation of the Gulf of Alaska provides a 5 km thick record of episodic glacially-influenced marine sedimentation. The Pliocene Yakataga Fm. is exposed along western Icy Bay and records the return of glaciomarine deposition in the Gulf of Alaska, after the initiation of glaciation in the Late Miocene, and the onset of major northern hemisphere glaciation by the Late Pliocene. Analysis of foraminifera found in the Yakataga Fm. provides the basis for the interpretation of paleobathymetry and depositional environments from these rocks. Quantitative analysis is used to define eight paleoenvironmentally significant biofacies: (1) Elphidium excavatum clavatum biofacies (inner neritic), (2) Haplophragmoides spp. biofacies (outer neritic--mudline), (3) Cassidulina cf. C. teretis biofacies (outer neritic), (4) Uvigerina juncea biofacies (uppermost bathyal), (5) Elphidiella hannai biofacies (innermost neritic), (6) Epistominella pacifica biofacies (upper bathyal), (7) Cassidulina cf. C. limbata biofacies (outer neritic), (8) Nonionella miocenica biofacies (outer neritic). Paleobathymetric zones defined by these biofacies, which are constrained by modern Gulf of Alaska faunal relationships, indicate bathymetric fluctuations on the order of 100 m in the Icy Bay section. Mixing of biofacies due to downslope transport is common. Analyses of paleobathymetry, benthic formaminiferal biofacies, and sedimentology are used to interpret depositional environments ranging from innermost neritic to upper bathyal for these rocks.

Zellers, S.D. (Univ. of Texas, Austin (USA))



How many entities exist for the spectrum of disorders associated with brachydactyly, syndactyly, short stature, microcephaly, and intellectual disability?  


We describe a French young man with digital anomalies consisting of brachydactyly, F1-5 bilateral camptodactyly, interdigital webbing, F5 bilateral radial clinodactyly, and partial syndactyly of some fingers and toes. He had psychomotor retardation, short stature, umbilical hernia, a secundum atrial septal defect, seizures, hearing impairment, and dysmorphic features consisting of microcephaly, a prominent metopic ridge, upslanting palpebral fissures, synophrys, enophthalmia, large ears, a bulbous nose, a high palate, a smooth and short philtrum, a low hanging columella, a thin upper vermillion, an everted lower lip, prognathism, pectum excavatum, and supernumerary nipples. Osteotendinous reflexes were brisk. Mild nystagmus, myopia, and astigmatia were also noted. Total body X-rays showed short terminal phalanges of the hands, short middle phalanges of the index and little fingers, clinodactyly of the little fingers, short and fused proximal 4th and 5th metacarpals of the right hand, a short 5th metacarpal of the left hand, a fused left lunate-triquetrum, fused capitate-hamates, a prominent mandibula, and partial sacral agenesis. A thin posterior corpus callosum was apparent by MRI. Differential diagnoses for mainly the Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome, the Tsukahara syndrome, the Filippi syndrome, the Feingold syndrome, and the Tonoki syndrome are discussed, and the possibility that we might be reporting a novel entity is raised. © 2011 Wiley-Liss, Inc. PMID:21416592

Ravel, Aimé; Chouery, Eliane; Stora, Samantha; Jalkh, Nadine; Villard, Laurent; Temtamy, Samia; Mégarbané, André



Improved resolution of major clades within Tuber and taxonomy of species within the Tuber gibbosum complex.  


Tuber gibbosum Harkn., described from northern California, originally was thought to be a single, variable species that fruited from autumn through winter to spring. It has become popular as a culinary truffle in northwestern USA, where it is commercially harvested. Morphological studies suggested it might be a complex that includes at least two species. We conducted morphological and phylogenetic studies of the complex to determine how many species it might contain and how they differed morphologically, geographically and seasonally. We also provide the first LSU phylogeny for the genus Tuber. Phylogenetic analyses resolve nine major clades in the genus with high bootstrap support and distinguish the Gibbosum clade from the Aestivum, Excavatum, Macrosporum, Magnatum, Melanosporum, Puberulum, Rufum and Spinoreticulatum clades. Further analyses of ITS and LSU regions revealed four distinct species in the Gibbosum complex. Although morphologically similar the four species differ in spore size and shape and in peridial anatomy. These species share the synapomorphy of having suprapellis hyphae with distinctive, irregular wall swellings at maturity; we have not seen this hyphal type in any other Tuber spp. worldwide. The three new species are named and described as T. bellisporum Bonito & Trappe, T. castellanoi Bonito & Trappe and T. oregonense Trappe, Bonito & Rawlinson. PMID:20943504

Bonito, Gregory; Trappe, James M; Rawlinson, Pat; Vilgalys, Rytas



Distribution and seasonal activity of tick species on cattle in the West Aegean region of Turkey.  


The aim of the present study was to determine the identity, seasonal activity and distribution of tick species of cattle in the West Aegean region of Turkey between June 2006 and May 2008. Nine villages within three provinces, viz. Manisa, Izmir and Aydin, were included in the study and a total of 75 animal barns were visited monthly for a period of 24 months and 443 cattle were examined for the presence of ticks. It was determined that 23% of cattle were infested with ticks. A total of 19,679 adult ticks were collected. The most abundant tick species was Hyalomma marginatum (33.5%) and H. excavatum (16.9%) in the study area. Seasonal appearance of the adult ticks varied among species. Adult ticks of the Hyalomma genus were present throughout the year, although in smaller numbers during the winter. Species of Rhipicephalus were detected in all seasons except autumn. Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) annulatus was identified in July and August, Haemaphysalis parva was detected during the autumn. Ixodes ricinus and Dermacentor marginatus were identified during spring, autumn and winter. The study demonstrated the presence of I. ricinus, D. marginatus, Hyalomma rufipes and Hae. parva for the first time in the West Aegean region of Turkey. PMID:22113777

Bakirci, Serkan; Sarali, Hakan; Aydin, Levent; Eren, Hasan; Karagenc, Tulin



Resistant ticks inhibit Metarhizium infection prior to haemocoel invasion by reducing fungal viability on the cuticle surface.  


We studied disease progression of, and host responses to, four species in the Metarhizium anisopliae complex expressing green fluorescent protein (GFP). We compared development and determined their relative levels of virulence against two susceptible arthropods, the cattle tick Rhipicephalus annulatus and the lepidopteran Galleria mellonella, and two resistant ticks, Hyalomma excavatum and Rhipicephalus sanguineus. Metarhizium brunneum Ma7 caused the greatest mortality of R.?annulatus, Metarhizium robertsii ARSEF 2575 and Metarhizium pingshaense PPRC51 exhibited intermediate levels of virulence, and Metarhizium majus PPRC27 caused low mortality of cattle ticks. Conidia of all four species germinated on all hosts examined, but on resistant hosts, sustained hyphal growth was inhibited and GFP emission steadily and significantly decreased over time, suggesting a loss of fungal viability. Cuticle penetration was observed only for the three most virulent species infecting susceptible hosts. Cuticles of resistant and susceptible engorged female ticks showed significant increases in red autofluorescence at sites immediately under fungal hyphae. This is the first report (i) of tick mortality occurring after cuticle penetration but prior to haemocoel colonization and (ii) that resistant ticks do not support development of Metarhizium germlings on the outer surface of the cuticle. Whether reduced Metarhizium viability on resistant tick cuticles is due to antibiosis or limited nutrient availability is unknown. PMID:22507442

Ment, Dana; Churchill, Alice C L; Gindin, Galina; Belausov, Eduard; Glazer, Itamar; Rehner, Stephen A; Rot, Asael; Donzelli, Bruno G G; Samish, Michael



A molecular survey of Theileria and Babesia parasites in cattle, with a note on the distribution of ticks in Tunisia.  


Between October and November 2006, a total of 278 bovine blood samples were examined, and 104 (37.4%) were positive for piroplasms by microscopy. A reverse line blot hybridisation with polymerase chain reaction detected Theileria annulata, T. buffeli, Babesia bovis and B. bigemina in cattle accounting for 48.6% of positive samples. The most frequently found species was T. buffeli, which was present in 39.2% of the samples. T. annulata was found in 48 samples (17.3%). Babesia infections were less frequently detected: B. bovis was found in 6.8% of the samples and B. bigemina in 4.3%. Mixed infections were detected in 45 samples, accounting for seven different combinations of species. Seven Ixodid tick species (Boophilus annulatus, Ixodes ricinus, Hyalomma marginatum, Hyalomma excavatum, Hyalomma detritum, Haemaphysalis punctata and Haemaphysalis sulcata) were collected from examined cattle in the 23 visited farms. I. ricinus was the dominant species (36%), mainly collected in the humid zone, while it seemed to be very rare in the semi-arid zone (where only 15 specimens were collected), whereas B. annulatus was the most commonly collected species in the sub-humid area (68.5% of ticks collected in this zone). PMID:18458949

M'ghirbi, Y; Hurtado, A; Barandika, J F; Brandika, J; Khlif, K; Ketata, Z; Bouattour, A



Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus in ticks collected from humans, livestock, and picnic sites in the hyperendemic region of Turkey.  


During June and July 2007, about 3125 adult ticks were collected from humans, animals, and vegetation in a hyperendemic region (Sivas and Tokat) of Turkey. A total of 2193 ticks were pooled in 225 pools and screened for the Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever virus (CCHFV) presence by antigen-capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Infection rates were calculated as the maximum likelihood estimation with 95% confidence intervals (CI). The dominant tick species was found to be Hyalomma marginatum with the following infestation rates in human, cattle and sheep, respectively: 47.43%, 66.07%, and 30.12%. Maximum likelihood estimation values of CCHFV in H. marginatum ticks collected from human, cattle, and sheep were 0.91% (CI 0.05-4.42), 2.10% (CI 1.12-3.64), and 3.11% (CI 1.18-6.87), respectively. CCHFV antigens were also demonstrated in Hyalomma excavatum, Haemaphysalis parva, and Boophilus annulatus ticks collected from cattle and Rhipicephalus bursa ticks from sheep. Our results suggest that the studied area might maintain its endemic properties in the near future unless effective tick control measures are implemented. PMID:21736490

Gunes, Turabi; Poyraz, Omer; Vatansever, Zati



Spotted fever group Rickettsiae in ticks in Cyprus.  


In two surveys conducted from March 1999 to March 2001 and from January 2004 to December 2006, a total of 3,950 ticks (belonging to ten different species) were collected from seven domestic and wild animals (goat, sheep, cattle, dog, fox, hare, and mouflon) from different localities throughout Cyprus. In order to establish their infection rate with Spotted Fever Rickettsiae (SFG), ticks were pooled and tested by polymerase chain reaction targeting gltA and ompA genes, followed by sequencing analysis. When tick pools tested positive, individual ticks were then tested one by one, and of the 3,950 ticks screened, rickettsial DNA was identified in 315 ticks (infection rate, 8%). Five SFG Rickettsiae were identified: Rickettsia aeschlimannii in Hyalomma marginatum marginatum, Rickettsia massiliae in Rhipicephalus turanicus and Rhipicephalus sanguineus, Rickettsia sibirica mongolotimonae in Hyalomma anatolicum excavatum, and a Rickettsia endosymbiont of Haemaphysalis sulcata (later described as Rickettsia hoogstraalii) in Haemaphysalis punctata. Two additional genes, 17 kDa and ompB, were targeted to characterize a new genotype of "Candidatus Rickettsia barbariae" genotype in R. turanicus, designated here as "Candidatus Rickettsia barbariae" Cretocypriensis. These results confirm the presence of a spectrum of SFG Rickettsiae on the island. Further studies are necessary to gain better knowledge on the epidemiology of SFG Rickettsiae in Cyprus. PMID:21833539

Chochlakis, Dimosthenis; Ioannou, Ioannis; Sandalakis, Vassilios; Dimitriou, Theodoros; Kassinis, Nikolaos; Papadopoulos, Byron; Tselentis, Yannis; Psaroulaki, Anna



Ticks (Ixodidae) on migrating birds in Egypt, spring and fall 1962*  

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Over a number of years studies have been carried out in Egypt on the transport by migrating birds of ticks that may transmit pathogens of man and animals. In continuation of these investigations 11 036 birds migrating southwards through Egypt were examined for ticks during the fall of 1962. The 881 infested birds (comprising 24 species and sub-species represented by 10 612 individuals) yielded 1442 ticks. Tick-host relationships were similar to those of previous years except that in 1962 the prevalence of infestation was almost invariably much higher than the averages for 1959-61. Five species of birds were added to the previous list of 40 infested forms. Previously unrecorded tick species taken during 1962 were Ixodes redikorzevi (a species from Asia very occasionally found in rodent burrows in Egypt), the rare Haemaphysalis inermis, and Hyalomma a. anatolicum, H. anatolicum excavatum and H. dromedarii, which may have been carried from Asia or have attached themselves to the birds at the time of netting. During the spring of 1962, altogether 1774 birds migrating northwards through Egypt were also examined. The 56 tick-infested birds (comprising 13 species represented by 867 individuals) yielded 186 ticks. As in previous years, Hyalomma marginatum rufipes was the chief species (89.25%) parasitizing spring migrants. A single specimen of Amblyomma variegatum was taken on Anthus cervinus and 19 specimens of Ixodes?sp. nov. were collected from Sylvia c. communis and Motacilla a. alba. PMID:14163959

Hoogstraal, Harry; Traylor, Melvin A.; Gaber, Sobhy; Malakatis, George; Guindy, Ezzat; Helmy, Ibrahim



Uso da prótese vertical expansível de titânio para costela (VEPTR) como opção na instrumentação sem fusão para tratamento da escoliose neuromuscular The vertical expandable prosthetic titanium rib device (VEPTR) as option in spine instrumentation without arthrodesis in the treatment of neuromuscular scoliosis Uso de la prótesis vertical expansible de titanio para costilla (VEPTR como opción en la instrumentación sin fusión para tratamiento de la escoliosis neuromuscular  

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Objective: report results of vertical expandable prosthetic titanium ribs (VEPTR) surgery in the treatment of neuromuscular scoliosis without spinal fusion. Methods: a total of 17 patients (mean age 8 years; 3 to 13 years) with neuromuscular scoliosis exceeding 40° of scoliosis measured using the Cobb method and presenting a Risser grade of 1 and 2 before VEPTR surgery. The degree

Élcio Landim; Paulo Tadeu; Maia Cavali; Marcus Alexandre; Mello Santos; Wagner Pasqualini; Rodrigo Castello; Branco Manhães


Tomografía computarizada (TC) y exploraciones para cáncer

Hoja informativa que describe el procedimiento y la tecnología de exploraciones con tomografía computarizada así como sus usos para el diagnóstico, para exámenes de detección y para tratamiento del cáncer.


Complicaciones gastrointestinales (PDQ®)

Resumen de información revisada por expertos acerca del estreñimiento, la retención fecal, la obstrucción intestinal y la diarrea como complicaciones del cáncer o su tratamiento. Se discute el manejo de estos problemas.


Lo que usted necesita saber sobre™ el cáncer de cérvix

Contiene información sobre las opciones de tratamiento, la obtención de una segunda opinión, los cuidados de seguimiento y las fuentes de apoyo para alguien que ha sido diagnosticado recientemente con cáncer de cérvix o cuello uterino.



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poliza de seguro; alimentos, ropa y equipo medico; y pagos de alquileres o hipotecas. Si desea saber si centros de tratamiento medico, y ayuda humanitaria (alimentos, refugios, ropa, mantas, etc.). #12;


El cáncer según su ubicación en el cuerpo

Lista de todos los tipos de cáncer, organizados por ubicación o función en el cuerpo. Los cánceres que hay en esta lista tienen enlaces a información sobre tratamientos, cuidados de apoyo, exámenes de detección, prevención, estudios clínicos y otros temas.


Aspectos relacionados con la sexualidad y la reproducción (PDQ®)

Resumen de información revisada por expertos acerca de los factores que podrían afectar el funcionamiento sexual de las personas con cáncer. Se discuten además temás sobre la fertilidad relacionados con el tratamiento del cáncer.


El cáncer

Información para mejorar sus conocimientos sobre el cáncer, que incluye las formas de prevenir el cáncer, la importancia de visitar al médico regularmente y hacerse exámenes de detección, y las diferentes opciones de tratamiento disponibles.


El NCI inicia un estudio para evaluar la utilidad de la secuenciación genética para mejorar los resultados en los pacientes

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) lanzará este mes un estudio clínico piloto denominado M-PACT con la finalidad de evaluar si el tratamiento asignado según mutaciones genéticas específicas puede brindar beneficios a pacientes con tumores sólidos metastásicos.


Nueva Publicacion Habla de las Necesidades de los Sobrevivientes de cancer Latinos y sus Familias

Esta publicación gratuita combina la información más actual de los profesionales de la salud con anécdotas personales de sobrevivientes de cáncer latinos, sobre cómo enfrentarse a la vida después del tratamiento del cáncer


Delirio (PDQ®)

Resumen de información revisada por expertos acerca del delirio como una complicación del cáncer o su tratamiento. Se tratan enfoques de los cuidados médicos de apoyo y los abordajes farmacológicos para el manejo del delirio.


Terapia hormonal para el cáncer de próstata

Hoja informativa que describe la terapia hormonal y su función en el tratamiento del cáncer de próstata. Incluye información acerca de los tipos diferentes de terapia hormonal, cómo se usan y los efectos secundarios posibles.


Linfedema (PDQ®)

Resumen de información revisada por expertos sobre la anatomía, la patofisiología, las manifestaciones clínicas, el diagnóstico y el tratamiento del linfedema relacionado con el cáncer, una afección en la que se acumula líquido linfático en los tejidos y causa inflamación..


Inmunoterapia: Uso del sistema inmunitario para tratar el cáncer

Resumen de los métodos de inmunoterapia utilizados para tratar el cáncer, tales como el uso de anticuerpos monoclonales, transferencia celular adoptiva, vacunas de tratamiento contra el cáncer y sustancias modificadoras de la respuesta inmunitaria.


Terapia hormonal para el cáncer de seno

Hoja informativa que describe la terapia hormonal y su función en la prevención y tratamiento del cáncer de seno. Incluye información acerca de los efectos secundarios posibles y de los fármacos que pueden interferir con la terapia hormonal.


Recursos en su comunidad

Información acerca de las organizaciones que proporcionan apoyo a personas con cáncer. También incluye recursos disponibles en la comunidad, como doctores, centros de tratamiento y otros profesionales de salud.


Trastorno de tensión postraumática (PDQ®)

Resumen de información revisada por expertos acerca del trastorno de tensión postraumática en los pacientes con cáncer, sobrevivientes del cáncer y miembros de la familia. Se discuten la evaluación y tratamiento de este trastorno.


Cánceres poco comunes en la niñez (PDQ®)

Resumen de información revisada por expertos acerca del tratamiento de los cánceres poco comunes en la niñez como los cánceres de la cabeza y el cuello, el tórax, el abdomen, el aparato reproductor, la piel y otros.


Náuseas y vómitos (PDQ®)

Resumen de información revisada por expertos acerca de las náuseas y los vómitos como complicaciones a causa del cáncer o su tratamiento. Se discuten enfoques sobre el manejo de las náuseas y los vómitos.


Delirio (PDQ®)

Resumen de información revisada por expertos acerca del delirio como una complicación a causa del cáncer o su tratamiento. Se discuten los enfoques de los cuidados médicos de apoyo, asi como farmacológicos para el manejo del delirio.


Fatiga (PDQ®)

Resumen de información revisada por expertos acerca de la fatiga, una afección caracterizada por extremo cansancio e incapacidad para funcionar por la falta de energía, que a menudo se observa como una complicación del cáncer y su tratamiento.


Aspectos relacionados con la sexualidad y la reproducción (PDQ®)

Resumen de información revisada por expertos acerca de los factores que pueden afectar el funcionamiento sexual de las personas con cáncer. Se discuten además temas sobre la fecundidad relacionados con el tratamiento del cáncer.


Consejos para pacientes que reciben quimioterapia

Serie de dieciocho (18) hojas sobre los efectos secundarios de la quimioterapia. Cada hoja contiene recomendaciones y sugerencias prácticas para ayudarle a controlar los efectos secundarios durante la quimioterapia, y a que se sienta mejor durante el tratamiento.


Consejos para pacientes que reciben radioterapia

Serie de nueve (9) hojas sobre los efectos secundarios de la radioterapia. Cada hoja contiene recomendaciones y sugerencias prácticas para ayudarle a controlar los efectos secundarios durante la radioterapia, y a que se sienta mejor durante el tratamiento.


Cánceres de la A a la Z

Lista de todos los cánceres en orden alfabético, con enlaces a información específica según el tipo de cáncer e información general acerca de la prevención, detección, tratamiento, cuidados médicos de apoyo, estudios clínicos y otros temas.


Preguntas para el doctor si tiene un cáncer avanzado

Serie de preguntas que los pacientes con cáncer pueden hacerle al médico sobre las opciones de tratamiento si el cáncer es avanzado, las formas de controlar los síntomas y cómo prepararse para la etapa final de la vida.


Cómo cuidarse mientras usted cuida a su ser querido: Apoyo para personas que cuidan a un ser querido con cáncer

Un folleto para las personas responsables del cuidado de un ser querido que recibe tratamiento para el cáncer. Ofrece información práctica y apoyo para ayudarlas a sobrellevar este período difícil y estresante.


Obtener cuidados médicos de seguimiento

Información sobre los cuidados médicos de seguimiento después del tratamiento del cáncer. Trata sobre su plan de cuidados de seguimiento, cómo obtener un plan para el bienestar e incluye una guía para una vida saludable.


Chickenpox Prevention and Treatment  


... Multimedia Related Links Medline Plus Shingles Prevention & Treatment Language: English Español (Spanish) Recommend on Facebook ... by Your Doctor Español: Prevención y tratamiento Prevention The best way to prevent chickenpox is to ...



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quirúrgicas con solución esclerosante yodo-yodurada a concentraciones variables, mostrando quirúrgicas con solución esclerosante yodo-yodurada a concentraciones variables, mostrando quirúrgicas con solución esclerosante yodo-yodurada a concentraciones variables, mostrando quirúrgicas con solución esclerosante yodo-yodurada a concentraciones variables, mostrando preferencia por la escleroterapia y satisfacción al tratamiento sometido. Además consideramos preferencia por la escleroterapia y satisfacción al tratamiento sometido. Además consideramos preferencia por

Dra. Dulce; María Figueredo de Armas; Bárbara Reyes Iglesias


Ideología y grotesco en dos obras recientes de Adam Guevara  

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estado quizá entre los autores de lectura obligatoria en el curso-taller de Adam Guevara, como si lo estuvo en el caso de Poquita fe. En esta obra y su respectiva puesta en escena hubo un doble tratamiento de los materiales dramáticos. El grotesco fue... la tónica de todo el tercer acto, con su tablado de marionetas que representaban la manipulación característica del mundo político mexicano. Pero los dos actos anteriores recibieron un tratamiento decididamente realista, con los típicos personajes...

Reyes Palacios, Felipe



Conferencia de Consenso sobre la braquiterapia en cáncer de mama en estadios iniciales  

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Resumen  Existe una controversia desde hace décadas sobre el papel de la sobredosis después de la radioterapia externa en el tratamiento\\u000a conservador de cáncer de mama inicial. En el caso de comparar la supervivencia y el control local de un tratamiento conservador\\u000a frente a la mastectomía, existen en la literatura 5 estudios randomizados1–5 y un metaanálisis6 que demuestran que la radioterapia

F. Guedea; L. Arribas; F. Casquero; C. Cinos; V. Crispin; A. Gracia; J. L. Guinot; I. Monteiro-Grillo; V. Munoz; J. Pera; A. Polo; L. Linares; H. Marsiglia; J. J. Mazeron



Un estudio financiado por los Institutos Nacionales de la Salud (NIH) muestra reducción en la mortalidad entre hombres con cáncer de próstata en grado intermedio:

Terapia hormonal por corto tiempo administrada en combinación con radioterapia a hombres con cáncer de próstata en estadio inicial aumentó sus posibilidades de vivir más en comparación con tratamiento de radioterapia sola, según un estudio clínico patrocinado por el NCI. Los beneficios del tratamiento combinado se limitaron principalmente a pacientes con enfermedad de riesgo intermedio y no se observaron en hombres con cáncer de próstata de riesgo bajo, indican los investigadores.


Recursos relacionados con los exámenes de detección del cáncer de cuello uterino

El NCI tiene información completa y de base científica sobre prevención, exámenes selectivos de detección, diagnóstico, tratamiento, genética y cuidados de apoyo relacionados con el cáncer. Nuestros especialistas en información pueden responder preguntas relacionadas con el cáncer, entre ellas, las que tienen que ver con los exámenes de detección y el tratamiento del cáncer de cuello uterino. Puede comunicarse con nosotros por teléfono, correo electrónico o mensajería instantánea (el chat solo está disponible en inglés).


Natural history and clinical assessment of Taiwanese patients with mucopolysaccharidosis IVA  

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Background Mucopolysaccharidosis IVA (MPS IVA) is a rare lysosomal storage disorder caused by N-acetylgalactosamine-6-sulfatase deficiency, which catalyzes a step in the catabolism of glycosaminoglycans, keratan sulfate and chondroitin-6-sulfate. This disease has a variable age of onset and rate of progression. Methods A retrospective analysis of medical records of 24 patients with MPS IVA (11 males, 13 females; current mean age?±?SD, 12.6?±?6.6 years; age range, 1.4-29.4 years) seen at 6 medical centers in Taiwan from January 1996 through June 2013 was performed. Results Mean ages of onset of symptoms and confirmed diagnosis were 2.0?±?1.6 and 5.7?±?4.5 years, respectively. The most prevalent clinical manifestations were kyphosis (100%), pectus carinatum (96%), abnormal gait (93%), striking short trunk dwarfism (92%), genu valgum (92%), and valvular heart disease (91%). Eight patients (33%) experienced at least one surgical procedure with the most common being ear tube insertion (25%), adenoidectomy (17%), tonsillectomy (13%), supraglottoplasty (13%), spinal decompression (13%), and spinal fusion (13%). The most prevalent cardiac valve abnormalities were aortic stenosis (45%) and mitral regurgitation (45%). At the time of the study, 8 out of 24 patients (33%) have died at the mean age of 17.2?±?7.7 years. Conclusions An understanding of the natural history involved in MPS IVA may allow early diagnosis of the disease. All affected Taiwanese patients experienced significant functional limitations. Adequate evaluations and timely management may improve clinical outcomes and quality of life. PMID:24513086



[Natural history of Morquio A disease].  


Type IV mucopolysaccharidosis (Morquio A syndrome; MPS IVA; OMIM 253000), is a multisystemic, severe and very disabling disease, also life-threatening; MPS IVA is due to a deficiency of the enzyme N-acetylgalactosamine-6-sulfate sulfatase (GALNS), a lysosomal enzyme responsible for the degradation of keratan sulfate (KS) and chondroitin-6-sulfate (C6S). The disease is characterized by respiratory, pulmonary manifestations and also causes bone involvement with progressive spondyloepimetaphyseal degradation and mild and late-onset ophthalmologic, hearing and cardiac complications. These manifestations progressively impair the patients' physical mobility. Severe forms of the disease, diagnosed before the age of 1 year, can be distinguished from intermediary (diagnosed between 1 and 5 years old) and attenuated disease, diagnosed after the age of 5 years (occasionally far later). The main signs are bone deformities namely pectus carinatum, kyphoscoliosis and genu valgum, with early flattening of the growth curve, leading rapidly to almost complete growth arrest. Patients have normal cognitive development. The radiological signs are relatively specific with, in particular, platyspondyly, shortening of the long bones and characteristic pelvic changes. The diagnosis is suggested by elevated urinary GAGs level and profile, and is confirmed by GALNS enzymatic studies on molecular testing. Genetic counseling is important in this autosomal recessive disorder and enzymatic and/or molecular testing can be offered for prenatal diagnosis. Management is mostly symptomatic, based on early detection and orthopedic correction of spine and lower limb deformities, ENT and respiratory management and psychological, social and educational support for the child and his/her family. PMID:25063382

Baujat, G; Valayannopoulos, V



A new lysosomal storage disorder resembling Morquio syndrome in sibs.  


We report two male sibs, born from unrelated French Caribbean parents, presenting with an unclassifiable storage disorder. Pregnancy and delivery were uneventful. Stunted growth was noted during the first year of life. Both children have short stature (below - 4SD) with short trunk, barrel chest, micromelia with rhizomelic shortening, severe kyphoscoliosis, pectus carinatum, short hands and feet with metatarsus adductus, and excessive joint laxity of the small joints. Learning difficulties with borderline intelligence quotient (IQ) were noted in one of them. They had no hepatomegaly, no splenomegaly, and no dysmorphism. Skeletal X-rays survey demonstrated generalized platyspondyly with tongue-like deformity of the anterior part of the vertebral bodies, hypoplasia of the odontoid process, generalized epiphyseal dysplasia and abnormally shaped metaphyses. The acetabular roofs had a trident aspect. Ophthalmologic and cardiac examinations were normal. Spine deformity required surgical correction in one of the patient at age 4 years. Lysosomal enzymes assays including N-acetylgalactosamine-6-sulfate sulfatase and ?-galactosidase were normal, excluding mucopolysaccharidoses type IV A and IV B (Morquio syndrome), respectively. Qualitative analysis found traces of dermatan and chondroitin-sulfates in urine, but quantitative glycosaminoglycan excretion fell within normal limits. They were no vacuolated lymphocytes. Abnormal coarse inclusions were present in eosinophils. Mild Alder anomaly was observed in polymorphonuclears. Granulations were discretely metachromatic with toluidine blue. Those morphological anomalies are in favor of a lysosomal storage disease. No inclusions were found in skin fibroblasts. We hypothesize that these two boys have a distinct autosomal recessive or X-linked lysosomal storage disorder of unknown origin that shares clinical and radiological features with Morquio disease. PMID:22330346

Perrin, Laurence; Fenneteau, Odile; Ilharreborde, Brice; Capri, Yline; Gérard, Marion; Quoc, Emmanuel Bui; Passemard, Sandrine; Ghoumid, Jamal; Caillaud, Catherine; Froissart, Roseline; Tabet, Anne-Claude; Lebon, Sophie; El Ghouzzi, Vincent; Mazda, Keyvan; Verloes, Alain



Clinical manifestations in 105 persons with nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome  

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Nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome (NBCC; Gorlin syndrome), an autosomal dominant disorder linked to 9q22.3-q31, and caused by mutations in PTC, the human homologue of the Drosophila patched gene, comprises multiple basal cell carcinomas, keratocysts of the jaw, palmar/plantar pits, spine and rib anomalies and calcification of the falx cerebri. We reviewed the findings on 105 affected individuals examined at the NIH since 1985. The data included 48 males and 57 females ranging in age from 4 months to 87 years. Eighty percent of whites (71/90) and 38% (5/13) of African-Americans had at least one basal cell carcinoma (BCC), with the first tumor occurring at a mean age of 23 (median 20) years and 21 (median 20) years, respectively. Excluding individuals exposed to radiation therapy, the number of BCCs ranged from 1 to >1,000 (median 8) and 1 to 3 (median 2), respectively, in the 2 groups. Jaw cysts occurred in 78/105 (74%) with the first tumor occurring in 80% by the age of 20 years. The number of total jaw cysts ranged from 1 to 28 (median 3). Palmar pits and plantar pits were seen in 87%. Ovarian fibromas were diagnosed by ultrasound in 9/52 (17%) at a mean age of 30 years. Medulloblastoma occurred in 4 patients at a mean age of 2.3 years. Three patients had cleft lip or palate. Physical findings include {open_quotes}coarse face{close_quotes} in 54%, relative macrocephaly in 50%, hypertelorism in 42%, frontal bossing in 27%, pectus deformity in 13%, and Sprengel deformity in 11%. This study delineates the frequency of the clinical and radiological anomalies in NBCC in a large population of US patients and discusses guidelines for diagnosis and management. 48 refs., 3 figs., 5 tabs.

Kimonis, V.E.; Yang, M.L.; Bale, S.J. [National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Disease, Bethesda, MD (United States)] [and others] [National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Disease, Bethesda, MD (United States); and others



Therapies for the bone in mucopolysaccharidoses.  


Patients with mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) have accumulation of glycosaminoglycans in multiple tissues which may cause coarse facial features, mental retardation, recurrent ear and nose infections, inguinal and umbilical hernias, hepatosplenomegaly, and skeletal deformities. Clinical features related to bone lesions may include marked short stature, cervical stenosis, pectus carinatum, small lungs, joint rigidity (but laxity for MPS IV), kyphoscoliosis, lumbar gibbus, and genu valgum. Patients with MPS are often wheelchair-bound and physical handicaps increase with age as a result of progressive skeletal dysplasia, abnormal joint mobility, and osteoarthritis, leading to 1) stenosis of the upper cervical region, 2) restrictive small lung, 3) hip dysplasia, 4) restriction of joint movement, and 5) surgical complications. Patients often need multiple orthopedic procedures including cervical decompression and fusion, carpal tunnel release, hip reconstruction and replacement, and femoral or tibial osteotomy through their lifetime. Current measures to intervene in bone disease progression are not perfect and palliative, and improved therapies are urgently required. Enzyme replacement therapy (ERT), hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT), and gene therapy are available or in development for some types of MPS. Delivery of sufficient enzyme to bone, especially avascular cartilage, to prevent or ameliorate the devastating skeletal dysplasias remains an unmet challenge. The use of an anti-inflammatory drug is also under clinical study. Therapies should start at a very early stage prior to irreversible bone lesion, and damage since the severity of skeletal dysplasia is associated with level of activity during daily life. This review illustrates a current overview of therapies and their impact for bone lesions in MPS including ERT, HSCT, gene therapy, and anti-inflammatory drugs. PMID:25537451

Tomatsu, Shunji; Alméciga-Díaz, Carlos J; Montaño, Adriana M; Yabe, Hiromasa; Tanaka, Akemi; Dung, Vu Chi; Giugliani, Roberto; Kubaski, Francyne; Mason, Robert W; Yasuda, Eriko; Sawamoto, Kazuki; Mackenzie, William; Suzuki, Yasuyuki; Orii, Kenji E; Barrera, Luis A; Sly, William S; Orii, Tadao



Paleoenvironmental Change During the Holocene and Last Interglacial in San Pablo Bay, Northern California  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The San Francisco Bay exists as an estuary during sea level highstands and during this time its salinity field reflects the runoff regime of its watershed. Since the latter comprises about 40% of the state of California, study of the changing state of the estuary can provide insight into the climate history of the region. Previous studies have demonstrated significant secular variation in runoff during the late Holocene. The goals of the current work were to extend the record of the estuary's Holocene history and to investigate corresponding variation during the previous interglacial period (ca 130 - 115 ka). Changes at our study site indicative of variation in sediment budgets or tectonic activity were also of interest. Two boreholes were drilled along the southernmost margin of San Pablo Bay, a northern reach of San Francisco Bay. Estuarine sediments were examined for organic constituents; foraminifers were counted and shifts in species assemblages noted; their tests were subjected to stable isotope analysis so that variations in their isotopic signature could be tracked. Beneath recent fill and remnants of marsh deposits, each borehole showed a sequence of three stratigraphic units: Holocene bay mud; alluvial deposits; and estuarine mud. This stratigraphy resembles the typical south Bay sequence: Holocene mud; alluvium deposited during the last glacial period; estuarine mud deposited during the 5e highstand. Foraminifers recovered from the Holocene and older estuarine deposits support the correlation with south Bay deposits. On the basis of stratigraphic position and this correlation, we consider the older estuarine muds to date from the 5e highstand. Foraminiferal assemblages in both the Holocene and Last Interglacial sediments showed systematic variation indicative of environmental change at the site. The 5e samples document a shift in dominant species from Trochammina inflata in the lowermost sample to Elphidium gunteri in the middle of the section and to E. excavatum in the upper samples. This transition indicates a gradual change from shallow intertidal mudflat conditions to a subtidal environment, a shift similar to that indicated by the south Bay sediments. The Holocene interval shows two changes in dominant taxa. T. inflata predominates in the lowermost sample beneath a short non-estuarine interval. E. excavatum is dominant in the middle of the section but gives way abruptly to T. inflata in the upper samples. These shifts indicate sudden changes in water depth that produced rapid transitions from intertidal to subtidal and back to intertidal conditions at the site, likely a result of tectonic movements or changes in sediment input. Stable isotopic measurements of both foraminifers and mollusk shells are in progress. These results are expected to provide information about past salinity at this location, which reflects the volume of freshwater inflow to the estuary. Two 14C dates have been obtained on Holocene shell fragments. These samples, spaced 420 cm apart vertically, show (uncorrected) ages of 3545 and 1775 radiocarbon years, providing an estimated average accumulation rate at the site of about 2.4 mm/yr. If this rate applied throughout the Holocene at the site, the more recent shift noted above occurred about 2760 radiocarbon years (uncorrected for reservoir effect) ago, and the entire 12.8 m thick Holocene unit represents about a 5300 year record.

Schweikhardt, P.; Sloan, D.; Ingram, B. L.



A survey of ixodid tick species and molecular identification of tick-borne pathogens.  


This study was undertaken in two different climatic areas of Turkey to determine the presence of tick-borne pathogens of medical and veterinary importance. The ticks were removed from humans, pooled according to species and developmental stages, and analyzed by PCR, reverse line blot (RLB) and sequencing. Of the 2333 removed ticks from 10 species, 1238 (53.06%) were obtained from the arid cold zone, and the remaining 1095 (46.93%) were obtained from the humid zone. The removed ticks were identified as Hyalomma marginatum, Hyalomma detritum, Hyalomma excavatum, Rhipicephalus bursa, Rhipicephalus turanicus, Rhipicephalus sanguineus, Dermacentor marginatus, Haemaphysalis punctata, Haemaphysalis sulcata, Ixodes ricinus, Haemaphysalis and Ixodes spp. nymphs. The dominant species was I. ricinus (61.27%) in the humid zone, whereas the Haemaphysalis spp. nymph dominated (30.29%) in the arid zone. Infection rates were calculated as the maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) with 95% confidence intervals (CI). Of the 169 pools tested, 49 (28.99%) were found to be infected with the pathogens, and the overall MLE of the infection rate was calculated as 2.44% (CI 1.88-3.17). The MLE of the infection varied among tick species, ranging from 0.85% (CI 0.23-2.34) in Haemaphysalis spp. nymph to 17.93% (CI 6.94-37.91) in D. marginatus. Pathogens identified in ticks included Theileria annulata, Babesia ovis, Babesia crassa, Anaplasma/Ehrlichia spp., Anaplasma ovis, Ehrlichia canis, Anaplasma phagocytophilum, Hepatozoon canis and Hepatozoon felis. Most tick pools were infected with a single pathogen. However, four pools infected with H. canis displayed infections with B. crassa, A. phagocytophilum and E. canis. The sequencing indicated that Anaplasma/Ehrlichia spp. was 100% identical to the sequence of Ehrlichia sp. Firat 2 and 3 previously identified from Hyalomma anatolicum. PMID:24424312

Aktas, Munir



Metarhizium anisopliae conidial responses to lipids from tick cuticle and tick mammalian host surface.  


Conidial germination and the formation of appressoria are important events in the interactions between entomopathogenic fungi and their arthropod hosts. In this study, we demonstrate the effects of lipids extracted from tick epicuticle and the surface of a mammalian host (calf) on conidial germination and the development of appressoria in two subspecies of Metarhizium anisopliae, M. anisopliae var. anisopliae ( and M. anisopliae var. acridum (, which have different levels of virulence toward ticks. Pentane extracts of epicuticles of ticks susceptible and resistant to fungal infection always stimulated the germination of conidia and the development of their appressoria; whereas the effects of dichloromethane (DCM) extracts of tick epicuticle varied depending on the tick. The DCM extracts from most of the tick species and developmental stages stimulated conidial germination and/or the formation of appressoria in However, a DCM extract of lipids from the most resistant tick, engorged Hyalomma excavatum female, inhibited the germination of conidia. Conidia of the non-virulent did not germinate on agarose amended with any of the examined tick extracts. However, when the tick extracts were placed on bactoagar, conidial germination increased 7- to 8-fold. Extracts from the skin, hair and ear secretions of a calf stimulated conidial germination and the formation of appressoria in, but not This study demonstrates that lipids from tick epicuticles and mammalian skin selectively affect the germination of conidia of entomopathogenic fungi. The effects of these lipids may explain the variability in tick control these fungi provide for different hosts. PMID:20036669

Ment, Dana; Gindin, Galina; Soroker, Victoria; Glazer, Itamar; Rot, Asael; Samish, Michael



Hard Tick Species of Livestock and their Bioecology in Golestan Province, North of Iran  

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Background A survey on tick species composition was carried out in Golestan Province Iran during year 2010–2011.The aim was to determine tick species parasitizing domestic ruminants and their seasonal population dynamics. Methods: A total of 124 sheep, 92 goats, 84 cattle, 74 camels and 12 horses in several villages were inspected for tick infestation. The collected ticks preserved in 70% alcohol and then were identified. Results: The overall 1059 ticks (453 female, 606 male) were collected. The ticks occur on sheep, goats, cattle, camels and horses as 72.1%, 77.3%, 75.8%, 69.3%, and 50% respectively. The frequency of ticks in spring was more than other seasons and the least was observed in winter. In the spring and summer, infestation rate in domestic ruminants were calculated as 100%. Six genus and fourteen hard and soft tick species were identified including Rhipicephalus sanguineus, R. bursa, Ixodes ricinus, Haemaphysalis punctata, H. sulcata, H. erinacei, H. inermis, Hyalomma marginatum, Hy. asiaticum, Hy. dromedarii, Hy. excavatum, Hy. anatolicum, Hy. detritum, Boophilus annulatus and Argas persicus. Rhipicephalus sanguineus was the most abundant species in the study area. The largest number of ticks was collected from animal ears and tails. Haemaphysalis, Hyalomma, Rhipicephalus and Boophilus occurred in mountainous, forest and plateau areas of Golestan Province but Ixodes occurred only in mountainous and forest areas, whereas Rhipicephalus and Hyalomma were present in coastal areas of Golestan Province. Conclusion: The result of this study is a survey on tick species from domestic animals in Iran and implication of possible prevention measures for diseases transmitted by ticks. PMID:25629071

Sofizadeh, Aioub; Telmadarraiy, Zakkyeh; Rahnama, Abbas; Gorganli-Davaji, Ahmad; Hosseini-Chegeni, Asadollah



Neuroimagen en la enfermedad de Alzheimer: nuevas perspectivas  

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Introducción y desarrollo En los próximos 50 años vamos a presenciar un incremento significativo de la población mayor de 65 años y por lo tanto va a aumentar, considerablemente, el número de individuos con riesgo de desarrollar demencias neurodegenerativas, especialmente la enfermedad de Alzheimer (EA). Las estrategias actuales de tratamiento farmacológico y no farmacológico se han centrado en las fases sintomáticas de esta enfermedad y, gradualmente, vamos teniendo una mayor comprensión de los posibles factores de riesgo del síndrome clínico. Conclusiones Los estudios de neuroimagen han sido muy útiles para mostrar los cambios estructurales del envejecimiento normal y patológico, así como también los factores de riesgo para la EA. Los tratamientos apropiados de los factores de riesgo y su posible combinación con tratamientos específicos para la EA podrían prolongar el período presintomático de la EA y, por tanto, mejorar la calidad de vida y disminuir la carga para el paciente, la familia y la sociedad. PMID:20517866

Becker, James T.



Shock Chlorination of Wells (Spanish)  

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horas, preferiblemente por 24 horas. Si hay un sis- tema autom?tico para proveer agua a animales o para riego, provea una fuente alterna de agua durante el per?odo del tratamiento. La mayor?a de los equipos de tratamiento de agua (tal como calentadores... carb?n activados que son dejados en su lugar durante el proceso de cloraci?n remover?n el cloro hasta que se sobrecarguen. Antes de tratar el equipo, lea los manuales del propietario o la liter- atura del fabricante para evitar que los componentes se da...

McFarland, Mark L.; Dozier, Monty



Estudio de terapias dirigidas para el cáncer de seno estableció un modelo de estudios clínicos a nivel mundial

Dos medicamentos de acción dirigida, diseñados para tratar una forma agresiva de cáncer de seno (mama), se pusieron a prueba en un estudio que incluyó a 8 000 participantes en 44 países. Si bien la finalidad del estudio fue ayudar a que los investigadores determinaran si el tratamiento combinado con trastuzumab y lapatinib para el tratamiento del cáncer de seno HER2 positivo en estado inicial era mejor que la terapia solo con trastuzumab, los resultados del estudio no indicaron que existan ventajas para las mujeres al recibir la combinación de fármacos de trastuzumab o lapatinib.


Comments on controversial tick (Acari: Ixodida) species names and species described or resurrected from 2003 to 2008.  


There are numerous discrepancies in recent published lists of the ticks of the world. Here we review the controversial names, presenting evidence for or against their validity and excluding some altogether. We also address spelling errors and present a list of 17 species described or resurrected during the years 2003-2008. We consider the following 35 tick species names to be invalid: Argas fischeri Audouin, 1826, Ornithodoros boliviensis Kohls and Clifford, 1964, Ornithodoros steini (Schulze, 1935), Amblyomma acutangulatum Neumann, 1899, Amblyomma arianae Keirans and Garris, 1986, Amblyomma bibroni (Gervais, 1842), Amblyomma colasbelcouri (Santos Dias, 1958), Amblyomma concolor Neumann, 1899, Amblyomma cooperi Nuttall and Warburton, 1908, Amblyomma curruca Schulze, 1936, Amblyomma cyprium Neumann, 1899, Amblyomma decorosum (Koch, 1867), Amblyomma nocens Robinson, 1912, Amblyomma perpunctatum (Packard, 1869), Amblyomma striatum Koch, 1844, Amblyomma superbum Santos Dias, 1953, Amblyomma testudinis (Conil, 1877), Amblyomma trinitatis Turk, 1948, Dermacentor confractus (Schulze 1933), Dermacentor daghestanicus Olenev, 1928, Haemaphysalis himalaya Hoogstraal, 1966, Haemaphysalis vietnamensis Hoogstraal and Wilson, 1966, Hyalomma detritum Schulze, 1919, Ixodes apteridis Maskell, 1897, Ixodes donarthuri Santos Dias, 1980, Ixodes kempi Nuttall, 1913, Ixodes neotomae Cooley, 1944, Ixodes rangtangensis Teng, 1973, Ixodes robertsi Camicas, Hervy, Adam and Morel, 1998, Ixodes serrafreirei Amorim, Gazetta, Bossi and Linhares, 2003, Ixodes tertiarius Scudder, 1885, Ixodes uruguayensis Kohls and Clifford, 1967, Ixodes zealandicus Dumbleton, 1961, Ixodes zumpti Arthur, 1960 and Rhipicephalus camelopardalis Walker and Wiley, 1959. We consider the following 40 names valid: Argas delicatus Neumann, 1910, Argas vulgaris Filippova, 1961, Ornithodoros aragaoi Fonseca, 1960, Ornithodoros dugesi Mazzoti, 1943, Ornithodoros knoxjonesi Jones and Clifford, 1972, Ornithodoros marocanus Velu, 1919, Ornithodoros nattereri Warburton, 1927, Amblyomma beaurepairei Vogelsang and Santos Dias, 1953, Amblyomma crassipes (Neumann, 1901), Amblyomma echidnae Roberts, 1953, Amblyomma fuscum Neumann, 1907, Amblyomma orlovi (Kolonin, 1995), Amblyomma parkeri Fonseca and Aragão, 1952, Amblyomma pseudoconcolor Aragão, 1908, Bothriocroton oudemansi (Neumann, 1910), Bothriocroton tachyglossi (Roberts, 1953), Dermacentor abaensis Teng, 1963, Dermacentor confragus (Schulze 1933), Dermacentor ushakovae Filippova and Panova, 1987, Haemaphysalis anomaloceraea Teng, 1984, Haemaphysalis filippovae Bolotin, 1979, Haemaphysalis pavlovskyi Pospelova-Shtrom, 1935, Hyalomma excavatum Koch, 1844, Hyalomma isaaci Sharif, 1928, Hyalomma rufipes Koch, 1844, Hyalomma turanicum Pomerantzev, 1946, Ixodes arabukiensis Arthur, 1959, Ixodes boliviensis Neumann, 1904, Ixodes columnae Takada and Fujita, 1992, Ixodes maslovi Emel'yanova and Kozlovskaya, 1967, Ixodes sachalinensis Filippova, 1971, Ixodes siamensis Kitaoka and Suzuki, 1983, Ixodes sigelos Keirans, Clifford and Corwin, 1976, Ixodes succineus Weidner, 1964, Rhipicephalus aurantiacus Neumann, 1907, Rhipicephalus cliffordi Morel, 1965, Rhipicephalus pilans Schulze, 1935, Rhipicephalus pseudolongus Santos Dias, 1953, Rhipicephalus serranoi Santos Dias, 1950 and Rhipicephalus tetracornus Kitaoka and Suzuki, 1983. PMID:19169832

Guglielmone, Alberto A; Robbins, Richard G; Apanaskevich, Dmitry A; Petney, Trevor N; Estrada-Peña, Agustín; Horak, Ivan G



Holocene intermediate and bottom water mass reconstructions of the western Barents Sea  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) is an important component of the Earth's climate system. It brings warm and saline water to the northern latitudes by the North Atlantic Current (NAC) and causes the formation of deep water which flows back to the south. Variability in the AMOC can affect the convective formation of deep water in the Nordic Seas and thereby the global ocean circulation. Additionally, the inflow of the NAC is essential for the ecological conditions at higher latitudes as any changes of this warm inflow have large consequences. Hence, it is crucial to establish the natural range of oceanographic fluctuations. During the Holocene both atmospheric and oceanic temperatures generally decreased. However, many smaller temperature fluctuations have been observed superimposed on this general cooling trend. Warm Atlantic water flows into the Barents Sea as the northern continuation of the NAC. The warm Atlantic waters are separated from the colder Arctic waters by the Polar Front. We have chosen a core location close to the Polar Front in order to study any changes in the inflow of Atlantic Water to the Barents Sea during the Holocene. A sediment core from the Kveithola trough, western Barents Sea margin, is studied at decadal to centennial time scale. Benthic foraminiferal assemblages have been analyzed in addition to stable isotopes (?18O and ?13C) and Mg/Ca ratios. The first results of the benthic foraminiferal assemblages show a general Holocene warming trend for the western Barents Sea. Cold water associated species such as Elphidium excavatum are replaced by cooled Atlantic Water associated species (Cassidulina neoteretis, Cassidulina reniforme) around 9500 cal. yr. BP. A lithological shift and a drop in total organic carbon (TOC) is observed around 8400 cal. yr. BP and might indicate a change in water mass. The benthic foraminiferal assemblages show a stable trend during mid-Holocene and the assemblage is dominated by C. neoteretis and C. reniforme. Additionally, we will present data on Mg/Ca ratios and stable isotopes, both measured on the species C. neoteretis, which enables an independent reconstruction of salinity and temperature throughout the Holocene.

Groot, D. E.; Aagaard Sørensen, S.; Husum, K.; Hald, M.



Foraminiferal Distributions, Sedimentation Rates and Patterns in the Albemarle Estuarine System, North Carolina  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The modern distribution of benthic foraminifera of the Albemarle Estuarine System (AES) has been characterized by studying 50 strategically chosen sites to provide a model for paleoenvironmental interpretations of short sediment cores (15-75 cm). Water bodies studied within the AES include Albemarle Sound, Currituck Sound, Roanoke Sound, Croatan Sound, northern Pamlico Sound, North River, Pasquotank River, Alligator River, as well as Oregon Inlet and the adjacent foreshore and shoreface of the Atlantic Ocean. Sedimentation rates in the study area have been addressed using 210Pb and 137Cs dating methods. Five foraminiferal assemblages are present: an inner estuary biofacies characterized by two dominant genera, Ammobaculites and Ammotium, with moderate percentages of Miliammina fusca and minor percentages of Ammoastuta salsa; an outer estuary biofacies characterized again by Ammobaculites and Ammotium, but with lower percentages of Miliammina fusca; a marsh shoreline biofacies characterized by a mixed assemblage dominated by Ammobaculites and Ammotium with minor to moderate percentages of adjacent marsh foraminifera; a marsh biofacies characterized by varying abundances of Ammoastuta inepta, Arenoparella mexicana, Haplophragmoides wilberti, Jadammina macrescens, Miliammina earlandi, Miliammina fusca, Tiphotrocha comprimata, Trochammina inflata, as well as the genera Ammobaculites and Ammotium; and a marine (normal salinity) biofacies characterized mainly by Elphidium excavatum and minor percentages of other elphidiids. Sedimentation rates were studied from 28 short cores taken along transects in all the major water bodies. Rates were as high as 0.45 cm/yr at the head of Albemarle Sound and as little as 0.05 cm/yr 60 km away in the eastern part of the Albemarle. The embayed tributaries exhibited sedimentation rates on the order of 0.25 cm/yr. Limited information on sedimentation rates was provided by cores in eastern sounds, which had only a few centimeters of recent sediment possessing excess 210Pb over sediments out of range of 210Pb dating. Based on 210Pb and 137Cs trends, as well as variations in different physio-chemical conditions present at each site, notably salinity, two short cores from the Albemarle Sound, one located at the head of the sound and the second 60 km away in the eastern part of the sound, were chosen for down core paleoenvironmental reconstruction using foraminiferal assemblages as environmental indicators. Analysis of these cores has enabled an historic reconstruction of environmental conditions within the AES, as well as an understanding of the taphonomic processes that affect estuarine foraminiferal assemblages.

Vance, D. J.; Corbett, D. R.; Culver, S. J.



Association of environmental traits with the geographic ranges of ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) of medical and veterinary importance in the western Palearctic. A digital data set.  


We compiled information on the distribution of ticks in the western Palearctic (11°W, 45°E; 29°N, 71°N), published during 1970-2010. The literature search was filtered by the tick's species name and an unambiguous reference to the point of capture. Records from some curated collections were included. We focused on tick species of importance to human and animal health, in particular: Ixodes ricinus, Dermacentor marginatus, D. reticulatus, Haemaphysalis punctata, H. sulcata, Hyalomma marginatum, Hy. lusitanicum, Rhipicephalus annulatus, R. bursa, and the R. sanguineus group. A few records of other species (I. canisuga, I. hexagonus, Hy. impeltatum, Hy. anatolicum, Hy. excavatum, Hy. scupense) were also included. A total of 10,280 records was included in the data set. Almost 42 % of published references are not adequately referenced (and not included in the data set), host is reported for only 61 % of records and a reference to time of collection is missed for 84 % of published records. Ixodes ricinus accounted for 44.3 % of total records, with H. marginatum and D. marginatus accounting for 7.1 and 8.1 % of records, respectively. The lack of homogeneity of the references and potential pitfalls in the compilation were addressed to create a digital data set of the records of the ticks. We attached to every record a coherent set of quantitative descriptors for the site of reporting, namely gridded interpolated monthly climate and remotely sensed data on vegetation (NDVI). We also attached categorical descriptors of the habitat: a standard classification of land biomes and an ad hoc classification of the target territory from remotely sensed temperature and NDVI data. A descriptive analysis of the data revealed that a principal components reduction of the environmental (temperature and NDVI) variables described the distribution of the species in the target territory. However, categorical descriptors of the habitat were less effective. We stressed the importance of building reliable collections of ticks with specific references as to collection point, host and date of capture. The data set is freely downloadable. PMID:22843316

Estrada-Peña, A; Farkas, Robert; Jaenson, Thomas G T; Koenen, Frank; Madder, Maxime; Pascucci, Ilaria; Salman, Mo; Tarrés-Call, Jordi; Jongejan, Frans



Identification of Tick-Borne Pathogens in Ticks Feeding on Humans in Turkey  

PubMed Central

Background The importance of tick-borne diseases is increasing all over the world, including Turkey. The tick-borne disease outbreaks reported in recent years and the abundance of tick species and the existence of suitable habitats increase the importance of studies related to the epidemiology of ticks and tick-borne pathogens in Turkey. The aim of this study was to investigate the presence of and to determine the infection rates of some tick-borne pathogens, including Babesia spp., Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato and spotted fever group rickettsiae in the ticks removed from humans in different parts of Ankara. Methodology/Principal Findings A total of 169 ticks belonging to the genus Haemaphysalis, Hyalomma, Ixodes and Rhipicephalus were collected by removing from humans in different parts of Ankara. Ticks were molecularly screened for Babesia spp., Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato and spotted fever group rickettsiae by PCR and sequencing analysis. We detected 4 Babesia spp.; B. crassa, B. major, B. occultans and B. rossi, one Borrelia spp.; B. burgdorferi sensu stricto and 3 spotted fever group rickettsiae; R. aeschlimannii, R. slovaca and R. hoogstraalii in the tick specimens analyzed. This is the report showing the presence of B. rossi in a region that is out of Africa and in the host species Ha. parva. In addition, B. crassa, for which limited information is available on its distribution and vector species, and B. occultans, for which no conclusive information is available on its presence in Turkey, were identified in Ha. parva and H. marginatum, respectively. Two human pathogenic rickettsia species (R. aeschlimannii and R. slovaca) were detected with a high prevalence in ticks. Additionally, B. burgdorferi sensu stricto was detected in unusual tick species (H. marginatum, H. excavatum, Hyalomma spp. (nymph) and Ha. parva). Conclusions/Significance This study investigates both the distribution of several tick-borne pathogens affecting humans and animals, and the presence of new tick-borne pathogens in Turkey. More epidemiological studies are warranted for B. rossi, which is very pathogenic for dogs, because the presented results suggest that B. rossi might have a wide distribution in Turkey. Furthermore, we recommend that tick-borne pathogens, especially R. aeschlimannii, R. slovaca, and B. burgdorferi sensu stricto, should be taken into consideration in patients who had a tick bite in Turkey. PMID:25101999

Orkun, Ömer; Karaer, Zafer; Çakmak, Ay?e; Nalbanto?lu, Serpil



Decontaminating Flooded Wells (Spanish)  

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de fosas s?pticas inundadas o plantas de tratamiento de agua residual, pesticidas o fertilizantes aplicados a los cultivos que se han inundado. La existencia de un sistema s?ptico cerca de un pozo tambi?n puede provocar contaminaci?n cuando se...

Boellstorff, Diana; Dozier, Monty; Provin, Tony; Dictson, Nikkoal; McFarland, Mark L.



Diagnóstico y estadificación

El cáncer puede causar muchos síntomas diferentes. El doctor ordenará pruebas para determinar si los síntomas son causados por cáncer o por algún otro problema. Si se diagnostica cáncer, el doctor efectuará algunas pruebas para determinar el estadio. Al conocer el estadio, el doctor podrá hacer un plan de tratamiento y hablar del pronóstico.


Drug Facts  

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... this page Hear and read a story about drug treatment. Take a quiz : What do you know about drugs? Haga clic aquí para información sobre el abuso ... y tratamiento. VIDEO: Anyone Can Become Addicted to Drugs VIDEO: Why Are Drugs So Hard to Quit? ...


SERVICIO DE ORTOPEDIA El servicio de ortopedia forma parte del Hospital Veterinario de Especialidades de la UNAM  

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, internos y residentes en el diagnóstico y tratamiento tanto medico como quirúrgico de las alteraciones musculo esqueléticas de los perros y de los gatos Tenemos la experiencia y el equipo para realizar los

Islas, León


REVIEW ARTICLE Standard methods for Nosema research  

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el campo y en el laboratorio. Para el trabajo de campo, se describen diferentes métodos de muestreo ensayos de campo para evaluar los tratamientos y el impacto de la enfermedad. Los métodos de laboratorio. Finalmente, se describe cómo llevar a cabo diferentes tipos de experimentos, incluyendo la dosis infecciosa

Paxton, Robert


Razonamiento automatico en logica de primer orden Juan J. Arrabal, Jose A. Alonso, Delia Balbontin y Javier Herrera  

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teoremas de L´ogica de primer or- den. Para dicha demostraci´on hemos elegi- do como campo de experimentaci. Como es corriente en la experimentaci´on en razonamiento au- tom´atico, a lo largo del experimento apare- cen nuevos problemas; en nuestro experimento nos hemos encontrado con el problema del tratamiento

Alonso, José A.



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En este trabajo se presentan los resultados de un estudio meta-analítico sobre la efectividad de los programas multicomponentes en el tratamiento de sujetos con adicción al tabaco. Una búsqueda exhaustiva de la literatura nos permitió identificar 16 trabajos empíricos realizados en España entre 1980 y 1996, dando lugar a un total de 37 estudios independientes que recogían datos de 1.979

Julio Sánchez Meca; José Olivares Rodríguez; Ana Isabel; Rosa Alcázar



Estrategias cognitivo-conductuales para el manejo del craving  

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En el presente trabajo se revisaron los aspectos genera- les del craving y se destacó su importancia para la adhe- rencia al tratamiento en adicciones. De igual manera se revisaron las diferentes estrategias cognitivo-conductua- les para el manejo del craving, las cuales incluían: detención del pensamiento, técnicas de distracción, con- trol y programación de actividades, entrenamiento en relajación, técnicas de

Iván González Salazar



Una investigación cualitativa y etnográfica sobre el valor educativo y el uso didáctico del patrimonio cultural  

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Se han hecho valiosas aportaciones acerca del estudio del patrimonio cultural desde la perspectiva de las diversas ciencias sociales y de la didáctica, pero dichas aportaciones parece que han encontrado escaso eco en la enseñanza-aprendizaje de las ciencias sociales. Para acercarnos al conocimiento de lo que realmente se entiende por patrimonio cultural y su tratamiento en la enseñanza, a nivel

Neus González Monfort



UNIVERSIDAD DE GRANADA E.T.S. de Ingenier a Informatica  

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grupo de investigacion de "Tratamiento de la Incertidumbre en Inteligencia Arti cial" su ayuda, el grato parte, deseo hacer constar mi reconocimiento a la CICYT y al Vicerrectorado de Investigacion de la Cualitativa de Modelos de Independencias 39 2.1 Introduccion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Granada, Universidad de



Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMEN El interés por la comprensión holística de las organizaciones se manifiesta en la proliferación de artículos basados en metodologías cualitativas. Este hecho no se ve acompañado con el empleo de herramientas que contribuyan a la validez y fiabilidad de las investigaciones. Este trabajo pone de manifiesto la existencia de programas específicos para el tratamiento de datos cualitativos y explica

Caro González



Enfermedad poliquística autosómica recesiva  

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1 RESUMEN Como enfermedades renales poliquísticas hereditarias se describen clásicamente la autosómica recesiva y la autosómica dominante, mal llamadas enfermedad poliquística de «tipo infantil» y de «tipo adulto», respectivamente, pues ambas pueden verse tanto en una como en otra edad. Los conceptos cambiantes en cuanto a la enfermedad autosómica recesiva, dados por los progresos en el tratamiento de los recién

Sandalio Durán Álvarez


Qué tipos hay de estudios clínicos

Información sobre los diversos tipos de estudios clínicos de cáncer, como son los estudios de tratamiento, de prevención, de exámenes selectivos de detección, de cuidados médicos de apoyo y de cuidados paliativos. Cada tipo de estudio está diseñado para responder a diferentes cuestiones de investigación.



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Resumen Anteriores investigaciones, sugieren una incorporación por las plantas del carbono proveniente del metanol; por ello se diseñaron experimentos para determinar si su aplicación foliar afectaría el rendimiento y crecimiento en un cultivo hidropónico de lechuga (Lactuca sativa L.). Se utilizó metanol a los porcentajes de 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 y 80, con un testigo sin tratamiento.

Mónica Solari; Alfredo Rodríguez-Delfín; Sven E. Jacobsen; Hugo Soplín; Juan Guerrero; Salomón Helfgott


Pruebas de seguimiento

Ofrece información sobre las posibles pruebas de seguimiento; los posibles tratamientos y pasos a seguir para las mujeres con un resultado anormal en una prueba de detección del cáncer de cuello uterino, entre ellos, la crema de estrógeno, la colposcopia, la biopsia por legrado endocervical, la biopsia con sacabocados y la biopsia de cono.


Múltiples maternidades y la insoportable levedad de la paternidad en reproducción humana asistida Multiple Maternities and the Unbearable Lightness of Paternity in Assisted Human Reproduction  

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Resumen Se pretende mostrar como construyen la maternidad y paternidad un grupo de demandantes, donantes y receptores de las técnicas de reproducción asistida. La idea central del artículo es que la ideología básica de nuestro sistema de parentesco occidental, donde consanguinidad y filiación están unidas, gene ra un modelo de referencia que resulta difícil eludir cuando en los tratamientos de

Consuelo ÁLVAREZ



Llamada al autocuidado. Seguimiento telefónico a enfermedades crónicas  

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La complejidad que las enfermedades crónicas confieren en su abordaje, hace necesaria la búsqueda de nuevas fórmulas de atención a las personas que las padecen. La evidencia demuestra que las estrategias centradas en el automanejo de la enfermedad ayudan a la persona a comprender mejor su problema de salud y tratamiento, al mismo tiempo mejora la adherencia terapéutica y proporciona

Marisa Martí; Núria Fabrellas; Senta Chicote; Vanessa Escribano; Àngels Raventós; Neus Padilla




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En el presente trabajo se aborda el tratamiento teórico que en la literatura científica se le da a la antropología, se hace referencia a las diversas ideas y autores que han tomado parte en las valoraciones acerca de la validez e importancia del tema, y se revela la necesidad de su estudio para la comprensión de sus contribuciones teóricas. El

Rafaela Macías Reyes; Marianne Marrero Sánchez



Si tiene cáncer

Más información Los estudios clínicos de tratamiento para cáncer son estudios de investigación para encontrar mejores formas de tratar el cáncer. Es importante que mujeres y hombres de todas las edades y antecedentes étnicos participen en los estudios clínicos, para que lo que se aprenda en ellos ayude a todos los pacientes de cáncer ahora y en el futuro.


El Pensamiento Económico de John Maynard Keynes y Milton Friedman. Un estudio de sus teorías a través de 4 problemas centrales  

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El presente trabajo está enmarcado en el estudio del pensamiento económico universal. Trae a colación la obra de dos de los pensadores y hacedores de la política económica más relevantes del siglo XX en el Capitalismo: John Maynard Keynes y Milton Friedman. Abordamos, de forma comparativa y analítica el tratamiento que dan ambos autores a cuatro problemas fundamentales de la

Yoandris Sierra Lara



Nutrient Availability in Rangeland Soils: Influence of Prescribed Burning, Herbaceous Vegetation Removal, Overseeding with Bromus tectorum, Season, and Elevation  

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Removal, Overseeding with Bromus tectorum, Season, and Elevation R. R. Blank,1 J. Chambers,2 B. Roundy,3 prescribed burning, herbaceous vegetation removal, and controls. Cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum L´ Bromus tectorum L. en pequen~as subparcelas dentro de cada tratamiento. Posterior a la aplicacio´n de


Lo que usted necesita saber sobre™ el cáncer de seno

Contiene información sobre las opciones de tratamiento, los diferentes médicos que tratan el cáncer de seno, la obtención de una segunda opinión, los cuidados de seguimiento y las fuentes de apoyo para alguien que ha sido diagnosticado recientemente con cáncer de seno.


Impacto de las redes sociales de pacientes en la práctica asistencial  

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Las redes sociales de pacientes son espacios virtuales donde pacientes con condiciones similares se ponen en contacto y comparten tratamientos y problemas de salud. Estas redes ofrecen a las personas con problemas específicos de salud la oportunidad de compartir experiencias, buscar, recibir y proveer información, consejos e incluso apoyo emocional online. Pero, ¿cuál es el impacto de estas redes en

Elena Torrente; Joan Escarrabill; Tino Martí




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Este trabajo realiza comentarios y observaciones a la investigación de Herrera y Millones (2011).1 En primer lugar, se analiza este estudio desde la perspectiva metodológica considerando los siguientes puntos: a) el cálculo del valor del daño ambiental minero utilizando precios sombra, b) el tratamiento de la información y las posibles limitaciones de los resultados, y c) el análisis de algunos

Alfredo Dammert; Arturo Vásquez; Raúl García; Victor Zurita; Humberto Ortiz; Erix Ruiz




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En Cuba existe una estrategia ambiental dirigida a disminuir el efecto de degradación de los suelos y el cambio climático, implementar de forma generalizada la agricultura sostenible, eliminar las manifestaciones de vertimiento inadecuado de residuos líquidos y sólidos sin un accionar científico que permita su re-uso y tratamiento, controlar la contaminación ambiental, la desertificación de los suelos, la deforestación, la

Armando Paz Aguilera; Tania Lestapier Reyes; Dágmaris Fernández Barbán; Yaritza Milagros La O Soria; Rogelio García Tejera; Rafael Leyva Galán



Vicerrectorado de Profesorado, Titulaciones, Ordenacin Acadmica, Coordinacin y Campus.  

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: dispone de salas de tratamiento individual y grupal, Sala de Faradays y Sala de Realidad Virtual. Unidad. AULARIO I Con 7 aulas dedicadas a la docencia y tres a la práctica de Informática, dispone asimismo de un Aula Magna con capacidad para 235 personas. AULARIO II Con 15 aulas para la docencia, un laboratorio de

Rey Juan Carlos, Universidad


Cómo hacer frente al cáncer: cuidados médicos de apoyo y cuidados paliativos

Formas de controlar los efectos físicos y psicológicos del cáncer y del tratamiento en los pacientes y sus familias, así como los efectos en la calidad de vida. También se incluye información sobre servicios de salud, ayuda económica y seguro médico.


Caracterización de tintas de titanio dopadas con óxidos metálicos  

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Se prepararon tintas de Diisopropoxido de titanio bis(acetilacetonato) por el método sol-gel para aplicar en la elaboración de nanoestructuras mediante la técnica de escritura directa. Esta técnica permite estructurar materiales con alto índice de refracción a escala micro y nanométrica en tres dimensiones mediante extrusión, para elaborar cristales fotónicos. El tratamiento de las nanoestructuras extruidas a temperaturas elevadas para transformarlas



El enfoque del espacio de estados en modelos de crecimiento  

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desarrollo de un rodal a trav´es de numerosas decisiones y tratamientos silv´icolas. La densidad de rodal puede ser controlada eligiendo la densidad de plantaci´on, y con raleos. La densidad afecta la producci

García, Oscar


Drinking Water Problems: Copper (Spanish)  

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concentraciones altas de cobre en el agua son esen- ciales para identificar un sistema de tratamiento que controlar? o corregir? el problema. ?Qu? indica una presencia de cobre en el agua? Las altas concentraciones de cobre pueden darle al agua un sabor met...

Dozier, Monty; McFarland, Mark L.; Lesikar, Bruce J.



Etapa final de la vida (PDQ®)

Sumario informativo revisado por expertos sobre el tratamiento y la atención del paciente de cáncer desde los últimos días hasta las últimas horas de vida; esto incluye los síntomas comunes, los dilemas éticos que pueden surgir y la función que desempeña el oncólogo en proveer cuidados al paciente y su familia durante este período.


Se lanza Red Nacional de Estudios Clínicos del NCI

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) puso en marcha una nueva red de investigación de estudios clínicos con el objetivo de mejorar el tratamiento de más de 1,6 millones de estadounidenses que reciben un diagnóstico de cáncer cada año.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT Medical Medical Department Dental Services  

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT Medical Medical Department Dental Services 77 for the translation and dissemination of the Health Histories comes from MetLife Dental Care. 1 Nombre del paciente médico: Fecha de su última cita dental: 5. Sí No ¿Ha tenido problemas con algún tratamiento dental en el

Polz, Martin


Disposal: Science and Theory UNIVERSIDAD  

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despoblaron masivamente. ­ Se utilizaron dos sistemas de espuma de aire comprimido (CAFS, por sus siglas en comparación a gran escala · Se usaron dos tecnologías de espuma: ­ Expansión intermedia ­ Generador de espuma · 2.500 pollos de engorde / tratamiento · Generador de espuma ­ Agua: 3.463 litros ­ Espuma: 34 litros

Benson, Eric R.


Uso didáctico de las tecnologías de la información y comunicación en educación física en secundaria. Ejemplo de unidad didáctica  

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En este artículo se justifica la contribución de las nuevas tecnologías de la información y comunicación (TICs) al área de Educación Física para enriquecer el tratamiento de algunos contenidos. Aunque se trata de una materia evidentemente procedimental, hay contenidos que si son transmitidos con ayuda de las TICs, son mejor asimilados por los alumnos\\/as y están más receptivos durante la

Justo Manuel García Sánchez



ALCHEMIST (Estudios sobre la Secuenciación e Identificación de Marcadores para el Mejoramiento de la Terapia Adjuvante para el Cáncer de Pulmón): Preguntas y respuestas

ALCHEMIST comprende tres estudios clínicos integrados de medicina de precisión diseñados para identificar a personas con cáncer de pulmón en estadio inicial cuyos tumores tienen ciertos cambios genéticos poco comunes. También buscan evaluar si los tratamientos con medicamentos que combaten esos cambios moleculares pueden mejorar la supervivencia


Risk-adapted treatment of acute promyelocytic leukemia with all-trans retinoic acid and anthracycline monochemotherapy: Long-term outcome of the LPA 99 multicenter study by the PETHEMA Group  

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A previous report of the Programa de Estudio y Tratamiento de las Hemopatfas Malignas (PETHEMA) Group showed that a risk-adapted strategy combining all-trans retinoic acid (ATRA) and anthracycline monochemotherapy for induction and consolidation in newly diagnosed acute promyelocytic leukemia results in an improved outcome. Here we analyze treatment outcome of an enlarged series of patients who have been followed up

M. A. Sanz; P. Montesinos; E. Vellenga; C. Rayón; J. de la Serna; R. Parody; J. M. Bergua; A. León; S. Negri; M. González; C. Rivas; J. Esteve; G. Milone; E. Amutio; S. Brunet; J. García-Laraña; D. Colomer; M. J. Calasanz; C. Chillón; E. Barragán; P. Bolufer; B. Löwenberg



Terapias adyuvantes y neoadyuvantes para el cáncer de seno

Hoja informativa que explica las terapias adyuvantes (tratamiento que se administra además de la terapia primaria para aumentar la posibilidad de supervivencia a largo plazo) y las neoadyuvantes (terapia que se administra antes de la terapia principal). Contiene información sobre los efectos secundarios y sobre los riesgos y beneficios de estas terapias.



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con cuatro repeticiones. La unidad experimental net a fue 20m 2 (20mx1m). Las variables evaluadas fueron: Incremento de altura y diámetro, número de brotes, producción de tallos, peso de tallos en verde, determinación de m ateria seca, peso de tallos en blanca, número de días de apertura de flor, número de días en florero y análisis económico. El tratamiento que


Añadir quimioterapia después de la radioterapia mejora la supervivencia de adultos con un tipo de tumor cerebral de crecimiento lento

Adultos con gliomas de grado bajo, una forma de tumor cerebral, que recibieron tratamiento con quimioterapia después de la radioterapia vivieron más tiempo que pacientes que recibieron solo radioterapia, según los resultados de seguimiento a largo plazo de un estudio clínico aleatorizado y controlado, subvencionado por los NIH.



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I JORNADAS SOBRE TRASTORNO DE D�FICIT DE ATENCI�N CON/SIN HIPERACTIVIDAD. CONOCIENDO EL TDAH PARA alumnos que presentan TDAH tienen capacidad para adquirir nuevos conocimientos, pero su dificultad radica. "Conociendo el TDAH": Origen, signos de alerta, diagnóstico, evaluación, tratamiento. Ponente: Dra. Mara

Rey Juan Carlos, Universidad


Doble jornada escolar y calidad de la educación en Colombia  

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La calidad de la educación es uno de los principales determinantes del crecimiento económico y el desarrollo. El objetivo fundamental del presente documento es evaluar si la doble jornada escolar tiene efectos negativos sobre la calidad de la educación en Colombia. Para esto se estima el efecto local promedio del tratamiento a partir de regresiones con variables instrumentales. Los resultados

Leonardo Bonilla M



Doble jornada escolar y calidad de la educación en Colombia  

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La calidad de la educación es uno de los principales determinantes del crecimiento económico y el desarrollo. El principal objetivo del presente documento es evaluar si la doble jornada escolar tiene efectos negativos sobre la calidad de la educación en Colombia. Para esto se estima el efecto local promedio del tratamiento a partir de regresiones con variables instrumentales. Los resultados

Leonardo Bonilla Mejía



¿Cuánto más vale prevenir que curar? Reflexiones sobre la distribución de gastos en la atención médica  

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Según la sabiduría convencional, más vale prevenir que curar: el prevenir un accidente o una enfermedad no sólo evita dolor y sufrimiento, sino que será más barato que el tratamiento médico a la persona enferma o herida. A veces esto es claramente cierto, pero en otros casos puede ser cuestionable. Como mínimo, la distribución de recursos médicos entre atenciones preventivas

Philip Musgrove



Comienza la construcción de instalación patrocinada por el NCI en Puerto Rico para realizar estudios clínicos sobre el cáncer

El gobierno de Puerto Rico ha destinado $196 millones de dólares para construir un hospital oncológico de 287 000 pies cuadrados en San Juan, que contará con 96 camas. El nuevo hospital es el primero en su clase en la región caribeña y en él se llevarán a cabo tratamientos para el cáncer y estudios clínicos.


Dealing with Storm-Damaged Trees (Spanish)  

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ER-040S 10-07 Tratamiento de ?rboles da?ados por la tormenta Melanie R. Kirk, Especialista en Programa de Extensi?n Eric L. Taylor, Profesor Adjunto y Especialista de Extensi?n y C. Darwin Foster, Jefa Adjunta del Departamento y L?der del Programa...

Kirk, Melanie; Taylor, Eric; Foster, C. Darwin



La metodologia de la valoracion contingente en la evaluacion de proyectos ambientales : el caso del saneamiento del Rio Medellin  

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Como consecuencia del crecimiento de las ciudades, se hace cada vez más sentida la necesidad de desarrollar proyectos de carácter ambiental que subsanen el efecto negativo del urbanismo y las grandes concentraciones poblacionales. Tal es el caso de los rellenos sanitarios y sistemas de alcantarillado y tratamiento de aguas residuales, entre otros. Sin embargo, los problemas de contaminación y saneamiento,

Fredy Zuleta D




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La reperfusión arterial coronaria es el tratamiento indicado para reducir el tamaño del infarto en la patología isquémica cardiaca. Paradójicamente, el restablecimiento del flujo coronario produce daños adicionales sobre el miocardio isquémico, condición a la que se conoce como daño letal por reperfusión. Entre las muchas estrategias que se han desarrollado para evitar el daño por reperfusión, destaca la propuesta

Correa F


La contaminación de la industria de pasta-papel en Galicia: un análisis de flujos de materiales y energía  

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Este estudio analiza, en términos físicos, los flujos de materiales y energía en la fabricación de pasta-papel en Galicia, que está encuadrada en el grupo de actividades industriales más contaminantes. La contabilización física de las interrelaciones entre actividades económicas, de los recursos naturales utilizados y de los residuos emitidos, complementa el tratamiento convencional en términos monetarios. El método aquí utilizado





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Este artículo hace una revisión de las masas sólidas renales bilaterales en niños y sus diagnósticos diferenciales basados en la edad de presentación y en las características observadas en las imágenes diagnósticas. Las lesiones más frecuentes son el tumor de wilms, el linfoma no Hodgkin y la nefroblastomatosis. Conocerlas es importante para la planeación de los tratamientos médico y quirúrgico

Hugo Hernán Ferreira Traslaviña; Gustavo Triana; Jennifer León Martínez; Nelson Bedoya


Regulating Prostitution: A Comparative Law and Economics Approach  

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El mercado de la prostitución ha sido históricamente y es en la actualidad objeto de una amplia y variada gama de tratamientos legales. La literatura económica ha explorado la naturaleza de las decisiones de oferta y demanda en este mercado, tanto desde el punto de vista teórico como empírico. En este artículo, nos centramos en analizar los efectos sobre el

Rocío Albert; Fernando Gómez; Yanna Gutierrez Franco



Evaluación de la toxicidad de un efluente cervecero mediante ensayos de inhibición de la actividad metanogénica Evaluating brewery wastewater toxicity using a methanogenic activity inhibition test  

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RESUMEN La tecnología anaerobia, como opción de tratamiento para las aguas residuales en Colombia, se inició a mediados de los años ochenta. Sin embargo, el manejo y operación de estos sistemas fue complejo y ha tenido un gran número de problemas, especialmente relacionados con el diseño, la puesta en marcha y la operación de los reacto- res. En la actualidad

María Carolina; García Chaves; María Consuelo; Díaz Báez



Estudio Lung-MAP: Protocolo modelo para el cáncer de pulmón de células escamosas

Conjunto de información sobre el estudio Lung-Map, el cual examinará los resultados del tratamiento en pacientes con cáncer de pulmón de células escamosas, quienes fueron asignados a recibir diferentes medicamentos dirigidos según los resultados del perfil genómico de sus tumores.


Iniciativa de Respuestas Excepcionales: Preguntas y respuestas

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) emprendió la Iniciativa de Respuestas Excepcionales (Exceptional Responders Initiative) a fin de entender la base molecular de los tumores en pacientes de cáncer que responden en forma excepcional al tratamiento, principalmente el administrado por quimioterapia.


La teoría económica y financiera del precio: dos enfoques complementarios  

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resumen El análisis de los precios ha sido abordado desde varios enfoques y por ello su tratamiento difiere. No puede decirse que éstos son excluyentes; por el contrario, existe una fuerte relación entre ellos, la que, sin embargo, poco se reconoce en el ámbito académico y empresarial de los teóricos de las finanzas y el marketing, por desconocer la fundamentación

Javier Bernardo Cadena Lozano



Medicina de precisión y terapia dirigida

Información sobre la función que desempeñan las terapias dirigidas en la medicina de precisión. Explica cómo las terapias dirigidas actúan contra el cáncer, quién recibe estas terapias, los efectos secundarios más comunes y lo que se debe esperar al recibir este tipo de tratamientos.


El análisis de un estudio clínico indica que una combinación de fármacos puede ser de gran eficacia contra el cáncer de ovario recidivante

El uso de un tratamiento farmacológico combinado para el cáncer de ovario recidivante mostró mejorías significativas, según se informó el día de hoy en el congreso anual de la Sociedad Americana de Oncología Clínica (ASCO). La combinación farmacológica se evaluó en un estudio de fase I y posteriormente en un estudio clínico aleatorizado de fase II patrocinado por el Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI).


Estudiossobrebiodegradacindemicrocontaminantesorgnicosemergentes Estudio sobre biodegradacin de  

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, hidrocarburos, Disinfection By Products, compuestos halogenados, etc. MICROCONTAMINANTES EMERGENTES activado INVESTIGACI�N Tratamientos alternativos: DEPURACI�N NATURAL DE LAS AGUAS EN EL SUBSUELO (ZNS alternativos: DEPURACI�N NATURAL DE LAS AGUAS EN EL SUBSUELO (ZNS+ZS) Degradación aerobia (Mersmann&al,2002

Politècnica de Catalunya, Universitat


Ni genio ni farsante : Edgar Allan Poe y Eureka  

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Eureka (1848) ha sido considerado superficialmente como una versión expandida de una conferencia sobre cosmología que Poe había dado ese mismo año. Sin embargo, la seriedad de este trabajo como un trabajo científico debería ser cuestionada. El tratamiento de algunos temas, que se encuentran en otros escritos de Poe, muestra que el autor no busca ser consistente. Entonces, el texto

G. St. John Stott



Nuevo estudio relaciona a los índices de utilización de servicios de atención médica más que a la biología con las desigualdades en salud por cáncer colorrectal

Los índices más altos de incidencia y mortalidad por cáncer colorrectal que experimentan los afroamericanos pueden deberse principalmente a las diferencias en la utilización de servicios médicos y en menor proporción a la biología, según un nuevo estudio dirigido por investigadores del NCI. Índices más bajos de seguimiento podrían resultar en un retraso del diagnóstico y de tratamiento y en un aumento de la mortalidad.


Administracin Nacional de Aeronutica y del Espacio Descubra la relacin que tiene el espacio con usted  

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los océanos Remedios contra la contaminación ambiental Control de corrosión en represas y puentes sistema de tratamiento de aguas negras, el cual protege el medio ambiente. ¿Y quién no querría puentes y corrosión en puentes, represas y otras estructuras. Si usted pasa tiempo en la playa, allí está la NASA con


INVESTIGACIN Instituto de Investigaciones sobre Recursos  

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la agricultura · Manejo y calidad del agua costera y subterránea · Estudios hidrológicos (H&H) y · Manejo de erosión y sedimentación · Manejo y calidad de agua superficial · Manejo y tratamiento de aguas usadas · Manejo y control de fuentes dispersas · Manejo y control de inundaciones · Mapas de riesgos y

Gilbes, Fernando


Aspectos clínicos de la biología molecular del cáncer de próstata  

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Resumen  La tecnología del ADN recombinante ha sido una herramienta invaluable para entender los mecanismos de carcinogénesis. Por\\u000a ejemplo, hemos podido conocer que en nuestro propio genoma existen genes con la capacidad de inducir transformación maligna\\u000a (oncogenes) on con la capacidad de bloquearla (genes supresores de tumores). Esta tecnología también nos ha permitido desarrollar\\u000a nuevas estrategias de diagnóstico y tratamiento del

Diana González-Espinosa; Miguel A. Jiménez Ríos; Andrés A. Gutiérrez-López




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que en épocas previas habían parecido más abstractos y des- provistos de conexiones con la realidad física, se ha ma- nifestado más tarde de modo,misterioso como,la clave para entender y manejar mejor porciones de la realidad que parecían resistirse al tratamiento mediante,otras técnicas más directas. Las aplicaciones de la matemática, por otra parte, han encontrado en nuestro tiempo un intenso



El Centro para la Salud Mundial del NCI anuncia las primeras becas de investigación para apoyar las tecnologías portátiles

El Centro para la Salud Mundial del NCI (CGH) anunció el otorgamiento de subvenciones que apoyarán el desarrollo y la validación de tecnologías portátiles y de bajo costo. Estas tecnologías tienen el potencial de mejorar la detección temprana, el diagnóstico y los tratamientos no invasivos o mínimamente invasivos de varios tipos de cáncer con una prevalencia particularmente alta en ciertos países con economías de ingreso bajo y mediano.


Incomunicación múltiple en el Teatro breve de Solórzano  

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FALL 1992 111 Incomunicación múltiple en el Teatro breve de Solórzano Francisco Javier Higuero La mayoría de los estudios críticos centrados en la obra dramática de Carlos Solórzano suelen prestar atención primordialmente al tratamiento teatral..., marionetas, etc. Este teatro ha sido estudiado también muy acertadamente en conexión con la tradición popular y folklórica. Un ejemplo de estas orientaciones de la crítica del teatro de Solórzano podría verse en el libro de Esteban Rivas, Carlos Solórzano...

Higuero, Francisco Javier



Miss “Nicht” A Small Girl Who Was Betrayed of Her Childhood  

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In this article, I describe the first 2 years of the treatment of a 3-to-5-year-old girl. In my view, it demonstrates how one can observe and understand within the therapeutic relationship the development of psychotic and\\/or borderline pathology in early childhood.TRANSLATIONS OF ABSTRACTEn este artículo describo los dos primeros años de tratamiento de una niña de 3 a 5 años.





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PONTIFICIA UNIVERSIDAD CATOLICA DE CHILE ESCUELA DE INGENIERIA DEPARTAMENTO DE INGENIERIA ELECTRICA ley corta. c) La expansión de la transmisión en Chile seguía (antes de la ley corta) un esquema de Agregado de Distribución (VAD) del 2000 en Chile modificó el tratamiento del área típica que se había

Rudnick, Hugh


The Late Holocene Stratigraphy of an Inlet-Dominated Barrier Island, Pea Island, North Carolina.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Sedimentological, foraminiferal, geochemical, and geophysical data sets as well as aerial photographs have been used to investigate the natural processes (inlet dynamics, ocean/estuarine washover, and sea-level change) responsible for the late Holocene units preserved in the barrier island subsurface at Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge. Historic nautical charts indicate that three inlets characterized Pea Island between early European exploration (1590) and the late 19th century; aerial photographs show New Inlet open in 1932 and 1940. Vibracores (up to 5.5 m) collected along three transects across Pea Island extend our knowledge of the geological evolution of this region to pre-historic times. The section in the longest core (PI01S6) consists of four fining-upwards depositional sequences. The basal unit of each sequence is a bedded, medium to fine, clean quartz sand with increasing concentrations of organic matter (3-4 % detrital and 5-7 % in situ Spartina alterniflora roots) or irregular mud clasts (2-5 cm) to spherical mud balls (1-2 cm) up core. The clean sand units have so far proven to be barren of foraminifera except for a shelly unit at ca. 220 cm below MSL. The foraminiferal assemblage in this unit is of open shelf character (Elphidium excavatum, Hanzawaia strattoni, and Buccella inusitata). A 14C age on a disarticulated Chione cancellata valve from this unit is cal. 930+/-60 BP. The sand grades into a gray, tight mud in the first two sequences and into an inter-laminated mud and in situ peat in the third sequence. The peat contains leaf fragments and rhizomes of the marsh plants Juncus roemarianus, Spartina cynosuroides, and/or Phragmites spp. The peat and muddy sand units contain marsh foraminifera (Trochammina spp., Miliammina fusca, Arenoparrella mexicana), which are also found in modern marsh deposits. A peat sample from the third fining upward sequence (the only one to grade into a true peat) has a 14C age of cal. 395+/-35 BP, cal. 295+/-35 BP, or cal 180+/-40 BP. The four fining-upwards sequences have sharp erosional basal contacts. These deposits appear to reflect back-barrier processes including sequential deposition of flood-tide delta sands and/or sound sands adjacent to marshes. The shelly sands, containing open shelf foraminiferal assemblages, represent oceanic overwash, inlet deposits, or open embayment sands deposited behind a laterally extensive breach in the barrier island. The sequences are capped by the deposits of modern environments that include algal flats, tidal creeks, high and low marshes, back-barrier berms, overwash fans, and aeolian dunes. Several of the modern environments became covered with marsh vegetation after the construction of barrier dune ridges in the late 1930?s.

Smith, C. G.; Ames, D.; Corbett, D. R.; Culver, S.; Mallinson, D.; Riggs, S. R.; Vance, D.



The Texas Two-Step Method: Do-It-Yourself Fire Ant Control for Homes and Neighborhoods (Spanish)  

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tratamiento con otros m?todos. ? Varios productos ?org?nicos? o derivados de plantas pueden controlar las hormigas bravas. Algunos contienen aceite c?trico (d-limoneno), piretrinas, rotenona o aceite de pino (trementina). Estos deben mezclarse con agua y... embargo, este m?todo puede ser peligroso para la persona que lleva el agua caliente. El agua hirviendo que se derrame sobre el c?sped o las ra?ces de las plantas tambi?n puede matar las plantas. ?La excavaci?n puede usarse para quitar las colonias...

Drees, Bastiaan M.; Merchant, Michael E.



Información sobre el cáncer para hispanos y latinos

Cada vez más estadounidenses sobreviven al cáncer y continúan llevando vidas productivas. Sin embargo, muchos hispanos y latinos en los Estados Unidos no han escuchado este mensaje, y no se han beneficiado de los adelantos en los campos de la detección temprana y el tratamiento. El nuevo sitio web del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer,, lanzado el día 2 de abril de 2007, comunica enérgicamente el mensaje de que el cáncer puede prevenirse y tratarse, y ofrece, además, información sobre todos los aspectos de la enfermedad.


Drinking Water Standards (Spanish)  

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?blica QO Acrilamida TT 8 Trastornos sangu?neos o del sistema Se agrega al agua durante el tratamiento cero nervioso; mayor riesgo de padecer de efluentes y de agua de alcantarillado. de c?ncer QC Alaclor 0.002 Trastornos oculares, hep?ticos, renales Aguas... 0.005 Lesiones renales Corrosi?n de tubos galvanizados; erosi?n 0.005 de dep?sitos naturales; efluentes de refiner?as de metales; l?quidos de escor- rent?a de bater?as usadas y de pinturas QO Carbofurano 0.04 Trastornos sangu?neos, del sistema...

Dozier, Monty; McFarland, Mark L.



Late Differentiation Syndrome in Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia: A Challenging Diagnosis  

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Detailed knowledge about differentiation syndrome (DS) has remained limited. There are 2 large studies conducted by the Spanish workgroup PETHEMA (Programa Español de Tratamientos en Hematología; Spanish Program on Hematology Treatments) and the European group trial (LPA 96-99 and APL 93) in which the incidence, characteristics, prognostic factors and outcome of patients developing DS are evaluated. Both have described the median time of DS development between 10 and 12 days. The severity of the DS has been evaluated in the study conducted by PETHEMA, and severe DS usually occurs at the beginning of the treatment (median of 6 days), as compared with moderate DS (median of 15 days). We report here in two cases of late severe DS, with late diagnosis due to both time and form of presentation. We discuss the physiopathology, clinical presentation, prophylaxis and treatment of DS. PMID:25568763

Cabral, Renata; Caballero, Juan Carlos; Alonso, Sara; Dávila, Julio; Cabrero, Monica; Caballero, Dolores; Vázquez, Lourdes; Sánchez-Guijo, Fermin; López, Lucia; Cañizo, Maria C.; Mateos, Maria V.; González, Marcos




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Introduccion La diabetes mellitus y las demencias constituyen dos problemas crecientes de salud entre la población adulta mayor del mundo y en particular de los paises en desarrollo. Hacen falta estudios longitudinales sobre el papel de la diabetes como factor de riesgo para demencia. Objetivo Determinar el riesgo de demencia en sujetos Mexicanos con diabetes mellitus tipo 2. Materiales y Metodos Los sujetos diabéticos libres de demencia pertenecientes al Estudio Nacional de Salud y Envejecimiento en México fueron evaluados a los dos años de la línea de base. Se estudió el papel de los factores sociodemográficos, de otras comorbilidades y del tipo de tratamiento en la conversión a demencia. Resultados Durante la línea de base 749 sujetos (13.8%) tuvieron diabetes. El riesgo de desarrollar demencia en estos individuos fue el doble (RR, 2.08 IC 95%, 1.59–2.73). Se encontró un riesgo mayor en individuos de 80 años y más (RR 2.44 IC 95%, 1.46–4.08), en los hombres (RR, 2.25 IC 95%, 1.46–3.49) y en sujetos con nivel educativo menor de 7 años. El estar bajo tratamiento con insulina incrementó el riesgo de demencia (RR, 2.83, IC 95%, 1.58–5.06). Las otras comorbilidades que aumentaron el riesgo de demencia en los pacientes diabéticos fueron la hipertensión (RR, 2.75, IC 95%, 1.86–4.06) y la depresión (RR, 3.78, 95% IC 2.37–6.04). Conclusión Los sujetos con diabetes mellitus tienen un riesgo mayor de desarrollar demencia, La baja escolaridad y otras comorbilidades altamente prevalentes en la población Mexicana contribuyen a la asociación diabetes-demencia. PMID:21948010

Silvia, Mejía-Arango; Clemente, y Zúñiga-Gil



The residual and direct effects of reduced-risk and conventional miticides on twospotted spider mites, Tetranychus urticae (Acari: Tetranychidae) and predatory mites (Acari: Phytoseiidae)  

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The residual effects of several reduced-risk and conventional miticides were evaluated in strawberries (Fragaria z ananassa Duchesne) on the twospotted spider mite (TSSM), Tetranychus urticae Koch (Acari: Tetranychidae) and on 2 predatory mites, Neoseiulus californicus McGregor and Phytoseiulus persimilis Athias-Henriot (Acari: Phytoseiidae). Experiments were conducted in the laboratory and greenhouse. The greenhouse experiments also tested the direct effects of the miticides on TSSM. The efficacy of conventional and reduced-risk miticides was evaluated on strawberry leaf discs and on whole plants for control of TSSM. Furthermore, the residual effects of these miticides were evaluated on whole strawberry plants against selective predatory mites. For TSSM, 5 treatments were evaluated: a conventional miticide; fenbutatin-oxide (Vendex[reg]) and 3 reduced-risk miticides; binfenazate (Acramite 50WP[reg]), activated garlic extract (Repel[reg]), sesame seed and castor oil (Wipeout[reg]), and a water-treated control. For predatory mites, the residual effects of only Acramite[reg] and Vendex[reg] were evaluated. Acramite[reg] was the most effective acaricide in reducing TSSM populations in both the laboratory and greenhouse experiments. Vendex[reg] and Wipeout[reg] were also effective in the laboratory, but did not cause significant reduction of TSSM in the greenhouse. Repel[reg] was the least effective of the 4 pesticides evaluated. Neither Acramite[reg] nor Vendex[reg] had a significant effect on either predatory mite species. However, there appeared to be more predatory mites on the Vendex[reg]-treated plants than on the Acramite[reg]-treated plants. There were significantly more predatory mites of both species on the cue plants, which were inoculated with TSSM versus the non-cue plants, which were not inoculated. (author) [Spanish] Los efectos residuales en poblaciones de la 'arana roja', Tetranychus urticae Koch (Acari: Tetranichidae) y de los acaros predadores Neoseiulus californicus McGregor y Phytoseilus persimilis Athias-Henriot (Acari: Phytoseiidae) causados por varios acaricidas convencionales y de riesgo-reducido fueron evaluados en fresas (Fragaria x ananassa Duchense). Los experimentos fueron realizados en laboratorio e invernadero. Los experimentos en el invernadero evaluaron tambien el efecto directo de los acaricidas en la 'arana roja'. La eficacia para controlar la 'arana roja' de los acaricidas convencionales y de riesgo-reducido fue evaluada en discos de las hojas y en plantas de fresa, y los efectos residuales de los acaricidas en los acaros predadores fueron evaluados en plantas completas. Para la 'arana roja' se evaluaron cinco tratamientos: el acaricida convencional fenbutatin-oxido (Vendex[reg]), 3 acaricidas de riesgo-reducido binfenazate (Acaramite 50WP[reg]), extracto de ajo activado (Repel[reg]), aceite de semillas de ajonjoli y ricino (Wipeout[reg]) y un control tratado con agua. Para los acaros predadores solamente los efectos de Acaramite[reg] y Vendex[reg] fueron evaluados. Acaramite[reg] fue el tratamiento mas efectivo para la 'arana roja' en el laboratorio y el invernadero. Vendex[reg] y Wipeout[reg] fueron tambien efectivos en el laboratorio, pero no causaron una reduccion significativa de 'aranas rojas' en el invernadero. Repel[reg] fue el tratamiento evaluado menos eficaz. Ni Acaramite[reg] ni Vendex[reg] redujeron significativamente las poblaciones de acaros predadores. Sin embargo, aparentemente hay mas acaros predadores en Vendex[reg] que en Acaramite[reg]. Tambien se encontraron significativamente mas acaros predadores en plantas inoculadas que en plantas no inoculadas. (author)

Liburd, O.E.; White, J.C.; Rhodes, E.M. [Department of Entomology and Nematology, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611 (United States); Browdy, A.A. [Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611 (United States)



Use of black vulture (Coragyps atratus) in complementary and alternative therapies for cancer in Colombia: A qualitative study  

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Background Although Coragyps atratus has been used as a traditional therapy for patients with cancer, the scientific literature does not contain enough information on how this therapy is used or the mechanisms that explain this therapeutic practice. Objectives To understand the methods of use and the reasons given by patients and caregivers for the use of Coragyps atratus in cancer treatment. Methods This study used a qualitative design based on twenty in-depth interviews of patients with cancer or caregivers of patients with the disease. The analysis of the text was based on an inductive thematic approach. Results Resistance to disease and immune enhancement are properties attributed to Coragyps atratus when used for cancer treatment. The most recommended method of use is fresh blood ingestion, and the associated mechanism of action is transfer of immune factors to the individual who consumes it. Conclusions Use of Coragyps atratus as a treatment for cancer is a popular alternative therapy in Colombia. More studies are needed to understand the clinical effects of this intervention in cancer patients. Spanish abstract Introducción Aunque Coragyps atratus se usa tradicionalmente como terapia para pacientes con cáncer, no existe suficiente información en la literatura científica sobre su forma de utilización ni sobre los mecanismos explicativos que subyacen a esta práctica terapéutica. Objetivos Conocer métodos de utilización y mecanismos explicativos dados por los pacientes y cuidadores de pacientes sobre el uso de Coragyps atratus en el tratamiento del cáncer. Materiales y métodos Diseño cualitativo basado en veinte entrevistas en profundidad de pacientes con cáncer o cuidadores de pacientes con esta enfermedad. Análisis de texto basado en enfoque temático inductivo. Resultados Al Coragyps atratus se le atribuyen propiedades de resistencia y fortalecimiento del sistema inmune de personas enfermas de cáncer. La forma de utilización mas común es la ingesta de la sangre fresca y el mecanismo de acción asociado es la transferencia de defensas a quien lo consume. Conclusiones La utilización del Coragyps atratus como tratamiento para el cáncer es una terapia alternativa usada popularmente en Colombia. El uso de este animal debe estudiarse más a fondo para conocer los efectos clínicos en los pacientes con cáncer. PMID:22651097



Ependimoma myxopapilar sacro gigante con osteolisis  

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Objetivo: la presentación de un caso de una paciente con un ependimoma sacro con extensa infiltración y destrucción ósea local. Descripción del caso: una mujer de 53 años acudió a la consulta por dolor lumbosacro y alteraciones sensitivas perineales y esfinterianas. La imágenes por Resonancia Magnética (IRM) y la Tomografía Axial Computada (TAC) mostraron una lesión expansiva gigante a nivel S2-S4 con extensa osteólisis e invasión de tejidos adyacentes. Se realizó una exéresis tumoral completa con mejoría del estatus funcional. La anatomía patológica informó ependimoma mixopapilar. Discusión: la extensión de la resección quirúrgica es el mejor predictor de buen pronóstico. El tratamiento radiante se reserva como opción adyuvante para las resecciones incompletas y recidiva tumoral. La quimioterapia sólo debería utilizarse en casos en que la cirugía y la radioterapia estén contraindicadas. Conclusión: Los ependimomas mixopapilares sacros con destrucción ósea y presentación intra y extradural son muy infrecuentes y deben ser tenidos en cuenta entre los diagnósticos diferenciales preoperatorios. Su resección total, siempre que sea posible, es la mejor alternativa terapéutica. PMID:25165615

Ajler, Pablo; Landriel, Federico; Goldschmidt, Ezequiel; Campero, Álvaro; Yampolsky, Claudio





El objetivo del trabajo es conocer las disyuntivas entre los principios de beneficencia y autonomía, que se presentan en la relación médico-paciente, durante la terapéutica del intento de suicidio.La investigación se realizó en dos hospitales psiquiátricos de la Ciudad de México. La muestra incluyó a tres sujetos con intento de suicidio, mayores de 18 años, que eran atendidos en consulta externa a causa de una lesión autoinfligida en el último año, y a tres psiquiatras que trataban a estos pacientes. La información se obtuvo previo consentimiento informado en entrevistas individuales. Se llevó a cabo un análisis de discurso argumentado para encontrar los significados que los participantes otorgaron a los principios bioéticos y las posibles disyuntivas entre éstos.Las discordancias entre la beneficencia y la autonomía estuvieron relacionadas con el beneficio del tratamiento, el respeto por los valores y las creencias de los pacientes, entre otros. Este trabajo presenta consideraciones éticas relevantes en el escenario clínico, al ofrecer al psiquiatra un análisis bioético que le permita actuar de acuerdo con la beneficencia y respetando la autonomía del paciente frente a casos de intento de suicidio y, de esta forma procurar una mejor atención para ellos. PMID:20830214

Mondragón, Liliana; Monroy, Zuraya; Ito, Ma Emily; Medina-Mora, Dra Ma Elena



Los plaguicidas y la contaminacion del medio ambiente Venezolano  

USGS Publications Warehouse

RESUMEN DE RECOMENDACIONES Recomendaciones para el Programa de Investigacion: 1. Establecer un sistema de muestreo biologico para detectar los niveles tendencias de los productos quimicos toxicos en un peque?o numero de si tios representativos. 2. Mantener continua vigilancia de la contaminacion ambiental, mediante la seleccion acertadamente dirigida de las zonas afectadas y de las fuentes de contaminacion. 3. Realizar estudios acerca de las poblaciones de animales silvestres, y del exito de los procesos reproductivos de las especies o grupos clayes de animales que se consideran mas gravemente afectados. 4. Preparar recomendaciones para una accion gubernamental de proteccion al hombre, a la fauna silvestre y al medio ambiente. Recomendaciones para la Accion Administrativa: 1. Establecer limites a la tolerancia de los residuos de plaguicidas en los alimentos. Constituye una medida clave para disminuir la contaminacion ambiental. 2. Establecer normas de calidad del agua para las corrientes, represas, la gos y otros cuerpos. Es la segunda medida clave para reducir la contaminacion del ambiente 3. Exigir un tratamiento adecuado de los efluentes industriales, especialmente antes de que se construyan las nuevas plantas. 4. Exigir a los agricultores que en el uso de plaguicidas sigan los consejos tecnicos autorizados y negar a los vendedores el derecho a recomendar productos por su cuenta. 5. Tomar medidas para recoger y eliminar los recipientes y sobrantes de los plaguicidas.

Stickel, L.F.; Stickel, W.H.



Lessons from scaling up a depression treatment program in primary care in Chile.  


In Chile, the National Depression Detection and Treatment Program (Programa Nacional de Diagnóstico y Tratamiento de la Depresión, PNDTD) in primary care is a rare example of an evidence-based mental health program that was scaled up to the national level in a low- or middle-income country. This retrospective qualitative study aimed to better understand how policymakers made the decision to scale up mental health services to the national level, and to explore the elements, contexts, and processes that facilitated the decision to implement and sustain PNDTD. In-depth semistructured interviews with six key informants selected through intentional sampling were conducted in August-December 2008. Interviewees were senior officers at the Ministry of Health who were directly involved in the decision to scale up the program. Results yielded four elements pivotal to the decisionmaking process: scientific evidence, teamwork and leadership, strategic alliances, and program institutionalization. Each element contributed to building consensus, securing funding, attracting resources, and gaining lasting support from policymakers. Additionally, a review of available documentation led the authors to consider sociopolitical context and use of the media to be important factors. While research evidence for the effectiveness of mental health services in the primary care setting continues to accumulate, low- and middle-income countries should get started on the lengthy process of scaling up by incorporating the elements that led to decisionmaking and implementation of the PNDTD in Chile. PMID:23183564

Araya, Ricardo; Alvarado, Rubén; Sepúlveda, Rodrigo; Rojas, Graciela



Cirugía de los trastornos del comportamiento: el estado del arte  

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Introducción: La cirugía de los trastornos del comportamiento (CTC) se está convirtiendo en un tratamiento más común desde el desarrollo de la neuromodulación. Métodos: Este artículo es una revisión no sistemática de la historia, indicaciones actuales, técnicas y blancos quirúrgicos de la CTC. Dividimos su historia en 3 eras: la primera comienza en los inicios de la psicocirugía y termina con el desarrollo de las tícnicas estereotácticas, cuando comienza la segunda era. Ésta se caracteriza por la realización de lesiones estereotácticas. Nos encontramos transitando la tercera era, que comienza cuando la estimulación cerebral profunda (ECP) comienza a ser usada en CTC. Resultados: A pesar de los errores graves cometidos en el pasado, hoy en día, la CTC está renaciendo. Los trastornos psiquiátricos que se más frecuentemente se tratan con cirugía son: depresión refractaria, trastorno obsesivo-compulsivo y síndrome de Tourette. Además, algunos pacientes con agresividad fueron tratados quirúrgicamente. Hay varios blancos estereotácticos descriptos para estos trastornos. La estimulación vagal puede ser usada también para depresión. Conclusión: Los resultados de la ECP en estos trastornos parecen alentadores. Sin embargo, se necesitan más estudios randomizados para establecer la efectividad de la CTC. Debe tenerse en cuenta que una apropiada selección de pacientes nos ayudará a realizar un procedimiento más seguro así como también a lograr mejores resultados quirúrgicos, conduciendo a la CTC a ser más aceptada por psiquiatras, pacientes y sus familias. Se necesita mayor investigación en varios temas como: fisiopatología de los trastornos del comportamiento, indicaciones de CTC y nuevos blancos quirúrgicos. PMID:25165612

Yampolsky, Claudio; Bendersky, Damián



Cirugía transnasal endoscópica para tumores de hipófisis  

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Introducción: Exponer la técnica utilizada y los resultados obtenidos en los primeros 52 pacientes portadores de tumores hipofisarios tratados por la vía endoscópica transnasal en el Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires Métodos: Se llevó a cabo un análisis retrospectivo de 52 cirugías endoscópicas transnasales utilizadas en el tratamiento de tumores hipofisários. Las mismas fueron realizadas en el Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires durante el período junio del 2011 a junio del 2012. Se analizaron las características demográficas de los pacientes, la patología de base y la morbimortalidad asociada a la cirugía. Resultados: La edad media de los pacientes fue de 41,52 años con un rango de 18-79. La distribución fue similar entre hombres y mujeres. Las patologías más frecuentes fueron: adenomas no funcionantes (40.4%), tumores productores de GH/Acromegalia (25%) y tumores productores de ACTH/Enfermedad de Cushing (23.1%). Aproximadamente el 70 % correspondieron a macroadenomas. Sólo un paciente presentó complicaciones. No se registro ningún óbito. Conclusión: Si bien podremos objetivar fehacientemente resultados más concluyentes en futuros trabajos, podemos decir a priori que, en la endoscopía el detalle anatómico es claramente superior al microscópico y que la posibilidad de la introducción del endoscopio en la silla turca permite la visualización directa de remanentes tumorales, de sitios de fístula y como así también de la glándula normal, ventajas que potencialmente podrían permitir obtener mejores resultados quirúrgicos, en términos de control de la enfermedad y tasa de complicaciones. PMID:23596553

Ajler, Pablo; Hem, Santiago; Goldschmidt, Ezequiel; Landriel, Federico; Campero, Alvaro; Yampolsky, Claudio; Carrizo, Antonio



Esquizofrenia y trastorno en el consumo de sustancias: prevalencia y characterísticas sociodemográficas en la población Latina  

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El interés por comprender la co-morbilidad de la esquizofrenia y el trastorno en el uso de sustancias, ha aumentado debido al incremento de este diagnóstico, a los efectos negativos observados en el sujeto y a los costos en los servicios de salud. Este trastorno dual puede tener efectos dramáticos en el curso clínico del trastorno psicótico tales como: mayores recaídas, re-hospitalizaciones, síntomas más severos, no adherencia al tratamiento antipsicótico, cambios marcados del humor, aumento en el grado de hostilidad e ideación suicida, así como alteraciones en otras áreas del funcionamiento incluyendo violencia, victimización, indigencia y problemas legales. La literatura proveniente en particular de Estados Unidos y Europa sugiere que el rango de prevalencia para este diagnóstico puede oscilar entre el 10% hasta el 70%. En este estudio, revisamos la prevalencia del diagnóstico dual de esquizofrenia y trastorno en el uso sustancias, así como sus características sociodemográficas, con base en la literatura disponible alrededor del mundo dando énfasis en la poblacion latina. A pesar de que este diagnóstico es ampliamente aceptado, se conoce poco sobre su prevalencia en la población latina, sobre los factores ambientales, demográficos, clínicos y otras características de estos individuos. Un mejor conocimiento sobre este diagnóstico permitiría mejorar los métodos para la detección y adecuada valoración del trastorno en el uso de sustancias en personas con trastornos metales severos como la esquizofrenia. PMID:21404151

Jiménez-Castro, Lorena; Raventós-Vorst, Henriette; Escamilla, Michael




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El objetivo del trabajo es conocer las disyuntivas entre los principios de beneficencia y autonomía, que se presentan en la relación médico-paciente, durante la terapéutica del intento de suicidio. La investigación se realizó en dos hospitales psiquiátricos de la Ciudad de México. La muestra incluyó a tres sujetos con intento de suicidio, mayores de 18 años, que eran atendidos en consulta externa a causa de una lesión autoinfligida en el último año, y a tres psiquiatras que trataban a estos pacientes. La información se obtuvo previo consentimiento informado en entrevistas individuales. Se llevó a cabo un análisis de discurso argumentado para encontrar los significados que los participantes otorgaron a los principios bioéticos y las posibles disyuntivas entre éstos. Las discordancias entre la beneficencia y la autonomía estuvieron relacionadas con el beneficio del tratamiento, el respeto por los valores y las creencias de los pacientes, entre otros. Este trabajo presenta consideraciones éticas relevantes en el escenario clínico, al ofrecer al psiquiatra un análisis bioético que le permita actuar de acuerdo con la beneficencia y respetando la autonomía del paciente frente a casos de intento de suicidio y, de esta forma procurar una mejor atención para ellos. PMID:20830214

Mondragón, Liliana; Monroy, Zuraya; Ito, Ma. Emily; Medina-Mora, Dra. Ma. Elena




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RESUMEN El estigma relacionado al VIH/SIDA continúa afectando la prestación de servicios de salud y el bienestar físico y mental de las personas con VIH/SIDA (PVS). Recientemente la literatura científica ha señalado la importancia de comprender las manifestaciones de estigma más allá de las interacciones individuales. Por tal razón, investigaciones recientes en y fuera de Puerto Rico enfatizan la importancia de entender cómo factores socio-estructurales (FSE) influyen en los procesos de estigmatización social. Con el propósito de examinar los FSE que influyen en las manifestaciones de estigma relacionado al VIH/SIDA, realizamos y analizamos nueve grupos focales compuestos por hombres y mujeres en tratamiento para el VIH/SIDA que habían tenido experiencias estigmatizantes. Los participantes identificaron FSE relacionados a las manifestaciones de estigma, tales como el uso de viviendas especializadas, descentralización de los servicios de salud y el desarrollo de protocolos administrativos excluyentes en los servicios de salud. Los resultados demuestran la importancia de considerar los FSE en el desarrollo e implementación de intervenciones dirigidas a la población. PMID:24639599




Estrategia innovadora enfocada en parejas del mismo sexo para disminuir la infección del VIH en hombres Latinos  

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Resumen El VIH es un problema de salud importante dentro de la comunidad latina de los Estados Unidos. Gracias a los esfuerzos de prevención, los niveles de contagio entre los latinos se han mantenido estables por más de una década. Sin embargo, esta población sigue siendo afectada a niveles muy altos, en particular entre hombres que tienen sexo con hombres (HSH), de origen latino y que hablan principalmente el idioma español. Existen varios factores que contribuyen a la transmisión del VIH entre esta población, como son: el uso de drogas; la violencia dentro de la pareja; la presencia de infecciones de transmisión sexual; relaciones sexuales sin protección, dentro y fuera de la pareja; el evadir la búsqueda de recursos (prueba y tratamiento adecuado) por temor a ser discriminado o por su estatus migratorio; la escasez de recursos económicos o estado de pobreza y los patrones relacionados a la migración. En particular, Investigaciones Epidemiológicas de Comportamientos han determinado: cómo algunas dinámicas en parejas están directamente asociadas a los comportamientos sexuales de riesgos. En consecuencia, es necesaria mayor investigación para identificar esas dinámicas, y a su vez, realizar intervenciones dirigidas a la reducción de conductas de riesgo enfocadas en parejas de hombres del mismo sexo. En este escrito, se describe la importancia del uso de las relaciones de pareja como estrategia en la reducción de la trasmisión del VIH/SIDA en HSH de origen latino y que hablan principalmente el idioma español en los Estados Unidos. PMID:25580466

Martinez, Omar; Wu, Elwin; Sandfort, Theo; Shultz, Andrew Z.; Capote, Jonathan; Chávez, Silvia; Moya, Eva; Dodge, Brian; Morales, Gabriel; Porras, Antonio; Ovejero, Hugo



Descompresión microvascular en neuralgia del trigémino: Reporte de 36 casos y revisión de la literatura  

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Objetivo: El propósito del presente trabajo es presentar los resultados de 36 pacientes con diagnóstico de neuralgia del trigémino (NT), en los cuales se realizó una descompresión microvascular (DMV). Material y Método: Desde junio de 2005 a mayo de 2012, 36 pacientes con diagnóstico de NT fueron operados por el primer autor (AC), realizando una DMV. Se evaluó: Edad, sexo, tiempo de sintomatología previo a la cirugía, hallazgos intraoperatorios (a través de los videos quirúrgicos), y resultados postoperatorios. Resultados: De los 36 pacientes operados, 25 fueron mujeres y 11 varones. El promedio de edad fue de 48 años. El seguimiento postoperatorio fue en promedio de 38 meses. De los 36 pacientes, 32 (88%) evolucionaron sin dolor hasta la fecha. De los 4 casos con recurrencia de dolor, en dos pacientes se observó como hallazgo intraoperatorio un conflicto venoso. Conclusión: La DMV como tratamiento de la NT es un procedimiento efectivo y seguro. El hallazgo intraoperatorio de una “compresión” venosa podría indicar una evolución postoperatoria desfavorable. PMID:25379343

Campero, Alvaro; Ajler, Pablo; Campero, Abraham Agustín



Comparison of longevity between a laboratory strain and a natural population of Anastrepha Fraterculus (Diptera: Tephritidae) under field cage conditions  

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The South American fruit fly Anastrepha fraterculus (Wiedemann) is one of the most destructive fruit pests in this region, infesting major fruit crops. Implementation of the sterile insect technique (SIT) as part of an area-wide integrated approach against this species requires information on the survival of mass-reared and sterilized insects in the field and their ability to mate with wild females. The survival rates in field cages of both non-irradiated and irradiated laboratory flies were compared with that of wild flies. Both types of laboratory flies survived longer than their wild counterparts over the 8 days under the experimental conditions. The irradiation dose (70 Gy) did not affect survival of the laboratory reared flies. Our results improve the prospect of integrating the SIT into the control of A. fraterculus populations in Argentina. (author) [Spanish] Anastrepha fraterculus (Wiedemann), la mosca sudamericana de la fruta, es una de las plagas mas destructivas en la region que infesta a los principales cultivos de frutas. La implementacion de la Tecnica del Insecto Esteril (TIE) como parte de un manejo integrado en areas extensivas contra esta especie requiere ensayos que demuestren que los insectos producidos en forma masiva y esterilizados son capaces de sobrevivir en el campo y aparearse con las hembras silvestres. Se comparo la supervivencia de individuos de una linea de laboratorio, tanto irradiados como no irradiados con la de individuos de una poblacion natural. Los dos tratamientos de moscas de laboratorio sobrevivieron mas tiempo que las salvajes durante los 8 dias y en las condiciones ensayadas. La dosis de radiacion (70 Gy.) no afecto la supervivencia de las moscas criadas en laboratorio. Nuestros resultados mejoran las perspectivas de integrar la TIE en el control de las poblaciones argentinas de A. fraterculus. (author)

Gomez Cendra, P.; Vilardi, J. [Depto. Ecologia, Genetica y Evolucion, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires, (1428) Buenos Aires (Argentina); Segura, D.; Cladera, J. [Instituto de Genetica, INTA Castelar, CC25, (1712), Buenos Aires (Argentina); Allinghi, A. [Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica, CNEA, Buenos Aires (Argentina)



Visual Inspection after Acetic Acid (VIA) Is Highly Heterogeneous in Primary Cervical Screening in Amazonian Peru  

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Background Conventional cytology (Pap) and visual inspection after the application of acetic acid (VIA) are currently used in primary screening in Peru. Studies suggest that the quality of VIA is highly variable. Over 36 000 women were screened with Pap and VIA in the TATI (Tamizaje y Tratamiento Inmediato de Lesiones Cervico-uterinas) project conducted in Amazonian Peru. Within a nested study to compare several screening techniques (C-TATI), a total of 5435 women were additionally screened with liquid-based cytology (LBC) and high-risk human papillomavirus testing (HR-HPV). We investigate the variation of positivity rates of VIA, Pap, LBC and HR-HPV in C-TATI and of VIA in the full TATI intervention. Methods At the screening visit, midwives collected three cervical samples for Pap, LBC and HC2 before performing VIA. The dispersion factor “D” (D = Pearson chi-square value/degrees-of-freedom) was used to measure the variability of tests results. Within C-TATI, the variability of positivity rates of VIA, Pap, LBC and HR-HPV was also graphically assessed with box- and scatter plots by midwife and month of screening. Funnel plots and smoothed scatter plots were used to correlate the variation of VIA by the number of examinations performed by each midwife over the full TATI intervention. Results Consistently over TATI, VIA results were highly variable, independently of the examiner, the time when the test was performed and the number of tests the examiner performed (D>6, p-values<0.001). In C-TATI, VIA results varied the most while those of HR-HPV varied the least (Ds>25, p-values<0.001 for VIA, Ds<1.6, p-values>0.05 for HR-HPV). No evidence for correlation between the number of VIAs done per midwife and the variability of VIA results was observed. Conclusion The lack of over-dispersion for HR-HPV detection suggests that the variable VIA results do not reflect true variation in underlying disease, but a lack of consistency in human judgement. PMID:25635965

Almonte, Maribel; Ferreccio, Catterina; Luciani, Silvana; Gonzales, Miguel; Delgado, Jose M.; Santos, Carlos; Alvarez, Manuel; Cuzick, Jack; Sasieni, Peter



Moléculas orgánicas no-rígidas  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Se destaca la importancia del estudio espectroscópico ab initio de una serie de moléculas no-rígidas detectadas en el medio interestelar (acetona, dimetil-eter, etanol, metanol, metilamina, ldots), así como los últimos avances del desarrollo de la metodología para el tratamiento teórico de estas especies. Se describe, a modo de ejemplo, el análisis del espectro roto-torsional de la molécula de glicoaldehido que ha sido recientemente detectada en el centro Galáctico Sagitario B2 (N) [1]. Esta especie presenta dos movimientos de gran amplitud que interaccionan, descansan en el Infrarrojo Lejano y le confiere propiedades no-rígidas. La molécula puede existir en posiciones cis y trans y presenta cinco confórmeros estables, tres de simetría Cs (I, II y IV) y un doble mínimo trans de simetría C1 (III) . La conformación favorita, I, presenta simetría Cs y se estabiliza por la formación de un puente de hidrógeno entre los grupos OH y C=O. Los mínimos secundarios II, III, y IV se han determinado a 1278.2 cm-1 (trans, Cs), 1298.8 cm-1 (trans, C1) y 1865.2 cm-1 (cis, Cs) con cálculos MP4/cc-pVQZ que incluyen sustituciones triples. Para determinar que vibraciones interaccionan con las torsiones, se ha realizado un análisis armónico en los mínimos. Las frecuencias fundamentales armónicas correspondientes al mínimo I se han calculado en 213.4 cm-1 (torsión C-C) y 425.7 cm-1 (torsión OH). Es de esperar que tan sólo dos vibraciones, la flexión del grupo C-C-O y el aleteo del hidrógeno del grupo aldehídico puedan desplazar el espectro torsional de la molécula aislada. Para determinar el espectro torsional, se ha determinado la superficie de potencial en dos dimensiones mediante el cálculo ab initio de las geometrías y energías de 74 conformaciones seleccionadas. Estas últimas se han ajustado a un doble serie de Fourier. A partir de la PES y de los parámetros cinéticos del Hamiltoniano vibracional se han obtenido frecuencias e intensidades. Las frecuencias fundamentales se han calculado en 208.0 cm-1 (torsión C-C) y 349.9 cm-1 (torsión OH). Se discute el método de cálculo que se ha empleado para la clasificación de los niveles. Los niveles rotacionales se han determinado empleando el método desarrollado para el estudio del ácido acético [2]. Se emplean la base de funciones rotacionales de [3]. A partir de los niveles se han determinado las constantes rotacionales y las constantes de distorsión centrífuga que se comparan con las experimentales de Herbst et al [3].

Senent Díez, M. L.


Regulando la Enfermedad a través de la Definición y la Restricción: Profesionales de la Salud Hablan sobre el VIH/SIDA1  

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Resumen Las profesiones de la salud tienen un papel social dual. Por un lado, velan por el mantenimiento de la salud de la población protegiendo el bien común. Por el otro, dictaminan las formas saludables, y por lo tanto socialmente apropiadas, de ser, actuar y pensar. Este último papel, está más ligado al control social de la población que a una preocupación altruista hacia la misma. A través de esta supervisión y control, se construyen los sujetos a los cuales todos/as debemos aspirar a ser para gozar de aceptación social. Los/as profesionales de la salud han jugado un rol protagónico en dicho proceso, siendo los agentes que delimitan y definen lo que es enfermo vs. saludable, útil vs. inútil, apropiado vs. inapropiado. En el caso de la epidemia del VIH, este esfuerzo se ha hecho cada vez más vigente ya que estos/as profesionales juegan un papel importante en el tratamiento de las personas que viven con VIH/SIDA (PVVS). Sin embargo, su función está plasmada de definiciones que sirven para criminalizar a las PVVS. El objetivo de este estudio fue explorar la manera en que una muestra de profesionales de la salud en Puerto Rico construyen a las PVVS. Con este propósito, entrevistamos 80 profesionales de la salud y estudiantes de estas profesiones. Estas entrevistas fueron grabadas, transcritas y sometidas a un análisis de discurso. Los resultados reflejaron que según las personas participantes: 1) la PVVS no es una persona “normal” o funcional bajo los estándares sociales debido a que su salud no se los permite, 2) representa una carga para la sociedad incluyendo familiares, amigos/as, el mundo del trabajo, e incluso para el gobierno, 3) debe ser vigilada porque representa un riesgo para la persona seronegativa que es descrita como saludable y productiva, y 4) necesita que su salud y conducta sexual sean controladas por vía legal y/o por las personas que representan las instituciones sociales, como lo son los/as profesionales de la salud. En este artículo abordamos el potencial rol de la psicología para servir como vehículo de reconstrucción de dichas nociones, tomando en consideración su propio rol en la formación y mantenimiento de dicho sujeto socialmente deseable. PMID:22025907

Rivera, Souhail Malavé; Díaz, Nelson Varas



Effect of acclimation to outdoor condition on the sexual performance of mass-produced Medflies (Diptera: Tephritidae)  

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Application of the sterile insect technique (SIT) as part of integrated area-wide programs to control the Mediterranean fruit fly (medfly) Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) require that the released males attract wild females and transfer sterile sperm. However, knowledge about male sexual performance after they are released is scarce. We conducted a study to evaluate male sexual performance in field cage tests, according to standard quality control procedures. Mass-reared 5-d-old sterile males from the genetic sexing strain VIENNA 7mix2000 were acclimated for 0, 1, and 3 d to outdoor conditions before competing with wild males for wild females. Although the proportion of mating (PM) in the test was satisfactory, the resulting relative sterility index (RSI) data showed no significant differences among the treatments. The data indicate that pre-conditioning males to outdoor conditions in Madeira did not confer an advantage in field cage sexual performance. (author) [Spanish] La aplicacion de la tecnica del insecto esteril (TIE) como parte de un programa integrado de amplio efecto para el control de la mosca mediterranea de la fruta Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) requiere que los machos liberados atraigan las hembras naturales y transfieran su esperma. Sin embargo, el conocimiento del desempeno sexual de los machos despues de ser liberados es muy escaso. Nosotros realizamos un estudio para evaluar el desempeno sexual de los machos en pruebas usando jaulas del campo, segun los procedimientos estandardizados de calidad. Machos esteriles de 5 dias de edad de la raza que separa los sexos geneticamente VIENNA 7mix2000 criados en masa fueron aclimatados por 0, 1 y 3 dias en condiciones de campo antes de competir con machos naturales para las hembras naturales. Aunque la proporcion del apareamiento en la prueba fue satisfactorio, el indice relativo de esterilidad (IRS) resultante no mostro ninguna diferencia significativa entre los tratamientos. Los datos indicaron que al condicionar los machos anteriormente a las condiciones de campo en Madeira no conferio ventaja alguna en el desempeno sexual en la jaula de campo. (author)

Pereira, R.; Silva, N.; Quintal, C.; Abreu, R.; Andrade, J.; Dantas, L. [Programa Madeira-Med, Estrada Eng. Abel Vieira, 262, 9135-260 Camacha, Madeira (Portugal)





Las profesiones de la salud tienen un papel social dual. Por un lado, velan por el mantenimiento de la salud de la población protegiendo el bien común. Por el otro, dictaminan las formas saludables, y por lo tanto socialmente apropiadas, de ser, actuar y pensar. Este último papel, está más ligado al control social de la población que a una preocupación altruista hacia la misma. A través de esta supervisión y control, se construyen los sujetos a los cuales todos/as debemos aspirar a ser para gozar de aceptación social. Los/as profesionales de la salud han jugado un rol protagónico en dicho proceso, siendo los agentes que delimitan y definen lo que es enfermo vs. saludable, útil vs. inútil, apropiado vs. inapropiado. En el caso de la epidemia del VIH, este esfuerzo se ha hecho cada vez más vigente ya que estos/as profesionales juegan un papel importante en el tratamiento de las personas que viven con VIH/SIDA (PVVS). Sin embargo, su función está plasmada de definiciones que sirven para criminalizar a las PVVS. El objetivo de este estudio fue explorar la manera en que una muestra de profesionales de la salud en Puerto Rico construyen a las PVVS. Con este propósito, entrevistamos 80 profesionales de la salud y estudiantes de estas profesiones. Estas entrevistas fueron grabadas, transcritas y sometidas a un análisis de discurso. Los resultados reflejaron que según las personas participantes: 1) la PVVS no es una persona "normal" o funcional bajo los estándares sociales debido a que su salud no se los permite, 2) representa una carga para la sociedad incluyendo familiares, amigos/as, el mundo del trabajo, e incluso para el gobierno, 3) debe ser vigilada porque representa un riesgo para la persona seronegativa que es descrita como saludable y productiva, y 4) necesita que su salud y conducta sexual sean controladas por vía legal y/o por las personas que representan las instituciones sociales, como lo son los/as profesionales de la salud. En este artículo abordamos el potencial rol de la psicología para servir como vehículo de reconstrucción de dichas nociones, tomando en consideración su propio rol en la formación y mantenimiento de dicho sujeto socialmente deseable. PMID:22025907

Rivera, Souhail Malavé; Díaz, Nelson Varas



Breakfast of champions or kiss of death? Survival and sexual performance of protein-fed, sterile Mediterranean fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae)  

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The sterile insect technique (SIT) is increasingly being used around the world to control Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) (Diptera: Tephritidae), the Mediterranean fruit fly as part of an area-wide integrated approach. One option that may improve the effectiveness of the SIT, by increasing the sexual competitiveness of released sterile males, consists of feeding males protein during the post-teneral stage, a diet that increases sexual performance of wild males. We examine the effects of diet on the successive hurdles males must overcome in order to inseminate females, i.e., joining leks, copulating females, having their sperm stored and inhibition of female remating. In addition, we address the effects of diet on post-release foraging success, longevity, and the ability to withstand starvation. While protein feeding universally increases the sexual success of wild males, its effect on sterile males varies with strain, experimental settings, and environmental conditions. In some cases, treatments that resulted in the best sexual performance were significantly associated with increased vulnerability to starvation. However, no particular diet affected the ability of sterile males to find nutrients in the field when these where available. We suggest it may be better to release relatively short-lived flies that are highly competitive, rather than long-lived, sexually ineffective ones. (author) [Spanish] El uso de la tecnica de insecto esteril (TIE) esta aumentando alrededor del mundo para el control de Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) (Diptera: Tephritidae), la mosca mediterranea de la fruta como parte de un enfoque integrado por toda el area. Una opcion que puede mejorar la eficiencia de TIE, por medio del aumento de la capacidad de los machos esteriles liberados para competir, consiste en la alimentacion de los machos con proteina durante la etapa de pos-teneral, una dieta que aumenta el desempeno sexual de los machos naturales. Nosotros examinamos los efectos de la dieta sobre los obstaculos sucesivos que los machos tienen que superar para inseminar las hembras, i.e., unir con otros machos en areas para el apareamiento, copula de las hembras, almacenar esperma e inhibir el re-apareamiento de hembras. Ademas discutimos los efectos de la dieta sobre el exito de su actividad forrajera despues de ser liberados, la longevidad y la habilidad para aguantar la inanicion. Mientras que la alimentacion con proteina universalmente aumentan el exito sexual de los machos naturales, su efecto sobre los machos esteriles varia segun la raza, el lugar de los experimentos y las condiciones ambientales. En algunos casos, los tratamientos que resultaron con mejor desempeno sexual fueron asociados significativamente con el aumento de la vulnerabilidad a la inanicion. Sin embargo, ninguna dieta en particular afecto la habilidad de los machos esteriles para encontrar nutrientes en el campo cuando fueron disponibles. Nosotros sugerimos que puede ser mejor el liberar moscas que tienen una vida relativamente corta y que son mas competidoras, en vez de moscas que tienen una vida larga y sexualmente inefectiva. (author)

Yuval, B.; Maor, M.; Levy, K. [Dept. of Entomology, Hebrew University, PO 12, Rehovot, 76100 (Israel); Kaspi, R. [Dept. of Entomology, University of California, Davis CA 95616 (United States); Taylor, P. [Dept. of Psychology, Macquarie University, NSW 2109 (Australia); Shelly, T. [USDA-APHIS, 41-650 Ahiki Street, Waimanalo, HI 96795 (United States)



Capture-zone design in an aquifer influenced by cyclic fluctuations in hydraulic gradients  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Design of a groundwater pumping and treatment system for a wood-treatment facility adjacent to the tidally influenced Fraser River estuary required the development of methodologies to account for cyclic variations in hydraulic gradients. Design of such systems must consider the effects of these cyclic fluctuations on the capture of dissolved-phase contaminants. When the period of the cyclic fluctuation is much less than the travel time of the dissolved contaminant from the source to the discharge point, the hydraulic-gradient variations resulting from these cycles can be ignored. Capture zones are then designed based on the average hydraulic gradient determined using filter techniques on continuous groundwater-level measurements. When the period of cyclic fluctuation in hydraulic gradient is near to or greater than the contaminant travel time, the resulting hydraulic-gradient variations cannot be ignored. In these instances, procedures are developed to account for these fluctuations in the capture-zone design. These include proper characterization of the groundwater regime, assessment of the average travel time and period of the cyclic fluctuations, and numerical techniques which allow accounting for the cyclic fluctuations in the design of the capture zone. Résumé. L'étude d'un système de pompage et de traitement de l'eau souterraine d'une usine de traitement du bois proche de l'estuaire de la rivière Fraser, influencé par les marées, a nécessité la mise au point de méthodologies pour prendre en compte les variations cycliques de gradients hydrauliques. L'étude de tels systèmes doit considérer les effets de ces variations cycliques sur l'extraction des contaminants en phase dissoute. Lorsque la période des variations cycliques est très inférieure au temps de parcours du contaminant dissous entre la source et le point d'émergence, les variations du gradient hydraulique résultant de ces cycles peuvent être ignorées. Les zones d'extraction sont alors réalisées sur la base du gradient hydraulique moyen déterminé au moyen de techniques de filtrage sur des mesures continues de la piézométrie. Lorsque la période de la fluctuation cyclique dans le gradient hydraulique est proche de ou supérieure au temps de parcours du contaminant, les variations résultantes de gradient hydraulique ne peuvent plus être ignorées. Dans ces cas-là, des procédures ont été mises au point pour prendre en compte ces fluctuations dans la conception de la zone d'extraction. Celles-ci prennent en considération la caractérisation propre du régime de la nappe, l'évaluation du temps de parcours moyen et de la période des fluctuations cycliques, et des techniques numériques qui permettent de considérer les fluctuations cycliques dans la conception de la zone d'extraction. Resumen. El diseño de un sistema de bombeo y tratamiento de aguas subterráneas para una instalación de manufactura de madera que está próxima al estuario del río Fraser, sometido a la influencia de las mareas, ha requerido el desarrollo de metodologías para tener en cuenta las variaciones cíclicas de los gradientes hidráulicos. El diseño de tales sistemas debe considerar los efectos de las fluctuaciones cíclicas en la captura de contaminantes en fase disuelta. Cuando el período de la fluctuación cíclica es mucho menor que el tiempo de tránsito del contaminante disuelto entre el punto de entrada y el de descarga, se puede ignorar las variaciones del gradiente hidráulico provocadas por dichos ciclos. Las zonas de captura se diseñan entonces en función del gradiente hidráulico promedio, que se determina mediante técnicas de filtrado de medidas continuas del nivel piezométrico. Cuando el período de la fluctuación cíclica del gradiente hidráulico es comparable o mayor que el tiempo de tránsito del contaminante, no puede ignorarse las variaciones resultantes en el gradiente hidráulico. En ese caso, se tiene que desarrollar procedimientos para contar con las fluctuaciones en el diseño de las zonas de captura. Ello implica una ad

Zawadzki, Willy; Chorley, Don; Patrick, Guy



Como Lo Hago Yo: Mielomeningocele En Bolivia  

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Introducción: Las malformaciones del tubo neural (MTN) representan la segunda causa más frecuente de anomalías congénitas, luego de las cardiopatías. En este grupo se destaca el mielomeningocele (MMC) por su mayor incidencia, y por ser la más incapacitante y la más compleja entre todas las demás malformaciones del sistema nervioso c`entral (SNC). En Bolivia, como en muchos países de Sudamérica, los bajos niveles socio-culturales y la debilidad en el sistema sanitario, hacen que su incidencia y su morbilidad, sean mayores que en las naciones más desarrolladas. Material y Métodos: Se realizó un estudio retrospectivo y descriptivo de 70 casos de MMC, atendidos por un equipo multidisciplinario en el Hospital Universitario Japonés (HUJ) de Santa Cruz de la Sierra, entre 2008-2011. De ellos, 60 fueron intervenidos quirúrgicamente. Resultados: Se realizaron controles prenatales sólo en 27 mujeres (38.6%), diagnosticándose una disrafia espinal en apenas dos casos (7.4%). La edad de ingreso del MMC en su mayoría fue después de las 24 horas (65.6%), predominando su localización en la región lumbosacra (64.3%). De ellos, 67.2% eran abiertos, presentando un 32.9% un daño neurológico motor parcial mientras que 47.1% tenían paraplejia por debajo de la lesión. De los 70 casos, tres (4.3%) no fueron intervenidos, por presentar defectos congénitos severos o estado general grave. Las principales complicaciones posoperatorias inmediatas fueron: dehiscencia de sutura y/o infección de la herida (16.6%), fístula de líquido cefalorraquídeo (LCR) (10%) e infección del SNC (11.7%). La mortalidad general y postoperatoria fue de 7.1% y 3.3%, respectivamente. Al mes de vida presentaban hidrocefalia un 80% de los pacientes operados, colocándose una derivación ventriculoperitoneal (DVP) de presión media. De 9 pacientes que tuvieron un acompanamiento de dos o más años, seis presentaron una médula anclada, que fueron intervenidas quirúrgicamente. Conclusión: En esta serie, el diagnóstico prenatal del MMC fue ocasional y la derivación al HUJ de los recién nacidos con esta malformación fue generalmente tardía. No hubo predominio de género y la mayoría de los casos presentaron sus lesiones en la región lumbar y lumbosacra. La mortalidad general y postoperatoria fue similar a la reportada en la literatura. Pocos enfermos realizaron controles posteriores al alta hospitalaria. Igual que otros países de Sudamérica, las falencias en el sistema público de salud y el nivel sociocultural, son factores determinantes para un mal pronóstico en estos niños. Por sus múltiples complicaciones, el MMC requiere de una especial atención gubernamental, sobre todo de carácter preventivo mediante el uso de ácido fólico en mujeres fértiles, como también de un equipo profesional multidisciplinario, a fin de realizar un tratamiento adecuado y oportuno. Al mismo tiempo, trabajos multicéntricos en hospitales de América Latina, ayudarán al mejor manejo de estos pacientes. PMID:24791220

Dabdoub, Carlos F.; Dabdoub, Carlos B.; Villavicencio, Ramiro; Quevedo, Germán



Compatibility and competitiveness of a laboratory strain of Anastrepha Fraterculus (Diptera: Tephritidae) after irradiation treatment  

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We evaluated under semi-natural field cage conditions sexual compatibility and competitiveness of a laboratory strain (LAB) compared to a wild population (TUC) of Anastrepha fraterculus (Wiedemann). The LAB strain is produced under semi-mass rearing conditions at the Estacion Experimental Agroindustrial Obispo Colombres facility (Tucuman, Argentina). Wild flies were obtained at Horco Molle (Tucuman, Argentina) from infested guava fruits. LAB pupae were irradiated ({sup 60}Co) 48 h before adult emergence. The tested doses were 0 (control), 40, 70, and 100 Gy. Twenty-five males and 25 females each of TUC and LAB were released into cages and mating pairs collected. Only 1 irradiation dose was considered at a time. Females were separated and allowed to lay eggs into artificial fruits to estimate induced sterility from the corresponding hatching rate. Copulation start time did not differ significantly between strains nor among irradiation treatments. Copulation duration showed highly significant differences among irradiation doses, but no differences between strains. The index of sexual isolation (ISI) and the relative sterility index (RSI) indices indicated that LAB and TUC are fully compatible, males from TUC and LAB did not differ in mating competitiveness, and irradiation within the range tested did not affect these indices. Non-irradiated LAB females exhibited higher mating propensity than TUC ones. However, a significant reduction in the female relative performance index (FRPI) index was observed with increasing irradiation dose. The analysis of induced sterility indicated that treatment with 40 Gy reduces male fertility from about 80% to 0.75%, and higher doses produce total sterility. In females, the 40 Gy dose reduces fertility to about 2% and higher doses prevent egg laying. (author) [Spanish] Se evaluo bajo condiciones semi-naturales en jaulas de campo la compatibilidad y la competitividad sexual de una linea de laboratorio (LAB) con respecto a una poblacion salvaje (TUC) de Anastrepha fraterculus (Wiedemann). La linea de laboratorio se produce en condiciones de cria semi-masiva en las instalaciones de la Estacion Experimental Agroindustrial Obispo Colombres (Tucuman, Argentina). Las moscas salvajes se obtuvieron de frutas infestadas de guayabos en Horco Molle (Tucuman, Argentina). Las pupas de laboratorio fueron irradiadas ({sup 60}Co) 48 horas antes de la emergencia del adulto. Las dosis utilizadas fueron 0 (control), 40, 70, y 100 Gy. Se liberaron 25 machos y 25 hembras de TUC y LAB dentro de las jaulas y se recolectaron las parejas formadas. Solo se considero 1 dosis de irradiacion por vez. Las hembras apareadas fueron separadas y se les permitio poner huevos en frutas artificiales para estimar la esterilidad inducida a traves del porcentaje de eclosion. La hora de inicio de la copula no difirio significativamente entre poblaciones ni entre los tratamientos de irradiacion. La duracion de la copula mostro grandes diferencias entre dosis de irradiacion pero no entre cepas. Los indices ISI (aislamiento) y el RSI (esterilidad relativa) indican que LAB y TUC son totalmente compatibles, los machos de TUC y LAB no difieren en su competitividad y la irradiacion dentro del rango de dosis utilizadas tampoco afecto este indice. Las hembras LAB no irradiadas muestran una mayor propension para el apareamiento que las hembras de TUC. Sin embargo se observo una reduccion significativa del indice FRPI (actuacion relativa de hembras) a medida que se aumenta la dosis de irradiacion. El analisis de la esterilidad inducida indica que con dosis de 40 Gy la fertilidad disminuye del 80% al 0.75%, y con dosis mayores la esterilidad fue total. Las hembras irradiadas con dosis de 40 Gy tienen una fertilidad de aproximadamente 2% y con dosis mayores no ponen huevos. (author)

Allinghi, A. [Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica, CNEA (Argentina); Calcagno, G.; Gomez Cendra, P.; Vilardi, J.C. [Depto. Ecologia, Genetica y Evolucion, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad Buenos Aires (1428) Buenos Aires (Argentina); Petit-Marty, N.; Segura, D.; Cladera, J. [Instituto de Genetica, INTA, Castelar (Argentina); Vera, T.; Gramajo, C.; Willink, E. [Estacion Experimental Agro-industrial Obispo Colombres, Tucuman (Argentina)



Modelizacion, control e implementacion de un procesador energetico paralelo para aplicacion en sistemas multisalida  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Cualquier sistema electronico que incluya un procesado o tratamiento de la senal, y ademas, algun tipo de actuador mecanico generalmente necesita, como minimo, dos tensiones diferentes de alimentacion. Excluyendo los sistemas de alimentacion distribuida, la solucion tecnica mas utilizada para proporcionar dos o mas tensiones consiste en las fuentes de alimentacion multisalida. En una fuente de alimentacion multisalida los diferentes circuitos que conforman cada salida comparten un mismo transformador de potencia optimizando coste, masa, y volumen. Las ventajas obtenidas con este procedimiento tienen en su contra el efecto que sobre cada salida individual provocan las demas en su conjunto debido, principalmente, a los efectos de los elementos parasitos de los componentes. Un cambio de carga en una de las salidas produce un transitorio que es visto por todas las demas como un efecto de impedancia cruzada, y al final del transitorio, la tension de cada salida es diferente respecto a la que tenian antes del transitorio. Este ultimo resultado se conoce como regulacion cruzada. La disminucion de los efectos de la regulacion cruzada ha sido objeto de estudio durante los ultimos anos. El objetivo ha sido el desarrollo de distintas estrategias que permiten, desde disminuir los efectos de la regulacion cruzada hasta los niveles deseables, a eliminarla completamente. El resultado final suele suponer una penalizacion sobre el diseno del sistema directamente proporcional al grado de regulacion a conseguir en las distintas salidas. Entre las soluciones propuestas para eliminar la regulacion cruzada las tecnicas de post-regulacion se han consolidado como la opcion mas aceptada ya que, pueden aplicarse a cualquier convertidor y no suponen ninguna complejidad adicional a la hora de plantear el diseno. En esta Tesis Doctoral se abordara el estudio de la tecnica conocida como postregulacion mediante transformador controlado, que si bien se ha empleado en convertidores resonantes, su modelizacion, y aplicacion en convertidores PWM, esta aun por estudiar y valorar. El primer Capitulo consiste en una breve introduccion al problema de la regulacion cruzada y la impedancia cruzada para posteriormente describir las tecnicas de post-regulacion actualmente mas empleadas, con especial atencion al post-regulador con transformador controlado. El Capitulo segundo trata del estudio de las caracteristicas estaticas del postregulador con transformador controlado. Partiendo de los estudios disponibles sobre el postregulador se plantean mejoras en su modo de actuacion y se discuten tres alternativas diferentes para controlar el transformador. Las dos primeras consisten en emplear un convertidor auxiliar Boost en sus dos modos de funcionamiento, continuo y discontinuo. La tercera consiste en controlar el transformador con una tension PWM directamente, sin filtrado. Finalmente se comprueba experimentalmente, para el estado estacionario, el funcionamiento del post-regulador para cada uno de los tres metodos de control. El Capitulo tercero trata de la dinamica de la salida controlada con el post-regulador cuando este emplea un convertidor auxiliar tipo Boost. Mediante la tecnica de promediado de variables de estado se propone el modelo de pequena senal, tanto para el modo continuo como para el modo discontinuo de funcionamiento del convertidor auxiliar. Los resultados mas significativos de esta seccion son las expresiones analiticas de las impedancias cruzadas y de la impedancia de la salida post-regulada. Como complemento al modelo de pequena senal se plantea un modelo de gran senal implementado sobre el simulador Pspice. Con este nuevo modelo se reproducen los resultados obtenidos con el modelo de pequena senal y ademas es posible simular los transitorios en las tensiones de salida ante cambios de carga. La modelizacion del convertidor cuando el transformador se controla con una tension PWM sin filtrar es el objetivo del Capitulo 4. En las secciones siguientes del Capitulo se plantea el correspondiente modelo de gran senal aplicado a un nuevo prototipo exper

Ferreres Sabater, Agustin