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Barrio Adentro and the reduction of health inequalities in Venezuela: an appraisal of the first years.  


This article presents an update on the characteristics and performance of Venezuela's Bolivarian health care system, Barrio Adentro (Inside the Neighborhood). During its first five years of existence, Barrio Adentro has improved access and utilization of health services by reaching approximately 17 million impoverished and middle-class citizens all over Venezuela. This was achieved in approximately two years and provides an example of an immense "South-South" cooperation and participatory democracy in health care. Popular participation was achieved with the Comités de Salud (health committees) and more recently with the Consejos Comunales (community councils), while mostly Cuban physicians provided medical care. Examination of a few epidemiological indicators for the years 2004 and 2005 of Barrio Adentro reveals the positive impact of this health care program, in particular its primary care component, Barrio Adentro I. Continued political commitment and realistic evaluations are needed to sustain and improve Barrio Adentro, especially its primary care services. PMID:19326784

Armada, Francisco; Muntaner, Caries; Chung, Haejoo; Williams-Brennan, Leslie; Benach, Joan



Hispanic Youth in the Barrio  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Among the causes of boredom among Hispanic youth which sometimes leads to the formation of juvenile gangs are the lack of jobs in the barrio, the stereotyping of Chicano youth as delinquents, the lack of educational opportunities, and the practice of police authorities of tracking Hispanic youths and creating "records" for them. (NQ)|

Martinez, Douglas R.



Learning: Intellectual Imperialism from Barrio to Nation.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The research for this paper was concentrated in a poor barrio in Bogota, Columbia. The Paper discussed learning in a poor urban community using the ethnographic example of a small community to illustrate the larger socio-political impact of the implication of the United States' policy and position for Colombia. The account is considered to be…

Clark, Woodrow W., Jr.


Learning: Intellectual Imperialism from Barrio to Nation.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The research for this paper was concentrated in a poor barrio in Bogota, Columbia. The Paper discussed learning in a poor urban community using the ethnographic example of a small community to illustrate the larger socio-political impact of the implication of the United States' policy and position for Colombia. The account is considered to be…

Clark, Woodrow W., Jr.


Barrios and the Hispanic American city: Cultural value and social representation  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper explores the historical development of barrios in Hispanic American colonial cities. Emphasis is placed on the physical, social and functional aspects that made the barrios a unique place of work, culture and residence. Over time the barrio shifted in location from the edge to the middle of the colonial city. Factors contributing to the decline of the barrio

William J. Siembieda; Eduardo López Moreno



Chicano Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism in the Barrio.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Conducted in January 1977, the community survey examined alcohol abuse and alcoholism among Chicanos in the barrios. Data were obtained from 160 respondents (119 females and 41 males) from 3 geographic areas in San Antonio: the Special Impact Area of Casa Del Sol (an alcoholism program) and the cities of San Antonio and Alamo Heights. Information…

Jasso, Ricardo


Ethno-Racial Profiling and State Violence in a Southwest Barrio  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This study, carried out in a barrio neighborhood near the U.S.-Mexican border, uses a structural violence perspective to understand the extent of and individual determinants of mistreatment of residents by immigration authorities. Results indicate that barrio residents are more likely than the U.S. population in general to experience mistreatment…

Goldsmith, Pat Rubio; Romero, Mary; Rubio-Goldsmith, Raquel; Escobedo, Manuel; Khoury, Laura



Ethno-Racial Profiling and State Violence in a Southwest Barrio  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This study, carried out in a barrio neighborhood near the U.S.-Mexican border, uses a structural violence perspective to understand the extent of and individual determinants of mistreatment of residents by immigration authorities. Results indicate that barrio residents are more likely than the U.S. population in general to experience mistreatment…

Goldsmith, Pat Rubio; Romero, Mary; Rubio-Goldsmith, Raquel; Escobedo, Manuel; Khoury, Laura



Chicano Children and Their Outdoor Environment: Barrio, Housing Project & Rural Settings.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The study examined the experiences in the physical and social outdoor environment of low-income Chicano children living in an urban barrio, an urban housing project, and a rural setting. Subjects were 3 to 12 years of age, of any ethnic group, and of both sexes. Infants (those younger than 3 years) and adults (those older than 12 years) were coded…

Carrasco, Frank F.; And Others


Behavior Modification in the Treatment and Prevention of Inter-Barrio Gang Violence.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|A nomothetic assessment of the drive-by shooting in inter-barrio gang violence was conducted. Available data on drive-by shootings were organized using the model of behavioral assessment suggested by Kanfer and Saslow (1969). The model included seven areas of analysis: initial assessment, clarification of the problem, motivation, development,…

Hunsaker, Alan


Community level cancer control in a Texas barrio: Part I--Theoretical basis, implementation, and process evaluation.  


A theory-based program that used peer modeling and a network of peer communicators to promote breast and cervical cancer screening was designed and implemented in a barrio of San Antonio with a population of approximately 25,000 adult women. The implementation process was evaluated and documented through field notes, archival documents, content analyses, interviews, surveys, etc. Over a 21-month period, a total of 156 new stories and a network for distribution of more than 80,000 print pieces carried messages about positive role models who were receiving Pap smears and mammograms. A group of 85 volunteers were recruited to promote screening; these volunteers reached 2000-3000 women each month with personal contacts in which cancer screening was encouraged. A small group of volunteers offered particularly intensive assistance to their peers, e.g., helping them to make and keep appointments for screening examinations. The theoretical communication model for the program, which maximizes audience and community participation as sources and channels for messages, was well suited for the cross-cultural application presented here. PMID:8562211

Ramirez, A G; McAlister, A; Gallion, K J; Ramirez, V; Garza, I R; Stamm, K; de la Torre, J; Chalela, P



Enfoque de género en programas y proyectos de desarrollo  

Microsoft Academic Search

El propósito del presente manual es servir de guía para la preparación y dirección de un taller de capacitación en temas de género. La metodología propuesta aplica los conceptos básicos del análisis de género a las consideraciones operacionales y prácticas de programas y proyectos de desarrollo. En ese sentido, la metodología se adapta al ciclo de proyectos del BID incluyendo

Anne-Marie Urban; Rosa Bernal; M. Clotilde Charlot




Microsoft Academic Search

Este artigo apresenta os resultados de avaliações da eficácia do Programa Empreendedor Rural – PER – em alcançar seus objetivos. O PER é um programa de educação rural para produtores e trabalhadores rurais desenvolvido no Paraná e executado pelo Senar\\/PR e Sebrae\\/PR que visa elevar os estoques de capital humano e social no meio rural. O programa adota o construtivismo

Vania Di Addario Guimaraes; Fernando Curi Peres; Luis Alberto Ambrosio; Jose Roberto Fernandes Canziani




Microsoft Academic Search

This essay explores notions of Nuyorican, or Diasporic Puerto Rican, culture found in New York as expressed in literature, poetry, and memoir. The concept of the Latino imaginary is invoked to both explain and critically analyze the variety of transnational, especially Atlantic, inflections that are drawn upon by Puerto Rican authors locating a tropical identity in urban America through their

Solimar Otero



Camino Real Project (Camino Real de Tierra Adentro).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Contents: Through Desierto and Bosque: The Physical Environment of El Camino Real; The Pre-Spanish Camino Real; At the Ends of the Roads in the 1500s; Opening the Camino Real; North from Mexico, Inland and Beyond: El Camino Real; Seventeenth-Century Missi...

G. G. Palmer



Skenuotu žemelapiu vaizdo kokybes vertinimas ir gerinimo b?dai Adobe PhotoShop Programa  

Microsoft Academic Search

Nagrinejamas kartografiniu k?riniu vertimo skaitmeniniais skenuojant, gautu rastriniu žemelapiu kokybes vertinimo ir gerinimo bei ivairiu defektu šalinimo, taikant Adobe PhotoShop programa, procesas, pateikiamas rastrinio žemelapio rengimo numatytai paskir?iai algoritmas.

Art?ras Bautrenas; Jana Konstantinova; Marijus Pileckas



Valoración del impacto de un programa de educación en valores en el último curso de secundaria obligatoria  

Microsoft Academic Search

o de ESO de un instituto mala- gueño un programa de educación en actitudes y valores. Dos unidades docentes de dicho curso participaron en el programa y son considerados, en el análisis metodológico, como grupo (cuasi)experimental, mientras las otras tres unidades del mismo curso han servido como grupo de contraste o control. Los análisis han sido de comparación entre ambos

Carlos Fierro-Hernández




Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMEN Objetivos: Determinar la eficacia de un programa de capacitación en prevención de infecciones intrahospitalarias (IIH) para modificar conocimientos, actitudes y prácticas (CAP) del personal de salud hospitalario. Materiales y métodos: Estudio prospectivo de intervención, desarrollado en el Hospital Hipólito Unanue de Tacna, Perú, en el año 2000. Antes y después de la intervención se evaluó el nivel CAP en

Regina Rivera D; Guadalupe Castillo L; María Astete V; Vilma Linares G; Diana Huanco A; TRABAJOS ORIGINALES


Barrios and hyper barrios: how Latino neighborhoods changed the urban built environment  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper examines the trends in Latino neighborhoods located in a metropolitan statistical area. We focused on Latino neighborhoods because they are important features of the urban built environment. The change in this urban space from non-Latino to Latino identity has significant implications. The analysis focused on four research questions: (1) how many Latino neighborhoods exist in the US? (2)

J. S. Onésimo Sandoval; Joel Jennings



El modelo de crecimiento hacia adentro: una interpretación del caso colombiano  

Microsoft Academic Search

En este trabajo se realiza un análisis de los fundamentos teóricos de la CEPAL, haciendo énfasis en las ideas que sobre la industrialización diseñó la institución. Se estudia la forma en que se integran las economías latinoamericanas con el resto del mundo y la manera en que las han afectado las crisis de los años treinta y luego la de

Luis E. Vallejo Zamudio



Avaliação de Processo de um Programa de Manejo de Estresse Ocupacional The Process Evaluation of an Occupational Stress Management Program  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumo Este artigo descreve metas intermediárias alcançadas e atitudes dos participantes frente a um programa de manejo de estresse ocupacional. Participaram 74 funcionários de uma universidade, dos quais 42 foram designados para uma intervenção multimodal de manejo de estresse e 32 para um treinamento em habilidades sociais. Os resultados, coletados por medidas observacionais, evidenciaram que as metas intermediárias foram alcançadas

Sheila Giardini Murta


Los programas informáticos P2P y las nuevas perspectivas de la industria musical en Norteamérica y Europa  

Microsoft Academic Search

Internet puede calificarse como un verdadero catalizador social que avanza tendencias y comportamientos y que presenta constantes desafíos a los marcos jurídico-políticos y socioculturales de los países del mundo. En relación con la transmisión de datos por la red, uno de los problemas que ha ocasionado más controversia es el de los programas de intercambio de archivos en la red

Guillem Baladia Puche; Eduardo Riol Carvajal



An assessment of Spain's Programa AGUA and its implications for sustainable water management in the province of Almería, southeast Spain  

Microsoft Academic Search

Spain's Programa AGUA was proposed in 2004 as a replacement for the Spanish National Hydrological Plan and represented a fundamental policy shift in national water management from large inter-basin water transfers to a commitment to desalination. Twenty-one desalination facilities are planned for six provinces on the Spanish Mediterranean coast to supplement their water needs. These include the province of Almería

Stuart R. Downward; Ros Taylor



BUDDA (Bulge/Disk Decomposition Analysis) - um novo programa para análise estrutural de galáxias  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Tem sido prática comum nos últimos anos estudar a distribuição de luminosidade em galáxias fazendo uso da informação contida em toda a imagem da galáxia, já que esta técnica tem se mostrado muito mais confiável do que o simples ajuste de perfis radiais de luminosidade. Através destes estudos bidimensionais, melhores resultados tem sido obtidos na análise e.g. do Plano Fundamental, de correlações entre os parâmetros estruturais de galáxias, de sub-estruturas como barras e anéis nucleares etc. Apresentamos um novo código bidimensional, o BUDDA, de análise estrutural de galáxias, que será disponibilizado para a comunidade. Desenvolvido por nós, o código determina os parâmetros estruturais de galáxias de forma prática e robusta, e pode ser aplicado genericamente em qualquer estudo sobre a formação, evolução e estrutura de galáxias. O programa ainda permite a avaliação direta de sub-estruturas, através de imagens residuais que são obtidas ao se subtrair, das imagens originais, bojo e disco sintéticos que melhor representam essas componentes da galáxia sob consideração. Será apresentada a forma de utilização do código, bem como séries de testes que atestam a sua funcionalidade. Além disso, os resultados da aplicação do código em uma amostra de 51 galáxias serão expostos como exemplo prático, e do seu enorme potencial de uso.

Gadotti, D. A.; de Souza, R. E.; Dos Anjos, S.



Confronting Health Disparities: Latin American Social Medicine in Venezuela  

PubMed Central

Objectives. We explored the emergence and effectiveness of Venezuela's Misión Barrio Adentro, “Inside the Neighborhood Mission,” a program designed to improve access to health care among underserved residents of the country, hoping to draw lessons to apply to future attempts to address acute health disparities. Methods. We conducted our study in 3 capital-region neighborhoods, 2 small cities, and 2 rural areas, combining systematic observations with interviews of 221 residents, 41 health professionals, and 28 government officials. We surveyed 177 female and 91 male heads of household. Results. Interviews suggested that Misión Barrio Adentro emerged from creative interactions between policymakers, clinicians, community workers, and residents, adopting flexible, problem-solving strategies. In addition, data indicated that egalitarian physician–patient relationships and the direct involvement of local health committees overcame distrust and generated popular support for the program. Media and opposition antagonism complicated physicians’ lives and clinical practices but heightened the program's visibility. Conclusions. Top-down and bottom-up efforts are less effective than “horizontal” collaborations between professionals and residents in underserved communities. Direct, local involvement can generate creative and dynamic efforts to address acute health disparities in these areas.

Mantini-Briggs, Clara



King Tone's Journey: From the Barrio to the SHU.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Examines the life of King Tone, president of the Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation gang from 1996-99, analyzing his moral and political careers and noting contexts behind his choices and values and the "working out of a culture and social system that is often obscured in a typified account." The paper emphasizes the "dialectics of violence,"…

Brotherton, Dave



Going Down to the Barrio: Homeboys and Homegirls in Change.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This book traces the histories of two Chicano gangs in East Los Angeles since the early 1940s, when common gang stereotypes were created by the media and law enforcement agencies. In an unusual collaborative effort, researchers worked with former gang members to make contact with and interview members of various "cliques" (cohorts) of the White…

Moore, Joan W.


Designing a behavioral program for a barrio in Tegucigalpa, Honduras  

PubMed Central

Health in Housing initiated a behavioral program of education and skills training for children and adults in a community of 30,000 persons living in substandard conditions in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. To measure achievement in the long-range project, 21 families of Flor del Campo participated in a preliminary three-part survey of their (a) health, (b) housing and the environment, and (c) family history. Doctors, designers, and educators worked with Honduran personnel in the first survey. Following functional analyses of the home and surrounding environment and the physical status of the individuals living there, procedures provide the family with treatment and training for home and environment improvement. Graphic, verbal, and numerical data, incorporated into a master computerized system, record events of each family member: training programs experienced, health care delivery courses taken, medical treatments, growth of children, literacy changes, educational courses completed, kinds and amounts of foods eaten, household and building materials purchased. Ongoing functional analysis and a long-range evaluation are made of the progress of each participating individual in a family. Teams revisit each house to observe and record any changes in the physical and environmental facility and the health and life-styles, and to report any indications of new health problems or recurrences.

Cohen, Harold L.



In the Barrios: Latinos and the Underclass Debate.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This book includes nine articles that broaden current debates on the American urban "underclass" by assessing the circumstances of inner-city Latino communities. An introduction provides background information on the U.S. Latino population and addresses factors related to urban poverty and to the "underclass" debate, including economic…

Moore, Joan, Ed.; Pinderhughes, Raquel, Ed.



Microsoft Academic Search

Este estudo atua com uma ferramenta de feedback quanto aos resultados obtidos com os programas educacionais em combate ao descarte incorreto de embalagens vazias no município de Campos Gerais no Sul do Estado de Minas Gerais. Os objetivos são mensurar a eficiência dos -programas educativos implementados por empresas e órgãos governamentais como forma de prevenção ao impacto ambiental causado pelo

Jairo Gustavo De Lima; Marcelo Marcio Romaniello; Cristhiane Oliveira Da Graca Amancio



Sensibilidade a antimicrobianos de bactérias isoladas do trato respiratório de pacientes com infecções respiratórias adquiridas na comunidade: resultados brasileiros do Programa SENTRY de Vigilância de Resistência a Antimicrobianos dos anos de 1997 e 1998  

Microsoft Academic Search

O tratamento da pneumonia adquirida na comunidade (PAC) é habitualmente empírico e o uso de antimicrobianos é baseado em estudos de vigilância. O programa SENTRY foi desenhado para monitorar a resistência a antimicrobianos através de uma rede internacional de laboratórios. Três centros no Brasil participaram do Programa SENTRY em 1997 e em 1998. Métodos: Um total de 344 isolados bacterianos




Mapping the Rural Adolescent Girls' Participation in Residential Non-Formal Education Program--A Study in Lunkaransar Block, Rajasthan, India  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The present study, "Mapping Rural Adolescent Girl's Participation in Residential Non- Formal Education Program--A Study in Lunkaransar Block, Rajasthan", was an attempt to understand the dimensions of rural adolescent girls' participation in the "Balika Shivir" Program. It is a six month residential non-formal education program being organized by…

Sharma, Shilpa



Resumen del programa  

Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN)

Text Version... No use recetas en las que los huevos quedan crudos o parcialmente cocidos,salvo que se usen huevos con cáscara pasteurizados. ... More results from


INVESTIGAÇÕES EM SISTEMAS DE SERVIÇOS DE SAÚDE COMO FERRAMENTA PARA O ALCANCE DE PROGRAMAS DE CONTROLE DA HANSENÍASE MAIS EFETIVOS NO B RASIL* Health systems research training as a tool for more effective Hansen's disease control programmes in Brazil  

Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMO No Brasil, a hanseníase permanece como um importante problema de saúde pública. Embora um grande progresso tenha sido obtido nos Programas de Controle da Hanseníase (PCH), em todos os níveis do governo nos últimos 20 anos, algumas ações não foram potencializadas. O motivo: lacunas de informação relacionadas a áreas específicas da doença, exacerbadas pela ausência de instrumentos apropriados para

Alberto Novaes Ramos Jr; Jorg Heukelbach; Marcia Gomide; Pieter A. M. Schreuder


Polarização da cárie dentária em pré-escolares cadastrados no Programa Saúde da Família do Recife Polarization of Dental Caries in Pre-scholars registered in The Family Health Plan in the City of Recife  

Microsoft Academic Search

Key-words Este estudo determinou a prevalência e gravidade de cárie em crianças de 18-36 meses e 5 anos cadastradas no Programa Saúde da Família do Distrito Sanitário IV\\/Recife, em 2006. Estimou-se uma amostra probabilística de 1500 crianças: 900 de 18-36 meses e 600 de 5 anos, calculada com 27% e 65 % de prevalência e 5% e 6,5% de erro,

Márcia M; Dantas Cabral de Melo; Wayner Vieira de Souza; Maria Luiza Lima de Carvalho; Geraldo Bosco; Lindoso Couto



Microsoft Academic Search

Various Pulitizer prizes winner, the most conceited prize of North American literature, Eugene O'Neill received a little from his familiar environment. Maybe because of the recognition and stability that the fictional life had provided to the author, this was the way chosen to talk about the failures of his family. The changes of accusations, the self punitive torment and the

Claudiana Soerensen


The protective effect of neighborhood composition on increasing frailty among older Mexican Americans: A barrio advantage?  

PubMed Central

Objective Little is known about the nature of the frailty syndrome in older Hispanics who are projected to be the largest minority older population by 2050. We examined prospectively the relationship between medical, psychosocial and neighborhood factors and increasing frailty in a community-dwelling sample of Mexican Americans over the age of 75. Method Based on a modified version of the Cardiovascular Health Study frailty index, we examined two-year follow up data from the Hispanic Established Populations for Epidemiologic Studies of the Elderly (H-EPESE) to ascertain the rates and determinants of increasing frailty among 2,069 Mexican American adults 75+ years of age at baseline. Results Respondents at risk of increasing frailty lived in a less ethnically dense Mexican-American neighborhood, were older, did not have private insurance or Medicare, had higher levels of medical conditions, had lower levels of cognitive functioning, and reported less positive affect. Discussion Personal as well as neighborhood characteristics confer protective effects on individual health in this representative, well characterized sample of older Mexican Americans. Potential mechanisms that may be implicated in the protective effect of ethnically homogenous communities are discussed.

Aranda, Maria P.; Ray, Laura A.; Snih, Soham Al; Ottenbacher, Kenneth J.; Markides, Kyriakos S.



El Barrio's "We Are Watching You" Campaign: On the Politics of Inclusion in a Latinized Museum  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The way in which economic and cultural trends have led cultural institutions to go away from grassroots constituencies toward better ones and multiple debates within the world of U.S. Latino/a culture and the arts is described. The debate over the El Museo, which in the larger context affected the categorization, promotion and exhibition of Latin…

Davila, Arlene



Beginning with "El Barrio": Learning from Exemplary Teachers of Latino Students  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This study draws from data collected through phenomenological interviews with a group of urban teachers identified as "exemplary" by Latino students, parents, and community members. The authors critically examine the participants' biographies and document factors they cited as most germane and influential to informing their practice with Latino…

Irizarry, Jason G.; Raible, John



An Epidemic of Intestinal Capillariasis in Man. A Study in A Barrio in Northern Luzon.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

An epidemic of a chronic wasting disease, caused by a previously unknown nematode, Capillaria philippinensis, was discovered to be occurring along the northwest coast of Luzon, Philippines. A study was undertaken to elucidate by epidemiologic methods the ...

R. Detels L. Gutman J. Jaramillo E. Zerrudo J. J. Dizon



To boil or not: drinking water for children in a periurban barrio  

Microsoft Academic Search

Boiling water, or other water purification methods, are common recommendations of health promoters in developing countries to improve the quality of drinking water in an attempt to decrease the incidence of childhood diarrhea. Health education programs frequently employ an approach based on knowledge deficits to promote this practice. However, there has been little published about water purification practices or associated

J. D. McLennan



The Chola life course: Chicana heroin users and the barrio Gang.  


The theoretical argument of the paper is as follows: Traditional values may deter many Latinas from drug use, but they operate to ostracize adolescent girls from cholo (street) families. Those girls may be propelled into drug-using youth gangs or similar peer groups, where they are further channeled to the more deviant subcliques. This pivotal experience initiates a drug-oriented adult lifestyle. Gender norms mean that the typical male career path to and from the gang is different. Data bearing on this argument are presented, and research and intervention implications are explored. PMID:7960308

Moore, J



Out of the Barrio: Toward a New Politics of Hispanic Assimilation.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Ultimately, Hispanic Americans will choose whether they wish to become part of the larger American society, or remain separate from it, but public policy can and does influence that choice. Chapters 1 and 2 show how public policy in the form of two federal laws, the Bilingual Education Act and the Voting Rights Act, encouraged Hispanics to reject…

Chavez, Linda


Host selection of potential West Nile virus vectors in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala, 2007.  


The selection of vertebrate hosts by Culex mosquitoes relative to West Nile virus (WNV) transmission in neotropical countries such as Guatemala is not described. This study determined the feeding patterns of Cx. quinquefasciatus and Cx. nigripalpus and estimated the relative contribution of two common and frequently infected wild bird species, Turdus grayi and Quiscalus mexicanus, to WNV transmission. Engorged mosquitoes were collected from rural and urban habitats after the dry and wet seasons in the Department of Izabal in 2007. Host selection by Cx. nigripalpus varied significantly between urban and rural habitats. Both Cx. quinquefasciatus and Cx. nigripalpus fed predominantly on chickens and other domestic animals. Blood meals from wild birds were rare, accounting for 1.1% of blood meals identified from Cx. quinquefasciatus and 6.5% of blood meals from Cx. nigripalpus. Transmission of WNV by these two mosquito species may be dampened by extensive feeding on reservoir-incompetent hosts. PMID:23208881

Kading, Rebekah C; Reiche, Ana Silvia Gonzalez; Morales-Betoulle, Maria Eugenia; Komar, Nicholas




Microsoft Academic Search

The study reported in this article examined two Hispanic-serving institutions, Miami-Dade Community College and Santa Monica College, and the innovative transfer agreements they have with Smith College, a highly selective private women's college. Factors that influence the successful transfer of women students to Smith from these HSIs are highlighted. The article concludes with recommendations for how Hispanic-serving institutions, and community

Lisa Wolf-Wendel; Susan Twombly; Christopher Morphew; Joseph Sopcich



From Barrios to Yale: The Role of Parenting Strategies in Latino Families  

Microsoft Academic Search

This study relies on qualitative methods to investigate the role of parents and home characteristics in the academic success of Latino\\/a students from impoverished, immigrant families. The primary goal is to identify parenting practices that contribute to the academic achievement of poor Latino students. Ten first-generation, U.S.-born, Latino students attending Yale University were interviewed for this study. All of the

Rosario Ceballo



Raul Villamía oral history interview by Maura Barrios, November 8, 2006  

Microsoft Academic Search

This is an oral history interview with Raul Villamía, in which he discusses his involvement in the Cuban Revolution. The interview begins with some background information on Mr. Villamía, who was born in Cuba and came to the United States as a professional baseball player in 1947. There is a lengthy discussion about Fidel Castro, the coup d'état, and the

Raul Villamía; Maura Barrios



78 FR 57406 - Approval of Barrios Measurement Services LLC, as a Commercial Gauger  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Services LLC, has been approved to gauge petroleum, petroleum products, organic chemicals and vegetable oils for customs...LA 70345, has been approved to gauge petroleum, petroleum products, organic chemicals and vegetable oils for...



Barrios and Burbs: Residential Context and Health-Risk Behaviors among Angeleno Adolescents  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The increasing size of the Latino immigrant population in the United States underscores the need for a more complete understanding of the role that social context plays in influencing the health of immigrants and their children. This analysis explores the possibility that residential location influences the health-risk behaviors of Latino youth in…

Frank, Reanne; Cerda, Magdalena; Rendon, Maria



La forja de un republicano: Diego Martínez Barrio (1883-1962)  

Microsoft Academic Search

El artículo realiza un recorrido por los rasgos fundamentales del republicanismo español tomando como eje la biografía política de uno de los más destacados protagonistas de la política española de la II República y de la historia del exilio republicano. Inició su andadura política como militante anarquista, fue líder de los jóvenes republicanos de Sevilla, mantuvo una estrecha relación con

Leandro Álvarez Rey



The Role of Neighborhood Organizations in the Production of Gentrifiable Urban Space: The Case of Wynwood, Miami's Puerto Rican Barrio  

Microsoft Academic Search

Partnerships between government and community-based actors and organizations are considered the hallmark of contemporary governance arrangements for the revitalization and gentrification of economically distressed, inner city areas. This dissertation uses historical, narrative analysis and ethnographic methods to examine the formation, evolution and operation of community-based governance partnerships in the production of gentrifable urban space in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami,

Marcos Feldman



The role of neighborhood organizations in the production of gentrifiable urban space: The case of Wynwood, Miami's Puerto Rican barrio  

Microsoft Academic Search

Partnerships between government and community-based actors and organizations are considered the hallmark of contemporary governance arrangements for the revitalization and gentrification of economically distressed, inner city areas. This dissertation uses historical, narrative analysis and ethnographic methods to examine the formation, evolution and operation of community-based governance partnerships in the production of gentrifiable urban space in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami,

Marcos Feldman




Microsoft Academic Search

1. Antecedentes El presente trabajo de investigación surge como respuesta a la inquietud de generar una perspectiva diferente que, además de explicar el fenómeno del sexoservicio y sus implicaciones en la salud, pueda determinar líneas de acción encauzadas al mejoramiento de las condiciones de vida y oportunidades objetivas en la obtención de servicios integrales de salud para las mujeres que

Manuel Enrique; Morales Santiago


Divulgación del Programa Consolider-GTC  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC) is the biggest telescope of its class in the world. The CONSOLIDER INGENIO 2010-GTC project, First Science with the GTC: Spanish Astron- omy on the Forefront of the European Astronomy, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, MICINN (now the Ministry of Economy and competitiveness, MINECO) has used the GTC to: (i) obtain leading science with its data, (ii) increase the involvement of the Spanish astronomical community in developing astronomical instrumentation, (iii) get an important Spanish participation in the new extremely large telescopes generation (ELTs), and (iv) make outreach and communicating to the society the main results. The project CONSOLIDER INGENIO 2010-GTC is structured and defined by objectives: 1) GTC: To optimize the GTC and its instruments; 2) SCIENCE: To develop leading science with the GTC; 3) E-ELT: To take advantage of the technological experience obtained with the GTC for the new generation of giant telescopes; 4) INSTRUMENTATION: To promote the Spanish participation in the new instrument developments for the GTC, VLT and the future ELTs; 5) EDUCATION: International School for Advanced Instrumentation (IScAI); and 6) OUTREACH: Outreach and communication of the project scientific results. This poster resumes five years of science communication around the Consolider-GTC project.

Ruiz Zelmanovitch, N.; Mass Hesse, M.; Alfaro, E.



Estrés y sexualidad: un programa de intervención  

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The relationship between the stress and the sexuality constitutes an important bond little worked that has been approached sometimes from a narrow mark, in the search of differences between the men and the women with relationship to the stress answers. Different events of the couple have also been valued as rupture, marriage, the spouse's death and the tensions that are

Alina Julia Ortega Bravo



Preguntas y respuestas: Programa contra productos ...  

Center for Drug Evaluation (CDER)

... Never An Outbreak. O2xygen Force (Oxygen Force/OxyForce), DMSO Cream, DMSO Roll-on, DMSO Cream w/Aloe, AlkaLife. EverCLR3. EverCLR3 ... More results from


Comparison of engorged Culex quinquefasciatus collection and blood-feeding pattern among four mosquito collection methods in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala, 2007.  


Investigators have used a variety of techniques to sample resting, engorged mosquitoes for the purposes of studying mosquito blood-feeding behavior. However, evidence exists that mosquito blood-feeding patterns may vary according to collection method. Engorged mosquitoes were collected from rural and urban habitats after the 2007 dry (July) and wet (December) seasons in the Department of Izabal, Guatemala, with the use of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) light traps, gravid traps, and aspiration from plastic pots and vegetation. We evaluated the utility of plastic pots as sampling tools for engorged Culex mosquitoes and compared Cx. quinquefasciatus blood host identities among collection methods. The array of vertebrate hosts supplying blood to Cx. quinquefasciatus did not differ significantly by method of collection. The density of engorged Cx. quinquefasciatus per trap-night was not significantly different between CDC light traps, gravid traps, and plastic pots; however, there was a significantly higher proportion of total mosquitoes that were engorged collected from pots than from either CDC light traps or gravid traps. PMID:21033062

Kent, Rebekah J; Reiche, Ana Silvia Gonzalez; Morales-Betoulle, Maria Eugenia; Komar, Nicholas




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The Advanced Reactors Studies program of the Lawrence Radiation ; Laboiatory, is reviewed. The review encompasses the origins, progress to date, ; philosophy underlying the program, and future plans. The basic purpose of the ; program is the advancement of the techniology which is required to achieve the ; ultimate potential of hightemperature, gas-cooled power reactors. In order that ;




Orientación y Reforma: el reto de la intervención por programas  

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This work analyses the guidance functions from the referente frame of the controversy Services versus Programs. The author defends the thesis that the intervention through programs is the right way of guidance practice in the educational reform aproved kv the Ley de Ordenación del Sistema Educativo. On the other hand, it is pointed out the determinant factors of the programs

Sebastián Rodríguez Espinar


Developing a Community through Its Marketplace. Partnership Profile.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|A partnership of nongovernmental organizations developed a model of integrated community development centers (CDICs) to address the lack of services and affordable basic necessities in poor barrios surrounding many Latin American cities. A CDIC in a Guayaquil (Ecuador) barrio provides wholesale goods and credit to barrio shopkeepers and…

Garcia, Manuel Alcazar



Depressão e envelhecimento : estudo nos participantes do Programa Universidade Aberta à Terceira Idade  

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Objectives: to identify depression in the elderly enrolled at the Senior Citizens Open University, a program of the Federal University of Pernambuco, considering demographic, social and economic vari- ables. Methods: epidemiological, descriptive, cross sectional cohort study . A census comprising 358 elderly subjects being 312 women and 46 men (> 60 yr) through the Brasil Old Age Schedule (BOAS) was

Eduardo Maia; Kátia Magdala; Lima Barreto; Ilka Veras Falcão; Moraes Rego


Usina Nuclear de Angra: programa de controle ambiental. (Angra nuclear plant - environmental control program).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The pre-operational studies, that were elaborated before the beginning of Angra I Power Plant operation, are described in particular the environmental radiological safety area. Several aspects are included, as socio-economic survey, seismological analysis...

E. Kircher E. S. Cruz




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This paper analyzes the visualization skills developed through current Engineering Graphics courses, in order to define the most adequate strategy to improve these abilities in the future European Area for Higher Education. A study on students' visualization skills has been performed in La Laguna University using two well-known tests for evaluating spatial abilities from a psychological point of view: Mental

José Luis Saorín; Rosa Navarro; Norena Martín; Manuel Contero



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Resumen: La globalización y el auge de las nuevas tecnologías de información y comunicación y el creciente valor que tiene el conocimiento en la sociedad actual, han impuesto la presencia cada vez mayor de herramientas instruccionales asociadas al uso de plataformas educativas que han generado grandes retos en la educación así como en el docente y el alumno. Debido a

Judith Cuéllar


Aproximación al PERT en evaluación de programas desde las técnicas matemáticas de análisis de grafos  

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Title: PERT Proposal in program evaluation through graph mathematic technique. Abstract: Graph analysis was always of the mathematical-geometric nature. It has not been used on Behavioral Sciences, with few wxcwptions, and it can become of useful instrument in several fields. In this article it is proposed as application to PERT (Project Evaluation and Review Technique). The PERT graphics are the

Pedro Sánchez Algarra



The Engineering Foundations Program-a new program for minority students in engineering at Cornell  

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The principle behind the Engineering Foundations Program (established in 1988) is that some minority applicants in the pool of apparently underprepared students (relative to the typical profile of Cornell engineering students) should be given an opportunity to learn at a slower pace and have an opportunity to take preparatory courses if necessary. At the same time, they should be assisted

J. Jackson; R. H. Lance; A. Solomon



Evaluación de los programas de vacunación mediante estudios serológicos y vacunas distribuidas  

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BackgroundThe objective of this study was to compare vaccination coverage in schoolchildren for the measles-mumpsrubella (MMR) and diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP) triple vaccines, and the poliomyelitis vaccine based on: a) vaccines distributed to vaccination centers; b) reported vaccination history, and c) serological analysis of antibodies.

Pedro Plans



An Evaluation of a Hearing Conservation Program—A Five-Year Longitudinal Study  

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The effectiveness of a hearing conservation program was investigated by analyses of changes in hearing threshold levels over a 5-year period among 2770 male employees of the DuPont Company. The study focused on 1966 men in this group whose level of noise exposure did not change during the study period. Three categories of noise levels were established. One consisted of




Evaluación de un programa de intervención breve motivacional para fumadores: resultados de un estudio piloto  

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SUMMARY Tobacco consumption is a world-wide public health problem that has been associated with different types of cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, alterations in the reproductive system, dental problems and some eye diseases. In Mexico the National Survey of Addictions (2002) reported that 26.4% of the urban population between 12 and 65 years and 14.3% of the rural population are

Jennifer Lira-Mandujano; Fabiola González-Betanzos; César A. Carrascoza Venegas; Héctor E. Ayala; Sara E. Cruz-Morales




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This work deals with the practice of sport in the company, an expedient that has existed for a long time in European and Asian countries, later adopted in the United States, and arriving in Brazil in the second half of the past century, particularly in the South West and Southern regions - São Paulo, Paraná and Rio Grande do

José Maurício Capinussú



Território, Ruralidade e Fumicultura: um estudo no Instituto Souza Cruz - Programa Cedejor  

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The intention of this work is to present an agroind ustry of tobacco with representation, in this in this specific case the Souza Cruz, which pr omotes programs in some localities of the South of the country propitiating the territorialit y. The entire production of the tobacco, the



Competencias requeridas por los egresados del programa de Medicina según el pensamiento de autoridades y docentes  

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The gone away one(graduated one) from the university and specifically of the program of medicine of the UCLA, must rely on competitions that they should qualify it to exercise successfully this profession. The present investigationwas realized to know the thought of authorities and teachers in relation with the competitions needed for gone away(graduated) from the Program of Medicine of the

Isabel Cristina; Ramos de Fernández; María Cristina; Fernández UCLA



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The carrying out and publication of studies that assess the efficacy and efficiency of drug-addiction treatment programmes is an im- portant requirement, both in social and economic terms -for health authorities- and in deontological terms -for the psychology profes- sion. The present work offers a brief description of the main methodological characteristics of these studies, outlines the principal aspects of

José Ramón Fernández Hermida; Roberto Secades Villa


Athletic Department Reading and Study Skills Program--A Model in Search of Other Applications.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|A personnel services model program for the university student-athlete was developed 4 years ago by the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and the Student Counseling Bureau at the University of Minnesota. The service is preventive in emphasis, developmental in philosophy, and individualized in operation. The reading and educational skills…

Hultgren, Dayton; Crewe, James


Avaliação emancipatória de um Programa Educativo do Serviço de Controle de Infecção Hospitalar  

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Objective: To conduct a critical evaluation of an infection control educational program in a Brazilian teaching hospital in order to suggest changes as needed. Methods: This study used action research approach to collect data among 6 nurses working in an Intensive Cardiac Care Unit in a Brazilian teaching hospital in the Sao Paulo State. Paulo Freire's methodology was adopted to

Danielle Fabiana Cucolo; Josimerci Ittavo Lamana Faria; Claudia Bernardi Cesarino



Salud y Nutricion Para Todos: Un Programa Educativo, (Health and Nutrition for All: An Educational Program),  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The book presents information appropriate for teaching elementary school aged children principles of health and nutrition. The book's 22 chapters each treat individual health related themes, from general information about the human body to more specific i...

C. L. Heep J. King




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The industrial uses of nuclear explosives, the possible applications, ; results of recent underground tests, the current status of Plowshare projects, ; the suspected phenomenology and sequence of events during an explosive release of ; nuclear energy underground, and the radioactivity associated with such an event ; are reviewed. It presents a challenge to all non-destructive engineers to ; predict




The Courts and Your Minimum Competency Testing Program--A Guide to Survival.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The events surrounding legal challenges to minimum competency testing programs are described, and ways of coping with the experiences are suggested. Discussion primarily is based on five legal challenges to the Florida program although reference is made to suits in other states for contrast. Whenever a student is faced with a threat to promotion…

Fisher, Thomas H.



Theory to Practice: Developmental Mathematics Program--A Model for Change  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The Developmental Mathematics Program (DMP) at Texas State University-San Marcos in central Texas has undergone systemic, significant changes over the past ten years. These changes primarily resulted from the alignment to the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges' (AMATYC) Crossroads in Mathematics: Standards for Introductory…

Vasquez Mireles, Selina



PCLOOK: programa interactivo para analisis de espectros. (PCLOOK: an interactive code for spectral analysis).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The present work describes an interactive programme for the analysis of spectra developed to run in a PC platform. PCLOOK has a graphic interface that allows the user to get access to different functions using the mouse or directly typing commands. In thi...

A. O. Macchiavelli D. Tomasi



STUDENT RETENTION IN A CRIMINOLOGY PROGRAM Bir Kriminoloji Programõnda Ö ?rencilerin Programa Devamõ  

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* * * * Özet merika Birleik Devletleri'nde, son yõllarda, üniversite ö?rencilerinin eitim görmekte olduklarõ programda devam etmeleri konusu ciddi bir problem haline gelmitir. Ö ?rencilerin eitim gördükleri programda kalmalarõ ve programlarõnõ tamamlama oranlarõ son yirmi yõldõr azalmaktadõr. Bu problemin anla ?õlabilmesi için New England bölgesinde bulunan bir Amerikan üniversitesinde bilimsel bir çalõ?ma yapõlmõ?tõr. Veri toplamak için nitel bir çalõ?ma

M. Alper SÖZER



Programas de desenvolvimento local na região Nordeste do Brasil: uma avaliação preliminar da guerra fiscal  

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Local development programs in northeast Brazil: a preliminary evaluation of fiscal war- The federal government has played an important role in the development of the Brazilian economy. However, due to the adoption of neoliberal policies - suggested by international organs - in the 1990´s, State intervention in the economy fell substantially, particularly in relation to the planning and application of

Ana Carolina da Cruz Lima; João Policarpo Rodrigues Lima



Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Worksite Oral-Health Promotion Programa  

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This study was conducted to examine whether oral-health promotion programs provided as an occupational health service for employees were cost-beneficial for employers. The subjects were composed of 357 male workers (20-59 yr of age) who participated in oral-health promotion programs conducted at their workplaces between 1992 and 1997. The design of this study was a quasi-experimental study design in which



The Swine Flu Immunization ProgramA Comparison of Inoculation Recipients and Nonrecipients  

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The swine flu immunization program was a massive, government-sponsored effort in response to the threat of an expected epidemic. This program was surrounded by a great deal of controversy and uncertainty, and when the program ended only about one-third of the national target population had been immunized. Using the orienting framework of the Health Belief Model, this survey compares a

Arnold J. Levine; Roger B. Trent



Cyberbullying: Challenges and opportunities for a research program—A response to Olweus (2012)  

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Olweus raises some important issues, but I argue that he underestimates the impact of cyberbullying on a research programme that he has done so much to promote. Cyberbullying has a number of distinctive features that differentiate it from traditional bullying. Cyberbullying provides a new challenge to the hard core (definitional criteria separating bullying from aggression). It also provides opportunities, in

Peter K. Smith



Factors That Predict Successful Outcome in a Cancer-Rehabilitation Program--A Pilot Study  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A discussion is presented of five categories of patient variables that seem to have useful relationships with both successful rehabilitation outcome and ease of management from the standpoints of medical and vocational rehabilitation. These classes of variables have been identified through clinical experience and validated empirically.…

Kluge, Charles A.; McAleer, Charles A.



El programa de Educación Maternal en el Sistema Público de Salud en Galicia  

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Aims of the studyThe goals of this study have been to know the number of patients who participate in the Maternal Education Program in the Health Centers in Galicia. Timetable, theoretical and practical activities of the program have been analised.

A. Martínez Rodríguez; S. Martínez Bustelo; S. Pita Fernández; A. Ferri Morales



Seat Belt Education Program--A Model for Public Health Settings.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The purpose of the study was to determine whether a brief seat belt group educational intervention could be incorporated into an existing public health program and result in increased use of seat belts. Seat belt use increased from 4.9 to 12.6 percent among 268 low-income mothers during the study. (Author/CH)

Saunders, Stephen; Pine, Jeffrey



Infecciones nosocomiales: tendencias seculares de un programa de control en México  

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Objective. To know the trend of nosocomial infections rates at a third level hospital since the begining of the infection control program until the present and to evaluate the im- pact in mortality and length of hospital stay. Material and methods. A study descriptive, retrospective and retrolec- tive was done in a reference hospital providing tertiary care in Mexico City.

Samuel Ponce de León; Sigfrido Rangel-Frausto; Josué I. Elías-López; Carmen Romero-Oliveros; Martha Huertas-Jiménez



Programa Embu Enxergando Melhor: uma proposta de atenção integral à saúde ocular em pré-escolares  

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Objective: Early detection and prompt treatment of ocu- lar disorders in children are important to avoid lifelong visual impairment. This study aimed to describe a comprehensive eye health care program for preschool children. Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study was car- ried out focusing eye health conditions of 23,374 children, between five and seven years old, of the public preschool system

Maria Cecília S. Lapa; Adriana Mavalli de Freitas; Glaura César Pedroso; Meiry Akiko Furusato; Renato Nabas Ventura



Small Groups and Mentors Foster Relationships during Summer Reading Program--A Qualitative Analysis.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Interviewed 17 parents and 26 school personnel involved with children in a 6-week summer reading and nutrition program, "Energy Express." Quantitative studies of "Energy Express" show significant increases in reading scores. This study indicates that children develop relationships with their college student AmeriCorps mentors and with each other;…

Miltenberger, Margaret W.; Phillips, Ruthellen H.; McDonald, Brenda Pruett; Triplett, Susan K.



Alcohol Medical Scholars Program--A Mentorship Program for Improving Medical Education regarding Substance Use Disorders  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The Alcohol Medical Scholars Program (AMSP) is designed to improve medical education related to substance use disorders (SUDs) through mentorship of junior, full-time academic faculty from medical schools across the United States. Scholarship focuses on literature review and synthesis, lecture development and delivery, increasing SUD education in…

Neufeld, Karin J.; Schuckit, Marc A.; Hernandez-Avila, Carlos A.



Segurança Alimentar e Agricultura Familiar: Análise dos Programas Municipais de Araraquara-SP  

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O presente trabalho analisa as políticas públicas de segurança alimentar como instrumentos de desenvolvimento nos espaços locais e regionais voltados ao objetivo de elevar as condições de renda e de emprego na agricultura familiar. Mostra que mecanismos institucionais desenvolvidos a partir de políticas públicas participativas podem promover o desenvolvimento rural local e regional com possibilidades de inclusão social. Tal constatação

Luiz Manoel de Moraes Camargo Almeida; Thauana Paiva Gomes; Sonia Maria Bergamasco; Luiz Fernando Paulillo



Evidencia reciente sobre programas preescolares (Recent Evidence on Preschool Programs). ERIC Digest.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Noting that growing evidence indicates that high-quality preschool child development programs contribute to the short- and long-term development of children living in poverty, this Digest summarizes recently reported experimental and quasi-experimental studies of Head Start and similar programs. Recently reported experimental studies include those…

Schweinhart, Lawrence J.



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Effect of a hydrotherapy program on flexibility and muscle strength in elderly women Objective: To evaluate the effect of a hydrotherapy program on flexibility and muscle strength among sedentary elderly women. Method: The participants were 31 healthy sedentary elderly women aged between 65 and 70 years (16 in the experimental group and 15 in the control group). Muscle strength tests




Desarrollo y evaluación de suplementos alimenticios para el Programa de Educación, Salud y Alimentación  

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Objective. To develop and evaluate nutritional supplements destined to a program of social assistance. Material and methods. In the design of the nutritional supplements a series of criteria were considered including nutrient com- position, physicochemical properties and feasibility of pro- duction and utilization. Final products were initially evaluated to determine the level of acceptance in 40 children, 52 preg- nant

Jorge L. Rosado; Juan Rivera; Gladys López; Lourdes Solano; Guadalupe Rodríguez; Esther Casanueva; Alberto García-Aranda; Georgina Toussaint; Irene Maulen



Alberta healthy living program-a model for successful integration of chronic disease management services.  


The most common presentation of chronic disease is multimorbidity. Disease management strategies are similar across most chronic diseases. Given the prevalence of multimorbidity and the commonality in approaches, fragmented single disease management must be replaced with integrated care of the whole person. The Alberta Healthy Living Program, a community-based chronic disease management program, supports adults with, or at risk for, chronic disease to improve their health and well being. Participants gain confidence and skills in how to manage their chronic disease(s) by learning to understand their health condition, make healthy eating choices, exercise safely and cope emotionally. The program includes 3 service pillars: disease-specific and general health patient education, disease-spanning supervised exercise and Better Choices, Better Health(TM) self-management workshops. Services are delivered in the community by an interprofessional team and can be tailored to target specific diverse and vulnerable populations, such as Aboriginal, ethno-cultural and francophone groups and those experiencing homelessness. Programs may be offered as a partnership between Alberta Health Services, primary care and community organizations. Common standards reduce provincial variation in care, yet maintain sufficient flexibility to meet local and diverse needs and achieve equity in care. The model has been implemented successfully in 108 communities across Alberta. This approach is associated with reduced acute care utilization and improved clinical indicators, and achieves efficiencies through an integrated, disease-spanning patient-centred approach. PMID:24070890

Morrin, Louise; Britten, Judith; Davachi, Shahnaz; Knight, Holly



Programa computacional para analise estrutural de elementos combustiveis. (Code for structural analysis of fuel assemblies).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

It's presented the code ELCOM for the matrix analysis of tubular structures coupled by rigid spacers, typical of PWR's fuel elements. The code ELCOM makes a static structural analysis, where the displacements and internal forces are obtained for each tubu...

I. M. V. Hayashi J. A. Perrotta



Mediating women: Gender, power and community television  

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This focus examines the possibilities and challenges that women from marginalised neighbourhoods (barrios) face in the field of grassroots media production in Caracas, Venezuela. Significant gains have been made to advance gender equality in the local and national context in Venezuela. However, barrio-based women continue to negotiate an unequal terrain as they attempt to assert themselves as media producers and

Naomi Schiller



Difusión transnacional de identidades juveniles en la expansión de las maras centroamericanas  

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The maras Salvatrucha and Barrio 18 are two youth violent gangs with widespread presence in Central America and the United States. These gangs are attracting the attention of the scientific community because of their growing transnational links and the unusual levels of violence deployed. This article posits that the transnational expansion of the maras Salvatrucha and Barrio 18 is largely

Alberto MArtín


National Trails System, Santa Fe: State of the Trails, 2005.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

CONTENTS: Who We Are, What We Do; Milestones 2005: A Summary; Partnerships & Programs; El Camino Real de los Tejas; El Camino Real do Tierra Adentro; Old Spanish Trail; Santa Fe Trail; Trail of Tears; Long Walk Trail Feasibility Study; Site and Segment Ce...



"Discovering the Cell": An Educational Game about Cell and Molecular Biology  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The role of games within education becomes clearer as students become more active and are able to take decisions, solve problems and react to the results of those decisions. The educational board game "Discovering the Cell" ("Celula Adentro"), is based on problem-solving learning. This investigative game attempts to stimulate reasoning and…

Spiegel, Carolina N.; Alves, Gutemberg G.; Cardona, Tania da S.; Melim, Leandra M. C.; Luz, Mauricio R. M. P.; Araujo-Jorge, Tania C.; Henriques-Pons, Andrea




Microsoft Academic Search

Through a qualitative study, meanings attributed to the house call by Brazilian families who benefitedfromtheFamilyHealthProgramareanalyzed,?withtheobjectiveofrecognizingthedifficulties? and potential accumulated from this practice. From October to December of 2005, thirty women and ten men participated in open interviews, all between 18 and 79 years old as well as more than six-month residents in a health region of Cuiabá, MT, Brazil. Content analysis

Edir Nei Teixeira Mandú; Maria Aparecida Munhoz Gaíva; Maria da Anunciação Silva; Ana Maria; Nunes da Silva



The Evolution of an Employee-Training ProgramA Three-Year Flexible Organization Development Effort  

Microsoft Academic Search

The approach to organization development (OD) that is described in this article is offered as an alternative to a more traditional scientific methodology that has been viewed critically by Beer and Walton and by Burke. According to these researchers, OD projects should place emphasis on long-term involvements with organizations and include contextual variables and system dynamics in the research design.

Renate R. Mai-Dalton; F. Barry Barnes




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Coach is an essential figure in youth sport as plans and interacts continually with their athletes, influencing in the quality and continuity of the youth sport career. Different intervention programs for coaches, like the Coach Effectiveness Training (CET) or the Mastery Approach Climate (MAC), are applied to improve coaches behaviours and, consequently, promoting sport practice as more appellative avoiding sport

C. Sousa; J. Cruz; C. Viladrich; M. Torregrosa


Evaluating a Small-Group Counseling Program--A Model for Program Planning and Improvement in the Elementary Setting  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|School counselors are under increasing pressure to evaluate their programs in a manner consistent with teachers and other educators. A small-group counseling intervention was used by a school counselor as part of a three-level program planning initiative that illustrated best research practices to evaluate program outcomes. Forty-nine third-grade…

Bostick, Dee; Anderson, Ron



The River Street Autism ProgramA Case Study of a Regional Service Center Behavioral Intervention Program  

Microsoft Academic Search

An urgent demand from Connecticut parents for behavioral intervention resulted in the development of the River Street Autism Program (RSAP). This research-to-practice program implements intervention service based on empirical research findings conducted with children diagnosed with autism and pervasive developmental disorders. RSAP is provided through a regional service center and provides services for children entering the program at 2 to

Kathleen Dyer; Gayle M. Martino; Tom Parvenski



Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities National Internship ProgramA Means Toward Achieving a Representative Bureaucracy  

Microsoft Academic Search

The U.S. government has long struggled with achieving a federal workforce that reflects the nation's diversity. This study evaluates the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities National Internship Program, which recruits Latino students for semester-long internship assignments with federal agencies. Having undergone the internship program, students are more likely to consider the federal government as a future employer than they

Arturo Cuéllar; Arturo Vega



Avaliação da Consolidação Óssea em Indivíduos com Fratura em Membros Inferiores Utilizando Fixação Externa Circular após Programa de Reabilitação  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper intend to verify the relationship between physical activities and the efficiency of bone consolidation in individuals with circular external fixation (CEF). To reach that, image proceeding and optical density measuring were done in 6 places inside the regeneratum in 32 radiographic images from 8 subjects with FEC, with 4 of them with physical rehabilitation. The results showed that

Silmara P. C. S. Macri; William T. Watanabe; Wolley W. Silva; Marcia A. S. Bissaco


Nursing students' perceptions toward the nursing profession from clinical practicum in a baccalaureate nursing program-a qualitative study.  


The purpose of this study was to explore senior nursing students' perceptions toward the nursing profession and their experiences in clinical practicum in Taiwan. This study used semistructured interview guides and unstructured face-to-face dialogue with the participants based on a qualitative method. A purposive sample with a snowball method from a baccalaureate nursing program in Southern Taiwan was used to recruit participants. A total of 30 senior nursing students participated in this study. Data were collected from February to May 2011. The interviews were transcribed verbatim, and data were analyzed based on the phenomenological approach of qualitative methodology. Data were categorized into three major themes: in-depth recognition of nursing, recognition of the meaning and value of life, and decision conflicts for being a nurse. The findings of the study not only help nursing educators further understand the educational effects of clinical practicum, but also provide information for managers of medical organizations to recruit and train newly graduated nurses. PMID:23465420

Tseng, Hui-Chen; Wang, Hsiu-Hung; Weng, Wei-Che



Implantacion de programas de telemedicina en la sanidad publica de Espana: experiencia desde la perspectiva de clinicos y decisores  

Microsoft Academic Search

Objective: To identify the main benefits and risks related to the implementation of telemedicine programs in Spain, based on the experience of the actors influencing the decision-making process. Participants and methods: We performed a qualitative study based on audiotaped semi-structured telephone interviews. Eleven interviews were carried out, and the perspective of four physicians, three administrators, two researchers and two telecommunications

Vinita Mahtani Chugani; Roberto Luis; Martin Fernandez; Enrique Soto Pedre; Virginia Yanes Lopez; Pedro Serrano Aguilar


Opinión de las matronas de atención primaria de Madrid sobre la evolución de los programas de educación maternal  

Microsoft Academic Search

Objective: To know the opinions of the midwives of the primary health care centers of the Community of Madrid concerning the evo- lution of maternal education programs in which they take part. Participants and method: A descriptive, cross-sectional study. The measurement tool employed was a questionnaire consisting of 15 closed questions. The study population included all the primary care midwives

Yolanda Gallardo Diez; Isabel Sánchez Perruca


Administracion de Programas para Ninos Impedidos en la Escuela Elemental (Administration of Elementary School Programs for Disadvantaged Children).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The pamphlet presents information on 17 big-city programs to provide special education services in elementary schools. There were programs for children under 6, and between the ages of 6 and 12; programs during the school day; and programs outside regular...

H. K. MacKintosh L. Gore G. M. Lewis



Resultados preliminares del Programa de Intervención Breve para Adolescentes que Inician el Consumo de Alcohol y otras Drogas  

Microsoft Academic Search

During the last two decades, alcohol, tobacco and illicit drug consumption among young people has come to be regarded as a serious public health problem, both in Mexico and internationally. This recognition has resulted from a trend toward higher levels of use, greater diversification of the types of drugs used and abused, and increased drug marketing. Epidemiological data show that

Kalina Isela Martínez Martínez; Martha Leticia; Salazar Garza; Francisco Javier Pedroza Cabrera; Gabriela Mariana; Ruiz Torres; Héctor Enrique; Ayala Velázquez


Programa piloto para la mejora de la certificación de las causas de muerte en atención primaria en Cataluña  

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ObjectiveThe BEDTAR pilot program assessed changes in the quality of certification of death’s causes after a training session for the primary care physicians in the Tarragona’s Area of Catalonia, in the Northeast of the Iberian Peninsula.

Rafael Abós; Glòria Pérez; Enric Rovira; Jaume Canela; Jaume Domènech; Josep R. Bardina



Programa de radioprotecao para atendimento a vitimas de acidentes com radiacao. (Radioprotection program to handle victims of radiation accidents).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The aspects of a radioprotection program to be implanted in hospitals to cases of medical treatment to external and internal contamined people are presented. It is based in the experience acquired in the coordination of radioprotection of the Marcilio Dia...

L. H. Costa Silva P. W. Fajardo R. Rosa



La reforma del sector salud en Colombia y sus efectos en los programas de control de tuberculosis e inmunización  

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This paper analyzes the effects of health reform in Colombia on public health pro- grams at the local level, particularly the Expanded Program of Immunization (EPI) and the tu- berculosis control program. The research was developed in three health districts in two States by analysis of documents, direct observation, and longitudinal follow-up of the transition process. The health districts were

Carlos Ayala Cerna; Axel Kroeger



Evaluating a Small-Group Counseling Program--A Model for Program Planning and Improvement in the Elementary Setting  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

School counselors are under increasing pressure to evaluate their programs in a manner consistent with teachers and other educators. A small-group counseling intervention was used by a school counselor as part of a three-level program planning initiative that illustrated best research practices to evaluate program outcomes. Forty-nine third-grade…

Bostick, Dee; Anderson, Ron



Women and Local Democracy in Latin America: Notebook of the Local Government Training and Development Center.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Table of Contents: Introduction; Old Dreams and New Visions. From women to gender: A change in the concept of Development; Women and Municipal Government; Women and Municipal Government: The opportunity to participate locally and democratize barrios in Ch...




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Two aspects of mothering—using drugs during pregnancy and giving up the rearing of one's children—are the focus of this analysis of 58 addicted Chicana mothers who spent their adolescent years in barrio gangs. From a traditional stance, such women were doubly deviant, since they violated gender-role prescriptions by joining a barrio gang and by becoming involved in heroin and street




Consideraciones preliminares en el diseño de programas informáticos para el desarrollo rítmico Initial considerations in the software design for the rhythmical development  

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In the last few decades, the new technologies have acquired growing relevance in education. This is also true for musical and for specialized education, fields for which many computer programs designed to improve complementary education and self-teaching have been created and implemented. The case of musical rhythm shows some peculiarities, given we usually reach a better development of our rhythm

Ana Laucirica; Jose A. Ordoñana; Nerea Muruamendiaraz


A Parent's Guide to Infant/Toddler Programs = Guia para los padres sobre los programas de cuidado infantil de 0-3 anos.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Information on how warm and responsive care can help shape infants' and toddlers' development and their ability to learn can be reassuring for concerned parents. This guide, in English and Spanish versions, presents quality child care as a partnership between the child caregiver and the parents with the primary goal of benefiting the child. The…

Dodge, Diane Trister; Dombro, Amy Laura; Colker, Laura J.


Guia Legal para Ciudadanos Envejeciente: Leyes y Programas Afectando los Ciudadanos Envejeciente de Kansas. (Legal Guide for Senior Citizens: Laws and Programs Affecting Kansas Senior Citizens).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This booklet, translated into Spanish, is intended to inform (not advise) older Kansans about eligibility requirements and benefits provided by state and federal programs. Financial assistance programs discussed are Social Security, railroad retirements, veterans' benefits, unrestricted general assistance, Employee Retirement Income Security Act,…

Hollinger, Judith A.


Piscicultura. Productor Comercial de Peces. Guia Tecnica. Documento de trabajo, Programa de Educacion Agricola (Fish Farming. Commercial Fish Producer. Technical Guide. Curriculum Document, Agriculture Education Program).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This curriculum guide begins with an introduction, course description, and description of the occupation of commercial fish farmer. A course outline covers five units: starting a business, establishing the fish farm, managing the enterprise, harvesting the fish, and administering the business. For each unit, the following are provided: terminal…

Puerto Rico State Dept. of Education, Hato Rey. Area for Vocational and Technical Education.


La investigacion sobre la calidad de los programas para ninos de hasta dos anos de edad (Research on Quality in Infant-Toddler Programs). ERIC Digest.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Concern about the quality of infant-toddler care programs has grown recently in response to two factors. The first is the need of employed parents for such care, and the second is research emphasizing the importance of brain development in the early years. This Spanish-language Digest introduces some of the many issues related to the quality of…

Honig, Alice Sterling


Salud ambiental urbana: aproximaciones antropológicas y epidemológicas sobre la evaluación de un programa de alcantarillado en un contexto de grandes desigualdades sociales  

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El objetivo de este artículo es analizar cómo las desigualdades sociales influyen en la salud ambiental urbana dentro de un contexto de desarrollo de saneamiento básico. El desafío principal de este texto es aplicar teóricamente este análisis desde la articulación de dos campos de saber diferenciados, la antropología médica y la epidemiología social, que comparten espacios de investigación comunes para

Cristina Larrea Killinger; Mauricio L. Barreto



Coste-utilidad de la incorporación de las nuevas vacunas antineumocócicas conjugadas al programa de vacunación de la comunidad de Madrid. Impacto sobre la enfermedad neumocócica invasora  

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IntroductionThe inclusion of conjugate pneumococcal vaccines to the Regional Immunization Program avoids cases, among others, of invasive pneumococcal diseases caused by serotypes of Streptococcus pneumoniae contained in the vaccines.

J. Picazo; C. Méndez; I. Oyagüez; M. A. Casado; P. Guijarro



Rompendo o silêncio e suas barreiras: um inquérito domiciliar sobre a violência doméstica contra idosos em área de abrangência do Programa Médico de Família de Niterói  

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The objective of this paper was to study the prev- alence of domestic physical violence against the elderly in an area covered by the Family Health Program in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. Using a household survey, 322 subjects 60 years or older were randomly selected from the cen- sus of seniors assigned to six health teams. Vio- lence

Claudia Leite de Moraes; Paulo Cavalcante Apratto Júnior; Michael Eduardo Reichenheim


Resultados de un programa mixto de implantación de prótesis aórtica por vía transfemoral con los dispositivos de Edwards y CoreValve  

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Introduction and objectivesTransfemoral implantation of an Edwards SAPIEN (ES) or Medtronic CoreValve (MCV) aortic valve prosthesis is an alternative to surgical replacement for patients with severe aortic stenosis and a high surgical risk. The study's aim was to compare results obtained with these two devices.

Rosa Ana Hernández-Antolín; Eulogio García; Santiago Sandoval; Carlos Almería; Ana Cuadrado; Javier Serrano; Eduardo de Obeso; Raquel del Valle; Camino Bañuelos; Fernando Alfonso; Fernando Guerrero; Jerónimo Heredia; Juan Carlos Martín Benítez; Juan Carlos García-Rubira; Enrique Rodríguez; Carlos Macaya



Recientes Avances en el Mejoramiento Genetico de Ovinos Resultados del Programa de Rumiantes Menores (Recent Advances in Sheep Breeding Results from the Small Ruminants CRSP).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The document presents the objectives of a Sheep Breeding Program and the advances and results of ongoing research projects, using 15,160 sheep designed to fulfill them: evaluation of available germplasm, effects of crossbreeding and selection techniques. ...

B. Quijandria



Challenges and scientific issues in the standardization of botanicals and their preparations. United States Pharmacopeia's dietary supplement verification program—A public health program  

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The role of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) in the regulation of dietary supplements, USP's dietary supplement verification program and the challenges and scientific issues in the standardization of botanicals and related products are discussed.

V. Srini Srinivasan



A Response to Yang, Burrola, and Bryan: Suicide Ideation among Participants in an After-School Program--A Convenience Sample  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The exploratory study conducted by Yang, Burrola, and Bryan (2009) provides an excellent platform for calling attention to the issue of suicide risk among elementary and middle school youth. Using their study as a catalyst, with this commentary I consider the finding that 12% of the young people surveyed acknowledged that they had "seriously…

White, Jennifer



Piscicultura. Productor Comercial de Peces. Guia Tecnica. Documento de trabajo, Programa de Educacion Agricola (Fish Farming. Commercial Fish Producer. Technical Guide. Curriculum Document, Agriculture Education Program).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This curriculum guide begins with an introduction, course description, and description of the occupation of commercial fish farmer. A course outline covers five units: starting a business, establishing the fish farm, managing the enterprise, harvesting the fish, and administering the business. For each unit, the following are provided: terminal…

Puerto Rico State Dept. of Education, Hato Rey. Area for Vocational and Technical Education.


Efeitos de um programa de orientação de atividade física e nutricional sobre o nível de atividade física de mulheres fisicamente ativas de 50 a 72 anos de idade  

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Effects of an intervention program of physical activity and nutrition orientation on the physical activity level of physical- ly active women aged 50 to 72 years old The promotion of a physically active lifestyle in elderly people has been used as a strategy to promote improvement in health standards and quality of life. The objective of this study was to

Marcela Ferreira; Sandra Matsudo; Victor Matsudo; Glaucia Braggion



Holistic neuropsychological rehabilitation in Finland: The INSURE program—a transcultural outgrowth of perspectives from Israel to Europe via the USA  

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Given the interaction of cognitive, behavioural, psychological, and physical factors resulting from traumatic brain injury (TBI), a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and neuropsychologically oriented rehabilitation could prove to be particularly promising and efficacious in the neuropsychological rehabilitation of post?acute brain?injured individuals. Kurt Goldstein, an eminent pioneer in the development of holistic rehabilitation, stated that brain?injured patients need environments that help them to

Jaana M. Sarajuuri; Sanna K. Koskinen



Manual Laboratorio de Microbiologia. Documento de trabajo Programa de Educacion en Ocupaciones de Salud (Microbiology Laboratory Manual. Curriculum Document. Program of Education in Health Occupations).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This laboratory manual on microbiology begins with an introduction relating the study of microorganisms to health occupations education and stressing the importance of teaching critical thinking. The introduction is followed by general instructions for the use of the manual and an illustration of hand washing procedures. The 13 laboratory…

Puerto Rico State Dept. of Education, Hato Rey. Area for Vocational and Technical Education.


The Marriott Foundation's "Bridges...from School to Work" Program--A Framework for Successful Employment Outcomes for People with Disabilities.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The Marriott Foundation's "Bridges" program is a transitional model designed to help people with disabilities find employment by matching skills with employer needs and creating a welcoming environment. Competitive paid work experience has a significant effect on vocational outcomes, and lasting relationships grow from complementary needs. (SK)

Donovan, Mark R.; Tilson, George P., Jr.



Effects of a multidisciplinary rehabilitation program for men with fibromyalgia: controlled randomized study Efeito de um programa de reabilitação multidisciplinar para homens portadores de fibromialgia: estudo aleatorizado controlado  

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introduction: Fibromyalgia (FM) is a chronic widespread syndrome associated to sleep disturbances, fatigue and a myriad of other symptoms. Ten percent of patients are males. gender differences related to pain perception may be explained by influences of genet - ics, metabolism, cognition, behavior, and emotions. Men with FM have less objective complaints, except for sleep disturbances and widespread pain. There

Liliana Lourenço Jorge; Luis Carlos Onoda Tomikawa; Sueli S H Jucá



The effect of mianserin add-on, on the intensity of opioid withdrawal symptoms during detoxification program—a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled, prospective study  

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BackgroundBased on pre-clinical studies regarding the interaction of various antidepressant drugs with the opioid system, we designed a clinical study to be carried out in the ‘in-patient detoxification unit’ within a large community centre for treatment of drugs dependent people. We evaluated the effect of mianserin add-on, on the intensity of opioid withdrawal symptoms in opiate dependent subjects undergoing medication-supported

I. Herman; D. Shamir; R. Bar-Hamburger; C. G. Pick; S. Schreiber



Created by Neevia Personal Converter trial version Descoberta de Conhecimento em Bases de Dados: Contribuição para Identificação de Usuários para Programas de Gerenciamento de Caso  

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Palavras-chave : descoberta de conhecimento em bases de dados, gestão em saúde, gerenciamento de casos Abstract - The main objective of this paper is to reveal the benefit of the approximation of information technology tools with health management issues by proposing a pattern recognition model using the knowledge discovery in databases process (KDD) that might contribute to the identification of

Luciana Schleder Gonçalves Kobus; Sandra Honorato da Silva; João da Silva Dias; Edson Scalabrin; Deborah Ribeiro Carvalho; Emilton Lima Junior


Programa de Fortalecimiento de Capacidades: Reflections on a Case Study of Community-Based Teacher Education Set in Rural Northern Peru  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This article explores distinctive features of a 5-year international education development project set in rural northern Peru (PROMEB, the "Proyecto de Mejoramiento de la Educacion Basica"). Grounded within a partnership between teacher educators from Peru, Mexico and Canada, and rural Peruvian teachers, students and their communities, we offer…

Alsop, Steve; Ames, Patricia; Arroyo, Graciela Cordero; Dippo, Don



Programa de fortalecimiento de capacidades: reflections on a case study of community-based teacher education set in rural northern Peru  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This article explores distinctive features of a 5-year international education development project set in rural northern Peru (PROMEB, the Proyecto de Mejoramiento de la Educación Básica). Grounded within a partnership between teacher educators from Peru, Mexico and Canada, and rural Peruvian teachers, students and their communities, we offer reflections on a teacher education initiative which sought to support action-orientated inquiries as a mechanism for school/community development. Set against a background of poverty, hunger, isolation and an "educational crisis", we outline our pedagogy and describe two projects. We then reflect on the influences of our engagements and on associated tensions and ambiguities in our methods. We hope that such discussions might offer insights for others involved in international school/community development projects of this type.

Alsop, Steve; Ames, Patricia; Arroyo, Graciela Cordero; Dippo, Don



RGENDF: programa interface entre o codigo NJOY e codigos que utilizam secoes de choque multigrupo. (RGENDF: interface program between NJOY code and codes which use multigroup cross sections).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

An interface program, for reformatting multigroup cross section libraries generated by NJOY into ENDF/B-V format and Expanda, PFCOND and Compar input formats, is presented. (author). (Atomindex citation 22:069921)

E. S. Chalhoub J. Anaf



Un programa de intervención psicosocial para la mejora de las habilidades sociales de adolescentes consumidores de alcohol y otras sustancias psicoactivas  

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Social skills constitute a psychosocial competency indicator and the unsuitableness of they represents a risk factor for the genesis of psychoactive substances consumption in adolescents. With the result that we have proposed a qualification and optimative of personal

Apuntes de Psicología; Anastasio OVEJERO BERNAL



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Palavras-chave: Exercício físico, estresse Effects of a program of low to moderate physical activity in the water in physical performance and control of level of stress in young people. Summary Thirteen subjects (4 males and 9 females), aged between 20 and 28 years, took part in a water physical training program, during the period of 4 months (32 sessions) with



RELIEVE: Un programa FORTRAN para procesamiento numerico y grafico de mapas topograficos digitalizados. (RELIEVE: A FORTRAN 77 program for numerical and graphical processing of digital topographic maps).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The RELIEVE program was developed in order to its integration with the expert system SIRENAS, in the frame of the Industrial Risks Programme, within the CIEMAT center. For accomplishing this mentioned system, arose the necessity of an additional component...

J. J. Sanchez C. Gorostiza



Discovery of Aedes albopictus in Guatemala.  


Aedes albopictus was discovered for the first time in Guatemala during June 1995. It was collected in 10 out of 15 localities sampled in and around the community of Puerto Barrios in the Department of Izabal. The location of the positive collections indicates a more rural distribution than Aedes aegypti. Sampling was conducted along the Atlantic Highway up to the capital city to determine the extent of its introduction into the country. Larvae were not found more than 4 km outside of Puerto Barrios. The principal breeding places were rubber tires, glass bottles, and metal drums. PMID:8887235

Ogata, K; Lopez Samayoa, A



Saúde Mental no contexto da atenção básica: potencialidades, limitações, desafios do Programa Saúde da Família Mental Health in the basic health attention context: potentialities, limitations, challenges in Family Health Program Salud Mental en el contexto de la atención básica: potencialidades, limitaciones, desafíos en el Programa Salud de la Familia  

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This study detaches the possibilities to include Mental Health assistance in the Family Health Program (PSF). Thus, it sought to analyze through in the national literature the possibilities, limitations and challenges of the Family Health Program's professionals for facing some practice subjects. Literature review developed from indexed articles in the Virtual Health Library at LILACS and SciELO bases. Articles was

Denize Bouttelet Munari; Terezinha Silvério de Melo; Valéria Pagotto; Bárbara Souza Rocha; Carlene Borges Soares; Marcelo Medeiros


Jugando con geometría: Crear secuencias con formas y palabras  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

En esta actividad, los chicos crean secuencias con palabras y formas. Los chicos usan colecciones de triángulos, cuadrados, y rectángulos con palabras adentro. Los chicos organizan las forman en secuencias geométricas que se repiten o que cambian de manera sistemática en cada línea. Los chicos más jóvenes pueden crear secuencias simples; los mayores pueden explorar secuencias que crecen de diferentes maneras. Esta actividad tiene colecciones de palabras en tres niveles de dificultad diferente. Disponible en formato Web y PDF. También disponible en Inglés.




Consonant Cluster Reduction in Tejano English.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Examines the process of consonant cluster reduction in the English of residents of a San Antonio, Texas, "barrio." The author compares Tejano patterns of "/-t,d/" deletion with the pan-English pattern. Results suggest a pattern of convergence and divergence. The study shows that Mexican American English exhibits regional and generational…

Bayley, Robert



Tagging along with the Urban Poor in Colombia 1973-1983. A Contribution to the Chapala Workshop 1983.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The history of an urban squatter settlement in Bogota, Colombia, and the author's experiences with its residents in the last ten years are summarized. Topics covered include the unfriendly relationship between the government and squatter settlements; the history of the relationship between the government and this particular barrio; the demography…

Vasco, Carlos E.


Un mito del hambre en el nordeste de Brasil  

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El objetivo del presente estudio es permitir la comprensión, mediante un abordaje etnográfico, de los significados del hambre en las vivencias de actores sociales que enfrentan la pobreza extrema en un barrio de Salvador, Bahía, Brasil. Los relatos se han analizado con el objeto de entender la construcción de signos inherentes al sufrimiento de quienes padecen de hambre cotidianamente. En

Maria do Carmo S. Freitas; Paulo G. L. Pena



Placas and Murals  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Presented examples of graffiti as seen in the barrios of East Los Angeles that told of the past and demonstrated how graffiti could be used in a positive fashion reflecting the positive aspirations, interests, and identities of the residents. (Author/RK)|

Romotsky, Jerry; Romotsky, Sally



Alone You Are Nobody, Together We Float: The Manuela Ramos Movement. Quality/Calidad/Qualite Number 10.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The Manuela Ramos Movement began in the 1970s when seven women in Lima, Peru, started meeting each Tuesday to reconsider their assumptions about everyday life. By 1980, the group formed a nongovernmental organization whose strategy was to train women community leaders in Lima's barrios through workshops focusing on the following themes: identity…

Rogow, Debbie


Spatializing Sexuality in Jaime Hernandez's "Locas"  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Focusing on Jaime Hernandez's "Locas: The Maggie and Hopey Stories," part of the "Love and Rockets" comic series, I argue that the graphic landscape of this understudied comic offers an illustration of the theories of space in relation to race, gender, and sexuality that have been critical to understandings of Chicana sexuality. Set in a barrio

Jones, Jessica E.



They were "Happy to Rock Along in This Trend," The San Felipe Independent School District.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The history of San Felipe School District (Texas), 1894-1971, depicts a situation in which Mexican Americans had control of local schools. Established in the Mexican "barrio" of the racially divided border town of Del Rio, San Felipe resisted annexation to the Anglo school district and became an independent school district in 1929. Mexican…

Prewitt, Steven W.


The Positive and Negative Suicide Ideation (PANSI) Inventory: Psychometric Evaluation With Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatient Samples  

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In this study, we evaluated the factor structure of the Positive and Negative Suicide Ideation (PANSI) Inventory (Osman, Gutierrez, Kopper, Barrios, & Chiros, 1998) using confirmatory factor analysis (CFA). The PANSI assesses the frequency of neg- ative risk and protective factors that are related to suicidal behavior. Participants (n = 195) were adolescent psychiatric inpatients, ages 14 to 17 years,

Augustine Osman; Francisco X. Barrios; Peter Gutierrez; Jennifer Wrangham; Beverly Kopper; Ronald Truelove; Sena Linden



Making People Mad.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Presents the story of Linda Chavez, a controversial conservative Hispanic, widely disliked because of her opposition to affirmative action assimilation advocacy, criticism to Puerto Ricans, affiliation to the Conservative Republican, and support of English as the official language of the United States. Mentions her book, "Out of the Barrio," which…

Arias, Anna Maria



Old Heads Tell Their Stories: From Street Gangs to Street Organizations in New York City.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|It has been the contention of researchers that the "old heads" (identified by Anderson in 1990 and Wilson in 1987) of the ghettos and barrios of America have voluntarily or involuntarily left the community, leaving behind new generations of youth without adult role models and legitimate social controllers. This absence of an adult strata of…

Brotherton, David C.


Proceedings from the transnational street gang\\/organization seminar  

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They came from all over. Researchers from Barcelona, Genova, Milan, Santo Domingo, Quito, and New York City descended on John Jay College of Criminal Justice to discuss the emerging socio-cultural phenomenon of transnational youth gangs developing into street organizations, similar to those documented by the author in the late 1990s in New York City (see Brotherton and Barrios, 2004). The

David Brotherton



Cholos, Chúntaros, and the ‘Criminal’ Abandonments of the New Frontier  

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By advancing what I am calling the new frontier of the United States and Mexico as central in the formation of subjectivities, this article foregrounds two contemporary figures: ‘cholos’ and the ‘chúntaros.’ The former is how a particular group of youths, who called themselves Barrio Libre or the Free ’Hood, self-identified and the term is often common shorthand for ‘gang’

Gilberto Rosas



To Train or Not To Train Teachers for Spanish Speaking Communities  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Teacher training does not sufficiently prepare teachers for the instruction of Latino students. It is recommended that more Latino students be recruited and trained for barrio schools and that teacher training programs should include courses in Latino culture and the Spanish language and dialects. (JA)|

Lewis, Horacio D.



Cause or Consequence?: Suburbanization and Crime in U.S. Metropolitan Areas  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Inner-city crime is a motivating factor for middle-class flight. Therefore, crime is a cause of suburbanization. Movement of the middle and upper classes to the suburbs, in turn, isolates the poor in central-city ghettos and barrios. Sociologists and criminologists have argued that the concentration of poverty creates an environment within which…

Jargowsky, Paul A.; Park, Yoonhwan



Prevention of Diarrhoea in a Poor District of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: Practices, Knowledge, and Barriers  

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The study, conducted in a poor periurban community of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, assessed the practices, knowledge, and barriers relating to prevention of diarrhoea. A total of 582 caregivers of children, aged less than 5 years, were systematically sampled from four barrios. Results of the study showed that 55% of the caregivers did not boil drinking water for children; 38%

John D. McLennan



Chicana Adolescents: Bitches, 'Ho's, and Schoolgirls.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|"Westhills" is a multiethnic coastal community in San Diego County, California, in which Mexican Americans comprise approximately 22 percent of the population. This book reports ethnographic research on a group of working-class Chicana adolescents in one Westhills barrio and their problems, school experiences, immersion in two conflicting…

Dietrich, Lisa C.


Mexican American Youth of the Southwest Borderlands: Perceptions of Ethnicity, Acculturation, and Race.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|A study examined young Mexican Americans' perspectives concerning their own ethnicity. Observations and focus groups with 30 Mexican American youths from a Southwest barrio indicate that respondents used racial terms to understand acculturation differences. Intense negative feelings were expressed about less- acculturated, Spanish-speaking…

Holleran, Lori K.



Implementation of genetic conservation practices in a muskellunge propagation and stocking program [Implementaci??n de pr??cticas gen??ticas de conservaci??n dentro de un programa de crianza y propagaci??n del lucio rayado  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Conservation of genetic resources is a challenging issue for agencies managing popular sport fishes. To address the ongoing potential for genetic risks, we developed a comprehensive set of recommendations to conserve genetic diversity of muskellunge (Esox masquinongy) in Wisconsin, and evaluated the extent to which the recommendations can be implemented. Although some details are specific to Wisconsin's muskellunge propagation program, many of the practical issues affecting implementation are applicable to other species and production systems. We developed guidelines to restrict future brood stock collection operations to lakes with natural reproduction and to develop a set of brood lakes to use on a rotational basis within regional stock boundaries, but implementation will require considering lakes with variable stocking histories. Maintaining an effective population size sufficient to minimize the risk of losing alleles requires limiting brood stock collection to large lakes. Recommendations to better approximate the temporal distribution of spawning in hatchery operations and randomize selection of brood fish are feasible. Guidelines to modify rearing and distribution procedures face some logistic constraints. An evaluation of genetic diversity of hatchery-produced fish during 2008 demonstrated variable success representing genetic variation of the source population. Continued evaluation of hatchery operations will optimize operational efficiency while moving toward genetic conservation goals.

Jennings, M. J.; Sloss, B. L.; Hatzenbeler, G. R.; Kampa, J. M.; Simonson, T. D.; Avelallemant, S. P.; Lindenberger, G. A.; Underwood, B. D.



Artigo Original Avaliação da participação de pequeno número de estudantes universitários em um programa de tratamento do tabagismo Evaluation of the limited participation by university students in a smoking cessation program  

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Objective: To evaluate the limited participation by university students in a smoking cessation program. Methods: A cross-sectional, comparative study was conducted at the University of Caxias do Sul, located in Caxias do Sul, Brazil, involving students who enrolled in a smoking cessation program, together with those who did not. Results: Of the 108 student who did not enroll in the

Wilson Paloschi Spiandorello; Liliana Zugno Filippini; Angélica Dal Pizzol; Fernanda Kreische; Diogo Sandri Soligo; Tiago Spiandorello; Raquel Boff; Mauricio Michele



Organizando os ativos tecnológicos do governo: modelo de referência para a implantação de programas de governo eletrônico centrado no cidadão Organizing government technological assets: a reference model to implement electronic government programs targeting the citizen  

Microsoft Academic Search

This article proposes a model of e-government associated to a structuring model to support the implementation of electronic government policies. The electronic government can be understood as one of the main ways of state modernization and it is based upon the strategic and intensive use of Information and Communication Technology - ICT, used in the own government internal relationships and

Alexandre Fernandes Barbosa; Fernando Inácio de Faria; Sólon Lemos Pinto


Avaliação da dor e função de pacientes com lombalgia tratados com um programa de Escola de Coluna Evaluation of pain level and function on low back pain patients treated with Back School program  

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The incidence of lumbar pain affects approximately 80% of the population at some point in their life, being, therefore, a major public health problem. The differential diagnosis of the spinal diseases is very broad, but it is known that a substantial number of occurrences are related to posture and inadequate body movements. Therefore, the Back School developed a treatment option

Eliana Zeraib Caraviello; Sílvia Wasserstein; Therezinha Rosane Chamlian; Danilo Masiero; PALAVRAS CHAVE


Freqüência Cardíaca e Pressão Arterial em Repouso: variação em 10 dias em participantes de um programa de exercício supervisionado Resting Heart Rate and Blood Pressure: 10 day - repeated measurements in participants of a supervised exercise program  

Microsoft Academic Search

respectively, 6.7% (CI 95%, 5.6-7.8%), 7.1% (CI 95%, 6.4-7.9%) e 8,1% (CI 95%, 7.3-9.0%), and the ICC were, respectively, ri: 0.97 (CI 95%, 0.96-0.99), ri: 0.90 (CI 95%, 0.83-0.96) e ri: 0.96 (0.93-0.98). No significant differences were observed among the 10 measures of each variable. Conclusion: Variations by more than 10% in relation to the individual means were rarely seen

Gisele Messias Mattioli; Flávia Pinho Teixeira; Claudia Lucia; Barros de Castro; Claudio Gil; Soares de Araújo


El Odio Se Cura: Un Programa Nacional para la Prevencion de los Crimenes de Odio para las Escuelas Intermedias (Healing the Hate: A National Crime Prevention Curriculum for Middle Schools).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Designed for use in middle schools and youth organizations, this curriculum, in Spanish, deals with the extent of hate crime in the United States and presents strategies for reducing hate crimes among our youth. This flexible nine-unit curriculum is based on the principles that violence and prejudice are learned and therefore preventable, and…

McLaughlin, Karen A.; Brilliant, Kelly J.


O custo marginal de operacao: um parametro para a avaliacao e ajuste do programa de obras de geracao. (The marginal cost of operation: a parameter for evaluating and regulating of the generation work program).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The Brazilian Generator System is predominantly hydroelectric, with some reservoirs having a pluri annual regularization, providing a large storage capacity of potential power for the system. This water storage allows the reduction of the alertly effect f...

W. M. Lima L. N. F. Mendes E. Almeida Gattass




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Nowadays, indoor cycling is one of the most practiced modalities at gym clubs. This way, the knowledge of the sharp responses that this kind of exercise provokes is rather important. The objective of this investigation was to verify the response of the cardiac frequency (CF) and the blood lactate during classes of indoor cycling for women, using the RPM (Raw

Homero Gustavo Ferrari; Luiz Guilherme; Antonacci Guglielmo


Presentaciones escolares. Serie de programas para conmemorar acontecimientos de valor cultural para el mexico americano (School Assembly Presentations. Series of Programs to Commemorate Events of Cultural Value to the Mexican American).  

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This material consists of a series of cultural presentations designed for elementary school assemblies or special programs. The activities are intended to strengthen Mexican-American children's awareness of their cultural heritage. Program scripts, poems, songs, historical narratives and skits are included to illustrate and celebrate Mexican and…

Villarreal, Abelardo; And Others


Coping with Social Change: Programs That Work. Proceedings of a Conference (Acapulco, Mexico, June 1989) = Como enfrentarse al cambio social: programas eficaces. Actas de uno Conferencia (Acapulco, Mexico, Junio de 1989).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Written in English and Spanish, this document contains the proceedings of the 14th International Congress of Gerontology on concerns about the impact of rapid social change on the well-being of older women and families in Latin American and the Caribbean and about effective programs that address the needs of the older populations. The first…

Hoskins, Irene, Ed.


Programa ACHEI: Atenção ao Chagásico com Educação Integral no Município de Maringá e Região Noroeste do Paraná, Brasil The ACHEI Program: Chagas' Disease Awareness through Comprehensive Education in the Municipality of Maringá, Northwest Paraná, Brasil  

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This study analyzes 131 chagasic patients from different endemic areas that came to the Chagas' disease laboratory at the Maringa State University. The subjects discovered they were infected principally because they presented symptoms (58%) or donated blood (29.4%). During etiologic treatment for Trypanosoma cruzi, 45.2% of benznidazole users complained of side effects. Based on these data, the ACHEI p rogram

Silvana Marques de Araújo; Míriam Hitomi Andó; Dirceu José Cassarotti; Silvana Maria Ribeiro Borges; Mônica Lúcia Gomes



Our Roots Feed Our Future: 30th Anniversary Conference of the Cornell Migrant Program. Presentations (May 22, 2002) = Nuestras raices nutren nuestro futuro: Conferencia del 30mo aniversario del Programa para Emigrantes de Cornell. Presentaciones (22 mayo 2002).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Presented in English and Spanish, this publication compiles 13 presentations at a conference celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Cornell Migrant Program. The entries examine experiences of migrant workers and children related to immigrating, finding work, enduring discrimination and police harassment, switching schools frequently, suffering…

State Univ. of New York, Ithaca. Coll. of Human Ecology at Cornell Univ.


EVP2D- um programa automatico para a analise elastovistoplastica e de dano de problemas bidimensionais e axissimetricos. (EVP2D- a computer code developed for the eslastoviscoplastic-damage analysis of axyssimetrical and two-dimensional problems).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This work aims to describe the computer code EVP2D developed for the elastoviscoplastic-damage analysis of metallic components, with particular emphasis dedicated to the problem of creep damage and rupture. After a brief introduction of the basic concepts...

O. J. A. Goncalves Filho



Características da tuberculose em idosos no Recife (PE): contribuição para o programa de controle* Characteristics of elderly tuberculosis patients in Recife, Brazil: a contribution to the tuberculosis control program  

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Objective: To describe the demographic characteristics, everyday habits, socio-economic conditions, clinico-epidemiological profiles and access to health care services among the elderly patients with tuberculosis diagnosed and treated in the city of Recife, Brazil, comparing them to those observed in young adults with tuberculosis. Methods: A case-control type strategy was used to evaluate a cohort of patients with tuberculosis, all of




Structure and dynamics of noble gas-halogen and noble gas ionic clusters: When theory meets experiment  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

As part of this special issue in honor of Gerardo Delgado Barrio, we have reviewed the interplay between experimental and theoretical work on halogen and interhalogen diatomic molecule bonded to one or more noble gas atoms and also ionic clusters consisting of noble gas atoms. Although the Madrid group has worked on many theoretical issues, they have made particularly important contributions to these two topics. Delgado Barrio has often chosen topics for study for which close interactions between theorists and experimentalists are especially useful. During the historical span of the group, we have progressed from approximate models whose goal was to capture the essence of a process even if the details were impossible to reproduce, to an era in which theory is an equal partner with experiment, and, in fact, often provides a detailed understanding beyond that obtained from a careful analysis of state-of-the-art data.

Beswick, J. A.; Halberstadt, N.; Janda, K. C.



Prevalencia de deficiencia subclínica de vitamina A y desnutrición en niños marginales de Maracaibo - Venezuela  

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RESUMEN. El presente estudio fue realizado para estimar la prevalencia de deficiencia de vitamina A en niños, mediante examen clínico, oftalmológico y por citología de impresión conjuntival (CIC); y el estado nutricional, analizando los indicadores antropométricos T\\/\\/E, P\\/\\/E y P\\/\\/T. La población de estudio incluyó 157 niños, 2-6 años de edad, provenientes de barrios marginales urbanos y rurales de Maracaibo,

Haydée V. Castejón; Pablo Ortega; María E. Díaz; Daisy Amaya; Gisela Gómez; María Ramos; María V. Alvarado; Jesús R. Urrieta


Questioning colonia consolidation in a Mexican border city: Charity and the charms of the narcomundo in a neoliberal political economy  

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This article examines two drags on organizing for self?help community development in Agua Prieta, Sonora. The first is U.S.?based, church?led charity in two forms: “forays,” which bring outreach groups to disadvantaged barrios of the city for very brief periods; and more consistent charity provision via Evangelical Protestant churches. The second is the drug trade, which exacerbates a social climate of

William D. Smith



Vector mosquitoes of Wuchereria bancrofti at Bicol region in the Philippines. 1. Transmission capability.  


Mosquitoes were surveyed for the capability of filaria transmission at Sitio Bacolod and Barrio Salvacion, in Bicol region, Luzon, Philippines. The results of indoor collections and experimental infections showed that the infective rates and the median density of infective larvae per infected mosquito were significantly higher in Aedes poicilius than in Culex quinquefasciatus. Aedes poicilius was found to be the principal vector of bancroftian filariasis in this region. PMID:3900489

Suguri, S; Cabrera, B D; Shibuya, T; Harada, M; Valeza, F S; Nagata, T; Tanaka, H; Ishii, A; Go, T G



Affordable Wireless Connectivity Linking Poor Latin American Communities Binding Their Schools by Sharing ICT Training for \\  

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A very poor neighborhood in Argentina that has many features of lower middle class is called “barrio carenciado”. Many heads\\u000a of the families are unemployed and although children have access to schools it is common that they do not finish their basic\\u000a instruction. In many cases NGOs play a fundamental role in changing this reality. In this presentation we detail

C. Osvaldo Rodriguez



The Fear of Pain Questionnaire – Short Form (FPQ-SF): Factorial validity and psychometric properties  

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McNeil and Rainwater’s Fear of Pain Questionnaire III (FPQ-III, 1998) is an empirically derived self-report inventory that assesses fear of three broad categories of pain: Severe, Minor, and Medical Pain. Previous exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses suggest that the original 3-factor model of the FPQ-III has a poor fit [Osman A, Breitenstein JL, Barrios FX, Gutierrez PM, Kopper BA. The

Gordon J. G. Asmundson; Candice V. Bovell; R. Nicholas Carleton; Lachlan A. McWilliams



OmpA influences Escherichia coli biofilm formation by repressing cellulose production through the CpxRA two-component system  

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Summary Previously we discovered that OmpA of Escherichia coli increases biofilm formation on polystyrene sur- faces (González Barrios et al., Biotechnol Bioeng, 93:188-200, 2006a). Here we show OmpA influences biofilm formation differently on hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces since it represses cellulose pro- duction which is hydrophilic. OmpA increased biofilm formation on polystyrene, polypropylene, and polyvi- nyl surfaces while it decreased

Qun Ma; Thomas K. Wood



Expression of the fixR-nifA Operon in Bradyrhizobium japonicum Depends on a New Response Regulator, RegR  

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low-oxygen tension. This induction depends on a 224\\/212-type promoter (fixRp1) that is recognized by the s 54 RNA polymerase and activated by NifA. Low-level aerobic expression and part of the anaerobic expression originates from a second promoter (fixRp2) that overlaps with fixRp1 and depends on an upstream DNA region (UAS) located around position 268 (H. Barrios, H. M. Fischer, H.




International Service Learning  

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\\u000a The week following our border immersion service-learning experience on the El Paso\\/Juarez border between the U.S. and Mexico\\u000a in April, 2000, a strong wind whipped up the flames from torches used to light the paths in the barrio on the old Juarez dump\\u000a and seven women and children were killed when their tar paper and cardboard homes were destroyed. My

Richard J. Kraft


Energia Renovable para Centros de Salud Rurales (Renewable Energy for Rural Health Clinics)  

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Esta es la primera de una serie de guias de aplicaciones que el Programa de Energia de Villas de NREL esta comisionando para acoplar sistemas comerciales renovables con aplicaciones rurales, incluyendo agua, escuelas rurales y micro empresas. La guia esta complementada por las actividades de desarrollo del Programa de Energia de Villas de NREL, proyectos pilotos internacionales y programas de

T. Jimenez; K. Olson



Energia Renovable para Centros de Salud Rurales (Renewable Energy for Rural Health Clinics)  

SciTech Connect

Esta es la primera de una serie de guias de aplicaciones que el Programa de Energia de Villas de NREL esta comisionando para acoplar sistemas comerciales renovables con aplicaciones rurales, incluyendo agua, escuelas rurales y micro empresas. La guia esta complementada por las actividades de desarrollo del Programa de Energia de Villas de NREL, proyectos pilotos internacionales y programas de visitas profesionales.

Jimenez, T.; Olson, K.



Investigating fluvial features with electrical resistivity imaging and ground-penetrating radar: The Guadalquivir River terrace (Jaen, Southern Spain)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A geophysical survey has been conducted on the lowest terrace levels and the present day floodplain of the current course of the Guadalquivir River, passing through the province of Jaen (Spain), using two techniques: electrical resistivity imaging (ERI) and ground-penetrating radar (GPR). Three areas have been selected. In one of these sectors (Los Barrios) there is an old quarry where there are excellent outcrops that allow for the calibration of the survey techniques. Facies associations on these outcrops are typical of meandering rivers with sequences of channel fills, lateral accretion of point-bars and floodplain facies.

Rey, J.; Martínez, J.; Hidalgo, M. C.



Hurricane Irene at Category 3  

NASA Video Gallery

Video sequence taken by the crew of the ISS on Aug. 23, 2011 at approximately 2:15PM EST. At that time, Hurricane Irene was a Category 3 storm with peak winds estimated at 115mph, moving west-northwestward over the southeastern Bahamas near Great Inagua Island. This view is generally westward and both the eye and banding features of the storm can be seen. Early in the sequence, the island of Cuba is visible briefly before disappearing to the left. (Michael Trenchard, Barrios/ESCG, NASA-JSC)

Sydney B



Efeitos de um programa de orientação de atividade física e nutricional sobre a ingestão alimentar e composição corporal de mulheres fisicamente ativas de 50 a 72 anos de idade Effects of an intervention program of physical activity and nutrition orientation on nutritional habits an anthropometrical variables of physically active women aged between 50 to 72 years  

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The purpose of this study was to verify the effects of an intervention program of physical activity and nutrition orientation on anthropometrical variables and nutritional habits of physically active women aged between 50 to 72 years. The sample consisted of sixty-four women participating of gymnastic program regularly. Subjects were assigned to one of four intervention groups: A- nutritional only; B-

Marcela Ferreira; Sandra Matsudo; Victor Matsudo; Glaucia Braggion


Parametros energeticos na elaboracao de programa de irrigacao para o distrito de Santa Terezinha, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil. (Energetic parameters to be considered in the preparation of irrigation programs for the district of Santa Terezinha, Mato Grosso do Sul state, Brazil).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In the elaboration of irrigation programs the characteristics of the region should be considered in order to identify the factors related to the local infrastructure, hydric resources and of the soils of the region and their interaction with the rural pro...

C. B. Alves



Juegos - Cuentos - Cantos - Y - Rimas. Programa Piloto de Entrenamiento Para El Asociado Bilinque y Bicultural En El Desarrollo del Nino: Guia XII [Games - Stories - Songs -And - Rhymes. Pilot Program for the Training of Bilingual and Bicultural Teachers for the Cognitive Development of the Child: Guide XII].  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This Child Development Associate (CDA) training module, the twelfth in a series of 16, is designed for preschool teachers and paraprofessional trainees and contains (in four separate sections) games, stories, songs and rhymes in Spanish that can be used in a bilingual, multicultural classroom setting. The module, written in Spanish, offers…

de Celis, Margarita


Viviremos! On the Road to Healthy Living: A Bilingual Curriculum on AIDS and HIV Prevention for Migrant Students (Grades 6-12) = El Camino Hacia la Salud: Un Programa de Estudio Bilingue sobre la Prevencion del SIDA y del VIH para Estudiantes Migrantes (Grados 6-12).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This curriculum provides the basic information everyone needs to avoid HIV infection, but was specifically designed for Latino farmworker students in grades 6-7. The student materials are written in Spanish and English and may be used with older student or young adults, or in English-as-a-second-language courses. An introduction provides…

VAMOS (Villarreal Analytical Management and Organizational Services), San Marcos, TX.


Introducing DNA concepts to Swiss high school students based on a Brazilian educational game.  


Subjects such as techniques for genetic diagnosis, cloning, sequencing, and gene therapy are now part of our lives and raise important questions about ethics, future medical diagnosis, and such. Students from different countries observe this explosion of biotechnological applications regardless of their social, academic, or cultural backgrounds, although they are not usually familiar with their theoretical genetic bases. To introduce some molecular biology concepts for high school students, we developed a new problem for the Brazilian board game "Discovering the cell" ("Célula Adentro©" in Portuguese), a pedagogic tool based on inquiry-, cooperative-, and problem-based learning. This problem (Case) is based on the forensic DNA, which represents an interesting theme for students, as it recurrently appears on newspapers and television series. In this work, we tested this game with secondary students and teachers from Switzerland. Our results indicate that the game "Discovering the cell" is well accepted by both students and teachers and may represent a good pedagogical approach to help teaching complex themes in molecular biology, even with students from different socioeconomical, cultural, and academic backgrounds. PMID:21591137

da S Cardona, Tânia; Spiegel, Carolina N; Alves, Gutemberg G; Ducommun, Jacques; Henriques-Pons, Andrea; Araújo-Jorge, Tania C




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A Rede de Dinamização das Feiras da Agricultura Familiar – REDIfeira, projeto integrante do Programa de Extensão Universitária – Universidade Sem Fronteiras, da Secretaria de Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior (SETI) do Governo do Estado do Paraná, tem como objetivo, dinamizar a produção e a comercialização dos produtos produzidos pela Agricultura Familiar nos municípios do Programa de Desenvolvimento da Região

Ednaldo Michellon; Tiago Ribeiro Costa; Gisiane July Stroher; Lucas Souza Camacho; Paulo Sipoli Pereira



El ejercicio físico como terapia complementaria en el cáncer de próstata  

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Este artículo presenta como el ejercicio físico es una terapia complementaria en el tratamiento del cáncer próstata. En concreto presentamos el diseño e implementación de un programa de ejercicio físico de fuerza-resistencia adaptado al cáncer de próstata. El modelo base corresponde a la guía de la American College Sports Medicine Position Stand (ACSM 1998). La adaptación y transformación del programa

Bernat Carles Serdà Ferrer; Pilar Monreal Bosch; Arantza Del Valle



Experience with Programs of Balance of Payments Adjustment: Stand-by Arrangements in the Higher Tranches, 1963-72 (Les programmes d'ajustement de la balance des paiements: accords de confirmation dans les tranches supérieures, 1963-72) (Análisis de programas de ajuste de balanza de pagos: Acuerdos de derecho de giro en los tramos superiores, 1963-72)  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper reviews the experience of the 79 stabilization programs that were supported by Fund stand-by arrangements in the higher credit tranches during 1963-72 in which there were significant net purchases of Fund resources. The paper catalogs the main purposes of these programs and assesses the effect of these programs on trends of domestic credit, credit to the public sector,

Thomas M. Reichmann; Richard T. Stillson



VLT-style observing with the Wide Field Imager at the MPG/ESO 2.2-m telescope at La Silla  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Wide Field Imager instrument of the MPG/ESO 2.2-m Telescope has been operating with the VLT-style Observing Software (OS) since the beginning of the year. Users can now prepare Observation Blocks in the same manner as for the VLT and other La Silla instruments. This uniformity of the user interface will make the system even more easy to use than before. This work is the result of the efforts of a large number of people: the sequencer scripts were written with extensive help from Paul Lesaux of the NTT team, and Emilio Barrios of the 3.6 team at La Silla. Figure 1 shows the control room with the new system in place.

Urrutia, C.; Paz, T.; Robledo, E.; Gutierrez, F.; Baade, D.; Selman, F.; Sanchez, F.; Brewer, J.; Scodeggio, M.



[Coproantigens detection for the diagnosis of canine Echinococcosis in the border area of La Quiaca-Villazón].  


Cystic Echinococcosis is a major public health issue. Immunodiagnostic techniques based on the identification of parasite antigens in dog dry faeces have been developed as alternatives for the surveillance of canine Echinococcosis. The environmental conditions favouring the parasite cycle were met in the border of La Quiaca-Villazón, given the presence of definitive (dog) and intermediate hosts (sheep and goats). The most important activity in La Puna is sheep and goat rearing; slaughtering is carried out almost exclusively in the field by sheep's owners, and preventive health measures do not apply. The aim of this study was to determine the presence of dogs parasitized by Echinococcus granulosus in this border region. A hundred and sixty eight (168) stool specimens were collected during 2006. La Quiaca samples were taken from the following selected areas: the semi-rural area of Barrios, the rural areas of Santa Catalina, Yavi Chico, El Portillo, Pumahuasi and Cara Cara and the urban area of La Quiaca; selected urban areas in Villazón and the semi-rural area of Ojo de Agua, Lampaya and Matancillas. The samples were analyzed by copro-ELISA -Western blot test. The cities of San Francisco and Barrios had a prevalence of 14.3% and 6.7%, respectively. A prevalence of 3.4% was observed in the urban area of Villazón, which indicates that dogs become infected in the rural areas and bring the risk into the city. Lampaya showed a prevalence of 30%. These findings suggest the need to implement strategies for the control of hydatidosis, both in urban and rural areas to avoid the increase and spread of Echinococcosis in the region. PMID:24165137

Casas, Natalia; Costas Otero, Sergio; Céspedes, Graciela; Sosa, Sonia; Santillán, Graciela


7 CFR 636.12 - Termination of cost-share agreements.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...Continued) NATURAL RESOURCES CONSERVATION SERVICE, DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE... LONG TERM CONTRACTING WILDLIFE HABITAT INCENTIVE PROGRAM...a previously implemented conservation activity can function independently...violation or the absence of other conservation activities that would...



77 FR 5228 - Summer Food Service Program; 2012 Reimbursement Rates  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...December 31, 2012. Summer Food Service Program...a)(3)(B)). Summer Food Service Program...3)). Rates are higher for sponsors of sites...nearest quarter-cent. Summer Food Service Program...B. Russell National School Lunch Act (42...



75 FR 3197 - Summer Food Service Program; 2010 Reimbursement Rates  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...December 31, 2010. Summer Food Service Program...a)(3)(B)). Summer Food Service Program...3)). Rates are higher for sponsors of sites...nearest quarter-cent. Summer Food Service Program...B. Russell National School Lunch Act, as...



20 CFR 411.165 - How does using a ticket under the Ticket to Work program affect my continuing disability reviews?  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...a ticket under the Ticket to Work program affect my continuing...165 Employees' Benefits SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION THE TICKET TO WORK AND SELF-SUFFICIENCY PROGRAM...a ticket under the Ticket to Work program affect my...



Exercise and Physical Fitness - Multiple Languages: MedlinePlus  


... Japanese (???) Khmer (Khmer) Oromo (Afaan Oromo) Portuguese (português) Russian (???????) Somali (af Soomaali) Spanish (español) Tagalog ( ... PDF Harborview Medical Center Return to top Portuguese (português) Starting an Exercise Program Início de um programa ...


Earthquake Science Explained: A Series of Ten Short Articles for Students, Teachers, and Families.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The features in this booklet originally appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle from September 12 to November 14, 2005, as part of that newspaper's Chronicle in Education program-a program to distribute newspapers free to classroom teachers and encourage ...

M. A. d'Alessio



20 CFR 628.804 - Authorized services.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2012 CFR

...DEPARTMENT OF LABOR PROGRAMS UNDER TITLE II OF THE JOB TRAINING PARTNERSHIP ACT Youth Training Program...A)). (e) The provision of work experience, job search assistance, job search skills training, and job club...



42 CFR 102.30 - Benefits available to different categories of requesters under this program.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2012 CFR

...DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES VACCINES SMALLPOX COMPENSATION PROGRAM...a) Benefits available to smallpox vaccine recipients and vaccinia contacts...requester who is an eligible smallpox vaccine recipient or vaccinia contact...



42 CFR 102.30 - Benefits available to different categories of requesters under this program.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2011 CFR

...DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES VACCINES SMALLPOX COMPENSATION PROGRAM...a) Benefits available to smallpox vaccine recipients and vaccinia contacts...requester who is an eligible smallpox vaccine recipient or vaccinia contact...



7 CFR 1940.588 - Business and Industry Guaranteed and Direct Loans.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2012 CFR

...CONTINUED) GENERAL Methodology and Formulas for Allocation of Loan and Grant Program...a) of this subpart. (b) Basic formula criteria, data source and weight. ...(1) The criteria used in the basic formula are: (i) State's percentage of...



7 CFR 1940.589 - Rural Business Enterprise Grants.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2012 CFR

...CONTINUED) GENERAL Methodology and Formulas for Allocation of Loan and Grant Program...a) of this subpart. (b) Basic formula criteria, data source and weight. ...(1) The criteria used in the basic formula are: (i) State's percentage of...



Ley de Inocuidad de Alimentos Preguntas y Respuestas  

Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN)

... los requisitos del Programa de Verificación de Proveedores Extranjeros entren en vigencia, se aplicarán a todos los importadores, salvo que haya ... More results from


22 CFR 62.2 - Definitions.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...United States that conducts training or internship programs on behalf of designated program...a structured and guided work-based internship program in his/her specific academic field. Internship program means a structured and...



L’exercici físic com a teràpia complementària en el càncer de pròstata  

Microsoft Academic Search

Introducció: Aquest article presenta com l’exercici físic és una teràpia complementària en el tractament del càncer de pròstata. En concret, presentem el disseny i la implantació d’un programa d’exercici físic de força-resistència adaptat al càncer de pròstata. El model base correspon a la guia de l’American College Sports Medicine Position Stand (ACSM, 1998). L’adaptació i la transformació del programa inclou

Bernat Carles Serdà Ferrer; Pilar Monreal Bosch; Arantza Del Valle





In crustaceans, some motor neurones (MNs) have been shown to be part of the central pattern generator in the stomatogastric system (Harris-Warrick et al. 1992; Moulins, 1990), the swimmeret system (Heitler, 1978) or the walking system (Chrachri and Clarac, 1990). These MNs induce changes in the central rhythm when depolarized and are conditional oscillators in the stomatogastric ganglion. Moreover, in the walking system, rhythmic activity can be triggered by muscarinic cholinergic agonists (Chrachri and Clarac, 1987). We have recently analyzed the role of muscarinic receptors in crayfish walking leg MNs (D. Cattaert and A. Araque, in preparation) and demonstrated that oxotremorine, a muscarinic agonist, evoked long-lasting depolarizing responses associated with an increased input resistance. The outward current blocked by oxotremorine is likely to be carried by K+, as is the case for the M current (IM) in vertebrates (Brown and Adams, 1980). In most neurones, K+ conductances play a principal role in maintaining the membrane potential at rest: for example, IM is active at the resting membrane potential, thus contributing to its maintenance, and the 'delayed-rectifier' (IK) assists the fast repolarization after an action potential. Some K+ conductances are Ca2+-dependent (IK,Ca) and are activated by an increase in internal Ca2+ concentration. In such cases, Ca2+ currents may result in hyperpolarization of the neurone through activation of IK,Ca. In opposition to these K+ currents, the direct effect of Na+ and Ca2+ conductances is to depolarize the neurone. For example, the persistant Na+ current (INap) that is responsible for the slow subthreshold depolarization termed slow pre-potentials (Gestrelius et al. 1983; Leung and Yim, 1991) participates in the formation of pacemaker depolarization (Barrio et al. 1991) and generates plateau-type responses in control conditions (Barrio et al. 1991; Llinas and Sugimori, 1980). Similarly Ca2+ or non-specific (Na+/Ca2+) conductances generate such events in Aplysia californica burster neurones (Adams and Benson, 1985), crustacean cardiac ganglion (Tazaki and Cooke, 1990), insect neurones (Hancox and Pitman, 1991) and crustacean stomatogastric ganglion (Kiehn and Harris-Warrick, 1992). Since crustacean MNs can participate in rhythm production, such depolarizing conductances may exist in most of them and may contribute to the long-lasting MN depolarizations and spike bursts present during locomotion. PMID:9317925

Cattaert; Araque; Buno; Clarac



Aggressive Crime, Alcohol and Drug Use, and Concentrated Poverty in 24 U.S. Urban Areas  

PubMed Central

The nexus between substance use and aggressive crime involves a complex interrelationship among mediating individual and community-level variables. Using multilevel logistic regression models, we investigate how community-level concentration of poverty variables mediate the predictive relationships among individual level social attachment variables and substance use on aggressive crime in a large national sample of male arrestees (N = 20,602) drawn from 24 U.S. urban areas. The findings support our hypothesis that individual social attachments to marriage and the labor force (education and employment) are the principal individual-level pathway mediating the substance abuse/aggression nexus. In the random intercept model, 3.17% of the variation not explained by the individual-level predictor variables is attributable to community-level variation in urban area female-headed households and households receiving welfare. This confirms our hypothesis that social structural conditions of an urban environment differentially expose persons to conditions that predict being arrested for an aggressive crime. Our findings tend to counter the cultural theorists who argue for an indigenous culture of violence in inner-city ghettos and barrios.

Valdez, Avelardo; Kaplan, Charles D.; Curtis, Russell L.



Adjustment of the tree-ring response of Juniperus thurifera to climate in the Western Mediterranean region  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Juniperus thurifera L. is a long-lived conifer tree endemic to western Mediterranean region. It is well adapted to continental Mediterranean weather conditions such as negative winter temperatures or summer drought and is capable to maintain the photosynthetic activity all year round, making it a suitable species to study tree-ring sensitivity to climate change. In this work we have used tree-ring width data of J. thurifera trees from six stands located in northern Spain (Soria, Barrios de Luna and Desert of Monegros) and High Atlas in Morocco (Armd, Oukaimeden and Ourika) and correlated with climatic information (temperature and precipitation) from the Climate Research Unity (CRU) database. We have evaluated separately the growth patterns and climatic response of the populations from Spain and Morocco as they showed distinct seasonal dependence to temperature and precipitation. Afterwards, according to the length of both databases (ring-width and surface climate variables), we evaluated the role played by the climatic variables on the species growth pattern through time. We observed an increase of growth sensitivity to summer drought in Spain, whereas such sensitivity was not verify in Morocco"

Varino, Filipa; DeSoto, Lucia; Trigo, Ricardo M.; Gouveia, Célia; Andrade, José; campelo, Filipe; Nabais, Cristina



Psychosociocultural perspectives on chronic cannabis use: the Costa Rican follow-up.  


The social standing of marijuana use in Costa Rica becomes important as one examines the results of this study. Before 1968, marijuana use itself defined Costa Rican consumers of the drug as lower class. Its coming to fashionability among Costa Rican upper-middle-class youths during the late 1960's and early 1970's temporarily blurred marijuana's class identification. Nevertheless, the lower-class users' dress, speech and style of use kept them distinct from these youths. In 1986, working-class users participating in the present intensive study still occupied the lowest positions in the Costa Rican social strata. Their marijuana use does not appear to be a major factor in blocking upward mobility. The social stations in which users were raised were more powerful in determining their present fates than taking up or not taking up marijuana use. Users speak the language differently, employing a mix of lexical changes and wordplay to keep the decent Costa Ricans out of their clandestine business. Smokers of marijuana also dress differently from other Costa Ricans and tend to live in disreputable barrios, according to the stereotype. The Costa Rican image of a marijuana smoker is one of a streetwise, corrupt and uncomfortably distinctive character who is not to be trusted. The main problem in assessing the relationship between marijuana use and the human condition of marijuana users is the pervasive influence of the general social disapproval of marijuana smoking in Costa Rican society.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS) PMID:3392632

Page, J B; Fletcher, J; True, W R


West Nile virus ecology in a tropical ecosystem in Guatemala.  


West Nile virus ecology has yet to be rigorously investigated in the Caribbean Basin. We identified a transmission focus in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala, and established systematic monitoring of avian abundance and infection, seroconversions in domestic poultry, and viral infections in mosquitoes. West Nile virus transmission was detected annually between May and October from 2005 to 2008. High temperature and low rainfall enhanced the probability of chicken seroconversions, which occurred in both urban and rural sites. West Nile virus was isolated from Culex quinquefasciatus and to a lesser extent, from Culex mollis/Culex inflictus, but not from the most abundant Culex mosquito, Culex nigripalpus. A calculation that combined avian abundance, seroprevalence, and vertebrate reservoir competence suggested that great-tailed grackle (Quiscalus mexicanus) is the major amplifying host in this ecosystem. West Nile virus transmission reached moderate levels in sentinel chickens during 2007, but less than that observed during outbreaks of human disease attributed to West Nile virus in the United States. PMID:23149586

Morales-Betoulle, Maria E; Komar, Nicholas; Panella, Nicholas A; Alvarez, Danilo; López, María R; Betoulle, Jean-Luc; Sosa, Silvia M; Müller, María L; Kilpatrick, A Marm; Lanciotti, Robert S; Johnson, Barbara W; Powers, Ann M; Cordón-Rosales, Celia



Exact stochastic simulation of coupled chemical reactions with delays  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Gillespie's exact stochastic simulation algorithm (SSA) [J. Phys. Chem. 81, 2350 (1977)] has been widely used to simulate the stochastic dynamics of chemically reacting systems. In this algorithm, it is assumed that all reactions occur instantly. While this is true in many cases, it is also possible that some chemical reactions, such as gene transcription and translation in living cells, take certain time to finish after they are initiated. Thus, the product of such reactions will emerge after certain delays. Apparently, Gillespie's SSA is not an exact algorithm for chemical reaction systems with delays. In this paper, the author develops an exact SSA for chemical reaction systems with delays, based upon the same fundamental premise of stochastic kinetics used by Gillespie in the development of his SSA. He then shows that an algorithm modified from Gillespie's SSA by Barrio et al. [PLOS Comput. Biol. 2, 1017 (2006)] is also an exact SSA for chemical reaction systems with delays, but it needs to generate more random variables than the author's algorithm.

Cai, Xiaodong



Investigación translacional para generar datos a favor de la introducción racional y eficiente de vacunas nuevas en países en vías de desarrollo: La experiencia del Instituto Internacional de Vacunas  

Microsoft Academic Search

ExtractoEn los últimos años, la introducción de vacunas nuevas en países opulentos ha tenido lugar a un ritmo asombroso. En comparación, se han introducido pocas vacunas de nueva generación en los programas de salud pública para los pobres de los países en vías de desarrollo, y para aquéllos que sí los tienen, la introducción ha sido penosamente lenta. Los recursos

John Clemens



La política ambiental en América Latina y el Caribe: ¿de qué depende?  

Microsoft Academic Search

Este trabajo intenta evaluar los determinantes que favorecen a que países de la región adopten políticas ambientales activas. Para eso, se toma como referencia dos indicadores de política ambiental internacional: el número de tratados internacionales ratificados referidos al medioambiente, y el cumplimiento con los programas sugeridos por la Agenda 21 para cumplimentar la meta de un desarrollo sostenible. Luego, se

Mariana Conte Grand; Vanesa D´Elia



El tránsito suave de la teoría económica a través de las relaciones Norte-sur en el área de población y desarrollo durante la Guerra Fría: el caso del  

Microsoft Academic Search

El artículo pretende evidenciar cómo el conocimiento económico producido en materia de población y desarrollo obedece al tránsito suave de la teoría económica que se desarrolla por medio de relaciones científicas entre el centro y la periferia, tomando el caso del Programa de Demografía del Centro de Estudios sobre Desarrollo Económico (CEDE) de la Universidad de los Andes. Estas relaciones

María Margarita Fajardo Hernández



Intercultural Education Series. The Americas and Self-Identification.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This is the final monograph in the Programa de Educacion Interamericana resource series on Latin America: SO 001 424 through SO 001 428. Two main sections are contained here: 1) philosophical and methodological approaches to the problems of teaching the social studies, and 2) ammunition in knowing the Americas so they can be taught better. The…

Jones, Earl, Ed.; Dean, Frances, Ed.



Microsoft Academic Search

Escuché con atención sus intervenciones en el programa 6,7,8 que se emite por Canal 7 con respecto al juicio llevado a cabo en Córdoba sobre varios ex funcionarios de facto. Luego de ver sus intervenciones, me siento en el deber de escribirle esta carta con el fin de redondear su explicación. El problema de los círculos castrenses y el poder

Korstanje E. Maximiliano



Investigações matemáticas na aprendizagem do 2º ciclo do ensino básico ao ensino superior  

Microsoft Academic Search

A visão de que um ensino incidindo sobre a resolução de tarefas rotineiras é desajustado das necessidades colocadas por uma sociedade que evolui rapidamente, tem enquadrado e determinado opções e decisões ao nível do desenvolvimento curricular em Matemática. Este facto toma uma importância ainda maior se atendermos ao alargamento da escolaridade obrigatória verificado nos últimos anos. Conceber e implementar programas

Leonor Santos; Joana Brocardo; Manuela Pires; Ana Isabel Rosendo


Continuing Vocational Training in Local Government in Portugal, 2000-05--What Has Changed?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Local government in Portugal had a good opportunity to modernise through the Programa de Formacao para as Autarquias Locais (Foral) [Training programme for local authorities], implemented between 2000 and 2005. Substantial financial resources were made available through the programme to retrain local government human resources in order to improve…

Cabrito, Belmiro Gil; Simao, Ana Margarida Veiga; Alves, Mariana Gaio; Almeida, Antonio



Building Migratory Bridges  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The Building Migratory Bridges (BOMB) program--a collaboration between the Marvel wood School and Audubon Sharon in Connecticut and Conservation Research Education Action (CR EA), a U.S. not-for-profit in Panama--uses nontropical migratory bird research in the United States and Panama to demonstrate how negative environmental impacts in one…

Roy, Michael; Doss, Laurie K.



Efetividade da reabilitação pulmonar como tratamento coadjuvante da doença pulmonar obstrutiva crônica  

Microsoft Academic Search

3 Introdução: O paciente portador de DPOC diminui sua atividade física global devido a piora progressiva da função pulmonar como conseqüência de qualquer forma de esforço físico por ele realizado. A reabilitação pulmonar (RP) é utilizada nos EUA e Europa como alternativa terapêutica no tratamento da DPOC. Objetivo: Avaliar a efetividade do programa de RP como tratamento coadjuvante da DPOC.




Controle biológico natural de pulgões (Hemiptera: Aphididae) em lavoura de trigo por parasitóides (Hymenoptera, Aphidiinae), no município de Medianeira, PR, Brasil Natural biological control of aphids (Hemiptera: Aphididae) in a wheat field by parasitoids (Hymenoptera, Aphidiinae) in Medianeira, PR, Brazil  

Microsoft Academic Search

Os pulgões são um dos principais problemas fitossanitários da cultura do trigo no sul do Brasil, sendo alvo de um programa de controle biológico por parasitóides implantado no Brasil a partir da década de 1970. A despeito do sucesso inicial rapidamente obtido não há na região oeste do Paraná nenhum estudo recente avaliando a situação atual do controle biológico dos

Luis Francisco Angeli Alves; Tânia M. V. Prestes; Agostinho Zanini; Maria F. Dalmolin



Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMO: Este trabalho é parte integrante do processo de formação continuada desenvolvido pela Secretaria de Estado da Educação do Paraná, através do Programa de Desenvolvimento Educacional (PDE). A proposta deste artigo é refletir sobre a importância da leitura imagética e literária críticas no ambiente escolar - especificamente no Ensino Médio -, partindo de seu conceito, passando pela teoria semiótica e

Andréa Fleury; Sérgio Paulo



Microsoft Academic Search

4 Enfermeira. Doutora em Filosofia da Enfermagem. Docente do Programa de Pós-Graduação e do Departamento de Enfermagem da UFSC. Resumo: A utilização de diferentes referenciais metodológicos tem sido uma busca constante na prática de pesquisa em distintas áreas do conhecimento. A enfermagem, neste sentido, tem buscado fundamentar suas pesquisas em referenciais diversificados como forma de ampliar seu corpo de conhecimentos.

Ana Izabel; Alacoque Lorenzini Erdmann; Terra MG; Silva LC; Camponogara S; Santos EKA; Souza AIJ; Erdmann AL



Dyscalculia and the Minicalculator: The ALP Program.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The author points out the usefulness of the ALP minicalculator program with learning disabled learners and introduces a novel aspect of the program--a new method of dealing with fractions via the calculator in which decimal answers are converted to equivalent fractions. (SBH)

Block, Gerald H.




Microsoft Academic Search

En este trabajo se presentan los resultados de un estudio meta-analítico sobre la efectividad de los programas multicomponentes en el tratamiento de sujetos con adicción al tabaco. Una búsqueda exhaustiva de la literatura nos permitió identificar 16 trabajos empíricos realizados en España entre 1980 y 1996, dando lugar a un total de 37 estudios independientes que recogían datos de 1.979

Julio Sánchez Meca; José Olivares Rodríguez; Ana Isabel; Rosa Alcázar



Consecuencias de la restricción de peso impuesta por el deporte en la infancia  

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ExtractoActualmente, los competidores jóvenes emprenden programas de entrenamiento que se basan en un nivel elevado de actividad física desde una temprana edad. Este entrenamiento intensivo (volumen e intensidad) aumenta el gasto de energía, que tiene que ser compensado por una mayor ingesta nutricional. Los bailarines de ballet, los patinadores artísticos, los gimnastas o los gimnastas rítmicos comienzan a entrenar a

Nathalie Boisseau



Effectiveness of an Intervention Program for Improving School Atmosphere: Some Results  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This work describes the results of the "Programa de Desarrollo Social y Afectivo" [Social and Affective Development Program] (Trianes & Munoz, 1994; Trianes, 1996), under way during four years at a public school in a disadvantaged area Malaga, earmarked for special educational resources. The intervention is meant to improve classroom and school…

Sanchez, A. M.; Rivas, M. T.; Trianes, M. V.



Educação continuada: um levantamento de necessidades da equipe de enfermagem 1 Lifelong learning: a survey on the nursing team necessities Educación continuada: un diagnóstico de necesidades del equipo de enfermería  

Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMO: A Educação Continuada é o componente essencial dos programas de formação e desenvolvimento de recursos humanos das instituições. O desenvolvimento da equipe de enfermagem é um dos fatores que pode assegurar a qualidade do atendimento ao cliente e a sobrevivência da instituição neste cenário de mudanças e competitividade. Assim, neste estudo fizemos alguns diagnósticos através do levantamento de necessidades

Milena Froes da Silva; Fabiana Alves da Conceição; Maria Madalena Januário Leite


Lessons from the Demonstration Management Improvement Program  

Microsoft Academic Search

The Management Improvement Program,a process based on Organizational Developmentprinciples and methods, was applied to an irrigatedagricultural system in Arizona, USA. The MIP seeks toimprove management and performance of the agriculturalsystem through structured diagnosis, planning, andimplementation activities with the participation ofsystem stakeholders. An equally important objectiveof the demonstration project was to identify strengthsand shortcomings of the MIP methodology and togenerate recommendations

Eduardo Bautista; Shirley A. Rish; William E. Le Clere; Allen R. Dedrick; David B. Levine; Wayne Clyma



Zoneamento agrícola e época de semeadura para trigo no Brasil Agricultural zoning and sowing dates for wheat in Brazil  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumo - Um Programa de Zoneamento Agrícola para o Brasil, subsidiando a política de crédito e securidade rural, começou a ser posto em prática pelo Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento (MAPA) a partir da safra de inverno de 1996, com a cultura de trigo no sul do Brasil. Este artigo apresenta uma síntese dos trabalhos sobre zoneamento agrícola para

Gilberto Rocca da Cunha; João Carlos Haas; Jaime Ricardo; Tavares Maluf; Paulo Henrique Caramori; Eduardo Delgado Assad; Hugo José Braga; Jurandir Zullo Jr; Cláudio Lazzarotto; Sérgio Gonçalves; Marcos Wrege; Dionísio Brunetta; Sérgio Roberto Dotto; Hilton Silveira Pinto; Orivaldo Brunini; Vera Magali; Radtke Thomé; Sérgio Luiz Zampieri; Aldemir Pasinato; Márcia Barrocas Moreira Pimentel; Cristina Pandolfo



Listening to Students: How I Came to Love My Low-Residency Program  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Finding an academic program that caters to children's literature is hard. Many people consider children's literature no more sophisticated than its audience--an arena for those who cannot hack it either as writers or as teachers of adult literature. This author, however, found a new program--a "low residency program"--at Hamline University in St.…

Atwood, Megan



El método de la economía política  

Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMEN Esta reseña es la primera que escribiré sobre dos libros de un mismo autor. No se pretende con ello resumir su obra –elaborada ya en más de tres décadas de intenso trabajo y representada en numerosas publicaciones–, sino sólo invitar a los lectores y principalmente a los economistas a considerar seriamente el estudio de un programa de investigación para

Adrián Ravier



Shifting Pedagogies through Distributed Leadership: Mentoring Chilean Early Childhood Educators in Literacy Teaching  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The potential of a sociocultural approach for empowering early childhood educators cannot be presumed, and its impact on leadership strategies and literacy teaching may be open to question. This paper reports on research into a professional learning program, the "Programa Futuro Infantil Hoy", developed and implemented by a team of Australian…

Singh, Michael; Han, Jinghe; Woodrow, Christine



Deforestation and Malaria in Mâncio Lima County, Brazil  

Microsoft Academic Search

Malaria is the most prevalent vector-borne disease in the Amazon. We used malaria reports for health districts collected in 2006 by the Programa Nacional de Controle da Malária to determine whether deforestation is associated with malaria incidence in the county (município) of Mâncio Lima, Acre State, Brazil. Cumulative percent deforestation was calculated for the spatial catchment area of each health

Sarah H. Olson; Ronald Gangnon; Guilherme Abbad Silveira; Jonathan A. Patz



Hábitos alimentarios y experiencia de caries en adultos jóvenes en Rosario, Argentina  

Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMEN. En Rosario la atención odontológica se brinda en ámbitos privados y públicos. Los servicios públicos carecen de programas para evitar la pérdida dentaria en adultos. Nuestro objetivo fue describir el perfil epidemiológico de experiencia de caries y hábitos dietéticos en tres sub-poblaciones de adultos jóvenes. Aplicando una anamnesis estandarizada se investigaron 517 pacientes, ambos sexos, 15-45 años, concurrentes a

Kohli A; Pezzotto SM


Decentralization and Educational Performance: Evidence from the PROHECO Community School Program in Rural Honduras  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|We analyze the effectiveness of the Programa Hondureno de Educacion Comunitaria (PROHECO) community school program in rural Honduras. The data include standardized tests and extensive information on school, teacher, classroom and community features for 120 rural schools drawn from 15 states. Using academic achievement decompositions we find that…

Di Gropello, Emanuela; Marshall, Jeffery H.



New Interdisciplinary Research on Mexico's Common Property Forests: A National Survey  

Microsoft Academic Search

Efforts to develop strategies coordinating federal forest policy objectives with local governance institutions in Mexico have met with major obstacles. Federal forestry projects, including Programa de Desarrollo Forestal in the seventies and Proyecto de Conservación y Manejo Sustentable de Recursos Forestales (PROCYMAF) currently, have focused on improving state, private and community sectors' capacity to implement forestry management activities that incorporate

Camille Antinori; Octavio Magaña Torres; Juan Manuel; Torres Rojo; Gerardo Segura Warnholz; David Barton


Child Psychiatry Takes to the Streets: A Developmental Partnership between a University Institute and Children and Adolescents from the Streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Objective: High levels of domestic violence, mental illness, and alienation from authorities are associated with high incidence of children/adolescents living on the streets in low and middle income countries. The Equilibrium Project (Programa Equilibrio) was created to facilitate social reintegration through a virtual partnership between an…

Scivoletto, Sandra; da Silva, Thiago Fernando; Rosenheck, Robert Alan



Building Migratory Bridges  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The Building Migratory Bridges (BOMB) program--a collaboration between the Marvel wood School and Audubon Sharon in Connecticut and Conservation Research Education Action (CR EA), a U.S. not-for-profit in Panama--uses nontropical migratory bird research in the United States and Panama to demonstrate how negative environmental impacts in one…

Roy, Michael; Doss, Laurie K.




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Resumo: Neste artigo fazemos uma discussão teórica sobre a abordagem de ensino de Língua Portuguesa orientada pelos gêneros discursivos como uma forma de síntese das discussões ocorridas no PDE (Programa de Desenvolvimento Educacional) e apresentamos como contribuição pedagógica de possibilidade de trabalho gramatical contextualizado, análises de exemplares do gênero carta do leitor na revista de divulgação científica Ciência Hoje das

Sandra Regina Cecilio



Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMO: considerando que a visão é um dos sistemas sensoriais mais importantes na locomoção pois fornece informação tanto do ambiente quanto da postura e dos movimentos corporais, este estudo analisou os efeitos de um programa de treinamento perceptivo-motor no controle das atividades de locomoção em seis crianças com deficiências da visão. Para tanto, realizou-se a avaliação da locomoção durante a

Luiz Cezar; Janine Eliza de Oliveira; Silva PASSOS; Luiz Gonçalves


Different views over Hansen's Disease Control Program actions: the health care professionals' perspective in Brazil  

Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMO Baseado na percepção dos profissionais de saúde envolvidos nas ações de gerência e assistência do Programa de Controle da Hanseníase desenvolveu-se estudo qualitativo para construção do contexto real dessas ações. Foram incluídos profissionais de estados da região Norte e Nordeste que participaram de Oficinas de Pesquisas Operacionais realizadas em 2006. No total, 16 profissionais participaram do estudo, tendo como

Alberto Novaes Ramos Jr; Maria Vaudelice Mot; Duane Hinders; Márcia Gomide da Silva


48 CFR 552.216-71 - Economic Price Adjustment-Special Order Program Contracts.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2012 CFR

...2012-10-01 2012-10-01 false Economic Price Adjustment-Special Order Program...Provisions and Clauses 552.216-71 Economic Price AdjustmentâSpecial Order Program...a), insert the following clause: Economic Price AdjustmentâSpecial Order...



7 CFR 614.2 - Definitions.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...developing and carrying out a local soil and water conservation a conservation district, soil and water conservation district...with section 8(b) of the Soil Conservation and Domestic Allotment...the Highly Erodible Land and Wetland Conservation...



Building Partnerships to Prepare Teachers for Urban Schools: The Case of Houghton College, AmeriCorps, the King Center Charter School, and Journey's End  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Conditions in Buffalo, New York, parallel those in cities elsewhere across the United States. The public school population nears 75 percent children of color, with over 80 percent qualifying for the free or reduced-price lunch program--a primary indicator of poverty. In contrast, the teacher population, drawn almost exclusively from the middle…

Massey, Charles; Szente, Judit



Bancarización de clusters: La experiencia de la provincia de San Juan, Argentina  

Microsoft Academic Search

El presente documento se basa en la experiencia obtenida a través de la ejecución del Programa de Crédito para el Desarrollo de la Producción y el Empleo en la Provincia de San Juan, Argentina, financiado parcialmente por el BID. Analiza los instrumentos de promoción utilizados para desarrollo de agrupamientos locales de PYMES dinámicas (clusters), verificando que --a diferencia de la

Raúl Novoa; Juan Antonio Ketterer; Gabriela Szarfer; Pablo Curat; Leonardo Gioja; Marisú Puerta; Carlos Colabello; Jorge Ramírez; Manuel Prieto; Pablo Sánchez Le Daca; Roxana Matías Gago; Jorge A. Lupano



The Better Early Childhood Development Program: An Innovative Brazilian Public Policy  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This paper presents the pioneering experience of the Programa Primeira Infancia Melhor (the Better Early Childhood Development Program), also known as "PIM" that has been developed since 2003 in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. PIM's goal is to "provide guidance to families, based on their own culture and experiences, to allow them to…

Schneider, Alessandra; Ramires, Vera Regina; Paiva, Maria da Graca Gomes; Almeida, Leila



Programari de codi lliure per gestionar dipòsits digitals: el procés de tria dut a terme al CBUC  

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Es descriu el procés de selecció dut a terme en el Consorci de Biblioteques Universitàries de Catalunya (CBUC) durant el 2004 per tal de seleccionar el programa per gestionar els dipòsits digitals del CBUC. Dues de les condicions per a la selecció eren que es tractés de programari lliure i, a més, que es pogués implementar de manera immediata. Els

Antoni Borràs Escorihuela; Juan Carreño Mondéjar; Ferran Jorba García; Jordi Prats; Ramon Ros



42 CFR 457.450 - Secretary-approved coverage.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2012 CFR

...population of targeted low-income children covered under the the coverage provided to children under the Medicaid State plan...Comprehensive coverage for children offered by the State under...that either includes the full Early and Periodic Screening,...



Working Against Youth Violence Everywhere: Evaluating a Peer-Led Approach to Bullying Prevention  

Microsoft Academic Search

After the 2001 murder of a locai Black youth at the hands of more than 50 White youth, community organizations in the Kitchener-Waterloo area came together to develop the Working against Youth Violence Everywhere (WAYVE) program—a program created by and for local youth that would work towards eliminating bullying and violence in area high schools. WAYVE combines interactive workshops and

Rebecca L. Pister




Microsoft Academic Search

Resumen Los déficit en habilidades sociales luego de traumatismo encéfalo-craneal severo son predominantes. Sin embargo, el desarrollo y la provisión de tratamientos preventivos durante el proceso de rehabilita- ción no han estado a la par de las necesidades en esta área. Este estudio describe el desarrollo conceptual y la provisión inicial de programas intensivos de entrenamiento de habilidades sociales y



How Patronage Politics Undermines Parental Participation and Accountability: Community-Managed Schools in Honduras and Guatemala  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This article shows how patronage politics affects a popular international education model: community-managed schools (CMS). Focusing on Honduras's CMS initiative, PROHECO (Programa Hondureno de Educacion Comunitaria), I demonstrate how patronage can undermine CMS accountability. Whereas supporters argue that CMS increases accountability, partisan…

Altschuler, Daniel



The Effective Research-Based Characteristics of Professional Development of the National Science Foundation's GK-12 Program  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This study investigates the effective research-based characteristics of professional development (ERBCPD) of the National Science Foundation's GK-12 Program--a program which partners institutions of higher education with local school districts and places science, technology, engineering, and mathematics graduates in the K-12 classroom with…

Cormas, Peter C.; Barufaldi, James P.



La Liga de Alumnos Amigos: Desarrollo de las habilidades sociales del alumnado para prestar apoyo socioemocional  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumen: Integrado en el proyecto subvencionado por la Unión Europea Training and Mobility for Researchers para el estudio y la prevención de los malos tratos entre iguales y por el Proyecto Sócrates Comenius I, se desa- rrolla el Programa de Educación para la Convivencia en Contextos Educativos (EC- CE) destinado a combatir y prevenir el maltrato entre iguales. Una de

Juan Luís Benítez Muñoz; Ana María Tomás de Almeida; Fernando Justicia Justicia



Columbus's Legacy, Conquest or Invasion? A Guatemalan Example of Counterhegemonic Teacher Practice and Curriculum.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Evidence is presented that demonstrates the projection in some school settings of nuanced interpretations of the historical events and meanings related to 1492 and to the subsequent Spanish settlement of the Americas. In particular, the Maya language-Spanish language bilingual curriculum (Programa Nacional de Educacion Bilingue, PRONEBI) and Maya…

Wilhelm, Ronald W.



Microsoft Academic Search

1. INTRODUÇÃO Usualmente, programas de avaliação em larga escala utilizam uma metodologia de interpretação e construção de escalas de proficiência baseada na Teoria da Resposta ao Item e na análise pedagógica das habilidades avaliadas por meio de itens âncora, selecionados com base na freqüência observada de acertos. Dessa abordagem resultam escalas que associam a cada nível de proficiência um conjunto

Lina Kátia; Mesquita de Oliveira; Creso Franco; Tufi Machado Soares



Intercultural Education Series. An Introduction to Selected Latin American Cultures.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This is the first publication in a series developed by the Programa de Educacion Interamericana designed to enrich and strengthen the knowledge and understanding of Texas teachers and students in the field of intercultural education, with particular reference to Mexico and the republics of Central and South America. The project hopes to produce a…

Hubert, Frank W. R.; And Others


Outcomes from the targeted capacity expansion (TCE) substance abuse treatment program  

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The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT), in carrying out its mission to improve access to and the quality of substance abuse treatment services, initiated the Targeted Capacity Expansion (TCE) program—a national initiative, to encourage community-based organizations to expand their existing treatment capacity and implement strategies to evaluate treatment outcomes. Additionally, CSAT

Maurice T. Wilson; Robert Atanda; Donna Durant Atkinson; Kevin Mulvey



Evolução do estado nutricional de crianças com mielomeningocele em período de três anos Tree-year period evolution of the nutritional condition of children with mielomeningocelis Evolución en tres años de la condición nutricional de niños con mielomeningocele  

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RESumo: O presente manuscrito teve o objetivo de descrever e classificar o perfil antropométrico, de forma longitudinal, de um grupo de crianças com mielomeningocele inserido em um programa especial de atividades físicas. Vinte e quatro crianças com mielomeningocele foram avaliada em três momentos, com intervalo de um ano entre os mesmos. Foram avaliados: peso, comprimento, e calculado o IMC (índice

Cynthia Müller Coelho; Elizabeth Miyeko Egashira; Regina Célia da Silva; Sandra Maria Lima Ribeiro


Shabbes burn, a burn that occurs solely among Jewish orthodox children; due to accidental shower from overhead water heaters  

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From January 1990 to January 2000, 35 children were treated in our department for Shabbes burn, a unique scald burn that occurred mainly among orthodox Jews during the Sabbath. A retrospective review was conducted to determine the extent of the problem, to understand the burn mechanism and to suggest a prevention program.A shower of hot water from the Sabbath heater

A Shoufani; J Golan



Measurement and evaluation of national family planning programs.  


RESUMEN: En los últimos quince años diez paises han inaugurado programas nacionales de planeamiento familiar: India, Pakistán, Corea del Sur, Taiwan, Turquía, Malasia, Ceilán, Túez, la República Arabe Unida, y Marruecos. Otros paises, incluyendo Tailandia, Hong Kong, Singapur, Kenya, Barbados, Trinidad y los Estados Unidos, apoyan y/o estimulan actividades de planeamiento familiar. En la mayor parte de los casos la razón fundamental del programa ha sido que si la tasa de crecimiento poblacional disminuyera, aumentaría la tasa de crecimiento económico.Las metas de largo alcance, expresadas típicamente en términos de reducir las de natalidad o de crecimiento, tienen su ejemplo en el propósito de Pakistán de reducir su tasa de crecimiento a 26 para 1970; el de Corea de reducir su tasa de natalidad a 20 para 1971; y el de India de reducir su tasa de natalidad a 25 para 1973.Los objectivos intermedios, que cubren diversos aspectos del pro grama, incluyen metas específicas para un determinado mes a año, considerando personal, la adquisición de anticonceptivos, y el número de usarios por método. Las metas específicas anuales de aceptantes de dispositivos intrauterinos (IUD), para Taiwán, Corea, Túnez, Pakistán e India, son comunes, tanto por la naturaleza del artefacto, como por la facilidad de medición de los que continúan utilizándolos. El programa de evaluación en Taiwán, que trata de medir por diversos medios los efectos inmediatos, mediatos y de largo plazo del programa de planeamiento familiar sirve de modelo. El propósito de la evaiuación de un programa de planeamiento familiar es contribuir a la efectividad y eficiencia del programa, midiendo y analizando su progreso. Las áreas a medir pueden ser clasificadas como- (1) conocimiento acerca de; (2) actitudes hacia; (3) práctica de control de natalidad; y (4) nivel de fecundidad.Un buen sistema de evaluación debería incluir: A. Un buen conjunto de estadísticas de servicio presentadas en formularios estandarizados, en las siguienies formas: 1. Informes nensuales por áreas administrativas, sobre los actuales servicios de planeamiento familiar proporcionados en la actualidad, de carácter permanente o de larga duración (al presente, esterilización y IUD de acuerdo a las siguientes características del receptor: residencia, edad, paridad (número de hijos vivos por sexo), y donde se enteró del programa, si es posible "clase";(probablemente educación de la madre, pero posiblemente ocupación del esposo, ingreso, o equivalente); prácticas anticonceptivas anteriores; intervalo; y deseo de tener más hijos. En un programa grande estos datos pueden obtenerse en base a una muestra. 2. Informes mensuales sobre la distribución de suministros anticonceptivos (condones, píldoras, sustancias efervescentes, etc.), los primeros suministros deben ir acompañados de un registro de las características del recipiente, como anteriormente; los suministros subsecuentes se regietrarán sólo en volumen bruto. Esto también se aplicará al ritmo, donde éste método se enseñe a un número considerable de mujeres. 3. Informes regulares sobre las actividades de planeamiento familiar de médicos privados, como una estimación del efecto catalítico del programa del gobierno sobre ci sector privado. 4. Datos generates mensuales, ppr áreas admirtistrativas importantes, sabre: visitas domiciliarias, reuniones, cuñas radiates y televisadas, avisos en los periódicos y personal que trabaja. 5. Para propósitos de seguimiento una entrevi eta de campo cada 6 a 12 meses a cada N mujer de las listas para (1) y (2) arriba, en un total de 300 o 400, para conocer las tasas de continuación y las razones de abandono (ej: desea otro hijo, insatisfecha can ci método, otras). Las mue.stras podrían ser de 300 cada una, con una supuesta experiencia de 6, 12, 18 y 24 meses. B. Un buen conjunto de datos sobre costa (datos sobre cotos actulaes atribuíbles directamente al programa de planeamiento familiar) fraccionados par áreas principales y cinco a seis

Mauldin, W P



Diffusion Monte Carlo Studies of the Ground-State Structure and Energetics of H_5^+ and its Isotologues  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

H_5^+ is an important intermediate in the proton transfer reaction between H_3^+ and H_2 in interstellar clouds. The highly fluxional nature of this simple molecular ion makes theoretical studies challenging. Diffusion Monte Carlo (DMC) is an excellent method to obtain accurate zero-point energies of such systems, given a potential energy surface (PES). In this work, the zero-point energies of H_5^+ and its deuterated isotopologues are calculated using DMC, with the full-dimensional PES's from the Roncero group and the Bowman group. The results are in good agreement with the previously reported values. Using the descendant weighting method, projections of the probability amplitude onto various internal coordinates are investigated. Based on these projections, the ground-state expectation values of some microscopic properties, including the molecular geometries, rotational constants and dipole moments, are evaluated to aid in future high-resolution spectroscopic studies. Furthermore, the PES contains 120 equivalent minima, and the results of the DMC simulations are used to explore the extent to which the system is able to tunnel among these minima. The results show very low probabilities for exchanges between the center and outer hydrogen atoms at the ground vibrational state, due to the relatively high barriers that seperate these minima. Higher probabilities are predicted for the excited states. A. Aguado, P. Barragán, R. Prosmiti, G. Delgado-Barrio, P. Villarreal, and O. Roncero, J. Chem. Phys. 133, 024306 (2010) Z. Xie, B. J. Braams, and J. M. Bowman, J. Chem. Phys. 122, 224307 (2005) P. H. Acioli, Z. Xie, B. J. Braams, and J. M. Bowman, J. Chem. Phys. 128, 104318 (2008)

Lin, Zhou; McCoy, Anne B.



CALPHAD Modeling of Phase Diagram Boundaries for Binary 2-Amino-2-Methyl-1,3-Propanediol [AMPL] and Tris(hydroxymethyl) Aminomethane [TRIS] system  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The phase diagram assessment of binary AMPL-TRIS system was calculated using the CALPHAD approach. Thermo-Calc, TCC software was used to fit the experimental phase diagram data by simultaneous optimization of thermodynamic properties of pure components and phase equilibria data available in the literature, and also calculated in the present work. The measured interaction parameters for low temperature alpha and beta solid solution phases are relatively small and are assumed to be ideal. Preliminary calculation of AMPL-TRIS phase diagram showed complete solid solubility of the high temperature gamma and gamma-prime phases, as reported by Barrio et al. (1994). In the next iteration, we calculated AMPL-TRIS phase diagram using heat capacity data and found that it was in good agreement with the current experimental phase diagram developed by V. Kamisetty (2010). In final calculations, the Parrot module of Thermo-Calc program was used to obtain an optimized phase diagram. The calculated phase corroborates well with V. Kamisetty data. Two eutectoids, one at ~21 mol.% TRIS at 85oC, the other at ~60 mol. % TRIS at 104oC, and one peritectic at 55 mol.% TRIS at 127oC were calculated. The maximum solubility of TRIS in AMPL is 10 mol.%, and that of AMPL in TRIS is 18 mol.% at 85oC. An important feature of this phase diagram is the presence of gamma and gamma-prime phases above 110oC. Details of the methodology and calculations are shown in this thesis.

Mekala, Prathyusha


Generalized binomial ?-leap method for biochemical kinetics incorporating both delay and intrinsic noise  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The delay stochastic simulation algorithm (DSSA) by Barrio et al. [Plos Comput. Biol. 2, 117(E) (2006)] was developed to simulate delayed processes in cell biology in the presence of intrinsic noise, that is, when there are small-to-moderate numbers of certain key molecules present in a chemical reaction system. These delayed processes can faithfully represent complex interactions and mechanisms that imply a number of spatiotemporal processes often not explicitly modeled such as transcription and translation, basic in the modeling of cell signaling pathways. However, for systems with widely varying reaction rate constants or large numbers of molecules, the simulation time steps of both the stochastic simulation algorithm (SSA) and the DSSA can become very small causing considerable computational overheads. In order to overcome the limit of small step sizes, various ?-leap strategies have been suggested for improving computational performance of the SSA. In this paper, we present a binomial ?-DSSA method that extends the ?-leap idea to the delay setting and avoids drawing insufficient numbers of reactions, a common shortcoming of existing binomial ?-leap methods that becomes evident when dealing with complex chemical interactions. The resulting inaccuracies are most evident in the delayed case, even when considering reaction products as potential reactants within the same time step in which they are produced. Moreover, we extend the framework to account for multicellular systems with different degrees of intercellular communication. We apply these ideas to two important genetic regulatory models, namely, the hes1 gene, implicated as a molecular clock, and a Her1/Her 7 model for coupled oscillating cells.

Leier, André; Marquez-Lago, Tatiana T.; Burrage, Kevin



OmpA influences Escherichia coli biofilm formation by repressing cellulose production through the CpxRA two-component system.  


Previously we discovered that OmpA of Escherichia coli increases biofilm formation on polystyrene surfaces (González Barrios et al., Biotechnol Bioeng, 93:188-200, 2006a). Here we show OmpA influences biofilm formation differently on hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces since it represses cellulose production which is hydrophilic. OmpA increased biofilm formation on polystyrene, polypropylene, and polyvinyl surfaces while it decreased biofilm formation on glass surfaces. Sand column assays corroborated that OmpA decreases attachment to hydrophilic surfaces. The ompA mutant formed sticky colonies, and the extracellular polysaccharide that caused stickiness was identified as cellulose. A whole-transcriptome study revealed that OmpA induces the CpxRA two-component signal transduction pathway that responds to membrane stress. CpxA phosphorylates CpxR and results in reduced csgD expression. Reduced CsgD production represses adrA expression and results in reduced cellulose production since CsgD and AdrA are responsible for 3,5-cyclic diguanylic acid and cellulose synthesis. Real-time polymerase chain reaction confirmed csgD and adrA are repressed by OmpA. Biofilm and cellulose assays with double deletion mutants adrA ompA, csgB ompA, and cpxR ompA confirmed OmpA decreased cellulose production and increased biofilm formation on polystyrene surfaces through CpxR and AdrA. Further evidence of the link between OmpA and the CpxRA system was that overproduction of OmpA disrupted the membrane and led to cell lysis. Therefore, OmpA inhibits cellulose production through the CpxRA stress response system, and this reduction in cellulose increases biofilm formation on hydrophobic surfaces. PMID:19601955

Ma, Qun; Wood, Thomas K



Assessment of factors influencing retention in the Philippine National Rural Physician Deployment Program  

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Background The ‘Doctors to the Barrios’ (DTTB) Program was launched in 1993 in response to the shortage of doctors in remote communities in the Philippines. While the Program has attracted physicians to work in such areas for the prescribed 2-year period, ongoing monitoring shows that very few chose to remain there for longer and be absorbed by their Local Government Unit (LGU). This assessment was carried out to explore the reasons for the low retention rates and to propose possible strategies to reverse the trend. Methods A mixed methods approach was used comprising a self-administered questionnaire for members of the current cohort of DTTBs, and oral interviews with former DTTBs. Results Among former DTTBs, the wish to serve rural populations was the most widely cited motivation. By comparison, among the current cohort of DTTBs, more than half joined the Program due to return of service obligations; a quarter to help rural populations, and some out of an interest in public health. Those who joined the Program to return service experienced significantly less satisfaction, whilst those who joined out of an interest in public health were significantly more satisfied with their rural work. Those who graduated from medical schools in the National Capital Region were significantly more critical about their compensation and perceived there to be fewer options for leisure in rural areas. With regard to the factors impeding retention, lack of support from the LGU was most frequently mentioned, followed by concerns about changes in compensation upon absorption by the LGU, family issues and career advancement. Conclusions Through improved collaboration with the Department of Health, LGUs need to strengthen the support provided to DTTBs. Priority could be given to those acting out of a desire to help rural populations or having an interest in public health, and those who have trained outside of the National Capital Region. Whether physicians should be able to use the Program to fulfil return service obligations should be critically assessed.



[The biolaw and bioethics encyclopedia].  


On 4 April 2011, as part of the XVIII Conference in Law and the Human Genome, the official presentation took place of the first Spanish language Encyclopedia of Biolaw and Bioethics, in an event organised by the Inter-University Chair in Law and the Human Genome held, on this occasion, in the new Auditorium of the University of the Basque Country. The Encyclopedia of Biolaw and Bioethics is a project which was conceived and driven forward by the Inter-University Chair in Law and the Human Genome. It was an ambitious project which was supported by the Roche Institute Foundation. It was therefore a magnum opus which began more than three years ago and which has required the work of more than 200 professionals from various disciplines in Spain, Latin America and Portugal. The encyclopaedia tries to make up for the lack of a suitable publication in the Spanish language that could be used as a reference and be consulted by different experts who have to tackle controversies and doubts posed in the field of biolaw and bioethics as part of their everyday work. The work makes it possible to ascertain the situation in this field regarding the most controversial issues and emerging conflicts, find out which values, assets or rights are involved or confronted, what solutions have been proposed by bioethics and the social positions that have been established through legal regulations. All in all, the encyclopaedia was the culmination of an ambitious undertaking, a pioneering work in the Spanish speaking countries due to its characteristics and scope. It is essential to have such a resource in today's cultural environment. The presentation of the Encyclopedia of Biolaw and Bioethics given by Mr. Del Barrio Seoane as Director General of the Roche Institute Foundation during the Conference deservers a special mention. The project has been consolidated through the support of this institution. PMID:22977954

del Barrio Seoane, Jaime


Ligand-induced conformational transitions and secondary-structure composition of chicken liver pyruvate carboxylase  

PubMed Central

Apparent conformational transitions induced in chicken liver pyruvate carboxylase by substrates, KHCO3 and MgATP, and the allosteric effector, acetyl-CoA, were studied by using the fluorescent probe, 8-anilinonaphthalene-1-sulphonic acid and c.d. Fluorescence measurements were made with both conventional and stopped-flow spectrophotometers. Additions of acetyl-CoA and/or ATP to the enzyme-probe solutions quenched fluorescence of the probe by the following cumulative amounts regardless of the sequence of additions: acetyl-CoA, 10–13%; ATP, 21–24%; acetyl-CoA plus ATP, about 35%. Additions of KHCO3 had no effect on the fluorescence. The rates of quenching by acetyl-CoA and MgATP (in the presence of acetyl-CoA) were too rapid to measure by stopped-flow kinetic methods, but kinetics of the MgATP effect (in the absence of acetyl-CoA) indicate three unimolecular transitions after the association step. The negligible effect of the probe on enzyme catalytic activity, a preservation of the near-u.v. c.d. effect of MgATP and acetyl-CoA in the presence of the probe and no observable unimolecular transitions after binding of the probe to the enzyme indicate that the probe had no deleterious effect on the enzyme. In contrast with results with 8-anilinonaphthalene-1-sulphonic acid, fluorescence of the ?-derivative of acetyl-CoA or ATP [fluorescent analogues; Secrist, Barrio, Leonard & Weber (1972) Biochemistry 11, 3499–3506] was not changed when either one was added to the enzyme. Secondary-structure composition of chicken liver pyruvate carboxylase estimated from the far-u.v. c.d. spectrum of the enzyme is 27% helix, 7% ?-pleated sheet and 66% other structural types.

McGurk, Karen S.; Spivey, H. Olin




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RESUMO: A caracterização da pesca de linha e da distribuição batimétrica e sazonal do esforço de pesca das frotas linheiras estabelecidas no estado da Bahia e em operação na costa central, entre Salvador e o norte do Banco de Abrolhos (13-18ºS), foi estudada com base na amostragem de desembarques monitorados pelo Programa REVIZEE em Salvador, Valença, Ilhéus e Porto Seguro



IEEE recommended practice for powering and grounding electronic equipment. (Color Book Series - Emerald Book)  

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This paper presents a general methodology to determine the number of NPN functions of a programmable cell. This methodology was implemented in a tool called Programa-de-TV that is able to implement all NPN operations over n-input lookup tables. This work also shows a comparison between developed Universal Logic Gates (ULGs). One application of this technique is to select an appropriate

Fernanda Gusmão de Lima; M. de. O. Johann; J. L. Guntzel; L. Carro; R. Reis



Violencia en el noviazgo y salud mental en estudiantes universitarios mexicanos.  


Antecedentes: En las últimas dos décadas, ha aumentado el interés por la promoción de la salud en el sector educativo superior, a través del programa "Universidades Saludables" promovido por la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS). Es importante reconocer las necesidades relacionadas con la salud de los integrantes de la comunidad universitaria, así como reflexionar sobre las acciones dirigidas a cubrirlas. Uno de los problemas prioritarios respecto a la salud mental de los jóvenes universitarios es la violencia en el noviazgo. Considerando lo anterior, los objetivos del presente estudio fueron: evaluar la violencia en el noviazgo, la sintomatología depresiva y la autoestima en estudiantes universitarios; estudiar la relación entre la violencia, la depresión y la autoestima; y promover la implementación de programas preventivos entre la comunidad universitaria. Métodos: Se realizó un estudio transversal y descriptivo con las respuestas de 729 estudiantes universitarios, aplicando el "Conflict in Adolescent Dating Relationship Inventory," el Inventario de Depresión de Beck y el Inventario de Coopersmith para evaluar la autoestima. Resultados: Los resultados mostraron una elevada prevalencia de violencia en los jóvenes universitarios, particularmente verbal-emocional (75%). Las agresiones fueron de carácter bidireccional, tanto hombres como mujeres cometieron y sufrieron la violencia. La conducta violenta se asoció con la baja autoestima en las mujeres y con síntomas depresivos en ambos sexos. Conclusiones: Desde el enfoque del programa "Universidades Saludables," es importante que las instituciones de educación superior sean promotoras de la salud mediante la creación y difusión del conocimiento, la formación de recursos humanos y la promoción de la organización comunitaria. Los resultados del estudio indican la necesidad de desarrollar programas educativos orientados a la prevención de la violencia, al manejo de emociones y a la resolución de conflictos. PMID:23986388

Lazarevich, Irina; Irigoyen Camacho, María E; Sokolova, Anna V; Delgadillo Gutiérrez, Hector J




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Resumo - Este trabalho é pioneiro para a região Centro-Oeste do Brasil e visa ao aprofundamento da problemática do aproveitamento do Rio Araguaia como via navegável para transportar as safras de grãos das regiões Centro-Norte. O Programa de Desenvolvimento da Hidrovia Tocantins- Araguaia é uma iniciativa do Ministério dos Transportes para estabelecer a navegação fluvial confiável e segura em 2.242

Rone Antônio de Azevedo



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Resumo Pretendeu-se identificar as percepções de professores de 1ºCEB, sobre as suas dificuldades sobre a educação sexual e analisar alguns factores individuais com influência nestas concepções. Os dados recolhidos por um questionário construído para o efeito foram tratados estatisticamente no programa SPSS. Os resultados sugerem maiores dificuldades na área de expressões da sexualidade e menores na de relações interpessoais. Como



Field Tips  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Many employees claim they learn best while doing, so they prefer to dive right in and learn as they go when they get a new job or take on new responsibilities. But the most successful and quickest learning on the job takes place when there is a formal on-the-job training (OJT) program--a fact many organizations and managers fail to take into…

Freifeld, Lorri



Anthropogenic air pollution and respiratory disease-related emergency room visits in Rio Branco, Brazil--September, 2005  

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J Bras Pneumol. 2008 Jan;34(1):42-6. [Anthropogenic air pollution and respiratory disease-related emergency room visits in Rio Branco, Brazil--September, 2005]. [Article in Portuguese] Mascarenhas MD, Vieira LC, Lanzieri TM, Leal AP, Duarte AF, Hatch DL. Source: Programa de Epidemiologia Aplicada aos Serviços do Sistema Unico de Saúde, Secretaria de Vigilância em Saúde, Ministério da Saúde, Brasil Abstract: Air pollution is a




PROCAMPO, the Mexican corn market, and Mexican food security  

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PROCAMPO (Program for Direct Assistance in Agriculture or Programa de Apoyos Directos al Campo) is an income transfer payment\\u000a to Mexican farmers that compensates them for subsidies received by foreign competitors. Corn (Zea mays) has received the largest amount of PROCAMPO payments and is the primary component of Mexico’s food and feed supply. Results\\u000a of a spatial and temporal model

José Alberto García-Salazar; Rhonda Skaggs; Terry L. Crawford



The Paradox of Realism and “Authenticity” in Entertainment-Education: A Study of Adolescents' Views About Anti-Drug Abuse Dramas  

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The successful use of drama as a vehicle to influence health-related attitudes and behaviors is credited to its ability to elicit an emotional experience and identification among audience members. This study investigated the views of adolescents regarding an entertainment-education (EE) component of their school's anti-drug program—a live performance of a professionally produced anti-drug abuse drama. The analysis draws mainly on

Nurit Guttman; Anat Gesser-Edelsburg; Moshe Israelashvili



An application of the distributed hydrologic model CASC2D to a tropical montane watershed  

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Increased stormflow in the Quebrada Estero watershed (2.5 km2), in the northwestern Central Valley tectonic depression of Costa Rica, reportedly has caused flooding of the city of San Ramón in recent decades. Although scientifically untested, urban expansion was deemed the cause and remedial measures were recommended by the Programa de Investigación en Desarrollo Humano Sostenible (ProDUS). CASC2D, a physically-based, spatially

Matt Marsik; Peter Waylen




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Abstract The purpose,of this study was to assess secondary,educators' knowledge,of and attitude toward agriculture. The population consisted of teachers and administrators in 245 secondary schools in Missouri thatoffered an Agricultural Education program,as part of the curriculum. The sample consisted of 200 randomly selected schools and a cohort group of educators representing: administrators, agriculture teachers, language arts teachers, mathematics teachers, science

Clark Richard Harris; Robert J. Birkenholz


STAR and ROVER: the Madigan experiments on demographic data collection.  


A nation-wide sample household survey conducted in 1964 showed that the Philippine vital registration system underreports both births and deaths by about 30% for the nation as a whole. This is caused by: 1) the difficulty barrio residents have in getting to the registry office downtown, compounded by the fact that they have to pay a fee; 2) doctors and nurses report births and deaths but local midwives often do not; and 3) the registrars are not paid extra for their duties and often send records in late. In 1969 the Research Institute for Mindanao Culture of Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro City, joined with the University of North Carolina and USAID to set up the Mindanao Center for Population Studies. This Center developed a dual record system for a systematic approach to information collection about births, deaths, and migrations. The STAR system records vital statistics as they happen. The ROVER system conducts house-to-house surveys to measure vital events. The 2 systems are cross-checked for a true estimate of vital events. A key to the system is a careful definition of geographic areas; to do this the research teams surveyed the study areas on foot to draw up accurate maps. In an urban area the ROVER system alone gave a birthrate of 28.51 per 1000, the STAR alone 37.36 per 1000, and the match between the 2 gave 43.14 per 1000. In a rural area ROVER alone gave a birth rate of 42.24/1000; STAR, 42.36/1000; together 45.76/1000. A recall study showed that a 6-month recall was all that could be relied upon if accurate descriptions of events were wanted, but that in rural areas (and only in rural areas) 18-month recall could be quite accurate. The type approach used depends upon the area. In rural areas the informant approach is most effective for collecting data, whereas in urban areas the house visit is more appropriate. The workload study showed that a full-time worker using an informant in a small area records the largest number of vital events. The maximum that can be covered is 200-240 households in an urban area and 124-187 in rural areas. PMID:12277223

Logan, M L



Remotely sensed forest phenology and its relation with Nephropathia  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

J.M. Barrios1, W.W. Verstraeten1, P. Maes2, J. Clement2, J-M. Aerts1, S. Amirpour1, J. Wambacq2, K. Lagrou3, M. Van Ranst2, D. Berckmans1, P. Coppin1 1. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Biosystems Departement, M3-BIORES, Willem de Croylaan 34, B-3001 Leuven, Belgium 2. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Laboratory of Clinical Virology, Hantavirus Reference Center, Rega Institute, Minderbroedersstraat 10, B-3000 Leuven, Belgium 3. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Department of Experimental Laboratory Medicine, Herestraat 49, B-3000 Leuven, Belgium Nephropathia epidemica (NE), a mild form of haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, is a zoonotic disease caused by a Hanta virus called Puumala virus in Europe. Concern about this disease has increased in recent years due to the increase in the amount of reported cases. In 2005, 2007 and 2008 the number of infected cases surpassed 300 cases per 100000 inhabitants in Belgium, which was never observed before. NE incidence is closely related to environmental conditions. The main role in the virus transmission mechanism is played by the red bank vole (Myodes glareolus), a rodent species that is native in West European broad-leaved forests (BLF) and acts as the virus reservoir. Although the link between vegetation and NE in Belgium has been underlined repeatedly in recent research works, so far little has been done towards the exploration of remote sensing techniques for analyzing vegetation systems as an input in early warning systems. This study aims at determining whether observed NE occurrence pattern in Belgium can be connected to specific trends in BLF phenology parameters. Hence, phenology information was derived from time series of the MODIS Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI) for the period 2000-2008 in 10 major BLF in southern Belgium. EVI values were calculated from the MOD09A1 dataset which provides an estimate of the surface spectral reflectance for bands 1-7 at 500 m resolution every 8 days. Based on our preliminary results, it is concluded that one of the most remarkable phenomena taking place in BLF is the gradual increase in length of the growing season in the 2000-2007 period. This is supported by international literature. Increasing growing seasons might contribute to an increase in the availability of resources to sustain large rodent populations and in the prolongation of optimal conditions for breeding. For most of the sampled sites, the years preceding peaks in NE cases (2005, 2008) were characterised by a late end of the growing season which coincides with warmer fall seasons. This research is part of a larger effort that aims at the incorporation of remotely sensed data in the prediction and monitoring of epidemiologic diseases.

Barrios, J. M.





O método Grade of Membership (GoM) tem sido cada vez mais utilizado por demógrafos brasileiros e tem a vantagem de possuir um parâmetro que mensura a heterogeneidade individual, com base nas correlações não-observáveis entre as categorias de resposta das variáveis de interesse, gerando um medida do grau de pertencimento de cada indivíduo a perfis extremos. Alguns autores, contudo, chamam atenção para questões importantes na calibragem dos modelos finais que utilizam o programa GoM versão 3.4, como o problema de identificabilidade - soluções múltiplas para parâmetros estimados. Neste artigo, é sugerido um procedimento capaz de identificar um modelo final com solução única que descreva os tipos puros mais fidedignos à base de dados, em uma tentativa de otimização. Para ilustrar esse processo, utilizou-se uma base de dados correspondente a um levantamento econômico e sociodemográfico de uma população de pequenos agricultores residentes ao longo da Rodovia Transamazônica, no Estado do Pará. Também identificou-se a existência de instabilidade nos parâmetros estimados pelo programa GoM 3.4, sendo proposto um método de estabilização de seus valores. Com esses procedimentos combinados, os usuários do programa GoM 3.4 poderão descrever sua base de dados de forma mais adequada e responder às críticas sobre questões de identificabilidade e estabilidade dos modelos resultantes. Essas soluções empíricas são relevantes por afetarem cálculos de prevalência e de incidência de eventos de interesse, além de trazerem consequências importantes sobre o ponto e o momento corretos para intervenções de políticas públicas ou de planejamento prospectivo em análises de projeção. PMID:21709732

Guedes, Gilvan Ramalho; Caetano, André Junqueira; Machado, Carla Jorge; Brondízio, Eduardo Sonewend



Positivity, posynomials and tile size selection  

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Abstract—Tiling is a widely,used,loop,transformation,for exposing\\/exploiting parallelism,and,data locality. Effective use of tiling requires selection and,tuning,of the tile sizes. This is usually achieved,by developing,cost models,that characterize the performance,of the tiled program,as a function,of tile sizes. All previous,approaches,to tile size selection (TSS) are,cost model specific. Due to this they are neither extensible (e.g., to richer program classes\\/newer architectures) nor scalable (e.g., to multiple

Lakshminarayanan Renganarayanan; Sanjay V. Rajopadhye



Se evitaron cerca de 800 000 muertes debido al descenso en tabaquismo

Programas y estrategias de control del tabaco del siglo XX fueron responsables de la prevención de más de 795 000 muertes por cáncer de pulmón en Estados Unidos de 1975 al 2000. Si todo el tabaquismo en este país hubiera cesado después de la publicación del primer informe del Director General de Sanidad sobre el tabaquismo y la salud en 1964, un total de 2,5 millones de personas no habrían muerto por cáncer de pulmón en los 36 años que siguieron a ese informe


Development of quality control procedures for mass produced and released Bactrocera Philippinensis (Diptera: Tephritidae) for sterile insect technique programs  

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Quality control procedures for Bactrocera philippinensis Drew and Hancock 1994 (Diptera: Tephritidae) used in sterile insect technique (SIT) programs were established in the mass rearing facility at the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute. Basic studies on pupal irradiation, holding/packaging systems, shipping procedures, longevity, sterility studies, and pupal eye color determination in relation to physiological development at different temperature regimes were investigated. These studies will provide baseline data for the development of quality control protocols for an expansion of B. philippinensis field programs with an SIT component in the future. (author) [Spanish] Los procedimientos de control de calidad para Bactrocera philippinensis Drew y Hancock 1994 (Diptera: Tephritidae) usados en programas de la tecnica de insecto esteril (TIE) fueron establecidos en la facilidad de cria en masa del Instituto Filipino de Investigacion Nuclear. Estudios basicos sobre la irradiacion de las pupas, sistemas de almacenaje/empaque, procedimientos del envio, longevidad, estudios de esterilidad y la determinacion del color de ojo de la pupa en relacion con el desarrollo fisiologico en regimenes diferentes de temperatura fueron investigados. Estos estudios proveeran una linea de informacion basica para el desarrollo de protocolos de control de calidad para una expansion de los programas de campo para B. philippinensis con un componente de TIS en el futuro. (author)

Resilva, S. [Agricultural Research Group, Atomic Research Division, Philippine Nuclear Research Institute, Department of Science and Technology, Diliman, Quezon City (Philippines); Obra, G.; Zamora, N.; Gaitan, E. [National Mango Research and Development Center, Bureau of Plant Industry, San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras (Philippines)



[Barriers and Facilitators in the Recruitment and Retention of Heterosexual Couples for Preventive Interventions.  


El Reclutamiento y la Retención (R&R) de participantes es fundamental para el éxito de estudios y para el desarrollo de intervenciones preventivas. El R&R de participantes determina la validez y efectividad de estos programas. En este trabajo examinamos algunos de los factores que facilitan y dificultan el R&R en los proyectos preventivos y ofrecemos algunas alternativas para mejorar los índices de R&R. Realizamos dos estudios, en el primero administramos el Instrumento de Informatión, Motivatión y Conductas-Español (IIMC-E) a un grupo de 26 parejas heterosexuales (52 participantes). En el segundo, entrevistamos a 5 parejas VIH discordantes (10 participantes). Encontramos que el 75% de los/las participantes indicó que su trabajo era una de las principales barreras que dificultan la asistencia a las actividades. Otras barreras son las responsabilidades laborales y familiares. Encontramos que la principal barrera fue el miedo a la revelación del estado serlógico. Los principales facilitadores del R&R son la coordinación adecuada y el seguimiento telefónico ofrecido por parte del personal del proyecto. Concluimos que en el desarrollo e implantación de programas de prevención el investigador/a debe tomar en cuenta la adaptación de aspectos logísticos como la disponibilidad y las necesidades particulares de los/las participantes. PMID:23264700

Hernández-Hernández, Alberto L; Perez-Jimenez, David



OV-Wav: um novo pacote para análise multiescalar em astronomia  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Wavelets e outras formas de análise multiescalar têm sido amplamente empregadas em diversas áreas do conhecimento, sendo reconhecidamente superiores a técnicas mais tradicionais, como as análises de Fourier e de Gabor, em certas aplicações. Embora a teoria dos wavelets tenha começado a ser elaborada há quase trinta anos, seu impacto no estudo de imagens astronômicas tem sido pequeno até bem recentemente. Apresentamos um conjunto de programas desenvolvidos ao longo dos últimos três anos no Observatório do Valongo/UFRJ que possibilitam aplicar essa poderosa ferramenta a problemas comuns em astronomia, como a remoção de ruído, a detecção hierárquica de fontes e a modelagem de objetos com perfis de brilho arbitrários em condições não ideais. Este pacote, desenvolvido para execução em plataforma IDL, teve sua primeira versão concluída recentemente e está sendo disponibilizado à comunidade científica de forma aberta. Mostramos também resultados de testes controlados ao quais submetemos os programas, com a sua aplicação a imagens artificiais, com resultados satisfatórios. Algumas aplicações astrofísicas foram estudadas com o uso do pacote, em caráter experimental, incluindo a análise da componente de luz difusa em grupos compactos de galáxias de Hickson e o estudo de subestruturas de nebulosas planetárias no espaço multiescalar.

Pereira, D. N. E.; Rabaça, C. R.



Walking through volcanic mud: the 2,100 year-old Acahualinca footprints (Nicaragua) II: the Acahualinca people, environmental conditions and motivation  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We analyzed bare human footprints in Holocene tuff preserved in two pits in the Acahualinca barrio in the northern outskirts of Managua (Nicaragua). Lithology, volcanology, and age of the deposits are discussed in a companion paper (Schmincke et al. Bull Volcanol doi: 10.1007/s00445-008-0235-9 , 2008). The footprint layer occurs within a series of rapidly accumulated basaltic-andesitic tephra that is regionally correlated to the Masaya Triple Layer Tephra. The people were probably trying to escape from a powerful volcanic eruption at Masaya Caldera 20 km farther south that occurred at 2.1 ka BP. We subdivided the swath of footprints, up to 5.6 m wide, in the northern pit (Pit I) into (1) a central group of footprints made by about six individuals, the total number being difficult to determine because people walked in each other’s footsteps one behind the other and (2) two marginal groups on either side of the central group with more widely spaced tracks. The western band comprises tracks of three adjacent individuals and an isolated single footprint farther out. The eastern marginal area comprises an inner band of deep footprints made by three individuals and, farther out, three clearly separated individuals. We estimate the total number of people as 15-16. In the southern narrow and smaller pit (Pit II), we recognize tracks of ca. 12 individuals, no doubt made by the same group. The group represented in both pits probably comprised male and female adults, teenagers and children based on differences in length of footprints and of strides and depth of footprints made in the soft wet ash. The smallest footprints (probably made by children) occur in the central group, where protection was most effective. The footprint layer is composed of a lower 5-15-cm thick, coarse-grained vesicle tuff capped by a medium to fine-grained tuff up to 3 cm thick. The surface on which the people walked was muddy, and the soft ash was squeezed up on the sides of the foot imprints and between toes. Especially, deep footprints are mainly due to local thickening of the water-rich ash, multiple track use, and differences in weight of individuals. The excellent preservation of the footprints, ubiquitous mudcracks, sharp and well-preserved squeeze-ups along the margins of the tracks and toe imprints, and the absence of raindrop impressions all suggest that the eruption occurred during the dry season. The people walked at a brisk pace, as judged from the tight orientation of the swath and the length of the strides. The directions of a major erosional channel in the overlying deposits that probably debouched into Lake Managua and the band of footprints are strictly parallel, indicating that people walked together in stride along the eastern margin of a channel straight toward the lake shore, possibly a site with huts and/or boats for protection and/or escape.

Schmincke, Hans-Ulrich; Rausch, Juanita; Kutterolf, Steffen; Freundt, Armin



Recent KBO (Pluto/Charon and beyond, including Quaoar) Occultation Observations by the Williams College Team as part of the Williams-MIT Collaboration  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Williams College-MIT collaboration has observed numerous occultations of stars by Pluto/Charon and other Kuiper-belt objects (, since its establishment three decades ago with an attempted discovery of Neptune's rings in 1983. In this paper, we describe several recent occultation observations, both successful and (for reasons of path uncertainties and/or weather) unsuccessful. Light curves made or arranged by Williams College faculty and students were used together with light curves by MIT colleagues and others to study Pluto's atmosphere and Charon's size, to discover one of the highest-known solar-system albedos (KBO 55636), and to attempt to study 1000-km-diameter Quaoar. Observations discussed include light curves for KBO 55636 on 9 October 2009 from Hawaii; Pluto on 3/4 July 2010 from Chile, 22 May 2011 from Williamstown, Massachusetts, 23 June 2011 from Hawaii (in support of SOFIA observations of Pluto's atmosphere, discussed in an article in press in AJ and of the pair of Pluto/Charon occultations of the same star), and 4 May 2013 (Bosh et al., this conference) and 15 July 2013 from Williamstown; Charon on 15 June 2013 from Williamstown; Quaoar from a picket fence ranging from Chile through Venezuela (with a detection there) to Massachusetts on July 8/9 and in South Africa on 12 July 2013. This work was supported in part by NASA Planetary Astronomy grants NNX08AO50G and NNH11ZDA001N to Williams College, NNX10AB27G to MIT, and USRA grant #8500-98-003 to Lowell Observatory. We thank Steven P. Souza at Williams; Steven Levine at Lowell Obs.; Jennifer G. Winters (GSU) in Chile; Richard Rojas/Jorge Moreno in Venezuela; Scott Sheppard; Federica Bianco; David Osip; and others. ZR (Vassar '14) was a Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium Summer Fellow at Williams College, supported by an NSF/REU grant to the Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium. ES: partial support from Programa Nacional de Becas de Postgrado (CONICYT Grant 21110496). FF: support from FONDECYT through grant 3110042 and by the Millennium Center for Supernova Science, grant P10-064-F. funded by Programa Bicentenario de Ciencia y Tecnología de CONICYT and Programa Iniciativa Científíca Milenio de MIDEPLAN.

Pasachoff, Jay M.; Babcock, B. A.; Davis, A. B.; Pandey, S.; Lu, M.; Rogosinski, Z.; Person, M. J.; Bosh, A. S.; Zangari, A. M.; Zuluaga, C. A.; Gulbis, A. S.; Naranjo, O.; Navas, G.; Zerpa, L.; Villarreal, J.; Rojo, P.; Förster, F.; Servajean, E.



[Gender differences in the elderly].  


Qualitative study that aimed at investigating present and decisive gender subjects of health and elder people's life quality. The subjects were 20 (twenty) seniors of the Programa Terceira Idade em Ação-PTIA. The semi-structured interview was used as data collection technique. From the speeches, information that answered the investigation inquietudes emerged and they made possible the formulation of three analysis categories. In the first, it stood out the low self-esteem lived by the men when they age, otherwise in the second one it was evidenced the autonomy and the freedom conquered by the senior women, and in the third category the learning happened among the old ladies who participated of PTIA. Concluding that there is influence of the gender subjects in health and life quality in aging. PMID:18041526

Figueiredo, Maria do Livramento Fortes; Tyrrel, Maria Antonieta Rubio; de Carvalho, Cecília Maria R Gonçalves; Luz, Maria Helena Barros Araújo; Amorim, Fernanda Claúdia Miranda; Loiola, Nay Leite de Araújo


Hepatitis C virus infection among pregnant women in Central-Western Brazil, 2005-2007.  


The study was aimed at estimating the prevalence of infection with and the genotype of hepatitis C virus (HCV), and to determine the extent of underreporting of HCV cases. A total of 115,386 pregnant women seen by the Program for Protection of Pregnancy [Programa Estadual de Proteção à Gestante] of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Central-Western Brazil, were tested for anti-HCV antibodies between 2005 and 2007. Prevalence of HCV infection was 1.07 cases per thousand. Positive samples were tested for HCV RNA and genotyped. Genotype 1 was detected in 73% of samples, genotype 3 in 24.3%, and genotype 2 in 2.7%. Underreporting of hepatitis C cases was 35.5%. PMID:21829975

Pinto, Clarice Souza; Martins, Regina Maria Bringel; Andrade, Sonia Maria Oliveira de; Stief, Alcione Cavalheiro Faro; Oliveira, Roberto Dias de; Castro, Ana Rita Coimbra Motta de



Software Junctus: Joining Sign Language and Alphabetical Writing  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The authors’ aim is to describe the workshops developed to test the use of an authorship program that allows the simultaneous use of sign language and alphabetical writing. The workshops were prepared and conducted by a Computer Science undergraduate, with the support of the Program of Students’ Integration and Mediation (Programa de Integração e Mediação do Acadêmico - PIMA) at the University of Caxias do Sul. Two sign language interpreters, two deaf students and one hearing student, who also teach at a special school for the deaf, participated in the workshops. The main characteristics of the software and the development of the workshops are presented with examples of educational projects created during their development. Possible improvements are also outlined.

Valentini, Carla Beatris; Bisol, Cláudia A.; Dalla Santa, Cristiane


Deforestation and malaria in Mâncio Lima County, Brazil.  


Malaria is the most prevalent vector-borne disease in the Amazon. We used malaria reports for health districts collected in 2006 by the Programa Nacional de Controle da Malaria to determine whether deforestation is associated with malaria incidence in the county (municipio) of Mancio Lima, Acre State, Brazil. Cumulative percent deforestation was calculated for the spatial catchment area of each health district by using 60 x 60-meter, resolution-classified imagery. Statistical associations were identified with univariate and multivariate general additive negative binomial models adjusted for spatial effects. Our cross-sectional study shows malaria incidence across health districts in 2006 is positively associated with greater changes in percentage of cumulative deforestation within respective health districts. After adjusting for access to care, health district size, and spatial trends, we show that a 4.2%, or 1 SD, change in deforestation from August 1997 through August 2001 is associated with a 48% increase of malaria incidence. PMID:20587182

Olson, Sarah H; Gangnon, Ronald; Silveira, Guilherme Abbad; Patz, Jonathan A



The Effective Research-Based Characteristics of Professional Development of the National Science Foundation's GK-12 Program  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This study investigates the effective research-based characteristics of professional development (ERBCPD) of the National Science Foundation's GK-12 Program—a program which partners institutions of higher education with local school districts and places science, technology, engineering, and mathematics graduates in the K-12 classroom with teachers. Final evaluations of 26 GK-12 sites were analyzed with a priori and emergent content analyses, which included rigorous inter- and intra-reliability testing. The results of the a priori analysis demonstrated that the GK-12 program incorporates all ERBCPD, but to drastically varying degrees (76-5%). The a priori characteristics that appeared most often were "Treats Fellows as professionals," and "Professional development is on-going." The two emergent characteristics included "Improves communication skills" and "Has real world application."

Cormas, Peter C.; Barufaldi, James P.



Treatment of young patients with Philadelphia chromosome-positive acute lymphoblastic leukaemia using increased dose of imatinib and deintensified chemotherapy before allogeneic stem cell transplantation.  


The main outcomes of the Programa Español para Tratamiento de Hemopatías (PETHEMA)-acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL)-Ph-08 trial were described and compared with those of the historical PETHEMA-CSTIBES02 trial. The trials differed in imatinib dose (600 vs. 400 mg/d) and amount of chemotherapy (one vs. two consolidation cycles) before stem cell transplantation (SCT). All patients (n = 29) enrolled in the ALL-Ph-08 trial achieved complete remission (CR) (vs. 90% in CSTIBES02), and SCT was performed in CR in 90% (vs. 78%). The reduction in early death, relapse before SCT and transplant-related mortality observed in the ALL-Ph-08 trial resulted in an improved 2-year event-free survival (63% vs. 37%, P = 0·009). PMID:22823211

Ribera, Josep-María; García, Olga; Montesinos, Pau; Brunet, Salut; Abella, Eugenia; Barrios, Manuel; González-Campos, José; Bravo, Pilar; Amigo, Maria-Luz; Hernández-Rivas, Jesús-María



Sistema Planeta-Satélite. Simulación orbital y potenciales gravitatorios  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Se presenta un programa (desarrollado en Quick Basic 4.5) que simula, en tres dimensiones, el movimiento orbital de un satélite (o luna) alrededor de un planeta, al tiempo que calcula y grafica, en un plano, el potencial gravitatorio del sistema en función de la distancia al planeta. Para la simulación orbital, se emplea la matriz de transformación entre el sistema del planeta y el plano orbital. Para el cálculo y graficación del potencial se aplica un desarrollo en serie hasta el segundo orden, que da cuenta del efecto de achatamiento de los polos, en caso de que éste exista. Las longitudes de los ejes del planeta, la masa de éste y del satélite, sus tamaños aparentes, y los parámetros orbitales son introducidos por el usuario.

Medina, C.; Carrillo, M.


Using OpenEHR in SICTI an electronic health record system for critical medicine  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

SICTI is a software tool for registering health records in critical medicine environments. Version 1.0 has been in use since 2003. The Biomedical Engineering Group (Núcleo de Ingeniería Biomédica), with support from the Technological Development Programme (Programa de Desarrollo Tecnológico), decided to develop a new version, to provide an aid for more critical medicine processes, based on a framework which would make the application domain change oriented. The team analyzed three alternatives: to develop an original product based on new research, to base the development on OpenEHR framework, or to use HL7 RIM as the reference model for SICTI. The team opted for OpenEHR. This work describes the use of OpenEHR, its strong and weak points, and states future work perspectives.

Filgueira, R.; Odriazola, A.; Simini, F.



Religiosidade, juventude e sexualidade: entre a autonomia e a rigidez1  

PubMed Central

Esse artigo descreve como jovens religiosos e autoridades religiosas de sua comunidade compreendem a sexualidade, considerando suas experiências pessoais e como membros de comunidades religiosas. A análise pretende contribuir para que políticas públicas dedicadas à promoção da saúde sexual da juventude considerem a religiosidade, no contexto de um estado laico e da promoção do direito à prevenção. Foram realizadas 26 entrevistas abertas e semidirigidas em diferentes comunidades da região metropolitana da cidade de São Paulo (comunidades católicas, da umbanda, do candomblé e de diferentes denominações evangélicas) sobre iniciação sexual, casamento, gravidez, contracepção e prevenção das DST/Aids, homossexualidade, aborto e direitos humanos. Observou-se como jovens e autoridades religiosas convivem com a tensão entre tradição e modernidade e os distintos discursos sobre a sexualidade. Como sujeitos religiosos (do discurso religioso) e sujeitos sexuais (de discursos sobre sexualidade), devem ser incorporados pelos programas como sujeitos de direito nos termos de sua religiosidade.

Silva, Cristiane Goncalves da; Santos, Alessandro Oliveira; Licciardi, Daniele Carli; Paiva, Vera; Parker, Richard



Abundancias químicas de las estrellas CP del grupo HgMn ? Leporis y 53 Tauri. II. Boro, Berilio, Carbono, Magnesio, Aluminio y Silicio  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Se determinan las abundancias químicas de los elementos más livianos presentes en dos estrellas CP del grupo HgMn, ? Lep y 53 Tau, utilizando espectros IUE de alta resolución y técnicas de cálculo de espectros sintéticos. Para el cálculo de las líneas se utiliza la lista mas completa de datos atómicos disponible y el programa SYNTHE. Para el cálculo de la abundancia de un elemento se comparan, para cada imagen, los perfiles observados del mayor número de líneas presentes con los perfiles calculados obtenidos por variación de las abundancias iniciales, reteniendo la abundancia para la cual el acuerdo entre las líneas observadas y calculadas es considerado visualmente el mejor. Los resultados obtenidos son comparados con los estimados por la teoría de la difusión.

López García, Z.; Malaroda, S. M.; Faraggiana, R.


Curva de rotación de la Galaxia Eso 321-25  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Se presenta la curva de rotación de esta galaxia, generada a partir de espectros obtenidos con el Espectrógrafo Multifunción del telescopio de 1.54 m de Bosque Alegre. El análisis de las curvas de velocidad radial obtenidas muestra que el núcleo no coincide con el centro de simetría de las mismas, lo que es consistente con el aspecto morfológico exhibido por la galaxia en imágenes de banda ancha. En estas últimas, el núcleo muestra una estructura peculiar y no coincidiría con el centro geométrico del disco aparente. Los flujos relativos de líneas (H? /[NII]? 6583 y [SII]? 6731/? 6716) indicarían niveles de excitación y densidad electrónica normales en regiones HII, aún en la zona nuclear. Este trabajo forma parte de un programa de estudio de cinemática, excitación y densidad electrónica del gas ionizado en galaxias peculiares del Atlas de Galaxias Australes de Sérsic.

Díaz, R.; Carranza, G.; Ahumada, J.; Arreguine, V.


Quality management systems for fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) sterile insect technique  

SciTech Connect

The papers presented in this issue are focused on developing and validating procedures to improve the overall quality of sterile fruit flies for use in area-wide integrated pest management (AW-IPM) programs with a sterile insect technique (SIT) component. The group was coordinated and partially funded by the Joint FAO/IAEA Programme of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture, International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria, under a five-year Coordinated Research Project (CRP) on 'Quality Assurance in Mass-Reared and Released Fruit Flies for Use in SIT Programmes'. Participants in the CRP from 16 countries came from both basic and applied fields of expertise to ensure that appropriate and relevant procedures were developed. A variety of studies was undertaken to develop protocols to assess strain compatibility and to improve colonization procedures and strain management. Specific studies addressed issues related to insect nutrition, irradiation protocols, field dispersal and survival, field cage behavior assessments, and enhancement of mating competitiveness. The main objective was to increase the efficiency of operational fruit fly programs using sterile insects and to reduce their cost. Many of the protocols developed or improved during the CRP will be incorporated into the international quality control manual for sterile tephritid fruit flies, standardizing key components of the production, sterilization, shipment, handling, and release of sterile insects. (author) [Spanish] Los articulos presentados en este numero se enfocan en el desarrollo y la validacion de procedimientos para mejorar la calidad total de moscas de las frutas esteriles para su uso en programas de manejo integrado de plagas en donde la tecnica del insecto esteril (TIE) es uno de los componentes clave. El grupo fue coordinado y parcialmente financiado por la Division Conjunta de Tecnicas Nucleares para la Alimentacion y la Agricultura de la FAO/OIEA, Viena, Austria, por un periodo de cinco anos bajo el proyecto de Investigacion Coordinada (PIC) sobre 'el Aseguramiento de la Calidad de Moscas de las Frutas Criadas y Liberadas para su Uso en Programas de TIE'. Los participantes en el PIC representan 16 paises con experiencia en campos de investigacion basica y aplicada. Para asegurar que los procedimientos desarrollados fueran apropiados y pertinentes, se realizaron una variedad de estudios para el desarrollo de protocolos para evaluar la compatibilidad y para mejorar los procedimientos de colonizacion y manejo de cepas salvajes. Estudios especificos trataron asuntos relacionados con la nutricion de insectos, los protocolos de irradiacion, la dispersion y supervivencia en el campo, evaluacion del comportamiento en jaulas de campo, y el mejoramiento de la competitividad sexual. Los objetivos fundamentales fueron el aumentar la eficiencia y reducir los costos de los programas operacionales de control de moscas de las frutas donde TIE es utilizada. Muchos de los protocolos desarrollados o mejorados durante el PIC seran incorporados en el Manual Internacional de Control de Calidad para Moscas Estriles de la familia Tephritidae, para estandarizar componentes claves como la produccion, esterilizacion, envio, manejo y liberacion de insectos esteriles. (author)

Caceres, C.; Robinson, A. [Joint FAO/IAEA Programme of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture, International Atomic Energy Agency, Agency's Laboratories, A-2444 Seibersdorf (Austria); McInnis, D. [USDA-ARS USPBARC, 2727 Woodlawn Drive, Honolulu, HI 96720 (United States); Shelly, T. [USDA/APHIS/CPHST, 41-650 Ahiki St. Waimanalo, HI 96795 (United States); Jang, E. [USDA-ARS USPBARC, P.O. Box 4459, Hilo, HI 96720 (United States); Hendrichs, J. [Joint FAO/IAEA Programme of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture, International Atomic Energy Agency, Wagramerstrasse 5. P.O. Box 100, A-1400 Vienna (Austria)



Hydrogeologic studies for nuclear-waste disposal in Sweden  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Safety Report 1997 (SR 97) of the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company is a comprehensive performance assessment of three hypothetical radioactive waste repositories in Sweden. It includes hydrogeologic studies (data compilation, parameter synthesis, and groundwater flow modeling) to determine groundwater flow and the associated uncertainties for the three sites. This report reviews and compares the hydrogeologic characterization programs, the site characteristics, and the groundwater flow models used in the SR 97 performance assessment. Although differences in site-characterization programs tend to mask differences in site characteristics, the sites do have notable differences that affect the results of the performance assessment. The effects of model uncertainties evaluated by the variant cases appear to be smaller than the variability of results for the base case (best estimate of site conditions) of each site. Résumé. Le rapport sur la sûreté de 1997 (SR 97) de la Compagnie Suédoise de Gestion des Déchets Radioactifs est une évaluation d'ensemble du fonctionnement de trois sites hypothétiques de stockage de déchets radioactifs en Suède. Il comprend des études hydrogéologiques (compilation de données, synthèse des paramètres et modélisation des écoulements souterrains) pour déterminer l'écoulement souterrain et les incertitudes associées pour les trois sites hypothétiques. Ce rapport passe en revue et compare les programmes de caractérisation hydrogéologique, les caractéristiques des sites et les modèles d'écoulement de nappe utilisés dans l'évaluation du fonctionnement par SR 97. Bien que des différences dans les programmes de caractérisation des sites tendent à masquer des différences de caractéristiques des sites, les sites ne présentent pas de différences notables qui affectent les résultats de l'évaluation du fonctionnement. Les effets des incertitudes des modèles évalués par des cas variants apparaissent être moins importants que la variabilité des résultats pour le cas de base (la meilleure estimation des conditions de site) pour chaque site. Resumen. El Informe de Seguridad 1997 (SR 97) de la Compañía Sueca de Gestión de Residuos Radioactivos contiene una evaluación exhaustiva del comportamiento de tres repositorios de residuos radioactivos hipotéticos en Suecia. Incluye los estudios hidrogeológicos (toma de datos, síntesis de parámetros y modelos de flujo) realizados para determinar el flujo de las aguas subterráneas y la incertidumbre asociada a los tres repositorios hipotéticos. Este informe revisa y compara los programas de caracterización hidrogeológica, las características de cada sitio y los modelos de flujo utilizados en la evaluación SR 97. Aunque las diferencias en los programas de caracterización tienden a enmascarar las diferencias en las características de cada emplazamiento, éstos no presentan diferencias notables que puedan afectar a los resultados de los programas de evaluación de su comportamiento. La incertidumbre asociada a los modelos, evaluada mediante variaciones respecto al Caso Base (estimación óptima de las condiciones de un sitio), parece ser menor que la variabilidad de los resultados de éste en cada emplazamiento.

Walker, Douglas; Gylling, Björn; Ström, Anders; Selroos, Jan-Olof



Quality control method to measure predator evasion in wild and mass-reared Mediterranean fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae)  

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Sterile male insects, mass-reared and released as part of sterile insect technique (SIT) programs, must survive long enough in the field to mature sexually and compete effectively with wild males for wild females. An often reported problem in Mediterranean fruit fly (medfly) Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) SIT programs is that numbers of released sterile males decrease rapidly in the field for various reasons, including losses to different types of predators. This is a serious issue in view that most operational programs release sterile flies at an age when they are still immature. Previous field and field-cage tests have confirmed that flies of laboratory strains are less able to evade predators than wild flies. Such tests involve, however, considerable manipulation and observation of predators and are therefore not suitable for routine measurements of predator evasion. Here we describe a simple quality control method with aspirators to measure agility in medflies and show that this parameter is related to the capacity of flies to evade predators. Although further standardization of the test is necessary to allow more accurate inter-strain comparisons, results confirm the relevance of measuring predator evasion in mass-reared medfly strains. Besides being a measure of this sterile male quality parameter, the described method could be used for the systematic selection of strains with a higher capacity for predator evasion. (author) [Spanish] Insectos machos esteriles criados en forma masiva para ser liberados en programas que utilizan la tecnica del insecto esteril (TIE), tienen que tener la capacidad de sobrevivir en el campo el tiempo necesario para poder madurar sexualmente y competir efectivamente con los machos silvestres por hembras silvestres. Un problema frecuentemente reportado por dichos programas de la mosca del Mediterraneo, Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann), es que el numero de machos esteriles de laboratorio liberados en el campo, decrecen rapidamente por varias razones, incluyendo perdidas debidas a diferentes tipos de depredadores. Estudios anteriores conducidos en el campo, y en jaulas de campo, han confirmado que las cepas de machos de laboratorio tienen menos capacidad de evadir depredadores que los machos silvestres. Estos estudios involucran, sin embargo, una considerable cantidad de manipulacion y observacion de depredadores, por lo que no son adecuados para ser usados como medidas rutinarias en los programas de cria masiva. Aqui describimos un metodo sencillo de control de calidad usando aspiradores para medir agilidad en la mosca del Mediterraneo y mostramos que este parametro esta relacionado a la capacidad de la moscas a evadir a depredadores. Aunque aun es necesario refinar la estandarizacion de este metodo para permitir la comparacion entre cepas, los resultados confirman la importancia de tener un metodo rutinario para medir la capacidad de evasion de depredadores en cepas de cria de laboratorio de la mosca del Mediterraneo. Ademas de medir este parametro de control de calidad de los machos esteriles, el metodo descrito podria tambien ser usado para la seleccion sistematica de cepas con una mayor capacidad de evasion de depredadores. (author)

Hendrichs, M. [Department for Conservation Biology, Vegetation and Landscape Ecology, University of Vienna, Althanstrasse 14, A-1090 Vienna (Austria); Wornoayporn, V.; Hendrichs, J. [Joint FAO/IAEA Programme of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture, International Atomic Energy Agency, Wagramerstrasse 5, P.O. Box 100, A-1400 Vienna (Austria); Katsoyannos, B. [Laboratory of Applied Zoology and Parasitology, Department of Agriculture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 541 24 Thessaloniki (Greece)



Ground-Water Resource Assessment in the Rio Grande de Manati Alluvial Plain, Rio Arriba Saliente Area, Puerto Rico  

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The alluvial aquifer within a 160-acre area of the Rio Grande de Manati alluvial plain was investigated to evaluate its potential as a water-supply source for the Barrios Rio Arriba Saliente and Pugnado Afuera, municipio of Manati, Puerto Rico. Analysis of well boring samples and the results of electric resistivity surveys indicate that the average thickness of the unconsolidated alluvial deposits in the study area is about 100 to 110 feet. The alluvium is a mixture of sand and gravel, which generally has a porosity of 0.2 to 0.35. Short-duration pump tests in small-diameter piezometers indicate that the alluvial aquifer has a hydraulic conductivity of about 200 feet per day and a transmissivity of about 7,900 feet squared per day. Analyses of water levels in piezometers, combined with stage measurements at a series of surveyed reference points along the Rio Grande de Manati channel, indicate that the water-table gradient in the alluvial aquifer is about 0.001, and that ground-water flow is generally from south to north, in the general direction of river flow. The water-table data indicate that the Rio Grande de Manati is the principal source of ground-water recharge to the alluvial aquifer in the study area. Because base flow for the Rio Grande de Manati is usually greater than 44 cubic feet per second, a continuous withdrawal rate of 0.5 to 1.0 cubic foot per second (225 to 450 gallons per minute) from a production well is possible. Chemical analysis of a ground-water sample indicates that the alluvial aquifer water meets U.S. Environmental Protection Agency secondary standards for selected constituents. Bacteriological analysis of ground-water samples indicates that the ground water contains little or no fecal coliform or fecal streptococcus bacteria. Although long-term data from upstream of the study area indicate high levels of fecal coliform and fecal streptococcus prior to 1996, bacteriological analyses of Rio Grande de Manati water samples obtained during the present study indicate that fecal coliform and fecal streptococcus concentrations are within the standards for surface water intended for use (or with the potential for use) as a raw source of public water supply in Puerto Rico. If a production well were constructed in the study area, it would be located close to the river channel (within 500 to 800 feet). Pumping from the porous and permeable alluvial aquifer close to the river channel could substantially enhance recharge from the Rio Grande de Manati channel to the aquifer. Enhanced recharge could shorten travel times for ground water in the aquifer, which might not allow sufficient time to attenuate bacteria and viruses. Travel times for bacteria moving from the river channel to a hypothetical production well were estimated using the numerical transport model MODFLOW/MT3DMS with an uncalibrated model of the alluvial aquifer. The model assumes a well pumping at 1 cubic foot per second. The transport of particles from the river to the well is most sensitive to the porosity of the aquifer and the pumping rate of the well. Sensitivity analysis indicates that a decrease in pumpage will increase the time of travel for particles to move from the river to the pumping well. The model indicates that the leading edge of a plume would reach the production well in about 40 days assuming a porosity of 0.20, 60 days assuming a porosity of 0.275, and about 70 days assuming a porosity of 0.35. If the well were moved 50 feet further from the river, the leading edge of the plume would reach the well in about 50 days assuming a porosity of 0.20 and about 70 days assuming a porosity of 0.275. These estimates are considered worse case estimates because no decay rate was included in the simulation, and because the hypothetical well was located in the center of the alluvial plain rather than further eastward, away from the river channel.

Torres-Gonzalez, Sigfredo; Gomez-Gomez, Fernando; Warne, Andrew G.



Development of a sharp interface model that simulates coastal aquifer flow with the coupled use of GIS  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A simulation program, which works seamlessly with GIS and simulates flows in coastal aquifers, is presented in the present paper. The model is based on the Galerkin finite element discretization scheme and it simulates both steady and transient freshwater and saltwater flow, assuming that the two fluids are separated by a sharp interface. The model has been verified in simple cases where analytical solutions exist. The simulation program works as a tool of the GIS program, which is the main database that stores and manages all the necessary data. The combined use of the simulation and the GIS program forms an integrated management tool offering a simpler way of simulating and studying saline intrusion in coastal aquifers. Application of the model to the Yermasogia aquifer illustrates the coupled use of modeling and GIS techniques for the examination of regional coastal aquifer systems. Pour étudier un système aquifère côtier, nous avons développé un modèle aux éléments finis en quasi 3-D qui simule les écoulements d'eau douce et d'eau salée en régime aussi bien permanent que transitoire. Les équations qui les régissent sont discrétisées par un schéma de discrétisation de Garlekin aux éléments finis. Le modèle a été vérifié dans des cas simples où il existe des solutions analytiques. Toutes les données nécessaires sont introduites et gérées grâce à un logiciel de gestion de SIG. Le programme de simulation est utilisé comme un outil du logiciel de SIG, constituant ainsi un outil de gestion intégrée dont le but est de simuler et d'étudier l'intrusion saline dans les aquifères côtiers. L'application du modèle à l'aquifère de Yermasogia illustre l'utilisation couplée de la modélisation et des techniques de SIG pour l'étude des systèmes aquifères côtiers régionaux. Se ha desarrollado un modelo casi tridimensional de elementos finitos para simular el flujo de agua dulce y salada, tanto en régimen estacionario como en transitorio, en sistemas acuíferos costeros, bajo la hipótesis de separación por medio de una interfaz abrupta. Las ecuaciones del modelo han sido discretizadas mediante un esquema de Galerkin de discretización en elementos finitos. El modelo ha sido verificado en casos sencillos para los que existe solución analítica. Todos los datos necesarios se introducen y gestionan con un Sistema de Información Geográfica [SIG] por ordenador. El programa de simulación forma parte del programa de SIG, constituyendo una herramienta integrada de gestión para estudiar la intrusión salina en acuíferos costeros. La aplicación del modelo al acuífero de Yermasogia ilustra el uso acoplado de las técnicas de modelación y de SIG con el fin de examinar sistemas acuíferos costeros a escala regional.

Gemitzi, Alexandra; Tolikas, Demetrios


Old Planetary Nebulae which Interact with the ISM  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present a study of five Planetary Nebulae (PNe) that maybe interacting with the Inter-Stellar Medium (ISM). Three of these nebulae clearly have their central star displaced from the center of the object, indicating interaction. Images from the CTIO 0.9m telescope and low resolution long slit spectra in the range 358-698nm taken with the RC spectrograph on the CTIO 1.5m telescope during February 2004 were obtained. From the spectra we extracted 37 emission lines which were then used to compute the reddening, electron temperatures and densities, some chemical abundances (O, N, Ne, S & Ar) for each of our PNe. We also made an attempt at calculating their distances using the method of comparing forbidden line fluxes with those of recombination lines taking into account some estimate of the filling factor by analysing the structure in the images, but we are forced to conclude that these distances are very uncertain. The possible --and even likely in the case of ISM interaction-- presence of shocks would affect the abundance determinations, making their uncertainty larger. Key words: Old Planetary Nebulae - Chemical abundances - Interaction with the ISM Acknowledments. I would like to thank CTIO for the opportunity to develop this work as part of the Programa de Investigación en Astronomía (PIA) for Chilean students. This research was supported in part by the National Science Foundation (NSF) through the CTIO REU/PIA program.

Fuentes Lettura, J.; Schwarz, H.; Monteiro, H.; Whiting, A.



Method to observe hemodynamic and metabolic changes during hemodiafiltration therapy with exercise.  


Intradyalitic exercise programas are important to improve patient's hemodynamic stability. Blood pressure and metabolic changes are correlated when heat accumulation is due to increment of the body core temperature (+1.0 °C). However, increase in temperature could be controlled by lowering dialysate's temperature using two main modalities techniques (isothermic and thermoneural) with different patient's thermal balance consequences, not yet well studied. In this work, a new method to observe the main physiological parameters (hearth rate variability (HRV), blood pressure, BTM dialysate temperature control and substrate utilization by indirect calorimtery) which are involved in hemodiafitration (HDF), are displayd. An experiment was carried out in a group of 5 patients waiting kidney transplant. In each patient, EE was assessed as well as the HRV during isothermic and thermoneutral modalities as a manner of cross and prospective study (a) at before therapy, (b) during therapy and (c) at the end of the HDF therapy. Power extraction was also measured by a BTM (Blood Temperature Monitor from Fresenius Inc), in order to determine how the dialysate temperature was controlled. The results showed important method's advantages which place the BTM performance as unstable control system with the possibility to produce undesirable HRV changes as the vagotonical response. However more patient cases are needed in order to identify the real advantage of this new method. PMID:21095679

Cadena, Miguel; Pérez-Grovas, Héctor; Flores, Pedro; Azpiroz, Joaquín; Borja, Gisella; Medel, Humberto; Rodriguez, Fausto; Flores, Francisco



Risk-adapted treatment for low- and intermediate-risk acute promyelocytic leukemia.  


The clinical integration of risk-tailored therapies for patients with acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) has become a standard treatment approach in recent years. In this article, we will review the risk-adapted strategies designed to treat patients with white blood cell counts ? 10 × 109/L, with platelet counts > 40 × 109/L (low risk), or platelet counts ? 40 × 109/L (intermediate risk), with particular reference to the risk-adapted strategy followed in the LPA99 and LPA2005 trials conducted by the Programa para el Tratamiento de Hemopatías Malignas group. In these studies, the combination of all-trans-retinoic acid (ATRA) and chemotherapy in consolidation therapy resulted in an improved antileukemic efficacy without significantly increasing toxicity in low-risk (LPA2005 trial vs. LPA99 trial) and intermediate-risk (LPA99 trial vs. LPA96 trial) categories. In addition, a decrease in dose intensity of mitoxantrone in low- and intermediate-risk patients (LPA2005 trial vs. LPA99) resulted in a significant reduction of hematologic toxicities and hospital stay without compromising antileukemic activity. We will also discuss whether the use of arsenic trioxide to reinforce consolidation therapy in standard ATRA/chemotherapy regimens can permit a reduction of chemotherapy intensity while maintaining cure rates or confirm the improvement on outcomes currently achieved with optimal ATRA/anthracycline-based protocols. PMID:21115431

Sanz, Miguel A; Montesinos, Pau



Determinação da massa de júpiter a partir das órbitas de seus satélites: um experimento didático  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Este trabalho apresenta o roteiro piloto de uma prática observacional em astronomia, junto com os primeiros resultados obtidos nesta fase de implementacão. O projeto, que será executado em duas etapas, visa introduzir noções de Astronomia a alunos do Ensino Médio e iniciantes nos cursos de Física. O experimento consiste em medir as órbitas dos satélites Galileanos e, a partir da análise dos dados coletados, verificar a validade da Lei das órbitas de Kepler, determinando a massa do planeta Júpiter. Em uma primeira etapa, as observações serão feitas utilizando um telescópio Meade LX200 10" e câmera CCD para obter uma seqüência de imagens do planeta, que possibilitará medir o movimento de seus satélites. A segunda etapa terá início a partir do funcionamento do telescópio em modo robótico, com a possibilidade de observações via internet por instituições de ensino. Para o desenvolvimento deste experimento foram inicialmente coletadas várias imagens de Júpiter obtidas com os instrumentos citados acima. Estas imagens serviram como base para confecção dos roteiros para a experiência no nível médio e superior. Os roteiros serão inicialmente apresentados em uma home-page. Nela também se buscará uma contextualização histórica da experiência bem como o estabelecimento de relações com professores e alunos, propostas metodológicas e a disponibilização dos programas computacionais necessários para a utilização "on-line" pelos usuários. O projeto conta com apoio da Fundação VITAE.

Schlickmann, M. S.; Saito, R. K.; Becker, D. A.; Rezende, M. F., Jr.; Cid Fernandes, R.



[Implementation of a structured healthy lifestyle program to reduce cardiometabolic risk].  


The objective this study was to describe the methodology and implementation of lifestyle change program in individuals at cardiometabolic risk seen at the public health system in Sao Paulo. The Programa de Prevenção de Diabetes Mellitus (PDM) aims at improving the overall metabolic profile of individuals with prediabetes or metabolic syndrome without diabetes; its goals were > 5% weight loss, dietary fiber intake > 20 g per day, saturated fatty acids intake < 10% per day, and > 150 minutes of physical activity per week. The first edition of the PDM lasted 18 months and involved an interdisciplinary team (endocrinologist, psychologist, nutritionist, and physical educator) to plan and conduct group sessions with the participants. The structure and systematic of the sessions were planned using a psychoeducative approach in order to facilitate the process of lifestyle changes. Based on the Experience with the PDM, some reflections and recommendations are made. This study may indicate ways for health professionals to tailor local care conditions and promote a healthy lifestyle, working with a new perspective. PMID:23440094

de Barros, Camila Risso; Cezaretto, Adriana; Salvador, Emanuel Péricles; dos Santos, Tainá Carvalho; Siqueira-Catania, Antonela; Ferreira, Sandra R G



Lessons from scaling up a depression treatment program in primary care in Chile.  


In Chile, the National Depression Detection and Treatment Program (Programa Nacional de Diagnóstico y Tratamiento de la Depresión, PNDTD) in primary care is a rare example of an evidence-based mental health program that was scaled up to the national level in a low- or middle-income country. This retrospective qualitative study aimed to better understand how policymakers made the decision to scale up mental health services to the national level, and to explore the elements, contexts, and processes that facilitated the decision to implement and sustain PNDTD. In-depth semistructured interviews with six key informants selected through intentional sampling were conducted in August-December 2008. Interviewees were senior officers at the Ministry of Health who were directly involved in the decision to scale up the program. Results yielded four elements pivotal to the decisionmaking process: scientific evidence, teamwork and leadership, strategic alliances, and program institutionalization. Each element contributed to building consensus, securing funding, attracting resources, and gaining lasting support from policymakers. Additionally, a review of available documentation led the authors to consider sociopolitical context and use of the media to be important factors. While research evidence for the effectiveness of mental health services in the primary care setting continues to accumulate, low- and middle-income countries should get started on the lengthy process of scaling up by incorporating the elements that led to decisionmaking and implementation of the PNDTD in Chile. PMID:23183564

Araya, Ricardo; Alvarado, Rubén; Sepúlveda, Rodrigo; Rojas, Graciela



Projeto observatórios virtuais: educação através de telescópios robóticos  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

O principal objetivo do projeto Observatórios Virtuais é o ensino na área de ciências através de atividades práticas desenvolvidas em colaboração entre instituições de pesquisa em astronomia e escolas de ensino médio e fundamental. Este ano deverá ser concluída a implantação do programa piloto de estudos, pesquisas e observação astronômica direta, com utilização em tempo real de telescópios robóticos, que assim funcionarão como "observatórios virtuais". O objetivo pedagógico das atividades práticas baseadas nas imagens atronômicas é desenvolver as habilidades e competências dos alunos no uso do método científico. Para isso, serão realizados projetos interdisciplinares, a partir de observações astronômicas, já que a astronomia é uma área interdisciplinar por excelência. Essas atividades terão níveis diferenciados de complexidade, que podem ser adequados aos vários graus do ensino e realidades regionais. Será dada ênfase ao desenvolvimento e aplicação em São Paulo, onde atua a equipe do IAG/USP. Como resultados apresentados no presente trabalho, temos a criação de um software em português para o processamento de imagens obtidas através de CCDs e a elaboração de material para as atividades educacionais relacionadas.

Santana, P. H. S.; Shida, R. Y.



Finite-time singularities in the dynamics of Mexican financial crises  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Historically, symptoms of Mexican financial crises have been strongly reflected in the dynamics of the Mexican peso to the dollar exchange currency market. Specifically, in the Mexican financial crises during 1990's, the peso suffered significant depreciation processes, which has important impacts in the macro- and micro-economical environment. In this paper, it is shown that the peso depreciation growth was greater than an exponential and that these growth rates are compatible with a spontaneous singularity occurring at a critical time, which signals an abrupt transition to new dynamical conditions. As in the major 1990's financial crisis in 1994-1995, some control actions (e.g., increasing the USA dollar supply) are commonly taken to decelerate the degree of abruptness of peso depreciation. Implications of these control actions on the crisis dynamics are discussed. Interestingly, by means of a simple model, it is demonstrated that the time at which the control actions begin to apply is critical to moderate the adverse effects of the financial crisis. The authors are also at Programa de Investigacion en Matematicas Aplicadas y Computacion, Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo.

Alvarez-Ramirez, Jose; Ibarra-Valdez, Carlos



[Experience of the Baby Friendly Hospital initiative].  


In the study is analyzed and described the initiative called "Initiative Baby Friendly Hospitals", a program which started in Brazil, 1992. This initiative intends to support, to protect and to promote the breastfeeding as proposed in a meeting in 1990 in Florence, Italy, which was promoted by WHO and UNICEF. The basic goal of this initiative is to mobilize health professionals and hospital or maternity workers for changing their routines and conducts aiming to prevent the early wean. The health establishments are evaluated based on the "ten steps for success of breastfeeding, a group of goals created in the same meeting. In Brazil, the evaluation is coordinated by the Federal Government through the PNIAM (Programa Nacional de Incentivo ao Aleitamento Materno). A baby friendly hospital, if approved, receives from the Minister of Health, a Federal Governmental Agency (SUS) a differential payment for childbirth assistance and prenatal accompaniment, 10% and 40%, more respectively. Until 1998 year there were 103 baby friendly hospitals in Brazil, with the majority of them located in the northeast area (68.1%). However, taking in accounting the number of 5650 hospitals linked to SUS in the country, less than 2.0% are baby friendly hospitals. On the basis of the experience and according with PNIAM data the implementation of the ten steps and the incentive to breastfeeding through baby friendly hospitals have resulted in a significant increase of breastfeeding incidence and duration in Brazil. PMID:9852652

Lamounier, J A



PubMed Central

Objetivo Realizar uma análise da inserção da ética e humanidades no currículo do Curso de Medicina da Escola Superior em Ciências da Saúde - ESCS, escola pública do Distrito Federal, Brasil, de forma a contribuir com o processo de gestão curricular. Metodologia O Estudo é de coorte e documental. Foram pesquisados 37 termos relacionados à ética e 36 referentes à humanização nos objetivos educacionais e conteúdo dos módulos temáticos, habilidades e atitudes e interação ensino-serviço-comunidade, de 1a a 4a série e no programa do internato no currículo (ano 2006) e no projeto pedagógico do Curso de Medicina (2001). Resultados Maior inserção da humanização, ética e bioética na 1a e 2a série, quando comparado à inserção na 3a e 4a série e no internato, (IC95%-?=0,034, pvalue=0,007). Unidade de habilidades e atitudes: freqüência das 3 temáticas no currículo da 1a a 4a séries (IC95%-?=0,026, pvalue=0,013). Quando comparada a inserção entre o internato e as quatro primeiras séries, observa-se que nestas a inserção da temática humanização é superior (IC95%-?=0,042, pvalue=0,029). Conclusão O currículo desenvolvido no ano de 2006 na ESCS apresentou correlação com o projeto pedagógico do curso e contemplou a temática de forma abrangente, em todas as séries e internato.

Novaes, Maria Rita Carvalho Garbi; Novaes, Luiz Carlos Garcez; Guilhem, Dirce; Lolas, Fernando; Silveira, Carla; Guiotti, Murilo



Evaluation on the effectiveness of actions for controlling infestation by rodents in Campo Limpo region, Sao Paulo Municipality, Brazil.  


Rodents are responsible for the transmission of more than 60 diseases both to human beings and to domestic animals. The increase in rodent infestation in a given area brings several health problems to the nearby population. Thus, when infestation increases, it is time to take intervention measures. Although many countries have implemented programs aimed at controlling rodent infestation, literature on studies evaluating the effectiveness of intervention measures in urban areas is scarce. Aimed at contributing to the understanding of rodents' population dynamics in urban areas, the objective of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the control methods proposed by "Programa de Vigilancia e Controle de Roedores do Municipio de Sao Paulo" (Program for Rodents Surveillance and Control in Sao Paulo Municipality), conducted on Jardim Comercial District. As a first step, a survey to assess infestation rates was conducted in 1529 dwellings located in the area studied. After that, a chemical control upon rodents was accomplished in every dwelling infested. One week and six months after completion of control measures, a new evaluation on infestation rates was carried out, in order to verify the effectiveness of the procedures taken and to estimate the re-infestation capacity. Initial infestation rate was 40.0%, and the final infestation rate, 14.4%. Therefore, the effectiveness of the control methods utilized was 63.8%. It can thus be concluded that the control methods applied were quite effective. PMID:20183196

de Masi, Eduardo; Vilaça, Pedro José; Razzolini, Maria Tereza Pepe



Mexican-US cooperation on renewable energy programs  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

I traveled to Mexico on April 1 with Pete Smith and Chris Rovero of Oak Ridge Associated Universities on a mission sponsored by the Agency for International Development (AID) to initiate a technical support project with Mexican government and private institutions. We met with officials of AID; the Programa Nacional de Solidaridad; the Laboratorio de Energia Solar; Instituto Investigaciones de Electricidad; Comision Federal de Electricidad; Compania de Luz y Fuerza del Centro; and several private firms to discuss the terms of support. An AIDE Memoire was drafted outlining the scope of future assistance. I traveled to San Jose, Cost Rica on April 7, 1991. There I met with Carlos Rodriguez, manager of Cooperativa Electrica de San Carlos, and Federico Baltodano, the director of BEL Ingenieria to discuss the San Lorenzo hydroelectric project. Details of an engineering and financial analysis outlining the costs and benefits of adding daily pondage to the project were discussed, as was the project development schedule and other issues. I returned to Oak Ridge on April 9, 1991.

Waddle, D. B.



Marine hydrogeology: recent accomplishments and future opportunities  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Marine hydrogeology is a broad-ranging scientific discipline involving the exploration of fluid-rock interactions below the seafloor. Studies have been conducted at seafloor spreading centers, mid-plate locations, and in plate- and continental-margin environments. Although many seafloor locations are remote, there are aspects of marine systems that make them uniquely suited for hydrologic analysis. Newly developed tools and techniques, and the establishment of several multidisciplinary programs for oceanographic exploration, have helped to push marine hydrogeology forward over the last several decades. Most marine hydrogeologic work has focused on measurement or estimation of hydrogeologic properties within the shallow subsurface, but additional work has emphasized measurements of local and global fluxes, fluid source and sink terms, and quantitative links between hydrogeologic, chemical, tectonic, biological, and geophysical processes. In addition to summarizing selected results from a small number of case studies, this paper includes a description of several new experiments and programs that will provide outstanding opportunities to address fundamental hydrogeologic questions within the seafloor during the next 20-30 years. L'hydrogéologie marine est une large discipline scientifique impliquant l' exploration des interactions entre les fluides et les roches sous les fonds marins. Des études ont été menées dans les différents environnements sous-marins (zone abyssale, plaque océanique, marges continentales). Bien que de nombreux fonds marins soient connus, il existe des aspects des systèmes marins qui les rendent inadaptés à l'analyse hydrologique. De nouveaux outils et techniques, et la mise en oeuvre de nombreux programmes multidisciplinaires d'exploration océanographique, ont aidé à pousser en avant l'hydrogéologie marine ces dix dernières années. La plus part des études hydrogéologiques se sont concentrées jusqu'à présent sur la mesure ou l'estimation des propriétés à la sub-surface des fonds marins, et des travaux complémentaires ont mis en valeur les mesures de flux, local ou global, de termes « sources » et « pertes », et des liens quantitatifs entre l'hydrogéologie, la chimie, la tectonique, la biologie, et les processus géophysiques. Cet article vise à résumer des résultats sélectionnés parmi un petit nombre d'études, et à décrire plusieurs nouvelles expériences et programmes, qui sont autant d'opportunités pour répondre aux questions fondamentales relatives aux fonds marins, posées ces dernières 20-30 années. La hidrogeología marina es una disciplina científica de amplios alcances que involucra la exploración de interacciones fluido-roca por debajo del fondo del mar. Se han llevado a cabo estudios en centros de expansión del fondo del mar, lugares en medio de una placa, y en ambientes de placa y margen continental. Aunque muchos sitios en el fondo del mar son remotos, existen aspectos de estos sistemas marinos que los hacen particularmente adaptables para análisis hidrológico. Nuevas técnicas y herramientas desarrolladas, y el establecimiento de varios programas multidisciplinarios para exploración oceanográfica, han ayudado a impulsar la hidrogeología marina hacia delante durante las ultimas décadas. La mayor parte del trabajo hidrogeológico marino se ha enfocado en la medición o estimación de propiedades hidrogeológicas dentro del subsuelo superficial, pero trabajo adicionalha enfatizado mediciones de flujos globales y locales, términos de fuente y sumidero de fluidos, y vínculos cuantitativos entre procesos hidrogeológicos, químicos, tectónicos, biológicos y geofísicos. Además de resumir resultados seleccionados de un número pequeño de estudios de caso, este artículo incluye una descripción de varios programas y experimentos nuevos que aportarán oportunidades excepcionales para dirigir preguntas hidrogeológicas fundamentales dentro del fondo oceánico durante los siguientes 20-30 años.

Fisher, A. T.



Nutritional status and epidemiological profile of elderly people.  


We intended to identify and evaluate the association between the socio-demographic and epidemiological characteristics of elderly people with their nutritional characteristics. This is a transversal study PMTI (from the Portuguese name of "Programa Municipal da Terceira Idade"), conducted at Viçosa, MG, Brazil. We analyzed 93 records of elderly people registered since 2006 and who underwent nutritional care. After having analyzed the questionnaire, we performed the descriptive and association analyses in the Epi Info (version 6.04) and Minitab softwares. Of the 93 analyzed records, most elderly people were women (80.4%), with an average of 72 years of age, of which 13.0% were long-lived people. The mean body mass index (BMI) was 27.4 kg/m(2), and 50.5% were overweight. We have found 26.8% elderly patients with hypertension, and 31.6% took antihypertensives. Elderly patients who were overweight are 4.54 times more likely to have arterial hypertension (odds ratio (OR)=4.54; 95% confidence interval (CI)=1.2-2.45). Only 7.5% smoked, 30.1% were alcoholics and 60.2% made physical activities. Inadequacies were found regarding the servings of fruits, dairy products, vegetables and sugars consumed. However, the servings of cereals, leguminous, meat and fat consumed were appropriate. This study showed that the nutritional diagnosis and the epidemiological and socio-demographic studies are critical tools to understand this population group, in addition to being important to the planning of health actions. PMID:21737152

Gonçalves, Déborah Franco; Tinoco, Adelson Luiz Araújo; Ribeiro, Rita de Cássia Lanes; Martinho, Karina Oliveira; de Mendonça, Erica Toledo; Benfica, Dalilla Tâmara



Operational forecasting of daily temperatures in the Valencia Region. Part I: maximum temperatures in summer.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Extreme temperature events have a great impact on human society. Knowledge of summer maximum temperatures is very useful for both the general public and organisations whose workers have to operate in the open, e.g. railways, roadways, tourism, etc. Moreover, summer maximum daily temperatures are considered a parameter of interest and concern since persistent heat-waves can affect areas as diverse as public health, energy consumption, etc. Thus, an accurate forecasting of these temperatures could help to predict heat-wave conditions and permit the implementation of strategies aimed at minimizing the negative effects that high temperatures have on human health. The aim of this work is to evaluate the skill of the RAMS model in determining daily maximum temperatures during summer over the Valencia Region. For this, we have used the real-time configuration of this model currently running at the CEAM Foundation. To carry out the model verification process, we have analysed not only the global behaviour of the model for the whole Valencia Region, but also its behaviour for the individual stations distributed within this area. The study has been performed for the summer forecast period of 1 June - 30 September, 2007. The results obtained are encouraging and indicate a good agreement between the observed and simulated maximum temperatures. Moreover, the model captures quite well the temperatures in the extreme heat episodes. Acknowledgement. This work was supported by "GRACCIE" (CSD2007-00067, Programa Consolider-Ingenio 2010), by the Spanish Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia, contract number CGL2005-03386/CLI, and by the Regional Government of Valencia Conselleria de Sanitat, contract "Simulación de las olas de calor e invasiones de frío y su regionalización en la Comunidad Valenciana" ("Heat wave and cold invasion simulation and their regionalization at Valencia Region"). The CEAM Foundation is supported by the Generalitat Valenciana and BANCAIXA (Valencia, Spain).

Gómez, I.; Estrela, M.



Operational forecasting of daily temperatures in the Valencia Region. Part II: minimum temperatures in winter.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Extreme temperature events have a great impact on human society. Knowledge of minimum temperatures during winter is very useful for both the general public and organisations whose workers have to operate in the open, e.g. railways, roadways, tourism, etc. Moreover, winter minimum temperatures are considered a parameter of interest and concern since persistent cold-waves can affect areas as diverse as public health, energy consumption, etc. Thus, an accurate forecasting of these temperatures could help to predict cold-wave conditions and permit the implementation of strategies aimed at minimizing the negative effects that low temperatures have on human health. The aim of this work is to evaluate the skill of the RAMS model in determining daily minimum temperatures during winter over the Valencia Region. For this, we have used the real-time configuration of this model currently running at the CEAM Foundation. To carry out the model verification process, we have analysed not only the global behaviour of the model for the whole Valencia Region, but also its behaviour for the individual stations distributed within this area. The study has been performed for the winter forecast period from 1 December 2007 - 31 March 2008. The results obtained are encouraging and indicate a good agreement between the observed and simulated minimum temperatures. Moreover, the model captures quite well the temperatures in the extreme cold episodes. Acknowledgement. This work was supported by "GRACCIE" (CSD2007-00067, Programa Consolider-Ingenio 2010), by the Spanish Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia, contract number CGL2005-03386/CLI, and by the Regional Government of Valencia Conselleria de Sanitat, contract "Simulación de las olas de calor e invasiones de frío y su regionalización en la Comunidad Valenciana" ("Heat wave and cold invasion simulation and their regionalization at Valencia Region"). The CEAM Foundation is supported by the Generalitat Valenciana and BANCAIXA (Valencia, Spain).

Gómez, I.; Estrela, M.



Um Projeto de Intervenção nos Espaços de Exposições do Planetário do Parque do Ibirapuera  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Cada vez mais a humanidade, em sua imensa maioria, está alheia às próprias conquistas. A insatisfação com esta realidade tem levado muitos pesquisadores, instituições, empresas e governos a procurar formas alternativas de acompanhar e transmitir todo este acervo científico cultural à sociedade, buscando a melhoria da qualidade da divulgação científica e contribuindo para o processo de cultura e alfabetização científica. Não há tempo nem espaço nos limitados planos curriculares do ensino médio e mesmo nos programas de ensino que propiciem a cultura científica e o acompanhamento do vertiginoso progresso científico e tecnológico atual. Neste sentido, a educação formal escolar precisa ser complementada ou acrescida de uma educação informal, extra-escolar, que possa oferecer à sociedade o que a escola não pode oferecer. A interação do público com museus, feiras de ciências, planetários, exposições científicas e/ou culturais é de grande importância para a aquisição e difusão de conhecimentos relacionados ao mundo científico. Reconhecidamente como um modelo de alfabetização científica esses ambientes promovem uma interação social capaz de propiciar de forma efetiva uma melhor relação ensino-aprendizagem com o público. Partindo desta realidade a Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul e a Escola Municipal de Astronomia (EMA) vêm desenvolvendo um projeto de intervenção no espaço em torno do Planetário do Parque do Ibirapuera com o objetivo de se implantar um ambiente de aprendizagem motivador e desafiador que promova a popularização de conteúdos relacionados à astronomia, astrofísica e cosmologia. Busca-se, também, a aproximação e interação do público com exposições que estão sendo implementadas no planetário. Considerando que se trata de um projeto de mestrado em fase inicial o objetivo do presente trabalho é apresentar a concepção básica e os critérios que estão sendo utilizados do ponto de vista pedagógico para as indicações dos objetos e experimentos que serão expostos, procurando formas de construir, expor e apresen! tá-los d e maneira mais eficiente em termos de uma aprendizagem significativa. (Apoio: Fundação Vitae, CNPq)

Elias, D. S.; Amaral, L. H.; de Araújo, C. F., Jr.; Matsuura, O. T.; Voelzke, M. R.



Descripción del coronógrafo a ser instalado en Argentina (MICA)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

El ``Coronógrafo de espejo para Argentina'' es un telescopio solar terrestre a ser colocado en el Observatorio Astronómico Félix Aguilar (El Leoncito), antes de finalizar 1996, como parte de un programa de ciencia bilateral entre Alemania y Argentina. Eclipses fotográficos de alta resolución han revelado que la corona solar es altamente estructurada y variable. De hecho, está contínuamente deformada y moldeada por los movimientos convectivos de los extremos de los arcos magnéticos en la fotosfera, estando, en muchas oportunidades, afectada por explosivas liberaciones de energía. MICA, en conjunción con otros telescopios solares espaciales y terrestres, tratará de contribuir al entendimiento de cuestiones fundamentales de la física solar. Entre ellas: cómo la corona está siendo calentada, dónde y cómo el viento solar es acelerado, qué causa los transitorios coronales, etc. Para ello investigará la distribución de los parámetros del plasma y su evolución con el tiempo, la estructura espacial de la corona en fina y gran escala, procesos que ocurren en los transitorios coronales y factores que los disparan, etc. Para responder a estas cuestiones MICA observará la atmósfera solar por sobre el limbo entre 1.1 y 2 radios solares aproximadamente, usando un nuevo tipo de sistema coronográfico que permite suprimir el brillo del disco solar suficientemente bien, tomando las imágenes con una cámara CCD de 1024x1024 pixels, codificada en 12 bits, pudiendo el mismo ser operado en forma remota. En la presente exposición describiremos las características del instrumento, cómo será controlado y qué esperamos observar basados en las imágenes obtenidas por los telescopios de similares características LASCO C1 a bordo del SOHO y PICO (ubicado en el Observatorio de Pic du Midi, Francia).

Stenborg, G.; Francile, C.; Schwenn, R.; Epple, A.; Rovira, M.


Two-year outcomes of an adjunctive telephone coaching and electronic contact intervention for adolescent weight-loss maintenance: the Loozit randomized controlled trial.  


This paper reports the final 24-month outcomes of a randomized controlled trial evaluating the effect of additional therapeutic contact (ATC) as an adjunct to a community-based weight-management program for overweight and obese 13-16-year-olds. ATC involved telephone coaching or short-message-service and/or email communication once per fortnight. Adolescents were randomized to receive the Loozit group program-a two-phase behavioral lifestyle intervention with (n=73), or without (n=78), ATC in Phase 2. Adolescents/parents separately attended seven weekly group sessions (Phase 1), followed by quarterly adolescent sessions (Phase 2). Assessor-blinded, 24-month changes in anthropometry and metabolic health included primary outcomes body mass index (BMI) z-score and waist:height ratio (WHtR). Secondary outcomes were self-reported psychosocial and lifestyle changes. By 24 months, 17 adolescents had formally withdrawn. Relative to the Loozit program alone, ATC largely had no impact on outcomes. Secondary pre-post assessment of the Loozit group program showed mean (95% CI) reductions in BMI z-score (-0.13 (-0.20, -0.06)) and WHtR (-0.02 (-0.03, -0.01)) in both arms, with several metabolic and psychosocial improvements. Adjunctive ATC did not provide further benefits to the Loozit group program. We recommend that further work is needed to optimize technological support for adolescents in weight-loss maintenance. Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry Number ACTRNO12606000175572. PMID:22584456

Nguyen, B; Shrewsbury, V A; O'Connor, J; Steinbeck, K S; Hill, A J; Shah, S; Kohn, M R; Torvaldsen, S; Baur, L A



Genetic parameters for growth, reproductive and maternal traits in a multibreed meat sheep population.  


The genetic parameters for growth, reproductive and maternal traits in a multibreed meat sheep population were estimated by applying the Average Information Restricted Maximum Likelihood method to an animal model. Data from a flock supported by the Programa de Melhoramento Genético de Caprinos e Ovinos de Corte (GENECOC) were used. The traits studied included birth weight (BW), weaning weight (WW), slaughter weight (SW), yearling weight (YW), weight gain from birth to weaning (GBW), weight gain from weaning to slaughter (GWS), weight gain from weaning to yearling (GWY), age at first lambing (AFL), lambing interval (LI), gestation length (GL), lambing date (LD - number of days between the start of breeding season and lambing), litter weight at birth (LWB) and litter weight at weaning (LWW). The direct heritabilities were 0.35, 0.81, 0.65, 0.49, 0.20, 0.15 and 0.39 for BW, WW, SW, YW, GBW, GWS and GWY, respectively, and 0.04, 0.06, 0.10, 0.05, 0.15 and 0.11 for AFL, LI, GL, LD, LWB and LWW, respectively. Positive genetic correlations were observed among body weights. In contrast, there was a negative genetic correlation between GBW and GWS (-0.49) and GBW and GWY (-0.56). Positive genetic correlations were observed between AFL and LI, LI and GL, and LWB and LWW. These results indicate a strong maternal influence in this herd and the presence of sufficient genetic variation to allow mass selection for growth traits. Additive effects were of little importance for reproductive traits, and other strategies are necessary to improve the performance of these animals. PMID:21637451

Lôbo, Ana Maria Bezerra Oliveira; Lôbo, Raimundo Nonato Braga; Paiva, Samuel Rezende; de Oliveira, Sônia Maria Pinheiro; Facó, Olivardo



Genetic parameters for growth, reproductive and maternal traits in a multibreed meat sheep population  

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The genetic parameters for growth, reproductive and maternal traits in a multibreed meat sheep population were estimated by applying the Average Information Restricted Maximum Likelihood method to an animal model. Data from a flock supported by the Programa de Melhoramento Genético de Caprinos e Ovinos de Corte (GENECOC) were used. The traits studied included birth weight (BW), weaning weight (WW), slaughter weight (SW), yearling weight (YW), weight gain from birth to weaning (GBW), weight gain from weaning to slaughter (GWS), weight gain from weaning to yearling (GWY), age at first lambing (AFL), lambing interval (LI), gestation length (GL), lambing date (LD - number of days between the start of breeding season and lambing), litter weight at birth (LWB) and litter weight at weaning (LWW). The direct heritabilities were 0.35, 0.81, 0.65, 0.49, 0.20, 0.15 and 0.39 for BW, WW, SW, YW, GBW, GWS and GWY, respectively, and 0.04, 0.06, 0.10, 0.05, 0.15 and 0.11 for AFL, LI, GL, LD, LWB and LWW, respectively. Positive genetic correlations were observed among body weights. In contrast, there was a negative genetic correlation between GBW and GWS (-0.49) and GBW and GWY (-0.56). Positive genetic correlations were observed between AFL and LI, LI and GL, and LWB and LWW. These results indicate a strong maternal influence in this herd and the presence of sufficient genetic variation to allow mass selection for growth traits. Additive effects were of little importance for reproductive traits, and other strategies are necessary to improve the performance of these animals.



Geomorphological Risks of Possible Elbrus Eruption Catastrophe  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Aerosol particles play an important role in the Earth's climate due to their direct and indirect interaction with the atmosphere. Monitoring of the optical properties of atmospheric aerosol is thus crucial for a radiative forcing quantification at the lo- cal, regional and global scales. Ground-based measurements provide accurate aerosol properties. However, given the strong spatial and temporal variability of tropospheric aerosols ground measurements cannot cover the global scale. On the other hand, satellite-based algorithms for aerosol retrievals presently do not match the accuracy of ground-based results. Most satellite algorithms are based on a single sensor, thus often suffering from specific limitations (poor spatial or spectral resolution, long re- visitation time, poor cloud mask). A method to exploit the synergy between the polar orbiting Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment (GOME) onboard ERS-2 and the METEOSAT geostationary system was proposed (Costa et al., 2001), aiming at increasing the accuracy of the aerosol charac- terization and monitoring of the optical thickness. A validation of the algorithm is done by comparing satellite retrievals with results obtained via independent space-time co- located ground-based measurements from AERONET (Aerosol Robotic NETwork) and from other state of the art algorithms that make use of satellite measurements such as the MODIS official aerosol product. Results of the ongoing validation are pre- sented for relevant transport events of desert dust and biomass burning aerosol over the Atlantic and Indian Oceans during year 2000. References: Costa,M.J., M.Cervino, E.Cattani, F.Torricella, V.Levizzani, and A.M.Silva, 2001: "Aerosol characterization and optical thickness retrievals using GOME and METEOSAT satellite data". Meteor. Atmos. Phys., (in press). Acknowledgements: METEOSAT imagery was kindly made available by EUMET- SAT. We thank the AERONET investigators and their staff for establishing and main- taining the sites used in this investigation. MJC was financially supported by the Sub- programa Ciência e Tecnologia do Segundo Quadro Comunitário de Apoio.

Bredikhin, A.


The DOE s In-Plant Training (INPLT) Model to Promote Energy Efficiency in the Industrial Sector  

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In-Plant Training (INPLT) is a new model for developing energy efficiency expertise within the US manufacturing companies participating in the U.S. Department of Energy s (DOE s) Better Buildings, Better Plants Program-a nationwide initiative to drive a 25% reduction in industrial energy intensity in 10 years. INPLTs are designed to fill a market niche by providing hands on training in a real world manufacturing plant environment. Through INPLTs, participants from multiple manufacturing plants, supply chains, utilities, and other external stakeholders learn how to conduct energy assessments, use energy analysis tools to analyze energy saving opportunities, develop energy management systems, and implement energy savings projects. Typical INPLT events are led by DOE-certified Energy Experts and range from 2-4 days. Topics discussed include: identification of cross-cutting or system specific opportunities; introduction to ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems; and energy project implementation and replication. This model is flexible, and can be tailored to suit the needs of specific industries. The INPLTs are a significant departure from the traditional single plant energy assessment model previously employed by DOE. INPLTs shift the focus from the concept of a single-plant s energy profile to a broader focus on training and capacity building among multiple industrial participants. The objective is to enable trainees to identify, quantify, implement and replicate future energy saving projects without continued external assistance. This paper discusses the INPLT model and highlights some of the initial outcomes from the successfully delivered INPLTs and the overall impact in terms of numbers of plants/participants trained, impacted energy footprints, and potential replication of identified opportunities.

Alkadi, Nasr E [ORNL; Nimbalkar, Sachin U [ORNL; De Fontaine, Mr. Andre [United States Department of Energy (DOE), Industrial Technology Program; Schoeneborn, Fred C [ORNL



Comunicaci?n de pareja y VIH en mujeres en desventaja social  

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Introducción La epidemia de VIH y SIDA se ha diseminado rápidamente a nivel mundial tendiendo a la feminización, pauperización y heterosexualización. La comunicación de pareja en torno el VIH es descrita como uno de los factores protectores en la adquisición de esta enfermedad, favoreciendo la adopción de conductas sexuales seguras tales como la negociación de pareja y la utilización de preservativo, consideróndose como un pilar fundamental en la incorporación de medidas de autocuidado en la sexualidad femenina. Objetivo Determinar el nivel de comunicación de pareja en torno al VIH en mujeres chilenas en desventaja social. Metodología Cuatrocientas noventa y seis mujeres contestaron la entrevista inicial de la investigación “Testing an HIV/AIDS Prevention Intervention for Chilean Women” (RO1 TW 006977 PI Cianelli). Se utilizó la escala “Health protective sexual communication scale (HPC)” (0–10 puntos). Se realizó un análisis descriptivo utilizando el programa SPSS 16.0. Resultados El promedio del nivel de comunicación de pareja fue de 3,26 ± 2,7 puntos con la pareja principal, de 2,52 ± 2,48 puntos con una segunda pareja y de 0 puntos con una tercera pareja. Los temas de menor comunicación entre las parejas fueron el uso de preservativo y la realización del test para VIH antes de tener relaciones sexuales. Conclusión Las mujeres de la muestra presentan bajos niveles de comunicación de pareja en relación a VIH con todas sus parejas sexuales. Son necesarias estrategias que potencien este tópico dentro de las intervenciones de prevención de VIH y SIDA de manera de fortalecer la adopción de conductas de autocuidado en torno al tema.

Rosina Cianelli, A.; Lilian Ferrer, L.; Margarita Bernales, S.; Natalia Villegas, R.



Prognostic value of FLT3 mutations in patients with acute promyelocytic leukemia treated with all-trans retinoic acid and anthracycline monochemotherapy  

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Background Fms-like tyrosine kinase-3 (FLT3) gene mutations are frequent in acute promyelocytic leukemia but their prognostic value is not well established. Design and Methods We evaluated FLT3-internal tandem duplication and FLT3-D835 mutations in patients treated with all-trans retinoic acid and anthracycline-based chemotherapy enrolled in two subsequent trials of the Programa de Estudio y Tratamiento de las Hemopatías Malignas (PETHEMA) and Hemato-Oncologie voor Volwassenen Nederland (HOVON) groups between 1996 and 2005. Results FLT3-internal tandem duplication and FLT3-D835 mutation status was available for 306 (41%) and 213 (29%) patients, respectively. Sixty-eight (22%) and 20 (9%) patients had internal tandem duplication and D835 mutations, respectively. Internal tandem duplication was correlated with higher white blood cell and blast counts, lactate dehydrogenase, relapse-risk score, fever, hemorrhage, coagulopathy, BCR3 isoform, M3 variant subtype, and expression of CD2, CD34, human leukocyte antigen-DR, and CD11b surface antigens. The FLT3-D835 mutation was not significantly associated with any clinical or biological characteristic. Univariate analysis showed higher relapse and lower survival rates in patients with a FLT3-internal tandem duplication, while no impact was observed in relation to FLT3-D835. The prognostic value of the FLT3-internal tandem duplication was not retained in the multivariate analysis. Conclusions FLT3-internal tandem duplication mutations are associated with several hematologic features in acute promyelocytic leukemia, in particular with high white blood cell counts, but we were unable to demonstrate an independent prognostic value in patients with acute promyelocytic leukemia treated with all-trans retinoic acid and anthracycline-based regimens.

Barragan, Eva; Montesinos, Pau; Camos, Mireia; Gonzalez, Marcos; Calasanz, Maria J.; Roman-Gomez, Jose; Gomez-Casares, Maria T.; Ayala, Rosa; Lopez, Javier; Fuster, Oscar; Colomer, Dolors; Chillon, Carmen; Larrayoz, Maria J.; Sanchez-Godoy, Pedro; Gonzalez-Campos, Jose; Manso, Felix; Amador, Maria L.; Vellenga, Edo; Lowenberg, Bob; Sanz, Miguel A.



Does microgranular variant morphology of acute promyelocytic leukemia independently predict a less favorable outcome compared with classical M3 APL? A joint study of the North American Intergroup and the PETHEMA Group  

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Few studies have examined the outcome of large numbers of patients with the microgranular variant (M3V) of acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) in the all-trans retinoic acid era. Here, the outcome of 155 patients treated with all-trans retinoic acid–based therapy on 3 clinical trials, North American Intergroup protocol I0129 and Programa para el Estudio de la Terapéutica en Hemopatía Maligna protocols LPA96 and LPA99, are reported. The complete remission rate for all 155 patients was 82%, compared with 89% for 748 patients with classical M3 disease. The incidence of the APL differentiation syndrome was 26%, compared with 25% for classical M3 patients, and the early death rate was 13.6% compared with 8.4% for patients with classical M3 morphology. With a median follow-up time among survivors of 7.6 years (range 3.6-14.5), the 5-year overall survival, disease-free survival, and cumulative incidence of relapse for patients with M3V were 70%, 73%, and 24%, respectively. With a median follow-up time among survivors of 7.6 years (range 0.6-14.3), the 5-year overall survival, disease-free survival, and cumulative incidence of relapse among patients with classical M3 morphology were 80% (P = .006 compared with M3V), 81% (P = .07), and 15% (P = .005), respectively. When outcomes were adjusted for the white blood cell count or the relapse risk score, none of these outcomes were significantly different between patients with M3V and classical M3 APL.

Kim, Haesook T.; Montesinos, Pau; Appelbaum, Frederick R.; de la Serna, Javier; Bennett, John M.; Deben, Guillermo; Bloomfield, Clara D.; Gonzalez, Jose; Feusner, James H.; Gonzalez, Marcos; Gallagher, Robert; Miguel, Jose D. Gonzalez-San; Larson, Richard A.; Milone, Gustavo; Paietta, Elisabeth; Rayon, Chelo; Rowe, Jacob M.; Rivas, Concha; Schiffer, Charles A.; Vellenga, Edo; Shepherd, Lois; Slack, James L.; Wiernik, Peter H.; Willman, Cheryl L.; Sanz, Miguel A.



Composição química, evolução e cinemática de estrelas de tipo solar  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A composição química das estrelas de tipo solar é um diagnóstico extremamente valioso da evolução química do disco da Galáxia. Existe alguma evidência de que tal evolução tem sido heterogênea no espaço e ao longo do tempo e que a composição química do Sol pode não ser um padrão representativo de abundâncias. Neste trabalho, foram obtidas as abundâncias dos elementos químicos C, N, Na, Mg, Si, Ca, Sc, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Sr, Y, Zr, Ba, La, Ce, Nd e Sm em uma amostra de estrelas de tipo solar na vizinhança solar (distâncias £ 25 pc). A técnica empregada foi a análise espectroscópica diferencial em relação ao Sol, baseando-se em dados de alta resolução (R ~ 46.000) e alta razão sinal/ruído (S/R > 300), obtidos com o espectrógrafo échelle de bancada do telescópio de 1,5 m do CTIO. Adicionalmente, abundâncias de C e N foram obtidas através de síntese de bandas moleculares dos Sistemas Eletrônicos Swan do C2 e Vermelho do CN utilizando-se um programa de síntese espectral. Os parâmetros atmosféricos foram estabelecidos usando cores fotométricas, o equilíbrio de excitação e ionização de linhas do Fe e a análise da temperatura e da luminosidade estelares no diagrama HR. Os resultados de abundâncias químicas obtidos proporcionam uma melhor compreensão da relação das abundâncias conhecidas para o Sol com a das estrelas anãs de tipo G da população local, uma vez que as razões de abundâncias de diversos elementos (em relação ao ferro) obtidas para estrelas de metalicidade semelhante à solar diferem daquelas obtidas para o Sol. Tais resultados também contribuem para um melhor entendimento do processo de evolução química da vizinhança solar e do enriquecimento nucleossintético do disco galáctico.

Silva, R. O.; Porto de Mello, G. F.; Milone, A. C.



The intOA Experiment: A Study of Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions Under Moderate to Strong Offshore Winds and Opposing Swell Conditions in the Gulf of Tehuantepec, Mexico  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Gulf of Tehuantepec air-sea interaction experiment ( intOA) took place from February to April 2005, under the Programme for the Study of the Gulf of Tehuantepec (PEGoT, Spanish acronym for Programa para el Estudio del Golfo de Tehuantepec). PEGoT is underway aiming for better knowledge of the effect of strong and persistent offshore winds on coastal waters and their natural resources, as well as performing advanced numerical modelling of the wave and surface current fields. One of the goals of the intOA experiment is to improve our knowledge on air-sea interaction processes with particular emphasis on the effect of surface waves on the momentum flux for the characteristic and unique conditions that occur when strong Tehuano winds blow offshore against the Pacific Ocean long period swell. For the field campaign, an air-sea interaction spar (ASIS) buoy was deployed in the Gulf of Tehuantepec to measure surface waves and the momentum flux between the ocean and the atmosphere. High frequency radar systems (phase array type) were in operation from two coastal sites and three acoustic Doppler current profilers were deployed near-shore. Synthetic aperture radar images were also acquired as part of the remote sensing component of the experiment. The present paper provides the main results on the wave and wind fields, addressing the direct calculation of the momentum flux and the drag coefficient, and gives an overview of the intOA experiment. Although the effect of swell has been described in recent studies, this is the first time for the very specific conditions encountered, such as swell persistently opposing offshore winds and locally generated waves, to show a clear evidence of the influence on the wind stress of the significant steepness of swell waves.

Ocampo-Torres, F. J.; García-Nava, H.; Durazo, R.; Osuna, P.; Díaz Méndez, G. M.; Graber, H. C.



Queda dos homic?dios em S?o Paulo, Brasil: uma an?lise descritiva  

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Objetivo Descrever a evolução da mortalidade por homicídios no Município de São Paulo segundo tipo de arma, sexo, raça ou cor, idade e áreas de exclusão/inclusão social entre 1996 e 2008. Métodos Estudo ecológico de série temporal. Os dados sobre óbitos ocorridos no Município foram coletados da base de dados do Programa de Aprimoramento das Informações sobre Mortalidade, seguindo a Classificação Internacional de Doenças, Décima Revisão (CID-10). Foram calculadas as taxas de mortalidade por homicídio (TMH) para a população total, por sexo, raça ou cor, faixa etária, tipo de arma e área de exclusão/inclusão social. As TMH foram padronizadas por idade pelo método direto. Foram calculados os percentuais de variação no período estudado. Para as áreas de exclusão/inclusão social foram calculados os riscos relativos de morte por homicídio. Resultados As TMH apresentaram queda de 73,7% entre 2001 e 2008. Foi observada redução da TMH em todos os grupos analisados, mais pronunciada em homens (?74,5%), jovens de 15 a 24 anos (?78,0%) e moradores de áreas de exclusão social extrema (?79,3%). A redução ocorreu, sobretudo, nos homicídios cometidos com armas de fogo (?74,1%). O risco relativo de morte por homicídio nas áreas de exclusão extrema (tendo como referência áreas com algum grau de exclusão social) foi de 2,77 em 1996, 3,9 em 2001 e 2,13 em 2008. Nas áreas de alta exclusão social, o risco relativo foi de 2,07 em 1996 e 1,96 em 2008. Conclusões Para compreender a redução dos homicídios no Município, é importante considerar macrodeterminantes que atingem todo o Município e todos os subgrupos populacionais e microdeterminantes que atuam localmente, influenciando de forma diferenciada os homicídios com armas de fogo e os homicídios na população jovem, no sexo masculino e em residentes em áreas de alta exclusão social.

Peres, Maria Fernanda Tourinho; Vicentin, Diego; Nery, Marcelo Batista; de Lima, Renato Sergio; de Souza, Edinilsa Ramos; Cerda, Magdalena; Cardia, Nancy; Adorno, e Sergio



[Development and short-term effects of a standardized patient education program for in-patient cardiologic rehabilitation].  


Patient education is an essential part in the treatment of coronary heart disease in medical rehabilitation. In the German-speaking area, no standardized and evaluated patient education program for coronary heart disease is available so far. In this paper, we demonstrate the development of a quality assured patient education program based on a health-education program of the German statutory pension insurance scheme.In a multi-level approach, an existing program was modified concerning treatment evidence, practical guidelines, theories of health and illness behavior and quality criteria for patient education as well as clinical experience and thereafter manualized. In a formative evaluation, feasibility and patient acceptance of this modified program were assessed using evaluation questionnaires of patients and trainers. Afterwards, effects of the patient education program as compared to a traditional education program were assessed on a short-term (at discharge), medium-term (6-month follow-up) and long-term (12-month follow-up) basis in a multicenter quasi-experimental control group study of patients with coronary heart disease (n=434).Results of the formative evaluation demonstrate an overall good acceptance and a good feasibility of the manualized program. Short-term results show a significant small treatment effect in the primary outcome variable patients' knowledge (p=0.001, ?2 =0.028). Furthermore, small effects were also observed among some secondary outcomes, such as attitude towards medication, planning of physical activity, psychological quality of life and satisfaction with the education program.A standardized education program for patients with coronary heart disease has been developed in a systematic process based on established quality standards. Depending on the outstanding medium and long-term effects, the program may be recommended for general use in medical rehabilitation. The manual provides the prerequisites allowing for a successful transfer into clinical practice. PMID:23749622

Seekatz, B; Haug, G; Mosler, G; Schwaab, B; Altstidl, R; Worringen, U; Faller, H; Meng, K



Neurologic outcomes of toxic oil syndrome patients 18 years after the epidemic.  

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Toxic oil syndrome (TOS) resulted from consumption of rapeseed oil denatured with 2% aniline and affected more than 20,000 persons. Eighteen years after the epidemic, many patients continue to report neurologic symptoms that are difficult to evaluate using conventional techniques. We conducted an epidemiologic study to determine whether an exposure to toxic oil 18 years ago was associated with current adverse neurobehavioral effects. We studied a case group of 80 adults exposed to toxic oil 18 years ago and a referent group of 79 adult age- and sex-frequency-matched unexposed subjects. We interviewed subjects for demographics, health status, exposures to neurotoxicants, and responses to the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test (K-BIT), Programa Integrado de Exploracion Neuropsicologica (PIEN), and Goldberg depression questionnaires and administered quantitative neurobehavioral and neurophysiologic tests by computer or trained nurses. The groups did not differ with respect to educational background or other critical variables. We examined associations between case and referent groups and the neurobehavioral and neurophysiologic outcomes of interest. Decreased distal strength of the dominant and nondominant hands and increased vibrotactile thresholds of the fingers and toes were significantly associated with exposure to toxic oil. Finger tapping, simple reaction time latency, sequence B latency, symbol digit latency, and auditory digit span were also significantly associated with exposure. Case subjects also had statistically significantly more neuropsychologic symptoms compared with referents. Using quantitative neurologic tests, we found significant adverse central and peripheral neurologic effects in a group of TOS patients 18 years after exposure to toxic oil when compared with a nonexposed referent group. These effects were not documented by standard clinical examination and were found more frequently in women.

de la Paz, Manuel Posada; Philen, Rossanne M; Gerr, Fredric; Letz, Richard; Ferrari Arroyo, Maria Jose; Vela, Lydia; Izquierdo, Maravillas; Arribas, Concepcion Martin; Borda, Ignacio Abaitua; Ramos, Alejandro; Mora, Cristina; Matesanz, Gloria; Roldan, Maria Teresa; Pareja, Juan



Evolución Dinámica de Cúmulos Estelares Abiertos  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Las estrellas que observamos no se formaron aisladamente, sino que lo hicieron en grupos o cúmulos. Estos sistemas estelares recibenel nombre de cúmulos estelares abiertos o galácticos cuando están constituidos por estrellas de la Población I. Los cúmulos abiertos se localizan preferentemente en el plano galáctico, y en muchos de ellos está teniendo lugar aún una activa formación estelar. El propósito principal de esta tesis doctoral es el estudio de la evolución dinámica de estos sistemas estelares por medio de simulaciones numéricas y de la comparación de sus resultados con datos observacionales. Con este fin se analizan los efectos que, sobre la dinámica de los cúmulos, ejercen varios fenómenos de interés astrofísico tales como el campo gravitatorio galáctico, la pérdida de masa causada por la evolución estelar y la presencia de binarias primordiales. En este trabajo se presentan los resultados de más de un centenar de modelos de cúmulos, con poblaciones comprendidas en el intervalo [100, 10.000] estrellas, calculados con NBODY5, un programa estándar en el campo de la Dinámica Estelar Experimental. De los mismos se deduce que el mecanismo principal que rige la dinámica de los cúmulos abiertos es la evolución estelar de su distribución de masas, encontrándose un comportamiento diferencial fuertemente dependiente de la población inicial del cúmulo. Los mecanismos responsables de la desintegración de los cúmulos abiertos son analizados en detalle, proponiéndose un modelo analítico que ajusta razonablemente los resultados de las simulaciones. Además, y con el fin de explicar el elevado número de sistemas múltiples observados en cúmulos abiertos, se estudian los efectos que, sobre los mismos, ejerce la presencia de una cierta fracción de binarias primordiales. El papel de las binarias tambiín depende de la riqueza del cúmulo y sus efectos se interrelacionan con aquellos debidos a la evolución estelar. Por último, se aborda la posibilidad de construir diagramas de Hertzsprung-Russell teóricos a partir de las simulaciones y compararlos con datos procedentes de cúmulos abiertos reales.

de La Fuente Marcos, R.


Plan for a groundwater monitoring network in Taiwan  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In Taiwan, rapid economic growth, rising standards of living, and an altered societal structure have in recent years put severe demands on water supplies. Because of its stable quantity and quality, groundwater has long been a reliable source of water for domestic, agricultural, and industrial users, but the establishment of a management program that integrates groundwater and surface-water use has been hampered by the lack of groundwater data. In 1992, the Department of Water Resources (DWR) initiated a program entitled "Groundwater Monitoring Network Plan in Taiwan." Under this program, basic groundwater data, including water-level and water-quality data, are being collected, and a reliable database is being established for the purpose of managing total water resources. This paper introduces the goals, implementation stages, and scope of that plan. The plan calls for constructing 517 hydrogeologic survey stations and 990 groundwater monitoring wells within 17 years. Under this program, water-level fluctuations are continuously monitored, whereas water-quality samples are taken for analysis only at the initial drilling stage and, subsequently, at the time when a monitoring well is being serviced. In 1996, the DWR and the Water Resources Planning Commission were merged to form today's Water Resources Bureau. Résumé A Taïwan, l'expansion économique rapide, l'amélioration des conditions de vie et la transformation de la structure sociale ont provoqué, ces dernières années, une très forte demande en eau. Du fait de sa constance en qualité et en quantité, l'eau souterraine a longtemps été considérée comme une ressource en eau sûre pour les usages domestiques, agricoles et industriels. Mais la mise en place d'un programme de gestion intégrant les utilisations d'eaux souterraines et de surface a été gênée par l'absence de données sur les eaux souterraines. En 1992, le Département des Ressources en Eau a lancé le programme "Plan pour un réseau de suivi des eaux souterraines à Taïwan". D'après ce programme, les données de base concernant les eaux souterraines, comprenant les mesures de niveau et les données de qualité, ont été acquises ; une base de données sûre est en cours d'élaboration, dans le but de gérer l'ensemble des ressources en eau. Cet article présente les buts, les stades de développement et une vue d'ensemble de ce plan. Le plan impose la mise en place de 517 stations de mesures hydrogéologiques et de 990 piézomètres en 17 ans. Selon ce programme, les variations du niveau des nappes doivent être suivies en continu, tandis que des échantillons pour la qualité de l'eau seront prélevés pour analyses uniquement au cours de la phase de foration, puis au moment de la mise en service des piézomètres. En 1996, le Département des Ressources en Eau et la Commission de Planification des Ressources en Eau ont été réunis pour former l'actuel Bureau des Ressources en Eau. Resumen En Taiwan, el rápido crecimiento económico, el aumento en el nivel de vida y los cambios sociales en los últimos años han resultado en un aumento en la demanda de agua. Por su estabilidad en términos de cantidad y calidad, las aguas subterráneas han sido durante años la fuente de agua para usos domésticos, agrícolas e industriales. En los últimos años, sin embargo, el establecimiento de un programa de gestión conjunta de aguas superficiales y subterráneas se ha visto comprometido por la falta de datos correspondientes a estas últimas. En 1992, el Departamento de Recursos de Agua (DWR) inició un programa titulado "Plan de Red de Control de Aguas Subterráneas en Taiwan". Bajo este programa, se están recogiendo datos básicos, incluyendo niveles piezométricos y datos de calidad, y se está construyendo una base de datos con el propósito de gestionar los recursos de agua totales. Este artículo presenta el marco, los objetivos y el estado de implantación del plan, que pretende la construcción de 517 estaciones de medida hidrogeológicas y 990 pozos de obs

Hsu, Shiang-Kueen


PREFACE: FLUIDOS 2010: XI Meeting on Recent Advances in the Physics of Fluids and their Applications  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The papers published in this volume of the Journal of Physics: Conference Series were selected from the manuscripts submitted to the XI Meeting on Recent Advances in the Physics of Fluids and their Applications (FLUIDOS2010), which was held in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay, 3-5 November 2010. FLUIDOS takes place every two years, usually in November, with the aim of gathering together researchers from all areas of the Physics of Fluids, to update themselves on the latest technical developments and applications, share knowledge and stimulate new ideas. This 11th meeting continues the successful experience of the previous ones which were held in different Argentinian cities. For the first time, the meeting was celebrated in Uruguay, more specifically, in the peaceful town of Colonia del Sacramento, designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The conference presented an outstanding program of papers covering the most recent advances in Physics of Fluids in the following areas: General Fluid Dynamics General and non-Newtonian Flows Magnetohydrodynamics Electrohydrodynamics and Plasmas Hydraulics, Thermohydraulics and Multiple Phase Flows A website with full details of the conference program, abstracts and other information can be found at We would like to thank all the participants, especially those who contributed with talks, posters and manuscripts, for making FLUDOS2010 such a successful conference. Our thanks also go to our colleagues for their support and encouragement, particularly in the refereeing of papers. We would like to acknowledge additional financial support from Comisión Sectorial de Investigación Científica (Universidad de la República, Uruguay), Programa de Desarrollo de las Ciencias Básicas (Uruguay) and the Centro Latinoamericano de Física (CLAF). Our thanks are extended to the local government of Colonia del Sacramento. The next FLUIDOS conference will be held in November 2013, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We anticipate enjoying another successful FLUIDOS meeting to be held in one of the main cultural centres of the continent. Italo Bove, Cecilia Cabeza, Arturo C Martí, and Gustavo SarasúaEditors

Bove, Italo; Cabeza, Cecilia; Martí, Arturo C.; Sarasúa, Gustavo



The forsaken mental health of the Indigenous Peoples - a moral case of outrageous exclusion in Latin America  

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Background Mental health is neglected in most parts of the world. For the Indigenous Peoples of Latin America, the plight is even more severe as there are no specific mental health services designed for them altogether. Given the high importance of mental health for general health, the status quo is unacceptable. Lack of research on the subject of Indigenous Peoples' mental health means that statistics are virtually unavailable. To illustrate their mental health status, one can nonetheless point to the high rates of poverty and extreme poverty in their communities, overcrowded housing, illiteracy, and lack of basic sanitary services such as water, electricity and sewage. At the dawn of the XXI century, they remain poor, powerless, and voiceless. They remain severely excluded from mainstream society despite being the first inhabitants of this continent and being an estimated of 48 million people. This paper comments, specifically, on the limited impact of the Pan American Health Organization's mental health initiative on the Indigenous Peoples of Latin America. Discussion The Pan American Health Organization's sponsored workshop "Programas y Servicios de Salud Mental en Communidades Indígenas" [Mental Health Programs and Services for the Indigenous Communities] in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia on July16 - 18, 1998, appeared promising. However, eleven years later, no specific mental health program has been designed nor developed for the Indigenous Peoples in Latin America. This paper makes four specific recommendations for improvements in the approach of the Pan American Health Organization: (1) focus activities on what can be done; (2) build partnerships with the Indigenous Peoples; (3) consider traditional healers as essential partners in any mental health effort; and (4) conduct basic research on the mental health status of the Indigenous Peoples prior to the programming of any mental health service. Summary The persistent neglect of the Indigenous Peoples' mental health in Latin America raises serious concerns of moral and human rights violations. Since the Pan American Health Organization' Health of the Indigenous Peoples Initiative 16 years ago, no mental health service designed for them has yet been created.



Intersatellite calibration of AMSU-A observations for weather and climate applications  

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Long-term observations from the Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit-A (AMSU-A) onboard polar-orbiting satellites NOAA 15, 16, 17, and 18 and European Meteorological Operational satellite program-A (MetOp-A) were intercalibrated using their overlap observations. Simultaneous nadir overpasses (SNOs) and global ocean mean differences between these satellites were used to characterize calibration errors and to obtain calibration coefficients. Calibration errors were found manifesting themselves as certain scatter or temporal patterns of intersatellite biases, such as well-defined seasonal cycles in the Arctic and Antarctic SNO difference time series or a unique pattern closely correlated to the instrument temperature variability induced by Solar Beta Angle (SBA) variations in global ocean mean difference time series. Analyses of these patterns revealed five different types of biases that need to be removed from existing prelaunch-calibrated AMSU-A observations, which include relatively stable intersatellite biases between most satellite pairs, bias drifts on NOAA 16 and channel 7 of MetOp-A, sun-heating-induced instrument temperature variability in radiances, scene temperature dependency in biases due to inaccurate calibration nonlinearity, and biases due to channel frequency shift from its prelaunch measurement in certain satellite channels. Level-1c time-dependent calibration offsets and nonlinear coefficients were introduced and determined from SNO and global ocean mean temperature regressions to remove or minimize the first four types of biases. Channel frequency shift in NOAA 15 channel 6 was obtained from the radiative transfer model simulation experiments. The new calibration coefficients and channel frequency values have significantly reduced the five different types of biases and resulted in more consistent multisatellite radiance observations for intercalibrated satellite channels. The intercalibrated AMSU-A observations have been merged with its precursor, the intercalibrated microwave sounding unit (MSU), to generate the NOAA/Center for Satellite Applications and Research (STAR) version 2.0 upper-air temperature climate data record (CDR) for climate trend and variability monitoring from 1979 to the present. The intercalibrated AMSU-A radiance data are expected to further improve accuracies of numerical weather prediction and consistencies in climate reanalysis and CDR developments.

Zou, Cheng-Zhi; Wang, Wenhui



ZPR-6 assembly 7 high {sup 240} PU core : a cylindrical assemby with mixed (PU, U)-oxide fuel and a central high {sup 240} PU zone.  

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Over a period of 30 years more than a hundred Zero Power Reactor (ZPR) critical assemblies were constructed at Argonne National Laboratory. The ZPR facilities, ZPR-3, ZPR-6, ZPR-9 and ZPPR, were all fast critical assembly facilities. The ZPR critical assemblies were constructed to support fast reactor development, but data from some of these assemblies are also well suited to form the basis for criticality safety benchmarks. Of the three classes of ZPR assemblies, engineering mockups, engineering benchmarks and physics benchmarks, the last group tends to be most useful for criticality safety. Because physics benchmarks were designed to test fast reactor physics data and methods, they were as simple as possible in geometry and composition. The principal fissile species was {sup 235}U or {sup 239}Pu. Fuel enrichments ranged from 9% to 95%. Often there were only one or two main core diluent materials, such as aluminum, graphite, iron, sodium or stainless steel. The cores were reflected (and insulated from room return effects) by one or two layers of materials such as depleted uranium, lead or stainless steel. Despite their more complex nature, a small number of assemblies from the other two classes would make useful criticality safety benchmarks because they have features related to criticality safety issues, such as reflection by soil-like material. The term 'benchmark' in a ZPR program connotes a particularly simple loading aimed at gaining basic reactor physics insight, as opposed to studying a reactor design. In fact, the ZPR-6/7 Benchmark Assembly (Reference 1) had a very simple core unit cell assembled from plates of depleted uranium, sodium, iron oxide, U3O8, and plutonium. The ZPR-6/7 core cell-average composition is typical of the interior region of liquid-metal fast breeder reactors (LMFBRs) of the era. It was one part of the Demonstration Reactor Benchmark Program,a which provided integral experiments characterizing the important features of demonstration-size LMFBRs. As a benchmark, ZPR-6/7 was devoid of many 'real' reactor features, such as simulated control rods and multiple enrichment zones, in its reference form. Those kinds of features were investigated experimentally in variants of the reference ZPR-6/7 or in other critical assemblies in the Demonstration Reactor Benchmark Program.

Lell, R. M.; Schaefer, R. W.; McKnight, R. D.; Tsiboulia, A.; Rozhikhin, Y.; Nuclear Engineering Division; Inst. of Physics and Power Engineering



Analysis of Minimum Efficiency Performance Standards for Residential General Service Lighting in Chile  

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Minimum Efficiency Performance Standards (MEPS) have been chosen as part of Chile's national energy efficiency action plan. As a first MEPS, the Ministry of Energy has decided to focus on a regulation for lighting that would ban the sale of inefficient bulbs, effectively phasing out the use of incandescent lamps. Following major economies such as the US (EISA, 2007) , the EU (Ecodesign, 2009) and Australia (AS/NZS, 2008) who planned a phase out based on minimum efficacy requirements, the Ministry of Energy has undertaken the impact analysis of a MEPS on the residential lighting sector. Fundacion Chile (FC) and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) collaborated with the Ministry of Energy and the National Energy Efficiency Program (Programa Pais de Eficiencia Energetica, or PPEE) in order to produce a techno-economic analysis of this future policy measure. LBNL has developed for CLASP (CLASP, 2007) a spreadsheet tool called the Policy Analysis Modeling System (PAMS) that allows for evaluation of costs and benefits at the consumer level but also a wide range of impacts at the national level, such as energy savings, net present value of savings, greenhouse gas (CO2) emission reductions and avoided capacity generation due to a specific policy. Because historically Chile has followed European schemes in energy efficiency programs (test procedures, labelling program definitions), we take the Ecodesign commission regulation No 244/2009 as a starting point when defining our phase out program, which means a tiered phase out based on minimum efficacy per lumen category. The following data were collected in order to perform the techno-economic analysis: (1) Retail prices, efficiency and wattage category in the current market, (2) Usage data (hours of lamp use per day), and (3) Stock data, penetration of efficient lamps in the market. Using these data, PAMS calculates the costs and benefits of efficiency standards from two distinct but related perspectives: (1) The Life-Cycle Cost (LCC) calculation examines costs and benefits from the perspective of the individual household; and (2) The National Perspective projects the total national costs and benefits including both financial benefits, and energy savings and environmental benefits. The national perspective calculations are called the National Energy Savings (NES) and the Net Present Value (NPV) calculations. PAMS also calculate total emission mitigation and avoided generation capacity. This paper describes the data and methodology used in PAMS and presents the results of the proposed phase out of incandescent bulbs in Chile.

Letschert, Virginie E.; McNeil, Michael A.; Leiva Ibanez, Francisco Humberto; Ruiz, Ana Maria; Pavon, Mariana; Hall, Stephen



Effect of acclimation to outdoor condition on the sexual performance of mass-produced Medflies (Diptera: Tephritidae)  

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Application of the sterile insect technique (SIT) as part of integrated area-wide programs to control the Mediterranean fruit fly (medfly) Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) require that the released males attract wild females and transfer sterile sperm. However, knowledge about male sexual performance after they are released is scarce. We conducted a study to evaluate male sexual performance in field cage tests, according to standard quality control procedures. Mass-reared 5-d-old sterile males from the genetic sexing strain VIENNA 7mix2000 were acclimated for 0, 1, and 3 d to outdoor conditions before competing with wild males for wild females. Although the proportion of mating (PM) in the test was satisfactory, the resulting relative sterility index (RSI) data showed no significant differences among the treatments. The data indicate that pre-conditioning males to outdoor conditions in Madeira did not confer an advantage in field cage sexual performance. (author) [Spanish] La aplicacion de la tecnica del insecto esteril (TIE) como parte de un programa integrado de amplio efecto para el control de la mosca mediterranea de la fruta Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) requiere que los machos liberados atraigan las hembras naturales y transfieran su esperma. Sin embargo, el conocimiento del desempeno sexual de los machos despues de ser liberados es muy escaso. Nosotros realizamos un estudio para evaluar el desempeno sexual de los machos en pruebas usando jaulas del campo, segun los procedimientos estandardizados de calidad. Machos esteriles de 5 dias de edad de la raza que separa los sexos geneticamente VIENNA 7mix2000 criados en masa fueron aclimatados por 0, 1 y 3 dias en condiciones de campo antes de competir con machos naturales para las hembras naturales. Aunque la proporcion del apareamiento en la prueba fue satisfactorio, el indice relativo de esterilidad (IRS) resultante no mostro ninguna diferencia significativa entre los tratamientos. Los datos indicaron que al condicionar los machos anteriormente a las condiciones de campo en Madeira no conferio ventaja alguna en el desempeno sexual en la jaula de campo. (author)

Pereira, R.; Silva, N.; Quintal, C.; Abreu, R.; Andrade, J.; Dantas, L. [Programa Madeira-Med, Estrada Eng. Abel Vieira, 262, 9135-260 Camacha, Madeira (Portugal)



Chromospheric activity and rotation of FGK stars in the solar vicinity. An estimation of the radial velocity jitter  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Context. Chromospheric activity produces both photometric and spectroscopic variations that can be mistaken as planets. Large spots crossing the stellar disc can produce planet-like periodic variations in the light curve of a star. These spots clearly affect the spectral line profiles, and their perturbations alter the line centroids creating a radial velocity jitter that might “contaminate” the variations induced by a planet. Precise chromospheric activity measurements are needed to estimate the activity-induced noise that should be expected for a given star. Aims: We obtain precise chromospheric activity measurements and projected rotational velocities for nearby (d ? 25 pc) cool (spectral types F to K) stars, to estimate their expected activity-related jitter. As a complementary objective, we attempt to obtain relationships between fluxes in different activity indicator lines, that permit a transformation of traditional activity indicators, i.e., Ca ii H & K lines, to others that hold noteworthy advantages. Methods: We used high resolution (~50 000) echelle optical spectra. Standard data reduction was performed using the IRAF echelle package. To determine the chromospheric emission of the stars in the sample, we used the spectral subtraction technique. We measured the equivalent widths of the chromospheric emission lines in the subtracted spectrum and transformed them into fluxes by applying empirical equivalent width and flux relationships. Rotational velocities were determined using the cross-correlation technique. To infer activity-related radial velocity (RV) jitter, we used empirical relationships between this jitter and the R'_HK index. Results: We measured chromospheric activity, as given by different indicators throughout the optical spectra, and projected rotational velocities for 371 nearby cool stars. We have built empirical relationships among the most important chromospheric emission lines. Finally, we used the measured chromospheric activity to estimate the expected RV jitter for the active stars in the sample. Based on observations made with the 2.2 m telescope at the Centro Astronómico Hispano Alemán (CAHA) at Calar Alto (Spain) and the Telescopio Nazionale Galileo (TNG) operated on the island of La Palma by the Istituto Nazionale de Astrofisica Italiano (INAF), in the Spanish Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos. This research has been supported by the Programa de Acceso a Infraestructuras Científicas y Tecnológicas Singulares (ICTS).Tables A1 to A4 are only available in electronic form at the CDS via anonymous ftp to ( or via

Martínez-Arnáiz, R.; Maldonado, J.; Montes, D.; Eiroa, C.; Montesinos, B.



Compilação de dados atômicos e moleculares do UV ao IV próximo para uso em síntese espectral  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Espectros sintéticos são utéis em uma grande variedade de aplicações, desde análise de abundâncias em espectros estelares de alta resolução ao estudo de populações estelares em espectros integrados. A confiabilidade de um espectro sintético depende do modelo de atmosfera adotado, do código de formação de linhas e da qualidade dos dados atômicos e moleculares que são determinantes no cálculo das opacidades da fotosfera. O nosso grupo no departamento de Astronomia no IAG tem utilizado espectros sintéticos há mais de 15 anos, em aplicações voltadas principalmente para a análise de abundâncias de estrelas G, K e M e populações estelares velhas. Ao longo desse tempo, as listas de linhas vieram sendo construídas e atualizadas continuamente, e alguns acréscimos recentes podem ser citados: Castilho (1999, átomos e moléculas no UV), Schiavon (1998, bandas moleculares de TiO) e Melendez (2001, átomos e moléculas no IV próximo). Com o intuito de calcular uma grade de espectros do UV ao IV próximo para uso no estudo de populações estelares velhas, se fazia necessário compilar e homogeneizar as diversas listas em apenas uma lista atômica e uma molecular. Nesse processo, a nova lista compilada foi correlacionada com outras bases de dados (NIST, Kurucz Database, O' Brian et al. 1991) para atualização dos parâmetros que caracterizam a transição atômica (comprimento de onda, log gf e potencial de excitação). Adicionalmente as constantes de interação C6 foram calculadas segundo a teoria de Anstee & O'Mara (1995) e artigos posteriores. As bandas moleculares de CH e CN foram recalculadas com o programa LIFBASE (Luque & Crosley 1999). Nesse poster estão detalhados os procedimentos citados acima, as comparações entre espectros calculados com as novas listas e espectros observados em alta resolução do Sol e de Arcturus, e uma análise do impacto decorrente da utilização de diferentes modelos de atmosfera no espectro sintético. Ao final, temos uma lista de linhas atômicas com mais de 24.000 linhas e uma lista molecular com as moléculas CN, CH, OH, NH, MgH, C2, TiO Gama, CO, FeH, adequadas ao estudo de estrelas G, K e M e populações estelares velhas.

Coelho, P.; Barbuy, B.; Melendez, J.; Allen, D. M.; Castilho, B.



The triumph and decline of the "squares": Grumman Aerospace engineers and production workers in the Apollo era, 1957--1973  

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This dissertation is a social, cultural, and economic history of the men and women of the Grumman Aerospace Company of Bethpage, New York from 1957 through 1973. These "Grummanites" were the engineers and production workers who designed and built the Apollo Lunar Modules that allowed humans to land on the Moon. This study provides unique insights into the impact that the Apollo Program---a large state-initiated and -supported program---had on those "squares," people whom many contemporaries saw as a vital part of mainstream 1960s American society. By the beginning of the Space Age in 1957, Grumman, Long Island's single largest employer, had firmly established a workplace culture of paternalism that Grummanites largely embraced. Company officials believed strongly in worker retention and had established a policy of providing every sort of benefit their employees seemingly desired, including a highly personal and participatory form of management. Many Grummanites had joined the firm during the early years of the Apollo Program because they believed in the promise of permanent employment on exciting projects that would explore the endless frontier of space. But, as many of these mainly self-reliant, individualistic "squares" would bitterly discover, their dedication to Grumman did little to secure their livelihoods during the aerospace industry's early 1970s downsizing; their individual successes were too largely tied to federal spending and declined when Americans grew disenchanted with space exploration. This dissertation demonstrates how the cultural bond of paternalism between aerospace workers and their company unraveled in the 1960s, and then ended in the early 1970s, because of forces within the company, the economy, and the American state. The word "triumph" in this study's title not only applies to Grummanites' triumphs with the Lunar Modules, but also their individual socioeconomic victories. The term "decline" refers to the early 1970s downsizing of more than a third of the Apollo workforce that had made that program a reality. By relying on a wide-range of archival research (including corporate records) and extensive surveys and interviews with Grummanites, this dissertation provides an overview of how Apollo era aerospace workers interacted with the Cold War American state.

Onkst, David Hugh


Detecção inesperada de efeitos de lentes fracas em grupos de galáxias pouco luminosos em raios-X  

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Obtivemos, como parte do programa de verificação científica do GMOS Sul, imagens profundas de três grupos de galáxias: G97 e G102 (z~0,4) e G124 (z = 0,17). Esses alvos foram selecionados a partir do catálogo de fontes extensas de Vikhlinin (1998), por terem luminosidades em raios X menores que 3´1043 ergs s-1, valor cerca de uma ou duas ordens de grandeza inferior ao de aglomerados de galáxias. O objetivo primário dessas observações é o estudo da evolução de galáxias em grupos. Grupos são ambientes menos densos que aglomerados, contêm a grande maioria das galáxias do Universo mas que, até o momento, foram estudados detalhadamente apenas no Universo local (z~0). Com esses dados efetuamos uma análise estatística da distorção na forma das galáxias de fundo (lentes gravitacionais fracas) como forma de inferir o conteúdo e a distribuição de massa nesses grupos apesar de que, em princípio, esse efeito não deveria ser detectado uma vez que os critérios de seleção adotados previlegiam sistemas de baixa massa. De fato, para G124 obtivemos apenas um limite superior para sua massa que é compatível com sua luminosidade em raios X. De modo contrário e surpreendente, os objetos G102 e G097, aparentam ter massas que resultariam em dispersões de velocidade maiores que 1000 km s-1, muito maiores do que se espera para grupos de galáxias. Com efeito, para G097 obtivemos, a partir de dados do satélite XMM, uma estimativa para a temperatura do gás intragrupo de kT = 2,6 keV, que é tipica de sistemas com dispersões de velocidade de ~ 600 km s-1, bem característica de grupos. Essas contradições aparentes entre lentes fracas e raios X podem ser explicadas de dois modos: i) a massa obtida por lentes estaria sobreestimada devido à superposição de estruturas massivas ao longo da linha de visada ou ii) a temperatura do gás do meio intra-grupo reflete o potencial gravitacional de estruturas menores que estariam se fundindo para formar uma estrutura maior.

Carrasco, R.; Mendes de Oliveira, C.; Sodrã©, L., Jr.; Lima Neto, G. B.; Cypriano, E. S.; Lengruber, L. L.; Cuevas, H.; Ramirez, A.



Sexual performance of mass reared and wild Mediterranean fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) from various origins of the Madeira Islands  

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The success of Mediterranean fruit fly (medfly) Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) control programs integrating the sterile insect technique (SIT) is based on the capacity of released the sterile males to compete in the field for mates. The Islands of Madeira are composed of 2 populated islands (Madeira and Porto Santo) where the medfly is present. To evaluate the compatibility and sexual performance of sterile flies we conducted a series of field cage tests. At same time, the process of laboratory domestication was evaluated. 3 wild populations, one semi-wild strain, and 1 mass reared strain were evaluated: the wild populations of (1) Madeira Island (north coast), (2) Madeira Island (south coast), and (3) Porto Santo Island; (4) the semi-wild population after 7 to 10 generations of domestication in the laboratory (respectively, for first and second experiment); and (5) the genetic sexing strain in use at Madeira medfly facility (VIENNA 7mix2000). Field cage experiments showed that populations of all origins are mostly compatible. There were no significant differences among wild populations in sexual competitiveness. Semi-wild and mass-reared males performed significantly poorer in both experiments than wild males in achieving matings with wild females. The study indicates that there is no significant isolation among strains tested, although mating performance is reduced in mass-reared and semi-wild flies after 7 to 10 generations in the laboratory. (author) [Spanish] El exito de los programas de control de la mosca mediterranea de la fruta (Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) que integran la tecnica del insecto esteril (TIE) esta basado en la capacidad de machos esteriles para competir en el campo por sus parejas. Las Islas de Madeira consisten de 2 islas pobladas (Madeira y Porto Santo) donde la mosca mediterranea de la fruta esta presente. Para evaluar la compatibilidad y el funcionamiento sexual de moscas esteriles nosotros realizamos una serie de pruebas de jaula en el campo. Al mismo tiempo, el proceso de la domesticacion en el laboratorio fue evaluado. Tres poblaciones naturales, una poblacion semi-natural y una poblacion criada en masa fueron evaluadas: las poblaciones natural de (1) Isla de Madeira (costa norte), (2) Isla de Madeira (costa sur) y (3) Isla de Porto Santo; (4) una poblacion semi-natural despues de 7 a 10 generaciones de domesticacion en el laboratorio (respectivamente, para el primero y segundo experimento); y (5) la raza para separar sexos geneticamente que es usada en el laboratorio de la mosca mediterranea de Madeira (VIENNA 7mix2000). Los experimentos usando jaulas en el campo mostraron que las poblaciones de diferentes origines fueron en su mayor parte compatibles. No hubo diferencias significativas en la capacidad para competir sexualmente entre las poblaciones naturales. Los machos semi-naturales y los machos criados en masa mostraron un desempeno significativamente bajo en ambos experimentos que los machos naturales en el logro de copula con las hembras naturales. Este estudio indica que no hay un aislamiento significativo entre las razas probadas, aunque el desempeno en el apareamiento fue reducido en las moscas criadas en masa y semi-naturales despues de 7 a 10 generaciones en el laboratorio. (author)

Pereira, R.; Silva, N.; Quintal, C.; Abreu, R.; Andrade, J.; Dantas, L. [Programa Madeira-Med, Estrada Eng. Abel Vieira 262, 9135-260 Camacha, Madeira (Portugal)



Tools for evaluating Lipolexis oregmae (Hymenoptera: Aphidiidae) in the field: Effects of host aphid and host plant on mummy location and color plus improved methods for obtaining adults  

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Lipolexis oregmae Gahan was introduced into Florida in a classical biological control program directed against the brown citrus aphid, Toxoptera citricida (Kirkaldy), on citrus. Prior to evaluating distribution, host range, and potential nontarget effects of L. oregmae in Florida, we evaluated the role of other potential host aphids and host plants on mummy production and location. Under laboratory conditions, this parasitoid produced the most progeny on the target pest, the brown citrus aphid on citrus. This parasitoid, unlike the majority of aphidiids, did not produce mummies on any of the host plants tested when reared in black citrus aphid T. aurantii (Boyer de Fonscolombe) on grapefruit, spirea aphid Aphis spiraecola Patch on grapefruit and pittosporum, cowpea aphid A. craccivora Koch on grapefruit and cowpeas, or melon aphid A. gossypii Glover on grapefruit and cucumber. Thus, sampling for L. oregmae mummies of these host aphids and host plants must involve holding foliage in the laboratory until mummies are produced. This parasitoid requires high relative humidity to produce adults because no adults emerged when mummies were held in gelatin capsules, but high rates of emergence were observed when mummies were held on 1.5% agar plates. In addition, we compared the color of 6 aphid hosts and the color of mummies produced by L. oregmae when reared in them to determine if color of mummies could be used to identify L. oregmae . Mummy color varied between aphid hosts and tested host plants, and is not a useful tool for identifying L. oregmae for nontarget effects. (author) [Spanish] Lipolexis oregmae Gahan fue introducida en Florida por medio de un programa de control biologico clasico dirigido contra el afido pardo de los citricos, Toxoptera citricida (Kirkaldy), sobre Citrus. Prioritario a la evaluacion de la distribucion, el rango de los hospederos y los efectos potenciales de L. oregmae sobre los organismos que no son el enfoque de control en la Florida, nosotros evaluamos el papel de otras especies de afidos y plantas hospederas potenciales sobre la produccion y ubicacion de las momias. Bajo condiciones de laboratorio, este parasitoide produjo el mayor numero de progenies sobre la especie de plaga enfocada, el afido pardo de los citricos sobre Citrus . Este parasitoide, no como la mayoria de los afidiidos (Hymenoptera), no produjo momias sobre cualquiera de las plantas hospederas probadas cuando fue criado sobre el afido negro de los citricos, ( T. aurantii (Boyer de Fonscolombe)) en toronja, el afido spirea (Aphis spiraecola Patch) en toronja y pittosporum, el afido del caupi (A. craccivora Koch) en toronja y caupi o el afido del melon (A. gossypii Glover) en toronja y pepino. Asi, el muestreo para momias de L. oregmae de estas especies de afidos hospederos y plantas hospederas tiene que incluir el mantenimiento de follaje en el laboratorio hasta que se produzcan las momias. Este parasitoide requiere una alta humedad relativa para producir los adultos por que ningun adulto emergio cuando las momias fueron mantenidas en capsulas de gelatina, pero una tasa alta de emergencia de adultos fue observada cuando se mantuvo las momias en platos con agar al 1.5%. Ademas de esto, nosotros comparamos el color de 6 especies de afidos hospederos, asi como el color de las momias producidos por L. oregmae cuando fue criado sobre ellos para determinar si se puede usar el color de las momias para la identificacion de L. oregmae . El color de las momias varia entre las especies de afidos hospederos y las plantas hospederas probadas, por lo que no es una herramienta util para la identificacion de L. oregmae o para la evaluacion de su efecto sobre los organismos que no son el enfoque del control. (author)

Singh, R.; Hoy, M.A. [Department of Entomology and Nematology, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL (United States)



Assessment of the potential for groundwater contamination using the DRASTIC/EGIS technique, Cheongju area, South Korea  

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Groundwater contamination is becoming a major environmental problem in South Korea with the marked expansion of the industrial base and the explosive growth of the population. Even in rural areas, the increased use of fertilizers and pesticides, the presence of acid-mine drainage, and increase of volumes of domestic wastewaters are adding to groundwater pollution. The DRASTIC/EGIS model was used to evaluate the potential for groundwater contamination in the Cheongju city area, the first of several pilot studies. The model allows the designation of hydrogeologic settings within the study area, based on a composite description of all the major geologic and hydrogeologic factors for each setting. Then, a scheme for relative ranking of the hydrogeologic factors is applied to evaluate the relative vulnerability to groundwater contamination of each hydrogeologic setting. DRASTIC/EGIS can serve as a tool to evaluate pollution potential and so facilitate programs to protect groundwater resources. Résumé La contamination de l'eau souterraine devient un problème environnemental majeur en Corée du Sud, en relation avec le développement industriel bien marqué et l'explosion démographique. Meme dans les zones rurales, l'utilisation accrue d'engrais et de pesticides, le drainage acide de mines et les rejets croissants d'eaux usées contribuent à la pollution des nappes. Le modèle DRASTIC/EGIS a été utilisé pour évaluer le potentiel de contamination des eaux souterraines dans la région de la ville de Cheongju, la première de plusieurs régions pilotes. Le modèle permet de définir des ensembles hydrogéologiques dans la région étudiée, à partir de la description composite de tous les facteurs géologiques et hydrogéologiques essentiels pour chaque ensemble. Ensuite, un schéma pour le classement des facteurs hydrogéologiques est mis en oeuvre pour évaluer la vulnérabilité relative à la contamination des eaux souterraines pour chaque ensemble. DRASTIC/EGIS peut servir d'outil d'évaluation du potentiel de pollution et ainsi faciliter des plans de protection des ressources en eau souterraines. Resumen La contaminación de aguas subterráneas, debida a la expansión industrial y al fuerte crecimiento demográfico, supone un gran problema medioambiental en Corea del Sur. También en áreas rurales, el incremento en el uso de fertilizantes y pesticidas, el drenaje de minas y el aumento de los caudales de aguas residuales provocan un aumento de la contaminación. Para evaluar el riesgo de contaminación de las aguas subterráneas en el área de la ciudad de Cheongju, el primero de una serie de estudios piloto, se utilizó el modelo DRASTIC/EGIS. Este modelo permite la zonificación del área de estudio, basada en consideraciones geológicas e hidrogeológicas. En cada una de las zonas se aplica un esquema de clasificación que evalúa su vulnerabilidad relativa. El modelo DRASTIC/EGIS puede servir como una herramienta para evaluar el riesgo potencial de contaminación que facilite la creación de programas de protección de los recursos subterráneos.

Kim, Youn Jong; Hamm, Se-Yeong


What has happened in about the last 20 years in the Canyoles watershed?  

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Along history, the Mediterranean arid lands have undergone widespread land use transformation, especially in recent decades (Piqueras, 2012). There are changes driven by socio-economic conditions, such as European Agricultural Policies (MacDonald et al., 2000; Keenleyside and Tucker, 2010; Renwick et al., 2013), which have caused land degradation processes (soil erosion, soil sealing, water pollution, salinization, wildfires, land abandonment, urban sprawl and intensive agricultural practices). Land degradation is the results of a complex Socio Ecological System (SES) which should be addressed using the Geographical Information System (GIS) to identify and assess the spatial variation of land use change. Therefore, the aim of this work has been to describe and assess the land use change by human activities in a typical Mediterranean watershed (Cànyoles Valley) located at South-East of Iberian Peninsula as a part of the Land Ecosystem and Degradation Desertification Response Assessment (LEDDRA) project, which has undergone a quick land use change in last two decades (1986 - 2005). Results reveal that the surface area devoted to rainfed crops (e.g., olive crops (47 %) and vineyards (28 %) and forestry have decline significantly; while the citrus orchards (irrigated crops) and unproductive areas (e.g., roads and railways, urban areas) have been increasing its surface in just about last 20 years in 45 % and 67 %, respectively. According to the literature review (Cerdà, 1994; Cerdá et al., 1999, 2007; Cerdà, 2007; Bodí et al., 2012; González-Peñaloza, 2012) these recent changes, in the study site, have caused many environmental disturbances mainly due to the lack control strategies plans of land degradation. Acknowledgements This research is being conducted by the EU project "Land Ecosystem and Degradation Desertification: Assessing the Fit of Responses" LEDDRA 243857 CONSORTIUM AGREEMENT. TR07 - VII PROGRAMA MARCO - ENERGÍA FP7-ENERGY-2007-2-TREN. - European Union FP7. ENV.2009 243857. Keywords: GIS, land use, degradation, Cànyoles valley, agricultural practices. References Bodí, M.B., Cerdà, A., Mataix-Solera, J., Doerr, S.H. 2012. Efectos de los incendios forestales en la vegetación y el suelo en la cuenca mediterránea: revisión bibliográfica. Boletín de la Asociación de Geógrafos Españoles 58, 33-35 Cerdà, A, Giménez - Morera, A. Terol, E., Domínguez, A. Jurgensen, M.F., Doerr, S.H. 1999. Cultivos de cítricos y erosión de suelos en el este de la Península Ibérica. En Control de la Degradación de los suelos y cambio global (Eds: Sánchez Díaz, J., Asins Velis, S.). IV Simposio sobre control de la degradación de los suelos y cambio global. Universitat de València. Valencia. 71 - 72. Cerdà, A. 1994. Arroyada superficial en terrazas de cultivo abandonadas. El caso del País Valenciano. Cuadernos de Geografía 56, 135-154 Cerdá, A. 2007. Soil water erosion on road embankments in Eastern Spain. Science of the Total Environments 378, 151-155. González-Peñaloza, F.A., Cerdà, Zavala, L.M., Jordán, A. 2012. Do conservative agriculture practices increase soil water repellency? A case study in citrus-cropped soils. Soil & Tillage Research 124, 233 - 239. Keenleyside, C., Tucker, G.M. 2010. Farmland Abandonment in the EU: An assessment of Trend and Prospects. Report Prepared for WWF. Institute for European Environmental Policy, London. 93 pp. MacDonald, D., Crabtree, J.R., Wiesinger, G., Dax, T., Stamou, N., Fleury, P., Gutiérrez-Lazpita, J., Gibon, A. 2000. Agricultural abandonment in mountain areas of Europe: Environmental consequenses and policy reponse. Journal of Environmental Management 59, 47-69. Piqueras, J. 2012. Geografía del Territorio Valenciano. Departament de Geografia, Universitat de València (Valencia, España). 256 pp. Renwick, A., Jansson, T., Verburg, P.H., Revoredo-Giha, C., Britz, W., Gocht, A., McCracken, D. 2013. Policy reforms and agricultural land abandonment in the EU. Land Use Policy 30, 446-457.

Ángel González Peñaloza, Félix; Cerdà, Artemi; Díaz del Olmo, Fernando



Establishment of Lipolexis oregmae (Hymenoptera: Aphidiidae) in a classical biological control program directed against the brown citrus aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae) in Florida  

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The parasitoid Lipolexis oregmae Gahan (introduced as L. scutellaris Mackauer) was imported from Guam, evaluated in quarantine, mass reared, and released into citrus groves in Florida in a classical biological control program directed against the brown citrus aphid, Toxoptera citricida Kirkaldy. Releases of 20,200, 12,100, and 1,260 adults of L. oregmae were made throughout Florida during 2000, 2001, and 2002, respectively. To determine if L. oregmae had successfully established, surveys were conducted throughout the state beginning in the summer of 2001 and continuing through the summer of 2003. Parasitism during 2001 and 2002 was evaluated by holding brown citrus aphids in the laboratory until parasitoid adults emerged. Lipolexis oregmae was found in 10 sites in 7 counties and 4 sites in 3 counties with parasitism rates ranging from 0.7 to 3.3% in 2001 and 2002, respectively. Laboratory tests indicated that high rates of mortality occurred if field-collected parasitized aphids were held in plastic bags, so a molecular assay was used that allowed immature L. oregmae to be detected within aphid hosts immediately after collection. The molecular assay was used in 2003 with the brown citrus aphids and with other aphid species collected from citrus, weeds, and vegetables near former release sites; immatures of L. oregmae were detected in black citrus aphids, cowpea aphids, spirea aphids, and melon aphids, as well as in the brown citrus aphid, in 4 of 8 counties sampled, with parasitism ranging from 2.0 to 12.9%, indicating that L. oregmae is established and widely distributed. Samples taken in Polk County during Oct 2005 indicated that L. oregmae has persisted. The ability of L. oregmae to parasitize other aphid species on citrus, and aphids on other host plants, enhances the ability of L. oregmae to persist when brown citrus aphid populations are low. (author) [Spanish] El parasitoide Lipolexis oregmae Gahan (introducido como L. scutellaris Mackauer) fue importado de Guam, evaluado en cuarentena, criado en masa y liberado en huertos de citricos en un programa de control biologico clasico dirigido contra el afido pardo de citricos, Toxoptera citricida Kirkaldy. Se hicieron liberaciones de 20,200, 12,100, y 1,260 adultos de L. oregmae a traves de la Florida durante los anos de 2000, 2001, y 2002, respectivamente. Para determinar si L. oregmae ha logrado en establecer, se realizaron sondeos a traves del estado empezando en el verano del 2001 y continuando hasta el final del verano del 2003. El parasitismo durante 2001 y 2002 fue evaluado con el mantenimiento de individuos del afido pardo de los citricos en el laboratorio hasta que los adultos emergieron. Lipolexis oregmae fue encontrado en 10 sitios en 7 condados y con tasas de parasitismo en 4 sitios en 3 condados entre 0.7 a 3.3% en el 2001 y 2002, respectivamente. Las pruebas del laboratorio indicaron que las tasas altas de mortalidad fueron posibles si los afidos con parasitos recolectados en el campo fueron mantenidos en bolsas plasticas, entonces un ensayo molecular fue usado con lo que permitio la deteccion de inmaduros de L. oregmae dentro de los hospederos de afidos inmediatamente despues de la recoleccion. El ensayo molecular fue usado en el 2003 con individuos del afido pardo de los citricos y con otras especies de afidos recolectados sobre citricos, malezas y hortalizas cerca de los sitios donde los parasitoides fueron liberados anteriormente; inmaduros de L. oregmae fueron detectados en individuos del afido negro de los citricos, el afido del caupi, el afido spirea y el afido del melon, ademas del afido pardo de los citricos en 4 de los 8 condados muestreados, con la tasa del parasitismo entre 2.0 a12.9%, indicando que L. oregmae estaba estabecido y ampliamente distribuido. Las muestras tomadas en el Condado de Polk durante octobre del 2005 indicaron que L. oregmae ha persistido. La capacidad de L. oregmae para parasitar otras especies de afidos sobre citricos y otros afidos sobre otras plantas hospederas, incrementa la capacidad de L. oregmae para persistir cuand

Persad, A.B.; Hoy, M.A. [Department of Entomology and Nematology, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611-0620 (United States); Ru Nguyen [Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL (United States)



A participatory approach to integrated aquifer management: The case of Guanajuato State, Mexico  

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Guanajuato State, located in central Mexico, with less than 2% of the country's area, has almost 17,000 deep water wells, from which nearly 4,000 cubic hectometers (hm3) per year are being extracted, more than 1,000 hm3 over the estimated renewable yield. Since, in Mexico, water is administered under federal jurisdiction by the National Water Commission (CNA, for its Spanish acronym), the state government faces the challenge of ensuring its population's economic development without formal means of intervention. Being thus limited to apply mandatory policies and measures, the state water program has focused on the implementation of a two-sided strategy. First, basic hydrogeological studies and mathematical groundwater hydrodynamic models were developed upon a comprehensive survey of existing wells and a general revision of the state's geological framework. Second, a structure for water user's participation in water management actions was promoted (from the dissemination of information to the implementation of pilot efficient water use projects) with financial, technical and political support from the state. Simultaneously, a coordinated effort towards the completion of the water user's registry was performed with the federal authority along with other supporting measures such as training and monitoring programs. In this paper, a general overview of the project's achievements and challenges is presented. L'État de Guanajuato, situé dans la partie centrale du Mexique, avec moins de 2% de la surface du pays, a près de 17 000 puits profonds, d'où sont extraits près de 4 000 hm3 par an, soit plus de 1 000 hm3 de plus que le débit renouvelable estimé. Comme au Mexique l'eau est administrée dans le cadre d'une juridiction fédérale, le gouvernement de l'État fait tout son possible pour assurer le développement de sa population sans moyens formels d'intervention. Étant ainsi limité à appliquer des politiques et des mesures de recommandations, le programme Eau de l'État s'est appliqué à développer une stratégie sur deux plans. Tout d'abord, des études hydrogéologiques de base et des modèles mathématiques d'écoulement et de transport de nappe ont été réalisés à partir d'un suivi d'ensemble des puits existants et d'une révision générale du contexte géologique de l'État. Ensuite, on a soutenu une structure de participation des usagers de l'eau aux actions de gestion de l'eau, à partir de la dissémination de l'information pour la mise en place de projets pilotes efficaces d'utilisation de l'eau, avec des aides financières, techniques et politiques de l'État. Simultanément, un effort coordonné en vue de l'achèvement de l'enregistrement des usagers de l'eau a été fait avec l'autorité fédérale, en même temps que d'autres mesures de soutien, telles que des programmes de formation et des campagnes de surveillance. Cet article présente une vue d'ensemble des réalisations de projets et des défis. Resumen El Estado de Guanajuato, situado en el centro de México, ocupa menos del 2% de la superficie del país. Tiene casi 17.000 pozos profundos, de los cuales se extrae cerca de 4.000 hm3/a, lo que supone un exceso de 1.000 hm3/a respecto a la recarga anual. Puesto que el agua es administrada a nivel federal en México, el gobierno del Estado afronta el reto de asegurar el desarrollo de la población sin disponer de medios formales de intervención. Dadas las limitaciones para aplicar políticas y medidas reguladoras, el programa del agua en el Estado tiene como objetivo principal la implantación de una doble estrategia. Por un lado, desarrollar estudios hidrogeológicos básicos y modelos matemáticos de flujo y transporte de los acuíferos, basándose en una campaña exhaustiva de pozos existentes y en una revisión del marco geológico del Estado. Por otro lado, promover-con soporte financiero, técnico y político-una estructura de participación de los usuarios en las acciones de gestión, incluyendo desde la difusión de la información hasta la implantación de proyectos piloto para un uso

Sandoval, Ricardo