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Lopez de Penalver's Reflexiones : an economic and mathematical approach  

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Juan Lopez de Penalver was an engineer and mathematician who trained in Spain, Central Europe and Paris. His Reflexiones sobre la variacion del precio del trigo (1812) contained three models of: (1) wages, wheat prices and mortality; (2) transport costs and location; and (3) constant relative prices, which were brought to an international readership in 1961. His complete works were

Ernest Lluch



Towards Behavioral Reflexion Models  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Software architecture has become essential in the struggle to manage today s increasingly large and complex systems. Software architecture views are created to capture important system characteristics on an abstract and, thus, comprehensible level. As the system is implemented and later maintained, it often deviates from the original design specification. Such deviations can have implication for the quality of the system, such as reliability, security, and maintainability. Software architecture compliance checking approaches, such as the reflexion model technique, have been proposed to address this issue by comparing the implementation to a model of the systems architecture design. However, architecture compliance checking approaches focus solely on structural characteristics and ignore behavioral conformance. This is especially an issue in Systems-of- Systems. Systems-of-Systems (SoS) are decompositions of large systems, into smaller systems for the sake of flexibility. Deviations of the implementation to its behavioral design often reduce the reliability of the entire SoS. An approach is needed that supports the reasoning about behavioral conformance on architecture level. In order to address this issue, we have developed an approach for comparing the implementation of a SoS to an architecture model of its behavioral design. The approach follows the idea of reflexion models and adopts it to support the compliance checking of behaviors. In this paper, we focus on sequencing properties as they play an important role in many SoS. Sequencing deviations potentially have a severe impact on the SoS correctness and qualities. The desired behavioral specification is defined in UML sequence diagram notation and behaviors are extracted from the SoS implementation. The behaviors are then mapped to the model of the desired behavior and the two are compared. Finally, a reflexion model is constructed that shows the deviations between behavioral design and implementation. This paper discusses the approach and shows how it can be applied to investigate reliability issues in SoS.

Ackermann, Christopher; Lindvall, Mikael; Cleaveland, Rance



Reflexions and gain ripple in TWT's  

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The presence of the electron beam in a TWT introduces additional internal reflexions that are not present in the cold tube, at the output, at the input, and at the attenuator. These additional reflexions, that we denote \\

S. O. Wallander



Consecuencias de las contracciones excentricas del diafragma sobre su funcion  

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Introduction and Objectives: Eccentric contractions are those that occur after a muscle has been stretched, and they can predispose the muscle to damage. Most previous studies have been performed on limb muscles, and the potential consequences of eccentric contractions on the respiratory muscles are therefore unknown. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of repeated eccentric contractions

Joaquim Gea; Ercheng Zhu; Juan B. Galdiz; Norman Comtois; Igor Salazkin; JoseAntonio Fiz; Alejandro Grassino


Software Reflexion Models: Bridging the Gap between Design and Implementation  

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The artifacts constituting a software system often drift apart over time. We have developed the software reflexion model technique to help engineers perform various software engineering tasks by exploiting—rather than removing—the drift between design and implementation. More specifically, the technique helps an engineer compare artifacts by summarizing where one artifact (such as a design) is consistent with and inconsistent with

Gail C. Murphy; David Notkin; Kevin J. Sullivan



Die Polarisierung von Röntgenstrahlen durch Reflexion an Kristallen  

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Zusammenfassung Es wird in einigen Fällen gezeigt, daß das an einem Kristall unter 900 nach der Braggschen Beziehung reflektierte Röntgenlicht praktisch vollständig polarisiert ist und daß bei Belichtung eines Kristalls mit linear polarisiertem Röntgenlicht keine Reflexion eintritt, falls die Richtung des reflektierten Strahles in die Schwingungsrichtung des polarisierten einfallenden Strahles fällt. Es lassen sich so Kristalle als Polarisatoren und Analysatoren

H. Mark; L. Szilard



Direct simulation Monte Carlo of shock reflexion on a wedge with boundary layer  

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A numerical investigation of pseudo-steady oblique shock wave reflexion by a wedge at low densities is presented. The real gas flow is simulated at the molecular level by a large number of model particles following their positions in phase space. A two dimensional computational model is used to generate the shock reflexion. Calculations are carried out for a shock Mach

F. Seiler; H. Oertel; B. Schmidt



Confieso que Divulgo. Reflexiones y Experiencias de una Astrofísica  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Este artículo presenta algunas reflexiones en torno a la popularización de la Ciencia, desarrolladas a lo largo de mi trayectoria profesional, un camino inacabado desde la intuición al oficio. Tras revisar las señas de identidad de la divulgación científica, se exponen ideas, experiencias y recursos, cribados por la práctica y su posterior análisis crítico. Se destacan las actividades relacionadas con la Astronomía, que se cuentan entre las más espectaculares y gratificantes. Confessions of a popularizer: This paper presents some author’s thoughts about scientific outreach, developed along her professional path, an unfinished way from intuition to trade. First, identity signs of outreach are revised; then, ideas, experiences and resources, sifted by practice and further critical analysis, are reviewed. Activities related to Astronomy, being one of the most spectacular and rewarding, are remarked 1

Rodríguez Hidalgo, I.


Reflexiones sobre el buen gobierno corporativo en las empresas periodõ ´sticas  

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Resumen: El interes por el gobierno corporativo en las empresas informativas no es un tema nuevo, pero ha adquirido singular relevancia en los ultimos anos, como resultado de las transformaciones que se han vivido en los esquemas de propiedad y de gestion de las compan ˜õ ´as. En este artõ ´culo se trata de explicar por quela naturaleza de los

Angel Arrese


Reflexiones sobre el sistema y las políticas de innovación del País Vasco  

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El primer capítulo de este documento compara el sistema de innovación vasco con el de otros países avanzados, basándose para ello en las estadísticas de I+D y en el indicador europeo de innovación (EIS). En segundo lugar, el sistema vasco se compara con el de otras regiones, basándose en las tipologías de regiones europeas y españolas elaboradas por el autor,

Mikel Navarro


Territorios agrarios y realidades rururbanas: Reflexiones sobre el desarrollo rural a partir del caso pampeano bonaerense  

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The debate on rural development has undergone a strong renewal due to transformations in agriculture, and in rural economies and societies. In this context, a broader vision of the rural medium has been observed, which includes rururban spaces where services and supply chains relating to local and regional production and consume are located. Of particular importance are non-agricultural occupations as

Silvia Gorenstein; Martín Napal; Mariana Olea



The reflexion coefficient as a measure of transepithelial permeability in the isolated rabbit pancreas.  

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1. The reflexion coefficients of a number of non-electrolytes and electrolytes have been determined in the isolated rabbit pancreas. 2. The reflexion coefficients of the following non-electrolytes were: urea, -0.02; glycerol, 0.06; erythritol, 0.11; sorbitol, 0.41; mannitol, 0.42; arabinose, 0.72; xylose, 0.74, assuming a value of 1.00 for sucrose. 3. These values are equal within the experimental error to values previously obtained with a tracer technique for the same preparation, but they are significantly lower than those reported by other investigators for the isolated perfused cat pancreas. 4. Addition of 100 mM-sucrose to the bathing medium resulted in proportionally increased Na+ and K+ concentrations in the secreted fluid. The secreted fluid remained isotonic with the bathing medium under all circumstances. 5. Addition of 10(-5) M-carbachol to the bathing medium led to a reduction in the reflexion coefficient of sucrose from 1 to 0.85, but only when 25 mM-sucrose was used. 6. The reflexion coefficients of electrolytes were: NaCl, 0.50; KCl, 0.51; NaHCO3, 0.52 and choline chloride, 1.02. 7. It is concluded that the isolated rabbit pancreas is highly permeable, both to electrolytes and to small non-electrolytes, probably being more leaky than any other epithelium studied so far.

Bonting, S L; De Pont, J J; Fleuren-Jakobs, A M; Jansen, J W



On the Oblique Reflexion and Transmission of Ocean Waves at Shore Fast Sea Ice  

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A mathematical model is reported describing the oblique reflexion and penetration of ocean waves into shore fast sea ice. The arbitrary depth model allows all velocity potentials occurring in the open water region to be matched precisely to their counterparts in the ice-covered region. Matching is done using a preconditioned conjugate gradient technique which allows the complete solution to be

Colin Fox; Vernon A. Squire



?`Es necesario calcular detalladamente funciones de partición atómicas?  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Basándonos en extensos y precisos cómputos de funciones de partición realizados por nosotros para distintos átomos, se muestra que en el cálculo u obtención de ciertas magnitudes (notablemente la presión electrónica, la abundancia de un elemento deducida a partir de un estado fuertemente ionizado, etc.) el error porcentual que se comete es pequeño (inferior a 1 %) si se adopta, como valor de la función de partición, el peso estadístico del término correspondiente al estado fundamental del átomo. Esta notable simplificación acelera el cálculo, por ejemplo, de un modelo de atmósfera estelar, sin disminuir la precisión de los resultados.

Milone, L. A.; Merlo, D. C.


Prevalência de sobrepeso\\/obesidade em crianças e adolescentes com constipação crônica funcional  

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RESUmO Objetivo: Avaliar a prevalência do sobrepeso\\/obesidade em um grupo de crianças com constipação crônica funcional. Métodos: Estudo retrospectivo com 257 crianças de dois a 15 anos com constipação crônica funcional diag- nosticada segundo critérios de Roma II, atendidas con- secutivamente em clínica terciária de gastroenterologia pediátrica. Informações demográficas, clínicas, diagnós - ticas e antropométricas foram obtidas de prontuários. O

Francisca Teresa V. Faleiros; Cristiane Camargo Omae; Cristiane Yoshie Nakazawa; Mary de Assis Carvalho; Nilton Carlos Machado



Familiares a cargo de pacientes de cáncer: funciones y desafíos (PDQ®)

Sumario informativo revisado por expertos acerca de los desafíos que enfrentan los familiares a cargo de los pacientes con cáncer. Este resumen se centra en las funciones típicas y las inquietudes de las personas a cargo del paciente y en las intervenciones útiles para esas personas.


Variação da independência funcional em idosos hospitalizados relacionada a variáveis sociais e de saúde Variation in functional independence in hospitalized elderly related to social and health variables  

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O processo de envelhecimento, as doenças crônicas não transmissíveis e as hospitalizações podem causar declínio funcional em idosos. Alguns fatores podem potencializar esse comprometimento funcional como gênero, número de internações, presença de acompanhante e medicações em uso. Objetivo: Identificar a variação da capacidade funcional em idosos no decorrer da hospitalização e relacionar a diferença com variáveis sociais e de saúde.

Kozue Kawasaki; Maria José D'Elboux Diogo



Nivelación interterritorial e ineficiencia de las decisiones presupuestarias: reflexiones para el caso español  

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En este trabajo se estudian los efectos negativos de los esquemas de nivelación horizontal sobre la eficiencia en las elecciones fiscales de los gobiernos regionales. Partiendo de unos resultados teóricos básicos, se examinan los aspectos dinámicos del problema, se ofrece alguna evidencia empírica para el caso español y se presenta una solución que combina los criterios de eficiencia y equidad.

Santiago Lago Peñas



Disertación sobre justicia y equidad  

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«Disertación sobre equidad y justicia» es básicamente una respuesta a una inquietud en particular que yo tenía sobre las distintas posiciones que existen sobre estos dos temas y cómo definir cuál es la más acertada. Hice una descripción del punto de vista de Amartya Sen -la violación de los derechos sobre la propiedad privada es justificable si evitan las hambrunas-

Sayuri P. Tamura



Reconstrução do ligamento cruzado anterior: impacto do desempenho muscular e funcional no retorno ao mesmo nível de atividade pré-lesão  

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RESUMO Introdução: A reconstrução do LCA objetiva restabelecer a biome- cânica e minimizar a instabilidade do joelho. Objetivo: comparar performance muscular, funcional e frouxidão ligamentar, entre voluntários que retornaram ao mesmo nível de atividade pré-lesão e aqueles que não retornaram, após a reconstrução ligamentar. Métodos: 25 homens, operados pelo mesmo cirurgião, com o ligamento patelar, via artroscopia e mais de

Lygia Paccini Lustosa; Sérgio Teixeira da Fonseca; Marco Antônio Percope de Andrade



Revisão sistemática sobre obesidade em adolescentes brasileiros  

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Resumo - O propósito deste estudo foi revisar, de forma sistemática, a literatura nacional sobre a prevalência e fatores associados à obesidade em adolescentes. A busca foi realizada nas bases de dados Pubmed e Bireme, através dos descritores: \\

Rafael Miranda Tassitano; Maria Cecília Marinho Tenório; Pedro C Hallal


[Reflexions about aging and work].  


This qualitative research has the aim to know the meaning of the aging process in the work market referring to the aged people. Six aged persons have participated in this research. The data were collected through an interview and were analyzed using the technique of thematically analyze. Three analytical categories emerged: the meaning of aging/to be aged; the meaning of work; the meaning of aging in the work. Concluding, this paper reinforces the theory that the capitalist societies attach excessive value to the work in the human being life. When it isn't into the life--because of the retirement or the unemployment--it compromises the quality of aging/to be aged of the person, mainly if skills and (individual, social and economical) conditions will lack participation and priority to others activities and values in her/his life. PMID:20922292

de Souza, Rosangela Ferreira; Matias, Hernani Aparecido; Brêtas, Ana Cristina Passarella




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Resumen. En este trabajo se presentan dos modelos para la predicción de fracturas óseas debidas respectivamente a sobrecargas no fisiológicas y a cargas fisiológicas actuantes sobre un tejido degradado. En lo que se refiere al primero, se plantea un criterio de fractura desde un punto de vista de Mecánica de Medios Continuos, es decir, macroscópico, pero incluyendo la dependencia de

M Doblaré; J. M García-Aznar; M. J. Gómez-Benito


Lo que usted necesita saber sobre? el cáncer

La serie de folletos Lo que usted necesita saber sobre? está diseñada para pacientes con cáncer y proporciona información sobre muchos tipos de cáncer. Cada folleto incluye información acerca de los síntomas, diagnóstico y tratamiento del cáncer. En todos los títulos de la serie, se ofrece también información adicional acerca de los problemas emocionales y preguntas para hacer al doctor.


Incontinencia fecal funcional en niños  

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ResumenLa incontinencia fecal se define como la evacuación de deposiciones fecales en un lugar inadecuado. Este molesto síntoma es el origen de malestar y turbación considerables tanto para el niño o niña como para su familia. La incontinencia fecal pediátrica puede dividirse en dos categorías principales: (1) Incontinencia fecal orgánica resultante, por ejemplo, de malformaciones anorrectales o anomalías neurógenas; (2)

Marloes E. J. Bongers; Marc A. Benninga



Sobre el estado evolutivo de ? Pictoris  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Desde el descubrimiento de fuertes excesos infrarrojos en ? Pictoris, esta estrella ha sido muy estudiada y es considerada candidata a poseer un sistema planetario propio. ? Pic está rodeada de un disco asimétrico de polvo que se observa de canto y que esta vacío a distancias <= 40 AU. Esto se considera una fuerte evidencia en favor de la presencia de (al menos) un planeta gigante. Recientemente se han observado líneas de material circunestelar que se han interpretado como consecuencia de la caída de objetos cometarios sobre esta estrella. Recientemente se ha utilizado la existencia del disco de polvo para atribuir una edad corta (pre - secuencia principal) a ?Pic. Sin embargo, la evaporación de estos cometas provee suficiente polvo como para explicar la presencia del disco observado sin necesidad de edades cortas. En este trabajo mostramos que la comparación entre la tasa de impactos cometarios estimada en el Sistema Solar para diferentes etapas de su evolución y los datos observados en ? Pic indica edades avanzadas para ? Pic. Esta estimación debe tomarse con cautela ya que depende de la estructura de los sistemas planetarios. Además mostramos que, desde el punto de vista de la evolución estelar y con las incertezas presentes en la luminosidad y la temperatura efectiva, existe un continuo de edades posible para ? Pic. Sin embargo, empleando los datos provenientes de los flujos cometarios encontramos que una edad prolongada es consistente con ambos tratamientos.

Brunini, A.; Benvenuto, O. G.


Opiniones de Arrow sobre la equidad, la eficiencia y la democracia  

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I. La función objetiva de la economía. Arrow (1975a, pp. 6-7) considera que el creciente papel del gobierno es tal vez la más grande de todas las tendencias contradictorias del capitalismo contemporáneo. Las metas y las funciones del gobierno difieren marcadamente de las perseguidas por empresas lucrativas. El crecimiento de su papel y su tamaño no podrá dejar de afectar

G. R. Feiwel



Consideraciones clínicas sobre la resorción radicular externa por impactación dentaria  

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La resorción externa por presión (RREP) consiste en una pérdida de tejido dentinario y cementario de las raíces dentarias que se origina a nivel del ligamento periodontal, ocasionada por presiones prolongadas y mantenidas sobre la raíz. Presentamos tres casos con diferente repercusión y tratamiento. Según el distinto grado de afecta­ ción se describe y clasifica el tratamiento de RREP a

Martínez Lozano MA; Forner Navarro L; Sánchez Cortés JL


Reflexions on the future of microsystems  

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The development of a new technology like microsystems is not only a technological step, but also a process of the society in correlations with many fields of our personal and social life. This paper has the intention of looking at the dynamics of microsystems in the field put up by technology, economy and society. The following are the three main

Walter Lang



Reflexions sur la Segmentation (Reflections on Segmentation).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Principle strategies and problems encountered by tested methods of segmentation are recalled. Images presenting specific problems are studied and different possible approaches are discussed. An attempt to define the apparent basic problem is made: methods...

M. Salotti



Información sobre el cáncer para hispanos y latinos

Cada vez más estadounidenses sobreviven al cáncer y continúan llevando vidas productivas. Sin embargo, muchos hispanos y latinos en los Estados Unidos no han escuchado este mensaje, y no se han beneficiado de los adelantos en los campos de la detección temprana y el tratamiento. El nuevo sitio web del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer,, lanzado el día 2 de abril de 2007, comunica enérgicamente el mensaje de que el cáncer puede prevenirse y tratarse, y ofrece, además, información sobre todos los aspectos de la enfermedad.


LOS DERECHOS DE PROPIEDAD SOBRE LA TIERRA Reglas de juego y cambios en su institucionalidad  

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Los derechos de propiedad sobre la tierra todavía son objeto de estudio en el siglo XXI, aunque ya debiera ser un tema superado, desde México hasta Argentina para sólo mencionar a Latinoamérica, hay cuestiones de la tierra por resolver y disculpas para asumir actitudes al respecto; aquí se presenta una revisión sobre los cambios que han sucedido últimamente en Colombia,

Ricardo Lozano Botache; José M. González Afanador; Diana M. Osma R



30 anos de investigação sobre externalidades do IDE para as empresas nacionais: que conclusões?  

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Resumo: Durante as últimas três décadas, surgiu uma vasta literatura sobre a existência potencial de externalidades do IDE para as empresas domésticas traduzidas em ganhos de produtividade. Esta ocorrência relaciona-se com o facto de as empresas multinacionais possuírem activos intangíveis que podem ser transmitidos às empresas domésticas. A análise empírica não dá, contudo, indicações claras sobre o fenómeno. Neste artigo,

Nuno Crespo; Maria Paula Fontoura



Recubrimientos sol-gel obtenidos por deposición electroforética (EPd) sobre metales  

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El proceso sol-gel es un método de gran interés para la producción de películas vítreas sobre metales, que actúan como barrera protectora frente a la oxidación y aumentan su resistencia a la corrosión. Se han obtenido recubrimientos inorgánicos e híbridos de distintas composiciones sobre distintos metales usando técnicas como inmersión, centrifugado y pulverización. Aunque estos métodos proporcionan recubrimientos con buenas



Recomendaciones para el tratamiento del estreñimiento funcional  

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Constipation is common in childhood. It can affect around 5–30% of the child population, depending on the criteria used for diagnosis. The currently recommended treatment is based on three main points: a) explanation, b) disimpaction and c) maintenance therapy consisting of diet changes, behavioural modification, and the use of laxatives.In the last decades treatment on disimpaction have changed radically from

A. Bautista Casasnovas; F. Argüelles Martín; L. Peña Quintana; I. Polanco Allué; F. Sánchez Ruiz; V. Varea Calderón



Transformaciones en el Discurso sobre la Epidemia al VIH como una Epidemia Sexuada - Paradojas y Enigmas en la Respuesta Global  

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Así como el discurso sobre sexualidad experimentó la influencia central de los procesos técnicos y políticos generados por la epidemia, igualmente el discurso global sobre la epidemia de SIDA a lo largo de tres décadas ha sido marcado por estos momentos cambiantes en el discurso sobre la sexualidad y su diversidad. Desde un momento inicial en que el SIDA fue

Carlos F. Cáceres


NCI Anuncia Contribuciones para Incrementar Acceso de Minorías a Información sobre el Cáncer

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) anunció este mes una variedad de contribuciones que totalizan casi 1 millón de dólares para ayudar a desarrollar la investigación y programas para comprender y finalmente romper la División Digital que existe en muchas poblaciones minoritarias para el acceso y uso de la información sobre el cáncer disponible en la Internet. Las contribuciones son un esfuerzo del Servicio de Información sobre el Cáncer (CIS), dependiente de la NCI, para trabajar con grupos y organizaciones regionales para el control del cáncer para probar estrategias destinadas a aumentar las comunicaciones sobre el cáncer en comunidades deficientemente atendidas


Sobre a largura da última superfície de espalhamento  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

De acordo com o modelo do "Big-Bang", no universo primordial a matéria estava em equilíbrio térmico com a radiação. Com a expansão a temperatura da radiação cai. Quando a temperatura chega em torno dos 4.000K, os espalhamentos diminuem, começando a recombinação dos prótons e elétrons em Hidrogênio neutro (era conhecida como da recombinação). Ao final da recombinação, os fótons se propagam livremente sofrendo, em princípio, somente os efeitos do "redshift" cosmológico. Esses fótons nos alcançam hoje como a radiação cósmica de fundo (RCF), e parecem vir de uma superfície esférica ao nosso redor, tal que o raio dela é a distância que ele viajou desde seu último espalhamento na época da recombinação. Naturalmente, esse processo não ocorreu abruptamente, implicando na existência de uma largura no espaço dos "redshifts" que deve depender do modelo cosmológico específico e dos processos físicos considerados. Neste trabalho analisamos os efeitos de diferentes modelos - a saber, aqueles com decaimento do vácuo L(t), criação de matéria, quintessência e gás de Chaplygin - sobre a última superfície de espalhamento da RCF, em particular sua largura e a função visibilidade, que determina a probabilidade de um fóton ter tido seu último espalhamento num "redshift" z. No caso particular dos modelos com decaimento do vácuo, existe uma forte dependência da função visibilidade com L(t). Tais efeitos poderão ser testados através da análise dos resultados de experimentos mais precisos que estão atualmente em andamento, como por exemplo, o WMAP.

Nobre, M. A. S.; Pires, N.; Lima, J. A. S.



Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer 1975-2002 con una sección especial sobre las tendencias de tratamiento: preguntas y respuestas

Las organizaciones oncológicas principales de la nación informan que el riesgo de los estadounidenses de morir de cáncer sigue disminuyendo y que las tasas de casos nuevos de cáncer permanecen estables. El Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer, de 1975 a 2002, señala que las tasas de mortalidad de cáncer que se observaron para todos los cánceres combinados disminuyeron 1,1 por ciento por año de 1993 a 2002.


El Servicio de Información sobre el Cáncer del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer

El Servicio de Información del Cáncer (CIS) del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer facilita la información más actualizada y precisa sobre el cáncer a pacientes, a sus familias, al público en general y a profesionales médicos. El CIS brinda respuestas personalizadas a preguntas específicas sobre el cáncer y asistencia a los fumadores que quieren abandonar el hábito. Comuníquese con el CIS al 1-800-422-6237 (1-800-4-CANCER) o al 1-877-448-7848 (1-877-44U-QUIT).


Prazer e perigo: notas sobre feminismo, sex-shops e S\\/M  

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O objeto deste artigo é o de discutir as novas conceituações sobre a sexualidade, desejo e corpo desenvolvidas pelas teorias feministas de origem anglo-saxã no exame da pornografia. Além de um mapeamento desta literatura, são analisados aspectos relacionados a novas formas de erotismo, a partir de pesquisa exploratória junto a sex-shops em São Francisco e Berkeley, EUA. São analisadas tendências

Maria Filomena Gregori




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A mediação social é um tema que nos últimos anos vem ganhando espaço nas discussões sobre o desenvolvimento rural, mais especificamente, nas questões referentes à intervenção para o desenvolvimento. Este processo compreende uma relação que se apresenta como uma “via de mão dupla”, ou seja, a via representa a relação, uma das mãos é os mediadores, e a outra é

Cidonea Machado Deponti; Jalcione Almeida



Influência do óleo de linhaça sobre o desempenho e a qualidade dos ovos de poedeiras semipesadas  

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RESUMO - O experimento foi conduzido para avaliar a influência da adição de óleo de linhaça em substituição ao óleo de soja em rações para poedeiras semipesadas sobre o desempenho e a qualidade interna e externa dos ovos. Utilizaram-se 192 poedeiras da linhagem Bovans Godline com 29 semanas de idade, distribuídas em seis tratamentos, que consistiram de uma dieta controle

Fernando Guilherme Perazzo Costa; Janete Gouveia de Souza; José Humberto Vilar da Silva; Carlos Bôa-Viagem Rabello; Cláudia de Castro Goulart; Raul da Cunha Lima Neto



Total Internal Reflexion and Huyghens' Construction: the Immersion Grating  

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IT is not uncommonly supposed that if light falls on a dense-rare interface at more than the critical angle, no energy can penetrate into the rarer medium. Several workers1 have shown that a certain amount of energy can penetrate a short distance, but that the disturbance is much attenuated and becomes negligible at a few wave-lengths distance from the interface.

G. L. Rogers



Att utbilda tjejer i datavetenskap - erfarenheter och reflexioner  

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På de utbildningsprogram som institutionen för datavetenskap ger är andelen kvinnliga studenter omkring 10%. Detta är naturligtvis en oacceptabel situation, både för institu- tionen, för kvinnorna vid institutionen och för kvinnor i allmänhet. För några år sedan började frågan om varför vi har denna situation att bli allt mer akut. Av flera skäl beslöt institutionen att försöka organisera arbetet med

Lena Kallin; Marie Nordström; Lena Palmquist


[Some criminological and psychopathologic reflexions about serial crimes].  


This article reviews the concept of serial crime, including murder as well as any action for the purpose of inflicting bodily harm upon any person. It characterizes three types of multi-murderers: serial killers, mass murderers, and spree killers. These offenders often have a specific (ritual) behavior that is idiosyncratic and repeated on each crime, which allows the psychological profiling of the murderer. Examples, a psychopathological background, and a description of both their criminal behavior and dynamics are provided for each of these criminals. They are further classified according to their different motivations: psychotic, prophetic or enlightened, pleasure, secondary or pecuniary profits, power or control. Finally, the author shares his personal experience over 20 years in the assessment of sexual offenders. PMID:22091451

Romi, Juan Carlos



Reflexions on the identity and the practice of child psychiatry.  


?he issue of the professional identity is salient for any medical discipline but especially for these, like child psychiatry and perhaps psychiatry, where the professional is the principal "instrument" in the assessment and in providing interventions. The Ericksonian view on identity implies self-sameness, continuity and synthesis which the child psychiatry as a specialty and child psychiatrists as professionals are to achieve more or less successfully. As a professional, the child psychiatrist is directed to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders and associated problems in children and adolescents viewing children as developing biopsychological entities being in ongoing co-influencing interaction with their immediate and wider societal contexts. As a discipline, child and adolescent psychiatry needs to integrate developmental biological and psychological aspects, and holistic child-centered and family-focused perspectives. Child psychiatry is to integrate not only various aspects of the child as individual and of his environments as they are, but also in their diachronic dimension. As child psychiatrists, in my view, we must keep integrated in our professional armamentarium the consideration for intra- and interpersonal processes. In that perspective, of special value is the appreciation of setting, of timing, and of interpersonal processes in their interaction with intrapersonal ones. In addition, being both child-centered and family-focused, we need a systemic literacy to look at the families and of children as part of them. Apart from evidence-based information and clinical skills, we need some mature attitude to helpfully use our knowledge and skills. This attitude can transcend the state of the art professional algorithms; rather it integrates and not just imitates them. It cautions against too much enthusiasm in following the pendulum. It implies awareness of some reasonable limit to the urge to change the children and families. In fact, many developmentally and behaviorally disabled children need not only attempts to correction, but also some help to live and develop more successfully with their handicaps. Here, if not everywhere, a facilitating discovery and building on patient's personal assets professional approach is needed. The international integration of "child psychiatries" of different countries and world's regions is valuable, and not only with reference to elaborating on and further developing child psychiatry as a theory and practice, but in the view of international co-support, which being almost everywhere under-served child psychiatry and its potential patients-children, adolescents and families-necessitate. PMID:24185089

Terziev, D



Reflexion tomography: what information is comprised in the incoming times.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Tomography, or incoming time inversion, is used for underground structure determination. The aim of this study is to examine the physical instabilities that hinder its utilization. Sensibility to data small pertubations and to model discretization variati...

F. Delprat-Jannaud



Pseudo-stationary Mach reflexion of shock waves  

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Results are reported from a Monte Carlo simulation of pseudo-stationary oblique shock wave reflection from a wedge. A molecular level resolution was obtained by simulating about 10,000 monatomic gas particles moving at a constant Mach 3 velocity and following their positions in phase space. The boundary layer at the wedge was found to shift the transition to Mach reflection to

F. Seiler



[Some reflexions to guide the parents toward adoption].  


The successive steps of the long way facing all French couples applying for child adoption are described. Main problems are the legal adoption authorization, the origin of children (French children under the care of the State, foreign children either through private institutions or after an individual approach). Pediatricians play an important role in counselling and evaluating the health status of the children (study of medical files, requests for biochemical tests) before the formal decision is made. PMID:2082853

Choulot, J J



Attenuation of Multiple Reflexions in the (P-tau) Plane.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

To remove or at least, attenuate the multiple reflections (which hinders the geological interpretation) two techniques are generally used: multiple coverage and predictive deconvolution. A new type of seismic data handling is present-day these last years:...

A. Agoudjil




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RESUMO ñ O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar o efeito da adiÁªo de dois tipos de aditivos minerais (microssÌlica e metacaulim) sobre as propriedades de chapas de cimento-madeira, aplicando-se diferentes teores aditivos (0, 20 e 30%). O aglomerante empregado na produÁªo dos painØis foi o cimento Portland tipo ARI, juntamente com partÌculas de madeira de Eucalyptus urophylla. Os resultados indicaram

Gilmar Correia Silva; Jair Figueiredo




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Resumo Pretendeu-se identificar as percepções de professores de 1ºCEB, sobre as suas dificuldades sobre a educação sexual e analisar alguns factores individuais com influência nestas concepções. Os dados recolhidos por um questionário construído para o efeito foram tratados estatisticamente no programa SPSS. Os resultados sugerem maiores dificuldades na área de expressões da sexualidade e menores na de relações interpessoais. Como



El modelo de funcionamiento económico en cuba y sus transformaciones. Seis ejes articuladores para su análisis  

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La Economía se ha convertido en el tema central de discusión en la Cuba del 2011. La dirección del Partido Comunista ha impulsado el debate masivo argumentando la necesidad de “actualizar el modelo económico cubano”. Sin embargo, la mayoría de las propuestas y reflexiones suscitadas, incluidos los Lineamientos aprobados durante el VI Congreso del PCC, se erigen sobre la base

Oscar Fernández Estrada



O que bil?ngues bimodais t?m a nos dizer sobre desenvolvimento bil?ngue?  

PubMed Central

O objetivo deste trabalho é apresentar o que as pesquisas que estamos desenvolvendo com crianças ouvintes, filhas de pais surdos, adquirindo Língua Brasileira de Sinais (Libras) e Português e Língua de Sinais Americana (ASL) e Inglês (Lillo-Martin et al. 2010) têm a nos dizer sobre desenvolvimento bilíngue. Os dados deste estudo fazem parte de um banco de dados de interações espontâneas coletadas longitudinalmente, alternando contextos de aquisição da Libras e do português como língua alvo, no Brasil e dados coletados longitudinalmente. nos mesmos contextos, de crianças adquirindo ASL e inglês1. Além disso, há também dados do estudo experimental com testes aplicados nos dois pares de línguas que se agregam ao presente estudo. Uma visão geral dos estudos desenvolvidos sobre a aquisição bilíngue bimodal por crianças ouvintes, filhas de pais surdos, será apresentada e, então, serão expostos alguns aspectos linguísticos deste tipo de aquisição, considerando as discussões sobre aquisição bilíngue a partir da pesquisa realizada.

de Quadros, Ronice Muller; Lillo-Martin, Diane; Pichler, Deborah Chen



Teorí­as de primer y segundo orden sobre el potencial de ciertas figuras de equilibrio de cuerpos celestes  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Uno de los problemas que aborda la Mecánica Celeste es la determinación de las figuras de equilibrio de los cuerpos celestes. Para investigar su solución mediante métodos directos, se precisa evaluar el potencial generado por su autogravitación, el generado por su fuerza centrí­fuga y el generado por la fuerza de atracción entre los cuerpos. Los métodos clásicos de Finlay y Kopal que afrontan estos problemas, para determinar el potencial autogravitatorio en las configuraciones de equilibrio, emplean desarrollos en serie de los potenciales interior y exterior del potencial autogravitatorio. Estos métodos incurren en el error de suponer la convergencia en capas donde resulta cuestionable dicha convergencia para estos desarrollos en serie. En este trabajo se han elaborado unos algoritmos que contemplan toda la casuí&stica y que permiten una manipulación efic iente del producto de polinomios de Legendre, del producto de funciones asociada s de Legendre y del producto de armónicos esféricos como combinacióon lineal de ellos mismos, respectivamente. Se han obtenido, para primer y segundo orden en las amplitudes, los desarrollos correctos para los potencial es interior y exterior del potencial autogravitatorio para configuraciones de equilibrio aisladas, y , en primer orden de amplitudes, los mismos potenciales para los sistemas binarios próximos. Se ha elaborado un método analítico, en primer orden respecto de las amplitudes, para la determinación del potencial de marea en sistemas binarios próximos en el cual se manifiesta la forma de la componente secundaria del sistema

Gumbau, Manuel Forner




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El objetivo de esta investigación fue determinar si las disposiciones fiscales del artículo 215 de la Ley del Impuesto sobre la Renta (LISR), sobre precios de transferencia a las empresas partes relacionadas, a las cuales les indica que deberán apegarse a la Guía de la Organización para la Cooperación y el Desarrollo Económico (OCDE), violentan los principios de constitucionalidad, legalidad

Martha Luisa Puente Esparza; J. Humberto González Álvarez




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RESUMEN: La creciente explosión demográfica, sobre todo en los países subdesarrollados, como lo es México, se han dado a la tarea de aumentar los productos alimentarios de origen animal por citar un ejemplo, la explotación de ovinos, mismo que a su vez se buscan nuevas alternativas para su alimentación, sobre todo con costos mínimos, por ello la utilización de recursos

O. S. Escamilla Gallegos; P. Zárate Fortuna; M. Rodríguez Morales; J. García Jiménez; M. González



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RESUMEN: Introducción: Con entrenamiento adecuado, los estudiantes de medicina pueden convertirse en lí- deres de opinión con futura injerencia sobre las políticas de salud, así como ayudar al público a en- tender las consecuencias de los embarazos indeseados y del aborto. El objetivo del presente estudio ha sido examinar el nivel de conocimientos sobre métodos anticonceptivos (MAC) previos al inicio

Guillermo Horacio; Cáceres Pallavidino; Echevarría Avellaneda; Domingo José Pomares


O Debate sobre a Homossexualidade Mediado por Representações Sociais: Perspectivas Homossexuais e Heterossexuais The Debate on Homosexuality Mediated by Social Representations: Homosexual and Heterosexual Perspectives  

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Resumo O objetivo deste trabalho foi estudar as representações sociais da homossexualidade entre estudantes universitários, segundo orientação sexual e sexo. Foram aplicadas uma questão de associação livre sobre a palavra homossexualidade e outra sobre as possíveis causas da mesma, sendo os dados analisados segundo os princípios da análise de conteúdo. Houve diferenças significativas entre os grupos, possibilitando-nos encontrar diferentes maneiras

Anderson Scardua; Edson Alves de Souza


NCI en el congreso de ASCO: Breve reseña de los resultados de investigaciones sobre cánceres en mujeres

En el congreso anual de la Sociedad Americana de Oncología Clínica (ASCO) 2014 celebrado en junio en Chicago, se destacaron los resultados de varios estudios clínicos patrocinados por el NCI sobre cánceres en la mujer. En su conjunto, estos resultados representan avances importantes en nuestra comprensión de cómo tratar estas enfermedades y mejorar las vidas de quienes se ven afectadas por ellas.



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Resumen. En este trabajo se analiza el efecto ejercido por tres tipos de recubrimientos superficiales sobre las prestaciones frente al desgaste y la fatiga de una aleación de aluminio 7075, en estado T6, solubilización y maduración al pico de máxima resistencia. Los recubrimientos analizados fueron la deposición mediante la técnica de PVD de una capa de bisulfuro de molibdeno dopada

D. González; M. Brizuela; G. Atxaga; A. M. Irisarri; B. Zamorano



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O presente trabalho teve como objectivo avaliar a eficácia dos tratamentos contra as infestantes e os efeitos colaterais sobre os artrópodes existentes no solo. Para este efeito, delinearam-se cinco modalidades: Roundup Ultra, Basta S, mobilização superficial, monda térmica e ainda uma modalidade de referência, não intervencionada (Testemunha). Foram efectuadas contagens e identificação das infestantes e de artrópodes existentes no solo,

Carlos VEIGA; Catarina LOURENÇO; Francisco VIEIRA


Datos sobre la biometría del Pájaro moscón (Remiz pendulinus) en la provincia de Alicante (SE de España)  

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Aquesta nota presenta dades biomètriques sobre la longitud de l'ala i el pes del teixidor en una localitat d'hivernada de la provincia d'Alacant. Es va obtenir una mitjana de la longitud de l'ala de 55,88 mm (SD= 1,85; n= 51), amb un rang de 51-60 mm. La mitjana del pes va ser 9,33 g (SD=0,52; n=51) (8-10,5). No es van

Ignacio García Peiró



Cálculo de una losa de pavimento apoyada en toda su extensión sobre una base granular con carga de esquina  

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Se desarrolla el cálculo de un losa firme de hormigón apoyada sobre una base granular de módulo de reacción ?.\\u000aEl método ideado para este cálculo se basa en suponer las ecuaciones dadas por la elasticidad, válidas a cierta\\u000adistancia de los puntos de aplicación de las cargas (hipótesis de Saint-Venant), considerando un estado de\\u000adeformación cilíndrica. Para aplicar dichas

Javier Jenaro Mac-Lennan



Estudio sobre las dosis de radiación y los riesgos de cáncer causados por la prueba atómica “Trinity” realizada en 1945

El NCI tiene planeado realizar entrevistas en profundidad para determinar cuál era la alimentación característica de las poblaciones indígenas americanas, hispanas (latinas) y chicanas que vivían en New Mexico a mediados de 1940 y utilizar información fácilmente disponible sobre la alimentación y el estilo de vida de las poblaciones blancas. Estas entrevistas representan un paso importante para hacer estimaciones de las dosis de radiación generadas por la prueba Trinity.



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En los últimos años los investigadores han mostrado un creciente interés en las relaciones interorganizativas verticales, principalmente en la Cadena de Suministro. La ausencia de trabajos previos de revisión bibliográfica sobre este tema, que permitan plantear las cuestiones clave a estudiar en Gestión de la Cadena de Suministro, nos ha llevado a realizar un análisis de contenido de la investigación

M. T. Martínez Fernández; T Vallet Bellmunt; R. Barreda Tarrazona



Algunos efectos del mercado único europeo sobre la economía española: Un análisis a través de un modelo de equilibrio general aplicado  

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En este trabajo se examinan algunos efectos de la aplicación de las normas del Mercado Único europeo sobre la economía española. La metodología se basa en simulaciones a partir de un modelo de equilibrio general aplicado especialmente diseñado al efecto. El modelo tiene dos características particulares: por una parte, se incluyen aspectos de competencia imperfecta tales como rendimientos crecientes a

Antonio G. Gómez-Plana; Oscar Bajo-Rubio


Efeito do nível de concentrado sobre o peso dos órgãos internos e do conteúdo gastrintestinal de bovinos Nelore não-castrados  

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RESUMO - O efeito de cinco níveis de concentrado na dieta foi avaliado sobre o conteúdo do trato gastrintestinal e o peso dos órgãos internos e dos compartimentos gastrintestinais de bovinos Nelore não-castrados. Vinte e cinco animais com peso médio de 330 kg e idade média de 20 meses foram distribuídos, em delineamento inteiramente casualizado, em cinco tratamentos com diferentes

Antonia Sherlânea Chaves Véras; Sebastião de Campos Valadares Filho; José Fernando Coelho da Silva; Mário Fonseca Paulino; Paulo Roberto Cecon; Rilene Ferreira Diniz Valadares; Marcelo de Andrade Ferreira; Cristina Maria Sá Fontes



Entrevista a Leandro Cañibano, presidente de la Asociación Española de Contabilidad y Administración de Empresas, sobre las Normas Internacionales de Información Financiera (NIIF)  

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Entrevista a Leandro Cañibano, presidente de la Asociación Española de Contabilidad y Administración de Empresas, sobre las Normas Internacionales de Información Financiera (NIIF). Interview to Leandro Cañibano, president of the Spanish Accounting Association of Business Administration, on the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Leandro Cañibano




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Se detennino el efecto de hacer el desle- Cultural practices to control of mango chado de frutos de mango en el suelo y sobre una stem-end rot caused by Botryodiplodia theo- lamina de hierro galvanizado (lamina de zinc), bromaes Pat. The following practices were eva- eliminando 0 dejando el pedunculo para ambos luated for the control of stem-end rot of

Eugenia Gonzalez; Gerardina Umana; Luis Felipe Arauz


Earthquakes in the context of the natural and man-made events. An epidemiologic reflexion  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In the last few years a great interest has been growing for studying, in a detailed way, the impact of natural and man-made disasters, by quantifying their consequences on the human community. Such interest could only be possible due to the easier way the information circulates nowadays and how it can be made available to interested persons. We consulted a few elements of published information from a wide variety of sources and compared with elements gathered by ourselves. Many consulted results are taken from the insurance industry, especially from recent years; others from books or through the internet. A brief discussion on the kind of quality that the information should exhibit is made for a few cases. Earthquakes are analysed in the context of natural and man-made disasters, and statistics are shown for the 20th century, with greater emphasis in its second half. Data refers mainly the number of events, classifying them, number of deaths, injuries and homeless, and economic direct impact. In many instances the values by different sources present large uncertainties, especially in what concerns the economic impact. Time evolution is viewed considering the growing of population, housing and industry and the implementation of seismic codes. More precise data from recent years are used to confront the numbers referring larger periods of time. Comparisons are established among the various types of events at the world and regional levels, in order to define an index for the perception of risks. A recommendation for the setting common databases at the international level with this data is strongly made in order to reduce uncertainties and cover more wide fields of information

Oliveira, C. S.



Reflexion Mössbauer analysis of the in situ oxidation products of hydroxycarbonate green rust  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The purpose of this study is to determine the nature of the oxidation products of FeII-III hydroxycarbonate FeII4FeIII2(OH)12CO3·3H2O (green rust GR(CO32-)) by using the miniaturised Mössbauer spectrometer MIMOS II. Two Mössbauer measurements methods are used: method (i) with green rust pastes coated with glycerol and spread into Plexiglas sample holders, and method (ii) with green rust pastes in the same sample holders but introduced into a gas-tight cell with a beryllium window under a continuous nitrogen flow. Method (ii) allows us to follow the continuous deprotonation of GR(CO32-) into the fully ferric deprotonated form FeIII6O4(OH)8CO3·3H2O by adding the correct amount of H2O2, without any further oxidation or degradation of the samples.

Naille, S.; Abdelmoula, M.; Louber, D.; Moulin, J.-P.; Ruby, C.



Reflexiones del Metodo de Investigacion, Consultoria e Innovacion en Sistemas de Gestion de Empresas Agropecuarias  

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The evolution of the subject of Research on Technology Transfer and Agroindustrial Development at the Facultad de Estudios Superiores Cuautitlán UNAM (School of Advanced Studies at Cuatitlan UNAM) converges with the generation of agricultural business management systems and with the consultancy service and training, as a University-Company articulation strategy; with the purpose of awakening business people's interests in order to

Jose Luis Ruiz Guzman; Alfredo Aguilar Valdes; Gerardo Gomez Gonzalez; Javier Ruiz Ledezma



La traduction: pratique reflexive, reflexion pratique (Translation: Reflective Practice, Practical Reflection).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

It is proposed that, in regard to the question of whether linguistic theory is a friend of the literary translator, the imposed opposition of theory and practice gets in the way of working from the basis of the implied discourse that supports literature's communicative function. (MSE)

Forget, Philippe



[Reflexions about the curricula at the faculty of medicine in the XXI century].  


In this paper we review the main medical programs from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) faculty of medicine in the first seventy-five years of twentieth century. We have selected those instances that are representative of special moments in the development of Mexican medical knowledge, and also corresponding to the need to prepare medical students in view of social demands. The first programs are those of Ignacio Chavez in 1934, concerned mainly with the introduction into the curricula of medical specialties such as cardiology or neurology. After those, the 1956 and 1960 programs are mentioned and briefly analyzed; both were founded on the concern to develop a clinical reasoning in the student. Finally, the 1974 Integral General Medicine Program directed its interest to social and environmental themes. PMID:21527967

Viesca Treviño, Carlos



El valor epistemológico del concepto del espacio en el análisis de la dinámica transcultural. Reflexiones metodológicas  

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El presente trabajo propone una congenialidad entre las posiciones postcoloniales de la antropología y muchos elementos de la técnica y teoría psicoanalítica. La antropología postcolonial, que, en parte, se apoya en el constructivismo y la teoría de la práctica de Foucault, ha desencadenado una amplia discusión acerca de este tema (\\

Maya Nadig



[Cranial asymmetries. Reflexions on plagiocephalies. Premature sutural synostosis or extracranial origin?].  


The authors relate a clinical and radiological (X Ray and TDM tridimensional) study with an anthropological (dry skulls) study of plagiocephaly. The aim is to find with the aid of a physical examination, some anatomic parameters which permit to differentiate cranial asymmetry with coronal premature synostotic suture from functional deformation with extracranial outset. The term plagiocephaly is used to define forehead asymmetry. It is necessary to study orbital rim, nasal root, malar eminence, ear and chin mid point position. The morphology of the skull is important to look: frontal flattering and also occipital flattering or bulging, contra-lateral frontal and pterional aera bulging. The authors conclude that a single parameter is necessary to differentiate the two kinds of plagiocephaly: the petrous bone position on the flattened frontal side: sagittalisation: fonctionnal plagiocephaly; frontalisation: synostotic plagiocephaly. PMID:7870251

Czorny, A; Yettou, H; Forlodou, P; Ricbourg, B; Jacquet, G; Godard, J



[Paradise lost - Reflexion of preterm birth from the perspective after a brain injury. A case study].  


This case study describes the history of an older person, born in 1942 preterminally, who suffered from a brain injury in 2005. Problems in rehabilitation elicited the search for a new meaning in life. In analysing and interpreting the brain injury, preterm birth played a crucial role. The theme of lifelong compensation of deficits, caused by preterm birth, gained new importance. The consequences of brain injury left unsuccessful his former modes of compensation. He was confronted with finding new strategies in order to counterbalance the growing decompensation. This report is based on and was developed through respect for the principles of user involvement in research. PMID:21480177

Cignacco, Eva; Zuñiga, Franziska; Kurth, Elisabeth



Left-Deviating Prism Adaptation in Left Neglect Patient: Reflexions on a Negative Result  

PubMed Central

Adaptation to right-deviating prisms is a promising intervention for the rehabilitation of patients with left spatial neglect. In order to test the lateral specificity of prism adaptation on left neglect, the present study evaluated the effect of left-deviating prism on straight-ahead pointing movements and on several classical neuropsychological tests in a group of five right brain-damaged patients with left spatial neglect. A group of healthy subjects was also included for comparison purposes. After a single session of exposing simple manual pointing to left-deviating prisms, contrary to healthy controls, none of the patients showed a reliable change of the straight-ahead pointing movement in the dark. No significant modification of attentional paper-and-pencil tasks was either observed immediately or 2 hours after prism adaptation. These results suggest that the therapeutic effect of prism adaptation on left spatial neglect relies on a specific lateralized mechanism. Evidence for a directional effect for prism adaptation both in terms of the side of the visuomanual adaptation and therefore possibly in terms of the side of brain affected by the stimulation is discussed.

Luaute, Jacques; Jacquin-Courtois, Sophie; O'Shea, Jacinta; Christophe, Laure; Rode, Gilles; Boisson, Dominique; Rossetti, Yves



El presidente Obama anuncia nombramiento del doctor Harold Varmus

En los últimos cinco años como director del NCI, y en otras funciones ejercidas durante muchos años, he disfrutado ampliamente cada oportunidad que he tenido de visitar los laboratorios y las oficinas, desde Bethesda hasta Frederick, para conocer en persona a los miembros del personal y compartir mis opiniones sobre temas importantes en torno a la ciencia y al manejo de este gran Instituto.


El enfoque de sistemas y de contingencias aplicado al proceso administrativo  

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El presente artículo corresponde a una reflexión sobre el proceso administrativo de las organizaciones (las funciones de planeación, organización, dirección o influencia y control) desde la perspectiva del enfoque de sistemas y de contingencias. Para ello se abordan los planteamientos más representativos de los distintos enfoques, desde el enfoque clásico, hasta los aportes más contemporáneos. El artículo finaliza con una

Francisco Velásquez Vasquez



Mecanismos de plasticidad (funcional y dependiente de actividad) en el cerebro auditivo adulto y en desarrollo  

PubMed Central

Summary Introduction and development Sensory systems show a topographic representation of the sensory epithelium in the central nervous system. In the auditory system this representation originates tonotopic maps. For the last four decades these changes in tonotopic maps have been widely studied either after peripheral mechanical lesions or by exposing animals to an augmented acoustic environment. These sensory manipulations induce plastic reorganizations in the tonotopic map of the auditory cortex. By contrast, acoustic trauma does not seem to induce functional plasticity at subcortical nuclei. Mechanisms that generate these changes differ in their molecular basis and temporal course and we can distinguish two different mechanisms: those involving an active reorganization process, and those that show a simple reflection of the loss of peripheral afferences. Only the former involve a genuine process of plastic reorganization. Neuronal plasticity is critical for the normal development and function of the adult auditory system, as well as for the rehabilitation needed after the implantation of auditory prostheses. However, development of plasticity can also generate abnormal sensation like tinnitus. Recently, a new concept in neurobiology so-called ‘neuronal stability’ has emerged and its implications and conceptual basis could help to improve the treatments of hearing loss. Conclusion A combination of neuronal plasticity and stability is suggested as a powerful and promising future strategy in the design of new treatments of hearing loss.

Izquierdo, M.A.; Oliver, D.L.; Malmierca, M.S.



Espanol para el hispanohablante. Funcion y nocion (Spanish for the Spanish Speaker. Function and Notion).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A guide to the development of Spanish-language curricula for Spanish-speaking secondary students is intended to help teachers and administrators design programs building on students' existing language strengths. The recommended instructional approach is functional-notional, and local districts are encouraged to use it to adapt their textbooks and…

Blanco, George M.; And Others


Musings on "Densidades, Potenciales y Funciones Asociadas a una Galaxia Reducida" by Poveda et al. (1960)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present a critical review on the paper "Densities, Potentials and related functions for a spherical reduced galaxy" by A. Poveda, R. Iturriaga, and I. Orozco published in 1960 in the Boletín de los Observatorios de Tonantzintla y Tacubaya (BOTT), 2, 20, 3.

López-Cruz, O.; Aguilar, L. A.; Añorve, C.



Deterioro de la capacidad funcional en pacientes ancianos ingresados en un Servicio de Medicina Interna  

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To determine the functional status in elderly patients after a hospita- lisation in an Internal Medicine unit. We prospectively studied patients aged 80 or above hospitalised in the Hospital Provincial de Ciudad Real in an Internal Medicine unit, bet- ween February and July, 2003. The functional status was determined by Barthel Index. We examined 206 patients (77,4%). They showed a

M. D. Mañas; E. Marchán; C. Conde; S. Sánchez; T. Sánchez-Maroto; M. C. Molina




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Regulatory functions of the Supervisor of Higher Education in Puebla, Mexico The Mexican educational system is regulated by law and standards since the Constitution of the Mexican United States came in force. Within the educational system there are different areas at the nation level as well as at state or city levels which are also ruled by the Constitution and

Eva Hortensia; Cházaro Arellano



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Resumen Se llevó a cabo la evaluación del cultivo de Pleurotus ostreatus, para determinar el residuo sobre el cual este hongo genera mejor crecimiento y producción. Los sustratos evaluados fueron residuos agroindustriales del departamento de Cundinamarca (capacho de uchuva, cáscara de arveja y tusa de maíz); teniendo como sustrato control el aserrín de roble. Las mezclas a evaluar fueron empacadas

Claudia López-Rodríguez; Ricardo Hernández-Corredor; Christian Suárez-Franco; Marta Borrero; Facultad de Ciencias



La implementación de acuerdos comerciales preferenciales en América Latina: Las experiencias de CH, CR, ES, PE en la implementación de las disposiciones sobre acceso a mercados en el marco de los tratados de libre comercio con Estados Unidos  

Microsoft Academic Search

Este estudio abordará los desafíos y dificultades asociadas con la implementación y administración de las disposiciones sobre acceso a mercados, con especial énfasis en aquellas relacionadas con aduanas y facilitación del comercio. El análisis se realizará para los Tratados de Libre Comercio de Chile - EE.UU; Perú - EE.UU y para el Tratado de Libre Comercio entre Estados Unidos, Centroamérica

Juan Luis Zuñiga; Brian Rankin Staples



Effects of dietary lipid level on growth, survival and body composition of Brazilian codling (Urophycis brasiliensis Kaup, 1858) Efecto de los niveles de lípidos dietarios sobre el crecimiento, supervivencia y composición proximal de la brótola (Urophycis brasiliensis Kaup, 1858)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumen.- El objetivo del presente trabajo es determinar la influencia de los niveles de lípidos en dietas formuladas sobre el crecimiento, supervivencia, índice hepatosomático (HSI) y composición proximal del músculo e hígado de la brótola. Se fabricaron tres dietas diferentes (40% proteína cruda) con 3%, 6% y 10% de aceite de pescado, obteniendo un 5%, 8% y 11% de lípidos

Sergio N. Bolasina; Jorge L. Fenucci



· • Estudo baseado na teoria piagetiana sobre a fidelidade em dois contos de As Mil e uma Noites na versão de Galland 1 Study based on Piaget's theory about fidelity in two stories extracted from \\  

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Resumo: Caracteriza-se por um estudo teórico numa visão piagetiana sobre dois contos da coletânea As Mil e uma Noites na versão de Galland. O objetivo é analisar, nas narrativas, a virtude e a fidelidade, verificando se as relações entre os personagens são mantidas pelo amor, pelo respeito mútuo e relações de eqüidade ou pelo medo e obediência apresentado entre os

Luana Carramillo Going


Imagerie par contraste en reflexion ou transmission lors d'une procedure par laser au dioxyde de carbone  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The use of laser micromachining is now reaching maturity. Laser micromachining is now competing with traditional methods in procedures such as welding, cutting or melting. This thesis will focus on various aspects of the uses of laser in the industry. In each aspect we are drawing our attention on the method to image a given procedure in real-time. In this manuscript we are applying Maxwell's equations to describe the propagation of an electromagnetic wave across various interfaces between media. The approach is tantamount to using Fresnel equation by taking into account the thickness between two successive interfaces bounding a given medium. This theory becomes useful when investigating the evaporation of matter, welding of two dissimilar materials and etching at the surface of a substrate. The progression of welding and etching will be imaged in real-time using an effect of contrast. Various planes of observation that are available in our set-up will allow us to draw firm conclusions in real-time as the procedure develops. Using the principle of contrasting regions it was found that the progression of a laser procedure can be imaged and give interesting details as it evolves in time. It will be also possible to determine when it is time to stop the operation during a laser procedure when a substance evaporates on a substrate. In the case of a laser welding procedure, it will be shown that the imaging method can give some information about the quality of a weld between two different materials. Lastly, it will also be shown that we can image a laser etching procedure by using the contrast of reflectance in neighbouring regions.

Bourdon, Alexandre


Pedagogie des Langues et Prospective: Reflexions Pour 1984 (Language Instruction and the Future: Reflections for 1984). Melanges Pedagogiques, 1971.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article explores the possible language teaching situation for the generation born in 1964, with a view toward preparing for the challenges that 1984 will bring. A large percentage of the French population will find a second European language indispensable. To this end, secondary education will have to become an arena of linguistic…

Chalon, Y.



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ReSUMeN Objetivo: Determinar el nivel de conocimientos sobre el VIH\\/SIDA y las prácticas sexuales de los escolares de 14 a 17 años de la ciudad de Tacna, Perú. Materiales y métodos: Estudio transversal realizado entre septiembre y noviembre del 2004, se realizó un muestreo probabilística bietápico por conglomerados en instituciones educativas nacionales y privadas. Se incluyeron 399 escolares que respondieron

Fresia Catacora-López; Javier Villanueva-Roque


Efecto de la fertilización sobre la calidad de la papa para procesamiento en dos suelos antioqueños con propiedades ándicas Effects of fertilization on the industrial quality of potato in two antioquian Andisol soils  

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En este estudio se evaluó el efecto de tres niveles de NPK a la siembra (500, 1.500 y 3.000 kg·ha -1 ) en combinación con Ca (0, 2, 3 y 7 meq·100g -1 ), Mg (0; 0,7; 1,4 y 3,0 meq·100g -1 ), B (0; 0,5; 1,0 y 2,0 ppm) y S (0, 10, 20 y 40 ppm) sobre el

José M. Cotes




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Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world due to its organoleptic properties and its ability to keep individuals alert. However, its consumption is frequently associated with negative health effects. This paper reviews the most recent information about the relation between coffee and health. A number of epidemiological studies carried out in the last decade consistently

Martín Gotteland; Saturnino de Pablo V



Sobre el origen del código  

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There are several experimental evidences suggesting a primeval world where ribonucleic acid (RNA) was responsible of both code for genetic information, and of catalyze a limited number of reactions. Within this \\

Genético Fumiyoshi Watanabe; Michelle Robles; José A. García



Propiedades de Calidad de Servicio en el Descubrimiento de Recursos Grid  

Microsoft Academic Search

Uno de los problemas abiertos en el contexto de las Arquitecturas Orientadas a Servicios es del descubrimiento de recursos y\\/o servicios adecuados para llevar a cabo una tarea determinada. Los proveedores de informaci?n Grid b?sicamente ofrecen informaci?n funcional sobre los recursos Grid que monitorizan, por lo que los modelos de informaci?n Grid b?sicamente representan esta informaci?n sint?ctica, y los consumidores

D. Buj'an-Carballal; 'Oscar Corcho; J. D'iaz-Labrador



Educacion Ambiental en las Escuelas: Creando una Programa que Funcione! (Environmental Education in the Schools: Creating a Program That Works!).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This book is a manual that enables teachers to formulate an effective program of environmental education across multiple grade levels and cultural settings. A section provides tips for using the book, followed by nine chapters dealing with different aspects of developing and implementing an environmental education program. Chapter 1 presents a…

Braus, Judy A.; Wood, David


[The Spanish AIDS study group and Spanish national AIDS plan (GESIDA/Secretaría del plan nacional sobre el Sida) recommendations for the treatment of tuberculosis in HIV-infected individuals (Updated January 2013)].  


This consensus document was prepared by an expert panel of the Grupo de Estudio de Sida (GESIDA [Spanish AIDS Study Group]) and the Plan Nacional sobre el Sida (PNS [Spanish National AIDS Plan]). The document updates current guidelines on the treatment of tuberculosis (TB) in HIV-infected individuals contained in the guidelines on the treatment of opportunistic infections published by GESIDA and PNS in 2008. The document aims to facilitate the management and treatment of HIV-infected patients with TB in Spain, and includes specific sections and recommendations on the treatment of drug-sensitive TB, multidrug-resistant TB, and extensively drug-resistant TB, in this population. The consensus guidelines also make recommendations on the treatment of HIV-infected patients with TB in special situations, such as chronic liver disease, pregnancy, kidney failure, and transplantation. Recommendations are made on the timing and initial regimens of antiretroviral therapy in patients with TB, and on immune reconstitution syndrome in HIV-infected patients with TB who are receiving antiretroviral therapy. The document does not cover the diagnosis of TB, diagnosis/treatment of latent TB, or treatment of TB in children. The quality of the evidence was evaluated and the recommendations graded using the approach of the Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation Working Group. PMID:23541879

Rivero, Antonio; Pulido, Federico; Caylá, Joan; Iribarren, José A; Miró, José M; Moreno, Santiago; Pérez-Camacho, Inés



Algumas Considerações Sobre a Sazonalidade no IPCA  

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This article presents the results of the analysis of IPCA (Consumer Price Index) seasonality and its items in the period between January 1995 and December 2000. The discussion is based in the points surveyed by Bryan and Cecchetti (1995) regarding the idiosyncratic feature in the seasoning changes of the prices which imply that, despite the items in the IPCA present

Francisco Marcos R. Figueiredo; Roberta Blass Staub



Preguntas para el doctor sobre el cáncer

Serie de preguntas, organizadas por tema, que los pacientes con cáncer pueden hacerle al médico o a otros miembros de su equipo de atención médica para conocer más acerca de su tipo de cáncer y lo que pueden esperar.


Todo Sobre OSHA (All About OSHA).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthful workplace for their employees. OSHAs role is to assure the safety and health of Americas workers by setting and enforcing standards; providing training, outreach, and education; establishing par...



Reflecting on Character (Reflexionando Sobre el Caracter).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Responding to the "Proyecto Resolana" article in the July/August 1980 issue of this journal, the article notes the heterogeneity of Hispanic Americans, the three main effects of the European conquest on people of the Western Hemisphere, and attempts to further define the character of Hispanic Americans. (SB)

Candelaria, Cordelia



Resolución de consultas anónimas sobre DNS  

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Resumen—La utilización de DNS como mecanismo base de nuevos servicios telemáticos basados en resolución de nombres puede suponer riesgos en seguridad y privacidad. La información intercambiada entre clientes y servidores viaja sin ningún tipo de protección. Dicha información puede ser capturada por malware o servidores de acceso deshonestos y acabar siendo vendida para su utilización en técnicas de spamming o

Joaquín García-Alfaro; Sergio Castillo-Pérez


Obtencion de la funcion de transferencia del suelo mediante el filtro optimo de Wiener. (Soil transfer function obtention by Wiener's optimum filter).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Transfer function in nuclear power plant Laguna Verde, Veracruz, using Wiener filter. This paper deal with identification of complex structural and soil-interaction systems often are modeling in nuclear industry. Nonparametric identification techniques ar...

J. H. Flores Ruiz



Funcion del "Vulgo" en la Preception Dramatica de la Edad de Oro (The Function of the "Masses" in the Didactic Drama of the [Spanish] Golden Age).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A concept of the masses, or populace, conveyed a positive connotation in both Biblical and Renaissance literature. During Spain's Golden Age (seventeenth century) writers, especially didactic dramatists, tended to register negative and prejudiced attitudes toward the common folk and to regard them as "masa inculta" or uncultured masses. Primarily,…

Porqueras Mayo, A.; Sanchez Escribano, F.



Desempeño mnésico y funciones ejecutivas en pacientes con esclerosis múltiple (EM) Mnesic performance and executive functions in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS)  

Microsoft Academic Search

The Episodic Memory (EM) and the Executive Functions (EF) are cognitive areas that are affec- ted in patients with diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Nowadays there exists scarce works destined to explore the influence of the EF on measures of mnesic performance in MS. For this reason, we analyze the effect of the EF on the performance in a set




Evaluación funcional no-invasiva de la reserva ante la fatiga y la estructura del diafragma mediante ecografía transtorácica en modos B y M  

Microsoft Academic Search

The diaphragm is the principal respiratory muscle. Its special characteristics have made it difficult to design instruments capable of performing a non-invasive evaluation of its structure and function in humans. The present study was designed to evaluate the potential use of echography as a non-invasive method to fulfil these objectives.

Mauricio Orozco-Levi; Ángel Gayete; Cristina Rodríguez; Alba Ramírez-Sarmiento; Raúl Méndez; Francesc Tous; Ivan Vollmer; Joaquim Gea; Luis Molina



Comparação do desempenho funcional de crianças portadoras de síndrome de Down e crianças com desenvolvimento normal aos 2 e 5 anos de idade  

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Comparison of functional performance among children with Down Syndrome and children with age- Comparison of functional performance among children with Down Syndrome and children with age- Comparison of functional performance among children with Down Syndrome and children with age- Comparison of functional performance among children with Down Syndrome and children with age- appropriate development at 2 and 5 years of

Marisa Cotta Mancini; Priscila Carvalho e Silva; Sabrina Corrêa Gonçalves; Simone de Medeiros Martins



Un estudio exploratorio sobre el desarrollo de creencias sobre síntomas como señales de hipertensión arterial  

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Aunque la hipertensión arterial es un trastorno asintomático, muchos pacientes hipertensos están con- vencidos de experimentar síntomas indicadores de los cambios en su tensión arterial (TA), y los con- sejos y prescripciones médicas pueden verse afectados por estas creencias. Diversos estudios han mos- trado que los pacientes hipertensos usan con frecuencia síntomas como indicadores del estado de su tensión arterial

Genoveva Granados Gámez; Jesús Gil Roales-Nieto; José Luis; Ybarra Sagarduy



L’entrepreneur, les économistes et le progrès technique éléments de reflexion à partir du potentiel de ressources de l’entrepreneur (The entrepreneur, the economist and technical progress an analysis based on the resource potential of the entrepreneur )  

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L’analyse du progrès technique pose problème aux économistes. J. Schumpeter le souligne, considérant que seuls trois sujets retiennent leur attention : la valeur, l’intérêt et la monnaie. Il invente ainsi l’entrepreneur pour apporter une réponse à la question du progrès technique, mais aussi pour des raisons théoriques : l’incapacité de la théorie walrasienne pour analyser le progrès technique, la croissance

Sophie Boutillier



Reflection, A Meta-Model for Learning, and a Proposal To Improve the Quality of University Teaching = Reflexion, el meta-modelo del aprendizaje, y la propuesta del mejoramiento de la calidad de la docencia.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper, in both English and Spanish, offers a meta-model of the learning process which focuses on the importance of the reflective learning process in enhancing the quality of learning in higher education. This form of innovative learning is offered as a means of helping learners to realize the relevance of what they are learning to their life…

Montgomery, Joel R.


The diffuse reflextion of silver atoms at a metallic target at high temperature  

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Experiments on the diffuse reflexion of metallic atoms at solid surfaces have hitherto been conducted only with mercury and the alkali metals, and at target temperatures not exceeding 600° C. To study such reflexion at temperatures of about 1000° C, using silver atoms, a special type of atom \\

S. Chomet; J. Yarwood



Los ojos de la NASA sobre la Tierra  

NASA Video Gallery

La NASA cuenta con más de una decena de satélites que estudian la Tierra. Conoce la información que recaban los satélites, junto con Gilberto Colón, asistente especial del subdirector del Centro de...


Lo que usted necesita saber sobre™ el cáncer de pulmón

Folleto que describe las opciones de tratamiento, los diferentes médicos que tratan el cáncer de pulmón, la obtención de una segunda opinión, los cuidados de seguimiento y las fuentes de apoyo para alguien que ha sido diagnosticado recientemente con cáncer de pulmón.


Lo que usted necesita saber sobre? el cáncer de seno

Publicación que describe las opciones de tratamiento, la obtención de una segunda opinión, los cuidados de seguimiento y las fuentes de apoyo para alguien que ha sido diagnosticado recientemente con cáncer de seno.


Semana da conscientização sobre a importânciado ácido fólico  

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Week of Awareness About the Importance of Folic Acid In the first week of October, the Associação Brasileira de Epilepsia (ABE) celebrated the Week of Awareness of the importance of folic acid. On this occasion, representatives of the ABE were present in Women's Outpatient Clinics such as Gynecology, Epilepsy Clinic and that of the Woman's Home giving information to women

Carina Nasser; Cássia Nobre; Suely Mesquita; José Gomes Ruiz; Hosana Reis Carlos; Lígia Prouvot; Elza Márcia



Sobre as bases dos procedimentos investigativos em psicanálise  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumo O presente trabalho examina as bases da pesquisa psicanalítica. Parte das marcas deixadas nas investigações psicanalíticas pelos procedimentos científicos de disciplinas como a neurologia e a neurofisiologia no século XIX. Em seguida, acompanha o surgimento de um novo objeto, o sujeito do inconsciente, o qual, ainda que requeira operações que mantenham o rigor e a precisão característicos do pensamento

Anna Carolina; Lo Bianco


Algo sobre el "Don" (Something about the Word "Don")  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Discusses the many uses of the honorific title of "Don" in Spanish literature and Spanish colloquial speech. It may be used to joke and express irony, as in the expression "don ladron" (sir thief), and forms part of many idiomatic expressions. (Text is in Spanish.) (TL)

Pruneda, Armandino G.



Epilepsy. Fact Sheet = Epilepsia. Hojas Informativas Sobre Discapacidades.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This fact sheet, written in both English and Spanish, provides a definition, information on incidence, typical characteristics, and educational implications of epilepsy. It notes that epilepsy is classified as "other health impaired" under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and that children with epilepsy or seizure disorders…

National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities, Washington, DC.


Verdad Sobre Teresita Terebrans (Truth About Tessie Terebrans).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The pamphlet describes in very simple terms the habits of the pine weevil Dendroctonus terebrans. The insect attacks pine trees to get at the resin, which it needs for nourishment. Healthy trees can shed the insect, but trees damaged or exposed by poor lo...

W. H. Bennett H. E. Ostmark



Lo que usted necesita saber sobre™ el cáncer de seno

E-book que describe las opciones de tratamiento, los diferentes médicos que tratan el cáncer de seno, la obtención de una segunda opinión, los cuidados de seguimiento y las fuentes de apoyo para alguien que ha sido diagnosticado recientemente con cáncer de seno.


Consecuencias de las contracciones excéntricas del diafragma sobre su función  

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Introduction and ObjectivesEccentric contractions are those that occur after a muscle has been stretched, and they can predispose the muscle to damage. Most previous studies have been performed on limb muscles, and the potential consequences of eccentric contractions on the respiratory muscles are therefore unknown. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of repeated eccentric contractions on

Joaquim Gea; Ercheng Zhu; Juan B. Gáldiz; Norman Comtois; Igor Salazkin; José Antonio Fiz; Alejandro Grassino



Cambio Climático en Bolivia: Impactos sobre Bosque y Biodiversidad  

Microsoft Academic Search

Bolivia tiene un nivel de biodiversidad extremadamente alto y pocos países del mundo tienen mayor diversidad de ecosistemas que Bolivia, cuyas características geográficas varían en altura (entre 200 y 6000 m.s.n.m), precipitación (entre 200 y 5000 mm\\/año), temperaturas (glacial hasta tropical) y topografía, y por lo tanto en tipos de vegetación. Los principales tipos de ecosistemas son representados en 22

Lykke E. Andersen



Iniciativa sobre Efectividad: Primeros frutos (Initiative about Effectiveness: First Fruits).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This Spanish- and Portuguese-language bulletin is a follow-up to No. 15 (PS 030 558), which examined some Effectiveness Initiative (EI) projects. This issue presents some beginning efforts to reflect on what has been learned through EI and to draw conclusions. The articles cover the results of EI projects from such angles as their relations with…

Moreno Garcia, Teresa, Ed.




Microsoft Academic Search

A good number of new human fossils have been added in the last decades to the Pliocene record, between 5.3-1.8 MaBP, lightening an initial stage of the human evolution. These remains have been co- llected and examined from tens of sites in East- and South Africa, and the actual collection includes a dozen of species of hominid genera: Ardipithecus, Australopithecus,



[Parenting Information: Drugs. Informacion Para los Padres: Sobre las Drojas.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

These two booklets provide basic information about drugs and drug abuse and are part of a series of 22 booklets, designed specifically to help parents understand their children and help them to learn. "Let's Talk about Drug Abuse," (booklet #18), reviews foreign substances or drugs young people are often exposed to (i.e., tobacco, alcohol,…

Moreno, Steve



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Cryopreserved semen has impaired fertility compare to fresh semen. The lower post-thaw viability and fertility is related with the spermatozoa sub lethal dys- function establishes in part of the survival population. These facts are relations with many factors (e.g. cold shock, cooling rate, extender composition, and osmotic stress) during the cryopreservation process. In this paper factor affecting the quality or

MC Stornelli; CM Tittarelli; CA Savignone; MA Stornelli


Noves dades sobre briòfits semifòssils de la Garrotxa  

Microsoft Academic Search

Hom ha estudiat els briòfits semifòssils dels diferents nivells torbosos de quatre columnes sedimentàries extretes de dipòsits quaternaris de la zona volcànica de la Garrotxa. Hom ha determinat 5 taxons: Drepanocladus aduncus, Leptodyctium riparium, Eurhynchium\\u000aschleicheri, Homalothecium<\\/i> sp. i Meesia triquetra. M. triquetra<\\/i> no s'havia trobat mai a Catalunya i només se'n coneixen dues citacions a tota la península Ibèrica,

Ramón Pérez-Obiol; Creu Casas i Sicart



Lo que usted necesita saber sobre™ el cáncer de pulmón

E-book que describe las opciones de tratamiento, los diferentes médicos que tratan el cáncer de pulmón, la obtención de una segunda opinión, los cuidados de seguimiento y las fuentes de apoyo para alguien que ha sido diagnosticado recientemente con cáncer de pulmón.


Spina Bifida. Fact Sheet = Espina Bifida. Hojas Informativas Sobre Discapacidades.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This fact sheet offers definitions of the three types of spina bifida (spina bifida occulta, meningocele, and myelomeningocele), outlines their incidence, describes characteristics of individuals with spina bifida, and reviews educational implications. The fact sheet discusses the need for many children with myelomeningocele to learn to manage…

National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities, Washington, DC.


Sobre prestamos y clasificaciones linguisticas (Regarding Borrowing and Linguistic Classification).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article explores the traditionally accepted etymologies of several lexical borrowings in the indigenous languages of the Americas within the framework of comparative linguistics and linguistic classification. The first section presents a general discussion of the problem of tracing lexical borrowings in this context. The section features a…

Key, Mary Ritchie



Producción y evaluación funcional de un concentrado proteico de calamar gigante (Dosidicus gigas) obtenido mediante disolución alcalina Production and functional evaluation of a protein concentrate from giant squid (Dosidicus gigas) obtained by alkaline dissolution  

Microsoft Academic Search

A protein concentrate from jumbo squid (Dosidicus gigas) was produced under alkaline conditions. Solubility, recovery of proteins, electrophoretic profile, as well as changes in the pattern of solubility of proteins recovered were determined. In the gels, its capability (functional–technological) was evaluated in terms of texture profile analysis, folding test, water holding capacity, and color attributes. The alkaline treatment promoted the

G. Dihort-Garcia; V. M. Ocano-Higuera; J. M. Ezquerra-Brauer; M. E. Lugo-Sanchez; R. Pacheco-Aguilar; S. M. Barrales-Heredia; E. Marquez-Rios




Microsoft Academic Search

From an economic point of view and in order to achieve a sustainable environment it is necessary to plan and to carry out recycling for a product through its different live stages. It is convenient to start since production is taking place, usage time and when it is being

Dietmar Rössel; Hipólito Ortiz Laurel; Marco A. Cortes Chamorro; Brydson Bonora


Induccion por radiacion gama de las funciones SOS en cepas de escherichia coli con diferentes capacidades de reparacion. (Sos - response induction by gamma radiation in Escherichia coli strains with different repair capacities).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The Sos - response in Escherichia coli is formed by several genes involved in mechanisms of tolerance and/or repair, and only activates when a DNA - damage appears. It is controlled by recA and lexA genes. In normal circumstances, LexA protein is linked i...

J. H. Serment Guerrero



El efecto del cloruro de N-cetilpiridina sobre la absorción de un colorante reactivo sobre Leacril. Potencial zeta y termodinámica de absorción  

Microsoft Academic Search

Nous avons entrepis des recherches de type expérimentel sur l'absorption et le potentiel de flux de Remazol Blue R (RBB-R) avec des fibres Leacril traitées et non traitées avec 10^-3 M de chlorure de N-cétylpyridine (N-CP-CI). Les modèles de faisceaux capillaires utilisés sont ceux de Goring et Mason, Biefer et Mason, et Chang et Roberston. Le comportement qualitatif du potential

Manuel Espinosa Jiménez; Alfonso Ontiveros Ortega; E. Giménez Martín




Microsoft Academic Search

This paper aims to review and reflect about psychosocial issues concerning genetic tests, in the context of the new medical paradigm of Predictive Medicine and the emerging perspective of Psychosocial Genetics. Psychosocial implications underlying the practice of genetic tests for late onset diseases require a special attention and a systematic multidisciplinary approach, including psychosocial evaluation and intervention, in order to

José A. Zagalo-Cardoso; Luísa Rolim



Traumatic Brain Injury. Fact Sheet = Lesion Cerebral Traumatica (TBI). Hojas Informativas Sobre Discapacidades.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This fact sheet, written in both English and Spanish, offers general information about traumatic brain injury. Information includes a definition, incidence, individual characteristics, and educational implications. The signs of traumatic brain injury are listed and include physical disabilities, difficulties with thinking, and social, behavioral,…

National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities, Washington, DC.


Sobre las edades de las componentes del sistema PSR B1855+09  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In the last few years several low-mass white dwarfs (helium white dwarfs, He WD) have been detected as companions to millisecond pulsars. In this kind of systems, pulsar emission is activated by mass transfer episodes, which also lead to the formation of the He WD, thus if we set the zero age point at the end of this mass loss transfer episodes, the ages of both objects should be the same. In this sense, PSR B1855+09 system casts some doubts about the correctness of theoretical white dwarf models. The age of the pulsar inferred from its spin-down rate is 5 Gyr. However, existing determination of the mass of the white dwarf companion of this system and recent optical detection of it, which has allowed to infer its effective temperature, have led to an estimative age of 10 Gyr for the white dwarf. Noteworthly, available theoretical calculations used to infer the cooling age of the He WDs, neglect element diffusion. In this work, we present evolutionary calculations for He WDs taking into account the effects of gravitational settling, and chemical and thermal diffusion in a self consistent way, and in particular we use the results to determine cooling ages for He WDs. We find that models within the mass range 0.19 <= M/Msolar <= 0.41 suffer from diffusion-induced thermonuclear flashes, during which an appreciable amount of the hydrogen of the envelope is burnt. Only after the hydrogen envelope has been reduced enough so as not to be able to produce another thermonuclear flash, He WD models evolve towards their final cooling track. During this evolutionary stage, cooling rate is determined by whether stable hydrogen burning is relevant or not. We find that diffusion-induced thermonuclear flashes reduce the hydrogen envelope so as to prevent stable hydrogen burning from being an appreciable source of energy for the models, which are then forced to a rapid cooling. In this way, expected ages for these objects are drastically reduced when compared to the case in which diffusion is neglected (as these models predict thick hydrogen envelopes and thus, a cooling stage dominated by stable hydrogen burning). In particular, we find for the white dwarf companion to PSR B1855+09 an age of 4±2 Gyr, which is in very good agreement with the spin-down age of this pulsar and also shows that the age discrepancy previously found is due to an oversimplification in the physical ingredients of theoretical models.

Serenelli, A. M.; Althaus, L. G.; Benvenuto, O. G.



Microsoft Academic Search

Pienso que discutir la optimista predicción teórica global del Sr. Revelle, en la perspectiva que él se pone es difícil, ya que se ubica en una situación ideal, en donde incluso, están resueltos los obstáculos de tipo económico. Tiene además, la ventaja de manejar cifras muy acertadas para afirmar su tesis. Sin embargo, pensar que los países en desarrollo puedan,



Trastornos alimentarios en el deporte: factores de riesgo, consecuencias sobre la salud, tratamiento y prevención  

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Eating disorders appear with relative frequency in sports, such as gymnastics, figure skating or resistance sports, in which weight control is important. Their inci- dence is greater in women, frequently appearing a low self-esteem, a distorted body image in which the body is perceived with an excess of weight, inefficiency, perfectio- nism and a sense of control loss, with compensatory

S. Márquez




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New records or confirmation of recently reported distributional range extensions or altitudinal movements are given or 14 species of birds from Ecuador: Cairina moschata, Netta erythrophthalma, Leucopternis semiplumbeus, Forpus coelestis, Crotophaga sulcirostris, Eriocnemis mosquera, Furnarius cinnamomeus, Pseudocolaptes boissonneautii, Phlegopsis nigromaculata, Querula purpurata, Cyclarhis gujanensis, Progne subis, Haplospiza rustica y Carduelis olivacea. The new records and their releva nce to the

Diego F. Cisneros-Heredia


Notas sobre los Sonidos Consonantes en Espanol (Notes on Consonant Sounds in Spanish)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper examines the Spanish phonetic system, as set forth by Navarro Tomas in his "Manual de Pronunciacion Espanola," and discusses the influences exerted by certain sounds over others. (Text is in Spanish.) (CK)

Ezquerra, Raimundo



Perspectivas de las mujeres maltratadas sobre la violencia de pareja en México  

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Objective. To identify personal, cultural, and institutional factors that hinder the solution to domestic violence. Ma- terial and Methods. In Quintana Roo, Coahuila, and Mex- ico City, 26 in-depth interviews with women currently suffering from intimate partner violence and others who had already found a solution were carried out, between May and November 2003. Results. Among women's explana- tions to

Carolina Agoff; Ari Rajsbaum; Cristina Herrera



Diseño metodológico de la Encuesta Nacional sobre Violencia contra las Mujeres en México  

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Objective. To describe the methodology, the research de- signs used, the estimation and sample selection, variable definitions, collection instruments, and operative design and analytical procedures for the National Survey Violence Against Women in Mexico. Material and Methods. A com- plex (two-step) cross-sectional study was designed and the qualitative design was carried out using in-depth interviews and participant observation in health

Gustavo Olaiz; Aurora Franco; Oswaldo Palma; Carlos Echarri; Rosario Valdez; Cristina Herrera



Diseño metodológico dela Encuesta Nacional sobre Violencia contra las Mujeres en México  

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Abstract Objective. To describe the methodology, the research de- signs used, the estimation and sample selection, variable definitions, collection instruments, and operative design and analytical procedures ,for the National Survey Violence Against Women,in Mexico. Material and Methods. A com- plex (two-step) cross-sectional study was designed and the qualitative design was carried out using in-depth interviews and participant observation,in health,care units.

Gustavo Olaiz; Aurora Franco; Lic en Tr Soc; Oswaldo Palma; Carlos Echarri; en Demografía; M en Antrop; Cristina Herrera


FRANKENFOODS E REPRESENTAÇÕES SOCIAIS: percepções contemporâneas sobre biotecnologia, natureza e alimentação  

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Through an analysis of contemporary perceptions of biotechnology, nature and food, this work is an endeavour to provide elements and analytical perspectives that contribute to an understanding of the social representations about genetically modified crops and foods.

Renata Menasche


Efecto de las colisiones sobre el Plano Fundamental de bulbos de galaxia espirales  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The main aspects of the Fundamental Plane (FP) relation for ellipticals and early type bulges can be explained assuming the virialization of the systems, however, the observed dispersions are larger than instrumentation errors and have been thought to have physical basis. Even more, it is expected that the scatter and the position that different objects ocupy on it, could give clues on the mechanisms of galaxy formation and on the evolutionary path of galaxies. The FP relation has been observed and confirmed in the local Universe and it has been recently estimated for galaxies at intermediate redshifts. However, these estimations are based on a low statitical number and effects such as the evolution of the stellar populations and the presence of dust may introduce additional dispersion. Scannapieco & Tissera (2003) studied the mass distribution of disk systems and the way in which this distribution is modified by mergers. These authors have used numerical simulations which included gravitation, hydrodynamics, cooling and stellar formation in a cosmological frame work. As a consecuence, the collision parameters and the physical features of the simulated objects are the result of the consistent formation of the structure in a hierarchical scenario. The results show that depending on the caracteristics of the potential well, some systems may suffer gas inflows as a result of tidal fields during the orbital decay of the satellite system. This gas inflow originates a star burst previous to the fusion (i.e. secular evolution) which tends to form bulges with exponential profiles. In this work we present preliminary results on the effects of mergers on the FP defined by bulges. We found that the simulated bulges determines a FP in agreement with observations. We have detected that the mergers could significantly affect the FP depending on the internal properties of the galactic systems. And, particularly, secular evolution is found to play a critical role in the determination of a FP with the observed slope (Smith Castelli et al., 2004, in preparation).

Smith Castelli, A.; Scannapieco, C.; Tissera, P.


Estudo sobre excrecao de (sup 210) Po na urina. (Excretion of (210) Po in urine).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The urine of mines's workers is analysed to detect the presence of (210) Po. The results were compared the workers and with a control population. Cigarettes samples were analysed and confirmed the (210) presence. The control population was divided in smok...

A. M. G. Fonseca Azeredo



Enfrentando a mastectomia: análise dos relatos de mulheres mastectomizadas sobre questões ligadas à sexualidade  

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Facing mastectomy: analysis of the discourse of mastectomized women about questions of sexuality. This research intended to analyze the self-perception of sexuality of six 37 to 55 year old women who had been submitted to radical mastectomy one and a half to eight years before. For this analysis, the author chose the technique of content analysis, according to which the

Tânia Pires Duarte; Ângela Nobre de Andrade



Impacto de oito semanas de treinamento com pesos sobre a força muscular de homens e mulheres  

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Impact of an eight-week weight training program on the mus- cular strength of men and women The objective of the present study was to verify the impact of an eight-week weight training program (WT) on the muscular strength. To do so, 23 men (20.7 ± 1.7 years) and 15 women (20.9 ± 2.1 years), apparently healthy and moderately active (regular

Raphael Mendes Ritti Dias; Edilson Serpeloni Cyrino; Emanuel Péricles Salvador; Fábio Yuzo Nakamura; Fábio Luiz Cheche Pina; Arli Ramos de Oliveira



Speech and Language Disorders. Fact Sheet = Trastornos del Habla y Lenguaje. Hojas Informativas Sobre Discapacidades.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This fact sheet on speech and language disorders is presented in English and Spanish. It provides information on the definition of speech and language disorders and possible causes; the incidence (about one in ten people); and characteristics of delayed communication, speech disorders, and language disorders. It notes educational implications,…

National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities, Washington, DC.



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The objective of this work was to evaluate the effect of the two minerals additives (microsilica and meta-kaolin) on the properties of wood cement-bonded particleboard (WCBP) with different amounts (0%, 20% and 30%) of additives. Portland cement of high initial resistance was used in the production of panels as binder material. It was mixed with Eucalyptus urophylla wood particles to

Gilmar Correia Silva; Jair Figueiredo; Érika da Silva Ferreira



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Plants from Piperaceae family are known to contain in their composition substances with insecticidal properties. Identification and isolation of compounds from these plants represent an alternative to conventional chemical insecticides, representing a promosing alternative to the incorporation of nex substances to the pest management, with important ecological advantages, like low environmental and human impact. The present study was developed to



Una nota sobre el modelo de telaraña y los mercados a futuro  

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Generalmente se acepta que los mercados que funcionan con expectativas del tipo “telaraña” son ineficientes y que agentes con expectativas correctas podrían explotar esta ineficiencia ya sea a través de convertirse en productores del bien en cuestión o vendiendo las predicciones propias que serían más acertadas que la del tipo “telaraña”. Esta nota presenta un tercer método para explotar las

Maurice W. Schiff



Incidencia de los tipos del mercado monetario sobre los precios de las operaciones bancarias  

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Within a global frame leading to the elaboration of an interest rate risk pricing model applicable to financial institutions which takes the basis risk into account, the current paper analyses the long-term impact of the most representative Spanish monetary market interest rates variations over the interest rates offered by financial institutions. With that purpose, Johansen’s cointegration methodology is applied by

Cristóbal González Baixauli; Román Ferrer




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Effect of plant density on yield and quality of corn fodder. The experiment was condunted at the Alfredo Volio Mata Experimental Station of the University of Costa Rica, located at 1542 meters above sea level. The purpose was to determine the effect of plant density on total forage mass and the nutritive value of corn. Three diferent plant distances we-

Jorge Elizondo; Carlos Boschini


Um Estudo sobre Gerência de Configuração de Software aplicada ao Desenvolvimento Baseado em Componentes  

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This study aims to analyze the Software Configurati on Management (SCM) approach for conventional development and identify points that need to be tai lored to support Component Based Development (CBD). We believe that adapting SCM process to support CBD by applying variants for producer and consumer teams is the best way to take advantage of the benefits of SCM a

Ribeiro Dantas; Hamilton Oliveira; Leonardo Gresta; Paulino Murta; Cláudia Maria; Lima Werner


Influência do ciclo de polimerização sobre a dimensão vertical de oclusão em próteses totais  

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Dimensional changes in the acrylic resin base during polymeri- zation procedure can cause increase in occlusion vertical dimen- sion in complete dentures. The objective of this study was to eva- luate the influence of different polimerization cycles in water bath on the occlusion vertical dimension in complete dentures. Three cycles were used to cure upper complete dentures, one for a



Efeitos do treinamento aeróbio de alta intensidade sobre a economia de corrida em atletas de endurance  

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ORTIZ, M. J.; STELLA, S.; MELLO, M. T.; DENADAI, B. S. Effects of high intensity aerobic training on the ruming economy in endurance runners. R. bras. Ci. e Mov. 2003; 11(3): 53-56. The objective of this study was to analyze the effects of high intensity training on running economy (RE) in endurance athletes. Seventeen runners (33.4 + 4.4 years; 62.7

Marcelo Janini Ortiz; Benedito Sérgio Denadai; Sérgio Stella; Marco Túlio de Mello


Sobre a quantizacao de um sistema classicamente caotico. (Quantization of classically chaotic system).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Some propeties of a quantization in terms of observables of a classically chaotic system, which exhibits a strange are studied. It is shown in particular that convenient expected values of some observables have the correct classical limit and that in thes...

N. F. Godoy




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The purpose of this article is to analyze the consequences of the exchange rate fluctuation on the results and market value of the Brazilian flat steel companies, in the last five years. In this period, two different scenarios could be identified: in 2002, when the US dollar strengthened relative to the Real, and, in 2003\\/2004, when an appreciation of the



Perspectiva General sobre la Sordo-Ceguera (Overview on Deaf-Blindness). DB-LINK.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This overview provides basic information on the causes of deaf-blindness and the particular challenges faced by individuals who are deaf-blind. Causes of deaf-blindness include various syndromes, multiple congenital anomalies, prematurity, congenital prenatal dysfunction, and various postnatal causes. Differences between people deaf-blind from…

Miles, Barbara


Actitud en niños y adultos sobre los estereotipos de género en juguetes infantiles  

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Resumen. El trabajo muestra cómo a través del juego las nuevas generaciones aprenden y reproducen los patrones de conducta que observan en su entorno familiar, social, escolar y, especialmente, en los medios de comunicación. En este estudio participan 400 niños de entre tres y siete años de edad y 200 universitarios, y se realiza un análisis de las preferencias y

María del Carmen; Martínez Rein; Manuel Vélez Ce



neuromuscular sobre o consumo máximo de oxigênio e salto vertical em atletas iniciantes de voleibol  

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RESUMO As alterações ocorridas na performance motora de jovens en- volvidos em treinamentos especializados ainda não são muito cla- ras. Este é um conhecimento de suma importância para a correta prescrição desses treinos. O objetivo deste estudo foi verificar a influência do treinamento nas variáveis neuromotoras e orgânicas de jovens atletas na modalidade voleibol em diferentes momen- tos do programa.

Alexandre Altini Neto; Ídico Luiz Pellegrinotti; Maria Imaculada; L. Montebelo


Conocimientos maternos sobre signos de peligro en diarrea aguda en el marco de la estrategia AIEPI  

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de hidratación. Métodos: Estudio descriptivo por medio de una encuesta. Se aplicó un instrumento de investigaciones operativas de AIEPI, a 204 cuidadores elegidos consecutivamente que asistieron por primera vez a la consulta de crecimiento y desarrollo de un hospital de nivel I en Popayán, Colombia. Se midieron variables: edad materna, sexo, edad del niño, área (rural-urbana), estrato socioeconómico, vínculo al





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Effect of alcohol-gel hand hygiene on nosocomial infections due to multi-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae. Handwashing is considered the most important and effective infection control measure to prevent transmission of nosocomial pathogens. However, compliance with handwashing by health care workers is low. A new modality for hand hygiene is alcohol gel rub, which reduces time required, does not damage the skin and



Evite los Conceptos Erróneos cuando Enseñe sobre las Plantas  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The resource is useful for teacher's professional development by alerting educators to many plant misconceptions in teaching literature. In the thought provoking, peer reviewed resource fifty misconceptions are identified. Some misconceptions are easier to identify because they are oversimplifications, overgeneralizations, or misidentifications. Others are more difficult to identify because they are obsolete concepts and terms or flawed research.

David R. Hershey (biology education consultant;)



The Science and Engineering of Materials Documento Sobre Ciencia E Engenharia DOS Materials.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Priorities in projects being developed in materials science and engineering are defined for the following sub-areas: semiconductors, ceramics, glasses, conjugate materials, catalysts, rubber, plastics, firewoods, materials for civil construction, and mate...



La atención de enfermería sobre el impacto de la enfermedad crónica en la familia  

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1 . La magnitud del impacto que una enfermedad provoca en la familia y la persona, está determinada por factores tales como: la forma en que inicia, el curso, las demandas que genera, el grado de incapaci- dad que causará, la gravedad, la frecuencia de las recaídas, los pro- blemas que se desencadenarán li- gados con las tareas del ciclo

Elena Mora-Escalante


Conocimientos, actitudes y prácticas sobre el tabaquismo en estudiantes de Enfermería y Obstetricia del Instituto \\  

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The study of smoking in people in the phase of academic education is important considering that they will orientate about the risks of chronic diseases in the future. This cross-sectional observational descriptive study with an analytical component determined prevalence, characteristics of the smoking habit, knowledge and attitudes towards the smoking in students registered in 2007 in the Institute \\

Morel de Festner JC; Andrés Barbero



Profesionalismo: Un estudio fenomenologico sobre experiencias de universitarios en programas de salud  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Some studies suggest that, upon admission, medicine programs students display eagerness for community service, aspirations to be useful, and to contribute to society's well-being. Those same studies reflect that qualities of idealism, moral nature, and internal motivation, suffer a subsequent diminishing. The researchers inferred that the main reason for this process of change in the mood and disposition of these future physicians lies in the modeling they receive from medical professionals throughout clinical learning activities, by way of behavior and relationships exhibited during daily interaction with peers, patients and the students themselves. This phenomenological study used a cross-sectional sample to explore the experiences of future health workers as they went through didactic and clinical phases of their training curriculum. The study employed semi-structured interviews and reflective journals to explore those experiences and to discover the meanings ascribed by the participants. The analysis revealed that the students defined "professionalism" in terms of scientific knowledge, commitment, respect for human dignity, comradeship, courtesy, empathy, integrity, altruism, motivation. They also described their feelings as they went through the didactic and clinical experiences, and recognized as very important the extracurricular activities of community service, describing them as useful opportunities which contributed to understand their work in terms of a mission dedicated to the achievement of the social benefit. From their individual perspectives, the clinical environment could, in general, be described as congruent with those characteristics of professionalism. During the study we had the opportunity to share, in a little deeper way, the environment... the world... of this small group of young students as we went on trying to decipher their feelings and thoughts. At the end, we realized the richness of their sensibilities, we perceived the intensity of their moral and ethical convictions, we were able to understand their concerns, worries, struggles and efforts. This life event had profound and significant repercussions in our personal and professional life. As a result, and from now on, we will no longer look at our young scholars and apprentices without imagining a noble spirit, with goals which at times could seem unattainable... without completely visualizing or conceiving real hope for a better country.

Lopez Ortiz, Wilma J.


30 Anos de Investigação Sobre Externalidades do IDE para as Empresas Domésticas – Que Conclusões?  

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During the last three decades, a vast literature emerged on the empirical evidence of productivity spillovers from FDI. This is related to the fact that multinational firms own intangible assets which may be transmitted to domestic firms and thereby raise their productivity level. Results obtained so far are however mixed, and it does not seem possible to get a straightforward

Nuno Crespo; Maria Paula Fontoura



Programa de relajación creativa y su incidencia sobre los niveles de creatividad motriz infantil  

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In\\u2029 this\\u2029 study\\u2029 we\\u2029 analyse\\u2029 the\\u2029 effects\\u2029 that\\u2029 a\\u2029 creative\\u2029 relaxation\\u2029 programme\\u2029 can\\u2029 have\\u2029 on\\u2029 the\\u2029 levels\\u2029 of\\u2029 motor\\u2029 creativity\\u2029 (fluidity,\\u2029 originality\\u2029 and\\u2029 imagination)\\u2029 of\\u2029 a\\u2029 group\\u2029 of\\u2029 children\\u2029 in\\u2029 the\\u2029 last\\u2029 year\\u2029 of\\u2029 Infant\\u2029 Education.\\u2029For\\u2029this\\u2029purpose,\\u2029two groups\\u2029of\\u2029children\\u2029took\\u2029part:\\u2029a control\\u2029group\\u2029that\\u2029did\\u2029not\\u2029receive\\u2029an\\u2029 intervention\\u2029programme\\u2029and\\u2029an\\u2029experimental\\u2029group\\u2029that\\u2029received\\u2029a\\u2029creative\\u2029relaxation\\u2029programme.\\u2029The\\u2029 levels\\u2029of\\u2029motor\\u2029creativity of\\u2029the\\u2029two\\u2029groups\\u2029were\\u2029assessed using\\u2029the\\u2029test\\u2029Thinking\\u2029Creatively\\u2029in\\u2029Action\\u2029 and\\u2029 Movement\\u2029 by\\u2029 Torrance.\\u2029 A\\u2029 significant\\u2029 improvement\\u2029 in\\u2029 the\\u2029 variables\\u2029 studied\\u2029 was\\u2029 perceived\\u2029 in\\u2029 the\\u2029 experimental\\u2029group\\u2029in\\u2029comparison\\u2029to\\u2029the\\u2029control\\u2029group.



Contribución a la teoría de Chandrasekhar sobre la dinámica de los sistemas estelares  

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Within Chandrasekhar's theory on the dynamics of stellar systems, the shape of regular extragalactic nebulae is explained. Starting from the mentioned author's differential equations several important theorems are proved, which allow to attack the problem from a new point of view. Al first approximation, it is supposed that a regular extragalactic nebula is a stellar system the velocity field of

Juan J. de Orús



Notas sobre o conceito de empresário e empresa no código civil brasileiro  

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The concept of entrepreneur that Brazilian legislators introduced in the Civil Code lacks precision. Interpreters must peruse several other articles to understand the meaning of said concept. The ambiguity created by the wording of article 966 and its sole paragraph leads to the conclusion that, regardless the fact that this part of the Brazilian Civil Code is designated as \\

Rachel Sztajn


Comparación de dos técnicas anestésicas sobre los niveles plasmáticos de marcadores inflamatorios  

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Summary Background: The aim of this work was to determine and compare plasma levels of proinflammatory cytokines (IL-1?, IL-6 and TNF-?), C-reactive protein (CRP) and lipoperoxides in patients submitted to laparoscopic cholecystectomy under general anesthesia or regional anesthesia. Methods: Two groups of 15 patients of both sexes were sub- mitted to laparoscopic cholecystectomy either with general or regional anesthesia. In

Alejandro Bravo-Cuéllar; José Enrique Romero-Ramos; Georgina Hernández-Flores; Felipe de Jesús Romo-Pérez; Luis Bravo-Cuéllar; José Manuel Lerma-Díaz



Evidencia reciente sobre programas preescolares (Recent Evidence on Preschool Programs). ERIC Digest.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Noting that growing evidence indicates that high-quality preschool child development programs contribute to the short- and long-term development of children living in poverty, this Digest summarizes recently reported experimental and quasi-experimental studies of Head Start and similar programs. Recently reported experimental studies include those…

Schweinhart, Lawrence J.


Astroblema Domo de Vargeão, SC Registro de Impacto Meteorítico sobre Rochas Vulcânicas da Bacia do Paraná  

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O Domo de Vargeão é um dos raros exemplos de astroblemas em território brasileiro. Localizada na região oeste do estado de Santa Catarina, esta notável depressão circular possui aproximadamente 12 quilômetros de diâmetro e exibe desníveis abruptos de até 150 m entre suas bordas e as porções internas. A feição circular hoje existente nesse local representa o remanescente erosivo de

Alvaro Penteado Crósta; César Kazzuo-Vieira; Asit Choudhuri; Alfonso Schrank


Abertura Financeira e Vulnerabilidade Externa na América Latina: os impactos sobre Brasil, México e Argentina  

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Resumo: Este trabalho, na primeira seção, define o que costuma ser entendido como um processo de abertura financeira, identifica os níveis que compõem este processo, e lista as principais justificativas teóricas costumeiramente apresentadas para a implementação deste tipo de política. Na segunda seção, discute-se teoricamente o impacto dos processos de liberalização financeira na autonomia de política econômica e no grau

Juan Pablo Painceira; Marcelo Dias Carcanholo


Consideracoes Historicas sobre o Ensino Profissionalizante no Brasil (Historical Considerations about Professional Education in Brazil).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Analyzes the paths taken in professional education in Brazil from the colonial period until the formation of the republic. Refers to specialists as well as specific laws for each period described in the study. (BT)

Barros, Marta Silene Ferreira




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This paper evaluates the contribution of cash transfer programmes to the observed fall in inequality in Brazil between 1995 and 2004 as well as its impact on poverty. We use the 2004 Brazilian National Household Survey (PNAD) that for the first time collected data on the incidence of some of the cash transfer programmes. We develop a methodology to separate

Fabio Veras Soares; Sergei Soares; Marcelo Medeiros; Rafael Guerreiro Osório



Crescimento de filmes anodicos sobre niobio. (Growth of anodic films on niobium).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The analysis of the response of the galvanostatic growth of anodic films on niobium metal in aqueous solutions is shown. The first spark voltage showed a dependence upon value of current density that could be explained as the incorporation of anions into ...

M. A. B. Gomes L. O. S. Bulhoes



Competência social e empatia: um estudo sobre resiliência com crianças em situação de pobreza  

Microsoft Academic Search

Social competence and empathy: Study about resilience with children in poverty Resumo O objetivo desse estudo foi avaliar a competência social e a empatia em crianças escolares que vivem em situação de po- breza. Participaram da pesquisa 100 crianças, de ambos os sexos, com idades entre seis e nove anos. Os instrumentos utilizados foram o Teste das Histórias Incompletas (THI)

Alessandra Marques Cecconello; Sílvia Helena Koller




Microsoft Academic Search

No-tilled soils have higher penetration resistances and bulk density values than tilled soils. Shallow compaction may be alleviated using deep tillage practices. The objectives of this study were to determine the effects of soil alleviation on: 1- soil physical properties at maize sowing and harvest, 2- root abundance, maize yield and its components. Three experiments were conducted during the 2004\\/05



Um estudo sobre a permanência e a evasão na Educação a Distância 1  

Microsoft Academic Search

The article describes a research carried out in distance education. In this experience it was our aim to investigate the evasion in this education system, distance education. The interactions were analysed in the light of some categories in order to identify the dialoguesconversations in the perspective of Paulo Freires and Jean Piagets theories. It showed the need of dialogue conversation

Rute Vera; Maria Favero


Sobre la aplicación de la analogía para derivar un teorema extendido de Pitágoras para el tetraedro  

Microsoft Academic Search

A Abbssttrraacctt:: The trirectangular tetrahedron is a three-dimensional generalization of the two-dimensional right triangle. It is a corner cut from a cube by means of an oblique plane, just as a right triangle is a corner cut from a square by means of an oblique line. The tetrahedron mentioned also obeys an Extended Pythagorean Theorem in which the sum of

M. A. Murray-Lasso




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O caminho percorrido para que as questões do género e do desenvolvimento e em especial a sua interligação sejam assuntos importantes e alvo de atenção tanto académica como política, foi longo. Várias áreas do conhecimento, como a sociologia, a antropologia e a economia, contribuem para a construção do conhecimento neste domínio, a par de outras mais recentes como os estudos

Vanda Margarida De Jesus Dos Santos Narciso; Pedro Damiao de Sousa Henriques




Microsoft Academic Search

THE HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY EFFECTS ON CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE IN CLIMATERIC WOMAN The reason of this review is that when being coronary heart disease (CHD) the main cause of morbility and mortality in 65 years older women from west countries (45 % of the deaths) and to exist controversy in the prescription of the hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for primary and

Luis Daniel Navarro



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SUMMARY This paper describes the activities carried out in the Enhanced Research Program on Billfish in Venezuela (PIIMV) for the period from January 2006 to July 2007. During the period indicated 16 trips were carried out in 2006 and four in 2007, monitored by PIIMV observers, which represented a coverage rate in 2006 of 7% for all the trips made

Luís A. Marcano; Freddy Arocha; José Alío; Jesús Marcano; A. Lárez; X. Gutiérrez; G. Vizcaino



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Additional information is presented on the distribution of various exotic species of Brassicaceae, introduced recently to central Mexico. Three populations of Thlaspi arvense L. and Sinapis alba L. are reported. The species Diplotaxis muralis (L.) DC., Hirschfeldia incana (L.) Lagrèze-Fossat and Brassica tournefortii Gouan, known previously from northern Mexico, are now naturalized at various localities in the central part of




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The F1560 carburized steel is used in the gears manufacturing industry and high hardness values combined with good toughness are required in order to withstand wear and fatigue problems. Cryogenic treatments have been used for some time to improve the properties of different automotive devices and it could be a way to increase the gear life. However one inconvenience is

M. Preciado; M. Solaguren-Beascoa; P. M. Bravo; J. M. Alegre



Estimativa de impacto da amamentação sobre a mortalidade infantil Impact estimates of breastfeeding over infant mortality  

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Objective Infant mortality in the state of São Paulo has decreased in the last years and it seems to be leveling off at a limit beyond which further reductions are challenging. Early neonatal causes account for 50% of these deaths and the remaining are mostly due to pneumonia and diarrhea. This study is to assess the impact of breastfeeding over

Maria Mercedes Loureiro Escuder; Sonia Isoyama Venancio; Julio César Rodrigues


Iniciativa sobre Efectividad: Un entorno para el aprendizaje (Initiative about Effectiveness: An Environment for Learning).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This Spanish- and Portuguese-language bulletin presents articles focusing on the Effectiveness Initiative (EI), a project of the Bernard van Leer Foundation for making a qualitative analysis of those elements of the programs of Early Childhood Development (ECD) that benefit the participants and their communities and cultures. The first article…

Moreno Garcia, Teresa, Ed.




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Human emotional interchange implicates expression\\/recognition of emotions. The human face is a conspicuous place to express\\/read emotion. Certain emotions associate with emotional tearing, differentiable from basal and reflex tearing. Murube, Murube and Murube (1999) classified emotional tearing in requesting- and offering -help. The validity of that typology was evaluated using faces of people of both sexes crying because of their



Um Estudo sobre Técnicas de Aprendizado de Máquina aplicadas à Mineração de Dados  

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This paper presents a comparative study between the application of Artificial Neural Networks and the k-Means algorithm, for Data Mining. Such machine learning techniques are used as tools for data classification and clustering. The database used treats on a psychological experiment that analyses the human behavior based in a scale. Resumo. Este artigo apresenta um estudo comparativo entre a aplicação

Maicon de Brito; Denise Regina Pechmann



Impacto da redução dos encargos trabalhistas sobre a formalização e o salário das empregadas domésticas  

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O presente artigo faz uma avaliação da polarização de renda no Brasil para os anos de 1981 e 2003. Após diferenciar os conceitos de polarização e de desigualdade de renda, calculamos o índice de polarização da renda no Brasil, com base na metodologia proposta por Esteban, Gradin e Ray (1999). Os resultados indicam que a bipolarização se manteve praticamente constante

Maria Isabel Accoroni Theodoro; Luiz Guilherme Scorzafave



Políticas trabalhista, Fundiária e de Crédito Agrícola e Seus Impactos Adversos Sobre a Pobreza no Brasil  

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This paper discusses the question of the concentrated pattern of agriculturaldevelopment in Brazil, as expressed in the predominance of large-scale production,high level of mechanization and low absorption of non-qualified labor. It is proposed,initially, the existence of two conflicting explanations for this fact: the first, thatblames our historical heritage, characterized by the predominance of the latifúndio,with the implication that the solution

Gervásio Castro de Rezende



Mental Retardation. Fact Sheet = El Retraso Mental. Hojas Informativas Sobre Discapacidades.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This fact sheet on mental retardation is written in both English and Spanish. It begins with a vignette of a 15-year-old boy with mental retardation. Mental retardation is briefly explained as are some causes of mental retardation. It notes that a diagnosis of mental retardation looks at two things: first, the ability of a person's brain to learn,…

National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities, Washington, DC.


Informe sobre el proyecto contrastivo hispano-hungaro (Report on the Spanish-Hungarian Contrastive Project)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A description of a contrastive linguistics project in Hungary aiming to augment linguistic theories in the Spanish language and propound theories for scientific and artistic translation. (Text is in Spanish.) (CK)

Fulei-Szanto, Andres



Acción biocida de plantas de Piper tuberculatum Jacq. sobre Diatraea saccharalis (Lepidóptera, Pyralidae)  

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The biocid action of DCM:MeOH (2:1), EtOH and aqueous extracts of leaves, stems and mature spikes (with fruits and seeds) of field plants and DCM:MeOH (2:1) extract of in vitro plants of Piper tuberculatum on III larval stage of Diatraea saccharalis was evaluated. The method was by inoculating the previously eluted extract with distillate water as topic applications on the

Gladys V. Soberón; Consuelo Rojas; Jorge Saavedra; Massuo J. Kato; Guillermo E. Delgado


O olhar da equipe e usuários de um hospital geral sobre a necessidade de intervenção psicológica  

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The intervention of the psychology professional in the hospital context is becoming more and more necessary and common. In view of this, the present article is a research report that was carried out in a public hospital in Santa Maria city in the Rio Grande do Sul state. It aims to analyses the expectations of the health staff and users

Jossiele Fighera; Eliani Venturini Viero


La realidad sobre el “Gou Qi Zi” o bayas Goji (Fructus Lycii)  

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Gou Qi Zi or Goji berry (Fructus Lycii), classified in the chinese pharmacopeia as yin nutrients for liver blood and kidney essence deficiencies, have immunostimulatory, hematopoietic, hepatoprotective, hypoglycemic, hypotensive and even antineoplastic coadjuvant properties, which have even been demonstrated in several trials, both in animals and humans.Despite these excellent properties, a «mythifying» advertising campaign has led to massive production and

F. Salgado



Declaración sobre los cambios que tendrán lugar próximamente en los programas de estudios clínicos del NCI

Los estudios clínicos son elementos fundamentales en la transformación de los descubrimientos científicos en métodos prácticos para prevenir y tratar el cáncer. En esta declaración, hacemos un resumen de los cambios que están teniendo lugar en las organizaciones que realizan estudios clínicos bajo los auspicios del NCI.


Efeito de ambiente sobre a produtividade de feijão carioca para o Estado de Santa Catarina  

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ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS ON YIELD OF CARIOCA BEAN IN SANTA CATARINA STATE Fifteen common bean genotypes (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) were evaluated as to adaptability and stability of grain yield in five environments for crop season and late crop season, during 2006 and 2007. Adaptability and stability were estimate by Eberhart and Russell (1966) and by Wricke e Weber (1986) methods. The

Fabiani Da Rocha; Diego Toaldo; Leiri Daiane Barili; Naine Martins do Vale; Soraya Garcia; Jefferson Luís Meirelles Coimbra; Gilcimar Adriano Vogt; Altamir Frederico Guidolin



Efecto del lavado con etilendiamina sobre las propiedades de las nanopartículas de óxido de estaño  

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Tin oxide, is a compound used in many technological applications among them as gas sensor and in the production of varistors, electronic devices, electrocatalitic electrodes and fotovoltaic cells, among others. In this work the controlled precipitation method was used to synthesize tin oxide of nanometric size using tin sulfate precursor. The control of different stages of the synthesis process was

M. S. CAStro; J. B. Justo



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The observational campaign carried out on May 15-24, 2002, as part of the FluTuA Program, is described here. During 10 days, 5 minute averaged measurements of (i) solar radiation fluxes (incoming and outcoming) and long wave radiation fluxes (atmospheric and surface emission), at 6 m above the sea level; (ii) air temperature, relative humidity and horizontal wind components, at 11

Jacyra Soares; Amauri Pereira de Oliveira; Jacques Servain; Sarasvati de Araújo Bacellar


Electron Diffraction Evidence for the Ordering of Excess Nickel Atoms by Relation to Stoichiometry in Nickel-Rich Beta'-Nial Formation of a Nickel-Aluminum (Ni2al) Superlattices  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

In electron diffraction patterns of nickel-rich beta-NiAl alloys, many anomalies are observed. One of these is the appearance of diffuse intensity maxima between the reflexions of the B2 structure. This is explained by the short-range ordering of the excess nickel atoms on the simple cubic sublattice occupied only by aluminum atoms in the stoichiometric, perfectly ordered NiAl alloy. After annealing Ni 37.5 atomic percent Al and Ni 37.75 atomic percent Al for 1 week at 300 and 400 C, the diffuse intensity maxima transformed into sharp superstructure reflexions. These reflexions are explained by the formation of the four possible variants of an ordered hexagonal superstructure corresponding to the Ni2Al composition. This structure is closely related to the Ni2Al3 structure (same space group) formed by the ordering of vacancies on the nickel sublattice in aluminum-rich beta-NiAl alloys.

Reynaud, F.



Neurobiolog?a de la impulsividad y los trastornos de la conducta alimentaria*  

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Resumen Introducción La impulsividad es un rasgo de personalidad multidimensional relacionado con el control del comportamiento y las emociones. Está presente de manera diversa en los trastornos de la conducta alimentaria, particularmente, en la bulimia nerviosa (BN). Aunque la relación entre la impulsividad y BN ha sido objeto de numerosas investigaciones, en la actualidad se desconocen los sustratos neurobiológicos de esta relación. Objetivos Discutir críticamente la evidencia que sugiere que las alteraciones en los sistemas neuronales relacio-nados con las funciones ejecutivas, con la formación de preferencias y con la regulación de los estados emocionales sirven como base para el rasgo de personalidad impulsiva, así como su estado en subgrupos de pacientes con BN. Métodos Búsqueda selectiva de la literatura relevante. Resultados y conclusiones Esta discusión ilustra la complejidad de la relación entre la impulsividad y BN, donde la impulsividad actúa como un factor de vulnerabilidad que puede sensibilizar al sujeto con BN a estados emocionales negativos, durante los cuales modifica el impacto de estímulos internos y externos sobre el comportamiento y su regulación, favoreciendo así patrones de comportamiento maladaptativos e inflexibles.

Orozco-Cabal, Luis Felipe; Herin, David




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Objectives. To determine social and familiy situation performing a functional assesment and looking for prevalent diseases in elderly subjects attending primary care health centres in Callao, Peru. Materials and methods. A cross-sectional study performed in 301 elderly subjects who were administered a questionnaire based on the form for the clinical assessment of aged persons established by the Peruvian Ministry of

Lourdes Ruiz-Dioses; Marisela Campos-León; Nelly Peña


Spécificités des grandes villes de province  

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[spa] Especificidades de las grandes ciudades de provincias . El cruce entre la actividad econômica y la cualificaciôn individual (funciôn) permite describir el empleo ofrecido por las areas urbanas con toda la precision deseable : se toman en cuenta, entre otras, las interferencias entre sectores secundario y terciario (empleos terciarios de la industria). Doce de dichas funciones, llamadas funciones estratégicas,

Philippe Julien



ASSERT for Mascot \\/ Hayabusa 2 mission: A radar tomography of 1999 JU3  

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ASteroid Sounding Experiment by Radiowaves Transmission is a radar to instrument the Mascot lander which is proposed in the frame future Hayabusa 2 Jaxa mission. This low frequency radar is a unique opportunity to sound the internal structure of the target. It is to achieve the tomography both in transmission and in reflexion of the asteroid in order to determine

A. Herique; W. W. Kofman; A. Barucci; P. Beck; J. Biele; S. M. Clifford; J. Goutail; E. Heggy; T. Ho; A. Kumamoto; J. Lasue; A. Levasseur-Regourd; P. Michel; E. Nielsen; T. Ono; P. Pujet; D. Plettemeier; S. Ulamec; S. Zine



[Progression toward bimaxillary surgery].  


The authors explain the different reflexions which drive maxillo-facial surgery to a bimaxillary surgery. They describe this surgery relatively to Class II and Class III malocclusions with facial diseases in the vertical dimension. Surgical procedures seem to be directed by aesthetic (better facial balance) and functional problems, in spite of the ideal is not yet reached on this last point. PMID:2490254

Bourriau, G; Hadjean, E



Observations on Bird Behaviour  

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WITH regard to the letters about birds pecking at windows and apparently attacking their own reflexions, it seems, judging from the reports of Dr. Britton, Messrs. Stephenson and Stewart, and Miss Frances Pitt, that this behaviour is considered to be confined mainly, if not entirely, to cock birds. At least, no mention is made in the correspondence of females behaving

Brian Vesey-Fitzgerald



Do we---don't we---what do we---know?  

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I ESCAPE from Wonderland to find myself in a land still stricken, where Nature has to be taken in lumps. The effect is a little shocking, to one who has been preaching the use of The Looking Glass. Reflexion at the end of the year, indeed, always, tells me that I am a miserable sinner but NATURE (December 19), in

Hennry E. Armstrong



Proceedings: Pacific Northwest Council on Foreign Languages. Volume XXX, Part 2.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The following papers of relevance to second language instruction are compiled here: (1) "Bilingual Math in a Monolingual Classroom: A Field Study," by Elizabeth M. Baricevic; (2) "Ideologie et pedagogie: reflexions sur le manuel de francais au programme de '3e annee secondaire' en Algerie," by Jeanne Adam; (3) "Pedagogic Grammar and Applied…

Mazur, Gertrud S., Ed.


Electron Diffraction Evidence for the Ordering of Excess Nickel Atoms by Relation to Stoichiometry in Nickel-Rich beta'-Nial Formation of a Nickel-Aluminum (Ni2Al) Superlattices.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In electron diffraction patterns of nickel-rich beta-NiAl alloys, many anomalies are observed. One of these is the appearance of diffuse intensity maxima between the reflexions of the B2 structure. This is explained by the short-range ordering of the exce...

F. Reynaud



Comparisons between the TOPLHA and the ALOHA codes on Lower Hybrid antenna coupling  

SciTech Connect

Comparisons have been made between TOPLHA and ALOHA, two codes for Lower Hybrid antenna coupling to cold inhomogeneous plasmas, on the Tore-Supra C2 multi-junction and an ITER relevant Passive-Active Multi-junction (PAM). Calculation for several plasma scenarios of reflexion coefficients and launched spectra are in good agreement.

Hillairet, J.; Goniche, M. [CEA, IRFM, F-13108 Saint-Paul-lez-Durance (France); Meneghini, O. [MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center, Cambdrige (United States); Milanesio, D. [Politecnico Di Torino, Dipartimento di Elettronica, Torino (Italy); Voyer, D. [Centrale Lyon, 69134 Ecully France (France)



Marine Geology of the Atlantic Continental Margin of Europe.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

A geological reconnaissance has been made of the continental slope of western Europe between the Faeroe Isles and Lisbon by means of a 60 kJ reflexion profiler, supplemented by Boomer profiles and extensive Asdic (side-looking sonar) coverage of the conti...

A. H. Stride J. R. Curray D. G. Moore R. H. Belderson



Software Applications to Educational Planning and Management. A Collection of Papers.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The five papers in this collection examine the existing trends in the use of microcomputers in educational planning and management. In the first paper, "Reflexions sur l'Ordre du Jour" (French), Michel Saint-Germain addresses contextual factors surrounding the use of computers, priorities that must be accounted for before developing new software…

Saint-Germain, M.; And Others


Ein einfacher Versuch zur Auffindung eines selektiven Effektes bei der Zerstreuung von Röntgenstrahlen  

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Zusammenfassung Es wird eine Methode angegeben, die eine sprunghafte Änderung im Beugungsvermögen für Röntgenstrahlen mit großer Empfindlichkeit nachzuweisen gestattet. Sie beruht darauf, daß von der Oktaederebene des Rb Br in erster Ordnung zwar keine Röntgenstrahlung reflektiert wird, welche das Brom- und Rubidiumion in gleicher Weise zerstreuen, die Reflexion aber auftritt, sobald die Strahlung vom Bromion selektiv anders gebeugt wird als

H. Mark; L. Szilard



Arterial stiffness and wave reflections in diabetes type 2 and normal subjects  

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Increase vascular stiffness may be associated with increased pulse wave velocity and with greater amplitude of reflected waves from the peripherical arteries. Diabetes is associated with increased arterial stiffness. We evaluated whether diabetics had an increased aortic stiffness and an increase of augmentation index calculated as a measure of arterial wave reflexion. Aortic pressure waveforms derived both from the radial

Joao Maldonado; Telmo Pereira; Jose A. Silva; Jorge J. Polonia



Interaction of Waves with Two-Dimensional Obstacles: A Relation between the Radiation and Scattering Problems.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

A relation connecting the reflexion and transmission coefficients for scattering of water waves by a fixed body with the far-field radiated waves due to forced motions of the same body is derived. For bodies with horizontal symmetry, the transmission and ...

J. N. Newman



Globalizacion y Educacion (Globalization and Education).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This journal issue introduces key points in education from a humanistic and interdisciplinary perspective. Articles are in Spanish (one article is in English) and each one contains a brief abstract in English. Research studies included are: "Globalizacion, Desarrollo y Pobreza (Reflexiones desde la Libertad)" (Juan Jose Toribio); "La Educacion…

Estudios, Sobre Educacion, 2001



The Influence of Solid Boundaries upon Aerodynamic Sound  

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An extension is made to Lighthill's general theory of aerodynamic sound, so as to incorporate the influence of solid boundaries upon the sound field. This influence is twofold, namely (i) reflexion and diffraction of the sound waves at the solid boundaries, and (ii) a resultant dipole field at the solid boundaries which are the limits of Lighthill's quadrupole distribution. It

N. Curle



Traduction et langues de specialite: Approches theoriques et considerations pedagogiques (Translation and Specialty Languages: Theoretical Approaches and Pedagogic Considerations).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Essays on the teaching of translation and on specialized translation, all in French, include: "Perspectives d'optimisation de la formation du traducteur: quelques reflexions" ("Perspectives on Optimization of Training of Translation Teachers: Some Reflections") (Egan Valentine); "L'enseignement de la revision pedagogique" ("The Teaching of…

Guevel, Zelie, Ed.; Valentine, Egan, Ed.


“I am a psychotherapeutically oriented music therapist”: theory construction and its influence on professional identity formation under the example of the Viennese School of Music Therapy  

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Music therapists provide a variety of definitions about what music therapy is and how it is used, dependent on its development of theory construction, and the paradigms of the therapeutic community. Within the Viennese School of Music Therapy a psychotherapeutic approach is the leading paradigm, which has been determining the music therapeutic working modes, reflexions and terminology of the School

Karin Mössler



"Reflections on a Europe of Knowledge": A Working Document from CEDEFOP Discussed by the Management Board at Its Meeting of 13 March 1998 = "Gedanken zu einem Europa des Wissens": Ein Arbeitsdokument des CEDEFOP vom Verwaltungsrat auf seiner Sitzung am 13. Marz 1998 diskutiert = "Reflexions sur une Europe de la connaissance": Un document de travail du CEDEFOP examine par le Conseil d'administration lors de la reunion du 13 mars 1998.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP) supports the aims of European Community (EC) activities and initiatives to promote lifelong learning and access to training. To promote competencies and lifelong learning, CEDEFOP has monitored development of lifelong learning skills, clarified main differences in the…

European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training, Thessaloniki (Greece).


Observaciones de campo sobre la biologia de Metriona elatior (Col.: Chrysomelidae) en Solanum elaeagnifolium (Solanaceae) del uruguay  

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\\u000a Abstract  Field observations on the biology ofMetriona elatior (Col.: Chrysomelidae) onSolanum elaeagnifolium (Solanaceae) from Uruguay.\\u000a \\u000a Specimens ofMetriona elatior were found feeding on leaves of the silverleaf nightshade,Solanum elaeagnifolium, from the eastern of Uruguay since 1984. According to a field study the young leaves were skeletonized since spring to early\\u000a autumn by larvae and adults. Oothecae and pupae were found mainly on

R. Ponce de Leon; E. Morelli; P. Gonzalez Wainer



Impacto dos transtornos depressivos e ansiosos sobre as manifestações da menopausa Impact of depressive and anxiety disorders over menopause manifestations  

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Objective: To establish for the first time in a Brazilian outpatient sample the impact of depressive and anxiety disorders over the symptoms of the Blatt-Kupperman menopausal index (B-K). Methods: Women (n = 86) receiving care in the menopause clinic at Instituto de Ginecologia da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro were consecutively assessed using a structured diagnostic instrument (MINI 4.4)

Andre Barciela Veras; Arabella Rassi; Livia Mitsue; Gomes Yukizaki; Luisa Duarte Novo; Flávia Schueler Franco; Antonio Egídio Nardi


Estudios Sobre Politica Cientifica y Tecnologica de Panama (Studies on the Scientific and Technological Policy in Panama).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In broad terms, all papers deal with technology transfer in terms of industrial property, inventions, patents, technical know-how, scientific and technological needs analyses, the R&D system, and science policy in Panama. Possible problem areas are identi...



Lecturas sobre educacion de adultos en America latina (Readings on Adult Education in Latin America). Serie: Retablo de Papel 14.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Twelve essays written in Spanish on the state of adult education in Latin America are presented. The essays are organized into three main sections, including: "Concepto y evolucion historica de la educacion de adultos" (Conception and Historical Evolution of Adult Education); "Aspectos particulares" (Specific Subjects); and "Tendencias y…

Latapi, Pablo, Comp.; Castillo, Alfonso, Comp.


Influência de fatores químicos do solo sobre a incidência do mal-do-Panamá na bananeira cv. pacovan na Paraíba  

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This objective of this work was to investigate the correlation of chemicals soil factors and its influences with the incidence and severity of Panama disease ( Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense ) in banana tree ( Musa sapientium cv. pacovan) in the State of Paraíba. The work was carried out at Areia, Alagoa Nova, Bananeiras and Lagoa Seca Municipalities, where

Edson Batista Lopes; Carlos Henrique de Brito; Ivanildo Cavalcanti de Albuquerque; Arlington Ricardo


Efecto de la radiacion ionizante sobre el genoma de drosophila melanogaster. (Radiation effects on the Drosophila melanogaster genome).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

When DNA of living beings has been damaged, the cells show different responses depending on their physiological state. Repair mechanisms can be classified into two groups: constitutive which are always present in the cells and inductible, which must be st...

C. Arceo-Maldonado



Algumas Considerações sobre as Metodologias de Cálculo da Estimativa da Incerteza de Medição Citadas no ISO GUM 95  

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According the requisites of the ISO\\/IEC 17025 Standard all the laboratories of the Brazilian Net of Calibration (RBC) and of the Brazilian Net of Testing (RBLE) must present the uncertainties of the measurement results from their accredited jobs. And specifically, the laboratories of the RBLE have their dead line in December 2002 stipulated by Inmetro. Probably, since this subject is

Paulo R. G. Couto; Jackson da Silva Oliveira; Leonardo Rodrigues Cinelli


¿Qué traen las personas al juego? Experimentos de campo sobre la cooperación en los recursos de uso común  

Microsoft Academic Search

El estudio de la acción colectiva requiere la comprensión de los incentivos individuales y de las restricciones institucionales que guían a las personas en la decisión de cooperar o no, en el grupo que enfrenta este dilema. El uso de ecosistemas locales por parte de grupos de individuos es sólo un ejemplo en el que la extracción individual incrementa el

Cárdenas Juan Camilo; Elinor Ostrom




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In the fast food industry has generated billions o f dollars around the globe. In the seventies, Americans have to spend more than six bi llion dollars in this type of meal, in the year two thousand, that figure was up to eighteen t imes greater. The three major U.S. networks Burger King, McDonald's and Tricon Global Restaurants, every two

Cléber Alves Ferreira


Amenaza y persuasión en mensajes de salud sobre consumo de alcohol: de la teoría a la práctica  

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Information about alcohol and its consequences comes from two opposing poles. On the one hand, messages about the benefits of drinking alcohol coming from publicity, group of friends or the social milieu in general. On the other hand, the information provided by professionals and health authorities, which is based, mainly, in explaining the possible negative consequences of consumption, with the




Microsoft Academic Search

In this work, we present the microstructural and stress-corrosion contact behaviour of two glass-based coatings with different SiO2 (61% and 64%) content on the Ti6Al4V alloy. These coatings are designed for biomedical implants in order to improve the fixation to the host bone. The glasses used for the coatings belongs to the SiO2-CaO-MgO-Na2O-K2O-P2O5 system and they were obtained using a

J. Pavón; M. Caillate; M. Anglada; E. Saiz; A. P. Tomsia


Efecto del Potencial Sobre la Corrosión Bajo Tensión de Latón - ? en Soluciones De NaNo2  

Microsoft Academic Search

The effect of the electrode potential, solution pH and copper alloy content on the stress corrosion cracking susceptibility and crack propagation rate of ?- brass in 1M NaNO2 solution have been studied. The materials tested were pure copper (99.99%) and ?-brasses with the following nominal compositions (wt %):.63Cu-37Zn; 70Cu-30Zn; 80Cu-20Zn; 90Cu- 10Zn. Stress corrosion cracking susceptibility was determined by means

M. Graciela Alvarez; Patricia Lapitz; Silvia Fernandez; José R. Galvele



Microsoft Academic Search

Effect of applications of organic residues on maize performance in two soils of Yaracuy State, Venezuela The intense land cultivation for maize cropping on the last 50 years in Yaracuy State, Venezuela, caused an accelerated soil degradation expressed by loss of soil organic matter and crop productivity. With the objective of improving those parameters, the use of organic residues were

Isabel Arrieche; Orlando Mora



Efeito de diferentes níveis de sombreamento sobre o crescimento inicial de Jatropha curcas L. em casa de vegetação5  

Microsoft Academic Search

This work aimed getting information about the best luminosity to improve the initial growth of Jatropha curcas L. plants. The study was carried out during six month in the green house of Faculdade Salesiana de Vitória, ES, Brazil. Plants, obtained from seed germination and one month old, were submitted to four different shading levels (40%, 50%, 70% e 87%). The

Rosemary B Sesma; Valdir G Demuner; Selma A Hebling


Una nota sobre la sostenibilidad fiscal y el nexo entre los ingresos y gastos del Gobierno Colombiano  

Microsoft Academic Search

En este trabajo se analiza empíricamente la sostenibilidad fiscal en Colombia a través de las técnicas de cointegración. En particular, usando los ingresos tributarios y los gastos primarios del gobierno nacional central para el período 1990Q1 a 2008Q4 (datos reales y ajustados por el ciclo económico), en el documento se examina si las cuentas fiscales del gobierno han sido sostenibles

Ignacio Lozano; Enrique Cabrera



El efecto de las prácticas de gobierno corporativo sobre la valuación de mercado y políticas de pago de compañías chilenas  

Microsoft Academic Search

(Disponible en idioma inglés únicamente) En este trabajo nos preguntamos si las prácticas de conducción empresarial al nivel de compañía en un país dado inciden o no en la valuación de mercado de esas compañías. Esta cuestión es esencial para poder evaluar los beneficios potenciales que puede reportar a las empresas un cambio de sus prácticas, aún cuando las mismas

Fernando Lefort; Eduardo Walker



Estudio de los efectos de la ayuda al desarrollo sobre el comportamiento fiscal de los gobiernos en Centroamérica  

Microsoft Academic Search

Desde su aparición, el papel y la efectividad de la ayuda al desarrollo ha sido una cuestión muy debatida tanto por la comunidad científica como por otras esferas de la sociedad, políticos, técnicos y evidentemente, la población civil. Pese al notable descenso en los flujos de ayuda internacional durante la última década del siglo pasado, esta vía de financiación sigue

Mariola Gozalo Delgado



Sobre el principio y posterior hegemonía económico-política y militar de EE.UU tras la Segunda Guerra Mundial  

Microsoft Academic Search

Las principales tendencias de desarrollo económico y social dentro de la estructura del capitalismo moderno se expresan en EE.UU de la forma más preponderante. La posición político-militar del gigante americano lo transforma en el centro neurálgico del imperialismo mundial, al liderar el bloque del Atlántico Norte, y al llevar a cabo una política de reacción contra las fuerzas de Movimiento

José Antonio Ascanio Barrio



Conhecimento sobre o molusco gigante africano Achatina fulica entre estudantes de uma escola pública na Região Metropolitana do Recife  

Microsoft Academic Search

Students' knowledge on the African giant mollusk Achatina fulica in a public school in the Recife metropolitan region. The African giant mollusk Achatina fulica Bowdich, 1822 was introduced into Brazil in 1988 as a substitute for the European escargot Helix sp. This action did not induce the expected results and the gastropod has become an invasive species according to records

Renata Manzi de Souza; Ângelo Giuseppe; Chaves Alves; Marcos Souto Alves


Efecto del glicerol sobre la catálisis por fosfatasa ácida de bajo peso molecular de hígado de alpaca (Lama pacos)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Objective: To determine the effect of glycerol on hydrolisis of p-nitrophenyl phosphate at pH 5,0 by low molecular weight acid phosphatase from alpaca liver. Design: Experimental analytical study. Setting: Biochemistry and Nutrition Research Center, Faculty of Medicine, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru. Materials: Disodic p-nitrophenyl phosphate salt, glacial acetic acid, glycerol, tricloroacetic acid, sulfuric acid, ammonium molibdate,

Emilio Guija; Fernando Arauco; Hielke Haak-Mares; Mercedes Soberón



Primeres interaccions depredatòries del Bernat Pescaire (Ardea cinerea) sobre nius de Cotorreta de Pit Gris (Myiopsitta monachus) a Barcelona  

Microsoft Academic Search

Les poblacions silvestres de Bernat Pescaire i Cotorreta de Pit Gris han estat presents en els jardins de la ciutat de Barcelona, cohabitant sense problemes aparents des de 1974. En aquesta nota es presenten les primeres accions depredadores del Bernat Pescaire en nius de Cotorreta de Pit Gris. Vuit de les onze interaccions foren observades en nius considerats grans (més

Josep García; Xavier Tomás



Primeras interacciones depredatorias de Garza Real Ardea cinerea sobre nidos de Cotorra Argentina Myiopsitta monachus en Barcelona  

Microsoft Academic Search

The first records of the Grey Heron Ardea cinerea preying on nests of the Monk Parakeet Myiopsitta monachus in Barcelona Grey Herons and Monk Parakeets have co-existed in the gardens of the city of Barcelona (NE Spain) since 1974, apparently without problems. The first records of Grey Herons preying on nests of Monk Parakeets are presented in this note. Eight

Josep García; Xavier Tomás



Study of the Surface Layer on an Extremely Rough Surface US Estudo DA Camada Limite Superficial Sobre Superficie Extremamente Rugosa.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Experimental data for the surface layer obtained over a rough surface of a tropical savannah were used to compute the stability functions for momentum (phi sub M) and sensible heat (phi sub H) under unstable conditions. The computed functions are consider...

L. D. A. Sa L. C. B. Molion



Scientific Theory on the Origin of the Solar System . Teoria Cientifica Sobre El Origen Del Sistema Solar.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

A theory, based on solar activity, for the origin of the solar system is discussed. The formation of the planets and their atmospheres, the origin of the sun, and meteorites are also discussed. The observations since 1949 supporting the theory are present...

G. Tapia De Navarro



Más Conceptos Erróneos a Evitar en la Enseñanza sobre las Plantas  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The resource is useful for teacher's professional development by alerting educators to many plant misconceptions in teaching literature. In the thought provoking, peer reviewed resource fifty misconceptions are identified. Some misconceptions are easier to identify because they are oversimplifications, overgeneralizations, or misidentifications. Others are more difficult to identify because they are obsolete concepts and terms or flawed research.

David Hershey (biology education consultant;)



El Impacto de los Cambios Climáticos sobre la Salud en Bolivia: Estimación de Costos y Beneficios hasta el 2100  

Microsoft Academic Search

Bolivia es en uno de los países con mayor vulnerabilidad a enfermedades en Latinoamérica. De los 327 municipios que se tenían el 2003, gran parte de ellos presentaron altos grados de vulnerabilidad en lo que se refiere a las Enfermedades Diarreicas Agudas (EDA’s) e Infecciones Respiratorias Agudas (IRA’s) en el occidente del país y alta vulnerabilidad en Malaria y Dengue

Oscar Molina




Microsoft Academic Search

Effect of diets on biology and life table of Euseius concordis (Chant) (Acari: Phytoseiidae) Laboratory studies to obtain information about biology and life tables of the predatory mite Euseius concordis (Chant) were carried out. Mites were sampled in grapevines 'Criolla Negra', in Tarabana, Lara state, Venezuela. At the laboratory, E. concordis was fed on two sources consisting in minnieroot pollen

NOTA TÉCNICA; Carmen Escalona; Carlos Vásquez



Estudios com XPS del oxido formado sobre Ti puro. (XPS studies of the oxide formed on pure Ti).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The XPS technique was used to study titanium samples oxidized at 200 ton of pure oxigen at different times and temperatures with the aim of producing variable oxide thicknesses. The thicknesses of different oxigen layers were determined by the nuclear rea...

P. Cremery D. David G. Beranger C. Oviedo E. A. Garcia




Microsoft Academic Search

Effect of paclobutrazol and nitrates of potasium and calcium on the development of the mango 'Tommy Atkins' Effects of paclobutrazol, nitrates of potassium (KNO3) and calcium (Ca(NO3)2) on the growth and development of mango 'Tommy Atkins' were studied. Four-year old trees grafted on mango 'Hilacha', spaced 8 m x 4 m, were used under a completely randomized design with a

Katiuska Cárdenas; Eybar Rojas


Liv and Lucky in Liverland. . . Color Us Healthy! A Workbook about Your Liver = Un Cuaderno de trabajo sobre tu higado.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This workbook/coloring book, on the liver and good health is designed for primary school students. The 21 line drawings illustrate different aspects of liver function, maintaining a healthy liver, and preventing liver disease. Each page is captioned in both English and Spanish. (ND)




Microsoft Academic Search

Ethephon has been used in the tropical and subtropical regions of Brazil, where the vegetative growth of grapevine is continuous, with different finalities. However, little is know about the effects of this treatment on the distribution and accumulation of nutrients and carbohydrates and on the growth of grapevine. For this purpose, young plants of SO4 rootstock were sprayed with ethephon



Influencia de las técnicas de ahorro energético sobre la saturación de oxígeno en paciente con EPOC portador de oxígeno líquido  

Microsoft Academic Search

We present the case of a 76-year-old male diagnosed of severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in chronic respiratory insufficiency phases with home oxygen-therapy criteria, carrier of a portable oxygen therapy system. During exercise he presented desaturation that seriously limited all of his daily life activities. The patient was included in a respiratory rehabilitation program consisting of health care education,

M. Molleda-Marzo; R. Coll-Artés; M. T. Pascual-Soria; H. Prieto-Arce



Imaginarios sobre inmigración peruana en la prensa escrita chilena: una mirada a la instalación de la agenda de la diferencia  

Microsoft Academic Search

Build and install the media agenda in the public opinion is well know routine exercise in the written press. This article works its relationship with immigration and how it represents and is marking its footprint in the chilean press. Peruvian immigration and a look at the press coverage are chosen to reflect a relationship that comes to stress the concept


Influencia del Secado sobre la Captación de Agua de Pectina Extraída a partir del Citrus x Aurantifolia Swingle  

Microsoft Academic Search

The present study analyzed the effect of temperature during the drying of the pectin and its result over the gellying. This research seeks to prevent the separation of the metilester's groups of polygalacturonic acid and provides an optimum temperature at which the pectin suffered a minor loss of quality which allows the molecule keeps more esterified, increasing their gellying capacity.

Cecilia Grunauer E; Fabiola Cornejo


Comienza la construcción de instalación patrocinada por el NCI en Puerto Rico para realizar estudios clínicos sobre el cáncer

El gobierno de Puerto Rico ha destinado $196 millones de dólares para construir un hospital oncológico de 287 000 pies cuadrados en San Juan, que contará con 96 camas. El nuevo hospital es el primero en su clase en la región caribeña y en él se llevarán a cabo tratamientos para el cáncer y estudios clínicos.


General Information about Learning Disabilities (Fact Sheet Number 7) = Informacion General sobre Impedimentos en el Aprendizaje (Fact Sheet Number 19).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This fact sheet providing general information about learning disabilities is presented in both English and Spanish versions. It begins with the federal definition of learning disabilities and a discussion of its implications followed by estimates of incidence. Typical characteristics of students with learning disabilities are then summarized as…

Interstate Research Associates, Inc., Washington, DC.



Microsoft Academic Search

Customer satisfaction is one of the most frequently focused themes in specialized publications and widely recognized as one of the main objectives of the quality management activities within the companies. Thus, information about consumer satisfaction is of great importance mainly to enterprises to the consumer market as the food industry. This paper results from a qualitative research based on case

Roberto Giloli Rotondaro; Isabel Cristofoletti; Aymeé Tamara Torres


El Conocimiento Ocupacional y del Yo para los Grupos Especiales. Monografias sobre el Conocimiento Ocupacional y del Yo.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This Spanish translation of ED 132 428 includes the three papers representing Office of Education attempts to face the need for improving delivery of career education to special portions of the population. New additions are brief sections on basic definitions and additional considerations of the significance of work. The first paper, on career…

Hoyt, Kenneth B.


Nuevos resultados sobre la cinemática global y nuclear de NGC 253: movimientos no circulares y emisión en Br ?  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Continuing with previous research (Camperi et al., BAAA, 54, 377, 2011), new heliocentric radial velocity distributions are presented for the nearby galaxy NGC 253, obtained from the ionized hydrogen recombination line H?. These distributions have been derived from long-slit spectroscopy for various position angles. It is also shown the heliocentric radial velocity distribution corresponding to part of the infrared data (ionized hydrogen recombination line Br?) observed with the Phoenix spectrograph of the Gemini South Observatory. Sequential mapping with the long slit using this instrument will enable to study in detail the kinematics of the galaxy's core, which is strongly obscured by dust. FULL TEXT IN SPANISH

Camperi, J. A.; Gunthardt, G. I.; Díaz, R. J.; Agüuero, M. P.; Gimeno, G.; Pessev, P.


Abuso de Inhalantes. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuse de Drogas. (Inhalant Abuse. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

National surveys indicate that more than 22.9 million Americans have abused inhalants at least once in their lives. NIDA's Monitoring the Future study reveals that approximately 17.3 percent of eighth-graders have abused inhalants. Parents and children ne...



The ABCs of Special Education: A Handbook for Parents = El ABS Sobre Educacion Especial: Un Folleto para los Padres.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This bilingual handbook is intended to help parents understand their rights under P.L. 94-142, the Education for All Handicapped Children Act. The following topics are addressed: the Act's legislative history, identification of special education, explanation of P.L. 94-142, parents' rights to know, student records, student testing, students'…

Ewing, Preston E., Jr.; Hinton, Valeska S.


Optimización basada en confiabilidad por medio de redes neuronales y algoritmos evolutivos  

Microsoft Academic Search

A diferencia de la optimización usual, la optimización estocástica consiste en una minimización de una\\u000afunción de coste sujeta a condiciones expresadas en forma de probabilidades en lugar de funciones deterministas,\\u000alo que la convierte en un problema mucho más complejo. En esta clase de optimización son comunes\\u000alos problemas donde la función o funciones objetivo y sus condiciones son

J. E. Hurtado; Diego Álvarez



Fibrose pulmonar ocupacional, câncer de laringe e pneumonia de repetição em paciente idoso: relato de caso interdisciplinar Occupational lung fibrosis, cancer of the larynx and pneumonia of repetition in an aged patient: an interdisciplinary case study Fibrosis ocupacional del pulmón, cáncer de la laringe y pulmonía a repetición en un paciente envejecido: un estudio de caso interdisciplinario  

Microsoft Academic Search

ReSumO: A fibrose pulmonar apresenta inúmeras complicações sistêmicas, como a desnutrição e a redução da capacidade funcional. O tratamento deve ser indi- vidualizado e desenhado para minimização dos sintomas, otimização do status funcional e redução dos gastos com saúde. Este estudo teve por objetivo avaliar o impacto da abordagem interdisciplinar na reabilitação de idoso com fibrose pulmonar e desnutrição. Trata-se

Débora Rocha Oliveira; Alexandre Luque; Maria Alice de Gouveia Pereira; Andréa de Souza; Vera Silvia Frangella


Corporate Giving: Unternehmensspende, Sponsoring und insbesondere Unternehmensstiftung  

Microsoft Academic Search

Die gesellschaftliche Verantwortung von Unternehmen ist in Deutschland eine kulturelle Selbstverständlichkeit (Backhaus-Maul\\u000a 2006: 32; vgl. auch die Beiträge in Eberhard von Kuenheim Stiftung\\/ZEIT Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius 2004). Als allerdings\\u000a Mitte der neunziger Jahre der Begriff des Corporate Citizenship auch in Deutschland Eingang in die gesellschaftspolitische\\u000a Debatte fand (Westebbe\\/Logan 1995), kam es zur Reflexion von Aktivitäten mit Gemeinwohlorientierung, die

Christoph Mecking


Corporate Giving. Unternehmensspende, Sponsoring und insbesondere Unternehmensstiftung  

Microsoft Academic Search

Die gesellschaftliche Verantwortung von Unternehmen ist in Deutschland eine kulturelle Selbstverständlichkeit (Backhaus-Maul 2006: 32; vgl. auch die Beiträge in Eberhard von Kuenheim Stiftung\\/ZEIT Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius 2004). Als allerdings Mitte\\u000a der neunziger Jahre der Begriff des Corporate Citizenship auch in Deutschland Eingang in die gesellschaftspolitische Debatte\\u000a fand (vgl. Westebbe\\/Logan 1995), kam es zur Reflexion von Aktivitäten mit Gemeinwohlorientierung,

Christoph Mecking


Job submission and control on a generic batch system: the BLAH experience  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The status, functionality and design rationale of the 'Batch Local Ascii Helper' (BLAH) service for submitting and controlling jobs on a batch system are presented. BLAH is part of both the Condor and CREAM systems. At the end of the major cycle represented by the EU EGEE projects, reflexion on its evolution provides some insight on technological choices that can stand the proof of time.

Mezzadri, Massimo; Prelz, Francesco; Rebatto, David



Crystal structure of 2,3-dihydronaphto[2,3-b) [1,5] dioxepin  

Microsoft Academic Search

The X-ray single crystal structure of C13H12O2 compound was determined. It crystallizes in the orthorombic space group P212121 with a = 7.8847(7), b = 9.639(1), c = 13.432(2) Å, Z = 4 and V = 1020.8(3) Å3. The final R converged to 0.037 for 1763 independent reflexions. The title compound forms layers parallel to (1 0 0) planes and the

T. Ben Chaabane; A. Ould Hadou; F. Meganem



Formation of carbon supported PtRu alloys: an XRD analysis  

Microsoft Academic Search

Carbon supported PtRu alloys were prepared by impregnation of Pt and Ru precursors on a porous carbon support, followed by reduction of the metals with Na2S2O4. After reduction, the samples were thermal treated in argon up to 700°C. The samples were characterized by atomic absorption (AAS) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) measurements. Before thermal treatment only carbon reflexions were visible in

E. Antolini; F. Cardellini



Strong MHD helical turbulence and the nonlinear dynamo effect  

Microsoft Academic Search

Turbulence and magnetic fields are a common feature of many celestial bodies. To understand the turbulent generation of large-scale magnetic fields, a new nonlinear theory is developed for three-dimensional homogeneous isotropic incompressible MHD turbulence with helicity, i.e., not statistically invariant under plane reflexions. A modification of the eddy-damped quasi-normal Markovian approximation is used, where the eddy-damping rate includes a contribution

A. Pouquet; U. Frisch; J. Leorat



Influence of the Bonding Electrons on the Scattering of X-Rays by Carbon  

Microsoft Academic Search

DURING the course of an investigation of the scattering of X-rays by Various carbons (incompletely graphitized materials containing graphite-like layer-planes but no three-dimensional crystalline order, and showing, therefore, only (00l) crystalline reflexions and (hk) two-dimensional bands) it was observed that the intensity of the (10) band was always anomalously high. The phenomenon was found to be of perfectly general occurrence

Rosalind E. Franklin



The role of charge density waves in structural transformations of 1T TaS2  

Microsoft Academic Search

Electron and X-ray diffraction studies have identified three metastable phases in 1T TaS2. Extra reflexions are interpreted as arising from charge density waves coupled to periodic distortions modulating a trigonal lattice. These waves are incommensurate with the matrix in 1T1 and 1T2, but form a commensurate super-lattice in 1T3. Within 1T2, the temperature dependence of the wave vector is correlated

C. B. Scruby; P. M. Williams; G. S. Parry





What's new in addiction medicine in 2012? The news are presented according three axes: first, in the field of neuroscience, the process of extinction of addiction memories. Then in the clinical field, a reflexion is reported on how to treat addiction in psychiatric hospitals. At last, in the area of teaching, an e-learning development with a virtual patient shows a great interest in addiction psychiatry. PMID:23367696

Besson, J; Grivel, J; Tomei, A; Gothuey, I; Andronicos, M; Babel, H; Nunweiler, S




Microsoft Academic Search

Non-physical barriers had been tested in US and Canada as a system to avoid fish entrance in harmful areas at power plants or in canals for water delivery and irrigation. Among these barriers we tested strobe light's effect on delta smelt, a small osmerid endemic to the San Francisco Estuary. The results of the tests conducted at the USBR Hydraulic

Luiz Gustavo; M. SILVA


Que Sucede? Manual Informativo Sobre Rehabilitacion y Educacion Especial en Costa Rica (What's Happening? Informative Manual on Rehabilitation and Special Education in Costa Rica).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The manual, in Spanish, provides descriptions of rehabilitation, medical, and special education services; centers and institutions which offer physical and mental rehabilitation services; and lists of professionals and advocacy organizations in Costa Rica. Part 1 includes an overview of rehabilitation and special education, a short history of…

de Mezerville, Gaston; And Others



Microsoft Academic Search

O crescimento acelerado das cidades acarretou sérios prejuízos à qualidade ambiental das áreas de expansão urbana, pois a ocupação urbana desordenada configurada nestes espaços substituiu de forma degradante o espaço natural transformando-o em espaço construído sem qualquer planejamento urbano que levasse em conta a vegetação como componente essencial da qualidade de vida humana. Dentro deste contexto, o bairro Parque Verde,



Actividad antioxidante de la melatonina sobre el hígado graso inducido por etionina en ratones# Antioxidant activity of melatonin on fatty liver induced by ethionine in mice  

Microsoft Academic Search

SUMMARY The aim of this study was to determine the antioxidant activity of melatonin in female mice with ethionine-induced hepatic oxidative stress (HOS), and the effect of this hormone on the gluthatione peroxidase enzyme antioxidant activity. Twenty adult female NMRI mice were given intraperitoneally 3 mg\\/kg melatonin in 1% ethanol daily for 15 days, and 1% ethanol to the control

SM Ferraro; A López-Ortega


Relación entre el potencial zeta y la deposición en el lavado de impurezas sólidas sobre tejidos de algodón, poliéster y poliéster-algodón tratados con diferentes aprestos  

Microsoft Academic Search

Deposition of solid impurities of textile substrates, in washing, is due to different causes which can be of mechanical, chemicai, electrical or adsorption origin.\\u000aThe electrical phenomenon is studied by the electrokinetic potential or zeta potential. This potential depends on the fibre surface and the polar medium in which in steeped. For this reason, we used cotton, polyester, and polyester-cotton

Francisco Javier Carrión Fité; José Ribé Pons



Estudos polarograficos sobre o comportamento do indio (III) em meio aquoso de azoteto de sodio. (Polarographic studies about indium (III) behaviour in aqueous media of sodium azide).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The present study shows some polarographic behavior of indium (III) in azide media that is close those observed in a thiocyanate solution. The presence of azide ligand decreases the overpotential in the discharge of indium whose catalytic character can be...

R. Tokoro



Acupuntura de compensación (balance): un estudio experimental sobre su eficacia en el tratamiento de los dolores radiculares en un modelo de rata con hernia discal  

Microsoft Academic Search

BackgroundLumbar disc herniation (LDH) is a common clinical disease accounting for lumbocrural pain in the majority of the patients. The incidence of LDH has risen quickly in the past years. The theory of balance acupuncture is a new method firstly established by Dr. Wang Wenyuan and further developed according to a large amount of clinical studies which have come to

Y. Wang; H. Yuan; D. Xu; W. Y. Wang



Perspectivas sobre las escuelas charter: Una resena para padres de familia (Perspectives on Charter Schools: A Review for Parents). ERIC Digest.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Recently, charter schools have gained popularity with parents, students, and others as alternatives to public schools, but what are charter schools and what effects are they having? This Spanish-language Digest defines charter schools and clarifies some of the administrative and legal details surrounding such schools. The Digest also lays out some…

Donahoo, Saran


Análisis de la influencia de polimorfismos en APOE, APOA5, LPL, LIPC y CETP sobre los niveles de triglicéridos en población laboral malagueña  

Microsoft Academic Search

IntroductionTriglyceride levels are considered to be an independent vascular risk factor. The influence of polymorphisms in genes such as APOE, APOA5, LPL, LIPC and CETP on these levels has been separately described. The aim of the present study was to analyze the combined effects of these polymorphisms and their interaction with environmental factors.

María José Ariza; Ana María Hornos; Francisco Javier Barón; Eva Calvo-Bonacho; José Rioja; Pedro Valdivielso; Juan Carlos Sainz-Gutierrez; Montserrat Ruiz-Moraga; José Antonio Gelpi; Pedro González-Santos; Miguel Ángel Sánchez-Chaparro



Vínculos sobre um modelo de quartessência de Chaplygin usando observações do satélite chandra da fração de massa de gás em aglomerados de galáxias  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Observações de Supernovas do tipo Ia mostram que a expansão do Universo está acelerando. Segundo as equações de Einstein uma componente com pressão negativa (energia escura) é necessária para explicar a aceleração cósmica. Além da energia escura é usualmente admitido que no Universo há também uma matéria exótica com pressão zero, que é chamada de matéria escura. Essa componente possui um papel fundamental na formação de estruturas no Universo. Recentemente tem se explorado a possibilidade de que matéria e energia escura poderiam ser unificadas através de uma única componente, que tem sido denominada de quartessência. Um exemplo de fluido com essas características é o Gás de Chaplygin Generalizado, que possui uma equação de estado da forma p = -A/ra. Inicialmente consideramos o caso especial a = 1 (gás de Chaplygin) e vinculamos parâmetros do modelo utilizando observações em raios-X do satélite Chandra da fração de massa de gás em aglomerados de galáxias. Uma comparação dos vínculos obtidos com esse teste com outros testes, tais como supernovas e idade do Universo, mostra que esse teste é bastante restritivo. Exibiremos ainda resultados para o caso em que a curvatura é nula e o parâmetro a está compreendido no intervalo -1 < a 1.

de Souza, R. S.



Sobre o metodo de particao e a teoria quantica de perturbacao - espectros discretos. (Partitioning method and the perturbation quantum theory - discrete spectra).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Lower and upper bounds to eigenvalues of the Schroedinger equation H (Psi) = E (Psi) (H = H(sub 0) + V) and the convergence condition, in Schonberg's perturbation theory, are presented. These results are obtained using the partitioning technique. It is pr...

P. G. Logrado



Observaciones sobre la biología de Octopus mimus (Cephalopoda: Octopoda) en la costa peruana Observations about the biology of Octopus mimus (Cephalopoda: Octopoda) in the Peruvian coast  

Microsoft Academic Search

The Gould Octopus, Octopus mimus Gould, 1852 is widely distributed along the Peruvian coast and is target of an important artisanal fishery. The size-weight relationship in Ilo and Callao shows an allometric growth for both sexes. The females reach a spawning size at 14,3 cm of mantle length. That size was used to estimate a minimum weight of catch of

Franz Cardoso; Piero Villegas; Carlota Estrella



Microsoft Academic Search

The inotropic and chronotropic effects of Amiloride (AMI) and Dichloro-benzamil Amiloride (DBC-AMI) were studied on the guinea pig isolated atria, also, the interaction between these drugs and Beta-methyl-Digoxin (BM-DIGO), epinephrine and low extracellular potassium (1 mM). AMI (10 M) has a negative chronotropic and positive inotropic effects, not dependent on the autonomic system. DCB-AMI has a bimodal effect on the

M. Padrón-Nieves; C. Alfonso; V. Lamanna; M. Pérez-González


Efeitos da Exploração Madeireira de Baixo Impacto sobre uma Comunidade de Aves de Sub-bosque na Floresta Nacional do Tapajós, Pará, Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMO Este estudo compara a resposta de uma comunidade aves à exploração madeireira de baixo impacto através da distribuição das espécies em floresta controle e manejada ao longo de cinco anos com amostragem pré e pós-exploração. O procedimento de ordenação mostrou que a similaridade da comunidade de aves após a exploração madeireira foi menor que a similaridade entre as amostras

Luiza Magalli; Pinto HENRIQUES; Joseph M. WUNdERLE; C. OREN; Michael R. WILLIG


Guia para la Ensenanza Combinada de Ingles y Ciencia. Para Padres/sobre Padres. (A Guide to Teaching English and Science Together. For Parents/about Parents).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In the past, students who knew only a little English (called limited English proficient, or LEP), were usually taught only low-level science and mathematics. Now, new science and mathematics teaching methods can help LEP students get a good education in both fields. This guide will help parents know if their children are learning as much as…

Schwartz, Wendy


Revisão sistemática sobre a efetividade da fisioterapia aquática no tratamento da fibromialgia Effectiveness of aquatic physical therapy in treating patients with fibromyalgia: systematic review  

Microsoft Academic Search

The Physical therapy interventions promote functionality and fostering quality of life in the rheumatic diseases. Comparison between aquatic physical therapy and a non specific exercise program execution or physical therapy executed on land, for patients with fibromyalgia. The study type was the systematic review of randomized clinical trials. Patients with fibromyalgia whose diagnostic was based on the criteria of the

Regiane Mazzarioli; Pereira Nogueira; Jefferson Rosa Cardoso


[Actividad inhibitoria de dihidroxifenil propenona sobre betalactamasas de Enterobacter cloacae: estudio preliminar en el desarrollo de fármacos para enfrentar la resistencia bacteriana].  


Introduction: Enterobacter cloacae is a pathogenic microorganism with the ability to produce betalactamase enzymes, which makes them resistant to betalactamic antibiotics. Additionally, the limited activity of enzymatic inhibitors has been identified, and, therefore, the design of new drugs and the promotion of their rational use are the only possibilities to overcome this problem. Objective: The aim of this research was to evaluate the effect of dihydroxy-phenyl-propenone on a clinical isolate of E. cloacae , as well as its activity on a betalactamase isolated from this resistant microorganism in order to contribute to the search for new betalactamase inhibitors. Materials and methods: Dihydroxy-phenyl-propenone chalcone was synthesized and evaluated on a clinical isolate of E. cloacae to determine the minimum inhibitory concentration by broth microdilution; once the betalactamase enzyme was purified by affinity chromatography, a spectrophotometric analysis was done to evaluate its kinetic activity. Results: The minimum inhibitory concentration value of dihydroxy-phenyl-propenone on E. cloacae was 35 µg/ml; the recovery percentage of the betalactamase from the microorganism was 31.75% and the kinetic parameters were V max =1.7 x 10 -3 µM/min and K M = 2330 µM, which show an important inhibitory activity. Conclusion: Dihydroxy-phenyl-propenone has shown inhibitory activity on betalactamase enzymes and the ability to protect the chemical integrity of betalactamic antibiotics; this synergistic effect turns it into a promising compound in the search for new alternatives to overcome bacterial resistance. PMID:24968043

Mora, Cristina Lucía; Castaño, Julián; Jaramillo, María Consuelo



Resultados preliminares sobre a implantacao de laboratorio para a medida do radiocarbono natural. (Preliminary results on the implantation of a laboratory for the measurement of natural radiocarbon).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Though the project 'Amazonia I', activity 'Paleoclimatology', sub-project 'hydrologic cycle', the Centro de Energia Nuclear da Agricultura (CENA) from Universidade de Sao Paulo has received recently, from Atomic Energy International Agency a research appa...

C. L. R. Pessenda R. Pessenda V. F. Nascimento Filho R. L. Victoria E. Matsui



International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs Newsletter, July 1991-December 1992 = Boletin de Grupo Internacional de Trabajo sobre Asuntos Indigenas, Septiembre 1991-Diciembre 1992.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This document contains seven consecutive English-language issues of the IWGIA Newsletter, from July 1991 through December 1992, followed by the seven corresponding issues in Spanish. These newsletters provide educators with a resource on the history, current conditions, and struggles for self-determination of indigenous peoples around the world.…

IWGIA Newsletter, 1992



Efeitos da adição de vagens de algaroba sobre a composição química e a microbiota fúngica de silagens de capim-elefante  

Microsoft Academic Search

The objective of this trial was to evaluate the chemical composition and fungal microbiota of different proportions of elephantgrass and mesquite pod silages: 100:0, 67:33, 34:66, and 0:100, respectively. A complete randomized design with four replications per treatment was used. The material was ensiled in PVC silos and remained sealed during a 120-days period. After opening the silos, silage samples

Ângela Maria Vieira Batista; Adriana Guim; Iraci Saraiva Souza; Krystyna Gourlach Lira; Mércia Virginia Ferreira dos Santos; José Carlos Batista Dubeux Júnior




Microsoft Academic Search

Effect of cupric hydroxide on root and shoot growth of container grown Pachyra insignis and Andira inermis under nursery conditions Circling, matting and kinking roots constitute a problem for the container nursery industry. Studies have demonstrated the usefulness of chemical root pruning with copper hydroxide. The application of copper compounds to inner wall surface of containers prevents root growth at

María E. Arboleda; Dámaso Bautista



Steppin' On Up: A Post-Secondary Guide for Migrant Students = Tomando Accion: Una Guia para los Estudiantes Migrantes Sobre Que Hacer Despues de la Escuela Secundaria.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This bilingual guide (English and Spanish) provides information for migrant students on postsecondary education. The guide includes information on: (1) career planning, involving self-exploration, occupational exploration, and strategies for reaching career objectives; (2) planning for postsecondary education during high school, including a…

Western Stream Migrant Education Program Coordination Center, Portland, OR.



Microsoft Academic Search

SUMMARY A series of clinical observations have confirmed the presence of drastic alterations on the wake-sleep cycle associated with indus- trial solvent inhalation. The psychotropic effects of these substances embrace a diversity of functions in humans, such as the capacity to attend to, and respond with readiness, to the environmental stimulus; besides it affects the capacity to estimate time. The

Adrián Martínez; Gustavo Luna; José María Calvo; Alejandro Valdés-Cruz; Victor Magdaleno-Madrigal; Rodrigo Fernández-Mas; David Martínez; Augusto Fernández-Guardiola



Tax and Record Keeping Information for Family Child Care = Informacion Sobre los Impuestos y la Documentacion para el Cuidado Infantil en el Hogar.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This pamphlet from the Children's Foundation, in both English- and Spanish-language versions, provides advice to child care providers on record-keeping methods. The pamphlet also gives definitions and guidance on business expenses (100% deductible, shared personal and business, and depreciated capital expenses), time-space formula, self-employment…

Gellert, Sandra


EFEITO DA ADUBAÇÃO ORGÂNICA SOBRE AS FRAÇÕES DE CARBONO DE SOLOS CUL TIVADOS COM ALFACE AMERICANA Organic fertilizer effects upon carbon fractions from soils cultivated with iceberg lettuce  

Microsoft Academic Search

This study evaluated the effects of organic and mineral fertilizers and liming, on humic, fulvic, and organic carbon fractions of an Inceptisol and an Oxisol grown with lettuce. The experiment was carried out at the Soil Science Department of Federal University of Lavras, Minas Gerais state, Brazil. It was performed with 5 levels of soil conditioner (0, 20, 40, 100,

Edilene Carvalho Santos Marchi; Marco Antônio Rezende Alvarenga; Giuliano Marchi; Carlos Alberto Silva; Jarso Luiz de Souza Filho


A música como experiência e diferencial mercadológico no turismo: um estudo de caso sobre o trecho Serro a São Gonçalo do Rio Preto - Estrada Real - MG  

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The search for places, which provide meaningful and unique experiences, is increasing in the tourism activity, and consequently, it is necessary to change the marketing strategy in places and attractions. The musical expression of Minas Gerais is not promoted as cultural contrast, although it is a great tourist attraction. This article suggests the use of the experimental marketing and the

Mariana Helena; Diniz Ferreira; Mileno Dias Marquezini



Microsoft Academic Search

Background: Borago officinalis L. seeds and the whole plant are used as medicinal plants. Gamma linolenic acid, an important essential fatty acid from the omega-6 family is present in its seeds. Objectives: To analyze the effect of the seeding depth, seed maturity, germination promoters, and\\/or stratification on the emergence percentage, vigor index and time to reach a 50% emergence were

Alejandro Solís; Rosemarie Wilckens; Maritza Tapia; Susana Fischer; Daniel Sorlino; Marisol Berti


Mejoramiento de la Calidad Nutritiva de los Cereales: Informe del Seminario sobre Produccion Selectiva y Fortificacion (Improving the Nutrient Quality of Cereals).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Under joint sponsorship of AID and the Ralston Purina Company, sixteen experts participated in workgroups focused on: various techniques of selective production and fortification; wheat; rice; corn; sorghum and millet; and alternative methods of forticati...




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Effect of diets on biology and life table of Euseius concordis (Chant) (Acari: Phytoseiidae) Laboratory studies to obtain information about biology and life tables of the predatory mite Euseius concordis (Chant) were carried out. Mites were sampled in grapevines 'Criolla Negra', in Tarabana, Lara state, Venezuela. At the laboratory, E. concordis was fed on two sources consisting in minnieroot pollen

Carmen Escalona; Carlos Vásquez


Catalysts for Change: Three Case Studies of Quality Education Worldwide = Catalizadores del Cambio: Tres Casos de Estudio sobre la Educacion de Calidad en el Mundo  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Public education is the cornerstone of democracy and is absolutely fundamental to a democratic, civil and prosperous society. Beyond the boundaries of the United States, other countries are working to provide quality education to their children through civil society institutions. In particular, there are three extraordinary organizations in Peru,…

Puriefoy, Wendy D.



How To Talk to Your Teens and Children about AIDS = Como hablar con sus adolescentes y sus ninos sobre el SIDA.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Two brochures, one in English and one in Spanish, provide parents with basic information that will enable them to educate their children about Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Contents address 11 questions: (1) What is AIDS? (2) How do you get AIDS? (3) How is AIDS not spread? (4) Who can get AIDS? (5) How can you tell if someone has…

National PTA, Chicago, IL.


Ciclos políticos en Colombia: impacto fiscal en el siglo XX e impacto sobre la distribución del ingreso durante los ultimos 30 años  

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La orientación ideológica de los gobiernos, el momento de las elecciones y los intereses particulares de los dirigentes pueden afectar de manera importante la política económica en cualquiera de sus componentes. Se puede esperar que un gobierno establezca sus políticas en materia económica, ya sea siguiendo los preceptos ideológicos que el partido político al cual pertenece haya proclamado, o bien,

John Jairo Gómez Ríos



Caso Chernobyl: sus repercusiones en el sistema Internacional sobre responsabilidad civil por danos nucleares. (Chernobyl case: its repercussions on the International System on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damages).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

With the discovery of the Nuclear Energy the world has been development her life the present investigation is based in the accident of the one of the most important Nuclear Power Plant in the world, situated in the Union of Socialist Sovietic Republics. T...

J. L. Gonzalez Guadarrama




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RESUMO: Este artigo propõe uma análise da imagem da mulher que se esboça em alguns artigos do Código Penal Brasileiro. Para isso, vale mo-nos de algumas orientações teóricas da Análise do Discurso, no que diz respeito a Formaçõe s Discursivas, Ação e Racionalidade e Intencionalidade. Através desse aparato teórico, o trabalho levanta algumas questões de ordem lingüístico-discursivas, fundadoras de um

Carla Roselma; Athayde GUIMARAES; Gustavo Miranda SILVA; Priscilla Chantal; Duarte MARCHESANI


Estudio comparativo entre dos fuentes alimentarias aportadoras de ácidos grasos poliinsaturados n-3 y su efecto sobre el timo y el perfil lipídico de ratas  

Microsoft Academic Search

SUMMARY. Comparative study between two different sources of n-3 poliunsaturated fatty acids and it effect on thymus and lipid profile in rats. In the present paper we analyzed the effect caused by different recovery diets enriched with n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA n-3) on thymus and serum lipid pattern. Severe depleted weanling Wistar rats (D) were divided in three groups

Inés Fernandez; Anabel N. Pallaro; Nora H. Slobodianik



Efeitos de um programa de orientação de atividade física e nutricional sobre o nível de atividade física de mulheres fisicamente ativas de 50 a 72 anos de idade  

Microsoft Academic Search

Effects of an intervention program of physical activity and nutrition orientation on the physical activity level of physical- ly active women aged 50 to 72 years old The promotion of a physically active lifestyle in elderly people has been used as a strategy to promote improvement in health standards and quality of life. The objective of this study was to

Marcela Ferreira; Sandra Matsudo; Victor Matsudo; Glaucia Braggion




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THE EFFECT OF FEEDING DIETS CONTAINING INCREASING LEVELS OF WHEAT, AND PERCENTAGE OF GERMINATED GRAINS ON PELLET QUALITY AND CARCASS QUALITY OF BROILERS. A study was conducted to investigate the effect of feeding diets containing increasing levels of wheat and percentage of germinated grains on pellet quality and the carcass quality of broilers. The experiment was carried out at Embrapa

Roberto A



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Residual effect of acidulated or burnt Riecito phosphoric rock on maize grown in soils with variable levels of calcium With the purpose of evaluating the residual effect of phosphoric rock from Riecito (Venezuela) treated with vinaza or high temperatures, three successive crops of corn, used as indicative plant, were grown in an acid soil (pH 3.7) whitewashed up to pH

Shirley M. Fernández; Carlos A. Meza



Percepción de los Clientes Bancarios sobre las Acciones de Recuperación del Servicio en Chile Perception of the Retail Banking Customers Regarding the Service Recovery Efforts in Chile  

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RESUMEN. El artículo valida, desde el punto de vista de los clientes bancarios, seis acciones que los bancos deberían tomar para manejar los reclamos de los clientes. Ellas son la corrección de los errores, la indemnización, la atención a los consumidores, el tiempo que se demoran los bancos en dar una respuesta al reclamo y el tiempo y esfuerzo que



Politica Nacional sobre Discapacidad: Un Informe del Progreso, Diciembre 2000-Diciembre 2001 (National Disability Policy: A Progress Report, December 2000-December 2001).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This report (written in Spanish) of the National Council on Disability (NCD) describes the nation's progress in advancing public policies to increase the inclusion, empowerment, and independence of people with disabilities in light of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The report covers December 2000 through December 2001. It reviews…

National Council on Disability, Washington, DC.


V Congresso Brasileiro de Agroinformática, SBI-AGRO Londrina, 28 a 30 de setembro de 2005 ORGANIZANDO INFORMAÇÃO NA WEB SOBRE AGROECOLOGIA  

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Aiming to improve the access of producers and extension technicians to the information of the thematic Agroecology, it is been developed an environment in web that uses tools that allow the dialogs between the interested parties, and organizes information to the events and notices of the area. The representation of the knowledge uses, beyond the traditional structures, a site of




Estudo Sobre a Vegetacao Aquatica e Marginal Relacionada com a Vida dos Peixes (Study on Aquatic and River Margins Vegetation Related to Fish Life).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This study is part of the Ichthyology Research Project of the Araguaia-Tocantis region. The objective was to identify the aquatic and river margins species which are directly or indirectly related to the fish life, specifically as a source of food for the...

J. E. de Paula



Uso de los Datos de Biomonitoreo para Informar sobre la Evaluacion Infantil (American translation is: USING BIOMONITORING DATA TO INFORM EXPOSURE ASSESSMENT IN CHILDREN)  

EPA Science Inventory

Discussing the challenges associated with estimating and interpreting toxicant exposures and health risks from biomonitoring data. This extended abstract was translated in Spanish and published in Acta Toxicologica Argentina....



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French bread represents 85% of the Brazilian bread market and frozen bread is a trend in this market. The objective of this project is to study the influence of yeast and vegetal shortening on physical and textural parameters of frozen part baked breads stored for 28 days. The objective was to produce a frozen part baked bread with physical and

Laura G. CARR; Carmen C. TADINI


Television Viewing = Lo que los padres de estudiantes dotados necesitan saber sobre ver...television. What Parents of Gifted Students Need To Know about...Series.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This booklet (Practitioner's Guide), in both an English version and a Spanish version, is intended to help parents apply the findings of research to parental mediation of television viewing by their children, including gifted children. Research facts are briefly summarized and implications for the home are drawn. Suggestions for parents are…

Siegle, Del, Ed.


INFLUÊNCIA DA SANIFICAÇÃO SOBRE A QUALIDADE DE MELÃO AMARELO MINIMAMENTE PROCESSADO: PARTE II Influence of the sanitation on the quality of the fresh cut yellow melon: part II  

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+ 1 o C durante 16 dias. Foram realizadas análises de sabor, textura, aparência e cor. Ocorreu redução linear nos valores das notas de sabor e textura ao longo do período de armazenamento. As notas variaram entre 8 (muito boa) e 7 (moderadamente boa) nos períodos iniciais, reduzindo para 6 (ligeiramente boa) e 5 (indiferente) ao final do período de

Helga Parra dos Santos; Roberta Hilsdorf; Piccoli do Valle


Efecto del quitosán de alto peso molecular y del alginato de sodio sobre la hidrofobicidad y adhesión de Candida albicans a células  

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The aim of the present paper is to evaluate the effect of the high molecular weight chitosan (HMWC) and of sodium alginate (NaAL) on surface hydrophobicity of Candida albicans and on adhesion of the yeast to epithelial cells and fibroblasts of different proceeding. For this study, a collection strain and seven isolates of C. albicans from saliva (patients with denture

Ana Isabel Azcurra; Silvina Ruth Barembaum; María Alejandra Bojanich; Silvia Edith Calamari; Javier Aguilar; Luis José Battellino; Susana Tereza Dorronsoro


Influence of the Environment on the Mechanical Characteristics of Composite Materials: Design Considerations Influencia Del Medio Ambiente Sobre Las Caracteristicas Mecanicas de Los Materiales Compuestos. Consideraciones de Diseno.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The effects of temperature and humidity on the mechanical behavior of composite materials are discussed. The absorption of humidity by a polymeric matrix is reviewed. Other environmental factors, such as radiation and time, and their effects are also exam...

J. P. Sanjaunbenito



Etica Comercial: Manual sobre la Administracion de una Empresa Comercial Responsable. (Business Ethics: A Manual for Managing a Responsible Business Enterprise in Emerging Market Economics.)  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Published under the auspices of the Commerce Department's Good Governance Program, this book is a comprehensive manual on how to design and implement a business ethics program that is in accordance with modern standards of responsible business conduct. It...



6. Seminario IIE-ININ-IMP sobre especialidades tecnologicas. Mesa 8: computacion. (6. Seminar of the IIE-ININ-IMP on technological specialties. Topic 8: computation).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The document includes 10 papers presented at the 6. Seminar of the IIE-ININ-IMP (Mexico) on technological specialties in the field of computation. (Topic 8). Three items were in INIS subject scope and a separate abstract was prepared for each of them. (At...



Sistema de cúmulos globulares de la galaxia lenticular NGC 6861: en busca de indicios sobre la formación de las S0s.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present a preliminar photometric study of the globular cluster system (GCS), associated to the lenticular galaxy (S0) NGC 6861, which is located in a low density environment (d˜31.8 Mpc). It is based on GEMINI/GMOS images (GS-2010B-Q-2: PI Lilia P. Bassino) in the filters g', r', i' of three fields, one of them centered in the galaxy. We find a large number of GCs candidates and detect the presence of at least two sub-populations of GCs (``blue''/metal-poor and ``red''/metal-rich). The spatial distribution of ``red'' candidates presents a higher concentration toward the galaxy (associated to the bulge?), while the distribution of ``blue'' candidates is more homogeneus over the three fields (associated to the halo?). In the color-magnitud diagram, the ``blue'' GC candidates show a possible mass-luminosity relation, known as ``blue-tilt'', probably detected for the first time in a lenticular galaxy. FULL TEXT IN SPANISH

Escudero, C. G.; Faifer, F. R.; Bassino, L. P.; Calderón, J. P.; Caso, J. P.


Pick and Choose: A Videotape Series on Nutrition for Migrant Families (Coja y Escoja: Peliculas para Television Sobre la Nutricion para las Familias Migratorias).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

One of the major problems faced by migrant workers throughout the United States is a lack of awareness of the relationship between proper diet and an individual's general health and well being. To help solve this problem was the major objective of the series "Pick and Choose." The three 15-minute programs in the series present information related…



Políticas Trabalhista e Fundiária e seus Efeitos Adversos Sobre o Emprego Agrícola, a Estrutura Agrária e o Desenvolvimento Territorial Rural no Brasil  

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This paper discusses the question of the concentrated pattern of agricultural developmentin Brazil, as expressed in the predominance of large-scale production, high level ofmechanization and low absorption of non-qualified labor. It is proposed, initially, theexistence of two conflicting explanations for this fact: the first, that blames our historicalheritage, characterized by the predominance of the latifúndio, with the implication thatthe solution

Gervásio Castro de Rezende



Adiccion al Tabaco. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuso de Drogas (Tobbaco Abuse and Addiction. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Tobacco use kills nearly half a million Americans each year, with one in every six U.S. deaths the result of smoking. Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body, causing many diseases and compromising smokers health in general. Nicotine, a component of ...



Cocaina Abuso y Adiccion. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuso de Drogas (Cocaine Abuse and Addiction. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Cocaine abuse and addiction continues to be a problem that plagues our nation. For instance, from 1965 to 1967, only 0.1 percent of youths had ever used cocaine, but rates rose throughout the 1970s and 1980s, reaching 2.2 percent in 1987. After a brief de...



Tips for Parents on Keeping Children Drug Free = Consejos para Los Padres Sobre Como Mantener a Los Hijos Libres de La Droga.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Research shows that recent trends in youth drug use have stabilized; however, the rates of use remain at high levels. It has been shown that the earlier drug use is initiated, the more likely a person is to develop drug problems later in life. Youth substance abuse may lead to many other problems that affect not only the child, but also the…

Department of Education, Washington, DC. Office of Intergovernmental and Interagency Affairs.


Abuso de la Marihuana. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuso de Drogas (Marijuana Abuse and Addiction. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The use of marijuana can produce adverse physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral changes, and contrary to popular belief it can be addictive. Marijuana smoke, like cigarette smoke, can harm the lungs. The use of marijuana can impair short-term memory,...



Abuso y Adiccion a la Metanfetamina. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuse de Drogas. (Methamphetamine Abuse and Addiction. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The abuse of methamphetamine a potent and highly addictive psychostimulant is a very serious problem in the United States. Methamphetamine abuse leads to devastating medical, psychological, and social consequences. Adverse health effects include memory lo...



VIH/SIDA. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuse de Drogas. (HIV/AIDS. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Initially characterized by relatively localized outbreaks, HIV/AIDS has now become a pandemic that has literally put the world at risk, affecting diverse populations in different ways. And while all nations are affected by HIV/AIDS, each faces differing u...



Heroina: Abuso y Adiccion. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuso de Drogas (Heroin Abuse and Addiction. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Heroin is a highly addictive drug, and its abuse has repercussions that extend far beyond the individual user. The medical and social consequences of drug abuse HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, fetal effects, crime, violence, and disruptions in family, workplace, ...



Abuso de la MDMA (Extasis). Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuso de Drogas (MDMA (Ecstasy) Abuse. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The so-called club drug MDMA continues to be used by millions of Americans across the country, despite evidence of its potential harmful effects. 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA, or ecstasy) has gained a deceptive reputation as a safe drug among i...




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Face à importância da informação para o atual contexto social, em especial para a gestão empresarial, analisa-se a informação como um ativo a ser gerenciado, uma vez que é infinitamente reutilizável, não deteriorável e nem tampouco depreciável. A gestão da informação transforma valores e cultura organizacionais. Sua efetivação contribui para o alcance dos atuais desafios das empresas: qualidade, produtividade e

Andreina Alves de Sousa


Área temática: Globalização e internacionalização de empresas Participação em Feiras: Uma Pesquisa Exploratória sobre Expositores Brasileiros e Estrangeiros em Eventos Internacionais  

Microsoft Academic Search

The international activity most associated with the increase of the company's competitiveness is the participation in international trade shows. This article identifies the main facts which encourage the participation of Brazilian and foreign exhibitors in international fairs. The data were collected live during the International Food Fair (Sial) that took place in Paris in 2006 and via email. To form



Parenting Information for Parents: Books 1-3 (Informacion Para Los Padres Sobre La Crianza De Los Hijos: Libros 1-3).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

These 3 booklets provide ideas, guidelines, and activities for establishing effective parenting and are part of a series of 22 booklets specifically designed to help parents understand their children and help them to learn. The first booklet (booklet #20) discusses preparation for parenthood, infant and toddler developmental stages, the importance…

Moreno, Steve


Borrowing Basics. FDIC Money Smart Financial Education Curriculum = Conceptos Basicos sobre Prestamos. FDIC Money Smart Plan de Educacion para Capacitacion en Finanzas.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This module, an introduction to credit, is one of ten in the Money Smart curriculum, and includes an instructor guide and a take-home guide. It was developed to help adults outside the financial mainstream enhance their money skills and create positive banking relationships. It is designed to enable participants to decide when and how to use…

Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., Washington, DC.


Tempo de plantar e tempo de colher: as representações sociais de profissionais de saúde e idosos sobre o processo de envelhecimento Time to plant and time to crop: social representations of health professionals and elderly about the aging process Tiempo de plantar e tiempo de cosechar: representaciones sociales de profesionales de la salud y ancianos sobre el proceso de envejecimiento  

Microsoft Academic Search

Brazil is going through a demographic transition process, because the human being longevity. The present descriptive qualitative study investigates the relation between the partaken overview and the health professionals' practice in this process. Ten participants were questioned, health professional and the users of the service of health attention. Software of content analyses was used. The results show different social representations

Elizete Maria Bachi Comerlato; Iraci Guimarães; Elioenai Dornelles Alves


Quantitative FT-IR spectroscopy of gypsum raw material for industry  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Today quality control (QC) is a big issue for being competitive in the gypsum industry. Knowledge and understanding of the raw material help to enhance the quality and permanence of products. Therefore a rapid, precise and user-friendly FT-IR spectroscopic method for quantitative analysis of gypsum, anhydrite, magnesite and dolomite from the gypsum deposit of Puchberg, Austria is being developed. There are decisive advantages of FT-IR spectroscopy compared to thermogravimetric methods (TG, DTA, DSC) or XRD, which are commonly used for QC, e.g. it is frequently available in industry labs and a spectrum can be obtained in a few minutes, with a minimum of sample preparation. The effects of particle size and ratio of dilution with KBr were investigated in transmission mode, using KBr pellets, as well as in diffuse reflexion mode. Little differences in particle size lead to enormous differences in peak height in transmission mode, but show only little effects in diffuse reflexion. The small amounts of sample used in KBr pellets (e.g. 2 mg sample : 500 mg KBr) also turned out to be disadvantageous, just like the time consuming sample preparation. Measurements in diffuse reflexion with a sample to KBr ratio of 1:10 show promising results for use in standardization, whereas higher dilutions hardly improve the quality, and ratios of 1:5 still show components of specular reflection. The calibration model for quantitative analysis is being constructed measuring various defined mixtures of >98% pure natural minerals (gypsum, magnesite, dolomite), and synthetic materials (anhydrite). The latter was obtained by heating gypsum at 350^oC for 10 h. The synthetic material was chosen, because natural material was not available in sufficient amounts with high purity. The IR method is compared with results achieved with XRD-Rietveld and thermogravimetric methods. Advantages of chemometrical software based on multivariate statistical techniques will be investigated and compared with standard techniques using simple peak fitting methods.

Schwendtner, K.; Libowitzky, E.; Götzinger, M. A.; Koss, S.



Synthesis, crystal structure and infrared spectroscopy of a new non-centrosymmetric mixed-anion phosphate Na 4Mg 3(PO 4) 2(P 2O 7)  

Microsoft Academic Search

The new mixed-anion phosphate Na4Mg3(PO4)2(P2O7) has been prepared and its structure has been determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction. The crystal structure was refined to R=0.0290 (wR=0.0836) for 1527 independent reflexions. This compound crystallizes in the orthorhombic non-centrosymmetric space group Pn21a with a=17.985(2)Å, b=6.525(9)Å, c=10.511(1)Å, and Z=4. The framework is built up from [PO4] tetrahedra, [P2O7] groups and [MgO6] octahedra.

Rachid Essehli; Brahim El Bali; Said. Benmokhtar; Hartmut Fuess; Ingrid Svoboda; Said Obbade



[Renal replacement therapy by hemodialysis in Constantine (Algeria)].  


End-stage renal failure is considered a public heath problem that constitutes a heavy cost on communities worldwide. To be able to plan the treatment of this pathology, we must have reliable and updated information through health network which represents the best mean for planning and reflexion locally and nationwide. The aim of our study was to answer to this need through a local registry of renal replacement therapy and nephrology network that we have for the first time an inventory of this pathology in an Algerian town (Constantine), and in this article we present the first results concerning patients under chronic hemodialysis. PMID:24113199

Bouhabel, Abdelouahab; Laib, Zoheir; Hannache, Kamel; Aberkane, Abdelhamid



[Cancer of the breast: primary prevention of breast cancer by tamoxifen, eligibility criteria, alternatives to English proposals].  


During the spring of 1993, UKCCCR prevention trial group proposed to the french medical community to participate into the international breast cancer prevention trial by tamoxifen set up in Great Britain. In January 1994 this proposal was eventually judged unacceptable in France because of lack of reflexion on primary cancer prevention, medico-legal risks, tamoxifen use risks and the eligibility criteria. A randomized trial could be designed and carried out in France to evaluate the place of tamoxifen in breast cancer prevention in the following settings: post menopausal patient with atypical epithelial hyperplasia or lobular in situ carcinoma. PMID:7492829

Serin, D



Evaluación de estimadores no paramétricos de la riqueza de especies. Un ejemplo con aves en áreas verdes de la ciudad de Puebla, México  

Microsoft Academic Search

Nuestro objetivo fue evaluar el desempeño de estimadores no paramétricos de la riqueza de especies con datos reales. Durante la temporada de cría de 2003 censamos las comunidades de aves en dos áreas verdes de la ciudad de Puebla (México), y obtuvimos las corres¬pondientes curvas de rarefacción, que fueron ajustadas a dos funciones de acumulación de especies no asintóticas y

J. A. González Oreja; A. A. De la Fuente-Díaz-Ordaz; L. Hernández-Santín; D. Buzo-Franco; C. Bonache-Regidor



Familiares a cargo de pacientes de cáncer (PDQ®)

Sumario informativo revisado por expertos acerca de los desafíos que enfrentan los familiares a cargo de los pacientes con cáncer. Este resumen se centra en las funciones típicas y las inquietudes de las personas a cargo del paciente y en las intervenciones útiles para esas personas.


Análisis del papel que ejercen las competencias laborales en el personal que integra la cadena de suministro  

Microsoft Academic Search

El personal logístico es un componente esencial en el análisis de las cadenas de suministros, pues estos son los encargados de lograr que funcione de forma integrada y efectiva. La cadena de suministro es un escalón superior de desarrollo y se encarga de gestionar los flujos desde los proveedores principales hasta el cliente final. Para alcanzar la satisfacción de los

Neyfe Sablón Cossío; Yadney Osmaida Miranda Lorenzo; Alberto Medina León; José Antonio Acevedo Suárez; Varna Hernández Junco



El papel de la Universidad en el desarrollo y la innovación tecnológica: la experiencia catalana (Relación Universidad-Empresa-Gobierno)  

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Este trabajo busca proporcionar algunos elementos que permitan valorar una de las facetas de la contribución de la Universidad a su nueva misión, aquella orientada al desarrollo tecnológico y, como consecuencia, al desarrollo económico. En la primera parte se plantea que la nueva misión de la Universidad, además de las funciones clásicas referidas a la formación de recurso humano y

Dolly Yazmín Camacho Corredor



Valoración De La Multifuncionalidad Agraria: Una Aplicación A Través Del Método De Los Experimentos De Elección\\/Agricultural Multifunctionality Valuation: A Case Study Using The Choice Experiment  

Microsoft Academic Search

La multifuncionalidad agraria es el reconocimiento del ejercicio conjunto por parte de este sector de funciones económicas, ambientales y sociales. Sin embargo, no todas estas aportaciones al conjunto de sociedad son valoradas en los mercados, sino que buena parte de ellas son bienes públicos. Por este motivo, para que este concepto de multifuncionalidad pueda utilizarse operativamente en el diseño de





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Resumen: En el modelado fisiológico, el propósito es comprender las funciones del cuerpo humano. Con este propósito, se abordan problemas del embarazo y el parto para minimizar las cesáreas innecesarias en mujeres propensas a cursar con Sufrimiento Fetal Agudo (SFA). En el presente estudio se realizó: el Modelado Matemático del Sistema Cardiovascular Fetal (SCVF), la Simulación y Validación del SCVF.

Rubén Moreno


Evaluación y perspectivas del Código Nacional de Recursos Naturales de Colombia en sus 30 años de vigencia  

Microsoft Academic Search

Los artículos presentados estudian la eficacia, vigencia y perspectivas del Código Nacional de Recursos Naturales, decreto 2811 de 1974, teniendo de presente el avanzado estado de la ciencia en Colombia establecido por la Constitución del 91, y la Ley 99 de 1993; de esta manera los doctrinantes retoman la historia y las funciones del Código, la biodiversidad, la diversidad de

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Se presentan los avances de la investigacion doctoral con los resultados del estudio piloto. En la primera fase se obtuvo la opinion de un grupo de expertos de las habilidades que requieren tener los jefes de deprtamento, los subdirectores y directores para desempeñarse en su funcion. En una segunda fase se toma una muestra representativa de los directivos de los

Gloria Pérez Garmendia; Francisco Gerardo Barroso Tanoira; José Juan Escalante Fernández; Hortensia Eliseo Dantes




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Resumen: Diversos estudios muestran que los estudiantes tienen dificultades para entender conceptos específicos del cálculo diferencial. Algunos señalan los obstáculos que les representa la integración de los diferentes conceptos en la solución de proble- mas específicos, incluidos los de graficación de funciones. En este estudio se ana- lizan las respuestas de un grupo de estudiantes cuando resuelven estos problemas utilizando




Vibrational and thermal properties of crystalline topiramate  

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O topiramato, que é uma poderosa droga anticonvulsiva utilizada para controlar os sintomas da epilepsia, foi investigado pelas técnicas de difratometria de raios X, FT-Raman, FT-infravermelho, análise termogravimétrica, análise térmica diferencial e cálculos com teoria do funcional de densidade. A partir deste estudo foi possível identificar a maior parte das bandas observadas nos espectros Raman e infravermelho. Das análises térmicas,

Diniz M. Sena Jr.; Paulo T. C. Freire; Josué M. Filho; Francisco E. A. Melo; Fenelon M. Pontes; Elson Longo; Odair P. Ferreira; Oswaldo L. Alves




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Resumo: O objetivo deste trabalho é analisar os resultados da mudança na estrutura funcional de uma empresa sucroalcooleira, realizada por uma empresa de consultoria especializada em gestão empresarial. Assim, para a realização deste trabalho foi usado o método de estudo de caso único, baseado em relatórios de consultoria. Os principais resultados encontrados foram: (1) o retorno financeiro devido à mudança

Ricardo Alexandre Feliciano; Roberto Gilioli Rotondaro


Toward a critical ethical reflexivity: phenomenology and language in Maurice Merleau-Ponty.  


Working within the tradition of continental philosophy, this article argues in favour of a phenomenological understanding of language as a crucial component of bioethical inquiry. The authors challenge the 'commonsense' view of language, in which thinking appears as prior to speaking, and speech the straightforward vehicle of pre-existing thoughts. Drawing on Maurice Merleau-Ponty's (1908-1961) phenomenology of language, the authors claim that thinking takes place in and through the spoken word, in and through embodied language. This view resituates bioethics as a matter of bodies that speak. It also refigures the meaning of ethical self-reflexion, and in so doing offers an alternative view on reflexivity and critique. Referring to the Kantian critical tradition and its reception by Hannah Arendt and Michel Foucault, we advance a position we call 'critical ethical reflexivity'. We contend that Merleau-Ponty's phenomenology of language offers valuable insight into ethical reflexivity and subject formation. Moreover, his understanding of language may foster new qualitative empirical research in bioethics, lead to more nuanced methods for interpreting personal narratives, and promote critical self-reflexion as necessary for bioethical inquiry. PMID:23718744

Murray, Stuart J; Holmes, Dave



In situ control of roughness of processed surfaces by reflectometric method  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

It is demonstrated that the removal rate in polishing optic materials decreases exponentially with increasing bond energy in these materials and the polished surface roughness depends on the ratio of natural frequencies of molecular fragments on the tool and workpiece surfaces. The dependences of polished surface roughness on the slime particle size, permit an optimal choice of powders for a bound-abrasive polishing tools, which will ensure a required polished surface quality. The dependences of the polished surface microprofile parameters on the coordinate of a zone under study, which were described by periodic functions, do represent the effects that occur in the tool-workpiece contact zone. The optical monitoring system, the device for giving of the technological environment in a zone of contact of the tool and a processed detail and a technique of adjustment of the machine tool for finishing processing of precision optic surfaces are described. The relation of intensity of the beam reflected from a surface, to intensity of a falling beam allows to estimate a reflexion index in situ. Increase of reflexion index in process of roughness decrease is established. Possibility of active quality assurance of precision surfaces in the course of processing is shown.

Filatov, Yuriy D.; Filatov, Oleksandr Y.; Heisel, Uwe; Storchak, Michael; Monteil, Guy



Todo Alumno: Un Manual de Recursos de PEER sobre Educacion Basada en Normas y Alumnos con Discapacidades (Every Single Student: A PEER Resource Manual on Standards-Based Education and Students with Disabilities).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This manual in Spanish covers thirteen different topics relevant to the education of students with disabilities in the era of educational reform and standards-based education. Sections include: (1) "Raising Standards of Learning: Standards-Based Education and Students with Disabilities" (Janet R. Vohs, Julia K. Landau, and Carolyn Romano); (2)…

Landau, Julia K., Ed.; Romano, Carolyn A., Ed.; Vohs, Janet R., Ed.


EVALUACIÓN DEL IMPACTO DEL CAMBIO CLIMÁTICO SOBRE EL VALOR ECONÓMICO DEL SUELO EN SISTEMAS AGRÍCOLAS DE CHILE Evaluation of the impact of climate change on the economical value of soil in agricultural systems in Chile  

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The climatic change would affect yield and management of crops. To the year 2050 the mean temperature would increase 1.5 ºC; at year 2100 between 1.0 to 3.5 ºC. In Chile there are few studies of this area. At international level are estimated changes in temperate and tropical zones that would affect negatively, for example, wheat (Triticum vulgare L.) and


EVALUACIÓN DE UN MODELO PREDICTIVO SOBRE EL EFECTO DE LA TEMPERATURA Y HUMEDAD EN LA DESCOMPOSICIÓN DE RASTROJO DE TRIGO1 Evaluation of a predictive model of the effect of temperature and humidity on wheat straw decomposition1  

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The objectives of this work were to evaluate wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) straw decomposition rates under different temperature and humidity levels in two locations, and to compare the actual measurements with predictions made with the crop growth simulator CropSyst. The decomposition rate was evaluated for three quantities of wheat straw (3; 6; and 9 t ha-1) left on the soil

Víctor García de Cortázar



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The presented paper aims to analyze the perception on 3 dimensions of business associateship (management skill, business relationship and representativeness) by young entrepreneurs, besides putting in context the associativity movement in Brasil. In order to do so, the article presents a brief theoretical review, a few data on the entrepreneurial context in Brasil and finally a quantitative survey research introduces



Levantamento bibliografico de trabalhos realizados sobre aves, peixes e produtos de peixe, especiarias e condimentos irradiados. (Bibliographic review of works accomplished about irradiated chicken, fish and fish products , spices and condiments).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Table of foods that can be irradiated and its respective nominal doses are shown. Bibliographic reviews of works performed about irradiated chicken, fish and fish products, spices and condiments are shown. The irradiation purpose in chicken were to increa...

B. Bernardes M. Dias Filho



EFEITO DA CELULASE SOBRE A DECOMPOSIÇÃO DO PERGAMINHO E SUA INFLUÊNCIA NA VELOCIDADE E PORCENTAGEM DE GERMINAÇÃO DE SEMENTES DE CAFEEIRO 1 Effect of the cellulase about the decomposition of the parchment and speed of germination of coffee seeds  

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-1 em tampão citrato de potássio 0,05 mol.L -1 . Observou-se que a quantidade de açúcar liberado in vitro foi diretamente relacionada com a concentração de enzima, e que houve aumento expressivo e linear na quantidade de açúcares redutores liberados nas duas concentrações (1,6 e 3,2 g.L -1 ) à medida que se aumentou o tempo de incubação das amostras

Juliana de Fátima Sales; Amauri Alves de Alvarenga; João Almir de Oliveira; Francisco Dias Nogueira; Fabiano Guimarães Silva; André Dely Veiga



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Introduction: adolescents and young adults constitute a group of increasing risk for sexually transmissible diseases (STD), including HIV infec- tion. The greatest vulnerability of the young people comes from inconsistencies in the use of condoms associated to the raising taxes of sexual acti- vity with different partners. Objective: this study aims to evaluate the knowledge of adolescents from a high

Mônica C Façanha; Beatriz LF Menezes; Ana DB Fontenele; Marina A Melo; Adivânia S Pinheiro; Cecília S Carvalho; Ivna A Porto; Larissa OC Pereira


Boquejo Sobre la Geologia Estructural y el Vulcanismo en el Altiplano Central de los Andes Bolivianos (Sketch on the Structural Geology and Vulcanism in the Central High Plateau of the Bolivian Andes).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The author has identified the following significant results. The Earth Resources Technology Satellite Program has as an objective the development of tectonic maps for Bolivia. Maps were prepared using the images of ERTS-1 in a preliminary study of alignme...

C. E. Brockman



Effect of titanium surface roughness on human bone marrow cell proliferation and differentiation. An experimental study 1 Efeito da rugosidade de superfície de discos de titânio sobre a proliferação e diferenciação de células de medula óssea humana. Estudo experimental  

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Purpose: To assess the proliferation and differentiation of human bone marrow-derived cells cultured on titanium surfaces with different roughness characteristics. Methods: Cells obtained from the iliac crest of an adult human donor were routinely processed and cultured on titanium surfaces of varying roughness, according to their preparation method: polishing only (smooth surface) and polishing followed by etching with HF\\/HNO 3

Novaes Silva; Marília Gerhardt



Efectos de los campos magnéticos de baja y extremadamente baja frecuencia sobre el desarrollo del globo ocular en el embrión de pollo Effects of low and extremely low-frequency magnetic fields on eye development in chick embryo  

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Introduction: We performed an experimental study on the possible effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on eye develop- ment. Material and methods: An incubator (Masalles 65) was pla- ced between two Heltmholtz coils (homogeneous EMF genera- tor). The biological material studied was Gallus Domesticus embr- yo exposed to EMF during a 15 or 21-day incubation period. Three experiments were conducted including

Casanova Llivina; Pascual Morenilla; López Soler; Roda Moreno



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This study aimed to know the knowledge acquired by undergraduate nursing students concerning alcohol and drugs. The research was developed in 1998 at the University of São Paulo at Ribeirão Preto College of Nursing. Results: most students did not remember or attend classes discussing that topic; they had never dealt with substance users; however, they correctly responded to the concepts

Margarita A. Villar Luis; Sandra Cristina Pillon


The Latinas' Guide to the Information Superhighway: A Bilingual Guide for Latinas by Latinas = Guia para Mujeres Latinas sobre la Supercarretera de la Informacion: Una Guia Bilingue para Latinas por medio de Latinas.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This guide to the Internet is designed to give Latinas basic information on computers and the information superhighway. Written in both Spanish and English, the guide begins by defining the Internet and making some suggestions about acquiring access to a computer. Among the topics discussed are how to choose an Internet service provider, how to…

MANA, A National Latina Organization, Washington, DC.


MØtodo Mªe Canguru: aplicaÁªo no Brasil, evidŒncias cientÌficas e impacto sobre o aleitamento materno Kangaroo Mother Care: scientific evidences and impact on breastfeeding  

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Objective: To describe the history of the Kangaroo Mother Care and present scientific evidence about benefits of this practice on morbidity and mortality, psychological and neurological development and breastfeeding of low birth weight infants. Sources of data: Papers about Kangaroo Mother Care published from 1983 to 2004 were consulted, selected in Medline and Lilacs, as well as books, thesis and

Sonia Isoyama Venancio; Honorina de Almeida


Efecto de un manejo agricola alternativo de un aridisol del altiplano central de Bolivia sobre el almacenamiento de agua en el suelo. (Effects of an alternative management of water storage on aridisol at the Bolivian Altiplane).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In the present study, we deal with a test as a base to recommend the preparation of soil for cultures different from the usual method. On a 5 year old fellow land, a parcel was ploughed before and another after the wet season. Differences on the water sto...

V. Orsag



Graftizacao do n-vinil-2-pirrolidona sobre o polietileno por irradiacao gama: preparacao e caracterizacao. (Grafting of n-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone over polyethylene by gamma irradiation: preparation and characterization).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Some parameters for the preparation of low density polyethylene films (LDPE) grafted with N-vinyl-2-pirrolidone (NVP) by the simultaneous irradiation method were determined. The concentration of NVP for a grafting degree of 69% (maximum) was 60% (v/v), at...

A. A. A. Queiroz O. Z. Higa



Sobre un Cambio Sintactico en el Espanol Canario: del Indicativo al Subjuntivo y Condicional (Concerning a Syntactic Change in the Spanish of the Canary Islands: From the Indicative to the Subjunctive and Conditional).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Many sociolinguistic studies validate the importance of the relationship among social variables that satisfactorily explain the correlation between linguistic and social phenomena. The intersection of sex, sociocultural level, and age initiates syntactic change that first appears in the vernacular and progresses to the accepted standard. (52…

Serrano, Maria Jose



Aplicacion de tecnicas de fosfatacion sobre acero al carbon y aluminio, utilizando como agente oxidante la nitroguanidina. (Application of phosphating techniques to aluminium and carbon steel surfaces using nitro guanidine as oxidizing agent.).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Phosphate coatings are inorganic crystalline deposits laid down uniformly on properly prepared surfaces by a chemical reaction with the treated base metal. The reaction consists in dissolving some surface metal by acid attack and then causing surface neut...

S. A. Briseno



Informacion sobre el estudio de factibilidad para el reracking en las instalaciones de piscinas de la Central Electronuclear de Juragua. (Information on the feasibility study for the reracking in the fuel storage pools of the Juragua Nuclear Power Plant).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

During 1993, in the Juragua Nuclear Power Plants as engineering evaluation programme was initiated in the storage area of irradiated nuclear fuel, where work in order to determine the feasibility of capacity increase for storage of irradiated nuclear fuel...

J. M. Rodriguez I. Rodriguez D. Lopez R. Guerra M. Rodriguez



Como Promover el Exito de las Ninas y las Minorias en las Ciencias y en las Matematicas. Para Padres/sobre Padres (How To Promote the Science and Mathematics Achievement of Females and Minorities. For Parents/about Parents).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Some minority and female students traditionally have not been given the help they need to enroll and succeed in mathematics and science classes. Now, however, various approaches are available to give these students the extra attention they need. Parents can help children develop an interest in science and mathematics by: (1) identifying role…

Schwartz, Wendy


O Desempenho de Adultos Jovens e Idosos na Iowa Gambling Task (IGT): Um Estudo sobre a Tomada de Decisão Decision-making Capacity of Young Adults and Older Adults as Measured by the Iowa Gambling Task (IGT)  

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The study aimed to analyze the decision-making capacity of young adults and older adults. The Iowa Gambling Task, which was adapted for the Brazilian Portuguese in the present study, was used to measure decision- making. The sample consisted of 82 healthy persons divided in two groups: Group 1 - 42 young adults and Group 2 - 40 elders. The results

Daniela Di Giorgio Schneider; Maria Alice de Mattos; Pimenta Parente


The effect of the body mass index on postoperative complications of coronary artery bypass grafting in elderly O efeito do índice de massa corporal sobre as complicações no pós-operatório de cirurgia de revascularização do miocárdio em idosos  

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Objectives: To evaluate the effect of BMI (body mass index) in the postoperative period of elderly patients undergoing CABG. Methods: Cross-sectional retrospective study, carried out in academic hospital, with all patients (n=290), aged or above 60 years, undergone CABG, from August 2006 to July 2007. The patients were divided into tertiles of BMI (<22, 22-27,> 27kg\\/m²). The variables included in

Cíntia REIS; Sandra Mari BARBIERO; Luciane RIBAS



O efeito do índice de massa corporal sobre as complicações no pós-operatório de cirurgia de revascularização do miocárdio em idosos The effect of the body mass index on postoperative complications of coronary artery bypass grafting in elderly  

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Objectives: To evaluate the effect of BMI (body mass index) in the postoperative period of elderly patients undergoing CABG. Methods: Cross-sectional retrospective study, carried out in academic hospital, with all patients (n=290), aged or above 60 years, undergone CABG, from August 2006 to July 2007. The patients were divided into tertiles of BMI (<22, 22-27,> 27kg \\/m²). The variables included

Cíntia REIS; Sandra Mari BARBIERO; Luciane RIBAS


Efeitos de baixas doses de radiacao gama de cobalto-60 sobre sementes de feijao, arroz e rabanete. (Effects of cobalt-60 low doses radiation on bean, rice and radish seeds).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The effects of cobalt-60 gamma radiation on seeds of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.), rice (Oryza sativa L.) and radish (Raphanus sativus L.) were studied. Bean and rice seeds were irradiated with 3.5 and 7.7 Gy (32 Gy/h). There was an apparent acceleration ...

O. K. Kikuchi



EFECTO DEL GATUÑO SOBRE LA FERTILIDAD DEL SUELO Y LA BIOMASA HERBÁCEA EN PASTIZALES DEL CENTRO DE MÉXICO Effect of Catclaw Mimosa on Soil Fertility and Forage Yield in Rangelands in Central Mexico  

Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMEN El trabajo se realizó durante los años 2002 y 2003, en los estados de Aguascalientes y Jalisco, con el objetivo de evaluar el efecto del gatuño (Mimosa monancistra) en el grado de asociación de algunas variables edáficas, como pH, materia orgánica (MO), fósforo, calcio y magnesio, así como la cantidad de biomasa herbácea en tres sitios con diferente grado

Ernesto Flores; Juan Frías; Pedro Jurado; Víctor Olalde; Juan de Dios Figueroa; Arturo Valdivia; Edmundo García


Changes in the Vertical Structure of the Waters Above the Rim of the Continental Shelf due to the Influence of Winds (Modificacoes na Estrutura Vertical das Augas Sobre a Borda da Plataforma Continental por Influencia do Vento).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In order to study the relationship between wind variations and the vertical structure of the water (upwelling) and witness the role played by this upwelling in the fertilization of the euphotic zone, the Oceanographic Ship 'ALMIRANTE SALDANHA' was anchore...

P. C. Moreira da Silva R. F. Rodrigues



Efeito dos raios-x sobre o tubulo contorcido proximal de rim de camundongo (Mus musculus). Estudo ultra-estrutural. (X-rays effect on the proximal tubes of murine kidney (Mus musculus). Ultra-structural study).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The kidney alterations in mice it was submitted to total irradiation was studied, trying to determine which lesions were produced and in which sequence its occur. Knowing that irradiation, since in low doses, decrease the organism survival, since anticipa...

I. P. Pacheco



La Seccion de Investigacion sobre Educacion Medica de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad National Autonoma de Mexico (The Medical Education Investigation Section of the School of Medicine of UNAM).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This document is an English-language abstract (approximately 1,500 words) of a survey of Mexican medical education needs for the future. To plan for these needs, SISEM of UNAM was formed with the objectives of carrying out and promoting investigations in the different areas of medical education. It also wants to distribute the information…

Campillo Sainz, Carlos; Alvarez, Tostado, Juan


Grupo de Trabajo Para la Preparacion del Proyecto Sobre el Desarrolo de Servicias de Bibliotecas y de Informacion Cientifica y Tecnica (Working Group for the Preparation of the Proposal on the Development of Library Services and Scientific and Technical Information).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The Office of Iberoamerican Education, an intergovernmental body based on educational and cultural cooperation for the purpose of disseminating information, documentation, advice, and assistance in the field of education, co-sponsors (with UNESCO) the work represented in this study of library and information planning and facilities in the Andean…

Oficina de Educacion Iberoamericana, Madrid (Spain).


Efecto del extracto de metanol de Achyranthes aspera linn. sobre la hepatotoxicidad inducida por rifampicina en ratas Effect of methanol extract of Achyranthes aspera linn. On rifampicin- induced hepatotoxicity in rats  

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ABSTRACT ABSTRACT ABSTRACT ABSTRACT Methanol extract of aerial parts of Achyranthes aspera Linn. (Family: Amaranthaceae) was tested for its effect on Methanol extract of aerial parts of Achyranthes aspera Linn. (Family: Amaranthaceae) was tested for its effect on Methanol extract of aerial parts of Achyranthes aspera Linn. (Family: Amaranthaceae) was tested for its effect on Methanol extract of aerial parts



A Contribuição da Economia das Convenções para o Entendimento sobre a Coordenação de Arranjos Produtivos na Pecuária de Corte Grupo de pesquisa: Estrutura, Evolução e Dinâmica dos Sistemas Agroalimentares e Cadeias Agroindustriais  

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The formation of a great number of networks based i n cooperation relations has questioned of the factors that can contribute for the success of such enterprises. Amongst the factors that help to understand the development of networks the coordination between the participants is of great importance. This article h ad as objective to identify which mechanisms of coordination used



Feet First: A Booklet About Foot Care for Older People and People Who Have Diabetes (Primero los Pies: Un Folleto Sobre el Cuidado de los Pies para Personas de Edad y Personas con Diabetes).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In accord with the search for more effective ways to improve nursing care, the Division of Nursing has prepared this booklet as an example of a simplified type of teaching aid which the people who work in the health professions may find useful in helping ...




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Several studies suggest that emotional arousal can promote memory storage. We report two studies evaluating the ef fects of emotional content on declarative memory, conducted with healthy subjects and cephalgic patients. We utilized an adaptation of two versions of the same story, with different arousing properties (neutral or emotional), which have been already employed in experiments involving the enhancing effects

A. Gasbarri; B. Arnone; A. Pompili; A. Marchetti; P. Di Fabrizio; S. Saad Calil; M. C. Tavares; C. Tomaz


Mision Informacion: Entrevista a Empleados en el Lugar donde Trabajan; Observar a Obreros mientras Trabajan; Programa sobre Experiencia Laboral (Mission Information: Worksite Interview, Shadow Community Workers, Work Experience Program). CHOICE (Challenging Options in Career Education).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The work-study guide is the third volume in the advanced level of a career education curriculum for elementary-secondary migrant children. Complementing the secondary level job information text and a workbook about decision making and self-awareness, the work-study guide is designed to accompany work exploration and experience programs. It…

Putnam and Northern Westchester Counties Board of Cooperative Educational Services, Yorktown Heights, NY.


EFECTO DE LA EXCLUSIÓN COMPETITIVA SOBRE LA MORTALIDAD E ÍNDICES DE PRODUCCIÓN DE POLLOS DE ENGORDE. Effect of the Competitive Exclusion on Mortality and Productive Performance in Broilers Chicken  

Microsoft Academic Search

It has been demonstrated that the administration from gastroin- testinal microflora of a healthy adult bird to a new born chick accelerates the maturation of the intestinal microflora and in- creases the resistance to Salmonellas colonization in the treated chicks. This concept known as Competitive Exclusion (EC) based on the fact that this mature intestinal flora excludes certain enteric pathogens,

Ana María Arzálluz-Fischer; Hirwin S. Rincón-Reyes; Saulo H. Urdaneta; Darwuin Arrieta; Leonardo A. Boscán-Duque; María Urdaneta-Rincón; Rafaela Muñoz-Gotera


QUALIDADE FISIOLÓGICA DE SEMENTES DE FEIJÃO EM PLANTIO DIRETO SOBRE DIFERENTES COBER TURAS DE PLANT AS EM DIAMANTINA, MG Physiological quality seeds of bean in no-tillage system over different coverings of plants in Diamantina, MG1  

Microsoft Academic Search

The objective this work was evaluate the effect of different coverings plants on the physiological quality seeds of bean in no- tillage system in Diamantina MG. The experiment was installed in the Campus II of UFVJM, in a Neossolo Quartzarênico Órtico típico, in blocks randomized design, with ten treatments and four replicates. The treatments were constituted of control chemical and

Ubirajara Russi Nunes; Nelson França Santos; Valter Carvalho; Andrade Júnior; Delacyr da Silva; Brandão Júnior; Geraldo Durães Pereira


Actas de la 4th mesa redonda sobre investigacion en "Lenguas Extranjeras" en la Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana 1996. (Proceedings from the 4th Roundtable on Investigation in Foreign Languages in the Autonomous Metropolitan University 1996).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The articles included in this volume were selected as exemplary papers from the conference in Mexico. The goal of the forum was to provide an opportunity for researchers from the three branches of the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana (UAM) to meet and discuss research projects currently in progress at the university. The works presented here…

Zoreda, Margaret Lee, Comp.; Diop, Mamoudou Si, Comp.; Vivaldo Lima, Javier, Comp.


Efeito de antagonistas histaminergicos sobre o desenvolvimento de edema pulmonar em camundongos infectados com P-berghei. (Effect of a histaminergic antagonist over the pulmonary edema in P. berghei infected mice).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The involvement of histaminergic mechanisms in the pathogenesis of pulmonary oedema observed in p. berghei - infected mice was investigated. Histamine concentrations in plasma and whole blood of infected and normal mice were determined by radioenzymatic a...

M. A. Martins



Reaching Higher. A Parent's Guide to the Washington Assessment of Learning. Revised = Para llegar mas arriba. Una guia para padres sobre la evaluacion del aprendizaje de los estudiantes del estado de Washington (Washington Assessment of Student Learning). Revisado.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This guide in English and Spanish is designed to answer questions parents may have about the Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL), including how it will help improve their children's education, how it is scored, and how to use the information it provides. In Washington, clear educational goals for subject content, thinking skills, and…

Washington Office of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Olympia.


Fortalecete! Pensamientos e ideas sobre el desarrollo de curriculo para maestras de educacion basica en espanol ("Get Energized! Thoughts and Ideas on Curriculum Development for Spanish Basic Education Teachers").  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This booklet outlines approaches to adult basic education Spanish literacy. It includes the following: explanatory note for English (non-Spanish) readers; general goals of a Spanish language literacy (SLL) program in Holyoke, Massachusetts; checklists; learning objectives for reading and writing; SLL lesson plan guide; outline for SLL curriculum…

Holyoke JUNTOS Adult Basic Education Collaborative, MA.


Estudo polarografico sobre a formacao de complexos entre indio (III) e azoteto de sodio, em meio aquoso. (Polarographic study about the complex formation between indium (III) and sodium azide, in aqueous media).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The present work is a branch of the main work concerned with the complex formation between several metal cations and azide ligand in aqueous media. The polarographic behavior of indium in azide system showed the tendency of complexation. Using polarograph...

R. Tokoro M. Bertotti



A Study of the Vertical Transport of Momentum, Sensible Heat, and Water Vapor over Vegetation-Covered Surfaces in the Tropics Um Estudo DOS Transportes Verticais de Momentum, Calor Sensivele Vapor d'Agua Sobre Superficie Vegetada Nos Tropicos.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The energy balance changes with aerodynamic characteristics of the surface for four successive crop stage are presented. Parameterizations are used to calculate the sensible and water vapor fluxes. The results of the momentum, sensible heat and water vapo...

R. G. B. Andre



Some Aspects of Income Taxation of Public Enterprises (Quelques aspects de l'imposition du revenu des entreprises publiques) (Varios aspectos relacionados con la aplicación de impuestos sobre la renta de empresas publicas)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Public ownership of business in many countries is no longer confined to traditional fiscal or natural monopolies. Many governments have established or assumed ownership of nontraditional enterprises that generate profits and compete with private enterprise. In view of these developments, the almost exclusive emphasis, in the public finance literature, on traditional monopolies is no longer appropriate; greater emphasis should be

Robert H. Floyd



Influencia de la edad y habito de fumar sobre las frecuencias espontanea y radioinducida de micronucleos en linfocitos humanos. (Influence of age, sex and life style factors (smoking habits) on the spontaneous and radiation induced micronuclei frequencies).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Several endpoints have been used for monitoring human populations for environmental or occupational exposure to genotoxic agents, particularly ionizing radiation. The cytokinesis-block micronucleus (MN) assay in peripheral lymphocytes is a reliable method...

M. Di Giorgio N. Nasazzi M. L. Heredia



Pruebas Genéticas Predictivas y Percepción de Riesgos. Apuntes para la Comunicación Pública de Contenidos sobre Biotecnología. Predictive Genetic Testing and Risk Perception. Notes for Public Communication of Biotechnological Issues  

Microsoft Academic Search

We deal with the relationship between health researchers and the lay diffusion of their biotechnological findings. Our goal is to emphasize the importance of studying how health journalists and health professionals, focused in the idea of genetic risk, build up categories and channel information in such a way that eventually collaborate, inadvertently with misunderstandings, the enhancement of prejudice and, according

Luis David Castiel; Javier Sanz Valero


DESARROLLO DE LA TÉCNICA DE PULSO GALVANOSTÁTICO PARA MEDICIÓN DE CORROSIÓN SOBRE LA INTERFASE CONCRETO-ACERO. Development of the Technique of Pulse Galvanostatic for Measurement of Corrosion on Interphase Steel - concrete  

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RESUMEN Se presenta el diseño de un prototipo de sistema potenciostático utilizando instrumentación virtual, que implementa la técnica de pulso galvanostático. La técnica consiste en la impresión de un pulso de corriente eléctrica del orden de los microamperios cuya duración es de 10 segundos, mostrando la respuesta en voltaje experimentada por la interfase, con lo que se obtiene información cuantitativa



On the Weather of Venezuela: A Summary Report on the Venezuela Experiments of 1969 and 1972. (Sobre el Estado del Tiempo en Venezuela: Resumen del Estudio de los Experimentos Realizados en Venezuela en 1969 y 1972).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In the bilingual (Spanish and English) Technical Memo, On the Weather of Venezuela, the methodology and execution of the Venezuela meteorological and hydrological experiments of 1969 and 1972 are discussed first. Then the radiation balance and water balan...

H. Riehl



Relatorio Final Sobre o Ensino Bilingue: Resultados da Avaliacao Externa da Experiencia de Escolarizacao Bilingue em Mocambique (PEBIMO) (Final Report on Bilingual Education: Results of External Evaluation of an Experiment in Bilingual Education in Mozambique).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The PEBIMO project was designed to determine whether bilingual education could improve the quality of primary education in Mozambique, recognizing that Portuguese is not the native language of the majority of Mozambican students. The project began in 1992 with 8 cohorts of first grade in 2 provinces; during this investigation, students were in…

Benson, Carolyn J.


Diferentes tipos de hidratação durante o exercício prolongado e sua influência sobre o sódio plasmático Different types of hydration during a lenghened exercise and their influence on plasmatic sodium  

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This study aims at identifying alterations in plasmatic sodium concentration, concerning four hydration procedures: a) water ad libitum; b) scheduled water; c) sport drink of type1 (SD-T1); d) and sport drink of type 2 (SD-T2). An intragroup (intranalysis) and an intergroup (interanalysis) were performed on hydration procedures during a physical work with a duration of 120 minutes and an intensity

Salvador Zamora Navarro


Estudios Sobre Equilibrios de Polianiones. Xiii. Polimerizacion de Los Teluratos en Nacl 1 M Y 25 Degrees (Studies Concerning the Equilibria of Polyanions. Xiii. Polymerization of Tellurates in One Molar Nacl Solution at 25 Degrees C).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The hydrolysis of telluric acid was studied in 1M NaCl ionic medium. The H(+) concentration was measured using a glass electrode. B, the total tellurium concentration and Z, the number of H(+) split off per tellurium atom, were varied as follows: (0.005 M...

F. Brito



Can We Talk? Helping Families Talk about Self-Esteem, Sex, and Peer Pressure. Training Package = Conversamos? Ayudando a Familias a Hablar sobre la Autoestima, el Sexo, y la Presion de los Amigos. Paquete de Capacitacion.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This English and Spanish language multimedia packet comprises an educational curriculum designed to help families talk about self-esteem, sex, and peer pressure with their children in grades 4 through 8. The packet consists of a planning and training manuals, family activity books, and a videotape. The curriculum is comprised of four parent…

Cappello, Dominic; Newberry, Jerald


Manual de Adiestramiento sobre Terapia de Rehidratacion Oral y Control de las Enfermedades Diarreicas (Oral Rehydration Therapy and the Control of Diarrheal Diseases). Training for Development. Peace Corps Information Collection & Exchange Training Manual No. T-53.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This Spanish-language manual was developed to train Peace Corps volunteers and other community health workers in Spanish-speaking countries in oral rehydration therapy (ORT) and the control of diarrheal diseases. Using a competency-based format, the manual contains three training modules (organized in seven sessions) that focus on interrelated…

Clark, Mari; And Others


Western Hemisphere Conference on Persons with Disabilities. Conference Proceedings (Washington, D.C., March 14-18, 1993) = Conferencia Hemisferica Occidental sobre Personas con Discapacidades. Actas de la Conferencia. (Washington, D.C., 14 al 18 de Marzo de 1993).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This document presents the proceedings of a conference which brought together delegates and First Ladies representing western hemisphere nations to address needs and issues affecting people with disabilities in the Americas. It presents the texts of two keynote addresses: "Small Triumphs, Big Victories: A Global View of Persons with Disabilities,"…

Kelley, Jerry D., Ed.; And Others


Efeito DA Concentracao de Dois Tipos de Sedimento Em Suspensao Sobre a Colorimetria E Reflectancia DA Agua (Effect of the Concentration of Two Types of Sediment on Water Colorimetry and Reflectance).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

A laboratory study was made to assess the effect of suspended sediment concentrations on water colorimetry and reflectance. Two kinds of sediment were used, each with similar silt and clay proportions. These sediments originated from TE (Terra Roxa Estrut...

R. B. Desouza I. M. Felix J. E. Mantovani E. M. L. M. Novo



Educacion, Salud y Bienestar para el Nino Preescolar y la Familia (7 de Enero--29 de Febrero de 1996). Informe Curso sobre (Education, Health and Welfare for Small Children. January 7 - February 29, 1996. Report of a Course.)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This Spanish-language report (with an English summary) describes a course on interagency cooperation held at the Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Center in Haifa, Israel. The course, with 30 Central and South American participants, discusses the necessity of pooling resources and sharing responsibility among institutions in various…

Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Centre, Haifa (Israel).


Receta para el Exito. Una Guia Actualizada para Padres sobre el Mejoramiento de las Escuelas de Colorado y Logros Estudiantiles (Recipe for Success: An Updated Parents' Guide to Improving Colorado Schools and Student Achievement).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This Spanish language guide describes ways that parents can help improve student achievement and school quality. It answers such questions as: how to choose the right early-education opportunity for a preschooler; how to make sure a 5-year-old is ready for school; how to help a daughter do well in school; how to work with a daughter's or son's…

Taher, Bonnie; Durr, Pamela


Bonding interactions of metal clusters [Mn (M= Cu, Ag, Au; n=1-4)] with ammonia. Are the metal clusters adequate as a model of surfaces?  

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Cálculos de densidade funcional (B3LYP\\/LANL2DZ) para clusters metálicos de amônia foram efetuados para obter comprimentos de ligação, modos de estiramento vibracional M-N, energias de ligação, cargas atômicas de Mulliken e potenciais adiabáticos de ionização. Os resultados indicam que átomos de cobre formam ligações mais intensas com amônia do que com prata ou ouro. A interação da ligação Ag n com

Ana Martínez



Juegos estocasticos continuos: Valor y estrategias optimas  

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Resumen  El objeto de este trabajo es analizar los juegos estocásticos cuyo espacio de estados y de acciones son métricos compactos,\\u000a con adecuadas condiciones de continuidad acerca de las funciones de pago y de transición. Tras describir el modelo e introducir\\u000a las hipótesis de continuidad, se trata el problema con horizonte finito, a fin de probar que existe valor y estrategias

M. Angeles Muruaga; R. Vélez Uned



Anàlisi comparativa del VO2màx estimat mitjançant les equacions desenvolupades per Jackson et al i l'American College of Sport Medicine en corredors de marató  

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Fonament: Una reduïda capacitat funcional o VO2màx és considerada com a factor de risc que provoca la mort per múltiples causes, però principalment per malaltia coronària. Per això, i sumat a la dificultat que representa avaluar-la, han estat suggerides altres alternatives per fer-ho, tot desenvolupant equacions de predicció, sense la necessitat de realitzar exercici.Objectiu: Analitzar comparativament les equacions per a

Robinson Ramírez Vélez; Ricardo Antonio Agredo Zuñiga; José Guillermo Ortega Ávila; Viviana Andrea Dosman González; Carlos Alejandro López Alban



Atmospheric correction in presence of sun glint: application to MERIS.  


The sun glint is a major issue for the observation of ocean color from space. For sensors without a tilting capacity, the observations at sub-tropical latitudes are contaminated by the bright pattern of the specular reflexion of the sun by the wavy sea surface. Common atmospheric correction algorithms are not designed to work in these observation conditions, reducing the spatial coverage at such latitudes by nearly a half. We describe an original atmospheric correction algorithm, named POLYMER, designed to recover ocean color parameters in the whole sun glint pattern. It has been applied to MERIS data, and validated against in-situ data from SIMBADA. The increase of useful coverage of MERIS measurements for ocean color is major, and the accuracy of the retrieved parameters is not significantly reduced in the presence of high sunglint, while, outside the sunglint area, it remains about the same as by using the standard algorithm. PMID:21643235

Steinmetz, François; Deschamps, Pierre-Yves; Ramon, Didier



Ray trace algorithm description for the study of pump power absorption in double clad fibers  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

An algorithm for the analysis of the double clad fiber design is presented. The algorithm developed in the MATLAB computing language, is based on ray tracing method applied to three-dimensional graphics figures which are composed of a set of plans. The algorithm can evaluate thousands of ray paths in sequence and its corresponding pump absorption in each of the elements of the fiber according to the Lambert-Beer law. The beam path is evaluated in 3 dimensions considering the losses by reflexion and refraction in the faces and within the fiber. Due to its flexibility, the algorithm can be used to study the ray propagation in single mode or multimode fibers, bending effects in fibers, variable geometries of the inner clad and the core, and could also be used to study tappers.

Narro, R.; Rodriguez, E.; Ponce, L.; de Posada, E.; Flores, T.; Arronte, M.



The crystal structure of beta-lactamase from Staphylococcus aureus at 0.5 nm resolution.  

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The preparation, crystallization and low-resolution structure determination of beta-lactamase (EC, 'penicillinase') from Staphylococcus aureus is described. The enzyme crystallizes in space group I222 with 1 molecule per asymmetric unit and cell dimensions a = 5.45(1), b = 9.39(1) and c = 13.87(2) nm. The structure was determined at 0.5 nm resolution by using phases calculated from (NH4)2Pt(CN)4 and KAu(CN)2 derivatives. The mean figure of merit mean value of m, for the 1106 reflexions used was 0.70. Difference Fourier syntheses for data collected from crystals soaked in platinum D-methionine and in 6-(4-hydroxy-3,5-di-iodobenzamido)penicilloic acid revealed the likely position of the active site of the enzyme. Images Fig. 2. (cont.) Fig. 2.

Moult, J; Sawyer, L; Herzberg, O; Jones, C L; Coulson, A F; Green, D W; Harding, M M; Ambler, R P



[A notice for use for patients who benifit from an adrenaline pen. "Having an emergency kit is a good thing but knowing how to use it is better"].  


We realized that it is essential that the patient who has an auto injector also has the direction sheet in its emergency bag. Patients, families but also young medical doctors' remarks and reflexions led us to create an explanatory didactic, precise, illustrated and practical direction sheet. The goals are to gather succinct information about the patient (personal contact information, medical history); remind emergency numbers (15 or 112) and the emergency treatment (antihistamine, broncholitor if necessary, epinephrine shots). It also indicates step by step how to use the auto injector (Anapen) and emphasizes the need for a medical supervision if the shot has been used. We present this direction sheet and the way to use it. PMID:15137481

Rossignol, B; Chassais, H; Bidat, E



[Depression, culture and evil].  


The author has written this article as a reflexion on the relation between depression and guilt feelings by comparing her clinical experience-acquired in a western context-to knowledge gained from psychiatric anthropology studies. Manifestations of suffering are different according to different cultural contexts; in the western world the idea of guilt is prevalent, whereas it is somatic troubles and the idea of persecution that are in the foreground in non-western cultures, more particularly in Black Africa and the Maghreb. In the western world melancholy is not only a genuine standard model of depression but is also a cultural fact as witnessed by the numerous references in the literary and pictorial fields. The author asks us to ponder relations between the strength and frequency of guilt feelings on the one hand and the question of the debt and interiority of evil (sin) in the western christian tradition. PMID:8092662

Pewzner-Apeloig, E



An X-ray diffraction study of the cross-circulated canine heart.  

PubMed Central

1. The equatorial X-ray diffraction pattern was recorded from a papillary muscle of a cross-circulated canine heart at different phases of the cardiac cycle. The intensity ratio of the 1, 0 and the 1, 1 reflexions (I1, o/I1,1) was 0-79 in the systolic phase and 1-19 in the diastolic phase. 2. Using the intensity ratio obtained, the approximate proportion of the myosin projections present in the vicinity of the thin filaments was calculated. This was 70-71% in the systolic phase and 51-52% in the diastolic phase of the total myosin projections. 3. The peak systolic tension was roughly proportional to the proportion of the projections present in the vicinity of the thin filaments during systole. 4. The projections which stayed in the vicinity of the thin filaments during diastole did not produce significant contractile force.

Matsubara, I; Suga, H; Yagi, N



Liquid sheet disintegration at high pressure: An experimental approach  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The primary atomization was studied in a 300 ?m thickness water sheet, generated by a planar airblast atomizer. The research novelty consisted in increasing the airflow absolute pressure from atmospheric conditions to 6 bar. The experimental techniques employed included Oscillometry by Laser Intensity Reflexion (ORIL), Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) and flow visualization by fast video camera. The atomization mechanisms, described in the literature at atmospheric environments, were observed at high pressure conditions, for a constant momentum flux ratio. Furthermore, a new atomization mechanism was observed at high values of this ratio. Finally, dimensionless relations have been proposed for the global oscillation frequency, minimum air oscillation velocity, break-up distance and transversal wavelength. To cite this article: V.G. Fernandez et al., C. R. Mecanique 337 (2009).

Fernandez, V. G.; Berthoumie, P.; Lavergne, G.



A multivariate analysis of morphometric characters of Heterorhabditis species (Nemata: Heterorhabditidae) and the role of morphometrics in the taxonomy of species of the genus.  


A multivariate analysis on the morphometrics of 7 Heterorhabditis species was conducted to review the status of the traditional morphometric characterization methods for differentiating species of these nematodes. Results from this study showed consistency in the selection of morphometric characters for discriminating among males and infective juveniles of Heterorhabditis species. For the males, testis reflexion (TREF) and total length (LENGTH) were the variables that contributed most in the discrimination among the different species, and for the infective juveniles, tail length (TAILL) and total length (LENGTH) were the variables that contributed most. Therefore, we consider that these morphometric characters are useful and reliable, and that they should be used for the identification of Heterorhabditis species/isolates. PMID:8885892

Stock, S P; Kaya, H K



Optical properties of large band gap ?-In 2S 3-3 xO 3 x compounds obtained by physical vapour deposition  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Thin films of large band gap ?-In 2S 3-3 xO 3 x compounds have been synthesised by annealing a multilayer structure of indium and sulphur sequentially deposited. X-ray diffraction measurements, electronic microprobe analysis and quantitative X-ray photoelectron analysis have been performed to characterise the samples. The absorption coefficient, determined from transmission and reflexion measurements, shows that the absorption threshold is blue shifted when oxygen is present in In 2S 3 and the gap increases about 30%. A theoretical modelisation of these compounds, using the known spinel structure Al 2MgO 4, is reported. The electronic structure has been calculated with the ab initio Tight Binding Linear Muffin Tin Orbitals method. We obtain an enhancement of the gap under lattice compression. Although this trend also appears in the absence of oxygen, the lattice compression is more favourable when oxygen is present.

Robles, R.; Barreau, N.; Vega, A.; Marsillac, S.; Bernède, J. C.; Mokrani, A.



Humidity sensing by carbon nanocones.  


Carbon nano-structures, mainly nanotubes, have been explored in the past as sensing devices. In this report we have considered cones and discs (CNCs) subjected to acid treatment, dry oxidation and high temperature annealing, to study the modifications induced as they are used as sensing elements of varying relative humidity (RH). The relative humidity was varied in cycles of 30 min between 36% and 75%. Not strangely, the acid treated films displayed a much larger variation in resistance for the same difference in RH (16%). In the as-grown material, very small variations were detected among cycles under similar conditions. The changes induced in the sensors structures by the different preparation procedures were characterized by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and Raman reflexion. These results were used to model their behaviour as RH sensors. PMID:24734591

Svåsand, Eldrid; Häberle, Patricio



Increased aortic stiffness and blood pressure in non-classic Pompe disease.  


Vascular abnormalities and glycogen accumulation in vascular smooth muscle fibres have been described in Pompe disease. Using carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity (cfPWV), the gold standard methodology for determining aortic stiffness, we studied whether aortic stiffness is increased in patients with Pompe disease. Eighty-four adult Pompe patients and 179 age- and gender-matched volunteers participated in this cross-sectional case-controlled study. Intima media thickness and the distensibility of the right common carotid artery were measured using a Duplex scanner. Aortic augmentation index, central pulse pressure, aortic reflexion time and cfPWV were assessed using the SphygmoCor® system. CfPWV was higher in patients than in volunteers (8.8 versus 7.4 m/s, p?reflexion time (p?=?0.02), indirect indicators of arterial stiffness did not differ between patients and volunteers. Relative to volunteers (20%), more Pompe patients had a history of hypertension (36%, p?=?0.005), and the MAP was higher than in volunteers (100 versus 92 mmHg, p?

Wens, Stephan C A; Kuperus, Esther; Mattace-Raso, Francesco U S; Kruijshaar, Michelle E; Brusse, Esther; van Montfort, Kees C A G M; de Boer, Marjan Scheltens-; Sijbrands, Eric J G; van der Ploeg, Ans T; van Doorn, Pieter A



[Selective contrast enhancement of microscopical specimen by optical procedures for automatized quantitative image analysis (author's transl)].  


One of the most important problems in automatic image analysis is the discrimination of features by, a certain range of grey levels. To obtain as many as possible different grey levels sufficient contrast is achieved mainly by specific staining. Alternative and supplementary methods are some micrscopical methods, not routinely used. Interference microscopy, interference reflexion microscopy and microfluorimetry are discussed in detail. These optical procedures enhance the contrast of specimen specifically without the necessity for the application of specimen specifically without the necessity for the application of sophisticated staining methods. In interference contrast, tissues can be separately detected by grey level discrimination due to varying concentration of dry mass; this is shown for a cornifying part of fish skin (breeding tubercle of Rutilus rutilus L.). Furthermore, very small amounts of dry matter can be determined with high precision, as demonstrated for a single tissue culture cell (XTH-cell). Automatisation of image analysis provides a unique opportunity for routine application of interferometric measurements. The principles of the procedures are outlined. By interference reflexion microscopy cellular attachment areas to a glass surface are visualized, providing a powerful tool in cellular diagnosis based on grey level discrimination (darkest parts correspond to zones of closest contact to the substratum). A fast migrating lymphocyte and stationary endothelial cells have been chosen for demonstration. Various histochemical problems can be solved elegantly by fluorescence methods, e.g. mitochondria in living cells are specifically stained by a fluorochrome (DASPMI) and the distribution of fluorescence intensity can be followed within the mitochondrial population of a cell. Fluorescence was recorded from fotographic negatives taken with a fluorescence microscope. Additionally a short comment is given on the application of polarisation microscopy for feature detection. PMID:392248

Bereiter-Hahn, J



Consejos para pacientes que reciben radioterapia

Una serie de 11 páginas individuales que ofrece consejos sobre cómo controlar los efectos secundarios de la radioterapia. Cada página incluye el punto de vista de personas con cancer sobre la radioterapia.


Instantánea del cáncer de esófago

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de esófago; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Instantánea del cáncer de próstata

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de próstata; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Instantánea del cáncer de estómago

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de estómago; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Instantánea de los cánceres de hígado y de las vías biliares

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre los cánceres de hígado y de las vías biliares; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de estos tipos de cáncer.


Prevención del cáncer de boca (PDQ®)

Sumario de información revisada por expertos sobre factores que pueden influir en el riesgo de presentar cáncer de labio o de boca, y sobre las investigaciones dirigidas a la prevención de esta enfermedad.


Instantánea del sarcoma de Kaposi

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el sarcoma de Kaposi; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Instantánea del cáncer de tiroides

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de tiroides; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Instantánea del cáncer de ovario

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de ovario; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Instantánea del cáncer de cuello uterino

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de cuello uterino; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Instantánea del cáncer de seno (mama)

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de seno (mama); así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Instantánea del cáncer colorrectal

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer colorrectal; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Instantánea de los cánceres de cabeza y cuello

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre los cánceres de cabeza y cuello; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de estos tipos de cáncer.


Instantánea del cáncer de endometrio

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de endometrio; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


48 CFR 252.229-7005 - Tax exemptions (Spain).  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...Empresas (Business Trade Tax). (7) Impuestos Especiales de Fabricacion (Special Products Tax). (8) Impuesto Sobre el Petroleo y Derivados (Tax on Petroleum and its By-Products). (9) Impuesto Sobre el Uso de Telefona (Telephone Tax)....



48 CFR 252.229-7005 - Tax exemptions (Spain).  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...Empresas (Business Trade Tax). (7) Impuestos Especiales de Fabricacion (Special Products Tax). (8) Impuesto Sobre el Petroleo y Derivados (Tax on Petroleum and its By-Products). (9) Impuesto Sobre el Uso de Telefona (Telephone Tax)....



La terapia hormonal para la menopausia y el cáncer

Hoja informativa acerca de los resultados de los estudios sobre el uso de la terapia hormonal para la menopausia. Incluye información sobre el efecto de esta terapia en el cuerpo y explica los riesgos y beneficios del uso de hormonas.


Instantánea de los cánceres de cerebro y del sistema nervioso central

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre los cánceres de cerebro y del sistema nervioso central; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de estos tipos de cáncer.


Instantánea del cáncer de vejiga

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de vejiga; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Instantánea del cáncer de riñón

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de riñón; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Treatments for Diabetes  


... y la diabetes Ofrece información general sobre la nutrición, incluyendo cuánto, cuándo y cómo debe comer un ... diabetes es una compilación de la serie sobre nutrición titulada Tengo Diabetes, en particular, los títulos Qué, ...


Instantánea del cáncer de páncreas

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de páncreas; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Instantánea del cáncer de pulmón

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de pulmón; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Influence of Nutritional Recovery on the Leptin Axis in Severely Malnourished Children  

Microsoft Academic Search

ing 166% of levels observed in control group. sOB-R decreased sig- nificantly (P 0.001), and a 142-fold molar excess of sOB-R over leptin was found. There were significant correlations between leptin and IGF-I after 2 wk and IGF-binding protein-3 during the whole study. sOB-R was not correlated with any anthropometric data, whereas IGF-I was a predictor of sOB-R variance in

Katja Stein; Edgar Vasquez-Garibay; Juergen Kratzsch; Enrique Romero-Velarde; Gerhard Jahreis


Cartes de Salvador Espriu a Vilama Devi i a Manuel de Seabra  

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Vint-i-una cartes de Salvador Espriu adreçades a Vimala Devi i a Manuel de Seabra sobre l'obra literària de Vimala Devi, sobre el procés de traducció de 'La pell de brau' al portuguès i a l'esperanto a càrrec de Manuel de Seabra i, finalment, sobre l'ideari iberista de l'escriptor català.

Víctor Martínez-Gil




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A busca por um ensino de física que desperte o senso crítico de alunos e professore s sobre assuntos relacionados à C iência tem promovido a criação de diversas propostas e iniciativas que envolvam a discussão da Natureza da Ciência (NdC). A NdC pode ser definida como um conjunto de saberes sobre a C iência e sobre os processos que

Breno Arsioli Moura; Cibelle Celestino Silva



Determinantes de la mortalidad y la prevalencia de enfermedades diarreicas agudas en menores de cinco años en Colombia  

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Este trabajo analiza los efectos que sobre la salud de los niños menores de cinco años tienen las características sanitarias de sus viviendas en Colombia. Específicamente, se consideran los impactos de estos factores sobre la mortalidad y la prevalencia de enfermedades diarreicas agudas (EDA). Así mismo, se estima la influencia del origen racial sobre las condiciones de salud de los

Mauricio Rodriguez Gomez



Manual for ERLE (Energy-Related Laboratory Equipment). Instructions and information for institutions of higher learning concerning used energy-related laboratory equipment grants; Manual para ERLE [Equipo de Laboratorio Relacionado con la Energia]. Instrucciones e informacion para instituciones de educacion superior sobre subvenciones de equipo de laboratorio usado relacionado con la energia  

SciTech Connect

This is a listing of energy related equipment available through the Energy-Related Laboratory Equipment Grant Program which grants used equipment to institutions of higher education for energy-related research. Information included is an overview of the program, how to apply for a grant of equipment, eligibility requirements, types of equipment available, and the costs for the institution.

Not Available




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The oil palm industry in Colombia, the fifth world manufacter, generates lignocelulosic waste like the empty fruit bunch (EFB), which remains after removing the fruit of oil palm. Keeping in mind this characteristic, it can be used as substrate for cellulases production. In this study we evaluate the productivity of cellulases through native crop of Trichoderma viride T12 using EFB.


Los Hispanos: Problemas y Oportunidades. Resumen de la Actual Situacion Demografica, Economica, Social y Politica de los Hispanos en los Estados Unidos y de las Iniciativas Tomadas por la Fundacion Ford Para Hacer Frente a las Necesidades de esta Poblacion en Aumento y Determinar sus Efectos Sobre la Sociedad Estadounidense. Documento de Trabajo de la Fundacion Ford, No. 436.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The Hispanic population's growing impact on American society has caused the Ford Foundation to explore new Foundation initiatives. The 1980 census revealed 14.6 million Hispanics: 60% Mexican American; 14% Puerto Rican; 6% Cuban, and 20% Other. The Hispanic population in the United States is growing and is characterized by diversity; rapid growth…

Ford Foundation, New York, NY.


EFEITO DO NÍVEL ENERGÉTICO E DA SUPLEMENTAÇÃO COM CLORETOS DE POTÁSSIO E DE AMÔNIA NA DIETA SOBRE AS RESPOSTAS FISIOLÓGICAS E O DESEMPENHO DE FRANGOS DE CORTE NO VERÃO1 Effect of the energy level and supplementation with potassium and ammonium chlorides in the diet on the physiological parameters and the performance of broiler in the summer  

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RESUMO Realizou-se este estudo com o objetivo de verificar o efeito do nível energético da ração e da suplementação com clo- retos de potássio e de amônia na dieta de frangos de corte no verão. Foram utilizados 240 frangos machos, Hubbard, com peso médio inicial de 1204 g, distribuídos num delineamento inteiramente casualizado, em esquema fatorial 2 x 3 x

Bonifácio Benício de Souza; Antônio Gilberto Bertechini; Antônio Soares Teixeira; José Augusto de Freitas; Ademir José Conte


Attending School and Learning or Repeating and Leaving. A Study about the Determinants of Grade Repetition and Dropout in Primary School in Honduras. Synthesis of the Study = Asistir y Aprender o Repetir y Desertar. Un Estudio sobre los Factores que Contribuyen a la Repitencia en la Escuela Primaria en Honduras. Sintesis del Informe.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper synthesizes a study designed to identify the factors that contribute to primary school repetition and dropout in Honduras. Data were collected by record reviews; teacher, student, and parent interviews; and a test of Spanish. The sample included 1,253 students in grades 1 and 3 in 40 schools in rural Honduras. The main findings of the…

McGinn, Noel F.; And Others


Evaluacion de la radiacion recurrente con gammas de Cobalto 60 sobre variables agronomicas de cebada maltera (Hordeum Vulgare L.) en la generacion R(sub 2)M(sub 1). (Evaluation of recurrent radiation with Cobalt 60 gamma rays on agronomic traits of barley (Hordeum Vulgare L.) in the R(sub 2)M(sub 1) generation.).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The objective of this work was to evaluate the effect of recurrent radiation on agronomic traits in two barley varieties. The research was carried out at experimental fields pertaining to the Instituto de Investigacion Agropecuaria, Acuicola y Forestal of...

M. G. Vega



Lo que Piensan los Estudiantes y Profesores Sobre la Calidad de la Educacion Superior. Estudio Comparativo en 5 Instituciones de Educacion Superior--dos publicas y tres privadas--en Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico (What Students and Faculties Think about the Quality of Higher Education. Comparative Study of 5 Higher Education Institutions--Two Public and Three Private--in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This study, written in Spanish, compared attitudes of students (N=302) and faculty (N=28) at five institutions of higher education (two public and three private) in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. The study explored first, whether respondents believed there are significant quality differences between private and public universities and, second, what…

Yanez, Maria Lorena Hernandez


Informacion Tecnologica Sobre el Cultivo de Peces en Aguas Estancadas, Aplicadas a la Especie Dormitator Latifrons (Chame) y Aspectos de su Industrializacion (Technological Information on Fish Culture in Stagnant Water Applied to the Specie Dormitator Latifroms (Chame) and Aspects of Industrialization).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This report covers the following subjects: Identification and description of the species; geographical distribution; biology; feeding; growth; artificial and semiartificial propagation; diseases; description of current technology of Chame cultivation; exp...



NITROGÊNIO, FÓSFORO E POTÁSSIO NA NUTRIÇÃO E NO CRESCIMENTO DE MUDAS DE LARANJEIRA VALÊNCIA, ENXER TADAS SOBRE LIMOEIRO CRA VO Effect of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium levels on nutrition and production of seedlings of 'Valencia' sweet orange grafted on 'cravo' lemon rootstock  

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The experiment was carried out in greenhouse at the FCAV\\/Unesp, Jaboticabal-SP during the period of November 2005 to January 2007. The objective of this study was to evaluate development components and nutritional status of seedlings of 'Valencia' ( Citrus sinensis Osbeck) sweet orange grafted on 'Cravo' lemon rootstock ( Citrus limonia Osbeck), in response to Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium levels.

Renato de Mello Prado; Danilo Eduardo Rozane; Gustavo Silva Camarotti; Marcus André; Ribeiro Correia; William Natale; José Carlos Barbosa


El juego entre el nacimiento y los 7 anos: Un manual para ludotecarias. Investigacion-accion sobre la Familia y la Primera Infancia. UNESCO Sector de Educacion Monografia (Play between Birth and 7 Years: A Manual for Preschool Teachers. Action Research in Family and Early Childhood. UNESCO Education Sector Monograph).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The purpose of this Spanish-language manual is to help preschool teachers better understand theoretical concepts related to children's play. Following a preface that discusses UNESCO's activities related to early childhood education, the two main sections of the manual discuss children's play between 0-2 years and 2-7 years. Each section includes…

Grellet, Carolina


Tabla de Especificaciones e Instructivo sobre Elaboracion de Pruebas Objetivas en la Ensenanza Primaria, para las asignaturas de Estudios Sociales, Idioma Espanol, Matematicas y Ciencias Naturales (Specification Tables and Instructions for the Construction of Objective Tests in the Primary Grades in Social Studies, Spanish, Mathematics, and Natural Sciences).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This booklet presents specification tables illustrating the relative importance given to topics on tests within a particular subject area. The general subject areas are social studies, Spanish, mathematics, and natural sciences. Tables are provided for final exams in each of these areas for several primary grades, illustrating the importance of…

Ministerio de Educacion, Guatemala City (Guatemala). Direccion de Bienestar Estudiantil y Educacion Especial.


Proyecto Curricular Sobre la Herencia Iberoamericana. Latinos en la Formacion de los Estados Unidos de American: Ayer, Hoy y Manana. Procedimientos de la Conferencia Sequnda Conferencia Anual del Panel Consultivo Internacional en Santillana del Mar, Espana (The Ibero-American Heritage Curriculum Project. Latinos in the Making of the United States of America: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The Ibero-American Heritage Curriculum Project is an interdisciplinary curriculum development project designed to integrate the study of Ibero-American heritage and culture into classroom instructional programs, kindergarten through grade 12. The project was initiated by the New York State Education Department and involves the Spanish National…

New York State Education Dept., Albany.


EFECTIVIDAD DE EXTRACTOS BOTÁNICOS DE DIEZ PLANTAS SOBRE LA MORTALIDAD Y REPELENCIA DE LARVAS DE Rhynchophorus palmarum L., INSECTO PLAGA DEL PIJUAYO Bactris gasipaes KUNTH EN LA AMAZONÍA DEL PERÚ Effectiveness of botanical extracts from ten plants on mortality and larval repellency of Rhynchophorus palmarum L., an insect pest of the Peach palm Bactris gasipaes Kunth in Amazonian Peru  

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A B S T R A C T Pest resistance to chemical insecticides has grown in recent years, which is the motive for the search for alternative methods, such as plants with larvicidal activity. The objective of this research was to evaluate mortality and larval repellency of Rhynchophorus palmarum L. (Curculionidae), a pest of the Peach palm Bactris gasipaes Kunth


Effect of lyophilized jumbo squid (Dosidicus gigas) fin and mantle muscle on dough properties and bread baking performance of commercial wheat flour Efecto de aleta y músculo de manto de calamar gigante (Dosidicus gigas) liofilizado sobre las propiedades de la masa y la calidad panadera de una harina de trigo comercial  

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The effect of 25 and 50 g\\/kg of lyophilized jumbo squid (Dosidicus gigas) fin (JSF) and mantle muscle (JSM) on dough properties and baking performance of wheat flour were studied. Dough maximum resistance (Rmax), extensibility, deformation work (Area, 45-min resting time), baking performance, loaf volume, and acceptability were evaluated. JSF (25 g\\/kg) almost tripled (P ? 0.05) Rmax compared to

J. C. Ramirez-Suarez; A. R. Islas-Rubio; L. C. Montoya-Ballesteros; M. C. Granados-Nevarez; F. Vázquez-Lara; R. Pacheco-Aguilar; M. E. Lugo-Sánchez



3. Congreso Regional sobre Seguridad Radiologica y Nuclear, Congreso Regional IRPA y 3. Congreso Peruano de Proteccion Radiologica. Libro de Resumenes. (Proceedings of the 3rd Regional Meeting on Radiological and Nuclear Safety, Regional Meeting on International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) and 3rd Peruvian Meeting on Radiological Protection).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Latin American specialists talked about nuclear safety and radiological protection, radiation natural exposure, biological effect of radiation, radiotherapy and medical radiological safety, radiological safety in industry and research. The conference also...




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The Unstable to alcohol 76% Non-Acid Milk (LINA) is characterized by loss of protein stability, which precipitates in alcohol 76% test without being acid (< 18 °D). This situation is characterized by alterations in the physic-chemical properties of the milk with changes of nutritional quality. Results of this test will determine milk acceptance at dairy industry and milk producer may

Lúcia Treptow Marques; Maira Balbinotti Zanela; Maria Edi Ribeiro Ribeiro; Vivian Fischer


Viviremos! On the Road to Healthy Living: A Bilingual Curriculum on AIDS and HIV Prevention for Migrant Students (Grades 6-12) = El Camino Hacia la Salud: Un Programa de Estudio Bilingue sobre la Prevencion del SIDA y del VIH para Estudiantes Migrantes (Grados 6-12).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This curriculum provides the basic information everyone needs to avoid HIV infection, but was specifically designed for Latino farmworker students in grades 6-7. The student materials are written in Spanish and English and may be used with older student or young adults, or in English-as-a-second-language courses. An introduction provides…

VAMOS (Villarreal Analytical Management and Organizational Services), San Marcos, TX.


EFECTO DE LA ADICIÓN DE RESIDUOS DE COSECHA Y DE UN HONGO MICORRIZÓGENO SOBRE EL CRECIMIENTO DE TRIGO Y PARÁMETROS QUÍMICOS Y BIOLÓGICOS DE UN ANDISOL Effect of addition of crop residues and mycorrhizal fungi on wheat growth and the chemical and biological parameters of an Andisol  

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A B S T R A C T Among the diverse agrotechnological practices appli- cable to low-input investment agricultural systems, the additions of plant residues to soils as a nutrient source, and the appropriate management of arbuscular mycorrhizal (MA) symbiosis, are being worldwide considered. Therefore, the main objective of this study was to test the application effect of two crop

Yonathan Redel; Rosa Rubio; Fernando Borie


"Estudia para que no te pase lo que a mi": Narrativas Culturales Sobre el Valor de la Escuela en Familias Mexicanas ("Study So That What Happened to Me Doesn't Happen to You": Cultural Narratives about the Value of Schooling in Mexican Families).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Narratives used by parents in Mexican working-class families to motivate their children to study are examined for the advice offered and parental attitudes about the importance of school. The integration of contemporary pressures about the value of schooling is investigated, as well as the ways in which the value of schooling is being…

Ramos, Claudia Saucedo



Componentes espectrales directa y difusa, UVA y UVB y de acciones biológicas de la radiación solar incidente sobre Buenos Aires. Mediciones y modelización Direct and diffuse spectral components, UVA and UVB and biological actions of the solar radiation incident on Buenos Aires. Measurements and modelization  

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Se presentan mediciones de irradiancia espectral solar en el rango ultravioleta, efectuadas en el CEILAP, Gran Buenos Aires, utilizando el espectrorradiómetro portátil Ocean Optics HR4000, recientemente incorporado. La relación global\\/difusa crece y la relación difusa\\/directa decrece con la longitud de onda, pasando por el valor uno (igualdad de ambas componentes) a longitudes de onda cada vez mayores. Este comportamiento se

M. M. Raponi; G. Salum; F. Gonzalez; E. Quel; R. D. Piacentini



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Sixteen male, crossed-breed lambs were randomly allocated in two groups of 8 animals each. The Group 1 was composed of treated animals with anthelmintic (doramectinÒ) and Group 2 of non- treated animals. The lambs remained with their moth- ers on a pasture of coast-cross (Cynodon dactylon). The lambs were controlled every 14 days by means of eggs counts, packed cell



The Influence of Social Security on Household Savings: A Cross-Country Investigation (L'influence de la sécurité sociale sur l'épargne des ménages: analyse par groupes de pays) (La influencia de los seguros sociales sobre el ahorro de los hogares: un análisis transversal de países)  

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This article examines the role of social security schemes in determining intercountry differences in the savings propensities of households. To this end, an eclectic model of long-run household savings behavior is constructed on the basis of the absolute-income, the permanent-income, and the life-cycle hypotheses, incorporating the effects of social security benefits (old-age pensions or lump-sum disbursements, transfers against current contingencies,

George Kopits; Padma Gotur



A CGE Assessment of the Impacts on Electricity Production and CO2 Emissions of a Residential Demand Response Program in Spain\\/Impacto sobre la producción eléctrica y emisiones de CO2 de un programa de gestión activa de demanda eléctrica residencial: Un MEGA para España  

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Changes in electricity demand can bring substantial shifts in the production structure, costs, and level of emissions of electricity systems. However, the electricity sector is not the only one affected as these changes can create significant repercussions in other sectors and, consequently, in the whole economy. In this paper, the indirect effects of a reduction in household demand for electricity




Jovens vivendo com HIV\\/AIDS: a infl uência da rede de relações, do coping e do neuroticismo sobre a satisfação de vida Young people living with HIV\\/AIDS: the infl uence of relationship network, coping and neuroticism on life satisfaction  

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Objectives: To investigate the effect of the variables network of relationships, neuroticism, and coping strategies on life satisfaction of HIV positive youths, and to present a descriptive profi le of the sample for the studied variables. Methods: Forty-fi ve HIV positive youths from three health care centers located in the metropolitan area of Porto Alegre, whose mean age was 18.7

Adriana Jung Serafi; Denise Ruschel Bandeira; Conselho Nacional



Resumen Bibliografico de los Trabajos de Investigacion Sobre la Utilizacion de Algunas Cosechas Tropicales Llevados a Cabo en el Laboratorio de Tecnologia de Alimentos, 1951-1979 (An Annotated Bibliography of Tropical Crops Processing Research Conducted at the Food Technology Laboratory, 1951-1979).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This annotated bibliography covers processing research conducted on the banana, cassava, chironja, citron, coconut, coffee, frozen dinners, guava, mango, papaya, pigeon pea, pineapple, plantain, rice, snap bean, soursop, sugar cane, sweet pepper, sweet po...

F. S. Nieva



Efecto de la clorofilina sobre las frecuencias radio inducidas de intercambios entre cromatidas hermanas (ICH) y de otros eventos citogeneticos en celulas de la medula osea de raton In vivo. (Effect of chlorophyllin on frequency of radiation-induced of sister chromatid exchanges (SCE) and other cytogenetic events in mice bone marrow cells in vivo).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The effect of chlorophyllin on gamma radiation induced Sister chromatid exchanges (SCE) and on the mitotic index (IM) and average generation time was determined. Groups of mice were treated in one of the following regimens: (1) untreated, (2) treated with...

M. C. Garcia Rodriguez



Efeitos de um programa de orientação de atividade física e nutricional sobre a ingestão alimentar e composição corporal de mulheres fisicamente ativas de 50 a 72 anos de idade Effects of an intervention program of physical activity and nutrition orientation on nutritional habits an anthropometrical variables of physically active women aged between 50 to 72 years  

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The purpose of this study was to verify the effects of an intervention program of physical activity and nutrition orientation on anthropometrical variables and nutritional habits of physically active women aged between 50 to 72 years. The sample consisted of sixty-four women participating of gymnastic program regularly. Subjects were assigned to one of four intervention groups: A- nutritional only; B-

Marcela Ferreira; Sandra Matsudo; Victor Matsudo; Glaucia Braggion


Lo que los educadores necesitan saber sobre...El agrupamiento por habilidad [y] La compactacion del curriculum [y] Los alumnos dotados y el aprendizaje cooperativo [y] La actividad tutoral. Guias practica (What Educators Need To Know about...Ability Grouping [and] Curriculum Compacting [and] Gifted Students and Cooperative Learning [and] Mentoring. Practitioners' Guides).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

These four pamphlets in Spanish offer guidelines supported by theory-driven quality research that is problem-based, practice-relevant, and consumer-oriented. Each pamphlet has a section summarizing research from the literature or topic notes as well as implications for the classroom. The first guide offers principles for teachers concerning the…

Siegle, Del, Ed.


Efectos del IFN? y del Lymphomyosot sobre el crecimiento del melanoma B16F10 «in vitro» e «in vivo». Tratamiento con IFN? y Lymphomyosot Effects of IFN? and Lymphomyosot on «vitro» and «in vivo» B16F10 melanoma growth. Treatment with IFN? and Lymphomyosot  

Microsoft Academic Search

SUMMARY Introduction: Several cytokines are being tested in the treatment of melanoma. Among them IFN? should be high- lighted, whilst no other experimental studies using homeo- pathic products are underway. Material & Methods: «In vitro»: the cell line B16F10 was treated at 24, 48 and 72 hours with IFN?\\/10 at 1,000,000 IU\\/ml and with Lymphomyosot 1\\/1 and 1\\/3 (v\\/v). Cell

Fernando Pascual Carpe; Vicente Vicente Ortega; Matilde Campos Aranda; Josefa Yáñez Gascón; Juana García Reverte


Efectos Especiales de Anclaje (Estudio sobre Regresiones de Juicios Condicionales). Parte 1: Distincion entre Efectos Aditivos y Efectos Multiplicativos en el Fenomeno de Anclaje (Special Effects of Anchoring (Study on Regression of Conditional Judgements) Part 1: Distinction Between Additive Effects and Multiplicative Effects in the Phenomenon of Anchoring). Publication No. 17.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A linear relationship was found between judgements given by 160 subjects to 7 objects presented as single stimuli (alpha judgements) and judgements given to the same objects presented with a condition (gamma judgements). This relationship holds for alpha judgements and the gamma judgements that belong to a family of constant stimulus and varying…

Lopez Alonso, A. O.


Efectos Especiales de Anclaje (Estudio sobre Regresiones de Juicios Condicionales). Parte 2: Invariancia del Juicio No-Condicional Como Valor Estandar Para el Juicio Condicional (Special Effects of Anchoring (Study of Regression of Conditional Judgements) Part 2: Invariance of Unconditional Judgments as Standard Value for the Conditional Judgment). Publication No. 31.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

From the best-fit lines corresponding to sets of families of conditional judgements, the constant stimulus family and the constant condition family, both defined for a same scale object, the coordinate values of the point of intersection of both lines (indifference point) are obtained. These values are studied in relation to the mean values of the…

Lopez Alonso, A. O.


How To Talk to Your Doctor (and Get Your Doctor To Talk to You!). An Educational Workshop on Doctor Patient Communication = Como Hablarle a su Doctor (iY que su doctor le hable a usted!). Un seminario educativo sobre la comunicacion entre el doctor y el paciente.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This workshop, written in both English and Spanish, focuses on improving communication between physician and patient. In the workshop, the trainers will talk about "building bridges" between patient and doctor by understanding the doctor's role and his/her duty to the patient. According to the workshop, a person's doctor should communicate…

Baylor Coll. of Medicine, Houston, TX.


DURACIÓN DEL EFECTO REVIGORIZANTE DE PODAS SEVERAS DE PLANTAS ADULTAS DE AVELLANO EUROPEO (Corylus avellana L.) cv. Negretta SOBRE EL CULTIVO IN VITRO Duration of the reinvigorating effect of severe pruning of mature European hazelnut plants (Corylus avellana L.) cv. Negretta with in vitro cultivation  

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A B S T R A C T The duration of the reinvigorating effect of severe pruning on mature European hazelnuts (Corylus avellana L.) cv. Negretta was analyzed. The in vitro stimulation and proliferation rate of the resulting explants from cutting stimulation obtained from adult plants not pruned (T1), epicormic shoots of non-pruned plants (T2), once-pruned plants (T3) and plants

Manuel Sánchez-Olate; Darcy Ríos; Roberto Rodríguez; María Elena Materán; Guillermo Pereira



EFECTO DE LA SUPLEMENTACIÓN CON LEUCAENA (Leucaena leucocephala LAM. DE WIT) SOBRE LA DEGRADABILIDAD RUMINAL DEL PASTO ALEMÁN (Echinochloa polystachya H.B.K. HITCH) Effect of Leucaena Supplementation (Leucaena leucocephala Lam. De Wit) on Ruminal Degradability of Aleman-Grass (Echinochloa polystachya H.B.K. Hitch)  

Microsoft Academic Search

To evaluate the effects of Leucaena supplementation on in situ ruminal dry matter (DM) degradability of Aleman-grass (AG), DM potential degradability (a+b), soluble fraction (a), maximum degradability (DM), degradation rate (c), ruminal pH and am- monia nitrogen, three ruminal cannulated Criollo Limonero steers were fed at 14-day adaptation period (F1) and samples were taken during the following 4-day period (F2).

Juan Vergara-López; Ángel Rodríguez-Petit; Carlos Navarro; Ángel Atencio


Educacion, Salud y Bienestar para el Nino Preescolar y la Familia. (5 de Enero--28 de Febrero, 1997) Informe Curso sobre (Education, Health, and Well-Being of Preschool Children and the Family. January 5 - February 28, 1997. Report of a Course).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This report describes a course held in Spanish at the Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Center in Haifa, Israel. The course considered various themes related to the education, health, and well-being of preschool children. Participants were 30 individuals from Central and South American countries who held decision-making positions in…

Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Centre, Haifa (Israel).


EFEITO DA PELETIZAÇÃO E ADIÇÃO DE ENZIMAS E VITAMINAS SOBRE O DESEMPENHO E APROVEIT AMENTO DA ENERGIA E NUTRIENTES EM FRANGOS DE COR TE DE 1 A 21 DIAS DE IDADE Effect of pelleting and addition of enzymes and vitamins on the performance and advantage of energy and nutrients in broiler chickens from 1 to 21 days old  

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It was carried out an experiment to evaluate the effect of pelleting and addition of enzymes and vitamins on the performance and advantage of energy and nutrients in broiler chickens from 1 to 21 days old. A total of 350 broiler chickens, COBB, males, were used ( (47g ± 2.5g) in a completely randomized design, with the treatments in a

José Laureano Barbosa Leite; Paulo Borges Rodrigues; Elias Tadeu Fialho; Rilke Tadeu; Fonseca de Freitas; Adriano Kaneo Nagata; Vinícius de Souza Cantarelli


Evaluation of the influence of two transport boxes on the incubation, hatching and emergence of Kemp's ridley turtle (Lepidochelys kempii) eggs Evaluación de la influencia de dos cajas de transporte de huevos sobre la incubación, la eclosión y el nacimiento de crías de tortuga lora (Lepidochelys kempii)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Anthropogenic activities directly and indirectly affect the life cycle of Kemp's ridley turtles (Lepidochelys kempii). The transport of sea turtle eggs in boxes helps to establish new nesting areas and increases the possibility of turtle survival. This study aimed to compare the effects of two types of transport boxes on egg incubation, hatching rate and turtle emergence: a conventional plastic

ML Vázquez-Sauceda; G Aguirre-Guzmán; R Pérez-Castañeda; JG Sánchez-Martínez; Martín-del Campo; J Loredo-Osti; JL Rábago-Castro



Ulnar Nerve Compression after Silastic Ulnar Head Replacement  

PubMed Central

A patient with silastic radiocarpal and ulnar head replacement arthroplasty presented six years after the operation with symptoms of ulnar neuropathy. Bone resorption of the distal ulna resulted in volar subluxation of the ulnar head implant which compressed the ulnar nerve at its entrance into Guyon's canal. Removal of the implant and decompression of the nerve resulted in recovery of ulnar nerve funcions. Compression neuropathy of the ulnar nerve should be considered a potential complication of the use of silastic ulnar head replacements. ImagesFigure 1Figure 2

El-Gammal, Tarek A.; Blair, William F.



Estudio teórico de la desorción de Na y K de SiO2 estimulada por la acción de fotones o electrones  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Se ha estudiado el mecanismo de generación de sodio y potasio atómico a partir de muestras de SiO2 utilizando cálculos basados tanto en la teoría del funcional de la densidad como en métodos post-Hartree Fock, así como en el método de cluster para modelar el sólido. Como consecuencia del estudio se han propuesto distintos caminos posibles para la desorción, estimulada por la acción de fotones o electrones, de sodio y potasio desde el óxido de silicio, proporcionando por lo tanto una explicación a la atmósfera tenue de sodio y potasio de La Luna.

Domínguez Ariza, D.; López, N.; Illas, F.; Pacchioni, G.; Madey, T. E.